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File: 1457577699270.jpg (90.11 KB, 540x720, tumblr_inline_nm9c7ypGp71r0rrj…)

No. 11999

grown 53 year old weeb voice actor for animu

known for kissing under aged girls, molesting at cons, racist apparently and homophobic

No. 12000

Links pl0x

No. 12001

I don't have anything to comment on Vic Migeggnog but he's not homophobic. He stated that he's uncomfortable with fans shoving uncensored yaoi in his face and squeeing about how "sugoi" it is and stuff. Honestly if I would hate it too if people shoved uncensored porn in my face at a con.

No. 12002

He hasn't done anything lulzy in a long time though

No. 12003

is this thread supposed to predict how Onionson or whatever he's called how he will look when he's old?

I got the same disgusting feelings from looking at this dude. Lawdhavmerrrcy!

No. 12004

He was at a con i attended back in 2010-2011 and he acted out a scene with a girl who was CLEARLY younger than he was i think he was doing one of his role from host club and just watching them was unconfortable and unsettling. Yes he is know to do that and it is known he is a bit homophobic
Plus just my opinion he along with todd and Greg are TERRIBLE voice actors

No. 12005

he's homophobic enough to lie about the sexuality of the characters he plays

No. 12006

Didn't McNugget once held a church meeting with fans even though his event was over and the panel room was booked for a next event lol

No. 12007

A few years ago there was definitely a ton of milk. I met him again this year and he's calmed down. Still a little too involved with the underaged fans, but I guess that's just his version of pandering… and I don't think he has many fans that are of-age to begin with, actually.
I was at his panel and during Q&A this tween (had to have been literally 12) asked him to leave a voicemail to her friend as Edward Elric, because her Grandma had just died. It was really obvious that he was totally uncomfortable with it, but he just said some condolences and that line from FMA about moving forward with your own two feet.

No. 12008

Proof? I'm not doubting you since it sounds very Vic but I've never heard of this before.

No. 12009

OP pic reminds me too much of PT

No. 12010

he's just rude as fuck.
he definitely should be considered a cow, he's so far up his own ass because of all his FMA fangirls but he hasn't actually done anything noteworthy in years.
he likes to act like he's celebrity and treats the staff/guest aides that cons provide him with like shit.
There are three stories that I can remember about him right now that I found noteworthy:

>Vic is booked for a signing session at a local dinky anime con
>kids start lining up with their merch like a half-hour before the signing session even STARTS
>Vic is up partying with other guests in the green room
>time for signing session
>Vic won't come down
>line builds until it literally starts snaking around the building, people are crammed in the halls like sardines, foot traffic is a nightmare
>Vic still won't come down because, get this: he needs his bottled water. Not just any bottled water will do for Vic, only ~DASANI~, and the hotel doesn't carry that brand of bottled water.
>aides have to run out and get it for him before he'll do the signing session, at which point the time slot is already 50% over.

>Sunday of convention weekend
>Vic insists on doing his church service thing
>shows up in the main event room with a gaggle of fangirls while another event is going on
>completely disrupts their programming by hauling his entourage around doing impressions and giving an impromptu Q&A
>eventually the other panelist just shuts down their lecture because he's being so distracting
>Vic runs his church service at least 15 minutes over the time limit and fucks with the scheduling for the next panel, too
>staff lets him get away with this shit because he's vic mangina

>my friend is a guest aide
>Vic's hosting a panel and demands that the guest aide go out and bring him back a very specific order for a fast-food sandwich or some shit.
>my friend goes through the drive through, gives them this super-specific order, gets the food, goes back to the con
>when he delivers the food, they open the bag to find out that the fast food place fucked up Vic's very specific order.
>Vic refuses to eat any of the food
>my friend apologizes profusely and offers to go back and get the right order
>Vic refuses to let him fix the mistake
>later complains to head of staff about the mix-up and blames his aide for letting him ~starve~

fucking vic mangina.

No. 12011

absolutely disgusting

No. 12012

File: 1457640987463.png (8.36 KB, 861x97, vic is a huge twizzler stealin…)

Probably my favorite story from /cgl/

He did the voice of Fai/Fay/Faye/whatever from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle which CLAMP wrote as pretty fruity in the booty. I don't know the details, but most of the Tsubasa fans knew this, but he refused to acknowledge it.

No. 12013


Nigger how new are you.

No. 12014

Links?? No idea who this guy is. Legit though it was a chick.

No. 12015

>vic is a huge twizzler stealing asshole.png

I like you, anon.

No. 12016

Someone dropped a huge backstory on him on /cgl/ years ago about he was in a Christian Rock band that was huge and mostly where he got his money and ego from, so a lot of the hamming it up like a weirdo at cons make sense, since most band singers are precious little babies who need to be coddled all the time.

No. 12017

i don't really know anything about him but I like calling him Vic Mangina

No. 12018

If it helps he played Ed Elric in full metal alchemist in the dubbed version. He voices literally every English dubbed anime

No. 12019


>he voices literally every English dubbed anime

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

No. 12020

If I remember correctly, Vic has a holier than thou type of attitude

No. 12021

Can someone give out his links? Seriously no fucking idea who this dude is

No. 12022


Actually it's pretty close to the truth

No. 12023

he took a bite out of my friend's sandwich at a con meet and greet, haha

what a douche

No. 12024

Wheres that one story where Vic massaged a guy's back under a table with his foot.

No. 12025

Lol remember when vic for the role to play Rin from Free! and he uploaded that OP on twitter then some girl made a quick video of her seeing it, then printing out his picture and setting it on fire

jesus fucking christ that video got a million likes/reblogs tbh

No. 12026


he talks about yaoi and his cringe

No. 12027


vic talking to some weeb dressed as haruhi from ourah high school animu

fuckin hell no wonder he's classed as a perv

all close and shit

No. 12028

File: 1457659431342.png (101.11 KB, 200x300, vicpants.png)

The worst thing about him is that fact that he wears tacky fucking pants like these in public
so embarrassing
here's his fan wiki if someone wants to see if there's anything good in it

No. 12029

File: 1457660283905.png (13.29 KB, 502x142, amazing.png)

I've been waiting for Vic to finally show up here.

I love how he desperately clings on to the last shreds of "looks" and """style""" he so desperately believe he has (though he does look decent for 53).

No. 12030

I know one girl who is a risembool ranger. She stalks Vic around at cons, buys him presents, and attends special "ranger dinners" with him and other members. She'll watch practically anything if his preshus voice talent is involved, and she has all of his stupid music CDs. One time he kissed her palm and she refused to wash it for like 2 weeks. She only cosplays characters he has done voice acting for.

…She's a 27-year-old teacher, and I feel bad for her students because she likes getting OT and rambling defensively about how anime is AMAZING AND YOU ALL SHOULD LOVE IT IT'S ART NOT PORN GAIZ

These are the type of people Vic gets as "fans."

No. 12031

File: 1457662363315.jpeg (45.73 KB, 400x311, image.jpeg)

what is up with his nose btw?????

No. 12032

Maybe he is pt's long lost uncle who was casted out. Little did they know weeb blood must continue.

No. 12033

Hes also known for acting like a diva and shit

No. 12034

God bless Kiwi one of the few fags on cgl that keeps it real.

No. 12035

This creep is deserves to be in /cow/


I had a friend of a friend who was one of these >>12030 rangers.

She posted millions of pics of herself following him around at cons and flirting with him in a very adult way.

She was about 29 years old and had a son so your story reminded me of her. She claimed to have done more with him than just flirt though.

No. 12036

File: 1457674959798.jpg (29.41 KB, 500x234, 844eddc90adbf5482020aaa4ffbb8c…)

Dropped pic

No. 12037

Nah, he is homophobic. Fay (of Faye?) from Tsubasa is canon gay according to CLAMP and he felt the need to argue against it at a panel. He's also very religious, so for me, that makes him homophobic by default. He's an overall douchenozzle.

No. 12038

I actually heard about the second story where he did his church service at a con (what the fuck?!) and basically fucked up the time slots for the other panels. I hate this douche. Why is he even allowed to do a religious service at a con??

No. 12039

I tried looking for this but I cant find it. Can someone please link me

No. 12040

Vic is just pathetic. I've encountered him once back in the day when I went to anime conventions annually. Here's my story.

As I waited for two of my friends for an elevator, the next one was super crowded with people. I looked onward and asked outloud, "Oh… Um… do you think we can fit in there?" and a woman who appeared to be in her 40s says, "Sure, there's room. Come on in" so they kindly made room for us despite it being super crowded. Then this is where the awkward part happened. It was silent, everyone was minding their own business waiting for their floor until she asks, "Honey, when's your panel?" I then realized that she is Vic's wife. I knew I recognized her from a photo floating around.

He then goes into great detail about what date his panel will be, the time, which hall it'll be in, the room and goes on about what he's going to cover from the beginning, middle to the end. That huge ego and annoying voice could only belong to one person so I slightly turn my head to find out who the owner is. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it's Vic. The one and only. Who else's ego could suffocate everyone in a crowded elevator? And why does his wife have to ask about something she should've known about well in advance?!

Then everyone got off at the ground floor, it felt like forever because of how much rambling he did about himself. I suppose because none of us gave a shit about who any of them were and we sure as hell didn't care about him, he felt the need to use his wife as his wingman to get more people to attend his panel which already knew would be packed with gross, ugly underaged weeaboo girls. Unfortunately for him, there was only one person in our group that could be seen as a weeaboo (apparently the definition of the word has changed in the past 6 years?), and it was a guy. None of us gave a fuck. We especially didn't give a fuck because we were out of his preferred age range and one was a fat man. I suppose he thought the two women in our group (including myself) would give a shit about him because we didn't look like we had even hit our 20s yet. None of us were wearing cosplay and only fat man was wearing a badge. I guess that's why Vic assumed we'd give a shit and I couldn't help but laugh.

Long and awkward story short, Vic craves attention way too much. He'll make up, or get someone to, talk about himself just to stroke his ego. He's too damn old for that shit.

No. 12041

File: 1457699233251.png (12.23 KB, 957x175, Untitled.png)

This is pretty telling.

No. 12042

Not knowing who he is, is kind of like not knowing who pt is

He was a literal meme in cgl days past

But he hasn't done much for years and most of his shit, as you're reading here, is word of mouth. Your best bet is probably searching his name in cgl archives, assuming any go back far enough still

No. 12043

>crowded elevator
>magically has room for 3 people
>You also magically didnt see Vic who would be pretty visible since he's taller than the average con goer
>One of the three people you magically fit into a 'crowded' elevator was a fat guy?


Vic is shitty but dont make up stories. There's enough existing cringe about him

No. 12044

he did a service at a con I went to, but it was Easter weekend so at least it had some sort of relevance (but was still cringey as fuck)

No. 12045

Not making up shit, faggot.

No. 12046

I hope this fucker provides more milk soon and hopefully we can throw him into the pt/

No. 12047

I honestly didn't know he was still relevant until seeing someone make this thread. I guess weebs are just gonna weeb. If more people from /cgl/ share their stories about him, that'd be great. Many of them have had at least one encounter with the nut.

No. 12048

I honestly get major gay vibes from him (just can't act on them since he's so christian) so i'm surprised at all these pedo for underage girls accusations. Also, i don't understand why he has so many flailing fangirls when he's so old and looks it. I'm so confused.

No. 12049

To me that's the greatest mystery about Vic. I don't get why all these teenagers cream their panties over this old guy in what, his 50s? The only thing I can guess is because they're retarded and in love with the characters he voices. He always sounds the same in every role. The dude doesn't even try and his voice never suits the characters. I cringed so hard a decade ago when I heard him voice Dark Mousy. The most face palm worthy thing I've heard is that Monty Oum hated Vic because he thought he's a shitty voice actor. Last month I decided to watch that shit RWBY to give it an 8th chance and somehow made it to the 3rd episode on Netflix. I hear a shitty voice, even worse than the others and who do I see in the credits? Vic Lasagna.

No. 12050


Isn't it obvious? Daddy issues.

No. 12051

I was in the Risembool Rangers, shameful I know, but I can only say from my perspective that I was into it because of the fan-fun with "The Miniskirt Army" v us, the fact that we could have dinner with, "Edowardo Eluricu," and how Aaron would hang around just as much. We got to hear stories from when they were recording, get personal autographs, get insight into the "job," and feel… superior? over other congoers.

Hope that helps.

No. 12052

this fuckin cringe

No. 12053

>because they're retarded and in love with the characters he voices
That's pretty much why. It's probably because his voice is the most real aspect of the character they're attracted to.

Also, came across this old tumblr that people submitted their experiences and whatnot regarding Dick Lasagna.

No. 12054

Okay, so I saw Vic at Hal-con a few years ago, and it was a super cringey affair. Where do I even start? He had two panels: one for his animu voice acting shit, one for his Star Trek fuckery. I go to the animu one, I love Ouran Host Club, so why not? So the second he steps iut, the fangirls start screaming obnoxiously and yellow quotes from his voice charactors. He is super smug and starts talking about… his Christmas album. A LOT. And encouraging everyone to buy it. He then starts talking about his love for the Elric brothers. He goes on and on. He also graces us with a "beautfiul" song he has written about them called "Brotherly Love", which he sings while a fan-made tribute video plays in the background screens. The song seems to go on forever. Thankfully, at this point he stops talking about himself and goes right into q&a with fans. This actually just ends up with him acting out inappropriate scenes he has voiced with underage fans. The "what if you drank it…from my mouth?" from Ouran was especially horrifying. The whole time all the fans are squealing and jumping up and down in hysterics. This goes on for who knows how long. So eventually it gets to the end and the room was supposed to clear so his next panel (the star trek one), can start. The star trek fans are waiting outside the room to be let in. But the crazy anime fans don't want to leave their preious Vic, and they start going NO WE WANT TO STAY, and Vic, being the adult he is, starts baby voice begging staff PWEESE JUST LET THEM STAYYYYYYYY, to the delighted cheers of the delusional Vic fans. Staff just lets everyone stay, which means almost none of the actual start trek fans were let in. Vic then goes on to talk about how amazing he and his Star Trek production is (he of course is playing Kirk), at which point I leave.

Later my friends and I are walking by the photo ops, and see that Vic's photos are only 20$. So we decide that I'm going to queue and get my picture taken with him. Everyone in the line is insane and I get hit on by a neckbeard who has painted himself green and is "impressing" me with all his Vic knowledge. The girl in front of me says she has flown all the way from Toronto for this. She has flown to all his North American appearances apparently. I finally get to my turn and Vic is laying it on thick, telling me how beautiful I am, and how "creative" my outfit is and asking me about it (like bitch, you make your living at anime conventions, you know what lolita is). So Vic motions me in for a hug, his hands get VERY low , and my picture is essentially me looking horrified with Vic's hands hoovering above my ass.

My friends who volunteered at the con said that he was rude as hell to staff and his own assistant.

Good times.

No. 12055

Yeah, I'm going to call bullshit on some of these stories, like him grabbing a girls ass. He teases those young girls that throw themselves at him, but he's always been really frank about having a girlfriend and/or being married and being the ultimate Jesus freak.

Stuff like this actually makes me sad when I have to read it because it's just written out of sheer loathing for some weeby VA. Like, I enjoy milk as much as the next person, but people should know that faux milk (???) is just the worst. Almond milk or something for the lactose intolerant. There's just no substitutes for real stories where he's kind of narcissic, stupidly religious, and generally and awful.

No. 12056

Some of these sound believable but quite a few don't. I know that Vic gets kinda grabby (seeing photos of how closely he hugs his fan girls) but I don't think he'd grab their butts. That's pretty out in the open.

No. 12057

Funny thing is that this isn't hard to believe at all.

No. 12058

File: 1457766699842.jpg (39.7 KB, 862x622, f75.jpg)

>I get hit on by a neckbeard who has painted himself green

That's the funniest part

No. 12059

uploaded yesterday

No. 12060


Actually laughing

Arguing about fucking god in the street… and here in the UK it's arabs kicking off about Islam or w/e

No. 12061

idk who this guy is but the idea of some animu voice actor thinking he's a celebrity is just hilarious to me

No. 12062

I'm convinced I'm one of the only people to not be bothered by Vic. I've been attending conventions for work for over 10 years, and I've been behind the scenes at cons with Vic about 30 to 40 of them. I have never once had an issue.

Does he have a huge ego? Totally.

Does that make him horrible? Depends on your definition.

I've heard everything from rape allegations to drama queen bullshit. Every encounter I've had with him has been pleasant. He's no where near as much of a gentleman as Todd, but he can be polite. I think a lot of it is just the fandom and the turning on a persona in front of people thing. It makes all types of guests weird as fuck.

His fans are insane for him and he indulges them a little too much… from letting them lick their palm to spending 12 hours doing autographs for a single event.

There's certainly worse in the industry, straight up, but a lot of people like to target the dumb shit like his religion. There's also a lot of other guests that just hate his guts, and I'm sure there's been some theater kid drama with that considering Vic goes after directors like a lap dog (but so does 80% of VO artists).

No. 12063

This reminds me of that ridiculous french onion soup story with Danzig. What a diva

No. 12064

Lol, this dude is a joke. xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12065

You bumped a year-old thread for this?

No. 12066

File: 1493057026886.png (144.3 KB, 1125x1374, IMG_1879.PNG)

Since this thread got bumped I decided to check for MigMilkma. Guis you can pay him for a personal message…

No. 12067

And you know some obese mother of there will do it and get him to say hello to her and her eldest son, Elric.

No. 12068

File: 1493057775151.png (248.42 KB, 1125x1071, IMG_1880.PNG)


No. 12069

>person of faith

Well, he has always reminded me of one of those creepy youth pastors who tries to fit in with the kids.

No. 12070

I saw Vic Mignogna at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

No. 12071

And then the milky way bars clapped

No. 12072


>"Hey, it's a free country."

No. 12073

Swear to god I remember reading this story about Vic McDonalds a few months ago. Did you post this on cgl? That's pretty funny though, what a fucking nut case.

No. 12074

I want this to be real.

No. 12075

Dumbass it's a copypasta

No. 12076

Didn't he like hold a church service at an anime con?

No. 12077

Try a lot of them. He kicks a fuss if conventions don't give him a panel spot for his service so he can sell his religious CDs and stuff. Years ago my local con didn't give him a slot so he took all his fans outside the hotel to a big grassy area outside and had a service there.

No. 12078

Our local con hates having him as a guest because he is such a drama queen. But sadly the owner is friends with him and every time he comes none of our staffers want to work with him. He treats the staff like shit and it's always hard to find a volunteer to be his aid.

No. 12079

Obviously. Didn't have your coffee this morning?

No. 12080

He got banned from my local con. It was glorious. he got really mad too

No. 12081

what con was that cuz he needs to ban from a few NY/NJ cons

No. 12082

It's from 2015 actually.

No. 12083

Attended a con where he was a guest- and I remember going to a panel of his because I was a big fan of Vampire Knight at the time. He asked us all in the panel to go online and say good things about him. He also took a bunch of time talking about his religion, which I didn't give any shits about and it was just a cringe-y atmosphere

Slight OT but there's actually a decent amount of milk in the anime VA community. Many of them take themselves way too seriously

No. 12084

Does anyone have the link of the cgl?

No. 12085


No. 12086

u wot niqqa

No. 12087

File: 1548081331018.jpg (314.12 KB, 1304x1062, Dxam2dKUwAAAu-z.jpg large.jpg)

Ancient thread, but Vic’s recent role in the Broly movie led to people on twitter discussing and calling out his shitty behavior and creepiness.

Vic took notice of the rise of people tweeting about the allegations, and actually addressed it on his twitter account: https://twitter.com/vicmignogna/status/1087239820680880128

Additionally, twitter user RWBY_Fan10000 is trying to start a #IStandWithVic movement, and posted screen caps of Vic discussing and taking questions about the “unsubstantiated rumors” in a (RWBY related?) discord server: https://twitter.com/RWBY_Fan10000/status/1087052627744079873
These screenshots were posted before Vic’s twitter post. Interestingly, Vic claims he has names of people instigating the rumors and he’s “not going to stand still for this any longer.”

No. 12088

that statement is bullshit. The whole Tsubasa/Faye incident was clear as day he wasnt comfortable with gay characters and felt very uncomfortable even wanting to admit he voiced Faye because of it.

And i will believe every account for girls who have been made to feel uncomfortable or worse by him. he's scum. the worst part are the people (children and autistics) who believe his shit on twitter

No. 12089

Somebody shared this in the Rooster Teeth subreddit, because of his voice role in RWBY, and like 95% of the comments are people hardcore defending him.

No. 12090

File: 1548099887192.png (453.73 KB, 1006x376, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.07…)

>I also elected to not autograph Yaoi, not because I am homophobic but because I didn't wish to sign material that was not canon
>creates entire non-canon FMA fan movie, starring himself
>creates entire non-canon Star Trek series, starring himself
>sells fan created non-canon FMA cookbook on his website
Look, no shade at all to actors/VAs who don't want to sign weird fanfic porn bullshit of their work from cringey fans, but come on Vic…..come up with something better than that. That all being said, I do think the landscape of 2005ish-2010ish anime fandom and convention culture was wild and no one was proud of anything they did or said in that time. Vic's always been a notorious creep, but his day in the sun of being fawned over by underage weebs at cons seems to have come and gone long ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers those years where you couldn't go to a single con anywhere, without seeing a mile-long line for Vic. Last time I saw him anywhere was a small remote con in NC years ago, and I was surprised to see he was now that desperate for attention.

He should absolutely apologize for his behavior with underage fans and con-staff in the past, everyone knows that. Not trying to defend Mcnuggies (he's still a running punchline to anyone who lived through those days) but I think some context is important. As far as the ant-semitic thing goes…..I mean let's not forget the fucking nightmare that Hetalia was. People were literally cosplaying and shipping the WWII Axis of Powers. It's not right or ok at all but some idiot despite for attention making a holocaust joke is on the milder end of "offensive things people did related to WWII at that time".

For the rest of the shit he could have just said "Look I'm not anti-LGBTQ but the word "yaoi" still sends a chill down my spine and I can't see anything that looks like a paddle without breaking into a cold sweat. No one better fucking say the word "pasta" to me or I'll have a panic attack" and I'd be like "Yeah dude I know exactly what you mean, what a nightmare time for everyone. Let's never speak of it again".

No. 12091

vic is a scumbag and asshole but to label him a sexual predator is SO out of line and diminishes the power of the metoo movement. People are stupid as fuck

No. 12092

i dunno about the other accusations, but Vic mcnuggets is definitely a homophobe.

No. 12093

File: 1548115872195.png (172.41 KB, 355x672, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.10…)


There's a story going around on Twitter of him groping a 16 year old girl in an elevator, and this is not the only evidence. Just search his name on twitter and plenty more stories come up. I even remember hearing about him doing inappropriate shit with teen fans when I was a teen at cons back in the day.

Cap 1 of 2

No. 12094

File: 1548115922003.png (175.81 KB, 379x676, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.10…)

Cap 2 of 2

No. 12095

WAIT LOLOL. he had ORIGINALLY said he didn't sign the pic cause it wasn't SFW. Now he's changing the story?

No. 12096

How the mighty have fallen
I remember how all the funimation fangirls squealed about him being a cool and sexy voice actor when he's old and crusty

my how the world changes

No. 12097

fuck this meme fits perfectly

No. 12098

File: 1548124691121.jpg (24.7 KB, 360x240, vic.jpg)

What happened to Vic? it looks like his wax face is melting from all the plastic surgery

No. 12099

File: 1548124859214.png (246.55 KB, 432x313, 1463746559596.png)

Ah yes the "I come from an affectionate family" defense.
>I'm so sorry for kissing 16 year old girls, it's just that I'm so use to kissing literally anything that moves TEEHEE ITS A FAMILY THING
also love after he "apologizes", then blames whoever he might have made uncomfortable by telling his fans he'll no longer give hugs ): like he literally can't tell the difference between giving a hug vs kissing on the cheek/forehead, fucken creep.

No. 12100

Is Lasagna literally brain dead? First hardcore religious preachy shit at anime cons while simultaneously being pedo, now this. Which is it Bic?

No. 12101

there's also a story where a seagull fell asleep under a table because they didnt have a room and vic gave him a footrub.

it was a huge meme and now its crossed the line

No. 12102

10 years ago his fans overlooked him being a narcissistic bible thumping egomaniac. I thought he already openly homophobic back then and now people care?

No. 12103

>I hear a shitty voice, even worse than the others and who do I see in the credits? Vic Lasagna

I cringe so hard whenever I get curious and watch an english dub and one of the supposedly cool characters opens his mouth and the Mignogna voice comes out.
Does he have influental friends or what? How else would someone so untalented continue to get anime roles while randomly preaching about Jesus and acting creepy towards teenage girls?

No. 12104

It gets worse.
8:50, 29:10
>To the 5 year old:
>"Hey what're you doing after the show?"
>To the teenage girl:
>"You're not a (something) slave girl are you?"
>Her: No
>"Would you like to be?"

No. 12105

Says the video is unavailable

No. 12106

It says so ITT but the video is still up on YT, try searching for "Dragon*Con 2013 - Masquerade (The Complete Show)".

No. 12107

CAn he stop dubbing characters in anime that don't fit his nasally creepy voice?

No. 12108


His voice type isn't good for the new dub standards

No. 12109

File: 1548186856828.gif (650.81 KB, 500x422, 1336932895658.gif)

oh god the audience reaction to him flirting on that poor 5 year old. I hope her parents/guardians filed a complaint for that shit, that's just wrong even if it was a joke.

How is anyone defending him? You have people who've been working at cons for years hate his fucking guts for doing shit like this but, then someone pops out and is like "but he was nice to me for the 5 seconds I got to be with him! How dare you!".

No. 12110

If he feels comfortable hitting on a freaking 5-year old in front of an audience - and then proceeds to defend himself and hit on an older but still underage girl - then what is he up to when others aren't looking?

No. 12111

Maybe this is a nitpick but
>uwu 8 year olds can ride the bus but I can't because I look so young!
>10 years later I totes look like a middle school student

Sure Jan. None the less, I feel sorry for her if she really was molested by Mangina.

No. 12112

I feel like a very small part of this is him playing up his Captain Kirk thing since he was dressed as him for the masquerade, but frankly the whole thing just feels awful.

No. 12113

There used to be more Mignogna milk back in the day of Cosfu but when their forum was deleted all the receipts went with it.

No. 12114

right? imo it comes off as someone writing a story rather than recounting a bad event.

No. 12115

I can vouch he isnt a creep at all with a story I have from Akon. So I remember at an Akon several years ago I was really tired but we didn’t have a room so I crawled under this table to go to sleep. From what I heard later Vic came out of this room with a gaggle of fangirls and sits at the very same table to start signing autographs and schmoozing. When he stuck his feet under the table he kicked me hard in the side and woke me up. I guess he realized someone was under there but when I tried to crawl out he casually stuck his hand under the table and in motions that to this day confound me at their clarity in sign he told me to lay back down and continue my nap. Something in my mind told me I should listen to this friendly stranger and to my surprise he removed his boots and began to give me a back massage to rival all back massages with his very skilled feet. I slept for god knows how long and I woke up feeling more rested and alive than ever before. When it was all over I dropped a fiver in his boot and he disappeared into the crowd. I’ll never forget his kindness.

No. 12116

What the fuck is this.

No. 12117

lmao forget vic, why the fuck are parents putting a 5 year old in that skimpy outfit???

everyones full blown retarded here

No. 12118

>"he isn't a creep at all"
>doesn't question a girl sleeping under the table, has her stay under table anyway
>gives girl back massages with "very skilled feet"

Even if this was real, it's still fucking weird.

No. 12119

anime cons are cursed, anon.

No. 12120


How did you get a girl? I assumed it was a dude

No. 12121

I just figured it's a girl since most of Vic's defenders/the RRs have been female. Cool if they're a guy, but it's still weird.

No. 12122

I was volunteering at Youmacon a loooong time ago and this wasn't my first time seeing Vic but my first time meeting him. I was nervous but having to meet guests in the green room relieved my anxiety as all of them were 100 percent genuine people who were very nice and considerate. I don't think I've seen Vic in there with other guests until this moment I'll get to.
Anyways, I think it was the last day (or the night before the last day) and all hell broke loose. The con head was ACTUALLY HIDING from guests because he with a couple of other con supervisors were freaking out over things that were falling apart. One of these things was getting guests home. The flights were delayed or someone couldn't drive them to the airport or SOMETHING happened and Vic came into the green room FURIOUS. Mind you, there was only like 3-5 guests and volunteers in the green room, no con heads. He screamed at us, saying how he needed to be in L.A. (and other places) so he could work a job and he needed our con head to explain himself.
No other guest at the time was as heated. They actually apologized later for his behaviour. He was pissed. I went to try and find the con head or someone but they all disappeared.
I can understand the frustration and even anger over losing money but he was not the only one. He also was yelling at kids and 20 somethings. He was putting himself before the other guests as well. The other guests were composed and not angry. It all was so pretentious of him to yell at people that had nothing to do with airport drive-outs.

No. 12123

Anime cons back then had NO FILTER

No. 12124

UM, what….
you were in the room with Vic what the fuck is going on

No. 12125

The amount of "fans" defending Vic remind me of the exact dickheads who defended Jimmy Saville and Bill Cosby. "But he's so genuine, loves his work and family oriented! He's a devoted Christian and didn't mean any of this!". That fucked up thinking is what lets these sort of creeps get away with what they do. Being a loving caring person doesn't mean shit. It's all a fake persona and they're being fooled by it because Vic is their weeb voice actor idol.

No. 12126

This. It's worse that almost none of them are even acknowledging his bad press with con workers, which Vic even backed up in his shitty apology. You can find stories from all over about how inappropriate he is, it sounds very similar to what Jewwario did with his underage fans. Creepy old guys at cons who have fangirls always end up trying to use their position to be gross and the fact no one wants to do anything about it is fucked. Just because your experience taking a quick photo with him was good, doesn't mean someone else isn't valid when it was the opposite for them.

From what I've seen on twitter, the people defending him just think bring together a bunch of their "positive stories about Vic!" cancels out the sexual assault and harassment claims. They are literally retarded. But I guess he voice their favorite anime character or some shit, oh the humanity!

No. 12127

Vic is such a snowflake. He's so unprofessional

No. 12128

Stop being jealous and nitpicky. Theres women who look extremely young and it does attract all the worst kinds of men. Get over yourself.

No. 12129

Ntayrt but lmao wow overreaction much? Did anon hurt your feelings?

You have to be stupid to blindly believe an allegation like that without any evidence. The last time someone came here with rape, pedophilia, and sexual abuse allegations it was confirmed she was a giant cow and made it up to get back at her ex(einshine fiasco). Are you tried being a sheeple yet?

No. 12130

File: 1548223767264.png (202.52 KB, 500x2457, youmacon2017.png)

Because conventions are a business. They make a contract for a reason. I don't know how long ago this is, but there was a staff purge that made people unaware if they were gonna get taken to the airport. There are countless issues with Youmacon not having hotels, transportation, or fees ready (or being six months to years late; JelloApocalypse had to call them out on Twitter to get paid a year later). When you're treated like shit, you should talk about it instead of hiding cause you're worried of getting banned (picture attached for example).

As for the Twitter thread, I understand some valid complaints, but some of them are asinine. He greeted my fully grown mother by kissing her on the cheek? He called me sweetie or honey? He tried to get my attention by touching my shoulder and that scared me?

The kissing underage girls, I get it, but he touched my shoulder and scared me? Like Jesus, at least ruin his career for more concrete things.

Like if there's really an issue, fucking take the guy to court. If he's truly been doing this for 15 years, why hasn't someone done… anything?

No. 12131

Without being too OT this was early 2000's and it was a while before they "expanded" to another building. Youmacon seemed like it was handling itself well when I volunteered the first time but the second time with Vic in the green room was when I saw how desperate they were.
Yes, they are a business and have contracts with people they hire in as guests, volunteers, etc. but it was ridiculous how escalated he got about something that was out of the volunteer's control.

No. 12132

>someone was assertive to get paid for meeting a bunch of filthy weebs for entire weekend
>b-but they were trying their best what a meanie UwU!!

youre losing me


if anyone is stupid enough to take copy pasta seriously they need to kill themselves

No. 12133

File: 1548229263900.jpeg (359.39 KB, 853x1869, AAC00085-24F7-4990-8F86-7177E9…)

I knew I recognized this post from somewhere…

It’s from May 30th, 2011. It was sent as an ask on the bitch lasagna’s expose tumblr, in fact, it was the very first real post on that tumblr, the first story ever posted, 4th post ever (previous 3 were introductions to the blog). It was a repost of a deactivated account.

*reposted for full screencap

No. 12134

If he wasn't a voice actor known for working in lots of mainstream anime dub and let's say, he'd be torn apart to shreds. I even had to set a weeb friend straight after they used the "but there's no video or photo evidence of him being creepy, so how can it be true" card and it was painful. The fact Vic even had to make a back pedalling statement about everything and even going as far as to saying no more hugs and kisses at his meet & greets says it all. He KNOWS what he's doing and has got his devoted fans wrapped around his Bible bashing finger.

No. 12135

This is literally a years old copypasta from cgl. It gets posted every time he gets brought up or in con story threads. Cracks me up every time.

No. 12136

i fucking hate this creep. when i was 16 i went to see him at a convention in florida and was so starstruck because of how much i loved fullmetal alchemist. i called him handsome and he said something like "you're not so bad yourself!", tipped my chin up with his fingertips and kissed me ON THE MOUTH.

as a young teen with a stupid celeb crush i was over the moon, but as an adult remembering these events i physically recoil with disgust every single time. there's absolutely no excuse for a grown married man to be kissing a 16-year-old girl, and i don't give a sopping wet fuck how "affectionately expressive" he or his family is.

fuck this pedo. i hope these stories ruin him.

No. 12137

I think the point was more conventions across the board treat their guests like shit and when you give up working for four to five days and then not get paid it's shitty.

No. 12138

Wow that's some serious projecting. You must look like shit to take offense to that post.

No. 12139

this thread is like a "spot the newfags" mega center, holy shit

I'd post more micmignoganog pasta just for the lols of the gullible farmers going "did this really happen?!"

even though he's a hilarious relic from the days of ol', this doesn't seem very milky. it's the same copypasta, meme stories and 'allegations' there have always been. I don't see anything ""big"" coming of this, unless new evidence comes to light we've somehow never heard before.

No. 12140

Vic RAPED me with a TOOTHBRUSH!! #metoo

No. 12141

No. 12142

I'm really annoyed by his fangirls who post pictures of him hugging them on twitter and writing that Vic acted nice towards them during the few minutes they met once so he must be a great person, end of story.
How naive can you get?

No. 29695

Voice actor Jamie McGonnigal joins #kickvic

No. 29699

I’m gonna dump a couple YouTube links of him being a creep - I’ll sage the less relevant ones but I dug these up last year after a friend who staffed cons was talking about him

No. 29700

“Vic Mignona Kissed Me”

No. 29701

No. 29702

No. 29703

He’s not really creepy in this one but it’s fun supreme discomfort from beginning to end

No. 29708

Vic Mangina being talked about again makes me so nostalgic

No. 29722

File: 1548780517252.png (161.54 KB, 503x644, cap1.png)

More people are speaking out under their real name.
I want to know who that untouchable voice actor guy is. And how the fuck you can be untouchable when you all you do is making shitty english voice-overs for japanese cartoons.

No. 29723

File: 1548780571297.png (136.53 KB, 499x529, cap2.png)


No. 29726

Wtf! He's so disturbing.

No. 29728

He's being whiteknighted by fucking gamergaters now who are saying that girls are screaming hes raped them because he didnt sign their yaoi comics. I wonder if this will blow up soon.

No. 29732

Well considering she's called out Vic for his role in this story naming the voice actor who raped her could be vital. No cunt is "unstoppable" and I'm sure she would have immense support for coming forward about it that won't affect her career. There's no stopping people from looking into top male English anime dub voice actors and trying to figure out who did it, or that Vic himself may backpedal and defend his fellow chum by name dropping.

No. 29740

There's actually some troll campaign going on now where people are saying this is all because of the DBZ movie he's in, and at the same time fake "feminist" accounts by channers are claiming how DBZ needs to be banned.

The DBZ insecure masculinity retards are eating it hook, line and sinker and think this is all a campaign to tarnish it.

No. 30406

Oh my goodness, poor Jessie and the other victims…that's just disgusting. I mean I've heard the rumors and all but whoa this is a lot.

No. 30450

I saw Vic Mignogna at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

No. 30453

I can't find the picture but I literally have one of vic fucking engulfing me in an embrace for a con picture. I was 16, but I looked about 13, very tiny and thin and wearing a short sailor uniform with bunny ears- so, clearly young.
I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and my friend asked him to say the host club sexual coffee thing in her ear, which he did.. very sexually. I have it on video but it contains my real name so I won't post.
We were children, and there's countless videos of this.
He needs to be universally banned. I'm so sad he's edward and tamaki :(

No. 30461

Holy shit this read like a fever dream

No. 30463

File: 1548875997807.gif (2.08 MB, 967x546, x7VfMO4.gif)

Inb4 newfag spotted

No. 30470

Oh fuck I didnt know about that, how stupid. But then GGers will fall for anything.

No. 30477

Why do we need this copypasta posted itt for a second time

No. 30484

I'm impressed Anime News Network has written about Vic's bullshit with a decent selection of photographic evidence, examples of his creepy perverted behavior and mention of his fanclub & how it has been running for all this time. They contacted him for more details but low and behold, the asshole wants to stand by his statement he released last week because he's just a "nice guy who means no harm".


No. 30485

Linked the article comments by mistake, here's the news article they posted today.

The entire thing is unsettling.


No. 30557

Good. It is so obvious that this man is a predator who found his perfect hunting ground among awkward young anime fans, milking his ability to sound like a teenage boy all he can. See

No. 30561

Spot on. I'm glad the part about Vic handing his phone number out was supported with evidence. Totally normal for a fully grown male to give out their number to underaged teenagers there…the pixelated imagery of him kissing underaged girls made me feel ill.

No. 30563

A teen? He sounds like the stoner dude who dies first in horror movies

No. 30569

As a voice actor the fact his voice sounds exactly like Edward Elric in every role he's done just proves how shit tier he is. Not even tweaked to sound slightly different to give the character more personality. At least the original Japanese versions are available. His voice is just bad and cringe.

No. 31136

File: 1548963789764.jpg (20.54 KB, 210x240, 12690012.jpg)

Take that back, va anon. Vic Mangina was god tier playing the slimy creep in PASWG

No. 31146

Follow up to the Jessie Pridemore story. Teetering on OT but mentions Vic so https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217214343366123&id=1097136424

No. 31147

He is great at playing himself?

No. 31148

i know right, vic is such a bad VA because most of the characters he plays are essentially himself (narcissistic, obnoxious, childish, can't take criticism) and they really do all sound the same. i like Ouran but i hate Tamaki so much, mostly because he voices him.

No. 31149

can you post the pics he attached for the anons that dont have fb

No. 31157

Did she delete this? I checked her page to find it after reading >>31146 to cross reference details and the only thing appearing on her page is cosplay stuff for Alita

No. 31163

It looks like she did but it doesn't help that she initially stated something along the lines that she knew the person in question would try to attack her, should she name them.

And it happened without her naming anyone. She hasn't deleted all her twitter posts about it yet, however. It is also kind of weird? creepy? that he saved a conversation from years ago, but that's just an opinion.

No. 31168

Apparently she was lying to get more exposure and it's truly sickening. she only used vic's name because she knew he was trending.. it's all bad for her and any real victim of vic is gonna get bullied worse now.

No. 31169

I find this post hilarious because: The Adam guy Todd outed just posted a PM he had with Todd and he said pretty much what you just did. Not saying you're Todd, just finding it ironic.

The Adam guy called Todd out, by the way, for excluding events leading up to the hotel room situation and is not on TOdd of Vic's side.

Also no one has yet to deny that Todd bragged about sleeping with Jessie or that her Vic story is, in itself, false.


No. 31173

Wait so she was never raped or sexually assaulted? Because judging by how Twitter is acting it's asif she had a bond with the VA in question that apparently attacked her, unless it's now being seen as false as she's been deleting things.

No. 31176

Todd as in Todd Haberkorn?

No. 31180

No. 31181

File: 1548983855942.jpeg (158.87 KB, 1125x1871, DyRj-cuVYAAn8Mo.jpeg)

Honestly the chat logs looked like Skype chats and as long as you don't clear the conversation history you can go back as far as the first conversation.

Back on topic though, Todd should've said more on Vic considering Adam now has posted private conversations of Todd being a little more than critical toward Vic (and confirms Vic is definitely a creep). I wish there was a timestamp on this convo in particular. Quick Google search shows Vic is still married to Michele Specht

No. 31184

So he is not only a creep but a cheating one.

No. 31185

File: 1548987253062.jpg (51.72 KB, 638x317, IMG_20190131_181103.jpg)

Found this on Twitter. Also various other voice actors (primarily from Funimation) are silently liking tweets speaking up against Vic

No. 31187

Just bleep your name out.

No. 31206

This is probably the biggest issue I've had with him aside from his physical behavior with fans. I admit being a part of the Rangers for a brief time in high school and not really understanding how weird it was that the fanbase was so close to him, so finding out that fans were given access to his email and personal number that led into this shit was a nice stab to the noggin and I'm so fucking glad that I left the club when I did.

Kami-Con has also cancelled his appearance. Anime Matsuri is back under fire for not kicking him off the guest list as well alongside their shitty owners still running the con.

No. 31278

VAs outside of the anime industry have been liking tweets about this as well. Looks like it's going beyond the private circlejerk where mostly weebs knew of his creepy ways.

No. 31307

File: 1549080843936.png (515.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-02-01-20-11-09…)

Going through Twitter some more and I'm starting to think >>31181 is recent, Vic's current wife is liking tweets against him

No. 31312

Lagsagna thought he could get away with his bullshit forever. It's about time people are turning away from him

No. 31318

I was just discussing this with a close friend who was raped by someone she knew a few years ago. Most , if not all rapists are usually people who are able to that horrible act to someone while simutanously being kind to others. they hide in plain sight. Vic is exactly that.

People who want to defend him because he shook their hand at an anime con are disgusting

No. 31319

Wait they're still married? Judging by Michele's instagram and twitter, I wouldn't be able to tell…

No. 31322

Good god, even Michele knows shit's fucked up. How many times do you think she's heard stories like this and tried to believe they weren't true?

No. 31329

I doubt they're married. They look like they've separated sometime late last year. She has a lot of posts about self improvement and life being better and all that crap after a break up.

No. 31335

Well this wasn't expected but makes this even more interesting to see his possibly ex-wife liking these tweets. Vic like the narcissist he is definitely had her turn a blind eye to his ways.

No. 31350

This is gold.

Makes you wonder what she's seen, heard, and experienced whilst they were together. I wonder if he abused her as well.

No. 31352

>I wonder if he abused her as well.

I wouldnt doubt it. Or else she would also be defending him. I cant help but to think badly of her though, since she probably can confirm a lot of the victims stories about him being a creep, but won't.

No. 31356

I feel a similar way about her. She most likely knew of how Vic is, but ignored it. His narcissism played a role no doubt as she has also liked a tweet or two about narcissists at work, in your personal life etc. They will really fuck with your mind and make you turn a blind eye to everything that is deemed bad.

No. 31374

File: 1549144568938.png (987.29 KB, 1439x1771, Screenshot_2019-02-02-13-44-53…)

Someone replied to Monica Rial's (Funimation VA, been with them just as long if not longer than Vic) tweets/Insta post about believing survivors and her fiancee (Ron Toye) has been replying to them. He's practically attached to Monica's hip so I feel like he's a reliable source

No. 31381

Jesus fuck I remember reading this on cgl years ago. How time flies
I do believe Vic is a creep since stories about his shit behavior have been around forever.

No. 31392

This creep is in my town this weekend as the guest of honor at a local con. I was a former fan of his before I was shown the stories of victims and I believe them so I hope he can keep his filthy hands to himself since I know its very likely there will be a lot of young fangirls there wanting to meet him.

No. 31407

Have you got in contact with the con and spoke with them about his bullshit? Or are they the type to just not care about their image and continue to have him as a guest?

No. 31440

He needs his own security team that makes sure he doesn't give kisses and phone numbers to young teens.

No. 31441

Depending on the contract they can't cancel within a certain amount of time unless it's an act of god (earthquake, he got arrested, etc). It's common in guest contracts.

No. 31443

Understandable, probably best for the con to know afterwards, we know full well he is going to continue being a creep despite telling his fanclub he won't be giving out hugs or kisses without consent. He's been doing this at his meet and greets for years so to suddenly cut it completely with ease…yeah sure Vic.

No. 31450

For what it's worth, Jessie is pretty well known as a shit stirrer who always twists situations to her benefit. It has nothing to do with Vic being disgusting, but her story about Todd is almost definitely fabricated. She was just trying to get more attention from a hugely popular topic.

Lots of people who have known her for years know that she does this. most recently, she was dating Shawn Strider, owner of the LOJ masquerade, who was outed as being a sexual predator by several woman. She was dating him at the time these allegations came out and had absolutely nothing to say about the matter, just saying that people could talk to her if they wanted more information. But she's so quick to throw anyone else under the bus for the smallest allegation.

Again, not saying it doesn't mean vic is a creep because he obviously is, but i feel bad for Todd and think he just got dragged in because of Jessie's thirst for fame and drama.

No. 31463

If that's the case then that's a real shame. She's taken full advantage of the Vic drama to bring to light what happened between her and Todd, despite saying how her career will be affected, of all times to do it…funny that. If she's known for being a shit stirrer then her removing some of her messages on social media about what happened to her just looks suspicious. You don't delete anything you've written if it's solid. Vic is a perverted creep but how she wrote her story is asif he may have actually sexually assaulted her, then when she didn't even want to name who did it the focus shifted to him until Todd suddenly felt attacked and came forward. Whatever this mess is, least we got to know what Todd thinks of Vic and what he's seen him do at cons thanks to those private messages being screencapped and shown on Twitter.

No. 31473

File: 1549209922090.png (134.38 KB, 470x432, ugh.png)

Deleted my prior post because I made a rookie mistake and didn't check the announcement on the con's Instagram page. I only found out he was coming the day before the con thanks to a reddit post (which also mentioned he was a creep) but since someone else brought it up in the Instagram comments and were hit with this reply, it doesn't seem like they care too much about how they look. I haven't heard of any stories from here so hopefully he kept himself in check since he's been more on everyone's radar lately. I don't doubt others at the con are aware of what he's been up to either. One of the first pages that pops up in a google search of just his name brings up an article that mentions sexual harassment in the title. I just want this gross pig out of my town. Not sure if I have to censor other's icons and names so I did it anyway to be safe.

No. 31480

Speaking of BakAnime, someone on the PULL thread for Vic posted this link to a video of Vic making an apology at an RR panel there.


No. 31482

I was literally about to post this as well, but I reupped it to youtube because fuck facebook. I'll include it anyway in case other anons don't want to watch it there.

It doesn't seem very genuine if you ask me. I feel like it boiled down to basically "I'm very sorry, I didn't think it was wrong, I just assumed everyone wanted physical contact because a lot of other people did. I'm an old man, I'm sorry uwu"

Not surprised his fans here "forgave" him even though it is not their place to do so on behalf of the victims. The comments on the original fb post saying they were crying with him were gross and cringe as fuck. Maybe I'm biased, but I just don't feel sorry for him at all.

No. 31484

Not to go OT too much but where are the Shawn Strider allegations? I vaguely know him but this is the first that I'm hearing about this and I want to see if I should stay away from him completely

No. 31495

Agreed. This is such a weak case and him crying and putting his hand to his mouth because hes ~so sad~ is cringey. He didn't sound like he really knew what he was talking about and it was a very generic apology overall. He's also circling around whatever he did to girls in private by using the "not everyone wanted to be hugged while waiting in line for me" weird excuse.

No. 31497

Notice how this "apology" came AFTER his appearances started getting cancelled left and right.

Before that, he was denying everything and trying to defend himself while having his mom sending his minions out

No. 31501

His ass is only sorry he got called out for his lies & inappropriate behavior. Alot like many other cows we have here who do the same thing on social media with their soppy videos, TL;DR posts and similar that only their fans soak up like sponges.

No. 31509

Jesus, his voice sounds like a tranny.

No. 31511


No kidding. He probably would have carried on if nobody called him out on his shit.

He sounded like he was trying to sound younger than he is, or "cute" and "hurt" for sympathy from his fangirls but ended up sounding vaguely feminine and extremely creepy.

No. 31522

Exactly, he would have just carried on. His apology on video is just classic narcissist work at play. Can think of a few who've gotten accused of sexual assault and unwanted touching who've made similar videos. Crocodile tears, this butter wouldn't melt persona, some charm to lure in the loyal supporters so they'll double their whiteknight power even more-oh fuck off. Vic knows he has fucked up. Because it's not just being a creepy asshole who uses his VA status to warm up jailbait, it's also his unprofessional behavior at cons around staff that leaves them stressed, upset, angry and intimidated. It's about time this all came to light and when he least expected it.

No. 31528

Yeah his voice is a lot higher pitched than I remember it being. He sounds gay.

No. 31529

I also love that his "apology video" is just him at a closed door panel.

No. 31530

Double post, sorry. I meant to include, I bet he encouraged his fans to upload this. That way he has an apology video out, but any negative comments go to the girl who posted it.

No. 31534

A panel full of fans of course, what better way to milk their gullible young minds all in one room?

No. 31541

File: 1549244216973.jpg (160.21 KB, 364x546, strider.jpg)

here's the post i saw and a sampling of the comments. There are many more comments on the post saying that they had these kinds of experiences with him. Just search "shawn strider" on facebook and scroll past all of Jessie's posts about him, you'll see this post since it's public.

No. 31542

I lost it when VIC said “we all make mistakes”. Mistakes are getting off at the wrong bus stop, they aren’t feeling up teen tig ol biddies Vic

No. 31551

Guys say this shit all the time when they are busted. there are too many men who say sexual assault is just a mistake and is brushed under the rug. You cannot accidentally assault someone. It stays and affects that person for a long time.

Vic is trash, and he's feeling the heat by being called out.

No. 31554

See that's the thing, one time is a mistake/accident but after that? It's called a pattern and you have to be super delusional to not realize it.

No. 31581

The amount of VAs at cons and they don't act like creeps around their young fans because they know it's not right. Vic has truly fucked up this time with his poor apology. He probably hoped it would help his case, unfortunately for him it's backfiring because it sounded fake as shit. This was a pattern of his since the mid 2000s, calling it a mistake is just laughable at this point.

No. 31602

The only mistake he made in his eyes was being careless and getting caught.

I can't stand that he's trying to pass it off as a "mistake" to teen/preteen fans and saying things like "We all make mistakes, right?" Yeah teenagers who still have developing brains make mistakes all the time but you're a middle-aged man who should know better. It makes him sound mentally stunted when he's trying to relate to fans on that subject. This has been going on for YEARS and he has been ignoring online stories for years. Even if one fan posted online that they were uncomfortable, he should have immediately stopped. Or at least told fans that he would only hug them if they specifically asked (It makes him sound like those men who can't tell the difference between consensual and unconsensual sex "Ugh you can't even talk to a girl anymore or it's considered sexual assault!" Talking = okay. Sexual assault = not okay. Hugs that people asked for = okay. Hugs that people didn't ask for = not okay).

Anyway, even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and take his word that he didn't understand it was wrong, that doesn't excuse the information in this >>30485 article where he gave his phone number to minors and spoke to them multiple times. That's not a mistake.

No. 31605

The fact he handed out his number to minors is just seedy. As a grown adult you do not do that. Fuck off was that a "mistake". He's taken advantage of his young fanbase to feed his ego and perverted side, nothing more.

No. 31606

File: 1549295059787.png (128.11 KB, 596x610, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.4…)

Neil Kaplan of Voltron spoke out against him

No. 31607

File: 1549295277123.png (75.24 KB, 605x464, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.4…)

No. 31608

File: 1549295369575.png (80.33 KB, 586x383, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.4…)

No. 31611

Well well well what a cunt.

No. 31621

Here's the video. I have no idea what I'm looking at.

No. 31623

Gonna make the apology video public on youtube because the facebook group made the entire page private. The other versions have hug box comments and I have a sneaking suspicion negative ones are being removed.

No. 31631

If he can put his crotch right on another person's neck for entertainment then I fully believe he's capable of groping underaged fangirls. This is just gross.

No. 32030

>Effective today, Vic Mignogna is no longer a part of the cast of RWBY and Rooster Teeth is ending all associations with Mignogna. This will not affect the creative content of RWBY.


No. 32036

Lmfao this is getting even better.

No. 32038

Also watching RWBY fans scatter in a frenzy over this is entertaining. Like it's the end of the world that Rooster Teeth have basically told him to fuck off and don't return. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. Everyone is cancelling on him and at last.

No. 32044

Honestly, the only people I see defending him are uggo neckbeards and uggo girls. Virgins who would never have to fear being touched by Vic.

No. 32059

I'm glad to see a lot of this is spreading. He deserves to be cancelled from the anime and VA community entirely.

No. 32061

ew, was he fucking drunk? He didnt even ask that guy's permission and that dude was clearly unaware Vic was going to do that. Now imagine if that was a woman. Imagine how a lot of his fans felt when they felt him and he had guideline for personal space– no issues hugging and kissing underaged girls without their consent. he's gross and needs to be cancelled

No. 32090

File: 1549350478714.png (117.06 KB, 640x1136, CC21C583-7D62-415A-B09A-E49A84…)

So J. Michael Tatum made this tweet today (cap by someone on PULL). Justin Briner, Brandon McInnis, and Caitlin Glass have all liked or made tweets in ref to the Vic drama. Something to note is that Tatum and McInnis are both gay (and engaged to each other), so if anyone knows about Vic being homophobic, it'd be them. (1/2)

No. 32091

File: 1549350524860.png (793.88 KB, 1609x962, va-collect.png)

The other VA's Twitters (2/2)

No. 32097

damn, I was just wincing because he really could've fucked up this guy's neck and back, thankfully it didn't.

No. 32128

File: 1549385873200.png (290.66 KB, 1242x2208, 9A07F097-0088-4E1B-8989-C5499B…)

VA for Vegeta joins the fray

No. 32133

All these voice actors are tweeting in support of #kickvic and his fans still believe that everyone is just bullying poor Vic for no reason. How deluded can you get?

No. 32135

Very predictable with fans of a narcissist. They are so blinded by their charm that they will defend them literally to the death. Vic's fanbase is like a cult following, they just won't get the bigger picture.

No. 32167

File: 1549397357842.jpeg (186.3 KB, 750x1025, 4D73D373-33FA-4727-9F1A-743573…)

bye then

No. 32173

Dudes are still screeching MUH ALLEGATIONS, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, that type of scum doesn't believe hundreds of people and coworkers saying he's shit.

No. 32194

It seems a trio of struggle podcasters devoted an entire episode to the Vic scandal. They're riding hard for his innocence.


No. 32201

You would think that with the amount of VAs speaking out against Vic, idiots like these would be wising up to his bullshit a bit faster. Considering there's been several more VAs in and out of Funi's range coming out with their own stances since the day it was posted, even with people questioning Pridemore's account on Todd, there's too much coming from industry insiders to ignore something being wrong in the situation. I just don't understand how people actively think half of the community just banded together to end Vic's career.

No. 32215

Double post but Vic's been replaced by Ian Sinclair in Funimation's Morose Mononokean simuldub.


It's happening, folks. Here's to hoping he gets booted from other shows soon.

No. 32239

It's those assholes who ride controversies and claim to be into traditional shit

No. 32240

As soon as Vic's name was back out there I knew they'd make a podcast all this. I guarantee if Vic had any sort of liberal leanings or was an out atheist they'd make an entire podcast ridiculing him and using this situation as an example of why the anime community/weebs/Rooster Teeth/Crunchyroll/whatever group they poke at to stay relevant is full of pathetic sjw manbabies and that their shit doesn't stink. The anime community is obviously garbage tier but these dudes aren't any better.

No. 32243

I wish he was replaced before the Broly movie, but this is still great news. Things are really happening in a wave.

No. 32244

Chris a good man. Glad he's joining the list of VAs speaking out against Vic.

No. 32251

If anything, I hope he gets replaced on One Piece; sage for weeb sperging ahead. Funimation has only released up to Season 9 in English so far according to their site, but if they haven't recorded for the next 2-3 seasons, it's possible that they can replace him just before starting the arc that Vic's character will be real-time appearing in. Granted, he's already voiced the character for the Gold movie, so there's a high chance that it won't happen either, but I can only hope.

No. 32252

To be fair to them I do not expect any intelligence of the people who supported the Buth Hartman scam because "EsJayDoubleUsss".
You can put all of the members of their group in a room and a rat in another room and the rat would be smarter than their collective group together.
However back to Topic I have seen a petition to bring Vic back to RWBY spread around on twitter

No. 32254

It would be nice for VizMedia to weigh in.
Any word on if more Chris Niosi milk has come out in all this?

No. 32256

OneAngryGamer is also defending him and blaming criticism on the EssJayDoubleU menace, unsurprisingly.

No. 32261

Doesn't that dude looks like a cuck and talks scammed MTG fans or something?

No. 32268

Always with the sjws
It's shitty is that all you have to say is "SJWS ARE BANNING TOGETHER AND PLOTTING AGAINST VIC" and then all these anti-sjw idiots believe it.

No. 32280

File: 1549440073746.jpg (77.41 KB, 691x432, IMG_20190206_010006.jpg)

Nice to see this info.

People like that either empathise with abusers more and don't want their ability to get away with it taken away, or have seriously crippled understanding of other humans and their behaviour, like Vic's apology.

No. 32285

>People like that either empathise with abusers more and don't want their ability to get away with it taken away, or have seriously crippled understanding of other humans and their behaviour, like Vic's apology.

It is fascinating to observe all of these reactions right now. The predators who feel protective of one of their own. The easily manipulated who feel protective because Vic was hurt and "cried" during his speech.
He has chosen his targets for grooming well. The young, naive often autistic anime fanbase will be less able to see his crocodile tears for what they are.

No. 32301

File: 1549454624256.jpg (212.61 KB, 912x586, Screenshot_20190206-130155_Fir…)

He got kicked from another dub, manchildren are triggered. The anime is some literal who tier, but it's handled by funimation.

No. 32311

I wanted to fuck him when I was sixteen and tbh I still would, never went to a con though. Inappropriate touching and unwanted hugs = first world problems.(no1curr)

No. 32313

People even watched that anime?
The Risembol Rangers have arrived huh?

No. 32314

No. 32315

Have you seen the reactions of the IstandwithVic hashtag?
Idiots are gonna start exploding in a few

No. 32317

I learned that #kickvic is an "SJW war on anime", whatever that means.
I'd say kicking this guy will lead to better dubbed anime.
I always hated his creepy voice.

No. 32322

If he is gone then finally Grant George will assimilate every role

No. 32324

Anon plz, this aint the Men You're Ashamed to say You'd Fuck thread.

And y'know, he could still have a career in Christian music and be faaaaaaaaar away from the anime community. It ain't like he's really jobless unless these exploits affect whatever recording studios he's worked with in recent time.

No. 32342

Great, now we're going to to have some kind of animegate where incels say it's all "he said she said, but you should believe him more".

No. 32364

File: 1549489627558.jpg (125.82 KB, 850x647, bitchbye.jpg)

different anon,Posting screengrab because this is an imageboard.

No. 32365

Imagine defending a predator. people are disgusting

No. 32386

Thanks on posting a screencap, even though they made the original article some of ANN’s employees are total cows so I’d rather not click links to support their site.

No. 32392

His apology seems very fake. He's only sorry because it all blew up and he's losing jobs

No. 32396

File: 1549509805512.png (103.74 KB, 759x641, iluvher.PNG)

Monica Rial will tell us when she's ready. She's been through a lot guys.

No. 32403


Omg I was at that con in the room when it happened, I'm still friends with the girl dressed like Tamaki. That was in 2009, back when I was a little shit who referred to him as god. Young teenage fangirls of his just didn't know any better. With the weird sexual culture around anime cons in the first place, and in a place where so many parents drop their kids for the weekend and let them roam free, I'm not surprised this kind of shit went on for so long. I remember how adult it made me feel that someone like Vic thought I was cool when I was 13, but now that I'm 23, it grosses me out. I went and hunted down all the photos I took with him and his autographs and threw them out. See ya, Dick Lasagna.

No. 32409

It's really surprising to me seeing men suddenly defend this tool. They were silent throughout all the years these stories and call-outs were actually being freshly released, and it's not like Mignogna's fanbase was ever chiefly male. It was literally almost all the same teenage girls and women he creeped on.
If anything, shouldn't it be delusional "handmaiden"-type girls/women who are still Risembool Rangers defending him? Where did all these WKing male neckbeards come from, and why are they only speaking now?

No. 32413

i doubt those men are even his fans tbh. it's more likely that they're just random weebs who complain about women in any context. there are tons of those around now.

No. 32418

I would say it's only because he's been in headlines recently that they're only sympathizing with him because he's a guy under fire now. They didn't and still don't give a shit about the victims.

No. 32423

I think they're also coming from the Rooster Teeth fanbase. A lot of the negative comments I saw following his booting from RWBY seemed to be coming from male Twitters, though I could very well be wrong on that since I only glazed through them.

No. 32424

There's this huge conspiracy about how this is only happening because SJWs wanted to stir controversy because the new Dragon Ball movie stars him or something? Im pretty confused but on Twitter incels keep mentioning how it's suspicious that the allegations coincide with the movies release and I have no idea what they mean by that.

No. 32425

grasping at straws, huh?
If all they have to disregard long-term allegations that are growing with a mere excuse like that only shows how fucked up they are. I can't understand how pizzagate took off and then there's this case. Maybe because he's not a satanic politician?
I mean he acts no different than Joe Biden.

No. 32427

They're stupid. The allegations have existed since 2010 at least. I'd wager they date back even earlier. I remember reading so much shit about him on the OG Weeaboo Stories blog. All women/girls saying to avoid his creepy ass, tales of him being a douchebag guest at cons from assistants, his bible-pushing on impressionable fans, etc. The anime/con community has known him as an eyesore (at best) and a predator (at worst) for ages, but it's just now that things are happening. It's probably a ripple effect of the whole #MeToo movement, honestly.
Trust incels to grasp their hardest to discredit women any chance they get, though.

No. 32437

File: 1549539024363.jpeg (82.6 KB, 720x960, Dym6hhBXQAAndgB.jpeg)


The victim blaming is depressing. This photo kinda sums up the whole situation with Vic perfectly but the girl is getting some really shitty responses.

No. 32438

Vic supporters keep saying WHERES THE PROOF?1 I mean it's right there all the pics of Lasagna with the fans

No. 32440

From what I've seen of most people defending Vic on Twitter they seem to believe it's because he is christian or something and he is a good christian man.
Which if that isn't grasping straws I dunno what is

No. 32446

File: 1549546317824.jpg (16.36 KB, 359x477, FB_IMG_1549546140419.jpg)

This person posted in a Ouran Host Club FB group about how Vic is so nice, etc. Then added this picture of them with Vic. Vic is known for molesting teenage girls, not ugly adults with a questionable gender.

No. 32447

After all, it is well known that christian men never molests kids or start crazy cults.

No. 32449

You can tell how handsy he is just from the photos

No. 32451

Some people on Kiwi said that ANN waited until now to publish their article to draw attention away from one of their more vocal employees getting arrested for child porn possession.

No. 32458

I like how almost everyone defending Vic cannot speak English. I'm not sure if they're too young, retarded, or both.

No. 32472

And people in Kiwi think that by being a lolcow you deserve to get Doxxed.
Though if he is proven to be a creepy by law I wanna make an entire collage video with the Vic supporters reaction with "Burn it down in the background" by Awolnation in the background.
Would be hilarious

No. 32489

File: 1549569152566.jpg (4.27 MB, 3000x2155, 1547633537714.jpg)

Pic related, Hazu was a literal who that posted on twitter and wrote a few articles on the site, he was not an employee.

Those retards believe anything, if it's a man that parades as a feminist there's not a shred of doubt because he's a "traitor", they are defending Vic because they know he's guilty lol. Suddenly he's a "more vocal employee".

The Hazu contributed to kickvic starting because a lot of people were raising awareness and the talks about the safety of cosplayers were going on at the same time.

No. 32491

Wait nvm, I only saw crazy theories about this incident, not anything about child porn.

No. 32492

I swear to fucking god these people want like, a video of him sticking his dick in someone. What fucking more proof do they need?? I've had people tell me that clearly these photos and videos are edited and there's no proof until we see convention security footage lmao

No. 32494

I've had guys tell me it doesn't matter because those girls wanted it and the guy didn't deserve to have his career ruined. Men are gross. The best excuse is "he's italian so he's touchy feely".

No. 32495

File: 1549571590913.png (69.59 KB, 1911x363, samanthainoueharte.png)


Story from voice actress and industry professional

No. 32506

So I am a fake italian if I ain't touchy feely?

No. 32507

Yeah, he's more Italian than you because he was born and raised in America but kisses teenie girls, that's how shitty stereotypes work lel

No. 32512

There are a lot of Vic defense videos basically everyone in the comments is like Vic is so sweet there's no evil in his bones! Those damn sjws! WHERE'S DA PR00F?!!?

No. 32513


No. 32514

If you notice it's only men anime fans defending Vic

No. 32516

Funny how his fanbase was female for years and dudes thought he's 2gay4them.

No. 32518

File: 1549580137465.png (16.66 KB, 1020x106, soooo_religious_gais.png)

Damn it's like these people have never heard about church scandals and molesting priests before. They're religious so it's impossible that a priest could ever have molested children!

No. 32522

This is the second time I've heard of him acting pushy towards con staff when interacting with JP guests….

No. 32528

Anime loving dudebros having their feelings hurt because their beloved Broly is a creepy fuck IRL and they can't cope so resort to being as retarded as the very blinded fangirls who have wanted to ride his dick for years. What a surprise!

No. 32537

Yellow dumbass inserting himself huh?
If Vic is proven to be guilty I will very much like to see the dudes reaction.
More than that, the one for all of his fanbase

No. 32553

I find it funny that they had to put Broly and DBZ pictures in the thumbnail and title. It's pretty obvious they want dudes to identify with the character first to defend their precious nostalgic anime re-boot instead of simply putting Vic's name out there otherwise only his fangirls would know who that was.
I remember hearing that Vic hated doing Broly because of all the yelling that whenever he was called to do it, they had to apologize.

No. 32557

4. Another one out of many to add. I'm pretty disappointed that the quatering is blindly defending Vic. He doesn't even know of Vic's past, he even threw in Vic's totally not acting for symphathy vid in the beginning to make it more dramatic and again everyone in the comments is on team vic #fuckthevictims #thevictimsarelying #WHERESTHEPROOFEVENTHOUGHITSEVERYWHERE

No. 32562

File: 1549597132370.jpeg (69.39 KB, 750x254, 33454B8E-B1DF-452F-BAE9-4BFD39…)

His fan club needs help

No. 32566

File: 1549597921830.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

>People using Vic's religion as a defense

Wow, they're reaching for the stars, huh?

No. 32567

I was one of those girls who did want it! But I was thirteen and he was the voice of a lot of characters I loved and someone who I admired. Also I was very excited to meet him because my first convention was very small and he was a really big name guest who was attending. Even if I wanted it, as a child, it's not about what I want. It's about how the adult man in question reacts and responds to what I want. That's it. Children cannot give consent and for how many pictures and retellings of events I've seen, it's impossible not to be creeped out by this. It's so creepy that these guys will die on their hill to blame children for being taken advantage of by an adult man.

No. 32577

File: 1549605808519.png (896.31 KB, 750x1334, 0F9B9B25-E819-43BE-B9F1-182B2C…)

Wtf is wrong with these people?

No. 32578

File: 1549605978255.png (630.33 KB, 750x1334, 21EFA10F-64CA-498E-AE0E-2A3906…)

There’s a fucking gold mine of these in Yellow’s videos.

No. 32582

"Matriarch" is allegedly his mom.

No. 32586

As they say.
Lolcows attract other lolcows.
Yellow is one of those cringeworthy anti SJW youtubers and he even wanted Vic to come into a podcast to defend himself or something

No. 32601

lol right? As if religious people can't do terrible things. The catholic church literally has a whole scandal of priests molesting children.

Amazing. It's been known for YEARS now what a creep Vic is. Why are these dudes defending him? They literally never gave a shit before.

No. 32606

Because it’s a hot topic and people like Yellow can profit from it. You should have seen the idiots donating to him on his live stream last night.

No. 32607

File: 1549643272744.png (40.74 KB, 585x231, hmm.png)

>Why are these dudes defending him? They literally never gave a shit before

because if this one dude can be fired from jobs because he acts inappropriate and abusive towards others…so can they. And they don't want that, gotta defend their bro.

No. 32608

File: 1549643330368.jpeg (307.3 KB, 1125x1658, 27AD5C17-6D2C-44F3-9494-261E73…)

Does Amanda browse /lolcow/?

No. 32610

who knows, this post is certainly edgy though.

No. 32612

Apparently there's a troll compaign with fake survivors that are taking screenshots of themselvles lying in order to discredit the whole thing. These autistic fucks are insane.

No. 32614

File: 1549644859897.png (57.22 KB, 281x500, 46EA7FA5-D3A0-47A3-97F1-A51B1E…)

No. 32625

The vic supporters are behind it 100%

No. 32632

I can't wait till this backfires. Not like a gun but like a shotgun backfire
IIRC Amanda was assaulted in College and probably saying that got her angry, her response was edgy tho

No. 32633

Correcting myself, she was raped. That's even worse

No. 32641

The "NO EVIDENCE" wailers give me a headache. This isn't a court of law. He has not been jailed or sent to a gulag. A creepy guy is finally being dropped from some projects and losing the status he never should've had, because companies don't want his bullshittery following them.
No one cared before, but the #MeToo thing has made it so caping for creeps is actually a bad look. Deal with it. If you're not rubbing your greasy hands on young girls, kissing them randomly and doing other things without consent, I promise you won't be blacklisted. If you just can't help yourself, however, you will be taught through social repercussions. This is how it always should've been.

No. 32652

It's the mra/gamergate crowd co-opting current events. They don't give a shit about anime, but they do when a man is being unjustly blamed by those hateful sjws and misandrists

No. 32654

File: 1549665110799.gif (682.82 KB, 500x282, anigif_enhanced-buzz-3087-1424…)

>if a woman

it's COUNTLESS people though. Not just one woman. It's tons of fans who had bad experiences with him, and con staff who can also back that up with years of taking his gross bullshit. There is also video evidence. what the fuck is wrong with men??

No. 32655


Nah, i'm with Amanda. Women who are rape apologists are trash and it will happen to them at some point– sexual harassment or assault. then when no one believes them, it will be a sad day for when they didn't stand with fellow survivors.

No. 32656

Horrible. her response was understandable. Too many women are sexually assaulted or raped and very few come forward about it, which is why the men who do it get to do it to countless people, vs only one. Vic is a predator and his past is finally catching up with him.

No. 32668

Oh yeah and OT but the chick she was responding to retweeted a statement that people celebriting that Mercedes pornstar arrest (Made CP with her own daughter) should not be celebrating it if they are from the left.
Gives you a bad idea doesn't it?

No. 32697

File: 1549695349967.jpg (194.89 KB, 1199x531, Screenshot_20190209-075443_Twi…)

No. 32698

File: 1549695662561.jpg (450.15 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_20190209_080031.jpg)

No. 32901

No. 32902

lmaoooo whos out there actually watching dubbed anime and giving a shit about voice actors

hes not even 1/4 cute to justify stanning

No. 32903

This is too accurate. Makes me sad idiots are going #metoo all over' as if metoo ever went away. I forgot they think women make up being raped because it's fun. fucking idiots

No. 32904

Pisses me off some people are ACTUALLY USING HIM BEING ITALIAN as an excuse. Yes to many of us hugs and cheek kisses are common, but we do respect the boundaries of strangers

No. 32911

That one tweet: "if I see you as a guest at a con I attend, I won't be seeing you"
Good, I'm sure she'll really appreciate that the guys who support Vic are going to stay away from her now. It's nice to see the trash take themselves out.

No. 32913

>inb4 Vic reveals he has ADHD and uses it as excuse

No. 32915

There's this big ass callout post on twitter that said it was Todd Haberkorn, whoever that is (the thing that fucks me up about this whole thing the most is that so many people watch dubs lmao). He posted this so I can only assume it's accurate. https://www.facebook.com/1097136424/posts/10217226840598546/

Here's the doc btw, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lVWMh40jSWsQaqKXvTsb4IFhUQ4mHZhT6S7Ywk9tV-o/mobilebasic

No. 32921

Tbh even though this situation is disgusting at least it shows the good people in the VA sphere. My respect for some of these women has gone up, what pinnacles of not giving a fuck about stupid weeaboos, they have met enough of these neck beards to know they don’t need to care about ugly fat men’s “muh opinion!”….on the other end fuck the attention hungry men trying to capitalize on this, they look tragic and I hope they end up like Vic.

No. 32936

literally a chris chan apology

No. 32938

Shounenfag guys are just like that, they're all retarded kids or autistic manchildren it's exactly why they like shows made for 12 year olds like dragon ball.

No. 32939

File: 1549755550396.gif (1.07 MB, 498x249, tenor.gif)

If that's the case, than she also voiced Junko who I could also see writing that. Either way Jamie is pretty damn awesome and is a better at dubbing anime characters than Vic could ever hope to be.

No. 32949

File: 1549766268057.jpg (78.66 KB, 640x630, seekhelp.jpg)

Different anon here. This is an imageboard.

No. 32950

>if you want people to leave you alone, stop talking about your rape/sexual assault. }

The reply makes me sick. Glad Jamie's was hilarious

No. 32956

People like Alisha are the kind of people who complain about someone staining the rug after being disemboweled

No. 32962

God so true.

No. 32972

yall be sounding like a bunch of jelly peeps mad abt some guy who has been drowning in the kitty for like 15 years.

No. 32973

File: 1549787594322.jpg (395.91 KB, 1199x1276, Screenshot_20190210-093102_Twi…)

Monica is lawyering up, comicsgate scrotes getting increasingly triggered by day and sending death threats, ANN published an article about Jamie.

No. 33073

>end anime
Lmao, since when have shitty English dub VAs defined anime, created it or even done anything of real importance for the genre as a whole?
In fact, they sometimes actually shit up perfectly good anime and make them unwatchable. Many people still can't tolerate Evangelion purely because Spike Lee did the shittiest, most obnoxious voice possible for Shinji (because he hates him), and they are too stubborn or new to anime to watch the subbed version.

No. 33074

File: 1549792619073.png (162.01 KB, 503x724, Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 10.0…)

They're contacting Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro, and Milo Yiannopoulos for this. I'm dead.

No. 33076

God I love it when the idiot weebs come out of the wood work and make their side look bad and extra autistic.

No. 33077

>Spike Lee
Jfc I meant Spike Spencer

No. 33081

Definitely not a weeb. This is just some idiot mra/alt-right/incel trying to turn this into an us vs sjw issue

No. 33083

This is the type of guy who makes videos to defend Vic on YT: https://twitter.com/renfamous/status/1039205254401806336

No. 33084

Will he get a thread or?

No. 33090

Interesting that this seems to be big news in the anime community but there’s nothing about it on Star Trek boards. Obviously his show wasn’t canon but was pretty popular.

No. 33096

Yeah idk about that I'm in the Star Trek fandom and a lot of people hated it. He was an absolute shit Kirk.

No. 33099

As far as fan series go, he at least knew how to act. That put him miles above everyone else. But yeah, no comparison to the canon actors.

No. 33105

Getting too close during fan interactions is really creepy, but not illegal. Some fans are defending him because they think SJW's are bringing this up randomly to bring down his career for fun. They think this is the only issue with him. What these defenders of Vic are not seeing is the multitude of accounts of sexual harassment from VA's in the industry backing up the alligations. I wanted to think that Vic was a person who spread positivity and love towards the fans, but he developed a god complex and let it go to his head. He very much crossed the line multiple times by getting too handsy.

No. 33116

Lately he didn't even deny the accusations, just said "there are two sides to the story!"

No. 33119

Because people aside his fans know about his creepy behavior.
I am no cosplayer but doesn't the cosplayer circle call him a creep or did I read that fact wrong?

No. 33123


No. 33126

File: 1549835005596.jpeg (189.53 KB, 750x955, fullsizeoutput_90e.jpeg)

haven't heard that "insult" in years

No. 33127


This made me an SJW NPC, now I am truly convinced that the US should ban all anime.

No. 33133

>brainwashed lunatics are the ones with proof
I think it should be the other way around

No. 33136

File: 1549838515346.png (24.69 KB, 1146x286, greatfans.png)

>Vic: hey guys please don't harass or send death threats no matter what's happening k ;)
>meanwhile Vic's fans

No. 33150

lmao it's like when kids go to their parents for help

No. 33156

It's time to stop Yellow. It's time to stop.
Vic supporters are trying their hardest to protect their sweet bible thumping prince by pretending to be apart of the victims and faking evidence.

No. 33157

They feel threatened because it's getting serious. They felt safe in believing there was no real evidence but now with someone taking this to court, the evidence is going to be gathered to be evaluated by a judge.
In other words they're going to now become irrelevant because they are not in this case (honestly they never were, it was all about the victims who DID feel violated not about those who didn't). They know the judge isn't going to read their twitter or YT comments and instead is now going to listen to the victims.
And it's ironic because they were bitching about how these victims weren't taking these actions before but now they are.

No. 33162

File: 1549857223124.png (57.6 KB, 465x565, mic.png)

No. 33165

Can I just say how cringey it is to call people NPCs? Like really, you ain't no main character fighting for some loser English dub voice actor at your computer on twitter at 2:31 am.

How disgusting of him, per usual.

No. 33168

File: 1549859408831.jpg (43.17 KB, 1077x238, lkFc64U.jpg)

NPC is just a buzzword ppl use at this point to describe anyone they dont like. kind of like SJW.

she actually posted in a pull thread a while back about her experience and confirmed the poster was her

No. 33171

Was hard to read this. Poor girl.. I am absolutely convinced he is a predator, beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is too much evidence stacked against him.

No. 33200

So he has been an active sexual predator for 25+ years, imagine how many victims there must be. If he did rape someone I hope they come forward to the police and get justice. There is a ton of different stories out there backing up the fact that he is abusive and more are added each day. This needs to end.

No. 33211

File: 1549907809469.png (271.69 KB, 1270x1050, seanmorrison.png)

What do we make of this then? Is this guy wrong?

No. 33216

Where does she say this was in Virginia, did I miss it?

No. 33218

File: 1549908815712.jpg (373.78 KB, 1199x1137, Screenshot_20190211-191237_Twi…)

I'd screencap Vic's resume but here ya go with this first

No. 33223

So Sean morrison would be wrong?

No. 33239

See >>33168

Who even is this random? I doubt this person knows vic's history like that.

No. 33242

It's written on his wiki page,but the resume provides more data.

No. 33249

File: 1549924928554.png (248.16 KB, 750x1334, DB6E41AD-8ABF-40B8-9CC8-6EB097…)

No. 33250

Check the IStandWithVic hashtag.
The fucking meltdown they are having is hilarious

No. 33251

>Funimation gave him the boot for good
Holy shit

No. 33254

File: 1549926923684.gif (899.47 KB, 245x229, giphy (20).gif)

No. 33255

As they should have years ago, but hey.
Excellent fucking news.

No. 33261

File: 1549929956625.png (281.81 KB, 500x285, IMG_4616.PNG)

im so content hearing the beginning of his end. House Funimation has cut all ties and the barron Mignona cult of predators will finally fade into obscurity while being dragged on the carpeted halls of the convention center out to the local cesspool covered in friction burns.
( but forreal after years they finally snatched his primary source of fame and influence, the heavy cream is frothy)

No. 33264

Good. I don't have to hear his shitty high pitched voice anymore

No. 33265

No. 33280

File: 1549942084472.jpg (40.5 KB, 500x400, disgusting.jpg)

More sleaziness from Vic. I feel sorry for his wife.

No. 33289

>he's married
Jesus Christ poor woman, though for all we know she knew about this and chose to ignore it for 'Christian values'.

No. 33290

Poor woman nothing. She knew about all this and CHOSE to ignore it because she's in denial about being married to a sexual deviant.

No. 33291

I actually don't think they're married.. or ever were. PULL had this discussion a few pages back on their Vic thread, and it sounds like they were supposed to be married, but never really tied the knot. Also from the sounds of it Vic had/has? a new girlfriend 30 years his junior who he cheated on Michele Specht with and may still be with- meaning Michele's not with him anymore. I thought it weird that she was liking tweets on the KickVic side when it all started, but I think this explains that screenshot we got from the Haberkorn/Sheenan text messages with the #30yearAgeGap hashtag.

No. 33292

They divorced like a year or two ago.

No. 33293

lemme correct my post then

So that would be another non-christian move by Vic. Then again a divorce is allowed if the partner committed adultery and refuses to repent and live faithfully with their spouse so I'm not surprised.

No. 33296

File: 1549956954214.jpg (183.38 KB, 1199x424, Screenshot_20190212-083518_Fir…)

Lol, he didn't even read the joke she posted.

No. 33318

File: 1549963311126.jpg (420.93 KB, 1080x1045, 1547515723858.jpg)

I've seen so many people defend Vic and I can't stand seeing any of it.

It makes me want to be sick. To claim he is innocent is to claim every person who has ever come out about him is a liar, and that's hundreds if not over a thousand.

It makes me think about back when the JewWario rapist controversy was a thing, if people were so willing to believe the one who came out that he was a rapist, why are people so unwilling to believe anything that goes against Vic?

I don't understand and it bothers me to no end.

No. 33322

same, like there's people who i wouldn't expect that usually wait for "official" evidence that surprisingly shunned mcnuggets with ease, even to the point of getting into arguments with #IStandWithVic weirdos.

Like no doubt, his voice is very easy to point out, but that doesn't excuse him from being a sexual predator.

No. 33323

did I miss something or did he refer to the young girl as a "hot chick"
I mean, even as a joke that's creepy

No. 33324

Well he did hit on a 5-year old child in a video earlier ITT.

No. 33326

I'm just disgusted that people in the audience would cheer for that and people in the youtube comments saying "she's the luckiest girl ever"

where are these girls parents?
anime fans really are fucking trash.

No. 33329

Same goes for the people who posted on /tv/ about working with Channel Awesome, everyone believed them. But when it comes to Vic? Not a chance in hell.

>I met him for 5 seconds at a con and he was nice to me, he's an angel who can do no wrong

Anyone who thinks anyone who can do no wrong is an idiot. Period.

No. 33335

What is it that makes people think that a person either behaves badly 100% of the time or is nice 100% of the time, or that they know someone after meeting them for 5 minutes?

No. 33339

File: 1549973726208.png (400.12 KB, 1248x1578, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 12.1…)

Is this true about the Discord group? I checked with the facebook group and it's not like that.

No. 33346

File: 1549976455169.gif (482.39 KB, 496x368, AD55701E-D49F-423E-8911-550F36…)

I really couldn’t believe it when I opened my YouTube recommended and saw 3 videos calling vic preying on younger people, “false allegations exposed”, making the weirdest inferences from the smallest littlest things, claiming “it’s not true bc of _____ tiny detail”, then claiming this tiny detail really means something completely different that somehow invalidates the allegations, or “well this girl mentioned _____ in the past once, which could really mean [insert massive reach], so therefore they’re probably exaggerating it!” When I’ve seen the exact same youtubers use the same type of caliber of evidence and less, a million times in other videos to nail other internet predators to the wall or expose them, but somehow vic’s we’re different? The same exact type of evidence has been used in their videos, with similarly written “call out posts”, using those as main evidence and believing them, but then desperately making up inferences to claim the allegations are false. Even saying “they’re proven false allegations! This can ruin his life! It’s horible what they did to him!” …. “not saying I don’t believe the victim, I’m sure they felt that way, but it’s just not true!” There were some who were making these huge reaches and being extremely nit picky about the victims stories and claiming things like “well she had been sexually harassed by men before, so she already has a strong bias and probably made up her mind that is was sexual harassment before she even got kissed by Vic!” “Well she didn’t like his behavior in the first place, after she said she saw Vic kiss other girls on the mouth, so she made up her mind in advanced!”. Honestly, the most stupidest invalidations. Even using comments like “I once met Vic at a con for 3 minutes, he signed his autograph for me and he was super nice and kissed me on the cheek! So clearly he’s an innocent sweet angel!” as hard evidence that all the accusations are untrue??? Wat. These same youtubers who’ve even said “just because he didn’t do it to you, doesn’t mean he didn’t do it to others” “fans defending so-and-so only know their persona, not who they really are” “you can’t say they are innocent when you’ve only met him once” in the past with other predators/scammers/creeps/yters in scandals. I couldn’t believe it, they all came out around the same exact time, it was the weirdest thing. Lost so much respect to youtubers that I watch regularly, unsubbed to their channels. Never thought these channels could possibly make this situation even worse and spread misinformation so blatantly. It was disgusting to see all the comments under those videos, agreeing that Vic was innocent based solely off the yters poorly researched mental gymnastics vids.

No. 33347

Don't forget the putrid rancid youtube comment sections all calling Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial evil psychopaths.

Some are even talking about what if Vic Mignogna commits suicide and all that. Why does he have some kind of sacred cow status?

I met Chris Sabat once and he seems like a real stand up guy and pretty cool in general but I only met him for less than an hour, if something came up about him I wouldn't just immediately deny any of it because I didn't have the time to get to know the whole man did I?

They're straight up deluded.

No. 33355

It sickening. It's like these pieces of trash want video evidence of vic raping a woman and then they'll still turn around and go, "No, that ain't Vic! that's someone else."

They honestly think a christian white man is incapable of rape? holyfuckingshit. People are fucking disgusting

No. 33356

I appreciate Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial coming forward. it's especially hard for these women because you FUCKING know they are getting threats by neckbeards and alt righters defending their precious white god, Vic mgnuggets.

No. 33357

Do you think he's buying followers on twitter? He apparently got 4k followers yesterday and 2k today according to social blade, it seems pretty unrealistic.

No. 33358

Yes most likely. Maybe he'll plan of moving to YouTube. Haha

No. 33359

He has a youtube actually

Not exactly active though

No. 33360

File: 1549988138272.jpg (35.47 KB, 602x555, 52051173_2289700258019066_1619…)

No. 33365

Vic fans getting desperate huh?

No. 33366

I was talking to a Vicfag, dude straight up ignored every video I sent of Vic being a creeper (like the one of him flirting with the literal 5 year old) and he just said “THEY’RE OUT OF CONTEXT!” like what context do you need to say it’s not ok for Vic to be a creeper? His fans literally wear a huge mask over their head and claim it’s all ‘context’ or that he’s innocent because he cried on camera, even though he’s a fucking actor. Vicfags would do anything to protect their daddy Vic, dude could rape 6 kids in front of them and they’d say ‘context needed’ or ‘innocent till proven guilty’.

No. 33368

I got a good laugh out of that.

No. 33369

I mean his defenders started getting desperate when they pretended to be victims and "leaked" fake conversations about photoshopping Vic pics to discredit the whole thing. They're just grasping for strawing now with Monica

No. 33370

Why should Funimation keep Vic? He's representing their company at conventions and keeping him on the VA roster would look incredibly bad on their part. They had every right to fire someone like him.

No. 33371

The difference is that the girl Monica is kissing actually looks over 18 and that Monica isn’t a pedophile who kisses every kid they meet.

No. 33372

Because Vicfags jack off to his voices I guess?

No. 33375

He has the least sexy voice ever.

I notice that some of his defenders do not care about the guy, they just don't want to see a famous man fired for sexual harassment.

No. 33382

File: 1550000902336.png (2.42 MB, 1348x1516, panty and stocking vs broly.pn…)

So is this really our timeline?

No. 33385

Absolute cringe. But really doesn't seem sexual at all?

I'll buy that the guy is scum, VA's are failed actors anyways and they all seem like trash to me. But I find it hard to believe he was having sexual feelings for that girl.

No. 33409

File: 1550011106300.png (44.38 KB, 658x371, vic.png)

This tweet said it all for me.
anyone who has been in the cosplay/con scene for a good amount of years know to stay clear of Vic.
Even here in the UK he's infamous for being a dick/creep. A local con of mine banned him from guesting because of the way he treat staff back in 2012 (long story short he shit talked the entire city the con was hosted in and fucked the con staff over with being late and rude).

These anime dudebros have clearly never stepped foot out of their pit of a bedroom and been to a Con where he was guesting. All of this coming to light was word of mouth just a few months ago. I'm to this day yet to meet any con goer or cosplayer that doesn't show disgust when they hear about Vic being at a con they're going to.

No. 33413

Best comment

Sage for no contribution

No. 33415


Nice lil compilation of people on twitter speaking up.

No. 33419

It does seem like just a joke in poor taste but considering how he preys on underage girls, you have to consider just how much of a joke it was to him

No. 33424

Old fag here but I’ve heard shit about vic and young girls for a long time but I’m really confused on what exactly happened since everyone on twitter has long winded stories. did he rape anyone or is it just groping girls during con photos? I’ve seen he cheated on his wife too so all round dirtbag I guess

No. 33430

Sage for non contribs but KIA are going hard defending vic and drumming up outrage, would laugh if this ends up being gg 2.0

No. 33441

I am hearing they are calling this Vic thing "Animegate"
And I hope it blows on the face of whatever idiot made that idea

No. 33449

File: 1550025624153.png (255.98 KB, 1316x1052, pensacon.png)

Looks like there's attempts by #IStandWithVic folk to form protests at Pensacon 2019, and perhaps more.


Why are they so dumb?
>I'm not encouraging any form of harassment. That would imply physically harming someone."
Harassment doesn't just mean physical harm.
>How did you even find this?
Probably searching their fucking con name to engage with/answer people?

No. 33451

File: 1550025918148.png (150.28 KB, 558x1218, pensacon2.png)

No. 33469

Some girl's car got set on fire, one anitwitter dude was outed as a rapist and cosplayers decided to have a movement to speak up.

No. 33471

Haha Pensacon is Savage

No. 33475

File: 1550042346152.jpg (64.15 KB, 443x960, 51922838_2249019385161855_7880…)

No. 33476

File: 1550043192143.jpg (48.71 KB, 443x960, 52263814_2249019668495160_3278…)

No. 33477

Yeah Vic is insane about this. He insisted it was about Canon pairings only but when people brought him fan art of Fai from Tsubasa (a canonly gay character but his gayness was localized away) who he voice acted, he claimed to have spoken to CLAMP personally about his sexuality really being straight. It's insane that there is proof of him making up petty little lies but people still out there acting like he's so sweet and moral. He's got so many complaints for throwing temper tantrums. And his MOM runs his fan club cult? He seems like a 50 year old spoiled brat used to getting his way.

No. 33483


Do any of these sound familiar to any of you?(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 33487

File: 1550053701190.png (3.68 MB, 1381x4200, dcxw28z-b82a1975-e098-40cf-843…)

No. 33489

File: 1550054536643.jpg (287.09 KB, 1125x1686, IMG_20190213_114142.jpg)

It's real, oh spicy

No. 33490

I don't understand, what's going on here, does this prove the guy right or wrong?

No. 33493

Maybe you could learn to sage when not contributing and learn some reading comprehension? That woman's story is true, there's proof that vic was there in that year and that she talked about the incident in 2017

No. 33495

I just didn't get what it was going for, I see now that the "urg" up top refers to Lynchburg.

No. 33500

YouTube video basically compiling Vic and his deeds and testimonies about him

One clip even have him saying he invited kids into his own house

No. 33501

Seems like the video is unavailable but just look up "Dic Mangina Loves Loli"

No. 33503

File: 1550062470596.png (2.71 MB, 1350x2216, Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 12.5…)

Full page here incase anyone needs it

Hell, have the whole newspaper https://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1014&context=paper_88_89

No. 33509

and the proof keeps piling up

No. 33513

In that video where he talks about inviting kids into his house he recounts how the other staff reacted to him doing so and it completely aligns with how they all react to him now.

No. 33523

File: 1550070523719.png (340.33 KB, 640x720, 1547831821549.png)

What are the reasons people really have to doubt all the accusations anyway?

There's plenty talk about "photoshop" usually said for images that don't even seem like they would be incriminating.

Also there's YouTube videos that say the "KickVic movement was built on lies" or others that spout "sjw" or "npc" but I'm never watching any of them, ever.

No. 33526

Alt right trolls keep making videos claiming that they have proof the accusers are lying. Even going so far as to impersonate one of the women on Facebook and say she plans to lie to the public to ruin him ect. It's insane. People are idiots and watch the videos and now they think there is a conspiracy against him.

No. 33528

Basically gamergate style incels jumped in to defend vic from the evil sjws.

It's a bunch of dudes that never gave a shit about him, it's all about "us vs them" and "we can't let a man get fired just because women complained about his behaviour". There's also people from his fanclub defending him, but I've personally seen less of them, the dude who made one of these "vic is innocent" videos uploaded a video of himself stabbing comics that featured female superheroes.

No. 33534

>Jessie is a known shit stirrer
More on this please, I only know of one post where one claimed she charged into them and hurt them as a "joke"

No. 33537

Oh my goddd I knew it.

Plain misogyny. How dare women speak up about being raped and molested

No. 33549

The only character who Vic's voice fitted well was Junpei, and Junpei is literally meant to be the friend who's not sexy in the least.

No. 33554

alt righters are misogynists for one, and for two they'll take any chance they can get to defend a straight white man who's a Christian even if he's obviously creepy as shit and a pedophile, couple that with Shounenfags who are known for being a bunch of autists who will defend anything relating to FMA or dwagon ball and you've got a cocktail of autism and 'ESS JAY DOUBLE UUUUS'

I've actually watched some of the 'KickVic movement was built on lies' videos, it's literally just a bunch of clips of Vic visiting girls in the hospital and Vic crying on camera because 'BAAAWWWW IT WAS JUST A KISS ON THE FOREHEAD'.

I suspect a lot of Vic's defenders are pedophiles themselves anyway since the anime community is (sadly) kind of known for that. One Vicfag that I talk to is a proud lolicon no surprise who claims 'I NEED A POLICE REPORT TO PROVE THAT VIC RAPED SOMEONE' even though I've explained multiple times to him the difference between sexual assault and rape full on rape and then if I show him videos of Vic being creepy he'll just say they're out of context, yeah I don't know how Vic flirting with a 5 year old is out of context either but I think a lot of Vicfags are in the 'final stages' of realizing that Vic is a pedophile since they can't debunk anything anymore so instead they just talk about Monica.

No. 33556

I'll say it now

Monica did nothing wrong

No. 33557

File: 1550084378154.jpg (67.97 KB, 618x628, bIGjgsa.jpg)

>gamergaters are going to become 'animegaters' because of them realizing that they were completely wrong about Vic and defending a pedophile made them look like shitty people
I really am not looking forward to 'ethics in anime journalism', heck it seems like it's already kind of started with the Crunchyroll anime thing, it mirrors Gamergate since it was a thing that no one should really give a shit about (why would you have a crunchyroll account in the first place? Just stream/torrent retards) and people made a big deal over it because some chicks with colored hair worked on it.

No. 33558

I don't know anything about Monica and I don't really care, at most she voiced Panty well and did some funny tweets about Vic. I more just think it's funny how because they have no other ways to defend papa viccy, they just jump onto Monica.

No. 33559

wrong anarchy sister she voiced stocking, marchi did panty

No. 33560

Just goes to show how little I know about Monica lol. I assumed she voiced her since she was on her twitter banner.

No. 33567

Most well known for Bulma. Which is another reason the alt right trolls saying this happened because Vic is Broly makes no sense because she is in the same ficking movie their conspiracy is based around. 'Trying to get famous' when she's already just as well known in dubs.

No. 33568

File: 1550089296541.jpg (26.15 KB, 595x602, 51687673_2232000857017964_3940…)

If we could find a story that matches well along with a video we could make for an even stronger case of legitimacy

Not that it isn't already obvious he's guilty of course

No. 33572

Pretty typical of misogynists, a woman can't just not like a man for being a disgusting pig, she has to be trying to gain off him especially if he's a good straight white Christian man like Vic sama.

No. 33579

File: 1550092648628.jpg (35 KB, 386x640, 50201711_822136584795756_84190…)

No. 33580

File: 1550092716965.jpg (67.2 KB, 720x1193, 49294892_822136628129085_85518…)

No. 33584

File: 1550093192232.jpg (69 KB, 720x1193, 49577046_822136678129080_19287…)

No. 33603

File: 1550096057631.png (302.86 KB, 1266x1088, Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 22.1…)

No. 33621

File: 1550102179142.jpg (382.96 KB, 1439x1557, Screenshot_20190214-102542_Twi…)

No. 33681

File: 1550122680372.jpeg (207.84 KB, 1024x886, 9CF5B5FC-2F5F-4D2F-BB49-382AA6…)

Here we go again

No. 33686

File: 1550123950779.png (53.9 KB, 720x367, Screenshot_2019-02-14-00-56-54…)

I'm so tired of Vic supporters using his religion as defense. Being Christian does not mean you are immune from doing bad. This comment was capped on a vid against Monica

No. 33690

It's cute in a bless your heart, my God you're so stupid/delusional kinda way. Using the religion excuse wh? They've never heard Jerry Falwell and Jim Baker?

No. 33705

People are really trying to use this to go against her

Vicsuckers are hypocrites

No. 33709

Other than the fact that many Christian men have been known to be sexually abusive to women and children, it's crazy to complain about purple hair when you have a purple cartoon avatar. In fact Adventure Time has a girl with -gasp - pink hair!

No. 33715

File: 1550144468096.jpg (34.7 KB, 633x211, DzKVfqiUYAAsn0g.jpeg.jpg)

No. 33727



His resume doesn't mention his work as a teacher, so is this true or not?

No. 33729

File: 1550154410026.gif (63.36 KB, 220x272, Lol.gif)

Holy shit I can't believe Funimation really fired their cash cow. I'm honestly shocked lmao

No. 33732

How is he a cash cow to anyone besides NEETs over 27 lol
His most prominent roles were for shows that ended years ago. Someone said this upthread but his style of voice acting just really doesn’t work anymore. Bad dubs of the mid 2000s have been out of fashion for quite a while.

No. 33733

Well he seems to be every anime. Even if he isn't in the main cast he always does at least background characters in every anime it seems. I heard him in the first episode of BNHA and he was uncredited but he was still there.

No. 33734

Is Vic really their "cash cow"?

I wouldn't put him anywhere close to the likes of Sabat or Schemmel in terms of being iconic.(Learn to sage)

No. 33735

I don't know about Iconic but I would put them on the same level only because the popular animes he has been the leads of are still talked about today.

No. 33745

File: 1550162580830.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 390x200, yuck.gif)

Its peculiar

No. 33757

Apparently Monica Rial has allegations against her now?

What's going on?

No. 33761

Those are trolls trying to get back at her for running Vic

No. 33774

File: 1550182275918.jpg (41.8 KB, 355x632, 48377546_10213101160031857_240…)

>"""people""" STILL think the allegations are just about Vic hugging people

No. 33775

So it turns out one of Vic's defenders/Monica's haters is just some slanderous attention whore who is also a pedophile?


No. 33805

Rats protect other rats huh?

No. 33812

All the people praising the shit anime Shield Hero by saying it’s the Vic situation/comparing Vic to the MC…
For clarification it’s about a guy who gets a single false rape accusation, goes on a woman hating spree, and gets female slaves since he won’t respect women who aren’t slaves.

No. 33815

It's just men proving yet again that they're literal scum that should be eradicated from the earth.

No. 34988

File: 1550245229547.png (56.98 KB, 516x501, dummy.png)

Lurking through some of my followers's Twitter accounts, i found some idiot who posted their thoughts siding with Vic.

>"he didnt do anything bad, if you think being himself is a crime then you are part of the problem,"

Uhh, what?

>"he just grew up with a affectionate family, i did too really."

So… being touchy with minors without their consent is okay in your book?

This guy more then likely hasn't looked at any of the victims testimonies and he's siding with Vic cause he's voiced some of his favorite animes. Plus, this guy is a self-admitted Otaku (No joke, he wrote that on his profile).

No. 35005

…that is not what shield hero is about….like at all, christ. People are just trying to co-opt it to draw similarities, which is retarded

No. 35008

>"Woman can't lie right?"
>"Vic can't lie right?"
>"Vic has never lied"
Actual conversation I just witnessed

He lied in his own fucking text apology that they keep posting too

No. 35042


Most these people don't know how to search Vic Mignogna's name on Deviantart or any other shit site like that and find the hoards of fangirl pics of him doin shit like touching girl's faces during a fucking sermon he held. That shit's reason enough that he shouldn't be able to hold sermons at his cons, he treats it like another place to zone in on his fangirls.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 35047

It is pretty much the plot of the story if you remove the typical insert isekai shit

No. 35077

File: 1550288094735.jpeg (2.03 MB, 2048x1438, 548BBCD1-BFDB-47AD-9B38-C20773…)

Yellowflash 2 has made a dozen videos on the matter. This is just pure autism.

No. 35080

He’s ive right now and it’s just a bunch of incels circlejerking to “no proof”

No. 35082

Yeah, not wanting to sign yaoi fanart is not homophobic, but denying a canonically gay character is actually gay because you dont like it is pretty homophobic, Voc.

>he's from an affectionate family

What the FUCK does that have to do with not touching people without their consent?

No. 35083

dude, fuck off. Junpei is better than Vic will ever be. At least he had a character growing arc, admitted he was jealous of Minato and got best girl in the end.

No. 35084

This is basement dweller levels of cringe. Ew, wtf

No. 35085

Yellow flash is an absolute retard. OT but I only found out about him when he completely took statements from the yakuza series director out of context and spun them into some “pro toxic masculinity” thing, and has clearly never actually played any of the games. Pretty much everybody in the yakuza comm will tell you to gtfo if you come in with that video of his.

No. 35092

>KICKVIC Movements Begins To FALL APART | Accusers Threaten VIOLENCE

I bet yall 10 bucks it's the Vic followers once again pretending to be accusers

No. 35101

>respect wamen
>triggered over Captain Marvel

I think I got cancer just from looking at that screenshot. Imagine unironically watching and agreeing with this pathetic autist.

No. 35124

Sorry, can't take screenshots on this device but those defending Vic and harassing the female VAs who spoke out against him really are obsessed with Shield Hero.
Comment about Jamie Marchi:
>if the rising of the shield hero has taught me anything karma will come (sorry this is probably an innopropriate time to joke but might as well try beinging light into darkness)

The anime series is actually a co-production with Crunchyroll. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2018/09/01/crunchyroll-announces-the-rising-of-the-shield-hero-animes-territories

Out of all things CR chooses this misogynist incel fantasy, and look at the consequences.

No. 35140

Never heard of shield hero until this thread, but wtf is going on with all these extreme sexist animes being promoted by Crunchyroll? especially with all this shit going on in the anime/va industry. tasteless as fuck

No. 35141

They know their fanbase kek

No. 35152

File: 1550334194762.png (694.42 KB, 1260x2160, marchisex.png)

>this gets posted
>everyone believes it blindly and keeps talking about Vic
>profile full of talk about hacking and cryptocurrency and these tweets being incredibly sudden in general along with clickbaity use of CAPITAL LETTERS

Hmmm…. this couldn't possibly be SUSPICIOUS could it?


No. 36028

File: 1550337763000.png (1.51 MB, 1130x1532, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 17.2…)

No. 36032

There is one evil woman in the show. It’s not some “incel fantasy” where he goes on a “woman hating crusade” shield hero was actually written by a woman. Japan’s culture is so different from the wests, why should they not explore those themes? There are multiple other strong women characters in the show, old and young.

OT as fuck but if you haven’t actually watched the anime, don’t let obviously retarded incels sway your opinion on it. It wasn’t “made” for autistic pigs in the west

No. 36033

The author has not been confirmed to be female, that is a misunderstanding. Also this is what happens to the woman who falsely accused the hero of rape:
>The Queen exposed all of the crimes of Malty and strips her name as a punishment for the false claims and renames her, Bitch thanks to Naofumi's suggestion. Alternative acceptable names by royal decree include Whore and Slut.

No. 36035

File: 1550339535920.png (257.92 KB, 520x473, 1.png)

Lasagna made a statement about going back to god and getting counseling in a bid to save his reputation

How badly are the Vic supporting breaking down right now? Vic seems like the type of person who is super religious because he believes that people will think highly of him or think that he's a good person

No. 36036

File: 1550339623141.png (398.44 KB, 774x628, 2.png)

No. 36041

Even if it were true……(cough)
How would that change anything regarding Vic?
Are these people retarded?

No. 36042

File: 1550342806807.png (998.24 KB, 1268x1264, 135.png)


Are any of these true? (I know some are utter horse shit). Serious question here

No. 36043

Again, even if it is, their all trash, INCLUDING Vic.
Do these morons thin "THEY ALL DID IT TOO" that somehow discounts Vic? lmao

No. 36044

he just needs to die or disappear. He's trash. In a real world of justice, they'd gather all the evidence and arrest his ass for statutory rape and assault.

A lot of this sounds like made up bullshit. wishing for someone to 'get raped' is trash but it doesnt make someone the same an an actual rapists or assaulter

No. 36046

It wasn't even that, it was an edgy comment but she said "I hope when it happens to you** and then saying they hope they have the courage to come out

No. 36047

At this point, literally everyone who stepped outside their house is guilty. Wishing for someone to get raped or wishing for death threats? really? that's the best they have?

D.C Douglas can come off as scummy, but this is another thing that i highly doubt

No. 36048

No. 36049

More like he seems like the type that believes he can do anything because he has the "power of god" on his side.
That's why he's so obsessed with religion and abuses his own power. That would also explain why he's "recommitting to god" in hopes that him praying or whatever the fuck will magically fix everything and uphold his reputation. The whole thing is disgusting.

No. 36050

>wishing for someone to 'get raped' is trash but it doesnt make someone the same an an actual rapists or assaulter
Uh…yeah it really does.

No. 36051

Uh…. No it really doesnt.

No. 36053

um, are you actually retarded or the thought police?

No. 36054

This is an imageboard. what are you doing, newfriend

No. 36056

No petty fucking arguments stay on topic.

No. 36058

File: 1550345278887.png (622.13 KB, 1212x848, voltrainwreck.png)

Sometimes I forget

No. 36060

What is this based on?

No. 36061


Mostly unwanted advances made towards someone

I presume some may use this to act like Vic is innocent but I digress

No. 36062

This seems so baseless, when we have a video of vic pressing his sweaty nuts against the back of Neil's neck. I feel like we've entered the age of pointing fingers and this is embarrassing and harmful to real victims.

No. 36064

Isn’t this a gamer gate site?

No. 36074

That's the type of person to start raping but alright. Keep thinking it's okay to say that shit to girls.

No. 36075

It was Monica who said it, she said that she wished that they knew what if felt like so they didnt shame other victims

No. 36092

I know at least as someone who follows DC Douglas that the mentioned video in there was taken out of context, he got lost in the Denver airport and wandered into the wrong bathroom. yeah it was kind of a lowbrow joke to film a video of him farting in there but I don't think he meant harm

sage for ot

No. 36099

D.C is just an old man who likes to make perverted jokes, he can come off as cringy but I have never seen him getting physical with a fan, He makes sexual jokes but never seen him make advances
>Taking over Vic jobs
No idea how bad Monica voice is but I am sure that she cannot do the "Stoner dumbass guy" voice

No. 36109

Amanda Winn Lee was the one who said that, see >>32608

No. 36293

File: 1550493374119.png (1.58 MB, 1280x1246, new apology.png)

No. 36304

Zarkon really was the true villain after all.

sorry for OT / sage

No. 36348

Shut the fuck up Lotor


No. 36356

File: 1550523051731.png (391.92 KB, 750x1334, F372E86D-A848-4A79-A6F7-6EFE04…)

No. 36369

>Swatting someone because your shitty va idol got his feefees hurt.
God that's pathetic.
If it was Yellowflash 2 I will not be shocked

No. 36379

That's terrifying. There was an incident where someone was killed int heir own home because someone falsely swatted them. I am beyond disgusted by this. Vic needs to make a fucking statement. He is trash, but does he really condone this??

No. 36381

Who was the person that was swatted?

No. 36392

This is an incredibly horrendous experience to go through, embarrassing (neighbors watching), and dangerous. Fuck vic and his supporters.

No. 36397

File: 1550531056580.png (366.75 KB, 1080x2097, Screenshot_20190218-145642.png)

This is the one that comes to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Wichita_swatting
Pretty sure dogs have also been killed in swattings.

No. 36398

According to his own twitter posts, he does not condone this behaviour whatsoever

Not like his defenders listen to him anyway

No. 36408

I think they were asking who got swatted not what it was. My initial thought was it was poor Monica Rial.

No. 36410

Ah yeah my bad, I thought they were replying to the person above them who said someone was killed once.

No. 36411

File: 1550532971909.png (465.33 KB, 633x836, xeroreynolds.PNG)

No. 36412

File: 1550533006353.jpg (73.31 KB, 540x960, Dzs8vJ3VYAAOmkQ.jpg)

No. 36413

File: 1550533132201.jpg (39.21 KB, 540x960, Dzs8vJ3VsAAYhbp.jpg)

No. 36415

File: 1550533236063.jpg (64.46 KB, 540x960, Dzs8vKLU8AEHIkE.jpg)

No. 36417

It's Samantha Inoue Harte who was swatted.

No. 36421

Later down in the thread that he said he got permission to post the pics from the victim (who apparently posted on facebook) and it wasn't him who was swatted.

No. 36425

File: 1550534933804.png (218.83 KB, 393x594, DzuepYJWoAA_PC8.png)


No. 36436

That says August 19, 2016… it's fake?

No. 36440

File: 1550537217925.png (1.1 MB, 1238x1508, Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 00.4…)

No. 36442

I'm all for kicking Vic but the behavior of VAs like Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Inoue-Hart is fucking embarrassing

No. 36444

Are we so sure that's faked if the timestamp for that isn't from long ago?

I don't understand the "2016 in that other image"

No. 36446

File: 1550538058337.jpg (76.69 KB, 960x806, 52929841_10214191791617750_215…)


No. 36449

It looks like Samantha took the images from this post >>36425 originally from 2016 and made a fake post that was screencapped here >>36440 claiming the damage was from a Vic supporter swatting her house

No. 36450

File: 1550539099754.png (681.52 KB, 1278x2352, Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 01.1…)

No. 36451

File: 1550539468107.png (238.23 KB, 425x593, DzuepYMXQAAf2Vq.png)

It looks like she reused pictures from an unrelated incident in 2016 to make it look like her home was swatted recently (pic attached is seen here >>36440)

It could have faked (someone could have taken her old photos and made a fake facebook post screenshot) but given that she deleted her facebook afterwords… eh

No. 36453

If this really is faked, we'll never hear the end of it.

For gods sake

No. 36464

So because she saw this as the perfect opportunity to play the victim and get attention for herself now all of us are going to be called dramatic liars.

No. 36466

I swear this whole thing only gets worse the longer it goes on.

No. 36467

jfc is this stupid bitch for real?! Why is there a need to falsify information to make Vic look bad when it would actually do the exact opposite? learning from the best sjws out there, i suppose.

No. 36470

File: 1550544866831.png (260.42 KB, 1262x986, Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 02.5…)

No. 36483

Now no one is going to know who or what to believe…

No. 36505

This has to be some fucking setup… did the #IStandwithVic crowd did this psyops?

No. 36515

The woman who faked the swatting also happened to be the one at Funimation who did the investigating. Literally what the fuck, who gave her this much power?

No. 36522

Wait how do we know she is the investigator?

No. 36528

Please post proof of this before everyone goes nuclear

No. 36529

File: 1550578828262.jpg (50.66 KB, 680x367, vomvlrb.jpg)

>she's the one who did the investigation
Jesus Christ this could make things so much god damn worse

No. 36531

File: 1550579477713.jpg (181.04 KB, 640x1315, 52486546_2111035249187002_1673…)

No. 36532

Anon, that post is saying she was interviewed for the investigation, not that she conducted the investigation herself.

No. 36533

File: 1550580404021.png (173.87 KB, 1274x826, Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.4…)

No. 36564

File: 1550593681460.png (6 KB, 1299x47, dat projection.png)

the incels are rioting for their pedo daddy and they got projection on their side!
>Why the fuck would they lie about it?
pic is answer

So apparently getting harrased by angry gamer boi incels is what she wanted, what great attention it is having people threathen you and stalk you to real events you are attending, #GOALS

They are legit retarded

No. 36568

If people truly believe that people want to be harassed then I hope to god that what goes around comes round
But anonnnn, she mentioned giving a testimony it means she investigated it of course (Obvious sarcasm)

No. 36570

Not screenshooting these assholes but do you guys think this will blow back into their faces or?

No. 36572

God I hope so, anything to get them to shut up at this rate.

No. 36573

Considering the Cody guy from their site is a furry I would not be surprised if he is a degenerate.

No. 36574

Considering the Cody guy from their site is a furry I would not be surprised if he is a degenerate.

No. 36576

Is daddy vic really pressing charges? proof?

No. 36579

I have no proof aside the Rekietawhatever stream but from what I can see it's just another opportunist loser

No. 36581

Ha ha figures, i think its the mental gymnastics of "The victims are lying they arent pressing charges, daddy viccu is innocent!", well since he is "innocent" why isnt he pressing charges?
Then they start making shit up, because they dug their own hole, since Vic ISNT pressing charges as far as we know so, by their OWN logic, he did do it.

No. 36601

File: 1550603594862.jpg (262.64 KB, 1920x1920, DzWLqhVVsAARmJv.jpg)

>if there's been 10+ years of stories about him WHERE'S THE POLICE REPORT

No. 36603

File: 1550604442740.jpg (36.8 KB, 1200x773, DxX8zVeX0AAPoHp.jpg)

Vic did imply he would do something about "the people who are instigating and pushing" the allegations before the bigger VAs like Monica Rial spoke up against him. Discord ss from >>12087, which were posted in January 20.

It makes me wonder who he had in mind at the time.

No. 36616

I don't think he realized that his co-workers would go after him then. I bet he would have gone after Jessie and ANN.

He could still go for it, but I would bet an formal lawsuit would unearth a lot of skeletons, like with Weinstein.

No. 36635

File: 1550613580142.png (280.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-19-15-58-13…)


io9 has released an article covering the situation, featuring a statement from Michele Specht.

No. 36653

File: 1550615715723.jpeg (35.05 KB, 662x165, DzzTdl5W0AAaFw_.jpeg)

Is this supposed to be funny or sad

No. 36656

This just makes me think of the Irategamer

No. 36678

File: 1550629055429.png (222.52 KB, 1440x1331, Screenshot_2019-02-19-18-03-36…)

Upcoming image dump, starting with Michele's statement from the article then Monica Rial's newest statement from Twitter.

Also notable parts from the article: Various anonymous voice actors from Funimation and con goers generally confirm Vic frequently grabs women by their hair and either whispers into their ears or kisses them, every statement Vic deflects with "I don't remember it that way, she was enjoying it!", Vic and Michele were never married (engaged but didn't tie the knot) and split up May 2018, around the time Funimation VAs were asking to recast Broly due to Vic's past behavior

No. 36679

File: 1550629088109.png (132.4 KB, 1440x929, Screenshot_2019-02-19-18-03-42…)

No. 36681

File: 1550629161232.jpg (218.58 KB, 1602x1140, IMG_20190219_181124.jpg)

Monica Rial's newest statement crom Twitter. Also seems to confirm Monica is Charlotte in the article


No. 36682

File: 1550629216175.jpg (289.84 KB, 1612x1394, IMG_20190219_181126.jpg)


No. 36684

File: 1550629312893.jpg (121.27 KB, 1594x772, IMG_20190219_181128.jpg)


No. 36685

Monica Rial's husband locked his Twitter shortly after the fake swatting was called out

No. 36839

File: 1550702511857.jpg (22.5 KB, 838x382, 52407201_159929891664262_52458…)

No. 36843

Something about "cyber crimes".. Just

No. 36878

I'm wondering now, could this be fake?

No. 36884

>cyber crimes

Oh my gods, this is really embarrassing.

No. 36886

File: 1550713421885.png (502.71 KB, 720x1002, Screenshot_2019-02-20-22-41-10…)

I hope this backfires so hard since it's gonna be hilarious seeing Vic's supporter reactions going in flame and screaming.

No. 36889

Honestly Monica and the other VA’s have been acting more like cows than Vic, can’t wait to see them get sued lmao

Keep the milk going

No. 36890

Both sides are equally cows.
But Vic's fans have been so damn milky it's not even funny to see and more so those Anti SJWs who have been hopping to the situation because they wanna seem cool

No. 36902

This is going to be the next Gamer Gate isn't it.

Fucking hell and I hoped Vic was going under.

No. 36911

It is going to be exactly that. Gamergaters have been trying to revive it with obscure shit for a while and they finally found something that’s not obscure and gives them a reason to bitch about women.

Ironic though since gamergate started with a blogpost with no evidence and they’re now saying several blogposts with evidence and videos are fake.

No. 36913

This guy who thinks Vic should sue seems like one of the biggest Vicfag cows out there. Seeing as how he has clips of him drinking in his intro I’m alreadt convinced he’s one of those alcoholics who drinks for attention so 14 year old boys (aka Vic’s biggest fans) think he’s cool.

Sage(this is an imageboard)

No. 36923

nicky rackets is a boomer lawyerfag who often gets involved in e-drama. he strikes me as a chantard who's all grown up. i like him, but he's way off base here.

No. 36935

Oh yeah they are calling it Animegate or something.
All I hope is that the movement implodes for such a stupid name

No. 37028

File: 1550786357621.png (206.22 KB, 840x202, Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 21.5…)

No. 37030

File: 1550787064927.png (866.06 KB, 1920x1080, Jamie Marchi Voice of Rias is …)

No. 37049

Wait hold up, wasn't Perfection exposed as a pedo not too long ago in this thread?

No. 37050

Yes, but people post this stuff around anyway apparently.

No. 37056

Huh, guess we gotta see 3 cows together.
Like in MK:Deception intro but with more stupidity

No. 37076

File: 1550812054132.jpg (144.91 KB, 1117x1013, Dz8d1tCX0AQieHu.jpg)

A person (YellowFlashGuy) supposedly was able to obtain the emails between io9 and Vic and thinks that the article "twist's Vic's words". Though, looking over the screenshots and video, it seemed that the article didn't detail the aftermath of situations (though it does touch on it) and doesn't address one of the accusations that Vic was asked about in the interview (the one he kept asking to be casted?) I think.


Pic vs article
>Mignogna acknowledged this event happened but said he remembered it “very differently.” He said the two of them went out to a private dinner, after which they “mutually and consensually” kissed, and he invited her to his room. According to Mignogna, Diana responded that she wanted to, but “shouldn’t since we were both involved with someone else at the time,” after which they parted ways. Diana denied Mignogna’s version of events, saying “it wasn’t nearly as simple as he makes it seem—telling him we were both taken was not the end of it.”

>Most of Mignogna’s responses to these women’s stories included some mention of how, from his viewpoint, the women seemed fine with their interactions—and even acted friendly toward him later. He mentioned that he and Diana “flirted quite a bit both times” they saw each other and noted how both Gretchen and Rachel were cordial or friendly with him during their interactions after the events took place. All three of them rejected this notion as being proof that they weren’t upset with Mignogna for his behavior.

Also, the guy got it in his dms from a "very good source" – lmao, the only person I expect to have given it to him is either whoever io9 had email him or Vic himself.

No. 37081

I used to have a crunchyroll account because I know how little subtitlers and editors get per series and I want to support them rather than the sites that give you guys viruses and rip the same sub work off cr in the first place but it's your life so yea

No. 37087

almost 50k in one day gals, yeet

No. 37109

No. 37128

What did you wanted say?
His very good source is probably "Bullshitting evidence to make a creep look innocent"

No. 37135

It doesn't support them, that's what I though too. It's a scam, drop it your wasting your money.

No. 37188

Vic lawyered up after a lawfirm offered their services to him. He plans on sueing Monica and Funimation, thoughts? I hope he loses but I have a feeling he'll win against funimation

No. 37192

I feel sorta sad for Michele Specht, though after 12 years and an engagement I feel like any reasonable human would have suspected something was up with him delaying a wedding. Imagine how shitty it must be to have been a bottom bitch to such a subhuman, that's a fat fuckin OOF

No. 37208

Ain't his lawyer that Nick Rekieta dude with the Youtube channel? Or is he just one of the tubetards that made a video on it?

No. 37213

I'm not sure, I think the YT guy introduced Vic to the firm. They even set up a donation page to cover the costs, so far they have 16 thousand raised.

No. 37217

File: 1550884524964.png (543.49 KB, 1153x565, vickicksback.png)

I don't think the document is fake – I do think it's funny that so few questioned who the "good source" is. It's either io9 or Vic. And I don't think it was io9. Why would Vic need to leak the interview questions and not address them himself? Is it, perhaps, because he wants his fans to do the work while it appears he's doing nothing and seem more professional?

>so far they have 16 thousand raised

No. 37219

Honestly she is the biggest victim of this for how it must have been dealing with a narcissistic manchild who likes younger women for 12 years.

No. 37225

So she was with this dude for 12 years and she had NO idea? Yea that sounds legit.
She probably knew a bout his sleazebag ways but loved the $$ so stayed quiet and looked the other way. No way she didn't know.

No. 37230

I am pretty sure she knew and I am sure anon never said she didn't knew.
But she probably had the worst deal becaus she had to deal with sleazebags ways for 12 years.
I'd prefer to not know how Bitch Mangina is at home

No. 37247

God damn, I'm so fucking pissed. There was no need to fabricate stories. WHY do this to yourself when you have proof of Vic being a creep.

No. 37372

File: 1550967473477.jpeg (93.64 KB, 540x960, 81B8800F-653A-44A6-A218-AD9C6E…)

No. 37402

because these dumb bitches love to a professional victim. It's sadly what's happening when you have to look like you're in a worse situation. Vic is a creep, always has been, but these stupid women made it all 1,000 harder to believe actual victims by staging /lying about swatting.

No. 37467

What is going on there?

No. 37603

Someone plugging their twitter ig

No. 37620

Look at all that wasted money~

No. 37635

Current livestream whiteknighting Vic from a bigger yter. Calling him a victim and saying he should sue victims. Kinda making my blood boil. ESP the random MRA’s defending him who know nothing about the accusations in the chat bc “muh fake rape accusations happen all the time!!!!”


No. 37733

If Vic can afford all that plastic surgery, he can afford a lawyer he doesn't need a fundraiser

No. 37867

that guy who came on to defend the girls and women was painfully and embarrassingly stupid tho. he also admitted on air to doing shady shit twenty years back in some kind of weird assed confessional. i watched the whole thing and it was pretty bad. non-lawyers shouldn't debate the law with people who are lawyers, it's almost always a bad idea.

in other news, vic has retained a very aggressive law group to defend him, nothing filed yet as far as i can tell.

one thing that did happen as a result of shane the dummy coming on to nicky rackets' show was that in all the fallout, mister metokur aka internet aristocrat aka jim got involved. so now you have the sweetie squad all in, which is the last thing you could actually want.

this numbnuts doodlebrain twitter nobody made matters worse for the va's and fans speaking up imo.

catching jim's eye is never a good idea.

No. 37914

Is Jim against Nick or the other guy?

No. 37918

jim was making fun of the twitter guy, shane, who came on nick's channel to debate law with him. he made a total ass of himself. jim was blowing it up on twitter and nick mopped the floor with this dude. it was bad. i'm biased towards jim and nick even though i think vic's a snotrag, so take it for what it's worth.

No. 37922

I hope the meltdown is so bad it drags Nick too.
As I see, he is getting an ego and he will slip up.
Not Jim though, He seems like a chill fella

No. 37930

He's there just to laugh at retards and trainwrecks like he always is. I watched the stream where he popped in and he seemed to be more interested in the repercussions each party would have for fucking up while Nick was sperging out about le evil haters taking down big voice celebrity Vic Mangina who dindu nuffin.

No. 37956

File: 1551274331680.png (142.98 KB, 646x882, marzgurl.PNG)

wow are you guys out of the loop, funimation and ANN haven't been just shooting themselves in the foot, they've practically blown their own legs off.

No. 37957

File: 1551274380132.jpg (56.63 KB, 529x524, DzKstl1U8AEGFyV.jpg)

No. 37958

another stupid weeb bitch. So, how underaged was this during this photo then?

No. 37960

File: 1551275110322.png (78.61 KB, 1058x435, anime angel production.PNG)

No. 37964

About 15. Maybe even 14, depending on when her birthday is.

No. 37971

eh, nick is sperging about his interpretation of the law, which is a big diff i think, but mileage may vary. he's always careful with his speech, as most lawyers are, so he doesn't say vic dindu, he says here's how and why i believe vic should sue their asses. which, it's what lawyers do.

but that stream with drunken fatty mcboomboom in his filthy hovel was both cringe inducing and super funny. i love this weirdo timeline.

No. 38004

I know people will blow up on me for this, but I don't think Vic sexually assaulted anyone. He definitely overstepped some lines and is generally a shitty person, but beyond that the actual molest story confessions I've seen ref of in this thread read like lies

Does not help that that va made up the swat thing. Can't everyone call him out for being a generally shitty person opposed to sexual assault?

No. 38009

He should not be getting touchy feely with underage girls, kissing them, and whispering explicit things in their ear just because he has some bit of fame. He also shouldn't be exchanging phone numbers with underage girls. Sorry, anon but all the red flags are there.

No. 38011

I can still think he's a weirdo for indulging his clearly underage fans by acting out flirtacious scenes WITH them.

No. 38118

How I wish the professional victims could stop making this fucking difficult. Monica stepping up is enough. We dont need Jessie “Victimized In A New Way Everyday” Pridemore entering the arena to refernce this and use it as a way to get 49 new cry emojis on her status. “I was raped years ago and I didnt break that girls arm (why is she mad, I said I was sorry??!) and I gave up my cat and Im being evicted and Vic and gibs me money and my body is wrecked and everyone is soo mean I block soooo many people”

If you’re on that side of misery every week, every year, victims dont need your hot story. Funny how they never want to name names unless its someone who called them out or didnt just lie down to their bullshit.

You are not fucking helping, Let the real adult women handle it and sit the fuck down. You dont look cool for posting the lowest hanging “troll” fruit comments clearly made by autists. You dont help victims by crying out and then rattling your donation cup no matter how much you pretend “its hard” to let your friends make one for you (and let the the other side of those awkward autists gibs you money). Sorry for the side tangent. Im just so conflicted because empowering women and professional victim seem so tightly wound now and I hate it. I really wish we could all agree to start realizing this behaviour as being the poison it is. It does not help.

No. 38175

yeah, I totally agree with that, but that doesn't necessarily mean he went past that. I don't think it justifies him at all, but anyone who was around for older cons realize that, that was very much the kind of atmosphere there. is he inappropriate and stuck in the past? 10000%

but calling someone out on creep behavior is a far cry from what some people are making it out to be. I just think people need to be accurate with what we're accusing him of, so his actual offenses aren't pushed under the rug because people are slandering much more serious things which are then proven false

No. 38180

It's not about what he "went past". All the things I listed in my post are not okay for him to do with minors. Period. I've also been to many cons and have seen him in the mid 2000s and I wouldn't say the atmosphere around him is kind nor does that excuse his predatory behavior, past or present.

I genuinely want to know where you came from but you stanning him here won't make the unsettling and questionable shit he's done go away.

No. 38208

Fuck off, no one is stanning him but throwing in more, VERY serious allegations only detracts from the real convo, which is this behaviour wasnt OK in the first place.

We should be able to reflect and discuss why it’s bad WITHOUT needing to include the allegtaions of physical sexual assault on a minor. The point is, the reg behaviour was shady and shitty, we dont need to dramatize it to make it seem more serious and it only overshadows the real problem.

No. 38219

You can think whatever you want and fans or non-fans can think whatever they want but at the end of the day, it's extremely damning that an investigation into his actions as a professional resulted in his termination. You could argue that the company wanted to save face but that just suggests that what they found wasn't worth keeping him on payroll for.

No. 38232

Seriously, now people are even doubting the issue and people are starting to support Vic while calling it an #AnimeGate

Fucking annoying

No. 38320

not to blogpost, but i met this dude when i was 14 and was a total dumbass fangirl. when i asked for a picture he put his hands /very/ low down my back…i hate to admit that i was starstruck by it and didnt see it as a red flag about this dude. i cant believe some 7 years later he's still pulling that shit.

No. 38359

File: 1551506467429.jpg (68.47 KB, 876x219, 2008.jpg)

Because you can go back in time on the internet, and learn when and where the rumors began.

No. 38388

he's been doing this shit for a long time. He's always been trash, but he's finally being called out on it.

No. 38397

Jesus so now you must be 100% gaayyy everyday, you can't have personal reservations or say you personally aren't gay.

He's shit but he never said he hated gays FFS

No. 38398

If he was that homophobic wouldn't he not go out of his way and voice gay characters?

No. 38406

Ok I'm honest-to-God confused here. What other confirmed gay characters has he voiced aside from Fai that would justify the homophobia accusation? Is this including characters like Rin where it's implied or accepted by fans?

No. 38415

I think the homophobia count comes with him stating that Fai was straight without a doubt cause CLAMP supposedly told him so. He also stated Yaoi fans are desperate for attention.There's a rumor from years ago that he called a fan and his BF a disappointment from God.

It's a bunch of shit that has added up.

No. 38420


so a bunch of shit that hasn't been certified and relates nothing to the sexual harassment case.

This is really starting to look like a witch hunt, fuck.

No. 38445

Ok yeah that whole thing was a shit moment for him, like don't try and claim a different narrative for a character you're voicing. But I can kinda agree that the accusation otherwise is hard to claim since there hasn't really been any other stories like the fan and his BF one, right? Otherwise he's still a big creep.

No. 38446

Yeeeaaah. Some links are broken or comments regarding the BF thing are gone because of how long it's been since those accusations came out. There IS video evidence of him saying Yaoi fans are desperate for attention. Haven't watched the whole video but it looks like it's from the same one that he 'cleared up' the Fai information from. Plenty of a mess he made for himself there. Wouldn't say it's a witch hunt as much as he got smart after testing the waters.

Plenty of accounts, regardless, of him messing with underage fangirls with working links tho over the last decade. Wouldn't say it's a witch hunt on that end, either.

No. 38449

File: 1551580557413.jpg (77.46 KB, 613x443, mari0.jpg)

No. 38450

File: 1551580649056.jpg (29.58 KB, 628x297, mari4.jpg)

No. 38451

File: 1551580750410.jpg (116.75 KB, 598x649, mari9.jpg)

No. 38452

File: 1551580867734.jpg (177.14 KB, 632x1210, mari6.jpg)

No. 38474


So more SJW vendatta tier shit having NOTHING to do with sexual harassment.

He's going to win in court isn't he.

No. 38486

Gofundme is almost at 100k, EVERYONE GETTING SUED LOL

No. 38494

uh, yeah, this entire thing has just been 'i hate vic because /personal reasons/ or /vendetta/' so he deserves to be taken down for /sexual harassment

don't think he sexually harassed any one and too many people got their panties in a knot all because the current victim/call out culture

this entire thing has been retarded, not sorry

i feel like the people in this thread witch hunting him are the same ones who thought the fucking vicpasta's from old /cgl/ days were legit accounts lmao

No. 38507

>don't think he sexually harassed any one

Have you even read this thread? There are multiple photos of him making underage girls uncomfortable with his hugs and kisses, VAs describing how he assaulted them, and he flirted with a 5-year old on camera. And somehow you assume he is innocent?

No. 38517

File: 1551638868810.jpg (161.84 KB, 629x1084, hanleia2.jpg)

No. 38519

File: 1551638994482.jpg (68.11 KB, 628x523, hanleia3.jpg)

No. 38585

Not really useful but: We should likely assume that certain crowds have finally found the thread after someone used it for proof in a DM or something. Can't find anything yet to prove this but we could see an influx if the last few posts prove anything.

No. 38600

Agreed, you can pretty much tell which posts are theirs. So many non-saged posts.

Tinfoil: I think they’re trying to sway the opinion of the board to make anons think “it’s all over and Vic won!” by saying shit in posts like “welp it’s all over fellow anons! he won I guess! he’s gonna sue everyone. This is really looking like a witch hunt! He’s going to win in court, rite guise? I think he’s shitty but I don’t think he sexually assaulted anyone! He might be creepy but not sexually assaulting level of creepy!” while simultaneously ignoring arguments or disregarding certain incidents and evidence “not including the molest story” that doesn’t fit their narrative.

No. 38618

You don't need a tinfoil hat to notice their unsubtle "tactics".

No. 38623

Calling them unsubtle is far too kind to such shit tier tactics.
Of course with my tinfoil hat they could either be Risembol Rangers, Rekieta law fans or Yellowflash fans.

No. 38626

uh, yeah, sorry I don't live in PC hugbox land where giving people hugs or cheek kisses is considered sexual harassment. yes, it's fucking creepy and outside of most people's normal comfort zone, but there's nothing inherently sexual about anything I've read here (other than the made up fanfic stories and copy pastas).

and the 'flirted with a 5 year old girl on camera' thing is so beyond retarded. it's very obvious he was 'flirting' with them as part of the show/joke, lots of people would 'flirt' with a child in the sense that it should be obvious it's a joke because they would never actually do that and certainly not PUBLICALLY do it if they were actually a pedo. if this were 10 years ago none of this shit would be considered 'sexual harassment' - he's guilty of being an asshole, making people feel uncomfortable and living in the past, that there's all very clear evidence of. but I've yet to see any concrete evidence of legitimate sexual harassment. even shit like him climbing on that guys shoulders - yes, that's SUPER uncalled for/rude/dick behavior, but he obviously wasn't thinking about it in a sexual sense where he's putting his crotch against the guy's neck. retard mangina obviously thought he was king of the world and this was quirky/funny show for the fans, in his mind. with context none of what you're claiming is proof is really proof at all. so sick of all you tumblr-tier people jumping on the tiniest of shit with any cow on here and acting like they've raped and murdered someone

No. 38627

Asking a literal 5 year-old girl "what she's doing after the show" is not funny in the slightest and lots of people would not flirt with a child even if it was the joke, wtf? Imagine wanting to please your weeb daddy so much you defend creepy sexual jokes towards children.

No. 38673

I'm not saying it's funny, I'm saying it's obviously what he was going for (a joke). sorry I'm not autistic enough to vendetta after mangina over something that contextually is not necessarily a sign of sexual harassment?

I've been around since /cgl/ and I've heard countless stories/encounters/copypastas involving him, I'm not some imaginary neckbeard invasion or whatever you seem to have in your mind for people who have two brain cells to rub together.

let's think for two, TWO seconds: if mangina was a sexual predator/pedophile (hell, if anyone was one), would it be logical to hit on your target in a room full of people/with the parents standing right there, present? he might be a creepy asshole/with little social sense, but I don't think he's so far gone he'd think that flies if he didn't think it was, well, A JOKE?

is it really that hard to fathom what another person's mindset is, even if you disagree with them/dislike them?

I've said it in posts before and I'll say it again: anyone hate him for being socially awkward, rude, an asshole, creepy, whatever, but none of that proves these sexual allegations. I'm all for milk and call outs but it means diddly squat when you're just over-exaggerating these things. was the bulma VA faking the squat thing after ranting on about her personal vendetta against vic not damning enough? if you want to go after him, find the right reasons for your pitch forks, because this is just going to make his actual offenses seem trivial after all the false flags.

No. 38684

Everything you listed in description about him is a valid reason to accuse him of sexual assault & harassment. Stop trying to sugar coat it because there's no actual proof that you can view right before your eyes of him committing the act on someone. This claim you've been around since the /cgl/ Mangina days when stories like these were always appearing is embarrassing, you're clearly way too far up Vic's ass and can't comprehend anything that's been said about him over the last decade. Stop giving him the benefit of the doubt and excusing his shitty perverted self.

No. 38688

>let's think for two, TWO seconds: if mangina was a sexual predator/pedophile (hell, if anyone was one), would it be logical to hit on your target in a room full of people/with the parents standing right there, present?
As someone who's been around predators, that's exactly how they act when they feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings. They rely on the benefit of the doubt given by naive people like yourself, and those "in the know" laugh along with a wink and a nudge. It's a double-handed joke. It's not only at the expense of the child, but "normies" who think "Oh well that's an off-colour joke haha wew" and let it slide.
Only a pedophile would even get the idea of asking a kid "So…what're you doing after the show?". They would've already had to have sexualized that child in their mind to connect the two. It's that simple.

No. 38702

File: 1551743053642.jpg (192.03 KB, 1368x1026, v2-mattress.jpg)

I'm sure getting flashbacks

No. 38703

You're not convincing anyone. Do you even watch English dubbed anime to be WKing Vic this hard?

No. 38704

i didn't even know english dub voiceactors had fanclubs before this began. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride.

I'm just wondering how many people from tumblr they can get to testify under oath.

No. 38706

long time /cgl/ poster piping up to say that i also think this is a case of a handsy guy getting punished for being handsy in a time when that's verboten. does vic treat con staffers poorly? you bet. worked with him. but poorly means diva, not rapist. he's a stupid snotrag in a fandom full of GLOMPing retards who have next to no social awareness, turned into useful idiots for the outrage factor, told that it's cool and a moral obligation to jump on this bandwagon and bitch him out.

there are a lot of people who will avoid threads because they don't want to start fights. we're not in here fighting the useless fight - face it, no one is going to change their mind- but it doesn't mean that when we show up, we were sent by someone, or that we're part of his fan club, or that we're russian bots. some of us believe in innocent until proven guilty and are sick of all the recent media fuckups caused by too many people dogpiling without all the information. those of us in the middle don't listen and believe any more and the only people to blame for that are zealots. on either side.

if vic is a sexual predator, let him get busted in court. if that's the case, i want to see him be tried.

No. 38723

File: 1551755801068.jpg (45.14 KB, 409x359, 1549502237380.jpg)

> in a fandom full of GLOMPing retards who have next to no social awareness, turned into useful idiots for the outrage fact

Yes. This.

No. 38726

Stop being so dang reasonable.

No. 38730

anon you're quoting here, fucking thank you; you put it in much better words than I could. I'm really starting to question who the actual 'samefags' are in this thread.

there's been a consistent issue with people like this popping up around the site for over a year now, so I believe fully there are multiple, but god do I wish I had the power to check IPs. I am absolutely convinced there is a couple dedicated anons who project their past negative experience with sexual trauma on cows, it reads the same every time, they reply to pick a fight, never see the other side of the story even when it's brought up logically, just victimvictimvictim - everyones a predator, everyones a sexual harasser. you see it a ton in moo and onion's threads, for any little thing. slays me. I really hope mods look into it if my hunch is right and it is a loud minority who keep doing this mindless accusation garbage against cows.

No. 38743

Where have you seen this happening?

No. 38758

If poor little misunderstood Vic just wanted to glomp fangirls (and never boys, it should be noted) - then why have other VAs spoken out against him and saying they believe the stories?
There is even a story from a woman he tried to groom when he worked at her school. All signs points to him having a long history of preying on girls and women. If it ever went as far as rape is unknown.

It's just sad that anons can't or don't want to notice gigantic red warning signs about a man.

No. 38759

I thought everyone said Vic neck raped that guy when he got on his shoulders

No. 38769

To be honest I think that his handsy, weird behavior with minors and giving them his personal number coupled with him being an asshole to staff and treating everyone like shit is enough that he should be dropped and kicked out of events. These things have both been happening for ages and he's never going to change and there should be consequences. But I don't think he actually raped anyone.

No. 38771

I’m sure he would love to hug and kiss the men too but there are so many HOMOPHOBES out there that they’d prob beat him up

No. 38796

And it's sad that you don't understand that legally, if none of the people involved press charges, then they will get done for defamation. That's literally it. Vic being a douchebag is nothing to ruin his life over, unless you want the same rules applied to everyone. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you do want the same rules applied to everyone, but in that case, everything stays the same. Guy is tried and found guilty in court of public opinion. Guy retains juggernaut insane legal team to defend him. People who think they can ruin a person's livelihood using social media to do so are held accountable.

If you think this is bs or I'm somehow lying or whatever, I'm sorry because I genuinely think Vic is a tard. But you actually can't fuck with a person's jobs to the extent that they lose said jobs. This is separate from what he's been accused of. Again, if these people want to press charges, of course they should do exactly that. At this stage, they're not. I don't know why.

There are legal ramifications for public actions taken by a bunch of idiots on Twitter, and they apply equally to all of us. This is a good thing. I'm out.

No. 38801

File: 1551806893780.jpg (49.81 KB, 540x720, 055f32ba04bf1a8f758768c45428e9…)

No. 38803

I don't think he raped anyone either, though i don't think any of the accusers said rape anyway, just claimed sexual assault. Vic did admit that he didn't consider asking for consent to hug/kiss his fans, or instances like tickling his coworker and stepping over her boundaries.
I don't think it's big leap to believe that his behavior could be carried over to when he was seeking out relationships/sex and cheating on his wife.

No. 38820

I am 99% sure that it was anti sjws trying to make Vic seem more like a victim that they used rape.
Pathetic if you ask me

No. 38832

This is exactly what happened. Sexual Misconduct and Harassment were mostly thrown around until people decided they needed to make accusations sound WORSE to prove Vic's innocence.

Very few if any people /against/ Vic used/use rape as a term because grabbing an ass and giving kisses on the cheek is Misconduct/Harassment which is, in fact, what he did.

I can't believe they even found this thread, tbh.

No. 38904

>Video evidence of Momokun being handsy with fans and making them uncomfortable
>"Haha stupid cringy bitch she's cancelled"
>Video evidence of Vic being handsy with fans and making them uncomfortable
>"Innocent until proven guilty!!!1!"

Funny how y'all don't have the same energy when it's a man who's accused. . .

No. 38916

The momokunt thread has always been full of vendetta tier samefags. And when that entire thing went down it was pretty clear that select group of girls were there cheering themselves on being like 'ya bunny u slaaay yass' and such out of regular board speech garbage

I stopped going to momokunts thread for the same reason I'm complaining about anons in this one: select loud minority overflowing a person's unintentionally rude actions to the point they think lives deserve to be ruined over it.

Momokunt doesn't deserve to be beat up over being handsy and neither does mangina deserve to lose his work over it. Hated? Go right ahead. Should they apologize to the victims and reform their behaviors? Hell yes. But internet warriors take things too personally and too far time and time again.

I said the same shit in momos thread but it was overshadowed by the she's a pedo molester sperg as per usual because I sincerely feel we have a few dedicated misguided anons who project their negative past experiences on to cows and go pants on head retarded about it(derailing)

No. 38918

Vic lost his job at Funi after the company did an investigation. He lost it because of his behaviour towards his colleagues. Are you calling the other Funi VAs internet warriors?

No. 38921

You mean like bulmas VA who was sending witch hunts after him and then faked being swatted to try to make things look worse than they are? Sure.

Or the people saying he's a pedo sexual predator and should lose work or be in jail for making a joke on stage by asking a 5 year old what she's doing after the show? Yeah, I'll accept throwing out those accusations. I mean i can scroll up a few posts and see it in action. Though you'd be putting words in my mouth if you were to blanket statement my concern and say that there aren't valid complaints about general behavior or treatment of coworkers or staff. Not once have I tried to imply that isn't the case; encouraged it, even, in contrast to the more radical mindsets which undermine those real issues.

No. 38923

Do you mean Monica Rial, who has done nothing of that?
I have been reading her twitter for drama and she is as nicey nice about it as it gets.
Do you get all your "info" from MRA youtube videos or what?

No. 38929

>the people saying he's a pedo sexual predator and should lose work or be in jail for making a joke on stage by asking a 5 year old what she's doing after the show?
No one said he should "be in jail", just that he's a pedophile after you stupidly claimed the joke was meaningless because "a REAL pedo wouldn't make a joke like that in front of so many people!".

No. 38935

We dont care. Go cry somewhere else

No. 38938

File: 1551885809568.png (133.69 KB, 552x754, matsuri.png)

>bulma's VA
>faked being swatted
>Samantha Inoue-Harte is Monica Rial
Monica did some hilariously dumb shit but not that dumb.

In other news: https://twitter.com/BoycottMatsuri/status/1103034387992662016

Nick has published an interview with Vic's lawyer (haven't watched it yet, but will talk about what to expect from the lawsuit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptRVzTQ58W4

Also I don't think any Vic's fans or whatever are posting in this thread aside from the twitter screenshots from absolute randos, but I'm sure someone affiliated with Vic has stumbled upon this board but we haven't said anything dumb yet about the law to warrant posting i guess lol https://twitter.com/NickRekieta/status/1102325810952916992

No. 38970

he's really going in on PULLtards which you gotta love.

No. 39066

Nick searches his own name?
For someone who tries to come off as cool that seems, oddly insecure

No. 39158

I'm interested, what do people actually think Vic is going to court for exactly?

Cause I've heard some bizarre stuff from people.

No. 39167

I IMAGINE if he's going to court it would be for defamation. If he's suing any of the women who have called him out on his behavior which led to him losing jobs, he can file libel charges against them for monetary compensation of the work he’s lost. However, if he sues for slander of his name/reputation, he has to prove that what is being said against him is false.
In the US it’s really tough to sue for libel because as the plantiff you have to prove the defendant is lying, so he has to provide evidence he’s never harassed anyone. (This is exactly why Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard in the UK instead, because their defamation laws are the opposite and are easier for the plantiff to win: Heard, as the defendant, has to prove she was abused.)

No. 39170

people send him the shit.

No. 39179

Rekieta Laws and Skip Mangina fanboys are sadm

No. 39180

A Vic dicksucker is a Vic dicksucker. No one particularly cares about how he’s sticking it to pulltards.

No. 39182

wait so you can say someone is a pedophile racist satan worshipping baby killer then use your position to spread that around. And the person defending themselves have to somehow prove they aren't a pedophile racist satan worshipping babykiller?

How the hell do you prove that other than filming your entire life until that point?

No. 39202

Yeah, that's basically the problem. As the plaintiff you can have witnesses that can come in and comment on your character to disprove claims against you, or have witnesses comment on your relationship with the witness, to try and prove to the jury that you merely have a professional working relationship.
Hence why it's easier to sue someone overseas for defamation, because then the defendant will have to prove you (the plaintiff bringing up the charges) were abusive, hostile, or a pedophile racist satan worshipping babykiller. (*though racist comments and satan-worshipping are protected by the first amendment in the US) In turn, the defendant must present their case, showing proof the plantiff has in fact sexually assaulted/harassed you, diddled kids then murdered babies – whether through documented physical evidence (police reports, photos, video etc), or through fellow eye-witness testimony that can back up the statements and persuade a jury or judge the plaintiff is at fault.

Follow up to my initial post: If Vic takes any of his accusers to court he's going to have a hell of a time trying to persuade a jury his innocence because there's a lot of room for doubt. So if he wants an easy lawsuit to get some cash, that won't necessarily clear his name of the crimes, he can sue for contract disputes with companies dropping him, or tie the women up in legal battles by suing them for one-off situations (IE: "one time she stepped on my toe and I had to go to the hospital and I want her to pay my bills and for pain and suffering" - bullshit lawsuits to keep them busy and to waste their time and money).

No. 39255

do you know anything about texas law? people keep saying the fact it's in texas makes a difference.

No. 39324

Did some research last night, came across this site which explains libel and media laws in Texas: https://www.texaspress.com/law-a-the-media-in-texas-libel-defenses-01
The only restrictions on libel lawsuits in Texas is the time period for action – lawsuits must be opened within a year of the publication. So if that's what Vic is suing for, sounds like he's on his way.

However, he may not be suing for defamation or libel based on the following information:
>A person may not successfully sue for libel based on a communication to which he or she has consented.
>The basic example of consent is the publication of what someone says about himself or herself. If the person says something that is self-incriminating and does so knowing the statement or statements might be published, he or she consents.
Because Vic made a public apology he has acknowledged some sort of wrong-doing, thus shooting himself in the foot for any sort of successful defamation lawsuit in his favor.

No. 39335

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this

No. 39520

>Victim blaming
>Muh alt-right
>Bible thumping
Holy shit is this Resetera or 10 bux infested shithole?
Is this place filled with trannies or beta orbiters?
You sound like /leftypol/ not a cow board. Pathetic.
Fuck this moralfaggotry.

No. 39581

Do you Yellowflash/Rekieta/Bitchette Mignon fans have this site bookmarked or something?

No. 39672

If only all farmers supported this pervy voice acting nobody, then we'd be a REAL cow board!

No. 39699

It has to do with tort laws, anon. Tortious interference. The defamation laws there aren't really here nor there, but the tort laws in Texas are extremely juicy.

No. 39731

>Misses the point
>Use of Buzzwords
This is bad as 7chan denouncing greentext and unironically indulging cuckold porn

No. 39749

Juicy how?

No. 39824

Why are you regularly using drama boards founded for the purpose of gossip if you don't like seeing gossip?

Are you doing that 'self-harm via deliberately seeking out stuff online that'll upset you' thing I've been hearing about lately?

No. 40176

File: 1552762537320.png (217.97 KB, 504x1028, names.png)

Vic dick-suckers piece together the people from the io9 article (>>36635)


Not sure why they consider any of the allegations "debunked" (aside from not believing Inoue-Harte, who lied about getting swatted, which I get being apprehensive of). Nothing has been gathered that said their allegations are false.

No. 40180

Oh wow they used their detective skills to know who accused someone when they used anonymity.
That's not creepy at all.
Nope not at all

No. 40185

Yeah that is just creepy. Those people are going to have harassment unleashed on them.
By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if that "supergirl" turned out to not be a girl, this persons twitter is full of nothing but calling women lying thots.

No. 40189

As I believe in, If you do something shitty the world is gonna make you sure it bites your ass violently.
How much do you bet that Supergirl and Jordan Eshelman have alot of shit under their rugs?

No. 40190

Quick question is there any proof Vic assaulted anyone? I think he was overly touchy with fans and that he’s a massive asshole and creep but I haven’t seen anything saying he actually raped someone?

No. 40221

There isn't any, it's all hearsay

No. 40261

Apparently: Jessie Pridemore has a witness that Vic accosted her at least. No one is actually saying he raped anyone. Sometimes say rape in he heat of the arguments but those people are dumb.

Plenty of first hand accounts of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, video evidence of offensive "comedy" material he never apologized for, video evidence creepily flirting with underage girls "in-character" which I mean I don't care if they asked for that specifically or just for him to be in-character. Some people are speaking out against that bit, as well, saying they didn't ask for him to flirt/come off as sexual. He should know better either way. Underage is underage.

No. 40411

Tbh a lot of the footage of Vic feeling up girls during that "what if you drank it…from my mouth?" skit he did over and over again during cons over the years fits the bill for me.

Like, I don't care if the 7 year old "wanted it". If a stranger had grabbed my young daughter and held him against her body while he whispered sexual things into her ear, I would have yanked her out of his fucking arms. Screw worrying about causing a scene, it's a disgrace her parents didn't do the same.

No. 40515

No one said he raped anyone moron, he sexually harassed people and likely groped a girl but he never raped them. Read the thread before jumping to rape.

No. 40517

Is it me or is it always Vic defenders that say he raped but not those against Vic?

No. 40528

he sexually harassed people and grabbed them without consent. He treated his female fans in a creepy manner, with touching and saying sexual things. Even his coworkers hated working with him.

That's so creepy. holy shit.

No. 40568

Ugh. Starts at around 48.30

No. 40650

lol @ kiwifarms doxing people over telling the truth

No. 40750

Tell us more

No. 40755

File: 1553182456932.png (165.75 KB, 720x597, Screenshot_2019-03-21-12-28-27…)

Vic Stans are fucking lame

No. 40758

This is the gayest thing I've ever read. Vic fans are actually retarded, aren't they?

No. 40761

Seems so.
Not to circlejerk Steve Blum but how do both come from the same ear of dubbing yet Steve delivers quality?

No. 40855

>Flowers for Vic
Are you fucking kidding me. They're literally acting like they're going to Vic's funeral or something.

No. 40856

It's because they're so stupid they don't know the difference between sexual assault/harassment and rape.

No. 40862

>They're literally acting like they're going to Vic's funeral or something.

Haha how fitting. RIP Vic's career, here are some flowers.

No. 40864

Why would you give flowers to a pedophile lol

No. 40874

Because the only ones doing it are Risembol Rangers and some men.

No. 40886

Do the #istandwithvic-ers not know how crazy they sound? Everyday, I see them spam Funimation tweets with threats as if the guy running the Funimation twitter could even do anything about it. They all worship this youtube lawyer who they treat like a godly super-lawyer when he spends all day getting drunk on livestreams than actually doing lawyer work. They keep repeating the "innocent until proven guilty" schtick as if Funi didn't consult a lawyer first before firing Vic. It's retarded. Even if Vic turned out to be completely innocent this entire time, #istandwithvic would still be fucking insane. They even draw pictures of Ty Beard and Rekieta like they're Super Saiyans. It's the spergiest shit I've seen in the last two months.

No. 40889

I can't wait for the super sperg out if Vic is proven guilty.
You know how bad it's gonna get

No. 40893

Is a legal case currently going on with him?

No. 40909

File: 1553277601656.png (1.24 MB, 1534x1050, Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 17.5…)

No. 40967

I'm not surprised that Reuben Langdon is pro-Vic. Iirc people have said that he was an awful con guest and unpleasant person to be around as well.

No. 40972

Who gives a shit about Monica anymore, it's about Vic not her stupid ass.

Vic's the pedophile who's defended purely for voicing anime characters while Monica is just some attention whore at this rate.

No. 40973

File: 1553308263364.gif (229.49 KB, 379x387, luluco toast.gif)

Almost all Dragon ball fans have some form of autism so it doesn't surprise me that they think spamming a twitter page and drawing E-celebs as super saiyans will somehow make Funi rehire Vic.

We're talking about the same people who defend a guy with their life solely because he voiced some shounen characters in shitty dubs.

No. 40976

The dub ain't even shitty but Broly never really said any lines iirc.
I didn't even realized Vic was Broly because all Broly does is yell.
Which reminds me of Vic fans

No. 41015

Vic's been threatening to sue for libel, and the legal fees have been successfully crowdfunded, but I don't think he's filed anything yet

No. 41018

>the legal fees have been successfully crowdfunded
Oops. Guess Rekieta "needs" another 100 grand.

No. 41019

Nick should that nobody should be also funding his alcoholism.

No. 41020

should know*
My bad

No. 41023

lol seriously? there's no way Vic needs 200k. and of course they're just throwing more money at him without asking why.

No. 41025

As in Flowers for Algernon? With Vic going away forever to live in a home for the retarded? Sounds good to me!

No. 41029

He does need the other 100K because he wants to scam idiots to help his shitty business.
I mean help an ""innocent"" man and help free speech of course

No. 41031

These people are braindead not to see that Rekieta was a scammer from the start. A fool and their money soon part separate ways. I kind of wish that someone had gotten the gofundme successfully taken down in the first place, assuming there was a way to report him for scamming. At this point it's not even about Vic, it's about him

If there's even a chance this makes it to court a good chunk of that "legal fee money" is probably going to be pocketed. Vic could probably afford his own attorney in the first place, Rekieta's greedy for money and a massive attention whore. He's a cow on his own for still managing to have drooling fans worship him after he went on a stream and drunkenly threatened to get Monica rial's fiancée fired from his job

No. 41036

All the kiwis and pro-Vic crowd sucking him off are insane. A lawyer's job is to bullshit you and make you think they're saying the right thing. A lawyer you only know on the internet should be the last person you trust at face value.

No. 41043

Let's not forget Vic initially said excess funds are going to charity, which means he saw the 100k as enough. This is really seeming like a scam.

No. 41044

Is Vic even aware of this? I fail to see how he got this buddy-buddy with Nick to let him continue funneling money into the GFM even after the initial goal.

No. 41074

He didn't of course.
Nick is funding his shit tier business and lemme tell you something about the right and anime fans crowd.
You know what pisses them off the most?
And if they learn that Nick is scamming then him and people who promoted him are getting ripped to shreds in the internet way

No. 41097

maybe he's profiting off it too? or he doesn't know. I know that Racketeer and the other "lawyer" involved who's Vic's "official" lawyer (Ty Beard I think) are probably pocketing the money for themselves but no idea about Vic himself because the guy is quiet by comparison to the rest of these blathering idiots. That doesn't mean he's not pocketing the money, he could easily be lying about donating excess to charity to appease his fans. Big tinfoil though.

Either way I can't see this holding up in court, internet shit probably doesn't ever hold up in court unless it's very explicitly threatening but I don't think anything Monica, Jamie, any of the other VA's or the news outlets said would hold up in a court of law and lean in his favor, if anything I can imagine Vic and his pompous gaggle of idiots getting laughed off the stand in a legit court of law. I feel like a court of law would see this whole ordeal as a waste of time. Then again ppl have sued for more retarded things than this and won so maybe I'm wrong…

No. 41252

I don't even know what to believe about how the lawsuit might go down. It feels like all the predictions have been either "he'll get laughed at and lose immediately" or "he'll destroy Funimation and take down all the Marxist fujoshi SJWs!!!" depending on whatever the thread wants to hear. My gut feeling says it's probably not going to be so cut-and-dry, but idk.

No. 41300

File: 1553459662491.png (50.82 KB, 657x355, vic1.png)

apparently a few guests and people holding panels have canceled due to Kamehacon inviting Vic. What an idiotic move.
allegations true or false to invite him in the middle of all of this is retarded, they clearly have no care for safeguarding.

No. 41321

But anoooonnnnn, they care about fansssss and when the female cosplayers come maybe just maybe Istandwithvic and animegate dudebros will realize how handsy he is.
Or they will complain about it being false like always.

No. 41322

Those same fans thought Monica Rial was out to steal Vic Mignogna's voice roles. They don't even know what Vic sounds like.

No. 41325

File: 1553471357247.jpeg (421.85 KB, 750x1004, DF9BC508-13A7-44FF-B912-BF3111…)

They found us….

No. 41326

File: 1553471379972.jpeg (231.83 KB, 750x479, 43F06A6F-9838-40A3-98A5-502CBB…)

… kinda lol

No. 41327

That's what I find so baffling about all this. Even if we ignore the legitimate sexual assault allegations made by other VAs even just the sensual hugs and kisses were fuckin' weird for this over 60+ year old man to be doing. Apparently he's had people tell him it's creepy AND he's been aware of the rumors for a while, yet didn't once stop to think, like a responsible adult, that perhaps he should tone it down?
If he can turn down signing Yaoi he can turn down recreating romance scenes/ whispering shit in people's ear. It's not hard so I don't really have much sympathy for him even if he IS innocent of sexual assault because he should have learned the line between professional and fan long ago yet chose to ignore it. Giving his personal number to underage girls? I'd have had the cops on his ass the second I learned he'd given such to my underage daughter.
Still a creep and this fact was known for years yet because these dudes want some points over the SJWs all of a sudden that doesn't matter. . . he's some saint that belongs in the Anime community because he voiced like . . three major roles - two of which aren't even relevant anymore because the series are over. Outside of Edward Elric, Tamaki, and now Broly I honestly thought he'd gone dark with VA because I never heard much of him. Sure as hell don't recognize his voice if it comes up. He's not as famous nor important as they want him to be so all this hullabaloo is just sad and embarrassing to watch.

No. 41328

He actually appears in alot of dubs and it's so damn annoying.
Like, You'd think someone who is supposed to be an emotionless teenage idol would not sound as nasal as he does.
Most recent role was in Baki or Fate/Extra Last Encore iirc

No. 41334

File: 1553474489078.png (315.27 KB, 614x400, Screenshot_2019-03-24-21-39-57…)

Not putting the username out of respect but.
Leave the dead man alone you lunatic bastards

No. 41340

I must be lucky, then, as I never recognize his voice if I've heard it in what I've watched. The only recent major role I can think of off the top of my head is Rin in Free! but I watched that subbed. Even then, it's just a voice. It's not that serious.
There are definitely some out there that I'd be sad to hear replaced, but if the VA was outed as a creep amongst the community - not an assaulter, just a creep - it's not something I'd defend over people's security- certainly not for a fucking cartoon character. Rumors don't come from nowhere and these are grown-a adults should be facing the consequences of their actions, not have fans hold their hands through all the hate and throw them legal fees.
It's no different than delusional Youtuber stanners. Embarrassing.

(would also like to correct the typo in my previous post - he's 56 not 60+)

No. 41360

Some dumbass on PULL linked this thread recently
I'm sure some were aware but PULL has been in the spotlight since that lawyer linked their vic thread earlier, so you can thank the dipshits there

No. 41364

this genuinely makes me angry

No. 41373

lol these jokes write themselves

No. 41381

File: 1553498374494.png (892.87 KB, 1440x2467, Screenshot_2019-03-25-03-15-43…)

decided to search lolcow.farm mentions on twitter and came across this older tweet


No. 41391

You say that like every single person involved in the flying colors foundation and otaku coin don't still have thriving careers.

No. 41392

where in this thread has any anon "conspired"? The autits will truly latch on to anything. it's been here since 2015 and it's been dead since the allegations came out. But yet again, people saying Vic is a creepy motherfucker has been documented here since 2015 before anything came out.

No. 41410

It's a literal conspiracy theory lol. You can never win with conspiracy theorists, because they think any counter-evidence must be a new part of the conspiracy. So if you had a bad experience with Vic and posted about it 15 years ago, clearly you're an insane straight white man hater who's been conspiring for 15 years to destroy his career and they'll never listen to you.

No. 41432

#IstandwithVic logic is thinking FUNi and RT somehow fired a guy with no proof of consultation, yet fully believing in an ambulance chaser lawyer who films himself getting shitfaced.

No. 41438

File: 1553536638179.png (467.61 KB, 659x869, autism.png)

actual full autism from this one holy kek

No. 41439

File: 1553536931828.png (45.19 KB, 660x332, autism2.png)

I guess we're an underground website thats been planning to take Vic down for years, even though not 1 anon here has specifically went out of their way to press charges or start a man hunt.
Logging experiences with how creepy he is awful apparently.

No. 41443

I see someone's tard wrangler isn't paying enough attention to what their charge is doing.

No. 41444

It seems she couldn't take the L because she believes we are some sort of "Underground secret hacker group" although iirc isn't vendetta posting (Getting revenge) kinda against the rules?

No. 41447

it is.
If she had half a brain cell and looked at what this website is she'd find that out right away/ lc is very strict, and if anons in this thread were "conspiring" it would be considered cowtipping which would result in an auto ban.

No. 41448

(Same anon you're answering to so sorry for off topic)
And wouldn't the thread be locked for conspiring too or other rules cause threads to be locked?

No. 41449

not sure if the thread would be locked, most likely left to auto sage and die in the pit of other dead threads.

No. 41467

does she think the VAs post on this thread orrrrr

No. 41482

That even implies this site has enough traction to get caught under someone's famous eyes lmao

No. 41493

These people think the guy running the Funi twitter has any say in what's going on. They likely believe the CEO of Funimation runs the twitter.

No. 41515

man his fanbase isn't kidding when they say they're autistic

No. 41549

>talking about Vic for years
What? Is she retarded?

No. 41550

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

No. 41623

didn't you hear anon? everyone who said Vic was a predator before kickvic was just conspiring to get him for years before, including his own fellow VA's! /s

Seriously though, this YouTube video in particular being uploaded by a Vic supporter and swarmed with comments claiming defamation and conspiracy against him is a goldmine of cringe.

His fellow VA's were mocking him years before KickVic even happened.

No. 41625

File: 1553655402802.png (107.3 KB, 964x360, 9B66BDAD-ACAD-4D23-866C-0BCF9E…)

a choice cap of the video's top pinned comment. better adjust that tinfoil hat.

No. 41628

This Funi VA mentions Vic just once, and over a hundred of his fanatics rush at her with their "holier than thou" attitude.

No. 41640

>defend a man who's had rumors of being a perverted creep who preys on young girls dogging him for years >harass anyone who dares to speak up against him
>"Waaahhhh how dare you use autist as an insult!! You people are disgusting!!"

The mental gymnastics of these maniacs.

No. 41646

>as if she would've known her brother would do this
>implying that she is somehow responsible for all her brother's actions
>implying that she keeps tabs on him at all times

>nothing to do with the vic case at all

>just finding ways to throw more VAs under the bus

No. 41647

Vic stans
>call everyone who dislikes Vic even slightly a slew of buzzwords and slurs
>SJW, NPC, misandrist, man hater, bitch, whore etc

also vic stans

self awareness level is at 110% guise

No. 41655

If I've learned anything from this ordeal, it's that people who use buzzwords sound like a legit retard

No. 41657

>being late panels and leaving early

I haven't worked outside of a minimum wage job but I'm pretty sure that's a lack of something they call "professionalism"

No. 41658

Do people really think this is an anime? If Vic revealed he bought some slave girl it wouldn't make himself look any better.

No. 41662

Off topic but what did her brother do?
Also people seriously comparing a hard time for to Vic?
Ngl them lacking some sort of compassion makes their anger over the Autism comment come off less of "That's offensive because it mocks others" to "That's offensive because it's true"

No. 41664

Her brother bought computer parts and the hard drive for his PC just so happen to have some CP on it.

Comparing this to Vic's situation is the downest of the syndrome.

No. 41665

I'm not shocked that a lot of pro-Vic people have no relevant experience with sexual harassment other than completely fictional power fantasies
It's just ironic (and a little dismaying) that they think they're woke as hell for denying something that a lot of entertainment subcultures have already owned up to. If a grown man is setting himself up as a sex symbol for underage girls, he probably wants to bone them. No one cares when pop punk band #3925085 gets cancelled because they already know it's true.

No. 41667

File: 1553682965654.png (28.74 KB, 613x263, wh.PNG)

What did he mean by this? What do Vic and this girl's brother have to do with "you asked for equal rights if you don't like it get back in the kitchen xd"
His fans are so unhinged

No. 41668

They're assuming they think she believes her brother is innocent because she said from her experience with him that she thinks he would never hurt kids.

Even if he was downloading the CP for himself she probably didn't know about it. It's also very typical of family members in situations like these, especially where it's not completely expected, for them to be shocked and react accordingly, wanting to deny that their family member could ever be capable of partaking heinous acts like child molestation or even distributing pictures of child molestation.

Vic's fans probably didn't give that many hoots when Scott Freeman was arrested for CP. Although I do remember some people arguing that they thought Freeman was caught with loli hentai and not physical child porn- although most people called those allegations out as BS. At least under US jurisdiction I believe possessing loli/shota/underage hentai, versus child porn where real children are being abused are not considered to be interchangeable charges, the latter carries a far heftier sentence. I wonder how the Scott Freeman situation would go over in today's climate. Probably not well. Even though there was irrefutable evidence against him, and he'd been arrested, the fact that people were trying to insist that he'd been arrested for loli hentai still squicks me out to this day, I can't imagine how bad the reaches would be to defend someone like that now in this deluded, incel ridden hell that is the current state of many anime fandoms.

No. 41679

Can you honestly imagine thinking that someone's grief and shock at their brother being arrested for CP is comparable to, or even less important than, someone's feelings about a Z-list actor
Vic stans need to step off the manufactured outrage machine

No. 41698

Seriously, how do you draw this and not cringe? This is like when GG artists drew Ethan Ralph and Milo on Mount Rushmore.

No. 41701

This too. And Rekieta retweets this shit. Someone photoshopping your face onto Superman just because you're acting like a tough guy on the internet.

No. 41704

>Gets mad for posting about autism
>Everyone in the replies bragging about their autism or saying that autism is a compliment
They literally did nothing but prove my point.

No. 41706

File: 1553706427050.png (16.56 KB, 459x109, unknown (1).png)

Considering that half of these tards thought that she was screencapping stuff from /a/, are you really surprised that they would instantly jump to 'hacker group'?

No. 41708

>legion of anti-social justice
I almost feel bad making fun of these people, they seriously think that defending pedophiles online makes them 'internet badasses'.

No. 41710

Has any #istandwithvic-er in the last month not sounded like a mental cripple? I can't imagine a normal functioning adult be this flippant about proof and potential lawsuits that don't even affect themselves. It would be nice to pretend these guys are just kids who don't know any better, but if they're old enough to donate money to a GFM, they should be able to understand that demanding a court process to happen because of a guy getting fired is stupid.

No. 41712

File: 1553706808149.png (16.11 KB, 580x158, vicfags.PNG)

Gotta say I love the leaps in logic with these people, funny how he went straight to MAINSTREAM METEOR.

No. 41714

They obviously didn't do any research into court and instantly jump to that Vic is innocent purely based on him voicing anime characters. So they're pretty obviously stuck in the mental state of kids in middle school.

No. 41715

All they know is the shit Rekieta feeds them. They're too simpleminded to question him or comprehend that a laywer can lie just like any other human, and as soon as he goes "muh tortious interference", they clap like he's the greatest lawyer of all time. It's like when a 5-year-old thinks all police officers are superheroes who stop bad guys and solve major crimes every hour on the hour.

No. 41718

Vic's Lawyer is probably gonna end up in a bigger shit pile than Vic himself for announcing that he's going to defend him on twitter. Even worse is the other lawyer who sits around getting drunk all day and making youtube videos instead of doing his actual job.

Anyone who defends daddy Vic is pure and can do no wrong I suppose.

No. 41719

File: 1553707454548.png (43.48 KB, 415x377, chick btw.PNG)

>Lolcow is one person

No. 41720

How do these people even have money to donate to a GoFundMe in the first place? Are they all just shut-ins playing with their mom's credit card?

No. 41721

Either mom's credit card or they work at Mcdonalds and sacrificed their money for Vic sama.

No. 41722

Did Rekieta get his law degree from some no name clown college? I can't imagine someone like him having the patience to attend years of law school.

No. 41723

Pretty sure he just went to school drunk, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he went to a party college or something.

No. 41725

The dumbest part of Vic stans harassing Sarah? She's dating Aaron Dismuke (go to 10:00 at the video). The guy Vic always says is like a little brother to him at panels. If he wasn't against Vic in the past few months, he certainly is now. Vic's too stupid to understand this #istandwithvic bullshit is going to burn more bridges than it will ever fix.

No. 41728

They think what he's been doing is completely fine in their eyes and it shows. Them playing it off as being "harassed by a hug" is their way is saying he's not doing anything wrong with anyone with a brain knows that isn't the case.

I had a teacher in school who was close and was all buddy buddy with the girls in my class, always putting their hands on their shoulders and shit. He later went on to molest someone. I'm not saying you can't be nice to young girls, just don't try to buddy up with them if you're gonna be a pedophile cause it won't help you at all.

No. 41734

I love how it portrays Rekieta the whole way around that he would be in fiction.
Rekieta as Superman is really funny because he is supposed to be a symbol of hope and someone who willingly helps others even if not related to him.
Rekieta is the type of asshole to sell out his friends only to get killed inmediately after.
Lolcow is Ermac hacking cousin

No. 41735

Wherever he got it from if he has to rely on online edgelords for money then lemme tell you it was bottom of the bottom of the barrel

No. 41739

Early on when the tag had recently started… I remember there was some guy claiming that he thought "minority groups" were responsible for the kickvic movement like it was some kind of massive conspiracy and he was insisting that he'd seen multiple kickers who had joe biden headers, which was utter insanity. He also proceeded to call marginalized groups "cults".

Chicken tendie dwellers are a strong group in Vic's fanbase overall, some of them were there from the beginning but most of them bandwagoned when they saw it as an opportunity to spread misogyny. they probably get disability handouts and allowances from their parents, sink it all into the gofundme campaign for their scumbag shield hero fag, rinse, repeat.

No. 41751

>Just a humble little warrior of light, fighting for truth and justice. In place of a sword, I prefer a shield, which I use in the form of truth and evidence.
How did Vic attract all the faux-chivalrous dorks?

No. 41757

Who gives a fuck about this person. just some nobody wanting attention like every other vic supporter

No. 41797

Someone needs to make a thread on this bitch. Imagine the milk

No. 41805

Easily one of my favorite stories was the one of the jewish fan who Vic told "would change that" after mention the fact.

What are you going to do, Vic? Sew his foreskin back on?

No. 41807


No. 41839

I can't believe they think this makes Vic look good.

No. 41840

File: 1553789324691.jpeg (23.24 KB, 200x252, 9BCA82CE-D497-4803-B554-ED8854…)

vic did nothing wrong(whitenight)

No. 41850

>calling women thots is okay
>calling dragon ball fans defending Vic autistic is evil

No. 41854

Vic fans always do this dumb shit of making their side looks worse.
It's like watching a fireman put gasoline instead of water to a fire

No. 41857

I do love the ones who are like "if you're a guy just don't interact with women" like they're begging for some scrap of pity. No, don't interact with women. Not if you're some perverted asshole who just wants to fuck them and feel their tits on you when you unexpectedly hug them.

No. 41858

Placing bets on what happens after the lawsuit
>Istandwithvic autists backtrack and delete all of the memes like this and pretend it never happened
>refuse to believe court evidence and continue with autism

No. 41860

I do believe that if the "muh evidence" they want actually came out, they'd still wouldn't accept it.

No. 41863

realistically what would the court evidence even be?

won't this just be hearsay and character statements or what not?

at least I haven't seen anything other than that in the thread, so would the trial even make a difference in what there is to confirm/deny?

also, doesn't it still depend on what the lawsuit is about? like, we're assuming (we don't know) that vic is sueing for slander/character assassination or wrongful job dismissal or something like that, right? so wouldn't the defending parties have to countersue for sexual harassment etc?

and no matter what his fanbase does or says, if he can show he hasn't directly encouraged their behavior, he's not responsible for their harassment, right?

sincerely curious not trying to start a fight or anything, want to know what the realistic likelihood of anything even happening in a court of law is

because things like his co-VAs not liking him, or him giving hugs to his fanbase, giving his phone number to his fanbase, or making bad jokes with young girls in videos or something – they might look bad, but none of those things will really 'hold up' in a court of law, right? like they aren't 'technically' illegal, even if they might look skeevey, yeah?

No. 41865

Definitely the latter, there's no way at this point that they're going to stop defending Vic.

No. 41867

Isn't he suing for wrongful termination? In which case all funi has to do is show that no, they carried out the proper investigations required by law and that the victims and their witnesses were determined to be credible.

No. 41869

nta but he's going to have to prove that funimation literally said "you're fired because of the harassment allegations. even if he's contracted it's likely written in that funimation has the authority to fire him at will, as most contracts protect the company and treat the employee as their asset to keep them from going somewhere else.

No. 41872

Well Vic has been surprisingly smart in this situation. A shame that his VA accusers have handled this so poorly. That being said, if he stays smart he'll shut up about what his court case exactly is. Since none of us are entitled to that information I think it should stay that way.

No. 41890

I wouldn't say it's that smart. If Vic laid low for a couple years and then came back saying he changed, I could see some job opportunities for him. But getting a blowhard like Rekieta shout at con organizers, voice actors, and companies with legal bullshit means those guys are not going to want to deal with Vic no matter what happens in the future. And when your income depends entirely on getting a steady stream of voice acting offers and convention appearances, you stabbed yourself in the foot.

No. 41915

Vic hasn't said much (publicly) but the people he's associating himself with sure have lol

Vic willing associates with Rekieta, and I'll leave this absolute cringe fest here: https://files.catbox.moe/nffj5i.webm (from https://youtu.be/ptRVzTQ58W4?t=7260)

His lawyer has joined Rekieta streams twice to discuss certain aspects of the case

Todd Haberkorn (who OUTED HIMSELF as being the unnamed rapist in Pridemore's story >>29722) is also being represented by Vic's lawyer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE02ZKp087s

No. 41917

I watched like a minute of the link. This guy is not a legit lawyer, is he?

No. 41919

Unfortunately, he is.

No. 41920

You gotta be shittin me. Who the fuck would hire this idiot for their case? I'm sure attacking the lawyer isn't a proper legal strategy but if he were in a court case, any case, this shit would have to come up.

No. 41929

the fact that Todd is getting involved is hilarious
he didn't need to open his fat mouth and admit he was the guy involved in Jessie's story. he did it on his own merit. how the fuck he thinks he can sue her when he was responsible for his own outing is beyond me,

she wasn't trying to provoke him by posting the story, she had to talk about what'd happened with him in order to explain Vic's behavior towards her and why Vic's remarks were inappropriate…

No. 41930

he lives in a right to work state and he isn't officially tied to funimation, he's a freelancer who's not officially associated with the company. ergo, he's a contractor. contractors are even more disposable than low tier employees, companies can drop them like hotcakes if they think they're being problematic. unlike the VA's who are funimation exclusive he doesn't have the advantage of being bound to them as an employee so it was undoubtedly legal to fire him much more easily than firing a legit funi employee. at least to my knowledge. also as a right to work state tx basically has no unions and they can fire you for virtually anything. even unionized companies in the state really can't guarantee you won't be fired for something stupid, unions in tx are notoriously shitty and lazy.

No. 41943

Rekieta the retard is doing a 24 hour livestream.

No. 41948

lmao i wonder if he'll faint

don't feel like giving sperg the views, hoping someone will recap it or record the highlights

No. 41950

I know I'm the faggot who's been going to this thread a few times a day lately, but what the fuck can he talk about for 24 hours on this topic that isn't repeating what every Vic supporter has said "where's the evidence I'd deny even if I was shown it."

If he goes on some rant about how he hates this VA or that accuser it won't make his point, it'll just some he's some cunt who's sad sexual assualt ends their career.

I wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if this guy has done shit in the past.

No. 41952

I am guessing he knows he can't trick his audience for long and just doing it for one last chance to take money off his idiot followers.

I would support such a thing (lord knows people who actually watch and believe his shit shouldn't even have money to begin with) but it is Rekard.

No. 41978

Same. I fully expect Rekieta to have fondled or roofied somebody years ago. He's too much of a sleaze and a clout chaser to think he has a clean record.

No. 42000

Putting my tinfoil hat on but.
With how much of an opportunist and how it seems nobody is hiring him because he has to go for online edgelords for revenue I think he might have fucked up something financially instead of roofying or fondling someone.

No. 42005

He's a self proclaimed "low cost lawyer" so it wouldn't be out of the question that his pricing reflects his services. Someone who found his bar? record said he'd been involved in cases before so he has actually been in a courtroom but there's not that much detail as to what they were

No. 42013

Wait Todd's a rapist? Wtf I can't follow any popular male anymore can I?

No. 42017

Of course you can. Just be aware that they may disappoint you.

No. 42020

He responded to the Pridemore's post (>>31146)
stating it was a consensual encounter. He mentions another person being with them while they were flirting, Adam, who later came out against him >>31169.

Todd is just incredibly dumb. Whether or not he did it, he should have stayed quiet and consulted someone for legal advice instead of writing "I'm the rapist she's talking about but I'm not a rapist"

No. 42023

Ray Chase, Max Mittelman and Robbie Daymond seem decent enough of male voice actors and so does Troy Baker.
Question is why so cheap, Usually lawyers have a pretty good reason to ask for such high prices, I dunno if it's the sea or him that smells fishy to me

No. 42024

The warning signs are all there. Cheap lawyer who conveniently has tons of time to do livestreams and harass people on twitter, comes out of nowhere to help Vic despite never knowing the guy beforehand, and asks for huge sums of money to aid him. How he tricked anyone into believing he was an honest lawyer, let alone a good one is beyond me. Those lawyers who do ads during Maury commercial breaks are less skeevy.

No. 42052

Previous anon here, same person who said they found his record said that he supposedly helped a girl who was a CSA victim (impregnated by her father) sue the guy and win (yeah, the situation is disgusting, I know, I'm just parroting what I was told. that's the one case they claimed that he was involved in?), but I have zero proof of that and the user who said that provided zero proof of the case's existence.

While it could be true it seems awfully unlikely that someone as seemingly misogynistic as Rekieta would help a CSA victim, even for money.

No. 42054

I don't think he'd go as far refusing a CSA victim… he lives in the middle of nowhere in MN, opened his office in 2015. Job's a job. He does have a wife and 5 kids. I'm not sure if the whole cuck/soye/general internet behavior makes that fact better or worse though.

No. 42055

He's a lawyer who did his job. I'm sure someone as shitty as him could put aside being a woman hater if a case like that was that fucked up.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt. It would be hypocritical to not believe a story about something like that.

No. 42056

There is no goddamn way he has five kids. He is doing a 24 hour livestream as of writing this.

How long until he's divorced?

No. 42057


Finally an artist actually gave a rendition of the alcoholic Rekieta is.

No. 42058

A 24 fucking hour livestream means he'll be drunk and sleep-deprived by the halfway point, so what's stopping #KickVic-ers from prodding him during the stream and getting him to say confidential things Beard and Mignogna wouldn't want him to say? He'd be too drunk to say no.

No. 42059

I'd rather watch him bury himself than provoke him into saying dumb shit. Not like he can do that on his own.

Plus that live stream is undoubtedly heavily moderated, only people giving him money will be noticed.

I do hear that Ty Beard will show up 3 am Central time. Do with that what you will.

No. 42061

>Ty Beard will show up at 3am central time

what the hell kind of lawyer is awake at 3am (that isn't drunkard Rekieta, of course?)

No. 42095

Usually when a lawyer is awake at 3 am it means the fucker has alot of work to give before an early morning deadling.
Ty Beard being awake at 3 am means either.
A) There is an early morning deadline
B) He is not working

No. 42114

If he's got a lot of work to do, he wouldn't be on a live stream.

No. 42184

>"if you're a guy just don't interact with women"

I always find this statement hilarious, as though it'll negatively affect women. It reads like "K-keep making sexual assault/rape allegations and we won't talk to you at all anymore, y-you dumb thots! How do you like that, femoids??". Frankly, I'd be happy if most men took this advice.

No. 42222

File: 1554065360492.png (60.86 KB, 609x255, 673532DB-BF68-4EC9-98C7-7A3085…)

Yeah I remember one of Vic's stans early on was insisting they adopt the "Mike Pence rule" of not standing near women.

That's fine by me, no woman wants to stand near you anyway.

No. 42223

File: 1554065502608.png (128.51 KB, 618x519, 56A8949C-630B-46F2-81C6-CFA5FD…)

oh I found the crazy Biden guy buried in my caps as well.

Truly a marvel.

These are the kind of people who are still shoveling money into racketball and Vic's pockets.

No. 42236

Where do I find the voice actor hit list? Is it on the SJW agenda?

No. 42240

Yeah. It was on the page after White Genocide battle plans, but before making everyone gay.

No. 42243

"Ignore Atheist degeneracy"
>The Fedora Meme isn't real
What the fuck is with Vic stans completely ignoring reality?

No. 42244

Chances are if you're a guy who would even make these kind of statements, you're not worth talking to regardless of gender.

No. 42444

Alex Jones was right all along, the water is gonna turn the frogs gay. Then it's gonna turn us gay.

Also can't forget about the secret zionist agenda because anyone with a nose bigger than a button is part of the Jewish conspiracy.

honestly not at all surprised Vic attracts alt right loonies like flies to feces but I'm more surprised they have $$ to donate to him that somehow amounts to 100k. I guess it's that and a combination of pathetic fangirls who desperately want to suck his dick for some reason.

No. 42452

They saved up money from living in their parent's basement instead of joining the real world.

No. 42457

There's something so uncomfortable about watching a grown ass man talking down to mostly teenage girls and telling them that they are "stupid". Especially knowing this man is protecting another man's right to take advantage of and abuse young girls. How do they not see how fucking bad they look?

No. 42516


No. 42518

Farmers should show collective support for Vic by donating money so admin can send some official Lolcow flower bouquets to him <3

No. 42533

Dif anon from OP, but this tbh fam

No. 42590

Would the message on the flowers be "Congrats on your dead career you creepy old man?"

No. 42591

ascii art of a penis.

No. 42726


No. 42727

It was 6am CST for Sat 3/30/19. Early enough to chat for a bit and then back to business for the rest of the day.

No. 42728

File: 1554242643888.png (309.26 KB, 1440x1949, Screenshot_2019-04-02-17-55-28…)

I think they're talking about this >>42061


vic has been criticized for a fucking decade, fuck off

No. 42747

Oh great the opportunists little shits are gonna come here and say we are some sort of "Hate group that's been conspiring against Vic for 3 years".
How long till these clowns get their own threads?

No. 42778

Exactly what do they hope to achieve? "Look at these guys posting stories and evidence of him being a pedo. It's a hate group conspiracy."

No. 42780

Man, even back in the day after the first FMA anime ran, I remember seeing things online about him being a creep. This shit precedes lolcow.

No. 42783

>feeling up girls during that "what if you drank it…from my mouth?" skit
>If he can turn down signing Yaoi he can turn down recreating romance scenes/ whispering shit in people's ear.
Fuck, I'm not usually squeamish but this just gave me the chills of disgust. Jesus christ what a slimy motherfucker. No for gays but yes for creeping on young women and girls, sounds like your regular bible thumper hypocrite allright.

Exactly, I saw the first news of Vic being a creep back in the late 00's. It's not exactly news that he does this sort of stuff, everyone's known it since forever but he has gotten away with it because he's been a big name.

No. 42820

I feel like he got away with the same shit because of how different the community used to be. It was ripe with autists groping and "glomping" eachother at random and these VAs used to be treated like gods. I knew a few people in high school who would have gladly been creeped on by Vic, they can't have been the only ones. Others likely were too scared to say anything. I feel like newer gen weeb women/girls are less sexual, and less harassing. And with stuff like #metoo it was gonna come out eventually.

No. 42861

And now that he's being called out on it, everyone just wants to jump to his defense for a reason I still can't fully understand. It's seems it's mostly men (though let's not exclude the women since it's [current year])

My theory is most of these guys just wish they could have did what Vic did. Give people hugs and then hide behind it with "I was just being affectionate" and ignore all the creepy other shit he's done.

I know someone who thought the accusations were horseshit when they first came out, but once the VA's started speaking out they realized that this was something more. I'm willing to bet Vic's supporters continue to believe his innocence to save themselves the "shame" of admitting their wrong, a sure sign of immaturity.

No. 42884

It honestly seems Vic supporters are less about defending him and making him look worse.
Like, saying "He never raped anyone" when no one accused him of rape makes it seem creepier.
I remember one who compared recording a video of him being a creep to his kid being born which is a nice way of saying "I hate my son"
And I seriously doubt any Vic supporter even knows how (Annoying) his voice is in dubs most of the time

No. 42905

sage for ot but I can't believe his voice is so widespread in dubs. his two most memorable performances are Tamaki, Ed, and Junpei and those are probably the only roles of his I actually like. They're also some of his earlier main roles I remember hearing, so it makes sense that his voice wasn't grating to me yet.

Overtime and before I even learnt about the allegations his voice in other series where I heard him was gradually becoming grating to my ears. And I figured out why, I think. His tone got whinier and sounded like a less effort laden copy of his star making roles. In particular his Zero and Rin Matsuoka made me cringe hard. He and Bryce Paperbrook are the two VA's in English whose voices I honestly can't stand at this point (although I didn't like Bryce much from the start)

I fail to see why he got as much work as he did before the scandal even happened. There are lots of male VA's with better voices and tones than his who don't get nearly as much work and whose voices would fit the bishounens he's typecast as to a tee. I guess it's because he's been in both Cali and Texas based dubs that he basically is all over the place, some of the better VA's are either texas or cali exclusive and don't get cast outside of dubs that aren't recorded in those states. It's sad. I hope a male eng va who's actually talented snags some of his previous/future roles.

No. 42925

>everyone just wants to jump to his defense for a reason I still can't fully understand

It's just good old fashioned misogyny. There's a strange blowback against #metoo that compels men, especially former GGers, to stand on the side of the male accused. No doubt they also perceive this as "females" encroaching on "their thing" (that being DBZ) much like with video games. Add in the "muh libcuck virtue signaling feminist SJW agenda!!" boogeyman and you've got a perfect storm of triggered manchildren.

No. 42934

>Zoe Quinn is a manipulative cheating whore because one person said so, and she should be blackballed
>Vic Mignogna is not a sexual harasser just because several dozen people said so, and he shouldn't be blackballed
Integrity? What's that?

No. 42936

And of course, with anime being such a tight knit community, it would make sense. One Vic supporter in a discord server I'm in pretty much told the story from their belief and convinced someone to be on their side.

It shouldn't be no wonder why there's so many defending him when chances are they've probably did it themselves to cosplayers there.

Look at Momokun. People who are still her fans are just glad she's had to resort to cam whoring to make an income so they could see her tits. They don't care what she did or the kind of person she is, not when they can get their rocks off.

For Vic, it's obvious. The feminist attitudes with his accusers really set them off. Now they're attacking any of his accusers and not taking their word.

Manlets are afraid of women that have had it with their shit, and I do believe voice like this scream loudest when they're dying. No one can truly defend all the Hollywood perverts (though that probably didn't stop them) and a Z-lister like Vic makes for a perfect last stand for loser ass incels to whine online about. With all the con drama lately though, they're putting up one hell of a fight. I'd give them credit but we all know they don't deserve any of that.

No. 43173

>Look at Momokun. People who are still her fans are just glad she's had to resort to cam whoring to make an income so they could see her tits. They don't care what she did or the kind of person she is, not when they can get their rocks off.

it's funny, Vic's fans have brought up Momokun to try and insist that people don't know what she did or turn a blind eye to it, and that their ~precious viccu~ shouldn't be crucified either because of that. No, vic stans, there are plenty of people who hate momokun, and acknowledge that she's a scumbag, she also has a lot of drooling fans as well. so does vic. moo is literally on the equivalent of a con sex offenders list doc alongside a bunch of problematic photographers and a couple VA's. people know what momokun did, does that mean we should turn a blind eye to Vic's grossness? they reek so much of hypocrisy.

No. 43265

Pretty much. Former GGers have been trying to get anime to be their thing for a while despite it being a pretty apolitical interest that people on any side can enjoy.

No. 43289

Haven't they attempted starting AnimeGate?
Iirc some loser tried doing that but that went nowhere

No. 43299

One guy went on about how because of this, anime and cons would cease to exist. If sexual assault ended cons and anime, they wouldn't be around by the time some of us on this thread were born.

No. 43384

File: 1554694910838.jpeg (235.62 KB, 1125x1847, E7A33205-F4F0-45E2-85FF-506473…)

Kiwifarms doxed both Sean and a cosplayer named Dominique. These people are deranged.

No. 43385

File: 1554695093893.jpeg (481.13 KB, 750x1153, B139AEB5-8EA9-4ED3-AA03-D1DEBE…)

samefag, they've been trying to get her fired as a nurse since February as well. Wouldn't doubt it. Jesus christ, KF, she has a family and she did nothing to fucking Mangina. Leave the woman alone. And leave Sean alone too.
Fucking pigs.

No. 43394

File: 1554700242614.jpg (511.35 KB, 1080x1274, 20190407_220717.jpg)

Guess the anime con equivalent of MAGA hats. Do you love doxing, supposed swatting, harassing sexualbassualt victims, and pretending alcoholic "lawyers" are baddasses. Buy an XL shirt today.

No. 43401

imagine getting butthurt over posting publicly available info

No. 43409

Classic case of picking the wrong battle. She has a history of fighting and belittling anyone that disagrees with her. She bit off more than she could chew. I feel for her, but this is classic example of someone who doesn't know how the internet can be getting involved.

No. 43413

Imagine doxing someone and reporting them to their employer for no reason other than that they don't like a voice actor you like

No. 43416

Including photos of her kid? Jesus fuck, I get hating a dumbass but leave the kids out of petty internet fighting.
Kiwifarms is full of petty idiots it seems

No. 43417

yikes, these shirts are just a red flag on who to avoid.

No. 43418

and this is why I come to lolcow because we never sink that low. Including photos of her child is especially awful

No. 43419

holyshit, the american voice actors comm is a mess. I wonder how Vic mangina feels about the alt right standing by him?

No. 43423

I doubt hes upset about them rallying to him. Probably finds kindred spirits with them. His anti-gay and handsiness probably fits in well with the rest of the neckbeard women haters.

No. 43442

For w/e reason you're literally never allowed to criticize doxing on there, even if it's blatantly unfunny poop touching. Oh well, it'll be funny when the "right side of history" circlejerk flames out and people realize they were just going postal over geek fandom drama.

No. 43449

The circlejerk will have a downfall when they realize how 90% of their "allies" are opportunists
Isn't doxxing someone's family worthy of permanent ban here?

No. 43461

Kiwi's always been the drama site that not only actively condones doxing but encourages it. That is how they've been for awhile, Null and his lapdogs are dox happy fuckheads. One of the retard mods was the one who first posted the dox on both Dominique and Sean. And yeah, you can't post any dissenting opinions on KF without getting their equivalent of downvoted to hell and back and harassed by the userbase, it's worthless. They're shilling for Vic so hard it's pathetic. I've been occasionally going back there, skimming the thread and am disgusted with them, this is a new low.

That doesn't mean she deserved to be doxed. Posting pics of her daughter is really low.

If they've been harassing her workplace and trying to get her fired from her job for two months that means they've had the dox for that long and haven't publicly posted them, and now they're trying to open the floodgates to more harassment against her. Even if you're using "publicly available" info it's not okay to use it to harass someone in their real life over petty online bullshit.

No. 43463

Having your family, especially a child of your own, being openly posted as a form of intimidation will set someone off. They will go to great lengths to protect themselves and their family if this gets out of hand. The poor girl probably has to wonder if strangers are gonna show up, if a swat team is gonna kick down her door, or if pizza's keep getting sent to her house.

Vic needs to do something about this. They're taking the kindness he's portrayed and the anger his accusers have and using it to justify their actions. I doubt I'll ever see the day he comes forward and says that everything is true, but hopefully he can tell his fans to stop going after people, which he already has.

He's got convention appearances coming up, maybe he can use it to tell his idiot fans they need to start acting like adults.

No. 43467

>He's got convention appearances coming up, maybe he can use it to tell his idiot fans they need to start acting like adults.

Is it wrong that I’m getting the impression a good number of these people aren’t even his fans…? Rather just rabid incels jumping into something that obviously triggered them?

No. 43516

Most of them are in it for two reasons
1) As we all know, white Christian straight men are the most persecuted group in America.

2) Money, money, money.

No. 43585

>doing a livestream with Null to talk about the dangers of doxxing
So fucking clueless.

No. 43586

Null talking about the dangers of Doxxing is so hilarious once you remember how he doxxes anyone he doesn't like.
I knew Rekieta was an idiot but this is going too far in being stupid.

No. 43587

Not surprising that Racketeer man is spewing shit and pretending that nobody got doxxed.

No. 43604

>dangers of doxing
Pick one, Racketeer. oml.

No. 43606

Looks like Vic Standers are tripping over themselves to make themselves look good without calling out the actual problem.

Nothing new, it seems.

No. 43612

Didn't Beard acknowledge and praise Kiwifarms in a previous stream?

No. 43613

>Didn't Beard acknowledge and praise Kiwifarms in a previous stream?
Kiwi is only useful for information in the case of certain cows, even if it's not necessarily true information. For a lawyer I fail to see how it's useful, nothing there really could hold legal water, so I do not understand what he is trying to derive from the site. He probably praises it for being likeminded to him.

Autistic sperging isn't going to warrant anything legally useful, and that's what most of the KF thread is, autistic incel sperging. For Racketeer it's probably the kinship with your average kiwifarmer, his own status as a drunkard loser who practices "law"'out of a barn, a failure at life, who somehow possesses an overinflated sense of self confidence behind a livestream camera. Combined with the fact that their board fucking worships him even more so now that he has acknowledged their existence.

No. 43650

I've been seing some people talking about the 15th, is there any context for this or is this another just random conspiracy theory that's been kicked around?

No. 43651

That's when Vic is expected to file his first lawsuit. Apparently it's ready to go, they're just waiting until after KamehaCon is over.

No. 43652

How much are you betting it's gonna fail?

No. 43653

Is that news from an official source or is it from the professional "Truth Sayers" out there?

No. 43665

#istandwithvic is still pushing the idea that Toei is pissed off at Funi for recasting Vic. Why would they be? They didn't care when Gohan, Frieza, Bulma, and plenty of other characters were recast in the dub.

No. 43669

They really want to believe they're much more relevant than they are. Unless they have actual proof Toei cares, they probably don't. The Japanese industry has been fine with blacklisting VAs and content creators for pettier reasons.

No. 43674

Anybody remember the Judgment scandal with the actor who had to be removed from the game due to being found doing drugs?
Toei has never once mentioned anger over Vic being replaced, Anybody can yell into a mic alot can't they?

No. 43677

I'm betting that it will work out in Vic's favour considering that there's sweet fuck all to support the claims of the kickvic people

No. 43688

What kind? The fun stuff or the boring stuff?

No. 43689

A small amount of cocaine

No. 43735

So a mix of the fun (cocaine) and the boring (small amount).

No. 43736

What the fuck is wrong with Vicfags? It's literally never okay to doxx someone.
>they're trying to get her fired
What the fuck

No. 43738

What the fuck is this even meant to be?

No. 43746

this is an image board, screenshot.

No. 43749

File: 1554970873320.png (396.03 KB, 612x715, IVbvi4H.png)

No. 43789

What kind of Blood on the dance floor listening, "not all heroes wear capes" posting, wear a tail to school, anime club member, Kingdom Hearts character looking ass, bullshit is this?

No. 43793

I know this is OT but man your question is hilarious! But really what is that…like is it supposed to make feel bad, cringe or laugh?

No. 43794

File: 1555006274530.png (4.04 KB, 240x200, DViO-ZHWkAA0mw4.png)

absolutely kekking anon

No. 43817

File: 1555022816527.png (440.51 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_2019-04-05-21-13-04…)

Why is this reminiscent of overly edgy Vocaloid artwork…

No. 43835

File: 1555034633779.png (107.8 KB, 720x655, Screenshot_2019-04-11-22-00-38…)

Ever see something so bad it causes you to get second hand embarassment?
Cause this screenshot fucking will

No. 43837

Agreed, I'm extremely embarrassed every time I see something stupid posted by the kickvic people

No. 43839

Go see your kids when you're not drunk for once, Nick.

No. 43840

someone's ass-blasted lol

No. 43854

Please be a troll. I can't imagine someone would be this dumb and lacking in self awareness.

No. 43855

"I don't know anything about WikiLeaks"

No. 43859

The fuck does wikileaks have to do?

No. 43872

I'm surprised there's a WK. I thought they'd stopped coming here.

No. 43895

Lack of self awareness

No. 43900

>Memes and fanartists make a group that supports a pedo better
What? Also did they forget that they were the ones who doxxed people?

No. 43914

No. 43916

It never occurs to these people that Toei wouldn't leak shit to any random-ass lawyer who yelled loud enough?

No. 43918

You really have to wander; does Racket just make up his sources, or does he just not believe in vetting whatever sounds convenient for his narrative?

No. 43927

Wasn't this guy exposed as being a sexual creep earlier on in this thread lol?
Racket either makes up his sources or has someone pretend to give him information.
If any of those two were true his reputation would then plummet so hard it'd make Black Thursday look like a joke in plummeting

No. 43929

I have half tempted to try to become one of his sources just to see if he'll bite.

Doubt he is THAT retarded though.

No. 43942

>welp, the end of (insert VA) career

Anyone else get some Leafy vibes from this retard talking about made up shit while playing video games?

No. 43943

Found it. >>33775

No. 43952

Isn't that cowtipping?

No. 43968

Thought it is only cowtipping if I actually do it or if I try to encourage people to do it.

No. 43988

Does this guy have any source that Toei is pissed or even knows whats going on? Also wtf is their agenda exactly? Man Vicfags are beyond autistic thinking that Dragon Ball is literally the only anime out there that matters and just goes to show what newfags they are to anime.

No. 43990


Kinda funny how a media seems to have so many new fans after someone slaps a gate on it.