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File: 1681193069237.png (2.23 MB, 1470x1130, changedmymind.png)

No. 291608


Previous thread: >>>/w/285708
Discuss your (in)famous (Ex)Jvloggers here!

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling.
TRASH TASTE HAS THEIR OWN THREAD [Connor/Garnt/Joey]: >>>/w/18113



Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers




Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]



Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]

Oriental Pearl


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

Kelly Morita

>Sola and Sharla used Chris's studio, which will soon be moved to Tokyo, for an OF photoshoot, it still doesn't look like any nudes have been done [or found] >>>/w/286251 >>>/w/286897 >>>/w/288970 [other images in previous-previous thread, go back and look]
>Sola and Sharla have another shoot planned >>>/w/286814 [23 days ago from today], no photos from this have been seen yet
>Lily locked her account >>>/w/287001
>Chris is seen filming with PDP again >>>/w/287291, Chris plays cameraman when he films with Felix for his vlogs too
>Sola announces she had a severe panic attack around 2 months ago and the Japanese medics rushed her to a mental health facility. She was diagnosed with anxiety, panic, and PTSD when she was 17 and it's carried over. Has been suicidal for a lot of her life and currently has social anxiety that makes it hard to leave the house >>>/w/287458 [please keep medfagging and armchairing down to a minimum]
>Sola finally got the tattoo idea of a snake to cover up her JAPAN tattoo, looks well done, Sharla came up with the snake idea >>>/w/288397
>Sharla gets upset that her video didn't do well when it comes down to the content being boring and no one cares for the van-life subgenre on any platforms anymore, it's not 2018 anymore >>>/w/288846 >>>/w/290183 >>>/w/290184
>Bronywn is back in Japan, making TikToks to try and attempt to be relevant and get noticed >>>/w/90385
>Possibly filmed further back than the posted date, but >>>/w/286297 Chris and Sharla had a joint vlog and they discussed that Sharla plants to learn Hungarian, Sola said she will help teach her as well as using an AD called Italki.
>>They say it will be a few months before the move to Tokyo, they are having trouble finding somewhere due to renting rules for people with pets and the cats being an issue

No. 291660

Sola in the OP image is gonna trigger some nonnies kek
love it

No. 291664

>discussions about ninjacat have been moved to snow

Yeah because one anon decided, mods didn't decide and she has more milk than some other people discussed. Keep discussions about all jvlog twats in one place please, attempting to disperse people you randomly decide "don't belong" despite being milky and associated with jvloggers/social media influencers is retarded. Technically Mikan is a jvlogger despite not being in their circle, but is never mentioned here - it's a bit obvious this thread is for the extended circle of jvlog twats and not specifically just for people who claim to be jvloggers or who literally vlog in Japan (Venus also qualifies as someone who "vlogs in Japan" but is not part of their circle and has her own thread)
The drama is in the association and the extended social group of narcs and sociopaths, so imo and adjacent people to those mentioned in OP, who don't have their own threads, are good to be mentioned even if one or two anons start pissing their pants if Sharla isn't mentioned in every post.

No. 291674

Ninjacat is not a Jvlogger discussion, it is a medscammer/munchie/famewhore discussion

Because a Jvlogger accidentally promoted her fraudulent campaign ONCE doesn't mean the whole narrative needs to unspool here. It's over, get over it, go to the other thread medfagging anon.

No. 291682

I know I asked for suggestions, but I can't get enough of the stock images lol and this thread isn't just about chris and sharla so I'm not only going to use photos about them.

Reported for derailing

No. 291695

I like that Bronwyn make the cut

No. 291696

I try to include recent milk people. Norm is there just because his face is dumb and works well for another guy. And Paolo is in reference just because he pisses anons off lol

No. 291700

I won't repost but now the brain damaged twiterella is reposting memes that from here that anons have made

hey twitterdumbcunt if you're reading this, kys

No. 291701

Just ignore it. It's no different from people just posting their shit about influencers in general across all social media. The takes that matter are from the anons posting ITT and on these boards, not the takes from other websites.

No. 291714

kek thats' the most awk pic of sharla that exists on the internet, good choice

and Chris and Norm's stupid "sick, brah" faces are fucking cringe

No. 291718

Reposting the twittertard's takes here should be a bannable offense (because we know she selfposts kek). That should take care of it. Let's not give her any more attention.

No. 291719

I’m a lurker, but gotta agree. Don’t know why it triggers people to talk outside the holy circle.

No. 291720

that's why I didn't repost it. they just reposted a pic that has been posted in the thread anyway. hopefully twitter cancels the account but given that anything goes on twitter these days that probably won't happen

No. 291721

then let's just use this thread to discuss anything. how about the kardashians while we're at it. I think they went to Japan once.

No. 291723

Honestly the Jvlogging scene is so dead and almost starved for decent milk. The Chris and Sharla shit is awfully boring most of the time when anons aren't speculating, and then it's worse when it mainly consists of incest/throuple/cheating/resentful childless Chris tinfoils. I almost don't blame the twitterfreak for trying to stir shit up because things have gotten really stale as of late. There's a few Twitch Jvloggers/streamers whom are associated with IcePoseidon that are out there doing really milky shit but at the time I didn't really care to archive it or take much note of it, and then JCJ got nuked after outing the ALT pedo, so all that stuff is kind of lost to the void. They would've made great cows here, though.

No. 291724

Nice false equivalency, anon. We want to discuss Japan based cows specifically.

No. 291725

>things have gotten really stale as of late.
wtf kek
you must have a shitty short term memory nonnie. of late, sola has entered the picture and mixed up Sharla's life something wild. of late, chris and sharla have suddenly decided to move to Tokyo and take their new pet with them, chris destroying a studio he paid $150k to have built less than two years ago…. sorry that milk can't come out every fucking hour to satisfy your needs. maybe try getting another hobby?

No. 291730

File: 1681243213971.jpg (188.12 KB, 1200x1200, jvloggers.jpg)

I miss this era tbh(lamenting)

No. 291732

funny enough kim dao is still making the exact same basic vlogs like she used to from this era. including the same royalty free music, the same basic cheap video software editing, the same thumbnails. it's nostalgic in a way, though i will say it's a bit confusing how she hasn't leveled up her skills AT ALL in 6-7 years. there's something to be said for all these OG jvlog girls being too lazy to advance their videography, editing skills, or camera presence.

the og jvlogger crew's videos are sad when you compare them to the newer crowd. like sundai love or currently hannah at least have cool shots or unique music.

No. 291733

>and then JCJ got nuked after outing the ALT pedo,
What happened with JCJ? Never heard why it got shut down

No. 291734

Its still stale, its boring Chris/Sharla stuff, even with Sola being in the mix now
He's not destroying the studio is he? I thought he contracted the builders to take it down and transport it to Tokyo for their new place?

No. 291736

They need a place first. Its going to be expanded too.

No. 291740

>boring Chris/Sharla stuff
they're in their 40s what do you expect?
the milk from when they were or were not dating was like terminal cancer, now with sola they've entered cardiac arrest, what will happen next, stay tuned, it's not boring at all

No. 291744

"destroying" was the term Chris himself used, but no he's not destroying it (except for some of it) and yeah it's being re-purposed and re-built, which seems stupid because that's a lot of money to spend on an Onlyfans set

No. 291748

Who’s that on the far left in the thread pic? Never seen her before.

No. 291753

Bronwyn kek
honey bii

No. 291758

Then don't talk about it.

No. 291762

The only thing getting destroyed recently is Sharla's integrity

No. 291766

Some milk from last thread to add to the summary:
Sola still stalking Lily's socials, implying she's the Selena Gomez in Sharla's relationship with Chris, and copying her and Sharla's OF shoot while Lily's lingerie photos were in fact planned weeks in advance >>>/w/286259 >>>/w/286084 >>>/w/286110 >>>/w/286115
Chris's sister, who looks eerily like Sharla, trying to ride her brother's coattails and vlog in Japan with her future SIL >>>/w/287124 >>>/w/288892
Chris being thin-skinned about some criticism from his own fan base about his inability to keep up with his release dates >>>/w/286406
Sharla getting testy with a follower >>>/w/286682
Sola fighting with Sharla's fans after baiting them with Sharla content >>>/w/288979 >>>/w/287536 >>>/w/288981
Sharla backing Sola's move with her to Tokyo >>>/w/289943
Sola being cringey on Chris's livestream >>>/w/289978

No. 291769

see this is what I'm saying, why are anons like "it's stale and boring" when there's all this super-cow milky nonsense going on, this is pure lolcow

No. 291772

Who would have thought that out of ALL of them the Kota skinwalker would be the more successful and stable one lmao

No. 291776

Mikan donating clothes for the fundraiser wasn't accidental. She's promoted it too.

No. 291778

Fine. That's absolutely stunning and groundbreaking milk. Now go talk about it on /snow/

No. 291779

Fine. That's absolutely stunning and groundbreaking milk. Now go talk about it on /snow/

No. 291783

This was stuff I didn't add because it's not important.

No. 291790

Your derailing about being triggered more than anything else. You don’t have to fill up the thread with your pointless thoughts, my friend. Just read and move on. Not every idea and thought has to be a post.

No. 291795

I don’t mean to piss on everyone’s parade but this was 10 years ago. Nothing about jvlogging is even remotely like this anymore which is why this thread is an absolute dumpster fire of infighting and people who don’t know how to integrate with lolcow culture.
Everyone misses it tbh, it was an era!

No. 291811

I say it everytime Kim Dao comes up in these threads, but she seems legitimately brain damaged to me. Like did she not get oxygen for an hour at birth? She’s truly one of the dumbest people I have seen make videos of themselves. No wonder she’s never changed the format or anything, it’s all she can do.

No. 291812

sure it is, and I'm glad that anon added it

No. 291814

kek meanwhile you felt the need to clog the thread with your minimodding? you can get off your high horse and fuck right off hypocrite slut

No. 291818

Sure, Jan. Complaining that influencers shouldn't call out about fan behavior and incest tinfoil from anons with a sister kink isn't milky.

No. 291821

literally nothing about incest in that recap, fiction-chan. the recap just points out they look eerily similar, which they do.

sounds like a "you" problem. counseling can do wonderful things. best of luck in your future, remember you can forgive but you don't have to forget.

No. 291822

>This was stuff I didn't add because it's not important.
Sola stalking Lily and accusing her of copying her and Sharla's OF isn't milk, but Chris just filming with Pewds again and Sharla learning Hungarian through italki, which also isn't new, is? You also mentioned Chris and Sharla moving to Tokyo twice, and seemed to think Sharla getting upset about her vanlife video was summary-worthy, which isn't any milkier than her and other jvloggers fighting with fans.

No. 291825

The other stuff was from other websites and useless nitpicking posts. Anons adding their own context doesn't make good milk or make mundane shit milkier. Sharla throwing a fit about her van video is milk, but calling out someone for a shitpost isn't. Same with Chris, the reddit stuff isn't milky, but making sure we know which cows are hanging together constantly, like Chris and Pewds [since he just moved there and is already filming with the most famous Jvlogger currently], is milk too considering PDPs past. Maybe you should go to /meta/ to complain about the OP. I wasn't about to add out-of-context/added context from anons who only posted things to stir up drama when there isn't any. It's insinuated that the jab was towards Lily, but not concrete. Why add something that isn't proven or has good proof?

Delete your triple post.

No. 291826

>The other stuff was from other websites and useless nitpicking posts.
You don't seem to know what nitpicking is, and you referenced other websites (IG, tiktok) in your own summary. So why it OK to reference when it's Bronwyn's boring tiktoks, but not when it comes to Chris or Sharla or Sola fighting with people?
>Same with Chris, the reddit stuff isn't milky, but making sure we know which cows are hanging together constantly
We already know Chris hangs out and films with Pewds. The tweet you linked to was old and only used to remind an anon that Chris had already talked about Pewds on twitter before. Jesus.
>Delete your triple post.
It was deleted before you even replied.

No. 291829

But his sister and Sharla should be in the OP, why? The vanlife stuff when she's throwing a fit about not getting views is milk. Comparing who white girls and saying they look the same isn't milk. That's not going in the OP. Especially when anons are acting like scrotes about it.

No. 291830

She wasn’t throwing fit about views. Lol she made a comment about the likes being down on that video and wanted to know what her audience wanted to see going forward. The views on that video were averaging the same as her other videos

No. 291833

Exactly. Her throwing a fit over something dumb like that is cow behavior. Another girl looking like you isn't cow behavior, it's anons being retarded

No. 291843

I was just asking if you could stop minimodding every post you don’t consider milky enough. The past few days is just buttload of posts of you complaining about the same thing over and over again. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to upset you. Seriously, generally sorry.

No. 291880

I feel like OP is a jvlogger trying to control the narrative, same reason they are obsessed with the munchie "not" belonging to the thread and choosing to omit all this stuff >>291766

Look at the filename "changedmymind.png" which suggests they are in a groupchat posting thread pic suggestions, since there was no discussion about thread pics in the actual thread. They also included Bronywn despite her being mentioned for like 2 posts in the last thread.

No. 291881

"Changed my mind" was because I changed my mind about using the suggestions I asked for. Even said that upthread. You are absolutely retarded.

No. 291883

>Another girl looking like you isn't cow behavior

god you really are dumb. it's not Sharla-cow behavior it's Chris-cow behavior ffs. the milk is that HE CHOSE A WIFE THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIS SISTER.
Anons painting it like "two white girls look alike, who cares?" are the smoothest of brains

No. 291884

JFC take off your tinfoil hat kooky-nonnie

No. 291885

Update on that bait account the dumbass anon made. Several violations found. Won't let me screenshot due to their privacy policy. Can we not try to force milk anymore?

No. 291886

Chris isn't sleeping with Sharla because she looks like his sister. Are you seriously not a scrote? Your incest obsession kink is so creepy and says a lot about you.

No. 291887

File: 1681347015402.png (236.13 KB, 1228x958, Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 5.51…)

No. 291888

god you are stupid. it's not like chris purposely chose a wife who looks like his sister. Jesus what are you like 12 years old?

No. 291890

Trying to make it in to that is the issue.

No. 291891

@endoficarus hasn't been active for a long time until April 4th when this account also popped up and they've been on and off active now since. Both accounts also follow each other.

No. 291894

JFC you batty daffy dingbats, it is HILARIOUS that Chris picked a wife who looks exactly like his sister, and you don't have to fucking drag incest into it, all the people doing that or accusing others of doing that are the retards! It doesn't have to have anything to do with incest and still be hilarious! Get your damn heads out of your snatches.

No. 291895

There have been anons who have not just made it a notice of appearance and its disgusting.

No. 291897

pointing out it's funny that Chris's fiancé "Sharla In Japan" looks exactly like his sister doesn't mean you have an incest kink. Constantly accusing other anons of having an incest kink for pointing out that Chris's sister looks like his fiancé, means you HIGHLY LIKELY HAVE AN INCEST KINK.(infighting, sperging)

No. 291909

Holy fuck, I keep forgetting how drastic of a difference her face is between her filters and on video
Does she expect people to think she looks like the left side all the time? No wonder she never shows her face in her Instagram videos

No. 291922

I agree with this, and Bronwyn being included is bizarre

No. 291932

u anons r unhinged

No. 291933

o look, another jvlogger thread that is just gonna fill w infighting and tinfoil, cool

No. 291940

File: 1681396371122.png (6.02 KB, 578x175, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 10.3…)

I hate when people do this whole "ackshully YOU are the pervert" argument. Anons pointing out that Sharla and Chris's sister look alike doesn't mean they have an incest kink, it means they have eyes. I don't think Chris is attracted to his sister or anything weird like that, but it is kind of funny how much they look alike. Pointing it out is just funny, not some secret signal that a bunch of anons are secretly perverts.
you might be onto something nona, this Twitter account also seems ESL. But it would be really stupid to follow your 'real' account with your bully account.

No. 291951

That's the thing, people do follow their own accounts.

No. 291955

only love in their hear tho, so obviously the bully account isn't them kek

No. 292074

The bully account anon is a fucking brainless twat.

No. 292112

>It's insinuated that the jab was towards Lily, but not concrete. Why add something that isn't proven or has good proof?

There's no concrete proof that this was about Lily >>>/w/234566 yet it was added to this threads summary >>>/w/236720

They really are. If they want to post about exposing jvloggers they could post a whole bunch of stuff about Norm. They could also post about Sharla's archaeological and racism lies.
Instead they are wasting their time looking like a schizo.

No. 292114

it's weird vendetta b.s.

No. 292123

stop minimodding, spongemouth stupidpants

No. 292124

Complaining about other threads as if I control them makes no sense and had nothing to do with this thread and no one cares about your obsession with 3 year old archeological spoiled milk. Trying to make it happen from old threads, again, doesn't contribute anything. Move on.

No. 292129

>Trying to make it happen from old threads, again
What are you talking about? I was saying that the twitter sperg should post about shit like that instead of the other shit they've been posting.

No. 292132

sola and Sharla broke up.
buckle up for the fireworks.

No. 292133

Out of everything to bring up, it's the same thing the same sperg has tried to get the threads to talk about years? No one else cares about it. Encouraging the anon who had gone as far as to try to involve Taylor's kid in their Twitter spergouts needs to stop too. They'll get banned soon anyway.

No. 292134

This is an imageboard

No. 292138

>it's the same thing the same sperg has tried to get the threads to talk about years?

what the fuck are you talking about? you need to work on your writing skills because you're making no sense, are totally vague, and your writing lacks specificity and clarity.

No. 292140

The anons who can't let go of the archeological stuff need to go touch grass. They bring it up any chance they can. Doesn't matter if it was in reference to the Twittersperg. They can't seem to stop obsessing over it and bringing it up in every Jvlog thread since the summer.

No. 292146

Lily spergs are constantly bringing up her old shit that no one cares about any chance they get but you biased cunts aren't gonna complain about that.(infighting)

No. 292150

No one has lately.

No. 292152

Like, I don't understand why nobody is talking about Daniel from Hiding In My Room, he's a Jvlogger, incredibly problematic, and back in Japan being as toxic as ever. This really is a Chris and Sharla only thread.

No. 292154

Then talk about him but this is an imageboard. If it's like Ninjacat, don't bother though.

No. 292158

kek do you even know who Daniel is
doesn't sound like it

No. 292160

I wouldn't be surprised if Daniel was one of the super hardcore vendetta anons

No. 292162

Her old shit was mentioned just a few days ago >>>/w/291444 and was brought up multiple times in that thread and just about every thread since it was first posted about.

No. 292163

File: 1681498355601.png (33.98 KB, 333x272, Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 11.5…)

also he was making good money as a sex worker on OF shoving spatulas up his arse, but he quit doing that for some reason

No. 292164

He quit OF because he didn't want to get arrested in Malaysia and other SE Asian countries while he waited for Japan to re-open.

No. 292174

Kek you linked back to an old thread again move on autism-chan

No. 292178

Holy fuck you are retarded.

No. 292181

Can someone explain to me how this awkward uggo apparently pulls tons of women and constantly has gfs?

No. 292189

hey pays them, it's like a business expense so he can make content

No. 292271

Sharla and Chris both blocked the smoothbrain Twitterella retard autist spergcunt.

No. 292272

File: 1681576703384.png (149.31 KB, 605x426, Screen Shot 2023-04-15 at 9.37…)

note the twittertard using French in their callout. Gee wonder why. so fucking dumb. knock it off you absolute shite for brains muppet, everyone knows you are not Lily, kys

No. 292291

Stop posting this retard. This isn't milk.

No. 292343

What a pathetic attempt to shitstir and frame Lily… as if anyone's going to fall for that. It's so lame and transparent, but seriously, the less attention we give it the less fuel there will be for them to continue. They want to be talked about so bad but they're not even 1/4 what PULL was or lolcow is.

No. 292344

You know what, that's a good theory kek. The biggest cows hate their lesser counterparts.

No. 292350

Anyone posting it at this point must be self posting.

No. 292355

shut up

No. 292356

Wouldn't surprise if the owner of that account is a CxS white knight.

No. 292370

what are you talking about, that's backwards

No. 292397

Why is this thread far more active than K-vlogger thread?(necro)

No. 292404

Bc no one cares about kvloggers. I can't even name one. They're boring

No. 292467

Something I've realized is that Marcia(PewDiePie wife) does hang out with Emma,we see it in Instagram stories from time to time.
But outside that Disneyland trip Marcia seems to not hang out at all with Sharla.
I wonder if M was able to tell S true colours from the get go .

No. 292469

it's only referenced Kvloggers on this thread before because Sharla was briefly technically a Kvlogger lets be real

No. 292470

Marcia kek

Marzia. She's Italian

No. 292471

The twitteretard posted a bunch and clearly the vendetta is against Sharla

No. 292490

Use full names, retard. Too many cows start with initials that match others. Next level lazy.

No. 292494

No1currs about your Twitter.

No. 292563

Wouldn't surprise if such is the truth. Sharla fake vibes are hard to miss.

No. 292597

File: 1681684300525.jpeg (251.34 KB, 1170x2052, 95F6534C-28E2-4B19-8702-76AA18…)

Sharla promoting a fundraiser for ninjacatgirl.

No. 292635

Shartla really is dumber than a bag of clams

No. 292638

Discussion about her died in /snow/ becausethe samefags got no more traction from other anons, so there's nothing new to discuss.

No. 292656


No. 292657

She can see how immature Sharla is for her age, plus anti-kids and a deadset retard to match

No. 292662

Oh, no. She has stuffed animals. So immature.

No. 292668

kek that's what you think makes her immature? says more about you than her nonnie.

No. 292670

I'm making fun of the anons who use examples like that. It's okay to be slow, won't hold it against you.

No. 292673

You aren't smart enough to try being clever. Work harder.

No. 292689

I wonder if Sharla will influence Chris to not be close to PewDiePie once Marzia baby is born.
"Don't think about it" kekw

No. 292691

There's not blacklisting weird shit going on. Stop. Sperg literally just tried that on Twitter. This tinfoil is a joke.

No. 292701

Looks like Lili's about to be relevant as soon as the other Jvloggers inevitably jump onboard with this. Trash Taste and Pewdie Pie are soon to follow, calling it now. Can't wait for the mediscammer to get exposed, but of course her simps are gonna push back and everyone's going to guiltrip for even daring to question her.

No. 292708

Cue the triggered 30+ immature stuffed animal loving nonnies

Sharla’s friends keep getting younger because she can’t grow up

No. 292714

Anon and others who have this weird thing about Sharla being immature for having stuffed animals:
People in their 30s don’t give a shit; when you get to this age you will understand.
Immaturity has got nothing to do with hobbies ffs please stop.
You all sound like jealous teenagers yourselves.

No. 292744

again with the condescension from a totally clueless "I'm so old and wise" anon. nobody fucking things she's immature because she has stuffed animals ffs, how smooth-brained are you anyway? We think she's immature because of how she communicates, the life choices she makes, the way she deals with interpersonal relationships, and the vapid space between her ears in which nothing meaningful ever transpires.

No. 292748

samfag and I almost forgot to mention her "fashion" sense - pretty good indicator of someone being immature when they're incapable of dressing for their age.

No. 292751

It keeps getting said hence my comment anon.
The thing is, everything you’ve just mentioned is based on assumption. You only see what she posts online. An example for instance:(>>290813), what she wrote was reasonable but anons were quick to call her out for whinging when I have seen many YouTubers do this. She wanted to people to tell her what they wanted to see, I don’t see that as immature (and I’m not trying to be a wise ass).
What does someone’s dress sense have to do with immaturity? That’s just you anon. Tbh I thought zoomers would be more open to people’s dress sense /s

No. 292755

I don't think her fashion is that bad anymore? She wore a lot of maxi floral dresses last summer that looked fine. It's more immature to judge someone solely based on their fashion sense, tbh

No. 292756

I'm not a zoomer, talk about making assumptions. And if you don't think how you dress reflects who you are then I'm going to make an assumption too - your'e a very unsuccessful stay-at-home mom who wears the same PINK sweats every day and eats a pint of hagen-daz for lunch.

No. 292757

tell me you don't have an actual job without telling me

No. 292758

kek anon you responded to that comment within a minute on a workday, projecting much?

No. 292759

Anon, calm your tits I was being sarcastic! And you couldn’t be more wrong, I’m the opposite, quite literally.
Anyway back to the point, let’s just say I don’t think dress sense is measure of a person’s success and that’s just my opinion.

No. 292761

why is this thread full of boomer scrotes who think success is only possible through sitting at a desk 40 hours a week in business casual

No. 292762

It's 7 am where I am dumbass kek, I am also the boss and have six employees so I can do whatever the fuck I want. I'm sure that's nearly impossible for you to conceptualize. Good luck with your life.

No. 292763

you realize there's other things to be than boomers or zoomers right? like the biggest fucking generation in the middle? what a fuckin retard. I've also noticed that this board is full of scrotes, the biggest indicator is they call other people scrotes.

No. 292764

this post is the epitome of cringe. so much secondhand embarrassment for you

No. 292765

sucks to be in your pajamas getting ready to go to your Starbucks job making minimum wage doesn't it nonnie?

No. 292766

Sharla has money and the ability to shop in Tokyo - there's no excuse for looking like a schlub. You have the most amazing designers and stores and even generic fast fashion that is leaps and bounds above anywhere else in the world except maybe Paris. When I lived there I loved being able to dress really well and not even for that much money, and I don't even have Sharla's short, squat body which makes shopping in Japan so much easier.

Do all of you anons just wear t-shirts and jeans every day? This is so disappointing.

No. 292768

So.. from what you say we should all be wearing designer clothes? No offence but the way you worded that just makes you sound like a snob who judges people based on appearance.
Sharla is an average person, she’s average at anything she does. I get the impression you think she is (or should be) more than that?

No. 292770

Maybe she cares about the environment and doesn't want to wear fast fashion? And my point was that Sharla seemed to be branching out more by wearing dresses. I don't think she looks that bad these days.

No. 292777

Are you the same anon saying Belle has money so why does she wear cheap clothes too, that was just posted? Who are these anons obsessed with fashion who thinks everyone else in the world should care about fashion? It's clothes. This is a nitpick.

No. 292779

That anon comes off as extremely insecure and projects their insecurities onto the cows. That's why they can't let it go. It's getting tiresome.

No. 292788

>from what you say we should all be wearing designer clothes?
kek don't ever become a lawyer nonnie you would be awful. why would you conflate YOU thinking you need to do something that anon suggested a high-performing YouTube who lives in Japan should do? kek

No. 292789

Really?Sharla the one who worships Elon and questions medicine will care about the environment?

No. 292792

No one likes or wants you here, twittersperg.

No. 292795

Nonnie S is both of that. Remember how she wanted to treat herself on her way then such failed kek.

No. 292796

Nta no one likes or wants you whiteknights here either, anon.

No. 292800

I don't like any of you

No. 292804

What the hell kind of comeback is that?
She’s not ‘high performing’, she’s average. Does she earn more than me, yes, does she earn enough to be kitted out in designer gear? Maybe, but my guess is that she spends the majority of her money on more adult things (like the business and recent surgery).
Anon was snobby about how people dress in Paris and Sharla having all that money and she dresses like she does. (Hence me saying what I said) The thing is, she doesn’t actually dress like a fucking hobo, she dresses how she wants to - it’s not like this hasn’t been talked about before dozens of times either. It’s nitpicking at best.

No. 292819

you have missed the point entirely nonnie. it's not about if she's in style or not, it's about how she chooses to present herself shows she's immature. she dresses like arrested development in her teens. it says a lot about her kek

No. 292825

To me the biggest physical indicator of Sharla’s immaturity, which isn’t milky particularly - but it’s her messy, cluttered apartment that she obviously doesn’t give a shit about.

No. 292826

That's really just an indicator of an overall lack of discipline, which is something most people develop as they get older. She shows many signs of being undisciplined and slovenly, again, like a teenager in arrested development, from her inability to control her diet, to her slovenly dress and apartment, to generalized parasocial and IRL carelessness.

No. 292827

No. 292828

Did you really just reply to yourself? Wtf anon, just let it go

No. 292833

Not the same anon, but we both agree Sharla is a slob.

No. 292844

clearly people care you fucking retard

No. 292846

>does she earn enough to be kitted out in designer gear?
Anon you might be shocked to know that there's a vast spectrum of ways to dress well and have good style between being "kitted out in designer gear" and slouching around in shapeless old sweatshirts every day.

No. 292847

kek the Sharla army is out in force today, defending a cow for her slovenly appearance and attacking anons for having opinions about it.

No. 292849

"anons" no it's just you writing a fucking diary about your life and how your fashion is so much better than sharla's over and over and it's real fucking annoying

No. 292851

kek stupid nonnie

No. 292857

Yes, everyone who doesn't agree with the retarded nitpicking and tinfoils is a WK, you nailed it. I was referring to the Elon comment in particular, because it reeks of this retarded selfpost >>290600
no1currs about all that, especially the moralfaggotry, and I personally dgaf about the fashion discourse.

No. 292860

no1currs what you dgaf about

No. 292878

I called you a wk because your response was clearly whiteknighting. Only a fan would accuse someone of being the unhinged sperg over that post. I don't care for the fashion nitpicking or tinfoils either.

No. 292879

nobody is "nitpicking" her fashion we are just pointing out her fashion is an indicator of her immaturity. why are anons incapable of not derailing ffs

No. 292882

I have secondhand cringe from your comment

No. 292885

>Like, I don't understand why nobody is talking about Daniel from Hiding In My Room
He has a thread in /snow/. He used to be milky enough to warrant his own thread.
Now that there are several jvloggers promoting her, there's absolutely no reason why discussing her fundraiser and questionable condition would be off topic.
She practically only wears fast fashion.

No. 292887

always funny when a "vegan" wears fast fashion

No. 292888

Bait-fag, get over the vegan thing. Your autism is showing.

No. 292889

And what do you wear? How old are you? Better not be any graphics in your closet and only business casual after age 18.

No. 292896

Kek over-the-top-anon do you always act like a 13 year old drama queen?

No. 292899

most vegan don't wear fast fashion you curdled cunt milk drinking turd muncher(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292924

Neck yourself, vegan-fag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292926

not vegan, smooth brain, I eat scrotes like you for breakfast(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 292934

Thank god those anons were banned

No. 292943


Smartest thing anyone has said so far.

Just look at the difference between Chiaki (34), Kimono Mom (32), Maiko, Paolo’s wife, (37) and Sharla. There is no excuse to be a fucking slob with a shit apartment on her income

No. 292946

be careful nonnie the anons will attack you because how dare you nitpick Sharla's fashion sense or how she keeps her apartment and her income doesn't matter, she's perfectly fine nothing to see here, stop judging anything about Sharla it's not faaaaiiirrrr

No. 292947

Can you guys stop nitpicking already?

No. 292949

Anon was literally complaining about nitpicking and you said stop nitpicking

this thread is a fucking dumpster fire on a sinking ship

No. 292951

we aren't guys

No. 293009

You can be poor and have a tidy apartment. Having money doesn’t make people neat. She was a slob when she was poor, and she has continued to be a slob sucking on Chris tits

No. 293014

Exactly. Sharla seems to exist in a state of perpetual dormitory living. She takes care of her skin and hair, sure, but her surroundings are cluttered and bordering on just straight up gross. She's the embodiment of the "damn bitch you live like this?" meme. Everyone in Japan has relatively small apartments, and they don't all have cluttered spaces full of half-eaten bags of hemp hearts and Huel. She chooses to live like a girl who has moved into her first "own" apartment, well into her late 30s. I think it's fair to judge that. Not even mentioning that she just now started doing cheesy OF shit, again, something dumbass girls do when they're young. Not a lot of 35+ year olds just now getting into boudoir shit.

No. 293015

JFC nonnie it's not about having money. It's about being immature. We've been over this and over this. "You can be poor and have a tidy apartment" kek
You can't be immature and have a tidy apartment. Mature and responsible grown-ups without arrested development keep tidy spaces.

No. 293017

>she just now started doing cheesy OF shit, again, something dumbass girls do when they're young. Not a lot of 35+ year olds just now getting into boudoir shit.

This. See, anons who wanna fight and nitpick as to why Sharla isn't an immature person with arrested development like to cherry pick one thing this or that to be like "stop nitpicking, you can be X without being immature" but you have to take it as a totality of all the signs of her immaturity, they all add up to prove that she's immature. The clothes, mess, OnlyFans, interpersonal relationships, parasocial toxicity, lack of discipline on diet, fitness, and medical, and yes obsessive hobbies relating around things children play with, all adds into it. Anyone in denial of this needs to get their head examined.

No. 293021

Gotta be 18 to post here, kids.

No. 293024

You also are supposed to be not retarded but that doesn't seem to stop you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 293073

Relax I was agreeing with you! Money is not the issue. She is a slob. With money or without money she is still a slob.

No. 293108

Why didn't she sue the doctor?(why don't you sage your shit?)

No. 293117

Because there's no lawyers who speak English in Japan.

No. 293134

laziest mod on lolcow ITT(take it to /meta/)

No. 293173

That's also why people are curious about why she doesn't want people to know about her husband. Not only is it not true that there are no lawyers who speak English in Japan (there are even multinational law firms in Japan that handle medical malpractice cases), if her husband is a Japanese-speaker, that changes the narrative of her story. How well do all of these jvloggers know her though?

No. 293174

I'd go out on a limb and just guess that most Jvloggers are pretty stupid and gullible just based on past behavior.

No. 293175

samefag. At 6:50, the woman who's fundraising for Lili admits she's never actually met her in person. They connected online last year and when they were supposed to meet, the accident happened. IDK why they still wouldn't meet so the fundraiser woman could get an idea of her condition but oh well. Have any of these jvloggers even met Lili before or after the accident? Anon said >>>/w/291307 Emma met her through work, but what work was that in person and before the accident?

No. 293179

Influencer work. Meetups. They count these things as work.

No. 293186

"tragedy in Japan" JFC, the melodrama of it all… this wouldn't be getting half the attention it's getting now if she wasn't some poor, tragic, "beautiful" model for simps to drool over.

No. 293187

Google says otherwise. People really are fucking gullible and don't try to fact check whatsoever.

No. 293188

Is there any way we can bring this to the public's attention? Is it cow tipping if someone debunks the "buh no English speaking lawyers in Japayuhnnn" in the youtube comments of the video or something? Because this bitch is either lazy, stupid, or maybe really is a mediscammer who thinks she pulled one over on everybody. If not for the money then she definitely loves the publicity.

No. 293191

That's entirely it. If she was a fat weeb with acne and bad teeth nobody would give two shits.

No. 293192

Are you just throwing out examples or are you saying they actually met in person through some influencer event? Because if she's met Lili, she might actually know the real her a little more than all of the other people involved in organizing her fundraiser, who've apparently never even seen her in person.

No. 293193

Yeah I was just being deadpan. If I could edit my comment it would read
Because there's "no lawyers who speak English in Japan" kek

No. 293194

You could easily make the argument that a lot of super attractive and/or charismatic people (models, actors, preachers, motivational speakers, politicians, etc) have been using their looks and charisma to scam their way to fortune their entire lives without ever really having to learn any actual skills or do anything for anyone else at all. In that sense Lili is just doing what she's been programmed by the Matrix to do. Anyone who gives money to her deserves to be scammed. A fool and their money are soon parted, there's a sucker born every minute, etc etc etc
Like idiots who pay for Sola's OF and Sharla's Patreon. See? It's all the same grift.

No. 293195

Shit, they wouldn't care even if she were just a "normal" weeb. She fits the Japanese ideal of white European beauty so of course they're going to throw themselves at her feet trying to help her. Watch this make national news next and be all anyone in the weeb-o-sphere talks about for the next few months while the "Swedish tragic heroine" milks it for all its worth.

No. 293197

You lost me at Matrix, but hopefully that was sarcasm/a figure of speech. Even models have some kind of talent as subjects of photography, but there's something about entitled, scamming liars and people naively falling for it or giving them a pass because it makes their dicks hard that fires me up. Do Sharla and Sola really have a significant amount of stans willing to pay for their subpar OF content though?? kek. Neither of them are what i'd particularly call attractive but to each their own I guess.

No. 293198

>It's all the same grift.
If Lili is lying about her medical condition, what she's doing is fraud and illegal. Not the same.

No. 293203

>You lost me at Matrix, but hopefully that was sarcasm/a figure of speech.

it's ok to be autistic here most of the time

No. 293204

it's probably not actually illegal in Japan. but then again I can't seem to find an English speaking lawyer anywhere!

No. 293205

Tbh can't be too sure these days on lolcow given the conspiracy nuts we have on here.

No. 293206

>She fits the Japanese ideal of white European beauty so of course they're going to throw themselves at her feet trying to help her
It's foreigners who are organizing for her and supporting her, not Japanese people. Most of her accounts are English only, too, including her patreon, squarespace, gogetfunding. I wonder if that's because natives are more likely to be suspicious of how vague she's being and want details about what's going on.

No. 293212

Oh that just came to you huh?

Unbelievable powers of perception on this one here.

No. 293223

File: 1681934950085.png (20.29 KB, 755x503, Capturesi2 (2).PNG)

Sorta called it as far as the news thing. Natives seem just as naive as other foreigners because they all have dicks in common. Looks like the azn scrote is seeking some sweet validation from the tragic Swedish fish.

No. 293224

File: 1681935034603.png (23.56 KB, 768x515, Capturesi.PNG)

Who wants to tell him (with a throwaway account)? kek

No. 293225

We know that obviously, no English speaking lawyers in Japan is a lie so I find it hard to believe that it's some semantical error (i.e., saying there are no lawyers in Japan that speak Japanese AND English) because then it doesn't make sense how they'd be able to operate in Japan.

No. 293231

Two guys, who may not even be Japanese, who donated less than $2.50 each. The first one is very obviously lying about using an online translator, and with the way he keeps prodding and pushing legal action and going to the national press, which Lili doesn't seem to want, he might not actually be as supportive as he pretends to be.

No. 293233

Why would he lie about something like that? That's very odd, he could simply say he messaged her although the machine translation, if it is that, is quite good. If Lili doesn't want national press, why is she letting this news outlet, for lack of a better term, publish this video about her ordeal? Why is she writing and promoting a children's book about a cat with her supposed condition? It's all quite strange.

No. 293237

>Why would he lie about something like that?
To pretend he doesn't speak English and is the person he's pretending to be, which is very odd.
>If Lili doesn't want national press, why is she letting this news outlet, for lack of a better term, publish this video about her ordeal?
That's not a news outlet. That's some Canadian's personal youtube channel. The video doesn't even have Japanese subtitles.
>Why is she writing and promoting a children's book about a cat with her supposed condition?
It's in English only, they don't even try to promote it in Japanese, and it's a way to raise more money. It is all very strange like you said.

No. 293250

Talked to her mom over messenger? Either this scrote is being scammed by some other douche who saw him simping in the comments or ninjacat is preparing the munchie “hi I am Lili’s mom on her account and she is doing so bad (frown emoji) more money pls” deploy

No. 293255

>Emma met her through work, but what work was that in person and before the accident?
I think it was some modelling gig, not an "influencer" thing

No. 293259

She's literally a Swedish (cat)fish

No. 293261

File: 1681952780812.png (326.91 KB, 1942x1388, Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 6.03…)

Imagine that, it took me less than 30 seconds to find a lawyer in Japan who speaks English and Japanese specializing in medical malpractice. Not even that expensive for a consult either, at least by most western countries standards.


This whole thing is a scam. People are so fucking stupid. Anyone who gives this Swedish catfish their money deserves to lose it.

No. 293264

Horny simps and naive weebsters are going to fall for it because big names like Sharla and others in the Jvlog crew are backing it. I want this catfish to be exposed so bad. She needs to be shamed into never pulling this shit again, and the idiots need to learn to think more critically about these things in the future. I don't feel bad for anyone who gets scammed, but the audacity of that catfish is what irks me.

No. 293266

The question is, how would one go about this in a calculated manner without cowtipping, and without leaving her any room to make excuses and weasel her way out of it by feigning ignorance?

No. 293267

I'm sure one of her little friends is lurking this thread and warning her as we speak so she can fabricate things further and get her story "straight" so as to make it appear like an honest mistake.

No. 293268

Probably the same anon that was trying to convince us all that this wasn’t milk worth discussing kek

No. 293272

It wasn't milk at that point but now it's picked up steam and it's milk, its steamed milk.

No. 293274

File: 1681958504592.png (706.91 KB, 2532x1170, IMG_6019.PNG)

>The video doesn't even have Japanese subtitles

I don't blame you if you didn't want to sit through the whiny pity party anon, but…

No. 293276

I think it's interesting that Sola appeared on the scene and then this one. Like finding ticks on your arsehole after a hike.

No. 293277

Beautiful analogy nonny, let's hope she has some more juicy ticks hiding in those nooks and folds (ewww)

No. 293278

But according to anons, Mikan reblogged this girl a while ago, so she isn't new to the scene.

Please don't try to comment on her posts too stir milk. That's fucked up. Read the rules.

No. 293279

I'm not advocating for that, as that's cowtipping, which is why I asked if there's a way to expose her more discreetly. It's not about stirring up milk, it's about not letting her be slick. Most of those morons aren't browsing lolcow and if they do they're just going to write us off as a bunch of "jealous haterzuhh".

No. 293281

no1currs about Mikans

No. 293283

we're only discussing it because there's nothing happening with any actual cows that belong in this thread

No. 293284

Nta, but that's how this all started. Keep up.

No. 293287

It started when a Swedish fish munchie decided to scam a bunch of suckers

No. 293293

ninjacatgirl is pretty. did she move to japan as a model?

No. 293295

Begone, scrote. We're not gonna spoonfeed you information that you can easily find by googling and using some common sense.

No. 293296

sage your obnoxious trash, moid

No. 293300

What is it with pretty boys suddenly deciding their trans as soon as they get widows peaks? Feels like half of bread tube and leftist geek tube has transitioned at this point.

No. 293312

She seems like a weeb. I remember she was talking about anime.

No. 293321

I know that not every Swede is super wealthy but come on, if your daughter is in such bad condition, wouldn't you do everything to bring her home? I'm sure she has medical insurance too, which would help. Apparently it's been several months since her injury, they surely would have tried to organize something, at least a lawyer.

No. 293322

With the false claim that there's no English speaking lawyers in Japan, i'd be willing to bet she's lazy and/or a moron because a year is more than enough time to have googled one and done some research herself, on the off chance that she isn't straight up grifting. Or maybe she's used to having everything done for her so didn't care to exert a modicum of effort.

No. 293323

Should have made that more clear, I was talking about her parents. Normal parents would do everything to help you in this situation.

No. 293325

Or her frickin HUSBAND

No. 293328

You're clearly unfamiliar with Daniel's "shtick" kek
He just was trolling with that thumbnail, that's typical HIMR. He's a cis male though extremely feminine and pays women to be his "girlfriend" for his videos so he can do terrible things to them for drama for his videos.

No. 293329

Report from the twittersfere, it seems the twittersperg has run out of steam and/or ideas, their account is dead and silent. Fucking idiot.

No. 293331

Probably because a bunch of anons here and people in Twitter lambasted their account with reports. Tbh, good. Being that starved for attention is pathetic.

No. 293332

wtf is "bread tube"

No. 293356

File: 1682011948534.jpg (48.27 KB, 640x480, bread.jpg)

Youtubers who bake bread

No. 293363

that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of "bread tube" what a nightmare, society is literally crumbling

No. 293364

Generally speaking I think it refers to openly leftist YouTubers who make videos about at least somewhat political topics.

No. 293365


Well, her mom runs the paypal account lol

No. 293367

more evidence the whole thing is a scam

No. 293369

kek what

No. 293370


No. 293383

The clip with subtitles is something that Japan Experiences took from Lili's fundraiser friend. His own material and the rest of the video doesn't have Japanese subtitles, but an anon mistakenly thought the video was from some kind of Japanese news outlet or intended for a Japanese audience despite the lack of Japanese. The vids from Lili's IG and her tiktok also don't have subtitles.
Just yesterday or the day before, there were more comments in the Japan Experiences video questioning Lili's illness and pointing out discrepancies in her story that aren't there anymore today.
The only difference between now and then is that Sharla's now promoting it. But Emma, Dogen and Mikan were already behind it and it makes no sense that it's only relevant now because Sharla is involved, unless this isn't the jvlogger thread, but the Sharla and Chris thread.

No. 293384

Honestly feel like she needs hey own thread. She's not big enough to be in this thread just because some people reposted her stuff. She's not really a part of anyone's crew.

No. 293389

She's only being talked about because jvloggers are involved and no one is talking about anything outside the context of her supposed med scam. Emma has actually met her unlike the organizer, which is crazy. The next fundraiser is in two days, so we should be getting some new milk soon.

No. 293391


She just claimed on her patreon that she received stem cell treatment. The one she supposedly can only get by taking a medical flight to Mexico. I can't see the post because I'm not paying the scammer. No such announcement elsewhere.(this is an imageboard, sage your shit)

No. 293393

You know you can screenshot the title of the post and everything at least, right, even if it's locked? This is an imageboard.

No. 293394

Don't care about there being new milk. She's not associated with any cows personally, meeting once but not friends isn't really a relationship I'd brag about. I agree with anons that she needs her own thread or she should go back to /snow/. There's no point in clogging the thread with it. A munchie thread specifically for weebs would be good though.

No. 293395

>Don't care about there being new milk. She's not associated with any cows personally, meeting once but not friends isn't really a relationship I'd brag about.
If the jvloggers are at the fundraiser, it's relevant milk.

No. 293396

Forgot to sage im sorry im retarded.

I mean, like it or not, this girl's been milkier than Sharla and Sola combined in the last couple weeks

No. 293397

File: 1682024797272.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.77 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20230420_230535_Ins…)


Sorry! Last time I tried it wouldn't let me.

No. 293398

If they're doing something milky about it but she isn't really a part of the criteria for the thread And right now just reblogging posts because they are also being scammed only really has one discussion point about them specifically outside of the munchie which is how dumb they are. No one is shutting down the discussion, it's just so very loosely related. Like Mikan has her own thread. Go talk about it in there too. This is why she should have her own. There's too many different threads that relate back to her that she honestly needs her own cause otherwise your reasoning means she should be discussed in every thread a cow has interacted with her. She doesn't belong in this thread or any thread but her own. I'll work on a Japan/Weeb munchie thread. People like that 3D printing chick from Twitter could go in there too.

No. 293399


You call it clogging as if a single thing happened in this dry ass threat since the last time you got upset about her being mentioned here.

No. 293400

Don't take it personally.

No. 293401

Does that mean it's all over now? Bizarre considering the fundraiser to raise money for her treatment is this Sunday, but she was suddenly able to pay with donations when they haven't even meet half their goal.
Multiple jvloggers have been telling people to give money to her and to go to her fundraisers. That this could all be a scam is 100% relevant to this thread and actual milk, unlike most of what gets shared here. No one is sharing any other milk and it's not taking away from anything else.

No. 293403

Nah because 1. She's supposedly still leaking and needs money for that too and 2. There's no way the treatment happenened in the first place, so there'll be some excuse why she needs more money. Unless she's exposed I doubt she'll stop.

She said she'd fly to Mexico for the treatment then take the boat back to Japan so unless there's some boat footage, catfish-chan lied again

No. 293406

kek boat what

No. 293415

Where did she get stem cell treatment? She said was going to get it in Thailand or Mexico, then get further treatment in the US or Switzerland. Would she still need medical transport to the US or Switzerland instead of a regular plane ticket if the stem cell treatment worked? With the disappearing comments on the fundraiser video and the weird defensive anon last thread, can't help but wonder if she's trying to speed up her recovery because more people are starting to look into the details and question her claims. A vlog series about a boat trip from Mexico to Japan would actually be interesting.
She might be referring to mercy ships, although they don't do what she's suggesting unless she's actually talking about a cruise. A plane is probably cheaper than a boat at that distance.

No. 293418

kek what is this mystery boat from Mexico to Japan? This is not a thing. It's not 1895. Unless she's planning to stow away on a cargo ship.

No. 293424

We don't even know if she went to Mexico. Anon only said it's something that can only be done in Mexico, which sounds like bs to me. No one is buying her Patreon, so the tinfoiling is stupid until then. Especially because anon might be wrong as there are tons of stem-cell procedures that she could've gotten instead. We literally don't know what the post is about yet.

No. 293430


Ya she did a q&a a few weeks ago where said she's afraid to fly because it will reopen her leak so she'd fly to her treatment then go home by boat lmfao
She also said she would like to live in Mexico so she can be by the sea. Bitch lives on an island.
She didn't save it as a highlight unfortunately

No. 293432

I don't care about Mexico. I'm invested in this boat narrative. What is this fucking boat.

No. 293437

Cruise. Use your brain, but without proof there was even a trip where she could get off to do surgery unless she stayed on land until she got another boat like a vacation, there isn't enough time usually on cruises because they are on time schedules without much downtime actually on land.

No. 293444

kek you think there's a cruise that goes from Mexico to Japan

No. 293451

now the twittersperg is accusing Sharla and Chris of being racist right wing vloggers because they paid Elon for the blue check on twitter ffs(this is an imageboard)

No. 293455

You are that twitter person biggest fan LOL

No. 293460

you are

No. 293461

First off, this is an imageboard, secondly, the twitter posts mean nothing and are useless to this thread. This is a bait post because anons have been saying this for days, so just going to report it as such.

No. 293464

I get a strange feeling that one of the anons not so subtly trying to discourage the discussion of Lili's milk here might be related to her in some way and is worried about getting exposed for supporting a mediscammer. They come off as oddly defensive of her in a roundabout way and are hoping to find a way to taper off the discussion so it kind of slowly dies off. That being said the involvement of Jvloggers does indeed make this relevant milk and I agree that it's some of the most milky milk we've had in weeks.

No. 293465

Anons just want to discussion moved. It's not that deep and no one is Lili. Not everyone anons don't agree with is a cow and this mindset is absurd. No one said it isn't relevant, it's that it's barely relevant because she isn't friend with any jvloggers. What if the British PM reblogs her, are we now allowed to derail about the parliament because it's technically relevant now? Your idea of relevancy is very weak. I hope anon gets that munchie thread going, especially if there are more than one cow that can go in there besides this anon. Not like other threads haven't been made for less milk like the dead Anima, Chel, Berry, Pyropi.. Anons make shit threads all the time for less milk that completely die off.

No. 293466

Honestly should go back to /snow/. Just being mentioned in a story share isn't exactly big enough contact to suddenly derail about Lili here again. Her milk still belongs in /snow/. Discussion was happening over there just fine, the pissy anons trying to bring her back over here are just mad because they think it's 'controlling milk' which is hilarious.

No. 293467

>it's barely relevant because she isn't friend with any jvloggers

>is friends with Sharla, Mikan, Norm, Emma…

Not really making a great argument here lol

No. 293468

Ah yes, and kekking over unfunny tinfoiling about throuples is peak milk, amirite?

No. 293471

Being reblogged isn't being someone's friend. Is Trisha friends with Yuumi? No.

No. 293472

No. No one who actually wants a discussion is falling for that bait.

No. 293473

>There's no way the treatment happenened in the first place

This. How in the hell between active fundraising and pity posts on instagram did she suddenly find time to have a treatment, and wouldn't that be a milestone she'd have updated everyone with first? Did the doctor make a housecall like what she had for her bedside filler treatment kek. Instead of tying up loose ends, she's opened a lot more holes in her story.

No. 293474

I'd rather discuss Lily Collins from Emily in Paris than any of the trending Lillies in this godforsaken thread

No. 293475

At least one dated a cow so there's milk relevenat to the jvloggers, but sharing someone's story and being scammed like other people isn't really telling as multiple people are being scammed. Most people take asking for help at face value and that's moreso a trust thing on the jvloggers for not checking up on stuff. Goes to show they don't lurk here to see it like anons wish.

No. 293476

>an anon mistakenly thought the video was from some kind of Japanese news outlet or intended for a Japanese audience despite the lack of Japanese

I'm that anon but I want to clear up that's not what I meant at all (besides my poor choice of words). I was merely speculating that this will eventually make it to the Japanese news, also her insta posts include a Japanese translation right below the English so she's clearly trying to include Japanese in her target audience which makes sense given she is a model there.

No. 293477

She's not even a jvlogger? She needs a thread like Kota, for real, not just a munchie thread.

No. 293478

Model though she may be it rubs me the wrong way how these posts that are asking for help with recovery have these perfectly curated photoshopped pics making her beauty the main focus front and center which is why the comments are crawling with simps and people saying "oh no you're so beautiful how could this happen to an angel like you". Guarantee if she was average looking the most she'd get is "oh damn sorry you're going through it, thoughts and prayers" instead of donations and people raising awareness for her supposed plight. I'd love to see the reactions of people who realized they got scammed by this Swedish fish because they couldn't stop thinking with their dicks for one second, or be arsed to do a little google research in the case of her blindly supportive Jvlogger friends.

No. 293479

Really trying with that friends things.

No. 293480

Given that Emma, Sharla, and others have been in Japan for up to a decade+, don't you think they would've caught on about her lie regarding there being no English speaking lawyers at least?? Especially Dogen, since to Sharla's credit she's not the sharpest tool in the shed given the company she keeps kek

No. 293481

Lili is cutting them in on the deal, like how the mob gets points on a loan. It's a new kind of sponsorship, it's sleazy but that's how the influencer world works these days. It's all about the $$$.

No. 293483

like if sharla sends $5000 worth of donations her way from a link or from her subs somehow, she cuts Sharla back 10% so Sharla makes $500.

think about it anons. these "influencers" are just born hustlers.

No. 293486

Influencers have a responsibility to their fanbase to research what they're promoting, especially when it involves encouraging donations. Don't think it's as deep as the affiliated Jvloggers taking a cut, but would make sense if some don't want it getting out that Lili's been grifting this whole time because it reflects poorly on them, if they realize she's been grifting at all.

No. 293491

A) >Influencers have a responsibility to their fanbase
major kek
B) They're in on the grift, she's cutting them a percentage of the take, it should be obvious to anyone paying attention

No. 293492

Anyone notice how the OF foolery has pretty much ceased? Seems like somebody got a little embarrassed. I'd bet Shartla is re-evaluating her association with Sola right about now. She surrrre does know how to pick em'

No. 293502

Where's the proof to this?

No. 293508

File: 1682064276545.png (44.93 KB, 1014x756, Screenshot from 2023-04-21 08-…)

I wonder why she would go to the trouble of travelling to Mexico. Japan seems more than adequately equipped to deal with spinal injuries and stem cell treatment.

No. 293511

We don't even know if she went to Mexico.

No. 293517

There is no proof, it's just a bad tinfoil.

No. 293518

File: 1682069955377.jpg (100.22 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20230421_103742_com…)

Today's helping of shit that never happened.

No. 293519

So full of herself. She's not like those other guyjeans, gaiz. If anything he's shading her ass.

No. 293525

he realized you were a foreigner and knew exactly what he was saying to you, you dumb bitch

No. 293526

You keep mentioning things like this as if cow crossovers aren’t a known thing on lolcow. If Trisha retweeted Yumi it would be mentioned in both their threads. It is not that deep.

No. 293527

File: 1682083673445.jpg (492.53 KB, 2938x1923, ElonBroad.jpg)

Does anyone else find it hilarious how Chris is so desperate for clout that he's buying a verification badge? Even Connor isn't buying one and seems secure with himself. Plus we shouldn't forget that Chris whined for at least two years about not having one and was big mad that Connor got one first. I'm pretty sure it's $8 but knowing Chris he would probably value it enough to pay the proposed $1,000 valuation for it.

No. 293528


This anon IS the Twittersperg. They had this exact thing on their Twitter and then deleted it and then almost immediately this appeared here on lolcow.


No. 293530

it is also funny how chris has to give himself a pat on the back by both calling himself "young" kek and also putting "2M Subscribed" in parentheses, he should take a lesson in humility from Connor who out-clouts him in every way

No. 293532

File: 1682084853312.png (37.62 KB, 1254x428, Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 6.47…)

They also retweeted Connor's thoughts on the badges. That anon is defo the twittersperg.(samefagging)

No. 293533

They also titled their image "ElonBroad" and in the original twitter post about Chris and Sharla buying badges, it had a pic of Elon and the tweet mentioned them being Elon fans. 100% TWITTERSPERG CONFIRMED

No. 293537

What if all your posts weren't tinfoil?

No. 293551

I don't think so, the twittersperg is VERY ESL (which this thread def has a few of them running around) but this poster >>293527 seems way less ESL than twittersperg. Kinda feels like tinfoil to start accusing random anons of being the loser on Twitter.

No. 293553

I'd bet money that the ESL is fake. There's no way that it's just a coincidence that those things happened at the same time from the Twittersperg and another anon here. Especially the Elon named jpg

No. 293555

It's just our regular shitposter who hates a slow thread

No. 293562

maybe you didn't understand. that was on their twitter feed. it disappeared off of there and shortly after, it appeared here.

do you not understand how time works? or do you also believe in the tooth fairy as well as extremely unlikely coincidences?

No. 293568

What are you going on about? Them self posting and trying to force milk off the site isn't counter arguing its an anon. I'm saying they are also a shitposter.

No. 293569

I can't tell what point you're trying to make.
You're like, in denial that the person who just posted that twitter cap to this thread is the twittersperg, but you're also saying it is them and they're self posting and a shit poster? Make up your mind nonnie, and stop infighting.

No. 293573

Didn't say that.

No. 293575

Pretty wild that you're "hi cowing" because the idea that more than one person using twitter is just too unbelievable. Anyways the follows in the twitter comparison post include MoistCritical who is not a Jvlogger but not Sharla or Emma or most other Jvloggers so definitely a different person.

No. 293579

Seems like they are desperately trying to get commentators to take any of this to production which no one cares because nothing milky is happening. Normal people don't give a fuck about random girls starting OF.

No. 293580

Lots of people are falling for the scam that is TB.

No. 293590

Sorry to be late to this, but I had the same feelings upon seeing all these "poor uwu model in bed pics." It's just too implausible to me that everything looks that perfect if you barely get out of bed and are in excruciating pain all day every day. And her lips look freshly filled, there's no way that's year-old filler. So what's up with that?

No. 293594

The twittersperg is not a cow ffs it is a mentally damaged nobody

No. 293595

kek how retarded are you? all that tells you is that Charlie follows Chris which of course he does. ffs were you dropped on your head at birth?

No. 293597

A jvlogger being scammed is milk and we have multiple jvloggers being scammed unless they're in on it, which would also be milk. If Pewdiepie or Trash Taste encouraged their fans to give money to a scam, no one would be complaining about discussion of the scam in their threads.
Lili's own insta posts don't include Japanese subtitles. The woman who's fundraising for her added subtitles to her posts for the fundraiser page, but they're not on Lili's own account. That Lili's been trying to raise money for treatment for almost year, but never tried to include Japanese in her posts should be a red flag. But she can't object to Japanese translations without drawing suspicion, which is probably why she recently allows people like the fundraiser woman to posts translations for her.
It's weird how, both before and after the accident, there are hardly any photos of her that aren't heavily shopped or filtered. It's not usual for an influencer, but she seems even on the extreme end for a regular model. I've seen a couple of photos of her from her IG and modeling agency where she isn't heavily shopped and afraid to post them without mod permission since it could be off topic, but she looks like 15+ years older and like a completely different person.

No. 293599

>afraid to post them without mod permission since it could be off topic, but she looks like 15+ years older and like a completely different person.

post them on /snow/ then I wanna see them

No. 293602

Yeah they would. We don't need this girl talked about in every thread because she touches so many cows. Is the idea of her own thread that crazy? No. They made one for the Amina chick for this same reason. Anons are just lazy.

No. 293604

stop minimodding. It's irritating.

No. 293605

I'm pointing out what other anons have said ITT and the last one. That's not minimodding and it's right that anons tried to make Anima relevant in here with the same excuse of her knowing one of the cows or something along those lines and instead anons fucked off and made her own thread because the milk is about her, not the jvloggers, which is the difference you aren't seeming to understand.

No. 293610

Lili is not relevant because she knows cows. She's relevant because cows are telling their fans to give money to her and to go to her fundraisers. Everything talked about her here is connected to her scam, which these jvloggers are supporting. No one is talking about other aspects of her life that aren't relevant to the scam that's being promoted by jvloggers. These jvloggers, by the way, have more fans and reach than Lili. They are reaching out to more potential donors than she nor her fundraiser friend could. No other thread would be complaining about anons discussing a scam that cows are telling their fans to donate to.

No. 293611

the jvloggers are getting a cut of the fraudulent donations

No. 293612

This is such a weak connection to derail the thread about her lol

No. 293618

Yet another jvlogger promoting Lili. On The World Stage admits she's only spoken to Lili online and it's "impossible" to meet her in person because she's bedridden and for some reason that means no one is allowed to visit her at her house. It's also fairly obvious On The World Stage is trying to use Lili to promote her own singing career, and claims to be an actor and writer who moved to Tokyo to pursue modeling.

No. 293620

that looks like something from Saturday Night Live it looks so stupid and jokey

No. 293631

What happens when Lili is exposed as a charlatan, will all the people get their money back? Someone needs to investigate this for real. Maybe Chris Abroad can finally make his BIG SERIOUS DOCUMENTARY about this situation. Oh wait he's too big of a pussy to every do any real documentary journalism.

No. 293652

I just don't understand why they care so much for someone they've never met, or even know much about past a superficial level. This is so cringey…

No. 293657

File: 1682159812738.jpg (445.82 KB, 1079x1493, Screenshot_20230422_033624_Ins…)

Since Mikan is full, moving her here: she got another nose job.

No. 293662

GOOD! I hope they were able to correct the shoddy work done the first time. It looks like she went to South Korea for it, which is a good sign.

No. 293664

Off topic but I could say the same about anons here with sharla and chris tbh.
I’m just glad she dropped her ridiculous English accent.

No. 293665

File: 1682163857205.gif (3.24 MB, 498x286, tumbleweed-lonely.gif)

holy shit she needs to lay off the bleach.

No. 293674

>I just don't understand why they care so much for someone they've never met, or even know much about past a superficial level. This is so cringey…

>Off topic but I could say the same about anons here with sharla and chris tbh.

kek this is the most braindead thing I've ever seen an anon say, ever, on this site. nonnie what do you think this whole site is ffs, do you think anons personally know all the other cows kek

No. 293676

She stopped getting the straightening done so she could bleach it, only to continue straightening it with heat anyways so its friiiiiied(sage your shit)

No. 293688

Way to overreact and show literal 0 reading comprehension, with added insult to boot.
My reply implies that I don’t understand why anons here care so much about cxs, I.E. people whom you’ve never met.
Not that I’m a pedant. Take your insults back to Reddit

No. 293696

are you actually retarded? your reply doesn't imply anything. it literally says you don't understand why anons care about cows if they've never met them in person. kek accusing me of zero reading comprehension when you clearly have neither reading comprehension, writing ability, or like basic level logic and reasoning skills.

take your mental retardation out to the shed and shoot it.

No. 293699

Sitting back and laughing at cows who make a public spectacle of themselves isn't the same as caping hard for someone and making a huge deal of effort in good faith for some model/influencer they barely know, whom hasn't done anything notable for anyone outside of her career and is very likely a scammer. Especially when they wouldn't do the same for most other people, i.e. the motivation is likely to be quite shallow.

No. 293701

No, I agree that it isn’t, and I didn’t imply that it was. It was a throwaway comment, because if you read what I said at face value I literally meant caring so much about people who this thread hasn’t met.
I wasn’t expecting a norm style response though, I appreciate that you didn’t just yell and call me a retard anon.

No. 293704

One should always be prepared for the possibility of a normstyle snarky meltdown on lolcow. We're all norm here

No. 293715

So much this. That anon was conflating cows shilling for a mediscammer they've never met with what we are all here to do in the first place, gawk/mock the cows, and sitting on her high horse about it apparently kek. Also clearly that anon was such a delicate flower she can't handle being called out on her retardation. Nonnie this might not be the right place for you.

No. 293716

My pov wasn’t retarded, just misunderstood - I just explained that. I wasn’t on any high horse either, again explained just now as it was a throw away comment.
Why do you insist that I must be a retarded delicate flower? All I did was show appreciation to someone for giving a well thought out reply other than being called a brain dead.. surely you can see that?

No. 293717

gross you're all defensive too

No. 293719

I'm JuSt MiSuNdErStOoD kekkkk

are you sure you're not a cow? sounds like it(samefagging and derailing)

No. 293722

Go back to twitter

No. 293724

I might be misremembering it but didn't Chris promise Journey across Japan Hokkaido to be released in March? April is almost finished…
I swear every single time it ends with him getting too burnt out to actually release the videos in a timely fashion. Even Okinawa (aka look at me I'm rich) he took like half a year to start releasing and then even longer to finish releasing while getting offended when people asked about it. Plus he has also the cycle to release and just announced another big video with Natsuki. I think Chris should just let his editors edit instead of trying to be a one man show. Mr Beast doesn't do this.

No. 293725

>I think Chris should just let his editors edit instead of trying to be a one man show.
He has been letting editors edit his videos, but it hasn't speed up the output of his work.

No. 293726

You're calling it out! You're a crusader! Love it nonnie keep it coming kek

No. 293727

Go back to your incel boyfriend

No. 293731

He's moving house, not to mention dealing with his wife's midlife crisis trying to become a cam girl, cut the guy some slack.

also this isn't milk, take it to his subreddit ffs

No. 293733

No offence but you sound like the incel

No. 293734

Not hating on him for this just wish that he would be less of a control freak for his videos. But yes he has to deal with Sharla and he antics constantly I can't blame him for being so worn/burnt out that he isn't able to work optimally.

No. 293735

people who say "no offence" always mean offence kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 293772

there's no proof any scam has taken place, all it is is tinfoil at this point. it's likely something shady and not-above-board but we can't say with any certainty it's an outright scam. just wait and see.(sage your shit)

No. 293774

He has editors, but he says they're for the smaller videos, while Chris still wants to be the hands on editor for the bigger videos like JAJ
He also said he'd stop giving release timeframes, but clearly he still does
He'd be better off just editing, storing and not talking about his upcoming videos until they're ready to release and then mention something about them when he's a week out from releasing his videos. He always puts this pressure on himself with a deadline and then ends up making a video that isn't great and then complains when others mention how it was a boring or bad video

No. 293775

> He always puts this pressure on himself with a deadline and then ends up making a video that isn't great and then complains when others mention how it was a boring or bad video

kek totally! just further proof that like his softcore wife he's still got some growing up to do.

No. 293778

The samefagging is constant in here lol

No. 293779

Anons Google searches aren't definite proof, I agree, of her medical issues being a scam. Anons are wishful thinking. All this derailing with the assumption she scamming. In all honesty, it's not unheard of for this stuff to keep happening, even after surgery.

No. 293799

File: 1682206900154.jpg (231.19 KB, 1079x1806, Screenshot_20230422_164100_You…)

Natsuki shoot. Anons are just going to make up some crap about how he's uwu bullied when every time.

No. 293802

Just to add, anons were acting like Chris was in his late 20s compared to Sharla. He's a '90 baby. He's only 3 years younger than her, wtf is this robbing the cradle mentality anons have been reeing about?

No. 293803

this isn't milk
please just stop the pointless fangirling, this isn't the time or the place, maybe try his subreddit

are you new to western society? you're unfamiliar with the double standard and ageism of an older woman with a younger man? jeez why do anons consistently brazenly display their naivety here

No. 293808

Nta, but that's no fangirling in the post.

No. 293811

I really don't think the majority of anyone who follows him cares if he posts a video on time. They probably have 263 other people they subscribe to to keep themselves busy.

No. 293812

he actually has some pissy Stans who are obnoxious

No. 293822

You missed the part about the majority don't care and who in 2023 is acting like this about a not dropped video like it's 2011? Most people don't care.

No. 293829

who fucking cares

No. 293842

the twittersperg cares(samefagging)

No. 293888

Anons want milk but this ain't it. Especially when it's obvious his fans really don't care. We really going to discuss the 4 people who complain? KEK

No. 293891

yeah I mean back in the days when he'd have cat hair on his shirt and anons would screen cap it and post it here… I mean that was some fucking legendary milk

No. 293892

Nta, but that's not milk either. I don't think anons understand what qualifies as milk.

No. 293895

I forgot there's so many autists here that can't detect sarcasm

No. 293910

Purposefully obtuse. The point of those types of photos was to show evidence he and Sharla were dating, which the true screeching autists of this thread denied like Japanese idol fans when they hear their beloved parasocial paramour is dating someone. This thread was hilarious then, because so many retards INSISTED they weren’t dating in the face of so much evidence and they would still reeee about proof. Its why we have that retarded sentence in the OP about not ‘tinfoiling’ without ‘proof’ as if that is a standard for saying people are dating on any other thread on this site kek

No. 293917

You're going to get banned for samefag/infighting again. Dating is old milk, move on. You're so mad over nothing and not what that post was about at all.

No. 293927

Where is the charity stream Emma did for ninjacatgirl and how much did she raise? I can't find it on youtube or twitch.

No. 293937

probably deleted out of embarrassment

No. 293942

Do you mean this one or a newer one? Here's part 1.

No. 293943

part 2 (they are discussing Lily and saying she'll never work again or something at the beginning).

No. 293946

part 3

No. 293947

part 4

No. 293949

File: 1682281678827.png (577 KB, 863x605, Screenshot_20230423-222126.png)

idk how much was raised total, but the goal of 25k was met. according to the donation bar on the screen. I'm kind of shocked that this kind of audience would be able to just throw this kind of money at a model with vague health issues.

No. 293957

Again, we can't even prove she's faking so this munchie thing is all tinfoil. Anons are just assuming, so is this even milky when it is possible is legit? This livestream would be interesting if it were, but it's looking like it might not be.

No. 293964

can't prove she's not faking, either

No. 293967

I'm actually more inclined to believe her because of the fact that some anons think their personal medfagging with Google is a one-and-done miracle. This really isn't coming off as munchie because it's not like 2326 different things, its a couple, and she's said what's wrong with her, so how's it vague? Anons biggest issue is the lawyer thing and it could be there is no good malpractice English ones. You don't just go to any random lawyers. Shows how old and immature some anons are tbh because they think in black and white.

No. 293972

File: 1682285585834.png (113.99 KB, 864x1618, Screenshot_20230423-223749~2.p…)

where's all this money going, then? Any charity should be stating this. At the start of part 2 of the stream, they state they are also raising money because she can't work indefinitely and has "other health problems" (meaning celiac I guess?).

They also don't know where she's leaking from.

No. 293973

it's a scam nonnie deal with it

No. 293977


Nobody has actually even met this chick, she's lying about being alone when she is married, lying about the Swedish embassy not helping her, lying about there being no research on the condition, not giving any information where all this money has been going (counting emma's stream it's at least 75k total, likely more, plus whatever she earned at her fundraiser today) etc and anons are still pretending it might be legit lmao

No. 293979

I think anons are looking for an obvious gotcha like with the dating debacle.

No. 293980

Bless you nonnie. $25,000 is a lot. I don't know how some anons here can pretend this isn't relevant to the thread. Why is this on someone else's channel though? Why'd she delete it from her own?
No one has seen her since the accident because she won't let anyone meet her in person. She hasn't provided any real details or names. She hasn't provided any photos or video that prove she was in the hospital or receiving treatment for her problem. She's lied about why she's unable to sue the hospital. None of her family members or close friends have come forward. She's been living in Japan for at least 8 years. She should at least have some real life friends, co-workers or relatives (through her husband) in Japan involved in these fundraisers, but aside from Emma's charity stream, these events are being run by people who've never met her before. Why has she only updated her patreon about her stem cell treatment, and not her gofundme and everything else?

No. 293982

samefag, forgot to add that there are multinational firms in Tokyo specializing in malpractice claims, in addition to elite English-speaking Japanese firms that serve foreigners so
>it could be there is no good malpractice English ones.
is not true. Embassies also have lists of English-speaking lawyers for malpractice claims. Same for the Tokyo Bar Association Attorney Referral Center, which I doubt she consulted. With the amount she's raised, Emma could be in serious trouble if it does come out that it was all a scam even if she didn't know herself.

No. 293986

I already explained this in thorough detail up the thread so I won't spoon-feed you all again. Bottom line: The Jvloggers are getting a cut of the money she's raising. It's no different than how any pyramid scheme or scam works. First she convinces one Jvlogger, then they all fall in line to virtue signal they are empathetic (They don't want empathy fomo and look bad among their peers) and the Swedish fish reaps the rewards and probably disappear soon enough. and the Jvloggers will act like nothing ever happened. They're in on it I promise you.(tinfoil)

No. 293987

>samefag, forgot to add that there are multinational firms in Tokyo specializing in malpractice claims, in addition to elite English-speaking Japanese firms that serve foreigners

no shit, I literally posted a literal link and screenshot of one up thread. Does ANYONE read through these threads before they just start mashing keys on their keyboard and grunting and drooling?

No. 293994

Where is the info they are embezzling funds or getting a cut? If you're going to tinfoil about something like that then back it up.

No. 294001

File: 1682294672042.png (124.19 KB, 864x1592, Screenshot_20230424-020347.png)

The woman who illustrated the children's book about her medical malpractice claim (kek…) seems to be really involved in her care somehow? Or is larping that, not sure. I'm afraid to call a lot of attention to it in case she mass deletes but look at the username here >>293972. She has the same name on on IG. Seems like someone who might have met her in person… or this is some extreme parasocial thing Lili encourages (she's constantly referring to Lili as her "loved one" on social media, a term usually used for family or spouse). She also says Lili's husband would have to change her clothes and wash her and everything if they were to go to an onsen, so Lili's not alone.

No. 294002

you can't just find "info" or "proof" for that online kek, but it will come out, just wait

No. 294003

so you're saying this "loved one" person is someone who hasn't actually met Lili or seen her in person to confirm this? Like she's just acting on her behalf online to do things for her? If that was true then Lili must be a Donald Trump level gaslighter

No. 294004


I don't think she's met her. She says lili cut herself off and isn't seeing anyone. There are some posts that suggest they've not met. She also got involved only about 3 months ago. She seems very vulnerable mentally so I prefer not to draw attention to her either, but it sadly "makes sense" why someone like that would get so involved with a "sick girl" she doesn't know given her mental state. It's fuckrd up.

No. 294007

>She says lili cut herself off and isn't seeing anyone.

how convenient

No. 294009


And by vulnerable i mean she says she's bipolar, among other severe mental and personal issues so yeah…

In one of the reddit posts she even says SHE has the leak, then backtracks. She seems genuinely unwell and I guess that's why she latched onto Lili so hard.

No. 294012

It's very unlikely she's met Lili if the people running her fundraisers who actually live in Tokyo haven't been able to meet with her. Ibaraki isn't far, but it requires more effort than if the illustrator lived in a nearby ward. Why don't any of these people find it suspicious that this person refuses to meet with them, but expects them to raise tens of thousands for dollars for her?

No. 294015

because she's a twee cutie pie from Sweden duh
how could she possibly be up to no good?

No. 294016

Factitious disorder:

Factitious disorder is a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick or by self-injury. Factitious disorder also can happen when family members or caregivers falsely present others, such as children, as being ill, injured or impaired.

Factitious disorder symptoms involve mimicking or producing illness or injury or exaggerating symptoms or impairment to deceive others. People with the disorder go to great lengths to hide their deception, so it may be difficult to realize that their symptoms are actually part of a serious mental health disorder. They continue with the deception, even without receiving any visible benefit or reward or when faced with objective evidence that doesn't support their claims.

Factitious disorder signs and symptoms may include:

- Clever and convincing medical or psychological problems
- Extensive knowledge of medical terms and diseases
- Vague or inconsistent symptoms
- Conditions that get worse for no apparent reason
- Conditions that don't respond as expected to standard therapies
- Seeking treatment from many different doctors or hospitals, which may include using a fake name
- Reluctance to allow doctors to talk to family or friends or to other health care professionals
- Frequent stays in the hospital
- Eagerness to have frequent testing or risky operations
- Many surgical scars or evidence of numerous procedures
- Having few visitors when hospitalized
- Arguing with doctors and staff

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/factitious-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20356028(medfag)

No. 294017

I actually suspect the "illustrator" is Lili herself, acting out as a sort of alternate personality / sock puppet. Lili did the book herself and created the false persona who is the main person "in her corner" to help convince other to buy into her narrative.(tinfoil)

No. 294022

this is extremely stupid bait because the illustrator has an established online presence, family, and photos online.

No. 294023

Sounds like depression to me which can happen with constant medical issues

No. 294044

You’re right - are any anons here insurance claims adjusters located in Japan? Because that’s the only way we’ll truly be able to “prove” this. Shut down every munchie thread until these boards are populated exclusively with licensed doctors and medical fraud investigators because otherwise what we’re talking about is not milky enough because we couldn’t possibly prove beyond a shadow of a doubt whether some cow is lying or not. /snow/ is full of assumed liars, we don’t need notarized reports to say some shit sounds unlikely and this ninjacat sends up big spoonie flags if you know the signs.

No. 294049

Has anyone given it even a fucking shred of thought the fact that this Swedish cutie pie started her scam around the same time as Swedish Pewdiepie showed up in Japan?


No. 294050

It's pretty sleazy she's pretending like she doesn't have someone taking care of her or not mentioning her husband (even going so far as to erase any mention of him) so she can get simp bucks.

No. 294061

lol yea I felt sorry for her originally thinking that it was probably hard for her to leave Japan for a significant amount of time because of the fear of losing her visa and her apartment situation. But come to find out she has a husband the whole time while she was e-begging.
So she's on a marriage visa as a dependent and he'll be able to care for the apartment while gone, etc. Literally all she has to do is take the $50k she got and get over her munchie paranoia, go home on a 1st class seat or do a medical flight, get her free or affordable treatment in Sweden, and can rest knowing she has a husband and apartment waiting back in Japan. Do that first and then she can find her impossible english speaking lawyer and do her lawsuit later.

No. 294070

File: 1682334838580.png (262.28 KB, 864x1508, Screenshot_20230424-122628~2.p…)

they raised ¥450,000 (just over €3000) yesterday

No. 294077

Playing devils advocate here, what if she is actually telling the truth about her illness?
What would happen to her if she was lying? The evidence of fraud is right there in front of everyone, is she that arrogant to scam people in broad daylight?
What are your thoughts?

No. 294079

Being arrogant enough to scam people in broad daylight is super on trend right now. See: Donald Trump

No. 294082

Yes I get that, but I’m talking about every day average joes who aren’t ex presidents with delusions of grandeur

No. 294085

So that's just under $4500. That's not a lot.

No. 294088

File: 1682346627579.png (181.19 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230424-162920.png)

this is approximately €50.000 already raised. Her link was given to people not attending the in-person fundraiser. That's a hell of a lot for someone who claims doctors in a country with good hospitals won't help her.

No. 294089

they also had at least one previous fundraiser in February.

No. 294090


By itself? No. In combination for the 50k on gofundme, unknown amounts from the multiple other payment methods she has set up, patreon, the previous 6k fundraiser, the 25k from Emma? That's a lot, combined.

According to that bipolar friend of hers, stem cell treatment only costs 10k.

I mean, she's also now hiding the info from her simps that she supposedly already had the treatment in Japan (?) Guess the doctors there aren't as evil and unhelpful as she claimed after all. Conveniently the stem cell treatment is unlikely to work, so she can just say it failed, blame the Japanese doctors again and keep the grift going indefinitely.

No. 294093

yup it's a scam

No. 294097

You do know you don't do just one round of these procedures, right?

No. 294100

I do know that. i also know that she didn't actually do a single one because she doesn't actually need such a thing.

No. 294104


And you do know she raised enough money for about 8+ rounds of it and that this treatment is considered basically ineffective, yeah?

No. 294105

I know everything you know, and more.

No. 294117

>I mean, she's also now hiding the info from her simps that she supposedly already had the treatment in Japan (?)

The best course of action is to screencap/document everything so that even if she hides it later, it's on record. I hope the simps and naive influencers supporting her cause feel extremely stupid when someone finally exposes her. She deserves to lose the support and trust of the community at large for pulling something so shitty. At this point i'd not even mind TKYOham putting out a vid or something and taking the hit because he's got nothing to lose and this should be right up his alley. It could be his big comeback, kek.

No. 294120

Kelly finally put a video out about her giving birth in Japan with the title humble bragging about not getting an epidural.

No. 294121

>i'd not even mind TKYOham putting out a vid or something and taking the hit
this is definitely KYOTham or HIMR territory, the only problem is that nobody would take them seriously and probably just be a backlash. Say what you will about Norm, but this seems like the kind of thing that he would find out about and rage-comment and/or make a huge stink over and people would actually pay attention

No. 294132

So Sharla and Ushka did contribute to this fundraiser and weren't just sharing it with their fans. The fundraiser was also supposed to be a book launch event, but there doesn't seem to be any news about Lili's book.

No. 294133


No. 294135


It got blocked by amazon

No. 294136

No. 294140

Post proof of these stupid claims you keep making

No. 294144

File: 1682364378688.png (87.72 KB, 864x674, Screenshot_20230424-212014.png)

I saw this on her IG. Seems to be some issue with either publisher or seller.

No. 294145

can you please stop cluttering up this thread with shit like "no1currs" or whatever weird fake bullshit this is >>294135? the reason there are so many jvlogger threads is low effort posts like this. These threads would not fill up nearly as fast if anons could just ignore posts and report them if necessary instead of clogging up the thread with tepid infighting.(take it to /meta/)

No. 294214

Who do you think she is referring to as a Narcissist? Could it be Lili herself? Trouble in paradise?

No. 294216

Ok we will stop as soon as you stop minimodding kek

No. 294217

File: 1682395120896.png (117.19 KB, 1125x659, IMG_9780.PNG)

Here is the authors note to her book about the perfect narcisisst

No. 294227

The fact anons tried to shut down this milk, even this blurb is pure cow material in several different ways
>I tried bullshit jobs like tiktok, youtube, onlyfans, snack bar hostess, and surprisingly couldn't stick to it or make enough income to support my husband and child
>So now I draw digitally!
>Specifically because I'm a tard who has never heard of a pencil and eraser, so the idea of drawing on paper terrifies me
>making art for money is controversial, I am a rebel for admitting this is for money
Not if you check in on literally any artist, none of them work for free. There is always an income source.
No explanation why the book refers to narcissists, of course, just this utter nonsense.

No. 294245

File: 1682433487122.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.86 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_.jpg)


Looks like she latched onto Lili so hard because she's hoping for a book promotion. I thought it was only because she is mentally ill, but hey

No. 294246

File: 1682433787850.jpg (340.58 KB, 1079x1769, Screenshot_20230425_074146_Ins…)

The hell does this have to do with jvlogging? Lili isn't a vlogger and neither is this girl.

No. 294247

File: 1682434640792.jpg (364.55 KB, 1080x2116, Screenshot_20230425_075648_Ins…)

Its looks more Despicable Me than before. A few shots she's covering her nose. I don't think she's 100% happy with it, but she'll cope and say because it's still healing.

No. 294249

This is an old picture. She hasn't revealed the new nose yet, probably because it is still healing.

No. 294252

That'd be why it doesn't look impressive then, thank you

No. 294254

Tat's her old nose. It takes months to a year for post surgery nose swelling to go down so neither she nor we will know its final shape for a while until it settles.

No. 294257

The illustrator is a jvlogger, although I'm not sure we should be talking about her outside the context of the potential medical scam.

No. 294266

>6 videos
>all a year or more old

There's a difference between being a jvlogger and life updates. She's not a jvlogger and hasn't uploaded a new video since a year ago. Do you think anyone in vacation taking photos is now marketing as a travel vlogger?

No. 294268

she lives in Japan, has a child, has two IG accounts… she's not a tourist.

No. 294270

>6 videos
>all a year or more old
I'm not arguing that she should be discussed here, but that makes her more of a vlogger than Lily ever was. If you bothered to look at her profile on youtube, you'd see that she lives in Ibaraki and the purpose of the channel is to vlog her life and Japan.

No. 294275


No. 294280

Oh she got a nose job. No real milk here but there is more information about it on her twt

No. 294319

I guess there's a lot of money in the "being a victim" racket these days

No. 294322

Chris Broad is dating Sharla did u guys know that(shitpost)

No. 294323

don’t take the bait y’all, ignore this

No. 294329

the difference between her hand and face is horrible, why this middle eastern girl is larping being a japanese girl? girl buy foundation your color please

No. 294330

File: 1682495955212.jpeg (9.39 KB, 220x275, IMG_1460.jpeg)

That is her “old” nose but her first botched nose job. This is her actual original nose kekk

No. 294331

honestly, I would humble brag as well if I birthed an almost 9 lb baby without proper drugs. I guess she had a third degree tear as well due to the huge size.

No. 294333

File: 1682500107514.jpg (15.03 KB, 283x367, yandev.jpg)

Kek looks like a female yandev

No. 294334

lmao nonna that's awful

No. 294335

Did you even watch the video? She says and I quote I didn't have the choice for an epidural. Stop spouting garbage if you're not even going to watch the source material that you're posting

No. 294336

TkyoSam was just arrested in Gunma Prefecture(this is an image board. post proof)

No. 294338

Source, deets?? Did they finally catch onto his fake business visa, deportation dodging scheme?

No. 294353

I know you've been told this is an imageboard before.

No. 294367

File: 1682527895990.png (416.45 KB, 864x1536, Screenshot_20230426-135736.png)

I feel like this is a huge exaggeration. She needs another 40k??? yeah, no.

The cost of a surgery in Europe is lower than in the US because the system is completely different. Not going to blog about it but I know this from experience.

No. 294369

Travel, hotel, aftercare days in the hospital, extra tests to recheck surgery went well.. it adds up. The UK is not cheaper when you account for the exchange rate too.

No. 294379

Interesting how she doesn't name the hospitals and specialists. Usually, when someone is crowdfunding for medical expenses, they will have already discussed a plan of treatment with a specialist and hospital, and have an itemized list of their potential expenses for their fundraiser.
She's seeking treatment in the US and Switzerland, not the UK. Medical costs in the US are typically several times what you'd pay in Europe and other countries, hence the popularity of medical tourism by Americans.

No. 294386

She’s trying to say that she’s totally not erasing her ethnic features on Twitter even though she used one of those White Scandinavian E-thots as a reference photo kek

No. 294393

This is completely disregarding the fact that a lot of american doctors are highly skilled and some of them only exist in the states for certain medical procedures. Also if it's the thought process she's doing going to someone highly rated regardless country matters.

No. 294426

this board sucks and it's boring now. who cares about this Swedish fish?(shitposting)

No. 294454

what have you got to bring to the table then?

No. 294459

File: 1682608816268.png (107.93 KB, 447x638, Screenshot 2023-04-27 171425.p…)

Lili is completely hiding her husband and his income, making it seem like she only lives off of donations. That's where this whole "hiding the husband" thing becomes quasi-fraudulent. When you make people think that you don't have that support or money. And as of a month ago, they are still together, according to her illustrator's posts on reddit.

No. 294461

And how do you know they can get by on a single person's income without her income? That's not hiding your husband, that's saying that on your side you cannot financially provide, so the supplemental income through fundraising is what is helping her stay stable, even if that means now being able to re-contribute to the household which wouldn't be stable without the supplemented income.

You are reading this as "NOT SAYING HUSBAND" when it's not about her husband anyway. Sage your shit.

No. 294462

This is not about financial stability, whiteknight, she straight up says she couldn't possibly survive without the donations which are keeping me here

That's a bit different to financial stability. Or are we to believe her husband is also living off her donations? No, she is being intentionally misleading as part of her grift and your attempt to paraphrase the post directly above yours to imply otherwise is disingenuous.

No. 294466

are you trolling? she's clearly omitting she has financial support from a husband living with her on purpose because obviously that would lower the amount of sympathy she got from random internet strangers who dont know better. this shit is scammer 101

No. 294467

Why the fuck won't she just go back to Sweden? She would get all necessary treatments there for fucking free. Jvloggers are fucking retarded and insane and I am not surprised everyone is enabling this circus.

No. 294468

All it'd take to burst those thirsty simps' coom bubbles is for someone to remind them in the comments that she has a husband. The drooling retards are asking if there's any way to marry her and leaving gross novel length comments waxing philosophical about jerking it to her, which i'd post but i'm not sure if it'd be relevant here. It won't return the money she's already cucked out of them but i'd love to see them malding in the comments and turning on her kek

No. 294471

>Sage your shit.
NTA, but if it's new milk, which it is, it does not need to be sagged. It's crazy how much jvlogger fan-money has gone to someone who continues to lie about her circumstances and still won't share any concrete info. What happened to the stem cell treatment? Why would you keep that from your donors if it really happened?

No. 294472

Anon didn't want to bother posting what her Patreon post was about and tinfoiled she is going somewhere that's not even confirmed by the post to create tinfoil. >>293397 We don't know if this means she is finally going to get it as in she is going to schedule to receive it or if she means she's already gotten the procedure. There's ways for us to know what's going on, but no one wants to feed her money to see BTS.

No. 294475

The description indicates that she did receive treatment: "Some big updates for you guys Thanks to your donations and amazing support I have finally been able to receive stem cell treatment."

No. 294478

Hopefully someone says whats behind the paywall then

No. 294479

So in between fundraisers in the span of a week, she received treatment in Japan, where she was claiming no doctors could help her or what? It's still not quite adding up here.

No. 294498

We don't know where she got treatment. No one is leaking the patreon. Spergs were saying Mexico without proof.

No. 294518

File: 1682649559741.png (92.74 KB, 864x1367, Screenshot_20230427-203708.png)

feel free to waste your money on it, you know. No one is obliged to give money to a potential scammer just to give you whole milk instead of 2%.

As for Mexico, some "spergs" mentioned it because Lili said she wanted stem cell treatment in Thailand or Mexico. However, some weird Leaf doctor offered to fly to Japan to treat her (lmao because she's just an angel descended to earth?) so perhaps she got it that way. She never replied to the man's comment publicly, which is bizarre. Everyone aside from this person has told her that the stem cells aren't going to fix this issue, but she's adamant about getting this treatment before surgery.

No. 294521

Saying they've connected doesn't mean that he was chosen. Also the milk on patreon would solve a lot of tinfoil, but spergout about it I guess.

No. 294532

Every western foreign person making money off of their foreignness living in Japan is a scumbag with little to no real talent, including all the jvloggers, other youtubers, podcasters, most JETs and definitely the e-begger/mediscammer Swedish fish.

No. 294534

Lili isn't lying… You all are crazy!(unsaged wk)

No. 294538

Why isn't anyone talking about how Chris released maybe his worst video ever? That "bar" video was all cringe, zero content.(locow.farm/rules)

No. 294543

I went to the bar and it was my best night out in Japan

No. 294544

Dude was upfront about wanting a bar first and video second. That’s why he uploaded on the second channel.

No. 294551

Do you know the definition of "perhaps"?
>However, some weird Leaf doctor offered to fly to Japan to treat her so perhaps she got it that way.

You are free to pay for the patreon, please go and do it and report back nonny.

No. 294554

Is it just me or was Chris Broad’s last video incredibly lame? I’m starting to experience more and more second hand embarrassment watching his videos. And what’s with Sharla constantly wearing super baggy clothes, but at the same time flaunting her cleavage. Is that all she has to offer now?(sage your shit)

No. 294555

We're not arguing it anymore at least but her Patreon says she's a content creator for Japan related content and she does livestreams, which I think should qualify her as a Jvlogger in case the minimod starts up again… anyway sage because who the fuck cares lol(this is an imageboard)

No. 294558

>Sharla constantly wearing super baggy clothes, but at the same time flaunting her cleavage

By baggy clothes, do you mean the happi coat? Because they're designed like that, I wouldn't say she's going out of her way to wear baggy clothes. As for the cleavage, she has fat tits, shock and awe. Having cleavage isn't necessarily going out of one's way to show it. I don't want to be mistaken for defending her but as someone who got shamed by their family for having any amount cleavage (though definitely not as fat titted as Sharla), it's a part of the body, unless she's wearing an exaggerated pushup bra or super revealing clothing, who cares? It's kind of a pointless and backwards nitpick.

No. 294569

File: 1682690370459.jpg (342.28 KB, 1436x2977, AbroadInAlabama.jpg)

I think most people agree that Chris was at his best when he was with Lily. He had a partner that challenged him and brought out the best in him. With Sharla she encourages his worst traits and given her channel she pushes out lazy content most of which is just stolen from what Chris is doing. I think Lily is done with Chris and has found a much better man so hopefully Chris can still win over Emma or handle being single before Sharla and her antics destroy more of what he has built up. Making porn with the nutjob woman Sola in his hard made sentimental studio should have been the last straw. But Chris isn't bold enough to stand up for himself and his beliefs. It doesn't help that even his fans are waking up to the whole borderline incest thing with how Sharla is his sister's twin.

No. 294571

Reddit-sperg, please just stay in reddit. We really don't care what scrotes opinions are.

No. 294575

Seconded, we have a big enough moid problem as it is - we don’t need more!!

No. 294576

Lmao this is either someone with a mental disability or Lily herself. Maybe it’s both.
All of his best videos have been while dating Sharla, from the Fukushima doc to his videos on hating Japanese TV and filming his music videos.

No. 294577

yeah i don’t think this person realizes he’s been with sharla for like 3-4 years now

No. 294580

Most people prefer the classic gritty Chris before it became about bragging about his wealth and bullying his friends. Lily was the best thing to ever happen to Chris and he messed it up for a steamy affair. We miss when their was authenticity and joy and not a marketed product full of anger and hatred towards the people around him and that supported him.

No. 294581

And of course scrotes are going to bring up the incest kink thing. Where does anon think they are getting these comments and who's making them? Anyone saying that shit needs porn addiction help. Including anons ITT who have perpetuated that idea too. It's sick and not milky.

No. 294583

NTA, but Lili only has 20 patrons and possibly has someone monitoring lolcow given the oddly defensive anon(s) that occasionally appear, so it'd be risky for anyone here to pay for her patreon, anyway. But that just makes the whole situation weirder. Why is she sharing her stem cell treatment with just 20 people instead of the people who've donated way more through her gofundme and Emma's charity stream? Especially if those donations were used for treatment? She only started her patreon this month.
Stop taking the bait. They hit on all of the things they knew would trigger some anons here: Lily talk when no one's been talking about her, Sharla making poor innocent Chris worse, Sharla doing "porn," Chris and Emma shipping and Sharla looking like his sister.

No. 294607

>Lili only has 20 patrons and possibly has someone monitoring lolcow

Definitely this. Why be so worried about "the haterz" if you have nothing to prove, Lili? Simps, chimps, and lapdogs, the lot of them.

No. 294657

I'd hardly say "poor innocent Chris" is getting corrupted. He's still an alpha frat wannabe dude bro who thinks it's okay to cheat on women, pick on people, and lie to his fans but it also is pretty obvious that Sharla is super over the top and vindictive and always causing some issues or picking a fight in the most passive aggressive way. It's even more obvious that she's taking advantage of Chris at least in terms of her videos the past couple years. I don't think she wants to do YouTube anymore but she wants fame and the big paycheck. Eventually she will push it too far even for someone as smitten as Chris. Emma and Lily for that matter are too good for Chris but would be positive influences. I think he should just be single for a while and figure himself out.

No. 294658

>I think he should just be single for a while and figure himself out.
That's like the only true thing you said

No. 294660

I kinda also agree with nonnie that it seems like sharla doesn't wanna do youtube anymore too kek. Her videos are low effort and her social media presence is bare minimum. She's just lucky she was one of the first jvloggers and has a big enough fanbase to support her to keep doing the basic daily vlog despite her life being vanilla and boring.

No. 294662

>her life being vanilla and boring.
anons need to make up their minds - is Sharla vanilla and boring or is she a midlife crisis having softcore porn only fans sexworker?

can't have it both ways.

No. 294663

when was the last onlyfans photo? like a month plus ago? Seems like she realized it was mistake to cope with her midlife crisis with onlyfans and gave up kek so now we're back to cats and collecting more gacha kekk

No. 294666

We don't know. It could've been weeks or a month before it was even posted.

No. 294671

Lili is a single mom?

No. 294675

This is Connor's vlog, but Chris joined him, Ludwig and Kaho at a muscle girl bar in Ikebukuro, where they were stuffing bills in the women's sports bras and leggings, and getting kicked and slapped in Connor and Ludwig's case. I think Ludwig left Japan in early February. There didn't seem to be much reason for Chris to be there, but I wonder what Sharla thought with her body issues and now OF midlife crisis heh.
Before it happened, Chris said a friend of a friend just happened to have an empty bar in Kyoto, so he decided to borrow it for a few days to do a small pop-up, but from the vlog, it's clear this was planned a collab with Tokyo Portfolio and some Kyoto businesses. He also didn't mention that it was reservation only and already knew how many people were going to show up. His viewers haven't noticed that none of the customers were Japanese.

No. 294684

This was already talked about >>>/w/292177 in the other thread. Chris didn't even do anything in the video, he basically sat there the whole time.

No. 294685

Anons think any of these places are going to be the choice? i remember Sharla saying on her Patreon that house hunting in Tokyo is a nightmare due to cats, even if you are buying. I don't know why, plus the added-on foreigner thing. Good thing they both have followings because numbers mean $$ in the idol world that is Japan.

No. 294686

No because of stalking. She's just doing this while looking because it's easy content while searching for a new place.

No. 294699

So joyful that he never showed her on his channel or even his Instagram. That’s definitely the mark of a great healthy relationship.

No. 294700

No I don’t think she’ll show the actual place. But I enjoy the videos and it’s good collab content with Alex. I like seeing what homes go for all over the world.
At least she doesn’t repeat the same clips 85 times like House Hunters does! Lol

No. 294704

Smart boy keeping psychos out the public eye

No. 294716

Kek, anon… you have a midlife crisis because you have an otherwise boring life that you try and distract yourself from. What Sharla shares on her social media, which isn’t everything she does to be fair, is really boring. OF isn’t exciting, it is just something to break up her humdrum routine of filling her cramped apartment with cat toys and bric-a-brac. And no matter how you slice it she’s being pretty milky right now.

No. 294730

lol @ the first neighborhood they're considering at being setagaya. that's where pewdiepie lives. imo chris is 100% moving to tokyo get that pewdiepie link up.

No. 294735

That's not what's happening though

No. 294742

>I don't understand why anons here care so much about cxs, I.E people whom you've never met.

Kek why does shit like this and "don't ever mention old milk" only apply to those two? Why do they get special treatment?

No. 294744

It's also gimmeabreakman's territory, that guy is a drama whore. I think people would take a vid from him more seriously than the other two. Norm needs to be exposed himself so fuck the idea of him making a vid and acting all outraged.

No. 294751

it's also the case for Taylor, whenever she has milk (right now not the case), and HimeAhri. But some crazed wk is in there bleating the same shit.

No. 294756

Im the anon they were referring to and I’m not posting any wk shit, that was like the only time I said that in this thread. The person who was arguing with me totally missed the point of my post which is why I said it in the first place.
I think they are just trying to start yet another inflight if I’m honest.

No. 294758

File: 1682788514443.png (51.7 KB, 1080x142, Screenshot_20230429-175751~2.p…)

What the average jvlogger is like.

No. 294762

The "lie to his fans" part is true with a certain someone he met up with. Not sure where they are getting the rest of the stuff they said about him from though.
He knew what he was doing when he went after his fangirl. There are plenty of other foreign women that he could have dated if he didn't want to date a Japanese woman as they often have a hard time dating in Japan. Instead he went after an easy target so he could have his little assistant. He was obviously using her and kept her like a dirty little secret. So yeah, the relationship wasn't a great healthy one from the very start.

No. 294770

Ignore the /w/ conspiracy anons. They think everyone is a samefag in multiple threads.

No. 294777

Actually Lily was in several videos (now privated) such as the forest video. Besides that characterization applies to Sharla too. Chris acted like an obsessive nutjob trying to hide and cover up the relationship. He attacked his friends when they slipped up and deleted old videos if they noticed or mentioned a clue on even this obscure board. Eventually Sharla made him come out which was probably the best decision for her since she could just piggyback off of his hardwork and content for views. If anything Chris was trying to hide his relationship with Sharla way more than Lily. I think that's just who he is especially since he's been caught cheating on at least Lily already.

No. 294785

Shut up about Lily already. She was 4 years ago in 2018, no cheating was proven, just full out the ass retarded tinfoil by anons larping as Tokyo locals. He didn't attack anyone, all more tinfoil.

Take the hint. We don't like Lily, but this bullshit about covering up relationships and then apparently now Lily was in vlogs, but anons claimed she was never in vlogs before. Your vendetta against Sharla and Chris are so apparent.

No. 294801

That anon was referring to a few vids where her hand appeared. Her voice in the background and hands in a few frames doesn't really count as being in vids though.
He was hiding his relationship with Sharla, that's not bullshit but we've already been over that shit ages ago.
Also we don't like Chris or Sharla or most of the jvloggers/ex-jvloggers here either this isn't a fan page.

No. 294805

NTA, but they already explained why they were hiding it which was the fact that people acted exactly like how they acted in these threads. That's also not a sign of cheating so I agree anons need to stop with that tinfoil at this point years later. Go to old threads to relive this infighting about Lily and Sharla and the tinfoil. No side has proven anything, so continuing this is not helpful to anyone ITT.

No. 294809

Wtf? I never said anything about cheating. And I said we've already been over the hiding shit. What are you even talking about? I think you meant to respond to this anon >>294777

No. 294813

Not re-replying to the right post but yes.

No. 294847

Norm is the only jvlogger worth watching by these days. Prove me wrong.

No. 294848

>Lily was in vlogs, but anons claimed she was never in vlogs before
she was the camerawoman. chris deleted the only video actually featuring her (the aokigahara forest one). lurk moar

No. 294851

No1currs how much you like his content. He's still a psycho pos who needs to be exposed.

No. 294858

Except Lily came out with it that Chris had cheated while Chris and Sharla can't even keep their story straight of when they started dating. Plus Chris is a proven liar already who has been caught lying to fans.
I don't know if people like Lily but we don't like Chris and Shartla either. Maybe one day they will grow out of it but probably not.

No. 294859

anon wants islamic-style proof: multiple male witnesses watching the p go into the v.

Normal relationships have a start point. Not knowing when you started dating or being intimate is usually a lie to cover up overlap (=cheating).

No. 294860

anon wants islamic-style proof: multiple male witnesses watching the p go into the v.

Normal relationships have a start point. Not knowing when you started dating or being intimate is usually a lie to cover up overlap (=cheating).

No. 294871

It was a fn meetup that he advertised on all his socials. There was a signup sheet website and a fee. He even said so in his video description. You r a terrible detective lol

No. 294875

can't believe this has cycled back to Chris/Lily cheating. FFS people grow up

No. 294877

>His viewers haven't noticed that none of the customers were Japanese.

His viewers: a) are morons, b) would never notice something like that, c) will probably never go to Japan and just live vicariously though his videos (the keystone of all these Jvlogger douchebag's business model), and d) even If they did notice, they wouldn't care, because Chris is like Drumpf, anything he says is golden droplets falling into their ears, if Chris said he liked to butt-rape baby seals they'd love it, laugh and make goofy jokes about it, because haha Chris haha, everything he says and does is hilarious, the grumpy old "affable" Brit uh-durrrrrrrr

No. 294878

File: 1682863041156.jpeg (157.67 KB, 1179x1431, 35A4BAE5-0B00-4D27-A01D-3D6C8F…)

Emma lookin thiccccc lately

No. 294879

she looks great, she looks healthy for a change

No. 294881

Exactly Chris is an idiot for not going after her. She is the perfect woman for him but he'd still rather live for the drama with Sharla.

No. 294883

She looks good

No. 294887

Rattle snake. Shoo

No. 294888

So at what point in the vlog did he admit it was by reservation only?

No. 294893

It was a meet up for his viewers dumb dumb… sooo check notes, since his viewers are mostly non Japanese foreigners, it would make sense. Y’all r so stupid.

No. 294894

so based on your stupid thinking, if Chris “went” for her, she would’ve automatically said yes to him? LOL

No. 294895

File: 1682870825009.jpeg (208.95 KB, 1263x1053, IMG_0624.jpeg)

There was nothing to admit, he advertised it on all his socials. It was a small bar, it was a meet up and was done by reservation only, by time slot it’s not a secret.


No. 294898

Sure is Leddit in here, holy shit, lrn2integrate and keep your ship
sperging to yourselves, no one fucking cares you weirdos.

No. 294899

We already know that he advertised the pop-up on his social media and that it was by reservation-only. Maybe you missed it, but we already talked about that a long time ago before the pop-up even happened. However, in the vlog, he pretended he wasn't sure how many people were going to be there, and said the purpose of the pop-up was to see what it'd be like to run an actual bar in Japan, when in reality, it was a fan meet-up for his foreign fans that was also meant to feature Tokyo Portfolio.

No. 294900

>Except Lily came out with it that Chris had cheated

You mean that she was lurking the thread here when one the relationship tinfoiling was at its peak, some anon claimed to see them holding hands outside, and then not long after she posted on twitter that her "friend" had seen them cheating. We've been through this a thousand times, no matter how much you want to retcon and rehash the same old arguments, it's not going to change that it's all speculation driven by what you want to believe.

No. 294901

File: 1682872456330.png (238.58 KB, 479x435, brave_8sbkpFdvdO.png)

I know it's been talked about already, but I always have to do a double take when I see Chris' sister in the thumbnails. She literally looks like Sharla in the peripheral vision.

No. 294904

It looks like the Twitter person leaked that Sharla and Chris moved to Tokyo this weekend, because of the excessive posting from Sola.

No. 294905

Seriously, the entirety of Tokyo, but anon was conveniently outside the apartments. We've had people LARPing as the cows and posting in these threads, we've had anons trying to interact with them for milk, and we have the fake native anons to Japan that spend all their time following these two around? The cheating didn't happen and Lily tucked out with her tail between her legs because she had no proof and you would think in the entirety of 3 years she would've hinted at this previously the same way she did before deleting her tweet, but she never, ever has.

Hiding a relationship isn't the same as cheating or feeling ashamed of it. They've explained why they just never mentioned it when they were actively dating and everyone knew about it, but no one wanted to announce it before they publicly did because of the way the public reacts. People personally knew, but social media didn't. That's not cheating like anons want and doesn't show guilt in cheating.

Move on from this cheating nonsense already.

No. 294909

Nta in the couples q&a vid when they were talking about the proposal Sharla said "almost five years" 2018-2023 = five years. We've already been over this shit. Coming out with "we started dating in April 2019" was likely a cover up for her slip. You would have to be retarded to think that there wasn't anything going on between them on JAJ. Also you don't have to have sex to cheat.

No. 294910

When were anons LARPing as cows and posting here?

No. 294912

And in a different QnA, Chris said 3 years. So, this is pointless. They can't count, but thinking cheating happened is just as retarded. No one has given proof, not even Lily who chickened out and got called out on it, the people who knew which was everyone unfollowed her like Rachel and Jun after that tweet. Even Norm knew. He would be the first to call Chris out on cheating. Be realistic.

No. 294913

You seem to be confused. The anon who saw Chris and Sharla together said they saw them in Morioka, and this was long before Sharla and Chris came out about their relationship, long before Lily suggested something had gone on and her friend saw them in Shibuya. What you're doing is tinfoiling. Unless you're Chris, you have absolutely no idea if he did not cheat, and it's completely reasonable to be suspicious if someone has repeatedly lied and been vague about when their relationship started with a new person. How long are the defensive Chris fans going to continue to sit in this thread?

No. 294914

And how do you know that anon was telling the truth and wasn't just talking out their ass because it sounds like good milk to anons who are gullible?

No. 294915

I don't understand your point, since I never claimed they were telling the truth. >>294900 said "not long after" the post on lolcow, Lily posted on twitter that her friend had seen Chris and Sharla cheating, which isn't true. The supposed Morioka sighting was posted a long time before Chris and Sharla even came out, and long before Lily's tweet.(move on)

No. 294916

Everyone knows anon said that before they came out with the relationship. I have no idea what your point is. Stop accusing anons of being fans because the absolute lack of proof regarding all of this makes it fine for them to not agree at all.

No. 294920

I don't know what you're trying to say or if you even fully read my posts before responding. An anon claimed Lily made her tweet not long after an anon said they saw Chris and Sharla in Morioka, which isn't true. An anon claimed Chris didn't cheat, which they couldn't know unless they were Chris himself. Do you not understand the difference between "I don't think Chris cheated" and "Chris didn't cheat"? This isn't about a difference of opinion.

No. 294927

Nta but stop shitting up the thread with this old spoiled milk infighting.

No. 294931

It's like this anon said >>294859 a lot of shit points toward an overlap. Chris also lied and said they started dating "a year or two after JAJ" no other reason to lie other than covering shit up. It's retarded to think that their friends would expose them and that Lily would have any proof when she wasn't even on JAJ.
Their friends who were on JAJ would also have to show solid proof like pics of them together which I highly doubt any of them have as people tend to be discreet about affairs. Their friends don't even have any reason to expose them and they're all sucking up to Chris for the clout. Why the fuck would any of them out him for cheating on some nobody that hardly any of his fans even knew he was dating? What would they get out of it?
No anon posted proof that they were following her and then unfollowed her so stfu about that.
And what's with this riding of Norms dick?

No. 294938

What a whole bunch of tinfoil, you make a dress or if it too?

No. 294945

Isn't it more likely that Lily being just a civilian saw the hate mob of Chris and Shartla fans and realized that venting about her cheating ex bf wasn't worth the threat to her life that it could have brought on. Celebrities like Chris easily get away with hurting and mistreating their partners. I guess in a way it's good that Sharla who is similarly terrible is with him because he would have just hurt Emma the same way and she doesn't deserve that and probably wouldn't be able to handle it as well as Lily did.

No. 294946

Saying that cheating didn't happen is far bigger tinfoil.

No. 294973

No one cares about her. No one threatened her.

No. 294975

There's 173 threads the majority of which are back and forth attacking her or defending her for Chris' cheating? Sharla meanwhile tried to get her blacklisted and ruin her life in Japan. Plus there's the whole Chris fanboy crew that attacks anything critical of Chris. Of course people care about her and of course she knew it was best to avoid the unhinged hatemob. Even nutty Sola who Sharla met in the past year or so has been trying to destroy Lily. Which shows Sharla is still out to destroy her. If I were Lily I would be nervous to walk in Tokyo with Sola lurking around. Chris is really the only one who can make amends to Lily and call of the dogs (though Sharla and Sola maybe are too deranged for that) but he is too proud and arrogant. Trying to be like his hero Bald and Bankrupt. Women don't deserve to be treated like this.(derailing)

No. 294984

>Chris is really the only one who can make amends to Lily
Yea, that'll never happen even privately. Sharla has a history of being spiteful to other girls (even when she and taylor were behind mimei's excommunication) and Sola is the new mean girl catalyst friend. Sometimes I wonder if Chris hates Sola being around because he wants the clean dramafree image and probably wants to move on, especially if Sola really was alluding to lily in ig kek. Sola is the worst thing for Sharla's midlife crisis and fuels her inner spiteful attitude, Sharla needs some sort of life fulfilling hobbies and interests with grounded normies. Collecting cat/gacha shit and possibly onlyfans to cater to loser scrotes isn't it.

No. 294994

>There's 173 threads

There aren't 173 threads, there's 23, somehow someone fucked up when making the new threads after thread 16.

Go to the 'Catalog' (https://lolcow.farm/w/catalog), and search for the word 'Jvlogger'. It goes from thread 14 to 15 to 16 and then someone fucked up and made a thread with 167 and it's been going up from there to this one.

In total there are 23 Jvlogger threads.

No. 294995

only in "influencer" land does doing a bar takeover as a media event constitute "opening a bar" kek

No. 294997

we don't speak of the twittersperg

No. 295000

the anon(s) yrt can't read. They tinfoil and outright lie to defend the cows. Look at how vehemently some anon(s) are screaming "no cheating" in just one thread: (just from searching "no cheating")
Now this is an anon board, but reading those back-to-back really makes me wonder how this person or people are still here and still this defensive of Chris.
Someone brought up "Norm would have called him out!" in that thread too:

No. 295001

omfg why does this thread always devolve into lily/chris cheating autism? can people just fucking let it go?

No. 295013

She really does. Especially considering she said she is getting help for an ED. I remember her mom appearing in one of her old videos giving off real ‘almond mom’ vibes

No. 295016

I am so sorry for your brain damage. It's been almost a year and you can't let this go for some reason.

Tbh, I'm reporting all old milk being brought up now. Lily was 5 years ago. No one has proof of cheating, all speculation, but now they are dating and no one gives a fuck around then. No jvloggers care and the ones who do, knew they were dating and admitted to it (TT guys, Rachel and Jun, Norm, others who congratulated and said finally it's public knowledge. Go defend Lily somewhere else. She was relevant while we made fun of her, but now she's a no one.

No. 295020

ppl be all brain damaged up in heah

No. 295026

That's a lot of effort put into bait.

No. 295030

File: 1682915219109.jpg (408.49 KB, 1079x1827, Newnose.jpg)

New nose

No. 295031

she's reeing in her IG stories about the predictable comments she got about how she shouldn't advertise plastic surgery, etc. She is really too thin-skinned for any social media. I haven't ruled out the fact that she tries to start fights or drama in order to go viral and sell more shit.

I can't comment on her nose, I think I'm nose-blind. It just looks a little shorter I guess.

No. 295032

File: 1682915683918.png (157.77 KB, 864x1507, Screenshot_20230430-201341.png)

dropped pic. The rest of this comment was pretty reasonable and polite - had to do with ethics of advertising plastic surgery.

No. 295035

yep sounds like a great idea, getting free plastic surgery, changing your literal appearance for life potentially, and it's free. smart cookie we got here.

No. 295037

all she needed was a tip refinement, not an entire nosejob from scratch. Honestly, I think it looks good and would do the same if in her shoes.

No. 295038

File: 1682921049109.jpg (61.43 KB, 729x423, newnose.jpg)

since she has not posted a before and after, I made one. I am curious to see what the side profile looks like, since that was more dramatic/odd looking before.

No. 295039

Iterested to see the side profile before I make a proper judgment, but fuck does it already look better.

No. 295040

She looks pretty, but I can’t help but be uncomfortable at her trying to make plastic surgery look quirky and relatable. Admit you got a nose job and then continue with your normal content. If you don’t want your decisions to be over analyzed then don’t make a spectacle of it.

No. 295041

Doesn't even look like her anymore. I honestly never had a problem with her nose, the only reason people disliked it was because of her personality anyway

No. 295042

The key to not get criticism for your vanity surgery is to bring up trans people and their surgeries, it will shut people right up because they'll be too afraid to be transphobic

No. 295043

File: 1682922217736.jpg (103.84 KB, 720x1330, Turkish.jpg)

Genuinely curious do you guys think this is bait or another overreaction?

No. 295044

nice to see that she is still a miserable asshole. i was patient to her nasty ass back in the day because i always thought she was very insecure but i guess i was wrong.

No. 295045

The OG comment looks like it was written by a child so it’s likely unintentional bait. Her comments seem overwhelmingly positive, with a lot of her fans sounding like they have been personally encouraged to get a nose job themselves. For some reason she decides to focus on the handful of rude or bait comments which deffo isn’t good for her mental health.

No. 295048

Is this Yasu or something?

No. 295052

It's a group of biased, double standards c&s fan anons. At least they aren't gonna be sperging about Lily's mundane shit anymore as now she's "a no one" even though they were desperate for her to be a topic kek.

No. 295061

File: 1682938791067.png (104.72 KB, 864x1337, Screenshot_20230501-124545~2.p…)

here's the full comment where the OP makes a point about whether it is good to be sponsored by a plastic surgery clinic. Also this clinic is sketchy af if you look at their IG - after photos are often heavily filtered/edited. That German woman ended up with a bizarrely high nose tip. I don't see much in terms of unsponsored reviews. I wouldn't be advertising this to anyone - how could you? Definitely would choose a better documented place for a rhinoplasty.

No. 295062

>>295044 Yep, notice how she had to scale back on twitter bc shes so bitchy and thin skinned. I have never seen someone be so rude to ppl who are fans or simply trying to help. I dont understand why so many ppl tolerate her but i guess a lot of the foreign kawaii girls are also insufferable kek

No. 295063

File: 1682939043545.png (137.05 KB, 864x1393, Screenshot_20230501-124627~2.p…)

and Mikan's response employs a false dichotomy: either i get the wonderful free nose job & promote the clinic, or i do it myself and pretend i never got one. No lol, those are not the only two options, Mikan. I also note that these very mild comments from people who ended up licking Mikan's boots were put on blast in her stories. Like come on, already. There's no need to do that to people who are clearly real, female fans just because they expressed some mild opinion about whether being sponsored by a surgery clinic is a good thing or not. It wasn't some personal attack on you, Vina.

No. 295064

exactly lol, actually I love her twitter because she can't help but bitch and moan and it's usually milky af. I actually think she needs a new thread here.

No. 295074

I was actually wondering why there wasn’t a new thread already… the old one had enough stuff brewing

No. 295085

She's fine to be discussed in here, mikan doesn't need her own thread when her milk is slow.

No. 295089


No. 295096

It looks good, but this picture is also heavily filtered, so who knows for sure.

No. 295107

Welp they got it right that Chris and Sharla moved to Tokyo last week.

No. 295138

is it me or do a LOT of jvloggers have nosejobs? rachel's nose is still the gold standard though (and was the only one I can think of that was done in the US… interesting)

No. 295143

probably, but I bet if you took a sample of all vloggers (any kind of vlogger with a larger audience) you'd see a higher than average number of nosejobs.

No. 295170

most jvloggers are kawaii-obsessed weebs. the dominant nose shown in anime is a cute, small, button nose. add to that the fact that nose jobs are one of the most common plastic surgeries you can get and you've got a recipe for a population full of fake noses.

No. 295172

Trying to look like a literal anime character is literally the most cringe thing in the universe, costhots can suck my leaky anus

No. 295175

I think you're focusing on them when it's literally just a social media issue.

No. 295177

Sharla doesn't have a nose job

No. 295274

Was it ever explained why Lili is telling people to send money to her mom's paypal instead of her own account?

No. 295283

From what I can tell, only the ones with large noses had a nosejob, which is how it is in the general population too.

No. 295285

Sharla has a darn near perfect nose

No. 295407

John Daub's videos are so much better than Abroad in Japan when it comes to actually learning about Japan

No. 295421

I used to watch him until he crowdfunded a Hokkaido series and then never released it publicly. Pay wall asshole. That and the constant begging for money on his tedious live shows instead of doing anything moderately interesting

No. 295427

His vids are certainly sleep inducing.

No. 295428

I want to like his content, but dude needs to shave his head or get an actual half decent haircut and lay off the hat

What’s his deal with having to change his YouTube / losing followers etc?

No. 295434

File: 1683194706563.jpeg (163.66 KB, 1284x1552, IMG_1698.jpeg)

She means the thick eyebrows she thins out to thin strait lines, the dimple chin she edits out of photos, and the curly hair she almost always straitens? People dont know u have those features bc u constantly erase them?

No. 295446

Mikan is such a grumpy twat.
It’s probably because you lighten your fucking skin colour in photos that someone may make an assumption of your ethnicity dick face.

No. 295452

It’s bold of her to whitewash herself over time and then gaslight her audience about it. If you don’t want people discussing your nose job, stop finding the one or two negative comments to respond to.
I think she knows that most people can tell that she’s “erasing” her ME features and is starting to freak out. She’s masking the embarrassment.

No. 295456

the bitch has literally made her entire life a project in trying to look Japanese, and now she's defensive about being called out for trying to look less middle eastern? oh that's riiiich kek

No. 295459

kek yeah the Kangol hat is so cringe, and it's been the same one for years, it must smell epic.

>What’s his deal with having to change his YouTube / losing followers etc?

He basically lost all of his content (years worth) and over a million subs in a shitty business deal with some random media company called Wao Ryu (the company that now owns the original Only In Japan channel. He got cheated bad, and had to walk away from his life's work. The fucking weird thing about it is that he was so milquetoast about it and just seemed to accept it. Which tells me he either A) Knows he made a really stupid deal, signed something he didn't understand, or just screwed up, and is ashamed of himself and didn't want to make his embarrassment worse, or B) There was something more shady going on. Any further speculation than that is obviously tinfoil, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they had something on him (i.e. blackmail) they would have released unless he signed away his life's work. Who knows? Yakuza shit? Maybe.

It doesn't really make any sense why a grown man living in Japan for most of his adult life would just walk away from his life's work without putting up any fight whatsoever.

John never gets discussed here but that whole thing was super milky imho, but since he's not a female cow nobody cares I guess…. if anyone like Sharla had ever had their entire channel and content stolen from them and barely shrugged, it would be all this thread would talk about.

No. 295461

>but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they had something on him (i.e. blackmail) they would have released unless he signed away his life's work. Who knows? Yakuza shit? Maybe
Why do weebs always think the yakuza are involved? lol

John still works for NHK World and TBS. I think he's been working for NHK longer than he's been on youtube. Maybe that's why he feels he can constantly livestream since he already has a separate income he can rely on. I think the livestreaming is more of an addiction. While his old videos are great, he's a very awkward person and a good example of why you shouldn't reveal too much of yourself to your audience. As for Wao Ryu, they also represent Cathy Kat (Ask Japanese) and run Kawaii Pateen, but most of their talents are experts or commentators in science and IT.

No. 295462

>As for Wao Ryu
they sure don't seem very professional judging from the absolute clown show of gaijin monkey morons they had "filling in" as host of John's channel after they stole it from him kek

No. 295465

What's odd is, I don't think they represent any of those monkey morons since none of them are listed on their site. I think Cathy Kat is the only real gaijin and maybe youtuber they represent. The larger Wao Corporation also produces anime. They're more like an edutainment company and the talent agency is just a small part of their business.

No. 295467

The way John speaks/narrates feels precisely like a NHK-designed AI is reading AI-generated text

No. 295474

It’s not because he’s a man, it’s because like most situations discussed in this thread, it’s pretty dry. The fact that he isn’t fighting for it back is much less milky than if he was begging. We’ll probably never know what actually happened.

It’s unfortunate, as much as I dislike her I never thought she would be the type of person to overtly promote and brag about plastic surgery for weeks on end.

No. 295476

>It’s not because he’s a man
If his situation happened to literally any female Jvlogger discussed in this thread, all things being equal, it would be major milk and anons would be investigating the shit out of what happened kek
Get real

No. 295478

If it were a more relevant vlogger, like Chris or Norm, then the thread would probably obsess over it. Not sure who this guy is and that’s why I’m not personally invested.

Is this somehow in response to the Mikan conversation?

No. 295496

John Daub was essentially the first actual Jvlogger on Youtube, he's the OG. Unless someone can name a Jvlogger who came before him?

No. 295497

John was relevant when Chris and Norm were still waiting for their pubes to grow in

No. 295505

I think Micaela is considered to be the first jvlogger. She was vlogging pre-2010. John Daub joined youtube later after the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami, although he moved to Japan and was working for NHK much earlier. He also wasn't really a vlogger when he started out on youtube afaik. He was more like a travel guide/documentarian.

No. 295516

I thought John Daub had been there since the 90s

No. 295518

uh something like this DID happen to a female jvlogger. the one some anons are obsessed with. sharla lost her channel to a bad deal with a network in 2018.

here's the last video from that channel. it took her ~5 years to rebuild her following on her current one (sharmeleon)

i dont have time rn but she talks about how she lost the channel to a bad network deal in one of her QAs, feel free to dig. otherwise i'll hunt it down later

No. 295521

ugh it always circles back to ski jump nose sharla around here

No. 295523

Fuck off about her nose

No. 295524

Mikan is that you(hi cow)

No. 295525

He has, but vlogging and youtube didn't exist back then. He taught English and worked (and still works) for NHK. Micaela had already been vlogging in Japan for years before he began Only in Japan in 2013.

No. 295544

Thank god anons have stopped talking about the Swedish catfish

No. 295546

Yeah and thank god the unhinged anons don't wanna sperg about Chris's ex anymore.

No. 295598

yet you go and talk about it. sounds like you trying to encourage anons to do so.

No. 295611


No. 295667

For someone who’s so relevant he gets less views than a Norm video.

No. 295751

Norm only has youtube. Daub works for national television. Norm was (is?) supported financially by his wife, while Daub developed his own career and supports his wife. Daub also had over a million subscribers before he lost Only in Japan to Wao, had to start his own channel from scratch, and became obsessed with livestreaming. They're both very weird and socially inept, but Daub has far more meaningful connections in Japan work-wise in the real world, while Norm is an insufferable, psychopathic ticking time-bomb.

No. 295753

Everyone knows Chris ripped off the idea for his original "Journey Across Japan" concept straight from John Daub. It's no wonder they've had beef

No. 295759

Those two weren't the only youtubers doing this type of content. What is the point of this argument anywa?

No. 295764

Nobody said they were for fucks sake nonnie are you brain damaged?

Chris knows that he ripped off John's hitchhiking trip video series - he literally announced JAJ 1 the next year after John's series.

No. 295769

Calm down. This is so long ago.

No. 295774

what difference does that make

No. 295775

>Norm is an insufferable, psychopathic ticking time-bomb.

Norm is the kind of guy who would slash someone's tyres

No. 295776

Only in Japan rips off abroad in Japan more than any other channel. Odds are if Chris goes somewhere Daub will go shortly after from wagyu to snow monkeys. When you see it you start to LOL

No. 295777

I thought i was the only one that noticed sloppy seconds Daub. Straight after Chris and Connor saw snow monkeys he dashed over there to get his video.

No. 295778

Easy way to get views/recommended if you have a similar video. Guess he wanted to be up there with the serious YouTubers

No. 295796

Anons had this discussion before in old threads.

No. 295807

Chris uploaded that vlog in April. Daub released his video in May, but had livestreamed from the park in February when it was still full of snow. In Daub's case, the snow park helped produced his video, which was more like a mini-documentary about the park where he interviewed staff, so it'd require more advanced planning than what Chris did, which was stop by the park during his wacky weekend to look at the monkeys for a few on the way to somewhere else. Daub is friends with macaque specialists and first did a vlog on his old channel about working in a snow monkey park four years ago, and did another one again last year. Everyone's vlogged about snow monkeys at some point and you can only see them in the snow during a certain time of the year, so this idea that one is copying the other is ridiculous. I'm not even a fan of Daub's, but the hostile attitude toward him from Chris' defenders is annoying and they can never get it out of their heads that Chris has never been the first to film, discover, or explore anything in Japan. There's nothing wrong with not being the first, too, as long as you don't pretend you were.

No. 295839

I think you have it reversed

No. 295840

The Chris WKs here are off their meds as usual

No. 295844

>every single tourist spot is copied

Get over this. This isn't the same. What about other vloggers who got no hype for visiting these places before daub even existed? Retarded as fuck thinking to fight over old as fuck, not even milk.

No. 295845

Daub existed before literally every other vlogger was even a twinkle in her daddies eye
Daub is old AF

No. 295849

Daub has been downhill ever since leaving Waoryu channel. He used to make original content. Now it’s just snow monkeys and wagyu bull crap.

No. 295850

It seems Daub was successful as he was one of the first. But as time passed and better YouTubers like Chris and Pablo emerged everyone kinda just forgot he was a thing. Out with the old in with the new!

No. 295852

Seriously, did anon just bring him up to try to cause some kind of infighting or argument and over what? Daub is basically a nobody now compared to other Jvloggers, the alone Vloggers in general.

No. 295866

This thread fucking sucks now. I hope there's never a #174/whatevertheactualnextnumberis.

No. 295867

Somebody need to go poopy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 295868

He’s as relevant as quorn beef and chipotle dildo sauce

No. 295869

do not understand the dis thwead sux now :< poster like alright then don’t read it lol(sage your shit)

No. 295877

What part of "this idea that one is copying the other is ridiculous" did you not understand? Not to mention, the comment was only made because two anons >>295776 >>295777 completely lied about Daub copying the wacky weekend vlog with the snow monkeys. Daub had already filmed his video long before Chris released his vlog with the snow monkeys. Why were they lying?

No. 295878

John Daub has more integrity in his little finger than Chris, Sharla, Norm, and Trash Taste combined

No. 295952

Lol. Why r you fighting so hard for John. Who cares

No. 295959

John is my wife

No. 295960

The twittersperg seems to have given up finally, thank christ

No. 295961

John Daub has less views than his five fingers combined. Let him get back to begging for money in his livestreams to make up for his mediocre channel.

No. 295962

You're literally attacking a guy who lost 1.3 million subs that he built up for years, he had 1M subs before Chris did, and it was stolen from him in a bad business deal and his channel has never recovered. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 295963

NTA, but that sucks for him, but its no other Jvloggers problems. Don't whiteknight here.

No. 295964

nobody said it was "other Jvloggers problems"

No. 296059

I guess her goal is to conquer all of East Asia because Oriental Pearl is harassing the Koreans now. I think we have a different definition of "fluent." I swear she once made a vlog calling out other people for claiming to be fluent in languages they clearly were not.

No. 296060

>in a lolcow thread

KEK. I don't think this is the place you. This isn't your hugspace, lurk moar, lrn2integrate, and get over yourself.

No. 296065

John Daub isn't a cow you fucking smooth brain retard

No. 296067

You weren't imagining things, she absolutely did, quite a few times. She's a jealous, cunty hypocrite.

No. 296071

Then he doesn't need to be discussed here. Who tf cares, quit WKing him.

No. 296080

stuff it up your cunt bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296081

Her literal name is "Oriental Pearl" she's a walking joke

No. 296084

kek seriously that name is so retarded, she's the worst.
Daub is definitely not a cow in terms of often doing cow-ish behavior but he sometimes brushes up against other cows, like the conflict with Chris from awhile ago. anyway, he needs to ditch the hat but other than that he's pretty harmless and his wife and child seem cute and happy.

No. 296108

That's it. Thank you!

I didn't realize she was already harassing Koreans in Japan. From 4:59, Tkyosam shows up and they're both in costume. I think they make a better match than Pearl and her husband. At the end, she included an old Indian man creeping on her as some kind of flex on her beauty.

No. 296115

They had beef because Chris talked shit about him then played the victim. >>>/w/285230

The Chris WKs have lied about multiple things ITT to make the people that he's had drama with look bad.

I don't get how she has so many subs. Who the fuck wants to watch this kind of content? Weebs really will watch anything about Japan.

She must be quite insufferable if tkyosam is the only jvlogger who will hang out with her.(derailing)

No. 296121

watched this woman for the first and last time. What an arrogant and obnoxious person. I'm not going to comment directly on her appearance but I'd rather look at any other jvloggers than her & tkyosam.

No. 296153

Might be a nitpick, but she has a disgusting laugh on top of being an obnoxious twat. She's definitely one of those losers who loves getting hyped up by asians for being a blonde foreigner when she's hardly remarkable in her home country, below average even. Learning asian languages to flex is all about feeding her ego since she's never come close to mastering a single one of them. How is her pronunciation still so bad??

No. 296171

She makes white girls overseas look like an embarrassment to existence

No. 296199

hey look it's the brain damaged twittersperg posting here again, same ESL-chan who can't figure out how to not post the OP for some reason. kys twittersperg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296200

I'd like to see you learn at least to converse the basics in Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese. She has a graduate degree she earned in the Chinese language. You're just a hater and probably a jealous one too. Bad look nonnie

No. 296215

No one's jealous of Oriental Turd, quit WKing here.

No. 296217

Many people can speak multiple languages, they just don't need to brag or be an absolute manfaced twat on youtube about it.

No. 296219

Probably a monolingual Amerifag who typed that, if not the turd itself kek. Anyone with a grasp on the languages she attempts to speak wouldn't be so easily impressed, and the locals are easy to impress simply for the fact that they have low expectations for foreigners to begin with.

No. 296222

If you weren't so immature and had a decent intellect (capable of learning and speaking multiple languages fluently) then you'd find other ways to attack me other than my face. I can get plastic surgery but you can't get a new brain.(sage your shit)

No. 296234

Pearl WKing herself in this thread confirmed kek. Since you're here, care to tell us why you're hanging with a human skidmark like Sam? What do you two see in eachother?(hi cow)

No. 296240

Don’t fall for bait, it’s just the same usual sperg stirring up the infighting.
I have always thought Ham lurked here but it really is some weirdo jvlogger fan from Reddit who is stuck in 2013 (like all these people are still super relevant or something)

No. 296242

Are you referring to >>296222 and >>296200 ?

The reply was full of pompous, unwarranted self importance which is very on brand for Pearl and her tone. Accusing others of being jealous of her for having a graduate degree in Chinese, why would anyone else bother mentioning that here? That's not bait, it's arrogance on her part. She could've easily kept her mouth shut and lurked. No use backpedaling now.

No. 296244

She also boasted unnecessarily about her graduate degree to normal people on the street in the video embedded above, so I agree, it's on brand.

No. 296248

Don't encourage LARPing.

No. 296249

There are unfounded accusations claiming self-WKing all the time, and yet one of the few times it's clearly the cow in question, some people naively think otherwise… No one cares enough about Pearl to LARP as her. There's not nearly enough milk that could be generated from that. LARPers go in harder than a milquetoast little retort like >>296222. Anyway, if we get any LARPers, they'd be easy to spot. None of the actual LARPers, rare as they are, have ever done so convincingly.

No. 296285

You're so gullible. Can't believe you believe it was her.

No. 296302

>That's not bait, it's arrogance on her part. She could've easily kept her mouth shut and lurked.

key probably more proof its really her tho. not really on brand for her to "keep her mouth shut" kek

No. 296303

honestly it wouldn't surprise me at all if some other dumb lurker fucktard saw she was being discussed here and cow tipped. so she came to see what all the fuss was about and then couldn't help herself

No. 296318

Like I said, there's no use backpedaling now. How embarrassing that the turd got caught in the drain pipe.

No. 296319

Honestly sounds like Pearl or a crony of hers is camping out in the thread trying to convince us she wasn't/isn't actually here whiteknighting herself lol. We'd be gullible to believe otherwise.(stop)

No. 296321

maybe a mod can say where the IP of that comment was located

No. 296322

Any farmhand able to tell us where this comment came from (IP address)?

No. 296366

She honestly does, somehow it's only the uggliest horsefaced blondes or fatties or trashy sex workers who gain some social media attention in Asia.
Talking badly about a foreigner is not nice (and many don't even say negative things) but to be so shameless as to call them out…normal people are conditioned to avoid any confrontations like that while she makes it her entire livelihood. It feels as if her only real fans are old rednecks and some Indians.

No. 296370

you sound unhinged

No. 296372

>She honestly does, somehow it's only the uggliest horsefaced blondes or fatties or trashy sex workers who gain some social media attention in Asia.
She doesn't get social media attention in Asia, though. She's completely unknown, at least in Japan. It's mainly westerners outside Asia who don't speak the language who watch her vlogs and praise her. In her vlog in Japan about people talking about her behind her back, she didn't film what Japanese people were saying about her, if they said anything at all, despite carrying her camera everywhere and shoving it in people's faces. If you're vlogging, you're going to stick out like a sore thumb even if you aren't a foreigner, anyway, and people are going to notice you, especially during COVID. She also films little kids without permission.

No. 296373

>She also films little kids without permission.


No. 296374

samefag, fyi, the girls in her thumbnail, who she probably never got permission to use in the first place, didn't say anything about her. She just happened to walk by them as they were taking a selfie. They never spoke. So if you're Asian and Oriental Pearl happens to walk by you, beware because you might end up as one of her thumbnails.
She approaches them here and there in her vlogs, but if you watch her vlog about Japanese kids, you can see clips from her other vlogs of her filming school children in Japan and China, and there's absolutely no way she has permission from their parents to do that.

No. 296375

She's not filming kids for nefarious purposes. Anon wants to make it sound that way for some reason.

Unlike what foreigners think, public videoing is different from the publishing issue law they have with photography. Its a very gray area. She doesn't even have to blur faces. Its a courtesy which she clearly isn't extending to anyone in her videos, but this is why she can shoot these without issues, even kids.

No. 296378

Ok but you have no idea if she got permission or not, you're just tin foiling

No. 296380

Nta, but I was thinking that too. A lot of vloggers ask after the fact which isn't the coolest but article 21 of Japan's constitution allows filming anyway.

No. 296384

>samefag, fyi, the girls in her thumbnail, who she probably never got permission to use in the first place, didn't say anything about her. She just happened to walk by them as they were taking a selfie. They never spoke. So if you're Asian and Oriental Pearl happens to walk by you, beware because you might end up as one of her thumbnails.

OMFG you mean vloggers use manipulative thumbnails? THE SCANDAL

No. 296390

Pretending some small Japanese children were wowed by this old white bitch speaking Japanese when they didn't even interact with her is low, even in the world of clickbait thumbnails.

No. 296391

>She's not filming kids for nefarious purposes.
It doesn't need to be CP for it to be unethical or stupid. Constantly filming little kids without their parent's permission to try to show off your language skills is pathetic and embarrassing.
>Ok but you have no idea if she got permission or not, you're just tin foiling
It's not tinfoiling. If she's filming random children on the train or in the street, do you think she's reached each child's parents, who aren't even present, and gotten their permission?

No. 296393

Has it occurred to you, triggered-chan, that cultural and legal norms are not the same in Asia as wherever it is that you live?

No. 296398

The children part isn't even milky, why are you trying so hard to make this weird when it's not. The issue here is her butting into conversations and pretending to have any input at all just because she wants to film herself interjecting to show off. It's embarrassing for her because she just wants residents to asspat her for using Japanese. You must be an Amerifag, but this isn't weird in Japan. Starting conversations with random people, even kids, isn't seen as strange like in the US where stranger danger is a massive issue.

No. 296399

>in the US where stranger danger is a massive issue.

*where stranger danger is PERCEIVED as a massive issue by paranoid, fear-baiting, conspiracytards who think there's a rapist and pedo hiding in every trash can…

meanwhile in normalville, we just go about our lives

No. 296404

it's creepy to film children and put them in your thumbnails wtf how can you defend this? I'm sure she didn't have all the kids' parents' permission to put them in the thumbnail. And it's not like it's a crowd of people with a few kids. it's a group of only kids. wtf.

No. 296407

sorry you were abused as a kid or whatever but this really isn't a big deal sensitive-chan

No. 296408

Maybe you're the problem

No. 296417

It's not creepy to film children, it's only creepy if you are obviously enmeshed in a worldview where everyone is a pedo and trafficking children in pizza shop basements and drinking baby blood and all other things you stupid fucks believe in

No. 296419

>Thinking using stranger's small children for your clickbait thumbnail is shitty means you're a conspiracy theorist
Holy logical fallacy, batman!
Sometimes shitty behaviour is simply shitty behaviour, it doesn't take any logical leap to see it's inappropriate to use small children you have no connection to for clicks.

No. 296420

Anon stfu already. No one is talking this pedo bait about small kids and pearl filming them. This is japan.

No. 296423

Anon do you have a problem with every single time a child is captured on camera without their parents consent? You'll have to cancel a fuckton of media from many decades then. When is a child a child for you? Is it inappropriate to capture a 17 year and 364 day old person on camera without their parents consent? What about countries where the age of adulthood is different? Do your own personal "rules" also apply there? I posted a pic to Instagram yesterday from my family at Disney and there were some kids in the background. Should I go to jail?

No. 296468

Seriously. If she was being predatory, sure, milky, but anon is forcing milk here. It's fucking weird to try and turn this into a predator situation. Wtf is wrong with these anons?

No. 296469

It's def an Amerifag, they've been so cranked up to think everyone is a pedo or out to get them or out to get children or whatever, these people are unhinged

No. 296472

These comments are hilariously ironic because you’re talking to someone who’s lived in Japan, and you if two ever had, you’d know it's significantly less common to approach strangers on the street in Japan if you’re not asking for help, than in the US. It has nothing to do with stranger danger, but it’s interesting that your minds immediately went there. (By the way, something doesn't need to be pedophilic to be creepy, and you should maybe stop projecting.) You’d also know that Japanese parents are far more sensitive than Americans about images of their little kids being circulated, and many will blur their kid's face if they upload photo or video of them on public social media, if at all. Schools and clubs ask for permission from parents to upload photos and video on the internet, because it’d otherwise be a violation of Article 709 of the Civil Code and they could get sued. You see, it’s technically not illegal to film people without permission, but since 2003, it is a civil offense to publish film of them without their permission and an even bigger problem if that film is used for profit. This is why Japanese news often blurs faces even when they’re just showing a crowd. Remember that Pearl is earning income from her videos.

But all of that aside, when is it not creepy and inappropriate for an adult like Oriental Pearl to actively seek out and approach random little kids in a foreign country to film for their youtube channel just to show off their unimpressive language skills? Some of you nonnies seem to think that if it isn't completely illegal, it's totally appropriate, but many things aren't illegal and still are pathetic and rude.(derailing)

No. 296474

you keep projecting your morals onto other people and cultures. itchy boots rode all over the world on her bike and interacted with kids in Africa, rode by them on the streets of South America, they would wave, she would wave back, she'd lean over the side of her bike in India and offer them treats, she passed out Christmas presents dressed like Santa in the Netherlands, all the time showing kids, one after the other, and there was no way she was getting consent from any parents because no parents were around.
But by your screwy Amerifag logic, she must be canceled! Cancel her at once!

No. 296475

jeez nonnie why don't you just admit you're jealous of Oriental Pearl's ability to speak sixteen languages flawlessly kek

No. 296478

No1currs except you. Take the hint about the videos and multipleanons yelling you to drop it. She's milky as is. You don't need to be so try-hard by making it weird by trying to make her seem predatory.

No. 296486

Look at all these paedo nonnies on here.

No, it is NOT okay to photograph/film kids without consent. It is a big fkng deal

No. 296488

I suggest you drop the Amerifag nonsense because some other countries' citizens get far more upset about strange people publishing photos of children. For example, Germany. Everyone riding Oriental Pearl's dick here is suspicious. Filming is one thing but using them in the thumbnail? You are really defending this?

No. 296497

This post is facts, interesting how the only people reeing about pedos are the ones defending pearl when nobody implied anything of the kind. Just throwing strawmen around like confetti so they can destroy the strawman rather than addressing what you did: the culture in Japan is to blur faces, to protect privacy, for very obvious reasons in a country which advanced with internet years before the west and has already established the dangers associated with it. All phones in Japan have a shutter sound you can't switch off to try and prevent creep shots/unwanted photography/film of strangers, but tell me again, pearl defenders how they will definitely be totally ok with their children being uploaded on some westerners youtube channel for clicks.

No. 296542

>in a country which advanced with internet years before the west

tell me you've never used the internet in Japan without telling me. Nonnie I lived in Japan in 2003-2005 and we did literally everything with fucking fax machines. nobody used the internet. in 2003. you're literally a fucking retard. Japan developed cellular networks faster than that west, is that what you're thinking of? that's not the internet dummy.

>All phones in Japan have a shutter sound you can't switch off to try and prevent creep shots/unwanted photography/film of strangers

This is another chunk of bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with you? Just stop.

No. 296546

That's because of perverts. Not normal people like Pearl who isn't taking upskirts of women and children. Wtf.

No. 296550

According to triggered-chan, ANY TIME A CHILD IS CAPTURED ON CAMERA in any way, is cause for immediate cancellation and arrest, possibly even a public stoning.

No. 296552

People like triggered-chan wanna live in a damn repressive fascism country they should consider moving to my home country, they'd love being a Saudi(samefagging)

No. 296553

Anon posted the child thumbnail from a year old video. Just report all their posts for old milk and derailing/bait. Anon is probably >>296319 tbh. They are trying so hard to make pearl a topic wuth the fake LARP post and now a non-issue thumbnail and video.

No. 296567

anon in question and no, I said my piece and moved on. You're making yourself look suspicious with the deflecting going on. The "suspicious anon" (as obvious as they were) made themselves a subject. I couldn't care less about the children in the thumbnail, it's the dumbest argument i've seen so far.

No. 296569

Sure, Jan.

No. 296573

The irony of this is fucking sending me. We get a cow coming in to WK themselves in the most blatant way possible, whereas a troll or LARPer would try to be more provocative rather than meekly defending themselves. And yet now you also think i'm pushing the non-milk about thumbnails, with even less "proof", confirming that you know absolutely nothing about anything. The typing styles aren't even remotely similar, so you can sit down.

No. 296578

That wasn't Pearl, stop hi cowing and taking bait.

No. 296579

What makes you so sure of that?

No. 296608

>I lived in Japan in 2003-2005
>nobody used the internet. in 2003.
People still use fax machines, but we used the internet at school, home and work, like every developed country in the early 2000s. Remember all of the rakuten/livedoor/deco blogs? Mixi? Maybe you're thinking of smartphones, but they weren't much of a thing yet everywhere else, except for blackberries.
>All phones in Japan have a shutter sound you can't switch off to try and prevent creep shots/unwanted photography/film of strangers
>This is another chunk of bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with you? Just stop.
I don't know what your deal is nonnie, but the previous anon is right. All phones have a shutter sound. It's been that way since 2000, so are you really sure you were living in Japan in 2003-5?
We're not the same anon and milk isn't old if it hasn't been shared before. The thumbnail wasn't about little kids and didn't come from the vlog about children. The thumbnail came from the vlog where Oriental Pearl claimed people were talking about her in Japanese and Chinese. The girls in the thumbnail didn't speak at all, but she still used them in the thumbnail, instead of the people she actually accused of talking about her, and made it look like they were gossiping about her when they were just trying to pose for a selfie. It wasn't an example of milk. It was another example of how pathetic she was being to brag about herself. She just used some random Asian kids she happened to walk by for a second. Not every comment needs to be milky. Otherwise your own comment and most of the rest of these comments would be problematic. Although you are tinfoiling and minimoding.(derailing)

No. 296621

and samefagging, they are doing that too. I suggest reporting it all because it's so ridiculous to defend putting unnecessary strange kids in a thumbnail. I checked and it's actually not legal to do this in Japan nor in many other countries without permission. I don't even care about the law, it's just fucking gross to do it

No. 296622

>It's been that way since 2000,
Definitely untrue. It was phased in during the mid 2000s when phone cameras got good. And I always had a jailbroken American phone with a Japanese sim so I didn't ever think about it. I just assumed you could turn the sound off if you wanted to and everyone just liked having a fake camera sound

No. 296623

Anyone saying Pearl is some kind of child abuser for putting children in the thumbnails of her videos needs to take their meds immediately.

No. 296624

You must be running out of straw for all those strawmen you keep throwing around. Nobody is saying that except you. also a terrible way to defend someone since her username will now come up on search along "pedo" and "child abuser" even though you're the only person who keeps saying it kek
With fans like this who needs enemies?

No. 296625

You're literally unhinged

No. 296626

Like your brain is seriously broken in a major way kek(samefagging)

No. 296628

If you're the same anon who thought Japanese people have shutter sounds on their phones because they like it(?) and not due to privacy invasions, it's understandable you wouldn't understand SEO, but top tip for the future, if you want to defend a cow, try not to create strawmen (link because you are clearly an idiot: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man) which will litter google results for their name with words like "pedo" and "child abuser" since said cow will probably not appreciate your "help"(infighting)

No. 296634

Nta so what happened to posts like this >>>/w/275596 and all the "you're so gullible if you thought that was actually Micaela posting" posts? Anons are really just going to straight up believe that that was pearl posting?

No. 296635

I agree with you. It's the same excuse of "It's in their MO, why wouldn't they post, you think someone would go on the internet and lie?"

Yes. Yes most of us do which is why it's so obviously fake, a mod banned them and then the immediate bait taker beneath them. It wasn't even Micaela either because then there was an anon pretending to be Sharla in the same thread a few posts down and that wasn't Sharla either. Anyone believing any of these instances have been real cows need to take some conspiracy pills.

No. 296642

Yeah anon that's super rational kek. "Pearl" + Pedo + child abuser. I'm sure that chain from an obscure nothing site like this will totally destroy her reputation. Good lord get your smooth brain examined immediately.

Also you're maybe the most pretentious cunt ever to post on Lolcow "It's understandable you wouldn't understand SEO" "try not to create straw men" kek

Did you just learn that word or something? Back to junior high with you.

kek the stupid cunt actually linked straw man from wikipedia omfg(infighting)

No. 296648

I think it was her. a) it was un-saged, b) it was not like anyone else how here types c) it was short and to the point and she doesn't seem to have posted again… this board means nothing to her, she heard ppl were talking shit, she checked in, said her stupid little thing, and moved on. I don't see the big deal in acknowledging twas probably her.

No. 296649

also we do know tkyoham posts here sometimes

No. 296652

> It was phased in during the mid 2000s when phone cameras got good.
This is completely untrue, nonnie. Even today, if you buy a phone in Japan, it will have the shutter sound when used in Japan. This includes foreign phones sold in Japan. My iphone has it. Same for android. Anyone who's skeptical can just google it. This is fairly common knowledge as well.
At no time in the history of this entire thread has anyone ever accused Pearl of being a child abuser. Inappropriate, rude, creepy and pathetic, yes. But not a pedo or abusive.

No. 296655

she doesn't have to literally call her a child abuser but she keeps implying it by not letting it drop that pearl put :shudder: children in her thumbnail

No. 296657

You're probably confusing sevearl different anons, but who is "she" because I'm the one who shared the thumbnail, but never suggested nor implied that she was abusing the girls or children. Only that it's assholerly and pathetic of her to use the girls in her thumbnail and make it look as if they were talking about her because they never spoke and she just happened to walk by them for a few secons. Also, how is repeatedly approaching little children in a foreign country to show off your language skills and film them without permission for your embarrassing youtube channel not inappropriate? It doesn't have to be child abuse to be inappropriate. Stop being so extreme.(infighting)

No. 296659

it's totally fine, it's in public, nobody is hurt, it's entertaining, and no children are abused…. what is your problem and why can't you let it drop? there's literally nothing wrong with what she's doing, it's just your weird fucked up conservative morals talking

No. 296667

Anyone heard from Sola recently?

No. 296668

I cannot believe this is still going on. Facts:
>Pearl is not self posting
>Pearl is not some creep because kids are in her vlogs

Preemptively thinking people are going to be gross because of it is disgusting and disturbing on anons part.

No. 296670

I'm pretty sure Pearl isn't self-posting, but she did pop into the board for one post, the un-saged one, to stick up for herself getting attacked for her "man face" or whatever. then she bounced

No. 296680

these aren't weird fucked up conservative morals, these are societally accepted standards of privacy, and not just in japan. perhaps you have never worked with children, or in japan, but it's very common to have protocols around photographing/videoing children. if you work with children, it's not unusual for some parents to specify that their children are not to be in photos/videos, and most of these workplaces won't upload photos of children to social media. if you work with children in japan, you'll experience entire events (e.g. particular school performances, some sports etc) where cameras are completely banned. most japanese vloggers purposefully blur the faces of the public in their videos because they understand that that is the level of privacy the general public expects. considering many japanese people consider putting their face on their social media to be too much of an invasion of privacy, i can assure you most japanese parents would be very pissed off to find some random gaijin had filmed their children and uploaded it to youtube.(derailing)

No. 296697

Take the hint from majority of anons, no1currs. This is such a dead topic and if anon really gave a fuck they wouldn't wait a full year to make the complaint of kids in the thumbnail. This whole thing is bait and such shit bait at that.

No. 296698

I'm not exaggerating that you anons took such obvious bait and I'm saying that because I know it wasn't her.

No. 296702

How do you know it isn't her with such authority?

No. 296704

kek oh great we have another "insider" LARPer in the board again

No. 296705

like anyone is going to take the time to read your idiotic novellas here, go start a mommy blog or something or go back to your Qanon posts(infighting)

No. 296710

Because I'm not Pearl lol but you guys fighting over it sure is funny

No. 296714

The videos are old and it was just brought up a year later because the thread is slow. Anon didn't actually care about the kids. Ignore all the Pearl anons.

No. 296715

Anon come on.. You'd think someone would've pressed charges then for this invasion of privacy in a public setting. It's not in a school or any place you're using as an example that's an issue, but making this into a child issue is so fucking weird and obsessive on your part and flipping out on anons who don't agree is the icing on the cake. It's pathetic.

No. 296723

I agree with this level headed normal anon. Idk why novella-anon is so adamant about proving there's some nefarious thing happening vis a vis children, privacy, and Pearl doing something untoward. It's just bananas. I think that anon needs to relax and work through some of her own stuff in therapy. I hear Betterhelp is terrible, she should start there.

No. 296734

File: 1684002770620.png (65.2 KB, 565x302, Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 11.3…)

No. 296735

File: 1684002861597.png (74.57 KB, 399x424, Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 11.3…)

No. 296737

File: 1684002931812.jpg (109.2 KB, 1280x720, daub.jpg)

(stop with the autism)

No. 296748

wtf is happening to this thread

No. 296757

Reddit, Twitter, general sjw/zoomerisms?

No. 296760

It's just anons looking for milk in the absolute worst places.

No. 296764

begone scrote

No. 296766

Oh damn, in the side-by-side, he really does look like Ralph Macchio
Daub should do a Karate Kid-esque video in Okinawa

No. 296768

He's joked about it before, he's gotten it his whole life

No. 296769

Mods - I think someone was just desperately trying to derail and distract from the absolute idiocy that was transpiring in here regarding Oriental Pearl(report, move on, and take it to meta)

No. 296771

It's like one stupid cow posts in here one time and everyone loses their damn minds

No. 296773

How the actual fuck does me posting that make me a scrote?!

No. 296777

Begone moid(stop)

No. 296778

Looks like our resident moron, who spent the last 20 years thinking Japanese people have shutter sounds on their phones because they like the sound(!) despite extremely well known context for why, who has no understanding of online safety, and who thinks 'hey maybe don't post content featuring other people's random kids' is an accusation on par with pedophilia, has been angrily crying and smashing the report button on every post criticizing her, based on these redtexts. guess we hit a nerve huh? Like I feel sorry for the poor girl for being this confidently wrong, screeching about how everyone else is a retard while knowing literally nothing about the topic at hand.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296779

You're the one who should be banned, you batshit crazy ass queen bee bitch nonnie

honestly who tf do you think you are(infighting)

No. 296796

The mods murdered everyone here kek. Game over.(non-contributory)

No. 296840

I've never heard of this jvlogger before and it's wild that in the year 2023 she's going around with the name Oriental Pearl and everyone seems completely fine with it

No. 296841

she's popped up once in a while in the jvlog thread but she's just never done anything milky or worthwhile. Her whole channel is just a looping gimmick of "i understood what you said in your language" shock videos. Anyways her personality and persona has always rubbed people the wrong way and her questionable youtube name too kek she's just strange and off-putting

No. 296844

Nobody here is fine with it, as has been discussed up thread ad nauseam

No. 296852

To be fair, the term "Oriental" used to describe an object shouldn't offend anyone but the most sensitive and/or ignorant and/or recreationally outraged. Oriental is the opposite of Occidental, i.e. Eastern rather than Western. It is a commonly accepted term across many fields of study and artifacts, the antiquities market, cuisine/ingredients, etc.
The term "Oriental" is not inherently problematic.
Using "Oriental" to describe a person of East Asian descent, however, is obviously problematic and has been so for at least two decades in the West. (person ≠ object)

So if her channel name is describing a pearl, i.e. one from an oyster, a rare/valuable natural object, then there's no issue. ("Oriental" is used to describe naturally forming pearls within the gem/jewelry industry.) If her channel name is describing herself, and her name is Pearl, then it's kind of weird, but not necessarily problematic because she's American and caucasian. (Her name in fact is not Pearl, it is Alyssa.) Additionally, there is a bush called the Oriental Pearl (aka Indian Hawthorn) - is that the origin of her name?
Which would mean she named her channel after a bush.
But really - why the weird/cringey channel name? She's trying to be clever and that's even more annoying, though still not culturally problematic.
The sad reality is that she took the name for the same reason she does everything she does - for attention and to stir the pot. She knew perfectly well that name would attract exactly the kind of people who wouldn't find her content problematic or challenge her, while simultaneously having a semantically defensible argument for why there's nothing wrong with her calling her channel that in the first place.

No. 296873

No1currs. This is a dead topic. You don't need to spergout.

No. 296883

you're a dead topic

No. 296887

File: 1684106262389.jpg (36.65 KB, 580x580, orientalpearltower.jpg)

The retardation on this thread is next level. Her name is Oriental Pearl because she named her channel after the Oriental Pearl tower in Shanghai/Pudong. What a bunch of fucking retards. Also it is not problematic, it's a fucking building you absolute muppets.

No. 296890

ps when she was living in china people called her that because she is tall. it's not a fucking conspiracy or problematic you idiotic quivering pile of baggy cunt lips(sperg)

No. 296892

The mods red-texting "non-contributory" is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen on LC like ever. Why don't you go red-text every other post on every thread that since 50% of the crap on here is "non-contributory" kek

No. 296896

The Pearlpocalypse was bad, but at least anons haven't Brought up Lily, Lili, or Sola in a while!

PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH(quintuple samefag)

No. 296901

Are you fucking blind? Rachel from Rachel and hun? Her nose is fucked up even after the nose job. “Gold standard”? Get glasses.

No. 296902

everyone knows Sharla's perfect ski jump nose is the gold standard

No. 296907

File: 1684119630281.jpg (75.98 KB, 800x506, goldenratiosharlanose.jpg)

(samefagging with nose spam)

No. 296908

anyone who follow sola have an update because feels like we got a solid month of full fat milk but now she disappeared. Is she still sharla's house pet or did she also get blacklisted? kek
Sharla making an onlyfans account, sola getting baited and triggered by ig nonnies, sola supposedly moving with them to tokyo or something, lingerie photoshoots together in chris's studio but it all ended so quick RIP

No. 296910

File: 1684120292081.jpeg (53.7 KB, 429x445, IMG_1861.jpeg)

In the meantime it appears that Mikan still kept the ridiculous un natural looking ski slope for herself.

No. 296913

Mikan's looks fake but Sharla's is utter perfection, truly a thing of wonder, no surgeries necessary

No. 296914

File: 1684120901216.jpg (130.77 KB, 768x1024, sharlanose.jpg)

It's just absolutely perfect in every way(samefag)

No. 296915

If you look on IG, you will see that she has been hanging out with Sharla in Tokyo.
But also she goes to the club every other day with her club friends and then complains how she can’t sleep and is very sick. Rinse repeat.
Her posts are like this
I am sick,
I hate man,
I hate being single
I am off my meds.
I am going to the club.
I am Sharla BFF.
I can’t sleep
I brought a sex toy
I am sick
I am going to the club
Fuck man
I am bad ass
I need more tattoos
I am sick
I am Sharla BFF
I can’t sleep
I have a cat
My shirt is see through
I have a dog
I am sick
Only fans
I am Sharla BFF
Over and over again. She post a million times a day.

No. 296916

what kind of sex toy?

No. 296918

Spoonfeeding is not encouraged. Follow the cow yourself. New porn isn't milk and nothing else is even happening.

No. 296919

File: 1684121793841.jpeg (107.36 KB, 842x1269, IMG_0642.jpeg)

Here she is showing off her newest toy…

No. 296921

File: 1684121928589.jpeg (180.52 KB, 850x1150, IMG_0643.jpeg)

Here she is bragging that she was Sharla’s first guest after they moved. She bragged about it in her stories and then reposted the same pic

No. 296922

that's not a sex toy, it's a picture of a sex toy

No. 296923

Thank you I didn’t know that …..FFS

No. 296924

does she use it on Sharla

No. 296927

I mean, if a Hungarian mentally damaged and severely broken girl using a vibrator on a chubby Canadian girl who loves plushies and cats your kink, sure. LOL

No. 296932

my kink is Pizza Hut and my pronouns are extra/cheese

No. 296933

File: 1684125152897.jpeg (119.05 KB, 829x1385, IMG_0641.jpeg)

well she is a death door according to her… so buy her a pizza lol

No. 296934

to be fair, the tip is still probably super swollen and we won't see anything close to a final result at least until 6 months post-op (in most cases it can take up to a year.) I think the tip will still drop a bit as the swelling goes down.

No. 296935

just the tip
that's what she said kek(incessant samefagging, spamming up the thread with non-contributions, and general retardation)

No. 296936

wtf does "she is a death door" mean

No. 296938

At death’s door— just a typo, my apologies

No. 296940

Yes but the slope of the bridge is still very dramatic and looks odd on her face cuz it’s the exact opposite of what her nose originally was. A strait bridge would have looked much better on her kek but we will see I guess

No. 296961

But Sharla's nose/bridge/tip are completely proportional as if designed by an angel herself.
To look upon Sharla's nose is to enter a state of near hallucinatory bliss, encompassing both the mysteries of the universe and the resolution of all visual tension. Her nose is so captivating as to leave the viewer spellbound.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296962

Well if you look at the image again, it also says "Last purchased April 23, 2023"
So maybe she did buy it

No. 296967

Of course she did. Nothing wrong with it. But she thinks it makes her look cool and edgy posting it on IG. That’s her whole vibe that she wants people to believe, that she is a cool tattooed sexy girl living in Japan. but if you look at through her IG, you just see someone who is severely mentally broken and is on her way to destroying her life and others she traps in her web.. aka Sharla and Chris. She brings drama so it will be intrestimg to see the breakup video lol

No. 296971

Sex workers usually show off their toys. That's kind of the end of it. It's not that deep.

No. 296973

Lol she doesn’t think she is a sex worker. She says she an artist who does boudoir art photos lol

No. 296976

What's up with all the Sharla nose shit

No. 296977

The Sharla nose/golden ratio was pretty funny ngl(derailing)

No. 296978

more like autist who does boudoir sex work kek

No. 296997

Mentally cray cray boudoir shots of her shit ass and badly done tattoos

No. 296998

Please refrain from posting repetitive nitpicks and pointless comments. Petty insults, image edits and so on are not considered contributions. Any new (and not so new) posters can refer to https://lolcow.farm/info to avoid catching a ban.

No. 297002

File: 1684186905029.png (134.09 KB, 1000x535, LOLCOWDAUB.png)


No. 297021

No. 297024

It's pretty fucking sad how there's like zero sense of humor here, milk or no milk. It shouldn't be reddit but it doesn't have to be fucking Handmaid's Tale either. Fucking humorless autistic mods.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 297028

Maybe post stuff like that in the shitpost thread? It’s what it’s there for? I know I do.

No. 297037

Sharla got a big shnoz. The shape isn’t that bad but it’s pretty damn big.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297045

It's not really that big, the shape in profile just seems larger in that pic. But if it was bigger, all the more to love really.(ban evasion to continue nose sperging)

No. 297057

Kek did the surgeon who did her nose find this thread? Who else could these posts belong to?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297059

This reminds me of when a substitute teacher loses control of the class. Utter chaos.

No. 297064

The new JAJ has finally come out. It's actually way better than that Okinawa "Hey guys look how rich I am" abomination. Hopefully he learned his lesson. Though it starts with an elaborate murder fantasy where Natsuki almost kills Ryotaro. I really don't get why Chris hates him so much especially risking demonitization just to attack him.

No. 297066

Because Chris can't make anything without falling back on stereotyping and bullying, he's a very mentally arrested development boy-man who has to goofy everything up and can't just make straightforward content. Of course anons will say "it's banter, that's how we are in the UK" but it's not just banter, it's lazy falling back on slapstick dumbass humor that is wasteful of time. Honestly I don' know how anyone actually interested In Japan can still watch his absolute schlock.

No. 297071

Trying to listen to the latest episode of Abroad in Japan podcast. Does Chris actually think people are interested in hearing "how the algorithm is ruining his success"??

Poor JAJ trailer got way less views than it deserved! I'm crying inside…(holy newfag, we have the trifaggot)

No. 297074

File: 1684274389996.jpeg (72.04 KB, 919x1458, IMG_0645.jpeg)

Our favorite is back complaining about not being able to sleep.(could it be because you’re at the club regularly till 5 AM?)

No. 297075

You complain about this over and over again stop watching his contact if it’s that stupid to you.

No. 297076

You complain about this over and over again stop watching his contact if it’s that stupid to you.

No. 297077

what's up EDGAR!
How are you EDGAR?
Do you like noses EDGAR?
I hear Sharla has an amazing one EDGAR(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297078

his contact?
take your meds, you even typed it twice, retard

No. 297080

How can you claim she's at the club till 5 when it's clearly 4:42 and she's obviously in bed playing with her pussy

No. 297081

File: 1684277334872.jpg (123.05 KB, 1200x805, skijumpparadise.jpg)


No. 297082

Sunday she’s posted she was walking home in the rain 5am, from the club. Then complained that she got a fever, the shakes and couldn’t breath. She goes to the club an average 3 -4 times a week, according to her IG

No. 297083

can't believe the mods would ban a newfag like poor Edgar(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297084

So what? Where's the crime in a 20something woman going out to the club as much as she pleases? JFC this isn't milk.

No. 297085

someone is super obsessed with Sharlas nose wtf

No. 297086

did we ever figure out what the heck Sola is supposedly doing as a job for Sharla? has there been any intel at all? what is Sharla even doing in Tokyo now? these cows have become dry as a week old mochi

No. 297091

No crime at all. It’s a wider conversation about her being constantly on line and posting every moment of her day. Also, she is very dramatic and complains a lot, so we are just pointing out the fact that she parties a lot and late into the night, and then complains about not getting much sleep. She is a very toxic person and is a Ticking time bomb. She’s a sort of person that ruins relationship and we should get our popcorn to watch her unravel Chris and sharla’s relationship. Will at least that’s my prediction.

No. 297092

who's this "we" do you have a mouse in your pocket nonnie?

No. 297093

What Do you mean what is try Sharla doing in Tokyo?
Sola will be helping Ushka and Sharla with their stationary business and the Airbnbs. Cat sit for Sharla. Ushka and Sharla plan to buy another property and need help to manage them. Also, sola does freelance graphic design work for others according to her.

No. 297094

lol graphic design ok
she's a personal assistant aka sex toy orderer aka unicorn sex pal

No. 297095

don't forget she a OnlyFans worker

No. 297097

Hey Edgar you don't need to put your name

No. 297098

oh shit thanks hun(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 297099

Lol sola is a try hard wanna b. Her onlyfans took off cause of Sharla’s simps. And then fell off when she stooped posting pics of Sharla

No. 297102

That bitch has not being able to display non of her work other than bragging about her titis

No. 297103

Sola's nose is so-so(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297124

I definitely don't know how Edgar is but it's weird that someone named Edgar showed up here right around the same time as Norm was talking about a friend named Edgar. Coincidence?

No. 297125

The person's name probably isn't even Edgar. The same people who are LARPing constantly as Lily or Sharla or Micaela and Pearl in these threads. Mods have never outed an IP because it's obviously bait.

No. 297126

I'm under sincere suspicion that Edgar is actually Norm and not only that but recently Norm is either one of the Lorpers or that Norm is shitposting up this thread. Like I honestly literally believe that Norm is causing trouble for this organization

No. 297127

I indubitably think it was Norm who told the tale of Sharla going to Los Angeles to get Ozempic(edgar derailing chan)

No. 297130

This supposed "Edgar" can't be Norm.
None of these "Edgar" posts come off as the unhinged and mad responses that Norm is usually known for. I don't think he'd be able to rein in his anger in this thread when there's mentions of Norm being a fucking loon.

No. 297147

but norm wouldn't want to come across as exactly norm so he wouldn't try to seem so much like the way he is so he's probably trying to be like a different kind of person called Edgar who acts a little different but he's still trying to stir up the pot and create drama and be like a different person here in order to make things difficult for our organization because he wouldn't want us to think he's really norm(stop indirectly hi cowing)

No. 297169

What if it's Norm's alter ego Mron?

No. 297173

That's exactly something Edgar would say(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297221

Why was >>297173 banned but not >>297169

what in the actual fuck is going on with the mods here(take it to /meta/)

No. 297224

probably because that's the first time ive ever posted in this thread

No. 297231

1. Not every ban is redtexted
2. Ban may have expired before anon came to post again
Just a couple of options.

No. 297247

File: 1684459599570.jpg (4.69 KB, 244x207, edgarfrog2.jpg)

No. 297307

His name is Chris Broad but "broad" is derogatory slang for women.

Please discuss(learn2integrate)

No. 297323

Well this tracks with his association with Bald and Andrew Tate

No. 297349

You mean the Andrew Tate he called a cunt in a lengthy reddit post?
Dig up something new. This shit is old milk.

No. 297350

OP quoting anon is baaaaaaaaack

No. 297351

Chris WK pops up out of their hole in the ground at the first whiff of anything critical of their savior

so predictable(derailing about wks)

No. 297379

I dunno how someone coming in to say what really happened is wking?

No. 297395

Ignore anons who talk about Reddit or bring up Bald/Andrew Tate type losers. You took bait. They do this constantly then try to say it's fans defending Chris.. somehow. You're not WKing. Its because you're not exaggerating the bad milk.

No. 297404

File: 1684597652403.jpeg (105.7 KB, 1284x680, IMG_1933.jpeg)

She really is not cut out to run a business.

No. 297405

File: 1684597677856.jpeg (284.02 KB, 1284x2084, IMG_1934.jpeg)

No. 297406

she missed the day in Business 101 class where they explain it's actually hard work

No. 297412

>I'd never have tried to be inclusive in the first place
lmao true colors, mikan

No. 297413

Tbh, I agree with her. If the inclusive fanbase is being shitty, just stick to straight sizes. She's an ana-chan anyway, so why even deal with people? Brands get pushback like this for being inclusive or not and I'm personally tired seeing brands being forced to be inclusive. People can go shop elsewhere.

No. 297414

I also like how she refers to it as "catering" to (I'm guessing) plus-sized girlies?
word choice

No. 297416

I agree too. Why should brands have to change their whole production method just because you can't walk your fat ass around the block a few times a week kek…
fat people suck

No. 297418

Honestly this. Get complaining openly like this is milky, but I don't think she should cater if the people she's catering to are just going to nitpick at their versions.

No. 297424

sure but she wants so desperately to be bodyposi and ethnically sensitive and whatever the fuck bc that sells these days. She just doesn't want to put in the work or listen to the people who would buy those sizes probably. idk if she just kept her mouth shut on twitter about it, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But Mikan can never stop bitching about fat Americans, lame takes by neckbeards, and people who don't address her as West Asian Kurdish princessu

No. 297427

Then she shouldn't be. She wanted to expand because she wanted the money from a desperate plus size small fanbase she has that wanted the ugly lolita inspired clothes she was making. If she doesn't want to cater, then she shouldn't have tried in the first place. If anything she should focus on what the PS community of Japan wants. I know it's harder for girls there to shop and they probably wouldn't complain as much.

No. 297431

"she wanted to expand"

No. 297464

To say on your public twitter as a brand owner that you don’t want to even try to be inclusive for your fan base anymore is insane, I understanding being frustrated but the lack of professionalism she constantly shows from either bitching about her clothing brand or being mean to fans online is telling. Do not understand why so many people put up with it and support her. You chose jobs that put yourself out there so grow a spine kek

No. 297476

The minute I read ‘ethical’ on her shop insta I thought, she did not think this through

No. 297482

she bit off more than can chew for someone brand new to this world imo
But since she said from the start she's going to do plus size clothing how can she back on that promise without PC backlack kek kinda fucked herself
She should've started slow and simple since editing shit for plus sized stuff can be a nightmare. Then once she got familiar and her feet wet, could've then started on plus sizing. At the beginning she could've easily told her fanbase "wait, let me get used to this and figure this stuff out first, and then i'll do plus sizing"

No. 297483

people who scream about inclusivity always seem to be the first to think everything is exclusively about them.

If I was her I wouldn't cater to shit

No. 297487

The original comment she’s referring to wasn’t even bitchy or rude. She just said Vina doesn’t factor in bigger boobs with some of her clothing after someone asked. There is no backlash or fat people screeching, just her complaining about a simple criticism that any professional brand owner should be able to stomach.(this is an imageboard)

No. 297492

Post caps, newfag.

No. 297493

Not to mention fat girls with no tits, or small girl's with implants. She's not a fucking bra company. The game outrage from not being catered too is ridiculous. All this over uwu muh tits won't fit. Okay, then go somewhere else to buy clothes.

No. 297495

Sharla and Sola should start a lingerie company

No. 297504

File: 1684649840062.png (128.41 KB, 864x1448, Screenshot_20230521-081228.png)

nta but here's the cap. It wasn't a giant rant really, one person made this comment and she flipped out. If you can't take one single comment, idk this business ain't for you. When Mikan first released her line, there was even a thing where the size charts were strange and Mikan had to reeee about how XS or XXS was her own size or something. Here - omg I made the dress soooo big it didn't fit frail ol' me! I used a FAT AMERICAN sizing guide. Wow, what a way to put it.

She gets absurdly stressed and yeah, if you are selling swimsuits to women, you should let them know if breasts will fit into them. Since 1 you have no breasts and 2 you go out of your way to reply to troons who gush over your clothes ("it will look so good on you!"). Yeah I'm sure it will

No. 297510

Honestly if she wasnt such a bitch this maybe wouldnt make people so annoyed but its the fact that she treats people so shitty and only wants to be inclusive for whole brownie points and not because she wants to that makes the whole rant so ironic. And the fact that she consistently bitches about things. It’s like anon said, she doesnt want to have to actually work since she was unemployed and not going to school for so long while her boyfriend was working hard. Shes a princess.

No. 297516

File: 1684650825990.png (134.74 KB, 864x1463, Screenshot_20230520-204607.png)

Samefag but I actually agree she doesn't need to include every size for more complicated designs. If she were just selling t-shirts like a lot of influencers do, that's different bc it's not the same level of difficulty. But she can just explain she can't accommodate XYZ sizes right now, but hopefully as her business grows, she can add those later.

When you lose your shit over one comment or people just asking about a size, and say you wished you never bothered being inclusive, you're gonna turn people away from your business even if the matter doesn't apply to them. Because it is rude. If I heard someone saying that about their makeup line (let's say they can't afford to sell darker or very pale foundations), I would choose not to buy there. She also has this misconception that having larger breasts means you are plus-size, which isn't the case at all, and she's just basing this on her own body type. Speaking from experience, there are lots of women who have a small frame but larger breasts. They aren't plus-size. But for Mikan, a comment about breasts in swimsuits (a really specialized type of garment that honestly must be a bitch to produce) turned into a rant about being inclusive of plus sizes, with the requisite fat American dig. That says a lot.

Anyway someone should make a new Mikan thread because she'll never stop spraying milk all over Twitter. She has a bunch of enablers too.

No. 297536

Tbh this thread is so weird and confusing. Over and over, as soon as milk happens and starts being discussed, some anon is like "move this cow to its own thread, there's too much milk" and then when there's no significant milk from jvlogger cows, anons go to /meta/ and be like "the jvlogger thread is sooo slow its making people shit post, lock the thread and throw away the key reeeeee"

wtf is this thread(why are you complaining here then take it to meta)

No. 297541

Mikan is slow and a jvlogger. She doesn't need her own thread. Especially since most milk on her if forced, mikan is real milk.

No. 297544

kek to the nonnie who went to /meta/ to reeeeeeee about this post, what in the actual fuck
that's not infighting it's making an observation about reality.
grow up nonnies(ok but please stop derailing about it and discuss this in meta)

No. 297545

Ffs not once have I said the thread is so slow it’s making people shitpost. People shitpost because they want to draw attention to the thread
It’s posts like yours that make me want mods to close this thread(infighting)

No. 297546

this post is the literal definition of infighting

No. 297547

I agree that the milk is a bit slower, but it also feels awkward posting Mikan to this thread. The people that want to talk about Chris, Sharla, Norm, ect seem to be a completely different crowd than the people who want to speak about Mikan.
Mikan is more J-Fashion and the people spoken about here are more actual J-Vloggers. I agree that they should be separated or Mikan shouldn’t be posted here.

No. 297549

Has Mikan ever hung out with Chris or Sharla? The fashion-type creators in Japan seem to not associate with the more travel vlog style creators. Wonder why that is.

No. 297550

kek have you seen chris and Sharla's sense of 'fashion'

No. 297551

please lets not re-hash the conversation about sharla having bad fashion and should know better because she lives in Tokyo and has money

No. 297552

Mikan was sort of part of the original clique, she hung out with people here and then, but it was right at the end of their popularity.
She did have her own thread but definitely doesn’t have enough milk for one now, which is exactly why this thread exists

No. 297553

thank you nonnie

No. 297554

jfc half the posts on this thread are infighting about who belongs on this thread(stop derailing and take it to meta)

No. 297555

Oriental Pearl confirmed it was her posting here on a recent live stream so all you doubting nonnies can suck an egg(imageboard)

No. 297556

Either way would be fine tbh, she just seems to be outside of the group that people on this thread are generally interested in talking about

No. 297557

I take this as evidence that she still lives in this thread, didn’t see a single bad comment on her Twitter (could’ve missed one) so it’s likely she made this up to respond to the backlash on this thread.
She should delete Twitter again, it’s not good for her.

No. 297561

>Oriental Pearl confirmed it was her posting here on a recent live stream so all you doubting nonnies can suck an egg
That would explain the unusually defensive WKing over someone no one ever liked before, but you need to share the actual stream or cap.

No. 297563

This is an imageboard, post caps!

No. 297569

And things that didn't happen bc no caps kek shut up about Pearl already

No. 297570

Not every vlogger interacts with each other, so that's a bad reason.

No. 297603

Yet >>296710
anon needs to post caps of this supposed livestream

No. 297605

hard to do when yr banned kek

see that's what happens in a ban-happy thread, nonnies get banned before they can post caps(take it to /meta/)

No. 297610

You can post about her if you want to, it's not against the rules and some people may be interested to talk about it, but there is simply nothing much to talk about. Unless you know things the rest of us don't.

No. 297623

Yeah and she vlogs, doesn't matter what kind of vlogging it is, she's based in Japan and she's milkier than most of the cows listed in OP because she throws tantrums.

No. 297647

File: 1684740341762.png (150.78 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20230522-081533.png)

Sola destroying weeb/japanophile dreams kek.

No. 297652

Any sane women refrains from asian men anyways. Can say which men are even worth it kek but I’m glad she’s open about this

No. 297653

>super hard mentally and physically.

What does this even mean. Physically? Is this some sex work shit lol.

No. 297654

Like the girl or not this is all 100% accurate.

No. 297655

Maybe if you don't have any skills and can't speak Japanese well. The Japanese men part is kinda on point though.

No. 297660

Japan is known for having workers stay extra long and barely give time off, it's taxing for your body too

No. 297670

What a ridiculous over exaggeration. I mean she doesn't even speak Japanese so how can she know their true personality. Japanese people are raised without any emotions? Is this the eunuch army from game of thrones? Also clearly from her unhinged meltdowns and stalking of Sharla and Lily perhaps Sola was raised with too much emotion. Most East Asian cultures just have a different approach just like every other country. They aren't robots. That's like going to Russia and saying everyone in Russia is mean because they don't speak my language and don't have a culture of overt over the top friendliness to everyone they know. People are still people at the end of the day.

No. 297674

Yeah she's really just categorizing an entire nationality and gender as being a single way? I can't even. She probably had one shitty Japanese boyfriend and then boom that means they're all like that. She has already proven she thinks and acts in extremes. Kinda sad. It's truly the sign of a small and narrow mind.

No. 297688

She'd have trouble getting a decent job in any first-world country with her lack of skills, education and mental instability. Even if she had the skills, just one look at her social media and how she chronicles her mental illness would get her dropped from the application process from most jobs. What makes even less sense is why she's still in Japan after all of these years if she's having so much trouble and was homeless. In reality, she moves back and forth to Tokyo, keeps designer pets, is constantly shopping or at the cafe, or taking selfies on the street, traveling. Such a hard life mentally and physically, yeah.

No. 297689

Sex work is the only explanation tbh, or she has or had a sugar daddy, which would surprise me zero.

No. 297704

"lack of emotional intelligence", that part's rather bullshit, but I doubt her fluency in the language, so she can't get her points across anyway. Men in general tend to lack emotional intelligence, but I can say if you hop on the dick of the first gaijin hunter to proposition you like a thirsty weeb then yeah, you're not gonna have much of a meaningful connection with them.

No. 297736

just take evereeeeething to /meta/

No. 297737

Lol someday got triggered.

No. 297738

File: 1684806381043.png (32.19 KB, 1806x1114, Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 6.47…)

The graph indicates the amount of desperation and despair and likely milk will be coming soon

No. 297739

wait I thought graphs were supposed to trend in the opposite direction kek

No. 297740

This post is Sola posting. Not to start a big fight about it like what happened with Alyssa but that is 100% Sola(hi cow)

No. 297743

Not surprising - ever since Japan reopened borders the youtube suggestions have been total randoms vloggers I’ve never heard of before with “Tokyo what to expect” “how to spend five days In Tokyo” bla bla bla.

No. 297745

Chris has been changing his content to be more meta and youtubery. For example imagine you are some office worker logging on because you think a Japan trip might be nice and you see Chris' video start with him talking about violently murdering some guy named Rissotto, how affable he is, bullying his friends, and a bunch of wealth humblebrags. Chris doesn't really have a good niche that he can consistently pull which is why we get weird directions like fitness. But these days there are channels full of all kinds of people many who actually can speak Japanese while others are to the point for the toursit time and there are many for every kind of hobbyist niche that could be associated with Japan. Though Chris is in a slow bleed type of situation. It can easily be salvaged if he wants to do the work. Sharla doesn't really have much going for her and thought teaming up with Sola to make low quality porn was the answer. If I were them I would experiment making content in another Asian country like Thailand, Vietnam, Macau, Singapore, or even Korea. It is a coin flip on how much or a draw it is but it could make them feel more refreshed.

No. 297746

that chart depicts nearly three years of downward trending numbers
it's a channel with the light flickering out
now yeah more people are arriving to do what he does, dividing up market share, driving his numbers further down. funny thing is that he and all other jvloggers who were in Japan during the pandemic had this crazy window in time where they were privileged and had exclusive ability to make their content. kinda crazy if you think about it

No. 297747

This more meta “personality” style is why I really do think he and Sharla don’t plan to stay in Japan. He’s laying the groundwork for a boring channel about cats and house renovation in Kent somewhere.

No. 297751

can he still call his channel "Abroad" then?
Abroad in Kent?
doesn't really work

No. 297760

He is literally "A Broad" so technically he can go anywhere. Though I don't understand why they want to leave. All of Chris' friends are in Japan, his career is in Japan, most of his adult life has been in Japan. They don't even want kids or have standard jobs so they don't even deal with the bigger negatives of Japan. Sharla doesn't have much going for her anywhere so I wouldn't be surprised if she is the main one pushing the movie. She hasn't made any actual friends in Japan unlike Chris. Plus to he Kent is an exotic and mystical place.

No. 297779

if they have kids in Japan will the kids be Japanese?(retard derailing)

No. 297825

you should have just posted the cap with the text, retard. you already knew we were going to ask for it.

No. 297840

don't call that anon a "retard" you don't know if she's mentally challenged or not. anyway she got banned probably forever so RIP(are you lost?)

No. 297844

I got banned for typing this comment but it's a real question. If a Japanese couple moves to the US and has a kid the kid is American. He's ethnically Japanese but he's an American because he was born here. Is Japan the same way? That's what I was asking.

No. 297861

It really doesn't matter in the long run

No. 297865

To answer your question: no, because Japanese nationality law is jus sanguinis as opposed to jus soli like in the USA. Unless at least one of the parents has Japanese citizenship the baby will not have it just because it was born in the country of Japan.

No. 297873

That chart starts at a time where the entire planet sat indoors for a year watching YouTube. For sure it’s trending downwards, but to fail to take that into consideration would be foolish.

No. 297874

Dude barely releases any videos for 3 months and still pulls in 4-5 million monthly hits. That’s pretty fucking impressive. His book is currently no1 in travel writing on UK Amazon.
But boohoo he’s only got 4million views this month LOL

No. 297898

The above is proof that any of the slightest criticisms of Sir Broad will immediately bring out the reeeeeeing Wks from Reddit

No. 297900

Show proof.
Also his book isn't even on Amazon US kek

No. 297906

Nope hun, the above is proof that there are two sides to every coin. Don't kick up a fuss when your farcical bullcrap gets called out.

No. 297908

Sharla's back on lolcow

HI COW(hi cow)

No. 297952

File: 1684970859724.jpeg (46.04 KB, 708x404, 2zctxi.jpeg)

No. 298009

finally getting three-month-delayed vlogs from bronwyn returning to japan and the quality is shit. i know people like to shit on sharla for boring, barely-edited videos, but this makes sharla look like a cannes elite.

bronwyn has said more than once "the only reason i haven't grown in years is because i've been vlogging in cities no one cares about." now after 5 years of planning THIS is what she came out with? wow

for anyone who doesnt wanna waste 7 minutes (yes only 7… does she not know how vlogs work nowadays?): it's 3 minutes of ads for bronwyn's skincare products and 4 minutes of broken audio while she walked around roppongi and got hot tea from a vending machine. and then she whines about being tired. that's the entire video():)

No. 298029

did she move there or just on a vacation?
didn't she just move to Austin like a year ago and put a bunch of money into fixing up a house kek

No. 298039

nona went done posted an emoji kek


No. 298077

just a vacation. she still lives in a suburb in austin. this was just a like 5 week trip that she called "moving" on socials to try to drum up interest

No. 298126

Saying your'e "moving" somewhere when you're just on a vacation is one of the most annoying things "influencers" do

No. 298130

Shinigawa-ku is the new neighborhood of Sharla and Chris new neighborhood info thanks to our BPD queen sola

No. 298132

Lol meanwhile anyone can order from Amazon Uk. Most of Chris fans r in the US. The fact that he hit top 10 chart on Amazon Uk, isn’t solely from people in the Uk ordering. Lol like him or hate him, but his sure to be boring book, is outperforming established famous authors.

No. 298141

Aren’t they going to Thailand next week?

No. 298154

>established famous authors.
that's a totally subjective and relative term you nincompoop. most established "authors" (kek) do not have 2M+ youtube followers and guaranteed buyer base.

Just like Chris is not a filmmaker, he is not an author or a writer. He's a YouTuber with a fanbase. If Honey Boo Boo writes a book it will sell well too. Nobody outside of his YouTube following gives two shits about his book. Get a clue.

No. 298156

File: 1685123427895.png (137.5 KB, 1536x1143, chrisbroadjapanbook.png)

I'm in the US. Let me search for the book on Amazon and see what comes up.

Oh look at that it does NOT exist. major kek.

No. 298157

File: 1685123461469.png (127.65 KB, 1566x1142, Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 10.4…)

…scrolling down more…

No. 298158

File: 1685123492708.png (111.7 KB, 1609x1147, Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 10.4…)


No. 298159

Nta, but you're nitpicking the wording way too hard.

No. 298161

Nope I just live in reality. Chris is not an author, he's a Youtuber, can't compare him directly with "established" authors

No. 298166

Why are you are bothered by his stupid book? U are making a wrong point that can easily googled. Anyone from anywhere can order books from Amazon Uk, for delivery in the US, or any European country, hell they will even ship to japan. I’m sorry that it bothers you that his lame ass book is successful. Facts are facts, that his book hit the top 10 at one point on amazon uk.com. The fact is that an autobiography of a mildly successful YouTuber from a niche topic like teaching English inJapan , got this traffic boost from his mostly American viewership. But if you want to argue further take it up with Penguin and Chris cause according to him on his on podcast his publishers told him that most of the purchase were made in the US. So take a deep breath my dear.

No. 298175

Yeah, I'm going to call him an author. It's not that deep, anon. He wrote a book.

No. 298179

File: 1685131248053.png (183.39 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20230526-204409.png)

From koreaboo to Anglophile. I don't think she's mentioned anything about K-pop or any other of the Korean shit that she used to fangirl over since 2018. Now she's gonna sperg over British shit. Seems that some of her interests depend on the nationality of the person that she's dating.

No. 298181

I'm not bothered by his book? WTF
I'm pointing out that it's not the smash hit that his WK wants so desperately for it to be