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File: 1667417575449.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, BC1F3930-A18B-42B7-B53F-5FE9BC…)

No. 263556

Belle Delphine, a 22-year-old ‘marketing genius‘ who desperately seeks out any attention she can get , made a comeback in April 2022 after her failed porn and is just adding more failed marketing stunts to the list. She is best known for lying about selling her bathwater, her failed marketing stunts, dressing/acting like a child for her porn, selling another girl’s nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any Youtuber or lolcow with a following. Her boyfriend Joshua John Gray also participates in her pedo-pandering porn videos where he pretends to rape her.

Previous thread: >>235422

Recent updates:
>She makes her friend Katie McDonnell larp as her “18-year-old sister called Connie Delphine”. People find out Katie’s real identity quickly and her stunt fails. >>213055
>She shows off her income and house in a failed music video. >>223900 She doxes her house for the video. >>225921 Turns out she lives with other sex workers like Pixie in that house.
>She steals shamana’s music for her video without crediting him, which results in him ID striking the video and humiliating her. >>226194
>She makes OnlyFans content with twomad, she sucks his toes and lets him grope her while Josh takes their photos. >>222743
>She makes more rape porn with her boyfriend where she acts like a kid and she is called a “little girl”. >>224701
>She cosplays as a 9-year-old character for her porn. She acts childish and inserts gummy worms in her vagina. >>226605 She also includes non-sexual photos and videos of her dressing up/filtered/acting as the 9-year-old character to her OnlyFans, considering those sexual.
>She hypes up a BDSM dungeon porn that is 30 minutes long, but ends up uploading a 3 minute video. This drives her scrotes mad. >>230315
>makes content for her OF during a flare up then leaves the internet again due to people being grossed out by her >>237156
>fails at leaving the internet by posting attention seeking behaviour on friends tiktok and insta stories >>262709

Past threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
#2 >>>/w/69238
#3 >>>/w/123836
#4 >>>/w/128835
#5 >>>/w/134956
#6 >>>/w/144354
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#10 >>>/w/229309
#11 >>>/w/235422

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belle.delphine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 263559

>mfw you compile some screenshots of her being relatively normal at a party instead of something from her ridiculous porn as op image

No. 263560

Im making a belle hate groupchat on insta, filter free place to share milk and any personal experience. Reply if u want to be added(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 263561

She looks very messy and ugly here and these photos are up to date.

No. 263564

>by posting on her friends tiktok

She didn't post it and it's not her tiktok. Lol. She's just not online doing her stuff. She didn't pretend she's missing.

No. 263565

File: 1667418396260.jpg (78.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 263593

The Thread pics were at her Birthday party recently
She's 23 now

No. 263601

are you fucking retarded?

No. 263602

Anyone keeping this shit going is retarded.

No. 263773

She dressed like a bride for her birthday party??

No. 264371

File: 1667665603637.jpeg (997.75 KB, 3464x3464, 37DF6F27-59B6-4AC8-AE47-5C21B2…)

Does anyone know if this is belle or just a look alike?

No. 264373

Looks nothing like her, except maybe the smile.

No. 264378

Sage your obvious shitposting

No. 264388

what the fuck is this insane AI generated looking shit? feel like my computer is haunted now.

No. 264393

I could spot belles deformed long upper lip stretching down to cover her rat teeth from a mile away thats 100% her

No. 264403

File: 1667677946335.webm (660.5 KB, 714x1214, FullSizeRender.webm)

I found the og post through reverse image search, its a tumblr vid, looks like an old cosplay maybe it was on her youtube before she deleted all her old vids

No. 264444

That's not her at all wtf

No. 264445

It looks like its from a deepfake porn vid

No. 264446

File: 1667694834099.jpeg (272.8 KB, 750x671, C955AC9B-D4D0-4FD5-8BEB-A2F5C9…)

No. 264450

This looks like some weird deep fake over a look-a-like.

No. 264481

Isn't this jewelz blu

No. 264483

File: 1667711250949.png (699.09 KB, 1320x704, Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 11.0…)

fake and homosexual, nona. belle made actual rape porn, no need to photoshop her into someone elses low tier shit

No. 264487

Anon desperate again and can't tell a deep fake lol

No. 264492

No shit, did i say it was her?

No. 264509

This thread is ~cancer~ why hasnt a mod closed it/ deleted? You all need to stop hating on random people you dont even know. Its like if i was saying beyonce was a horrible person like i dont even know her(~lost newfag~)

No. 264510

Lol newfag if you really don't understand the concept of the site that much you can leave

No. 264557

Lost shrimp

No. 264693

I have a friend whose family and friends fled South Africa during ww2 because they were Jews, guessing that's what Belle's family (or half of it) did too(tinfoiling)

No. 264694

Fled to*

No. 264722

you can absolutely make a judgment of someone based on their online presence, are you dense? if i deliberately post pedobait porn to boost my wealth and do shit i know is god awful for shock effect clout, does that not reflect on my personality whatsoever? goodbye all sense of logic, see you never

No. 264735

Someone is trying soooo hard to get this thread locked. Is someone planning a comeback soon kek

No. 264779

Samefag, stfu

No. 264838

File: 1668031544885.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2138, Screenshot_20221109-220458~2.p…)

called it

No. 264855

Oliver tree is like 5'7 what a giantess

No. 264875

Belle-fag has no milk as usual

No. 264887

There’s always an anon posting fake shit and an anon posting proof that it’s fake. Who wants to bet they’re always the same person? Kek.
Ew. Enjoy your herpes my dude.

No. 264957

Does she have hooded eyes?? Idk if the makeup hides that or not
Her eyes look tiny in that one photo of her from years ago "without makeup" (sure Jan)

No. 264985

The attempts that fail one after other. No one gives a shit about that degen, both

No. 264986

Shes still wearing her old gross 2016 e girl outfit?? And the Millenial pink wig what a mess…

No. 264987

Belles friend janet devlin knows oliver tree so she probably helped arrange this. Belle is such a clout leech

No. 264997

Why don't you post the full video instead? Wtf is it at the end? Now I'm thinking this is some skit.

No. 265032

Ewww, a neckbeard.

No. 265107

File: 1668124287950.jpeg (370.88 KB, 818x876, DCDB4FA5-4DF9-44C7-8156-CB1C30…)

she should really lay off the public appearances..

No. 265111

File: 1668124766198.jpg (168.07 KB, 1440x1353, 20221110_175826.jpg)


No. 265114

imagine being so unlikeable that people even start hating on the people that associate with you

No. 265176

shes a whole amazon

No. 265189

I genuinely pity her at this point and that's after everything she's done. If I were her I'd crawl into a hole and stay there because the grasping for crumbs of attention is painful to watch.

No. 265198

Why won't you link these? Do the bare minimum. For all we know these are more deepfakes and anon is a retard.

No. 265208

Who do you think suggested this skit? Oliver or belle? Idk who is worse

No. 265210

The way she wears her blush nowadays makes her look like she’s having hot flashes. It’s really not flattering. Less is more Belle.

No. 265213

File: 1668154787043.gif (11.27 MB, 382x680, 20221111_031925.gif)

No. 265214

File: 1668155967410.jpg (2.95 MB, 3072x4096, Bigbellegrande.jpg)

Is it just me or does Belle look absolutely gutted lately

No. 265218

I agree, in this vid she (imo) looks just like those shoops the retard in the last thread kept making. Like the no lips, small eyes, long midface. Uncanny kek maybe it's the lighting but damn it's not looking good

No. 265220

So glad to see lolcow is back and be greeted by this ridiculous edit, the lighting is doing belle no favors here
Also why are her "comebacks" just ugly nerds who agreed to collab because they wanna grope her? Bottom of the barrel stuff

No. 265230

God that scrote is county lockup tier ugly and Belle has beyond ruined her face. It’s like I’m trying to fight the dreaded nasolabial folds with filler, she’s reached the bell (kek) curve point and it’s boomeranged back into having super deep ones BECAUSE of the filler. It gets said all the time but she fucked up. She could have ridden off into the sunset with all that simp money and kept her natural cuteness (which is subjective ik) and shifted to dressing like a normal girl her age but noooooo. Sage for tism

No. 265231

*In, not I’m smh

No. 265233

yeah im gonna dip until our local retarded edit chan leaves and finds their sanity

No. 265234

Not everything is an edit, good fucking god you whiteknights are retarded.

No. 265235

are you fucking blind? it's clearly an edit, which is highly unecessary since she doesn't look terrific in the raw video either

No. 265242

no point in editing when people can find the actual video and see how she actually looked in it. She looks like shit, but not like- massive horse faced >>265234

No. 265243

File: 1668177915459.png (378.22 KB, 995x532, 1.png)

>>265242(sage your shit)

No. 265246

No. 265247

Still having these threads is retarded. Nobody looks good here kek.

No. 265253

Uh oh we got a lost new fag

No. 265255

Right it's literally the same, not sure what the wk is trying to prove

No. 265271

File: 1668186591018.jpeg (310.87 KB, 750x749, F7904020-3CB4-42AB-918B-80D621…)

No. 265345

File: 1668199796081.jpg (3.77 MB, 4096x3072, Bellegrande.jpg)

Absolutely gutted. Kek the way shes pulling her tights all the way up her torso. Gotta tuck that gunt away after a few drinks huh belle. Truly taking after her twin Shaymu(nonstop nitpicking)

No. 265349

Edit chan wasn’t so wrong with their edits

No. 265351

belle is very brave to show off her real age in these tiktoks. idk if it’s money, fast life, or fillers but she looks like fat ass pokimane. how is she still in her 20s is crazy because she looks like a 30 year old british mum of 2 at a comic con

No. 265366

>purposefully picking the absolute worst stills
>they don’t even look bad

I swear this thread is cancer. She looks cute. She looks her age, maybe a bit younger. She definitely isn’t looking haggard in any way. Have y’all seen Jillian? Or Venus? Those cows look terrible and haggard as hell for their ages. Belle sucks but she isn’t ugly and doesn’t look old, cope.

No. 265368

His whole schtick is “haha I’m so ugly and my music is bad and I’m angsty isn’t that funny” he did this whole skit for his music to sell/get attention

No. 265370

idk how young you farmers are because she looks like an early-mid 20s who isn't taking care of herself, with some added unfortunate fillers which aren't helping. She doesn't look anything close to 30s yet.

No. 265392

I'm never in this thread but can I ask why Belle is always told she is cute on here? She's the only cow that I see people always complimenting

No. 265394

Because anons have different opinions? You don't have to come here just to bash cows. No one is whitekniting her by calling her cute, it's them disagreeing with anons who are and have clearly edited her stuff before. I'm in the camp that I don't think she looks bad at all, just a copy-cat of everyone else on Instagram with the same surgeries. This is a place to discuss cows, not just hate on them, but it's hard to have a discussion when anons just want to nitpick and not discuss milk.

No. 265395

File: 1668221397953.jpeg (320.2 KB, 828x1273, 829D6D64-8246-49F9-81A4-24B5B0…)

Haven't seen a more hated female content creator it's impressive

No. 265396

Oh good, more 2% of commentators.

No. 265404

That rumor they are repeating isn't even true wtf
She sold her own nudes on facebook as a teenager and also included stolen images from another girl. She is not currently peddling cp on onlyfans like these comments suggest (well aside from her own childish edits)
I think edit chan edited this video for her to look more horsefaced, the youtube short she looks different in >>265246

No. 265407

Of course anon did. It's obvious every time. I don't think they realize that anons can spot this even without the original due to the editing being a dead giveaway anyway from upload alone.

No. 265419

File: 1668259680811.png (1.14 MB, 1299x753, belleedits.png)

It looks like edit-chan only made her eyes smaller this time tbh. Crazy how much something so small can throw off the rest of the face.

No. 265435

Imagine hating Belle so much that you edit her photos and have a camera roll filled with her. Anon is such an uwu stalker.

No. 265437

Imagine being so much of a whiteknight you think everything is edited even when it's found on Belle's own stuff.

No. 265438

It is edited.

No. 265453

Belle isnt even cute or clever, she only has simps because she has eurocentric features, dehumanizes herself and tries to dress like an anime girl to attract the lowest form of men

No. 265455

Eurocentric? Lmao cope

No. 265460

Behold of belle wk’s
Edited or not both look extremely similar. She is uggo now stfu

No. 265461

Nah these dumb ass edits are making me actually like her because God damn, some of y'all really can't be so delusional that you STILL edit the pics yourselves just to justify calling her ugly over and over again for attributes that you photoshopped yourself. Can you? I don't like her and I truly think she has a developmental disorder and lacks a sufficient amount of empathy but some of you are far worse. Wow. It's just getting ridiculous. This thread isn't even about her anymore, it's about the desperation of some of you anons and others calling you out on it. And no, calling you out on your bullshit is not WKing. Some of y'all need therapy as much as she does.

No. 265467

Sage your shit and throw your phone in the ocean.

No. 265468

File: 1668286772110.png (4.81 MB, 828x1792, CE19E466-E4E2-44A2-9B35-2965DF…)

edit or no edit she hasnt looked anything like she used to in a long long time, snow app or whatever she used played a big role in her anime girl shtick

No. 265471

But if she's not the one editing then there's no reason for someone to be posting fate at it's in claiming their hers just because she used the app. That makes absolutely no sense and it makes your logic shit

No. 265475

can you rephrase? i can't tell what you're saying

No. 265477

It's becoming more and more convincing that Editchan might be someone who actually knows/knew Belle or had some unfortunate interaction with her because the devotion is highhh. Like, this is just nuts to try to gaslight yourself and anons that she's far uglier than she is and then Photoshop the photos as "evidence". This is some other type of simping, no joke. Who could possibly devote that much effort to someone they have never even met. It's one thing to gossip but edit chan is way past that.

No. 265478

This thread has too many simps the fuck(also: way too many idiots that don't sage)

No. 265480

Yeah, it's weird. I've had a retarded tinfoil before that it is someone subtly editing Belle in order to like, draw her (or some friend of hers, or something) to "out" themselves in this thread. Because honestly, some of the previous thread's edits were SO subtle you'd almost have to see Belle everyday in real life to know that her eyes have been made slightly droopier and her teeth a few pixels bigger. It is one of the weirdest things on this entire site. tbh, because it makes almost no sense no matter what the tinfoil is. is it an ARG or something? Are we supposed to whisper "Belle ratface edit" into our playstation controllers at midnight?

No. 265489

The anon editing stuff is a fucking retard.

No. 265510

You all care way too much, to the point where it is suspicious. Do you all know her IRL?

No. 265511

She looks bloated, fat, puffy and wrinkly.
Haha she got mogged. She’s so fucking huge next to normal women.

No. 265512

The whiteknights were originally from kiwifarms, they don't seem to understand that forum is back up so they have no reason to shit up threads here.

No. 265514

The conspiracy that is her or her friends trying to shut down the thread is massively autistic. Anons just want any excuse to keep posting their Belle edits and fake milk.

No. 265517

The whiteknights in this thread are so weird. Imagine coming to lolcow of all places to defend a cow like this

No. 265518


"Anyone who points out how pathetic, obsessive, and insecure I am is clearly a horrible person that strongly supports all the people I hate wah or maybe it's Belle herself"

K simp keep having her live in your head and in your phone's gallery rent free. This flavor of insecure bitch does as much work as a fan does lol. Two sides of the same coin, simp

No. 265519

I just got done watching all of Oliver's videos with them from his social media accounts and she looks the same as these ugly stills that were posted here. Where's the crazy editing her defenders are sperging about?

No. 265520

It's the same 1-3 defenders thinking they'll get kudos or asspats from Belle..she literally don't care for anyone outside of her boyfriend and money she'll make on porn.

No. 265522

No. 265528

>>265522 tym.
Anyway how long do you think Oliver is going to milk the day they spent together. I think it's telling she hasn't acknowledged or interacted with any of it

No. 265530

Being a whiteknight is cringe enough, don't make it worse on yourself.
He'll milk it forever since he thinks he's got a 1-up on the other simps.

No. 265539

Exactly, looks more like someone let her wild white knights out again, trying to do their lowkey defending schemes as per usual

No. 265540

Her ex boyfriend got outted wking her on PULL back in the day, it's not out of the realm of possibility for a terminally online ethot who's only relevance is the anons talking about her in this thread. Plenty of cows before her have derailed to get their threads locked, plenty will do it afterwards.

No. 265553

Conspiracy-Anon, go to a mental hospital. We already know the same person who does the editing has also done photo drops and other threads according to red texts. Especially calling out the fact that the person is the Belle-Fag. Mods have confirmed this. It's not Belle or her friends. It's an anon(s) who just use this thread to shitpost. Wtf would they stalk Belle's friends if they are her friends??

No. 265572

Edit chan is definitely a skinwalker sexworker, many threads ago the more obsessive anons made themselves quite obvious as being fellow sexworkers. I remember scrolling the PULL thread for belle before they nuked the site and all the posters were egirl sexworkers.
If you think the most shameful thing is a video or photo you edited the eyes smaller and not her terrible porn itself, you (edit chan) are definitely a sexworker who makes equally cringe porn.

So yes, very obsessed and invested though I doubt they know her irl.

No. 265578

Such a badly staged red herring to say it's her friends or Belle herself. Anons could at least come up with a better story. Most of us just want this locked until she's actually active. Being active via only her friends isn't really milky.

No. 265589

You're the same idiots that obsessed over her boyfriend for 2 threads, yet somehow stuff relating to her..isn't milk or related, yet he is somehow?

No. 265615

Im not. Apparently Im a WK.

No. 265671

Its the go to insult for any cow, its so lazy. That or muh nasolabial folds.

No. 265738

I'm not that same anon I simply stated that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Redtexts don't explicitly tell you the real identity of who's doing the sperging unless farmhands out someone. I don't doubt it's just a bunch of obsessive shit posters either, but I resent the idea Belle is somehow above what we've seen cows do time and time again. Especially given her history of messing with her own threads on other websites.

No. 265745

No one says she's above anything. The edits, the stalking, the attempts to DOXX.. This shit isn't milk. Anons are tired of these types of posts and want milk.

No. 265767

This. The edits are creepy as hell if anything, and whenever they're called out it's always the same cope of:
>stfu wh-whiteknight!
>n-n-no it's not an edit, she's really that uggo!
>if you don't like the shit I'm posting then just hide the thread!1!

No. 265771

So do I anon we just have different interpretations on what could be potentially going on. This thread hasn't been interesting for the longest time. I hope she either comes out of hiding or this thread fades into oblivion.

No. 265812

Or you're her and her friends. Edit anon is straight unhinged.

No. 265815

Kiwifarms have been back up for awhile now.

No. 265861

File: 1668467590543.jpeg (201.91 KB, 828x1262, 2BAD18BC-66D6-46C1-B095-A34AF5…)

Im a strong believe in the edit-chan tinfoil, she has so many enemies online, whos knows how many shes made during her teenage years and comic con lolita days, shes always been an annoying problematic and ugly bitch, i dont blame one of joshs ex or belles ex best friend having a vendetta against this hammy pedo whorse

No. 265866

She is one of those people who ages awfully but has surgery so looks even worse. Her peak was really 2020-21. She looks awful now.

No. 265867

File: 1668468087901.jpeg (206 KB, 828x1184, 3DFE4B7F-7C27-493F-92E2-8FFE44…)

Looks like belles mum accidentally brough a giraffe back home with her when she left south africa <3

No. 265868

File: 1668468927320.jpeg (146.17 KB, 828x878, F5CA4873-7BE3-43B0-840F-87A1B0…)


No. 265872

No. 265932

The photoshop pics behind them tho vs the item he got(learn2sage)

No. 265952

File: 1668513136796.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, F8790636-C9B4-4FAB-A9B9-3A1D9D…)

Ok lmao you’ve definitely edited this one, her fucking brow ridge is sticking out over her nose. I’m crying. She looks like a fucking caveman in a pink wig kek.

No. 265953

File: 1668515173951.png (296.01 KB, 397x556, Screenshot 2022-11-15 152448.p…)

"I'm naturally petite you guys!!!"

No. 265957

I guess this kind of confirms she's like 5'7" as she appears to be the same height as oliver.

No. 265966

5'7" isn't that tall, dude is short.

No. 265972

The problem is she always tried to pass for a 5 feet or less girl. Even her first boyfriend went great lenghts to maintain that lie albeit was obvious.(the problem is that you do not sage your shit)

No. 265979

I don't see her ever trying to look small, its her proportions, and it's mostly anons I see saying anything about height.

No. 265980

its 5 inches taller than the average womens height

No. 265982

>I don't see her ever trying to look small
When you white knight, at least look at her content.

No. 265983

File: 1668524450627.jpg (168.58 KB, 733x821, Screenshot_20221115_065957.jpg)

This nitpicking is so dumb. She's wearing like 2 or 3 inch plantforms in the side by side. She had her shoes on.

No. 265986

In this video she's wearing no shoes, just socks,and almost towers over 5'8 oliver tree

No. 265987

The average height for women in the UK is as follows:
>Research shows that the average height of a British woman is 5ft 4.7in (164.4cm)
so she's roughly 2 inches over the average height for a woman in the country she lives in, big woop.

No. 265988

Her pink shoes are on.

No. 265989

This is so dumb, but you're counting her cat ears kek. Look at the top of her actual head/wig/hair and see how it lines up with his, he's clearly taller

No. 265993

File: 1668529197571.png (521.4 KB, 498x964, 346534432312.png)

Are you genuinely retarded?

No. 265998

Are you confusing uwu ethot language for reality, anon? Scrotes like this disgusting "muh lil" stuff. She isn't pretending she's 4'5". This is a retarded fantasy elf larp.

No. 266010

Her production quality has gotten so bad compared to her pics from even 2019, she really doesn't try anymore huh

No. 266016

File: 1668536026361.png (103.67 KB, 903x643, Screenshot 2022-11-15 211335.p…)

No. 266021

Petite also refers to size and you are really reading way too far into these posts to justify her ever saying she was a specific height or not tall. She's probably 5'4" or 5'5" at most. Get over your obsessive giantess thing already.

No. 266022

Y'all thibk she still frequents myproana, edtwt and lolcow proana thread? She doesn't look like she has an ED anymore but most people who do have one aren't actually skinny

No. 266028

This has to be bait.

No. 266031

This is bait, stop trying to derail retard. Belle said she's 5'6, but she looks 5'8+

Belle is not petite.

No. 266033

I hate this retarded nitpick and always avoid replying but I agree, petite does not just refer to being small in height only

No. 266043

File: 1668539880930.jpg (219.89 KB, 1080x1460, Giantess.jpg)

Not in the second video Oliver posted. Also her knees are bent here. Why do you care so much that she's a giantess of a grown adult woman anyway?

No. 266047

Oliver is 5'7" and so is she. I don't get why this thread out of all lolcow threads in the most autistically divided between edit-chans and WKs. kek

No. 266048

They have the same size foot too kek

No. 266055

It's funny how Belle uses the same weird logic her defenders ITT do.
> uwu youre the gross one for thinking of me dressed as a fictional 11 year old and doing sexual things as being both sexual AND childlike, pervert!
same argument pedofreaks use with lolicon manga, "eww she's just a 500 year old vampire who has to wear bondage clothes to survive, YOU'RE the REAL pervert here!" like they're going to meme normal women into thinking we're ackshully the real perverts kek

No. 266058

File: 1668542897037.jpg (1.5 MB, 4096x3072, Bigflippers.jpg)

She's so petite uwu(stop with the autistic height nitpicking)

No. 266080

Woah okay let's not forget that Joshy Boy was likely standing on a ladder in order to take some of the pics she's posted since she's "come back". She's literally said "uwu I'm sorry I am petite". She's thin but petite? Hell no. Maybe to people atleast a foot taller than her but she's def not "petite" in comparison to the average person lol
Go to the last few threads of you'd like a good chuckle on her efforts to look "smol"

No. 266081

Anon, just stop. You are unhinged about her height.

No. 266087

>I cannot help that I'm petite, have small breasts and a youthful face.
Explain the MLP swimsuit shoot where you photoshopped your breasts smaller among other things kek.

Also it seems that anons have forgotten that just like Shoeuwu Belle had a habit of ducking down in pictures, using deceptive angles and taking photos with men who're much taller then captioning about how smol she is. Her height is completely normal like Shoe's, anons are just having a laugh considering the context it's not that deep.

No. 266090

>Also it seems that anons have forgotten that
White knights don't consume her content, they literally don't know what belle actually does or anything, they're just focused on "no u" anyone who trash talks her or states facts, like they legit forget what place they're at. It takes literally 5 minutes to look at her content and see she does indeed try to play the "small girl" route, that's ignoring the pedo/rape bait shit too.

No. 266120

Why are we talking about her height and not the context of the video(learn2sage)

No. 266256

Do we think belle will come back or do u think shes retired and going to spawn in random cameos to maintain relevance(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 266281


No. 266287

the cringiest part of her absences is how coomer philly d keeps mentioning her biweekly as if shes still relevant/posting. its disgusting

No. 266299

Hes admitted using her for click bait. So what? Stop watching his vids when it's barely about her.

No. 266310

She's not even retired she's just too lazy to post/make an effort
(Also I was talking about the milk so I thought I didn't have to sage)

No. 266311

Sage whenever you aren't directly contributing milk from the cow so you don't bump the thread. Asking a question related to potential milk does not count as a contribution newfriend.

No. 266337

As opposed to you tards holding a candle for her with these threads when there hasn't been milk in ages?

No. 266470

Ohhhh? oliver tree has deleted the tiktok with belle where he held her up. makes sense because this tiktok we made fun of how belle looked the most because it captured her unflattering angles, she must have begged him to take it down lol

No. 266472

File: 1668728334827.jpg (712.37 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20221117-184351_Twi…)

Its still on twitter

No. 266486

surprised she let him post it without editing the fuck out of it first(sage your shit)

No. 266521

chub chub

No. 266539

File: 1668768011562.jpeg (61.18 KB, 740x660, WhatsApp Image 2022-09-27 at 6…)

No. 266540

Some things really make me loose faith in absolutely everything

No. 266542

Men are so fucking stupid. If I was belle I’d seize the opportunity and commit some domestic terrorism.

No. 266564

We've known they've been selling these. Why does this matter?

No. 266569

File: 1668790193757.jpg (621.79 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20221118_084706_Twi…)

She was a little active on Twitter for Amouranth.

>inb4 you follow her

Yeah because it recognizes her page vs multiple copycats and got tired of clicking on wrong profiles.

No. 266602

I can't get over how scary big her mouth is in OP pics

No. 266614

Heaps of people follow cows anon, if retards complained they'd be scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. Also holy fuck does amouranth shop her photos, something her and Belle can bond over no doubt.

No. 266694

Except she retconned her height like Marzia Bisognin and claimed to be 5'3 KEK

She is huge for the content and aesthetic she is going for, she can't be "small and cute uwu" while towering over everyone, including men. She also looks old for those now despite her young age.

No. 266697

It's actually scary.

No. 266698

Did she break up with Josh or will she lick any ugly scrote for money? This is pathetic and I hope it becomes the next thread picture KEK

She was so upset about the thread pic where she sucked feet after all.

No. 266724

I remember anon claiming they saw wedding-pics on socialmedia couple a threads back
And in the halloween-partyvid last thread you can see a golden shimmer on the ringfinger of her left hand
Business is king i guess

No. 266742

She's supposed to be a left at the alter bride, pretty sure. You guys are reading way too into a Halloween party costume.

No. 266842

She deleted her personal Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/myah.lewes

No. 266844

Or got reported for impersonation

No. 266898

thats what its supposed to be? LoL ok that would make sense

No. 266942

It was a Halloween party. Wtf Halloween party looks like a wedding all because of a sad bride cosplay? You guys are just stupid and knew this for the most part.

No. 266997

I thought maybe they got married at some point but checking through the books no one comes up under the name “mary-belle gray” or “mary-belle gray-kirschner” or even “belle gray”,

Anon isnt talking about the photos/tiktok from the halloween party, but in thread 9 or 10 some anon was claiming to have seen wedding photos posted at one point in the summer/ spring on a family facebook account but we never actually saw proof of this.

Im aware belle and josh eloping is not milk but its still interesting bc it means they must see some sort of future together lol

No. 267035

You mean porn photos dressed in bridal lingerie kek yeah, totally a wedding

No. 267124


Dude, just admit that you're mad you're not fucking her and move on. XD(XD)

No. 267281

Begone scrote

No. 267353

She may have millions of dollars but doesn't go far in england tbh, their economy is broken af

No. 267366

^ This
Would be smarter to invest somewhere else not in a country that is getting the after effects of brexit and their economy is crashing. She probably throws the money around her fake friends who use her as a money piglet

No. 267374

Why is Belle's thread so completely full of nitpicking, whiteknighting, bait, bait taking, sperging over percieved whiteknights, infighting, edited pictures, non saged posts, shitposts, and garbage. It didn't used to be like this. I just want to enjoy this stupid cow that makes me mildly amused rather than mildly angry like most other ones do.
Did they sell these while pretending to people who totally bought it the first time? Where was this posted?
Did we ever have proof that she was from South Africa? I wonder if there is something weird about her moving out of the UK. I imagine that Japan, Korea, Italy, or USA would fit her image more than England

No. 267375

because there is no milk so anons just like to sperg over nothing
her mum is english and her dad is south african i think…?

No. 267378

Nils Kerschner is South African. Sophie is English and was working in South Africa.After their marriage broke up Sophie returned home with her 2 children.

No. 267458

She doesn't have new milk. Its not rocket science.

No. 267490

Fuck off, she has said she is half SA numerous times, nobody can be bothered to prove it to your dumbass so just go and fucking google it.

No. 267841

2 children?

No. 267845

Can we not talk about her family. They aren't milk or relevant.

No. 267885

Yes they are, shut up belle x(hi cow x)

No. 267886

Did u stalk her mums insta to get that info LOL also who is belles sibling? Is it a boy because i could picture belle having a fat brother who she slowly morphs into

No. 267890

…a flare-up? do i even wanna ask?

No. 268243

What? Belle have a sibling(sage your shit)

No. 268822

I'm positive that she has a younger brother. On her dad's Facebook, 10ish yrs ago he posted an image of a young boy who looks very similar to young Belle. It's possible Belle has a younger brother although I don't think she ever mentioned it other than in her old tweet saying something like "siblings are annoying."

No. 269128

Didnt they have a youtube channel called ‘peter kirschner’ and they did weird videos together

No. 269133

File: 1669828608160.jpeg (987.5 KB, 3464x3464, 3E9C973F-1EE1-492C-A1C8-745968…)

Retard belle no makeup pre plastic surgery, shes always had a small ratty nose so i actually believe she didnt get a nose job, we can also tell from these just how ugly and beady her eyes are without heavy lashes and eyeliner, yikes

No. 269153

File: 1669831604725.jpeg (19.19 KB, 275x275, 9C4E22C9-DDB3-4639-9964-67B3B6…)

Nope she definitely got one. Your nose doesn’t go from Roman and bumpy to scooped out ski slope magically by itself

No. 269154

File: 1669831629979.jpeg (28.31 KB, 275x275, 23A8C17A-BA44-4FBF-A326-6EAD4E…)

No. 269155

where was this from? i got nostalgic about highschool looking at this pic as a bong

No. 269159

File: 1669833058153.jpeg (34.56 KB, 602x377, 179DD33C-6FA6-4EB9-B835-BE1CED…)

She looks very typically dutch/ white south african(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 269162

File: 1669833642156.jpeg (63.16 KB, 275x202, 5B9B7538-D639-460E-997C-61A5B8…)

BYE why is her mouth so big… she looks like that one x factor contestant

No. 269163

File: 1669833711885.jpeg (23.44 KB, 275x206, 11505AC7-B283-484B-9DD8-896629…)

Her teeth were so messed up before braces, i feel bad for her children who will be cursed with her awful genes

No. 269164

File: 1669833922692.jpeg (798.96 KB, 3464x3464, 32D6553A-A0C8-4891-9CEC-9050CC…)

No. 269165

Get psychological help

No. 269180

File: 1669836992015.jpeg (69 KB, 552x747, 214C4CF7-7100-470A-A845-C6DC26…)

Guess who?

No. 269182

File: 1669837315901.jpeg (493.2 KB, 1752x1886, E292278F-1CFD-4B5E-B329-58B27F…)

I wonder who this person is in the background? Belles og bf had black hair and all her friends seemed to be girls?

No. 269183

File: 1669837395056.png (4.38 MB, 828x1792, B71DDBC8-D25A-4869-94FA-E06636…)

Theres also toy cars in the background of belles selfies in her first england house

No. 269184

Damn imagine this is your mum but you end up looking like belle…her dad must be hideous.

No. 269187

i dont like belle and i know she had a nose job but how the fuck is the picture on the left a ''bumbpy roman nose''. You must have body issues if you think thats a long nose.

No. 269214

Where did you find this picture of her mom? I've only ever seen like 3 photos of her and this wasn't one of them.

No. 269230

Anon has such a weird vendetta/jealousy issue.

No. 269232

Why are you spergs posting family members? She's honestly gorgeous though I'm surprised Belle doesn't look more like her.

No. 269234

This anon is just baiting and has a massive vendetta against Belle. I mean, they even have underage photos of Belle on their phone too. Talk about creepy and stalking.

No. 269311

I'm assuming it's someone who knows the family which would explain why they have all these photos we've never seen before. They either really hate her or really want this thread locked. Either way it's cancer.

No. 269313

No, whoever stalks Belle and her friends is the one that does this. They don't do this to try and lock the thread. They use this as a personal shitposting place because they just hate Belle in general without reason. They go through the effort of editing her images too and it's just to clutter everything up. They come back and do this every week.

No. 269340

Yeah, this thread should've be locked, but that's not the point. Also stop assuming only one anon is tired of this shitpost thread. Belle's stalkers keep fucking it all up. These posts aren't from imaginary stans. Its okay to admit anon has a vendetta.

No. 269342

Anon or anons itt need help. You are literally retarded. Buy a diary and scribble out your schizo thoughts and opinions there instead or contribute actual milk, oh wait there is none(sage your shit)

No. 269374

Why do you idiots keep going on about old milk? That's not the point of threads. This is why anons want it locked. Nothing new and stalking her friends to get glimpses of Belle and calling that 'gearing up to show her face on the internet again' makes absolutely no sense. Her outside life doesn't tell us anything when it's not even her posting. Anons have a massive unhealthy obsession with her to the point they want to DOXX her and dig into her parents. It's fucking weird.

No. 269400

She looks more attractive than her own daughter.
Pretty embarrassing tbh.
Sophie is a much better model than her own daughter.

No. 269412

Somehow I don't think ayrt is the same anon who's trying to dox her. They've stated they don't care about her multiple times but only want the thread open out of principle. Farmhands can deal with the sperg posting.

No. 269444


Yup. As soon as I saw it, it just totally added to the idea that editchan is DEF someone who knows Belle. I mean, what if she already knows who it is? And it's just hilarious that people think it's literally Belle trying to get the thread locked. Like look, I get where you are coming from, but this keeps being the justification of giving the most fruitless meticulous milk. For example, enhancing the brightness of a photo to expose her gut bloated from drinking. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the losers who obsessed over that TINY fucking "milk" has a sagging gut whether they drink or not.

The only interesting thing on this thread at this point is trying to figure out who is her most devoted fan, editchan.

Oh no whiteknighting because she called me fat :( get therapy lol. The ones who claim this is wking aren't here for entertainment anymore. There's zeroooo milk. Just admit that you are just as emotionally busted and terminally online as Belle. Guess you both have something in common after all!

No. 269478

Stalker, kys.

No. 269479

And the fact the editor tries to pretend they aren't a simp. Who the fuck obsessively goes to porn sites and edits Belle's photos in Facetune besides this retard? Its not even a simp, tbh. Its just probably some 20 year old being an autistic fuck who enjoys spamming this shit for DuH lUlz.

No. 269486

Kek why did the mod delete the picture of belle from a party she just hosted for Kai's birthday? But left all these infighting posts and actual spam earlier in the thread? Weird

No. 269503


Nah it's an anti-simp. They are so obsessed with their vendetta that they are practically a simp, collecting her photos, editing them, analyzing every aspect of the photos, digging whatever possible detail about their lives, even if it comes off as creepy as fuck. Imagine being the biggest fan of the person you hate the most lmao

No. 269579

Because it's not even about her. Anon is just posting any stalking photos they find that aren't even milky. Anon is a literal creep.

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