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File: 1403667458121.jpg (23.32 KB, 710x582, freakout.jpg)

No. 179489

For those who are new to the soulbonder to rule them all:

For those who can't be arsed to read ED, here's a quick summary(with some other tidbits):

> Her first name's Donna, and she hates it.

> She hates her mother. Refers to her as her "Dad's Wife".
> Loves to spend money on shit that doesn't even look good on her instead of saving up.
> Lives with her parents and big brother and whines about her family.
> Claims to see, hear, basically treats video game and anime characters as real people.
> Claims that video games are "filmed", and actually takes place in some part of the universe somewhere (see "Pixels" in the article)
> Is a manipulative bitch. Says things like "I hope I don't wake up" or "I don't deserve to be alive" so she can have asspats and have people pity her.
> Never listens to any advice on anything.
> Horrible to chat with. The conversation will always be about her and her problems.
> Fancies herself an artist.
> Has horrible fashion sense.
> She befriended PT on twitter, until PT closed her account.

No. 179490

you forgot the fact that she's in her twenties and still has imaginary friends (soulbonds)

No. 179491

File: 1403931568537.jpg (30.28 KB, 616x560, IPLAYGAEMS.jpg)


Yeah that too.

Anyhow, apparently she does sit-throughs to see if it's worth buying a game. Are these sit-throughs watching Let's Plays? Then what is the point of playing the damn game if you've already seen it?

Does she even have any other console besides her DS?

No. 179492

I only watch LP's of games I've already played. Like retro games I haven't played in awhile. I think it's worthless to watch the whole game then buy it yourself. Sure it's not the same as playing, but all of the spoilers will ruin the experience for you.

I'm not sure if she has other consoles. But it's the general consensus that she doesn't even play most of the games her soulbonds come from. She has this phobia about seeing them killed off in game as well as getting uncomfortable when they are sexualized in any way. All of her soulbonds have the same basic personality interjected with whatever she is feeling or wants to say but can't say herself. It's really weird. I guess to people who don't do this soulbond nonsense it makes no sense.

Her Lightning, Tifa, Samus, Mikasa ect… They're all the same person really. Herself. Or rather the ideal of what she wants to say and do.

No. 179493

File: 1403964108862.jpg (29.17 KB, 610x521, eww.jpg)

>I just love going to a place that makes me feel smart. Real life makes me feel really stupid.

Well I've got news for you…

No. 179494

Same. Or when I get stuck and I just couldn't find my way around of a stage.


Her Lightning, Tifa, Samus, Mikasa ect… They're all the same person really. Herself. Or rather the ideal of what she wants to say and do.

EXACTLY. She also hides behind said characters when she gets called out of her bullshit.

No. 179495

where the fuck else is someone supposed to dump cat shit? and unless you are fishing around in the trash, it's not going to effect your food. it is not going to be giving out catpoo vapors into the air that will descend on your food and cover it with feline shit germs fuck

No. 179496

We used to flush it down the toilet which seems more effective then keeping it in the trash until you take out the trash..

No. 179497

I put used litter in a bag and throw it into the outside trashcan.

No. 179498

Personally I'd keep cat feces as far away from the place where I prepare my food as possible. The parasite that causes toxoplasmosis (often present in cat feces, can cause neurological disorders and all sorts of unfun shit) can survive in the environment for months at a time. Unless they sterilize the shit out of their kitchen every day I wouldn't want to eat food prepared there either.

No. 179499

some litters can't be flushed, or cause septic tank issues
if people aren't being gross as fuck they'd take their trash out every night. i do my litter box at night, put it in the bathroom trash, tie it up, then throw it in the kitchen trash.

No. 179500

File: 1404310512519.jpg (41.85 KB, 402x565, digiart.jpg)

>"I have a lot more followers there and my art has been reaching a wider audience. Besides, I'm sure my Tumblr followers are getting pretty tired of only getting to see one picture in a series post and then having to click links. It's so much easier and more productive to both my artwork and my followers to just move everything over there. My Tumblr blog is doing very well and I think it will better allow my art to grow and to reach a wider range of viewers."

Where does she get the idea that anything she does is interesting?

No. 179501

Who are even her followers? Are all of them in it for the entertainment? I could believe PT had some genuine chubby chaser followers who stuck around for the free ~gravure~ but Star has absolutely nothing to offer to anyone. Even fandom-wise she can hardly communicate with other people without getting mad about someone misappropriating her soulbonds.

It disturbs me to consider people might follow her art and OOTD posts because they like them.

No. 179502

Well, it IS tumblr. Most of those followers probably have no idea what she's like during chats or regular conversations. She did tone down the soulbonding shit lately, so anyone browsing her tumblr would probably think she's your typical tumblrfag with a sprinkle of try-hard here and there.

No. 179503

This kind of reminds me of something you'd see in an old Sega game.

I've noticed, and I'm sure a lot of you have too, that most of her female soulbonds are the same strong female lead types. Also, ones like Tifa are very family oriented. I don't know if Star has seen AC (she doesn't seem to watch or play much of anything that she is a fan of) but she probably knows Tifa takes care of children, acts as a mother figure to them and is very protective.

This is definitely the kind of mother Star would want.

When I realised this I actually felt bad for her. Because her mom probably is pretty messed up. Her dad seems like he is a decent guy. I feel bad for him because I know he's an older guy and probably has to put up with way more than he needs to because his family has such problems.

I'm not an expert and won't play Lucy van Pelt here, but I really think the soulbonds she chooses are a reflection of the type of people she wants in her life as well as the type of person she wishes she could be.

If she wasn't such an attention vampire I think people would sympathise more and be a little more understanding. It's a shame.

No. 179504

File: 1404450944435.jpg (62.29 KB, 489x1043, fitsin.jpg)


Pretty much, yes. But then, the moment you see these soulbonds "talk through her", you'd notice it's basically just her with different names. Each and every soulbond she got acts the same as her, with a bit of their main characteristics thrown in.

>When I realised this I actually felt bad for her.

Yeah, it's the same for me when I first encountered her, but my sympathy went down the drain after seeing how annoying she can get just to get and be the center of attention.

>We had a lot of fun, we all have the same sense of humor, and they really liked having my soulbonds around.

>One guy even went "Oooh, soulbonds :D" when he found out I had them.

Hahaha okay Star.

No. 179505

What exactly is a soulbound, anyway?

No. 179506

From what I can remember, attention seekers, dramatics or actual mentally ill people latch on to video game, movie, tv, or anime characters and have relationships with one or many and some even think that they are the character they've bonded with.
Or maybe I'm confusing part with other kin / anime kin stuff.

No. 179507

File: 1404522221555.jpg (58.87 KB, 800x800, 1398125873259.jpg)


So it's kind of like those weeaboos who have waifus/husbandos?

No. 179508

Yeah, the otherkins are the ones who think THEY are the reincarnations of fictional characters.

Star's particular soulbonding though involves her believing videogames are actual occurances in other dimensions/planes and are just recordings, therefore, making the videogame characters real, existing "people". For her, soulbonders are the only ones to have access to these dimensions/interact with characters making her super speshul.

Refer to her ED article on her in-depth explanation of her soulbonding.

No. 179509

File: 1404523249938.jpg (26.36 KB, 617x629, fashun.jpg)

I'm wondering if that last button is intentional or she couldn't actually close it.

No. 179510

What? Her party for her soul bounds?

The socks, whhyyyyyyyyyyy

No. 179511

File: 1404627817461.jpg (57.96 KB, 625x1181, brat.jpg)

God… Whenever I start to feel bad about Star, she says shit like this.

No. 179512

How the hell is this fairy kei? I mean it's not the first time I've seen her outfits and facepalmed at what themes and styles she seems to think they are. But this is just awful in every way.

I know. Those socks. With that outfit. Why? They look bad with the shoes too.

No. 179513

The skirt is what's getting to me. It looks like she's wearing a pillowcase. She really needs to learn how to dress herself.

No. 179514

Who is she talking about here?

No. 179515

Her older brother.

No. 179516

File: 1404747165672.jpg (28.56 KB, 622x550, shoppingismytherapy.jpg)

Are they so well off she can spend money on shit she wants but doesn't necessarily need?

No. 179517

Aw man, I would've loved seeing her in lolita. I bet she'd either squeeze herself into some saccharine AP dress a la PT or go for the crappiest of Bodyline out there. Of course she wouldn't wear a petticoat or anything else appropriate with it. She'd probably wear it over jeans.
Whyyy this could have been beautiful!

No. 179518

Apparently being a spoiled brat is an "addiction" now.

No. 179519

AP? Are you kidding me? Knowing Star's fashion sense I'm gonna bet she was going to buy some Milanoo monstrocity.

(I hope she does because seeing her in it would be hilarious.)

No. 179520

File: 1404848643999.jpg (62.12 KB, 610x1261, dilemma2.jpg)

Yes Star, surprisingly, not everyone you talk to likes you.

No. 179521

File: 1404850526975.png (1.16 MB, 938x1176, wow so fashion.png)

Nah she likes AP. On the first page of her outfit tag there are four outfits ~*inspired*~ by different popular AP pieces. Here, look at this educational collage I made!

She might still go for Milanoo or Bodyline or some other itatastic abomination, of course. It's not like she can tell the difference.

I'm definitely hoping she'll go for the dress. I'm even hoping she goes for genuine burando because the outrage will be delicious.

No. 179522

I bet she would buy replicas and call them the real deal.

No. 179523

It doesn't seem like she would have the know-how or patience to find/look for replica sites. She's spoiled enough to want the real deal.

I seriously think that if she went for the dress she'd go real AP or bust.

No. 179524

File: 1404914351671.jpg (18.46 KB, 508x205, doll.jpg)

Now that's just sad.

No. 179525

File: 1404941164476.jpg (22.47 KB, 609x459, doll2.jpg)

>I can't believe I finally get to meet her

She's like those people who buy BJDs and treats said BJDs like real people.

I imagine Star, walking around carrying a doll and talking to it like it's a real person.

No. 179526

Wooow none of these look even remotely similar to those prints. I'd love to see what she'd do with a real AP dress.

No. 179527

File: 1405025275826.jpg (52.35 KB, 500x629, belleoutfit.jpg)

I was expecting she'd be wearing something blue and white and–

Naw, who am I kidding.

No. 179528

I don't understand what Elsa doll she preordered. I just looked on amazon and there were no Elsa dolls that had to be preordered.

No. 179529

File: 1405193638010.jpg (255.02 KB, 1368x700, yuka.jpg)


No. 179530

Initially, I thought you posted in the wrong thread but wow hahahaha. Star no, she is not a good role model.

Knowing star it was probably just a regular order.

No. 179531

File: 1405381311675.png (33.06 KB, 642x112, lol.png)

No. 179532

File: 1405515028009.png (293.76 KB, 520x628, ghibli.png)

No. 179533

She actually looks kinda "normal" here. Compared to her other outfits, this one isn't that terrible.

Inb4 Star realizes it and decides to not like it because she doesn't look like a fucking mess.

No. 179534

File: 1405555066757.png (8.9 KB, 377x51, oh_you.png)

No. 179535

Oh star.. Then what is it about? The blurred lines a soulbonder has to deal with to bond?

No. 179536

This….there is nothing studio ghibli about this. Just because you have a fucking blue skirt..oh my god. Of all the things about studi ghibli films, she chooses to do a generic blue for the fucking skys. I have no words for this feeling.

No. 179537

>Red heart hairbow: Just the right amount of cuteness and charm

&$#%%^ of all the things she could have compared to studio ghibli. She could have easily referred to Kiki's big red bow..instead she has to be like the bluuuuu sky and green fields!!&$&"

No. 179538


She's getting just as bad as the SJW's that she hates so much. She lies to herself and makes shit up just to further her agenda just like they do.

No. 179539

File: 1405622183086.jpg (8.71 KB, 599x138, weight2.jpg)

It's all good she's trying to get fit but why does she still looks the same body-wise in all her pics?

Just get a damn trainer, Star. And no, your guardians doesn't count as trainers.

No. 179540

She probably earned a bunch while her ~diet~

No. 179541

And the terrible clothing choices don't help either.

No. 179542

So her big con is coming up. I think (if I remember correctly from a few months ago) that she's either going as a Tardis or wearing an outfit "inspired" by Boba Fett.

No. 179543

File: 1405789651930.jpg (29.26 KB, 559x587, weddings.jpg)

>We deduced that the wedding atmosphere is just too bizarre for me to be able to take in.

People celebrating and being happy for someone else is bizarre?

I wonder how she'll do in the con she plans to attend.

No. 179544

Weddings are crowded and noisy, people are dressed up, different situations call for drastically different behaviour (ceremony vs. party, etc.) and someone with an autism spectrum disorder can be overwhelmed by all this. It's not just her going "omg happy people ew", weddings are very socially complex situations.

No. 179545

File: 1405803686788.jpg (121.06 KB, 707x1284, weddingwangst.jpg)

Does having autism explain this behavior though?

>I had a lot of things to distract me from my jealousy (kay, I can admit it, it's jealousy. Because for fuck's sake, WHY does my cousin get to have his wedding in a castle and I can't even have my birthday in a rented museum hall???)

>Yeah but like I mentioned in my previous post there was a time when I finally got super bitchy. I stomped outside and then I hid behind a table and after a while I decided to test people and stayed behind the table to see if anyone bothered to notice and/or give a shit that I was behind a table. And when it turned out that no, they really didn't, 'cause it wasn't my wedding so who gave a shit who or where I was, that's when I finally was all set to cry.

No. 179546

File: 1405803986292.jpg (50.27 KB, 604x662, weddingwangst2.jpg)


>But falling in love, as beautiful and happy an event it is, does not actually involve any sort of talent or any sort of effort on your part. So what's the huge celebration for? Just form a union with the girl and get it over with. I'll SUPPORT you when you actually DO something.

No. 179547

File: 1405870792670.jpg (23.28 KB, 264x597, tardis star.jpg)

Guess she went with the TARDis. The weight loss shows though.

No. 179548

File: 1405870856872.jpg (29.78 KB, 392x612, hat star.jpg)

(Close up Hat pic. )

No. 179549

She really does have beautiful hair.
She'd be pretty nice-looking if she lost some more weight

No. 179550

What does her cousin's wedding have to do with Star's birthday??? Star's parents aren't paying for it. Most likely the cousin is, or his/her parents.

Star, it's not about you. Weddings are about the couple, sheesh.

No. 179551

I can't see it anon. Not to be rude to you and your taste at all, but to me it looks really greasy and volumeless..

No. 179552


It's nice that it's wavy (not the same anon you responded too), but like, I don't know, it looks like she dips her head in hair gel. It always looks wet. I don't think I've ever seen a picture with her "natural"(for lack of a better word) hair.

No. 179553

It's all curly and long.
If she wasn't so gross-looking all the time and took actual care of it, it'd look great. Basically like >>179552 said.

No. 179554

If only she'd put more effort on her overall appearance, not just her clothes…

No. 179555

I wish I could tell her to get her eyebrows done and teach her how to apply makeup and how to take care of that hair but after that she'd probably cease to continue doing all that because all of that is too 'normal'

No. 179556


Every time an anon or friend drop her a suggestion she gets all offended that they would ever try to "influence" her amazing style.

No. 179557

Oh anon, she probably won't even do it. I mean, she was pretty much against shaving. You could try though.

No. 179558

She has such a weird head. It's like an egg. Does anyone know what her ethnicity is?

No. 179559

Nah that sounds like she's just being a whiny bitch. Carry on.

Turning a year older does not involve any sort of talent either, so why did she deserve a birthday in a rented museum hall again?

No. 179560

File: 1405961205780.jpg (25.34 KB, 623x525, LoL.jpg)


Because she's Star and she's super speshul and she deserves to be happy and people should go out of their way to fulfill her wishes.

No. 179561

File: 1406398166835.jpg (26.82 KB, 590x585, shoppingandskyrim.jpg)

Lol Skyrim.

She doesn't seem to save money for anything else like, say, moving out. Or for college, in case some shit fucks up her scholarship. Or her future, basically. She seems to think her parents will be there forever to support her financially. Or does she think she can get welfare when shit goes down? Is it easy for someone like Star to get welfare though?

No. 179562


If she doesn't have kids then no. You don't get shit in America if you're single without kids.

Maybe she can apply for disability and SS, but it's a huge hassle, and sometimes you need a lawyer to get the paper work processed. Not that I blame them, they do have to weed out the lazy batch from those that are truly disabled (depending on what state you're in).

No. 179563

File: 1406478580167.jpg (18.2 KB, 612x376, starandexisting.jpg)

Ohh interesting. Well she has autism, will that count as disability? But then again she can handle going to college.

What is her point in going to college if she won't be able to handle any working environment? Unless she finally grows up and learn how to take responsibilities like a normal functioning adult, she'd just end up relying on welfare all her life.

No. 179564


She didn't go a month without shopping though. She bought that ugly shoulderless sweater thing. Because she totally needs a sweater in July, right?

No. 179565

File: 1406568598593.jpg (18.09 KB, 394x514, lolcoffee.jpg)

>I had my first coffee that I actually liked :D A red velvet blended frappe. It tasted only vaguely of coffee.


>I will try the cake batter frappe next time I go

Just how many calories does a frappe have?

No. 179566

No. 179567


no, it doesn't. Everyone has changes in their life, everyone. It's called growing up. Also, 8000 in her pocket? I make 40,000 a year (which isn't great, I know but it's okay) and after taxes and rent and bills and loan payments I still have like, maybe 70 bucks in my back account at the end of the month. Where is she getting all that money?

No. 179568

Wow. That is the shittiest cop-out I've ever heard. I guess it's just easier to come up with some kind of faux-psychological excuse rather than admit you're a spoiled, coddled brat.

No. 179569

Its probably money her parents saved up for her college fund or something while she was growing up. Theres no way she earned it all on her own.

No. 179570


Yeah this. We all know she can't hold a job that involves her being not the boss. I doubt she's sold any of her jewelry either, or at least if she had, her earnings wouldn't be that big. Or maybe she saved(some of) her allowance since she has no bills, taxes, etc. to worry about.

No. 179571

>btw I don't need a lolita dress either
Just an excuse since she wouldn't be able to afford lolita

No. 179572


more like, she would never be able to FIT into lolita….

No. 179573

That too, plenty of reasons why she could never actually get lolita that she has to come up with some special reason

No. 179574

File: 1406846324456.jpg (50.57 KB, 416x1238, starandskyrim.jpg)

>This poor character (who I also use to RP) is going to have SO much mental damage when Shadow and I are done with her.

Oh lord. That poor poor character.

No. 179575

File: 1407327854101.jpg (33.18 KB, 589x657, mommyissues.jpg)

Those cats are better off living in another home.

Star's family is just too crazy.

No. 179576


>All this and dealing with the eczema breakout from hell in one of the very worst possible spots to get eczema.

Anyone else curious?

No. 179577

File: 1407774509992.jpg (46.55 KB, 461x615, tumblr_na1vmu566H1sf0xfno1_500…)



She's so pathetic, it's really sad. See here the bracelet she "made". How old is she again?

"I made these twist bracelets out of plastic necklaces that wouldn’t fit over my head. (: Now I know what to do with the cute kid necklaces I find. They double as wearable cat toys xD "

No. 179578

File: 1407774603259.jpg (21.03 KB, 253x536, tumblr_na3syuZYiN1sf0xfno1_400…)

It always makes me super uncomfortable when she regularly references her followers and how much she loves them and how she wouldn't be here without them. I almost never see anyone like or comment on her posts and rarely send asks.

No. 179579


Well just because you don't see it doesn't mean she doesn't have any. One, there are such things as private asks.
Two, I have nearly 3,000 followers and like none talk to me either >:C

In other news, her eye brows seriously bug me. If she got them done I feel like she would look nicer.

No. 179580


Wow! Weirdly Tumblr-defensive. So her having 0-2 notes on every post I should just assume all her followers are sending her private asks?

No. 179581


Trust me, I would never defend tumblr it's a toxic shitty place. I only stay because I get free stuff.

No I wasn't saying you should assume her followers talking to her privately.
I'm saying just because someone doesn't get asks or notes doesn't mean they don't have any followers.

No. 179582

Also the mad face was because my followers suck not at you for saying that XD

No. 179583

underage b& pls

No. 179584

dat armpit hair

No. 179585

Wonder how her lampshade drawing turned out.


Star likes to think she's creative enough to do arts and crafts, and think it's appealing to anyone who's over 5.

I'm still waiting for her to open an Etsy store.

No. 179586

File: 1408268566657.png (55.72 KB, 703x283, 6526526512621.png)

that poor elsa

No. 179587

File: 1408949298821.jpg (96.53 KB, 589x613, c.jpg)

'Celeste' is her Skyrim character.

No. 179588

File: 1408960137032.jpg (30.34 KB, 616x699, skyrimsoulbondsandcosplay.jpg)

Well now. Wonder what that cosplay looks like.

No. 179589

File: 1409382061172.jpg (55.23 KB, 584x538, cosplay.jpg)

Why is there a bow? Is she going for lolita pokemon?

No. 179590

File: 1409391998062.png (54.47 KB, 250x250, 250px-700Sylveon.png)

She wants to cosplay Sylveon, anon.

No. 179591

is she srsly gonna put that construction paper crayola marker not even colored in all the way shit on her head?

No. 179592


She's Star, of course she is.

No. 179593

File: 1409398941437.jpg (773.54 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_n8k6t47dvV1qionwno1_128…)


The outfit she was inspired by…

No. 179594

The bathrooms trash

No. 179595



No. 179596

File: 1409414319157.jpg (14 KB, 587x101, star u skyrim.jpg)

You know what star? If you don't like the characters, the world, the quests or the lack of alignment system, maybe you don't actually like skyrim. Just stayin', if you want to play dragon age, just play dragon age and stop whining about how skyrim isn't dragon age.

No. 179597


Actually, a better question is, why is her mom cleaning out the litter box? Aren't those Star's cats?

No. 179598

Sheogorath is great she should shut her piehole about mai husbando

No. 179599


agreed. Also Celeste sounds like the biggest Mary Sue ever. A perfectly pretty elf who is always 100% good and kind and moral? Who never steals or kills or goes places she's not allowed? Boring!

No. 179600

while i'm sure she's a mary sue, she's fairly ugly and she killed grelod at the very least

No. 179601

Is it easier to make an attractive character in Skyrim? In Oblivion is was quite difficult. You'd pretty much have to download a custom face or be okay with looking like a bloated fish.
And Grelod is a meaniepoo Lawful Evil orphanage headmistress so maybe she reminded Star of her "stepmother"?

No. 179602

File: 1409587021669.jpg (15.66 KB, 500x386, shit art.jpg)


lol, the faces in skyrim are a lot less potato-y.

In other news, Star's shitty art!

Her description: "Even though I spent a lot of the summer working on form, I didn’t shy away from my love of the abstract! While I was working on this, I was intending it to be a futuristic/cyberpunk thing and I had Netrunner on the brain. But when it came out looking more like what I’d learned about the bathypelagic and abyssopelagic zones of the sea, I went right ahead and rolled with it. I learned this summer that abstract images translate better in the digital medium than they do in drawings.

(GIMP 2.0—August 2014)"

Girl, it's three squiggles.

No. 179603

It makes me almost feel bad for her when she claims to be working so hard on her "art" and still manages to make absolutely no progress.

No. 179604

File: 1410455770022.jpg (19.5 KB, 230x534, tumblr_nbqontHpA31sf0xfno1_400…)

No. 179605


She really has lost a lot of weight and toned up. Guess punching trees works.

No. 179606

Embrace the narutoo

No. 179607

File: 1410667830152.png (763.48 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mamk0mo1ne1r9pu6wo1_500…)

>Fairy Kei

No. 179608

File: 1410667921871.jpg (48.69 KB, 450x385, tumblr_inline_mkssah7GOO1qad55…)

>Fairy Kei

No. 179609


This just supports the theory that if Star believes that something she likes should be a certain way, than it just is. She wants Lightning to like sleepovers, cotton candy, and popcorn balls? Than she does. She wants to call punching trees a martial art? Than it is. Frumpy navy skirt, black knee high boots, and a blue pokemon shirt is Fairy Kei? Sure why not?

No. 179610

File: 1410756711247.jpg (316.74 KB, 500x600, ap_fantasytheaterjsk (1).jpg)

The JSK it was supposedly inspired by.

No. 179611

How many soulbonds does she have? Who all is she bonded with? IS there a masterlist?

No. 179612

>I worked SO damn hard on this! I think this is the first time I was ever actually proud of the way a song turned out.


No. 179613


She looks like the nice middle aged mexican man who mows the grass in my neighborhood

No. 179614

File: 1411017593850.jpg (43.19 KB, 481x655, heh copy.jpg)

she wouldn't look half as bad if she were a fuckin' dude

No. 179615

What if star was secretly a tranny? She really looks it.

No. 179616


I'm willing to bet my first born son's life that she has a penis under her fugly skirts.

No. 179617

File: 1411028951538.jpg (446.41 KB, 2292x3482, fabio.jpg)

She would make a great Fabio

No. 179618

File: 1411030010105.jpg (79.78 KB, 800x624, czc.jpg)

No. 179619

File: 1411826832650.jpg (162.55 KB, 858x662, xm.jpg)

~So asexual~

No. 179620

Pretty sure she was just joking.

No. 179621

Yeah, obviously it was a joke, but it's hardly the first time she's spoken about being attracted to that character.

No. 179622

No. 179623

No. 179624

>'I must tend to this wound now as best I can,' he said. 'We will find a healer later, but for now this cannot wait.' Without a second thought, he pulled off his boxer-briefs and began tearing it into bandages for Starprincess801's lips.'

No. 179625

I thought you were joking with that greentext… oh god

No. 179626

File: 1412089303926.jpg (35.37 KB, 640x484, yachtcat.jpg)


>She flopped over onto her soft spandex-sheeted bed and glanced around at the empty room.


No. 179627

She prolly wets the bed.

No. 179628

I can't believe she actually calls her fictional self Starprincess801… Numbers and all. This fan fiction is hilarious though. There's so much wrong within this document. Lmao

No. 179629

ain't nothin quite as romantic as dick cheese and ass sweat on ya face

No. 179630

I thought it was a troll fic. Does anyone have details?

No. 179631

I think Star has PCOS. That would explain her manly appearance, body excessive body fat despite being reasonably active, and excessive hairyness. Given how much she hates everybody even marginally associated with feminism and social justice, the likelihood of her being trans is slim. Her parents are also super bigoted and homophobic too; there's no way they would have put up with a trans Star.

Also, as an unrelated note, Star's brother (IRL biological brother, not the random idiot she calls her 'brother' online), is a pedophile. Got the police on him a few years back for having graphic sex talks with a kid online.

No. 179632

File: 1412701039407.jpg (22.11 KB, 226x588, kiki star.jpg)

I'm so glad she's posting her terrible outfits again.

No. 179633

I feel like she would've talked about it by now if she did have PCOS. She's also slimmed down quite a bit and it's pretty hard to lose significant weight with PCOS when you aren't taking medication. I think she just lost the genetic lottery.

No. 179634


This. And also she doesn't bother to shave or pluck her eyebrows so she has that lovely National gGeographic Anthropology Special look going for her.

No. 179635

She just might not be diagnosed.
My sister and I have PCOS and both of us were well into our twenties before it came to our attention. It's manageable if you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate.

No. 179636

I have pcos and i could not lose weight to save my life until medicated, even though Id always lived a pretty clean lifestyle. Once on meds I dropped 50lbs in 6 months. I also have a pituitary tumor, though, which really aggravates my condition.

No. 179637

oh poor girl. This is just not flattering. I just want to dress her and do her makeup and take her to a hair stylist.

Can we call one of those makeover shows?

No. 179638


She would never listen, because she is always right and everyone else is just cramping her style. Silly!

No. 179639

What's the story behind this? She was scared of a salt marsh or some shit?

No. 179640

File: 1412891724031.jpg (178.26 KB, 1153x693, star.jpg)

Did she seriously just take an iPhone photo at a garden center and try to pass it off as photography?

Oh wait, this is star we're talking about.

No. 179641


hey hey. It's not an iphone. It's a blurry digital pocket camera from 2004 with no auto focus setting and no outdoor lighting flash.

No. 179642

Just add an Instagram filter and it'll be a masterpiece.

No. 179643


silly you, Star doesn't need filters. It clearly speaks for itself. That's why she has a job taking low resolution close ups of out of focus flowers for local parks. And not getting paid for it. Or published.

No. 179644

Think today is her birthday.
Saw a post about it last night.

huhuhu how do you think it will turn out? She said she was having a party.

No. 179645

File: 1412973292956.png (205.85 KB, 166x518, capture-20141010-223136.png)

Her birthday outfit tho

No. 179646

how old is hse

No. 179647

This wouldn't even look good on a cute, slim person…

No. 179648

she looks like a neanderthal.

also that dress is awful. this trend of nerdy bodycon dresses needs to stop, very few people can pull them off.

No. 179649


Also galaxy leggings? Under THAT dress? Girl no.

No. 179650

"Well I made a gigantic post about the happiness and the drama that went on during my birthday celebration with Shadow and Deathstar yesterday, but it accidentally got deleted when I hit the read more break button. I was TRYING to put in a cut!!!

But I have a different post to write now anyway. The basic gist of it is that Gibson removed himself from the celebration because of the animosity he still feels towards Deathstar. There was a time when this animosity was mutual between the two of them, but over time Deathstar abandoned it and realized that Gibson is going to be part of my life whether he likes him or not. He’s learned to accept Gibson, but the same cannot be said vice-versa. So when Gibson found out Deathstar was to be included in the birthday celebration, he decided he was not going to join in. Initially I was hurt and angry, but the truth is that it wasn’t Gibson’s fault. Or Deathstar’s. Gibby’s mind blends the past, present, and future together. It’s the way his mind is wired, and I should have accepted that. He still sees Deathstar as the guy he’s gotten into one too many fights with and called one too many names and vice-versa. I should have just accepted that he was not going to change his view and left it at that.

But instead, after the birthday festivities went on as planned and Deathstar, Shadow, and the groups of soulbonds departed for the night, I acted like a total bitch. There’s a reason I wait a day to write blog posts about arguments. If I had been writing this yesterday, I would have said he was wrong (most likely in a very nasty way). Now I’m saying that I was wrong. If I wanted Gibby to be a part of my birthday that badly, I should have just found a way to include him. I should have set aside a chunk of time to celebrate with him and play Smash Bros. Instead, I spent the day locking him out and saying, “I’ll play with you when you join the group,” and spent the night whining about “You missed my only 22nd birthday and you can’t fix that.” It’s not his fault he missed it. It’s my fault he missed it. And it’s not him who needs to fix it, it’s me.

So I’m going to fix it. I’ll get all the schoolwork done before he wakes up. I’ll set today aside just for him. We’ll play Smash Bros. We’ll play Webopoly. We’ll play Grand Chase. We’ll have our own private celebration and the last day of my birthday weekend will be all about him. I’ll apologize for acting like such a bitch and let him know that nothing was his fault. The only one who did anything wrong was me. "

Tr;dl Star spent her birthday locked away in her room playing vidya and fighting with her crazy friends.

No. 179651

Wait, who is Deathstar?

No. 179652


One of her new "family" members, another crazy boy. Also Gibson sounds like the most mentally unstable person ever, possibly worse than Star.

No. 179653

I think she's in love with him.

No. 179654

Wait shadow is still in the picture? I thought he fucked off forever once he dumped Star.

No. 179655

>She could feel his eyes wandering over her body, from head to foot, as he took in the sight of her laying on the grass. In truth, she was beautiful. Unusually so, some said. Her father came from the line of hobbits of Mountain of Rage, while her mother was born into a lordly house of dwarves in Land of Doecuhotu. The blending of the two races came together perfectly in Starprincess801, giving her an exotic look that few males found they could resist.

I don't think mix between a hobbit and a dwarf would be very attractive, but it would probably look like star.

No. 179656

I cant wait till she jumps off the tolkin bandwagon.

And I pray she doesn't pick up a tolkin "soulbound"

No. 179657


She already did, that handsome blonde elf dude who played legolas's dad in the last hobbit movie.

No. 179658


No. 179659

No. 179660

Of course she did a let it go cover.

No. 179661

File: 1413336505874.jpg (25.26 KB, 211x208, dumbbitch.jpg)

No. 179662

"I have been working on this song since January, and since then it has been like an uber-hard miniboss I just COULDN'T BEAT. I was debating even putting it up at all, but decided I'm just going to get it over with. It's certainly not perfect, but I tried SO hard. That smile at the end is a smile of relief that it's finally over and done with. x.x"

…She does know that you can record a video multiple times right? I mean, you'd think she'd sing it a couple times and choose the best out of those, rather than simply singing and recording it one and calling it a day.

But than again, it's Star so…

No. 179663

No. 179664


everything is a video game to her.

No. 179665

>Dear otherkin
Speaking from one otherkin to another,

>You need to respect your human body.

>You cannot eat gems or plants or raw meat any more than I can eat electricity. You cannot sustain off of sunlight or a one-food diet any more than I can sustain off having binary code fed to me. You cannot perform feats that the human body is not capable of. You will still acquire illnesses and injuries trying to do so because even though your soul is not human, your body still is and you must respect its biology.

>And no you don’t need special places to piss and shit. No you can’t shit in the forest. Use a toilet. Your human body is equipped to use a toilet. So use one.

>Your soul does not dictate the way your body operates and your body is still going to comform to basic human biology and functioning. You are making us all look bad when you deny that. Stop it.

She was taking the piss out of otherkin just a while ago. Looks like she claims to be some kind of 'android-kin' now. Bitch is 22 and she's still playing pretend like this

No. 179666

File: 1413738457727.jpg (11.44 KB, 185x574, star halloween.jpg)

dat make-up

No. 179667

She doesn't look bad.
But that's saying something when you don't look like shit in a Halloween costume.

No. 179668

Haha wow… so horrible.

No. 179669


The eye shadow goes on top of your eyes….not bottom

No. 179670

Lol no she looks terrible.

No. 179671

She still looks better than she normally does.

No. 179672

I get such a kick out of Star. She's so fucking weird in a hilariously socially-retarded way, but not so fucked up that I feel bad making fun of her. It's a nice medium. She's a lot like PT. Shame the two of them are so ridiculously self-absorbed that their friendship went nowhere. Imagine their awful fashion team-ups…

No. 179673

File: 1414772304491.jpg (14.58 KB, 224x545, star halloween.jpg)

>Daywalker by day, vampire queen by night! This is what I wore to school this morning. Happy Halloween, everybody! :D


No. 179674

I'm scared.

No. 179675



No. 179676

that makeup

No. 179677

Found this on FPH (I know some of you lurk there) and immediately thought of Star.

No. 179678

This is too spot on.
I would love for someone to do that to her and be like man can I date Samus.

How would she even handle that shit what a nutter.

No. 179679

that was hilarious anon

No. 179680

File: 1416165810383.jpg (15.73 KB, 216x566, star cosplay 1.jpg)

She worked all summer on this.

No. 179681

File: 1416165839584.jpg (17.62 KB, 227x569, star cosplay 2.jpg)

It's like christmas

No. 179682

This is worse than shifty cosplay.

No. 179683


I think the ears are made of paper. I'm like 89% sure.

No. 179684

I'm kind of baffled how one could be so aesthetically retarded. Some of those coords wouldn't look good even on a qt skinny girl. It's like a special talent or something.

Of course they are >>179589.

No. 179685

I don't know why but it looks like her face is Photoshopped in to both of these. I'm not saying they're fake, just that it looks really fuckin weird. Anyone else see it?

No. 179686

i see what you mean. i think it's just because her face is so…potato-ish that it doesn't pick up light/shadows very well and looks weird.

No. 179687

File: 1416270324095.jpg (124.32 KB, 461x615, tumblr_newirsA2Qs1sf0xfno1_500…)

No. 179688

File: 1416270364132.jpg (131 KB, 461x615, tumblr_newirsA2Qs1sf0xfno2_500…)

why does she look so manly fuck

No. 179689


Shes really a he you cis lord scum.
All joking aside she got the short end of the stick for looks, thank god she doesnt want to have sex and shit.

No. 179690

She kinda looks like a hobbit. I feel really bad for her but I seriously have no idea how she could sort that shit out. Maybe shaving her armpits would be a start

No. 179691


Does she brush her hair? Like actually? I feel like she mentioned at one point that she didn't use a hairbrush.

No. 179692


Oh there is so much she could do. Plucking her eye brows would do wonders for her and some decent hair care products. Nothing fancy but you know, a little softening gel or something. No face is beyond hope.

No. 179693

it's not even her hair and eyebrows, she just has a really unfortunate face

No. 179694

I don't think eyebrow plucking would save her, girl needs jaw surgery.

Or maybe her face would look nice if she lost weight, iono

No. 179695

She needs to do something with her hair to give it more volume up top, to balance out her weird bottom-heavy egg face.

No. 179696


Either she is super lucky if she ever wants to be trans or super unlucky as a girl.

What she needs to do is lose weight, style her hair, pluck her eyebrows, shave, invest in some flattering clothing and maybe even invest in some glasses? They might balance out her face some more since her eyes are so small on her face and her face is so wise/long.
Maybe she should try some circle lenses to make her eyes seem bigger. I think even a side fringe might shape her face a bit nicer. Right now her hair is just so unflattering…

No. 179697

I thought she was a 15-year-old delusional teenager until I saw her post about college tuition… She doesn't even try, with those cheap cell phone pics and her "fashion endeavours".

No. 179698


What I don't understand about her college classes is that she claims she wants to do something in fine art, yet she takes all these biology-type courses. I know you can change your mind with what you want to do, etc, but it just kinda seems like a waste of her parents' money if she doesn't think she wants to do anything in that field.

Although I guess it's not like she's never wasted her parents' money before.

No. 179699


She wants to be a marine biologist because she thinks that way she can work at sea world with all the cute orcas and fishies and basically live in a lisa frank painting.

No. 179700

>wants to be a marine biologist
>wants to work at sea world
…so whos gonna tell her how awful sea world is?

No. 179701


everyone already has. Every time someone even mentions, "hey you know, sea world is pretty terrible. They treat animals poorly and don't ensure proper safety or workers comp for employees," she tard rages about how sea world is fun and inspires her to love animals.

No. 179702


Ask her about sea world, anon. Just ask her. She goes fucking nuts over anyone who even remotely criticizes sea world. You could literally show her a picture of an injured whale at sea world in a ten foot tank and she will straight up say that the whale is happy and safe.

No. 179703

Speaking of whales

No. 179704

File: 1416336795841.jpg (74.37 KB, 858x684, fuck.jpg)


oh jeez

No. 179705

File: 1416336897198.jpg (13.14 KB, 328x198, crotch hair.jpg)

Major crotch bush sighting. It's like an afro puff.

No. 179706

I hope to god that's a blur/awkward shadow and not pubic hair

No. 179707

File: 1416337216599.jpg (34.97 KB, 413x287, grannny panties.jpg)

Here ma panties, nbd.

No. 179708

File: 1416337537720.jpg (48.01 KB, 579x288, giant panties.jpg)

Thought maybe she was wearing some kind of leotard under the dress but no, just granny panties.

No. 179709

i don't keep up with this chick much, but does she legit have some kind of mental retardation/autism? i don't even mean that in a snarky way, she just seems really…slow?

No. 179710


Nope. She's actually pretty good in school. She's just a dumb dumb. It happens sometimes.

No. 179711


her face in that is priceless.
And my goodness that's a huge house. Her parents must be loaded. To live so close to the ocean and have a giant house like that?

No. 179712

iirc, her parents are old and her dad is on social security. not sure what they did before then though.

No. 179713

File: 1416340590179.png (531.34 KB, 461x615, itried.png)

oh lordy i tried but she still looks
like star

No. 179714

there's a fire extinguisher on the wall in >>179708 as well as a commercial "push" door. that's definitely not her house, it looks like a hotel lobby or something.

No. 179715


whoa good catch. Serious sherlock business there. So that raises the question, why is she doing tard dancing in a hotel or other public space?

No. 179716

She looks like a maori dude without the tan and the tatts.

She really got a androgynous face but not in a fortunate way. I still have some hope for her if she gets a fitting haircut, learn to apply make up and lose some weight.

She still hasn't dropped her imaginary friends ?

No. 179717

Good one anon, this is better than she can ever hope for tho

No. 179718

She would still need to get jaw, and her nose done to ever look passable.

No. 179719

>wants to be trans
Really though she looks like a bizarro-world Weird Al. I think it's the hair.

No. 179720

if your hair is that curly you probably shouldn't I would think

No. 179721

my hair is hella curly and looks a bit like what Stars would probably look like if she took care of it. I rarely washy mine and even then only with a special shampoo. To get it clean, you really just have to hold your head under hot water and scrub your scalp to get rid of any nasty shit.

it promotes healthy oil that naturally protects your curls. Wash it too often and your hair will either dry out or get way too fucking greasy cuz your hair is overcompensating with oil production. I think the first is happening with Star and that's why her hair is so frizzy and groce

No. 179722

Star's has always look so… ew. It's obvious she doesn't brush it. Does she even wash it? It always look so flat around her scalp, like it's being weighted and slacked down with grease. What is it with autistic people and the blatant refusal to practice any sort of hygiene?

Also, speaking of Star's Sea World tard-rage fits, has anyone noticed how she claims to hate SJWs, and yet she's basically a whiny, loud-mouthed SJW cunt with a new coat of paint? It's uncanny.

No. 179723

reminds me of ja'mie

No. 179724


Yes!! Her antu-SJW shit is JUST AS annoying as a real SJW. None of her arguments are supported by fact or reason either.

No. 179725

Not gonna lie, I really want that dress she's wearing.

No. 179726

She's "high functioning" autistic, like Chris. So technically her IQ is in the normal range, but there's clearly something very off about her thought process (and possibly motor skills).

No. 179727

She's slightly more high-functioning than Chris. Though it's suspect as to whether Chris-chan even has autism or just plain old ordinary retardation.

For someone with autism, Star is strangely manipulative and abusive. I often wonder if she wasn't misdiagnosed and she actually has a personality disorder or something.

I've also wondered a lot about her brother (the real brother, not the pathetic/desperate sap she calls her 'brother' online). Does he have the same defect that Star has? She often talks about how he screams and bangs on the walls.

My God…you have to feel bad for Star's dad. Star's mom is nuts. Star's brother is nuts. Star is nuts. I bet that guy wishes every day that he'd never married into crazy and produced these terrible mutant offspring.

No. 179728

jiggle that wiggle

No. 179729

File: 1416419947403.jpg (40.37 KB, 571x161, star is stupid.jpg)

I think I just got stupider after I read that. I wonder how she thinks evolution works? Ten bucks says she thinks it's pretty similar to pokemon.

No. 179730

what the fuck is happening here help why would you post this fuck

No. 179731

Hahaha, she isn't even dancing just bouncing her stomach around.

No. 179732


>Me trying to do Fukkireta for 4 minutes before my friend ruins it and interrupts D: Yeah he's the kid screaming in the background. We're on Skype.

She's so tired she can't even last 2 minutes.

No. 179733

You can see she got tired 25 seconds in

No. 179734

Autism in its purest form.

Also, Jesus fucking Christ, Star. Clean your trash heap of a bedroom.

No. 179735

>dinosaurs living alongside people
That's creationist rhetoric, Star. You're not helping.

No. 179736

How the hell does it suggest that "evolution" is in the Bible? The only thing it might imply is that the Earth is older than the Bible claims it is. Creationist retards already deny that claim by insisting Satan created dinosaur fossils and that carbon dating is inaccurate.

No. 179737


You need to remember that star is a person who thinks video games are real and at the same time claims to be a scientist.

No. 179738

Does anyone else get the impression that Star thinks she's white? I've seen her refer to herself as "white" on an old, OLD LJ entry from years back and…it makes me wonder if her parents have been hiding her ethninicity from her for all this time and she's just too stupid to realize it. That would be hilarious.

No. 179739


No, she's mentioned a few times that her father's mother is Haitian, so she must know. Star's just dumb.

No. 179740

Star thinks pokemon are real, so who even knows.

No. 179741

ugh this bitch wont leave me alone

No. 179742


did you make the mistake of talking to her?

No. 179743

Omg what did you say??????? Screen caps?

No. 179744


Dude, if you were talking to Star with any intent to be friends with her, you need to get the fuck out of there right away. Star is an extremely abusive person and she will bleed you dry.

If you were talking to her for the lulz…dude, spill. lololol

No. 179745

caps or it didn't happen yo

No. 179746

File: 1416942023408.png (27.4 KB, 690x199, Star's family are nigger-hatin…)

Suddenly, all of Star's idiotic opinions start to make sense…

No. 179747


You know, it's so weird. Star has said time and time again that her father doesn't approve of black people, but his own mother is black.

You really got to wonder what goes on in that family. They're like a Maury show waiting to happen.

No. 179748

We know her mother is a nutter and her brother has some kind of severe mental difficulty (possibly autism) while her father always seems like the normal, rational one… but I honestly suspect that her dad isn't an angel, either. Maybe I just don't want to think that a decent guy would have to put up with all this shit but I really wouldn't be surprised if he was a complete asshole in some way. All it really takes for Star to like someone is for them to not challenge her or her delusions and give her gifts/rides when she wants them.

No. 179749


Worst outfit to date. Also how does one part of an outfit "not count" if you're wearing it?

No. 179750

File: 1418516719800.jpg (37.24 KB, 259x579, thefuck.jpg)


Hungry Vajayjay Syndrome

No. 179751

her massive crotch bush is actually a black hole.

No. 179752

File: 1418527047549.png (206.54 KB, 232x564, sausage.png)

Looks like Star's actually losing weight. Her fashion sense is still borderline retarded and she looks like a stuffed sausage in that shirt (seriously, it looks like it's about to burst), but it's not hard to see that whatever she's doing in the exercise department is paying off. It's crazy that this lolcow has more fitness sense than PT.

No. 179753


Whoops, beaten to it. Oh well. And yeah, her twat is eating those shorts. Not the first time she's posted a picture with her pants crammed up her snatch, though.

No. 179754

File: 1418532691221.png (155.33 KB, 480x445, kida.png)

it's okay. that outfit is retarded enough to be posted twice. Btw you all know that this was supposed to be a "casual" cosplay of Kida from the disney's Atlantis? '

pic is what she's supposed to look like.

No. 179755


Does Star think just slopping together any kind of ridiculous, incompatible clothing items with vaguely similar colors as the character makes the outfit reminiscent of the character's?

…she can't be that stupid, can she? Oh god, what am I saying. The evidence is right there.

No. 179756

File: 1418537784919.jpg (105.98 KB, 575x323, galwonkaoompaloompasjpg.jpg)

The way she's dressed reminds me of an Oompa Loompa for some reason.

It's not hard to tell why Star has so few friends IRL. She has a horrible personality and she dresses like a bumbling retard. She'd be an embarrassment to be seen with for any self-aware individual and she has no redeeming features as a person to make up for it.

No. 179757

File: 1418561012696.png (95.44 KB, 621x315, iambecomeselfaware.png)

From her Tumblr. Is she trolling us now?

No. 179758


I think she honestly has no sense of what looks good and what doesn't. Her fashion inspirations are kids from 90's TV shows and her jewelry, art and photography all look pretty bad, honestly. It's weirdly fascinating.
It's like all the things she thinks look nice look dreadful to most other people.

No. 179759

File: 1418689640740.png (36.83 KB, 744x263, lol.png)

Twenty bucks says the cosplayer followed her because her outfits are hilariously terrible and following is a convenient way to keep tabs on a lolcow's posts.

No. 179760

>"I'll get presents and cards, Lightning!!"

No. 179761


star threw a tantrum because she had to deal with shit that every adult deals with and ended up getting one of her toys taken away.

Also her mom is a psycho, holy shit. I know her mom is a Jehovah's Witness and doesn't believe in celebrating Christmas, but DAMN. No wonder Star is so fucked up.

No. 179762

College tuition sucked me dry.

I have no boyfriend.

I’m the only one out of my friends left with no job.

I have to go to a program for the “mentally handicapped” because I cannot find and hold a job.

My dad’s wife yelled at, berated, and browbeat the both of us because we want a Christmas tree in the house.

I had a terrifying week where I thought I had a deadly skin cancer.

I go out of my way to lose weight, get straight As, be more social and get more friends, and get my life as under control as I possibly can and yet people still call me a fat, disgusting retard with no friends. And when I ask them how they could still possibly come to that conclusion they basically just go, “Because you’re a fat, disgusting retard with no friends. It’s what you are.”

The household is getting more hostile because it’s Christmas and my dad’s wife just hates when anybody is happy because she’s not happy.

Two of my garden plants mysteriously disappeared and after two days searching I still didn’t find them.

One of the most cherished people in my life is suffering from so much depression and refusing to eat and I can’t help him and his family can’t help him and he can’t help himself so all I do is watch him suffer every day while pleading with him to get some help only for the pleas to go unheard.

More often than not I’m being treated like nothing but a heavy load on everyone’s shoulders that they’d be so much better off without. I’ve become the villain of the household and the central cause of distress to everyone and it shows far too much.

My dad’s wife admitted nothing I can do will ever make her happy, and my dad made an offhand remark about ruining his life…

I can’t even tell if I’m losing weight or if I’m still a fat fucking sow anymore because I’m hearing so many mixed messages between “You’re doing so well! You’re beautiful!” And “You’re still a fucking hamplanet.” It’s gotten so I hate looking in the mirror and I wish I could just go without food until I KNOW I’m not fat anymore.

I am sick of my soulbonds being the only ones who know how to deal with me.

If I voice any of this to anyone who is not a soulbond I get brushed off and accused of being a special snowflake and told “Well there are other people with problems worse than yours” and right now I do not give a flying shit about other people’s problems am I supposed to ALL THE TIME?

So yes, I did scream, kick, and hit things because I lost a toy because it was the final fucking straw OKAY?!

List addendum: My dad’s wife continues to chide me for having to join the aforementioned program in a “Why can’t you just be normal?” way. I’m already feeling like enough crap having to go to what feels like “adult special school” without her whining over how “I don’t really need it” because she doesn’t want to deal with the “shame.”

Imma post this hilarity in case she deletes it.

No. 179763

Wasn't she going on and on about how she was asexual and aromantic after her and shadow broke up?

No. 179764


Yeah. Maybe just a phase?
It's sad, a lot of this stuff (imaginary friends, doesn't know what she wants to do in life, acts spoiled, "I'm aseckshul u guize", etc) seems like the way a confused little girl would behave. I feel a little bad for her, but I'd feel more sympathy for her if she wasn't a manipulative womanchild still behaving this way in her twenties.

No. 179765


Not that I'm implying many people in their early-to-mid 20's know exactly what they want to do in life. Inb4 shitstorm

No. 179766

I feel bad now
I actually wanna be her friend, and steer her in a better direction.
And I am new to the Star thing, does she have a mental problem or autism? Why would they put her in such a program if nothing is wrong with her?

No. 179767

No. 179768


Yeah, she has autism and is pretty much given anything she wants by her parents so they don't have to deal with her throwing a tantrum, so as a result she's mentally a lot less mature than she could be.

She replies to asks on her tumblr if you want to talk to her but she's been known to be kind of manipulative towards her friends, so please be careful, anon.

No. 179769

You can most certainly try to be her friend, but a warning: be ready to get drained. She won't listen to advice. If you get really close to her, she'll want to talk to you 24/7 (just like what she did to Shadow and that other kid), she's also prone to crying fits. She still probably does RPs, so if you're into that, then you might easily get into her circle of e-friends. Maybe. She also likes to be the center of attention. You should have the patience of a saint to be able to tolerate her if you plan to be her friend.

No. 179770

I don't think she wants a boyfriend, she wants a caretaker. Shadow was less of her partner and more of an on call babysitter. If he wasn't answering her texts or ims, she had a meltdown.

No. 179771

>>I actually wanna be her friend

No. No, you don't. I understand that you feel bad for her, but Star treats her friends like total shit. Everybody in Star's life is supposed to revolve around her "needs"; she treats them more like staff than like friends. At one point, she would have screaming fits if her friends wouldn't text her while they were in school and – yes – if they didn't sing her to sleep on Skype every night. She threatened to kill herself when Shadow (one of her friends) couldn't take it anymore, broke off their internet "relationship" and went distant for a while.

Star may seem pathetic enough to warrant sympathy, but she is also an abuser. Stay away.

No. 179772


Oh my, thank you for all of your warnings… At first I was gonna say I'm going to try, since we share a bunch of traits (heh), but now I am not so sure, but she's so intriguing you know??

Like I wanna learn more about her, without getting too close, but coming from her. Acquaintances maybe. I talked this over with someone else irl and they said, "Move cautiously, any funny business, delete the shit out of her."

But thanks again! (I hope you guys don't take this as not taking/understanding your advice, it's that curiosity kills the cat.)

No. 179773

Well, if you do learn anything new, please post it here for everyone's enjoyment.

No. 179774

your best bet is to follow and interact with her on twitter. that's what i used to do and luckily kept me from being used and abused.

No. 179775


I understand your curiosity anon, I mean if she wasn't interesting she wouldn't have a thread in the first place, and like >>179773 said, if you want to post deetz at some point that'd be cool, just please make sure you're not letting her abuse you.

I think the screencaps of her tweets died with staminarose, but I found this on her tumblr when Shadow broke up with her:
This was just the aftermath though. She was tweeting about how she doesn't deserve to live and how she's a monster that will die alone, etc, etc. I know breakups are hard, but I'm pretty sure Shadow, and definitely her other friend Gibson who knows Shadow too, follow her or at least know her twitter name and she knew they would see those tweets.

You seem like a sympathetic person, for one of us anons on an image board dedicated to laughing at people on the internet, anyway, and I just think you should be really careful you don't get roped in by the shit she says.

No. 179776

Another thing to keep in mind is that Star is good at dramatizing stuff. She's prone to blowing everything wildly out of proportion, and to be frank I wouldn't put it past her to sometimes outright lie.

It's often hard to know when and where Star is telling the complete truth. For all anyone knows, these horror stories she tells about her family were in reality just typical every-day family drama that–in her tendency toward excessive egotism and butthurt–she blew out of scale.

That isn't to say she's making everything up. However, it's good to take whatever she says with a grain of salt because of her long-standing habit of being a histrionic drama whore.

No. 179777

File: 1418870946012.png (750.4 KB, 824x1181, FireShot Capture - The World o…)

Looks like she's been reading this thread.

No. 179778

File: 1418871573239.png (215.37 KB, 650x1618, starultranova_twitter0248.png)

I guess "a year" must seem like a hella long time to someone with the mental and emotional maturity of a child.

Never mind that Star's behavior has been consistently terrible for the last 11 years.

Take accountability for your behavior, bitch. I know you're reading this. Realize that people have good reasons for being warned away from you instead of playing the fucking martyr every single time.

No. 179779


And wasn't it just a few months ago that she was treating her internet "brother" like shit because he didn't want to hang out with some idiot in her friend group? That's how she treats the people she claims to "love". You haven't changed, Star. You're not the angelic martyr you try to portray yourself as. You're a mentally/emotionally abusive cunt, just like your mother.

No. 179780

can i be your friend anon

No. 179781


>How I used to be in the past

The post I linked was from February 2014. Fucking hell, Star. Even if you USED to be an abusive shitcase and aren't anymore you should be able to understand why we would warn someone. Jfc

No. 179782

I don't think she seems to realise the difference between warning someone they should be careful if they want to be her friend because she's been abusive in the past (a fucking year ago) and saying something like "ew no don't be friends with her, she had an embarrassing phase 10 years ago"

No. 179783

$100 dollars to go on a mini trip? to where?

No. 179784

She acts like a year ago (though not even) is forever ago. A year is not that long of time, so I don't get why she's saying ~in the past~ like it was 5+ years ago.

No. 179785

A weight loss retreat to the park where she can punch trees for a few hours.

No. 179786

I feel bad for her.
All she needs is makeup and clothing help.
And someone who has a shitton of patience.

Welp, guys I'm going to the dark side.

No. 179787

And intensive therapy. And medication. Because she is legitimately mentally ill. Some rando on the internet sucking up to her is not going to help her.

No. 179788


She said herself she doesn't like wearing makeup, she likes the way she dresses and she isn't going to be e-friends, at least for a while, with someone new after we spoke about how abusive she is. You maybe think she could be 'fixed' but she doesn't want to change, and personality-wise I think she's too far gone at this point. She's 23 or something and she's been spoiled since childhood.

No. 179789

File: 1418926332724.jpg (13.77 KB, 200x534, dun dun.jpg)

What up pretty ladies. So star's new outfit reminds me of a 70's Christmas musical special. But what does it remind you of?

No. 179790

A guy trying on his sister's outdated clothes?

No. 179791


More like his "saucy" maiden aunt. Star looks a bit geriatric these days.

No. 179792


Why do you idiots think you can magically "fix" the mentally ill. Do you seriously think no one's tried to "set her straight" before? About her imaginary friends? About her abusive behavior? About her shitty fashion sense? About anything? Do you _really_ think you'll be "the one" to have the magic cure for somebody's lifelong lolcowism?

Star's not going to give a shit about anything you do or say unless you're kissing her ass. You're not going to change her. If anything, your attempts to get her to do anything differently will offend her planet-sized babby ego and she'll drop you like a hot rock. The only thing Star wants out of a friendship is to emotionally bleed the person dry and if you're not going to provide that then you're trash that "doesn't care about her needs".

You're either willingly inducing yourself into a cycle of abuse we all warned you to stay away from, or you're going to look like a fucking fool when you fail to accomplish these "noble" goals we all told you weren't going to do shit.

No. 179793

File: 1418932177752.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300, MVCEEZq.gif)

Who the fuck ever said we were here to fix her?

No. 179794


Who said they wanted to fix her? Why, >>179786 and >>179766 did. Try reading, dumbass.

No. 179795

So you're basing this "you guys can't fix hurr" idea off of the fact that ONE anon said "I wanna steer her in a better direction"?

whatever makes you feel important, you do you

No. 179796


No, you moron. If you read my reply at >>179792 you will see that I was replying directly to that one anon. I was talking to them, specifically. "You idiots" referred to the general tendency of naive tools that think they're going to cure the mentally defunct with their own magical brand of kindness as if they think they're a real life My Little Pony character or something. If you'd had an ounce of reading comprehension in your body, you might have grasped that from the beginning.

No. 179797


Sometimes it's egotism but I think in this example it's more of a case of frustration at how she could be a decent person but isn't.

I have to admit, it's stupid but I'm actually pretty assmad at how she's so offended at anons trying to warn people not to befriend her. If multiple people tell someone you're abusive, you'd think you'd worry about how you treat people rather than getting pissed off that people 'bring up something you did in the past'. But I guess this is a lolcow we're talking about, they refuse to listen to what other people say even if 100 people say the exact same thing.

No. 179798

lel "real friends". Hey Star, there's this thing called being polite, and not everyone who treats you nice is automatically your friend. Any decent human being tend to be nice to other people.

I still wonder how she doesn't feel any shame whenever she wears any sleeveless tops since she doesn't shave her pits. Or how she thinks trying to dress up but neglecting to fix her hair or learning how to use even the basest of make up is okay. Star, no matter how hard you try to wear something decent, you'd still look like a man trying to dress as a woman since you're not making any effort to fix your goddamn hair and face.

No. 179799

>Lately, I can’t stop thinking about the time when I was around 13 or 14 years old, when my dad threw up his hands in the air and yelled “I JUST DON’T WANT HER ANYMORE!”

>I have been dragged to therapist after therapist since I was 12 years old. Everytime one didn’t tell my mom what she wanted to hear, I’d go to a new one. It’d be the same thing over and over: the therapist would sit and ask me what sounded like completely inane questions at the time, then order me out of the room and talk to my parents for an hour. I never even got to hear most of what they were saying. I felt as if I wasn’t important, that I was just an object to be passed around to these different men and women in hopes that one of them would take me off my parents’ hands…I know that’s exactly what they were trying to do. Ever since I was 12, my parents would discuss how they didn’t want me anymore and how they longed to send me away. I had to listen to all of that. I understood it. I understood “Your parents gave birth to you, raised you for all these years, and claimed to love you are now saying they want to be free of you.” I still get nightmares about it and I can still hear it in my head at the most random and inpportune times. The worst part is that when I’ve brought it up to them years later they still claim that this never happened. I guess my mind is making up the memories for shits and gigs then.

>What I learned in my early teen years was that “Your parents don’t want to deal with you anymore and are sending you to these strangers so they can take care of you instead.” “Your parents resent you and you’re the reason they throw their hands in the air and cry ‘I want peace!’ ” “Your parents are discussing putting you in a ward where you’ll be poked and prodded by doctors all day, and they don’t care about how you feel about that.” It’s no wonder I resented the hell out of them at that age and to this day I can’t help but remain distant towards them. It’s no wonder I did all that screaming, hitting, cursing, and breaking things when I was a teen. I was full of anger, rage, and resentment and I was fighting back.

But why would you post this on your blog when you know you have a lolcow thread? You could save it to your drafts, send it to a friend instead, etc

No. 179800

Why do so many spergs think 1) it's easy to get someone sectioned and 2) that mental institutions are horrific torture chambers built to keep the "crazy people" away from the rest of society?

No. 179801


spergs gotta sperg. Star still literally believes to this day that you can just sign someone over to a mental hospital and that's it, they're there forever and they can never come out. She cannot be convinced otherwise.

No. 179802

It feels like what Star needs most is to just join the real world. What she needs more than anything else is perspective, not to be sitting around her dad's house all day playing imaginary friends and manipulating teenage boys on the internet.

Can't help but wonder if she'll ever be capable of holding a job or living on her own though. I wonder what she plans to do when her dad dies. He's pretty old, isn't he? He can't support her forever. Then she'll be alone in the house with her mom and brother.

No. 179803


I think she'll be able to get a job, but I don't think she'll be able to hold one. It's not that she can't intellectually, it's that she won't want to put in the effort. She'll cry the second her boss sounds the littlest bit stern.

No. 179804


"Donna, we need you to finish inventory by 5."

Star: cries under a desk for two hours cause he used a mean voice.

No. 179805

File: 1419233341815.png (87.12 KB, 645x707, starultranotva_twitter08.png)

1. you don't have the mentality of an adult, so what does it matter?

2. your friends presumably aren't screaming spergtards like you are. congratulations, you've always wanted to be a special snowflake. now you are.

No. 179806


Her 'dad's wife' may take care of her. And maybe she may be placed in a group home, but we all know Star may kick and scream her way out.

No. 179807

I have a hard time believing someone actually requested her to sing anything

No. 179808

probably one of her imaginary friends

No. 179809

Well she ruined Voltaire for me. Great.

No. 179810


Me too, anon. Me too.

No. 179811

I remember when I was really into Voltaire this was a favorite among fedoras and weebs. Doesn't surprise me that star is a fan.

No. 179812

File: 1419285999919.png (264.74 KB, 772x501, The World of Ultranova - http_…)

this is going to backfire deliciously

it's also funny that star is willing to accept the friendship of someone she damned well knows is only approaching her out of pity and is doing so to try to "fix" her. guess star truly is that desperate for new people to suck dry.

No. 179813

oh man lol
I already feel sorry for this person

No. 179814

That's how a lot of abusers work, consciously or subconsciously. They lure naive, well-meaning people in by playing the victim and pretending to be a misunderstood woobie. These people are much easier to take advantage of than those who don't take any shit and Star probably knows that.

No. 179815


Yeah, but we already warned this person about her, so when they get fucked it's going to be entirely their fault. At least the good news is that it'll give us more entertaining Star antics to post about once shit hits the fan.

No. 179816


Well actually I'm the anon who spoke about helping her here, that person isn't me since I took y'all's advice, and kinda took a step back when she said she didn't want anymore internet friends? Also another anon told me it would've been better if I made a Twitter to befriend her, but I felt like it wasn't worth it because I would have probably made it for her. Besides if I had to be her friend on Tumblr, I would have came out of anon so she could she if it was legit. (Sorry if this is long)

No. 179817


Oh, well. Glad it's not you, then. The anon from the screencap looks like they're from here, though. If it's not you, is wonder if it's someone trying to troll her by pretending to be you. Maybe they're trying to get close so they can spread deets.

No. 179818


I'll go with the second one–Probably has the same plan I did, but since someone else mentioned it, but didn't do it, they thought they had a chance? Well, if you're reading this screenshot person, good freaking luck to you!

No. 179819

Anon who's ask was posted.
Not trynna spread anything to troll or anything, I'm genuinely curious about her. It's not pity, more so empathy for her situation.

A lot of what she says actually correlates to my own story in life, so I figured it'd be nice to talk to someone who may understand and also perhaps be understood.

If she's as bad as you guys say, well, it's my own fault. I'm an adult and that's my choice, so if there are bad consequences, then I'll just have to grit my teeth and be the dumbass that took the risk and got burnt.

No. 179820

Plus as my ask has said, I work full time and am in university, so I don't have a lot of time outside of work and studying; I have it but I also have an apartment to keep and a social life and such. My timezone is basically the opposite to hers and yeah.. If it got abusive or she turned into a mosquito, it's not like she'd be able to fully harass me online due to it being AM when I'm in PM.

No. 179821


Oh my God, you're seriously going to look for "understanding" from Star?

Star has zero empathy for others. If you become her friend, you're going to exist to give empathy and understanding TO HER, not the other way around. Star's world revolves around Star. Everybody in Star's life also revolves around Star. Star thinks thousands of video game characters exist solely to be her personal therapists that comfort her and accompany her everywhere 24/7. That alone should tell you about her mindset regarding other people.

No. 179822

File: 1420663079727.png (291.71 KB, 551x623, download.png)

good lord this outfit makes her look like a slob

she looks like one of those homeless old crazy women that push shopping carts downtown where i live

No. 179823

So, if you guys had the opportunity to dress up Star and do her hair and makeup so that she actually looked good, what would you have her wear?

We do this sort of thing for PT often, but don't think we've done it for Star. I'm curious about what you guys think would look good on her.

No. 179824


This. I see people talk about wanting to dress her up and do her hair and makeup and I feel like a major dick saying this but honestly I think it'd be quite difficult to make her look even 'average'.

>>179713 did a good job though.

No. 179825


Holy shit, the way that hair frames her face really brings out how manly her facial shape is. The glasses aren't helping either. Her face is way too manly for frames that big…they make her look like a middle-aged man. I'd go smaller (or more feminine-looking frames) to help bring out her eyes more.

…she has a very unfortunate chin and nose.

No. 179826

Although there's a lot that she can/should do, it's primarily her hair that makes her look so ragged. I don't give a shit how she chooses to dress herself, but I think she could look way better if she took care of herself. Not to get all SJW bullshit, but she could probably pass without shaving her armpits and legs as long as she keeps them covered and uses deodorant. That's her own business.
Curly hair is a bitch to maintain and handle. Hers is limp, dry and shapeless. I would give her some high quality conditioners (natural or synthetic doesn't matter) and then chop off most of it so it's healthy, and then try giving her some side-swept bangs because the middle part with curly hair looks ugly as shit. Her chin and jaw are wide, so a swept bang will help to make her face look even. Her features aren't gorgeous, no, but with some grooming (eyebrows, facial hair) she could probably be "unique" and "egdy" and spew some BS about being ethnic to get away with it. Also those eyebrows need to be slimmed down. Natural brows are awesome, but some shape would help to offset the egg-heavy shape of her head.
Star, I know you read here. Do something ballsy and mess up your hair. It will grow back, don't cry about it.
O/T: Once upon a time I looked like Star, so I know the feels.

No. 179827

I think it would be nearly impossible for her to look "normal" with her proportions, but I'd just go with some nicely fitting jeans, a shirt/tunic that has 3/4 sleeves in a lovely lighter color, a tasteful necklace. Hair would be styled so it's not so greasy, slightly volumed. As for foot wear, maybe knee high boots to define her legs? I hate to say it this way, but it looks like her leg shape might be her best feature. Since she's lost some weight, they aren't super trunk-like.

No. 179828

File: 1420679740270.png (127.95 KB, 230x226, tumblr_inline_mlsd3dQW3l1qcnum…)

I have those same socks but the stripe is blue.

No. 179829


You should do a Star cosplay. Stop grooming yourself for a week and then put on every random thing you can find in the closet. Don't forget the plastic children's jewelry and awkward headgear.

No. 179830

File: 1421776904644.jpg (50.91 KB, 423x532, pixy is my queen but star is m…)

she wore that mess to an INTERVIEW

No. 179831

i might have the shittiest taste ever, but i kinda want that dress. wouldn't wear it like that, though. the outfit would be okayish with different stockings and belt (and maybe shoes, oh god nothing matches), and she should definitely do something to her hair and face, and maybe use some rings or bracelets? i don't even know, she's such a mess. even dakota's sister wears better outfits and that says something.

No. 179832

File: 1421856262507.jpg (15.01 KB, 236x336, HowDoILook.jpg)

'How Do I Look' would be perfect for her. I've seen people on that show that have similar (as bad) tastes as her

No. 179833

Only the high notes were cringey. I was surprised that it was actually okay.

No. 179834

Yeah in the UK we have Snog Marry Avoid, which is pretty much the same programme. Most of them end up going back to their stupid fashions before on it though.

No. 179835

>So, today I was accepted into my dream school.

And today I realized just how valuable a skillset I have and how bright my future can really be, and exactly what schools see in me.

The admissions guy who welcomed me to the school said I’m exactly the kind of student that colleges and even grad programs really want. I had never thought of myself that way. I never thought of myself as having any potential or of my future as being bright.

I never realized just how much I had lost sight of myself. I mean, five years ago I wouldn’t have even expected to go to my first college, much less pursue a bachelor’s in environmental studies and even possibly go on to grad school. But now…

I guess 2004 nokia photo-tier photography and drawing birds in crayons without any shading is a "valuable skillset"

No. 179836


>And on another note

It makes me really happy that I had Alpha Sapphire with me when I found all this out. I had been playing it in the car on the way to the school and on the way back from the school (and the Golden Corral we went to to celebrate).

My old Sapphire was my best childhood friend and gave me good memories, but never got to be linked to such momentous occassions as this. My old Sapphire was there when we went to Pizza Hut on my last day of 4th grade, but its new, improved version that has grown up right along with me was there when I received the in-person news that my dream school wanted me. Since my games were legitimately my only friends as a child, I feel like my old childhood friend has grown up to stand beside me and cheer me on now that things are getting really important.

"Since my games were legitimately my only friends as a child"
Whereas nowadays, she has her soulbonds. How far you've come, Star.

No. 179837

No. 179838


yeah she did choir in high school so she actually had formal training about how to control range and pitch and stuff.

No. 179839

she could be pretty if she:
- have an elaborated skincare routine
- lose a lot of weight
- shave armpit and leg hair
- wear wig
- use makeup (jfc contour that nose pls)
- do something about her eyebrows

No. 179840


Does anyone know what school it is?

I doubt someone as lazy as her could go to grad school. But I just think she's delusional and doesn't know how much colleges pander to randos.

No. 179841

Probably a private school. My crazy neighbor's daughter goes to one and it seems like they'll tell you whatever you want to hear so you don't leave. They're desperate for money. Also departments will fight over you if it means getting a student who is halfway literate.

No. 179842

I'm talking about smaller private schools btw. This school is probably completely unknown outside of our part of the state.

No. 179843

she probably gets a lot of her fashion sense from those horrible tumblr polyvore fandom collages. she reblogs so many of them.. starultranova.tumblr.com/post/108445519111

No. 179844

File: 1422033612766.jpg (108.88 KB, 461x615, s1.jpg)

Jesus Christ

No. 179845

File: 1422033629877.jpg (97.02 KB, 461x615, s2.jpg)

No. 179846

File: 1422057763883.jpg (18.1 KB, 220x483, crotch shorts.jpg)

Those shorts need to die

No. 179847

File: 1422061063805.jpg (21.09 KB, 440x594, tumblr_nijkumqNqf1sf0xfno1_500…)

she's supposed to be anna from frozen. how?

pic related is her most recent drawing. she's in her 20s.

No. 179848

aren't these basketball shorts?

what state does she live in? I live in nyc and although we're stereotyped for being rude and whatnot, when people tell you you look like shit sometimes it's coming from a good rational place

there is no reason why she should think this looks like anything she says it does, or even remotely good for that matter

I get that she has mental disorders/illnesses, but come ON. I think her mind is still in her single digits. I'm not even basing this off of her deluded self image, but just her perception of the world around her in and of itself. It must be exhausting to live inside her head, imagine how it is for those around her. There must be times where you don't want to sympathize anymore because it's a bit ridiculous

No. 179849


she lives in New Jersey. cue New Jersey jokes

No. 179850

File: 1422812197388.png (317.45 KB, 602x705, star and weight.PNG)

No. 179851


weight loss drugs, huh? Well, I mean, she did still do a lot of work on her own, breaking bad habits and whatnot. So I really can't fault her. Girl did good.

No. 179852

Jfc, that second one made me a little sad. Her imaginary friends have always been her only friends, even as a kid.

No. 179853

If that's the case, she should have people telling her everyday that she looks like a train wreck lol.

No. 179854

did anybody see on her twitter where she said she was accepted into yale and columbia too? omg, bullshit:

"Also 2 Ivy League schools (Columbia and FREAKING YALE) sent me letters. I'm not going to either one, but holy shit, Columbia and Yale."

No. 179855

File: 1423571013474.jpg (29.06 KB, 525x153, lolstar.jpg)

Hahaha alright star, you're a wonderful person and everyone else is just a jealous meany hater.

No. 179856

I know this is an old thread but it turns out I live in the same city as this girl and am an idiot not to realize it before. I saw her at the lame free con put on by our library that my friend dragged me to.

No. 179857

Did she lose some weight? Last time I checked on her she started yoga.

No. 179858


Thanks for bumping though, I haven't checked her tumblr in ages. Shit's great.


No. 179859

File: 1438548651283.jpg (13.43 KB, 172x506, tumblr_nrsnf6pPsX1sf0xfno1_400…)

She LOST weight! she looks great.

No. 179860

sans the outfit, but yeah def better

No. 179861

File: 1439664092932.png (960.48 KB, 554x855, 98wedskf39.png)

No. 179862

Is she 14? that is the only excuse for this trainwreck

No. 179863

I wish she would learn how to dress. It'll be one of her better achievements..

No. 179864

Wow, she really lost a lot of weight!

No. 179865

She still can't dress that well but she's lost helluva lot of weight. I'm almost proud of her in a weird sort of way.

No. 179866

She has an autism blog now.


I feel like she's more schizotypal than autistic. Does anyone know if she's gone to a real psychiatrist?

No. 179867

I usually feel that necromancy is immoral and wrong, but I actually want to thank you for bringing this thread back.

No. 179868

File: 1456554127284.png (119.43 KB, 539x1597, wut.png)

All I hear is "Hello, I'm completely fucking insane"
No problem! :)

No. 179869

File: 1456554926546.png (112.36 KB, 550x1421, selfi.png)


>From nearly two decades of being forcibly exposed to social situations and environments in which every single thing was a scary monster to me and I could not thrive, and I failed. My mind had to create even scarier monsters in order to protect itself.

>This is where my hatred of humanity came from. Humans were a threat. This is where the monsters came from. The monsters were there to fight against the threat. This is why I hurt people. This is why I need to be supervised socially…throw me into a “normal” social environment without proper supervision and I will only continue to hurt people.

>I’ve been focusing on re-attaching to my soulbonds in hopes of keeping the monsters down for good. I need to stay around people I feel entirely safe with.

It's shit like this that makes me think schizotypal. It's not that she doesn't want to interact with others, her social avoidance is due to her being scared of everyone that isn't a cartoon or something.

>Odd beliefs or magical thinking, influencing behavior and inconsistent with subcultural norms;

>Occasional transient quasi-psychotic episodes with intense illusions, auditory or other hallucinations and delusion-like ideas, usually occurring without external provocation.
>Suspiciousness or paranoid ideas
>Behavior or appearance that is odd, eccentric or peculiar;
>Poor rapport with others and a tendency to withdraw socially;

All describe her perfectly.

No. 179870

File: 1456555071095.jpeg (395.05 KB, 750x1237, image.jpeg)

This screams schizophrenia. It also implies that she's seen a psychotherapist.. I wonder who she got the 'tism diagnosis from. I wonder if she's still on medication and managing her PCOS.

I'm reading through her ED again. How could I have ever forgotten about her special form of crazy?

No. 179871

Bitch you aren't autistic, you're just fucked in the head.

No. 179872

isn't this just the plot to that black rock shooter anime?

No. 179873

File: 1456591648369.jpg (15.95 KB, 480x236, 1452706605613.jpg)

>Star thread is back

No. 179874

File: 1456710454045.png (25.04 KB, 538x393, monsters.png)

Wtf are the "monsters" she keeps talking about? Does she mean it in the literal sense?

No. 179875

Based on this post >>179869 it seems like the "monsters" are 1. the real world, and 2. the very obvious personality disorder(s) that she does not want to admit she has and blames on the world being mean to her.

No. 179876

What is the salt marsh thing about?

No. 179877

File: 1456722440619.jpeg (38.19 KB, 473x555, image.jpeg)

No. 179878

Who the fuck put Ahmed in a dress?

No. 179879

The thing is I was very optimistic in her changing, maybe even dropping her imaginary friend thing. Yet now she sounds nuttier than ever!

Can you imagine the cringe of watching a friend talking to someone non extant? She doesn't accept the people she already has in her life, this is one of the reasons I can imagine someone leaving her. Obviously she takes on these "soul bonds" because of the loneliness and under appreciated childhood experiences. But in her age she should be learning how to "roll with the punches".
She shouldn't resort to immaturity to handle rejections. She should learn what she can do to change and get better. Honestly I feel bad for her.

No. 179880

File: 1456826084873.jpg (125.23 KB, 752x581, star.jpg)

current main blog url: http://star-nova.tumblr.com/
what the hell is "disneybound" and "christmasbound"

No. 179881

I was really disappointed to. I really thought she was getting better. She seemed to be doing well for awhile. Then bam. She's worse than ever.

I'm not sure because she never goes into detail. It's either some kind of fashion trend for Disneyphiles or it's related to her soulbinds somehow. I couldn't really tell. Maybe it's a thing for people other than her. I don't really get the draw of Disney at all so I never checked into it much. A lot of the big time princess fans who are adults seem whacked out of their gourds though.

No. 179882

Disneybounding was a thing created by Disney fans to get around the rules against cosplay at the parks. You pick a character and wear something that evokes the theme of them; Ariel would be a pruple top and green jeans, Cinderella blue clothing, etc etc Have no idea on the Christmasbound bit.

No. 179883

Good disneybound is actually pretty clever esp when it shows a sense of color and proportion. Bad disney bound looks like horrible closet cosplay. Case in point >>179880 which looks like a massive asspull when it comes to the pieces chosen.

No. 179884

She dresses like toddler, jfc.

No. 179885

More like a bummy kid in the early 90's

No. 179886

File: 1462980510338.png (139.84 KB, 528x1792, cold.png)

Snowflake had a meltdown at school because of the cold outside. Obsessive rumination is another sign of schizotypal btw.

No. 179887

>throwing a tantrum and wanting to destroy stuff because it's cold outside
I can't even..

No. 179888


She's literally mentally disabled, what do you expect.

Star's actually been less of a cow lately since she's been seeking the help she needs.

She stopped abusing her ex and "Gibby" finally, at least, and seems to recognize that a lot of her old behaviors were intensely unhealthy. I… honestly feel sort of proud of her?

No. 179889


That is some real top-grade retardation. On the same level as "multiple system" dipshits. Jesus.

No. 179890

It sounds like she's pretty severely autistic here, but other stuff implies that she's high functioning so I don't know.
Autism often presents with other mental illness, so it sounds like she has other issues that aren't being treated because they're being attributed to her autism.
It's sad, she seems like she needs a lot of help because she's completely nuts.

No. 179891

You ever seen "Cast Away"?
Humans that are generally suffering from lack of compassion or extreme loneliness show this "Wilson" behavior.

No. 179892

I was referring more to the meltdown aspect, because severely autistic people (or at least kids, that's all I have experience with) will have meltdowns over something as simple as the weather.
The soul bound issue is completely different, and why I said she has other mental illnesses. It could be like in Cast Away where it's due to lack of compassion, or it could be just inborn. In either case, she needs help for it.

No. 179893

Pulled this from wikipeadia, but one symptom of Schizotypal is…
>Occasional transient quasi-psychotic episodes with intense illusions, auditory or other hallucinations and delusion-like ideas, usually occurring without external provocation.

Asperger's and SPD have similar symptoms, which can make them hard to tell apart. I think it's SPD mainly because of the weird beliefs and also because aspies usually don't have great imaginations. Sperg children usually don't play pretend, they're "thing" oriented people while star has imaginary friends. Or at least that's just what I think, really wish she would get diagnosed officially.

No. 179894

File: 1463017305774.png (49.98 KB, 580x169, sad.png)


No. 179895

Imagine going to college and having to deal with someone like that in your classes though…

No. 299985


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