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File: 1667417575449.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, BC1F3930-A18B-42B7-B53F-5FE9BC…)

No. 263556

Belle Delphine, a 22-year-old ‘marketing genius‘ who desperately seeks out any attention she can get , made a comeback in April 2022 after her failed porn and is just adding more failed marketing stunts to the list. She is best known for lying about selling her bathwater, her failed marketing stunts, dressing/acting like a child for her porn, selling another girl’s nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any Youtuber or lolcow with a following. Her boyfriend Joshua John Gray also participates in her pedo-pandering porn videos where he pretends to rape her.

Previous thread: >>235422

Recent updates:
>She makes her friend Katie McDonnell larp as her “18-year-old sister called Connie Delphine”. People find out Katie’s real identity quickly and her stunt fails. >>213055
>She shows off her income and house in a failed music video. >>223900 She doxes her house for the video. >>225921 Turns out she lives with other sex workers like Pixie in that house.
>She steals shamana’s music for her video without crediting him, which results in him ID striking the video and humiliating her. >>226194
>She makes OnlyFans content with twomad, she sucks his toes and lets him grope her while Josh takes their photos. >>222743
>She makes more rape porn with her boyfriend where she acts like a kid and she is called a “little girl”. >>224701
>She cosplays as a 9-year-old character for her porn. She acts childish and inserts gummy worms in her vagina. >>226605 She also includes non-sexual photos and videos of her dressing up/filtered/acting as the 9-year-old character to her OnlyFans, considering those sexual.
>She hypes up a BDSM dungeon porn that is 30 minutes long, but ends up uploading a 3 minute video. This drives her scrotes mad. >>230315
>makes content for her OF during a flare up then leaves the internet again due to people being grossed out by her >>237156
>fails at leaving the internet by posting attention seeking behaviour on friends tiktok and insta stories >>262709

Past threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
#2 >>>/w/69238
#3 >>>/w/123836
#4 >>>/w/128835
#5 >>>/w/134956
#6 >>>/w/144354
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#10 >>>/w/229309
#11 >>>/w/235422

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belle.delphine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 263559

>mfw you compile some screenshots of her being relatively normal at a party instead of something from her ridiculous porn as op image

No. 263560

Im making a belle hate groupchat on insta, filter free place to share milk and any personal experience. Reply if u want to be added(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 263561

She looks very messy and ugly here and these photos are up to date.

No. 263564

>by posting on her friends tiktok

She didn't post it and it's not her tiktok. Lol. She's just not online doing her stuff. She didn't pretend she's missing.

No. 263565

File: 1667418396260.jpg (78.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 263593

The Thread pics were at her Birthday party recently
She's 23 now(sage your shit)

No. 263601

are you fucking retarded?

No. 263602

Anyone keeping this shit going is retarded.

No. 263773

She dressed like a bride for her birthday party??

No. 264371

File: 1667665603637.jpeg (997.75 KB, 3464x3464, 37DF6F27-59B6-4AC8-AE47-5C21B2…)

Does anyone know if this is belle or just a look alike?

No. 264373

Looks nothing like her, except maybe the smile.

No. 264378

Sage your obvious shitposting

No. 264388

what the fuck is this insane AI generated looking shit? feel like my computer is haunted now.

No. 264393

I could spot belles deformed long upper lip stretching down to cover her rat teeth from a mile away thats 100% her

No. 264403

File: 1667677946335.webm (660.5 KB, 714x1214, FullSizeRender.webm)

I found the og post through reverse image search, its a tumblr vid, looks like an old cosplay maybe it was on her youtube before she deleted all her old vids

No. 264444

That's not her at all wtf

No. 264445

It looks like its from a deepfake porn vid

No. 264446

File: 1667694834099.jpeg (272.8 KB, 750x671, C955AC9B-D4D0-4FD5-8BEB-A2F5C9…)

No. 264450

This looks like some weird deep fake over a look-a-like.

No. 264481

Isn't this jewelz blu

No. 264483

File: 1667711250949.png (699.09 KB, 1320x704, Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 11.0…)

fake and homosexual, nona. belle made actual rape porn, no need to photoshop her into someone elses low tier shit

No. 264487

Anon desperate again and can't tell a deep fake lol

No. 264492

No shit, did i say it was her?

No. 264509

This thread is ~cancer~ why hasnt a mod closed it/ deleted? You all need to stop hating on random people you dont even know. Its like if i was saying beyonce was a horrible person like i dont even know her(~lost newfag~)

No. 264510

Lol newfag if you really don't understand the concept of the site that much you can leave

No. 264557

Lost shrimp

No. 264693

I have a friend whose family and friends fled South Africa during ww2 because they were Jews, guessing that's what Belle's family (or half of it) did too(tinfoiling)

No. 264694

Fled to*

No. 264722

you can absolutely make a judgment of someone based on their online presence, are you dense? if i deliberately post pedobait porn to boost my wealth and do shit i know is god awful for shock effect clout, does that not reflect on my personality whatsoever? goodbye all sense of logic, see you never

No. 264735

Someone is trying soooo hard to get this thread locked. Is someone planning a comeback soon kek

No. 264779

Samefag, stfu

No. 264838

File: 1668031544885.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2138, Screenshot_20221109-220458~2.p…)

called it

No. 264855

Oliver tree is like 5'7 what a giantess

No. 264875

Belle-fag has no milk as usual

No. 264887

There’s always an anon posting fake shit and an anon posting proof that it’s fake. Who wants to bet they’re always the same person? Kek.
Ew. Enjoy your herpes my dude.

No. 264957

Does she have hooded eyes?? Idk if the makeup hides that or not
Her eyes look tiny in that one photo of her from years ago "without makeup" (sure Jan)

No. 264985

The attempts that fail one after other. No one gives a shit about that degen, both

No. 264986

Shes still wearing her old gross 2016 e girl outfit?? And the Millenial pink wig what a mess…

No. 264987

Belles friend janet devlin knows oliver tree so she probably helped arrange this. Belle is such a clout leech

No. 264997

Why don't you post the full video instead? Wtf is it at the end? Now I'm thinking this is some skit.

No. 265032

Ewww, a neckbeard.

No. 265107

File: 1668124287950.jpeg (370.88 KB, 818x876, DCDB4FA5-4DF9-44C7-8156-CB1C30…)

she should really lay off the public appearances..

No. 265111

File: 1668124766198.jpg (168.07 KB, 1440x1353, 20221110_175826.jpg)


No. 265114

imagine being so unlikeable that people even start hating on the people that associate with you

No. 265176

shes a whole amazon

No. 265189

I genuinely pity her at this point and that's after everything she's done. If I were her I'd crawl into a hole and stay there because the grasping for crumbs of attention is painful to watch.

No. 265198

Why won't you link these? Do the bare minimum. For all we know these are more deepfakes and anon is a retard.

No. 265208

Who do you think suggested this skit? Oliver or belle? Idk who is worse

No. 265210

The way she wears her blush nowadays makes her look like she’s having hot flashes. It’s really not flattering. Less is more Belle.

No. 265213

File: 1668154787043.gif (11.27 MB, 382x680, 20221111_031925.gif)

No. 265214

File: 1668155967410.jpg (2.95 MB, 3072x4096, Bigbellegrande.jpg)

Is it just me or does Belle look absolutely gutted lately

No. 265218

I agree, in this vid she (imo) looks just like those shoops the retard in the last thread kept making. Like the no lips, small eyes, long midface. Uncanny kek maybe it's the lighting but damn it's not looking good

No. 265220

So glad to see lolcow is back and be greeted by this ridiculous edit, the lighting is doing belle no favors here
Also why are her "comebacks" just ugly nerds who agreed to collab because they wanna grope her? Bottom of the barrel stuff

No. 265230

God that scrote is county lockup tier ugly and Belle has beyond ruined her face. It’s like I’m trying to fight the dreaded nasolabial folds with filler, she’s reached the bell (kek) curve point and it’s boomeranged back into having super deep ones BECAUSE of the filler. It gets said all the time but she fucked up. She could have ridden off into the sunset with all that simp money and kept her natural cuteness (which is subjective ik) and shifted to dressing like a normal girl her age but noooooo. Sage for tism

No. 265231

*In, not I’m smh

No. 265233

yeah im gonna dip until our local retarded edit chan leaves and finds their sanity

No. 265234

Not everything is an edit, good fucking god you whiteknights are retarded.

No. 265235

are you fucking blind? it's clearly an edit, which is highly unecessary since she doesn't look terrific in the raw video either

No. 265242

no point in editing when people can find the actual video and see how she actually looked in it. She looks like shit, but not like- massive horse faced >>265234

No. 265243

File: 1668177915459.png (378.22 KB, 995x532, 1.png)

>>265242(sage your shit)

No. 265246

No. 265247

Still having these threads is retarded. Nobody looks good here kek.

No. 265253

Uh oh we got a lost new fag

No. 265255

Right it's literally the same, not sure what the wk is trying to prove

No. 265271

File: 1668186591018.jpeg (310.87 KB, 750x749, F7904020-3CB4-42AB-918B-80D621…)

No. 265345

File: 1668199796081.jpg (3.77 MB, 4096x3072, Bellegrande.jpg)

Absolutely gutted. Kek the way shes pulling her tights all the way up her torso. Gotta tuck that gunt away after a few drinks huh belle. Truly taking after her twin Shaymu(nonstop nitpicking)

No. 265349

Edit chan wasn’t so wrong with their edits

No. 265351

belle is very brave to show off her real age in these tiktoks. idk if it’s money, fast life, or fillers but she looks like fat ass pokimane. how is she still in her 20s is crazy because she looks like a 30 year old british mum of 2 at a comic con

No. 265366

>purposefully picking the absolute worst stills
>they don’t even look bad

I swear this thread is cancer. She looks cute. She looks her age, maybe a bit younger. She definitely isn’t looking haggard in any way. Have y’all seen Jillian? Or Venus? Those cows look terrible and haggard as hell for their ages. Belle sucks but she isn’t ugly and doesn’t look old, cope.

No. 265368

His whole schtick is “haha I’m so ugly and my music is bad and I’m angsty isn’t that funny” he did this whole skit for his music to sell/get attention

No. 265370

idk how young you farmers are because she looks like an early-mid 20s who isn't taking care of herself, with some added unfortunate fillers which aren't helping. She doesn't look anything close to 30s yet.

No. 265392

I'm never in this thread but can I ask why Belle is always told she is cute on here? She's the only cow that I see people always complimenting

No. 265394

Because anons have different opinions? You don't have to come here just to bash cows. No one is whitekniting her by calling her cute, it's them disagreeing with anons who are and have clearly edited her stuff before. I'm in the camp that I don't think she looks bad at all, just a copy-cat of everyone else on Instagram with the same surgeries. This is a place to discuss cows, not just hate on them, but it's hard to have a discussion when anons just want to nitpick and not discuss milk.

No. 265395

File: 1668221397953.jpeg (320.2 KB, 828x1273, 829D6D64-8246-49F9-81A4-24B5B0…)

Haven't seen a more hated female content creator it's impressive

No. 265396

Oh good, more 2% of commentators.

No. 265404

That rumor they are repeating isn't even true wtf
She sold her own nudes on facebook as a teenager and also included stolen images from another girl. She is not currently peddling cp on onlyfans like these comments suggest (well aside from her own childish edits)
I think edit chan edited this video for her to look more horsefaced, the youtube short she looks different in >>265246

No. 265407

Of course anon did. It's obvious every time. I don't think they realize that anons can spot this even without the original due to the editing being a dead giveaway anyway from upload alone.

No. 265419

File: 1668259680811.png (1.14 MB, 1299x753, belleedits.png)

It looks like edit-chan only made her eyes smaller this time tbh. Crazy how much something so small can throw off the rest of the face.

No. 265435

Imagine hating Belle so much that you edit her photos and have a camera roll filled with her. Anon is such an uwu stalker.

No. 265437

Imagine being so much of a whiteknight you think everything is edited even when it's found on Belle's own stuff.

No. 265438

It is edited.

No. 265453

Belle isnt even cute or clever, she only has simps because she has eurocentric features, dehumanizes herself and tries to dress like an anime girl to attract the lowest form of men

No. 265455

Eurocentric? Lmao cope

No. 265460

Behold of belle wk’s
Edited or not both look extremely similar. She is uggo now stfu

No. 265461

Nah these dumb ass edits are making me actually like her because God damn, some of y'all really can't be so delusional that you STILL edit the pics yourselves just to justify calling her ugly over and over again for attributes that you photoshopped yourself. Can you? I don't like her and I truly think she has a developmental disorder and lacks a sufficient amount of empathy but some of you are far worse. Wow. It's just getting ridiculous. This thread isn't even about her anymore, it's about the desperation of some of you anons and others calling you out on it. And no, calling you out on your bullshit is not WKing. Some of y'all need therapy as much as she does.

No. 265467

Sage your shit and throw your phone in the ocean.

No. 265468

File: 1668286772110.png (4.81 MB, 828x1792, CE19E466-E4E2-44A2-9B35-2965DF…)

edit or no edit she hasnt looked anything like she used to in a long long time, snow app or whatever she used played a big role in her anime girl shtick

No. 265471

But if she's not the one editing then there's no reason for someone to be posting fate at it's in claiming their hers just because she used the app. That makes absolutely no sense and it makes your logic shit

No. 265475

can you rephrase? i can't tell what you're saying

No. 265477

It's becoming more and more convincing that Editchan might be someone who actually knows/knew Belle or had some unfortunate interaction with her because the devotion is highhh. Like, this is just nuts to try to gaslight yourself and anons that she's far uglier than she is and then Photoshop the photos as "evidence". This is some other type of simping, no joke. Who could possibly devote that much effort to someone they have never even met. It's one thing to gossip but edit chan is way past that.

No. 265478

This thread has too many simps the fuck(also: way too many idiots that don't sage)

No. 265480

Yeah, it's weird. I've had a retarded tinfoil before that it is someone subtly editing Belle in order to like, draw her (or some friend of hers, or something) to "out" themselves in this thread. Because honestly, some of the previous thread's edits were SO subtle you'd almost have to see Belle everyday in real life to know that her eyes have been made slightly droopier and her teeth a few pixels bigger. It is one of the weirdest things on this entire site. tbh, because it makes almost no sense no matter what the tinfoil is. is it an ARG or something? Are we supposed to whisper "Belle ratface edit" into our playstation controllers at midnight?

No. 265489

The anon editing stuff is a fucking retard.

No. 265510

You all care way too much, to the point where it is suspicious. Do you all know her IRL?

No. 265511

She looks bloated, fat, puffy and wrinkly.
Haha she got mogged. She’s so fucking huge next to normal women.

No. 265512

The whiteknights were originally from kiwifarms, they don't seem to understand that forum is back up so they have no reason to shit up threads here.

No. 265514

The conspiracy that is her or her friends trying to shut down the thread is massively autistic. Anons just want any excuse to keep posting their Belle edits and fake milk.

No. 265517

The whiteknights in this thread are so weird. Imagine coming to lolcow of all places to defend a cow like this

No. 265518


"Anyone who points out how pathetic, obsessive, and insecure I am is clearly a horrible person that strongly supports all the people I hate wah or maybe it's Belle herself"

K simp keep having her live in your head and in your phone's gallery rent free. This flavor of insecure bitch does as much work as a fan does lol. Two sides of the same coin, simp

No. 265519

I just got done watching all of Oliver's videos with them from his social media accounts and she looks the same as these ugly stills that were posted here. Where's the crazy editing her defenders are sperging about?

No. 265520

It's the same 1-3 defenders thinking they'll get kudos or asspats from Belle..she literally don't care for anyone outside of her boyfriend and money she'll make on porn.

No. 265522

No. 265528

>>265522 tym.
Anyway how long do you think Oliver is going to milk the day they spent together. I think it's telling she hasn't acknowledged or interacted with any of it

No. 265530

Being a whiteknight is cringe enough, don't make it worse on yourself.
He'll milk it forever since he thinks he's got a 1-up on the other simps.

No. 265539

Exactly, looks more like someone let her wild white knights out again, trying to do their lowkey defending schemes as per usual

No. 265540

Her ex boyfriend got outted wking her on PULL back in the day, it's not out of the realm of possibility for a terminally online ethot who's only relevance is the anons talking about her in this thread. Plenty of cows before her have derailed to get their threads locked, plenty will do it afterwards.

No. 265553

Conspiracy-Anon, go to a mental hospital. We already know the same person who does the editing has also done photo drops and other threads according to red texts. Especially calling out the fact that the person is the Belle-Fag. Mods have confirmed this. It's not Belle or her friends. It's an anon(s) who just use this thread to shitpost. Wtf would they stalk Belle's friends if they are her friends??

No. 265572

Edit chan is definitely a skinwalker sexworker, many threads ago the more obsessive anons made themselves quite obvious as being fellow sexworkers. I remember scrolling the PULL thread for belle before they nuked the site and all the posters were egirl sexworkers.
If you think the most shameful thing is a video or photo you edited the eyes smaller and not her terrible porn itself, you (edit chan) are definitely a sexworker who makes equally cringe porn.

So yes, very obsessed and invested though I doubt they know her irl.

No. 265578

Such a badly staged red herring to say it's her friends or Belle herself. Anons could at least come up with a better story. Most of us just want this locked until she's actually active. Being active via only her friends isn't really milky.

No. 265589

You're the same idiots that obsessed over her boyfriend for 2 threads, yet somehow stuff relating to her..isn't milk or related, yet he is somehow?

No. 265615

Im not. Apparently Im a WK.

No. 265671

Its the go to insult for any cow, its so lazy. That or muh nasolabial folds.

No. 265738

I'm not that same anon I simply stated that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Redtexts don't explicitly tell you the real identity of who's doing the sperging unless farmhands out someone. I don't doubt it's just a bunch of obsessive shit posters either, but I resent the idea Belle is somehow above what we've seen cows do time and time again. Especially given her history of messing with her own threads on other websites.

No. 265745

No one says she's above anything. The edits, the stalking, the attempts to DOXX.. This shit isn't milk. Anons are tired of these types of posts and want milk.

No. 265767

This. The edits are creepy as hell if anything, and whenever they're called out it's always the same cope of:
>stfu wh-whiteknight!
>n-n-no it's not an edit, she's really that uggo!
>if you don't like the shit I'm posting then just hide the thread!1!

No. 265771

So do I anon we just have different interpretations on what could be potentially going on. This thread hasn't been interesting for the longest time. I hope she either comes out of hiding or this thread fades into oblivion.

No. 265812

Or you're her and her friends. Edit anon is straight unhinged.

No. 265815

Kiwifarms have been back up for awhile now.

No. 265861

File: 1668467590543.jpeg (201.91 KB, 828x1262, 2BAD18BC-66D6-46C1-B095-A34AF5…)

Im a strong believe in the edit-chan tinfoil, she has so many enemies online, whos knows how many shes made during her teenage years and comic con lolita days, shes always been an annoying problematic and ugly bitch, i dont blame one of joshs ex or belles ex best friend having a vendetta against this hammy pedo whorse

No. 265866

She is one of those people who ages awfully but has surgery so looks even worse. Her peak was really 2020-21. She looks awful now.

No. 265867

File: 1668468087901.jpeg (206 KB, 828x1184, 3DFE4B7F-7C27-493F-92E2-8FFE44…)

Looks like belles mum accidentally brough a giraffe back home with her when she left south africa <3

No. 265868

File: 1668468927320.jpeg (146.17 KB, 828x878, F5CA4873-7BE3-43B0-840F-87A1B0…)


No. 265872

No. 265932

The photoshop pics behind them tho vs the item he got(learn2sage)

No. 265952

File: 1668513136796.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, F8790636-C9B4-4FAB-A9B9-3A1D9D…)

Ok lmao you’ve definitely edited this one, her fucking brow ridge is sticking out over her nose. I’m crying. She looks like a fucking caveman in a pink wig kek.

No. 265953

File: 1668515173951.png (296.01 KB, 397x556, Screenshot 2022-11-15 152448.p…)

"I'm naturally petite you guys!!!"

No. 265957

I guess this kind of confirms she's like 5'7" as she appears to be the same height as oliver.

No. 265966

5'7" isn't that tall, dude is short.

No. 265972

The problem is she always tried to pass for a 5 feet or less girl. Even her first boyfriend went great lenghts to maintain that lie albeit was obvious.(the problem is that you do not sage your shit)

No. 265979

I don't see her ever trying to look small, its her proportions, and it's mostly anons I see saying anything about height.

No. 265980

its 5 inches taller than the average womens height

No. 265982

>I don't see her ever trying to look small
When you white knight, at least look at her content.

No. 265983

File: 1668524450627.jpg (168.58 KB, 733x821, Screenshot_20221115_065957.jpg)

This nitpicking is so dumb. She's wearing like 2 or 3 inch plantforms in the side by side. She had her shoes on.

No. 265986

In this video she's wearing no shoes, just socks,and almost towers over 5'8 oliver tree

No. 265987

The average height for women in the UK is as follows:
>Research shows that the average height of a British woman is 5ft 4.7in (164.4cm)
so she's roughly 2 inches over the average height for a woman in the country she lives in, big woop.

No. 265988

Her pink shoes are on.

No. 265989

This is so dumb, but you're counting her cat ears kek. Look at the top of her actual head/wig/hair and see how it lines up with his, he's clearly taller

No. 265993

File: 1668529197571.png (521.4 KB, 498x964, 346534432312.png)

Are you genuinely retarded?

No. 265998

Are you confusing uwu ethot language for reality, anon? Scrotes like this disgusting "muh lil" stuff. She isn't pretending she's 4'5". This is a retarded fantasy elf larp.

No. 266010

Her production quality has gotten so bad compared to her pics from even 2019, she really doesn't try anymore huh

No. 266016

File: 1668536026361.png (103.67 KB, 903x643, Screenshot 2022-11-15 211335.p…)

No. 266021

Petite also refers to size and you are really reading way too far into these posts to justify her ever saying she was a specific height or not tall. She's probably 5'4" or 5'5" at most. Get over your obsessive giantess thing already.

No. 266022

Y'all thibk she still frequents myproana, edtwt and lolcow proana thread? She doesn't look like she has an ED anymore but most people who do have one aren't actually skinny

No. 266028

This has to be bait.

No. 266031

This is bait, stop trying to derail retard. Belle said she's 5'6, but she looks 5'8+

Belle is not petite.

No. 266033

I hate this retarded nitpick and always avoid replying but I agree, petite does not just refer to being small in height only

No. 266043

File: 1668539880930.jpg (219.89 KB, 1080x1460, Giantess.jpg)

Not in the second video Oliver posted. Also her knees are bent here. Why do you care so much that she's a giantess of a grown adult woman anyway?

No. 266047

Oliver is 5'7" and so is she. I don't get why this thread out of all lolcow threads in the most autistically divided between edit-chans and WKs. kek

No. 266048

They have the same size foot too kek

No. 266055

It's funny how Belle uses the same weird logic her defenders ITT do.
> uwu youre the gross one for thinking of me dressed as a fictional 11 year old and doing sexual things as being both sexual AND childlike, pervert!
same argument pedofreaks use with lolicon manga, "eww she's just a 500 year old vampire who has to wear bondage clothes to survive, YOU'RE the REAL pervert here!" like they're going to meme normal women into thinking we're ackshully the real perverts kek

No. 266058

File: 1668542897037.jpg (1.5 MB, 4096x3072, Bigflippers.jpg)

She's so petite uwu(stop with the autistic height nitpicking)

No. 266080

Woah okay let's not forget that Joshy Boy was likely standing on a ladder in order to take some of the pics she's posted since she's "come back". She's literally said "uwu I'm sorry I am petite". She's thin but petite? Hell no. Maybe to people atleast a foot taller than her but she's def not "petite" in comparison to the average person lol
Go to the last few threads of you'd like a good chuckle on her efforts to look "smol"

No. 266081

Anon, just stop. You are unhinged about her height.

No. 266087

>I cannot help that I'm petite, have small breasts and a youthful face.
Explain the MLP swimsuit shoot where you photoshopped your breasts smaller among other things kek.

Also it seems that anons have forgotten that just like Shoeuwu Belle had a habit of ducking down in pictures, using deceptive angles and taking photos with men who're much taller then captioning about how smol she is. Her height is completely normal like Shoe's, anons are just having a laugh considering the context it's not that deep.

No. 266090

>Also it seems that anons have forgotten that
White knights don't consume her content, they literally don't know what belle actually does or anything, they're just focused on "no u" anyone who trash talks her or states facts, like they legit forget what place they're at. It takes literally 5 minutes to look at her content and see she does indeed try to play the "small girl" route, that's ignoring the pedo/rape bait shit too.

No. 266120

Why are we talking about her height and not the context of the video(learn2sage)

No. 266256

Do we think belle will come back or do u think shes retired and going to spawn in random cameos to maintain relevance(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 266281


No. 266287

the cringiest part of her absences is how coomer philly d keeps mentioning her biweekly as if shes still relevant/posting. its disgusting

No. 266299

Hes admitted using her for click bait. So what? Stop watching his vids when it's barely about her.

No. 266310

She's not even retired she's just too lazy to post/make an effort
(Also I was talking about the milk so I thought I didn't have to sage)

No. 266311

Sage whenever you aren't directly contributing milk from the cow so you don't bump the thread. Asking a question related to potential milk does not count as a contribution newfriend.

No. 266337

As opposed to you tards holding a candle for her with these threads when there hasn't been milk in ages?

No. 266470

Ohhhh? oliver tree has deleted the tiktok with belle where he held her up. makes sense because this tiktok we made fun of how belle looked the most because it captured her unflattering angles, she must have begged him to take it down lol

No. 266472

File: 1668728334827.jpg (712.37 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20221117-184351_Twi…)

Its still on twitter

No. 266486

surprised she let him post it without editing the fuck out of it first(sage your shit)

No. 266521

chub chub

No. 266539

File: 1668768011562.jpeg (61.18 KB, 740x660, WhatsApp Image 2022-09-27 at 6…)

No. 266540

Some things really make me loose faith in absolutely everything

No. 266542

Men are so fucking stupid. If I was belle I’d seize the opportunity and commit some domestic terrorism.

No. 266564

We've known they've been selling these. Why does this matter?

No. 266569

File: 1668790193757.jpg (621.79 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20221118_084706_Twi…)

She was a little active on Twitter for Amouranth.

>inb4 you follow her

Yeah because it recognizes her page vs multiple copycats and got tired of clicking on wrong profiles.

No. 266602

I can't get over how scary big her mouth is in OP pics

No. 266614

Heaps of people follow cows anon, if retards complained they'd be scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. Also holy fuck does amouranth shop her photos, something her and Belle can bond over no doubt.

No. 266694

Except she retconned her height like Marzia Bisognin and claimed to be 5'3 KEK

She is huge for the content and aesthetic she is going for, she can't be "small and cute uwu" while towering over everyone, including men. She also looks old for those now despite her young age.

No. 266697

It's actually scary.

No. 266698

Did she break up with Josh or will she lick any ugly scrote for money? This is pathetic and I hope it becomes the next thread picture KEK

She was so upset about the thread pic where she sucked feet after all.

No. 266724

I remember anon claiming they saw wedding-pics on socialmedia couple a threads back
And in the halloween-partyvid last thread you can see a golden shimmer on the ringfinger of her left hand
Business is king i guess

No. 266742

She's supposed to be a left at the alter bride, pretty sure. You guys are reading way too into a Halloween party costume.

No. 266842

She deleted her personal Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/myah.lewes

No. 266844

Or got reported for impersonation

No. 266898

thats what its supposed to be? LoL ok that would make sense

No. 266942

It was a Halloween party. Wtf Halloween party looks like a wedding all because of a sad bride cosplay? You guys are just stupid and knew this for the most part.

No. 266997

I thought maybe they got married at some point but checking through the books no one comes up under the name “mary-belle gray” or “mary-belle gray-kirschner” or even “belle gray”,

Anon isnt talking about the photos/tiktok from the halloween party, but in thread 9 or 10 some anon was claiming to have seen wedding photos posted at one point in the summer/ spring on a family facebook account but we never actually saw proof of this.

Im aware belle and josh eloping is not milk but its still interesting bc it means they must see some sort of future together lol

No. 267035

You mean porn photos dressed in bridal lingerie kek yeah, totally a wedding

No. 267124


Dude, just admit that you're mad you're not fucking her and move on. XD(XD)

No. 267281

Begone scrote

No. 267353

She may have millions of dollars but doesn't go far in england tbh, their economy is broken af

No. 267366

^ This
Would be smarter to invest somewhere else not in a country that is getting the after effects of brexit and their economy is crashing. She probably throws the money around her fake friends who use her as a money piglet

No. 267374

Why is Belle's thread so completely full of nitpicking, whiteknighting, bait, bait taking, sperging over percieved whiteknights, infighting, edited pictures, non saged posts, shitposts, and garbage. It didn't used to be like this. I just want to enjoy this stupid cow that makes me mildly amused rather than mildly angry like most other ones do.
Did they sell these while pretending to people who totally bought it the first time? Where was this posted?
Did we ever have proof that she was from South Africa? I wonder if there is something weird about her moving out of the UK. I imagine that Japan, Korea, Italy, or USA would fit her image more than England

No. 267375

because there is no milk so anons just like to sperg over nothing
her mum is english and her dad is south african i think…?

No. 267378

Nils Kerschner is South African. Sophie is English and was working in South Africa.After their marriage broke up Sophie returned home with her 2 children.

No. 267458

She doesn't have new milk. Its not rocket science.

No. 267490

Fuck off, she has said she is half SA numerous times, nobody can be bothered to prove it to your dumbass so just go and fucking google it.

No. 267841

2 children?

No. 267845

Can we not talk about her family. They aren't milk or relevant.

No. 267885

Yes they are, shut up belle x(hi cow x)

No. 267886

Did u stalk her mums insta to get that info LOL also who is belles sibling? Is it a boy because i could picture belle having a fat brother who she slowly morphs into

No. 267890

…a flare-up? do i even wanna ask?

No. 268243

What? Belle have a sibling(sage your shit)

No. 268822

I'm positive that she has a younger brother. On her dad's Facebook, 10ish yrs ago he posted an image of a young boy who looks very similar to young Belle. It's possible Belle has a younger brother although I don't think she ever mentioned it other than in her old tweet saying something like "siblings are annoying."

No. 269128

Didnt they have a youtube channel called ‘peter kirschner’ and they did weird videos together

No. 269133

File: 1669828608160.jpeg (987.5 KB, 3464x3464, 3E9C973F-1EE1-492C-A1C8-745968…)

Retard belle no makeup pre plastic surgery, shes always had a small ratty nose so i actually believe she didnt get a nose job, we can also tell from these just how ugly and beady her eyes are without heavy lashes and eyeliner, yikes

No. 269153

File: 1669831604725.jpeg (19.19 KB, 275x275, 9C4E22C9-DDB3-4639-9964-67B3B6…)

Nope she definitely got one. Your nose doesn’t go from Roman and bumpy to scooped out ski slope magically by itself

No. 269154

File: 1669831629979.jpeg (28.31 KB, 275x275, 23A8C17A-BA44-4FBF-A326-6EAD4E…)

No. 269155

where was this from? i got nostalgic about highschool looking at this pic as a bong

No. 269159

File: 1669833058153.jpeg (34.56 KB, 602x377, 179DD33C-6FA6-4EB9-B835-BE1CED…)

She looks very typically dutch/ white south african(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 269162

File: 1669833642156.jpeg (63.16 KB, 275x202, 5B9B7538-D639-460E-997C-61A5B8…)

BYE why is her mouth so big… she looks like that one x factor contestant

No. 269163

File: 1669833711885.jpeg (23.44 KB, 275x206, 11505AC7-B283-484B-9DD8-896629…)

Her teeth were so messed up before braces, i feel bad for her children who will be cursed with her awful genes

No. 269164

File: 1669833922692.jpeg (798.96 KB, 3464x3464, 32D6553A-A0C8-4891-9CEC-9050CC…)

No. 269165

Get psychological help

No. 269180

File: 1669836992015.jpeg (69 KB, 552x747, 214C4CF7-7100-470A-A845-C6DC26…)

Guess who?

No. 269182

File: 1669837315901.jpeg (493.2 KB, 1752x1886, E292278F-1CFD-4B5E-B329-58B27F…)

I wonder who this person is in the background? Belles og bf had black hair and all her friends seemed to be girls?

No. 269183

File: 1669837395056.png (4.38 MB, 828x1792, B71DDBC8-D25A-4869-94FA-E06636…)

Theres also toy cars in the background of belles selfies in her first england house

No. 269184

Damn imagine this is your mum but you end up looking like belle…her dad must be hideous.

No. 269187

i dont like belle and i know she had a nose job but how the fuck is the picture on the left a ''bumbpy roman nose''. You must have body issues if you think thats a long nose.

No. 269214

Where did you find this picture of her mom? I've only ever seen like 3 photos of her and this wasn't one of them.

No. 269230

Anon has such a weird vendetta/jealousy issue.

No. 269232

Why are you spergs posting family members? She's honestly gorgeous though I'm surprised Belle doesn't look more like her.

No. 269234

This anon is just baiting and has a massive vendetta against Belle. I mean, they even have underage photos of Belle on their phone too. Talk about creepy and stalking.

No. 269311

I'm assuming it's someone who knows the family which would explain why they have all these photos we've never seen before. They either really hate her or really want this thread locked. Either way it's cancer.

No. 269313

No, whoever stalks Belle and her friends is the one that does this. They don't do this to try and lock the thread. They use this as a personal shitposting place because they just hate Belle in general without reason. They go through the effort of editing her images too and it's just to clutter everything up. They come back and do this every week.

No. 269340

Yeah, this thread should've be locked, but that's not the point. Also stop assuming only one anon is tired of this shitpost thread. Belle's stalkers keep fucking it all up. These posts aren't from imaginary stans. Its okay to admit anon has a vendetta.

No. 269342

Anon or anons itt need help. You are literally retarded. Buy a diary and scribble out your schizo thoughts and opinions there instead or contribute actual milk, oh wait there is none(sage your shit)

No. 269374

Why do you idiots keep going on about old milk? That's not the point of threads. This is why anons want it locked. Nothing new and stalking her friends to get glimpses of Belle and calling that 'gearing up to show her face on the internet again' makes absolutely no sense. Her outside life doesn't tell us anything when it's not even her posting. Anons have a massive unhealthy obsession with her to the point they want to DOXX her and dig into her parents. It's fucking weird.

No. 269400

She looks more attractive than her own daughter.
Pretty embarrassing tbh.
Sophie is a much better model than her own daughter.

No. 269412

Somehow I don't think ayrt is the same anon who's trying to dox her. They've stated they don't care about her multiple times but only want the thread open out of principle. Farmhands can deal with the sperg posting.

No. 269444


Yup. As soon as I saw it, it just totally added to the idea that editchan is DEF someone who knows Belle. I mean, what if she already knows who it is? And it's just hilarious that people think it's literally Belle trying to get the thread locked. Like look, I get where you are coming from, but this keeps being the justification of giving the most fruitless meticulous milk. For example, enhancing the brightness of a photo to expose her gut bloated from drinking. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the losers who obsessed over that TINY fucking "milk" has a sagging gut whether they drink or not.

The only interesting thing on this thread at this point is trying to figure out who is her most devoted fan, editchan.

Oh no whiteknighting because she called me fat :( get therapy lol. The ones who claim this is wking aren't here for entertainment anymore. There's zeroooo milk. Just admit that you are just as emotionally busted and terminally online as Belle. Guess you both have something in common after all!

No. 269478

Stalker, kys.

No. 269479

And the fact the editor tries to pretend they aren't a simp. Who the fuck obsessively goes to porn sites and edits Belle's photos in Facetune besides this retard? Its not even a simp, tbh. Its just probably some 20 year old being an autistic fuck who enjoys spamming this shit for DuH lUlz.

No. 269486

Kek why did the mod delete the picture of belle from a party she just hosted for Kai's birthday? But left all these infighting posts and actual spam earlier in the thread? Weird

No. 269503


Nah it's an anti-simp. They are so obsessed with their vendetta that they are practically a simp, collecting her photos, editing them, analyzing every aspect of the photos, digging whatever possible detail about their lives, even if it comes off as creepy as fuck. Imagine being the biggest fan of the person you hate the most lmao

No. 269579

Because it's not even about her. Anon is just posting any stalking photos they find that aren't even milky. Anon is a literal creep.

No. 269752

tinfoil: belle is a mod

No. 269762

File: 1670068658680.png (97.2 KB, 854x375, 32487328423871.png)

Kek where did you find this, anon? Can't seem to find it anywhere….

No. 269767

It’s probably belle who posted it trying to get her own thread shut down. Kind of low to utilise your own mothers photos in such a way, especially since she put her foot down and cut you off due to your degenerate rape fetishes. But she’s done worse so…

No. 269794

No way you can be this stupid. No way. You guys are so hungry for her presence here. Why the fuck would she post her own mom? Are you stupid? No milk gets posted here except for editchan's fanart. There's hardly a reason for her to be in here. At most this has to be someone she knows personally or knew her. She doesn't live in a vacuum where she's the only one with access to her mom's photo. It just has to be someone who has or has had access to personal photos, be it Facebook, Whatsapp, messaging, flickr, etc. How many times does "get therapy" need to be repeated before you tinfoil nonas get a grip. This is pathetic. This is why y'all come off more as some twisted form of simps. Wow.

No. 269842

She's been known to meddle around in ANY gossip thread about her so it's not a wild concept. She will also send her partner to her threads to skew the conversation. These are facts and it happened on PULL, an old defunct gossip website the wk loves to bring up itt all the time. A lot of cows participate in their own threads in some form, some of the worst offenders are Kiki and shoeonhead (shoeonhead had jannies here working for her behind the scenes)

No. 269843


Anon, years ago. Holy shit.

No. 269877

this thread is retardation on another level. there’s no milk on this ugly thot, mods do your job. or get rid of this thread

No. 269879

Really strange that mods won't shut this thread down.

No. 269892

Obviously nonnie is a creepy stalker who got a £200 uber to belles house, climbed the ivys on the wall and climbed into her window, found a photo of belles mum, took a pic then left x(learn2sage)

No. 269945

>Two anons asking for the thread to be closed within the same timeframe
>Neither can use the reply function
It's true that spergs should let the thread die until something noteworthy happens, but you're not helping. Now more anons will instinctively want to continue shit posting out of principal.

No. 269964

There's some anons obviously pretending they are simps and then also calling out their own posts and acting shocked about "they want this closed?!". Mods already tagged an anon multiple times for ban evading, samefagging, and someone for IP hopping the past threads before. Most likely is the same anon again. Her stalker/editor/shitposter is obsessed to a point that needs medication.

No. 269969

Schizo-chan post reveal when

No. 273260

Who bumped this thread? While im bumping cocaine purr x

No. 273295

Is abipop next to her?

No. 273314

File: 1672065178364.jpeg (154.1 KB, 1280x720, 1E2F9BF4-958D-4D78-B978-A37E84…)

its that girl who did the zelda pocahontas song on britains got talent, all the cosplay/BGT/britshits are all besties apareantly

No. 273317

Kek it's not, Zelda girl went on America's got talent and her Instagram bio literally says 'cali'

No. 273383


No. 273551

>>264693 they say Joshua is jew as well. It is possible, as jewish usually try to have as much money as possible for their children, and Belle once said she was earning a lot of money so that her children in the future don't need to work

No. 273554

Stfu, no.

No. 273771

Hi, Belle! Happy new year.
There's nothing wrong about saving mone for your children. I didn't say it to offend. I try to do it myself

No. 273794

Racebait-fag, kys.

No. 273817

uhm… i would but.. i don't want to lol. Learn to speak, btw

No. 273823

File: 1672606851678.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, EEB85F16-A6B7-45B9-8885-DE5AC0…)

Belle sucks her thumb! <WITH PROOF>

Belle has had braces about 3 times now, hmmm typical for people with a bad thumb sucking habit!
Belle also shows the traits of a thumb sucker with her small top lip, full cheeks and overbite. She has callouses on her thumbs as shown in the photo—>

No. 273826

Uwu notice me belle!!! Get a grip u sasaeng!! She doesnt look on these threads and she hasnt even done anything milky anyway stop trying to stir drama from nothing

No. 273834

Collage making retard is back with their fake edits and retarded vendetta

No. 273846

i thought that was from bulimia

No. 273848

Anon is talking out their ass. There would be a lot of sores if she had herpes. She doesn't have it and it's been easy to point out anons past editing too. This thread is just shitposting fan edits of belle to fake milk.or stalking her friends.

No. 273849

she said herself she has it and doesn't think it's a big deal. was she lying then, anon? I don't have it but I've only ever seen people with one sore, really, not a lot of them. unless those weren't herpes sores, I didn't ask them about it obv

No. 273858

Nona most of the population of the world has mouth herpes. It doesn't make her a dirty freak for having them. Such a weird hill to die on.

No. 273864

Wish Belle would come back doing something stupid again. I miss the gossip.

No. 273873

Stop already. Go shitpost elsewhere.

No. 273942

File: 1672690157310.png (4.48 MB, 1851x3300, 3DB27720-0D40-444D-82C0-B02F5F…)

Belle posted this on her instagram today, i made a prawn cocktail crisps and ham sandwich to celebrate xx

No. 273956

Then post her none existant instagram post. She been banned on the playform, chucklefuck.

No. 274165

File: 1672783372506.jpg (326.4 KB, 1080x1820, 20230103_170150.jpg)

Found another creepy ass copycat lmao she even copies Belle's duck thing I-..
One thing to say about belle is the bpd bitches would love to wear her skin. Makes it a dumber move to post her house when she has about a million stalkers.

No. 274166

Unrelated but do we have a thread for skinwalkers and their psych? It just fascinates me how they completely lack a sense of self

No. 274189

Yeah we did over in /ot/ but it's locked and has been for years. Maybe see if there's any interest in thread requests, bpdfags are always entertaining imo.

No. 274254

There's thousands of copycats. No1currs about your specific skinwalk vendetta.

No. 274317

This has got to be a vendetta. Out of everyone on Instagram, you grab someone who has under 300 followers to post and complain about when she doesn't even do the whole gamer girl pink hair schtick? Fuck off.

No. 274334

Lurk her instagram more of course she has the pink haired gamer girl cat ear photos too kek

No. 274381

why would anyone lurk some nobody with less than 300 followers instagram? There are hundreds of ethots who skinwalk Belle better. Either vendetta or self post.

No. 274454

File: 1673011233260.jpg (2.51 MB, 4092x2772, FlaARJJXgAA9QV2.jpg)

On Dogtorizzy's Twitter and Insta profile Belle is at home celebrating the new year with her friends. It looks like the one she doxxed on Halloween 2021, as you can see on Chance's twitter. It's the same kitchen. But if you look closely at the photos in the background it's Kai and Pixxiecat, as if it was their house (Kai and Pixxie's, not Joshua and Belle's). So, is it Belle's, or is it Pixxie's house?

No. 274463

So what you're saying is you don't have any milk? Posting photos of Belle through her friends isn't milk. She's not doing anything.

No. 274464

No one cares about your vendetta.

No. 274468

Neither. That house is a rental. The owners run a bunch of Nursing homes and they buy up property that no one wants and then refurbish and repurpose.

No. 274738

There was a vid last thread (that was deleted) of belle trying to kiss another women but getting strongly rejected. Can someone reupload?

No. 274840

File: 1673287927773.webm (1.36 MB, 480x854, 1667083464995.webm)

No. 274951

File: 1673352655558.jpeg (277.67 KB, 1170x1168, 3F76CC92-0250-4D56-BBFA-C7894A…)

The ugly horse must have a fetish for kissing people against their will because shes doing it here in this photo of her and her deformed clone troupe

No. 274952

Her side profile looks uglier than usual, wonder if she got a revision and had some meat stuffed back into that nose bridge?

No. 274974

Sage your shit

No. 275395

She looks good there fuck your nitpicking

No. 275517

dream Chin

No. 275585

I hope that girl disinfected her cheek after she went home kek.
She probably had filler put in her nose, it looks like she filled her face too. Belle’s first nose job was the best and she had to ruin it with more nose jobs. Dumb ass.

No. 275591

File: 1673581948862.jpg (34.76 KB, 429x500, 54P.jpg)

oh really?

No. 275608

I thought so too. Her natural nose fit her face fine. Seems to be a trend rn. Everyone is travelling abroad for rhinoplasty that will probably go crooked and droop in 5-10 yrs.

No. 275638

Why do you even come here?

No. 275668

unpopular opinion: Belle is beautiful and smart, and we envy her a little for the money she has made. But we don't like her because of the rape and pederasty and the stealing of images of other girls.
But Belle is beautiful, even with her Pixar nose.
You know it's all true ‍♀️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 275671

Begone simp

No. 275697

It’s still the same, it just looks particularly disproportionate in a real photo with no filters

No. 275702

File: 1673632443988.jpg (116.76 KB, 1200x675, CsPo-gzWcAAZ2d5.jpg)

+"Well, I think Belle is beautiful"
- Lolcow:

No. 275841

She really is good looking, I don’t know why people can’t just admit it

No. 275860

Because the bullshit about her original features looking good is something anons think is even funnier. All the surgery she had looks good.

No. 275992

Or it's the fact that appearances are subjective, and acknowledging that some anon's have a different opinion is the healthy middle ground.

No. 276004

Lurk more. Anons don't do that for quirky different opinions.

No. 276090

>Lurk moar
This doesn't even make sense are you new and think anons are all the same? Tinfoiling how people could possibly have different opinion instead of accepting that's just a given makes you fit in perfectly by this thread's standards kek.

No. 276259

I saw belle cross the road infront of my car in brighton today, i beeped at her but i dont think she heard bc she had earmuffs on, i wish i took a picture

No. 276262

Sage your bullshit

No. 277582

Belle sometime ago told nobody recognize her in the streets only children did
sage? i don't know how.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 277590

Newfag, fuck off if you can't post caps or real milk.

No. 277706

there's one in snow too

No. 277779

Hi belle u look very whorsey today("hi cow")

No. 277901

File: 1674333008476.jpeg (51.9 KB, 360x670, 1781A77B-A423-4622-9A06-7C4282…)

Belle tries so hard to avoid being in photos but she just ends up looking like a freak in the corner

No. 277902

File: 1674333612895.jpeg (173 KB, 1170x605, 5C2613C7-3E7F-49CA-9D13-212E8A…)

LOL is belle about to have some ukrainian living in her spare bedroom ??

No. 277933

That's not Belle, you retard.

Back to being desperate, anon? Learn2post. This shit isn't milky. Just shows your unhinged still. No one gives a fuck about your attempts to make this an archive of useless photos. She's not dead, so wtf is your point?

No. 277944

Is Pixie Ukrainian? I always thought she was Russian.

No. 278039

This is old but only a fellow thumb-sucker would know to look for the callous on the thumb

No. 278050

It doesn't even look like a callous. It looks like she has a burn on the top of her thumb from doing something stupid

No. 278100

I KNOW thats not belle u spastic whore, bella hazel lives with belle, in the same house, believe it or not.
>This shit isn't milky. Just shows your unhinged still
girl calm down, just because you’re the manager at some primark in milton keynes doesnt mean u get to boss people around on here, i probably have more milk on belle than you can drink before shitting yourself u lactose intolerant bitch

No. 278103

Idk they make a good point, Belle has the thumbsucker typical mouth with harsh nasolabial folds

No. 278229

Go outside, stalker.

No. 278516


Belle: omg! Don't get me in that photo please! My privacy must be respected

Also Belle: has nude photos and hard-core porn of herself plastered across the entire internet, makes a video on YouTube doxxing her house and location with her boob job hanging out and her body barely covered in pasties

Make it make sense please..?

No. 278532

File: 1674590317748.jpg (329.4 KB, 2400x1080, Jjj.jpg)

No. 278586

No. 278607

Eww what is that creept AI shit

No. 278633

File: 1674666981189.jpg (Spoiler Image,319.54 KB, 2880x2880, 20230125_121559.jpg)

Sorry jannies for no sage but I feel this is milk

No. 278639

No wonder mom left you dad. You're a disappointment.

No. 278645

where’s your parents. where’s your husband. 30, fat alone on lolcow. your dad raped you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 278650

Cool, two has-beens.

No. 278669

File: 1674682025996.jpeg (153.99 KB, 1080x810, dadfeels__1962608825.jpeg)

So the cow wasn't inactive but you post these irrelevant people.

No. 278673

File: 1674682694323.webm (Spoiler Image,6.88 MB, 720x1280, dadfeels__69.webm)

The video

No. 278686

so she's in America now?

No. 278687

Why's she always wearing massive earmuffs? She autistic?

No. 278699

damn. i was wondering if the dad feels ARG actually went anywhere good. a little sad to see this is what became of it.

No. 278731

Hehe this is so funny to see. Hit a bit to close to home huh? Kek. Also it was a mistake to include "dad" at all. Seeing what kind of content he does this looks scumy as shit(which seems the case with old youtubers) Wishing he gets knocked out in the ring.

No. 279399

she just goes on hiatuses because she's too lazy to post honestly not because she wants a break from "fame"

her last comeback was soo low effort, she didn't even bother trying to make a decent backdrop or costumes. creativity went to null. she seems super unkempt and like she's lost her spark

No. 279400

and that house oh my lord, the carpets and runners are in desperate need of replacement. the land is beautiful but the house is so grimy inside. she needs to get back on her stims or whatever she was taking in her height of fame

No. 279413

File: 1675019962365.png (847.17 KB, 760x1188, Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 19.18…)

i forgot this is what she looks like without ps (ugly)

No. 279431

I can smell the male from here, sage your babble

No. 279434

Was already posted, lurk more, and she looks fine. Way to cap ot at a dumb face to try to prove a non-point. >>278532

No. 279435

No. 279504

Actually thought she looks pretty here, wtf is that eyebrow though

No. 279558

What is it with you idiots falling for bait posts, just report and move on.

No. 280272

NTA Bumpy doesn't mean long, the bump is clearly visible in the photo posted.

No. 281962

File: 1676493931186.jpeg (755.52 KB, 1125x1297, C6CF3E2B-8BD4-4F9A-8B8B-EB279B…)

so this is come back number what, four now?

No. 281963

File: 1676493996395.jpeg (618.51 KB, 1125x884, 72472C12-D0CE-405C-A80A-FA2654…)

i don’t know why she doesn’t just post regularly, with the way she’s doing it people have forgotten about her.

No. 281967

her dad acts like the mom from mean girls

No. 281968

that’s not her fucking dad retard

No. 281969

the entire video is trash

No. 281970

File: 1676497336044.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1829, FB4FBCA5-83DD-4FB3-80A1-017935…)

No. 281971

wow, very weird. a has-been egirl posing in front of an ugly never-was scrote. She really did only have one good idea rattling around in her head, and credit where it's due that she launched a thousand egirl OFs (although culturally it's bad) but it is kinda sad to see her just do rehashes of her own old schtick every 6 months.

No. 281982

Why this bitch always shot just bouncing on her bed? She too lazy to actually dance or what?

No. 281983

File: 1676502782334.png (405.6 KB, 665x469, dnb.PNG)

Tinfoil but she's probably going to be a secret fighter on Creator Clash or something, maybe a slutty ring girl since she probably can't fight. Dad is irrelevant as fuck but he arguably had the most buzz during the 1st one since he knocked out Matt. His announcement vid has her name on it too, I can't image either of them are getting anything good out of this

No. 281987


this thumbnail is a jumpscare, you're giving me heart palpitations nonna

No. 281988

Easy: manic episodes

No. 281989

excited to actually see her take a fist to the face. last creator clash with minx was brutal.

No. 281992

They’re really gross together even if it’s for le meme lulz. On Dads Instagram long time fans of his (I think he used to do horror or surreal videos on YouTube or something?) have said he is disappointing them

No. 281993

Samefag, the whole ddlg thing being ironic or self aware or whatever doesn’t make it any less gross and annoying. No1curred when belle took those photos with twomad other than /pol/ tards and moid simps getting heartbroken about it for 2 seconds and moving on because belle is washed up and old news.

No. 282001

This video is disgusting. As if the horse faces she was making weren't bad enough, that moid is nightmare inducing.

No. 282016

is that really her dad? wtf?

No. 282020

Manic phase full throttle again, anyone else notice that she lost a lot of weight? Her boobs look better too, wonder if she got the implants fixed

No. 282023

Is this her actual singing or is she lipsyncing here?

No lol. That guy appears only about 10-15 yrs older than her max.

No. 282028

The credits are at the end of the video, its not her

No. 282030

Engagement for this video and tweet is extremely low. Each video has lower than the previous. Her time is coming to end. She caught the zeitgeist a few years ago but events have moved on and there’s nothing new in the tank. Still she’ll walk away very wealthy. So from her pov that’s a W.(sage your shit)

No. 282036

it's just sad and almost pitiful at this point. if only she saw what 90% of people outside her niche audience sees

No. 282043

“Dad” is a YouTuber and like another anon said he used to do creepy/surreal/ARG type videos that appealed to a wildly different audience than this, but he’s pretty much hopped on the regular ass youtuber train for clout. I don’t know why people are surprised, he’s been doing this for at least a couple years now.

No. 282046

looks like she is still pedobaiting, and here i thought she would stop doing that.

No. 282052

lmao i knew it. her real voice is awful.

No. 282053

What about that looks pedobaiting? She looks like every thot in this video.

No. 282055

It’s no surprise. Her fan base were a bunch of lolicon pedophiles, the implants were probably the final nail in the coffin for them and they have moved on to some other barely legal teen if their hard drives haven’t already been ceased no doubt. The ethots that idolised her have probably moved on to some other fashion trend. You can’t be doing the same shit for 4 years straight and expect everyone to still be excited. Unless she joins tiktok to gain or maintain popularity like every other “influencer” she’s just posting on almost dead sites and taking hiatus after hiatus does no one any favours in remaining relevant, it only did the first time because it was a mystery where she went to and everyone thought she might have been dead, now no one is bothered.

No. 282056

Doesn't that just make her the standout in that area then again if everyone has moved on which means there aren't many thots to compete with her again? If she's going to be posting enough, it won't matter. She still has the following to back it up and we have no idea how big her following is on OF. On the social media surface it might not look like she's getting much attention, but her OF could have 1000s of subs still.

No. 282059

Not really imo, people just mindlessly scroll tiktok, that’s why tiktok is so popular and other sites like youtube shorts and instagram reels have tried to adapt this, they are addictive to the point it’s hard to stop and peoples attention spans frazzle out for most things over 10seconds so that takes youtube off the list and IG photos don’t get that much engagement or reach peoples feeds like reels do. Cant speak for twitter as it’s not something I use, but besides the occasional photo she doesn’t engage with her fan base much on there or tweet. Also imagining OF is super saturated now with hardcore content, she doesn’t stand out at all, she’s just being left in the dust.

No. 282063

Exactly. Scrote mentality is to follow any girl that shows skin. They don't care to check up on them, so her numbers probably won't waver, but she is mixed with 100s of other thots that these same men followed in the time she was gone, which is what is going to affect the view counts on all her socials, but the actual followers and stuff probably won't decrease. Men have this collecting mentality and think following is the same as having all these women 'they know'.

No. 282064

File: 1676568108079.png (697.32 KB, 715x796, numbers.png)

Her numbers aren't that bad, a lot of people just don't engage ever.

No. 282078

Are you retarded? She’s dressing up as the power puff girls, and calling this guy her dad. Who do you think any of that is for?

No. 282080

Dammit! I think of something.. Pixxiecat is suposed to be Belle's BFF, who has an OF too. So, when she does vids like this that are so viral… why doesn't she help her friend as well?

No. 282096

She doesn't even look like a child, anon. You have issues. Nothing about this was her pedobaiting. Maybe if she was pretending to be a LG, but nothing about this with what she's wearing, how she's dancing, is pedobait. You pedobaitfags are the worst, stfu.

No. 282102

Omg you’re so right anon, I know tons of grown women who sit on mini children’s plastic chairs and draw on a little mini children’s plastic table and even eat crayons too hehe uwu. It’s not childish at all, it’s just quirky.

Gtfo of here diaperfag. Even if it’s just a character, costhots usually cosplay someone if age be it a marvel character, game character or at least a character that’s gone past puberty. She’s hyper fixated on dressing as someone no older than 8 years old whether it’s Vanellope von Schweetz, a Powerpuff Girl or the girl from Finding Nemo and shoving gummy worms up her snatch and acting hyper sexual. It’s fucking BIZARRE.

No. 282105

Why do they have to do Powerpuff Girls dirty? I hope Cartoon Network copy strikes.
Also, why are her youtube videos high quality and her porn looks like a crappy PowerPoint presentation?

No. 282107

It seems like you got brain rot from watching all that porn. Don't play dumb here. It's not going to work. These characters are from kids' cartoons.

You are right tho, Belle doesn't look like a child. She looks her age. The marketing genius should start pivoting her content. Every year new batch of 18 year old baby faced thots enter the market. She can't compete with that.

No. 282110

The guy looks like a serial (pedo)maniac that drives a white van and Bella looks like shes his drugged victim ugh

No. 282118

Its a grown woman with grown woman proportions. Who exactly is looking at this music video and confusing her with a child, half naked with her tit implants out? If you're going to complain about pedobait, at least don't take one of the most obviously un-child-like things she's done and use that as an example. I know she has in the past, but literally nothing about this is childish or alluding to children. She's not even in their cosplays. Go cry about precious badly drawn fake children being uncanonnly cosplayed to reddit. She's going to be 80 years old and idiots are going to scream about pedopandering. There's more milk her than the pedopander reach.

No. 282122

It's parody, they wouldn't strike.

No. 282123

I’m so curious as to how she will age.

No. 282125

>Parodies a children’s show
>Parodies the children in the show
>Is coloring like a special ed child at a children’s furniture set whilst eating crayons
>b-b-but this is a grown woman
Exactly, she’s a grown woman. At this point I would bet you would also find it totally normal for a 40 year old man to be rolling around with a pacifier and a baby grow with his cock and balls hanging out.
>b-b-but that’s a grown man with grown man limbs, it doesn’t look like a child to meee!
Cope and seethe nonce. I beg the feds check your hard drive.

No. 282127

Just ignore the faggot. We all know what pedobaiting is and that Belle has been pedobaiting her whole online """career"". Her and Dad collabing (if you can even call it that) is supposed to be an ironic take on DDLG or daughter/stepdad stuff which for the most part, as a fetish for gross people, stems from pedophilic stuff

No. 282129

File: 1676597357159.jpg (24.24 KB, 500x460, 1674768375637.jpg)

>Because Belle looks like a grown woman her intentional ddlg schtick isn't happening stop discussing it

No. 282155

not a far cry from the porn she makes tbh

No. 282209

File: 1676661102482.jpeg (Spoiler Image,855.61 KB, 750x1003, 02A80416-DAE1-47C0-97E0-29C4D1…)

a broad in little kid’s clothes

No. 282213

whyd she post this thinking she looks good? she looks liked edit-chans rendition of her elongated horse face(except this is for a fact the original you can see on her twitter)

No. 282215

Ngl she actually looks cute and like she’s taking care of herself now(sage your shit)

No. 282216

The blow up implants are gone too? Is it just me?(sage your shit)

No. 282221

She should make a video about ddlg/bdsm(sage your shit)

No. 282224

Implants always look huge and retarded when you first put them in and then settle over time. She still has them.

No. 282239

Showing contents of her fridge. Very sexy indeed.

No. 282242

@1:38 mark, weird small wobble at headboard/poster area. Is she pulling a Dakota Rose with Adobe aftereffects?

No. 282246

No offense nonnie, but no fucking duh she's editing her videos. honestly I think the reason she takes so many 'breaks' is because she diets hard for a month or two in between content, because if you contrast her in the candid snaps from that Halloween party to this video, she's way thinner. It's like intermittent fasting for ethots.

No. 282251

File: 1676682230107.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2955x1804, A1F04E67-96F7-44DA-A10B-3B560D…)

she wants to be lolita so bad, even dressed as her for the tennis court photos. why does she love the sexualised child trope so much.. i couldn't stomach reading that book, let alone CONTRIBUTE to desensiziting men to sexualising childlike features

No. 282252

mfw a 26 yr old guy gets with a 14 yr old girl and ends up making her into this monstrosity. also add on an absent father figure.
every sex worker is the product of men fucking up. (they’re to blame as well of course)

No. 282255

sure, but this is a grown ass woman with a conscience (?) and thousands of people at this point have called her out to correct her predatory ways. we're well past the point of excusing behaviors with sob stories, this person is clearly fully aware and takes pride in what they do.

No. 282256

oh i fully agree. shes very much doing it on purpose to get attention cause that’s the current controversy she’s known for. all press is good press to her.

No. 282257

The book is about the disgusting aspect of it. Maybe you should read it. Its not pro-pedo at all.

No. 282293

File: 1676697369997.jpg (Spoiler Image,524.04 KB, 2048x2048, 20230217_221550.jpg)

Her hair…

No. 282294

File: 1676697401643.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.22 KB, 955x1280, IMG_20230217_220330_036.jpg)

No. 282296


The last time she came it really seemed like a manic episode and it seems like that once again. It's the binge dieting, the surgeries, incapable of keeping stable relationships with people, the intense need for attention and and lack of identity outside of her persona. The fact that this is happening yet again truly makes me think she's blown a lot of her money on really stupid shit. Yet another symptom of being bipolar…

No. 282297


Lol at her ass going from one extreme to the other in mere seconds.

No. 282305

File: 1676710110580.jpg (117.39 KB, 839x1362, ree.jpg)

I know it's also in The Powerpuff Girls, but that heart in heart symbol on the wall is also a recognized pedophile symbol.(take your pills)

No. 282312

Nevermind her hair, look at the Paw Patrols sticker and childish drawing on the fridge.

Paw Patrols is aimed at children between 2-8, so what business does Belle have with owning that other than to fuel her Autopedophilia and pander to her pedophilic scrotes?

No. 282314

There's a clear difference between the two hearts, you must be Facebook mom aged not to notice this

No. 282317

File: 1676717224502.png (336.28 KB, 500x375, Whore-the-Whoville-characters.…)

she looks like she belongs in whoville with that ugly ass long philtrum and tiny nose

No. 282319

File: 1676718146084.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 666x890, Capture.PNG)

stop editing your waist big belle

No. 282320

File: 1676718264974.png (Spoiler Image,618.06 KB, 709x607, Capture.PNG)

vs a still from her music video

No. 282346

wonder how bad her nipples got botched that she won’t show them anymore

No. 282367

>2 different angles
>looks the same
Why does this thread always bring out these anons?

No. 282368

Are you the same anon saying that she's doing the scene from Lolita too? >>282251 If you're going to continue to make up these ridiculous reaches, at least be accurate with anything you are saying. Both things are wrong.

No. 282372

Why tf does she keep lollipops in the fridge lmao is she retarded

No. 282373

Most likely doesn't. Put them there for the photos.

No. 282374

Her face is so bizarre looking, her nose is really long yet so narrow and sloped, her style is definitely completely different to when she first gained fame, she was more anime, cutesy and edgy inspired now shes just wearing straight up trashy child outfits…

No. 282376

Whats up with the whole BLT in the fridge? And the 5 different jars of chutney + pickle

No. 282377

Considering everything else in the fridge looks completely normal and not porny at all, I think she keeps them in there on purpose. My guess is she uses/used them in some video or whatever, puts them in her ass, and if they’re cold they don’t start melting as quickly or something. I’ve never put a chupachup up my ass so I have no idea.

No. 282378

Anon she's been wearing trashy child outfits since day 1, where have you been?

No. 282383

Everything she posts is edited to hell and back again of course, but the level of Photoshop on her arm and face is so funny

No. 282384

"dad" is Nathan Barnatt. Forever known to do anything for clout cause he has no talent whatsoever. He's the type that begs for attention from every popular youtuber until they put him in a video. He's been doing this for 10+ years. If you watch his twitch streams, he doesn't seem to understand why he doesn't get views despite being in EVERYTHING and EVERYONES videos. Its because he has nothing of value to offer and is not interesting in any way. He's probably reading this right now and has a hard on since his name was mentioned.

No. 282386

You need to lurk more. This isn't her first Lolita reference.

No. 282392

File: 1676750187427.jpeg (211.52 KB, 828x1229, 489E6665-D3E1-491A-AD8D-1C2228…)

dad collabed with belle and got backlash, then deleted his posts and posted a long rant on twitter. belle should learn from this, what taking accountability, reflecting, and wanting to be a better person looks like

No. 282394

don't be so quick to put it past her, belle is notoriously obsessed with Lolita and has said it's her favorite book as well as cosplayed as her multiple times.

No. 282396

How do you know it's from backlash on the Belle collab? I would hope that they did get backlash but as far as I know, most people still just simp over her or find her antics basically harmless.

No. 282397

i mean it's pretty much the only "controversy" this small creator has had, people responded negatively to his belle collab posts saying they were disappointed in him and now this within days of that. he has no other negative press on his belt

No. 282405

There's chocolate coins, flavored milk… anon, stfu.

No. 282406

the line of her lip above her teeth looks ai generated ? why does she shoop so bad

No. 282408

File: 1676753303504.jpeg (493.62 KB, 643x813, F048A38A-3172-4854-BE8F-B790F8…)

My personal favorite

No. 282411

Kek it’s a protein shake, dork. And all the half eaten condiments and a meal deal sandwich? So uwu. Chocolate is nice refridgerated. She keeps those lollipops in her fridge for some reason.

No. 282412

File: 1676753530682.png (1.55 MB, 615x898, belle.PNG)

this cant be real(edit-chan)

No. 282413

why are her front teeth so far to the left of her mouth??? this looks so wrong on so many levels

No. 282414

It looks like she's stopped editing.. i dunno if her simps are gonna like that

No. 282415

what happened to her hair lol

No. 282417

File: 1676753965200.png (252.64 KB, 420x502, 2512adf3aggdw234.png)

how are these two the same person?(sage your shit)

No. 282418

suddenly she has a nose? wtf is going on

No. 282419

It's the shitty black box dye drying out her hair.(sage your shit)

No. 282420

wtf she is literally so clearly mid-size or even chubby.. i will never understand how moids label this girl as small or petite

No. 282421

Her weight fluctuates a lot, although I'd still not describe her as chubby in these pictures. anyway, I do think that's why she takes these long breaks. she crash diets before any "big" content.

No. 282423

she certainly does not look like shes been on a diet

No. 282429

she looks old…actually kinda looks like she’s going for a sasha gray look with that smile ?? really think she just stopped making her face shorter

No. 282438

Whatever storyline you want to make up,sure.

No. 282443

File: 1676763501837.jpeg (1019.08 KB, 1536x2048, 5E66BE46-159E-4735-A411-CBE28C…)


It’s like she’s shopping Shay’s closet at this point. Everything is so dirty.

No. 282448

i’m baffled. idk what she did different but she looks like an entirely different person.

No. 282449

File: 1676766833142.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1072x1441, E07CD96C-6826-4908-ABC3-7CD09E…)

No. 282451

you are insane if you think that's "chubby" or even midsize, she is clearly a thin person

No. 282453

she’s fat as fuck and so are you LOL(bones_rattling.jpeg)

No. 282454

thin?? are you having a laugh… her arm fat looks like literal dough

No. 282456

She edits her ass and waist, but she didn’t edit her fat arm, she’s pretty dumb really. Though we should be fair, he no longer shrugs his long head with snow(sage your shit)

No. 282457

This is Nathan Barnatt's way of trying to get more attention. Probably hoping to be interviewed and for people to talk about him and "beg" him to come back. But its all an act and he's still collabing/promoting his future boxing collab (with Belle). It's what Nathan does. His whole life is about attention-seeking and doing anything that gets talked about. He knew about Belle's reputation before collabing. People tweeted him last year warning him but he doesn't care. He only cares that people talk about him. Its exhausting.

No. 282479

File: 1676777135975.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.97 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20230219-032216_Twi…)

why is bro sucking her thumb while fucking herself. so lolicon xD(xD)

No. 282480

I still don't understand why Oliver Tree collaborated with Belle(sage your shit)

No. 282481

File: 1676777240027.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.25 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20230219-032131_Ins…)

her new photos have such horrific amount of Photoshop has anyone noticed? she never used to. it looks trashy and hilarious. her leg is literally warped trying to look uwu smol petite

No. 282482

File: 1676777266018.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.66 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20230219-032250_Twi…)

so kawaii uwu

No. 282485

nobody liked that. every time an artist does a Collab with belle their fans lose respect for them instantly. I've never seen such a hated female content creator kek. and hiatus after hiatus for 4 years belle lost her relivance and no one seems that bothered anymore(sage your shit)

No. 282495

File: 1676788033185.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.43 KB, 1074x1909, 20230219061854.jpg)

The fridge comparison is a stretch. Although, she is still acting like a child in that photoshoot.

However I would like to point out that it isn't a stretch to assume that she was referencing Lolita. She's cosplayed the 1997 film adaptation of Lolita and in her old room tour video there's a bit where she picks up the book and then gestures to her Lolita crop top.

No. 282497

Yeah but this trope of a woman/girl eating out of a fridge in underwear/pajamas is so overused. I would get it if any of it actually matched, but nothing does

No. 282499

File: 1676788636575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.41 KB, 1554x814, 6DFED93C-6F10-44EC-8F4B-F81C99…)

That dude is so fucking ugly

No. 282505

File: 1676795217562.jpg (176.26 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20230219-082528_Fac…)

she did this for years(sage your non milk)

No. 282508

It's bizarre looking due to editing plus surgery/filler. She had a shitty rhinoplasty, lip injection, facial fillers, boob job and labioplasty/butt work/lipo in her waist (or those are just editing, hard to tell). Most people who get extensive work done plus edit and smooth their face look weird af.

No. 282509

If you don't think she edits her waist, you're blind. She edits herself petite when she has a wide waist/hips and flat ass. But in her pictures she has an impossibly thin/curved waist and large ass. She edits on video too with filters to make her body appear smaller.

No. 282521

This photo has the same energy as the Marina Joyce controversy a few years back. Belle, blink if you're in danger.

No. 282522

File: 1676808447036.jpg (19.81 KB, 199x255, ccr.JPG)

Every time she comes back she has a different face, it's literally just the way she is editing her face and she's been getting sloppier and sloppier with time. Case in point. I thought the image above was Edit Chan back at it again but it's exactly the same picture from leaks. She is photoshopping the shit out of her arms.

No. 282524

yeah right? she looks like she's aged horrificly and she's making a poor attempt at photoshopping the shit out of her botched nose to try to look 15 again. and going over the top with shitty kiddie esque fashion taste (as always) and behaving like an uwu toddler for her lolicon leech fans

No. 282526

File: 1676815293727.png (616.58 KB, 683x345, Capture.PNG)

Its so shocking in 2020 she overly edited this much, and now she edits like…this? Ew???

No. 282528

File: 1676815962625.jpg (258.07 KB, 802x895, ccrfr.JPG)

When Autistic Child is your beauty ideal. More silly arm shopping in this entire set.

No. 282529

>she looks like she's aged horrificly
You mean, simply aged and looks like an adult now? She needs to embrace being an adult. You can't pander to pedos forever, not that one ever should.

No. 282530

she looks botched on the left photo too but it's gone out of hand now(sage your shit)

No. 282531

File: 1676816660976.jpg (330.76 KB, 710x713, Screenshot_20230219-142322_Ins…)

look at what she's done to herself
she had such a unique face before(sage your non milk collage-chan)

No. 282532

looks so much prettier in the top 2

No. 282544

This looks edited.. Where's edit debunk anon?

No. 282545

Then why didn't she dress like her? She isn't trying to do lolita again and the comparison makes no sense. Anon just wants people to agree because she did it before, but the food, hair, clothes, not even trying to do the scene. Taking photos in a fridge isn't Lolita exclusive.

No. 282546

File: 1676822359183.jpg (550.93 KB, 1048x1457, Screenshot_20230219_074811_Chr…)

Except can't even find these leaks, must be in a discord because all the thot places haven't updated except the dildo video. I was trying to find it myself too and this looks so warped,more than she usually does, and keep in mind the editing anon slightly shifts things. The tell if that they added a mark to her lip because of their herpes speging, but every time I see a non-anon posted image, she never has the marks and thats not just makeup covering it.

No. 282568

I’m trying to work out why the line in the gap between her waist and arm doesn’t align with the line of the fridge at the top

No. 282572

i dont see any photoshop she just looks fat? if thats photoshopped she must be obese irl

No. 282586

It really is not edited. It looks edited because of HER herself editing it, it's actually straight from a leak site. It can be found here: https://gofile.io/d/Gc7BF1

No. 282587

lolicon to cougar pipeline

No. 282609

File: 1676840315005.png (5.42 MB, 2532x1170, 25DC3818-CE82-4FB6-A6B9-A9FFE4…)

I cant believe i just gave this troglodyte a view

No. 282612

File: 1676841284635.jpeg (334.1 KB, 2532x1170, AAD32A2C-1D62-47DF-A511-BF1150…)

Its so funny when she fails at trying to look seductive

No. 282649

I miss the person I was before having to see that awful screenshot. RIP.

No. 282664

I don't think she's trying to tbh.

No. 282718

That is both the sharpest and blurriest jawline ever

No. 282726

The picture I put the arrows on is from a leak site, not the picture posted in here
Yeah looking at it now it's probably got minimal to no photoshop on the arms but the rest of the set is a joke

No. 282731

File: 1676892328803.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 3024x4032, 4456c0bdf81f9509fd38f5e2b7d863…)

Belle has posted teasers for a new sextape, the quality and angles are hiariously bad. How is this woman still earning money?

No. 282732

File: 1676892446730.png (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 1193x661, Capture.PNG)

No. 282733

I got the pic off a thread of her on a leak site. It is literally real, stop being a belle whiteknight. Can you just simply not accept that she is ugly??? The pic is somewhere here. https://xbunker.su/threads/belle-delphine.23/page-38(this is an imageboard)

No. 282748

What are you talking about angles for when its all pov and scrotes won't have an issue self inserting? This looks exactly like what scrotes want.

No. 282774

Lol(unsaged emoji)

No. 282803

She is the type that gets fatter arms and legs the more she ages. Her simps are aging too they don’t stay teenies and move on. She had her glory years ago. At this point all her content is second hand embarrassment and she should fuck off completely from the internet. All her new photos look like an adult woman appearance wise.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 282805

Her music videos are of decent quality (albeit cringe). Why is her porn so crappy? Like why bother? Just stick to soft core/boudoir pictures then…

No. 282806

>>282612 I actually thought she was holding a gun and getting it inside her mouth and it was just her hand lol

No. 282893

File: 1676986175918.png (Spoiler Image,370.72 KB, 500x748, belle.PNG)

why is she always so dramatic and why does she type like shes retarded(not milk)

No. 282940

Why does belle’s thread always get nuked for non milk? She’s back now, we can talk about her without being red texted every gosh dang post

No. 282942

So the mods are here autistic? Why everything gets red texted lately?(because you won't learn how to sage. lolcow.farm/info)

No. 282963

Eew her fanny oil splattered on her sofa yuck, i doubt she will ever wash it.
>my pussy is all used up
lmao your fanny isnt a finite resource hun that doesnt make sense

No. 282982

>my pussy is all used up

Ahh, just the words that brainrotted scrotes are dying to hear from a woman

No. 282996

File: 1677016014849.png (35.93 KB, 1497x454, twit.png)

Nathan Barnatt (the guy who collab with Belle) just announced he ISNT leaving the internet now. Guess it was a desperate attempt for attention.
Also despite Belle being popular (aka mostly botted follows), wanna see what collabing with Belle gets you in follows? He was doing way better before the collab. lol

No. 282998

File: 1677016717567.png (30.89 KB, 533x557, insta.png)

Belle better buy her followers/bots quick. All her old bots are getting deleted

No. 283010

File: 1677023996424.jpeg (459.49 KB, 750x901, D9BDEAD6-E223-4BAC-BA11-374C09…)

No. 283011

File: 1677024027479.jpeg (343.61 KB, 750x1103, 01D9B481-A3A8-4A2D-B2BA-A35C91…)

No. 283014

File: 1677024730242.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.37 KB, 1280x720, 81442E1C-C5B5-4242-BA95-53B9CD…)

I can’t unsee it

No. 283015

It’s funny but sad, this is what happens when you try to capitalise of simulated cp and cater to the moidgaze. She’s early 20’s and they talk as if she’s 40 and obese.

No. 283019

Exactly, I feel bad for her because the shit is very mean BUT she made her own DDLG pwincess bed, and now she's going to lie in it. When you cultivate a following of the most disgusting moids they're always going to turn against you because they hate women even more than the average scrote. BTW that moid jetneptune is a Sam Hyde hanger-on, so a bit of cows colliding.

No. 283101

Imagine thinking pedobaiting is a real thing.(learn to sage)

No. 283119

Sage your shit ddlgfag

No. 283134

Sometimes I feel bad for her, but then I remember the simulated rape and her nasty response to triggered women. She chose to cater to the bottom of the barrel scrotes. Wouldn't be surprised if they start talking about her "beef curtains" next.

No. 283135

File: 1677059399525.jpg (268.02 KB, 1080x992, 20230222094224.jpg)

It's so sad that she seeks validation off of pedophilic scrotes like these unhinged bastards.

I would feel sorry for her, but the fact that she is actively pedobaiting (dressing up and acting like a child) is disgusting. She's brought this upon herself.

No. 283136

File: 1677060231669.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 955x669, Capture.PNG)

can she suck in much more??

No. 283137


They want children with big tits and wide hips, but that's both morally wrong and illegal, so they demand that grown women look like that.

See how she's gained a little bit of weight and now all her scrotes are telling her she has the arms of a 40yr old woman. Unfortunately for Belle her whole career is built off of pandering to these degenerates.

No. 283139

File: 1677062463286.jpg (42.95 KB, 600x400, imageedit_1_7758769144.jpg)

She actually gets her viewers to pay for these "cosplays". Essentially just a really cheap wig and then makes it a sub-a-thon stream to extract even more cash out of her viewers. She's been money grabbing a lot more recently as well, making a patreon (with some expensive tiers to watch her react to a tv show), locking all her streams to sub only mode and asking her viewers to buy her gifts constantly. Her mods are even told to post the gift link frequently in her chat that is essentially the same 5-10 people that always turn up stream.(newfag)

No. 283174

No. 283175

Not a Belle fangirl but imo she looks as youthful and as pretty as ever. These bottom of the barrel scrotes are just doing what they do best - belittling, insulting and trying to neg women to their level. It’s their last tool. Like when you reject a guy and they come out with “well you’re a fat slut” or something. They know they can never reach her, so bring her down. Belle really seems to bring out the worst in people, that’s how I know she’s a good looking woman, it makes people seethe. Yeah I’m looking at you too those who hide under the “well she’s a pedo” self righteous guise

No. 283176

That's what I was thinking too. Men have always been like this and they hate it when women make money off of something they jack off to.

No. 283181

This is why you dont sell yourself to scrotes. Not worth it ever. I've heard men say these women are nothing but whores and dont deserve respect while still giving them money. men are idiots and the internet is forever.

No. 283189

Kek moids are so petty
Even more so than women, no one can change my mind. They’ll nitpick whatever they need to because someone won’t fuck them.

No. 283202

>u all hate her 'cuz she's pretty

lolno, nice try. Shayna. a fellow pedopanderer, gets three times as much hate as Belle and she's a straight up goblin. People who claim pedopandering/pedobaiting isn't a thing seem to defend it because they're either pedopanderers themselves to some degree or coomers with low emotional intelligence.

It's not unusual for men to start off with DDLG and jailbait lite before moving onto the real thing when that doesn't do it for them anymore because they're porn addicted scrotes. Enabling or encouraging that indirectly is a part of that problem whether men are naturally inclined to be disgustingly degenerate or not.

No. 283203

That's not their point. This thread is full of people nitpicking Belle's appearance, while ignoring the actual milk (her pedopandering and influence over her fans, many of which are young teens).

You can't even suggest that she's normal looking without being accused of being a scrote or Belle herself. It's all ridiculous and screams jelously.

No. 283204

i genuinely, wholeheartedly don't mind or feel any rage towards this girl when she's not deliberately pedobaiting. infact, i even would've been a fan had her controversies stopped at the bathwater and phub stunt. anyone else?

No. 283209

if you click the past threads, you would see that her pedobaiting and problematic behavior has lasted since she was about 16! there is no hope for this whale

No. 283213

nothing about this annoying ewhore is "youthful" behind the editing, she looks her age if not older ywnbaw

No. 283214

youthful lol r u good

No. 283222

I'd respect the hustle if she wasn't a downright shameless tramp so eager to demean herself for the lowest ranks of men. She could have a successful and even respectable porn career without resorting to the things that she has. She thrives on the validation of unwashed moids and lolicons.

No. 283236

>respectable porn career

No. 283245

File: 1677112047318.jpeg (195.26 KB, 828x1003, 3CC7FECD-B505-43AA-AF9C-3334DD…)

probably the best photo of her, when she is in fact not trying to look like a child! hallelujah

No. 283246

File: 1677112458371.jpeg (759.92 KB, 1038x1560, 38E6A93B-386D-4326-BDC8-07F29D…)

same person btw

No. 283247

this still looks super edited though she looks 0 like this in podcasts and pics other people have taken of her

No. 283249

Her eyes look so edited.

No. 283250

looks like she used that one facetune/faceapp filter LOL

No. 283255

File: 1677119859840.jpeg (530.68 KB, 750x1117, 2FA8BC3D-A989-42D6-B31D-EEC84F…)

No. 283256

This is photoshopped as fuck but I must admit I'm a fan especially in comparison to the weird chipmunk shit she usually posts. Here's to hoping this is the look she starts going for.

No. 283259

We don't need to see the shitty things scrotes say on the same photo because no matter who the cow is or isn't, they will say this about anyone who does sex work. In fact, you don't even have to do sex work like >>283175 says. This thread isn't about the scrotes.

No. 283266

So those are her real lips, much better than those silly squirrel lips(learn to sage)

No. 283282

Every aspiring e-whore should see these comments and ask themselves if sex work is really that empowering.
Her body is the product so the criticism can't be compared to insults other women get for turning a scrote down. Same goes for her face. This isn't a fansite. If you get butthurt over the nitpicking you are in the wrong place.

No. 283287

>implying nitpicking isn’t discouraged in almost every thread on lolcow
Aside from being made aware that Belle’s fans are no longer interested in her which we are aware of already I have to agree, I don’t care what scrotes have to say about her.

No. 283311

File: 1677170648244.png (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 605x3714, lmaoooo.png)


No. 283312


Thats actually embarrassing

No. 283313

File: 1677171381832.jpeg (319.27 KB, 745x1170, E6BDFFE2-CCF6-4A38-8223-FBF6C7…)

Tree trunks

No. 283314

Fucking weird that this 5'8" fully grown woman is still putting on clothes and accessories clearly supposed to look like what 10 year old girls wear and then posting this shit for men.

No. 283318

File: 1677172963066.png (8.22 MB, 1170x2532, 583CDF37-7D94-4869-82F4-6B08D5…)

Girl put the milk down and go for a walk …(expired milk)

No. 283319

>>283311 this just reads like what a scrote would write. Wasn't there some theory about how her bfs been writing this stuff for her? It sounds so incredibly different from her. And the meme kween shit was all his ideas too.

No. 283320

Well josh is unemployed so im sure he has plenty of time to write gross pornsick shit like this

No. 283325

Get over it already, we know it's belle writing and always has been before she got found out to have a bf. Nothing has changed and it wasn't "always him behind the scenes."
That "theory" was made when people started getting obsessed with her boyfriend. She writes like an idiot and talks like one, I don't know why people suddenly think it can't be her.

No. 283327

This is already posted

No. 283328

Thots write like this. Get over it.

No. 283329

Probs paid writers. Id wager money Belles been with an OF-Management Agency from day one.

No. 283333

it’s written like someone who dropped out of high school wrote it. id bet she wrote it and josh spell checked it.
that’s if they’re still together, do we know if they’re are or aren’t?

No. 283336

>She writes like an idiot and talks like one, I don't know why people suddenly think it can't be her

kek it's true, idk why this thread needs Josh to be behind everything she does online

No. 283337

>>283336 nah all the cringy 'im so horny uwu' has never seemed like her writing. Its so different from her other longer texts. They are probably both involved though.

No. 283340

Her legs are skinny as fuck what are you saying

No. 283341

Go rattle your bones somewhere else anachan
Milk doesn’t make you fat anyways, processed shit does
The vegans I’ve met are fatter than the people I know who eat veggies + meat + dairy

No. 283343

It’s disgusting how she type little pussy and tiny throat…… like stop(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 283350

at first i thought she was just a scummy pedobaiter e-whore but after reading this stroke-inducing text i am sure that this woman is retarded and has no idea what she is doing. Bless her retarded heart.

No. 283355

>we know it's belle writing
We? How do we know that?
It's not uncommon for the manager/pimp to contribute to the written content. Venus has Ken answering fan messages. Andrew Tate made the girls do the camming and wrote all chat messages.

No. 283357

People that's followed her for years, nonna.

No. 283363

Nta and ot but milk in large quantities will definitely help you gain weight, it's designed for nourishing growing baby cows after all. Not sure why that's a big deal to anachan though when there's fast food

No. 283376

Only a 12 yo kid would find this hot who sits at fortnite(learn to sage)

No. 283384

>>283340 compared to how she used to look its a big change. Arms most obvious then maybe tummy? Legs I don't think look bad at all.

No. 283395


LOL absolutely not. She comes off as broke and rich at the same time. Like someone who doesn't like to spend on expensive things, but spends A LOT on cheap things. It's why she's "wealthy" but comes off as trashy like those cosplayers who buy their whole get up from AliExpress. And as for Josh- it doesn't seem like he participates much in the business anymore. That's why the quality has gone down. He has genuine technical skills in photography and what not. Who knows if that's even his dick in this new stuff. I wonder if it's because of disagreements on pay ..

No. 283400

Anyone can make up a story like that, I don’t think she paid a writer or her boyfriend. My question is why you need to write all that, it’s more than obvious that this cow has a dry vagina, like cat’s tongue. I can’t imagine her thinking about anything other than what her squirrel face looks like or how to be relevant on the internet again, let alone having "naughty fantasies," all her shit looks, reads and feels fake.(learn to sage)

No. 283402

File: 1677231185467.jpg (196.95 KB, 826x904, Screenshot_2023-02-24-10-24-42…)

I actually just enlarged the last picture Belle posted on instagram and I saw Josh reflected in the handlebars of the bike hahaha.
and in fact, he's warm in his red mackintosh, while Belle is in her knickers… Won't she freeze to death? >>283395(learn to sage)

No. 283404

I swear she gets an older friend or relative to write these, the language and what she thinks is "hot" is what someone 50+ would come up with. That or she has the mind of a middleaged woman.

btw I think she looks fine and scrotes tiny penises are just non functioning at this point after jacking it to hd violent porn for years straight while seething about how much they hate women. Removing themselves from the gene pool by inducing their own erectile dysfunction and then acting like having a scrap of body fat is a turnoff while they weigh 250lb and have a dick the size of a cocktail sausage

No. 283413

>>283402 well yea? Who did you think was taking her pics? No way is she gonna take a tripod out there that would look shit.

No. 283414

I don’t get it. Who is the even wrote for? What moid is going to onlyfans to read some delusional tldr blogpost. Scrotes are simple visual creatures, they don’t want to be reading 50 Shade of Grey fanfic kek

No. 283424

It's actually slight cuck/fantasy fanfiction for them to read. Its not just a tldr update from her. Did you even read it?

No. 283425

Moids actually read fanfiction???

No. 283426

File: 1677256066088.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.14 KB, 1783x879, Screenshot_20230225-021820_Chr…)

Almost 7 minutes of as per usual not being able to find her own clitoris and just shoving her dildo in and out then sucking on it during intermissions while making the most God ugly faces. She is going to wrinkle terribly.(nitpicking)

No. 283429

Everyone reads it, anon. They just do not read shit like shades of grey.

No. 283445

File: 1677265617600.jpeg (891.29 KB, 1170x1967, B6A5B644-A7AF-46AB-9373-7C8586…)

The new hair colour is making her look like michael jackson, also whats up with her retarded captions(stop posting edits)

No. 283446

Yikes, she really is looking pretty botched in these bike photos. Whenever the last comeback was I still thought she looked pretty good but yeah, definite shades of a Jackson face here. I'd go Janet over Michael, but same way too narrow nose and big joker smile. Of course leave it to her depraved coomer moids to be angrier at her relatively minor weight gain that makes her look more like an adult, than her totally fucked face which makes her look like an alien.

No. 283447

is this the original or is it edit chan? she's unrecognizable in this photo

No. 283448

File: 1677266610796.png (394.41 KB, 433x663, Capture.PNG)

Jesus Christ. She looks like a ventriloquist dummy.

No. 283449

It is edited and I just checked her Instagram. These posters need to stop coming here.

No. 283450

File: 1677266979746.jpg (255.54 KB, 1080x1459, Original.jpg)

Stop editing these.

No. 283451


I swear this is Belle again who takes her public pics & makes the obviously edited photos to post on here. Its to invalidate the posters/make everyone look like they are jealous. She's done something like this before. She doesn't want new visitors to come here and believe the true stuff posted on here

No. 283452

It's really eerie how they edit these to be so close that it really does just look like a believably ugly version of Belle. I wish they'd stop with this shit because she has some milk on occasion (all the pedopandering shit and stupid stunt marketing) but pretending she is uglier than she is just makes us look completely retarded.

No. 283455

Belle isn't editing these. She's not on these threads.

No. 283458

While I agree that she doesn't seem capable of the 4D chess of editing photos subtly that make her look uglier, in an effort to what…bury the very small amount of criticism she gets here for lucratively pedopandering? I don't agree with your assertion that she isn't on these threads. I don't understand how you can make that specific assertion. it's super unlikely that she is editing, yeah, but cows definitely lurk their threads, it's not unheard of. for example, how she quickly got all that Connie Delphine shit deleted/privated when it was discovered on lolcow that it was her friend?

No. 283460

She actually looks so much better now, the last time she came back was such a weird episode
Like she was both depressed and manic at the same time? Idk, she dropped a lot of weight really fast
Wonder if she’s still at the same house she doxxed

No. 283461

Skinniest bitch I knew just drank milk

No. 283463

>>283451 uh when has she done something like editing her own photos uglier and posting them on lc?

No. 283465

she doesnt look like a kid but she tries to. thats the problem. stop acting retarded to defend a pedobaiting ethot its cringe af

No. 283466

She hasn't. Anons keep making it up for some reason because she uses SNOW and thinks anons will buy some red herring excuse. Just report the edits when anons post them. They are just trying to drum up some cow posting conspiracy.

No. 283469

not only is she here, but she has mod access.

No. 283496

>>283469 Stop right now and go outside. You are completely unhinged.

No. 283507

This thread is garbage lol.

No. 283544

File: 1677337389177.jpeg (421.57 KB, 1170x1971, 60C3EF4B-4F8F-40BF-9DD9-93883F…)

I think shes looking better each day(edit-chan, please stop)

No. 283548

she's a fat ass thru and thru. Always was. Photoshopping is so evident. She's an uggo(learn to sage)

No. 283551

File: 1677340375228.jpg (1.41 MB, 2640x1980, IMG_20230216_174430.jpg)

She'll never be this thin(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 283552

Stop editing her photos. Are you brain damaged? You even fucked with the saturation for no reason.

No. 283583

Nonnie, can you not self post. You're shitting up this already shit thread.

No. 283593

great to see youre still wearing curtains as clothes

No. 283594

File: 1677356864194.jpg (608.44 KB, 638x911, Image4.jpg)

No. 283598

Quite honestly one of the ugliest foids I've ever seen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 283600

Report the retard who keeps ban evading and shitposting

No. 283606

Yall be wking a fat ugly useless whore it's sad. Real sad. Touch grass or hit a gym

No. 283609

Not you again

No. 283611

Scrote detected.

No. 283612

What is it about Belle that attracts retard? We get it Belle is the fattest, most disgusting creature to have ever walked this planet. You even have to edit her uglier to prove a point.

No. 283624

Edit anon boogeyman aside, Belle is the OG E-thot, this attracts a special kind of stupid.

No. 283635

File: 1677376870071.jpg (43.92 KB, 450x674, 2ee.jpg)

>OG E-thot

Jnig was the OG e-thot, Belle is just another random thrown into the pile

No. 283666

I can't believe this photo was actually posted on her instagram page. It is horribly edited.

No. 283668

File: 1677425985588.jpg (2.24 MB, 2316x3088, 2023-02-18.jpg)

was the photo removed? That specific picture isn't in the link you sent.

No. 283677

So I've been looking for this one too. I think it's edited. I've tried 3 sites, she can't delete these from her OF and we've already explained that she has to delete the whole post just remove 1 photo. I found a photo similar, but everything matches (basket, hand placemen, shirt height, bike..) except everything shoulders up. And thats tilting the photo at a seperate angle too. I didn't bother posting it, but yes. Most likely edited too if you also can't find it anywhere.

No. 283689

nona be real, Nigiri was a costhot before it became huge but Belle, for all her many foul antics, basically cemented the egirl look that launched a thousand copycats. She made pandering to incel pedo-adjacent scrotes the default for girls on the internet looking to cash in on their appearance. Nigiri is definitely less gross, but it's just silly to try and take Belle's early fame away from her. Now why she threw it all away on a half-ass porn career is a good question, when she really could've kept coasting along as a "funny" pretty girl and been a Twitch thot or something. Most of her copycats were smart enough to stop short of actually making hardcore pornography. Good question imo is why didn't she?

No. 283694

Because she’s not as smart and self aware as people make her out to be. Everybody thought “belle delphine” was just a character and she was parodying egirls with a weird twist by acting like a retard pouring raw eggs all over herself but actually turns out after the Christmas porn video she unironically is a whore, she recorded herself sucking dick while looking at the camera the whole time I think it’s safe to say she likes the attention and wants people to think she’s sexy and most importantly she likes sexualizing herself. Yes like you said, why would she do this to herself? Well the answer is simple, turns out she’s no different than most camwhores on the internet.

No. 283700

Yes it's edited.

No. 283797

File: 1677509466150.jpg (315.68 KB, 810x1080, belle-delphine-11_1026.jpg)

No. 283798

Yarrr skin, so golden brauuunnnnn

No. 283802

File: 1677511914917.jpeg (96.7 KB, 1170x540, FDB39049-8F02-4433-A395-DA3537…)


No. 283805

shutup retard stop whiteknighting ur clearly not looking hard enough to find it because its not edited at all

No. 283813

So cropping it isn't editing either? Anons need to stop messing with her photos in general and just post them like normal. The editing, zooming in, cropping, anon needs serious mental help. Its just not her face fucked with in this instance. Don't edit, no problem.

No. 283817

How is cropping editing? They're probably just cropping so they don't have to spoiler the post. It's not like this thread is dedicated to backing up her content or something lol

No. 283819

I think the issue is editing anything she posts now due to anons constantly editing her photos. There's so much back and forth about it and it wouldn't be an issue if anons didn't get continuously caught, so now anons have to question every photo which sucks. Even basic things like saturation are edited.

No. 283820

Her mouth looks like Keith’s from try guys.

No. 283822

I hate Jnigs costhottery and her negative impact on the cosplay scene but I'll give credit where credit is due, she has a great body and works out, unlike belle

No. 283830

i can't believe Belle is 22. She looks so young. 14 or 15. Her face is so youthful(sage your shit)

No. 283831

File: 1677523786016.png (1.21 MB, 1765x721, part.png)

It edited. Again. A second off, but the mouth is obvious.

No. 283841

Belle's whiteknights considers posting anything as editing because they can't fathom her picture quality is shit and she's not as pretty as they think.

No. 283852

Edit-chan is clearly insane but also i've been on lolcow for 8 years and I have never ever seen a thread with so much wking. What's going on? I know not all bans get redtexted but the fact that editchan is the only one getting redtexted while her simps never do is so suspicious. Has anyone brought this up in /meta/ ?

No. 283853

maybe 14 years old in horse years.

No. 283854

that because there are alot of moid wk's here and there people close in belle's life who also lurk this thread.
edit-chan is also really weird…they don't even seem like someone who hates or dislikes horseface. its quite obvious that edit-chan is a horse whiteknight themselves and wants people to stop talking and criticizing horse about horse by posting their shitty spam edits as a diversion tactic.

No. 283856

lmfao at the fact ive been called edit chan when me and another nonna posted diff sources to this image twice, it quite literally is not edited??? it looks edited because your fucking giantess queen edits herself to fuck. ill find more sources for you retards

No. 283857

File: 1677543032997.png (1.77 MB, 1702x979, Capture.PNG)

directly from a leak site called xbunker.su, simply go on her thread there and a file storage site is linked containing the pic

No. 283858

File: 1677543294383.png (1.62 MB, 923x789, Capture.PNG)

u guys rlly cannot accept the fact shes literally just ugly here is another pic from the set

No. 283860

File: 1677543489002.png (807.66 KB, 544x563, Capture.PNG)

Not edited. k losers .she ugly.

No. 283864

Is this a retarded simp or horseface herself. Most rational anons here can obviously notice your autistic attempt to derail and discredit this thread.

Also purposefully posting edited pictures like this so you can get other anons discredited and labeled edit-chan when they post actual pics of belle, just like how that other anon >>283856 got mistakenly redtexted as being you.

Find something else than defending this irrelevant has-been in the year 2023.

No. 283865

File: 1677544835064.png (1023.89 KB, 642x778, FRIDGEHOE.PNG)

No. 283866

I still cringe every time I think about her putting candy in her vag. There's no way that didn't give her a yeast infection. The things some women will do for male approval, my god.

No. 283867

why does she randomly just go emo sometimes

No. 283868

are you lost kek she looks gaped

no need to edit these photos anon, she already photoshops herself enough

No. 283869

File: 1677546093498.jpg (23.93 KB, 360x380, IMG_8164.jpg)


No. 283870

File: 1677546291574.png (1.32 MB, 707x829, Capture.PNG)


No. 283871

im convinced she likes looking deformed at this point lmao

No. 283872

Embarrassing to make a porn account just to access the blocked images and posts just to edit these. What a waste of time.

No. 283873

its one of her deranged coomers or possibly horseface herself.

Edit-chan just made a post saying how we are jealous of belle and then posted some random vaginas. The mods deleted that post though.

I guess this solidifies the fact that this is a weird deranged fan, so i hope retards from now on stop calling them a belle-hater because.

No. 283877

File: 1677548341676.png (2.82 MB, 1920x1080, bellepipeline.png)

>>283866 I think she has an internal battle between the two styles. Early on she was really edgy then turned into jfashion, about this time the purple hair kotori incident, but she still threw in more emo looks, now its pretty rare since she's so deep in the pedopandering who I assume do not like that style. And I don't really think she has a real sense of self. Repost because I am stupid.

No. 283878

shes always just followed trends, when she wore more edgy things thats when "alt" was popular, etc

No. 283883

Its definitely not a fan.

No. 283886

I see you nona I feel like I'm having a stroke itt at this point
We have both posted identical images from different leak sites. That image is real, get over it already

No. 283891

File: 1677575114131.png (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 1558x772, Belle scar.png)

Seems like she forgot to edit off her scar from her boob job in one of her recent photos. Here's a direct link before edit-chan inevitably starts posting her fan art.

No. 283897

it is he spammed posts calling us roasties (got deleted) while he was posting his belle edits.
Its obviously a fan spamming this thread and trying to stop any actual discussion of the horseface whore.

No. 283906

Why would her fan photoshop her uglier? Then again, she attracts the worst kind of scrotes.

No. 283910

Stop falling for bait guys, just ignore and move on

No. 283916

Its just typical shitposters. I've seen them try this logic in other threads. Fans don't do this shit.

No. 283917


No. 283920

look at HimeAhri's thread, the jvlogger thread, Taylor R thread, Nicole, and sometimes Venus's thread. The first three are filled with repetitive wk posts, too. It's been discussed in meta but I haven't seen a huge change in how /w/ is being moderated. Maybe a tiny improvement but not much.

No. 283921

it's so baffling to me that men think shaming the size of women's labia is some kind of W. Pornsick sickos.

No. 283922

Anon, it's called bait.

No. 283940

File: 1677622532931.jpeg (562.52 KB, 640x1386, 66FAB009-EFB8-4672-9DEA-AD4C05…)

You can see where underlines her upper lip to make it look super thin kek

No. 283967

She's also done other techniques to change her lip shape. Who cares? It's makeup.

No. 283968

This has to be the worst thread on this site. Anons spend all their time infighting and white knighting. Whenever anyone actually brings anything up about her you get an army of white knights saying "No one cares" or people trying to start arguments. I wonder what it is about her that attracts retards.

No. 283969

Anons are mad about edited images right now. No one has actually brought up any milk.

No. 283971

You just summarized the HimeAhri thread lmao. It’s interesting how many WKS live in /w/.

No. 283991

File: 1677657636688.jpeg (331.19 KB, 1189x1163, 12E78E92-2FCB-4B28-80EC-C4B8EE…)

Shit attempt at being quirky

No. 283998

[adware link redacted]

No. 284010

she tries so hard to sound random and quirky and it's so remarkably unsubtle

No. 284016

She is so fucking creepy. The noncery just oozes out of her every interaction especially with women. I swear she will be some sort of female sex trafficker one day.

No. 284031

>>283991 How the turn tables. Now shes writing qUiRky things on popular egirls posts, hah, rather than have them flock to her

No. 284037

Kek, belle doesn't even have the paid checkmark.

No. 284047

That was haulted and unlike other costhots, she not being a bitch and pretending she's verified

No. 284075

File: 1677713621886.png (2.69 MB, 1181x986, EA2A5CEB-7B61-430B-BBD8-9044B3…)

belle posted a bunch of photos from her holiday on onlyfans, this the woman who claims to be petite? she looks 6 feet tall…

No. 284076

File: 1677713727981.png (1.06 MB, 587x735, 1EEE6379-1296-4536-AC91-F1F13F…)

the way im not even edit chan these photos just genuinely are shockingly ugly and get worse and worse the more i scroll

No. 284077

Again with that weird plushie-duck…

No. 284078

File: 1677713935900.png (1.61 MB, 753x901, 37B8FD20-2CFB-49DF-92C4-B88639…)

sorry for dump but some of these are too funny not to post

No. 284079

File: 1677713955885.jpeg (119.3 KB, 1024x683, F2BF905B-0C85-468D-9BCD-B916D2…)

this woman has successfully catfished the entire internet. this is the same person.

No. 284080

>>284076 Wow she looks like a normal person. This is much nicer than her weird filters and animu goddess. I know she has edited the pic herself but she looks great tbh.

No. 284081

File: 1677714218754.jpeg (260.21 KB, 887x880, 51FE0458-2C78-498C-A4D1-4271C9…)

she looks diff in every pic

No. 284082

she is ageing horrifically which i can imagine is her absolute worst nightmare kek

No. 284083

File: 1677714336439.png (124.84 KB, 853x235, FA756E8C-BA2B-46AA-B296-D24B94…)

unedited kek

No. 284085

>nitpicking the word petite

No. 284089

i agree, finally im looking at a human being and not a polished up loli sex doll

No. 284091

god seeing her enjoy her life and try to be wholesome feels so off knowing what she's had to do for it, how to fund it and so on

No. 284092

What's funny?

No. 284093

perhaps the fact she tries to larp as a toddler but irl looks like a 30 year old widow?

No. 284095

I don't understand why she'd post fully dressed holiday photos on her porn account, which men log in to specifically to jerk off, like…

But she looks good in these, I'm not seeing the catfishing tbh

No. 284096

Obviously she's not dressing like that on vacation. For the most part its just a persona for money.

No. 284099

I don't see it either and also men catcall fully dressed women all the time, so out of cosplay/thot stuff is probably still a turn on. No doubt some guys want to see her in her normal clothes to feel closer to reality of what a girlfriend would be like. She might be slowly trying to post more normal things too as a slow transition. A lot of costhots did this with normal lingerie inbetween actual cosplay/costhot lingerie photos. The over the top stuff only goes so far.

No. 284100

this thread is always ruined by whiteknights

No. 284101

What WKing?

No. 284104

she looks a bit like that eyebrows actor in this one

No. 284106

Catcalling is to harass and intimidate, not because they are actually turned on, plus coomers of all people who need to see some elaborate gangbang of ten people dressed as clowns with heights varying by precisely 1 inch before they can coom are definitely not beating their meat to a woman in hoodie and trousers. The ship has already sailed with the "girlfriend" thing too like Belle posts photos with candy snakes up her cooch, nobody is imagining she is their gf.
She should just make a SFW social media to put this stuff on.

No. 284107

Anon, I'm just using it as an example since men will catcall and be attracted to women completely covered up, so her wearing normal clothes and dresses isn't unusual for men to still like it even if it's posted on a porn site.

No. 284112

ngl she looks more presentable here compared to her other photos. She actually looks her age.(sage your shit)

No. 284122

File: 1677728934769.png (1.43 MB, 1378x762, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 10.4…)

kek she doesn't look a million miles away from Jodi Arias here. it's a better look too.

No. 284137

She gets quite freckled in hot weather. I wonder if she meet the old fella whilst in Cape Town(learn to sage)

No. 284138

If it's edited what's the point of praising her for "looking good" when the person in the picture doesn't exist? It's a fabricated person, not how she looks.

No. 284145

Just because she says it's "unedited" doesn't mean its true you guys are way too quick to believe everything she says when she's lied about stuff before she's a social media person and people who live terminally online aren't always truthfull.

No. 284147

Even if it genuinely is unedited it’s a very bad idea to post it on her porn account for all her fans to see now they will easily recognize her in public, atleast before with her pink hair and edited anime loli face she could avoid public attention but now that’s going to be difficult

No. 284148

File: 1677747555018.png (698.08 KB, 528x590, Capture.PNG)

She has such a huge horse mouth. Source is her twitter before edit chan accusations.

No. 284153

File: 1677749974674.jpg (205.98 KB, 810x1080, belle-delphine-11_1812.jpg)

No. 284157

[link redacted]

No. 284172

She's showed herself without all the makeup and stuff before.

No. 284181

Whats the point of even posting it then since milkless social media isn't really wanted in threads? Anons are going to give their opinions.

No. 284184

>>284095 To give her subs the feeling of "omg the real belle im so close to her now" parasocial relationship, makes them feel more attached to her and like they are special seeing her casually dressed.

No. 284189

She never said those photos were unedited for some reason she decided to say these are her unedited raw photos and she only posted one no makeup photo before this is a multiple set from many angles

No. 284190

If you consider this "shockingly ugly", what's your standard for the average person? Her character is absolutely disgusting, and she's not anything standout, but she looks normal here. Not holding my breath that this isn't shooped, but I get the feeling that you're projecting and are probably one of those terminally online girls who overshoops herself to perfection so doesn't have a grip on what real people are supposed to look like.

No. 284191

The lashes and dandruff, the way i gasped

No. 284192

Omg ive been saying she looks like jodi for so long its literally so true

No. 284193

Anon, you can tell that's sand, not dandruff.

No. 284195

She looks good naturally, not aged or haggard or “30” (like that’s SOOO old)… people here must be insecure zoomers.
I will critique her all day long for some of the things she does, but she’s a good looking woman. I’ll give her that.

No. 284197

why do you come to belle delphines lolcow thread to sit and whiteknight her all day. get a job u insecure old hag

No. 284198


No. 284200

Belle literally selfposted in the last thread shes 100% itt rn

No. 284201

Belle wants us to argue so she can stop us from gathering milk

No. 284203

File: 1677790388379.png (1.14 MB, 1254x995, Capture.PNG)

new avatar set looks retarded and her face drastically changes every pic

No. 284204

File: 1677790412817.png (783.99 KB, 703x676, Capture.PNG)

Lmao wtf is this shit

No. 284205

is she having a nervous breakdown

No. 284206

why does she larp as skinny in some sets, but also try and seem thicc in others?

No. 284208

File: 1677790667362.jpeg (402.18 KB, 2560x1706, 082B197A-627E-4980-BD8F-A554C7…)

skipped this one

No. 284209

her legs look absolutely colossal she needs to relax with the crisp sandwiches

No. 284210

File: 1677791267339.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3465x3465, DD28EE8B-A65E-47F4-B5E2-FBDB48…)


No. 284211

Shes never gonna give up the tesco meal deals its her FAVE

No. 284212

She looks like shes just gave birth lmao

No. 284213

File: 1677791382029.png (30.17 KB, 727x221, Capture.PNG)

>youthful face

No. 284227

>>284211 honestly tho tesco meal deals slap

No. 284235

Sure, Jan.

No. 284252

The unmatched textures of the lace panties with the crochet top. Triggered

No. 284311

Shayna DOOP

No. 284342

>does lewd cosplay of a nine year old and wears literal children's clothing several sizes too small in an attempt to look like jailbait
>no u gaiz are the pedos >:c

She might not outright say she's underage but she sure does love to larp as a loli in all but name. No one's getting onto her about her "petite" figure or features, they're calling out her shooping and pedobaiting/jailbait wannabe shoots. Jfc, she really thinks she's clever for this shit. She could do regular cosplay porn without trying to appeal to pedo scrotes and nobody would have much to say other than her shit is low quality, Watch this become the go-to excuse for DDLG/loli dog whistlers and the like just like "I was groomed" is becoming (note- i'm not saying it never happens, but i've seen quite a few girls use this as a get out of jail free card to deflect criticism or to put the blame on someone else for things they consciously and willingly engage in but don't want to be held accountable for). It's all a way to deflect and avoid getting called out without having to take responsibility for indirectly contributing to the normalization of grown men fetishizing teens and children openly via this loophole because they beat their dick to death and need more depraved and extreme fetishes to get off to.(>:c)

No. 284343

Anons are harping on the word petite because they just want to call her fat. They do this to Lori too.

No. 284345

It stays forever on the internet like the rest of her uggo pics(sage your shit)

No. 284350

She'd be even less relevant if the outrage factor wasn't there, it's part of her grift.
Yeah some of the spergs in this thread definitely want to do that. I think the ayrt is probably just referencing the fact she's a 5.6/5.7 average sized woman describing herself as such to appeal to moids who watch the teen/hentai porn genres. Nothing wrong with her height or size false descriptors aside.

No. 284351

It's just so boring to hear them try to make one thing so milky when it isn't.

No. 284374

File: 1677922151462.jpg (182.05 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20230304-091408_Fac…)

kek why would she go to a drag show like this

No. 284381

literally dont understand why you guys who clearly suck up to belle keep coming onto this thread? shes claimed to be ''petite'' and ''loli'' multiple times, and of course we're gonna bring it up because its disgusting and she clearly is not petite…

No. 284387

>>284343 Yea but petite means you have to be thin and short, that's why some brands have petite, normal and tall ranges. You can't be petite if you are 5'7 but you can be thin, that's it. She's not tall enough to go into the tall ranges either just average thin build, even after gaining weight now I doubt she's bigger than a regular S.

No. 284404

This. Its really interesting that I assumed that even though she edits her pics that irl she would look underage but she looks like an adult. Controversial opinion maybe but I still think she would have a following if she just did this and not pander to the pedos.

No. 284409

That's not Belle, that's @emicat555 on ig

No. 284410

Check out @pixiiecat story(sage your shit)

No. 284428

I don't want to 'hi cow' but pixiecat and emicat are not going to gain subscribers from this site. If the cow wants to go clubbing incognito, it doesn't count as milk, and we don't need to know about it.

No. 284436

The anons stalking her friends are crazy. Her mundane shit isn't milky. I personally don't give a fuck about what a cow does outside of literal drama.

No. 284477

File: 1678031263550.jpeg (735.52 KB, 1536x2048, 7AFE08DF-46F1-4C8B-BB71-15738C…)

I think shes gonna start to try a more mature look, even then, her weird loli past is gonna haunt her forever. I think the internet has just gotten the ick for belle because of all her perverted antics

No. 284478

Stop posting old photos.

No. 284488

File: 1678046151998.jpg (74.25 KB, 500x667, belle-delphine-11_2078.jpg)

back to larping as skinny and petite

No. 284493

Soon her waist will be non existent.

No. 284494

Oh ye she almost got sexually assaulted by a kid we bulled at school who ended up getting arrested for grooming. Would've happened if her 20 something (she was like 15 at the time) year old druggie bf hadn't said she couldn't go to the party lmao

No. 284498

>>284477 This is one of her worst outfits. I really hate it. But a very accurate monat hun cosplay.

No. 284507

her waist is as wide as her arm ?

No. 284511

She looks a little bit like Addison Rae here. Also is she not posting nude anymore? Boob job scars must be pretty bad then lol

No. 284512

In some of the other pics from the set she’s posting vag but no boobs. Hmm.

No. 284513

File: 1678064528310.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 688x740, Capture.PNG)

Giraffe legs

No. 284514

File: 1678064677195.png (921.8 KB, 549x606, Capture.PNG)

not milk but why do her features change every pic?

No. 284518

she should really stop preaching about looking young for her age, when there's people like Lily Maymac existing.

No. 284521

you mean jenna ortega who’s 20 but looks 13. lily maymac got so much shit done she looks like the weekend in that one music video where he looks botched.

No. 284535

Random photos aren't milk.

No. 284543

She really looks like nemu here, that old art cow with the fat boy vomit fetish kek

No. 284549

god I miss nemu, she was so facinating. Belle is like skim milk compared to her.
funny that she chooses monster high, which is a very female-based fandom, to pick for her coombait. like, the OOAK doll community are probably too wholesome to complain but like, this is so pedobaiting it's insane. what men even know about monster high let alone care? they probably see small titted loli goth gf with fangs shit here, rather than her cosplaying porn of an underage character yet again.
shayna 2.0, maybe one IQ point higher. that seems generous, considering half her ideas come from her scumbag bf pimp.
I'm glad she reads here. it's us and the other women she so resents she's really trying to impress. it isn't working. traitor thot
sex work will never be real work sorry.

No. 284555

shut up

No. 284560

Back to editing her nose how she used to

No. 284574

I doubt Belle reads here, like anons said, friends most likely do or fans that alert her. There's so many other places she actually has to worry about like leak sites. Privating or deleting a facebook isn't purely proof of her combing the threads and not like much is even discussed here.

No. 284578

she's here. no doubt. The DMCA lawyers should handle the leak sites isn't that what you pay them for?

No. 284582


No. 284583

File: 1678133397482.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 707x845, fake.PNG)

forgot image and sage

No. 284596

Still keeping them nipples covered lol.

No. 284610

She has photos of her not doing that. Go look at her sets yourself. You're basing that off of anons only posting their shit.

No. 284615

Nice try to get me to go pay for her pics lmao. I’ve seen the sets, no nips in sight.

No. 284623

post them then(asking for spoonfeed)

No. 284631

what a retard. shes been covering her nips in every single set since her return in like may 2022. ive checked every single set, she either uses pasties or covers them

No. 284635

Why she thinks anyone believes her looking “petite uwu so young” and larps as it? Homegirl looks mid twenties, early 30s in her new sets.(sage your shit)

No. 284651

No petite or baby faced woman has ever bragged about it, Belle obviously wants to latch onto these traits to make her seem more attractive and unique.

No. 284656

She looks like a brunette 60 yr old country singer from the 80s here

No. 284791

Might be something to do with the type of implants she got. I know someone posted what could be a scar under her breast up thread, but that could also be her implants sitting retarded.

No. 284850

ot but so scrotey here in this thread ew

No. 285056

File: 1678403215388.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 675x856, Capture.PNG)

is this the editing app called snow thats been talked about on previous threads? is she still editing her face/body

No. 285057

File: 1678403266220.png (673.86 KB, 584x734, Capture.PNG)

another pic

No. 285060

>>285056 Yes that's snow. She's used it since at least 2019. That's some intense smoothing, she looks 2D.

No. 285062

File: 1678404332118.png (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 939x864, Capture.PNG)

the smoothing in this is even worse kek

No. 285064

>>285062 It's so jarring when she goes from HD pics to…this. She has good skin idk why she wants this smoothing

No. 285072

Most thots use SNOW or Facetune. If you lurk you should know. Sage your shit. Literally using this as an excuse to post her porn.

No. 285092

That is a pretty square ass.

No. 285308

just had to look this cunt up and she looks like a typical 30 y/o LA bitch lmao. she doesn't look young at all(sage your shit)

No. 285331

File: 1678539325254.jpg (536.6 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230311_075421_Ins…)

I've never cringed so badly.

No. 285341

Nice profile photo

No. 285344

dont lie she looks way prettier than belle

No. 285347

Moid incel begone

No. 285348

She is prettier than belle but she should protect her identity for threads sake

No. 285375

NTA, but that photo is covered in filters, no different than Belle.

No. 285391

File: 1678567459693.png (Spoiler Image,1008.66 KB, 1513x868, belle shad1.png)

Why does Belle Delphine like shadman so much? He is in jail btw(spoiler this shit)

No. 285419

Her entire shtick is 4chan. Are you new?

No. 285436

File: 1678581054563.png (Spoiler Image,245.76 KB, 617x936, Capture.PNG)

showed her nipples for the first time since getting a tit job, i dont see scarring but they look pretty airbrushed so

No. 285439

this literally just looks like shes photoshopped a nipple on lmfao, and why does her right nip double in size on the second pic.. whoever edits her pics needs to get fired immediately

No. 285443

File: 1678581419109.png (Spoiler Image,495.76 KB, 1077x868, Capture.PNG)

lol they change size each pic and wtf is going on with them here

No. 285447

File: 1678581795879.png (Spoiler Image,279.19 KB, 776x869, Capture.PNG)

No. 285458

Why are they so flat like that? The implants?

No. 285475

They aren't?

No. 285486

Is that bed okay? What kind of funhouse mirror shit is going on?

Also pic above that—that left nipple placement is just surreal. Why is it pointing up at the ceiling lmao?? Does gravity exist?

No. 285503

It's the bedframe. It's curved. And the nipple is angle… Are you anons serious?

No. 285526

Yes they are? There is no nipple poking out, is is flat against her areola. You retards will find any reason to defend her.

No. 285534

They look like hard as stone and don't fit her frame at all, I'm not a scrote though so maybe that's what she needed to get more money. Who knows

No. 285542

Further nitpicking and infighting about the quality of Belle's implants/nipple photoshopping will result in bans. Stop.

No. 285547

File: 1678632915559.jpg (59.63 KB, 766x748, Screenshot_20230309-063858_You…)

It's because he's an edgy pedophile who panders to other edgy pedophiles like Belle. She's also cosplayed him before.

No. 285556

How exactly is it nitpicking when it's that obvious?(take it to /meta/)

No. 285566

jfc anon how exactly is discussing her nipples milk? why tf are you posting multiple posts microanalysing the erectness of her nipples? touch grass(you were warned)

No. 285569

you speak like someone who's never seen a 6ft woman before, she looks her her height and actually cute in those photos
if that's ugly to you , you have some serious issues(dredging up old shit to fuss over)

No. 285579

she made them look pink too lol

No. 285580

File: 1678648536982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16.37 KB, 549x565, 53B7F660-E0D9-4669-9C16-B50830…)

genuinely who’s areola is lighter than their actual skin tone

No. 285665

It actually happens, to the point it may appear you only have a nipple. It's rare but a legit thing. Not in Belle's case as areolas don't dramatically change like that, you either have em or you don't.

No. 285670

I don't think the posts are ugly either but come on anon this was from 11 days ago.

No. 285675

File: 1678664720765.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1080x1080, asdfghj.png)

First pic is a few months back, second is now. Just wondering, how does her leg size change so drastically between images? I doubt its major weight loss considering she looks the same (if not bigger than before.) But this confuses me? Her legs look short and stubby in the first, but long and thin in the second. Is it just the posing or some weird editing…(spoiler nsfw)

No. 285676

She does the same with her cunt. The xmas porn video we all remember her pussy lips were darker. No idea if she did some bleaching on her hiatus or edits it so bright(sage your shit)

No. 285691

It has to do with how you sit.
Left: siting not on the bench with knees forward
Right: sits on edge, with ankles forward

No. 285695

her thighs are seated on the couch thus making them look bigger. but also her weight fluctuates and we don’t know when each set was taken.

No. 285808

This whole thread is pretty much red texted. It says a lot about the type of people who post here. I hope that one day we can focus on actual milk and not argue about and nit-pick Belle's appearance

No. 285809

It says a lot about the mod on this board lol, ocd central(sage your shit)

No. 285835


Her vagazzle acc looks good, i wonder where she got it done

No. 285838

Not all but majority of the anons on lolcow are pro sex work that would explain why anons here would rather nitpick her shitty photoshop instead of her career and her social media activity since that would imply they are criticizing sex work which is unwoke to them however Belle does have a lot of milky stuff like how she was texting jack blacks underage son in a flirtatious manner I’m sure they’re plenty more examples but are swept under the rug if anons can find corpse husbands face I’m sure the same anons can find plenty of milk from her but instead they want to focus on how weird her legs look in her shitty onlyfans shoots

No. 285847

Do you have receipts for her messaging Jack's son? I've been on Belle's thread for years now, but I don't recall that.

No. 285875

why r u even on this thread(sage your shit)

No. 285884

"Not all but majority of the anons on lolcow are pro sex work" is a clear indicator that you might actually be retarded.

No. 285948

Whenever a nonnie gets actual milk on belle they get banned bc belles got admin.(>>>/meta/, also sage your shit)

No. 285950

File: 1678829031148.jpeg (372.28 KB, 1170x1432, D4EC8C81-4AFC-4BAC-B8AC-458E4D…)

She looks like the old fb belle here, atleast shes not pretending to be a child ffs

No. 285952

File: 1678829304732.jpeg (338.06 KB, 1170x1438, 18796585-A9C0-4754-B30E-C02A51…)

Its like shes posting mugs of herself at this point (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)((´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`))

No. 285955

File: 1678829504528.jpeg (399.03 KB, 1170x1435, 8F8CE599-E99E-4383-BBEB-CA6EFC…)

>atleast shes not pretending to be a child

I take back what i said….(stop posting edits)

No. 285960

This or the mods are just major wks(take it to /meta/ or at least sage your shit)

No. 285963

stop the way its edited makes her look like pixiecat

No. 285971

So anons know:

No. 285979


While it's pretty obvious, just so anons are aware, these are all the same poster.

All edits that are being passed off as original pictures will now result in permanent bans. You have been warned repeatedly.

No. 286049

Edit chan should've been banned years ago

No. 286062

So true i should but i wont be LOL(emoji cringe)

No. 286064

Thanks farmhand it nice to see more input from you guys on /w/.

No. 286073

The cosplay looks so jarring against that musty old room and brown carpet(your post is so jarring without sage)

No. 286148

File: 1678914736983.jpeg (91.83 KB, 828x722, EE28F1DF-0463-4DA5-83D2-BEC6F9…)

another collab with another clout goblin, she picks the most washed up creators for her collabs

No. 286153

K, I think Belle is stupid and that's why I am here, but to say she's ugly? You guys have MAD beauty standards

No. 286155

belle got mogged by a literal man

No. 286160

>mogging her

KEK I don't care for Belle but there's a lot of filters on that man.

No. 286162

theres a lot of filters on belle too retard

No. 286163

They will probably make onlyfans content to gain more clout so belle goes back to her glory days and fame(sage your shit)

No. 286173

File: 1678922995235.jpg (558.84 KB, 2048x1536, 20230315_162908.jpg)

Your quality is shit. Just upload the photo like normal.

No. 286180

There won’t be any glory days anymore(sage your shit)

No. 286181

mogged by a troon lol both look filtered to shit though

No. 286183

Most people call her ugly just because it's funny how different she looks irl to her highly edited photos (mainly the 2019-2020 era of them, where she would make her head way shorter and eyes huge.) She is pretty ugly in comparison to that overly filtered version of her. You only have to scroll through this thread and a few previous ones to see multiple examples.

No. 286186

Honestly trust nothing in these threads due to all the editing.

No. 286230

File: 1678940537393.jpeg (984.39 KB, 1920x2560, 64386E3F-4AE9-47CB-BC4C-05C5FA…)

>>285952 ¿por qué editas esa foto?? Se ve fea en la foto real(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 286294

Ugh disgusting. Just found out her boyfriend and i share the same last name. Jesus fuck dont let us be distantly related.(ok and? not your personal blog, no1currs)

No. 286311

this thread is a mess kek. all that red text

i guess that tumblr post i saw about f1nn5ter being harassed by some rich old scrote who wanted to feminize him was a lie
>what tumblr post
too lazy to google search it

No. 286377

File: 1679013236685.png (279.01 KB, 993x941, Capture.PNG)

This is what coomers are paying $30 a month for.

No. 286378

Lmao I’m dead at all the filters they had to use on f1nn. He does not look like that in his streams at all

No. 286443

I don't get it, unless she blew her millions from OF, why is she still doing this? Wasn't she suppose to release more porn? Why not go for broke at this point and star in porno by a real studio?

No. 286450

File: 1679049838368.png (Spoiler Image,152.16 KB, 728x796, Capture.PNG)

Ew(sage your shit)

No. 286486

lowkey milk y does it need saging…

No. 286511

Those studios have better picture quality. She couldn't use all them filters and people would find out Belle Delphine doesn't even look like Belle Delphine.

No. 286545

Sage why exactly

No. 286582

I just noticed the bruises on her chest. It's a very weird and non "sexy" place to have bruises

No. 286590

They’re hickeys you retard

No. 286614

a hickey is a bruise(sage your shit)

No. 286648

Stop arguing semantics. Hickies are very specific which is what people are talking about. What is it about belle that brings out the retards?

No. 286672

Its weird that this and so many other posts in this thread get banned and red text for minor slip ups when so much worse offenses go unbanned in all other threads. But especially weird that this unsaged milk post was banned… i believe it qualifies as milk but whatever. If this gets red texted, see you guys later.

No. 286684

No. 286743

Jannies are especially butthurt with this thread because it's one of the few where whiteknights probably flood their report queues because le editchan boogeyman.

No. 286817

File: 1679236876544.jpeg (499.54 KB, 2048x1536, D2E41819-E866-40D6-9CEE-4D8E85…)

I wish this was edited what the hell

No. 286818

File: 1679236906600.jpeg (550.5 KB, 1536x2048, 738CA469-6B85-470F-91F1-9EC240…)

The angles to try and make her but look bigger kek

No. 286819

File: 1679236993724.jpeg (400.04 KB, 2048x1536, 73813D4E-629B-4BD5-AD84-1975E3…)

Thats clearly edited u tard, seethe harder that belle is objectively attractive and looks good for her age

No. 286820

Samefag, I'm so embarrassed for you

No. 286821

File: 1679237081215.jpeg (377.16 KB, 2048x1536, 2574935F-CE50-4F15-A98B-8453ED…)

I would love to see some off u stand next to belle in real life and lets see how u messure up

No. 286823

Lol if it was the same they person they wouldnt have replied to eachother retard(goodbye, edit chan)

No. 286839

Put the drugs down anon

No. 286851

>heavily edited
>caked in pancake makeup
>bolt on titties
>tightness from plastic surgery in her face

i like her dress but that’s about it.

No. 286853

You can't even see her tits and if we didn't know she had implants, it would just be a small chest. She doesn't look any different than girls with b-cups that go without bras already in their crop tops.

No. 286860

Yea now I’m really starting to believe all the tinfoiling about belles simps or friends spamming this thread to discredit actual milk. It started happening a bunch after she fucked up with her nipple edit.

No. 286917

I tinfoil it's her SW friends who are clearly taking advantage of her. They are nice to her irl and come here to talk shit about her. They post unflattering candids of her for clout when she is on hiatus. Jealousy could be the motive for making these unhinged edits.

No. 286938

No. 286954

>looks good for her age
anon, she's only 23, what do you even mean?

No. 286959

Edit anon larps as a stan and a shitposter. It's been confirmed several times by mods in other threads and meta.

No. 287035

File: 1679338336424.jpeg (256.28 KB, 1220x1627, DA70CE5C-6136-4DDE-9320-208AEF…)


No. 287089

Ok big belle(hi cow)

No. 287580

File: 1679526664556.jpeg (257.99 KB, 1170x2075, 0B4CB3C5-430C-4BCE-B577-E2E7A9…)

Imagine spending a lifetime honing your craft just to end up on the wall of a virtual prostitute hundreds of years later. I would be rolling in my grave.

No. 287586

Prostitution was big during those times. What the fuck are you talking about? Most of those artists got zero recognition during the time they painted, they should be grateful people even care. Go moralfag for dead artists from the 17th century somewhere else.

No. 287612

> Prostitution was big during those times.
> moralfag
cope harder sex worker, your “profession” has never been respected and never will be, especially here

No. 287625

Sorry classical paintings being owned by a sex worker triggers you.

No. 287637

Tbh those artists would probably be pretty proud their art is in a multi million dollar mansion. Like other anon said, prostitution is the worlds oldest profession.

I just hate when this bitch acts like she has any semblance of a personality. Girl if you were not conventionally attractive no one would care

No. 287639

I don't know if it's actually her house or not, but the other photos were very curated and nice looking too, like some dean's office parlor. She seems pretty different outside of her attempting to keep up the 4chan personality.

No. 287704

and he can't fuck

No. 287745

this thread really is rife with wk coomers and sexworkers, gross

No. 287850

File: 1679609238951.jpg (222.79 KB, 1170x2080, 337298055757644382942684_n.jpg)

Asking for free stuff after bragging with totally authentic paintings?

No. 287851

File: 1679609363552.jpg (310.42 KB, 1170x2080, 337173551572577178514358_n.jpg)

No. 287854

File: 1679609573569.jpg (310.6 KB, 1170x2080, 507_1837783325732288457_n.jpg)

Her clothing size. She wears size small. Anachans calling her a fatty can fuck off.
(Sorry for spam. I think this is relevant info.)

No. 287857

Men volunteer to buy thots stuff. How's it bragging when they want to just give you free shit? They get off to using their money bc they think it'll be impressive. Let belle drain then. Thank god.

No. 287881

File: 1679612421332.jpg (326.3 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20230323_155847_Twi…)

Belle's response. Based tbh.

No. 287932

File: 1679619802740.jpg (53.13 KB, 466x813, Screenshot_20230323_215201_Ins…)

From her last pic on insta

No. 287937


She's right on that one, ngl

No. 287942


Maybe she just likes to do porn, some people do, most do it for the money but some girls genuinely like and get off of being watched by millions
It is not the worst fetish

No. 287943

how the absolute fuck is she a 32/34A. there is absolutely no way. i know my cup size and bust size and there’s no way she’s anywhere close to mine.
this whole sizing is WAY off, except the shoe size that’s believable.

No. 287944

her feet are gigantic i doubt she's a size 7

No. 287959

that’s probably her bra size before she got a boob job. did she never get remeasured?

No. 287974

>size small
With those thighs? Hard to believe. Her cup size is way off and her feet were shown to be pretty big. If she isn't lying I would be impressed. Shes definitely average weight and quite tall, not dainty or petite in the slightest. Nothing wrong with that but she loves her pedobaiting

No. 287977

You sound like she got massive tits. She got a really small implant, anon. She didn't opt for 900CCs.

No. 287997

yeah but she is clearly not an A cup LOL?(nitpicking)

No. 287999

Get help.

No. 288004

different anon here.
“get help” ur delusional if you think she’s still an A cup. she went from a 32A to a 32C or 34B.
-an average woman with eyes.

No. 288016

NTA, but she was never a C and those are still too small for Bs, maybe after they drop a little due to the weight of the implants they might due to the position. Nitpicking her implants this hard.

No. 288063

File: 1679634433221.jpg (102.39 KB, 1080x1188, Picsart_23-03-24_15-06-17-192.…)

No. 288065

>thinking all her posted photos aren't edited
moids can't be this dumb

No. 288078

lol "hard uphill grind" yeah being the internet-RNG´s chosen multiple times in a row totally fits into that alley.

No. 288081

Belle: sticking gummy worms up her cooch while cosplaying as a child character
Also Belle: And over here, you'll find my 17th century oil originals which I love to gaze upon as I write poetry in my study

No. 288088

This is not based for shit. Men have always used vulnerable women as sexual objects throughout history but have little to no respect for “whores” outside of that. It’s not a greek or roman painting, she’s comparing apples and oranges and may as well have used the tribes of the congo as another example of why the paintings belong on the wall of someone who puts gummy worms in their snatch. Prostitution was used by poor women who had the choice of that or starving, and exploited by men, it was never a respectable choice and by the 18th Century was most likely frowned upon by a moral religious society who associated streetwalkers with outbreaks of syphilis. But yeah Belle cope, artist would much prefer you than someone else sure

> prostitution is the worlds oldest profession.
Yeah, I guess before that people just idk starved.

No. 288091

I think she’s confusing street prostitutes to concubines, yes they have sex as their income but one of them gets to live with the king and wear the finest clothing while eating various meals and live a privileged life while the other barely gets by and ends up dead from STDs
I guess in her narcissistic mind the kings would’ve picked her as their number one mistress because in her mind she’s just oh so irresistible and special unlike all the other whores

No. 288105

>prostitution is the worlds oldest profession.
NTA but no it's not, kek

No. 288140

Nta,but then what is? I know the history, so please explain your take because it's going to be wrong no matter what.

No. 288144

Only her whiteknights thinks its not, this include women whiteknights too.

No. 288176

She buys a 17th century oil painting, and puts it under direct light? Smfh

No. 288177

Nta but what's your proof prostitution is the first job? I'm curious about the history you seem to think you know

No. 288186

Your "history" is literally a quote made up by Rudyard Kipling lol. Look into the history of midwifery, farming and anything else required for human survival. I know this thread is low IQ and full of Belle WKs/obsessives, but still.

No. 288235

Yup kek. She so transparently got this so she could post that comment somewhere. Such a pickme. And oh god I am laughing at this sizing >>287854 sounds like wishful thinking but why request clothing and shoes that are never gonna fit?

No. 288236


She's tall but she is pretty skinny

No. 288238

Well those aren't exclusive

No. 288239

I hate to think what the moids will do to the clothing before packing it off to send.

No. 288244


Ewww you gave me a cursed mental image lol

No. 288245

Why are you guys so invested in the oil painting thing?
You don't have to be a fancy illuminati or whatever to enjoy art
Whores can enjoy art

No. 288250

Sorry but she barley looks taller than 5'7, she just hangs with short people imo. I'm 5'10 and look way taller. She's average for a SA white woman

No. 288251

I think it's just obvious to us who are those sizes that she is not. And especially with that boob job, there's no way she's a 32A. In this picture alone, her boobs look huge >>264838

It could just be that she wears smaller sizes so that they get pushed up more, like VS models do.

No. 288252

Imagine thinking that prostitution is older than hunting, or even babysitting. WKs are retarded

No. 288273

This post is proof she has her bought blue check hidden.

No. 288307

Lol i was the original anon and damn everyone taking it so literally, it’s a quote. I thought more people would know that but I should’ve added “as they say” or smtg

No. 288327

we all know it’s a quote! but they don’t say, it’s just degenerates like yourself who say it to cope and normalise your depraved sick cumbrians and thottery. it’s been repeated so many times, low IQ people like yourself at this point believes it’s true.

No. 288347

File: 1679700890350.jpeg (93.15 KB, 1242x1115, 818A2244-E95E-4DCB-A56D-29AA82…)

No. 288348

File: 1679701134404.jpeg (110.47 KB, 828x566, 0FD37311-E80F-40F5-9F6E-18E8D2…)

man this broad is quite the egomaniac to write about herself like this, also the morons in the comments not realizing their misery is a subject of exploitation from money hungry thots lmfao

No. 288350

>thinking men are exploited by willingly giving their money away
Not how that works

No. 288377

this is hilarious, she really knows her audience

No. 288433

Lmfao you sound schizo, seek help

No. 288444

I skimmed through her new leaked "a day in the life" video it's almost an hour long… she literally ate one bowl of cereal in a total of 24 hours.(sage your shit)

No. 288462

i dont understand how you people can agree her having a cups. she has cleavage, fills up bras fully, and we all saw them naked. if it was before her titjob i would get it because hers looked like big a or small b. now its even bigger than mine and i can fit a c while being b
also how is it nitpicking when all this whore does is talk about her body?

No. 288463

she edited the binge parts out kek
or fasted for the video just to show people how petite she is

No. 288464

that's not milk, that's just poor planning and editing

No. 288465

Because they are dumb scrotes, or fatties who have no idea what an a cup looks like

No. 288474

Pretty sure those measurements she just pulled from her ass to please the pedo scrotes who follow her, she used to be a 32a/b but had a boob job so that would be different now, she isn't petite not excessively slim so she isn't a Small, (she can probably fit in them though, just tight fit) and the shoe size is even slightly off since for her height it should be a little larger. I'm sure she has no intention of wearing anything a scrote sends and it would probably be a biohazard depending on what he did to it before sending, so measurements don't really matter in this case

No. 288485

also could be that she just wears smaller sizes on purpose so that the clothes are tighter and push her cleavage up. regardless, she is definitely not a 32A with those large fake tits kek

No. 288505

This is some dumb shit to nitpick

No. 288508

Ah I see her whiteknights are out, as usual.

No. 288526

If you hear the last video she has posted on Twitter you can hear Josh playing videogames while she acts reeeeally weird(sage your shit)

No. 288531

File: 1679768129021.jpeg (65.42 KB, 1170x634, 71213B5E-4D7F-43E7-A430-7EBE87…)

shes so obsessed with herself You can see it in her eyes, utter narcissist(sage your shit)

No. 288532

File: 1679768218014.jpeg (64.61 KB, 1170x635, 88676D6B-0681-4A99-8431-B6EC95…)

Cant believe i just wasted 57 minutes of my life watching that shit, shes so ugly and weeby

No. 288533

File: 1679768623724.jpeg (922 KB, 3465x3465, AEDD04E3-54DD-4D5F-A8B3-DDECA1…)

The fact she posted an hour long video of her doing boring crap and making ugly faces to try and humanize herself and gain empathy towards people is so manipulative, lets not forget all the gross, disgusting kidnapping porn she made

No. 288535

Where is this video?

No. 288552

This isn't the place for you

No. 288554

jesus christ she is fugly as shit without makeup.. what gave her the confidence to post this LMAOO

No. 288559

it’s the only semblance of milk, we’re not here to jerk off to it jfc

No. 288569

Its the ‘belle delphine day in the life’ video that got leaked and is circling around various sites, just pop the title into google it should come up pet xx(namefagging)

No. 288570

Imagine spending like £8k on a nose job only to cartoonishly contour it to death every morning. Such a sad life(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 288571

Parts of these might be edited, just warning anons since they are posted by the editing anon.

No. 288572

The way she's trying sooooo hard to look like a kid. She's literally a shayna 2.0, not surprising considering she followed shayna at one point kek

No. 288573

How do you know it's the editing anon? Grasping for straws she's just ugly remember her live podcast appearance?

No. 288582

It must be the most boring video ever posted on OF. She doesn’t even speak and she listens to BBC Radio 1(sage your shit)

No. 288596

90% of it was her dancing, looking at herself, acting like a child running around in the mud

No. 288598

That Victoria's Secret body splash and some shitty old framed text print behind it certainly doesn't scream "luxurious prostitute who owns a 17th century oil painting". She's got cheap taste in a lot of shit, even her costumes, lingerie, and regular clothing all looks like cheap shit. Her finances are definitely a mystery to me because the house looked great, but everything in it looks cheap as hell.

No. 288605

File: 1679788997243.webm (16.83 MB, 405x720, 1679785986127d.webm)

This video? I can only hear the music. How do you know it's Josh playing video games?

No. 288614

File: 1679792911511.png (1.69 MB, 1894x812, l9.png)

I don't think she owns that house. I think its a restorative build so that's why they bought cheap appliances and fixtures.

No. 288648

She looks like methed out trailer trash tweaking here

No. 288656

because of the sound. Hear the seconds 10-11. That "taraaaan" in the background comes out from Work at a pizza place.
Listen to the next video, second 0:51: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah0UJTxwAxg [DL][Archived Copy]

She's dancing while listening to music, so don't think that could be her. It's Josh. You can also hear the keys on the play controller

No. 288657

yes, i don't think so either. Exactly the same with the XVII paintings. If the paintings were actually that old, she shouldn't put them under a direct light hahaha

No. 288666

Who cares who's in the background? Are scrotes this self conscious that another dude is around a thot that they need to hyper analyze noise being made in the background and to figure if it's Josh or not?

No. 288691

Then why are you spending hours watching her you psychopath

No. 288721

File: 1679856361233.jpg (208.61 KB, 1079x1162, Screenshot_20230326_144224_Map…)

this is her exact address(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 288722

File: 1679856421235.jpg (86 KB, 1079x604, Screenshot_20230325_184814_You…)

her address is in Rigmer next to Lewes

No. 288750

You're a weirdo for posting this

No. 288755

1:the entire thread already knew this since belle was dumb enough to post drone-photage of her house

2:ur creepy

No. 288757

Old news, newfag. ngl there is something kind of funny about her living off ye olde cuckfield rd. though

No. 288789

I have a hard time believing she really owns the house or the paintings. I'd sooner believe she has a learning disability after skimming through the Day in the life video, it's mostly her jumping around and spinning and dancing half dressed to bad music. At one point she is failing over and over to do a handstand and then she's rolling in dirt for some reason.

No. 288804

File: 1679869283562.jpg (346.17 KB, 1132x1649, r2.jpg)

its the duck

No. 288838


She looks fine tbh
But does literally nothing all day, the video is very boring

No. 288840


That's not milk, literally nothing happens in this stupid video, belle's thread used to be more fun, now it's just everyone saying she's ugly when she looks just fine, pretty even
I'm going back to the Venus one, st least that one really does something fucking stupid everyday

No. 288851


I doubt she does this make up everyday, it's for the Belle Delphine character

No. 288878

Lollling thank u anon

No. 288879

i'm also confused. her clothing is always extremely cheap shein or amazon tier garbage. how much money is she supposed to have?

this is hilarious. she keeps fucking up the lyrics and didn't just play the music over the video, so we can hear all the background sounds.

No. 288883

Literally no1currs what thread you inhabit, sperg.

No. 288885

She lives at [redacted], i think we should host a little school trip for the nonnies, ill drive beep beep(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 288928

How old is josh? I heard he is much much older than belle

No. 288965


Well, she usually wear things for photos once and never again, I'm guessing she throws a lot of stuff out like the outfit in the video, so I don't think it makes sense to spend a lot on those clothes, it's not like it's gonna make a difference for the guys that buy her of anyway

No. 288974

I agree when it comes to her OF costumes but in the random social media or vacation pics we've seen of her, it always looks like cheap shit too. And her perfume choice is definitely something no scrote gives a shit about, so why cheap out? Same with the decor in the house. It's just weird, normally a young woman who made a lot of money would have luxury purses and nice accessories, but in these pictures >>284148 that are supposed to be candid, she's wearing low quality looking shit too. It's just weird, potential for milk is that Josh somehow scammed/is scamming her out of all the $$.

No. 288993

>>288928 Idk about much older, in the older pics of them he looks maybe 4-6 max years older than her.

No. 288995

Because she just buys crap clothes. This isn't milky.

No. 288999

>>288974 Not everyone likes luxury or designer clothes even if they can afford it.

No. 289008

I think she wears a cheap VS perfume bc that way her fans can buy the perfume to spray on their body pillow or whatever and pretend its her, kind of like how kylie shills cheap skincare bc people think its gonna make them look like her(sage your shit)

No. 289010

Saged bc idk if this is milke or not but belles pretending to be autistic now, pixie cat made a tiktok with belle where she claimed to only be able to eat foods that began with letter ‘b’ because her name starts with a b and they had a fridge full of blt sandwiches, bananas and biscoff lotus(this is an imageboard)

No. 289017

he's 29

No. 289036

That totally happened! What is it with this thread? Why anons have the need to promote Belle's whore friends' social media?

No. 289053

Do we know for sure she got a boob job? Just to keep having tiny A cups…? What was the point

No. 289059

Belles idol


No. 289072

she definitely got a boob job because she no longer has A cups. It's obvious to any woman who has ever worn a 32A

No. 289194

Ofcourse edit chan is a britfag(of course non sage chan is an idiot)

No. 289197

That louis theroux doc is so sad, its crazy to see how those girls ended up after all these years i expect belle will end up like that too.

No. 289434

File: 1680111595984.jpeg (195.05 KB, 1170x1671, 94371622-5735-482D-9E8A-2A6513…)

Why does she always say ‘ask me ur questions and ill def answer them!’ Then gives the most boring fucking replies like girl bffr…

She acc looks really pretty here though kind of a slay

No. 289435

File: 1680111697478.jpeg (351.07 KB, 1170x1932, 9BCF2C79-E9E7-4525-8C53-6F92AB…)

Her style of posting and captions kind of suggest she may be going into a manic episode.

No. 289436

File: 1680111834784.jpeg (227.18 KB, 1170x1882, 81E243AE-B375-45A8-AD03-607BC3…)

Nah it seems like shes just really bored and shitposting to me, she needs a day job, maybe she should reapply to newlook that rejected her the first time

No. 289437

My guess is either she thinks she can get money by cosplaying early 2000s Disney Channel outfits because some pedos might like it, or she was paid to put it on, or she knows it looks so bad she wants people to talk about it

No. 289444

too bad she don't look like that
maybe she's just retarded

No. 289449

That one singular boob in the middle tho, great editing job
It's so bizarrely dated, are all her subs elder millennials (40+) or something?

No. 289457

Honestly, a lot of them probably are in their 40s. Younger and trendier people no longer find her noteworthy, she died out as a meme ages ago. Zoomer and younger millennial internet/porn addicts who coom to whatever is trending are into “muscle mommies” and “goth mommies” now, they don’t care about Belle, and there’s nothing to make her more interesting than her million other egirl OF knockoffs.

No. 289465

Are anons really ignoring how Target carries these ugly clothes she's wearing? 90s/early 2000s nostalgia wear is back and this is just like all her other dress-ups which means don't read in to it so much.

No. 289468

While it just might be a reach, is she living in the US somewhere? Because Target doesn't exist in the UK.

No. 289491

You're just reading shadows weird.

No. 289493

Talking the aesthetic specifically. It's popular again, using Target as a popular clothing brand for an example of places carrying. Its all over online too. Lowrise jeans and all. Kind of sucks. Its such an ugly look.

No. 289542

My life is falling apart, im an awful person.
The only joy i get is by making fun of this weird british prostitute called belle delphine because deep down i know that the hate doesnt really affect her so i can pretend to be better when really i am just the same as her.(no1currs, not your personal blog)

No. 289616

if belle wants to see true unhinged she need only come here

No. 289658

File: 1680296231236.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.41 KB, 810x1080, hv6.jpg)

she's here

No. 289661

Her target audience is bottom of the barrel pedo scrotes. I bet her dms are true unhinged.

"Lolcow.com" You are truly retarded, aren't you?

No. 289675

that's a very bad editing

No. 289747

File: 1680333616843.jpg (188.42 KB, 810x1080, belle-delphine-11_4534.jpg)

Like all her posts

No. 289753

File: 1680339609125.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.52 KB, 890x1024, IMG_9531.jpg)

Who wouldn't want a decorative art piece of Belle's vag?

No. 289845

poor girl trying to cover the botch nipples with body makeup and photoshop blur :((:()

No. 289887

File: 1680390604602.webm (Spoiler Image,12.33 MB, 854x480, BELLE DELPHINE INTIMATE BATH.w…)

She released this video a few weeks ago. It seems that her nipples just look this way now.

No. 289916

File: 1680399993616.png (Spoiler Image,331.32 KB, 661x929, Capture.PNG)

Bit weird to release a new set larping as a teen attending prom

No. 289934

She's not a teen though. Get a better line. That doesn't work when she doesn't even look like a teen and the logic that seniors are never 18/19 makes you sound bitter. In this case, every high school movie should omit sex scenes between adults because its LARPing

No. 289946

calm down

No. 289947

File: 1680409667124.jpg (207.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230402_002738_Ins…)

You're right, she's not a teen, but a ugly grown 6ft tall adult woman. Pretty weird and suspicious she would portray herself like this on her NSFW accounts across the internet, especially at her grown age. Imagine seeing a hulking 6ft tall woman dressed like this in public

No. 289951

your shit is retarded stfu

very on brand for this bitch

No. 289958

No way this isn’t one of her scrote white knights. Really doesn’t take much brainpower to see the issue with sexualizing highschool girls. Gtfo.

No. 289986

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYqXKFDD/ (Tiktok)

I feel like this is exactly what happened to belle and no one wants to admit it.

No. 289998

You're so bitter and jealous

No. 290007

Is this your cope when you can't thinking of any actual comebacks

No. 290008

Kek isnt she English? Why did she write "soccer"? "Football" would work in either country

No. 290022

Here comes the "she was probably groomed u gaiz!!" defense, as if she's not a grown woman willingly selling herself as jailbait to her retard coomer audience. It really lacks nuance to assume that it's the case for every girl who does this, in fact, Belle counts on people to WK her like this so she won't have to take accountability for being a degenerate coomer herself.

No. 290024

Agreed, only a scrote could be this retarded with their logic.

No. 290039

Not to nitpick but that back drop is really unfortunate, I thought it was a close up of a ballsack for a moment

No. 290040

LOL the crown says ~18~ on it as if she wasnt born in the 90’s millenial ass pervert

No. 290042

the dreamworks face lel

No. 290068

"18" lol keep dreaming Belle

No. 290069

File: 1680461958601.jpg (137.92 KB, 721x1080, belle-delphine-11_4665.jpg)

… did she edit herself shorter??

No. 290070

Just passing through. What’s up with the dwarf edit?

No. 290076

she looks like amy schumer here.

No. 290078

Is this real? She is editing herself to be child size, this is really sick

No. 290086

Kek her arms would be like a chimpanzee’s with these proportions, look how long they’d actually be unfolded, staying at her sides her fingertips would reach her knee.

No. 290087

Anon edited

No. 290093

She did edit herself shorter on this so doubt it was anon chan doing it

No. 290101

you wks make me laugh all it takes is opening some random ass leak site and searching her name and youll see it frankly is not edited. get off this thread if you love your kween belle so much. defo just one of her scrote simps

No. 290102

File: 1680469798631.png (Spoiler Image,219.44 KB, 265x520, Capture.PNG)

No. 290106

It's real, you can look yourself. https://fapello.com/belle-delphine-11/4665/
If that tinfoil about edit-chan being a secret belle simp and using her edits to discredit anything posted in this thread is true than she did one hell of a job. It really started happening once Belle fucked up that nipple edit too.

No. 290123

those are breast implant nips. she had her implants put in via nipple so they are slightly botched now from being sewed back on

No. 290129

Her fucking long monkey arms in comparison to her legs kek

No. 290134

That bitch posted Avril on her wall as if she was alive when her music was on TOP of the charts.

No. 290137

File: 1680495256220.jpg (131.61 KB, 721x1080, belle-delphine-11_4662.jpg)

Bitch has some long ass arms huh. She's so stupid for trying to edit herself shorter she looks like gods bag of leftovers put together to make one unsymmetrical mutant being.

No. 290139

Wants to look like a small teen, looks like a knuckle dragger instead kek also look at how tiny she tried to shoop her gargantuan clown feet. Really puts a spotlight on her insecurities.

No. 290141

File: 1680499662902.jpg (692.42 KB, 3264x2448, 6ftTallAdultWomanThings.jpg)


No. 290146

What's with that tiara? She's pretending to be 18 now?

No. 290148

And nobody will ever call her out for her pedo baiting they will just brush it off as some genius marketing troll
Lots of youtubers make videos calling out female content creators like sniper wolf, Trisha pastas and tana for editing themselves yet nobody mentions how Belle edits herself to look underage

No. 290153

Looks like a midget

No. 290157

nice try, go look at the set yourself love. i even included the watermark of the site i found it on so you can check with your own eyes. moron

No. 290160

She gives off huge female pedo vibes, editing herself shorter, wearing an 18 crown and sexualising a teenager's prom now she is in her 20s, statistically like half CSA is actually done by women so if she ever has kids I'm gonna start alogging. Pickme+pedo predator = genuinely dangerous to children(bait)

No. 290161

This isn't edited shorter, my god. This is the camera angle. It's even pointed down slightly, so the tripod must be higher than her.

No. 290207

this. it's obviously just the angle.

but it's obvious she's using the angle to look shorter. which is still hilarious and pathetic

No. 290208

kek the face editing anon edited her face here again.

No. 290216

You guys have to be either simps or retards to think it’s not edited. No angle makes you look like a abortion like this

No. 290225

you must be a retard to not know how to sage.

it's the angle. it's a stupid angle that gives her gorilla arms and she's clearly using it to attempt to appear shorter, but it's still just the angle.

No. 290240