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File: 1660084430466.jpg (1.3 MB, 2316x2534, newpic3.jpg)

No. 1611539

A thread for both older and newer cows from indie bands including indie punk rock, alternative rock, grunge and so on, who do stupid things but don't deserve their separate threads. That refers to singers and musicians with unhealthy need of attention, claiming to be "punk" and independent despite being ex models or actors and coming from priviledged backgrounds, guilty of using nepotism to further their careers, reworking old genres, copying older bands or characterized by rude and nonsensical behaviour. Examples of indie cows or cows in the making:

Previous thread milk & discussion:
>Dani Miller poverty larping >>1283783
>Kim Gordon being an NLOG who wrote a book to bitch about Thurston, reveal intimate details of their divorce, flex all the famous people she knew and fucked and how fucking ~artistic~ she is >>1279833, >>1279885, >>1279902
>Sonic Youth behaving like total idiots and posers, anon posts video of them bullying Narwuard, destroying a gift he bought them. A bunch of 40 year old manchildren ganged up on him like a buch of primary schoolers >>1285799
>pretentious (and bad) cover of Aneurysm by Kim Gordon on Nirvana’s RnR Hall Of Fame live >>1453639, Kim lets us know how „punk” others said she is
>Kim Gordon talking shit about women that she’s jealous of >>1453837,
>Kim’s awful „clothing collection” >>1463224
>1975 gets in trouble for ignoring grooming allegations about their friend >>1282004
>Plant band Pale Waves changes from hottopic 80’s goth to 00’s pop punk. instead of skinwalking The Cure they LARP as Avril Lavigne and her band now >>1279871
>Insider milk on Pale Waves band. Heather Gracie Barons & drummer were mean backstabber cloutchasing bitches and social ladder climbers >>1282004 Didn’t credit their ex guitarist for writing their first hit song and kicked him out of the band >>1282268, >>1282297, >>1282325
>HGB used to have basic girl youtube with Taylor Swift covers >>1282335
>A lot of milk on Yoni Wolf from WHY >>1284838
>Voina band throws cats at McDonald workers and calls it „art performance” >>1280444 Nadia from Pussy Riot does „art performance” (read: gets fucked by scrawny ugly men in a public museum orgy. vomit
>Phoebe Bridgers dates her childhood idol Conor Oberst and does embarassing memes of him >>1285030
>Phoebe flaunts bisexuality for cool points >>1285041, >>1389964, >>1389966, >>1390120
>Phoebe goes to Ireland for a few days just to fuck Paul Mescal >>1285303
>An angry whiteknight, presumably Phoebe Bridgers herself, comes to thread to fight >>1286003, >>1286031
>Phoebe Bridgers bullshitting about having ADD >>1286868
>Phoebe lies about growing up poor >>1286868, >>1287259, actually grew up in a huge mansion with real estate agent mommy and TV producer daddy
>anon says Phoebe doesn’t pay her interns >>1289628
>Will Toledo is a furry >>1287660, >>1287926
>various band milk >>1289258, >>1289613
>Sabrina of Pretty Sick has super rich CEO daddy but used to pretend she’s poor >>1291150, >>1291362
>Sabrina cringiness… i don even know what to say >>1383151 wears around cum & blood necklace >>1386849
>Phoebe gets sued for defamation by one of the countless producer scrotes she dated, this time one she was in polyamorous thing with >>1337421, >>1338890, >>1337478, >>1338898
>Phoebe cringeposting bout her plant bestie Billie Eilish >>1340509
>Mitski underpays her band >>1291374
>Chelsea Wolfe turns out to be a plant >>1339007
>vintage milk on majorly forgotten but once milky cow Inger Lorre of The Nymphs >>1340998, >>1341001, >>1341034, >>1341261
>Amy Taylor of Amyl & Sniffers and Miley Cyrus beef >>1344516, >>1345256,
>Kelsy Karter milk: ridiculous industry plant insta thot type skinwalking Megan Fox and LARPing as a „punk rocker” >>1347466, >>1347767, >>1347804, >>1347819, previously „famous” for fake prank-tattoing Harry Styles on her cheek >>1347912 and writing thirst trap songs about wanting to fuck him >>1347911 gets pushed by plant-shiller Dave Grohl >>1348487, >>1349231, but still fuck knows who is she
>Phoebe as „weed queen uwu 420” invites fans to record themselves smoking pot for a contest, which is to recreate Phoebe’s music video, which shows her smoking pot >>1327074
>Snail Mail allegedly calls Phoebe Bridgers out on fake bipolar girl vibes >>1389522, related NLOGerry >>1389964, >>1389966, >>1390120
>more from Snail Mail >>1390437 everybody thinks she means Phoebe
>Phoebe makes aa record label that pretty much promotes nonbies, themlets and trans cringelords exclusively, they/them Scruffpuppy typed for biggest „star” >>1312976,
>Scruffpuppy gets cancelled before he even happens >>1390222, >>1390225, >>1390231, >>1390234, >>1390234, for a lot of awful shit he did to his girlfriend. Phoebe’s label drops him >>1390237
>Old ass 90’s milk on Veruca Salt, especially Louise Post who likes to seethe, throw tantrums and write songs about Dave Grohl >>1336935, >>1337063, >>1337379,
>Absolutely disgusting news on Alexis Marshall abusing Lingua Ignota to the point of damaging her spine during sex >>1390342, >>1390343, >>1391301, >>1393410
>some Brazilian band milk >>1393458
>new plant Holly Humbersome gets BRIT award, except nobody knows wtf is she >>1438150, >>1438208, >>1438241
>A total nobody Demi Demitro of The Velveteers selfposts in the thread whiteknighting other cows >>1450643, >>1451212, anons correctly guess her identity.
>Demi Demitro turns out to be next Courtney Love skinwalker and a rich nepotism baby/ indie plant too >>1451377, >>1451492, >>1451580, >>1451592, but pretends to be uwu poor baby >>1451576 (like most nepotism brats ITT)
>St Vincent being industry plant >>1451511, >>1453601 makes pretentious concept album on which she pretty much makes excuses for her rich daddy doing his jail time for a whitecollar crime >>1453601
>Phoebe Bridgers gets Billboard award for nothing >>1457408
>Ridiculous emo milk >>1457480, >>1457996, >>1458748
>Dani Miller milks her friend’s death, makes multiple tiktoks of her crying from every angle, perfectly executed makeup on, full stylized, uncomfortable choker e-girl styling still on, adding Euphoria theme as soundtrack >>1461306
>Alice Glass has a traumacore cockroach Nicole Dollanganger phase >>1468143, >>1468149
>Donita Sparks loses self-respect, shills Arrow De Wilde and makes a cringey karaoke video >>1483868, >>1483928
>Conor Oberst gets gravelly offended cause some teen insulted his skate shoes >>1499353
>Kelsy Karter says goodbye to pop-punk, right after shitting out a pop-punk album, because suddenly „she just doesn’t buy it” >>1500717
>Kelsy skinwalks Brody Dalle and goes on „Pink, Kink and Punk Tour” >>1500721, >>1500724, >>1500726
>some dumb Ogbert The Nerd trans whining >>1505029, >>1505107
>Dani Miller walks round with Jared Leto’s prosthetic head and professes love to her joker teen-groomer husbando >>1509661
>Dani obsessing over her muahaha i’m so cool guys Jimmy Kimmel stoner cameo before she was „famous” >>1509689
>Milk on Lauren Tate from Hands Off Gretel: girl has a rich stage mom who pushed her hard to attend talent shows and become famous. Her mother also happens to be her manager, photographer, PR and promoter >>1509760, >>1510058
>Lauren being Hole, Jack Off Jill, Brody Dalle and Melanie Martinez skinwalker >>1510774 , >>1509760, >>1509850, >>1509876, >>1509897, >>1510766
>Lauren Tate begging Robert Plant and Slash for a shoutout (what a cringetard) >>1510602
>Lauren allegedly bullies her bandmates >>1510782, >>1510792
>Lauren’s hate accounts start spilling truth about her & her parents >>1510795
>Lauren claims she’s taking legal action against hate accounts that bully her for 5 years and „create fabricated stories on her”. Hate accounts claim Lauren Tate is creating fake accounts to harass others and even makes fake hater accounts to hate on her own self just to throw pity party >>1510795, >>1510796, >>1510808
>Kat Bjelland skinwalker Arta Saleri of Quinn The Brain who also rips off Babes in Toyland music in every way >>1510058, >>1510675, >>1510807, >>1510858, >>1510679, >>1510822,
>Bad Courtney Love/Babes in Toyland skinwalker/babydoll aliexpress rock band Margaritas Podridas >>1510538, >>1510541, >>1510553, >>1510557 exists purely to photograph themselves with Hole/Nirvana merch, visit all places related to Nirvana and take photos with Kurt’s toilet >>1510707, >>1510709
>Margaritas Podridas covering their sexual assaulter drummer’s ass >>1510538, >>1510645, >>1510673
>Milk on Margaritas Podridas/Senor Kino members. Rich parents fund all their career expecting it to be a good investment, and even bought them Coachella spot >>1510574, >>1510606, >>1510633
>Margaritas Podridas ripping off posters, photoshoots, album covers and music videos of Hole and Babes in Toyland >>1518507, >>1518511, >>1518514
>Margaritas sounds worse than Starcrawler, which is an achievement >>1554202
>New industry plants, Wet Leg >>1512164, >>1512228, >>1512233
>The truth about Lori Barbero of Babes in Toyland. She’s a cruel, vile cunt who pushed Kat Bjelland BACK into addiction INTENTIONALLY, then kept laughing at her (it resulted in Kat having end stage of liver failure today). She behaves oddly possesive of Babes in Toyland and in fact she’s the one ruling the band. She’s a bitch basically to everyone and she’s treated Maureen, and especially Kat like shit for years, because she hates junkies, even though she’s a raging alcoholic and psychedelics user herself >>1514226, >>1514236, >>1514239, >>1514241, >>1514246, >>1514257, >>1514280, >>1514291, >>1514292, >>1514381, >>1514487, >>1514609, >>1514610
>Courtney Love being a bitch to Kat Bjelland and laughing at her financial situation >>1514720, >>1514725
> John Maus randomly texting and asking a fan to please stop being a Satanist. >>1516118, >>1516119
>MrBufferBieber guy who’s crazy in love with Hayley Williams, makes tons of videos of him kissing his Hayley Williams shirt >>1559345 implies he’s going to be on Love Island, anons hopeful for milk
>Sunflower Bean milk, drummer transforms himself into uwu little girl >>1565652, >>1567100, >>1567103
>Kelly Mayo skinwalks Exene Cervenka >>1600587
>pop punk being alive and well! Here’s current very creative hit: Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch >>1604315, >>1604486
>info on Gucci socialite Zumi Rosół >>1606226
>anons place bets Toledo is going to troon out >>1610223
>Davey Havoc/AFI milk >>1610544
>honourable post! Let’s het FREAKY NOW >>1605792


No. 1611546

Forgot to post 1st thread link
Indie Band Cows General #1 :

No. 1611739

thanks op, good summary!

No. 1612158

heard that pat sansone (wilco) cries it out with whoever he fucks after the show. maybe his gf got so sick of it that she pawns him off on them? idk but it made me laugh. "let me work through my emotional crisis with you, random drunk i just met"

No. 1612159

>anons place bets Toledo is going to troon out
i still think that if gerard way gets divorced, it's instant troon. lyn-z, you're a bitch but thanks for keeping your moid on a leash (unlike all the other straight women)

No. 1613350

File: 1660264381720.jpeg (127.69 KB, 640x853, CE7AED8C-4A96-4293-9094-65AD11…)

Nadia Lee Cohen deserves her own thread, what a cow

No. 1613405

who? post milk pls!

No. 1613627

please, please post the milk. I couldn't find anything on her. I'm seeing her because she's a bestie with Arrow, Dani and co.
Idk how much milk there is on her if she deserves her own thread, but please post what you have. i KNEW she's a vain bitch. does she have rich parents?

No. 1614527

who is she? why so botched????? who did that to her???????

No. 1614567

She is one of the worst ppl I’ve ever met. Really fake and mean and vain. Good friends with arrow and dani gang. Just a complete retard convinced of her artistry whose dads networth is in the hundred millions and paid for her London fashion college degree. Pretends to be an artist but her depth is about as crazy as “what If i portrayed cops as pigs??”. Everything about her is complete tepid bullshit. “Omg what if people were ugly??” I hate the fake kitsch, fake John Waters LA shit so much. Seth Bogart is another talentless larping rich daddy faggot. The garden video she directed is maybe the biggest nepotism who’s who gallery of all time

No. 1614775

man, i want a london fashion college degree! i bet it's so much fun.

No. 1614889

File: 1660404826777.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, 1659311717243.png)

Please tell us more.
- more on how it was when you met her?
- more on who exactly is her father please. i searched on her parents but found nothing

Her "art" is really shit, i'm glad someone shares my opinion. Typical "uh let's photograph white trailer trash and bimbofication tropes ironic bimbos cross old hollywood and throw ugliness and nudity". Parker Day is another example of that, her photos are perhaps even worse. yeah, photograph kitch and call yourself an artist, as if it hasn't been done million times before, better than you.
But it's the problem with ALL the nepo kids "artists" from LA, who are in fact trust funds who think they're sooo original because they "ironically" portray white trash and bimbos.

Nadia has her own exhibition now, barf. already been posted in Arrow thread before, but it's arguably one of her worst photos

No. 1614920

File: 1660406280638.jpg (1.98 MB, 2260x2388, nlc.jpg)

samefag, i tried to pick the worst pics from Nadia Lee, but i just can't. ALL of them are shitty as hell, all her instagram is shit.
guess having rich daddy and kissing Danny Trejo for a photo is enough to be considered an "artist"

No. 1614994

I like Nadia because she puts out work besides being pretty enough to coast on being an ig personality. Besides being an insufferable nepo and unoriginal is there any other milk? Genuinely curious

No. 1615006

>she puts out work besides being pretty enough to coast on being an ig personality
girl half of her posts are just photos of herself. is doing something else than standing and looking pretty enough for you to like someone? cause that's what majority of the world is doing, and they don't get praise for that.

As for internet personalities, a lot of them do their own photos, or playing shitty music like Kelsy Karter, or have shitty businesses a'la Internetgirl or whatever. they're all putting out "work", it's just that it's shit, and they're allowed to do it bc of rich parents. how is Nadia different?

this chick's art would stand no chance without her being pretty, or more accurately, without having rich parents/connections from the start. i scrolled and one of the first photos she posted on IG was photoshoot in which she's kissing Danny Trejo

No. 1615128

what is this 90s larper cindy sherman ripoff crap
men who do this get laughed out of art galleries, so i'm kind of impressed a girl is getting away with it.
but it is bad, wow.
are nadia's lips a prop, or real injections? sorry to be old but it's really disturbing to me how normalized in injections and surgery are to generation z. they don't even wait til their face bones have finished growing before fucking with them.

No. 1615129

Who tf kisses Danny Trejo? If I met Danny Trejo, I'd ask him to come shoot cans with me in my yard, and then get hotdogs and throw rocks off the pier. That's a guy you have a fucking bro down, storytime, end the day with a campfire on the beach hang with. Not a fuckin narc photo op.

No. 1615163

File: 1660424614295.jpg (214.85 KB, 872x838, shoot.jpg)

Pics i mentioned, there's one more where they're kissing. Maybe she begged Gilbert to ask his dad for this, kek
He's an actor so he prob didn't mind. shame that he didn't realize he's just being exploited, bc the pic was made for clout, not for art
>That's a guy you have a fucking bro down, storytime, end the day with a campfire on the beach hang with
true, that sounds fun

No. 1615182

File: 1660426259882.jpg (112.89 KB, 1080x1202, 212d331064ca39ada88c3a6d90313d…)

>are nadia's lips a prop, or real injections?
looks like they're real. why does she look like 70's shop mannequin tho

No. 1615187

I literally thought this was a mannequin when I saw the thumbnail on the front page Kek

No. 1615228

File: 1660429617358.jpg (426.47 KB, 1238x1875, mannequin.jpg)

damn, it gets worse

No. 1615231

nooo why did she ruin her pretty face with this chloe cherry sad clown serial killer victim shit

No. 1615233

that's gross and now i hate him in addition to her

No. 1615236

ayrt, the other pic is even worse.
I'd really like to know how she asked for that photo and HOW she described the great "concept" behind this piece of art.

No. 1615252

the editing on this one is weird. she's made her left arm smaller than her right arm for some reason. nadia you're skinny, just fuck with the lighting and exposure and don't turn yourself into a spaghetti monster ok

No. 1615275

yawn. Nadia's boring as fuck. can you imagine what these LA trust funds even talk about when they meet up? a bunch of narcs who sit and marvel at how artistic they are, no wonder she's friends with Arrow, Gilbert and Dani. i'll gladly read more milk on her, but even without it i really believe Nadia's a vapid cow who can't do interesting pics.

Any new milk on our regular cows?

No. 1615280

File: 1660434546949.jpg (193.43 KB, 1108x734, phoebe.jpg)

meanwhile at our Bisexual™ Queen

No. 1615406

i'm officially no longer laughing at the guy on the right because at least he's being himself. phoebe's like a remote controlled mannequin, does she even have opinions or a personality

No. 1615438

I’ve met all of these people and they have no friends outside of their little scene, Gilbert literally hangs out with people a decade younger than him.

No. 1615440

holy shit this is totally fake Cindy Sherman. God I hate LA

No. 1615542

Meh, I like her. She is doing more than 90% of nepo babies and while her work isn't groundbreaking it has more substance than the average LA rich kid art. Her compositions are actually nice I enjoy how she portrays womens bodies in some of her work that isn't hypersexualized.

No. 1615687

You guys, just say you like how Nadia looks and go. i don't get why you're dying to make her seem like some very hard working nepo baby. She is doing exactly the same amount of work as other LA rich kids - minimum effort, with instant career. if i want to see Cindy Sherman art, i go to see Cindy Sherman not insta thot that's ripping her off.

She's exactly the equivalent of Arrow or Sabrina, just in photography. ripping off well known artists and not getting calledout because they're rich/know some people. And now turns out she's fake and mean bitch. 100% typical LA art cow. Anons are right, if anybody else did what she did, they would get laughed at.

No. 1615695

Any milk on Arrow and Dani especially? And you're bringing up exactly what i thought before:
>Gilbert literally hangs out with people a decade younger than him.
this, and he's 34yo. that's not ancient, but at that age don't you have friends your age, with more life experience than fucking 19 year olds? he's going on tours with Starcrawler, so atsome point he was 30 and they were teenagers. ait's like he's trying to make himself younger than he is, add his nasty penchant for DD/lg and you see how pathetic it is. in 5 years he'll be 40 and still running with the kids trying to be uwu cute

No. 1615754

>just say you like how Nadia looks and go
that's what I did! she's super hot but fuck me if she's useless. like that ryan lochte dude, remember him?

No. 1615756

he's 34??? oh man i thought he was 42. ok yeah in the entertainment biz, once you hit 40, you may have a friend group that ranges in age from 20 younger than you to 20 higher, because there are young performers, you might hire a bassist right out of college, your producers or directors might be much older than you, but you don't ONLY have 20 year old friends (i'm grouping fuck buddies, coworkers, and friends together in this example)
at 34, if you only have 22 year old friends, it means you're the one old guy in the group who is there because you can't make it over the bar of social interaction for other 34 year olds.

No. 1615806

Ayrt, she's nice but she fucks herself up unfortunately. The inflated lips, and she somehow does unflattering makeup which makes her look like mannequin sometimes. Nadia stop the injections, your mouth corners are going down & you look perpetually offended

No. 1615929

dude I know. it's insane how much better people look BEFORE their fucking lip injections. at this point isn't it clear that if you really hate your face enough to get a procedure, that one is NOT gonna work? It looks stupid on everyone. The kylie jenner picture never makes anyone think she looks better NOW.

No. 1616218

i genuinely thought she has prosthetic lips here >>1613350 and mocking plastic surgheries was the point of thay photo. but then zoomed and it turned out it's not
i'm "manifesting" thin lips trend, just to watch them all panic and doing lip liposuction just to un-flate it

No. 1616242

yah >>1615128 thought it was a prosthetic too

No. 1616750

File: 1660582578289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 497.54 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot.jpg)

Margaritas Podridas somehow got Jack Endino to mix a song for them and they chose what sounds like their worst song yet to give to him

No. 1616773

psh, didn't even use real blood? posers.

No. 1616788

Well they have rich parents who bought them Coachella gig, so paying Jack Endino probably wasn't a problem for them. Jack probably wanted to be supportive, but i'd like to be fly on the wall and know what he really thinks about them and if he saw their instagram feed, full of Nirvana/Hole psychofan stuff.
kek no, they're not sadbbydoll jess woods enough

No. 1617437

I always found their success really sus. How do you know their parents are rich? I mean, I believe it but I want to know more.

No. 1617494

I'm not the anon who posted it, but someone else who's from the same town/city as Margaritas Podridas and knew them brought the milk in the last thread. i mean it's all in thread summary anyway but here are the posts:
>>1510549, >>1510574, >>1510606, >>1510633,

No. 1617858

Ty for spoonfeeding me, nona. I was just so shocked to see them in this site kek. A lot of people kiss their asses in my town and dismiss the sexual assault allegations as lies. There are much better bands in Mexico tbh but they're not as popular.

No. 1617916

File: 1660676571176.jpg (157.92 KB, 1200x800, Dmxtd1EU8AAozdW.jpg)

the band itself also dismisses the allegations, anon posted a bit about it before in last thread.
Tbh i don't know much about them, this bands isn't known at all in Europe, idk about North America. i'd read more milk about them if someone has. i'll just say they look ridiculous in those aliexpress babydoll dress knockoffs & this video is laughable. peak sadbbydoll tumblr

No. 1618581

it is weird for a mexican group to be completely unknown in united states. they don't seem to have any connected groups to them either. like no friends bands

No. 1618809

i feel like all these new indie cows have barely any milk besides being nepo babies with no personality just looks and larping some ugly ass aesthetic…
does anyone remember vintage cows like Alix Brown ? shes ancient but the only one from that crowd that somehow looks the same and still hangs with the la/nyc indie crowd i feel like the milk would be endless

No. 1618817

I mean, i thought it's obvious this thread and these cows are not milky in a standard way. like, we come here, drop whatever dirt we have on people from the industry, eventually post new milk from cows like Phoebe. i don't think you'll find a constantly & really milky cow here, definitely not /pt or even /snow level.

If we're looking for consistently milky new cows, i'd say we need to keep an eye on Phoebe Bridgers, Dani Miller, Arrow (she has her own thread tho), Sabrina (sometimes) and especially Kelsy Karter, cause she has Vicky Shingles lever delusional narc boomer vibe about her, and feels perhaps most ridiculously misplaced of all. Dani & co. at least like rock music, Kelsy looks like some completely accidental thot who wandered into the scene somehow

but now that you mention vintage cows, i got remembered of one i wanted to ask you guys before about, i'll just write a proper summary

No. 1618844

we should still make fun of them though. just in case someone comes along to seethe in person.

No. 1618845

No clot? Tch.

No. 1618901

File: 1660784960536.jpg (109.62 KB, 580x580, m_5a43b6411dffdaaa7408e2af.jpg)

Some anons will remember her i'm sure.
Lexa Vonn, a self-obsessed really niche cow, absolutely delusional about her level of fame.
>born Ivonne Nicoletti
>40-something yo
>delusional about her level of fame, hosts her own website
>claims her Johnny Thunders was her cousin
>in 90's she suddenly blowed up on MTV because of a t-shirt. She wore to school a White Zombie t-shirt showing woman with naked breasts and refused to change out of it, so the principal called police
>held out a protest in front of the school, got escorted
>in jail she wrote a letter that reached David Geffen
>Geffen joined her publicity campaign which was televised by MTV & other stations, the case finally solved & principal got dismissed
>spent young days on the streets of LA with gangs, modelling for boutics and acting in music videos
>did "gore-gore dancing" for The Mentors, dressed in diapers (take that Arrow, you weren't the first like you think ha)
>worked for some record labels and made clothes at the time too i guess
>in 2000 started a band called Ophelia Rising. That's the band Emilie Autumn ripped everything she knew from (i'll get to this later)
>the band released only one EP "Step 1: Acknowledge You're a Part of The System" and split
>now you need to know one thing. Lexa was a MASSIVE Marilyn Manson fan/groupie
>before going all-girl, she had a scrote guitarist who was also singing. they did a cover for a Marilyn Manson tribute, which was incidentally the only good cover on that CD
>after Ophelia Rising split, Lexa had some column in some rock magazines. She found about 3 other "journalists" and basically pimped them out, i mean turned into "professional groupies" as she liked to call it, called "The Plastics"
>The Plastics had their website, forums etc. Lexa & her groupies would hit the Sunset Strip to do "art performance", which was fucking with famous rockstars, i mean "being a muse to them" but "actually professional".

*"The Plastics soon became the “IT” girls of the Hollywood rock n’ roll scene, attracting both positive and negative attention. Along with their reviews, they offered local bands services in event hosting, go-go dancing and street team promotions. While supporting the local acts, the girls often dated celebrities, thus causing endless controversy. Jealous girls and provocateurs of sensationalism plagued the group with rumors and constant cyber bullying."
>aka Lexa probably didn't pay them, Lexa had an argument with them or insider dramas happened
>Lexa used to be psycho Marilyn Manson fan and had a big Manson memorabilia collection, big enough she was selling out slowly through the years
>allegedly she was Manson's groupie. not sure if they fucked for real but she befriended and met Manson a lot of times at the very least
>in 2017, before the time when Manson got cancelled and all the allegations were spilling, Lexa took a completely differnt front and claimed Manson tied her and cut her up with the knife in 2011 or something. She filed sexual battery charges against him but she was immediately dismissed, because she used to sell Manson memorabilia. court said it's a campaign to get attention and sell more Manson items

Currently, Lexa simply does "solo" music. meaning, uploading videos on youtube. Now she's making/DIY remaking/selling punk clothes in her shop.
She's INCREDIBLY self-obsessed and delusional. Pretty much, reading her websites was milky in itself. She used to have a website Reallexavon.com on which she documented pretty much every thing she did, as if it was article news written by someone else and she was a big star. i know it's standard to make your own website as a musician of this caliber, but it was just beyond this. The site is now gone, she deleted this after she pressed charges against Manson, idk perhaps to hide she had connection with him or sold fan items. But she has a couple of other websites & socials now. She makes "interview with Lexa" type of videos about her past, influences, diaries, etc, she probably does Tiktoks now too. tons of material documenting every endeavor of her, idk how to describe it you'll read you'll know. she is/used to be some sort of pill addict, opiates or something else, and she has strange obsession with Boy George. not harmful but just kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways, she considers herself waaaay more famous than she "is". (i like her Ophelia Rising songs though). maybe someone has some more stuff on her

Here are current links i've found and some oldies:

No. 1618903

File: 1660785112849.jpg (33.71 KB, 500x317, tumblr_3bcfa6bec181cc2824c9350…)

Now about her band, for the ones not familiar with the whole "Emilie Autumn ripped Ophelia Rising" drama. It was typical punk/alt music gothy girls dressed in corsets, a mix of JOJ, Rasputina and Manson, etc. What's interesting is the concept of the band, which is "Ophelia getting empowered". Fight like a girl? Opheliac? they did it all before
>The band name was derived from the book Reviving Ophelia, a psychological study on the loss of self experienced by adolescent females. Ophelia, having been a character created by Shakespeare who went insane and committed suicide after being emotionally torn apart by the men in her life she loved, was my version of Jim Morrison’s version of Dionysus. The band was a call to girls everywhere to fight, not the system, but our oppressors within it, that at times include ourselves.”

>Each song is an autobiographical tale of a situation that can potentially destroy you. However, it is through destruction that a new identity is born. You might subtitle the album: The Many Deaths of Ophelia.

>A common theme we present in our music is survivalism. When you have an open heart it is easy to drown in your love for other people, especially the fucked up ones. Ophelia Rising is about rising above these situations that hold you back; choosing life. It is also a reference to the return of the sacred feminine.

they had Bloody Crumpets before Bloody Crumpets. they had chicks who danced, stripped, did lesbian stuff, etc. I mean even their scene and props look similar. more, they did crumpet throwing first. Emilie must've seen their LA show or at least found them online on some indie music website, since EA was advertizing herself on those sites too.

>"We have slogan that goes Sex, Drugs and Cupcakes. I get naked at the end of the show and throw pink cupcakes at the audience. I see the cupcake as a symbol of everything society expects a girl to be and everything that we as women want to transcend.

We all met while wandering the music scene in West Hollywood, common friends and such. We’ve never had the opportunity to explode onstage, those kind of special effects were banned by the clubs after the Great White incident. But I do like to end each show by getting naked and throwing cupcakes to the crowd. I used to have two back up dancers in the band that would end up wrestling me in frosting. Afterwards, the fans would come up and lick the frosting off me. It was our holy communion.”

This blog did an article on the similarities and has a lot of photos:

No. 1618904

File: 1660785254097.jpg (106.84 KB, 481x609, or2.jpg)

stage comparison

No. 1618905

File: 1660785460835.jpg (75.84 KB, 540x702, tumblr_lubrccYR7k1r68x36o2_540…)

The Plastics… oh boy there must've been the real drama. they look so trashy, i bet they must've been fighting/jealous of each other after a while. a bunch of dollar store Ditas Von Tease

No. 1618916

haha, true. Phoebe Bridgers allegedly did, in the last thread. that whiteknight was oddly specific. oh and Demi Demitro, even though nobody even talked about her before lol. i need to check up what's up with the cows i mentioned more often. i'm sure there's something to post about it's just i don't pay close attention
Shit i just noticed my Lexa summary is just full of stupid mistakes and repetitions, that's what you get when you try to write and talk to someone at the same time i guess. too late to correct now though, sorry

No. 1618918

File: 1660787255211.png (435.28 KB, 588x532, babababa.png)

happy birthday terf hating bi queen! i wish you all the pussies you can ea– oh wait…

No. 1618966

yeah so it's DOUBLE fake. wussies.

No. 1618969

what wrong with her torso

No. 1618971

>the band released only one EP "Step 1: Acknowledge You're a Part of The System"
Hmm ok though for the late 90s/early 00s that is a pretty edgy title. I would have been into it back then.

No. 1618972

I feel bad for the two on the right.

No. 1618975

That thing on her back makes me even more grateful for the taste of pussy than I already am.

No. 1618979

perhaps, but it was still entertaining to tinfoil about this
>i know a few of her friends irl
give us some milk on Phoebe please
well, she's kind of fat/fridgey.

No. 1619153

This is fascinating, anon, thank you for sharing this vintage milk. I vaguely heard of Ophelia Rising years ago, but never got into them. I used to like EA quite a lot, it's interesting to see where she got a large chunk of inspiration from. I wonder if the two of them ever had a feud. There's most definitely a lot of shit that went down here

No. 1619430

This is so old but the only (stale) milk I got is that the singer from PUSSYLIQUOR (in response to an old post on the previous indie thread) was a jrocker cosplayer then she moved onto skin walking of Katie Jane Garside (singing and image wise). I used to (briefly) be friends with some of the bands friends lol.

I was never into the really try hard ‘we’re so punk and different bc of the clothes and makeup we wear’ so I never went to their gigs. Also I don’t really think their music is really any good. I think they might’ve broken up now?

No. 1619462

I heard this band name but never paid attention to them, gotta look it up. I didn't know she skinwalks Katie Jane, the biggest KJ Garside skinwalker to date has been Arrow de Wilde though.

Jfc all these bitches are just so empty and unoriginal, and yet they get away with it because Katie Jane isn't known besides England and France

No. 1619468

File: 1660851670703.jpg (68.97 KB, 750x500, pussyliquor.jpg)

I haven't seen their videos yet, but i can kinda see copying Daisy Chainsaw era KJG, not very drastically bbut yeah. Idk seems like the band is still existing? They have only 4000+ followers only though. And damn, lame band name. Obviously House of 1000 Corpses reference, all the basic bitches with e-girl costumes love this shit

No. 1619479

As someone who LOVED QueenAdreena back in high school during the 2000, KatieJane Garside is truly one of a kind and I can't ever see anyone invoking the awesomeness of that band.

I think these imitators showcase why they can never hold a candle to those they skinwalk because the OGs didn't just rely on their appearance to get by. I know that KJG is considered pretty but she had one heck of a voice and a quirky personality that showed how into the arts and literature she grew up and had interest with. These imitators don't seem to have any real interests aside from just skinwalking their idol.

No. 1619480

File: 1660852723782.jpg (189.52 KB, 1280x853, pl1.jpg)

kek she's even wearing the same sort of corset like Arrow here, which was a copy of a corset Katie Jane wore. these bitches are all the same. I haven't listen to anything of them yet, but if the chick is imitating Kate Jane's singing then double cringe.>>1619468

No. 1619484

Same anon, i love Katie Jane so much, all of her music is great and pretty much all about her is so interesting: her lyrics, poems, her style (handmade clothes), her life overall because it was crazy. I found her so weirdly enchanting and relatable because of her just running around the world and hiding from people in isolated places, then coming back with strange music, and being so truly different in all of the interviews. i believe she has some mental illness, she mentioned disassociating a lot and even schizophrenia, but ever since she got laughed down for it in Daisy Chainsaw days she stopped.

So it's even more annoying to see shallow narcs wearing her skin. i can ignore Pussyliquor chick as it's not immediately obvious and prob not as often, but Arrow was just so offputting. i still keep my fingers crossed that she gets a proper callout

No. 1619492

she's like a…respectable cow? idk like a female OJ sort of vibe, ican't explain it

No. 1619494

who, Katie Jane? she's not a cow at all imo. she wasn't milky or dramatic and to my knowledge Crispin Gray was a cow if there was one in Queen Adreena

No. 1619503

ayrt OOPS fuck i had her mixed up with emilie autumn sorry

No. 1619504

lmao. anon, Emilie Autumn is not "respectable" cow in the least. she's a huge fucking cow, Felice Fawn levels, considering her scamming. Please read her thread to check yourself: >>>/snow/1416588

No. 1619520

I’m glad I got a discussion going! But yeah I even remember briefly mentioning Katie Jane was one of my fav artists and (I think the singers gf? or just friend idk some girl I was talking to at a party) saying that KJ is one of the singers inspiration and I was like…you don’t say…..

The thing is whilst I do think KJ did amplify her stage ‘character’ to make it more of an immersive performance, she’s genuinely a talented person and is definitely not ‘neurotypical’ (sorry don’t know what else to use). She’s naturally weird but it’s endearing and I love the worlds she creates with her different projects.

Pussyliquor is a mixture of inspirations which is inevitable but unfortunately they don’t bring anything new, interesting or at least fun to the table. It’s being ‘out of the norm’ for the fun of it and to be counter culture with no substance.

Also yes! Crispin is a mess but unfortunately him and KJ is what made QA (and DC) what they were. I think he’s still trying to ‘go back’ to that era with all the new bands he’s formed with he’s new gfs over the past 10+ years. If you watch the interview I linked above, you’ll get it despite all that’s left unsaid.

No. 1619534

She consciously added theatrical elements to Daisy Chainsaw shows, which she admitted, but as for the rest of her bands, I think it's just how she is. From what she said in interviews it seems like she likes improvisation, meditation etc. and music takes her into some "other" space. While i'd probably say "yeah right" at anyone else claiming this, Katie Jane is someone i 100% believe in this regard, i mean it's visible. And yeah she's not neurotypical in the least, the weirdness is real. you can "feel" she's not there, or she is there, but in some different way & it's not fake "crazy" idiots like Arrow do.

>I think he’s still trying to ‘go back’ to that era with all the new bands he’s formed with he’s new gfs over the past 10+ years.

omg yes. All of his other projects were just copies of Katie Jane more or less, besides Dogbones maybe. His current singer Starsha Lee gets compared to KJG and she's so fucking pissed about it, seen her write some salty comments. She says she spent most of her life in Brazil and didn't know about Katie, so take this as you will. Maybe it's true. Perhaps it's not as much her copying as much as Crispin finding same trade of chicks (visually), ahem.

The problem with Crispin is that he dated Katie in Daisy Chainsaw era and they split at some point. All Daisy chainsaw texts were written by Crispin and Katie wanted to write too, but he didn't want. She was done with media slamming her constantly and had a mental breakdown at some point, but she said not being able to express herself played some role too.
After they reconnected for Queen Adreena, it was good for a while and then Crispin pulled a huge diva. They were arguing for a while, and after Drink Me they were on the verge of quitting. They finally made next album but Crispin literally wouldn't sit with others in the same room, Katie was writing with Pete Howard & his teenage sons in their garage and sending ideas to Crispin back and forth.

Now Crispin seemingly undermines Queen Adreena, especially songs that were more Katie ideas than his. He allegedly made up with Katie & others these days but it's still telling how there's still some remnants of bitterness left lol

No. 1619575

He did. He showed it to Katie later and she liked it, and decided to sing for Queen Adreena record too

No. 1619585

NTA, didn't Crispin also write the song "X-ing Off The Days" about KJG after she left? The lyrics are pretty harsh

>You walk all over anyone

>Who dares to be a friend
>Scream and yell because
>You deem them unenlightened

>High upon your horse, you preach

>You preach, you preach, you preach
>Love thy fellow humans
>All these filthy little creeps

>I do not know the answers

>To the universe, I fear
>So drop me cold and go and find
>Your perfect man, my dear

>X-ing off the days

>X-ing off the days

>I nearly broke my back

>As I was bending back for you
>Half the time was hell with you
>And half a waste of time

>High upon your horse, you preach

>You preach, you preach, you preach
>Love thy fellow humans
>All the filthy little creeps

>Black and white, left and right

>Wrong and wrong, wrong and right
>Black and white, left and right
>Wrong and wrong and wrong and right
>White and black, wrong and black
>Left and black and wrong and right
>Left and right, wrong and black
>Wrong and right, black and white

No. 1619600

ewww i get groomey rapey vibes off this dude. like the crystal castles guy. maybe i'm oversensitive but wtf. men get so dramatic when a woman stops making their sandwiches

No. 1619623

i mean, they split on bad terms. she was the one more hurt in my opinion. she had the press against her, calling her psycho, insane, stupid and whatnot, and couldn't even write her own lyrics. She went through the breakdown, Crispin just got his ego wounded.

nah he's not groomey rapey, but he's a cow who didn't have it his way, so he threw a tantrum in a corner like a 5 year old. he's bitter because Daisy Chainsaw didn't get higher, and Queen Adreena failed commercially. he also gets salty because he discovered he was only good in combo with KatieJane. he tried to continue Daisy Chainsaw with some normie chick, and in the end he was the only one singing, but he flopped without KJG. same with other bands where he casted lookalikes. The only exception band that worked was The Dogbones, it was more grungey bc Nomi liked Nirvana and stuff.
>men get so dramatic when a woman stops making their sandwiches
best description of what happened lol

No. 1619633

that being said, i love his music. he has a very unique guitar sound, and unique, weird riffing. guitars were better in QA and DC rather than Ruby Throat (Katie's solo project she does with her husband). I read abit about it and turns out he's got some faulty wired guitar or faulty wired amplifier at the pawn shop
tbh i could talk for days about queen adreena

No. 1619653

>only good in combo with KatieJane
this is one of the most basic facts of being in a popular music group though. he must be very childish to be surprised by it then.
a band, whether rock band or rap crew or some kind of behind-the-man popstar songwriting group, is not like a group of car mechanics. it's not about facts, or numbers. there's something subjective that depends on intangible social stuff, and that is as much a part of your music as the notes you write down. it's like…not a new concept at all.

No. 1619668

Idk, maybe Crispin wanted to be singer/superstar. He wasn't even the only one who pulled that shit, Queen Adreena's first bassist quit because "Everyone's attention was too much on Katie and not on the band" lmao

No. 1619671

Off topic but i hope coquettes never discover KatieJane. i won't stand those tumblrtards tagging her as "coquette aesthetic"

No. 1619672

i get more of a "hot zombie" than "i misunderstood Lolita" vibe from her so you might be safe!

No. 1619676

KatieJane is way too cool to be coquette. They build their whole aesthetic around being weak and frail and her vibe is strange and powerful.

No. 1619701

File: 1660869429933.png (3.19 MB, 1356x1972, queenadreena2000_5.png)

she was also original, she did "old lingerie" and "nymph in the wood" way before everyone, and did it effortlessly. I like Taxidermy and Drink Me era looks the best for some reason.
True. i think she used to have abusive ex though. her lyrics mention something like that. she had a blog and she wrote something about blames herself for death of her first boyfriend and so she chooses violet lover punish herself or something. if that's true, i'm happy for her that she's in a better place now. that she has a husband that understands her now & a daughter she wanted for so long.

No. 1619865


Crispin and Katie do work well together and I guess part of it was the push and pull of their relationship. I still like KJGs music with her husband, it’s more quiet although the new ‘liar, flower’ album has some heavier elements but unfortunately it’s just not the same. Crispin is a diva but you can’t deny his talent and unique sound (when in combo with KJG esp as the other women really do drown out the sound).

The switch between the soft and quiet and loud and brash is what made QA what they were. But it seemed at the time the crowds didn’t like it until a stronger fan base was built. Despite everything they’ll never reunite. It’s very telling that whilst Crispin is bitter, he still deep down hopes they’ll make a comeback (at least for a tour) whilst KJG was very quiet and hesitant when asked about a QA comeback. Why would she when she’s got the life she’s always wanted (husband, kids, boat life and a career where she can come back whenever she wants and sells well).

Crispin’s vocals are good with KJG but boring on their own. Going for another singer in DC after KJG before he tried to sing himself and then they went with that random Japanese artist that was looking for an edgier phase, to form a useless band that again was just scraps from DC.

Pete Howard always gave me weird vibes so idk if maybe she was talking about him sometimes bc I remember reading some stories from people who met the band saying he was a quiet, intense dude who seemed weirdly territorial over KJG. She wrote songs about Crispin whilst she was dating/married to him and in the same band so I don’t see why she wouldn’t do the same about Pete.

No. 1619882

AYRT and agree so much with all you said. And yeah I remember watching a few KJG interviews and she had these nervous twitches in some of them and she would talk in a more poetic sounding way and I remember some people woule say that she was on drugs. I didn't know what to believe at the time (I was 16 when I saw those interviews on early YouTube lol). But I didn't want to judge her for that possibility because I loved QA so much. And then I read up more about her when she disappeared from the public to live on her boat with her husband. She definitely seemed to really value her privacy and not be made a spectacle and I can respect that.

I actually never really looked much into Crispin because I was more infatuated with KJG at the time so this is all new to me lol. I respected his guitar playing style, it's really unique for sure. It's sad to hear that the break up was on bad terms and I'd like to believe that it wasn't about money and more about losing connection because they worked with each other for such a long time.

Oi I didn't know that… It's sad in a way because Katie really was a hidden gem and she didn't want that seeing as how much of a social recluse she is.

Agree with this. Katie on the surface back during DC days and the first few years of QA, she may have looked frail on the outside but behind it was this force to be reckoned with on stage with some of the antics she did, it's part of what made her so iconic. It helped that it felt natural.

>Taxidermy and Drink Me era looks

Agreed! Those are my favorites too aside from some looks she did doing the Butcher and the Butterfly.

>Crispin and Katie do work well together and I guess part of it was the push and pull of their relationship. I still like KJGs music with her husband, it’s more quiet although the new ‘liar, flower’ album has some heavier elements but unfortunately it’s just not the same. Crispin is a diva but you can’t deny his talent and unique sound (when in combo with KJG esp as the other women really do drown out the sound).

Agreed. Crispin may be a bit of diva but there's no denying he was talented and that he and KJG had great music making collaboration.

>Crispin’s vocals are good with KJG but boring on their own. Going for another singer in DC after KJG before he tried to sing himself and then they went with that random Japanese artist that was looking for an edgier phase, to form a useless band that again was just scraps from DC.

Agreed, Crispin's vocals are passable but on their own, it just doesn't have that punch factor that Katie had and that many of the replacements didn't have neither. I don't want to come down too hard on Crispin because he obviously loved doing DC and QA and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not like he's harassing Katie (that I know of). I just hope that he can find a new passion project that he's satisfied with like how Katie is with her solo work.

No. 1619914

I thought someone was trying to cowify KJG and I was about to get genuinely hella defensive for the first time on here

No. 1620003

>She wrote songs about Crispin whilst she was dating/married to him and in the same band so I don’t see why she wouldn’t do the same about Pete.
But she dated Crispin in Daisy Chainsaw times, and she didn't write songs back then. unless you mean in Queen Adreena? tbh i wouldn't know which songs are about who, because she had a couple different boyfriends at least while in QA
>who seemed weirdly territorial over KJG
Damn. Idk if she was talking about him specifically, but they definitly dated for a while, and in the last stage (Djinn album tours) he was already out of th band. Maybe you're right. I also don't think she'd like to come back to Queen Adreena because it was genuinely unhappy time for her. Maybe not as much as Daisy Chainsaw (she's really allergic towrds all DC mentions, she even didn't have a daisy chainsaw section on her website while all of her other projects had) & she clearly states she hated it in interviews. She was the one who left QA and just vanished in 2008 or so, so if she had to deal with both Pete Howard and Crispin throwing ego tantrums, then good luck, i would be outof band too. She found a guy that genuinely fits her imo because he has the same sort of boatman/busker vibe about him and from how he speaks about her it seemed like he's maybe the first guy who doesn't think of her as this crazy bitch or whatever

Any more stories you heard about meeting the band? it's always interesting

No. 1620012

I don't think she was on drugs, that was maybe due to her overall being or problems, idk she seems very socially awkward. but who knows if you take her lyrics as truth about her (and it's safe to assume a lot of them are in this case) then she used to drink, maybe doing benzos (sleeping pill). who knows though maybe she did something more, i heard while in Daisy Chainsaw she dropped acid sometimes.

ppl of youtube generally assume she's on drugs but it's just the way she is consistently. i noticed though there's a big difference between her DC and in QA, in her behaviour. she seemed more hyped up when younger. maybe she was on something, or maybe she became more reserved with age & life experiences

As for Crispin he's def not the worst, a bit of a diva surely. they seem on good terms and in mail contact again, idk if that includes Howard tough

No. 1620014

i said "nymph is the wood" not "nymphet". as in nature goddess fairy stuff, not stupid tumblr aesthetics. i've seen a couple of coquette blogs posting her pics and it me upset, just like seeing Hole thrown in coquette tag

No. 1620110

what a baby! the image-maker/frontwoman is often a different person from the writer. Like depeche mode, king crimson, van halen. man I love KJ but was never a superfan follower and now i'm so disappointed in crispin. he just seems kind of whiney

No. 1620111

lel i think anon was talking about the confused person who mixed her up with emilie

No. 1620319

File: 1660943053460.png (506.32 KB, 1072x875, nl.png)

Since we're on the topic, kind of want to share some stuff I found on The Dogbones, one of Crispin's other band projects after KJG left
It's an interesting interview overall, seems like Nomi Leonard wasn't a huge fan of KJG's fans or aesthetic

No. 1620325

File: 1660943242284.png (40.87 KB, 632x331, Screenshot 2022-03-04 075956.p…)

And here's Nomi's account of why she stopped working with Crispin, from FB. Apparently, both he and Sofia (singer of Starsha Lee) are cow-tier

No. 1620326

File: 1660943290716.png (61.15 KB, 631x561, Screenshot 2022-03-04 080103.p…)

No. 1620331

File: 1660943424204.png (65.22 KB, 617x562, Screenshot 2022-03-04 080148.p…)

No. 1620334

File: 1660943569313.png (60.05 KB, 638x462, Screenshot 2022-03-04 080703.p…)

No. 1620338

File: 1660943869035.png (55.62 KB, 632x473, Screenshot 2022-03-04 080749.p…)

No. 1620343

File: 1660944044711.png (54.42 KB, 627x457, Screenshot 2022-03-04 080836.p…)

No. 1620346

File: 1660944160677.png (53.79 KB, 637x471, Screenshot 2022-03-04 080924.p…)

No. 1620350

File: 1660944292549.png (52.39 KB, 627x467, Screenshot 2022-03-04 081013.p…)

No. 1620353

File: 1660944452956.png (58.54 KB, 638x477, Screenshot 2022-03-04 081057.p…)

No. 1620356

File: 1660944879038.png (50.32 KB, 635x475, Screenshot 2022-03-04 081137.p…)

No. 1620360

File: 1660945117925.png (52.62 KB, 643x480, Screenshot 2022-03-04 081153.p…)

No. 1620361

File: 1660945208250.png (60.82 KB, 543x523, Screenshot 2022-03-04 082924.p…)

No. 1620363

File: 1660945324579.png (44.78 KB, 636x387, Screenshot 2022-03-04 082500.p…)

No. 1620367

fuck crispin, he ruined daisy chainsaw and queen adreena because he was so jealous of kjg, a real frank black vs kim deal vibe

No. 1620368

File: 1660945497701.png (58.07 KB, 557x527, Screenshot 2022-03-04 082841.p…)

No. 1620370

File: 1660945617243.png (43.6 KB, 597x400, Screenshot 2022-03-04 082618.p…)

No. 1620371

>>1620326, >>1620331, >>1620334, >>1620338, >>1620343, >>1620346,
Woooof girl. Concrete milk. I had no idea… So, Nomi's baby is CRISPIN'S? WTF? I knew they dated but i thought she had the baby with new bf!

I haven't even read this all yet, just a couple screens in but… WHAT. a fucking. shitbag. Jfc anon who said she gets awful narc boyfriend vibes from him was 100% right. Jesus i feel so bad for Nomi (she's also struggling with health, she has some serious muscle illness, i don't remember what but something that doesn't allow her to play guitar).

I'm in shock. This is awful, i knew he's awful cow but never thought he'd go to that lenghts. And i got reaaaally bad vibes from Starsha/Sophia chick too, with her passive, no, actually aggressive comments on Katie Jane, i'll post if i find them.
I feel so bad for Nomi and Katie and everyone ever involved with this scrote

No. 1620372

File: 1660945693154.png (32.33 KB, 581x285, Screenshot 2022-03-04 082733.p…)

That's all I got on this for now

No. 1620382

File: 1660946741930.jpg (8.58 KB, 270x186, pic.jpg)

Continuing. Ever since I've seen Starsha Lee and Sophie's photography "artwork", i knew something is wrong. She's a total narcissist, from the looks of it. I mean, i know, self-portraits are a thing, and when you have no one else to photograph, you photograph yourself - i mean Katie Jane took a lot of pics of herself too. BUT, this girl's pics just scream self-obsessed, i can't really explain that. such a fucking art, a few blurry pics. wow.

She also throws herself around the stage, bares her chest and does the forced, high, squealing voice that annoyed the fuck out of me. i'm starting to believe she copies KJG and perhaps even Nomi.

honestly she reminds me a lil bit of Lindsay Usich. black hair, "photographer", doesn't give a fuck that her man is a narc who abuses other women.

No. 1620384

An example of Starsha Lee's music. Music quality is somewhat subjective, but comparing this to Daisy Chainsaw, most of the known projects that came after it, QueenAdreena, and The Dogbones, I just can't help but notice a downgrade. From dog bones to dogshit.

No. 1620385

File: 1660946926195.jpg (48.7 KB, 664x960, starsha_lee3.jpg)

examples of "art"

No. 1620386

File: 1660946992794.jpg (44.14 KB, 600x600, R-13046855-1547094945-8192.jpg)

No. 1620388

I think this one is aimed at Nomi. Sad.

>She's a fake red head

>Apparently not even dead

>Far too many pills to promote her misery

>I thought we were strangers now
>But she keeps on stalking me

>She's a fake red head

No. 1620390

Ngl my grunge soul vibes with this one

No. 1620392

File: 1660947298360.jpg (61.92 KB, 730x730, starsha-730x730.jpg)

I get it, but most of her pics is just her moping her head. gets boring after a while.

No. 1620394

She really wants what KJG has, and she's not terrible at taking photos, but she just doesn't have the soul. Her videos make me cringe, too, not sure why. Maybe because the music isn't there

No. 1620395

Damn, guess we found a new cow. Besides Crispin.
All her Facebook and Instagram posts are so fucking pretentious. she thinks she's a star now

No. 1620398

Oh absolutely the rest is repetitive bullshit she just got lucky with that one

No. 1620408

In the beginning i thought her photography is good, but then i realized it's very repetitive. it can pass, however her videos are something other. her filming herself and looking very cringe for whatever reason. sounding too.
tbh Dogbones were what they were also bc of Nomi. She was also writing riffs and lyrics to some songs, and i think she was the reason it's so grungey because she likes Nirvana so much. i don't remember which songs she wrote besides Leyline but it looks to me like Stich Me and This Particular Hole were prob hers

No. 1620433

thinking about what anons would write about manic street preachers and richey edwards if this was like 30 years ago…

No. 1620476

Tagging any random artist they like as "coquette" is the most annoying thing about that scene to me. They even tried to claim Mads Mikkelson and Al Pacino as coquettes ffs

No. 1620488

The "vocals" sound like a cat being strangled

No. 1620542

except kim was in crispin's place kek. she's one of those women who hates other women and tanks everything she's involved with, even after getting sober. her interviews are unreadably full of herself, i can't. or maybe i'm just a bitter ugly girl who identifies better with frank's content, kek. i think the whole pixies rivarly is really misrepresented and randomly shitty to frank who's never really done anything bad or crazy imo.

No. 1620543

wow fuck men. eternal babies. golden penis syndrome. what a god damn loser.

No. 1620544

Very attention-starved, I agree. It's Arrow-tier.

No. 1620547

Did a 5 year old write these lyrics

No. 1620549

Al Pacino isn't a coquette, he's a piece of beef jerky come to life.

No. 1620560

File: 1660964732225.jpeg (427.3 KB, 1331x1889, DE568C34-8D00-47A9-ABD3-70D887…)

I hate women who grift on being female musicians like it’s a fucking novelty so much. Is there a word for this? Musical NLOG?

No. 1620564

she's been talked about here before. another woman who shits on/tears down other women. with a weird ego like a spoiled kid. the video of her band fucking up nardwuar and smashing his gift to them (while in their mid-40s) was posted too

No. 1620571

Showing my age here, but back in the 00s I used to date a bloke who was in a few little heard of bands, and did some sessions with Katie Jane Garside as her guitarist. He said she was aggressively sexual and most of her tops were see-through and without a bra, even off-stage. I have to admire her commitment to the theme, I don't think she was ever playing a role.

No. 1620575

No. 1620577

Many psych drugs, even some antidepressants when you start taking them, will make you sound stoned or high as hell even at low doses so maybe that was a factor too.

No. 1620588

> men who do this get laughed out of art galleries
Late to the party but that’s not true, look at David LaChapelle
I loathe is insufferable cow so much, her popularity never ceases to confuse me. I mean music isn’t objectively bad, it bores me but that’s subjective. The way zoomers are rabid over her makes no sense to me

No. 1620591

File: 1660967606266.jpeg (40.35 KB, 615x409, 1_Pulp-London-1998.jpeg)

Meanwhile, we stan a girl in a band who doesn't make a thing about being THE GIRL IN A BAND and just kicks ass.

No. 1620595

I love Candida

No. 1620597

her existence always made me think that maybe jarvis cocker isn't…that bad? like maybe he's not a massive sexist because he and his bros have an actual female friend?

No. 1620606

I actually met Jarvis years ago when Russell DJd at a club night I was also DJing at, Nick was there too but no Cadida or Steve, sadly. The three of them were really friendly and fun.

No. 1620630

I think he's pretty in love with himself, but not a raging misogynist.

as for terrible men in otherwise good bands:


Men ruin everything.

No. 1620653

I’ve never heard anything bad about Jarvis, esp considering how legitimately sociopathic moids in Britpop were. Blur beat the shit out of Narduwar on camera.

No. 1620737

Like aggressively sexual to him? As in sexual harassment wise?

No. 1620755

we talked about this book a lot in the previous thread, you can see >>1279833, >>1279885, >>1279902
i was the anon who originally brought this up, what a fucking cow. i have no idea why people still love Sonic Youth and kiss the ground that Kim stands on, like some goddess when their impact on rock was minimal. bunch of pretentious rich fucks who thought they're most artistic, most alt ever. And this video shows how obnoxious Sonic Youth really is >>1285799

No. 1620759

>I think he's pretty in love with himself, but not a raging misogynist.
kek i love it

No. 1620765

yo any more info on those sessions? were they QA album sessions or something else?
well she admitted she's a little sex obsessed and she behaved like that onstage, but i doubt she walks offstage and tries to have sex with everyone in the sight. but yes she wore see through tits out clothes in the streets, she said she gets a lot of hate for how she dresses. i guess she just likes it.
makes me barf at Arrow and how hard she tries to walk with tits out in the streets like Katie Jane too

No. 1620766

jfc, not another bunch of morons who beat a guy for daring to interview AND GIVING THEM FREE PROMOTION. yeaah, you're so fucking edgy, sugary boysband pop boys! idiots.

No. 1620818

they were all in their mid-40s too. imagine being 16 and seeing your mom and dad bully some random canadian tourist

No. 1620906


Not sexual harassment "aggressively sexual" that I recall, just very in your face with the visible breasts/see through clothes and stuff, and lying across the guys laps. He wasn't complaining anyway.

No. 1620913

Also he gave us this blessed event.

No. 1620915

Sorry I'm not sure it was so long ago now! I know it wasn't QA related, possibly a side project for her? It didn't lead to anything in any case I know that much!

No. 1620927

oh that can be cultural. probably not for KJ because she is american, but i've noticed north americans and germans have this "personal space" thing where physical contact and loudness in conversation are considered "aggressive" or somehow sexual

No. 1620962

Scandinavia too. Sweden is especially bad about this.

No. 1620968

Where are you from if personal space is a foreign concept to you?

No. 1620970

not that anon but i see no problem with her sitting in guys laps if they were friends and comfortable with each other. if they were strangers then sure, that's a little weird. maybe she was trying to flirt
i wouldn't complain either

No. 1621007

Hong Kong with Italian mother.

No. 1621009

samfag it's not foreign so much as i didn't know it was to be assumed. you think a person making an explicit "ok here's me letting you know do not touch or sit close to me at the bar" would be the exception, and not the assumed method of socializing all across a country.

No. 1621121

Anglo detected

No. 1621205

you know what i'll give the english their personal space
come sit VERY close to me and we will fear them together kek

No. 1621215

File: 1661038483723.jpg (418.96 KB, 1080x1472, danim.jpg)

Dani Miller has a new "music project", Trashworld.
Jfc i hate these LA morons with their pathetic poverty larps. Shitty destroyed basements crowded with carefully aranged trash, yey! much poverty, so artistic! talk back to us Dani when you're a homeless bitch prostituing and sleeping among real trash, let's see if it's still so cool and ~artsy~

No. 1621225

File: 1661039548834.jpg (583.47 KB, 1080x1502, dani2.jpg)

Words cannot express how stupid is that chick. Seems like she deleted a lot of tiktoks, but she literally livestreamed her shaving her leg hair (and pussy as well, considering her nasty hair isn't peaking from her pants as they always did, just HOPEFULLY off camera) for the first time in 10 years and calling it "clearing energy" and "big life change".
Take notes Arrow, you hasn't done such idiocies for fame yet huh

No. 1621227

File: 1661039600505.jpg (129.18 KB, 518x902, dani tiktok.jpg)

It's also really annoying how she documents online every damn time she grieves her friend's death for clout, cause i don't know why else she posts this shit. Pretty much like Lilith Levisis used to milk death of that one chick. again, she deleted these but she used to have video sighing, making stupid faces and trying hard to cry along to dramatic soundtrack, while sitting in a car. And then, just few minutes later she sent a new video from the same day same car, jumping around like a moron and doin her usual happy "cRaZy uGlY cHic!" thing as if nothing happen. she just made it and uploaded it in one shuffle, weekly fake crying vid on the checklist, done, next. that's just so… distasteful

No. 1621229

*haven't, damn

No. 1621270

these photos remind me of when ugly fat girls would make silly faces in all their profile pics to look like a hot girl making an ugly face.
the top photo is legitimately perplexing though. pandemic's over - how do you get that out of shape unless you're in the hospital on your back all year? she never dances on stage or lifts shit onto a bus?

No. 1621278

File: 1661043350654.jpg (80.85 KB, 508x732, tt.jpg)

Well, i guess i have an answer for you anon. Pandemic has nothing to do with it. These vids are pretty calm but before the tiktok purge, she had "snack hauls" where she shovelled it all in, the worst food she could get at 7-11 of course

hope these links work i'm no tiktok expert



This is just the cringiest shit ever

No. 1621293

File: 1661044311045.png (13 KB, 411x203, stunning and brave.png)

kek honestly. i don't even know that much about how she got her start but she couldn't be any more forced and manufactured if she stood in a flower pot and wet herself with a watering can

No. 1621299

she has industry parents, and she fucked a lot of indie producers and musicians. It's all said in the previous thread, it's all in the damn summary up site.
That being said, she's just as pushed around as Billie Eilish was, getting Grammies and stuff. I don't know who approved that, i mean fucking Ryan Adams &Conor Oberst helps but why exactly she skyrocketed so much. why was she picked up as next it celebrity all of a sudden. cause it's much more than just indie fame

No. 1621315

She's a safe, boring blonde female artist for men to like as men make up much of music fans, she seems to have a huge fanbase among middle aged men from my observation. I also noticed the same group of people prefer to watch female artists live over male fronted bands. Time and place situation I think, it's almost as if male fronted bands are too intense for that market of men at the moment

No. 1621322

>it's almost as if male fronted bands are too intense for that market of men at the moment
i had the same thought before. in 2010 there was severly not enough of female artists in rock, so few. And now it is completely flipped out, there's a FLOOD of female fronted bands or female artists in rock and punk rock, but unfortunately they're all boring so it's not cool or exciting or anything. but there's not much of new male performers in alt/indie. not that it's saddening, they all would suck too probably.

No. 1621339

it's because they get jealous of men who are good at stuff. same reason they have ugly men in porn, or pair the female superhero in movies with the ugliest male on the team.

No. 1621341

>Ryan Adams &Conor Oberst
which is even sadder when you see how they looked when she was sleeping with them

No. 1621373

KJG is from London nona

No. 1621398

lmao def not in their primes

No. 1621564

oberst looks worse than his 10-15 years older friends, despite not being much of a drinker or drug doer. i think he just lost some genetic lottery. i still don't want to look at him tho

No. 1621565

jeez she's so boring

No. 1621598

shhh don't tell her. she's convinced she's the ultimate it party girl of LA, a Gucci darling and super interesting personality just because she has tooth gaps

No. 1621746

she only gets to have tooth gaps because her teeth are white and straightened already. she has like an aesthetic tooth removal, not actual "bad teeth". sorry maybe I'm autistic but my teeth are dark and some are pointy so i NEVER smile in pictures. it's not cute or quirky to grow up with shit teeth around americans because teeth appearance is highly valued here.

No. 1621797

File: 1661108249370.jpg (300.41 KB, 1068x772, teeth.jpg)

i found interview where she says she had bad teeth and went to dentist and it got worse. idk

No. 1621798

any anons think miki berenyi’s mom having already been in the industry and doing ads for designer brands had anything to do with lush’s success?

No. 1621805

Not an expert of Lush, perhaps? i think having industry parents never harms, especially if mom did both industry and stuff for designers. that being said, i think they would get signed anyway because it's the 90's.

No. 1621839

hmmm no my sister was born with 2 front teeth missing and they have many ways to deal with this unless she went to some 20-years-behind-in-technology dentist in the jungle (do not go to guys like that btw)

No. 1621851

Wait, wait. I'm rereading it and… she went to the dentist and couldn't put fakes in, so they pulled her fucking tooth out to make more space to fit fakes in, and then she just said "Ah well i'm over it i'm speshull now~", and she decided NOT to put fakes in and left gaping holes in her mouth? Jeez if that's true, then they paid good money just to have people make even bigger hole and then left midway bc "i'm over it now".

That or it's just some fantastic bullshit. Can we find her childhood photos? maybe she has some on her insta

No. 1621856

File: 1661113622126.jpg (117.74 KB, 1080x408, xcsdd.jpg)

Interesting that she says nothng that would indicate how wealthy or not her parents are, what jobs they had etc. Just that they're bikers.

No. 1623073

No. Lush were an actually good band with an original sound (one of the first to be called shoegaze I think).
I don't really care if someone has industry contacts via their parents, what grinds my gears is when those contacts are used to push that person to the top of the queue and the charts.

No. 1623261

i'm honestly surprised to hear that, cause Lush wasn't really that successful. perhaps it didn't help her

No. 1623919

Maybe she didn't want the help either. if it worked out, it worked out etc.

No. 1624039

This. Even if Miki's mother worked in the industry, Lush were a legitimately good band. One of the first pioneers of the Shoegaze genre and Miki's singing style was quite beautiful, I don't think it was sa fluke that they had some success when they did, it was new and unique at the time.

No. 1624045

I admit that I still like some of Sonic Youth's music. I really like songs like "Bull In the Heather", "Kool Thing", "Jams Run Free", and "Reena" to name a few songs. Despite the drama that happened within the band, in my opinion they had a rather neat sound.

That said, it sucks that Kim is so awful to other women in the industry.

No. 1624062

Kool Thing is pretty cringey when you think about the context of it and just Kim Gordon in general

No. 1624200

i liked a couple of songs like Bull in the heather, but overall their music sucks. severly overrated, overpolished and boring

No. 1624202

it's cringe when you remeber what she wrote bout Kool Thing in her book. she invited that rapper for ~kool woke~ points, and imagined he says "look! look white bitches! i'm so cool & you're not i don't need you you won't lure me with your bikini tits" or whatever ( i really need to find that moment in the book again, i might misremember but it was something cringe like that). she pretty much idolized him and jumped round only to discover his favourite rock band was Bon Jovi and turn gravely disappointed. kek

No. 1624394

Again I understand. The lyrics are pretty cringe, especially the male white corporate oppression bit but still, I like the instrumentals in that song and Kim's singing voice just worked for it.

It was more or less the same for me, I was never a fan of full albums of theirs because there were plenty of songs that I didn't like and thought sounded bad but the few that did catch my ear, I like listening to them lol.

With Sonic Youth, it's just a hard separate the artist from their work type of deal. It's not like anyone in the band committed rape or murder, just drama that unfortunately a lot of bands can have in them.

No. 1637945

Saged cause unusual post, but i think it needs to be discussed. Anons posting here are probably aware by now of the situation Keffals vs Kiwifarms, censoring internet by troons and how LC is likely to be their next target. can we talk where could we move in case LC gets taken down too?

Arrow, Indie cows thread, Emilie Autumn thread as well, are all very specific niche minor cows, and if we want to continue to get that niche milk (and i know i do), we'd have to be the ones to remake threads in case something happens to lolcow. both IBCG and Arrow threads are archived on Wayback Machine and archive.is.

Any ideas where should we go if LC is no more? other nonnies mentioned going to crystal cafe, livejournal, making up their own chans, whatever, but it's still largely undecided where we all go if. I honestly thought if it doesn't get sorted out yet and lolcow suddenly goes down, i'd make a temporary "indiebandcows.tumblr.com" and we could communicate through anon asks, to sort out what to do next.

That being said, i hope nothing happens to lolcow, but i feel we shouldn't feel too optimistic.

No. 1643433

Is anyone familiar with The Soapgirls? I found them recently. Features two women with mediocre music, they have their asses out all the time, and in general try to be sexy but miss the mark. The YouTube comments all seem to be from middle aged men saying how great this band is. It's very similar to Starcrawler comments so that's why I'm posting.

No. 1643448

I did, Youtube tried hard to shill their live vids to me. Never cared to listen cause they look absolutely uninteresting. Are they crazy popular or what?

No. 1643458

File: 1662737367761.jpg (649.77 KB, 1600x1098, soap.jpg)

Samefag, found on wiki.
>Early in their professional career, The SoapGirls were a dance-pop act signed to the South African branch of Universal Music Group.[4]
>At ages 14 and 15 (c. 2010), following interest in the song on the Japanese compilation disc, they were signed to Universal Records[8] where they scored a South African number one hit album Xperience (2011) and four South African Top 5 singles[10][4] with exposure on a number of South African TV shows, compilation CDs,[11] and national tours

Lmao, very punk rock indeed. Connected parents confirmed?

No. 1643463

File: 1662737536886.png (731.56 KB, 930x744, soap2.png)

Their mother is their manager. Hands Off Gretel vibes i see.

No. 1643464

lol, a no-name punk band with a massive long wikipedia page. seems normal actually! not weird at all :))

No. 1643467

File: 1662737863165.png (306.87 KB, 405x404, soap3.png)

Lmao, they look very punk rock indeed.

No. 1643471

File: 1662738139649.jpg (190.13 KB, 932x854, bubblegum .jpg)

No. 1643474

File: 1662738352854.jpg (257.31 KB, 1148x1024, soapgirls.jpg)

No. 1643481

File: 1662738964932.png (109.64 KB, 632x488, ultimate cringe.png)

>when they were 12-13 years old they were singing and dancing in the street
>currently their shtick is wearing thongs and bras
>>mom is their manager so is fully aware of and supporting their "sexy" image
Disgusted, but not surprised

They're a South African Starcrawler in that they are saving rock and roll with their stunning voices and amazing instrumentals. I'm wondering if the scrotes commenting are bots or shills from nepotism connects or they're trying to shoot their shot someone from the group will notice the positive comments and try to fuck them. Judging by the emoji use I'm thinking they are bots.

No. 1643485

File: 1662739156077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.86 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b273a80b8da38b93b2…)

I see why they're hailed by scrotes primarily tbh. When you google Soap Girls, all you see is these bimbos with their asses out.
(ew, all their CD covers are identical, and badly done. graphic design is my passion)

No. 1643495

>South African Starcrawler
True. They seem to come from rich family. Why else would they get Universal deal (for dance pop bubblegum lol) and have a mother manager who's alright with her daughters always handing their asses out as an "art"? and good point, the bot tinfoil seem to be reasonable. Starcrawler is getting even more comments like these, no icon, male names in 99%, "I'm 69 year old ass rocker but I love Starcrawler! I'm so glad this young band is here, rock'n'roll future is in good hands" blah blah blah pattern.

No. 1643496

This is one of their dance pop songs and girl what the fuck is that ugly ass bathroom video lmao
so fucking punk rock and anarchy tits like

No. 1643562

forgot to add that it's acoustic. The Introducing: soap girls article upthread has soundcloud link to dance version of the song.
I'm very confused why these rich/nepo pop chicks always choose to go into "punk rock"

No. 1643821

south africa consistently has some of the worst makeup trends outside of northern england.

No. 1644079

What did her parents do? All I see about her mom is like, real estate and an embarrassing standup comedy side gig.

No. 1644179

high-end estate agents are connected to celebrities if they work or are licensed in california.

No. 1644409

Mom was additionally working for some label/promotion? i don't remember. And father worked for tv. they're somehow lowkey tied to music industry.
The point is, her mother was fucking rich and on her website, she claims she raised her children in huge mediterranean house, and if you google these + LA, you can see how they look like, and what cash they go for. Meaning, rich family. But Phoebe Bridgers claims she was poor, that her mother is a standup comedian not estate agent, and always cries she busked in the streets, and that "ppl who say money doesn't matter are always ppl who are rich" etc. Aka she's poverty/working class larper. people don't even question this, while the truth is just a google search away.

No. 1647577

File: 1663130536176.jpeg (461.82 KB, 1170x2005, 3F959E02-A14A-4533-A1E9-6FF346…)

Apparently being surrounded by people richer than you means you’re not middle class or some shit

No. 1647592

kek "my parents have a vacation house but my friend's parents have an island so if you think about it my family's kinda poor"
there's no shame in being an upperclass faildaughter as long as you admit it. guess how i know

No. 1648333

She reminds me a bit of Clairo

No. 1648503

just watched the south park concert and Les Claypool's behaviour/persona is very typical of an assgrabber. I like Primus but i've never seen a live performance or watched an interview with him, and had no idea he gave off such sex maniac vibes. are there any open-secret SA allegations against him or what? i promise i'm not schizoposting either - go watch that special and don't feel guilty for your instinctual reaction to him.

No. 1658785

Is there any way for you to corroborate the James Ferraro pedo photo? I am a big fan of his music and if that is true I don't really want to listen to it ever again but I'm going to wait until i have definitive proof. I haven't been able to find it just searching around.

No. 1658794

search on 4chan /mu archive

No. 1658804

File: 1664225990549.jpg (188.48 KB, 556x726, ferraro.jpg)

No. 1658813

File: 1664226545833.jpg (41.89 KB, 573x168, 86545.jpg)

Monandile is already cancelled for rape.

No. 1658823

File: 1664227333566.jpg (59.06 KB, 453x604, the-skaters-bologna-photoby-jo…)

James Ferraro and his 15 year old girlfriend Labanna Bly

No. 1658842

Thank you for spoonfeeding me the info, but damn this is disgusting.

No. 1658844

Wasn’t Ferraro a Dirtbag leftist lol

No. 1658861

Oneohtrix Point Never dated Dasha from Red Scare for awhile. I should never read about the personal lives of moid musicians ever again. Just let them entertain me like minstrels.

No. 1660150

Literally all of this information about Ferraro is complete heresay and unsubstantiated. Where are these supposed receipts that Labanna was underage?

No. 1660154

Also it’s me James Ferraro

No. 1660156

Yeah, that and the fact that Labanna seemingly never came out and said anything denouncing Ferraro is a little odd.

No. 1660315

for a few moments i was squinting at my screen, trying to match the strippers' facial features to sam's. the thumbnail could've been convincing but everything below… enough internet for me today

No. 1660362

he looks like a fucking burger records rapist

No. 1663852



No. 1669035

what the fuck is this sperg.

No. 1670613

File: 1665274877508.png (18.31 KB, 583x230, aUntitled.png)

You should be

No. 1670935

Beabadoobee getting shilled on iD. How does she keep getting these mags and concert stages booked. iD and coachella? there's no way her music makes enough money to get this

No. 1670952

I was going to mention this, the i-D clips are all over my TikTok fyp (don’t judge me, it’s not a personal account, I work in digital media) and it seems so… manufactured.
I can’t stand this fucking tranny-caping NLOG handmaiden, I wish she’d fuck off and take her mediocre music and psychotic fan base with her

No. 1670954

A month late, but I don't think SY's influence was minimal, especially their earlier albums like Bad Moon Rising, which is basically what people really mean when they cite the No Wave as an influence. Kim is genuinely talented as were the rest, they just so happened to be arrogant cows and straddled the line between genuine and ironic hipster posturing that made them annoying in certain circumstances.

No. 1670975

Her music is definitely boring as hell and a blatant amorphous copy of 90s indie music. I think she gets shows because she's cute and popular among zoomers. Maybe even possibly a nepo baby too, like you said. It was kinda funny when she made that ep about her gushing about Stephen Malkmus; he looked slightly uncomfortable in photos but I might be projecting.

No. 1670985

To be honest, that was one of the songs I liked but I can't get into her other ones. They seem so much like generic 90s alt rock.

No. 1671139

>No Wave as an influence
anon, no wave happened before SY. they just came and hopped on the trend. They were nothing but a bunch of posturing rich kid skinwalkers who adapted to something that happened. Even Kim said they tried no wave when no wave was essentially already dead.
>Kim is genuinely talented as were the rest,
disagree. Yes they had influence on younger people, unfortunately. but their music genuinely sucked most of the time and… Kim talented? i could agree their guitarist was talented, not Kim. She couldn't write melodies for shit, she just did singing-talking, and her lyrics was a bunch of pretentious nonsense.
None of what they've done was innovative or something that hasn't been done before

No. 1671153

this is so blatant. Out of all these indie chicks i think Beabaddoeeb is the industry plant in most definitive meaning. she doesn't have rich parents like Arrow (that we know off), doesn't have any musicin/touring experience before, etc. I think she's a record label plant. with a team of music writers, image team, etc. That chick was probably randomly picked model or something

No. 1671350

With the first point, that's what I meant by "what people really mean when they cite the No Wave as an influence" because most no wave shit was noise for the sake of noise. SY were the first ones to take those sounds and craft something resembling songs.
With the second point, Kim's bass was the only thing that anchored a lot of their early work and did double duty carrying the rhythm and melody when Thurston and Lee went off exploring textures. While a lot of her songs were pretentious and her singing resembles a cat being beaten, songs like Bull in the Heather, JC and Reena are still genuinely good pop songs.

No. 1671370

She was riding the wave of bedroom pop artists before she got big. If that record label thing is true, I can see how her sound jumped from bog standard lofi bedroom pop to more Alanis Morrissette style of 90s alt rock.

No. 1671615

>She was riding the wave of bedroom pop artists before she got big
i honestly don't get how some of these bedroom pop singers get famous. You can dump your songs on Soundclout or elsewhere, but so what? nobody knows or cares. idk how tf it gets promoted to even have a 1000 of people who care about that

No. 1671620

File: 1665408066020.png (821.17 KB, 570x714, kk.png)

Adding that i-D does pay to play. or rather pay to get published. or get published through your friends. Arrow's pointless feature on i-D about 8 months before she even had a record out shows it perfectly. I see Weebadoob was slapped on cover of that ugly kink magazine for LA fucktards same a Arrow did, which makes me think she has friends in same wanker photo porn (uhm, i mean "art") spaces in LA.
interestingly i've seen inn comments she was accused of blackfishing for this shoot lol

Also… 1.6 millions of followers? yeah, no. not in the least. other indie chicks of her caliber get 230k follows at most. i can believe 1 million for Phoebe Bridgers but not this one. fake followers business here.

No. 1672083

File: 1665456557557.jpg (332.58 KB, 1074x641, csf85.jpg)

In an interview she said:
>That was not the only time I had been sexually abused. I lost my virginity unwillingly as well. Although that situation was much more about the lack of education for both sexes, on the subject of rape.

Well she doesn't have a music career anymore, probably got blacklisted after the break up.

He bragged about this on his blog, it is well known.

No. 1672086

>the lack of education for both sexes, on the subject of rape.
So probably statutory rape.

No. 1672088

File: 1665457168576.jpg (761.18 KB, 1242x1330, 1665431550099828.jpg)

It's over for indie.

No. 1672100

Not just indie. So many pop and rock acts have cancelled gigs due to illness recently. The eleventh wave is here, get your booster!

No. 1672106

>The eleventh wave is here, get your booster!
damn, not again.
Hey indie bands, come to eastern Europe. Covid is cancelled, we only talk about war in Ukraine. no masks, no precautions, no dumb shit anymore.

No. 1672175

That's not why they're cancelling though, it's because of the high cost of touring. I've seen a few bands cancel tours recently for the same reason

No. 1672235

Had a look at this and they have comments switched off, cowards

They get like average 1k insta likes, since social lives will take some years to recover after covid, they likely don't have enough die-hard fans in Europe to sustain a tour at present. Most festivals and gigs would be filled with casual fans rather than die-hard; you like one song by the band so you go. But a casual fan won't take the risk to book tickets to things that may be cancelled right now, until trust has been regained and social lives have recovered, (probably mid 2023-2024 things will pick up) bands all need to downscale otherwise they just make themselves look bad booking and cancelling like this.

No. 1672236

>Also… 1.6 millions of followers?

Overbuying fake followers is a classic boomer management mistake, anyone younger/heavily online knows exactly what amount is legit based on various factors, such as general "fame" aka advertisement, whether they are long established (and to what age group) quality of work, virality, popularity, frequency and interest of posts/content, and organic fan interaction.

No. 1672426

>it's because of the high cost of touring.
True. well damn. indie bands make their money on touring, not albums. if they'e cancelling tours, they're gonna live on scraps for awhile.

No. 1672753

We're pretty much through the looking glass of live shows being only plausible if you can get the funding for them well ahead of time from some conglomerate and are able and willing to give up a disgusting amount of profit for it. At least, you have to be seriously in demand for shows not going through a vendor like Live Nation to be salvageable at all.

From what I recall, AnCo go through some of the more straightforward tour companies that end up hitting a lot of mid-level spots in major cities. Large venues to stadiums have essentially been fully bought out by huge companies like Live Nation. It's a monopoly. This is why they can get away with charging ~$200 a pop for nosebleeds to a concert that just got announced - there's no competition left.

Indie bands get left in the dust if they truly wanna do it DIY anymore. You either pony it up and go hit the corporation-approved "small venue" circuit, giving up merch sales to venues and ticket sales to that company, or you attempt to forge what you can with your own say and usually end up shouldering nearly 100% of the financial burden and workload. I think Covid gave some big companies the perfect opportunity to put the hammer down and essentially make venues play by their rules. Real historic clubs that are just outside of major cities are already gone. I can think of a good handful off the top of my head near me that couldn't sustain being truly independent without already having a notable presence for years and years in the middle of a city.

At least I get to see Algernon Cadwallader live before live indie music dies off forever.

No. 1673019

Even bigger venues and touring companies are starting to completely fall off. If even industry plant bands with rich parents like arrow can’t afford to tour because the demand isn’t there anymore, the outlook is seriously bad. I could only see maybe local music surviving but it’s basically lights out for worldwide music.

No. 1673073

Mainstream/long established bands with lots of fans will be more or less. Let's take for example hmm, last band that toured in my country (in Europe) most recently, like Sum 41. they're not a super famous band anymore, like they were in years 2003-2008, they're not on mainstream labels anymore. But they've got dedicated fans worldwide so they can allow to tour freely. Now for indie bands who try hardest to DIY, or bands that are only known to select circles of ppl etc. yes they will have a problem. The whole organization side of these things is just black magic to me, things like anon here explains >>1672753 but underground bands prob won't be able to tour worldwide.

>If even industry plant bands with rich parents like arrow can’t afford to tour because the demand isn’t there anymore

Arrow is a a little different situation imo. starcrawler is not going to Europe now bc they're touring US - that's what US bands usually do after record release, Europe later. iirc they did a round of shitty European clubs + huge arenas with MCR in summer. (all in one tour! like 1 day playing for 50k kids who came to see cheerleader Gerard, next day they play for 20 ugly boomer dads in tiny club when Gerard has a day off. Shows perfectly the disparity between "nepo shows" and their "headlining gigs" lolol.)

Arrow is much much better situated than majority of indie bands, if she wanted she could cover half the cost from her mom's pocket. Her label is affiliated with Universal but they don't give them unlimited amount of money because there's no demand for HER band. And that's what she can't help even with mom bucks. They did and def will tour select countries in Europe, but unless she teams up with her mom's famous scrote friend bands again, Starcrawler will always play in shitty clubs (as they did before). it's a fake pumped hype with no real following. My point is, it's not even that demand isn't there anymore for starcrawler, i don't think there ever was

No. 1674292

i-D in general is very, very manufacted magazine and it was since very start back in 1980, but always was advertised as "alternative". Dude who founded it, Terry Jones, worked in British Vogue back in 70s and iirc he worked literally on covers which is pretty much highly influential postion. i-D might started with street snaps of punks and goths but it quickly morphed into something closer to The Face, with full color pages, pieces about big bands and lot of fashion. In late 80s and early 90s they wanted to be more alternative and they started to virtue signal and spread early wokeism, which got less edgy by mid 90s (concides with Scott King, later of Sleazenation fame taking over art direction) and started to morph from culture-music-fashion hybrid magazine to glossy fashion rag that was almost same as other fashion magazines by mid 00s. Around ten years later, after Vice fucking bought it out it fallen down and web version was launched staffed by idiots same as at Vice which is worst parts of i-D condensed into site, with more dumb politics and lazy journalism (i-D has history of it going back to 90s, when social justice shit took good chunk of pages and people slammed them in letters, though it was pre-internet era). Now a literal legacy publication, tries to appeal to zoomers by featuring industry plants and literal whos which can easily support that they probably take money to shill some hacks. 20-25 years ago magazines like this shilled new acts but you knew they were big label acts or actually independent, undeground acts. Nowadays they'll try to pass industry plants as indie because there's not much of actual indie, underground artists getting signed and becoming famous. It's not organic anymore.

It's similar with re-launched The Face. Bea got a piece about her, they got fucking Shoichi Aoki to shoot her for more late 90s larp. It's similar to Pinkpantheress, she's more on electronic side (though fucking lazy, passing sped up Adam F's Circles with her vocals as her track lmao) who started to be shilled in a way very similar Bea got, basically using dying rags like i-D or Dazed with tiktok on top, combined with "mysterious" persona smells like plant for me. Her popularity was sudden and I never saw people talking about her before. I wonder why no one's talking about her, UK got a good chunk of industry plants, nepo babies and Brit School kids. Windmill scene or something? That band with Karl Hyde's (dude from Underworld) daugter smells both nepo and planted, not gonna lie.

Zoomers seethe that they didn't got young adulthood their parents could have and this nostalgia schtick is pure cope, especially with how world fucked is now.

Yeah, exactly. Earlier lables didn't hide that they manufacted these acts, I mentioned it earlier my post but it's mostly due to lack of acts that grew organically than label plants and nepo babies.

sage for autism

No. 1674310

AYRT who works in digital media, you’re exactly right about i-D, but then the same can be said for all “trying to be edgy but still pretty mainstream” publications these days. I think it’s pretty hard to remain relevant when the majority of trends are being set by individuals on social media rather than people whose careers have been built around being arbiters of style and taste (ie print media editors, columnists, stylists, even bloggers have fuck all reach these days, it’s all about “influencers” and nepotism models). The Face should have never been resurrected, it was such an iconic magazine and now it’s just… well. As far as I’m concerned no music magazine will ever beat Select (RIP).
Starcrawler have been to my city twice now, the first time was with the Growlers and they played at one of my favourite venues which was way too big for them (to give you an idea, it’s a venue that has had the likes of Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Primal Scream and even fucking Oasis play there) and the second time (earlier this year) they played at a shitty pub that no one who likes decent music would be caught dead at, kek (incidentally I had free tickets both times and even that wasn’t incentive for me to go). Anyway, my point is, bands like Starcrawler only get to play venues of calibre when they’re supporting bigger acts and when they play their own headline shows they can’t pull a crowd because it’s so fucking obvious that they’re a plant/product of nepotism or whatever. People who are really into music can smell that shit from a country mile and are not having it. There’s a certain degree of animosity toward obvious plants who score coveted support slots and festival bills because there are so many bands out there working their asses off and being far more deserving of that level of exposure.

No. 1674343

Exactly. Same for Dazed, it fallen down even harder than i-D. Generally these magazines fail nowadays because most of staff that created them and their legacies are pushing their 50s and 40s, some i-D people are even older. It started in mid 00s, but nowadays it's even more accelerated.You're right about that internet randos can outdo these types of people who were tastemakers in print, trends spread differently and it's more decentralized that it was before. Lot of people who want to build careers on it must compete with randos that just steal scans from tumblr for an example and repost and start another meme trend. They try to stay relevant by writing about these accounts, nepo babies or industry plants with some shitty listicles to spoonfed zoomies about 90s and early 00s because they can't find anything themselves (tbh that's why these aesthetic accounts are so popular, they just copy their taste from here).

I agree about The Face completely. New print magazine from what I saw is lackluster, internet version is shit and amount of plants, nepobabies and internet randos they shill and shitty politics coverage is massive. Though I have only late 90s issues, was great and cutting edge in many aspects and this now is just a massive stain on their legacy. Because of that I hope no one ever revives Sleazenation. It would be even bigger tragedy, in 2022 it would end up being so damn sanitized and hysterical about current thing. It's charm was about being snarky and massive proto-hipsters, trying to be offensive even.

Select was great too, I want to get some issues since scans on the internet are lackluster. But still their content was great. Muzik was another good magazine, though entirely electronic music focused, i'm glad someone uploaded it in entirety.

No. 1674855

both times i've seen these assholes live they never even played any of their songs -just did an extended jam session

No. 1674868

These magazines all seem like they only exist now to please rich fucks & plants themselves. It's made by those plants, catering to plants and consumed by plants. It's literally just an excuse to gather all nepo "artists" & their friends and "give them jobs". Petra Collins as photog., Lotta Volkova as stylist, Holli Smith as hairstylist - i don't even count how many times i've seen these boring names listed out under each i-D article. "Artists" they write about: nepo models, Bella Hadid, that troon from Euphoria, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus & the Gucci collective, Dani Miller, Arrow, Nada Lee Cohen, Jaden Smith, FKA twigs, some black models as a "diversity" and people nobody even fucking knows. all made just so these people have their narc fuel, literally nobody else cares

No. 1675111

File: 1665744602471.jpg (124.5 KB, 500x555, tumblr_fdd52ae3054cc549d388a7a…)

Farmers, is that you haha. which one of you is still worrying about Mistress Emilie's financial situation? she's a rich fuck living lavicious life in the center of Manhattan, calm tf down. and she's not gonna tour again anyway, ever.

No. 1675141

>"Artists" they write about: nepo models, Bella Hadid, that troon from Euphoria, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus & the Gucci collective, Dani Miller, Arrow, Nadia Lee Cohen, Jaden Smith, FKA twigs, some black models as a "diversity" and people nobody even fucking knows
I love how they feature these mainstream boring nepoplants yet still try to position themselves as alternative and cutting edge, what a fucking farce
>just did an extended jam session
You say that like it’s a bad thing! I love the extended jam session impromptu set. Maybe not for Animal Collective though, tbf. I DJd with Panda Bear at a pretentious party a few years ago, the records he played were far better than the band’s live set, frankly I’d take obscure Turkish psychedelic bands from the 60s over AC any day
How good was Muzik? I love that it’s been uploaded in its entirety. I don’t know why the quality of the Select archives is so rubbish, it’s so disappointing. I actually have pretty much every single issue from 1994 till the curtain call boxed up in storage, I wonder how long it would take me to scan them all

No. 1675422

no i mean they literally did not play even one song from an album. and at one of the shows, two of them didn't show up. i paid $50CAD on two separate occasions just to watch some ugly dudes test out synthesizers

No. 1675426

nadia lee cohen is so hot though. i can't even be mad at her, it's so embarassing. i'm like that lesbianon who's always asking for help in the starcrawler thread

No. 1675469

Nadia's a boring nepo rich bitch with a nasty attitude and mediocre art, but at least i can understand simping for her (except for her blob fish lips). Simping for Arrow is lowest of fucking lows
But honestly fuck them all, beauty is not enough for me

No. 1675509

arrow's annoying but i look at all her pics, whatevs i like skellys. as long as someone doesn't take my money i'll look at their insta

No. 1675513

>but i look at all her pics, whatevs i like skellys
Ewww fuck off anachan fetishist. go back to skinny gossip fapping over unhealthy chicks.

No. 1675633

Is she a nepo baby? I mean I’ve always assumed she came from money but her parents aren’t famous, as far as I know. Her looks have definitely helped her career, she was already modelling before she was getting attention for her art, I’d say that’s where she made the connections that have enabled her to become as successful as she is. LaChapelle has been doing what she is doing since before she was even born

No. 1676261

idk i think she 100% had rich parents, but idk who they are. you can see what we talked about her in the begining of thread. She didn't have any "organic" road to fame, she debuted and was already famous. Aka her 1st shoot on IG was making out with Danny Trejo.

No. 1676301

Don't understand how this interview is proof of anything related to Ferraro. Labanna still has a huge Instagram following and is an influencer, so I don't know that her connections to James had any impact on her career. Her music was never her main focus anyway. As for this blog, where is the evidence? Is there an internet archive link or anything else out there?

No. 1676319

it’s all Cindy Sherman reboots, so the market was already established
somehow I can’t be mad, she’s pretty and the images are technically polished so her annoying self-importance is semi-tolerable
dad is in The City or some other lucrative finance thing, is what I have heard

No. 1676549

>ugly dudes test out synthesizers
The indie scene in a nutshell, kek
>a nasty attitude
Sauce? Not doubting it, just curious

No. 1676966

is this some naive thirsty fan crying or Ferrano panicking and trying to bleach himself? stop. also ngl the lack of sage is suspicious af. hmmm

No. 1676972

another 2 anons mentioned it, i repeated. I honestly don't have a reason to doubt it, considering the circles she runs in.
Am i the only one severly unimpressed by Nadia and her inflated lips? Nobody cares that she's pretty. nobody cares how pretty is a cow, everybody shits on pretty cows here either way. Pretty = let's forget everything, ugly = yesss, let's hate this one? not saying Nadia is a huge cow or a very bad person, she isn't even milky. but she's boring as all fuck, and generally seems like one of the ppl i usually dislike. genuinely see no reason to like her, besides "being pretty". you lesbianons are getting blinded by your instincts

No. 1677208

>genuinely see no reason to like her, besides "being pretty"
no reason to dislike her either. she's just boring/does nothing but i click the pics cause she's cute, it doesn't mean anything

No. 1677537

>immediate career thanks to daddy & mommy
>shitty unoriginal ripoff art
>rich LA kid with a personality of a cardboard.
these things are also what 99% people in indie thread are exposed/disliked for. you don't have to dislike her, but Nadia is no different from most of the people itt. it's fine if you like her, but using
>b-b-but she's pretty
as why she's "likeable" is kinda scrote reasoning.

No. 1677627

kek yeah it's weird. labanna is not well known at all and is in no danger of tanking some guy's non-career even if she decided to make a big deal of how he fucked her when she was 15. it really seems like someone involved trying to get out ahead of a rumour or sthg

No. 1677629

anon, she said nadia is neither likable nor hateable. >>1677208 is literally a statement of neutrality kek

No. 1677737

>>1660150, >>1660154
"it's me James Ferrano" lol

No. 1677877

no i was >>1677627 and i meant the posts saying ferrano did nothing and labanna has a yuge career sound like him!

No. 1677925

it's all fine, i just quoted the weird "it's me James Ferrano" post because i thought anons missed them. I'm the anon who said it's probably Ferrano/someome involved and unless someone was shitposting, the "Also it's me Ferrano" post would kind of support our tinfoil lol

No. 1678748

Is this the current state of indie music?
I decided to listen to wet legs for the first time and thought they might actually be good because of the number of views but holy fuck every single song is boring, uninspired and generic with no charm or likability at all. All I knew about this fuckass band is that harry styles shilled them out but wow. didn’t expect them to be forever21 h&m music level of bad
horrible name too

No. 1678953

They're plants 100%, Dave Grohl shilled them iirc. And when Dave Grohl shills someone, it's usually a plant. we talked about them a little in previous thread. i think they either have influential parents but keep them a secret, or were randomly plucked out by some "indie trend" factory who decided to make them it girls.
at this point, i 100% believe there are industry plant factories for alternative and especially for fucking pop punk. it's like in the 90's every record label people chased after each & every even tangentially grunge related band bc they wanted the next Nirvana.

No. 1678960

File: 1666142513238.png (5.72 MB, 1830x1370, regret.png)

For me The Regrettes was the worst band out of these, their "music"genuinely shocked me with its utter shittiness. this is called "punk rock"? Their songs sound like The Veronicas. (that's a typical 2009 scene pop sort of band who toured with Jonas Brothers, to give you an idea.) This band is on Warner and i see they're mainstream in the ways Starcrawler can only dream & seethe about. i didn't know her parents are such influential. Maybe we should take a look at Lydia Night, she looks like a narcissist cow even from afar. they're like Tramp Stamps

No. 1679319

it sounds like all the worst qualities of oversaturated hipster hype music in 2011, played through a tinny as fuck car stereo
and i can't believe so many people who literally can't sing get jobs as singers. these people are just talking quietly into a microphone and recording it over their stupid mid-00's karoake

No. 1685722

The fact they're from the IOW makes me feel a bit less like they're industry plants shilled as raw talent. It's not far from the mainland but it's not exactly got a vibrant arts scene.

No. 1687397

File: 1666994946005.png (1.33 MB, 786x816, kelsyk.png)

Lmao Kelsy Karter deleted every trace of her "punk" career and spergy narcissistic anti- "urban artist" posts on IG and has a "career makeover"… again. she hired some hairy scrotes and now she's going by Kelsy Karter & The Heroines.
nuking all the previous posts and posting a couple new perfectly shows that all of her 139k followers are bought. no comments, no likes on new posts, most i've seen was 2000k likes and 10 comments.

No. 1687399

File: 1666995041612.png (59.15 KB, 602x712, kelsyk2.png)

guess because her "punk", then "pop punk" phase didn't work, she's now announcing that "punk is dead" and going for classic hard rock or whatever lol

No. 1687404

File: 1666995314413.jpg (7.72 KB, 168x300, images (1).jpg)

whoever is throwing money to fund this "project" is really wasting that cash hard. it's pop punk sellout plant era more than ever but this skinwalker still can't gather genuine fanbase. besides maybe tiktok, where she larps as "messy chick" who walks around with a fag hanging out of her lips all the time
i kind of regret not screenshotting her old IG captions cause it was a peak boomer management like >>1347767, >>1347804

No. 1687406

File: 1666995409651.jpg (9.11 KB, 208x242, images.jpg)

own tour bus but still no fanbase of her own. idk how she fills up the rock venues, the only way i could see this is that she probably plays at all day & night kind of mass festivals

No. 1687407

File: 1666995521844.jpg (106.49 KB, 667x1000, kelsy karter.jpg)

gotta love it how instead of researching any basic top google results band name she just ordered "hardcore punk" shirt lmao

No. 1687421

kek this is literally a brandy melville shirt. much punk very hardcore indeed

No. 1687427

File: 1666996765848.jpg (52.3 KB, 610x472, 4.jpg)

Damn this skinwalker has been around for a while with her poor attempts. i found a bit about her now deleted pre-Kelsy Karter the "hardcore punker" past. she used to be a cheap Lana Del Rey/Amy Winehouse/Marina and the Diamonds skinwalker, and she had a soul/jazz/pop album out in 2014 or 2015. but she;s been trying to make it unsuccessfully since 2012. here's a couple of interviews and pics

>Growing up studying dance, acting and instrumentation throughout her childhood in the Gold Coast, Kelsy Karter eventually relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. After garnishing attention with her 2012 song “The Revolution”, she went on to release her 2013 single “Ghost Town”, produced by The Movement. Karter’s exposure grew even more after performing vocals on Infected Mushroom’s “Now Is Gold”. Her creative and comical dedication tune “Johnny Depp”, released this year displayed her talents as a songwriter.

>Kelsy is based in Beverly Hills and made the life-changing decision to move overseas after graduating from high school. “I have always felt like a bit of an outsider, like I don't want to say I didn't fit in with normalcy, but I always saw something more chaotic for myself. When I was growing up, I went to America a lot and saw people doing what I had always loved doing, and they did it as their life. It was their career. It has always been something I had planned to do. I went over to America just before my 17nth birthday for a dance tour, basically workshops at all the major performing arts centres, and I saw people just doing crazy things with their careers. I went home and said to my Mum: 'That's where I need to be’.





No. 1687428

File: 1666996797353.jpg (156.55 KB, 640x640, 3.jpg)

Amy Winehouse larp

No. 1687429

File: 1666996828023.jpg (82.84 KB, 600x603, 6.jpg)

No. 1687431

File: 1666996924458.jpg (48.64 KB, 513x610, 5.jpg)

No. 1687434

File: 1666997089891.jpg (34.3 KB, 735x445, 1.jpg)

No. 1687536

It’s crazy how forgotten his old shill projects are already.

No. 1687538

All of these fake LA bands from like 7 years ago literally don’t exist anymore

No. 1687884

I thought the Regrettes are still around? (unfortunately) Tramp Stamps aren't though. Last time they posted was January, their instagram is filled with odd far east comments and whatnot. Their tiktok is purged. great, can someone expose Starcrawler now?

i sort of wonder if they aren't trying to make a comeback solo. TS singer for example was known to have Lana Del Rey knockoff career in the past similar to Kelsy.

No. 1687892

File: 1667052103279.png (2.34 MB, 1540x814, surejan.png)

Lmao searching tramp stamps tag i found this ridiculousness. A new industry plant "plantsplains"* to us why being industry plant is totally a good thing (but they ABSOLUTELY aren't industry plants just saying!!!)
*sorry i couldn't resist temptation

No. 1687893

File: 1667052242633.png (1.18 MB, 1048x818, crawler2.png)

The band is called Crawlers, they are tiktok friends with Kelsy karter and they went on recent tour with My Chemical Romance, along with Starcrawler and Gayle. i think there's no need for any other proofs they're plants, Gerard loves fake industry bands.

No. 1687895

File: 1667052326574.png (1.57 MB, 1554x814, crawlers3.png)

lmao girl you just told on yourself

No. 1687898

File: 1667052718587.png (1.02 MB, 1020x812, crawlers4.png)

~we're a working class band~ wow
They have 1 record out, and they are on fucking Polydor. that's the same label that Madonna, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Maroon 5, Sting and JoJo are on. if pre-covid they had absolutely no fans, then where is this independent career? where is this independent label they were on? lmao

No. 1687900

the guy speaking they're plants making profit of laughing at other industry plants is right, in the same video she's bitching how bad Tramp Stamps are bc they're racist

No. 1689140

File: 1667156625452.jpeg (2.12 MB, 2424x4116, 065543EF-A8EB-41B9-9414-B64D73…)

Not sure if this fits here since I don’t actually know who Nessa Barrett is. Apparently tiktok famous who makes Lana, Melanie derivatives. She seems like such a cow though. With a tranny face to boot.

No. 1689144

File: 1667156706273.jpeg (103.84 KB, 1284x541, 383011DB-5116-4D13-8FA9-68F668…)

Canceling show over fighting with a scrote or what lmao

No. 1689155

I think she's doing a pixielocks and blaming her mental illness for the no-show, like since when was being mentally ill a problem for a performer? Nobody expects you to behave perfectly.

No. 1689311

nessa is probably a cow, she's always airing her relationship drama publicly and often fights with other tiktokers. she sperged about how she's never had any plastic surgery even though she very clearly has and she makes atrocious music that's copied from 2015 melanie martinez, for some reason she has a massive zoomer fanbase that i guess doesn't remember melanie?

No. 1689325

shouldn't this go to tiktok general instead?
No idea who this bitch is, but she looks very much "goth egirl zoomer" style, i thought she'd be copying Melanie Martinez uwu adult diaper style. excusing cancelling with bpd episodes is cringey, talking about your bpd episodes all the time online is even more cringey.

No. 1689327

I have no idea who this is but this sounds like fake shit to get out of a set she just didn’t want to play. She probably realized she was so out of place in the lineup that no one there knew who tf she was. Bands like Paramore aren’t ‘real’ emo or whatever but imo were emo-adjacent enough to have emo fans while being more mainstream.

No. 1689680

If she's being honest here (questionable), I can understand why it would have been impossible to go on stage in the mid of a dissociative episode which some people with BPD get when under extreme stress or upset. But it would also be a convenient excuse.

No. 1693890

The only milk I have about Nessa Barrett is that Charli D'Amelio's ex boyfriend Chase Hudson cheated on her with Nessa. They stopped being friends for a while but are now friends again.
Does she fit this thread? She's MGK and Olivia Rodrigo adjacent.
All of these tiktok musicians copy Melanie's style. Bella Poarch is another one but at least Bella is friends with Melanie so it's more copying by association

No. 1693891

Samefagging Bella Poarch's music. Sounds like crybaby throwaway.

No. 1694032

>Does she fit this thread? She's MGK and Olivia Rodrigo adjacent.
i think she doesn't. MGK/Rodrigo/Williow Smith/pop punk bullshitters all are a different thing to indie cows. iirc we have at least 2 actual pop punk retards threads but on /ot/ might fit there.
That being said, poppunk and indie sometimes cross in a way. we mentioned both Melanie and MGK and Avril in a few posts in previous indie thread, so a few ot posts like that won't hurt but honestly i don't think posting her on a regular here would make sense, bc she doesn't seem that milky. Bella Poarch completely doesn't belong here as well.

No. 1694034

samefag, i will add that Nessa Barrett is completely unknown to both regular ppl and rock music fans tbh. if you didn't post her, i'd never know. yes she was at MTV galas and whatnot, but i feel like this tiktok fame isn't relevant to real life fame you know what i mean? I feel like all these tiktok super famous zoomies aren't real life, ust some weird paralell universe. and they'll just stop existing a week or 2 later.

No. 1694050

File: 1667607887101.jpg (69.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

These people just come and go. Remember someone posted that Holly Humbersome got BRIT award? who even listens to that. bc it's all one "tik tok hit wonders", obviously they're plants with huge backing but they disappear soon after cause zoomies have attention span no longer than 3seconds. it's just crazy the speed of how these plants are produced.

Another example would be this Gayle plant with that stupid "ABCDfu" song. she probably has millions of tik tok followers but that's because zoomers follow massively every aethetic emo goth alternate looking people they see. i don't think she has any genuine audience. they try to shill her though, Gayle went on tour with MCR and Starcrawler. all these people, i feel like a perfect summary for them would be Cropp/Forever 21/Hot Topic default TV music bc that's the only place i see this played, those video screens with edgy teen playlists in House or wherever.

No. 1694069

She’s going on tour with phoebe bridgers and Taylor swift too. i know this because my bfs sister is a Taylor swift “Stan” smh

No. 1694108

File: 1667610401299.jpg (86.8 KB, 640x640, RoRAIjR.jpg)

>holly humbersome
funny you mentioned her because she put all her olds songs together added 1 or 2 new songs and called it an album kek. she's getting shilled so much on playlists right now, just to have low numbers.
i swear some of these musicians are only called indie because they can't compete with actual pop artists.

No. 1694960

Not milk but I'm really disappointed in Carrie brownstein lately. Bffs with Fred armisen and for such a radfem icon she's really faded into Hollywood complacency. Just fully merged into the woman hating Pedo industry she taught us all to rage against, writes unimportant navel gazey articles for npr. She's just gone soft. Sad

No. 1695338

Posting in here again because I found some more milk about her. She was on the call her daddy podcast
>She has bpd and adhd
>says most of her relationships are based on her hyperfixating on one person because of bpd
>has a complicated relationship with her dad but still loves him
>was diagnosed with bipolar disorder before bpd because it runs in her family
>attempted suicide when she was 14
>used to be anachan
>says her dad was into music, had a studio in his house and that's how she started making music
>says she doesn't ever feel happiness and can't imagine what it feels like, only ever feels sadness
overall she reminds me of halsey, aren't they both from new jersey kek? the pop punk thread is dead and the nhbd rip offs in this thread.

No. 1695602

File: 1667782062824.jpg (77.52 KB, 891x762, XT5yn2a.jpg)

Phoebe Bridgers may or may not be engaged. from the guardian:
>“I just don’t think it’s particularly useful for people to see, like, literally you,” he said. “I thought it’s either get off the bus now or stay on it, and I wanted to get off. In ten years I might rue the day I threw out social media, but look, it just is what it is.”
>“(Mescal did, however, stay on long enough to exchange charged messages on Twitter and Instagram with musician Phoebe Bridgers; the pair are now engaged.)”
>writes unimportant navel gazey articles for npr.
this seems like the natural end for the riotgirrl movement, they were hipsters before hipsters were thing and the west coast? they never had a chance.

No. 1695627

so phoebi bidgers will be getting bi married to paul (straight ally)

No. 1695685

As much as I’ve always liked the bands associated with riot grrl the movement itself is a bit too libfemmy for my TERFy SWERFy ass, so none of this surprises me

No. 1695687

This insufferable pickme cow makes me irrationally angry. She’s so smug.

No. 1695738

as others have stated, every single person involved in the riotgrrl "movement" ended up like this, it was stated by east coast academics, it was always gonna suck

No. 1696075

Well feck it, I just enjoyed that. Unironically and thoroughly

No. 1696132

File: 1667856793385.webm (761.41 KB, 576x386, v12044gd0000c6ol11bc77ubm2s8q9…)

wait its that retarded girl from this video. i legit thought it was a bit. but shes really this fucking vapid and im14andthisisdeep…

No. 1696189

File: 1667863175019.jpeg (751.16 KB, 1242x775, 8033E1C2-B5FC-4EC1-8BCC-17A54A…)

Within a year, they have spots at Pitchfork, Riot Fest, WWWY and meet up w Kopmala. Isn’t one of their dads some record executive? I swear a recent Jawbreaker interview let that slip(hence why they also opened for them for several dates)

No. 1696194

File: 1667864455588.png (425.17 KB, 636x434, 16661.png)

who are these?
>recent Jawbreaker interview let that slip(hence why they also opened for them for several dates
Jawbreaker as in THIS Jawbreaker? it's one of my fav bands, it'd be sad if they take up some industry plants. i don't check up on their touring details bc they'll never tour in my country anyway sadly.

No. 1696217

nta but I think they're called the Linda Lindas

No. 1696240

they honestly give handpicked-by-labels-A&R cringe tier Shonen Knife ripoff/riotgrrrl cross, but maybe it just seems so bc their members are asian.

No. 1696277

i remember this band they were in a movie called moxie that was directed by amy poehler. its a pretty cute movie tbh but that was the first i'd heard of them. i dont think they're industry plants its more like they got attention because they were a gimmick. kinda riding the tails off baby metals fame and yknow what. i say go for it.

No. 1696285


One of there dads owns a record label and was able to get them a fender sponsorship before they even put out an EP. One of the girls fathers is literally a Grammy award winning producer, and another father is famous from being a painter/founding an Asian American magazine giant robot or something similar


Basically within a couple of months they stared playing opening shows for major punk bands around cali, met bikini kill etc. and had a song in a Netflix show all by the end of 2019, started going on tv shows in 2020 before they blew up from a video in 2020 they wrote about racism and within a couple weeks i remember seeing there shirts in hottopic, seeing ads with them etc. Most of the fans Ive seen are just neolib fucks who only remember them off the library video


they also seem to have quite an age difference with one of the girls currently 18 while the youngest is 12

according to their own wiki page the band was founded by the parents

I mean, good for them and I hope they have fun. But anyone thinking this is a genuine band and not the creation of the parents is fooling themselves.

i am not going to lie if this band came out when i was in my tweens/teen years i would have been so jealous, these girls are super fortunate to have these connections omg

No. 1696336

I thought they were cute at WWWY, makes me think of the movie Linda Linda Linda

No. 1696338

Eh, so just another rich fucks making careers. no different from most of the idiots from this thread, we just don't know if they're cows personality wise.

No. 1696341

Real high IQ stuff. Idk who this bitch is but I hate her.

No. 1696433

She's cute but you can tell that her career is built solely on looks. There's nothing new with her vocals and her sound is just radio alt-pop. At least it seems like she's not a nepo-baby like every other "indie" artist that suddenly has "over night success".

No. 1697208

I dont think there all that interesting tbh considering that there so young (12, 14, 16, 18) since most of the band is still minors there parents still look to be heavily involved.(learn2sage)

No. 1697398

Tbh that is pretty interesting to me. Idk a ton about them, but it feels like they were puppeteered by parents all the way to Epitaph. I forsee a milky future

No. 1697424

Jawbreaker actually are touring with them. Shame such a great band stooping to that level

No. 1697473

No one will ever be Shonen Knife, luckily. Those girls keep it real.

No. 1697514

Shonen Knife is a really good band

No. 1697796

True. Jawbreaker really doesn't need this. They have their own very dedicated fanbase made of both old and new people, similar to Queenadreena. idk why would they tour with these boring trust funds unless they're broke and touring with these pays out. or they just wanted to be nice or whatever.

No. 1698599

If i was a 50 year old in a semi-retired famous band with all the money i need, i actually would totally agree to take my friend's kid's high school band on tour without even listeningg to them. Id be like "hey yeah thats a cute idea!"
I just wish more of these nice family friends would crack down on the nepo band putting it in their website bio like"these prodigies have already toured with x and y and are making a huuuge splash on the scene"

No. 1698624

Their big song is "racist, sexist boy," written about a scrote in school. I respect the Linda Linda's despite their nepo roots. Mostly because they're not pickmes, unlike a lot of the other girls in this thread

No. 1698682

girl if what this anon says >>1697208 is true, that means they're primary to high schoolers. they still have a plenty of time to become pickmes. and they will. Because that's what nepotism and being given everything immediately no questions asked usually does to people, especially in this sort of industry.
They're a new Starcrawler but without being awful brats/attention whores (yet). Pretty sure they'll stay being flogged and promoted as long as they're teens, but once they hit 24+ people will jump onto next "teen stars", probably.

No. 1699176

But that hasn't happened. There's no real point posting about them here besides vendetta.

No. 1699791

True, they're boring for now.

No. 1699793

File: 1668464651402.jpg (475.16 KB, 1080x1920, 1668399616794.jpg)

Been posted in celebricows, fits more here. Julian Casablancas messaging 19yo, and can't say i'm surprised.

No. 1699796

how old is she? she looks like a baby. he's just like his dad kek

No. 1699799

not sure, celebrianons said 19 bt idk. either way teen/early 20's and it's still creepy as f

No. 1699803

Wasn't Dani Miller (Surfbort) on Julian Casablancas records label? I vaguely recall they met and proposed her a contract and all.

No. 1699829

File: 1668467255732.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.98 KB, 1000x667, sloppyjane.jpg)

What about this bitch. She's usually butt naked during her shows, yet still a total flop. She has only 9k followers on twitter. Nobody wants to see this shit, not even coomers.

No. 1699831

ewww spoiler this shit. She's disgusting, sorry. i know it's just a naked female, but what a fucking attention whore pickme you must be to perform naked all the time.
that visible uncomfortable look on ppls faces kills me

No. 1699837

File: 1668467541577.jpg (50.04 KB, 357x251, sloppy.jpg)

No. 1699840

i know it smell crazy in there

No. 1699843

Any lulzy interviews from sloppy chick?
lmao you just cans see these ppl think "how did i even end up here in the first place"

No. 1699846

>spitting blue paint
oh of course. Arrow needs to try more, Sloppy one ups her with her nudist bullshit lol

No. 1699847

she is so insistent that she has been poor forever and i just don’t buy it

No. 1699848

any screencaps?

No. 1699854

File: 1668468158919.png (43.47 KB, 850x364, sj.png)

ewww noo. somehow i believe it wasn't a joke…

No. 1699861

this would be hotter if she didn't shave

No. 1699878

File: 1668468802447.jpg (105.21 KB, 975x221, 7854.jpg)

She does it for attention.

No. 1699888

she could also get more attention if she didn't shave. i rest my case.

No. 1699894

File: 1668469279182.png (437.1 KB, 1044x1250, article1.png)

Found this weird article written by Sloppy Jane chick. Her parents are weird fuckups, probably fucking rich too, this fest somehow screams to me rich ppl behaviour (taking your kid to shady festival where she gets sexually assaulted bc they don't care to keep and eye on her). Wtf is even wrong with her, she says teenage girls shouldn't ever go there cause they will get sexually harassed, but she 100% recommends taking your CHILD there literal paragraph ago? jfc what a dumbfuck, she sounds just like Arrow. literal word vomit but she pretends like she's such feminist and makes a lot of sense

No. 1699895

File: 1668469301523.png (119.31 KB, 981x615, article2.png)

No. 1699898

File: 1668469425951.png (478.63 KB, 1059x1166, article4.png)

No. 1699901

File: 1668469520542.png (447.31 KB, 1058x1480, article5.png)

No. 1699903

>Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. It takes its name from the ritual burning of effigies on Saturday evening. One of the originators of the event, Larry Harvey, supposedly wanted to symbolically bury the past in this way after a woman rejected him. Another unconfirmed source of inspiration is the famous film entitled Cult.
a festival of incels

No. 1699906

File: 1668469636046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 947.31 KB, 1273x1920, sj1pgld.jpg)

No. 1699908

Isn’t she on Phoebe Bridgers’ label? Phoebe and her crew are weirdly very sexual and it’s honestly gross. Like PB making out with band members on stage, posting pics of herself in lingerie with her “girlfriend” or someone grabbing her boobs on Instagram, this Sloppy Jane weirdo…

No. 1699915

Yes she is, Phoebe Bridgers played in her band for a while before her mainstream career i think but idk for how long

No. 1699919

lel really? I've never heard that origin before but it checks out. Burning Man is full of painful-to-watch BoBos and general cringelords, it's the Reddit of countercultural events. Catch me at an actual hippie festival or a Rainbow Gathering (tree-thugger central) before that but we all know it's all just an excuse for scrotes to get high on drugs and rape away the night.

No. 1699923

Also I like Phoebe's music (admitting it's overrated, BOCC in particular has some great tracks though) at least some of it but her whole public presentation is cringe and she is the poster girl for "shut up and sing" imo, I'm surprised she isn't a they/them by now.

No. 1699990

she's unbearable pickme attention whore for sure. She's not they/them yet because she's firmly standing by her "bisexual girl!1!xd" gimmick. maybe feels like going theythem wouldn't be sexy in the eyes of her straight guy. she's like a definition of straight girl faking being lesbian at the party, i was very surprised she had threesome relationship with any actual girl involved .

No. 1700017

File: 1668475252082.jpeg (264.71 KB, 1125x1317, IMG_7970.jpeg)

How about these ugly cringelords. Fucking hell, is there anybody on this earth that even listens to Cumgirl8? That is, beyond Surfbort, Arrow and LA clique orbiters?
>“a sex-positive alien amoeba entity.”
>"model who apprenticed herself to a dressmaker on the Upper East Side"
>Vilim, a model and dressmaker, has her own fashion line of day-glo gender-fluid and body-revealing clothes that’s been featured prominently in Vogue
They're all models turned musicians, of course. I tried to search for any sort of decent pics to post, but i really can't. if you google their name you'll see why. all they post are either ugliest clothes you've ever seen, or their tits, or their hairy regions out.

No. 1700028

File: 1668475723835.jpg (218.66 KB, 829x1200, 0019805802_10.jpg)

No. 1700029

File: 1668475754249.jpeg (414.34 KB, 720x720, 12825005.jpeg)

No. 1700032

tired of zoomers thinking wearing unmatching clothes makes any other statement beyond proudly declaring their attention-seeking tendencies to the world

No. 1700034

File: 1668476058845.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.28 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b273eb5117be7e9698…)

that's some of the most unattractive shit i've ever seen, wtf are they doing to their pics. idk is one of them trans or just built this way?

No. 1700038

File: 1668476229385.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.21 KB, 251x201, 22.jpg)

No. 1700053

No one who makes even remotely listenable music needs to do this kek

No. 1700069

she doesn't know what she's talking about, i feel like shoving her naked body in peoples faces only throws them away. i really hate how she's trying to make her nudity all about childhood somehow. no, kids don't get naked slither around sexually.

No. 1700154

i've met girls like this and they seem to be faking this edgy avant-garde shit as cope to debase themselves before anyone else can. like acting crazy and gross as if they rejected love and relationships, because they reeally badly fear being rejected. they're always the first to put other girls down or treat someone shitty for not being "cool enough", or avoiding anyone they meet that is too nerdy or straight-laced. they're also the most desperate and thirsty for normie males' attention.
i don't know, i can't explain how other people think but to me they're just pretending not to want validation that that they're attractive to men, while actually wanting it more than anything else in the world

No. 1700158

it's cool that she's not falling for this predatory shit (you can tell he's predatory by the fake uwu i am forever alone softboi shit) and is posting his lame groupie search publically
i like her.

No. 1700159

she's making everyone cry. i feel so sad for how much a woman must hate herself to need to do this.

No. 1700163

she sounds very mentally immature yet has been forced through very mature experiences. like her mind is still a child's but she's been made to do so many adult actions. not good wow

No. 1700166

what the fuck is wrong with all of their faces
did they escape from one of those inbred amish incest cults

No. 1700180

Yeah, i have the same impression. These girls are all about acting ugly but actually sexy you know haha xd like sexy ugly! super avant garde porn star ugly tooth gap 80's domina bitch who's not like other girls and cool and looking down on others and only hanging out with the cool LA kids, and hiding their plain jane insecure boring normie identity behind this posture.

No. 1700408

There's something super funny about how the majority of the crowd isn't even looking at her and the few that are, are somewhere between laughing and confused.

>"burning man is an excellent environment for children"
>admits to being preyed on by predatory men at burning man as a drunk tween
>so anyway I was bored of drugs at seventeen…
Does she not hear herself?

No. 1700414

And yet she thinks it totes help her get attention and new fans, especially males!
>all males on the pic looking away, kinda disgusted
we should look for more interview bullshit from this creature, wonder how she sounds talking live

No. 1700471

Oh wow I coudn't bear the public shame of awkwardly stares into the distance/looks bemused that people are doing. She has a nice figure but there are more artful ways to be naked on stage than this (skimpy costumes, bodypaint, etc) this is just low effort

No. 1700577

File: 1668537712250.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1920x1280, 3aa03046532817.585860c760ecc.j…)

Everyone is very fucking engaged
>literally everybody in the audience looks away

No. 1700929

that kind of weird second-guessing contradictory talk is really common in people who don't want to think of themselves as a "victim". it's a stage you stay in before you're really ready to process the fact that you were raped. i feel bad for this chick, hate her dad, and wish she had someone she could really trust. "a grownup you really trust" like mr. rogers used to say instead of "parent" because some people's parents fucking suck ass.

No. 1700930

it's sad when even greasy/ugly/fat/loser moids feel concern for your well-being instead of getting boners. the fact that that's the reaction of males says a lot about how clearly traumatized this woman must appear when you meet her.

No. 1701031

Digging the "politely attempting to ignore" stance of the majority of the crowd. Giving her the same treatment as a homeless man screaming about the bug overlords.

No. 1701133

These photos are incredible, even the guys at the far back aren't looking at her. Literally everyone is averting their eyes. I've never seen anything like it kek

I feel like her dad unironically fucked up her psychology by taking her to burning man as a kid >>1699901 like clearly nobody wants this, it's literally flashing if nobody consents to your nakedness. So maybe all those unconsenting experiences she had with weird drunk/high dudes as a teen gave her warped ideas about boundaries.

No. 1701135

File: 1668598304633.png (2.18 MB, 1223x1669, Enraptured.png)

No. 1701137

File: 1668598485452.png (3.65 MB, 1440x2344, enraptured2.png)

These two guys are my favourites

No. 1701263

I thought of her naked stage nonsense more as her way to be "original" = disgusting and "sexy" and rolling around like a maniac smearing fake blood etc. Just like Cumgirl and Dani Miller and all these other attention whores who think they're most OG altest girls to alt.

I have mixed feelings about her, like she both seems like a usual cringey snowflake and both a woman whose behaviour is sadly obvious effect of her bad experience. Girl for sure was endangered by her fuckup dad festival happenings are imposing on her lack of self now, with all the male gaze thirst and spitting nonsense in article. i wonder if at the festival she also partake in hippie drug practices and listened to some ideological bullshit which influenced her aswell.

No. 1701267

it's just so bad. Idk what throws them off, the fact she's clearly troubled or her narc pickme look at me desperation, or just something indeed "sloppy" and unappealing about her. I mean she's not hysterically ugly woman, but when she strips there's something ugly and fucked up in it all, i can't explain it. either way it's just weird sort of desperate flashing and it's both cringey and sad and throwing off. why would a woman do this to herself? she'd be infinitely better off even wearing skimpy lingerie or one of those slutty minis or whatever.

No. 1701269

samefag, it's so weird what difference it does make. I mean yeah some ppl get naked onstage. Butthole Surfers for example had a really crazy weird female backing dancer who was dancing naked, but she was from art/dance background and it felt more like just performance that added to crazy shit the band did. Sloppy Jane looks bad because it's somehow desperate and attention starved, idk. girl is showing her trouble around, not her confidence. these photos are kinda mindfucking to see

No. 1701401

>it was stated by east coast academics

Any good resources on this? I did a google there & didn't come out with anything, riot grrl was a bit before my time but I'd love to learn more if contemporaries knew it was planted

No. 1701700

Of course she's a nepo baby and has rich parents. 99% of these people don't just pop out of thin air. Especially nowadays.

No. 1701793

>Racist, sexist boy
>You are a racist, sexist boy
>And you have really dangerous toys
>Fake dance, shoot and destroy
>You are a racist, sexist boy
Unrelated but am I the only person who thinks that these lyrics suck kek, I'm assuming that this was probably written by one of their record producer dads and it's making me kek even harder
Idk about all that but she definitely got 'chosen' because she's a conventionally attractive racially ambiguous non-controversial figure, which makes her the perfect product for the zoomer demographic.

No. 1701897

I found out about beabadoobee back when she had only two songs out so I think I can provide some context. What people forget is just how important the youtube algorithm is. There was several channels that posted indie songs and her song was posted there where it gained thousands of views. Now I don't think she really blew up in popularity until some soundcloud rapper sampled that song and it went viral. I don't care about her enough to know anything about her label nor how she is promoted to say whether she's being pushed in the industry since like >>1701793 said she fits perfectly for the demographic but I find the accusations of everyone being a nepobaby ridiculous just because you don't know how they blew up.

No. 1702085

>she definitely got 'chosen' because she's a conventionally attractive
True, i feel like the only reason she got chosen is because zoomers always follow any asian starbucks girl gone alt pretty girls.

>Idk about all

I care. I'm just really done with how 99% of "punk" and people promoted nowadays are always nepotism babies or super rich kids with tv producer/record label/big oil parents. they were always normies who were popular at school, were spoiled by parents and never experienced anything bad, yet but they larp as such punks and broken sad girls uwu. most of them are self-obsesseed pickmes who tihnk they're better than everyone and are huge assholes to other ppl just as a power move, and those who aren't mean they're still usually most fucking transparent, boring people alive. i'm yet to come across ANY nepo baby with good music yet too. these people have absolutely nothing to offer besides maybe meticulously crafted visuals on instagram. i just think and it's awful bc it shows punk/alt music has nothing to do with honesty or openess, and these people are taking someone's places. promote talented people who don't have famous parents at least once, for a change.

No. 1702094

But the reality is that most of these indie chicks nowadays are nepo/plants, so someone wondering about Beabadoobie being plant shouldn't be considered so unreasonable. Yes we dk about it but i don't have a problem with what if discussion. I don't really believe "youtube algorithms" - how one nobody indie song gets promoted and another millions don't? nah. if anyone believes making career is just "putting one song on youtube and waiting", it's naive as hell. I can believe the case for Tiktok, but not youtube or other platforms. another thing is these people usually have some famous friends namedropping them, even just remotely famous, or have popular instagrams or something. but it's hard to tell in her case because Beabadoobie buys fake followers like crazy anyway. idk maybe she's an exception and just very lucky. who was the sounclout rapper who sampled her?

No. 1703182

I agree with you so much anon. As someone who is a millennial, when you compare the indie/punk/grunge type bands from the 90s and somewhat early 2000s compared to now, most of the musicians back then were just regular people who didn't come from rich or pampered backgrounds. A lot of them were just outcasts who were either poor or working class who found joy in making music and associating with their respective scenes while not trying to be some big superstar.

Compared to now where it seems like every person getting into making this music are just doing it for attention for their Instagram/Tik-Toks and it just feels so shallow and lacks soul. I'm sure there are still some newer bands out today that are in it solely to be creative but they seem far and few between and get overshadowed by the spoiled normies who have rich parents or industry plugs to get discovered.

No. 1703407

I don't think it's unreasonable for people to wonder if someone is an industry plant or nepo. It's the certainty some people have that someone is 100% from nepotism despite having no proof and this scrutiny is nearly always directed towards as you said "indie chicks". I know youtube is more of a complex subject because views and ads can be bought but when some obscure album from the 80s can have millions of views because youtube pushes it everywhere, I can believe it's possible for channels who are dedicated to finding and uploading music to be successful occassionally in introducing music to others. I don't really care because either way I still think she eventually sold out to the industry making lifeless 90s imitations. The sampled song was death bed by powfu.

Newer bands that are genuine aren't going to be getting famous because rock is not mainstream anymore. It's not an equivalent comparison to compare artists playing polished, manufactured pop punk trying to get their moment of fame by appealing to current mainstream trends to raw bands from the 90s and 00s.

No. 1704101

maybe Beadbaabdbasd girl is maybe a case of indirect plant, or half plant or whatever. I mean, she got noticed naturally through that deadbeat's soundclout or whatever, but after that she got picked by big industry which decided to give her a bigger push, riding on the wave of zoomer rock. even if she's not nepo or initial plant, she's shilled way too much for an artist of her kind and i still find her career path sus. that being said she's rather boring, and i haven't noticed her being cowish as of yet.

No. 1704214

the lesbian whose face says "i blame the parents" is my favourite.

No. 1704216

i think anon meant west coast

No. 1704218

welcome to my kitchen
we got nepobies
and grooming victims

No. 1705780

this girl's shitty dad should be executed

No. 1719358

File: 1670279487909.jpg (161.81 KB, 864x860, 9Udv0IF.jpg)

It's amazing how phoebe bridgers gets shilled as an indie folk artists when she consistently gets collabs with artists more successful than her. pic is SZA's next album tracklist

No. 1719605

She has a song with Andrew Bird too. Is her whole career going to be collabs.

No. 1722468

File: 1670535699535.png (1.92 MB, 1255x941, 1670403949322308.png)

Mac Demarco on the Adam Friedland show

No. 1723106

File: 1670607096064.jpg (903.44 KB, 1079x1909, FFihlvh.jpg)

The singer Stephan Sanchez is getting called out by his ex for being a serial cheater.

No. 1723108

His ex is also a singer and nepo baby(Jim White's daughter). She showed off her huge nyc apartment and then her sister started reeing about them not being nepo babies because their apartments have cracks on the wall kek

No. 1723110

File: 1670607251781.jpg (533.54 KB, 1080x1720, HZH5umY.jpg)

No. 1723152

She apparently inherited this apartment from the grandmother and it's been rent-locked since.

Obviously the rent and living expenses are covered by the parents. Does that make them nepobabies? Yeah because the only reason this situation even exists is because of the parents fame. She needs to stop larping like a normal person. All these girls are the same; the want the 'normal' label so they can post their out-of-touch, quirky lifestyle and avoid any labelling of privilege. I swear calling a Zoomer privileged will unhinge them, they can't handle the idea that maybe they have a one-up over other people. Just accept it.

No. 1723324

no idea who these people are

No. 1724427

File: 1670723951467.png (1.11 MB, 670x744, kelsy.png)

This thread is so dead now, can we talk about this cow? i'm checking up on this delusional plant every once in a while and it's just incredible how hard she tries and fails, she's an obvious industry creation but she's got even less fans than Starcrawler. She started out as Lana Del Rey/Marina and the Diamonds skinwalker jazz cross pop singer, then deleted all traces of that and went on to sing some indie pop peans for Harry Styles (and making "career" on fake tattoing his face on her cheek) Then i think Warner Bros finally plucked her and she had a "punk" record out, which she ditched later bc "pop punk is dead and everybody around her is untrue". Now she has yet ANOTHER reboot with new band of carefully styled hairy scrotes, except now she skinwalks Joan Jett and tries hard to be oldschool hard rock band. lol at how carefully stylized these pics are

No. 1724431

File: 1670724118185.png (747.39 KB, 738x1252, 222d.png)

continuing, idk how old is she but looks like she's a millenial clutching at straws and desperately trying to come off as zoomer, with a management made entirely of confused old industry fucks. She herself talks like a boomer, her spergouts on how she's not like other girls, how evil ppl at the label want her to show skin but she doesn't, look, she wears a golf for a pic! (and then posts another selfie with tits out) or how she's a troo artists making punk music in the era when "urban artists dominate the radio play", all were so ridiculous & out of touch: >>1347767, >>1347804, >>1347819
her tiktok is a whole other dimention of nonsense, it's so painfully visible that she's a girl in her 30's at the very least who pouts her fillered lips to look like Megan Fox, greases her hair, smokes cigarettes and sips green Monster energy to keep up with fellow zoomer kids.

No. 1724435

File: 1670724264789.png (1.34 MB, 1190x1490, kk.png)

she started doing these spergouts again
>I've never been handed anything i didn't work for
lol then how come you got a fucking BMG management album contract right after travelling to USA, without playing a single live show? how come you got shilled by Dave Grohl & plant-friendly co?
>I'm not one of those artists who got there because some guy in a suit picked me from a crowd and gave me permission
no, i'm sure you're one of those artists who got picked sitting right in the industry office, bc mom & dad shilled money overseas long enough until you "made it" in one incarnation or the other

No. 1724438

File: 1670724525747.png (779.68 KB, 1430x770, 111gfd.png)

No. 1724441

File: 1670724790711.png (504.34 KB, 654x858, 1634253127743.png)

No. 1724442

File: 1670724817632.png (Spoiler Image, 906.39 KB, 726x938, 777.png)

>it's giving junkie theatre

No. 1724443

Her boobs are on the small to medium size and she doesn’t look slutty or whatever I don’t get why she keeps ranting about men staring at her all the time. Men fuck car exhausts and watermelons.

No. 1724450

She loves banging on ad infinitum about how everyone tells her she looks like Angelina Jolie too, she’s so cringeworthy and so full of shit it’s embarrassing. Nothing about her is authentic. She’s been gaining weight recently (not that there’s anything wrong with that) so I’d put money on ~body posi kween~ being her next main personality trait

No. 1724458

That's bc she's trying to be rebellious rock feminist or whatever, or wants a breaking out revolutionary narrative/theme to promote her music. aside from that, i don't really get her whining about Karens, bc Karens don't care. Even men don't care, her fans are nonexistent

No. 1724459

true, body posi thrope is inevitable. Before "breaking out i'm loving my body" thing she was telling same nonsense stories how different and depressed she was and how listening to her own music cured her depression.

No. 1724487

Sage because I'm not sure to what extent this counts as milk but Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest has a Fur Affinity.

No. 1724557

is there anything milky on it?

No. 1724972

Yep, he's a furry. I think anons talked about it in the first thread. embarassing. drawing lion king or wolves or whatever is fine, but all the shady furry culture and disgusting animal porn drawing is deranged

No. 1725362

Ewww lmao he still hasn't shaved his fucking pedostache…

No. 1726585

File: 1670960749518.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1823x766, fa.PNG)

his favorites tab is full of weird fat fetish shit (and vore, i think????)

No. 1730780

Yeah this is a common meme in the CSH fanbase, dunno if it counts too much as milk cause from all accounts the guy seems to very much keep to himself

No. 1730791

File: 1671468140036.jpg (315.01 KB, 1536x2048, AnyConv.com__FPR4YNwWQAAPfJw.j…)

Well he's not hiding it, quite the opposite even

No. 1730861

Will Toledo being a furry is not news, iirc anons discussed this extensively last thread

No. 1731228

What annoys me about Nadia Lee Cohen is that she's not a good photographer unless she's her own model. Her images of herself/her hip model friends friends are fine, but there's such a high level of "polish" to them it distracts from the basics of good photography technique.

No. 1731469

File: 1671842949098.png (380.61 KB, 585x650, ph.png)

So pumped this working class bi queen is single and ready to mingle with the women and femmes– oh wait

No. 1731472

Doesn’t he have a long term gf?

No. 1731978

never trust a pretty woman who exclusively dates ugly men. that's a mark of ego/pickmeism. see: emrata, mrs midwest, gries

No. 1732072

Sounds like a moid take but ok

No. 1732379

File: 1672092911209.png (1.33 MB, 770x782, 54545.png)

When cows collide. I think Doja Cat has no idea who these two morons are, but alright lol.

No. 1732381

idk who these cows are either but the one on the left is fat and ugly

No. 1732383

no she's right

No. 1732384

Dani Miller of Surfbort band and she's super fucking annoying. fat too.

No. 1732386

Any indie cow frequenting anons in here. i wonder if it makes sense to update this and Arrow thread now

No. 1732398

for sure update the arrow thread, if not for us then for danny trejo's sake. he's suffering with that for a daughter-in-law.
OT somewhat i work in music journalism and a senior writer at work commented that many of autumn's friends (indie bands popular with gen x and millenials according to her) who shilled starcrawler in 2018 have not mentioned arrow for years and seem less friendly with autumn than in the 2000s, as if she's out of the indie scene. but i was born in 2002 and don't listen to any of that shit so i could be getting the wrong message from what i've overheard.

No. 1732403

>many of autumn's friends who shilled starcrawler in 2018 have not mentioned arrow for years
This this this. i have same impression. but we should continue this discussion in Arrow thread, i'll update it with new cringe then in a minute. it's not much thats happening but hilariously awful nonetheless.

No. 1741441

File: 1673384267147.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x1374, 1D52903F-333A-45FD-9ACB-87162F…)

cow crossover

No. 1741450

Both of these bitches need to put the cup down, that bloat is terrible

No. 1742107

i love the blue hearts nona

No. 1742382

What… Kelsy Karter begins to look fatter and more unwashed than Dani.

No. 1745680

File: 1673828440033.jpeg (393.67 KB, 828x756, 80C173C8-31FD-484E-8685-24A437…)

Posted in /ot/ but I’m going repost here. Can you imagine how obnoxious a conversation between them is

No. 1745682

At this point most “so queer” women are just into super ugly chimps

No. 1745684

I can imagine he yesmans her at everything she says. She'll start talking about gender and sexuality and the injustices of the world and how left is best and he'll nod along mindlessly just to keep the privilege of sleeping with her. I know how those uggo white lefty men play.

No. 1745702

Kek really? Because I think it’s the opposite I think Bo is one endlessly whining and PB the yesman. Bo got popular and she wants the man of the hour for the PR

No. 1745709

Personally, I feel like she's out of his league because she's more attractive and also because at the beginning of his "career" he was a youtuber. I just cannot look past the fugly psychopath caveman browbone and his former status as a youtuber. I know this is the thread to hate indie industry plants, but yeesh, the guy looks like he smells like earwax (in my humble opinion). At least she looks showered.

No. 1745744

To offer input on a thread I don't follow: people's moms know who Bo Burnham is. But who is this lady, no idea. League is different when someone's a household name and the other is nobody

No. 1745776

All that and she'll be fucking him for a month or so, but on instagram she'll be like "YOOO i'm BISEXUAL if you can't tell~ i love women~~" as per usual.

No. 1745784

>who is this lady,
A slightly more indie Billie Eilish, parents in the industry and mother a rich real estate agent but Phoebe bitches and apparenlty successfully make everyone believe she was oh so poor and unconnected. except i think it's less about parents in her case, PB made career on fucking indie musicians & producers. she fucks ppl like Conor Oberst whom she was fangirling for as a teen and then dated when he got old - but she spends 99% of the time telling everyone she's a visible bisexual and shit like that. anyways odd that you haven't heard of her at least once, i mean only bc her names is everywhere lately to the point of making everyone vomit, like Grammy etc. She's pretty mainstream now & praised by zoomers and old fucks like some miracle except she sounds exactly like Mitski or 100 other indie girls cross Taylor swift with indie voices.

No. 1745794

File: 1673835945814.png (1.32 MB, 934x828, vgh.png)

I think we should add Violet Grohl to this list. Her father is mercilessly flogging her around trying to promote her on every occasion, except it's even more embarassing because he isn't just promoting her band, he's PLAYING with her. putting her on vocals with Foo Fighters and all. Iirc they played some punk song (like a true "punk" she is kek) on Saturday Night Live a few years ago, lately she performed at Taylor Hawkins memorial and some christmas shit, i'm sure they had mroe shows too. which i'd be fine wth memorial since she obviously knew Taylor Hawkins, but for the rest? playing with daddy? cringe af, sorry.

I got Dave Grohl's autobiography as a christmas present and decided to give it a chance, if only to read the Nirvana chapters, but its insufferable. Foo Fighters annoyed me for a long while with their shitty dadrock radio music and the overall dumb happiness vibe which i can't relate to (kek i know i'm bitter), but this was even worse. The book immediately threw me off at the start, bc ofc Dave Grohl dedicated pages upon pages to promoting Violet, praising her for how cool she is, how proud he is all that bullshit. i mean cool, he's a proud father, but why did they slap a handful of promotional photos of her from SNL? They're just preparing the ground to shill a next "punk" nepo baby, they prob waited a while cause she was a teen, but now it's gonna start full time. she'll be the next Arrow (they eve follow each other). This girl does nothing except being a famous daughter, but already has 88k on insta and 70k on tiktok just filming herself aimlessly. not very "rockstar" at that, looking like a typical zoomer ngl.

Idk if she's especially annoying or whatever and the nepo path she's going is nothing surprising, but i just think she's pretty plain and boring and talentless just like most of the famous persons children, yes but she's one of the most boring imo. Frances Bean Cobain in her tumblr hype prime seemed boring and talentless to me, but this girl is total mashed potatoes.

No. 1745795

File: 1673835989042.png (1.07 MB, 954x818, vgh2.png)

also why is she always making this face

No. 1745797

Adding to my Foo Fighters hate - i stopped listening altogether after when i watched a documentary about Amy Winehouse. there was a scene from a night live type show (Steven Colbert? SNL? no, it were some MTV awards i think, anyways) some annoying fuck said Amy Winehouse isn't with us today and cannot get her award because she got fucked up again and still lying in the row or somethng to that effect. everyone was laughing, including celebs on the scene, including Dave Grohl. a guy who had his friend overdose on heroin countless times, another drummer overdose on Vicodin, and eventually overdose last year, but laughing at fucked up Amy Winehouse is very funny. i lost any respect at thst point, nicest guy in rock'n'roll my ass.

No. 1745818

can anyone ID that sweater? can't help but want it kek

No. 1745827

Is Phoebe even confirmed to have touched a vagina that wasn't hers?

No. 1745832

well remember the guy who sued her for defamation or whatever? He claimed he was in a triangle with her and Emily something. i wanna say i don't believe she touched any, but there was this triangle thing described in previous thread.

No. 1745836

Go search for zip up fair aisle sweaters on Amazon

No. 1745843

"hey babe, could you retweet my tweet where i say 'fuck terfs'?"

No. 1745852

replying to a two month old post but I want to stand up from my computer chair and clap for this girl

No. 1746082

she creeped out a lot of conor oberst's friends, or maybe it was his fault for asking everyone to promote or produce her music, and it sounds like he really embarassed himself simping for her and lost some friends.

No. 1746196

She's just your run of the mill twitterfag zoomer, nothing new to see here. That's the thing with punk music, it's inherently ephemeral because once the musicians affiliated with it are successful then they become the people that they were rebelling against, hence why the children of these types can never be punk.

No. 1748524

File: 1674177821081.png (4.7 MB, 2028x1208, boygenius.png)

Jfc imagine being such a narcissist to compare yourself to Nirvana (and Phoebe of course, of course cosplays Kurt Cobain) i mean they're surely on very different levels? You can like Nirvana or not, but truth is it was one of the most influencial bands in the world and wrote a lot of good songs. Who are these morons? I'd be fine if some random fans recreated that shoot, but Phoebe Bridgers & her grimy company playing dressups is so damn cringey, because you just KNOW this girl is comparing herself to Kurt Cobain and thinking she's some generational hero and greatest deepest songwriter. she's already insufferable swallowing up all this "Phoebe B is the new Elliot Smith!" shit with that smug ass self-satisfied smirk

No. 1748526

File: 1674177874272.png (5.06 MB, 2346x1408, boygenius2.png)

No. 1748553

This is what happens when you accept that your audience almost entirely consists of Gen X burnouts desperate to stay hip with the youth

No. 1748566

>Phoebe B is the new Elliott Smith

If anyone actually thinks this please kys. I'd love a talented female artist as much as the next person, but she ain't Elliott.

No. 1748568

that's a popular thing that is said about Phoebe Bridgers, unfortunately. as in comparisons in articles/reviews.

No. 1748594

Thats fucking atrocious.

No. 1748598

if she's supposedly the new Elliott Smith then she should follow in his footsteps iykwim kek

No. 1748701

That fucking face is so punchable

No. 1748717

yeah she has the facial expressions of a spoiled toddler

No. 1748753

She looks like a supermarket manager with her two shelfstackers next to her on the right, absolutely zero enigma or presence

No. 1749057

File: 1674243731134.png (466.38 KB, 881x779, phoebe.png)

No. 1749060

I'm normally a pheobe hater but she slayed Turd Cobain's ass here. She has already proven herself to be way more influential than any 20th century twink, doing BONKERS numbers on tiktok and is still on the rise. Meanwhile Turd is six feet under.

No. 1749069

>measures level of influence by Tiktok
>thinks numbers on tiktok are impressing
kek, go back. your zoomer is showing.

No. 1749108

i'm hopeful that this is zoomerposting satire because i'd rather you be clever than retarded

No. 1749111

any milk on Angel Olsen? love her music and songwriting, she's obviously got more talent in her pinky finger than everyone combined in this thread and 1 example of someone who is NOT an industry plant but her politics are really cringe and she hangs out with really aggressive, ugly and smelly looking tifs and "lesbians". And ever since she started dating women she's gotten really fat and older looking. I need her to go back to dating men. She was GLOWING. And I don't want to believe her love songs are about some smelly butch lesbian bitch. They are too good for that.(unsaged bait)

No. 1749120

Kek I’d love to hear more about what went down there…there must be forums where oldies talk about this

No. 1749121

Some of us would appreciate you asking questions without turning them into aggressive in-fighting bait

No. 1749122

>I need her to go back to dating men
>And I don't want to believe her love songs are about some smelly butch lesbian bitch
lol you're gonna get eaten up alive for saying that, do you know where you are? wtf is even that post? cringe

No. 1749123

>Angel Olsen
i don't think there's any besides the fact she got clout from Bonnie Prince Billy, BUT that's hardly a famous performer.
>She befriended country rock singer-songwriter Bonnie “Prince” Billy, who invited her to go on tour as his backing vocalist.
I'm more interested how tf she got with Mark Ronson. i always thought he was that scrotey producer that Miley Cyrus sucked dick of to get him produce her single, but i could be wrong.

No. 1749124

hahaha i would as well. Last thread had some reddit talk from fans lamenting how Phoebe destroyed Connor who's just a poor naive old man that trusted this femme fatale kek, i wonder about a more insider info.

No. 1749126

her music is pretty raw and depressing. I get unstable vibes but it seems she keeps it to her personal life, not seeking attention on social media.

No. 1749132

sorry, genuinely not trying to bait. Just my opinion.
I'm sorry but she made better music when dating men, she looked like she showered everyday, too. Ever since she started dating that tif and hanging around these clearly mentally unstable group of tifs, fags and various trannies (if you look at their instagrams, its clear.) she looks like she lost all hope.

No. 1749136

Sounds like she's going through mental illness troubles and gaining weight/not washing bc of depression. or she just thought fuck this, i'm not gonna live up to expectations. Idk nothing about her or the company surrounding her so idk how big is their role in this.
>I'm sorry but she made better music when dating men
you know that sounds weird right? it's not dating men that made her music "better". it's not gonna hop back when she starts getting dicks again. her writing abilities just dropped now - happens. especially when you're depressed.

No. 1749216

you homophobechans need to stay put in /ot/

No. 1749217

Get the rope and neck yourself babe

No. 1749271

isn't she leading poor julien on? fake-bi shit? i hope my babygirl ms. baker doesn't ge thurt.

No. 1749283

File: 1674270175809.jpg (22.32 KB, 408x612, m0r4wekhed19ewh0.jpg)

This is the girl she's been allegedly dating in 2018 or 2019, Emily Bannon. she dated her and another guy who sued her for defamation, just a part of the triangle. i don't think there was any love, just the guy's idea n maybe she never really slept with her. Or shes fine with threeway but not any w/w action nor relation. like okay, she's oohh so biiii, but has she dated any other girl? has she ever loved any girl? its really hard to believe she's doing anything other than just chasing dick and trying to milk the only "cool" brownie point she has.

No. 1749416

Holding in a belch

No. 1749454

more like holding a breath and stuffing your cheeks with air to, idk, look like a bloated toddler or a hamster.

No. 1749460

Phoebe is annoying but this is a complete overreaction. Nowhere does it say they're the next Nirvana, it's simply a homage, something which artists and creative directors do all the time.

No. 1749469

Yeah perhaps. i'm weirded out by this stuff because they call this girl the next Elliot Smith or next whatever and guess Phoebe's believing it. She's like one of those girls who unironically think of themselves as "legendary" or "iconic".

No. 1749628

It’s all PR and marketing, nobody actually thinks she’s anything like Elliott Smith except maybe herself and rabid online zoomers

No. 1749935

So… essentially what you're saying is someone who is alive is outperforming someone who died 6 months before she was born? Amazing, where did you get your PhD?

No. 1749938

He's 40 something years old, he's a big boy who can take care of himself despite the emo look-after-me image.

I think this is the difference between (don't @ me) early and late millennial artists. Angel Olsen is in the same sort of singer-songwriter genre as Phoebe Bridgers and Waxahatchee but she doesn't go OTT on social media or start preaching to her fans about shit. Ditto Sharon Van Etten.

No. 1750294

Hope This talentless cunt takes inspiration from her equally talentless hero and An Hero’s but she’s too in love with herself/she’d become a martyr.

No. 1750994

kek in all seriousness i can't see it nonny. she really loves herself, kurt never seemed that narcissistic to me also layne staley is the superior dead grunge artist

No. 1751006

nta but alice in chains suck and nirvana are the only good grunge band besides Bam Bam

No. 1751102

File: 1674534340467.png (223.17 KB, 400x392, tumblr_5d63adaa4248108a9c24264…)

seconded, Nirvana and Mudhoney. couldn't force myself to like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, i don't even think of them when people say "grunge".

All that Phoebe's unlikely An Hero talk reminded me when Lana Del Rey was shouting and crying to the journos that she wants to be cool 27 club member and how she wants to die already kek. good for Frances Bean that she laughed her ass off.

No. 1752423

exactly yeah. his friends think he's retarded now for falling for that shit.

No. 1752453

Anybody knew of Sabrina in pre-Pretty Sick times? I know she's a trust fund with a super rich CEO daddy in NY and was a model. i lurked old Lilith Levisis threads recently and saw that Sabrina actually liked a lot of posts and knew that sort of crowd like Lilith and Blade. which makes me wonder if she knew Holli as well & if she would hang out and do drugs with these losers as well or just idolizing them lol.

No. 1752459

File: 1674694956079.jpg (132.67 KB, 1200x394, nff_nff-sabrinafuentes-prettys…)

Her model pics if you google "sabrina fuentes model" really fucking suck. like wth is that shit. Old pics obviously,now she's kinda fat.

No. 1752460

File: 1674695019412.jpg (268.63 KB, 1200x789, nff_nff-sabrinafuentes-prettys…)

No. 1761824

File: 1675641195368.jpg (640.99 KB, 1080x1289, PcQCGlG.jpg)

Gayle at the grammys tonight, smh

No. 1761827

Anon she's not indie, she's just a flop from atlantic records

No. 1761894

File: 1675648617372.jpeg (95.59 KB, 1200x800, 3B252FBD-5647-49FF-83B2-5091E8…)

This one in particular, some weird Japanese schoolgirl bondage type pose. Unfortunately this is the easiest way to get scrotes to pay attention to your music, especially the beta pedophile moids who are into indie music.

No. 1763003

i see they're going an insta baddie thot way now that she failed at "pop punk" kek, i mean look at her face.
For an industry plant, she fucked up spectacularly. she's maybe about Kelsey Karter level. I remember My Chemical Romance took her on tour, she was playing after Starcrawler.

No. 1766808

File: 1676246947506.png (1.1 MB, 1364x750, nylon.png)

I find it kind of funny that the only way for her to get a short interview anywhere was dressing as insta thot.
out of all these losers she seems to be the least interested in any sort of rock music.

No. 1767150

Funny how all these years later it’s still required of women to pose lewdly for publicity

No. 1767687

File: 1676347579026.png (503.29 KB, 434x742, brodydalle1.png)

Guys have heard of this? Something is happening with Brody Dalle, her children were apparently recently taken away from her and forced to be with Josh Homme for whatever reason (despite the fact they had restraining order against him?) Wtf?

No. 1767688

File: 1676347606117.jpg (204.35 KB, 828x765, brodydalle2.jpg)

No. 1767690

File: 1676347751732.jpg (164.34 KB, 733x659, brodydalle3.jpg)

No. 1767691

File: 1676347856647.jpg (158.3 KB, 799x707, brodydalle4.jpg)

No. 1767694

File: 1676347913200.jpg (145.71 KB, 828x612, brodydalle5.jpg)

No. 1767698

File: 1676348287474.png (462.13 KB, 514x868, brodydalle6.png)

can't watch with sound rn but here's additonal video

>joshhomme of qotsahas used his legal team & finances to harass my family, including my minor children. Having a tiny glimpse into what brodydallehas likely experienced, it’s unfathomable. istandwithbrody- let’s come together February 27 in Los Angeles to support her. banreunificationcamps fyp foryoupage


No. 1767933

i'm guessing that he just has more money than her, and thus can get the kids/full custody. if husbands ask for custody (full, not shared) in divorce court, they get it 100% of the time. i'm not joking. the moids just never ask for full custody because they don't actually want to raise kids, they want the possession/status object of being a man who owns a family. i'm sure she got caught railing adderall at a party once last year and he's used his bigger bank account to lawyer up and get his trophies (kids) back.

No. 1768148

>i'm sure she got caught railing adderall at a party once last year
Something i've been thinking about as well. she's stupid as fuck that she was talking about switching up into Vyvanse/getting withdrawals on Instagram. idk, maybe, MAYBE she has ADHD, but she was a bad meth addict through her youth so no matter what it would raise suspicions.

Josh Homme, on the other hand. there was some anon on lolcow who claimed he's having meth parties with Jesse Huges, who's a meth dealer that she ws also buying from

No. 1768251

File: 1676418273569.png (1.64 MB, 1840x1080, uboa.png)

Uboa, some pornsick TIM who takes his name from the Yume Nikki character, just got signed to Flenser–the label behind Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey, Chat Pile, Planning for Burial, and other edgy indie rock projects.

No. 1768258

I don't follow either of them closely but I always thought he looked like a wife beater. He's got a slimy vibe to him.

No. 1768297

File: 1676422082240.png (602.97 KB, 988x1550, jh.png)

I remember he had a case back in 00's for beating up some guy, and a law-ordered anger management classes. in 2017 he kicked a female photographer in the face- article related lists other incidents as well.

This is so disappointing bc his music is good but he always looked like sort of a dick for no reason. he's alcoholic as well so over time he prob just turned into wife beater. this is super ironic because in 00's he kicked Nick Oliveri out of QOTSA for abusing his girlfriend… kick yourself now, Josh.

No. 1768317

can trannies PLEASE stop co-opting yume nikki, it's getting out of hand. madotsuki doesn't deserve this

No. 1768324

no way this person gets anywhere near indie-famous level even, looks so fucking boring and must sound about as equally interesting. should try to befriend Grimes though, seems like her sort of people.
>these cat head thighs
where's the immortal pink cat ear headphones and sailor moon figurines though?

No. 1769093

File: 1676505848969.jpg (2.23 MB, 2024x4496, c_h_r_i_s__n_e_l_s_o_n.jpg)

Chris Nelson - the guy who was suing Phoebe Bridgers - posted these on his instagram story. Tl;dr: Phoebe weasels into relationships and causes mayhem with little remorse?

No. 1769139

Is this new, did it go viral for Phoebe/indie sphere or just something you noticed? What happened to that account? i can't find it anymore, maybe he deleted after swarming of Phoebe's angry stans. he raises a good point, Phoebe obviously knew that she's sleeping with married men and knew what she's doing to these cheated women. i don't care for cheater scrotes feelings though.

No. 1769157

samefag, ok i'm reading more into these texts and honestly get lost in all that. i'm not sure about this guy an how true he is, but i will say i 100% belive Phoebe Bridgers likes to break marriages, fuck producers for fame and then use them as a free publicity to either shout abuse, or to write songs about their bad relationships like her idol Taylor Swift, no wonger they're touring together. (the guy sounds kind of stupid wasting paragraphs upon paragraphs on definitions and quotes, like it has to do with anything.)
anyways she's definitely a careerist mean bitch and i'm curious about a person who said Phoebe bullied her.

No. 1769168

They were posted almost a day ago according to IG. It was mentioned in a reddit thread (forgive me) and thought it was interesting enough to document. I agree it's a rambling slog. Here's the source account. Who knows if it's even legit.

No. 1769190

true but interesting nonetheless. thanks

No. 1769194

So it seems like she had all these threesomes and poly relationships ongoing (sometimes two separate ones at the same time) mostly involving cheating for one or more parties, but then did a callout post after the fact about this guy Chris since he wasn't doing what she wanted.
It's a particular female personality type I have come across before, they sleep with literally every person in a friendgroup while trying to be the moral arbiter of all things, and bullying anyone who disagrees slightly. Sex is utterly meaningless to them and only used as a way to create power struggles within the group. They are ultimately toxic and will never change, but if a woman decides to act like this she can take it very far since moids will never turn down free sex, even when they deeply regret it later like this guy.

No. 1769749

This guy seems extremely fake and gay and, like many weak men, incapable of taking responsibility for his own part in all of this. "Muh ebil feminazis could come for yr brother or father next! She made me fuck her for years on end! She wouldn't love me even tho I gave her an expensive guitar!!!1" stfu.

No. 1769928

I hate her because it’s obvious that she has very little integrity but I also want her to upset retarded moids. Hope she ruins Bo Burnham.

No. 1769945

can't stand bo burnham. his songs are WAAYYYYY too long and he makes jokes that were a thing in 2005

No. 1769947

samefag also his melodies are really last-minute sounding. like worse-than-mgmt last-minute-sounding

No. 1769959

i think that's the point. it's novelty music

No. 1769961

jonathan coulton, tom lehrer, tenacious d, and monty python all wrote legitimately good songs. even garfunkel&oates have good writing, even if they're not funny.

No. 1770230

File: 1676640848031.jpeg (59.83 KB, 453x679, uboa.jpeg)

I get strong "used to have a crush on Rose Lalonde" vibes from this image lol

No. 1770532

File: 1676670685732.jpg (186.44 KB, 1600x900, mattmiladyonile.jpg)

Matt Mondanile/Ducktails got kicked out of Real Estate for being a mediocre trust fund manchild hack musician and a weird predatory creep to several girls, then post-cancellation continues to interact with conspicuously young girls on twitter and an NFT that was a front for a right wing pedophile grooming cult



No. 1770543

The guy who made these miladys nfts is the catfishing pajeet who before that used an alias "miya" to create a notorious twitter cult called "kaliacc" which was basically faux-RW pseudo-esoteric discord troon groomers (but the main point was grooming underage girls into eating disorders and self harm, and they mostly pretended to be girls to do that, or so I think).

There was a thread with his dox on twitter, I didn't bookmark it or archive but maybe you can find it if you search for "miya miladys" or something like that. Please note that most of these people know about this dox and don't care because it's not a typical NFT collection, but literally a cult using NFTs to identify their members, and they will fanatically defend itself and its leader, like any cult. I think "Miya" now uses an alias "Charlotte Fang" because this ugly indian man is absolutely obsessed with pretending to be a thin pretty east asian k-pop type girl

No. 1770587

what is RW?

No. 1770605

right wing

No. 1770625

not this trannoise shithead with incel stuff in his tracks

No. 1770746

not the homestuck reference, nonna

No. 1770757

it's funny but also disturbing how so many threads on this site have converged on this creepy groomer fuck. post-left, grimes, aella, now this one. this dude is like the central node of demonic terminally online shit

No. 1770775

this band sucked with him in it and still suck now, but you're right that he also sucks

No. 1772575

So are Phoebe and Bo Burnham confirmed dating or they were just pictured together? Because I thought Bo had a long time girlfriend. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Phoebe weaseled her way into another situation with a taken man, or maybe it’s another weird poly situation. I know she’s been photographed before with him and Matty Healy so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything and I hope that’s the case for Lorene’s (Bo’s gf) sake. Imagine dating a guy for 10 years and he dumps you for Phoebe Bridgers of all people.
I hate women like her. She’s pushes a very cool girl nonchalant persona, but no one who is secure in themselves would feel the need to go after men in relationships. Then she acts all shocked and superior in her lyrics when these guys turn out to be emotionally retarded assholes like…what did you expect from a cheater?

No. 1773685

Don’t for sure but seems probable. And I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Bo’s (possible ex) girlfriend. They have like a 12 year age gap and started dating when he was 23…a 35 year old woman in Hollywood dating a 23 year old straight out of his parents house is a loser. That said, Bo fucked/fucks a pathetic older woman in the film industry because he wanted his foot in the door and Phoebe fucked not 1, but 2 creepy, older, well-known, married figureheads in the music industry for the same reason. I’m sure they’re bonding over being, like, totally groomed, dude. Everyone in this situation is pathologically pathetic. They’re perfect for each other.

No. 1773743

Is there any tea about duff mckagan children? Mae and Grace mckagan. Especially grace since she used to be in a band called The Pink slips whose drummer is a nephew of AIC drummer Sean Kinney. Now i think the band broken up and she is a solo artist.

No. 1773778

File: 1677037822018.png (641.66 KB, 738x766, dmck2.png)

well Grace McKagan has a "punk" band (kek) making "career" thanks to nepotism and mostly getting scrote attention thanks to looks, but that's all i know. Looks like a typical LA model/thot/nepo kid going to Heaven party, sorry. about as punk or rock'n'roll as LA kids, or Beverly Hills wives can be. i think these pics say enough.

i think i've seen somewhere she is/was friends with people like Lily Rose Depp but i could be wrong.

No. 1773784

File: 1677038063024.png (936.19 KB, 706x752, dmck1.png)

more examples bc her insta is peak boring nepo kid

No. 1773785

File: 1677038084165.png (715.03 KB, 602x764, dmck4.png)

No. 1773796

File: 1677038527247.png (749.58 KB, 716x764, dmck3.png)

this is her sister. sorry but this really amuses me for some reason, i have no milk, gossip or any source to support this but they look like narcs. Grace also buys followers, for 109k it's really weird how all of her posts get 4000k likes and 40 comments average.

No. 1773811

Yeah, i remember when the pink slips were 'up and coming' she was pushed as a punk rocker which is ironic lol, also she was in the band since she was a teen and gotten gigs at a young age same with her sister being a teen model who modelled for luxury brands. Also i think she is close friends with Lily Cornell too who also has a band but is pretty lowkey/ not aggressively pushed compared to Grace's band.

No. 1773840

jfc all these nepo kids are terrificly boring. Rock and "punk" music are nepo bands strictly now. Young artists from poor/normal upbringing stand no chance, and those who are good or have decent personality will never make it. it's not about music or artistic videos or whatever. it's who you skinwalk, who you fuck, how much you sit on social media etc. It shouldn't even be innovative, people will eat it up if only you dress up exactly as Courtney Love or Avril Lavigne or Taylor Momsen or whatever. All these cows have something in common. Phoebe Bridgers, Arrow de Wilde, Lauren Tate, Dani Miller, Pale Waves whoever the fuck, they're all attention whores, narcs or BPD sort types clawing for fame. To make a career online you require to be at least a little bit narcissistic or at least engaged enough to attack social media with your pics, jumping on dumb tiktok trends, hashtags etc. Not even mentioning connections. i'd be embarassed and clueless if i was an artist on record label and manager started insisting i need to make a tiktok and try to get on trending tags (and no i'm not a boomer). And no it's not just pop labels, even some indie ones push it as well which is kind of weird.
Also have you noticed how all the zoomer & nepo bands are all female based / female fronted. waiting for new cringey male cow just for the lulz, all that were mentioned so far are long established oldschool cows.

No. 1773847

I can't say it's surprising, tbh their parents are rather shallow as well. Their mother is a model and Duff McKagan is a now aged fuckboy from fucking Guns N' Roses, and was a rock cow himself in the 80's. i suppose he probably changed and turned more sympathetic with age, but yeah he raised his daughters to be vain looking models growing up among luxury brands.

No. 1773868

Damn, I had never heard of them so I looked them up. What IS this??

No. 1773886

Not surprising of duff tho, i remember reading those grunge books that said most of the seattle punk bands from the 80s were shocked and disappointed that duff left Seattle and his punk band to join a fucking LA hair band.

No. 1773894


Kinda annoys me how bastardized punk and grunge has become, supposed to be anti-conformity and antithesis to mainstream culture but now it has become one of the very things it was against.

No. 1774152

anon remember to type "sage" in Email field when posting, unless you post new milk.

Yep i read about him in books about grunge or something, didn't know he came from seattle punk scene. Back when they had a feud with Nirvana (because Kurt didn't want to play at Axl Rose's birthday party kek) Duff came up drunk trying to knock over the trailer they sat with his baby in, or fight Krist Novoselic but failed, but then 2 years later him and Kurt Cobain had neighbouring seats on a plane and were fine with each other. These seattle bands tend to like him for some reason now tho. I'll just say playing in Guns N Roses maybe paid off financially but he destroyed himself. seems like everybody in GNR became raging alcoholics, probably because they couldn't stand Axl Rose otherwise.

No. 1774230


Thank you!!! Im pretty new to the site so i have a hard time trying to navigate through this.

I think he did tried to get back to his roots or have a touch of his hometown when he became friends with almost everyone in the grunge scene.GnR had drug problems too, not surprising considering the LA hair metal scene is full of that (not that grunge isn't any better).

No. 1774533

File: 1677105798010.jpg (451.74 KB, 1188x1792, marie-tomanova-44560025-edit-w…)

Maybe it's not exactly fitting, because Taylor Momsen's long graduated from being a cow and if anythin (she has that idk isolated friendly boomer vibe if that makes sense?) Ngl i like how she looks in this shoot and i'm rahter sympathetic towards her nowadays. But THIS clothes collection definitely gave me a good laugh. Especially the beaten to death "Fuck you you fucking fuck" kek. "Grunge" fuck me, this is peak 2013 American Apparel/Brandy Melville shit, except it's idiotically priced. Nobody that actually listens to grunge or punk would allow to buy any piece of that "grunge collection", except maybe for nonsensical tape.

>What’s always stood out to me with Taylor’s style, and also what’s so critical to R13’s ethos generally, is how well she strikes a balance between conflicting looks and ideas: soft and hard, feminine and masculine, grungy and chic,” says Chris Leba, CEO of R13. “The tension between those conflicting ideas turns a relatively simple outfit, like combat boots and a negligee, into an iconic look and you’d have a hard time finding someone who can evoke that tension as effectively and consistently as Taylor can.”

>“Grunge music meets grunge fashion,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

>Depending on who you ask, the items in the collection are not exactly punk rock-priced, with a pair of made-to-order boots retailing around $3,500, a flannel coming in at just under $500, and our personal favorites, a $295 “fck me, I’m in a band,” T-shirt and $85 “fck you” duct tape.

No. 1774537

File: 1677105985486.jpg (310.5 KB, 1170x772, tumblr_dee185b9817875555720c8a…)

No. 1774540

File: 1677106033232.jpg (332.58 KB, 1792x1188, marie-tomanova-44500033-edit-3…)

No. 1774549

File: 1677106424960.jpg (393.76 KB, 1188x1792, marie-tomanova-tmedit-44680001…)

i kind of wondered about digging up her old milk if anyone was interested, if only because it would be sort of nostalgic efagz/perez hilton/2009 shitty media type of memory lane. she's a good example of someone who grew out of it. i feel kinda bad for her considering how badly Arrow skinwalks her now that she abandoned her old style lol. I wonder what she thinks of it, if she even knows.

No. 1774794

da but why give up paul mescal for that? maybe paul accidentally called their relationship straight or something

No. 1775143

I have a soft spot for Momsen, she basically threw away what could have been a steady career in tv to do what she really wanted to do. She could have coasted off doe-eyed roles well into her thirties. Haven’t heard anything about her lately but it’s interesting to see that this shit wasn’t just the rebellious phase I assumed it was.

No. 1775406

File: 1677195809258.png (883.29 KB, 615x817, tm.png)

sage for old milk.
Gossip Girl
>She left Gossip Girl bc she didn't want to act anymore and rather play in the band, but apparently she was sort of kicked out temporarily bc she was rude on the set. She was then written out for multiple episodes before leaving the show altogether.
>Tim Gunn said: ""What a diva! She was pathetic, she couldn't remember her lines, and she didn't even have that many. I thought to myself 'why are we all being held hostage by this brat?"
>annoyed the director and the entire crew, bc she was always on her Blackberry
kek that boomer anger
>Had a beef with Leighton Meester, prob because of jealousy. Right at the time she kickstarted TPR Leighton made a song with some shitty pop band. Taylor wanted her music to be played on the show, but CW issued statement "her music wasn't ready" and instead took Leighton's shit

Celeb drama
>called Rihanna annoying ("People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna’s wearing f*ckin’ leather jackets, and it’s really annoying"), didn't stop her from covering Rihanna& Eminem song Love The Way You Lie
>had a fued with Miley Cyrus (interestingl Taylor was in top 3 actresses to be casted as Hannah Montana but obv Miley won): ""I'm not looking to be Miley fking Cyrus. I don't care about the fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we'll go along for the ride. I think the Disney bubblegum st that the world is living right now is pathetic. I thought we passed that repression."
>Miley fired back saying Taylor obviously wants attention bc she's running around in her underwear
>"Taylor is so obviously desperate for fame. I mean, she's traipsing around town in her underwear, or is that for the love of the music too? Miley gets a little risky on stage, but she knows that it's a performance, whereas Taylor doesn't seem to know where to draw the line. It's sad, really."
>yeah this happened in 2009/2010 and when you remember what Miley did a few years later… kek

Band & other
>started off TPR skinwalking Courtney Love. Asked she said she doesn't want to be Courtney Love, she wants to be Kurt Cobain (yet cut her hairstyle and dressed kinderwhore very accordingly lol)
>was said to hang out only with people much older than her
>switched her original teen emo soyboy type band members for scrotes 2x older than her. They most probably drunk and did drugs together (she was 16), when asked about drugs or crazy parties they didn't deny
>her and Ben were said to be kinda cold during meet & greets
>made a scandal joking she fucked a priest and wrote a song about it (Going Down)
>said stupid shit like "vibrator is my best friend"
>That flames & stripping naked on the graveyard” version of Make Me Wanna Die video was legally held unposted for a long time, because she was 16 when it was shot. They made the Chelse Hotel version instead
>as underager, she turned besties with porn star Jenna Haze. Photographed herself with and milked her promptly for a long time, did this topless lesbian shoot for FHM mag and had Jenna Haze play topless in her music video
>had Jenna Haze simulate orgasm for a single (Follow Me Down), first tried to do it herself but her scrotes laughed at her
>had a song (Follow Me Down) about a young girl fucking much older scrote, made retarded romanticizing type comments like:
>" I was reading [1955 novel] Lolita at the time. I had watched like every [film] version of Lolita. I was very obsessed with the Lolita story. And that’s kind of the inspiration for “Follow Me Down,” the concept of doing something sexually, that is not necessarily considered appropriate. And reveling in it and getting away with it and enjoying all the naughtiness of it."
>made a shitty S&M edge filled song about liking to get hit („So hit me like a man and love me like a woman, Buried inside look me in the eyes, I want it”)
>when asked if she's going to donate to Haiti (some earthquake crisis at the time) she responded with: "Um, right now I'm trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that."
>instead, started talking about perfume: "I like that the scent is a little bit tougher than a lot of the other Victoria's Secret scents that have been out," she explained. "Ya know, it’s just a little bit more masculine which I like a lot. And the packaging looks really pretty on a vanity I think. And I like the little spray, what’s that called? An atomizer. I like the little atomizer."
>stupid quotes about how she’s totally insane "I see myself as totally insane. I’m totally moody. Of course. And I’m totally out of my mind. And I’m always myself."
>said she’d be fine with getting shoot for Playboy
>used to deny that there’s misogyny in rock
>got booed tf out in Scotland because she said Glasgow audience is "the craziest crowd in the whole of England" (kek) right at the start of their show. They stopped responding to her altogether but Taylor didn't even notice she fucked up, she only apologized later on Twitter
>CDAN said she went to a party where the second youngest person other than her was 30 and was telling everyone she can't drink because she's on Percocet (she was 15 att)
>once ordered the hotel service to equip her hotel room cabinet with alcohol. Hotel service refused because she was only 16 and she threw a tantrum
>shot a video at Chelsea Hotel, Chelse Hotel's service remembered it that way: "This video was filmed, at least partially (they had to use another room for the balcony scenes), in Room 822 of the Chelsea Hotel, the same room where Madonna shot her famous Sex book. I actually saw Taylor standing outside the room during a lull in the shooting, though of course I didn’t recognize her at the time. (She was wearing the same funereal black outfit she has on in the video, which is what jogged my memory.) At the time I figured she was just another young, pretty model of the kind who grace our halls for fashion shoots and the like. I did notice that Taylor was looking at me as if she expected me to shriek with delight and run over and ask for her autograph at any moment. And I would have too, obviously, except for the fact that I didn’t know Taylor Momsen from Taylor Swift or even Taylor Meade. It could have been my imagination, but I thought Taylor seemed a bit put out that I didn’t recognize her. "

>in 2012 (as 18yo) she sang a song with Marilyn Manson on tv and toured with him for a while. She snaked around him, and he felt up her tits, kissed and choked her onstage.

>clearly looked uncomfortable but acted retarded about it for the edge, for a while she was telling magazines "thanks to this she discovered she loves to be choked"
>no idea how she reacted to Marilyn Manson abuse news. there’s one article tilted "Cancelling art would be death of society" but it’s behind a paywall
>from another interview, asked about MM/ERW allegations: "Honestly, I’ve been living in such a bubble, so I’ve heard little snippets of things. I’m not informed enough to really speak about what’s happening with him. I’ve been doing this, talking about the album, so I don’t really know what’s going on. Speaking from my experience, I don’t think I’m informed enough to talk about it, but I had a lot of fun on that tour. I’ll stop myself there, because I don’t really have anything to say on that."

All of this is dated 2009-2014 at most and it's not that crazy, but she was really tryhard and annoying back in a day. Seems like a typical brat talk of an immature teen and she eventually grew out of the edgelordery proving she's serious about her music. Shame that her music is total utter shit.

I'm just gonna say in retrospect, it's kinda shocking how sexual all her photoshoots were. That 1) she knew very very well how to do various poses like that 2) that the media totally ran with it.

No. 1775410

File: 1677196073070.png (166.91 KB, 926x832, tparents.png)

Now milk on her parents, i found some reddit post i found interesting… Her mother apparently used her daughters credit card. But anyway:
>stage parents who pushed her into fame at literal infancy, she started acting in commercials & films at the age of 2
>Taylor used to flash her boobs with tape crosses on, one time she flashed when her mother was in the audience
>said her parents are totally fine with her wearing slutty clothes and getting naked
>apparently went to catholic school(? Not sure) and was raised very very catholic, hence all her wooo satanic anti-church Marilyn Manson tier religious riot phases

Blamed her parents for fucking her up - rightully so i guess, but it was as scandal and she was called ungrateful.
>”'Everyone's like, "Wow, why is she upset, and why is she so miserable about things?" My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn't have friends. I was working constantly and I didn't have a real life. My parents signed me up with Ford [Modeling] at the age of two. No two-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice."

Her parents felt „horrible”, so she had to clarify in Kerrang
>"I love my mom and dad. Maybe I didn't have the childhood people think you should have, but I still went through the ages," Momsen explains. "I was still a child. Maybe it wasn't a conventional one, but you know… I like where I am now, so it's OK. I think my parents have learned by this point that none of [what they read] is probably true, and words can be put in your mouth."

Seems she genuinely hated acting and prob that’s where the whole rebel phase came from aswell… Also according to this post her mother is kinda fucked.

No. 1775414

File: 1677196741796.png (522.56 KB, 640x1132, tm4.png)

Now more kinda recent-ish milk, expanding on what this user mentions about Chris Cornell conspiracy… so in recent years Taylor Momsen (and the rest of the band) was spiralling on drugs for a long while. She apprently cleaned up for now. But the reason she cited was death of Chris Cornell, and then death of their longtime producer. Taylor is OBSESSED with Chris Cornell, and around 2017 her band toured with Soundgarden. She became good friends with Chris Cornell. And then he died, and Taylor was the last person to talk to/see him alive. She cancelled all TPR tours afterwards and got depressed to the point of suicidal apparently.

There's this reddit post with some shit on Gossip Girl cast (i guess it'sfrom CDAN?) and this one's about Taylor. Ngl i wondered about that before. one more thing, she was DEFINITELY not sober on that tour with Soundgarden. she did drugs back in Light Me Up years and then she had that weird face bloat for a good while. The reaction she got for hs death is kinda sus, it's extreme even for obsessed fangirl… i don't know how true is this might as well be bullshit but can't say people never wondered.

No. 1775432

File: 1677197807491.png (75.48 KB, 912x810, 2.png)

bonus from the same reddit thread, and i believe it bc it's not the first time something like that was said. I hoped she changed now but i wouldn't be surprised if she's still rude. which would make me lose whatever respect for her.
one more gossipy thing i'll add is that she mayyyyyybe dates a woman now. She and her makeup/assistant seem very close.

No. 1775453

File: 1677199468778.jpg (87.49 KB, 468x610, article-0-0C0E26BD000005DC-513…)

Her mother.
I forgot to add she used to boast about carrying and flicking knives and how she smuggled them onto airplane and then they spilled out and it was ~oh so embarassing!~
Also, she definitely wasn't "aaalways listening to the Beatles and rock" like she likes to claim. Not that it matters, but back in her normie Jenny Humphrey days she talked about listening to The Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne and stuff like that.

No. 1776031

look it's sad when a young person dies, but chris cornell had been doing drugs like a champion since before she was born. i'm sure looking for blame helps people make sense of and move on from a death, but this theory is just retarded. on a bigass tour like that, a guy like him trying to get sober is gonna have a hard time. unless he did full rehab before touring again, the od was bound to happen in those circumstances. if he wasn't sure he could stay off drugs, or if he knews he wasn't ready to go to work without falling into old habits, he shouldn't have done the tour. He had the power to ask for a vacation, yeah maybe he felt like he'd be disappointing people, but the point is if she hadn't railed shitty speedballs in front of him, twelve other people in that convoy would have.

No. 1776032

the internet reposted a picture of her tampon string hanging out when she was 17 and all anyone did was make fun of her, there was no sympathy. for someone as dumb as her who didn't even get to pick her own clothes (courtney love shat on her for wearing "stripper heels" onstage), i think she played her role well - her "band" was an acting gig, don't lie

No. 1776036

all celeb daughters whose dads fucked 15 year olds look like this
like when i see a nepo girl with this appearance, i am confident her dad is a borderline pedo and she had a confusing time growing up seeing all the pics of him with teen groupies

No. 1776040

Ayrt, i shouldve clarified. yep the CDAN theory that she accidentally "killed" him bc she shared drugs or whatever IS retarded. I was talking about gossip that she was dating him/was in love with him. not that i confidently say that it's true ofc.

No. 1776041

That's… exactly why i didn't mention the tampon string incident as "milk" at all - because it wasn't her fault. it was the media being obnoxious. I remember that incident, and thought it's so retarded.

I kinda agree, NOW i think her Light Me Up album, image, videos, live videos et cetera are quite enjoyable. More: her first album was her only good album. she was a bratty cringelord, but musically it was her only enjoyable era. she should stop "trying to be Robert Plant" or whatever she said and get back to mall grunge songs again.

No. 1776049

File: 1677277472791.png (40.34 KB, 794x534, 111.png)

Crawlers rage quitted (for now?), because their US tour got cancelled. It's the same industry plant tiktok band that toured with My Chemical Romance and Starcrawler. A band that was handpicked by Gerard Way suddenly doesn't have funds for US tour.
I wonder if it's the beginning of the end, of big labels cutting up funds/letting go of these new "indie"/"riot grrrl" bands.

No. 1776080

if a guy is wasted and meets a chick half his age who says he's her favourite singer, they'll probably fuck a few times. kek i know i sound WKish but all the taylor milk just seems like reaching. it's all everyday events from that business.

No. 1776082

shh, don't feel attacked. reading comprehension, nonnny - i did not call that incident milk. i used it as an example of past experience that may have driven her to what you refer to as milky behaviour. in a conversation, people take turns bringing up different points.

No. 1776098

easy, I looked up this (lukewarm) old shit out of curiosity, not to be offended or to make everyone hate her kek. idk if i agree, i mean she's not a cow, but i can see her old antics being mentioned on celebricows if LC existed at that time. not having her own thread, though. i mean chicks from indie bands get posted here for much less, and she definitely used to have attention seeker/better than you attitude (like some of the cows here). which people tend to forget a whole decade later.

If it was true she fucked CC, it's unfair to the woman he was married to att. Phoebe get shit here for same thing. that being said, nobody knows the truth, so whatever.
All fine. Not doubting she was affected by it, but I don't think tampon incident has driven her to her behaviour, she was acting like that before that happened. I think it was mostly bc of her age and parents.

No. 1776128

momsen was never indie though, she was top 40 manufactured stuff

No. 1776133

I know. A mainstream rock cows thread would be sufficient.

No. 1776136

Tbh a lot of bands here are either on Warner now like The Regrettes, or on some weird ambiguous labels that are neither indie nor mainstream. Rough Trade doesn't feel very indie anymore. feels like indie labels changed a lot in recent decade

No. 1776152

rough trade hasn't been indie since the 80s lol

No. 1776155

and yet both bands that were on AND journalists act like it's so indie & underground, similarly to Sub Pop. Starcrawler for example triumphed like idiot sover getting on a ""major label"" last year (which hosts local country nobodies only but unrelated), as if Rough Trade was some poor indie diy punk label lol.
RT is still "indie" in social consciousness for some reason.

No. 1776170

yeah it's hilarious how glaringly obvious their faux-indie shtick is to anyone who knows anything about the music industry for the past 10-20 years, yet they act like no one can see through it and in fact view them as "gods" (in Arrow's exact words)

No. 1776228

haha the level of delusion. that would be another thing on the list to discredit Starcrawlers fake career.
I checked just now and Rough Trade still announces themselves as "independent record label"? lol kind of confusing. i knew they were bought out by a major but i thought they're still under BMG.

>In 1982, the retail outlets broke with the A&R and distribution divisions, after a decision to allow the shop staff buy out.[7] The distribution wing found itself overtrading by 1991 and shortages of cash flow led to a filing for bankruptcy. The entire company ended up in receivership.

>Rough Trade Records was relaunched in 2000 as an independently owned entity, a partnership between Travis, Jeanette Lee (a former member of Public Image Ltd.), and minority partners Sanctuary Records, as a part of the Zomba Group until 11 June 2002 when BMG bought out this business. Prior to the BMG buyout, Rough Trade Records released the Strokes' debut EP The Modern Age in the spring of 2001.[8] In July 2007 Sanctuary Records then sold Rough Trade to the Beggars Group for £800,000 making Rough Trade independent once again.[9] However, it can be argued that Rough Trade is not truly independent as it is owned by another company. Rough Trade is more accurately a subsidiary[10] that is owed by Beggars Group, which in turn is a privately held company not publicly traded on the stock market.[11]

No. 1776359


i mean knowing how normalized it is to go after underage groupies back then, i wont be surprised. I remember seeing their ig in 2016 when grace's was just starting out with her band and mae is still in school, kinda disturbs me that mae who is a minor was already posting half naked pictures. Sad because i feel like teens cant act like teens now and they are all acting like adults when they are supposed to enjoy their final years as a kid before transitioning to adulthood. But also we're already living in a hypersexualized state now.

No. 1776569

File: 1677346317487.jpeg (368.4 KB, 584x679, 2DC8203B-69EE-41C3-8F03-3222FD…)

wow I assumed the heroin addiction shit was just gossip but look at picrel, that’s fucking tragic. She literally skinwalked herself into a heroin addiction for clout with the rockers and their fans.

No. 1776722

File: 1677359918690.jpg (109.42 KB, 738x1024, gettyimages-1461943878-738x102…)

i mean… i don't wanna be rude or tell she's ugly or whatever, bc she's not, but i can see drugs taking toll on her. When i googled her a year ago after a couple of years i was shocked tbh, how different she looks even vs 4-5years back. it's not just about different makeup or weight loss. not that it's important but interesting to see someone else noticed, i thought it's just mee seeing things.

No. 1778188

No. 1778199

maybe i'm over sensitive to this type of shit but all the underage sexual stuff feels less like milk on her side and makes me more concerned of her being a victim

No. 1778248

Ew, why are all so-called “edgy” women just singing about how much they love being helpless victims? I know nothing about her because I’m a zoomer and her star died a decade ago, but that Marilyn Manson choking thing made me see her as a lolcow.

No. 1778269

File: 1677490100044.jpg (361.72 KB, 1045x1307, Screenshot_20230225_011820_Ins…)

can't really imagine what it would be but is there any weyes blood milk out there? I will forever be heartbroken that she's (at least I think) straight

No. 1778277

Natalie mering seems like such a pure soul. the only milky thing is she believes in the climate change hoax.(sage your shit)

No. 1778284

She looks normal, what are you on about?

No. 1778508


No. 1778807

Any milk on Ezra Koenig/Vampire Weekend?(sage your shit)

No. 1778862

anon do you seriously not believe in climate change lmao

No. 1778891

oh sure, I believe in it. the weather DOES change! cos its literally the weather. It's you people who are triggered by naturally occurring weather cycles and seasons and love to fall into every scam and hoax that comes your way. "HURR WE CAN STOP MUH WEATHER CHANGING IF U GIVE US MONEY IN MORE TAXES HURRRR DURR"
t. government that really cares about you!

Literally a scam. The definition of one.

he's a typical band scrote. loved to hang out and have sex with with teenage fans as a 30+ year old. There was spicy drama some years ago with that art crowd Petra collins and her magazine friends. Tavi Gevinson wrote a whole diary about her fling with Ezra when she was a teen and all the manipulation and games her played with her. she seems like a retard herself so I don't have much sympathy for her. You got played by a scrote for free sex, he wasn't doing some big evil plan. Just typical shit. And she was clout chasing by perseuing him in the first place.

Ezra ended up marrying a slightly older woman and having a child which is kinda based. It should be a lesson that these males are not taking any of these young bitches they sleep with seriously. you mean nothing to them. they are masterbating with your body and when they are ready to settle down they will get a FULLY REALISED WOMAN.

No. 1778914

Even the most pedophilic scrote would probably marry Rashida Jones tbf. She's way more successful and attractive than he is.

No. 1778962

i saw one of the videos of manson choking her onstage and she did not look like she enjoyed it and more looked like she was subtly trying to get him to loosen up. disappointed that she played into enjoying it though but it made me wonder if manson had some hold on her or something.

No. 1779141

>Thinks climate change is not real >somehow thinking a scrote is "leveling up" by not sleeping with teens anymore.

I couldn't think retard levels could go this high.

No. 1779142


I wish Tavi would just #metoo him already instead of writing vague articles about their relationship without naming him. I know she says she has her reasons, but I feel like there is something else going on. Like he has something on her or she just doesn't want to admit she was clout chasing in the first place because it would go against her feminist image.

Also, is he actually married to Rashida Jones? I feel like he just refers to her as his partner or girlfriend. In the previous discussion here, someone mentioned that he cheated on her and must have some arrangement or understanding of an open relationship (?). There seems to be something off about their relationship, and I can't put my finger on it. My best guess is that he is just a fuckboy, and Rashida just wanted a baby and got one out of him. Rashida seems messy too, but she is still way too good for him.

Lastly, I was initially surprised about him hooking up with young girls at first. I figured he would be canceled by now especially after Tavi's stories were published online. I thought he was just a serial monogamist and had long-term girlfriends that seemed pretty normal and chill (I think one ex-girlfriend was VW's manager during the Contra era?). I also heard that he had a thing for ethnic/mixed race Asian girls back in the day.

VW hasn't been good since Rostam left the band. I thought Father of the Bride was mediocre at best and definitely not worth a Grammy.

No. 1779242

>"It was fucking awesome. He fucking choked me out onstage… really fucking hard. The people there were like, 'You need a doctor. Are you fine?' 'Dude, I just got choked by Marilyn Manson - I'm fucking fine!' And now I really like getting choked out. You learn things."
She definitely was trying to wriggle out from his hold, but told its so cool. There was Taylor's former assistant who made a video and said afterwards Taylor was spitting blood backstage or whatever, but who knows. Taylor never confirmed and even now she only talks how she had fun on that tour. she was a dumb teen at the time but i'm disappointed she still speaks of him somewhat fondly

No. 1779264

i think there was some milk on him in previous thread

No. 1779279

more on this, she was asked about the choking incident in 2021 but this interview is behind paywall so i can't check, but from reddit:

>Taylor Momsen said in a recent Telegraph interview on February 12 2021, that the controversial performance she did in 2012 with Marilyn Manson was entirely consensual. She went on to say he never physically or sexually abused her. In her own words she said: "That was entertainment. Music and sexuality go hand in hand and you can't judge a performance like it's reality. Cancelling art would be the death of society."

>Eddie trunk ask her about this show and she said he never badly threated her.
She absolutely looks fucking uncomfortable in that video and i don't think it was planned. Normally i'd agree with her stance but not entirely. What if he suddenly hit you in the face full force onstage? would it be still consensual S&M entertainment that goes with music? Absolutely disappointed in Taylor Momsen now and makes me rethink saying that she's not a cow.

No. 1779415

i'm of the stance that she's a victim of the industry, and that manson somehow convinced her that the choking was fine, but it's like she still hasn't grown into realizing this shit isn't okay, as if she still idolizes the worst parts of the rock and roll scene. saying this as someone who enjoyed tpr's music (although i found her image concerning even then). i don't think she's necessarily a full blown cow but lacks the charisma and presence that some of her same age peers/ex costars have, even on social media she posts like a boomer. like trying to be edgy is all she knows how to do. had she had any semblance of a normal life or made normal friends instead of hanging around much older scrotes i'd like to think she would turn out less fucked up and more aware of how concerning this all seems to everyone on the outside.

No. 1779437

yep you're probably right. she was a child growing up in the industry so who knows what happened to her before. it's sad she idolizes all these men who slept with teens and whatnot. i mean, she's hollywood product, i didn't expect her to turn out normal especially when you have parents who profit on you since you're 2yo, but i really expected she'd come to some conclusions now that she's 30. it's funny that she said she's cringing at her 16yo look choices, but doesn't cringe at that Manson worship which imo was infinitely more embarassing than stripper shoes. but oh well
>even on social media she posts like a boomer.
kek i had the same comparison in mind. idk how tf it turned out, from edgelord angsty teen she went kinda boomer, i can't even explain how.

No. 1779449

She definitely looks uncomfortable with that performance but you can easily tell his grip was not tight and that looks like a very tame play choke. The way you nonas described it I was concerned and literally thought he grabbed her by the neck and choke slammed or some shit but that just looks like a silly mime to me. He is still an ugly disgusting abusive piece of shit though.

No. 1779451

She used to have a short wide baby face but she’s lost facial fat (maybe from drugs or just natural ageing process) which made her face look longer and hollow. The nude lipstick just emphasises her long philtrum and the raccoon eyes just look strange on most people. Probably just a mixture of being ana, smoking, shitty diet and recreational drug use.

No. 1779455

That brand of music just isn’t profitable to music companies anymore so I’m not surprised they couldn’t find the funding. MCR, despite being the most famous emo band in the world, also don’t have anywhere near as much money as people think they do. A couple years ago when I checked Gerards net worth it was like $4 million. Now Google says it’s 20 mill, which means his other ventures like the Umbrella Academy were probably way more profitable than his music.

No. 1779457

>Dude from the Chosen Tribe is pedo and also a male golddigger/social climber
Imagine my shock.

No. 1779472

Old milk but in 2019 I went to a Mac Demarco gig in my European city, he came to the bar afterwards and ending up drinking with a large group of us, everyone was super buzzed. He kept flirting with, staring at, holding onto and whispering in the ear of a very busty blonde college friend of mine who was like 20 at the time. It was very clear he wanted to sleep with her, but her boyfriend showed up a little while later and he wasn’t having any of it.

Apart from that, he was very pleasant and chill, and signed a lot of stuff for us, before disappearing with another girl from the bar an hour or so later. I still feel bad for Kiera, but it seems most rockstars wives accept that they have open relationships.

No. 1779485

maybe it's a stretch but this is what i'm thinking: that it may be largely due to the people she's still surrounded with and whatever environment and headspace she's in, she's too deep into it to see any reason to break out of it and i don't think she pays that much attention to what people say on social media or their criticisms either, instead thriving off on the idea of her seeming edgy. she sort of grew out of the teen angst but still has a bit of the tryhard edginess, i feel like. i don't think a healthy mindset can come out of what she's grown up with and is still being influenced by. she doesn't really seem to get called out or is shown concern by fans, which isn't that large of a group but the vocal amount she does have tend to idolize her (or in the case of moids, sexualizing too) just as much as she does the lifestyle she's trying to emulate. and because they don't have mainstream fame, people don't really pay attention to her or tpr.

tbh i don't mind the boomer posting kek. but i feel like that's also a result of being around a bunch of older men who are out of touch.

i just feel sorry for her, for the most part. to me it seems like she's too influenced by all this shit even at 30.

No. 1779487

i think what added up was her assistant's video that she made aroud time Manson abuse reveal, in which she said Taylor coughed blood but idk. the other video edits also show he touched her butt (timestamp around 2:40/ 2:50). i mean, i'm no expert on choking so i can't tell if it's light or soo hard (like Taylor claimed kek). but even if it was light, i think it wasn't planned and it's disgusting.

No. 1779497

File: 1677623611794.png (466.31 KB, 702x421, tmm.png)

Ayrt, yeah i see now that shes lost a lot of weight since whenever this was taken, and maybe she just aged that way. As for drug use she confirmed she was using consistently before new album

No. 1779501

File: 1677623756020.jpg (96.58 KB, 433x650, 00101.jpg)

also unrelated to previous discussion but good for her for ditching these rough barbaric sharpie-penciled black eyebrows. racoon can stay, just never bring this combination back

No. 1779520

that's possible. i was always sort of irritated that she said male voices are better than female, or idk, something like "its not that i don't like women just all the best songs i listen to were written by men" or what. i can't really find exact quote anymore. Or "no no i'm not Courtney Love i wanna be Robert Plant, i think i look more like Robert Plant that Courtney Love right guy? right?" girls stop

and yeah she doesn't seem to have that much of fans anymore. i mean yep she always has #1 hits on rock Billboard and she's well known, but… i'll be honest her fanbase was larger in the beginning, then diminished ad i think it'll never recover to what it was. I remember all the Momsen headlines, fansites, fangroups etc. now i can find none. She claimed she's embarassed of that time a few years back, but currently she posts quite a lot of old pics, started wearing ugly night slips again and even said she wanted "DBR&R" to be like "Light Me Up" (which it isn't). i feel like she wishes it was like it was then again, hence slowly introducing some sort of edgy shit again but not fully either so it's not working much imo.
but still i look at her way more sympathetic than i did before tbh

No. 1779559

yeah i agree, she's definitely said some questionable stuff and a lot of what she does or says i don't agree with, although to me it looked like many of those kinds of quotes came from a place of ignorance or merely trying to rile people up. among all the celebrities that can be deemed pc/woke/socially aware (or attempting to be), i don't think she can be put into that category. and i think the quote, i'm not sure if i'm right at all but it remember it being more that she looked up more to kurt cobain than courtney love and was trying to be more nirvana than hole? or something like that. and courtney didn't like that she said that. but i'll have to look further into it. i'm pretty sure the two women were being compared to each other too so that didn't help.

i agree that dbr&r is definitely not like light me up. i think i might have grown out of liking them but i didn't like this album as much aside from two songs, whereas the last album who you selling for grew on me after a few years. although i've felt that tpr lyrics have always been somewhat weak and i think that contributed to me losing interest

unfortunately i feel like most of the schticks she's been trying so far still won't earn the band any significant level of fame so it would make sense if she's yearning for the old days. like i said it doesn't seem like she has as much charisma as other celebrities her age and honestly comes off a little prickly at times, her image isn't going to appeal to the general public. i do wonder that if there's some sort of hopefully better change they might finally get more recognition.

No. 1779612

i will reply in parts because i want to add specific pics and videos to my post
> i think the quote (…) being more that she looked up more to kurt cobain than courtney love
Yea she said that, but in relation to a different question. One you mentioned, "i don't wanna be Courtney Love, i wanna be Kurt Cobain", the one about men with better songs/voices, and one more. Like there were at least 3 different quotes bc she was asked this often, and whenever asked for female influences she snapped it back onto male bands and wanting to be Robert plant/Jimmy Page etc.
I googled a bit and even found that video where they talk about Courtney and when she says "i think i look more like Robert Plant" they go like "mhm ok Tay", lmao. (btw if you want to listen, start at 1:34 so you can hear her band going on how "Taylor's been writing & searching for the right band for years and years and years", kek. she was literally 15 when she went to the studio, what years.)

i mean sure, there's loads of male bands undisputably better than Courtney (lol), but i thought it's stupid she can't just reply for once and mention a female artists that she likes. idk maybe she changed her view now, like she admitted she sees the misogyny in rock now vs what she said as a teen.

No. 1779618

File: 1677635854247.jpg (235.85 KB, 1200x900, y_2d340bb5_aa219bae5ea3.jpg)

continuing, she copied Cherie Currie and was lucky enough to build up a somewhat more personal trademark/recognizable style over time (like, this "expensive stripper + panda eyes" is instantly associated with Taylor Momsen even now, and she's directly being skinwalked by idiots like Arrow). so she managed to work it into "her" style. But truth be told, Courney Love comparisons weren't baseless, because in the very beginning she definitely ripped her off. before LMP she toured with different band & different songs which float in the web as unreleased studio and live pieces. guess she realized quickly this won't pay off but "CLove influence" theme still lingered after her

No. 1779631

(cont.) for me Going To Hell is what grew on me, Light Me Up i like in its entirety because it's more punk/grunge inspired, even when the outcome is sugarpop rock. And they had good hit-like songs that are catchy, but later on they completely lost the ability to write anything that's not some weak "i slap on some modern rock melody and pray it's enough" song no 171727. (Death by RNR, And So It Went, Witches Burn etc.) i can't stand 3rd album besides a few songs, too much "we're so mature this time, even bluesy now" vibe. it falls so flat with these childish lyrics. (and that odd ugly scribble drawing as cover…) Some of her lyrics are repetitive or lead nowhere like Rock and Roll HEaven or And so it went. some random children start a riot and then… what? that is that? eh.
i feel like they should revisit the earlier songs and maybe even unreleased demos to gt inspired, but i doubt they will. "Heart" could be a nice single

No. 1779719

thanks for sources, i wasn't 100% sure myself and it's nice having a level headed conversation with someone who knows about taylor.

>she admitted she sees the misogyny in rock now vs what she said as a teen.

it's good that she realizes that so at least that's a start i think. but i agree i wish she said more about any female singers she might look up to as well. at least she seems to get along with some, i've noticed with lzzy hale and i can't remember any others but i think there were a handful.

oh yeah, i did somewhat agree with the comparisons tbh. i feel she's been inspired by many who were significant figures in rock but looked more towards the males to be influenced by instead of giving more kudos to the women who would have been more relatable to her.

i'm the same with going to hell and light me up. the hit me like a man ep had a good sound as well imo. i felt the same way with who you selling for at the time of its release but it somehow grew on me after a long time, probably because i mellowed out a bit more myself, although i can also see why interest dropped. the lyrics aren't the best either imo. i feel like around that time or after they kind of lost track. it's like they don't really have an aim in mind except to release whatever music they can come up with and while that's fine it feels directionless.

>later on they completely lost the ability to write anything that's not some weak "i slap on some modern rock melody and pray it's enough" song no 171727. (Death by RNR, And So It Went, Witches Burn etc.)

i agree with this too. they were okay, but i couldn't bring myself to like them that much.

No. 1780295

i'm pretty sure she must've looked up to Debbie Harry as well.
she's friends with Lzzy Hale, Amy Lee and i think In This Moment chick maybe. that's all cool, Halestorm and ITM are really fucking shitty bands tho. TPR definitely beat them even with their weakest albums. interestingly, i've first seen Lizzy Hale in a 2003 documentary about Avril Lavigne, random. she went on and on how Avril is great, and was already listed as Halestorm singer. weird how long they've been around until they had any success.

i think Under The Water is veyr good. wonder about that text though, what influeced it

No. 1780654

oh yes, debbie harry, i think i remember an old photo of her being posted to i think taylor's personal page? it struck me how similar taylor looked to how debbie appeared in that specific photo. i'd dig it up but i think it was years ago and will be buried by now. and i'm not 100% sure on this but i think they might have met at least once.

funny we should mention halestorm, risking going a bit off topic here but i remember liking them for a super brief period when i was a teen, i do think they have a very generic sound though. i liked their first couple of albums at the time but i quickly lost interest, they have quite a manufactured feel i can't really describe better or put my finger on, stronger vibe of that from them than tpr. i know there are other people that don't seem to like halestorm or lzzy but i don't actually know the milk on them or anything because i was only into them for a year or so. they've definitely been around for a long time but i think it took them quite a while to become in any way recognizable.

back to tpr yeah under the water was nice. the song cold blooded as well. it's interesting i feel that their older songs were a little better. some of the messages and content i don't really agree with but they're somewhat more catchy than the recent stuff.

No. 1781223

File: 1677801473242.jpg (18.96 KB, 400x400, l_e0f9c51332bf4ca7b26a1fa6ca40…)

this one? btw i guess she met Debbie harry, when you google their names both turns out they had a lot of photos together.

i think Halestorm was mentioned in rock celebricows thread but i don't remember. anyways i think maybe we could revive that one, bc one of Manson's accusers Ashley Morgan Smithline suddenly said she wasn't abused, she said so bc Evan Rachel Wood "manipulated her" to do it. this doesn't look good, if it goes like this people are gonna forgive AND apolgize to this fatty…

No. 1781578

yes i agree, a rock celebricows thread would be good, although i'm not sure whether it should be revived or if we should have a new one started. i heard of that news too, and it's worrying. would be a good place to discuss this kind of stuff. i definitely believe manson is an abuser.

also taking this as an opportunity to bump as a lot of years-old threads were necro'd.

No. 1781742

you mean starting a new rockstar thread or Manson thread? starting a new thread for Manson is a no-no though, apparently. anons wanted and a new thread was made a few weeks ago and farmhands immediately nuked it. Manson postin wasn't banned on rock celebricows though so i assume it'd be ok?

i sort of wish rockcows were on /snow like indie instead of /ot, because it always gets drowned out in vent threads and whatnot even if its bumped. so that's why could be remade. i don't know how much posts are already in rock thread. if we decide to continue old /ot one, you anons will just have to remember to check it, because it 100% will get lost on back number pages lol


No. 1786455

>ITM is a shitty band

Is it bad that I actually liked them when they first came out? lol Like I'm talking the Beautiful Tragedy era. I was in high school when it came out and I actually remember liking the album. Their follow up album was somewhat decent but not as good as the first inmo and then I fell off the radar with them only to rediscover them in the 2010s and I was not digging their sound at all, sounded very generic and I felt like Maria was trying too hard with the whole costume thing.

>I was briefly into Halestorm

I was as well but it's funny because when I was somewhat into them, that was back in 2005 when they were an unknown band. If I remember correctly, they became a more well-known band n 2009/2010.

But yeah they have a very generic sound and that is what stopped me from getting into them fully.

No. 1787560

File: 1678658818026.png (378.29 KB, 813x885, Untitled.png)

I hope this is okay to post about in this thread even if it's different from the usual indie band drama being discussed here. I'm just curious about other people's thoughts on the whole Bluesfest situation with Sticky Fingers. This article is pretty clearly in favor of Sticky Fingers but I do think it sums up the timeline of events well:

It's hard to summarize for this post and honestly I'd prefer opinions from people who have read into the drama because I'm seeing so many braindead takes on both sides, I just want a reasonable discussion.

On the one hand it's always difficult to believe an alcoholic mentally ill moid is genuinely capable of sobering up and changing for the better, I think he's been diagnosed with BPD and he's been institutionalized at least once for self harm since the band returned from hiatus. On the other hand some of his accusers are very cowish and the actual accusations are so vague and buzzwordy that it's really hard to take them seriously at all. There's basically no concrete proof in support of either side, witnesses contradict the stories of the accusers but all the claims of Dylan's charitable deeds to make up for his past behavior are similarly hard to verify, it's pretty much all gossip.

I don't know, the whole situation just feels bad. Dylan seems like an unstable sperg but hearing him talk about how much it fucked him up to be accused of being every kind of -phobe imaginable when he's Maori and the son of lesbian mothers seemed genuine. It's also just weird how relentless and vitriolic the backlash has continued to be even though his last accusation was years ago now, it makes me wonder if there really is worse shit he's done behind the scenes that no one wants to provide specifics of for some reason, or if there's some interpersonal/band politics drama going on. Or maybe people just see a callout and mindlessly regurgitate it because they don't ever bother to read up on the situation and judge whether the accusations have merit. Any thoughts?

No. 1787848

My thought is- who?

No. 1788293

clearing the page

No. 1789317

If this was an attemped CP bump, you need to add a picture or it does nothing. Otherwise this post makes no sense and you didnt sage. So cobfused.

No. 1790566

Matt Mondanile is a serial rapist and overall creep to young girls, currently dating someone who looks 14 and he had no problem sliding into my DMs when I had literally just turned 18 to try to convince me to live with him lmao.

No. 1791707

I had a very similar experience. Id say it’s even darker than that.

No. 1793977

File: 1679606290772.jpeg (314.17 KB, 878x2194, 89E9808C-0692-4ED2-A757-125E41…)

Mylets Henry Kohen accuses Cathy Pellow of Sargent House of being abusive towards artists and employees and ignoring sexual assault accusations


No. 1793978

Henry Kohen’s video

No. 1793979

File: 1679606430920.png (726.31 KB, 1170x2532, 286AF547-F3C4-4840-A864-BB3A36…)

And Lingua Ignota seems to be backing this up

No. 1794081

>i am not going to go into detail aboutn my experience but
why though? maybe that's what that one did to her: convincing Lingua that her relationship wasn't abusive and her monster rapist scrote ex was awesome dude

No. 1825418

File: 1683843950693.png (237.67 KB, 1200x1536, MK1.png)

Gonna sage because the milk is dry at this point but the revival of the Alice Glass thread brought it back to my memory. So back in 2021 Mr. Kitty (Forrest Avery Carney / Forrest Lemaire / Echo Strobe) from Austin Texas was outed sexting a 15 year old while he was 29 and married, there wasn't a lot of press back then (maybe 3 articles max, and 2 of them were in spanish). As soon as the news hit he went full schizo and wiped his social media accounts clean (only conveniently leaving retweeted tweets by Alice Glass denouncing abusers). I was there when he did an hour long instagram live where he looked sweaty, bloated, crying and shaking, babbling that he "made a mistake" and that he is getting help with a psychotherapist who told him he is in the "autism spectrum" (which is absolute bullshit, Mr. Kitty / Forrest Avery Carney / Forrest Lemaire / Echo Strobe from Austin Texas has always been open about being bipolar so this autism claim is extremely convenient). The whole live was an absolute mess, looking back I wish I had saved it because is the most damming evidence of his delusion, he didn't explicity admit to WHAT he did but he did admit he did SOMETHING, also mentioned that his mother and husband were there to support him kek. After that fiasco he went full entitled faggot and began tweeting "fuck the haters" and "well how can people say I'm a bad person when I paid in full for my friends transition" for virtue signal and I guess to make himself feel better? (those tweets are were deleted if someone can dig them back up it would be hilarious). Now that he has moved into tiktok and I've noticed his popularity grow very fast. I wonder if Mr. Kitty / Forrest Avery Carney / Forrest Lemaire / Echo Strobe from Austin Texas will use this new popularity to gain access to more underage fans. on a personal note all these zoomer who are quick to denounce and cancel people over tranny shit proudly blast music by ethan from crystal castles and mr. kitty, both known pedos
News article link: https://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/music/2021-07-08/after-dark-singer-mr-kitty-exchanged-explicit-messages-with-underage-fan/
The reddit combo link: https://www.reddit.com/r/crystalcastles/comments/oa7li7/the_big_difference_between_the_crystal_castles/
His socials link: https://ffm.bio/mrkittydm
All this info is on public domain so don't come at me with doxxing conspiracies kek

No. 1825421

File: 1683844023043.png (27.49 KB, 608x744, MK2.png)

No. 1825422

File: 1683844144873.png (473.28 KB, 996x705, MK3.png)

No. 1825748

File: 1683896792538.jpg (98.4 KB, 756x765, EAhvidZVAAAA5Ac.jpg)

Still can't get over the fact that this dick flashing guy is Sarah Bonito's (of Kero Kero Bonito) boyfriend

No. 1825750

File: 1683896845096.jpg (153.08 KB, 1024x1024, FAA4cGJXIAERp2w.jpg)

No. 1825963

The cute Splatoon shirt next to the dick guy is killing me

No. 1826053

huh, i forgot about this guy. gross. i'm not even surprised he turned out to be a pedophile like everyone else in that scene, he always gave me weird vibes since he used a picture of a murdered little girl for his album cover

No. 1867610

The two girls from Margaritas Podridas are feuding now. Esli left and started an all girl band called Muneca at the same time Carolina released a solo album by the same name. She's pulling a Courtney Love and accusing Esli of stealing her look and music and ideas even though shes a 90s riot grrrl ripoff herself and before all this she seemed to celebrate the fact that they looked like twin copycats of Kat Bjelland and Courtney. Carolina’s album has a shitty cover of one of Kat and Courtney’s Pagan Babies songs. Esli now lives in Seattle (eyeroll)

No. 1867654

so happy for this thread to be back, thank u for the milk dear nonna.

No. 1867870

Yes, finally an update on this thread, we really need to look out for updates on these indie cows more. This sounds so fucking pathetic, "stealing her look" when they skinwalked Kat Bjelland & Courtney Love down to jacking album covers and scenes/locations from videos, posing with Nirvana albums etc
They're really a nichest of niche unpopular skinwalker bands with maybe 10k followers if i'm being generous. imagine haaving such ego kek

No. 1867977

The singing is so bad. She sounds like a literal tantruming child like Skating Polly kek her voice is also very inconsistent live and sounds nothing like her overproduced studio vocals

No. 1869154

File: 1689996006911.jpg (95.92 KB, 878x756, iMsUyTb.jpg)

Boy genius' reaction to an Obama rec

No. 1869220

File: 1690005595665.jpg (683.88 KB, 1706x2048, media_Fw-9FyMaIAAbMYJ.jpg)

These are good songs but most are really old and overplayed, looks like some oldies radio station. More of an insult to be put alongside these nursing home faves since we know no actual human music fan compiled this list and it's just some random selections of old and recent hits

Aside these women do not have the it factor

No. 1869224

this is egregiously petty and possibly too lookspergy, but phoebe bridgers' face bothers me so much. and her styling. what a perpetually smug cow.

No. 1869236

agreement sperg, I think it's the soulless, blank, smug facial expression she does in every photo that all the female pop stars do these days, billie eilish probably started it but charlie xcx does it too, Always look like they're smelling some shit, it's so unappealing as a viewer. If you look at what people actually enjoy watching on tiktok/ig it's friendly, warm faces not this smug shit

No. 1869557

File: 1690081121737.jpg (248.2 KB, 739x985, Queen_Elizabeth_II_official_po…)

her lookalike is unironically elizabeth ii

No. 1869941

File: 1690163967255.jpg (137.58 KB, 1574x904, soyjak.jpg)

Is there anyone who isn't like 12 who thinks this is badass

No. 1870001

File: 1690180632569.png (80.01 KB, 1184x352, valid but this is your public …)

lucy dacus has a history of tweeting things that are more fitting for a private account or close group of friends; picrel. she's very talented but i wonder if she feels overshined by the other boygenius members in both solo & group work just because they're younger and more conventionally attractive.

No. 1870053

Nobody in that group is attractive but imo she is more appealing than the other two since she has a bit of expression on her face

No. 1870200

Agreed, I hate how she's pushed on bi and lesbian women as some kind of sex icon. She just looks like a rat to me. Her confidence despite being so bland looking is inspiring, I guess

No. 1870257

I agree also kek she has PALPABLE smugness like everyone with minimal talent who makes it big. She looks like someone took Brie Larsen and like, trollface memed her in photoshop. Or if Brie had a sister who had the complete opposite of her very kind eyes.

No. 1870547

I can never explain to people why Phoebe Bridgers sucks well enough, cant people just see how smug and narcissistic vibe she just oozes? Idk how is that not throwi g people off. Besides her songs and voice are exactly like 10000 other indie chicks before her. She also lies about her "poor upbringing". Announcing herself as this bi icon constantly is pretty annoying. Lime fuck off. She behaves like shes the most bi girl on earth to bi, kek.

No. 1870721

File: 1690312952876.jpg (111.63 KB, 1140x855, Main-Character-Glüme-1140x855…)

Adding a new cow to this thread Glume aka @babyglume aka Molly Marlette

>>1821421 Infamous for ridiculous photoshopping and botched plastic surgery
>>1864742 Currently “stuck” in Paris and launched a GoFundMe asking her fans for $9k because her music flopped and she won’t get a real job
>>1866818 Apparently this is her 6th GoFundMe where she asked fans for money
>>1869802 Is / was signed to Italians Do It Better but is sperging out on Facebook claiming that this is their fault

No. 1870745

kek only 15 huh?

No. 1870768

Oh please do tell more nona. I recognize her, mustve been instagram shilling her/seeing her in comments or tagged of related indie cows. IAnother LA "artist" that came out of nowhere, just to play "shows" to devoted audience (read: selected "vip" party made of other hollywood nepo babies and other friendly washups posing for their friends cameras and therefore playing celebrities on red carpet.)

No. 1870959

File: 1690361458310.jpg (606.76 KB, 2048x1596, 50A3697E-41D8-43B7-A6D4-983837…)

it’s def nepo baby central. her label got her in good with sean lennon and that’s how she got a feature from him but i think they finally dropped her

nitpick because all labels buy their artists vanity metrics but this is sooo embarrassing. bragging about her views on IG but 100k views and 750 likes? on a collab with sean lennon??? the math isn’t mathing…she doesn’t have any real fans, it's a rich kid circle jerk

No. 1871449

Why did she shoop herself to look like a toddler that’s pedoish(learn2sage)

No. 1871540

I’ve been wondering when Glume would show up. I swing from love to hate with her. She’s currently stuck in Paris wheeling around in a wheelchair cause she has some kind of angina. Clearly something has happened cause she’s gone from touring with metronomy and doing heaps of gigs, swanning around to being a sad girl in Paris. She’s got that Sean Lennon song (also a cow imo) and a rufus wainwright one.

No. 1871580

what happened is that she's a grifter with a plastic surgery addiction and the label kept losing money on her flopped career so she had to panhandle online

also…heavily debated in influencer circles if she's actually sick but of course no one could ever publicly question that

No. 1871624

After reading her instagram captions and seeing her unshooped face in her videos, (nothing like the sadbbgirl promos) I believe she is sick, she's underweight, no muscles, loose skin and low energy. 35 apparently, she was probably overdoing it for fame and money and got neither. She doesn't strike me as a panhandler, just someone who is genuinely sick who also has an image to keep up and flips between the two, she says as much in her captions. It seems to be a heart issue where doing too little is also dangerous (I assume because your heart could stop) or I'd think she needs bedrest for a few months. There's definitely an element of dramatising it slightly for content but imo everything she's posted about her illness seems legit

t. previously a chronic illness person myself

No. 1871668

i want to be give her the benefit of the doubt but this is the 6th gofundme she's made. I believe she's in trouble but she asked for money for a wedding, money for an oxygen tank that hasn't been posted in over a year, all while getting a $15,000? nose job last year and new fillers every 3 months. also if she's as sick as she says why would any reputable surgeon operate on her?

I think at the very least she's taking advantage of people's good will

No. 1872239

Wait a second, didn't anon tell she's a nepo baby/trust fund with famous parents? Why would she be begging for money & using gofundme then? Who are her parents? That doesn't make sense

No. 1872242

File: 1690572343818.png (136.34 KB, 870x262, Screen Shot 2023-07-28 at 3.27…)

I don't know if she's a nepo baby. She did do voice acting when she was younger. I can't find anything that suggests her parents were involved in the music industry. If she grew up in SoCal they're probably rich but…

No. 1872930

I don't think she's a nepo baby because she's been grifting for years. She hangs in those circles tho. No one will tell you where they get their money in LA, it's usually parents or sugar daddies.

She used to be so pretty. Really sad

No. 1873227

File: 1690738979071.png (1.4 MB, 916x826, glume1.png)

I've been reading on this person and can't decide if it's attention seeking cow faking/exaggerating/cashin in on illness, or genuinely ill person with mental problems. Either way, she seems oddly miserable and pity inducing. She destroyed herself with plastic surgeries, was given a contract and clout from LA nepo kids for some reason just to be sort of forgotten quickly after(?) and seems like her ""child star past"" is lingering after her. It's clear it was damaging to her in some way (understandable if she had a rabid stage mom like she claims), but instead of moving on, she's building her whole adult career on that. She stylizes herself as a mix of Shirley Temple and Marilyn Monroe (sometimes she looks Kathy Parkavenuepinup tier when she tries burlesque look lol) and behaves sort of like one of those Melanie Martinez adult baby kind of cringelords, except she's way way older than these. Idk how old she is but looks 35-40 range, probably thanks to that botched face she carefully photoshops into adult baby child star, but she looks drastically different in videoclips. The constant ebegging makes me think she can't count on her parents and she's being dropped by her labels as she cannot build any real fanbase. She doesn't seem to have any meaningful actor connections either, she just provided voice to 102 Dalmatians and whatnot, 15+ years ago.

I'm wondering if backstory she sells to media is true. if not it would be very milky.

No. 1873241

File: 1690739703201.png (3.08 MB, 920x1808, glume.png)

clear photoshop vs reality… i know she seems to have this "child star" theme but not gonna lie this babyfing herself seems kind of creepy. Not really fond of this whole concept, seems like she's stuck in the past and trying hard to hang onto that child actor past to preserve remnants of youth or whatever.

No. 1873244

File: 1690739763239.png (301.68 KB, 648x814, glume3.png)

This edit is especially bad, she literally shrunk her head.

No. 1873245

File: 1690739953458.png (403.96 KB, 642x748, glume4.png)

This article is so weird, what was that for? Also she has a video in which she sits in a bathtub and her boyfriend i guess (?) showers her and washes her hair bc she's too weak. Why would you film this for insta?… idk this seems kinda odd to me but ok

No. 1873254

File: 1690740986287.png (1.14 MB, 1092x1924, article.png)

Okay i read an interview in Rolling Stone and i'm convinced her backstory is bullshit. She could have a narc mother but i feel like she's making up a good deal of this, especially the tragic "my mom fed me amphetamines" kek sure jan. Is this the 60s?
>There’s little Harlow loves more than watching biopics of these types of women: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Pamela Anderson.
>In the 90s, Glüme Harlow watched a biographical movie of Judy Garland which depicted how Garland helped her family buy a house
>Her mother fed her a concoction of drugs to keep her awake through the day for auditions
>I was just chugging bubblegum medication, amphetamines, sleeping medication.”


No. 1873295

her list of medical conditions made me laugh, half of them are basically clinical diagnoses that have been popular with illness influencers but aren't actually life-ruining (the article claims she has lupus, but isn't more specific than that, which makes me skeptical). i think she fell in love with tragic stories of exploited old hollywood women and is doing anything she can to invent that image for herself. she's acting like she's an ingénue with cystic fibrosis, not a 30-something with a glamorous tragedy fetish.

No. 1873298

File: 1690745659397.png (1.22 MB, 1682x1198, Capture d’écran 2023-07-30 à…)

the fucking beret jfc. and every other post of her has and breton shirts and even edith piaf songs in the background. she truly goes for every retarded tourist sereotype.
how retarded do you have to be not to notice that literally no one i paris walks around in a beret and sriped shirt?

also judging by the places she films herself in and the look of her flat, she clearly has a nice posh pad in the historic centre. if she can afford a place like that she sure as hell doesn't need a gofundme for five grand

No. 1873316

File: 1690747234152.png (279.19 KB, 562x1252, imdb1.png)

Could it be she's well connected nd has a lot of money, but keeps up the gofundme shit to fit her woe is me, i'm a neglected drugged up child star my mom is a narc!! story? Scrolling a bit further down her IG i see she had quite aa lot of promotion, and was running around specific LA nepo spheres (same circles as Arrow de Wilde, Dani Miller etc).
Also all that Judy Garland/exploited old hollywood Shirley Temple tier actress story doesn't explain her actual body of work. If she had so much of audiences and work to do, where's this impressively demanding work? All she did was voice acting (picrel)

No. 1873319

any milk on the marias/maria zardoya?

No. 1873366

the craziest part about these articles is that she has a VERY good publicist getting her these BS fluff pieces and publicists are extremely expensive. who's paying for that? publicists are at minimum $2500/month but good ones are $10k+. how are you paying for a publicist but also can't pay rent?

GoFundMe was for $9k actually lolololll

ya she has no real acting credits. fishy backstory and this only came out during this album cycle which is conveniently titled "child actor"

No. 1873379

File: 1690752075852.jpg (73.41 KB, 828x935, IMG_9081.jpg)

speaking on @babyglume…she took all of the videos down but I pulled this from FB for proof.

at the height of BLM she used to have a youtube channel where basically she read black feminist literature literally laying in bed in lingerie with a marilyn monroe baby voice. and when no one watched it, she starting buying ads for the videos. virtue signaling libtard bullshit

No. 1873383

File: 1690752152384.jpg (123.75 KB, 828x1064, IMG_9082.jpg)

similar video on her instagram. this is how she used to get followers online

No. 1873661

File: 1690807937199.png (195.88 KB, 746x1170, bg.png)

The ~i have no money~ is annoying af. People with no money don't rent expensive looking rooms in Paris. People with no money don't afford sponsored Rolling Stone articles. Nobody bands with no audience just don't get that kind of promo, unless they're getting popular on Tiktok/in art circles, or unless they'e Starcrawler and have insider mom or dad.
Also lol at Shirley Manson in comments. Really curious how she became such buddies with that LA circle.

No. 1873958

File: 1690845376068.jpg (242.55 KB, 828x1270, IMG_2018.jpg)

I'm so confused. "My record label left me broke, I need your money" but also "I'm putting out a song with them next week" …?

No. 1873973

isn't shirley manson insanely too nice to everyone though? she seems to feel like she has to "protect" all the young female artists

No. 1874022

>our whole life was turned upside down by record label please share

The gofundme doesn't mention her record label at all. Also says she has lost her LA apartment which apparently is not the case since she just moved back to it.
I found another gofundme from 19 days ago for a few hundred for a wheelchair, but then she got a new, seemingly better quality red wheelchair which I assume she just dumped in Paris since she hurriedly moved back to LA (after funding her flights on gofundme for 9k)
At first I believed her story but things are not adding up, she needs a chair but then posted that she was looking forward to being cleared to tour on Monday? It's not adding up at all. I think she's a munchie and is exaggerating her condition for sick bbgirl points, and most people aren't gonna read much into it or realise it doesn't add up. There is another gofundme for 3k for an oxygen machine from a year ago.
So you need 3k for an oxygen machine but all those doctor appointments and hospital appointments are free I guess? The things she chooses to fund are sus, maybe she didn't actually need an oxygen machine hence having to buy it separately, it seems to not be anything to do with her doctor from the description.
Also the point anon made about PR, How do you get recommended in Rolling Stone and also random articles like this without paying? >>1873245
The drugged up child actor shit >>1873254
is literally Judy Gardland's history stolen wholesale, being "girl" in nausicaa >>1873316 doesn't count as child acting imo, voice acting is very different from being paraded around like Drew Barrymore was. voice acting is famously the most pleasant acting job too. Definitely a grifter, she nearly deserves a thread of her own imo since she's quite active online.

No. 1874094

there's actually been 6 gofundme's in total. anon shared this before the increase on her latest campaign, so I think it's over $20k in total at this point >>1866818

yeah she hasn't been photographed with the oxygen machine since that campaign ended. out of curiosity I googled how much they cost and I don't think they're $3500. i'm seeing listings for $500-2500 and the upper end would be top of the line

No. 1874148

File: 1690883514745.jpeg (585.81 KB, 774x1000, 24384ff5-d455-41a5-af7b-87b05c…)

>i think she fell in love with tragic stories of exploited old hollywood women and is doing anything she can to invent that image for herself.
Definitely, though the extent of her invention is a collage of Ice Ice Baby tier sampling of her inspirations' stories, images, and aesthetics. As >>1874022 pointed out, the overworked and drugged child actor is 100% lifted from Judy Garland. And for anons that don't know, her stage surname is almost certainly taken from fellow Old Hollywood tragic figure Jean Harlow (picrel), who also had the nickname "Baby".
(Normally one would consider "Baby" as perennial and generic enough to not necessarily be connected but between Harlow and the platinum blonde >>1873383 and in context of other wholesale lifting I'd wager it is).

It's so funny to me to so heavily borrow from the life story of a talent like Judy without having the same virtuosic vocal ability or body of work. At best you make yourself out to be a fan (with enough narc tendencies to make said fandom about yourself). But while making such a connection may speak favorably about your taste, it also invites comparison and can draw attention to the areas in which you lack. Reminds me of when Animal Collective put out Merriweather and next thing you knew it seemed every magazine etc wanted to ram the Smile and Pet Sounds comparisons down your throat, because checks notes it was psychedelic and had vocal harmonies… nevermind the composition, or actually being able to sing the harmonies outside of a studio setting with a million takes and production, but I digress.

No. 1874293

someone in celebcows mentioned that big fat guy lead signer from arcade fire is a huge sex pest, can someone spoonfeed me? i'm not dialed in to any gossip

No. 1876124

File: 1691169911917.jpg (296.22 KB, 1562x1286, Untitled.jpg)

another music video where glume pretends to be marilyn monroe. she's so brain damaged with tragedy fetish, it's sick

No. 1881039

Her album was legit so bad. Did her label pay to have it listed with Bob Dylan and Paul Simon? I unfollowed her long ago so idk what’s going on but is it possible her label dropped her because they invested so much into her while nobody actually likes her music?? That would make perfect sense to me

No. 1881248

yeah the label was definitely losing money on her, her numbers are shit and they definitely invested a lot in PR to get those lists

they cancelled her tour too

No. 1882467

No. 1886485

Lucy Dacus always seemed like pretentious bitch to me but maybe I am projecting. Typical white American liberal who hasn’t had an actual revolutionary thought in her life. Isn’t she friends with/dating that idiot “non binary” woman E.R. Fightmaster?

No. 1886518

unfortunately for lucy, there's no way back from being included on president obama's summer playlist. it's the ultimate defanging. any countercultural cachet you might have had is instantly sapped, never to be replenished. she could've given him the hard r and it wouldn't have made a difference at this point

No. 1886837

File: 1692793142612.jpeg (633.54 KB, 1800x1800, blackbraid.jpeg)

This probably belongs here - not a lot of metal in this thread, but the drama has all the ingredients of a good lolcow - race faking, online slapfights, deleting comments, and grifting.

short summary:
>in 2022, a band called Blackbraid gets really famous really fast out of nowhere, and purely on social media.
>the only member is Sgah’gahsowáh (picrel) and the music is "indigenous metal" inspired by his heritage growing up on a rez in Adirondack Mountains
>le epic redditor hipster metal crowd eats that shit right up, he gets tapped to do the Decibel magazine tour as his US debut and even gets a feature in New York Times as a Native American metal trailblazer
>Last week, he and a bunch of dudes he hired to be his live band, make a live European debut in the homeland of black metal - Norway, at arguably one of the biggest bm fests of the kind.
>in true ignorant American tourist way, Sgah’gahsowáh and the guitar player get ultra drunk post-concert, start mouthing off to security, Sgah’gahsowáh ends up spitting in the guy's face and assaulting him
>they are treated more nicely because they have band AAA passes so they are just politely escorted from the premises instead of spending the night in jail
>both Sgah’gahsowáh and the guitar man stay up on social media, drunkposting about how they were kicked out from a festival because of colonial racism of the white people and demand the fest to be cancelled, apologies and reparations
>festival attendees who saw them rolling around drunk and screaming at bouncers start chiming in and calling them out on their lies, they go full cow meltdown mode and claim asking for proof is also tantamount to violence and that they do not owe anybody an explanation because of their inherent proximity to whiteness
>a video surfaces of the bouncer telling them to go backstage and take a nap because they are drunk, two Blackbraid moids screaming in his face and trying to square up
>BB goes damage control mode - comments are disabled on all of their social media, and the drunkposting has been purged (probably by their handlers)
>but too late, damage has been done, metal news outlets start publishing articles about the NatAm band who got hatecrimed in Norway
>comments start filling with actual Native Americans going what the fuck

>turns out, Sgah’gahsowáh is a race faker

>his real name is Jonathan Krieger
>he is white, possibly Mexican, adopted by a white Jewish couple from upstate NY
>grew up relatively privileged, parents bought him a big house
>no trace of Native ancestry or tribal affiliation
>his entire LARP and PR seems to be encouraged by his wifeager, Ashley, who is a popular Ren Faire OF thot
>comments pointing that out keep getting deleted, but the jig is up, man got Hilaria Baldwin'd

>bonus round of racefaking fuckery - Eduardo, the other moid involved in the altercation is not white, but apparently plays in a lot of Nazi bands on the side.

reposted to add some clarifying details

No. 1886865

Top shelf stuff

No. 1886872

Your post suggests that his real name is a secret but it isn’t. It’s been on his Wikipedia page since its creation in February. Plenty of babies adopted off the rez are renamed. How would anyone know he has no tribal ancestry unless they had access to those adoption records? The rest of the stuff is milky but skeptical about race-faking. Culture-grifting maybe since he wasn’t raised in connection with his heritage, but race is race.

No. 1886873


ayrt, he has been adopted from an orphanage in Guadalajara - very slim chance of him being Mohawk as he claims to be.

Indigenous children getting adopted from the rez is a thing, but this dude is not related to it at all lmao

No. 1886875

Fair, thank you for clarification. I figured Mohawk -> upstate New York tracked but yeah Guadalajara is a stretch lmao

No. 1886892

File: 1692803638490.png (35.55 KB, 700x872, blackbraid-ig-story-2-20230822…)


tbf you are also right nonnie, I should have checked his Wikipedia. But he was refusing to give his full name in the NYT article I ripped the OP picture from, so I just ran with it kek. I was not sure if the post would generate enough interest so I tried to keep it brief.
I am now taking a dive into his music and stuff and goddamn this is some cringe bullshit. He is lucky the scene is so overpopulated by racist white moids, anybody with two braincells to rub together would have sussed out that he is a Fauxican fraud.
>song titles like Barefoot Ghost Dance on Blood Soaked Soil and Moss Covered Bones on the Altar of the Moon
It's like this retard asked ChatGPT to write a Native American metal album, this shit is beyond generic and dumb, no wonder all of his groupies are just fat white chicks and redditors.

sage for slight blog but I am also POC, and this guy comes across as all the annoying diaspora bitches I know, who would write cringe spacebar poetry about their "brown bodies containing stardust and suffering" or "the spirits of their ancestors guiding their way" and all that shit, while being named Tiffany and having finance consultant parents kek

picrel, one of his baleeted insta stories

No. 1886903

Every time he talks about his heritage it’s vague or straight up about different tribes. Mohawk pseudonym and “Mohawk cultural influences” but he apparently doesn’t claim to be Mohawk, massacre at Wounded Knee (Lakota) being “his history,” no real tribal attribution for his musical influence beyond some hand-wavey “traditional” flute and “connection to nature.” If he was Cuyuteco heritage he would still be Native American but the way he treats all native tribes as some homogeneous entity that he can freely poach cultural elements from under the guise of “I’m native” when he’s got zero tangible tribal connections is just. Well idk. Retarded. Like an upper middle class Jewish white kid larping lol.

No. 1886912

File: 1692807324150.webm (10.92 MB, 576x576, Snaptik.app_688732994009458611…)

this flavor of laziness in race grifting is almost refreshing in 2023, being Pretendian is a very 90s type beat. Also, Xibalba et al have existed for longer than he was alive, so claiming to be that kind of Native American would not bring him any brownie points.
The entire thing is so obviously astroturfed and botted, and the branding is done by somebody who does not have the slightest idea about being Native. I am starting to believe the tinfoil his (even whiter) wife is the mastermind behind his entire brand, which is ironic bc she is also a cosplayer herself. She started out as a regular type of obnoxious black metal TikTok attention whore, it is frankly impressive how quickly she managed to shill him and herself in the process.
Vidrel is the two of them being cringy basic retards with a "makeup tutorial" in 2020
Lords of Chaos has been a disaster for this scene. Talk about newfags.

No. 1886920

File: 1692808033957.png (299.89 KB, 933x1923, blackbraid interview excerpts.…)

SA, here's some excerpts from interviews.

No. 1886927


this is gold nona, the OG version of the first interview you posted claimed he was adopted into a Native family and was brought up into the culture and shit. i guess some people sussed that out so in December, the article was changed to be as it is in your screenshot.

archive.org link for posterity: https://web.archive.org/web/20220911140600/https://www.loudersound.com/features/meet-blackbraid-the-one-man-project-telling-native-american-stories-through-compelling-black-metal

No. 1886928

Thank you nona for the good summary, kek. I knew that "native american" name was too over the top when I started reading it.
Also, I'm not surprised he has rich Jewish parents. I noticed a lot of wealthy Jewish people connected to the entertainment industry like to find talent, hook them up with an agency to rewrite their whole image and plan their career, then reintroduce them as someone new and fresh with label backing. This is an example of one of those people in the agencies confessing what they do. Here is the link (it won't inbed with the timestamp for some reason):
Little nepotism baby moid just couldn't even keep it together for one concert.

No. 1887247

File: 1692843933040.jpg (191.62 KB, 1179x2003, 1692737389534751 (1).jpg)

It's truly over for indie musicians.
Ed Droste is the frontman of Grizzly Bear and he ahs 500k+ insta followers

No. 1887253

File: 1692845787947.jpeg (672.23 KB, 1170x1634, 0C333346-928F-43FF-A927-05AC5C…)

i need therapy from the 2012 Vulture article depicting the Grizzly Bears band as self harming scab nibblers


No. 1887287

This is so funny, it's like an april fool's. I think people overestimate the fame of millennial bands like animal collective or grizzly bear, they are bands you threw on a playlist in 2010 but they have no star power or deep cultural impact like someone like Neil Young or Morrissey or Blondie or whoever. Well known but no die hard fans.
This seems almost fetishistic, someone should check that guy's hard drive

No. 1887303

This is why I don't listen to American black metal bands lol.

No. 1887377

Love you for this anon, more metalposting plz. I had just gotten into blackbraid too

No. 1887388

Lets not act like black metal artists/bands in other countries are any less milky or cringe. This is just the indigenous version of a dime a dozen ‘norse’ larping black metalheads

No. 1887422



>He's not native. Someone dug up his mom's Facebook account and there was an old post about adopting him from Mexico. He was raised in Albany, not the Adirondack's, or whatever he claims. Dude is just chasing clout.

Looks like real Natives are also catching on lmao

No. 1887476

>500k+ insta followers
how the fuck? nobody has talked about/listened to grizzly bear since 2012. did he buy em or was he some early instagram funnyman or something

No. 1887560

File: 1692894515223.jpeg (11.84 KB, 150x150, Ghost-Bath-immagine-band-2014-…)

I slightly disagree nonners, (usually Mexican kek) moids pretending to be trve aryan Vikings of yore is cringe af, but it sorta falls under the black metal kayfabe umbrella. Those dudes may posture a bit online, but I very rarely see them claiming to actually be Nordic if they are not. It's just a Viking trad larp in service of the show.
These guys however, purposefully pushed the "Indigenous Content Creator" angle and that afforded them more press than a similarly mid whitebois band. Reminds me of Ghost Bath kek.
>picrel, fat white rural US moids who pretended to be a Chinese black metal band in order to get clout. When the truth came out, they backpedaled and acted like it is an "artistic statement", but it singlehandedly destroyed their careers.
Hope the same thing happens to Blackbraid, inshallah

No. 1887590

File: 1692897764887.png (446.41 KB, 458x434, hwEegIT.png)

Not sure if she counts for this thread but does anyone else get the impression Hemlocke Springs is a plant? She supposedly went viral on tiktok for her song girlfriend and now Spotify is advertising her music on Time Square? I like her songs but nothing about her success feels organic. It's always sus when someone with no background in production or amateur music making (Youtube covers?) suddenly comes out with a self-produced professional sounding track that "goes viral." The only background I can find on her is she's a grad school student.

No. 1887626


that shit does not sound professional LOL. I don't believe she's a plant because her music is at the very least def not mainstream. no money in it

No. 1887637

to be fair, every literal who with a decent publicist gets a spot on the times square breencast these days. it's basically a release day ritual to have your picture taken in front of it with a coy caption

No. 1887653

I doubt someone adopted from Mexico has absolutely zero trace of indigenous ancestry, unless him being adopted from there is also another lie. The majority of Mexicans do have some native in them, though the amount varies from region to region. It's just not the exploitable kind that average Americans have heard of and consider cool like Mohawk. Of course this guy lying about his identity is really cringe, but I kinda wonder how much being an international adoptee plays a part in his act. It seems like more than just clout chasing to me but also a rejection of his adoptive family, especially with how he bitches about white people so much. a lot of adoptees seem to have an identity crisis even if their parents treated them very well.

No. 1887690

nta but going viral on tiktok is the mainstream nowadays, she sounds like every other popular "indie" musician to me.

No. 1888143

ever since Varg got in jail, Mexican moids with childhood trauma have been the core demographic for black metal, both as bands and as the audience. He never would have gotten the speshul treatment and narc validation he craves if he were just another self-hating Latino with a dumpy white gf, so he went full race LARP.
But you do raise a fair point with the international adoption, I think that is why he started getting into bm in the first place. And possible blog but I went to school with a trailer trash girl who had it really rough - mom on Oxy, dad left when she was an infant and all that shit. She was always telling people she is half Native and she obvi was not. I think it is a coping mechanism, kids with shitty home lives romanticising their suffering to be more aesthetic?

No. 1888985

File: 1693100867270.jpg (392.62 KB, 828x1373, 266BE98B-2571-4E2E-B6CB-C6D1CF…)

>>1873661 >>1873958 >>1874022

more glume panhandling. i get the garage sale but still dropping the venmo & cashapp? she's on her IG stories talking about how she made no money from record sales…ya because no one listens to you

No. 1889066

Incredible. What is she paying for this huge ass apartment with then? Imagine all the money went into huge ass billboards in LA, exclusive parties with LA washouts, going to Floria Sigismondi parties (iirc?) as well as other known names etc etc etc. She was running in the same circles as Arrow De Wilde or Dani Miller i think. I wanna see all those ~cool LA friends~ supporting her now lol (generously throwing well measured 50 dollars so she fucks off, knowing rich people's generosity).
I mean, this is sad. As someone who likes to write songs too, i can emphatize with art flopping/not getting fans etc. But she's a stupid bitch who lies about her upbringing. Maybe she's truly on wrong terms with her family, but all the stuff about how her parents drugged her to be this Judy Garland starlet, all that story is 100% fake for pity and attention.

No. 1889091

Yeah I get secondhand embarrassment from her music but I do feel a tiny bit of sympathy for the whole failed dream thing. To me she seemed like she was trying to copy Lana del Rey’s style/image, especially after seeing her old music sounded very different (but still bad). Also kind of off-topic but one time a person asked how old she is on a post, another person replied “34” or whatever it was at the time, and she got all pissy at them saying “Not everyone wants people to know their age”. Kind of sad that we’re still living in times when this is an issue. Imo it would be great to see a 30+ up and coming female indie artist.. but they have to be actually musically talented, which she isn’t

No. 1889100

Yeah, idk dumb zoomers taken over lolcow and they always shout at me saying it's old & hag and whatever, but to me 34 is young (i'm in my 20s). I get that 39 is a scare for people bc you're approaching 40's, but early 30s are no different than say, 25 imo. Hate how people push this "You're in your 30's, that's old you're expired woman" bullshit, also in music industry. Glume fucked her face with operations, that's the real problem here. Plus her music just isn't interesting, idk what style image she could try instead of this starlet bullshit tho.
I was wondering, couldn't she come back to acting/voice acting specifically? I mean yes, she's not a child voice anymore but she has some experience in that field even if it's scarce, and she could make some additional money. Voice acting seems like a dream job. Just reading script of some child cartoon, that seems cool to me

No. 1889131

File: 1693142170474.jpeg (172.91 KB, 860x1082, babyjane.jpeg)

Are we sure she is not doing some sort of meta-post-post ironic performance art? As in, is she trying to appear as a botched washed up loser with bad makeup and hair on purpose?
I get that she is trying to skinwalk old time Hollywood child stars, but what if she is trying to be a modern Baby Jane?

No. 1889144

I think she's trying to look botched on purpose LA rich, and idolises people like courtney love. It's very white trash "celebrity" aesthetic rather than actual class and grace like Marilyn, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor etc like she is not hitting that at all.
She posted some stories from her apartment (I assume that is where her garage sale was hosted) and it's quite spacious, so even if she didn't make money she still has access to money, be it family or her husband's. Plus it seems to be mostly fancy dresses she's selling so it is more like she was playing shop for the day with her friends rather than a real garage sale.

No. 1889208

Her image, way of dressing, hair and all are probably intended caricature of Hollywood child star stereotype, but i very much doubt she botched her face with surgeries for camp and irony. She must be widely insecure. I'd be okay with her bullshit backstory if there was some subtle hint, some indication that she's only playing a role - i'm not a fan of hers but didn't Marina & The Diamonds do something like that? A drama queen tier alter ego made up for 1 album course. But i feel like the way Glume presents it all is she implies she built a caricature persona based ON her "real" abused starlet past - which we know is hugely bullshit. Like she wants everyone to think it's not a role she plays, it's a REAL tragic past of hers. She could have shitty stage parents nd bad experiences, sure. But she was never a prolific child star methed up by 1930's tier Hollywood studios and stage mom who played her Shirley Temple and Judy Garland nd Marilyn Monroe movies strictly.
I can't tell where the persona ends and reality begins for her, perhaps Glume doesn't know either.

No. 1889405

Ya it sucks, I don't want to see any artists struggle for money but the way she's so blatantly lying makes her lose all credibility. Her parents "drugged" her, now she's going after her record label. Hard to tell what's real and what's not. The billboard thing is hilarious though, they bought SO many and for what? That could've paid rent for like half a year

No. 1889481

File: 1693210220450.jpg (357.28 KB, 828x1386, IMG_9679.jpg)

Wait I'm dying. Literally a day before the "garage sale" she purchased a new pet bird?

No. 1889496

>The billboard thing is hilarious though, they bought SO many and for what?
What label is she on? She's an unknown artist, i see no reason why would some indie label buy huge ass billboards to promote virtually unknown artist. Indie. Labels. Don't buy billboard spaces to unknown indie artists - especially not in 2023. That's sketchy, and that's how you immediately know something is wrong. This is the same situation like with Starcrawler back in 2018. Nobody knew these idiots, they played in random 300 capacity european clubs to people who came over for beer, but had a "superstar" tier scheduled meetings in Japan and gigantic ass billboards in LA and Manhattan. Except obviously Glume doesn't have even half as much money as Arrow does.

No. 1890032

File: 1693307616775.jpeg (334.79 KB, 1170x1189, p2.jpeg)

No idea why Phoebe Bridgers updates aren't posted here instead of celebricows. But for those who reasonably don't frequent celebricows, i'm posting here. Old roommate of Phoebe Bridgers shares some dirt

No. 1890033

File: 1693307675680.jpeg (952.11 KB, 1125x1611, 1693295462661.jpeg)

No. 1890035

File: 1693307761010.jpeg (142.68 KB, 1170x578, p1.jpeg)

No. 1890045

I think because more people might be frequenting Celebricows and anons also don't like her over there

No. 1890053

Okay I will come here now, I have found my sisters of hatred for Phoebe and her shit music.

No. 1890173

File: 1693326875492.jpg (205.8 KB, 828x899, IMG_9701.jpg)

She was on Italians Do It Better but was recently dropped. They're ~prestigious~ because of their history but none of their artists are successful and the label is totally broke. I think the billboard inventory that Glume purchased was the same small-ish billboards that Starcrawler had. Seems like a lot of musicians buy from this company. But she also had a MASSIVE one on Sunset Blvd. Imagine you're driving down Sunset and you see this giant botched face

No. 1890641

File: 1693377501765.png (776.13 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20230829-233954.png)

So the person who commented 3 years ago is a Black woman who had negative experiences with both Phoebe Bridgers and Haley Dahl. It's an interesting read to go through these comments.

No. 1890642

File: 1693377659888.png (810.28 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20230829-234333.png)

And here's a mention of Phoebe defending Kim Fowley.

No. 1890779

File: 1693409383821.jpg (266.91 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_2023-08-30-17-30-41…)

Is there any milk on Remi Wolf? I just discovered her because of her Anthony Kiedis song, checked her Spotify profile out and this instantly turned me off her…

No. 1890782

No idea who this is but this is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever read holy kek

No. 1890785

This is really annoying because she has a great voice and good catchy songs and doesn't need to be doing this sort of cringy shit.

No. 1890787

i saw her when she opened for lorde. this is extremely cringey but she's a great musician and performer and also seems to be an interesting person (iirc she was an olympic skier before becoming a musician). i don't think she's done anything actually milky other than having a very embarrassing bio on spotify.

No. 1890893

Proof that artists should not be permitted to write their own Spotify bios.

No. 1891733

How old is this idiot? If she's 14, then maybe we can gracefully ignore and say nothing. No, maybe if she's 12yo and IF it's rawring 2008 and it's her deviantart profile. Otherwise, this is the worst thing i've read, and bear in mind i've read some horrors, including self-written Grimes Spotify and anything by Emilie Autumn. ~crazy bihhh~ surely didn't make me want to listen to her music.
Anons, you need to stop looking for good music in zoomer section, it's gonna go downhill especially the younger it goes.

No. 1891929

File: 1693593256547.jpg (262.23 KB, 1280x1920, remi-wolf-2022-mtv-video-music…)

Unfortunately she's 27. She also has the tackiest fucking style in the game and brags about making "ADHD love songs"

No. 1892354

I don't wanna be unkind since she seems like a nice person based on what anon said upthread, but this whole Look screams "Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory" like why would you do this to yourself

No. 1892510

it’s the Lena Dunham thing of “if you’re too chubby to look really good, dress as ridiculously as possible so people think you look like shit intentionally”

No. 1892753

This just seems like the 2023 idea of a kimya dawson gimmick, it’s cringey but not to the point of being that unfathomable

No. 1893020

>She was on Italians Do It Better but was recently dropped. They're ~prestigious~ because of their history but none of their artists are successful and the label is totally broke.
Please spill any tea you might have on Italians Do It Better!

Because I am a nona of a certain age I would also low key love to hear any old time Troubleman Unlimited gossip. They burned brightly and crashed hard, but I never heard any rumors, they just fell prey to the classic rise-and-fall cycle of a tastemaking indie label, where they got too big for their own good and diluted their brand by flooding the market with inferior product.

No. 1893217

This made my stomach hurt

No. 1895359

Saging for non milk but does anybody remember the Welsh rock band Pretty Vicious? They disbanded a couple of years back but never gave an actual reason as to why and people are giving conflicting accounts of what happened online. Shame because they were decent. Heard the record company fucked them over in the end

No. 1900284

File: 1695044256834.png (5.45 MB, 1412x2440, 2222.png)

Baby Glume made a video in which she admits she uses both lip fillers and filters making her lips horrendously big, which is all ok i guess but her reasoning is a little kekworthy. Yes, you enlarge your lips with specific insta filters bc of anemia. Also press doubt on "i don't have fillers in my lower lip"
Anyways she's selling out her clothes on Depop and Etsy now, really curious wtf is up with her financial situation.

No. 1900285

File: 1695044376212.png (343.51 KB, 646x810, 23.png)

Dani is going solo with most unoriginal looks. Anyways she apparently is singing on Miley Cyrus's last album wtf.

No. 1900483

Isn’t her look supposed to be intentionally decadent, bimbofied and exaggerated? Similar to Hoffmanitas massive lip fillers.

No. 1900593

I have gossip on this label but it’s partially speculative. Nothing too groundbreaking, I need to do a little more research. They are very good at playing the Spotify game, in strategic naming of tracks (lame, counting in accidental clicks) and clout seeking harder than the average record label.

No. 1900739

I think she's going for glamour old Hollywood/obviously child star look rather than bimbo. Doubt she botched herself just for that aesthetic, rather wild insecurities (but i honestly don't know when she had these surgeries, who she was like 5 years ago etc). That's her choice ofc but it's just kind sad, why infantilizing and turning herself into this hollywood dolly. She used to be pretty with her natural features >>1872242

No. 1900870

Using SEO for song titles is so pathetic I never even considered it kek, I assume this means giving it a similar title to another popular song so people listen accidentally

No. 1900897

File: 1695147030975.jpeg (185.79 KB, 1166x846, 1694162906546.jpeg)

Lol seeing this just now, copied from Postleftcows/Dimes Square cows thread. never thought i'd see Sickysab there. Sabrina was at some event filled with Dimes Square tards, including Dasha of Red Scare. I didn't expect her to hang out with such crowd, not very "punk rock" of her kek. But she's also bff with Lilith Levisis who's openly rightwing on her IG now. Makes me wonder about her political beliefs

Idk but Sabrina seems to be the richest of these indie cows itt. Dad is a super rich CEO (someone in Leftcows thread said she's related to Nick Fuentes, which idk about) and she's just always, always at every NYC rich people slash high fashion party, getting big modelling brands and adverts even after she got fat, studying and playing with her band anywhere easily, getting loads of cash from mom & dad but playing up that "punk" London lifestyle lol. Extremely connected.

Weird she didn't walk for last Ashley Williams collection though, she sat in the audience and filmed Arrow de Wilde awkwardly hunching and stomping on catwalk instead.

No. 1901080

Ayrt and I'm kekking at the idea of trying to boost your streaming SEO results by stealing track titles, I had no idea that was a thing.

It's a 25 year old history lesson and no1curr, but Troubleman Unlimited was the local label for a lot of the late 90s/early 2000s Williamsburg scene before it attracted national attention, then got swept up in that hype and started putting out too many releases, even half-assing stuff like the mastering and graphic design. A friend of mine put a record out with them and said Simonetti was kind of sheisty, but idk if that was more so than any other record label guy. I always wondered if part of why he started Italians Do It Better and shifted his focus to dance music was that he knew Troubleman had overstayed its welcome and wanted to start fresh in a different market.

No. 1901718

File: 1695269130257.webm (2.88 MB, 720x1280, Glume.webm)

Glume did a "live" show recording, this is after her tour got cancelled and she's posted a lot about how she loves touring and such. So I go look at her Instagram stories (still up as now) and she has reposted many stories from different people in the audience. What are the chances that every single clip her mouth is not moving in time with the music, not only is she using playback/mimimg she doesn't even know the words to her own songs to be able to mime to them correctly. Every single clip is out of time and her mouth is not even anywhere close to making the right movements for the words. It comes across like a karaoke gig but even worse because there is no or very little actual singing.
Audience seems to be coquettes and egirls and scenester men. Her main thing seems to be the cute image and she posts a lot of stories about her birds, rescuing a rabbit just now, going to pool parties etc like the music thing seems to not be serious at all which would explain why she seems to have no interest from music fans.
The music itself is whisper-singing coquette lana del rey nothingburgers also, but you could still do something with that live if you had talent. What is even the point of doing a "live show taping" if it's all mimed.

No. 1901945

Damn that's pretty bad. Honestly surprised she has any sort of audience attending. Even that amount of fans is pretty small & she's flopping so hard which makes me feel kinda bad for her tbh.
I noticed her fans/followers in comment sections really do infantilize her and treat her as precious little fragile baby that should be applauded for anything bc life is so hard and full of illnesses and disabilities. Which is probably exactly what she wants, considering Hollywood child star bullshit she goes for. I can understand that sort of patronizing reactions which people tend to have towards idols/influencers who are severly ill and doing anything small is a true achievement to them, so ppl want to be positive and encouraging. Problem is, i really really really don't know if i believe Glume suffers all these conditions for real, or if she's a small time munchie. I have no doubts she 100% lies about her fabricated "uwu Judy Garland on 50's amphetamine tablets childhood" so she's capable of faking. Anemia? Iron deficiency? Yes, she probably has them. Idk about other stuff she claimed to have (which i already forgot) so real mixed feelings bout this person.

No. 1901961

File: 1695324522572.jpg (219.47 KB, 828x1435, IMG_0058.jpg)

the prices on everything is insane but $250 for a soiled japanese schoolgirl uniform (it's literally stained) is criminal lol. it's got to be some weird fetish dude buying this because no "fan" would pay this much for her shit

No. 1905047

File: 1695800322787.jpg (761.12 KB, 2048x2048, 03615D13-EECC-4FF9-8FC8-7F4029…)

Baby Glume posted a new video showing off her designer clothing. Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Givenchy. She's been crying poverty for the last month and JUST had a GoFundMe for $9k so either it's all fake designer or she's a straight up scammer. Whoever keeps giving her money is a chump