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No. 1585188

Previous Thread- >>>/ot/1577602

No. 1585191

Why is the site so dead today?

No. 1585193

i felt bad about crashing with him despite being 23 (24 soon). he pays for everything else after all. i thought i could at least feed us. but you are right. i've barely got ~3k in the bank at this point and he has way more than that due to his retirement fund or whatever so it's dire. i hope he doesn't bitch about it

No. 1585196

[reposting because i am a retard and didn’t see the old thread was already locked] i used to buy weed with this cool old lady but she retired and gave me a contact to the “new” person, which is as really cute guy my age and i am holding the urge to flirt with him. he’s been extremely professional with me so far (which only made me even more into him because omg he respects me as a human being!) and i don’t want to ruin it by starting something messy. i know i will definitely regret it and i’ve never even been with a drug dealer before so i’m just going to ignore it and keep having a normal plug-client relationship with him. however every time he messages me i giggle and kick my feet in the air.

No. 1585202

I hate being a responsible adult. I just want to blow my money on stupid shit, but I can't unless I want to be in stupid amounts of debt. Sometimes I wish I was careless with my cash like my siblings but at least I'm not thousands of dollars indebted to my parents.

No. 1585217

coomers are hopeless, imagine being stuck in a brain where anytime you are a fan of anything you always need fucking porn of that particular thing

No. 1585226

a modern love story

No. 1585248

My bf got mad at me earlier today because I wiped down our table after eating at a place for lunch. Didn't even realize I did anything "wrong" until we stepped outside and he proceeded with the "You gotta stop doing x babe" and bemoaned how he looked as a man while I wiped off the table. He said I embarassed him.
He went and got me a napkin thinking I needed it to wipe food crud off me, but I wound up using it for the table instead. He claims he made eye contact with some folks who quickly looked away. Or something super paranoid like that.

Well honestly, the reason why I bothered to clean is because I was wearing my company shirt and I'm positive people in the restaurant would have cared more that someone from my company would have left a mess, as opposed to another man not doing shit to clean up after himself while the woman does the work.
I know my bf accepting sexism isn't an argument, but either help clean up next time or deal with the perceived judgment? He was ready to leave his plates at the table too until I pointed out the plate collection and trash station near the door.
Talk about making his guilty conscience my fault…

No. 1585253

All drug plugs fuck around with the female clientele and don't let them gaslight you otherwise. Being respectful is the bare minimum for these transactions, which you could obtain as easily from retail cashiers, or other people motivated to be nice to you because you are giving them your business.
Have fun anon, but just be careful and don't assume you're getting any special treatment.
>t. experience

No. 1585259

we are the same except i refuse to deplete my savings when this economy is so fucked. also quitting my job to gain more mental sanity….

No. 1585273

men are so fucking emotionally stunted, retarded and exhausting. are you truly sure you wouldn't be happier on your own, nona?

No. 1585282

File: 1684874220375.jpg (97.96 KB, 1200x727, odhdrmabucr31.jpg)

I went half of my life not knowing I had autism.
I even figured it out a semester before graduating High school, but my classmates denied it (stating that "if I had it I wouldn't know", whatever sense that made.)

Eitherway it's impossible not to have trust issues when people change their minds radically once your defenses are inevitably down.

No. 1585283

my nigel and I always clean our table after eating outside. you need to find a better man. this goes to show he won't do any domestic chores, you will be his maid if you don't nip this in the bud.

No. 1585286

god i'm so embarrassing and annoying

No. 1585292

Hate it when a novel starts out good but then turns into trash, it's like finding a hair in your food while taking the very last bite. Sucks that I spent so much time into reading all these chapters just for the author to bring out her inner retardation in the last few.

No. 1585299

Seconding >>1585253 don't fuck your plug. I ended up in an abusive relationship with a dealer after thinking I'd just have a little fling with her. These people are professional snakes. Just buy your shit, say thank you, and then swerve him.

No. 1585330

but it doesn't burn
or is it not burning.. yet?

No. 1585337

Are you just dehydrated? I start to burn mildly if I'm slightly dehydrated and have been smoking too much weed.

No. 1585370

File: 1684882325080.png (7.03 MB, 2440x1628, 1634573683009.png)

how can i get over my past mistakes? i feel like im being haunted, daily.
>about 4 years ago had an unhinged summer at 20 years old where i was being extremely reckless, basically went from being shut-in virgin hermit weeb to /soc/ whore and tinder thot i guess due to loneliness and sexual frustration
>not only giving undeserved attention to low tier males but sharing nsfw pics of me, sexting, did fwb with a couple
>even worse. i was into bdsm and did some unspeakable shit (not anal thankfuly) but let men berate me, leave bruises all over me, even my face where i'd have to lie to my mom about how that happened. and more weird shit i'd rather not get into
>weirdly they were honestly nice to me and seemed to enjoy talking to me since i got the tism 4chan moids seem to like but obviously they were prob saying whatever was nice enough to keep seeing me for sex
>really, really hurt the guy i was dating before this all happened and he did not deserve that. basically we start hanging out again and we have sex and i just ignore even thinking about how he obviously thought we were going to get back together and he cries in front of me when i realize it after and have to tell him that wasn't going to happen
>meet super hot guy with a really nice job and a house, gives me the whole "i think this is not really who you are, you seem new to this and like you're better than this, aren't your parents upset" and refuses to do bdsm stuff with me, openly hates porn and says he is looking for a normal relationship (as degenerate as i was i thought this was cool because i never got into porn)
>really shocked, all the other guys were different and didn't openly admit how obviously new i was to sex in general and were not interested in me to this level
>ok this guy is cool the closer we get, drop any other guy im speaking to like hot potatoes and we start dating, the scrotes are of course mad they lose free access to easy pussy but idc
>still with this guy 4 years later, everything is normal and good. we live together and spend a lot of time together, get along very well and want to get married
>i am generally mentally stable but constantly depressed in the background almost. we both openly talk about stuff together and this guy is too nice and forgiving of me. says everyone makes mistakes in life, and he knows that was not the person i am. literally supports every endeavor of mine, does nice things for me, has bought really thoughtful gifts. he is always, always kind. i dont deserve him but he doesn't agree and thinks i am too hard on myself
>every day this shit crosses my mind, sometimes for hours. driving, in class, with my family or his, trying to do stuff outside, trying to draw, it creeps into my mind and i hate the way it makes me feel about myself. i will remember things guys did to me that i havent thought of since it happened. i feel so distant from other people like they would hate me for what i let men do to me like it taints my existence on this earth
>does not help that i isolate myself so much. i do have female friends i have confided in about this and they basically echo what my bf says.
>hard to go outside for non-obligatory things. hard to make eye contact sometimes. very hard to not be anxious interacting with males, even family members.
>sometimes feel hopeless and sad, low self esteem, other times angry and fantasize about killing the men i did bdsm stuff with. bf and i barely have sex and i prefer it that way because thinking about this shit has absolutely ruined how i view sex in general.
>bf does not want me to feel this way and tries to encourage me to try to do the things i want to do, his 6 yo niece blurted out why doesnt nonnie come to see us that much and i knew that was something one of his family members said when i wasnt there
>it is just so hard for me to not think about how horribly i treated myself and all the shit that happened to me and i feel like my life is all fucked up because i did all of that. like very few people know how hard it is for me to see people and interact with them and feel/act normal when you have these thoughts in your head hating yourself every day. i can space out and remember things i didnt want to creeping in my head and just get in this very negative headspace. i have to stop myself from crying sometimes because everyone would be freaking out asking whats wrong and i cant tell them because they would hate me.
i am constantly mourning thinking about shit that happened four years ago. it makes me feel like i dont deserve anything nice. will i stop thinking about this shit daily? only when i'm cleaning or working it's like these thoughts just go away and i can focus on something beyond me even if it is small. i feel like i traumatized myself. i just feel broken, and though i'm glad no one knows unless i tell them, it's like i want to hide a lot when people look at me or talk to me. i just want this shit to go away, i wish it never happened or i could just forget it.
kill all coomers.

No. 1585381

sometimes i wonder "why am i not posting as much anymore" then i come to /ot/ and remember why. most anons here don't have a shred of empathy, i need to remind myself of that whenever i get pissed off.

No. 1585400

i was at this party recently really drunk n went out to sit on the grass and breathe a little, some moids came out and said something like "we should have whatever she's having" which whatever but then they started talking next to me, I open my eyes (I was facing the ground) and realise they've all formed a circle around me? like there's just 3 pairs of shoes on each side of me like these guys just decided to talk in a circle with me in the middle. I don't fucking get it tbh, was it some misplaced sense of protectiveness or some weird ass moid activities? It's not like there wasn't space where they could stand lol

No. 1585415

I have strained relationships with every relevant authority figure in my life rn and it sucks. My boss yelled at me last week and has been weird since, my dad got mad at me out of no where and has tried making up but im still like ???, and my mom…idk what's up with her. She supposedly tripped while holding a knife and cut her neck really deep over the weekend. She stopped drinking again which is good, but is obviously still struggling. Idk what to do. Idk who to turn to.

No. 1585419

TBH it's super weird to wipe down your table, nobody does that. It has buckbroken into mindlessly doing free labour for other people energy.

No. 1585420

This place feels more and more like r9k for women. I feel like if I had literally anything else in my life I'd cut my time here from maybe half an hour a day to zero.

No. 1585421

>cleaning up after yourself and not leaving places a mess like a fucking barnyard animal = mindlessly doing free labour for other people
Who raised you pigs?

No. 1585422

File: 1684887845588.jpg (63.44 KB, 640x622, 87b96ae5f29e6b344f8352456623dd…)

she says she doesn't remember saying any of that
usually I can be like, well it's been a couple days or a month or whatever, maybe she really doesn't remember
it's only been a day

No. 1585423

It's a restaurant, they clean and restock the table after each customer leaves. Do you walk into the kitchen do your dishes too?

No. 1585424

Yeah your mom is definitely some sort of psycho. Maybe narcissist, maybe antisocial personality disorder, who knows, in any case she is worthless lying manipulative trash who gets off on torturing her own daughter and will continue to ruin your life unless you can completely cut her out of your existence.

No. 1585425

File: 1684888235428.jpg (47.23 KB, 583x350, monday_by_solarsouth_d9n6ip7-3…)

doomerfagging but i get really restless thinking about how stale civilisation will become as we go along. It's really a thing that society only seems to evolve downwards as we go along. There will never be anything novel in arts, music or storytelling / entertainement, we will have to live our entire lives seeing reality go to shit as we stay caged in the same loops, listen to the same kind of recycled music, see the same old paintings and works of fiction for decades and decades, there's nothing the human imagination can come up with that isn't some recycled concept because everything has been done before or something surreal that only further cements how alien things need to be to seem original,nothing fresh will ever come out again, most technological advance is a dystopian sham that brings no real value or novelty and I don't see society evolving much culturally or socially after this either. Things will feel more like a gimmick with each passing year. anyone get me or am i just a retard?

No. 1585426

I mean she's not a bad person, like I don't think she's doing it with the intent of hurting me, she was abused like unbelievably horrifically as a child for years, I think she just has to like really, really drive home how bad shit makes her feel because it must be triggering something

No. 1585428

Well, then continue to be her punching bag. I'm sure she only constantly lies about the present but absolutely tells the truth about the past and being abused totally gives her a carte blanche to torture her child to get that sweet dopamine hit from seeing you in pain.

No. 1585432

File: 1684888795602.jpg (8.52 KB, 274x250, 1667033332925.jpg)

No. 1585434

File: 1684888909115.jpeg (8.5 KB, 219x219, 1683080329948.jpeg)

You need friends and hobbies of your own, but I'd be surprised if your mom allowed you to have any.

No. 1585435

>I'd be surprised if your mom allowed you to have any
I suppose this means either you're a good guesser, or I need to go to therapy now

No. 1585436


No. 1585441

>you're a good guesser
More like your mother is a very textbook case.

Would she allow you to go to therapy? TBH you sound young, you might be able to speak to a school counsellor and take it from there. Tell them what people told you in this thread and describe what exactly your mother does and what your life is like. It might backfire, but what can she do she isn't doing already? And maybe it will help you.

For context I am from a very abusive home too, but luckily my parents weren't controlling or manipulative, so I could get a job and move out right after I turned 16 (and then I spent the next 10+ years getting my mental health together, it's not easy, but it's better than staying in hell).

No. 1585450

NTA but the point is if it doesn't cost someone anything to be courteous then maybe it is not a problem regardless of whoever's "job" it is to do, it certainly doesn't merit a complaint.

Are you a shutin? How is it you have never seen anyone ever wipe down a public table after use before…

No. 1585451

This is a lot of grief and self hurt. There are a couple of techniques that will help you, but ultimately I recommend that you either go to EMDR therapy over this so you can be guided to realizations, or that you take acid or mushroom and work through this. Only you can frame realizations in a way that your brain will accept them, but it may help to think about the fact that if you were thrust into the exact same situation tomorrow, you would not make the same choices. You've changed, and that past you is a stranger, so why are you still carrying her sins?

No. 1585452

I do it too. I don't like to tip over 10%, but I still feel guilty, so I stack the dishes, separate the trash, and set it all near the end of the table so it can be easily taken to the kitchen.

No. 1585454

I bet when you go to hotels you leave the room filthy.

No. 1585456

>kill all coomers.
Sheesh it's in the past, don't kill yourself over spilled milk.
What you should actually do is MDMA, it chemically forces you to accept and love and forgive yourself and move past trauma. Unlike other psychedelics the enlightenment doesn't wear off either. I'm posting this because the sperg who shills for LSD replied again and that's a bad idea outside of a very narrow context which this is not.

No. 1585457

Yeah, of course, are you insane? Who the fuck cleans hotel rooms lmao.

No. 1585484

Anon doesn't leave their room, silly goose.

No. 1585486

i keep fucking up. i don't know how to comfort my gf and i keep fucking up. she's not talking to me and i fucking deserve it. i don't know how to fix myself. i feel so fucking lonely and exhausted i don't have time for anything outside of obligations. the new zelda game keeps me occupied but i'm so fucking numb.

No. 1585487

nta but i do too kek

No. 1585494

File: 1684896208077.jpg (252.93 KB, 800x779, 20230407_003113.jpg)

My little cat is old and probably going to die soon. She's 17 and i've had her since i'm 8. She barely eats, still wants to go outside but i have to keep her indoors cause she doesn't move when there's cars and lawnmowers. She has trouble keeping her pee in. She stinks. But godamn i love her so much. I know she has trouble with her bladder but she won't take her medicine. I see the veterinarian on thursday and i'll maybe have to put her down. Fuck me. The only thing i can do rn is pet her and give her milk.

No. 1585497

I'm so sorry to hear that, and I'm proud of you for doing the hard but right thing instead of dragging things out. Too many people will keep an animal around in agony because they can't bear parting with it.

No. 1585500

File: 1684896468323.jpg (124.26 KB, 1024x683, gettyimages-145587329-1024x102…)


No. 1585501

me on the right

No. 1585505

It's pure unadulterated mental illness to clean a room that will be cleaned by a wagie anyway. You're like those terminally neurotic people who clean their house before the cleaning lady who is specifically hired to clean it arrives.

No. 1585509

plus if the rooms were always cleaned before the cleaning lady enters she wouldn't even have a job.

No. 1585520

My moid always picks fight with me when I’m very busy and have things to do so I have to divert attention and energy to the fight and then me saying “hey I’m busy and need to work” makes me look like a careless asshole. I want to kms

No. 1585523

thank you anons. i only really smoke weed, i've thought i'd like to try lsd, shrooms, or mdma but i am very scared i will have a bad trip and my brain will show me scary horrible things that just make my mental state worse. i have never heard of EMDR therapy before actually, i will have to look into it.

No. 1585530

Didn’t see what you replied to but some cleaning ladies aren’t maids they literally just clean they’re not there to organize your room and belongings for you

No. 1585532

Honestly dont get cleaning at hotel since most stuf gets washed/thrown out anyway and they have to clean it anyway.
But if i'm getting a maid i'll get rid of the gross stuff or try to do a quick clean to make things less overwhealming. i think its only polite

No. 1585535

NTA but I’ve had experience with all of these and none of them are guaranteed to have long term therapeutic effects, they are just tools to think about your situation in a different way. Psychs can be beautiful but I’m actually in the process of dealing with PTSD from a bad trip from like 8 months ago. I had to start therapy and quit weed because the ptsd is so bad that even getting too high can trigger it. My therapist said our brains respond to bad trips as if they’re real because they are real to us in the moment so yeah, people who haven’t had bad trips will recommend them but it’s not the perfect magic cure that everyone likes to shill. The other nona said enlightenment for MDMA doesn’t wear off but it has for me. It won’t make you trip or go to a scary place like psychs so you don’t have to worry about that, but the comedown after flooding your brain with serotonin isn’t fun. I’m not trying to scare you but as someone who has been down this road it can be messy and not always go as planned when you try to play with drugs and trauma recovery. I wish you the best

No. 1585544

>who clean their house before the cleaning lady who is specifically hired to clean it arrives.
Do you mean actually clean or just tidy up? Because if I were to hire a cleaner it would be for deep cleaning, not easy stuff I can do myself. If you don't tidy up beforehand, you're just paying them to spend extra time moving shit out of the way so they can clean underneath it. Waste of your money and their time.

No. 1585578

No. 1585583

I have on a lace front wig and the hairline is soooo itttcchchhhhyyyyy but I can't do anything my pat it really hard otherwise I'll fuck up the glue

No. 1585584

I am a poorfag so I wouldn't actually know but I would think I'd have a better understanding of where my own stuff goes than a cleaner…naturally I'd quickly tidy up so my cleaner could actually steam the carpets and bleach shit kek.

No. 1585596

holy shit renting a car is fucking expensive

No. 1585601

>take off pants after long shift
>yo wtf my pussy is covered in what seems like toilet paper bits
>spiral into anxiety
>obsessively google
>pictures don't look like what i had on my 'gina
>no itching
>no redness
>no swelling
>do a smell test
>conveniently forget I was soaking feet in aromatic oils at the same time
>spiral deeper into anxiety
>finish bathing
>in bedroom
>doing smell test after smell test
>conveniently forget I had washed my hands with aromantic soap
>another smell test
>wait… it smells like an order of mcdonald's french fries
>fuck yeah no yeasties
>but what was that toilet paper bit shit
I'm gonna blame it on the underwear I wore today. There are a few pairs of underwear I own that make me have weird discharge throughout the day but if I change into a different pair then I'll be fine with no last effects. God I really, really hope it's not a yeast infection. Anyway that scared the shit out of me and I am going to call the hospital tomorrow to schedule (my first) pap smear and hopefully will be able to tell me if I have goofy vagina syndrome or whatever the fuck.

No. 1585606

Nahh it's crazy that you'll click on a beautiful handsome well built man's icon and his header is either nicki minaj or charlie xcx. There needs to be a fullscale psyop to put straight men on their toes because they have been getting away with looking like dogshit in comparison for too long. Ban reddit in western countries and force them into manual labor. Idc this is out of control.

No. 1585613

I have fucking toe fungus. Brb killing myself.

No. 1585622

File: 1684912517242.png (8.19 KB, 160x160, smiling-face-with-tear_1f972.p…)

nobody asked but i have an update: turns out my online friend stopped responding because she went on an international trip, and so not only is she not mad at me but she told me she is getting me a souvenir whether i want it or not and asked if there's anything else I want her to pick up… i am a clown and she is too nice for a weirdo like me. we don't even know each other that well but she's so thoughtful… RIP. now I don't even know how to respond because wow she is too nice especially after my weirdo behavior in the past and i get nervous when people get me surprise gifts… maybe i will draw her something related to our interest and mail it to her bc im a poorfag whose only talent is art.
I think she doesn't tell me when she goes on trips because she thinks i'd be jealous (which tbf i am like what job do you have where you can afford this) but i would rather be in the loop and a little jealous instead of confused and sad. kek. but again it's not like we're normal close friends so maybe it would be weird to report irl plans to me idk.
anyway my current vent is now i'm nervous and feel like an tiny inbred chihuahua

No. 1585636

She probably didn’t tell you because she’s going to post about it later.
Just take a deep breath

No. 1585649

>She supposedly tripped while holding a knife and cut her neck really deep
…nonna, please expand?

No. 1585663

I feel like i've posted about this here before but i know this person who always needs money so is in sketchy mutual aid groups, as a result has 1000+ total randos following their public social medias where they share hundreds of candid pics of their kids. They get angry asf if anyone says how unsafe it is. Recently every pic of their kids gets liked or commented on by legit perfect strangers who don't actually know the parents. They constantly say the people who think it's dangerous are the ones with bad intentions so I'm not gonna say shit, I just know I'll never post pictures of my kids anywhere, rather be paranoid than be that naive.

No. 1585673

Honestly your judgmental tidier-than-thou attitude, shit-talking of ill relatives while openly admitting that you are also mentally ill living in a dirty home, and fact that your boyfriend is okay with it but you're not, speaks volumes about you, not them.

You have no respect for them because you don't respect yourself and your space. People who are the most insecure are usually the cruelest to others.

No. 1585690

dog fur noticing nonnie was completely justified

No. 1585695

I deleted my post before more dog owners get offended. I don’t have the energy to infight with people who purposefully misread my post.

No. 1585704

i read the post. i own a dog i love to death, and love cleaning so i completely understand what you're saying. you have to keep up with it and it's constant. illness is one thing, when i am sick and can't get out of bed to clean it really upsets me. owning a dog that also sleeps in bed with you, you need to not be a fucking disgusting slob and wash the sheets, pillowcases, and blankets at LEAST once a week if not more. sweeping also has to be done often, and i vacuum the couches. dogs also need to be bathed and groomed. some people (and i think it may be a large amount of people) do not mind at all living in filth. i don't understand it and i loathe it even. it's not that hard to organize your shit, put dishes in the dishwasher, sweep, vacuum, dust, clean surfaces, do laundry. i hate coming home to a messy house or sleeping in sheets that don't smell fresh. not sure why so many people try to justify living in a pigsty of their own making. the worst is when people have a nasty fridge that stinks, just wtf.

No. 1585712

ugh I have to get more toenails removed in a week and it's making me so anxious. got some removed a few weeks ago and it was extremely painful for like a week or so afterwards and I couldn't walk or do anything due to the pain.
the doctor that does the removals weirds me out, she refuses to prescribe painkillers and kept making fun of me for being anxious and uncomfortable. she put gauze on the open wound and it got stuck and was an awful experience - my cousins who are in the medical field told me they never put gauze directly on open wounds and use non stick coverings before applying gauze wraps. she told me to soak the wound in epsom salt while recovering which only made the wound start burning and bleeding, then she got annoyed at me for not soaking it enough in the follow up visit and started scraping the scabs off without warning. maybe she enjoys seeing people suffer.

No. 1585713

I can understand that. In my post I said I have health issues and my house gets messy, but i specified clutter, which is very different than physical dirt and piles of dog hair. I also said it’s not that I don’t respect them, it’s just that I’m surprised because they seemed so normie on the outside.
Now that there’s more comments I’m regretting deleting my post lol but first anon seemed so offended I just really didn’t want to end up starting a big fuss.
I guess on this situation they need some sort of help but my mother in law says she’s offered and they always turn her down. I guess in one way, you have to be willing to receive help, but that’s hard if it’s mental health issues causing the mess in the first place. I don’t know how they could seem so normal and well adjusted on the outside yet let the house get that bad. I’ve had friends irl nefkre that lived in really messy rooms but you could spot their mental illnesses a mile away. I guess this proves you can never really tell.

No. 1585720

File: 1684924580764.jpg (6.78 KB, 258x195, skrinkly.jpg)

5am poop time
5am poop
wake up at 3am toss and turn in bed
cats was crying, now they are fed
cannot sleep, make some coffee and sit down
come to find out that i need to brown
5am poop time 5am poop, 5am poop time 5am poop
poop was nasty and not firm
came out like a slimy worm
have to wipe many times a poop this nasty is a crime
learned my lesson need more fiber in my diet
or else my guts start a riot
5am poop time 5am poop 5am poop time 5am poop took a poo at 5am 5am poop

No. 1585723

File: 1684924872913.png (131.28 KB, 771x790, 1684503969648154.png)

i luved it nonny

No. 1585725

I agree with everything you said, it was the fake concern and "uwu I know I'm a lazy slob but it's okay when I do it" for me. Like bffr lol

No. 1585726

ah, i must have missed that in the original post then

No. 1585733

There was no fake concern. You’re intentionally getting offended on purpose about something that wasn’t there. Do you always purposefully read things in the least charitable way possible? And in what world is clutter on the same level as the filth I described? In no way did I imply that it’s only okay when I do it, because I never said my house was dirty. I said that from a standpoint of understanding it’s hard to keep house if you’re having mental health issues.
Admit you skimmed the post and ignored the details because you took the dirty dog house disgust personally.

No. 1585739

File: 1684926368594.jpeg (79.47 KB, 736x552, 468B58E7-824E-4921-9D1E-BFE713…)

I’ve been feeling as if I’m unworthy because my partner’s family is super successful and found out the other day they’ve met presidents, hung out with celebrities etc. I’m a twice college dropout from a poor background and by luck married into a good family.

No. 1585744

My brother in law was drink driving and crashed the car my father in law had spent over £12000 on overtime. He said it was a suicide attempt and is now spending time in a psych ward despite the bed crisis and people in crisis getting sent home(police kicked down my door, cut the ligature and my nose bled really badly as I regained consciousnes and was told I'm a "very smart young woman with the capacity to make decisions for herself" and sent home). The car had to get crushed, and when his dad took it in noticed all of the alcohol in the car. The B.I.L is known for substance misuse and even in the past needed all the car keys in the house hidden before he had a licence due to impulsively / being drunk. He denies drinking in the car but it's pretty obvious that he was drink driving and needed an excuse when he crashed, or at the very morally excusable was actually suicidal and decided to put others at risk to come out uninjured (he was wearing his seat belt?… idk if I wanted to kill myself I'd probably not be using life saving equipment)
And I feel so pathetic for being angry about it and for doubting someone's mental health but I'm really struggling myself and have nowhere to turn and no resources available to me meanwhile apparently all I had to do was break the law to get some support? Idk

No. 1585745

File: 1684927486338.gif (231.49 KB, 547x499, tea.gif)

It's cold and raining outside, I really want to dress nicely and go out, have a walk while I listen to music and enjoy the rain, or maybe have a cup of tea or ride a train to a bigger city nearby where there are several comic shops. I don't know. I'm so bored right now, I should be studying but I can't focus. I wish I had any excuse to go outside and dress up just a little bit. It would be so lovely if I could just meet a friend and chat for a couple of hours with her over a piece of cake and a cup of tea. For the past week I've been listening to a podcast and the two female hosts have such a blast in every episode talking about super interesting things, I totally get their humor and I have a great time by myself but it also makes me feel so lonely.

No. 1585748

my bosses are fighting in the other room, i feel like a child hearing my parents fight

No. 1585758

They not gods anon, they're just human like you, you can't be unworthy of fellow humans.

No. 1585762

what's the podcast?

No. 1585770

Stories of Scotland, it's on Spotify

No. 1585773

I have a metallic taste in my mouth and I keep shitting out everything I eat. Is this the end

No. 1585776

Bitch go to urgent care

No. 1585778

I sometimes wonder how does it feel to be a healthy stable human instead of being this broken confused and depressed one and it's sucks more because I was once a normie but things just kept getting worse it eventually broke me.. now here I am a fucking neet dropped out of uni,suicide attemptee and taking meds for my adhd shit ass brain. I wish I could just replace the last 3 years of covid… it ruined my life in so many factors or perhaps it was like that anyways.

No. 1585782

File: 1684932734089.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, apresmidiah....paris!.jpg)

>estimated delivery date: may 23th
>may 23st: no packige
Tired of all your lies and excuses

No. 1585783

lyrical genius

No. 1585794

Same. While it's not necessary, I always thought it was a polite thing to do. I also stack plates and fold napkins with the unused side outwards so servers don't have to touch people's gross mouth food residue. Anything to make their jobs a little easier.

No. 1585797

File: 1684934674626.jpg (17.07 KB, 520x520, download (1).jpg)

I fell asleep before I could brush my teeth after drinking coffee last night. Brushed my teeth extra hard this morning.

No. 1585812

thanks nona, i'm looking forward to listening to it!

No. 1585814

File: 1684936978690.png (22.41 KB, 340x270, hi.png)

Opened up to a male for the first time in my life. Feeling like this naked, exposed little doll rn. How incredibly embarrassing and shameful. I'm not even a venting type of person. I don't like it. I only did it because he revealed all his trauma to me, and I wanted him to feel less alone in being "exposed". Now I'm left here bare naked

No. 1585815

I can't be friends or date insecure people and that eliminates 99.9% of the population. If you need constant reassurance, can't take compliments or criticism, can't take accountability, and project your emotions onto everything, for me you are not worth it.

Only if something happened and you need some comfort is it acceptable, or you want to open up about deep things you can't tell most people. But no I will not waste an ounce of energy on people who suck the life out of you, and I am so full of life.

No. 1585825

My mom wants me to come help them with their property today then she went on a 10 minute speech about chiggers and how they are really bad this year, how they were bothering my aunt so bad last time she was visiting getting in her hair and they had to go in the screen porch. I'm like uhh why don't you guys treat the property and my mom's like YOU CAN'T JUST TREAT THE PROPERTY like I'm a retard or something. Yes you fucking can I googled it. Also going on a 10 minute rant about how bad the chiggers are doesn't make me want to fucking come help! IS she retarded?1?!?!

No. 1585835

I had to look up chiggers because I thought this was some new kind of slur

No. 1585837

File: 1684939891026.png (8.74 KB, 1062x526, 8b9.png)

Oh hey, things that one thought might've been as good as they were three decades ago are exactly as good as they think they are 3 decades later.
Moving on now.

No. 1585840

I knew as soon as I typed the post some mf would misunderstand. I just got so upset literally almost crying but I cancelled on my mom. She knows how I feel about bugs and shit I don't know why she'd go on such a rant to me when all I asked was should I wear bugspray. Now I have to experience the fallout of her being mad at me for cancelling great and feel like shit all day

No. 1585841

File: 1684940088876.png (313.56 KB, 640x537, a couple of besties.png)

I just learned that my best friend of 5 years and my crush for 3 likes somebody else. Feels bad man. I knew that he was romantically interested in someone, but I thought it was me, so this is kind of a huge blow to my ego.
It's depressing to think that I'll probably never end up in a relationship now. This isn't me deprecating myself because I've had a handful of moids to ask to be my boyfriend, but it's extremely difficult for me to "fall in love." I'm going to be entering my last year of Uni in the fall, but after that, I’m not going to be able to institutionally meet new people. To be frank, I doubt that I’d be able to make a meaningful relationship with another artistic nerd with the same niche interests on the same level as him. I’m friendly towards new people, but it’s extremely difficult for me to maintain my friendships. It’s a mystery as to why I even have friends.
Honestly, I’m just waiting for the day to come when I’m completely over him and become completely obsessed with my interests, but I haven’t done that since I was 12 and 15 years old. All the other times, I just became fixated with my different crushes/partners (him being the longest).
I have yet to confess my feelings to him, but should I? When I first got the information, I was suggested to tell him, but I thought it’d be unnecessary, and that this information was enough to start moving on. Now that I’ve slept on it, it might be a good way to accelerate the process, but I don’t know.

No. 1585842

idiot, complete retard.

No. 1585847

You're such a child lol

No. 1585852

Oh yeah well I'm rubber and you're poo

No. 1585855

These are the mods bullying random vents again right?

No. 1585856

I think my friend is going to kill herself and I just don't care enough to stop her anymore. I've been the one to intervene in all her last attempts. Now she's deliberately trying to make everyone hate her (it's working). I know it's impossible to make someone want to live but it sucks to think something like this is inevitable, even when her life is objectively good.

No. 1585873

What stuff is she doing to make everyone hate her?

No. 1585903

Just acting unhinged. I think her main MO is to bait someone into saying something inoffensive that she can flip into an insult, then using that as an excuse for going off. For example:

>Do you like my drawing?

>Yeah, it's really nice
>Is that all you have to say?! I worked hard on this! I'm sick of you never supporting me, I don't wanna see you ever again! Also this is why no one likes you and you can't can't get a bf, etc.

She's done that to me multiple times in the past few months and to a few other close friends in our group. She's also been ramping up the self harm in really dangerous ways. But she's been acting crazy in general for over a year and I'm just exhausted from feeling anxious over her.

No. 1585913

I asked my Poshmark seller to cancel my order bc I found out the purse I bought came in a better color but she didn't answer my message and just sent out the bag today. Dammit. A deal's a deal
but I was hoping she'd have some empathy kek

No. 1585922

>her life is objectively good
>has a serious mental illness which she will probably die from

No. 1585926

My mom is like this too. Not with the chiggers but acting like some issue is completely unsolvable when I can google it and there is a basic/cheap solution that anyone can implement. I don't understand how some people live without having the thought process that allows them to search for a solution to a problem if it isn't immediately obvious to them.

No. 1585929

Omg I just looked closely at the photos and the bag she is sending me is damaged at 4 seperate points on the handles. So much for reselling this myself then…. I wonder if I can open a claim because it didn't say shit in the description about this. She cut off some tassels and it left holes/damage in the leather. Hmmmm

No. 1585942

It's worth trying at least. I don't have experience with poshmarket but I find that other 2nd hand clothes selling platforms tend to lean in favour of the buyer

No. 1585946

archive the listing right now on archive.is so you have evidence of it not being said in the description

No. 1585947

I'm really hoping Poshmark will just refund me and let the seller keep her money too since it's only around $35. If not, oh well, only $35. I can give it to my niece. Bah

No. 1585949

I was thinking this, but won't Poshmark have access to that stuff? Ah well, better safe than sorry. Thanks nonna I'll do that rn

No. 1585965

>See new hairdresser
>"Can you please make sure not to hit my earrings with your comb? They have been pulled out before."
>Of course Nona!
>Proceeds to rip earring out and we lose it on the shop floor.
>Leave a review about how nice the place is and how much I live my haircut, but my earring was ripped out and the woman at the register was rude.
>mfw I have to go back to that salon but I left that criticizing review.
>Fuck it, I'm allowed to share my experience
>End up making this "my" salon
>Delete negative review because I feel bad
>4 unproblematic haircuts later (probably close to a year from my first visit)
>Stylist stops answering my texts the day after I received a haircut and wanted to come back in for a small change to my bangs
>Have to text her 3 times awkwardly
>She finally answers thank god!!
>Get revision (definitely tipped for this service [and every other one] as well, even though she did it for free)
>Months later I contact her for another haircut
>Fuck okay, guess I should find a new hairstylist then I guess
>I'm shocked an the unprofessional behavior so I leave another review describing my experience
>Moving on, I find a new stylist who does edgy cuts on fine hair at a salon across town
>Feel guilty for leaving negative review about my old hairstylist ghosting me because even though she was unprofessional, I don't want to affect her business and ability to make money.
>Delete review
>Get 2 haircuts in a 6-month period from new stylist, love her, we get along great
>Contact her for my next appointment
>"Hey nonna! Can't wait to see you! I can get you right in! I've changed salons though to a great new salon! It's in [my city] and it's called [name of my old salon]!"

No. 1585980

I finally was able to take the front off! Oh my god I'm fucking freeee. Strangely enough, wigs never make other parts of my head itch.

No. 1585991

I'm not offended, you seem pretty mad tho. I just think you're being a bitch. Anyways, moving on.

No. 1585996

File: 1684952392360.jpg (79.91 KB, 564x549, lonely cat just like me.jpg)

I'm so fucking lonely. Recently shit happened that caused my main online friend group to more or less completely fall apart (through no fault of my own) and now that things have settled a bit I realize how fucking pathetic I am. All of them have other close friends or S/O's to go to. Meanwhile I have no irl friends to speak of, and while I am close to my family, I would like to think there's non-blood related people that can seemingly tolerate my existence.
I've started to spend way to much time on one of the character ai sites because at least that way I can have a conversation and not just browse random sites due to depression. Fuck, I can barely get it in me to play any games or do my hobby's.

No. 1586005

Don't be nice , don't overshare, don't be always honest, most people don't appreciate it anyway and will look at you like some weirdo. Took me years to learn this.

No. 1586009

>I just think you're being a bitch
the irony

No. 1586010

I think I needed to see this thank you

No. 1586014

I fucking HATE that whenever my bosses write to me, tell me to do something, or ask me to correct a mistake, my blood pressure rises and I feel like I'm "in trouble". Fuck I hate working

No. 1586020

This hits hard. I wish I had learned this years ago but I also figured this out way too late in life. Shit like this makes me wonder if I'm an autist or something. Since I always appreciate when people are honest and tell me exactly what they're thinking, I always assumed others would appreciate it too but it just makes you seem like a weirdo that wears their thoughts and emotions on their sleeve and people don't respect you for that. Ugh

No. 1586030

I went out to drink with my boss a few times and it fixed this problem (not sure I recommend, could make it worse)

No. 1586031

Same but it’s due to homeschooling so I don’t think I’m autistic

No. 1586034

Nta but I'm the other anon who replied to that and I feel this so much. I am just now realizing that I think I might make too much eye contact.. I just want people to know I'm listening and that I care about what they are saying. I'm honestly not sure though because I'm not like, a turbo autist so I'm not staring into their souls or anything but I noticed that people generally don't make eye contact like I do. I think I project my insecurities by being too kind and trying too hard to make people feel valued and worthy, because people don't really respond in the ways that I hope and it hurts my feelings kek. I don't think people want or expect to be basically coddled by a stranger. I'm definitely the type of person who over extnds herself trying to make sure I laugh at everyone's jokes and pay attention to everyone's thoughts in a group setting. It is exhausting and it hurts pretty bad when others don't treat me that way back. But they don't owe me validation. Curse this sensitive existence

No. 1586055

>same buyer sends three offers for an item on three separate occasions
>send counter on first two and decline third offer
>they immediately send the same offer after I decline
Do some buyers think this will wear the seller down or what? I'm not going to meet them at that price. Fuck off.

No. 1586065

Talking to my mother in general is so incredibly exhausting. She constantly forgets things even as I'm explaining or telling her something because she doesn't give a shit about anything that isn't her stuff. I will have to repeat her the same thing several times for her to kinda get it. Talking about serious issues is out of the question because of this and also because she will get angry for no reason. And she acts like a damn child, things are either black and white for her and she gets instantly pissed (and she will YELL even in public which is another thing I hate) if she perceives something she doesn't agree with. She fucks up relationships for me, because if she fights with someone then I must hate that person too and if she catches me even greeting someone she doesn't like then I'm "taking their side" and I'm a useless daughter. I am so fucking tired to hear this woman have temper tantrums and talk about herself every single fucking day and not tolerating anything else. Being around her is like walking on eggshells and it makes me sad. Sometimes I see other people have a normal relationship with their mother and ngl I feel a little jealous.

No. 1586093

Same. It's why I don't leave my room unless it's necessary and the day I get approved for an apartment I'm fucking gone. And they like to ask you questions that they know they'll get offended to if you answer honestly. Just trying to bait you into arguing because they're miserable and feed off your negative energy.

No. 1586094

honestly I dont even talk with some older people anymore, it's like the lights are out and their brain is on low power mode, rarely I meet someone older than 60 that can hold an actual back and forth regular conversation. I just listen to what they have to say (and usually they repeat themselves a LOT, same stories, same requests etc), just nod and say something small sometimes, never try to disagree or argue because they don't think anything I have to say is valuable anyway because I am younger than them. old people just love hearing their own voice and I just let it run and pay minimal attention to it. ironically, treating them like that gets their sympathy very quickly, because they see you as respectful of the elderly, when I'm just treating them like idiots.

No. 1586125

i think i'm manic again

No. 1586148

Talking to her is exhausting

No. 1586161

Why have I been shitting like I'm on my period today? I have things to do and my stomach just isn't having it.

No. 1586170

>Being around her is like walking on eggshells and it makes me sad. Sometimes I see other people have a normal relationship with their mother and ngl I feel a little jealous

I feel this so hard, nona. I have an emotionally immature mother too(and I suspect she has bipolar disorder, as it runs in her family). I was watching reruns of The Office last night, and there's an episode where Pam is SO excited because her mom is visiting, and her mom shows up and is so upbeat and easygoing and friendly, it hit me in the gut. I wish I had that kind of relationship with mine, too.

No. 1586191

Black men really are so funny to me. I just heard my brother on the phone talking shit about black women to the white woman he’s trying to date and then hang up the phone to ask me…a black woman to buy him something to eat. All the women in his life whom pay for his shit are black….Does the irony not cross their mind?kek

No. 1586195

God, why are americans such moralfags about the weirdest shit? I'm 18 and talking to a 20 year and and my friends are reeing about the age gap. Yet they'll support trannies with open arms

No. 1586206

>18 and 20
>2 year difference between legal adults is creepy
you need better friends. maybe they are just jealous

No. 1586222

They want your man

No. 1586229

They don't lol. They view us black women as mules and servants and they view non black women as sex toys and mommy bangmaids. Just take comfort in the fact that most of them will die alone by their 60s from being wreckless idiots . Also don't give him anymore money if you can avoid it. I'd say encourage your mom to do the same, but she's probably a pickme boy mom who will coddle him to her grave.

No. 1586240

I asked some contractors outside a 100 year old abandoned elementary school if I could walk around and look at the interior and take some pics, because no urban explorers have visited the site (it’s fenced off and has tons of beware of dog and no trespassing signs). They said sure. But then I chickened out because I don’t have a respirator with me, and the dudes didn’t look like they were licensed asbestos abatement contractors, they just looked like some rent a bums kek. I also didn’t wanna go in alone and have the 4 dudes overpower me. I might get a respirator and go back with my bf in a week, I wanna take pics of the cafeteria.

No. 1586242

That's terrible and I'm really sorry that is a reality in your life. Tell your brother to fuck all the way off.

No. 1586244

Good call

No. 1586254

I said a new guy at my work was cute without knowing he's 20 (I'm 25) and my work friend called me a cradle robber?? I wasn't offended because we joke around like that but why would the thought even cross her mind kek.

No. 1586268

Only men are allowed to feel attraction to people younger than them, don't you know? No one would bat an eyelash at a 25yr old man with a 20yr old woman

No. 1586270

Please dont let them stop you. I let someone talk me out of dating a 19 year old I got along with well because I was 23. Its not a huge gap.

No. 1586292

I mean, as an American who supports trannies on a person to person basis, most of us have no problems with an 18 y/o x 20 y/o relationship whatsoever. Plus, I can already tell based on the seeming moral conflict, the smartest route is to find new friends and open up about being GC and other shit to your soon-to-be-ex friends, that you've been suppressing, once your new friend group is set up. I can't imagine forcing yourself to keep that shit silent, else your relations are on the line. It's not healthy, nonna

No. 1586319

File: 1684966073465.jpeg (23.74 KB, 600x337, 74CA69DC-3FBF-405F-B1E8-D025A3…)

K Pop stans are something else. An old friend used to tell me I looked like Lisa from Blackpink and I took it as a compliment but apparently she’s the ugliest member kek

No. 1586323

>as an American who supports trannies on a person to person basis
Go back.

No. 1586324

She’s considered the ugliest member because she’s sea. In real life she wouldn’t be considered ugly.

No. 1586330

No. 1586355

File: 1684967068916.jpeg (34.36 KB, 800x600, IMG_3633.jpeg)

i miss my internet friend so bad. i can truly say with all the earnestness in my heart that i've never felt this fond of anyone my age before let alone someone i've only interacted with behind a screen. i didn't even know i was capable of this much strictly platonic love. she was truly the best person i've ever "met", i've never seen anyone quite like her– i mean that literally– and i don't think i ever will. she was such a genuinely distinct character that i'm really not sure if it has anything to do with her background. little after her mom died she stopped coming online, and now it's going on a year since she last said anything. i understand why she would leave but i really hope that it's just that, that she left and nothing more. i really just want to know that she's safe. i was even desperate enough to try to figure out her name to find out whether or not she was at least alive. the only sign of life is her unfollowing a few accounts on a certain social media which she has set to private. i don't know how much i sound like a creepy moid right now and i'm sorry but. it's really tormenting me to not know if she's okay, but i also know she's well within her right to leave anytime she wants and doesn't owe anyone an explanation. she's always said that she wanted to throw her phone in a river and never use the internet again so i'm hoping that she actually did it. i think of her so often every day and i really miss her so much, i would do anything to go back to the times i would read her posts like it's the morning newspaper again… i wish her nothing but light in her life and may her mother rest in peace

No. 1586357

bitch did you just get off the bus? Welcome to lolcow hoe leave your catty moralfagging outta here

No. 1586455

File: 1684970449950.jpeg (13.65 KB, 275x206, E334E266-1577-41B6-91C6-DBA32D…)

My ex and I have basically been online friends for several years now. It started in person but he moved away like an idiot. Our conversations are mostly just sending each other memes and talking about cartoons. He occasionally comes back to town to visit family but he’s never asked to see me in person but will still text me the whole time. I’ve avoided asking because of COVID and because we both were in different relationships whenever he would come back. Being online friends is one thing but in person meet ups felt like a boundary being crossed if we were seeing other people. I finally asked him to catch up in person this time around though and even though he’s admitted to talking about me all the time and missing me he said he doesn’t have the time this trip and has gotten real squirrelly since. He suggested next time he comes back but doesn’t know when that’ll be. We haven’t been sexual or flirted with each other since the break up so I don’t know why he’s so hesitant. I don’t know what’s on his schedule but I feel like he could squeeze in an hour for coffee.

No. 1586460

I've been using the site since 2021, not everyone's gonna be in an echo chamber kek, it's not like being a feminist is a rule to join here, come the fuck on. The only rule for the users themselves is that they have to be female and over 18. Go back to /2x/ if seeing females with different opinions upsets you so much kek. By the way, what's up with all the anons in here attacking everyone? It's the vent thread, get a fucking grip.

No. 1586464

nta and not a feminist, but trannies always get the rope

No. 1586487

Wtf? I think she's very pretty, she also has easily one of the biggest fanbases around the world out of the BP members, she's only considered mid in Korea because they're mentally ill

No. 1586512

File: 1684974395715.png (33.17 KB, 275x275, 1654327800.png)

>since 2021
Well that explains a lot. I bet $50 this is tif-kun again
kek since when are posts like these bannable? Things have truly gotten worse here since 2020.

No. 1586514

Samefag, lemme see something: KILL ALL MEN. now what

No. 1586518

That's what she says..I don't buy it. I don't know if it was a suicide attempt or what, but my nurse sister said it was so deep she should have gone to the hospital. I'm thinking it was self-harm. The thought of my mother self-harming is insane.

No. 1586544

I was walking down the street with my cute little backpack and some guy yelled "student" at me while driving past. It's obvious a cute stylish backpack and not a school backpack wtf I will not give in to this

No. 1586564

File: 1684980936687.jpg (32.42 KB, 499x499, deadlyart.jpg)

Something just came out of my titty.

No. 1586569

I was thinking my real estate agent is cute and then I stalk him online and discover he’s 22. Idk why the fuck I keep getting crushes on men a decade or so younger. I’m sure he’s not attracted to me anyway and I was never going to be creepy and hit on him but I was hoping he was at least 25.

No. 1586576

Hate the men defending Matt Healy’s hideous violent racist and sexist porn addiction. Demonic beings. We need God to come down here right now.

No. 1586586

I just saw that some boy (he looks like a highschooler) killed his girlfriend and posted it on his Instagram story, and Instagram wasn't removing it for whatever reason. I went on his page to report it and it was mostly just photos of that poor girl. According to the comments she had called the police on him multiple times before because he threatened her/his family. Apparently he killed himself after. It's such a deep dark world we live in.

No. 1586591

Yes, and? I was trying to give anon sound advice I.E. get new friends because I know those types, they're not going to last as friends. Most pro tranny people would freak the fuck out after finding out, she's better off getting new friends and giving the old ones a final fuck-you. Advice isn't limited to politics, nonna.

No. 1586598

I scared off my nice friend that I like, I tried kissing him I thought he liked me, he says he does but he’s not ready for a relationship I like him so much what do I do

No. 1586603

File: 1684986325927.jpeg (50.14 KB, 827x792, FDE2B6E0-AC26-403D-9E74-274D81…)

I hate working so much holy shit. I’m literally psychically tormented by having a fucking workplace. I haven’t been happy since University and that was almost 10 years ago. Fuck a job, fuck work and fuck workplaces!

No. 1586621

so many retarded anons getting worked up over unfunny bait & twitter-tier cryposts begging for attention make me think it's summerfag season already. even the non cow boards are full of drama every thread is full of whinging or whining.

No. 1586622

File: 1684989105775.jpeg (13.43 KB, 275x275, 1602475872767.jpeg)

I am not terribly in debt but enough that it puts a strain in my life. Inflation is actually killing me and so are my student loans. My credit card debt is low enough to pay off in a few months but I cut out a lot of groceries to be able to… If I'm being honest though my alcohol problem doesn't help. I have recently in the last 2 months only bought a few things. I'm drinking all the shitty wine people have gifted me for my birthday. Money stress really fucking sucks. I actually feel like killing myself sometimes because I worry I won't ever get out of it. I've been budgeting for the last 4 months and that's just helping me stay afloat. Taxes and other surprise bills actually fucked me over. Ugh. Also my sex drive is dead. That's how I know I'm fucked right now.

No. 1586624

Stop assaulting people you autist

No. 1586625

The more I pivot away from clutching bad mental habits that keep you stunted the more irked I am by people who are still exactly the same as they were on Tumblr a decade ago. The same run on sentences full of narc babble talking in circles WITH CAPS FOR ENUNCIATION, the same expectation that other people find them funny when they never make any sense whatsoever and are generally unenjoyable to listen to, the constant juvenile oversharing that is disjointed, manic, and a clear indicator of psychosis. I don't understand how anyone would be okay with sounding like they did as a teenager as a full grown adult. None if its joyous or earnest either, its always a weird put on. Its made me very aware of any affectation I've carried over the years and makes me want to actually assess what I care about in a big way. I feel sorry for them because it's always clear they are incapable of actually connecting with people outside of being negative or trying to manipulate them online for whatever extremely low value fleeting moment of dopamine rush that puts them in this weird internal purgatory. I have no desire to be like these people and it really is impossible genuinely impossible to have all of your so called interpersonal relationships monopolized online. A sad way to continue to live while always criticizing everyone else under a microscope. It's so funny watching people who peaked on tumblr hang on so tightly to a crafted personality that cannot exist or be sustained offline while bitching about everyone else for ultimately the same reason in different packaging. I don't understand why people like that try to pretend to be aloof as well, they're always the most neurotic and in need of validation and the way they have to curate everything is borderline if not crossing the line of cluster b.

No. 1586626

the summerfaggotry has been around since winter unfortunately. probably from dumbasses mentioning lc on tiktok.

No. 1586628

I'm learning about how savings account and savings plans work as I'm trying to figure out what I can do with the cash I have and shit is fucking confusing.

No. 1586642

sure the christmas fallout didn't help with user retention but in the last month near every board has been shit up with anons who can't integrate, use every thread as their personal vent journal etc etc it's pissing me off. you're right in that it seems like offsite refugees. thanks for replying, feels good to hear someone else agree.

No. 1586643

t. sexless virgin nta

No. 1586648

File: 1684992156653.gif (969.59 KB, 500x209, 1540998813956.gif)

I have a bad feeling that the reason I hate myself so much might actually be because of what my mom and dad and stepdad and stepmom say about me

No. 1586652

>i have to stop myself from crying sometimes because everyone would be freaking out asking whats wrong and i cant tell them because they would hate me.
Do you consider that these people are pretty shitty and unempathetic folk likely not worth having even as shallow friends?
I am not a tumblrite by any means, but slut shaming has done women no damn favors. Internalized hate for no reason because a basic human function is considered dirty and shameful when a woman does it.
Not trying to boss your feelings anon, it's just that you don't deserve to perpetually feel like you deserve nothing nice. You're not a used piece of chewing gum, you're a human being.

No. 1586653

File: 1684993022469.jpg (17.76 KB, 720x222, 89901223.jpg)

going to stop replying to myself like a schizo but jannies won't ban (un)ironic zoomerspeak so i have to see "sewerslide iykyk" for the nth time today while this poor bitch got taken out back and shot like a rabid animal. god is dead.

No. 1586654

File: 1684993484906.gif (5.27 MB, 400x300, anotherbrickinthewall.gif)

I remembered why I didn't tell; I wasn't allowed to be around andre and he wasn't allowed to be around me, that was how my kindergarten teacher put it, so when I got to ms. west's class and saw he was there, I told her that I wasn't allowed to be around him and she lurched in her seat and wailed at me, "THAT WAS LAST YEAR! THIS IS MY CLASS!" and I had no fucking idea what to do so I just shut up and sat down, and she kept moving his desk closer and closer to mine until they were touching and he was seated facing me
I didn't tell because I was scared I was going to get in bigger trouble for being around him when I knew I wasn't allowed to be

honestly, just fuck the united states military and anyone who chooses to stay in the system, it fucking destroys human beings

No. 1586655

I cackled nonny

No. 1586656

Someone literally just got banned for that though

No. 1586658

samefagging to add, like what, she never asked her coworker across the hall from her why she disallowed two kids from being near each other?

No. 1586661

Nta but it was a man so it’s not assault, it’s just reparations

No. 1586668

File: 1684995017953.png (159.56 KB, 605x454, hgw31p5bosx81.png)

oh shit sorry jannies, carry on. managing this site is probably hell but at least there's a report button.

No. 1586710

i meant moreso being around my family members or bfs family members. sometimes i just wanna cry because i feel like i dont belong in a family setting and i cant cry and i cant tell them because it's inappropriate to talk about that stuff and i wouldnt want to anyway. my bf knows because he was the impetus for me to stop and actually reflect on everything, and female friends i trust know about it. the people i have talked to about it have only been nice. i just feel really out of my element around family members i guess. i dont even think they would realistically be mean to me about it, i guess i am just projecting how i feel about my past actions onto them…

No. 1586737

yeah i knew you'd say some dumb shit like that. It's not about echo chamber, believe what you want about tra and phrase it here if you want but why are you telling her to admit being GC to her friends? This isn't your twitter tea party where you can guilt people into the "right" opinion. not gonna discuss your opinion though I disagree with it

No. 1586740

omg shut up, corny ass moid, at least learn to properly integrate

No. 1586817

? The moid accusations are getting weirder than usual.

No. 1586838

File: 1685011763269.jpeg (42.05 KB, 637x472, IMG_1400.jpeg)

A friend of a friend just died of meningitis even though she was fully vaccinated, my city’s putting out a health warning for under 25s, and now my hypochondriac tendencies are convincing me my sore neck from bad posture is actually an early symptom and I’m gonna be dead by the end of the week thanks to super meningitis. I love living in the neo-plague era. A special fuck you to all the antivaxxers out there, both the COVID hanger-onners and the OG anti-western medicine hippies for giving these depression era diseases the chance to spread, evolve, and re-emerge stronger than ever before. I wonder if this was how the Romans felt living between the Great Fire and the fall, knowing that the end was nigh but having no power to stop the inevitable.

No. 1586839

don't you love living in a society with literal retards who don't understand germ theory?

No. 1586841

That's fucking scary…

No. 1586846

File: 1685012625076.jpg (32.61 KB, 563x622, 71f7e29532f14d5ae19c607ba147d5…)

Yesterday I found out that I've been eating literally 2x the amount of rice and pasta I'm meant to be eating for my calorie deficit. I didn't realise that the nutrition labels show it for when it's cooked. No wonder I wasn't losing any weight. I am a fat retard and always looked at the pasta thinking "damn this is a lot but whatever" oh well at least I know now.

No. 1586850

File: 1685012940353.jpg (98.7 KB, 896x667, photo_2023-05-25_01-30-22.jpg)

i hate how manic and paranoid and anxious i become when i'm on my period. i can't work, i can't focus on anything, i just think how my bosses hate me and want to fire me over any simple mistake. i just want to cry and lay in my bed all day.

No. 1586853

>big boobs
>doll face
>head full of gorgeous hair
>is actually nice
I'm usually happy with myself but oh god, how can some girls be SO fucking perfect
things would be easier if i wasnt such a perfectionist

No. 1586855

A girl I’m friends with is struggling with bulimia and I am not sure how to go about confronting her but I definitely do not want to cook us dinner again especially not after just having cleaned up puke from the floor and the wall in my bathroom.

No. 1586871

It's because it's cathartic to yell your beliefs once there's no consequences worth a damn. I don't know if it's just my self destructive tendencies but every time I'm not looking back I tend to admit everything down to the most minute detail to the people I'm leaving behind. It feels amazing to get the weight off your soul and be true to yourself and your beliefs.

No. 1586895

The stinky bitch is sitting next to me now, I hate this so much. She smells like stale cigarettes and cheap, flat beer first thing in the morning. I’m going to look for something to help mask the stench because I’m already nauseous.

No. 1586905

No. 1586906

Putting a little bit of Vicks under your nose works wonders. I worked at a salon where the women doing pedicures did this trick whenever they had clients who had notoriously stinky feet

No. 1586920

She's really pretty though? Korean beauty standards are retarded.

No. 1586925

I got some minor knee pains a few years agoit's super embarrassing but my doctor said it might had been because I was working out without stretching. I went to the doctor and she said while it isn't anything too harmful(something about me having liquid in my knees idk I can't remember) I should still do something about it. I hate going to the doctor so I never followed up on it. The pain would come and go but it was never intense and it was usually triggered by me wearing shitty shoes.
But in the last couple of weeks the pain has been intense. I don't know what caused it and I can't even stand without it hurting. ughhhhhhh im too young to have knee pain

No. 1586937

Thanks, nona, I’ll grab some on my lunch
I appreciate your honesty, stinky

No. 1586954

Not this anon obviously but how the fuck is this alog?? Tranny janny kys

No. 1586956

>not newfag
What the fuck. Get off my board bitch. True zoomer narcissism to come to spaces that don’t welcome you to be a special snowflake because you’re just another loser they/them ugly girl on normie internet.

No. 1586962

Just found out that my grandfather is dying from cancer and it’s really bad. He’s very underweight right now and won’t be around long. I texted this to my boyfriend and told him I’m feeling really sad and all he replied with is “damn that’s sad”. He’s at work right now and I understand that he’s busy, but that reply hurt. I don’t even know how to respond. I just feel extra worse now. I’m so worried over my grandparents

No. 1586965

Even if I was at work I’d easily shit out a more compassionate response. At least an omg I’m so sorry, are you okay? Anything we can do for your family?. Hopefully your bf will circle back with more support.

No. 1586966

File: 1685026231504.jpeg (42.81 KB, 480x478, 1e8c899e-ff2f-4545-9ac3-11f57e…)

Just ate corn, it got stuck between my teeth and now I can't get them out. Neither the corn nor my teeth. I'm so annoyed… But ngl although corn getting stuck is annoying beyond words, eating corn through a corncob like a hungry ghost ready to devour a soul is still a thousand times better than eating already-separated corns, and I'll die on this hill. Bonus points if you're coating the corncob with some lemon juice. Yum. Makes me want to munch on yet another corncob even though I'm already planning on slamming my head against a wall thanks to this shit stuck between my teeth.

No. 1586969

No dental floss? Tsk tsk

No. 1586970

One time the shell of a corn kernel got stuck almost inside my gum and flossing made it go deeper, I was ready to kms. The sensation was unbearable.

No. 1586973

God I need this 3 day weekend. I am losing my shit.

No. 1586980

Yeah no dental floss. Never bought one just because I don't get the appeal, brushing daily with a good toothpaste and brush is already doing well for me so I can't bother flossing everyday. I got some toothpicks though, might use them to get the corns out.

No. 1586985

My man grills corn for me and it genuinely is part of my favorite meals! Keep some floss in the house not only for teeth, but for other little solutions.

No. 1586987

File: 1685028369001.jpg (32.39 KB, 563x554, 1c4128567e7b67dfeb4d253dd40d60…)

Today after finishing my workout, I go back to the changing rooms and when I've got my stuff from my locker I head to the mirrors which is separate from the lockers. A few seconds after I start re-tying my hair this woman comes and stands right next to me. No big deal ofc because it is a female changing room and I don't claim any of the space of course, women stand next to me near the mirrors all the time so it's whatever, absolutely fine. But then as soon as I look up into the mirror she starts getting undressed in front of said mirror (like, nowhere near the changing lockers cubicles toilets etc so she doesn't even have anywhere to put her clothes) and she fully gets naked literally a few inches away from me. Normally I don't give a shit about women undressing around me ofc because it's the changing rooms, that's what you do…but there was absolutely no one else in the changing room apart from me and this woman. And of all the places she could have undressed she does it right next to me in an area where it's not even near the bits where you get changed. She gets nakey and I'm trying to do my hair but I'm just so baffled because I'm like wtf is going on, I don't feel uncomfortable or anything but just utterly confused. It feels like the equivalent of when you're on an empty bus and someone comes to sit right next to you even though there's space literally everywhere else - yes there's technically nothing wrong but you still feel strange about it.

Again I don't feel weirded out cuz it's a woman but it was just a very confusing experience, and this is coming from someone that doesn't mind women walking about nakey in their own female spaces. It's just why did you have to do it right next to me…in an empty changing room…in a spot where no one even gets changed in because there is no facilities to change in…it's just a mirror and a wall. Wtf. I have also seen this woman get completely undressed with the changing room door wide open too, which is…a choice, I guess.

No. 1586988

samefag, when I said
>this is coming from someone that doesn't mind women walking about nakey in their own female spaces
I didn't mean that to sound like a coomer thing. I just meant I don't care and don't think anything of it, because that's what it's there for. I am just a retard.

No. 1586990

File: 1685028545462.jpg (83.15 KB, 900x508, pDvve_3f.jpg)

Update: I got them out.

No. 1586991

File: 1685028839369.jpeg (34.02 KB, 720x511, FoLv75MWQAAJbHh.jpeg)

got called manipulative because i asked my ex three questions over the course of three days: what app he uses to drive (waze), if he had any vague tattoo ideas (i want a tattoo from an obscure movie that we've both seen, he did not help at all), and if he could rent a camera for me for The Big Show this weekend (this is the only favor ive actually asked him. i cannot physically rent a camera as i graduated and am no longer a student and, therefore, cannot rent anything from the university media center anymore).

somehow this means im manipulative? and all i do is take and never give? nevermind the time he tricked me into thinking he was sober (i was also drunk) and then drove us to his apartment drunk as fuck. nevermind the first time i tried to break up with him and i had to uber to said apartment to make sure he didnt kill himself by alcohol poisoning. nevermind the time he abandoned me in the city TWICE during my first ever trip to philly. nevermind he told his ex we were gonna break up soon (we were perfectly fine) and he was really gonna need some head after (and then lied to me about it after). nevermind how he asked me to buy him a festival ticket (he knows i am saving every penny so i can move away) and then bitched me out when i said no. i don't know, maybe i can take a little after all that.

genuinely, am i crazy? i called him out for trying to paint me as the maniputive one and i think im in the right but. i dont know. this all seems very childish for our ages (im 22 hes 21) and while we are both Very mentally ill this seems incredibly ridiculous. he said that being friends after we broke up would help him, but i don't think his personal wants are worth me being painted as a villain.

No. 1586994

All I can say is trust yourself. He is the one who is very manipulative and making you feel crazy. Tell him to fuck off and block him.

No. 1586995

You’re crazy for not blocking him

No. 1586997

dump him wtf

No. 1586998

To me she is the prettiest member. She has a doll-like face and great body proportions.

No. 1587000

Always measure in grams nonna

No. 1587001

File: 1685029451225.jpeg (26.13 KB, 520x590, 1635624176027.jpeg)

I'm already depressed as shit and then got an e-mail from my manager pretty much saying I fucked up a project. I felt such extreme shame I buried myself in bed and planned on staying there all day. The noises outside were so loud I put in ear plugs and laid there in bed like an overly sensitive little sperg with so much shame and anxiety, feeling worthless.

After like 3 hours, I dragged myself out of bed, took some caffeine pills, and put on music. I'm gonna work out and keep on moving forwards. I'm an adult and I'm tired of feeling shame shame shame about any work I do, how I look, how I act, every social interaction I have. I'm gonna keep moving and continue my plan of working out every day and getting out of bed before noon. Yes I am an autistic little spaz, but I can still get stuff done.

I am ugly, but I'm not gonna stop getting my hair done and wearing nice outfits again. I am socially retarded but I'm not gonna hide from people again. I am kinda shit at my job but I'm not gonna quit again. I fucked up my diet but I'm not gonna start binging again. Maybe I'll never get better but at least I'll have a routine and (kind of) a life to maintain.

No. 1587002

he is already my ex as stated in the post

he has some stuff of mine i really need back before i move unfortunately but you're right as soon as i get my shit back ill block. or maybe i should just take the L and rebuy everything after the move? i'll come back and update eventually either way

No. 1587003

File: 1685029774060.jpg (34.4 KB, 500x563, 1597405709139.jpg)

you can do it nonna, I can feel your willpower from here!

No. 1587005

Same, I would find the time to give him a more compassionate response even if I was at work. He followed up with “I hope your grandma is ok” and then started texting me about how they’re filming some tv show near our city. I don’t even watch this show. I feel completely disregarded

No. 1587007

I thought hating work had become acceptable because I've seen so much of it online lately. But when I've told a few people, "yeah I actually hate working any job" and that I just want to work enough to barely get by, they seem to try and hide their disgust. As if I'm a dirty slob. I told someone I don't really like my job, and they were like "Oh my god you have to find a new one you like you can't live like that!". There isn't any job I would like doing for 8 hours a day.

No. 1587009

Thank you nonnie, trying not to focus on "making it", but just getting by. Which is a never-ending project for a lot of loser spergs. Getting over how embarrassing life often is when you have 0 social skills.

No. 1587010

Just play flirty and sweet with him to come pick your stuff up

No. 1587011

Just play flirty and sweet with him to come pick your stuff up

No. 1587023

I hate that this stupid new idol anime which moids love is constantly getting advertised everywhere.

No. 1587028

I'm not a they/them and I'm not ugly, at least I take basic care of myself. Try again kek

No. 1587029

might've been her usual spot and she didnt think much of it,though this made me kek

No. 1587033

girl let it go, go suck tranny dick and stop picking fights with other women here, jesus what a mental case

"i'm not ugly, i take basic care of myself at least :')))" >>>>> cope(:'))))

No. 1587036

Samefag, IG sent me an update that their team couldn't check the report but their bot system did and it couldn't find something wrong. If you get a report for fucking death/violence and there's multiple accounts reporting it (I know they are other people who were reporting), shouldn't you at least have a fucking human check??????

No. 1587038

File: 1685033282717.png (243.39 KB, 2080x1814, idonortseeit.png)

I'm so fucking tired of hating myself so much. I hate how bitter and mean I am, how my body feels when I sit down. I wish I could say that at least I'm smart or funny, but I got 0 social skills. I don't know how to fix myself, but living like this it's so tiring for me and for the few people surrounding me.

No. 1587039

Anons are going to jump on you for sure kek, but I agree.

No. 1587040

>I hate how bitter and mean I am
maybe you're surrounded by normalfag assholes nona

No. 1587044

I just can't do it I wanna be free. I am chained to studying. I'm either studying or procrastinating. I don't have any guilt-free time to relax. The weather's getting nice, I wish so much I could just e joy it. Few more months and I'm free. But this torture I endured for so many years is excruciating. And it's ridiculous because I should be happy I'm fed and clothed but I can't enjoy this privilege when I literally have to spend all my time slaving off at mandatory unpaid work, classes or buried in books always feeling like I don't have enough time. At this point I wish I had a bad injury and got to chill in a hospital, guilt-free. I am always so happy to get very sick lately because it means that while in pain, I can chill a bit.

No. 1587045

I really hurt my wrist trying to reposition a fat guy while he was under anesthesia and I'm worried it might put me on work restrictions which will cut my pay. Please, if you or a loved one are fat, please lose weight so I can easily move you while you're under. None of us are taller than 5'4" and we're having a hell of a time moving anyone over 200 lbs while they're dead weight. Very tall people and people built like brick shit houses get a pass, but drink less milk or something as children because you're on thin fucking ice.

No. 1587046

What are you getting your PhD in?

No. 1587053

not my fucking fault you're thin and scrawny, maybe you should hit the gym and drink some milk too

No. 1587054

Sadly I'm just a loser not getting a PhD yet, but I have 3 final oral state exams from med school to become a doctor ahead of me (2 of them next month), plus we still have to have rotations and papers during it and it's too much for me. I like medicine but what I have to study now is totally unrelated to the field I wanna specialise in (I already passed exams from that). So I'm just not interested in this material at all and I'm just trying to get it into my head while sleep deprived. I can't wait to be finally free of this unrelated shit I won't ever need and be able to work and get PhD in my field. I want to walk outside in the nice weather and not feel like I'm wasting time by not studying.

No. 1587056

A lot of people are quite horrible to me for no reason. It doesn't really bother me unless I was having a bad day then maybe it just rubs salt in the wound but I get over it. And I know it's more a reflection of them, but it's kind of insane the shit people have said to me. It makes me want to laugh at the ridiculousness of it, especially when you can see in their eyes that person is extremely insecure and trying to bring you down to feel better about themselves or avoid dealing with their issues, or maybe they can't do anything about their problems and it frustrates them and you were lucky enough to be their target, or just that they are really dumb, as most of the population is, and you realize they say dumb things because that's all they can do. Not all dumb people are mean either some are really kind, but the mean ones are common.

Think of the worst thing someone might say online, and imagine that in real life. It's just laughable but people are unhinged enough to say it out loud

No. 1587060

Volunteer your womb and incubate for your local tranny this june, fake ally

No. 1587065

Just witnessed two like 15 year old girls flirt with an ugly scrote that was at least 35 and looked like a hobo while waiting in a line. And he was flirting back in a really sleazy way. Not to victim blame but what the fuck was wrong with these girls. I get the scrote with a rape ape brain but what do these 15 year olds gain from this, ew.

No. 1587067

Most women barely have standards regardless of age. The teenage girls probably saw the hobo and thought he had kind eyes and could change him.

No. 1587070

File: 1685037205983.jpg (21.86 KB, 563x557, ex1st.jpg)

Hate the knowledge that no matter how "pretty" I am or become, no matter how nice and sensible I am, I can be the fairest, most cordial person ever, but there will always be a bizarrely loud coalition of people who will hate me, call me ugly and vehemntly insist I'm some kind of terrible person because of my race. Like wtf is that? Why is that normal? Suibait.

No. 1587077

What does this website offer you that twitter/tiktok/PULL can’t? You can be a righteous dramawhore on those sites. You don’t have any counter mainstream beliefs that you can’t express elsewhere. Why are you here? Just want to co-op the kewl aesthetic of “imageboard”? You just want to say slurs for fun? Brag about seeing some cp?
>muh echochamber
Every pocket of the internet forms around common set of axioms that developed over time by majority users. What makes you think your hyperindividualistic bullshit should be catered to? Integrate or fuck off, you’re not special and never will be.

No. 1587078

Those girls are surely being bombarded on tiktok with shit like
>pls appreciate dad bods
Or shit like ddlg fetish bullshit. It has been happening since forever, we used to see that kind of shit on tumblr and meme pages, we also used to be told by moids on the internet that dating old men is better for girls because we’re totally different and mature.
I also used to flirt with older men when I was a teen, it’s the moid’s responsibility to tell the girls to stop doing that or to ignore them because he’s the adult in the situation.
So I don’t really blame the teenagers, I blame the moid for being a disgusting pedophile that needs to die.

No. 1587082

>Why are you here?
She got inspired by her twanss sistass taking women-only spaces and rape shelters, thus decided to bring her stinkyass here to own the evil terfs.

No. 1587083

They're horny teens excited to be getting attention from a guy, like all the media they consume teaches them is something of value for a girl to have. Don't be angry at them, they're just fueling their newly forming ego. The full grown predator on the other hand should know better. Pathetic and male.

No. 1587084

>we're having a hell of a time moving anyone over 200 lbs while they're dead weight
>not my fucking fault
Nta but why would you out yourself like that kek. There's a reason why that anon simply works in a hospital, while your kinds are IN the hospital.

No. 1587090

I was not angry, I was just baffled. You're right btw, I think they just like the attention because of their newfound sexuality. But still, gross. I hope they grow out of it soon before someone takes advantage of them.
And I was side-eyeing the middle aged scrote like hell, he was so gross because they were obviously either underage or no more than 16 (which is sadly the age of consent here).

No. 1587094

she's nlon (not like other nonnies) and wanted to make it clear by fighting others for no reason, also thought it necessery to mention that she's not a feminist despite the subject being trans rights and shes also very pretty and takes "basic" care of herself like shave her pussy everyday. bet her labia majora looks like a barcode by now, probably referred to herself as a "tradwife" at least once, disgusting specimen

No. 1587095

File: 1685039192611.jpeg (4.77 KB, 224x225, fku.jpeg)

rude people should be treated like the rabid animals that they are
>"oh, i'm ready to deal with consequences of my actions"
you literally depend on others kindness, pity and duty to survive, you worthless disgusting scrote. tax money is wasted on you. you can't even hold a job collecting thrash, you are homeless and take no responsibility for yourself, you literally good for nothing piece of shit. by your own efforts you would be dead in a ditch.

No. 1587098

Nta but when I was a teen I didn’t act like that. Those girls are weirdos and probably one of those coquette Lana del ray spergs who think fucking old men is mysterious and Lolita like.

No. 1587103

Why are fat people like this?

No. 1587108

Nta but who was talking about you?

No. 1587109

Fat people who don't have any health conditions that keep them fat are just fucking addicts at the end of the day. Can't give up the processed fat and sugars because they're so addicted to the dopamine rush they get from it.

No. 1587111

Nobody. She just wanted to bring herself in and shit on those girls because she was mad to see no one else blaming them.

No. 1587113

No one but don’t blame that behavior on being a teen girl just because that’s probably what you were doing as a teen. Most normal teenage girls aren’t interested in flirting with old men who look like hobos, those girls are weird and you were weird too.

No. 1587114

They literally don't exist to me except as clowns. I can't take them seriously, too many of them are just abusive and evil. I see them bash black women specifically way more than I see scrotes of other races doing it, and that's what made me lose all respect for them (on top of the normalized abuse, crime, misogyny, colorism, etc). I wanted to give black men a chance when I was younger, but then I noticed most of the non-black men I've even given a chance at friendship to were unironically kinder to me than black men, so I just didn't bother.

No. 1587115

They really are, I've seen enough of them ruin their physical health while bragging that they could eat for two people when ordering in restaurants. I can't stand them.

No. 1587117

Stranger Things is trash. I thought it would be amazing, but it's horrible men that are lauded later on and nonsensical plots. How do people lose their absolute shit over this show?

No. 1587118

I wasn't into old men kek. But it's normal and common for teenagers to like men older than them. You sound like a autist.

No. 1587119

I feel bad for you, guys in my ethnicity are either exactly like that or the exact reverse, as in, guys who fuck white women out of wedlock and then want a pure, virgin halal wife.

No. 1587124

Most teenage girls aren’t flirting with 35 year olds who look like hobos. That’s abnormal behavior and those girls are weirdos.

No. 1587128

File: 1685040958090.png (26.72 KB, 223x247, 1411867171160.png)

I'm retarded I just screwed up an important question on an exam and then remembered the right answer immediately after submitting, and it was super obvious too. My brain is so smooth

No. 1587129

They think every teen girl ever is a BPD mess just like they were

No. 1587131

"Older" as in having a crush on a "cool" senior guy in HS when you're a freshman. Not the old hobo at McDonald's lmao

No. 1587132

Nta but it isn't 'normal', it's just common (not as common as girls crushing on those around their age though). Calling it normal makes it sound like we're hardwired to like balding faggots. I don't think those girls should be blamed here rather than that pedo moid, but it's still not a teehee-totally-normal behaviour that only autists don't understand for sure kek.

No. 1587133

Right kek a normal teenage girl would have been disgusted and scared. That’s why I’m like who is we? I certainly wasn’t flirting with older men at 15.

No. 1587134

Kill yourself tranny janny, specifically and intentionally(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1587135


No. 1587137

Hard for them to not develop that when all the music they listen to, streamers they watch, medias pushed on them regularly feature late-20s early-wall moids. What about the copious grooming thru coquette age gap shit and porn. Middle school kids who mostly only interacted with their peers and watched the young cast of Disney channel have crushes that are totally age appropriate. What changed between then and their teenage years? We should stop pretending there isn’t an obvious and intentional shift in their social environment that nurtures old scrote agenda.

No. 1587140

You know damn well high school girls aren’t talking about high school seniors when they wax poetic about older men lmao

No. 1587141

i wish there was an easy certain way to die

No. 1587143

Most teenage female characters are played by actresses in their mid-late 20s as wel. Thinking Nate jacobs is cute who is played by a 23 year old isn’t going to make you attracted to old men…those girls are just weirdos and need therapy.

No. 1587145

And you know damn well all high school girls aren’t doing wax poetic about older men. Nta, but you're genuinely retarded for trying to act like it's a normal thing.

No. 1587147

I'm not denying that they probably have bad taste (but I mean, they're teenage girls so who cares), but it is normal for teenagers to be attracted to adults. What's not normal is the adult reciprocating that behavior, and of course those teenagers shouldn't be trying to flirt with adults but the adult is still more responsible for what they do in what situation.
>that only autists don't understand for sure
I called anon an autist for trying to insist that I was into old men.
>Calling it normal makes it sound like we're hardwired to like balding faggots.
How? Older means older than them. It could be someone in their 20s, 30s, whatever. And also I'm not saying all teenage girls have the same taste, so I think you just read that how you wanted to.

No. 1587148

File: 1685041737285.jpg (34.64 KB, 650x855, average 30 year old man.jpg)

90% of high school girls are not "waxing poetic about older men", stop capping kek. The few who want old old men (eg 30+) are largely CSA victims with many issues left unaddressed and unresolved, not "normal" by any means. You're conflating them with actually normal girls who are just living life, sometimes finding older teenagers attractive, with the most "sus" it gets typically being a TA or the substitute teacher in his 20s with a full head of hair and a decent face. We're not living in Lana Del Rey's sex fantasies, enough. I don't care how many scrotes try to push dd/lg, literally no young girl without trauma is fantasizing about this.

No. 1587149

Is it about a specific homeless man? Kek

No. 1587154

It’s normal for teenagers to be attracted to attractive young men(18-21). If you were flirting with men in their 30s and 40s as a teenager there was definitely some unchecked mental illness your parents should have been paying attention to.

No. 1587156

>How? Older means older than them. It could be someone in their 20s, 30s, whatever. And also I'm not saying all teenage girls have the same taste, so I think you just read that how you wanted to.
By 'older' you was referring to that hobo pedo trash, not someone in their 20s. Don't play dumb. I'm not reading as I want to, you're just backtracking after repeatedly trying to act like every teen girl out there is into old faggots.

>What's not normal is the adult reciprocating that behavior, and of course those teenagers shouldn't be trying to flirt with adults but the adult is still more responsible for what they do in what situation.

And l already said in my reply that I'm not blaming the girls, the pedo moid is in the wrong here. I just genuinely believe that you're retarded for making it seem as if it's normal and somehow anons saying otherwise were the abnormal ones in their teen-years.

No. 1587160

i was on a date with this one guy and he said that the ending to game of thrones was perfect except that jon wasn't made king. he also said that he heavily identifies with jon snow and that anakin skywalker from star wars did nothing wrong. should i block him because that is literally the dumbest shit anyone has ever said to me and it bothers me greatly

No. 1587163

Lurk at least 3 years before posting, that’s literally the first rule of imageboard

No. 1587164

Samefag, but also just to be clear, I'm not saying it's normal for teenagers to seek out and flirt with older men. That's obviously fucked up and they should still understand not do that, although some will think it's no big deal. That's how life is unfortunately. But teenagers being attracted to adults is not anything out of the ordinary.
>trying to act like every teen girl out there is into old faggots.
I quite literally never said this. In fact I even said that not every teenage girl likes people older than them in the same post you're replying to. It's the last sentence. I really hate getting into any kind of argument on this site because it just devolves into anons twisting words around and making assumptions about what you think.
>And l already said in my reply that I'm not blaming the girls, the pedo moid is in the wrong here
Then clearly that part wasn't targeted towards you. If it don't apply, let it fly.

No. 1587165


No. 1587167

>I quite literally never said this. In fact I even said that not every teenage girl likes people older than them in the same post you're replying to. It's the last sentence.
That's why I said you was backtracking retard. Re-read your previous posts, you kept claiming it's normal and more common than it actually was.

>I really hate getting into any kind of argument on this site

Then just don't get into arguments kek. Who held you at a gunpoint to post >>1587118 ? Go take your meds instead of crying here.

No. 1587168

My bad I scrolled up farther and realized who I was defending kek

No. 1587170

File: 1685043169960.png (92.43 KB, 639x360, E97A7F1F-BD5C-4CEC-B530-728B75…)

Actually it’s 7 years. You are all new.

No. 1587172

I can't backtrack on things I never said, dumbass. I shouldn't have to explain this but teenagers obviously doesn't mean all teenagers.

No. 1587173

It's still cringe when anons brag about being here for longer than everyone else though. Like who the fuck are you? Nobody. Stop. Telling newfags to stop newfagging is one thing but being like myeehhh one year is still newfaggotry makes me want to crawl out of my skin

No. 1587176

You're annoying and no one likes you or wants you here, nta btw

No. 1587177

I wish it makes you crawl back to tiktok.

No. 1587179

go back

No. 1587181

File: 1685043641962.jpg (124.38 KB, 850x1137, 1623091978279.jpg)

>not lurking for 10 years before posting

No. 1587182

I like her and I want her here. If you were flirting with men in their 30s that’s just a symptom of bpd and not all teenage girls are mentally ill. Don’t try to drag us all down with you.

No. 1587184


No. 1587185

I don't really care about the discussion, although I agree with you, but that anon is annoying as fuck and clearly needs validation from winning arguments. It's not even entertaining because they're trying too hard

No. 1587186

I just have an eating disorder nonnies, I don't want or wish this on anyone either.

No. 1587188

Are you the one who said it's not your fucking fault that healthcare workers aren't jacked enough to lift your fat ass?

No. 1587191

Oldmin should've closed down the site instead of handing it over. Why do I keep coming here.

No. 1587192

File: 1685044047630.jpg (7.58 KB, 769x214, Screenshot 2023-05-25 124609.j…)

So close… I'll take my ban and return in 482 days sweet nonnies

No. 1587193

No, I'm not that retarded to blame others for my own problems

No. 1587194

Then I'm really sorry you're suffering nonna. I hope you can get the help you need.

No. 1587197

Nta but kek, holy shit that's some old google history, wish mine went back that far.

No. 1587198

File: 1685044284154.jpeg (67.86 KB, 700x700, FsP8c1_XoAIsRTp.jpeg)

My younger brother has the worst taste imaginable and my mom always cooks his favourite despite knowing I absolutely loathe it and even she doesn't like eating it, so whenever I cook something for myself (because a bitch needs to eat) and am willing to share it with her too, she says shit like "am I a bad cook? do you not like my cooking? do you hate your mother now?" as if me refusing to eat something bland, flavourless and without onions (my bro would rather kill himself than eat onions) that she cooks almost every other day, means I hate her. I've always complimented her cooking even when I've hated the dishes. I hate how I'm still supposed to change myself instead—no, in fact, she believes everyone in the world should change their likes, dislikes, opinions, tastes to match my brother's because he's that important in her eyes. Forget food, despite him being younger and always cursing at the drop of a hat, even life-altering decisions in my house are either made by him or my equally retarded father. Whatever I say doesn't matter, although their shitty financial decisions have costed us our entire house and what not. Yet, she genuinely believes women should never be decision-makers because 'we are too emotional beta, men know better'. My mother is such a boymom it's going to be hell if my bro ever decided to bring a girl home, at this point I fucking wish he's gay or something kek.

No. 1587203

Idk if you mean because your google acct isn't that old, but if not, you can access your entire history at myactivity.google.com

No. 1587204

I kind of wish I was the kind of woman guys were attracted to. It would make my dating life so much easier.

No. 1587206

You’re the only anon allowed to post. Village elder.

No. 1587207

File: 1685044568277.jpg (25.63 KB, 774x507, Screenshot 2023-05-25 125714.j…)

Fear not, nonnas, for we were all once newfaggots

No. 1587211

The anon started with "fat people who don't have a health condition" and you're including yourself in that group while also saying your have health issues? I don't get it, stop victimizing yourself.

No. 1587213

Let me be annoying in peace then, at least I'm not retarded enough to project on every teen girl in existence or act like telling someone 'no one likes you or wants you here' would actually cause them to leave or something kek. That anon is in such a dire need of meds and you're so far up your own ass that it's not entertaining either, so I have no interest in providing free entertainment for any of you. I still don't blame those girls. Never did, never will.

No. 1587216

anon made fun of people who are addicted to food, which is nonnie's case here and I empathize with her honestly, it's gotta be hell. my mom has been that way for 20 years and it breaks my heart to see her fail diet after diet.
also please stop infighting so much this thread is crazy with the fights. except for that tra bitch

No. 1587219

No. 1587228

>how to post on image boards lolcow
I'm wheezing

No. 1587230

>telling me that I need meds while arguing against shit that no one said, insisting that I'm projecting and liked older men, and telling other anons you won't give "free entertainment"
I want to start a farmer psych ward for anons like you.

No. 1587232

No I just meant I've deleted mine every few years and I wish I hadn't so I could go back and look at the sites I used to go to and such

No. 1587235

kekkk I know, that made me smile too. I always avoided 4chan (the only imageboard I had ever heard of growing up) because -get this- posters on the somethingawful forums always said it was a cesspit, so lolcow was my first and I guess I wanted to do it ~right~

No. 1587240

LC was also my first imageboard, and I remember being so confused on how people were even making posts. I think the only thing stopping me from posting at that time was that I didn't realize there was a post box and also I came from PULL and had the impression of lolcow being a very harsh site

No. 1587241

I almost passed out from pain yesterday, my blood pressure went down and I felt someone was sticking a knife in my bladder. I don't know if it was a nasty period cramp, my uti or whatever, took me hours to recover. I got an appointment with my doctor the next day and went to ask for my boss to leave early today for it.
>Nonna, you can't miss work every time you get a little period pain.
I fucking hate him so much, it's unreal.

No. 1587243

Nta but your reply is more annoying than all her posts combined

No. 1587249


No. 1587263

he's fanboy faggot trash

No. 1587265

File: 1685047582340.gif (4.34 MB, 498x280, all-the-arguing-fighting.gif)

please nonnas let's just try to be civil and ignore what we don't like, this is meant to be a vent thread not fight club

No. 1587266

I’m not going to bother with scrotes anymore unless it’s under these conditions
>we meet somewhere off of the internet
>I find him attractive physically
>and he has to really chase me and put in effort into seeing me

That’s the only way I’m going to bother with dating again. I’m tired of dealing with men I’m barely attracted to acting like they tolerate my existence.

No. 1587269

I'm >>1587213 and no that anon isn't me. Just report it and let a janny check if you suspect it to be samefagging instead of outing yourself as a schizo.

No. 1587290

I want to try to check if i have EDS but I know its the new trendy diagnosis to get so I'm scared of asking my dr. But I feel like I am coming apart, all my joints are so loose and everything hurts and I am basically bedridden when I'm near or on my period bc everything hurts so much. My knees pop out of place just turning in bed. I feel my hips squeak and seperate when I lie down. My fingers bend backwards. My palate is really high and my teeth are crowded. My skin is also very elatic and my hands look like they belong to an old woman. I also have skin folds despite being pretty thin. And the veins on the back of my legs are blown out. Also I have tons of allergies and suspected ADHD which I' getting tested for, which I know is very comorbid. Life is pretty much hell and I'm in so much pain. But I feel scared they will think I'm faking bc I have a history of mental illness and I'm used to everyhing being blamed on that by drs….its like they belive one cannot have physical ailment of one has had mental ones in any point in their lives.

No. 1587293

this just unlocked a memory from when I was like 9 years old, I was biting my nails and a little bit of nail got lodged under my gums and I couldn't get it out, I had a dentist appointment the next day and my dentist was so freaked out by my x-ray he set up a second opinion with my orthodontist. I managed to get the piece of nail out before the orthodontist appointment and when he took my x-ray he told my parents my dentist was dramatic and insane because there was nothing wrong with my mouth.

No. 1587295

File: 1685050276399.png (45.89 KB, 1080x658, anon.png)

No. 1587297

File: 1685050478816.jpeg (97.17 KB, 721x800, D5721C16-4F06-4034-8F72-D685A6…)

I hate my sister. Like. More so starting to hate my sister. She’s slowly showing her true colors as a narc like our mom. She’s beginning to treat my nephew like our mom treated me. Always complains about him, makes him out to be this monster kid, acts like he’s an inconvenience. Won’t even take him to the ER in a bigger city to have the mrsa in his ear looked at cuz our area is screwing him over. Why? She hates driving in that area. Now I can tell you I have been with her in that area with her… when she’s the one driving. More then one. If this was a concert or a trip to the mall she wouldn’t be bitching. Her man is juicing (he power lifts and spends all of his time at the gym) and is over doing it. His friends who work with MY DAD told MY DAD. Some Amazon shit you can buy that is steroids but not. Supposed to only do one vial a month but he’s done almost 3 in one month. He has bad PTSD + is a gunfag + drinks like a sailor. She doesn’t care tho. He’s tried to kick her out more then once including from his own mother’s house. Doesn’t help she also complains about HIS daughters to the point when they have them? One of them gets dropped off at his mom’s for more reason. She also treats her like crap. It’s not the poor thing’s fault. The other one is 3 and tells them both repeatedly about how she wants to go home, almost every week they have her. She doesn’t want anything to do with my nephew. She picks him up from daycare, feeds him dinner, bathes him then puts him to fucking bed. Sometimes she will ALSO go to bed. Shit our MOM did to US. Idk, sounds sus. I only know this happens cuz I stayed with them for a while before moving back home. Now she’s wigging out cuz she may lose her job. My sister has worked with adults w/ developmental disabilities for years. She keeps getting in trouble at work, more then once for fighting with her coworkers!!! Like !!! Girl you don’t this job for years why are you taking out your feelings on your coworkers and hopefully not your clients!?!? Leave that shitty selfish bastard!! Actually take care of your kid!!!! Take care of your damn self!!!! Don’t leave him then just dump kiddo on us so you can go back to your job that you now hate after loving it for years and do other things!!! I thought the severely neglected dog aggressive dog was bad?? The dog that killed two dogs and was only put down by the second when she should have been BE way before the first one even?!?! Some of the clients you worked with and are working with are wheelchair bond and you KNOW the extent of MRSA!!! You have bathed these people and you have done the precautions of working with people with MRSA!!! Kiddo gets MRSA in his ear? fine. Whatever. Day care won’t take kiddo cuz of his MRSA? End of the world. Our dad gets on your case about how your son’s reoccurring ear infections and now this is going to at this rate affect his hearing but also his speech??? Mean, awful, gotta cry.

This living kewpie doll who begs for apples, dances when he’s happy, loves to stomp around in boots, favorite toy isn’t even a toy it’s a FLY SWATTER and loves bubbles is an inconvenience to you? What did he do wrong? Your labor went wrong cuz your uterus hemorrhaged? His fault? No. Not his fault and not yours. Why resent him? He didn’t do anything wrong. Is he taking up time for you to do other things that you rather be doing? Then why did you get pregnant? Lil kewpie pie doesnt deserve this. He runs to the door when we tell them you are pulling in the drive way. He calls out mommy the clearest despite his issues speaking. Yet you still gotta be shitty?

I hate coming in here and dumping all these feelings but if I don’t I am gonna cause some serious problems in my family. My friends have heard it all already but I just gotta ya know? I wish my sister would get proper help, be a parent and leave that man but
I digress. Trauma doesn’t always great people or rational ones or ones that won’t repeat behaviors they were around. Being an aunt when your siblings aren’t great parents is stressful. At least my other sister is an amazing mom and I hope she knows that. She overcompensates due to our sister’s short comings as one.
One of my fave kewpie art pieces as an apology for this rant

No. 1587298

lmfao nobody said anything like that, tf kinda twisted shit are you on nonnie

No. 1587299

lmao gaslit a fucking dentist

No. 1587301

I threw out a broken chair on my patio and found a dead lizard. He was so cute I wouldve given him water. It looks like he naturally died and basically deflated because I havent stepped there in a year or so.

No. 1587307

Kek is this bitch high? What's the point of making shit up when anyone can come here and see what actually happened

No. 1587308

File: 1685051373094.gif (4.96 MB, 498x273, nikocado-punching.gif)

I've reached my calorie deficit intake for today and I'm still fucking starving. Even after achieving 120g of protein and reaching my other macros too. Cannot stand the weightlifting appetite. It makes me want to devour everything in sight that contains either meat or cheese. can my fatass stomach shrink already!!!

No. 1587309

i've been seeing this poster in several threads too and am having a good laugh at it. never saw anyone say anything about mtf rape, wtf

No. 1587310

I wish we could get some sort of half-gastric sleeve or something. Like I don't need a marble sized stomach, but god just taking away a bit of it's size would make losing weight so much easier.

No. 1587315

Trying to words things in a professional way without sounding snippy wracks my brain so bad

No. 1587319

I’m tired. I’m about to go ana Chan with my weight lost. 380 calories a day for a month until I get down to 148. I’m not even anorexic I’m just impatient as fuck.

No. 1587323

380 is such an oddly specific number. At least do 500 or something.

No. 1587326

380 because I’m going to eat nothing but Maruchan ramen and Diet Coke for a month because thats the only low calorie meal that fills me up

No. 1587328

File: 1685053033007.jpg (4.27 KB, 96x96, photo_2023-05-17_22-44-41.jpg)

i am an actually diagnosed autist and i use my preferred fidget toys to redirect my harmful stims (hair pulling and picking my skin constantly) also i just progressively get more antsy/impatient/frustrated if i don't fidget after a certain amount of time. it's literally impossible for me to eradicate the compulsion to stim so i am working with it instead of against it. holy fuck i am so angry i wish that fidget stuff was never appropriated by normalfags and remained relatively niche because now everyone thinks that these toys are 'a trend' or 'attention seeking behavior'. i hate tiktok i hate social media i want to brutally murder everyone who willingly participates in this bloody circus. i've dealt with my fair share of bullying throughout my life and now us autists have the joy of having hardly anyone taking our struggles seriously because social media fakers make this disorder look like something cutesy/harmless or a fucking joke

No. 1587357

This post said it >>1587060 otherwise I wouldn't have said shit. I didn't lie about anything that's genuinely how that post reads since I'm not attracted to males and am slated for a full hysterectomy in 2024. Not that any of you knew that but I feel like it's okay to say because it adds context to why I thought that.

No. 1587368

warning: this will fuck up your metabolism a lot. if you want to lose weight fast just do 1200 a day, please don't be retarded and have 380 a day, it won't work

No. 1587372

>lying about something as small as posts on an anonymous imageboard
Is this just something compulsive liars do? It reminds me of all those lists of "BPD behaviors" or abuse. Scary.

No. 1587374

nonnie its much easier to just eat less and mostly healthy food without withholding what you like from yourself and getting a decent 1200-1500 every day while staying active, the less you think about it the easier it is to lose weight and maintain it. if you start obsessively counting calories and denying yourself too much or obsessing about your weight you'll make it much harder. Focus on something else in your life and the weight will drop off on its own, months go by quick when you get busy. good luck nonnie focus on health ♥

No. 1587376

nonnies just ignore this crazy sperg, either a moid or TiM that gets off on your attention

No. 1587378

I'm a TIF actually. I can provide proof if needed.

No. 1587382

Go back

No. 1587383

Are you that fat tif from kiwi farms

No. 1587384

>go back
I bet money I've been here longer than you nonna. Like I said a couple days ago this site isn't limited to politics and I already admitted to being TIFchan a good while back. I don't mind it, as far as personalityfags go I'm far from the worst, just very verbose and socially retarded

No. 1587385

>either moid or TIM
same thing
>a TIF
What do you mean by providing proof that you're a tranny? Do you have zippertits?

No. 1587386

Not entirely your fault considering companies and lobbyists had been obfuscating nutritional information and portions upon decades for the sake of selling mass quantities of shit food to the public, hooking them on it, then convincing them that they need more.
>inb4 an iamverysmart autist thinks this treachery isn't a well documented fact at least in the US

Honestly anon, just cut the carbs. Rice and pasta are the worst foods for people with metabolic disorders (obesity is considered one) due to the fluctuations of hormones and spikes in blood sugar from consuming carb products. Eat lots of proteins and healthy fats to feel full for less.

No. 1587387

Yeah this was manipulative

No. 1587388

>my bro would rather kill himself than eat onions
what is it with men and onions? I have several spoiled male family members who refuses to eat onions. I also have spoiled female family members who are picky waters but none of them has any problems with onions

No. 1587390

>as far as personalityfags go I'm far from the worst
you're the second most annoying imo

No. 1587391

sis why are you taking over the entire vent thread to talk about yourself? make a vent or gtfo, we are done

No. 1587395

bitch is the cringiest attention whore I've seen in my life, literally making my skin crawl, i hope she's young because otherwise holy shit what a smooth brain existence

No. 1587397

>what is it with men and onions?
Fucking kek.

No. 1587399

It took me 5 months to lose weight on 1500 a day. I dont have the patient anymore.

No. 1587402

laughing because my ex' dad also hated onions and would gag at them

No. 1587403

You're too aware of the fact you're a female, might as well just stop larping instead of self-flagellating by posting in a site where nobody likes you

No. 1587404

Unfortunately I can't completely cut out carbs because I have a genetic health issue that gets triggered off if I don't have any carbs, which sucks. They don't make me feel great, but I'm trying to compromise by just going low-carb instead.

No. 1587407

KEK my bf hates onions and between you and I it pisses me off

No. 1587408

The actual mistake here is being with a Philly boy. No joke. Nothing seems manipulative he’s just from Philly.

No. 1587414

Nonna, me being a troon has nothing to do with denying my biology. It has everything to do with having a body I do not recognize whatsoever. I'm fully aware it's female, I strongly dislike that and do not remember having my breasts or genitalia whatsoever. It's like my head was ripped off my actual body and put on one with a vaguely similar body, but with a vagina and breasts which I did not remember being there previously. In my memories, in my head, in my dreams, my voice is deeper, my body is male albeit with the same BMI, there's thicker facial and body hair, et cetera. Every time I see myself unclothed I panic. Every time I see or hear the name I was born under it takes a conscious effort to know that's my name because I keep thinking they're talking to or about someone else. 12 years of intensive therapy and medication, and this has not changed. It has always been this way, it is a truly horrifying, disturbing experience I do not wish on my worst enemy. Grabbing a knife and thinking about lopping off your tits and cutting out your uterus at 11, getting caught before you could, having an extremely adverse reaction to estradiol when you were 16 and prescribed it for the most excruciating pain you've felt in your life. Most troons have not had this experience, most troons go for HRT right out the gate. I have always wanted that to be a last resort. I've taken to venting about this shit on CC. I'm honestly extremely glad none of you seem to understand. It's a pain nobody should experience, and I cannot imagine ever wishing it on anyone. I apologize profusely for annoying everyone, but getting this extreme anguish off my chest should calm me down.

No. 1587415

>1200 a day
Nta but this always really confused me because I'm short/petite and I did this math equation from The Petite Advantage Diet book and it said to maintain I'd need to eat 1,000 calories a day………… and to lose? Well just use your imagination. Everywhere I see discussion about this is with regular sized people who cannot fathom that even anything less than like 1.5k is death's door territory and in my experience… it's really not.

No. 1587417

My metabolism will be fine for a month. A gotta unbig my back asap I wanna go to the beach this summer.

No. 1587419

idk how tall you are but the 1000 calories seems way too extreme, maybe that's what your body burns just maintaining itself or that diet book is full of shit. i think 1200-1400 is reasonable to maintain and 1000 to safely lose weight but ultimately just listen to your body and figure out what works for you

No. 1587420

whiteglove is still blogging all over /ot/?

No. 1587421

File: 1685057010412.gif (780.09 KB, 400x298, 16tr4578s.gif)

No. 1587425

Nta but they mean it will have a lasting effect

I have been doing just that and I find that 1,000 has been okay but I'm concerned that I'm doing damage, although I look and feel fine. I just wish it was studied more or that there was actually a place where midgets can talk about this stuff without 5'5" women coming in and saying WELL AKSHEWALLY…

No. 1587427

you will be crying in mcdonald wrappers in less than a week nonnie, just diet responsibly i mean no offense but how can you be fat i.e not even able to eat a normal amount and want to cut back even more kek

not to bully you but you obviously can't do it, get real and focus on fixing your dietary habits

No. 1587432

Not any of those anons but I don't think this is the place you want to talk about this. You're not going to get any type of understanding. I'm sorry you're suffering but you don't have to justify yourself. I say this as someone who thinks all troons are retarded (sorry)(kek)

No. 1587445

Thank you nonna, that's why I've taken to crystal cafe to vent as of late. I understand it's very frowned upon here, but simultaneously I think it proves a point that some women are all about women's rights until some of them decide to make themselves more content with themselves or thinks differently from them. I appreciate you being honest, however. I am the first one to confess I'm a retard, but in a "I always have to be honest and justify everything about myself" and so on. This often results in oversharing in a vain attempt to prove a point that usually ends up not existing in the end. I tend to think through and delete within 30 minutes upon realizing this, though

No. 1587456

>some women are all about women's rights until some of them decide to make themselves more content with themselves or thinks differently from them
I think this is where the divide comes from, I agree that it is misogynistic to deny womanhood and transition, and it offends me, BUT I've never felt what you feel and I don't claim to have any answers.

No. 1587460

Double post but I worded that weirdly- I mean I agree with others who are offended by it, but blah blah I've never felt how you feel etc.

No. 1587464

bro the reason you are being ran off this thread is you got pearl clutchy at another anon and made it all about yourself, you have a pretty big victim complex just read your messages again when you are lucid. It's okay. Now stop derailing the thread to go on your delusional tangents

No. 1587466

Dude I’ve been into for a few weeks now asked me out and Instagram immediately started showing me ads for lingerie.

Even Meta knows I need to just get laid already.

No. 1587467

Something came out of my breast.

No. 1587472

holy shit

No. 1587489

even though I sort of enjoy food I still wish we didn't have to eat to survive. shitting, pissing, eating, having money to keep eating, taking breaks from work or hobby to eat, its all so damn annoying. tried meal replacements they just gave me gas then diarrhea.

No. 1587492

Ew, what the fuck.


It sounds like you have a grasp on what you're doing, but I have to ask- are you eating enough fiber?

Just female things!!!!

No. 1587494

Is what I did considered reactive abuse?
My bf is toxic and I know this.
He behaves just like my narcissist mother with hours of circular arguing/goalpost moving (sparked over him feeling slighted or, heaven forbid, speaking to him firmly about my boundaries or simply stating I do not like something he does to me), yelling, controlling, extreme passive aggression, and at times he will escalate to violence. Such as smashing or hitting objects, or harming himself both while in front of me–he denies this is real violence cause he does not hit me. He once threw himself out my moving car because I turned us around from seeing a movie since he was being nasty to me and escalating to make me feel like shit over a slight.
I have straight up said that he is an abuser, a piece of shit, and an asshole to his face. He baits ending the relationship and when I agree that it should end, he reverses victim. After hours of being cajoled to take him back, I cave. Despite honeymoon promises and weak attempts to change (along with demands for me to take back the aforementioned labels), he never does. He will never leave me either in spite of acting like I am the bitch because he's got it too good with me and I am his first gf.
The Dump Him™ replies are warranted yet it is a complicated situation since I have no support (I'd be too embarassed to reach out even if I did tbqh fam) so all I can do is manage the toxicity and be accountable for my own responses until the opportunity comes to leave him for good.

One thing that has really fucking bothered me is that I have now done some pretty toxic things in response to his abuse. Reactions that I have never done to any exes. Things that I have not done since I was a young person defending myself from the hours of psychological and emotional terrorism by my mother which I could not escape or hide from. I had told my bf about my limited contact with my mom so he is aware of my traumas regarding hostile confrontations, hours-long arguments, and not giving me the space to process my feelings alone.
Therefore, I WILL slap someone if they get in my face screaming at me and not leaving me alone after numerous pleads for personal space, as well as snatching important objects from my hands.
The other night he escalated to violence because I told him I wanted to be left alone. I committed the crime of having an "attitude" saying it. He will not tolerate having no control, so he repeatedly bashed in my bedroom dresser (which I am still paying off) until his fingers were bloody. He got so enraged he foamed at the mouth while casting spittle at my face due to his hysterical crying and psychotic hollering combo.
I yelled for him to get out of my house, to which he replied I would have to call the cops. In my sleep-deprived mind after the fifth exhausting hour of being yelled at, I began to dial 911.
He rushed me and snatched my phone away, and in automatic reaction I delivered a backhand to his face with the quickness.
Later he makes my reaction the focus of the fight cause of course me slapping him for stealing, cornering me, being violent, and verbally terrorizing me for hours t o t a l l y makes me just as bad as he was.
But that's the thing, I do feel bad.
I do not want to hit loved ones even if I feel they deserve it cause it is not who I am. I feel so pushed, but then again, if you asked him why he abuses me he would give his version of justifications for it too. I feel so lonely.
I want to be told I am not a bad person but maybe the truth is I became one, and so I tolerate this horrific scrote cause I feel I deserve the abuse.

No. 1587498

dat som troon looking mf

No. 1587499

>reactive abuse

anon go touch grass and dump your toxic boyfriend, you won't have to ask yourself that question

No. 1587501

Why waste keystrokes when you won't even read?

No. 1587502

File: 1685060118758.jpg (6.36 KB, 275x274, 1681695386862.jpg)

Aaa I've been invited for a trip and I don't know what to do. I'm an autist and I barely interact at work and by an accident I met a guy from a different department who's also kind of a weirdo and we had a few conversations, we have similar interests etc. but I don't talk to him so often. I have a crush on a certain male coworker but he's taken so I basically don't talk to him because that makes me feel guilty, but tbh even if he wasn't taken I bet I wouldn't talk to him anyway because I'm too autistic. So it turned out those two guys are friends. And they are planning 1-day trip abroad, there's Karl Marx museum and some weird religious spots in the schedule lol. The eccentric guy I was talking to sent me an invitation via messenger and today my male coworker I have a crush on also asked me if I'd like to go with them. That was when I found out they're friends and I got flustered. Like it sounds interesting and all, but I have so many problems with this. There would be 4 men and me, I know only two of them, one of them is my forbidden crush, the other two I don't even know. 4 people is already a crowd for me. Also, long distance car rides are always a huge problem foe me because I have overeactive bladder and I have to pee every hour or every 30 minutes, sometimes even more often than that, and I don't want to cause them problems, also it would be just extremely uncomfortable for me if they knew I had such condition. Also I can't even imagine spending 12 hours with basically strangers. And it's just weird to me they invited me at all and I'm starting to overthink it

No. 1587503

same reason you shouldn't overthink shit like that,though i am reading now

No. 1587507

my mom always has been and still is so hateful and mean to me yet so nice to my brother. she's always angry and insulting towards me and it's made me very maladjusted and bitter after a lifetime of dealing with her mistreatment. I'm stuck living with her too until I can graduate uni/find a full time job. I wish I could win the lottery so I can finally be in a healthy living situation

No. 1587508

NTA but I read it and thought the exact same thing. You're overthinking this situation and you need to dump him.

You're repeating history by staying with someone just as unhinged as your mother and to answer your question Yes you will become a worse person from it. It will warp your personality. You will be quicker to anger and resort to violence. You're already seeing it. I don't blame you one bit – I think you should hit him harder until he's too afraid to even look at you wrong, and then dump his ass – but yeah the thing you're worried about it happening.

No. 1587509

*is happening

No. 1587510

i just got back to the usa and of course i caught a cold from all the people sneezing and coofing on the plane right after we landed. thankfully it is progressing quickly, but god, we went through three years of a pandemic and people STILL do not know nor care to cover their goddamn sneezes when in an enclosed space. fuck them from here and back.

No. 1587511

Sometimes things just aren't black-and-white nonnie. I actually don't know if it's good or bad that you slapped him a few times, I could honestly go either way. But he's gonna start hitting you back. He's going to start physically restraining you when you lash out, and then he's going to hit you back eventually. You need to leave. If it's your house, why can't you break up with him? It doesn't sound like he's paying rent since you referred to it as "your house"

No. 1587513

right anon be strong and don't sacrifice the person you would be if you didn't have to deal with his bullshit. and learn to forgive yourself, everyone makes mistakes

No. 1587515

op seems well aware but doesn't have a safe opportunity.

No. 1587516

>don't sacrifice the person you would be if you didn't have to deal with his bullshit
exactly. couldn't agree more, you said it better than I could

No. 1587518

Alexithymia sucks so much

No. 1587522

What the hell is even that

No. 1587523

she said
>it is a complicated situation since I have no support (I'd be too embarassed to reach out even if I did tbqh fam) so all I can do is manage the toxicity and be accountable for my own responses until the opportunity comes to leave him for good.
she didn't say it wasn't safe but that could be implied. it sucks when a man becomes your sole support and it's scary to lose your sole support but I'd say the situation she's in now is worse than being broke or going into temporary debt or sleeping on a couch or whatever she would have to do. I find it hard to believe this man is actually very supportive in the first place.
what if the opportunity to leave that she's waiting for never comes knocking? she has to make her way out of the relationship alone or suck up the embarrassment and ask for help or something. she could go to the advice thread on /g/ and lay out her specific situation and there will probably be someone who has dealt with that who could advise her if she's really lost on how to go about leaving him.

No. 1587547

>some women are all about women's rights until some of them decide to make themselves more content with themselves or thinks differently from them
This is not about misogyny or "muh freedom", you're planning on cutting healthy parts off, you're mentally ill, this is not a rational decision you're justified to defend

No. 1587558

Nonna, not only are mine not at all healthy but they cause me significant distress. If intensive therapy and very strong medication didn't stop me from trying to cut them off while awake, naturally the last resort is a double mastectomy. And that's the one thing that wasn't tried. My uterus and ovaries are easily the most unhealthy part of my body aside from my brain. Extreme, severe cramping, irregular periods (once every few months, usually bleeding for 1-2 hours if that before it going on for a very long time a month or two after) My doctors don't know what's wrong and gave up because my symptoms are so irregular, yet my uterus itself looked normal. I was prescribed estradiol to "help" with that when I was 16 and never saw a gynecologist, and ended up attempting murder suicide, repeatedly. Also self harmed significantly more intensely. I dumped them, and that stopped. I've already received all the mental health care possible, there's only two ways out now; troon out, or kill myself. Otherwise I'd suffer the rest of my life and likely get worse and worse. Unless you have some other brilliant plan, I'd trust the medical professionals and do anything not to kill myself. Thanks.

No. 1587561

nonnie you kinda fucked by calling out the anon who was probably venting about TiMs, as long as you're not hurting anyone it's your body and you do what you want with it. Not many people here actually hate TiFs

No. 1587568

Oh, really? I profusely apologize. I didn't realize that started it nor that nobody here really hates us. I still stand by my statement that she needed better friends, though

No. 1587590

You mean OP's bf? Then yeah, I agree.

No. 1587597

does not read as a rape joke to me, reads more like she was joking that you seem handmaiden-y enough to volunteer as a surrogate for a TIM lol

why not just get the surgeries you want and live as a GNC woman? just curious tbh

No. 1587602

Because I also want to be on HRT the rest of my life, get a legal name change, et cetera? It isn't enough to get a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy, those aren't the only problems I have. Likewise I only tolerate being called "she" on here because of board culture. I also pretend to be a lesbian and not a SSA TIF a lot due to that. I'd forego some comfort for advice.

No. 1587606

No. 1587612

Please stop being obsessed with AMAing on here. Everyone else stop replying to them.

No. 1587614

File: 1685070660534.gif (87.58 KB, 220x188, fred-flintstone-pounding-table…)

Had a late delivery at work so I stayed over hours and after a day of manual labour my body is screaming for food and calories but I have to sleep immediately so I can get up and throw more crap around again tomorrow but I'M HUNGY. I hate my job I'd literally rather eat than sleep after 10hrs of hauling shit on my back and being hungry and dehydrated afterwards reeeee someone feed me!!!

No. 1587627

I just cried because I realized how much my husbando would dislike how vain I am. I don't think he would hate me (I mean, besides other parts of us maybe not being compatible for a romantic relationship) but he would probably try to break me out of it. I can't help that I'm a doll. I can't stop being conceited.

No. 1587630

what exactly do you mean by vain? sometimes people just have lower standards for their appearance it's alright if you value yours, it's a choice

No. 1587635

Why would he dislike it? I think most men don't mind this tbh.

No. 1587672

It kind of annoys me how every man thinks any woman they fuck is desperate to marry them.

No. 1587673

Nta but men like pretty women but not pretty women who know they are pretty

No. 1587676

Eh… people actually think so deeply about their fictional husbandos? Or are you talking about a real one? If it's a real 'husbando', then just fuck him and his opinions.

No. 1587687

Of course I think deeply about him. He is my man. Don't you think deeply about the ones you love? I want to analyze every aspect of his character.
I care about my appearance a lot, to the point where it interferes with my life. My husbando is not someone who cares about physical appearance so much. He would appreciate me caring enough to make myself look decent, but he wouldn't like how deep it goes with me. He knows there are more important things in life.

No. 1587688

File: 1685078277447.jpeg (49.78 KB, 500x615, Catasters.jpeg)

My little brother (not actually little, he's 15) is so retarded I wish he was aborted. He bought an expensive shitty lil retarded transformers toy (not even with his money - my and my mom's money), had a sudden retarded urge to paint it silver despite not even knowing how to hold a brush properly with his stubby retarded fingers, made me buy him paint and brushes, coated the entire retarded toy with paint, woke me up at 12am to retardedly beg me to remove it with nail polish remover and gave me a tissue to use. Most of the paint was removed but the tissue got stuck to that retarded toy's hand and just won't get off for some fucking reason.

Now his ass is mad, throwing tantrums and claiming it's my fault for ruining his toy. I'll have to buy him another, otherwise he's not going to let anyone in the house live in peace because this fucker LOVES to scream his lungs out whenever he's upset at the smallest things possible. Thanks to my parents spoiling him to hell and back for simply being a guy, teaching him ever since he was born that I solely exist to deal with his shit, I have to bear with this retard in the house. I can't take this. I just can't take this anymore. I'm either moving out as soon as it's possible or mixing rat poison in his coffee.

No. 1587690

None of those anons but jfc… I wish my life was benign enough to have the time to worry about the hypothetical opinion of fictional men.

No. 1587692

So make your own post about it. I have other things that I worry about, and I post them here too.

No. 1587693

That is my post about it

No. 1587694

You're such a nice sister I would be calling him a gay baby with a dolly

No. 1587695

File: 1685078753067.gif (932.98 KB, 498x392, 6cd80d853f9eb409f429ab2065e538…)

i am very awkward and feel funny about physical affection, even from my bf. i've always thought he is extremely good looking but i am just bad with touching people- i don't even really like hugs but i'm comfortable hugging him. i guess i am just very uncomfortable with my body. i am good at verbally being affectionate and kind/caring generally because i am just better with words than actions that involve physical contact. is anyone else reading, like this? i feel bad about it. maybe i will open up about it and ask him later what he thinks.

No. 1587696

File: 1685078814364.jpg (9.34 KB, 360x354, 1682970183593.jpg)

>Of course I think deeply about him. He is my man.
He doesn't exist.
>Don't you think deeply about the ones you love?
If they're fictional, then no. Even when it comes to real ones, I don't really cry over their opinion on my vainess kek.
>He knows there are more important things in life.
Even a fictional character knows better than you do, probably has more goals in life too. Oh nonnetta, how have you fallen to this point? If you're genuinely being serious (doubt it though), then you need help. I don't know exactly what or which kind of help, but you do need it. Desperately.

No. 1587703

And also, I don't think how much I care about my appearance is a good thing and that's what I'm venting about. If that's not anything to worry about to you then fine, but why are you telling me about what you would or wouldn't be worried about? I'm in the vent thread for a reason.
>He doesn't exist.
Oh my god!!!
>probably has more goals in life too
I actually have a lot of life goals. That's a part of the issue.

No. 1587706

Why are you going for an argument in the vent thread?

No. 1587707

>a gay baby with a dolly
Kek nonnie I might actually use it at this point. I'm not sure if you was being sarcastic but I don't deserve to be called a nice sister though, when I was a kid or at least a few years ago, I used to genuinely care for him but now I'm just tired. I take care of his shit because I have to, not because I want to. Sometimes we get along, but most of the time we don't.

No. 1587708

samefag but i should point out, i want to be better at it. i am not sure what feeling touch-starved feels like but sometimes i wonder if i am feeling that way? i think i want to be more affectionate but it's hard.

No. 1587709

Nta but are you new? kek

No. 1587710

Thank you for saying this because it made me come to my senses. Anons come to this thread to pick fights and so I shouldn't even bother. Me crying over what my husbando would think is just one side of how I've been thinking of myself and this issue, but I shouldn't have to explain and give full context to all of my thoughts, behavior, and emotions in a vent post. It's not just my husbando, it's everything.

No. 1587711

Everyone worries about their appearance nona, just usually not in relation to fictional men's hypothetical opinions about it lol

No. 1587712

hey i am none of the other anons that replied to you but when i saw
>I care about my appearance a lot, to the point where it interferes with my life.
i really relate to that. it takes up so much time but i don't want to change because i feel like it really pays off. are you really projecting your own worries or anxieties about this onto your husbando nonnie?

No. 1587714

I wasn't trying to start an argument, I just don't get why anyone would cry over a fictional character's opinion on them and I genuinely believe there's something that nonna needs to address. It doesn't sound healthy. If nonna didn't wanted any replies then she could've posted it in the 'take it off your chest' thread, it has a rule that anons can't reply to people's vents and if they break it, more often than not, they're redtexted and banned for some time.

No. 1587717

>Me crying over what my husbando would think is just one side of how I've been thinking of myself and this issue, but I shouldn't have to explain and give full context to all of my thoughts, behavior, and emotions in a vent post. It's not just my husbando, it's everything.
Nta and I don't think you owe us or anyone a 'full context to all of my thoughts, behavior, and emotions' but when you're only going to mention your husbando, aka just one side, of course anons are going to think it's the main issue that caused you to cry.

No. 1587730

File: 1685080986301.jpg (55.67 KB, 564x710, 1677070975752.jpg)

OCD makes sleep impossible. I have to keep cracking my kneecaps by stretching my legs out all the way and before I know it the sun's up and I got no sleep because my legs still feel compressed

No. 1587735

i feel you nona, i do the same thing. but im also going thru near constant drug withdrawls and have RLS so its not quite the same but yknow. yeah

No. 1587738

File: 1685081714959.jpg (21.11 KB, 640x426, Tumblr_l_614744216261430.jpg)

My husband made his own discord server and I just woke up to a they/them having send spicy maid costume images in there and add him. Like I'm not already jealous enough fuck me

No. 1587741

this has got to be bait. please

No. 1587743

no way you are losing your scrote to a themlet weeb. like if he actually cheats that would be your fault you must be stinking or something if an aiden in an aliexpress maid outfit is the better choice there

No. 1587745

File: 1685082219307.jpeg (80.33 KB, 1080x491, IMG_4456.jpeg)

For years I have felt guilty about liking fiction than my real life and i have been putting extra effort to “live my life and put myself out there” instead and avoid fiction on purpose but i think i just dgaf anymore. My life is shit, and won’t get better probably. Might as well enjoy fiction. The flesh prison entraps me butterfly the mind is endless. Fuck it. Whatever.

No. 1587751

So turns out that I've managed to catch Covid well after the pandemic. I was a bit shocked because I thought it's a thing of the past now

No. 1587753

The best you can do is stick to the husbando related threads when you want to talk about him without being judged. I understand your struggle, I would often be upset at what my husbando would think of me. This was obviously me projecting my own issues and criticism into someone else, and it's not something exclusive to fictional men either. It seems you are realizing how much your obsession over your appearance is affecting your life and it's upsetting you, to the point it's leaking to your husbando fantasy, I say it's a good time for you to evaluate your own issues with looks.

No. 1587772

Nope it's just out there now and you can catch it just like the cold or flu. As long as you aren't immunocompromised or old it should just be a bad cold as well, just you might lose your sense of smell or taste for a bit.

No. 1587776

What does your husband needs a discord server for?

No. 1587784

Can't believe I nearly died and had my career and life goals ruined for the rest of my life because of stupid bitches like you…

No. 1587792

There's totally something wrong with me but I don't care to fix it. My ability to feel affection is so messed up. Probably a dopamine issue. I also have no motivation towards my so called goals of the past. I'm a full on guilt-free hedonist. I feel like I know intellectually I'm doing myself wrong but I don't care. I also have no interest in others at all

No. 1587793

its the same as the flu unless you have neurological symptoms aka loss of taste/smell, it literally doesnt matter. at all. esp if you're young/no risk factors. no matter what anyone says 2020 covid was def 100% more deadly than what it is now.

No. 1587802

My mom comes from a third world country originally and has no sense of privacy

She'll walk in my room and stare at my screen ask what I'm doing, insist on knowing who I'm going out with and when I'll get home, burst into my room without knocking at every hour of the day. Sometimes she even comments on the texture of my poop????? (like if she walks by and it sounds liquid when I fucking poop she'll ask about it????). When I have my periods, she'll look into the trash and comment on my fucking period diapers???? Whenever I make a move to ask her to respect it, she gets real mad and brings up the "my house my rules" argument.
Today she threw a tantrum because I asked her to let me handle how I was going to make my lunch?????
I'm triggered right now because this small incident is bringing up trauma. When I was a kid, she would look through my things and if she found dirty panties r whatever (I didn't know hygiene well I guess but I was a fucking kid) she'd like lay them out in front of my room for the whole family to see. She'd event hreaten to post pictures of it online.
She would also go through my phone or my emails as a teen and talk to me about it.
When I was 15, I went out in another town and when I got home, I got beaten for taking the train alone to go to a city 40m inutes away.

I'm really fucking done living here but I can't move out. I have no money, I have entrance exams that are very competitive coming up so taking up a job wuld be ruining my future. I don't know what to do honestly. To think I'm going to be stuck here at least three more years, I'm just so fucking frustrated I'm so done living with her.
How the heck can I make her respect my privacy? I'm really frustrated, I want a life of my own, without my mom bursting in it.

No. 1587811

File: 1685087551736.gif (114.14 KB, 450x350, 1642362006265.gif)

Fuck you UPS for holding my package for almost a week in your stupid fucking warehouse with no updates. There're only gameboy games and a plushie inside and it was supposed to be a gift but apparently I'm just very unlucky when it comes to shipping. Everytime there's some kind of issue and it takes forever…I usually come here to complain about more serious issues but FUCK YOU WHERE IS MY PACKAGE

No. 1587836

Oh my god nonna, this is fucking terrible, I am so sorry. I can't offer advice but I hear you.

No. 1587848

Is it possible to stay with a friend or relative? Once the exams are done, could you find a job then and rent a room with someone? Anyone but your mom sounds like an improvement

No. 1587852

I get that! Most days I don't leave my house or turn my ringer on… split w my goof SO last Aug and feel nothing anymore…. I don't fuck for free that's for sure

No. 1587858

I could have wrote this. As a teen I didn't have a phone, smartphones as we know them weren't a thing just yet and was nearly a hikikomori as a result of this shit, what helped was that since my English was very good and nobody knew English at the time I could easily socialize online without anyone knowing what I was doing on the family desktop. I hope you can bear with it until you can leave.

No. 1587872

File: 1685091728730.jpg (9.71 KB, 259x194, sponge_OFJEf.jpg)

>Sedentary lifestyle gives me disgusting guts and some tits
>Starts aggressively dieting
>Lose boobs
>Keep guts

No. 1587916

did you solve your issue nonna? how's it feel?

I think I'm going to bluff and threaten to move out to be at peace
she's so controlling she might start giving me some space just for the sake of keeping me around.. hope this works

No. 1587921

its 3am and all i want to do is binge eat. why am i like this?

No. 1587923

Ayyy we're on the same time zone

No. 1587926

My big sister was always a rebellious little shit and when she moved out my mother lost her mind. She calmed down at some point and became more lenient with my little sisters. I'm kind of in-between she doesn't want me to live by myself, I went abroad for a semester after graduating on a working holiday visa and after seeing I was doing fine she stopped stalking me. The pandemic fucked me over so I live my family but I barely see them because of work. I still can't have a love life because my parents are racists and only want me to marry a muslim retard and not have sex out of wedlock and we don't live in a huge city so I can't take the risk of doing anything yet even though I'm in my late 20s. As soon as I get my own place away from them I'll try to get a bf though, most likely a white one so I don't have to worry about keeping my virginity and eating pork.

No. 1587929

maybe you could go for a walk, get away from the fridge and get a comfy nightwalk
it's the weekend anyway

No. 1587941

so if you want treatment on how you identify, you should not be here since you identify as male

No. 1587968

File: 1685101380742.png (47.03 KB, 308x382, me3.png)

>buy some new clothes because i haven't in a long time
>its a simple spaghetti strap dress
>husband wants to take me out to eat
>i put on the new outfit
>he's like woah! you look beautiful i really like it on you
>haha thank you babe
>keep looking at myself in the mirror
>keep adjusting my straps
>keep looking at small details i see
>i make myself so self conscious i can't wear the dress anymore
>change back into safe clothes
>husband comes back and asks me why i changed
>tell him i wasn't feeling it anymore
>he was worried it was something it said
>i say no its fine you didn't do anything wrong which is true
>keeps asking what happened
>i start crying and say sorry i was feeling too self conscious

why am i like this? why can't i love myself anymore? when i was in highschool i experimented with all kinds of clothing i had fun, i didn't care if it matched my body or not. now i feel so ugly, i cannot even have sex with him normally. it must be at night time, no lights so he can't see my body. i am so tired of being insecure, i wish i had the same mentality i had when i was younger. i cannot even bring myself to try and love anything about me. i cant even wear a simple fucking dress.

No. 1587979

File: 1685103084646.jpg (50.93 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Ever since my physical disabilities got worse all I've done is get high, watch The Sopranos and autistically roleplay Ghost Recon. I fucking hate living like this.

No. 1587985

Neva had the makings of a varsity athelete..

No. 1587986

I did-ent

No. 1588005

cover the mirror and next time have him help you put it on?

No. 1588014

Maybe I am. I feel like he wouldn't like it but perhaps I'm using him to mentally beat myself up. In general, I've been struggling a lot with my mental health. Maybe he would rather help than judge me for my shortcomings. Anyway yes I agree. As much as it's fucked up some things, I feel like worrying about appearance and beauty has also has benefits and it's hard to change when it feels so ingrained in me.
Yeah I usually post in the husbando thread but I didn't feel like it was related enough to the thread and I also didn't want to bring the mood down in what is generally a happy thread.

No. 1588037

Getting bumps on your scalp/neck from too much tension fucking suckssss

No. 1588135

Recently was approached by an obnoxious moid, which hadn't happened for a while, and realized I forgot how obnoxious they can actually be. You know this typical shit some of them do, like "joking" in a form of "free association" or something? Basically just saying ANYTHING that comes to their mind without filter and expecting you to laugh or at least engage. And their minds aren't exactly a storage for interesting thoughts and clever observations, it's more like a brain of a horny dog. Zero self-awareness and humility, just a huge sense of entitlement to your time and attention. If you're bored and disinterested it only means you're boring, not him, an inarticulate imbecile that was the one who initiated a "conversation" but acts like you have to be at least equally interested. It surely doesn't work with anyone, does it? Why so many moids keep doing this shit and don't even feel embarrassed?

No. 1588137

Thank god men find me uninteresting, the last time that happened to me was like one or two years ago and the guy who tried to hit on me with his insulting joke was shockef when I told him to fuck off.

No. 1588231

File: 1685123687924.jpeg (779.95 KB, 2500x1202, E6EA5924-FAAF-4490-A7D0-C80680…)

i don’t know what to do, i don’t know where to go, who to speak to, how to seek help. i thought i was getting better. sober and attending work, have a lovely long distance boyfriend, getting tasks done, getting back into hobbies, seeing my therapist regularly. then it slowly just got worse again. it started with panic attacks and dissociation. severe anxiety with no root cause. the past few months ive spent 80% of my time awake sleeping or laying in bed crying. im trying to be hopeful and find the joy i had again but i just cant? i want to. i even got back on an snri/medicine and im on week 3 but two days ago i felt so suicidal. more than i have in a couple of years…i confided in my boyfriend but i cant do that to him because he lost his ex to suicide. i dont want to scare or worry him or upset him, but hes all i have. i know i cant tell him those feelings though its selfish. i dont go to therapy as often because i cant afford to. i dont have friends, just a part time job and online classes. i have one hobby i attend a class for when i can afford to. otherwise i am alone. i want to move with him but financially and logistically its hard right now. i also have to help my mother with things. and i dont think i could move there when i feel like taking my life anyway, even if it would help. the environment im in is awful. boohoo poor me, but i just dont understand this urge to end my life again so sudden. i dont want to lose him. i dont want to go into some ward and be more in debt than i am, but i cant live a life where im sleeping and avoiding everything and suffering from so much anxiety and depression each day. i thought i was doing it all right? therapy, medication, exercise, eatinf well. vitamins. but i am so lonely, i feel like im trapped. i feel like the only way to escape is to kill myself. it hurts, i just want to feel okay and normal. but its hard to live if my mind is this way? i am out of solutions. i dont know what to do. even my walks, time in nature or at work isnt helping. this is no way to live. i dont even care about my debt or shitty job anymore….i cannot even enjoy life outside of it at this point. im going to lose someone i love. hes never been mean to me about this ever but i know he may grow tired rightfull so. im trying to get better. i never meant to feel so bad again… i dont understand. i just dont. im trying.

No. 1588234

it is so scary to me nonnies because each day i just sleepi it off, or try to do one task at a time, or try to be positive again, but slowly its just beginning to fall. im realizing im not fixed, that my hope is less and less, and i convince myself that if i do it right and kill myself i wont end up in a ward with debt. there is so much ill never have got to do…to learn…that hurts me. but i have no love or desire anymore and no way to attain it. i feel so far from myself nonnies. and i feel so selfish. what makes me hesitant is the “what if…what if you just keep holding on!” but i have held on for so many years. and now i am just wasting time. wasting resources. not living at all. just hurting.

No. 1588280

I hate hate HATE when people clap during performances, whether artistic or sports. What are you a trained monkey? Just enjoy the performance. Nobody can hear the music when you do this, it's distracting, most of your don't know what a rhythm is and you are all off tempo, and the music is likely gonna change tempo at some point. Just fucking stop this shit. Stop clapping and whooing and honking during a performance. This is why only classy people used to be allowed into the theater. Fuck offfffff with this shit.

No. 1588305

Being a graphic designer is actually a SOUL SUCKING fucking job. I am working on a brand new company that sells Ozempic for weight loss. I told my boss I don’t want to use cringey language or be exploitative of women’s insecurities and he agreed. I wrote brand guidelines that specifically state we do not focus on pounds or weight. My boss sent an ad I made that talks about our compassionate doctors and how they can help our customers achieve sustainable realistic weight loss goals to an investor. The guy literally said TLDR about my 11 pages of writing describing the brand I’m creating. Then he said my ad should say “Lose up to 40 pounds in your first month with the only FDA approved weight loss medicine. Results May Very” like Ozempic is not even the only FDA approved weight loss medication and it directly violates the brand personality I have been working on. Lol

No. 1588344

>I don’t want to use cringey language or be exploitative of women’s insecurities
I think you’re incredibly based for that, most people just do whatever and take the paycheck. Sorry these scrotes don’t understand the vision…

No. 1588380

Non-Americans who complain about Americans not knowing anything about other countries and whine about America having no culture while they themselves only know bits and pieces about America, all of which are filtered through the news media and Twitter are embarrassing as fuck.

No. 1588406

Don't kill yourself, anon. If you can't hold on to hope, don't do because it would really fuck you your bf to lose two gfs to suicide. More importantly, your mom would miss you and your help. Please she'd have to deal with the logistics of planning your funeral.

>? i am out of solutions. i dont know what to do.

Based on your posts it seems like there are a lot of other things you can try to deal with your anxiety:
Can you visit your bf or can he visit you? Even if it's just for a day or two.
Online support group for people with anxiety and depression
Dialectical Behavior therapy, it was designed for people with borderline but it's also helpful for people with anxiety and depression.
Ask your therapist if they can suggest sliding scale therapists, one who will charge you according to your income, so you can see a therapist more.
Give the snri more time. If doesn't work, try another one, and another.
Get a drug for the anxiety, like Xanax.
Ask your therapist about intensive outpatient therapy, where you go to therapy for several hours a day and then you go home. No wards.
Can you call a suicide hotline?
Can you get a pet - cat, dog, snake, a pet rat? Anything that will make you feel less alone.
If you can't, can you volunteer at an animal shelter or hang out with someone else's pet.
Try a mental health app. There are several for working on anxiety and depression.
Next time you meet with your therapist, ask them for more treatment options, e.g DBT or you might have treatment resistant depression and ketamine might work for you.
There are groups that will talk to people and provide emotional support to people in distress, lie the Samaritans in the UK and 7 cups of Tea is an online group that does it. You can try talking to someone in those groups to get some support.

>i thought i was doing it all right? therapy, medication, exercise, eatinf well.'

>im trying to get better. i never meant to feel so bad again… i dont understand. i just dont.
You didn't do anything wrong. It's just depression and anxiety are an evil bitch, anon. IME, they aren't really fixed and gone for good, just managed. They sneak up on you when everything is going well and part of dealing with it is learning how to get out of them when that happens. You know like cancer or some shit. I mean not like cancer, but like cancer, because cancer sometimes comes back and nobody knows why and then you have to do chemo again (chemo sucks so much). Depression and anxiety come back like that too.

No. 1588481

Today my coworker who always calls me old threw a cup at my face because I referenced a dead meme and I didn't do anything about it. I hate being a little bitch honestly

No. 1588488

What’s the best place to doxx a pedophile

No. 1588490

Outside with a megaphone

No. 1588498

File: 1685140177687.jpg (127.74 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20230527_035911_Chr…)

>from the 'Get if off your chest' thread
When are schizo troons going to leave this place alone?

No. 1588512

There's this guy I have history with. We fooled around, I led him on for a while and he was obsessed with me for a few years, after what was basically a one night stand. I never had feelings for him. I saw him recently. We talked a bit. He's been with his gf for 3 years. We're in the same field and he offered to ask around for me. All I could think about was if the circumstances were right, could I make him cheat? Realistically the answer is no because he's a good person, but my ego wants the answer to be yes. It would be fun to try but we're never around each other thankfully. I'm a horrible person. Maybe I do have bpd kek

No. 1588517

You don't have bpd, you probably have low self esteem. You shouldn't get involved with this stuff especially because you're in the same field. Also it's really weird to still be thinking about a man you've never been serious with, I feel like you're not getting attention right now and this is how you cope with it, instead of dwelling on past escapades, you should meet new people.

No. 1588519

i will gut the jannies alive if they keep acting retarded

No. 1588520

You just sound bored

No. 1588532

Correct tbh
>you probably have low self esteem
Well that much is obvious. However, I don't think of him at all really, we just recently ran into each other and caught up for a bit. I should meet new people, shit I haven't dated since I was a teen.

No. 1588572

File: 1685142979225.jpg (22.04 KB, 563x628, 0303415ffe45fb2e80051bb41570e4…)

Update because I am so fucking angry. It was my uti, my boss asked about it today and I explained only to hear
>Nonna, you should be careful with who you go out with!
I haven't had sex in years you fucking idiot. I need to get out of this job, I am so close to losing it.

No. 1588578

You should go full female on him and tell him every graphic detail of having a UTI and compare it to pain in his dick and balls, he clearly doesn’t understand

No. 1588592

Anons just need to remember that this is an anonymous website and that you don't know everything about an anon's situation. It's not just about my post, I see it all over this thread and have been for like a year.

No. 1588681

I've ruined love for 3 different people, 2 of which I hurt because I kept on trying to relive my past through the 1st one- aka a faggot that I haven't held any love for since 2016. I hate myself man… why didn't I learn… and I hurt 2 people in the process.

No. 1588720

I don’t know if this is just emotional spillover from my car getting rear-ended today (no damage at least, but it was in by a school so it was embarrassing with all the people around) but I just feel like shit. I don’t really have friends and while I try to go out and do activities I enjoy I’m starting to feel uncomfortable doing stuff alone all the time. I went out yesterday on a museum tour, and while it was fun I don’t get why I feel like it’s artificial? Hollow? because I did it on my own.

No. 1588731

apologizing to someone in the wrong is so frustrating, because it's only purpose is to placate the damaged ego of another. it's especially when the ego-stricken has any semblance of power, bc they will exercise it to the fullest extent solely because they have no other power and want to feel powerful, when they won't exercise that right to power in their own life, so they will remain in mediocrity while gaining the petty victory. tragic, but hilarious, HFSP

No. 1588780

What’s the fucking point of living in the city if all the bars are closing by 10pm on a Friday

No. 1588810

same i think i ruined it for my ex and i feel bad about it

No. 1588846

Yeah I fucked up bad with the 2nd and 3rd. Second is one of my best friends now and I genuinely loved the last guy. He's deeply hurt and I asked him how I make it up to him, he just said by growing up. So that's what I'm trying to do..

No. 1588868

my daddy don't believe type one diabetes really makes you sick
I been tellin him since I was little, I really am sick, and I told him as I got older, I'm getting sicker
now I'm bout to lose a foot and this man is still telling me about the elderly farmer he knew as a child who had type one, no it wasn't type two yes he's sure his memory is perfect, who didn't have no problems at all, so he keeps actin like I'm not supposed to be sick at all

No. 1588940

I love you southernon this post is worded so cute. Sorry about your foot

No. 1588945

I just don't got it in me to pretend no more

No. 1589020

File: 1685166849623.png (32.92 KB, 320x300, nb4m42fu9qa51.png)

The moid I was getting attached to said something that made me realize I was falling for another useless PoS. I'm glad he showed his ass early on and wasn't crafty enough to play the long game, but I'm also hurt and sad over getting fooled again in the first place, and a little frustrated that I always get attached to the wrong people. I do well on my own, and I know in a few days I won't be sad about this anymore. But right now I'm eating the (delicious tbh) tres leches I made for myself and holding back tears.

No. 1589021

Been there done that, down to the homemade tres leches. Dodging a bullet will feel good soon nonna!

No. 1589034

I wish there was a new term (or even better, a slur) for faggot. Everytime I look them up, I see them described as "effeminate/feminine" gay men. You know who is effeminate? A woman. How many women act like faggots? A few. So few they don't need to take that term. Why are they called like that? Because they have high pitched voices and wear makeup, thus reinforcing a stereotype. As a woman with a deep voice that only wears chapstick, sometimes using "effeminate" to describe a faggot offends me a lil, just call them faggots lol. I know it's mental gymnastics but since "makeup is for everyone", let's drop "feminine" for screeching, attention seeking gay men please

No. 1589060

I try not to call them faggots, but sometimes there isn't a better word. Fucking faggots.

They didn't used to bother me, but I've gotten to where I hate attention seeking gay men. They cause untold amounts of drama, and if people tell them "Hey, stop causing so much drama", they play victim and go wee wee wee all the way home.

No. 1589069

Men that are the age of my father keep making unwanted comments when I just exist. “Smile more” “Say thank you” “Do this and that” and it makes me angry. I just ignore them. But it happens so frequently… is that something other women experience as well or do I just have something written on my forehead

No. 1589073

File: 1685175687750.jpeg (42.93 KB, 876x768, IMG_0003.jpeg)

Nonas I feel so pathetic I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me anymore. I’m like a fucking dog with separation anxiety. I used to do completely fine on my own but now it’s somehow the worst thing ever and I live alone so every day is spent trying to distract myself. Perhaps it’s because I had quit weed and recently had a brief period of smoking again. Perhaps I’ve just fried my brain with past drug use at this point. Hopefully I’ll feel better with time but I cannot take this stupid feeling anymore it’s so embarrassing as well I feel the most pathetic I ever have.

No. 1589075

I started making a blanket as my first big project when I learned to crochet (over a year ago) and I'm still not anywhere close to being done with it. I don't think I've even done more than 15 rows. I just hate making blankets so much. Crochet in general is a tedious hobby but blankets are especially tedious. I have to keep going and finish the blanket eventually because I really want to actually have it, and because each skein of the yarn I'm using is like $7 and I've bought like 4 or 5 in total so I'm too deep in.

No. 1589076

Samefag but not to mention if you're making a big blanket like I am it just gets uncomfortable after a while because you have to turn the whole thing around after every single row. Fuck anyone who thinks making handmade blankets is easy.

No. 1589082

File: 1685176682559.jpg (1.54 MB, 2250x3000, Crochet African Flowers Decora…)

OH AND ONE MORE THING! I can't even make a blanket out of granny squares because not only would that be thinner (I mean, I guess depending on what yarn I use) I would also have to assemble all the pieces which might be even worse than just crocheting the whole thing, even if I join them as I go. I think the size I chose for the blanket I'm making is queen size. Plus I would have to take a part my current blanket and I don't wanna to that because I think the little mistakes I made as a beginner are nice.

No. 1589087

People call me pretty really often
I get complimented by strangers on things like the color of my hair (dark brown, idk, idgi either) my freckles, fair skin, get told I look like a model or actress, that I look like an IG filters irl, i get banned off every dating app for being reported as being fake, and yet……… men never approach me irl to ask for my number or anything. In fact some men are actually straight up rude to me. I think something about me pisses them off like maybe they assume I think I'm too good for them- which to be fair I probably do since most men are gross.
I know this post was a brag but it's ultimately meaningless, my supposed prettiness hasn't really done much to make my life easier since I'm not interested in doing OF or having a sugar daddy

No. 1589089

i was good friends with a faggot for years. he was fucking deranged and obviously hated women. he was my own personal lolcow until i couldnt take it anymore. drama queen doesn't even begin to cover it…

No. 1589091

Samefag I've also considered I have the type of beauty that appeals more to women than to men. Which im fine with because women have better taste, but the being straight part kinda sucks

No. 1589093

i get the bulk of compliments from women. i assume most men are just intimidated, anxious, feel like you're out of their league, or assume pretty girls are all dumb/stuck up/whatever dumb ass stereotype.

No. 1589103

Hate to admit to browsing Reddit but I can't fucking stand seeing some stupid troon post every five minutes. Please stop enabling attention whore trannies.

No. 1589126

I want to know what you look like

No. 1589141

I wish terminally online twitter zoomers would just hate on people outright instead of trying to morally justify their dislike. So fucking annoying how you can't even call them names or anything because they'd double down on their bullshit.

No. 1589151

File: 1685187624454.jpeg (46.95 KB, 640x816, A8B48674-4928-4E54-AEC6-2ACB5E…)

This woman (from Utah, 20) is ranting about her husband’s porn addiction and men are, as expected, humiliating her in the comments section

No. 1589162

i forgot how intensely depressed i get each time summer rolls around. i remembered because i'm beginning to grow intensely depressed because it is now summer. one of my only friends is also slipping away so when i have to move back home for the summer there'll be nothing for me to do and nobody to do anything with anyway. christ. three more months of this to go! yay!

No. 1589163

>Crochet in general is a tedious hobby
do you actually even enjoy doing it? genuine question

No. 1589175

After years of wanting one/planning for a dog, I got a pup about a month ago. I knew she wouldn’t be a silver bullet for my mental health or anything, but I thought I’d at least feel a bit better with her around. I love her to death and do enjoy training her, playing walking etc but I feel guilty like I don’t deserve her for some reason.

Probably sounds ridiculous I know but it’s eating me alive

No. 1589178

of course you deserve her and sounds like you're taking good care of her. Better than some asshole that would just lock her in a crate all day or chain her in the yard

No. 1589179

I'm happy for you and I'm sure your pup is happy too to be loved.

No. 1589183

i don't want to see your fucking penis.
i am not attracted to you.
why do you chase me
what part of not interested do you not get
please fucking go to prison

No. 1589184

So many package delivery guys falsify signatures for deliveries and it’s making me nervous. Today I got a package that was 100% “recipient must sign on delivery” and the guy left it on the doorstep after lightly knocking once, not even bothering to ring the doorbell or check if anyone were home. I’ve also had multiple packages over the years where the tracking said it had been delivered and signed for when it definitely had not, only for the package to show up hours or a day later on the doorstep or forcefully stuffed into the mailbox. In one of these instances I was able to see the so-called signature on the tracking page and someone had literally just put down a big X. One of these days a package is going to go missing and I worry that I won’t have any recourse because “well it’s been signed for so it must have been delivered”.

No. 1589185

If need really be you could show the fake signature doesn't match the signature on your ID, that's solid proof

No. 1589188

I fucking despise having to clean up after my friends when they puke. I loathe that they get themselves so fucked up that they can't do even basic things. I hate seeing their pathetic faces when they're apologizing and can't control their facial expressions or body movements. I'm seething knowing that even if I had gone to work today, the puke wouldn't have gotten cleaned up and I would have my nose destroyed by the smell of the stomach acid when I got home.

No. 1589189

Can you send mail to your workplace? I used to do that for stuff like electronics.

No. 1589238

Supposed to be going camping with my friend in two weeks but she doesn't want to participate in planning it at all. I guess I'm supposed to pick the site and exact dates and just hope she'll show up. She often cancels plans at the last minute, occasionally just doesn't show up without saying anything. I'm sad about losing my last friend but I'm glad and relieved that this will probably be the last time we ever even speak to each other since we're both moving far away. I spent about 40 hours so far on a congratulations present for her but I realized a few days ago that it's actually a good bye present. She's always been unreliable and disrespectful of my time, so good riddance. I've been thinking about what would happen if I just didn't contact her with place/time details. Would she ask at the last minute? Would she just forget we made plans? I wouldn't even be surprised if it turns out she's forgotten and already made other plans for that weekend with someone else. Anyway I just feel really sorry for myself about it. Can't wait to delete and block her on social media.

No. 1589253

I could look it up but I have a feeling they'll say it's because 'she let herself go' or some similar bullshit

No. 1589258

I feel like such a hypochondriac. I started developing a gross spot on the side of my ring fingernail and it looks kind of yellow and infected now. My doctor got worried and referred me to a derm and now I’m paralyzed with anxiety that it’s something really bad. It doesn’t look at all like photos I saw of melanoma in the nails, but it also doesn’t look quite like anything else. My appointment isn’t until Tuesday and the anxiety is making it hard to live my life, I’m nervous and shaky all day and I can’t stop imagining that the infection or skin cancer is spreading to the rest of my body. I know you’re supposed to assume your ailment is the most common and expected one, not the extremely rare one, but I can’t stop fearing the worst.

No. 1589260

Sounds like a fungal infection to me.

No. 1589261

Yes, I do. If I didn't I wouldn't keep doing it.

No. 1589266

i know its common for non-americans to complain about the americanfication of their culture and how american idpol is taking over but I just saw someone refer to their girl/boyfriend as their partner. The word for girl/boyfriend in my language is already unisex there is no reason to import an english term for it. While the word partner does exist in my language its only used in business so it just sounds cold when you refer to the person you are dating like that

No. 1589273

Disregarding non binary dumbshit, I think people usually use “partner” to obscure the sex on purpose as there will always be biases when it comes to something like asking for relationship advice.

No. 1589275

yes and i understand why english speakers are using it. But the word for girlfriend and boyfriend is already unisex in my language hence why it bothers me that someone is trying to give the word partner a romantic context in my language because its unneeded

No. 1589276

People just say partner if they don't like bf/gf

No. 1589278

Did you even read the post you are replying to

No. 1589280

It's also because in english, girl/boyfriend can sound retarded once you're over a certain age, especially in more formal contexts. If you're 35 in a ten year old relationship it starts to sound weird to refer to them as your girl/boyfriend.

No. 1589294

she shouldn't have been banned for this. faggot mods confirmed

No. 1589295

In some US states you end up common law married after living together a certain amount of years. Not the same as a high school relationship unfortunately, there’s women getting fucked into paying deadbeats alimony that way. There’s also domestic partnership that’s are recognized in some places depending on federal and local laws and what it’s in relation to.

No. 1589298

Nta but There are legit reasons to never get married, especially for women if you make equal or more to your partner and/or live in a state with fucked up laws in marriage that can allow the husband to control you in certain situations

No. 1589299

>If you're 35 in a ten year old relationship it starts to sound weird to refer to them as your girl/boyfriend.

But that's the truth? If you want more legitimacy to your romantic relationships then get married, otherwise there's no difference between your relationship and a playground relationship between kids.

No. 1589310

Kek are you a 13? Being with someone for years is not the same as casually dating someone for 2 weeks just because theres no formal piece of paper.

No. 1589317

I'm trying to cut off my nails and redo them, but it's so hard cause my hands and arms have like no strength right now. They were cramping super hard yesterday from carrying heavy shit.

No. 1589321

Marriage was more legit than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship 100 years ago when you couldn't get divorced but it's not more legit whatsoever now.

No. 1589327

There’s legal implications in a lot of long term relationships depending on your area and local laws. There’s places women can’t divorce once married if they’re pregnant. Etc. Wedding bands started as a sign of male ownership of women in Ancient Rome so they wouldn’t be attacked by other men. So legit and romantic right? Not to mention divorce rates overall. Marriage doesn’t really mean shit and it’s why a lot of abusive men wait until women have children now to get really bad.
It also kind of looks like you deleted and reposted because people right above told you you were dumb. Kek

No. 1589329

If you are unconscious in the hospital your boyfriend is just a roommate. Your parents get to make all your decisions in that case. Terry Schaivo would still be alive if she hadn't been married. Imagine being locked in and wanting to die but your parents say no.

No. 1589337

You can sign power of attorney forms anon. Don’t need to be married for that.

No. 1589351

Can my flight be fixed soon? It's always one thing after another.

No. 1589358

>trying to sleep
>my cat

No. 1589360

With marriage it's harder to leave, you can't just get divorced. They can refuse to sign. The only case you might have is to file for abandonment if your partner leaves you, but not if you leave. If you go abroad and never register it then I guess that's an escape, but many cannot do that.

No. 1589361

It's kind of hard to act like a normal person when I'm out with my boyfriend in public. It makes me anxious (because I am kind of retarded) and don't know what kind of PDA is acceptable. I feel weird giving him a quick kiss in public and I feel weird holding his hand when we're with friends. I feel like a victorian woman sometimes kek. But it also fucks me up because I do want to hold his hand and kiss him and sit close to him and stuff I just don't know if it's weird or annoying to do that in public.
Before anyone asks, we are in our early 20's, I've just never had this serious of a relationship before so it's all kind of new to me.

No. 1589368

I still deeply resent my mother for not trying to provide for me after she had me while simultaneously blaming me. It's not my fucking fault you didn't try to make anything for yourself or your child.

No. 1589377

>i get banned off every dating app for being reported as being fake
kek what

No. 1589381

tbh I think that shit happened to me on tinder. I had the account for like three hours and then all of a sudden I was banned. I got a bunch of likes but I didn't match with anyone and someone told me sometimes dudes who are mad will report you for being fake if you don't match or reply or something.


Also weirdly enough I don't get approached irl often either. outside of like homeless people being weirdly more aggressive just, stares. Kind of unnerving tbh cuz I have schizoid disorder

No. 1589382

>i get banned off every dating app for being reported as being fake, and yet………
I never used dating apps, do other users report you or can it be an automatic ban?

>men never approach me irl to ask for my number or anything

Most men don't do that nowadays regardless of how you look like, unless they're creeps. I think it's because now couples meet through mutual friends, through specific settings like work or hobbies, or they rely on dating apps instead. If you're really that attractive, maybe men think you're too good for them or already taken, who knows. I'd say I'm totally average and I get ignored most of the time, I know ugly women who also get ignored almost all the time as well so it's hard to say why for each person.

No. 1589391

I was married years ago. 3 years in he just left. I know people will always say oh there must've been signs first but there really wasn't any warning. I've racked my brain over that and have dated since and even in retrospect with more experience under my belt I still can't say how I'd ever of predicted his incoming.. ghosting essentially.

He made himself impossible to reach. No idea if there was someone else or what tf he was hiding but any attempt at just civil communication to 'wrap things up' wasn't replied to. I had to deal with the lease, bills, various shared payments on my own. Switch names on accounts or which bank account stuff was coming out of. Some companies insisted they needed his permission but ffs he was like a missing person. I just wanted to pay my own way and not risk my electricity being shut off because of whose account it was linked to.

Other countries might be better when this stuff happens but my divorce took 10 years. 10 years of silence before I could satisfy them that the marriage was over.

No. 1589401

I feel so overwhelmed with stuff right now, I’m trying to do things one at a time but I hate thinking about everything
>not sure if boss is giving me a summer job
>didn’t hear back for the summer internship I want
>can also apply/work for another internship if I email my professor
>aunt needs someone to house/pet sit a whole bunch of times in the summer, probably paid but the ride to where I work/intern will be longer
>saw a rental listing near where I work that is good, but I don’t entirely fit the profile of what they’re looking for
Why did all of this have to happen right before the summer…

No. 1589405

Sometimes I just feel like talking to the void that I still find it devastating that I'll never find a best friend that will complement and or share similarities with me, my art, my ocs, my writings, whatever. It's just realistically never going to happen.

No. 1589411

Can't stress enough how much I want trannies to kill themselves. Rapist, racist inceloid pigs.

No. 1589412

Speaking of this there’s been talk in TX of removing the option for no-fault divorce so I would be wary nonnies. We all thought Roe wouldn’t get overturned…

No. 1589415

File: 1685215522382.jpeg (90.9 KB, 1283x794, IMG_4132.jpeg)

God I fucking hate the way scrotes classify their ‘types’ of women. I knew my ex was more into black women even though I’m white as a ghost when we started dating but I never intended to have a real thing with him so it didn’t really bother me that much. He ended up escalating the relationship to almost all of the major milestones without me even having to ask and then suddenly dumped me because he was “too scared of a real relationship”. Part of me feels like he just wanted to go back to what he knew even though a lot of what he said was contradictory. He said he preferred black women the most but almost all of his celebrity and childhood crushes had been white women. He said he wasn’t into Asian women in the slightest but then admitted he used to have a major crush on a girl we know who is asian. He admitted to me that he had never really been turned on by boobs before but got really turned on by mine I feel like he actually had more of a preference for white women but just didn’t want to admit it to himself for some reason. I know this is all major pick me talk and I’m embarrassed by it but I really thought we would just be fuck buddies for a few months and then move on. I didn’t think we’d actually get attached to each other. I hate the weirdness of putting racial preferences in such strict boxes too because you either have people completely deny they have racial preferences in the first place or people who are so completely rigid they can’t even fathom just being attracted to someone out of their norm in the first place.

No. 1589417

As long as you aren’t making out or frenching or sitting in his lap people usually think PDA is cute

No. 1589422

Last night at like 1am some scrote from my apartment complex followed me and my bf in his car and confronted us at the gas station. He had a thick African accent so I couldn't really understand wtf he was saying until he said, "I can't sleep at night" and I thought he was a fucking crazy person about to pull out a gun and shoot my bf. I think it's a man who lives across from us and he saw us leave for the gas station and fucking jumped in his car and followed us. There is other young people next to him in his building who must be noisy all night, and I think he just assumed it was us because we're also a young white couple. Like… we don't even live in your building and we don't make loud noises at night you fucking freak. Now I'm paranoid that this deranged man is going to build resentment towards us and murder me one day. My bf did understand him somewhat and very kindly said, "You can't sleep at night man? Why not? I don't know who you are. Where do you live?" and I think the guy realized we didn't know what the fuck he was talking about and that he got the wrong people because he sped off. It legitimately scared the fuck out of me.

No. 1589437

Let yourself live nonna. It's so much fun to be lovey-dovey. It makes perfect sense that it's uncomfy because it's new but that'll pass in time. Is he into PDA? If he is, he's gonna be so happy when you engage with him in public. As the other anon said, as long as you're not like making out with him, it's perfectly acceptable.


No. 1589468

Barbie movie thoughts?

Visually it looks amazing. It has the perfect color palette to reflect the Barbie and campy theme. However… casting and writing look really bad, like really bad. The actors all look too mature, the jokes don't seem funny, the plot is contrived I feel like it's an attempt at a remake of Life Sized with some campiness of Charlies Angels (Lucy Liu versions) but Tyra killed that doll role, and Margot doesn't seem to be doing the same. Idk maybe I need to watch it because I have never seen a movie based off a trailer, and I really wanted to see this one. There hasn't been a decent film in so many years, film industry has died thanks to pc culture and money grabs.

No. 1589472

It's not even out yet lol

No. 1589478

That's why I wrote "seems" and "trailer"
It's kinda like how I looked forward to Zootopia and enjoyed it but realized how much pc propaganda they threw in there and it lowered my view. I don't like movies that pander to the insanity of twitter users.

No. 1589481

>I don't like movies that pander to the insanity of twitter users.
You sound terminally online

No. 1589482

File: 1685220209329.webm (4.83 MB, 576x1024, 1685216155729 (online-video-cu…)

No. 1589484

>I know what I am going to do today, I am going to turn a discussion into a series of troll posts

Nah have fun with that

No. 1589485

you didn't notice the tranny in the barbie trailer yet?

No. 1589488

i saw an article some troon from my country posted and even thought i know the translation was a bit wonky since it was translated in 3 languages, i saw the term "subjects with uteri" and even though i know the person meant to say "individuals" it's just so stupid i hate seeing such terminologies seep into my language

No. 1589489

literally me

No. 1589490

I willl finish this tard of the bas.


No. 1589491

Believe it or not, not everyone is obsessed with "PC culture"

No. 1589503

It's another fictional characters go out into the real world with humans type. I'm not surprised because Margot's lbd list got outed, but. Yeah. Pretty much tired of it. I'll still consume the slop, I guess.

No. 1589519

what's a lbd list?

No. 1589522


No. 1589523

Everyone who said it gets better fucking lied.

No. 1589526

my tummy hurt

No. 1589548

Mine as well. We will get through this together

No. 1589550

we are being so brave about it

No. 1589552

Exactly. There is no plot and no clever writing. It's just visually appealing, and for that they could have made a music video instead

No. 1589565

Tried out a new cleanser, body lotion and a mask and it triggered an autoimmune response. Now I'm itchy and dry all over I want to kms

No. 1589568

anon that is just insane. do you have any idea where he went? were there traces left behind, like did he really pack up everything and leave while you weren't there? that's so sad, i assume he was acting completely normal up until he just disappeared. i am sorry that happened.

No. 1589571

This is like the start of a Lifetime movie or something. Did his family or friends say anything?

No. 1589574

why the fuck do people listen to influencers like if you want a tradwife/tradhusband why would you listen to a single unmarried childless influencer who spends all their time making racist/sexist/political shortform videos targeted at insecure 18 year olds who have no attention span. why would you not like ask for advice from some happily married successful couple with 3 kids from church or your high earning boss and their spouse or something. like do they not feel cognitive dissonance. if you want to just fuck random people go ahead but like why would you listen to them if you want a loving relationship. im talking about both men and women but mostly men because they're the ones who follow gospel from shillfluencer men who don't even have the life they're preaching about.

No. 1589579

This was the most motivating video I've ever seen in my life. Bless her and her accent kek.

No. 1589582

Is this like reverse psychology? I'm unironically downloading this to my phone kek

No. 1589583

100%. i don't follow the tradthots thread personally but i knew years ago when that stuff started popping up everywhere that it is just a huge grift and pickme, male attention grabbing shit. those women just want "now THIS is a great girl every man wants!" comments. i don't have issues with housewives or SAHMs, but you are right, why the fuck should anyone listen to some internet personality for life advice. my parents are having their 30th wedding anniversary this august and i've only ever taken their advice seriously. but i guess not everyone has a realistically happy couple close to them that they can talk about relationships with. i still wouldn't ever listen to random e-celebs. none of those women are really "tru trad" anyway, they almost never have kids and i feel like most committed mothers would not have the time to constantly produce content.

No. 1589590

awww my dog does this too. it's super annoying but also really cute to me.

No. 1589649

Does the average man really want to skullfuck? Do we really live in that world? And is it possible that there exists any male who simply does not punch the shit out of his dick to rancid porn? I'll settle for gently stroking his cock to imagining boobies or something. And then preferably crying. I know this question gets asked a million times but is there even a real possibility or is it like 0.000000000000001% I'm asking this because my sister told me it's true and she'd probably know better than I and the internet wasn't even as awful when she was my age. So it's probably worse. I will kill myself over this.

No. 1589692

Yeah. The throat is warm and wet and watching so much porn, whether you seek out degrading porn purposefully, generally has deepthroating. Plus gripping so hard when they pull the padge has turned their dicks desensitized entirely

No. 1589727

there are men who think porn is bad but i think it's an unfortunately low luck of the draw. and even then they may still look at it even if they hate that they do. there are also men who are really good at hiding it. even still, it's really easy to feel insecure thinking that you likely don't sexually fulfill him (maybe just my experience).
t. zoomer who did not know oral sex was considered sodomy until recently and was shocked because of how normalized oral is with younger gens

No. 1589745

Being around narcs is so funny. They just sit and complain that everyone is jealous of them and plotting on them 24/7. They are so tiring to to be around and I won’t if they ever get tired of being themselves kek

No. 1589753

I wonder*

No. 1589763

NTA but yes! I was surprised to find that many people online in a (twitter? I forget) thread I was in didn't know that sodomy includes oral. It's so strange to me.

No. 1589770

I'm going to start chewing and spitting, I can't do this shit anymore

No. 1589800

Damn I'm so miserable it changed the fabric of my very design. I am piloted by hopelessness lately. I want to cry.

No. 1589805

I want to prepare cute meals for my wife, god please send me a wife!

No. 1589806

You can always pull yourself out of the trenches. Always

No. 1589809

why the FUCK are there so many groups of people walking past at 4-5am? They're all loud as fuck too. At least have the decency to stfu if you are doing some large group walk in the middle of the night. STFU.

No. 1589811

Men claim oral is literally better than PIV, so yeah, het women are lost kek. I believe it's not just about the sensation itself, it's also about power play for moids. I don't want to do oral and all men want oral so I'm not even hoping to ever be in a relationship. Even if he won't get it from me he will get it from someone else while claiming I'm the only one for him
I had a friend who dated a guy who had high risk strain of HPV and he still tried to guiltrip her into sucking his dick. Men don't care. Their pleasure is more important than the risk of giving you mouth cancer.

No. 1589814

>Does the average man really want to skullfuck?
they want to see it but it doesn't feel as good as it looks (supposedly) so in that regard… no it's not necessarily something that the average man wants to do all the time. if only because other things feel much better. I think it requires a level of sadism that not all men are into but that's just my opinion.

No. 1589824

What meals would you prepare for her?

No. 1589827

I get a stomach ache whenever I overeat and been on my ass all day. Is my body punishing me to not be a fat fuck

No. 1589875

ignorance is truly bliss but i dont wanna be ignorant. it simply doesn't get better, it just becomes a different kind of shitty

No. 1589882

I'm so sick of this girl at my work. Everytime I try to hang out with a coworker after work or even just take a minute alone she comes to talk about her hard life and drug use. All I wanted to do was talk about mundane shit with someone else but she came in to talk about doing coke, shrooms, pills, started asking our coworker for his number to do it together or something. Asks if I'm into edm which I am, have been for years, then goes onto say I'm not really into it because doing drugs at a rave is peak edm fandom I guess. I just left because I can't stand the glorification of drugs. Even weed I'm so so sick of hearing about. Being sober makes me happy not doing substance or alcohol. When I tell people that they say I'm boring or "well you should do this thing instead anon" even when I'm not interested. Drugs ruined my family. It lead to stolen money and a lot of issues. I hate this, I hate that the late night job I work is rampant with talk about it. Really makes me want to find a different job.

No. 1589902

I am extremely upset with my job and I don’t know if I’m overreacting or not. I’m diagnosed with autism so, when I was asked about needing accommodations, I disclosed that I was. My supervisors have been treating me very differently than the other coworkers at my level. They bring me into separate rooms for meetings much more often than the others, force me to carry around a note sheet each time I start a session while they don’t have to, and constantly point out my flaws and mistakes while they never do this to any of the others. I have always been extremely annoyed by it since I have heard other coworkers and supervisors do the same exact things I do yet never be treated this way.

A few days ago I was told that I had to go to the training for the new hires. I initially didn’t mind this until I found out I was the only coworker at my level required to go. I think I’m finally reaching my breaking point. All of the others make mistakes too. They also have things they can improve about themselves. So why is it always me being singled out because of it? How come I never see any of them get treated like this when they do the same exact things at me?

I don’t know if I’m overreacting or if I’m genuinely facing discrimination. I’ve vented about this to my family, but they keep telling me that this will be such a great opportunity for me, how they’re just trying to help me, etc. I think it’s humiliating.

No. 1589913

I guess it's hard to tell discrimination or well-intended but misinformed help apart. Have you tried talking to your boss about it?

No. 1589914

so I just found out today that my cousin's daughter, who was probably a teenager, committed suicide recently. I don't think I've ever even met her (our family is not very close) but it's just so fucking sad, it's all I've been thinking about

No. 1589920

Yep lol. Wait until you find about le necro skullfuck

No. 1589922

Yes, I’ve mentioned it a few times. They’re very nice so they probably are just trying to help me. It just comes across as singling me out which I don’t like.

No. 1589923

Never tell your job about things like that unless you absolutely have to. What accommodations do you need? Don't ever tell jobs about mental health struggles either, even if they appear to be accepting and open about it.

No. 1589925

I know better than to do this now. This was my very first job so I didn’t know any better. I assumed that, since I live in a very liberal area that constantly stresses diversity/inclusion/etc that they’d be accepting. I appreciate the feedback and I know better than to do this again.

No. 1589999

Black males disgust me to no end. There's a hoard of them where i live and I can't even take the train to school or even to stores to pick up food anymore, or go out for walks when the sun sets. They are everywhere and harass me everywhere I go. They are so ugly and resemble apes and they are sexually aggressive. Why didnt white men just end them when they had the chance? I get the whole slave thing but they are lazy and ugly, I wouldn't keep them as slaves either. Legit feels like I'm in Africa and will get raped at any minute whenever I'm out. I'll try a new method today where i wake up early and take the train to a white area, get my steps in, and go straight home. I genuinely do not understand what they are doing here, go to your country and build it up. I hope the right wing party we have in government wins more votes so they all get deported. They are so desperate to marry a Westerner because they are all illegal so they harass us everyday trying to get our number. Fuck off you ugly monkey.(racebait)

No. 1590018

>scrote pretending to be a racist white woman

No. 1590025

I’m fucking tired with this tranny obsession in this board. I want to browse without reading troons this troons that in every fucking thread.

No. 1590030

I'm sad that the friend who I thought I would have for the rest of my life is now a spinless NEET. We have known each other for nearly ten years and we used to be close. We had the same interests and would talk for hours together. I have tried to ask her to join me to do different things, even just going for walks. She always says no, but when once a month she might ask me to go for a walk I immediately say yes. I'm tired of trying to invite her to do things when she just says no. And I know she is shy and socially anxious, so I always offer to do things for her, like order food, but even that isn't good enough.

I'm also a person who likes to talk about different topics and ask for her input on things, but she doesn't care to even reply. She never wants to talk about anything that involves having an opinion other than what she sees on social media.
Which is actually why she called me hateful for talking about trans topics after I detransitioned, and we stopped talking for months. I have tried to be there for her, but she just drops me the moment I start talk about the most traumatic thing in my life. I'm just tired of trying. Maybe I should just stop talking to her, but even that feels like giving up on her.

No. 1590048

What really helped me was setting the boundary that there wouldn't be any sex unless I explicitly told him I wanted to go to the the next stage. So we sat down and said stuff like, this is everything that is included in first base, this is everything that is included in second, so on and so forth. Then, next time we had sex, I lead the entire thing. And it was really comforting knowing that although I started making out with him, that there was no expectation of sex. That until I said, "Okay, you can touch my boobs" that we would only be making out and nothing more. That I could end it at any time. And I wanted to practice that, so after making out for a little, I pulled away, kissed him on the forehead and got up. I didn't have to tell him no, or that I didn't want to go further, because there was already the expectation that we weren't going further. You're able to relax and enjoy things much more when you're not dreading the moment you have to have sex.

No. 1590052

I have zero desire to be with someone or have kids, but I‘m having to start dealing with the way you just kind of disappear/people stop caring because everything seems to revolve around partnerships or raising children for women. I’m sure it’s not like this everywhere but I grew up in a lower middle class catholic household. Like even though my sibling and their spouse easily make 10x money as me (and could afford to build their own house) they were the ones who had fundraisers and gift registries during their wedding, had two baby showers, my mom paid over 1k for a class my sibling took to treat her…and I’m in college working and paying for everything myself. Nobody in my family has helped me with trying to find a place to live, I know that I’ll probably only be able to rent so there’s never going to be some party or gifts beyond me shopping at thrift stores for flatware. But I’ve seen my adult coworkers help their kids with apartments and moving, even browsing the internet for rentals and going back and forth on the phone if they live in different states. It makes me feel like a ghost sometimes

No. 1590056

>be me
>At 20 years old i started dating a moid who was 27 years old
>At 24 i got pregnant and gave birth to our daughter
>He said everything was going to be alright, i believed that shit
>After i gave birth he got even worse
>Things didn't get better, it even got worse
>My daughter is 5 now, things are getting even worse

I was dumb, nonnies, this is a cautionary tale, please don't go for moids that older, learn from my mistakes, it's not worth it, it will get worse

No. 1590061

Hahaha… I went to my friend’s wedding and blacked out I’m so fucking embarrassed. And now I have to see everyone again later today. I don’t know what I’m going to do this is so fucking humiliating. I don’t even remember how I got home but just that I was puking everywhere. I’m so pissed at myself for letting it get that bad ugh

No. 1590066

If it makes you feel any better, I blacked out drinking with my boss(yes, my BOSS) and he just pokes fun from time to time. You'll be ok nonnie. Trust.

No. 1590067

Samefag but just never drink tequila and coke nonnies. Devils drink.

No. 1590068

Ayrt, deleted that post but thank you nonna. I'll try to come up with something similar.

No. 1590086

my sister and mom occasionally in arguments use that i don't have a fulltime job against me and it pisses me off so much. i suppose other people would see it as fair but the reason i don't is because these faggots stop me from getting mental health care. i should appreciate it as the fuel to cut off my family forever and move on.

No. 1590093

Every time this discussion comes up it gets treated as bait and banned. Although the poster was a bit extreme, it is a legitimate concern that myself and many women have experienced but it keeps getting censored. Why are women never listened to ever?

No. 1590099

thats so much sugar how do you not feel like shit today

No. 1590103

I got my entire college anime club to despise me because I snuck whiskey to one of their drinking parties and got blackout drunk at 19. Puked chicken chow mein all over one of their beds and none of them would even speak to me even after I replaced the stuff I puked on kek.
If they're your friends, they'll find a way to get over it and maybe even spin it in a positive light.
You're not the first to drink too much and you won't be the last.

No. 1590114

Why is there so much retarded racebait recently?

No. 1590118

If you mean my post saying people who select partners based on race fetishes tend to be ugly, I meant it for any and all races. Didn't mean to offend anyone, just been my experience.

No. 1590122

No, it's all over the site.

No. 1590126

The average insecure lolcow poster in a nutshell

No. 1590127

The average insecure lolcow poster in a nutshell

No. 1590128

The average insecure lolcow poster in a nutshell

No. 1590130

It's either men or insecure teenagers take your pick

No. 1590131

kf still down? also meant to post this in another thread?

No. 1590133

It's either men or insecure teenagers take your pick

No. 1590135

kf still down? also meant to post this in another thread?

No. 1590137

File: 1685289783039.jpg (421.29 KB, 2627x2303, bitch.jpg)

fuck it man, I collect minerals and today I noticed my celestine stone just fell into pieces, what the hell? I never dropped it or anything, it was in my box the whole time, I bought it for 15 euros like 3 months ago, was it fake or what??

No. 1590141

It's probably just moids proving once again that they're worthless and have nothing better to do. Since not just racebaiting, there's been so many retarded and pointless infights lately too, along with several anons being unnecessarily aggressive towards other anons just existing. If I remember correctly, yesterday there was a moid on meta pretending to be a student writing a report on 'racism and transphobia' on lc as if someone was going to buy his pathetic larp kek. It also seems like an anon is complaining about black moids with the exact wording of /pol/tards every other day.

No. 1590149

Stop racebaiting about black people.

No. 1590150

Argh the cat cafe sold out today and I’m not going to be able to go during the week

No. 1590152

To be fair it literally says "lol" on it, you've been scammed

No. 1590154

I'm sick of twitter seeping into real life. JK Rowling isn't a terf, she's a lefty who respects trans people and happens to think they don't belong in rape shelters. Anyone who disagrees with you isn't necessarily a nazi bigot scum. You are responsible for your own actions and the consequences thereof; own it. When did the world go so batshit insane?

No. 1590157

I really hate how scrotes insist on talking about their "types," period. Like why? Why did he feel the need to let you, a white woman, know how hard his worm gets for black women?

No. 1590168

Really starting to feel this too. In my early 20s, I kept reading about other women feeling this way, but now in my mid-late 20s, it's like whoa. I'm attending a family wedding soon and all the 20-somethings in my family booked rooms at the same hotel so they could hang out during that weekend. They're all bringing their partners and I've heard they're planning on going out for lunch and stuff the day after the wedding. I was the only one not invited, because no partner. They've even talked about it in front of me like it shouldn't bother me at all and like it's only natural I'm stuck hanging out with the 50+ year old family members because I'm not part of a couple.

No. 1590188

Your body hurts because you WALKED ? Are you a completely immobile person or something ?

No. 1590189

Nta but if she was walking for a long time, longer than she usually does, then that could cause soreness. The same way that walking for a while on an exercise machine might make you sore if you don't exercise regularly.

No. 1590194

ARFID going mainstream was such a mistake. I have sympathy to people who genuinely struggle and are just trying to get nutrition, but now it seems like every moid on reddit is whining about muh ARFID and how abusive it is that their girlfriend finally put her foot down over eating nothing but pizza and chicken nuggies

No. 1590197

I feel you OP.
Went to a music festival recently where I could not leave. No shade, no place to sit down unless it was the ground. I walked and stood for 9 hours, it was brutal and even my somewhat comfortable shoes gave me internal blisters on the pads of my foot so that on top of my aching body, the bottoms of my feet felt like they were being flayed with each step the next day.
It is so harsh.

No. 1590203

I have to stop browsing the MtF thread because it just makes me so mad at troon antics. This is akin to reading too much about fucked up news.

No. 1590216

>This is akin to reading too much about fucked up news.
I agree. Some drama threads are exactly like that.

No. 1590227

I care so deeply for an online friend whom I met years ago irl.
She didn't have a healthy and supportive family, nor was given any direction by anybody who cared, so now she's a sex worker. It's just not fair, she's so ambitious and creative while marketing herself for the asshole men who will never appreciate her beyond how she can sexually get them off. Sex work has not treated her well and it seems she is stressed or disgusted by the many issues she has faced. Yet due to her trauma and defense mechanisms, she does not see how continuing to be a sex worker doesn't have to be the only option or even a primary method of income if it's that much hassle. Yet she doubles down on it and has made herself a champion of sex work in an effort to legitimize it as a career even though it is clearly abusive and undesirable to anyone who has other ways to make money.
Wish I could give her a hug and tell her to do something else, but we are not close and she would take it as offense. She is her own person, but it is sad to see her suffer. We are not close, but her honest oversharing online has given her issues transparency even if she fails to see it in herself while pretending to be a baddie.

Her most recent sex work cope circulating online alleges that "femcel nerds" are the ones who harass sex workers the most online.
Not the male customers she complains about on the daily?
Not any incels online?
Not any males posing as female profiles in a bid to pass off their misogyny as legit perspective?
No, she just believes other women aren't being supportive and said that the femcel nerds who bullied in highschool are now femcel nerds who bully on the internet.
But if that is to be believed, then I just see it as an obvious demographic outcome: That is, Stacies in our age group are too busy touching grass and living their lives to worry about online sex work. The reality she doesn't want to face is that no one truly approves of nor likes sex working women. Men only say they like sex workers like her because she is a pay for play sexual slave and it is to their benefit to trick her into believing it's a cause worth pursuit. She could be doing something better with her time, but she won't since she thinks sex work is it and anyone who disagrees is just being mean.

No. 1590228

I think ARFID is an umbrella term really, because while there are disordered and unintentionally anorexic people with arfid, most of the time arfid is used to describe people on the autism spectrum who refuse to eat anything besides tendies

No. 1590244

My favorite cow is a munchie with afrid as one of her issues and it's such rage fuel reading her take 5 paragraphs to describe a challenging time she had swallowing a cookie and the texture in her throat. I'm glad I don't know anyone irl like that

No. 1590252

Celestite is usually brittle as it forms in tiny prismatic shards that are typically clear-colored. It's a pretty difficult stone to work with because of this, since it's hard to cut while being so brittle. You can repair it with lapidary glue.

No. 1590272

Where can I laugh at this cow?

No. 1590284

Thats literally just autism.

No. 1590318

Every interaction I have with males, any male, leaves me with lower self-esteem. While it's happening and shortly after I might feel good, but long-term it overall makes me feel worse. I don't know how they do it. I'm not even talking about sex just social interaction in general.

No. 1590320

you mean malingering.

No. 1590355

Thanks for the info anon. I can't repair it tho because some super tiny pieces of it fell off also and the three big pieces don't fit with each other very well, too much stuff from in between crumbled off

No. 1590357

i've never been harassed IRL by any men except black men and indian men. black men loitering around in groups in chicago are the fucking worst. always walk across the street so i don't have to fucking pass them. i think most women can't stand them because they are the ones catcalling the most, and they are truly the worst kind of moid.

No. 1590365

my dumbfuck ex moid tried unadding and readding me on snapchat and instagram over 5 times within 24 hours so i just blocked him and then his sister started harrassing me and demanding to come by for "the rest of his stuff" that consisted of a shovelware wii game worth three (3) dollars, a pair of pants with holes in them, and beer that has been sitting in my fridge for over a YEAR AND A HALF. i threw it all in a bag on my porch in the hot sun and left to go do something else until she said she had grabbed it. fuck him and his stupid family. loser scrote.

No. 1590375

As someone who has made huge steps towards recovery from ARFID, I am suspect of all the online munchies who claim to have it. It's a deeply embarrassing condition to have and makes having a normal life and maintaining social connections nearly impossible. I missed out on so much over the first two decades of my life, and sealing yourself in an echo chamber of other online idiots enabling only eating "safe foods" is the most damaging thing you can do. Anyone who takes "pride" in having it is either LARPing or deranged.

No. 1590384

I highly rec checking out the “safety foods” subreddit to see the garbage these people eat. It’s just OCD and restrictive eating with a new label

No. 1590391

File: 1685302372342.jpg (103.51 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20230528_153122_Fir…)

Took a peek on the ARFID subreddit and found this cringe post, probably made by a troon. The whole sub is weird stuff like this, or munchies asking if their self diagnosed eating disorder is hecking cool and valid.

No. 1590395

I'm so jealous of families who own 'summer houses'. I don't care how cold or hot it gets, I just want to be able to gtfo. I want to live alone or with friends so bad but the housing market sucks ass. I can't deal with my mom, she's an alcoholic, a control freak and constantly on edge, it's so stressful. I just want to feel like I have some control over my life for once.

No. 1590456

File: 1685306263159.gif (1.94 MB, 348x268, tumblr_nktwwi1AGn1sfp6m8o1_400…)

I'm so done with migrant scrotes in my city and it doesn't matter if they are from the Middle East, Poland, North Africa, Ukraine, Russia or some other country. Can they just fuck off and go home? Every time I'm outside at least one of them tries to interact with me, always this bullshit stuff like, letting me through the door with "Ladies first" comment and a deranged smirk on their face or telling me how they love me or that they want to talk to me, following me around, sometimes for a long time. Every time I have to resort to telling them that I have a husband at home (even though I'm single) and he doesn't like me speaking to other men and that no, I won't give them my phone number, etc. This all started after I gained some weight and am considered "chubby" now. Yes, I'm blond, yes, I'm pale, yes, I'm one of the few people looking like I was born in this country in the part of this city, but can they just all die? Do they think that my self-esteem is so low that they are my only option? Do they think that I will marry them so they can stay in this country? And do they think if I look at the fucking display at the bus station that I'm looking at them and not checking the time it takes for the bus to come so that I can get away from them? Sometimes I even consider wearing a hijab in some parts of this city so they will just not fucking talk to me. The only thing that worked so far is having my brother with me and that's fucking sad and annoying and it makes me angry and I think about learning some self-defence just in case someone won't back off if I tell them that I'm married.

No. 1590469

They might be going after you because they think you’re fat and assume you’re desperate. They wanna marry you for a green card.

No. 1590474

File: 1685306861096.jpeg (214.63 KB, 1242x1732, IMG_1246.jpeg)

I didn’t know what thread this would belong in so posting here. I hate seeing this dumb shit on lesbian posts. With over 100 likes?! This isn’t the only comment like this btw there was another (possibly a troon) saying anyone who uses this term are antisemitic transphobes. Trannies and handmaidens just making shit up and spreading misinfo. I don’t even use the term but if some older lesbians want to they should be able to without being harassed by gen z retards

No. 1590481

They're rapists and most form gangs and end up gang raping the indigenous women. Be wary when they are around. Yes learn how to fight, learn self defence. Maybe even carry a knife around concealed in your boot or something and learn how to use it. They often have criminal backgrounds in their country of origin and come into Europe and the UK as economic migrants to rape the system as much as possible. They don't integrate with the local people, they don't respect them either or their culture, civility or the law. Be careful.

No. 1590500

This. They usually go for women they think don't get much attention. It's the same as women marrying ugly old dudes for greencards.

No. 1590502

make them feel like the lesser thans they are and dont be afraid of them and they'll leave you alone

No. 1590520

>Sometimes I even consider wearing a hijab in some parts of this city so they will just not fucking talk to me
The middle eastern and north african men will bother you even more and will think you're marriage material, especially if you're white because they'll think you're one of these desperate, dedicated white convert who has to prove something to every other muslim. I know you won't do it anyway but I still want to warn you.

No. 1590536

i really hope my retard father dies of covid at some point in the near future.

No. 1590538

My mostly absent father did more for me than me mother. It's fucked up.

No. 1590539

They go after girls who look like they have low self-esteem. Chubby, nerdy, with glasses etc. I am the latter two and for a while I used to get approached by foreign men who called me cute, asked for my number etc. What ironically worked was carrying myself more confidently and dressing like a hoe. They stared alright, but not one has since approached me.

No. 1590540

thanks to all your very no judgemental reactions, I'm used to be told that I'm racist when I talk about that stuff.

that's what I've been assuming, I'm not ugly, just a little fat at the moment and these things only happend to me after I gained said weight. I'd rather become a full lesbian than ever dating one of them as they are small, stupid and ugly like hell.

thanks nonna, I'm always very careful. And as I want and need to lose some weight, I might start a self defence class soon, won't hurt to know some things.

those scrotes will have the complete opposite reaction to that and I rather tell them I'm married than show them that I, in fact, are the better person.

didn't think about that and you will be right and you are also right, I will never wear a hijab, I don't support things that suppress women.

No. 1590541

yes, for me the chubby changed it, I've always been nerdy and wore glasses, but those extra 20 kg did the trick for them to approach me. Isn't it disgusting that they think we are desperate just because we don't fit their beauty standards? Will be carrying myself with confidence in the future, get rid of that weight and carry a picture of my husband in my purse, it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator, kek.

No. 1590542

I wish you luck, nona, I'm hoping the same for my mother and father, at some point karma has to find them.

No. 1590562

I wasn’t racebaiting I’m upset that a moid was holding me to a standard that I physically can never compete with. I don’t care if he’s attracted to other races but the emphasis on it and contradictions from his words and actions confused me.

No. 1590565

I could never suck a dick let alone get skullfucked. I guess I'll be forever alone.
How would a stiff mouth full of large sharp objects be better than a vagina, men are so fucking gay I swear to god my life is done with. I'm just at my wit's end thinking about how my crush is probably a disgusting chicken choker.

No. 1590566

File: 1685313188401.jpg (58.16 KB, 896x822, wjwushtxsm471.jpg)

I never thought farming of all things would be so lonely.
My mom and aunt passed some time ago, so me and my cousin inherited the farm they grew up on and managed. Now, this is a semi-industrial farm (orchards and grain with a smaller section for random temporary things) and we have a few hired farmhands helping out throughout the year, but my cousin and I still do a lot of the work since it's expensive. I visit frequently but live in the nearby city since my cousin needs someone to take care of business here.

When my mom died, I broke up with bf of several years because he was an insensitive, unsupportive dick. I've been back in the dating pool lately and it's a mess - guys either think I'm a retarded trailer park redneck, religious fundie who cosplays a barefoot housewife, or a complete moron who knows nothing about modern technology. They talk down to me, ask me what I do for a living then straight up mock me and reply in a faux Southern accent when I tell them about my job, or otherwise think they're better than me because of their pretentious tech/finance bro office job.
I'm college educated, in good shape, decently smart, and proud of what I do. I enjoy it a lot and I'm really good at it, so it boils my piss when someone whose job provides no objective benefit to the common people ridicules me (even as a 'joke') for it. I'd try dating other farmers but that ship has sailed in my area and most of them are married. My only current options are church (no thank you) and OLD.

No. 1590569

Nta but half of those couples will end up broken up eventually so don’t feel bad anon. Be glad that you don’t have to waste time with a bunch of people who will not stick around anyways kek.

No. 1590575

Woah, a real farmer. Also I'm sorry anon.

No. 1590577

That's just normies for you. I have no desire to be in a relationship either, I never had, but I know that society will treat me worse for it, I'm still fairly young, and I know that doctors only care for me because I still have the potential to breed, but when I get to certain age, even doctors won't care about my life if I won't have kids and a husband. You're only valued as a woman if you can give birth to more slaves for the system. So the only thing you can do is to gain resources and save as much money as you can in order to support yourself as you get older. Also try to find likeminded women and build a system of support with them.

No. 1590585

The way you describe their reactions is so bizarre to me. You need to import in a farmer bf from somewhere else to be your handsome farmhand that falls in love with you. I can't see why these rancid moids you're surrounded by can't respect farmers.

No. 1590589

Idk if I’m being bitter by agreeing with you or not but I am so painfully jealous of all of the people my age who have been in long term relationships for awhile at this point but at the same time some of the disastrous uncouplings have begun and almost all of them have ended in extremely painful ways. My moid cousin was dating his now ex-wife for almost a decade even though they were both barely in their thirties and a few months ago very unexpectedly ditched her saying he never wanted to get married in the first place. Another girl I know married some scrote and moved halfway across the country together only for him to cheat on her barely a year in and post Christmas pics with his sidepiece’s family all over his social media. There’s another couple who are both barely 22 who got married after only a year together but they’re in an open marriage and the scrote was trying to pick up chicks at a bar and failing miserably. I feel like way more young couples run on insane levels of dysfunction than they’d ever like to admit, even normies do incredibly stupid shit all the time. The only young couples I see who aren’t absolute messes are the ones who seem to be okay with waiting for the bigger milestones later down the line.

No. 1590592

I know many people (aka women and therefore their moids) since my social circle is decently sized, out of all this people there is not one single couple that i envy because they are either dysfunctional, red flag riddled, the moid is ugly as shit or porn sick, or all of the above. You are not bitter, this is just the state of relationships in this current time, women are putting with the biggest bare minimum ever.

No. 1590597

Agreed, I think I’ve somewhat started to accept that what I want (or what most women want) from a partner will never exist in a man unlike those women our age who keep trying over and over. I know my family will see me as worthless or a waste to not breed because I’m a decent looking educated woman who apparently “could get any man she wants” which I think is an overstatement. Normies are surprised when I tell them that I’m not in a relationship and am not looking for a boyfriend on OLD. One of my girl friends (also in her mid-20s) was back on OLD only a few months after her ex broke up with her and it just shocked me how quickly she got into another relationship with some dude off of Bumble. Even my younger friend is now talking down to me since she got her first boyfriend. I was in a relationship for years so I have plenty of knowledge about relationships and scrotes kek. It feels alienating as you watch the women you befriended transform into personal scrote attendees who are rarely to be heard from unless it’s to talk about their ugly boyfriend and their relationship problems kek.

No. 1590604

File: 1685317102954.jpg (80.01 KB, 1500x1090, nightmarebed2000-5a01c799da271…)

I am so god damn sick of having bad dreams all the time. I just jolted awake in a sweat right now because I had a horrible vivid dream that I was in a nasty car crash. I hate how I never feel like I have a rested sleep because I'm always waking up in the middle of the night, traumatised from the dream I just had. I wish I could just never have a dream so that I can finally get some decent fucking sleep. I hate how my day immediately gets ruined because I keep thinking about the horrible dream I had all day, and how tired I am because of it. I wish there was a way I could just switch off.

No. 1590615

I have the opposite problem, I don't get enough dreams. I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep. I enjoy my nightmares, I find them more exciting than scary. The only ones that make me uncomfortable are the ones where the people I care for are hurt, or if I feel that I have done something wrong against someone else or myself.

No. 1590620

why is there so much ass discharge make it stop make it stop. i wasted so much tp.

No. 1590625

File: 1685318735487.jpg (786.69 KB, 2480x2973, 20230529_081306.jpg)

indont know wht the fuck i do this
i see somethinf i wanna do someting potentially life threatening, and i do it regardless of caution from loved ones and friends
i disappointed one of my best friends becos ive had like 100ml of cough syrup, 100 mg of cetrizine and a lot of rum. i was curious, and it hurt him. ive dkne this before why do i act on impulse i can only answer this myself my actions always hurt those around me more why do i never learn why am i so fucking impulsive i cant even answer this myself. i know hedonism has a play but why else, i dknt eben feel good i feel like im dying nonnas oj my god i knew it wasnt gonna have me feeling good god i feel so alone and its all my fault

No. 1590626

File: 1685318891652.jpg (82.73 KB, 960x720, D4PllTqUYAAoXr-.jpg)

You have too much time for yourself, what you're experiencing is nothing new. There are things which have timeless value, even though they are not unique in their existence. The world and culture around us is constantly changing, but human nature stays relatively the same. You need something mentally stimulating to do.

No. 1590627

Big poop, eh?

No. 1590631

it was medium but came out in a bunch of separate amounts

No. 1590648

Why do boomer parents give the most unasked for, lazy "advice" and not really anything good or insightful, just regurgitate what one already knows or the most obvious outcome of what will happen anyway, pat themselves on the back, and then call it a day?
Do they genuinely believe this counts for practical and emotional support in some way?
Why don't you do me how like my grandparents did for you? Offer you money, or to come fix up your place or be invited to theirs to stay?
Idk, maybe I've just got a shit mother only caught up with doing the bare minimums to maintain an image of being a good parent but is unconcerned with doing what it takes to be a great parent.
Bitch is one the phone telling me that my friends don't care and that family is "all I've got."
Funny how friends, and even arguably my scrote exes for as shitty as they were, were more present and willing to help in my life than anyone in my family ever was. But ok.

No. 1590670

Because boomers are as a whole kind of stupid and completely out of touch with reality. Most boomers I meet refuse to learn, refuse to listen, and think they're the most intelligent people alive for being the only ones owning property right now.

No. 1590687

i fucking hate this new wave of anime artstyles. they look even less human and more like dolls suffering from downs syndrome with a shitty shaved chin job, over designed as fuck clothing, garish highlights in the hair, and lanky ass proportions. whenever i see shit like genshin impact on my screen it gives me a headache. makes me wanna finally quit weeb shit for good because its getting way too cringe even for a tard like me.

No. 1590691

I started drinking again. I’ve accepted my ldr online bf of a whole decade will never actively work on being with me irl for a sustainable irl relationship. I was always on the fence to have children but having these circumstances I’m confident I won’t have any. Which I’m fine with. I don’t know what I expected, I was deluded the entire time so can only blame myself. Can drink myself to death like a number of people because it don’t matter lol.

No. 1590704

There's more in life than having a commited life partner, don't deliberately screw yourself over in all other areas of your life because it didn't work out in one.

No. 1590712

I’m really tired of my friend copying me. I love her but she never stops. I want somebody to sperg about my interests with, but I hate being copied on everything. Whenever I show her a cute outfit I want to buy, she buys it too. Whenever I have a new idea for fanart or fanfiction and I enthusiastically share it with her, she just draws the same exact idea or writes the same story. It’s so fucking old.

No. 1590717

they need to die off. they are ridiculous with their psycho realtor LARP. they buy property they do not fucking need in order to rent to people whom they likely assume are lowlives. boomers are all "i got mine haha!" and want to play real estate investor while they are aware younger generations are suffering and we want them to leave us alone. i hope they lose every penny.

No. 1590719

is he mentally retarded? if not, hit him

No. 1590720

i miss the styles of 80s, 90s, and even the weirdness of early 2000s anime. we must go back

No. 1590721

damn where do you live

No. 1590724

AYRT and like personally I feel like I’m more forgiving than some anons in terms of accepting that all relationships will have their flaws and issues that need to be worked on but the main core problem is that people don’t want to work on themselves. Especially not in their early 20’s. It is inevitable that you will fuck us and hurt people sometimes but so many of the scrotes I’ve dated feel like one fuck up and they have to jump ship. My last ex broke up with me because he felt like he wasn’t good enough for me despite the fact that he was really amazing and lovely and I was very happy. But because he isn’t willing to work on his self esteem now we’re both miserable.
I also get the “could get any man she wanted” like a lot and it’s like it’s extremely slim pickings out there in the first place and, no, I can’t. I can fuck them but real intimacy and love is too scary for scrotes so they just run away.

No. 1590725

I'm sitting in the bathroom and I'm too paralyzed with fear to get out. I'm not having hallucinations I swear to god. It's 4:00 in the morning, I just moved into this house one week ago, I have 6 housemates, 4 of which are men. So now I've been sitting in the bathroom and looking in my phone, the door is right in front of me, like 1 meter from me, and when I was looking in my phone, in the background I saw some slim dark object sliding underneath the door, I imeddiately looked at it and screamed and it withdrawed. I can't tell now what it was, it was sharp and dark, I don't know if it was a blade of a knife or something. but that crack under the door is too tight for anyone to see anything from the outside, even if someone pushed the blade underneath the door they wouldn't be able to see anything in the reflection. I really don't know if it was a knife, it was too dark to be a finger, I screamed because for a second I thought it was some large long bug, but when I screamed it moved back in a way that a bug wouldn't react for sure, it just slided in and then moved back when I looked at it. I want to cry and I'm shaking and I'm too scared to get outside, I swear to god I saw it and my brain is not making things up I don't know what to do

No. 1590731

dude wtf? are they generally pretty creepy to your face too (not that it really matters they can hide it but still)? i feel like i saw a post of yours about this a while back.

No. 1590732

Girl maybe it's a mouse. But also it's not safe to be housing with four men. Whatever the case is see a doctor and consider moving.

No. 1590734

does one of them have a pet with a black tail maybe

No. 1590739

shit I didn't even think about it. I really hope it was a mouse, it was too big to be a bug and too dark to be a knife, jesus I won't sleep now. I know it's not safe but I work in this town and I had to find a room for rent here, I don't have a driving license so I couldn't rent outside of town and drive to work by a car, also my working hours prevent me from relying on public transport. It took me literally a year to find a room here
they showed some interest but they weren't outright creepy
no pets in the house

No. 1590740

did you leave the bathroom? were they trying to mess with you like they thought you were in the bathroom too long?

No. 1590742

My mother always acts like holidays aren't a big deal and it's 'no big thing' if no one wants to do anything, but then has the nerve to go and vague post on social media about how she's sick of this shit and can't wait to hear whatever lame excuses we have not to celebrate it. It just comes off as so immature to play it up like it's all good to our faces and then post her woe-is-me bullshit online so she can get sympathy from her friends who already kiss her ass 24/7/365. All but one of her adult children have jobs, and all but one of her adult children do not have a good relationship with her. Does she really expect us to just drop what we're doing to come awkwardly sit around and act like we want to be there? Of course, this is all our fault for not just getting over our issues with her. I'm so tired of it. I really hope to move out of state someday so I can finally get out of being guilted into doing anything with her.

No. 1590745

dont egg her on, if someone's been in the bathroom too long a person is going to knock not slide a knife under the door

No. 1590748

Getting really sick of men either joking with me about womens appearance or straight up saying objectifying remarks like "wow damn her tits though" all because they find out I'm lesbian its somehow ok to say the worst shit about women. They get surprised I'm not interested in talking about loose/tight vagina or super sexual remarks. It's just so gross to me. Just a huge mask off moment about what men are really like.

No. 1590751

yeah I'm in my room, and no they didn't mess with me. are there black mice? Because it really seemed so dark it was almost black, also the movement was mechanical like someone was holding it from the outside, straight and slow movement when it slided in and also straight and very quick movement when I looked at it and it withdrawed. I hope its my brain just making shit up. but those are still my initial thoughts/feelings about what I saw

No. 1590752

ok I don't want to sound like a schizo but I really feel like I have to write this, I've never seen the 'shadow figures' that some people talk about often, but this thing looked like a black and sharp finger and I really felt like it was something demonic, that's why I got so shaken with fear, I don't believe I would be this scared if it was just a mouse. I never had any hallucinations and I never took drugs. If I had to compare it to anything it looked like a black finger with sharp black nail

No. 1590753

Kek yes exactly! Do older people just have no idea what it’s like to date as a Gen Z/millennial nowadays? My dad and other relatives say I’m such a catch but in reality I’m too “intimidating” according to guys because I’m opinionated and somewhat attractive. Then throw in that I’m overeducated compared to the average man in burgerland and it’s a recipe for a spinster life. Personally I also am really into self-improvement and growing as a person and I could not find a guy who has an equivalent drive to improve themselves. I also agree with what you said to the other anon about guys leaving at the first problem/conflict, which I feel like is a result of today’s dating app mindset that there is always someone better just a swipe away.

No. 1590758

are you comfortable telling your roommates about it?

No. 1590760

yeah but I won't say what I actually saw, I will just ask if they had mice problems before, I know it sounds crazy and I don't want them to look weird at me

No. 1590761

prob a good idea

No. 1590762

I keep having suicidal thoughts but I'm keeping them at bay but remembering my husbando. He would tell me to hang on and remind me that I still have a lot to achieve and live for. I keep trying to be better for him.

No. 1590799

File: 1685335016776.jpg (60.01 KB, 1000x1000, wifi-streaming-pinhole-hidden-…)

I don't want to freak you out but do you think it was like a tiny camera or something, like picrel?

No. 1590802

nta but if it was that, wouldn't it just be pointing up at the ceiling if they slid it under the door?

No. 1590805

File: 1685336640935.gif (1.28 MB, 498x278, blegh.gif)

god fucking DAMN IT
all the newfags and outsiders
with their emails and the subject
name attached with a blogpost
that comedy makes no sense
random pepes with makeup
this isn't your family's thanks giving dinner table
take it to the back door
you're the reason fences exists
door locks and razor wires
sucking the joy like a desperate waif
that nobody would take name for
stop making the threads unfun goddamn it…

No. 1590812

currently dying in the bathroom with god knows what. my lower abdo hurts so much it woke me up, im thinking it could be something i ate and im tryign so hard to shit out or whatever it hurts and im sleepy

No. 1590816

I'm starting to realize that it was for the best that my ldr online discord bf and I broke up. He never kept his room clean from what I've seen of his room during our video calls and having first hand irl experience of how disgusting male living spaces are, I'm starting to realize it was for the best.

No. 1590818

what did you eat nona

No. 1590819

it could also be period diarrhea which i've NEVER experienced, im always constipated during period which hurts even more than this but
today i had gravlax on bagel
then for dindins i had chicken stir fry
i hopefullly am done shitting my guts out tonight because im half asleep on the bowl

No. 1590821

yeah but the hypothetical person spying wouldn't know if op was sitting down or standing up or where she's standing

No. 1590837

Not even trying to sound like an edtwt fag right now but I’ve been suffering from eating disorder for over a decade now and I’m 5’8 and was 90 pounds and I’ve been binge eating on a lot of junk food recently. I’m honestly scared of dying. I was not drinking any water or eating anything at all and now I’m eating at least 1,500 cals these past 3 days now. Is that bad? Will I have a heart attack or seizure if I keep eating like this? I don’t anyone to really know the answer but I feel lost and scared for my health. I’m going to a hospital in a couple weeks but I’m scared of refeeding syndrome

No. 1590838

Are you worried 1500kcal being too much?? Girl

No. 1590840

I’m honestly just un educated really when it comes to health and eating disorders. I’ve had one for a really long time but my whole family just denied that I did. I’ve been to an eating disorder recovery program before but it’s hard for me to really grasp it or even realize when it’s bad

No. 1590851

Look I don't know about refeeding syndrome but eating 1500 calories is pretty normal for someone your height. Eating junkfood is not the healthiest option of course but you're not going to die from eating junk food for 3 days straight. You could be eating junk food for 3 months straight and all you'd notice is being unenergized probably. You should be more concerned about the damage you might've done not drinking water.

No. 1590856

Would love an update on what happened with this, and I hope you're okay. There are tiny cameras that can fit on the end of a long pencil thin wire, and bathroom peeping is unfortunately common for pervs. Next time your in there bring a towel and lay it at the bottom of the door, but I would start looking for another place if possible, preferably one with only female roommates. I'm sorry about everything nona, I hope you're okay.

No. 1590869

Sounds like eating like you currently are is normal, edpecially if you're hungry from starving yourself but I don't know everything about EDs. Can you have an appointment earlier than that?

No. 1590871

if you start to feel nauseous, sip water, your body has to get used to you eating more and it may be adjusting to the changes. relax, sip water, lay down. sometimes if you suddenly eat a lot after barely eating and your heart is pounding/you feel nauseous you just need to take it easy. make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable and sometimes it helps to keep your feet elevated on a pillow.

No. 1590874

samefag but eating a lot of junk food after not eating or drinking water is going to spike your blood sugar like CRAZY. i have been there. please try to eat protein and vegetables. junk food is not always bad, but after a period of starvation, suddenly consuming lots of sugar and salt is going to make you feel very sick. i have been there. if you feel sweaty, heart is pounding, nauseous, etc. you need to lay down and drink some water. you definitely need to eat but it's a better idea to not eat food that is going to overload your body with a ton of salt and sugar if it is malnourished like that for a period of time. doing that has made me throw up and felt like i was going into hypovolumic shock

No. 1590875

Have not shit in four days

No. 1590887

From a medfag, if you weren't eating anything for a long time and suddenly you started, yeah, you might worry about refeeding syndrome. But you absolutely do have to eat if you don't wanna die in your sleep from your heart giving out. You just have to do it carefully, if you feel signs of feeling sick call an ambulance or go for a check up and explain your situation. You might just be okay but be careful, okay nona. Congrats on getting some nourishment again.

No. 1590896

It could be something like this. I didn't even know such cameras existed. What the fuck. I've slept only 4 hours and I still think about it, about what I saw, I'm fucked up because everything is telling me it was not an animal but an object and something sinister
Next time I'm in the bathroom and not facing the door, unable to catch it, I'm gonna put something into the crack under the door, so it can't slide past it. Now I'm also getting paranoid there's some tiny camera hidden in the shower. It's not expensive stuff
Thank you anon. It makes me want to cry, knowing that some moid would do something like this to me. I'm physically fine, just sitting in my room, but I feel mentally fucked up. It's super hard to find something for rent in this town. During the past year I've seen like 6 rooms for rent and they were all super tiny, like only a bed would fit, for the same price as my current room which is way bigger, and it was always in a mixed house, one house didn't have even a single woman in it. I felt so lucky when I found this room. The men didn't seem like total freaks, now I don't even know who to trust. But my room is on the first floor, same as the bathroom, and there are only two rooms besides mine, so it would go down to two men. I doubt that someone from the second floor would hear I'm going to bathroom at 4:00. I'm so freaked out, one of the guys on the first floor seemed like the most friendly one to me. The other one is in a couple

No. 1590898

File: 1685350275877.jpg (251.88 KB, 1614x1536, 20200901_143336.jpg)

Scrolling through my gallery to remember all the colors I've dyed my hair has been such a punch to the gut.
Never been the pretty standard, but I didn't know I was the literal ugly Betty kind… And then the pictures where I don't look "bad" are pictures where I can clearly remember I was struggling mentally (also just by swiping to the picture next to it you could see just an awful lot of self harm and mentally ill shitty drawings).

So, probably in some weeks I'll start hating how I look again and it'll be a cycle of me feeling like I don't have an identity and even if I had it doesn't matter cause I'm ugly as fuck and I'll I can do as a non rich person is cry.

No. 1590906

Eat more fiber nonnie, like whole-wheat bread. Also drink water.

No. 1590908

Anon you aren't ugly, you're fixated on your appearance and that's why your flaws are more apparent to you than they are to anyone else.
Dye your hair a natural dark color and try to minimize the effort you put into changing how you look. Try to embrace your actual face instead. You're more than enough as you are.

No. 1590913

Physically tired but not mentally god damnit

No. 1590915

>Dye your hair a natural dark color and try to minimize the effort you put into changing how you look.

nta but are you able to do that and live well with yourself?

No. 1590922

What? I don't get what you mean. I hwd hwir damage and my hair was different colors all over, dying it a dark color made it look shinier and healthier. No one looks good with unnatural colors or damaged hair.

No. 1590923

To be honest I don't think wacky colors are the issue, sometimes fun colors are the only thing that I myself choose, therefore it's the only thing I like.
No matter which color I choose at the end of the day if you were born with an unfortunate face things won't really change…

No. 1590926

seems like you had trouble taking time with bleaching (or using good quality bleach to begin with) and using proper products to keep your hair healthy, skill/money issue.

No. 1590930

I just think it looks bad, you don't have to get so defensive. It a known fact that dyed hair usually looks worse if you don't style it every day and I think anon would feel better if she didn't have to put big efforts just to make her hair look presentable.
You can enjoy your dyed hair if that makes you feel better but don't attack me for thinking it usually looks trashy, especially if you choose unnatural colors. We all have different opinions.

No. 1590932

File: 1685352885779.jpg (100.36 KB, 1007x949, 1674185793247945.jpg)

I am genuinely losing it and I need someone to give me a hug or something.
>My fridge is broken (cannot repair, it just permanently died
>My oven handle broke
>I still can't find a proper fucking job because of my illness
>I have not seen my grandparents in years, and they are not getting any younger
>They always live in danger and i spent my whole childhood and teenagehood protecting them, nobody else cares enough
>I want to do nothing but scream and cry every day because I have accomplished nothing
>I have no friends IRL
>I am always sick and fucking unhappy, and there is nothing i can do about my chronic illness, fuck all of this garbage that was caused by me overworking on my first job
I AM SO TIRED. I AM SO, SO TIRED. I want to cry, i want to run away.

No. 1590940

Wish people could just block or kill themselves if some random shit no one else cares about annoys them enough to bitch and moan about it all day and scramble to find something that's morally wrong with it so they can scream at everyone who continues to like it. Most of the time they are mentally ill and spend too much time online because they hate their lives and they move on from any callouts so quickly, it's like it's nothing but cheap entertainment to them. But you can't even say that online now

No. 1590943

File: 1685354137694.gif (5.19 MB, 498x350, angry-cat.gif)

I've been getting random cramps since the morning even though I ate nothing weird, seems like I'm about to get my period in a few days or something and it's pissing me off. I hate periods. I hate pcos. I hate everything about them. I love being a woman, I truly do, but I hate that my body makes me suffer through this shit ever since I was 12 just to prepare for a fucking pregnancy out of all things. Ugh. I don't even want bio kids, I'd rather be a single mother with 2 adopted daughters. To make the matters worse, the doctor (a woman sadly diagnosed with internalised misogyny) I visited last week refused to give me anything to stop my periods, not even fucking birth control pills, because she was 'afraid' that 'young women nowadays' are just making up excuses to sleep around and she would rather make them either go through periods or unwanted pregnancies than hand them their fucking medicines. I've been unfortunately too busy and too broke lately, it's going to take me a while before I can catch a break and visit a sane doctor.

No. 1590951

File: 1685354811875.gif (5.63 MB, 498x498, 730d75ed729397068c7a89fa7476e3…)

here u go nonna, i hope it gets better for u soon.

No. 1590981

Can't focus, don't want to focus

No. 1590998

Every guy immediately stops liking me the second I decide to like them back after they pursued me and convinced me. Without fail, a consistent pattern. I do not suddenly get weird obsessive or possessive, I just start being kind and treating them like a human being I give a shit about instead of like a pest.

It's actually given me a ptsd about showing affection when I like someone, it feels absolutely terrifyingly vulnerable because every single time it's met with them pulling away because they got what they wanted and it's no longer an interesting chase. And it's not always having sex with them, it's just returning their interest in general, matching their energy.

I even had a boyfriend who would constantly pester me for sex and I would deny most times as I wasn't that into him tbh– but every. Single. Time. That I happened to be horny and really want him and initiate by kissing, touching etc. (To verify I was not doing any weird shit) he would be turned off and mysteriously not be the sex fiend he was 99% of the time. I now feel scared of initiating sex and showing I'm horny because I also had another relationship where I was constantly rejected for sex, but in this one he also rarely initiated.

And to reiterate it is not a problem with my appearance. I'm not fat and I'm frequently praised for my appearance just to be frank. Must be something repellent to some men about a woman actually consenting and being excited about them, just have to figure out how to avoid these types cause they tend to only show their cards when it's too late and we're already in deep.

No. 1591000

The thing that blows my mind about getting older is women are actually sexually attracted to their bfs. I thought we were all just lying but they actually want to fuck them. I am an autist.

No. 1591009

Maybe match their energy from the start idk
not blaming you, just saying then you cut out guys who just want to chase

No. 1591014

File: 1685363725755.jpg (12.59 KB, 275x275, aba0516d7646f6a28a8777684dee8e…)

I hate that I have dark coarse hair on my chest and that my pussy hair runs down to my thighs. I have more body hair than tifs who takes hormones. out of every one in the world who would be cursed with shit body hair genes why would it have to be me

No. 1591016

Same, but also on my chin, neck, and around my navel and nipples. Did you test your hormones, nona? It can be increased DHT for example, and afaik there're DHT blockers that might help, although not sure how exactly because I'm yet to visit a doctor about it. I was prescribed birth control pills 7 years ago because of that and it just made some hair thinner and lighter, some didn't grow I think, and there were no new hairs, so maybe blockers work similarly.

No. 1591018

There is no excuse to not pick up your phone and say you're not gonna be around. I don't need details, jut don't be flaky. When/if he eventually reappears and messages me, I'm tempted to just ignore him.

No. 1591021

Same here nona I posted a pic of my toe hair here in the body hair thread a while back and got called a scrote or a tranny idr kek. Thb I wax my legs and thighs, and pits…it really helps thin everything out. Shave the stache, pluck the goat beard. Usually get high and put a documentary on then take sanitized tweezers to my chin every so often. But the older I get the less I seem to care at least. Middle school was rough though. So many shaving scars….

No. 1591026

Men are rapists

No. 1591033

Another blackpill moment. Males will cry and turn into incels because girls don't want them, but the moment a girl wants them they reject her because they are actually a rapist this whole time. I guess the lesson here is to never get with a guy who pursues you or is interested in you, which goes against common sense (but males go against common sense)
>why do women think i'm a predator???
>i will only have sex with you if you don't want it
>i only like you if you don't want it
>feminism was a mistake, im not a rapist or a bad guy!!!

No. 1591039

Since it's getting really hot where I live, I slept with my window open for the first time this year. I have an indoor cat but she's never tried to leave ever in five years; my flat is on the second floor. I wake up at 5am and she's not on her cat tree, behind the bed, anywhere. I spend an hour and a half outside calling her, looking everywhere for her, asking every person I see outside if they've seen her. I live in one of the busiest street of the city, but thank god it's a holiday so no one goes to work. After an hour and a half I finally find her when my body was literally giving up because I was running low on adrenaline, meowing pathetically across the street. She had most likely went to the neighbor's garden to hide since she's covered in pollen, but she would have to climb and jump a ten feet tall wall for that. Kitty's an indoor cat and dumb as a rock, I don't even know if she was sleeping on the small balcony of my window and fell because she's really fuckin dumb or if she willingly left. Now her lil feet must hurt since she doesn't want to get up and drags herself across the room with her front paws if she wants to move. It's a holiday so I can't take her to the vet, and idk what to do. I set her a cozy spot with her favorite pillow with an indoor dog training pad thing on top so she can pee on it if she doesn't feel like getting up. I'm already glad she got up since she was sleeping next to me when we got home and I had to nap, but left the bed to pee.
I'm glad I found her, but frustrated there's nothing I can do to help. I can only vent to everyone I can find because that's how I process emotions. I don't even usually post here, i've just been lurking for years (so I hope I don't mess up anything).

No. 1591042

File: 1685367080562.jpg (56.15 KB, 735x681, a35e7f6aec52144f93cf9cb4d6273a…)

I got a bad grade on an essay I thought I did a very good work on so im feeling extra stupid. It was also an essay about womens issues and my moid friend got a higher score than me. Should I just quit trying nonnies

No. 1591043

There should be emergency vet services you can call at any time, find one and call them to see if they can come or if you can bring your cat to them

No. 1591045

I know how much an emergency appointment costs and I unfortunately really don't have the money to afford it and idk what would happen if my card got declined. I don't even have the money to afford the normal consultation but I know if I go to my regular vet they'll allow me to pay later. There's nothing I can do if wait, call tomorrow and hope they can squeeze me between two appointments.

No. 1591053

Nta, but if she went from eating little to nothing to eating that much then yeah she could get sick. I'm pretty certain that people like her are supposed to slowly increase how many calories they're eating.

No. 1591082

I sent a scrote a picture of myself in my underwear. My face wasn't in it, but I'm so ashamed. I made it to 26 without ever doing such a thing, but now I've given in. I would also judge others for sending nudes and think the attention could never be worth it because I had never been that invested in any man and didn't know what it felt like. But this time I felt like his attention was so special, so I understand those women now. I'm trying to accept this mistake and move on. I can't believe I let a male see my almost naked body without him putting in any effort.

No. 1591093

God, i'm not going to even write it all down but I had FOUR counts of boy drama in the space of 10 hours, just by coincidence at the same event! My ex, my ex fuck buddy, some guy I met and flirted with in the past and a new one. Hate alcohol, why is the substance with near the biggest physical repercussions the legal one? I'm over it.

No. 1591095

I know several anons complained about this but this site is just filled to the brim with autistic pick me's lately. Just nonstop seething in between moid rage.

No. 1591110

No. 1591115

How were their relationships with their moms? I noticed something similar with guys that had neglectful moms. They seem to stay longer in toxic relationships, even though they complain about them. It's like they're used to be in a victim position, don't know what they want, and just can't be happy. My theory is that when you're not that into them or it only just begins, the distance is familiar to them and they feel safe, but when you develop feelings and treat them with respect and kindness, it's unfamiliar + they don't trust you, and it leads to avoidant behavior. Plus, they might know how to "love" from a distance, idealize you etc., but they most likely don't know how to really love someone.
Anyway, whatever the reason, you surely shouldn't try to fix them or anything.

No. 1591123

>nooo its their mommy wommies who were terrible
they are actually just autistic rape apes who love the chase

No. 1591127

Occasionally I look up my old classmates from elementary or high school and cannot help but feel inferior compared to them. Most of them have committed to a career path and got masters and PhDs while I'm fumbling from one random job to another with only a bachelors. I still feel like I haven't grown up fully and I'm stuck in the feeling of having to decide 'what I want to be when I grow up'. I also avoided school reunions, I know it would just make me feel shitty because everyone else would be accomplished and I'm nothing without any kind of credential. I am well aware of how narcissistic I sound, and the ideal thing should be to feel happy about everyone's success but I cannot help but feel envious and I hate myself for this

No. 1591133

File: 1685374065252.jpg (79.64 KB, 1024x681, ct.jpg)

No. 1591134

I think I lost my Fenty Beauty lip balm outside. That shit's expensive but it's the only one that works for me and I just started using that specific tube. I noticed while paying for shirts at a store, went back to the changing room where I was 5 minutes earlier and didn't see anything there. The employees looked at me like I was some sort of criminal or crackhead for that, I don't get it.

No. 1591143

Spring the fucking flower in that piss water people call a beverage, "tea " pisses me off

No. 1591144

File: 1685374910423.jpg (13.36 KB, 250x187, 1212.jpg)

This reminds me of holodets

No. 1591153

>want to break up with abusive self-harming scrote for fifth time
>he finally leaves my home after pilfering thousands in items $$$$ from me while I was away
>specifically waited for breakup while I was gone so he had access to valuables, denied breaking up every other time I was around
>which makes him a verified piece of shit who was just waiting for opportunity
>I don't bother with police, just relieved he is gone
>only bill he paid for was internet with an account under my name
>of course he kicks me off wifi prior to the weekend and blocks access to the account with security question and passcode I do not know
>just to inconvenience me because my phone provider gets shit service out here or I would just hotspot w/ unlimited
>internet provider can't do shit about it they tried calling him for authorization but he is uncooperative
>they can't even set up under my new account without this old one being gone
>I unblocked and tried calling but he hung up on me so I left him a nasty voicemail instead
>two hours spent on the phone for nothing
>need to call fraud tomorrow to even begin getting the account settled or else his nonpayments could impact my credit score

Please talk me down from wearing gloves, shutting off my phone, and going over to his house late at night to put nails in the tires and sugar in the gas tank. Or not.

Men will only fuck you.
Do not do shit for them.
They will pull the rug out from under you and pretend you were not a great person to them just so they can feel justified in doing what they want to you so they can walk away with a gain.
Keep them at a distance and just take from them, do not invite them into your homes unless you have investments and sunk costs from them locked down in a tangible way.
Fucking worthless traitors.

No. 1591155

I've never seen a holodets this splendid, anon

No. 1591156

>she was 'afraid' that 'young women nowadays' are just making up excuses to sleep around and she would rather make them either go through periods or unwanted pregnancies than hand them their fucking medicines
man what a bitch. i dont trust gynos, even the ones who are women have creeped me out. i buy my bc online but sadly it's expensive

No. 1591165

File: 1685376633136.jpg (59.01 KB, 640x640, 27251d928117b537449c47ba0bdfcb…)

This fucking weather is making me depressed again, I was doing fine not feeling too depressed for some months and now the sun is out and it's warm. I can't sleep probably, I can't open my window most of the times because my disgusting stinking neighbours, I can't go out without my skin hurting and looking like Kirby, there are humans everywhere and they are loud and annoying, people start wearing open shoes again, men show their disgusting hairy legs and chests and there is always somewhere a wasp that stalks me. And then all these people telling me how amazing the weather is, how nice it is and if I tell them I dislike it, that it's making me sick, they tell me I shouldn't make a fuss about it and stop whining, while they are the ones not able to leave the house when there is one single raindrop falling from the sky.
I miss rain, I miss snow, I miss grey skies, I miss clouds, I miss temperatures below 16°C. People are always going on about how their depression is a dark cloud while my depression is sitting in a hole with the blinding sun shining into my eyes.

No. 1591168

It is so frustrating to have such bad memory retention. If you have a good memory, please don't take it for granted. Not only that but I'm fucking mentally ill. It's like everything that could be wrong with my brain is wrong.

No. 1591179

You should absolutely do that. Why would you stop yourself from hurting someone who is actively hurting you? Let him know that there are consequences. That you will not be walked over and that when he kills himself, you will laugh.

No. 1591181

Is it even allowed to refuse medical service on non-medical grounds? wtf. I'd report her or at least leave a negative review online.

No. 1591182

I'm sorry anon, my god that's an awful situation to be in

No. 1591191

nonnie I really empathised with your posts and I just wanted to check in, are you doing ok today?

No. 1591207

Nevermind, I left it at home on my bed right after I put it on and left. I'm relieved, but still salty the staff treated me like a retard and used very informal speech with me in our language. I almost wish our language were like English where there's only one word to say "you"

No. 1591214

I feel this so hard, something about the summer makes me incredibly anxious. I miss it being dark by 4:30pm

No. 1591223

>looking like kirby
That’s so hot…

No. 1591229

Same, nona. I almost sent him nudes but thankfully held off. He's sent me plenty of himself, though.

No. 1591246

I only slept 2hrs before work last night because my heart would not stop racing, and I still can’t fall asleep and I have to get up in 7hrs again. My bf was a darling and went to get me melatonin from the grocery store bc I was too tired and forgot to get some myself earlier.

No. 1591271

File: 1685383617850.gif (78.7 KB, 220x220, pepe.gif)

a friend i game with is so bad at games and normally i wouldn't care, but she also rages at them and gets really upset while also sucking, and idk how to help. it's so stressful lmao. like for instance we're playing a new game and she keeps saying "idk where i'm going" and "i can't see anything because it's dark" and even tho i run through the maps with her trying to show her where stuff is, she keeps saying she's lost and gets killed, like idk how to continue assisting her. i'm really patient with people who suck at games bc it's not that serious but what's stressful is how upset she gets at being bad.

No. 1591282

Praying for his success at killing himself

No. 1591299

I would love to use skin care and makeup but I can’t because I’m allergic to 99% of it.

No. 1591300

How about playing a different genre of games? Maybe the type you're playing now just isn't for her?

No. 1591306

No one even reacted to my cool DnD character art except for the other woman in my group. Love her but what the fuck, I always respond to everyone with encouragement. Moids just take take take

No. 1591309

File: 1685386122252.jpg (32.44 KB, 462x480, 1675145632061945.jpg)

anyone else feels extremely lonely as a woman in male hobby spaces, or just as a ''weird'' woman? I envy how men have communities for everything and can easily find them, there are always hyper niche things targetted at men too. Like anime girls and tanks? have an entire anime about those two things. Like danmakus and anime girls? have several danmakus with cute anime girls. Have the weirdest fucking fetish? there is a whole community for it with other people with the same kinks AND a lot of artists that draw that thing. Meanwhile us women are restricted to ''historial chinese bishies'' ,''high school bishies'' and ''idol bishies''. That's it. And dont get me started on the communities, it's all ''uwu cinnamon roll baby boy transenby'' followed with the most hideous art you will ever see. And whenever they make OC content is ugly soulless shit like that boyfriend webtoon or similar. There isnt even an attempt to make something original. I am currently making a shoot em up with anime boys and it saddens me that no matter how good it might be, no one will play it. There is no female community interested in an all-bishie shmup, maybe i will attract one gay scrote if i am unfortunate enough, but that's it.

No. 1591314

nobody even likes shoot em ups. touhou is only popular because it's touhou. with different girls even nobody would play it
now genderbent touhou girls maybe theres hope for that but you're probably right

No. 1591318

It's the worst feeling. I try to look for games that are co-op survival/crafting tactics type games. So many men love and find comradery in 64 player shooter games and it's hard in general to find women online to play games with. i'm so tired, nonnie. I dont mind shooter games, but being a woman means you're usually outnumbered 10-1

No. 1591319

I'm sure she's awesome, anon! Men never know how to compliment anyone but themselves. They just wait to be praised from others.

No. 1591329

File: 1685387614001.jpg (58.67 KB, 882x956, ERvYkIgX0AAUUMy.jpg)

aaaaaaaggggggghhhh why didn't I remember to piss after, I haven't gotten a UTI since I was a literal child

No. 1591330

shmups are still pretty popular in japan, and have a small but dedicated community. There are still some new indie shmups being released, most are waifu bait.

No. 1591334

this hit me so hard, nona. the only niche community i can find with other actual women are goddamn pet sites. absolutely no males give a shit about pixel animal collecting sites.

No. 1591335

It's bittersweet but I feel like I've finally accepted that I might not ever be a mother. My wife and I have agreed to take a break from trying and it's such a relief tbh. I've been stuck in this way of thinking that I must experience motherhood, that it's my "purpose" or something. But after another negative test last night, as I laid in bed holding my wife it just hit me… I've already won. I married this amazing woman, my best friend. We're building this idyllic life together, I've overcome most of my health concerns. We're so happy and peaceful together, yes of course we'd love kids, but we don't need them. I feel like an asshole for not having that lightbulb moment sooner, but better late than never, I guess. This summer will be all about us. We're planning a camping road trip and I can't wait.

No. 1591337

Aw ty nonnie. It's not even my artwork but it turned out so well. I wish I could share it here but I won't

No. 1591364

nonny I got one even when I did, I feel your pain

No. 1591372

all i ever really have to do is remember the first time i met her or her laugh and then i get the all the motivation in the world to do anything. i think i could conquer a country with the feeling i get from these memories

No. 1591382

The saddest and scariest conclusion I had is that no one actually ever cared about me. Nor my family nor anyone else. Every time I read some article about how you should support a person with depression, I'm like "nobody ever behaved this way towards me". No one supported me mentally, no one helped me with basic tasks, if I couldn't take a bath I was just lying there in a bed for 3 months, stinking, sleeping for days. Same with not being able to eat. My mother would just mock me for being dirty and skinny. Sometimes I'm surprised I didn't die. My mother only told me I was lazy and disgusting, even though I was diagnosed with depression as a teenager and was also suspected to be autistic. All I heard was that "everybody has depression" and I'm just egoistic, lazy, immature, ungrateful parasite because I struggled to graduate high school and then after graduating I couldn't go to work. I was just a parasite. I'm still suffering from depression to this day, in my late 20s. I'm struggling to function at work, but I never took sick days, except when I had an inner ear infection and needed to take antibiotics. I know nobody would help me if I had a mental breakdown. My aunt once told me I had to get my shit together or otherwise I would be locked up in an asylum. That's it. When I cried one day, she just asked if I could go cry to the bathroom so others don't have to see it. When I was riding home with my aunt, I once had breakdown after a hard day at work, I couldn't stop crying and choking for the whole ride. She didn't react at all. When we arrived home, she just threw her car keys on my lap and said "lock the car when you're done". I sat in the car for another hour, crying. It was midnight and everyone already went to sleep. Nobody ever cared. People only care when I'm somewhat useful, pleasant to be around, don't make any problems, don't make anyone feel uneasy, just safely blend into the background. Never talk about your problems. "Just get over it" or "get yourself together". It's all I would ever hear. Or just silent treatment. And people are surprised I don't even want to socialize anymore with anyone. Because I know nobody would EVER fucking care if I ever expressed I feel bad. About anything. Nobody ever hugged me. Nobody cared. Nobody helped me. I know only I can "help" myself and everything I have, including being able to survive at work, I can only thank myself for, and some luck too. Not therapy, not family, not friends I never had anyway. I very rarely show any negative emotions when I'm around others and sometimes I'm just mute. During my 2 years of work at one place, there was only one instance when I broke and started crying in a locker room. It was because I had to cancel my appointment with my therapist for the second time because my manager changed my working hours, again. I felt so hopeless and I started crying, and my coworker just stood above me and said "I didn't expect you would just sit and cry about it" with disdain in her voice and then she just walked away. This is how people always reacted to me. I know I have to hide and pretend I'm not fucked up, even though sometimes I feel like I'm about to crumble. Sometimes at work I just want to curl on the floor and scream. But I have to hide because if I ever have a breakdown I can't contain, I will be finished. They would probably lock me up indeed, because I don't have any actual support system or a safety net. Even my father who's an alcoholic and I barely know him anyway, he gets support from his mother, she lets him live at her home and feeds him even though he's useless, he doesn't work and he doesn't even do anything around the house. For years. Just a NEET, except in his 50s. Not to say I would like to live like a parasite like this, but it's funny how nobody would ever take care of me like this. Even thought I was never aggressive and I never abused any substances. I would rather be homeless or locked up in an asylum than cared for like this. It's so terrible to think about. I feel so lonely and worthless. I will never be in a relationship and I will never have friends. I'd rather be forever alone than make a connection with someone and then see that look in their eyes, the same disdain, anytime I can't mask anymore and I have to break and cry or I can't take a bath or eat or just do any basic task. Every time someone wants to meet me, be it woman or a man, I know I have to cut it off as soon as possible and don't let anyone in. Because I know they would reject me anyway if they saw what I'm hiding

No. 1591395

i relate to these feelings a lot. i know it doesn't help, but know you're not alone in this.

No. 1591401

I’m trying to recover from anorexia and seeing pictures of Lana on my feed makes me want to not eat until I fucking collapse and die kek. She used to be so beautiful and now she looks like the dad from the Barnyard movie.

No. 1591405

Moving and really doubting how much I want to take with me. A decent amount of it was hobby stuff. It would be a huge waste to throw it away so maybe it can be donated to a school. I feel like a piece of shit for also donating clothing that only got worn 5-10 times over a couple years. I clearly played favorites in my wardrobe. What a waste of my money. It's not worth the few bucks to drive way into town to a resell place due to gas prices.

No. 1591407

I'm so scared of what will happen to me. I try to bother people as little as possible but then they somehow still force themselves into my business and tell me about all the mistakes I'm making. I don't want to misstep but that's basically all I can do. And in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, I'm nobody to these people, I'm someone they can make fun of in passing or tell their friends about when gossipping. But in the end I'll be left alone and I'll have nothing. I get overly confident and mess up everything I've managed to build. And peoples reactions make it worse. It's like I'm getting into a carcrash and then upset at the person I bumped into for getting mad at me instead of pitying me for the awful accident. I know that no one has to see things from my perspective and all attempts to explain make it worse when I'm already clearly wrong. But I don't want anyone to be mad at me. I think I shouldn't be able to communicate at all, nothing good will come of it. And everything would be easier if there was no one attached to me whose opinions I had to consider, no so called friends that are only waiting for a chance to chastise me about yet another thing I did with good intentions. And the thing won't even be that bad, all things considered, but it'll fill up the entire world in that moment

No. 1591410

I just really want a normal safe life, and to worry about personal and mundane shit only. I'm so tired.

No. 1591427

thank you, no it means a lot, I'm happy someone understands

No. 1591428

Opened my door outside for the cats to come in and what do I see but a rat right there. It's dead, with no noticeable injuries, but I think now which one of these fuckers brought this to me. It can't be one because he was asleep inside and he always brings living creatures, I think one of them found it dead or it died of a heart attack from a ton of cats chasing it. I had to scoop it up and throw it away, but even though it was definitely dead I still thought it might suddenly wake up. I'm not afraid of rats but something suddenly scurrying will do me in.

No. 1591446

File: 1685397468571.jpg (48.89 KB, 564x423, f576eeeda4d4cac1d9739bef1f1bbd…)

I'm really sorry your dealing with an unsafe environment nona, I'm wishing you the best

No. 1591475

File: 1685398951538.jpg (72.94 KB, 532x674, 779c536d27fce3535c025d89f8fc15…)

Thank you nonnie, all the best to you, too

No. 1591553

Thank you and all of the other helpful comments. Taking it day by day

No. 1591583

I am so sick of everything being so fucking expensive. There's no point in me saving up to buy my own place anymore because prices are rising faster than I can save. Fuck this broken system.

No. 1591586

Do the lesbians in the lesbian thread ever do anything besides be cringe and mald(bait)

No. 1591598

Keep saving anon, you may not be able to afford your dream home but you can always save enough up for a fixer upper.

I was only able to obtain a place that was not even my eleventh pick thanks to my useless ex-fiance's father loaning us money to bid.
When we sell this place over the summer, I was looking to buy a trailer camper with the money I may get–van life vloggers have unfortunately ruined the market for any wheeled camper vehicle with an engine. But hitch campers with no engine are still considerably cheaper.
Ask a friend or family member if you can park it on their land, or like me, research RV parks with hookups to find what's convenient and affordable.
A bit of a hassle to start, but muuuuuuuch better than paying for a one bedroom shitbox for quadruple the rent. Would help save even faster for a real home. And at least you would own this.
I don't recommend this for everyone but I was homeless before out of my car so I think I can manage this. I'm moving all my major furniture ti a storage unit in the meantime.

No. 1591618

i feel like a failure. all of my peers from hs already graduated and i'm still in college because i keep having to retake classes due to shit grades. everyone is starting their lives and careers and i'm a 23 year old loser virgin who can't even get a callback for my first part time job. my mom told me she doesn't know what to tell people who ask about me anymore. i was such a good student and now i have nothing going for me.

No. 1591619

Anyone that drives around with their bass boosted to the point it shakes my house needs to kill themselves immediately

No. 1591636

if it helps, I was a total loser in my early 20s and only now got my shit together in my early 30s. I have the energy and motivation of a 20 yr old due to finally being happy with and for myself, being in a position of doing all the things I wished I could do, etc. And a lot of the people who were cool in their 20s have bad knees and feel depression and anxiety about aging and approaching 30.

No. 1591646

The ProJared thread is so fucking funny. I love how everyone there shits on him and his look every time he makes a new dumb Twitter or Instagram post. I also laugh my ass off because he thinks he's so fucking hot and edgy and obviously, desperately trying to attract women again. Nonnies are right when they say he's going through a mid-life crisis, it's just so obvious it's extremely funny.

No. 1591649

it does help, thanks nona
i'm happy things got better for you

No. 1591658

File: 1685412756665.jpg (29.89 KB, 540x540, 1685316486864589.jpg)

>tried to look as cute as possible today
>flirted with him a lot
>cuddled with him on the couch
>watched romantic movies with him
>no sex and he kept talking about burger king all day
Im so done. Never date a fat dude

No. 1591659

NTA, and I'm not in my 30s just yet but something similar happened to me and how I'm thriving. Your life isn't over at 30 and you don't have to take the same path as everyone around you to be happy and have a stable life. Just keep seeking alternatives, something will eventually pop up.

No. 1591664

Kekkk I hope this was your final lesson to love yourself.

No. 1591672

he is truly, in my honest opinion, the best lolcow on the site at the moment. so fucking (unintentionally) funny.

No. 1591677

I don't understand what's so bad about being in college at 23? That's really common where I am, hell plenty of people completely start anew in their 20s. Regardless, the education system is a one size fits all for millions of youth so you probably shouldn't blame yourself for not going smoothly through a system that wasn't really tailored to you if that makes sense?

No. 1591682

Recently decided to dive into the world of firearms and became a carrier after a long fascination with them. Since delving into the hobby I've come to realize-

I don't understand the extent of other people's affinity for guns. Specifically men and their views of gun's use and value in society. Between news stories of irresponsible drunkards causing ruckus or god forbid public shooters(of which personally I think most are false flags) to enthusiasts obsessions with owning(in my opinion) excessive amount of high calibur arms and flaunting it, I find there is a degree of over compensation coming from said persons.

Obviuosly a 'murrican here, but I wonder sometimes if it's just some intrinsic part of male nature or a by product of something more absusrd like stemming from the mental trauma of male circumcision which is prevalent in America.

>slight blog post

Personally I think firearms have their use in society as a means to check power imbalances and think if more level headed people carried they could keep the more unhinged people in check. With my beliefs I find myself feeling odd menuvering this hobby despite my sex/ethinicity being a minority.

No. 1591697

File: 1685417586240.jpg (127.57 KB, 660x880, 1683141606054.jpg)

I always feel restless, ill at ease. If it's not that it's a listlessness.
If I get a moment of happiness or feeling comfortable it's fleeting. Like a split second. This seems to be my entire adult life.

Any other nonnies feel the same?

No. 1591704

>public shooters(of which personally I think most are false flags)
How are people dead a falseflag to you lmao please elaborate, you sound lunatic

No. 1591706

Living in suburbia during development constructions is literally insanity inducing. There is a huge public transport system being implemented 2 streets behind me where there has always been a highway but with the edges lined by trees. Removing the trees has increased the noise pollution so terribly I never have my windows open anymore. My room has now begun to smell stale. They have obviously been granted an exemption from all local laws regarding construction noise at there is barely one point of the day/night they aren't drilling. Even WITH a closed window the frequency makes them shake. Today I got a letter in my mailbox that the house across the road from me is being demolished. It will span over two weeks starting next month. I am an angry, depressed mess.

No. 1591709

Sorry to hear nonny, construction noise is a unique kind of hell. Can you move?

No. 1591721

I'm a lone single female with barely one friend, I could, but I fear the disservice would be too great, I live in one of the most exorbitant and cut-throat rental markets in my country. Thanks for your sympathy anon

No. 1591729


Perhaps it's a poor choice of words but it's more so I find the backgrounds of a lot publicized shooters to be questionable along with their motivations and reportings/coverage of said incidents. I am not dismissing the value of the victims lives. If anything it's most everyone who politicize the horrible scenarios who do. Just look at how many completely ignored the victims the recent Nashville shootings to defend the pronouns of a murderer or make it a discussion about the mental health of trannies.

No. 1591733

When I need to drown out noise I listen to Deep Brown Noise on my headphones. I'm sorry you're dealing with that nonna.

No. 1591766

ok i’m sorry for like coquettishly insulting this guy i used to fuck that has a long distance gf now or whatever over dm but our banter is really good so…and we only dm each other to be mean to one another 1nce in a blue moon and i always call him a retarded faggot in a nice rude way. he also said he loved my humbling insults and they were nice to hear and this was long after he called it off and he was w her #birdalert

No. 1591784

Nta but a false flag can include dead people. It's just commiting in act while pinning the blame on another group to shift public opinion. Sinking of Lusitania is a pretty well known one:
Usually it's used to shift the public in favor of wars. Idk about mass shootings but dead people is a pretty big part of false flags

No. 1591803

you don't have to be into guns to realize men who are excessively into firearms are compensating for something kek
how is their motive anything debatable though? they're all clearly severely mentally ill and had access to guns, that's literally all it takes. if you're implying they were instructed/groomed (?) into doing it by some external entity with evil intents, it's another can of worms entirely. I personally find it more plausible they were just batshit people with guns.
surely a false flag can include dead people but when a shooter shoots people to death you can't really fabricate a situation where guns are not the issue in the case of concerning gun debates, it's done and gone. also the situation on your link is so situational and non applicable to the current shootings scenario I won't even entertain it and probably had nothing to do with what OP meant.

No. 1591807

it's so hard for me to find songs i like and now I'm at the point where I haven't listened to music in about 2 years because of this. I think it's really a downgrade in my quality of life. But I just spent 5 hours scouring youtube today trying to groom the algorithm to suggest songs that aren't shit, and I have determined it's impossible. I genuinely don't know any other way to find music. I guess it doesn't help that i require the music to be composed by a woman, but even without that requirement as i click through thousands of songs I still hardly find ANYTHING i can bear listening to. Why is it all so samey. Literally everything sounds the damn same. And I fucking hate the new zoomer tiktok popular music that I can't escape in my recommendations. These days I won't even click on a video if there's a girl in it dressed like an e-girl in the thumbnail or preview.

No. 1591808

Me and my husband are staying with my father for two weeks and yOUCH. I love him but he comments constantly on what I'm like, that I'm privileged or play video games too much or sleep in too late or am spacey or on my phone, he mostly has a joking tone when he does this but I don't want the comments on my life. Im feeling frustrated about it but also intensely guilty about being frustrated. He loves me a lot but the comments are driving me up the wall and I am losing patience a bit. I got ocd that comes and goes with stress and lately its been terrible, when it gets bad it makes me more stressed which makes it worse, it's fucking hard man

No. 1591809

this is why I literally listen to the same shit I used to listen to as a teenager. for a while I thought it would be cringe to not "mature" musically but I realized I don't like anything else much. I wish I got into new music but I can't. it sucks.

No. 1591813

he is hiding behind that jokey tone. try judging something he does with a jokey tone too and see what happens. he will probably not like it.

No. 1591814

You're retarded if you don't think the US government wouldn't kill its citizens in order to get money and power

No. 1591815

ayrt, same, that's basically what i did from ages 12-21 kek. But one day I woke up and went "hang on a second, is there a singel song by a woman on my playlists?" and I realized that the specific music scene i was into is 100% male only, with only one exception I know of out of literally hundreds of artists I listened to. I just couldn't stomach that fact and quit cold turkey. hence my now music-less life as i try for hundreds of hours in vain to find new songs to listen to. It's actually really painful to come up empty handed after so much continuous effort.

No. 1591820

I think your searching is too broad and unspecified. Try googling "music/bands similar to X band" of your choice and see if they're any good.
Check exactly what genre the music you like is. Even if it's just radio friendly pop it might be country/pop, or jazz/pop or have rock influences and so on.
Check what year the music you like came out and look for more music from that year (and close years) within the genre you like, if you don't like modern trends just stick to the older ones! I personally hated the time every pop song had a random dubstep breakdown in the middle of it, glad that trend died kek

Within the songs you like, what stands out? Is there a cool violin part? Are the drums really heavy and loud? Sick guitar solo? Try looking up songs with that features.

If there's topic you like you could also look up music centred around it. Sounds silly but I personally find love songs boring and love it when the lyrics of a song are clever or funny, or when they tell me a story. It can make a generic/average song elevated in my ears because they have extra entertainment value.

One thing I noticed that helped me find music was too keep a little score board where I would rate the music from 1-10. I'd check out an album while doing my other hobbies and note which song(s) was the best one no matter how bad, if the best song was a 4 I'd still write it down. That way it turned into a fun game and it made it easier to keep track of what kind of music I really like.

No. 1591821

Do it back to him

No. 1591824

make a playlist on spotify of your favourite songs and then let the playlist finish and listen to all the reccomended songs it suggests, you find so much new stuff that way and the songs are so tailored to you it's almost creepy. 70% of the songs won't be any you'll save but they're enjoyable enough because they'll sound like music from the same world as all your other songs. listening to music on youtube sucks.

No. 1591826

>I think your searching is too broad and unspecified
I agree, I think that's seriously limiting me. But I don't know how to make it more specific because of the following issues
>Check exactly what genre the music you like is
IDFK. My favorite music has all been either genre-less or is some sort of genre I don't know a common name for. I don't like straight rock, or straight pop, or straight EDM, or straight jazz, etc. Music I like is always in between and not pin-down-able.
>Try googling "music/bands similar to X band"
All the stuff I used to listen to is too niche for there to be any results for that type of searching, but I have tried that with the like… 5 songs i've found since then and have already run through all the music tree websites related to them with little success kek. I've yet to find an artist or band I like more than just a few songs from.
>If there's topic you like you could also look up music centred around it
That's an interesting idea, I guess I can try that. But i feel like the issue with googling stuff like that is it will only turn up well-known artists and songs because those are the only ones people are writing content and lists about.
>make a playlist on spotify of your favourite songs and then let the playlist finish and listen to all the reccomended songs it suggests
Huh, I've never used spotify before since all the songs i used to like were never on there. But I I could at least plug in the aforementioned 5 songs i've found and see if that's enough to spawn accurate recommendations from the algorithm

I mostly just can't believe it's so hard. I never thought finding music to listen to would be this insanely hard.

No. 1591859

Yeah, it sucks, I'm constantly seeking any distraction that helps me wtih this but it's never enough and I can't waste all that time, I end up doing my obligations in a shitty state of mind

No. 1591869

I'm so angry that I'm still thinking about this stupid boy months after he ended things. Especially since he compared me to his ex. I feel like I just want to scream. And yet… I miss him. Aaaaaahhhh!

No. 1591874

not many people use this website but hypem.com might be for you anon, very easy to search for music on there and it is pre-curated since it's aggregated music blogs, no pop shit like 90% of the stuff on there is good, new, and it's updated daily. Plenty of female artists and you can sort by genre which is quite expansive
Pretty much everything is on spotify now, even obscure stuff with 50 listeners, so you should find music you like via suggested songs too, only thing is spotify free has the world's most annoying, lengthy ads which spoils the vibe, so I prefer the above website

No. 1591876

I hope it finally ends soon. Why does everything have to turn to shit only because a few people hate me and hate themselves and need an outlet while everyone else is silently standing by. Why me

No. 1591878

I really don't get how most women can use tampons. I've been using pads since I got my period and the thought of inserting something into my vagina and it staying there when I pee makes me vomit. It doesn't seem sanitary to me.
The only way I used tampons is to "wedge" them between the flaps.

No. 1591889

To each their own, but shoving some cotton up a body cavity and leaving it there seems quite unhealthy to me and I never do it.

No. 1591899

I made a friend who is more on the woke side but has been tolerant with me talking about "terfy" stuff. I try not to be too terfy not to set her off but usually when i push the subject too much, she stops cause she knows we disagree. she is sane and i would love if she eventually peaked but i should hold my horses a little

No. 1591901

Yeah it’s just preference anon, I feel the opposite to you. I would only use a pad if deemed medically necessary.
The thought of walking around with a blood nappy in my pants is gross, not to mention the potential for smelling. You do you!

No. 1591902

File: 1685443628841.jpg (6.16 KB, 325x155, download (1).jpg)

So the pride month is coming and I hate, HATE the new flag annd the fact that it's called inclusive. I hate that I was too little to attend prides as a young bisexual girl, when I realized I was bi at 13, pride parades were something to celebrate love and rights in my country now it's pure american imported brainrot. Aside the fact that I'm not that interested in sex, not to the point it becomes something mandatory in my life, now what the ever loving fuck is pride about? Why did we let it being blended into other shit? I come from a country with dubious laws about gay people so when I was young I had hopes that maybe in the future something would change, with these parades, nope! I'm 28 and nothing changed because the pride shit is now a merely fashion choice or political statement. There's no focus on the actual rights, it's a festival of music and men doing womanface screaming at people like they are hosting a dj set or clubbing shtick….
the pure rainbow flag was fine. It was for everyone, regardless of sexuality because it is SEXuality. Now we have black and brown people (so race, not sexuality), troons (mental illness) and intersex people (medical condition)…why do these things blend? What's even the purpose of this? Who benefits from this? Are black and brown people fighting for the same stuff? Do troons need OUR rights? Do intersex people suffer from, idk, the inability to legally marry?
Different struggles require different battles and blending them all together just blurs the goal that was initially there. For example, a straight kinky couple why is attending pride? A christian black heterosexual family what has to do with pride? People with KlineFelter Syndrome are discriminated by who?
I hate that the general meaning of things has become less "direct" and more "non X".
"LGB" doesn't mean "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual", it now means "not straight nor cis nor white nor with normal chromosomes."
Lesbian doesn't mean "woman loving woman", it means "non men loving non men"
Transsexual has become TransGENDER thus elevating the concept to some sort of John Money bullshit theory, so it doesnt mean "people who wants to become the other sex", it now means "anyone who doesn't like gender roles and doesn't act by them."
I hate this, I hate all of this, and I feel excluded by the only space I thought I was gonna be safe when I was young…I hate that if I wanted to create a Bisexual Women Only space to feel safe and discuss our struggles, I would be seen as a bigot for not wanting mentally ill people in my spaces….I hate how "pride" wants to appear holier than thou but the second I express some preference, I become the devil. I hate this….sorry for the vent, but imagine being in a country where families are still a bit bigoted (I'm not out to them because I don't want to bother with their snarky comments despite knowing they won't actively harm me) and the "other side" is made up by people not seeing the root of the problem and are treating the whole being gay and trans as a quirky personality trait…

No. 1591903

nta but spotify suggested music are proven to be rigged and it never actually suggests you anything interesting to you, just what they want to show you

No. 1591905

Tumblr teens wanted attention at pride parades but weren't actually queer so some attempted to fake it but their heterosexuality and attention seekness meant they couldn't keep up the facade so they changed what it meant to be queer. Sometimes it just means being fat with a bad haircut

No. 1591908

When they put the brown and black in the flag I was gobsmacked. Like, they were already included, the rainbow is for everyone. This made it seem like up until now it was a flag only for white gays, not all gays. I'm still thinking it was a low key racist move.

No. 1591909

Same nona.
Pretty much accepted life mostly feels like drudgery and just have to drag myself on.

No. 1591913

ayrt, when I saw those stripes I asked myself something like "Why?" Like I said, I'm not american, I'm eastern-european and to be fair, seeing black people here is not that common, obviously we know they exist and respect them (like no shit), but you can probably go out a not see a single one in a day, even weeks or months if you're in the countryside, so we didn't need that "reminder" but when I saw that this was coming from America where they all have a very diverse mix of people I was confused…what do you mean you felt the need to put those black and brown stripes up? Do you mean they were not included till now? Do you mean that race is the same as sexuality? Why?? I always thought that the flag was for lgb people in general, no matter the race! It is so fucking weird, why are americans letting this happen?

No. 1591936

pride is literally one of the seven deadly sins

No. 1591939

I study engineering but I worry if I will ever get a real job, or am I stuck in my previous profession forever

No. 1591942

I feel like Liz Lemon in 30 rock when shes dating dennis and compares it to freezing to death. Im walking dead until I kick him out

No. 1591954

Update i shit. Two flusher. Feel so light. Whole wheat bread did it thank you wheat thank you >>1590906

No. 1591956


No. 1591967

>Obviuosly a 'murrican here, but I wonder sometimes if it's just some intrinsic part of male nature or a by product of something more absusrd like stemming from the mental trauma of male circumcision which is prevalent in America.

Don't give them any credit. It's in scrote nature to want to be the biggest baddest and strongest. If you're a soy boy loser the only way you could dominate a big strong man is with a gun. Bullets beat fists after all. If you've noticed, the more gun autism he's got, the less natural testosterone is flowing through his veins.

No. 1591979

File: 1685452568095.png (1.19 MB, 1000x1000, life.png)

>grew up in the south in an area considered ghetto
>high % of nonwhite population
>family is also white trash
>used to work in mexican restaurants and learned how to pronounce spanish words or else i'd be roasted
>work in an upper middle class area at some retail store now while im in college
>people make fun of me for "talking black"
>i get made fun of and asked to repeat myself whenever i say something like fucking tortilla right
How am I supposed to fucking talk? How? i am speaking how i learned to speak from the people around me. this is literally just me. I am just talking. When I worked at shit jobs in shitty areas no one batted an eye, no one made fun of me because thats how we all talked. It was just Normal like it is to me. Now I'm fucking insecure over the way I talk to other people. I can't even get a fucking break on my clothes. I lift heavy shit all day and I'm on my feet so i'm wearing converse because why would I wear something nice to a job that will get fucked up? I got a hole in the front so I put some duct tape on it because they're good otherwise and punk aesthetic or whatever. DO you know how hard I got roasted over this
Someone from another department literally assumed I was too poor to buy new shoes and bought me some cheap ones from walmart and I had to tell him no I just genuinely think they're still good and I like the look. I fucking hate this area i cannot stand working in "richer" areas because they're all fucking judgemental assholes. i wanna go back to my shithole jobs where no one gave a fuck or assumed anything. they see me wear an army jacket in this area and some old scrote starts yelling at me for appropriating army clothes and asking me if i served. vs at some shithole area some old man stopped me and started geeking out over my patches on the army jacket. I hate all you upper class assholes because all you do is fucking judge people and act like you're better than me because you fit into the mold and piss away all your money on stupid shit and I hate you for making me want to rant about this because i sound like some 12 year old edgelord

No. 1592019

File: 1685456458132.gif (2.72 MB, 640x360, truth-is-the-game-was-rigged-f…)

>i liked you better when you were a lesbian
I never used that label on myself, I'm sorry I used to want to eat pussy and be with a woman so badly but I feel like antidepressants changed my libido; first it killed my libido like it's meant to and now that it has returned I want a cute boy I'm SORRY! But before I didn't even want to date girls my age, I wanted to be with 35 year old women, how is that any healthier? I could see myself being with a girl my age, but I don't know how to unless I fall in love and I'm sorry I fell in love with a dumb low IQ boy just because he looks cute and he's the perfect size to envelop me in his arms. I don't know what's happened to me. I don't like penises but I want an emotional boy in touch with his feminine side to love me. No I don't want to join a fucking dating app, the idea freaks me out. Yeah just put pics of myself and my name and location online advertising myself, that's such an amaaaazing idea. Dating apps for women are infested with men and when I try to explain that I get told it isn't true?? By a lesbian?? She has to be trolling and just wants me to suffer. Both my sisters, one straight and the other technically bi but functionally lesbian don't understand my want to dominate a male and have a cute male to be my sidekick/lover/pet. Everyone liked it better when I cried over not having an older woman to take care of me and sexually use me (I kind of wanted that). Well I don't know how to change it, I've always just followed where my libido took me and I can't help it when I fall in love because it happens so fast like falling over. I'll never get in a relationship, I will always be single, nobody will love me, so what does it matter what my burgeoning sexual fantasies are? This is the only place where I can talk about wanting to rape males, or how ugly the average male is, and how much I just want a kind one to accompany me everywhere, protect me, quietly shadow me, and pleasure me. I hate having a crush on this stupid boy that doesn't even act like he knows where he is, I feel like an animal because when I see him I want him; the longer I go without seeing him the more the feelings fade but the moment I see him I feel the need to touch him and breathe him in, and siphon his warmth. I was just born a shriveled, cold creature that seeks warmth wherever and from whomever, I guess. How do I go from 7 years wanting to be with (much older) women to now wanting to be with boys my age or younger, it literally flipped itself on its fucking head. Is this the real me, unaffected by depression? I don't care, when I am horny I am horny and I will think about whatever pleases me. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

No. 1592026

>oh that's just what i like
>everyone has their preferences
>oh yea i totally have a thing for women who have xyz lol (which you don't have)

Don't you think I have muh preferences too? You fucking autistic neanderthal.

No. 1592033

I bought a carton of brown eggs and they all had blood spots and meat chunks, never again.

No. 1592034

I am so miserable. I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above the water now. Ever since my dog died I’ve been consumed by grief, but now it feels like the grief has transformed and it feels like my vision is clouded and everything feels so bleak. I’m so tired. I long to be with her and the idea that killing myself so I can be with her again is something I can’t stop thinking about. There is very little for me to live for now that she isn’t here. I’ve always struggled with depression here and there but through it all, she was my rock. I always thought “if I’m not here, who will care for her with the utmost care and dedication besides me?” My family would, but even towards the end of her life, I handled 99% of her care and it was stressful for only me because my parents just seemed to ignore her anyway.

But now it feels like it’s not just my grief over losing her. I’m just sad, I’m tired. I feel like I’m just going through the motions of living without really living. A few years ago I got fed up with all the shit in my life and I was proactive, I made a change! I got a much less stressful job (and I’ve been switching jobs but have recently settled into what I think is a good place with good benefits and pay to boot), I spend lots of time with friends and feel like I have a good support system, I start my mornings with a little yoga and I go to the gym on the weekends and strength train, I take myself on solo dates around my city or just at home to recuperate myself… and it just feels all for naught. I feel like I’m doing everything “right” but I am still miserable. I feel awful about my body, I feel awful about myself, I am just so overwhelmingly sad… and the love of my life is dead. I used to be so excited about being alive. Every day just felt joyous- even things like watching the sunrise or sunset, enjoying the nice weather or the feeling of rain… even just all of the small mundane parts of life felt so fulfilling to experience. Everything feels so muffled now.

Maybe I can get a new dog, but I think there are a lot of issues with that too. On top of that, I live with my hoarder parents and while I’m trying to save up to move out, that won’t be for a while. It just fucking sucks. I think I should go to therapy before I just kill myself but I am so tired I think maybe I should just kill myself instead.

No. 1592045

i'm so fucking done with trannies everywhere i go i need to see at least one of them yelling how they're trans and literally only talking about this regardless of the subject. fucking kys already, they're a plague

No. 1592067

Why? Isn't engineering highly employable?

No. 1592076

File: 1685460628193.gif (6.05 MB, 640x496, trisha-paytas.gif)

the insufferables from other corners of andrea dworkin's internet are here, in every board, I want to a-log. They should be drafted not browsing the web comfortably. Is going to be a cruel summer.

No. 1592081

File: 1685460808231.jpg (35.44 KB, 543x458, 1680588996150632.jpg)

I want to go back through the vent/dumbshit threads to quote all the posts I made about my shitty ex bf to have you nonnas clown me esp cause I switched up the details to ensure no one would recognize I was talking about the same piece of shit lol. But I did leave him.
I wanted yall to be proud that it was only 6 months, not 6 years. It might even be insightful for me too since I definitely did not post everything I should have, and some things I probably forgot about completely.

No. 1592083

mazel tov!

No. 1592084

Hey, congratulations, nona! Why was your ex shitty? Maybe I'll remember your older posts hehe curious now

No. 1592090

This was the last post I made about him >>1591153, prior posts are so much more embarrassing. I was giving him too much benefit of the doubt and mistaking his controlling behaviors for typical male sperging.
I finally got my internet back today btw after almost 2 hours on the phone with a really nice support lady. Problem is, we couldn't fully unlink him from the account so if he fucks with me again I might have to commit legit violence and make good on my scheme.

No. 1592108

Oh no, are they going to yell at us for wearing makeup and clothes that don't resemble a 1930s beggar child?

No. 1592113

File: 1685462855619.jpg (69.46 KB, 620x826, 1674426016659130.jpg)

I had the worst anxiety episode of my life a few days ago and I still haven't fully recovered

No. 1592118

why are my retarded neighbors yelling and running in the hall way. shut up and go home already.

No. 1592121

File: 1685462988321.jpg (24.84 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg-20.jpg)

Sending love nonny hopefully your anxiety gets better ♡

No. 1592125

thanks I appreciate it