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File: 1660514559149.jpg (105.54 KB, 736x736, coquettethread.jpg)

No. 1616017

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same and gave the same makeup, even posting the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago.

They claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same. They still glorify Lolita, still are into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women. After they realized they can’t pretend to be morally pure and better than nymphetes anymore, they now call themselves „toxic girls”, „girls who are actually the problem” and „female manipulators”, even though the only people they’re capable of manipulating are their parents.
Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.

Cows & stuff discussed in previous thread:
>Ethel Cain - trans Nicole Dollanganger sdbbydoll larper, uses the current coquette wave to make „career”. Writes awful Nicole/nymphet themed texts with addition of misogyny >>1593790 Photographs himself in white dresses, face obscurred, which appeals to tumblr idiots, or does trailer park shoots. Makes music that’s awful, styled as very bad ripoff of Lana Del Rey.
>Alida Simone - one of nymphettes/lolita girls is still around and now treated as a goddess by coquettes, still seething about PULL >>1422957, >>1452266
>old Alida Simone milk: >>1443208, >>1443858, >>1443984, >>1443993, >>1444075,
>ezotheric.zara, priviledged coquette & trad larper from Afghanistan, but actually living in westernized, non-traditional family. makes perhaps most ridiculous coquette tiktoks >>1436073, >>143607 , >>1464327, >>1466183, >>1473461, >>1474297, >>1509314, >>1517632 sperges about being „adolescent looking”, boasts people confuse her for 17 year old (as if it’s something unusual when you’re in your 20’s) >>1436150
> Dasha, russian-larper, aryan wifu >>1440825, >>1440864, >>1440878, >>1440894, >>1440897, >>1441523, >>1441553, >>1441595
>lovesickbrat – black chick who’s delusional enough to call herself the inventor of coquette/dollette and the one responsible for it blowing up. Basically hates everything and everyone, because she’s the most coquette and most OG and idk what else >>1442314, >>1442316,
>wannarexic posting, now coquettes are dying to be iron deficient >>1436129
>coquettes obsession with larping as russian tradwives >>1436951, >>1436985, >>1436961
>coquettes’ choice of men >>1437008, >>1437037, >>1437072, >>1437429, >>1439361, >>1439534,
>Mads Mikkelsen is now coquette too >>1437997, >>1437997, >>1438006
>try to be „ironically misandric”, except they literally depend on men’s attention >>1437077
>cringe memes >>1437985, >>1437195, >>1437226, >>1437925, >>1437952, >>1441647, >>1461692, >>1461116, >>1461802, >>1462412, >>1464111, >>1510081, >>1510087, >>1600358
>a deranged anon comes to thread to whiteknight coquette style, turns out to be brown and self-hating >>1439607, >>1439629
>Anons tell her 100 times that she can wear pink, girlish style without supporting a „movement” that’s based on pedophilia and misogyny, and that romanticizes anorexia, bulimia and abuse of women, but anon ignores it all >>1439651, >>1439652, >>1439678, >>1439685 anons call out everything wrong coquette aesthetic, and hypocrisy of people involved. Quoting cause it’s all good points >>1439573, >>1439585, >>1439587, >>1439610, >>1439623, >>1439627, >>1439634, >>1439646, >>1439649, >>1439672, >>1439673, >>1439674
>self-hating anon turns out to be (c)rapper chan. Yes, it’s the one who resides in celebricows thread and always calls rap girls: disgusting, trashy, sexually deviant, disgusting filth, and most often, subhumans etc. >>1439695, >>1439830, >>1439699, >>1439781
>Starts hating herself, her culture, girls in rap and Doja Cat, of course >>1438016, >>1439581, >>1439594, >>1439635, >>1439668, >>1439691, >>1439697
>crapper chan tells everyone that black people didn’t invent rock and presents severe ignorance. Then claims grunge came from England >>1439739, >>1439749, >>1439751
>crapperchan pulls out the victim card >>1439787 bids farewell >>1439877 and goes to continue hating on Doja Cat in celebricows >>1439869
>coquette becomes „recognized” in the media >>1440190
>coquettes discover lolcow >>1446428, >>1452392, >>1445354, >>1445355, >>1488158
>coquettes discover their protoplast, Ginger Bronson >>1466028
>coquettes discover American Psycho >>1486301
>coquettes pretend they’re scared of tampons >>1586979
>old school nymphetes weight in what they think on coquette >>1526676, >>1611524
>>1590375, >>1588770, >>1567625, >>1568492,
>Ethel Cain does white trash trailer photoshoot for Paper Magazine >>1585867, >>1585873, >>1586772
> makes album called inbred and shirt with „legalize incest” >>1568493
>like a true zoomer, tells everyone to kys >>1571198, >>1586486, >>1586758, >>1586759
>used to be on Dr Luke’s label, excuses himself saying he „didn’t know who Dr Luke even was” >>1585887
>plans to make a concept album about traffiking victims, gramorizing sexual abuse, when people call him out, cries „i’ve been a victim too” >>1590759
>throws hissy fit when people call him out on ripping off Lana Del Rey >>1593587, >>1593765, >>1593768
>ATROCIOUSLY STUPID lyrics by Ethel Cain, which incidentally are typical coomer scrote misogynistic shit >>1593770, >>1593790, >>1593815
>anon gets quoted by some shitty publication on coquettes, by complete nobody >>1410436, >>1590856

please add more links in the post if i forgot some

Coquette aesthetic thread #1: >>>/snow/1410169

No. 1616018

I can't believe i spent time writing out these but i hope you enjoy

No. 1616061

File: 1660518136548.jpg (188.39 KB, 750x1200, article13.jpg)

Great summarization OP, don't really wanna argue whether Nobakov was molested or not, but I just wanna post what Humbert Humbert is supposed to look like according the book's description, kek he looks exactly like the type of guy modern coquettes would go after

No. 1616067

Humbert Humbert could even look like pretty boysies from One Direction, or those kpop dancing male dolls, or whatever is the cannon of beauty for zoomers now, and yet everybody with a brain would be disgusted because he's a pedo. Coquettes claim they are, but they still want to dress like a child, no, dress like a fictional sexual abuse victim and be desired by old men. so how is that progressive/above original nymphets

anyways i'm kinda surprised they aren't glorifying Gainsbourg & Birkin Je t'aime

No. 1616078

I get that, but most modern romanticized interpretations of Lolita come from the 1997 film, where he's portrayed by an Jeremy Irons, I doubt this film would get even 1/10th attention it has now if they casted a book accurate version of Humbert

No. 1616080

Great thread op!

No. 1616081

True. Everything that's happening in the internet around lolita (coquettes, nymphets etc.) is because of this 1997 film. Because of who they casted and overall vibe. it's just like the purple prose in the book, they think it's all cute and glittery and desirable. also they never mention the earlier adaptation

No. 1616089

I have spoken about this before but certain books just can never be adapted right for film or television, this isn't a "Le books are better" post, its more about how Film and Literature are different mediums with different capabilities
in Lolita the narrative is from the perspective of a deranged pedophile. all the events in the book is how he sees it, what could be just a little girl goofing around is him seeing it is act of "seducing him" and forcing herself on him. The problem with any film adaption of Lolita is that these acts have to be shown to the viewers, the pedophile fantasy has to be part of cinematography

No. 1616151

File: 1660524307207.png (79.53 KB, 770x792, 333355.png)

Why are they spending days on writing out these life instructions. Because they sure don't know they need to take showers and brush their teeth, right? they literally need advices what to do with their boring lives, because they have no personalities of their own. and they think so little of each other that they write 101 articles for their friends, cause how else would they know what to do with their time?

No. 1616599

This is a really bizarre thing I've noticed about aesthetics. Why does every aesthetic have a fixation on detailing how people take showers? This isn't a new thing either I've been seeing these guides for aesthetics hygiene for years. Half the time it's not even with aesthetic pictures or even referential to the time period they're trying to emulate (so in this case the nymphets aren't taking vintage 1949 ass showers they're just having regular showers). There's even a new aesthetic called "clean girl aesthetic" and it's just people posting Twitter threads of black girls washing their face as if it's not a very mundane act of hygiene

No. 1616793

>There's even a new aesthetic called "clean girl aesthetic" and it's just people posting Twitter threads of black girls washing their face
LMAO i fear if they have dirty girl aesthetic yet then

No. 1617794

File: 1660668118354.jpg (386.37 KB, 720x1160, 20220816_175410.jpg)

"Trad" but makes sure everyone can see her boobs at all times in a desperate attempt to sexualise herself like every other non trad ewhore she thinks she's better than. Just say you want to be a slut and own it, why are you beating around the bush when you know that we know?

Dirty girl was already been the main aesthetic before aesthetic became a mainstream thing. Everyone is constantly obsessed with being a dirty moss goblin who walks barefoot in mud and before that people were obsessed with being a raccoon in the trash or some shit. Its actually hilarious that clean girl is a counter culture based around having a wash sometimes

No. 1617795

Ah yes, nothing screams coquette selfcare like using products that are tested on animals or are made with animal fat.

No. 1617827

what, are coquettes vegan or is this just a weird nitpicky sperg ?

No. 1617954

Since it's based on suffering and romanticizing, it's just ironic their How to Shower guide uses products at the actual expense of animals, is all.

No. 1617960

>is this community full of bone rattling anorexia romanticsers vegan or something?
Yeah actually a lot of them are

No. 1618051

File: 1660690993079.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1572, DB923F05-A5C9-40ED-8398-8F90FE…)

ik she at least shops her body and even the back of her head based on the last thread but something about this bitches face looks so off-putting

No. 1618057

File: 1660692166812.jpg (127.86 KB, 1170x880, Tumblr_l_601378203311017.jpg)

reposting these

No. 1618058

File: 1660692190202.jpg (431.18 KB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_601528451810880.jpg)

No. 1618059

File: 1660692378654.png (532.73 KB, 1216x2048, Screenshot_20220816-182610.png)

>>1618058 this person constantly posts bodychecks and has her likes visible (which are full of rape kink and daddy shit)

No. 1618136

also Ethel Cain apparently has a private server that's 18+ and invite-only, have any of you been able to get in? or his private Instagram @missanhedonia?

No. 1618152

degenerates in every way, shape and form. so much for being "better than nymphets". maybe they;re not all as extremely dumb, but they all have some ugly kinks/ideas of sexuality despite saying they're "less pedo" lol
i don't think anybody here cares enough to see Ethel Cain's gay porn discord or whatever it is

No. 1618173

This is legitimately disgusting, these people need to die from anorexia already because the world doesn’t need this sick shit.

No. 1618174

Ntayrt, but I definitely care enough to see Ethel The Whitetrash AGP's 18+ discord server. I bet there's some milk in that shit. I hope some anon infiltrates that tranny's jerk off safe space and posts it here.

No. 1618408

you have to larp as one of them to get there

No. 1618482

It could turn out like another sewerslvt situation to be honest. People got into his Discord, took screens of him being a degenerate, and then brought back undeniable evidence that he was being weird with minors, only for the entire twittersphere to cry transphobia. In all likelihood anything found in the Cain 'cord will he dismissed as a nazi lie kek

Anyone can pull off a coquette larp. It's literally just retweeting the same shit the rest of them do and then occasionally make tweets about how you kin Sylvia Plath

No. 1618488

true but i don't care to bother making coquette accounts. that being said, if other anons want, please do and report us what you found. add Ethel Cain stan whisper memes to highten the chances.

Anon has a point though, it would get dismissed. Also, whatever would be going on between EC and the minors, i guess it would be in DMs not in general talk server

No. 1618927

File: 1660788087849.png (81.71 KB, 338x342, ec.png)

I'm kind of surprised no one noticed this before, or mentioned it. An anon in the last thread brought up knowing Ethel Cain's actual name, and posted a picture of him that leads to an old Pinterest account that has it.

No. 1618954

Samefagging. From there, you can find his old YT account, vid related, which also has his name.
If the face isn't enough, you can still find some replies to his old, suspended Twitter account(s). He went by @mphorner, then @papermassacred, then @asmodeushigh, then @ethereallover, and @herwhitesilas. He's literally referred to by name in some of them. Since this is a guy who likes telling women to kill themselves, among other things detailed in the last thread, I don't really feel bad.

No. 1618987

How did he forget to delete this? Should we archive in case? Jfc, he should've stayed as he was. boring and generic as all fuck, but this is way better than whatever he turned himself into. Anyways, i passionately hate reaction videos, and this is even more unbearably idiotic
>Since this is a guy who likes telling women to kill themselves, among other things detailed in the last thread, I don't really feel bad.
I really hope some major dirt comes out on him, i hate how his misogynistic, typical coomer lyrics gets praised like some piece of art. he's getting kinda mainstream too, so i hope his "fall from grace" will be even bigger.

No. 1619123

File: 1660811994679.jpg (256.2 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220818-095111_Twi…)

The way she edits is so funny. She completely blurred her ass cheek into the wall and gave herself the body proportions of Squidward when he ate all the Krabby Patties in an attempt to be sexy. To her credit, she doesn't try to claim her ridiculous edited boobs are on her collarbone

No. 1619253

why not post it? it's Macon Horner (kek, pronounced like the town in Georgia or like Mason?)

No. 1619305

File: 1660836615276.png (348.6 KB, 601x612, CAPTURE.png)

seriously how did firearms/military fetishism became part of the general coquette aesthetic, it seems to have come out of nowhere and the usual coquette media(as awful it is)don't have references to either guns or eastern european soldiers

No. 1619314

I think it's a combination of the Nicole Dollanganger coquettes larping as trailer park gun toters for their red neck Blue Jean's by Lana Del Rey dream moids + the slavic impersonators wanting to be held captive by an abusive spetznaz Russian soldier

No. 1619326

whitetrash hillbilly vibes, but at least they aren't wearing camo I guess

No. 1619348

File: 1660839819355.jpg (185.99 KB, 827x813, c.jpg)

idk If this is specifically a coquette thing, "pretty young woman with a gun" has always been a common enough on the internet even with dumb bitch memes

No. 1619390

For the trailer park queen aesthetic obvs

No. 1619421

I feel like it's a combo of what other anons have said (slav aesthetic) but also some weird wannabe "trad" alt-right/alt-lite larp.

No. 1621004

These threads are a bit boring because it's not a real subculture and most of the cows are anonymous. Well, I guess there are Alida and Ethel the tranny.

No. 1621657

File: 1661097470878.jpg (61.31 KB, 719x295, 20220821_170042.jpg)

Dasha is upset about black people again

No. 1621664

It's a slow burner is all. After a while it'l be like the Pro Ana Scumbags thread where there is a constant rotation of cows that fade in and out of relevance

No. 1621732

I agree. Nymphets were 100% more enjoyable to mock. but i still think thread should exist. Someone has to archive and point out their hipocrisy and idiocy, in case someone tries to tell it was "beneficial to young women" or "it wasn't that bad at all". it's good to have a laugh at them every once in a while
yep. Ethel Cain will be a huge cow that's for sure, i wonder if there will be more

No. 1621881

>seriously how did firearms/military fetishism became part of the general coquette aesthetic, it seems to have come out of nowhere and the usual coquette media(as awful it is)don't have references to either guns or eastern european soldiers
they cosplay as radical commies with eastern euro soldier bfs there to protect them.

No. 1621884

File: 1661115330340.jpg (113.75 KB, 847x843, gwbBs5Y.jpg)

i guess you can add dove cameron since she's their lord savior and has coquette tendencies

No. 1621932

File: 1661118436847.png (400.71 KB, 1951x2048, Screenshot_20220821-164454.png)

more of this shit

No. 1621939

reminds me of old luna slater

No. 1621972

damn i forgot about this creature. She's on the verge of going they/them imo, with her queerbaiting shit and talking how she's a ~bi queen~ who makes songs about girls, but ofc only dates boys

No. 1621973

Hahaha someone's been reading Ginger Bronson archives a lot. "feeling sparkly and pretty" yes well hello Kayla.
Also this idiot sent this question herself, just so she can flex. r/imdoingdrugs

No. 1621984

File: 1661122973186.jpg (634.27 KB, 2280x1734, 23455.jpg)

Checked this angel-hel bitch and she's so fucking cringey, talking about her becoming a ~model~ and doing drugs, and obviously sending herself asks. girl is thinking she's some coquette icon. very Jess Woods tier lol
>kavica za tebe, dobro jutro
literally shut the fuck up, you don't even know what language you larp

No. 1622021

To be fair with Dove Cameron
She had childish likes because of her disney contract
I saw her IG and she posts like an adult now

No. 1622036

yeah, these pics are probably old. if anything, Alana Champion is the ~queen of coquettes~

No. 1622052

File: 1661131270013.jpg (119.63 KB, 1800x1663, Collage_2022-08-21_20:20:57~2.…)

holy shit anon you're right

No. 1622057

hahah how perfect would it be if that was Ginger hiding behind a new coquette account. i know it's just some cow copying her, but still. bitch looks like a massive snowflake. wonder if she has any actual pics of herself up, or if she's only larping as "signed runway model"

No. 1622070

she's so obviously sending those messages to herself lol

No. 1622073

Liking guns isn't a political thing

No. 1622075

I am certain all of you fatties have a BMI over 18(shitposting)

No. 1622076

You are jealous you can't afford a gun or know how to shoot one.

No. 1622077

Nothing wrong with camouflage, I detect a bunch of boring basic bitches

No. 1622078

It has nothing to do with politics

No. 1622080

you can reply to multiple messages at once, you know

No. 1622082

File: 1661133274852.png (1.16 MB, 857x1077, Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 9.55…)

You are mad you can't be this cool

No. 1622083

Hohoho, i see we got a visit from a raging coquette!
easy there anachan, i heard anger and newfag posting makes you fatter

No. 1622085

>calls idiot with grey hair and face mask running around with a plastic gun "cool"
Nah thank you, lockdown's over

No. 1622089

I'm not a coquette

No. 1622090

Hateful soulless basic bitch detected. What, are you colorblind? The hair is white not gray

No. 1622094

File: 1661134380166.png (1.63 MB, 1810x2048, Screenshot_20220821-211105.png)

she's real, her instagram is @heleuar

No. 1622095

I can tell a reptilian has harvested your soul and replaced your body with a fake clone, while eating your original body. As a result, you can no longer feel positive emotions

No. 1622099

imagine seething so much because i don't think some boring ass cosplay bitch is cool, and called her boring lace front wig grey not white
go back to tumblr to obsess over aesthetics

No. 1622101

why should i feel positive emotions towards some random cosplay bitch from google images? or is that you on the picture? lmao

No. 1622120

if I wanted to have fake eyebrows, gray hair, and wear all black I would've done it already

No. 1622156

Anon was making a funny joke I wish you thick bitches would just stop being so damn autistic

No. 1622174

File: 1661140678609.jpg (72.18 KB, 600x900, cockroach-bottom-view-isolated…)

not funny didn't laugh. also you should gain some weight you literally look like you have an exoskeleton

No. 1622181

Thick as in thick in the head you stupid bitch

No. 1622193

File: 1661143270703.jpg (81.98 KB, 351x427, Screenshot_20220822-003849.jpg)

>urbn models

miss thang is not even in the modeling roster on the website lmfaoo. what runways and photoshoots is she bragging about. she has an incredibly unremarkable face from the look of her ig pics, like a dollar store kylie jenner. can't imagine anyone she works with in the industry falling in love with yet another vapid lily rose depp wannabe with the charisma of wet tissue paper.

No. 1622294

File: 1661159825809.jpeg (97.03 KB, 227x403, 5926DCDF-D732-446B-931B-73A9AB…)

Yeahhh I don't think she's a model..

No. 1622301

damn, somebody should ask her how is she modeling and where then. this sounds like bullshit, can't believe she tries to larp as a model just cause she went to Paris once. lol>>1622193

No. 1622318

Having a BMI over 18 is just healthy and normal …

No. 1622414

betting my right arm she's not south slavic jebena kavica za dobro jutro

No. 1622454

trying to be edgy or putting on a tough girl perosna?

No. 1622501

File: 1661185635026.jpg (130.19 KB, 582x660, kurdish guerilla.jpg)

tbf they don't always post eastern european soldiers, like I have gone through coquette tags and they seem to often post random pics of soldiers and guerillas from the Balkan wars and the Caucasus and the various kurdish conflicts

No. 1622989

File: 1661221287193.jpeg (113.16 KB, 828x499, C0F05248-E716-4FAE-B1AE-E89BB6…)

based fundanshi

No. 1623015

Honestly for a fandom that lives on shipping an Angel of god as a gay man with a sexist guy like dean, you'd think the incest shit would be on the lower level of immorality for them

No. 1623065

And this is not a problem

No. 1623071

Wow that dog is so cute omg

No. 1623085

Why is it that it’s somehow acceptable for men to tell women to kill themselves while trying to larp as them, but people only ever want to crucify random tumble girls for “being bad influences” as if they can’t express turmoil without being held to the standards of a perfect female role model? A lot of this style is funny but it’s mostly reacting to standards that are already there that girls deal with, not a man who didn’t grow up with that nonconsensual sexual objectification also telling women to kill themselves. Why do women support men marketing and mocking their stories while openly hating them, and hating girls just going through trends

No. 1623111

File: 1661231785314.png (168.67 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20220823-001702.png)

this made me bust out laughing

No. 1623112

File: 1661231851019.png (1.48 MB, 2344x1788, 347.png)

the way this ugly photoshopped botched looking trad larper slut pulling her tits out out every chance she gets singles out black dudes when disgusting men of all races sexually harass girls online and then posts about an old nazi murderer who groomed an underage girl representing her goals in life is cringing me out

No. 1623117

Are you like deep in this scene or something? Why would anyone else care

No. 1623127

the bearded guy is the ex metalhead that murdered his friend or who is he? also those children don't look trad at all, they all look they were born with a meth addiction and the very definition of redneck

No. 1623138

I really don't wanna defend her or have this come across as racebait, but personally as a mixed woman I get disproportionately way more creepy DM's from black moids then men of the other races, I think its just cause black men use Twitter way more and think its a hookup site

No. 1623207

if you don't care about coquettes pandering to racist groomers why are you even in this thread kek? varg met his wife marie when she was in highschool. you don't need to be deep in any scene to know this retard, it's literally been posted to lolcow.

i don't think the trad aryan larper who panders to groomers is disparaging of black coomers in particular for the same reasons anyone else would because she's a trad aryan larper kek

No. 1623248

File: 1661248107149.jpeg (290.92 KB, 1242x1740, B072D45E-75DD-4FBD-BA8C-30CCF0…)

we know there are lots of perverted black scrotes on twitter anon but are u really gonna sit here and tell me she isn't doing it for attention from racist scrotes on twitter when she puts down other attention seekers just for not being aryan? it's why she's in this thread. someone in the last thread said she edits the back of her head and i think she actually does it to make her skull more doliocephalic which aryans are said to have, she's a white supremacist

No. 1623251

nta and I'm not denying that she is very likely racist but
>and i think she actually does it to make her skull more doliocephalic which aryans are said to have
this seems kinda tinfoily, she just likely sucks at editing her photos

No. 1623255

ayrt maybe it would be tinfoily if she didn't always talk about varg and aryanism and if the back of her head didnt look edited, no one else has any reason to edit there or to think the top of their skull looks better raised. she does suck at shooping look at the distorted wallpaper behind her posted to the last thread

No. 1623344

File: 1661260764536.jpg (46.75 KB, 720x230, 20220823_133221.jpg)


She's so blatant about it too. It's she analysed people with the same kind of autism Varg has and crafted the perfect pickme persona to attract that specific type of person like flies to shit. Even funnier, it's a thin lie. Her slut pics are all over her timeline. Trads would be ashamed to call her their own because she's the community cum rag

No. 1623349

File: 1661261395410.jpg (35.82 KB, 720x222, 20220823_143951.jpg)

It's sad because on the off chance that she is actually an Eastern European (debatable since even in the last thread anons werw pointing out oddities with how she types Russian) then that's the only thing she thinks shes has. She constantly talks about her boobs when she knows any woman with eyes can tell immediately that she wears push up bras. That's it, that is the whole person. The illusion of boobs and a potentially fake nationality

No. 1623392

Was she the one talking in very, very basic google translate broken Russian and sometimes Polish? then yeah, she's definitely a larper.
They ALL claim to be Russian coquettes and none of them are

No. 1623414

File: 1661268027916.jpg (63.84 KB, 720x290, 20220823_163833.jpg)

Yes that's her. She's claiming to be half polish these days (I seen this while she was pickmeing herself at a moid who was complaining about polish men dating black women). I seen her tweet something about being half Russian but she seems to have deleted it

No. 1623416

File: 1661268104738.jpg (94.18 KB, 482x756, 55555.jpg)

Yes, sure. Hi secondhand Ginger Bronson.
I sent her anon asking why she isn't mention or Urbn models website. No response, obviously. kek

No. 1623424

100% isn't even half Polish. the translator use is evident. besides, she seems to think Polish/slavic girls OF COURSE are like all blond hair, blue eyes, traditional wives! Nah, it's varied. majority has light brown hair even. and girls don't give a fuck about trad bullshit.
she's probably from a country that mostly has nothing to do with slavic ppl…

No. 1623428

File: 1661269305531.jpg (33.4 KB, 1242x550, urbnmodelsmunich following.jpg)

She's mentioned on the website here. I wonder what's with the "New!" by her name though. Did they just add her? I also noticed company isn't following her back on Instagram either.

No. 1623443

I checked and she wasn't mentioned in women development either yesterday. maybe girl complained to them after ask.
i think it maybe means it's nothing big, and she's in the "waiting room" only probably.

No. 1623551

it’s strange that they aren’t following her, but I could imagine they took a while to put her on the website because they wanted her to build up her portfolio with test shoots and maybe some real work first. some agencies also make models pay for things like being on their website (which is scummy but not uncommon) so she may have waited for that reason. not trying to WK btw, her weird ~cocaine coquette model chic~ thing is her coping with being no different from every other girl on the “development” boards of a non-major agency. having a drug addiction and a terrible personality won’t help her get work.

No. 1623556

File: 1661278447704.jpg (201.61 KB, 720x805, 20220823_192941.jpg)

>worship music
Ms Assoutboobsoutnikov is now Catholicmaxxing

No. 1623561

The problem is she has nothing but a few self-taken photos and fresh agency deal, but she's already some fucking superstar and behaves like she's better than everyone. she's a nobody. it's no big deal, thousands of other chicks like her modelling deals. it's laughable how she tries to be some sort of tumblr it girl personality with hoards of fans sending her asks, but she really did nothing, and she's boring af both look and pesonality wise

No. 1623580

Worship music? LARP is getting absurd. The most staunch Catholics anyone knows are boomers whose churches never play anything more contemporary than like, an operatic organ. Plus worship music sucks. These people will fake faith in a literal cult for Twitter upshits.

No. 1623586

> whose churches never play anything more contemporary
kek anon. what else do you expect churches to "play"? You get organist playing old church songs, eventually these songs get arranged to guitar + choir + violin. can you imagine people playing christian contemporary pop during mass? that's what religion radio stations are playing
And nah most catholics don't like christian pop songs. they also don't sing religious songs while slapping the pork chop in the kitched either. bad larp, Dasha

No. 1623587

>Fashion Nova matching set wearing e-thot
>tradwife listening to worship music

Pick one dummy

No. 1623593

Don’t kek me. There are Protestant churches who will absolutely play versions of contemporary music during mass. I’m saying chick doesn’t have her branches straight.

No. 1623624

having your ass or boobs out in every picture is very catholic and trad

No. 1623633

File: 1661283245588.png (420.88 KB, 588x471, 1939190381.PNG)

No. 1623636

okay I am 99% sure she's a virgin

No. 1623646

Aaaand now she's fucked up her larp. Trads are too jealous to accept their wife being with another man ever, hence the obsession with virginity. She's literally telling her moids that shes a lying whore kek. So tradwife

No. 1623647

well then, that's crazy. she is too

No. 1623671

she could be a diasporan larping as a FOB
i irks me how these women slutshame the ig models for thirst trapping then turn around and do the same thing for "trad" moids' attention. they are doing the same thing

No. 1623716

I hate the fetish rightoid males have for Slav women and I hate the women who try to play into it

No. 1623880

File: 1661303790502.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1992, AC22353D-80C4-4D06-8650-259236…)

is alida engaged? i think that's her left hand.

No. 1623905

They have some woo woo ~galactic soulmate~ thing. He will never marry her when she's giving herself away for free without any fail-safes or legal protections.

No. 1623925

>nekopara avatar
like pottery

No. 1624178

I know she's covering her mouth here but the lips she's famous for are looking smaller and flatter compared to before. So, fillers confirmed then?

No. 1624196

confirmed. people found her teenge pics where she had norml mouth. i'll see if i can refind

No. 1624208

File: 1661346721485.jpg (140.48 KB, 594x906, alida.jpg)

Ok her childhood/teen pics clearly show her current lips are far from "natural"

No. 1624209

File: 1661346758356.jpg (89.43 KB, 927x501, alida3.jpg)

compared to

No. 1624211

File: 1661346942267.jpg (127.82 KB, 706x507, alida2.jpg)

She's STILL stupid enough to claim it's all natural, it's just mean haters shooping her lips smaller! When it's actually her photoshopping her childhood photos… PULL has more of this on page 4 or 5.
she'd get cheap fillers/those lip plumper things since age 16 or so. this is not very important, but i thought she'd get over with this shit now that she's older.

No. 1624222

File: 1661347796243.jpg (68.65 KB, 565x501, c.jpg)

>everybody hates me bc i'm pretty! mean girls bully me cause i'm beautiful!

No. 1624272

How does a 15/16 year old even legally get lip fillers?? No wonder she's fucked up her parents are insane for letting her get literal sausage lips as a KID

No. 1624483

her parents probably fucked up a lot of other stuff too considering the way she turned out. but yeah the filler thing is yikes, i don't have proof but i seem to recall she was getting them done somewhere unprofessionally when she was underage

No. 1624855

at least she's not Elita, didn't her dad get her breast implants when she graduated high school?

No. 1624938

that is one dead eyed 1 year old. she couldn't find a cuter picture of herself?

No. 1624943

File: 1661396181969.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1836, CD939467-C03A-484F-A264-715F1F…)

damn, three years together and still no ring? i bet she was frothing at the mouth when her bestie got engaged last year.

No. 1624960

Dating since 8th grade and all she got was that ugly ass ring.

No. 1625157

Materialism isn’t cute.

No. 1625193

Neither is this ring though

No. 1625334

He did. That was a graduation gift (but ofc she ALSO denied it). Also, Elita Harkov is not Russian, she's plain ol Emma Harvey from Newfoundland, Canada. she was such a incest-loving cow a few years back, crazy to see she mellowed out and posts just lingerie pics nd ""sings""

No. 1625442

File: 1661443289464.jpg (97.62 KB, 749x1102, IMG_20220825_171357.jpg)

I've noticed a very small side community of South East Asian coquettes that are all about being nymphets who study fashion or pursue careers that can lead to celebrity status (and wearing fashionable suits, like lawyers). Usually romanticising studying abroad in vintage France or Italy. In a way you almost have to find it endearing that there are young people who will go out of their way to do something this difficult because they romanticise it so much

No. 1625584

kek sorry your ring sucks. the idea of an engagement ring at all is literally peak materialism, so you might as well have a nice one

No. 1626070

File: 1661494255422.jpeg (974.35 KB, 1113x1882, 64FA7EF5-C775-4A8C-B763-1AEDE3…)

taking bets on how long it takes her to move back in with orion.

No. 1626072

File: 1661494602790.png (1.16 MB, 716x1262, Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.1…)

why is that I, a fan, have to post this for y'all to seethe about? smdh


https://archive.ph/pMNbv(unsaged wk)

No. 1626081

Pretty sure she's still living with him. She has zero income; no way is she affording an apartment by herself in California no matter how shitty an area.

No. 1626118

Ayrt. No, I thought they were at the start, but they're not. They do all the same stuff as coquettes (the models, the anorexia romanticising, the pedopandering) but instead of having a Russian soldier abuser bf and being a tradwife they talk about having sexy mafia crime boss type romances and being a sophisticated student with high society dreams

No. 1626119

I guess the calves thread was wrong, they're absolutely hsts. On the one hand I sympathise with people who have to grow up gay in a heavily religious environment such as the Southern States on the other hand what the fuck is the obsession with inbreeding and pedopandering. "Ethel" will be a curious case because, like most hsts, there will be an inevitable detrans era for us to cover

No. 1626155

This is honestly so fucking funny. These idiots really thinks this is what university is like? at least for me, being at university turned out to being tired, falling asleep in my chair, and throwing whatever there is on. nobody fucking wastes time to put on carefully arranged ~black rich Blair Waldorf Jenny Humphrey dark academia mafia boss daddy girl~ clothes. They all must be 13 to 16 years old if this is their imagination of studying

No. 1626159

> I, a fan,
go back to tumblr and come back when you grow out of listening to shitty music.

I don't give a fuck if this person is uwu victimized trans, i don't care how bad the childhood was. that's just one more tumblr pedopanderer with atrocious, unlistenable music and misogynistic fuckboy lyrics, but you tumblr idiots are all of course are in awe, because EC's trans, and because has got coquette photos. if that's enough for you to like someone, i suggest to dress Poot Lovato in coquette clothes in the woods and repackage as Oedipus Dollbones or something

No. 1626204

I hope that he will 41%

No. 1626289

this is so fucking depressing. im her age and cant even afford to finish my bachelors let alone move out, but she gets to have everything i and other nonnies ever wanted without working for it. life really is bleak. and no she did not get this house on her own, she has no job or income kek.think i need to stop using this site before i a-log

No. 1626363

nona there's a vent thread in /ot/

No. 1626417

File: 1661532037011.jpg (82.6 KB, 720x426, 20220826_175910.jpg)

Guys, did you know Dasha…is WHITE? But seriously jesus I haven't seen skin sperging like this since actual Lillee Jean

No. 1626521

>without working for it

I mean have you seen her scrote? She works

No. 1626546

File: 1661540434082.jpeg (139.23 KB, 828x784, 05017994-7FD2-483E-B35D-812E7F…)

i wonder if these girls have ever read the novel or if they’ve only seen the movie where a sexy actor plays the serial killer

No. 1626558

File: 1661541917284.jpg (123 KB, 1024x892, Jeffrey-Epstein-Bill-Gates-102…)

wasn't bateman just a parody of like. every rich man in new york.

No. 1626559

File: 1661541978605.jpg (71.39 KB, 736x736, 1bfa857742a8355a901dbef1c67331…)

You know what, Patrick Bateman is the perfect husbando for Coquettes, he is an insecure self hating loser who is obsessed with his image to the point of autism but he ends up being indistinguishable from other Yuppies coworkers

No. 1626608

File: 1661546978113.jpg (100.58 KB, 736x981, b7363a4f3869303eb52f8422f1420f…)

Leaving this here because I found it on Pinterest today and was waiting for it to be relevant. The coquettes really do latch onto his ass either fr or to pander

No. 1626616

incels and coquettes have a lot in common lol

No. 1626860

Bateman is the quintessential coquette - an edgy, self-absorbed poser who fills the gaping hole where his personality should be with a shallow collection of AeStHeTiCs.

lol why do you think lazy journalists call them femcels nonna

No. 1626920

There's nothing handsome about any of those men. All the birdbrained coquettes and broke, tryhard moids LARPing that there's anything attractive about shriveled, geriatric men with dicks that ejaculate dust and autism should absolutely be ashamed of themselves

No. 1627134

He is but the novel is notably more violent and grotesque than the movie. While it's implied that Christian bale is playing a rapist, the novel begins to devolve into extremely graphic, sadistic descriptions of sexual torture. The author is a deviant moid. Many of these vapid e-thots would probably be repelled by the text.

No. 1627446

File: 1661629389720.jpg (113.87 KB, 1020x690, 12123.jpg)

Hahaha, oh wow, lovely, lol lol lol.
I start to think that Angel-hel cow has never seen drugs in her life, but runs to tumblr to type Ginger Bronson tier stories about her ~supermodel~ Kate Moss life, being simultaneously high on cocaine, relanium, xanax and klonazepam

No. 1627449

She's just read my year of rest and relaxation and used it as inspiration for her 'adventures'

No. 1627456

File: 1661629971508.jpg (54.75 KB, 1012x298, 121234.jpg)


>i want a boyfriend who's Russian gopnik dealer who also went to jail once but not too much, and soundclout lil peep skinwalker, and Lana Del Rey nymphet too"

No. 1627462

Damn this girl is a massive cringe cow. i'll be VERY surprised if she had ANY runway show at all, but behaves like she's on par with Kate Moss or Naomi. also
so now she larps as opiate addict in shitty tijuana hotels? isn't she pretending she's a cool berlin kid? decide on something, miss walmart

No. 1627551

File: 1661635823447.jpg (74.43 KB, 720x313, 20220827_224901.jpg)

The shot

No. 1627552

File: 1661635852828.jpg (159.14 KB, 720x776, 20220827_224848.jpg)

And the chaser

No. 1627563

I have seen them glorify Birkin and Gainsbourg unfortunately nona. I will try to find a screenshot from Tumblr.

No. 1627579

what's her tumblr
(anyways fuck i'm so done with this punchable scrunched crying uwu face)

No. 1627584

No idea, it's not listed on her Twitter but she shouldn't be hard to find. Given the guys responses it seems like she's posting herself in pictures so if you comb the coquette tags you're bound to find her eventually

No. 1627586

File: 1661638168600.jpeg (355.57 KB, 1830x1408, 20675CDC-75AB-4D2C-89AB-E386B8…)

looks like the cockettes don’t seem impressed with mina’s new video about them

No. 1627592

She's like two years old how does coquette manage to reach kids so easily

No. 1627604

File: 1661639064336.jpg (24.57 KB, 480x360, top.jpg)

lmao, much offense! older coqettes didn't care
it's mindblowing to see these go "Ah i miss 2014 Imagine being a teenager in 2014! how cool" and then you realize… they were 3 or 4 year old in fucking 2013 or less. like… what have you even lived, kid. what do you even understand. i feel old

No. 1627607

File: 1661639145826.jpeg (876.5 KB, 828x1518, 982847BC-6D6C-4AAD-88E4-443E4D…)

I don’t believe she was really born in 2008 it’s just her username and her real name is Helena and is believed to be around 19. I’m surprised she’s never been really posted here tbh she’s quite popular on Instagram

No. 1627706

They definitely have never read the book and have only seen bits of the movie through whatever cherry-picked scenes the TikTok algorithm gives them.

No. 1627714

Lol she is going to be chewed up and spat out in record time. It’s almost scary that she thinks the shtick that worked for her years ago at 16 in Florida is going to work now in California at 22. It’s not. You can’t play pretend out here with nothing backing you.

No. 1627738

Bitch went to ARCADIA just because it's a LDR song which wasn't even a reference to the city kek She's not lasting no matter what fantasy she tries to live out.

No. 1627815

what's wrong with them? they're goals tbh

No. 1628214

i want you to explain yourself here. how in the fuck are they in any way goals? a gorgeous woman with some fish-ape hybrid perverted man "genius lyricist" that literally did vidrel with his real life flesh and blood daughter. WTF. like i genuinely want to understand why anybody would think they're goals, its beyond me and i want to see your point of view because i cant wrap my head around it

No. 1628585

Maybe anon thought op meant Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg and not Serge

No. 1629064

File: 1661730298130.jpg (100.02 KB, 627x1096, 62wsr8ka0hb91.jpg)

btw ethel cain was brought up in the celebricows thread. apparently he has ties to Lana's new bisexual zoophile boyfriend

No. 1629082

File: 1661731070042.jpg (419.54 KB, 1080x1421, balletcore.jpg)

No. 1629083

wtf is wrong with you? no one gives a fuck what they were trying to do or how much ~deep~ and ~attractive~ he is. it's just one more disgusting scrote with yucky ideas
>just a larp btw lol, they were trying to be controversial
and how is that scrote different or better from all larp idiots posted here? Just because it's "larp incest" and not "real incest" doesn't make it any less degenerate, do you make excuses for incest porn videos, DD/LG and rape kink shit cause it's "only larping" too?

go back to tumblr to foam over your coquette daddy/daydream of turning to "waif", nobody needs you whiteknighting some moron's incest fantasies

No. 1629096

yeah, Nylon has even more of that aesthetics nonsense articles. never thought it would reach some sort of "press"…
Why do i imagine that the fans of this "aesthetic" are all chubby chicks with hair buns, re-reading "50 shades of gray" in bed and eating cheetos? i mean, nothing wrong with all that (besides reading 50 shades or gray) but it's weird to think they larp as anorexic ballerinas online
Real life ballerinas must be laughing at these idiots, if they even know of them

No. 1629103

File: 1661732238815.png (418.64 KB, 557x854, 1.png)

I really hate social media's need of having to label every fashion aesthetic they see with random arbitrary words. Even more so when they add "-core" to it. Do you really need a label for everything? Do you have no sense of self identity? Not everything needs to be labeled or categorized, seriously. Just because an outfit has something like ballet shoes doesn't mean you have to label it "balletcore". It's just an outfit with ballet shoes.

No. 1629123

i lost it when anon said they call having a shower or washing your damned face with water "clean girl core" or whatever, i can't. All the lovecore dirtcore angelcore frenchcore dollcore tags sound idiotic and are also an eyesore. Also it annoys the fuck out of me when they suddenly tag kinderwhorestyle, or any 90's band "coquette" or "grungette". how fun was it when clothes were just clothes

> Do you have no sense of self identity?

They don't. Ones who dramatically change from one trend to another & wanting to try everything, seem to be making up for something they lack. Or the ones who all dress in leg and arm fishnets and plaid skirts, colored hair and piercings. You know the alt/e-girl style. it's just all so common they all look the same. it's not even "alternative", it's common af.

No. 1629159

as celebricows anon said
>can we talk about John Donoghue from the band s4lem? he's currently dating Lana but he has been seen with Ethel cain and has dated Courtney love and Julia fox as well. and his instagram @jackdonoghueboy has tons of pictures of animal genitalia and him making out with random men/women/animals, one of which he claims to be his first cousin. he also has many pictures of dead animals and roadkill

Not shocking at all, honestly i only expected the worst of him. Of course Ethel Cain's a bestie/ex of a zoophile, incidentally also beloved by Lana Del Rey AND Ginger Bronson. Must be delighted to share that great company with such an elitist circle lol

No. 1629341

>Real life ballerinas must be laughing at these idiots
Oh they are and they laugh the hardest at the ones on tiktok who take a few ballet classes and think they're experts.

No. 1629356

oh they definitely are laughing at how everyone's wearing those ballet sweater thingies and leg warmers but you can't actually wear those during classes bcs the instructor needs to see if you're actually managing your body right

No. 1629359

ballet is hardcore. hardcore training & inhuman strength of legs. Not a wobbly idiot slapping on (misfitting) ballet shoes and slipping around on bedroom floor for 5 minutes, making stupid faces and imagining to be etheral Bambi slipping on ice in the forest

No. 1629361

The funniest thing is that all these balletcore bitches probably have never watched a single ballet recording in their life, not even mentioning going to see it live. i don't think they've even seen Swan Lake, they just seen a few seconds in Black Swan

No. 1629372

I look forward to the day one of these wannabe ballerinas fucks around and finds out with pointe shoes

No. 1629417

File: 1661756234819.png (41.68 KB, 813x235, Screenshot (74).png)

Nylon also has an article about coquettes themselves: https://www.nylon.com/fashion/coquette-aesthetic

the whole article is laughable but the fact that they act like they are any better than nymphettes still really takes the cake

No. 1629451

I was wondering when someone would mention Black Swan kek. Ballerinacore has as much to do with ballet as pink pilates princess aesthetic has to do with pilates- nothing. These girls just wear tight fighting black leggings and tank tops to smoke in a tight hair bun. That's like the entire foundation of balletcore, off duty model aesthetic, blah blah blah

No. 1629515

Are we gatekeeping ballerinas now? It’s a stupid aesthetic that many young girls phase into and swiftly grow out of once they’re over the age of 23 and accrue some life experience instead of sitting in moms house taking selfies and crying about their bulimia

No. 1629517

Nobody is gate keeping ballerinas, we're laughing at larpers kek

No. 1630616

Her face isn't unfortunate at all. She's too bland or generic to be a supermodel but she's not ugly. Also, iPhone? The quality is kinda shit I thought iPhones would have much better cameras than this

No. 1630643

The image seems to have a blurring effect all over it, that's why the quality seems shit. Unless it's a really old iPhone. T. iPhonefag

No. 1630722

she's not ugly, but there's something meh about her. i mean, this doesn't seem like model face at all. anons praising her on tumblr (or rather, bitch sending stuff to her own self) as some incredible cocaine model beauty are immediately suspicious, because she's just plain af and boring.she somehow got the urbn model gig but there's LOADS of other girls looking like that who could be in her place tbh >>1622193, >>1622294

And her (lack of) personality is even worse. Look at those pics, what kind of photoshoots she's talking about? self-timed iphone pics or polaroids? wow. much supermodel, so successful. but she behaves like she's Kate Moss, and tries hard to come across as some role model every tumblrina is
"just jealous" of, all the while vomiting Ginger Bronson tier fake stories

No. 1630723

this could be Samsung with shitty shaky camera. that or she slapped some blurring effect on. all the new fundie "photographers" love to rip off Y2K/Myspace pics and always put blurred effects to make their "photography" look like its taken with flip Motorola, she could've followed suit. weird choice for a modeling agency though.

No. 1630725

She's not ugly I'll give her that

No. 1630772

This is a retarded nitpick. She looks completely normal and slightly above average. I swear for some of you it needs an objective 11/10 to get you to quit the "shes so fat and ugly and has fetal alcohol syndrome" act

No. 1631167

Ayrt. Yeah, I think what I meant when I said "generic" is that there isn't really any personality in her pictures. I almost feel guilty saying she has the vibe of someone they hire to stand beside the main supermodel because they don't actually grab too much attention while still being decent enough for the job. Pretty background character

No. 1631262

File: 1661902657842.jpg (24.44 KB, 538x360, 1112.jpg)

Don't feel so, you are 100% right and the way she behaves successfully discouraged anyone from feeling bad for her. She acts like tumblr role model/star that is to be jealous of & just hated by mean jealous bullies, bc they're not as cool as her~!1!1! and, interestingly, like queen model coquette, whilst shitting on coquette style and pretending she's "above it" lmao. cow in the making, if not a regular cow already.

No. 1631277

weird and tacky but those were her posts on girlblogger2008 before she deactivated it kek

No. 1631279

wtf… Angel-hel was girlblogger2008? kek

No. 1631281

only now noticed her tumblr was in girlblogger bio… she had 40k followers, which is infinitely more than she has on helena something IG. very curious, why she suddenly deleted hmmm

No. 1631320

File: 1661907301870.jpeg (637.93 KB, 828x1657, 4B14CF2D-94D9-4743-97BC-A1B9D4…)

her redbubble store is still up kek

No. 1631351

File: 1661909140002.jpg (179.15 KB, 934x896, aaaaaaa.jpg)

When did she delete? weren't we talking about this account just a few days ago? maybe someone cowtipped her about the thread, but then again she'd probably sperg the fuck out on her blog that we're "fat" and "jealous" of her being "pretty and thin" lmao (pic rel)

>Lana cd sticker

i understand these idiots would probably throw themselves at whatever item containing Patrick Bateman, but really? stickers? who the fuck would need that? it's 2022, you can just fucking buy special glossy sticker paper at your local paper/pen/school accessories shop and print whatever you want as sticker at home. no need to buy one single 2cm sticker from shady nymphet knockoff bitches.

No. 1631372

File: 1661910473149.png (50.06 KB, 457x388, 1.png)

Most likely found the thread herself. Her Tumblr banner is a screenshot of a reply from here after all.

No. 1631393

damn it, pathetic bitch. These idiots really think coming to lolcow to raid celebricows and lurk this thread is making them so 2edgy4you and some "mean girl" tier big baddie, lmao. it's too fucking easy to spot these idiots whenever they're posting here and desperately trying to integrate. they must be thinking it's an honor to be mentioned here.
it's only a matter of time before they start vendetta-posting and shittalking their coquette "besties", if they aren't already.

No. 1631396

Even that screencap is taken from twitter (it's from the leftcows thread, which some of them stalk because red scare). All these girls have like no personality lol

No. 1631442

she was obsessed enough about coquette aesthetic to make a dedicated account, and rage and throw tantrums just because ex nymphet youtuber insulted her shitty aesthetic. even her favourite movies list are all typical generic coquette choice. very funny to see her pretending like she doesn't even know what coquette exactly is "If you mean pink ribbons or something" kek
Her ""experienced druggie"" sperging about cocaine & other is just neverending source for a good laugh. girl stop embarassing youself. we get it, you've never seen drugs in your life, and guess what - good for you. you don't have to pretend otherwise.

No. 1632831

File: 1662051025180.png (62.25 KB, 1138x504, Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.4…)

we all know you're sending them to yourself, helena

No. 1633616

File: 1662135339937.jpg (161.51 KB, 954x1080, angelhel.jpg)

Kekk either farmer sent the top left or other people are 100% done with her shit as well. she got a lot of asks laughing at her even before she appeared in this thread. funny thing is i already guessed what would she answer word by word while still reading the question, predictable as fuck

The random boasting about her (nonexistent) connections to Lana and sending herself "Help!!! Jess i need your advice!" tier questions, lmao. intense flashbacks of Jess Woods and Ginger Bronson blogs

No. 1633831

File: 1662148098114.jpeg (643.4 KB, 1515x2049, FE0720B3-74E6-468D-8BAB-6203FD…)

kek the trad larp was so short lived, she's going full blown whore now. it was always the same thing tbh it's just fetishization for male validation. these women do not know a life outside of pandering to racist scrotes online this is their one and ultimate purpose so she does a mix of both, whatever she thinks will get her more scrote attention at the moment. the shitty photoshop is still obvious with the wall bending on the left corner behind her and her face still looks botched. those are also some of the worst lashes ive ever seen

No. 1633850

File: 1662150019568.jpg (94.93 KB, 1137x772, ONAuih8.jpg)

i don't get the sofia coppola obsession

No. 1633851

She edits herself so scary looking. No wonder she has like 2 orbiters, she's terrifying. Serving evil middle aged step mom gold digger in a 2000s movie the kids have to secretly fight without their dad knowing realness

No. 1633862

this is literally just sad

No. 1633968

so… she's making OF only because her dream scrote cares more about porn online than her? girl that won't bring his attention back
Idk what she's doing to her pics, but she look like Sims 3 mod, or Second Life download

No. 1634055

coquettes all want to be lux lisbon. even ginger bronson had posts about her

No. 1634234

This was a really truecore post

No. 1634350

Is OF a coquette thing to do? I've never seen one with an OF because they're supposed to romanticise being classy. If she does its foing ro be coconut kitty levels of retarded editing but at the same time it would be funny to see how she looks in videos where she cant make herself into an IMVU

No. 1634387

they don't have OF for the same reason they don't post selfies: cause they're mosty sightly chubby, regular to ulgy, boring chicks with no hobbies, who try to larp as anachans = the opposite of what they're pretending to be.
Others try to larp as tradwives, so they hate "stupid whores" on OF.

that being said, it's only good that they're not starting OF.

No. 1634405

File: 1662215159043.jpeg (906.51 KB, 828x1357, E5499992-2C26-4766-A66B-256149…)

they’re obsessed with the virgin suicides even buy and sell clothes with it

No. 1639114

File: 1662488313359.png (216.32 KB, 480x539, 1662485808966.png)

whelp, Ethel Cain just got the holy grail of boring girl compliments- Taylor Swift is inspired by the latest album. Wild because I can't actually imagine the Taylor Swift demographic of generic moody Hallmark Christmas movie girls have an overlap with the Ethel Cain demographic of incest Nicole Dollanganger rip off whore in the bible belt girls but here we are anyway

No. 1639120

He must have paid her. No one listens to those uninspiring ramblings, let alone be impacted by them. That’s how the industry works.

No. 1639144

I can't wait for Taylor Swift's rebranding into an inbred white trash heroin addict. Seriously fuck Tranny Cain, I hope he's not treated as the next big thing and he fizzles out and quietly 41%s after his music "career" dries up. What a fugly fucking fag.

No. 1639180

I like a lot of her music but Taylor's public image especially when it comes to politics has been managed and inauthentic since she was a teenager, and in several different stages, too. I'm not surprised that they'd get her to cosign troons at this point.

No. 1639187

this is fake

No. 1639202

File: 1662491394259.png (420.83 KB, 672x737, elmk.png)

No. 1639208

Thank god. I still hope he 41%s though.

No. 1641286

File: 1662577003191.jpg (872.61 KB, 1592x2048, IMG_20220907_201354.jpg)

Dasha posted this and I think the editing on her hair is hilarious

No. 1641289

File: 1662577069848.jpg (363.14 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220907-201413_Twi…)

You can see the stretched out background leaves where she tried to put like 10 extra inches of hair length on kek

No. 1641597

File: 1662594781269.jpeg (588.46 KB, 919x968, A1294325-FBAC-4F6C-B895-1C089B…)

are those not dark roots?? i thought part of her whole shtick was bragging about being an all natural blonde haired blue eyed aryan with huge boobs and lips (facetune push up bra and fillers)

No. 1642060

wtf is wrong with you

No. 1642065

File: 1662624075886.jpeg (310.56 KB, 1125x1847, 6FB741D6-688B-47AF-9CEE-0A3552…)

something i noticed while trying to get through preacher's daughter tonight after a mutual went to an ethel cain show (i'd only ever heard of him here and wanted to see if his music is as bad as you guys make it out to be. spoiler alert: it is) and noticed this little cow crossover. nicole's matt helped him write a song. have nicole and ethel ever met?

No. 1642073

nta but are you new

No. 1642091

All the box dye blondes who tradlarp are brunette. They say that natural blonde is a spectrum that changes with age and because of sun exposure. Varg's wife is also a box dye blonde and when her dark roots were pointed out to her she said that because she was stuck inside with pregnancy her new hair growth wasn't getting enough sun to lighten it until it matched the rest of her hair kek

No. 1642417

Not sure if he met Nicole, but it 100% was his intent, huh. Hes' been ripping her off for a long while. Idk if he cared about meeting her, as much as stealing her schtick and making career out of it. so it would make sense to suck up to Matt, if he wanted to imitate Nicole sound.
honestly i'm kind of surprised he's the only one feeding off of Nicole & the calves era. i'd prefer a new embarassing uwuu sadbbydoll cow anyday, over this monstrosity making career on being trans. you know if that was a chick coming out with the preacher daughter bullshit, her career would end on tumblr.

No. 1642462

File: 1662661025157.jpg (621.4 KB, 1536x2048, Tumblr_l_21799866767033.jpg)

No. 1642463

they literally toured together

No. 1642469

when? wasn't last time Nicole did something was 2018? is he around with this shit for such a long time?
massive stalker/skinwalker vibes ew

No. 1642481

no, 2019. they are friends and met through social media

No. 1642522

madison beer gets so much shit for being inspired by ariana grande and this fucking troon is celebrated despite obviously ripping off nicole + lana

No. 1642528


No. 1642708

Idk him but I looked him up on youtube to get an idea and I can't get over how he rips off Lana's lower voice JUST by singing in his man voice. Of course it's a hard range to sing in for a woman but not so much for a man.

No. 1642722

Just leave. You dont belong here.

No. 1642755

I will never get over the fact people willingly choose to listen to his atrociously shitty music, just bc he rips off Lana, Nicole and has a coquette tumblr. That and how they're 100% alright with his lyrics, which frankly seem misogynistic af, despite everyone pretending they're "empowering". This >>1593770, >>1593790, is NOT how women write about themselves, even the "slutty bible belt" ones he tries to larp as. reminds me of that one guy dressing as Lady Gaga who made a "concept" album/genre called slut pop

i'm waiting til the public inevitably loses interests and moves on to next shit, as zoomers and mass media have attention span of a month at most. he'll be kicking and screaming and trying to make a career though, i'm sure. My tinfoil is he probably won't calm down until he gets to tour with Lana.

No. 1642780

File: 1662677858175.jpg (214.46 KB, 792x1184, ok.jpg)

Helena discovered the thread and now whines about it to her "fans".

>i just don’t get it there are literal online forums and ppl on twitter discussing my weight my modelling my social medias my drug or health problems

>they can't touch what they don't know
Girl, you are the one who started talking and boasting like a 6 year old. Nobody would talk about you if you didn't act like you're better than everyone bc someone took 3 polaroids of you (sorry, bc modelling) and boast about your imaginary "drug addiction" casual overdoses in tijuana haha lol eks dee. You'll always get mocked if you glamourize drug use. stop larping as someone you aren't & acting like a narc, then people will stop.
>seeing hundreds of people online discussing my body and bmi or saying that my picture triggers them
Kek where are those HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE? She's loving the attention isn't she.

No. 1642832

> it's so weird
I can't when people who chase clout on the internet cry when they do not like the kind of clout that they catch.

No. 1644076

File: 1662771865034.jpg (305.87 KB, 1080x2063, Screenshot.jpg)


No. 1645306

File: 1662906223344.jpg (111.86 KB, 720x483, 20220911_145915.jpg)

You can really tell how much they romanticise scrotes from stuff like this. A depressed teenage girl is nothing like a depressed middle aged man. A moid with depression will literally ruin everyone elses life with violence/alcoholism/drug addiction before they pick a way to an hero in the most traumatic way possible for their family

No. 1645308

File: 1662906325188.jpg (95.54 KB, 851x851, IMG_20220909_171058.jpg)

Also christ they really need to stop romanticising Priscilla Presley. She is literally known for being groomed and writing books talking about how bad it was

No. 1645431

File: 1662914795409.jpg (22.79 KB, 520x378, fat_woman.width-800.jpg)


No. 1645515

>writing books talking about how bad it was
Huh. I need to read Elvis and Me

No. 1645531

Anachan shut up challenge (failed)

It was awful. That poor girl was emotionally and physically abused by someone who had been grooming her since she was barely a teenager. He had her perform weird sex acts where she would pretend to be a teacher and punish him when she was still a minor and then when he eventually got her pregnant he thought she was disgusting because she wasn't a virgin (he took her virginity on purpose)

No. 1645611

>moids act like teenagers emotionally well into their old age
>somehow this is uwu cute and not fucking annoying to everyone around him

No. 1645622

i looked up the book to see the 1 star reviews and the fact that so many crusty boomers are acting like she was some conniving little harlot and elvis was some 'tortured soul'. i'm sure coquette retards also view it through this lense.

No. 1646041

Blonde is coming soon (the controversial movie about Marilyn Monroe where they pornify her tragic life), inb4 these retards start latching onto it for their aesthetic

No. 1646060

My favourite thing about Blonde is how the director of this film cried to the press that his stupid porny movie was rated the for adults only, which apparently significantly will decrease the screenings, and uh, omg, minors and their families on the sunday cinema afternoon won't be able to see some quality porn!

No. 1646123

It's "familiar" because women are forced to grow up and drop the angsty teen edgelord act early, while men are allowed to extend theirs into old age. Only a young girl who hasn't dealt with the emotional immaturity of moids for decades finds that romantic instead of pathetic.

No. 1646474

The Priscilla Presley profile picture too.
Can they leave Audrey Hepburn out of this? She'd hate the way these girls act.

No. 1646528

Idk if Audrey Hepburn was a pickme or Hollyweird in any regard, but she absolutely would not have hated coquettes. She is the pinnacle of performative femininity. She might be more elegant than bimbos because she had a sense of class/elegance but she was 100% the type to encourage bullshit "keep sweet and stay pretty" on women

No. 1646607

First time visiting this thread solely to say I find it hilarious that they all pretend to read shock horror and 2deep4u philosophy while also constantly larping as ditzy helpless babies. Not to mention the Red Scare girlbloggers saying they hate feminism because it’s a “capitalist” invention to make women work or whatever, ignoring that radical feminism is anti capitalist. It’s just the most toxic and stupid trend I’ve seen since 2014. Quite possibly the worst thing to happen to terminally online women in a very long time.

No. 1646625

>reading philosophy and pretending to be ditzy babies
Part of the larp is that they "gatekeep their intelligence" from guys which is a fancy way of saying they act dumb for attention

No. 1646629

What a cope and a lie that is coming from them kek. Most often they’re just arrogant narcs without anything to show for it. I have no idea why so many of them think of themselves as all powerful genius intellectuals (but if you point this out they’ll go ‘noo im a small baby i just like to read too sometimes but like i’m so dumb but also so smart i hate it :/ im smarter than everyone i’ve met but like i’m so stupid and i hate myself but i’m better than you’), literally none of them read. They buy the same copies of Lolita, The Bell Jar, and Ottessa Moshfegh books to take pictures of on their shelf and it ends there. It’s so damn bleak. They freak out when questioned and I’ve even seen them call concerned onlookers misogynistic because apparently critiquing commodity fetishism and pointing out how women are affected by consumer society is misogyny! I feel genuinely bad for them because they feel such a strong need to hollow themselves out, and fill the void with things they see elsewhere and idealize because otherwise they don’t feel real.

No. 1647743

File: 1663151525168.jpg (55.04 KB, 680x578, FbLSdVPUcAM8O7H.jpg)

Is this the same girl, cos yikes

No. 1647779

>i focus on my skull structure
what? is that Dasha with her skull cutting photoshops on n alt account? How, pray tell, can you focus on skull and the size of everything on her face? Is this shapeshifter coquette modeling her skull, streching out and shrinking her nose or the space between her eyes at will? Simply amazing!

No. 1648163

Blondecity is obsessed with modelling so it's definitely just her saying she wants model bone structure, Dasha is completely different because she crops herself into a conehead for retard trad reasons

No. 1649457

File: 1663300304556.jpeg (114.37 KB, 1074x985, BA499E35-759F-459F-8176-B79639…)

he’s so mad

No. 1649473

To be fair, nothing about this is angry or implies aggression. And it’s probably true.

No. 1649525

I mean drawing attention to LC is generally a sign of butt hurt, especially if you've been mentioned before.

No. 1649538

Absolutely malding.

No. 1649626

Boo fucking hoo.
If you're already giving out link hints to your fans, Ethel, don't forget about first thread, where people discuss you kissing up to rapist Dr Luke, fetishizing women abuse and telling women to kill themselves. Like a ~true woman~ you are.

No. 1649630

>And it’s probably true.
It's a newfag lurking at best, maybe even male. Farmers never use chan lingo outside of the farms. i know kek is not used on imageboards strictly, but it's weird to see it on twitter nonetheless.

No. 1649654

Four days late to this reply but this is such a retarded post top kek.

No. 1650382

File: 1663589209990.jpg (23.39 KB, 330x330, sir-chloe.jpg)

Is Sir Chloe a new Nicole Dollanganger/Melanie Martinez? She seems to go for the same uwu edgy baby aesthetic

No. 1650449

Sir Chloe isn't a coquette. She does a vaguely soft egirl look because that's the easiest way to pander to a demographic of people who think mitski is alt

No. 1650518

wtf is that? how do you guys even find these people? she doesn't even look tumblr, she looks straightup tiktok.
there's too much of these new (bad) zoomer artists, enough

No. 1650723

File: 1663610409084.jpeg (91.5 KB, 749x561, E792BAC7-5331-46CF-91E1-E4ADC2…)

No. 1650934

KEK is that actual thing made by coquettes or is it anon shitposting? i can't tell lol

No. 1651322

She really would not've encouraged anything like that. Sorry for the sperg but she was an outspoken humanitarian and feminist.

No. 1651604

Ntayrt but I found it on a coquette tumblr blog

No. 1651786

I would like to meet one of these people some day, maybe far into the future when they've had time to mature and look back on this retrospect. What was the appeal? What did any of it mean? Did you know that an anorexia diagnosis doesn't come with a Dior bag and 90s modelling career? Why?

No. 1652106

File: 1663705893592.png (432.08 KB, 532x782, bd659716fc74ce72669a8da9f60fac…)


this is fucking hilarious i don't even like red scare dasha but not this thing that lives only to trad larp pander to nazi moids calling her a prostitute LOL at least red scare dasha has a personality

No. 1652157

File: 1663708166491.jpg (157.41 KB, 719x720, 20220920_222524.jpg)

"U r Ukrainian prostitute" said this actual fr whore who can't live without being a slut on Twitter. How can someone lack THAT much self awareness? I hope no scrote falls for her trad larp and has kids with her, no child deserves to be raised by a mentally ill e-whore kek

No. 1652182

when two insufferable BPD LARPers collide

No. 1652229

Like recognizes like. Two sides of the same unfixable, unlovable cluster b coin.

No. 1652404

File: 1663715044112.jpg (262.62 KB, 720x985, 20220921_001915.jpg)

Look who started showing signs of life again. This is from a two hours ago, but she's been threatening to release a new album for a while now and even teased a music video a few months back. The coquettes are screaming in the replies of course

No. 1653163

i've been waiting for her return in hopes of the milk, but come to think about it… i don't believe it'll be released in november, without multiple delays.

No. 1653382

File: 1663781579706.jpeg (641.53 KB, 828x1030, 6C3158D4-080C-4BCB-973F-6E80C6…)

they really made a line about lisa from girl interrupted confronting daisy about her incestuous relationship with her father into a cute aesthetic quote on depop

No. 1653429

The coquette aesthetic seems like it's entirely lifted from things they haven't actually watched (like the discussion about american psycho above)

Just tumblr tags and gifs cobbled together into an identity

No. 1653540

I do find it funny the whole “aesthetic” seems to be cobbled together from gifs of random 90s/00s movies that have nothing in common with each other.

No. 1653582

What are the films? I’m guessing American Psycho, American Beauty, Girl Interrupted, Virgin Suicides and the Jeremy Irons version of Lolita. Am I missing any?
Cos if so, they’re not random 90s/00s films. That’s too broad. 90s/00s makes it sound like a 20 year span but it’s only 3. Lolita was released earliest in 1997. American Psycho in 2000. All the others were released in 1999.
AP is an outlier here but the rest are thematically linked by the concepts of female innocence and burgeoning sexuality. They also all feature older men obsessed with young women or girls…
1999 was a really good year for American film and these were all really popular and critically acclaimed. Considering the zoomers just had their whole y2k reinvention thing & think what they’re doing with this coquette shit is new and different and “cleansed” per the fart-sniffing nylon article >>1629417 it’s not that surprising that they’re now trying to “reinvent” the best known and artsiest mainstream millennial films about mental illness & young female sexuality/exploitation into a cutesy tumblr aesthetique
this is straight up horrifying but perhaps this is the natural result of mainstreaming DDLG for over a decade + the rise in incest porn over the last five years or so. I hate this

No. 1653585

Imagine having to use silly fonts in your Twitter username to keep an “aesthetic” facade.

No. 1653621

> Just tumblr tags and gifs cobbled together into an identity
For most zoomers this is all that a personal identity is. It’s sad.

No. 1653739

you forgot about Twilight. And Jennifer's Body. ignore all "oh so innovative" lesbian scenes, that shit was one of the the worst films ever. and back in 2009 everybody rightfully thought so, but now bimbo and Megan Fox are trending again, so we got a bunch of chicks obsessed with it, even though they were maybe 3 years old when it was out.

As for Twilight, no idea why they like it. i thought it's ironic a'la "hehehe we're watching shit movie for the lulz", but it's not even that

No. 1654329

People unironically argue that movie is empowering and not dedicated towards the male gaze. It's overwhelmingly obvious that's not the case, but even more so when you account for the types of women who gravitate towards it.

No. 1654395

File: 1663862707441.jpeg (161.46 KB, 1241x746, B6DEAFC8-714C-4CD0-B366-659D1B…)

she was just saying she wanted to make an onlyfans just to please some scrote lmao what? and with the broken english that sounds extra forced too

No. 1654543

Not wrong to imply whores all make horrible mothers because they do but so would a slut living for male validation like her

No. 1656216

File: 1664007472161.jpg (57.55 KB, 1082x594, dash.jpg)


Dasha is in her 30s has a malformed jaw and a very asymmetrical face and she still looks better and more youthful than this thing

No. 1658478

I have a potential cow but I'm unsure if she fits. This person is not like the coquettes we have here, rather she leans heavily into being a femcel neet. The milk is that she makes handcrafted kawaii pastel custom box cutters to self harm with and sells them, is majorly anorexic, and tries her best to look like a kid. I have suspicions that she is also pretending to be a different race for aesthetic reasons

She gives off the vibe of someone who would drown here baby in a milk bucket after her scumbag Russian spetznas sperm dies in war because she needs to restore the "I'm a trad virgin pure" illusion for the next man

No. 1658507

Post her if you like, there's nothing happening in this thread lately anyway. this coquette thing encompasses wide range of idiots anyway

No. 1660504

File: 1664355153626.png (1.87 MB, 1220x806, 1664238248568.png)

Someone necrod the "nymphettes where are they now?" thread with this. Idc who she is and it doesn't matter, least milky coquette you could find, but it does make me think- what the fuck way are these people shooping themselves? They all do this sort of down syndrome jaw thing just to have baby lips and then give themselves proper bug eyes. Imagine being this blind. It's ugly

No. 1660505

Samefag, but the two on the right look genuinely special needs

No. 1663441

File: 1664607038150.jpeg (662.08 KB, 1284x2229, EB1CD7EF-0925-4F9B-8E79-65F822…)

Anyone seen this girl before? She always looks a bit unwashed and unhinged but I can’t tell if she’s doing some nympette mentally ill larp or she’s just a autistic young girl

No. 1663586

I guess this technically belongs in the Nicole Dollanganger calf thread, but I'm posting her here for a reason. This is Mercy Necromancy and if you're unfamiliar she's a Dollanganger clone who very literally can not make music. It's all the same "I'm smol, I'm a child and I'm dreamy but I'm also very sad and theres drugs and ED but I'm-" stuff coquettes cling to. I predict that between Ethel Cain having a boom in popularity, Nicole Dollanganger releasing a new album soon, and now Nicole skinwalkers rising from the grave, we're likely to see coquettes adopt the Soren aesthetic

No. 1664198

File: 1664667713180.png (215.56 KB, 358x462, tfisthis.png)

she shooped her neck so small she looks like a bobblehead lol

No. 1664203

Why are they bragging about being the female equivalent of autistic incels who browse lookism and cry about their 0.2mm recessed maxilla kek

No. 1664215

File: 1664668109321.jpg (25.18 KB, 268x320, ab676161000051748fe3d6da914b6d…)

Mercy Necromancy has been around for a while, I remember her from 2016/17. recently she trooned out and now goes by he/him which is pretty hilarious with her aesthetic and voice (she looks like picrel). Nicole has been MIA for so long that her niche has been filled by Ethel Cain, Baby Bugs, Mercy, etc and it's pretty hilarious that the second generation of coquette soren-esque traumacore singers are all genderspecials

No. 1664289

No, because you’re a lame, boring bitch with a small following, try to pander somewhere else. You have to at least have some drama to be here, not just a part of the “aesthetic” which you barely abide by.

No. 1664293

she needs to learn to blend her nose contour better she looks like she just ate shit

No. 1664488

File: 1664686814315.jpg (131.54 KB, 770x1140, MV5BNmRmOWZhZDEtZTI3My00ZDk3LT…)

No. 1664490

File: 1664686836264.jpg (5.67 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)

and this both.

No. 1664561

Nevermind her neck, look what shes done to her nose kek her nostrils are basically gone

No. 1664562

>since 2016/2017
And in those 6-5 years she managed to amass a big enough fanbase for her new music to have like 6 views by the time I checked them, yeesh

No. 1664627

The drama is that I can’t tell if she’s trying an aesthetic or she’s mentally ill, retard

This isn’t me kek

No. 1664687

File: 1664719218083.jpeg (370.26 KB, 1900x1755, A12D357B-2DBB-4174-8DCC-CEFF6B…)

It's funny how she was insulting dasha for that but now she's copying her captions, she used to speak broken russian in her replies in the last thread she is polish russiaboo

No. 1664810

I can't explain but something about the way she edits her eyes make them look unhinged. If you zoom in on them it's like the split second before someone hits you with a hammer

No. 1664959

>she is polish russiaboo
respectfully, polishfag here and nah. The polish she's been using was google translator tier. definitely not polish.

No. 1665032

She claimed to be half polish and at one point said her mum wanted her to go to Russia. I remember in her old account she said a barn was bombed near her, she is very likely a Ukrainian or at least living in Ukraine

No. 1665050

That sounds more probable. or maybe she'some half slav chick living somewhere in one of the more comfy European countries, but uses her ancestry to larp

If her being half-Polish or living somewhere on the edge of Ukraine is true then fucking lol. Ukrainians hate Russians for obvious reasons. Poles hate Russians bc of history, or at the very least dislike them. Poles could speak russian or even have been to Russia, but they cannot get rid of default lack of trust/aversion (and well it's mutual). it's almost in the genes and passed onto next generations.

No. 1665061

Living for the day she turns out to be from Belfast or something kek. I adore larpers

No. 1665103

>Baby Bugs
is this that a selfpost? why is there always some anon claiming Baby Bugs is def ofc truly more popular than Nicole already, uwu? that person literally does nothing besides posting shit with paint windows xp version doodles on soundclout, and no fucking body listens to this shit. nobody knows about your music or your idol, give it up.

No. 1665165

File: 1664754966811.jpg (72.79 KB, 1452x783, F9GLKlq.jpg)

i love how the milk in this thread revolves around ethel and the twitter trad larper. anyway the coquette instagram accounts joined forced to make a newsletter

No. 1665167

File: 1664755062440.jpg (45.53 KB, 504x694, g9tAKAf.jpg)

and of course they're reccing a trashy teen drama with the lolita actress

No. 1665182

Ayrt, I said polish russiaboo cause she lives in Poland, but claims to be at least part russian appears she can speak neither language very fluently

No. 1665183

wtf is this? This is a selfmade zine made by literal nobodies with mere 1k followers and no coquette seems to be talking about it. they barely get 3 comments per post

No. 1665195

Wait wait, i'm confused now. she says she lives in Poland? idk i'm having hard time to believe this. how does she live here if she doesn't know neither languages well? does she have a job? She seems so removed from the culture/realities of both countries and have surface knowledge only. if she says she's part russian and part polish but speaks neither language then what is the language she normally speaks

That would mean she spent her life in a completely different country but moved to Poland recent-ish. right she coudl be ukrainian but then she'd technically be able to speak russian good enough and communicate in polish slightly better than google translate. unless she's a spoilt but very disoriented ukrainian who moved to Poland after war, Belfast tinfoil starts to seem probable

No. 1665452

It's a tricky one. She may very well be from anywhere, we wont really know unless she makes a video of herself speaking and we can try sus out her real accent from behind a fake slav accent or if there's a way to narrow it down from her tweets

Nta but will you relax? Baby Bugs isn't that known but she does get used as TikTok shitnoise by coquettes a lot. She doesn't have to be widely popular she just has to be relevant to coquettes

No. 1666331

File: 1664858312233.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x1578, EF718E58-2E18-4992-A9AF-7111E8…)

Nobody has mentioned her in months but esoteric.zahra revealed she got married and was pregnant the whole time she was making those tiktoks. Her husband already has a whole ass kid with another woman. Not very trad of her. She bought his son adult coloring books. I’m assuming her husband’s son is not some little kid then. She and her husband have an age gap, as expected.

No. 1666546

So, that was trolling confirmed? Or her husband & pregnancy are just fulfillment of her trad fantasy?
Also is she lying about age. She claimed she's what, 20 but looking 17? can't remember. I mean sure, maybe it's just another age gap thing and 20yo dating old fuck is nothing new, but I have this feeling she's def faking and older than she claims.

No. 1666675

I don’t really know what she was trying to do by hiding the fact that she was pregnant. She definitely believes the tiktoks she posts but I guess was trying to be controversial to gain an audience before posting mommy content? I also highly doubt she was married this whole time. She used to talk about wanting to be this hot trophy wife driving her kids to school in a g wagon but is now a crunchy farmer who wants to homeschool her kids?? She changed her mind so fast. Her husband is crunchy and owns a farm so I guess she changed for him but I believe she didn’t meet him while aspiring to be the g wagon trophy wife. I don’t think she is lying about her age though but who knows

No. 1666676

>I don’t really know what she was trying to do by hiding the fact that she was pregnant.
Maybe all the "oh i'm so young fragile daity 45kg waif" was a cope. to make people fawn over her being oh so youthful babygirl and bambi-legged fragile waif, even though she's pregnant

I feel sorry for this kid, if she's going to act like Grimes to her children then good luck lol.

No. 1667556

File: 1664961586393.jpg (717.42 KB, 1079x1077, 4DEXIQl.jpg)

Ethel and Fka twigs modeled for miu miu.

No. 1667558

>coquettes being pick me homewreckers with daddy issues
Are we shocked?
And why is it these online trad girls act the same as the ig models they insult, if not worse

No. 1667568

File: 1664965335604.png (134.28 KB, 904x810, 1644681903851.png)

i'm also a fellow polishfag and she's most likely polish. no way that google translate would show her the word "szipuje" (which is not an actual word in polish, but a polishized (lol) version of the phrase "i ship", pic rel). her russian seemed to be translated because she used male forms of adjectives when talking about herself. obviously, she could have been born in russia which would make her russian, but in that instance she must have moved to poland before she even learned how to speak. blogpost but i study russian in high school and learned female forms of adjectives in first or second year, it's pretty easy for people who speak polish (like she does) as we also use gendered forms of adjectives.

No. 1667576

Also, even if by chance the translator gave her the word "szipuje" it would be "szipuję" in first person. Polish speakers leave out this letter out of laziness but it's not proper grammar translator would give

No. 1667639

this looks like fucking pyjamas
And FKA twigs is probably a cow/narc on her own right. idk but that's the vibes she gives off.

No. 1667680

Hmmm you're right anon about the szipuje thing. i agree with what you say about learning russian, i had this language all throughout schools. but then there's one more weird thing about it. like you said, she should have no problem getting difference between female and male adjectives in russian bc we have female/male versions of adjectives and verbs too. And, she claims some barn was bombarded close to her home, implying she lives close to Ukraine/south eastern Poland. So, still eastern Poland. Wouldn't she know a little Russian by default? Kids and high schoolers on the east of Poland almost always have Russian lessons in schools, a few classes at the very least. she could've chosen German if she went to bigger city though. Or she wasn't growing up in Poland and only moved now, idk if she ever talked about it

Or she has some polish friend & learned from her. I guess we'd learn if some polish lolita tweeted at her in polish using slang, and we would see if she's capable of answering. sayign just hypothetically i don't encourage cowtipping.

No. 1667698

you surprised me with the russian lessons. i know many people from east, Białystok to be precise and none of them ever had russian classes in school. i guess if she were to attend those clases she might have just not studied, she doesn't seem like she cares about education.

No. 1667725

His over plucked eyebrows look kinda odd on his brow bone. I normally like unconventional models but I mean that only "works" if the oddness is aesthetically pleasing

No. 1667727

Also why are miu miu so shit? That looks awful. What the fuck happened to fashion?

No. 1667836

I'm so glad you said this anon, I've always thought this about her too

No. 1667900

3rd polishfag here and I honestly thing that she just went on to Polish Twitter and found some random words to use. It's not like she is using full sentences or anything (it's a BTS tweet for Christ's sake). So I think it's just part of her larp.

No. 1667940

Yeah maybe it's characteristic of specific regions. i'm not even that much on the east, just in that weird hole on the border of mazowieckie and podlaskie and all schools in the region seem to have russian teachers mostly
that explanation seems very probable. she could've found polish BTSfags and just copied single tweets from some teens. I know people are different but that sort of level of russian wannabe is very out of character for Poland. i wish she had ask.me or any place to ask anonymously.

No. 1667996

File: 1665000175829.png (Spoiler Image,4.58 MB, 2132x3096, verymodest.png)


she apparently used to have CC an anon posted in the last thread and said she answered in broken russian, so we know she speaks broken russian, broken polish, and broken english. what language does she fluently speak? none?

she posts her tits in see through tops and pictures of just them, not just wearing a low cut top because being busty you can try to look comparatively modest and still come across slutty just because of how you're shaped while a non-busty woman would never be seen the same, but this is insulting. some of us don't actually want to be sexualized and fetishized but the thing is out here using our arguments while wearing completely see through clothes, pointing the camera directly at her tits and talking about becoming a whore to please scrotes. then they lie to her and tell her she's modest while asking for whore pictures.

this bitch needs to clean her shit stained nose and stop complaining about what modest busty women have to deal with while sexualizing herself the same way whores do. needs to take some language lessons and learn what modesty means, in any of the languages she can half-speak.

No. 1668883

File: 1665088920371.png (845.82 KB, 904x930, vvvvvvvvvvvvv.png)

I remembered of this narc NLOG's existence and wow. it's been a month or more since anybody even talked about her at all, but she's still coming here and reminisce about her 5 minutes. go back to answering your self sent asks, Helena.

No. 1668893

File: 1665089463359.png (17.1 KB, 506x418, 2.png)

No. 1668896

File: 1665089722381.png (935.46 KB, 764x928, wtf.png)

can someone explain to me why are these idiots glorifying fucking Benadryl? are you that desperate to do any sort of drugs? imagine making shit deliriant that no druggie would touch willingly your entire personality

No. 1668970

It’s because it’s probably a child

No. 1668975

I don’t think her boobs are even that large, she just shoops them and also holds the camera at a weird angle to try and make them look bigger.

No. 1668978

Wow they both look hideous in real life candids, without the editing that goes into their videos and selfies

No. 1668979

She’s just British lol

No. 1669007

could be because benadryl knocks you out and coquettes romanticize moshfeh's book "a year of rest and relaxation" where she's a skinny young woman who drugs herself and just sleeps her problems away for a year it's pretty decent book ngl but romanticizing it is just weird

No. 1669039

has she ever posted any video? i'd like to see this idiot try to fake talk
it doesn't only knocks you out. it puts you to sleep in smaller doses. in bigger, it gives you unpleasant nightmarish vivid hallucinations and it sucks. it's a deliriant. also deletes brain cells rapidly. no actual drug user would like to abuse it regularly. i guess it's mostly for naive 13 year olds who think its edgy like >>1668970 said. i've noticed more and more kids think benadryl is cool these days which is both pathetic and sad.
it's literally better off to buy codeine or fucking DXM if they want ~le cool haloons~

No. 1669249

Sure, but you can't buy codeine from walmart
benadryl is more affordable

No. 1673394

miuccia is old and raf simons is helping her now and it's showing, given that he's a fucking hack fraud (and only one thing he did i liked were few pieces from his brief stint at calvin klein). miu miu was really cute, especially back in late 90s but nowadays these pieces are so damn scalped and overpriced. 1999 crossbody bag no one cared about before now fetches 800 euro usually, prada/miu miu was cheaper before ig "archivists" started to scalp more utility chic style pieces from miu miu and prada sport and it went from here. but nowadays it's just so trash and it became a meme brand basically. sage for ot

No. 1673414

File: 1665575381956.jpg (46.51 KB, 600x900, mium.jpg)

Yeah especially this stupid outfit. It's been everywhere, in every stupid "luxurious" magazine editorial, put on every celebrity, put allover Miu Miu socials to the point people were mocking them and leaving stuff like "Not this stupid outfit again"

i bought a skirt like that cause i wanted a new mini, not Miu Miu of course, and it fucking sucks. I mean those "inward pockets hanging out from outside, singular threads hanging out from material". those threads OF COURSE are stretching out and in effect you get absolutelly shitty rag you remove out of your dryer and see it all stretched out to shit = unusable ugly shit. i honestly don't believe Miu Miu skirt doesn't get same effect, it's a rag made for single use only & you can't tell me otherwise

No. 1673416

File: 1665575563241.jpg (223.76 KB, 1280x1280, miumiu.jpg)

i mean look at these stupid they look
(enlarge the pic, threads on olive skirt already turned to shit)

No. 1673419

File: 1665575717696.jpg (116.95 KB, 700x1010, im-504622.jpg)

>Woo it's fucking winter outside, people are weaing warm winter jackets, but i must freeze to show off my Miu Miu rag i paid thousands for

No. 1674294

File: 1665648385338.jpg (24.33 KB, 390x597, photo_mid_def_1018821.jpg)

I didn't pay attention to Miu Miu for few years since I don't care about fashion past 2003 max, but I actually saw this collection because it got memed so hard. This skirt is the worst, imagine paying for shit that will get damaged, form over function. These ultra cropped sweaters from this collection were hideous too. Compare it to picrel, from Spring 1997 collection, it really used to be cute. I wonder how shitty Miu Miu/Prada will be when Miuccia retires or dies, fashion isn't same as it used to be and it will be worse. Influential designers dying out, you'll be left with hacks that can't do pattern cutting or even sew and shitty deconstruction.

No. 1674296

File: 1665648446639.jpg (36.29 KB, 390x593, photo_mid_def_1372367.jpg)

Spring 1996, difference is massive. These clothes were better quality for sure, it's cute and personally would wear it. Very classy and simple, too.

No. 1674442

File: 1665670627377.jpg (59.69 KB, 567x378, drew-barrymore-miu-miu-campaig…)

anon, i agree it's better than currect shitty thing, and 90's MM ofc looks better but this >>1674296 is just plain cream white T-shirt and plain white skirt. You can get this for a few dollars in regular shop or a few cents second hand. Without a Miu Miu brand tag, without paying ridiculous prizes. i just don't get it why those big brands make completely normal clothes and charge for it like it's some miracle
Miu miu isn't something i'd wear but i like babydoll type dresses or stuff Drew Barrymore wore though.

No. 1674451

File: 1665671054315.jpg (256.71 KB, 800x988, Blumarine-Fall-Winter-2022-Cam…)

samefag, comparing 90's collections on google now i see Miu Miu was all cute sweaters etc. but now it's just bimbofication nonsense. Same as this dumb brand Bluemarine which seems to be coquette-favourite

No. 1674497

ot but i like how simple this look is and like you said nona, is easy to get for way cheaper. i actually thrifted quite similar sweater and i'm looking for nice simple skirts. i like these short sleeved/sleeveless sweaters from late 90s a lot.

it's same for 90s helmut lang, lot of simple pieces nowadays fetching massive prices. generally jeans/diffusion designer lines are massive waste of money, even worse if main labels are just plain stuff you can get everywhere.
blumarine had few good looks and pieces in recent collections but it's all "y2k"/mcbling nostalgia schtick. i believe their new art director literally ripped off that one butterfly top from early 00s, i don't remember designer, which became a meme and there's shitton of ripoffs now

No. 1675178

girl in picrel is cozy st jean, not mercy necromancy. leave her out of this

No. 1675590

File: 1665791574971.png (1.29 MB, 1172x700, 11.png)

This one falls more into "traumacore uwu" side of coquette rather than "muh prada bag pink ribbons modelling career my year of rest and anorexia", but still.
silkvoid on IG, s1lkvoid on tumblr. seems like it's one of those nasty tumblr accounts where they post awful trauma pics, proana, bambi lambi soft cute pics and gets gravely offended when they get reported and tumblr deletes multiple times like
>i’m so done with having to create new accounts just cause some of you don’t understand what a safe place is

But the thing is, what the fuck are zoomers doing these days, these "nonexistent jaw" shoops are sad. this girl's face looks drastically different on every pic

No. 1675594

File: 1665791802410.png (1.28 MB, 1148x696, 12.png)

idk are these shooped as well? looks weird in waist area to me

No. 1675596

The no jaw thing is a Korean thing that is popular with zoomers because they fetishize the fuck out of Korea and kpop shit. Actually, pro ana communities have a fixation on Korean women because they think every Korean woman is the same as their ana chan kpop girlgroups

No. 1675597

>is this shooped
Do you often meet people with waists the width of their skull?

No. 1675598

File: 1665791931214.png (1.73 MB, 1708x1538, 13.png)

seems it's another one of those
>i wanna be a model
>i just did coke omg i'm gonna make 1000 posts with coke expert larping
>weed makes me better
>sends asks to herself, pretends to ask herself anon hate
>slav larp
Also says she's not pro ana, but posts bodychecks and posts Arrow de wilde's pics as thinspo out of everything else.
doesn't seem very milky but i was legit confused with the way these chicks fucks herself up with the photoshop. that and they all talk the same, seems to be some pattern of roleplay for them all.

No. 1675602

File: 1665792090262.png (175.64 KB, 790x1110, russiaboo.png)

>i'm from Russia but actually i'm not at all i just pretend
that's more probable scenario girl

No. 1675604

No, but i looked again and thought maybe her hair is covering the rest of her body and i'm seeing things. but it's definitely a badly done distorted shoop. this could've been posted in ridiculous photoshoppers thread, sadly it's just reality of social media today

No. 1675672

Kek tag yourself

No. 1675679

>Dasha nekrasova red scare podcast catholic girl trad wife aesthetic fawn bambi coquette Russian bimbo core Slavic girl

No. 1675822

Will we see a wave of slavfishing nlogs the way there was a wave of asianfishing when kpop got popular?

No. 1675834

You know the answer anon. It's to be the coolest kid on the playground.

Aka they can't find a real drug dealer because they're like 8.

No. 1676164

Someone should tell them Benadryl causes increased appetite and weight gain, if they’re going to larp their ~hardcore drug usage~ and anorexia at the same time.

No. 1677051

File: 1665957430551.jpeg (420.35 KB, 828x993, 9AA978AD-C364-41AB-9F56-FA06A7…)

i mean it’s kinda true but those tags are insane

No. 1678735

Where's your taste. He looks like my brother and every guy at walmart. Sad

No. 1679393

you’re right. he looks like the men my mom dated who would steal copper for drug money. sorry i said that i’m not the same person i was 3 days ago.

No. 1680000

My question is why is this trend still going and why hasn't burned out yet

No. 1680512

once something becomes popular on the internet it never goes away, there's always a record of it for newer generations to feast upon. it's really some ouroboros shit

No. 1680724

well, 2011 neon colors huge "nerdy" glasses you wear no matter if you see or not, fashionista blogger shit and beardy hipster males fell out of fashion. That being said, i think it's just to early and that shit will definitely come back unfortunately
It's just kind of crazy to think years 2017-2022 have brought absolutely NO new trends or looks at all. All that was fashionable ever since is just throwback stuff. not that i care or want new trends, but it's sort of telling that the cycle is over. Comparing, 90's and 00's and even 2010's had its more or less signature clothes you associate, but when it's 2017+, i can't think of anything

No. 1682761

File: 1666574225416.jpeg (590.04 KB, 828x1019, 0D09DD61-197F-4A00-BE4B-324A5B…)

this is getting out of hand

No. 1682772

seeing memes irl is always disconcerting. i always like that trad wojak girl though too bad she is always getting used by weirdos.

No. 1682777

>seeing memes irl is always disconcerting.
It really is, whenever I see memes or hear meme references irl I feel extremely uneasy. There's something wrong about it. I feel like memes are supposed to stay online and seeing it irl feels just wrong. It's hard to explain, seeing internet references irl feels like it's not just supposed to be there.

No. 1682821

Sorry 4 derailing/fashion trends sperg incoming but in response to this nona I'd say it always feels like that, when you are within an era it's difficult to call out and memorable or iconic trends from that era. then in 10-15 yrs the cultural memory kind of crystallizes itself. 100% there will be clear trends coming from the early 2020s when looked back on in history. i know this cause i felt the same as a kid in the 00s. l

No. 1682916

File: 1666582650021.jpeg (655.07 KB, 1125x1137, 3A95B359-0288-4E69-848E-9E17EB…)

I don’t follow this thread, but I just thought you’d all appreciate this

No. 1683349

i love how there's "we make it easy. Call comfort moving chicago Residential / Commercial / Storage" lol. It looks like they're offering a neat spacey storage for all the coquette collection of products lmao

No. 1690877

When you can't afford the inflated price of toilet paper it's time to co quette a job.

No. 1692254

>using faggot as an insult/slur
>i'm so lgbt guys don't hurt twannies
This guy reminds me of Jeffree Star but more of a crybaby. Also I just read "kekeke" as a korean laugh and I'm not even into kpop or anything which is more embarrassing for him if that's the case.

No. 1694081

File: 1667608899332.jpg (20.18 KB, 453x688, BnGPeKu.jpg)

ethel threatens to send a trad army against drake for saying megan lied about getting shot.

No. 1694085

the actual amish would banish this trewn demon

No. 1694203

Is he not larping as a hillbilly from Alabama? Why would he know any Amish people?

No. 1695364

File: 1667757715436.jpg (300.27 KB, 1080x1613, ac858c28dc39e28fef4802d4e69217…)

Genuine question, is there something inherently wrong with wanting to look cute? Because you'd have to be pretty fucking miserable and unattractive as a woman to spend your time creating useless petty blogposts for complaining and shitting on girls who are more "paler, petite, and skinnier" than you, using direct quotes here.

Newsflash hags, femininity and youthfulness is more attractive. This is why you hypocrites spend so much money on makeup and skincare products. This entire thread reeks of jealousy and morbid obesity.

And I obviously don't advocate for emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, which have nothing to do with fashion. On the other hand, seeing so many grown ass women hating on younger girls clearly going through phases and trying out new aesthetics instead of actually doing something productive with your lives is just sad.(genuine question: can you read the rules before posting next time?)

No. 1695366

Genuine question, is there something inherently wrong with wanting to look cute? Because you'd have to be pretty fucking miserable and unattractive as a woman to spend your time creating useless petty blogposts for complaining and shitting on girls who are more "paler, petite, and skinnier" than you, using direct quotes here.

Newsflash hags, femininity and youthfulness is more attractive. This is why you hypocrites spend so much money on makeup and skincare products. This entire thread reeks of jealousy and morbid obesity.

And I obviously don't advocate for emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, which have nothing to do with fashion. On the other hand, seeing so many grown ass women hating on younger girls clearly going through phases and trying out new aesthetics instead of actually doing something productive with your lives is just sad.

No. 1695367


No. 1695369

You should post this rant to twitter, maybe someone there will care.

No. 1695371

Yes, because ranting on Twitter is so different from whining on this cancerous tumor of a site for mentally ill women.

No. 1695376

Put lolcow in your suicide note, then maybe someone will give a shit

No. 1695378

ninonis, don't feed the attention whore

No. 1695387

I’m assuming you’re young, so let me give you some advice for free: There is no great power in looking “cute”, especially if this cheap shein cottagewhore shit is what you consider cute. That paired with the delusion that you’re some irresistible Lana del Rey siren instead of someones piece on the side that he uses as a receptacle for all the misogyny and degeneracy that he loves his wife too much to inflict upon her is worthy of ridicule. It is not hard to attract a man, even for us hags, and by the time you’re old enough to post here you’re probably going to wish most of them would just leave you alone.

No. 1695391

>There is no great power in looking “cute”…
Mine and several other women's experiences + evolution and men's preferences for neotenous features say otherwise.
>…the delusion that you’re some irresistible Lana del Rey siren instead of someones piece on the side that he uses as a receptacle for all the misogyny and degeneracy that he loves his wife too much to inflict upon her is worthy of ridicule.
>…you’re probably going to wish most of them would just leave you alone.
TL;DR: I have daddy issues and marital problems. Who am I kidding, you along with 99.9% of other women ITT aren't even married, and for a reason too. I'm sorry they treated you that way, but it's probably because you push away the things that would actually make them like you.(male)

No. 1695393

This is just body dysmorphia, daddy issues, and crippling fear of aging: the post lol. Smells like a bit of racism too (muh pale skin). Maybe don't be so embarrassing and people won't laugh at you, dude

No. 1695395

Old but I want to sit on his face, even now. So hot

No. 1695399

And yet all you can bag is a 40 year old who won't even buxx you.

No. 1695400

Pickme, the post. I know the userbase here is full of unhinged femcels anyone who denies this is lying through their fucking teeth, but I'd rather read some nonna blogpost about how she's some mentally ill chick that spent too much time on 4chan, to the point of fucking some incel on /soc/, and now hates all men because of it. Then read a thousand twitterinas cope post about how being a pedo-pandering pickme supreme to a bunch of those same incels on twitter is somehow superior to the "bitterhags" ITT and totally just indulging in "muh aesthetics" than the budget splenda babies they are.

No. 1695401

>Actually believing that's a woman

No. 1695413

>I'd rather read some nonna blogpost about how she's some mentally ill chick that spent too much time on 4chan, to the point of fucking some incel on /soc/, and now hates all men because of it.
But this is all you guys do, 24/7. Hating on those who aren't attracted to you and more attractive women.
>…totally just indulging in "muh aesthetics" than the budget splenda babies they are.
Some women do this and I'm perfectly cool with it, you do you. Also, if you're a simp you probably deserved it.

No. 1695414

You might just want to reread what >>1695364 said because it's pretty solid input. You don't really need to put too much effort into appearance when finding a man. If wearing cute clothes for you makes you feel better, by all means do so. It's easy to get a good man if you have a good personality. You might want to work on that because yours seems lacking.

No. 1695415

File: 1667762278232.jpg (133.21 KB, 1300x867, 69922467-esquema-sonriente-muj…)

Is it the same incel that chimps in the tradthot thread from time to time? I'm guessing the mommy issues are flaring up again.

No. 1695416

>But this is all you guys do, 24/7. Hating on those who aren't attracted to you and more attractive women.
NTA but this is such projection lolol

No. 1695420

That's a moid, what else do you expect lmfao

No. 1695422

>everyone able to think for themselves has a penis.
Thanks for affirming your misogyny.
No idea who that is, but they probably have good views too.
I've never been on this site more than twice, only visited this board today because of recent drama. But keep telling yourself I'M the one projecting and insecure despite you being the type to make these retarded shitthreads about clothing and screeching about other women's bodies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1695424

kek jackpot. the "elder millennial kiwidditor who spent his youth on kotakuinaction" energy is palpable

No. 1695425


No. 1695426

>"the incel probably has good views, you're all misogynists"
>"pls believe me i've totally only been here twice btw you totally made this thread omg stop screeching about women's bodies omg you must all be obese btw i'm an actual woman, why would women talk about clothes guys??"

No. 1695427

No. 1695429

This, but unironically. I wouldn't even have clicked on this thread if I didn't like this type of fashion and all it did was confirm that you are truly fat bitterhags who can only wear plus size Marvel t-shirts.(tranny)

No. 1695431

I like it when men make fun of older women/women aging as if the young women reading aren’t going to realize exactly what’s going on. There’s a whole wave of young women now who realize how pedophilic and transactional moids are, so they’re either checking out of marriage or pedo pandering to get their bag before they retire.
Moids thinking they’re the prize and women are fighting tooth and nail to get the attention of a misanthropic failson with a porn addiction and a receding hairline, you’ll only realize when it’s too late how much you played yourself.

No. 1695432

If reddit was a smell, this typing style would reek of it. How do you do this, king?

No. 1695434

Millennial women with their Harry Potter tshirts and inspirational cursive coffee mugs are infinitely better than some pedophilic 4chan scrote whose autism and npd are so high he projects his monkey male mating rituals onto women

No. 1695437

The real question is, who's worse - 4chan pedo incel or this nauseating halfway abortion of 4chan and reddit that's trying and failing to pass here? You know the type, a typical kiwifag - wants to be edgy while still being addicted to awards, updoots and janny politics.

No. 1695439

No. 1695440

i love my dad and he loves me too btw we go fishing together and have lots of fun every day

No. 1695451

He just sounds like a butthurt polfag/MRA who wants to convince women to be kawiwi submissive sex kitten wifeys, but can’t contain his male rage. That or he’s a tranny. Either way they hate adult women who don’t pander to their socks and it sends them into a spiral of rage.
It’s funny that whenever males larp as women they always talk like typical males and bring up things like the wall, cat ladies, simp hatred, fatherlessness, incel defending, etc but tack on “btw I’m a woman and you’re jealous”. They are so dumb it’s beyond belief.

No. 1695456

It's wild because he doesn't realize just how transparent he is. The whole LARP doesn't work because everyone knows women who are actually attractive and desirable IRL don't need to simp for incels, stress about neoteny or LARP as anything on Twitter. Men are literally an option they can say "yes" or "no" to. Also, if you literally just exist in a public way while attractive and/or interesting, all sorts of deranged men and lost teenage girls will decide your existence is an "aesthetic" and start to skinwalk you. That's why there are no actual online "it girls" anymore. Instead, there are weird clone accounts reposting the same shit until the trends die, fame-obsessed IG or TikTok chicks cannibalizing each other, and the occasional person just trying to sell nudes on OF. None of them inspire anyone, not even themselves. All hot, creative girls are tired and in hiding. Coomers and pickmes are notorious leeches. Unless you're the most intolerable type of narcissist, you literally can't be yourself online anymore.

No. 1695458

I love the part where they approach human companionship as eternally struggling reachers, describing it as some sort of an autismal herculean task that no one could possibly muster without strict adherence to some neurotic manual written by some variety of ersatz daddy/authority figure. Some parts of moid psyche are so immutable they will never be able to convincingly conceal them. It's remarkable, really.

Naturally, when they traumadump all this scarcity mentality and then proclaim they're "aktually a cute desirable little girl", they're completely oblivious to the fact that any woman who thinks this way would have to be a gigabecky of near mythical proportions. A woman who can't get laid when even female retards and corpses do.

No. 1695462

We're talking and laughing about you, because you're obsessing all over about an aesthetic that's based on pedophilia, women abuse and racism. oh, and most of you are stupid as fuck.

No. 1695463

I find it hilarious how all these coquettes love LARPing as mean girls teehee and writing about "sitting on lolcow", but when these exact same morons get talked about in this thread, it's all "NOOOOO YOU'RE JEALOUS HAGS I'M WAIFY WHITE PETITE U NOT LMAO WHY WOULD YOU TALK ABOUT SOME BEAUTIFUL BAMBI GIRLS WHO SUPPORT DD/LG AND INCEST AND ROMANTICIZE LOLITA REEEE"

No. 1695467

Kek post hand obvious male.

No. 1695470

Yes kek.

No. 1695472

I think all moids are on the spectrum of autism and npd, they are very solipsistic and can’t seem to grasp others’ thoughts and feelings due to their lack of empathy/theory of mind. What you have is a very entitled, very opinionated, violent monkey obsessed with sex, winding themselves up over the women who won’t give it to them. They pretend to be women by simply proclaiming it, not even realizing that their insistence and lack of self reflection is an extremely male trait.

The woman they’re pretending to be would not act like this. Even the mentally ill ddlg twitter e-girls with no self esteem don’t talk like sexless, entitled MRAs.

No. 1695473

File: 1667767081580.jpg (522.21 KB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20221106_153759.jpg)

Is it also the femboy thread one?

No. 1695474

Nta but
> all moids are on the spectrum and have npd
They 100% do and are.

No. 1695476

Personality disorders simply mean "out of the norm". There is a baseline level of narcissism in males that's not considered pathological (and therefore full blown NPD) in them, but would be in a woman. In fact it's incredible how many tenets of muh skulinity are straight up NPD criteria.

No. 1695539

>men's preferences
Oops nobody here cares lol

No. 1695792

I'm more confused about how there's not a single cow who looks legitimately cute or neotenous in this thread who we've talked about lol

No. 1695892

The most irritating thing about failmales who come to troll the threads is they know encouraging this kind of behaviour in young girls will lead to them being broken and abandoned, single mothers, or "used-up cum dumpsters" after 30.

But they lie to young women and say "just be a pretty prop or window dressing hanging on to men's arms at parties or used for sex by older daddies and you'll be fine!" No, the fuck not, if a woman spends her 20s or prime years away on men and partying and chasing non-committed chuds without gaining any money or job or life skills, by 30 she will be a mess when her druggie friend groups suddenly leave her, men target the next generation of babes, and her "squad" doesn't want to support her because they only liked her for her appearance. Women cannot just leech off men and serve Man's interests only to get by.

These kinds of men are so cruel and sneaky, inadvertently creating single mothers and post-wall bitter party girls by their lies. Please God have these lying incels and coomers be permanently single and no girl will fall for them forever, in Jesus' Name, Amen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1695893

Yeah, men will literally make a girl throw away her best prime years on their selfish greedy selves just for the coom and to get their dick wet. Whatever happens to her after, they don't care. Males do not see women as people, only how they can use her at the moment. That's why when men see a single 40+ divorced lady just vibing, they get so mad and want to hurt her because they feel she's not important since "she's old and ugly and not serving any man's interests or in relation to any man who is using her at the moment". They literally think women should be hurt if they are not being used or serving a man and just being themselves.

That's also why encourage women to read The Prince, Red Pill manifestos, all the books selfish manosphere men read and learn men's secrets and strategies of how to advance to the top, so they can know how most men think, it's not handsome.(samefag)

No. 1695967

I just love when that low IQ chromoid comes here posing as a NLOG to bait NLOG farmers into infighting on his behalf - only to be deluged with unanimous, top quality man hate. Failmale indeed.

No. 1696033

The (c)rapper! You came back???

No. 1702524

File: 1668734512767.jpg (437.95 KB, 1080x1228, aWyOTsM.jpg)

Lana del Ray and her consequences

No. 1702526

File: 1668734603412.jpg (119.36 KB, 1080x696, ckmJaOw.jpg)

Samefagging. And it gets worse, why would you share this?

No. 1702532

what a hilarious thing to have on your ass at the age of 65

No. 1702534

File: 1668735244405.jpg (711.22 KB, 1079x1605, WMkqjZR.jpg)

Samefagging again, she was coping in the comments saying she just liked the writing and it's "antifeminist" to criticize but if you search her on tiktok she's a hot mess.
She's priv on tiktok but her duets are still. Having an affair with a 40 year old married scrote, cow girl indeed kek.

No. 1702539

File: 1668735732990.jpg (265.32 KB, 1080x1827, 7BKOzV7.jpg)

But anon she said she just likes the book kek

No. 1702541

File: 1668735918266.jpg (651.31 KB, 945x1612, B4aETCd.jpg)

Samefagging then she goes and posts this

No. 1702543

damn it looks as if she had unwashed black dirt patches all over her back and ass
crawling and cowering and hiding from the waves of cringe both of this sends me

No. 1702548

File: 1668736736289.jpg (806.51 KB, 1080x2280, mssDIVz.jpg)

It gets cringier

No. 1702557

Yeah, okaaay. after face reveal of her you can confidently say this ~lolita~ is coping and writing clear self insert fanfiction in her tiktoks as well

No. 1702558

Average red scare fan

No. 1702580

These girls are gonna crash so hard in a few years. I know teens are stupid but this youth self-fetishization (and calling women older than themselves hags) makes no sense to me, surely even stupid teens can see that they will be that woman in the future? I was a retard who was on 4chan from age 14 but when I saw the pedos there saying 13 was "too old" I didn't think "a-at least i'm not 18", i concluded moids were shit and the whole thing was a stupid unwinnable game, and vowed never to think less of other women for being older. It's not fucking hard, if nothing else they should be able to do it out of respect for their own future selves… though if you're getting a tattoo that says "lolita" you clearly have none and think your five-years-from-now self might as well commit suicide sage for blog

No. 1702598

I went through a same thing as a /b/tard on old school 4chan and you're right. these girls just have loser mentalities and it's really pathetic and sad to see it play out. i don't understand their total lack of self-awareness though

No. 1702603

these girls need to realize that there will always be another crop of barely legal girls coming to take their place. they're not special for being young, everyone was young once. and it's like what are you gonna do once you're no longer nymphette age? kill yourself because you're a 'disgusting hag'?

No. 1702606

lol average wannarexic Red Herring fans are good crossover. we should take a look at them, might be milky like this cow girl.

at least Effy Stonem and other normie girl's wet dreams were lame fictional character, Anna & Dasha are real people who serve about same function as Kardashians but anachan

No. 1702609

i hate that they brand themselves as ana but never really drop significantly below a healthy weight/bmi 18.5
like i've never seen a picture of them where i'm like damn they have a problem!

No. 1702611

i'm not even saying this from an anachan elitist standpoint, i just think it's a slap into the face of people with more serious problems who don't want to wear it like a brand

No. 1702613

Had a similar experience and the exact same reaction to predatory male mindsets, to reject it. There's no happy ending to accepting those terms. I still listened to LDR and liked the early version of this aesthetic. But even then I knew it's all make-believe, nothing to actually fuck up your life with. That's why these girls are baffling until you realize they must be abnormally stupid to not understand the difference between a fake aesthetic and reality. One has actual life consequences. It's like Shayna, you don't understand how they turned something like that into their life. Maybe calling them stupid is too far and they're just more impressionable than we were. Idk but hope these girls turn it around at least before something serious happens.

No. 1702623

many nonnies were probably there on tumblr when lana released her first album, the girls who started this aesthetic are considered hags by these girls.

No. 1702628

File: 1668746073030.jpeg (36.7 KB, 736x716, BAB69DB9-5CF8-4173-8FC5-AE129D…)

can't wait to see how it evolves!

No. 1702633

This, it's hilarious. The girls that coquettes call "hags" made their stupid toxic aesthetic, and they don't even know. i mean "ideologically" and collecting culture references wise, cause clothes are nothing new. the "i wanna live in 2014 tumblr! soft grunge american apparel! v.2.0" branch of zoomers who are coquette-unrelated (but share Lana Del Rey, Effy Stonem and unfulfilled dream of bein anorexic with coquettes) act so different in this case. They actually praise old tumblr demographic and sigh about wishing to be like old tumblr it girls. lol they all were 4 or 5 at the time and whining they missed such mundane year as 2014, it makes me feel kind of ancient lol

No. 1702705

i know this is unrelated, mods please do not ban me! but i wanted to thank you nonnies (and i think there was another, too) for solidifying my current beliefs and being such strong females. i wish i had friends, or a mindset like you guys had, but i lacked self love and despite never self-fetishizing or acting like these girls, i was still groomed and fell for the idea that i was too old for many, many years–which evoked fear in me and even more self loathing. i was still pathetic and stupid to not blame the male thinking. because i knew id never be good enough, id just get older.

it was not until maybe 19 i really started to slowly accept, and then fully accept now at 21, that i am more than my age. but when you're lonely and have ptsd and are shaped by groomers since age 11/12 online, i fear that was a big contributor. but im not here to pity myself or anything, just being thankful that im not alone even if my realization came late.

i dont know what the future holds. social media has ruined so many young girls from this coquette shit to continuing to glorify drugs and the transgender brigades. i really fear what it means for the image of themselves and the paths they choose to take. they may ruin their potential. but i dont think its fair to say they have loser mentalities as children, either.

No. 1702714

I think we are missing the point here, criticising this girls. I mean, I like to laugh at the cow ones of course, I wouldn't be here if I didn't, but still, that's not the point.

This aesthetic is just a result of all of us being victims of the patriarchy and I don't think that they, being that young, can be responsible of their stupid decisions and toxic behaviours for now.

Maybe explaining them instead of attacking, they could start to understand. Not the cow ones, of course, they will never realise, but most of them.

(sorry for sperging)

No. 1702761

>I wrote 80000 piece to give her a voice uwu
Cope harder autopedo kek

No. 1703025

i sincerely doubt any of these girls have read lolita because if they did, they'd realize it doesn't have a happy ending. lolita is sexually abused and has her life ruined. lolita is TWELVE, younger than any of these stupid girls. she ends up being abused by multiple men and then dies in childbirth at age 17. lolita is literally a story about the effects sexual abuse has on girls.

No. 1703254

most of them just watcheed the film. They know how it ends, they know it's all about pedophilia and rape, but they just don't care. plain and simple.

Anon, i get what you mean, but nobody had similar worries in old nymphet/lolita threads. these threads were full of young girls as well. You want to explain something to them? these girls don't care, they'll just say you're a jealous old hag. In thread 1 countless anons explained why coquette is pedo aesthetic thoroughly. all the female cows here are victims of patriarchy, come to thnk of it. That doesn't mean they're excluded from criticism. I think it takes just them realizing the reality in their own time like >>1702705 did. i'm sure if any of the cows genuinely dropped coquette shit as well, and stopped behaving like idiots, anons here would be happy for them.

No. 1705247

Kek this post is ridiculous. Plenty of young girls are not into this self fetishizing pedo-y bullshit. Nor are normal young girls thirsting over fugly 60 year old men, let alone building their whole life around this lolita aesthetic and thinking of themselves as some sexy seductive blow up doll. These terminally online larping dorks who've never even been near an older man are 100% to blame for acting retarded online. They need to go outside and get a life. This is shameful to actual victims of pedophilia who never wished this upon themselves, unlike these girls.

No. 1706943

File: 1669154583861.jpg (84.58 KB, 720x393, 20221122_221917.jpg)

It seems Dasha found the thread. The only people who interact with her in Twitter are moids, and the only people laughing at her tradwhore larp is here kek 1/2

No. 1706944

File: 1669154614025.jpg (158.4 KB, 720x676, 20221122_222015.jpg)


No. 1706973

lol nonnie i forgot about this girl. "i'm the biggest virginia" is hilarious. just because you claim you haven't had sex doesn't mean the pictures you post don't look exactly like what onlyfans whores post. how is taking pics of your boobs and ass and posting them for strangers but not getting paid for it any better? she was talking shit about onlyfans whores wasn't she? what for capitalizing on the exact same thing she's doing? plenty of them post lewds no more explicit than what she posts on main. it's not just how you dress, plenty of women wear low cut tops and don't get called whores, you take pictures directly pointed at your bits and pander to scrotes all day, it's how you present yourself.

No. 1707278

Virgin my ass. She posted pictures of herself in bed with hickeys all over her neck in a lingerie bra, she's so weird with how she lies. Why bother doing a trad larp if you're just going to blatantly post slut pics anyway? It's not fooling anyone

No. 1707685

She wants the best of both worlds lol, she thinks calling herself a virgin while posting exactly like a whore would post should shield her from getting treated like one and she wants to get to criticize onlyfans whores as having no dignity while having none herself. Actually being modest doesn't get you as much attention from scrotes online after all. Everything about this bitch is a larp, probably even her broken english, and nonnies who speak polish and russian have both called her out on broken russian and polish too. Her shops are also really funny

No. 1715773

File: 1669902781008.jpg (423.52 KB, 1080x2031, coquette.jpg)

They found cc

No. 1715833

File: 1669911513139.gif (37.48 KB, 220x220, dies-from-cringe-cgi.gif)


No. 1715846

its kinda sad, the roblox makes me think this person is like 12 and already obviously fucked

No. 1721137

File: 1670431981227.jpeg (534.45 KB, 2049x2049, A5DF9DAA-2380-473C-A490-79CC58…)

She accidentally revealed that she has filler too by doing this after having lied about her lips being natural, normal lips dont have lumps. Lying about being a virgin posting whore pics but we already knew that

No. 1721185

nah there are some late teens (16-18) who also play roblox…which idk if that is worse.

No. 1721201

the OP is autistic. autists of any age play roblox.

No. 1721350

Since when the the fuck do moids teach women about maturity? Scrotes retain the same selfishness and sense of toilet humor until they’re 70. If anything it’s women who act as mentors to men to make them get their shit together. I’ve literally never seen a man help a woman genuinely get her shit together (they’re usually just grooming the girl to fuck her and all they teach her is to be jaded and cynical as fuck about relationships), usually because women already have their shit together even by their early twenties.

No. 1721362

100% bullshit pathetic revenge fantasy made for clout lol.

No. 1722568

File: 1670540577492.jpg (349.74 KB, 720x1080, 20221208_232045.jpg)

They really are all clones of eachother. They just look at lists of things they like and think "yes"

No. 1723014

>fresh sheets
I didn't know changing bedsheets is suddenly a whole personality. wow. WOW
can i introduce a new coquette aesthetic?
>freshly hoovered carpet

No. 1724729

File: 1670759254538.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2022, EF0BFF0A-5786-46BD-9E6D-3BED68…)

I saw this in one of her recents, wtf?

No. 1724915

Imagine batting that hard for a moid, jesus christ.

No. 1725366

It's so scary seeing these creep enablers who larp as underage girls have babies with actual nonces/rape enablers. Women who defend sex traffickers should be exiled, fuck her

No. 1725790

let me introduce a new coquette aesthetic real quick
>washing your hair
>actually dedicating yourself to study like a suffering ballerina perfectionist model baby
>getting a degree and a job
>switching the copious amounts of time spent online for time cleaning your house and learning new skills
>being a normal well-adjusted successful young woman
they should meme this. actually they should just do this and fuck off the internet, no memeing required

No. 1726156

he was the owner of a thai massage parlor… not anglo, is that code for somthing else ? also he ugly

No. 1726611

File: 1670963321749.jpg (3.7 KB, 199x254, kheel.jpg)

Every time I see wannabe NY cool girls mention "kitten heels" I wonder if they know what type of shoe that is or if they just like the "kitten" name (and hope it's the latter because these are ugly as shit)

No. 1726642

i just hate the way all heels look on women. it looks like you could topple over at any moment and it makes me uncomfortable that someone would put themselves through that.

No. 1727348

I've only ever seen actual ancient grandmothers wear kitten heels, which is funny because some of the dress + cardigan combo outfits coquettes wear are waaay too similar in colour and pattern style to actual grandma outfits

No. 1727485

this is why i never understood the attraction to the aesthetic, it just looks like a bunch of people larping as grandmas to me, and they even want to be all bony and malnourished like elderly people

No. 1728920

larping as grandmas would be fine if they actually respected grandmas. But they aren't, because they always reeee about being "young girls" and call 30 year olds "old hags".offending people older than them are their only argument for everything, so i doubt they'd be happy being compared to grandmas.

No. 1729438

File: 1671276591526.jpg (39.77 KB, 526x526, 320520241_2541249809349630_684…)

i might be misremembering but pretty sure another nonnie from upthread mentioned lobotomy chic, now it's celebrate unironically with cow crossover from Chloe Cherry. I wouldn't call vice mainstream but it still sucks to see this kind of stuff be popularized

No. 1729439

samefag, dazed - not vice, my point still stands

No. 1729483

Bumping both these posts for good points made. Jannies bein a bit harsh for samefag bans? I think the point about moids seeing women as objects to be used was articulated in a novel way, but I'm new to this thread so I may be wrong…

Anyway I'd like to point out my observation: if the original coquettes circa 2014 tumblr were 'reclaiming' sexualization of underage girls from moids by appropriating classically fetishized tropes (ballerina shit, Nabokov's Lolita, paleness skininess etc) this era of coquettes is a circlejerk of pickmes with Peter Pan syndrome who view themselves as commodities that expire at 18

sage for mild blogposting

No. 1729679

Christ Chloe Cherry disgusts me. I literally can not think of anything more repulsive than launching her, an actual brain fried drug addicted anorexic porn start, into the limelight via a TV show aimed at teens. The way people glanourize her is fucking horrific

No. 1729738

>if the original coquettes circa 2014 tumblr were 'reclaiming' sexualization of underage girls from moids by appropriating classically fetishized tropes
Hahaha dude no. Coquettes circa 2014 (they were called nymphets/nymphettes/sadbbydolls then btw) weren't "reclaiming anything". They were doing exactly same thing as coquettes 2022 (circlejerk of pickmes with Peter Pan syndrome who fear expiring at 18). they were EXACTLY the same in this aspect, they were just more blatant and outward in romanticizing pedophilia, DDLG, abuse, poverty LARP and so on. alot of them literally posted CP gore and ppl with disabilities, while current coquettes pretend to be better than nymphets bc they're "less pedo" - which is a lie, they just fake being pure and shit.

my point is 2014 and 2022 nymphets/coquettes were exactly the same and nobody "reclaimed" sexualization of underage girls from moids - THEY OPENLY EMBRACED it. they interacted with straightup pedos online and their whole existence depended on pedos. Whoever believes otherwise is delusional, and probably weren't there on Tumblr back in 2012-2016.

No. 1729743

File: 1671322000048.jpg (81.76 KB, 478x381, lobotomy Freeman et al.jpg)

Jfc i hate it with a passion. 00's were about bimbos and stupid blonde slut sterotypes, but this is just beyond anything - now straightup "lobotomy chic"? Dissociative pout? what in the fuck? If Chloe Cherry and Stolenbesos want to be so innovative and truthful in their bullshit LARP, why not go fully into it and get a backalley lobotomy? How long til we get "innovative" photoshoot like that: operating table, pink ice pick, one of those plasticked surgery addict lipped ballerina ribbon LA bimbo dressed chicks lying on a table, eye bruised, lips stretched out in a thankful smile?

No. 1729756

File: 1671323266893.png (2.26 MB, 756x1508, csd.png)

I thought about posting her for a while, Coldstonedreamery/Stolenbesos should definitely be posted as one of the coquette cows. i don't have much info on her private life and haven't browsed for anything particular about her yet, but might be worth a dive. She's in the same lane as Ethel Cain, taking nymphet/coquette and shooting it into "mainstream" via her LA connections and pretending it's ~all her invention~ to garner compliments, worship and shitty publications like Dazed lobotomy chic that anotheranon posted upthread.


i'm sorry but what's so "new" about her photography? She's just doing all stereotypical visual shit that coquettes love, there's absolutely nothing new about it, besides the fact she;s prob a rich little poor girl from LA who has free possibilities to take pics and blow up as "new hot incredible artist". She works and hangs out with all those insufferable LA insta girls and takes most boring anachan bimbo pics possible, but tumblr ofc eats it up. You know what, we can say whatever you want about nymphets but they stood in their lane (Nicole is not mainstream), coquettes crawl out of Tumblr and suddenly try to capitalize on this shit, in a fakest way - they all pretend they made up the look, photography etc.

>Before she started creating her own images, Maya modelled for male photographers, an experience that has deeply informed her work. “I didn’t like the way they made me feel. I didn’t like the way they shot me, and I didn’t recognise myself in the photos they took of me. I never felt beautiful or empowered or soft or anything that felt like me,” she says. Dissatisfied with the male gaze and its skewed, sexualised lens, she picked up a camera herself and now shoots girls she can see herself in, whether it be their despondent, void expression or their delicate, cold depiction.

So, she literally took a camera and did sexualized, moid gaze pics herself? wow. WOW, groundbreaking.

No. 1729759

File: 1671323679048.png (1.43 MB, 744x1114, 2c.png)

samefag, and when i say she's saying it's all her invention and capitalizing on it, i'm not "gatekeeping" coquette or whatever bullshit buzzword they use. It's just stupid how she acts like its new, like it's all made up by her, how she came up with this ideas all of the sudden. it's been around for 2 or 3 years (coquette balet things), even longer if you count in nymphets. it's also ridiculous that she thinks she's doing something better, that it's contrary to sexualized, male-gazey point of view. it's literally the same, except it's straight up tumblr tier concepts. Lolita larp, fake ballerina, rich bitches doing bimbo larp in white trashey motels. Bitch is talking about poor parents on her tumblr, but i'm not sure i believe it.

No. 1729862

This aesthetic was tired & played out when Terry Richardson and the Cobrasnake did it 15 years ago. It’s just pathetic now.

No. 1729995

>dissociative pout
That's not a pout kek that's an overfilled inflamed monkey anus she can't close

No. 1729998

Sage for slight derail, but this is why I still like the japanese fashion "lolita" - it actually reclaimed cute childish (even babyish) shit from pedos and simultaneously embraced the gandma aesthetic. Girls continued to wear the fashion well into their 30s and 40s because the clothes are expensive and your 30s is when you start being able to afford them, plus who the fuck cares. Ageplayers and DDLG fucks showed up occasionally, but they were shunned because we didn't want the fashion sexualized. It was great to just enjoy an aesthetic with our heads moid-free.

No. 1730234

Imagine if moids stopped giving attention to retards like her.

No. 1730236

dissociative pout is dumb shit balding 40 something literal pedophile moids gas up in comments sections of dubmass pickme instagrams and they end up thinking its christian bale and henry cavill commenting on them, telling them to look even more like a deer in the.
headlight with two horizontal hot dog sausages tied to their mouth
Its really, really frustrating to see how some women are just magnetically drawn into getting themselves victimized in every generation.

We had the same stupid self-victimization shit with shades of grey and handmaid's tale and it always ends up firing up scrotes to be even more blatantly predatory.

No. 1730240

File: 1671397589951.jpg (56.81 KB, 473x709, marilyn-monroe-glamour-i4630.j…)

Every generation discovers the torture/rape victim polaroid serial killer aesthetic for themselves and thinks they invented being edgy and deep.
Some of the girls literally have the lowest IQ possible and just ape what they see works for others while the midwit ones think they're being epically ironic, by attracting 50 year old pedo moids to them.

It's just that moids fucking love seeing women present themselves like literal game and don't give a fuck about the larp the pickmes have constructed around it.
And it's always the same kinda predatory scrotes and it's always too late when the girls realize the guy she ironically spent nights texting over how epic 50s abusive husbands were just gave her a black eye and knocked a tooth out, or gave her herpes during some bdsm blood play she just ironically agreed to.

Generationally shaming this kinda shit would probably help. But predatory manipulative men are too much in love with that aesthetic to ever let it go.
So prepare for the next generation of dubmass gullible teens to be groomed into this lifestyle all over again.

No. 1730648

File: 1671449968523.jpeg (177.61 KB, 744x1181, D2CCC34F-96D8-44F8-85F8-972E5B…)

tumblr user angel-hel you are so chic and glamorous and original smoking in a victorias secret pyjamas and doing coke on your dressing table(don't use emojis/emoticons)

No. 1730656

File: 1671450951368.jpeg (980.77 KB, 1174x1487, A9443963-9A7D-4FAB-96B1-52A8F4…)

Her bartard bestie Jamilia is just as cringe i cant believe she hasnt been mentioned on here

No. 1730731

please post more about her then. I haven't checked up on Angel-Hel cringelord in a while even since her spergout and crying about being posted on lolcow. Which is just hilarious btw, all these coquettes always post stuff like "painting my nails, laughing at men, browsing lolcow" and coming to celebricows thread to LARP as mean girls. extremely easy to spot, they always weightsperg, post about celebs with cankles and reee whenever someone calls Lana pedopandering cringe bitch.

It's all cool and "coquette" to be newfag pretending to be Mean Girl on lolcow, of course, up until you get posted on coquette thread. THEN it's all "Omggzz you're all old 26 year old hags why are you stalking these beautiful girls who don't even know who you are, ur just jelowwws eee"

No. 1730747

File: 1671463790889.jpg (232.85 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_cb8549067771bdfa5b71f56…)

well then, not surprising they're orbiting around/probably fucking each other now.
explains why she's aways hanging out with celebs or pseudo celebs at their shitty LA parties and gets posted in Dazed despite such lack of talent.

No. 1730750

File: 1671463912831.png (393.25 KB, 432x676, 2p.png)

No. 1730752


should we create an extra thread for jamila and helena they are definitely the most relevant girls in the coquette girlblogger shithole niche and i'd personally have a lot of screenshots to contribute/ esp helena seems to delete a lot. also this thread is so f long already

No. 1730756

File: 1671464432951.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1193x1656, 7FCEA271-658E-4573-8040-2F1ACE…)


they are DEF not ugly but aren't they like 18/19 i think it might be time to cut the lana poisoned lolita cocaine supermodel larp act

No. 1730761

Idk if they're that milky, hard for me to assess. idk how much of material you've got. it should be really, really justified/well introduced thread, cause otherwise it will look like random vendetta thread. especially since they're kinda nobodies. You could post here, esp since this thread is kinda dead and we lack consistently milky cows here. as for new thread? hm.

let's see what other anons would say

No. 1730765


i don't have a screenshot but just a month ago maya/ stolenbesos was whining on tumblr about her ex patrick hoelck and how disgusting he is for having a 19yo as his new girl and now she's dating that cobra grandma makes it even funnier

No. 1730771

they're either dating or groupie fucking, i've seen her giving out "advices" on overcoming breakup with your ex and she said hookup with someone nice. cobrasnake has been sliding into her instagram comments for a while.
if you're new here, please read the rules and type "sage" into Email field while posting. you can skip sage when you're posting new milk/new excerpts though

No. 1730774

File: 1671465381394.jpeg (85.12 KB, 750x688, 7E1AF100-E22F-49F1-B22A-92BAC2…)

No. 1730781

File: 1671466169697.png (464.15 KB, 846x483, 1111.png)

hahahah, she's so fucking awkward while snorting fucking coke, or whatever she put in that cream jar, kek. lol at this guy walking into view, he looks like one of that tumblr meme of straight white guy in a shirt limp-wristedly swinging the whip around himself like he's gonna tangle in it and fall the next second. just fatter.

No. 1730786

File: 1671467742969.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 7E8037DD-6BF5-4A21-B0BB-059E2C…)


Sit down with daddy Helena we need to have a talk about your cringe internet activities

No. 1730790

Kek please keep these posts coming this thread has been so fucking boring lately . jamilia and helena are both private on insta so can someone take screenshots

No. 1730834

They look balkan jfl

No. 1730849

File: 1671473941304.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_n2x2w7Fo9O1rghrc…)

kek, i was thinking specifically of this guy. All the tumblr was laughing at him back in a day

No. 1730857

seconding. Anon with screenshots, do provide the milk. They're in the top cows of this thread anyway, Dasha, esotheric Zara and Ethel Cain don't provide milk lately. if they get milkier we can make their thread later on but why not dump them here. Other anons agree?

Helena jumps out of her skin to prove she's German. is she?

No. 1730866

File: 1671474590576.jpeg (607.1 KB, 1489x2224, 9BB5AEF2-74AD-4D1A-98D2-7E402D…)

Genuinely hope these girls get help

No. 1730870

>overdosing in Chateau Marmont hallway
my god, imagine having dreams of boring shit like this.
Kek why does this sound not like a poem but shitty rap Ginger Bronson style but worse

No. 1730928

that's the funniest shit i've seen all week

No. 1730937

Omg I forgot about this cringelord. Ty nonna kek

No. 1731035

ginger bronson if she was even worse somehow

No. 1732048

File: 1672012833209.png (2.91 MB, 876x2828, boring.png)

What's up with the anon who promised screenshot of Helena & Jamila cringe?
Anyway here's Helena's boring new "magazine photoshoot". the magazine turns out to be shitty coquette zine with 3000 followers only, obviously. yay let's photograph plain jane anachan wannabes dramatically lying around in a purposefully messy room with wellbutrin bottles strategically placed on the night table. yawn.

No. 1732050

And related behind the scenes video if you want to see these cringetards in motion. The smoking cigarettes "seductively" at the window and them praying is peak coquette idiocy, these chicks really think cigarettes and fake christianity gives them such a depth kek

No. 1732068

Ok, sorry cos I'm new in this coquette stuff, but that video looked like an advert for an adult film.

I don't believe any other girl is going to be interested in seeing some girls smoking in mini skirts and braiding their hair to each other in bed.

I don't get it, are they p*rn stars or something? What's the porpoise of the video?

No. 1732069

One thing I don't get about the coquette shit is how all the music they like sucks absolute shit. What is this mumble rap/instabaddie shit.

No. 1732086

>I don't believe any other girl is going to be interested in seeing some girls smoking in mini skirts and braiding their hair to each other in bed.
But that's exactly the whole point of coquette. that's what all of these boring cringetards do, all they aspire to be. anachans in skint tank tops and miniskirts cosplaying Lana, sitting in pink cutesy styleed ~messy girl room~, smoke cigarettes and braid each others hair and pretend they know how to pray, and sigh depressedly lying on the bed like a Virgin Suicides character being mournfully upset because ~being beautiful is so tough~

>video looked like porn advert

there's a bigger problem than just that. not refering to this video content specifically right now, but coquettes are also pretty apparent pedopanderers who fetishize children, Lolita, DDLG, abuse of women, fucking old scrotes and are obsessed with being young and looking like a child. But they always vehemently deny and think they're superior and less pedo than nymphets. it's a lie/cope/naivety, their dumb aesthetic is based on romanticizing pedos, age gaps, abusive relationships and so on.

No. 1732087

Coquettes claim their aesthetic is "all about empowerment girlboss blah blah", but these ""female manipulators"" in fact support being used and abused by most degenerate scrotes. And whenever someone criticize them, they come REEEing that it's "jealous old hags hating on beautiful petite young girls". not very women-supportive of you coquettes, if you come raging and calling other women ugly old hags.

Like are these idiots even capable of formulating a thought that… they WILL get older, sooner than later, and they WILL be old as well. They will be "old hags". are they gonna mentally collapse once they turn 30yo? kek

No. 1732090

File: 1672022829016.jpg (34.96 KB, 496x526, tumblr_60e3e2ad27beb07d0947cf3…)

>I don't get it, are they p*rn stars or something?
Nah, they're dime a dozen nobodies larping a hot desired It Girl model lifestyle. Helena is a lowest tier model signed by a shitty agency, but she has no actual shoots or any model work that matters. but she's a narcissist who thinks she's on the Lily Rose Depp or Alana Champion level and tries hard to pose as some sort of wild coked out anachan coquette model guru on tumblr.
she'd probably feel flattered by that porn comparison though.

No. 1732205

how old is helena? i saw someone say she's 18/19 but she looks way older like 25/26

No. 1732238

Influencer economy converted the hordes of coomers (who always surrounded girls online like flies) into currency, so sadly seeing oneself as a porn star is now part of girls' development, because building an online identity is a major part of girls' development

No. 1732451

Thank you all for your answers.

>>their dumb aesthetic is based on romanticizing pedos, age gaps, abusive relationships and so on

That's the saddest part, I understand the need of feeling desirable and all that but this aesthetic is just sick.

No. 1732503

Yup I remember all the sugar daddy core lana del rey coquette jailbait older men bullshit from tumblr like 12+ years ago and all the girls who bought into it (and now inevitably regret it but cannot go back and change it). Sad to see yet another generation has been groomed into the same old scrotey bullshit. Like you say these old boomer farts don’t give a fuck about these girls musings and thoughts and opinions and feelings, they just get turned on by women who look like/are kids, they want to coom in young vaginas and spread their tardbaby curdled rotten seed as much as they can, like all scrotes are programmed to. These girls can’t even play dumb because they know about Bell Hooks and male gaze and scrote bullshit and namecheck and rant about how awful men are but still indulge and pander so hard. It’s the worst form of cognitive dissonance and they’ll have to live with knowing they wasted their youth on disgusting balding rotten tooth grey pubed scrotes with faces like boiled ham.

No. 1732550

I don’t mean to dust off this old cows casket but was anyone able to catch babydarko / Alida Simone’s ig story a couple of days ago where she conjured up a witch hunt on a girl she accused of copying her crochet animal hats. She deleted them pretty quick after her initial post so I wasn’t able to get the screenshots but the gist of what happened was she targeted a girls crochet account with about 600 followers and accused her of copying her designs and the descriptive words she uses for the products. She initially kept her anonymous but later on tagged her and went on some cringe “ima wolf and this is my pack” tangent and encouraged her followers to harass her. At the end she made an “I’m a dragon you’re a whore mimicking mes a fucking bore” Lana reference

No. 1732557

I know the cow but I must have missed it. Rip us, that sounds like a bpd spergout that would've provided some mild entertainment

No. 1732596

I saw that, the love and light mask fell off for a moment there where she pretended her generic crochet hat idea was "stolen" and complained about people who want to "be her" or something

The best bit was where she pointed out the other girl made some other style of hat (deer or something) that she wanted to do, as in hadn't even made yet herself. You can't steal thoughts from someone's head. An idea can't be stolen.

No. 1732598

Absolutely pathetic behavior from a 22 year old woman. Years ago sperged out about people "copying" her hot glue bikinis. If memory serves correct she even tried to attack an actual company that had been in business for decades. She's real bold to claim easily found free basic crochet patterns and popular keywords as her own original ideas. Her entire personality is built upon copying other women's fake personas/characters. The irony in using Lana Del Rey's lyric making fun of people just like her to attack others.

No. 1732599

File: 1672131816533.jpeg (588.76 KB, 640x813, 2F7B6822-0C69-44A4-A2A6-1FD289…)

Her moid is an absolute pig.

No. 1732605

He is but I expect nothing more from a woman who still tries to pretend she is a pre-teen

No. 1732609

She's not exactly a prize herself

No. 1732615

File: 1672138740056.jpg (246.61 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20221227-215441__01…)

She doesn't look great here either but fuck did she do her friend dirty in everything she's uploaded from this coquette/dolly shoot.

No. 1732617

File: 1672138965841.jpg (276.92 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20221227-215709__01…)

Samefag. She also didn't tag her on her main account which doesn't surprise me kek.

No. 1732625

File: 1672142380796.jpeg (436.65 KB, 1372x884, image.jpeg)

She got attention in 2016 for going "missing" as an underaged girl and she never stopped chasing that amount of attention despite it being 5 years ago. She's now an adult at 22 but instead of actually getting her life together, she doubled down on her extremely idiotic teenage behavior and continues to attempt to present herself as a pre-teen. Problem is she very much looks her age and all she's managed to do in five years is become a cheap Los Angeles escort wannabe. She posted going to "games" (which anyone in LA can tell you what that's code for) and is tagged in kink party listings. Her life is truly pathetic but Lana's made up story lyrics make her thinks it's ~glamorous~. It's not.

Picrel is how she really looks and the kink party shit she's part of. Her body is very normal for a woman her age but reminder she recently was talking about how her ~uwu childlike body~ made people bully her… the cellulite and hips say differently.

No. 1732644

>childlike body
She’s out of her damn mind for real. Just because one doesn’t have tits doesn’t mean they look like a child. Reality is going to hit her HARD.

No. 1732681

Extremely ironic considering she did the very same fucking thing back in her prime jailbait days. She attacked a girl with same aesthetic (having wolf spirit animal. Just fucking spirit animal! what) who justified using it as coping with trauma, and she just accused her of lying and sent her goons at her. Better yet, she used the VERY SAME cringey dragon whore Lana quote. And then she would walk out of her skin to spin a narrative "I'm innocent i never boolied anyone it's just mean boolies on PULL who made lies about me reee" Very telling how Simone showed her true self again, in the very very same way.

No. 1732682

> If memory serves correct she even tried to attack an actual company that had been in business for decades.
Correct. It's all still documented and easily viewable, her entire thread is archived on Wayback Machine.

No. 1732684

>multiple rooms
why does it sound like a secluded spaces to fuck
uff not these cheap shein plastic looking dresses

No. 1732739

then post it, this is an imageboard

No. 1732751

Damn anon. I should tell you look it up yourself cause i don't have time to flip through PULL archives. But i'd be lying, cause i have time. i'm bored and procrastinating, so guess i will flip through these pages shrug. i'll update when i find anything interesting.

No. 1732754

File: 1672165036910.png (279.08 KB, 1390x1218, as1.png)

The beginning of thread summary for those who are new to Alida Simone.

No. 1732755

File: 1672165117962.jpg (111.65 KB, 669x500, IMG_1227.thumb.PNG.b2a57680861…)

Alright, for starters that time she sent her fans to attack a girl. They also harassed her family and people she works with.
Having a spergout just cause someone had "spirit animal" as well lol.

No. 1732757

File: 1672165250886.png (89.9 KB, 281x500, aspart1.png)

~The cute and love positivity wholesome Simone~

No. 1732761

File: 1672165456290.png (77.56 KB, 281x500, aspart2.png)

No. 1732762

File: 1672165553597.png (65.03 KB, 281x500, aspart3.png)

No. 1732764

File: 1672165634149.png (67.47 KB, 281x500, aspart5.png)

She's so fucking stupid, i can't. She was 16 back then, but she hasn't grown one bit since then and she's still doing the same shit.

No. 1732766

File: 1672165660965.png (81.7 KB, 281x500, aspart6.png)

No. 1732770

File: 1672165977829.png (80.25 KB, 281x500, aspart7.png)

No. 1732771

File: 1672166022760.png (92.26 KB, 564x500, aspart.png)

Best part, everybody hates me because i'm so pretty reeee

No. 1732773

File: 1672166163056.jpg (54.83 KB, 337x500, IMG_1995.thumb.PNG.c8510c60f27…)

There is goes, Alida Simone bitching about how Asos "ripped off" her flower crown hot glued bullshit lol.

No. 1732775

File: 1672166337120.png (59.75 KB, 582x472, bikini1.png)

And her spergout on tumblr >>1732773

No. 1732776

File: 1672166375513.png (111.07 KB, 582x608, bikini2.png)

No. 1732779

File: 1672166627545.jpg (66.16 KB, 325x500, tumblr.jpg)

No. 1732795

>trying to gatekeep spirit animals and angels when every woo-woo western woman lists these things as interests (along with witchcraft and tarot)

I didn't realise she was an escort for real, she has very sexualized body language and choice of clothing so it makes sense. Imo she does look young which makes her escorting even worse, the men she must pick up. Also means her ugly scrote isn't covering her (their?) apartment, what's the point of fucking an old man if he's not even bankrolling you

No. 1732802

>I'n a 16 year old little girl
>You're an 18 year old adult
The brainrot, as a Eurofag nobody gives a fuck about the difference between 16 and 18 (In the UK you can drink, drive, work full time, have sex etc at 16 so the way Americans blow up about two year age gaps like this is always funny)
I wonder if she thinks 18 is "an adult" now she is 22. She did a live recently where she was sperging (only watched a minute) about how age doesn't matter, live life love when her whole image is based on being jailbait. Like what is the future when you inevitably start looking more grown up? not necessarily aging, but losing cheek fat/puppy fat, etc which happens at mid-late 20s and makes it impossible to larp as a teen. This whole thing is such a dead end aesthetic.

No. 1732867

what does going to games mean in LAspeak

No. 1732897

File: 1672180855590.jpeg (28.13 KB, 521x589, images (16).jpeg)

>Antisemitic and racist
Idk if I'm just retarded anons but that looks like the tree of life juxtaposed with the star of David on her dress. Is she larping as a Jewish occultist now? She does say some shit that makes me think she's under the delusion she's Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

No. 1732923

thank you so much nonnie, i have precious few work breaks this time of the year

>i'm a 16 year old little girl
kek i wonder if she already crashed after she turned 22 herself or just moved on to calling 24 year olds hags. probably the latter, bitches like this call women slightly older than themselves hags all the way to 45-50, at which point they start selling themselves as "no-bullshit cool girls kinkier than twenty year olds"

No. 1733119

She started dating her fat bald moid when she was 17 and he was like almost 30. She would of never said any of this to him and he’s literally fucking her. Apparently adults are allowed to have sex with “little girls” but not disagree with them. She really hates other women. Probably attacked this girl because she’s extremely jealous of anyone who has integrity and isn’t barrel waisted with no hips. She’s extremely insecure and that’s why she will waste her youth slobbering over hideous geriatric cock and selling naff hot glue bikinis and crotchet bees that you can literally buy kits of on Amazon. She is not original she is a living breathing algorithm with a cluster b personality.

No. 1733154

Without fail, every cow that claims to be a ~ uwu smol petite baby ~ is always above average height with a doughy body

No. 1734038

Alida Simone is an absolute "whatever happened to baby jane" case. She was the Tumblr appointed queen of lanafags because she had a pedophile boyfriend who was in a gang, and she never go of that fleeting relevancy. It's bizarre seeing someone just not let themselves grow up because they peaked at 16

No. 1734687

>not ugly
They literally look like neanderthals.

No. 1734690

No shit. Women who are actually small and thin do not care.

No. 1735335

File: 1672579799129.jpg (356.49 KB, 1440x1797, IMG_20230101_133501.jpg)

Seeing Roblox mentioned here reminded me that a lot of coquettes are roblox players, which in turn reminded me of a personal cow I had forgotten about: Pamela Hilton
>Paris Hiltons cousin (nepo baby)
>constantly reminds everyone that she is cousins with Paris Hilton to gain relevancy, fails spectacularly getting less engagement on her page than low level meme accounts
>owns a fashion line, less than 100 likes per tweet about it despite the apparently large amount of money out into marketing and production
>that awful "I should fill my upper lip but not my lower lip" thing going on
>insists on dressing as a vintage preteen
>cringe recreations of famous vintage photoshoots that wannabe models always think are the unique thing to launch their careers
She's not as milky as half the cows here. She's also not fucking miserable like them either, but she is everything that coquettes dream of so it's funny to see her somehow fail to get as popular on social media as some of the cows here even

No. 1735337

>what does going to games mean in LAspeak
I'm wondering that too kek

No. 1735550

>vintage Marilyn Monroe wannabe tier
>roblox player
lol, much coquette, so vintage
>Pamela Hilton
why does it sound like she made up in 5mins sloshing toegther Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton

No. 1735805

File: 1672658074767.jpeg (401.31 KB, 750x1151, D2D752E0-87B9-4ECB-920D-24B248…)

helena and jamila again

No. 1735806

File: 1672658474686.jpeg (443.91 KB, 2048x1358, B86A2672-449D-4EE9-AFEB-9ACB52…)

No. 1735845

File: 1672668772923.png (199.11 KB, 806x2128, tumblr1.png)

Kek what an idiot. I agree with this ask, all these girlies praising her on doing drugs are pathetic, and she is so fucking cringey filming herself doing coke with Lil Peep playing, peak middle school interests. Her blog is a neverending source of laugh material, especially her self-sent asks. Asks sent by her 13 year old fans as well.
Also kek on them shitting on coquettes, when just a month ago Helena had a dime a dozen girlblogger2008 account.

No. 1735848

File: 1672669135080.png (37.93 KB, 778x584, tumblr3.png)

Yes Helena, because Helen of Troy myth was based on you. Because whenever someone reads name Helena in the english class, everybody at school immediately thinks of your plain Becky ass.

No. 1735850

File: 1672669207238.png (1.33 MB, 768x1712, tumblr2.png)

>Slender goddess smokes!
LMAO are they for real. And she reblogs all that thinking it's a peak compliment oh lord. Bitch has grown up to be the biggest cow of the coquette thread, the narcissism is overboard.

No. 1735905

this sounds like an anorexia fetish coomer boomer moid

No. 1735907

i thought exactly the same thing

No. 1736137

Lmao these girls are retarded, these replies are CLEARLY from smoking fetish coomer creeps and not from "young girls giving compliments" kek

No. 1736266

This life that all the pinkfags, handbag collectors and coquettes dream of is so insanely dull, makes sense that the people who actually live it hate it.

No. 1736320

Post your face then. Guarantee they’re prettier than you.

No. 1736338

File: 1672734884362.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2018, B6BE1C8B-D0BB-4973-B020-8E9050…)

Resident cow Alida made yet another account. This time she is pulling a coconut kitty and using gross AI shit that looks nothing like her and instead a whole ass child as the face for a ~cherubim sanctuary~ account whatever the fuck that means. She’s a whole grown adult now this is so embarrassing.

No. 1736339

I hope she realizes she’s going to die alone and broke at this point going this way

No. 1736347

anon a lot of peoples faces dont look the exact same with ai… have you tried it before? some come out looking pretty different but still resembling you. the filters coconutkitty uses are called child and teen, she doesnt even use AI art she just has the shittiest editing apps ever and distorts the shit out of her face with a variety of faceapp filters and morphing. not to wk as someone whos tried AI, i highly doubt she is purposefully typing anything in to make herself look like a child. apps just do that for some pictures. some of them just look very cartoonish

No. 1736348

What the fuck, kek

No. 1736349

You're retarded. Feeding AI pictures of yourself that you have already heavily edited to look like a child is gross and embarrassing. She is an adult and 100% looks like it. Anons have posted posts where is unedited. Stop WKing.

No. 1736350

Her minions are calling her out but she's deleting the comments as they come in… I've managed to SS a few.

No. 1736351

No i just don't think she looks like a child in her pictures kek. She literally just looks like a woman in her 20s. Coconutkitty is a late 30s woman trying to look like a 14 year old, the comparison being made is retarded and it just sounds like you've never even tried an AI app. I've seen a lot of peoples look similar to hers in terms of the cartoon style. This isn't about whether she edits her photos either the coconutkitty comparison is just not valid based off that.

No. 1736352

She’s more than happy to fuck hideously ugly men so actually, no, she will never go completely broke.

No. 1736353

The coconut kitty comparison comes from her calling herself a "character muse" you retard

No. 1736354

File: 1672736522721.jpeg (246.55 KB, 1170x2067, 9DC009EF-166B-4C67-8317-CD49BC…)

She’s also been posting topless stories too. Gross when she’s larping as a disney princess muse

No. 1736355

post them nona

No. 1736356

You must be a newfag. Fucking men for money never lasts.

No. 1736357

I will but I want to see what else she blocks in the meantime.

No. 1736359

>Coconutkitty is a late 30s woman trying to look like a 14 year old
And she's a twenty-something trying to look like a 14 there's not much of a difference here anon. AI goes off of what you give it and if you give it pictures you've edited… it's going to go off of those images. She tries to make herself look underaged as a 23 year old.

No. 1736360

It does when you marry a brainless simp and get buxxed for the rest of your life.

No. 1736361

Comparison is valid because Coconut Kitty as well as Aubrey O'Day have tried to use the character arch as their excuse.

No. 1736364

She's not married. She's not even with a rich scrote but instead a literal neckbeard kek

No. 1736365

File: 1672736930551.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1677, 87919B9E-7EFC-484C-8745-A3F3AC…)

this does not look like a 14 year old lol sorry that just sounds retarded. coconutkitty can call herself a character but she doesnt make ai art she's just delusional. this is actually ai art of a character, its her as disney princesses. and the ai art sometimes looks wildly different from you. again, you sound like you havent tried it before.

No. 1736366

I didn’t say he was rich, but she lives in his house and has a roof over her head because of her ability to fuck the kind of Scrote most of us wouldn’t even want to be in the same room with.

No. 1736367

She doesn’t live with him anymore

No. 1736370

File: 1672737198055.jpeg (522.2 KB, 1170x2018, 71447A40-B164-45F9-A547-3E9DDC…)

Anon she’s still trying to photoshop herself as a child but it’s getting harder now that she’s older. I know how these dumb AI app work and it’s extremely obvious shes feeding them old photos of her along with heavily edited photos. Stop WKing a literal nazi prostitute, you’re going to get a “hi cow” soon.

No. 1736371

You’re still retarded for defending an adult using photos that look like a child on an account that’s clearly trying to market to alt-right pipeline TikTok tards

No. 1736372

They're being purposefully obtuse. Anyone with a brain can see what the cow is doing.

No. 1736373

i really don't care about this particular cow and i agree that some of her photos are sus, i'm just speaking as someone who has used ai art, has never used child filters or edited myself to look like a child, and still received pictures that looked cartoonish and younger without any input on my part trying to make it that way. it's really not that deep

No. 1736374

Except she doesn't live under his roof anymore and now she has to sell her body as anons have posted here

No. 1736375

If you aren't familiar with a cow then don't speak for them. She is purposefully doing what she is doing.

No. 1736377

It's fucking babydarkokitten… it is that deep and always will be. She's still trying to bank off of her underaged self.

No. 1736380

Caps will come soon but it sounds like one of Alida's calves is here tryin to defend her…

No. 1736381

>those fucking hands

No. 1736382

forget the cow for a second, the app she's using is called prequel. try it and come back to us. you'll definitely get some cartoonish results that could be perceived as looking younger than you. that's all that's being said lol i dont even know this cows history otherwise i do not keep up with her and just noticed this.

No. 1736385

She's not married

No. 1736386

Like I said, do not speak for a cow if you do not know their history. She's happy to use the images she got back that looks underaged.

No. 1736387

Sorry i have to say this right now but she's fucking ugly kek

No. 1736389

Funny how she posted this after someone here said she looked her age >>1732625

No. 1736399

File: 1672740839283.jpeg (658.48 KB, 2048x2048, E1FC5507-A9EA-4E63-ABA9-56BD8B…)

Moreso speaking for the ai app. Another example is this girl Alida follows. Not a cow. Doesnt look like a child in her photos, except yes in some ai posts.

No. 1736407

Horrible example given that this girl was very recently underaged. Stop cherrypicking photos… she's doing the same thing Alida is doing and choosing underaged photos of herself.

No. 1736409

File: 1672743794582.png (2.88 MB, 1292x1220, Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 3.02…)

Uhh hate to break it too you but Brooklyn has met up with her and most of her feed is her underaged.

No. 1736410

This thread suddenly smells

No. 1736416

File: 1672745159474.jpeg (493.97 KB, 2048x2048, B4C8215A-F682-47D0-8E8A-EED208…)

the point is that the pictures can even look wildly different from each other but since you want to be purposefully obtuse

No. 1736422

Also how could she be doing the same thing alida is doing if Alida is 23 and was underaged 6 years ago? Very recently is not 6 years ago is it numbskull?

No. 1736426

You're using two pictures produced by AI >>1736422
She's doing the same thing because she is 20 trying to pretend like she is 16 it's really not that hard to understand. 18 was still recent for her but it doesn't mean she's still underaged

No. 1736428

All you're admitting to is using AI photos that look nothing like you. Cope harder.

No. 1736475

I guarantee that that woman knows that. It's a tumblr humor thing to reblog obscure fetish posts as a joke. The "real" is a sort of joking affirmation. I do not want any anons calling me a whiteknight because I am literally just that much of a tumblrfag that I can identify what is going on with such little context.

No. 1736586

Anon she's literally photoshopping herself younger. More: she's been photoshopping her own childhood photos. She would post pics of her as a 1 year old and older, with her lips shooped bigger just to prove she didn't get fillers (unedited pics of her as a child/teen are in 1st thread and on PULL. And no, her lips were thin). If she resorts to editing even her old pics, why would she stop now? She's always talking about looking like a child and being hated for having such a ~childlike body~. She 100% uploads edited/underage pics to AI. if you don't know this cow and her antics, don't speak.

No. 1736788

Lol again try the ai app and see if all pictures look like you (spoiler warning, they don't, because it's ai and different styles look different and you're retarded). I didnt even post the ones that look like that for that reason, but it happens with everyone who uses it. irrespective of whether she edits herself younger or not in her pictures, that's what ai does with some styles. you are clearly very dimwitted so you can't tell the point i'm trying to make

No. 1736790

samefag but i get this. like i said idk about the cow, i'm just speaking on what ive seen with the ai trend (some of the styles look childish, on normal people) but i digress because people really do not have the wits to differentiate between whiteknighting and pointing out how AI apps work

No. 1736800

Ok, but the point is even if it's only AI app making her look younger - in this case - she noticed this already and is doing a good use of that. Let's say, she used her unedited pics and slapped them in the app. She must've noticed how these app's final outcome, and how she looks younger and cuter uwu etc etc. It's about the purpose she's using this AI app to. She didn't just make a new account to show a cool AI pic, i believe it's just one more vessel to show how ~young~ she is etc. If she posted this on her main account once, i would say it's just a momentary thing but she clearly plans to use it as her new thing. even without all the discussion about editing and AI apps, it seems weird and narcissistic.

No. 1736803

File: 1672784509767.png (3.1 MB, 2124x1530, Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 2.20…)

What a fucking weird account. "Divine feminine safe space" yet half the posts are fawning over her scrote.

No. 1736805

File: 1672784676718.png (75.68 KB, 486x206, Screen Shot 2023-01-03 at 2.22…)

And if anyone questions her motives here, she's calling this "character" her inner child. Gross.

No. 1736871

you must be at least 18 years old to post here

No. 1736985

File: 1672808578201.jpeg (42.92 KB, 1024x520, 3740D0B0-E9CB-4AEC-A411-5D76B7…)

No. 1737299

you also have to be female.

No. 1737322


She'll def become the "alien superstar" she aspires to be in time if she keeps up with those fillers kek

No. 1739644

File: 1673163302117.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.82 KB, 1080x1080, 323498330_546984290699650_2720…)

>>1736803 now she's posting topless crying photos, with the caption 'Diary of a nymph… why does life hurt so much… '

No. 1739654

She has a really bad body lol. Asymmetrical chestlet hrt moobs and she is shaped like a loaf of bread.

No. 1739655

Yeah the chalky skin and crowsfeet instantly give it away

No. 1739660

She has to be on drugs I have no idea why she would post this?

No. 1739679

Her hair colour washes her out so bad. She needs darker hair, this white blonde thing makes her look like she has corpse skin

No. 1739684

File: 1673171150480.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.12 KB, 1080x1080, 323688557_2035345303334899_128…)

She's constantly posting videos smoking weed, so she probably is.

No. 1739696

>>1739644 >>1736803 >>1739684

So I have something to say about our autop3dophilic Queen Alida.
I was procrastinating and I watched her IG lives and in one she was answering some girls question about being judged for dating older men at 16 and she told her to cut those people off etc. But… This is literally a p3dophilia. This is an underaged girl dating grown men?
Other thing from her other live, she said she played Lana del rey unreleased songs to her almost 40yo bf and he fucked her brains out after?
She claims he's not very interested in Lana del rey(btw. Lana followed her on instagram? This is so embarrassing but LDR is a queen if handmaidens so no wonder) or her music or doesn't even know how she looks like which is so weird cause alida is obsessed with her.
She has a horrendous taste in men like years ago for expl in 2018 I saw a message she send to her moid friend, she wrote "make me scream daddy" in it. Knowing her you can guess that he's physically repulsive and posts misogynistic memes on his Instagram.
Looks like shes just a depraved beast hiding under some love&light spirituality that seems unauthentic anyway.
Last thing about her is her interacting with p3do accounts on instagram or she followed some on twitter too. I remember this one girl she followed. She has a picture on her profile of her on her knees with her make up ruined and called it " post bj look"
+she had a pic of her with her head in a washing machine while she was wearing a little skirt.

I don't follow any of alida accounts anymore cause it's all extremely triggering especially after watching those lives I don't even wanna lurk on her main acc.
Unlike her I'm not a p3dophilia degradation loving beast and she repulsed me at times to the point of getting dizzy. I wouldn't be even able to talk with an old man without having a breakdown because its so harsh. This is how "angelic" she is(btw she really claims she thinks shes an Angel or some higher being.. Lord…like she genuinely said that.)
The spiritual things she says aren't that all over wrong but she still isn't authentic.

No. 1739697

>Lana followed her on instagram?
Lol she's a fucking liar. Lana's ex-boyfriend Barrie shared her missing poster when she ran off with a guy when she was a teenager. Lana never followed her. She's only saying that now because Lana deleted/deactivated her main account so no one can currently check.

Re: all her pedophilia… Yeah we know this and she's just getting more disgusting as she ages. When her mom kicked the bucket she kept going on about not endorsing any of that because it was "dark" for her but that lasted maybe a couple months. As soon as she went public with her scrote she went right back to pedobaiting. Problem for her is now she is 22 going on 23; all that shit no longer makes her a victim of pedophilia but instead an endorser of it herself.

No. 1739698

File: 1673175415967.png (1.86 MB, 1958x694, Screen Shot 2023-01-08 at 2.47…)

Losing more and more braincells by the minute and it's all on public display kek if she did porn she'd be another Shayna

No. 1739702

File: 1673176473739.jpg (214.93 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_2023-01-08-11-59-54…)


She did follow her actually. LDR deactivated her main account over a year ago and now shes using her Honeymoon account which is private and she opens it sometimes. I don't follow it so I only have this ss as a proof I took it like two months ago when I was still following alida priv acc.

Other thing is that in 2019 when Alida went to LDR show with her friend about which those [censored] sucking rumors were made (cause she brought her 40-50yo bf with which btw she had a child like 2 years ago or something while she was in her early 20s?
+important detail is that shes FRIENDS with Lana. God.)
And then like days later on her live she said quickly that Lana said that she saw her pictures on instagram. She must have been lurking for years.
Thats so embarrassing for her but like I said shes an extreme pickme and there are rumors about her being ultra naive about men and all of that plus her new incoming album reeks of self hate and low self esteem.
And yeah she didn't seem to be growing out of her p3dophilia. Years ago when she posted a pic with her bf she claimed people look at them in the public and judge them out of jealousy. Shes this type of a girl to see older women as a bitter hags


I went to the link in her friend bio and it says that she started working with Playboy and that she was obsessed with it since she was in elementary school. Yikes

No. 1739707

I'm pretty sure this was already discussed and debunked here.

No. 1739709

File: 1673178209379.jpg (93.68 KB, 1170x631, IMG_5447.jpg)

She never followed her. I follow the Honeymoon account and she still is not follwing her. xmissdaytona is as big a cow as Alida and an even bigger Lana skinwalker; she owns/runs lanaboards and popped up on PULL trying to defend herself which just caused even more drama. You need to integrate better… we don't [censor] anything and have known about Alida and her web of lies for years.

No. 1739712


What's the possibility that she unfollowed her?
Lol because multiple people have commented and mentioned the follow from Lana and in one of her recent lives that is still up on her main ac someone mentioned it and alida said "yes ldr followed me"
Anyway I didn't see anyone talk about it here but it all happened two months ago and I thought that interesting that Lana would do that.

That would be so ridiculous to lie when people can literally check if it's true or not but I know shes a liar I watched her for years too

No. 1739714

Chances are really low. I've followed the Honeymoon account since probably it's inception and never once has Alida's account said "followed by Honeymoon". People could have saw other comments saying it and just went along with it. Her followers aren't the brightest and probably don't follow the Honeymoon account kek

No. 1739716

Kek I just went to check and a fan honeymoon account that reposts everything is following her but that's all that comes up. Even if she did follow her, a celebrity following you on their alt and then never interacting with your shit isn't the flex she thought it was.

No. 1739725

File: 1673182372528.jpeg (88.6 KB, 1124x703, 7082EC29-01FD-4D52-B4A3-124534…)

Checked this just now and Lana follows her.

No. 1739726

File: 1673182474329.jpg (473.38 KB, 1080x668, 20230108_135130.jpg)


But it's Lana del Rey! Their Queen.
Anyway Madison beer also followed her some year/s ago and interacted with her. Idk if she still does but when I went to her following at that time alida was in there.

Now some more embarrassing things about alida. We know she works in a casino now as a lucky charm girl or something and months ago she tweeted Grimes lyrics "the girls are such a bore, the boys are such a bore"
And some moid commented "I hope I dont bore you" but his reply is gone now when I checked some time ago to find his acc again. I went to his acc and he works at this livepokerla place or something too and he was posting some liver streams and pictures and there was a video or a pic of her and some moid I dont remember if it was him or not. So they do live stream from those games and post them on yt @ live city poker LA and in one of them I saw she was sitting close to some moid and touching his arms, I skipped through some other one and she was massaging some mans back lol.
Here's a screen shoot from some random live. The quality is bad cause my WiFi is shit.

No. 1739730


Two pedophile coquette queens together bonding over sucking old men off

No. 1739755

LA anon was right. This is so fucking embarrassing. Her entire life is dedicated to dweeb scrotes.

No. 1739756

And doesn’t even have shit to show for it

No. 1739770

Damn what is this newfaggotry, you don't have to censor words like pedo or a dick, you're not on twitter. As for Lana, Alida had a picture/vid with Lana back when she, her sugar babying friend and an old "daddy" scrote went to Lana show and they sucked him off allegedly. That's the extent of it, along with Lana's ex reblogging her missing poster. Alida was never friends with Lana. If Lana ever followed her, she followed her as a fan, not a friend - but i very much doubt she did it at all. Also read the rules and learn to sage.

No. 1739777

Ah, so THAT's what "going to the games" is. whoring around at the casino.

No. 1739815

just a heads up nona you don't have to censor words here you're allowed to just say pedo (plus it makes you stand out too much, defeats the purpose of anonymous image board)

No. 1739847


Yes she wasn't friends with Lana but her friend with whom she went to that LDR show has some connection with Lana. She's a deranged "coquette" aesthetic girl too and decided to breed with her creep 50yo bf(who is the man they went to the show with) and Lana actually commented under the picture of her newborn too. I wonder if those whores think age gaps are a natural thing and women should date old men.

No. 1739972

tbh nonna the newfag brought decent milk so it doesn't matter

No. 1740180

File: 1673250800204.jpg (315.74 KB, 551x819, 20230109_084152.jpg)

All those grown women posted here absolutely deserve it and they show the female pickme nature so well. They all say oh I was just young and dumb but somehow 10 million other women did the same shit as them and their behavior continues throughout their whole adult life. As an adults I dont believe in their innocence. I remember watching alida patreon video on her past and shes still a male validation seeking pig now. This behavior is beyond evil and deranged even as recently as a year ago she said on her live that she will always be into daddy kink. I'm not engaging in some diagnosis of those women but theres no way in hell they are a good people but alida esp is a one depraved female and the fact that her "daddy" met her when she was 17 just makes it all so filthy and its the same year she was still engaging with that @fuckfacefantastic(on IG)disgusting moid who said that she was his friend. Yeah it say nothing about her at all! Pedo girl, pedo relationship and she herself promotes pedophilia a lot and tried to feed us some bullshit that her man isn't a creep that needs to be locked up and never have children. Hope those pigs don't breed.

No. 1740234

That’s a terrible figure. Doughy and bloated and shapeless, chest broader than her hips. My alcoholic uncle has the same build.

No. 1740343

Most of these derranged lolita bitches end up with that same nasty body. They glorify eating disorders and drug/alcohol abuse and end up fucking their metabolism, bodies and skin. Focusing on their "aesthetic" more than actual self care causes their youth to be wasted and by the time they are 30 they all look 40+. I guess i would feel bad if they werent such fucking pedo-baiting-daddykink-loving nasty pick mes. Kek any bitch dumb enough to fall down this pipeline probably deserves it.

No. 1740348

Same fag but ew… what a chubby, nasty, little boy looking body… almost looks like a tranny body lmfao girl needs to put the weed down and go for a walk. Holy shit.

No. 1740635

File: 1673307684426.jpg (424.71 KB, 714x1024, 20230109_214656.jpg)

On Sep 15 3 years ago she was still underage. Damn they really started dating when she was a minor and he was in his late 30s. She even claims that they are a twin flames and it makes me feel really blackpilled cause what universe support pedophilia


The skin all over his whole body(besides the part she loves to put into her mouth and probably pretends to be a child while doing it like all of those cocksuckettes) looks so fucking sun damaged. The scrote doesn't know what sunscreen is. Plus he's fucking bald, he probably shaves his head cause he has that male pattern balding lmfao. Those ulgy middle aged scrotes really get to date 18year olds

And god I can't watch her fucking lives, she keeps smacking and biting her lips and being cringe while singing LDR songs.

No. 1740645

So the “child like” body she talks about having is that of a sedentary stoner 12 year old boy, got it.
A couple years ago someone did fan of of her underaged self topless and she was gushing all over it. It’s probably in the first thread here but it’s for sure on PULL. It was even her profile pic at one point.

No. 1740692

File: 1673311943035.png (5.93 MB, 1170x2532, 23262529-3DC1-4A1F-BA2A-4C3ECB…)

lord give me strength

No. 1740698

File: 1673312210514.png (2.44 MB, 1170x2532, E08ACE7B-70B3-44F4-883C-203655…)

Samefag but can’t wait for the pedobaiting playboy photoshoots

No. 1740704

File: 1673312490420.png (7.26 MB, 1170x2532, 76603F5F-8FCA-49E1-AF7C-A45878…)

No. 1740744

File: 1673314731403.png (93.16 KB, 1140x702, Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 5.23…)

For those that don't know, this platform is Playboy's answer to OnlyFans. Anyone can join. "Divine feminine safe space" my ass. Playboy and porn is the complete opposite of a safe space for women.

She's pedo-pandering HARD with this account
>welcome to my little space
>I’m a 22 year old Baby Girl who loves to dance, giggle, play and I have big oral fixation hehe
>express my beauty and sensuality in an innocent and playful way

Congrats Alida, you turned out exactly how everyone said you would: nothing more than an object for men. Bet mommy is real proud.

No. 1740750

wow I hate this

No. 1740754

Wow she really did a speed run of becoming Shayna 2.0

No. 1740758

She's going to have a massive breakdown before this year ends kek

No. 1740759

> 0 subs
Starting off strong!

No. 1740781

File: 1673317487740.jpeg (2.79 MB, 2500x2500, 39677E93-9A64-48A7-80A8-CBE63C…)

nitpick, but the "sexy" name is so stupid and just makes me think of picrel. The REAL southern blue bell

No. 1740996

This is the midlife crisis for the pedobaiter. When you hit the ripe old age of 22 and are "too old" for the revolting men you surround yourself with, simply nosedive into porn to try and maintain relevancy to said disgusting moids. Belle delphine already crashed and burned the same way, ig these girls are just plain dumb since hinging your life, worth, relationships, friendships, self respect, income around your literal teenagehood is obviously a plan doomed to fail.

No. 1741025

With the fridge body and overinflated lips, she’ll probably end up looking worse than Shayna. Sad none of these girls ever learn from the mistakes of e-whores past. Also sad they never wake up and realize their “daddies” aren’t “good men.” A moid who’s fine with you selling all your holes to random coomers online for chump change isn’t protective of you and doesn’t care about you. Her bald bum boyfriend is either a cuck or a pimp, no in-between. These girls are DUMB, or else their parents really badly failed to teach them basic common sense.

No. 1741050


Wow those women are an absolute tyrants. I was right when I said a few hours ago that she probably loves to put dick in her mouth like a pig and pretend to be a child while doing it. I hope she gets reborn as a pig in her next life. I'm glad I unfollowed her accs recently cause this is too traumatic and even to handle. Cocksuckers are the biggest scum of the world as always. Actual innocent person would never do shit like this.
What's worst is that shes literally convinced that shes an angel and will be existing the cycle of "samsara(?)" after this life LOL. I hope not. The pig life is wait ing for her. Just after this HUMAN FEMALE PIG life. I'm must be a psychic because I always kinda predict shit about those handmaidens and their future actions or who they are rn in my head but its too triggering so I repress it and stay delusional but here we are.

No. 1741051

Yeah no good man swoops in on an underaged girl, keeps her under his thumb until she’s 21, then sends her off to another state to whore herself on and offline when she becomes too “old” for him. It’s extremely obvious what’s going on here and her ~it’s innocent~ schtick isn’t going to work anymore.

No. 1741054


>Her bald bum boyfriend is either a cuck or a pimp

He's just an average moid. They all dream of having a private teen/early20s pornstar to suck them off and be their fuck toys who love to perfrom femininity and all that shit. No het relationships are cute, beautiful or good. They are monstrous and full of shit just like all the people involved in them. Men were pedos since the begging of times. Why would he gaf about her being a whore if it serves him, she probably spits all over herself while sucking his dick. Thats why he loves her. The beauty of male-female relationships

No. 1741058

File: 1673333852369.jpg (42.86 KB, 374x328, Screenshot_2023-01-09-23-51-23…)


Samefag but I saw this on her live. It's a drawing she once posted on her story. It was really pedophilic, the "woman" looks like a child(face, vagina etc.) But with boobs and her nipples are heart shaped. It's not noticeable here but her face looks ridiculous and extremely child-like or like some pornstar

No. 1741061


I bet you she's just gonna get worse and worse and will never stop her degeneracy. All those divine feminine whores are really fucked up and sexually depraved with wierd rapey kinks like they even make tutorials on how to suck dick like a goddess as if it's divine. They don't stop.

No. 1741066

Lana del try needs to unfollow this dick sucking "oral fixation" piglet or else she's never beating the pedo supporter allegations IN MY MIND. And her cockuette life has been going really bad too. Her cop ex literally already managed to marry another women who's much younger than her, it's some bimbo(based on her tweets lol) with fake boobs. I'm your biggest hater now Lana and your songs are you just whining about MEN you suck. Her new alleged new songs lyrics are literally "do you wanna marry me, do you wanna have my children".

No. 1741089

Bitch all you want, but Lana is and will always be 100 times more talented and accomplished than you

No. 1741091

He got married but she's older than Lana but yes is a bimbo kek

No. 1741095


The accomplishments in your filthy material world mean nothing to me. Just because shes talented in some way doesn't mean I can't share my opinion about her and the Lolita piglets she created cause they are doing objectively fucked up shit

No. 1741097


No she isn't. Shes in her 20s.

No. 1741115

File: 1673343410583.png (1.31 MB, 1284x744, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 1.36…)

She is absolutely not in her 20s

No. 1741121

That's a hard 55 at least

No. 1741124


What the fuck, doesnt look 20. Ive read that shes around 26 but Lana must be seething regardless. Shes been really mental about marriage and all that shit lately

No. 1741126

She probably "leaked" to tabloids that she's that age but there's no way in hell she in her 20s or 30s. This isn't the first time this has happened to Lana. That Italian she was with got married and had a kid right after her as well. It's her decision who she marries and has kids with but it's hard to take her whining seriously when she has had many opportunities to do so.

No. 1741156

File: 1673350831598.jpg (855.69 KB, 1008x1632, Screenshot_2023-01-10-12-35-54…)

Hmm no wonder why
Most women are a patriarchal retards just like you

No. 1741157

this post smells of balls

No. 1741160


I spoke no lie. And me being constantly accused of being a moid is a part of women retardation. I'm not a pickme masochist so I'm harmed by all women's behavior and having to stay speechless about it means being subjugated. Slaves want you to be a slave too. I just came here to brag for a little moment

No. 1741170

Ignore the scrote

No. 1741172

My God anon Alida is a cow and her relationship is disgusting but please touch some grass. Idk who hurt you but I genuinely hope you overcome it.

No. 1741187


Stop nagging women when they describe reality for what it is. "Who hurt you" it's retarded to say that. Foolish ignorant humans demanding I cater to them when I speak my consciousness bruh
Should have left it to myself because it always causes conflict but why should I gaf atp

No. 1741214

I can't tell if it's a moid or bitter e-whore shitting up this thread, but their posting style is both obvious and tiresome. Please go away if you're so "triggered" here.

No. 1741299

File: 1673370020762.jpeg (19.61 KB, 395x400, thumbnail.jpeg)

This is her avatar on her playboy profile
She's literally dripping spit from her mouth like a pig I told y'all a few posts ago. So stop fucking shitting on me. I'm based, I didn't even see this pic until now.

No. 1741315

"Im based"
Go back to twitter

No. 1741328

Spoiler this shit.

No. 1741343

Getting too much attention online as a teen is like some weird addiction I think, so many girls who gained popularity as teens start doing this shit in late teens/early 20s in a bid to retain that attention-high. Someone needs to start up a detox clinic specifically for "washed up" "teen stars" to try and save them from the inevitable doom ahead

No. 1741345

NTA but how do native english speakers talk about people in second person plural because other than using ya'll i find it sounding really weird and formal?

No. 1741359

>you all
>you are all
>you're all
>you guys
>you people
>all of you

No. 1741468

File: 1673386618603.jpg (413.35 KB, 1064x1210, Screenshot_2023-01-10-22-28-58…)

She changed her display name on Twitter to bluebelle now and posted link to her Playboy account and this was in her likes. She's evolving and becoming more of pickme than she already was but her image still is and always was a "sexy little girl" and I don't see her ever changing

No. 1741476

File: 1673387661387.jpg (Spoiler Image,456.26 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_2023-01-10-22-48-17…)


She's pornsick

No. 1741495

that is an unfortunate looking body, jesus fucking christ

No. 1741506

File: 1673391179581.jpg (Spoiler Image,861.92 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_2023-01-10-23-50-33…)

The amount of the coquettes you can find when you go into alidas following on instagram. What is wrong with her body, all of her pictures are sinister and she shows the exact same brainrot like all the other coquettes. They all are the same.

No. 1741522

that fat, hairy hand with an open wound on it, jesus christ

No. 1741539

Oh my God that's angeltroon from the egirls thread. She looks AWFUL compared to a few months ago, what the fuck happened?
>what's wrong with her body?
She's literally fat and shoops herself. Theres a candid photo in one if the egirls thread where you can very clearly see he massive stomach sticking out and her fridge shaped torso

No. 1741802

File: 1673437631040.jpeg (62.71 KB, 782x782, 689250E2-E0D0-411D-88D4-67C1AC…)

She’s looking rough.

No. 1741806

Legit looks like a puffy bloated tranny on 3 months of HRT.

No. 1741817

File: 1673440858539.jpg (686.27 KB, 1080x2397, lc.jpg)

No. 1741827

File: 1673442402920.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.58 KB, 764x1136, 20230111_140454.jpg)


Her pedo drawing in good quality

No. 1741829

Does anyone has a screenshot of Alida story from years ago, It was a pic of the ground, she was standing with some scrote and their both legs were in the pic and the caption was something about her making him hard in public. Was this her current bf?

No. 1741830

explains a lot, kek.
>I'm a sweetest grl why u so mean to me?
probably cause you're a coquette newfag who can't integrate

No. 1741832

>Does anyone has a screenshot of Alida story from years ago
No, why would anyone keep shit like that? search PULL, maybe they had some.
Anyone has any other milk on other coquettes? Cause as much as Alida milk was good, this thread is turning into Alida general with one obsessed vendettafag screaming Alida pig this, Alida pig that, and it's getting boring.

No. 1741900

File: 1673456424049.jpg (147 KB, 720x630, 20230111_171926.jpg)

In other news, Dasha the virgin who hates whores and wants to be a tradwife has started an OnlyFans.

No. 1741909

>these onlyfans whores are horrible reee i'm clean i'm trad!
Been only a matter of time. I can't picture her having a job, friends, etc. And i don't believe her polish/russian larp for shit. All she posts is very surface level russiaboo shit, as for polish stuff she can't even pretend she knows anything even vaguely polish.

No. 1741910

File: 1673457719777.png (1.12 MB, 928x824, dasha.png)

Dasha's words of "wisdom"

No. 1741912

Honestly this assisted suicide thing they've got going on in Canada needs to be made mandatory in some cases. They should extend their services to international clients too

No. 1741917

Calm down nonnie kek jesus

No. 1741951

I remember some anons saying that Lolcow was getting shitted up and "co-opted" by these identity-lacking losers, and that they'd try to make this site into part of their retarded "aesthetic". Looks like it's happening. Come to think of it, the posters who attacked and insulted those anons for pointing it out were probably the retards in question. I'm with the medically assisted suicide anon. Hopefully, these idiots will decide it's chic, coquettish and beautifully tragic to remove themselves.

No. 1742220

File: 1673480137469.jpg (101.67 KB, 720x555, 20230111_235528.jpg)

She lurks

No. 1742245

what is with this lowkey a-logging through "assisted suicide"? I get it, these girls are idiots but quit that nonsense talk.
skoro już tu zaglądasz, Dasza, to może opowiesz nam trochę o swoich "polskich korzeniach"? lol

No. 1742395

Can't minors access those services? Canada is already a backwards shithole let's not make it any worse kek.

No. 1742464

If the pic you're talking about is a guy in black jeans and a girl in a pink skirt, that's not her… just a picture she jacked and put whatever fantasy over

No. 1742468

File: 1673508395098.png (335.54 KB, 1366x657, 1626044468254.png)

A year and a half ago someone mentioned 'lolcow culture' under the "cigarette waif" aesthetic wiki page. Pretty sure it was mentioned as a (dumb) joke originally but these retards took it seriously and now here we are. It's been removed now but the damage has been done.

No. 1742724

What threads do you think they reside in? Besides fuming in this one time to time, AND seething whiteknighting Lana in celebricows whenever someone says Lana fat/Lana is a pedo, as well as occasionally stanning Anya Taylor Joy and pointing out some skinny girl celebs "have disgusting cankles". The rabid whiteknight of Terry Richardson in Grimes thread could be them too. any other i forgot about?
I honestly think we should laugh at them more, like whenever you see a blatant coquette in celebricows. it'd be fine if they integrated, but they obviously don't knowwhat they're doing, and they're bringing their retarded "ideologies" here as well. plus raging whenever someone doesn't like their coquette heroes.

No. 1742727

Key values:
>being true to oneself
Uh, i'm sorry? how? This whole aesthetic is literally based on molding yourself into a stereotype down to a t, from clothes to behaviour to ways of talking and posting. They're all the same

No. 1742763

I'll take a solid guess
>the eating disorder vent thread
>the book thread
>probably the dress up doll thread
>the lana thread
>the pro ana scumbags thread
>the varg thread
>the cat thread, honestly
>whatever thread has the red scare podcast duo and cows

No. 1742768

>all Lana fans are coquettes
You're retarded

No. 1742774

Not all fingers are thumbs but all thumbs are fingers. Lana fans arent necessarily coquettes but by God all coquettes are lana fans

No. 1742775

Spot on. Beware of hit dogs hollering, kek.

No. 1742786


>that fat, hairy hand with an open wound on it, jesus christ

His voice managed to be even worse than his looks. He walked in on one of her lives and spoke something.
Then she said "I always have a dinner ready for him but today I didn't so he basically came in to tell me to make him a sandwich" and then giggled. I giggled too but for different reasons.

And all those tradwhore coquettes are making being a dog for men/being a submissive masochist/dream girl/cool girl a part of their aesthetic.

No. 1743204

>>1741315 southerners exist kek it isn’t just a twitter thing

No. 1743345

And famers don't talk like that. You need to integrate so every post you make doesn't stick out like a sore thumb here despite being anonymous. Learn2sage while you're at it newfag.

No. 1743364

They’re a newfag but getting heated over a single use of y’all is also newfaggotry behavior

No. 1743569

nta but why do nonnies get so bent out of shape when it comes to "y'all"? I'm from the east half of Ireland and I use "you'll", "that'll", and "how'll" in posts all the time and nobody bats an eye

No. 1743680

I know a lot of farmers don’t want to admit it but there are huge overlaps between nymphet/coquette subcultures and lolcow. Most of these girls grew up terminally online, and a pink-themed imageboard where mean girl gossiping is the norm is catnip for them. They probably spend as much time here as they do on tumblr.

No. 1743938

File: 1673645570364.jpeg (465.51 KB, 828x1042, AEB18BBF-0A00-4541-982B-63E71E…)

i don’t know if it’s coquette or not but i see a lot of coquette-like accounts reposting these and other “i’m a evil woman” type posts. rebranding the whole femcel thing

No. 1743942

it is, another variant of a "i'm 1 day away from sticking my head my the oven" pic. They honestly can't decide if they're proud femcels or rude sexy sluts. interchangeable i see.

No. 1744282

Because twitterfags come here and all use the same verbiage instead of blending in with other anons. Those abbreviations don't have the same association.
>Newfaggotry behaviour
You mean just newfaggotry kek? And interpreting someone explaining the culture to someone new as "getting heated" is why this place has gone to shit.

No. 1744861

Why is her whole feed softcore porn? She looks fatter every day, kek. She was never an anorexic nymph to begin with, but she looks chubby now compared to a few years ago.

No. 1745084

File: 1673749253725.png (874.87 KB, 762x758, yungelita.png)

Yungelita? As for feed as softcore porn, she went really tame as for now, 2017-2018 she was peak degenerate. scrotes followed her bc she posted straightup porn, i mean nudes AND she threw hardcore porn, rape kink, gore and all on her insta stories. I don't thnk i need to mention she had much worse stuff on tumblr, including sperging about loving incest, ddlg and related porn. First she was "gangsta xanax weed" bitch sleeping with Z level soundclout rappers and posting those 2014 tier LSD diarrhea edgy tumblr edits of herself (which was most laughable time tbh) and later she turned into porny pinky shayna type tumblr hoe who had a rich filmmaker father but still had sugar daddy on the side, as if she needed. Emma was trying so, so hard to pose as a "proud sociopath" girl and it was ridiculously funny to see, she had a lengthy PULL thread.
nowadays guess she "cleaned up" a little (wearing ugly lingerie instead of nude tits pics 24/7) and she has a singing career (kek). i see she somehow manages to bait teen girls to come see her boring ass shoegazy (i mean the way she behaves, not music genre) shows. i don't think they're aware of incesty/daddy past and her antics.

No. 1745086

File: 1673749436917.png (1.1 MB, 852x752, y2.png)

And you weren't lying, she's getting fatter and fatter, wow. it's giving our Queen Pixyteri vibes, maybe bc of that flattened hair, lol.
i think we had Yungelita thread here on LC as well but was kinda forgotten lately.

No. 1745097

File: 1673750271562.jpg (141.73 KB, 1080x1349, 13603407_10157243238065389_331…)

Her old pic for limecrime or dollskill, just cause it looks so bad.
I see she wants to start make clothes now (she already sells crappy jewellery). Reminds me of that time she started a clothes designing "brand" with her sister and would sell people terribly ugly, creased basic ass clothes. Emma went to fashion school and had a runway walk of clothes she designed - and even THEN for that occasion she was too lazy to fucking iron her clothes and all the models walked out in crumpled creased rags

No. 1745212

>only shirt without cum on it
Why do tumblrinas think that being pornsick is actually, like, really cool and counter culture?
Yeah, I'm aware she has been leeching off Melanie Martinez and other DDLGtards for clout. Her music went viral on tiktok not that long ago. She seems to larp as this shy, dreamy girl. As if.
I'm aware she has posted actual porn, although I'm positive the gore was fake. One would think she would grow out of it and find anything more interesting to post. All of her pictures have been looking the exact same for at least 5 years now. At least in the tumblr era she used different angles, or some props. Why follow her if she posts the same bedroom pics every day? It's so unbelievable autistic.
It's really impressive how trashy she manages to come across.

No. 1745255

She looks a lot more womanly now tbh. Good for her for not being a sad skelly into her 30s.

No. 1745258

her body looks fine imo

No. 1745374

Her softcore porn body shots always screamed that she gets no attention IRL to me. Sucks she hasn't grown out of pandering to the internet for likes.

No. 1745790

I'm suprised Lana follows her at all, this girl is such a tacky mashup between e-girl and more vulgar coquette, say what you want about Lana but at lest she has sense of aesthetic and her Lolita larp back in the day was quite classy.

No. 1746328

File: 1673907865594.jpeg (112.6 KB, 275x340, 1662583443196.jpeg)

Now a little bit diffrent angle. Have you noticed that coquettes just love the whole "manifesting" culture or whatever? I got this video recomended and my god, it's annoying, and reminded me of coquettes and chicks associated. The girl in the vid basically makes videos giving big sister advices on "how to be strong, how to make your dream come true" et cetera blah. Just that. Long, incoherent talks in which she just talks to hear herself speak, i guess. The video is about manifesting with key tasks like: make a video about your dream life, using pics from pinterest (kek), record yourself saying "i live this and that life", meditate, think of your dream life everyday and look into the mirror and tell yourself "you are BOOTIFOOL GURLLL", and surprise, it's gonna come true! She manifested for successful youtuber, if you're curious.

I've seen miners on CC talking about her and they had none of it, i'll quote a few:
>bulimia, injecting botulism toxin into your skin every 3 months, undergoing risky plastic surgery operations so scrotes will pay more attention to you, chain smoking, materialism, caffeine addiction, cocaine use, sleeping with married HPV ridden scrotes for money, hotglueing dead Indian women and Russian prostitutes hair into your head is a healthy lifestyle or something to aspire to. Lol, no. Wrong board. How #coquette.
>I've been recommended a video of hers recently, and honestly i couldn't bear watching it whole. She thinks she's this intellectual juggernaut bringing wisdom to the lost souls, but she's mostly blabbing about superficial truisms, and not in a concise way mind you. She could tell you the same exact thing in 2 minutes but she goes on and on just to hear herself talk.

i feel like there's a little bit of an ovelap between these sort of women and coquettes

No. 1746330

example of her videos

No. 1746337

The incel coquette youtuber vs the Chad femcel miners

No. 1746339

She just seems like the average Arab/Persian girl who gets a nose job and lip fillers and suddenly thinks she’s Cleopatra (who had a massive nose btw and rocked it).

To be honest I hate this fake big sister role that shallow and dumb/midwit women try to play on social media, looking for validation as some kind of authority on life. It’s so self serving and comes across as very patronizing and condescending. The miner is right. People only pay attention to her because she’s attractive. She’s an intellectual flyweight and not only that, shes young, why would anyone take advice from someone who’s barely lived?

No. 1746348

Okay hold up, I thought she was at least like early 30s or something, so I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. But she’s born in 1999 which makes her 23. TWENTY FUCKING THREE. My god she’s still a baby and giving out life advice. Jfl.

No offense but she also seems like a very sheltered Muslim girl. She doesn’t have anything to teach me.

No. 1746349

vid is so filtered it’s nearly unwatchable, pass

No. 1746355

Where does it say she was born in 1999 nona? It's hard to find any details about her online

No. 1748121

bumping bc spam also ethel cain is a man

No. 1748131

Because to a 17 year old a woman in her early to mid 20s is basically 40 and lived a full life

No. 1748164

Trying to be edgy and independent but still feminine and attractive. Trying to be transgressive but actually being very conventional.

That's what most of these fashion aesthetics popular with women boil down to.

No. 1748247

Exactly, these creepy YouTube/TikTok gurus target teenage girls with no life experience looking for role models, just like the Andrew Tate types target teenage boys. The only difference is the male gurus preach violent misogyny, while the female gurus preach manifestation/Law of Attraction fluff. Most of these women wouldn't be "manifesting" jack shit if they weren't conventionally attractive, albeit with tons of surgery and filters. But young girls can't tell the difference; they just see a pretty woman who seems to have her shit together telling them they can live the life of their dreams just by thinking positive thoughts.

No. 1748508

Do they fetishize Eastern European women or something?

No. 1749200

File: 1674260814283.jpeg (946.79 KB, 1125x1961, 6AAB8290-A725-48A0-A632-A9E1FE…)

she's definitely the type to kiss girls while men leer at them at clubs

No. 1749201

File: 1674260853175.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1556, 134FE99D-0545-46CC-87AA-E6CCC2…)

No. 1749226

anon… are you new? Yes they do. They fetishize the fuck out of 1. Russians especially, 2. Polish sometimes, when want to be more NLOG 3. Balkan/Yugoslavia but in terms of reblogging pics of their soldiers. In case of 1 it's stereotypes they read/made up about Russian women (Russians are etheral trad pale nymphs living in the forest with bears, they're trad and submissive and also love Adidas, probably), in the case of 2 and 3 they don't even have a surface knowledge, not even mentioning mentality/culture/stuff, so they just resort to saying "i'm half polish hehe" and reblogging that one baroque church in Poland with pink walls (Poznań?)

No. 1749243

And anyways this is fuckng shit, how these girls think of us as submissive trad scrote obsessed bitches. No slav woman dreams of being "trad barefoot fuck me over the kitchen counter while i raise my 16 amish children and make traditional butter in a bucket" or whatever tier bs. Wanna see trad? great, but not in that "desired" generation you lolitas are thinking of. go hang out with 60+ yo women or even above. Grandmas are "trad" because they were raised in different times. They would most often choose family over career, some were living a shitty married life with garbage males because that was the norm at the time and nobody in the town was getting divorce. ofc it's different cases and dif ppl. Now women opt for self realization, they get the fuck out of bad relationships, will fight back etc. etc. more than in the past. But even those who choose to take care of ther families first and foremost aren't romanticizing it. Now this one's for you coquette idiots, cause we know you lurk. Cleaning your house, having kids and cooking is a normal fucking thing to do, it's npt "trad aesthetic". Yes, individual girls can have self-esteem/worth problems & bear abuse from their scrotes (but it's what it is, women with severe issues and often lack of help/resources and support to help them leave their shitty scrotes), not an example of "~slavic submissive nymph syndrome that everybody here has~". I assure you slavic women are not "trad bimbos" and "submissive-stomp-on-me-daddy" stereotypes coquettes think they are. Your pinterest ideas are purely american fantasy and has nothing to do with reality, no woman wants to pose as this unless they're internet obsessed, attention starved insta hoes. and not even that, i don't think it's that popular in my country. sage for sperg but i felt like they still don't see us as people but some exotic porn fantasy.

No. 1749259

It’s funny because most actual Slavic women I’ve met are the opposite of stereotypical tradwives - educated self-directed women who are not to be fucked with. I think these burgerfags let mail order bride scam websites influence them too much or something. It reminds me of when burgers also try to claim Asian women are “submissive”, like bitch have you ever met an Asian woman?!

No. 1749270

>burgerfags let mail order bride scam websites influence them too much
this exactly, i thought about same thing. All these idiots seem to think Slavic women are the some 3rd world easy, affordable, illiterate mailorder brides from the shady internet ad poster & imagine they're for real, dumb and horny 24/7 and obsessive catolics. same with Asian, and it's kindof getting even worse because they think of them as language-illiterate feet massaging slaves who are also tiny and cute and kind of "retarded childlike" (because loli anime and their height is shorter…) That's just purely scrote thoughts, it's sad to see there are women who genuinely think like disgusting scrotes. no mailorder bride/whore person is real, what you're looking at is a traffiking victim or a financial desperate…

No. 1749272

>are you new?
Yes. I had heard of the "coquette" aesthetic before but I wasn't sure what it was, and I am browsing through this thread quite confused about how they claim to be Polish or say they are learning Russian.

I know many men from around the world fetishize Russian and Ukrainian women because they are associated with prostitution and the mail-order bride industry. Their whiteness also means that both white and non-white men put them on a pedestal compared to Southeast Asian women.

I am just surprised that many women are also fetishizing them. I think maybe part of it comes from liking Vladimir Nabokov and other Russian literature?

No. 1749274

Women from ex-Soviet states have a higher rate of studying in STEM. Definitely not traditional. I think what they do see as "trad" or whatever, is the fact that many of those women face higher levels of domestic violence.

No. 1749276

The fetishization for Russia, I can sort of understand. But I don't know why the fetishize Poland too. Poles? Seriously? Where did that come from?

No. 1749277

Sorry i was being snarky, i said bc i thought it's quite obvious… so yeah it's as i said, Dasha girl and plenty others pretend to be Russian etc. I think when you read both two coquette threads you will understand what its about because we have a lot of posts discussing the whole scene/aesthetic & not just cows.

You might be right about Lolita, but i don't think they're reading any kind of Russian literature (most of them don't even read lolita just watch film). i think maybe it's all bc of russian ballet (which is also soemthign they obsess about) and probably a lof of anachan models they use as thinspo come from Russia

No. 1749278

Catholic aesthetics, maybe.

No. 1749291

Ayrt, i'm Polish and idk. Close to Russia perhaps? that being said Poland is different from Russia/Belarus/Ukraine countries east. catolic stuff maybe like other anon says? ex-communist country? Maybe pretty women-white- blonde hair-blue eyes stereotype, which is not fitting cause there are women of all colors of hair and eyes here, i would even say majority has light brown hair.

Can't think of anything other than Poland is chosen when they want to LARP as something but they think Russia is more overrated/popular choice

No. 1749293

It’s just good old American racism with some exoticism and fetishization sprinkled in. Burgerfags are raised to believe they live in the greatest country in the world and everyone else is poor and stupid from shithole countries. Most of them haven’t met any Slavs irl and think they’re all submissive mail order bimbos or bums who squat in the street and drink vodka in Adidas tracksuits.

No. 1749296

I know all women view themselves through the male gaze but these type of women lean into it even harder than the rest. And they seem to think they're somehow better.

No. 1749299

Yeah, statistically most Poles have brown hair.

No. 1749327

Statistically speaking I don't think there's a country on earth where blonde hair/blue eyes are the most dominant features. Most white people have brown hair and brown eyes so I assume at least some of the fetishisation comes from being percieved as "exotic" in the same way redheads are.

No. 1749354

Nearly 80% of Finns have blond hair and 89% of Finns have blue eyes.

No. 1749359

yeah i was just about to say, when i visited sweden most of the people i saw definitely had blonde hair. i wonder why these coquette girlies don't larp as scandinavian since they fetishize being naturally blonde & blue eyed so much. maybe the northern european larp would be too on the nose white supremacist and not uwu dainty enough kek

No. 1749367

Don’t give them any ideas nonna, tradfags doing the “we wuz Vikangz” larp is cringe enough without adding coquettes to the mix

No. 1749453

north countries like anons said, like very bright almost platinum hair. i thought it's hair dye but it's natural.
that's what Grimes is doing, hah

No. 1749477

Americans used to think Slav women were super ugly but that flipped during the Cold War because sexy Slavic spy women stories got popular, and the stereotype has stuck into the modern day.

No. 1749504

They don't larp as Scandinavian because the scrotes they're pandering to currently think Scandinavia is cringe. The scrotes in question are the ones with like 3 flags in their bio and a username like "14 fart groyperchud 88". It only makes sense that these girls would act accordingly

No. 1749511

And why would those moids be interested in Poland instead?

No. 1749514

The Scandinavian countries are Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Not Finland. I get your point though.

No. 1749519


What a disgusting bitch. While like 2 weeks ago she was saying how much she loves having a dick in her mouth like a retarded pig.
Pretending to be bisexual is another "cool girl" thing those despicable whores like to do. They are so deep into this pickme shit.

Btw. I opened her friends IG story days ago and her voice for some reason is fucking repulsive? She was showing her new lighters and bragging that there's no pink one. Idk wtf is wrong with her voice.

No. 1749524


They are just capable of bringing EVERYTHING into their handmaidenery

No. 1749593

File: 1674317405010.jpg (57.09 KB, 720x350, 20230121_162712.jpg)

kek she will never give up internet whore stuff, she is such a bullshitter. she knows that her BPD ass could not survive without shoring herself for validation

No. 1749832

Poland is in general an extremely conservative country with a right-authoritarian government that strictly upholds trad values in their policies. They tend to be very racist, anti-gay, anti-immigration, and anti-feminist.

No. 1749913

>Poland is in general an extremely conservative country
You should differenciate country from government, because it's not the same things. what you said about our government is true, ridiculous occurences happen. that being said majority of ppl fucking hate them; besides the usual right leaning side, people voted for them mostly bc their party promised monthly 500 PLN for each children under 18yo (and bc previous opposing pol. party fucked up enough to make people angry). Only biggest conservative right freaks and naive elder people are supporting them fully; ask a random Pole and they'll say they hate the government.
That being said you can't say entire country is conservative, because there's two sides and differently thinking people, not a hive mind. I mean conservative, right, anti-feminist, anti-gay etc. - everything mentioned might as well be said about America. but it's 2 opposite polars, and a generational matter as well, just like anywhere. the trad conservative, homophobic (…) is just the part that happens to bark louder now because they make a currently ruling party.

i very much doubt coquettes know anything about PIS though, kek. I believe they go for Polish LARP bc of church photos and christianity aspect.

No. 1749939

Sorry I should have clarified that better, I didn't mean that the people themselves were conservative (one of my favorite novels was written by a polish feminist) only that the country is conservative in the sense that the policies it has in place are conservative. That being said I've only ever seen unanimous hatred of the Polish government online, the only praise coming from foreigners who think it's so le based and trad. I'm glad you explained it better because I wouldn't want people getting the wrong idea from my post.

No. 1750008

It's alright, i understand what you meant now so all good. What is that polish novel you like?

No. 1750018

File: 1674368360900.png (27.61 KB, 248x401, Prowadź_swój_pług_przez_kości_…)

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead/Prowadź swój pług przez kości umarłych by Olga Tokarczuk

It's like an experimental murder-mystery novel about an older woman who lives alone in the woods, but it has a lot of comedic elements and delves into politics too.

No. 1750235

File: 1674405258985.jpg (528.01 KB, 779x1020, 20230122_173236.jpg)

Are they lurking?

No. 1750238

they have to be, that was my first thought, too.

No. 1750257

Yep that's a good book. There was a movie based on this as well.
She'd freak out much much more i think, but that's entirely possible.

No. 1750260

File: 1674412183657.png (565.95 KB, 754x812, 121212.png)

No. 1750263

File: 1674412829913.png (Spoiler Image,738.57 KB, 806x910, 1313.png)

is that Julia Fox? she seems like a same trade of dumb whore like Aella. Also wtf is this dumfuck even doing, looks like she's trying to shoot up literally from upside down. you seriously pushing that downwards? Also that fucking bump/abscess immediately forming around, wow.

No. 1750275


It's her. There's so much trashy nude pics of her, even porn of her sucking disgusting scrote dick.

No. 1750436

I need to check that out but I'm always hesitant about seeing movie adaptions of books because it can change how i experience the book, sometimes in ways i don't like

No. 1750533

Yes, and to be quite honest I think it's just because Slavic people are stereotyped to be skinny

No. 1750545

yeah Russian models, ballerinas etc.
I'm not sure if i've seen any real Russian coquettes, but i've never seen a blog/site made by actual Polish coquette. no Czech, Lithuanian & other. it's prob just a literal handful max, if at all. It's all American/UK/German chicks with very nonslavic names, or unconvincing i'm Даша LARPs. Coquette doesn't exist in slavic consciousness, fashion/zoomer media doesn't write about it like Nylon did, and nobody runs in the streets wih shitty ribbons and pink ballet flats H&M summer dress outfits. can't imagine anyone seriously talking about coquette or lolita, it's like equivalent of French girls laughing at "french messy girl" bs

No. 1750551

are there any places online where french girls laugh at that shit? doesn't have to be in english

No. 1750559

Especially someone who obviously uses their looks to coast by in life. It’s easy to say ‘I manifest men falling in love with me and people being nice to me! I manifest everything I do to look aesthetic and dainty uwu’ when you go under the knife to be more attractive to men and eat as little as possible so that you appear a certain way. Yes people are nicer to attractive people, you didn’t magically effortlessly manifest it, you had to do a bunch of stuff and make effort in order for it to happen

No. 1750560

File: 1674460808568.jpeg (158.55 KB, 720x1280, A9778131-AC1E-40FE-8A74-73B54C…)

Dasha giving who from whoville vibes, her midface is so long but she is a chinlet like putin so her proportions are weird (she’ll probably take that as a compliment kek)

No. 1750561

File: 1674460843301.jpeg (455.03 KB, 1213x2048, 95706CA5-5E9C-4F90-8EF3-8A5604…)

Also this nose looks MJ and awful.

No. 1750570

i think shes pretty honestly and her midface doesnt look long to me she just lies about having filler and used to say im not gonna make an onlyfans something something didnt wanna lose her dignity, would put down other women with it, and then made one. and her shops are obvious sometimes with lines bending behind her. but she isn't ugly at all imo

No. 1750572

the lip filler is pretty exaggerated. her broken english is pretty funny and the fact russians and poles said she can't speak either language too. but if shes past the trad larp im not so sure she even goes in this thread

No. 1750589

>she's not ugly
Nonna that's not her real face. Look at other pictures of her face and they look different, she edits the hell out of them. Her face is even two different length in the selfies posted above kek

No. 1750605

Are you dumb? She doesn’t have too small of a chin, her lips are just covering some of it with the plumpness (in this case, from over-filler).
I’m sick of thin lipped people getting salty over this, and I don’t even use filler. It’s clear you don’t know how faces actually work, that you don’t have lips, or your eyes are being played around with by the filter.

No. 1750617

she photoshops herself to oblivion into IMVU character, it's extremely hard to tell not even if she's pretty, justhow she looks like at all.

No. 1750619

>if shes past the trad larp im not so sure she even goes in this thread
coquette thread doesn't encompass trad "no slutty pics uwu" embarassment only. plenty of them are slutty, "trad" is just additional element they obsess about or not.

No. 1750635

Something like 86% of people in Britain have blue eyes but nobody wants to be a British coquette

No. 1750639

>I’m sick of thin lipped people getting salty over this, and I don’t even use filler
Ntayrt but can you stop taking shit personally, blogging about your features, and trying to infight? Go to /ot/ or something newfag. Fuck I miss when we had active farmhands.

No. 1750656

Wow who would have thought injecting 100 ml of shit into your lips throws the rest of your facial proportions off and makes you look weird????

No. 1750661

File: 1674482971608.jpeg (33.58 KB, 370x417, 163F1609-EBBB-46BE-A189-AFE744…)

She does have Putin proportions though kek

No. 1750663

File: 1674483033218.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1851, 7E35C7D7-C7B5-4FF9-A69D-011F3B…)

Also her nose is morphing into his
Wtf is that hawkish nostril curve kek

No. 1750738

OT but does Putin have that nose naturally or did he get a bootleg Instathot Turkish rhinoplasty? I've never noticed it before but it looks bad, even worse than Joe Biden's facelift. You'd think world leaders could afford better plastic surgery.

No. 1750765

File: 1674496550164.png (116.03 KB, 340x366, 20230123_181423.png)

>"I'm sick of you bitches having a chin!"

No. 1750883

Isn't that because of the stereotype that British people are ugly?

No. 1751012

the midwest and east coast of the usa just had a big snow front, I bet this is how she took this photoshoot

No. 1751013

bitch has no chin, sorry your parents didn't get you braces

No. 1751017

It's not that the quality of the surgeons is bad it's just that what they had to work with left much to be desired lol

No. 1751058

she has a small chin, but it doesn't make her unattractive as a girl. personally i think her face is pretty and whether she got rhinoplasty or not it suits her, the filler is exaggerated, but the jaw area is fine. it is a feminine feature.

No. 1751091

File: 1674533837830.png (617.94 KB, 658x638, trailer trash.png)

lmao sorry but why did the girl on the thumbnail of this video reminded me randomly of this slackjawed creature from Soundclout threads. except wow, after googling for pics i need to say i'm shocked, she looks like a fucking meth head now.

No. 1751273

File: 1674539343302.jpeg (548.71 KB, 828x802, E8EAE06B-5373-4DB2-9D51-FAD2CF…)

I feel like the obsession with being polish might also have something to do with joanna kutcha she used to take weird pedo type photos with her boyfriend on tumblr and calls herself “polish princess “

No. 1751276

honestly I think its just americans lumping any vaguely east-european country's culture into a big soup in their minds

No. 1751298

So being a coquette is like being a tradwife but instead of being anti-feminist and liking Northern European countries, they pretend to be feminist and like Eastern European countries?

No. 1751302

>"polish princess"
>literally nobody in Poland know about her, and those who do laugh tf at her
>all that solid 9-10 years ago, so nobody remembers her now
I remember when she got PULL she got roasted by Poles for all that polish princess thing and she allegedly came to the thread crying & threatening to sue in polish lol. maybe i gotta look for the archive, there was an ""interview"" conducted with Joanna in actual polish "magazine" at last, and it turned out to be shitty low effort magazine asking her questions about Lolita

No. 1751349

File: 1674555774645.png (9.27 MB, 4432x2468, ch111oe.png)

ch111oe on twitter, on Instagram. Surprised no one has mentioned her yet. Another coquette, russian larper, onlyfans 'model'. She did model for dollskill and looked completely different. Dasha seems to be inspired by her.

No. 1751377

something like that. They are raging anti-feminist though, but pretend coquette is all about ~empowerment~ and ~Lolita gaining her agency & strength~, and they're actually better cause they're "not pedo like nymphets". Meanwhile: still based on pedophilia & Lolita, romanticize mistreatment and abuse of women, start spewing misogynistic shit after scrotes, not even hiding being pro ana and keep obsessing over famous abusers.

No. 1751382

wtf, she even looks 100 times worse than imvu download Dasha. her face is too harsh for a coquette. and her body isn't dainty fawnlike skeleton like she tries to edit to, she looks like a thunderous, massive, tall, expansive domina in those white background porn photoshoot.

No. 1751383

Holy crap that waist edit. How is she getting away with it when her actual modelling photos betray he completely?

No. 1751519

She’s had even more plastic surgery since I last saw her.

Can you fuck off with that pedo nonsense

No. 1751520

As far as I know she’s Mexican larping as an uwu Aryan Slavic pixie

No. 1751522

Genuinely curious as to why so many of these cockettes have such manly faces and masculine looking tranny shaped bodies.

It’s funny they are so obsessed with shooping themselves into hyperfeminine uwu daddy nymphs when they all have manjaws and 1:1 waist to hip ratios irl kek.

No. 1751527

File: 1674581478246.jpeg (631.2 KB, 1058x1571, 83A99B98-F980-499A-8778-ED8F92…)

She always shoops her ass and hips so much. In reality her ass is small sad and floppy looking and her rib cage is wider than her hips kek.

No. 1751528

And bear in mind she yanked the bikini bottoms right up her ass to give the illusion of a bigger butt and these pictures are also already shooped to look better by the dollskill team so she probably looks extra terrible irl. Would think it was a tranny if I saw her in the street.

No. 1751532

File: 1674581911122.jpeg (423.03 KB, 2050x1899, D50F7FFC-335D-4C3B-92A5-1CE045…)


No. 1751533

seeing how much these loser bitches shoop honestly makes me feel so much better about myself

No. 1751630

I feel mean admitting to this, but it astounds me how many influencers/tiktok models/etc have been exposed for being built like a fridge. It's comforting that in reality the average woman is far better looking than people who make a living off of creating dysmorphia in other people

No. 1751649

yeah ngl i was beating myself up for not being curvy enough but knowing all these girls are just frauding is nice to know. these standards are so toxic for young women to hold themselves to irl and moids are retards who think all these girls are natty so it she’s super unrealistic standards for us.

i was also feeling worried because i see a lot of these girls complaining about how they can’t get a bf or how they always get cheated on and i was like holy shit if even they can’t get decent bfs then what hope do plain girls like myself have of getting one. but now i see these girls are super bogged looking and actually don’t have pretty faces or good bodies at all it makes more sense, they probably have terrible personalities too if they’re willing to lie this hard to the world.

No. 1751650

sets* not she’s

No. 1751665

File: 1674601547390.png (2.53 MB, 2748x1141, ch111o3.png)

One more comparison between her social media and modelling for dollskill.

No. 1751671

Her bellybutton also looks super weird, looks like she had a tummy tuck or sth

No. 1751679

She’s so dumb. It’s not even like she’s making money with minimal contact with people like onlyfans whores do, she literally uploads lewd photos to get abuse from men on twitter and get picked apart by farmers here. Did she think she was going to get shit tons of validation? Girls don’t like her because she’s a pickme and fraud, men don’t like her because she’s bpd and acts like a slut. She literally just ruined her own life by putting herself out there kek.

No. 1751685

Also embarrassing admitting you need to sell nudes as income because you can’t get a rich handsome husband to support you

No. 1751750

She's textbook apple shaped body

No. 1751982

File: 1674655355763.jpg (98.76 KB, 720x388, 20230125_141926.jpg)

>the real me
The most personal thing she has posted about herself is that she's a homewrecker. Other than that it's just hoe pics and pickmeism, so what exactly is the "real" her?

No. 1752158

BPD people lack a core identity, their personality is just whatever aesthetic/larp they are currently into,
mixed with hoeing, manipulating and abusing people.

No. 1752160

File: 1674672406675.png (37.24 KB, 703x495, B0253EC0-066B-4CF5-BB34-B2F2BE…)

No. 1752319

where did she post that shes a homewrecker?

No. 1755073

I think what’s saddest about this movement is the girls put so much effort into looking pretty and ‘hyperfeminine’, getting plastic surgery, spending thousands on makeup and clothes, or starving themselves until they’re fainting and anemic and suicidal etc. But they always end up with the ugliest most toxic scrotes possible. Literally every coquette girl I’ve interacted with, even the most beautiful ones, are dating mid as fuck scrotes who cheat on them, porn addicted pedos, or creepy ugly old scrotes. They fawn over and worship the most hideous men. One of my friends is beautiful, looks like a model and runs a coquette tumblr, she’s always suicidal over guys who ghosted her and led her on and always dates brokies and scrotes from tinder who end up ghosting her because they can’t deal with her eating disorder and emotional issues. What a shame and waste of time to spend your prime years on such toxic shitty ugly moids. Genuinely saddens me to see such pretty girls waste their time on these losers.

No. 1755078

Reminds me of Lana’s exes. They broke up but last time I checked on her she had got engaged to a gay guy. Lol.

No. 1755094

File: 1674942916462.jpg (57.94 KB, 720x289, 20230128_221442.jpg)

She has humble bragged multiple times about this

No. 1755133

Idk she seems like a terminally online loser retard. She probably just sends them nudes on discord or something and they send her money.

No. 1755239

Nonna that's cheating too

No. 1755400

ayrt i wasn't doubting you nonna i just hadn't seen it. this is really nasty. i know it's the man's fault more than anything but we have to go back to also shaming women who partake in cheating knowing the men are in relationships. it's different if they lie and she has no idea, but she's well aware. very gross whore behavior

No. 1755660

CP, don't scroll.

No. 1755763

I can’t believe people type this shit with their names and identities attached. Real degenerate dumbfuck behavior.

No. 1755804

Ayrt I feel completely the same. You have to be an absolute pickme slut to go along with degenerate cheating men knowing full well you're about to help a man break some poor girls heart. She must be so ugly and fucked on the inside if she actually takes pleasure in this. She never talks about having friends so I guess other women must know that Dasha is the type to have sex with your boyfriend

No. 1755848

File: 1675011010405.jpg (58.37 KB, 828x1115, IMG_20230129_170727.jpg)

saged for non-milk but I hope it gives some of you a laugh kek

No. 1756026

>knowing full well you're about to help a man break some poor girls heart. she must be so ugly and fucked on the inside if she actually takes pleasure in this
This. All these homewrecker women doesn't seem to be event caring/wanting the guy that much, they're just DELIGHTED they can fuck over and hurt a woman that loves him. it's about being a bitch to other women, adrenaline rush because you screwed another woman over! funny how it only shows how insecure and jealous of other women these bitches are.

No. 1756184

Being “hyperfeminine” on the outside is just a cope for their extreme low self-esteem issues that’s why.

No. 1757263

File: 1675165753681.jpeg (120.14 KB, 640x831, 85A1E92D-F5B6-4712-B3FF-5D4F34…)

Honestly pathetic.

No. 1757417

File: 1675185088719.jpeg (26.57 KB, 400x400, 3E4166D4-D294-49E6-B24F-803734…)

Dasha looks so busted

No. 1757422

File: 1675185567491.jpeg (533.35 KB, 2048x1987, 0D24C4CF-BFBC-40AD-B1AE-1FCE9E…)

Nothing against lip fillers but these look disgusting
Literally like a prolapsed anus/rosebud

No. 1757427

>not be only seeking for attention egirl
The esl larp is so funny

No. 1757438

File: 1675186284846.jpeg (479.98 KB, 1198x1800, 7B28A6BC-6559-4C0D-A75A-94195B…)

Anyone took notice of this girl on tumblr? She makes me almost nostalgic for the old school tumblr days but seems it’s mostly just body checks and only seems to have one nice dress

No. 1757479

File: 1675189885924.png (10.51 KB, 541x109, ageless.png)

this is so sad, you see so many sex workers doing this and faking their age even in their early and mid 20s because in their industry coomers value young girls more

No. 1757637

>blog is literally peak basic coquette/3dGY gIrL shit
>looks like 10000s of other alike blogs
>literally nothing milky or interesting about her
>boring becky in a dress is "nostalgic"

Nice selfpost. nobody gives a fuck about your blog.