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File: 1682053505823.jpg (160.3 KB, 1280x1081, 1657170655670.jpg)

No. 1812525

This thread is for discussions and jokes surrounding those who LARP as some variety of "Queer" despite being only attracted to the opposite sex. Although most are in Hetero relationships, some may be on the "ace-spectrum" and/or polyamorous. They may discriminate against those who are same sex attracted by being uninterested in their issues, revising their history and exploiting them for personal profit. Women in particular may be incredibly rude to even libfems, let alone terf boogeywomen, because she prioritizes her Nigel above all. Men in particular are only in it for sex, so he hits on lesbians if he is ever actually in a local LGBT community and drops the Queer act when it no longer is in his benefit. Consider this a vent thread as much as it is a meme thread.
This thread is not for Homeophobe-chans.
Since there is already MTF and FTM threads, this thread will focus more on the LGB community as a whole and topics that don't really fall under the Trans threads. Please also take note that this is not a Bisexual hate thread and posting about those under 18 is not encouraged, though is allowed is exceptional enough.

Topics of discussion:
-History revisionism
-Alphabet soup getting longer
-Celebs and cows pride-drama
-Spicy Straights
-Comphet and other popular "queer" trends
-Ace Discourse sightings
-Bi/Pan Discourse sightings
-"Bi-Lesbians" Discourse sightings
-Homophobia from "Queers"/Spicy Straights
-Personal experiences with these sort of people
-Lesbians Until Graduation

For rainbow consoomerism and friends, see:
Pride Month 2023 Thread >>>/ot/1518006

Previous thread:
Queers and Spicy Straights General #1: Yes, This is a Queer Family >>>/snow/1581780

No. 1812543

File: 1682058136342.jpeg (222.34 KB, 984x1571, FuLnvh2X0AoEIii.jpeg)

No. 1812585

what italian jail does to a mf

No. 1812628

Mxma mia!

No. 1812639

LMAO che cazzo sta facendo ??? She looks old as fuck too whoa

No. 1812722

not sure if you're joking or not, but Amanda Knox and Amanda Jette Knox are two different people. it confused the fuck out of me for a good couple of years before I realized

No. 1812744

No. 1812746

LMAO. I thought the nonna joking about Italian jail was saying that Amanda's striped shirt looks like a prison uniform.

No. 1813526

File: 1682219504733.jpeg (86.85 KB, 750x900, 7426C7B3-0262-4EBF-8D23-BF9536…)

Amanda Jetté Knox decided she was a lesbian after her husband trooned out, then they transitioned their son, and now she lives as a nonbinary transmasc person.

No. 1815532

File: 1682515473311.jpeg (268.49 KB, 1170x2041, CDD4CFB8-CED1-473F-9C8F-042AA8…)

I hate whatever this is saying. I like jjba because it’s fun, silly, and stylish. The new jjba fans give off spicy queer vibes

No. 1819764


This person never read Steel Ball Run

No. 1820545

File: 1683228325883.jpg (477.68 KB, 1900x1900, 323221920_869578280746444_1962…)

why do they always look like this and majored in something useless like creative writing kek

No. 1821806

Is that a fucking ocarina around his neck? KEK. He 100% played Zelda at a formative age and just integrated it into his personality. The renaissance fair clothes give it away too.

No. 1823069

File: 1683557136262.jpg (69.24 KB, 768x768, 242296241_10159347677895821_13…)

don't they always do that well into their 30s and 40s anyway? its like these people have nothing else but larping as ultra tech aficionados just because they do adwords shit or help desk plus insufferable le nrrrrd ecksdee hobbies which only enable their most horrid traits. why are the girls always as ugly as possible too?

No. 1827805

File: 1684176298567.jpg (14.28 KB, 400x287, ETkVFNIU0AARz7X.jpg)

I found a Twitter of a TIM asking to do not "misgender" him because his partner calls him "wife" and is on HTR, but also he claims all couples have a transmasc and a transfem? So everybody is a straight couple, but with extra steps?.

No. 1829502

There was an anon in a bi fashion group in the last thread with tons of posts like that. Miss her.

No. 1834048

Same, I actually joined that group because that nona's posts made me kek so much, it's been a few months now and I can still count on one hand iirc the amount of posts from same sex couples in that group

No. 1837923

File: 1685495314883.jpeg (201.67 KB, 1125x1797, 47C810DD-7F9A-43D5-9312-6A78E0…)

what “queer specific struggles” could these insufferable losers have except not getting enough ass pats and attention lmao imagine calling it painful to be perceived as straight when you’re straight couldn’t be me

No. 1837936

There's nothing wrong with enjoying "nerd" things into your thirties or forties, just don't act like a hyperactive teenager about it. I'm only 24 and it's honestly depressing the way a lot of people online act like you have to stop having fun the second you turn thirty and spend the rest of your life wearing khakis and watching HGTV. I have to assume the people saying shit like that are terminally online teenagers or something.

No. 1837956

>my bf is a bear
Does she know that words mean things? Or is she just using "bear" to further her queer LARP?

No. 1837967

wtf does lazy mean in relation to gender standards?

No. 1837983

These people want to be so oppressed and they cannot understand what real oppression homosexual people have.

Most of them are online teenagers, that's why some of them are changing the narrative as soon as they realize they're going to be legal adults too. "Ok, I'll be an adult and I might have to leave the fandom like I said… Or claim that as long you're younger than 25 years old, you're still immature and you can still enjoy fandom stuff.".

No. 1838077

>that username
these people are rotten to the core

No. 1838105

Why are they always so ugly?

No. 1838313

Are you new or something? The couple in this photo are almost in their 40s and are absolute cringe and that's why they were posted, along with how they both bait as a queer couple and big up the troons on the daily. Sorry you took something personally. Nobody's saying you need to become mother superior once you hit a certain age, but most people aren't comfortable around these stunted types and for good reason.

No. 1838535

>Feminine is mainly due to my bf having trauma from cis masc dudes.
KEK KEK KEK A THOUSAND TIMES KEK. "babe you KNOW I'm pansexual and nonbinary and our relationship COULD NOT POSSIBLY be more queer and trans than it is now but when we're setting up the threesomes, you gotta stop inviting guys, I simply can't fuck uhhhh people with masculine energy due to uh. my trauma" her ugly fat fuck boyfriend is so evil for this one kekkkkkkkkkkk

No. 1838691

ngl her boyfriend is a mastermind for this, kek

No. 1838934

File: 1685621329167.png (7.93 KB, 595x307, queer.PNG)

can someone in plain english explain why this wouldnt be a heterosexual relationship? im serious

No. 1838940

Of course bi people in het relationships are still valid but their relationships are still het, even if it's a bi woman and a bi man ie. 2 "queers". I don't understand why it's so difficult for these people to understand. The relationship doesn't erase their lived experiences or feelings, confident, normal bi people don't need to screech about how uwu kweer they are constantly.

No. 1838965

Does anyone who’s gone from decade long Lesbian to Bi feel annoyed whenever they’re talking about being bi and people just assume you’re one of these spicy straight weirdos who larp as being gay? Like when I say I’m bi when people have flat out asked they get all weird when I say I’m married to a woman and prefer women but I’ve noticed they’re all happy when it’s people talking about men and being spicy* ew (been in more female x female relationships) than I have with guys (never been intimate with a man just know that I could for the right guy)

No. 1838967

nta but as long as your not being a cringy or preverse, I think its fine to lind "nerd" stuff, like my grandmother loved cartoons well into her 70's and I never saw that weird or stunted.

No. 1838976

Bi people in queer relationships tend to just quietly live their lives. Bi people in het relationships constantly scream about being the most valid & oppressed queers on earth due to "bi invisibility", even though they're extremely visible bc they never stfu. And let's be real, if you're bi in a het relationship you simply aren't going to deal with homophobia, marriage discrimination etc. on the same level as your peers, so there's zero reason to be the loudest and center yourself in every LGB related conversation. Being perceived as straight is a privilege, not a handicap in any society.

No. 1839090

File: 1685642817525.jpg (265.62 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20230519_220909_Chr…)

It's always the bi nlogs in a straight relationship who say this kind of shit.

No. 1839406

I'm bi with a preference for women, have never dated a man but have slept with 2 (dated/slept with more women) and people always think I'm a lesbian when I tell them for whatever reason I lost my virginity to a woman. I've also got that I "shame" women for liking men just because I feel weird if I constantly have to hear about people's nigels and male exes

No. 1839436

I get that and that’s what annoys me, I was with some friends who brought their friends and they flamed me for saying that I actually experience homophobia with my wife because we have to be careful in certain spaces and keep quiet at work/school/when travelling etc but apparently that’s wrong because bi girls with bfs are also queer and they face “invisibility” like I don’t want to be visible or invisible, I want my sexuality to not be my core being and be seen as more and that’s what has me struggling.

I always get lumped into being a lesbian but I’m not allowed to say bi girls who only date men are straight? Those type of bi’s make me so mad because they take over everything.

I don’t know what their obsession is with being persecuted. It’s not fun or cute

No. 1839440

SAME! They get mad when you don’t want to hear about their Nigel being so accepting of them and how they’re totes queer. Like I bring up eating pussy and suddenly it’s “that’s vulgar” they always treat WLW partnerships as hyper sexual and taboo

No. 1839441

SAME! They get mad when you don’t want to hear about their Nigel being so accepting of them and how they’re totes queer. Like I bring up eating pussy and suddenly it’s “that’s vulgar” they always treat WLW partnerships as hyper sexual and taboo

No. 1840712

>I always get lumped into being a lesbian
Same shit, even the only family member that’s not homophobic that I came out to likely thinks I’m a lesbian in denial because I don’t and never wanted to date men, like…be serious why would I not pick a side when one is clearly safer and better overall.
>but I’m not allowed to say bi girls who only date men are straight?
Nonnita we have to face it, we are both lezzies, bisexual is when you only date men and don’t want to vomit after kissing another woman
>I've also got that I "shame" women for liking men just because I feel weird if I constantly have to hear about people's nigels
Lol some people probably think I’m a bitter evil dyke for sure because I’m disinterested in hearing women complaining about their bf for the 5th time that month.

No. 1842057

File: 1686093407592.jpeg (88.45 KB, 731x879, eat a vagina.jpeg)

AYRT it's one thing for them to be upset if someone was rude to their face but acting like 'shaming women/"AFAB people" for liking men' is a pressing kweer issue looks out of touch and pathetic. If a woman doesn't want to hear about attraction to men or is annoyed by it then it's probably due to her experiencing prejudice for being same sex attracted, and because we live in a world where heterosexuality is inescapably treated as the default and relationships with men are treated as the default for bi women. It's not unreasonable for people to want to blow off some steam and say hetty betties are lame sometimes kek

No. 1842132

File: 1686103789897.png (176.49 KB, 1170x1136, F583714E-95E0-4748-88FB-30C3C2…)

Hank Green tweeted recently about being bi. which was apparently news to everyone

For me though this is a fairly refreshing attitude to see coming from a bi person in a het relationship. which makes me kinda believe him. Maybe i'm giving too much credit but i'm reading "Yea I realized I'm bi but that was long after I married my wife and I'm a guy and im not exactly dating any men so it's not a big part of my life or online presence. my daily life and relationship is pretty much straight so i don't really make a big deal out of it." that's pretty fair honestly

i imagine it was rewarding to figure out the truth about the attraction and crushes on guys he was denying to himself so much when he was younger. hence the use of the bi label as sort of a self reflection and normalization thing, as with his straight relationship and dating history the label may otherwise seem pointless. he doesn't seem to be obsessing over being lgbt and the performative stuff. but also not hiding his sexual attraction to men in shame anymore but also not mentioning it unless the literal topic of hot guys and male celebrity crushes comes up. so now he can answer honestly and openly instead of pretending only a chick could turn him on. so idk good for him.

I feel like it's guaranteed with heteronormativity that a lot of people born bi, especially from older generations like gen x, will end up in het relationships and repressed their same sex attraction at an early age. with no loneliness or other reason to challenge it if their het relationship is fulfilling. so they don't even know they're bi themselves. if it happens they figure it out later in life after having a sudden homosexual urges moment and doing some self reflection on it and coming to some conclusions, but are actually chill about it and focus on just being an ally i think that's really great.

No. 1842133

Just curious, nonnies ITT do you think there are any out bi/"queer" famous people or cows who are likely bullshitting and actually straight? And are there any who aren't out who you think are likely bi/SSA?

No. 1842134

he's trying to be the next neil degrasse tyson but it's too late to be The Gay Science Communicator so he'll settle for bi, and probably enby sooner or later. anything to promote the brand.

No. 1842137

That's not internalized misogyny, it's heterofatalism, aka blackpill.

No. 1842140

he was just diagnosed with cancer so he is probably inclined to want to put a bit more of his real self out at this time.(sage)

No. 1842158

yea that's a fair assessment imo.
anon >>1842134 is right that it /could/ be a publicity stunt and brand thing, but he's still a human being facing a scary diagnosis and maybe is just taking a chance to have a more personal self expressing moment or two on his platform
it honestly remains to be seen if he starts going down that attention seeking exploitative path reforming his entire online persona around being a most oppressed and most unique lgbt or not

with the cancer diagnosis and this good start i'm just giving the benefit of the doubt for now because it could easily go either way

No. 1842193

File: 1686111285769.jpeg (45.65 KB, 450x455, IMG_2903.jpeg)

Harry Styles fake as shit, straight as shit, just aged like all british men into looking like an old woman and capitalized on it with ugly dresses. and unpopular opinion but Tyler the Creator is NOT gay. He’s straight up dating a woman right now. Seriously, show me one picture of this motherfucker on a date with a man. He pretended to be gay as a troll - you know, the type of shit he has ALWAYS done? It boggles my mind how many people think he is some smol gay bean now.

No. 1842226

Tyler the Deceiver

No. 1842240

File: 1686117436394.png (237.54 KB, 1170x1778, CF16E930-A8A3-4E99-A164-7CEFA0…)

more bi Hank Green shit, but yea it's actually pretty decent behavior to hire someone with lived experience to get some insight from a bi person for your book. this guy seems like he gets it. self aware that retroactively figuring out you're bi after 40 doesn't somehow make you knowledgeable on what being actually out as a bi person in same sex relationships is like. sure you're not exactly straight, but you don't have a clue what other bi people go through in their same sex relationships and in their visibly lgbt life. it's incredibly rare to see this kind of honesty and self awareness from a fellow bihet and i honestly appreciate it.

No. 1842246

Someone tell him that calling yourself bisexual isn't enough to be cool these days. Gotta troon out, Hank. That's where the real brownie points are. This is why he got bullied off of Tumblr, he tries so hard to be hip, but he's incredibly out of touch.

Also, I don't believe him, sorry. He's just a soy and I doubt he'd ever actually put a cock in his mouth. Jerking off to TikToks of underage TiFs doesn't make you bisexual, Hank.

No. 1842247

Does Misha Collins count?

No. 1842249

They're basically creepy unicorn hunters who cooked up a BS excuse for why what they're doing isn't unicorn hunting. No woman in her right mind would be a third to a lolicon pickme and her obese sasquatch boyfriend.

No. 1842257

i think that was john green not hank. this one has like a science show on youtube. still dorky but if i'm remembering john green (fault in our stars guy and bullied off of tumblr guy) is a lot or at least a little more try hard and cringe for me. i watched some of hank greens science program and for me he is like if you had a guy be more lame than bill bye but much more tolerable than Neil degrasse tyson.

No. 1842259

tbh if it's a wreck it ralph cosplay i'm sure he's jerking it to more the overweight or chubby fit old dudes side of tiktok. this is not a character petite teen girls are known to try and dress up as in droves. i'll give him that at least

No. 1842331

My guess is Megan Thee Stallion. I find it interesting how her and so many other female rappers will often throw one line into their songs that imply that they’re bisexual, but then every other line is about how much they love riding dick and they’ll fight a bitch for trying to steal their man. I get that rappers have to write songs that they know will sell, but just for once I’d like to see a mainstream female rapper make a song that devotes several bars to being in love with a woman.

No. 1842341

>do you think there are any out bi/"queer" famous people or cows who are likely bullshitting and actually straight?
Rita Ora. She only said she was bi to deflect criticism she got from 'Girls'. Same with Cardi B for 'Wild Side'.

Dove Cameron is bi in the "I fuck girls and only date men but I will pretend that I am actually open to dating women" way. I still like 'Boyfriend' though.

Lady Gaga is bi in the "I thought about kissing a girl once, so that totally makes me a part of the LGB community" way and for liberal cred.

Halsey and Demi Lovato are just straight up lying for cred.

Jameela Jamil is lying through her teeth, to build her brand as aliberal activist, and to deflect criticism from being a judge on that voguing show.

Willow Smith really, really wants to be into women, so she's not a boring straight girl, but she is just straight.

Miley Cyrus is probably actually open to dating women, if she met one she vibed with, but she wont, cause she is straight.

Brendon Urie is pandering to his fujo fans and doesn't want to be a boring straight guy.

Drew Barrymore is lying to herself cause she's desperate to be relevant again and desperate to not be a boring straight woman.

No. 1842346

i can imagine hank green wanting to jerk it to little twinks dressed as fix it felix jr lmao.

No. 1842424

Phoebe Bridgers

No. 1842425

i get the exact opposite feeling from her tbh. something about megan and her possible attraction to women feels a lot more organic to me than most female rappers who have claimed it. I guess she actually gives off some gaydar when so many of the big pop rap girls rn don't. in particular she has that hyperfemme presentation that you do see sometimes with darker skinned black lesbians who are actually from the hood or whatever with their studs. a white or latino girl from the suburbs dressing like her would be super straight, but the hood gay south/mid west black subculture where megan is from is super different. I feel like context is huge for gaydar to even mean anything cause we can't just use white east coast middle class lesbian trends as the only qualifier, when the person in question is definitely not from there

if she only alludes to it rarely it could be that she's kinda shy about it. Some black women say the homophobia and biphobia in some parts of the black community are pretty bad. so maybe she has some fear around it and a long time habit of keeping it out of her writing. but is testing the waters as other pop artists come out and throw in gay lyrics and things are definitely loosening up. people were pretty harsh on her during that whole incident where a guy shot her? would coming out feel good for her right now or is plausible deniability is her friend? i'm pretty neutral at this point on if she's legit or just experimenting and straight. but i'll firmly say she definitely she doesn't give off those big faking flags for me at all like a lot of others do. she's always come off pretty low on the "trying too hard" scale in general.

No. 1842497

File: 1686170761898.jpeg (52.74 KB, 500x421, IMG_4609.jpeg)

Yes, it was John , not Hank who got bullied off tumblr. It would be pretty hilarious if he came out as bi though, kek

No. 1842502

The most disgusting thing I’ve ever read

No. 1842509

File: 1686173402278.png (259.39 KB, 1080x1390, 1685706605933.png)

He was still het in 2020 kek. Reminds me of when that actress who played Matilda came out as a 2 on the Kinsey scale. Having an onlyfans addiction and jerking it to cosplayers when your wife is asleep makes you totes bi, Hank.

No. 1842542

probably because someone edited the post to make fun of him.

No. 1842544

Mara Wilson also toured a gay bar and pretended like the gay men at the bar were like exotic creatures at the zoo

No. 1842550

well yea it's clear he only came out recently. when people are bi or gay but repressed and don't know it they call themselves straight. then if they do realize something but are het married they may continue to say straight publicly for several years because they take a long time trying to figure out if this is the real deal. often when people break through repression their sexuality comes back to them in increments over time. i feel like this tread is full of zoomers who don't know how common it is for married middle aged men to have gay or bi epiphanies. usually stemming from feelings for a same sex friend or coworker. but yea i would much sooner mention the time i kissed another boy in my teens or hot bears on tiktok than admit publicly i was insanely tempted to cheat on my wife with a man and had to do some soul searching after that

No. 1842553

tbf, not inaccurate

No. 1842555

john green did not write this btw. if anyone is unclear on that at the time you could edit others posts while re-blogging them. this was a popular insane edit that went around and the last straw that made John Green leave tumblr. idk who actually wrote it but probably one of the infamous "tumblr funnymen" of the era.

it would be pretty funny tho if john came out as the bi brother with this particular claim to fame. i guess because his books are so distinctively straight and his tumblr was always so trying hard to be hip that it would feel a million times more fake if john was claiming bi all of a sudden. the other guy doesn't have the same pattern of behavior so i don't hate it. yet anyway. depends on how much he clout chases or capitalizes on it or not. if he doesn't do any of that bullshit it's probably sincere. doesn't mean he's part of the lgbt community or oppressed mind you i just mean if he behaves and stays low key / in his place about his very straight privileged existence: then no i don't think hes lying about it or exaggerating.

No. 1842564

anyone have the screenshots of this? it sounds amusing

No. 1842575

File: 1686181254825.jpeg (84.52 KB, 750x903, IMG_1655.jpeg)

She does have a history of going to gay bars

No. 1842593

This is so incredibly heterosexual.

No. 1842615

This is very true tbh.

No. 1842658

I agree with the nonnies ITT;

I've got a few,
Megan Fox is always with a boyfriend and literally acts bi for the clout,
Same with Bella thorne ( when she 'dated' Tana Mongeou another fake ass bi sexual)
Katy Perry like girl you made that song, and i still dont believe you.
Ke$ha, i watched some ghost show on discovery + that she hosts and it was so embarrassing,
Jaden Smith, Because he also doesnt want to be a boring straight rich kid.

And literally all of your honorable mentions as well.

No. 1842659

not all that milky when she's embarrassed about it too and only 18. honestly super understandable and wise for girls to stick to a gay bar for their first few times clubbing or drinking or whatever (americans especially with the 21 minimum admission age for almost all bars and nightclubs). het or not im all for teenage woman finding anywhere that feels safe to venture out into nightlife for the first time. with the kinds of horrific crimes women at straight bars are at risk for in mind here.

i have no patience for grown women doing bachelorette party nonsense at gay bars and gawking like it's a circus for their entertainment. i can't imagine how nauseating that is for gay guys. but when it's like a small group of 18 year old women going out for the first time it's like ok but suck it up dude, she's fine here. the environment is reassuring for vulnerable teens. be an ally to young women who are just trying not to get roofied on day one of legal adulthood you know? as long as they aren't being homophobic whatever.

No. 1842669

Who cares. It's not like she went in there with a pith helmet and tranq gun

No. 1842720

Personally, I’m all for straight women in gay bars especially if they’re armed and aiming for the faggots. Fuck them aids ridden chYmps(bait)

No. 1842901

i've known him for a while and he's more of a brand than a person. besides, he uses his platform as a science communicator to promote misogyny, which would be enough by itself for me to hope the cancer kills him.

No. 1842926

>he uses his platform as a science communicator to promote misogyny


No. 1844059

File: 1686402838467.jpg (102.35 KB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20230610-150522_Tik…)

Chrissy "being a bimbo is empowering" Chlapecka. For how much she spergs about loving women, the only "gf application" she has posted so far is a themoid.

No. 1844730

why is it that being straight = you’re boring? i think even being bipoc isn’t enough for cool points… you have to be queer too so all these people say they’re bi now.

No. 1844936

I think it's partly because it's treated as a political statement and alt subculture rather than something innate. Also trying to redefine bisexuality and homosexuality to be more troon inclusive confuses idiots who don't realise "queer" = same sex attracted

No. 1845241

I'm not entirely sure but I'd like to go out on a limb here and say that equating straight with boring and having to be bipoc and also queer to be seen as interesting is a consequence of a lot of people being afraid of being seen as basic by strangers and friends who are more than likely neck deep in Twitter activism where using straight as an insult is popular.

I think it's easy to ignore for the most part but unfortunately it's hard to ignore that it's also helping create these types of people.(sage your shit)

No. 1845298

I can’t speak to why spicy straight POC choose to identify as “queer”, but a lot of liberal white people have white guilt - they associate being white (and cis and straight) with not only being boring, but also with being an evil bigot oppressor.

Being transracial is generally frowned upon (although some woke white people claim to be 1/64 Native American, and therefore POC, and some white people straight up pretend to be a different race, like Rachel Dolezal. I think we’ve seen an increase in woke white people converting to Judaism because it gives them a way to have a slightly more “ethnic” minority identity).

Even changing your gender (to be an oppressed tranny instead of an evil boring cissie) requires you to change your hair, wardrobe, and take drugs and get surgeries (if you don’t want other woke people to accuse you of being a theyfab tucute). So calling yourself “queer” is an easy way for white people with white guilt to move from “oppressor” to “oppressed victim”. Being a victim gives you street cred and makes you immune to criticism. That’s why a bisexual woman who’s only ever dated men is now queer. A straight couple who does BDSM is now queer. A woman who tells everyone that she loves men “the way a gay man loves men” (in reality she just read too many yaoi fanfics) is now queer. This is why you see woke spicy straights calling themselves “queer” - apparently queer can mean whatever you want it to, you don’t even have to be dating a person of the same sex, but you are now an oppressed victim minority instead of an evil oppressor.

No. 1845339

File: 1686593400727.jpeg (49.47 KB, 605x599, 1654879535390.jpeg)

No. 1845366

I'm convinced that most "Asexuals" are femcels or have never had a positive sexual experience in their lives. Every single fucking time you find some twitter "Journalist" with asexual in their bio I dig a little more and find out they're a virgin. Hm go figure you're ace if you want to never shave sex with anyone that isn't your fictional husbando irl. It's like talking about what kind of pizza toppings you like without disclosing that you've never actually had pizza before. You just want to wait until the right pizza comes along.

No. 1845374

it began with lgbt teens and young adults gathering on places like tumblr as like a virtual gsa where they can be themselves.

many make posts about resenting mainstream homophobia calling in their real lives that's them weird, broken, sinful, unlikable, predatory etc. many had been bullied for not fitting in, even when still in the closet. for many young gay people, aspects of their personality or interests or self expression fundamentally offended the mainstream culture and was mocked relentlessly.

they post retorts on tumblr with digs back their straight peers. mostly referring to popular crowds who do most of the bullying and mockery. (consider the movie mean girls and rachel macadams character viciously bullying a girl she believed to be a lesbian. a common occurrence at the time). the straight people they most resent are the plastics, or maybe the judgemental christian housewives in their lives that have also been lampooned as painfully dull in movies like edward scissorhands.

the teens make posts calling their straight bullies common mainstream personality traits and interests boring. it's part of a healing process saying "ok then, i like how i am anyway. im glad im not basic like you." for many gay people that's not even an end game point of view in their journey of coming out, and they stop stereotyping straight people or reactively putting them down, as they come into real peace and self acceptance.

straight teens and young adults see these popular posts from their gay peers embracing themselves and aggressively rejecting the status quo. have low self esteem and poor boundaries, take these statements personally. suddenly don't want to be straight if that's seen as boring and basic because the tumblr teen is probably pretty unconventional themselves.

vast numbers of kids conflate the idea that they need to be non cis het for their personal individuality to be recognized and validated by their peers, many of whom on a website like tumblr are disproportionately gay. vast numbers start pushing the boundaries of what lgbt can be to feel included in this cool club.

that's my personal oversimplification of tumblr culture in the last like 15 years anyway

No. 1845379

There are asexuals who are serial daters or who fuck on the reg. Other side of the coin but they generally fall into categories like you're too autistic to realize movie romance is fake, you're too emotionally stunted to pursue others romantically, or you're coping for being the one who no one wants to settle down with. Asexuality is an easy bandaid to slap on the fact you're socially retarded.

No. 1845381

>Asexuals who fuck on the reg
aren't you supposed to not have sex or be sex repulsed to be ace?

No. 1845394

You're trying to use definitions to convey concepts with meaning. There are only feelings here, bigot.
(But fr "ace folx can have sex!" was old discourse that ended with.. well asexual means you can put queer and oppressed on your Twitter bio.)

No. 1845397

File: 1686598970949.jpeg (152.3 KB, 1080x1253, FDAA8613-E559-4AD9-A408-B5F478…)

Oh, no, nonnie. Asexuals can masturbate and have sex. Fuck, I wish I could find the comic that a friend sent me years ago, it talked about how being asexual doesn’t mean being asexual and shit.

No. 1845404

How I interpretted all of these:
>Feeling comfortable with sex because of intimacy and trust being formed (being a normal person, especially for women who deal with constant objectification)
>Being ok objectifying someone but not being ok with intimacy
>Wanting to be validated sexually even by people you're not attracted to
>Having low libido
>Being ok objectifying someone but not being ok with intimacy pt 2
>Being ok objectifying someone but not being ok with intimacy pt 3, this time with trauma
>Being a rapist ??????
>Having libido that fluctuates (normal)
>Actually being asexual

No. 1845432

as much as they hate jk rowling she's really the true architect of their entire world view. like it's all the sorting hat on steroids all the time. even down to how secretly the hat just lets you go wherever you want and doesn't have rules.

No. 1845440

I think Placiosexual is 'Being ok objectifying someone but not being ok with intimacy pt 3, this time with trauma' version 2.

I think 'ok with not being reciprocated' means the 'doing sexual things to someone'. So they want to do sexual acts to other people but don't want people to do sexual acts to them. We used to call that 'stone'.

No. 1845446

> Dove Cameron is bi in the "I fuck girls and only date men but I will pretend that I am actually open to dating women" way.
Isn’t that still bisexual though if she has sex with a woman?

No. 1845487

how i interpret these:
>straight, won't fuck on the first date
>straight, only does one night stands
>straight, horny virgin
>straight, only gets off to fanfiction
>straight, rapist

No. 1845523

lets say hypothetically oomf is socially retarded in one of the ways you described, how would she go about fixing this in your opinion… sage for ot

No. 1845540


nta but a lot of the stuff described here is probably alexithymia. ie people who at some point learned to heavily suppress their emotions and now do it reflexively all the time trying to create a technical map of their sexualities to navigate the emotional blind spot. the root problem is the emotional suppression though and the underlying fear that drives it. the way to work towards fixing it is to put away coping mechanisms like games, porn, or i guess places like this and practice letting your emotions come to you without suppressing them.

No. 1845606

I am "demisexual" apparently, which I always thought was just being normal, but apparently its not normal to never experience sexual attraction to people you are not in love with. I'd never actually tell anyone this was my "sexuality" or see myself as anything other than straight tho

No. 1845626

>I find it interesting how her and so many other female rappers will often throw one line into their songs that imply that they’re bisexual, but then every other line is about how much they love riding dick

I honestly feel it's a shout-out to the 2 girls one guy threesome fetish and that the guy can bring another woman in the mix and "the singer" will not make a fuss about it. Pure male fantasy.


Asexuality (especially the spicy Demi flavour) has always been a way in which a straight girl who is not a sex-pest can slot themselves in to a friendship group that is nearly all defined by these fucking flags. If your teen huddle is suddenly desperate to define itself as QUEER and you don't want to be kicked out, the Ace Spectrum is for you.

>straight, won't fuck on the first date
>straight, only does one night stands
>straight, horny virgin
>straight, only gets off to fanfiction
>straight, rapist
Danm right(sage your shit)

No. 1845630

im demiplatonic, i can only be friends with people im already friends with.

No. 1845662

OH this makes sense, I really interpretted the original text wrong. In a lot of cases for stones I do think there is some trauma involved, but I do think it is a valid form of sexual intimacy in its own right. However, I don't really see it as asexuality since there is still a desire and pleasure from sex.

No. 1845680

OP of the original rant about ace people. I think a lot of it is a weird gravity around sex that can make some people feel scared to just go for it. Not that it isn't something that shouldn't be taken lightly, but it's not a life changing event, you feel the same the next day despite no longer being a virgin.

Personally I found myself way less timid about relationships once I lost my virginity. I realized that humans are all the same and sex is just another thing that people do. As long as you approach it in a healthy way its not anything you should be afraid of but keep in mind its not like porn makes it out to be either. Tbh I think sex is probably one of the most misrepresented things out there, but that doesn't mean its bad. Your mileage may vary.

In the end just find a moid you're comfortable with and talk to them. Preferably a good listener that won't try to immediately get in your pants. Communication is key to a good sexual partner, and as long as you're straightforward with them and they respect your boundaries, you should be not a virgin in no time.(learn2integrate)

No. 1845691

File: 1686634575166.jpg (177.33 KB, 1018x1200, D1EXlQ3WoAE0YXL.jpg)

This is reminding me of Elisa Hansen(Maven of the Eventide) who used to review vampire-related media(which is why I watched her). She identifies herself as "Asexual Queer Cisgendered" and has explained her asexuality despite being married to a man and having two children. On her blog, she goes into further detail about how her asexuality doesn't prevent her from having and enjoying sex


>To be asexual means that one does not experience sexual desire, yes. I personally have never felt sexual attraction, lust or “turned on” or “horny” in my life (at least not yet, and I am 31 years old). When I was younger, I used to think I was “broken” or “frigid” but now I understand that it is just my orientation. However, the fact that I don’t feel arousal does not mean that I am anti-sex. To me, there are benefits to sexual intercourse that are not physical. When I fall in love with someone (and I have been in love several times in my life, with more than just cismen) it is a cerebral and emotional attraction, and I am now very much in love with my husband. No one I have ever happened to have been in love with has been asexual. This means that sex with me has been a thing that my partners have desired. Even though I did not feel the same desire towards them, the idea that they desired ME made me feel flattered, special. Perhaps this is a bit of vanity on my part, but I have always liked being found desirable. Because desire is something I don’t feel, it seems like a strange and wonderful and amazing (dare I say, alien) thing for other people to feel that I am not part of, and fascinates me. To know that it is felt TOWARD me makes me happy. When I “lie back” as you put it, I am not “thinking of England” or gritting my teeth and bearing it, or being forced to endure something against my will. I am feeling a loving kind of happiness in knowing that someone loves me enough to express their natural and human desires towards me even despite the fact that I don’t desire them in return. It is an emotional boding experience for me. I don’t quite “get” what the other person gets out of it (I can imagine, and people have tried to describe it to me, but I’ll never really understand), but it doesn’t repulse or disgust me. And also, I enjoy knowing that I am making my partners feel good out of love.

>My husband gives me back and foot rubs all the time. He does this willingly, though I don’t know that he gets anything out of doing them. I love it when he does it because it feels great. Seriously, ever get a good massage? They’re awesome. I know some people get “turned on” by them, but I don’t. I just like them because they feel good for my sore muscles. And he does it for me because he likes to make me feel good because he loves me. He doesn’t get anything out of it other than that. He never asks me to give him a massage in return, and I rarely ever do (maybe cause I’m a bit lazy. Massages are hard work!)
>But my point is, that in relationships, people express love to their partners in different ways. There is no one right way to have a relationship regardless of your sexuality. My husband is very respectful of my asexuality. He loves me for exactly who I am.
>I have been in past relationships where my partners have become resentful of my asexuality. They have felt “unwanted” because I never initiated sex with them and because I wasn’t physically attracted to them. Though I did not find them “sexy,” I was mentally attracted to their personalities. I have been drawn to people, and formed deep bonds and connections with them, and that is love to me.
>But the main point I really want to make to you is that sexual attraction/orientation is not necessarily the only reason why one might engage in sex acts. It’s true I’ve never given “enthusiastic consent” to sex, but I have given loving, content, peaceful consent. When it comes to being a role model, I feel no shame in that. I think you need to be careful with the idea that asexuals ought to refrain from sex otherwise risk endorsing rape. Please understand that there are so many more reasons (yes, healthy reasons) why someone would choose to engage. I can only speak to my own reasons, of course, but you must not discount that there are others out there who have perfectly healthy reasons of their own as well.

So maven is married to a man who works an office job and is the breadwinner, she has two kids and she doesn't have a job and spends majority of her time at home reading vampire books, watching tv and posting pics of her children on Twitter and facebook
what about her is queer exactly ?

No. 1845693

File: 1686636168167.png (155.87 KB, 1280x1596, unknown.png)

before the gendie fad really took off asexuals were the og spicy straights. in the early 2010s you had a lot of fights online because they insisted lgb was an umrella term and the community should include everyone. asexyphobia was real oppression, gatekeeping was bad etc etc.
they came up with the whole split attraction model which gave us "bi enby lesbians" and "heteroromantic demisexuals" calling themsleves gay.
a lot of the asexual talking points were picked up by kweer and trans types later. the navelgazing essays about their identity. erasure and being made fun of online being the worst oppression ever, worse than rape or aids. the whole pomo "queer just means anyone not normal! It means what you wnat it to mean!!!!" crap. acting like the mean gays are oppressing them.
repackaging sexism and homophobia intio woke rhetoric started in aven and asexy tumblr, the troons just amplified it

No. 1845694

i remember seeing teenagers as young as 14 on tumblr being told they were asexual for not wanting sex yet because they hadnt finished puberty, shit was crazy.

No. 1845743

Most "asexual spectrum" terms just describe the way people with autism, depression or some type of trauma experience sexuality. I wish all this self-analysis and all these big fancy words could be put to good use and used to discuss the challenges that we sad spergs face when it comes to intimacy instead of making it a stupid queer badge to show off.

No. 1845751

yes, i was one of those. i didn't see myself as "queer" though. i have had a pretty negative self-image and negative relationship with sex in general throughout my life. i don't see why it needs to be an "identity" or "sexual orientation". and of course for me, i "grew out" of having no sexual feelings. it was a result of growing up around porn addicts and not seeing the hype. i realized that i just thought porn was gross, but porn is not sex. it's a sad, perverted shell of sex.

>I wish all this self-analysis and all these big fancy words could be put to good use and used to discuss the challenges that we sad spergs face when it comes to intimacy instead of making it a stupid queer badge to show off.
me too. i haven't claimed to not experience sexual attraction since i was 18. people just know that i'm straight. people that are close to me know i just struggle a lot with my relationship with my body and sexuality in general (not who i am attracted to, but just sex itself). it's not an orientation imo and doesn't need a label. it's like they're often so uncomfortable having an open and honest dialogue about their struggles that they just want to hide behind a cute label and colorful flag. struggling with intimacy, even in a loving relationship, can be awful at times. i don't see how this falls under LGB since anyone, straight or not, can have these issues.

No. 1845757

Yeah I remember reading about schizoid personality disorder and lots of the symptoms aligned with asexuality and aromance. It could be people who are legitimately mentally ill not realizing or even denying their mental illness and making it seem to be these two fancy alphabet soup terms.

No. 1845760

File: 1686652154712.jpg (86.81 KB, 500x500, 3_6MSIzU2rQ.jpg)

Hi, nona, I have SZPD and considered myself asexual for the longest time.
I am also autistic, so relationships are hard for me. I've been through a lot of abuse from guys wanting to date me and "fix me" because I didn't really want to have sex.

After a lot of growth, I still suck at relationships, but I finally accepted things I am horny for. The disconnect is lessening.
These past years I have figured out I am bi, actually, and always were. But I would never date a man again probably, because of being heavily traumatized by them. I have sexual fantasies about fucking dudes plenty, but I have decided that I will never touch a man sexually ever again. Too much hussle.

So I am one of those bi's who everyone seems to think is a lesbian, just because I am a black-pilled radfem with a lot of trauma.
Sure, thinking about dick and masturbating to those thoughts can be nice once in a while, but dating a guy and fucking a guy? No. Even if I am actually attracted to him. Because I know how this shit ends.

I generally stopped giving a single fuck about how to label myself either sexually or by way of gender. Since "bi with trauma about men" is kind of a ridiculous thing to tell anybody? And concerning gender, I can only say by myself that I am GNC, since it includes pretty well my indefference to existing gender roles and me not understanding why we need gender at all, when just having a biological sex should be enough and you can do whatever you wan already and look however you want wihout transing yourself??(no1curr)

No. 1845846

File: 1686666716038.jpeg (139.44 KB, 828x947, IMG_9846.jpeg)

if you tell a straight woman that not fucking in the first date doesn't make her lgb, you are in fact a terf. hope this helps

No. 1845853

I can’t wrap my head around the concept of demisexuality. A lot of people don’t want to fuck right off the bat or need time to get to know someone before trusting them enough to be intimate. Pretty sure that’s fairly normal, especially among women. I have a friend who always talks about how “demi” she is but then goes on and on about celebrities and characters she wants to fuck and I don’t understand it. If you supposedly can’t experience sexual attraction until later on, how do you even know you want to fuck those people? It’s such a nothing thing, especially if you’re ALSO supposed to be gay/straight/bi. Just say you’re one of those and have boundaries, jesus.

No. 1845882

This chick is probably not as attracted to her husband as when they first met (because sexual attraction cools off over time in long term relationships, taking care of 2 kids is exhausting and kills your libido, maybe she doesn't like how her body looks after having 2 kids and it makes her feel unsexy) and she spends all day reading vampire novels (while probably wishing she could have a sexy romance like in the stories). She feels woke liberal guilt for being a totally average privileged straight white lady and is calling herself asexual to cope. She doesn't actually want to lick a pussy to prove her "queerness", so calling herself asexual allows her to tell herself that she's not like a regular mom, she's a cool (queer) mom.

No. 1846012

>When I was younger, I used to think I was “broken” or “frigid” but now I understand that it is just my orientation.
If they want asexuality to be grouped with other sexualities wouldn't the definition be "no attraction to either biological sex"? it seems like it requires split attraction retardation (aka tranny nonsense) to work. Im really starting to hate them it is just NLOG bullshit. Way to throw other women under the bus who wont adopt your retarded fake identities

No. 1846039

File: 1686687685985.jpeg (138.36 KB, 1242x1306, IMG_1543.jpeg)

No. 1846068

Honestly it's weirder that wanting to fuck a person you know nothing about is the "norm" over being attractive to looks+personality. I don't think most people want to fuck random attractive people unless you're a horny man

No. 1846069

I'm not shitting you my long-time "asexual" friend tried saying she's actually demisexual after getting her first boyfriend. Demisexual is absolutely a label for straight people wanting to be special. She was also the only asexual I knew closely and it was obvious her "sexuality" was just a cope for her only attracting ugly nerds she wasn't attracted to herself. Once a decent guy showed interest she was all over him.
I don't get how they even think demisexual would be a sexuality, it's literally a dating preference, they're still attracted either to men or women… It has no logic.

No. 1846105

people who are actually not interested in sex or dating just don’t have sex or date and spend their time doing other shit, not talking about how oppressed they are

No. 1846244

One of my favorite tumblr sagas. Straight people would call themselves “heteroromantic asexual” and claim they belonged in the “queer” community because of it. There was a famous unhinged post from one of them that went viral where they made up a story about how in the future a sexually transmitted disease would kill all the “allos” leaving all the pure sexy aces to rule the world. I remember that one being particularly cringe.

There’s this line from Captain Hook -
>been texting with a bi chick
>we both freaky just trying shit

I’m not sure about Megan but to me she seems kinda curious about women at the very least. Feels more genuine than some of these celebrities who whine about being totally bi and queer and enby etc.

No. 1846271

literally which is why asexuality was and is initially a good term for people who feel that way realizing "oh ok it's not just me then" and finding some peace in that. but the idea that it is as oppressed as being lgbt was a huge farce and mistake. so was the idea that it's not simply a phase for some people. what a mess. of course it can just be a phase. that's fine. some people are only uninterested in sex and dating because they are literally gay or lesbian and don't realize it yet. so it can be a good way to stand your ground against comp het for those young women who are feeling like "im not really sure if I like girls tbh…it's hard for me to picture myself with a girl or having sex it feels wrong… but I definitely don't like guys!" some people of course are just aroace. but 9 times out of 10 thats just repression!

others are uninterested in dating and sex despite being young adults because they are developmentally delayed or socially delayed in some way. they might not have any desire for it at the same time their peers do, then years later those desires crop up for them. pretty typical for "high functioning" type autism to eventually have most of the same life and personal milestones as other people, just plugging along on a their "own" unique sort of timeline compared to most of their age group.

one of the only reasons it makes sense to include aroace or het ace people in pride demonstrations is as lgbt straight allies, because many of them may realize they were actually gay and repressed. being involved in a gay community irl may help them realize that and may help like closeted lesbians realize "oh so THIS is the kind of woman i'm attracted to. and this is what lesbian couples are like. yes i can see that for myself wholeheartedly". many straight allies in general have this realization and got involved in helping the cause because something in them felt drawn to the community. tho rarely the extra performative and attention whoring ones notorious on this thread

No. 1846283

tldr "asexuals marching for 'ace rights'" at pride is ridiculous. but asexuals marching as allies is a great idea. "asexuals for gay and lesbian rights!" is reasonable and nice. maybe more importantly can introduce the pretty significant numbers of repressed young gay people who identify as ace to other gay and lesbian people.

(cause sometimes just not seeing yourself in anyone you know irl can cause a lot of repression) so actually meeting lesbian women who are fully out and with their girlfriends can be a huge turning point in breaking down that mental barrier and realizing "oh that's me"

No. 1846302

I thought I was asexual for years but wound up realizing otherwise after being removed from a traumatic home life and getting on antidepressants.

Anyway I at one point joined a Facebook group for asexuals and was stunned at how many actively have and enjoy sex. You weren’t allowed to share memes about not having sex because it ‘excluded sex positive asexuals'.

I saw one woman on there talk at length about kinky sex she had with her boyfriend but that she was only aesthetically and romantically attracted to him, not sexually. Honestly I’ve seen less hornyposting in LGBT groups not centered around asexuality than in that group.

No. 1846310

It's the norm for men, while most women are probably somewhat "demisexual".

No. 1846317

File: 1686719244277.png (331.44 KB, 642x632, Screenshot.png)

Maven is a somewhat personal cow of mine, I used to watch her Vampire reviews,(cause I'm interested in that stuff). Although she would made some occasional wokeoid statements, I never thought much of it. However, when I saw her appear on "Queer Kids Stuff" (that "trans kids" channel with the teddy bear), I started looking into her more more. It turns out that she identifies as ace for a decade now but still enjoys sexualizing herself, as evidenced by photos where her breasts are front and center and her face is caked in makeup(sage your shit)

No. 1846326

Sounds like a bunch of attention seeking normies who just want a special label. I also thought I was ace for a minute but I'm pretty sure it's just my birth control. I don't really like having sex but I still like the idea of it and don't mind doing it for my partner. I just don't know why people are so obsessed with wanting to be a part of something when they clearly aren't, so they just change definitions and shit. We need more gatekeeping in this world.

No. 1846337

each boob is its own pair of boobs

No. 1846340

The example you posted doesn't look particularly "sexualized" to me tbh? She's just wearing unflattering makeup and an ill fitted corset as a sad attempt at goth fashion. She's definitely bad at styling herself, but wearing makeup isn't inherently sexual.

No. 1846344

you described this mechanic very well. similar to educated, upper middle class asians (esp women) who buy into similar rhetoric and end up making victims out of themselves being asian with kweer/spicy straight shit mixed in for double oppresion points.

No. 1846354

The guy wrote a bunch of songs going into graphic detail about how he wants to rape and murder women. He had to pretend to be a misunderstood repressed bisexual as PR. Simple as that

No. 1846358

>>1842331 when has megan ever implied that she is bi? rico nasty on the other hand has stated she's bi but i've never seen her with another woman

No. 1846367

>I saw one woman on there talk at length about kinky sex she had with her boyfriend but that she was only aesthetically and romantically attracted to him, not sexually.
It's tragic enough that kids decided to pretend that romantic/sexual attraction are different things, worse that adults bought into it to. There's never been a split they've always been the same thing at the core, just different ways to express and label it. It's like they forget you can hug and cuddle friends and family because humans in general like physical touch without it being sexual, instead they think it means they're totally lesbian romantic if they like to cuddle their friends yet are disgusted at the thought of having sex with them.

No. 1846388

kek nonnie

No. 1846439

For men they are totally different things and men dominate society still and make most media, including porn. Just look at shows like Sex and the City which promoted having "sex like a man" aka without feelings to women. Liberal feminism also supports this crap and encourages women to sleep with men they don't even like as well as prostituting themselves on OnlyFans as soon as they turn 18. All this shit is to please men and make more women available for no strings attatched, emotionless sex for men. Men have always hated that they have to romance and woo women to get sex, so they just worked on making women think they shouldn't even want romance to begin with and now we got things like Tinder where women are actually letting themselves be pumped and dumped by moids while thinking its empowering.

No. 1846498

What thread? The #1 of this one?

No. 1846564

File: 1686767108256.png (59.74 KB, 719x1576, Demi Lovato ‘got tired’ of usi…)

Demi Lovato ‘got tired’ of using ‘they/them’ pronouns: ‘It was absolutely exhausting’

Demi Lovato switched back to identifying as “she/her” in addition to “they/them” because she “got tired” of explaining the meaning behind the latter pronouns.

“I constantly had to educate people and explain why I identified with those pronouns. It was absolutely exhausting,” the “Cool for the Summer” singer told GQ Hype Spain in an interview published Tuesday.

“I just got tired. But for that very reason I know that it is important to continue spreading the word.”

No. 1846568

and then cry and whine "where are all the virgins?" when they hit 30

No. 1846574

Breaking news: Demi Lovato is retarded and Not Like the Other Girls.

No. 1846625

I don't believe he's bi for several reasons. Most importantly, if you follow his videos, this man is utterly desperate to appear relevant to young people. More so than John, who only posts his videos and disappears. Hank is constantly attention whoring on Twitter and now TikTok. He wants to be the good ally, and he's been thwarted by being a dirty cishet white guy for years.

A lot of straights don't realize that attraction to the same sex is just like attraction to the opposite sex, and they take any minor sign of aesthetic interest as evidence of being bi. This happened to me; I thought I was bi because I liked seeing busty women, but I never wanted to date or have sex with any woman, not even the ones I thought were hot. And the women I was mostly attracted to were super hot women, not normal women you see every day. On the contrary, I easily get crushes on random guys around me. You could be charitable and call me bihet, but it's a far cry from actually loving women. Thinking a guy you knew was cute doesn't make an otherwise straight guy gay.

That's the other thing - notice that he's talking about a celebrity, someone whose job is to be hot. He's not talking about some cute guy he saw on the street, he's talking about someone famous for being hot. Only being attracted to celebrities/models and not normal people is a sign you're not really SSA imo. And even worse, he's doing the thing people do where they talk about how Queerz and Straightz are so different, like it's a club. This is a huge red flag, I know so many fakers like this who talk about how "straights just don't understand fashion like us" (pic of a normal feminine outfit from tumblr). Getting deep into cultural aspects of 'queerness' before actually being attracted to normal people is a sign they think it's a club.

No. 1846678

>"female doesn't make sense to me"

hint: it has to do with your sex organs

No. 1846692

>I thought I was bi because I liked seeing busty women, but I never wanted to date or have sex with any woman, not even the ones I thought were hot. And the women I was mostly attracted to were super hot women, not normal women you see every day

Alice Dreger spoke about this. She said anecdotally young women today report being aroused by women in pics and vids only, their breasts in particular. She said if true she thinks the cause is likely to be the early, frequent exposure to heightened sexual images of women in the media conditioning girls at a critical time in their development. As you said, it's not bisexuality.

No. 1846693

File: 1686784655044.jpg (66.18 KB, 720x717, 20220107_120701_IMG_4814.JPG)

this is so fucking true, it's an obvious psyop. typical male "feminists" kek the only reason a man would ever identify as such is to get easier access to women, it's a form of cuttlefishing.

No. 1846695

>"having to access the women's bathroom, even though I don't completely identify with it."
i don't think most people enjoy using any public restrooms and don't, uhh "identify" with using any

i also think it could just be a form of benign envy- instead of "wanting her" it could be "wanting to be her". whatever happened to the terms "man/woman crush"? i've only thought of myself as straight because i am, but lots of straight women would likely say there's more attractive women on average when compared to the amount of attractive men. a lot of women are just cute/attractive, it doesn't ever make a woman bi to acknowledge reality.

agree, dude isn't bi. maybe he was bicurious at one point trying to kiss a male friend. staring at a man/woman you think is good looking is normal imo, i stare at and enjoy complimenting cute girls because i appreciate how they look, it's not always an indicator that you actually want someone.

No. 1846711

very important point. however i can attest that i started out feeling that way too. aroused by images of hot women especially breasts or exceptionally hot women irl. so believed I was straight. and kind of flexible in arousal like "most straight women" , i was told.

after that over time (i mean over the past 5-10 years after accepting that i have some gay urges) i have found myself getting real crushes on random women i know or meet irl and find myself feeling real sexual attraction on regular normal looking irl women i know. i've been more able to imagine myself in a relationship with a girl, tho that part is always tricky because i've been in a happy het relationship for 10 years so the idea of being with any other guy or any girl is discomforting.

then in hindsight i remembered all the times i wanted to kiss regular girls who were my friend. the times friends and i kissed and touched each other when alone before i met my bf. i wrote all that off as "things all straight women like to do" but idk man. it's not like j was around guys trying to show off! i wanted to get sexually intimate with my friends for real and had little crushes on them and kinda just buried it. cause my feelings for guys were at that point stronger and way more clear cut to deal with. after all i had been open to the idea of liking men since i was born and taught that's what a couple is. i had only accepted the other thing in myself for a few years and some i had only been openly and consciously considering it for a few years at that point. in a way, of course those feelings were weaker?

very sorry for blog posting but point being now i do wonder if i am technically bi (as in thats how i was born. i consider my lifestyle very straight for all intents and purposes).

i am starting to think that sexual repression under compulsive heterosexuality can be insanely mind altering. for me all these un-pornified natural feelings and attraction for women in my life came up for me the longer I accepted the possibility of being bi and not being afraid of that possibility.

(more blog shit context on my repression: the first time i felt attracted to a woman in that way as a pubescent teen i got so nervous about my future and being accepted for something i can't control i went to bed crying and begging god and myself that i wasn't a lesbian. cause i already knew that life would be really hard if i was one. and could tell I would have a lot of self esteem and fear of being judged or seen as wrong and gross if was!) that's a pretty powerful thought and behavior suppressant if you're bi and a woman. if you can still find romantic and sexual fulfillment with guys and be accepted nothing not even loneliness is forcing you to question that conditioning. not until maybe years and decades later when some feelings you can't ignore or explain away happens

No. 1846716

>That's the other thing - notice that he's talking about a celebrity, someone whose job is to be hot. He's not talking about some cute guy he saw on the street, he's talking about someone famous for being hot.

the issue with this tho is no one (especially when trying to be professional. especially with that massive sized platform and online fame) is going to publicly name a random person irl they caught feelings for. that would be insane. the only example you can bring up is a celebrity crush or vaguely reference a childhood crush since enough time has passed for it to not matter. he named both those things.

>Only being attracted to celebrities/models and not normal people is a sign you're not really SSA imo

wholeheartedly agree and if that's all you or anyone is feeling you know it's not real attraction. but hank green or other public figure being private and only naming a celebrity same sex crush to protect everyone's privacy def doesn't mean those other private irl crushes don't exist. it's just way too not his fans business. it's just inconclusive

No. 1846721

This is super fucking interesting. As a teen and before I really knew what I liked in women, I would find those kind of busty supermodel type women attractive because I thought I was supposed to for some reason. Now I’m older and the women I am attracted to and get feelings for are the most run-of-the-mill ones. I was always into women but I feel like my initial experiences were clouded by media and not understanding my own body or feelings just yet.

No. 1846726

same anon but he's also married! he cant even namelessly allude to a man he knows irl that he has or recently had a crush on without potentially insulting and disrespecting his wife and potentially causing people to question his commitment. extramarital feelings do happen even when you are very in love. but it would be fucked up and unkind to just blab that publically and potentially humiliate your partner in the process as people speculate about the strength of your relationship and if she's "satisfying" you well enough and all else!

he truly has no other option than to mention the kid he liked at summer camp before they even met and his "celebrity crush my wife knows about and we jokingly gave each other permission to act on it given the chance which is never gonna happen anyway" because that's a playful thing most couples comfortably and publically can have

No. 1846735

yea that makes sense for how sexuality develops under social expectations for a lot of people. i imagine some straight boys experience this and outgrow it if they're able to break through the women as objects conditioning (challenge level impossible. kidding tho i mean some do enough to the extent that their idea of a beautiful woman expands to mean a real person and a blow up doll or airbrushed model or anime waifu just is kinda gross or does nothing for them).

for me, (anon who started having crushes on irl women friends and intimate urges with normal irl later in life after accepting myself for a while, but liked more pornographic depictions of women initially) i didn't have any crushes on any boys growing up. very rarely only on fictional men and one celeb because he reminded me of said fictional man. i used to try to force myself to imagine maybe liking a guy in my class because it seemed fun / like everyone was doing it. in my teen years i had crushes and sexual urges for girls in my class and close female friends , but still mild enough to write it off as friendship & "straight girl sexual flexibility".

it wasn't until i was 18-19 i had very sudden and intense crushes on guys id met at college and vivid sexual urges for the first time on a few guys i knew and liked. these were all undeniably genuine, nothing like the times i had tried to convince myself to like boys at school or anime boy shit. and it was way more intense and obvious than what i was simultaneously feeling for a few of my female friends (despite literally hooking up in private) so i thought that just meant i liked guys more or was straight.

now i feel like the guy option is more conditioned my entire life and safer, so once i felt it, it came out more pronounced. now j feel like the whole "all straight girls are flexible and think about kissing their best friends. men aren't as flexible because of (bullshit psuedoscience" is some kind of bullshjt conspiracy to keep bi women as good little het housewives.

all of the female friends i fooled around with intimately and had significant crushes on in late hs and college came out as lesbian later or bi. i had some straight girl crushes but they were less intense and obviously we never did anything. it's almost like even when you don't know youre gay gay people can find each other

my (happily straight married) mom were discussing how a few of my closest childhood female friends are out as gay and with women now. she told me recently about this older girl in high school (that imo she obviously had a massive crush on that she was jsut magnetically drawn to and always thinking about and admiring.) and told me the girl ended up coming out as a lesbian after college and married a woman. which my mom felt was ironic as she was so stunning and feminine and all the boys liked her, but she was happy for her. i told her it's ok to have had a little crush, but she kept saying "oh all women feel that way sometimes". idk mom. maybe they don't.(TL;DR >>>>>/ot/)

No. 1846867

This is still a cow thread, the blogging needs to stop. Go to /ot/ if you need to write paragraphs about your personal lives.

No. 1846956

File: 1686832575826.jpeg (137.87 KB, 750x976, 5CEC6A99-9935-4DF2-95D4-9CA109…)

ty farmhands. back to the milk
i live hiw that sort of posts basically admits that they love the "queer" label because they can have all the cool quirky identities and victim status without even having anything to do with actual icky gay stuff!
but then the moment they get bored with it or actually face difficulties they can just ditch the whole larp like >>1846564

No. 1846963

I've meet people who are indefinitely aroace and nothing has changed over the years. its very plausible there's people out there who find neither sex romantically or sexually attractive and they aren't all just gay and don't know it yet. aces themselves don't claim they're oppressed either, just that it's a very misunderstood sexuality and they just want others who arent aware to know its not necessarily due to a cause of internalized homophobia, trauma, or spicy straights who just dont like sex/low libido.

it's considered LGBT because it's a non normative sexuality/sexual minority. lack of attraction is deemed as abnormal in society, or is assumed to be a sign of something deeply troubling. true that could be the case for others but it isnt impossible or wrong for someone to just want strictly platonic companionship.

No. 1846981

bi4bi and hetero-passing relationships is something i see so much on twitter. it’s really irritating.

people headcanonning (?) a straight couple as a bi m/f relationship for what?? What does that do for you? They’re still a man and a woman together.

No. 1846999

Married woman with multiple bio kids, addicted to romance stories with much hotter men than her husband who she feels no lust towards anymore = asexual

I know of a married woman in fandom with 3 kids who reads m/m fic everyday, and she calls herself ace. A lot of women in that fandom call themselves queer while having bfs or being married to men while exclusively reading m/m fic kek

No. 1847450

i've been lurking in the ace/aro community and their visibility network back in the old tumblr days and while there are people that just genuinely don't experience any sexual attraction towards anybody the community mainly consists of 1) people with no/low libido 2) people with trauma 3) teenagers 4) people that don't know what sexual attraction is

No. 1847756

this is such a retarded thing to be mad at. i don't give a fuck about the label, flag and pronoun obsession in the lgbt fandom, its a worthless pursuit and the majority of the terms are so fucking cringe and unnecessary. i just call myself queer and leave it at that. i feel anything else just attracts spicy straights and attention whores

No. 1847949

Seen a lot of this recently too lol. It's so odd to me, 'straight passing' implies it is not a straight relationship…it is. even if one or both people are bi. there'a nothing wrong with it but they feel so much shame about people assuming they are straight. it's almost funny, i have to worry about strangers knowing i'm gay or getting looks when i hold hands with my girlfriend and they're worried about what? not being validated? people seeing you with a man and not knowing you also are attracted to women? most people who don't know me assume i am straight too, it doesn't bother me at all and i don't get why being assumed to be straight is such an awful thing.

No. 1848594

>>indefinitely aroace and nothing has changed over the years
That's mental illness

No. 1849327

File: 1687188102001.png (371.87 KB, 648x689, literally_thread_Pic.png)

this shit is spreading.

No. 1849344

They have to be trolling.

Not to race bait or anything but like black,spanish,middle eastern,and asians really seem like the last to be accepting of this shit in real life outside of Twitter and stuff.

No. 1849345

They have to be trolling.

Not to race bait or anything but like black,spanish,middle eastern,and asians really seem like the last to be accepting of this shit in real life outside of Twitter and stuff.

No. 1849348


you would be surprised lol virtually all POC in the furry community are exactly this. I know furries are degenerates to begin with but still, in nerdy subcultures at least it’s definitely not just white people.

No. 1849376

File: 1687193906235.png (387.52 KB, 523x647, Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 12.5…)

She's such an idiot

No. 1849409

troon larpers really sold their appeal to POC by always comparing their gender feelings to racism, the same way they did w the LGB and homophobia. A really popular myth troons have been spreading for years now is that many POC cultures recognized more than 2 genders and so were of course super egalitarian and that the white man taught them the "gender binary" when he colonized them. It's the old "noble savage" trope, just dressed up for modern sensibilities.

In reality the cultures that recognized more than 2 genders had stricter gender roles and the 3rd gender role was often "gay/feminine men" who were deemed too unmanly to stay in their original role. There's like, no 2nd gender option for women either, so only men were "allowed" that relative choice to opt out.

No. 1849417

>aces dont claim theyre oppressed
youve met somewhat normal people, which are the minority of aces. every ace ive seen compares their plight of being a virgin to homophobia and always implies theyre just as part of the lgb. in fact, they claim that people not knowing or not taking asexuality seriously is oppression on a similar scale as the kinds that the lgb faces. if you saw the number of "gays are PRVILEDGED to be recognized enough to even be attacked for it" posts ive seen… lmao. theyre always throwing tantrums about how no one will listen to them, after spending the entirety of their identity's existence bitching and moaning about filthy disgusting gay people, because don't you know, to them ALL sex is disgusting, they're definitely not targeting the sodomites! especially after they gave themselves a free pass to never work on their homophobia again - because why would they, when they're just as oppressed as the gays? any homophobia is ~horizontal aggression~ at worst, and a deserved comeuppance at best because some kid once laughed at them for being an obnoxious virgin one time

they consider themselves lgbt because of low libido and a need to be more special than just straight, and its still a very recent development. A still stands for ally despite what those attention seekers say. if they want me to take them seriously, they should make a group separate from the lgb and handle themselves for a few years first

the lgb community started as a political rally for the rights of same-sex attracted people. and the widdle acey beans refuse to acknowledge any of the differences between them and us and see us as just a parade to invite themselves to

No. 1849450

mental illness is when you don't experience or want any romantic/sexual attraction? I don't care what you personally feel about aces but you make it seem like someone can't be mentally healthy and live a fulfilling life without some type of sex or romance. not finding any gender attractive is a non issue. platonic partnerships exist too but I guess that doesn't exist in your mind then

No. 1849531

Bisexual moid and a themie. I don't even have to check their profiles, I just know.
This. POC moids in nerdy spaces are almost just as degen as their white counterparts, they're just better at hiding it.

No. 1849542

File: 1687208277941.png (134.05 KB, 660x396, lovato.png)

Have you ever noticed it's always straight femme women that go "they/them"? They must really want to hop onto the LGBT bandwagon to not be left out and that's the easiest option for them.

They're almost always like this. They can't even attempt to be butch or understand what that is, much less being a tomboy and have a hard time grasping what "gender neutral" would even look like. It's always tits out, a full face of makeup, and something just slightly quirky like short hair. I guess very short hair makes you a "them" now.
She is such a straight. She really doesn't understand this hurts the LGB when you come out, then go "just kidding". She doesn't comprehended LGB people can't just backtrack and leave that life when it's inconvenient to them.

No. 1849548

What the fuck is a librafeminine? Is that smooshing your zodiac sign and feminine together and saying it's a gender?

No. 1849553

The aroace community does claim to be oppressed, look up their claims of conversion therapy or that the very fact that people doubt their oppression counts as oppression because they’re being “erased’.

The aroace community claims you can have queer platonic partners you can kiss, and there are aces who can have sex, seek it out, and even enjoy it. “as long as you don’t experience sexual desire then it’s still asexuality!”
Having low libido is not a sexual orientation, and not finding someone who happens to match with you romantically doesn’t mean you’re literally incapable of experiencing romantic feelings.

The percentage of people who can actually go through literally 0 sexual and romantic attraction is so tiny and it’s often caused by trauma, it doesn’t have any merit being included in the LGB acronym, anymore than vegans who are grossed out by the idea of partnering with a meat eater (and therefore will have trouble ever dating properly) belongs in the acronym. There are furries who have no interest in non furries but live in the middle of nowhere and will likely reach their 50s alone. Are they a sexual minority?

No. 1849566

How did aces turn low libido, not currently dating, and celibacy into a gender alignment? How is their "erasure" anything like how gays and lesbians are not even wanted in media or discussions? How is "being told to date" oppression like how gays and lesbians can literally get killed in some countries for being open?

I swear to god, if LGB doesn't cut off all the T and everyone under the +, it's going to erode decades of hard work. It's already doing that recently.

No. 1849664

File: 1687219748699.png (192.66 KB, 602x576, kekekeke.png)

I know the flags been fucked up for a while but this is hilarious. Had to check it wasnt a joke account, they are very real and very serious.
(I know the person is intersex but still the sentiment they are pushing supports thread topic)

No. 1849665

>what’s your orientation?

No. 1849669

No. 1849752

disagree with it or not, the point is they're considered apart of the community because they have a non normative sexuality. that's what the current lgbt+ community is about anyways.
it's less about lack of a libido as its about lack of general attraction. libido is just how bodies function, it doesn't have anything inherently to do with sexual attraction itself.
again maybe it's just from the ones I've meet, but they don't claim oppression, but would rather have others have a better understanding of being ace/aro means and knowing it's fine to feel that way.

I don't agree with some minority of them claiming oppression but I can not for the life of me understand why others give a shit and immediately assume it's sex drive problems or trauma that made them that way.

No. 1849791

>uwu asexuality is misunderstood
>lgb is about anything weird or freaky!
fuck back off to tumblr, you're precisely what this thread makes fun of.
"queer" is dliberately vague pomo bullshit for snowflakes to insert themselves where they don'tt belong. if there isn't any degree of same-sex attraction then you're not part of the community.

it's just hilarious to me how peple keep missing the point of the rainbow. a rainbow is already all inclusive because it has every component of visible light! but i guess it's too associated with the mean oppresive gatekeeping transphobic gays

No. 1849940

File: 1687264376723.jpg (211.22 KB, 828x1792, Fy9NHG3aQAAXPfT.jpg)

why do male spicy straights always look like this? its a look that transcends race and amount of facial hair.

No. 1850098

>Have you ever noticed it's always straight femme women that go "they/them"?
Or she/they

No. 1850103

I love she/they or "all pronouns" because girl we are just gonna keep calling you she lol

No. 1850115

>they're considered apart of the community because they have a non normative sexuality.
So is piss drinking and furries who only date other furries; a lack of sexuality isn’t a sexuality just like a lack of religion/atheism isn’t a religion. Asexuality/celibacy/not wanting to fucking for whatever reason has fuck all to do with same-sex attracted people and the community they made originally to fight for their rights, not to be quirky and different and make up flags as an artsy hobby. Same reason transgenders don’t actually belong in a community anymore when all they have to do to claim oppression despite being a whole bearded man is putting “she/it” on their Instagram and get an ugly dye job. They were supposed to be a part of the “community” when they shared struggled as gender non-conforming same-sex attracted people, before the autogynephile fetishistic delusional women-erasing aspect took over. Neither them nor “aces” have necessarily anything to do with same-sex attracted people and their social issues.
You’re going hard to defend the very people this thread is criticizing about. You realize that, right?

> can not for the life of me understand why others give a shit and immediately assume it's sex drive problems or trauma that made them that way.

The amount of ‘ace’ women vs ‘ace’ men says it all.

No. 1850117

I know a straight up butch lesbian she/they and she’s so hot and it’s so disappointing. She’s dating a normal “cis” girl and I’m hoping eventually she’ll realize it’s okay to be a woman but they’re total libfems so idk

No. 1850158

Literally just a guy who probably finds guys, who's job it is to make themselves out to be attractive, attractive.

No. 1850343

same, I follow this hot masc girl and she was posted on some other account and all the comments were shit like “omg he is so hot” or “they’re so cool” and she didn’t get offended or anything that they automatically assumed she was trans and just politely said that she doesn’t identify as those things.. like I’d be furious. Her gf is a she/they too and with her not caring about being called he I would be disappointed but not surprised if she trooned out. Such a sad era for butches

No. 1850639

this is what i cant stand with this they/them bullshit just because someone dresses in a gender nonconforming way. like butch women get the short end of the stick while feminine guys dont. Like i thought this pronoun shit was not about assuming, yet here they are doing just that lmao

No. 1851045

>Lady Gaga is bi in the "I thought about kissing a girl once, so that totally makes me a part of the LGB community" way and for liberal cred.
She outright swept under the rug that she used to call herself bi on two occasions, the first was during some speech at the white house for pride month where she referred to herself as straight and another instance on rupaul's drag race season 9 or 10 where she told the queen that she was a straight woman. So that's one crossed off the list. I think Nicki Minaj was the only one real enough to actually admit she was lying about being bi and that it was all for the trend.

No. 1852986

I remember how in the former thread someone asked “Why can’t these people be gender nonconforming and straight?” The thing is, a lot of people can’t believe that a person can BE GNC and straight. Everyone believes that a straight person can only be masculine as a man or feminine as a woman.

No. 1853374

File: 1687763936549.png (19.33 KB, 620x456, verygaycouple.PNG)

Not sure how to embed instagram reels but this one is a doozy
if any nonnies can point me to where I can learn I'll be grateful I can't find it anywhere
The caption for this instagram reel is "SUPER GAY POST BC 3 WHOLE YEARS OF GAY WITH YOU".

Picrel is the poster's comment on the video.


No. 1853396

>Lady Gaga is bi in the "I thought about kissing a girl once, so that totally makes me a part of the LGB community" way and for liberal cred.
People like her think they're bi when in reality they're just really coombrained and into porn so they end up always thinking of women as sexual objects, and they think that makes them bi. None of them will actually ever have sex with a woman. Also Lady Gaga's whole image is about being there for "the gays" and it would be bad for a straight woman to sing about "born this way" shit all the time.

No. 1853409

I've known multiple she/theys who get extremely angry when not enough people refer to them as "they", to the point where they prefer people alternate between the two within the same sentence so that it's even
It's so nonsensical and self-obsessed

No. 1855578

File: 1688072638283.jpeg (186.29 KB, 828x2313, IMG_1986.jpeg)

No. 1855589

>babies me appropriately
you're not kawaii and you're not queer bitch grow up!!

No. 1855716

This is old but I mean you create your own forms of intimacy nonas. Sexual orientation just means attraction to either same or opposite sex and not the act of sex itself per se. It's the biggest gotcha for split attraction model.

No. 1857571

File: 1688408574245.jpeg (683.96 KB, 1080x2942, IMG_2232.jpeg)

Apparently if an obnoxious man and an obnoxious woman get together and have the same haircut it means they are in “a very gay relationship”

The dude outright saying he is straight but calling it bisexuality is my favourite part

No. 1857698

noooo. imagine wanting to be part of a group you aren't part of so bad that you just make shit up to try to squeeze yourself in. just stop

No. 1857728

This is extra great because weaver-z is a NLOG they/them from her man related religious trauma.

No. 1858231

Fuck no as an autistic person I absolutely do not want this. But we all know none of this shit is peddled by people who are actually gay (or intersex/black/autistic/whatever other minority except trans)

No. 1858290

My only argument to this is that lesbians (and women-leaning bisexual women) and self-declared "ace" women often face several of the same societal pressures, namely that of that they are broken somehow in not wanting to have sex with a moid and should be corrected on that front. Hell, even some of the posts in this thread verge very close to "if ace women have just the right kind of sex, they'll be cured!" which is a very corrective rape thing that I've heard too many times as a lesbian.
Do I think that the spicy straights have coopted the term? Absolutely. Do I think that aces deserve to be in the rainbow? Ehhh, debatable. But I do think that offering specifically ace women sanctuary in sapphic spaces for whatever reason they are choosing it, trauma or repression or whathaveyou, isn't a bad thing. As long as the moids stay out.

No. 1858352

File: 1688519124204.jpeg (586.69 KB, 1242x1647, IMG_2072.jpeg)

>what does it mean
It means you’re bi and you have a thing for socially awkward coomers.

No. 1858429

>as a lesbian
>idk what this says about my sexual orientation
She's obviously not a lesbian but she literally stated that she was at the top of her post so what does this second statement even mean? Is she one of those people that thinks lesbians can be attracted to regular men as well as men in wigs? If so, what would that be called then according to her logic, a woman who's only into other "women"? I know she could never give me a straight answer to any of these questions but you really have to wonder.

No. 1858501

i think she meant she started questioning if she's bi cause of her passing interest in these guys. as she herself perceived them as guys and they were publicly calling themselves guys at the time. but finding out they were trans women in the closet she goes back to thinking she's a lesbian. regardless of how you view it her logic is: she keeps having "huh do i have a crush on a guy? guess i'm bi" moments but it turns out he was trans and comes out as a woman. so he was (what she would consider) just a woman in a man's disguise all along. so she settles back on the lesbian identity. like theoretically if she was into them it was her instincts clocking they were secretly girls so she's like damn even when i think i like guys and could be bi, said guys turn out to be chicks. guess i'm still a lesbian

No. 1858506

sf but it'd be like a lesbian meeting mulan while she's disguised as a male soldier and said lesbian thinking "hm i'm honestly having feelings for him, am i bisexual?" then learning who mulan was all along and figuring the whole crush on "him" was just subconsciously recognizing mulan as a girl and probably doesn't count enough to drop the lesbian label. that's the logic of the post. but if a trans woman / TiM is in place of the mulan character and the "she was in disguise" reveal is them coming out as trans

No. 1858568

File: 1688560561948.png (482.59 KB, 657x861, Ace.png)

What does Ace even mean at this point?

No. 1858570

File: 1688560605273.png (42.31 KB, 619x381, Screenshot.png)

No. 1858574

who gives a shit about "acephobia" jfc it's not like anyone is going to take away a person's right to not date and not have sex.

No. 1858575

>Asexual people deserve equal rights
What does this mean? Like what rights don’t you have?? Rape is already illegal girl.

No. 1858583

I'm pretty sure self-proclaimed asexuals have more sex than me at this point.

No. 1858593

This reeks of, "well, this is what the gays asked for, so we have to ask for it too!"

Like, any thought to this for more than a few seconds would have someone asking what rights and protections do they not have? What kind of change do asexuals even need? Not being bullied on the internet?

No. 1858619

nta but while you're right, she's totally contradicting herself in the last post. "idk what this says about my sexual orientation" well according to your OWN logic, trans women are women, so you're still a lesbian? they can't even keep up with their own narrative lmao

No. 1858643

File: 1688572413886.jpg (68.06 KB, 720x480, 1681596741-.jpg)

There was a Ace Pride March in my city recently. They interviewed the founder woman, and she started by saying that asexuals are not taken seriously, but by the end of the interview she told about how she (and by extention,all aces) still has sex "for their partner's sake, for intimacy or because there's nothing good on TV". It really just sounds like you're just in a generic hetero relationship, lady.

No. 1858681

Goddamn is this bleak. Sounds to me like more of these people (mainly women) are just coping with the fact that their moids suck at providing pleasure.

No. 1858732

I agree. I feel like het women are damaged for wanting to have sex with moids. Couldn’t be me

No. 1858987

It takes an insane amount of gaslighting & brainwashing to make women want to have sex with men, i.e. one of the most dangerous things we could ever do. Moids had to invent global patriarchy to keep us dependent on them so we'd give them access to our bodies. Think about how many women around the world would simply go their own way if they had any choice, and hadn't been raised since birth to believe it was their destiny to serve a moid and have his babies. Plenty of het women will even admit they hate sex with their male partners but don't feel like they have any choice. For that reason alone I support safe spaces for all women who are avoiding moids for any reason, no questions asked. And that includes ace and het women.

No. 1859058

this is insane. My Nigel and I confessed to each other that neither of us like sex and our marriage has been better for it. Literally nothing else in my life has changed, I don't tell people I'm ace because I also don't tell randos my other likes/dislikes, it reeks of wanting to feel oppressed. These people are so unhinged and need real hobbies.(not your personal blog)

No. 1859395

File: 1688678893909.png (178.93 KB, 276x455, barf.png)

I didn't know who this dude was until yt kept shilling his Sailor Star Fighter cosplay, but he apparently uses all the pronouns… isn't he just a gay man? And I don't understand why a gay grown ass man is cosplaying 12 year old Wednesday Adams in a weirdly sexual way and receiving nothing but praise for it. I'm not even saying that a woman should be allowed to do the same, but I feel like a woman would receive way more backlash for this. Linking because its a yt short.


I also hated his Sailor Star Fighter cosplay and how everyone licked his ass for it. The Starlights were women disguised as men, not trannies or gay men in obvious fucking denial. Yeah, Toei fucked up in the 90s and made them "transform into women" but any idiot with an internet connection can google and see that they're not men. Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I didn't think he'd belong in the tranny thread.

No. 1859415

it means "Sex isn't my top priority, being special is."

No. 1859420

He was on Drag race. He's just a drag queen.

No. 1859541

No idea, thanks. My point stands though.

No. 1881838

File: 1692071631176.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1178x1873, IMG_7183.jpeg)

Is it just me or are normie lib/lefty starting to more widely mock spicy straights? The QT in picrel is from a radfem but I scrolled through and virtually all of the replies were calling this woman out for calling herself gay while being married to a man. I feel like even as recent as 2020 the responses would’ve been way different/anti-“gatekeeping”.

No. 1881840

File: 1692071691923.jpeg (668.1 KB, 1147x895, IMG_7184.jpeg)

No. 1881850

>butch friend
Bitch, where? I kept scanning the background thinking she was there. I see a totally normal woman and a chubby white girl with a slur as a tattoo.

No. 1881860

>talking about being turned down by the doorman at a bar for being too fat or old for the club
>"i'm safe, i'm fine" like she survived violent oppression

No. 1881917

>assimilation is a pipe dream
>married to a literal man

No. 1882135

>tattoo is red and clearly fresh
kek, how much do you want to bet she got the queer tattoo and immediately starting making up scenarios about it to get even more attention

No. 1882969

I don’t know what’s worse, pretending to be queer or getting married in cheap elastic-waist pants

No. 1883118

File: 1692251938876.jpeg (482.17 KB, 1600x1982, 15E7FD1C-9609-4A60-B522-9743D6…)

Thought of this thread

No. 1883126

this is so interesting but it does feel kinda gay tho. like this is pure bisexuality. they both do seem like very gay and lesbian people who probably primarily liked and dated their same sex, but not exclusively. it's like classic bi. good for them

No. 1883131

The 'gay guy' is actually just a straight guy who just likes feminine stuff, as for the the woman, she identified as a lesbian but realised, 'Oh wait, I'm Bi actually"

No. 1883135

>"This feels kind of gay"
>"They both look gay, though!"
Nona this is queerio mentality.

No. 1883158

File: 1692270589457.jpeg (40.75 KB, 640x189, IMG_4918.jpeg)

> the last butch lesbian

No. 1883213

Sporty woman = lesbian; man in makeup = gay? More gender stereotypes. Yawn.

No. 1883265

As far as I know, the actual couple just refers to themselves as GNC and bi/straight, so that’s actually pretty refreshing. They aren’t trying to be genderspecial or claim their relationship is a queer one.

No. 1883523

Based if true, but the whole "we were gay until we met" thing is still retarded. "Sexual fluidity" only exists if you're already bi.

No. 1883738

They look like they met at a "pray the gay away" camp

No. 1883928

>long hair
>bedazzled sweatpants
I hate how over-the-top "gender performance" (sex stereotypes) has become. Apparently now if you wear a sports bra and no makeup that's butch??? Bleak.

No. 1902748

File: 1695446210945.jpg (1.35 MB, 1080x4025, rL2arQo.jpg)

Asexual activist Yasmin Benoit is complaining about how a character she made that is asexual for the super woke netflix show sex education was turned into a villain.
The character in question was getting hate from the shows watchers for being insufferable and using her asexuality as an excuse for everything wrong she does. Maybe Yasmin should take this as a hint that she is annoying kek.

No. 1902752

File: 1695446479403.jpg (189.77 KB, 1080x559, LW3eTN9.jpg)

Samefagging but she is just mad that everyone hates her self insert

No. 1902759

File: 1695447903242.jpg (124.01 KB, 960x1200, 77e3324af70cd984a8f69269bfc757…)

>>Lady Gaga is bi in the "I thought about kissing a girl once, so that totally makes me a part of the LGB community" way and for liberal cred.
Me, but it's strictly Gillian Anderson. I had to realize how stupid it would be to call myself bi or queer just because I want to solve mysteries under the moonlight with Gillian.

No. 1902769

didn't realize how stupid it would be to post this though huh

No. 1902774

Rita Ora was in a throuple with Taika and Tessa Thompson. She probably goes swinging with taika

No. 1902786

>Yasmin Benoit (born 1995/1996) is a lingerie and alternative model in the United Kingdom. She is also an asexual activist.[2][3]
of course she is, I bet she's had more sex then everyone in this thread.

No. 1902796

I just can't understand how you're oppressed for not being sexually attracted to people, or how people made an identity out of it in the first place. No one's gonna know that you're asexual unless you tell them, and the only cases in which you need to tell someone is if you get into a relationship. It's like being a vegan or not drinking alcohol.

It's funny how this season tried so hard to focus on queer storylines, yet the most interesting characters were either straight or LGB. The queer and spicy straight characters spent majority of the time making woke speeches while not really doing anything or facing any obstacles, which ironically represents their community so well, kek.

No. 1902805

To be fair there is massive pressure for women to consent to all sex in a relationship. To the point people don't believe rape can happen within a relationship.
But if yasmin is anything like that character then she is a genuinely horrible person. That character literally spent the entire season ignoring people she bullied and bringing up her asexuality everytime she called out. The fact that Yasmin thinks adding a scene about "acephobic bullying" to justify bullying would make people like her character more shows she lacks self awareness. Yasmin is probably a chronic gaslighter

No. 1902813

It's a good point, but that's not acephobia. Women being pressured to consent to sex is a real issue and has nothing to do with whether or not the woman considers herself asexual. If anything, asexuality might be a symptom of this issue. Looking at the vast majority of men nowadays there's no wonder that there's a lack of sexual attraction towards them, and since lack of a libido is often met with advice of medication and therapy, women identify as asexual instead, which then makes their partner's coercive actions go from misogyny to being acephobic, which is a lot easier to get sympathy for from the online crowd.

No. 1902840

It's not oppression, but I can understand wanting some community. When you get older, friends tend to drift away and focus more on their own partners and families, so it ends up being a choice between holding out and finding someone like minded who you can stand (unlikely), trading sex for companionship (bleak), or accepting being old and alone.

No. 1902852

Thanks for posting this, she's so deluded it cracks me up. And she's no doubt one of those asexuals that does have sex, but says 'oh, but I'm not sexually attracted to people's physical appearance like those other sluts'.

No. 1902932

well she has said that she has never had sex and she doesn't date but she does grift a lot in sex positive spaces.

No. 1903112

>MSc in name
Embarrassing enough in it's own right

No. 1903165

That episode of Sex and the City was about how no matter how hard she tried, Carrie could never have sex like a man because she isn’t a moid and doesn’t enjoy their capability to become emotionless.

No. 1906675

File: 1696036490549.jpg (274.95 KB, 1170x2532, uqr5v5bhfarb1.jpg)

Of course her son J ran away for the 3rd time in the 2 month time frame. This time he doesnt have his phone with him. This is really bad guys. Meanwhile the egg donor of a mother is on instagram fishing for pity.

No. 1907185

File: 1696133155926.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3424x3464, 125102F9-E6CF-414F-8DBB-C4B36F…)

What is up with all of these kpop fans that are convinced they’re lesbians yet never thirst over women, want to fuck random kpop men and are obsessed with comphet. This account is just an example but there are tons

No. 1907195

Comphet is so fake. The only circumstance where I could see anything similar existing is when a lesbian is pressured to marry a man they aren’t attracted to due to religious or cultural circumstances but if your personal sexuality and who you gravitate towards still has you finding men attractive in any capacity then you’re bi or straight

No. 1907225


Absolutely cringe and doesn't realize BTS members would most likely find her a complete degenerate and/or nuisance.(sage your shit)

No. 1907231

she would rather die than admit she's just bisexual, wtf. maybe she thinks since they're all soft asian boys they don't really count as men?

No. 1907238

yup, it's the slight racism combined with thinking that feminine/delicate looking men aren't really men but butch lesbian coded or whatever queer theory shit they come up with.

No. 1907258

KEK people were so triggered by that OP. Hilarious to see the kind of people insisting in the QRTs that lesbians love dick (spicy straights in denial).

No. 1907319

I agree with this. And tbh I think the term would have been fine if it only revolved around that kind of religious or family/cultural pressure and the Internet didn’t latch onto it for every little thing (I think that stupid masterdoc is thing that’s done the most damage and popularized it in a bad way). I see so many posts online that are like “I’m married to my husband and we have amazing sex every night, but he doesn’t take out the trash and doesn’t look like Jason Momoa. I read the masterdoc and it seems like I could I be a lesbian?” Not to say there aren’t women who felt pressured into relationships or marriages with men when they were gay, but those posts specifically confuse and irritate the hell out of me. Sorry for going on a tangent, but to relate it back to the og post, any mention of comphet when it’s coming from someone who is clearly going on and on about men and loving them ends up making me side-eye them.

No. 1907322

The woman who wrote the masterdoc also admitted to being bisexual.

No. 1907358

Ayrt, but exactly lol.

No. 1907420

I see this with ethan from måneskin a lot. he's not asian or a k-pop idol (he's italian and in a rock band) and has never indicated considering himself anything other than male. but tons of fauxbians in the fandom are convinced they can lust over him and still be lesbians because he has long hair which makes him female coded or something.
he's not even feminine in anyway he's just a guy with long hair

No. 1907568

This feels like a combination of being a retarded impressionable zoomer, the kweer kommunity trying its hardest to remove any meaning from the word lesbian and the assumption that it's impossible to be a bi woman who prefers women

No. 1908425

File: 1696370685719.jpeg (984.57 KB, 1284x2006, IMG_8982.jpeg)

I’m seriously begging women who post things like this to just accept their bisexuality. If you’re even acknowledging you’re between being straight or a lesbian, “bisexual” is right there.


No. 1908432

It's so tiring. Sure I understand where all the stigma around bisexuality comes from, but honestly it's not hard to not be a degenerate coomer or a troon enabler. Being bi is perfectly okay. Also hets need to accept it's perfectly fine to be het as well, this shit should never have been a hobby but here we are. Some people truly have no other interests than obsessing over kweerness. It's so fucking vapid.

No. 1908471

Fauxbians like this are as bad as troons in using queer theory language to enforce the most regressive gender stereotypes you’ll ever see outside an evangelical church. And the rampant bi erasure isn’t very woke of them either. If being attracted to effeminate men with long hair = “lesbian coded”, does my attraction to butchy muscle girls make me straight? Damn, I guess I’m a comphet victim too! Kek

No. 1908491

The master doc she’s referring to is the one whose creator later came out as bi right? Lmfao.

No. 1908502

The very one. It’s a blight, seriously.

No. 1908567

Sperg but I blame popular culture/the media from as early as the 70s portraying het relationships as always on the brink of breaking up or with a toxic dynamic as well as the recent trend of “straight people are boring/bigoted/yucky/etc.” coming from social media and 2020s TV

No. 1908568

It sounds like some weird reverse conversion therapy shit too. “You’re only attracted to these men because they are feminine and we live in a society, you must be a lesbian deep down!”

No. 1908638

DA I always interpreted it as male-attracted women with porn addictions who are simultaneously obsessed with men but also hate them so they fuel their egos with lesbian-> straight conversion fetishes but also will never sleep with a guy because they're scared to. So it manifests as a "I'm obsessed with men but you can't have me!!" thing—the "comphet"—despite that term being invented by a radfem and they hate TERFism lmfao. To me it is like watching a self induced alzheimer's patient or something. No research into anything no self reflection no thoughts just consooming and kpop. There used to be fans like this 10 years ago too into EXO before BTS got popular but of course nobody knew they existed because BTS only got popular after 1D split up. These women would consistently have the type of shameless (male or female) friends who would e-beg and then buy anime figures or albums, or fake mental illnesses, or DM people who tweeted something that might be racist (saying jap album instead of jp album) and they should delete their tweet effective immediately!! Like how exhausting. It all just feels like an excuse to tell people what to do while claiming they have a special label that permits them to tell people what to do and if you call them out they claim oppression.

No. 1908648

>only talks about being attracted to women while complaining about bad tinder dates
>admits she doesn't like women but wants to because men are icky
>why aren't lesbians lining up to date me

very sad. many such cases.

No. 1908768

nta but I can imagine a few lesbians, who consume too much slash fics developing a sort of pseudo-bisexuality, similar to most porn adidcted men.

No. 1908822

>I tried listening to a lesbian audio but it wasn't sexually gratifying to me
>But I rarely get sexual pleasure from X rated lesbian sexual fantasies
Weak. How can OP imagine marrying a woman as a non-sexual fantasy? Baffling. What do they think happens after marriage? topkek. Do they think women sleep in matching single twin beds and give each other nightly non-sexual footrubs? Also kek at "being the breadwinner for a stay at home wife". Regressive gender role enforcing straight as an arrow shit stain.

No. 1908936

Gay men do not consume lesbian porn lol

No. 1911247

File: 1696879132156.mp4 (145.81 KB, 320x568, 01Q8E4hGFmvCYyB8.mp4)

Ah yes, the epitome of "not straight" is when women dare to go without makeup and men have long hair. that makes sense.

No. 1911259

They're so delusional, literally the only "unconventional" thing about them is… she has shaved hair? The guy doesn't even have "feminine" hair.

I can't help but wonder, when other troons and theythems see couples like this and they're so obviously a straight normal couple who thinks they're the epitome of queer doesn't it make them realize how deluded they look too?

No. 1911264

>Ugly heterosexual couple comprised of a TikTok-addicted faghag and a greasy knockoff Brian David Gilbert
>"We're obviously not straight"
How many of this exact couple exist right now? I don't use any social media, and yet I've seen at least a dozen just like this one. Also, no one says "what a cute straight couple", and even if they did, this couple wouldn't evoke that response because they're not cute in the slightest kek.

No. 1911268

File: 1696885726910.jpg (49.58 KB, 500x493, 8IJkRaz.jpg)

Being ugly and poorly dressed doesn't make you less straight.

No. 1911269

Such an unfortunate hip to shoulder ratio

No. 1911296

does it shock them that couples like this arent special in the alternative scene? holy shit

No. 1911330

Honestly it probably just causes a lot of distain they have to hide in fear of getting kicked out of delusional woke queer land. Trannies love to assume they know everything about others just by looking at them yet want to believe that they are such mysterious social enigmas that nobody understands uwu. I believe it to cause the same annoyance and distain that true lesbian women get when they have to deal with "so totally bisexual" textbook pickme girls like shay, kathy, literally any and every female cow except the conservative ones who think being gay will get you into hell.

No. 1911409

Nonny you don't understand. She's a nonbinary panromantic demisexual and he's bi because he likes women and women who use they/them pronouns.

No. 1911685

The moid looks so tired. I wonder how many of the queer bfs actually know they are a regular straight guy but play along to get sex from the themlet.

No. 1911798

He probably started dating her when she was relatively normal and he had to slowly witness her get into kweer shit while helplessly watching because he can't do better than her, many such cases.

No. 1914884

File: 1697506646038.jpeg (115.19 KB, 1213x1195, IMG_2363.jpeg)

No. 1914999

File: 1697535530221.jpeg (170.85 KB, 750x607, 407BFBEC-594F-4135-A2E6-D55253…)

this might be niche but has anyone noticed this bi4bi thing? So a bi man with a bi woman (or whatever gender identity idk). A lot of people in book/other media communities say they’re looking for bi4bi rep and I’m just like…. So you want to see a heteroSEXual ship?

maybe im just being picky but

No. 1915011

File: 1697539417544.png (92.35 KB, 1280x1152, IMG_8405.png)

the holy trinity is easier to grasp than this shit

No. 1915012

I smell androphilia, kek

No. 1915018

The only bi4bi shit I accept is febfem4febfem.

No. 1915021

The only time I have seen bi4bi used, is by twitter autists who genuinely like an m/f ship but can't accept ever shipping a dreaded "cis het" ship, so they try to claim, their actually bi to justify themselves. absolute queer induced brain-rot.

No. 1915042

I can't help but laugh bitterly at the fact cishet shipping is now the icky taboo kek.

No. 1915339

File: 1697583574164.png (33.77 KB, 748x217, spicystraightnonsense.png)

I feel like I'm incurring brain damage looking at the comments on that tweet.

No. 1915346

>Straight bi and lesbian
Pretty sure the second one cancels the other two out

No. 1915351

File: 1697586444793.jpeg (153.19 KB, 1190x433, IMG_2365.jpeg)

Same anon as >>1914884 >>1915346 love how these people will call others uneducated but when challenged and given a chance to explain/educate they just say “LEMME DO WHAT I WANT” (repost cuz bad wording last time)

No. 1915400

File: 1697593404948.png (19.67 KB, 598x214, Deb JJ Lee.png)

Straight boyfriend stays as straight. More at 11.

No. 1915486

probably the same people who say queer ships are better, straight ships are boring

scramble to headcanon them as bi4bi so they don’t have cognitive dissonance lol


No. 1915542

>my sexuality, not yours
cool, but it’s not like it works that way

No. 1915571

Microdosing on T is insane to me as someone with PCOS. Why the fuck any woman would subject themselves to excess testosterone is beyond me.

No. 1915581

T is a drug like any other, it's a known mood booster and can increase their libido which I'm sure their straight bfs think is great

No. 1915585

File: 1697643744411.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, e85.png)

I swear most of the time these TIFs never had to deal with PCOS to see by themselves the risk of T in their bodies. I bet they would whine they want to have PCOS while ignoring the painful periods, no one believing "is THAT painful" and the endo.

No. 1916644

File: 1697856134702.jpeg (735.55 KB, 1170x2022, IMG_1028.jpeg)

This group is balls to the wall insane, peep a woman whose 3 months pregnant asking how to bring a woman into her relationship and a fellow woman promoting paid rape as a compromise. Bonus, in the comments one woman writes
>just here to add that I’m 36 weeks pregnant and been a cuckquean my entire pregnancy (crown emoji) it’s been amazing!

No. 1916652

Never seen someone decrying using other humans bodies for pleasure while also promoting prostitution in the same breath before, kek.

No. 1916668

How on earth do you find these groups nona? "Support group" makes it sound like they all hate their husbands

No. 1916709

File: 1697870786434.jpeg (523.24 KB, 828x876, D7FD2B56-F17E-49BC-A925-74E68B…)

No. 1916737

>other humans shouldn't be experiments, buy a sex worker!
fucking brilliant. Bet this asshole thinks she "humanizes sex workers" too
>I'm bisexual, i admire women so much I want to see boobs and eat food. None of that dirty sex nonsense, I wanna eat
>my ideal establishment is a place where women are walking boob displays who bring GOOD FOOD
>the women better be wanting this there
>it must be sexy! but there's gotta be dinner service
>we both appreciate titties, that's what bisexual women say right? I don't want to be touched by a woman, she better just leave her boobies over there where I can see. No lapdances please
>the place needs food, I want to see women's breasts so bad I won't go to a strip club and would rather go to a hooters, anywhere I can bury my face in wings, I mean see the boobs

No. 1916817

The phrasing here is so weird, she likes "admiring other women" like she knows women are all generally better looking than men are, and most people agree they are eye candy, and that doesn't make you gay? Most art is of women, most advertising, most models, it's because women are pretty.
Like she clearly doesn't want to touch a woman or have a relationship with one, no mention of emotions. Just boobs being located a safe distance away.
I feel like some of these "bi" women genuinely believe that anything other than revulsion or indifference to other women makes them gay. Like the most regimented view of sexuality possible where merely looking at someone has inferred sexual meaning.
Either that or they are so lacking in personality they need to drum up any mildly unusual one to prove how wacky they are.

No. 1917155

File: 1697912067014.jpg (256.16 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20231021_201141_Chr…)

Any woman who refers to that accursed PDF loses any kind of credibility.

No. 1917289

File: 1697921067545.png (54.9 KB, 479x514, llll.PNG)

the fact this is a straight woman…

No. 1917291

File: 1697921163047.png (266.11 KB, 705x490, iiii.PNG)

No. 1917297

didn't the creator of the lesbian master doc disavow it and come out as bisexual?

No. 1917300

I don't think she disavowed it, but she did admit to being a bisexual with trauma

No. 1917302

I'm beginning to think that mandated bullying could have prevented so much of this kind of thing.

No. 1917310

This type of shit really does hurt Lesbians, cause it takes away from their sexuality and makes it a personal choice, early radfems were truly with regards to this but many almost always slipping up and ending up sleeping with fugly leftist men.

No. 1917334

How can art be disabled? Is it just really really bad?

No. 1917335

it wouldn't be too bad that she's proud of being (in layman's terms) a fat gay retard if she didn't make that her entire personality

No. 1917363

I used to follow a stripper and she once made a post calling out these kind of customers as the most annoying because they're over enthusiastic but also don't tip or pay for shit

No. 1917380

yeeah I wouldn't be so proud of creating disabled art

No. 1917400

This thing weirds me out and feels like some kind of social contagion thing. I came out later than many people, but mainly because my family of origin was religious and very homophobic and it lingered in my brain for a few years once I moved out. But I always knew, and I feel like most people always knew. I don’t get the nitpicking on every little aspect of your life to figure out if you’re gay or not, and it is bizarre how often this thing gets passed around or taken seriously at all. You don’t have to hyper-analyze everything. You’re either gay or you’re not.

No. 1917441

File: 1697938531284.jpg (241.29 KB, 1080x1580, disabled art.jpg)

No. 1917442

File: 1697938594697.jpg (163.27 KB, 1483x1920, what.jpg)

No. 1917444

File: 1697938724432.png (863.74 KB, 1263x622, Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 9.37.…)

No. 1917450

I literally think they’re just straight women who don’t understand you can find other women attractive without being gay. Most of these women seem like they’d be horrified at the thought of eating pussy, they just want to “look at boobs” on a date with their man.

No. 1917460

Holy Christ anon I thought you edited this. This is absolutely disabled art.

No. 1917481

>describing your own art as disabled
lol, lmao even. I get calling your art queer and neurodivergent but disa-
>looks at the art
Ok carry on it's a perfect description. It looks like a child made it in mspaint in ten minutes, I haven't seen art this bad for so long, it's almost nostalgic

No. 1917483

Right it's not a mystery, you don't need to look for "clues" in the way you dress or try and drum up "looking at pretty things" to mean more than it does, it is just the same as being attracted to men, you either are or you aren't. You don't see straight women consulting tea leaves to try and figure out if they're straight or not, genuine attraction to other humans combined with romantic thoughts/wishes is pretty cut and dry but remains a total mystery to the spicy straights of the world

No. 1917756

This creature is depressed because he just realized he's queer and disabled

No. 1917864

File: 1698010844402.mp4 (4.12 MB, 480x852, heTAR28zjNJfkpvH.mp4)

Imagine this absolute moron being someone's actual mother(she has 4 kids btw)

No. 1917867

>what is this world that we live in
>why is this so complicated
You said it, girl

No. 1917870

I think she wants some form of deep female friendships (akin to sisterhood rather than a relationship), but also desires a sexual connection with a handsome guy without a real relationship. In my opinion, these are completely normal desires and wants and It's her own ego that is just preventing her from seeing this.

No. 1917871

CPTSD whisperer is a personal cow of mine and she actually has 7 kids. I think she was at 4 that were refusing to go to school anymore and around that amount that have been diagnosed with autism and ID as trans or nonbinary (so far)

No. 1917879

>7 kids
How old is she? are a few adopted or something

No. 1917899

File: 1698014210139.jpeg (162.39 KB, 1241x1010, D38DEC47-E2A2-4EDB-B7F8-96209B…)

According to this she has 8.

No. 1917928

>they’d be horrified at the thought of eating pussy, they just want to “look at boobs” on a date with their man.
This. It always comes down to this. They want to be the “cool gf” but would probably hate actually interacting with another woman in a sexual way that went past touching boobs over clothes or a closed-mouth kiss. The fact that she’s willing to objectify women with her male fiancé is so gross and insulting.

No. 1917953

I can't wrap my head around someone pretending to be bi. People, both gay and straight, are so vile to bisexuals (including a few anons itt kek)

would probably be shorter to list celebs that are 'verifiably bi' (as in, have had long term relationships with both men and women). Only ones I can think of are Amber Heard and Rebel Wilson, but I don't really know much about celebrities.

No. 1917992

Women who pretend are trying to impress some moid, men who pretend are trying to appear "non-threatening"

No. 1918015

Sophia Bush, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart, Bella Thorne, I’m sure there are others but those came to mind as celebrities that have had public relationships with both men & women.

No. 1918025

I’m certain that she groomed some of those kids to run away from their bio families to live with her in her uwu queer commune

No. 1918178

They're not really exposed to the way bisexuals are treated. They don't interact with the actual gay community (what gay friends they have probably humour them to be nice), and they're probably not 'out' to their normie straight friends and relatives in case they lose the tiniest drop of their straight privilege. So they're mainly talking about this stuff with other spicy straights and assorted queerios on Facebook and Reddit.

No. 1918182

Gold star really is the discourse from hell. On the one hand you've got 'your attraction to men doesn't make you any less of a lesbian' but I've seen the other side say shit like 'a real lesbian would have killed herself before resorting to prostitution' and accuse others of being fakebians for really asinine things like having a middle-school boyfriend. Can't we all just be normal

No. 1918633

File: 1698154281217.jpeg (479.68 KB, 1283x1748, IMG_9277.jpeg)

I joined a “sapphic” meme group on FB and thought there’d be more actual lesbian content, but instead it’s constant exposure to shit like this. I know nonnas. Idk what I expected. Picrel was a comment on a post about someone’s female enby partner not wanting to identify as a lesbian. I don’t know how people get to this point of delusion.

No. 1918634

No, no one can be normal apparently. I understand what you’re saying though. More people should respect lesbians who have always known and didn’t feel the need to question themselves, because being told things like “you just haven’t found the right man”, or being used as an experiment or fetish, or being exposed to the implication that your relationships with women aren’t as real as het ones is exhausting. But I think there does need to be room for women who were legitimately impacted by their environments and didn’t feel safe coming out or may have experienced some confusion as teens or twenty-somethings (because yes, some people have a harder time breaking out of what’s been drilled into their heads than others). People really do spew so much vitriol to one another and it’s tiring. But it should be okay to recognize the different experiences while also finding common ground. That being said, I wish women who consistently defended the idea that “it’s ok for lesbians to like men too teehee” would just embrace the bisexual label. It is okay to be bisexual, too. With all of it, I think people get really angry because they’re hurt by their experiences and then end up lashing out at the types of people who previously hurt them or who parrot the same talking points and it forms this endless cycle of anger.

No. 1918652

people like this need to be studied, it's like they have brain damage caused by social media

No. 1918831

File: 1698183170724.png (16.93 KB, 864x138, 1646261869420.png)

Tamsyn Muir's wikipedia page got edited to remove this little factoid. Never 4get.

No. 1918836

File: 1698183742834.jpg (362.04 KB, 1820x456, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1918839

File: 1698184156771.png (62.34 KB, 530x349, 1642110660248.png)

No. 1918842

Apparently her husband is some academic as well, what's the point of pretending of most people can just check out your actual sexuality with just a google serach.

No. 1918845

File: 1698184516664.jpg (113.12 KB, 1770x625, Untitled.jpg)

He's a classics professor at Oxford. If you're wondering how someone like that marries someone like that, the answer is he used to write Homestuck fanfiction (his username was paratactician)

No. 1918847

Did the two leads from the Gideon series ever bang? If they didn't, there are a couple of places that I need to go back to, just so I can post "I told you they were never going to fuck."

No. 1918850

with his looks, I can see why he takes part in this LARP.

No. 1918852

File: 1698185064477.jpg (53.18 KB, 872x133, Untitled.jpg)

current version

No. 1918872

This man looks like the empathic mom's braindead baby

No. 1918891

Oh, how disappointing. I was going to read those books. Are they still worth it?

No. 1918898

even the most woman-hating "I don't date girls cause they're drama" bisexual would go febfem before dating this man. The absolute audacity to claim lesbianism and date this

No. 1918912

This man looks much too old to have ever been writing Homestuck fanfiction, and I am creeped out by the idea of him in his late 20s interacting with teens on Tumblr a decade ago, but then I remember that Andrew Hussie exists kek

No. 1918916

I only read the first one and it was good but it wasn't like "the best thing ever" it also reads a bit like Tumblr OC, so seeing all this about the author was not at all surprising.

I read a lot of fantasy and it was cool to have a primarily women cast but it was a bit to edge lordy for me to continue the series.

No. 1918917

File: 1698198515099.jpg (171.76 KB, 1200x800, erika moen and her moid.jpg)

yeah, these 'lesbian with an exception' types always go for ugly moids.

No. 1919162

Damn how hard is it to put your money where your mouth is and not marry a man?

No. 1919736

apparently "moirail" means platonic but I still think someone should edit her wiki back to husband

No. 1920172

File: 1698414798971.jpeg (849.3 KB, 1125x2153, IMG_1722.jpeg)

this bitch is so annoying, made money in tech and moved to brooklyn to be an art ho

No. 1920188

It’s Homestuck shit

No. 1920189

>Hurricane Bianca reference
Why do draghags do this

No. 1920729

File: 1698496082093.jpg (216.95 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20231028_083442_Chr…)

I've never seen a gay person say their sexuality was oh so fluid and complex, it's always the spicy straights who say dumb shit like this.

No. 1920796

This is so weird. They had a very normal wedding with "a priest and flower arrangements" but claim to be platonic best friends. So, casual side hug after he says "I pronounce you friend and friend," or were they pretending to be straight in front of the parents and acting like any normal couple, or is she just a straight woman with a husband so ugly that she lies and won't claim him on the internet? I would give anything for some gossip from friends who hang out with them or went to the wedding.

No. 1920799

the link about being trapped in a "Fantasy internet cult" goes to two lengthy twitter threads about her roleplaying as a mermaid with a bunch of other middle school girls and then they got bored and stopped. but it was a dangerous cult and she barely survived, you guys. the ringleader, also just a 13 year old girl roleplaying, but you know she's a psychopath gaslighter because she used a fake name on the internet.

No. 1920873

>this is how you know someone is weird and can't help but stick their nose in other people's business
>literally sticking their nose in someone's business instead of ignoring them like they asked

No. 1921009

Haven't you guys heard of "lavender marriages"? It says Muir is a practicing Catholic. And she describes her husband as a moirail >>1918839 which is a word for super emotionally supportive best friend. Unless otherwise stated, we can assume they're in a Josephite marriage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephite_marriage There is a Josephite marriage (Palamedes and Camilla) in her books.

Muir isn't calling herself a lesbian while having sex with a male, like the others in this thread. I don't see evidence that she's faking being a lesbian. Unless you're required to be sexually active with a girlfriend to be a lesbian, in which case frankly a lot of us wouldn't be true lesbians.

No. 1921044

NTA and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the point of those types of marriages to hide someone's sexuality? So why would she openly call herself a lesbian if that was the purpose?

No. 1921066

Lavender marriage is for hiding sexual preference, but Josephite marriage isn't necessarily.

Some people want the benefits of sex without the commitment of marriage. Maybe some people want the commitment of marriage, without the sex. If they met online, and he's at Oxford or whatever and she's in NZ, then maybe marriage helps visa/citizenship.

No. 1921186

she is such a typical boring straight person who only dates nice guys, and has to pretend to be queer to have any kind of personality

No. 1921190

Girl, she's married to a literal man. This isn't the 1800s, she could marry a woman if she actually wanted to. The platonic marriage thing is something her fans on reddit came up with as a cope, she's never described the relationship that way (beyond once calling him her 'moirail', a fictional relationship dynamic from the webcomic homestuck which is described as being 'paler' than romantic attraction, which fans sometimes interpret to mean platonic, but which is, again, fictional). She refers to him as her 'beloved spouse' in interviews (carefully avoiding any pronouns), she dedicates all her books to him (PT, which is a shortened version of his AO3 handle kek) and they both live in Oxford, presumably together.

Until I see any evidence to the contrary I'm going to assume your favourite lesbian scifi author is fucking a man, sorry.

No. 1921216

also. "I've been recommending moirail marriages for years" is literally just using nerdy homestuck loser language to repeat the Christian Girl Autumn cliche of "I married my best friend!" which is something that straight women are always saying about their men

No. 1921308

File: 1698611450026.png (347.51 KB, 639x770, 1698586660641.png)

Anybody else finds it hilarious how many 'queer' people were so quick to jump on the anti-Israel trend on twatter?(stop)

No. 1921344

File: 1698617250938.jpg (208.38 KB, 1200x675, p01m5y21.jpg)

i think they're faking being a couple or gay at all

No. 1921345

talk to me nona, I'm listening

No. 1921350

lmao no way. they're both obvious fags.

No. 1921351

they've been capitalizing the gay thing for almost 15 years… they keep making videos that allude to them getting married and shit kek but it's never the case. they've been making crazy money off their fujo pandering content so why would they not lean into it? dan's coming out video has 12 million views alone.

No. 1921372

Without knowing much about it it feels like two gay people who don't really like each other that much but continue a "relationship" because that's what the fanbase wants

No. 1921373

Having special names (almost sounds like monorail) for "straight marriage where he gives a shit abut you" is classic tumblr behaviour

No. 1921376

So like they are gay in their heads or something I don't get it? Like she is imagining he's a woman and he's imagining she's a man? Is this homosexuality for people who live in backwards places where it's essentially illegal to be gay? I'm struggling to understand like straight sex between two opposite sex people is straight even if said people are bi.
I need this thread to be derailed by some spicy straights because I need an explanation kek

No. 1921382

no they're definitely just a normal quirky straight couple except they both have genderfeels and identify as nonbinary so they unironically think that they're totally ghey for each other. I'd bet that neither of them are even bisexual. unfortunately I know people who behave like this irl
tbh I haven't seen either of their videos in 3+ years but I just assume that it's gotta be some shit like they used to date but now they just live together as friends and fuck other people. but they definitely used to be a couple

No. 1921386

they dated for a while but broke up years ago, though they seem to still be on somewhat friendly terms

No. 1921433

It's a phrase from homestuck

No. 1921480

In the least offensive possible way I can't even imagine wanting to fuck Dan or Phil. They're like the complete antithesis of sexy to me.

No. 1921900

Dan was pretty which a lot of young girls like (think Bieber), Phil was just someone to imagine fucking Dan, no-one ever actually gave a shit about him

No. 1921905

Nah I think they're almost definitely a couple. They've lived together for 10+ years and built a house together, Dan goes on family vacations with Phil's family and Phil's niece calls him 'Uncle Dan'. If theyre not dating it would be a hell of an elaborate act

No. 1921912

my tinfoil is actually that dan came out after they'd broken up. they both clearly had repressed issues so I feel like if they'd never broken up they'd probably have never come out (and think phill only did cause dan had). Their relationship always seemed a lot more than two guy friends. Like if you compare their relationship to the smosh guys who also lived together for example you can see a whole lot more codependency between dan and phill. granted it could be their (dan especially) mental health issues that created that dynamic but most people around that time were willing to lean into gaybaiting but oddly enough, despite obviously centering each other in their videos, they seemingly hated the "phandom" and routinely ranted about the shipping to the point that a lot of shippers hated their feelings on the matter. Also phill posted then deleted a "joke" romantic video towards dan circa 2012/13(?) and I'll be honest, phill can't act so I believe phill had genuine feelings towards dan at that point (I'll see if I can find it if anyone is interested). that video was what made me think they were probably together but considering how triggered they were at the thought of them being a couple figured they were repressed as shit and might never come out, especially because the fans would go apeshit if they admitted to a relationship and public youtube relationships pretty much always ended in a firestorm. They also legitimately grew their lives together for a long time despite phill being old and obviously successful enough to have not needed a "roommate" even if an argument could be made that dan did.
If they wanted to capitalise on gaybaiting they would have come out earlier and probably wouldn't have gotten as triggered by fans constantly asking about a relationship between them. Though I know obviously they could still hate it but leaned into it now since they're increasingly irrelevant but iirc phill made some poetic posts about his and dan's relationship in regards to basically being a close friend-soulmate he'll always hold close to his heart but indicated that that era was over around dan's coming out video which gave me the impression he was going through some things and dan probably ended something between them. despite being older i think phill was more attached to dan than the other way around even if dan probably can't operate without another person taking over the adult side of things.
Sure this could all be part of their fujo pandering but it seems weird to be pandering and then ranting at phan ships then make cryptic breakup posts around the first coming out video with the second being a year apart instead of riding on the hype train. granted I didn't watch most of their content and haven't in years even pre-coming out so maybe they were leaning hard and I missed it but their old stuff didn't seem like they were trying to pander to anyone and just seemingly lived very codependent lives that dan occasionally seemed to freak out about.

No. 1921966

I can't imagine Phil fucking Dan. Phil is definitely a bottom.

No. 1922725

File: 1698865929039.jpeg (198.73 KB, 1000x800, yasmin.jpeg)

at first I thought Yasmin Benoit was a troll, she seems too retarded to be for real. now she is getting backed by Stonewall, cos I guess they needed another new project that actively works against gay people.

No. 1922742

I still think she's doing a bit and just seeing how far she can take it.

No. 1922743

Phil has always creeped me out. Didnt he start creeping on Dan when Dan was underage? That with his cutesy childish content gives me pedo vibes

No. 1922747

what rights do asexuals not have lmfao..?

No. 1922754

whether she is or not, it's still being taken seriously by an organisation that is meant to represent same-sex attracted people. it's so crazy.

No. 1922831

>asexuals rights


No. 1922910

pure marketing bullshit because shes boring as fuck

No. 1922984

asexual rights? aasexual righs to what, exactly?

No. 1923088

File: 1698936226992.jpg (561.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231102_104216_X.j…)

The twitter thread where she posts about fighting for asexual rights is basically all people asking what rights she's talking about and people responding with non-answers

No. 1923113

Your parents asking when you are gonna give them grandchildren is exactly the same as homosexuals getting hatecrimed, nailed it.
Asexuality is just rebranded singledom, except with layers of tumblr where people claim you can be asexual while in a sexual relationship because (insert pretzel logic)

No. 1923130

The right to not be asked if there's a special someone they're seeing at the dinner table or if they're going to bring a partner to the company Christmas party. Please understand, it's very traumatizing

No. 1923168

File: 1698951951810.mp4 (4.57 MB, 480x852, 6SC8RM-koqmsUdqj.mp4)

she basically wants Asexuals to have a privileged minority status.

No. 1923172

it's so retarded as an identity. when it boils down to it, a middle aged married couple could be classed as "asexual" if they're no longer having sex.

it's almost as if they're trying to turn the fact that many gen Zs are depressed + on anti-depressants, contraceptive pill or cross-sex hormones since puberty, into an "identity" instead of a pathology.
and that this current porn culture where people are expected to be kink-freaks before they've even lost their virginity isn't making people think they must hate sex (because they understandably don't want to perform violent porn acts)

side note: i used to think i was asexual (but before i knew there was a term for it) but i think it was just being depressed and medicated for years. plus, just not being particularly interested in sex compared to most. i guess that makes me part of the queer community.

No. 1923188

>asexual conversation therapy disproportionately affecting women
literally just misogyny demanding that women always be available to men not "acephobia"

No. 1923205

i'm gonna lose my mind. they will give 100s of labels for how many negative things disproportionately effect women before they talk about misogyny. as if women who have regular sex don't also face pressure to have sex they don't want to have?? and women who have regular sex don't feel pressured to get married and have kids?

No. 1923234

I honestly wonder if Trolls and Incels will use this as a grift, just declare themselves asexuals and try to use this to their advantage.

No. 1923245

i mean thats basically what happened with the push from 2007 onward to get asexuality onto the "queer agenda" the guy who spearheaded that stuff had an asexuality forum and he was very misogynistic and homophobic. he just wanted clout and resources meant for people who are actually experiencing discrimination in the workplace, hate crimes, homelessness, addiction, etc.

No. 1923307

wait, who is this guy?

No. 1923341

That weave isn't getting conditioned
…but it should be

No. 1923364

before Ace, identifying as non-binary was the usual option for them.

No. 1923602

File: 1699038890609.jpg (89.42 KB, 634x846, 8979070-6631989-image-a-75_154…)

David Jay, self proclaimed "founder of the asexuality movement", who started a website called AVEN (asexual visibility education network). He was somewhat of a mini-cow back in the day (still is), especially when he was trying his damndest to become famous. He's still around nowadays, still running his fiefdom, sorry, forum, still seething over not being recognized as the "founder of the asexual movement", and still desparately trying to grab every crumb of attention he can. See: Daily Mail article (likely paid for by him) where he gloats about being third wheel in a polyamorous throuple with 2 of his friends and helping to raise their kid.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6631989/Asexual-man-lives-married-couple-parent-baby.html (kek)

This guy was my personal cow since like 2009, he had so much milk between like 2008-2012 it's crazy

No. 1923772

No. 1923977

I feel like most non binary or gender specials just feel like they're ugly and need an excuse instead of just trying.

No. 1927248

>Asexual conversion therapy
What does it even mean? Like they send teenagers to… have sex?(sage)

No. 1927294

File: 1699785466766.jpg (109.33 KB, 1170x960, F07thtIWYAE5N08.jpg)

That's literally it.

No. 1929370

File: 1700131739444.jpg (196.82 KB, 1290x1506, Fxt71wwWcAAKxmQ.jpg)

Yeah, about that.

No. 1929396

Literally who? Why do we all need to know about the shit that everyone does in their bedrooms? Unless it’s literally some retard committing a crime, why should we all give a fuck?

No. 1929449

File: 1700144385664.png (37.27 KB, 762x438, OK.png)

Here's the actual article.

>Years ago, I was walking toward my boyfriend one day. He was standing beneath an archway, and I was suddenly struck with the absolute truth that I would marry him someday. "Oh, my god," quietly escaped my lips. I smiled and continued walking toward him, much like I did on our wedding day.

>Nine years later, I was jogging down the steps to a subway station, rushing to reach the platform before the train arrived. Suddenly, something clicked in my head, and I was struck with another absolute truth: I'm bisexual. I stopped dead in my tracks.
>I'd been happily married for five years to my husband. I started to panic, wondering how I would tell him my truth when I barely understood it myself.
>First, I spoke with other queer people to see whether I was really bisexual
>The inner turmoil started to eat away at me. I felt uneasy — like I was keeping a dirty secret from my husband. I was lost, and I had no idea who to turn to
>Luckily, amazing LGBTQ people came to my rescue. I had some very eye-opening conversations with my pansexual and bisexual friends. I joined online communities, connecting with many women just like me. I learned a lot about the spectrum of sexual desire and drive.
>But I still wasn't sure how to prove I was bisexual if I hadn't been with another woman. One friend put it all into perspective for me. They said, "If a boy had a crush on a girl, you wouldn't say, 'He can't prove he's straight. He hasn't kissed a girl before.' It's about what attracts you to another person. Physical intimacy is just part of the equation."
>At that point, I started to remember a younger version of myself that struggled with bisexual thoughts. Looking back, I can see my little bisexual self had tried to come out so many times and that I'd never been comfortable enough to do so.
>Finally, I was ready to tell my husband
>I figured if I had the right vocabulary and information, my husband might be more accepting. Eventually, I came to my very scientific conclusion: I was a bisexual woman with heteroromantic tendencies and hetero- and homoerotic drives.
>Terrified, I approached my husband and gave him the news.
>His response? "OK."

>"OK?" I asked back. I had done weeks of research and soul-searching. That was all he had to say? I needed more, so I asked how he felt.

>He paused thoughtfully and said, "Honestly? I've known you were bisexual for a while. I was just waiting for you to find out for yourself. But I'm really glad you told me. How do you feel about it?"
>I blurted out, "I don't know."
>And I didn't. I had done all this emotional work to break the news to my husband, but I hadn't really had time to break the news to myself. A brand-new crop of worries arose. Was I expected to go to a pride parade? Should I come out to my parents?
>3 years later, I'm still learning about my sexuality
>Coming out to my husband ended up being one of the best and most rewarding things I'd ever done. I'm incredibly lucky to have a partner who supports me, understands me, and meets me where I'm at. We've had hard conversations about our marriage and transparent conversations about women, and we've even made jokes about our newfound common interest.
>I have not explored my sexuality outside my marriage emotionally or physically. We have kept our relationship monogamous, as that's what works for us.
>Coming out to my husband was the start of a much longer journey of coming out to myself. I've realized I might be more pansexual, as I find men, women, trans people, and nonbinary folks attractive.
>I know not every marriage has a happy ending like this and not everyone can tell their spouse about their sexual identity. But I'm proof that if you want to, you may just have the support you need every step of the way.

No. 1929486

Coming out later in life isn’t unusual, but it icks me out how male-centric this is and how much it seems like she needs her husband to validate her sexuality.

No. 1929501

I'm sorry but being bi in 2023 is practically more normal than being completely straight. "Coming out" as bi seems absolutely pointless, especially if this person has never kissed another girl before. I'm so tired of straight people trying to cash in on special queer points just because they feel being straight is too boring or typical

No. 1929595


They always include a bit about how now they can make creepy sexist jokes about other women together

No. 1929648

Ugh, this is an exercise in pure narcissism and autism. It's not some core part of her identity. She had a thought and latched onto it. Nothing about her is all that different, other than she gets some oppression points and more of an excuse to talk about herself.

Kek you're so right nonnie. She's making such a big deal of something she will never act on. Like, let me know when you've dumped your scrote and eaten some pussy, then maybe I'll give a fuck.

No. 1929737

God, yes. It’s always so gross to me. As a lesbian, I don’t relate to the way men are attracted to women, so I feel like when bi women do this with their bfs or husbands it’s almost always fully informed by internalized misogyny and the male gaze and almost never by their actual desire for another woman or understanding of sexual/romantic relationships between women.

No. 1929985

File: 1700235560920.jpg (114.64 KB, 1290x1120, FxVOb01X0AAApDz.jpg)

>I'm an Asexual who likes sex

No. 1930002

Ah yes asexuality is when you've memed yourself into having sex with people you're not even that into because you're so horny you'll take even uggos you have 0 attraction to so you can use them as a human dildo. If anything they're actually hypersexual.

No. 1930040

I hate asexuals so much. They want to be oppressed so bad but come up with retarded shit like this

No. 1930247

File: 1700267733981.jpg (373.04 KB, 596x1920, tumblr_oq8ran3O941r8ttoto1_r6_…)

kek reminds me of this

No. 1930256

actually asexual people just don’t have sex and they don’t go on and on about it

No. 1930397

yeah they're just pornsick instead

No. 1930509

What I learned from this comic is that when sexuality is no longer personal and becomes a social hobby to compete in, neurotics lose their minds thinking of what makes other people horny.

No. 1930518

what? no, coomers aren’t asexual
people who just aren’t interested in sex exist and they simply do other things with their time
it’s not an identity any more than not having a dog is an identity

No. 1930540

to be fair, this particular artist has borderline personality disorder

No. 1930546

>be lesbian in love with your best friend
>she comes to your room in tears and sits down on your 3 metre long bed
>think she's about to tell you that she finally chucked her awful moid
>a bluh bluh bluh I'm spicy straight
>she goes back to room to fuck her husband

No. 1930554

got any more milk from him? I wonder what his deal is, he's got a touch of gayface but that doesn't necessarily mean anything

No. 1930853

tbh it's only seen as an identify because it's about lack of sexual attraction towards both genders rather than dislike of sex. what else would you call someone who is neither gay, straight, or bi? sure I agree they aren't an oppressed minority, but the labels exists for a reason. if you don't like sex, that's not being asexual, that's just someone who doesn't like sex. sexual attraction isn't defined by whether you like fucking or not.

No. 1930949

Bi women married to moids are so fucking annoying. I hate the performative self-downing they always do.
>I think I'm a horrible nasty dyke bitch for recognizing that a woman looks pretty
>But I would NEVER say that about another bi woman!!! Promise!
>Am I a horrible person for only being mean to myself and being a nice sweetie angel to everyone else???
>Please tell me that I'm so self-sacrificial and should in fact be praised for my behavior!!

No. 1932118

File: 1700673564848.png (499.56 KB, 1080x2400, Untitled117_20231122191701.png)

"I'm attracted to women but not sexually." Then how are you attracted to them?

No. 1932159

not all bisexual women who are married are like this. I'm sexually attracted to both men and women. That's about as far as I think about it. Some of us aren't delusional overthinkers who only get sunlight via a computer screen.(blogging)

No. 1932278

she's attracted to other women sexually but has trouble being sexually intimate with them because "muh disphoria". getting intimate with other women makes her more obviously aware of her female body and that makes her upsetti spagetti.

No. 1932306

ayrt, lmao nobody asked

No. 1932378

sage for blog but kek, I hung out with a friend last night who's a TiF themlet
>hasn't dated anyone for years
>In that time she told me she's definitely gay, never wants to date a man again
>she's only ever been with one woman before, me, when we were teens, one time.
>Dated a TiM and thinks that counts
>She's finally ready to start dating again
>Has gone on a few dates and kept they/themming them in conversation, all had gender neutral names
>sit there thinking she's been on a few dates with TiFs
>finally ask at one point if they're "afab"
>all men

She even said one of the guys she went on a date with is in the infancy of his non binary experience and has some trauma from "previous cishet relationships where they felt pressured into a certain role"

I can't make this up nonnies. Makes me sad how confused she is, and I know a lot of it is due to past trauma and wanting to distance herself from womanhood. But the fact she hasn't gone on a date with a single woman and talked about wanting to fuck one of these guys so bad had me reeling.(cool sage, still blogging)

No. 1932392

I see twitter and tumblr “asexuals” constantly go on about their kinks. I don’t even understand how it’s real. If someone has little to no libido, how does that make it an identity? I don’t understand why it’s meant to be a part of pride now because no one cares that you don’t have sex.

No. 1932422

Ok but this is a thread about lolcows, if it don’t apply let it fly

No. 1932544

what happens when you don't know the difference between a friend you care about and a crush
>trauma from "previous cishet relationships where they felt pressured into a certain role"
I want to a-log so bad, this man wouldn't know relationship trauma and clearly has no sympathy for those who do to downgrade it to "expectations" put upon them

No. 1932605

In Homestuck a "moirail" is a concept that originates in an alien, non-human society within the comic. It is a romantic but nonsexual partnership where the responsibility of one or both parties is to make sure their partner is a functional member of society that doesn't destroy themselves or others too much, but the majority of the fandom mischaracterizes it as "super best friends"

No. 1932696

File: 1700766105055.png (423.16 KB, 795x1050, screenshot.png)

Most TIFs don't really have any measure of dysphoria aside from feeling bad about something and euphoria feeling good about something.
>I'm bisexual but the idea of being with an AFAB person makes me extremely dysphoric
If the idea itself of being in a relationship with a woman is a problem for her and even the execution makes her uncomfortable, would it really be attraction? Also she specifically didn't include TIMs by saying "AFAB" which is a fancier word for women, which means she is attracted to men.

No. 1932702

>suddenly remembers "assigned gringo at birth"

No. 1935218

File: 1701267654324.jpg (163.5 KB, 1284x1422, GAChbclWYAAilcw.jpg)

what a self own

No. 1935249

What the fuck is his point here? That his themby fiancé is hotter? This is so typically moid: you’re ugly therefore what you’re saying is not true and I’m going to compare you negatively to my obedient themby fiancé. Besides the two women look practically the same. The only ugly one in the pic his his bald headass.

No. 1935257

It's just a man mocking a woman for being single as moids have always done. Woke bros are just as hateful towards women as any other moid. Still, they have a free pass to be just as misogynist as evil "cis straight men" because they say "twans women are women" and bc they choose not to discriminate against enby pussy (bc nonbinary pussy is better than being an incel yk). They can even call JK Rowling c*nt and they will still be better people than a transphobic white karen who doesn't want a grown man showing off his dick to little girls. Sigh.

"Spinster", "cat lady", "die alone with your ridiculous standards bitch", "now women are suffering for not being able to get a man now go thanks feminism for that bitch", etc. Business as usual. As if being single were the worst thing that could happen to a woman. Too bad that so many women buy that not having a nigel means women have no value. I am homosexual, but if I weren't, I'd rather be single and live with my cats than play mom to a manchild and get raped in my own house.

No. 1935260

>where the responsibility of one or both parties is to make sure their partner is a functional member of society that doesn't destroy themselves or others too much
a tard wrangler?

No. 1935269

Oh nooo, god forbid a woman be (gasp) single! B-but who will open the pickle jars for her?? I love how these woke progressive gender moids go straight to misogyny whenever they feel threatened.

No. 1935283

I love the prevalence of old school misogynistic rhetoric when it comes to modern identity politics like it’s the fucking 1950s and women must be shamed for being unwed of all possible things. I swear shit wasn’t this horrible a decade ago. Like sorry most women don’t find it a point of pride to be a doting wife to an ugly bald man anymore kek men really think they’re a fucking prize and the only thing we live for. It’s cope and attempts at manipulation to constantly insult independent women.

No. 1935335

That could maybe work as an own coming from something other than a soyblob manosphere and an elderly pooner. Why would he post Chaya's W like that?

No. 1935378

He's owning his enby fiance if anything, nothing proves he sees her as female more than basing her value on being with a man

No. 1935619

File: 1701348281327.png (329.96 KB, 604x1672, Spicy S.png)

>I am sexually attracted to both men and women, but I'm only interested in being in a relationship with a man.
and only gets worse.

No. 1935623

Sounds like she is actually having sex with women at least.

No. 1935632

Nah, she sounds like a unicorn hunter. Every les/bi woman I know has dealt with these, and usually the “boyfriend” wants to get involved too or gets jealous and starts some drama. People can be into whatever they’re into, but writing essays like this serves pick-me energy. And I don’t think the response would be any more positive if she was screaming about how she loves sucking dick but wants to go home to her girlfriend, people are just tired of these attention seekers.

No. 1935697

Honestly don't see the issue here as long as she's open and honest about her intentions. The problem with bihets and unicorn hunters is that they lead you on and lie, not that they want NSA sex.

No. 1935831

This is 1000x more legit than the 'uwu I wanna cuddle and hold hands with a woman in a meadow, if only I didn't have a bf' types who can't even pretend to be into eating pussy

No. 1935895

I dont know anon, speaking from experience it's extremely degrading to have sex with a woman who refuses to acknowledge that you have any bond at all and doesn't care about how you feel about it.
This is just another side of that same coin, maybe it's a little less obnoxious but it still speaks to a really unpleasant culturally poisoned view of women and of lesbian relationships as lesser. "let me eat your pussy and go home to my boyfriend" what a horrible and humiliating thing to say.

No. 1935930

Reminds me of that article that was linked on lolcow once iirc about how straight women go to sex clubs to perform public lesbianism with other straight women (essentially to give themselves a sexy story for their moid's benefit) and then, you guessed it, go back home to their moids.
Using other women's bodies for sexual pleasure solely is moid brained and not homosexual imo, those women are objectifying themselves and the other women.

No. 1935945

She's right about bi men often only being interested in dating women though, that's definitely been my experience as a bi woman too. Dunno about the rest of the post but there are so many spicy straight Harry Styles fan aligned women and TIFs who have this fantasy in their heads of bi men being all soft uwu feminist and not like those horrible straight moids

No. 1935979

I said it's legit, as in she may legitimately be sexually attracted to women, not that it's a nice way to treat people or an enjoyable experience.

No. 1936017

They use the exact same argument in the black community "You are judged for the worst person in your group, therefore you are obligated to defend my degeneracy!" "They can't tell the difference between Michelle Obama and SexxyRed!" I spit on their faces

No. 1936018

There's a conversation to be had on how badly the anti-bullying campaigns of the 2000/2010s failed

No. 1936385

File: 1701480697485.jpeg (242.16 KB, 828x1340, C73CDD9B-6BCE-40FD-833D-75E4C2…)

No. 1936387

File: 1701480781939.jpeg (298.92 KB, 828x1393, 5F37FBE2-82FF-4F34-AF17-0655B1…)

No. 1936390

File: 1701481066317.jpeg (388.89 KB, 828x1163, B5CBFC13-86A6-4B5E-A5E2-B06068…)

No. 1936394

>I like penetration therefore I must simp for whatever's attached to the meat dildo
Bis posting Ls

No. 1936398

Why do pick-mes write essays about sucking dick and act like dating men is such an important & radical act? I know some bi women who prefer dating women and they aren’t half this dramatic kek

No. 1936402

probably because they're just straight women who bought into the glorification of non-straight relationships and the idea that straight relationships are dull and boring, only to find out that they do actually like men and that the romantic feelings still feel like romance even if it's not gay
it's radical to them because they most likely internalized the idea that straight = dull, and then when they find out that that's not the case for them they think it's absolutely groundbreaking

No. 1936404

Reading this is making me gayer and hate men more, reverse psychology works. The simping is off the charts. I hate it, yeah you rebel! crawl up men's asses some more, not like our whole society is structured to do exactly that and this is the least rebellious or controversial thing I've ever read. It could almost be posted by a tradthot.

No. 1936419

So are these the same people who passionately hate febfems for choosing women?

No. 1936422

In my experience male-identified bisexuals are even more hostile toward female-identified bisexuals than toward lesbians. It really triggers them that some women have a choice and still reject their precious Nigels and their magical penii.

No. 1936447

SA do you mean exclusive, not identified? In which case I agree. If they're going to soapbox about how it's okay to love/choose men and "cis dick" then they need to accept that it's also okay to love and choose women and "cis pussy"

No. 1936524

Bihets tends to be pickmes and they think febfems are evil radfems who are forcing themselves not to be attracted to moids (as if it was a hard thing to do).

No. 1936605

Febfems are still attracted to males, they just choose not to date them. Sort of like how monks and nuns aren't literally asexual, they just abstain for religious reasons.

No. 1936851

>living your truth sometimes means accepting you like cis dick
So, bi/straight women are allowed to say they only like "cis" dick? Good for them, how wonderful that would be if lesbians also were allowed to say "hey, I only like cis pussy sorry, that's my truth". Fucking clown world.

>I chose that over everything else

Woman chooses to marry a moid. Groundbreaking news.

No. 1936896

>muh quiet math guy, his love for me is so much deeper and more profound than what any woman could ever provide
As if there are no shy nerdy women out there she could have ended up with. I can't wait till her autismo nigel inevitably troons out and she has to backtrack all this sperging about how she ~chose to love men~ bc she'll have to pretend she totally knew he wasn't a man ever. And because she's a pickme pretending to be bi, she won't even be able to use the "sorry, I'm not attracted to women" excuse. Lol.

No. 1936965

wow, bisexual woman marries nerdy introverted man. say it aint so.
common bisexual L

No. 1937191

Why is it always the nerdy shy golden retriever men that bisexual women date? I can't be the only one who noticed this phenomenon. Can anyone please explain?

No. 1937300

>I can't be the only one who noticed this phenomenon
I've noticed that, too, anon. When it's not the nerdy/shy guy, it's always an autistic metalhead. I don't have an answer for the phenomenon but I wonder if for them, being "bi" actually means "not attracted to conventional masculinity/macho man type of man". Like, moid has long hair or is shy/nerdy/emo/"sensitive" = not actually a man, therefore any woman who's solely into this type of moid must be bi. It's all so tiring and disrespectful to actually same-sex attracted women. When did society start thinking that how someone dresses defines sexuality and not, well, someone's sex and what they have below the belt?

No. 1937302

samefag, I meant to say "how someone dresses or style/cut their hair, behaves, their hobbies, etc" but I hit "new reply" too fast, sorry kek

No. 1937403

I find the bisexuals who are real tend to go for less conventionally masculine men, not necessarily ugly, but it's like the attraction to women makes the super "manly" men unappealing (and their personality especially). These girls are the ones who usually like men in makeup and fuck up by landing themselves a bisexual man about to troon out (thinking bi4bi is the same for het couples as it is for febfems). The queerios dating uggos claiming bisexuality are probably girls who felt they needed a label to stand out or used to make out with girls to desperately catch a guy so it's less they're attracted to these guys over a typical jock, and more that they'll take anyone who says they love them. A lot of these girls I think through being online and public and thinking it's the only thing that makes them special can't backtrack their high school "bisexuality" so double down on it.
At least these are my 2 cents based on my experiences.

No. 1937508

>can't backtrack their highschool bisexuality
I think this is it exactly >>1936387
Like if you are married to a man and this sickeningly far up men's asses, why mention you're bisexual at all? But they are such dull humans that's all they have to cling to to try and differentiate themselves from a Karen or normie or whatever. Basically the root of the spicy straight phenomenon itself.

No. 1937523

There's only one thing that makes a woman bi and that's being attracted to both sexes. What type of men those women are attracted to doesn't hold as much relevance as some anons ITT make out, imo. I can only speak anecdotally but I'm same sex leaning bi and prefer more neutral/masculine men over feminine. I also think among younger millennials and zoomers ID'ing as kweer/nonbinary has been replacing identifying as bi as a way to differentiate yourself from the normies.

No. 1937542

File: 1701655019172.png (74.21 KB, 530x629, 51216754.png)

Oh my god. This retard is seriously watching as actual homosexuals are being stripped of her rights, and her first thought is that it's somehow about her because she's… celibate??? The Russian government isn't going to harm you for not having sex. The fucking audacity to even imply that she's being persecuted at all, let alone on the same level as actual gays. Someone stop me from a-logging

No. 1937604

I used to get mad about asexuals ten whole years ago (whew) but in 2023, honestly? this is just hilarious now

No. 1937673

Stability. Vidrel talks about stereotypes and extremes in media, but essentially IMO it covers the general idea why women in general find these archetypes of men attractive.

No. 1937680

there is a subset of bi women who are attracted to androgynous men and women specifically, this has been discussed in the bi thread for example. It doesn't negate the fact that you need to be actually attracted to both sexes in order to be bi, but it might explain why some bi women end up dating the most soy scrotes, they're turned off by masculinity.

No. 1937695

It's possible to be conceptually into men while finding every single one of them physically revolting IRL. It's actually pretty common in straight women and needs to be normalized more.

No. 1937696

This is a point that often makes people bootyblasted, but here goes: it's common in straight women to mistake an exclusive attraction for men under 25 for bisexualiy. They think they're into "femininity" or "nontoxic masculinity" or whatever, but in reality they're just into boring healthy youth, which apparently is so controversial for a woman society will sooner have you believe you're not into men at all.

No. 1937733

This is retarded. It’s insane that any woman who doesn’t want a hulking 40 year old balding roidpig with a goatee is deemed as bi or lesbian or defective in some way. It’s just cope and seethe from old scrotes with rotten sperm who are mad that men in their late teens and twenties have the highest testosterone, healthiest bodies, dna and sperm, and are at their most attractive, slim and athletic. Literally everyone knows adolescent males are the most physically attractive and that women only get with older men for security and money, even the ancient Greeks knew beautiful young athletic men were the epitome of male attractiveness.

No. 1937828

File: 1701708283045.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20231204-113312~2.p…)

If a boring old-fashioned female woman artist decided to do a performance art piece about attempting to get pregnant on her owm, it'd be called passé and demeaning to men. When an AFAB theythem does it as a statement about whatever the fuck "rainbow families" are and gets panned, she gets money and news coverage. I want to puke.


No. 1937857

wait what's happening?

No. 1938041

Tbh I think the anons in this thread misinterpreted what she's saying. I feel like she's targeting this towards the bihets we make fun of in this thread that constantly rag on about dating their moid but not dating women as a result. She's speaking to the women that feel the need to over-compensate. Instead of saying sucking dick is a radical feminist act (it's not) she's saying you shouldn't have to say you hate men and dick to fit in with the kweerios.

No. 1938713

She deleted half the thread because TIMs came after her for calling penises "gauche"

No. 1940991

File: 1702226302474.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1536x9854, 36A98C83-00C1-48C8-A8A5-17B98A…)

comic by a they/them about how she's so special, cause she wears both dresses and shorts.

No. 1940993

File: 1702226342881.jpeg (298.36 KB, 1944x1948, 0BEB1A0E-8622-4430-8AA7-EED71E…)

The author and her boyfriend

No. 1941002

Whoaha she can wear dresses, and women's shirts AND long sleeve women's shirts?
Whoa whoa so queer, no way I could gender that queer special face. Definitely no normal ass heteros to see here, no siree. That is a queer woman wears PANTS some days, and her homosexual partner. Everyone knows straight men aren't attracted to long hair and boobs once the boobs are wearing pants. Guys I'm so boring all I can wear are dresses please I just want to be so queer and free help HELP ME I DONT WANT TO BE AVERAGE! I want to be special!!! I don't want to look like Julie Terryberry though, she can keep that

No. 1941024

lmao, when you're so delusional you think people would judge a girl buying a dress because she was dressing casual that day.
Also I hate these sexist handmaidens who think they're special and different from women because they're not 2d caricatures of airheaded women you see on tv yet are not even gnc. not that gnc is a reason to trans but at least you can imagine there's some actual conflict with society here and not a straight girl thinking she's ascended above other lowly women despite acting totally basic

No. 1941060

File: 1702236671597.jpg (58.75 KB, 400x400, oli-franey-liferoom2new.jpg)

>looked her up
>her last significant work was a "queer" porn comic about monster girls

No. 1941074

It's almost like women should see themselves as people first, instead of living in the gender box society has dictated for them. I hate these retards. Women FOUGHT for us to wear pants, and now they'll pulling this shit.

How did I know that's exactly what she'd look like. So queer. so brave uwu

No. 1941076

>dancing around your room, playing with your cat, making out with your boyfriend
Just “queer” things.

No. 1941077

>husband trooned out and then they let their son troon out
Wow, I hate all of this.

No. 1941093

Spicy straight kpop fans are the worst. They tend to be 18-25 and they collect nothing but kpop boy band merch and want to fuck them, but wouldnt touch a real man with a ten foot pole. It's bizarre.

No. 1941176

File: 1702251653794.jpeg (2.32 MB, 1536x9008, 1607530100227.jpeg)

thinking about this edit from the tif threads

No. 1941183

File: 1702252695149.png (81 KB, 220x243, nonbinary btw.png)

>when i look at myself, I don't see a man or woman. I just see me
Yeah when I look in the mirror i see myself too, i don't profile myself "white woman, mid 20s…" because people don't naturally do that
>I no longer felt confined to present myself only as female. I was free to be anything I wanted to be
yeah, that's… all women just want to dress the way we want to. i'm assuming she is a white american? styling yourself is not limited by your gender. most women here don't just wear skirts every day
>in a society that genders you at first glance it can be tough to feel validated
you mean in a society where women are leered at by men constantly is annoying and you desperately want to escape that right? so do… the rest of women
>if i can't be non-binary, i can't be myself
no you're a woman, saying you're something that doesn't even exist is denying yourself
>i'll always be queer
you're literally straight, see >>1940993

No. 1941202

As a straight woman this is exactly why I can’t ever get along with bi girls into dick. Having the choice AND choosing your predator for social approval is mental illness. The bi’s with spines always go for women. Also their taste in boys is so awful I sometimes wonder if it would be better to just spay them.

No. 1941203

This is the exact type of woman I will NEVER get. How do you tolerate your hideous rape-ape but don’t even like the appearance of dick? Aww, I love guys! Except their bodies and facial features and genitals! I just like telling people I have a boyfriend. They make me feel like the nastiest horniest faggot out there. Like damn, is it that weird to jerk off to dick pics? Am I the retarded one here? They’re not sexual at all. They’re not HORNY. She doesn’t even like ‘cis dick’ for realsies. Anyway she can keep pubestache soycel, I’ll have the studs all for myself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941204

>draws herself thinner
my favorite joke

No. 1941209

It's biologically normal but socially unacceptable to be straight and not interested in men. I know that at a glance it sounds as retarded as asexuals who have sex or whatever, but I promise you it's a thing. In fact, not being terribly into males despite having a male oriented attraction schema is a biological norm for most female mammals. It's completely and utterly normative to know you're not into women and that hypothetically you'd be into men, but have 0 interest or drive towards mating with them 99% or even a 100% of the time. It's not "queerness" or asexuality, it's actually the biological default.

Because women are not allowed to exist this way, a variety of maladaptive identities emerge, including women who are repulsed by male bodies yet make themselves date men/"asexuals".

No. 1941216

>it’s actually the biological default
That’s objectively false.

No. 1941219

What's objectively false, the fact that women aren't as interested in sex as men are? Or that it's not as satisfying for them? Or that men are objectively less physically beautiful than women? Because those are all objectively true.

Being a straight woman and having low to no sexual interest in men is either incredibly common or close to being the default.(derailing)

No. 1941251

Genitals are just weird looking, it's not that complicated.

No. 1941278

Nta but this, even OF whores are all over twitter shitting on men, The reality is only men like other men. There really is very little to like, their standards of appearance are on the floor, sex is culturally accepted to be all about penis and male orgasm, and they are not even expected to be friendly or pleasant in order to take part in daily life. Most straight women agree they only like a few men, their nigel and father/brother usually being the limit.
That's different to being romantically attracted to women obviously, but disliking men is absolutely the norm among straight women.

No. 1941284

>Like damn, is it that weird to jerk off to dick pics?
..yes, damn what's wrong with you kek. Even nice looking dicks aren't actually sexy to look at irl, male bodies and faces can be nice but disembodied dick is just gross.

No. 1941294

I was hoping someone would bring this up! It's one of my favorite lolcow edits but I always forget which thread it's in. Appreciate you.

No. 1941299

maybe I'm autistic, but what's the joke supposed to be?

No. 1941306

its referencing the beginning scene in American Psycho

No. 1941314

I dunno, moids sure absolutely hate being in spaces filled with nothing but other moids. I'm not even sure they like themselves, given how common it is for them to experience epic self loathing after nutting.

No. 1941315

Literally never met a single woman that coomed to dick pics. Dicks are fugly. I think you might be replying to some lost data lounge gay.

No. 1941323

agree and adding, the only woman i've known IRL who called female masturbation "jerking off" is now a gendie enby too… weird

No. 1941338

>moids sure absolutely hate being in spaces filled with nothing but other moids.
No they don't. They hate it when they are trying to get sex and they hate it when they are confined there, i.e. banned from women's spaces, cause they think nowhere should be off limits to them. But otherwise, they love male only spaces.
>Like damn, is it that weird to jerk off to dick pics?
What kind of pics are you jerking off to? Please tell me it's not the ones where some moid just flops his dick out of his pants. You deserved better and should want better. I have seen some nice ones though, but it was because of the effort that went into it, not the dick itself. Like in one, a guy was laying on his bed, the lights were dim and he had wrapped himself in xmas lights. Typing it out, it sounds lame, but it was nice picture. I'm not going to judge you for your weird dic pic ways, just demand that they put effort into it.

No. 1941344

"Male only" with female entertainment/care personnel, oh for sure. I also enjoy mixed gender spaces with men as my janitors, for example.

Truly male only? Most of them would rather set themselves on fire.

No. 1943378

File: 1702643623380.png (294.69 KB, 952x669, Ace-couple.png)

Didn't know being an annoying hipster couple was a sexuality.

No. 1943381

just like nobody cares about the details of a couple's sex life, nobody is interested in the details of the lack of a sex life. weird.

No. 1943385

samefag, I heard about these two when looking up the James Somerton drama. Apparently, these two donated $1200 to his upcoming movie studio, hoping to see more specifically ace representation. They felt personally betrayed when that never happened. The woman even complained about how she should have never trusted a cis white man. Like seriously, sis?"

No. 1943387

vampires don’t appear in analog photography. FOOLS

No. 1943400

Fellas, is it gay to not fuck?

No. 1943559

Cool photo tho

No. 1945249

File: 1703028552435.jpeg (244.7 KB, 1278x428, C4784578-4D06-4506-BD74-5AB149…)

I was scrolling through tumblr today and found this woman who’s in a totally gay relationship with her husband, lmao.

No. 1945266

I can’t keep doing this anymore.

No. 1945276

why does this offended me more then the polyfag cuckqueen?

No. 1945299

This sound do homophobic(sage your shit)

No. 1945307

putting into being why some of us hate the straights calling us "queers" again. This homophobic bitch is literally using queer to mean weird or different instead of just not straight and sees nothing wrong with any of this. And as usual, the "weird" part of the relationship has nothing to do with the man actually acting like a nice, equal partner which would actually be weird. It's the girl defining the way she loves him being different. But also she loves him differently because you cannot regularly love a man who is beautiful or shakes his butt? Also he cross dresses, so I guess gay moids in relationships with drag queens are straight then by this logic

No. 1945319

Massive kek. This case is especially cringeworthy, but all too often I hear bi women calling their relationship with their straight bfs gay. The level of delusion. The absolute cope

No. 1945345

File: 1703055991518.png (2.66 MB, 1080x1080, 0zOV5b8.png)

Her husband is probably a Ned Fulmer type, men who aren't really attractive or interesting, so they make themselves appear 'queer' and flamboyant to manipulate women.

No. 1945388

File: 1703064493576.jpeg (549.71 KB, 1170x1743, C7424FD4-96E0-4FE2-96F7-F68E1B…)

No. 1945404

My straight boyfriend lets me, a straight woman practice makeup on him. Never knew that made us a gay couple kek

No. 1945410

I remember being pissed off when I read stuff like this in 2015 or so but I am serene now. Yes becky, your relationship with your husband is very queer, the queerest of them all, queerer than 12 mustached, thong wearing, oiled up gay guys about to have an orgy, you nailed it you got the prize of Gayest Of Them All

No. 1945417

As the 'nonbinary' fucker outright admitting to destroying gay acceptance and the ability for us to just get on with our lives as part of normal society? I-

No. 1945430

Welcome to the LGBT, nonna. Your card to say “queer”, “fag”, and “dyke” at your leisure should arrive in 2-5 business days.

No. 1945432

File: 1703078137096.png (272.47 KB, 318x319, FXrnhQ4.png)

For anyone wondering, "non-assimilationist gays" were gay people who believed that being a perverted degenerate was inherent to being gay. It was mostly gay men (and maybe 5% of pretentious identity-obsessed lesbians), and it's worth noting that many of them were pedophiles.

No. 1945478

samefag, Lesbians have been accused of being "assimilationist" since the 1970s, and it is technically true. Most lesbians wanted to be treated as regular people, and even the radical ones aren't dancing around in kink gear in public. Currently, it's one of the accusations made against lesbians who don't to date TIMs or don't want spicy straight women and their bf's in lesbian spaces.

No. 1945484

File: 1703090948312.png (15.99 KB, 524x138, Screenshot 2023-12-20 184123.p…)

saw this and thought of this thread kek

No. 1945523

I remember hearing this gay complain about lesbians not wanting kink at pride because they have children. Gay men love claiming they're more stigmatized for their attraction but it's like you literally are arguing to be beaten with a whip in public and your community is known for its hookup culture despite all of that you're still more present in media and more likely to have your nasty attitude complimented as "sassy". And they can get away with not touching troons

No. 1945541

There was a gay history history podcast that i used to listen to ran by two gay scrotes and they used to moan about assimilationist gays and how they were the problem with the gay community. Sure; the gay people wanting to live peaceful happy lives were the problem, not the degenerates trying to normalise pedophilia or the monsters harming other gay men during the aids epidemic by being careless super spreaders

No. 1945573

No. 1945574

I don't even get why this is an argument in the first place.

No. 1946222

File: 1703254117884.png (26.6 KB, 600x260, ad2fav.png)

trying not to alog.

No. 1946312

What is it with these people and pretending like sex is some mythological concept? They have to be stupid on purpose, otherwise their whole ideology wouldn’t exist.

No. 1946579

You dykes are delusional(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1946620

Lol they use such tortured convoluted SJW Twitter language just to end up back at good old-fashioned homophobia

No. 1946627

I'll never understand how people can post their rapey thoughts proudly in public like every time they state that someone's sexuality "excludes" anyone else like we are all meant to be fairground rides, available for anyone to ride. Weird how it's also always the repulsive specimens who think everyone else's body should be available to them, they have never experienced any personal demand so it's all just semantics for them, never a moral issue that would negatively affect them

No. 1947582

File: 1703632243749.jpeg (541.76 KB, 1284x997, IMG_0051.jpeg)

No. 1947585

Wtf is this post?
>I am attracted to how men talk, look, and act and also want them to fuck me, am I a lesbian?
Literal brainrot.

No. 1947589

File: 1703633022929.jpg (131.54 KB, 1280x656, straight.jpg)

No. 1947596

Tinfoiling that you wrote this. It's already been removed and it was posted less than an hour ago. What are the chances a lolcow user would be browsing r/wlw, exactly within that window?

No. 1947613

Reminds me of posts in our questioning sexuality thread on /g/

No. 1947620

I truly didn’t. I just caught it at a lucky time I think.

No. 1947624

I hope this was parody but Poe's law and all that, I've seen girls think that not liking the guys around them made them lesbians so I can see someone thinking not liking men in porn or media meant lesbianism too. not understand, but wouldn't be surprised by their existence

No. 1947634

>repulsed by women irl
>turned on by men's faces, beards (ew) deep voices and "what their dick might do to me"
I'm gonna be sick and yeah, you are not a lesbian

No. 1947867

Lol no, men's bodies are hideous. Just the dick itself. There are some 10/10 goodlooking ones out there but I've never seen a male face or body I liked before. I'm exclusively into disembodied body parts. Damn, if I'm a weirdo pervert even on an imageboard I'll never bring this up in real life and just continue bullying my friends for their ugly Nigels(not your personal blog)

No. 1950202

File: 1704287025523.png (195.23 KB, 1004x506, Screenshot.png)

Their podcast might as well be called liberal self-made problems and delusions.

No. 1950203

this is the wife btw.

No. 1950220

They should call it
>>50% WHITE 0% HORNY
youre welcome. for the free podcast name

No. 1951578

File: 1704564046070.jpeg (240.6 KB, 785x1072, 4638AF7B-E7D4-4EB4-B78E-20EA9B…)

this shit gets on my nerves so bad, I saw it on instagram but how do they seriously realize how misogynistic they sound? “only enbies can be cool and alt and dress fun, cis women are boring basic bitches and only wear uggs!” literally the definition of NLOG shit

No. 1952246

File: 1704692884470.png (39.68 KB, 527x344, 1184511.png)

Grown ass woman loses her shit because another kweerio IRL clocked her as a dangerhair in front of her parents. Christ forbid her ~conservative~ parents find out that she uses "any" pronouns and is asexual. Has any conservative parent in the history of the human race ever been upset that their daughter has chosen to abstain from sex?

No. 1952249

this is a reach—most conservative parents want their kids to marry someone of the opposite sex and have children

No. 1952269

Eventually, sure. But most people claiming to be "aro/ace" aren't old enough for that to be a particularly pressing matter. They're mostly teenagers and undergrads, and the average age of marriage in the U.S. is 26. I know from personal experience that conservatives' response to their kids being childfree isn't to fly into a fit of rage, it's to gaslight them and say, "you'll change your mind uwu," (and they're usually right.) It is not at all a reach to point out that conservatives are way more hostile to their kids being gay or trooning out than their kids being some kind of meaningless Tumblr identity like "asexual" or "genderfluid," or whatever. They mostly just roll their eyes and write that stuff off as a phase.

No. 1952276

The whole point of gay-coded fashion and behaviour is so this exact thing happens, it is supposed to be a signal to other gays that they can approach/befriend you. Of course it is just fashion for these people and they are offended when an actual gay goes near them

No. 1952301

> younger queer kids
> BNHA profile pic
> is worried about her parents' reaction to her being nonbinary

Does she mean like… 10 year olds? Because she can't possibly be an adult

No. 1952305

Tbh so many young people claim to be asexual nowadays that there is no way that all of them actually are. I think plenty just find sex scary/icky and this is how they interpret that.
For instance, this doesn't prove anything, but it's kinda weird that this girl based her entire profile around an anime boy female fans famously want to bone. Straight male fans don't care about this dude all that much, they don't base their online presence around him. What does she in him if she feels no attraction?

No. 1952306

They subconsciously realize that people will look down on feminine women, but struggle under the pressure of of being told to act feminine at the same time. Their solution is to delusionally believe they are not women, so that they can give into the pressure without, in their minds, falling subject to the stigma. It's crazy.

No. 1952307

You can always tell they're bullshitting when they have a husbando or OTP. They are perfectly capable of sexual attraction, there is no appeal in that sort of fandom if not, they just can't imagine an irl man comparing to their fictional favs.

No. 1952386

Both the strawman kids in this post and herself are insufferable. It's also easy to avoid this if someone, especially a dumb younger kid clocks you, because who would take a child seriously. Just act like you don't know what they're talking about or be very offended. Like what can they do after? And by her MHA profile picture and typing style she's not older than 25. Or maybe older than 18.

No. 1952391

Kek she's 23.

No. 1952690

No. 1953690

So we agree
It's all just fashion, glad they admitted that.

No. 1953742

People started making fun of NLOGs so now they are like "achually Im not a girl at all!"

No. 1956296

File: 1705527780587.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1808, IMG_2325.jpeg)

I joined a bisexual fashion FB group because of you all. Got this gem today with insecurity and validation included can people see the groups I’m in on Facebook?

No. 1956301

The “boyfriend” looks like a TIF, pretty sure they are actually gay

No. 1956302

Is this not a TIF or is my tranny radar broken?

No. 1956308

Is the skinny one not formally female? Shouldn't they be happy they pass as a hetrosexual couple then, you know.. because the skinny one is a man?

No. 1956311

Idk nonna, nothing about this reads straight to me. At a glance I'd think they were a lesbian couple, or a dyke out with her gay bestie. Isn't the taller one a TIF?

No. 1956364

Am I the only one who thinks that looks like a cis man? The hands look male

No. 1956397

File: 1705555751289.png (16.14 KB, 598x190, 1705451615265.png)

Won't someone think in the poor trans heterosexuals???

No. 1956508

Yeah me too, anons must have faceblindness. His hands are bigger than her head(sage your shit)

No. 1956514

Why do these types care so much about how other people perceive them? It's pathetic.

Forget the hands. Her face is soft and feminine even with the beard.

No. 1956572

File: 1705604084958.png (307.85 KB, 1440x830, 1000006118.png)


No. 1956596

the tif is cute I can’t lie

No. 1956676

He would have beat you.

No. 1956691

Are you under the impression I posted that tweet to this thread in support of John Lennon?

No. 1956707

File: 1705627826856.jpeg (194.45 KB, 750x563, IMG_2888.jpeg)

Reminds me of when I stumbled upon a bunch of Beatles yaoi fangirls on TikTok saying that John Lenon was bisexual because of this Yoko quote as if this isn’t just the most liberal pick me man shit ever.
“Oh yeah I would totally fuck a guy, I just haven’t found one that meets my standards!” As if John wasn’t a serial cheater that fucked any woman he could, yeah he had such high standards.

No. 1956731

I don't know about other nonnies, but I refuse to believe there wasn't at least a little something between him and Paul. Too bad Paul will take it to his grave.

No. 1956742

Meanwhile, John Lennon on Tom Jones:
>"It's not a unicorn it's an elephant, you know!" ya Welsh puff

No. 1956819

nonnies it’s definitely a tif. Post literally calls the tif “partner” plus no man has a beard that’s only on his neck without a mustache

No. 1958155

NGL if she saved that beard, didn't have a mental illness and was single I'd hit

No. 1958240

File: 1705944980992.jpeg (93.04 KB, 884x497, IMG_0482.jpeg)

Censored the name to protect this random normie’s identity, but I saw this in a lesbian FB group on a post about gatekeeping in the community.

No. 1958258

does she mean tifs? because if she's talking about actual men she's delusional about being a lesbian. and people would definitely tell her she's not one

No. 1958269

Most probably they just nod along because they have no balls to tell her she's delulu.(non-milk posts should be saged)

No. 1958314

>no man has a beard that’s only on his neck without a mustache
Have you never seen a neckbeard?

No. 1958347

Do these retards think that normies who politely change the subject after they say deranged terminally online nonsense are agreeing with them? Are they so used to either an echo chamber or a 5 day 500 reply twitter thread argument that they can't recognize a brush off?

No. 1958667

Your first mistake was expecting these people to understand social cues kek

No. 1958802

File: 1706078490577.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1740, IMG_7556.jpeg)


No. 1958804

"polyamory" is just being able to abuse your wife with her permission

No. 1958806

OF COURSE him having a child with you should put you "above" any "other partner", what the fuck? That's a whole new life depending after them and she thinks she doesn't deserve to be above anything else in his life?

No. 1958807

Why/how are people with babies even poly? Especially if he's leaving as often to the point where it's frustrating his wife to raise the baby by herself. That's just getting milk lite at that point. At least if she became officially single she'd get child support and such. I feel bad for women who have pregnancy and the newborn stage robbed from them by selfish moids

No. 1958845

Oh my god. Who signs up for this shit?

No. 1958850

This is the most heterosexual shit I've read.

No. 1958920

I like that her level of pickmeisha led to her getting an even worse deal than the standard "moid ignores me and new baby to play vidya" and her moid has added a second level of bullshit by actively dating another woman while ignoring her and the baby.
Imo him actively choosing to leave her and her baby alone while she's sick and has voiced her need of support, is parental neglect on his part, hope she is documenting this for the divorce case later (also it's still cheating even if tumblr/reddit/twitter says it isn't!)

No. 1959274

File: 1706196840836.jpg (670.8 KB, 2880x2880, 20240125_092256.jpg)

I hope this is the right thread for this but somehow this…thing ended up on my feed. "Queer" 18 year old drug/porn addict and her moid-in-a-dress "wifey."
(apologies for shitty collage)

No. 1959304

'Straight with extra steps' is toootally not applicable in this situation.

No. 1959334

File: 1706202772930.png (20.01 KB, 590x209, retardedpronouns.png)

I had to look up "mirror pronouns" because what the fuck is that? Picrel if you were clueless like me. Just when I thought these morons couldn't get more detached from reality. Whatever gets you more imaginary quirky points, but you're just a straight woman.

No. 1959352

All these people really want is to feel special. Now that they/them and weird ass xe/xem type aren't all that unique anymore, they gotta keep inventing new shit. Once other unique gender specials start copying this mirror pronoun nonsense, someone will come up with another type and everyone will follow. Rinse repeat.

No. 1959357

what happens when two mirror pronouns talk to each other

No. 1959392


No. 1959476

>married at 18
yeah, that's gonna last. she's also a cutter (988twt).

No. 1959479

File: 1706222970421.jpg (17.95 KB, 357x357, fkn7HdKg_400x400.jpg)


No. 1959566

File: 1706234549609.png (136.32 KB, 247x258, skinny male feedee to potentia…)

Binge eating and feederism (since she's a super coomer) maybe

No. 1959651

Kek even trailer trash populations are getting swept by the gender craze.

No. 1959875

File: 1706320487850.png (91.66 KB, 536x819, 52121811.png)

A mental gymnastics gold medalist. Gotta find a definition of straight besides "person attracted exclusively to the opposite sex" otherwise OP can't call herself a sooper speshul kweerio.

No. 1959880

>“gender conformity”
oh so you agree? trans people are not the same gender they actually are?

No. 1960008

This one TIF is the biggest SJWs on Tumblr who constantly talks about trans issues and I think she's a teacher for a gender related class too in a college? I don't really remember because I don't check Tumblr anymore. The funny thing is that other TIFs keep sending her anon hate and attacking her, even though she's one of their biggest supporters, because she used to be a radical feminist space in 2014, kek. They are so obsessed with cancelling that they'll do it to one of their own if she isn't completely "pure" and made "no mistakes" whatsoever. She said she agreed with some cryptoterfs but then she discovered they were terfs and changed her mind, she made many posts "how to be on the lookout for TERFs" and even back then she wasn't really a radfem, she even surrounded herself with other troons but happened to hang out with some terfs too.

No. 1960009

It's always the kweerios who make sexuality much more complicated than it actually is, I've never seen regular gay people and lesbians put so much thought into that.

No. 1960010

It's very simple actually:
Straight = heterosexual, like gay = homosexual
Trans people are straight if they're attracted to the opposite sex of what they are, not what they claim to be.
Bisexual people are not straight. They are bisexual.
Sexual and romantic attraction aren't a separate thing, so if someone claims to be aromantic but not asexual and asexual but not aromantic, this is not a sexuality but someone who might have an issue with libido or getting attached to people. They're straight if they're attracted to the opposite sex.
And someone who is complete asexual is not straight. They are asexual.

No. 1960024

Same sex attraction = you are gay or bi. It’s not more complicated than that, people just want to feel special.

No. 1960396

What even is straight to these people? Stereotypical tradwife in a relationship with stereotypical macho man? Never losing interest in sex or romantic feelings fading?

No. 1960429

its because of internalized misogyny. women are told to be ashamed of being female/feminine so they make up all these terms like non-binary and have to change the meaning of female centered definitions or else they're "TERFs" and "invalidating their identity.

No. 1963257

File: 1707248344322.jpg (265.3 KB, 1080x1990, tumblr_c9ade937b98a3d1b3419852…)

sad oppressed asexie art that showed up on my dash, kek.

No. 1963258

not even asexual, she thinks she’s oppressed because she doesn’t want to date people kekek

No. 1963259

oops my bad, i didn't bother to check the flag so i just assumed things. considering that she drew herself fat, it's safe to say that she just has body issues and claims to be aro to cope.

No. 1963263

It's almost as if the LGB exists because it's about people being something that ends with… Sexual.

No. 1963267

So if you're actually aromantic, why do you care if other people want relationships/sex?? I truly don't get it. Imagine if society actually moved past the need for oppression olympics.

No. 1963288

shes mad people aren't focusing on her. Terminal attention whore behavior

No. 1963579

>being this triggered by the word "love"
No one is stopping you from sleeping around. Aces of all flavors are fucking retarded.

No. 1963791

asexuality and aromanticness doesnt exist. its just a bunch of confused teenage grils and young women who don't want to admit their struggles are just plain ol misogyny.

No. 1963959

there are people who just aren’t interested in sex or romance at all, it’s just not an identity thing

No. 1965929

It always bothered me how aroaces always scream about exclusion. Why would you feel excluded by couples in love? You don't even want that shit.
You are mixing up "inclusivity" with "attention" and that no on gaf that you are so special and don't fuck. A lot of people don't fuck for many reasons, do we ever see them crying about it?
Sorry for old post ig.

No. 1966044

>Why would you feel excluded by couples in love? You don't even want that shit.
I've wondered the same and concluded that they are using their identity as cope and actually do want to find love. The rare person who truly has no interest in romance/sex doesn't make it a part of their identity and wouldn't complain about "exclusion" because they'd understand people like them are very rare.

No. 1966528

Slight cow crossover but I lurk McKenna/CozyKitsune and she's pleasant and funny right until someone mentions asexuality or doubts her asexuality, then shit hits the fan. Imo a lot of asexuals have unrealistic storybook expectations (big overlap with fandom/fantasist types) so they are simply waiting for an anime prince to sweep them off their feet.

No. 1966529

This is giving #singlesawarenessday, if you're sad and jealous about being asexual you are simply single kek

No. 1966530

ayrt, she's still around lol? i've noticed this too. anyone actually lacking libido entirely/in a sexless relationship out of mutual choice likely doesn't feel the need to talk about it, much less defend it. and i do think fandom obsessed types tend to try to convince others they are "above" relationships and sex when many just can't admit they have fairytale tier standards. no hate to husbandofags ofc as i am a casual one myself.

No. 1969253

File: 1708712608370.mp4 (12.77 MB, 720x1322, 1703467369352.mp4)

>My husband isn't straight, cause I'm non-binary and he's only attracted to vagina.

No. 1969295

>calls herself a “non-binary woman”
>her husband correctly calls himself straight
Kek the jokes write themselves

No. 1969352

Of course she's married to a man.

No. 1969454

>my husband is attracted to all types of nonbinary women with vaginas!
Ok so straight then

No. 1969540

>I am non binary
>I'm a non binary woman
I don't think she knows what non binary means

No. 1969682

To be fair, at this point no one knows what non binary means

No. 1969757

If she's so bothered about being seen as queer she can always divorce him and go eat some pussy.

No. 1970495

i actually couldn't watch this all the way through. i stopped after she said she wants him to acknowledge that they are a queer marriage. she is a parody of a person. i couldn't believe:
>i am a non binary woman
20 seconds later
>i am not a woman


No. 1971185

File: 1709236596977.jpg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032, 1691841373837.jpg)

>>Yaoi IRL

No. 1971435

Kek who is this?

No. 1971503

File: 1709320091847.png (37.82 KB, 566x122, bIhCf6Y.png)

It's a TIF and her "gay boyfriend" from reddit and was posted on r/gaybrosgonemild

No. 1971510

File: 1709321391090.png (46.79 KB, 865x686, IMG_0630.png)

Yaoi is real!!!1!!1

No. 1971519

he literally has the triangle chin.

No. 1971560

Standing on her damn toes but it looks like she's trying to be subtle about it kek
Also her fashion sense clocks her even if she does look a bit like a young girlish boy on first glance. Not to mention the fact that she has one of the straightest-looking men as her "partner". Soyboy sure, but this man would gag at the thought of cock you can tell.

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