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File: 1683862848620.jpeg (356.37 KB, 1994x1329, flower crown cow.jpeg)

No. 57065

Previous thread: >>>/meta/54138

No. 57081

This topic is ridiculous.
Forgot the posts, samefag isn't quoting every post they make, but is trying to continue the pedo discussion and blames anons for being okay with "strangers talking to kids". It's such a bait topic. They might as well be yelling "WHITEKNIGHT" as usual, but due to a ban a few days ago, anon isn't.

No. 57102

File: 1683915180827.jpg (453.06 KB, 1074x3310, HK98mdB.jpg)

Can a mod please make a new radfem cows thread? Phemoids milk is getting spilt and she is tweaking put.

No. 57104

File: 1683915233541.jpg (137.23 KB, 1080x1034, zFyV5my.jpg)

No. 57105

Please pin the new doodle thread >>>/ot/1575242

No. 57123

Thank you jannies!

No. 57134

Would it be possible to make it so we can embed youtube shorts without manually altering the url?

No. 57137

There's an obvious bias towards Chris and Sharla. I don't know why anons keep denying it. Anons flipped out because someone said that another jvloggers vanlife vid was better than Sharla's. >>55155
>>55231 >>55259

An anon also tinfoiled that the thread is full of small jvloggers that are salty >>55234

And as this anon said >>55263 >>55271 whenever there's any criticism of Chris, the anon is accused of being a salty jvlogger.

No. 57139

Coming to /meta/ because you're mad about another anon's complaints is pretty lame.

No. 57141

Hello and welcome to /meta/, that is actually primarily what this board is for actually. When you think rules are broken and you have already reported in the past without anything happening you link the comments here.
So unless you can actually point out how the rules aren't broken in those comments don't come here to white knight yourself.

No. 57143

File: 1683934986581.png (39.57 KB, 863x682, Screenshot_20230513-014112.png)

It's kind of weird to see the alleged cow poster or fake cow poster get banned for not sageing, and then the poster below them get banned for "hi cow." Is it hi cow when the person who posted actually claims to be the cow (as was the case here)? Why not ban for bait taking if that's what the actual offense is (allegedly)?

No. 57144

The interaction is very hi cowing. Pretending an anon is a cow and going along with it is derailing and obvious bait.

No. 57147

blaine in /ot/'s dumbass shit thread >>>/ot/1571598

No. 57151

Possible CP in /m/

No. 57152

Now the moid is spamming the mtf thread. Ban the shitbag

No. 57197

can a mod please ban the infighters in jvlog? posts like these do nothing for discussion

these are samefagging:

and these
possibly >>>/w/296553

No. 57207

That's not samefagging and your infighting over anons not sharing your same veiw and derailing about kids in thumbnails. Stfu about it already, and again, massively embarrassing to see you not clock same posts as samefagging bc one is mine, you retard. It's been 3 days. No one gives a fuck about Pearl's videos, talk about Pearl-clutching. Is the concept that multiple anons hate this forced milk such a strange idea for you? Get over it. Your milk sucks and those videos are over a year old now. If the kids in the video were really an issue, you would've brought this up last year instead of nitpicking cups in apartments.

No. 57212

none of this sperging justifies infighting, derailing, or shitposts and i'm ntayrt so save your splutter

No. 57214

Not agreeing with you is not infighting and the derailing is from the kid obsesed anon posting stats for google searches and blaming anons, but you're weirdly not quoting those.

No. 57217

In the first couple I cited clear infighting, where nothing other than insults were lobbed at some anon.

I didn't see any stats, link the post so people know what you are talking about.

No. 57249

Not agreeing isn't infighting

No. 57250

File: 1684002992341.jpg (133.3 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20230513_113709_Chr…)

Nice shitposting bc you're mad

No. 57252

Racebaiting male poster is back in /ot/.

No. 57253

ayrt. I just reported all those, literally as "shitpost non-con"

No. 57260

Hi farmhands, petition to lock the jvlog thread for similar reasons you recently locked the Belle thread.
My reasoning being; there is no actual milk, everything gets derailed, people bait and non farmers (I.E twitterfags) fight it.
Before Chris and Sharla that thread was dead - there is nothing new in the jvlogging world since that milk.
The whole thread is nothing more than an extension of the abroad in Japan subreddit and (I hope) I’m not the only one who is fed up of that shit bringing moids here.
Also I would like to point out that the few times I have asked for the thread to be autosaged it has been met with absolute rage by people who don’t even know what that means (I.E newfags and redditors)

I’m not trying to gatekeep a potentially milky topic, however I do think this has gone on too long. This isn’t PULL, this isn’t someone’s personal blog. Since when was lolcow a fucking haven for SJWs? Can we just stop this bullshit please?

No. 57261

This. I said it months ago, that they should move to the youtube thread. There is barely any milk at all and anons keep forcing it.

No. 57266


romanianon again

No. 57268

wtf is wrong with you

No. 57269

at least they are actually posting images ffs, that thread has just devolved into anons reeeeeing about pointless nonsense like kids in thumbnails being a fucking capital crime.

No. 57271

I think people just hate Pearl and find her actions retarded and borderline creepy in general. That's relevant to the thread and nothing to get all upset about. unless you have some reason to get angry on behalf of someone calling herself "Oriental Pearl" and pretending she's hot shit wherever she goes.

If anything this outrage about some points anons made is far more derailing than people saying Pearl behaves shittily. Because she does.

No. 57272

Go back

No. 57273

eat lunch

No. 57274

It's not milk to derail about.

No. 57275

done, thanks for this

No. 57276

Is the sperg already ban evading? >>>/w/296778

No. 57279

Can a mod please ban the above nonstop blogging anon in Jvlog who spergs literal paragraph after paragraph harping endlessly on why she's the authority on what's appropriate for Japanese children? And for some reason relentlessly attacking other anons for something having to do with a camera shutter? Seriously this anon is unhinged and deserves a life ban. She's the driving force behind 99% of the last 24 hours of Oriental Pearl nightmares in Jvlog

No. 57282

The ones you've linked have been dealt with already. fyi, they are also different people. Please don't assume just because people have the same opinion about something, they are the same person.

No. 57284

I'm pretty sure she was the same anon, probably just jumping around on a VPN

No. 57286

no. only one was using a vpn, and we have ways to check.

No. 57288

Nta, but if that's the case I'm going with my original theory of a discord group due to how chatroom-y it gets sometimes. It was very noticeable last summer and a few anons mentioned it. Thank you for handling it!

No. 57289

is anyone else having a bug where the sparkly buttplug cursor shows up even when they're not on /shay/?

No. 57290

What's yours doing?

No. 57310

Have you tried cleaning out cookies for the site?

No. 57313

Pot meet kettle

No. 57329

Rancefag is now posting selfies in the husbando thread. Mods please ban her before we get another meltdown.

No. 57337

Anon is so special, they don't get that bushes called oriental are off topic. This is so derailing >>>/w/296852

No. 57338

Hi farmers!
Farmhand applications are still open, if you want to support LC we encourage you to take a look (or a second look) at the application. It is linked at the top of this page. Once we have enough farmhands onboarded, Hellweek will be upon us. General reminder: a post not being redtexted doesn’t necessarily mean that no ban was issued. The poll results are 70.06% to restrict and 29.94% to not restrict. The new rule regarding shota and loli is "Discussion and images should only be permitted if it is related to milk, and NSFW images must be heavily censored. All images must be spoilered." This will be added to the rules once exact wording has being agreed on between staff.

It’s easy to simplify things down to “just moderate the infighting” and I understand why it seems like the best solution. We are hoping that by setting rules for shota/loli that bans will be more consistent as our stance will be clear, and bans can happen before the inevitable infighting and discourse begins.

Many such posts have been reported with “shota” as the reason. Hence, the need we saw to define a clear rule.

This poll was made and the rule is up for discussion because we have no rules specifically for shota or loli. The topic is controversial, all it takes is a recent scroll through /meta/ to see this (see >>56440, kek).
>Why do it here?
I don’t know. But we need a way to approach anons who do post shota here, hence the poll.

Staff has come up with a general consensus of shota (and loli) as a specific art style within anime that focuses on prepubescence and is often sexual/pedophilic in nature. Minor characters in anime are common because minors are a large demographic for anime, so images of Naruto (13) and Inuyasha (14) will not be banned because they do not fit the definition of being illustrated in a way that sexualizes prepubescence. That being said, we can only define a term down so far. At some point it gets so muddy it’s not worth discussing anymore, and bans must be decided on a case-by-case basis. This poll gives us a blanket rule that will apply to most posts.

Yes, banning of certain topics has been a problem in the past, i.e. pinkpill, manhate, 2X, even Shayna was banned at some point. Imo, loli/shota is not comparable to those topics. However, going forward we will be cautious about banning topics outright.

Results from this poll will not negate other site rules. Spam is not allowed, and won’t be allowed after the poll ends, regardless of results. From the poll’s description as well: “In all cases any discussion and/or imagery must be on topic or it will be bannable. Any images featuring extreme content will always be bannable and will most likely result in a permanent ban (e.g. gore, bestiality, torture, distress)”

Please see definitions as outlined by the poll: “ Not loli/shota: anime images of minors that are not sexual and/or romantic.” >>56351 also explains it well.

CP is deleted as quickly as possible with a small team running lc. Decide yourself whether loli is too offensive for your sensitive eyes.

As has been mentioned, we are a small team. The line between derailing and discussion can get muddy, but we are doing our best! Since anons have asked for site statistics, here are the stats for the last 30 days (rounded down):
>Page views: 10.5m
>Total posts: 59k (including deleted posts)
>Unique poster IPs: 16.5k
>Unique poster devices: 11k
Note that the numbers above do not represent the actual number of unique posters. The real number will be lower, as every session with a VPN will count as a new IP/device, and some farmers will obviously use multiple devices (e.g. PC and phone).

Blaine has very little pull on social media, having 41 followers and little interaction. As of May 11, this tweet has been unpinned from his profile and has 160 views, 1 retweet and 3 likes. Again, we watched the poll numbers and determined the poll was not compromised.

See >>56625

Kiwi bunker has been locked. Further kiwi threads will be locked. If kiwifags would like to use LC, they need to integrate and not announce themselves.

I understand that it’s possible for staff to shitpost and unban themselves and such, but if this even happens at all, it does NOT happen often, and we do occasionally check moderation logs ourselves to see what's been done, but you can't expect us to fully do this every single time. We get 120-140 reports every 14-16 hours, and with the team as small as us, and this being a completely volunteer thing from everyone, it's an extremely unreasonable ask.


That was not a ban issued by an admin. It was incorrect and the staff who issued it has been informed.

We have plans to amend the rules to be more specific about things that have become issues on the farm. Staff deletes posts extremely sparingly and is usually done for users with no real post history who are trolling or spamming. Some deleted posts are deleted by the user, which they can do within 30 minutes of posting. What do you mean by feedback?
>Banning with no redrext also signals to other anons that the content is acceptable to post, so I think implementing a policy of redtexting when possible would be best.
This is fine, but constant redtext makes a thread look unwelcoming and can put off some users. For hellweek, we will redtext every ban so we can get user feedback. I understand what you mean, and sometimes when issuing bans we do get the same posts reported because the post wasn’t redtexted. I’d like to hear farmers’ feedback about what they think about redtext!

>I am just begging mods to read these threads, check post histories, and get a proper understanding of what's really going on here because I don't believe they do.
We would love to do this, and do it when we are able. Our current issue is that we:
>Have a small staff
>Receive 120-140 reports per 24hrs with over 50% of those including vague or blank reasons for the reports
>"infighting" as report reason begs a 15 minute investigation into the thread of origin
>"moid" "tranny" reasons with no context in the post also beg a thorough investigation
>Continue to receive reports and the one or two of us fielding them have to decide whether we will thoroughly investigate each one like we want to, or whether we should quickly issue bans for things that seem obvious.
For the amount of reports we get, it’s so much more time efficient for the reporter to give a thorough reason when reporting, or come to meta and give us a quick run down of what’s been happening. I really appreciate farmers who complain with linked posts and an explanation of why they think a ban is warranted! This isn’t necessary for things like sage bans, but is endlessly helpful when there are recurring bad actors in threads that I’m just not familiar with

No. 57342

it wasn't off topic, it was addressing a comment about Oriental Pearl's name you festering sphincter

No. 57365

I like that shotafags are being reigned in without shutting down potential discourse relating to milk in the future. Thanks admins

No. 57385

No one needs a backstory on the term. That's derailing.

No. 57386

now you're derailing and infighting in meta? what's wrong with you

No. 57387

File: 1684122160944.jpg (71.96 KB, 736x736, yea.jpg)

Soo.. ever think about raising the age limit to 20+?

No. 57388

You’re over the age of 20 and use anime reaction images, focus on yourself.

No. 57389

File: 1684122626904.png (36.78 KB, 422x271, tumblr_inline_p5tey9gqz71t9e2z…)

Nta. You're the immature one.(Blaine again)

No. 57391

No. 57392

Scrote spamming racebait in snow altcows thread.

No. 57393

Anal rectal violence scrote in ot.

No. 57396


No. 57397

Butthurt scrote crying because 1 year ago someone in the YouTube hate thread posted about moids on YouTube comments who bring up their "issues" on videos about women's issues.

No. 57398

jfc how many times do you need to rewrite the same moronic post

No. 57399

People over the age of 20 make the content you like to consume. Rancefag being 18 made me think about this which is why I posted that.

No. 57406

File: 1684126798415.png (18.76 KB, 1226x366, 1651762805627.png)

Please add how to embed youtube shorts to the info page.

No. 57409

File: 1684127785353.jpg (60.78 KB, 619x826, Screenshot_20230514_221606_Chr…)

blaine, you're so obvious when you post kek fuck off tranny

No. 57410

AYRT, the site glitched out dumbass, I deleted the repeats (the first time I deleted because fucking autocorrect changed ot to or so the post quote didn't work)

No. 57411

Lots of chatroom type derailing in jvlog

No. 57412

that thread keeps being brought up in /meta/ so I finally took a look and there is so much samefagging, shitposting, and general autism with little to no milk. wtf is going on in there? even for /w/ standards its beyond awful

No. 57413

I think someone or a group wants the thread locked because they have an agenda (like a friendship or parasocial relationship with one of the main subjects). They are shitposting and trying to make the whole thread terrible in order that mods lock it. So while it's currently an awful thread, imho it's better to focus on moderating it & banning the morons shitting it up vs. shutting down a thread that actually has had recent milk in it. Anytime people are clamoring for a thread to be locked, I find it suspicious tbh. Personally if a thread is boring or annoying, I just stop reading it. I can't understand insisting it get locked or censored unless there's some personal reason, you know? Belle's thread has been locked, and it sets a dubious precedent, but in that case the moid infestation was also high. I don't see any reason to lock other threads based on what happened there.

I'm not saying this bc I think the two posts I'm replying to have an agenda (I don't think that), just because the prospect of locking the thread was brought up earlier. Like no, dumping all jvloggers into a general YT thread is dumb. Just like dumping Lili, whose whole schtick is being "uwu model injured in Japan" and who is surrounded by jvloggers raising tens of thousands of dollars for her, into a dead munchie thread makes no sense either. Actually since we don't know if she's munching, it's also a bit weird. I do think she's being disingenuous and collecting a huge amount of money for surgery/treatments she may never have any intention of getting. She belongs more with jvloggers than with general munchies imho.

No. 57418

I am someone who wants the thread locked but for the reasons I said, I don’t have an agenda nor am I conspiring with other people.
I don’t have a vendetta or a parasocial relationship with any of them.
The thread has been taken over by reddit/Twitter users, pure and simple.
Let’s be 100% honest here, the only vloggers people mention are Chris and Sharla and whoever they associate with. Everyone else only gets a post if something happens (Micaela pregnancy for example, and now potentially the munchie stuff).
I agree that the thread has become more of shitposting chat room, it never used to be like that. I understand things are allowed to change, and I think the fact that the thread is titled ex jvloggers is part of the problem. That and people seem to think that threads can’t lay dormant until something actually happens (again, probably down to the fact everyone is from Reddit)
Something needs to change, that is for sure.

No. 57419

The thread sucks. Stop with all the conspiracies to justify it.

No. 57420

Thank you Admin, it must be annoying to deal with all this stuff.

No. 57430

Nose autist in Jvlog is off her meds, obsessed with Sharla's nose

No. 57433

They sanefagging still? They are trying to lock it with spam. They constantly do this.

No. 57436

If we were from reddit, there would be real whiteknighting. Not derailing about noses and, like mods redtexting, not constantly samefagging with the same spergout posts nitpicking them. Fans don't nitpick the way the thread does lol The logic just isn't there that it's from reddit. Someone goes to reddit and spams the thread with their takes which dont even matter to the thread because we don't need other sute opinions on shit, might as well have bedn posting PULL and KF takes too which anons don't because it's fucking stupid to bring up a different.

I've seen the pattern. It's not whiteknights or stans or fans. Anons just want to shitpost, they enjoy the infighting and derailing, and it's worse every time one of them can't manipulate the OP with stupid shit.

No. 57442

CP/Porn spam in the coquette thread

No. 57443

Also in m and gross troon nude in meta

No. 57444

please report them. I am not seeing them and they aren't in the logs.

No. 57445

Just noticed they were deleted! Thank you farmhand!.

No. 57446

what is this word salad? I can't understand it at all

No. 57447

I see the farmhands nipping the derailing and samefagging in the bud. Thanks! I think this is a good way to handle this thread for the time being - heavy moderation until people learn how to not act like retards.

No. 57448

I also agree with heavy moderation, and heavy on what is milk too. It has to be good, not crap about what sex toys someone bought or didn't buy. The low effort posting is a reason to kick it off it keeps up. I want to have discussions but when its about stupid things its no contribution to the thread. Like with Belle, just random updates that aren't milky degrade the thread.

No. 57452

I loved seeing that non-contributory redtext. We don't need to treat threads like Discord, sometimes nothing is happening and a thread is dormant. Jvloggers are never going to reach Shayna heights of insane shitposting, because the subjects are really pretty boring, but damn if some anons didn't seem to be trying to force a new /jvlog/ board with their inanity.

No. 57455

John Daub shitposting in Jvlog again

No. 57456

It's been going on since last year that these idiots do this shitposting .

No. 57457

>>57448 you're right.
I think we should just close /w/ all together and /pt/, they are dead catalogs. and most /snow/ threads too because none of them are milky and they all reek of autism. It's all just nitpicking and stale milk, nothing that really justifies having all these threads and catalogs for the mods to maintain. Because who is really milky these days? Not most cows on this site that's for sure just endless nitpicking and vendetta posting

No. 57458

Yeah nonny and while we're at it let's just close the whole site. Good idea.

No. 57459

I'm fine with that

No. 57460

Ban evading sperg complaining that they can't shitpost >>>/w/297024 bc mods are so eenie-meanie.

No. 57462

/pt/ is fine and how threads should be. They shouldn't be updated every hour when nothing is happening and just spamming photos. /w/ needs threads closed and allocated to /snow/ tbh.

No. 57463

Are you new?

No. 57464

attention whoring retard is currently spamming /ot/ with selfposts

No. 57465

No, it's the "you whores" moid who is obsessed with some girl and spamming LC.

No. 57466

he's one spergout from skinwalking her and chopping his cock off, probably.

No. 57468

File: 1684228005845.png (50.4 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)


No. 57472

stop engaging retard

No. 57475

Shut up oh my god.

No. 57476

Retarded nose sperg is back with bad bait >>>/w/297045

No. 57477


No. 57478

Genuinely really appreciate moderation these past few days!!

No. 57479

Me too. These posters remind me of the cup spergs and the greece obsessed anons too.

No. 57480

I have a suggestion.
If anons want to discuss Sharla's nose, and make fan pics of it, they should be allowed to do so without being complained about constantly. Sharla has a gorgeous nose and there shouldn't be restrictions placed on it. It's unruly and retarded to try to silence anons who want to celebrate its elegant slope.(schnoz chan, stop trying to make this happen, it's not going to happen.)

No. 57481

Lord only nose why you're so opposed to Sharla's perfect nose

No. 57482

Lovely ski jump nose
Perched on her angelic face
Sharla's beauty stuns

No. 57483

In profile or straight
Like a cascade of sunlight
A nose of true grace(samefagging)

No. 57484

>Could you link some of her posts so I can take a look?
Late as fuck and I think she might already be banned for now, but here's some more obvious recent examples

Basically look out for anyone typing like a deranged boomer.

No. 57485

Just to ask again, is the mod sure this isn't someone not even using a VPN but maybe samefagging by going into different wifi cell ranges? >>>/w/297081

With the amount of bans, there's no way this is continuously new people.

No. 57488

they'll get board eventually

No. 57492

Can we make Nigelposting illegal outside of specific threads having to do with relationships. I'm so tired of normies in cow threads being like "omg I showed my bf shayna and he said she was GROSS LOLOLOL" It adds nothing to the discussion except a bunch of bait replies

No. 57493

Trump chan has grown on me but maybe mods could just give her a ban to tell her she doesn't have to reply to every post? Or to maybe just post less because it feels like she's treating the celebricows thread like it's supposed to be some continuous conversation where she has to say something every 20 minutes. They should also direct her sights to the dumbass shit thread if she wants to post a lot of nonsense, she would thrive there

No. 57495

She's still around.

No. 57500

Ban evading in jvlog again

No. 57503

Well that person got banned so yeah, its already against the rules

No. 57505

Is it just me or has this damn multipost diarrhea glitch become more common? I swear it's been happening more often in the past couple weeks. Please fix that shit (if you can, of course).

No. 57507

Really think mods should rethink the Jvlog thread existing. Look at the milk, nothing has really been 'milky' or 'controversial' in over a year with any of them. The best we have is a dating announcement with no proof of cheating and a nose job for Mikan.

No. 57508

Just to add, with the lack of milk on all of them, Mikan shouldn't have another thread if it's made, it's just nitpicking her hair that filled up the last thread besides far between sperging on twitter which was rarely updated tbh between nitpicks. Kota is in the same vein of irrelevancy. Out of all those YouTubers, Venus is the only one in Japan with continuous milk. Otherwise, really think anons should take these cows to /snow/ at this point. I know admin said Lily shouldn't be over there, but collectively they all should be. Most of the content from all of them has become shitposting.

No. 57509

haha nice try. There's been jvlog milk despite a group trying to drown it out with shitposts. Mikan is a salty bitch, why shouldn't she get discussed? Kota's thread is a legacy and it's not going anywhere. Stop trying to control what other people discuss provided it is within the rules of the site. "no milk" for more than a year, lmao! So what would be milk to you?

The current shitposters need bans. The thread should not get locked because deranged stans want to spam.

No. 57510

I think what we’re all trying to say is that there is very little milk for all of the threads that have been made over the past year or so. The quality of posts is awful; we now have some weirdo obsessed with Sharla’s nose larping as the newfag while shitposting. Discussion that happens is usually nitpicking over social media posts. I’m sorry but this isn’t an attempt to control who says what, it’s putting an end to an absolute shit thread.

No. 57512

what is milk, in your opinion ?

No. 57513

There clearly is a group of anons who came from Chris's subreddit or the guru gossip jvlogger thread and there's a clear bias. >>57137
It's's why there have been posts like this >>>/w/250468 >>>/w/250489

This has been going on since thread 12 when anons got real upset over a brief discussion of Sharla's association with norm.
The archaeological and bald and bankrupt shit was milky. Didn't Sharla also start an onlyfans?

No. 57515

The only silver lining about trump chan is that she is contained to a single thread, I wouldn't want to encourage her to spread the retardation throughout the site. She's been banned numerous times though, the way she quietly ban evades but refuses to integrate after months makes me think it's an elaborate persona or a dedicated troll.

No. 57519

No. 57520

That was fast thanks farmhands

No. 57521

Reported that too, it quickly disappeared. Thank you farmhands!

No. 57522

I know you’re going to nitpick my response so all I’m going to say is that general discussion/your opinion on recent social media updates is not milk. Continued discussion of these sorts of topics always leads to infighting and derailing. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean every single little thing they do is worth a lengthy discussion.
The thread, hell even most of /w, was never like this. Recent bans for non contribution are totally justified, if you want to sperg over Sharla’s nose or solas social media updates then go do that on Reddit?

No. 57525

File: 1684336622544.jpg (60.23 KB, 1053x818, Fvn3uQWXsBQYN2n.jpg)

Please make a porn dumping board already. That'll be a life changer.(scrote)

No. 57526

Prove they come from reddit. Please. Stop tinfoiling and asserting as truth. Its shitposters in general and anons have acted like this in other threads

No. 57527

literally why

No. 57530

Anons need to stop hi cowing and thinking cows are posting, it's derailing >>>/w/297126

No. 57531

If mods are going to redtext someone for derailing for genuinely replying to a post, all subsequent replies and the original post especially should be redtexted for derailing as well. If a reply to a derail is a derail, surely the original anon who started the derailing should get a warning, too.

No. 57532

Post the example

No. 57533

Lolcow was mentioned in Chris's subreddit so obviously some of them were lurking here. >>>/w/197615

Others migrated after that because they couldn't discuss the dating shit in the subreddit and it seems like some ended up staying. It's why whenever someone says that another jvloggers vids are better than Chris's, or there is any criticism at all of Chris, anons flip out over it. You can see the same shit in the subreddit.

No. 57534

ayrt. I don't care and haven't posted about any of those things and it's pretty rich to preemptively assume I'm going to "nitpick" your response.
>general discussion/your opinion on recent social media updates
isn't that usually saged, meaning "not milk"?

The jvlogger thread isn't my cup of tea but I see the way people are trying to get it locked & worry that is going to affect other threads. Sharla's sexy pics = milk. Sola sperging about revenge = milk. Lily raising 75k with jvloggers but boohoo still not enough = milk. Sharla & Chris fucking up their dating timeline to hide the beginning? Also milk.

No. 57535

I also agree with this, it's ridiculous tbh

No. 57536

Mentioning it doesn't bring this type of shitposting, we would've seen it years ago too, not just this past year. It's a copout, the same way anons say "Well this is Pearl's MO" because they think they can get away with it by doing so. That's what makes it bait. Blaming another site or the cow themselves because of the tinfoil and planted look of it doesn't help the thread at all and it's tinfoil.

We know already that we have anons who use /w/, like the porn-addicted anons who kept editing Belle's photos and Venus's and desperately looking for their nudes to edit, that this isn't fan behavior. There are legit shitposters on /w/. Anons who constantly screencap other websites and Twitters as if they matter to the thread at all what other places are discussing need to go outside or maybe just go to those other sites in general. We don't need to discuss men's takes on women Chris are dating. Anons only bring up Reddit to talk about "What the fans are saying" as if everyone from the subreddit is even a fan to begin with. Milk needs to come from the cows, not from what other anons on another site are saying.

The fact that not wanting to derail about Chris's weight repeatedly makes you a fan is absolutely unhinged.

No. 57537

How hard would it be to implement some kind of IP check rule for selfposting/self WKing/shitposting cows of which we have somewhat beyond a reasonable doubt or strong suspicion that they are who they seem? It would be partially majority rule, partially up to staff's personal judgement. I personally think it would curb derailing, infighting, and hi cowing if we could shut down the discussion instantly, and it would discourage LARPING as well because now that the staff is really cracking down (excellent job, btw, the best we've had in ages) it should put the fear into them that they're seen and aren't at liberty to embarrass themselves anonymously anymore.

No. 57538

You know people can just change their location, right? How would that even work? You expect the mods to know it's the cow specifically.. how?

No. 57539

Cows dumb enough to post in their own threads have usually just stumbled over here after googling themselves, become overwhelmed with indignation, and aren't often careful about those sorts of things before they start posting, and there are a lot of other tells for LARPers/shitposters such as typing styles and content of posts.

No. 57541

That's not necessarily true. Especially ones who promote VPNs because of sponsors. Anon, get over it. A lot of the hi cowing is because anons know people are desperate to have it be a cow themself, but it's always the exact same posting style which makes it look obviously planted. As much as anons want it to be true, most cows probably don't lurk obsessively to care enough. Especially Youtubers who have comment sections and Reddits that do this already. You think Lolcow is going to be the crux for these Jvloggers? No.

No. 57542

yeah agree with this. Impossible to verify for the most part.

No. 57543

It doesn't bring shitposting but it does bring whiteknighting which is what I was referring to.
See this post >>57137 and all the posts linked in that post.

No. 57544

If you can't read some of that as ragebait, you need glasses.

No. 57547

If it was only shitposters they would be doing it for all jvloggers, not just those two.

No. 57549

I’m not denying those topics you mention were milky. Let me use Mikans nose job as an example; the surgery itself, not particularly milky. Her usual bratty responses again not particularly milky but it is general snowflakery from her and a genuine update from a jvlogger. Notice how the conversation happened and then people moved on and it didn’t escalate into hell?
The thread could be locked temporarily or autosaged until the weird obsessed Chris and sharla spergs get bored and find somewhere else.
I hope that makes sense?

No. 57555

Thats another bad excuse. When they are the only ones being talked about for almost 7 threads straight because anons were being autistic about cups and plane engines. That's why the focus was on them. The focus is still mainly on them. Anons are just now shitposting about Pearl and Daub now because it's disruptive like comparing Chris and Daub which isn't even a discussion, it's a term of preference on who you watch because everywhere they both cover are tourist spots.

I was just thinking this last night. Milk: Bring it up, discuss, done. Anons alerted when Mikan got her splits removed and all and had a little talk and then a sperg comes in about Sharla because everything, like I said above, goes back to anons shitposting regarding Sharla and Chris and then deflect the posting as ThEy MuSt Be FrOM RedDit when they never are.

Unforunately, I don't think locking it temp will do anything or autosaging it. Anons will just spam until the thread reaches max. To be honest, there is not much milk at all from any of them. If anons have to keep bringing up old milk to justify the lack of current milk, then it is no longer new milk and doesn't warrant discussion like the anon who keeps attempting to bring up the archeological stuff for some reason, attempting to use lolcow as their own personal army and then throws tanrums and calls everyone whiteknights when they don't get what they want. Then comes the shitposting and spam and chatroom like discussion.

Surely people see the pattern. Mods probably see the pattern. If it is never new milk, and the newest milk you have is just ragging on the old milk, I say lock the thread and force everyone somewhere else to discuss YouTubers. Really check the quality over the past year and a half just like Belle and see if it's worth it.

No. 57561

It's a group of double standards anons who say that they aren't defending Chris/Sharla and that "having a different opinion doesn't make you a whiteknight" yet called the anons who said to stop vendetta sperging about Chris's ex whiteknights and said "go defend her elsewhere". They've spread multiple lies like "Sola was friends with Lily" "John daub did his monkey vid right after Chris, he's copying him". They aren't just shitposters, they are also schizo simps.

No. 57562

To post porn? wtf is this question

No. 57563

ok but that was legitimately Pearl hopping on the thread for that one post, on that I think we can all agree.

No. 57567

File: 1684376557303.png (8.23 KB, 1308x185, cow.PNG)

I have a small suggestion, that hopefully wouldn't be hard to incorporate. On our search page, can it please highlight the number of which page you're on? Sometimes it's hard to tell which page you're on.

No. 57569

Those aren't simps.

No. 57570

No. 57572

it was definitely her, why are some anons so adamant about saying "no" kek

No. 57573

I'm pretty sure that's handled by Google, not lc.

No. 57574

now there's all these different characters showing up in jvlog, like Edgar, and Mron, and who knows what's going to happen there next ffs

No. 57576

Yes they are. >>>/w/295000
They moved on from sperging about the ex to shitposting about other stuff like pearl and Sharla's nose.

No. 57577

Lily was on topic and then it became anons using her mundane posts as bait. Please, just stop pointing fingers. The shitposters have always been the shitposters. The people telling anons to stop posting Reddit caps are not simps.

No. 57578

All I'm saying is that the shitposters and whiteknights are all the same group. One of them is easy to spot as they keep linking the thread when they post. >>>/w/294704 >>>/w/294847

Stop derailing with reddit caps when that's not what was in that post or this one >>57561

No. 57580

Here’s why I don’t think it was her, there is a weirdo who has been shitposting in that thread for a long time. They will adopt whatever persona to cause infighting for whatever reason. Just off the top of my head, there was one who kept saying Tkyoham was great but it didn’t get much attention so that stopped. Then there was the trust me sis type posts, overly critical of Sharla/Chris’s appearance, in the poopy/sharlas nose/Edgar, posting as if they were a cow (norm, pearl, and whoever else)
I realise that is vague without caps but I don’t have time to go through and grab them.
There just seems to be a pattern; the thread goes quiet so in comes the unsaged namefag, lots of redtext/arguing, in comes the poopy posts. Someone brings up something but the thread is quiet, derailing by pretending to be the cow in question.
I used to think it was someone who knows them but I’m beginning to think it’s just a resident spammer who camps /w/

No. 57582

AV spammer back at it

No. 57583

Yeah they aren't. I've been called a WK specifically because I asked to not derail until we get adating announcement. You had anons shitposting about Santorini. For months.

No. 57584

Possible ban evade thread maker >>>/w/297193

No. 57585

Except that those posts were clearly continuous shitposts meant to wind everyone up which fooled nobody, while the tone was very different in the supposed one-off post by Pearl.

No. 57586

Anon, please. Fucking stop. You're sounding like the anon who posted the Pearl thing at this point. The idea that 'The tone' is different is exactly the shit shitposters have been doing. You are either the anon in question who posted it and are acting all aloof or you are this gullible to believe Pearl is posting. She isn't.

No. 57588

You're looking at it wrong. She's not "posting" she posted once, and then fucked off. Nobody is saying some anon was repeatedly LARPing as Alyssa. She probably heard there was shit being talked and showed up to see what it was about, said her thing, and bounced. There's no other posts that sound like that and there's no other posts suggesting it's her. I don't think it's a stretch at all to accept that she just jumped on and basically told nonnies to go fuck themselves.

No. 57589

Can a mod ban the troon posting in the tradthot thread on /snow/

No. 57590

pretty sure sola is one of the shitposters tbh

No. 57591

yeah sorry nona that is not a moid, just a very uninformed nona. par the course considering the thread lol

No. 57592

Stop hi cowing obvious bait. It's getting old. I hope a mod bans you for keeping this up because it's not true Pearl posted .

No. 57596

you're a fascist. you can't prove it either was or was not her. I hope you get banned for being a fascist. nobody is hi cowing. it's very clear (if you'd followed the convo in the thread) that that post came out of nowhere and was totally different than anything else around it, and it was un-saged. use your tiny brain nonnie.(unbridled autism)

No. 57598

There's random shota sperging (from both sides) in the Husbando matchmaking thread, I just reported a bunch of those posts.
For context, the infighting started here >>>/m/297178 in response to an anon who did nothing but say "cool design but I'm not comfortable having an underage husbando" >>>/m/297175 which didn't mention shota in any way and it's just a personal preference.

No. 57603

Lol the spergs are in full swing, thank you for the moderation for real

No. 57604

Can we PLEASE have a hellweek

No. 57605

based suggestion

No. 57606

AFAIK we will get hellweek when they have enough staff.

No. 57608

So the general consensus seems to be, cows NEVER come in to their threads to defend themselves unless they're namefagging and making it 100% obvious and self-admitting that it's them. It's like we never had the Kiki sperg at once point losing their shit in the Kota thread. Would they have been dismissed as a LARPer by this generation of farmers? It feels like some anons think that because they themselves can't tell whether it's the cow posting or not, then nobody else can either. Ironically this kind of thinking really only shields the cows who post in their own threads and the shitposting LARPers because no one would ever believe that it's actually possible, and no one would check.

No. 57609

Before anyone calls me a newfag I've been here like 6 or 7 years on and off, I just usually stick to snow and a couple ot threads. But why does the user being put out to pasture redtext not result in a ban? I've always wondered that

No. 57615

Cows aren't posting in /w/.

No. 57616

Well, there is a difference between 2 posts from someone and however long Kiki got away with it. Kikis time was way before vpns so it was easier to detect.
I refuse to believe any of them care about lolcow, I mean look at the state of the thread - it’s all baseless garbage with a dash of infighting and shitposting.
If anything they will enjoy the extra traffic their socials get.

No. 57619

They have things like their actual YouTubes and Twitters, Instagrams, some have TikToks. They aren't obsessively checking lolcow even though anons get off to the thought of it.

No. 57621

VPNs have been around for a very long time kek, just because you just learned about them doesn't mean anything

No. 57622

Cows have absolutely posted in /w/

No. 57624

Anons post is about Pearl in the jvlog thread specifically.

No. 57626

ok then
well her name is Alyssa not Pearl, and she posted in the Jvlog thread to defend some bullshit about her face, that's literally all that happened and it happened once and it's insane the level of derailing and infighting anons are pouring into denialism

No. 57628

File: 1684563758545.png (86.19 KB, 864x1696, Screenshot_20230518-152153.png)

whenever Oriental Pearl is brought up in jvloggers (about 1-2x a year), it is always followed by brief WKing about her language abilities and her appearance. This time it really blew up but you can search lc for previous mentions and see posts saying how her languages are so impressive and how there's nothing wrong with her teeth, etc. Also the thing about her filming kids has been an annual topic, anons reeing over how it should have been brought up a year ago forgot that it was in fact brought up a year ago. >>>/w/207877

I don't really know or care if she's posting, I just see some weird patterns when she is brought up. Um, one person defending Pearl also used the same language to defend Bald (if someone is 17 years and 364 days old, are they a child??): >>>/w/268634
Same language used about the kids Pearl was photographing: >>>/w/296423 (nevermind that those kids were easily under the age of 9)

No. 57629

This tinfoil has gone on long enough

No. 57632

I dunno anon, that image looks exactly like every conversation about any cow in that thread. The ‘wk’ posts just sound like disagreement rather than wking.
Like for example, the conversation about sharlas nose, Chris’s weight, etc etc.

No. 57637

Not like anons haven't larped to drum up milk before.

No. 57639


No. 57640

The conversation about Sharla's nose was not a conversation, it was one anon obsessively shitposting about her perfect beautiful gorgeous ski jump nose (which is obviously the work of angels) etc

No. 57641

I demand a porn board(no)

No. 57642

Maybe that was a bad example, but regardless of how weird they are you could say one of the comments is on par with >her language abilities are genuinely amazing tbh.
I think people nitpick Sharla over the stupidest things and absolutely cannot understand the obsession over her and Chris - does that make me a wk?

No. 57643

it doesnt make you a wk but it's weird to not understand the obsession with them, they're two of the top jvloggers for the last ten years who cheated on their partners to start a relationship that they hid for years and took great pains to lie about and cover up.
if that's not the definition of milk then I don't know what is.

No. 57644

Multiple anons were shitposting about noses.

Nta, but the obsession has evolved in to only shitposts and nitpicks regarding them

No. 57645

Def not wanting to go down that rabbit hole, Jesus Christ never again. But I do agree they are the top jvloggers of the last 10 years.

No. 57647

top of the shit heap

No. 57648

I've brought up other jvloggers multiple times, only for WKs or shitposters posing as WKs to bring the conversation back to Sharla and Chris almost every time. Name-dropping others jvlogger can get you accusations of being that cow, too. If mods would regulate blatant WKing in jvloggers, which I've seen done in some other threads, it wouldn't matter if the anon was an WK, shitposter or cow. By blatant, I mean people who just post to exclaim their love of a cow, or who make up false claims to defend a cow or make their cow's rivals look bad. There's no gray area when it comes to those cases.

No. 57649

Your definitions of what whiteknighting is is always just people not agreeing with takes thrown around, like the cheating that never happened. Saying you don't believe the utter lack of proof makes you a WK. If you're going to bring up fake milk like comparing Daub and Chris, videoing the same heavily trafficked tourist areas, then dont bother bringing up other cows. Even most of the stuff brought up about Chris and Sharla isn't milk.

No. 57650

Samefag, but Lily is batshit insane. That's not making a rival look bad by pointing out they're crazy.

No. 57651

i've seen exactly zero evidence of this.
derail about sharla's nose is perfect example of what you're saying. Focus wasn't on her, shitposters made it about her. I agree with your post btw.

No. 57653

Nta, but I also agree that Lily was off and also wasn't cheated on. She was crazy to make a statement that was false, so she deleted it asap like a coward and had no follow-up proof or anything to back it up.

Anyway, let's stop bringing up old milk like the anon who keeps baiting by bringing up Bald every chance they get and when they get told to fuck off about their bait, suddenly you're a whiteknight and you're from Reddit.

Reddit and whiteknight accusations posts need to be reported at this point.

No. 57654

She said she got confirmation of something she suspected for years. No, she couldn't prove it - it was more circumstantial but all the information adds up in her favor, not C&S. She deleted it because she didn't want all their fans on her back (said it explicitly) and also a friend on Twitter openly tweeted to her that the backlash might not be worth any further exposure. That's not false anything and she wasn't a coward for rethinking posting about it.

I find takes like yours almost without humanity. You've never known someone who was cheated on betrayed in some way? It is common knowledge that there sometimes isn't a smoking gun in these situations, but a pile of little clues that add up.

No. 57655

Some of the Jvlog anons have moved to the Taylor thread. Someone keeps posting really weak discussions about the most mundane and unmilky things possible. I know saged stuff doesn't have to be milk, but are threads no longer required to have any sort of milk to have a discussion and have results to nitpicking about what goes in a salad and complaining that someone asked their family to notice a haircut or the fact they got their teeth cleaned? Come on, at least post things to discuss. This is just low effort, random social media posts which is rule:
>7.3 Milkless social media statuses and images
Being saged shouldn't keep it from needing to be milky even a little bit, not just nitpicks anons want to make based on their own shitposts

All she did was get her bangs cut and ran around seeing if her baby or Tom noticed, anon's claim of this being a desperate attempt to be noticed by Taylor makes no sense, it's her family, there's no milk here

A whole post about her getting her teeth whitened, really? Again, no milk. Anons just want to post photos they think are stupid and it just shits up the thread.

Anon posted this to complain that Taylor is following the Kardashians or something all because the kid is using a printed out toy credit card and she made a joke about how 'she's just like mommy'. Again, posted with a fake milk caption for whatever fuck reason. It's getting to a point where it feels like anons are just filling the thread. They did this in the Jvlog one too with posts just like these.

Posting because anon didn't like her adding a 'y' to describe food and now it's been allowed for anons to just shitpost about anything she makes. We don't need to see anon be autistic about the way food is described. Post it when it's burnt or something to actually laugh at even.


No. 57656

No follow, no nothing. No who this is and for all we know this 'person' is this website.

No. 57657

jfc over-exaggerate much

No. 57658

wow, you wrote a lot just to complain that you didn't like what anons are discussing. If you don't like it, don't read it? Tom's primate grunts and Taylor creaming herself over her own hair was funny to me. The rest is meh but lol you're so mad that your cow's thread is occasionally active.

No. 57659

"creaming herself"

that's like the funniest thing EVER

No. 57660

What points to her being batshit insane? The accusation tweet points to her being bitter af but it doesn't make her crazy. If your bf dumps you almost immediately after spending two months traveling with someone that they're clearly attracted to then it's understandable that you would have suspicions. Half the comments on those JAJ vids were about if they were a couple or banging.
Anons did try to make her look bad by lying about her being friends with sola and saying that sola dropped her. Anons also lied about a gofundme scam and said that she attacked Sharla. No proof for either of those. Also no proof of people unfollowing her after the tweet. Anons also lied multiple times that they broke up before JAJ despite clear proof that it was afterwards.

No. 57661

They didn't spend two months traveling together" Sharla was on the ride for a few days then rejoined them later just to ride along in the van. It's not like they were "traveling together" for two months ffs

No. 57662

There have been anons saying that Sharla's old milk is fake. It's not just not agreeing with takes.

No. 57663

welp now Meta is Chris+Sharla hellscape nightmare too.

Nice job idiots.

No. 57664

Lol salad is a discussion? Is w that slow for you guys?

No. 57665

Cheating isn't going to be legit no matter how hard you scream

No. 57666

She was there for almost the entire trip and the whole crew was clearly staying at the same hotels and hanging out so yeah it counts as traveling together.
I just said it was reasonable to be suspicious. That's it.

No. 57667

Might not want to use this thread to derail about year old non confirmed milk.

No. 57668

Cerbmin has a 5 meter stuck up their wooh hahs

No. 57669

Evweytikw I go on snow Effinas thread is full of race baiting, moids talking about childern and how their e daddy is so miserable and ruined because the life he chooses to live. There's no milk or anything. Maybe it should be locked or unbumpable?

No. 57672

are you having a stroke

No. 57673


No. 57674

>Your definitions of what whiteknighting is is always just people not agreeing with takes thrown around
Lying about something that never happened to make a cow look good or their rival bad, or just coming to lolcow to write or shitpost paragraphs about how much you love a cow has nothing to do with agreeing with takes. And why are you bringing up Chris cheating in this thread when there was no mention of it?

No. 57675

Mods should permaban anyone here who continues to vomit C&S old milk bullshit

No. 57676

One anon did that, it was bait, let it go already. God damn your superiority complex needs armchair attention.

No. 57677

Can hidden board posts and images be hidden from the front page too? The "reaction pics" that are being posted on /shay/ uncensored are absolutely disgusting.

No. 57678

Like I said before I'm surprised it was the belle thread of all things that got locked on /w/ when the jvlog thread (and the taylor thread sometimes) is 1000x more retarded and every other cow thread there is dead as a doorknob. Admin said they locked the belle thread because of all the reports, you cannot tell me they aren't lit up with jvlog reports all day everyday kek

No. 57679

The Belle thread was shit was shit with stalking her friends to post unmilky and sometimes edited photos, someone was editing her stuff in general (and Venus's), anons couldn't move on from old milk and kept bringing it up when anons would mention she's not milky anymore just because of porn photos.

Just nitpicking porn isn't fun. If anons want to act like scrotes over non-milky things, they can fuck off to Reddit. Anons even attempted to edit even normal photos.

Next that should go is Jvlog if you idiots can't stop derailing about old milk like the Bald retard who is desperate to get anons into their Chris Alpha Male tinfoil army.

No. 57680

the worst in jvlog is when anons ship chris and the other jvlogger whose name I can't remember right now, the one that kind of looks like ostrich

No. 57681

The shipping is obvious bait too. Anons really are treating this like a chatroom. I see this in Pixielocks thread too.

No. 57682

Kelly Eden is acting super self important by asking a commissioned artist "where do you keep your references" on extremely intricate art pieces that are being hand painted with cool distortion effects for Roq La Rue but she has no new thread. Anyone from w in here want to make one?

No. 57683

Anorectal violence sperg in /ot/

No. 57684

Can we maybe split these up? One for complaints one for suggestions? These threads move so fast from all the complaints and infighting I think admin is missing the suggestions.

No. 57685

There's one on CC, weirdo. Figure it out.

No. 57686

why don't you make one ffs it's not rocket rhinoplasty

No. 57687

The thread is fine right now, but theres constantly anons trying to infight >>>/w/297536

No. 57688

that's not infighting you twat ffs, how sensitive are you kek

No. 57689

anon stirring shit and trying to infight in jvlog

No. 57690

Anon what the actual fuck? How on earth is that post infighting, please tell me?

No. 57691

it's more infighting than >>>/w/297536
because it's directly attacking another anon for expressing an opinion, grow up and stop trying to stir shit nonnie it's a bad look

No. 57692

Are you okay? I didn’t attack anyone, I simply said it’s posts like yours that make me want the mods to lock the thread.. quit baiting and gaslighting people.
I made second post, but I didn’t make the first one fyi.

No. 57693

Cp spam in monkey thread in m

No. 57694

Found the shitposter

No. 57695

Anons still derailing about Pearl.

No. 57696

Can we just ban the samefagging/ip hopping anon >>>/w/297544

It's so obvious they keep ban evading

No. 57697

File: 1684698811073.gif (1.2 KB, 23x18, emot-allears.gif)

Thank you kindly to whomever lifted my mysterious, baseless permaban. Idk if someone specifically did this or if it happened as a result of some other sweeping changes on the site but I appreciate it. Even though I know better now than to use my native IP kek

No. 57698

Anal rectal violence moid is back in ot, now calling for political assassinations. That's a fun new angle.

No. 57699

All because he wants to jack off to natural, intact anuses. kek

No. 57700

FYI anon this was my only post >>57690, the other one wasn’t me. I am not the resident shitposter, I’m not IP hopping and I wasn’t part of the conversation. I just happened to read the thread and made my comment.
I’m not going to argue the ban I received (it’s over, not evading) but can mods just look back at conversations before throwing the ban hammer?
You can see my only comment was >>291608, and I moved on to post about Mikan and said no more. The reason I replied like I did is because (as you will see from my post history) I have mentioned locking the thread.

No. 57703

jfc relax

No. 57704

Who the hell made that post that was like "go complain about it in /meta/"? I saw you.

No. 57705

No, if idiots want to call people out they better get it right!

No. 57707

it is an anonymous forum, ffs. relax.

No. 57708

Oh, so it was you who complained? Look, if you’re gonna report me and reee about it on /w/ and here, I’m sorry but you have got to be confident who you are accusing. Stop trying to stir shit nonny, it’s not a good look kek.

No. 57709

I didn't complain and you need to take your meds and stop trying to infighting with every other anon here you crackhead

No. 57713

An anon from shaynas past was dishing milk but was also a retard and posted their profile picture in a screenshot. Surprisingly, unlike every other case of accidental profile pics, a farmhand deleted the image. Several of us are confused why this content was deleted when photos of shaynas apartment are still visible. Why are we protecting randoms that didn't even know how to sage until told? In many cases farmers have been able to find the profiles of people who accidentally reveal znd the results are always hilarious, especially when its someone from irl.

No. 57714

the passwords arent working.
they were providing milk.
in other threads people who dont know how to sage etc are not banned if they are providing milk. same shit here.
shayna threads already get derailed too fucking much as it is and nonas stalking a random lolcow user would not be funny or enterteining just derailing bs! stop saying it would be funny or milky to leave the pic up, it woudln't, it would only derail the retarded thread more as it is

No. 57715

No one is saying she should be banned. The sage was brought up because they're using the site without reading the rules, as proof they're a newfag and don't deserve undue protection just for proving a couple of old photos.

No. 57719

Hi cow, tinfoil, reeeing about bans again. A mod should check, one of these is most likely ban evading a lengthy ban.

>>>/w/297740 (same bs hi cowing as the fake pearl poster)

No. 57720

this anon is off her fucking rocker. calling a literal graph from social blade "tinfoil" is the height of reeeeee behavior.

No. 57721

Thank you guys a lot for updating the search page! It looks nice, I appreciate the addition of searching on individual boards. Idk if it was because of my post, but if so it was a quick update.

No. 57723

Samefag, but actually something about the whole site looks different, like the alignment of the posts. Am I tripping or do you guys see it too? I swear posts look different.

No. 57724

I'm new to meta so sorry if this has been said/mentioned before.

I think a general handmaiden/faghag thread would be good. I see a lot of nonas posting in the troon threads with their stuff but it doesn't really fit. I feel like there's a lot of potential milk that could come from it.

Also where is the search bar people have spoken about? I feel like I still don't navigate this site well after ~5 years of using it.

No. 57725

cp on /m/

No. 57726

Scrote spamming cp in m. Pedos deserve the rope.

No. 57732

You can find the search link at the bottom of the index on any board. It's next to "Catalog"

No. 57733

Is that vtuber anon a vtuber herself? wtf is her deal (or your, if you're the girl reading this. lol)

No. 57734

I know right, kek. She gets way too angry over people not liking Vtubers. It didn't occur to me that she could be a Vtuber herself.

No. 57735

Thank you ♥

No. 57737

Sorry to nitpick but how come the anons in the gyaru thread get to indulge in their y'all-ing and w-ing without getting banned for refusing to integrate ? I know there are lots of anons who have a distinct way of writing, but some girls in that thread truly stick out like a sore thumb.

Maybe we could expand the spicy straight thread to include them ? Since they have the same obsession with a group of people that they aren't actually a part of…

No. 57738

Not all bans are redtext.

No. 57740

Hi farmers! We are interviewing new staff and still taking farmhand applications. To date, we have received about 30 responses, and have narrowed those down to 11 legitimate responses. We have also created an official newfag label for posts! When you click on it, it will take you to lolcow.farm/info. I will attach it at the bottom of this post.

Rancefag’s nudes have been floating around, please report them so we can continue to remove them. Although she posted them of her own free will, she seems unwell so we would like to keep them off the site as we feel like she will surely regret posting them here. Update: she said posted them during a manic episode.

I understand your grievances. This whole shota/loli rule creation and polling process has been a learning process for us and, despite the clamor and stress it’s brought farmers and staff, I feel like we have gained a lot of insight into what farmers want from us. As far as the fujo thread goes, I will personally keep a closer eye on it.

Sorry for the confusion, both the kiwi bunker and kiwi thread in /snow/ have been locked. The kiwi thread in snow was locked because it attracted Blaine and Elaine, and was continuously a place for Elaine’s nudes to be posted. >>57422 explains it well.

/g/ is a haven for all sorts of female fantasies and sex discussion. I haven’t personally seen much dd/lg discussion on the farm, the culture seems pretty hostile towards it. “Do not post pornography” still applies.

Proposed redtexts: cringe, sus, femcel, it’s giving, y'all, ma'am, yikes, anti(s), proship(per)(s). As a southern anon, y'all is most contentious to me. What do farmers think about the new redtext?


Manhate seems more inline with 2X’s culture, but farmers are welcome to vent about their grievances with males in the vent threads. /int/ was closed years ago due to lack of activity. If we see an increase in interest in international cows on /snow/ then /int/ returning could be a possibility.

We try to delete as few things as possible for the sake of transparency. Our current protocol is to only delete spam, CP, double posts within threads, and posts by males that are clearly seeking attention so they don't get the satisfaction (unless the posts and replies are funny enough to be worth keeping). One exception to this rule was the Sharla nosefag in /w/ the other day. Which spam threads are you referring to?

We will consider putting “change spoiler image” up for a vote, it may have to wait until Nucow.

Money from Ko-fi goes to admin to subsidize the cost of running the server. Obviously, this means we have updated the deposit information. Currently our server bill is about $250 USD due monthly. We have received a $6 donation, $5 after Ko-fi took their cut, from Ko-fi in the time we have been admin and it was spent on the server bill (meaning whoever paid it that month paid $245 USD).

Threads may be considered dead when there haven’t been any posts in some weeks/months, or there hasn’t been any milk in weeks/months. Bumping a dead thread with new milk is not considered necro - so if you have new milk to contribute, feel free to bump the thread rather than make a whole new thread.

The tradthot thread kept us very busy the other day kek

I get the sentiment here, but milk is subjective. When I’m not familiar with a certain cow, and I see that nothing has been posted for weeks until some unsaged update, I have to make the decision to either ban because “no milk” or just let the slow thread continue to be a slow thread until it dies. Locking threads because there’s no milk seems a little too helicopter-mod to me, if farmers want to continue to discuss a cow, why cut them off? The Belle thread is an exception here because of how many reports it generated. When every post is ban-worthy, we may as well lock the thread.

/w/ will remain separate from /snow/. We are open to input from farmers.

The Nigel posters in Shayna’s thread have been banned due to blogging.

Double posting has been an issue in the past, but yes, it seems to have gotten worse. Lolcow is running on old software (like 7 years old with no updates or patches old) so when we fix something, something else may break. We hope Nucow will be our solution as it’s being custom built by one of the admins.

I’m personally keeping an eye on the J-vloggerz thread for WKs and derailers, but I don’t know all of the lore and the thread is a pain in the ass

Will you post the example? Usually the initial derailer continues to reply, so we just redtext their most recent post rather than redtexting multiple posts.

The problem with checking an IP and then claiming a cow is selfposting is that anyone with a VPN can change their location to Japan and then post “as a Jvlogger.”

The search page has been updated to highlight the page you are on when browsing results, auto-sorts results newest to oldest, the theme mimics the default lolcow theme more, and you can now filter search results by board. You’re welcome, anon ♥

Hellweek will come when we have onboarded the new staff. We’re currently conducting interviews. We strongly encourage more farmers to fill out the farmhand application, even if they only have a few minutes a day to mod or check for spam/CP.

USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE is our default redtext for a ban of any length. Redtext is optional, so a post without redtext may have still received a ban. In other words, every post with redtext has received a ban (temporary or permanent).

Taylor’s thread is notoriously stale. If farmers really want to discuss her getting her teeth whitened, making salad, or cutting her bangs, fine. There is literally nothing else going on in that thread.

Posts to /shay/ will no longer appear on the front page, neither in the images nor posts sections.

I'll go have a look, but like another farmer said, not all bans are redtexted.

No. 57744

Is taylors thread subject to close when full then? I feel like mikan, taylor, all fashion vloggers from /w/ should be condensed. Her thread, like you said, is so stale and boring.

No. 57745

Sorry but I was reading the info over and just realized this is here
>If you've made a typo or want to correct any part of your comment, copy the text, delete it, and re-post it. Do not double-post to correct yourself.
Kek, does anyone even follow this rule.
Anyway, I will riot if y'all gets redtexted. My country heart would not be able to take it.

No. 57746

why should it be subject to close? Please. When you say shit like this, you sound suspicious - how do you not understand that? Mikan wasn't denied a new thread, it's just that no one has made one. No one makes you read a thread you personally don't like! There are lots of threads on lc that I don't read.

No. 57748

redtexting the word "y'all" is offensive to a lot of people and I hope it doesn't happen, red text a word like "literally" instead please y'all.

No. 57752

don't redtext either of these, "literally" gets used normally too

No. 57753

I was just trying to think of an overused and annoying word and it was literally all I could think of

No. 57755

Please remove this post with Shayna’s address >>>/snow/1833200

No. 57759

Can you not hi cow? Stop.

No. 57760

File: 1684894793858.jpg (104.22 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20230523_192022_Chr…)

Infighting between what looks like a samefag and probably one of the same anons who keep derailing about their bans. This thread won't ever stay on topic.

No. 57761

The police anon who just posted this consistently infights and causes problems in /w/

No. 57762

Tbh, the screencap post was already redtext when that anon mentioned caps. There was no point in replying to begin with.

No. 57764

the same police anon reported a legitimate milky graphic showing data proving abroad in japan's failing channel as "tinfoil"

she's drunk on on a power trip for some reason, she needs to take her meds

No. 57772

File: 1684905391875.png (41.8 KB, 1110x202, Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 11.0…)

>complain about retard shit
>no one agrees
>make retarded jumps through hoops to arguee shayna was doxxed, even type "assshually doxxing is illegal" like an absolute sped, act like yearbook photos of shayna should be deleted because "underageee" when these type of photos are completely allowed of any other cow
>reply to yourself in the same typing style days later because you are still fuming
>post your retard doxx bait
i know shayfags are kinda dumb but you guys don't actually believe its a kiwifag right… like it is very obviously the autisitic mini mod talking to herself… its very obvious reading her. posting here to avoid derailing shaynas

No. 57774

If mods do or don't do something that's their call.

No. 57777

there was no hi cow in anon's post

No. 57786

there is a russian scrote from 4chan that recently started to post his shitty drawings in the doodleboard thread, I know it's him because he posts the same drawings on 4chan while namefagging

No. 57790

Vendetta posting and unsaged non milk being posted in radfem cows thread.

No. 57791

Infighting in radfem cows thread.

No. 57792

Thanks for the update. In relation to Taylor’s thread being stale and farmers chatting about whatever.. could the same be applied to the jvlogger thread? If it’s universal that anything (within reason) goes you might get less whinging from me about the state of the thread kek.
I’d be interested to see how things go, but as it is arguably already the AIJ subreddit extension I can imagine it’ll be about only that and nothing else.
Just thinking out loud here too before everyone shouts at me lol.

No. 57793

You can tell exactly what they meant. What's suspicious otherwise?

No. 57794

Nothing about the thread relates back to the subreddit. This isn't reddit.

No. 57795

There's a troll derailing the TiF thread. The one sperging about sinfest or whatever. Tried to report him but the site lagged a lot. Also I accidentally reported a person above him because I just saw mention of that annoying sinfest robot and my eyes glazed over and I just reported assuming that was the troll's post and I apologize for that mistake of mine.

No. 57796

I was generalising, I meant the thread is full of people from the subreddit.

No. 57797

you need to stop making assumptions and reeing about them. Cows have friends and simps, that's all I meant. Not that any cow was or is posting.

No. 57798

Even though I wouldn't be surprised if it is Sharla (sounds like her with "hun") there's annoying Hi cowing in /w/

No. 57800

yeah I'm with this anon. I think this is actually Sharla, sticking up for her man

No. 57801

The planted larping posts are obviously not the cows or affiliates and anons know this which is why they keep derailing using that. Its not Sharla. Its not Pearl. It's not Chris in disguise.

No. 57802

Her name is Alyssa not Pearl, her channel is called Oriental Pearl. Calling her "Pearl" is like calling John Daub "Only" or Norm "Lens"

No. 57803

I don't think anyone cares since everyone's been calling her Pearl.

No. 57804

I wonder if you'll ever realize what makes your posts so clockable.

How do you know it's never any of them? But you believed it when someone posted as Lily, right?

No. 57805

Regarding the cows posting according to admin:
>The problem with checking an IP and then claiming a cow is selfposting is that anyone with a VPN can change their location to Japan and then post “as a Jvlogger.”

Hardly anyanon believed it was Lily. I also don't believe the old /snow/ threads had the cows either.

No. 57806

yeah sure, I believe the admin 100% with regard to the IP. But that doesn't mean a cow or cow's friends never post here. Kevin posted in Lori's thread iirc and I think we agreed it was him

No. 57807

It does the thread nothing to assume every post is theirs too or someone is posting on their behalf. Tbh the Kevin thing was all too convenient.

No. 57808

they obviously post here from time to time and anyone who thinks it like never happens is a dunce to the max

No. 57809

We had confirmation from the cows themselves through their youtube and twitter accounts that they were posting on lolcow and PULL back during the Mira debacle. It's not a stretch to assume that they could still be dropping in. While there's no solid proof that they are posting, it's still tin-foiling to insist that they absolutely couldn't be. We have more than one example of Chris editing his work right after something was pointed out here. We had a Lily sperg who made the same comments that Sola later made on insta. We have Chris fans linking to our thread from the Abroad subreddit.

No. 57811

Sperg samefagging themselves and infighting in unpopular opinions thread.

No. 57812

I'm in there now which one is samefagging? Is it the Midsommar defender?

No. 57813

Samefag, it’s the tranny who has been shitting up the site for hours sperging/samefagging itself in unpopular opinions thread because anons liked midsommar kek.

No. 57814

i thought it was the other way around, like the anon who kept defending the cult

No. 57815

Not sure if you mean me, but I haven't been in Unpopular Opinions in a good while, so it wasn't me. The tranny shitting shit up is a different person kek

No. 57817

File: 1684972615676.png (178.24 KB, 1411x2048, glownigger.png)

whoever reported this is a retard and should be banned for retardation

No. 57818

I got red texted and was told to come here pls make the idiot talking about assisted suicide in the pixielocks thread stfu lol it has literally nothing to do with her

No. 57819

Are the farmhands straight from twitter? How is this race-baiting

No. 57820

>Are the farmhands straight from twitter?
NTA but probably, you can't even shit on trannies anymore.

No. 57823

Shitting on trannies, is that like a scat play kink?

No. 57824

why was "trannies get the rope" redtexted in /ot/? how is that against the rules? is "kill all men" gonna get banned too?

No. 57825

"trannies get the rope" can be read two ways, such as:
1. A command for trannies to acquire a rope
2. A rallying cry to hang trannies in an execution

So the post was red texted for a lack of clarity

No. 57826

File: 1684981056581.jpeg (212.18 KB, 940x2088, IMG_4245.jpeg)

How is this racebaiting??

No. 57827

Nonny I was jus thinking to ask this kek. Wonder if it’s a new mod or miscommunication ? I don’t think the image nonna used falls under racebait. It’s just a meme image with no racist intention other than the aave.

No. 57828

Racist intention vs using AAVE in an image I mean in my post.

No. 57832

No1currs about old milk. Move on.

No. 57834

Farmhand is sensitive to anything with nigga/nigger in the name, at least three bans handed out that I see

No. 57835

I'm pretty certain glownigger has been banned for years and most anons already collectively decided to use glowie instead.

No. 57836

If that is true then it hasn't been enforced those years. Looks like the only redtext on posts with it, of much most do not, say sage or one or two male posters

No. 57837

I don't think "y'all" is necessary depending on the context, but please add "sewerside" and "peterfile" for the love of god. It's like a giant flag for tiktokers.

No. 57838

can we have shota in the BL thread on /m/ at least…please mods…

No. 57839

Glow nigger probably gets overlooked because the intent of the anon using it in a post isn't to be racist. It's an insult used for federal agents and it's a meme phrase. However I'd argue that it's origins are racist.

No. 57848

I understand nigger being banned but not the meme the nonna used. It was just a pic using AAVE and not race baiting. It’s a weird ban

No. 57860

Anon was clearly using it as bait

No. 57865

Are we looking at the same post? None of it has anything to do with race bait

No. 57866

Please stop using the N word

No. 57867

I said the post itself was bait, not that it was racebait specifically. The picrel has nothing to do with anon's take.

No. 57873

It's peak moid behavior to use that term anyway, because the majority of conspiracy theorists are retarded, gullible moids and kiwifags who don't know their face from their asshole, and tradtards eat that shit up too like with the satanist child killing pedo cult bullshit which is just propaganda from right wing abrahamic dickeaters. If you think the feds really give a shit about our petty little drama boards and could glean any useful info from them, you need to touch grass. We don't need to parrot moid rhetoric here, including racebait or whatever you want to call it.

No. 57876


No. 57879

Misogynistic insults and threats plus infighting in the vent thread >>>/ot/1587060
The amount of Kiwi scrotes that have invaded that thread should be dealt with somehow. I've seen several anons get away with dogpiling and being very misogynistic in this particular thread. Worst case scenario it may have to be temp locked

No. 57884

Cp in m

No. 57886

"Words are scary!!"

No. 57888

File: 1685042831869.jpg (30.02 KB, 456x399, 3ea58e7777633e234caf8b4a6b48fe…)


No. 57889

CP on /pt/

No. 57891

racism is scary

No. 57892

It is, but saying nigger isn't automatic racism if it's in context to conversation and not used to insult a black person.

No. 57894

What >>57873 said

No. 57895

If you're that sensitive to words you shouldn't even be here tbh cause you're gonna see a lot worse than the word nigger

No. 57896

I’m not the person you were talking to I just agreed with their view. I’m not afraid of words anon, it’s just the principle.

No. 57902

The principle of what? Needing to use words to describe stuff sometimes? This shit is so newfaggy.

No. 57903

The N word doesn't have a "context" to be said unless you are black

No. 57904

If outright racism continues to be apologized for here then there's other places to gossip about bullshit

No. 57906

It does, you just proved that in your sentence. But you chose to say "the n word" instead because it's a big scary no no word kek

No. 57907

If you think just the word nigger is racism then you can go gossip on twitter and leave(do not use racial slurs here, this isn’t /pol/)

No. 57915

I'm gone. Bye.

No. 57916

Too bad Lolcow embraces racist ideologies. Just another extremist racist forum. Dime a dozen.

No. 57917

Maybe if you aren't American you might think that word is fine to throw around. But for American persons of color that word is unacceptable no matter how "edgy" you think you are.

No. 57918

>It is, but saying n** isn't automatic racism

Saying it IS ABSOLUTELY automatic racism if you aren't black and saying it in context. Since this is an anonymous forum, any use of that word is indeed racist and intended to convey racist ideology while gaslighting anyone who does not want to hear that shit by saying "wHy ArE yOu AfRaId Of WoRdS" etc. Go fuck yourself.

No. 57919

File: 1685048987666.jpg (30.33 KB, 400x299, 14.jpg)

>persons of color

No. 57920

the gaslighting in this shit hole is off the chain

No. 57922

Nta but if someone says words that end in -fag is that bad too?

No. 57923

I don't care, I'm black not a fag

No. 57924

sainte the ban evading pedotroon cow from the lolita thread is defending himself in third person, he refuses to refer to himself as male and instead is calling himself a they so I know it's him kek

No. 57927

Sounds like a personal problem

No. 57928

Nigger(do not use racial slurs here, this isn’t /pol/)

No. 57931

File: 1685058075597.png (15.95 KB, 700x630, BD837AC9-889C-434A-B6D2-ECBC51…)

I think the gaijin gyaru thread should be locked since it’s just zoomer twittertards flinging shit at each other.

No. 57932

This poster got a ban for allegedly posting an emoji, but what I see is a parenthetical phrase followed by a colon: >>>/w/298009

Unless the emoji got removed, but I highly doubt that. Are you farmhands using some automatic filter to ban this or only reports? Because of all the useful filters LC could have, this one seems pretty dumb. I can't imagine anyone in the jvlogger thread is a Bronwyn-lover so it would surprise me if anyone cared to report that post.

All in all, nona (not me obv) copped an unfair ban for an emoji she didn't post

No. 57937

Anon that's a fucking emoji that the anon snuck in

>for anyone who doesnt wanna waste 7 minutes (yes only 7… does she not know how vlogs work nowadays?): it's 3 minutes

That is not the start of a list to need to add : We have so many shitposters in the thread and they do these small things on purpose. Maybe anon should learn how to type without adding in a hidden emoji with the excuse of it being an accident due to typing form. Anon can reread and learn how to properly use a : then. The way anons demand answers for other anon's bans makes it seem like it's the same anons. Over the years I've rarely seen anons complain to this extent over banned posts that weren't even theirs.

No. 57938

honestly barely use that thread and even I agree. someone is pretending to be posting as the cow in that thread too, seems like a /w/ staple for anons trying to make threads interesting that have nothing going on.

No. 57939

"Hidden emoji" lmao, the paranoia really got to your head. Do you also wear a tinfoil hat

No. 57940

Why do you even care if it's not your ban? Anon fucked up because their finger slipped, maybe the should learn2reread. A mod will look at that and see the same thing.

No. 57942

I’m sure they were banned for a few hours, tops. I agree it seems like it wasn’t an intentional emoji but its such a minor ban anyway, probably doesn’t matter.

No. 57943

there's nothing wrong with posting this and asking about automatic bans triggered by a filter. I don't care how long anon's ban was. I want to know if a mod manually put it in or not.

>>57937 Get help. Also emojis written backwards like this aren't the norm in English.
>That is not the start of a list to need to add :
Holy fuck, not you instructing us how to write in the English language! lmfao anon, stay in your lane.

No. 57944

To twitter with you

No. 57957

Anon, that was reported, it's not some filter. This isn't Twitter.

No. 57959

Nta but even if it was a short ban it should be pointed out anyway so mods don't just start banning people for stuff like that. I do think it was just a mistake on the mod's part though, but they've been "slipping up" a lot so they should be more careful and properly assess the situation before handing out bans.

No. 57963

Mods aren't going to waste their time with hundreds of reports to read that an anon made a spelling mistake because you demand context on their part. It looks like an emoji, it can be read as an emoji. This is anon's fault for not checking their own post, not the mod's. Also people do post backwards emojis like this. This must've been you or something because being this mad over it when it's not even your ban is crazy.

No. 57965

That is NOT an intentional emoji. The racist slurs and retarded banning are ruining lolcow

No. 57966

Anons can appeal then

No. 57967

any non smooth brained person can clearly see that's not intended to be an emoji, it is a parentheses followed by a colon. The parentheses is containing a description of the 7 minutes and the colon is indicating the time of 3 minutes.

If the parentheses and the phrase they contain were not there, it would read:

for anyone who doesn't wanna waste 7 minutes: it's 3 minutes

anyone who thinks that was an emoji probably had a mom who breast fed them after drinking bleach

No. 57968

Everyone in this thread is a fucking retard

No. 57970

Mods don't just red-text, delete this at once

No. 57971

File: 1685067598322.jpg (79.75 KB, 720x740, 1685047677232.jpg)

How am I mad, wtf? I just put in my opinion on the discussion. You actually seem like the upset one, and I could even say the same thing about you. Why be so upset if you're not the janny who handed out the ban?
>that an anon made a spelling mistake
It doesn't look like a spelling mistake, she was explaining the video. Not to mention someone also got a similar ban in /ot/. It would've only taken that janny an extra 5 seconds to read the sentence with the colon. It's not a big deal or a huge mistake but they should be more careful and read the context. That's all I'm saying.

No. 57975

Samefag, but actually that post may not have been in /ot/, I just got the pic from /ot/

No. 57977

File: 1685068041776.png (7.75 KB, 482x298, Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 7.25…)

Not to mention the fact that when I first saw that red text I was like WTF is that supposed to be anyway, because the emoji is BACKWARDS you fucking absolute imbecile mod whoever banned that. Are you honestly a total mental dumpster fire? Nobody writes emojis in that direction ffs. Even the red text looks as stupid as your idiot brain who banned it.

If it was a frowning emoji it would look like :(
and the red text would look like (:() not ():) you complete and total void of brain cells.

No. 57978

Then it was reported by some fucking mushbrain with a kindergarten level understanding of the English syntax

No. 57979

That's how reports work in general though. There's no auto system.

No. 57980

Massive spergout from one of the anons ITT most likely over this ban >>>/w/298074

Imagine not knowing how to appeal. Jvlog might as well be locked.

No. 57985

we definitely have been seeing some retarded nonsense bans lately, but I take that to mean we got new farmhands so I for one am celebrating! I know with time our new baby farmhands will mature into wonderful moderators.

No. 57986

to be fair, in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe iirc the emojis are written in the opposite direction. It's still one of the most retarded bans I've seen on here in forever. Now we have a mod incapable of reading or skimming posts to verify a report? Fantastic.
I'm sure you'd love if jvlog were locked, parasocial weirdo.

No. 57987

Seriously.. what's going on?

No. 57989

Gyaru thread is filled with twitter tier infighting and "yo mumma" jokes. Kill them before they lay eggs.

No. 57994

Sorry about your ban lol

No. 58003

I know for a fact those are two different anons

No. 58004

I really don't care, good for you?

No. 58009

If the belle thread was locked due to the "amount of reports and complaints" then the jvlog thread should be locked for the same reasons too. That thread is the worst on the /w/ and since everyone is being milk police about that board like they forgot its a containment board and the mods are too overwhelmed to moderate it, the thread should be locked just like the belle thread was.

No. 58010

Belle thread was locked bc of moid infestation primarily. There's no porn being posted in the jvlogger thread so there's no good reason for it to be locked.

No. 58011

That makes no sense. Belle made porn so naturally her shitty porn was being posted just like in moo,shaynas, cam girls thread etc. The admin said it was locked due to the amount of reports that thread got

No. 58012

Seconding. Honestly the worst thread on /w/ right now. They're already making themselves welcome in other threads and shitting those up too with their mentally deficient takes that no one asked for.

No. 58013

The increase of male presence on these boards is staggering. We should never have hosted their ilk to begin with. The weak "b-but it's just a word guys!" reeks of peak scrote logic. Not only that, but their poor attempts at integration and gaslighting/bullying the mods to do their bidding and change the culture here to suit their degenerate tastes have been increasing at an alarming rate. It's so easy to clock. The few "women" who claim to be okay with it are likely pickmes from the same cesspool.

No. 58014

Those posts aren't from men in Belle's thread.

No. 58015

Honestly it's been refreshing to see an increase in active moderation around here, much more preferable to the circus that was being run before. Hope it makes people think twice before shitting up a thread. None of the bans so far have been really damning to anyone that matters so it's really more of a cut to some anons' egos.

No. 58016

>The weak "b-but it's just a word guys!" reeks of peak scrote logic.


No. 58017

The ban for saying "trannies get the rope" is weird tho.

No. 58018

cp link in /pt/

No. 58019

yeah no those are two different situations starring two different groups of people. /m/ doesn't have a scrote problem, you should try lurking sometime. fujos have potent natural danger colors to ward men off, their degeneracy is their own.

No. 58020

That ban was for lack of clarity, see:

No. 58021

the red text literally said the ban was for a-logging
and if we can't tell trannies to die on lc then what?

No. 58022

Thats not what the redtext said. Would saying "41%" be clearer kek

No. 58024

trannies have every right to live and to be here on lolcow this is an inclusive space(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 58026

No. 58029

Did /w/ invade Shayna thread or why is there are a fuckton of bad edits and zoomed in pics

No. 58031

the rules say no-one with a phallus, some trannies don't have phallus, and some trannies are FTM and don't have phallus as well. so according to the rules, if the only criteria is having phallus then anyone without phallus is allowed to post here, trannies included. dumbass.

No. 58033

trannies get the rope

No. 58034

Any XY not allowed. Fakebois are known to use this site. I don’t think any male, including TIMs should be encouraged to use LC, not like that would stop them but I like LC being a woman’s space. They have the rest of the internet.

No. 58035

that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. There's tons of women only spaces online. The Girlboss Community, Sheroes, Quit.. so many

No. 58036

why do they need to be allowed here?

No. 58037

>some trannies don't have phallus and some trannies are FTM
>troon has the right to post on lolcow if he has a surgically made open wound between his legs
no one is going to ban this obviously troon? i mean he is literally telling himself in this one

No. 58038

men have been banned here for years, and tims, axewound or no, are no different from any other men. in fact, they're even more fucked up than the average man.

no one on earth gives a fuck about ftms. they're a self-hating joke class and them using female only imageboards in secret reaffirms that kek.

No. 58039

Everyone hates trannies besides themselves, they need to be bullied back into whatever nsfw discord channels and agp subreddits they crawled out of at all costs

No. 58040

MtF troons were born with a phallus, you obtuse faggot.
An intersex XY person who didn't develop any male anatomy due to a rare genetic mutation (as was the case of an anon who posted about it in the MtF thread) is allowed here because that person has always looked and been treated as female since she was in the womb. TIMs are just regular males, unlike intersex people they are not special cases, whether they've chopped off their dick or not.
There are only a couple of female-only imageboards. We like it here because we like imageboards and some of us won't even touch social media with a ten foot pole. There are so many troon-only and -inclusive websites on the internet where they will often invade any conversation held by women and make it about themselves or their fetishes, and we are not allowed to call them out on it because troonphobia is the worst possible crime you could commit in this day and age.
Also I don't see what's so wrong about having more female-only spaces online, women are not a monolith and we don't all want to use the same communities to talk about the same shit, because we all have different interests, preferences and opinions, that's why we use this imageboard instead of whatever those online communities you mentioned are.

No. 58041

integrate or gtfo retard trannylover

No. 58042

>women are not a monolith and we don't all want to use the same communities to talk about the same shit, because we all have different interests, preferences and opinions, that's why we use this imageboard instead of whatever those online communities you mentioned are.

This, thank you. I like LC because all types of women can use it, wether they just use it for cows or /m/ or /ot/ or radfem stuff. A lot of women only spaces online are radfem only, and that's cool, but what makes LC unique is all the variety it has for women

No. 58043

Males are not encouraged to use the site, period. TIM/MTFs are male. TIF/FTMs are female, and thus permitted to post.

No. 58044

Anons have always done that there

No. 58045

Can you at least do something about the personalityfagging tif, she never shuts up. Do this for the other personalityfags too please.

No. 58047

Jvlog had anons infighting over the use of the word "author" and spamming photos from Amazon

No. 58049

The Twitter hate thread has just devolved into infighting and one older anon clearly having an episode.

No. 58050

That must be trump-chan

No. 58051

A FTM is still a Tranny, so stop saying kill all Trannies

Tranny: Transsexual, a FTM is a Transsexual

No. 58052

Nta but someone can say say kill trannies and also think that tifs can post here. They just probably won't have a good time here though

No. 58053

for the most part I know nonnas refer to the male trannies when saying that. you should read the tim thread for some peaking if you're not a troon.

No. 58054

trannies get the rope

No. 58055

what is a "Troon"

No. 58057

this is a bullying website!!!!!!!!!!

No. 58058


Lol, he's back

No. 58059

its terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 58060

Many of us refer exclusively to TIMs when we say trannies because they're so notorious, and it should be obvious that they're worse than TIFs.

No. 58062

kill all tranies. ftm included. cope seethe and bind
why are ftm allowed tho? they're clearly shitting up the place, look at the tif personalityfag spewing TRA shit all over

No. 58063

They are being really mean to me in /w/ and hurting my feelings

No. 58064

This is a transphobic website?

No. 58065

File: 1685154286689.png (69.75 KB, 748x600, 65D26EC3-6B48-45BF-8AB3-A8BFE4…)

No. 58066

Hi! TIFchan here. I didn't break the rules hence why I wasn't banned. I backed off when told and the situation is over. Plus I'd prefer if mods cracked down on misogyny towards TIFs like what >>58062 said. I don't really care about if any of you hate trannies? It comes with the territory, and you do you. But consistency is a virtue and if it's misogynistic to say those things about any woman who isn't a TIF, it should not fly for TIFs either. I apologize about causing an uproar, though.

No. 58067

personalityfagging should be against the rules. it's basically namefagging-lite (which is already against the rules)

No. 58069

Can a janny please close this bait thread that retarded newfags are hilariously taking seriously?

No. 58070

Is it not literally the same thing? That anon is insufferable

No. 58071

Honestly I kind of want a general no tranny rule at this point, even if the tranny is an actual woman just so that TIF-chan can fuck off forever.

No. 58072

afaik previous personalityfags have been banned under global rule #4 (stay anon). announcing yoirself or making your posts obvious goes against the principle of anonymity.
can't wait to see that whiny entitled aiden get perma'd lmao
agreed. all trannies afe insufferable attention whores anyway. nothing of value would be lost

No. 58073

I have a question. I'm tired, so I'm probably more retarded than usual. What, specifically, makes me insufferable? I'd like to learn so I can cut that shit out. As far as I know I'm relatively well liked when I'm not posting anything regarding GID or troons, which almost every time is posted on CC by me instead of here, where I'm not dogpiled. The most recent exception is because I let slip an unnecessary detail that I never peaked in the vent thread, which caused several anons to sperg out, in which I further sperged in response. Which was not okay, and caused unnecessary drama.

No. 58074

Hello I am a student writing a report for my class. Does this website "traffic in transphobia and racism?" I need to ask for my school, thank you for answering me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 58075

I just realized I'm treating the celebricows thread as a chatroom and I shouldn't do that. I deliberately posted a comment with the intent to delete it in 2 minutes, and said so in the comment. Won't do that again

No. 58076


No. 58077

You make everything about you. Shut up and move on. You're supposed to be completely anonymous but you think you're special, in typical troon fashion.

No. 58078

Whatever you do, don't mention this site's name or anything that could lead up to people finding it easily. You don't know the amount of rape threats, gore/porn and sometimes even gore-porn raid we already get on here from a bunch of men angry about there being a female-only space which they aren't allowed to invade. Also, you can visit the mtf and ftm threads on /snow to get an idea about all that 'transphobia', don't miss the previous threads or read just two-three posts though — you won't ever understand anyone's point of view without knowing the entire context and the reason that caused it.

No. 58079


No. 58080

Samefag why is it always this site people want to write articles on? Y’all go to 4chan or something.

No. 58081

Fuck I think I reported non-saged posts bc I thought I was not in /ot/ but I was. I keep bouncing around and fucking up sage for myself too reeeee

No. 58082

Please tell this book sperg to stop obsessing over where the book is published and whether they like Chris being called an author or not. >>>/w/298222

No. 58084

no1currs about chris abroad's stupid book, you absolute children in /w/ need to take a time out

No. 58085

Hello! Hello there I am a student working on a report for my class. I am hoping some people here can respond to my poll.
Would you rank this website as 1 to 10 of the following topics?
Topic 1: Transphobia
Topic 2: Racism
Topic 3: Bullying

Thanks you so much for replying my poll! It really helps with my project.

No. 58087

no1currs about chris abroad's stupid book, you absolute children in /w/ need to take a time out

No. 58089

This is the complaints thread.

No. 58096

I actually agree that according to the rules, you are correct. And that also only says they cannot announce themselves. I think the rules should be more explicit that no males or tims allowed, though obviously there’s no real way to enforce that (other than banning users that out themselves).

Kinda related but I don’t think TRAs, libfems, tradthots etc should be banned (don’t know if they are rn but many users seems to think they should be). I don’t agree with them but this is not a radfem site with a political agenda, even if most users are radfem-adjacent.

No. 58097

Some retard is posting some weird ass AI pictures with some weird ass text that I refuse to read and try to comprehend for the sake of my sanity. Please make it disappear already.

No. 58102

File: 1685173315514.jpg (41 KB, 617x579, Screenshot_20230527-124039_Sam…)

Can I ask why was I banned four days ago?( I just noticed this now kek I don't stay on lolcow 24/7) I thought you were supposed to bump threads when there's cp on the front page?

No. 58109

we don't bump threads without a reason

No. 58111

But I bumped it so the cp would be hidden?or atleast removed from the front page? Did you read

No. 58113

did you say it was specifically for that reason? no, retard, so it was redtexted. it's not rocket science

No. 58115

Oh OK! Thanks for clarifying

No. 58118

please ban the moid posting constantly about wanting desantis to be president already for fuck's sake

No. 58128

Please ban the retarded anon in Jvlog tinfoiling about nobody liking the UK The Office

No. 58129

You have a rogue mod in the Onision thread who hides the fact that Onision is posting there as his fursona "Anonymous Gene"

No. 58131

Kek "fursona"
But yeah I think that mods should check the IPs (and cookies etc.) in that thread.

No. 58132

How come post leftcows #42 was locked and deleted? Are there red scare fan mods now kek?

No. 58133

Do you have a screenshot?

No. 58135

There was a leftcows #42 but I couldn’t get a screenshot of it before the thread was deleted

No. 58136

No. 58138

you're literally the dumbest

No. 58143

If that’s the thread I don’t blame farmhands for deleting it

No. 58145

school anon is now spamming pro tranny propaganda in the other /meta/ thread

No. 58159

I misinterpreted one of their posts and thought it was a normal anon so I replied to it seriously. Fucking schizo lol

No. 58173

Batshit Abroad In Japan book sperging in Jvlog by an ESL-chan who can't let the book thing drop, it's not milk it's just some Chris Broad reddit superfan sperging about the fact the book can be ordered on Amazon UK (no1currs)

No. 58176

It's a fucking samefag who is sperging about it constantly, this book isn't milky just because anon can't find it on Amazon US or whatever bullshit country they come from. And if anons are going to derail and call anons WKs then I hope they all cop bans too. It's clear the derailers keep desperately trying to make this seem like redditors are posting when they aren't. Shitposters need to find another excuse to keep derailing because the reddit takes aren't cutting it and the larping as cows and posting on their behalf to try and create milk isn't working either. Let the thread die if there's no active milk

No. 58177

the one sperging isn't the one pointing out that the book is simply not carried on amazon in the US, it's the samefag constantly posting that the book is the TOP OF THE LIST and A HUGE SUCCESS and ALL THE ORDERS ARE FROM THE USA (though it's not available for purchase on Amazon in the US)

THAT is the sperging anon

No. 58178

It's a success. complaining that it isn't isn't going to change anything. Being combative over something like this makes no sense, anon. Move on about the book.

No. 58179

Please ban the book anons, all of them.


No. 58180

a "success" kek that's hilarious
a "success" literally nobody has heard of

No. 58181

Ban the tinfoiling anon who won't STFU about Chris Broad's fake book already, claiming it's a huge success in the USA when it's not even available for purchase there.

You aren't supposed to promote things on LC. The Chris book sperg is trying to viral market the book here.

No. 58182

No. 58183

I think it's clear anons are spamming the Jvloggers thread to try and lock it to max. This is the state of the thread the entire past year. Really think mods/admin need to reevaluate the point of the thread.

No. 58184

So mods are just gonna sit on their hands when an unhinged book sperg won't STFU about a cow's book and keeps posting and posting and posting about it? Claiming it's some huge success and on all these lists that only exist in a single country? So we're all just supposed to sit back and let them shit up the thread OVER AND OVER AND OVER??

No. 58185

Can you stop spamming the thread already with your screenshots that you're obsessively demanding people say he's a failure and so is his book?

No. 58186

File: 1685255177070.jpg (100.13 KB, 854x862, MODSARESTUPID.jpg)

No. 58187

Whoever is spamming the thread with endless posts about Chris's book being some huge success is the one causing 99% of the problem, not the screenshots proving the book's not available in the US, which is a FACT and proven by those shots. The book sperg will not STFU about his book and keeps saying its a huge success, it's destroying the whole thread.

No. 58188

The fact that you're this mad that people find him a success makes this whole thing absolutely embarrassing for you. I hope you cop a ban on all your devices since the samefagging is so obvious.

No. 58189

Someone is off their meds in love with Chris and typical WK behavior. Mods need to show up asap in that thread, it needs to be detonated immediately.

No. 58190

your samefagging is off the chain nonnie, why do you love Chris Broad so much kek

No. 58191

Nobody but you "finds him a success" kek


No. 58192

omg the chris redditors are completely insane about this book shit. news flash Chris-otaku-chan, no1currs about his book so you're really embarrassing yourself right now, please please we beg you to go back to reddit at once!

No. 58193

I don't think so, I think it's like one anon who won't let it drop about their master Chris's book kek - probably Chris paid them to do viral marketing

No. 58195

Shouldn't lilypichu's nudes in her thread be deleted? They aren't milk and were taken before she started streaming. The poor girl hasn't even been milky in general for 6 years.

No. 58196

THANK YOU MODS for banning the book anons in Jvlog!

I'm all for book banning! Awesome work!

No. 58199

I know there are probably new mods, but please stop giving out so many dumb, nonsensical bans

No. 58200

like what? I don't read every thread on here

No. 58201

Off of the top of my head in /ot/, anons getting banned for using emojis even though they were just using a colon (this was posted about in this thread), anons getting banned for saying "rawr" in the shit post thread. "trannies get the rope" was a controversial ban but I didn't really look into the situation. I myself and some other anons just got banned a few hours ago for infighting in the celeb thread even though absolutely no one was fighting or being serious. I know they're probably trying their best so I'm not trying to be harsh on anything.

No. 58204

You're still on about the emoji? Anon if it's not your ban, stfu and let it go

No. 58205

Could we start banning the poster in ot who's always seething about how all gay people are child molesters and people turn gay because they were molested? You can tell it's the same poster because they think "faggot" is super edgy still and use it at least twice a sentence. Every time they have a meltdown it derails the thread and leads to pointless infighting. They've been in celebricows but I've seen them in other ot threads.

No. 58206

Report their posts as bait

No. 58207

Anons just keep derailing in the jvlog. >>>/w/298353

No. 58208

The bans are 100% justified but is it possible to delete the weird racebaiting posts so we don’t have to read or keep hiding them?

No. 58209

Why is there always one anon sitting in meta who consistently and desperately claims that there has never been a single WK or cow in the jvloggers thread and that everything is just totally shitposting, when we've even had cows and Wks cop to lurking and posting in the thread?

No. 58210

No one is going on about anything. If you can't handle anons discussing moderation in /meta/ then just get out of this thread.

No. 58211

I reported that post but it remains there. mods are napping.

No. 58212

The book sperging that was just going on was a good example of over the top WKing in the Jvlog thread that is nothing but bait and shits up the thread and spams it to hell

No. 58213

There's no proof that it's bait. That's your assumption. Meanwhile, it is fact that the Abroad in Japan subreddit, which is full of unhinged WKs, has linked to lolcow and lurks in the thread. It's also fact that cows have admitted to posting in the thread in the past, and more recently have been caught editing embarrassing material immediately after it was shared in the thread. The anon who keeps saying it's all shiposting also claims that the Micaela reddit account was a LARP, when the account was posting for years and sharing her pregnancy and other details about her life that weren't yet public.

No. 58214

The fact that you keep calling it WKing or Redditors is a dead giveaway that its not and mods most likely see that based on post history.

No. 58215

I already have a new jvlog thread ready to go and publish, so whatever anons do isn't going to change my OP. Another one, with no milk. Good job derailing idiots.

No. 58216

>There's no proof that it's bait.

kek wtf now bait needs to be proven that its bait? step off nonnie you're drunk.

No. 58217

I also already have a new jvlog thread ready to go and publish. So I guess we'll see who is fastest when the current one fills with dogshit

No. 58218

I'm not saying that it can't be bait, just that there's no proof that it is and it's very weird to sit in meta all the time to immediately claim that any kind of Wking is just shitposting, and no WKs or cows have ever posted in that thread, when Abroad in Japan fans have directed traffic to the jvlogger thread. Is it really just a coincidence that there's been a huge uptick in unhinged WKing ever since the thread was shared in their subreddit? How can you claim cows don't post in the thread when they've already admitted to doing it? Why insist something was a shitposting LARP when an account was years old before it was shared and was sharing very private info that wasn't known at the time? It's one thing to think something is bait, but it's another to claim all WKing is bait as a fact and that there's never been a fan or cow in the thread whenever a WKing post is reported here. It's like they don't want anyone to even slightly consider the possibility that a wk or cow could be here, which makes it all the more strange.

No. 58219

you're having like two separate convos, your thoughts are scattered, take your meds

No. 58220

CP in the shitty webcomic thread on /m/.

No. 58221


No. 58222

Can you stop trying to hi cow posts from that thread? Pushing it this hard is not helping your case and is more apparent it was fake.

No. 58223

thanks, nonna, those are some weird bans, wth

No. 58224

I suggest you find a hobby, anon. You come across as the unhinged one. Your logic is insanely circular.

No. 58225

I'm the second to last anon, and I have no idea why you tagged me or what you're talking about. I don't even use /w/ nor do I know what that discussion is about.

No. 58226

Can a mod please do something about the arrow-anon shitting up Jvlog as usual? Now posting just random graphics of arrows? This was/is the book sperg too - just hell-bent on shitting up the thread by any means necessary….


No. 58227

spoilered dox attempt in Jvlog >>>/w/298384

No. 58228

It's such a shit claim too and they aren't asking fans to fund it. If they don't want the cows to have money, they shouldn't be involved in giving them money to begin with and the money already goes to their lifestyle as if this isn't something vloggers and influencers already do.

No. 58229

May I suggest autosaging the next Jvlogger thread.

No. 58230

Why is Jvlogger thread such a cluster fuck

No. 58232

Twittersperg is back in JVLOG and posting on their twitter tinfoil about Sola and where C&S live now in Setagaya

No. 58233

Because, as you know, people are trying to trash it and have been doing so for over a year now. They want their tinfoils to be true and the farmers want to be able to shitpost anything they want. The same problem as the Belle thread, but apparently that was all redditors too, when it isn't. It's normal farmers who keep wanting to shit up the thread because for one: They like fucking with the mods, and two: they have fun with the infighting it brings.

No. 58234

Seconding and I don't even frequent that thread, just sick of all the redditspacing.

No. 58235

And another bait post, good job anon. I hope mods start banning the spergs who bring up invisible whiteknights and redditors. This is like how the anons in Belle's thread used the excuse of "Well she edits her own photos" when it was anons literally fucking with it and got the thread shut down because of it. It's not external fuckery.


Keep ban evading, it's fun to report you.

No. 58237

You're truly schizophrenic anon, that's the first post I've made on this subject kek. From a cursory glance if farmhands actually autosage the thread it'll be because you're having an aneurism in /meta/ over a weeb thread on a low traffic imageboard.

No. 58238

You really need to touch grass

No. 58239

Can’t you just report this shit quietly without writing a diary entry in /meta/ every time?

No. 58240


No. 58241

more attempted doxxing from some absolute fucking tinfoil retard.

mods are just what like off in the corner jilling off or something? flicking their beans when they should be working? get back to work you sluts.

No. 58245

Kek. Those are some good ads for ozempic - Makes me want to rush right out and get a prescription immediately tbh.

No. 58247

Confirmed the same anon in jvlog and pixie, these aren't redditfags, you're just a shitposting group of retards

No. 58248

So, I get banned for a day for saying I'm not the same anon as >>58244 , absolutely nothing hinting at who I am, for breaking "rule 4," yet this troon is allowed to spam all day and night? Between this and the emoji bullshit, I'm convinced one of the new farmhands is a newfag, troon, has a poor grasp of the English language, or has a vendetta over several different anons.

No. 58249

oh no oh wow a one day ban. however will you survive
you probably copped it by being annoying, rule #4 is there for a reason

No. 58250

Hey, I waited it out. I just think it's retarded how people actually breaking rules get away with it for hours whereas anons not breaking any get banned almost instantly because anons get mad their schizo theories and "hi cows" got denied or disproved

No. 58253

amen to that

No. 58254

Agree. I wish the Jvloggers retards stayed in their containment space and stopped shitting up every "complaints and suggestions" threads with their nitpicking.
I don't know if it's one autist samefagging or if everyone participating in that boring thread is insane but they're at it for months now.
Report and move on, it's not that hard.

Inb4 "WK ! Redittors!" I don't frequent these threads so don't come at me

No. 58255

For sure, for the past half dozen complaints and suggestions thread it has felt like a /meta/ exclusively for /w/. Now anons are talking about the Belle thread again even though it's been gone for over a month. Ladies, move the fuck on. Mods, consider closing /w/ and moving threads to /snow/ to live or die by a larger audience. Because I definitely think most of /w/ is people who don't really participate elsewhere.

No. 58256

i remember back in the old glory days nonnies synergized together for milk, but now the jvlog thread is such an old thread its picked up all kinds of newfag autists, fans trying to integrate, and cows who decided to inhabit there and who are now causing infighting. That thread can't be helped nor saved kek.

No. 58257

the question is whether bowing to the anons who viciously defend cows is the right move. i personally don't know. but they are the ones primarily trying to ruin the thread.

No. 58258

oh you're the tif. should have guessed

No. 58259

Because anons don't know how to post on /w/ and coming here gets them banned, which is the point of this thread. If anons cop bans its up to the mods, not the farmers.

No. 58263

The jvloggers thread was actually better when it was in /snow/.

No. 58264

File: 1685393358863.jpg (161.68 KB, 900x675, 1672961209061.jpg)

Farmhands, can you please give out more bans for personalityfagging? It's so tiring to see. if they want to be unique they should use twitter or whatever instead of an anonymous imageboard.
I come back from a few month's break and wg has graduated from being known to just a few nonas who somewhat cared about her drama to being known all across lolcow as another personalityfag. Jfc. I should have never wasted my time giving her advice. She apologizes and promises to change but the truth is she will never change. Get used to her redardation nonas, because unless someone takes her phone she's going to be here for a while and will never integrate

No. 58265

who's wg?

No. 58266

the tif sperg

No. 58267

More infighting and stupidity in Jvlog as per usual

No. 58268

They are trying to max it

No. 58269

Raise your hand if you think it's finally time to Nuke the JVlog forever, and ban the creation of future threads…
it's time. The time has come. Please for the love of all that is holy let these anons scatter to other places on the internet.

No. 58270

Hi Cow in J-Vlog, nonnies trying to talk directly to Sola since they knew she's in the thread.

And btw she definitely 100 has posted recently.

No. 58271

whoa did not know there was a whole-ass lord about that sperg. not surprised tho. deets?

No. 58272

No. 58273

oh man that's no t just a random personalityfag, that's a full blown cow. wonder why she's still allowed to post especially with how clockable her posts are

No. 58274

I feel so bad for the mods, but anon is spamming year old comments, some we've had before, and using it to bump the jvlog thread. >>>/w/298569

The mods who know about this thread might want to make the argument to admin that the thread maybe shouldn't come back. It's exactly in the same boat as the Belle thread and we've had IP hopping redtexts before showing some of the same anons are using this thread the same way: Just shitposting and filling up as many threads as possible.

No. 58275

Point proven. It's just to bump the thread. The Edgar retard won't stay banned, mods need to stop labeling namefag posters as newfags. They really aren't.

No. 58276

that's not spam you scrotal fungus it's a post about a cow showing how the cow is a psycho, you need a hobby instead of running to tattle to the teacher every time something you don't like happens, you chunt.

No. 58277

the way I personally use Lolcow, "bumping the thread" isn't a thing that matters kek. sounds like an old person problem tbh.

No. 58278

wtaf are you talking about nonita?

No. 58279

The anon from jvloggers continuously sperging about the belle thread and redditors seems legitimately unhinged. It's been days kek.

No. 58281

The banning in Jvlog is retarded. Whoever the autist is that literally reports every post needs to be dragged outside and shot.
The point of that thread is to post milk and then discuss the milk. Sola is milk. Anon posted a show that goes into detail on Eastern European girls being hostesses, and then gets red text for "derail tinfoil" and the reply to that also gets redtexted. Literally some nonnie is camped out in there reporting every single post or coming here to meta to reeeee about what.
Not every single post has to be groundbreaking milk you fucking twat, I know you're reading this. We also discuss cows and their milk. Go find something else to do with yourself, go in the corner and flick your bean for like 15 minutes so we can discuss cows.

No. 58284

(I’m not the anon you’re speaking to)
Sola didn’t say anything about the show so it’s literally got nothing to do with anything, hence the ban.
Milk has got to be specifically about the cow in question, I.e cow says/does something - not this show depicts Eastern European women as hostesses.
If anything it’s moid level analysis. And a blogpost at best. Maybe lurk more

No. 58285

I agree. The issue is that a lot of the post lately are obviously not real speculations which is the issue with the HBO post. Clearly Sola didn't work on it, so it resorts to just a shitpost. Anon's don't want to see that stuff, this isn't contributive to the thread of anything actually having to do with a cow. Anon is attempting to single another anon out, but these posts are pretty universally hated due to how they shit up the thread.

No. 58286

I couldn't agree more with you, anon. We've always had discussions about cows' activities and interests. That person just reports everything, and some mod is just taking it all in, I guess. Next they'll be in here reeeing about how mods are infallible - is it any wonder why we sometimes suspect a mod has a clear bias in /w/?

If jvloggers is locked, what does that say about our website? We've given in to outside people trying to derail and shut down discussion. It is also unconscionable that we don't have a jvlogger thread on the /WEEB/ section of the website, I can't believe people don't get this.

No. 58287

samefag but a ton of the issues come from a certain anon, whose posts are pretty clockable and we all can see that.

No. 58288

Making up some storyline about how fiction is the same as reality for white people in Japan isn't about a cow's activities.

No. 58289

>our website
You sound like a newfag.
Talking about a cows interests is one thing but she never specified that show being an interest, ergo off topic derail.
This is an imageboard, not PULL.

No. 58290

The issue is the entire moderation of the board. /w/ has always been a containment board to keep shittier threads off /snow/ yet for some reason we recently have newfags and the retarded mod acting like it's some super serious board that needs super serious milk in order to have the right to post there. It's a containment board to contain a lot of the autism here. Locking the belle thread set a precedent for this like other users already mentioned. Also it was so stupid to move her discussion to the cam girls thread and not the costhot thread where her thread originally splitered off from. I mean if you want to chase off the remaining user base of an already dying site, keep doing what you're doing g farmhands. let's just lock up all the boring threads on /w/. Newfags act like they can't hide a thread they don't like instead of coming here to reeeee for days about it and the obvious baiting and whiteknighting is allowed to fill up these already retarded threads. I see why most users left after christmas

No. 58291

well I'm not. Our imageboard? What should I call it, almighty anti-PULLfag? PULL hasn't been relevant in years, keep up.

No. 58292

I'm sorry to tell you all this but that show is actually really good and super relevant to the Jvlog thread in general. Speculation that it is specifically about a singlular Cow (Sola) is absurd but so what? It's still a background for the world Sola comes from. The joyless humorless angry approach to /w/ that has evolved is why users have left, not the other way around. This whole place especially jvlog has become a dark void of joyless despair full of anons terrorizing each other because they so desperately want to defend cows. it's really sad. and retarded.

No. 58293

Samefag but LET JVLOG BE A SHITPOSTING THREAD then everyone can STFU about everything.

Think about it - Jvloggers are dumb, boring, and irrelevant anyway and rarely produce milk. Seriously who are the REEEEEEEing anons who get apoplectic about literally anything and everything that isn't groundbreaking shocking milk? Those anons are the problem. FUck them. Let it just be a shitposting absurdity thread.

No. 58294

Exactly. /w/ is a containment board for a reason. The farmhands and the whiteknights on /w/ need to remember what the board is for. To contain the autism from spilling onto snow and the rest of the site. Why are they taking the containment board on a shitposting gossip site SO seriously? Straight up milk police and they're getting threads locked for no reason. it's ridiculous you don't see that type of behavior on the other boards, where you're just allowed to discuss the cow(s) as usual.

No. 58295

moid posting in /ot/ again

No. 58296

>/w/ is a containment board
newfag alert

No. 58297

/w/ is all but dead, I truly will rip in peace the lori/kevin saga. their universe didn't end with a bang but with an are are seMpai while kevin and the ferrets wheeze in a corner.

No. 58298

take your meds

No. 58299

Yes it's a containment board for weebs and their adjacent autists to discuss cows; cosplay or japan cows that arent snow or pt material. Newfag? Speak for yourself.

No. 58301

Once again certain anons are trying to retcon the rules/board culture to be in their favor, it couldn't be any more obvious. Hilarious that some unhinged anons wanna defend their tinfoils so bad. If you wanna shitpost, keep it to your personal discords/chats. If anyone could make up unverified milk, what's the point of discussing it? You're pretty much asking to get away with vendettafagging.

No. 58305

It's not /ot/. It's not a containment board for random non-milk.

No. 58306

Imagine taking /w/, a weeb containment board,this seriously. By your standards none of the threads on /w/ should exist for "lack of milk". By the way, discussing cows isn't vendettafagging.. if you don't like people talking about your favorite cows just say that kek

No. 58307

PULL was a forum that was popular for these types of conversations, hence my saying this is an imageboard, not PULL.
No one refers to lolcow as ‘our’ anything, just go back to Reddit, and >>58293 too.

No. 58308

When post are not milky, even saged, and ends up with tinfoiling to make the cow interesting, NTA, but it very much comes off as a vendetta instead.

No. 58309

Take your meds anon that's not what vendetta posting is at all.. you must be the whiteknighter that mass reports and infights all over /w/. Never fear farmhands, the milk police mini mod is here to save the day and the state of this site!!!! Kek

No. 58310

I’m not them but they sound like English isn’t their first language. The point about anons making up shit when there’s no milk is absolutely valid. Some people do have weird vendettas.. maybe they meant farmers with vendettas against each other?
Honestly if I was admin I’d nuke /w/ and be done with it

No. 58312

Nta, but the bans are up to the mods. I've gotten a few hour bans for over reporting before, so its all manual. If anons are getting banned, they deserve it. Kicking up all this dust about it just sounds like anons don't want to be held accountable and want to push blame off on someone else. Also the constant whiteknight whining when there hasn't been any whiteknights must keep you awake with how you act. Wanting to stay on topic isn't a whiteknight attribute.

No. 58313

I don't use either of those sites. I guess calling each other nonny and banding together against troons and moids is also "reddit" behavior? I'm sorry you don't have anon friends on here, a lot of us do by participating in certain threads. Maybe examine why you seem to hate the idea of a sisterhood on lolcow.

No. 58314

English isn't their first language and that's part of what makes their posts easy to identify. Somehow they managed to learn a lot of imageboard buzzwords tho.

No. 58315

File: 1685471134214.jpg (47.85 KB, 640x632, bun4b82cc_7510296f_640.jpg)

CP spam on /snow/

No. 58318

Where's the leftcows thread

No. 58320

Plaguedmoth mentioned us in his video lol

No. 58325

Anon.. I didn’t say that stop twisting my words.
Although I am cracked up over the thought of a /w/ sisterhood. I’m not sure the point of lolcow is to band together against moids/troons rather a place to be without them. Maybe you mean a 2x sisterhood??

No. 58326

I never said any of that. Discussing cows isn't vendettafagging, saying "why do we have to be so serious about it??" basically comes off as "why can't we just make shit up??"; it's because it gets pushed as a fact and muddies the actual milk, while making us look like a pathetic bunch of vendettafags making shit up, which means we lose credibility and calling out the cows becomes useless if we've been crying wolf the whole time. The cancerous gyaru thread is a good example of what happens when you leave shitposting unchecked.

No. 58327

This is why the fake cow postings need to stop too.

No. 58328

This is why the fake cow postings need to stop too.

No. 58329

This is why the fake cow postings need to stop too.

No. 58330

Anyone else noticing bumps in /w/? Either someone is deleting their posts or misytping in the email field and its been happening kind of frequently

No. 58332

Can someone come ban the tranny out of the celebricows thread please

No. 58333

You take lolcow so seriously like it's not a gossip site to talk about d list online celeb personalities kek. And pointing that out doesn't make me a vendetta poster. Again, you're taking lolcow too seriously . You're not a mod so your opinion of what is and isn't milk is subjective, that's why you come here to cry and stomp your feet about it to the moderators in meta foe days on end until you get your way. Now I'm not saying the quality of /w/ threads are amazing, because it's a containment board for autistic weebs and has always been shit since its inception, but you can't deny that many threads have been heavily policed recently for no reason, some threads you can't even discuss the cow at all while others are allowed to go unchecked for the same things or worse. What really needs to stop is the painfully obvious bait posting and whiteknighting by someone (or a small group) who camp out on that board and really really seem to unironically love and sympathize for some cows on w. You don't see this type of iron clad milk policing on other boards which is what makes talking about the cows fun. Some threads on w are not allowed to flow organically meanwhile absolute whiteknights and bait posters are allowed to shit up and fill up the threads in an obvious attempt to max them out, lock them, or bury milk. The wk here is acting like this is a serious place for reporting on cows, and we could LOSE OUR CREDIBILITY GIRLS!!!!! Look around anon, this is a gossip image board. We literally host over a hundred austistic shayna Clifford threads stop clutching your pearls and unclench your asshole. And I'm not saying shit posting should be the only thing allowed but not every single post is going to be super serious milk, people are allowed to have (saged) discussions about the cows too. I don't understand why you or the mod team want to alienate the already dwindling user base. Go to another website to discuss cows? OK most people left already anyways, leaving this place to fill up with teenage zoomers that use tiktok censorship and lingo all over the site, not understanding the history or the culture of the board (go see for yourself , go look at the quality "milk" that's been posted on w for years it's always been a shitty board full of boring shit about lackluster cows) I can think of a handful of cow threads this whiteknight would, by their standards, consider full of vendetta posting nitpicking and tinfoiling (according to you) that go back yeeeaaarrrrs (Taylor, Kota, Venus, Miki moon, Lori etc) it's just the nature of that board. People are allowed to have discussions about the cows and that's a hill I'm willing to die on. The issue is the unchecked bait posting and whiteknighting over there. Any old users that stuck around after Christmas have brought up the problematic /w/ wk camper periodically but, still, they are allowed to derail and bait and infight and whiteknight particular cows there for some reason.

No. 58336

>>>/snow/1837365 had no post history other than this post, leading us to decide it was likely some male with a fart fetish. >>>/snow/1833721 was a judgement call, that nonnie needed to take a break. Other anons in the thread seemed to agree. It was not a permaban, so she'll be back.

The nudes posted by /shay/ users have been deleted and we will continue to delete nudes posted by users, nobody here wants to see that and whoever is posting their nudes to lolcow needs to go outside.

We've decided to lock the jvloggerz thread for lack of milk, the amount of reports we receive from it, and sheer amount of tinfoiling, nitpicking and infighting it creates. If there is actual milk it can be reopened in the future.

No. 58339

Tbh, thank you so much for locking the thread. Seeing it bumped for something people said in reddit or the HBO tinfoil is just not cutting it as milk.

No. 58340

Maybe you should stay in /ot/ if you want to treat every board like /ot/.

No. 58341

We did it girls! We got it locked!
Congratulations and thank you!
Signed, Sincerely,

Sharla, Sola, Chris, Norm, Bronwyn, Mikan, TkyoHam, Taytay, Emma, Aki, Connor, John Daub, and all the other grateful JVloggers!

No. 58342

don't forget lily/lilli

No. 58343

I do just have one question? what should I do with all the screenshots I took of Norm's shitty comments? it took me a really long time to collect them all, it was literally like an intense Pokemon game - and I wanted to share them on Jvloggers.

No. 58344

Some of them like Aki and Connor still have the Trash Taste thread so it's not like they're completely safe.

No. 58345

Are you fucking serious? Jesus, maybe choose another gossip site? Reddit? Norms DMs?
Mods I can’t thank you enough, you did the right thing.

No. 58346

Go to the youtube thread. Please don't post the jvlog stuff to the other /w/ threads. Those threads are slow, the cows aren't as milky, dropping jvlog stuff in them will just get those locked too. You /w/ spergs need to chillout.

Also norms comments aren't really interesting. We know he fights with commentirs, we don't need a constant play-by-play every time he does it.

No. 58347

I agree with this anon >>58346
Also please put them into a collage.

No. 58348

you're boring

No. 58349

when did lolcow become a bunch of boring ass menopausal Karens

No. 58350

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

No. 58351

Can we start a thread for non Jvlogger Japan cows? Like that Jake Adelstein guy. I did a deep dive on him after they talked about him in the now-locked Jvlog and the dude is like a major major major cow like the epitome of douchebaggery weeb white male cow in Japan, you might even say he's an USHI

No. 58353

Can we not? If they were milky they would've had a thread already. Just seems like a weak attempt to have another shitty thread to nitpick on /w/ which is exactly what the Amina thread was too. Sounds like he should just go into the scrote hate threads or basic vlogger thread in /snow/. Also anons only brought him up to derail to begin with in the jvlog thread

No. 58354

Mods need to look into the anons purposely mispelling sage in /w/. This wasnt an issue before and now it's been constant.

No. 58355

>If they were milky they would've had a thread already

what is this retarded logic kek…. by this logic no threads would ever happen and there wouldn't be lolcow to begin with
your brain malfunctioned

No. 58356

I think you missed the point that he was only brought up in the thread because anons knew it would cause an issue.

No. 58357

No anon, that’s how it actually works. Go to the thread request in /pt/

No. 58359

How does it gather the gender data though? No one seems to ever answer me when I ask this.

No. 58360

The effina/fotouh thread in snow is just full of polfags

No. 58361

Then go

No. 58362

kek at the fake gender data in the graphic you made in photoshop. there's no way to parse gender data on lolcow so even if that is graphic is "real" then simply by claiming they can calculate that statistic calls everything else on that analysis into question, i.e. it is all bullshit, now go sit your crying ass in the corner and flick your bean.

No. 58367

Second this.
NTA, but Jake Adelstein is more milky than the vast majority of cows on lolcow. Fake memoir, fake articles, fake sources, prostitutes, lawsuits, messy divorce with cheating, recent popular HBO drama based on his life that's trying to step away from him, shows up wherever he's criticized on social media to attack critics. He's not a vlogger. He's considered to be an expert on Japan by western media and writes articles for major publications on the country, which makes him more /w/ material than anyone else there, although he also fits in /snow/.
No, he's been brought up because Chris has repeatedly recommended his book to his fans, and a tinfoiling anon was claiming Sola was a consultant for the TV drama based on his life and that it was an accurate portrayal of the water trade for foreign women when the almost everything in the book it was based on, including the murder case about the foreign hostess, turned out to be fake.

No. 58369

Yeah, its full of poltards and a few resentful middle eastern nonas. It feels very close to being a vendetta thread most of the time. Sucks because she can be milky (and Charls def too) but instead its endless spergouts about how ugly her name is and how she is actually black or something. Fully retarded.

No. 58370

Then he should go to /snow/. There's no reason to start up a non-jvlogger thing when anons already tried to bring him up because of Chris and it'll just turn into a bringing up old cows thing and start infighting again. The desperation to make a thread about this so soon after Jvlog got locked makes it clear anons want another thread to tinfoil and shit up. Make it, but it'll most likely be locked. He belongs in an existing thread in /snow/ if there is no thread where he fits already in /w/.

No. 58377

Anon's posting random moid porn >>>/w/298766

No. 58378

just to add that this is another thread with an apparent "i know the cow" or "i am the cow" that has happened on /w/ in the past few weeks. If this isn't proof of anons just shitposting under these guises, then I don't know what to tell the gullible anons.

No. 58380

Can anons not be allowed to shit up the tradthot thread with pissy declarations about how we all need to be lesbians? Because it reeks of lescel, as if women can't also be horrible and abusive in bi/les relationships. That this even needs to be said on lc of all places with some of the cows we have is astounding. Having a vagina doesn't mean you're entitled to another woman's, same way scrotes aren't entitled to us.

No. 58383

Saying this as a lesbian, our domestic abuse rate towards eachother is higher than 50%, which is higher than the tranny suicide attempt rate. It fucking annoys me when other women think that we're innocent angels and incapable of abuse or rape. We still commit statistically far less abuse than moids, but we have a more concentrated problem.

No. 58388

ayrt and I appreciate your response as a lesbian as well with an alcoholic ex girlfriend. I don't know if the anons who say this shit are teens who don't know their head from their arse, terminally online and never dated, or troons who think all lesbian relationships are cottagecore hyperfemme yuri anime shit. I am tired of it either way and those anons are derailing.

No. 58389

Lesbian second date - Uhaul rental office

No. 58395

I think the ones claiming we can't be abusive are the abusers and they're trying to shift the blame onto outside factors. They're also almost always GC, so they make people with genuine concerns over trannies look absolutely insane. Which honestly, isn't surprising. If you care so much about controlling other people, to the point you wish death on all who disagree you're either in a cult, suffer from untreated Cluster B, or an abuser yourself. So are we really shocked so many extremist radfems end up beating their girlfriends then saying it's impossible due to being a real woman? It's the same projections trannies do and I wish other lesbians didn't act so haughty when a portion of us are no better than a good chunk of troons.

No. 58400

I am once again asking why rampant personalityfagging is allowed. Some of the personalitychans uwu get banned but some never fucking do (like kirbyfag).

No. 58401

Kirbyfag is likeable. I agree that the dumbass shit thread was very severely derailed and is now unreadable for non-husbandofags and something should be done, but personality fagging itself is not explicitly against the rules. If they link their personality to real life information or online handles, and explicitly confirm it, that's breaking the rules, not personalityfagging itself.

No. 58402

The husbandofagging in that thread should've been done in the /g/ containment thread. I mean that's what it's there for. I wonder why anons don't wanna use that thread in these cases

No. 58403

Avatarfagging is against the rules, and people have been banned for personalityfagging too

No. 58405

File: 1685629690392.png (334.15 KB, 456x431, 1622153529857.png)

Cp spammer in /pt/

No. 58407

love this image nonna

No. 58408

personalityfaggibg defeats the putpose of anonymity and it falls under rule #4. and it's goddamn annoying, they always derail threads ith their autism and make everything abiut themsleves. kirbyfag has nice art or xhatever but she always announces that it's her, she might as well be namefagging.
also there's a billion husbandofagging threads in /m/ and /g/, it's annoying when people feel entitled to derail non specific threads wheb they already have their dedicated ones.

No. 58409

the dumbass shit thread doesn't have a topic to derail from to be fair

No. 58411

doesn't mean people want to read about kirby's penis

No. 58413

In Kirbyanon's headcanon, Kirby actually has a vagina. It's like a slit.

No. 58414

Who fucking cares oh my god, take your disgusting fetishes to your tumblr porn blogs

Why are rancefag etc banned but not kirbyfag?? Why do the rules not apply to her

No. 58416

In the bunkers she said she changes his sex depending on her mood since Kirby doesn't have an official one. She talked about him jackhammering in the husbando thread a few days ago.

No. 58417

no one asked. seriouly, it's gross. i get some pppl love kirbyfag bc of the art but the pornsick ramblings about a cute cartoon blob's genitals are disgusting and she posts them all iver the site. between that and the personalityfagginng it gets annoying

No. 58418

admins please promise you'll nuke any hint of personalityfagging in the next hellweek, this is getting fucking cancerous. i dont want to go back to old cgl tripfag attentionwhore faggotry

No. 58419

Now that there are more farmhands, we can have hellweek pretty soon right?

No. 58420

> get some pppl love kirbyfag bc of the art
Honestly the art's getting annoying too now. The art critique thread is full of her drawings (plus the autistic descriptions) and everyone licking her ass for drawing and sperging about fucking Kirby of all things. Knowing that she has headcanons of a round blob cartoon character's genitals is even worse.

No. 58421

The effina thread is full of racebaiting and samefagging, any possible milk is soured by jealous anons sperging about her being ugly and wishing to take poor uwu charls place

No. 58422

It's your fault for not getting your facts straight. Just think harder next time.

No. 58423

god forbid one should not be up to date in some autist's kirby dong lore

No. 58424

*pussy lore
Only dong sometimes

No. 58425

I like how normal /w/ is without jvlog, how milk should be.

No. 58426

"normal" milk sounds boring af

No. 58427


Okay jokes over time to unlock the Jvloggerz thread

No. 58428

It should be a bannable offense to respond to moids or engage in obvious bait.

No. 58429

It already is in /ot/, /2x/, and /g/ if memory serves

No. 58431

Then go gossip on discord

No. 58432

Spam in the Western Vocaloid thread >>>/w/195091

No. 58434

Scrote on the loose in /ot/

No. 58435

what discord? you keep mentioning this.

No. 58436

inflamed scrote on /ot/ it's been like an hour

No. 58437

Why are discord screenshots left up against a users consent but a random scrotes pics get deleted for him without him even asking

No. 58438

Discord is public with a public audience of whoever is involved, not a singular person to another. There is a difference. You have to be 18 to post here and you don't seem to be able to grasp this.

No. 58439

The pictures were posted to discord

No. 58440

he's still there

No. 58441

Retards are responding to obvious male with tumblr tier ”owns”

No. 58442

Is he the one spamming misogynistic slurs?

No. 58443

Yes and? If they're posted to a discord server with multiple people that can see it, nothing can stop them for saving the file and reposting it. There's no secret rule that states you're not allowed to share whatever is posted in a discord server.
Speaking of which, what discord server was it even? Some LC offshoot that appeared during Shaymin drama?

No. 58444

Oh sorry I misunderstood your og post, I thought you were pro deleting the moid pics. The pics in question were shared in a server that personalityfag japananon created for this drama, she postem him and her own face

No. 58447

Mods why do you leave all the "women whores" scrotoid posts up on /ot/, they're grim to look at. Banning isn't enough, delete all traces of ball sweat please. I'd rather look at photos of Clay than this, where are your priorities?

No. 58449

Yeah I don’t get why they are left up

No. 58450

Please, nuke the gaijin gyaru thread. It's nothing but underaged newfags/tiktards bumping the thread with petty vendettas and autism.

No. 58451

All cow threads should be nuked for vendetta tbh>>58450

No. 58452

>The pics in question were shared in a server that personalityfag japananon created for this drama, she postem him and her own face
Christ that's embarrassing, why are mods even protecting her at this point? Let her be a cow since she wants to be one

No. 58453

Seconding. It's been pure cancer for like the past 3 threads and it wasn't anything to write home about from the beginning.

No. 58454

Im assuming this isn't about the lori thread in w which had a revenge porn redtext due to an anon admitting this to the personal photo. Mods don't know when something is "public". Anons will say discord server, but we don't know that to be true. Revenge porn is against the law like cp. If it can't be reverse image checked, maybe don't post nudes as they aren't 'leaked' otherwise. Not the same as posting to twitter or a porn site like fapello.

No. 58455

It wasn't a nude, just a selfie of some random dude

No. 58456

File: 1685714024926.png (90.41 KB, 1437x672, ew.PNG)

Isn't this an update?

No. 58457

So not from the lori thread then

No. 58458

That's just anon unsaging random posted before porn of lori. That's not the same revenge porn post being discussed.

No. 58459

Yes, I am asking why this needed to be saged

No. 58460

Does this apply to moo's thread as well? or shayna's?

No. 58461


No. 58462

Admin mentioned shay and moo isnt spammed and its usually saged

No. 58463

Can we please get rid of the shayna thread. She never does anything milky. Making bad porn doesn't make her milky, she's been doing that for years. The belle delphine thread got locked when she is over 10 billion times more milky and relevant than shayna. Unlock belle thread or mods live upto your own standards and lock shaynas too.

No. 58464

Very obvious male troll in the 2X Blackpill thread, calling women whores

No. 58465

Faggots like you is exactly why belles thread got locked

No. 58466

Yes, this, please and thank you. It's honestly the worst thread on /w/ right now, and always has been.

No. 58467

think we're getting to a point where this is basically true for /w/, tbh. The only one who feels consistently milky is Pixielocks.

No. 58468

I think Western Vocaloid should be moved to /snow/ at this point. It's not even weeb stuff at this point. Vocaloid is too mainstream in the west and the western community is chock full of /snow/ tier cows. The only one worthy of /w/ at this point is Akiglancy, but she had her first bit of milk in years a few days ago.

No. 58469

I truly hope that’s a man, if not then it’s sad as shit

No. 58470

moid in /g/

No. 58471

I hate pickmes as much as anyone here, but it's honestly a drag when femcel rhetoric leaks into other threads unwarranted, i.e., a hetero woman mentions how content she is in her relationship only to get reamed by a screeching blackpiller-lite insisting that he's a lowkey pedo cheating scumbag and having a relationship with a man brings women down as a collective and therefore, she is a whore etc.,etc. Can we start implementing bans for that shit? It's honestly excessive, but again, i'm not going to complain when it's relevant to the thread/board and its discussion. Then you have those annoying performative newfag wannabe-blackpilled stacies popping up trying so hard to fit in, it just gets really obnoxious.

No. 58472

Belle wasn't milky. Anons trying to get her thread back need to just go past the milky posts in the hate threads, but they don't because random porn isn't milk. Also bringing up her old stunts when called out about this /=/ discussion or new milk.

No. 58473

This does nothing if you can't tag the said post.

No. 58474

You can say the same about shayna. Shaynas shitty porn isn't milk. Every tweet she makes isn't milk. Shayna smoking weed and going places with Ellen isn't milk. Bringing up shaynas old stunts isn't milk. Shaynas thread needs to be locked as well.

No. 58475

No one is stopping you from talking about Belle in the camgirls or OF thread.

No. 58477

I won't be surprised when belle gets manic and starts posting again, so inevitably someone here decides to start talking about belle in the cam girls thread (a thread she was shoe horned in, and never belonged in the first place since it's about pumpy sabrina and a handful of others in that circle) it will be a problem even though the discussion was suposedly moved there. People will complain because she doesn't belong there. Also, why was she moved to snow of all places if she's such a low value cow anyways? The whole handling of it was strange. Even here in meta any time someone rings her up it's a problem

No. 58478

Lmaoo, yet another triggered libfem mad that someone said her scrote is ugly

No. 58479

Honestly, the Belle situation was weird, and I do get the point about Shayna's thread being fairly similar. I do think Shayna specifically is milkier because she often responds to shit and creates drama, like her dogpiling on that faggy guy with the hairy shoulders she did a b/g scene with now that he is being cancelled. however I also agree that the best solution to the Belle thread was probably to just lock it. It was always full of WKs, nitpicks, scrotes begging for free content, that crazy edit anon (whatever their motivation was they were fucking nuts) and just loads of tinfoil about the very nature of /w/ and the mod there, which would spill over onto real /meta/ often too. I see it as not that she isn't milky, necessarily, but that her thread was just retarded and beyond salvation. She could be discussed in costhots, OF hoes, even probably Youtuber general. If her thread wasn't so full of deranged nonnies and pornsick scrotes, it would still exist. I definitely reported a lot of posts in her thread for being retarded (like the pedopanderer apologist who camped there) and I'm sure I wasn't alone. They even cited the report queue being so full of Belle shit as a reason to close it. I think sometimes a thread gets shut down NOT because of a lack of milk necessarily, but because it becomes such a nuisance to deal with.

No. 58480

The Belle addicted retards need to get a grip. Pretty sure they’re trying to derail/lock the Shayna thread with their autism. Shayna confirmed the age long necrotit tinfoil recently and might have a botched saga soon so fuck off with the no milk shit.

No. 58481

>People will complain because she doesn't belong there.
If they start complaining then go here: >>>/snow/1596608

No. 58482

>>58475 I don't want to see any other gross ewhores though. Makes no sense to lock Belles threads

No. 58483

But why is her discussion being moved to snow? She needs to be on the shitty weeb containment board where she came from. This is only going to fill up another thread and it's report queue. How will moving her discussion to snow stop the millions and gazillions of belle reports the mods have to absolutely suffer through day and night?

Belle is also engaging in shitty content with other sex workers that gets posted (most recently being an awkward threesome with some blonde porn star) yet that was shut down immedietly as scrote posting free porn?? however for some reason 100+ threads of shaynas shitty porn escapades are allowed? You talk about belles tinfoilers like shayna hasnt had the titspergs and vaginaspergs, the titspergs are tinfoiling about her recovery right now kek.And again you call the anons who talk about belle deranged, like we don't have 100+ threads on shayna and a /shay/ containment board; a low tier sex worker that hardly anyone outside of lolcow knows… Yet majority of teens and adults know who belle delphine is, to the point of her having a slew of belle skin walkers.

No. 58484


No. 58485

I get it anon, but like I said, sometimes a thread is untenable not because of the lack of milk or whatever, but because it just fills the report queue and makes more mod work than it is worth. Agree or disagree but that is basically the reason they gave for locking Belle's thread. It was generating too many reports, pretty much the same as jvlog. Shay threads may be retarded but I bet they get less reports because anons don' infight in them nearly as much. Everyone agrees Shay is a disgusting fat retard kek

No. 58486

>because anons don't infight in them nearly as much
>she doesn't remember the ass eating debate

No. 58487

kek oh god nona you're giving me PTSD, at least that got it's own containment thread in /shay/ though…

No. 58488

i wish the "luna" theme could be improved, you can't see the links at all!
that said i'm so happy and grateful it's even there kek. i like the overall color scheme and such but there's room for improvement

No. 58490

The word filter we have prevents the post from being made at all and is used to counteract spam. Any ban you see is manual.

That was a mistake, sorry anon. The ban has been removed.

Due to Taylor’s history, we will keep her thread open. Sitewide rules still apply.

The post you tagged was from a female poster frustrated about the personalityfagging going on in /ot/. Continue to report misogynistic comments, staff have been notified to keep an eye out for Kiwi scrotes in vent.

Bans have been issued.

Innocent post history. Do you have links to namefagging posts from 4chan that contain this image?

We just reviewed applications yesterday so we’ll be reaching out today or tomorrow! Leaving a Discord is not required.

Please report these posts, they fall under our derailing and potentially infighting rules.

Personalityfagging is usually benign, but it can get out of hand. Derailing is still against the rules. We’ll consider a different approach during Hellweek.

Hellweek incoming! Dates will be announced…soon. Sorry it’s taking so long. We are just getting our new staff ready.

Post-Leftcows is on thread 42, which is active as of today. There was a Post-Leftcows OP that was shit and so was deleted.

We’ll consider closing Gaijin Gyarus, but it doesn’t generate nearly as many reports as jvlog or Belle’s threads. We’re open to feedback on this.

Would you please email the gifs that failed to resize to administration@lolcow.farm? We tried uploading a few gifs on the site and met no issues.

No. 58493

She's not exclusively a cosplayer, so no, she doesnt have to be in /w/. Her content isn't geared towards Japan, she doesn't live in Japan, shes a sometimes-cosplays porn thot. The fact that you're making up problems in threads about things that haven't even happened shows that maybe Belle should try being in /snow/. Signs more like your concern is that the anons over there won't spam up the thread with shit takes like they did in /w/. If you want a place to completely have free reign to nitpick porn that is 10% cosplay out of everything she produces, then maybe lolcow isn't for you.

No. 58494

Necro belle thread from the anon who spams "poopy" most likely

No. 58495

No. 58496

She started the e girl trend. She not only started out cosplaying but still does cosplay pretty often to this day. She just cosplayed fucking Chris chan and some anime characters recently(I don't know their names) W is for this type of autism and snow is for the better cows.. only a newfag wouldnt know this. It doesn't make sense to lock her thread for "mass reports in the queue log" as if moving it from a containment board to snow is going to magically stop that. If anything it will only give the snow farmhand more shit to moderate. Maybe the mod on w just can't handle it all however I do think she should go back to the original thread from which she came, the costhot thread. Most people on snow would not welcome her discussion there

No. 58497

We know too that the editor sperg is in Venus's thread too. They tried to give her a pregnant belly in a few photos, just making Venus fatter, causing some anons to question is she was pregnant. It's /w/ anons who are mad they can't have uguu fun tinfoiling and making edits to laugh at. Its just moid behavior without them exclusively being so. If anons want to make edits and shit for giggles, /w/ isn't it. It's for milk, not edits and tinfoils which is all they want to do, repeatedly. Look at the jvlog thread which we've had confirmed ip hopping redtexts from the belle thread specifically redtexted. It's just a juvenile group of discord weebs taking turns.

No. 58498

And egirls are in /snow/. You're welcome. Have an idea you're the belle necro sperg, her thread is dead and hopefully all old ones get locked. Go to /snow/ already. Jvlog and Belle are gone and it's because of anons like you who can't stay on topic and think being told to do so is "bad moderation with inside whiteknights".

No. 58499

W has always been a containment board. There would be no threads on w if they were moderated like this. Do you forget the absolute shit show in Dakotas thread? Lori's thread? Venus?? Anons just copped bans, threads didn't get locked and then moved to an irrelevant thread on snow of all places?? Like really, what relation does belle have to pumpy or sabrina? The new mod team really are newfags.

No. 58500

Anons treat threads like chatrooms on /w/. A containment board doesn't mean you don't have to follow posting rules and etiquette.

No. 58502

Based. Just look at the gajin gyaru thread. It's an unintegrated chat room that would be better suited to /ot/ at this point.

No. 58503

It's easy to tell the purposeful derailing anons from real posters. Tbh, real posters are usually label headed. Other anons act like TMZ moids.

No. 58505

There's a scrote who literally admitted it himself in the Vent thread. This is him: >>>/ot/1595497
He quickly deleted his previous post after a couple dumbasses kindly let him know he's not allowed to post, someone posted a screenshot of it though: >>>/ot/1595501

No. 58506

Does he admit to being a scrote, some girls do like holo live and vtubers. Says that he doxxed himself, is that how anons knew? Did he add an email or something?

No. 58507

nta but did you not see the part that says "t. simp moid"

No. 58508

Staff has decided that the costhot thread is a better home for Belle, if she ever does anything milky again. Please keep that in mind when posting about her in the future!

No. 58511

Totally forgot that thread existed, thank you!

No. 58512

god please stop with your ip-hopping ban evading nitpicking shitpost tinfoils. anons would praise the goddesses of lolcow never to read one of your aggressive word salad posts again. If you hate it here so much, leave. Your claims are baseless and just because you screamed and reeed until the jvlogger thread got locked doesn't mean you are some hero of LC. You. are. the. problem.

And you are honestly probably the source of most baseless reports in /w/.

No. 58513

Mentioning redtexts that exist aren't tinfoils. Calm down.

No. 58515

File: 1685777777714.jpeg (96.23 KB, 1125x964, IMG_4347.jpeg)

I love this kek

No. 58520

I just put all your favorite phrases in one post, you know, like that dumb "have a phone conversation using your dog's favorite words" meme video thing

No. 58521

>baseless reports in /w/
/w/ is an absolute shit show I'd say 90% of the reports are based in something kek

No. 58525

>our domestic abuse rate towards eachother is higher than 50%
This is a myth. I don't want to derail the thread, but it's talked about on /2X/ every so often.

No. 58535

Yet anon wasnt replying to themselves, so more anons agree than you realize

No. 58542

File: 1685808438685.jpeg (114.28 KB, 734x1243, 330154DB-C3DB-4FD6-9965-D65AD5…)

This pic hasn’t been posted before, so I was curious about the redtext. All her leaked OF content is her wearing the same outfits she posts in instagram, so the pics may look similar, but different content / different platform. Granted, Lori is an old cow and the milk is stale, but it’s still new content and thus should not be saged?
Checking my understanding more than anything.

No. 58543

Random porn isn't milk, even if its a new photo.

No. 58545

Neither of those things apply to me. I am, however, fed up of the femcels here and the way they insist on intimidating and browbeating other women into joining their ranks as if their limited world view is the be-all-end-all ultimate truth. It's not healthy and it's not going to effectively fight the patriarchy if we're living day to day snapping at each other like paranoid, rabid dogs, suspicious of everyone except those in our cultivated little hivemind packs which allow for no nuance or individuality, lashing out with teeth gnashing at all in our path. Being terribly nasty isn't going to effectively sway anyone to the cause, albeit misery does love company. It seems to work on those without a backbone or those whom are eager to please some anonymous keyboard stacies whom they'll never have a meaningful interaction with, after which they move on to aggressive/doomer posturing in other threads because of a desire to appease others here which, woman or not, is not very feminist in any context imo. Although again, if they want to keep that to certain boards, that's up to them. I just think it has no place coming out of the blue when uncalled for. I.e., someone saying they're happy with their hetero relationship and another coming out of the woodwork to try and convert them to taking the blackpill. Let people find it on their own and decide, at least.

No. 58546

yeah yeah let's change the entire imageboard culture for one autist. sure

No. 58547

The type of anon referred to in that wall of text cancered up the culture to begin with. Most of us don't give a shit about some anon's Nigel, and aren't schizophrenic enough to go on a tirade in /ot/ at the mere mention of a moid in a positive light.

No. 58548

AYRT, why the fuck would I read 2X when every single post there makes me want to infight?

No. 58550

ntayrt but i think she means this
the abuse rates have been debunked in the lesbian threads on /g/ too

No. 58551

moid in the pride thread in /ot/

No. 58552

Thank you mods!

No. 58553

He's back again in the pride thread on /ot/ I also have a hunch he may be in other threads such as the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 58555

Funnily enough, I believed those statistics because of an admitted serial rapist on Radblr taking pride in raping two women also on Radblr, repeatedly, in a relationship. I apologize for not looking further into it, but the point still stands that that's a major problem, albeit not as talked about.
Also speaking of troons, Trumpkun is shitting up unpopular opinions >>>/ot/1596257 because another anon brought up trannies.

No. 58556

He's in the stupid questions thread too

No. 58557

Doubleposting, and in the dumbass shit thread

No. 58560

i have a feeling he's behind some of the faggiest comments in /w/ bc they have the exact same typing style with the same use of the return key

No. 58563

He's back in /ot/

No. 58565

NTA, but I have to say, the idea that separating your sentences or ideas is somehow a way to say who is who makes no sense. Anons trying to weed out other anons based on such a vague way of typing on another level.

No. 58568

Fujocoomer posting shota

No. 58569

That's not a shota at all. Just because he's smaller than the other guy?

No. 58570

File: 1685871350973.png (117.26 KB, 595x872, c.png)

as I posted this in the other thread, are you really gonan argue this doesn't look like a child.

No. 58571

Go to another site if you're so desperate to discuss them. There's a jvlogger thread on guru gossip.

No. 58572

That's not the image you linked. But no I don't think that looks like a prepubescent boy either. Mods agree, otherwise it would have been deleted. You should reevaluate what a shota is and looks like.

No. 58574

Whats the point of the pride thread when it's basically just the MtF thread?

No. 58576

What's up with the random racebait happening more frequently. I just wanted to say that I feel like it's kiwiscrotes and that I do not like those filthy chYmps on my mongolian basket weaving forum.

No. 58577

I wish anons would stop blaming other places like reddit and kiwi and pull when a lot of our farmers are just as aggressive in behavior and troll just as much.

No. 58578

Nta but there wasn't as much of it happening in a short amount of time, that's what makes it more unusual imo. Plus one of those posters admitted to being male last night in unpopular opinions.

No. 58580

File: 1685901166161.png (32.41 KB, 275x274, 1660121175637.png)

I just saw cp. Idk which board because I saw it on the homepage. Please be careful, and if you see it report it.

No. 58583

Ok so I have some Chris & Sharla milk what am I supposed to do with it? Are they just dead to this site now?

No. 58584

post it on thread requests and if it's milky enough we can reopen it but until that's the case it'll stay closed.

No. 58586

I’m sure this is just bait.

No. 58587

Better be milky and not some stupid shit that you wish was milky.

No. 58588

Nta, but is that the only thread request we have, the thread on /pt/?

No. 58592

It's the Twitter sperg who thinks that elon musk is milky. Retard needs to stay on reddit and stop trying to contact and instigate the cows on twitter by constantly @ing them and hoping to start infights to post, but most of them have the idiot blocked, so they are throwing fists to the wind and trying to trash any friends they can find and harassing them too. Elon musk is not milk. No1currs about the elon musk smoking poster. Its a fucking meme and anon needs to stop acting like that's legit milk when it isn't. That twitter poster has also been trying to doxx the hell out of them and using tiktok too. Its unhinged. They don't need a thread at all when it comes down to the posters doing this outside of lolcow. Its begging for manufactured milk.

No. 58595

File: 1685938521450.jpg (55.9 KB, 1080x506, Screenshot_20230604_211411_Twi…)

Even the twitter anon is being told that they need therapy in their attempts to force milk.

Mods/Admin, we know this twitter user is a poster, they've already self posted several times. The whole thread is basically compromised. Anon is even tagging their tweets with #revengeporn

No. 58596

Anorectal spam is back on /ot/

No. 58597

happens every night, just report and it gets taken down

No. 58598

That’s where that thread has always been..

No. 58599

I wonder if there's a way to implement a spam filter that prevents the images and/or filenames he uses from being posted. seems like it's always the same images and filenames

No. 58600

So if it does happen every night… Why no IP ban, why no mods on duty at the time?

No. 58601

ip bans don't work, they are extremely easy to avoid currently. admin would need to implement new banning methods similar to 4chan ie banning vpn ip ranges and mobile ip ranges or finding a way to do mac address/device bans (these can't be avoided even while using vpns and proxies iirc).

No. 58602

File: 1685978164630.jpg (242.34 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20230605_081407_Twi…)

Wanted to add that this farmer has been attempting to dox them and now keeps on going about how they used 4chan behind the scenes to track a vpn as if they are a mod and can check random IPs?? Anon thinks they are some hacker, really up the aisle with the cup sperging anons and probably one of them tbh.

Anon, I'm sure you're reading this, but if you have to try to find where they live just to post it, that is doxxing. Using the area around them and then posting addresses, that's doxxing on your part. Just existing isn't the cow doxxing themselves. Honestly hope Jvlog never comes back.

No. 58603

File: 1685978395369.jpg (103.04 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20230605_081850_Twi…)

Also saying they can track a VPN is so embarrassing. This is the "milk" that anon is trying to pass off as real milk. Just a quick breakdown so mods can see its not worth having the thread back.

No. 58605

Anon the twittersperg is an unhinged lunatic, don’t give them the attention they crave!!

No. 58606

Why is Amanda's thread still on autoage? Admin says here >>56287 that it was taken off autosage but it hasn't been yet.

No. 58607

I can't post screenshots of the Red texts right now, but if jannies are going to ban people for not saging in the Celebricow thread, then you need to actually make it clear that that's a rule for that thread. It's an /ot/ thread and that wasn't even a bannable offense in that thread until recently. Please either add it to the rules page or edit the OP of the thread. The only warning that was given was one post a bunch of threads back by a farmhand saying to sage for non-milky posts.

Not to mention that unsaged, no milk posts don't always get redtexts so it seems to be an inconsistent rule anyway.

No. 58608

dear god in heaven, can jvlog anons just stop fucking talking about it, why has /meta/ became the jvlog thread? The subject is closed. No more complaining, period, don't talk about what is or isn't milk here, it's dumb. Let the mods decide. Keep the twitter shit on Twitter. Who are you all arguing with now, the thread is locked. I never want to read about jvloggers again!

No. 58610

Is the sage non-milk rule in Celebricows new?
Because one time I reported a non-saged non-milk post in Celebricows and I got a ban with a message like "you don't sage in ot" for my report.

No. 58611

There really needs to be an official consensus on this from farmhands/admin, to clear this issue up once and for all.

No. 58612

Calm down, anon. Anon didn't even post in thread requests and another anon is just posting why it shouldn't come back which is a complaint with proof added. If you don't like this thread, you don't need to interact with it.

No. 58613

Than you for locking every belle thread, might want to do it with jvlog too

No. 58615

I don't think you need to sage in ot(its a non milk board)but since the admin told that there are new farmhands so it could be that they misunderstood what sage is

No. 58616

wild how sperging here about things not even posted on LC is allowed. You (maybe plural) need to calm down and stop leaving diarrhea reeeeing all over /meta/ to preemptively prevent any potential return of jvlog. You got what you wanted now stfu

No. 58618

I also did that once and got banned, learned my lesson and now it’s the opposite.

No. 58619

Well what kinds of newfags did they choose as jannies if they wouldn’t know what saging is?

No. 58620

Hi Cerbmin, could you please implement a thread watcher function when you make the new site? It would be so handy!

No. 58621

Agreed. I was under the impression sageing is unnecessary in /ot/ except for celebrity cows which functions like any other milk thread, but now I'm not so sure about the exception.

No. 58622

Open tabs..

No. 58623

A missing/closed thread isn't going to kill you, anon.

No. 58624

No. 58625

sainte the ban evading pedophile tranny cow is in the lolita thread posting some weird meme he made with a loli character

No. 58626

Cp on front page

No. 58627

Infighting in the bp thread (like usual)

No. 58628

nta but why is anyone here bringing up stuff not even posted on lolcow? that's crazy behavior, the Twitter screenshots for ex.

No. 58630

Because anons have been doing that

No. 58631

NTA, again, but doing what? i dont want to carry on arguing about a closed thread. It is closed - if someone has milk, mods have said maybe it can be reopened. In the mean time it seems very silly to post things about what people are saying about those cows on Twitter, whether the twitter person is a suspected nona or not. The thread is closed, no milk, no discussion. I mean, take it to /ot/ Twitter hate thread, I guess?

No. 58633

Why is the Jvlogger thread locked? What happened while I was gone? I don't get it. I want to discuss Jvloggers and ex-Jvloggers.

No. 58636

Go to guru gossip then

No. 58637

File: 1686135905163.jpg (32.83 KB, 509x339, 1651860239724.jpg)

CP in /pt/

No. 58642

Bait and/or Tuna self posting in her thread again

No. 58652

the TIF retard is personalityfagging all over /ot/ but especially the pride thread

No. 58655

File: 1686190763809.jpg (73.55 KB, 1080x584, Poopyanon.jpg)

Because the poopy anons keep interacting for milk and the thread will never come back at this rate, literally can clock them

No. 58656

can you stop posting fucking twitter screenshots here

No. 58657

Scrote or that ftm that larps as an incel baiting in the male jealousy thread.

No. 58658

racebait in ot

No. 58659

random spamming racebaiter in off topic

No. 58660

File: 1686229187294.png (18.67 KB, 712x625, 1656543986293.png)

Moid in pride thread and other threads talking about nigger poop and lesbian pedophiles (projecting his fetishes)

No. 58661

I think it's the rita tranny who was in the thread earlier because it defends trannies as well.

No. 58663

Samefag, trannys continue to prove that the retards who seethe about the 'feminazis' are the ones who create and push transgenderism, and become trancels.

No. 58665

Celebricows is the only thread in /ot/ where saging non-milk is required. The OP has been edited to reflect that and all OPs going forward should include it. I apologize for any bans that have contradicted this, we will see who made them and make sure they’re informed.

No. 58666

it was a different tranny, or just the moid who was spamming it since before she got there, as well as spamming several other /ot/ threads, the typing style doesn't match and she also never says that kind of bullshit.

No. 58681

anorectal violence guy in /ot/ again

No. 58682

Retard baiting trying to infight in pride thread.

No. 58683

pretty sure it's a samefag too, a lot of the bait posts have identical reddit spacing

No. 58699

File: 1686330840063.jpg (123.39 KB, 1139x1080, 1656146768106.jpg)

Cp in vtuber thread

No. 58700

bored male

No. 58702

The lolita lolcow thread is being derailed by someone posting random nonmilky people to deflect from a cow being talked about, would mods mind cleaning up a little bit?

No. 58703

it's been constant derailment attempts ever since the isha incel drama started

No. 58704

i wish farmhands made a thread for crapperchan like they did with rita

No. 58705

I think there's a baiting scrote or tranny in the lolita thread, claiming this is an incel website and that all women who enjoy wearing lolita are femcels so it should be banned from lolcow

No. 58709

I wonder if Nik knows his nudes get posted here from time to time.

No. 58710

Tranny in mtf thread reeing about the threads existence and hating troons.

No. 58711

You know what spamming it's nikocado fap folder in ot.

No. 58715

We don’t like troons here either tf

No. 58717

what seems to be the same retard as yesterday is still trying to minimod/milk police and bait infighting again today, I don't know if they're ban evading or it was a short ban

No. 58718

Can we ban pakichan already I'm also a anon in pakistan but her personality fagging is getting annoying now even to us pakis. She keeps derailing threads.

No. 58719

we ban her every time we see her. She ban evades constantly. please just report her as 'pakichan' when you see it and we'll do our best.

No. 58726

Saying many women are average without makeup is not "acting like a man" It's just a true statement.

No. 58727

Did he pick you yet, Sage your shit femcel

No. 58729

Really anons gotta stop with the queen bee attitude. The blantant whiteknight spergs who will claim and infight over whiteknights because anons don't agree with them is going to get the Venus thread shut down too with this derailing just like they did the jvlog and belle threads. Wasn't screeching about WKs bannable due to derailing anyway. If anons can't handle different opinions that aren't whiteknighting a cow, maybe they need to leave and try somewhere more drone-like, like reddit.


No. 58730

Kys wk(alogging)

No. 58742

Could the kiko thread be un perma-saged? She's back in seattle ripping people off, doing at home percings fake djing and getting art spaces shut down. The schizo spammer is gone.


No. 58743

I don't even care there's no Jvlogger thread anymore.

No. 58744

can "sage your shit" be banned in the non-cow boards (except the celebricows threads because those are technically milk threads)? it's not at all constructive, it's a low quality response (remember rule 4) that anons shit out when they have no good way to respond to a post they don't like but can't just not respond to it

No. 58745

The word whiteknight is overused yeah but there was definitely a bunch of Chris and Sharla fans in the jvlog thread. It's not about having a different opinion, that thread was rampant with double standards and it was clear that some anons didn't like there being any negative discussion about them. Claiming that a cows old milk is fake facts and exaggerated and that a discussion about their association with shitty people is vendetta posting, and saying that a cow didn't lie to their fans about not knowing the shitty nature of a person that they hung out with and helped despite being warned about it multiple times, was whiteknighting.
Same. That thread became an absolute mess.

No. 58746

Now that I think further it should be banned completely. even in cow threads it's better to just report unsaged non-milk rather than wasting thread posts bringing attention to it.

No. 58748

retard posting misogynistic bait in /ot/

No. 58749

No1currs about jvlog

No. 58755

just strictly on levels of mass delusion and denial of actual facts,
Chris & Sharla fans = Trump supporters(derailing)

No. 58756

Da fuk? Mods how is this derailing when there was a whole novel written above saying the same thing? JFC you people

No. 58758

Mods, the jvlog thread needs to stay locked for months, you can still feel the simps and autists lingering around waiting on the edge of their seats for it to open kek. Needs time to shake them off and chris reddit scrotes that it collected over years.

No. 58759

Probably because were anonymous and farmhands can see the IP/device data of posts. They don't redtext every post but that anon was probably involved in above before coping the ban.

No. 58761

Kek hell yes, lock it down for as long as it takes, it is crazy how it keeps getting brought up in /meta/, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Some say if you listen close in the quiet night you can still hear the wind calling, “same cup”, “Santorini”, “IP-hopping redtext”, and “Norm”…

No. 58762

tranny seething and malding in the vent thread in /ot/

No. 58763

Tranny posting bait reeing about terfs in tik tok thread.

No. 58764

I see it is still here then. It is also seething in the tik tok thread about posting about trannies online justifying moids sexual harassment. Excusing sexual harassment is par for the course for the troons.

No. 58765

lots of blogging in the /snow/ spicy straight thread

No. 58766

fucking retarded anon thinks she's so clever kek

No. 58768

cp in /snow/

No. 58769

cp in m
vtuber thread.

No. 58770

if you see it and it's not taken down quickly please spam report it with 'CP' or 'CSAM' in the report reason so we catch it right away.

No. 58774

File: 1686681547466.jpg (50.7 KB, 750x500, 2023ultras.jpg)

since there's nowhere else to put this now(ok?)

No. 58775

If this is for a youtuber or something put it in youtuber general thread instead of being weird in meta about it

No. 58776

uhhhh Hinskens is Sharla's last name is that what this is?

No. 58779

File: 1686707835933.png (108.73 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20230614-025148.png)

The exact same image that's on the jewel women's center website kek.

No. 58780

They will never have a thread again. They keep worsening their case.

No. 58781

>Sexual Issues/Trauma Thread >>>/g/335170
>for anyone dealing with sexual problems that may or may not stem from sexual trauma. no active thread specifically for this topic. a place to vent and/or discuss, to feel less alone in these struggle
The above thread is redundant as there is already a pre-existing thread, such as below that deals with this topic along with the sex advice thread. The last activity from the older thread is from three months ago.
>Sexual abuse and more >>>/g/48533
>Please feel free to vent or ask for advice in this thread pertaining to sexual abuse or harassment, etc

No. 58783

weird, why is Sharla's ultrasound on that random website?

Congrats to Sharla btw

No. 58784

>>>/ot/1606062 Analrectal violence back again

No. 58786

infighting in the moomin thread on /m/

No. 58787

I reported hours ago, apparently nothing happened

No. 58788

I saw the thread, not really infighting, just a minor disagreement

No. 58789

File: 1686719912998.jpeg (39.98 KB, 750x492, CA5B650A-394A-42FD-8CA3-4BABCC…)

totally normal and civil disagreement right there huh?

No. 58790

Wow, Europeans don't play about moomin.

No. 58791

Samefag, I just read the whole thing back and holy autism

No. 58792

Scrote-bait on /ot/

No. 58794

I think it's the usual case of when people grew up with something that is multiple generations old and have multi-generational memories about it, and then noobs jump on some weird trending bandwagon and don't realize they don't know what they're talking about because they just discovered it. Oil and water.

No. 58795

You guys should link the posts, they can get to them faster.

No. 58796

specifically it was one sensitivo anon who was offended that the moomin comic had a joke about suicide. a comic from a culture with very different attitudes about death and suicide from the 1950s had a lighthearted joke that offended the 2023 anon and she had to reeeee about it.

No. 58798

it wasn't kids media. it was also the 1950s. in the mid-century "kids media" was also full of racism, murder, etc.
the anon in question was/is a sheltered ignoramus, and typical of sheltered ignoramuses, couldn't keep her narrow opinions to herself, that is all that happened.

No. 58799

The whole thing started just from an anon saying they were surprised something like that was in kids media. It was a super spergy and way overblown reaction to something that wasn't even critical to moomins imo, but that's lolcow for you. The "you're sensitive" stuff was actually funny when I read how tame the OP was and how aggressive and spergy the responses were kek.

No. 58802

Hello Jannies, can someone please quell the retarded Twitterists infighting in the Celebricows thread right now? Thank you

No. 58803

Can a farmhand remind peolz in the spucy straight /snow/ thread that it's supposed to be a milk thread for laughing at people, not a space to talk about their sex lives? some anons just won't stop fucking blogging >>>/snow/1846711

No. 58805

Some retards are shitting up the vent and unpopular opinions’ threads with unnecessarily angry responses.

No. 58806

During the next hellweek, should reddit spacing get banned too? It's relentless lately.

No. 58808

admins will have to ban themselves then kek >>56419

No. 58809

The spacing really isn't an issue IMO. Just sounds like anons wanting to try to say people are from reddit when reddit isn't even the only site to format typing like that.

No. 58810

NTAYRT but you have to be strict so it doesn't become the norm. It's in img board culture that you type like you're in a image board, that includes spacing. But then I'm one of those people who care that kek is being replaced with lol.

No. 58811

It's not the norm and most likely won't become the norm.

No. 58813

File: 1686851087266.png (48.7 KB, 1375x369, Screenshot.png)

Why was nonna rejected from farmhand applications, I mean I don't know what details she gave but she sounds passionate

No. 58814

Have you ever seen really old (pre 2010) screencaps of 4chan threads? People already used that kind of spacing then. There is no single "imageboard spacing". I doubt most of the (female) newfags come from Reddit. "Reddit spacing" is not a problem here and more than one person on the site does it. Just because it annoys you doesn't mean anything about the other person. I hate posts that are typed in all lowercase but I'm not going to ask that to be banned too

No. 58815

It should but only if the farmhands understand the difference between reddit spacing and using paragraphs.

No. 58817

Anons keep trying to bring up the family of cows in the lolita thread. Can a farmhand tell them to stop trying to find a ways to shoehorn in these cows parents? I have a feeling it's some of the same anons who got in trouble a few days ago for trying to derail the alt thread about family members too. If she's not milky, don't try to make the thread about parents with the weakest milk possible. I stg, the jvlog anons just rotated to other threads to shitpost in.

No. 58818

She might be a total weirdo, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes

No. 58820

wasn't kek also hated at first because of the wow newfags?

No. 58822

CP on /pt/

No. 58823

could nonas say which thread so we know which one to avoid

No. 58824

File: 1686941323672.png (6.3 KB, 586x129, _ot_ - Vent Thread #178.png)

This isn't my ban but wtf? First we can't tell trannies to die, now this. We have to be nice to fucking pedos, the absolute bottom of the barrel scum of all things?

No. 58826

Just went to check the thread because this surprised me too. The ban was deserved, the ayrt wasn't even a pedo

No. 58827

Wasn't the other poster defending loli/shotacons? well it seems like they're both banned in the later replies so whatever

No. 58831

This is also infighting.

No. 58835

Redtext bans aren't working.
I'm a sad cunt who's not moved from her bed kek and I don't use a VPN so it's not intentional ban evading.
I posted to a thread I frequent then scrolled back up to read what I had missed, and saw redtext on one of mine. There was no pop up saying I'm banned/ there's an expired ban. Other than the redtext I'd have no idea

No. 58836

Post the link to the post

No. 58837

Scrote looking for a girlfriend that likes lolicon. This guy as been posting here for years in search of his bisexual, straight or even lesbian girl (biological female) girlfriend.

No. 58838

Just checked the post again and I see that he got banned less then 5 minutes since I reported him, incredible timing. Good Job!

No. 58839

why don’t scrote posts just straight up get deleted? And I’m talking text posts, obviously gore/cp images get deleted but I don’t want their stupid text posts to stay up either, what is the reason.

No. 58840

I'm wondering the same thing. If their post is really annoying and takes up too much space on the screen they should be deleted imo

No. 58841

their posts really should be deleted, leaving them up only encourages scrotes to come back and check for replies/shit the place up even more

No. 58842

Why is his post left up? It's disturbing to see and is just a calling card to connect pedophiles. Banning him doesn't stop pedophiles meeting through his post and if his post is left up it just encourages him to do it again. I don't normally care about scrote posts being deleted in general but this seems really weird.

No. 58844

Can we stop defending pedophiles on Venus's thread?! First Manaki and still anons are defending, probably bait, a man who asked his ex and then Venus to touch his son. That's why he doesn't have custody, the wife does. This is disgusting and I'm tired of seeing anons grandstand for a pedophile. I know Japan doesn't give a fuck about child abuse like this, but that doesn't mean defending these sickos is what the thread is for. We have fucking proof of this.

No. 58845

Anons need serious mental help if they keep defending Margo, Manaki, and Ken. There's a reason Ken is hardly around his kid.

No. 58847

Malware link site on /ot/

No. 58849

Ken is a sleazy, greasy old scrotoid with gross kinks but there's no proof of him being a pedo besides what's Venus wrote on Insta (and we know she lies a lot…Guys! I jumped in front of a bus uwu)
Also, there's no such thing as shared custody in Japan and we don't even know if he really has children or not so it's just tinfoil and speculations at this point.

The Manaki/Ken WK is annoying af, I agree, but it's better to not engage with them at all and report their posts instead of shitting up the thread with more derailing/infighting. Just my two cents, nonna, not trying to antagonize you.

No. 58850

Him not even defending himself after she did that says a lot.

No. 58852

please post the link to the post/thread or report it as 'malware link'.

No. 58853

I understand the sensitive subject but please remember that venus lies a lot about a lot of things like her claiming mana was abusive/groped girls/pedo. Until we have 100% proof that so and so is a pedo don't blindly believe whatever venus says. So with that in mind, please stop rehashing 'is he or is he not' discussions as it's not new and just shitting up the thread. Various oldfag nonas have different opinions on it and that is fine. Just accept it and move on.
basically this. Over the top wking of mana/ken is reportable and we'll do what we can. But having a different opinion on it is fine as long as you don't continue to derail/infight.
Not really. Japanese culture is very different in 'call outs' and 'cancelling' and 'defending' things than NA. A lot of people would rather ignore it and sweep it under the rug and pretend it was never said at all. I feel like even non weeb nonas know that the culture is very anti-confrontational.

No. 58854

sorry idk where else to ask this but pls make the “search” button easier to access in mobile

No. 58857

Use the find feature on your web browser. It's not that hard. You can even Google using the weird lolcow and whatever thread you are trying to find.

No. 58858

File: 1687135185709.gif (1.15 MB, 498x498, pls.gif)

Can there be a new rule or something to only have fujo discussion on the designated threads? (fujo thread in /m/ fujo cringe in /ot/ and the ftm thread on /snow/)
>inb4 "b-but the fujo thread it's not a containment thread!" and "fujos are degenerates reeeeeeee"
I mean there's always arguments across all the boards and threads to discuss fujoism and how it's gross/based when no one really cares. except the spergs who are obsessed with defending/shitting on yaoi.
Also kind of not related to the previous stuff but we also need anons to be banned from threads that are dedicated to shit on something if they derail and sperg about others opinions, if you're in a thread about, idk shitting on beans there's always some dumbass discussion
>green beans are fucking gross
>noOOOooO! why are you saying that they're sooo nutritious and tasty, i like them and you're stupid!
i swear anons can't contain their autism to defend, explain and whiteknight their favorite anything in unrelated threads or threads to shit on the things they like, it's annoying.
lolcow is more fun when people don't sperg over yaoi, trannys, whiteknigting and take moid bait

No. 58859

No. 58860

No. 58861

Anorectal retard in /ot/ >>>/ot/1611586
also some retarded emailfag is spamming the commentary cows thread >>>/snow/1848960

No. 58867

I don't even read Venus's threads anymore but Manaki started dating Venus when she was 17 and married her when she was 18. Manaki was 23(?) when they started dating. It's not proof of him being a pedophile but he had been interested in her from a much younger age, and she acted like a child. It's not the best look for him. She admitted lying about him groping girls as a joke, and how should we know about whether he abused her or not? Venus is no angel but I think overdefending Manaki is also dumb. Especially if the point is to defend Ken, who never denied what Venus said about him and his child, and Venus never took it back either.

just my (polite) two cents: going overboard in demanding proof for things is going to kill discussion and the board itself. Even when anons have posted proof in the past, it's often ridiculed or WKed into oblivion and then reported as derailing. There has to be some grey area for speculation as well. Ken deserves no protection or mercy IMHO, he's a fucking creep.

No. 58868

You know what is going to kill the board? Baseless accusations and conspiracies. Tinfoil theories are against the rules.
Of course people ask for proof. You bring up some very serious accusations. And not to mention that if we spread lies, Venus and her fans will dismiss the "haters" as just a bunch of liars.

No. 58870

My issue is that you can't even criticize Manaki, Margo, or Ken without someone chiming in to try to start an infight by defending any of the 3. Anons need to stop defending them. Literally the only victim in the thread is Venus out of the 4 of them all, but that also doesn't negate the shit she has done which anons think other anons are trying to do. Everyone can be shitty. Also I agree with you on the not denying thing. Ken flipped out about other things and said she was a liar, but never, ever this, even years later. You'd think he'd defending not being a pedo over the other posts about Venus he's made.

No. 58873

can we get a thread for climate movement grifters/cows? i don't think they fit in postleftcows or breadtube

No. 58875

When are you finally going to remove the porn-y banners which was promised months ago????

No. 58876

Be that as it may if people have posted proof in the past it's just spoonfeeding, which is against the rules as well. And idk how to tell you this anon but this board has never been concerned with our perception pertaining to the cow's fans kek. This isn't pull, we're just here to gawk at sideshow attractions.

No. 58880

Like we have proof of Manaki admitted to following her since she was 13. This has been discussed, its not even baseless accusations. If you don't want to read threads to get the info, don't go around complaining about accusations.

No. 58881

Can the former farmhand in the scumbags thread who doxxed Niamh's IP be permabanned? She's extremely autistic and annoying, posts way too much and makes her posts extremely obvious, even announces herself each thread like "I'm a farmhand, I'm thread OP." And then acts like she's impervious to criticism or being called out and then pulls the "how dare you, I'm thread OP!" card and then sperges for hours on end. And her obsession with Niamh is weird, I think Niamh is a milky bitch too but this ex farmhand straight up said she's been following Niamh's antics for a few years now, meaning she started when Niamh was 14 or even younger. It gives off major moid vibes and I'm sick of her obvious posts.

No. 58883

Yeah you can tell it’s her as she always italics words when she’s sperging

No. 58885

I was wondering about this too… I'm so sick of seeing PT deep throating a corndog, it pops up far too often and is an eyesore. This is a female site and yet we have moid bait like the porn banners blaring still. It's not helping the board culture to retain it. It's not even funny, and I doubt it ever was.

No. 58886

cp raid on /m/

No. 58889

Male in post left thread reeing about not giving a shit about scrotes race hangs ups makes anon a whore.

No. 58890

Scrote samefaging in post left thread.

No. 58893

hi! can mods link the new kelly eden thread to the old one? the old one reached max posts before a new one was created. please and thank you!

the old one:
the new one:

No. 58894

anorectal retard >>>/ot/1613381

No. 58895

Reported already but racebait spam in the post like a moid thread

No. 58896

I already reported it but there is someone advertising what appears to be their own self hosted instance on the fediverse. might be a moid trying to get naive women to sign up for nefarious reasons

No. 58898

Scrote posting in post left thread to rekindle infighting.

No. 58899

Scrote sperging about the jews in post left thread.

No. 58900

The thread wasn't far along, you could have commented in the thread the link to previous.

No. 58906

Your post alone makes me wish you were banned from all boards and all those bans are 100% warranted. You're shitting up the thread by replying to bait, this isn't a chatroom. I don't know why we have so many anons lately who think replying post by post is contributing to the thread when you should be replying with relevancy, not asspatting someone else's post.

No. 58907

Why was >>>/m/303739 banned? Didn't the mods say when they brought back the /m/ threads that we were allowed to bump old threads from before the /m/ purge? Or is the problem that she didn't bump with content? Others have revived old threads with contributions and they weren't banned

No. 58908

this is true, however she bumped with no contribution/content.

No. 58909

Was trying to and it wouldn't let me because there were too many posts, hence why I posted here.

No. 58912

Just wondering, why isn't /ot/'s rule 7 (Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/.) a global rule?

No. 58913

Why is necroing even a bannable offense in the non-drama boards?

No. 58915

Alright, that makes sense, thanks

No. 58916

The anal obsessed faggot that needs to kill himself asap keeps posting his retarded ass spergs and now he’s even posting porn.

No. 58917

make sure to link the thread so farmhands can get to it quicker nona, the porn addict failson is spamming his anal porn folder here

No. 58918

he's going for round 2

No. 58919

anus-chan is in ot again.

No. 58920

could there be a rule about hornyposting threads being confined to /g/?
/m/ is getting an increasing number of threads dedicated to paraphilias, containment threads fir thirsting over so-and-so, etc. and it's kinda too much

No. 58921

Seconded! I don’t know why the initial hornyposting threads were even put in /m/, they don’t really fit in.

No. 58923

The logic is that threads that are mostly picdumps go into /m/. /g/ is more for discussion. I get what you mean though.

No. 58924

That’s a really dumb reason to put it in /m/

No. 58925

No, pic dumps go on that board, it's the rules.

No. 58926

Okay rules can be changed or there can be exceptions made, it’s not like a law of nature or something.

No. 58944

I thought it was it's not supposed to be just a hornyposting thread but also discussion of his work (movies therefore media)? At least that's how it seems to be with the driverfag, danofag, madsfag etc threads.
Also I hate how 2D husbandofagging is still staying in /g/ instead of relocating back to /m/. The original /m/ husbando threads were free for all, no matter how horny or chaste or how casual or how dedicated and didn't have that much retarded infighting. I think when this one /g/ thread fills up the husbandofags should move back to /m/ permanently.

No. 58945

all husbandofagging and hornyposting should be in /g/ tbh it's jsut annoying to see in /m/

No. 58946

All fictional media discussions should stay in /m/. In retrospect creating that thread in /g/ was a mistake.

No. 58947

The husbando thread is also exempt from the avatarfagging rule so why not picdump rule too

No. 58948

there is some weirdo in the lolita thread referring to an adult male pedo as "her" and defending his pedophilia as being a harmless kink
and another one getting mad over people hating pedo troons and saying it's twansphobia

No. 58951

The jvlog spergs are throwing a fit in venus

No. 58953

Male in post left thread.

No. 58956

The Venus thread is just delving into more infighting, anons complaining about other anons.

No. 58964

Maybe it's just me being a paranoid idiot but it seems that the jvloggers retards brought their autism to the Venus thread + the same blogging WK that keep coming back over and over for months (the femboi porn anon and/or that romanian autist)
But the new farmhands are doing great imo, nonnas just have to learn to not take the bait and report quietly.

No. 58966

Whiteknighting the men and margo in that thread is more of an issue imo. Also nitpicking and writing a whole paragraph about how much you think Venus is ugly [not saying it's you specifically before you sperg out], is not helpful to the thread and is nitpicking.

No. 58969

All I'm saying is : report the spergs for nitpicking/derailing/WKing and move on, don't shit up the thread any further with pointless arguments.
Ignore the retards, don't go full retard yourself (general) trying to change their mind.

No. 58971

Tbh, calling people whiteknights should be reportable. Its infighting.

No. 58972

If you weren't a whiteknight then people wouldn't call you a whiteknight.

No. 58974

providing context for what you're saying shouldn't be considered blogging, especially if the comment is saged and relevant to the cow. it's ridiculous to get banned for trying to add to the discussion and makes me want to never post.

No. 58976

just don't talk abput yourself or your experiences. no one asked

No. 58979

there's a few people refusing to just report and move on and continue responding to infighting/derailing. The unfortunate case of summerfags shitting up threads. We're on it so please continue to report.
what particular post are you referring to? It's context based but if it delves too much into your personal blog especially accompanied with armchairing/medfagging, farmhands tend to ban. There's also always ways to provide your specific context without it coming off as your personal anecdote. In the end, it's always better to just not talk about yourself or your experiences as >>58976 said.

No. 58981

Stop assuming saging means you can do whatever you want, it doesn't

No. 58992

I am late to this but after a quick read I hard agree. It’s the same type of autism.

No. 58994

Cp in /ot/

No. 58995

cp link on /ot/

No. 58998

cp link in /ot/ again

No. 58999

cp in /snow/

No. 59008


No. 59014

Where would it be acceptable to post about Vina (Mikan Mandarin), or can she have her own thread again? Please advise, she's milky on Twitter again and soon to travel to LA, which will certainly elicit more shitting on Americans.

No. 59015

Can mods do something about anons derailing the Venus thread to try to dig up info on this girl Venus talks to sometimes? It's turning into a witch hunt into who knows who and anons are interacting with the cow too to try to get things to post. This thread is about venus, not her fake self-harm attention whore friend. I get they talk, but it's derailing into anons talking about her only if Venus isn't posting.

No. 59017

She literally has almost no milk. She's seriously not worth a new thread. Put her in the jfash thread, that's all she does anyway. Nitpicking her hair style isn't worth a new thread. If she was constantly milky, but she didn't do anything repeatedly that's new.

She fits just fine here bc of her slow ass milk. Anons need to realize that all these old cows really aren't as milky as they were when they were 16.

No. 59018

Not a fan of the recently implemented image compression. Pain in the ass to have to reverse image search images I want to download from here for the uncompressed original.

No. 59019

You don't read her twitter, then. I don't care about her hairstyle, retard.

No. 59020

I think they are pointing out what anons nitpick over in the thread when it existed. Definitely not worth a thread. She belongs in uguu.

No. 59021

Can a mod or admin weigh in? Because there was nothing banning her from having a new thread made and she's had threads before. Idk why she shouldn't again

No. 59022

No one says she's banned but if there really isn't milk and it's gonna be a slow thread regardless you might as well add her into a. Thread that already exists. If she can't be in jvlog and ask she did is fashion, idk why you're throwing a fit. Make a thread, but if all it is it's rehashing old milk, move on.

No. 59023

Anorectal violence autost in /ot/

No. 59024

Someone came into the Venus thread just to try to infight about old posts that farmhands said to let go and it's all defending every man in Venus's life. It's derailing and we really don't need whiteknights for the scrotes.

No. 59025

Also if a mod could clean it up? They have multiple posts that are posted multiple times.

No. 59027

Seems that the ManaKen WK is back from his well deserved ban break. Probably the same "you ebil feminazi manhaters, porn is so empowering you pearl clutcher terves" scrote that keep coming back for months, shitting up every thread with their autistic essays.

I made my report duty and I know our new farmhands will take care of it (they're doing great btw), I just wish summerfags/newfags didn't take the bait anytime he shows up.

No. 59030

Like no one wants to hear about the poor uwu men she's engaged with.

No. 59033

>man-hating anons
>man-hating agenda

Do these farmers know where they are? This is some desperate white knighting for Manaki and Ken and it's several paragraphs worth of this just spammed last night.

No. 59034

I think it's one of those unintegrated people (no idea if it's male or female) who only browse the Venus thread, no other boards/threads.

No. 59035

Probably, oh well

No. 59036

cp in dress thread in m and possibly in ot

No. 59037

some rando's dox got posted in /ot/ >>>/ot/1618476

No. 59038

Ngl i think there's a racist on /w/ who's obsessed with making bad threads for poc and then bumps them with shit milk

No. 59039

the idol hatewatching containment thread on /m/ or nah? I have a LOT to say and I'm sure nonas do too, feel bad clogging up the celebricows thread. would the tv general thread be better?

No. 59041

the tv shows thread is pretty dead so im sure ppl won't mind you posting there

No. 59043

Using a whole post just to complain about anons you don't like isn't very contributory. >>>/w/301849 This is just another way to infight. This happens in the Venus thread too and it just shits up the thread.

No. 59044

tight, I'll test the waters but that makes sense, thank you sweet nona! have a beautiful day ily!

No. 59055

the tradthot thread on snow is a cesspool and full of racebait

No. 59056

male spamming about anal in /ot/

No. 59057

Please God someone ban the retards in the gyaru thread refusing to integrate.

No. 59058

Samefagging to post this absolutely braindead vague threat of being a farmhand so you better not misgender trannies KEK >>>/w/301877

No. 59060

If Mikan actually has milk, you can make a new thread for her.

No. 59064

I noticed a lot of threads old threads being necro'ed. Is there a way to lock threads once they have been sitting idle for a period of time? Just a thought.

No. 59065


Weird ass thread lol It jumpscared me

No. 59069

Stupid bait thread on meta that I thought was for the app announcement sorry I replied in it mods

No. 59070

Isn't the point to use existing threads before creating new ones for the same topics?

No. 59071

>>>/g/338050 bait thread

No. 59076

sainte the pedophile tranny cow from the lolita thread is in there ban evading for the 100th time

No. 59081

CP link in ot

No. 59082


If there is an update then people should use the old thread but what is happening is people are bumping old threads with no new milk. Not sure if there is a solution but it is annoying when you are scrolling snow and there are a few old threads that are bumped for no reason.

No. 59089

not only was his first post not deleted/redtexted, but he's still in there ban evading

No. 59091

I think the polfag scrote is in the amerifag thread

No. 59108

unsaged spam and infight baiting
also the intense fixation on lesbians and commitment to shitting up the thread reeks like moid

No. 59109

You only need to sage on cow boards

No. 59111

Vent thread too

No. 59113

Recently I can't upload any images. It keeps coming up with 'failed to resize image' before either posting without images or not posting at all. It used to be fine and I haven't changed image size or anything compared to before.

No. 59124

Spoiler images aren't working for me at all. It's only been the last hour or so. It just shows a blank square and if I click it it does nothing then minimizes.

No. 59142

The Gyaru thread has been nonstop hi cowing, self posting, and old milk for a few months now. I don't know if admin was still considering the state of the thread in regards to closing it. I think they said they'd keep an eye on it at least and it's just no better. Vendetta posting unsaged crap and seeing it constantly bumped like a chatroom on the board is kind of annoying when there's no good milk


No. 59151

File: 1688241719178.png (259.25 KB, 2508x1040, 1579311420377.png)

can the /w/ jannys calm it with the red text for a bit? there's literally 8 red texts visible on page 1 right now

and new people coming to spill milk get plastered with the huge newfag image making them less likely to return

not to mention smooth brain redtext like picrel

No. 59155

To this anon and all others who have been having the "failed to resize image" error, this should now be fixed. If you notice the error again when uploading an image, could you please email that image to admin@lolcow.farm so we can use it for debugging.

No. 59173

You can't even discern if there is any milk on the people posted because they're all vomited into the thread with no context by unitegrated retards using it as a "burn book" for their clique. If it isn't the selfposting, or vendettafagging, it's the blatant use as a chat room that's going to make tomorrow all the sweeter.

No. 59174

Why can’t I ever watch videos on mobile?

No. 59178

Could a mod confirm this is one of the Taylor thread, anons? >>>/w/302399 Almost the same response any time anons get called out for their saged spam.

Stop using lolcow as an archive when its not even interesting posts.

No. 59180

Fuuuuck, I'm sleep-deprived and reported a post on the unnamed talk like a scrote thread because I wasn't paying attention to where I was. Please ignore that, jannies. I'll just go kms now.

No. 59181

Are you iPhone or Android? It most likely has to do with your web browser, especially if you are iPhone — Safari did not support WEBM video until 2021 so many Macs and iPhones have this issue. You can either use a different web browser to play them in-page or you can install VLC on your phone and download the videos and watch them with VLC.

No. 59185

Can anons go make a thread for this suicide bait cow instead of using Venus's thread as an update thread for her? This post doesn't even have anything to do with Venus and anon is only attempting to connect them by tinfoiling is Venus will post about it. This isn't a thread for this stupid friend of hers. This is what happened to the Belle thread too because anons wouldn't stop posting people who aren't the cow and just because they know the cow. We don't need updates on random fucks. Thank god hellweek is here.


No. 59202

Onision scrote detected again. Every ban they get they seem to think they have to get the last word because it somehow makes them feel superior to the mods >>>/pt/916293 Never touched grass like they were told it seems.

No. 59204

Just an update, it's spiraled.

No. 59210

I have iPhone, videos won’t work with neither Safari nor Chrome. Oh well and it’s kind of inconvenient to download them. Will just have to view whenever I happen to be on my pc

No. 59211

now 15 red texts on page 1! practically every post

No. 59212

its hellweek retard, maybe try integrating instead of crying that low quality posts are getting the reckoning they deserve. we need this.

the board culture has always been hostile to people who refuse to learn and integrate. back in my day we told these retards to lurk more and that was that. it would be a death knell if we let that go because gen Z can't stand not being coddled

No. 59216

>the board culture has always been hostile to people who refuse to learn and integrate. back in my day we told these retards to lurk more and that was that. it would be a death knell if we let that go because gen Z can't stand not being coddled
oh fuck off with your fake oldfag reminiscing. imageboards have never been good and have always been full of dumb posts. the mods just didn't highlight every single one. people in the thread would call them dumb and then ignore them. even previous hellweeks were never this bad and this one has only just begun. the site is supposed to be somewhere people can come and enjoy laughing at cows, not get scolded by the mods constantly

and it started before hellweek, retard

No. 59217

It is true that the board's culture has degraded over the last three years, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is more redtexting than previous Hellweeks. It is also true that many of the jannies are newfags and probably a few who have never been around for the last Hellweek.
In defense of the /w/ jannie though that board is probably the shittiest cow board on the entire site.

No. 59220

>In defense of the /w/ jannie though that board is probably the shittiest cow board on the entire site.
agree with this as I think making /w/ was a mistake. the foreigner in japan community is very small so half the posts end up being vendettas. grouping all the threads together to make it easier to vendetta post was not a good idea.

I’m not completely against redtexting but a lot of it these days seems excessive and nitpicky

No. 59221

/w/ is good for segregating those vendetta-fags and the weirdo Venus sperg from the rest of the site.

I think those redtexts in >>59151 were valid since you're generally supposed to screenshot an image of whatever website rather than linking it (or post the screenshot and link in the same post)

No. 59222

/w/ is good for segregating those vendetta-fags and the weirdo Venus sperg from the rest of the site.

I think those redtexts in >>59151 were valid since you're generally supposed to screenshot an image of whatever website rather than linking it (or post the screenshot and link in the same post)

No. 59223

a screencap makes sense if it’s milk or something that might be deleted but not everything needs a screencap. people are able to visit outside sites. imageboards have never assumed otherwise and most have fewer images per thread than lolcow (excluding image dumps).

in that case in particular, no one needs a screencap of an offtopic wiki page

No. 59224

Keep getting banned in /w/. It makes me smile.

No. 59225

I agree with this anon. I mean, at this point I've accepted that it's just part of lc culture, but I've always thought it's retarded to ban people for not screencapping everything they link, even if it's for informational purposes or sharing a download link or something that has nothing to do with milk or drama.

Also I read that someone got banned for posting a pic and sharing a YouTube link without embedding in the same post which is just ridiculous. She chose to use a pic instead of a YouTube video as the attached media, why is that bannable?

No. 59228

why do you type like you are 40

No. 59230

This is an imageboard

No. 59249

Anons really using hellweek to see how many bans they can get
>>>/w/302590 can't stay on topic to save their lives.

No. 59257

File: 1688419096577.png (34.26 KB, 919x467, stupidban.png)

How did I get banned for this? Regular anons cannot see post history. Only posts I reported as male was someone posting "I hate tranny haters" and someone who posted a picture of astolfo in the images thread, not a reaction image but a regular pic. That doesn't seem unfounded/frivolous to me. Did I report a shitposting farmhand?

No. 59261

You didn't read hellweek rules

No. 59262

I think jannies can see your IP when you report

No. 59264

I agree it's been going on long before hellweek. The newfag mods seem high on authority. You're right lolcow is supposed to be a place where people can enjoy laughing at cows but it seems like the mods want to discourage posting all together for the most part and are being very strict for an online gossip board of all things. Go read some threads from 6 years ago and you'll see for yourself just how ridiculous this round of (obvious newfag) mods have been acting, making everyone walk on eggshells on a gossip board . The numbers keep going down, they are killing the site since christmas. It will be interesting to see how many users left since last month when the stats come out on the 10th (user base has been on a downward trend for months now, not surprising when they treat their users like this)

No. 59265

This rule where you get banned for "falsely reporting" is stupid because no one (or almost no one) "falsely reports" on purpose. Like… We report males because we think they're males. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc. And like you said, we can't see post history.

No. 59268

where do you see the stats?

No. 59270

this makes no sense, no other imageboards are this strict

No. 59273

> Go read some threads from 6 years ago and you'll see for yourself just how ridiculous this round of (obvious newfag) mods have been acting
exactly! threads would have newfags from time to time, dumb jokes, some offtopic discussion, etc but unless someone reported them, they just got told to stop by other farmers and then ignored or a spinoff thread made. red text was always fun to see as it rarely appeared. now it feels like the mods constantly patrol everything looking for things to red text

by all means give bans if something is reported as disrupting a thread but a lot of threads only have a small number of regular farmers. if they are fine with a couple of offtopic posts then what does it matter? it's not a formal cow archive that can only allow top level posting

probably the worst example of this change is when someone close to a cow comes to spill fresh milk and gets red text or banned for not saging or for using a name or whatever. this never happened in old threads. especially dumb as using the name field to identify a user answering questions is correct imageboard etiquette. and fresh milk flowing not being worth a thread bump makes no sense

No. 59274

The rules don't get to change because you want to be able to shitpost and reply "nice find". Nothing different has happened besides the influx of anons misunderstanding you can do whatever. Been here side 2015 and the moderation is pretty much the same, just more obvious redtexts.

No. 59275

Then go to them.

No. 59278

>The rules don't get to change because you want to be able to shitpost and reply "nice find".
nice strawman

>Nothing different has happened besides the influx of anons misunderstanding you can do whatever. Been here side 2015 and the moderation is pretty much the same, just more obvious redtexts.

take a look at this thread: >>>/ot/48754 whole bunch of doxxing, namefagging and obvious vendetta posting but still allowed to continue. huge difference in moderation standards

and use your mod trip code next time or at least try to integrate better

No. 59279

it seems like there's an anon or mod who wants all individual threads shut down and every person discussed put into some giant amalgamation thread like "youtubers" or "jfashion." I don't get it. Their posts are pretty clockable and I can't even imagine one thread this person enjoys reading and discussing in the spirit of lolcow. They just want to attack the anons posting and defend their favorite cows.

No. 59280

>This is an imageboard
Out of all the imageboards that existed before and after, literally only lolcow forces you to post an image when sharing a link for any reason. "Imageboard" doesn't mean you are required to post an image all the time, it just means you are able to attach images to your posts, as opposed to textboards. The way I understand it, it became a rule to post a screencap with links because of milk archival reasons, in case someone deleted their social media posts or profile. That makes sense, but it has nothing to do with this place being an imageboard, and in my and others' opinion, it shouldn't be enforced in off-topic boards unless the context is milk.

No. 59281

Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks this too