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File: 1648362098989.jpg (301.71 KB, 850x1265, 1640638568401.jpg)

No. 203508

Previous thread: >>>/w/203467
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

Previous "milk":
>Sharla moves to Sendai, speculation about living with Chris and dating him shits up most of the thread.
>Chris releases an unremarkable book, but creates a next level studio space that every single jvlogger must "tour" in. Gets partially destroyed due to Tohoku's biggest earthquake in years
>Sharla has thyroid cancer, flew back to north America to have surgery and is fine now
>Connor and Mori Calliope/Karen might be dating and this causes a mini incel meltdown. Karen makes an stream ooc and said that she is tired of the vtuber life and their incels. May actually become a regular jvlogger after appearing in sydnsnaps' video
>Browyn moves to Austin Texas
>TokyoLens' Norm continues to be an insufferable butthurt asshole in his comments
>Trash Taste continues to make insane numbers
>Sydsnaps is still a pick me
>Akidearest is still a pick me and a porker
>TkyoHam is still the king porker, plus an entitled moid that keeps self posting







Rachel & Jun



Tokyo Creative



Taylor, Aki, Simon/Martina and some other (Ex-)Jvloggers may have their own thread, post your (non-)milk there!

Sage your non-milk posts (type "sage" in the email box)!
General rules apply: https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 203694

File: 1648429602592.jpg (431.46 KB, 586x790, lmaocuckbeats.jpg)

mori/karen causing drama again by canceling a scheduled collab last minute with hololive to collab with the TT dudes again. Either she really is dating connor or she's crushing on him and doing a hoes before bros shit to her vtuber friends.

No. 203726

I think she's just trying to distance herself more and more from vtubing and the vtuber crowd, maybe she's trying to get fired/"graduated" earlier for doing shit like that.

No. 203801

Chris and Sharla's apartment is in a really nice building that was built fairly recently. Its location is very nice too.

No. 203808

File: 1648485696196.jpeg (23.39 KB, 600x600, 0FFC7778-98CD-46EF-83B3-4AFFE5…)

No one cares tkyoham

No. 203836

Sharla and Chris and going out and living together. Proof is when the earthquake happened and Chris was filming in the street it was outside of Sharla's apartment building.

No. 203857

Doxfags really are the worst

No. 204074

Jeez all the previous page bout Chris life.

No. 204104

How is he doxig if we are literally seeing the area in his own video lmao

No. 204118

Imagine defending the retard constantly bragging about having their address. Just post it or don’t, why be such a fucking wierdo about it?

No. 204120


Not defending just that doxing from what I know is leaking out as you say the addresses.

The guy there is just drawing points based on Chris video so clearly he/she has 0 solid information.

No. 204121

We know you're the anon who has been saying it. You don't even know how to sage. Either post it or stfu. No one cares that you know where she lives. It's creepy and obsessive.

No. 204132


No. 204136

File: 1648623529357.jpg (359.18 KB, 1076x1777, 20220330_085451.jpg)

That weird reddit mod got removed as a mod and simultaneously deleted all of his posts ever in the AIJ subreddit, including the Sharla apartment thread.

Did Chris make him?


No. 204139

I've been a member of abroadinjapan subreddit for a long time and this is the first things have gotten "frisky" bout the Sharla matter.

Like out sudden heavy censoring and uncertain rules for "speculation".
Poor mod tho I think not even a week he/she lasted lmao(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 204147

kys newfag, literally who gives a fuck about some stupid fucking reddit mod.

No. 204174

The only one who cares about this is you, stay on Reddit

No. 204193

Its also rude AF to ship people when they might not be dating and derailing a subreddit over it. They probably deleted it, even the mod didn't confirm they are dating, but seems like out of respect to deleted tinfoils over there too. Some of you anons have no class or brain cells.

No. 204203

Except they did confirm it:
No wonder that mod is flying under the radar now. They pretty much banned themselves from that sub. It makes no sense they deleted ALL of their posts from that sub, and boy oh boy they were everywhere.

No. 204209

Whats the deal with TC? Channel seems to be stagnant barely hitting 20k-40k views (outside the occasional Chris appearance).

No. 204210

They never said they are dating. They say rule numbers and go on about just knowing each other for years doesn't mean they are dating. No1currs about the reddit thread. It's not milky and just full of randos who keep repeating the same BS here which again, never ever gives solid proof of them dating. Just drop it, anon. The whole thread is tired of your samefagging about it.

No. 204227

They should never have posted that anyway, it was obviously just gonna be a bunch of speculation in the comments. No one should post anything else about Sharla on that subreddit because it's never gonna fucking end.

No. 204228

Seriously and spaces like that aren't a place to speculate and make the reddit thread subject feel uncomfortable because anons want to force a ship that might not even be happening. It's respectful to not tinfoil about someone's private life when their Reddit page is there to discuss content not person shit. I can't imagine being that entitled to someone's personal life. It's as bad as the adults who were shipping the Stranger Things kids. It's fucking creepy.

No. 204239


Yesterday I saw Chris livestream(Chris abroad channel).

He'll soon drop a video of talking in Japanese only with Natsuki and Sharla in his main channel.
This silly shipping movement will appear again there for fucks sake.

Cringe ahead

No. 204242

Why does that matter? They all always collab. they all shoot with the same people, Sharla shoots mostly with Natsuki.

No. 204244


With them there's no issue I enjoy the content of Chris.

I refer more to the upcoming shippers that will appear again.

No. 204267

Why would Chris be filming outside Sharla's apartment in the middle of the night when the earthquake happened.

No. 204280

File: 1648668862627.png (1.49 MB, 2004x2048, Screenshot_20220330-200840.png)

Have you got a vendetta against them or something?

No. 204284

No vendetta, just speculation(sage your shit)

No. 204287

File: 1648669893083.png (1.12 MB, 1069x2048, Screenshot_20220330-201105.png)

I'm guessing you are one of these people? What's with the endless speculation?

No. 204310

I’m pretty sure the unsaged poster plus the speculation poster is the same person.
Although people bite elsewhere it’s kinda funny no one really cares, and yet they keep trying. Who could possibly care this much??

No. 204311

Samefag sorry.. didn’t see this post.
Speculation you say.. so you have no proof? Can you finally just fuck off and stay on Reddit? Please inform your fellow Reddit friends to do the same
Unless you’re gonna post caps of them clearly together you’re gonna get angry anons telling you to fuck off.

No. 204322

You are so genuinely fucking annoying kill yourself

No. 204385

there was a guy in chat from tkyosam's twitch chat that said he met chris, sharla and norm at a paid presentation that chris put on about jvlogging / youtube tips etc. said it wasn't worth the money and after the presentation chris was very dismissive of questions people had for him. he also said that sharla and norm were very close, a little too close for "just friends".
ps, im not sam(post receipts)

No. 204389

no1currs, post caps or stfu. A random guy in chat doesn't matter either. People who have nothing to do with it shouldn't have a say anyway

No. 204395

"A guy in chat" like come on.

No. 204403

File: 1648710110601.jpeg (117.34 KB, 400x400, EC2318D6-DD8D-4A24-A2A4-0DAD5B…)

The fact you sit through sam’s 3 hour incoherent streams live, shows how low IQ you are. Nobody cares about him

No. 204405

guy in chat is another jvlogger in japan(no1curr)

No. 204428

Yeah you posted about this before >>172120

No. 205024

File: 1648969987170.jpg (355.74 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20220403-090621_Red…)

Man, trash taste indeed.

No. 205029

Please go somewhere else with your unsaged nitpicks, have you tried the PULL discord?

No. 205034

Chris really became friends of their community.

No. 205035

This probably doesn't fit here but im just curious how do people like emirichu and her bf Daidus move to japan on a work visa as a youtube animator? I get that it's a job but who's hiring them? youtube?

No. 205077


The rumor is that Geex+ are the ones behind it.

Maylene was waiting for them and even posted in twitter a picture with a "welcome" drawing.

We just gotta wait for confirmation tbh if geex+ Emirichu/Daidus contact email will change in all their socials.

No. 205089

Hi ladies bumping for gore

No. 205098

YouTube alone as a job isn’t enough for a visa so like the other anon said, they’re being sponsored by a company

No. 205120

Are u ok hun?

No. 205154

I don't even follow these people but I still laughed at the thread pic

No. 205195

It is though, there is even a headquarters there.

No. 205222

You're a retard if you think youtubers work at youtube HQ.

No. 205267

As far as I know they’re all sponsored by Tokyo Creative.


Posting link because their website isn’t very screenshot friendly for mobile with the large images and generous use of space.

No. 205270

Samefag but my bad if I’m wrong. I imagine they have multiple sponsors but this is the one I’ve heard some of them mention the most.

No. 205279

Didn't say that. Calm down. It's a company that has reach across the globe. I brought it to because pretending YT isn't a job in 2022, is massively retarded.

No. 205357

Stop being massively retarded and asking to be spoonfed then. Of course YouTubers have money but that doesn’t meant shit to the Japanese government unless they make pewdiepie levels of wealth, that’s why gaijins rely on sponsors.

No. 205382

NTA and didn't ask for anything spoonfeeding wise.

No. 205525

Lol lol this is the worst made up lie so far. He is never help a paid class on how to YouTube with Sharla and Norm! He held it in collaboration with Temple University as a 2 day course. It was Chris and Chris only! No Norm, no Sharla! Stop spreading lies

No. 205528

Per chris his visa is based on YouTube alone. He doesn’t have a sponsor nor does he get it from Tokyo creative. Sharla gets it via TC. But after years of working with Tohoku tourism and getting visa through them, he finally opened a business of his own aka hiring camera men and editors and opening a studio, making it possible to sponsor himself for a visa. Twitch streamer retro Gaijin also sponsors himself through his “twitch company”

No. 205557

she is such a grifter since as soon as she got a fuck ton of money and eyes on her music then all of a sudden she doesn't care about hololive and tries to move onto the next community to leach off of(sage)

No. 205580

Are we really talking about if people's visas are valid again or not? There's more than one way to get a Visa in other countries Then just the bare minimum of only having a company in that country hire you like what you said, a lot sponsor their own visa. Japan is strict about foreigners living in their country, but it's not as easy as they immediately kick you out when a "normal" visa expires. That's insane. You'd never see long term entrepreneurs living in Japan then. Lol

No. 206033

File: 1649442244375.png (1.45 MB, 1044x2048, Screenshot_20220408-175834.png)

Yep here we go again FFS

No. 206034

How much we lasted?

No. 206044

About 8 days

No. 206159

That’s great, they can speculate there and not here!!

No. 206316

We all know Norm is a fucking psychopath online. Though, I genuinely wonder if he’s like that irl. How can someone so psychotic have such a large & established friend group plus make so many connections? Everyone who claims to have met him irl is either a schizo or tokyos resident disgusting fatass (Sam).

No. 206324

My guess is that he presents himself as regular nice guy to his colleagues. That way he will never burn professional bridges.

At some point, it does not matter how good you are at your job, if you are being a bother people will stop hanging out/working with you

No. 206342

I've stumbled across some of his comment section freakouts and then noticed him pity baiting in streams.. I spent a while wondering if he's legit so mentally ill that he can't control the rages and the whinging but then he covers his tracks and deletes shit so I think he's an asshole who knows when he can get away with it..and when he can't.

He lies or lies by omission on his streams all the fucking time. I know he's hiding his family so that calls for omissions but he lies more on top of that and it keeps his audience engaged and ready to superchat basically. He's just a user. Others have pointed out that he appears to use other creators more than they ever get back from him. He's a liability if his freakouts ever reach a larger audience. Why are Chris and co taking on that risk?

No. 206357

I’ve also noticed during his livestreams that he sometimes gets super agitated at random passing strangers over very trivial things. He definitely has moments during his streams where his psychotic nature shows, but I guess his viewers just think he’s being “quirky” or something.

No. 206436

File: 1649647209187.png (1.79 MB, 1822x1006, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 8.16…)

Imagine moving somewhere fun like Austin where you literally never leave your house, never go anywhere, and make vlogs about how "my house is ruining my hair."
Like she probably didn't even know SXSW was even going on. I can't imagine being so boring.

No. 206438

the more she posts about that house the trashier it seems honestly. and theyre spending 2800 a month on it. and they're not even in austin, they're almost an hour away from the city itself. im seriously astonished shes going to try to have a vlogging career out there. doing nothing.

say what you will about all these crappy jvloggers, at least you get to experience something kind of flashy or pretty with shit like train rides or cherry blossoms. but in suburban texas? without a car? what, is bronwyn gonna walk to a fucking strip mall?

No. 206451

I always felt like that's what she wants to do. Like being a tradwife and just decorate the house, cook, clean, watch K-dramas etc. Is her business still alive? Wasn't her Canadian friend also a business partner of hers or something? I wonder how they are going to go on with it now that they live in separate countries

>what, is bronwyn gonna walk to a fucking strip mall?

Kek I'm foreseeing a 'Visiting the K-mart in AUSTINTEXAS' video in the future

No. 206452

Exactly - he seems so desperate to be with the Sharla / Chris crowd, even as far as to share Chris’s ken watanabe vid on his social media - I assumed it was because he was hired as cameraman but the credits said otherwise!

>>204385 PS you’re Norm

No. 206453

Can someone who watched it explain how in the hell her house is “ruining her hair”

No. 206454

Why do they act like it’s some super big deal if people know they’re dating, it’s honestly cringe, no one cares THAT much if two average randos who make Japan vlogs are dating, the only reason care at this point is because they act so weird about it and end up drawing attention to it

No. 206455

Samefag I wonder if they think of themselves like some kind of celebrities lol acting all secretive about something that doesn’t matter gives that vibe, it’s not like either of them are in high demand

No. 206457

The water is hard

No. 206476

She's always so miserable, complaining every video.

No. 206483

Just wait till summer hits in a couple months. She's such a baby I don't know how she's going to survive our summer heat and humidity. If you think she's complaining a lot now……

No. 206542

I think that's precisely why people can't fucking drop it. because Chris and Sharla are both equally so normie, boring, and phony while they're trying to present these fake images in their channels (Chris, the sarcastic, cranky, bumbling Brit, and Sharla, the cuddly warm cat-obsessed lover of all things kawaii) but we know there's a real darkness under both of their personalities and the simple fact of them going to such efforts to hide their relationship is 100% the most interesting thing about either of them.

No. 206559

>we know there's a real darkness under both
take your meds

No. 206563

don't need em, dildo breath

No. 206565

"… real darkness under both"

Did Chris or Sharla personally slap you in the face or something?

No. 206568

"both.. of their personalities"
the quote means that they are both hiding something. how are you cuntrags actually this stupid

No. 206594

Read your post, yes you do

No. 206642

OT but literally anything to stop the ship sperging. As a uk anon I can confirm Chris isn’t faking his character, it’s not a facade we are literally like that. He certainly isn’t a caricature of himself either… you just don’t like him. You are seeing what you want to see rather than what is actually there; they are just people who perhaps don’t want their private lives speculated.

No. 206680

Nah, it's not darkness they're just both narcissistic and imagine themselves as some kind of celebrities so they "have to keep it a secret" to have a PrIvATe LiFE like actual celebrities do lmfao

No. 206682

>As a uk anon I can confirm Chris isn’t faking his character
Didn't know all of UK people had one character, fascinating…

No. 206683

Ugh don’t be pedantic, it’s a stereotype. He fits the stereotype. You could tell if he was faking it.

No. 206685

>it’s not a facade we are literally like that
>it’s a stereotype

Make up your mind, anon.

No. 206690

You think they are narcissists for wanting a private life off camera? I’m not sure that’s the definition of being a narc.
It’s not a facade, we are all like that in some way hence why I said stereotype?

No. 206728

File: 1649789397500.png (862.59 KB, 2048x1183, Screenshot_20220412-013727.png)

No. 206730

File: 1649790684229.png (1.28 MB, 1502x2048, Screenshot_20220412-014046.png)

Maybe Chris and co don't care about Norm being a shitty person?

Vid about Norm >>184043

No. 206735

he's british. Stfu.

No. 206747

sperg chan, what is your endgame?

No. 206748

I do agree that British have certain stereotype and well Chris do fits with it..a lot.

Him wanting to keep his private life that is just typical of him like only in the last years we learned something about his past relationships.

Let's be honest it's better to have a reserved Jvlogger than one that exposes all their private life and making money of it.
Those are the worst.(learn2sage)

No. 206762

yeah that's all fine and good. honestly nobody would care if Chris had a relationship - he has in the past and nobody gave a shit. but the fact that its Sharla, another huge Jvlogger he collabs with all the time, it's the story. not just "Chris has a relationship he wants to keep private" and "Sharla has a relationship she wants to keep private" - The fact the both of them do, and the other person is them… that's why people care. I'm not saying I care, I'm just pointing out that it's intriguing to their fans, simply because it's not some simple "they want to keep their private lives private"
It's not that simple because they've deleted comments, avoided the subject, edited podcasts and videos to cut out any hints, taken down photos accidentally shown in live streams, etc.
I'm just saying - if they were just open about it then people would shrug and move on and 75% OF THE FUCKING POSTS ON THIS GODFORSAKEN BOARD WOULDN'T BE SPECULATION SPERGING

Also please do learn to Sage your shit - your unsaged broken English posts are getting really annoying

No. 206898

Sharla should've dropped Norm when he outed Greg. Idk how you could overlook that and continue associating with someone who did that to your close friend and she's known Greg since university. Then again, she was friends with Mira.

Micaela's a regular on a local late-night show in Fukuoka called オケハザマってなんですか?~弐ノ陣・版図拡大 "What is Okehazamaa?" https://rkb.jp/tv/okenan/

No. 206947

Norm is a major asshole and I can’t stand him. But he never outed Graif! Yes he brought it up in a video but Craig chose to leave it in his video he did not edit it out. It was not a live video it was a video that Craig could’ve easily edited that part out, but he said in it I don’t care if people find out. Look for it yourself in the video https://youtu.be/nduHvWuwo2A

No. 206969

This is interesting, why can’t we tinfoil about why they are still friends with Norm? That’s more interesting than their supposed relationship
Well.. it wasn’t his place to say it regardless of how he says he felt about it. He kinda took that away from him, and that’s shitty behaviour.

No. 206970

The reason they’re still friends with Norm is because he will put them as a couple - he’s got that over them.

No seriously though, they don’t need him why not just fuck him off already. And now I see norm has 500k subscribers(don't use emojis)

No. 206973

His name is Greg.
Check his replies in the comments.
"I was kinda scared to watch the end conversation cuz I hate when people stereotype like that and I cringed so hard before… should have seen my face when I finished this video finally xD"
Greg "Awwww yeah… I just wanted people to see that it’s best to let you say what you are then for others to do it themselves because you don’t want to be wrong. Or at least I wouldnt"
"Ugh, I Greg I felt sorry for you. I don't think that conversation needed to happen and why was it even a conversation in the first place?"
Greg "Awww thank you! I wonder huh."

No. 206978

He has the power to put them as a couple?

Don’t we all have the power to speculate whether they’re dating? I wouldn’t believe a word Norm says tbh. Subscribers mean shit these days, k3 still has close to 200k and hasn’t uploaded an interesting video in years

No. 206986

Sharla is known for being a snake so there's no wonder she gets along with somebody like him. She only outed Mira to discredit her receipts once she got scared her own shitting on other jvloggers was about to go public.

No. 207002

>known for being a snake

Literally never heard anything regarding that. Either post photos or instances or don't say vague shit like that. If nothing ever went public, then how would you know there was anything Mira had to begin with? Just sounds like Mira, again, being mad she is being held accountable for being garbage. How that's Sharla's fault, no idea.

No. 207054

There's photos on either mira's or jvlog thread from years ago if you're willing to dig for it.
People call sharla a snake because autistic mira self-incriminated herself making fake accounts, Sharla screenshotted it and ran to rachel/others with it. Rachel made a 'connect the dots' video but hinted that there's 100% foul proof evidence confirming it was mira but decided to leave out for privacy reasons. Years later someone dropped a bunch of screenshotted conversations between mira and sharla on lolcow. And so people figured out that the proof rachel left out was those screenshots.
Why rachel left out the easiest proof? Best guess is because sharla's image is sweet next door type, so they were left out to protect sharla from looking like a snake. Also leaving out sharla would've kept the focus on mira too.
but there was like 50 screenshots uploaded by an anon

No. 207058

Oh fuck that, Mira deserved it. Unless Sharla was also caught posting the same shit, nah. She should've absolutely shared with people to not be friends with her. Definitely warn your other friends.

No. 207060

>If nothing ever went public, then how would you know there was anything Mira had to begin with?
Norm harasses and stalks people on the internet for simply unfollowing him, and has been exposed for using sock-puppets to attack others just like Mira. It's strange to find Mira objectionable, but continue to associate with Norm. The company you keep, anon.

No. 207135

Are.. we actually saying Sharla is as bad as Miranda? She deliberately had those types of convos to try to incriminate people later on, which is exactly what she tried to do. I believe Sharla when she said she was going along with it until there was enough evidence to out her.
We are all capable of being assholes sometimes but that doesn’t mean we are all snowflakes; Sharla is definitely not one. Stop trying to make that happen with no evidence.

Norm is the one we should be talking about, he’s the snowflake of that group

No. 207143

Forgive my retardation - but have viewers/followers tried to bring Norm’s attacks/meltdowns to their attention? There’s a lot of evidence

How does this fuxkwit get 500k subs?

No. 207144

Does anyone here follow the “j walkers” aka Rambalac, Tokyo Explorer, Rion etc?

What’s Rambalacs deal? He seems so introvert/autistic

No. 207146

There are some videos where he has a conversation with people in his video (Asakusa and Hiroshima video's from the top of my head). He seems like a normal guy that just likes to take walks and share them on youtube.

No. 207152

He’s Russian I think judging from some of the streams I’ve watched. He has quite the cult following. I remember one particular stream he did a Q&A at the end of it in the dark and it seemed kinda awkward , he was hard to under stand

No. 207158

I watch Rambalac. I agree that he seems very awkward. I hate whenever he goes to order food or talk to someone in Japanese. For someone who has clearly lived in Japan for a long time, he can barely talk and doesn’t seem to understand norms regarding how to get people’s attention, ask questions, etc.

I like watching his more nature-y walks.

No. 207180

Haven't "watched" his vids in a while, just have them as background noise.
There's a video (can't remember which one) where some japs boomers ask him about his setup but it didn't came off as awkward, maybe he isn't a social butterfly or maybe he's just too russian in some regards.

As far as I'm concerned he just does this to lose weight and probably earn some money? I wouldn't know because of uBlock. Those 4k-8k cameras sure aren't cheap.

No. 207181

Seriously. Sharla is like a whistleblower. How she like Mira, no idea. The correlation doesn't even make sense. Fuck Mira. Sharla did everyone a favor. Idk anything about the Norm thing but that's two seperate issues.

No. 207190

>Are.. we actually saying Sharla is as bad as Miranda?
No one has said that. What has been said is that, though she may not be as bad as Mira, she is a shady person herself and continues to associate with someone (Norm) who isn't much different from Mira, which is highly hypocritical behavioral.
>Idk anything about the Norm thing but that's two seperate issues.
If you don't know anything about Norm, you don't know whether or not those are separate issues.

No. 207198

Reading the context, the Mira incident wasn't in correlation with Norm. Theres literally no reason to argue about it. Association isn't the same as Sharla leaking Mira's messages. Its crap they all associate with Norm in general. Never said it wasn't, but nitpicking like that makes you sound retarded.

No. 207264

Sharla has likely gotten messages about him, many of his viewers came from her.

No. 207308

It might be hypocritical or is there something else going on? Is he employed by the same sponsor/TC (idk who they all really work for).
Are they friends with his wife? Is he just a raging autist and they choose to put up/ignore his tantrums?
I think there’s more to it than just calling Sharla a snake.

No. 207322

Why her specifically only? That makes no sense.

No. 207328

They have collaborated the most and like I said a lot of his subscribers/followers came from collabing with her. Many of the people he has harassed and attacked in comments were likely also followers of Sharla and had found him through her so some of them have probably messaged her about his behaviour.

No. 207341

What's so difficult to understand? Sharla claimed she only played along with Mira to expose her after she found out what she was doing. But she exposed and dumped Mira for the same things that Norm does, which casts doubt on the idea that she always objected to Mira's behavior and wasn't aware of what kind of person Mira was during their friendship until the end.
Sharla is the one who got Norm into vlogging. It's at 6:45 in the video, which is supposed to be an interview with Sharla but mostly Norm talking. She's known him for almost a decade (his first channel is Shamisen in Tokyo), has been collaborating with him since 2015 (I think this is the failed 2015 video he was referring to in the interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6iVkiBnZHU), and a lot has been outside sponsored content/work. She may be the reason why he's in Tokyo Creative.
Even if Sharla hasn't received messages about him, not only has she followed and posted on PULL and lolcow where a lot of his antics have been documented, even by a former co-worker, most of Norm's behavior has been in full public view, so there's no way she isn't aware of what he's done and what he continues to do. That's not even including his behavior in edited vlogs which off-putting enough.

No. 207379

It’s a sad and strange world where people actually give a shit about all this. Have you really got nothing better to talk about? It’s hard to work out it this is amusing or straight up pathetic.(are you lost?)

No. 207385

Hello, unsaged newfrend, not that anon but this is a thread made specifically to talk about this shit, so yes people will talk about it in the thread made for that specific purpose.

Brb gonna find a thread about labradors somewhere online and make a drive-by comment complaining they're talking about labradors /s

No. 207402

I was gonna suggest this is Norm, but then realised his style is more “you don’t deserve the air you breathe, go KYS”

No. 207420

Not to wk but anon has a point, this has (not) been a thing. It would be more productive to dig deeper into norm, maybe then we can figure out why they’re still friends after so long.
To be honest it is probably far simpler - for clicks and views. Norm might be a dick but he’s got 500k subs now so I guess that’s what you gotta do. If he gets cancelled I’m sure she will drop him.

No. 207432

500k subs but it doesn't seem like the majority are loyal.
Number of subs means not so much if you can't keep them interested in your content.

So I don't think Norm is the option one looks to gain views honestly.(learn2sage)

No. 207463

Yeah they don’t mean shit, but if Sharla can leech any subs from him it’s more money in her pocket.
That’s what I meant by that.

No. 207487

Norm has likely already been on here. >>>/w/25674 We've also had one sagged and one unsagged Chris & Sharla wk lately.
>It would be more productive to dig deeper into norm, maybe then we can figure out why they’re still friends after so long.
How is sharing that Sharla and Norm have known each other pre-Tokyo Creative and Sharla was the one who got Norm into vlogging in the first place and possibly TC "unproductive" in response to questions about Sharla Norm and TC?
And this isn't an either/or thing. This is a thread for jvlogger"s" plural, we can "dig" into any jvlogger, not just Norm, and we've been talking about him this whole time.
As for why Sharla keeps him around, she's been collaborating with him for years and he's been behaving this way for years, long before he had any kind of following, not to mention that his subs originally came from her collab videos, not the other way around, so the followers/subs theory doesn't hold much weight.

No. 207577

File: 1650295515871.png (494.95 KB, 1732x1041, Screenshot_20220412-193822~2.p…)

Well she does have a history of being friends with problematic people. Maybe she's not a nice person either. >>149088 >>183408

No. 207585

They are all friends with 'problematic people'. Idk why we are debating about it instead of just waiting for milk. This isn't a pissing contest as to who is worse when the drama about it already ran dry years ago. Just wait for something with Norm to explode and they will all drop him too. Is this literally what happens when the sharlaxchris fags run out of things to tinfoil?

No. 207591

Why are you posting this image, it doesn’t help your case at all. If anything it makes it look like you’re self posting your own comments

No. 207606

Like they said "birds of a feather flock together" someone who is close friends with a horrible, aggressive person like Norm likely isn't exactly a great person themselves. And she's not fucking using him for clicks and views either, so stop with the white knighting.

No. 207619

I was about to say someone made that exact comment here in a previous thread.
I’m not op but I’m not a Sharla wk, I just don’t believe she’s dating Chris or that she’s a particularly shady person.

Someone in this thread has a weird vendetta against them both and are literally picking at anything they can find to get farmers to talk about it, and all it’s done is shit up the last 3 threads. Like >>207585 said, this isn’t a pissing contest. This thread can lay dormant until there is something worthy of discussion. If you wanna chit chat why don’t you take it to Reddit or the PULL discord?
Inb4 you reee that this thread is about jvloggers, everything has already been said over and over again.

No. 207653

>I just don't believe she's dating Chris
Why bring this up? We were discussing why Sharla associates with POS Norm. That is irrelevant.
>Or that she's a particularly shady person
Alright, but you don't know her though, do you? Like you're still coming to the defence of someone who you don't even fucking know. Sounds like a regular old wk to me.
>Someone in this thread has a weird vendetta against them both and are literally picking at anything they can find to get farmers to talk about it, and all its done is shit up the last 3 threads
What was shitting up the last 3 threads was speculation about them dating and living together and some rage sperging about Chris. Which, again is irrelevant to what we were discussing.

No. 207681

>Alright, but you don't know her though, do you? Like you're still coming to the defence of someone who you don't even fucking know. Sounds like a regular old wk to me.

I’m not coming to her defence, she hasn’t done anything for anyone to defend. All I said was that I don’t think she is a shady person. Do you know her? I could say the same about you too.

>What was shitting up the last 3 threads was speculation about them dating and living together and some rage sperging about Chris. Which, again is irrelevant to what we were discussing.

The reason I said that is because there is no milk in any of this - someone does have a hate boner for Sharla and Chris, and since that topic has been done to death we’re now speculating whether Sharla is a shady person for associating with Norm… while not talking about Norm at all.

I’m not a wk but I’m convinced someone from their inner circle is posting here because literally no one cares about them anymore. The milk dried up years ago. Also I’m waiting for Norm to finally snap and sperg, he clearly posts here

No. 207689

Let’s as a collective start spamming his comments section to bait him

No. 207720

>I'm not coming to her defence
Ok so why did you even respond to this post then? >>207606
And why bring up the vendetta sperging when it had nothing to do with that post?
Again, the anon with the hate boner for Sharla and Chris is irrelevant to that discussion.

No. 207768

Sorry I know this isn't the right thread but I just can't find one about venus anymore?? Does it excist? I saw she threw herself in front of a bus and I can't believe no one's talking about it

No. 207771

There's still a Venus thread but it's on autosage, I don't check it often since it's so bleak every time.

Looks like she posted grisly self harm Insta Stories, I haven't read the other recent posts yet but it looks bad.
Venus thread:

No. 207777

Oh thank you!

No. 207800

>Ok so why did you even respond to this post then?
Because you called me a wk!
Why is this not relevant to the discussion all of a sudden?
I made the hateboner/vendetta comments because I believe someone here is pushing their personal agenda. It is more than relevant to the discussion!
I’m increasingly convinced you’re the sperg because your replies don’t make sense, is English your first language? (I don’t mean that sarcastically because I don’t think we understand each other)

No. 207861

Thank you. Every time we post something relevant to the discussion and offer concrete evidence for a claim, there is an army of people spamming the thread to bury it….

No. 207870

That was a self post of someone sharing their sentiment. What is that concrete evidence of?

No. 207872

What are you not understanding?
How is vendetta sperging about c&s being together and jealous sperging about Chris relevant to a discussion about Sharla's continued association with Norm?
Do you think that these anons have a hate boner/vendetta?
>>206898 >>207060 >>207190

>>207341 >>207487

No. 207877

Yet, you stop-talking-about-Sharla anon, out of the blue, brought up the Sharla and Chris rumours again, which the thread had finally moved on from. Also suspicious that these "not to wk but…" anons tried to shift the discussion from Sharla when a question about Tokyo Lens' connection to TC and the jvloggers was being answered. If you want to talk more about Norm without Sharla, share something instead of expecting the rest of us to do the work and bring more milk.
I think they were pointing out that Sharla's problematic friends don't just include Mira and Norm, so the anons here who keep insisting Sharla is a completely innocent hero whistleblower are being naive. I'm not so sure about her being friends with Kelly, who's hanging out with Oriental Pearl now. At least Sharla had the sense to cancel her collab with Oriental Pearl, but it should've have taken Sam to get her to do it. Speaking of Oriental Pearl, I don't think any jvlogger has approached and filmed Japanese children as much as her. Creepy.

No. 207878

>>207877 me
shouldn't have

No. 207886

Anon, I feel like we are going round in circles. I merely mentioned the cxs crap, that’s not the same as ‘bringing it up again out of the blue’. I said I believe someone has a vendetta, because Sharla isn’t a snowflake and I don’t believe her ‘problematic’ friendships are a cause for a discussion. You are entitled to believe what you like of course.
I’ve not come across anyone so obsessed with her on any other gossip site, I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve?

No. 208001

>>207877 Sharla and Norm have a working relationship and that is it. I think they find they work together well on camera and can create good content to help build each other's followings. I think because of how long she has known him she chooses to look the other way on some of his other 'aspects.'

Sharla and Chris also work together incredibly well on camera and as a couple.(sage your shit)

No. 208002

>I merely mentioned that cxs crap, that's not the same as 'bringing it up again out of the blue'.
Why even mention it at all? It was completely irrelevant. If that's not 'bringing it up again out of the blue' then I don't fucking know what is.
>I said I believe someone has a vendetta
Why are you trying to connect vendetta sperging from previous threads to a separate discussion?
>Because Sharla isn't a snowflake
No one said she was a snowflake
>I don't believe her 'problematic' friendships are a cause for a discussion.
Only one friendship was being discussed. Alright so you are bothered about people speculating her association with Norm so now you suggest that one of those anons is the vendetta sperg. Damn this anons post really upset some people kek >>207341

>I've not come across anyone so obsessed with her on any other gossip site

Typical response "omg you're so obsessed lol!" because you're upset and wanted to shut that discussion down.
Damn this post >>207606 bothered you so much, you decided to bring up something completely unrelated and then went off on a tangent.

No. 208005

Anon you are being difficult and just repeating yourself now. I am going to assume English isn’t your first language.
You’re making a huge point about me bringing up irrelevant stuff when really all I was trying to say is that someone has a vendetta against Sharla.
I am saying that the cxs sperging in previous threads and the sudden discussion around her problematic friendships ARE related. They may be separate in time and specifics but it’s the same vendetta sperg/norm/whoever that’s driving it.
Is that clear enough? Do you understand??

No. 208023

so by your logic no one is ever allowed to talk about Sharla ever because everything that could possibly be said is TOTALLY related to people tinfoiling about a relationship? I dont see how it's 'irrelevant' when it's something that points to suspicions in someone's character. People pointing out how she seems to have a track record of friendly interactions with 'problematic' people is more milk than most threads get.

This feels like Susu levels of people needing to come to wk every time she's brought up. Why are you so bothered? Ever heard of the Streisand effect?

No. 208047

No that’s not what I’m saying, you are reading it wrong. You can talk about Sharla all you like anon. Given how our conversation has gone I think I understand why you don’t get it.

No. 208062

I understand what you are saying perfectly. What I'm asking is why exactly do you think that they are necessarily related? Why do you automatically assume that one of the anons involved in that discussion must be the vendetta sperg? You are just jumping to conclusions.

No. 208072

>that’s not the same as ‘bringing it up again out of the blue’
>I merely mentioned the cxs crap

>I’ve not come across anyone so obsessed with her on any other gossip site
You must be new to Sharla and jvlogging.
>Anon, I feel like we are going round in circles.
I just tried to segue the discussion to a different jvlogger at the end there and gave you an opportunity to move on, and you went back to Sharla again.
>Sharla and Norm have a working relationship and that is it.
No, we just talked about this. Sharla is the one who got Norm into vlogging and they've been collabing outside work for years.>>207341
>Sharla and Chris also work together incredibly well on camera and as a couple.
Why do the people defending Sharla keep bringing up her relationship with Chris?

Anyway, when is Grant getting married and when are the Trash Taste crew going to the UK? Also, in Thailand, are guys actually considered "former monks" (not just former monks-in-training) if they just went through the common monk training that Thai boys traditionally do for a few weeks? It's just weird how a big deal is made about Grant being a former monk when he just did something for a few weeks that a lot of Thai guys do.

No. 208086

Gigguk landed in the UK 2 days ago. Though, this is actually quite odd to me. During the 24hr charity live stream that they did a month ago, they specifically said that they wouldn’t be doing anymore “after dark” streams due to them going to the UK. They made it sound like they were going to the UK within that week. Among other reasons, I feel like they really hate doing the after dark streams & they just used the UK shit as an excuse not to do it for a month.

No. 208091

Your an idiot. Garnt isn’t the only one that had travel plans. Joey was away with chris filming journey across Japan in Okinawa.

No. 208129

They talk about Norm for a bit in this livestream vid from journey across Japan 1:02:24-02:45
From Sharla's own mouth "we've been friends forever"

No. 208145

What’s your point? It’s well documented that they are friends.

No. 208147

Read the posts of the anons I replied to.

No. 208185

Gah these two look so hot together, I hope they’re rooting

Fuck Norm - any updates on his Japanese wife situation? Someone MUST have tea to spill

No. 208192

I’ve stopped replying to whoever those anons are, they don’t seem to understand anything you say

No. 208208

>It's the same vendetta sperg/norm/whoever that's driving it.
Anons already figured out who the vendetta sperg was >>146556 >>146882 >>169154
She also gave herself away with the 'p.s. about lily' >>146372
Seems the last time she posted here was 2 months ago >>196321 >>196323
Note the spelling mistakes and excessive use of exclamation marks.
So you are wrong.

No. 208212

That doesn’t mean she’s not posting here anymore, or that it was even her in the first place. People learn to integrate you know.

Also did you know it could be more than one person? Crazy!

No. 208225

>Also did you know it could be more than one person?
Kek you said that the previous cxs sperging and recent discussion are related because it's the same person, the same vendetta sperg from previous threads, who started that discussion.
'its the same vendetta sperg/norm/whoever'
That anon never learned to integrate. You can see in all of their posts: multiple spelling mistakes, odd grammar and excessive punctuation.
Why are you so convinced that any anon who speculates about Sharla's friendship with Norm must have a vendetta against her? You sound like a fucking schizo. You are 100% a paranoid Sharla wk.

No. 208232

Yes I did say that, but because your reading comprehension and conversation skills are child like, you are more focused on catching me out on what I say rather than actually having a discussion.
Just because I said this is the same person doesn’t mean it is one person, it could be more than one? It’s complete speculation, like your speculation on this whole thing.
Does everyone always agree with you or something??

No. 208245

I'll ask again, why are you convinced that the discussion about Sharla's association with Norm is because of a vendetta?

No. 208248

My god, if you guys don't have proof of anything stop derailing with tinfoil. I dint know why anons keeps going off on rabbit trails and not just wait for milk. No one knows why she's still friends with him aside from her saying she's been friends with him for years. That's literally where it ends for most of them who still associate with him. There's nothing else to it unless somethinh happens.

No. 208270

My god… Can you read?!
As >>208248 says, all you’re doing is constant tinfoiling, with no discernible evidence. Every now and then someone pops in and says something to shit up the thread. Like cxs are together or Sharla is such a snake for being friends with Norm. Or as soon as Sharla posts a video something else gets nitpicked. It looks like someone hates Sharla to me, and just it’s my opinion. I’m not a fucking wk, I like to see evidence and if you’re gonna tinfoil at least try harder.
Why is that so hard for you to understand? This isn’t a forum, it’s an imageboard!

No. 208288

>Gigguk landed in the UK 2 days ago.
Thank you. So the wedding is soon, then?
>My god
>My god
>As >>208248 says
When comedy writes itself.
>stop derailing with tinfoil
>it’s an imageboard
I'm not some vendetta sperg, anon. I shared relevant video to support what I said and I've also tried to talk about other jvloggers, but you keep going back to Sharla. Please take your own advice. Goodbye.

Did Oriental Pearl delete some of her old videos? I don't see anything that explains the clip from the Chinese TV show she was on in her welcome video. Also, she and Yuki's Japanese TV from the Kawagoe video had a falling out and she refuses to credit him or link to his channel anymore. Any idea what happened? She was cringey to him when she brought up her boyfriend at the end of the vlog, but they were still commenting to each other after it was posted so whatever it was that happened occurred later.

No. 208291

>>208288 me
By the way, I never called Sharla a snake.

No. 208311

None of it is proof of anything so stfub already. No1currs about your personal feelings about any of them.

No. 208416

>all you're doing is constant tinfoiling, with no discernible evidence
What tinfoiling was I doing?
Pointing out that she has a history of being friends with problematic people in a discussion of theorising about her association with a problematic person, is not tinfoiling.

No. 208417

Anon stop, this has gone on long enough

No. 208616

File: 1650729215266.jpg (156.87 KB, 1079x1192, Screenshot_20220423-085218_Tik…)

I don't think I've seen anyone talk about Alex. Anyone else watch her content? I think she mostly sticks to Tiktoks.

No. 208687

File: 1650757916133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,869.03 KB, 1284x804, 57846A80-C9EA-4507-A6FC-3BA525…)

That poor girl

No. 208706

imagine the stench(sage)

No. 208712

her entire vaginal microbiome is doomed

No. 209573

holy fuck! this needed a big, fat warning

yet he still goes on about all the girls he's getting. they all find him soooo hot.

No. 209585

File: 1651112007837.png (1.51 MB, 828x1792, 60127FCF-8579-4C1F-8F4D-02191F…)

If we’re going to talk about tiktokers let’s talk about chusom channel and how the gf fetishizes the shit over her Japanese bf. Last I knew she was desperate to stay in Japan.

No. 210269

File: 1651415062173.png (317.99 KB, 593x759, imagen_2022-05-01_092405856.pn…)

Apparently Chris Broad is deaf in one ear now (screenshot not mine, and it's from his patreon)

No. 210271

Imagine being paid on patreon to take the vacation of your lifetime

No. 210278

Supporters on there don't exactly join the Patreon at gunpoint. I'm not sure what your point is given every vlogger in Japan is on Patreon.

No. 210279

Dude, that sucks.

No. 210290

You can burst your eardrum multiple times and it's self healing, just takes some time. Usually you have a few weeks of muffled hearing, stabbing pain at the start but hearing returns to normal unless you're very unlucky.

No. 210291

He talked about it on the Abroad in Japan podcast.

No. 210292

Or he might actually have a permanent loss. It doesn't also heal bad, especially with scar tissue if that builds up, needs lasering away if that also obstructs the sound.

No. 210309

File: 1651428326947.jpeg (212.19 KB, 1908x1146, F816A9EA-E157-40C5-AB99-48EC8C…)

Is that cp? Gross(don’t engage)

No. 210373

Wtf is this

No. 210374

Sharlas content is so fkn boring of late, how many videos can you make of day in my life?

No. 210400


It's for journey accros Japan so not an exact vacation.
And in any case one is not forced to join his patreon.

No. 210451

Yeah it's the latest thing he keeps bringing up each episode. "Did you know I burst my eardrum!?!?!"

No. 210547

>Supporters on there don't exactly join the Patreon at gunpoint.
>And in any case one is not forced to join his patreon.
Both unsagged.
You're not forced to post on lolcow, either. I doubt anon was being that serious anyway.
I initially liked the Journey Across Japan idea, but then the upload schedule became erratic and he ended up focusing more on antics than sharing the places he visited. This looks like full on antics but at least the trailer is being upfront about what the trip was about. When did he go to Okinawa and who is Chiaki?

No. 210568


How is that comparable?
Do pay for something here? Jeez

Anyways Chiaki, a Japanese who does her videos mainly in the UK.
Her first collab with Chris was like 6 years ago (back then she was a bigger YT than Chris I think).

The Okinawa trip was around April 17 -20.

No. 210604

Yet they still support. Stop acting like it's a scam.

No. 210620

Did Norm get divorced? He said something about a big loss in February and he's moved to Kyushu to become a pilot. Is he even in his kid's life? Is it safe for someone that mentally unstable to be flying planes? He admitted he can't read his textbooks for flight school because the Japanese is too difficult for him.

No. 210625

I’m here to discuss this. I was wondering about the whole wide divorce thing - but didn’t he have to go back home to Canada ?

I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife has taken the child and prohibiting Norm from seeing them , it’s common practice for the Japanese spouse to “kidnap” their child when a Gaijin marriage breaks down.

No. 210642


If he stops doing his long-form documentary style videos in favor of aviation centric content, then his channel is so fucked. He said he’ll be posting his flying videos on his new channel “up in the air”, but this flying shit will undoubtedly take up all his time if he’s serious about it.

No. 210661

"This is your pilot Norm speaking, say hi to Youtube!" Dear god, let me off the plane, LET ME OFF!

No. 210670

>I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife has taken the child and prohibiting Norm from seeing them , it’s common practice for the Japanese spouse to “kidnap” their child when a Gaijin marriage breaks down.
You're thinking of when the family lives overseas and the mother takes the kid back to Japan. They've always lived in Japan and Norm was already often away for his youtube channel even though his wife is the breadwinner. Considering how unhinged he is, it might be safer if his contact is limited if he's even interested in his own kid.

No. 210671

Tbh, some of the most mentally ill people out there are things like pilots, cops, surgeons.. Makes sense.

No. 211068

File: 1651778012167.jpg (351.82 KB, 2880x2880, 010012.jpg)

Idk why but every time I see Norm's weird head I think of Jimmy Neutron.

No. 211102

Doesn't look like him at all..

No. 211189

Hahaha garrhhh he’s such a wanker

If he’s moving to Kyushu then he can’t be dating Sharla . Probs got his heart broken

No. 211199

Lol Who ever took that Sharla was dating Norm rumor seriously, needs to get their heads examined.

No. 211210

Yeah, everyone knows Sharla and Chris is living together!

No. 211223


CxS talk is irrelevant without new milk.

No. 211271

Says the retard who couldn't sage

No. 211278

They don’t know how to speak English, or differentiate between a discussion or passing comment, don’t engage with them lol

No. 211309

Sharla bought a house with her friend. They're going to renovate it and either sell it at a profit or turn it into an airbnb.
They're so cute, I love seeing strong friendships between women.

No. 211331

im interested in this project but sharla has bad taste so i think it will be a bit of a train wreck

also they dont seem to have considered that renovating a house to sell on to (most likely) a Japanese person, and renovating a house to use as an air bnb for (most likely) foreign tourists would require completely different approaches. deciding what the want to do with the house should have been done before they even bought it.

No. 211339

I don’t expect much from a woman in her 30s wearing an tie dye galaxy hoodie

No. 211343

>If he’s moving to Kyushu then he can’t be dating Sharla . Probs got his heart broken
I thought he was also gonna be a boat captain? I don't follow him closely so sorry if I missed what happened.

No. 211366

How did she afford to buy a house? Is YouTube really paying her that much

No. 211367

I was curious about it too and went check her channel. She gets around 200k views each video so I guess that equals to some good money.

She probably has Patreon and money saved. In the video she said her stationary business with the lady she bought the house with seems to be profitably as well so they went for a second business venture with the old house.

No. 211378

With all that combined. She is not remotely close to being a top earner. Sociable estimated her anual income at 48,000 a year.

No. 211395

Those sites are really wrong, I don't know why people use it to guage income lol

No. 211397

With the way the housing market works in Japan there’s no way they’ll be able to sell it for a profit

No. 211408

Those sites are inaccurate, but I still find it kind of hard to believe she could afford this project, even going halfsies with her friend. But, I don't know. I think it will make very good content on her channel though, I'm looking forward to watching this more than another video about her cat lounging around in her apartment. I highly doubt they really plan on selling the house - I think the airbnb idea is the one they're really focusing on. Her friend already has one in Tokyo, so she knows how to run one.

No. 211419

Aren't those sites more likely to overestimate income? The laws became more strict against airbnb in Japan over the last few years. Most listings vanished about a year before the pandemic. They better butter up the neighbors because the neighborhood is not going to like it at all.
Not that she was ever skinny, but Sharla's gained so much weight just in the past month.

No. 211428

>Sharla's gained so much weight just in the past month
Yeah that's probably thyroid issues seeing as half of her thyroid was removed.

No. 211472

The hormones you're put on afterwards to make up up for the removal make you normal functioning so that can't be that. In fact her hormones are more stable now than they were before when she had a malfunctioning thyroid.

No. 211476

Anon please shut the fuck up. Do you actually know her blood levels the past yr? Do you realize thyroid meds have to be adjusted all the time for some people and your thyroid can be a real bitch? You clearly don’t have a thyroid disease so please take a seat. Thyroid condition do and will change your weight even with your levels being correct. Depending if you had the gland removed partly, have hypo, or hyper can all heavily effect your weight. It can make you so skinny even if you eat more calories than everyone around you, it’s impossible to gain. It can make you maintain and gain weight even with a low amount of calories. It just depends on the condition, the hormones control your metabolism. So kindly fuck off, and don’t bash on the girl for something she cant control. Bash on her for her annoying personality or her bad taste. Even if she hits the gym constantly and diets it won’t help her as much as it would help you for example. Also depending on the thyroid condition if your medication dosages is off or your blood levels haven’t been checked in a long time you can unknowingly get into a thyroid storm, even die if it’s not treated right away.

No. 211479

Yes it can. Tell me you don't have a thyroid issue without tell me you don't have a thyroid issue. You sound outstandingly dumb.

No. 211480

>It can make you so skinny even if you eat more calories than everyone around you, it’s impossible to gain
>It can make you maintain and gain weight even with a low amount of calories.
Not the HAES fatlogic on Taylor's thread kek you obesity activist ladies are literally everywhere

No. 211491

Dude… I have hyper not to blog post. Sooo I’m skinny, under weight even.

Hyperthyroidism make you have a overactive thyroid. Therefore making your body not maintain weight even with a high calorie diet.

Hypothyroidism makes you have a under active thyroid… therefore you will gain weight and maintain weight even on a low calorie diet.

Do you think your small brain can grasp the concept ? Because you clearly misunderstood my post. In no way am I definitely her, I’m explaining a medical condition. You know a disease?

Fun fact, you can have hyperthyroidism and be underweight most your life, then go into thyroid storm get the life saving surgery of removing part of the thyroid. Then you become hypo, bc of the surgery effect and become over weight for the remainder of your life. This is what happens and shows the important roll of thyroids.

I will say there are fat as fuck people claiming it’s because they have a thyroid issue, and they are lying tryin to make a excuses all over tiktok now a days. Actually thyroid condition are a battle, and have to be monitored. You can live a normal healthy life, just have to be aware of your condition.

No. 211492

Guys she’s probably fat now because of her B/F. Chris is the fattest he’s ever been so they’re probably mutually pounding each others chub, it only makes sense

No. 211493

Also I forgot to note, people with a REAL thyroid disease’s will be getting blood work, and have to take medication everyday for the rest of there lives. I hate it’s became a trend to say you have a “thyroid condition” even when you don’t, to excuse weight.

Weight isn’t the only thing your thyroid effect. It can make you sweat like crazy, have fast heart rates, and much much more horrible symptoms

No. 211494

This - KEK

Her style and taste is horrendous, so immature and juvenile

No. 211501

I have hyperthyroid and my levels are alarmingly high. I take medication everyday. The increase heart rate is true, I also sweat so much and it has triggered intense anxiety which I’m on medication for too. It’s actually very common, my sister also has dealt with hyperthyroidism and now diabetes- it’s no joke. My sister lost so much weight but I on the other hand stayed the same average weight. I think it’s wrong to poke fun at someone for a disease/surgery they have or even to make fun of someone’s weight.(take your levothyroxine and shut up)

No. 211508


Maybe a bit out of topic but if they are indeed together then I don't know how Sharla supports Chris fucking up his health with all that junk food he eats on camera plus the alcohol during these 2 years of the supposed relationship.

And if Chris is the one that tells her to fuck off and not get into whatever her does in his channel and body then even worst cuz she would be one of those meek powerless girlfriends that get boss around.

She's somewhat health conscious after all so seeing the one she cares shit their body without doing nothing is yikes.
She would be a really trash girlfriend honestly.(learn2sage)

No. 211511

These bitches do NOT wanna go through radioactive iodine therapy. You’re basically kept isolated all day after treatment and you have to flush twice. It’s such a bizarre thing to fake.

No. 211519

Can tell from the decor/fixtures that it’s a 70s house. Most Japanese would probably just tear it down and build new because of age, so IMO it was cheap. Probably far from the station too

No. 211534

How the fuck is Sharla health conscious? She clearly has too many meals/snacks in a day judging from her many many redundant day in my life vids , the weight gain is from too many kj’s and not her thyroid issue. She’d be enjoying the conbini fried chicken with Chris

No. 211549

You do realize day in your life videos are not actually real days in your real life. You try to show all the food and trendy things as you can.

No. 211552

lol yea it's probably due to chris's influence sharla did really well back when she was vegan while doing intermittent fasting (for her wedding that never happened). Probably can see her in her prime if you go back in the videos around the time she escaped back to japan to visit chris when he was doing that biking across japan

No. 211553

Thanks for stating the obvious pointdexter

Her weight has indeed ballooned since Journey Across Japan where she and Chris most probably started banging

No. 211564

I wonder how many anons are 100 pound overweight human sized toads.

yeah, because being a girlfriend who controls everything her bf does is SUCH a healthy relationship.

No. 211587


I didn't say control.

Just that letting your bf fuck up his body is indeed mess up.

Or you think supporting such is healthy?

No. 211602

More like you try to show off how health-conscious and plant-based your diet is (if you're pretending to be vegan), and hide all the junk food you're eating. Her real diet is more than likely less healthy than in what she shows in those videos.

No. 211608

to be fair, plant based doesn't mean just healthy.
It's easy to mess up your diet with a ton of snacks and all that despite being plant based.

No. 211609

You think he eats like he does on camera 24/7? He'd look like full-on TkyoSam by now
All of these super healthy plant based nonnies over here.

No. 211636

File: 1652051416548.jpg (444.41 KB, 1080x1706, IMG_20220508_180549.jpg)


At least by his own words he has messed up his eating habits or something more than before in this past winter which is affecting him health wise just look the 3 adjectives he uses.

And I'm not a health enthusiast at all. Just reacting to what is happening to him.

No. 211637

Imagine living in Japan and getting Amerifatt (i know he isn't american.) Stop eating 7-11 fried chicken and learn to cook, fatass.

No. 211639


Indeed , I don't debate that.
Relying on fast foods is a dumb decision.

I guess even Sharla ( if dating) doesn't know to cook either.

No. 211640

Yeah but also "let myself down" and gained some weight doesn't mean he is constantly stuffing himself with fried stuff.
He'd look way worse.
"Amerifat" – Have you seen actual fat Americans? Two whole Chrises would fit into that.
And stop treating Japan like the holy land of health food, weeb(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 211652


It seems I was behind when it comes to this information,just checked some updates yes he isn't in a dire condition but he's definitely disappointed with himself and apparently he'll do a video about this.

Says also that after his travel of the UK(later this may) he'll start a big change regarding this matter(was said in his podcast).

And lastly he decided to no longer bitch out and just do the cholesterol test. Didnt say the qualification but surprisingly enough is lower than cdawgva (Connor from Trashtaste) ,this dude Connor has a quite high cholesterol level.
(Both were live in twitch some hours ago).

I… definitely exaggerated.

No. 211655

Bitch shut up. What in my sentence made me seem a weeb? Japan has healthier and better food options. That's a fact, not a weeb statement.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 211659

It doesn’t make you a weeb. It’s a 100% fact, they put a lot of work it to food to the point it’s ridiculous. Have you seen those melons go for?

No. 211679


I think Sharla cooks, she is not the kind of person that eats outside all the time, but maybe that changed IF they are dating.

No. 211680

Can you fuckers fuck off with this debate on thyroids and diets? Who gives a fuck you losers. Let's get back to bitching about jvloggers.

No. 211692

There’s also a shit ton of fried food, sugar and margarine, and white rice(stop derailing)

No. 211697

This sounds like either overeating through exhaustion (I don't watch him, but is it possible he's burnt out?) or comfort eating due to general isolation in Japan. Living in Japan always gets to you, Venus is a good example, a very lonely place for someone who doesn't fit in, even if he has a partner (as heavily theorised ITT) that's still just one other person and his filming team.

No. 211699

I'm really shocked at how awful some anons here are. I'm all for shitting on cows and I can't stand Sharla's voice & some of her traits, but she had a cancer scare, half her thyroid was removed, and still anons bitch about her weight gain? It's sad.

No. 211700

samefag, Chris is fair game though

No. 211703

Sharla has literally always been fat, she just used to put more effort into controlling angles and editing herself. There are a ton of comparison photos spanning years comparing her video edits to what she actually looks like in candids. And it's always fat.

No. 211711


Something he do mentions is being really stressed about not leaving Japan for 2.5+ years. Before covid he used to leave at least 3 times a year or something.

He described the situation using this phrase " Japan is big library where one has to watch every step and be mindful of everyone".
His usual bad eating habits plus a build up stress could have created the perfect storm to well gain even more weight.

He do says that once he goes to the UK (later may-june) he wants to change physically and mentally upon his return to JP.

No. 211773

Agree. Chris is a fat moid who has done the bare minimum for his views. And he has no reason to be fat except lack of self control.

No. 211775

That boy has a eating disorder. He has no stop button. I watched his twtich stream with Conner yesterday, and all in one day he had steak, fish and chips, hamburger with fries and then topped it with Korean friend chicken.

No. 211780

Bear minimum for his views? Every single person that works with and for him, speaks about how much work he puts into every single one of his videos. They all say he is a workaholic and a perfectionist. While I will agree that he is fat by choice and greediness. His work whether it’s your taste or not is very from from lazy.

No. 211802

She's always fluctuated a bit but she goes to lengths to conceal it when she's up a bit. Does anyone remember there was a stretch of time where she clearly was hiding her midsection in all videos. She did it in tokyo creative vids, chris vids, ones with fat aki next to her she still did it, she would use objects and angles and after a while it brought more attention to her body than it took away. There was speculation on here that she was hiding a pregnancy bump and with each new upload anons would laugh at the latest object that she just happened to hold in front of her stomach all video long. Obviously no baby ever showed up so there goes that theory but it was just strange how she handled it given she's not new to being on cam or having fluctuations.

There's an old tweet where she talks about pregnancy rumours happening to her multiples times now.. but the more you hide things the more people are left to speculate on what's happening. It was odd.

No. 211812


Oh I also saw that livestream few hours ago.
He said sundays are the days he allows himself to lower the rules or something bout food.
Dunno if legit talking or just trying to justify the mess.

There's a video in the Tokyo creative twitter account recorded by Enma of some weeks ago showing Chris sitting next to her and well he's notably fat.
I mention this cuz in the livestream he looks less fat (is really hard to not see the difference ).

I guess he indeed changed something.

No. 211813


His more "lazy" videos would be the ones where he's just talking in his studio and still makes equal or more views than the travelling ones.

And even then we can't actually complain cuz that's just the viewership behavior towards him.
They like him so they watch him even regardless of the type of video.

No. 211814

File: 1652125726070.jpg (329.86 KB, 1080x1098, IMG_20220509_144531.jpg)

They really started using such thumbnails huh?

Not surprising it also got more views than his usual videos (without chris).

No. 211821

>"Amerifat" – Have you seen actual fat Americans?
Using morbidly obese Americans as some kind of standard is how you get fat.
He's always talked about how he's going to get healthy and exercise, but even Journey Across Japan didn't do it for him and that was part of the purpose of the trip. Waiting until he gets to the UK to change his lifestyle, instead of making changes now, is just procrastinating. I've lived in the UK and Japan, and it's easier to keep healthy in Japan. Sendai is pretty walkable, too.

No. 211825

File: 1652127771701.jpg (430.64 KB, 1080x1629, IMG_20220509_151318.jpg)


His usual I'll get fit then giving up (although on jaj 1 he was close).
This time seems to be different because health complications are mentioned unlike before that was just looks.

The UK travel can really kill off all that stress so let'see what happens , I genuinely don't hate him so I'm kinda invested .

Check what I found

No. 211827

>Tokyo Creative Co., Ltd. (Location: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Tomohiro Nakagawa, Takashi Onozawa, https://www.tokyocreative.jp) / ja /) started a project focusing on “Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori” in June 2021 in order to disseminate the charm of Suginami Ward overseas, and will be held on Saturday, March 22, 2022, the last of the project. The video of the event “Tokyo Koenji Awaodori Dance Event” where foreigners living in Japan experience Awa Dance was released on YouTube (https://youtu.be/HkBaZt01zPE) from Wednesday, March 30th. This project has exceeded 50,000 views in total, and from January 2022, practice videos for the event have been released.
Idk where the 50,000+ came from because it's still under 30,000 views, but I don't get why TC keeps spending all this time and money on videos that won't make back their expenses. Even Chris' videos on their channel don't do so well for him.
What was the offline event?

No. 211833

Just took a quick overview of his channel 90% of his videos are on the road. Equally one can make the argument that when he films in his studio, a lot more work goes into plainning, scripting, lighting, camera work and editing, all things that he clearly cares alot about, far from lazy. I don’t generally like all his videos, because his personality is not my cup of tea, but it’s clear that he puts a lot of work in all his stuff.

No. 211836

That's all the more reason to quit delaying and make changes now.

No. 211838


Agreeing with you anon if health related issues appear then there's no valid excuse.

At least in yesterday livestream with cdawgva he doesn't look so fuck up as he was in the TC twitter video of a month ago.
So maybe small changes who knows.

No. 211839


Well I did put lazy between quotes because I feel it's a bs claim of the other anon.

No. 211840


Holy shit I haven't been watching his livestreams because they seem boring to me, but goddamn. There are some limits to cheat days especially since I'm pretty sure he's not exercising much or being very attentive to his diet the rest of the week…

No. 211852

The pregnancy rumors were so braindead though. She has never wanted kids and said this repeatedly. Even though I think she's bland and boring, I thought it was cool of her to be so open on that topic, esp since I'm sure she got dumb comments about it, like all women do

No. 211856

File: 1652143103380.jpg (189.71 KB, 1080x1026, IMG_20220509_193520.jpg)

A huge one moved to Japan.

He has made videos with Joey from Trashtaste in the past and has shown interest in Chris studio.

No. 211878

Great. Another disgusting white weeb who will flex his shitty money, just what Japan needs.

No. 211900

>White weeb
Clearly the worst kind, somebody pls think of the children kek

No. 211907


What do you think Japan needs anon?
Serious asking…

No. 211908

he already owns a house that got robbed in japan, it was only a matter of time

No. 211962

Lmao I didn't know houses get robbed in Japan? I'm guessing it was because he was a filthy foreigner who some kids thought was loaded?

No. 211989

wait, hasn't he moved there before the pandemic??

No. 211990

> in one day he had steak, fish and chips, hamburger with fries and then topped it with Korean friend chicken
Jesus fucking christ

No. 211992

It was years ago but iirc they targeted the house and mostly stole his wife’s brand merch

No. 211995

File: 1652207893405.png (788.97 KB, 900x519, Screenshot 2022-05-10 203812.p…)

Bronwyn released another vlog and it made me realize why she seems boring: her personality and interests are literally: spending money to look pretty and spending money to make her home pretty, and that's it. She doesn't seem to have hobbies other than that. She doesn't read novels, doesn't watch TV shows, doesn't draw, doesn't have hobbies.
She also always complains about not getting enough view but then does nothing to gain more views, doesn't try and follow the formula of more popular vloggers, doesn't do react videos, she just expects more views rolling in from doing the same old shit. Also her hands are so manly

No. 211996

Are you capable of saging?

No. 212003

It's rare enough that a lot of people still don't lock their homes, but it does happen and he broadcasted his place to the entire world. They're often done by professional groups linked to the yakuza and especially the Chinese mafia. One Chinese group was reported in Tokyo just last month, but other Chinese teams in the past have been responsible for hundreds of home burglaries each before they were caught, probably all linked to the same crime syndicate based in China.

No. 212005

> He described the situation using this phrase " Japan is big library where one has to watch every step and be mindful of everyone".
Yet Japan has one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world and Chris barely interacts with regular Japanese society. Most of his staff and guests are also not overweight like him.

No. 212007

People deal with stress and depression differently. Chris'reaction just seems to be to eat the sad away

No. 212008

> filthy foreigner
a bit dramatic anon

No. 212010

Careful, this anon >>208270 will accuse you of having a vendetta against her.

No. 212015


Yeah it's definitely starting to look like a coping mechanism.

But as his words said his body is starting to no longer keeping up with his bad habits so time change or suffer the terrible consequences.

At least he recognized that things can go bad.

No. 212033

aki just posted a new video and her armpit fat…jesus does she not see how bad it looks?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212040

I almost forgot Agnes existed. She really is built like a barrel. That poor swimsuit is stretched to its limit

No. 212042

the weird softcore sections are so gross. Also I dont get her going out of her way to degrade herself. She has to be fully aware that the costume pieces wont fit her properly. Even if the pieces and 'costumes' were just ugly she could have attempted to wear them nicely and I feel like the video might have been at all enjoyable.

No. 212050

She had her own thread

No. 212061

Living in Japan and not being able to lose weight is actually a feat. The food is pretty healthy there and people walk everywhere. She must be eating metric tons a day to maintain her weight

No. 212063


A trend with the gaijin who gain weight is not knowing how to cook.

Just fast foods (not even the low fat ones I guess).

No. 212078

Hey does anyone here think that maybe Chris Broad from the Abroad in Japan youtube channel and podcast is romantically involved with Sharla from the Sharmeleon or Sharla in Japan youtube channels?

The other day I was thinking… is it possible they are dating or romantically linked somehow? Some of their videos where they "collab" make it seem like they have feelings for each other! What do you think???(shitpost)

No. 212083

Interesting how whenever Bromwyn gets mentioned this forum is always nudged back in that direction. Always conveniently on hand to push the chat away from there.

No. 212085

Clearly you read here bc it’s saged

No. 212092

lmao yes this is just brownyn how hilarious. the way she worded this sounds JUST like a snippet from one of her vlogs where she was watching a k vlogger and she was just thinking about how they got so many views. uncanny

No. 212093

sry about no sage

No. 212108

From the thumbnail I legit thought this was a little Asian boy in a wig kek

No. 212112

idk how anyone subs to her patreon her lewd photoshoots make me cringe lol she has 0 sex appeal :S she must seethe when joey hangs around with attractive women and porn stars.(:S)

No. 212113

People can have a fetish on anything, anon.

No. 212145

She is so incredibly boring.
Really wish "cozy vibes" anon would show back up and tell us exactly how wonderful Bronwyn is, because the rest of us don't see it, kek.

No. 212167

Do you think she's gonna sep up a only fans?

No. 212180

I’ve looked everywhere and Google only could find a creepy scrote threads drooling over her

No. 212297

Learn how to use our catalog. Wtf, anon?

No. 212315

I’ve been looking in the Catolog, maybe it’s just at the bottom. Sometimes you can just type the htread your looking into Google and it popps it up way faster then looking in the catologs

No. 212316

Are you sure aki even has a thread? Is it not in /w/?

No. 212325

Literally just googled "akidearest lolcow", anons……

No. 212454

No. 212489

So this migth be stuff thar it's been discussed a lot here but I'm trying to see it from another angle.

Chris channel abroadinjapan has survived and grown a lot compared to the old group of jvloggers(the rest either disappeared or became stagnant) right?

This would definitely cause jelousy among a lot around him who are in the same type of work ,it's something that always happens.

If he indeed was dating Sharla don't you think someone would have already spilled the beans due spite (in an anonymous way obviously)?
Or all respect and praise Chris and will never reveal anything? During all these 2 supposed years of relationship?

I doubt that even behind cameras they hide all their shit otherwise it would be a relationship only behind doors which would be absolutely paranoid.

This doesn't fit at all for me.

No. 212493

fuck your reddit spacing and kys

No. 212496


Organized = Reddit?
If you don't add anything here fly away anon.

No. 212499

Anon before TC he was not part of the clique, it’s been over 10 years. Things change and move on, they don’t live in a soap opera.

No. 212507

He's still TC with Sharla if I'm right…..
I just feel it's odd that if true all are helping keep his secret as if they gain something. Yes friendship could be simply the answer but not a single soul willing to reveal it? Sounds off.

For example Norm who is scum could possibly know but it's silent too.

I only did my comment cuz I feel this thing simply doesn't click at all.

No. 212510

>if he’s still TC with Sharla

What does that mean?? As I said before they don’t all live in a soap opera, either there is nothing to tell or people mind their business. What’s so hard to get about that?

No. 212516

Norm is staying silent as without Chris and Sharla he’s nothing. Chris employs him as cameraman. He wouldn’t wanna bite the hand that feeds

I’m still waiting on more Norm divorce tea

No. 212518

haven't quite a few of the jvloggers been in relationships that was secret until they themself decided to reveal it?
Taylor kept it secret, Sharla kept her ex-husband a secret until marriage (but i think mira did leak it years ago), mikaela kept her bf a secret until pregnant i think
seems for the most part they watch out for each other

No. 212546

I just think it's really cool that Bronwyn is still making moving vlogs two months after she moved. It's really awesome content - she goes to TARGET in the last one, can you believe that? So cool! You guys should really give her a chance I think. So much cuteness and cozy vibes :)(:))

No. 212550

I don't think they would gain anything by leaking it, simple as that.

If they would leak it as themselves they would get backlash. If they leak it anonymously, it wouldn't do anything for them (and they would have to show some proof). It might even make Sharla & Chris even more popular for a hot minute. So I think most people wouldn't bother.

No. 212553


About Norm it's clear his shitty and abusive attitude ,the comments are hard to miss.
What if cuz he knows bout CxS he is still hired and do collabs with those two?

I remember Chris saying that he thinks twice about what kind people he allows to appear in his channel yet he showed Norm in it.

I bet Chris knows Norm is scum but he has work with him or risk the later going bonkers and reveal stuff.

No. 212558


Would that make them more popular tho?
I mean liars are not kindly received at all.
Fans would easily see their past tricks like the one of Chris when he streamed "spending my 30 birthday alone " which make people donate him quite a lot when well he was in a supposedly in a relationship .
Heck Chris plenty of times talks bout honesty with his fans and not being fake,all would turn to bite his ass.

No. 212616

redditfag integrate more or fuck off to redditland

No. 212626

It's really impressive that they kept Taylor's bf/husband a secret. That was actually milky and explosive since she acted like she moved to Tokyo just for her own career and was getting jobs on her own and supporting herself, when Tom/Elbowsan was the reason for her move and responsible for everything. I can see why Sharla, Brownwyn and the other girls in that clique who kept getting gifts from her kept their mouths shut, although it's pretty shameless that they kept accepting gifts funded by a guy who makes his money off porn stars, gravure models and the occasional underaged girl, but Mimei, Duncan and all the male jvloggers, who didn't seem to care for her (including Chris), didn't make a peep. I don't think Taylor would've been serious or savvy enough to make them sign an NDA, either.

No. 212655

a new low for Paolo


even my husband commented "why does he always refer to her as "my wife"' ?. STFU already we all know her name.

remember when they used to sample food from delicious eateries around tokyo(learn2integrate)

No. 212658

Paolo is always hit or miss,never can keep a proper permanent audience.

No. 212662

please stop typing like this is lipstick alley you fucking newfag

No. 212666

Stop breathing cuntfag

No. 212679


Unless you have proof they might be dating, stop tinfoiling about it. Its filing up the thread with no actual milk.

No. 212683

norm is accepted because there aren't that many people chris can trust to take good video footage, particularly for multi day shoots since day 9-5 jobs get in the way for many other options.
the jvlog group keep their personal lives and others private because outing people and burning bridges would oust you quickly from that rather small community.

No. 212686

Well i am happy to teport that Chris did not use Norm for his latest JAJ in Okinawa as a camera man.

No. 212731

The less I see Norm in abroadinjapan the better.

No. 212748

He’s moving to Kyushu now, something must have gone down.

No. 212775

>Using morbidly obese Americans as some kind of standard is how you get fat.
Learning basic reading comprehension is not that hard.
Someone called Christ amerifat. He is nowhere near that, hence the comment. Nobody is talking about standards or that obese Americans should be the standard but your feebleminded self.
Did you pass fourth grade?

No. 212804

File: 1652606714547.jpg (817.32 KB, 1079x1490, Screenshot_20220515-182340_Ins…)

Micaela is pregnant again after having a stillbirth last year. She's due in August.

No. 212805

File: 1652606751677.jpg (116.6 KB, 1080x383, Screenshot_20220515-182604_Ins…)

No. 212806

Damn. Congratulations to her I can’t imagine how traumatic a still birth would be.

No. 212809

PewDiePie Japan vlogs incoming anytime soon

No. 212814

Is meilynn and gee x pkus just the yagoo of the fleshtuber meta trying to consolidate and clean up the imagevof washed up internet talents with a strict brand and contract? and if so why is a Chinese/Vietnamese American expat running her brand in such an ultra traditional Japanese marketing techniqie even with the sane manufactured drama(sage)

No. 212817

Take your meds. Literally what the fuck are you even trying to type

No. 212825

are you having a stroke

No. 212832

Good on her

No. 212834

I have no fucking clue what most of this says, but yes I do think GeeXPlus days are likely numbered. Bringing in numerous talent to work together will eventually cause drama. So far they only consist of TT guys + recently added Daidus & Emi, but I get the impression that their looking to drastically expand the roster even more now that Covid restrictions are waning in JP.

No. 212849

TT podcast views lately are slower than usual I guess they started to run out of gas.
There's just so much one can repeat.

No. 212851

Did him and Marzia break up or are they just that much of weebs that they felt the need to move to Japan for…whatever reasons?

No. 212852

>replying to a post nearly a week ago
He is fat. Why are people simping for Chris? He's a fat ass britbong. Look at his gut, waistline and man titties in the recent vids.

No. 212866

Watch the video nona

No. 212872

Was Chris attractiveness a key for his success to begin with? Most comments I've read like his sarcastic british humor or his personality.
Seriously we have cute faces in the Jvloggers group since long time but they lack character or relevant content.

No. 212876

Who is simping for Chris? Why do you hate him so much?
Just because you find him unattractive doesn’t mean he is to everyone.

No. 212883

All im tryna say is that Meilynne is probably gonna see her brand crumble under her feet sooner or latter(sage)

No. 212887

>Was Chris attractiveness a key for his success to begin with?
No, but him being really out of shape and now in poor health is particularly bad for travel vlogging. It can end up limiting his content if he's not physically fit enough to do some things and he's already coming across as low-energy and tired in some of recent his videos where he isn't doing a lot of physical activity on camera, like hiking, etc.
Latest video with him in a swim suit.

No. 212898

He admits to his poor health but he isn’t tkyoham, he’s out of shape not morbidly obese.
Maybe his trip to the UK will help him shape up? Perhaps he will make vlogs about getting fit, I think people would watch, especially you guys haha

No. 212901

Okay anon now that's a different take from the previous comment,i do agree in what you just said. He has talked bout making radical changes health wise but they will start after his travel to the UK apparently.Truly hoping he at least returns to his journey across 1 shape.

No. 212903

After his UK travel he said that he will definitely start a change health wise and is not up to option apparently(I guess the doctor tod him something harsh).I think being trapped in Japan for 2.5 years (stress) + the usual bad habits was a terrible combo.

No. 212922

dont think anyone has ever heard anyone say he's attractive lol
pretty sure the obvious reason why he's successful is because he's the only jvlogger that goes out of his way to travel throughout japan to find random out there small cities/villages/etc. Someone on trash taste said chris will sit on google maps just zooming in on places trying to find something interesting. Most of the other jvloggers barely leave their city and just do dumbfuck 'what i do in a day' 'what i bought at x' bullshit. Just constant same shit.
but he better get in shape, otherwise going up and down stairs and hills in rural areas is gonna get tough lol

No. 212944

File: 1652666412132.jpg (436.97 KB, 1438x1080, IMG_20220515_205518.jpg)

I think he's fairly attractive but yeah gaining weightis adding negative points. Also I agree when the country fully opens he will need to do more travel and adventure videos so being in shape will be needed. If he can return to his body in Journey across Japan 1 then awesome ,that's the best shape of him we ever seen.

No. 212983

File: 1652694068549.png (380.85 KB, 1080x2058, Screenshot_20220516-100622.png)

Someone posted about Norm's behaviour in Chris's subreddit kek.

No. 212990

File: 1652697466691.png (667.36 KB, 1069x1595, Screenshot_20220516-105554.png)

No. 212992

File: 1652698567177.png (559.27 KB, 1079x2006, Screenshot_20220516-111418.png)

Kek I have wondered about what Japanese people think of jvloggers.

No. 212993

Post has now been removed.

No. 213002

Wouldn’t surprise me if Norm is a mod there and is the one who deletes all the comments about cxs too

No. 213009

File: 1652705055749.jpeg (108.17 KB, 483x788, D8F7798D-135F-4EA3-B77D-10D0AC…)

I’ve always found him extremely attractive even when he’s overweight it just makes me want him to break my back even more

No. 213028

The excuse to delete it is so ass, calling out Norm true colors is valid.Like who would actually want such moron linked to abroadinjapan it would be negative points for the brand

No. 213029

So he's saying you can't even have an opinion on someones content unless you too are a content creator… ah yes that's how being a youtuber works. We all knew it already but my god norm is so far up his own ass he's lost touch with reality.

At least he didn't tell them to go kill themslves or that they're not worthy of breathing air, for once he stopped short of trying to suggest suicide to his viewers. That's an improvement lol

No. 213031

File: 1652711797027.jpg (229.89 KB, 1080x1795, IMG_20220516_093417.jpg)

Click on the mod name then seeing the subs he/she manage ,yeah no surprise of the crappy judgement.

No. 213104

File: 1652729362617.png (1.22 MB, 1059x1274, Screenshot_20220516-201737.png)

Ok anon

No. 213111

>pretty sure the obvious reason why he's successful is because he's the only jvlogger that goes out of his way to travel throughout japan to find random out there small cities/villages/etc.
>Someone on trash taste said chris will sit on google maps just zooming in on places trying to find something interesting.
This is not a dig at Chris, but none of the places he visits are remotely unknown, random and haven't already been covered in other vlogs and blogs. Even the seemingly weird, off the beaten places have been covered and reviewed countless times, and his research is pretty superficial. The exception might be the specific love hotel owned by his acquaintance. What Chris has over a lot of other jvloggers is production quality. He's not as entertaining, but John Daub has covered more unique places. As for "experiences," I think Connor is doing a better job these days…
I hope his (ex?) wife and kid are safe.

No. 213166

I’m not sure if you’re watching the same Abroad in Japan channel as I am but he basically helped put north Japan on the map from 2012-2017 before he started traveling the country more widely. Even last year he was the first to show abandoned islands in Kyushu, fly over a volcano and do things like the Shimanami inland sea cycle. Say what you want about the guy but that’s a bit unfair to say he’s not ever found anywhere orginal.

No. 213168


I think all Connor videos are in Tokyo even, the only ones outside of it are funnily the ones with Chris.
Not leaving the Tokyo is original?

No. 213189

File: 1652790440982.jpeg (374.58 KB, 815x1254, 7F93B147-2D79-4677-93DE-871416…)

No. 213190

You ladies are into paul dano and Adam driver I put zero stock in what your taste is

No. 213258

Again, it's the unsagged Chris & Sharla wk to the rescue.
>I’m not sure if you’re watching the same Abroad in Japan channel as I am but he basically helped put north Japan on the map from 2012-2017 before he started traveling the country more widely.
A certain "event" in 2011 put Tohoku on the map.
Most of Chris' early videos are of him in his room or visiting a famous attraction outside Northern Japan, like the Robot Restaurant or Mt Fuji. It was later that he really started to showcase more places in Tohoku, probably thanks to Ryotaro and Odigo, but these places are not unknown that haven't been covered before. Even the Christ tomb in Aomori. As I said before, what he has over others is production quality.
>Even last year he was the first to show abandoned islands in Kyushu, fly over a volcano and do things like the Shimanami inland sea cycle.
>the first
You have to be kidding me.
Those islands have been visited by tourists, including foreign ones, for years. Just look up Ikeshima on youtube. You don't even have to search for it in Japanese. Look at all the vlogs going back over a decade ago. Even Nat Geo did it years ago.
Sakurajima is one of the most famous volcanoes in Japan and flying over the volcano is a regular tourist attraction in Kagoshima. https://experiences.travel.rakuten.com/experiences/20496
Shimanami Kaido is another FAMOUS tourist attraction in Kyushu and one of the most popular cycling routes in the entire world. Internationally Me, who actually does cover off the beaten paths, did it twice, but it's been a thing for a long time.
When will the Abroad fans from reddit stop coming to this thread?

No. 213261

>Not leaving the Tokyo is original?
I said "experiences" and linked a video of Connor stripping at a strip club. But yes, I would say that performing at a Japanese strip club, learning how to pro wrestle, and going on a date with a hired boyfriend is original content for a jvlogger.

No. 213276

File: 1652821427636.png (269.83 KB, 933x826, Screenshot_20220517-182757.png)

Apparently it's also been mentioned on Chris's patreon discord.

No. 213277

File: 1652821709929.png (413.77 KB, 836x1933, Screenshot_20220517-150814.png)

That mod is deleting all comments that mention Norms behaviour.

No. 213278

Compared to the original Jvloggers obviously all of them do or did day in X, week of X.Btw the rest of his videos is just crane games ,drawing this or that and cosplays.
Now compared to Chris no, I don't gonna consider 3 or 4 videos original compared to the years of different content of Chris.

No. 213283

Frankly his videos are definitely the ones with more attention for those attractions.
If production quality was needed to show properly the places other failed to make it justice then so be it. Btw didn't Odigo grouped several Jvloggers but failed to make big number?

No. 213291

unless theres connection that the mod is norm, who the fuck cares? reddit mods are disgusting power trippers anyways, of course they're going to be fucking weird

No. 213295

Wow Norm is such a child..what the fuck. These entitled ass vloggers need a reality check.

No. 213296

It really looks as if those mods received instructions to not have an inch self-respect.I can ignore speculation but facts not ,Norm is a major asshole and the ones who tried to protect him are equal.

No. 213297

When people use quotes, especially when they're talking about Connor stripping at a strip club in Japan, they're usually being sarcastic or making a joke. I think some of you have mistaken lolcow for Abroad's fan thread on reddit.

No. 213385

What useless posts. Anons need to stop confusing other anons in other sites for milk. What they say is just as tinfoily.

No. 213420

you're right and you should say it anon, chris is a hottie chubby or not

No. 213430

File: 1652903026994.jpg (471.48 KB, 1080x1901, IMG_20220518_142332.jpg)

Chris is back in the UK I wonder if Sharla went with him.

No. 213442

Stfu anon

No. 213464

get off the internet and meet people holy shit nonnies, your standards do not have to be this low

No. 213525

File: 1652946813782.jpg (245.31 KB, 1386x738, Untitled-1.jpg)

Bronwyn made a wonky sakura tree as a decor for her cosplay photoshoot

No. 213530


She is coincidentally travelling with Ushka atm. I wonder where they went kek

No. 213566

No. 213574

how can she constantly complain that her videos fail and her channel is "dying" when this is the content she puts out? it's not even that the prop is shitty (which it is, embarrassingly shitty), but the video of her DIYing it left out the actual DIY process of paper mache. she didnt show how she built the tree at all.

compare her videos to any of her jvlogging peers and its VERY OBVIOUS why her channels are "dying" and why she's constantly begging for people to share her content. do you think taylor r would have posted this diy without going back and redoing the paper mache? sharla has DIYed house shit before and there's no way she would omit the biggest part of the project "because she didn't know she was making a video yet." like if you decide you are making a video about the project, you have to redo that part of the project so people can see it. this shit is basic youtube 101.

No. 213575

Anons - what about me being attracted to Chris points to having low standards?
He’s got a classically handsome face with amazing eyes, a hefty protector bod, is adventurous, hilarious, and English which is like the cherry on top. In an alternate universe where he wasn’t in Japan and was a single transplant living in my city I’d absolutely make a first move, take him on adventures through my stomping grounds, and hopefully have the honor of being colonized his big bong dong. Wether he’s with Sharla, someone completely different, or even just his own hand kek, they are lucky af. Look I get it if he’s not your type or you just straight up hate j-vloggers, but he’s no low value man. Saged for unnecessary thirst, but I’m genuinely curious what your standards are.

No. 213576

He sure is a catch!
A creative with a drive packed into that handsome body!

No. 213579

File: 1652977726588.jpg (797.41 KB, 1080x2226, IMG_20220519_112404.jpg)

A post from her shop 3 days ago.

No. 213582

Ohh coincidences…maybe she and her friend will go the UK too but that's only cuz such is a superb first option for "tourism" nothing else.

No. 213583

I'm guessing that she will do a vlog in France.
That way it's not the same country as Chris.. ;)(emote)

No. 213587

I hate myself for agreeing with you. He is quite attractive.

No. 213589

Na why do that just do one in UK too after all him going there first is just a coincidence.Her friend probably will be the one wanting to go there not her but as a good friend Sharla will go too.

No. 213592

Personally I found him decently above average boyfriend material at least from what we can see and being in a good position financially is just a great plus.

No. 213626

How come "that's not milk" anon doesn't come out when anons wax on about Chris' attractiveness?

No. 213637

Who is Ushka? Profile?

About Norm any milk about his (ex)wife and kid?

No. 213638

Ushka is Sharla friend who appeared in her video of buying a house in Tokyo(check just the beginning).Working together in that shop business since long time apparently.

No. 213644

Because I don’t want to derail the thread any more than I have, plus one of them has the reading comprehension of a toddler so it was futile trying to reason with them.

No. 213669

Their standards are some anime boys that they pretend not to like because they'd have to call themselves weebs.
They have no standards.
He's handsome, even when chubbier (also he's bloody far off being actually fat), and that accent is quite a big bonus

No. 213670

tinfoil. "that's not milk" anon has the hots for Chris

No. 213683

Chris is charismatic which makes him extremely attractive, unlike those ugly ass trash taste boys (with the exception of CDawg ofcourse)

No. 213688

She did not say she’s going with Ushka, she said they both will be traveling. Ushka is from New Zealand she may be traveling back home, either way she did not say they are traveling together.

No. 213709

If Sharla went with Chris I wonder if she will abstain from posting pictures of her socials for a month or more.He would be able to post anything and enjoy the experiences with his fans meanwhile she will have her hands tied in order to avoid making people suspect about their travel,it would truly suck.Chris is a control freak as he mentioned so she can't do anything.

No. 213721


See Joey and Garnt aren't ugly. I'd say Joey is good-looking and Garnt looks average. The issue is they come off as pretty creepy when they go into how much they love hentai especially when the characters are young and that kind of thing. Connor is a normal hardcore anime fan who at worst plays up to his female audience. While Chris is a normal guy who enjoys travel and experiences and doesn't care for anime at all. Chris is more of a Jeremy Clarkson type.

No. 213723

She is with Chris, why do you think she’s been radio silent on all her Socials while he’s been posting about the UK. anyway don’t get it twisted Sharla wears the pants in that relationship. That being said knowing her she will post a video, like hey I’m in the UK to do… their mutual friend Chiaki may be her perfect excuse.

No. 213724

Please stop. Post proof of her being with him or even alluding to being with him, not that she is some super-secret hidden vacation buddy or how girlfriend.

No. 213727

What sort of proof do you want or need? Sharla will post soon that she is in the UK, then you will say that, it doesn’t prove anything. There’s no smoking gun because they go out of their way to hide their relationship. it is what it is, believe what you want to believe. Who cares! why do you get so upset it’s just innocent gossiping, it’s not that serious. FFS

No. 213728

Well I use the "if" until milk confirming the relationship drops,now outside this matter yes she is really silent in her socials.One would think she would comment on Chris tweets making a cheeky joke about him finally traveling or dropping a like as she does most of the time but she's mute so far.Maybe she thinks it's no use to try fool us or simply don't wanna lie even more by commenting.It's unlikely she rules in the possible relationship with a perfectionist/control freak guy heck he gives off the vibe sending to fuck yourself if you try boss him.I didn't thought about it Chiaki can definitely be Sharla escape goat although I remember Chiaki saying in Chris livestream that she will be one month more in Japan.

No. 213729

Even if they were both in the UK, that doesn't prove they are dating.

No. 213730

Sharla often talks about her UK friends. If she pops up in the UK it doesn't mean anything other than she's probably going to the Trash Taste wedding.

No. 213731

exactly, but she posted 5 days ago. I don't think she's traveling, so I don't know what anons are even talking about. Doesn't help that they literally don't post caps of her said traveling too.

No. 213732

It's speculation anon plus let's not fool ourselves Chris after 2.5+ years finally travels to the UK and Sharla oh surprise announces she will travel too even when not so long ago started a project of renovating a house.Putting such project on hold for sudden traveling? like unless it's a emergency travel it makes no sense at all. Who she tries to fool jeez

No. 213734

Not even Chris will go (answered in Livestream) and you think she will be invited ? Garnt and Sharla are not close at all .

No. 213735

Read some comments above the online shop she and her friend manages will not accept new subscriptions because she will travel "for a bit". Confirmed milk anon if you don't read don't comment.

No. 213737

Never thought i will see so much cope in lolcow,Chris finally after 2.5+ years goes to the UK and Sharla out of sudden announces she will travel 3days before he travels there's 7 remaining months to travel nonchalantly yet just when he will travel she does as well and hey she started a house renovation even but oh sudden trip.(post proof or stop tinfoiling)

No. 213739

You didn't need to say the same thing twice. What do you mean 7 remaining months? Anon, you don't have to only travel within a year.

No. 213740

Wanted to highlight the coping of the moment.Only mentioned the 7 months to show how this trip just Chris does is not a coincidence.

No. 213744

I feel like she sees herself as this star Youtuber while completely ignoring what people are interested in and what makes for good video content. Like she just expects million views of her filming putting up curtains or something. I don't understand what she doesn't understand about this. Like if your content is not raking in as many views as you'd like, you gotta get out of your comfort zone and start trying new things and experimenting with ceating different content. Or just watch Youtubers who are more popular than you and copy elements from their stuff

No. 213748

I look forward your apology, when Sharla post her video about her trip to the UK.

No. 213749

Exactly! IF that exist in a vacuum of a girl travel to the UK for vacation. What we were talking about someone who is in a long-term relationship with someone from the UK , we are talking about someone sho while married to a Korean guy that said that she had no interested in visiting UK. We are talking about someone who we think is hiding their relationship bf and we are trying to connect the dots. Stop being contrary for god sake.

No. 213750

The proof is posted on here already!
Fact- Sharla is traveling currently, per an IG post.
Fact- Chris is in the UK, per his socials.
Fact- Sharla is renovating a house, see YouTube.
Fact- their traveling announcement is the same time , per their social

No. 213756

You guys are unhinged, your proof is based on a tinfoil that they are dating. I really hope they aren’t together so you lot can take a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror.
Yes those facts are facts, now can we move on until one of them confirms your tinfoil please?

No. 213763

Sharla is traveling in the shinkansen = traveling out of Japan? What logic is that.

No. 213765

File: 1653047514904.png (1.51 MB, 1050x649, Capture.PNG)

>a classically handsome face with amazing eyes, a hefty protector bod
This has to be a joke KEK. I just watched his video with Ken Watanabe and he looks like an overfed lumpy toddler wearing adult clothing

No. 213768

This is the IG post they are referring to >>213579

No. 213773

Post proof she is going to the UK then.

No. 213776

There was a period of maybe a few months where I thought he looked good. It was back during his big cycle journey and when he was doing livestreams with sharla and others from hotel rooms while on the road. His weight was down, he had facial hair that weirdly worked for him. This was also the time where people first started claiming there was chemistry between him and Sharla. That was his peak imo. It was short lived for me but I don't judge anyone if they're into him now. I personally prefer him with some weight off but I don't see him losing or keeping it off any time soon.

No. 213778

No stupid, do try to keep up. The post is from her stationary business IG account.

No. 213779

I mean because a major part of her job is her social media presence, she will have to post about it soon enough. She is gone way too long to hide it, so I can guarantee you that very soon she will post a vague post about her travels and probably a video to follow. Bookmark this

No. 213780

And without saying where she goes, we should all assume it's too be with chris. No. That doesn't even make sense.

No. 213782

File: 1653053960105.jpg (114.08 KB, 1707x960, Trash taste london comic con.j…)

I can't believe Trash Taste will be coming to London comic con next week. Does anyone think that Akidearest will be attending too?

No. 213783

They are all traveling! All dating! See, that's why it makes no sense to only point to Sharla and Chris. Anons said earlier to check other socials too, but no one wanted to.

No. 213791

a house renovation is not life saving surgery. It doesn't have to happen in a specific time-frame.

No. 213803

Oh look, most of TC is travelling to the UK. If only you tinfoilers had bothered to check! Pretty much negates any more tinfoil theories of them travelling together if they’re all there

No. 213805

File: 1653061915427.jpeg (133.9 KB, 467x674, 0DAE559E-17F1-4244-AB74-D07596…)

Aw come on girl, just imagine this face looking up at you while you’re gettin your pussy ate

No. 213808

File: 1653063561350.jpg (81.54 KB, 1707x960, Sydsnap mcm.jpg)

Actually you might be onto something since now the convention has mentioned Sydsnap as another guest attending next week

No. 213816

File: 1653065142789.png (1.34 MB, 1263x658, Capture.PNG)

I always wondered if Bronwyn has dyslexia or dysgraphia but I guess this settles it

No. 213817

Ken Watanabe can still get it.
Chris needs better skin care and to work out. He looks older than he is because i doubt he even wears sunscreen or washes his face.

No. 213818

Looks like autocorrect mixed up

No. 213821

I'm excited to see the renovations once they are done, but man is she boring… Does anyone watch Sharla unironically?

No. 213839

I kind of like Sharla unironically in part because she IS so boring. It's nice to see someone not really do what's trending (outside of her pretending to be vegan) and just stick to what she actually enjoys, even if it is often shit that would bore a 50 year old auntie. I find her voice and mannerisms very soothing and her editing style is also relaxing. She's the least spastic of all the j-vloggers imo.

No. 213897

I like her and Rachel for that reason. I don't like the overly hyper creators. It's really annoying for me and these types of videos from her and Rachel I love having in the background while working or something. I get to see stuff in Japan that's chill and not just going to an arcade every video with loud noises.

No. 213903

Same, a lot of female and male jvloggers are to hyped up and big personalities. Always trying to get what’s trending. Nice slower pace and boring can be a soothing change. It’s more original, and not oversaturated. It’s interesting how most j-vloggers have the exact same style and videos, when Japan/other Asian country living white/western vloggers is so much opportunity to not do the same thing as one another.

No. 213911

again you are an idiot. those people who are traveling to the UK are not from TC. they are from Geexplus. joey left TC 2 years ago.

No. 213912

well Aki will be joey's plus one to Grant's wedding, so for sure she will be going to the UK soon.

No. 213913

Why does it matter who they are there with or for? They are all heading there from Japan. That's the point. Literally have nothing to do with who they are representing when literally tons of creators are going to the convention. That absolutely puts the dating thing into mute territory because if everyone is going, how the hell does it turn into a person super secret rendezvous aside from anons desperate to try to make a fake relationship seem real?

No. 213922

“she will have to post about it soon enough” ???
IF they are really hiding sth it’s better remain in silence instead of saying that she is going out of Japan. She could post photos, videos or any content saved/made previously without acting sus.

BTW How do you hide a relationship for 2 years or more, being a public person and all of your friends cover you up afterwards? Why? There is no milk after all this time!

No. 213925

File: 1653095875290.jpeg (400.43 KB, 2048x2048, 74337891-CAC4-4787-B047-6AE6FF…)

Where did Sharla get her TT mug?
She bought it? Chris? Aki? Joey or Connor?
(YouTube videos: Sharla Sendai apartment tour 9:29/ TT studio tour 0:54)


No. 213926

They probably gave her one because they are friends and you can buy it on their website for merch. Seriously anon.

No. 213927

The Sharla tin foil anons need to be banned. they're annoying and shitting up the thread.

No. 213947

>We are trying to connect the dots
Dots were already connected >>159177 >>196252
>Stop being contrary for god sake
Many anons here are either ChrisxConnor shippers or they want to ride Chris' dick >>203378 >>203433 >>202985

No. 213956

Damn, I can’t believe all the dudes of trash taste are dating eachother

No. 213986


How much did you guys get paid to control the narrative in this thread? What is Chris paying? He already owns that subreddit of his, that's not enough?

Or do you just like being trolls?

No. 213994

I love the fact Chris is probably sitting in a room eating a sausage roll right now oblivious to creeps like yourself obsessing over him with your speculative bullshit.

No. 213999

What do you think this page is for anon?

No. 214001

You’re onto something there anon, I’ve always had a slight gut feeling they’re in here. Would make sense as they are literal nobodies in terms of snowflakery.
I mean who doesn’t like hearing about how much people wanna ride their dick right?

No. 214012

>How do you hide a relationship for two years or more, being a public person
Sharla hid her previous relationship for years until she got engaged and Chris was in a relationship from early 2016 to the end of 2018 which he kept private. Only a handful of his viewers knew about it because they found out from the gf's Twitter page.
>all of your friends cover you up afterwards? Why?
This has already been discussed >>212518 >>212550
They're prob all sucking Chris off for clout so why the fuck would they decide to be cunts and reveal his relationship and piss him off?
They would have absolutely nothing to gain by doing that.
>There is no milk after all this time
His friend on the podcast did accidentally out him as living with a Canadian, something which anons keep forgetting, plus there are screenshots of them having the same cups, curtains, desk chair etc >>148818 >>196252

No. 214018

Stop tinfoiling, literally none of that is concrete proof.

No. 214037

File: 1653148366010.jpg (483.44 KB, 1080x1836, IMG_20220521_105130.jpg)

Just a happy coincidence that she traveled to the UK right?

No. 214039

Abroadinjapan in the only big content creator Tokyo Creative have I bet all there would allow to be slapped in the face by Chris if he wanted kek.

No. 214040

Idiot chris and Sharla are not attending conventions. They are on vacation in the UK together.

No. 214042

Anon we established that there are a group of them travelling to the UK
Anon the photo shows a roof in a country she didn’t specify, calm the fuck down!

No. 214043

They are not part of the same group. Trashtaste boys are attending Garnt’s wedding and conventions. Sharla and chris are not there for any of those reasons. You guys are so dumb

No. 214044

Anyway as I told you she would post about it soon enough, and she did. Was that a coincident? or do I know what the fuck I am talking about. You are embarrassing yourself by arguing with me. Just so you know she is in the UK attending her and chris’ friends wedding and the friend is NOT Garnt. Y’all r so invested to prove people wrong, lol why?

No. 214045

Anon, there is a convention going on in the UK. Don't be this fucking argumentative just because you're desperate with this relationship tinfoil. Doesn't matter if she isn't a part of the TT podcast. She might be going, like other creators, just to hang out at the convention.

No. 214054

Asswipe She is NOT going to any convention. She is NOT doing anything with the trashtaste podcast. Make that make sense she doesn’t hang with them in Japan but she will follow them all the way to the UK just to “hang”? Use your brain!

No. 214055

Mountains out of molehills as usual.
She said the other day she was going to Comicon in London.

No. 214056

How do you know?

No. 214058

Bitch cause I know! Just like I knew and told y’all she was traveling before she announced it, and told y’all to bookmark it. Bookmark this, she is NOT attending any convention in the UK!

No. 214060

No she did not! Show me where she announced she was going?

No. 214061

Sharla said she is going to 2 weddings, one is sunny's and I guess the other one and first in her month long travel is the UK

No. 214064

I can’t wait to see convention pics

No. 214065

Yes, because there will not be any Lol. her ans chris are going to their friends wedding in the UK, that’s the lie/angle Sharla will use to excuse why she is there.

No. 214067

Yup, I believe sunny is getting married in Bali In August.

No. 214068

Neither of them mentioned a wedding though

No. 214070

They have not, but I am telling you that’s what they are doing. Like I said bookmark it, because she most likely will mention her friends wedding in an upcoming video.

No. 214074

Okay so she attends this wedding. How do you know she is going with Chris?
How do you know they are going together as a couple?
You fucking don’t.

No. 214076

Anons who don't believe they are dating, how do you explain Pete's slipup in their podcast about Chris living with a Canadian?

Listen from 04:53:

Chris asks Pete how to pronounce Mississauga and Pete goes: 'You're the one who lives with a…'.
I guess they are going to say that there are other Canadians living in Japan other than Sharla KEK

No. 214077

He didn't keep his relationship a secret. He took his girlfriend along with him in his Wandering through the Suicide Forest Aokigahara vlog. I dunno when he privated it, but the video was still public last year. https://twitter.com/abroadinjapan/status/725310465652449280

No. 214078

I said hang at the convention. Why are you freaking out? Jfc, anon. She hasn't even said why she is there yet, just a post about making a vlog. You literally have no idea either, so stop tinfoiling that it's for this bullshit relationship. clearly she isn't living with Chris either because this house she has she is renovating with her friend. Completely negates 100s of posts about it.

No. 214079

video was still public last year→still public until last year

No. 214080

She doesn't live in that house and it's in Tokyo. She lives in Sendai.

No. 214081

So her house remodel vlogs aren't about her house? That's not her house and it's only her friend's house?

No. 214082

No offence anon but after seeing her apartment vlog there’s no way she lives with another person, it’s tiny.

No. 214083

Maybe you should watch her vlog or read the thread before commenting like you know what you're talking about. She and her friend bought the house together to renovate it to use as an airbnb.

No. 214084

Uh, it's a house she doesn't live in/plan to live in, anon. It really has nothing to do with Chris and her dating one way or another. She's renovating a house with Ushka to do an Airbnb.

No. 214085

Lol you are brand new here obviously! We have rehashed this to death on here. But for your info I know 1000000% that they are a couple, living together. But if it really upset you to believe that they are not a couple, ignore the post that mention it. It’s a harmless fun conversation about 2 people who are doing their best to hide their relationship, but often time makes mistake a drop the ball in their cover up.

No. 214086

I didn't see the vlog before the renovation ep. 1. Oops, but still doesn't have anything to do with them dating.

No. 214087

I'm sorry anon, this is a retarded take. I get that Sharla going to the UK (if that is where is) won't count as 'proof' to many of the deniers, but she is not the kind of Youtuber to go to Comiccon just to hang out. 1) she lives in Japan, why tf would she travel to the UK to attend their shitty weebfest when she lives in the country already? 2) she's not big enough to be an invited guest there.

If she's in the UK, she sure as hell isn't there for the convention. Maybe it's with Chris, or maybe it's just a fun excuse to go travel after such a long lockdown with some people she knows. But either way she isn't there to go buy bootleg anime gear or be a guest who talks about cat shit to weeby britbongs.

No. 214089

No anon I am not a newfag, and I’m not upset at all. I would love for you to prove they are a couple but you can’t. Please stop tinfoiling about it until you can post literal proof.
This is not the place to have a fun harmless conversation - read the rules

No. 214091

I am so amused by your lack of knowledge, and your attempt to prove me wrong. Sweetie she is not going to hang out at a convention in the UK. I am telling you why she is there, because I know. It’s not tinfoil just facts that I know 1000000%. Me knowing that they are a couple, I like to point out when they make mistakes, it happens way more often than you think. I find your attempts to prove me wrong funny, cause you are so dumb!

No. 214093

Anon do you understand what tinfoiling is? Your gut feelings aren’t facts.

We don’t care about what you think, come back when you e got evidence.

No. 214095

nta but would you like me to repost the images that were posted as proof a few threads ago? I'm right on that page now

No. 214096

I think they could be dating but not living together,the bed on her new apartment is the same one she had back in Morioka.Its a tiny bed not comfortable enough for a couple plus with her cat sleeping in the same room a person with asthma and cat allergy like Chris will suffocate kek.
Chris said he's not going to Garnt wedding in his livestream.
That type of roof is either UK or British hills in Japan so I'm not desperate anon it's just guessing.
I want add something lately she's active during these hours and right now is 2am+ in Japan but in the UK is just 6pm :)

No. 214097

Anon for fucks sake none of that was actual evidence of them living/being together. It just proved they have the same fucking mug!!

No. 214098

It’s not gut feelings booboo I know with for a FACT that they are a couple.

No. 214099

actually more than one mug, an office chair, and other objects that showed up in both of their videos. Plus a person saying Chris is living with a Canadian. But nooo they can't be dating kek

No. 214100

>> 10 years later anons in Jvloggers #44 claiming the same child appearing in photos with Sharla and Chris isn't proof of anything either

No. 214101

No. 214102

Go back to reddit

No. 214104

Well I do find curious that from any other month she decided to travel the same time Chris did.Even if as a friend it feels like a leech.

No. 214107

Wtf are Sharla's plans for that poor house? Dark colors in a small room, an aliexpress cat front door handle, everything will look like shit, she has terrible taste.

No. 214108

Since we're going into speculative territory, I'd guess that they've waited with announcing it until she met his family. Upcoming announcement incoming!

No. 214110

Despite hints I hope they aren't dating Chris can get a better girl than a 36yo cat crazy one.With his asthma and cat allergy all his life he will use medication.

No. 214111

Also don't forget how Sharla has said she has no intention to have children but Chris always said my future son/daughter during his videos.Making the boyfriend give up having children then torture his asthma and cat allergy due owning a cat definitely looks like suffering.

No. 214113

Nope they aren’t announcing anything, IMO. sharla got burned because of her divorce experience and Chris is super private.

No. 214114

That vid was filmed when they first met up. He said he was on a date, he did not refer to her as his girlfriend. He said something along the lines of "I had a date with a girl and we were planning to go to McDonald's" then something about taking a detour through the aokigahara forest.
She does not appear on any of his social medias after that vid and he does not mention her or even mention anything about having a girlfriend, so yes he did keep it secret.

No. 214115

Enjoy your ban

No. 214117

One thing you learn about Chris if you pay attention is a he exadurates to make a point a lot things like my future kids etc. But
he recently said on his podcast that he does not want kids at all.

No. 214118

Yes Lily was very upfront about being his GF on Twitter. So many people knew about it because of her, but not him.

No. 214119


Where have I seen someone misspell that word before… Miranda. Jesus Christ if the troll is Kanadajin this is fucking hilarious

No. 214120

I was also thinking about who the mysterious jvlogger spy could be and this would make a lot of sense. The spy always had a specific (broken) way of speaking and misspelling things. First I thought it could be Lily becase her mother tongue is not English but she seems too chill to hang out on imageboards, Miranda would make more sense

No. 214122

Nah it's lily again >>208208

No. 214123

It would make perfect sense, she is eternally online. Also the previous posts about tkyoham are making me think it’s her even more.
Is this her way of getting back at Sharla after nearly 10 years? Fucking topkek

No. 214124

Also, isn't Lily's first language French? Exaggerate in French is 'exagérer', it's almost the same as in English, she definitely wouldn't say 'exadurate' wherever that came from kek

No. 214129

Chris late big popularity growth will make keep any secret like that really hard(if there's one) from now on.The country being closed during this possible relationship was a blessing,once it fully opens he'll gonna have it hard.Sharla is not much know outside jvloggers so she's ok.

No. 214130

A convention is a convention. Animecons are literally the same no matter what.

Multiple people who are bloggers are traveling right now. Sharla and Chris aren't special.


You're insane anon. Get help. They aren't dating and none of this is proof or concrete whatsoever.

No. 214131

The latest moment he said anything bout children was in the video of teaching English with his American friend.Maybe Sharla has destroyed his dreams of having children so he has resigned ,sad.

No. 214132

File: 1653160072114.jpg (180.09 KB, 1080x953, IMG_20220521_140703.jpg)

Who of you anons said this to her lmao

No. 214133

yeah, a convention is a convention. Why would Sharla, who lives in Japan and has as much access to weeb shit as she'd like (and isn't even into anime or games outside of Pokemon & mainstream Nintendo stuff) travel to the UK to hang out at some anime convention? Trash Taste is going to be there as guests, that's why they're going. No one living in Japan would go to London expressly FOR this convention, end of. She is in the UK for another reason besides the con whether it's Chris or something else.

No. 214136

There was a time when he was more open when it comes to his private life he felt honest then his persona took fully control.
The drama with Josh daub showed his paranoid side.He even dislikes when people call him fake kek

No. 214140

For the same reason people go to different conventions already??

No. 214141

File: 1653162652944.png (268.45 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20220521-204838.png)

Wow kek

No. 214145

I don't mean to keep harping on about this but I don't know what to tell you if you seriously think someone would pay to travel across the world solely to attend a convention for anime & video games when they live in Japan and aren't even that into anime or video games.

No. 214155

Sweetheart chris and sharla are not going to a convention. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that, but they are not interested in conventions, End of story. Per Chris the only way they would go to a convention is if the convention pay them to attend. For example They were both invited to an anime convention in Montreal Canada but the convention was not going pay them to be there, so they both turned it down. Chris said over and over and over and over again he is not interested in conventions, he is not in the anime community, sharla is not in the anime community! THEY ARE NOT GOING TO A CONVENTION!

No. 214156

> This is not the place to have a fun harmless conversation
Are you ok?

No. 214157

Not the person you’re replying to but I can tell you that if she travelled to the UK, she didn’t do it solely for that convention. Anyway we don’t even know where she is

No. 214161

Samefag pls don’t ban me mods.
If you want to shitpost go to /ot/

No. 214164

At least i woud say it seems she's not in JP right now due her last twitter interaction being more than 2 hours ago which would be around 3+am forJP unless well that's the hour she likes to be online kek

No. 214167

Idk why you’re all freaking out when it’s just garnt having his wedding and his friends are going to see him

No. 214169

File: 1653170477697.jpeg (24.28 KB, 407x407, 40DA1FAF-3D7E-4BEA-AD01-939D7E…)

More like Sharla is sitting down eating his sausage roll(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214174

Chris said in his private livestream that he's not going to the wedding and Sharla is at max an acquaintance of Garnt.

No. 214215

Apparently someone in the comments of Sharla latest tweet recognized the BSI logo of the windows such is a British brand.

No. 214248

And you wonder why we get mad, if you see something why not take a screenshot and show us

No. 214249

Just heard some of the podcasts. In most he mentions that “I am going to the UK”, but on episode of 4th of May at 3:48 he mentions that “We can’t fly over Russia.”

So he might very well travel with someone.

No. 214250

Screenshot of her tweet was already posted and is also a public twitter.

No. 214251

File: 1653215170320.jpg (398.38 KB, 1080x1963, IMG_20220522_052518.jpg)

Here anon so you don't get tired on the journey of looking a fresh tweet .

No. 214252

No. 214255

The fact that she hasn’t purged the shipping comments makes me think an announcement is upcoming.

No. 214256


I don't think she can't do anything about what other people says in her tweets, the only thing she can do is delete the original tweet and that will be the worst thing to do.

No. 214259

File: 1653222369993.jpeg (705.64 KB, 1125x1773, 7A9AFABD-9712-425F-87AE-7A4174…)

I never read the comment section of their socials/YouTube and it’s literally all Chris/sharla schizos. The situation is more clear now.

Chris/Sharla schizos make up the majority of Sharla’s current fanbase. They can’t contain their tinfoils and shit up forums/reddits until they get banned for being annoying. They come here as a last refuge, hoping we take them in, but we equally tell them to fuck off. On one hand: sharla needs to keep her audience in check if they’re being this retarded. On the other hand: people need to stop being this parasocial and entitled

No. 214262

Agreed, so many fucking weirdos. This shit has gotten way out of hand. I seriously don't understand why people care so much, aside from it being quite obvious, it's really not interesting.

No. 214265

No one cares what random people have to say. This isn't milk or proof.

No. 214270

Man that’s creepy. Safe to say most of them are probably here and on Reddit. I could maybe understand if we were talking about A-list celebs hiding their relationship but like.. it’s just 2 people from YouTube. I agree about Sharla’s fanbase, it’s embarrassing.
Almost all of the comments are about whether they are together
Your reading comprehension is terrible, did you even read the post or just the screenshot??

No. 214271

Chris is going to be interviewed by his podcast cohost Pete for the podcast show conference in London on the 25th, they talked about it on the podcast, but Chris had yet to promote it.

No. 214272

When drama appears content creators just ignore only when the drama has proof they talk due feeling cornered, currently it's just random drama.

No. 214274

Banning them is counterproductive due the good heart persona Sharla has built.

No. 214275

That last comment in the photo is interesting, Chris indeed could be criticized more if it's confirmed that both are together he has talked quite a lot about honesty and how he tries to come out clean towards his fans.I can definitely recall plenty of times he has used his "single" status for content too.I guess the worst thing could be his livestream of when he hit 30 years which was tittle "alone in my birthday", people were saying he's not alone due fans being with him and donated way more than usual.

No. 214276

Not only that but what if they genuinely liked each other but because of the constant sperging from fans it put them off. Imagine the pressure of everyone reeeing at them omg you have awesome chemistry you should get together! I’d be upset if people were more interested in my relationship with someone rather than my content.
That could also explain the comments being deleted to be fair.

No. 214281

He owes viewers nothing about his relationship. Don't rope in honesty when it involves private matters. Your reaches sucks.

No. 214288

Jeez Chris was the one who make such like a rule "oh I always careful on what I say so truth must be said everytime" if wanna lie nonchalantly then don't touch those themes no need to be a scummy it's easy.Additionally he has used the "single" status for content so don't try to call out someone who just points out the lies of the public figures.Chris doesn't know you anon there's no need to jump to protect him.

No. 214294

How is keeping personal life stuff personal lying? Privacy isn't the same as this mindset of "Hes not open about being not single or in a relationship so he's a liar". Seriously, anon.

No. 214296

If they are not together then it's definitely fair to delete comments to avoid derailing the message that whatever of their videos wanna send.Also if either wants the shipping to stop then just talk, Sharla did it with Norm and Mark and it worked but she lets the Chris comments run wild and multiply.I think Chris growing popularity will make things worse if the matter is not addressed.
And if they are together they wouldn't be the first YouTubers to be in a relationship so they must get off of their cloud too we have Joey/Aki,Garnt/Sydney,Ludwig/QT , PewDiePie/Marzia,etc and I don't recall their content being affected because well people have nothing to speculate so they move on.

No. 214308

Does a whole livestream with the theme I'm alone in my birthday,all the video being miserable of the situation which make people donate more than usual.Seriously if think this is not being a lying scumbag(if he was in a relationship already) then I dont wanna imagine your love life.If he doesn't want to be judged about the matter then it is easy never touch these themes don't make money of the supposed single status.I mean look at Sharla she never touches this themes and just does her content as usual,she has some respect about relationships at least.

No. 214315

How did him being alone synergies secretly mean he has a girlfriend? Internet people aren't exactly the comfort you want to think it is when you would prefer physical people with you in your birthday. Your logic is retarded. It's not lying just because anons like you feel you deserve to know shit him and other creators would prefer to keep private. That's some Kardashian level brainrot. Men always boohoo if they are single. Its not some Chris-only thing. Cdawg has made jabs at himself too, so where's the argument about him? Its just people feeling entitled because they just want to be right and that's gross as fuck to force on creators. I bet you also shipped the kids from Stranger Things bc how dare they not openly date when its obvious of the chemistry on screen. The logic sucks when you put it into other aspects and different creators. It doesn't hold up.

No. 214319

Yada yada "I bet you do X",the behavior of someone with the "i can't argument so I attack the person not the matter ".Again anon Chris will not acknowledge your effort to protect him give up.
Is cdawgva the one with hinted relationship?What is your point or you consider the shipping with Vtubers worthy to be used kek
Learn to read anon I've been using the word "if" in my arguments so you are just getting worked up due the perfect image you have of him possibly being shattered.

No. 214321

I’m not the anon you’re replying to but you can’t tell someone they can’t read if you can’t even write properly.
Anon is right, Chris doesn’t have to explain every other intimate detail of his life, it doesn’t make him a liar or a bad person. It make you sound like a crazy psycho.

No. 214325

Anons definitely sound crazy to think they should have some authority to know everything about Chris, head to toe. It's fucking weird. Just because someone does media publicly or has a public presence, doesn't automatically mean that nothing about them is allowed to be private. Even if they were dating, I hope they never say they are because these people don't deserve to know about it because it isn't their business. I'm never going to understand the logic of this level of entitlement.

No. 214331

I think the only valid point of that anon is Chris profiting by selling himself as single meanwhile he was in a relationship,well that is if he was in any to begin with.

No. 214334

I think this entire creepy ass thread has proven why people online like to keep their relationships private. The level of obsession here is beyond frightening, especially given the stalkers both Sharla and to a lesser extent Chris mentioned having before.

No. 214335

I'm not saying I deserve to know mate there's tons of celebrities with fans desiring to know their stuff and such never happens that's ok.Im just pointing out that proclaiming honesty and more as part of his values shall not be done if he is lying nothing else and that such could bite him.
Sharla never touches these subjects as I said that's why it's ok she just does her day in X ,week of X ,etc there's not much argument against her but Chris involves his values,how he is,what he tries to avoid,etc.

No. 214338

Single and being alone are kind of two different things, anon.

No. 214340

You make the man sound like a saint. The guy can be physically alone on his birthday and still be dating someone. He was supposed to go to the UK to celebrate but COVID meant he ended up sitting in lockdown doing a livestream instead.

No. 214341

What I see here is childlike compared to what twitch female streamers have to deal with.

No. 214343

It's just as weird though and without any concrete proof. Most people in Japan shop at Ikea, most furniture looks the same due to the simplistic lines they prefer in furniture, she has a mug because they are al friends of the people in the podcast [she isn't the only extra with a mug]. Just because some stuff is coincidental doesn't make it factual. The anons tinfoiling about the relationship are unhinged at this point.

No. 214345

Chris broad is so fat the first thing he had to do when back in the UK is to buy an overpriced candy bar from an airport vending machine.

No. 214348

The issue is that I dont.Plenty of times he has clarified his dislike towards dishonesty and even get mad at comments saying he's fake so how am I painting him as a saint?
I wonder if you saw the full livestream anon because that didn't looked as someone just cursing "damm lockdown I can't travel" but I'm alone…alone.
Anyways getting late here my idea is just this I hate those who sell themselves as honest but do the contrary it's better to never touch this value from the beggining just do your content.
Maybe it's simply the way I am,I do become quite judgemental when it comes to values.

No. 214349

"it's better to never touch this value from the beggining"
Good to see his crazy ex Lilly back in the thread trying to stir up shit.

No. 214350

All those things are coincidences, but what about her likely being in the UK right now as well? Would that also just be a coincidence? Sharla doesn’t seem to be close friends with the Trash Taste guys, so it’s not that likely she’s traveled for their wedding, and she’s not a guest of the convention. To me the furniture and the mug is kinda whatever, i agree ig could be coincidence. I think the parallel travel and their attempts to just bury discussion about their dating rather than just straight up say “we aren’t dating” is the best ‘evidence’ That something is up. Sharla had no problem responding to those questions when it was Mark or Norm, but the Chris shit just gets deleted. I’m not a unhinged anon bothering Sharla on Twitter because I do get this isn’t my business…but to act like all of us who think they’re likely dating are just completely insane and basing it off of a mug and a chair alone isn’t accurate.

No. 214354

Traveling isn't the same as dating. especially when you see other creators are traveling to the same place.

No. 214355

I think the podcast slip up of Chris friend is the most solid thing anons have "I mean you must know you live with a cana..".The material stuff is interesting but yeah it falls short compared to that slip up.
Something something bout Chris voice in the background of one Sharla video but people started to fight here.

No. 214356

Something I find odd is Sharla not commenting on Chris tweets of just getting to the UK or eating at Nando's she usually jokes about his shenanigans but so far she is completely silent when it comes to anything Chris posted,not even likes.Is she obligated?No,it's just unusual considering Chris constant blabbering of going to the UK.

No. 214357

All those other creators are there for a reason, though. Weddings or paid appearances or visiting relatives. It’s obviously not impossible it’s a coincidence or she’s just traveling with her friends, but take all the evidence they’re dating as the sum of its parts. Loads of little coincidences (Sharla moved to Sendai, podcast slip up from earlier, same objects in house, Chris’s voice, men’s deodorant in her house tour vid, traveling at the same time, general chemistry on video) paired with their refusal to outright deny it suggests they are either dating, or enjoying the conspiracy theories in some way. And I don’t think its the latter. Speculation would basically end if either one of them said “we’re just friends”, as the speculation ended when she said that about her friend Mark. Why won’t they say it about each other?

No. 214358

The so called "podcast slip up" is the most laughably dubious evidence ever conceived in human history. I'd say there's potentially some evidence on the dating front but this isn't one.

No. 214362

What he said was a little different >>214076
It was the Natsuki meets maro vid where people said you could hear Chris' voice >>197196

No. 214365

I mean compared to "oh those two gaijins have the same mugs so they are dating" yes.The slip up at least some kind of indicator.

No. 214366

Oh my god are we really still talking about the same fucking nonevidence?

It has been discussed to death, please fuck off until one of them actually says the words. Don’t come here with your unhinged agendas on whether someone is dishonest for not sharing with the public whether they are in a relationship.

What the fuck is this thread

No. 214367

Yeah it's hella weird Sharla had 0 issues saying Norm or Mark are her friends only.She can easily shut the mouth of huge bunch by just saying the same with Chris but she instead deletes comments.

No. 214371

I don't get the deniers, what makes it so unthinkable that they might be dating and how are these examples of them living together are not believeable?

No. 214374

Living together is unlikely for me in her last apartment video she had the same small bed she had back in morioka also I feel only a deranged person would curate all the apartment.Both dating has been always a possibility.

No. 214376

I think at least one person in this thread is disappointed that Chris is dating Sharla, or vis-versa. So they really rage at anyone "unhinged" enough to think all the random coincidences add up, because they still want a chance with their jvlogger senpai. Or it's someone mad that we're not talking enough about boring Bronwyn or dull Paolo or snoozefest John Daub. Or that fat fuck TkyoSam.

No. 214377

It’s not about denial at this stage, it’s the repetition of ‘evidence’ and the constant tinfoiling.

No. 214379

Are you 12? Who would be disappointed? You’re deluded if you think I don’t believe it because I want Chris for myself. You guys are so annoying, everyone can see the coincidental little bits of info that may allude to them being more but it is just that. The second one of them posts something on social media you’re there with a fine tooth comb looking for any tiny bit of anything that could link them together. And then you get mad that they haven’t announced it like they owe you it. It’s deranged.

No. 214380

do you think only one person in this thread thinks they’re together? I’ve never said they owe me anything. I just think they’re dating, and don’t understand the passionate rejection of that possibility by some here. I can only imagine refusing to believe that these two gaijins may be dating comes from some parasocial desire for them to be single .
I agree the speculation isn’t milk but I don’t agree that its deranged or unbelievable to discuss it or consider the possibility. Shayna has a 100 threads where her every interaction and photo is analyzed…nonnies here are just tittering about Sharla posting an English roof on Twitter. Why is it a big deal to you?

No. 214394

I’ve been lurking, and I think there is a change they are dating. Don’t think anyone cares what I think, but just wanted to say. I don’t think it’s as crazy as some anons make it out to be.

Chris does talk about how hostess clubs and snack bars are his thing in one of the trash taste podcasts. Funny when a lot are definitely run by yakuza. If that’s sharla’s kind of man who am I to judge the girl?

No. 214395

Just take some chill pills.

No. 214396

Now that would be the next level when it comes to be parasocial.The jvloggers stage is quite lame currently,I'm waiting Norm to finally go bonkers and get cancelled.

No. 214397

Mods might say if it is like the Belle/Nicole poster

No. 214401

You keep hitting people with personal attacks instead of presenting a good argument. It’s pretty funny.

No. 214402

He’s fucking crazy, just gave the guy some advice and Jesus fucking Christ tore me to shreds in comments section(don't touch the poop )

No. 214403

Have you seen the specific mugs we are referring to? it’s multiple mugs 3 we have counted so far or so you just want to argue everything is a coincident?

No. 214405

Now Which jvlogger do we know has a temper like that…(sage your shit)

No. 214409

Well we don't know how her ex husband was so we can't tell if Chris has similar traits.

No. 214410

I think all the anons here would absolutely happy with Norm finally getting what he deserves.Question, what do you will happen if a big drama drops? Will Sharla or Chris defend Norm as their supposed friend or they'll just leave him to the masses.

No. 214413

A good argument against what? All I keep saying is can we just fucking stop tinfoiling and repeating the same information that is circumstantial, gut feelings aren’t facts. I think that’s fair enough??
The person I replied to thinks the deniers want ‘Chris senpai’ all to themselves. It’s tit for tat at best, not really a personal insult.

No. 214414

I can go to the website and buy a mug too. These arent limite.

No. 214419

So person spotting them in an Irish bar Morioka almost 2 years holding hands is a gut feeling?

No. 214430

Words of a random anon are not milk. I don't know what's with people believing just words when we live in a era where all carry phones with cameras.Same silly thing like that rumour that Connor said "Chris and Sharla apartment…"in a livestream yet not a single soul clipped that.

No. 214434

Also the supposed patreon stream slip that no one was able to take a screenshot of >>166830
Someone mentioned that there was some discussion in the YouTube comments about Connors slip but they didn't say which episode it was.

No. 214438

No. 214439

Hate to break it to you but a screenshot of a comment, commenting on what happened doesn’t prove anything. For all we know that’s your comment lol

No. 214441

That was a p.s. post

No. 214442

At this point all the anons denying the relationships exists are far more unhinged than the actual shippers.

No. 214444

Again only comments…for all we know that person heard it from another person and that from other,etc.Dumbest thing is that no one knows which stream, at least this way we would see the edit.
Trastaste fans are crazy they would definitely clip and more if such happened (you know teens seeing x of their faves has a gf) even more with Chris who is treated like another member.

No. 214445

The Sharla one is even worst because in YT Livestream you can rewind and even if she stops the Livestream you can pause and the images will be still there for you to screenshot.

No. 214447

I just replied to the supposed trashtaste slip or Sharla livestream fault up and I still think they are probably dating I just not buy words of anons without solid proof.

No. 214448

How am I unhinged for wanting actual proof and not just settling for he said she said/everyone has the same mug?
No one wants to talk about the same thing repeatedly so I’m sorry if me telling you to go somewhere else to have your tinfoil conversations makes me unhinged.
This is an imageboard, and again for like the 1000th time you’ve mentioned it before

No. 214451

i think we can safely assume due to Pete's slipup and all the edited out stuff from livestreams that they're hiding something.
>>214396 This. i'm here for the Norm tea with milk

No. 214455

Saying canadian doesn't mean Sharla. Jfc. She's not the only canadian in japan. Stfu.

No. 214457

Yeah the Pete stuff is reliable.
The livestream stuff is meh without knowing which one to at least see the part was edited.
Sharla is suggested due the extra hints on top of this slip up.If there's an unknown Canadian living with Chris then so be it lmao.

No. 214458

Anon without a name is not much of a slipup and this was over a year now. She's moved, he's moved. Ffs, there's too much that doesn't add up compared to your bullshit that does. You're obsessed and it's fucking psychotic at this point.

No. 214459

Lol they live together In morioka and on Sendai, she is in fact the Canadian. Like it or not all facts or bread crumbs leads to that, but more importantly I saw them with my own 2 eyes in morioka holding hands walking out of the Irish bar. You don’t see too many Gaijin in morioka and it surprised me, because I had no idea they were a couple back then. They were walking out, and I couldn’t not reach for my phone quickly enough descreetly, but I would have done that to dox them anyway. After seeing them and picking up on their mistakes i started to post the slip ups on here to at Least back up what why I saw, but it has turned into an endless argument circle. I am very tired of your guys fighting me and others on such i minor thing, it’s so sillly. Who cares if they are a couple! Anyway one of their old apartment was even rented out to another Gaijin in morioka, and the realtor casually mentioned that a British and canadien YouTuber couple use to rent 2 apartments here.
But yea that proves nothing!(tinfoiling)

No. 214465

Anons will fight you without rest because proof is needed that's the only way to shut their mouth.
If words were enough this thread would not have 12 pages.

No. 214466

right, so by your logic he's living with Norm

No. 214467

I love what happens here, you asked for proof somebody gives you proof you call them psychotic. If you don’t wanna talk about it or see any comments about them, don’t come on here or ignore thoae comments! Start a new topic, This is a post about jvloggers and Sharla so we are going to talk about things related to sharla, stop trying to dictate topics, if you don’t like it don’t comment, don’t log on here . This topic is something that some people are interested in, whiteout it this thread would be dead! you’re the weird one for constantly calling people names to try to prove that you’re somehow better than others for login on an obscure website, to argue about a silly topic. You’re equally as pathetic and very much more of a psycho, how about that!

No. 214468

for what its worth I believe you anon. they're as good as together.
only reason I keep checking back here is for TokyoLens milk

No. 214469

Gosh IF they together in the UK i hope someone takes a photo of them so we can end forever this CxS drama kek

No. 214484

So are you the one who first posted about the patreon livestream slip? >>165318
If you were going to take a pic of them out on the street and you wanted to post about their mistakes then how come you didn't bother to take a screenshot of the supposed pics of them together?

No. 214490

Seriously. Anons have never taken a screenshot of this livestream and conveniently no one saw or has this paywall one too. Anons keep making shit up or being vague which isn't milky at all and a waste of time.

No. 214491

Prove they lived together. You can't so stfu

No. 214506

I am not a Patreon member of either, so that was not me. I know they are a couple because I saw them together. Its clear that they go out of their way to hide the relationship, but with the clear knowledge that they were a couple I easily started to pick up on the mistakes or slip ups. Others started to notice way more than I missed, and here we are, it’s not all me, a lot of people especially those, who are Patreon members have found those cups stuff. The first thing I noticed was from a Tokyo lens video. Norm went to visit Sharla in morioka and then pretended that he went to visit Chris in Sendai. But I recognized the very road they were pretending to be on, and it’s in morioka not at all Sendai.

No. 214507

Sure anon. You saw them together. Me too. Definitely 100%. Who are you if you apparently know so much info and see them kisding and cuddling and holding hands all the time? Just walking around doesn't mean dating and i doubt as hell you visited japan and saw all this first hand, out of everyone in japan and tokyo and sendai, chris and sharla. No one else in TC or TT or other vloggers like Rachel and Jun. Fuck off with your tinfoiling.

No. 214508

I don’t want to STFU, so I will not. And as for you prove they are not or STFU.

No. 214509

I never said I saw them kissing, or Cuddling. I saw them once, in Morioka in an Irish bar as they were walking out, I said they were holding hands. Anyway believe what you want, I don’t care. Your insults and obsessive need to fight something that has 0 effects on you personally, will not stop me or others from continuing to talk about the relationship. Take a deep breath, Relax and feel free to ignore the topic.

No. 214510

Endless debate….Anon who supposedly saw them repeating the same stuff will not make milk manifest out of nowhere.

No. 214513

File: 1653286688579.jpeg (124.21 KB, 828x649, CBA14BE6-F3A1-4898-97FF-64FCCF…)

Just the usual Norm passive aggressive replies to comments

No. 214518

I bet Norm checks this place so he's holding his typical behavior.

No. 214520

KEK Norm could hold a masterclass in passive aggression

No. 214532

Who are you to them?
I’m gonna make an assumption but most people who visit Japan don’t visit morioka on a whim, so either that means you know them or you’re pushing this narrative to derail the thread. (congrats, you’re winning)

No. 214534

I believed you until you said about the realtor bullshit, Japan privacy laws are the most strict in the world, no realtor would risk getting sued and losing their job just to brag about some trashy YouTubers occupying an apartment that he works with

No. 214535

The realtor could very well be their mate Alex aka Tokyo Portfolio

No. 214548

Oh yeah, someone is totally going to risk their business license to drop shitty shipping gossip on an imageboard. Fuck off you donkey and take your meds

No. 214550

Chris and Sharla are dating and living together. The proof is that when the earthquake happened Chris filmed a video out on the street in the middle of the night and it was directly outside of Sharla's apartment building.

No. 214552

I'm thinking she prepared content to derail any ideas that she's outside JP or with Chris.Although if you follow her it's easy to realize that some of her latest activity has been during the hours 3-5amJapan time.
Also since Chris started posted about his UK arrival she has been mute and not interacting with him with her typical remarks(not commenting to not lie more perhaps).
That can easily be british hills the weather fits with the current season but I gonna say those Kent peg tiles are interesting plus the chimney is short so it seems useless (fake).
I don't think anyone will recognize Sharla in the UK.Is she more popular to at least Chris back when he filmed Natsuki the movie?Because he was barely recognizable with his popularity of back then.
Only her monthly livestream migth tell you if she's outside.

No. 214553


This is so creepy. How tf would you know where she lives?

No. 214558

Yeah anon cut the creepy crap and end this pointless arguing. Who are you and how do you know them?

No. 214562

Anon, you're full of shit. No one believes you. You're that desperate to prove they are dating that you're going to extreme lengths to make shit up.

No. 214568

Anon is just trying to sway anons with fake stories. Most likely never met or saw them, doesn't live in Japan (this line of thinking started after quarantine so easy refute), and anon doesn't know where any of them live aside from town. That's why they keep being vague
>definitely not a street in tokyo or sendai
Really, anon knows the looks of roads and the plants next to them? These ChrisxSharla spergs are the worst.

No. 214604

are the people who have shared evidence weird tin-foilers who have creepily scanned through every video for scraps of proof? yes.
but is some of the evidence that's been shared actually pretty damning? also yes lol.
i cant think of a good explanation for a lot of the shit that's been exposed in this thread and it's weird so many people are insistent that it's "not good enough." if you dont wnt to believe it, fine? who cares?

the boyfriend in this vid seems so uncomfortable with her filming, and she did such a shit job of capturing the day. it's like she put him through the torture of appearing on youtube without following through with good content. does she even want to be a vlogger? because the content she puts out is so half-assed like she doesnt care

No. 214610

Because without a photo of them kissing, holding hands, actually being a couple or announcing it, it's literally not good enough because that's not proof. It's not conclusive proof just to have the same mug. Also having a photo with more than 2 of them in it, but because they are in it, it's definitely focusing on them as a couple. Also the fact that living with a Canadian doesn't mean dating and couple mean roommate housing. Jfc, there is so much that doesn't add up. Stop derailing about it already. You already got banned earlier for it.

No. 214615

In JP it's 2am+ yet Sharla is active(twitter comment) kek
She isn't on British hills recording she simply had content saved ready to mask up the fact she's overseas already.

No. 214616

Sharla ain't a kid she has no "proper hour" to use twitter anon.
Although I guess she should be careful bad sleep habits for her age is bad.

No. 214634

But the fact that Sharla goes out of her way to deny dating Mark and Norm, but becomes silent when commenters ask about her and Chris is kind of odd, no?

No. 214635

File: 1653333103153.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2880x3840, AEAA6BB6-471E-48DD-BCDD-BC872B…)

These parasoccial fans really live in the Groundhog Day universe and parrot the same shit over and over again

No. 214636

If you expect any content creator to respond to every retard on the internet, you need to get your head examined

No. 214639

Sharla went out of her way to respond to retards on the internet wrt those two friendships. It would be reasonable to expect her to behave similarly when she is being asked even more frequently about Chris. Inb4 someone tells me “s-s-she doesn’t owe you anything you unhinged (some english slang)” because I’m not saying she owes anyone shit. just saying it is in fact odd that she deletes/ignores the Chris Qs and answered the far less frequent Norm Qs. Now of course who wouldn’t want to make sure people knew you weren’t dating that psycho ratfaced queermo? But she certainly leaves the door open for speculation on Chris. As does he.

No. 214641

>If you expect any content creator to respond to every retard on the internet
I don't, which is precisely why I and many others find it odd that she'll waste her time to respond when it's about other people. Usually, people who are private won't bother responding at all or will delete such comments.

No. 214644

File: 1653334709378.jpg (344.68 KB, 1080x1741, IMG_20220523_143652.jpg)

This is the closest she got to answer.
There were questions mentioning Chris directly but yeah ignored she only answered this which is an open one.

No. 214649

Sharla followers are like that and she makes sure to maintain the bait I bet she doesn't address Chris directly because unlike Norm or Mark he's a big public figure so it's views.

No. 214653

I think it would be childish of her to waste her time addressing it as the girl has had enough on her plate. Just as the otaku community obsessively love to ship every atom of organic matter that moves it doesn’t mean their delusions are real.(sage your nonmilk )

No. 214656

Calm down donkey boner, They’re not gonna lose their licence over two gaijin in Japan

No. 214657

So its a no. Move on.

No. 214667

Which Irish pub?

No. 214668

Well she addressed these questions first when it involved other male individuals so she doesn't think it's a waste of time.

No. 214671

> it's views.
From the 3-5 obsessive tinfoils here? I'm sure she can live without them

No. 214672

This reminds me of a certain scorned Muslim Canadian woman

No. 214677

Lmao have you not seen the amount of comments talking about the matter whenever he puts a video with Chris.
Heavy parasocials must be here but casual ones flood her videos.

No. 214681

Why did she even bother to respond to the comment about people shipping her and Chris out of the many other and more popular comments? It only brings more attention to the speculation.

No. 214683

Arguably the best tinfoil of this entire thread.
The spelling mistakes, the crappy insults, blatant trolling and derailing of the thread, ‘knowing’ too much about them (like where Sharla lived in Morioka).
I mean she did say on her Twitter when she quit the internet she was gonna remain anonymous, I just wasn’t expecting it to be here.

No. 214702

Not Mikan you idiots.

No. 214703

The rare and interesting case of Lolcow Aphasia. Are you ok?

No. 214713


Stop with the paranoia, she was open about going out of the country for a month to 2 weddings, lol

No. 214716

Thankfully I’m neither. It’s only a matter of time before they’re caught out and all the deniers will find something else to get defensive over. Sharla is just being super cautious with all future relationships after her marriage ended in divorce, plain and simple.

No. 214720

I think watching every step to not get caught could be really stressful frankly.
Is it worth to develop possible paranoiac behaviors to hide ones relationship? Definitely unhealthy for our minss.
That's just my view tho who knows what triggered her divorce.

No. 214721

I would divorce Sharla. No doubt she NLOGs in bed and although mods would think otherwise, I am not a man and don't know what they want, I believe she could have a hard time not Roleplaying with Chris Broad as Elon Musk, demo she could Janai ka yaraitai mashita desune… thinking emoji(unsaged shitpost)

No. 214725

Again the unsaged anon has information that seems to have no source. Either post a a pic or link or gtfo.

No. 214735

I didn’t know Mikan was Canadian kek

No. 214746

> I think watching every step to not get caught could be really stressful frankly.
Or exciting? come on.

No. 214747

you are one strange puppy.
Also, how do you NLOG in bed? just do what you and your partner enjoy

No. 214781

If it was something random it would be exciting but most likely it's a routine.
I'll add that plenty of YouTubers don't care about it and have healthy relationships.

No. 214813

You are such a fool to argue with me, l lived in morioka, so I recognized the area. You dumb ass, ignorant sperg, arguing when you don’t know shit! Y’all are so fucking lame!

No. 214819

File: 1653418828877.jpg (733.49 KB, 2264x1006, loca - Copy.jpg)

Chris and Sharla live with each other. After the earthquake Chris was standing outside of "Sharla's" new apartment building in the middle of the night. This is not the building as I do not want to give away their location but they are definitely living with each other.

No. 214830

So you’re saying you lived in Morioka and you know it was Sharla’s apartment building but you’re not going to dox her so post a building on the same road.
So like do you expect us to sit on google earth looking for that apartment building? None of us know where Sharla lives so what was the point in that?
If you want us to believe you you’re gonna have to tell us how you know them because you’re gonna get told to fuck off/banned every time you post. Not to mention you’re coming across like an actual stalker at the moment.

No. 214838

Yeappp, this checks out… if he was outside and around this place, they definately live together. I have no doubts. And don't give us the "they might be neighbours" bullshit.

Considering this was public information (his public video on YT), Sharla pretty much doxxed herself showing her apartment from so many angles…

No. 214841

Anon, stop. Your not believable.

No. 214843


This area is in the same place Natsuki shot his earthquake update as well. He was with Chris at the time.

No. 214845

File: 1653429178844.jpg (Spoiler Image,531.78 KB, 1080x2220, Natsuki.jpg)

No. 214846

Frankly I don't know how their location even matters.
They can just pull the "well we were hanging out" and goodbye.
Only proof that makes them unable to lie about their supposed relationship will end this debate.

No. 214847

Ehh I kinda believe you

No. 214850

Gossip and speculation is fine, but posting images and edging towards leaking private addresses is one step too far.

No. 214852

Your unsaged post sounds like Miranda, not that I disagree with your sentiment but if you’re trying to somehow get lolcow shut down don’t bother, calling the police isn’t going to do anything.

No. 214855

Unsaged ,panic texting.
Does Sharla or Chris have someone with orders to lurk in lolcow?
Even threatening with calling the cops towards this site kek

No. 214857

I prefer a picture or something showing that they are couple,don't get close to dox anons.

No. 214858

Clearly a newb. That being said while sharing leaks and evidence is all well and good, anything that compromises someone's safety shouldn't be shared. There's a lot of fucked up people out there.

No. 214859

It's just a Sharla or Chris agent most likely anon.I agree that crazy ones could be lurking here so we shall not get close to doxing.Hoping a blessed one drops a picture of them kissing or holding hands to end this long time drama.

No. 214860

That’s the problem though nonny, the only person stirring the pot is the weirdo who apparently knows where they live.

No. 214867

Wondering if it's a weirdo or someone that knows them.

No. 214874

The "Sharla" in quotes kills me. Guys, it's ok, it's not actually Sharla, it's "Sharla"

No. 214875

Seriously. Anon is unhinged. They are the same one trying to doxx Belle too. They apparently live in Jajah and Britain kek sure Jan

No. 214884

Belle?… Belle Delphine you mean? Can't believe someone care about such person.What else one would seek from her if everything has been shown.

No. 214892

That same fucking schizo has been bringing it up in the past 2 threads. They're fucking insane.

No. 214899

That anon is cancer to /w/

No. 214914

The only confirmed weirdo I know who actually openly tried to show her apartment is… Norm. Around 18:46 min. He also tried this on a Sendai livestream with a drunk Chris, but Chris averted the question and said something vague about living around 3 km from where they were filming.

This guy is unhinged for so many reasons, but I can really see him envying Chris's successful channel, hating that Chris has Sharla (because ofc he deserves her more) and maybe he also resents everyone not letting him film the latest JAJ kek

No. 214916

Chris is a contol freak and wants his brand and channel to be pristine. Sharla is also someone who drops a controversial person like a hot potato. The fact they still associate with Norm is very interesting. Chris actually reads his own patreon discord, and fans there have been calling Norm out for a long time now.

Now why do they still hang out with Norm, even when they know he is this unhinged? Because they fear his ass will leak their shit lol. If there is anybody who is going to leak anything, it is going to be Norm. So for now they tolerate him, be fake nice to him. But if you've noticed, Chris is slowly cutting him out as a cameraman from bigger projects (like the Ken Watanabe documentary and JAJ).

No. 214940

File: 1653480376407.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, 0C151883-88EF-44EF-8F2F-41B9A4…)

Imagine being this asshole’s friend

No. 214941


I think its also fairly possible they don't have a problem with what he does. We know Chris is a bit smug sometimes and has gotten pretty offended by "negative" comments. I remember he complains on the podcast for like two weeks whenever he gets comments critical of him being disgusted by certain niche Japanese foods. He goes into his British persona when mocking them but a lot of YouTubers probably wish they could just go full attack dog on minor criticism like Norm.
Other than that Norm is where he is because he's good at networking so he must be doing something right offline. I remember how hard every Jvlogger used to promote him a few yrs ago or his story of how he essentially stalked the Yoshida brothers and supposedly became the greatest foreign shaminsen player.

No. 214945

It's heresy if you didn't like (even a part of) Chris's work. He will publicly roast and shame you in a video for everyone to see. Or cry about it in his podcasts. Or mod the shit out of any platform with even the mildest form of critique or opinion he doesn't share.

Norm is probably the biggest seller of hot air in that community.

No. 214947

I dunno anon, Chris just responds in pure English sarcasm. It’s not the same level of autism as norm, he full on rages at people. I don’t think we can compare the two at all!

No. 214949

I agree Norm acts like a rabid dog that needs to be put down. But in a way I find that persona of Chris arguably more toxic. He has to hide behind a mask to show his displeasure. Have you ever lurked in his subreddit? I invite you to read his comments there and pay attention to how his mods take care of the place. Only positive opinions allowed! I fear some of his agents try to do the same here.

No. 214952

Ew Reddit lol, sorry I haven’t seen it! Although that could just be how his mods like to do it as they are uber wks? I dunno how it works but it might not be a true reflection of Chris if he isn’t telling them how to moderate? Idk if I’m making sense

No. 214953

At the podcast show in London for Chris' event with Pete and Sharla is here. They're absolutely fucking

No. 214958


If they're not dating she's really weird for following him everywhere he goes and moving to where he lives.

No. 214959

I gotta agree

No. 214960

File: 1653489760478.jpg (364.86 KB, 1080x1203, IMG_20220525_094020.jpg)

Sharla with Chris in the UK as most anons said previously.I wonder if deniers will ever get tired

No. 214962

Glad to have confirmed that they are indeed together in the UK.
And yes if not gf she must be a schizo to following him like that,heck with several people there it was obvious some will spot her yet she decided to go to the convention.
Maybe I'm tripping but anons don't you think that maybe she's probably paranoid of Chris meeting new girls?

No. 214963

File: 1653491288346.jpg (395.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG-20220525-WA0005.jpg)

No. 214964


>she's probably paranoid of Chris meeting new girls

We won't have to worry about that if he keeps on gaining those pounds

No. 214967

That's part of her plan i bet Sharla is telling him "just eat what you like don't listen to people" kek
Wouldn't surprise me if she wants to not lose another relationship and acts unhinged now.

No. 214968

Anons said they were all going to the convention but you shipping retards like to detail about dating. Here you go.

No. 214969

This doesn't prove anything besides a lot of japan creatives are there. Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 214972

Is there any real milk in here or just speculation about chris and sharla with no proof and nitpicking norm still (even he has no new milk)? Why are all the /w/ threads filled with useless posts?

No. 214973

That’s not the convention goofus, it’s some kind of podcast talk that only Chris and Pete (and Sharla as a…friend kek) are at.

No. 214974

The anime/manga convention is for TrasteTaste only ,there's proof of it and is yet to happen.The current one is of podcasts and well due Chris and Pete show they will attend.
What was said about Sharla attending conventions?anon words?She's just a damm parasite if she's not his girlfriend at this point.

No. 214976


It's a podcast show. The Trash Taste guys will be at MCM Comic Con this weekend. Highly doubt SHarla was invited personally to either of those as she doesn't have a podcast or anime related content.

No. 214977

You can go to a convention without being invited and she looks like a plus 1 anyway for the TT show. I dint see why TC or TT wouldn't spot them again as crew during the convention so that they can get in free.

Your logic sucks.

No. 214978

And if Aki is there, the same right, for Joey?

No. 214979

You mean the ones that said they'll go like Chris ,trashtaste guys,Sydney and Aki.
All with agendas previously said on their channels the only outsider is Sharla and don't tell me it was a coincidence to travel with Chris or that she wants to go to a weeb convention when she lives in JP,cope harder anon.

No. 214980

Aki is Joey girlfriend and Joey best friend Garnt will get married her presence in the UK would not be unexpected.And before you say Chris will attend no he said he's not going to the wedding.
Try harder anon.

No. 214981

Your being to stubborn, even I didn’t want to think they were dating. But they could be kissuing, and you’d say she tripped and fell onto his face THEY COULDNT BE DATING?!

No. 214982

They all know each other.

No. 214983

Congratulations, you just realizing this?

No. 214984

The deniers jumped into activity once pics dropped kek

No. 214985

Exactly so it's not strange they are all there.

Of people just sitting in a room.

No. 214986


Stop trolling.

No. 214987

Yes bc I know people means I go to comic con? She really doesn’t have a reason to be there. Besides knowing people, what do you think? Cost a lot of money to follow people you know if she isn’t even going to these “known” peoples wedding.

No. 214988

You’re literally trolling at this point.

No. 214994

Sharla tagging along in Chris plans to travel after 2.5+ years is simply a coincidence anons. Chris will show her UK because she's never been there :) and as payment who knows…(:))

No. 214995

You can't base them dating on the fact that they are in the same place as all their friends. No one is talking about a wedding. Anons are talking about attending events, in general, in the UK where other people who are creatives in Japan are traveling. People travel like this for conventions and events all the time, especially when you have the means to. This isn't proof of dating whatsoever. especially because they aren't even sitting with each other. You'd think they'd at least sit next to each other if everyone in their friend group knows they are dating.

Nothing logically makes sense aside from she's in the UK too and she's also at the TT podcast event [which isn't a them only event, it's a podcast event in general, you can even see other stalls in the background of >>214960] The wedding hasn't even happened yet. Anons posted photos of them at this event with other people. Who's to say she won't go to the convention? Why couldn't she pay for a ticket, especially if she already bought a ticket to be in the UK for the podcast stint? Come on. This tinfoil about them dating is getting way out of hand.

How is it trolling to point out the tinfoil about them dating doesn't work when everyone is there together?

No. 214996

Holy Jesus maybe in the future someone will take a photo of them kissing and y'all will say she tripped kek

No. 214997

So like did you travel with them to be able to get this photo or what?

Where’s the anon who called me dumb for saying they weren’t going to some kind of event? I can guarantee this was part of something for TC, the other guys travelled for MCM.

No. 215000

Careful, anon frothed when I mentioned anons said way up thread that she's going because everyone else from her friend group seems to be going.

>frothing anon >>214974

No. 215001

Anon, I've got to say, at this point the deniers are the one who seem to be clutching at straws. Sharla is at a podcast event that only includes Chris and Pete (as in the Trash Taste guys are NOT there). The comiccon thing will include all the Trash Taste guys, and as far as I know, Chris isn't even there as an invited guest - he was however invited to this podcast event, that Sharla is at. When people date they don't necessarily always sit EXACTLY next to each other. They're both in their 30s, you don't makeout publicly at that age. The proof you anons seem to require is not going to happen with two responsible adults who want to hide their relationship. If them traveling to events together, one of them moving to the other's city, images that appear to suggest they have the same objects in their possession at various times…I don't know what will prove it. And frankly I don't care, because it's not that deep if they are or aren't dating.

kek 100%

No. 215002

You guys live in a fantasy dream land or something.. Chris couldn’t travel because of covid restrictions dumbass.
They obviously all travelled together to go to these events! Has everyone forgotten Sharla and Chris work together??

No. 215005

I'm checking again the comments of this tweet and laughing really hard at the amount of people that thought she wasn't with Chris,bunch of whiteknights.
She even gave likes to the comments saying she in british hills lmao.

No. 215006

What does Sharla do for Chris & Pete's podcast?

No. 215008

Post proof of them dating and them being there together only. Please. Prove all these deniers wrong about your constant tinfoiling. Do everyone a favor, please.

No. 215009

Being "there together only"? There is already proof they are there together. Please find a picture of the Trash Taste guys at this podcast event, and all holding up signs saying "We are platonic friends who travel everywhere together!"

No. 215010

Cdawgva traveled to the UK during those 2.5+ years ,if not follow the drama better to not comment.
In what crap she works TOGETHER with Chris? Abroadinjapan shows only Natsuki and Pete.

No. 215011

And Chris was doing his own work cycling across Japan during that time, remember??

Sharla is part of TC, so is Chris, ergo they are colleagues.

No. 215014

Anon said the podcast event is only about TT. It's obviously a podcast convention. Just because the convention isn't in the name, doesn't change the fact that there are booths in halls and panel rooms. It's a fucking convention. They are all convention hopping and probably all took a week to travel.

So yes, unless they are doing couple things together and being blunt about it, no. They probably aren't dating and the tinfoil doesn't magically make it so. Fuck off already and post proof.

No. 215015

TC has nothing to do with Chris podcast ,that's ACAST group.
Additionally one gotta be kinda dumb to think TC has any jurisdiction over Chris stuff, Chris is their only big content creator I bet TC is Chris bitch.

No. 215016

No but they can send people to places like the UK if that means they get videos from these people.

No. 215017

I guess such includes American Pete, the one time only people that collab with him too.
All work together s/

No. 215018

I genuinely can't parse out what you're trying to say here. The podcast convention is for Trash Taste? A lot of people would consider what has been posted here as "proof", if you don't agree that's fine. But it's weird how you act like nobody could possibly read into all this shit (not just together at a convention, but everything else that gets discussed here often) as IMPOSSIBLE to consider proof. If you don't want to think they're dating fine. You should've seen the dick detective work that figured out she was dating her ex in the Shayna thread, btw, if you think people ITT are going over the top.

No. 215019

Proof of what? They they are sitting apart from each other in a room full of other people and no proof they even traveled on the same plane, at the same time, in the same hotel room? How is any of this proof of dating?

No. 215020

At this point that's just reaching.
Chris is vacation as he said.
Sharla I guess can enter in such idea but again if it's for job no point in secrecy.

No. 215021

anon, do you have the memory of goldfish or something? There have been loads of other things posted in this thread that relate to the idea that Chris and Sharla are dating. It isn't just based on what literally just happened in the last 12 hours? I'm going to stop discussing this because it really is pointless. It doesn't matter if they're dating or not, does it?

No. 215022

Oh har har, can we cut the crap. We know they are all friends.
As >>215016 said too.

No. 215023

Or she doesn't want to give away video shit or because anons are crazy, clearly a fucking retard is at the convention and being a creepy stalker already, not to mention anons tinfoiling about where she lives and posting photos of places that might be her home.

Even mods said it's not proof and multiple anons pointed out that things like mugs and chairs and group photos, just because they are both in the photos, doesn't prove anything. Both apparently moved at different times, chris didn't go with her for her surgery.. There's just as much showing why they aren't if not more.

No. 215024

I like how all of these anons behave like this was the first time in lolcow anyone link those two.
Either denier in copium or mentally bad.

No. 215027


>she's probably paranoid of Chris meeting new girls

>We won't have to worry about that if he keeps on gaining those pounds
>That's part of her plan i bet Sharla is telling him "just eat what you like don't listen to people" kek
Wouldn't surprise me if she wants to not lose another relationship and acts unhinged now.

This is why I argue against the constant tinfoiling, because you both live in a fantasy and see what you want to see/believe. Who the fuck says that and means it?

No. 215028

How the person is a stalker? Sharla is a content creator in a big ass convention and hanging out with Chris a way bigger figure than her.
People recognizing and taking photos is just everyday stuff.
I can accept dumb denier but not whiteknight behavior.

No. 215029

You are fighting so hard to be right, bless your heart. 1) TC is not TT not affiliated. 2) TC is not sponsoring this appearance for Chris, Stak Pete podcast company is. 3) Per Chris, while chris at times does video in colloboration with TC he is not under contact with them. They don’t sponsor his visa, the only thing they do is get him sponsors, which he hardly does. 4) TC is very small company with a very small profit margin, per one of their videos they almost sent bankrupt and employees had to take a pay cut for the company to survive. 5) ask yourself why would a struggling company pay for Sharla to be a tag alone to a podcast show benefiting anothet company, Stak? If you look at the banner for the pressntation. Only Stak, no mention of TC. Yes non of this proves they are dating but your info about it being a convention related to TT geexplus and that TC is somehos involve is very inaccurate abs is more of a reach.

No. 215030

Not only are they dating, they are living with each other.

No. 215032

oh, so now she's a content creator who SHOULD be there. Make up your mind, is she there because of Chris or because she's a creator around other creators and friends so of course she's there?

>doesn't need to be affiliated for people to attend an event
>No one said anything about sponsoring, its about getting royalties from possible videos these creators will film, you don't have proof they aren't give money from TC to travel and be there, most places do not announce when sponsoring these travels. It's just what the business does considering their main thing is making videos on travels
>post their margins if you know they are a poor company
>No one said they are paying, I said they are there to film for stuff to post because Sharla works for them. Sharla and Chris both work for TC. He's the main person on their influencer page, anon.

No. 215033

File: 1653497352248.png (1.19 MB, 1210x935, why do they film together hurr…)

Sure hate it when the people who work for the same company travel all the time

No. 215034

Not the anon you’re replying to but although I don’t believe these trips are being sponsored by whoever, they’re obviously doing it because they are all content creators and it’s good for publicity. It doesn’t take a genius to work that out does it?
There’s no point in tinfoiling over why because no one knows unless they explicitly say so (much like whether they are dating or not kek)

No. 215035

File: 1653497675105.png (1.2 MB, 579x933, none of them work for TC.png)

Seriously, it's fucking clear they are all there because they are all creatives. It's not about Sharla following Chris or some weird headcanon anons have. It's pointless to try and make it into something else when 7 other people are there to attending all these events.

Where do you keep getting the info that Chris doesn't work for TC? He's always been the main guys on their influencer page. All these people work for them and I didn't even scroll al the way down. This completely throws your tinfoil about why Chris would be there out the window. He might actually be there to film, anon. Same with Sharla and if she's not going to the convention, whos to say she isn't going to check out UK's Japantown or something? There's so much unknown that I don't know why anons is hellbent on this dating shit.

No. 215036

Again you are ignorant, arguing in vain with incorrect facts. I will quote chris from todrick guy “where from podcast”. TC does NOT get royalties or any cut from his videos. He is fully independent and TC only acts like a filtering agent for possible sponsors that he may get, the same for Sharla. TC does not pay for them to go places to film for TC does not make money off their videos!!!!!

No. 215038

kek sorry anon, but Sharla traveling to London to check out the "UK's Japantown" is retarded. Maybe they are all there to just make random vlogs (although TC is specifically a company that promotes influencers in Japan, not just anywhere…) but Sharla is not there to go check out Wagamama kek

No. 215039

Anon stop with this shit.

No. 215040

Post it, don't quote it.

How do you know they didn't pay Sharla though? He still works for them. That doesn't change it.

No. 215041


You can’t even consider the possiblity, that they are dating based on all the circumstantial evidence? As another anon said not just on the last couple of pieces of indications, but on all the pieces put together?

Imo, it would make no sense for Sharla to be at any of those events you mention. She doesn’t make podcasts, don’t do videos based on anime or is invited to the wedding. Even if the TT guys and Chris are the only friends she has, no sane adult just travels around after their friends across the globe to hang out. There’s nothing for her in the UK besides being with Chris. So she is obviously meeting his parents - imo.

No. 215043

Okay forget the dating part!!! But just so you have accurate info, and stop arguing with 100% wrong facts! No one under the TC brand other than chris and Sharla are attending this podcast show!!!!! Stak is not affiliated with TC. Trash taste is under geexplus and is not affliated with TC. NO One from Trash Taste is attending this podcast show event!!! Listen to todrick podcast and chris explains his affiliation with TC in his own words. You are not the only one that get this confused, in some of his Patreon live stream he will often say, people don’t understand that he does NOT work for TC. He explains that on the rare occasions that he does sponsors TC will negotiate it and they get a cut, that’s it that’s the only business connection, sometimes as a favor he will appear in their videos!!! TC DOES NOT GET A CUT FROM SHARLA OR CHRIS VIDEOS! This even has NOTHING To do with them, It’s a STAK event for chris and chris Alone!!!!!

No. 215044

No because taking a photo of her apartment and then his apartment, which don't look the same, but anons want to beg that a cup proves it, isn't even close to being an indication of dating. Don't be retarded as hell.

Conventions are also fun. Especially when traveling and meeting up with friends. The fact that she can't just go to enjoy being around everyone isn't good enough, is dumb as hell.

Calm down, stop tinfoiling, and go to a doctor for analysis.

No. 215045

kek anon, Sharla who has never mentioned being interested in podcasts at all is going to LOVE hanging out with her friend at a very boring, very podcast-networking-heavy convention. She is also going to love an anime convention full of stinky nerds, when she doesn't talk about anime ever and only likes Pokemon and Animal Crossing. It's totally sane and normal for an adult woman well into her 30s to spend thousands of dollars to travel across the world with her 5 friends and attend conventions to do with topics she is at best ambivalent to. My tinfoil now is that you are the organizer for the podcast "convention" and are trying to convince nonnies that it's really fun and not at all a boring way for stupid podcasters to network.

No. 215046

They can't go out to eat after the podcast event? She is there, she is friends with everyone there, even Chris. How the fuck does this have only to do with Chris? She doesn't have to give AF about podcasts to be there to make a travel vlog about what she's doing in general in the UK.

No. 215049

Because Sharla has said so with her own words!!!!!!!! Also in one of the Q&A TC said that they Do not pay any of their creators!!! YOU ARE ARGUING WITH WRONG Info, like I said, her being there doesn’t necessarily mean they are dating, but your argument about why she may or may not be there is base on WRONG INFO!! Again to be clear, Trash taste crew is NOT and WIILL NOT BE there,
TC is not affliateD with STAK or Geexplus!!

No. 215050

kek now who is tinfoiling? Sharla must be hanging out at the convention because she couldn't possibly figure out how to meet up with Chris and all her other friends who are there (Pete only) after they're done? Sharla would be retarded to go to this podcast 'convention' for vlog material. Her viewers won't care about podcasts because Sharla's channel has absolutely nothing to do with podcasts. She is there to support Chris, and no, it isn't proof they are dating in and of itself. But when you take it with all the other things discussed for the past few months, it certainly seems like a girlfriend hanging out with her boyfriend at a convention he was invited to attend. Seriously nonnie, would you waste an entire afternoon at a podcast convention you didn't give a shit about in a city you've never been to before? You'd explore on your own, not sit around with one friend for hours waiting for him to finish so you could eat Nando's.

No. 215051


They aren't a small company, anon. They definitely get royalties. No one said anything about STAK or Geezplux. We are talking about TC and who they sponsor. Unless you have some insider info about how they don't pay a single person under their influencer page, then don't bother trying to convenience anons they don't. It wouldn't make sense for them not to pay.

Why when most of her friends are there too? She has a following and people might be interested ina vlog. It's what she does. That's more notable than some dating rumor. She does this for a living.

No. 215052

AGAIN WHO IS EVRYONE THERE? Chris is the only person she knows at the podcast event!!!

No. 215053

not most of her friends goober, how do you keep missing that Chris and Pete are the only two guys there that she knows? And also, did Sharla travel across the world to go hang out with Ushka (another one of her friends) when she went back home? Do you think her only friends in the whole wide world is the Trash Taste Podcast and Chris?

No. 215054

So now she can't be somewhere she's never traveled to? Apparently she is too poor to afford to travel somewhere she hasn't been and go to events her friends are going somewhere she doesn't know anyone outside of her friend group? Come on.

Take your meds

She knows the TT guys too. So that's 5 people now. There's 5 people she knows at the podcast event.

No. 215055

Oh sweet summer child are you new to lolcow shenanigans?

No. 215057

They are a very very small company. Look at their Q&A video, they had to give up their office because of cutbacks, employees has to take a pay cut!ok Msg the podcast with todrick Chris says he does not pay them, not do they make royalties of their creators videos. It’s not insider info, both Chris and Sharla has spoken pretty openly about it. I am trying to help you with accurate info. But you seen stuck in the what if’s when the facts are very public!!!

No. 215058

File: 1653499628730.png (190.95 KB, 1256x952, projects with them.png)

Aside from Chris apparently, according to some podcast that anon won't link, no one gets paid at all and no one in TC get royalties for managing these influencers.

That's a shitty model and makes no sense.

No. 215059

Wow, you're totally missing the point. Number one, Trash Taste by all accounts is not at that podcast event. It is only Chris and Pete attending that. Trash Taste will be at MCM. Sharla being at MCM, I agree, wouldn't be unusual. Her being at this random podcast event that only Chris and Pete (of the TC crew) are attending? That's more unusual. You are the one who suggested Sharla was just going to be waiting around at the podcast event for Chris to finish, so they could all go out to eat. I am the one who suggested that sounds pretty retarded, and if you had traveled to London purely to travel and enjoy your time there…you wouldn't waste a minute of that time at a stupid podcast event with two of your friends. It isn't likely. Just try and think logically, if Sharla wants to make a vlog about her time in London there are WAY more fun places she could go than this stupid podcast convention - she is there for Chris. Whether it is as a friend or as a girlfriend, yeah, we can't be 100% sure. But personally I'd never sit around a boring convention waiting for my friend to finish speaking. I'd meet up with him later, somewhere else.

No. 215060

Anons who are pushing the dating thing I feel I should clarify; it’s not that we don’t see the circumstantial evidence, or the idea of them dating, it’s the narrative you guys push and the way you do it. Either you know them or you’re all newfags who don’t know how lolcow works. Tinfoiling is all good until it becomes repetitive nonsense, you pushed it too far and now the vast majority of us don’t believe they’re together because there’s just as much evidence to suggest that they’re not dating.
Anon why are you so mad? Come on if you’re so sure you must know them, tell us who you are. If you feel this strongly without knowing 100% please get some help.

No. 215061

File: 1653499693750.png (310.2 KB, 875x986, management.png)

An agency gets paid.

No. 215062

The TT crew could be busy and can't hand, so why would she be alone ina city she doesn't know I she can hang with at least 2 dudes she does know?

And none of the tinfoil works anyway. No one believes the anon who apparently sees them all the time, but has never posted a photo. Same anon apparently lives in the UK and sees Belle all the time. The tinfoil involving two different apartments, but the same mug, doesn't prove anything at all. Most of the proof is like this too. That's why it's not believable. Them being at an event together, where 5 other creatives who have filmed with each other before, doesn't prove anything either.

No. 215063

WRONG!!!! Take a deep breath and read this! You keep saying the Trash taste blys are at this PODCAST EVENT in the UKand we keep telling you they are NOT! ONLY Pete, Sharla and Chris are there!!!!! Conner, Joey and Aki are STILL in JAPAN! Just stop!

No. 215064

Did someone really said that TC could have send Sharla? This is just brain rotting denial.
TC purpose is to promote Japan, an overseas weeb convention serves no purpose for them either.
Adding to that they are a really small group.

No. 215065

Uh, because Sharla isn't a 10 year old girl and it isn't scary to be in London by yourself? She has traveled across Japan without male accompaniment before anon, I think she's brave enough to walk around Piccadilly Circus. She is there because she wants to support Chris & Pete (again, the Trash Taste guys are not attending the podcast event today) not because she needs someone to hold her hand walking into a Tesco Express.

No. 215066


The TT guys are leaving Japan today. Connor said it in a stream.

No. 215067

No, just pointing out the other things you weirdos speculate

No. 215068

If it means they get royalties from travel videos in general, including regular vlogs, then it does make sense. No one knows if TC gets money from her posts or if she pays them to get promotions. It comes down to her just traveling for fun then and possibly meeting up with people she knows so she isn't alone. Why is that such an issue and a clear, apparent, look at her dating life? It doesn't.

Going somewhere alone, regardless of age, can be scary. Stfu non. That's such a crappy argument. It's more fun to meet up with people you know.

This is an imageboard

No. 215069

Wtf are you talking only Chris is attending to the podcast event.
The trashtaste trio is not there heck Joey and Connor are about to travel yet.
Seriously anons if y'all don't know the general picture don't comment.

No. 215071

So then she's hanging with Pete and Chris.

No. 215073

Exactly she can travel anytime ,anywhere, she only decided to do it when Chris did it :)(:))

No. 215074

Marking territory most likely.

No. 215075

No nonnie, it's not a crappy argument. What you're just assuming about Sharla being afraid to travel around one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the world is what you would call "tinfoiling". We've seen Sharla travel around without a man there to hold her hand, she's what, 36? It's a retarded argument to suggest Sharla is waiting around a podcast event because she's scared to go somewhere in London alone. Just accept that she is there to support Chris & Pete, it doesn't even mean they're dating. You have some strange headcanon where Sharla is a baby who needs her friends to help her leave a convention hall, same as we have a strange "headcanon" about her hanging out with her boyfriend there.

No. 215076

Now all are pulling she's a strong and independent woman arguments kek

No. 215077

But she's hanging with them. She's not alone. So that argument doesn't matter.

No. 215078

This is such a shit argument, I would want to wait for my mate or support them at an event. In fact we would have probably made plans for afterwards. It’s not that she needs someone to hold her hand, she just would rather support Chris than wonder aimlessly around London.

No. 215079

She'd absolutely rather be around people she knows somewhere. No one said anything about being scared. it's about just being with friends and especially one FROM the UK. As if a free tour for her and Pete is a passup.

No. 215081

so is she in London to make vlogs, or 'support her friends'?
yeah, somebody did say it's scary to be alone, regardless of age. >>215068

No. 215082

Yeah exactly!
I live 45 mins away from London and would do exactly that!

No. 215084

She'll obviously just hang out like that they are in public ,what do you expect holding hands and shit when cameras are everywhere.
This is at least something a pro dating or denier can use it's ok.
Now her traveling at the same time or with Chris is another matter,Chris trip was a long awaited one Sharla tagging along is odd considering that she in the middle of a house renovation.
If not GF for she's just a pest following Chris

No. 215085

And to probably have a vacation like >>213579 She's taking a break. No one even mentioned if Ushka is there or if she is also traveling to take a break. So yeah there for vacation, a break, a vlog.. who cares. it's obviously not because she's dating Chris though.

being in a country you don't know, yeah. It is scary, but not in a scary as in worried about being raped and mugged, it's about the unfamiliarity. She happens to know someone from the UK there, Joey will also be there tomorrow, you don't think Chris and Joey aren't going to sperg about and show the whole friend group there places to visit? This literally looks like a work and vacation mix for them all.

Anon, stfu. Take your meds. They aren't dating.

No. 215086

You know what I find particularly creepy though, that event isn’t huge. Whoever took that photo knew they were going, and they also happen to post here. I’m gonna make an assumption that there are less than 1000 regular people worldwide that use Lolcow.
Anyone else think that’s creepy or do they just have shit friends who like to stir shit about them on gossip sites?

No. 215087

Denier don't quote with just headcanons.
Ushka in JP check her Instagram stories.

No. 215088

They are absolutely a stalker and unhinged. They are desperate to prove they are dating. I hope Chris, Pete, and Sharla realize someone is stalking them at the convention and keep an eye out. if they can find who it is, they can probably get them kicked out.

No one is saying anything about headcanons. They mentioned if anyone knows where Ushka is because it wasn't brought up.

No. 215089

Not weird actually,an event in a english speaking country and 2 public figures being recognized is normal.
Chris Podcast has an 150k listeners according to the ACAST after all.

No. 215090

The one I quoted wondered if she Ushka traveled that's why I answered.

No. 215091

They aren't unknowns like anon wants to believe

No. 215092

Then how is it a headcanon? No one said anything. The post on the stationary says she and Sharla will be taking time off to travel. Just wondering where Ushak was.

No. 215093

I frankly can't believe anons here think no Chris fan will attend the event and such fans will not be surprised at seeing Sharla there.
If any of them is a lolcow user is ok we have Sharla/Chris fans defenders here too.

No. 215094

Okay you don’t get it.
I’m not saying they don’t have fans, I’m not an idiot.
Why post it here? Why not Twitter? Reddit? Instagram?
Makes me think it is a weirdo and not a regular fan that’s all

No. 215095

Anon being a stalker and following them around the convention is so fucking creepy though. Probably heavy breathing while keeping their phone out at all times, waiting with anticipation of a hand hold or kiss.

No. 215096

my god, the tinfoil here for one picture being posted and one twitter screenshot.

No. 215097

yeah. focusing on them.

That's creepy out of all the things happening at the venue. Anon saught them out, considering TT isn't even there.

No. 215099

we have no idea where that photo came from, somebody may have reposted it from Chris's very active, very crazy subreddit. I agree it looks like a creepshot but we don't have all the context. ergo…tinfoiling.

No. 215102

it doesn't matter where it came from. Its the fact that without TT there, a person is trying to find Chris and Sharla and posts photos of them. That's the issue.

No. 215105

To be fair people take pictures like this of celebrities all the time, and Chris is at least a minor celebrity in the Japan travel/podcaster circuit. That's why he was asked to speak at this convention, after all. Sharla may literally just have also been in the picture. We just don't know.

No. 215106

Because this is the side for gossip of jvloggers.
There's already pictures with Chris in twitter by try way some mention Sharla.

No. 215108

TT will be in a weeb convention in the future no reason for them to be there and again abroadinjapan has a lot of fans TrasteTaste only provoked him to have even more.

No. 215109

Chris talked about this convention in his podcast and in public livestreams so it's not weird.
I may shit on him due several stuff but it's hard to deny that he has a great following , way bigger than 2019 Chris.

No. 215110

Bastard played his cards well,most of past jvloggers are in the shadows compared to him.
The trashtaste fans love him a lot too

No. 215112

>Now why do they still hang out with Norm, even when they know he is this unhinged? Because they fear his ass will leak their shit lol.
It can't be about their relationship unless there's something morally or legally wrong about it, like how or when they got together, but even if there's something like that, which doesn't even seem likely, it wouldn't matter now. And many of their fans already suspect they might be dating, casual listeners aren't going to care much if it's confirmed that they are, so it isn't worth keeping crazy Norm around if it's just about keeping him quiet about them dating.
>Why post it here? Why not Twitter? Reddit? Instagram?
The Abroad reddit mod has been shutting down any Chris-Sharla speculation and negative talk about Norm. It could be that the Abroad redditors have come here to vent and would also explain the weird comments praising Chris' attractiveness.

No. 215115

Gossip is tinfoil. Go to a different imageboard if you can't handle not tinfoiling

No. 215123

File: 1653505937924.jpg (231.44 KB, 1080x1745, IMG_20220525_095304.jpg)

I wonder if Chris is aware of the type of mod the subreddit has, check the first 3 subreddits the person manages.

No. 215124

They get visas to live in Japan without being a 50,000k yrly income YouTuber. Everyone here acts like it’s so hard to move to Japan, when it isn’t this super complicated process.

No. 215125


I worked at an embassy in Tokyo for three years in first half of 2010s. I don’t know how it is today, but it certainly wasn’t easy for EU citizens to move to Japan long term and not for a set amount of time.

No. 215128

The straws this anon has been grasping at to deny. Your easy to follow.

No. 215129

I’m not talking about 10yrs ago, I’m talking about 3-5 yrs. Times are changing fast.

No. 215130

You’re retarded with your arguments

No. 215131

You really have no idea what tinfoil is, do you? Posting that image is nowhere near tinfoiling? What tinfoil means is posting something with no basis to a claim. If you want to be a li'l minimod, the more accurate thing you should be bitching about is repetitive comments. If admin wants this thread to die a peaceful death she should just announce no further discussion of Chris and Sharla, period. But until then you're getting really annoying just trying to shut down conversation by sputtering about how it's tinfoil and against the site rules instead of just ignoring this thread that vexes you so.

No. 215132

I think it’s someone in there friend group, not enough people use the site to happen to live in Sendai. Just imo

No. 215134

Your being a little mini mod yourself. Let’s all just try to stop bitching abt each other and modding one another, but what do I know saying that myself is modding?

No. 215135

He wants only happy faces around and his subreddit follows such like ass lickers.At least he seems to not have hired Norm since a fair amount of time if changes oh boy I hope people now react to the disgusting person Chris employs.

No. 215136

Patreons finding out Chris uses their support to pay someone like Norm lmao.

No. 215139

Yes it’s a shitty business model that’s why the company almost went bankrupt!! you really want to argue something you have no idea about, I’m telling you what I’ve heard with my own ears from Chris’s and Sharla’s fucking mouth, and you decided to post a screenshot from the website that proves nothing. We held your hand to explain that the TT boys were not at this event, you kept on arguing. We held your hand to show you that this is a STAk event, you kept on arguing. We told you TC is not affliated with TT, you kept going! Arguing with false facts. What the hell is wrong with you, why is it so important to prove that they are not a couple? why do you care so much? Also here is the interview you ignorant piece of shit! https://youtu.be/20q2P_N9qsE(learn2embed)

No. 215143


This convention it’s not about Japan creatives or Japanese culture. It’s a British podcast event. It seems that she is with Chris and Pete attending the show. IF they dating or not this doesn’t prove anything just sounds odd for the ones who have a sus about them.

Idk why people are so reactive (in a negative way) about CS shipping. If you guys don’t like or agree why do you come here? To curse or offend? Open another thread to Norm or whatever do you want to discuss. Most of reactive responses are against ones who shipped Chris and Sharla.

IF they are really dating I’ve already said it’s nonsense and difficult to keep hiding for so long. One thing is to hide other is to keep it private. Chris never denied or hid the Japanese girlfriend or Lily. He is very discreet and private but he mentioned a few times in livestreams or in AIJ podcast.

No. 215144

I think it's nonsense if you only factor Chris because as you said he mentions details from time to time but if Sharla is indeed his gf then we should remember how she kept her now ex husband under the shadows for years.

No. 215146

Sharla's husband wasn't a youtuber and never wanted to show his face on camera.

No. 215149

>she kept her now ex husband under the shadows
That’s a funny way of wording the dude wanted privacy, nonnie

No. 215151

Look at all these deniers clutching at straws kek

No. 215153

Round and round the thread goes.
Nothing new nothing interesting.

No. 215154

The point is that she was careful and managed to avoid revealing anything and yes being not youtuber made things easy too.

No. 215156

New was the confirmation she's in the UK deniers got spanked.The purpose of it? just the old crap of always.

No. 215158

That’s because he didn’t want to be in her vids, he has a right to his own privacy anon. It’s not a case of her being careful she just didn’t include him!

No. 215159

Again you don't know that stop assuring actions she did or didn't do.She just kept her past relationship safely in the shadows nothing else.

No. 215161

If you read further up the thread we speculated they were going to go to a convention as part of the trip and they did/will be. I for one don’t think it’s the sole purpose of the vacation but it might have been the starting point, I.e Chris got invited and they planned a holiday with the group.
We didn’t say she wasn’t in the UK, we just didn’t jump to conclusions without any context.
Oh come on anon, you don’t really believe that do you?

No. 215163

Jun/Rachel in camera interactions are so weird, lol. I'm sure many of you noticed but I wonder if it's due the cultural barrier or something. Even after all these years I find it a bit amusing.

No. 215164

But long time ago I saw a video of her with a guy with tattoos (probably the ex husband). Indeed anon she was very careful, she didn’t show him or exposed the relationship but this doesn’t mean she hid it. I don’t think she avoided join hands or sat two seats away from him just to hid him form her followers. That’s the point to hide sth it is complicated! And it seems so stressful and tiresome after so many years. Sometimes I agree it’s very suspicious, but there is no milk after all. (kissing, cuddling, joined hands…)(learn2sage)

No. 215167

Plenty pointed out the photo in her tweet meant UK and well those got clowned as schizo and more.
About the motives I do know for a fact that he's been planning to travel since more than two years,he's going to Wales some time later and will record wacky weekend with Connor, will also do something with all the trashtaste gang and at the end he will travel to Spain.
The last part it's a more personal trip because he said he wants to do nothing and relax in the beach.
This is stuff he said in his livestreams.
Who knows about Sharla motives tagging along with him in the UK can be just friends stuff I guess.
What I would find awkward and suspicious as hell is if she follows him to Spain.

No. 215173

Idiot it’s not speculation. Here’s how it happen just so you know, per the abroad japan podcast! Chris booked his ticket to leave Japan, mentions the dates to Pete, Pete said oh that’s perfect, perhaps you can come do the podcast event and I will interview you, Chris agrees. You see Chris was always going to go to the UK, he did not book his trip to coincide with this event it’s just a coincident that Pete took advantage of. Chris on his own would not have gone to this event it’s not something he’s interested in, Per his own words in the podcast and the Patreon live stream. Sharla has no purpose there, why would she book a trip to the UK just to sit through a 30 minute interview of Chris? I can tell you that she is in the UK to attend a wedding of a mutual friend of hers and Chris, per her own words, (not Garnt per Chris). Does her being there with Chris mean they are dating? no, but you keep arguing with wrong, misleading infomation. You don’t have the correct facts, stop twisting yourself into a pretzel to prove they are not dating!!! Let’s leave it at, Chris is important enough to Sharla for her to take her time to go listen to him talk about himself for 30 minutes. Move on!

No. 215176

The UK part is easy for justify as friendship so deniers have a footing so no point in debating frankly.
Chris personal Spain trip after UK is definitely something that shouldn't include Sharla so let's see what happens.

No. 215177

She's going to travel for a few months. Hopping around with friends like it's a eurotrip makes sense

No. 215180

Why wouldn't he go alone? It involves podcasts he's a podcaster. Dont be this retarded. You still produced no proof. Just because you want them to date doesn't make it true, you schizo.

So Connor can go but sharla cant.

This is an imageboard.

It's not a milk to show lots of the friends group will be on holiday there.

Stop derailing about the dating, sage your shitposts



Sure you did, Jan.

THEY HAVE IN THE OTHER THREAD. Retarded spergs didn't do justice to the bio and didn't update any mod info. Useless thread makers who just make threads to add shitposts to, need to die.

No. 215181

Just like traveling around with her boyfriend for months also makes sense. The truth is either one is just as likely as the other. If Sharla or Chris just said they weren’t dating, the discussion would end and we would all have to accept that. By just deleting comments and ignoring speculation, this “debate” will carry on. You’ve got to ask yourself why she directly said no about Norm and Mark, but won’t say the same thing about Chris. Why is it different with him?

No. 215185

They aren't dating. It's clear you've been samefagging, stfu already.

No. 215186

she literally said it in her videos.

nonnie are you that butthurt that everyone called you an ESL retard? I'm sorry the truth hurt your feelings. The solution is simple, stop denying you're a retard. You clutching for redemption in these threads is never going to happen. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 215187

Chris was planning to do something with Pete,Connor and TT gang ,also record stuff for future videos in the UK so her tagging along to even help him record sounds normal to be honest in exchange he can help her due being her first time in UK.
The Spain trip is absolutely different he was quite serious about it, he wants to disconnect from everything and relax in a place he used to visit when he was a child that's why Sharla has no place here.

No. 215188

Connor traveling was something know from months no one is surprised honestly, Chris even talk about recording with him in the UK months ago.
Listen the UK travel of Sharla for me is not a sure arrow towards dating it can be just her tagging along plus her first time in the UK.Only following him to Spain would make me change my idea towards dating.

No. 215189

You also have no idea what samefagging is. Why does it bother you so much that some people interpret the information they are presented with wrt Sharla & Chris differently than you? I think they are dating but I’m not raging at the suggestion they arent. Like I agree that the mugs weren’t a smoking gun, and neither is traveling together for that matter. But you seriously act like people are shipping Norm and Akidearest or something. There are reasons to believe Sharla and Chris are dating, and thats why people keep talking about it.

No. 215190

CHRIS IS NOT NOT NOT NOT, doing anything with the Trashtaste boys in UK. He may film his series with Conner, and may do a video with Pete. Honestly am just trying to give you the known facts and you go on about May or may nots. Sharla said she will be attending a wedding in the UK, she may reference the wedding in her upcoming video, she is not there to help Chris film! I am not arguing that they are dating. I have no idea if she is going to Spain. Just clearing up your jumbled up timeline.

No. 215193

File: 1653524078328.jpeg (416.6 KB, 828x1581, 656EBBA6-1C64-427B-826F-2A4864…)


It’s not a TT podcast event. Pete mentioned the name of the event in AIJ Podcast (may 18th 0:59) it calls “The Podcast Show” . AIJ appears in the list, Pete and Sharla doesn’t besides Pete mentioned in the podcast he is very stressed with the booth structure.
That’s the website of the event:


No. 215194

your attempt to insult me, means nothing to me, nor will it stop me from posting here, so find a new line of Insults if your aim is to hurt and stop me. I don’t need to convince you that they are or not dating. I was pointing out that you or whoever was quoting wrong info about TC, TT, geexplus and conventions. We shared information that we have learned through his podcast and his and Sharla’s Patreon stream to clarify. take it or leave it but Sharla did not go to the UK to attend a conventions or to help Chris film, she went to the UK to attend a friends wedding,

No. 215195

So many autistic deniers on here kek. Of course they’re together, the friends wedding is just a well-timed opportunity.

No. 215196

No one is arguing about dating!!! The argument is that she was there for work or for TC, she was not! CONNER WAS NOT THERE!! The large group of friends traveling to the UK are going to Garnt’s wedding, CHRIS AND SHARLA ARE NOT GOING TO GARNT WEDDING! She absolutely could be JUST HIS FRIEND, who went to a podcast event to support him. But the “THEY ARE NOT DATING!” crew is misinformed and insisting this is some sort of influencer trip,
and people who know the reasons why, are trying to pass on the correct info, but y’all are stuck in “that does not mean they are dating” timeloop. When that was not the point of the corrections!

No. 215197

I don't give an opinion about Sharla because I don't know about her doings.
Chris though I've listen his latest livestream and said he'll hang out and do something with them ,will it be a video? Will it be them just chilling together?who knows but those were his words.

No. 215198

The Spain trip yes…childhood place that he didn't visit like 6 years at least or something.
Can't remember the name well he said something with the word "sol".I agree that it would be definitely schizo from her to follow him there but until the time of his trip happens not much to debate now.

No. 215202

Unless she is just traveling around. Let her travel with friends. That doesn't mean dating.

No. 215210

As I said her hanging in UK is normal just the Spain part is different due the words Chris used for it.
"I'll visit the place i used to go in my childhood ,to relax maybe read a book in front of a beach and worry not about recording anything".
That sounds like a really personal trip frankly.If she goes there that ain't a simply a friend mate but let's see.

No. 215211

Chill down! The other anon is right always so reactive.

No. 215223

Why would it be not normal if friends are going other places So she's not allowed to travel because apparently it means she's dating? Stfu

No. 215225

It’s 50/50 either side can not say for sure. It’s funny seeing people say they are FACT on both sides of the argument. NONE OF US KNOW and that’s the sad truth. If they are dating and last I’m sure we will hear about it. If they break up I’m sure we will see the signs wit them not being around one other. I frankly think there is a huge possibility they are dating, but at the same this can all be explained with a very close personal friendship. Friends can live in the same apartment building. It’s not that werid, but some stuff does make it seem like they are dating. So tbh everyone is right, bc none of us know. Both sides have great points.

No. 215227

Drop it unless there is concrete proof. Problem solved.

No. 215228

She’s apparently not allowed to have feet unless they are dating.

Anon you keep pulling these shitty arguments

No. 215229

Maybe don’t mod asshole. Plenty of other threads to go too if you can’t handle peoples tinfoils and you bitch and moan about anyone who has an idea that’s diffrent then yours

No. 215230

This whole site should be abandoned if we follow this logic

No. 215231

Traveling doesn't mean dating Get help.

No. 215233

I never said it did? I just think you point out a small fact like “traveling” and make it out to be every anon here thinks that’s the only reason they are dating. Then bash on people by saying stuff like “get help” when you don’t have a good argument in the first place. You just nitpick peoples post and complain and complain bc you don’t like peoples tinfoils or ideas of the possiblity. I don’t even think they are dating. I just think your a retarded individual. Exuse the esl.

No. 215234

I’ve never seen someone with such a stick up their ass about the idea of two people dating. No one even says they are for sure dating… like do you want to fuck one of them or something? It’s ridiculous

No. 215237


True. It’s fun to follow the arguments though. The debate has gone from the shippers being conspiratorial and having fairly flimsy arguments, to the anti-shippers being completely deluded and not want to admit that dating is a possibility.

No. 215245

When you have anons stating as fact, yeah. It's annoying. They go out of their way to say girlfriend and shut. If they aren't dating, then anons need to stop forcing the narritive.

No. 215249

File: 1653550584848.jpg (51.08 KB, 500x500, artworks-UsY9S5cI3zBVc1kz-IEry…)

I mean if there's going to be wild speculation anyways, who the fuck is Connor dating? I thought it was really obvious it was Kaho from their chemistry, but there are so many people throwing themselves at him that it's hard to tell.
List of Connor's Harem so far:
-Chris Abroad
-Shibuya Kaho
-DemonDice Karen

Or maybe Connor is just a really amicable pal to have, who knows.

No. 215259

Can you blame the antis, really? The proof that the (rabid) shippers were bringing was like 'Some random saw them holding hands once!!!' Or a bunch of stuff about instagram posts despite the obvious of this being an imageboard.

Also, it does feel a lot like Mira is in here spazzing out for some reason and that is hilarious.

No. 215266

I have proof, if it's just using clips from their videos and I don't give out their address is it really doxing?

No. 215267


No. 215269

File: 1653570411047.jpg (214.08 KB, 1391x1080, IMG_20220526_080130.jpg)

From Sharla last video.

That's the same airplane of Chris kek
Better say I traveled with him such liar.

No. 215270

File: 1653570661578.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.0…)

woww who would have thought right…?! lmao I feel like deniers are still gonna deny and say something like 'Sharla has mentioned that she always wanted to go to England, this doesn't necessarily mean that she's with Chris' or something like that kek

No. 215272

Waiting the cheap liar Chris to leave a comment in her video showing his surprise that she's there.

No. 215274

Unlikely that she forgot Chris took that picture this is just she playing with their fans, showing her real colors.

No. 215276

I mean, yeah. Plus more than Chris is there. Did anons watch the video? She's going to be in the UK for 5 weeks.

No. 215277

File: 1653573639545.jpg (370.06 KB, 1080x2200, Screenshot_20220526-065906_Chr…)

RR makes engines for planes. Not really proof considering they lead engines and planes buy in bulk for their fleet. Everyone leaving Japan most likely, especially planes for overseas, will have a RR engine. It would make sense its the same fleet too bc the planes they need to use are larger for overseas travel and not just domestic flights.

No. 215278

If you have proof then show it.

No. 215280

Its not the same photo from his instagram post, but a shot of a plane that uses an engine thats mass manufactured for plane fleets. How is that proof of a same plane? Wasnt he there first to begin with?

No. 215281

File: 1653573938551.png (2.7 MB, 1334x750, 87ABE42A-031D-49C0-BBDF-22EA0F…)

Here’s an anon asking for proof if them being on the same plane kek, I’m SURE they still won’t believe it though even though it’s literally the proof they said they wanted. She’s also clearly on one of England’s coasts in a house. Not where you go as a tourist. Probably wherever Chris is from.

No. 215284

>heres a random photo with no one in it as proof
And? What is this showing aside from your retarded need to post something with your commentary?

No. 215285

First is from his twitter check the message I quoted,same shot and same seat.
"Wasn't he first to begin with?"
Oh don't tell you don't know how recording videos work?

No. 215286

File: 1653574433633.jpg (205.75 KB, 1150x2048, 20220526_091314.jpg)

Twitter it's more clear

No. 215289

Again, same engine. They left at different times, so how is it same plane?

No. 215291

It’s from Sharla’s video you retard. Does she need to be waving in the picture for you to get it? My point is she is not in an area tourists tend to go within days of first arriving in England. I never said “REEE REEE this is 100% proof!!” You are the only one demanding ‘proof’. The rest of us are discussing.

No. 215292

I think the picture could be just a trip anon she's been there like a week already.
Due background when she's talking about whatever make up products it seems like a house cause it looks like stair rails?

No. 215293

How you know they left different times geez ,you can record shit and release it later don't you know that?

No. 215294


No. 215296

So now you're just going to say they left together when there's more proof they left at different times come on, anon. You keep moving goalposts.

No. 215297

We established she is there yesterday we’re not denying it.

Were they travelling at the same time? If they were then it makes sense they travel together, I don’t get why you’re all being autistic over plane engines. Travelling together doesn’t prove a relationship please calm down.

No. 215298

people don’t stay in seaside Airbnbs to visit London. Which is where she was yesterday. And where all tourists go in England. She’s staying with someone (who knows who!) and they or their family lives on the coast. Its very easy to travel to London from most coastal cities bit very expensive. You wouldn’t pay to stay there AND travel into London unless you were staying there for a reason…and a tourist has little reason to stay in one of the coastal cities (except for Brighton which this isn’t) unless they know someone there.

No. 215299

Pete did too then

No. 215300

Where did it says they left at different time? You r delusional!

No. 215301

Wtf, the sea is a nice peaceful place to gran and Air BNB. She's there for 5 weeks. That's a perfect place, why wouldn't be?

No. 215302

Everyone is calm. No one is upset! You r working in overtime to convince people that everything is a just coincidence. So be it, you don’t think they are, some do. I am beginning to think that you are way too invested with them not being couple. Why are you so hell bent on proving they r not a couple ? I am beginning to think that if someone comes in here and post a picture of them getting married, you will say that they are just cosplaying a married couple. Lol it’s all good, it’s not that serious, you earth flatter. Lol

No. 215303

Kek clearly you’ve never been to one of England’s coasts…

No. 215305

I have, thanks. It's nice and not every spot is filled with tourists. Also it'll be summer, away from tourist heavy cities instead. Your argument that it's crowded by the seaside is the same argument if she was towards the city. Its tourist time. Unless shes in some off city off sea place, she's going to be around tourists regardless. Look at the time of year, anon. Jfc.

No. 215307

Circumstantial proof where they aren't doing anything couple wise ever, even around friends, and mugs doesn't magically make them dating.

No. 215308

You clearly don't have proof. If you did you would have just shown it already.

No. 215309

Im not even trying to be mean anon, but have you ever seen a 30+ year old couple in real life? Do you expect every photo to include them touching each other and kissing? What are ‘couple things’ to you? Matching tshirts? Sitting on each other’s laps at conventions? For most adult couples it’s things like traveling together. Also please explain how you know that they traveled at different times, I’m really curious about the certainty deniers have about that.

No. 215310

They are just two best friends getting married at the same time at the same wedding, to other people! Just because we don't see the other groom/bride and they are together in front of the priest doesn't mean they are the ones getting married!

No. 215311

Probably the anon who totes saw them hold hands in person in Japan but is also >>215303 this anon who apparently lives in London and specifically only where Sharla and Chris go. You can smell the bullshit.

No. 215312

At least 1 photo, after all these supposed years. Never hands, kissing, hugging romantically.. nothing couple. EVER.

That's not a "over 30s.. hurr durr". That doesn't even make sense. Not to mention anons who posting 2 seperate apartments too. How is that living together? Post something real and concrete. Not this curcumstantial bs. You have one job and can't even produce real proof.

No. 215313

You’re really a conspiracy theorist anon, its not that deep. I’m the anon who said the thing about England’s coasts. They’re not common international tourist destinations because England’s beaches aren’t nice. I never saw them in Japan, were two different people. You are like batting at imaginary faeries who are upsetting you on this thread. You’re really in way too deep when people here are just discussing all the odd circumstances surrounding these two who, by the way, have obvious chemistry.

No. 215315

Says the anons tinfoiling about a relationship. Sure, Jan.

No. 215317

File: 1653578241411.jpg (383.96 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20220526-081630_Chr…)

Everyone sure stays away from the coastlines, not popular at all.

No. 215318

File: 1653578297341.jpg (154.76 KB, 1080x648, Screenshot_20220526-081752_Chr…)

Absolutely tourists especially hate the coast

Stats literally say you're wrong, but okay >>215313(samefagging)

No. 215319

File: 1653578376446.jpg (142.58 KB, 1080x455, Screenshot_20220526-081908_Chr…)

Beaches are total trash like >>215313 says kek

Tell me you don't live in England without saying it.

No. 215320

File: 1653578488020.jpg (552.42 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20220526-082058_Chr…)

Its just they tell you not to swim in the water, but the coasts themselves are gorgeous.

No. 215321

Okay! As convicted you are that they are not dating, some are equally convinced that they are. So agree to disagree

No. 215324

No bc its still all circumstantial

No. 215325

Fine, circumstantial evidence is credible and accepted in the court of law but I guess it’s not good enough for you. Pray tell, what proof do you have that they are NOT dating? Pictures of Chris or Sharla with their real partners, or just your need to be right? Lol I now know what’s it’s like to talk to a flat earther.

No. 215327

Fine. I await your solid proof, of the not a couple front

No. 215328

To stay at such distance from the city…Sharla knows how to drive?

No. 215329

Anons, you need to prove they are dating. It's not the opposite and 2 different apartments, a same mug, and a photos with friends isn't proof of dating. If anything, its more proof they aren't. Nothing couple related has ever happened with them. Filming together isn't proof as she fimls alone with Natsuki way more than Chris anyway. Both being with friends in England also isn't proof.

Seriously, anon can't even be bothered to post these supposed paywalled podcast "slip ups" which don't even give a name apparently but they were apparently there for the podcasts and never thought to try to download it off the paywall to listen to later.

Then the retard claiming they know them and watch them outside their 2 seperate apartments holding hands. If this shit doesn't sound like constant reaches, idk what is. All of this shows nothing about dating. There's no way their be hiding from the whole world. Make that make sense.

No. 215331

Don't need to keep posting these retarded undirected comments. There's more than 1 anon in these threads.

No. 215332

If I remember well Chris despises air BNB.

No. 215333

I literally posted one of the podcast slipups here >>214076, you must have been too lazy to click on it or something. And there wasn't even a paywall

No. 215335


You keep mentioning different apartments, but you clearly don’t follow them as closely as others. The picture that Chris posted of a different apartment at Christmas was a two year old picture. Unless you refer to a different picture, your information on this is wrong too.

Why not just admit that there is a possibility that they are dating? The anons who believe they are dating accept, that it might not be the case as there is no definitive evidence.

No. 215337

The coastline in Sharla's video is the northern Kent coast (Reculver castle) which is very close to where Chris is from (Maidstone) - family introductions

No. 215338

Lol this is great! You r making things up that no one ever said .
No podcast is behind a paywall, it’s clear for all the hear and posted on here many times over and over again. Its from the abroad on japan podcast, Free and public.
No one said they saw them outside their apartment.
No one said anything about 2 apartments.
Lol why are you like this?

No. 215344

Both sides need to stfu about this discussion already. You speculation anons are fucking obsessed and some of you are being weird about it and you denier anons just sound like you want to marry Chris or Sharla, or you want fuck one of them. People commenting about two jvloggers possibly dating should not bother you this much.

No. 215346

Paywall? Seeing them outside their apartment holding hands?
Anon on what drugs are you on?
No one has written such things here.

No. 215347

A wannabe mod kek,no one forces you to read this discussion.

No. 215349

KEK 100%
Exactly people get so reactive and start to curse and call the shippers “schizo”, “idiot”, “retard”… maybe Sharla or Chris is here. Let’s ignore the deniers.

No. 215351

“You need to prove they are dating”
“You’re all stocker shizos”

Omfg what do you want? Let people tinfoil without losing your shit maybe? Do something better to do then mini mod people on a image board, where you’re unwanted? We just having some fun, and your the buzzkill

No. 215352

Definitely dating imo TINFOIL, don’t come for me

No. 215353

Something that most people don’t consider is Sharla‘s habits, she doesn’t deviate much. Before her divorce she would travel to Japan, Canada and South Korea . One country was her home, the other her family’s and the last her long terms partner’s home country. Traveling outside of those 3 places was never her thing, although she travels a lot within Japan, she did not travel a lot outside of Japan. Then she got divorce, she went back to Korea once to visit her cats, then corona happened. Now she’s back to her old pattern Japan, Canada and her partner‘s home country. the people twisting themselves into a pretzel to argue that her brmeing in the UK for 5 weeks, clearly don’t understand sharla and that she’s not a big traveler outside of Japan, she goes where she needs or has to go. and before try to sake me the friends wedding excuse, sharla has had many close friends who got married outside of Japan and she did not attend, i.e. Taylor. This is just sharla‘s pattern. But hey maybe she’s dating another mysterious British person lol.

No. 215354

So Sharla is in England for a wedding according to the latest video. She was also at Chris & Pete’s event “as a guest” per her replies in the comments from that video. She included a photo of the Reculver Towers which is a historical site in Kent which is, oh so coincidentally, where Chris comes from and where his family lives. Definitely not there with him, though. For those who say it’s weird for there to be no confirmation on social media, he was with Lily for 3 years and you would never have known. She had mentions on her Instagram but nothing on his, she’s removed her YouTube videos now, including them visiting Sharla in Korea. I think it’s odd to be so secretive but Sharla’s ex was also never seen on her content so presumably she’s ok with it.
Also the speculation drives engagement, she’s not deleting or refuting comments that ship her and Chris.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 215355

this, good observation

No. 215356

Chris in his livestream: I'll stay in the UK 4 or 5 weeks.
Sharla last video : I'll stay 5 weeks.

No. 215358

Hopefully Chris new bigger popularity compared to when she was with Lily bite his ass and compromising photos with Sharla drop.
The country being closed actually helped them so much to keep the secret(if dating).
Anyways I wonder why Chris and others who were friend of both purged Lily so bad of their lives like I only see this happening if the relationship ended bad because of her but he apparently ditch her so she's not the bad guy.
Lucky she didn't do anything like revealing stuff of him due anger or maybe he made a deal considering how control freak he is.

No. 215360

This is so true. Sharla has had plenty of opportunity pre-COVID to be a world traveller and as you said anon, she didn't really take it. Very easy to travel from Japan to places like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, et cetera. She is a homebody of sorts, and only went to her home and her husband's home. She just so happens to visit Chris's home as soon as restrictions are lifted? It is suspicious. Obviously nothing is 'proof' until they literally say yes or no, but the logic is sound.

No. 215361

deniers be like: mere coincidence!!!!

No. 215364

I'm impressed how many people in this thread care. I'm sure they'll announce it at some point and then what?

No. 215365

I don’t have anything invested but since Journey Across Japan I definitely saw a lot of chemistry. I think it’s funny how people get all mad calling those who speculate names. I assume those commenters are preteens because adults reacting that was seems ridiculous.
I think they’d make a good couple if they are together. It’s only gossip worthy because they keep it secret. Once it’s public knowledge all that engagement disappears which is why I think they keep us guessing.

No. 215367

She hid her ex's face ("Keyboard-san"), except for the reveal in the nails video, but she didn't keep their relationship in the shadows. She still vlogged on their dates and filmed his body and him speaking to her. But it was obvious that he was never fully comfortable with all the filming. Sharla used to be into kpop, K-food, K-cosmetics, K-fashion, but I think she lost interest after her divorce. Maybe she'll become an anglophile now.

No. 215375

>Anyways I wonder why Chris and others who were friends of both purged lily so bad of their lives like I only see this happening if the relationship ended bad because of her but he apparently ditched her so she's not the bad guy.
These anons tinfoils are probably correct >>158841 >>180560 >>181165 >>181204

Also I'm pretty sure that she was the vendetta sperg >>202208

No. 215377

What the…
But if he did that why would she let him get away so nonchalantly, she would have had the ammunition to unmask his cheating ass.

No. 215378

Well deniers will get their ass spanked really hard first then activity migth drop here I guess until Norm has another schizo tantrum.

No. 215381

Something funny,Sharla is liking and answering to comments of the podcast convention that even mention or show Chris with her,you normal interaction but Chris only liked the stuff that doesn't mention or show her lmao

No. 215382

Sugar daddy Chris paid for business class I see

No. 215383

seems like a swell guy.

No. 215385

I think he knows the main attribute of his success really well so he's not dating anyone.
He's 25 so he can invest some years into making his brand grow even more then enter in a relationship.

No. 215386

I mean, she was pretty bitter about it. >>168333
Also she probably doesn't have proof that he did so it would just be her word against his.

No. 215392

File: 1653598181994.jpeg (151.58 KB, 823x843, D557AE4B-C3DE-47DE-A53C-F6A3F5…)

Yes not that long ago someone replied to her tweet with a gif of him and she replied with a gagging gif.

And she replied this a couple of weeks after their breakup so no not bitter at all(emoji )

No. 215396

Oh I didn't know this then she was angry indeed,although pretty mild.
Good point anon without solid proof Chris circle of friends could have shut her down fastly still considering she isn't a public figure she wouldn't have anything to lose by opening her mouth. Chris would be shambles because he's crazy about his public image.I frankly believe they made a deal.

No. 215397

25?!?? Dude he is 32 years old. Lol

No. 215398

I'm answering to a comment about Connor he's 25 buddy.