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File: 1411847081096.jpg (19.21 KB, 675x450, b9e.jpg)

No. 1109

What do you guys think about this whole 8chan drama?

Is m00t really a SJW? Did he really fire all those admins and replace them with sheep?

I've heard a lot of stuff, but I don't know what's true anymore.

Pic, related, it's 8chan's founder, he has osteogenesis imperfecta, that's the brittle bone disease.

No. 1110

8chan admin is a smart guy with real integrity, and I think 8chan is objectively better at this point.

moot probably isn't a SJW, but due to the social circles he's been in for the past few years he's slowly been leaning that way. I think he and the mods have completely lost touch with the userbase. Based on the announcement he put on /v/ I just think he has a serious misunderstanding of what people were mad about, and he decided to deal with it by zero tolerance deleting and censorship instead of just enforcing reasonable rules like "no more than 1 thread per board at a time, no personal info or suggestions to flood, spam, raid, or invade anything".

I doubt he fired anyone, he probably just instructed them to delete threads mentioning Zoe or Gamergate.

I think moot doesn't really care about 4chan that much anymore, and I think more and more people are going to start abandoning it in favor of 8chan over the next few years. I suspect in 4 or 5 years 8chan may have more posters than 4chan.

No. 1111

No. 1112

I didn't believe that hubbub about admins getting fired until my bf's friend, who is (or rather WAS) an admin on /pol/ got banned. He didn't know if they were going to be replaced by sheep, but a lot of admins did get banned for not wanting to enforce the bans and rules m00t wanted.

I agree that people are going to migrate, 4chan is becoming too much of a clusterfuck of bans and rules. I got banned for posting a fat people thread (what was once a traditional staple of /fit/), I got banned for posting a link, I got banned for posting celeb nudes, I got banned for talking about pt on /cgl/, I got banned for 'spamming' when all I posted was a caption edit of someone's image, I got banned for asking /lit/ about their favourite photography book, because that's too photography related…The list goes on and on. I think people just got sick of all this nonsense.

I'm sick of getting banned. I want to be able to post links and talk freely about SJWs or fat people without getting banned. 8chan is a lot like the old 4chan in that respect.

No. 1113

I assume you mean mod, since there are only like 2 or 3 total 4chan admins. He was likely just one of the /pol/ mods. If he really did remove mods who weren't enforcing the Zoe deletion policy, that's pretty fucked up.

Places like 8chan and this chan are a lot better than 4chan right now in terms of haphazard, heavy handed deletion and banning. I think 8chan and other little chans across the web are going to slowly bleed 4chan to death.

No. 1114

It kind of reminds me of when moot deleted /i/ and chanology brought in lots of new and moral fags. Everyone moved to other chans but most just dwindled and never came close to 4chan.

But it also reminds me of the death of SA. Communities seem to die when mods become more interested in keeping certain groups happy instead of focusing on what the community is actually about.

No. 1116

SA is still very popular, its community and atmosphere has just changed.

Despite that, I think 4chan's death knell is finally beginning to sound.

No. 1117

File: 1411893265075.png (43.06 KB, 571x309, 1411408858954.png)

What I really didn't like is how, when gamer gate threads were being deleted everywhere, someone sent a mail/asked on 4chan: "What about free speech?"

The official response was: "4chan was never about free speech."

And yet you have moot, going to various conferences and meetings, promoting 4chan as the bastion of free speech and him as the creator of it.

IIRC, he only hosted the site using his mom's credit card, he didn't even code the English version.

No. 1118

File: 1411893363715.jpg (66.29 KB, 1848x272, 37.JPG)

Also I don't know if this actually happened, but it sounds hilarious.

No. 1121

>banned for fps on /fit/
holy shit, really? but yeah, m00t a faggot. he personally banned me for a year for telling him off for being a shitty admin. I clearly struck a nerve.

SA is dead, to my knowledge. I mean the site still runs, but it's a tiny little cyst of what it used to be, no?

No. 1122


SA is probably as active as any time in terms of posts, but no original content or raids or anything come out of SA anymore. So yeah, it's dead.

If 4chan dies it will be a similar death.

No. 1123

File: 1411909103229.jpg (66.29 KB, 805x481, q.JPG)


>I think moot doesn't really care about 4chan


4chan brought him lots of connections and business opportunities. He got investors and practically traveled around the world. Him claiming that 4chan didn't bring him money is a lie.

But, he is not a part of 4chan community (anymore) and has tried to please everyone, which just brings more and more shit.

It was bound to happen, appearing every 3 months to read some random feedback and hiring your hipster friends as new mods is not going to help.

No. 1124

A hearty laugh was had.

I honestly doubt it seeing how it has a paid forum thing.

Not to mention the piddly development. Sure, he has had to accomodate for increased traffic, but he has the money to pay for that. Hell, he even has fucking cloudflare protection.

He's riding on the newfags thinking OOH MOOT IS THE FOUNDER OF 4CHAN HE MUST HAVE STARTED ALL THE EPIC RAIDS, and people just wanting to bask in his glory.

No. 1125

Yeah, the hypocrisy in him claiming not to care about free speech and to care about free speech really go to me too.

No. 1126

Didn't I read somewhere that moot was in debt because of the amount of servers for 4chan?

I honestly can't see why any respectable business would associate with the guy that made THE INTERNET HATE MACHINE. It's a forum, nothing new or innovative, and he copied it off a Japanese version anyway.

I'm pretty sure he does get tail because some girls are stupid like that (lol thiiiss iiisss leeeggioon!!XD).

No. 1128

>traveling around frequently
>in debt

No. 1129

I'm not surprised that a lot doesn't care about 4chan. Way back, and I mean way back, the site wasn't shit. The 4chan of today is pretty damn horrible. You have a shitton of racists and a shitton of SJWs. Good luck finding someone neutral in it all. It's no secret that Moot hates some boards more than most.

No. 1130

The thing is, it's hard to mod boards with huge userbase and not let them turn into shit.
When 4chan started to get huge traffic, moot should have made multiple boards with same theme (for example: 3 random "/b/" boards) and hire mods on those- that's what futaba did.

He started looking for janitors and did some changes for big boards around 2011 but it was too late then.

No. 1131

Moot* not "a lot." Auto-correct, you do some strange things…

That is true… he really should have split them up in the beginning. Now the site is just awful all around. 8chan has already gone to shit since 4chan users all migrated over. Eugh… I'm glad that this place has mods and such that do their jobs.

No. 1132

Racists? What constitutes a racist to you?

I'm genuinely curious, not attacking or anything.

Someone who uses the word nigger? Someone who is worried about the white race being wiped out? Someone who posts a fried chicken meme?

No. 1133

Basically the type of people that post those really stupid info graphics with "facts" and other dumb shit like that, such as that one turd that kept derailing threads here on lolcow with that shit and going on about "muh white nationalism." That stuff even leaked into /cgl/ which was really gross.

People that use the word nigger and use fried chicken memes are just… I don't know. I see those people as joking around more than anything else.

No. 1143

File: 1412192121998.jpg (11.55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

What do you guys think of the whole raid thing 8chan is planning?

My bf is going to do it, but I'm rolling my eyes so much at the idea, because they'll all just get banned and nobody's going to care.

I don't think 8chan is going to work out. There's way too many pedos, the whole "make your own board" thing is a bit crazy and spreads the already low postcount really thin.

No. 1144

What raid?

No. 1146

Agree with you on the pedo shit.
Theres like 10 plus boreds of under age girls and lolicon.

Also what raid?

No. 1147

It was a thing they did at 1am on the 1st of october, it was a massive failure because they all just got banned I think.

No. 1324

If nothing else, SA still makes good LPs.

But yeah, when Lowtax stopped doing stuff and most of the good people left, everything else really fell downhill (not that I like Lowtax; he's even more arrogant than most modern SA users).

Modern Something Awful is just a group flattery session, IMO.

Still, I like modern SA more than old or new 4chan, and always have. 4chan hasn't ever been my forte. I feel similarly about 8chan.

No. 1340


I think the biggest injury to SA was when Lowtax kicked off BTB, NMP3s and DPPH. I can understand why since it was risky for him to be charging $10 while simultaneously hosting the biggest file sharing communities on the web. But it completely split the goon community.

SA was already considered shitty and so without the file sharing people stopped visiting. You could get your warez elsewhere and shit talk on 4chan without the elitism.

No. 1435

Tru 'nuff.

No. 1493

File: 1414585792415.png (28.67 KB, 515x582, 1411300533556.png)

You probably read that….6 years ago. Seriously.

No. 1494

Moot is such a fucking jew.
I hated the way everybody on /cgl/ used to suck his dick whenever he appeared, which was rarely since even he admitted to frequently forgetting the board even existed.
When spoony blasted him the fuck out over his failed website project and he got mad butthurt was glorious.

No. 1533

Yeah, the problem with m00t is that he never was a strong leader type, he just doesn't have that personality, doesn't put his heart and soul in the website like hotwheels does.

M00t was v young when he started 4chan, and he always seemed to treat it with distance, like an amusing project that got out of hand rather than something he supported.

Nowadays with the SJW stuff, it's going too far. It's turning into reddit, I'm expecting to see login screens soon.

No. 1627

File: 1415983210671.png (71.97 KB, 1236x339, daaaaaaaaa.png)

just saw this thread on 8chan

it's really getting ridiculous on 4chan

I miss the days when you could have pt discussions on /cgl/ it made things more fun

No. 1628

Yeah, bans on 4chan are becoming more ridiculous.
A week ago I posted a thread on /a/ about a new chapter of some manga. But instead of starting the thread with (for example) "XYZ General: New chapter out", I started it with a boy band catalina reference ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuoaGPlWr-4 ) with the picture from a page of that new chapter that kind of reminded me of that. I also posted link for the new chapter.
A minute later, thread deleted, I got banned, can't appeal it because it's a three day long ban.
Reason for ban:
>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

FFS, it was an on-topic thread about a new chapter with a joke thrown in OP , what the fuck.

No. 1634

I went on /cgl/ for the first time since fucking July and its already way worse than it was. What is with this exponential decline in quality?

No. 1702

Oh ya, it's getting MUCH worse. Don't even bother with /fa/ (it's all angry gay men and glorified yolo fags).

Back in the day 4chan was more of a 'sekrit club', but now it's getting to be like reddit in terms of popularity, if not more so, so all the edgy tumblerinas and 13 year old boys are getting on it. The result is draconian rules, SJW shenanigans and fail.

8chan is much better, just for the community it has

No. 1743

This so much. The reddit is starting to leak into /pt/ as well. Guh.

No. 1746

Yeah, like that flashing 'rape' thread, it's for attacking someone who DARED stand up to SJWs.

Also, the person just started the thread instead of posting it in the general lolcow thread/new lolcow thread to gauge potential popularity.

Newb, shitstarter or legit SJW?

No. 1882

I got banned for using the word 'retarded'. A month ago, I got banned for using the word 'nigger'. Left, went to 8chan, lurk the folders I used to on halfchan that are now on that place and made my own board.

Fuck moot and his petty shit.

No. 1885

Yeah, 'racism' and other forms of discrimating language are banned outside of /b/

/pol/ is down already (m00t destroyed it pretty much) so I think /b/ is up next for 'restructuring'.

No. 1890

moot is alienating his own userbase

No. 1894

This place is getting to be the same, I swear to god. I blame it on the large amount of users from PULL and tumblr. Also, there's the reddit users who jumped over from fathate. I can tell by all the self-describing posts that don't contribute to the topic. There's also the
>>whaaaaaaaaa i had to read something mean come save me admin ;___;
>>28797 is a fucking bullshit ban, just saying.

No. 1956

What's wrong with nationalism though? I mean infographics if they're off topic should be deleted, but more often than not I found they were in response to someone else who had already wandered off topic. If they're incorrect, they should be disproved.


tumblr detected

No. 1958

8chan is a good website but holy shit some of the boards freak me out.
I saw /younglove/ and /suicide/ the other day and was just about sick. I guess it's cool that anything goes as long as it's not breaking any laws though, even if I think /younglove/ are sick fucks. I think there was a board called girl love or something where girls spoke about how they'd like to marry a paedophile so they could abuse their kids together? jesus christ

/suicide/ made me really sad but they obviously wouldn't listen to anyone asking them to get help for it, I guess. I feel like 8chan gets a lot of shit for boards like that and taking down 8chan or whatever wouldn't stop anyone from killing themselves or being a sick bastard. I think I should stop being so curious about this shit though, jesus christ

No. 1960

Yeah, get the dollchan extension and block 'pedo'. That's what I do.

No. 1964

Mrehh 8chan is for reddit posters who heard about the gamergate drama and found their home. 4chan is getting better, but some boards are long gone and can't be saved. /cgl/ is starting to lighten up a bit, though the lack of drama is still hard to deal with. I understand people being frustrated with the rules on 4chan, but the lack of rules on 8chan is just chaotic. You can't distinguish the trolls from any of the other posters and every board is like /b/.

No. 1969

File: 1419486340972.gif (940.2 KB, 480x271, 1410717950389.gif)

Seriously pissed about what happened to /pol/, as it was really the only place I could find showing the other side to the Ferguson happenings.

I remember moot weathering the storm for a long time, during all the mlp bullshit posted everywhere, until he finally caved and made a board for them. (Pretty sure bronies were born from /b/) So much of today's pop culture started on 4chan, and it's sort of a joke now, because moot tried to straddle this line of social acceptance and anarchy. It doesn't work and he should never have picked sides.

4chan is so definitely not what it used to be. The censorship is astounding. It's becoming so much like our society today, quite honestly. If you have the unpopular opinion, you are really not allowed to express it anywhere. I definitely miss the older days.

No. 1970

Also, I got banned for asking a question about anime on /a/. Apparently, I am supposed to go to /r/ requesting anything. EVER.
Got banned for some questionable posts a while back too. The reason said, "Probably spam". Shit is ridiculous.

No. 1971

>I am supposed to go to /r/ requesting anything. EVER

this is so fucking retarded, and they know you'll never get answered there

No. 1974


Nice one, didn't know that was a thing, cheers anon.

No. 2003

I enjoyed posting in /fem/ on 8chan, but as of late so much of the board has been shit up by betas and it's honestly fucking aggravating. I get that people want to not be like Tumblr and let them be included, but they don't contribute. They do the same shit as /r9k/ does and whine about no girlfriends, call everyone whores who victimize themselves, and then we have fuckers going around accusing every single person who doesn't agree with them of being SJW. Regardless, this is still important..


No. 2004

Yeah I don't even go on fem anymore because of all the weirdo betas and redpillers, going on about how women are worthless cumdumpsters in totally unrelated threads.

I wish they'd keep it to one thread or somethin, instead you jave a thread about eg. Fashion and half of that is some omega whining about how women are monsters because models wont suck his unwashed penis.

No. 2011

It's only getting worse. I've been reporting things left and right that are said to be against the rules and yet they aren't being removed. /fem/ isn't Swami's top priority, so nobody can expect the mods to actually give a shit if the owner doesn't to begin with. Their posts are allowed to stay because people want to play the "just self moderate" card when it's proven to not have worked. They also pretend that these fucking betas are debating when they're not. They're shitting up the board, ruining it's quality, and any female lurking is going to see that it's not a place for her– you know, despite fucking being designed for women in the first place.

I fee like a cunt for saying this, but I wanted to donate to hot wheels and now I'm just here like.. what is even the point if I have no reason to go here now? The one board that should be all for keeping this shitlords away doesn't give a shit.

No. 2013

I think the thing that's holding back cgl from migrating to 8chan is the two boards and lack of people knowing.
I wish that the two boards could figure out some way to combine.

No. 2015

Yeah, I would go on /b/ but whenever I do, I have to hide all the pedo threads, the place is crawling with that shit. Makes me want to throw up.

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