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File: 1682531689496.jpg (83.34 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230426_194508_Gal…)

No. 294375

>Previous three threads:
Doxing And Stabbing Zaddy Edition >>286668
DID edition >>275598
The 120 Days of Sodom >>>/w/268839

Venus Angelic Summary:
>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up has-been Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore (because they are now divorced after she cheated on him with her zaddy ken who she started seeing in 2018, she broke up with her zaddy this year though). Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month, thotting on OnlyFans or threatening suicide.

Recent milk:
>pulled some true-crime tier stuff with a Swedish medicine student she was dating by not letting him leave her place or contacting anyone else.
>venus gets called out by her followers for posting a hitler joke.
>Venus has a huge meltdown which leads to her threatening suicide like she always does. Tells her fans to self harm for her by carving a v into their skin and starts telling her fans to go fuck themselves. Both fans and friends of venus were extremely shaken up and scared for venus thinking she was going to kill herself. Later venus says she won't kill herself because Manas mom contacted her. Anons suspect she has broken up with the swedish student and this is what caused the meltdown.
>goes back to making posts saying she will continue being a alcoholic, promoting her self on only fans and posting self-harm pictures on her storys including a weird picture of her knee bleeding on a bed stained with pee.

Most recent milk:
>>286679 , >>286694 , >>2866957 Bumble date drama with the Swedish student.
>>286696 , >>287828 , >>287683 , >>289629 , >>289657 , >>289698 , >>291264 her short-term relationship with the med student, we got some little milk from that such as the hitler joke, him saying she is always drunk, them possibly doing drugs/alcohol together.
>>286760 , >>286804 , >>286805 , >>287305 , >>287823 Venus larping as a Christian again.
>>287154 venus makes a long post complaining that she receives less attention on instagram now. Then later edits the caption like she always does.
>>287350 , >>287392 after a couple of posts asking advice from her fans venus then makes a post telling them to stop telling her how to live her life.
>>287819 12 march when she was still pretending like she was in recovery and going to AA meetings.
>>288106 Venus says ''fuck AA'' then apologizes >>288587 then later >>291650 stops going to AA recovery meeting.
>>288112 someone in her group chat voices displeasure at venus's behavior and asks to unfollow.
>>289846 Venus possibly arguing with her fans in the DMs.
>>290013 Venus says that she doesn't post about her drinking regularly because if she did there would be more posts from her.
>>291370 Venus ''i hate how rehab makes me fat''
>>291591 Venus stops larping as a christian.
>>292357 , >>292360 Venus makes weird manic cryptic posts about sunday and a main character killing themselves a couple of days before she threatened suicide.
>>292901 , >>292902 After venus finished suicide baiting on monday she immediately went to promote herself on OF.
>>293670 , >>293815 , >>293818 , >>293820 , >>293893 , >>294199 Venus fully embraces her alcoholism like its a badge and stops all recovery.
>>293873 Venus calls people who thinks she is glorifying addiction of being ''woke americans''

Post compilation of the venus suicide bait saga on sunday,.:
>>292399 , >>292411 , >>292412 , >>292416 , >>292445 , >>292448 , >>292449 , >>292450 , >>292482 , >>292718 , >>293661

>>293686 Posts a picture of her knees bleeding on a bed that looks to have pee stains on it.

>>292472 , >>292422 , >>292456 , >>292478 , >>292472 , >>292667 Venus's friend fukaeri is left feeling obviously shaken up and scared after venus's suicide bait because fukaeri herself deals with mental health issues, venus fans also harass fukaeri. fukaeri blames herself and says that she can't call for help because she doesn't know venus's address.

Post compilations of venus's alcoholism or pill popping : >>286698 , >>286701 , >>286720 , >>286924 , >>287675 , >>288074 , >>288100 , >>288101 , >>288107 , >>288442 , >>288453 , >>288471 , >>289628 , >>289800 , >>289839 , >>289868 , >>289925 , >>289966 , >>290015 , >>290235 , >>290864 , >>292263 , >>293667 , >>293951

No. 294377

No. 294381

File: 1682533127602.jpg (219.66 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230426_191828.jpg)

Back to the ED shite.

No. 294382

File: 1682533168961.jpg (155.17 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230426_191852.jpg)

No. 294383

File: 1682533290723.jpg (128.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230426_114538_com…)

She's an alcoholic because she's Hungarian.

No. 294384

File: 1682533856271.jpeg (319.58 KB, 1125x1886, IMG_6684.jpeg)

Wonder if this happened.

No. 294385

File: 1682533950478.jpeg (139.78 KB, 1125x1868, IMG_6686.jpeg)

Some stupid video of her saying this word as “kawaii” as her insanely drunken speech will allow.

No. 294387

I have no idea where her "identity crisis" comes from now, it's like she needs to grasp every single tiny thing about her and see if it makes her interesting.
reminds me of these hetalia fans back then who bragged about being 20% russian, 10 % icelandic 40% taiwanese and 30% prussian while being a generic american clichee.

I like how she gets negative messages now. I bet there are even more but she can't find any "sassy" comebacks for them.(sage your shit)

No. 294389

Thanks for the new thread nonna. I was pissed that there was no mention of the "uwu suicide, cut yourself for meee" stuff on the other one.
Let the milk flow !

No. 294390

File: 1682534658010.jpg (168.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230426-122229_Ins…)

This was my personal favourite - which one of you sent her this lol

No. 294394

Happy to see a new proper thread and that it happened so fast. Venuscow will provide us with alot of milk

No. 294402

File: 1682546315983.jpeg (86.49 KB, 1124x1853, IMG_6688.jpeg)

Wasn’t she just saying how it’s great that her drunk bullshit gives her more engagement?

No. 294404

File: 1682547784763.jpeg (62.79 KB, 828x1506, 3A878EEF-31BF-4C88-9A5B-6C8146…)

did she find a new guy already? Or is this the college student she was talking about?

No. 294405

File: 1682547851550.jpeg (189.51 KB, 828x1681, 444D5DC2-3392-42E1-8ED8-3727FF…)

>pronouns: re/tard
>punished autism
KEK(sage your shit)

No. 294406

File: 1682548547237.jpg (74.46 KB, 1109x375, needystreamer.jpg)

threadly reminder half of what she 'says' about 'herself' is dialogue from this character.
>inb4 coincidence
its like the 4th time she posted paraphrased text from the game(no1currs, we know half she larps, you don't need to repeat it)

No. 294407

File: 1682548813387.jpg (81.89 KB, 1009x454, venkangel.jpg)

ame-chan is 'a mentally ill girl who dropped out of school ad has a kawaii online persona called k angel' who takes drugs and is out of it all the time, suicide baits her fans, etc

No. 294413

So lame response. She always acts like she’s so cool because she can name those drugs and call someone a virgin because they say something she doesn’t like to hear. What kind of logic is that. Boring as fuck

No. 294414

Complaining about people getting bothered of her being drunk while going bat shit crazy recklessly posting stories everytime she gets drunk (which is quite often I suppose) like she doesn’t want the attention

No. 294415

There’s an empty black hole inside her where her identity should be (and where normal people’s identity is) so she has to larp as an anime character or a jirai landmine girl or whatever the latest thing is. She’s an empty husk.

I just wish she’d get her miserable ass off the internet.

No. 294420

Nah, this is just some fan of hers, I've seen his comments before. "Venus will be mine!" etc.

No. 294421

>she's larping as this character
>no it's THIS character
Come on.

No. 294423

And everyone who calls her on her bs is "American" to her.
It's cringe how she wants to be a Slav so bad now that she doesn't even care that Hungarians aren't Slavs. I guess it's close enough to her.

No. 294424

File: 1682559448607.png (750.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230425-204528.png)

She was ebegging just few months ago, but she's not a charity case.

No. 294425

it's the same character. I was elaborating
what are you talking about?

No. 294427

File: 1682564386608.jpeg (369.37 KB, 1125x2026, IMG_6694.jpeg)

This is the same person who wants us to believe she’s some art and literature genius. Bitch, what are you trying to communicate?

No. 294429

File: 1682568510960.jpeg (82.94 KB, 1170x2080, 3088610159592187249.jpeg)

Accounting is often the term used by whores, sugarbabies and sex workers. Spicy accountants. Just a fancy term for pandering to coomers for easy money. Thotting isn't a real job.

No. 294430

It's like when people are calling their previous shitty jobs something fancy, so that it looks better on their CV.

No. 294435

Venus, posting one video every two months is not "working" on YouTube.
Same as hopping on OF every other month, it seems?
Seems like she will do one thing on one platform each month and call it her work. One session on OF or one video on YT.

No. 294439

File: 1682587530585.png (96.78 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230427-112451.png)

Now she's posting random VTubers (including Pipkin Pippa)
I wonder if she still has files to Malice

No. 294440

You again. Nonnie it was already established in the last thread. Venus did all this cringe shit before this game came out. Ame is a representation of women that are just like venus, it's no coincidence she relates to her, that's the whole point of this character.

She doesn't "LARP" as her, venus was an inspiration for ame just like many other mentally ill egirls. She was shitty, manipulative, suicide-baiting WAAAY before ame/kangel came to exist. Stop the tinfoil please.

No. 294441

posting random moids who follow her or whom she follows isn't milk. unless they comment some pedo shit or pictures of their wives, we don't need to see every autist who orbits her. also sage your shit

No. 294442

>it was established in the last thread
no it wasn't, nobody replied
>venus was an inspiration for ame
that's a much wilder claim than mine lol

No. 294447

>Hollow eyes, silly smile, filtered beyond recognition?

No. 294448

File: 1682599702362.jpg (93.87 KB, 1440x677, Screenshot_20230427-120655_Chr…)

>no it wasn't
scrolling up would help.
>"venus was an inspiration for ame"
venus was an inspiration for ame just like many other mentally ill egirls
would also help to learn to read anon

No. 294449

oh, the truth was "established" by your dozy post, ok.
Obviously Ame is a jirai, and Venus has also adopted jirai. I am pointing out that, as part of that, when Venus is reaching for "what would a jirai say" she lazily takes specific dialogue from the game, regardless of whether what Ame was on about is what Venus is feeling at that time.

No. 294450

so because the game used the word "crazy" at some point, venus using the word "insane" is evidence she's paraphrasing? is that your logic? or because the game character talks about dying and venus talks about dying then clearly this is a concept she must've gotten from this game?

No. 294451

This anon wasn't me but, the retard who thinks suddenly venus turned into an attentionseeking jirai whore after needy streamer came out must be a newfag. Venus was always attentionseeking and portays all the BPD characteristics that the character in the game has. It's nothing new and she didn't suddenly adapt a new persona after seeing kAngel.
It's not necessary to post pictures of her cosplay. We don't need your "threadly reminders". Focus on new milk and stop justifying your autism in this thread

No. 294473

File: 1682615994664.webm (2.66 MB, 720x1280, Drinkingagainwhatasuprise.webm)

posted 2 minutes ago

No. 294476

Those teef are toasted

No. 294477

File: 1682618792356.jpg (178.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-04-27-19-59-55…)

High functioning like her broken front teeth(not milk, pls sage)

No. 294482

She's so damn pathetic. Wish she would just kill herself already.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 294483

Lmao i died laughing. This story is hilarious. She probs think she looks cool. But she actually looks the opposite.

No. 294484

File: 1682621597325.jpeg (68.18 KB, 1125x1032, IMG_6702.jpeg)

Absolutely embarrassing. Omg

No. 294488

She's going to delete this in a hour I'm sure and then post how I'm OK now guiz I'm taking meds uwu

No. 294489

“Just a mElTdOwN but I got my prescription filled and I’m SO much better!”

Timeline anon was honestly so right. After this, it’ll be refill time and all this shit will be “apologized for” and swept under the rug. What a life.

No. 294495

Next step alcohol psychosis

Btw mznaki and her are not divorced as far as we know

No. 294496

File: 1682630409831.jpeg (169.62 KB, 1085x1800, 1C60C162-F355-498B-9079-C973A2…)

a “functional alcoholic” you guyz

No. 294497

File: 1682630488402.png (1.85 MB, 1536x2048, 15BD7F59-89D2-40ED-9F5B-AB704B…)

Wheeeee it’s party time !!

No. 294499

Has it occurred to anyone that it could be both??
Being attention seeking and laarping as a character aren't mutually exclusive, specially after she cosplayed as said character. It fits right into whatever thing she has going on.

No. 294504

"Both can be true!!" is a lazy, overused copout argument for people who can't admit their claim is retarded or incorrect in some way and so don't want their answer to be invalid. Cosplaying a character ONCE that she relates to because it's based on attention-seeking BPDchans like her which have always been a thing doesn't make her a larper, just because she says vaguely similar things. By that logic every jirai kei/menhera bitch out there is larping the character. Venus is undeniably mentally ill, all those meltdowns, suicide baiting and attention seeking behaviors, even the substance abuse, are all typical to the BPDchan playbook, nothing new here.

No. 294505

She looks like a mess. Did she chase the other girl away?

No. 294509

File: 1682646197836.jpeg (135.3 KB, 1125x1939, IMG_6711.jpeg)


No. 294510

It feels likes you're defending her.(sage your shit)

No. 294513

When someone says that your theory about her reciting random lines from a game is retarded, it doesn't mean they're white knighting her. That theory is really a stretch. Venus has been like this before this game even came out.

No. 294514

She seems to be so proud of herself. Someone needs to slap this bitch, hard.

No. 294516

these aren't me >>294510 >>294499

>suddenly venus turned into an attentionseeking jirai whore after needy streamer came out
is not what I said, total strawman shit.
My understanding is that after latching onto the trend and playing the game, relating to the character (because of being a lost internet addicted attention starved shell) she has now opportunistically outsourced a portion of her online presence to Ame.
>feel like posting some bait on ig …can't think of anything specific because retard
>just write what the wiki says Ame would say
But actually, since you mention it, when did she adopt jirai? WAS it before the game came out, for certain?

No. 294519

She chases everyone away. Or more accurately, she drives everyone away.

No. 294522

File: 1682651345609.jpeg (90.76 KB, 1125x1232, IMG_6713.jpeg)

No. 294523

How is this offensive and extra?

No. 294524

The only acceptable reaction is the one she had. That's a gross username.

No. 294527

File: 1682654170967.jpg (16.7 KB, 1080x239, b575fbed12e3cb5aba6ac26c082319…)


No. 294530

I doubt she'll ever be able to get a respectable job after all the nasty and weird stuff she's done. With just one google search, all of her degeneracy is viewable.

No. 294533

Again, proving you're a newfag. Venus was jirai before she knew about the game. You think people find out about a popular fashion in the country she lives in by playing some indie game?

No. 294536

so if someone asks
>when did she adopt jirai? WAS it before the game came out, for certain?
a worthwhile response would be 'in 2020, see here, whereas the game is from late 2021'. for example. As opposed to "Nyerr omg ?? as if. you think (something not implied)?"
facts or shut up (even though nobody cares since i've never once argued she got into jirai through the game)

No. 294539

File: 1682666900691.png (90.42 KB, 514x926, Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 8.58.…)

she is trying hard to make hungary appear so hardcore and scary, while it's just a poor country with sad drunkies lol.

budapest is like one of the safest cities, but i guess she has to exaggerate in order to back up her wild, dangerous, alcoholic, 'slav' persona lol.

No. 294541

She's more swiss than hungarian because she lived there, was immersed in the culture, her dad who is Austrian I think also grew up there and is thus influenced by the culture and the only Hungarian influence she had was a little through her mom but she doesn't even speak the language. Is she this retarded to not understand that?

No. 294542

And I swear she answers these questions herself "swiss are more gangster and dont care what ppl think" literally neither of those are Venus

No. 294545

technically she DID live in hungary for a little while. she even attended pre-school in miskolc (that's where margo is from).
but then they soon moved back to switzerland, and after that they only went to hungary to visit relatives.

she does know a lot about hungary (via margo), but she is still more swiss than anything else.

by now she probably spent more time in other countries than in switzerland, but she will always be a swiss because that's where she learnt to talk / went to school, etc.

No. 294546

Stop asking to be spoonfed and just integrate, newfag

No. 294549

god, people are desperate to claim some sad little dopa hit by landing a gatekeep lol. Anyway I looked and she latched onto jirae before April 2021 so yes before the game was made. for your info

No. 294560

We already knew.
It would be better if you learned how to read and scroll up nonnie instead of tinfoiling your already disproven theories.

No. 294565

This isn't milk. Stop derailing the thread with your autistic slapfight about some jirai game or whatever. It's been 2 days and you keep going. Shut up, all of you.

No. 294567

File: 1682687220606.jpg (157.65 KB, 1080x2152, IMG_20230428_160702.jpg)


No. 294568

fucking disgusting. not any less expected from venus with her levels of degeneracy but her supporting TIMs is still another scale of repulsion

No. 294570

transgirls should be yeeted all right

No. 294578

Did anyone capture the drunken audio message before she deleted it? That was full of milk lol and she literally cursed her instagram following and everyone and hoped she makes them miserable or in hell or something and was happy about it. Can't remember exactly the words. It was extremely milky and controversial. She's twisted.(namefagging)

No. 294579


What?! I missed this

No. 294584

Sure she did namefag

No. 294585

I saw it on the venus angelic subreddit

No. 294586

Who is the name referring to and why is she apologizing to them?

No. 294587

One day Venus will overcome all this or at least make it big and be very successful despite all this, or maybe even because of it. It's amazing what people can do if they are determined enough. The thing is though that if Venus really does become household name famous, she'll have no proper private life anymore, the press will be all over her and hounding her unmercifully. I don't think she'd ever be able to cope with it. I don't know how anyone does actually.

No. 294588

She makes no sense in the reel she posted and then deleted. She's slurring, obviously drunk and doesn't mention who shes talking about.

No. 294589

No she won't. She can't even wash her hair or brush her teeth everyday. She's going no where and she's quite happy with that.

No. 294592

terf alert! - Well if they've been allowed in, that explains a lot of the rage & bitterness in these threads. terfs are such a miserable lot of wankers. So what if Venus likes a trannie? Though if she's going to showcase troons, at least pick homegrown ones! No one can be believable cross dressers or trannies like Japanese or Chinese can. They're made for it.(are you lost?)

No. 294594

File: 1682698380903.jpg (122.64 KB, 800x1214, IMG_20230428_171044.jpg)

So who is this girl then? Venus follows her. I've never heard of her before.

No. 294595

I read this post twice and I can't believe it's real

No. 294596

You mean this GUY, nonna? Who is HE? We don’t recognize self ID on lolcow kek

No. 294601

File: 1682700917114.jpg (58.36 KB, 1024x785, 1679305729556506m.jpg)

>this girl

No. 294604

This is clearly bait or a troll, but they didn't have to try that hard given how hair-trigger butthurt some nonnies in here get kek

No. 294605

The twist is this is a flat chested woman pretending to be a totally fishy Transwoman for internet points. That's not meant to be a compliment in any way but that's the vibe I get. An average looking girl can be a slightly above average tranny if she sells herself as such

No. 294606

What's with the influx of namefagging on this site… i'm seeing it in nearly every thread. Lrn2integrte or better yet GTFO and go back to Twitter, you dumb cunts aren't welcome here.

No. 294613


No. 294614

>this girl
stop selfposting tranny
you're lucky venus is too drunk to realize you're posting on her thread for clout kek

No. 294617

Somehow replied to the wrong thread like an absolute fucking retard kek but tbh the statement could be applied to that thread as well

No. 294624

File: 1682716562996.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2348, Screenshot_20230428-161134~2.p…)

since margi doesn't have her own thread i am gonna drop this here due to overlap in interest, more details about her fail(ed) marriage coming out on her instagram

No. 294625

Wait, she actually lived in Hungary? I didn't know that, nor did I know they regularly visited relatives. I remember Margo saying her ex didn't want them speaking Hungarian because he couldn't speak it and they followed Swiss customs iirc which is why I assumed she'd relate/be more influenced by Swiss culture. Plus she spent her formative years there. But that's interesting to know, thank you anon.

No. 294626

File: 1682717097044.jpeg (107.24 KB, 1125x1955, IMG_6735.jpeg)

No. 294627

So is she basically admitting that she was actually playing up her alcohol but now thinks she really has an issue?

No. 294628

it always baffles me where Marge ends up every few years. She always seems to stay afloat too. Wild.

No. 294629

This is so gross. She says "honestly I thought telling someone to shut the fuck up, multiple times, very aggressively, on the phone would not help at all, but in fact it did help a great deal." I feel sorry for anyone close to her IRL. Imagine this narcissistic personality disordered lunatic yelling at you over the phone, then acting all innocent and victim-like on her social media and people buying it. Still can't believe there were people worried for Venus' safety when SHE stabbed someone.

No. 294631

Alcoholics are unreliable about how dependent they are. She's a genuine alcoholic and anybody who knows an alcoholic would be able to tell. This is a stupid tinfoil.

No. 294635

Wish she'd jump in front of another bus but successful this time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 294637

She’s not retarded and she knows what she’s doing. She said she had “identity crisis” only because she thinks it sound “so cool”. Act like a Gen z on social media smh freaking annoying

No. 294638

File: 1682721365992.jpeg (106.55 KB, 1125x1967, IMG_6736.jpeg)

No. 294639

I feel like she's okay with boosting troons because she feels there's no real competition. Guess it also earns wokepoints too.
Score for their movement with the alcoholic ex-living doll narcissist ally faking illnesses lol.

No. 294640

yeah i wasn't sure either until margo posted a collection of their old photos on youtube (roughly a year ago).
i'm hungarian too and i recognize 90s hungary in those pictures (books, furniture, parks, ads, toys, clothes, etc.).
there were 2-3 pictures from pre-school too, so she must have been living in hungary and not just visiting.

to me it seems like she was born in switzerland, then lived in hungary for at least 2-3 years and then moved back to switzerland around 2002.

No. 294642

Imagine someone like her still have supporters. What a joke

No. 294643

File: 1682722990606.webm (497.95 KB, 268x480, rapidsave.com_428_now_deleted_…)

No. 294644

File: 1682723125784.jpg (68.77 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_20230429_010517_Gal…)

Someone tried making sense of her drunk rambling

No. 294646

Jirai isn't even a fashion. It's a sort of lifestyle created by the To-yoko kids from Kabukicho, and if she's such a weeb as she says she is she would know that.(sage your shit)

No. 294647

not to samefag, but this is lolcow, people aren't gonna tell you stuff right away. This place isn't for research and getting facts right. If you want that, you could go to reddit, people are less agro there.

No. 294653

Jesus christ I feel like we're starting the Venus Angelic Death Arc now

No. 294661

You guys are acting like you've never seen a trans person before. Yes, HER.(lost retard)

No. 294664

A man is a man no matter how many skirts he wears.

No. 294667

So that's a man. What's the problem self-posting trannie?

No. 294668

#floridaman kek

No. 294673

She’s deleted or privated a bunch of videos on her channel. This account has re uploaded some of them, if anyone is interested.


Sorta makes me nostalgic for the days when she and Manaki were a cute couple everyone was rooting for, before she became a BPD alcoholic nutcase and scuzz. Like this one..

No. 294676

I remember thinking they were just the cutest couple ever, total couple goals. Sigh. I wonder if Venus was actually cute and nice like this in reality for a time and went crazy later, or was just always crazy? I feel like he wouldn't have taken the leap to marry her if she was always awful and didn't at least pretend for a while.

No. 294680

File: 1682737460275.png (44.89 KB, 313x114, banner.png)

Sometimes this banner pops up for me and I remember a brief time where people were actually rooting for her. Wild we're here now. Hopefully she'll never have any children and the cycle will end with her.

No. 294681

She was still a nutcase then but just hid it better because jirai kei didn't exist then and she was into the innocent kawaii larp and in 2018 she was with Ken supposedly and cheating on Mana and simply using him for a visa while acting so wholesome. The person you like there never even existed. It was just a facade.

No. 294682

Idk, personality disorders sometimes take awhile to reveal themselves. In her case she obviously had problems from the start (the secret wgt loss surgery) but otherwise seemed genuinely cute and happy back then, to me anyway. I was 100% Team Venus all the way. It was maybe a year after that when she started to go off the rails and acting shady, more and more.

No. 294683

What I mean is, just because someone is a drunk, doesn't mean they can't become famous. People can become famous for all kinds of bad reasons. It's surprising what the public will latch onto. But if Venus did manage to become so well known she's a household name, she would hate that. She would have no privacy anymore and I don't see how she would cope with that level of fame. It takes its toll on even well balanced people.
People can still be successful in entertainment industry, even if alcoholics or drug addicts - Oliver Reed was known to be a drunk, Johnny Depp is known for drugs, Johnny Cash was, there's loads of examples. But with the older examples at least they didn't have today's social media to cope with.

No. 294687

I always thought this was sarcastic, like saying "lol good luck with all that" to Mana

No. 294688

No, everyone here was thrilled to death when she escaped from the evil psychomarge and rooting hard for both her and mana. Go back and read the threads from 2016.

No. 294692

It’s easy to get a man when you’re a crazy lady. Men love crazy ladies.

No. 294693

Most famous people become successful at a relatively young age, Venus is 26, she's too old to "make it" in the entertainment industry.

No. 294697

Ntayrt and I agree with your interpretation of the banner in question.
>everyone here was thrilled to death when she escaped from the evil psychomarge
The reason you may find this to be the case in those threads is, as far as I recall, due to the fact that saying anything against Venus's decision was worthy of dogpiling and I vaguely remember bans and post deletions of anons saying so.

You'd be surprised by the amount of us who saw nothing good to come from moving to a foreign country to be financially, emotionally, and physicslly captive with a man one hardly knows.
Manaki was always a little fucking creep but Venus was a moron who should've listened to her mom on that one for as flawed as she is.

No. 294698

Even a broken clock is right twice a day and all that.

No. 294701

File: 1682750558096.png (1.92 MB, 1768x2208, haggard.png)

Kek. The art her friend drew of her. I'd be embarrassed as hell.

No. 294702


No. 294705

>Venus was a moron who should've listened to her mom on that one for as flawed as she is

Margs was the one pushing for it because she was banking on getting to leech off of Venus and use her PR to her advantage (despite PR not working that way) and then like the psycho narc she is, changed her story and everyone ran with it, because of the influx of newfags and others who conveniently forgot or were so fed up of Penus they started stanning Margs. Looking at how Margo's been keeping the grift going, hopping from one pathetic mark to another like a bloodsucking flea here >>294624, I don't think Venus would have been much better off if she had stuck around, either. Margo would continue trying to marry her off to questionable and gross men like the Mr. Yan debacle every chance she got, and hitch herself along for the ride like the parasite she is.

No. 294707

File: 1682761044489.jpg (126.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230429-113441_Ins…)

No. 294710

Men? You mean yourself venus?

No. 294711

I just want to know how did Margs end up more stable in her old age after having her personality disorder for longer than Venus who fell apart so fast and so easily.

No. 294712

File: 1682765549649.jpg (170.43 KB, 1440x2556, Scrnsh.jpg)

Is this "bf" in the room with us right now?

No. 294713

Nah, I think it’s more of an ‘omg you guys I made it, I’m a real alcoholic now, I’m so fucked up hehe’.

Her problem isn’t being an alcoholic, but thinking being mentally deranged is an desirable aesthetic.

No. 294722

This year will be decisive for her. Loses all her sanity and still think she's part of the "functioning" people. Why no one is putting her in hospital against her own will? There is free mental hospitals in Japan even is she wants us to believe she absolutely need to get back to the one she was last summer. Alcohol is not even the problem at this point, she's just not sane anymore.(sage your shit)

No. 294723

It's surreal to think all she had to do was pretend to like Mana and she could've spent her days in her pink weeb room, sitting on her ass all day doing nothing. Threw away an easy life being a dumb, jealous, greedy whore who wanted to larp as her sugar baby friends. If I were Mana, I'd be laughing my ass off at how karma is doing this bitch.

No. 294725

Mental illnesses such as BPD tend to get milder after 40(learn2sage)

No. 294728

Just curious, why would there have been post deletions and bans just for having a different view than whatever the majority was? Unless someone was deliberatly trying to cause dissent or threatening, then why would a mere difference of opinion to most be that problematic? Isn't that what these forums are for? To debate? Sorry but I dont understand that. If someone is attacking other posters just for not sharing their view, yes, but really getting banned just for not agreeing with everyone? There's nothing in the rules which states has to be in agreement with a majority view.

No. 294731

Shame she's such a moron to want men to be "dominant". Men who like to 'dominate' and control women are usually assholes and any woman with any sense would tell them to fuck off, but this is venus, so..!
Give me a man who "talks about his mother" and wants to be "taken care of" anyday over some domineering creep who thinks they can lord it over me.

No. 294737

Literally. What a surprise a man who wants power and control is controlling and manipulative!
If you're into that, atleast be aware of it and don't play victim.

No. 294746

I’m sorry but what about Venus is entertaining, aside from the morbid fascination aspect?(sage your shit)

No. 294749

start saging your shit newfags

No. 294765

"I can totally fake being sober! Nobody will even know I'm drunk!"

No. 294791

File: 1682804160600.gif (4.99 MB, 275x250, 1625699611702.gif)

No. 294792

Oof. She looks worse than Margo here. Not surprised though

No. 294793

damn. Where is that from? She looks terrible.

No. 294794

I assume jannies at the time had favoritism for Venus. Also Marg had her own thread on /pt/ so any criticism of Venus was seen as an infight/bait attempt because Marg was exposed for being the mean mom that she is, and that was the bigger and relevant issue at the time.
Many anons were seeing Manaki as the whiteknight to help her escape her evil mom so it would have been the unpopular opinion to think otherwise. Dogpiling was a big problem in her threads.

Marg really flipped script when it became clear Venus went with Manaki with the intention to cut her off. That's about when the Japan encouragement ended because he control slipped away.

No. 294800

File: 1682807527981.jpeg (159.65 KB, 1125x1442, IMG_6741.jpeg)

No. 294807

File: 1682811667072.jpg (63.42 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20230430_003853.jpg)

Turn to jeezus beenus. It's worked out so well in the past.

No. 294811

File: 1682813363015.jpeg (189.7 KB, 1125x1797, IMG_6745.jpeg)

No. 294812

File: 1682813398048.jpeg (162.86 KB, 1125x1941, IMG_6746.jpeg)

No. 294814

She doesn't 'edit these things out of videos'. She always left her shaky hands in so people could be all like, 'omg are you okay ' and she then gets off to their worry. She lies about the smallest things I swear

No. 294815

You are fucking retarded and no, she WOULD 100% love that. She's an attention seeker and she'd love the money that comes with it. You clearly seem to ignore her entire personality and pattern of behavior in favor of your retarded fanfiction.

No. 294816

>> A shit time
Translation: my Concerta script ran out and I can’t get a refill for two more weeks, waaahhhh so sad !!

I wish she’d get off the internet with her shit. Just go the fuck away pls.

No. 294817

Honestly agree on your last part. That was also one of the good decisions Margo made to try and stop the marriage when she found out they'd be leaving asap and she wouldn't be able to come with them. Margo is a nutcase but what parent would want their kid going to a foreign country alone with a man they barely know and can barely properly speak to. Venus would have done better to endure Marge for 2-4 more years, finish school, then distance herself. But it WASN'T really about escaping Margo, it was about getting to glorious nippon as fast as possible to "show herself off in." That's all on Venus. She shouldn't have commit a crime, went with a dude she didn't love, leech off him and dump education or even real work at the time. That's just pure greed on her part. And although Mana was kind of creepy, at least he treated her well and didn't turn out to be some abusive creep using her. Honestly, I think Venus is the creepier one in their relationship.

No. 294818

She wasn't the one pushing the marriage to Mana. She wanted Venus to go to Korean university before going to Japan but Venus wanted to go to Japan asap and hence they were considering marriage visa. Margo said that Venus was "torn between the two" and having doubts about marrying Mana but then ran off with him. She was also fully against it when she found out Venus wanted to go alone without her (which is perfectly reasonable imo when you know your kid is only doing it to live in Japan and not out of real love). And it's not leeching off Venus if Margo works on the channel. Margo is the one who built that channel, so she put in work, if you put in work, it's not leeching. Leeching is what Venus did off Mana. Not paying rent or anything and expecting him to drive her places, do her paper work, pay for dates etc. Margo was overbearing and somewhat exploitative and was pushing for the channels success, the channel Venus WANTED. So she ultimately did what Venus wanted, but she became an overbearing nutcase momager.

No. 294823

Idk about Marge's work on the channel based off what I saw on her own YouTube channel after Venus left. Maybe she was involved in content ideas and scheduling. Her own videos didn't look that good, although she seemed somewhat consistent with uploading at least. I keep remembering the leg hair video with her washing clothes in the bathtub and also shaving her legs something like that.

No. 294826

File: 1682821707759.png (90.46 KB, 1768x1331, Screenshot_20230428_172429_Ins…)

Margaret is equally as narcissistic and fame chasing. They both wanted to live a easy and glamorous life of traveling and being pampered. Marge even thinks she's a celebrity.

No. 294831

>>barely properly speak to

Venus can speak fluent Japanese though. She'd have had no problem conversing with Manaki.

No. 294833

when you google venus angelic it says she died on March 28th 2023 lol

No. 294839

Tourette arc incoming, I told you nonas

No. 294840


Ahahaha nope she doesn't

No. 294841

I think she was because venus' old videos had that same cringy editing that marge's had. When venus left, the editing immediately improved. I know margo was filming her too, getting props/equipment/staging/sccripting/interviews/management and she claims coming up with video ideas alongside venus, though who knows. She's still a vile nutcase, but I do have to give some credit where it's due. I don't think Venus would even have a relevant channel at all if it wasn't for Marge.

It's not fluent and she's mentioned before she couldn't hold conversations of depth with him.

No. 294842

File: 1682835989388.png (13.94 KB, 557x486, jhygtyfrdefghjk.png)

Apparently her Google info is misleading people into thinking she died. Who wants to bet she edited that herself during one of her "episodes" lol

No. 294844

File: 1682836023584.jpg (41.98 KB, 537x889, 000.JPG)

No. 294845

How much you want to bet she changed that or at the very least, in her vain googling of herself, asked that question herself in her story. It's amazing she thinks everyone's obsessed with her. Such a narc. There's like maybe two people obsessed with her - HIMR Daniel and that creepy anon who comes in here to defend her and pronounce their love for her and Margo probably.

No. 294846

>maybe I’m cool idk anymore lol
She needs to stop typing like that it’s fucking cringe

No. 294850

She just edited this herself to see if anyone will notice, she's so fucking insecure

No. 294862

Lmao is this from when she passed out holding a burger? kek

No. 294866

Yeah doing things to concern people and then getting upset when the people who care about her get concerned is very on brand for her lol

No. 294890

She’s not fluent in Japanese. Even the Japanese she wrote in those Line screenshot messages is like N3 level.

No. 294944

File: 1682887854978.jpeg (92.54 KB, 1120x997, 4766357E-9AB4-413A-B357-8D9031…)

Not from that video but another drunk livestream she did right after that, both in July 2021.

Check the dirty grimy fingernails, again.

No. 294967

Can anyone please tell me why Mana and Venus broke up? I have been out of the loop for many years, I tried to skim some of the recent threads but I haven't found details there because it has been awhile ago.(don't ask to be spoonfed)

No. 294972

Venus is a piece of shit worthless leech that literally suicide baited and self-harmed to keep him around so she retained her visa. He's free now.

No. 294974

File: 1682899397949.jpeg (182.23 KB, 1125x1880, IMG_6756.jpeg)

No. 294976

File: 1682901732532.jpeg (152.01 KB, 1170x2391, IMG_2875.jpeg)


No. 294978

File: 1682901873601.jpeg (117.01 KB, 1170x2391, IMG_2876.jpeg)

She’s blaming people like me though…

No. 294979

Cowtipping much?

No. 294980

Cringe faggot behavior

No. 294981

I don’t care; it’s worth it.

No. 294982

Even cringier

No. 294983

Alright buddy.

No. 294986

sage your retardation newfag

No. 294987

Suck it up and stop being angry. You need dick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 294988

Oh it's a moid, that's why it behaves like a retard. We don't want your defected penis, go work out or die in an industrial job or something

No. 294989

Stop being angry, motherless anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 294990

You're the only one angry here, but not being able to pick up on tone is very on brand for failsons and moids so… my condolences to your family for having to put up with you. Alright no more attention for you, you'll have to engage with a cam whore if you want that XX attention you're so desperate for.

No. 294991

>Moid posts shenanigans to a women only imageboard for praise and asspats
>Doesn't receive praise or asspats
>Waahhhh you're all just angry and need dick! Praise me for my retardation!!

No. 294992

Never said I was a man, and tldr. That’s too angry of a paragraph.

No. 294993

Please stop the off topic arguing and trolling.
So tedious and time wasting

No. 294996

I dont know, I dont speak Japanese but even Sora the troll said she understands it perfectly well, and he's Japanese, so…

No. 294998

Just shut the fuck up and ignore it

No. 294999

No you

No. 295002

>complaining about others arguing
>continued arguing
>calls others retarded
You’re projecting.

No. 295004

>Assumes every post is from the same anon
Are you okay? Do you need a helpline to call or something?

No. 295006

You’re still projecting and arguing

No. 295007

There ya go kiddo, if you're going to use big words you should probably learn the definition first

No. 295008

You’re projecting

No. 295009

Lol cling to the one insult you know even though you're using it incorrectly(infighting)

No. 295010

K, bud. Still projecting.(learn to sage your infighting)

No. 295011

File: 1682907376838.jpeg (306.06 KB, 1125x1870, IMG_6766.jpeg)

No. 295012

File: 1682909217316.jpeg (70.41 KB, 1125x453, IMG_6767.jpeg)

She changed the text.

No. 295015

File: 1682909772587.jpeg (95.63 KB, 1125x904, IMG_6768.jpeg)

No. 295021

File: 1682911099818.jpeg (73.49 KB, 1125x1235, IMG_6769.jpeg)

She’s literally a poison to everyone who has contact with her. Took like 15 minutes to message her and she wants them to burn in hell? People do more in their lives than sit around drunk as fuck waiting for someone to give them asspats Venus. Most I reply have lives, you desperate sloppy bitch.

No. 295023

“Most people*” samefag autocorrect edit.

No. 295024

So in berween alcohol binges she sits around browsing dumb meme sites retweeting them endlessly and furiously texts and DMs people and retweets them too, and her only goal for each day is ‘how will I entertain myself today? What movie should I watch? I know, I’ll ask my instagram followers!’ What a pathetic existence.

No. 295028

I’m not saging shit

Btw retard anon, you had the def of projecting and still didn’t realize I was using it correctly. Ciao, spotty.(newfaggotry )

No. 295034

Japanese people will be impressed by anyone saying three words in Japanese and say you're fluent kek
Maybe she can understand it well but her spoken and written Japanese is super basic

No. 295036

imagine dating someone so vapid all she does all day is googling herself and screenshotting boring texts she sends. 0 interest in education, learning a trade, getting a job or working on anything about herself.
like what do you even discuss with someone like venus? i mean we already know cause she screenshots all her conversations, but literally nothing she says is ever funny or interesting.

No. 295054

She's talentless from the start and only relies on her look. And now she's just another stinky alcoholic junkie.

No. 295055

Don't get me wrong, these ~Yaasss Kween slay~ comments are retarded but wtf was that reaction ?

Please don't take the scrote-bait, fellow nonettes, I'm begging you. Ignore him like all women in his life do and report him.

Crazy tinfoil : We all know that Peenus is obsessively reading her threads (remember the "reacting to my Pull and LCF threads" livestream ?). With that in mind, do you think she could the one posting that kind of shit >>294976 to fuel her victim narrative ?
Or maybe it's just a salty moid, they're stupid enough to do that

No. 295056

Of course. She doesn't get a-logged or insulted as much as she wants us to believe. That moid thinking he is cool was just fueling her narcissism and v1ctim-complex.

No. 295057

File: 1682936891873.jpg (174.21 KB, 1080x1914, IMG_20230501_122756.jpg)

She read you

No. 295059

Nta but even snobbish assholes are less annoying than Venus… Sorry

No. 295065

kek not even the first time she replies to my posts and i dont use her threads that much. she refreshes her lolcow threads every single day because we are the only people left on earth who still remember venus.
her insta followers hate her and her youtube subscribers are dead accounts. what a loser to have to come here everyday to see anyone talk about you.

No. 295066

File: 1682939950194.jpg (191.74 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20230501_211945_Ins…)

45 year old boyfriend? Is it zaddy or someone new?

No. 295067

Has to be because the druggie med dude was young and Ken said he had a son in those text messages breaking up with her iirc. So that suicide bait meltdown was because Swedish Hitler lover dipped out. Back to sucking old enough to be her dad dick. I wonder if he's even more Splenda Daddy than Ken?

No. 295071

"Look, I totally was the one who broke off #girlboss"

No. 295076

File: 1682945798654.jpeg (39.05 KB, 1125x256, IMG_6771.jpeg)

Apparently she’s in contact with mental health services. Doubt.

No. 295079

>Sowwy u guys, no more suicide baits ! I'm better now ! Pwease subscribe to the spicy !

Yeah, and she goes to AA meetings, is very serious about her Christian and cringy-witchy LARPs, has her own company, isn't visa hopping and is a super intellectual genius who reads Kafka and writes poetry.

No. 295081

She wrote “boyfriend” and not “ex-boyfriend”, so maybe they’re back on. Gross that he says she’s like a “daughter” to him after everything, but hey, nothing itt surprises me anymore.

I mean, it’s ass backwards to be vague posting about going to school when you’re a low-functioning alcoholic sex worker with no meaningful relationships or healthy coping mechanisms, but…

And I thought she hated Christianity and AA? She’s getting to be as predictable and boring as Heather Sparkles, I swear.

No. 295082

Or she's a prostitute and he is one of her few johns that think banging a mentally unstable alcoholic has-been is worth the few thousand yen she charges.

No. 295086

Bad hi cowing and no. I don't think cow's lurk as much as you guys really want them to.

No. 295088

Low key hoping for some cringe shit like getting her own face tattooed on herself Wylo style.

No. 295090

Kafka is the only author she can name though she claims she read a lot. kek

No. 295091

You don't know what Hi cowing means, right ?

No. 295100

She's so fucking dumb to fall for this… the man is looking for unhinged, emotionally vulnerable, readily available pussy. Let his creepy ass wank to Phub or get his fix at a soapland ffs.

No. 295102

I think Venus has a desperate, desperate need to be be coddled. Margo didn't really give her normal kid attention, she used Venus and only really cared in the spotlight, otherwise she was looking for men to marry and was concerned about the money she could use through Venus. Very narc parent as we all know, but that does something with the dependency of a child into adulthood. Yeah she can get help for this, but she was groomed into her mentality about not caring if the person gives a damn about her, her lashing out is a cry for help as far as a fucked up kid goes. She's literally in the Disney Channel routine.

She doesn't care if the dude uses her as long as she's wanted. Then medicates after.

No. 295108

She's lived there long enough to be fluent by now. And the fact she had taught herself the language before she even moved there. She should be expert by now. Maybe she should hook up with that American guy who lives there and teaches Japanese - Dogen? Or hook up with that other guy, Joey? Though didnt he get together with that stupid Akidearest fatty?

No. 295109

Good point, and not one many anons are willing to consider. She has zero family she can rely on, and no real friends. Parasocial enablers, equally sick bippiechans, scrotes who prey on her, others who have zero experience with mental illness who just kind of shrug their shoulders after giving solutions that might help a well adjusted individual with more resources and whom are frankly rather lacking in life experience themselves. No one raised by a narc ever turned out healthy and well adjusted. I don't think her enduring a few more years with Margs would've done all that much good for her, either. There's the anons who claim to have gone through much worse, but the thing is, psychology is pretty individual so the way one person turns out isn't going to be the exact same as someone else. Even those of us who turned out okay to the public eye are still carrying wounds, you don't just get over that. She has no roots to speak of, so she clings to whatever's available (alcohol and scrote tier men). Manaki didn't deserve her bullshit, but he had no business marrying someone he didn't know at all aside from a cultivated youtube persona. She's emotionally and mentally stunted, like a child, because she never had proper guidance and parenting. She looks to fill a void by parasitizing others to survive, apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but she needs serious help and actual friends. I'm not losing sleep over her, i'm just here for the show, but it'd be nice if she ever got it together. It won't happen magically on its own, or anytime soon, with the direction she's going, though.

No. 295110

Dogen's married and wouldn't dare take notice of a trainwreck like her. Joey likes 2d lolis but seems pretty devoted to Aki, which is the only admirable trait he possesses.

No. 295111

I went off Aki when she moved to Japan presumably because she loved the country and wanted to live there and be part of it, but then tried to police what the Japanese can do in their own country. Like, gurl, piss off back to the States if there's things in Japan you don't like. Don't gripe and whinge and expect them to change things just to suit your entitled ass and appease your wokery. At least Venus doesn't do that. So in that respect Joey would be better off with her. And Venus at least looks more loli than Aki. lol

No. 295113

>Venus at least looks more loli than Aki

You're right about that, but it still grosses me out given the degeneracy that she's already exposed us to. I can't get behind that even if it'd be a more likely pairing kek

No. 295122

How long has she been there now? I think not even for 10 years. Only like the most devoted nippon freak can speak the language fluently in 10 years. Even the weirdos Mikaela and Sharla still suck at it. People who don’t really know the language and hear watashi wa animu ga daisuki desu always are like “Wow, you should become a translator!!!!!) But yea, Venus’ Japanese especially sucks.

No. 295123

Oh what a good analysis of the German literature by only mentioning Kafka. Maybe go back and read the Bible you bitch, because it’s the best shit ever.

No. 295124

I don't really want to be infighting or going off-topic but some anons (maybe the same one) have been hostile towards Christianity and venus "trying to find her way" via Christianity. Of course it's just another phase of hers here and there, but there's no need to be hostile towards the faith, scripture or anyone who is part of that religion of that sort anons. Let's keep it civil and towards venus and her cringe rather than bashing a religion that has nothing to do with her.(derailing)

No. 295126

>defending misogynistic fairytales from the middle east

No. 295128

The most attention that seems like care is from people messaging her and telling her to stop because they are worried. It's a loop, but that fills the void of being wanted and cared about for her and then the intimacy of men, even if they are shitty dudes who she knows uses her, is fine for a few hours until it dawns on her she spiraled in the same routine and then just allows the routine. It's sad. I'm not trying to defend Venus, but it's not so cut and dry as her using people because 'she knows better' or anything. She has a groomed used mentality. Absolutely agree with you. It might take until she's almost 30 until she gets help which seems to be the pattern for seeking help for a lot of people. Hopefully sooner. I'd love an arc about this, but I don't think being on social media while in therapy would work at all.

these are the kinds of discussions i like having on lolcow, not just off the walls laughing at cows, but actually discussing them

No. 295129

I was brought up in a semi religious household and went to church, but i think maybe some people can see the trouble that some religion can cause in the world, and how it can be used to control people and subjugate and keep women down and maybe it's that aspect they object to. Though mainly of course it's the fanatical followers who cause all of that trouble. If only people could focus on the peace and love,and live and let live aspect of it, then all would be well.

No. 295130

Don't moralfag religion, here. Most anons aren't conspiracy theorists.

No. 295131

We make fun of everything here, don't take it to heart. And lurk more.

No. 295133

She's already fucked up so yeah, staying with Margo just a few more years and finishing education and making sure she had a solid foundation before leaving would have done her wonders. Margo wasn't the worst type of toxic parent and her life wasn't in immediate danger that she absolutely needed to leave. She just wanted to leave, mainly for Japan and she didn't like Margo. And she's not just emotionally stunted. She's a narc manipulator herself who callously uses others for her gain. Margo didn't teach her sound morals because margo doesn't have them either and is mentally unwell, but really, some of the malicious things Venus does is simply out of greed and selfishness and she is old enough to know better, she just doesn't care. Probably a mix of nature plus nurture there. I think she'd be a leech/user even if she was raised differently tbh.

No. 295136

File: 1682972704696.png (90.23 KB, 429x839, image_2023-05-01_162136064.png)

She might be back with Ken. I find the daughter part a little creepy, but maybe he meant genuinely cares about her like family and it got lost in translation to English or Venus is just making it up. I like how she tries to make it like all the men desire her and she was the one who dumped them all and they all come groveling back in her dms. Can't believe anyone would want to get back together with a serial cheater and domestic abuser who financially exploits them though. This guy is a massive cuck and needs to break his codependency with her. He's like an addict. I def don't think he's just in it for pussy. What sugar daddy would be willing to take so much abuse when there are far easier sugar babes to fuck?

No. 295137

>>Venus at least looks more loli than Aki
Only with massive amounts of editing. At least Aki doesn't edit herself to look younger and then delude herself into thinking she really looks younger that even the post man thought she was a minor

No. 295139

samefag, sorry didn't notice this was already posted. And totally random but I just remembered when Venus exploited his kid out of revenge and claimed she was dumping him because "he tried to control her finances" and doesn't "put her mental health first". Control your finances simply meant trying to get her to quit alcoholism and the mental health part was basically him not putting her on a pedestal 24/7. And example of not putting her first is >>295021 literally in 20 mins of not getting a reply she throws a tantrum. Unlike her, people actually have lives and responsibilities but given her immense privilege in that regard, she's just a selfish spoiled brat and as much as I dislike Ken, I hope he doesn't get back together so Venus can actually work for her own money instead of exploiting others. She doesn't even deserve sugar daddies/

No. 295140

And venus is the perfect person for those who have a savior complex…

No. 295145

Venus has already proven she lurks on several occasions. She's narcissistic and self-absorbed and has no responsibilities or real job, thus endless free time. And you really are going to say she doesn't lurk?

No. 295146

Neither of them look like l*lis. I actually think aki has a slightly more youthful face than venus, because venus face just looks rotten to me. She's skinnier (which can also make someone look younger) but I think they are equally somewhat unappealing.

No. 295147

I like how it's him using her and not the other way around. It's actually Venus financially exploiting a man for his money and visa, as well as domestically abusing him, thus he likely has "trauma bonds" with her and it's never easy for someone to fully leave their abuser, they always come back, but Venus is the poor victim here being used by Ken because she feels soooo unloved. Fuck off with your one-sided analysis. No one has any emotions to you except Venus.

No. 295148

They mutually use each other, except Ken I think is actually in love wioth Venus or convinced himself he is, whereas Venus is just exploiting him for his salary and free gucci and visa.

No. 295152

The reason I think Ken, in some capacity actually loves her and isn't just in it solely for "pussy" is because:

1. The way he talks about her when they aren't fighting. Like Venus said he got teary eyed and cried when she supposedly jumped in front of a bus (aka drunk and tripped and lied), and he begged her to get help, tried to help her quit alcoholism, bailed her out with the hosts, paid for rehab, visited her regularly, talked about inviting her to his family for the holidays, talked about how much she means to him and moving to Switzerland in the future etc.
2. Venus is a domestic abuser and he still comes back. On and off for 4-5 years now. That's definitely not what someone solely interested in pussy would do. There are younger and waaay prettier sugar babes he could have and "exploit". So there's definitely some love there from his part. Might be codependency. Abusive relationships usually are. Therefore I don't think he's actually exploiting her, not in some malicious 'you're an unstable druggie I'm gonna exploit for sex now" way at least. Though I still think he's scum and has mental health issues himself.

The reason I think Venus doesn't love him at all and is strategically exploiting him is:

1. The way she talks about him. She never says anything nice, no compliments or concerns for his mental health or ANYTHING. She callously sent people over to watch him potentially livestream his suicide. She never talks about any man lovingly and just demands they cater to her/message her back immediately/care for her mental health while she ignores theirs and tells them to "man up." She emotionally manipulates and suicide baits them and attempts to isolate them. She has this princess complex, like men are pigs there to serve her. Don't reply in 20 mins? She slanders you online as a toxic asshole not putting her mental health first!
2. She admit to never loving Mana (thus indirect admission of using him for visa/money/free rent). She's already used one guy before. She admit to wanting to live a lavish life like Taylor and being jealous, thus directly admitting she wants a man for his money. She finds sugar daddies to buy her gucci and tries to rush them into proposing and has cheated on them. She has said she wants to be taken care of and clearly refuses to grow up (explainable by Margo spoiling her) and there may be some of that at play too, aka she loves being coddled and thus can't stand being single and dates whoever can give her that. But clearly, from her end, it's entirely for her own benefit. No love involved. He's cash signs to her.

But somehow some idiot anons will spin a one-sided narrative about how Venus is being exploited by men and completely ignore all nuance of her and the men's disposition/pattern of behavior to once again, make Venus a victim, as if she isn't a manipulator exploiting men for her own gain and pretend it's all solely out of self-loathing.

No. 295154

I think that both of your reasoning why Ken loves her are flawed.

1. I think venus just deceived him. She didn't show her flaws right away, why would she? She deletes her outburst after some time because it looks terrible for her image. She does that for attention. She'd rather make him fall in love and then show her ugly side. He was just fooled and wondered what caused her to "become" like this not knowing that's who she is. He is a weirdo and
2. He probably was just glad that a fat old fuck like him could get a somewhat young, "attractive" (according to the pictures he saw of her) foreign gf. He knows he can't score women otherwise unless he's rich, has status or something like that. He knows he'll be lonely, and as you already realized, people constantly go back to their abusive relationships. It has a variety of different reasons, hoping they change, scared of being lonely, not finding someone better etc etc

None of these are reasons for love

I agree venus doesn't really love either. She just likes the attention and playing with the people who admire/love/want her. But Ken most likely didn't love her either. How could he? She is disgustingly abusive, lazy, self centered and refuses to change. He might've just had hope but I don't think it was love.

No. 295163

If they're back together zaddy will just eventually spill more milk about Venus kek

No. 295164

>these are the kinds of discussions i like having on lolcow, not just off the walls laughing at cows, but actually discussing them

Agreed, nonna. It's honestly far more interesting and productive and makes for better discussion, imo. I don't think she's too far gone to turn around, but there don't seem to be many good opportunities for her to do so. She lives for short term instead of the long term because taking serious steps to get better is scary when you don't truly believe in a future for yourself. It's easier to fall back into the same destructive behaviors because they're familiar habits. Both her and Ken are hopelessly co-dependent, someone else mentioned trauma bonds which I agree with. What she needs isn't romantic relationships, but mature friends with a tough love approach to keep her in check from time to time, along with regular therapy. Psychedelic-assisted therapy was mentioned in the last thread and I seriously think that would help her overcome her substance abuse and confront the ugly parts of herself while recognizing she needs to change. She'd definitely be ugly crying through a few sessions when she's forced to face herself from an outside perspective that she previously blinded herself to through substance abuse and excuses, but she'd have to get treated at some select clinic in America or maybe Australia, or Canada which makes it a hard leap because I don't know how she'd get the money for it. It'd be one of her best bets, though. If she lived in America or Canada she'd be able to cultivate and discreetly self medicate as many have whether through microdoses or the occasional light to moderate dose but I don't trust her to do the research and instead can see her going overboard and fucking herself up.

A few links for anyone interested:



https://www.mindcure.com/blog/psychedelic-therapy-in-clinical-settings(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 295166

Hahaha I hope they do get back together. Imagine the milk it would bring. We hope she doesn't try to stab him again though lol.

Also Ken is different from her other doormat pushover boyfriends. He actually defends himself when she posts about him online although in a very retarded way that no one can even understand what he is trying to say…oh well.
Things about to get interesting in season 2.

No. 295167

Bitch no one cares about your pathetic attempts at being morally superior or armchairing when we all know you are here for the milk just like all of us.
Go back to reddit and instagram because I know that's where some of you newfags came from because retards like @abusedunicorn and that woman whose name started J keep on sharing this site.

But on a serious note stop sharing this site, because low iq fangelics come here and then shit up the threads.

Also are you seriously recommending psychedelics to a drug addict? I see your brain is fried.

No. 295168

You do realize venus herself has been hostile towards Christianity right?
Did you even see the things she said about Christianity once she got bored of pretending to be one. Oh but let me guess it's okay for you when she does it.

No. 295171

can all the instafags shut the fuck up and lurk moar. there are tons of threads about venus so you can learn more about your favorite attention whore quit asking to be spoonfed and spewing retarded theories

No. 295186

>crying about newfags from reddit whilst reddit spacing
Only on /w/

No. 295188

Tbf there does seem to be an attitude some women teach other women of dont care about men, they're all bastards who only want to use you for sex, so get what you can out of them and make them beg for it and if they want the privilege of having you, as a woman, that is after all, something akin to a goddess, then make them pay for it.
I've had this kind of 'advice' given to me in the past from other women when I've liked and cared about a man. These women come off as entitled, like playing the helpless routine, while really being manipulative and sly, plus strong emotionally even though they pretend to be weak and vulnerable. It's a carefully cultivated act, they only care about themselves, are gold diggers, and users, and abusers, but will pretend to be the ones who have been used and abused if anyone tried to pin them down for their behaviour. Venus seems to have absorbed some of that toxic female mindset, likely from her mother.

No. 295189

>>Ken being lonely
No reason why he'd be totally lonely, as he's not entirely alone - he's married. With a family.

>>He can't really love Venus, as why would he and how could he?

Why not? People love all kinds of people. Even dirty smelly ones. And those with rotten personalities. Real love is inexplicable and can take someone by surprise, finding themself loving someone they'd rather not love, but cant help it.

No. 295190

>> Ken loves her

No. 295191

You sound like you think America is the best for mental health care. If that were actually the case, then maybe there wouldnt be so many on the rampage shooters over there. But there are, so it isnt true it's good for mental problems, even though therapy seems a way of life for some. If Venus went there, she'd likely get a gun and go on a killing spree with it.

No. 295193

Christianity sucks. Even the satanic Bible has more truth in it than this book of nonsense. Now can you all stop talking about a religion that fucks kids, suppresses women and makes people kill each other? Thank you.(ban evasion)

No. 295198

File: 1683000578535.jpeg (78.8 KB, 739x1216, 3013965A-B0CF-4832-AE6C-365B2F…)

“First day” of what? Like what the fuck is this idiot talking about now?

No. 295199

Maybe don't post if you don't know? Just wait for an explanation from her, otherwise you're just spamming tbh.

No. 295201

You can post milk (new screenshots) without knowing or giving an explanation.

it's very obvious she's talking about "first day" of sobriety.

No. 295208

Florida is absolutely a 2 party consent state kek

No. 295214

It was arguments made why he doesn't love her

No. 295216

Damn margo really messed her up(sage your shit)

No. 295219

She messed herself up.

No. 295270

WTF are you talking about, you utter retard. “Muh mental health” is a scrote excuse and gun violence in America has more to do with fear mongering and blind nationalism fostered by conservatives. Someone linking websites (only one of which was American, the other two being Canadian and Australian) giving sources linking to emerging proven medical research is not related to the failings of the American mental health establishment. You seriously lack reading comprehension, ESLchan. Regardless, it has no place here. This isn’t a place for “discussions of substance”, kek

No. 295278

Why is it that Americans always get pissed off so easily about gun laws, religion, politics, transgender shit and black people related things etc? (good that you got your black mermaid now. ) Like you can’t even have a decent conversation with them without them turning red and spitting fire at you. Pain in the ass. Take a benzo or a snickers, you fat bitch.(ok newfag)

No. 295280

Why is it that newfags can't sage their shitty bait?

No. 295282

Why can’t you sage your shit?(learn to sage)

No. 295286

They did sage. You didn't. Retard.

No. 295314

it's a bot

No. 295331

File: 1683107530184.jpg (220.08 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230503_104948_com…)

She's back to the homemaking crap, maybe to try and lure ken back?

No. 295332

She’s just got a fresh script of adhd meds, or at least that’s what it seems like from her behaviour.
It’s so weird how she has to share that level of detail of how she’s feeling (although I don’t necessarily believe it) I think she needs to learn to like being alone.

No. 295333

Venus wants anything to fill the void and emptiness inside her. She needs to learn to deal/live with it. I wonder how soon till she relapses. It's just sad, she has so many opportunities and possibilities but she refuses to go the tough necessary route.

No. 295338

She's trying self care. That's a good thing. She has it within herself to heal herself. She doesn't need 'outside' help. That's the mistake a lot of people make. They scout around looking for answers from outside the Self. True healing of traumatic past comes from within the Self. Venus needs to also focus more on what she enjoys and what brings her pleasure, even if other people disapprove. Do what gives her satisfaction.

No. 295341

Okay, you're new to Venus and it shows.

No. 295344

Hope the yoga does wonder for her floppy ass.

No. 295351

she is going to look like a crack addict in no time if she takes alcohol with adhd meds, can't wait for venus cardiac arrest saga

No. 295352

File: 1683127317690.jpeg (149.12 KB, 1125x1956, IMG_6928.jpeg)

Any bets that it’s because she’s drunk again that she’s on there?

No. 295358

Nah people like Venus need good consistent ppl in their lives… but at the same time keeping up friendship w someone like Venus is actual hell(learn to sage)

No. 295359

I took a peek at the usual places to "procure" things (out of curiosity) and no, she isn't active in the sense of posting content. She's active as in she's on the website lol. She's doing a poor attempt at driving new subs.

No. 295362

File: 1683134784866.jpeg (158.88 KB, 1125x2071, IMG_6933.jpeg)

No. 295363

File: 1683134919967.jpeg (138.65 KB, 1125x1353, IMG_6934.jpeg)

No. 295376

I never really cared for her in the beginning of her uWutuber phase so I might have a different perspective than some anons who were supporting her then quit, but sometimes I can't help but see her like a fuckup of a little sister. A lot of the things she does reminds me of the unbridled early-mid 20s retardation that most everyone goes through, with a heaping dose of unhinged alcoholism driving exceedingly poor decisions. That's why I can't ever truly feel angry at the shit she does (at least not recently), I just feel exasperated. I think she has it in her, somewhere, to turn it around. She seems to want to try sometimes. She will likely fall off the wagon many more times, but I like to see her try.

No. 295382

File: 1683149410956.jpeg (82.61 KB, 1125x838, IMG_6936.jpeg)

Bio change.

No. 295383

No one gives a shit about your thoughts or feeelings about Venus. Fuck off.

No. 295385

Suddenly she’s “just a girl trying to heal”. yeah seems LEGIT

No. 295391

And your aggressive posturing adds nothing of value to the conversation either. Don't cut yourself on all that edge, now.

No. 295392

File: 1683153966708.jpeg (139.44 KB, 1125x2034, IMG_6937.jpeg)

Dancing video. She cannot move her body to save her life.

No. 295393

File: 1683154024731.jpeg (137.15 KB, 1125x1684, IMG_6938.jpeg)

This was posted an hour ago with incredibly low engagement. How soon until she cries about that and how drinking makes her more popular online?

No. 295396

Looks like she's having an epileptic seizure. But I guess it's just ritalin. Such a mess of a person

No. 295403

Wtf. This is so embarrassing. She's fumbling around and falling down like an actual toddler

No. 295404

I was expecting her to very least try to do the dance the other jirai instagram & tiktok girlies are doing but she didn't even try.. This was worse than I imagined

No. 295408

Watching the video of her "dancing", it looks like that black dress is a bit too large on her

No. 295424

Idfk why someone would fall doing a simple shitty parapara dance like this one. It looks like shes doing this shit on purpose to look clumsy and cute. Or like, anon before me already said: a fuckin toddler.
Only weirdos would think this is a cute dance she does imo.(idk why you can't sage your posts)

No. 295430

File: 1683192837395.webm (5.68 MB, 720x1280, Body Slam The Floor (I?m just …)

No. 295432

Lol, thanks nonna. So aidoru !

No. 295438

yep she got a refill of her ritalin again

No. 295439

The dead eyes, toothless mouth and erratic behaviour, it is a vibe

No. 295440

File: 1683200339835.jpg (132.02 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_20230503_065441_Ins…)

From yesterday (?)
Seems that we're at the ~don't worry guys ! I'm getting better now!~ phase of the Peenus cycle.

No. 295441

File: 1683200392427.jpg (191.59 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_20230502_082835_Ins…)

No more cringe u guys !

No. 295447

She's obviously doing the little falls on purpose. Whatever, it's nice to see her enjoying herself and having fun, not hurting anyone so don't see need to criticise her for it. She looks cute here and wearing nice outfit.

No. 295449

No, no, no and no

No. 295451

This is the healing temporary era again
Oh, oh, oh, uh-oh, here we go(sage your autism)

No. 295466

did you just join this train wreck? its not cute, its her usual "i'm all better guys see" routine. she does this multiple times a year all in stages.

No. 295472

Typical white knights always coming out whenever Venus hints at being talked about here.

No. 295479

its not cute, its her acting like a stupid baby that cannot walk two steps to bait some more creep pedos to her page.(sage your shit)

No. 295526

What makes people think online therapy is gonna do shit? She's been to over a billion rehab centers and seen therapists and still refuses to get to the root of the problem. She has to WANT to get better and she doesn't. She just wants to look good for her followers.

No. 295529

Idk, maybe she enjoys doing stuff online. If she really does enjoy it, then it's not a bad thing for her to do it. It's good for her to do something she genuinely enjoys, as long as she doesn't get too caught up in any negative feedback from people. If she gets aversely affected by strangers' opinions, then she should either not post so much on social media or learn to disregard any detractors. But pursuing something she genuinely enjoys should be a good thing if it makes her feel happy.

No. 295534

You are too stupid to live. Run along back to your idol’s instagram comments with the rest of your little friends.

No. 295539

The only thing she enjoys is drinking and popping pills. If she thought rehab was too "boring" then what makes her think she would enjoy online therapy which is even more boring? At least in rehab you could make friends that push you to be better but she bailed out cause she decided being a drunk whore was too much fun. (Rehab isn't supposed to be fun Venus, you stupid fuck)

Also she craves negative attention.

No. 295547

File: 1683270846783.png (8.96 KB, 400x400, 1675662578187.png)

Friendly reminder : don't engage with bait. Report and move on.

No. 295557

File: 1683281466999.jpeg (221.39 KB, 1125x2024, IMG_6945.jpeg)

No. 295559

She looks wrecked. And that is with a filter, woof.

No. 295563

File: 1683288160623.jpg (23.73 KB, 1440x306, Venusbeingretatded.jpg)

Venus trying to avoid accountability (shocker) when people tell her that cosplaying a 14yo high-school student for her prostitution website is pedophilic

It's funny because people told her that THE LAST TIME (back in March I think 9 weeks ago) she cosplayed rei. We know venus reads her comments. She's lying and trying to manipulate the audience yet again

No. 295566

I was laying in bed scrolling my instagram feed and when this photo came up I literally busted out laughing oh my GAWD her face WTF LMAOOOOO

No. 295572

She literally looks like a corpse and now she suddenly cares about her scars. Instead of editing them away she starts a story about how she has to reshoot everything again :( she edits herself like hell but cannot do this?(sage your shit)

No. 295575

that right there is the thousand-yard stare of a psych ward patient. she could’ve at least brushed her hair. she looks uncanny

No. 295578

File: 1683300077908.png (763.18 KB, 2436x1125, 0086CFAC-27EF-4643-A24F-8131DF…)

she was wearing an evangelion t-shirt during her ”dumb things i did when is drank” video so i wonder if she’s being sarcastic

No. 295584

File: 1683304790467.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1536, 777A89E0-1884-45B5-BB48-994096…)

She edited the caption to fix the typos (the original one was so garbled it was partially unintelligible,) then deleted the whole thing.

Her filter failed to disguise her marge mouth though. It’s getting more pronounced all the time. And she’s shaved off half her eyebrow for some reason.

No. 295587

She've had "from Evangelist" to look clueless(sage your shit)

No. 295589

Why do you think something is bait, just because it's not like "are we all agreed?"

No. 295590

I should have made it clesr, it wasn't just the online therapy I meant when I said if she enjoys it. I meant the whole fact of her doing stuff online. People are always saying she should get off the internet and concentrate on something that can bring healing, and happiness. But if being online and posting on social media makes her feel better and gives her some degree of satisfaction and maybe happiness, then seems counterproductive to come off it. Unless it makes her feel more unhappy being on it, and then, and only then does it make sense to stop doing it. As long as she enjoys it, it's fine.

No. 295591

Because no one who actually follows this chick or posts here would say even an iota of the shit you did, lol.

No. 295593

It's jarring how you manage to avoid talking about her raging aloholism problem or the broken shell of a person she is after all she's put herself into. Now stfu, this useless back and forth is taking up thread space

No. 295596

She deleted it LMAO

No. 295599

That's the "in love" with venus psycho anon, so of course they don't want her offline lmao. They're fucking sick.

I remember she said she shaves the ends to shape them better or something

No. 295600

Am I in the minority who don't care when someone sexualizes an anime teen character? Didnt know rei was only 14 but she could be 16, 18, 25 and she'd still be drawn exactly the same and doesnt act like a teen either. I find it more disturbing when people sexualize clearly child looking anime characters even if they're some 1000 year old whatever. But it's super funny how Venus is acting like she didn't know rei is a teen and wouldnt have posted that otherwise when we all know she doesn't care if rei is a teen or not. And it's also weird how she uses it and her scars as an excuse to "reshoot" it, despite easily being able to edit out scars. She just really wants to highlight her cool jirai girl scars.

No. 295601

tinfoiling but are you the nazi hookup she had? Also shes not some uwu tragic herorine shes boderline psychotic who has slept with her friends bfs and husbands. Dated a pedophile for da zaddy money and framed manaki to the point he's disappeared. Wking like this is contributing nothing

No. 295603

I personally don't care too much about certain characters either BUT I think it's still unnecessary to use a character that's supposed to be a high schooler for porn when there is millions of others to choose from. The more important part of that post was the fact that she is pretending people haven't told her it's somewhat innapropriate and unnecessary. They have and she knew. Now she's acting like it's a little whoopsie.

No. 295604

>Am I in the minority who don't care when someone sexualizes an anime teen character?
Sexualizing a teen character is whatever because prior to the "Woke western" weebs getting access to twitter, no one cared. It's the sexualizing children that's a problem because while it is "just a drawing" who's to say that lust doesn't go deeper?

No. 295605

I mostly don't care, specially not with a character like Rei, because I watched Evangelion and I know what the character is about. For me it has to be seen in the context of the anime, I'm not happy about people sexualizing something like Ghibli characters or for example Misty from Pokemon. But after all, what I hate more today is the way they draw adult characters I just stopped watching anime after there weren't any nice character designs (especially female) left.

No. 295620

File: 1683326678306.jpg (108.61 KB, 1440x2551, tagram.jpg)

Don't know if true or not, but atleast she apologized

No. 295630

lol she cant hide her bloodshot eyes, she was hammered when she took this pic

shes lies all the fucking time how can we help anon understand this

scrote alertt

No. 295647

File: 1683339313476.jpeg (82.31 KB, 1125x1871, IMG_6960.jpeg)

No. 295648

see you tomorrow.

No. 295652

Just because it might seem "inappropriate" to some people though, don't mean it will to everyone. It's mainly uptight westerners with maybe a religious background that have allsorts of hangups about any sex related stuff.

No. 295654

I guess it's lucky for her that new suckers are born every day because reading the posts on here is always like "did I click on an old fucking thread?" like it's unbelievable that 'cosplaying an underage character, backtracking' can play out 10 times and still get 20 posts in response as if it's the first time

No. 295656

>who has slept with her friends bfs and husbands

Source? Asking seriously btw. This sounds completely pulled out of your ass or like a piece of misconstrued gossip from a game of telephone.

No. 295676

Oh yes sorry nonnie I forgot only religious fanatics have issues with underaged characters being used in pornography.

Big if true

No. 295681

Super weird take.

No. 295689


It's from this post >>62174 from a few years ago. An anon who claimed to know her came into one of the old threads and posted stuff about Venus which later turned out to be true.

No. 295695

Anon doesn't know her or her friends. Anyone who takes any personal cow stories like that seriously need to go outside. The amount of anons in /w/ claiming personall involvement or pretending to be a self posting cow is crazy all for some anonymous asspats and a narc sense of accomplishment.

No. 295696

NTA but it's literally just hearsay.

No. 295700

True. I will say that the only reason I end up believing rumors is because Venus, being the big moo moo that she is, winds up proving them true later on down the line via her cow antics. Venus has no problem sleeping with married men as we've seen with Ken, and pretends to be friends with ppl she hates as we've seen with Taylor, so trying to fuck her friend's man is def not out of the realm of possibility. Only time will tell if she's done this. Knowing Venus, she'd prob post DMs admitting to it while wasted, like she did with Ken saying he's married w/ children.

No. 295728

Nta, but stop perpetuating fake unproven milk all because 'anon was right' when anon didn't even post any info that's provable. Her friends never said that. No one around her is saying that.

No. 295744

I don't remember her ever saying Ken was married, just that he has kids. I thought he was separated/divorced

No. 295758

She posted a screenshot before of Ken telling her to never text him again and that he's going to be with his wife and kids

No. 295763

File: 1683423905338.jpeg (362.13 KB, 1125x2042, IMG_6977.jpeg)

No. 295765

What happened to her going away from social media.

No. 295772

>>when anon didn't even post any info that's provable.
Uhhh last I check Venus most def cheated on Manaki multiple times lol. She admitted to being with Ken since 2018. So yea, Venus does go out of her way to proof rumors.
She needs attention the internet daily or she'd die without it. Typically moo moo behavior. It's like when Onision makes a "Goodbye, I'm leaving YT" video.

No. 295779

I think she's back with zaddy to take care of her…poor thing. She literally can't take care of herself when she's alone. She needs a grown up to keep her on check. Forever a child mentality, even at almost at the age of 30.

No. 295780

What is "educational abuse"?
>I'm on the spectrum
Since when…

No. 295783

Educational abuse us when someone sabotages or restricts your way of education like uni or college although there's no one stopping penus from learning as there are online universities now

No. 295784

She claims to receive disability, which foreigners in Japan can get as long as they are registered with their local ward office and have a valid long term visa when they registered (no expired or tourist visa). It has to be renewed every 2 years. She claims to be receiving level 2 disability which is essentially I'm too retarded to be a productive member of society, but not so bad off I need a caretaker. Also iirc, under this level of disability she can be both voluntary and involuntary committed to mental hospital by family members when they get real bad. The level 2 disability is prob the "on the spectrum" thing she's referring to.(sage your shit)

No. 295785

It's quite weird how she is able to receive that welfare surely the offices would know about her drinking problem? If she's so austistic how is she able to be productive enough to get drunk and manage a social media presence it infuriating that she's taking the money from someone who actually needs it. Fuck venus

No. 295786

Do you think autists are carehome tier retards? Everything she does is so low effort and shitty so I can believe it.

No. 295787

The thing is she can get disability for having an addiction, as drug addiction is considered a "daily restriction." There's this myth that Japan is super strict and hard on drugs. But ppl still get away with drugs use here, including foreigners like Sere (kabukillme, another gaijin moo moo) who has been caught with and jailed for drugs, yet is still living in Japan. Venus could have disability for whatever she was diagnosed with. Depression, Autism, Anxiety, Addiction, ADHD, etc. These are all covered under JP disability. We all know this bitch is batshit, so it's a toss up. Since she's on ADHD meds, I'm incline to go with ADHD&Autsim diagnosis. But anyone who knows about Japan's mental health system knows their standards for whats considered autism are laughable.

No. 295792

People who are really disabled usually try their best to get any kind of work. Even if it’s only twice a week for 2-4 hours. She’s a leeching piece of shit. I have a relative in Japan who’s in a wheelchair but only gets like $4 a month from welfare. This is messed up on a whole new level.(sage your shit)

No. 295794

shes not even trying to hide how desperate she is have people subscribe to her OF.

No. 295795

This is why I hate these whores, get your bag but holy shit most people push "sub to my OF!" and they do absolutely nothing or expect scrotes to toss money for less than they can get on the hub or even IG for free.

No. 295805

So she’s gonna post “mundane things about my life, just pictures and diary entries” on OF? Does she really think that’s what OF is for? Sometimes I think she’s brain damaged from years of alcohol abuse, how else is it possible to be this clueless?

No. 295806

Unironically OF was indeed for that kind of stuff and artists/musicians AT FIRST before e-thots took over after Patreon started banning them. Some people can get away with using OF as a "blog" but not beenus.

No. 295853

She said he was divorced. Maybe lying because if he was, she'd be admitting she's fine being a homewrecker and destroying a family and ruining a child's life forever just so she can live the lavish Taylor R lifestyle (really REALLY telling of how VILE and evil she is if Ken really was married and how she values easy money over a child's family dynamics). It's also possible Ken misspoke or said wife to make Venus jealous (like he doesn't need V, he's getting back with his ex type of thing) or he's only married on paper but they live separate. We'll likely never know. Sugar daddies are often cheaters but at the same time, Ken was very public with Venus and cheaters usually aren't, so who knows.

No. 295854

It's about as true as her hitler joke where she said she knew it'd make people mad then said she didn't realize it was inappropriate.

No. 295863

This is why I can't stand her

No. 295892

Or the infamous "Manaki is a sex pest" so-called joke.
Her ~it wasn't me guys, Manaki made me do it!~ excuses worked at the time because she still had that cutesy living-doll image going for her (and even then, some of us here saw through her bs from the get go but were dogpilled by the spergelics squad kek) but now that she looks like a worse version of Maggot…well, it doesn't fly anymore.
Truth is : she's just a lying retard, unable to face any responsibility.

No. 295949

I hoped she was going to get with HIMR guy (Daniel) but seems he's not in Japan anymore. I havent kept uo, he was talking on a live back in Thailand that he did a runner from Japan and leaving his gf in the shower. I dont suppose that would have been Venus? Seems he's back with Thai girlfriend? Has he got a thread on here?

No. 295953

Everything you said has nothing to do with Venus is you're just playing a guessing game that an ex is her without either of them ever mentioning dating the other one. Just all seems like tinfoil and since he has a girlfriend now and doesn't even live in Japan, seems dumb to speculate over. She also never had enough overlap without other people, so I highly, highly doubt they dated or fucked.

No. 295984

As a hungarian myself I am astonished by her racism and stupidity.

No. 295986

XY chromosomes = man.
Couldn't say it better.

No. 295987

Your understanding of life is quite limited.
XY chromosomes does not always equal men. Read up for example on Swyer syndrome where people are born with female sex organs, but have XY chromosomes.

No. 295990

Oh common. Stop with the rare exceptions. Barely anyone knows that this even happens, unless they study genetics. That syndrome rarely happens to anyone. They can't reproduce.Same with Klinefelter syndrome, where a person is born with xxy chromosomes, which can also lead to males growing breasts, and infertility. They are still considered men.

No. 296001

File: 1683637082000.jpeg (304.13 KB, 1170x2285, IMG_6924.jpeg)

Recent post from Ken aka on and off psycho bf

No. 296002

File: 1683637106409.jpeg (198.88 KB, 1170x2288, IMG_6925.jpeg)

Update from Ken’s ig

No. 296003

Wow. 2 sad pathetic losers.

No. 296018

File: 1683646044553.jpg (51.3 KB, 500x699, 1mgazc.jpg)

No. 296019

She looks sick as fuck in that photo. Strange he would choose to post one which makes her look like shes drugged up.

He's such a moron. They aren't good for each other, I don't think she's good for anyone but they bring out the worst in each other. I wonder what his family thinks?

No. 296027

ah, so this is why she is suddenly in "recovery" again i suppose. its funny how her mental health changes based on what man shes seeing that week. i feel bad for ken's family too, i wonder what they know or think of all of this. imagine wasting your life with this woman, and vise versa.

No. 296029

It looks like Venus wrote that lol

No. 296031

Lol so a couple of months ago he was all “never contact me again you stupid whore, I’ll be happy with my wife and family and btw you do cocaine” and now this? He’s as crazy as she is (and fat , greasy and unwashed too.) Come to think of it, they’re actually a perfect couple.

No. 296032

I mean they have been on/off since 2018 so what did you expect and Venus is a domestic abuser that emotionally manipulates and physically harms. It's hard to leave that once you get too involved, but I do wish he really left her. He's a scumbag but Venus is worse and doesn't deserve him to financially exploit. He got her out of the host issue, probably paid her divorce lawyers and rehab while she ebegged pretending to not have money and probably got her the place she lives in and will likely be the one paying for more rehab or her education. He's being leeched off just like Mana.

Also of course no one loves her. Maybe if she stopped being such a narcissistic abuser who completely invalidates others emotions while demanding we care about hers, maybe people would have a semblance of respect for this abusive asshole.

No. 296033

She looks bad and that's with a blurred/airbrushed face since this photo clearly has been touched up, she doesn't even have jowls. Venus probably makes Ken put his phone cam beauty functions on max kek

No. 296044

yes because that tranny in that picture has Swyer syndrome retard. It's a man.

No. 296079

Wasn't what I said, just that your statement "XY chromosomes = man" is bullshit, but, sure, try to deflect, because that's all you transphobic little shits can do instead of admitting you were wrong and things aren't as simple as you thought.(oh my god stfu)

No. 296085

I dont know why you call him a psycho. He wasnt the one who attacked anyone. He was the one who got attacked. I do hope they can settle down this time and that Venus wont attack him again.
I must say I quite like Ken. He seems quite a character.

No. 296086

I knew she was back with him when she posted this “I’ve got a seeekrit you guys tee hee” >>295331 last week. Now she has her married 46-year old “boyfriend” back, the one who buys her designer baseball caps and scarves to flaunt on the gram. I wish them all the happiness they deserve.

No. 296087

I dont know how they know what that person's chromosomes are anyway. Looks like a girl to me. I suppose it's that that the transphobes are mad about. They only like the obvious fugly ones like Chris Chan that they can point and laugh at and feel superior about.(lost retard)

No. 296098

Its pretty obviously a guy…..if you can't see that then you have to get eye checked.
Retard, 99% of the human population will say that XY chromosome is a man, cuz its true to 99.99999% of the population. Just because 0.0000000001% isn't doesn't mean its NOT true. Swyer syndrome is a defected person. She doesn't have ovaries, while a regular female has ALL of her reproductive female organs. Basically you're saying "If this whole sack of hey has a needle in it, this means its not a sack of hay".Dumb logic.

No. 296100

"Saying humans have two arms when someone says they identify with one (while clearly having two) is actually armphobic. There's exceptions and some are born with one or even three! I must remind you of this because you seem to forget that humans don't only have two arms."

No. 296110

File: 1683667754750.png (281.94 KB, 1768x673, 20230509_171225_Instagram.png)

Translation in case anyone is interested.

"Venus is working very hard and striving for her dreams.
Please support her."

Also Ken is looking for employment. The food post is translated to him talking about seeking employment.

"Job Seeker
I'll work anywhere in the world!"
#Job Seekers

So is he planning to shack up with Peenus in another country?

No. 296116

she might be still active and posting, but her subs that were reposting her content elsewhere probably unsubscribed like the vast majority of her subs. I bet the quality dropped even lower than what we got to witness last time with her shitty sextapes.

No. 296139

That’s what she’s been doing for over a year and why she looks like an actual crackhead in her non edited pics

No. 296154

File: 1683687611233.jpeg (58.13 KB, 498x769, 7378E5D7-48E6-47D3-A642-C82F3B…)

>> Strange he would choose to post one which makes her look like shes drugged up
Good old Ken can always be counted on to post the worst, unedited (relatively) pics of his alcoholic side piece. Every time.

No. 296164

Man I love how I didn't even responded once and you're assuming it was me while it was everyone else destroying you in the replies. Including admins.

You're amazing guys.

No. 296169

That is edited though, can't you see the facial smoothing? She barely has jowls. Also not surprising he posts those. He sees Venus irl in all her ugliness and still thinks she looks good so naturally he could post anything and think she looks good. She also said he was trying to encourage her to not overedit.

Doubt he's unemployed or Venus wouldn't be with him since she can't exploit him for money (unless he's rich and doesn't need to work). More likely he's just looking for additional work on top of whatever he already does (likely to help poor benoos aka venus financially leeching off him like the scum she is)

No. 296175

File: 1683715880407.jpg (256.66 KB, 1080x2078, Screenshot_20230510_115004_com…)

So Venus claims she's not back with Ken and he's posting pictures/being a creep.

No. 296177


i think he deleted these already

No. 296178

File: 1683716766717.jpg (331.56 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230510_120630_com…)

No. 296179

File: 1683716791948.jpg (125.77 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230510_120642_com…)

No. 296180

>"I am not with him! He's being a creep posting all of these!"
>"Btw ignore that I'm "posing" for these pics"
>"Also that I'm going to now talk shit about him."

No. 296181

Another lie. Ken paid for her trips and gifts. She wasn't earning shit for him.

No. 296182

She looks cute

No. 296183

And on cue every time beenus gets called out.

No. 296184

looks like that fukaeri bitch liked his post

No. 296185

Tell us you lurk this thread, without telling us you lurk this thread Venus.

No. 296188

In beenus defense, alot of narcissists and t0xic people enjoy suddenly turning up into someone's life when they are [trying to do] better. She would know. I wouldn't be surprised if he saw her be offline for some time and wants to torture her mentally by acting like they are back together and he is taking care of her/financially spoiling her. It would force her to defend herself and look like an idiot and make her fall back into old habits and copes. They both enjoy tormenting each other so none of this is surprising. I did also believe tho that venus was suddenly being taken care of him again, the image he posted could be older (I believe she's wearing a wig).

No. 296190

>in beenus defense, alot of narcissists and t0xic people enjoy suddenly turning up into someone's life
No, those are clearly:
>"I'm going out with him of my own free will, let me spin the narrative later when I get called out"
Situations lol. Yes, toxic people can and do come around, but this is beenus we're talking about:
>when they are [trying to do] better.
This doesn't apply.

No. 296191

>she's trying to do better
>he tortures her mentally
>she's forced to defend herself
I also always thought some anons were slightly harsh on her but how anybody after her recent suicidebaiting stint can still use this victim language for her is beyond me…

No. 296192

Beenus's whiteknights come out in force whenever she (rightfully) gets called out.

No. 296194

So what exactly is her problem right now? That Ken is trying to find a normal job unlike her lazy ass?

No. 296195

File: 1683725926288.jpg (256.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230510_153804_Ins…)

New suicide bait? What is she jammerin about?

No. 296197

no shes drunk again

No. 296201

Idk what she means by "Yes I did all the stuff"
Is she saying again that she was lying and made these posts or is that supposed to mean that she did all the financing.(learn2sage)

No. 296202

Basically that she did everything (Financially) in the relationship and the stuff for "recovery." She's basically twisting the story because Ken exposed her.

No. 296203

of course she is twisting stuff again, when isnt she…
this whole thing is attentionseeking again, thats why I wouldnt be surprised if she actually encouraged him to post this stuff just so she can play victim once again. its actually sad how much she fucked up in the past that stories like that are very hard to believe.

No. 296204

File: 1683733585944.png (91.18 KB, 785x748, image_2023-05-10_114743250.png)

Her story makes no sense, as always. She's made multiple references to her "salaryman boyfriend" and said he got lawyers (who obviously need to be paid) to get her out of the hosts situation and she said he had a company and she suddenly went travelling/could afford love hotels and designer stuff like gucci/lv but suddenly Ken was always a bum? We also caught her blatantly lying twice just recently with rei and the hitler thing, she's obviously lying, she was probably stalking marge and saw all the things she said about her ex cody and is trying to one up her. Plus why would venus want to be with an incomeless man for the last 5 years? She's even said she's a gold digger before and wants a lavish taylor r lifestyle. She is such a liar. The most I could believe is that he hit her that one time but even that I don't believe because she would have mentioned it sooner and the more likely scenario was she was drunk and fell. She's claiming she lost her nails so is she trying to say that that's another instance was when she was "hit by a bus" cause I'm not buying it.

Lmao and now she's trying to say he groomed her into OF, what a fucking bitch. She was lazy and greedy for money, that's literally the explanation for OF, not some groomer pimp trafficking her. She would literally call him controlling if he was against it. Ken's no saint btw, but I just don't buy this I'm an ultra victim sob story. If he didn't have money, she'd never date him and she said the same lies with Manaki. She's probably doing damage control for the rei thing by saying Zaddy "groomed" her into thinking that way. Holy fucking shit she's vile. Even if Zaddy is bad, she's 1000x worse. She just can't stand being seen as broke, she even said her greatest fear was being "poor and unloved" and Zaddy made a post about "no one loves Venus but really people do please help her" and it probably triggered her. Or Ken told her to lay off the alcohol again. And she def doesn't like being called a domestic abuser, of which she 100% is. She's been lurking.

No. 296205

Poor Peenus, everyone in her life is taking advantage of her girlboss money ! Boohoo !

She used to tell the exact same crap regarding Manaki : that he was a gross neet, spending his day on the computer while she had to pay for everything. It was a lie obviously, since his apartment was provided by his company.
Truth is : she's a leech and a broke retard.

No. 296206

He's either out of work very recently and she's twisting the story or she's completely making it up.

Ken's probably an ass but this is the dumbest post I've read. A lot of narcissists and toxic people enjoy slandering others (aka venus what she did to literally everyone EVER with a repeated pattern of behavior). If anything, Venus was recently bothering him, maybe calling/harassing him for the 1000000000 time and he made those posts about supporting Venus, which is maybe some subtle shade? that triggered her. She's a psycho narc abuser though, that much is obvious now, whether he's an ass/abusive or not.

She literally said her 45 year old boyfriend said "i know you said fuck off but i cant forget you". She said boyfriend. My guess is they got back together only to break up again, hence this.

No. 296209

Yeah, that's the reason you're back on. You totally would have stayed off the internet if it wasn't for that pesky Ken! She is such a shitty human being and liar. Anyone who believes she'd stay offline and is only back because of Ken is a dumbass. She's always blaming someone else and being manipulative. This is just a deflection to redirect the hate to him because of the rei/hitler thing. But I'm glad she got some karma, even if it's just a tiny bit she receives and deserves more because despite Margo being a bitch, Venus trashed her and caused her to get death threats for years, same with Mana and her ex managers/boyfriends/med student if they had social media accounts would get it too based off how she talked about them. She doesn't get a fraction of the hate these people got, and still she can't take even that. What a weakling and manipulator.

And let's not forget, she's the one who recently publicly called him "her boyfriend". If that was a typo by any chance, she did NOT fix it and is now "only online" because she's getting too many messages about Ken. Maybe don't mention him first, Venus?

No. 296212

File: 1683737564089.jpg (72.28 KB, 720x1028, 99999999999999.jpg)

She can't go to the police because:

1. It isn't true, she's Amber Heard 2.0 making it up and instead was just drunk and fell and hurt herself (has admit this happens to her). No way he "beat her so hard" her extensions fell out" and there were next to no injuries. (just like with the bus she fake jumped in front of)

2. He hit her but she assaulted him too or even assaulted him first, like stabbing him, and thus can't go to the police. Ken had a scar and she outright admit to DV. Not to mention visa marriage fraud/alleged tax evasion and drug abuse. She should be in jail. Yet here she is playing 100% victim again.

It's probably an outright lie though because she'd have mentioned it earlier if true, when she was doxxing and slandering him, there'd be no reason to hold it back at that point once they broke up. She's just copying Marg at this point cause it worked for her.

No. 296214

No. 296218

She's so pressed trying to pass off her bullshit story she can't even make up a lie/excuse, lmao, she knows she'd go down too when he brings up her threats and assault on him.

No. 296235


Still trying to send what's left of her spergelic army to harass her target du jour, I see. Some things never change.

No. 296239

I will literally never believe Venus supported anyone financially, because she cant even support herself. Whatever pocket change she gets from youtube and OF goes straight to alcohol, ritalin, expensive restaurants & bars, and stupid anime shit. She does not know the value of money period, and has never gotten a place of her own. Only the gullible and retarded would ever give Venus the benefit of the doubt.

No. 296245

>> has never gotten a place of her own.
She has had a place of her own (for the first time in her life) since November, which she pays for with disability benefits and possibly spousal support she got from the divorce. So she’s still a leech but at least she’s not still squatting on a mattress on the floor at Manaki’s place.

No. 296247

File: 1683748964253.jpeg (302.44 KB, 1093x1636, 3200803B-C026-43CD-8C7D-3AEF0A…)

She’s literally posting the same wild “I was ABUSED!!” stories as marge (here’s marge’s latest for reference.) They’re both crazy as loons, lol.

No. 296250

File: 1683750451203.jpeg (194.6 KB, 1125x1802, IMG_7025.jpeg)

No. 296258

There's a simple solution. She can stop lurking these threads, pull, reddit etc. She's so self-obsessed and always tries to be a 100% faultless eternal victim. It's really annoying at this point.

I swear she's in some competition with Marg, trying to outdo her in who's the greater victim.

No. 296259

File: 1683751815100.jpeg (124.12 KB, 1083x1463, 89A03F60-1D6A-4D61-900A-F8AFE2…)

Up at 4:30 am seething about instagram comments (this is likely the one that set her off, the ‘circus’ reference.)

Not the way to “heal,” Venus.

No. 296260

And the trainwreck continues.

I may be wrong but I am assuming after her getting clean/special someone post and him deleting the images that they were back together and they've had another fallout. I am kind of hoping he posts on why. My top guess would be over money, and him refusing or not having money to give her.

No. 296279

Venus is an addict who is not really capable of behaving in a responsible way. That said, I believe her. It was obvious someone was exploiting her.

No. 296284

so are you saying you believe ken was hitting venus and forcing her to make onlyfans? that is what she has been saying in these last posts. she even claims he groomed her, an adult lol. i'm sure things have gone down between them but venus continues to make OF outside of her relationship with ken, proving she is just too lazy to work or change, ken isnt orchestrating anything. why do you people constantly enable her, even if you only agree with her to some degree what's the point of white knighting her rn, if ever? she should just get offline with this bullshit like any normal person would but she likes overblowing everything for attention.

No. 296295

But I thought she said that sex work has always been her "childhood dream" but is now claiming she was groomed into it LOL. I wonder if she really can't keep up with her lies or if she thinks everyone will just magically forgot about what she herself said. She just makes up/says what ever is convenient for her atm.

No. 296297

Say you're new to beenus without saying it.
>Venus is an addict who is not really capable of behaving in a responsible way
I bet you believe she got hit by a bus too and came out with only a scratch, huh? The reason chicks like her and mommy margo get away with dumb shit is because there's enough people to believe victim complexes out there. She's not being exploited.

No. 296304

There have been people, here, and on IG who have insisted that Venus ( and indeed no woman) would ever choose to do OF or any sexwork, unless 'forced' into it by some evil man. I'm wondering if thats whete she's got this narrative from? She's seen it said and she's decided to run with it, for kudos, sympathy and pity points.
She knows there are people who desperatly want to believe that no woman would willingly do sexwork unless some 'nasty' man was behind it, forcing and coercing them into it. Venus knows those sort of people will lap this story up about her being "groomed" because they will want to believe it, so will readily and willingly accept it and give her sympathy again.

No. 296309

definitely, which is funny because i swear she was one of those people who claimed to do OF because it's "empowering". but if she can use it as ammunition to further victimize herself of course she's gonna take it and run with it. i'm just glad a lot of people are outgrowing her and the narrative that she's innocent in literally every situation she finds herself in. more like self sabotage, she's a victim of herself more than anyone else in her life

No. 296313

>But I thought she said that sex work has always been her "childhood dream"

She never said that, you're getting it twisted with her saying she wanted to be a gold digger, which is also another dubious claim.

No. 296320

She even lies about his height now lol, I remember her saying he was 182cm tall or so, definitely under 185cm.

No. 296324

>> She never said that, you're getting it twisted
She most certainly did say that, repeatedly, when she first started doing OF. Went on and on about how she’d dreamed about doing porn since she was a child and how she was now the happiest she’d EVER been since she started fulfilling her childhood dream.

No. 296325

File: 1683776015064.png (116.8 KB, 1081x1230, InCollage_20230510_201340340.p…)

No. 296326

sorry. looks like youre realizing the lengths venus will go to defend her shitty behavior.

No. 296327

They're new to venus, forgive them, they'll see the light soon enough.

No. 296329

File: 1683778226066.jpg (938.22 KB, 4096x5791, InCollage_20230510_210147759.j…)

"no one forced me to do this although it will make for such a great hentai"

these are screenshots from her own video with the captions turned on

No. 296330

File: 1683778286742.jpg (594.13 KB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20230510_210335554.j…)

No. 296331

File: 1683778319583.jpg (686.76 KB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20230510_210427803.j…)

No. 296335

she looks reasonably cute in these, is there a smoothing filter?

No. 296336

This video was from 3 years ago when she started OF after posting her first topless pic.

No. 296338

She exploited him actually – leeching and using him for a money and visa. It's funny how you ignore that. She also stabbed him and commit DV. Funny how you ignore that too, in your one-sided retarded take.

No. 296339

And she said her Christian family "slut shamed her" and didn't want her being a prostitute like it's a bad thing for ones family to want lol. Anything to be a victim.

No. 296340

Back when she was with Marge, I remember them using some beauty app. Cameras also have built in smoothing and she uses ringlights/faces a window which help make one look fresher/better, along with just a lower quality cam. It's obvious no one would look like that IRL without any skin texture. She over-exposed her face there.

No. 296342

File: 1683791036744.jpeg (146.07 KB, 1044x1279, E67F8DAF-EAB4-4FE1-87EE-D181DC…)

No. 296343

If she's honest this just means adults around her were openly talking about porn and thus groomed her into thinking it was a good idea, even if they didn't explicitly tell her to do it herself

No. 296345

So was this current guy one of these adults that groomed her in kindergarten? She said he groomed her into this, literally is telling people to cancel him for it. Anon said no, she already said she always wanted to do this, you said no she didn’t. Pic proved you wrong. You are still trying to make some point? The real point is she makes up lies on the spot, every time. Even you add
>if she’s honest
because you know she lies. Anon was just saying she contradicts herself all the fucking time and expects no one to call her out

No. 296347

I know this is old milk, but what really happened between Taylor and Venus?

No. 296349

She "borrowed" some money from Taylor and never gave it back. Probably tried to fuck Tom too kek

No. 296350

She "borrowed" some money from Taylor and never gave it back. Probably tried to fuck Tom too kek

No. 296351

Taylor used to visit Venus sometimes whenever she and Tom were in Tokyo. After that stream where she said she was jealious of her and stuff, anons noticed Taylor just kinda stopped. I'm not a fan of Tay Tay or anything, but like if I were her, I'd stop fucking with her after that too.
I wonder what Ken did to set this tantrum off? It's clear she throws tantrums in the form of slandering ppl when they don't cave and give her what she demands.

No. 296352

iirc Taylor used to visit Venus sometimes whenever she and Tom were in Tokyo. After that stream where she said she was jealious of her and stuff, anons noticed Taylor just kinda stopped. I'm not a fan of Tay Tay or anything, but like if I were her, I'd stop fucking with her after that too.
I wonder what Ken did to set this tantrum off? It's clear she throws tantrums in the form of slandering ppl when they don't cave and give her what she demands.

No. 296357

Oh my god shut the fuck up with the victim complex already.

No. 296359

is it me or is she faking bad english here to sound extra uwu young and innocent..?

No. 296360

>yesterday we talked about how insane it is to still see her as victim
>today she comes out to tell us how she's groomed, a literal sex slave
She probably lurks any internet space talking about her 24/7. I always thought living in Japan is difficult but seeing how lazy alcoholic losers with zero education can just stay to party around and even get disability bucks…

No. 296363

She's essentially lying to the government though. Japan is tough to live in if you have an actual job, she's a leech which is WHY it looks like a lazy paradise.

No. 296367

Venus: "My ex groomed me for sex work!"

Also Venus: "I dreamed of doing sex work since kindergarten". "Oh, and by the way, I am active on my 'spicy website' again. Come join me!"

Gurl, get your stories straight.

No. 296385

I really doubt she does't declare her OF revenues or she would be able to get disability money

No. 296388

How the FUCK do you groom an adult woman? Nah bitch, play it real. You thought it would work, it didn't. Don't go putting your grown ass decisions/failures onto another. You should have put more effort into the pics, your hygiene, and your life in general. dumbass bpd bitch.

No. 296401

She isn't even bpd. She fakes it as everything else. She's just a narcissist who would fake the whole dsm 4 just for attention.(armchairing)

No. 296403

There's more evidence in her behavior suggesting she's BPD more than there is for her being NPD. It's generally not something you can fake. Quit armchairing in every thread because you clearly don't have any authority to speak, even from a layperson's perspective.

No. 296425

Narcissists are outwardly charming and popular, and nothing about them appears abnormal on a surface level. None of that applies here.

No. 296429

It's clearly not true. She did it on impulse during the OF trend because she thought she'd make riches off it, like many thots think. Then she lied about how much she loves doing it. She was only ever into it for money and because it's easy and not "real" work. Her one passion is easy money. I could believe as a teen she was getting into sexy stuff here and there but not actually dreaming of being a prostitute. When she left Marge, she said she was bothered by Marge worrying over her becoming a prostitute if she didn't go to school or continue YT or something. She also had a blog where she said she wants to be "cute and retarded" forever when Marge took her bra shopping as she got older. Then when she started OF it was suddenly her passion from childhood. Obviously an embellishment. She jumps from trend to trend pretending it's all she's ever wanted until she gets bored/doesn't make the riches she'd hoped for. Her story is never consistent. Also she said her family slut shamed her, so even if it was true, they were apparently against behavior like that, but that part is likely also made up.

No. 296430

No, she exhibits an excessive amount of both bpd and npd traits, specifically covert narcissism and a person can have both simultaneously. Not saying she actually has either but you saying she doesn't exhibit npd traits is straight up wrong.

No. 296431

There are covert self-loathing narcs who can appear to have problems on the surface. I was lurking pull and they were discussing this a while back

From some pull posts:

>""The overt narcissist would be hidden about their anxiety and depression because they don’t want that to be seen by others, but the covert narcissist may be more willing to share that information with people because it gives them a chance to get sympathy from others,”"

>Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder:

>Grandiose sense of self-importance.
>Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur.
>Needs constant praise and admiration.
>Exploits others without guilt or shame.
>Preoccupation with power, beauty, or success
>Demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others.
>Make achievements and talents seem bigger than they are.
>Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others.
>Have major problems interacting with others and easily feel slighted.
>Have difficulty managing their emotions and behavior.
>Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, humiliation and fear of being exposed as a failure.
>Emotional manipulators.
>Lack of empathy
>Must be admired

>"People with narcissistic personality disorder may not want to think that anything could be wrong, so they usually don't seek treatment. If they do seek treatment, it's more likely to be for symptoms of depression, drug or alcohol misuse, or another mental health problem."
(rule 1.3)

No. 296476

a pull faggot? jesus fucking christ.

No. 296489

>A person can have both simultaneously
No they can't because the most of the symptoms are opposite. BPD = frequent extreme emotions, extreme insecurity, fear of abandonment, unstable life. NPD = little emotion shown outwardly, overconfident, thinks everyone worships them (doesn't fear ppl leaving), can hold down a job easily because people find them charming.(armchairing)

No. 296502

Right nonnie. No one forced this bitch to cheat on her husband. When she was with him, she did nothing all day but run around Tokyo dressed like a retard living out her delusional weeb fantasy. But she decided she wanted to larp as Taylor R and chose the first dude who brought her a Gucci scarf. Well jokes in her dumbass. Had she played her cards right, she could have atleast been living like Mikan I.E. uploading low effort weeb content to YT once a month, spending her days blowing money on cafes&shitty weeb fast fashion all day while her cuck goes out to works 12 hour days, comes home, does all the chores and her bidding lol.

No. 296526

Honestly, quite a few anons in here are PULLfags with clockable typing styles who don't have much room to talk themselves and can't help cowtipping in Penus's comments while inhaling each other's farts.

No. 296676

File: 1683961395401.jpg (293.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230513_090047_Ins…)

You can also just not say anything peenus and go through your shit in private. Weirdo.

No. 296678

"I may look like this but…" As if her looks have ever hid the fact her life is a shitshow. Don't worry Venus, we CAN tell looking at you.

No. 296683

File: 1683963887759.jpeg (140.29 KB, 1125x1950, IMG_7263.jpeg)

No. 296684

File: 1683963913629.jpeg (220.17 KB, 1125x1904, IMG_7264.jpeg)

No. 296690

>I may look like "this"

Kek Peenus, no you don't. That picture is edited/filtered to hell and back and you know it.
Her Marge-like narc ways are really shinning through these kind of posts : in her head, she's that beautiful and tragic figure. So pure, innocent and kawaii but unable to function properly in that cruel world.
You poopy-head meanies couldn't understand!

No. 296711

Your pic is showing.

No. 296713

You need to cover your profile picture. Weenus is on here constantly and would happily dox you and send her weirdo fans.

No. 296720

File: 1683996243256.png (133.59 KB, 680x797, 69a.png)

This is how she sees herself

No. 296741

Change your pic nonnie and private it just to be safe from penus

No. 296744

>the face of that moid in the lower right
this is why you censor your picture nonnas

No. 296747

its haunting me

No. 296753

>> I may look like this
No you don’t “look like this,” you delusional fraud.

No. 296770

Yeah you may look like this in SNOW only

No. 296775

Thanks, that was embarrassing. I guess it's not much I can do now x)(x))

No. 296783

File: 1684025703538.jpeg (260.91 KB, 1283x2186, IMG_1168.jpeg)

No. 296784

File: 1684025710547.jpeg (263.57 KB, 1170x2094, IMG_7621.jpeg)

She thinks we are dumb.

No. 296785

She's such a fuckin liar, we literally have proof that she posted that shit and now she's twisting the story yet again. Or maybe her brain is so fucked up by all the alc and drugs that she really forgot what she wrote in her story. What a bitch,I still wish every dumb fan of her would see her true shitty self.(sage)

No. 296786

she deleted it?

No. 296787

She did. And i unfortunately couldn't screenshot it in time but she edited the caption in that post to say something like "people are saying there are screenshots but everything can be faked in 2023"

No. 296788

File: 1684029382110.png (265.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230513-184835.png)

WOMAN! You're the insane bitch that doesn't make any sense Always constantly changing and twisting your fucken stories and what happened to "not posting anymore no matter what"

No. 296794

File: 1684034212986.png (84.98 KB, 648x972, Screenshot_20230514_000438_Ins…)

Plus this reply to a follower that had enough with the lies

No. 296795

First of all, what does she have that anyone could possibly want? A pissed and shit in bed? Second, is she going to go for DID or MPD LARP next?

No. 296797

File: 1684036367555.jpg (69.72 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230513_225241_Ins…)

Apparently everyone that doesn't believe her bullshit are just keyboard warriors

No. 296798

File: 1684036624793.jpeg (87.11 KB, 750x1181, EDD32204-DEEF-45F5-BD96-CEAECB…)

Looking kawaii, Venus

No. 296799

Let's go down the list shall we? Chronic alcoholism and drug abuse, sucking old nasty pervert dick for money, dressing up as a sexy baby for money, doing shitty low budget degrading porn for money, self harms, in&out of mental hospitals, in&out of toxic relationships where men use her for sex, no family, no friends, no job, unstable accommodation, no skills or education, living off welfare that she blows on booze&clothes, jacked up teeth, looks like she's 40 in her 20s…. Did I miss anything? But cuz she's living in glorious Nippon, retards will swear up and down that this is why ppl are jealous of her.

No. 296800

Let's go down the list shall we? Chronic alcoholism and drug abuse, sucking old nasty pervert dick for money, dressing up as a sexy baby for money, doing shitty low budget degrading porn for money, self harms, in&out of mental hospitals, in&out of toxic relationships where men use her for sex, no family, no friends, no job, unstable accommodation, no skills or education, living off welfare that she blows on booze&clothes, jacked up teeth, looks like she's 40 in her 20s…. Did I miss anything? But cuz she's living in glorious Nippon, retards will swear up and down that this is why ppl are jealous of her.

No. 296803

File: 1684037337135.jpeg (68.64 KB, 750x1166, D9CB7074-6E82-4495-A0F7-5EBBDD…)

How about getting on a regular call or dm them in private?

No. 296805

I’m loving this new trainwreck arc of her turning her supporters against her. Sooner or later someone is going to make a deep dive commentary about her and expose her rotten behavior to a wide audience. Best case scenario she’ll just log off and stay quiet until she act normal again.

No. 296809

^ For real I can't wait for the day that some youtuber finally exposes her for how terrible she really is and no more victim abused forced to become doll bs videos I bet she loves when people make those type of videos about her especially the pity comments. At first all the milk surrounding Venus was hella entertaining but as of late it's been getting extremely ridiculous a lot of the shit she's been doing/saying is not okay and her constant lying is getting worse to the point that I would like to see cancelvenusangelic hashtags on her ig comments someday just to scare her a lil bit and realize no one sees her as a victim anymore.

Seeing her currently get upset and mad about her fans not believing her (carve a v story) is honestly fucken glorious! Just imagine if everyone opened their eyes, what will she do then, she would absolutely fucken lose it.

No. 296811

She looks like shit, did anyone get the recording of it?

No. 296812

Yes, they can, you clearly have ZERO clue about anything psychology related and the symptoms overlap. It's called covert NPD and it can be co-morbid with BPD so stfu if you don't know what you're saying and spreading misinformation.(3 day old infight)

No. 296813

She's such a bitch, can't believe there's still people on her gossip forums defending her and of course she has to throw in how she was bullied a lot in her life. She's clearly a pathological liar and this post hopefully makes it crystal clear to people that's she's a narc manipulator and not simply some poor self-sabotaging mentally ill–can't help it poor uwu victim. This is a premeditated and intentional post to gaslight her audience in a pathetic attempt at narrative control, which she's been able to control her entire life starting from Margo. Calling her out isn't bullying, neither is her lurking her threads.If she can't take these threads, she can "hardcore" fuck off. She can turn off IG comments and block people in DMS if she really wanted. I'd like to see how she'd behave if she got even a fraction of the hate Margo got. That'd be wild.

And no, she doesn't have almost anything people want. She has an ugly haggard face, an ugly soul and most of her clothing is honestly ugly/tacky like that ank/noemi/whatever top and she lives her life using/abusing and leeching others, fucking old gross men for material goods because she's too pathetic of a human being to work a real/legitimate job so she'd rather use others and even possibly home-wreck a child's family in pursuit of her dream lavish life. All she really has is the lie she built – embellishing her struggles to be an ultra eternal victim, embellishing her mental illnesses for pity points and disability, a completely fake face, whoring herself out, living a pathetic and illegal life in Japan mostly having used/abused/leeched others. There's nothing anyone would ever want there if they really knew about her and how she got there and no amount of ugly polyester jirai clothes and useless kawai trinkets will change that, unless you're an abusive, narcissistic leech like her.

No. 296814

What a manipulative bitch.

No. 296815

Some people would honestly like to exploit/leech men financially and abuse them and get away with it in gLoRiOuS nIpPoN like Venus does to get material goods and designer stuff and not have to work and play victim all day long; pretending to be some tragic heroine in their heads. But these are the dregs and rats of society that would "want what Venus has" and not decent people to begin with, so they are irrelevant and in the minority to begin with.

No. 296816

She'd love that though, as it would increase viewership.

Is there any legal reason Venus would be so blatantly lying about telling people to self-harm in her name? Can it get her in legal trouble?

No. 296817

i keep forgetting how completely haggard she is due to the drinking, shit diet, and weeb hygiene. kek its this meltdown arc is glorious, poor peenus doesnt know what to do when people arent kissing her ass

No. 296818

sorry for double post but why the fuck would think of reasons in the legal realm. shes a dumb bitch with a pathological lying streak, thats it.

No. 296821

For years she's gotten away with her retarded fans dog piling on anyone with a brain who would call her out. Now more ppl are starting to call her out. The internet was always the one place she could run away from consequences and successfully spin a narrative.

No. 296827

File: 1684056157842.jpeg (145.52 KB, 1241x2081, 092742FC-2FDF-4FD2-9F62-93FED8…)

It boggles the mind how someone can just use an app to basically put a fake face on top of their own, and get away with it for so long. It’s not even about picking on her, people should see reality

No. 296833

File: 1684061138906.jpg (43.84 KB, 864x576, IMG_20230514_102645.jpg)

No. 296836

File: 1684065430811.png (13.72 KB, 147x275, 1677371999593.png)

>Farmers hates my guts because I'm beautiful. They're just jealous!

Addressing the points made here again I see. Remember that retard >>295086 ?
Kek, girl is obviously lurking these threads like a hawk.
By the way, do you think some of the insane WK posts are hers ? (Sure, some of them were written by that schizo Romania-anon but still, I think she's too much of a narc to not try and defend herself here)

No. 296842

"I don't say V online."
She literally has V on her IG as a nickname, obviously she doesn't use it for Line only. How can she be so bad at lying?

No. 296850

Plz did anyone record his live insta?(sage your spoonfeed request)

No. 296855

This level of gaslighting is CRAZY

No. 296856

Can't wait she pretends not remembering about it after reading it here and Reddit. "It wasn't my fault, I was drunk/having a mental breakdown. I can't remember it I would never do that normally"

No. 296859

Damn you could deep fry oreos with the amount of grease in her hair. It takes like 5 minutes to wash and blowdry your bangs/fringe at least.

No. 296860

Her teeth must have browned again since she is trying to hide them.

No. 296862

DID saga, when ?

No. 296866

She probably found this gyaru friend who’s obsessed of being nothing but a mother in one of her many izakaya drink tours.(sage your shit)

No. 296867

Well, people around her irl are probably 100 times worse when she is not present than the “online ppl”. People online talk just as much about her behind the back as other so in real life. The difference is that we write and all is stored… they just talk. Omg, if she only knew.

No. 296869

I lost all my hopes long time ago but I was listening to a Dr explaining everything about Bariatric surgery and mentioned that this procedure can increase the risk of alcohol use disorder… and yeah it’s full of research papers and evidence. If she started to show some symptoms of alcoholism before surgery probably it just got worse with surgery.(sage this)

No. 296874

File: 1684098278492.jpg (177.05 KB, 1242x2200, 0000000000000.jpg)

No way this is true via exercise. 1000 calories isn't that much, probably a 1.5 hour high intensity cardio session but for someone who hasn't exercised in like the last 5-10 years, no way she's going that long without feeling sick. Just another embellishment for attention and to make her seem capable and different/special than others.

No. 296917

File: 1684121596061.jpeg (230.43 KB, 1170x2080, Overshareforattention.jpeg)

She's going to probably suddenly LARP a hardcore eating disorder to keep up with her alcoholic, wannarexic friend. Likely to also gain sympathy since people are getting fed up of her bullshit. Isn't fukaeri pretty much her only friend? She's another cow in the making with the stupid shit she does. Venus is probably going to mimic her eating disorder next. Anything for asspats and sympathy. She has no identity of her own. She would suddenly stop posting about going out to eat on dates, because she's going to pretend to be a disordered eater next.

No. 296942

that’s the most retarded thing I’ve read on this thread recently. YES YOU CAN HAVE BOTH(YES YOU CAN SAGE)

No. 296943

File: 1684133198130.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.83 KB, 1074x1908, Screenshot_20230515_084425_Ins…)

What is she talking about?

No. 296944

She asked for "war stories about addiction". At no point she asked specifically about recovery, just the same old gaslighting from Venus.

No. 296947

She constantly trauma dumps publicly on her IG, but I bet when someone came to her with some really dark shit, she ignored it, because then she wouldn't look like the biggest victim.

No. 296952

Typical narc behavior. Can't listen to others if it's not about her.
She probably expected "relatable" behavior so she'll be enabled and have an excuse. Oh V ur so predictable.(bumping with armchairing)

No. 296953

I'm wanna know how these two know each other, fukaeri isnt even in japan correct? she sounds like a fagelic turned "friend", didn't she have a mini breakdown when venus kept drunk calling her?

No. 296956

She's a faggelic hemorrhoid. Became besties with Venus because they have so much in common. Both are alcoholics, date ugly scrotes, abuse thier prescription meds, cut themselves and show off the scars, jirai aesthetic, and oh SO TRAGIC. Her friend is Swiss but lived in Japan. Tried to make it all about herself when Vee was suicide baiting and didn't answer the phone. Fukaeri mentions Venus in her stories often enough.

No. 297009

Fucking lmfao, just like that one streamer who didn't want someone in his audience to talk about their mother's death bc it was a "downer" topic lol.

No. 297113

is she even half Japanese? she looks like a white weeb

No. 297114

i've been thinking that as well, i think she claims her mom is asian but that she left her (probably lies). if you look at her older pics where she isn't asianfishing, she just looks like a fat european girl with dark eyes. i'm vaguely eurasian and even i look more asian than her, no way in hell is she HALF japanese kek these larpers are so embarrassing

No. 297155

Most likely. She's already admit she lacks empathy. And we've seen how she mercilessly shit on Mana, Ken, med student etc. None of their emotions matter to her but everyone must cater and coddle her. She even laughed at and made fun of the med student's anxiety (of which she caused), as well as Manaki's issues. She scared her friend fukaeri and then ignored her just to worry her and is now trying to use her as a cash cow like she did Taylor. She doesn't give a shit about other people beyond what she can gain from them. Literally has been a pattern of behavior from her since she was with Margo and Manaki.

No. 297157

File: 1684374163213.jpg (25.6 KB, 310x554, 77777777777777777777777777.JPG)

No. 297158

File: 1684374221841.jpg (22.04 KB, 277x522, 8888888888888888888.JPG)

No. 297159

If these are real, then I'm curious to know when "today" was. If it was around the last self delete bait even, it would make sense. So much for she "brought a house" lol. Like we all knew that was a lie to begin with.

No. 297165

File: 1684380710950.png (135.67 KB, 1768x1976, dumbass.png)

Fukaeri isn't bothered by her enough yet. Five days ago she was acting like a personal cheerleader to Peenus. Overall, she's stupid and enjoys self sabotaging with the things she does for attention. No surprise that she gets attention from people who orbit Venus. Wait until the two have a falling out. That'll be milky.

No. 297168

If this is real then you should probably screenrecord it for proof.

No. 297176

If this is real, I hope Fukaeri will dump this bitch soon. Venus is more shitty than I've ever imagined.

No. 297178

If Fukaeri is as petty as Ken, we'def get some decent milk.

No. 297187

She blew her rent money on booze and makeovers and stupid kawaii weeb garbage. Now we know what the “absofuckinglutely worst shit” is that she’s going through. She’s right about one thing… homelessness is pretty “hardcode” in terms of “shit going down”.

No. 297188

Venus: Everyone leeches off of meeee
Also Venus: Can you pay my full rent?

No. 297191

And this wouldn't be the first time, since she did the exact same thing with Taylor (and probably more "friends" we don't know of)
Personally, I'd like to see these messages Peenus send to her.
Come on Fukaeri, don't be shy, share with the class !

No. 297477

I think Fukaeri looks like she is 1/4 Asian.

Does anyone know what astrology sign Venus happens to be? I follow astrology so I'm curious to know if she can be helped with it somehow.

No. 297484

She looks like every other fat white girl who claims to be part Asian imo.

No. 297489

I think she's aquarius.

No. 297503


Oh yeah? That fits with her abnormal lifestyle.

The light side of Aquarius is humanitarian so she if she goes hard with using her platform to be the face of like recovery or something, it could really work for her.(astrology derailing retardation)

No. 297529

Just checked that fukaeri girl.
Another uninteresting attention whore amongst thousand other ones on IG. The more they flash their meds and shit, the less credible they are.

No. 297724

What'd be even more wild is if Venus didnt actually need the money and just lied to further exploit people, like she always does. I mean just before that she got a "makeover" with new 200 dollar ank rouge/noemie clothes and hair dye/extensions which costs like $300 so if she paid for that and can afford it, either she's lying to get free money or she's incredibly irresponsible wasting her money and thinks she can just use people as cashcows to solve money issues because she doesn't really view others with any empathy like a sociopath. And then the cherry on top, claiming she paid for absolutely everything and everyone leeches off HER. What a pathetic piece of shit.

No. 297761

It's def the latter. She always does this. Post Ken break up, goes on a spending spree then disappears for a prolonged period of time and randomly reappears at Mana's or some shoddy temporary accommodation. She's a complete retard with money.

No. 297762

she usually posts a million stories a day but in the last few days stopped posting completely. she honestly did seem milky to me when she posts frequently because she's just as much of a shitshow as peenus. idk why she stopped posting so suddenly, maybe she lurks here and saw the screenshots upthread. hopefully not an hero

No. 297781

File: 1684849060408.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.74 KB, 1075x2140, Screenshot_20230523_153714_Ins…)

She's back, but no milk (yet).

No. 297782

This definitely counts as milk anon. Her posting her self harm cuts with #jiraikei in caption. Embarassing(sage your shit)

No. 297786

#jiraikei with the little chicken scratches on her arm. Of course shes working shit out, what a loser. I think she only disappears for the attention, she like getting the concerned messages.

No. 297800

Not one to defend her usually but come on. Everyone says she needs to get off the internet so she does, then it’s “she’s just disappearing for attention!” She literally just posted saying she’ll be back, but she’s trying to make people worry?

No. 297802

File: 1684865892713.jpeg (145.25 KB, 1125x1858, IMG_7467.jpeg)

No. 297803

File: 1684865919736.jpeg (71.5 KB, 1125x1893, IMG_7468.jpeg)

No. 297804

She needs to get off the internet for good. The small breaks just seem to be part of the bigger cycle of her manic and attention seeking behaviour.

If she's not trying to make people worry then pose with the scabby arms, knee bandaid and dead eyes on show? And then using the jirai kei hashtag which we know she takes more literally than just the fashion.(sage your shit)

No. 297806

Cuts and Scars are entirely different things in English, why does she continue to act like she's Japanese?

No. 297810

Just saying there’s difference between falling for her fake effort, and wishing failure already when she hasn’t really done anything wrong yet. And that’s an old pic so she didn’t just take it for that post. But she’s back on her bullshit already so fuck it.

No. 297811

NTA, this
It's the reason why she stops drinking for some time and has those "sober" phases. It's not because she is actually trying to recover, she knows it, it's because relapsing is a new low/high. You've got to get high before you go low, same goes the other way. It's why it's a cycle she will never break out off unless she leaves the internet basically forever. Kind of like eugenia cooney where she recovered for some time and then relapsed hard as soon as she began posting again

No. 297814

Fukaeri suddenly got really quiet after people started talking shit about her here. She definitely did lurk here because about a month ago, some nonna called her out for her scar posting. And she blogs every little stupid detail of her life, so she responded on her insta with a few posts about scars shouldn't have to be hidden. Both she and Venus are both addicted to attention. And they both been quiet. Likely because they've been both keeping each other busy. They both mimick each other's behavior.

No. 297818

Venus is incapable of having stable friendships and relationships. Her friend gives off mass shooter vibes. Her gun flexing posting on instagram accounts. And she posted videos and poetry about wanting to hurt others and see them suffer. These two retards affirm one another and make excuses for the bad behavior. It's always somebody else's fault why they are like this. They have a great parasocial friendship.

No. 297837

If fukaeri wasn't so irrelevant, she'd be a pretty milky cow. she lacks self awareness even more than venus and i agree the edgelord gunposting is fucking cringe. it's confirmed she lurks here since she's been radio silent since the screenshots were posted here which makes me believe they were in fact real and venus really did try and leech off of her kek

No. 297853

File: 1684897239726.png (1.02 MB, 2000x1783, 1684897233260.png)

They are both self-conscious enough to take fat girl angle shots or use an app to edit their faces. And yet, images of their scars tend to be unedited. Even made the focal point of the images. I don't think either of them understand context. These are not accident scars. These are self-inflicted. Everything else has to be carefully edited but the scars are left in. And if it isn't that, there's a lot of other attention seeking, like posting about abusing medications and binge drinking. Fukaeri has admitted to snorting benzos. We've all seen how manic Venus acts when she's abusing her prescription. The reason they get so much backlash is because of all the dumbfuckery and unhealthy glorification of self-harm.

No. 297854

She's getting there. Didn't she just post about stealing her father's car and crashing it? Her blog posts tho… Nonnie, she does sound like the type to shoot up a shopping mall.

No. 297951

she sounds like a wannabe hardass on the internet like every other attention whoring fag. a perfect match for venus.

No. 298095

I cringed extremely hard at the bathtub pic.

No. 298118

I ghosted all over my friends. I ghosted friend one because she was broke and playing house taking care of kids that aren’t hers so she never had money to do anything. Ghosted friend two because the only fun activity for her was getting attention from men. Ghosted the last friend because while she didn’t care about male attention etc I didn’t like how she would use my past negative experiences against me.(are you lost?)

No. 298120

Opps my bad meant to post this in vent

No. 298128

File: 1685111893745.jpg (437.03 KB, 1564x1564, 57310605380.jpg)

Fukaeri deserves her own thread. She's a mix of Venus and that bulimia cow Lucinda. At least we know she lurks and managed to convince Venus to fight to get her post reinstated on Instagram. This bitch is proud of her scars. She even managed to mod her SIM character to have nasty scars. Cuz even in the fantasy realm, you have to walllow in self pity. Honey, you don't just happen to have scars that just peek out from doing normal activities. You're advertising them. Kek, you even wear a cringey ass razorblade necklace.

No. 298129

File: 1685112128692.png (503.28 KB, 1768x2208, Screenshot_20230525_235614_Gal…)

So they have met?

No. 298131

Probably not, it's only a meme because of their height difference

She's just another jirai kei wannabe anorexic (I believe her that she has some ED thoughts but she's obviously not anorexic.) self harming slag. She's not different than most girls with the jirai personality. I think she fits well into the venus thread but alot of it should be saged since it isn't necessarily milk from venus. Same goes for that other girl she(venus) wanted to do a podcast with but mods didn't really like her being posted in the venus threads

No. 298155

Obvious self-post

No. 298174

Then make a thread. She's barely milk adjacent to Venus. There's no reason to keep posting her here.

No. 298339

maybe there should be a jirai cringe thread? I'm down to make one if enough people are interested, just gotta find more cows

No. 298411

With how popular jirai is and how common cringe behaviour is among them I like this idea but idk if enough people care to make a thread worth it

No. 298439

Finding jirai cows wouldn't be a problem, as most of them are elitist bitches.

No. 298646

File: 1685465165543.jpeg (169.28 KB, 1125x1423, IMG_7583.jpeg)

She’s back.

No. 298648

File: 1685465225323.jpeg (190.35 KB, 1125x1872, IMG_7584.jpeg)

1 of 2

No. 298649

File: 1685465330070.jpeg (212.11 KB, 1125x1342, IMG_7585.jpeg)

2 of 2

No. 298650

She edited this post, I sadly dont have a screenshot but at first she wrote something about wanting to send this to her boyfriend but being scared so she just posts it on insta.
drunk as fuck again

No. 298659

File: 1685470154820.jpg (77.11 KB, 720x1269, 11111111111111.jpg)

It's gross that she wants "cuteness" and sex to co-exist. Like cuteness is supposed to be child-like and innocent, and sex should have nothing to do with that. She sounds like a closeted pedo. Also, this just reads like she's desperately short on cash because we know she does not give a rats ass about her OF "fanbase" so why does she even bother to pretend it's for them and not solely for her? Third, she has a "boyfriend" again. Is this med student, Ken or new SD? Either way, looks like she found another man to abuse/exploit so her money issues with rent are likely solved, hence why she's now back. I was hoping she'd come back and say she got a real job as Venus Palermo with resume and real interview at the conbini or something, even if it was as a last resort and she really didn't want to do it because at least that'd be progress away from her entitled attitude and would help her with routine and laziness.

Also, "having two cats" might means she's back with Ken. And getting "fucked over by men" just means they got tired of her domestic abuse and financial exploitation. Because she's the one who used Mana and Ken for visas/money and not the other way around. If anyone screwed her, it was herself.

No. 298660

I'd be down for this. It'd be like the gyaru and lolita threads. Not a bad idea as there's so many dumb jirai trendhoppers these days

No. 298661

File: 1685470552091.jpg (38.99 KB, 720x1396, 2222222222222.jpg)

"Task list" just means "drug abuse and/or excited she has someone to leech off again, aka the boyfriend."

No. 298662

File: 1685470614560.jpg (138.03 KB, 1069x1960, 333333333333333333.jpg)

She's so vile, she has a burn book. As if the "resentment inventory" wasn't bad enough. She's such a damn loser.

No. 298663

She is 26/27 and wastes her time making shit like this. This is stuff like 10/12 year olds do and even some of them are too mature for stupid shit like this. But this late twenties bitch actually thinks it's "cool" to show off her edgy "hate book." Loser is a generous term for what she is. Ken was too nice when they broke up and called her that.

No. 298665

I hope she makes another stream showing off her "hate book" kek. But damn, that's some scratchy and ugly writing. Looks like an elementary school student wrote that

No. 298666

Replying just because I agree that jirai is a cow magnet

No. 298675

File: 1685478166151.jpg (72.34 KB, 602x820, 867454535.jpg)

The edited version of her post.
>I want to send this picture to my boyfriend but I'm scared so I'll post it on social media

Can she be any more stupid/worse at lying? If you're "too scared" to send it to your bf, then you wouldn't post it online, which would be even scarier, as your bf and everyone else can see it. This is just an excuse for : Hey! Look at my boobs guys! Gimme attention!

No. 298677

Samefag, I meant this is the post before the edit

No. 298681

Oh wait a minute. She said "boys suck" and "scared to send this to my boyfriend" and earlier she called Ken her boyfriend when she claimed he said he can't forget about her (with what he said indicating they weren't actually a couple). Maybe she wanted to send this photo to him to lure him back to further abuse/exploit?

No. 298682

The cleavage line on the right breast is really blurry and off looking like she used the push tool in whatever meitu app she's using to take her pics. I guess she tried to reshape it? There's a little slope towards the bottom that sticks out unnaturally on the inner part.

No. 298693

What edit? She didn't repost this.

No. 298697

She edited the captions see >>298646

No. 298699

File: 1685491399019.jpg (44.66 KB, 484x580, 000000000000000000000532.JPG)

The comments under the hate book post are gross. People calling her a queen, people asking for advice to make hate books and people dismissing Venus' abusive behavior as her "way of healing." Didn't know healing involved manipulating others, exuding NPD traits, leeching/exploiting others financially, inducing anxiety/attempting to isolate others to better use them, scamming, harming children, pedo-pandering, invalidating others mental health, telling fans to self-harm then lying about it, making Hitler jokes then lying about it, using others, pretending to be in recovery, leeching disability payments because she's too lazy to work, shitting on those who work, suicide baiting, whoring herself out, glorifying mental illnesses and fabricating diagnosis'…the list is long. I bet if she shit in Ken's bed like Amber they'd call her a jIrAi qUeEn sLaY gUuUrRrLllllll

No. 298700

File: 1685491680646.jpg (24.11 KB, 478x424, 00000000004545353.JPG)

No. 298703

File: 1685496079359.jpg (43.98 KB, 450x535, 00099999999.JPG)

Ah, yes, the girl who claimed she was "forced" into being a doll and totally never wanted to do YT is "free" now. Free to shove pornography against IG TOS down her followers throats. Free to encourage her fans to cut themselves. Free to post graphic bloody images and suicide bait. Free to use SM to exploit children and abuse her partners. Free to shame and invalidate her boyfriends and send her army of retards after them. Free to encourage her following to watch a potential partner's suicide. Free to glorify mental illness and turn it into a personality quirk. Free to slander others and ruin their lives. Free to doxx her partner and normalize domestic abuse. These people, fukaeri included are utter morons and yesmen with negative braincells. Anyone calling her out is a "pressed hating queer." These people literally defend a domestic abuser and said that Venus is in danger after she admit to fucking stabbing her partner.

No. 298707

File: 1685496978827.jpg (12.24 KB, 492x135, 000454354.JPG)

Lmao fukaeri is such a fucking retard. I am convinced she's only ass-kissing now for relevance. Probably loves being mentioned on places like these. Imagine thinking Venus, who killed multiple hamsters and then callously dismissed their deaths like a literal sociopath without any care/remorse/empathy is fit to get cats, which she will likely abuse or use as a kawaii prop until she gets bored of them. She tried to get money from her friends, money she'd likely NEVER pay back and spend on clothing hauls, and these people think she is going to take cats to the vet. She'll spend it on clothes and booze. She has no empathy. And imagine thinking "one drink" now and then is okay, with her history. Unless Venus is lying about alcoholism and fukaeri knows private details, she is an utter retard and encouraging a disgusting echo chamber.

And KEK at "you work hard."

No. 298750

File: 1685549450233.jpg (215.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_111053_Chr…)

No. 298751

File: 1685549496158.jpg (224.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_111104_Chr…)

No. 298752

File: 1685549524506.jpg (200.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_111114_Chr…)

No. 298753

I hate thots like this.
>Fuck men
>Men suck
>lol no one needs you men go the fuck away
>Pay for my OF <3
I have my issue with men at times but good god she's THE least likely to have that attitude get subs, it can work for sluts like Nigiri, not this worthless pos.

No. 298754

File: 1685551846970.jpg (124.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_111121_Chr…)

No. 298755

File: 1685551870162.jpg (78.57 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_111142_Chr…)

No. 298756

File: 1685551898353.jpg (99.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_111155_Chr…)

No. 298758

Anon, don't block out names. If people are going to publicly support her, make them known. Let them embarrass themselves.

No. 298760

She's so greasy. I can't tell if it's because Japan is humid rn, or because she didn't wash herself. Probably the latter. Unsurprisingly, the number of her followers went down again.

No. 298761

Girl can't even shower, her hair is so fucking greasy

No. 298762

Have you seen how pretty girls from Japan tend to be? This is outside of porn and shit too, she's just a greasy person. Japan even has soft water, so she has 0 excuses.

No. 298763

Wet bangs are super popular in Japan right now. They all look like they have greasy bangs. I don't understand these terrible trends. I get anons say she's greasy, but the overly oiled bang look is very in. It's supposed to show how shiny your hair is, but it's just a wet hime bang trend.

No. 298764

It's really not? Maybe not in the part of Japan I'm in. What sns have you been browsing that says that's a trend right now? I hope it's ACTUALLY from Japanese people and not just weebs in Japan pretending.

No. 298765

This isn't a debate, anon.

No. 298767

>Trying to defend Venus being a slob
>Brings up baseless information
>Gets called out
>No argument
I see it's time for beenus's whiteknights to come out because she mentioned her onlyfans.

No. 298768

The way they style their bangs is completely different from Venus, she's just greasy.

No. 298770

Don't bother, he's just trying to defend venus being greasy. Guess he got a free sub or something.

No. 298771

>> I hate boys!
>> boys suck!
This fool posts like she’s 15. Photoshops herself to look 15 too, literally exactly how she looked back in the living doll days. I guess she’s forever 15 in her drug-addled alcohol soaked brain. She’s getting way to old for this adolescent crap though. It’s just embarrassing at this point.

No. 298779

Oh shit. My bad! For some reason these photos already posted above didn’t load when I started. My mistake everyone!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 298786

File: 1685559257694.jpg (120.78 KB, 750x1334, 009879.jpg)

"I want bf" translates to "I want a wallet" or "a thing to financially exploit/be pampered by." She isn't really looking for love. She views men (and people in general) in a very sociopathic way, with what she can gain from them. Men mean money/cute things/no responsibility/leeching/opportunities and she doesn't actually view them with any real interest, connection or empathy. She's fucking disgusting. And of course, MEN are the problem. Not her.

No. 298795

Nah, don't overthink it. She's just a full-blown alcoholic and they tend to get the sweats. Her hair is sticking to her sweaty scalp and she can't be assed to maintain it and wash more often.

No. 298799

File: 1685563450133.jpg (153.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_150348_Chr…)

No. 298800

File: 1685563490108.jpg (137.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_150411_Chr…)

No. 298801

File: 1685563557375.jpg (204.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_150421_Chr…)

No. 298802

File: 1685563605061.jpg (231.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_150430_Chr…)

No. 298803

File: 1685563635186.jpg (218.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230531_150438_Chr…)

No. 298808

She’s drunk live streaming at a bar right now drinking and rambling(sage your shit and post caps)

No. 298809

File: 1685566566278.jpeg (221.03 KB, 1170x1989, 82CFC6EA-CB50-4647-AE98-9CEDCA…)

Stumbled on her Ig live drinking right now. Isn’t it like 5 AM in Japan?

No. 298814

6:40 am at the moment, so completely normal thing to do if you are an alcoholic

No. 298815

no the real reason behind her post is she blew her money on alcohol and stupid shit and ken wont give her money. the only problem with men she has is that they see right through her.

No. 298822

Oh yes, she's so stressed and depressed, thats why she had the energy and focus to get all dolled up, go outside to a bar for entertainment with some dude and then edit the shit out of her photos before uploading. Someone genuinely stressed and depressed, this would be the last thing on their mind. She's just a whiny hyperbolic attention hoe.

No. 298852

File: 1685591745542.jpg (174.13 KB, 1080x1668, venus.jpg)

This is an attempt at trolling, I think. I've only seen this behavior from cows who know they're disliked and have nothing to lose lol.

No. 298853

File: 1685591856431.png (21.54 KB, 596x554, lol.png)

Not my screenshot. Meanwhile the people who pay for her onlyfans get a blog.

No. 298856

File: 1685593617500.jpeg (256.92 KB, 1137x1500, 1665282601744.jpeg)

>i have a hard life! i have sleeping issues and an unhealthy diet! pity me!!!!
we all know addicts have fucked up sleeping schedules and diets LMAO. she has no job, kids, no college, no youtube content or even OF. all she does is everyday is make insta stories, fuck a random guy and gets drunk. even shayna puts out more """"""""""content""""""""".
hell, people younger than her go to uni AND have a half time job. they also eat and sleep like shit and no one cares. im sure theyd kill to be drunk and high all day like you do. shame she doesnt have friends to know this.

No. 298861

She became so trashy. Most people on her instagram are supporting her in the comments, I don't understand.

No. 298869

No, it could be fans who aren't aware of her history and past. It's not fair keeping a permanent screenshot that will stay for years on this website simply because they didn't know a cow is a cow.

This. I'm completely shocked that there's no criticism or hate in her comment sections. She might be deleting them all.

No. 298872

the instafags must be knew here because shes been like this for years

No. 298873


It’s all thanks to Aline Dessine on yt who does docuseries and portrayed Venus as a good person.

No. 298879

She's trying so hard to appear as "manic" and unhinged to her followers, I mean she even used the word earlier, do bipolar people actually speak like that? Not going to medfag and say she's definitely not bipolar, but the use of medical language and extreme self awareness makes me think she just wants attention

No. 298892


Can you please explain how she killed her hamsters? I never heard this before and I want to know

No. 298893

Probably not the same hamsters, but she mentioned that some died of a heart failure, because she used to scream from night terrors.

No. 298903

yeah looks drunk, are her eyes bloodshot red or something?

No. 298905


It was one of Margo's stories after Venus ran away to Japan. Venus allegedly killed her hamster and broke the leg of a puppy when she was a small child. This was told to prove she was a psychopath by Margo. Venus later on replied she accidentally killed him by screaming very loudly after having a nightmare.
When she was with Manaki she kept a bunch of hamsters in a too small cage. Apparently they were in bad state and she didn't look after them properly. She gave them away to Manaki's parents and never mentioned them again. Maybe the best that could happen to them. She's not an animal abuser in a sadistic way but she is extremely neglectful to living creatures.(sage your shit)

No. 298951

Honestly we dont know if she's an animal abuser in a sadistic way. If she was, she wouldn't broadcast it. I could totally see her hitting he old hamster yomogi if it didn't want her to chill in her hand like some hamsters do or screaming at him, especially if he bit her, given that she's not really gentle with animals.

She was also incredibly callous over the hamster deaths. She said "only a few of them died" like that was a good thing. Absolutely no empathy, like a fucking sociopath. It was actually creepy.

No. 298952

Could be lack of sleep, staring at a screen for prolonged periods or even rubbing her eyes, but it's likely the latter two

No. 298990

Wow that's disturbing about the hamsters. because you know, obviously that's not what happened, but you know how it is with lies/liars - try to make things close to the truth so you have less room to slip up. So the fact that she admitted they died and that it was from her action, and possibly the screaming part are all true. The clear point to insert the lie is 'cos I had a nightmare'. So I infer that, probably after they bred and she felt so burdened and resentful, she actually screamed in their faces and was only half surprised when some died.

No. 299009

Considering the violent nature of Venus, I wouldn't be surprised if she screamed at them.

No. 299028


The screaming part happened when she was a child. The hamsters she had with Manaki died because of neglect iirc. Also I doubt that first story very much, can't believe a hamster dies that easily just from loud noises.(sage your hamster discussion)

No. 299030

Anyway, hampster, gerbil whatever sperging aside, it's nice to see proof she really did mean her OF would be a "blog" lol, people paying for this?

No. 299032

You know what is disturbing? Margo only called Venus out when she went against her. That means if Venus really was a psychopath all the time Margo not only tolerated it but also helped her to hide her terrible acts so they can manipulate people with her fake kawaii persona and make money off of it.(learn to sage)

No. 299046

I’m really surprised Venus hasn’t gotten pregnant yet. I wonder why (not saying she should obviously, just wondering her personal reasons why she hasn’t).

No. 299048

Birth control is a thing and she's only fucked like 2 people at best, 3 if you want to stretch it.

No. 299057

It's not as simple as have sex, instantly pregnant for most people, anon.

No. 299062

Rodents can die this way, screaming is enough to make them stressed and die of a heart failure.

Her body is fucked, she probably can't have kids anymore. She talked about it before.

No. 299063

The surgery, ED, drugs…all those things can drastically affect a woman's cycle and ability to have children. Plus she's probably using some form of birth control.

No. 299065

File: 1685720951824.png (726.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230602-174824.png)

Her teeth

No. 299067

It could happen, but I honestly doubt she screamed because of a nightmare. Pretty sure she was just having a violent outburst. She still has those and she's in her late twenties and hasn't changed, so that could easily be how it died. Could also be she abused it or neglected/mishandled it as a kid, the latter part would be on Margo. Point is, she doesn't really seem to care about animals. She handled a cat when she went to a shrine once and even there she seemed kinda rough with it and it was scared of her. Then there's Ken's cat in her drunk livestreams. She'd pick him up in a weird way and squeezed him to her face and the cat looked like it hated her. She should definitely not ever get animals, especially if it's just to "feel better." You should get animals because you genuinely love them and want to give them a nice life/home. Not to feel better or for aesthetics or because you're bored.

This is pretty standard with families. Many parents/family members are like this, since it's a complex relationship when you're close with someone, so it doesn't really surprise me tbh. Also, I doubt Margo is someone who really cares about animals either. And calling out her daughter while they're on good terms would be weirder than doing it when they're on bad terms after Venus called her out.

No. 299068

But yes, Margo is also a bad person and was fine with scamming and doing questionable things. She's still like that. She literally married a dude she met in florida for a visa shortly after visiting (this is according to Margo as she said she didn't meet him online).

No. 299069

File: 1685722258556.jpg (164.63 KB, 1242x2210, 00453453.jpg)

This is basically how everyone dies. She's not relevant enough for random people to care. And it's weird that she wants random people to care. She's such an attention whore.

No. 299071

File: 1685722520969.jpeg (160.23 KB, 984x1080, C6F15D52-E248-4E22-9F27-84203F…)

Still rocking those brown chipped front teeth as she sits in her apartment drinking beer. 6% alcohol beer, yum!

So her life consists of 2 activities these days- sitting home drinking and going out drinking. That’s all she has, that and the internet.

No. 299076

Bc she was taught that as a child.

No. 299079

They can actually, same with birds.

No. 299083

wtf I love venus now

No. 299084

File: 1685724502884.jpg (86.75 KB, 1149x567, venus taxi.jpg)

It looks like she's actually in a taxi.

No. 299085

File: 1685724526409.jpg (213.98 KB, 1079x1511, Screenshot_20230603_004931_Ins…)

No. 299086

File: 1685724744190.png (10.19 KB, 606x300, Dead.png)

>More better content on onlyfans!
>Her onlyfans
She's trying to bait subs.

No. 299090

File: 1685726282089.png (873.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230602-180726.png)

She really likes to think she's working so hard, when she didn't even update her OF for weeks.

No. 299091

File: 1685726313010.png (873.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230602-180735.png)

No. 299093

Her delusional ass thinks taking selfies = “working.”

No. 299095

Thotspeak to English she means:
>I do so much work I forget about content I've made before.

No. 299100

Why does she claim to be a translator? I haven't seen her talk about actually doing any translation work.

No. 299134

Jfc she can't even wipe her greasy camera

No. 299171

File: 1685750597114.jpeg (93.47 KB, 953x1470, B75A9564-7CBF-48F3-8D4A-831346…)

Peculiarly unflattering selfie. At least now we know why her fingers are brown-tinged- in addition to being chronically dirty and greasy, she smokes. In bed, apparently. I wonder how trashed that bedroom is by now, between the smoking and cheap booze and junk food piling up. And that room at Manaki’s too, after seven years of her drunk ass being planted in there, lol.

No. 299175

We know she smokes, but your nails don't turn brown like that after only 2 years of smoking. Those look like mauve brown nails.

No. 299182


No. 299183

She knows she's a lazy piece of shit who never had a real job so she overcompensates by repeatedly telling us about "how hard she works." It's like when men say "they're a nice guy" or shane dawson says he's an empath. You know their full of shit, trying to manipulate a narrative to comfort their own insecurities.

No. 299184

I bet she took this pic for bumble or pater KEK

No. 299185

Nta, but she was, Margo raised her that way.

No. 299189

OMG did she seriously act like this in a Taxi's car? I feel so embarrassed for her, she's like a trash whore that will sleep with whoever gives her a tiny bit of attention…
How she doesn't have STD's yet lord knows…(sage your shit)

No. 299197

The only thing that is to her is drinking, fucking and taking shitty selfies, what a waste of space. She really became a white trash.

It's funny how she trashed Manaki for being a messy pig, when she's exactly the same.

No. 299199

File: 1685772669275.png (45.43 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20230603-080803.png)

She lost 2k followers in less than a week, slay kween.

No. 299207

Fr. Could someone find her accounts?

No. 299209

Japanese taxis have those really ugly grandma curtain covers over their seats. I don’t think that this is a taxi.(sage your shit)

No. 299211

File: 1685796131147.png (404.28 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20230603-144159.png)

ED is so kawaii!

No. 299212

You’re right but this could be an Uber

No. 299216

Why is she amping up this ED larp? Maybe it isnt a larp cuz she does look thin but it seems like she's proud of it now? what a retard

No. 299220

her sense of humor is try hard attention whore. i know shes never serious about anything she posts like the gremlin troll she is, but shes not even funny

No. 299221

Everytime she says dumb shit like this, she says it's "satire". She wants to look so smart, but she doesn't even understand what it means.

No. 299222

File: 1685805404817.jpeg (419.67 KB, 1242x2573, 72B67403-AF9D-4FFC-A913-DD515B…)

she flipped this pic for some reason

No. 299223

File: 1685805429547.jpg (905.55 KB, 4000x3000, 8349t1734.jpg)

nta but popular young celebs like kanna hashimoto or haruna kawaguchi are definitely showing up on tv looking greasy and stringy af. this trend has been bothering me since months ago already.

No. 299224

File: 1685805490343.jpeg (267.24 KB, 1220x1589, 00B4DA52-77E1-4216-95FB-9D7A77…)

i flipped it and i think she has a jill by jill stuart bag.

No. 299225

File: 1685805557172.jpeg (294.03 KB, 1242x3068, 5609B2AB-D809-4BAA-A147-B71A96…)

No. 299226

It's been popular, anons can't comprehend that not every trend is covered online.

No. 299227

Interestingly the only person to really comment on it:
>Maybe not in the part of Japan I'm in
Pretty sure that has nothing to do with online coverage. I think the point is, people are trying to pretend venus isn't just a greasy mess by pretending she's "just following a trend." Those type of defenses always pop up whenever she gets criticized shortly after advertising her onlyfans.

No. 299228

Where's the milk in this? These bags are very popular with Japanese women and it's not like 100 USD is incredibly expensive.

The way how Venus styles her bangs is not like this. I've noticed that Japanese women use a lot of hairspray that it can look a bit greasy, but Venus is just unwashed.

No. 299229

My comment regarding it had nothing to do with Venus's hygiene. It had to do with the bangs specifically and how it is a trend. It's not that deep anon, no one is whiteknighting. Just stating a fact.

No. 299230

The whole subject was even brought up because of her hygiene and thus people brought up
>"it's le trend!"
so in your words:
>It's not that deep

No. 299231

File: 1685809017125.jpeg (Spoiler Image,43.19 KB, 453x689, 5E74F23B-D696-430C-96BF-BE5CD2…)

Those are Korean style wispy bangs. It has been a small trend for awhile in Japan but most people don’t like it because they get greasy easily. The greasiness isn’t the desired look, it’s a bad side effect of thin bangs on the oily t-zone.
Venus does not have those type of bangs at all, especially recently, and she has been greasy for years. Pic rel is from four years ago.

No. 299233

anon you think actresses with millions of fans can't control how oily their hair is on camera..? you can go and look at these stars instagrams, they always look like that, they/their stylists do that on purpose, wispy bangs look completely different and are no longer a thing, neither in korea nor in japan. super "healthy" hair however is a trend now in japan, and maybe venus is lucky enough that some people think she's going for that look too instead of just being unwashed.(derail)

No. 299235


What do you mean she's flipped it for some reason? She always posts mirrored pictures. Probably her device keeps them that way and she cant be bothered to flip them so they display correctly, i.e. unmirrored.

No. 299239

Just checked their instas and I have to tell you, anyone comparing venus to them is a real piece of work hahaha

No. 299258

Not even $100, that bag is $70 USD. Are you trying to make that a big deal, like oh look Veenos has designer swag you guys!? She spends whatever pocket money she has on cheap trinkets and shit, always has.

No. 299264

It would be so simple for venus to make videos simular to "Dark Side of Japan Yuki' but instead I fully expect her to end up on one of his videos

No. 299266

venus was an attention whore even without margo. it wasnt margo's idea for her to do YT or move to japan and "show herself off" there. If anything you could blame margo simply because they share the same idiot genes/dna. also, venus is old enough to know what she does is wrong and doesn't care. she's not indoctrinated or anything. that's 100% on her now. stop blaming margo over the most miniscule things. and if anything, it's not that margo taught her to be an attention-seeker, it's that venus doesn't have a fulfilling mother-daughter relationship and realizes she really has no one, which partly influences her attention seeking, and that is also on her given that she callously used manaki and his family, people that genuinely cared about her after her split with margo and she has callously used pretty much every she's ever been close to. Her fault for being such a piece of unempathetic trash. Now she can die alone, poor and unloved. Or get her priorities together and stop using/exploiting others as a means to an end.

No. 299267

God, she must stink like shit with those bangs and lace blouse, it'd be so hot in that, not to mention the smell of piss/beer and cigarettes. Gross.

No. 299284

God she has such a horrible fat round moon face. Gross.

No. 299291

File: 1685878378840.png (668.89 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20230604-133207.png)

Another day, same clothes. She must smell.

No. 299292

File: 1685878790743.jpg (Spoiler Image,119.11 KB, 810x1080, venusangelic_0168.jpg)

Is this an old pic since when was she this fat

No. 299293

Do your page topic reps. It is an old pic in the sense months old. She doesn't actually post content anywhere, she's scamming.

No. 299302

She briefly stopped drinking in favour of just taking her meds and gained a fuck ton of weight. It didn’t last long obviously

No. 299307

Gotta hand it to her, that’s a clever way of hiding the problem boob

No. 299309

Nah, if Margo could've married her of earlier to get money, she would've.

No. 299310

Scrotes don't usually upload these in order. Using Fapello is probably the worst thing you could use to assume posted content order. No, it's old.

Also love that it looks like anons have to post the tags where they get these due to the constant editing that has happened in this thread and the closed belle thread from the same website

No. 299383

holy shit i've genuinely never since her naked until today, her boobs look like that?? how is that even possible?

No. 299389


Chill anachan(sage your shit)

No. 299392

Her boobs look normal. I sweear some anons think bolt-ons being high up is how boobs should look. No one naturally has tits with full cleavage and lifted past the age of like 15. Even small boobs sag and fall to the sides. Boobs don't fall inward when you naturally stand unless they are big which in that case, you have sag and you have to nudge them center still. What a nitpick.

No. 299398

File: 1685938081164.jpeg (93.59 KB, 800x800, 5AEB8CEF-4F3A-4F4D-955A-28AB6F…)


No. 299399

I agree anon, I thought that was such a weird nitpick.

No. 299404

ew anon, this is such a scrote meme

No. 299407

Sorry if you have boobs like that, but I agree with the other anon that hers look funny with her nipples being up and down. Her boobs are probably so deflated, because she lost so much weight.

No. 299414

It just looks like she edited only one. Anyway, I'm not here to titnitpick. It's an old photo in general.

No. 299417

File: 1685948070809.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.76 KB, 422x707, AAAE950B-4ED5-4CC0-BDEF-ACD494…)

>it just looks like she edited only one
Sure Jan

No. 299433

Look, I get that belle's thread is no more, but don't bring your retarded "edited" shit over here.

No. 299435

File: 1685968298457.png (349.67 KB, 700x1433, Screenshot_20230605-082817~3.p…)

she deleted this so fast. nasty ass bitch talking about incest

No. 299436

File: 1685969402776.gif (1.63 MB, 268x150, nervous-laughter-what-the-fuck…)

Yo wtf she sounds like a groomer. Doesn't she have lots of fans under 18 ? Creep.(sage your shit)

No. 299437

why the fuck would she post this on instagram. Does she still have fans following her for fashion?

No. 299441

She gets more disgusting with each day.
She's def a creep, she even tried to lure a student into her apartment by tricking him into missing last train and caused him an anxiety attack.

No. 299446

Meaning she edited her one boob to look "nice" like on meitu. Not an anon edited it, take your meds. Not everything is about Belle.

No. 299468

File: 1685982415561.jpeg (87.64 KB, 640x1014, EB85C913-355E-41C2-BF70-FCF6E9…)

What is this caption? Is she calling herself a child? Wtf

No. 299474

File: 1685984748250.png (480.27 KB, 895x470, beenoos.png)

She's trying to fool everyone into thinking that she looks like a child, but we all know what her true face looks like.

No. 299475

Idiotic comment. And just your own personal opinion. We all have them and in mine she looks a lot better here than in many of her pictures. And anyway it's not her face shape that's a problem, it's her behaviour.(infighting)

No. 299476

I always thought alcohol made people gain weight? Tbh I have known really skinny women who are alkies but it's commonly thought drinking adds to weight.

No. 299477

She probably isn't eating a whole lot when she drinks despite her claims that she does. Sage for blogpost but I've met a ton of people who drink a 12 pack or a handle of liquor almost every day and are still pretty lean because that's their only intake for days on end.

No. 299479

Lol, did anyone comment?

No. 299485

Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m allowed to comment on her moon face if I want to. Just like people are allowed to comment on her tits and any other issues. She’s ugly on the inside and the outside. Those are facts.

No. 299487

It’s been said before but it looks worse because she shops a fake face on all her pics so when you see her real face it’s a shock. Of course ppl will compare the two, that’s natural

No. 299490

File: 1685990461565.jpg (69.45 KB, 1080x1910, venus1.jpg)

No. 299491

File: 1685990488016.jpg (164.11 KB, 1080x1915, venus2.jpg)

No. 299492

File: 1685990514550.jpg (233.8 KB, 1080x1903, venus3.jpg)

No. 299493

>"I really want to use a guy for his money for my benefit, I miss it."

No. 299497

File: 1685991424773.jpeg (80.52 KB, 640x1005, 75F9F630-C281-4868-860D-E7F886…)

I know this was from a day ago but why are her captions always so gross. Can’t even tell if it’s “I’m going to make some porn but I’m so messed up right now I can barely consent teehee” or “feel sorry for me and tell me not to push myself”. And kek at “comeback”

No. 299510

Joking about eating disorders while her good friend is dealing with bulimia. What a caring and sensitive friend!

No. 299515

File: 1685998987173.jpg (173.7 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20230605_220312.jpg)

No. 299528

can anons like you learn to shut the fuck up? she's ugly and we are allowed to comment about it

No. 299534

I only saw one comment that was “get a life venus”. Guess that was enough for her to delete it.

No. 299536

she makes so many accounts like its a fucking accomplishment, then abandons them.

No. 299543

reminds me of shaynas wonky tits kek

No. 299555

She will delete the other account soon, because there's no way she will get so many followers there again. And why does she need one account as her diary? Just get a normal diary and stop oversharing. Her constant attention whoring will be her demise one day.

No. 299566

She uses IG AND Onlyfans as her diary. It's pretty fun.

No. 299570

File: 1686056678069.jpeg (148.83 KB, 1125x1880, IMG_7664.jpeg)

No. 299594


She’s so fucking corny and unfunny af. I hate this desperate-for-attention ugly ass hag. Bitch is so creepy trying to lure college students to her nasty little cavern and then trap them into going inside/saying by making them miss the bus. She’s fucking scary tbh. Imagine hideous tall ass Venus screaming at you, hitting you and throwing things at you? God the thought makes me shiver. I’m glad Ken stood up to her.

No. 299596

It's crazy how even weebs post high definition content and most young japanese women are styling themselves either mature or in korean fashion, yet Venus is still here in her frilly Liz Lisa dress, taking blurry pink-filtered pics like it's 2009. She's still so young, yet zero adapts to the times.

No. 299624

She's not tall, lol. I thought she was about 5'6", that's just about average height for a european woman and plenty are way taller than that, she's quite short compared to a lot of women. Maybe your a dwarf.
I mean ok a lot of asian women are extra short but if your going on about that european guy who she lured back, he was probably taller than her, most likely anyway as she never looks very tall unless compared to Mikan, but she's a midget, so…

No. 299636

Speaking of Mikan, her ex bestie, Venus (and these other weeb jvloggers) is trapped thinking Japan is like all the weeb shit they consumed growing up. The only part of Japanese culture she successfully assimilated into is the rampant alcoholism.

No. 299639

That's just a matter of personal preference, I think. It's a very specific style and maybe not as common, but I've seen such fashion often enough. The only outdated thing about her is her sense of humor and her memes.

No. 299655

LL is still a very very popular brand. I think anons need to stop nitpicking her style because anins just sound absolutely idiotic thinking everything she does is out of date only based on their preferences. This is the wet bangs look all over again.

No. 299692

i just think anons need to start calling the wet bangs look what it is lol which is grease. we know venus doesnt groom herself

No. 299693

Name one Venus' ex bestie who isn't doing better than her. Why do you need to mention Mikan?

No. 299805

File: 1686220497273.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.03 KB, 1170x1746, RDT_20230608_12362682493502774…)

No. 299807

how is this "sexy"? Looks like grandma scratching a itch. couldn't even bother doing OF properly. Also lol that eye

No. 299861

The average Japanese girl isn;t wearing LL though. And especially not girls in their late twenties, so yeah, >>299596 is right. Only in like harajuku will you see these jirai freaks.

No. 299867

5'6 is NOT average. Are you the fucking height obsessed anon back again? 5'4 is average height for a caucasian female. And Venus is 5'7 iirc, which is considered on the taller side. She's not 6'0 or something but that is still somewhat tall for her race. 5'7 is 170 cm btw. I had a friend that tall and she was considered TALL by everyone around her and was usually the tallest girl in the group. Also European. So you can fuck off with your "Beenoos is so smol and kawaii" rubbish. People who have met Venus have also commented on her height.

No. 299869

What is the point of making new accounts? She's already posted so much crap to this one she might as well keep going. When she needed to make a new account (for sex work/porn stuff) she didn't. That's when she should have made a new account and not advertised OF on her main IG, since her audience made it clear they don't like her porn. Now it's a little late for new accounts.

No. 299872

Knew she was lying about staying up all night every day. Just moments ago she said she never sleeps but now she's struggling to break her sleep cycle.

No. 299876

File: 1686247659660.png (94.49 KB, 418x433, image_2023-06-08_140917928.png)

more like

No. 299901

This discussion is incredibly stupid, but I'll bite.
Average height varies widely, even across Europe. For women, it ranges from 170 cm (Netherlands) all the way to 163ish cm (UK).
And this is just the average height, meaning there are plenty of women who are significantly taller than that. Being a 170ish cm tall European doesn't make you a freak of nature.

Also, men are like… Naturally way stronger than women. A skinny guy could defend himself against an average-fit woman if he had to. Venus sits on her ass all day and drinks. She is malnourished and has zero muscle tone. The only thing that would make her intimidating is her uwu yandere behavior. Anyone who assaults their partner with a weapon is generally bad news. Unstable people are unpredictable, and that's scary regardless of their stature.(derailing)

No. 299906

I have no sympathy for the idiots that give her money, tell her their fantasies, and expect her to actually produce anything.

No. 299910

Um, yes, she is tall. It’s been discussed before. She’s like 5’8”. That’s definitely tall for a girl. Especially one that tries to pretend how “smol” she is, with her broad ass shoulders too… and that awful face… and that scary personality… coming at you with a knife… straight nightmare fuel.

No. 299919

Kek you clearly have never been to europe you retard

No. 299946

Someone has consistently been coming in here lately and defending Penus and trying to refute any negative claim about her. You aren’t going to police anything in this thread loser, off you fuck.

Anyway, I don’t understand why Penus keeps trying to make OF happen lmfao. She looks gross. Without the filters she looks like a literal grandma. It’s sad honestly. But I love it for her because she’s such a terrible person so she deserves every insult she receives. Haven’t seen a single false one yet.(tinfoil)

No. 299948

she's got those tragic Hungarian genetics. Hungarian women either look really good, or really bad, there is no in-between. They also age like potatoes if they do not take care of themselves. Venus is on a quick downward spiral to becoming a toothless babushka by the age of 40.

No. 299989

>> becoming a toothless babushka
Seriously. Her teeth are brown and look rotten. I wonder how long it’s been since she’s seen a dentist and how many of those teeth that dentist would pull if she actually went to one now.

No. 299992

Height obsessed? I've no idea what you're talking about, so no I'm not height obsessed. I just saw a silly ststement about her being super tall when I'm pretty sure it was established she's only average height for a european woman, though I've seen mediteranian eomen shorter and dumpier, but many Nordic types, Scandinavian women would tower over Venus.
Also, I don't think it's good or better to be smol, I think women look better and more elegant and classy for being tall, around 5'8" or over. There's a reason fashion models - often around 6ft - look good, the clothes look better on them which is why they're chosen. I believe Kate Moss was an exception, being only about 5'8", but had fantastic bone structure so that was what made her more successful.
I don't know why stating that 5'6" is average height can make someone so mad. I'm guessing in Japan it's taller for a woman but as they're so on the short side, they could do with a bit of height. Most women I know are around 5'6" give or take ab inch. 5'4" is quite noticeably short and considered so. Even 5'8" is not seen as exceptionally tall. Funny thing is though that the shortest women I know are either old women or from the roughest parts of society and the rougher ones often make up for their lack of height by being totally vicious so swings and roundabouts I guess.(derail)

No. 300021

It’s so crazy how different she is now. This video is from six years ago. I bet if this bitch had just respected Manaki, and gotten a normal job or something, didn’t get that awful weight loss surgery, and didn’t turn into a full blown addict and alcoholic, I bet Manaki would have still loved and cherished her to this day. She wouldn’t look like such shit if she had taken care of herself and all she had to to was be a nice and decent person. I bet Manaki became slowly disgusted seeing the person Venus was turning into, and I understand why. This bitch didn’t play any of her cards right, not a single one.

Random but does anyone know if she’d be able to get the weight loss surgery “reversed”? Or is it permanent? The drugs and alcoholic don’t help whatsoever, but I truly believe the reason she looks soooo aged is because of that god awful surgery she had done. What a fucking fool. Sad.

No. 300045

File: 1686297100935.jpg (144.01 KB, 750x737, tumblr_e6f8161f5a485d9ebc2b050…)

This is all I can think of when I see that photo.

Even if Venus could produce good content for YouTube, OF etc she still would be unable to make a living off it. She doesn't have the work ethic to be self employed. The structure of a 9-5 job would be the best thing for her. But she thinks most jobs are beneath her, especially the only ones she would get employed to do.

No. 300054

Wow, people who dont take care of themselves age like shit, how is that something particularly unique to Hungarian women again

No. 300060

File: 1686315809611.jpg (260.31 KB, 972x1706, Screenshot_20230609-150341_Ins…)

"henlo guis sorry for being a bit wierd uguuu"

No. 300102

>henlo guiis! Me type like a retard because I'm so cute and baby uguu

Writing like this is cringe no matter what but especially when you're almost 30 and looks like this >>299876 Kek

No. 300162

Yeah, it's not like depression and alcoholism seriously disrupt one's sleep schedule or anything.(WK)

No. 300176

Stop making excuses for her, you will not get discounts on customs and she doesn't care for you.

No. 300185

File: 1686338871309.jpeg (129.89 KB, 1169x867, 7A7F6381-4790-4A32-B630-25F83F…)

Screenshots from that interview video she did with that other porn chick are so jarring. Not only what she really looks like but what a total trainwreck she is, showing up for a video looking like this. Wonky lopsided makeup, eyelashes falling off, bloated swollen face, fried bleached hair and ugly outfit all scrunched up looking like how a toddler would dress herself. And that bandaged arm (to cover the cuts.) Such a contrast with the fake photoshopped photos she puts out.

No. 300186

Oh and the brown teeth too. Forgot to mention that detail.

No. 300258

Are you fucking slow? Where did that anon that you replied to comment anything about her sleep schedule? Venus is ugly and looks 40 instead of 26. Nothing you can do about it change people’s perception of her. We have fucking eyes you know. Your gaslighting won’t work loser.(infighting)

No. 300259

File: 1686371162233.jpeg (9.93 KB, 275x241, D1B19058-2BEF-4426-A706-8F6C8C…)

No. 300262

The surgery involved literally taking some of her intestines out, so no, not at all reversible.

No. 300263

European (slav) here, I'm 170cm female and I am considered tall, Venus is my height and she's also tall lol(no1currs stop derailing about height)

No. 300279

Scandi anon here, 170cm is kinda tall here for a woman/girl(derailing)

No. 300283

I don't think staying with Manaki would've been a good thing, he is an enabler and also a pedophile. She should have used her skills to get a job and secure something in Japan if she really insisted in staying there.

No. 300284

you must be new and didn't read the previous threads. he did not approve of her wearing egl fashion. he did not approve of her weight loss surgery. he did not approve of her getting drunk at karaoke bars and there are times where took her home. but in the end he gave up because venus is too retarded, talked shit about him, refused to change and grow tf up. man were are these recent dumb anons coming from?

No. 300287

Who fucking cares

No. 300294

To be honest Manaki didn't approve of anything Venus did that wasn't directly involving him. I strongly believe he just wanted her to quit everything and have his children or something.

No. 300295

You people really like to call others pedophiles even though they're not.

No. 300297

Manaki stalked Venus since she was an underage under Margo's care, are you new?

No. 300303

He never “stalked” Venus, that’s a lie. Stalking means unwanted obsessive attention. Manaki was a fan of her living doll persona, like many thousands of other fans, male and female (she had many male fans in her heyday.) She latched onto him and used him to ‘escape’ bad mommy Margo. Used him for a visa and a meal ticket, for years. That’s it. He was a means to an end for her.

No. 300333

All guys "stalked her" using your logic. Stop defending venus.

No. 300337

She wasn't underage by Japanese law, and only 1 year below it for her own country. You act like she was 12 or something.

No. 300347

That's the norm of expectations for women in Japanese culture. You're supposed to get married young and focus completely on being a mother soon after.

No. 300352

Sorry, I forgot this thread is full of PULLfags that will defend Margo and Manaki just to shit on Venus like they aren't all scum. Move along.(sage your infighting)

No. 300375

I think it’s all one person. Defending every single negative thing that is said. It’s so fucking annoying. Can this loser be banned already??? I’m willing to bet money it’s the same person.

No. 300376

I think it’s all one person. Defending every single negative thing that is said. It’s so fucking annoying. Can this loser be banned already??? I’m willing to bet money it’s the same person.

No. 300390

>Sorry, I forgot this thread is full of PULLfags
No, you're just a retarded white knight thinking you'll get points for hating on a man and defending her. You will not get a discount on customs, you will not get free pictures or videos from her and you are not her friend. Do yourself a favor and:
>Move along.
Probably the same person that thinks beenus will be their friend lol

No. 300396

Nta, but Margo and Manaki failed Venus. He preyed on her as a child since she was 13, he admitted and Margo basically handed her groomed daughter over to a pedo who wanted to play pretend that Venus was still a child and not over 18 when he married her. Honestly now I see why it didn't work out, he thought he was getting a child. Of course they never wouldve worked out, pedos can't play pretend. I get the argument you're trying to make, but Venus is a victim technically. I personally don't care about the after the fact when her upbringing fucked her up and left her no chance. There's no reason to start shit over it when not every anon blames her. Lolcow isn't your personal army or hivemind. At least your infighting is reportable.

No. 300400

I'd do that too if a man wanted me only from an online persona, finally outside of my family clutches, to be this perfect uwu dolly girl-child still. Imagine marrying a fucking creep, who expected your LARP, and being told you are still supposed to act like that just like her mother. Manaki was a creeper, idc if he had to bring her home from bars. She's like any other classic case of a repressed kid going full throttle once they go to college and picks up a drug/alcohol problem. She also only knows how to make a living online, she's been paraded around as a cash cow for a decade pretty much. She's old enough to learn to be "normal", but she dove off the deep asap.

No. 300403

If anyone ‘preyed,’ it was Venus. She latched onto Manaki like the leech she is, for 7 long years, all while lying about him and to him and openly cheating on him, until he finally manned up enough to divorce her. She’s a bigger narcissistic leech than her mother, and that’s saying something.

What Manaki wanted was to save poor little Venus from evil mommy and be captain save-a-ho. He was her protector and white knight and took a lot of grief, abuse and physical stalking from Margo in the process while Little Venus cowered and hid behind him in her little pink bedroom. This whole ‘Manaki is a pedo’ is a lie perpetuated by both margo and Venus, like the malicious narcs they both are.(Manaki WK)

No. 300404

nta, but I don't agree with any of that. Manaki and Margo can rot in hell.

No. 300407

ntayrt but wtf anon, in all the couple videos they made together talking about it, manaki had been her fan and talking to her while she was still underage, and he was in his 20s. This is documented on almost every gossip site and her video archives
Venus is crazy as an adult but this whiteknighting of manaki's creepy pursuing a teenage girl and waiting for her to be legal is cringe and suspicious anon

No. 300410

This is what actual whiteknighting is. Manaki is not a good person. He's a pedo and has openly admitted to it without actually having to say it.

No. 300417

This is an imageboard anon, you can provide proof of this.

No. 300421

No one is going to spoonfeed you. >>300407 Learn2read, newfag.(infighting)

No. 300427

You need to read every single Margo and Venus thread on this site instead of asking for spoonfeed.
It's well documented Manaki was waiting for Venus to become legal and Margo handed Venus to him thinking she would get a free Japanese visa for both of them, once she realized Venus wanted to cut Margo off, Margo's agenda became against Manaki, she had no issues handing her daughter to a groomer as long as she got her visa, but once she didn't get it, he was an evil pedophile poisoning her daughter. Manaki expected someone who would do anything he wanted. He definitely wanted to manipulate her, just like Margo used to.

No. 300433

Just read old threads

No. 300612

Oh plz. Mana didn't want someone to manipulate. He, like typical moids, wanted to get his dick wet. He thought he was gonna get this living doll kawaii animu waifu. It's abundantly clear by now Mana is a textbook Japanese neck beard. The though of his waifu prancing around the house in lolita gear, acting uwu kawaii made his peen tingle. Too bad for him that was all an act and the pyscho, alcoholic, edgelord thot she is now is who she always was. Mana just learned that overtime.

Ken wanted a hoe that he could throw a couple thousand yen at a month to engage in his nasty ass fetishes. His wife wasn't gonna do those things, neither would any self respecting woman. Other hoes weren't gonna do that on his budget either. But Venus is so retarded, refuses to work a normal job, and is desperately trying to larp as a sugarbaby. He thought all he had to do was buy her some 2nd hand designer goods, take her out to a nice meal, and he gets her to dress up as a sexy baby or piss on camera for em. Again, he found out the hard way shes nuts.

It's called a mutually exploitive relationship. They were using Venus for something sexual, Venus was using them for visas&money. It's not that hard to see. Venus is just a raging moo moo and makes herself look worse via her behavior&admissions.

No. 300615

File: 1686723366009.jpg (36.65 KB, 929x328, Screenshot_20230614_081717.jpg)

can't believe this banner is still up

No. 300628

File: 1686738567608.jpeg (233.48 KB, 1170x1854, IMG_5529.jpeg)

Idk why Venus' comment cracks me up. And fat weeb fukaeri just had to let her know its from here uwu sooper srs bulimia uwuuuuu as if venus cares abt anyone but herself kek

No. 300641

This thread isn't about her bulimia friend, stick to the milky stuff Venus does. Her comment isn't exactly milky either except that she commented on a bulimic's post in general.

No. 300642

Stop self-posting, fatty.

No. 300644

Ewwwwwwwwww she has such fat gross arms. Nasty.

No. 300653

Ewwww you need to be 18 to post here, newfag. Who fucking cares, that's not the milky part.

No. 300673

File: 1686775494143.jpg (208.3 KB, 1080x1939, normcore.jpg)

No. 300753


No. 300757

File: 1686830898425.png (28.94 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_20230615-140749-580…)

Pfp and bio changes again, hooray for more cringy cosplays

No. 300801

I didn’t know fukaeri also had an OnlyFans… she really does take after Venus(sage your shit)

No. 300810

This isn't a thread about some random self harm cow. Go make updates about her elsewhere. She may be friends with Venus, but this isn't an update page for her.

No. 300834

As often as some anons bring up her irrelevant antics here, I thought someone would start a thread. Most anons don't seem to care about her, and the conversations about her don't last long. She's just randomly mentioned for whatever reason.

No. 300837

Fuck off fatty. Doesn’t take an 18 year old to spot a fucking whale. Stop self posting, losing weight, and seek therapy. You hideous ass bitch.(infighting, "hi cow")

No. 300838

She’s a cow alright. Just not an lolcow, because no one cares about her. She’s just an attention seeking fat cow that is too ugly to get the attention she desperately craves.

No. 300839

Rattle elsewhere.

No. 300843

Honestly, these so-called updates on fucka-whatever smells like selfposts. Two attention-seeking BPD peas in a pod.(then report it, don't tinfoil itt)

No. 300866

Mentally deficient children desperately seeking to be accepted into the newly discovered "cool mean girls club" that is lolcow make low effort replies such as yours that add absolutely nothing of value. No one here is impressed by you, maybe guru gossip is more your level.(infighting)

No. 300879

File: 1686950631578.jpeg (47.55 KB, 809x857, F47067B2-7109-47C8-A800-485147…)

Even with massive filtering her new pfp looks haggard as hell.

No. 300880

ot, but how old is she now?

No. 300890

She's 26

No. 300891

Nobody besides the literal fat cow herself would defend her here. Get real mods. This is fucking ridiculous. That bitch is fat and ugly period and that is something that literally cannot be argued or defended. Check-mate uggo.(infighting)

No. 300897

I wish PULL was still alive to contain trash like you.(infighting)

No. 300905

Anon, if you want to use this thread as an excuse to shit on someone barely related to Venus, there are other threads in places like /m/ for random Instagrammers you hate that would better suit the discussion.

No. 300930

Enough about the obese whale friend of Venus. This is a thread about Venus, not her irrelevant fat uggo “friends”.

Anyways, back to Penus. What’s the status on her and Ken? Are they officially done or still on and off? Haven’t heard any mention of him in a while.

No. 300931

I doubt anyone knows or they would have posted something here. In a way I had hoped they'd get back together, but probably better for him if they don't. Unless Venus can control herself. Doubtful she can and her temper would get the better of her again. I'm afraid she might seriously hurt him, or even worse.
Then she would be in trouble. And then she'd be in a worse position and be really in the shit, seriously. I do quite like Ken. He's a bit of a character. But I don't want him to get hurt. And I don't want Venus to be in trouble. I know it would provide 'milk' here, but that sort I can do without as that would be going too far.

No. 300934

Ken is a fucking pedo. Istg, stop defending these shitty perverts. This must be bait at this point, I hope this gets a defending redtext because you anons are delusional about a man who pimped out his fucking son.

No. 300939

Omgggg i had forgotten about that somehow, is Ken the same guy that did that???

No. 300946

>who pimped out his fucking son
Who Venus claims did that.

No. 300947

Nta, but go worship pedos elsewhere please.

No. 300950

Nta but has proof ever been posted?

No. 300951

Proof of the incident she described would literally be CP so?? frantically dialing FBI

There isn't gonna be proof but imo it's too specific and weird for Venus to come up with, and remember she stayed dating this guy so it's not like you'd intentionally post something that associates you with acts/people like that unless it was true, it doesn't make her look good to be dating a man like that.

No. 300952

You don't want some old cheating pervert pedo to get hurt wtf? This tells me a lot about the person typing like how the fuck do you empathize with ken of all people unless you are also a creep like him

No. 300953

Exactly. The story was really specific and it's not like Venus agreed and she doesn't have proof she can take to the Japanese police bc she wasn't there at the time, but the way she said Ken minimized the situation is exactly what pedos do to try to get other people involved. This idea that Venus can't be trusted doesn't work in this instance. Anons will do anything to cap for everyone around Venus. It's messed up.

No. 300955

>but the way she said Ken minimized the situation
It's almost like…when someone says bullshit against you or spreading false narratives you try to squash it, like a normal human? Newfag, Venus is a KNOWN pathological liar, abuser and manipulator, you're the equivalent of:
>"Oh she lied about being sober but because she's talking about a man she's DEFINITELY telling the truth."

No. 300956

Gotta agree with the other anons. Defending him is disgusting and disturbing.

No. 300959

in order for me to defend ken, id have to believe venus is lying. i know she lies n such, but i would like to believe shes not THAT depraved to make up something like this.

No. 300960

>but i would like to believe shes not THAT depraved to make up something like this.
Oh you innocent anon…

No. 300962

She made up a story about manaki groping girls on the train as an April fools joke, nothing is below her. and even if she was telling the truth about ken being a pedo, she still stayed with him for years after that like it didn't bother her. shes a shit person either way

No. 300965

This was before that

No. 300966

…Anon your Venus relationship reps. Nonie, do you actually even know anything about Venus or did you pick up someone "defending" a man and ran with the first thing you seen?

No. 300967

Ken never even denied, defended, or refused the accusation. He wasn't staying with his wife for a while, before Venus, for a reason. Everything about him points to his married life being rocky and he's barely with his kid. If someone tried to pimp my son out and I hear it was the father, I would rather the father not be around as much either. Which is exactly what Ken's deal is. He's hardly around his family. Going back to his family constantly according to anons isn't exactly father material. He also infantilizes Venus, which falls in line with pedo tendencies. Yes, Ken is a pedo and no we don't have proof, but most people wouldn't add random details about secretaries to their stories and instead it would be an easy made up story like the groping one. There's a massive difference in details between these things she's said, and one is more detailed than the other because it's most likely true. You really think a man running around in the wood with a pig mask with his shirt off and taking photos of Venus in diapers isn't a pedophile?

No. 300968

Samefag, but even Manaki admitted to creeping and wishing he was with Venus when he was well over a decade older than her and this started when she was 13 he said, could very well have been earlier considering her online presence. These men around her aren't good men. I don't understand how anons are defending any of them when all actions point to the same conclusion for both.

No. 300975

stop derailing about mana/ken possibly being pedos. everyone knows venus lies a lot, and we don't have 100% proof. Until we do it's just tinfoiling. over the top wking will still be banned, but so will derailing about this topic until new information is brought up.

No. 300979

Just to correct the record Manaki did not “stalk her since she was 13.” No one knew her or of her when she was 13, she didn’t become famous until she was 15 and Manaki was a fan like many others. Also he is 8 years older than Venus, not “well over a decade older than her.” I don’t know where you’re getting this shit from, your overactive imagination I guess.(ok but please stop)

No. 300985

Exactly. This is the same fucking bitch that claimed to her hundreds of thousands of IG followers that Manaki stalked and sexually assaulted high school students on a bus, then came out and said it was a fucking “prank”. Now y’all are ready to believe Ken sexually assaulted a baby because PENUS SAID SO HURRRRR. Fucking retards all of you.(infighting)

No. 300992

FBI??? As if they havent got anything better to do! And with something that someone who is a known liar said. And even if it were true, is in Japan not america! Not everything is in the US and the FBI dont rule the world.(derailing after warned)

No. 301005

A 23 yo man 'fan' of a 15 yo girl. Excuse me while I go to vomit.(derailing after warned AND responding to derailing... come on guys)

No. 301007

There's a thread on /ot called "Your real opinions on cow" if you want to discuss that subject further. So could you all please read what our farmhand wrote here >>300975 + in /meta and stop derailing with this non-milk ?

Sorry for the minimodding. I'll gladly take my ban

No. 301019

Can't always tell exactly what's derailing, I mean when it's talking about stuff related to Venus, which it is, very much so. Tbh, I wish the bans could be for people advocating violence - like some anons talking like 'Ken' should get hurt. Whatever anyone thinks of anyone, should not be wanting them to get physically hurt. And wanting something like that in someone else's relationship, well, no words. Just… why??
Actually I think it's a good sign Venus has been quiet. Hopefully, she's getting herself together, or at the very least learning not to overshare.

No. 301023

>Hopefully, she's getting herself together, or at the very least learning not to overshare.
She is not. This is venus we're talking about.

No. 301037

Slightly OTT question but I hope cultured nonnies can answer. These online jirai communities, how often/to what degree do they interact with their irls and normal accounts? Some communities are withdrawn and generally only follow each other (anachans, gimmick acounts etc.), is it similar or do they have a wider reach? Do people usually make special accounts to post that or is it more of a integrated style kind of thing?(off-topic)

No. 301058

Go somewhere else to discuss how to find SH accounts

No. 301077

What derailing ? They were fucking married.

No. 301098

Since you're too dumb to understand.
>No longer married
>Trying to push pedo claims without proof
He's offtopic at this point.

No. 301100

venus has posted in while yet tards here keep posting

No. 301121

Since you're too retard to understand they still correlate with each other.
>>Divorce doesn't erase past actions
>>Lol proof. Grown ass man simping on a child.(stop infighting. Stop rehashing OLD RANCID MILK. mana has not been involved with venus in years now, let it go.)

No. 301123

Still an imageboard, nona. Post the proof especially pics of how either ken or manaki still relates to Venus these days.

No. 301169

Venus hasn't been posting for awhile again
I predict her shitposting unfunny memes on her story and another "hey guyyyyzz" drunkpost over the weekend

No. 301235

What woman can look like Penus and still expect to be spoiled and taken care of. Fucking delusional lmao. Ugly moon-faced hag, bulbous schnoz, linebacker shoulders, disgusting hygiene. There’s not a single positive thing about her right now. And she expects to be taken care of and not get a fucking job? Get your ass to work bitch. Nobody wants you. Period.

No. 301244

I was thinking about how her mom told Venus she would become a homeless prostitute, and while she didn't, it's not that far off?
First she relied on men she dated to have a place to stay and survive, now she relies on OnlyFans for her income (or most of it, iirc she's welfare too). Bleak.

No. 301250

File: 1687428304160.jpg (158.49 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-06-22-12-05-01…)

No. 301252

File: 1687428516748.jpg (216.57 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-06-22-12-05-05…)

No. 301253

File: 1687428562599.jpg (185.82 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-06-22-12-05-09…)

No. 301254

File: 1687428589460.jpg (104.46 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-06-22-12-05-12…)

No. 301255

lmfao sure, a job at a prestigious animation school. Of course for the one and only Venus Angelic it cannot be a just any animation school.
No one with more than two braincells will believe her bullshit kek

No. 301256

the amount of typos and grammar mistakes, she's gotta be fucked up on something

No. 301258

Last month: Venus begging friends to pay her rent
This month: “I have a normie job but it’s not for the money. It’s prestigious. I had a realization and found my passion in sales. I’ll just do onlyfans part time.”
How is everything she does such milk. Here’s hoping it does her some good I guess

No. 301259

Bitch can't even write a coherent sentence, how can she work in sales?

No. 301264

U do realize women come in all shapes and sizes? They dont all have to be tiny midgets with wine bottle non existant non existant sloping shoulders as the go-to appearance for womanhood. Good grief!

No. 301266

Yeah i know, repeated phrase, sorry glitchy device. But please, stop thinking all women have to look a certain way to appear desirable. Not everybody even finds attractive the way you seem to think women should look

No. 301267

The projection is hard.

No. 301268

ITT: gross old pervert scolds woman for disrespecting women’s body types, while himself calling petite women midgets(infighting)

No. 301274

File: 1687448722155.png (144.55 KB, 293x519, ss.PNG)

starting to think the nona that said she abuses her stim meds and is addicted to them (and alcohol obviously) might actually be right. I wish there was a calendar nona like in the lori lewd thread but instead of for blocking/adding someone on insta, it's for her cycles of "Hey guys I'm okay! My life is on track!" to her meltdowns. Because if they timed it, I bet we'd see that her refills align with her 'back on track' statuses.
Also, did no one see her post about her friend? She makes it seem like she called her once and only once and trying to seem like it's a bigger deal than it is for sympathy.

No. 301275

She deleted it already.(sage your shit)

No. 301276

Nta but she has a point. Imagine you were an old rich moid looking for a young woman, would you pick Venus?

No. 301282

Her english has gotten so much worse the past few years. She used to be able to write longs paragraphs that were grammatically and completely coherent but now she types identical to Marge gibberish. She's becoming her mom in every way

No. 301283

No one would pick venus for anything lol

No. 301293

this is such a thinly veiled attempt at fukarei trying to mooch off venus' dying clout. dumb fatty is probably drunk passed out. and of course she abuses her ritalin or whatever. she spams posts in a short amount of time then drips off probably from being sobering up

No. 301319

↑girl shut up(just report and move on)

No. 301336

Nobody said you have to look a certain specific “way”. Just don’t be gross and disgusting like Venus. Venus is straight up ugly which is why she can’t make enough money on only fans, and anyone with eyes can see how ugly she is. Deal with it.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 301340

Bit stupid calling me a pervert and a man and why? For pointing out that nit picking anon's apparent idea of an 'attractive' woman would be titchy with narrow shoulders? Since when has that been the look we should all aspire to? No thank you.

I'm not one and it's difficult to imagine how it would feel looking to pay someone for sex, but men seem to have different tastes and preferances just like women do, though some arent fussy and will go with anything. Some even like dirty smelly types. It was stupid saying that nobody would think Venus attractive when plenty obviously do. And stupider to suggest they wouldnt for the reasons given.
There's nothing wrong with her shoulders or the shape of her face, but aesthetically her wonky tits are not pleasing and she has no muscle tone, yet paradoxically the nit picker ignores the obvious flaws and mentions something not unattractive as being so.

The nit picking was ridiculous and implying that any woman with normal shoulders (as Venus has) would be undesirable. I dread to think what their idea of perfect womanhood would be. It was just so stupid. Venus may be undesirable for many reasons but it's more to do with how she treats people and certainly nothing to do with her (very normal) shoulders.(infighting/blogpost)

No. 301341

the only men venus will attract are ugly skeevy moids who want sex. she will never be on the radar for a decent man ever. other than that take your sperging to twitter or something.
tintoil but theres definitely a fagelic here desperate to get this thread locked or something

No. 301344

Yessss 100%. There’s some fucking tard that continuously attacks ANY person that says ANYTHING even remotely negative about ugly ass Penus. If they are so triggered to the point of sperging constantly in her defense, then why are they here and why are mods allowing them to continue this bullshit? This is ridiculous. And other anons agree because they have spoken out as well. This loser needs to fucking bounce.(take it to /meta/, stop derailing)

No. 301351

> a prestigious school, muh MENSA genius IQ
She sounds so much like her Mom, down to the Marglish word salad.

No. 301352

Remember my sweet nonnas, report their long ass blogposts, don't engage with them.
Let's focus on the milk, farmhands will take care of these retards.

No. 301412

Hail Lolcow, my nonnas.(sage your shit)

No. 301452

Prestigious school? You must mean what ever senmon gakkou was willing to take your money lol. Try not to drop out.

No. 301462

File: 1687612414811.png (295.06 KB, 900x1600, Screenshot_2023.06.24_15.12.33…)

Venus is doxing someone again.

No. 301465

File: 1687616333385.jpg (213.83 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-06-24-16-18-58…)

No. 301466

whenever there's a few days of nothing she has to make some drama. As the primary consumers/target audience of that drama are we not a bit played here? Like doesn't she just post this knowing 'hehe they'll cap that and talk about me' and then we do?
I'm not saying I'm better than this but it would be an interesting experiment if we didn't have a thread for a few months or something. What would she have to go to for attention? (her commenters/replies are just animal bleats that she doesn't care about)

No. 301467

She thinks being posted here will help or boost her, it doesn't. Also notice how she'll literally dox and blast men, especially men NOWHERE NEAR her despite THEM being who would even buy her content/Onlyfans if at all.

No. 301469

She's a shitty person and keeps proving it. I'm trying not to alog lol

No. 301470

How's that doxxing? She didn't post any personal info and a public photo.

No. 301471

This is David the guy she owns money(sage your shit)

No. 301472

NTA but for the uninitiated, it only takes people to follow the picture to start digging thus opening the door to doxxing a person. Doxxing has become a "broader" term when someone with a sizeable following basically sends their simps/haters after a person which usually ends up in doxxing in the end.

No. 301473

You clearly don't know what doxxing is. If she isn't putting out anything that isn't public, like this guy's profile photo in his Instagram which everyone could see, and then other people dig, that's not doxxing, that's those people doing the doxxing if they share the info they dug for. Anon, please. A photo alone isn't doxxing.

No. 301476

hello, kinda new to lolcow but i’ve been wondering if there’s a thread for her friend fukaeri__? They’ve been doing a lot of Q&A and i’m wondering what everyone’s thinking about it since they’re close w venus

No. 301477

There was a ~ two weeks period where there was no new thread here and Venus was still posting dumb drama on her stories(sage your shit)

No. 301479

You are clearly, stupid…(unsaged infighting)

No. 301481

File: 1687626443953.jpg (125.05 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_2023-06-24-19-08-55…)

No. 301494

File: 1687630719955.png (9.39 KB, 602x177, Not slick.png)

Venus tried to scam her OF purchasers by running out the clock basically so they had to renew a sub in order to get previous customs requests delivered, she just wanted to run off for a few weeks to do nothing, as anons have always stated. Not my screenshot, found with others.

No. 301502

File: 1687633057046.jpeg (107.13 KB, 2028x1207, ACD5F310-2F08-4B4D-A368-732773…)

Yeah, this is the creep who’s been following her around online and sending her $$ to do stupid shit like drinking Tabasco sauce since at least 2019. That’s the kind of human slime she attracts.

No. 301504

File: 1687633096370.jpeg (184.01 KB, 930x1535, 9D82A29F-E00A-4171-9BDF-D9B351…)

From 2019.

No. 301524

she sounds like a paranoid shizo. it's concerning

No. 301526


Because that's what she wants to be

No. 301529

She's a self-absorbed, whiny, little piss pants alcoholic. She refuses help, so let's just watch the shit show she put on and place bets. Easy bet in a day or two we get some excuse about medication. Slim odds she stumbles onto subway tracks.

No. 301554

Makes me wonder if she’s doing meth. Or coke, like pimp zaddy said. She sounds like a meth head or someone on a coke bender.

No. 301559

she's on that path though, if we're being honest..

No. 301561

Those drugs are really not that easy to get in Japan, let alone weed. I don't know what you think that place is. She isn't involved in Yakuza or any of this shit tinfoil. She's an alcoholic and has pills she can mix that she's prescribed. This isn't a extra dose of some other drug issue. This tinfoil needs to stop. We've never, ever, ever seen hints of anything other than her pills and drinks.

No. 301562

She said after her rehab stay that meth was the most common drug of abuse and that it was easy to get.

No. 301564

And she has yet to show any signs of meth or using it. Her saying it's 'easy' doesn't mean she's on it.

No. 301565

File: 1687672623956.png (334.6 KB, 1292x654, shot01.png)

i doubt lol. she replaced her mum on her parents' wedding photo with a random woman she found on google. but her 'dad' looks photoshopped too.
she is creating fake proof to back up her story.

(sorry for spamming the sub, but i had to share my discovery somewhere lol)(derailing)

No. 301568

She's clearly faking it for attention. Sorry for blogpost but I have someone with paranoid schizophrenia in my family and there's no way she would expose herself like she does on ig if it was true. She's such a disgrace to all those suffering from this shitty illness.(not your personal blog)

No. 301572

File: 1687681554396.jpeg (12 KB, 822x143, IMG_8955.jpeg)

i asked if it’s fake and dw people there is an explanation! Lol(derailing)

No. 301573

It's not a "sub" newfag

No. 301575

sorry for not using the right terms!
wow it really is like north korea in here

No. 301578

Tf?? Doesn’t she live with her dad? This is next level insane

No. 301581

You need to read the threads if you're going to post here. She doesn't live with her dad and never has

No. 301582

Meth and weed are easy to get in Japan. What are you talking about?

No. 301583

Obvious self-post again.

No. 301584

my thoughts exactly, Venus is bored again

No. 301585

We know she has 0 ethics and 0 moral sense but frankly, I'll always laugh at moids getting scammed on OF.

No. 301586

YOU need to learn how to read. I wasn’t referring to Venus.

No. 301587

Stinky incel garbage of human being. Hope he got well scammed. Well deserved.

No. 301590

Oh no she is definitely thriving off story replies and DMs, a lot happens on any high profile instagram that we don't see. These threads are a chicken and egg situation where anons sometimes think cows like pixielocks are worse due to the threads, but the truth is if any cow stops acting like one the threads dry up on their own.

No. 301592

Can you guys take non-venus discussion elsewhere? This isn't a thread for her friend.

No. 301598

The sudden burst of paranoia could be from her latest Adderal binge. It’s that time of the month (for a script refill) and that’s been a pattern with her. Maybe this time the paranoia is overshadowing the euphoria she usually gets (both are effects of large Adderal doses.)

No. 301604

Stop derailing you fucking whale. This thread is about you. Go worry about being ugly and fat instead of posting about yourself in VENUS’S thread. Reported for derailing and posting off-topic.(infighting, report & move on)

No. 301605

ISN’T about you *

No. 301671

File: 1687739943660.jpeg (176.39 KB, 1169x2025, 4C0B173C-DC21-4CF7-A856-2A1827…)

Suicide baiting again for a change

No. 301674

File: 1687740427460.jpeg (192.35 KB, 1170x2128, IMG_8426.jpeg)


No. 301675

File: 1687740718304.jpeg (176.38 KB, 1170x2158, IMG_8447.jpeg)

Same photo different caption

No. 301677

next up "Hey guys im doing okay now"

No. 301678

File: 1687741725522.jpeg (107.25 KB, 1170x2094, IMG_8471.jpeg)