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File: 1424371232282.jpg (118.83 KB, 499x750, tumblr_ndpmwdieiU1rtxv25o1_500…)

No. 16207

Haven't seen a thread like this yet.

Pic related (Fetsu), also Mahouprince, Elizabunni, Anzujaamu, PeachMilkyTea, Pastelbat etc.

Besides earning their fame by basically buying wigs and circle lenses and taking pictures in them, any drama surrounding them?

No. 16208

I'm so mad that this wasn't a thing I could do when I was in high school. I did the same weeby kawaii shit but there was no tumblr for me to achieve internet fame and taobao sponsorships. Jealous…

That said, I feel like none of them have enough of a personality to have much drama. I have heard Elizabunni is a bitch though.

No. 16209

She is a bitch and remarkably ugly
Fetsu's face scares me D:

No. 16210


Every time I see Fetsu my brain reads it as Fetus.

No. 16211

Is Eliza still super secretive about where she gets the money for all her clothes from?

No. 16212

Lolyes. She says shes an ~intergalactic bounty hunter~ and other stupid shit.
I get that its not everyones business of how you get money, but when literally EVERY post on fb and twitter is about you buying more shit, obviously people are going to get curious.

No. 16213

Also, fetsu is getting into lolita and its so bad. Her "lolita transformation" video was shit

No. 16214

I'm guessing sugar daddy

That other girl Pastel Cutie also, I'm waiting for the trainwreck that's gonna be her first attempt at lolita…

No. 16215

Probably, I know that Brian von Egel guy on twitter bought her some stuff and he bought abipop stuff too

No. 16216

She wearing to be pretty much every jfashion style possible. She owns FB fanpages for pretty much every style and most posts are her own selfpromos.

No. 16217

*is trying to wear

No. 16218

she looks like an old man without makeup.
and her skin is fucking terrible.
this shit ain't kawaii (vid related)
anyway, i've heard stories that say she harasses shops to make them sponsor her

ALSO, she seriously looks like betty boop (they have the same eye shape)

No. 16219

Yep she was pestering my friend who owns a clothing company to sponsor her.

No. 16220

Christ she's ugly. I always thought it was the horrible droopy eye make-up that made her look bad but nope. Absolutely none of her features are nice to look at.

No. 16221

You know you're ugly as fuck when you have to wear tons of makeup for your "everyday look".

No. 16222

I wouldn't say she is ugly, but plain as fuck. That make-up however is ugly, that lipstick and eye-shadow looks like shit.

No. 16223


My guess is her boyfriend is her sugar daddy. I read her Japan trip post and her boyfriend went with her and she seemed to argue with him a lot.

No. 16224

oh my god that eyeshadow is awful. it just kinda….stops. she doesn't even blend it outward or anything. wtf.

the lipstick is pretty awful for "everyday" too, but it'd look miles better if she had more subtle eye makeup, like simple eyeliner on her upper lids and some mascara.

bitches need to learn you either do dramatic eye makeup or dramatic lipstick, but never both. it just makes you look like a clown.

No. 16225

All these kawaii bloggers look and act the same so they all kinda blend together. Nothing wrong with liking wigs/false lashes/circle lenses or cutesy things but man, they're all cookie cutters and I really don't understand the appeal.

No. 16226

I don't understand how she is so popular. I could understand if she spoke about the products during her "tutorials", but she doesn't even tell you what to do. She just points at things and applies them - not to mention in this video all the eyeliner application is off screen, it just seems super unprofessional, imo.
I personally think she is hideous, and her droopy eye make up does her no favours. She's a boring fuck too, a friend has her added on facebook so I see her status updates through comments and stuff.

No. 16227

She isn't popular, she just does that Share for Share, Follow for Follow bullshit spam everywhere and like 24h.

No. 16228

Whered you read that they argued? In her blog post?

No. 16229

It's easy to become popular nowadays, here are the things that make anyone popular:
- a girl with a curvy body
- pretty face-
- doing shitty makeup tutorial (bonus point if it's a kawaii related one)
- asian
- sjw
- peta
- white or black girl interested in the great nippon
- money
there you go
People nowadays/casuals/stereotypical teens are dumb as fuck and become fans of anyone (and will deny most of the people they like have disgusting personalities).
kawaii or scene is an easy way to be popular

No. 16230

This isn't drama, but it's incredibly irritating and pathetic when these kawaii type girls put Japanese in their titles when they literally don't speak a lick of Japanese. It's also annoying when they put the Japanese titles on videos of them putting makeup on their western features. It all just screams, "LOOK AT ME I'M SO PRETTY~ I'M A KAWAII LIVING DOLL JUST LIKE DAKOTA, LOVE ME JAPAN!!!!!!"

I wouldn't mind it as much if they actually took the time to actually learn the language. But none of these girls have shown that they're interested in Japan enough to do that.

No. 16231

Is anyone else bothered by her real hair in the videos? She could have at least wiped the red hair dye off her forehead or made sure her hair wasn't greasy before she made a video about how to put on makeup.

No. 16232

omg today my friend and I watched this video on her huge tv screen and we could see each detail of her shitty skin. The foundation doesn't match her skin tone and she looks like a drag queen

No. 16233

Oh Fetus Chan

No. 16234

A lot of these kawaii uguu people do that shit. I get that the point is that they are "transforming" but none of them put effort into looking at least clean/nice skin before they put on their wig and stuff.

It's funny though, it really highlights how uncute they are without all of that stuff.

No. 16235

I follow Mahouprince on IG. Some of her decora coords are nice, but really, she's just boring. I don't think there's any drama surrounding her.

No. 16236

File: 1424393655385.jpg (62.68 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ngtfiw4gog1qm9g2zo4_500…)

dropped my pic. i will say, I really love her hair.

No. 16237

she always looks constipated or something

No. 16238

Her eyes are so close together good god

No. 16239

eikkiunny & bf:

There was a semi active drama free thread on PULL about her, then her/his/their bf came and yelled at us while stirring up some massive drama because someone called ekiki "she" because they didn't know.

Ethan is a huge WK who spends all his days correcting people who say "she/her" in eiki's IG comments. IDC what people identify as but wanting the entire world to instantly know they prefer them/they, is fucking stupid. Cut people some slack. inb4 ethan comes here (pls let it happen) to yell at everyone again.

No. 16240


Fucking hell was he annoying. So easy to anger that little shit. Just call eiki a "she" three times and he'll appear like fucking Candyman.

No. 16241

Mahouprince is a "they/them" as well btw. imo this whole trend is annoying, everyone knows you're a chick, just because you like to wear pants and a baseball cap sometimes doesn't make you genderqueer.

No. 16242

She keeps getting on my tumblr suggestions and I get annoyed every time. I'm all for respecting pronouns but in her shit I can smell the bullshit from here.

No. 16243

In her case* should go to bed now.

No. 16244

I truly don't get this whole genderqueer thing, every single human being on the planet has both masculine and feminine traits about them. Some more than others, but it's still there. It just seems like they want a super special label like trans, but don't want to change their genders or anything like that. And it's always girls who have one "masculine" trait about them who refer to themselves like that. Whereas guys I've seen who dress in women's clothing, wear makeup, etc, just refer to themselves as androgynous men. These girls wouldn't even be considered androgynous imo because they try to look as feminine as possible, they usually just wear "boyish" clothes and/or cut their hair short.

No. 16245

I think most tumblrinas refer to themselves as "genderqueer" because it gains you instant SJW credit, makes you look totally special, edgy and different and you can get offended /let you followers get offended if anyone dares to question you gender/pronouns/anything you do because you are genderqueer and therefore very oppressed and a special snowflake.
I brings attention without any (bad) irl consequences or changes like trans people have to go through.

No. 16246

I agree with this. There's a girl I have been following on tumblr for a long time who is into working out and now she is starting to say she thinks she might be genderqueer but doesn't have any dysphoria. I guess nobody can just be a tomboy anymore, everyone's gotta be special.

It's also funny because they tend to be the SJW type who say there are not feminine and masculine things (such as clothes etc) but then the only way they seem to be "queer" about their gender at all are having interests in markedly feminine things or masculine things. Like frankly if you don't have dysphoria and you also believe that nothing is gender-specific, what are you basing your gender identity on?

No. 16247

>It's also funny because they tend to be the SJW type who say there are not feminine and masculine things (such as clothes etc) but then the only way they seem to be "queer" about their gender at all are having interests in markedly feminine things or masculine things. Like frankly if you don't have dysphoria and you also believe that nothing is gender-specific, what are you basing your gender identity on?
They base it on feels. Feels over reals.

No. 16248

>It brings attention without any (bad) irl consequences or changes like trans people have to go through.
Exactly. I wonder why trans people never speak up about this. If I were trans, I'd be pissed off about these people.

I agree. Sjws always go out of their way to be as politically correct as possible. But if you're referring to yourself as genderqueer because of certain things, aren't you basically insulting someone else's masculinity/femininity? The girl you follow, for example, wouldn't she basically be saying women who are athletic/work out aren't feminine?
Idk, sorry if this doesn't make sense, I can't get any sleep at all.

No. 16249

Nah, you make sense. That's exactly what I was saying. When she said that I just rolled my eyes a bit. I have to wonder how dumb you have to be to think that the idea of being athletic is an inherently, biologically masculine thing. She's just a tomboy, straight cis girl who likes the occasional anime tiddy. I think tumblr kind of makes straight cis people feel left out if they are heavily into "tumblr culture" (pls kill me because that's a thing) so they want to create a label so they fit into it.

No. 16250

No, that makes total sense. I've always thought this too.

Their thought process seems to be:
>I don't like wearing skirts
>omg I must be genderqueer
>but don't tell women they should wear skirts! they can wear what they want!

No. 16251

Sorry to keep on with this OT stuff but IMO all this "genderqueer" stuff is more sexist than all these tumblr kids think it is. They're basically saying "well if I wanna wear pants and play vidya today I am OBVIOUSLY a boy" and "well I'm wearing a dress and makeup which can only mean I'm a girl."
And then they rattle off how clothing doesn't have gender, makeup is for everyone, etc. It's all hypocritical and none of it makes sense. They're honestly just looking for oppression points and yeah, maybe a little of it is an ID struggle too. But you can be a girl who crossplays and likes "masculine" things without having to say you're half boy or whatever. That's just…absurd.

But, yeah. Many of these kawaii bloggers insist on gender neutral pronouns–which I respect but I also have an inkling that it's just a phase and they'll grow out of it. Kind of like yaoi boy girls.

No. 16252

I wonder too. I also agree with that, white people also feel left out too. I see so many people who "appropriate" cultures, who feel the need to attack others who "appropriate" the same culture in order to fit in on tumblr. I feel like white people on tumblr are the ones mostly spreading the sjw shit, not exactly because they think that way, but because they don't want to be attacked or shunned. Many white people will cling onto whatever little poc heritage they have, just so people won't see them as just another white devil bitch.

Some of them also go on about how women can wear whatever they want but still go on about how they're oppressed for dressing/being feminine and judge them for that. I feel like women who are really feminine get much more shit than women who aren't, at least where I live. A lot of women, even ones who claim to be feminists, seem to feel masculine>feminine.

No. 16253

It's not the part that they are different that bothers me, it's the part where they all HAVE TO tell EVERYONE. Pansexual? Let's put it on our Instagram bio! Born female but prefer "them?" Make sure you tell EVERYONE!

It's so fucking ridiculous and attention screaming. Actual people who identify as the opposite gender who DON'T do it for attention have no need to brag about it, even if they are proud. These idiots just want attention and to feel special. I feel really bad for those who are actual transgender, because I can't imagine how annoying it must be to watch all the wannabes who come up with new genders just for attention.

Most people online assume I'm a guy (except here, obviously, we're all vags) and I don't give a shit, why would I bother correcting everyone? I would do it if I were after attention, but I'm not. Gender and sexuality means shit all online anyway.

Those who strive to make sure everyone knows how ~*~SPECIAL~*~ they are can honestly just go fuck themselves.

No. 16254

Also, I don7t think it's too OT, because half of these attention whores claim to be one thing or another. So I guess it's relevant to the thread anyway.

No. 16255

>instant SJW credit

I don't see how, when all these little girls go "I wanna be a boy!!!!" but… they actually… don't, it makes them like they are treating the female gender as though it's undesirable to be a part of it.

No. 16256

What do you think about bakasoseji/Simon?

No. 16257

Hes cute, but looks like a scene kid in some pictures. Overall, he seems like a cool person to chill around, and his height is so cute too.
I love his ouji (sp?) Outfits too

No. 16258

I really wish Pastelbat would post more pictures of her cosplay, she says she works hard on them but only posts about 2 pictures.
Really want to see more of them.

No. 16259

File: 1424479755499.jpg (19.82 KB, 424x381, 586787332.jpg)

Don't forget photoshop!

No. 16260

File: 1424479962154.jpg (39.2 KB, 436x581, 23765245852111.jpg)

OT but,
that's Jenna Marie Mason (myspace celeb) and that photo was shooped by a troll. Original here.

No. 16261

She has the face of a giant baby, but she's not ugly, really. Just plain.
Her face reminds me of Thora Birch's in Ghost World (or maybe I only think that because she has the circle lenses in from the beginning of the video, idk).

No. 16262

I can never tell anymore. So is she genderqueer or trans? I seriously cant tell. She just looks like a cute butch girl to me. I love cute boyish girls, but i cant find them anymore thanks to tumblr's confusing shit.

No. 16263

File: 1424484730048.jpg (103.46 KB, 640x640, tumblr_n0sn6dKMhI1qm9g2zo1_128…)

Mahou prince is cute imo. If she wanted to be my girlfriend, i'd be cool with that. I just want a cute tomboy or butch gf. Is that so much for a lesbian to ask for now a days?

No. 16264


Urgh I feel you.
I am lazy beings and all I want is an androgynous/masculine gf.

Preferably taller than me, pale with piercings and short black hair / shaved head.


No. 16265

File: 1424484943254.jpg (79.12 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n8alf7uCRC1r883njo1_500…)

He's cute. I really love his ouji and shironuri stuff.

No. 16266

Haha, every time I find a super cute butch girl, they turn out to be FTM trans and my hopes are shattered. It has happened to me way more than usual since the big transtrend on tumblr over the last 4 years. I'm short at 5'3", so it's easy for a girl to be taller than me.

Anyway, Is Mahouprince even a fashion blogger? I only know they're active on IG.

No. 16267

he's cute and seems funny, I love his outfits and how he does his hair. Also I love the fact that he's not very tall because I am not tall, sounds weird but I do like tall people hugs however you can't rest your chin in their shoulder, u get what I mean? haha

No. 16268

where is that pic of her posing with her armpit hair
I think shes annoying.
she also sometimes removes people's credit when she reblogs things from them

No. 16269

this is him? he looks really different
Isn't he bffs with pastelbat

No. 16270

She removes their credit?

No. 16271

File: 1424488932772.jpg (86.54 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

I think so. He's cute. I just really hate all facial piercings at this point. I see them so much.

No. 16272

She's so cute, but her mole bothers me to no end. Get that shit removed. It's too big and brown to be considered cute like a beauty mark would.

No. 16273

File: 1424489518088.jpg (299.62 KB, 1366x2048, 705154_538815629505422_2043381…)

Wtf, are these massive self harm wounds?

No. 16274

Uh yea they are. Are you retarded?

No. 16275

What do you guys think about anzuujamu? She's pretty sweet and looks wow with makeup (still cute without it in pic related imo)
She does wonders with it tho

No. 16276

yeah shes

No. 16277

I think shes annoying
her, pastelbat, fetus-chan etc etc all look similar to me and they all kind of blend into one annoying, boring person

No. 16278

File: 1424491592522.jpg (247.33 KB, 799x479, 2015-02-19-18-32-34.jpg)

Dropped my pic
Though all those kawaii girls look the same and act the same in their videos at least
Kawaii doll makeup,circle lenses,cosplay wigs,kawaii clothes,…
It's kinda boring

No. 16279

She could of at least worn something over them. Never saw those wounds before. I guess she edits them out in a lot of her IG updates.

No. 16280

That was rhetorical. Calm your ass.

No. 16281

That's painful to look at. The worst part is that this photo was posted in a Kawaii blogger interview thing. Why would she let them post this?

No. 16282

I dont like her, she has a BIG ego and thinks she is kawaiiiiiiiandNO. She's a brat lmao and is nothing special without makeup.

No. 16283

Yeah she's cute, I'd date her hard.

As for Fetsu she's just kind of annoying, but sadly I don't see any drama about her even tho I follow her.

No. 16284

File: 1424494178621.jpg (168.67 KB, 640x854, tumblr_ncdm4pXBf81qm9g2zo1_128…)

Her eyebrows bother me sometimes, but she's cute as fuck.

Haha, glad everyone seems to read fetsu as fetus. She's boring and blends into most kawaii girl wannabes out there.

No. 16285

I really dont get the appeal of this kind of aesthetic, tbh. Too gaudy for my blood.

No. 16286

why she remind me of earthbound.
she's not cute. idgi. earthbound is a good game tho.

decora never looked good.

No. 16287

most people aren't anything special without makeup tbh. i don't get this complaint.

No. 16288

others self harm scars or any scars don't bother me. they can wear what they want and show their arms if they want idgaf. i don't get why people care. scars take a long time to fade and some never do.

No. 16289

File: 1424497454278.png (213.85 KB, 393x656, ness.png)

No. 16290

not cute

not a good look

No. 16291

lmao oh yea.
the colors of her outfit and stuff also remind me of the game too. all colorful and shit.

No. 16292

lol! Ness came to mind for me as well.

No. 16293

Same. everyone is pretty average and plain without at least some make up. My eyes are boring, but just a little black eyeliner and shadow can do so much for my entire face. It's crazy.

No. 16294

Self harm anon detected.

No. 16295

The reason Eliza has money is because she has a job. Her boyfriend is definitely not a sugar daddy and I think she's far too shy to get into that kind of thing anyway. I've met her a few times and she's lovely, just really awkward.
I don't like Fetsu though, apparently she lies about her follower count and bugs shops for sponsorships, when she copy and pastes most of her reviews.

No. 16296

wasn't there some drama a loooong time ago with her and chokelate about pastelbat bullying choke out of a contest and choke wah wah-ing everywhere.

I always liked pastelbats clothes but idk if she was cool or had a bad personality or not.

No. 16297

No. 16298

Who is that? There's old scars on her legs too, holy shit.

No. 16299


Prince hates it when it's mentioned on a visible picture of it on ig

No. 16300

I think it wasn't that dramatic but yeah they entered the same contest with the same style and PB made a whine post about how she wouldn't win and added a link to still get people to vote for her, basically it was a pity party and her followers apparently annoyed Chokelate so she withdrew.

I don't remember how she wrote that post but it was really immature and cringe worthy to me, like "Wah wah I never ever win but if you still want to vote for me, you can vote here but anyway I'll lose"
It was a while ago so I hope she matured though

No. 16301

Or when she posted a photo of herself on Tumblr about a year ago wearing a sukumizu and the tags were like "Ugh, I should go on a diet" while making her legs look like if she had the biggest thigh gap ever.

No. 16302

Ech, that's disturbing. She's not even trying to hide them either, it looks almost like she's trying to show them off. She's probably not but if that was me I wouldn't want a soul to see that shit.

No. 16303

I was like "shut the fuck up you fucking attention whore your body is perfectly fine jfc"
Attention seeking is not kawaii stop wah wah-ing
Also fetus,anzuu,and her,… they are so the same it's nothing special just kawaii clones, like if they were copy pasted

No. 16304

I remember that Anzu tweeted Pastelbat saying 'stop being kawaiiiiiiiiirz (or cuttttteeeeeeeeee)" and Pastel replied her 'you firssssssssssssssssttttttttt" (or it was Pastel to Anzy idk? ) and I was wth? Are they friends? Or is that Anzu wants to milk from Pastel's popularity? Followers? Wants to be more known? Idk but it was hilarious. I'd love to see them hanging out, all the kawaii girls, and I'd love to have powers to read their thoughts. I'm sure they would be like 'this little brat what the fuck she wants from me' 'what do u want to achieve' 'stop making your neck thinner bitch' 'I read you stole your friend's boyfriend what a slut' 'your make up sucks'
Also I have to say that some of the groups pics of the swedish kawaii scene are weird as fuck because the pic can be describen in 3 parts: Viveka, Simon, Melva and the 'cool ones', in the middle we have the girl that is a graphic designer (i dont remember her name) and 3 or 4 people, and then the 3rd part is some random girl and Pastelbat as if she were apart from the group. Maybe she hangs out with them because she doesn't have any other option? I dont think she's friends with the swedish kawaii/lolita/alternative scene. She's friends with Simon but lately it seems that he doesn't care about her. I remember when they were posting pics of them together all day and people thought they were a couple.

No. 16305


No. 16306

In my opinion Simon doesn't give a fuck about Emilia tbh

No. 16307

Pastelbat's lip injections make me laugh.

No. 16308

she looks like a transgender

No. 16309

Yeah, she looks awful.

No. 16310

File: 1424544584048.jpg (123.36 KB, 480x640, 1424519064922.jpg)

No. 16311

is that a girl or a guy?

No. 16312

mahouprince is a
uhhh gender fluid
some shit

No. 16313

Worst part is that the clinic uses her for promotion now which is why the part about it on her blog in swedish includes a coupon code for getting the lip injections cheaper at the first time.

No. 16314

what the fuck
i think she only identifies as genderwhatever because shes too ugly to just be a regular girl

No. 16315

>she only identifies as genderwhatever because shes too ugly to just be a regular girl

That's 99% of transtrenders on tumblr.

No. 16316

File: 1424549421601.png (4.68 MB, 1692x1280, 11q232143.png)

this thread reminded me of this chick. i was looking up plugsuit cosplays and found this through google and had a good laugh at how shit she is at photoshop. she just straight up drew herself another chin. why would you photoshop that and leave the terrible inaccurate suit also?

No. 16317

File: 1424550642722.png (62.74 KB, 482x551, ss (2015-02-21 at 08.22.41).pn…)

No. 16318

ugh ekkibunny
I cringe whenever I see her on my dash

No. 16319

I also wondered if she was getting dressed/undressed or something considering her wig and bonnet and just decided halfway through "hmm good pit hair opportunity"

No. 16320

They include their pit hair in a lot of pictures and I feel like its because they know they're going to get hate for it and when they do, they can just scream "MUHSOGYNY, MY BODY MY RULES" etc etc

No. 16321

>>she x2
Ethan will be summoned to correct you lmao.

No. 16322

very artistic
I always wonder why she thinks she needs armpit hair to be manly. Why do men not shave their pits? Even a little bit of armpit stubble feels itchy, sweaty and gross.

No. 16323

I'm not familiar with this person. I'm assuming they are a girl who likes to use they pronouns.

Why do people who present as female get mad when you "misgender" them? Annoying.

No. 16324

Yep they go by 'them/they' pronouns. But tbh I would never have guessed they are gender fluid by looking at their social media, just a girl who likes to cosplay both male and female characters.

No. 16325

I went on their tumblrs, they present as a girl, cosplay 99% female characters, and say they are a prince(ss) which still leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding.

No. 16326


No. 16327


Having met her briefly at j-fash meet a long time ago, she barely spoke a word, looks nothing like her selfies and has this awkward 'kawaii fragile little girl' persona. Believe it or not she's actually really nice IRL, but online she comes across negative from time to time.

I remember she got in an attitude on her FB wall after some girl posted about the Pikachu Cafe in Japan being worth a visit (this was before her trip) and suddenly she got in a right mood because she wanted it to be a 'surprise' for her boyfriend. Financially I honestly think she doesn't work. Read her FAQ on her blog, I gather she's very anti social.

No. 16328


All hell breaks loose when Ethan's whining, I mean reign of terror starts.

No. 16329

i could honestly care less if a woman wants to shave or not. just dont act all special snowflake for it. I dont shave myself because i found out i smell more when i do. I have no idea what her reason or whatever is. Meh. I know she just might do it for attention like most tumblrinas.

No. 16330

I can't stand Vivekatt, anyone else?

No. 16331

Post pics and examples of her here, anon.

No. 16332

File: 1424631456257.jpg (67.67 KB, 429x601, vivekatt.JPG)

No. 16333

What does she change on her selfies? Is she at least pretty irl?

No. 16334

File: 1424635329980.jpg (111.61 KB, 962x634, 1396307549719.jpg)

Not the same anon but she pretty much blurs everything

No. 16335

File: 1424636068262.png (183.01 KB, 441x335, 1419705569443.png)

Here's a screencap from a video she posted to /cgl/ during that retarded idol contest, before she started the massive amounts of shoop.

No. 16336

She is fucking hideous, she has no chin, an ugly fat bottom lip, chipmunk teeth, grossly bad drawn on eye bags. Ew.

No. 16337


The eyebags are real believe it or not.

No. 16338

File: 1424638515410.jpg (337.42 KB, 533x800, tumblr_mnfifgmku01rfwi4ko1_128…)

Here's a pic of Amai taken at London MCM Expo 2013.

No. 16339


No. 16340

holy shit thats unfortunate

No. 16341

Holy shit, that is absolutely fucking tragic. Her face is so fucking busted. This caliber of ugly is almost other-worldly.

No. 16342

I like the barefoot unicorn lookin thing to the left

No. 16343

is it a narwhal tho

No. 16344

It's just a REALLY unfortunate pic/angle/light/whatever.
We all have them.
On other pics she can look nice so…and it's pretty old. Not trying to defend her but yeah

No. 16345

No. 16346

It's not an unfortunate angle, it's straight on. The lighting is bright, you would think that would mean it is hiding flaws.

No. 16347

we DO speak up about this
and then we're called trucum, demonised by the majority of the userbase, harassed, have dysphoria purposefully triggered, called slurs (shrimpdick et al), transwomen/nonbinary truscum are either ignored or called traitors, any gender non-conformity in truscum is ignored (like my adoration of pink girly kawaii shit), the list goes on and fucking on.

>see: http://violentantitruscum.tumblr.com/

>sorta OT:

i like j-fashion and shit (and often wear ouji) but these assholes make me feel like i can't wear it. i've already been told i shouldnt be a trans man because ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww grosssss boyssssssssssss (#tw men #tw binary gender #tw triger warnings) and should be something like nan0girl or some bullshit like that.

>yes i mad

No. 16348

I think her plastic surgery should be covered by a need to have basis.

No. 16349


As previous anon stated she blurs everything, ALOT. I'm the one that met her IRL and I was quite shocked. I've never met someone who looks so much more different than their photos before. The photo editing is beyond OTT. Most kawaii bloggers do that anyway which is unfortunate…

No. 16350

File: 1424711531199.jpg (89.28 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n4v3plhy0u1qep7kio1_500…)

Holy shit, the girl you're all talking about is this Elizabunni, right? I googled her just now to see how much of a difference there is and, omg.

No. 16351


Gonna be honest and say I don't think she shoops though.

Whenever I take a photo usually I stand near a window during daylight and I have a camera that applies a soft lighting effect that looks EXACTLY like this.

You'd be amazed by how much filters, good angels and flattering lighting can change your appearance in a photo.

No. 16352

True dat. I just have to put a meitu filter on (not at full blast, of course. I like having a bit of a nose) and it fixes basically everything.

No. 16353

Yes, thank the Lord that Good Angels bless unfortunate girls like you.

No. 16354

i don the same shit just to get good lighting and it doesn't change your appearance that hard tho. it seem different for different people. since her face is such a potato it's easy to do that shit.
honestly i don''t know how the fuck it was possible for her to change her face like that. can you imagine the time it took to get that perfect shot? and even then it still looks kind of weird…..

No. 16355

File: 1424737701726.png (96.9 KB, 250x284, tumblr_inline_mg3190Pdg01r066a…)

>mfw Anzujaamu follows me on tumblr

I have not seen her surrounded by drama. If anything she just reblogs her selfies and videos like crazy. Also she stretches her neck to hell.

No. 16356

File: 1424738400988.gif (1.9 MB, 440x248, tumblr_njw1y9Hga01tq9q5vo1_500…)

Lighting can change your appearance depending on where it comes from.
You also have to take into consideration that the resolution on cameras, especially cellphone cameras [cough iPhone or any Apple product cough] is really shitty. I can stand in front of a window and the cam will blur out any imperfections because the resolution is fucked.

She also takes advantage of the myspace angle to make her face look slimmer, judging by her ig


No. 16357

yea but this woman doesnt change into a completely different person tho

No. 16358

Trippy gif, is the sauce a video explaining light source?

No. 16359

Do you have a link to the idol contest?

No. 16360

No. 16361

anon you like earthbound?
holy shit
you're awesome

No. 16362

maybe she has anorexia???
i dont get why fatties get so mad when a skinny girl thinks shes fat
it could be a sign of a eating disorder

No. 16363

she really looks different here

No. 16364

When i googled elizabunnii in "videos" this shit appeared

No. 16365

File: 1424820373840.png (172.45 KB, 313x243, 1419707919114.png)

Is this Eliza?

No. 16366

I don't get why either. A lot of people need to keep in mind that everyone sees themselves in first person and everything is going to look much bigger up close.

No. 16367

Yeah that was her trip to japan

No. 16368

File: 1424884832579.png (156.74 KB, 440x336, elizabunnii.png)

She's definitely got a problem with angles. I think the myspace "above" angle is great for her, but because she's not got much of a chin any angles below that look a bit weird.
>>16335 is a bit unfair since she was obviously in the middle of speaking/laughing when the screenshot was taken, which nobody looks good doing. Remove the eyebags and the derpy mouth and she looks pretty similar to some of her older pics.

No. 16369

>>16365 She looks pretty cute here imo

No. 16370

File: 1424895508165.jpg (126.9 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lva31duja51qdd4hn.jpg)

Old picture of her from 2012, she looks cute its just when she looks to the side when her jawlessness is evident

No. 16371

So if she uses certain angles and photoshop she's not hideous to look at? You could say that about anyone.

Girl's ugly.

No. 16372

Where the fuck is her chin?

No. 16373


We all have shitty angles when facing the camera depending on the light or face we pull, but it's pretty clear she makes her face look over flawless, blurred and filtered for selfies and outfit photos as well doing the same generic Myspace point downwards view or covering of the face in a full front mirror. Like she wants to look eternally like a 12 year old or something.

No. 16374

Her chin makes me feel good about myself.

No. 16375

File: 1424905065715.png (1.47 MB, 842x1032, jjj.png)

Why do so many of the kawaii blogger types always do Rin outfit? I know Eliza isn't cosplaying but someone even mentioned it on her tumblr. There's more loli characters, it's just strange because she's a hyper sexualized 9 year old.

Sorry for my autism rant

No. 16376

who's Rin?
what's the backstory I mean.

No. 16377

sexy loli 9 year old who wants to fuck her teacher.

No. 16378


Soooo these kawaii bloggers who like dressing up similar to this Rin or outright cosplay as her admire lolicons and are basically sick fucks?

No. 16379

Yes,but they wont see it that way.

No. 16380

I thought we've established she has 0 chin

No. 16381

No. Some people wear it because the cosplay is qt and they must think the character is a qt innocent loli. Tbh i dont mind lol cosplaying any characters is harmless

No. 16382


im the original anon who posted the image, and yeah cosplaying the character is fine and harmless but do you know what majority of the people in the image have in common?

They alike to pander to paedophiles , have a nyphet comples ( if that's what it's called) and generally like to use their underage looks to cater to older men for sex and gifts. That's what's dangerous and why I don't see the appeal of idolizing this kind of behavior.

No. 16383

fuhh I'm sleepy

all like *

No. 16384

This. These bitches know what kind of fans that character has and who she panders to. They're dressing up like little girls for gifts and attention and it's fucking disgusting.

No. 16385


It's funny when they get offended when people reblog their pictures under loli, 'daddy's little girl' and innocent babydoll type blogs on Tumblr.

No. 16386

i used to follow this one girl who got worked up about people reblogging things and adding weird fetishy fanfic on it. it was really creepy but tumblr is a public website. when her followers told her if you don't want to accept that possibility don't put your pictures out there she went on this big thing about how they were anti feminist or whatever.

No. 16387

Rin is an anime girl from Kodomo No Jikan

No. 16388

File: 1425008538233.jpg (6.33 KB, 284x178, overbite.jpg)

100% sure she has a really deep overbite.
my friend has a really bad overbite and it looks like she has no chin and her cheeks look really chubby. so yeah.. shitty bite. braces would fix it

No. 16389

So she can get braces and surgery to fix or just braces?

No. 16390

And curvy underage girls pander to pedos
Can we just agree most of teens pander to pedos?

No. 16391

How the fuck do curvy underage pander to pedos? People cant help how they hit puberty. Pandering to pedos is specifically dressing as a loli anime girl and taking pictures for guys to like.

No. 16392

You're one of those lesbians that hits on trans people and misgenders and then wonders why they seem upset aren't you

No. 16393

Different anon but most orthodontic-type procedures are a lot more complex than JUST braces. I had to have dental surgery and extenders. Some people need heavy headgear and others need full on cosmetic procedures.

You know that jaw shaving thing people in Korea like so much? That was originally reserved for people with debilitating under bites and other jaw deformities. I'm sure she'd have to have some kind of plastic surgery to make her jawline "normal" but braces alone would definitely be an improvement.

No. 16394

File: 1425030559492.jpg (85.22 KB, 532x900, elastic.jpg)

rubber bands for braces should fix her bite. some people just get surgery because they don't want to wear braces for such long time or it's too complicated.
i had a shitty overbite but got that fixed with braces. it's been 5 years and my bite looks okay. it has reeeally improved my profile.

No. 16395

I want to puke.

We have a thread about people like you. Anon can be attracted to whatever the hell she wants to be. It's just an attraction.

No. 16396

File: 1425030730866.jpg (34.75 KB, 388x379, ortho-2-before-after.jpg)

Yeah,could be.

No. 16397

I'm sure you weren't lacking a chin though. Most people who get braces end up needing the rubber bands. Doesn't mean they were almost deformed.

No. 16398

a 9 year old girl who was raised by a single mom and got trauma from seeing her die. at some point she started acting like a provocative loli due to the trauma n shit. kodomo no jikan isn't qt moe 100% hentai babydoll bullshit like all the rin cosplays seem to think. it even covers deep self harm wounds in the second chapter for fucks sake.

No. 16399

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i sure love having a disorder that makes me want to rip my innards out every single fucking day and then having lesbians find me hot because of it.

No. 16400

Wow. You are a very special snowflake.

A shame that you're covered in lesbians.

No. 16401

Are any of these people really fashion bloggers? More like selfie bloggers.

None of them really have a personality that sets them apart from another. Why are they so afraid of having a personality?

No. 16402

I think a lot of these girls don't show any personality because they're terrified of being ripped apart. If you're boring, you won't really get talked about on these types of sites.

No. 16403

This though.
The manga was actually really serious and good, I read it expecting it to be UGUUU KAWAII LOLI bullshit and I was really surprised

No. 16404

Same. Don't remember anything about self-harm, though.
Also, I heard the mangaka is female.

No. 16405

Different anon, but yeah, it was in there at some point or another. The manga was pretty dark, I actually liked it. The anime, on the other hand, was mostly lolicon pandering and 'cutesy' (which is probably the only thing all these cosplayers have seen, if they treat the character like she's just jailbait lmao)

No. 16406

I remember when they wanted to publish the manga in the US, they wanted to call it Nymphet like if it was only some ageplay shit which was the reason why it got banned in the first place.

No. 16407

File: 1425776811381.jpg (72.11 KB, 720x480, 10347806_426280684207168_86421…)

This pic is horrible. Anzu's hands looks like a man's hands, the color of the face and hands are different, the pose and angle are unflattering…

No. 16408

the color of the face and hands is different*

No. 16409

Holy shit, those hands, WAT.
It legit looks like some guy is down behind her and put his hands through her sleeves.

No. 16410

File: 1431893655965.png (512.12 KB, 500x737, b206.png)

Turns out PeachMilkyTea is ALSO heading to live in Japan…

Yet another 'living doll' like, being serious here.. How many living dolls do we need? They ALL look the same!

No. 16411

I'm the exact here. I was into all this shit back when the net was still.. blooming? At like twelve and thirteen, going China town every week to get cute ass bags and shit… If I had known THEN what I know NOW.. 2005.. I would have took ADVANTAGE of this.

No. 16412

Is it just me or do her hands look freakishly off somehow…

No. 16413

Because it looks like her arm is starting right under her fingers due to hidding most of her hand inside the sleeve, I think?

No. 16414

I don't even get it because she doesn't speak Japanese, how will she be able to live there if she doesn't speak the language? On top of that, she just quit school because of money, so what is she going to do there? She wants to act like she isn't just going there to get fame like Kota has, but we all know that she is. Why else would she have Japanese titles on all of her makeup tutorials when she doesn't speak the language and they wouldn't even be helpful for a Japanese person anyway because she has completely different features from them?

No. 16415

I probably sound really salty right now, but it just pisses me off as someone who's genuinely interested in Japan and has been working their ass off studying the language, whereas she just wants to be there to be the next Dakota.

No. 16416

jfc get over it
you can't blame people for misgendering you when they dont even fucking know you, stupid snowflake.

No. 16417

File: 1431925044964.jpg (303.5 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nldquvGVQv1scbgcdo1_128…)

This is also her. Kawaii knife chin desu.

No. 16418

what's it like having anzu follow you lmao

No. 16419

oh god this. i'm crying.

Does Anzu shoop her skin lighter? The bb cream she uses is almost white, but in almost all the photos she posts, her face matches the rest of her body. (also share any skin lightening tips that aren't fucking skin bleach?)

No. 16420

same here anon :\ i'm salty af and nothing really makes me more mad than people who are just rich enough to go there and be ~*~*uguu models*~*~ or be a prostitute like SHIT. makes me wanna just give up and be a hostess there but hopefully in the long run it'll be more worth it for us than for them anon!!

No. 16421

that's the ugliest headband i've ever seen

No. 16422

The way the light hits her nose in the first pic looks off but I could be wrong

No. 16423

i thought she was wearing gloves in the thumbnail oh my god

No. 16424

The only good thing I can say about her is I think she does save up to go with her own money. Although, I definitely think she does come from a rich family, in her q&a she listed a ton of other countries she's been to which I highly doubt she had any interest in going to any of them bc they aren't kawaii. I feel you on the hostess thing. I'm sure it will be more worth it for us because a lot of these people are only interested in Japan now for attention/fame and because it's trendy. All of these girls will become sick of Japan when the trend dies and they realize it isn't a ~supa kawaii wonderland~ where they'll get worshiped just for being a gaijin wearing circle lenses.

No. 16425

not even photoshop can save them

No. 16426

No. 16427

The post is calling out Sheinside, not Fetsu.

No. 16428


(not that anon you replied to)

I agree. Japan is just an accessory to some girls, I mean if the west had given a shit about Dakota I don't think she would have ever had an interest living in Japan. I mean, if you watch that video where she and Kiki are bashing Asians.. Kota didn't even know what 'Konnichiwa' even meant!

Besides, it's always good to stay in school and earn yourself a degree then go teach or do whatever it is you're doing in Japan. Just enjoy it, if you are interested in the fashion and DO happen to get a role over there then fair enough or say, if you're working towards getting a role over there which is linked to your studies like fashion and design ect.. That's fine in my eyes.

But it's worrying when people go over there expecting to be signed up, like Kiki for e.g she thought because she's "white and slender" she'd instantly get a modelling contract simply for being that. It didn't work. Especially not in Tokyo, where foreigners are every day almost.

I'm not trying to be horrible but I think these girls who do jump on the kawaii doll train never look that great in person. Not them but the outfits, the hair, the make up. They all look wonderful photoshopped and put on websites/magazines but when you see the styles in person, they never look that great. I think what put me off was seeing that video of kota in those cross shorts and cat tshirt with her pig tails. She posted a picture (shooped ofc) that day and then went on stage saying whatever it was with the other models. In person, these outfits look tacky. I don't think the bandwagon is even worth it when I really think about it.

I just hope Peachymilk goes over there for a reason, culture love or something.. Not just for bloody doll fame! We DON'T need anymore living dolls! I'm sorry but we don't.

No. 16429

I agree with all of what you've said. Like I don't have an issue with people being models, idols, etc over there. I have an issue with people who only see the country as an opportunity for attention. Aminyan is a good example of someone who I feel is genuinely interested in the country and just does the idol thing as a hobby.

I hope so, but I really don't think she wants to be there because of love of the culture. Her Japan vlogs are just about shopping and disneyland. I don't think she's ever posted about Japanese culture at all, she really only cares about the pop culture/fashion honestly. She doesn't bother learning the language at all to speak with the Japanese viewers she desperately wants. If you look at her comments, she replies to everyone but ignores Japanese people who comment anything other than "かわいい." Iirc her youtube channel also had a faq in Japanese on it, like name, dob, birthplace, just like Kota has on hers.

No. 16430

I remember the years when anzu was just a cosplayer and not into the kawaii style.she was a little bit chubby and she has done like miku or rin cosplays.but first she deleted her older cosplays in her older personal fb account then she shut it down.Her name is actually sahra (although i don't remember her last name).And last year i asked about her older cosplays but she didn't replied it.Maybe she wants to be secretive about it,i don't know.

No. 16431


Give it time, the trend will eventually die out when people realize they're too old for this shit.

No. 16432

Everyone says Anzu used to be kinda chubby but no one ever has pics of her before she became a bone thin sponsor-bot

No. 16433

I know, and I know it's really stupid getting salty over it, I just can't help it.

No. 16434

File: 1432254069090.png (419.82 KB, 446x649, Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.19…)

does Fatsu ever do makeup that's not a complete disaster

No. 16435

Loves it
Also that blur on her face

No. 16436

This literally looks like the makeup I'd do when I was 15 and just started wearing makeup.
I know some people just really suck at makeup, but isn't she supposed to be a beauty guru on youtube? I'm pretty sure I've seen makeup tutorials of hers on yt.

No. 16437

why do these vloggers that try so desprately to look young put on so much makeup? kids dont wear makeup and the younger looking people i see never wear makeup unless its photoshop

No. 16438

Good question, I don't think it's the amount of makeup they wear, it's how harsh their makeup is. They put on a normal amount of makeup imo, they just use harsh colors and makeup styles.

I think a lot of these girls are trying hard to emulate Asian girls but don't realize that just because it looks good on those girls doesn't mean it will look good on them. Like, many gaijin gyaru will contour their noses even though their noses are already sharp just because Japanese gyaru do it.

No. 16439

File: 1432269632872.jpg (16.07 KB, 236x363, scene hair done right.jpg)

yeah, its just that asian faces are a bit too different from European so when it comes to the darker makeup it doesnt work
like asians have wider/bigger eyes, so when Europeans do it it makes their eyes look smalller IMO
and how they already have taller, more slender noses and they contour it even more it also looks off because asians have their shorter button noses
they can both look cute in the same way. its just that the facial differences make their makeup techniques for the the same wanted effect, different
if this makes sense, this isnt ALL asians/Europeans that have these, its just that alot usually do
pic related. its the same effect they want. but done in a way that compliments the facial structure. i hope this doesnt sound racist to either races. its just that the facial structures are different

No. 16440

I agree.

No. 16441

What I find most disturbing is the whole kawaii getup and the smile with all those cutting scars. Behind that smile is a deeply unhappy person.

No. 16442

i have the same problem D:
my hands are super dry no matter how much lotion I use.

No. 16443

File: 1432286945673.jpg (47.79 KB, 745x873, 11109182_10152852712497106_431…)

This might just be me speaking out of my salty ass, but does Fetus' art bother anyone else?
Especially the fact that people are throwing money at her so they can draw something for them in her "super kawaii unique style!!!!! XD"

Again, I'm probably just salty since imo I draw nicer than she does but she gets hella commissions just from her kawaii fashion fame.

No. 16444

that looks horrible

No. 16445

this bitch photoshopped herself more than berry. holy shit, i didn't think that was even possible, her face is like half its actual size

No. 16446


Stuff on Anzu:

she's 18 or 19, not more than that. started college last year. used to be a v. pretty kid with a cute round face and early-teens puppy-fat. not really fat or chubby, just didn't have the body proportions of a grown woman yet. i still have her photos in her first cosplay lying around, i can dig them out if anyone's interested.

then she disappeared for a while and the next time she surfaced, she was emaciated. like, people felt the need to walk up to her and say "you don't look pretty, you look sick. stop starving yourself!" people who know her claimed she subsisted on a chocolate bar a day and her hair started falling out (i've never seen her without a wig since so there may be some truth to it). i don't know what happened to make her snap. i don't know why her family doesn't interfere. where she lives families tend to get all up in their kids' business. but she also seems to be the rich coddled type so maybe her parents are trying to be ~modern~ being all trusting, or just can't cope with her ED sneakiness.

apart from having the same vacant expression in all her photos with her bottom lip hanging out like a dumbass, she isn't involved with visible drama even though her country's cosplay/kawaii uguu scene is famous for being a bunch of attention-starved idiotic kids who kick up shit at the drop of a hat. she wears her omg pastelgothscarycute shit and wigs everywhere and presumably gets harassed a lot, because she's from this near-east country where weird shit isn't tolerated too well. she's already pretty light-skinned, in her selfies mainly filters are involved, but she shoops herself to hide her anorexia. on unshooped photos all her joints and veins are sticking out like nobody's business.

other than that she mainly keeps to herself and plays a lot of video games and is into weeby shit and has friends and goes to school. suspiciously boring for someone who got e-famous for buying and wearing clothes at such an early age.

No. 16447

she said on twitter before that her parents are concerned with her weight and lecture her over it

No. 16448

possible. hope they take a firmer stance in the futute because body-wise she's slowly inching to Ashley territory but since her face is chubby she probably gives the impression that she's just thin.

No. 16449

File: 1432292253062.jpg (107.86 KB, 500x333, 4146204531_456c5cd63e.jpg)

Obvious trace is obvious. The head is a badly mirrored copy of the Volks Nana model

No. 16450

Post pics, anon.

No. 16451

Bitch needs some god damn Loomis.

>teehee noone will notice if i only draw one half then mirror it

No. 16452

File: 1432312652070.png (607.71 KB, 1280x1133, tumblr_netrtbHpX31qluf27o1_r2_…)

Speaking of wanky art from kawaii grills.

Anyone else really hate Passerine's stuff? All the same face, sparkly eyes,~kawaii unique disorder~.

And ofc, erryones a lesbian.

No. 16453

File: 1432312762081.jpg (35.94 KB, 550x553, chantelle-brown-young5.jpg)

lol she copied some models weird skin condition.

No. 16454

why did she make her fat? the model isnt fat.

No. 16455

It's not meant to be the model, it's her OC.
It's not like Chantelle Winnie is the first person to have vitiligo.

No. 16456

File: 1432313126061.png (117.38 KB, 500x443, tumblr_ngdpupltLU1qluf27o1_r1_…)

Vitiligo, I think? It's rarely as symmetrical as that though.

it's an OH-SEE silly anon, besides, it's pretty much the only body type she knows, besides slightly skinnier.

No. 16457

Finally someone says it, I hate her art and I hate seeing it everywhere, it all looks the same.

No. 16458

any artists in the house? do you draw half a face/figure and then literally horizontally flip and merge them? because thats what all hers looking like and it looks lazy and boring as fuck

No. 16459

Artist here, did it when I was starting out with digital art and thought it didn't matter. I stopped doing it because it's super lazy, not to mention unnatural. I don't think any face I've studied has been perfectly symmetrical.

No. 16460

i dont get why her ocs are so popular, they're literally all the same recycled like 4 personalities in the same pastel j-fash lesbian mold.

No. 16461

Not a good artfag, but no, only the eye sometimes, but usually draw over again and it's more of a 'measurement' if that makes sense.

I like her style but it's all very flat and looks the same, so?? maybe for a dress up game it'd be a good template, but not for everything you ever draw to be the same.

That's tumblr for you…

No. 16462

File: 1432317039204.jpg (33.24 KB, 323x960, 11150642_449638371871399_77330…)

She's underweight with a small frame, sure, but nowhere near being as thin as Ash. I feel like the angle of her pics contributes a lot to making her legs look longer/thinner too (like how Beckii Cruel's legs look 5 miles long on her Insta pics only because of angle).

No. 16463

Yeeessss I hate her art too. There's so many good artists out there but she and Ayame Shiroi hog the spotlight with kawaii j-fash girls

No. 16464

I only recently started using a tablet so I have been flipping the face because it ends up looking super weird otherwise. I try to rotate it a bit though so it's not completely symmetrical. I definitely wouldn't do it if I was used to tablets/kinda popular for my art. Looks weird.

No. 16465

I was in a con with Anzu and actually saw in real life,she was just thin but didn't seemed anorexic though.

No. 16466

Holy fucking shit, so someone posted on pull proof that she's 24. I didn't even know that, I always assumed she was the same age as I am (20). Makes a lot more sense now though.

No. 16467

File: 1432343294517.jpg (28.5 KB, 319x226, image.jpg)

I think that's probably anzu back in torucon 2011(i'm not sure i know that the photo is in a very shitty quality).
Anon can you please post them,bc i couldn't find any of them

No. 16468

File: 1432344795708.jpg (96.95 KB, 409x725, image.jpg)

I found more,but I really don't know…

No. 16469

is she cosplaying as rin?

No. 16470

Yes,but I'm not sure if it's really her,she used to like vocaloids back in the days and i only remember her making miku and rin cosplays.

No. 16471

File: 1432345555606.jpg (77.52 KB, 418x741, image.jpg)

And this is the final one.

No. 16472

She's not ugly but she doesn't stand out like she does now. The cosplay would've been nicer with makeup.

No. 16473

yes, these are all from her first cosplay. she was 13 or 14 and didn't know how to makeup though, so i don't think it's quite fair to hold her up to adult beauty standards. she was just this kid with a reasonable tween's body and chubby cheeks. i thought she was fat or something because her face was chubs.

anon, i deffo remember seeing some recent unshopped photos where she was way skinnier, but i couldn't find them so you're free to disregard my bullshit.

No. 16474

Agree,I actually find her very cute in those days also I remember her saying that she was train to gain weight again?

No. 16475

She looks like a younger Venus here, it's pretty cute <3

No. 16476

*was trying

No. 16477

I saw her say somewhere (ask fm?) that she was trying to gain some weight, don't know if it's true. I like her, but the fake/overly positive act of review girls like her gets annoying after a while.

No. 16478

It irritates me mildly that her, her boyfriend and another of their friends all have the same. exact. drawing style. Like I really don't think that if you put the three together you could tell them apart.

No. 16479

I'm 99.99% sure what happened was that PP's art became famous from her style so her boyfriend and her friend decided to emulate her style to get famous too

No. 16480


Her boyfriend, what? I thought they were lesbians?

No. 16481


No. 16482


Is this something recent? I thought PP's gf was a girl but just called herself Edward or whatever. I thought they always identified as girls/lesbians

No. 16483

Who is the friend?

No. 16484

I'm guessing doncella-anemone(sp?). I've seen her art around before and I just remember her url was something vaguely like that.

No. 16485

File: 1432542146697.png (252.54 KB, 748x522, ss (2015-05-25 at 09.21.39).pn…)


No. 16486

is that unit02-png in the middle? i never really noticed how fucking close her art looks to the other 2 until now

No. 16487

I've follow PP's girlfriend Edward on tumblr for a loooong time and she is very much a female she/her girly lipstick lesbian.

No. 16488

File: 1432546969613.jpg (78.19 KB, 720x1280, 11041861_10204429726002962_147…)

she looks like a momosweetcosplay/ahripop wannabe

No. 16489

File: 1432548076793.png (997.21 KB, 1008x1508, tumblr_nm175s0klb1rk5p10o1_128…)

Don't forget agent-lapin

No. 16490

Something about her art makes me like it more than petite's. I think it's because the details are more intricate. It feels like her art has depth whereas petite's art is all just flat.

No. 16491

I agree that agent-lapin puts more detail into their work, but the way all these artists draw faces in the exact same way kind of disgusts me.
It's especially irritating because you can actually see small differences in between their style if you look closely and can almost tell they're purposely homogenizing their work for popularity.

No. 16492


Dat anatomy. No. Just no.

No. 16493

God damn I fucking hate petite paserine. How can she so boldfacedly coopt medical conditions and people's races to make her OP's more popular. It was bad enough when she was just making them all ~kawaii mentally ill~ but now she has some fucking OC with vitiligo called cocobun??? How the fuck has she not been torn apart by SJWs? I'm vehemently anti-most tumblrisms like that, and I still find this shit offensive.

Not to mention she calls them the "Sassy sisters" Eurgh. That in and of itself is bad enough.

No. 16494

She is SJW, she was one of the people that raged over Avril using japanese background dancers in her Hello Kitty video.

No. 16495

Does being a SJW give her a free pass then? Is that why she's allowed to do all of this gross shit? I didn't know that was how it works.

No. 16496

It does, if you are on their side they won't say shit.

No. 16497

Becaus it's only wrong when OTHER people do it. Just like how they bitch people out for "appropriating Japanese culture", yet 90% of their tumblrs are filled with asian girls and kawaii uguu shit.

No. 16498


>describing black girls unironically as sassy

No. Please stop this. I'm only half black and I hate this stereotype.

No. 16499

>tfw you still want anzu's body
>tfw you're a recovering anorexic

No. 16500

File: 1432571390449.png (464.22 KB, 1181x1902, tumblr_nouvqcQ0Ci1qluf27o1_128…)


Someone paid 60 bucks for this? 60 bucks? For ink and flat colour?

…That feel when I'm a professional artist and I could draw this in about 5 mins. Clearly i should cater to stupid kawaii idiots. They'll pay for anything. Like furfags.

No. 16501

that fucking ear
i know it's probably some ~magical girl species~
but it's growing out of the jaw
if this bitch ate, her ear would probably flap so much she'd go flying in the air

No. 16502


It's a blood elf from WoW so not far off lol. And yeah, that ear. Awful, utterly awful. And that anatomy and those limbs. Everything is so flat arughhh.

I hate tumblr style and I hate how popular it is. There is literally no skill in it. I just want to throw loomis at their heads.

No. 16503

File: 1432572469216.jpg (121.01 KB, 589x960, 11239621_1178601622165304_7880…)

i know right?
either everyone tries to be sparkly uguu like passerine or they all look like pic related

just needs more red nose

No. 16504

>80s-90s anime
Literally what is this faggot complaining about? I was on board with this until that part. Don't fuck with 80s anime.

No. 16505

80s anime is the only good anime

No. 16506

yeah i didn't get that either.. unless they meant the bad anatomy? like sailor moon must have been like 80% leg.

No. 16507

That image is so salty lmao. Holy fuck.

No. 16508

What does fetsu mean? Why would you call yourself that?

No. 16509

How "Fetch" is pronounced in japanese.

No. 16510

Why the fuck would you call yourself that.

No. 16511

She says she called herself that because the imuv name she wanted was taken and so she went with fetsu because she liked how it sounded. It's got nothing to do with fetuses or "fetch". Besides, fetch would be フェッチ (fecchi) not fetsu.

No. 16512

File: 1432595539190.png (257.95 KB, 540x530, tumblr_noxdt2UKdC1rk5p10o2_r1_…)


No. 16513

Every Tumblr SJW's art looks the same. That image posted earlier was 100% accurate.

No. 16514

There was a girl named looneylolita who had a similar style who became immensely popular? unless that is one of the three's old handles

No. 16515

File: 1432598985344.jpg (123.5 KB, 500x703, tumblr_nc637pQ0x41qb87cco1_500…)

Besides the 80s manga eyes and lips the art of looneylolita doesn't look similar.

No. 16516

It's 100% true. Get the fuck back to tumblr.

No. 16517

They probably mean the users trying to copy shit like Omocat

This one give me huge Akiko Higashimura vibes tbh

No. 16518

Okay, what the fuck is wrong with them? 80s and 90s anime were the best. Everything else is garbage.

No. 16519

I am pretty convinced PeachMilkyTea wants to wear dakotas skin, esp since she had plastic surgery to be a cuter kawaii makeup tutorial goddess.

I wish I saved her patreon plugging video, she wants people to pay for her vids now.

No. 16520

File: 1432661080382.jpg (254.75 KB, 1335x897, luna.JPG)

Plastic surgery?
This girl has changed a lot
(Luna Lovely, you can see her on My Strange Addiction I'm a living doll)

No. 16521

i'm not a professional artist and I could draw that in 5 mins.

No. 16522

ungodly amounts of shoop

No. 16523

This girl is the thirstiest human being I've ever heard of.
I'm convinced she got a boob job from her parents at some point– she looks like she picked implants that were way too big for her frame, though.
at this rate, she'll end up on cosplay deviants or posing for 'gravure' photoshoots.
she's already done lingerie modelling, so it wouldn't surprise me if she transitions to straight-up camming and shit after her 'fresh&innocent' appeal fades.

this girl just seems so hungry for e-fame. why else would anyone agree to appear on a TLC show? she's like one of those kids who doesn't understand the difference between negative and positive attention, they just act up in any way that they can…she just wants to be the next Jessica Nigri. She thinks she's going to be successful simply because she's worked out the equation: "tits+cosplay=attention!!&fans"

No. 16524

I agree about the wanting to wear Dakota's skin thing. She's got the Japanese titles on her videos even though she doesn't speak a lick of Japanese and all of her tutorials are basic stuff you wouldn't need a tutorial on (like a tutorial on simple braids, really?). She was even talking about big plans she had in that q&a video, then hinted that she was going to move to Japan and become a model later in the video when someone asked if she would.

I don't really have much of an issue with the patreon thing though. Tons of youtubers have them, and as long as she isn't shoving it in peoples' faces, I really couldn't care less. Though, I honestly don't see why anyone would donate to this kind of thing, unless it was someone really talented or something.

No. 16525

I think that's the type of attitude they're mocking, like when a person who isn't familiar with anime sees something like Evangelion or Gunbuster for the first time and acts like it's the greatest thing in existence. Or people who only watch Toonami and Dobson-esque oldfags that refuse to watch anything that was made after 1999.

No. 16526

Is this the same dumb cunt who lied and bullshitted about how her appearing on MSA was "a hot mess" and how they were told it was for a lolita documentary?
I found her tumblr and her saying that yet choosing to advertise that she was on MSA in her tumblr description box is so embarrassing holy shit.

No. 16527

I think she got boob implants, and oh I remember her saying 'I have to spend 3h to make myself look good, because I want to be like her /the doll/ and I'm not like that, so I need wigs, make up and cl. and I would consider plastic surgery'
She lied, she knew it was for MSA, Venus and the Ken knew about it, why wouldn't she know it too? She knew. But when she saw the chapter she was fucking embarrassed because she looked like the dumb brat she is. I'd also say she has had a nose job, aside from the shoop

No. 16528

File: 1432683313963.png (12.6 KB, 305x39, Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 4.33…)

i feel like a failure

No. 16529

Prince has reblogged 3 of my outfit shots thus far. I quite like Prince but I love that them relogging it brings me another few hundred notes.

No. 16530

No. 16531


Apparently she needs it for work and stuff. Idk she seems nice enough but not sure if asking others for money for a laptop is the best thing

No. 16532

If she does make all of her stuff completely by herself then asking for donations once in a lifetime to fix that problem seems fair enough. If she was asking for a holiday or something that'd be shitty, but I think this problem is fair game.

No. 16533

>can afford lavish trips to Japan/shopping in Japan
>cannot afford to get a new laptop
I like Kelsey but can someone explain the logic here? Am I missing something?

No. 16534

Umm didn't she just go to Japan and spend tons of $$$? Also, if she can save up in 4 weeks, why not just borrow the money and pay everyone back?

So fucking over gofundmes, everyone who uses it for frivolous shit should rot in hell.

No. 16535

urgh just fucking save up
your weeby videos aren't that important a contribution to the world

No. 16536

I thought the trip to Japan was funded by a cosplay competition Abi won. The flights and hotel at least. Not saying that excuses the gofundme, she really should just save up herself.

No. 16537

js she started it because a bunch of people on her facebook were saying they wanted to donate to her to help

No. 16538

Pastel-cutie is now at angelic-emoji.tumblr.com. Suspicious. She claims it's due to a new fashion style interest. I just feel like she wouldn't just drop 20k followers and move though.

No. 16539

she didnt drop the followers, she just change her url.

No. 16540


No. 16541

it was not at all due to a "new fashion style interest." It was all because she was exposed as someone who says people deserve to be dead due to taking online harassment seriously, and when she was outed she started claiming PS like crazy, ran away on a "hiatus" and came back apologizing for something that happened years ago for some reason rather than what happened about a month back. She's just trying to run away from her "previous self" by creating going with a "new fashion style" and changing her url and not talking about all that happened.

No. 16542

This. She's also friends with berry and kisses up to anyone who might be mildly successful. I'm glad people are finally kind of seeing what a shitter she is tbh

No. 16543

I see Elizabunnii went off to Japan again with her bf. She has all this free time despite being like a NEET to go on fun trips and the money, must be a benefit scrounger or is just spoilt.

No. 16544

I'm friends with her on facebook. Shes always doing really expensive haul photos and now shes going to Japan(er shes IN Japan). A few years ago i asked her how she afford to buy all of these things she said that she worked really hard for them ( looking back it seems like she was just giving another 2edgy4u response like she does with literally anything remotely personal). I feel like her family is just really rich, honestly I can't see her having an actual job unless its something online or something. Apparently she has really bad social anxiety so she cant work or something?? idk.

No. 16545

that and she just posted about going on another holiday and that shes going to Japan again next year

No. 16546

Surprise, pastelbat has a cosplay page now

No. 16547

Her cosplays arent really bad though. They have pretty good construction and pretty accurate

No. 16548


That's.. not him.

>yeah, yeah. 3 months late. I know.

No. 16549


Yet still manages to go on overseas trips, shopping, theme parks and conventions. That social anxiety must be real bad. Some people I know with severe anxiety can't even take a walk to the corner store without having a breakdown.

No. 16550

No. 16551


Ah the generic Tumblr SJW art style. Where every OC is edgy and has some sort of disorder which makes them appear super cool and special. Ugh…

No. 16552

Why would you want a curveless stick thin body? Wtf

No. 16553

not op but anorexia gets you like that bud i hate to break it to you but some people want different things to you

No. 16554

mahouprince's shitty eyebrows make it look like she just farted and are unsure if she pooped a lil

No. 16555

I know but its still weird. Like why a boyish body

No. 16556

have you ever even seen a boy? Being thin does not magically make you look masculine

No. 16557

I'm far from anorexic, but I'm (healthily) working for a tiny, perhaps even "boyish", body simply because of my lack of curves at any weight. I figure I may as well be thin if I'm going to be lacking in the booty department. Some just want to incorporate as much as they have into what they want.
As well, people come in all shapes and sizes, so it's expected that we'd all have different tastes. What's "weird" to some is perfectly normal for others and vice versa.

No. 16558

i have an ed as well (not parading this around, just trying to prove a point) and I dont want a boyish body. hate to break it to you bud but we all don't want the same goal.

No. 16559

because she 100% buys them or commissions them.

No. 16560

Oh please, stop it fattie. Having a petite or thin frame doesn't = 12 year boy like you fatties love to insult skinny women with.

No. 16561

hah I feel the same way whenever lesbianlolita reblogs my coords. I wish she would stop existing.

No. 16562

Not trying to sound like a cunt, but I'm beginning to get the vibe that even lolcow is glorifying and admiring sickly thin bodies and anyone who makes a comment is a "fatty".

Christ almighty…

No. 16563


You guys are both as bad as each other tbh

No. 16564

Not that anon, but. Being trans/genderqueer isn't the same as being a girl who likes having short hair and doesn't feel 'feminine'. That shit trivializes the struggle of actual trans people. Obviously I can't say whether or not mahouprince actually has body dysphoria that would qualify them as genderqueer– maybe they do!– but I'm really, really wary of these tumblr kids who make no effort to look like the gender they claim to identify as, especially if they were afab since femininity is codified by things that are really fucking stupid and hard for anyone to relate to. These are the kids who shit up the Trans Day Of Visibility tag with their "on the left, i have a wig and makeup, on the right, i do not. genderfluidity, huzzah!" posts despite not actually relating to the intense, painful dysphoria and challenges that actual trans people face.

No. 16565

It's vitiligo and it's not some weird skin condition, a good amount of people have it, Micheal Jackson had it. The art sucks but this model chick didn't invent vitilgio so it's not copying

No. 16566

Do you know who the shironori is? I'm still on the hunt for that editing app

No. 16567


No. 16568

Why do people even like this art style anyway? It's so bland and every person seems to be suffering from same-face syndrome .

No. 16569

Because ~aesthetic~

No. 16570

She has got a job, she just doesn't post about it. I guess working isn't kawaii enough for her to write about, but she definitely has one.

No. 16571

welp this editing app is a mystery, can't find it anywhere I guess people, especially the popular type like to keep editing apps to themselves it seems
>sorry ot

No. 16572

File: 1439134051615.jpg (236.92 KB, 1350x1350, image.jpg)

Pretty sure it's BeautyCam > Magic option > Stars + white pale filter / adjustment for blue sparkles

No. 16573

File: 1439144626173.jpg (96.16 KB, 1280x720, 1430814905582.jpg)

>mfw I had this app this whole time

I'm going to cry, thank you so much anon!!

No. 16574

i think its the way they gape their mouth. their facial expression is terrible and unflattering 90% of the time. looks much better with a face mask or yknow smiling like a normal person

No. 16575

File: 1445895778313.jpeg (234.88 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

So I noticed that nicholeal's and passerineart's art looks a bit the same.Expect passerine is more ~KAWAII UGGU DESU~ they both draw magical girls, although passerine's Art usually involves a shitload of lesbians with some kawaii turned condition or disorder.

Nicholeal's Art is more detailed and when Passerine actually puts more effort into it, instead of boring flat color,their art looks a lot like Nich's.They know each other.

A few days ago I asked Nich if she was Passerine on anon bc I thought she changed her URL, she told me that she's not the Passerine I was looking for.A bunch of people liked it and someone even commented LOL.I was going to tell Nich sorry for mistaking her and her art for her friend's, but she must've gotten butthurt or something bc anon is off now,They both seem kinda irritating as people.

No. 16576

They're girlfriends. As in, they're together.
I agree with you, though. Nicholael, petitepasserine and agent-lapin's art all look the fucking same. No originality whatsoever.

No. 16577

Why do I get the feeling that Anzu doesn't really go outside with the clothes she wears.

No. 16578

I feel like she does, she often talks about how she mainly wears it when she's in big areas and with friends because she says she doesn't feel safe otherwise

No. 16579

They answered an ask sometime ago that they both take inspiration from the same sources etc etc. and yeah they are together and prob take inspo from eachother

No. 16580

Holy shit tho, they look so similar.

No. 16581

Anzu doesn't seem to have any drama about her due to the fact that she has no personality and is just a robot spitting out advertisements at this point. I watch her videos because she honestly is really cute (and i am a tiny bit jealous), but she's so dead inside… I get the feeling that she's a shut in irl

No. 16582

Stuff about anzu bcz why not

I have talked to her once or twice(we are in same uni) and she is extremely shy, and speaks very quietly

And yes, she goes outside with fake eyelashes, cosplay make up and ~cute clothes~ and has some cute anime bag.

I don't follow her stuff so idk about her online persona, but she is shy, polite and quiet irl. She doesn't give that drama queen, bitchy lolcow/special snowflake vibes.

No. 16583

No shit Sherlock.

No. 16584

I .. didn't know they were two different people. Both shitty; no originality, and you can tell they've never sat in an art class their whole lives. I fucking hate tumblr "artists". They get their asses kissed for drawing the stupidest unoriginal shit. Real artists don't get much attention nowadays.

No. 16585

>Real artists don't get much attention nowadays
Yeah especially on tumblr, unless you draw fanart or fanart with sjw/love yourself messages no one is really going to pay attention to you

No. 16586

File: 1446416749583.jpg (75.6 KB, 496x701, 551dd2fe6a8115c1b3ef5bab8ae459…)

Seconding both of you.
I love seeing new artists pop up but people who don't draw sjw fandom shit and/or Tumblr kei definitely do get ignored. It's really annoying because every artist now draws sjw shit or Tumblr kei just to get attention so it's an endless cycle of drawing Tumblr stuff to get attention.
>pic related

No. 16587

Think of it this way though:
They all charge up the butt for commissions because they're NEVER gonna do professional work. The average tumblr kei style artist isnt going to get REAL work.
Sure they might get on some tumblr SJW bullshit project that only tumblr SJWs will be interested in and that's it.

For me as an artist I get super salty to see people pandering to things so hard. Everything is so calculated to get reblogs and favs.

No. 16588

Sometimes selling out is the only way to make money.

No. 16589

How to get sponsorship and a uguu popular youtuber or blogger?

No. 16590

File: 1450047643749.png (13.09 KB, 632x115, ugh.PNG)

I don't know about Youtube, but I've been propositioned on tumblr a lot.
I guess if you have a decent amount of followers you'll get attention. The latest one I received. I don't even update at frequently as tumblr, so it really not hard to get popular there.

No. 16591

File: 1450048382819.png (269.47 KB, 640x479, 1450004601054.png)

Man, this is the realest shit

I've always wanted to make an art blog and put myself out there but it's very intimidating

>I really don't want to get obsessed with being known, how many notes I get, and just pandering to every fandom I can be apart of

No. 16592

I realised that this OC, and many others, haven thigh gaps; surely for being "inclusive" you're bringing things that are impossible to do for a girl that size

No. 16593

I know quite a lot about Anzu, we have had lots of convos online and have skyped a few times as well. Her personality is very delicate and she speaks very softly, like she's super shy. It adds to the kawaii factor times a thousand. As for drama she doesn't serve up any cuz she's easily shaken by shit people throw her way and doesn't want to get into all that. I know she has 2 half sisters and her dad isn't Turkish, thus the light skin.

Contrary to popular belief she doesn't shoop her pics, instead she takes dozens of photos then filters the shit out of the best ones for desired effects. Far more honorable than PS at least.

I know a lot about her eating habits as well, her dad is really worried about her and she constantly goes back and forth with putting weight on. She's trying though. Her hair isn't falling out, it's fine. She hasn't fallen that far off the ladder. She's very thin though. She did indeed show me pics of her when she was "heavier" aka a normal weight and honestly she was really, really cute still. Just had thighs and chubby cheeks. Since entering university I don't think she is doing much to help the weight gain, she's so swamped with schoolwork and her blog that she simply has no time for anything else except drawing to help her relax. That's about as much as I'm willing to share in an anon setting.

No. 16594

>no drama
Anzu supports Kaoru Hasegawa because he sends her free shit despite that Hasegawa is a proven tracer and art thief. She also deletes comments calling Hasegawa out and purposely ignores proof of his tracing.

No. 16595

Is that a trap?

No. 16596

Just came here to say that a fat weeaboo is stalking badly Anzu in her college. Poor girl just dies everytime she tries to communicate w/ other people lel and she has got an irl stalker. Glad her college is almost over (If she did not fail on finals)

No. 16597

how about instead of laughing away in a corner make an anonymous report to the college?
irl stalkers are freaky as shit and should not be tolerated :/// help the girl out

No. 16598

also fetsu has realised shes losing her main audience in trade for her new normie life and has made some weird of how shes "coming back to cutesy looks"


No. 16599

>normie life

What did I miss?

No. 16600

Fetsu's face makes me want to punch my monitor.

No. 16601

a different anon but
fetsu recently has been trying/has sold off all of her brand dresses, saying sh doesn't wear the fashion no more. I've seen nothing of her fairy kei lot.
on her insta a lot has been deleted of when she was a "college party normie" and a lot of her old looks are no where to be seen. Has been posting rehashed old fairy kei looks and photos of her dreamy bows orders and some weebs her polymer clay shit. Made a post how she missed the old style and wanting to get back into it. Posted some shitty Galaxy tutorials and now shitty drawings using what looks like bases.
will she fuck up college again this? Only time will tell!

No. 16602

come back with update or something !

No. 16603

Why is Anzu in Japan randomly? She doesn't seem to be studying since all of her photos are of her at various touristy places or hauls or eating out. Does she have a sugar daddy or some shit?

No. 16604

File: 1465411736168.jpg (44.16 KB, 500x667, cosma.jpg)

I think she pulls off alternative j-fashion/lolita/etc really well, but sometimes I wonder if there's any drama on her? She generally has a very nice demeanor online but what sticks in my head is her posting publicly on instagram about a mental breakdown, her being in hospital and ending it with her boyfriend (they used to post such cute pictures together), then within a month she had a new boyfriend. Of course, shit happens, but it strikes me as odd to post something so personal. Looking back, I can't seem to find that instagram post, but maybe other followers of her remember it?

Overall, she seems like a really nice person, it's just that little thing that's stuck in my mind.

No. 16605

this just in
fetsu is no longer fetsu

No. 16606


probably sucking Kaoru Hasegawa's cock for more paintings or better, visa.

No. 16607


*tiny cock

No. 16608

This is fetus?

No. 16609

I think that's legit what she's doing. I mean, someone has to be taking her photos and taking her out. Plus we know for a fact that she's there for the Kaoru Hasegawa exhibition so…

No. 16610

this isn't fetsu, her username is completely slipping my mind at the moment though.

No. 16611

what would even be the point, his art is worth jackshit since he traces all of it anyway

No. 16612

Emily Aurelia. She was on my strange addiction

No. 16613

Anything for free shit and a chance to visit the glorious Nippon, I guess.
Plus he's still making tons of money from retarded tumblrinas who blindly white knight him despite all of the proof that he traces.

No. 16614

Cosma-Shanti or something like that

No. 16615

no its not

No. 16616

> not talking about class or work
> must be visa hunting!
what happened to keep private live private. why do you feel entitle to know what she is in japan for?

No. 16617

or maybe she's just talking a holiday like a normal person? lol why you always gotta reach for the most dumb conclusions it's perfectly possible for most normal people to visit Japan without a sugar daddy.

No. 16618

There was this blogger who started like a year ago called LilacBlossom. She had a tiny following (I don't think she even reached 100 Instagram followers after almost a year…) but I used to lurk on her blog (Lilac's Journal).
At first her content seemed boring and kinda… forced? But she began opening up and sounding more natural later. Then suddenly a month ago (?) she freaked out and made her Insta and blog private. Anyone know why? Any drama? Maybe she just wanted to start over? Does anyone know if she started again with a new name? What happened to her? She was a very small blogger and seemed quite sweet but the sudden removal of everything is kinda weird. Anyone know what happened?

No. 16619

If you're going to necro a thread at the very least don't selfpost

No. 16620

kek is this even real are these cows so thirsty for fame
17 followers and ugly as fuck

No. 16621

File: 1546358553087.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, EA3797B2-BDD1-4091-8DC0-660905…)

Can we talk about Toshi for a sec?

She’s some “idol” for all of these clowns in the kawaii community yet she supports Kensuke from Broken Doll and still continues to model for him after he was called out for cheating on his partner, forcefully kissing people when his band played overseas, and sexually harassing women in Japan.

No. 16622

I can't stand Toshi. She's trash and got lucky as a white girl doing extreme makeup to get into that subculture in Japan and NYC.

No. 16623

Ugh she's a stuck up bitch in RL

No. 16624

i had the misfortune of only finding out about her when she dated a friend of mine. she physically assaulted him. she’s a huge cunt.

No. 16625

i dunno if same friend, but she stole some stuff from a friend of mine she dated briefly and played the victim card. She's a massive cunt and i hate that she gets positive attention only because she dresses differently.

No. 16626

She trash talks Jessica (AKA poo Chan) but sticks up for sexual predator Kensuke

Can’t relate

No. 16627

Doesn't she do porn now? This chick honestly deserves her own thread, she's a dumpster fire.

No. 16628

Source? I've followed her for a while and we have mutual friends, but I've never seen a mention of her doing porn

No. 16629

I saw her on a episode of a TLC show called love lust or run. She was crying when she took her makeup off and the host said you look pretty without the makeup. Toshi said she doesn't care people always told her that. She seemed so full of shit on the show to get pity.

No. 16630

Yup, she was okay with Jess copying her style until she was called out

No. 16631

Beep beep Richie

No. 16632

For real though, all of these clowns with face paint in the kawaii western community look the same. Get original. You all look like Pennywise the dancing clown with scat fetishes, snuff film fetishes, and you all try so hard to be edgelords. Keep going on Barcroft shows and making yourselves look like fools.

No. 16633

I met her once IRL at an event. i asked who she was and if she knew somebody, she was so insulted that i never heard of her name or seen her! i was like these online chicks think they're really hot shit!

she's good at posing for pictures definitely. but the whole "Uhm I'm Toshi?!" as if she's this household name bit was…..

No. 33748


Hey guise check out this cow I woke up to this morning lol

No. 33756

>what is embedding
>what are screen grabs
>what is a summary of the milk


No. 34991

Hey anon. The link is there and so is the milk within the link. Why don’t you click the link and watch it and THEN tell me your opinion lol.

The cow’s name is Daniel Perriera. You can easily find his Facebook.

Friends with Toshi, and a majority of the J-Fashion group. Also a rape apologist, with the fake “I’m so wholesome” persona.

His looks are hideous as fuck and I can’t believe he actually thinks he looks good. If he goes out like that, who wouldn’t take pictures of his fat ass? Lol.

I remember he began complaining about how people were taking pictures of him in public. Well, when you wear a practical human FURRY costume in public, what do you expect?

No. 34993

NTA but she's right. This is an image board. Post correctly and learn how to sage lol

No. 34994

File: 1550247101287.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 3BE33238-0592-44C8-8F44-9FB9A1…)

No. 34995

File: 1550247158597.png (839 KB, 750x1334, 31B0268E-DEC1-4677-8F19-E33119…)

No. 34996

Is this good enough for you crybabies? Lol

No. 34997

You new people sure are bothered easily

No. 35000

Oh shut up anon. No one is bothered. The tea is hot and we should all have a good laugh. Lol.

No. 35004

didn’t this guy turn up to pixielocks’ meet and greet in new york? he was obnoxious af in her video of the event

No. 35006

Yes, he’s like bffs with Toshi and pixie locks. As long as he gets clout from them, he doesn’t care what shit they do to other people. I can’t believe he agreed to be on Barcroft, but Barcroft really loves to interview the most cringe worthy people with the worst reputations. Y’all notice that? Lol.

Also sage for another topic being brought up, Toshi is also friends with a rapist named Tesa Ellis, an art designer. Another thing to add to this.

No. 35057


Toshi should have her own thread, unless there is more tea on her somewhere else?

No. 35102

Honestly I’m surprised she doesn’t have her own thread on here yet. I feel like a lot of people are intimidated by her so they don’t say shit, but quite a few people have some major tea on her.

She seriously needs to be exposed.

No. 35137

cant stand that cow, toshi

This dude looks like he smells so bad

No. 35138

People have been asking for a toshi thread for a while. We should have it. She's a huge cow who is friends with questionable people, and lies.

No. 35155

After all, Toshi is still sucking Kensuke Iwai’s dick.

Also, even though I absolutely think poo chan is vile, no one copies Toshi. The term “living doll” has been around for so long. There’s so many “living dolls” that I can’t even keep up with.

Toshi and Jess always kissed eachother’s asses until Toshi hopped on the bandwagon with everyone after Jess came out as a racist.

Toshi is a fake ass bitch lmao

No. 36081

>no one copies Toshi.
i kinda have to disagree there, i've seen way too many photos comparing jess and toshi. they look way too similar, down to makeup style.
they are both disgusting though

No. 36112

Really? Can you show me the similarities? Perhaps it’s me that doesn’t see it.

I feel like all the clowns look alike. I personally think Toshi’s makeup is more detailed, but still horrid for clown makeup.

Jess is more like… Ronald McDonald ya know what i mean?

No. 37214

Isn't Phin living with Bakasoseji in the flat? She recently moved to another room (from campus) and hasn't lived with him… idk if it's because he lives far or if they decided to do it like that but I find it weird. Also, didn't he beg for money on tumblr and that was the reason he was that skinny? Now Phin is paying for the food and he hasn't improved.

No. 44749

Does pretty pastel please count as a kawaii fashion blogger? She’s a YouTube but has an Instagram too. She’s self posted in her thread on pull before

No. 44761

File: 1555942689642.png (96.91 KB, 341x277, why.png)

Glad someone posted her - something about her really gets on my nerves. Pastels really don't flatter her one bit, and she can't dress herself at all.

No. 44773

sorry if this is a nitpick but wtf is up with her body? i read on pull that she lost a lot of weight in an unhealthy way but her body looks so weird and pudgy even tho she's clearly thin. is it just loose skin or is does she just have really shitty fat distribution???

No. 44779

the lumps on her hips are probably just from bad underwear

No. 44782

It's just her body, it always looks like that. It could just be a weird distribution of fat/excess skin, but it always looked to me like her pelvis just protrudes really oddly.

No. 44783

agreed. style doesnt suit her at all. She has a very classical and mature look going. Kinda pre Raphaelite. This tacky shit offends me on her especially

No. 44791

shes just thin and straight shaped and not wearing shapewear that smooths out hip dips. it's not abnormal or a huge deal.

No. 49169

File: 1558328248332.jpeg (447.91 KB, 2048x2048, 3512D2F3-0E21-4B32-BFE6-C55BCF…)

PeachMilkyTea catfishing hard

No. 49170

She looks fine, at least looks like herself

No. 49347

The last time I looked at her channel she was getting a bunch of plastic surgery, she's a mess

No. 49800

She's a costhot now and her bf seems to get off on it.

No. 50081

Didn't her last bf break up with her becuz of her plastic surgeries?

No. 55970

she dresses so bad, she can't coordinate her outfits in the slightest, and she buys loads of cheap crap on a constant. She just buys stuff for the sake of it, I wonder how much ends up in the landfill?

No. 286339

File: 1679002032837.jpg (447.3 KB, 1502x2003, FrVaIw6XsAIHTUo.jpg)

Just found this https://www.eviebunnie.com/ and she tries way too hard to shoop herself asian.(necro)

No. 286370

I'm so tired of all these Jirai trendhoppers

No. 286387

File: 1679016864987.png (592.44 KB, 1280x1280, Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 9.33…)

I remember a few years back she didn't shoop herself as aggressively, and actually looked like a normal human being and not an alien. She's been leaning hard into trying to appeal to her nonexistent Japanese audience kek. But she seems like a pleasant individual, not cow worthy afaik. Bring it to the shoop thread in snow.

No. 286444

File: 1679046440810.jpeg (148.13 KB, 828x1454, 299B3496-65A5-4547-A629-4D02B7…)

Omg I was thinking about posting her kek I’m glad I’m not the only one who is weirded out by this. I found this in her highlights, i guess it’s a bit less shooped.

No. 286446

File: 1679046523237.jpeg (224.33 KB, 1280x1280, BCEB4394-68B2-47B2-9F4C-40174E…)

She used to be british kek

No. 286466

The crazy ugly photoshop that's rampant in jfashion circles these days (that which is arguably worse than a few years ago) is soooooo bad. It's like a competition to see who can look the most uncanny and disgusting. Wtf do you think goes on when they do their little meetups and see how different they look? I know it's worse on Japanese social media, but I seriously have to wonder what the logic is behind it, it goes way beyond trying to correct any "imperfections". We all know you don't look like that…so what are you trying to achieve?
Though I definitely think the "kawaii uguu blogger" is a dead genre, I'd guess this girl's blog gets zero traction

No. 286472

You haven't seen her recent Twitter drama then, she keeps pretending to be know-all about Japan while claiming bullshit like the west made up ガーリー系 as fashion term.(sage your shit)

No. 286485

File: 1679073000492.jpeg (122.98 KB, 828x1026, 08C8E918-A247-4900-B06C-992484…)

You mean this? But I speak totemo nihongo and I know more than you boohoo

No. 286492

Calling a tweet with 21 retweets at most "drama" is pushing it, but it is kekworthy. Watching jfashion people argue about a language none of them speak properly is entertaining.

No. 286509

It's the spoiled entitlement for me. She's how old now? Should be mid-late 20s, i'm guessing. I get strong sugaring-app vibes from this one because with her frivolous spending and frequent Japan trips I highly doubt she's paying any bills on her own.

No. 286575

Her parents are also most likely rich.

No. 286584

Alice did katsumicos dirty by posting her true proportions. She shops heavily to appear more skinny in pics. I wonder how she maintains her lifestyle in Japan..(sage your shit)

No. 286586

1. literally who, 2. if it's milky post caps, 3. this probably doesn't belong in this particular thread nonnie

No. 286592

Kek post the screenshot

No. 286723

Her thighs look scary thin! Does she have an ED?

No. 286778

Most likely. She needs to be uwu so she’s probably not eating

No. 287002

Lmao came here to post her but you beat me to it. She has a separate twitter account for her bunny which she uses to like every single of her main account's tweets

No. 287012

seems like she found out about this thread, im part of their little jirai group chat and she doesnt seem to be aware people make fun over her behind her back, kek

No. 287045

I hate when fully grown women adopt pointless Japanese words when they become a kawaiidesuweeabu. Its completely unnatural to their vocab & likely have to go out of their way to do it. “Cosme” Don’t you mean make-up, lipstick, eyeshadow? Then the whole bun/bunself.

No. 287097

post caps if you can nonnie i think we'd all like to see

No. 287099

kek I think she deleted the blog post that this picture is from, because I can't find it anymore. Why are you ashamed of the fact that you're a white woman from England that doesn't look like a baby, Evie?

No. 287144

File: 1679378744468.jpg (254.8 KB, 1080x2116, Screenshot_20230320_230217_Tik…)

>I'm going to sage because I'm not 100% sure where to post her since she was in the same vein of all the other living dolls, so /w/ seems fit and this thread seems the closest.
Anastasia has a tiktok apparently, lives in LA. Anyone else hear anything about her in year?

No. 287255

They are still all over Tumblr, deleting posts doesn't remove their reblogs.

No. 287275

Oh I didn't even know she had a Tumblr, I was talking about her Blogger blog. Is her Tumblr URL the same as her Blogger?

No. 295834

File: 1683505331571.jpeg (162.22 KB, 1170x1277, IMG_1778.jpeg)

Its because you are vapid and insufferable. All you do is spend your parents money and gloat online about what you buy and then you wonder why people can’t stand you. There is nothing likable about her fake wholsome persona.
>If you had empathy
But never considers about how damaging her anachan body and her constant bragging about everything she has online is to others. Cry me a river.(necro, this is not milk)

No. 295870

What’s your problem with her? Or to ask more appropriately: what’s the milk?

No. 295876

There's no milk with Anastasiya, that's why we haven't heard anything anon

No. 295886

Yeah nothing about the reply is milky either.. Why'd anon even post it?

No. 296599

File: 1683918092971.jpg (504.76 KB, 2152x3774, runemidgarts.jpg)

Sage for no milk but what's with RuneMidgarts? I like her fashion so went to see who she follows for similar style and found out she's a alt right tradwife christian? She even married to a Russian man.

No. 296951

I didnt know you can see hashtags people follow. But yea nonna I was about to say are you surprised when she’s married to a Russian man? I unfollowed her long time ago when I realized she’s moving towards that trad wife direction.

No. 296966

If you go to their following then click 'hashtags' it shows.

No. 296987

I wouldn't go as far to say she's alt right, afaik there's never been any political stances made by her on her account, she just really loves to present herself with this feminine trad christian housewife persona. It's been like this for multiple years.

No. 299900

File: 1686252598382.jpg (215.1 KB, 1310x2048, 20230608_202927.jpg)

Here's her in a cosplay. Holy shit(sage your shit)

No. 300055

She’s just a weeby ana chan no milk

No. 300534

Way to say that you're envious of her rich parents and her being skinny. If you feel so damaged by seeing someone's body, then that sounds more like your problem and not hers.
Anyway, there's no real reason she should be on this thread.

No. 302293

She’s weird. She spent ages roasting people on her weeaboostories(?) tumblr just to end up moving to Japan herself, marrying a white man and pushing this tradfem agenda.

No. 310833

File: 1698350278985.jpeg (519.93 KB, 1536x2048, F9XCvsRakAAbBsy.jpeg)

Why the fuck does Mikan look like this? What the fuck?

No. 319529

File: 1707834182431.jpeg (625.29 KB, 1170x2080, A088CA70-0FF3-4D37-9663-E8BCD8…)

Lmaooo. I’m so happy other people also can’t stand her fake ass persona. My jaw dropped yesterday when some Japanese photographers posted her unedited pics on Twitter. She begged the others to send her the pics they took via DM instead of posting them publicly.

No. 319530

File: 1707834532755.jpeg (683.69 KB, 1170x2080, B996EB94-6B49-421C-8774-03A8A1…)

She also heavily edits her legs way slimmer. She is definitely skinny but not anorexia type skinny. Girlie just screams of Japan larper and body dismorphia. She also used to be friends with Babu_Melo on insta who she hung out with almost daily but suddenly dropped any interaction with. But Babu apparently also has a lot of weird behavior going on concerning gaijins in Japan, being accused of bullying them etc. but I have no concrete information on her other than what some other gaijins have said. I have a lot of info on evie‘s friend babymaroon/ichigomillie but idk if its worth posting about.

No. 321984

That’s what she actually looks like?? I’m guessing the photographer wanted to out her for being a huge catfish because that’s crazy.

No. 324111

Wow, that's how she looks like? I knew her photos were definitely edited, but she looks way different irl.
I'm kind of curious about ichigomillie. Girl seems problematic, keeps complaining that men look at her with rapey and thirsty eyes, but literally the first thing you see on her profile are her tits and her profile is basically all porn. I wouldn't be surprised if the guys just recognised her from the internet.

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