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File: 1672856877077.png (637.03 KB, 540x1421, 1672573361359.png)

No. 1463067

previous thread >>227162

No. 1463078

Ayden, your acting as if romance fiction(both film and literature) by women for women hasn't exited for well over a century now and its well developed and way more interesting then a man fucking a pseudo-female in his yaoi hole

No. 1463081

File: 1672857479806.jpg (188.97 KB, 1746x818, FlpTV-LaEAErI2l.jpg)

So recently a former tumblr fujoshi working at DC comics wrote an actual mpreg story with the Joker, I'm not making this up
Why do fujos need to turn male characters into basically biologically women but still insist on them being nominally male

No. 1463085

Stop pretending this isn't about our rejecting your heteronormative beggar-wife tedium and definitions of masculinity op.

I hate trannies precisely because they reinforcement gender roles. You can bitch about trannies all day it doesn't change the fCy I see trough your desperate need to preserve classic masculinity that serves you.

Sorry you can't just have everything the way you want. Get over it.

No. 1463088


No. 1463090

Ayrt, I think you're confused, or maybe I am. @ the last part of your comment, idk if it applies to me, but I was talking against fujos, I'm not one.

No. 1463091

wait so is this supposed to be official? i could've lived without seeing this shit.

No. 1463092

Its usually tedious hetero normative garbage, reinforcing shitty male partner behavior and cliches.

I'm actually a yume too? But I think most out there is written for braindead pickme who are told what to like.

I don't even believe you truly like it, you just do it for your hubby's approval.

No. 1463097

You're all just reaching for garbage examples because you're infuriated we hate the masculine cliches, the male gaze,etc.

It's all you know how to like because you were told to

Go back to your desperate heteronormative cages you don't know how to escape from. We know you cry yourself to sleep at night over it.

No. 1463103

ok fujo

No. 1463105

No. 1463113

Anon, you know only females can get pregnant right? "Mpreg" is retarded troonshit.

No. 1463114

hey i'm not a fujo hater and i enjoy my occasional slash fiction but mpreg is the most retarded shit out there, calm down nonnie

No. 1463116

Hahahahhaha GOOD, after years of capeshit this is what they deserve. Reap the whirlwind, scrotes

No. 1463119

Who is the father?

No. 1463120

I feel like it could be funny if he had an actual reaction to it and not just went "oh well just another Tuesday time to ring by OBGYN"

No. 1463123

mpreg is disgusting. What the hell is wrong with you?

No. 1463125

Good, fuck capeshit. Full of moid coomer fantasies, I hope fujoshi completely derail it and make comic scrotes kill themselves lmao.

No. 1463134

Are the only argument you have about da evull "heteronormative" "pickmes" and how obviously every anon is in a comitted relationship they don't like with a shitty scrote, just because they don't like your gay fiction? God, anon you write and act like such an obnoxious dumbass
Can fujos please be banned from the cringe threads? They don't even debate or anything they just sperg out in threads to defend themselves. You don't see any other threads having twitterfags or redittors chiming in and constantly derailing threads

No. 1463135

You guys sperg about fujos in every thread about anime, they sperg here, who cares. You all sound way too assblasted over cartoons.

No. 1463137

Go back to your thread.

No. 1463147

Right, I've always thought it was inappropriate they're apparently allowed to come in and write huge walls of text about how oh so innocent fujos are when literally no one asked

No. 1463194

They always have reddit spacing as well, and never sage. Where the fuck did all these retards come from?

No. 1463196

probably twitter

No. 1463202

Reddit kek

No. 1463225

File: 1672865440996.png (110.75 KB, 648x806, 1672605458751.png)

see when 99% of straight women see an attractive young man, they just find that man attractive and lesbians wouldn't think much of him, but fujoshis instantly imagine that young man being raped by older men cause they suffer from brain rot, recently Harry Collett(an actor from GoT) had a photo shoot for a fashion magizine and regular women just talked about how attractive he was, while fujoshis just posted about how they want to see him get fucked by cregan stark(an older male acquittance of the character he plays) and I think that's a great illustration of the literal cuckoldry aspect of fujoism

No. 1463254

3D fujoshis are the most disgusting. These are real people ffs.

No. 1463256

Only a weirdo would see a guy and instead of being like "I wanna fuck him" be like "I wanna see SOMEONE ELSE fuck him" lmao

No. 1463263

especially a gross older man

No. 1463265

3d fujoshits are seriously the worst of all. Look at the kpop brainrot.

No. 1463273

File: 1672866916448.jpg (311.92 KB, 1910x1112, 1670044223937.jpg)

mentioned in the previous thread, the 3rd most popular HoTD ship on A03 is "lucemond", using the likeness of a real life 14 year old to draw pornographic fan art of him and his 25 year old castmate and they see nothing wrong with this and this

No. 1463275

I support 2d fujos but 3d fujos are actual degenerates and take things way too far. I theorize that's where the bulk of the aidens evolve from because there's this idea of liking a man and knowing you can never be with him or he will ever notice because he exists in the same realm of reality as us.

No. 1463279

Yet another fujo who think they're the only ones who dislike the male gaze in media and also that lesbians don't exist.

No. 1463311

>googles lucerys to see what he looks like
>pictures of a child shows up
wtf. at least when you ship child characters from a manga or cartoon its a drawing voiced usually by an adult but when it comes to live action media it makes me so uncomfortable. Why would you look at a character played by a child actor and then feel any kind of desire to ship them with anyone specially an adult? You are watching a child actor and adult actor interact how can anyone get any shipping feels from that.
Devil's advocate maybe this art is based on the books and has no connections to the series but it still makes me uncomfortable seeing art of an adult kissing a child

No. 1463332

Holy shit you stick out like a sore thumb, lrn2integrate

No. 1463335

>Devil's advocate maybe this art is based on the books and has no connections to the series
oh no, the shipping only started after the HoTD aired, the likeness used is purely based on the actors

No. 1463341

NTA. I dont know shit about HOTD and really hated GOT, so I also thought maybe he was based on the books, but to ship a real life child with a real life older man… These insane women need to be jailed. that's actual sick in the head.

No. 1463357

This isn't new, we discussed this in the previous thread but BL is not actually Boys Love, the first yaoi mangas were about young boys paired with older males, the young boys are essentially pseudo-females, they are drawn with feminine features, they get treated as women in the story and sometimes they have the ability to give birth, Japan is a very misognystic and pedophilic nation so it shouldn't be surprising that something like this originated over there, but fujos in the west whose brains have been rotted from contentious exposure to pornography perception of the world itself is "warper"
many of the characters from BL from the 80's-90's were modeled after real then life child actors, such as Edward Furlong, Bjonn Anderson and River Phoniex, all in stories that involved child sexual abuse

No. 1463363

i'm so sorry to say it but you don't have the right to lecture other people when you struggle to differentiate between 'your' and 'you're' and spend your lonely nights undoubtedly jerking off to genshin impact kaeya/diluc A/B/O mpreg

No. 1463393

you sound just as retarded as the anon you're replying to, considering she used the correct "you're" both times

No. 1463396

File: 1672875530810.jpg (51.94 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

>the shipping only started after the HoTD aired, the likeness used is purely based on the actor
I hate pedos so much

No. 1463400

>Heteronormative cage
>Not liking anime/manga about men in relationships/and or fucking

No wonder fujos troon out. They will talk like this than say that SJWs make fujos troon out, when they immediately default to SJW behaviour to imply anyone who doesn't like yaoi or the cringe fujo behaviour on lolcow is somehow 'heteronormative' a 'pickme' or homophobic. This retard superiority complex this anon has because they like BL is so dumb to hold when you only read manga and watch anime kek.

No. 1463402


Reddit spacing, derailing thread, twitterfag language, out of containment thread? Must be a newfag. You must be an adult in the eyes of the law to post here. Please relocate back to twitter for your dumbass discourse.

No. 1463406

I am inclined to believe it's a baiter who just learned the word heteronormative.

No. 1463415

Did you read the comic, anon? It was clearly meant as a joke.

No. 1463427

If posted to bait they succeeded

No. 1463455

Not really, it's essentially
>I'm only pretending to be retarded, the people calling me retard are the real retards

No. 1463522

Back in my day fujoshi cringe consisted of fujos assaulting random people in cons with yaoi paddles, sexually harassing male cosplayers to kiss other male cosplayers, and being overall sex pests that tried to involve everyone they meet with their fetish. Now it's all this troonery. I can't tell which one is worse.

No. 1463529

Obviously troonery because it's no even funny.

No. 1463565

I know it might fall on deaf ears, but I'm thinking of making a fujo recovery thread(hopefully it won't get spammed)

No. 1463738

File: 1672907780225.jpg (245.79 KB, 762x960, 2EDD3156-85B2-4D76-A983-5417D5…)

Ex fujo/ex femcel talks about how she stopped being a fujo once she got in a relationship.

No. 1463740

>gets moid
>gets demotivated to keep up with her hobbies
sounds like hell hope she dumps the soul sucking incubus

No. 1463741

most women who read romantic fiction probably read less of it once they enter into a relationship

No. 1463747

Are you a fujo in recovery? Sounds like a good idea, if it's for anons who got too intense about it like the cringe itt. I don't think there is anything wrong with casual bl fans though.

No. 1463749

Lol I made this post. My life is less busy now and I have enough spare cash to buy manga, so I got back into BL. There were some bl web manga that I never stopped reading because they were easily accessible. I post regularly in the /m/ fujo thread now.
Anyway it's kinda pathetic that you're digging up a 2 year old post for your silly little hate thread. Also I was never a femcel, don't be mean pls.

No. 1463750

>''now i have it for real''
>is dating a man

No. 1463755

Are you on some kind of a pathetic mission to get all women date moids in order to "heal" from their hobbies that don't fit your ideals of what a woman should be into? Varg will never fuck you.

No. 1463757

I meant that I had love in my life for real. I know reading must be difficult when you're filled with hate.

No. 1463760

its pakichan, she posted borderline cp once and thinks shes better than women that like anime guys kissing. Wish lc had unique ips, this thread is 90% pakichan

No. 1463763

I'm also pakichan but I dont really care if someone likes two mates kissing. Please stop embarrassing your self fellow pakichan

No. 1463764

Should be obvious … harley

No. 1463799

Paki-chan post compilation

From the fujoshi threads:
>>1335624, >>1335740, >>1462810, >>1124124, >>1146823 (hand pic), >>1147070 (more hand pics), >>1463738

Other threads:
>>1226299, >>1226380, >>1226443, >>994163, >>999808, >>1000011, >>1000048, >>1156635, >>1156785, >>1307867 (not og post, a screenshot), >>1239966, >>1240105 (Varg simping), >>1243424, >>1243441, >>1239573, >>1239650, >>1239668, >>1187494, >>1165902 (more Varg simping, screenshot), >>1166014 (says that romanianon was impersonating her), >>1441287, >>1454599, >>1160895, >>1161003, >>1161111, >>1161137, >>1161169, >>1161188, >>1161193, >>1161212, >>1162966, >>1162984, >>1163004, >>1163036, >>1163053 (accuses romanianon again), >>1163074, >>1163091 (tries to befriend romanianon), >>1163117 (backtracks/says she never accused romanianon), >>1163120, >>1365097, >>1365115, >>1365136, >>1365149, >>1365188, >>1365208, >>1417756, >>1417857, >>1038383, >>1042307

>>>/m/220280, >>>/m/220467, >>>/m/206387 (grandmother pic), >>>/m/175928, >>>/2X/5381
>>>/snow/1536868, >>>/snow/1658065, >>>/snow/1658107

No. 1463804

its kinda endearing how her english got better, i love her autism just because its so incredibly easy to spot and disregard as ''just pakichan things''

No. 1463806

>tries to befriend romanianon
Wow, wholesome somehow kek.
Maybe there should be a general milk thread for posts like these.

No. 1463807

someone should compile the (c)rap-chan saga too. That was my favourite pakichan moment.

No. 1463808

Good for you nona, reading that you let go of your hobbies because of a relationship was kind of sad but I'm glad you're fine. Anon's use of the word femcel tells you all you need to know. What was the point of the post anyway? To tell people that all fujos are loveless ugly women again (moid thinking)?

I'm sorry the hand pic shit is still so funny to me, like who the fuck takes the time to post hands on an anonymous imageboard infight and also post her brother's hands like… get a hobby

No. 1463810

Thanks, I love Paki-chan.

No. 1463813

Literally no one knows or cares who you are, yet you speak like a cow.

No. 1463819

File: 1672923299179.jpg (59.81 KB, 800x871, ready-to-fight.jpg)

I do know what you two are(probably muhajirs and urdu speakers) but I am a Jatt, whatever happens and whatever I encounter I speak my mind simply and bluntly, it is my nature, when I go to spaces filled with people I dislike and consider disgusting then I speak my mind and make my dislike for them clear, In the fandom spaces I see people that I find disgusting and so I make my dislike for them clear and yes I shitpost every now and then, so does everyone else here
as for the "borderline cp" it was one picture I found when I remembered a case of how incredibly close mother/son relations are in South Asia and tried to how fucked up it is here, the picture was a son painting on his mother's body which is the type of shit that could find in South Asia
people kept accusing me of being male so I posted my hand as proof and when people still didn't believe me, I used my younger brother's hand as comparison

alright I'm not really in the mood to answer more of your clams, I might be gone for a few hours or maybe some days, so I can't really respond but best of luck to you all
again I do not have to time to respond to all your claims but fuck you for calling my grandmother a "shotacon" like what the hell is wrong with you, she was a poor woman with nothing and who lost her husband and my grandfather married out of obligation you Idiot

No. 1463822

Is Harley a transwoman?

No. 1463824

>fujos who claim that everyone who doesn't like Joker m-preg are heteronormative and love the male gaze
These threads really attracts the biggest cows.

No. 1463825

who said the latter? people were just laughing at it because of the year of worse shit female characters had to go through in comics, its very obviously a joke by the artist

No. 1463828

Pardon, the fujo actually thought the Joker thing was garbage too. But the rest of the post is wonderfully cowish.

No. 1463831

yeah, focus on the outlier instead of all the fujos who rightfully called it retarded

No. 1463833

You're lost. This thread is about fujo cringe, we focus on cringe here. Including the cringe that is paki-chan.

No. 1463840

this thread is just pakichan nitpicking shit

No. 1463852

Kek I didn't say you're male, just that you're too autistic and that you have so much internalized misogyny from living and simping for shit men that you start thinking like a moid (such as, woman does something I don't like, woman has to be ugly, stupid, unloved and a failure or woman touches real dick = woman gets "cured").
Also no one gives a shit about your little brother, your grandma or your grandpa or where the fuck you live, consider not bringing them into literally every conversation.

No. 1463854

I don't participate in any cow threads so I don't even know what you mean. Sounds like a you issue.

No. 1463887

Obviously the latter is worse since we cant escape from it. I used to cosplay at cons back in the mid 2000s and only did men from games I liked playing. It was definitely weird when girls obviously under 18 would scream happily and ask you to kiss their favorite male character (lots of women cosplayed men before troon shit happened and enbys.) but i usually just told them no thank you and walked away.
Now we cant escape troon shit even outside anime cons.

No. 1463909


No. 1463910

Nta and I'm not a fujo myself but the poster in question is just fucking weird or maybe baiting.

No. 1463913

File: 1672930869633.jpeg (88.54 KB, 1080x868, 05818A02-2791-4660-91D8-7BE081…)

No. 1463918

File: 1672931050807.jpeg (269.01 KB, 1244x1942, 164ABEDD-640E-4379-8FAC-7D2653…)

MHA fujos are crazy

No. 1463920

Mermaids should lay eggs.

No. 1463928

How do they even imagine men getting pregnant, where does the baby grow inside and how does it get out? please tell me they give birth through their dicks

No. 1463938

File: 1672932910749.jpeg (136.42 KB, 1125x895, 6B77FE2B-A0F9-4FE8-AF3D-C1537F…)

You'll probably regret asking but some of them give them a cloaca and a uterus, picrel. (I love how the "omega female" reproductive system is just the normal female reproductive system, kek) So according to this they would give birth out of their ass.

No. 1463941

has there ever been a research as to why mpreg is a thing and also super popular among women?

No. 1463943

You're right, I regret asking. Aside from being gross it seems extremely misogynistic. So if you can give birth you're an "omega"? Fuck that.
Is it super popular though?

No. 1463947

>Is it super popular though?
isnt it one of the top tags in AO3? i feel like mpreg is the only weird inherently female fetish, or at least i have never heard of anyone into mpreg that wasnt a woman

No. 1463950

I feel like it's popular among aidens.

No. 1463951

File: 1672934013667.jpg (58.32 KB, 735x386, f9d4955f29eabca1bcb9af7f0d5401…)

I know the other half of this isn't relevant for mpreg but I'm posting it anyway for nightmare fuel.

No. 1463952

Wait so alpha females are just futa? Why the fuck is this whole alpha-omega thing revolving around dicks so much?

No. 1463953

I guess not because futa have outer dicks, thus making them less weird than the female omega in the chart.

No. 1463962

It seriously sounds like some patriarchal idea invented by scrotes. I don't get why women would be into this shit.

No. 1463989

File: 1672936291898.png (55.85 KB, 275x248, pepenona1.png)

>when you want to escape regressive gender roles but accidentally run into a loopty-loop and end up repeating said gender roles in a strange body horror kind of way

No. 1464004

Wouldn't it be eaiser just to have regular rul 63? Giving a male character the ability to get pregnant makes them undeniably female

No. 1464060

eh, didnt knew about this alpha omega shit beforehand but i can understand why women like it now, if reproductive organs irl were like this then we might actually reach gender equality someday.

No. 1464061

That's the point, fujos unconsciously perceive the "uke" as female, that's why characteristics like pregnancy are not out of place for them

No. 1464062

It's all mental illness. Don't lie to yourself.

No. 1464065

It'd be more based if the alpha/omega shit had genitalia and hierarchies like spotted hyenas. The women would fuck the dudes, the men would be submissive (but alpha-submissives wouldn't be treated as lowly), and the first child would always be stillborn, so they'd pray it'd be a boy.

No. 1464068

It's not THAT popular. Fujos I know tend to dislike it or think it's weird, especially the m-preg part and all that comes from it (like birthing from the ass). It surely became popular now because aidens think that the fake pregnant males are totally like real twans men, so now there's a bunch of fiction written by aidens.
One thing that seems to be popular among japanese fujos that I didn't know are "cuntboys" which are basically males with vaginas. That seems to be separate from tranny shit though, it's kinda like a male version of futanari I guess.

I think the female alpha in the chart has a clitoris that comes out and acts as a penis, so it's pretty similar to a futa.

No. 1464069

That's actually pretty interesting nona

No. 1464070

nah, it honestly make sense for me. Women cant rape men, we would never reach true equality because we are sadly biologically inferior to men, but in an alpha female society we would actually be able to be equal to men. I just wish fujos would fetish a female superiority society and not one where men shit babies.

No. 1464073

I know what you're trying to say but "biologically inferior" is very unfortunate wording

No. 1464075

it is true tho, thats why troons who are useless, shit-tier athletes become top tier '''female''' once they transition and are allowed on female teams. I hate it, but i have learned to accept it.

No. 1464076

>biologically inferior to men
Major oof

No. 1464077

>Biologically inferior
According to who

No. 1464078

What the actual fuck on you on? Women are biogically superior to men in every way. Brain rot.

No. 1464079

Please do yourself a favor and take yourself out the gene pool.

No. 1464080

Get outta here aiden

No. 1464081

Oh, so you think that brute strenght makes you superior to someone else somehow. Like a moid.

No. 1464082

i wish people would stop thinking like this, this is why Kiler Sally was jailed. They saw a roide up female and instantlly saw her equal as a roided up man, when in reality her shit moid could and did overpower her and thats why she had to shoot him.

No. 1464083

Damn lolcow is getting baited to hell and back today uh?

No. 1464085

it does matter, a woman will never be feared and a woman will never be truly physically equal as a man and thats why so many of our rights like the right to self defense are often overlooked in women. A 16yo can overpower a healthy 20yo woman. Anyways free jodi arias and pay a million dollars to sally mcneil in retribution.

No. 1464091

Sure, but that doesn't make women biologically inferior in any way. Men aren't superior just because they rape and kill, what the fuck are you on

No. 1464092

Anon, being weaker physically doesn't make us biologically inferior, women have our own assets and we are biologically viable in our terms, we cannot be compared to men like that, is just ridiculous. You're just self-hating

No. 1464096

But in spotted hyenas the females still get pregnant and carry the baby. Omegaverse is more about pregnancy than who fucks who.

No. 1464100

>being biologically weaker doesnt make us inferior
it sadly does, and it doesnt come from self-hating, its just that people seem to forget why women and men have different sport teams, and why women HAD to fight for their rights. You are on tranny and handmaiden levels of coping right now, saying that women are physically weaker doesnt mean i hate myself. You need to watch the Killer Sally documentary, it didnt hit me until i watched it.

No. 1464103

For real. People need to stop replying to obvious moid bait already.

No. 1464114

no? i dont understand why my opinion is even controversial, women will never be equal to man because they are biologically superior. I am tired of people pretending we are equal all of sudden just because we have the same rights, we will never be able to really fight for our rights until the world starts acknowledging that men aren't equal to women, a woman cant defend herself from a man, even if its a teen boy, a woman cant beat a tranny on a sport and she will most likely get injuried, a man will never understand the fear women feel just from being women and having to be around men. Reminds me of the moids laughing and crying ''dis is real equality!!1! she had it comming, he had to defend himself'' on a video about a woman punching a man and the moid punching her back.

No. 1464116

>>Biologically inferior
Like how we live longer than moids, have better immune systems, have multiple orgasms and can give birth to new life?
You mean men are larger and stronger, that doesn't mean they're superior just more unga bunga and dangerous.

No. 1464123

what you said doesnt matter, men dont fear women just because we have better immune system, live longer and have orgasm. You are completly misunderstanding my point and are hyperfocusing on the ''woman are biologically inferior'' part and ignoring why i said its important to acknowledge it to fight for our rights.

No. 1464126

Everyone is focusing on that because it sounded like you were saying that women's bodies were shittier than men's.

No. 1464133

but it is, i dont mean shit like giving birth makes you inferior. I am gonna stop because trying to discuss anything in this board is like talking to a brick wall, but i will just reiterate the case of Sally Mcneil, the people saw a woman on steroids and stopped seeing her as a biological woman, thus being capable of defending herself against her roided up abusive scrote without shooting him. She ended up in prison for murder, despite being obvious self defense. Her lawyers even forced her to stop lifting and wearing shoulder pads because it made her look too ''manly''.

No. 1464141

Stop replying to weak ass bait

No. 1464144

yeah sure everything you dont like to accept is bait, sureee

No. 1464145

Legit. idiots need to stop responding. It's weak ass moid or aiden bait.

No. 1464146

Why do i even bother? for idiots like you we have trannies in sports and bathrooms and women going to jail despite just shooting their abusive moids in self defense. But ofc i am moid or aiden for defending women's rights. I bet you think paying half and half and earning the same salary makes you equal to a moid and patriatchy is dead, kek

No. 1464149

Honestly, I never liked the whole idea of the anatomy side of abo or heats/ruts. I feel those types of things should just be relegated purely to personality rather than biological fittings.

No. 1464158

If fujos are lesbian/bi women who hate heteronormative shit and only consume yaoi because of that, why don't they like lesbian media written for women?
The reality is fujos are straight women with body dysmorphia and they can't stand seeing another woman get loved the way they think they never will. They think they're too ugly to be women or fit the modern beauty standards which is why they troon out

No. 1464179

You can be celibate and straight. Getting turned on by men and penises means you're straight by default even if you don't fuck men. That's literally the definition of straight.
Saying you're a lesbian who likes drawn dicks is similar to a "straight" man saying he likes drawn dick.

No. 1464181

File: 1672943947150.jpg (48.76 KB, 480x336, 19saw_mating2-blog480.jpg)

first off, female hyenas don't penetrate the males(I don't know where your getting that form) and secondly I don't understand your logic, If you have one sex that is on average physically larger then the second sex and has the capability to sexually penetrate then that's just regular patriarchy with switched pronouns, its like when fujoshis brag about how "mpreg is based cause it inflects the fears and pains of pregnancy on men" but men will never be pregnant so its just a female character suffering

No. 1464183

Samefag, the anon I replied to deleted their comment so I'll paste it here:
You can still like BL shit as a lesbian or bi woman. Why are you even arguing this? The ones who troon out are US Centric anyway. I hate 3d men so much and find them repulsive. Only weak ass women troon out anyway because they hate themselves.

No. 1464184

Tum bahsaq ek Jatt ho. Jatt jesei jahil Agar tumhe pata hai sindhu lough kon hai . I belong to a far older race. one of the people were among the first civilizations do not forget you punjs sucked Anglo dick to survive. As for the borderline pedo aligation . South Asia has a big problem of child brides although its criminal some villages still do it. But fellow paki chan I would recommend not posting personal pictures here. We get it you're autistic but you should remember how lose and crazy our government is to these things. Try not to do yourself please

No. 1464185

> it was one picture I found when I remembered a case of how incredibly close mother/son relations are in South Asia and tried to how fucked up it is here, the picture was a son painting on his mother's body which is the type of shit that could find in South Asia

Why are you being VAGUE, it was a picture of a topless mother with her son drawing on her boobs. You purposefully try to make yourself look vague to absolve yourself of the things you post.
Lying rat.

No. 1464190

Why bother arguing with a no life brown girl whose only dream in life is to get fucked by an ugly nazi? She's obviously mentally ill and too retarded.

No. 1464192

Yeah That's borderline pedophilia. Fellow paki chan sincerely what's fucking wrong with you? . I think you're misguided since normal pakichans probably see that as creepy .

No. 1464201

Pakichan has no morals, whenever there's a white male abuser she comes out to defend him, whenever a white woman says she was abused she shits on them and says they probably deserved it. With her pedophilia and blatant racism, she's almost as bad as the paki men she complains about.

No. 1464207

Fuck I didn't know it was that bad . Guess the punjs still are on that white colonial dicks. Fellow paki chan you do realize why our men were blocked from Turkey right? Because they were abusing fellow Muslim women there. Paki men deserve the rope do not forget the femicide month .

No. 1464227

>Why are you being VAGUE, it was a picture of a topless mother with her son drawing on her boobs
that is literally what I said you moron
>the picture was a son painting on his mother's body which is the type of shit that could find in South Asia
>the picture was a son painting on his mother's body which is the type of shit that could find in South Asia
I do not like when people lie about me, I can't stand it really, I made one shitpost about liking varg and you haven't gotten off back for it
>Paki men deserve the rope do not forget the femicide month .
absolutely, I agree with you on that

No. 1464231

Can you idiots stop derailing this thread to talk about pakichan
And can you stop derailing this thread to talk about yourself

No. 1464232

pakichan is cringier than anything a fujo could say/do

No. 1464234

Too bad this isn't her thread then. Bringing up Pakichan anytime someone criticizes fujos is not going to stop anons from talking about them.

No. 1464240

I love how every time paki chan spams this thread to call weeb women (husbandofags too for some reason) degenerate and ugly and every time she ends up being a lot worse

She's the one coming here to post petty shit and derail about herself or her family though. Also I think there's a baiter.

No. 1464249

If you stopped being so autistic and stopped posting pictures of yourself/your family on a fucking ANONYMOUS IMAGEBOARD people would not hate you half as much as they do now. I feel bad for your grandma.

No. 1464252

Dadima did not deserve this nazi loving shitbag.. rest in Jannat dadima hopefully you were saved from your autistic niece

No. 1464266

>I do not like when people lie about me
Who cares, we don't know your name or who you are, it's an anonymous board. You can just close the tab and pretend that nothing happened here.

No. 1464267

Samefag - varg won't fuck you btw

No. 1464273

File: 1672948744368.jpeg (83.37 KB, 498x911, 1772E721-A609-4D81-AAED-602EA0…)

The pakichan psyop was created by fujos to deflect all accusations of cringe

No. 1464277

I hate both fujoshis and pakichan

No. 1464279

Sort of, they definitely use it to deflect cringe accusations from anons that aren't paki chan, like the obvious non-paki chan fujo cringe posters upthread. Now they just sperg anyone who hates fujo cringe (not even fujo, just the cringe ones like yume haters or derailment and containment leak spergs) is paki chan, when paki only really talks about the pedo links of Yaoi, while anons upthread talk about the feminism aspects, something paki-chan spergs about hating because it's a 'privileged western thing'.

No. 1464283

Paki-chan also is posting in the right thread, but the underage twitter fujos are still sperging and derailing in the thread.

No. 1464291

Posting hands and talking about grandmas and cousins and how much she hates women not wanting dick isn't really fujo cringe. She can fuck off.

No. 1464293

at this point she's a personalityfag lol

No. 1464304

Nta but even when she posts actual cringe and on topic stuff someone has to start arguing about how she's pakichan.

No. 1464363

Alternatively: the fujo cringe thread is just a façade for discussing Paki-chan because an overt Paki-chan thread would be deleted.

No. 1464377

this is an anon board you're not supposed to announce yourself every damn time you post. you're insufferable and i hope to god you catch a permaban

No. 1464394

when has she ever posted on topic? she derails every thread she's in.
and regardless, announcing yourself is against the rules and she does it every damn time

No. 1464569


No. 1464585

File: 1672975122462.jpg (100.78 KB, 611x612, cbe.jpg)

bahn punjabi nahi hu, kashmiri jatt
and are a muhajir I'm assuming ? either way I pictured I just googled and really should have put a spoiler over, it was to emphasize how fucked up mom/son bonds can be in South Asia, but the future FTMs will forever hold it against me and use it as a crutch while they pleasure themselves over child rape fiction
I am the chudail for them, I see myself mentioned so many times and other users being accused of being me, so much that I have a laugh

No. 1465196

how do people even identify certain anons as the same person? I thought only mods had access to IP? It's not unlikely that there are more than one person from Pakistan who uses lolcow. I don't even think her typing style is distinctive enough that I can recognise her posts. How do people do it?

No. 1465209

Some anons and their specific ideas and personalities just really stick out when they post a lot. Like how Ko-chan got spotted in /g/ despite not posting about Komeada.

No. 1465211

She literally talks about the same 4 topics like a fucking sperg so it's easy to know.

No. 1465218

I'm also pretty confused how one can tell >>1463738 is supposed to be Paki-chan.

No. 1465245

Yeah, they say everyone is paki chan, and we do have multiple posters from pakistan (I've replied to one and she explained she is not paki chan and does not like paki chan). Only really know it's paki chan when it's about military might while mentioning the pakistan region, region specific language/information being used in other discussions, or specifically talking about the pedo aspects of yaoi, not just posting about fujo cringe and thinking it's dumb to hate female characters because you only watch anime/read manga. It's a crutch when it's not obvious. Like the green text post mentioned here >>1463738 they just say is paki chan when it's pretty obviously not/does not have enough proof for the claim. It's done as away to pretend multiple posters are not laughing at them or think they are dumb, like anons often do when infighting and pretending every disagreeing poster is the same person.

No. 1465246

Well, then the females could fuck guys with their not-dicks. And maybe make it so that guys are 10 times more likely to get preggers from a woman than the reverse, no matter what the "hierarchy" is. I'm looking for ways to balance the playing field, lol

No. 1465314

True. While Paki-chan is often an obvious poster, fujos here also like to accuse everyone else of being her or of being moids as a cope.
The great thing about the real spotted hyenas is that the female's gentitals makes mating difficult. The male must be 110% sure that the female wants him or it won't work. That and the males are low status and bullied. Female hyenas have it pretty damn good aside from giving birth which is hard fro them the first time.

No. 1465469

Don't they literally give birth through their clitoris? Nah they have it wayyy harder than us.

No. 1465513

I found what I thought was F/M abo with the woman being an alpha and the moid being an omeaga and I got really excited but for some ungodly reason the FeMC has a goddamn penis. Why, what's the goddamn point? Why even bait and switch my dumbass?

No. 1465517

JW but how do you propose female alphas impregnate their mates without a shaft of some kind? I can't get interested in the concept because I can't conceive of a method that doesn't just result in what's essentially a futa, and that disgusts me.

No. 1465518

This is just me, but I would just say the Alpha Female would get pregnant if she's with an Omega Male. I don't like the whole idea of A/B/O being tied purely to biological intricacies, rather, I prefer A/B/O to be tied more so to personality traits or like blood type if that makes sense.

No. 1465554

File: 1673062598029.jpg (941.24 KB, 1309x2327, fujoaiden.jpg)

Why do fujos (and to no one's surprise the OP is an aiden) always have to make everything about themselves and their coom? Netflix isn't cancelling all their "LGBT" shows, only the lesbian ones while they renew all the ones about gay men so it's funny to go on about how Asia has thriving BL when live action GL shows are nowhere near comparable.

No. 1465563

that's not me
I guess you could say u have an accent speaking, I speak 4 languages so I'm sure you can understand how that sorta happnss
again you are literally just recreating the patriarchy just with changed pronouns, for the love of god please just reading porn, esplically porn that just has men function as women in all but name

No. 1465572

File: 1673065927620.jpg (30.02 KB, 720x405, 416d9eb2fe.jpg)

Your conception about Hyenas contain a lot misconceptions which was based on factoid meme science

Firstly, female hyenas are not significantly bigger or stronger than males. They'll often be heavier because of their better access to food, but it isn't an inherent thing. They as a species have almost no sexual dimorphism at all, seen >>1464181
Second, adult male hyenas(especially fathers and sons) can hold high rank within a clan. they only lose that status if they choose to migrate to a new clan, if they stay they'll retain their birth rank.
Third, recent research has shown that the rigid hierarchy of hyena societies is based entirely around networking and social support; the hyena with the most close friends and siblings within a clan will lead it. Whether a hyena is dominant or submissive in an interaction with another hyena is entirely based on which one would gain more support from the clan in a fight. This is why cubs inherit rank, because they have their mother and their mother's allies to back them up.

One of the biggest differences between hyenas and wolves mentally is wolves deliberately keep their pack numbers small(think of a small nuclear family) while hyena clans will extend to aunts, uncles, cousins and all their offspring. This allows the formation of cliques and webs of alliances and rivalries within a 100-member hyena clan, and allows each hyena to understand the whole web and their place within it, and which side each other hyena would take in any given internal conflict.

very little sexual dimorphism: https://hyena-project.com/hyenas

Social support and alliances determine hierarchy: https://hyena-project.com/2018/11/22/friends-over-muscles-how-female-hyenas-came-to-dominate-males

recognizing third-party relationships: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotted_hyena#Social_behaviour

No. 1465591

Kek never in my life would I think women writing and drawing m/m for other women would be labeled as "asian queer media"

No. 1465598

Anon this is interesting but literally insanely off topic.

No. 1465656

This is actually interesting, ty for the info anon

No. 1465755

Is it always just fujos who are annoying as fuck about wanting their ship to become “canon”/“real” even if it makes zero sense in the original work? Or even worse when it’s 2 real people whose close friendship is misinterpreted as a secret relationship? Are there examples of FxF/MxF shippers being overly autistic about it as well?

No. 1465756

What happened to simply saying you like to ship two character? There is an annoying trend when a fujo will just say crude things like "anyway these characters fuck each hard other every night" like it's true, in general fandom spaces. Instead of admitting it's just a ship she likes and maybe post about sexual fantasies in a more appropriate setting.

No. 1465778

I think it's a combination of women's overrepresentation in fandom spaces in general and the popularity of M/M shippings among women as opposed to F/F or M/F. Also, M/F pairings are more likely to become canon so there's no constant need to prove that it's "canon" amongst M/F shippers. Add to this the acceptance of gay relationships within the past decade creating an expectation for gay representation in media, which gives current day fujos more ammo than, say, fujos in the 2000s. All of these things combine to make fujos who constantly sperg about their noncanon gay ships being "actually canon!!1" a loud section of most current online fandoms.

No. 1465812

The most obnoxious are absolutely not fujoshi, they're the type who lost their shit when Naruto married Hinata instead of Sakura. That was a sight to behold kek. Same shit with Bleach.

No. 1465839

It makes it sound like they are watching a documentary about the daily life of a homossexual couple in a third world country.

No. 1465871

Her way of grammar and words is very specific. Although I am too a paki-chan I can tell she's from the North of pakistan . No one from the South uses the keywords she does . Also you can tell by her austism kek

No. 1465906

Honestly Naruto was so badly written especially anything involving romance, but nearly every end game couple barely made sense because none of them were mutual or fleshed out. Like Sakura's obsession with Sasuke was always one sided just like Hinata's obsession with Naruto was one sided. All the Naruto couples sucked idg how it became a shipper shitfest near the end of it's series though it was glorious seeing the autistic rage. Some people took it so seriously that if you liked Sakura at all you were considered a supporter for an ABUSER by NaruHina shippers. I remember somebody got canceled for calling SasuSaku an abusive relationship because Sasuke is a traumatized minor who bears the weight of something Sakura wouldn't understand so it's not abusive kek.

No. 1465913

I had a friend who was a ghostwriter for kindle erotica who specialized in M/M stuff, being a gay dude and all. His publisher (straight guy) asked him about writing mpreg and was surprised when my friend was grossed out. Cited the profits and then remembered the majority of their market were women.

ABO shit has really picked up and added an extra catalyst to M/M stuff: the O is always something the reader can project upon, either an mpreg man or an actual woman.

I don't think it's popular in terms of numbers of readers, but it's popular in that the addicts keep buying it.

You'd think, but the stuff self-hating misogynists come up with can fall into that category, too.

No. 1465914

Straight girls hiding their thirst into empowerment/representation politics yet again

No. 1465957

>idg how it became a shipper shitfest near the end
They basically retconned all of their relationships just to make Boruto exist so the cashflow could keep coming in. I would think that if you liked Sakura or Hinata you'd want better for them than their husbands ignoring them their entire lives.

No. 1466333

years ago I was in a comic store that had shoved all the bl and yuri mangas on the same shelf that was labelled lgbt. It had actual biographical mangas written by gay mangakas that talked about how it was being gay in Japan and yuri incest fetish shit. Kinda funny and sad seeing them being lumped together. Around the mid 2010's people started labelling yaoi as representation for gay men. I guess so they could stroke their own egos for supporting queer media? Discussion about representation had good intentions at first but sadly is mostly used as a marketing term now

No. 1466348

>again you are literally just recreating the patriarchy just with changed pronouns
>wanting my female character who's in love with a male character and wants to start a family with him is considered patriarchal
Why though?

No. 1466622

File: 1673167507399.jpg (129.48 KB, 646x1543, 1671471306425.jpg)

from the bad short comics thread(this is what porn addiction does to young, stupid western women)

No. 1466633

Considering you're a kashmiri jatt don't your people have a custom of making daughters sons if there aren't born any?. Do you also think that motivates some kash women to become trans? .

No. 1466636

why do you always blame the women, pakichan?

No. 1466638

this is not me morons, someone in the fakeboi thread is using what I say(but wrongly and like a copypasta) and as some sorta joke
also where are getting that daughters to son things from, where are you getting that from

No. 1466655

Bacha posh? Although I'm not sure how much it is followed in kashmir since most of the information is surveillanced. Although I will agree most western ftms often become transgender out of a niche or trend whereas mostly in other nations they do it out of patriarchal structures .

No. 1466660

that happens in Afghanistan and with pashtun communities, it can happen with certain smaller non-pashtun communities but those cases are far rarer

No. 1466663

Wow ok pakichan, you're quite bad at lying though

No. 1466665

>Ignores the waifufags who send literal death threats to creators if the self-insert moid character ends up with the wrong girl
>Ignores the hetshippers who seethe like no end when a gay relationship has more canonical value than their crack straight ship or the numerous heated debates around famous straight ships like Reylo or SasuSaku
>Ignores the deranged yumes who are ready to commit suicide if their husbando glances at another female character
>Ignores the f/f shippers who call corrective rape on their waifu being included in m/f ships
Even the fact that people come to this petty ass thread, make it clear fujos only piss them off because they rival and disagree with their personal tastes and then say "is it jus fujos who do obnoxious shit????" shows how much they lack self awareness. If it was people actually posting "fujo cringe" similar to the bad art thread but it's the same kind of braindead debate that killed the fakeboi threads, going in circles hating on women who like something they don't or care to understand.

No. 1466666

Just hide the thread if it upsets you.

No. 1466670

Pakibitch I thought your musty ass was gonna go to america in a few months but I guess that was a lie? Anyways, both fujo neets and pakichan are retarded and it's so funny seeing two no lifes argue about cartoon porn like it's the biggest issues ever.

No. 1466678

File: 1673174851582.jpg (264.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You know my country's economy is near collapse right(a kg of rice alone is now something 400 rps), I was lying to my parents to send me to America and the price of tickets is thrice what it was, I don't know if things will get better(they probably won't) My nations leaders are basically the Chinese and Saudis for loans

and I'm honestly thinking of killing myself If I can't leave
I'm not gonna spend my life in this awful nation were pedophile worship is the state religion

No. 1466683

>wahh wahh I'll kill myself if my parents don't spend a fortune to send me to a different country where I'm not eligible for a job!!
You're an adult, faggot. Work for a year or two, save up and grt a ticket yourself. Your parents don't have to buy a ticket and even if they did, you'd just be miserable in America since you'd be broke as fuck

No. 1466698

Fellow paki-chan going to America won't make your problems go away . Our nation has always been in a dire situation since we joined the war on terror . Going to those same Americanfags who ruined our country won't make you happy (although we were ruined ever since that islamicboo came in power). >>146683 Also to that nona who said to work realize that not every country gives working privilege to women and considering paki chans family is kashmiri there's no way in hell they'll allow her to work) . Please try to limit your online autism fellow paki chan

No. 1466706

I literally live in a third world Muslim country myself and most women in third world countries work. Stop making up shit. If you can't work, you can clean houses or do stuff for family. A lot of women from third world countries build their lives by either studying 24/7 to get proper education or work their asses off starting from 18. You two aren't special for being borderline retarded.

No. 1466717

so is pakichan like some rich middle eastern neet? how the fuck does she find the time to shitpost all day about the dumbest shit like fujoshits if she's in such a dire situation

No. 1466721

I think she mentioned she is rich in her country but would be poor in America. She doesn't work in her country and her family still buys her everything yet she's trying to argue how western women have it better than her because the men in her country aren't hot and white. Modt of her posts are complaining about brown men and how she wishes she could bag a white dude.

No. 1466730

Nta but pakichan shares a PC with her brother and can't even afford to activate Windows. Maybe she's "rich" compared to other people in Pakistan? It's a very poor country.

No. 1466731

>cant afford to activate windows
kek, i pirated mine like any poorfag thirdworlder with a brain. Literally just google pakichan

No. 1466739

File: 1673179137799.jpg (51.67 KB, 639x637, 1611410902680.jpg)

I'm assuming you are from the upper class family, my family just got wealthy due to dumb luck 8 years ago, and I don't wanna marry ugly muhajir or one of my cousins and I'm willing to work and I have worked since I was a kid
its a pirated windows and PC, it works fine for me, I can watch pirated movies and shows and talk to people online
do you actually think my parents will allow me to work ?

No. 1466742

>nd I'm willing to work and I have worked since I was a kid
>do you actually think my parents will allow me to work ?

No. 1466744

I'm not her kek I wasn't trying to defend her. In fact I think it's pathetic that she's this poor and she refuses to work.

No. 1466747

I'm talking about housework(cleaning, cooking and homemaking)
not poor, just above middle class, we are better off then a lot of my other family members on my dad's side who are literally famers or low rank soldiers and as stated my parents would never allow me to work in the first place

No. 1466748

if shes a neet and has enough free time to shitpost on lc she could try learning how to code and get some freelance jobs

No. 1466754

>I'm talking about housework(cleaning, cooking and homemaking)
ofc. you really have a way with words, paki-chan.

No. 1466756

File: 1673179801480.jpg (11.86 KB, 480x375, images.jpeg-17.jpg)

Guess daddy's money has also fucked you're sense of how the world works . I agree with pakichan that you sound like a burger who got rich off her fathers fucking other people over . You do realize that the northern people are huge fans of honour? Do you think they'll allow paki chan to work as a housemaid (She can work as tutor but considering how backward the North is that's not happening they literally killed a volunteer doctor because she was a woman) . Paki woman aren't only fucked over by the nation but also family. B Women who can live independently are mostly from the higher upper class . Your retardness makes me laugh .

No. 1466759

I agree with noona considering how much you're online paki chan you could use your autism for ameribucks . There are many free courses you can try digiskills by the government which can land you a job .

No. 1466762

I'm not a NEET, I'm basically a full time houseworker for my own family, since my mom got sick and my dad's occupation is like a 4 hour drive just to get to work, I have to work take care of my younger brother, drive him to school and be his tutor, that's why my parents have given me some leeway
Thank you but we aren't that backwards, again its just not even one generation my family made an upper class decent standard of living and my dad's really trying to get the rest of his family wealthy as well,
also I don't live in the north, I live in Sindhi small city(less then 500'000 people) near the Baluchistan border so my dad can have easier to go work

No. 1466764

>my dad's really trying to get the rest of his family wealthy as well,
Try to explain to him that if he lets you work, you will help him achieve that goal

No. 1466766

I would suggest talking to him to enroll you into a vocational collage (like benaziirs funded ones) you can also get a scholarship there try saying you can earn money by becoming a teacher . I'm also in sindh so I know they exist. It's best to secure your own future fellow paki chan. Your household work will end one day and your family would probably try to marry you off best to secure yourself independently but I'm glad to hear that your family is a bit more open

No. 1466770

Shut the fuck up. All you fujos do is come in this thread and whine about how you're the victim. You're part of the reason why it exists

No. 1466773

File: 1673181240577.jpg (96.76 KB, 599x449, 16114109020.jpg)

Its not him I have to convince, its his mother and older sister that have the final say as the eldest members, my grandmother is so backwards she refuses to even use Urdu, she's an old woman set in her ways, so that's not gonna happen
>Your household work will end one day and your family would probably try to marry you off best to secure yourself independently but I'm glad to hear that your family is a bit more open
I am aware of that, that's why plan to escape beforehand, I still have a couple years and so I know I'll find some way or the other to escape

No. 1466774

Doesn't it count as derailing to constantly bring up/steer the conversation towards pakichan (whether anons are her or not)?

No. 1466775

she's way more fun than the fujos

No. 1466776

The best you can do is for her to die off. Some oldpakis are borderline senile so I understand. Good luck fellow pakichan although I don't agree with alot of what you say. I hope you have a good life sister.

No. 1466778

It's more fun than the fujo stuff tbh kek

No. 1466779

>Its not him I have to convince, its his mother and older sister that have the final say as the eldest members
What's the worst thing they can do if you don't listen to them?

No. 1466783

>same kind of braindead debate that killed the fakeboi threads, going in circles hating on women who like something they don't or care to understand.
I can't believe butthurt Aidens are coming into this thread now. I wish fujotroons like you would get a better hobby than cooming to yaoi so you wouldn't constantly sperg out in fakeboi/fujo threads and prove the point of the thread entirely

No. 1466785

Can't there be a separate pakichan thread? This has nothing to do with the topic.

No. 1466787

Disowning .marrying her off to a old fag. Many..many.. bad things. Women literally get killed for these things noona… there's alot of femicide in pakistan although I wish none of that on paki chan

No. 1466789

Dunno if mods will create a paki thread like the polish one tho .

No. 1466797

delete this please, there are like three of us here and we aren't even online all the time
maybe a south asian thread

No. 1466805

I think making a south Asia thread will also include Indian nonnies?

No. 1466809

Yes, the Euro thread includes many diverse people as well, there are maybe 8 of us total from south asia

No. 1466814

Pakichan alone posts as much as 10 people, so the thread would always be active

No. 1466835

This entire thread is just Paki-chan, anons complaining about Paki-chan, hyenas (very educational) and fujos whining, which is the most on topic.

No. 1466836

New thread

No. 1466840

how about a general asian nonnie thread?

No. 1466848

Made one noonie! I accidentally put it on pt (sorry for that)
It's on ot under desi general

No. 1466872

So same as the last thread.

No. 1466883

File: 1673188372410.jpg (80.93 KB, 533x800, 4d726f5fceb5ab5a169e45106f3f07…)

There weren't hyenas in the last thread, they're amazingly complex creatures.

No. 1466903

I'm noticing a pattern here
>Anon posts fujo cringe
>Fujos camping in this thread immediately accuse them of being pakichan (just like they accuse everyone of being her)
>Conversation becomes about pakichan

No. 1466909

I never knew how postal fujos could get once there's a thread on them. Is this site just ~90% fujo?

Kek I've noticed this too. I have no idea who this person is but they always use her as some kind of insult. It seems she's just someone who doesn't like fujos? In that case, what's the issue exactly…? lmao

No. 1466924

Fujos have a terminal need to come in these threads and shit it up because they feel like they have to fight for their honor or otherwise deflect onto some other group because "not all fujos!" and "WE'RE not the cringe ones, it's actually [yumes/hetshippers/anti-shippers]." See >>1466665 . Derailing to pakichan like >>1466633 and >>1466636 often by accusing someone of being her when they posts something like this >>1466622 which is on topic whether they are or aren't pakichan probably feels to them like they've made some weird "fujo victory" or something.

No. 1466928

>Is this site just ~90% fujo?
No way, many of them are just very immature and aggressive which means they think they have to fight non-fujos and "defend" themselves itt.
They really are, and the one you posted is so cute.

No. 1466947

You're right. Now that I think about it, there's definitely a balance when discussions like this come up. But at the same time, it always devolves into a fit of explosive diarrhea about "paki-chan" or "fujoism is pinkpilled, actually". I don't know how someone could get so defensive over an "innocent hobby" as they put it.

No. 1467225

So in conclusion, this is just a containment thread for Paki-chan to blog her schizo rants about living in a 3rd country while moids and homophobe-chans join her on the therapist couch to cry about the porn-addicted coomertranny fujos living inside their heads? And these people are trying to convince everyone of how insufferable fujos are?

Because it literally is Paki-chan, every time. She even ends up outing herself immediately because she can't help sperging about her life. This is the mentally ill woman who posted pictures of her family and her little brother just to get more attention.

No. 1467237

>you're either pakichan, a moid or a homophobe if you dislike fujos!!!1
yawn. anyway, it should be banned to talk about pakichan or accuse people of being her in these threads. here's the thread where you can talk about her >>1466841 now quit seething and run along fujo.

No. 1467258

You know it's quite interesting how much attention this thread gets from fujos, considering most fandoms already fully cater to them more then any other (female) group of fans. Like not a single series/game/whatever I enjoy does NOT have m/m as the most popular category on AO3, unless it's literally all female characters.

No. 1467295

>Are there examples of FxF/MxF shippers being overly autistic about it as well?
Most of the ‘hall of anal devastation’ is MxF shippers freaking out over their ships not being canon.


only real example I can think of for FxF shippers is some Japanese love live fans having an autism meltdown because they were doing a collab with a male group.

No. 1467310

AO3 is like 99% women to be fair and doesn’t reflect the fandom of every space at large.

No. 1467358

Like another anon said, it literally doesn't matter if an anon posting fujo cringe is paki-chan Even though it's not all paki-chan regardless of what you want to believe if the post is on topic. The accusing every anon of being paki-chan and picking infights with her is literally just purposeful derailing and deflecting.

No. 1467363

Nta but that's it, they dominate female fandom spaces and then throw a fit when there are women who are not fujos and take issue with ridiculous things they say and do. Tiring.

No. 1467376

It's not just AO3 though. It's twitter, tumblr, and any fandom space where you'll encounter fanarts of two male characters who so much as just interact with each other.

No. 1467391

I'm really curious about your comment, nonna. Yaoi/BL is made for women by women. Sure, some gay scrotes like it but they are a minority as most say it doesn't represent them at all. Most if not all fujos know this and yet they call any women who aren't into slash a homophobe. Explain

No. 1467406

You guys make a ritual to invoke paki-chan then pretend to be pissed off when she answers you.

No. 1468056

File: 1673289748478.jpg (31.14 KB, 500x396, 1671724863521.jpg)

kpop fujos are on a different level

No. 1468058

does anyone have the drawing of this

No. 1468079

File: 1673290697711.jpg (90.06 KB, 750x1056, media_FkhEle8WYAg2Uj7.jpg)

No. 1468084

is that how nonnies see kpoopies ? i get why you hate us

No. 1468088

File: 1673291088790.jpg (396.62 KB, 1080x1986, hiscow.jpg)

Here's another one

No. 1468091

is this some type of venereal disease why are there so many kpoppers with cow jimin fetishes

No. 1468104

Why a cow of all things…

No. 1468110

File: 1673292521647.jpg (42.85 KB, 680x454, 1658486860473.jpg)

What sort of mental illness makes you combine all these things together?

No. 1468126

File: 1673293225461.jpg (81.26 KB, 622x622, 1a17d96ead288d5e28d42fe6d555e7…)

>the bulge on his tummy

No. 1468137

what is moon?

No. 1468170

4chan speak for japanese language, it's usually moon runes though.

No. 1468648

>>>/snow/1740516 This post in the fakeboi thread illuminated a lot of things about "lesbian fujos" to me. Two of my online friends during my teen years identified as lesbian and edated each other, eventually meeting up in real life and dating for a while. But by the time I stopped talking to them, they had both trooned out and started dating real men and would often brag about sleeping with them and how gay it made them. No coincidence, they were both huge yaoi addicts growing up. I was always confused about the lesbian to gay trans man pipeline TIFs always talk about as well as being confused about my friends' identities. Like how can you be a literal boycrazy girl growing up, be obsessed with yaoi, but identify as a lesbian(?), but once you troon out it's like all those repressed feelings bubble to the surface and you feel so much desire for men you turn into a "gay trans man"? It's like they couldn't let themselves feel attracted to men only while identifying as a woman. And now I think it's because their primary attraction was to the idea of themselves being masculine or like a man basically. Normally they felt they could only be masculine in comparison to other women while being a woman, so they identified as lesbian. But after trooning out, they felt like they could be masculine in comparison to men too, so their attraction to them was free to seep through.

No. 1468947

File: 1673378329745.png (521.65 KB, 958x867, dba1c511c5320332048021d52bb232…)

KEKK these are so good. Made the memory of things like picrel resurface

No. 1470465

File: 1673524677706.jpg (199.51 KB, 828x1792, FRYzpTqXMAIuV1p.jpg)

TIMs might be porn sick but theres also alot of women out there that are absolutely boys love sick. Your life will never be a shounen ai doujinshi

No. 1470501

what the fuck is wrong with being a straight woman? i get the feeling some of them just want to be gay men to be "oppressed" ffs this is what oppression olympics does to femcel brains

No. 1470505

literally every girl i've known who's trooned out has said this and yet fujos still try to deny that the vast majority of aidens are/were fujos lmao

No. 1470545

To be fair these girls just fall in love with a female fantasy of how gay men act. It's not real, that's the sad part. Those that don't get it troon out, those that do remain sane.
It's not just fujos but this whole trend of people that take any kind of media too seriously to the point of insanity and delusion. Look at kinnies for example, it's more of the same shit. People always went insane for made up stories I guess but it's a lot more noticeable online.

No. 1470571

>those that do remain sane.
i'm not sure what you mean, but i don't think being a fujo and still idealizing gay men in the same way is exactly sane just because they don't troon out. they're literally exclusively obsessed with gay male relationships, whether fictional or irl (in the case of rpf fujos). that can't be healthy for a woman's brain. they're focused on males or representations of males 24/7. of course it's gonna warp their perception, not only of gay men but of themselves.

No. 1473641

File: 1673804446648.png (264.59 KB, 2338x992, FcLSOS.png)

Standard fujo reaction to an actor on stranger things having a girlfriends

No. 1473729

RPF fujos are so fucking weird, definitely the most insane subset of fujo besides the omegaverse ones. I remember back in the Superwholock days a section of people thought Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were secretly dating (look up "Freebatch"). Actually, omegaverse literally originated from the Supernatural fandom if I remember correctly. Superwholock really brought out the worst in fujos, or maybe it just brought the issues that they already had to light.

No. 1474602

Yes I agree, in no way can it be healthy for your self-esteem or view of other women to just obsess over moids in relationships with other moids 24/7.

No. 1479933

no screencap because it's gross. they have shit like noncon, guro, amputation, torture.

No. 1479960

not too fond of fujos but this is honestly based, moids getting brutalized i yawn. besides, i assume it's all drawings. what's actually revolting is their little boy/pedophile board

No. 1479996

who give a fuck ?

No. 1480117

File: 1674513560390.png (346.78 KB, 508x508, FnHG47HagAIc2es.png)

>Opens fujocoomer cringe thread
>Waits until she sees people posting fujocoomer cringe
>Gets mad because they're a fujo
Do fujos really?

Has anyone noticed a shift in zoomers going from hating fujos to proudly calling themselves one now? I keep seeing "old man yaoi" memes and stuff like that, which I assume is done as half-joke, half-serious, but I think it's interesting. I can't tell if half of them are joking anymore or not because I end up still seeing posts of people criticizing fujos, yet it'll come from the same people who unironically say "pass the yaoi". And these people post almost strictly m/m ships.

No. 1480123

no comprehension of the hread subject, i posted to insult you . i succeeded.

No. 1480152

Maybe I'm desensitized but I'm very underwhelmed.

No. 1480159

Cows have four penises, so I think this impresses fujos.

No. 1480164

No. 1480170

Holy ESL anon, I don't think you understand at all.
And these fujos all just prove the point of my post. This thread is hardly actual fujocoomer cringe, and a majority of fujos getting defensive or pretending to not be fujos going "It's not that bad!" Either post cringe or gtfo if you're not going to provide actual commentary.

No. 1480185

>average fujoshi in denial

No. 1480275

File: 1674528482569.jpg (23.19 KB, 490x418, 95a12a92b348b2e5ebc0e351f53daa…)

mention f/m ship
>fujo constantly make passive agressive 'he's gay tho' type jokes
>fandom insist male character is gay and gets salty if you portray him in any other way
this is more specific but
>popular male character was captured and turned into a cyborg to fight protagonist by female antagonist in game I like
>fandom now sees this as a means to imply that the female antagonist made the male character gay like some shitty conversion therapy joke or that there's no way you can ship the male character and female antag because that's abusive even though male character has been shipped with worse male characters.
hate this shit so much

No. 1488022

File: 1675285297348.png (531.5 KB, 748x2028, twitterfujos.png)

Twitter fujos trying to suggest fujoshis are actually oppressed. Because disliking fujos now means you're a dumb westerner TERF, racist, homophobe, conservative, puritan, and anti-qweer now.

No. 1488036

File: 1675286001819.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, retards.png)

Saying this as a fujo myself, these girls are delusional. They need to admit they're all just girls or women depending on their age, and that they're exactly what they criticize, women who like reading fiction about male/male romance. They're all the exact same type of fakebois too, which makes the transphobia accusation really funny.

No. 1488074

File: 1675287770354.png (70.45 KB, 733x443, 3ILDBOEfQTUcAAG1ag.png)

I just think it's hilarious that they say these things, and when you click on their profile, it's two brothers having sex with each other. Just own up to your fetishes and call it a day. Dunk on OP by calling him stupid rather than trying to call him some TERF and transphobe, because it makes them look stupid.

No. 1488085

'terfs invading our spaces' you gotta be shitting me. pretty sure most old school fujos (the ones that dont troon out anyway) are terfs or terf-leaning. BL was not created as a genre for gay people, look at its main audience demographics ffs.
also who the hell is 'finding their identity' through playing dramatical murder? be reasonable

No. 1488165

I'm a terf who enjoys BL and fanfiction. lmao what the fuck are they going on about? Just because I dont subscribe to the aiden daily? Tranny lovers are actually sick in the head.

No. 1488168

>also who the hell is 'finding their identity' through playing dramatical murder? be reasonable
For real. These aidens are beyond retarded. I swear, western fujos are just the epitome of stupid.

No. 1488437

Shit like this is why gatekeeping hobbies is the right thing to do.

No. 1488440

>also who the hell is 'finding their identity' through playing dramatical murder?
They've been indoctrinated into thinking that having a fetish for hot anime guys raping each other (not that there's anything wrong with that) is the same as being a man on the inside.

No. 1488445

Are you guys really this dense or forgetful? It's because they have internalized misogyny and a repressed sexuality. They don't feel like they could ever be equal to the man in a straight relationship so they'd like to be male just so they can avoid all that comes with being the "weaker sex", all those roles that are forced upon us. And it's nothing new either, for a lot of fujoshi that's the appeal of BL and has been so ever since the genre was born. They hate being a woman, or seeing a woman, always in a submissive position in a relationship with a man, just because she's female.
And also kinda this >>1470545 They fail to realize that real gay men are nothing like yaoi boys and that straight men are not worth it. Moids rarely respect their own girlfriends or wives like they respect other males so it makes sense that some women, like these fujos and aidens, want to be respected by their male partners, and not treated as lesser.

No. 1488461

Straight women who hate being straight women do so because of their misogyny. That's why these fujos hate female characters or even female actors who date their poor little gay boys so much, fujo chambers let them be misogynistic openly and when they start discussing how much better it'd be if they were men and how easier they could be sexually liberated as gay men in the same circles, they start trooning out.

No. 1488472

File: 1675338523704.jpg (117.8 KB, 850x940, 1675139891080.jpg)

that doesn't explain why fujos so often tend to "feminize" a male character to the point of being literally indistinguishable from a female character, like the mpreg trope goes back to the goddamn 80's and even excluding mpreg

No. 1488484

youre argument falls apart the moment you look at yaoi and most of the ukes are small,fragile, get abused and treated just like a woman, are whores for their ''seme'' etc etc.
Youre whole ''its about the power imbalance'' goes out the window when its omegas being raped by their alphas.

No. 1488501

That does explain it. They pretend the bottom is a woman but since it's a gay man who they don't see as a competition instead of a beautiful woman they'd feel threatened by, it works. They project every aspect of that turns them on such as being dominated, raped and impregnated to the bottom but remove the female part so they feel less ashamed and perhaps make their self insertion less obvious - until they troon out to be the said bottom. Maybe those fujos who feel fine seeing the very obviously female looking bottom get raped would feel uncomfortable if they get off to the images of a woman being put in the same situation.

No. 1488503

Fujos wanna get off to the very inbalanced maleminded woman gets raped and impregnated scenerio but just with the "woman" having a dick instead of a pussy.

No. 1488509

If you look up early Shōnen-ai the uke are always drawn as essentially breastless girls who are significantly smaller than the seme, while the seme's are drawn and depicted as regular men

No. 1488512

ironically enough alot of fujos like to harass other fujos who read storys where the uke is strong,tall and muscular. They also cant help themselves from always commenting on those type of stories and saying bullshit like ''no he is the bottom ewww'' ''the top should become the bottom because he is small'' '''i hope its a switch''
Like im a fujo but i hate those biches and how entitled they are and harass artists to make all bottom characters look like women.

No. 1488516

Fujo can complain about being persecuted all they want, but the truth is that they also turn on each other over the dumbest shit.

No. 1488527

this is 10000% exactly it. the so-called 'radfem' fujos you see like this just make me laugh because the whole thing is based on NLOGism and misogyny. they see other women as competition while also refusing to admit they can only get off to pseudo-women being abused.

No. 1488534

>fujos going on about the evil terves
Happy to be a terf! And anti-kweer but pro-gay!
Why can't they just admit they have certain fetishes and stop pretending it's progressive of them to wank to gay men and incest and stop the misogyny (calling other women terfs)?

No. 1488535

File: 1675346110362.jpg (62.68 KB, 602x279, main-qimg-7f221e3cb51be54b01df…)

counterpoint, Anime/Manga isn't supposed to look 100% realistic and your looking way too deep into this

No. 1488539

>eslfag zoomer fujo who doesn't know the different between your and you're
>posts a picture of cutesy anime girls to disprove that hardcore fujo brainrot is based in misogyny
unfortunately i won't be taking any counterpoints from you. have a blessed day

No. 1488582

Being threatened by women is it. Fujos are always fugly and growing up that way, resentful of pretty girls who get attention, leads to a sexual retardation where they substitute women with feminine men, to eliminate the female object of desire they not only can't relate to but outright loathe.

If you're a fujo don't feel too bad, just tired of the ones acting like they're sophisticated for their "tastes" as if we don't see them plainly.

No. 1488583

Glad someone agrees. Fujoism is rooted in jealousy and misogyny, I've known fujo girls irl and they were usually ugly and quite jealous of even average looking women. I do understand that beauty standards make them feel bad but their hatred for any women in media isn't justifiable just because they're insecure.
Liking what you like would be fine but fujos are super annoying when they let their misogyny show and start attacking women/female actresses and such.

No. 1488592

any nonnas here that never cared about yaoi/BL?

No. 1488595


you're just throwing out moid-tier insults which makes you no different from the fujos you are trying to criticize.
I wouldn't be surprised if there are moids posting in this thread too, there are genuine things to criticize fujos over but you fuckwad insecure losers just have to resort to the ''these bitches are just ugly'' autism.

No. 1488600

Calm down. If you don't want anons to make fun of you for being a fujo, just hide the thread. Anyways, being ugly isn't a bad thing unless your sole value is men's approval, which is why you're probably butthurt.

No. 1488601

Exaggeration and caps lock plus the good old moid accusation. That post must've hurt.

No. 1488602

I don't get this, why have the "bottom male" character experience extreme misogyny if the bottom one doesn't behave or even have the biology of a real male human being

No. 1488604

It wouldn't have hurted her if this anons >>1488582 post didn't have some truth to it, I guess. That post was triggered fujochan like an actual beautiful woman in fiction triggers them.

No. 1488605

i literally consume josei and shoujo content. But keep on projecting. Oh wait i forgot being a shoujo lover can also get me called a ugly bitch since im not salivating over a fugly irl geriatric, just like how the same anons who when got bored of criticizing bl then went on to attack yumes.

No. 1488613

>can't coom unless you eliminate all women from the media

Glad I love women and hate moids instead of the inverse

No. 1488615

Tfw straight, married and all of my friends are female. Am I the fujo unicorn?
Fujos that hate women are usually teenage girls that feel very insecure. They mostly grow out of it, it's kind of disingenuous to attack women for that. We're manipulated to be pitted against each other from the day we are born, and unironically some women are doing it right in this thread by insulting other women in all sorts of embarrassing ways, you're not helping.
Also, a lot of these anti fujo posts are just the type of posts women into fandoms make, I noticed a lot of the same brain rot from people into general shipping - not just slash and yaoi. I know this is pakichans playground but I'm so perplexed as to why someone would spend so much time arguing about such a harmless subset of women online with such dedication.

No. 1488618

most porn for women isnt even porn for women and is still made for men, sorry i dont want to masturbate along with the man who is reading a pornwha of a busty alien-proportions chick getting jackhammered by a average looking dude.

Look at the comments on most porn manhwas and its fujos commenting on them because alot of fujos want to give those stories a chance and read straight stuff but the women are extremely objectified in those stories and there tits are the size of a planet and they always service the man.

Also funny how only women call each other for shit like this considering other men dont care or give a shit about other men fapping to lesbian porn.

No. 1488621

Have you considered that some women aren't attracted to other women?

No. 1488624

being attracted to men makes you a libfem slut.

No. 1488636

This is pretty much the same as saying only women can be sexy and objectified. I wish we could move away from that line of thinking.

No. 1488639

i don't care either but it's funny to see fujoshis being easily triggered

No. 1488643

File: 1675353355696.jpg (299.76 KB, 900x587, 6-erotic-art-of-ancient-egypt-…)


YOU BITCHES JUST UGLY AND NEED A REAL DICK INSIDE OF YOU (preferably old because old men are wine and old women are rotten milk), YES I AM A LESBIAN.

No. 1488644

thank you for your input NLOG-chan.

No. 1488645

unfortunately you are a slut and a traitor to the women race. A disgrace to women.

No. 1488648

why is his dick a totally different color?

No. 1488659

they didnt budget enough paint for the penis

No. 1488662

How did this post get out of the type like a scrote thread?

No. 1488667

I guess I could be considered a fujo-adjacent bc I like some m/m even though I've never really been into BL or weebshit and I read f/m and f/f too occasionally. This thread could be a fun and entertaining place to laugh at cringy fujos, but since it has become pakichan's and her simps' personal schizoposting playground, it's just dull and uninteresting.

No. 1488673

tif wearing a strap-on

No. 1488675

I guess some nonnas here are too young to remember how insane fujos used to be in the early 2000s. Not only they were extremely misogynistic but also homophobic,racist, edgy, extremely aggresive, etc. also glomping random people on cons, being weird towards other cosplsyers, etc. and the worst part is that some of the grew up to be those pro shippers who blame terfs for everything even if the people hating on fujos are mostly TIFs

No. 1488682

most of this site was like 10 when pixyteri was at her peak.

No. 1488684

>her simps'
Paki-chan is based

No. 1488685

pakichan is a neet who doxed her relatives and simps for nazis

No. 1488686

Anon they're straight women, they can't coom to other women…

No. 1488698

what's wrong with only wanting men in a media you are aroused by? Men are unapologetic about liking two women together, so why cant women do the same about men? BL was made for women to enjoy themselves without the societal pressures of how women 'should' act.

No. 1488712

>BL was made for straight women*

No. 1488713

Because BL has never featured two men, it's one man and one pseudomale who functions as a woman in all but pronouns

No. 1488732

This thread has so many posts about pakichan because anons keep bringing her up to derail and infight. I don't even like her but I can see that.

No. 1488735

Yeah yaoi is totally about two men that's why one type of man keeps getting abused, raped and becoming pregnant just like how normal men do.

No. 1488740

This thread should go in /2X/ with all the psychoanalysis going on.

No. 1488742

Isn't /2X/ about feminist threads? Just because something triggers you shouldn't mean it should be carried. Just hide the thread using thr tiny minus icon, anon.

No. 1488748

Your schizo accusations are why people hate this thread. I'm just saying that the constant talk about yaoi being misogynist and how fujos are pornsick women should probably go in /2X/. Why don't you calm down weirdo.

No. 1488749

What?.. If you don't like the thread, just hide it. You're really mental for accusing me of being random anons and thinking I'm the schizo.

No. 1488753

I don't dislike the thread, idiot. If you refuse to understand what I'm saying then why even reply you retard. I don't care about paki-chan's weird vendetta against fujos if it's contained to this thread. But nobody is even posting fujo cringe, it's all psychoanalysis.

No. 1488758




No. 1488762

You're still not posting any fujo cringe.

No. 1488764

also physically smaller and weaker on average, but you don't have to look into that either

No. 1488765

The cringe is coming from inside the thread.

No. 1488767

From schizophrenics who think anyone who has any criticisms against this thread MUST be fujos. Fujo derangement syndrome.

No. 1488802

I'm a fujo and like to make fun of specific type of fujoshi (especially the fakebois in denial), now what?

No. 1488810

This is way less popular now than it used to be but some people still like that kind of stuff I guess. Now I wonder if that's why I only ever see girly kawaii uguu uke in omegaverse manga? I don't read them but you can guess that just based on the summaries and cover art of these manga anyway. Meanwhile there are way more normal stories around, but I legit don't know if it's a matter of trends changing organically or if it's just that some Japanese fujoshi discovered omegaverse recently and made it their favorite trope kind of suddenly.

No. 1488816

Same, I wouldn't mind laughing at crazy tifs accusing everyone into bl of being a male fetishizer or at silly brain rot bl comments on manga sites but the weird moralizations and arm-chairing are off putting
Honestly I'd be down to talk about that, but in my head I would always associate those "fujos" with fandoms like sasunaru shippers, hetalia, homestuck etc. and not necessarily with girls that just read BL that aren't doujins of their favourite anime pairings.

No. 1488833

Neither are you.

No. 1488850

File: 1675362658433.png (597.72 KB, 1194x1033, kpop fujo.png)

No. 1488873

i mean this isnt even fujo considering it literally says in the screenshot ''vaginal sex'' which is tif cringe.

No. 1488883

Kpop stans are on another fucking level. What is it about kpop that makes people write these things? Not to mention that they're not shipping characters, they're shipping real people.
Also yeah this is tranny shit too. "Multisex omegas" I hate a/b/o and I hate words like omega and alpha because of it kek.

No. 1488890

Fujos will take two men, give one a pussy and pretend like they're obviously not using the pussydude to self insert for their weird ass kinks, kek.

No. 1488985

File: 1675369168780.png (141.74 KB, 742x566, 121435DKSkILP02OSaog.png)

Does anyone have any fujo cows they know? I know there are a couple who always come out with shitty takes on the "politics of being a fujo" like:
Also, genuinely unsurprised that almost all of them are Genshin fans and trans. Being a fujoshi runs through the fandom like a disease. Maybe it's from all the copy-paste anime boy of the month they release every week.

No. 1488994

File: 1675369420118.jpg (95.94 KB, 662x459, fujocringe.jpg)

you forgot the oldest

No. 1488997

File: 1675369761287.jpg (441.17 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20230202.jpg)

What a sperg.

No. 1489023

I blocked so many of them I'm not even sure I can find their @ anymore.

No. 1489201

Why are they trying to justify their love for yaoi so much? I don't understand the need to pretend that there's some deep meaning to it.

No. 1489227

the persecution complex is insane lmfao just read your yaoi and ignore people is it that hard.

No. 1489233

File: 1675388833026.png (31.44 KB, 802x213, 6915af83d92340befc35b6771d0260…)

honestly everyone in this thread is a cow though lol even op

No. 1489365

I mean can you blame the psychoanalysis? There's so much autism to dissect in this thread
>Fujos bringing up pakichan every 2 seconds to divert the topic
>Fujos calling anyone who talks about them schizophrenic
>Borderline lesbophobic spergouts like these whenever lesbians bring up fujo misogyny >>1488643
>Obvious fujos (straight women) baiting and trying to make lesbians look bad >>1488624

No. 1489534

>fujos pretending to be lesbians to make lesbians look bad
Oh my god anon, can't believe a bunch of misogynistic homophobic straight women gasp also hate lesbians! Whta the fuck.

No. 1489705

anyone have the image of the fat fujo in a black sweater accompanied by a bunch of text describing how shitty and lazy she is?

No. 1489733

>Homophobic straight women
Please go back to Twitter with that shit

No. 1489788

I don't have it but you can ask fujo anons to recreate that picture, wouldn't be as different from the original.
>if you don't think mocking lesbians is funny go back to twitter
Ironic when fujos and lesbophobes are usually twitterfags themselves.

No. 1489792

the image wouldn't be the same because the text is whats necessary but I am kinda interested in your idea now.

No. 1489799

File: 1675455265191.png (66.44 KB, 750x457, dKOPOK1dD21125.png)

There needs to be a study on why fujos come off as schizo all the time, acting as if everyone is out to get them. Just take a look through any of their accounts, if you say the word "fujoshi" once, they all start foaming at the mouth calling you a racist TERF.

No. 1489802

File: 1675455501546.png (626.01 KB, 726x601, 1dkP0sS4Iklg.png)

Samefag, but just realized I said the same thing in your second bullet point. But here's some cringe to make up for it, anon.

No. 1489805

Give the girlies three copies of their current favorite yaoi manga and they'd recreate the text for you too kek.

No. 1489811

All of you sound like twitfags right now. Just say homophobia like a normal person instead of being an autist reeing about dumb shit like that, also extremely autistic typing style.

No. 1489813

uh the text was stuff like "hairy unshaven legs" I don't remember it verbatim just generally what it was all conveying

No. 1489835

Fujos regularly post that anyone who has a problem with fujos sperging about hating women are homophobic trads kek. A lot of the retard fujos originated from twitter.

No. 1489841

You’re right. They want to act like retards but don’t want the consequences of anons thinking they’re retarded.

No. 1489849

>Meanwhile fujos are coping in this thread that pointing out their cringe behaviour is because of anons being heteronormative pickmes: >>1463097
KEK. And posting cringe fujo anons behaviour/discussing it is fujo cringe and meant for the thread. Contain your seething about women not into BL and female characters and coping about ftms never being fujos if you don’t want to be called retarded/cringe fujo anons, it’s not that hard and the lack of self control exhibited by the twitterfujos is why this thread has more than one poster.

No. 1489851

I'm sorry why are fujos ~lesbophobes~ now? Because they won't fuck women or something?

No. 1489859

They are porn addicts anon, and by definition, they are highly deluded and out of touch with the real world. It's that simple.

No. 1489871

Because of the posts referenced here >>1489365 sperging about lesbians and radfems because an anon said >>1488613 , just look up (or trying to distract those too lazy to look kek?). Pretty shitty.

No. 1489883

You just outed yourself as a straight-chan who's never been part of any lesbian community, cause lesbophobe as a term has been a fucking thing way before twitter and any of these websites. Anons' stand correct.

I've been saying these idiots were low-key anti lesbian for YEARS and whenever i tried to point the weird shit they do and say out i would be attacked and called a homophobe despite being a gay woman myself. I feel so vindicated right now. I mean which kind of lesbian likes looking at anal sex that much instead of, idk just women? Come on. Even if you just use yaoi as a substitution for a lack of decent lesbian media at some point you move on to either actual lesbian media or actual women. Women who are so deeply into yaoi as adults are fucking weird, specially if they larp as gay.

No. 1489884

No I just legit didn't know where the lesbophobe thing came from, not everyone is a fujo in disguise trying to bait. It's just that one anon claiming they're lesbophobes but honestly I don't see it. I've only ever seen them being called misogynists and homophobes.

No. 1489897

>assuminf lesbians want to fuck obese straight women
Kek. Lesbians aren't men.

No. 1489905

Fujos aren't lesbians, they never can be. They consume yaoi because of their disgust and deep jealousy towards other women, no lesbian would feel sexual arousal from a watching two gay men rape one another.

No. 1489919

Intrinsically cringe but what is the context here?

No. 1489924

I still struggle with the idea of lesbian fujos. Someone reading porn with characters of a sex they aren't into is pretty odd, but let's put that aside, I guess you can make an argument with how stylized manga art is. I suppose you can ship any kind of ship regardless of your sexual orientation. And indeed there isn't as much and as varied erotica content targeted at women, so it's not far fetched that a lesbian wouldn't like any of it. What it's very difficult for me to understand is how a lesbian stays in a community where casual and internalized misogyny is so common place.

No. 1489928

Why the fuck would a lesbian want to watch two scrotes pork, real or drawn ones? Those are just not-like-other-bisexuals pretending to be gay, you cannot change my mind.

No. 1489988

File: 1675470925917.png (99.27 KB, 1182x348, Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-03…)

Nona, you know the person who started that retarded drama is a FtM, right? While I think those spicy straights fujos are retarded it doesn't erase the fact that yet another fakeboi hypocritically called fujos fetishist. I'm just beyond tired of trannies in both sides hijacking every single fandom discussion.

No. 1489991

It doesn't matter. Take it to the fakeboi thread.

No. 1489996

Yh theyre def bi, not lesbians. Lesbians cant get off to scrotes, fictional or not. HOWEVER I do recall a lesbian fujo saying she switches the sex of the moids & sees them as butch women, not men. Which makes sense to me. I feel like thats the only logical explanation apart from normal shipping ofc.

No. 1490086

I do think that makes sense but I really only understand it if they're consuming the few non-porn bls out there. Once I was running out of gls with butches and I saw a list of bls a lesbian fujo recommended so I thought I'd give it a try but it was just dicks on the first page and I was like I can't do this, how can you pretend this is butchxbutch? What pisses me off are the ones that constantly trash gl and any lesbian media then worship mediocre bls. They don't even try to look for good lesbian representation written by women because they're too obsessed with men and can't admit it.

No. 1490098

Lesbian fujos aren't real, these are just straight or bi girls and I doubt the bi ones want ir have dated a woman

No. 1490111

This kek
This is why I never could get into Yaoi/etc, the moment they have sex is the moment I lose interest. Nothing hot about two moids fucking.

No. 1490133

You sound like a lesbocel who got rejected by a fujo kek. This entire thread to begin with is fat bulldykes seething and paki-chan simps to begin with anyway. Also men raping other men is incredibly based.

No. 1490142

Lesbians are not interesed in dating straight women(fujos)

No. 1490147

File: 1675482962352.jpg (24.43 KB, 625x626, 018.jpg)

No. 1490152

the excuses i've seen them use (going by some old arguments on /g/) are
>b-but it's not REAL dicks so it doesn't count they're just pixels anon
>the guys don't look like REAL men so it doesn't count
>saying fantasies don't represent what someone actually wants irl or some variation of that/only the sex you're attracted to irl counts
>but if i grew up in the olden times/or some time where media didn't exist i'd be considered a lesbian because i don't have sex with men

No. 1490171

>>the guys don't look like REAL men so it doesn't count
I never got this argument because half of fujos in general are RPF/3DPD fujos. The most infamous fujo fandoms revolve around actual real life male actors/celebrities and the characters they sometimes play or the celebrity personas they project. See: Stucky, Johnlock, Destiel, Kirk/Spock and of course all of the Kpop RPF you see being so popular with young girls.

No. 1490200

>paki-chan simps
Yeah, I love her

No. 1490231

Fujos are women even men don't want to fuck, for them to think that lesbians would be into them is ridiculous. Oh by the way before anons accuse me of being a mad lesbocel, I do have a bf. Just because I'm not an ugly lesbophobic woman who thinks all lesbians want me doesn't mean I'm a lesbo myself.

No. 1490233

File: 1675491578445.png (148.93 KB, 625x626, 9EA0759F-990E-43F8-9533-BF81FA…)

Please stop, you all are so obvious it's embarassing. It's really weird how you fujos have to keep coming in this thread and baiting/larping just because you guys don't like when people point out cringe or think you're somehow immune to criticism. Fucking grow up.

No. 1490235

Wow, you’re so cool for having a below-average nigel as your bf. Your fujosperging makes perfect sense now.

No. 1490236

Stop samefagging larping fujo. We all know it's you who made that baitpost. Now that you can't seethe about pakichan you're gonna larp as your fictional character "LE CRINGE 'ANTI-FUJO!!'" to pretend to hit back at. Pathetic.

No. 1490238

Nta I'm the anon who made the "I have a bf" post and just as I said, the fujo lost her mind because she does know fujos are too ugly for men, for them to accuse lesbians of being predatory towards them is almost a way to cope.

No. 1490240

File: 1675492007918.jpeg (124.15 KB, 1000x1080, 976CB835-FDDD-4BB3-9FB9-1AB630…)

You’re samefagging as well, and a nigelfag. Schizo.

No. 1490241

File: 1675492033191.png (180.89 KB, 625x626, 23267DD7-756E-460A-B381-0E9AFF…)

God you're so embarassing

No. 1490242

I'm not a fujo. It's the truth that ugly women are the ones that are first to accuse lesbians of being predatory or out to get them. That's just how it is.

No. 1490243

Both of you need to take your pills.

No. 1490245

>as well
So you're admitting it's all you? Where did I samefag? And is "schizo" the only insult you retarded fujos know?

No. 1490246

Kek I never said that lesbians were out to get me. I’m saying there’s no other reason for a dyke to hate fujos beyond being rejected by one, or moralfaggotry.

No. 1490251

File: 1675492431909.gif (485.87 KB, 420x315, 666666666.gif)

No. 1490311

File: 1675500409976.jpeg (289.63 KB, 999x1499, FD6D16DD-65AA-43AA-B42C-8DC139…)

Let me set something straight for you anons of both sides who keep posting retarded takes itt. Fujoism is a tool, a gift, but most of all a great and terrible power. Fujoshi are capable of great good, but also great evil. Our blessing of m/m appreciation becomes warped when used in service of internalized misogyny and self-hatred (issues all women must grapple with in any sphere of life). But being a fujoshi is fundamentally a door to an all-female paradise, where we explore our desires and uplift each other's work. Fujos are pros at objectifying men, who feel humiliated and enraged at the artistic, cultivated sight of their favorite action figures kissing. Being a fujoshi is an inherently female role, a fact which aidens rebel against tirelessly, and it is primarily their rejection of this that leads them astray. I envision a world where fujos recognize our intrinsic feminine power, that this community we created entirely for ourselves is at its core a place of sisterhood and freedom from subjection by men. There, men are our playthings, as a superior form of men that cannot be found in the real world, written with the hearts of women, from the hearts of women. Nowhere else is a female community as undiluted. Our content is for women by women, fueled not by social pressures or greed, but purely by our love for yaoi lemon slash don't like don't read. The day which all fujoshi recognize this is somewhere on the horizon, but for it to come to fruition, we must defeat aidenism and other such enemy parasites. I hope this clears up why this thread continues to be a dumpster fire, and that these words hammer the iron hearts of my fellow fujoshi, who themselves continue to stray from the great vision.

No. 1490317

File: 1675501396176.gif (1.86 MB, 335x284, 0a2.gif)

us after one sip of ramune

No. 1490323

Reply with my notp again and I'll show you what being uke feels like

No. 1490328

Based and true.

No. 1490337

File: 1675504596423.gif (201.43 KB, 220x352, 519BFB2D-A22E-4E41-A2F5-4A5CBD…)

No. 1490339

File: 1675505424445.jpeg (119.98 KB, 938x528, CC8DF509-85D5-4424-A58F-726FE9…)

Guys the fujo cringe we ordered is here

No. 1490340

I shed a couple tears while reading this.

No. 1490342

Please leave Makoto out of this

No. 1490344

What's with this "objectifying men" fujo cope/bastardization of feminist theory? Objectification is a phenomenon men do to women, women can't do this. If anything fujo fanfics/artworks tend to humanize men, not objectify them. Come up with better copes/excuses.

No. 1490346

No. 1490347

>Nowhere else is a female community as undiluted.
I feel like you really need to step outside if you think women discussing writing fanfics about two men fucking each other in the butt is the ideal example of a "pure female space". And it's not even "undiluted female" because everytime I've seen women talking about fujoshit there's always some gay moid there who is into it too or straight moid pretending to like it to get pussy

No. 1490358

If fujos aren't of the internalized misogyny type then they end up trying to make their fujoism a feminist act which is just as weird as the former. Why can't fujos just enjoy yaoi in a normal way? All of this craziness is because they take on being a fujoshi as a part of their identity. That's why they are so sensitive and come up with all these copes because they see any criticism or disinterest as a personal attack, instead of just an interest they're into that has no deep semblance of their life.

No. 1490359

Oh but it is. Nowhere else have I found such a high concentration of pure unfiltered female autism and sisterhood. The moids are so easy to vet out you wouldn't even believe.

No. 1490360

If women can't objectify men then what is happening to the scantily clad muscular catboys in my mind. Is it something else? okay whatever
Another day anons can't identify irony or hyperbole
>you think women discussing writing fanfics about two men fucking each other in the butt is the ideal example of a "pure female space"
The post was tongue in cheek, but keep taking it serious and maybe the fujotopia will be accomplished in our lifetime

No. 1490367

It's the desperation to try to turn a sexual fetish into a revolutionary act to justify it that is weird and tryhard. It's your sexuality and what turns you on, it doesn't need to be "feminist". Sexuality isn't a choice, if it were, no feminist would be attracted to men. Fujoism might not be a choice either, despite its cringiness and obvious centering of men, gay men at that. So why this need to justify the latter and not the former? All these mental hoops they need to jump through, the fact that they've come up with 1282938 reasons why fujoism is some "magical feminist" thing (especially on twitter kek) and none of them make sense or seem to coincide with each other, Idk, it's weird.
Yeah keep acting like your post was "ironic", we all know you were being serious especially with this post of you responding to replies seriously. You're cringe.

No. 1490375

>If women can't objectify men then what is happening to the scantily clad muscular catboys in my mind. Is it something else? okay whatever
You're not objectifying them, you're attracted to them. Two different things. Objectification is related to the literal buying and selling of people as sex objects, aka prostitution. It happens to women because women make up the majority of prostitutes in this world and are often told our only purpose is for sex. That (mostly) doesn't happen to men, therefore they cannot be objectified.

No. 1490376

An all female community is a positive, it doesn't have to be revolutionary.

No. 1490379

File: 1675510050699.jpeg (87.48 KB, 600x806, 07BABEBC-04CC-43D8-B4BA-DDC874…)

But as this anon pointed out >>1490347 it's often not all-female, especially not online but irl too. Trust me, men know women are into this shit, and often fujos will let them in on the convo as well. Gay men are also into gay shit. Shocking, I know. And before you say "well gay men's stuff is different blah blah" I literally knew no gay dudes ever who liked "geikomi" or whatever it's called, all were into BL/Yaoi and talked to their female fujo friends about it. If you want a female-exclusive community, there's a countless number of better, higher-quality places to look than places with only fujoism as a shared interest.

No. 1490380

It's majority female and you know it. Most gay men aren't interested and the ones who are will even tell you, it's a uniquely female space shaped by women. and that's a good thing

No. 1490383

Okay, majority female yes, but it's not "all female", "exclusively female" or anything like that, so don't lie and say it is. So it's not a "feminist utopia", it's just a trend in genre fiction. And genres change over time. Maybe one day Yaoi will become a male-dominated genre just like Yuri is becoming even though Yuri was once dominated by women too.

No. 1490387

>fujos come up with convoluted explanation of why bl is revolutionary/feminist
>point obvious flaws in this argument
>fujos cry that it doesn't have to be
This on an eternal loop

No. 1490390

My bestfriend tried to troon me out for years and gaslighted that it was out of kindness, I'll never forget nor forgive. I completely blame her being a fujo. She took me to yaoi meetups just to show me around to her other friends, most of those girls have trooned out.

No. 1490391

Same. Literally everyone who was in my cringy fujo groups as a teen has trooned out now or has he/him or they/them in their bio. One girl I was close to who was so pretty then is now fat and has a neckbeard. rip

No. 1490392

No offense anon but literally most fandom spaces I've been in online have been mostly female it's really not that rare or hard to find women invested in fandom beyond yaoi

No. 1490394

Same anon I know maybe one or two who didn't but this is out of dozens of women. Now who are all be-gendered in some way.

Before I stopped being friends with this tif she basically told me about the a/b/o fanfiction she easy writing… She also called herself gay and asexual despite reading this porn and writing lol. Didn't have any idea what a/b/o was before that and I wish it was still that way

No. 1490401

Extremely based

No. 1490404

>Actually our porn fandom is feminism
This is why people find fujos cringe

No. 1490406

File: 1675515740779.jpg (204.09 KB, 1170x1970, media_Fn-gfmCX0AAwQPi.jpg)

They harass the actors too because of course.

No. 1490415

File: 1675516455646.jpg (362.03 KB, 849x1200, 60046098_p5_master1200.jpg)

You are a based queen and don't let the troglodykes in this thread tell you otherwise.

No. 1490418

Gee and I wonder why that anon thought you guys were all lesbophobic

No. 1490426

"Lesbophobia" is not being called a troglodyke on lolcow. Why is this thread filled with so much sensitive fags? But the people who hate fujos anyway usually came from twitter and tumblr where it's full of "m-muh oppression" and self-victimizers so I can't even be surprised.

No. 1490429

Ironic considering fujos are coming in here to act like they're victimized because people are criticizing fujos.

I've been on lolcow for years anon but whatever.

No. 1490437

File: 1675518150174.jpeg (110.19 KB, 944x736, B1F68621-67B8-4D96-A856-CDA1E0…)

The only people playing victim in this thread are triggered fujos like you. If anyone even compared you to Aidens you'd start shrieking about how we're a bunch of oppressive heteronormative misogynists for daring to suggest there's any correlation between yaoi and trooning out

No. 1490440

Honestly what I came to this thread to discuss but I wasn't sure if this thread or the tif thread was more suited for that conversation because I know so many tifs who either use to call themselves fujos or still do.

No. 1490441

Rent free.

No. 1490443

Yet you're the one camped out in this thread. Keep seething like always fujo.

No. 1490444

I think we should just report off topic discussion at this point there's not point in arguing

They are obsessed with coming to this thread and feeling persecuted

No. 1490446

Just because i'm a fujo doesn't mean i'm an aiden KEK. And i think there is a correlation in the sense that young girls are manipulated/groomed into trooning out because liking gay men assraping each other as a woman is "morally wrong" and "fetishizing mlm" (and even if that were the case, that would be extremely based and funny).

Ironic, because there are a metric fuckton of lesbians in this thread with a persecution fetish.

No. 1490449

Don't take the bait nonnas just report

No. 1490450

Usually when lesbian are brought up when BL is being discussed, people say "of course lesbians can be fujo, even if they jerk off to fictional moids", which I don't follow but it's definitely better than whatever is going on right now itt. What the fuck is going on right now itt?

No. 1490453

You're a degenerate and no different from male neckbeard coomers.

No. 1490454

One anon mentioned the weird homophobia towards lesbians from fujos and now that's suddenly a metric ton of lesbians idk anon

No. 1490455

The way you nervously typed that first sentence kek. You just had to clear the air because you thought people would've assumed you were an Aiden otherwise. I wonder why that is lmao? Cope harder fujo. And are you really comparing lesbians, a real sexuality, to fujos, a voyeuristic fantasy fetish? The difference is lesbians are actually discriminated against in real life, no woman is discriminated based on liking comics about men buttfucking except in your delusional fujo fantasy land. You aren't a fucking minority. You're a retarded written and drawn porn addict trying to compare herself to people who are discriminated against when they step outside their rooms, something you definitely haven't done in a long time. You're so retarded it hurts.

No. 1490456

>waaaah why can't I shit on fellow users
This isn't a hugbox where your shit opinions aren't challenged and only people who agree with you are allowed to post.

No. 1490457

What watching/reading porn every single day since you were 12 years old does to a mf

No. 1490459

Then why are you complaining?

No. 1490462

This idea that the only fandom space that is purely women is the fujo fandom is insane. I've been apart of several fandoms with a majority female presence, and no it wasn't all lesbians, but they actually cared about the female characters shocking I know.

I was apart of one discord dedicated to a female character we all liked and it was literally all women in there the majority of whom were straight. We just liked to discuss theories and headcanons and such

No. 1490463

I'm not.

No. 1490464

Because you were the one accusing me of being an aiden first retard. Once again, newfag with a persecution fetish. I don't understand why you're caping for moids so much.

No. 1490466

Like, the reason lesbians are critical of fujos is because we genuinely can't see the appeal of yaoi and consuming an endless amount of it every day for years. We aren't homophobic and mysognistic moids who hate everything women like, we aren't conservative homophobic women, we aren't aidens ashamed of their addictions yet some people here act like lesbians are the biggest enemy of fujos

No. 1490468

I miss shit like pet sites kek, those were actually women only

No. 1490469

>Because you were the one accusing me of being an aiden first retard.
No one accused you of being an Aiden, I said fujos get triggered at any mention of there being a correlation between fujoism and trooning out, which you promptly did just after.
>Once again, newfag with a persecution fetish.
Again, says the fujo who stays camped itt whining about how she's more oppressed than "troglodyke" lesbians for liking gay moid comics.
>I don't understand why you're caping for moids so much.
Where did I ever cape for moids? You literally don't know how to read and are putting words in my mouth now that you ran out of arguments. Cope, seethe etc.

No. 1490470

Anon I'm not sure it's worth responding to her she's going to continue to spin the thread off topic as she takes every criticism personally

No. 1490475

NTA and don't care about yaoi (just here to read arguing), but something about this post smells very "they/them sapphic non-binary terfs dni".

No. 1490478

That makes zero sense

No. 1490479

No. 1490480

Yeah I can tell
Why? Because I said lesbians are discriminated against irl while fujos aren't? Surely you don't disagree. God people on this site can be so detached from reality. You have brain worms from reading online discourse so much you've started to deny basic shit about society

No. 1490484

And something about your post is very "2015 edgy 4chan user" like seriously go back.

No. 1490487

>Because I said lesbians are discriminated against irl while fujos aren't?
ntayrt, but it's because nobody was talking about this in the first place
This discourse is so stupid surely you understand. Women will never reach the heights of degeneracy men do, and at worst will hurt themselves by becoming aidens. Gay men do not care about fujos. Why are you so obsessed? I'm sick of female spaces being full of women criticizing each other for the silliest shit, this is truly the inescapable female experience. I'm sure you don't go through the same lengths to fight against men fetishizing lesbians? Which irl, does more hurt to lesbians then women reading yaoi does.
The only people I know that actually hate fujos are usually aidens (aka straight women) who get butthurt over "cishet" women "fetishizing" them and actual homophobes, but what's in it for you? Give it a rest.
LC wouldn't exist without 4chan and /cgl/, you're the one that should go back.

No. 1490490

>Because I said lesbians are discriminated against irl while fujos aren't?
Don't make me pull the statistic charts that show the much greater incidence of hate crimes against fujos in comparasion to lesbians. Seriously, don't make me do that please, I don't have such chart.

No. 1490492

This point has been brought up a million times in the thread already anon like sincerely just hide the thread.

No. 1490497

Oh my god shut uuuuuuupppp. It's always the same fucking shit with you people. Constantly whining and giving the same speech no one gives a fuck about. We'll never stop laughing at you being cringe, like you are right now, so you get over it and you give it a rest. Go over to the fujo thread, why are you even over here? And you're the one telling everyone else they have a persecution complex meanwhile you came in here calling lesbians "troglodykes" then expected to be sympathized with by comparing fujos to lesbians like a sperg, then said I caped for moids when I never did, then shut up when you realized I was right and stayed camped in the thread ready to bounce back when I replied to another person. You're literally obsessed plus can't read, half of the things you've said in this post I've never even brought up or said. Like this:
>Gay men do not care about fujos.
Where the fuck did I ever say I gave a single fuck about gay men? I don't. You're always projecting and giving that same tired fujo speech throwing arguments at the wall and seeing what sticks. Give it up.

No. 1490503

I'm the troglodyke anon, that's an entirely different person kek. Meanwhile you stick out like a sore thumb because you're a newfag retard that doesn't sage their shit and has tumblr typing style. Not even worth arguing with because you still have parasitic SJW disease.

No. 1490504

You sound like a moid

No. 1490508

No moid cares about gay anime bumsex

No. 1490509

>why are you even over here
Because I'm not a huge fujo enough to camp the BL thread and I'm just curious as to what gives you the energy to seethe about women day in day out kek
>you came in here calling lesbians "troglodykes"
not me

No. 1490512

Sorry, all you fujos type the same because you have exactly the same retarded 4chan moid-lite typing style. And calling me "twitter" and "SJW" because I said lesbians are discriminated while fujos aren't is hilarious because most fujos are SJW straight women who either cape for gay moids or turn into Aidens. Go cry in your edgy 4chan /pol/ cell with the other moids you try so hard to fit in with in your spare time between bouts of masturbating to gay moids buttfucking.

No. 1490516

You must be new. Twitterfags are honestly so embarrassing, don't know what makes them think they belong on an imageboard for women who make fun of cows and dislike trannies.

No. 1490517

>Make fun of cows and dislike trannies
Fujos are cows and we hate trannies. Anything else? Or did that just break your tiny fujo brain?

No. 1490518

>God people on this site can be so detached from reality. You have brain worms from reading online discourse so much you've started to deny basic shit about society
Sorry, but this is projection. People without internet discourse brain worms don't rant or feel passion about cartoon gay porn one way or another

No. 1490520

So you have second degree brain worms for caring about people caring about yaoi?

No. 1490521

Still not a fujo, but I did come to laugh, and the infighting here isn't milk. Who's "we", by the way? This entire site is for 4chan-adjacent women, not twitter theybies.

No. 1490522

Okay but I wasn't talking about gay porn when I said that, I was talking about lesbians being discriminated against. Seriously, the epic fujo squad or whatever needs to get people with better reading comprehension skills before they come try it

No. 1490523

Copium, i don't even interact with men unless it's out of necessity. What are the chances you aren't even a lesbian and are just caping for them as an outlet to hate on a group of women (fujos). Also you persistently using 4chan as an insult once again proves that, you're a newfag but that's not even worth mentioning anymore.

No. 1490525

Is this the fujo cringe thread, or the tears about lesbian discourse thread? Kek

No. 1490526

Then you agree?

No. 1490528

>i'm not like other fujocoomers

No. 1490529

I never even used tumblr but
>You can't criticize 4chan on lolcow
>Tumblr/twitter, largely female userbase, is an insult, but 4chan, largely male base, isn't because lolcow had ties to 4chan in the past
Who capes for moids or secretly wants their approval? Hmm…

No. 1490530

Nta but I've been on this site for years and have only seen 4chan mentioned here with derision

No. 1490531

>Twitterfaggotry is good and female culture ackchually
The mental gymnastics kek

No. 1490532

Straight moids hate yaoi, especially if it is for their gave shows and games kek moid care about yaoi, they aren't indiferent

No. 1490533

I've been here from the start. We literally came from /cgl/, which was destroyed by male jannies. 4chan is viewed with derision because it's a moid-infested hole, but /cgl/'s original culture is part of 4chan, and we are included in that.

No. 1490535

Not a twitterfag at all. Go and read the discussion from the beginning and you'll understand why I called you an edgelord.

No. 1490537

I never said that, but acting like a cringy le edgy 4chan moid isn't a good thing either

No. 1490538

Yeah this is why you all aren't worth replying to in general. Bring up a topic out of context to make them look bad, you get corrected, then divert and try to act like they're the one who was off topic

No. 1490541

No, it's because this discourse originated from tumblr/twitter to begin with, meanwhile 4chan scrotes argue about completely different shit that i could care less about because thinking about men hurts my psyche.

*No moid actively defends yaoi, is what i meant.

No. 1490543

File: 1675523423167.png (17.21 KB, 199x194, Screenshot_4699.png)

No. 1490545

By "you all", do you mean farmers who aren't involved in the fujoshi army or fujoshi anti fight? This thread turned out to be full of home-grown cows. I also didn't bring up any topic and I'm not even straight (no matter how dedicated you are to claiming everyone is le fujo epic squad), but the lesbian sperging you just admitted to doing is twitter shit.

No. 1490546

Saying shit like "troglodykes" and then saying lesbians have a "persecution fetish" isn't moidlike at all, yeah ok, you're all fucking retarded. You're willing to throw lesbians under the bus for gay porn, let that sink in

No. 1490548

No one posted edgy shit, unless looking down on neopronouns is now considered edgy.

No. 1490549

Can you all stop derailing Jesus fucking Christ. Stop coming in the thread to fucking fight and hide it if it upsets you. How did the first thread start out so normal and then turn into full blown infighting

No. 1490550

This is edgy and this is the anon that started it all >>1490415

No. 1490551

It's kind of sad because this thread could be funny, but no milk (besides autism from some posters) ever gets posted. It's just autistic infighting between women who masturbate to gay cartoons and other women who are mad about that, sometimes with LGBT shit sprinkled in.

No. 1490552

Kek, i think you're thinking too deep into it
>Let that sink in
Moar newfaggotry

No. 1490553

Actually milk does get posted, it's just fujos come in and bury it reeing about pakichan, Aidens, being not like other fujos or simply baiting. Sometimes their bait catches and then big infights happen which only buries the real milk more

No. 1490556

Kek moar liek!! See guys I'm old just like you! My personal language hasn't evolved since 2008!

No. 1490558

Exactly this someone will post a tweet and it will get discussed and then people come in and spam baity images or that literal wall text of derailment

No. 1490559

I wonder if we would have less infighting if we got this thread moved to /snow/. They have stricter moderation there (derailing=ban).

No. 1490560

What I said didn't really have anything to do with 4chan

No. 1490561

Nitpicking about retarded shit. Is there a term for women who whiteknight lesbians, like faghag is? Because that's what you are.

No. 1490563

Sorry I just realized I responded to the wrong person anon.

No. 1490566

Why isn't this thread in /snow/ already? It's pretty similar to the fakeboi thread

No. 1490568

Yeah, decent people.

No. 1490569

Lol you say "whiteknight" as if you're talking about some lolcows, mask off moment right there.

No. 1490571

NTA, but probably because it's just used as an infight pit these days. I think it could be moved to /snow/ only if any kind of blogposting, derailing, infighting, etc was gone in favor of actual milk.
Fujoshi anons who aren't like any of the cringy examples should stop getting triggered. Anons who also aren't actually looking to laugh at anything, just rage about all fujoshi ever and fight about whether something is problematic should also go away.

No. 1490572

christ can you shut the fuck up and go flick your bean to a 2D moid getting buttraped already

No. 1490574

What triggered this anti lesbian sperg out? Aidens and moids hate fujos more than lesbians do.

No. 1490576

Maybe there could be two seperate threads? Like in /ot/ talk about fujos or fujo infighting containment thread, in /snow/ fujo cringe with actual milk and no infighting allowed.

No. 1490577

Thanks all the fujos for giving me a fresh source of cringe from your posts ITT, you milk yourselves.

No. 1490578

I think fujos are trying to derail this thread in any way they can because they can't stand to be the butt of the joke. Everytime I scroll past this thread it's always infighting and barely any fujo cringe.

No. 1490588

File: 1675525597366.png (159.7 KB, 760x681, Screenshot_20230204-074454.png)

I think it's so funny that this person thinks actual gay people would call themselves queer lol

Sorry I quickly was trying to find milk to keep the thread on track

No. 1490591

File: 1675525703494.png (75.13 KB, 760x337, Screenshot_20230204-074815.png)

Like clockwork

No. 1490593

are you guys ok

No. 1490594

File: 1675526053608.png (119.4 KB, 760x507, Screenshot_20230204-075348.png)

Absolutely insane take

No. 1490605

I googled Joshua David King and got some tiktok videos, not watching, so not sure what it means.

No. 1490608

You don't sage in /ot/ retard. Read the rules first next time before calling others newfags.

Anyway I knew one guy who deliberately dated fujo women because he said they didn't mind that he liked getting fucked by men, lmao.

No. 1490609

Context is this tweet >>1488022

No. 1490612

Are you the same autist as >>1490375 nitpicking the definition of objectification? None of this changes anything substantial
This thread atttacts infighting ever since pakianon stoked the flames with lolcow fujos in other threads, but as one even I think this lesbian debate is embarrassing

No. 1490615

Oh I see, thanks. I'm glad to see retards fighting among themselves.

No. 1490652

I've noticed this in any type of infighting discourse recently, that somehow the solution is to blame it on terfs.

No. 1490839

>"you're a terf because you dont know how bl has caused people to transition!"
>"you're also a terf because you said bl causes women to transition!"
So ironic to see fujos spewing the same things they called "terf rhetoric".

No. 1490863

this thread is very entertaining but not for the reason it was made to be

No. 1490873

These people will always find a way to paint anti-fujos as evil oppressors and racists somehow, I don’t get why they have to practice mental gymnastics just to defend them schlicking to gay hentai. Absolutely retarded lmao

No. 1490995

You can pin point the exact moment in the old thread we got an influx of twitter fujos who found the site (either because of the BL thread or the twisted wonderland thread) and have not been able to contain their newfaggotry ever since kek.

No. 1491012

Cringe always gets posted and then derailed by a newfag like >>1466665 writing deranged fanfic to try and suggest they can't be made fun of for being cringe/stupid because "they aren't the worst" (even though you don't really see any of the female specific green text on lolcow or irl often?) because retard twitterfags failed to integrate when coming here and want anons to defer to the twitter oppression hierarchy for things like mocking people like they do online for escaping criticism on twitter and the like "you can't make fun of me for being stupid, I'm a minor/troon/neurodivergent!".

No. 1491085

Yet they always call us newfags

I remember when you could make fun of fujos in peace on this website

No. 1491155

Your memory must be glitching because the old thread took 5 years to fill up, with most of the posts happening within the last month. There's not an influx of newfag fujos, but a sudden stark increase of people who've got a problem with them.

No. 1491178

The last thread filled up because of the sudden constant pakichan accusations and overdefensiveness of fujos. Their defensive spergouts literally made up hundreds of posts in that thread within the last months. So yes, it's twitter fujos who found this site, scrolled /ot/ and got butthurt when they saw the thread, then sperged out which started a whole slew of infighting. Fujos used to know how to laugh at themselves, but the newfag ones take everything personally and can't leave the fujo cringe thread, as evidenced by the last thread as well as this one. When people don't know how to laugh at themselves and are so sensitive like that, people on a site like this will naturally push them even more because it's funny.

No. 1491182

I wasn't talking about the thread specifically nona but I use to casually see people in other threads remarking on fujos being cringe without people blowing up in response.

No. 1491215

File: 1675567627240.png (798.07 KB, 593x858, bk.png)


>creates a painfully obvious fake bait thread posing as an izuocha shipper as a batshit psy-ops attack targeted against fans of the ship

>filled with "complaints" that "it's not fair" that bakudeku "has more development" than izuocha
>every talking point brought up is the same rhetoric you hear from unhinged bakudeku fujos about why they think hori is going to make their ship canon
>also makes sure to leave another very obvious bakudeku calling card where the """izuocha shipper""" calls every recent shippy moment between Bakugo and Deku as "highlighting their brotherly bond" because bakudeku twitter fujos are notorious for getting ultra triggered anytime someone compares their relationship with that of a sibling rivalry
>TAGS Horikoshi in the post
>not to mention that this exact same group of bakudeku fujos tried pulling this exact same psyops shit a year ago with kiribaku

Why are specifically bakudeku fujos the most psychotic people in this fandom? Never in all my time here have I seen another group of shippers do anything like this.

No. 1491238

pakichan, do you do husbando ratings?

No. 1491329

You mean you can pinpoint the exact moment pakichan turned up because she literally posted her hand pics in the thread and it went downhill from there

No. 1491394

Not mentioning her or not even replying to her is always for the best.

No. 1491409

>immediately bringing up paki chan
If you are triggered by the thread, do not post newfag. Paki chan came years after the original thread was made.

No. 1491410

This happened because they started leaking containment and chimping out in the ftm threads when the link between fujos and trooning out is brought up kek. These threads are old.

No. 1491421

>why are there so many anons that suddenly hate fujos
>fujos constantly sperg out in other threads when aiden fujoshis are brought up or they are mocked by anons for sperging about female characters, etc.
>constantly chimping out in this thread rather than ignoring it and derailing it for hours
You did this, that's why. The reason more anons are posting now is because the unhinged twitter fujos that have come in the last few years are failing to integrate and sperging across the site (ftm thread, the sperging we had in the opinion threads when called dumb by anons), leading to a lot of pissed of anons who want to shit on them due to their shitting up the site. The fact that retard twitterfujos keep bumping the thread and sperging about paki chan and lesbians and both their hatred of SJW talking points while peddling their own SJW talking points on why posting about fujos being cringe/dumb means you are a heteronormative/moid/homophobic/terf/pickme/bigot justifies it's existence. This thread has so much traffic because triggered fujos have not left it alone, leading to anons shitting on them for being unable to just shut up and ignore things they don't like. Also, I hope the ones shitting up this thread are underage, because thinking anime/scrote-targeted stuff is the only form of media and thinking only fujos don't like being objectified by scrotes and that anything featuring women is for men is completely retarded and ignores that most romance is made for women. It is no wonder fujos troon out if the belief is that 'if it features women, it is for men who sexualise the women', it extends to 'I am a woman, scrotes sexualise me, I must be a man to stop being sexualised', no wonder so many young girls are trooning out are fujoshi (though there are the obvious fujos who troon out to LARP yaoi rather than due to sexualisation like the two Attack on Titan cosplayers who trooned out to larp their Levi/MC ship full time).

This is why anons now have decided to shit on you more:

Less of this would cause the thread to slow down, but cows simply cannot help themselves. The lack of self control and being able to ignore things makes them cows kek.

TLDR; learn to integrate, newfags, or be mocked for being cowish.

No. 1491424

Literally what the one anon said keeps happening happened again lol. Someone posts milk and then someone immediately after posts bait or trolls thus the thread continues to.get derailed

No. 1491427

Most fujos are westerner though. I actually thought asians thought negatively of fujoshis?
That's actually super creepy when you take into account that a lot of fujos are underage girls.

No. 1491433

You're right
>Anon posts this >>1491215
>The two posts immediately after are about pakichan >>1491238 , >>1491329
Like clockwork

No. 1491446

I'm >>1490390 and I never thought even being ace is a theme… One of them but not the best friend I already mentioned, was a 18 y old who claimed to be ace but liked to grope me all the time, forced me to sit on her lap to grab my waist, despite me being 14. She was obsessed with guro and porn. Constantly talked about how wanting to work in a slaughter house to sound edgy. Can anyone blame me for disliking fujos ffs the ones I knew were insane

No. 1491461

This is somewhat off topic but I feel like every single woman I've known who calls herself ace has had the weirdest fucking fetishes. I also know an ace woman into guro but made me feel weird about my normal sexual attraction to the female body. I guess she was also somewhat of a fujo so maybe that's on topic.

No. 1491475

>author of Jump's current cash cow battle shounen is totally going to canonize a gay ship with main character even tho he has created an obvious female love interest for him
This is so nostalgic.

No. 1491511

Idk given how the aot shippers acted this could be real for all I know

No. 1494937

I've had grown fujos send me gay porn even after I clarified I was a minor(13-). Yours is much scarier but I think this isn't an uncommon experience sadly.

No. 1495004

File: 1675939159620.jpg (52.92 KB, 1135x277, goodlord.jpg)

I've seen it all now.

No. 1495543

who is this? can't read the screen shot

No. 1495544

Hitler yaoi was a logical consequence of Hetalia fujos and that countryhumans shit

No. 1495552

Man, I really need to start visiting cow boards again.

No. 1495559

I've had a similar experience. Creepy ass 30+ year old women sending me gay porn when I was younger even when they knew I was 15-16. I don't care if it was drawn or art, it was still creepy, fucking weird and borderline grooming behavior. And they used to make it their whole personality too and call themselves gay even when they had husbands.

No. 1495640

File: 1675997278504.jpeg (449.65 KB, 828x942, 70C2C7AB-E5F4-4244-B725-619015…)

I’m sure some of you have seen this person’s account before but my god is she cringey, not sure why half of these people even identify as lesbians when they look at gay erotica

No. 1495665

no way in hell you're going to make me choose a troon over actual women

No. 1495669

I don't get it?

No. 1495779

No. 1495780

Penis envy??? I also couldn't figure this out

No. 1495801

That whole section of twitter of "ironic" fujoshis and their mtf troon "male to fujoshi" friends are weird

No. 1495824

"Felix Cipher"
I don't get it, tifs still have a fake dick with a pump if they have surgery.

No. 1496245

Anon, this is about fujos vs. normal people. Plus the fujos are the ones claiming being a tif is important to "fujoshi culture", regardless if that Joshua guy is a troon.

No. 1496268

File: 1676064635681.png (154.36 KB, 350x483, 1647338955252.png)

Fujo "art" dump

No. 1496271

File: 1676064710808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.17 KB, 1886x2048, 1674422969761.jpg)

No. 1496275

File: 1676064825532.jpg (64.5 KB, 474x673, 1643830435369.jpg)

No. 1496280

File: 1676064939093.jpg (88.23 KB, 918x871, 1651131271401.jpg)

No. 1496315

I for one think we can point and laugh at both of them. Weird to act like there's sides to this

No. 1496365

This is unironically something my ex would've gotten off to and it's giving me war flashbacks. Ugh. How are these hedgehogs at all appealing?

No. 1497308

My condolences for your ex being a furzoid

No. 1497491

Do you think raping someone is connected to being “biologically superior”? Women can assault others too, they obviously don’t have male anatomy but are not inferior to men. You have a lot of internalized misogyny. What a gross post.

No. 1497956

This is the fujocoomer cringe thread. Obviously there's going to be more anti-fujo views here.

No. 1498090

I hate the term "anti-fujo" like fujos really came up with a term for normal people to try to put them on an equal level with their weird asses, just like trannies came up with "cis" for people who don't believe in the gender crap.

No. 1499597

File: 1676371431986.jpg (854.8 KB, 1440x1562, fujoshiinfo.jpg)

I found this website (http://fujoshi.info ) made to stop "misinfo" about fujoshis in the bio of some twitterfujo who'd written one of those mile long "academic" threads about shipping and something something terf nazis

No. 1499691

I thought "anti-fujo" was something gayden TiFs came up with to try to seperate them as real, valid gay men from the icky old women fetishizing them

No. 1499853

>gender identity

No. 1506160

File: 1677045670336.jpg (77.36 KB, 1080x372, mpreg.jpg)

>I might be a fujo but at least I'm not a tif

No. 1506256

"At least I'm not an Aiden" is the only claim they have to not being cringe. But being into mpreg, omegaverse and other troon-tier misogynistic shit gets a free pass from them. It's weird

No. 1506344

how many moids are in this thread? jesus

objectifying males is based, die mad

No. 1506350

File: 1677077112051.png (353.12 KB, 1371x867, image (1).png)

I'm fucking dead. The racism and xenophobia section in the anti-fans behavior is fucking hilarious. Pic is literally me in spirit.

No. 1506355

What does Miura being a pedo have to do with this?

No. 1506364

File: 1677078485004.png (373.91 KB, 1165x771, image (2).png)

I have no fucking clue kek. The author has a wild idea of racism/xenophobia if she thinks criticizing or pointing out japan for pedo culture counts as one.

No. 1506380

I've actually seen this defense a few times in regards to how pretty much every early BL work featured a feminized boy being raped by a grown man, it is simply an aspect of Japanese literary culture and it is racist and Eurocentric to criticize it

No. 1506406

File: 1677081413916.jpg (966.03 KB, 1440x2643, antifujoshi.jpg)

That's exactly what that website argues. Half of the anti-fujoshi page is filled with terf dogwhistle warnings because according to them the evil terfs are organizing mass propaganda of fujoshi misinformation kek

No. 1506423

lol wut. someone not liking the color pink?

No. 1506504

>everything is the terves fault
Damn that website creator is obsessed with us. Makes me thing it must be tif, although if you're a tif why would you call yourself a fujoshi?
Phobia of French women?

No. 1506521

Terf fujos are a minority, the vast majority of tifs are/were fujos and are protective of fujos because yaoi was their gateway into trooning out

No. 1506522

I don't get why they would want to call themselves a female term though.

No. 1506538

Probably to "reclaim" it in some weird way because they know a lot of us know yaoi plays a hand in rapid onset gender dysphoria in girls

No. 1506543

They're the minority only in Americanized fanbases. Terfs are the majority in Japanese or Korean fanbases and among older fans all over the world. The "fandom moms" of today are loud but not the majority because of the internet.

No. 1506548

Lmao, i'm going to rub one out to yaoi and hate trannies.

No. 1506550

Nah there are a lot of Japanese and Korean fujotroons too. It's more common to find female troons in BL/yaoi circles than anywhere else

No. 1506552

That's really sad. I thought those countries were spared from the tif trend.

No. 1506576

I know they exist, but it feels like it's a more recent phenomenon tbh. Just like many of us are western weaboos, many Korean and Japanese fujoshi are westboos so it makes sense to me that some of them would be inspired by the nonsense going on in Americanized circles. And by the way, I'm saying "Americanized" as opposed to "Western" because some Asian fujoshi born and raised in Indonesia, the Middle East, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, etc. seem closer to English speaking fanbases and the younger ones can easily be influenced by the American fans (and some Europeans but it's less widespread here) who started that shit. I wonder how it's like with Chinese fujoshi. And I'm not talking about the 2nd or 3nd gen American or Canadian girls who are neck deep into muh queer representation discourses, I'm talking about the mainland ones who don't give a fuck about English.

No. 1506610

File: 1677099995280.jpg (47.84 KB, 850x895, __mel_medarda_league_of_legend…)

I'm not as passionate in this topic as I was like 3+ years ago but I think the most cringe thing to say as a fujo or not is to say that a female character is "in the way of a gay ship". I think this way of thinking alone marks you as a terminally cringe aiden with internalized misogyny. Last I saw this was in the Arcane fandom with Mel but idk I've been seeing it for years. I feel like it's one thing if it's a shitty, shoehorned in female romantic partner with no good writing but if it's a well written female character just grow up. No evil female is getting in the middle of your precious gayboys, but if your slash gets ruined by one well written female character then the ship likely sucked ass anyway

I think general arguments about fujos "fetishizing" scrotes are useless anyway. I'm only ever bothered these days if actual misogyny happens. Let them make the men mad, who cares? It's funny.

No. 1506646

>I think general arguments about fujos "fetishizing" scrotes are useless anyway.
I don't think anyone here has made any comments about omg poor objectfied scrotes, but instead the concern that female obsession with gay male relationships only can lead to internalized misogyny and troonism.

No. 1506816

this I have fujo friends who ship their little men and I honestly do not care. It's when they start to make claims about all female characters being badly written or boring while shipping the worlds least interesting men that I personally get annoyed.

No. 1506899

So are terfs conservative tradwives or do they hate traditional femininity???

No. 1506999

terfs are whatever the tranny narrative needs them to be at the moment

No. 1507521

Why are there so many terf anime fujo accounts on twitter? I've specifically seen this trend and I'm wondering where it came from. I follow terf/radfem accounts but I haven't watched anime in years but I'm noticing these accounts keep popping up.

No. 1507536

I think a lot of them are older. They see how a lot of fujos take it too far and troon out to live their yaoi fantasies and reject it. It is possible to just enjoy yaoi for what it is and move on without being a psycho, granted you do have to be somewhat out of the norm to be a fujo fan.

No. 1507544

File: 1677193964176.png (164.66 KB, 1231x1024, 6354C815-E941-4379-8D71-9C0942…)

I agree

No. 1507552

But radfems think anime/manga is for pedos don't they? I know they really hate anime

No. 1507718

twitter is so retarded a lot of the people there have no idea what shit means. they just try be to be edgy and contrarian and thats it, no real interest in being a feminist or in being anything. I've seen "radfem" accounts that are literally sex workers and even "radfem" tradcatholics. they have no idea what the term means, they just use random labels that will get attention and thats it. youd be surprised how many terf and anti terfs twittards think being radfem is just not liking genderspecials and thats it. twitter is the lowest of the lowest intelligence.

No. 1508527

Lol anon please there are younger radfems who absolutely do like anime and manga. Although usually I see them criticizing many aspects of it

No. 1511759

File: 1677617744581.jpeg (162.92 KB, 1170x571, B04F82E3-D749-40B0-A8B0-C41F10…)

Why would you have that as a wallpaper in the first place

No. 1515350

They are 100x more deranged than the average fujo. They seriously advocate for boys to be raped.  I think it's really tellling how these fujos think they're based misandrists for cooming to pedophilic abuse of boys when these are the same fujos who can't consume a single piece of media if it has a woman in it because of "misogyny", even if it's all-female characters written by a woman. No matter how much they hide behind the "misandry" card the fact that they still center men to that point shows they're not so much misandrist as they are porn addicted pedos.

No. 1516016

ironically those are same the "radfems" are the one's who are most likely troon out and cape for misognystic korean men, also what >>1507718 stated, they just dislike men but have no real convictions for any form of feminism

No. 1516044

when will you guys realize that all shippers are ultimately fucked in the head? doesn't matter if they're fujo or not, being so obsessed with the concept of "shipping" something leads to brainrot eventually

No. 1516228

>open twitter
>look up fan art for (insert name) anime
>find good artist
>almost all of their drawings are of one fujo ship
A waste of talent

No. 1516353

File: 1678131023624.png (193.99 KB, 981x936, fujosbeingpedos.png)

Fujo reactions to being told that maybe they shouldn't wank to little boys as adults. Seriously, where is this pedo newfaggotry coming from?

No. 1516359

it looks like they are talking about generic high school ikemen, not shota

No. 1516361

I hope it's all projection and the shotaposters are 16 year old twittertards themselves (they sure post like it).

No. 1516364

File: 1678131664861.png (14.03 KB, 934x130, onlypuritansdislikeshota.png)

No, the discussion is about actual shota.
I agree, they seem very knowledgable about teenage twitter behaviour so it might be projection. I really hope they aren't actual adults.

No. 1516370

Why the FUCK are there so many shota fags on this site its creepy as shit

No. 1516423

It really is. They really disturb me as a victim of CSA. Any kind of excuses for pedophilia are disgusting.

No. 1516444

i've honestly noticed a lot of noncery on here and cryscafe that extends to real life

No. 1516824

i’m a fujo and did i imagine the entire phase where we all laughed shotacons out of the fujo thread and basically told them to fuck off? where did all of this sudden acceptance of pedoshit come from? and of course you get called a newfag or twitterfag if you even disagree with it when i’ve been a fujo on this site for years and never saw this amount of shotacons ever???

No. 1516831

The pedos are probably male new fags. It's well known truth that gay men frequent this site and this pattern of thought fits perfectly with a gay mans

No. 1516845

>"Actually, the shotacons are secretly men. This is all a stunt to make us look bad."
nonna shotacon/shōnen-ai has been a part of BL since its inception

No. 1516847

nta but that doesn’t make it any less weird

No. 1516848

The loudest shotaposters in the thread seem to be pretty young themselves and confused about what constitutes shota and are defending their right to like ikemen (not shota). I lol'd when a nona posted something about how she's liked twinks since she was 14 and she's 20 now and will always like twinks forever!! She really said she's liked teen boys the whole time she's been a teen herself lol, wow stop the presses. But they're covering for the little-boy-lovers that are also in the thread screaming fiction isn't real life moralfags!!1!.
There was also a lot of arguing that if a woman reads shota it's not bad or gross like when men do it, which is a crazy cope.
The thread if full of children and pedos and the children don't know who the pedos are as usual.

No. 1516857

it’s really weird to me how they confuse liking shota with just liking pretty boy/bishounen characters when they are not the same at all but they always bring it up as a defense of shota anyways and think they owned the evil puritans

No. 1516864

i am that 20yo woman. I am not a child and i dont understand why you need to call grown ass men and women ''childs''. I only said i have always liked twinks/ukes(and always will, again) because its a common moid saying that teen girls grow out of their pretty boy phases to like ''men(ugly moids)'' when they get out of hs, and because you kept saying liking 21 yo grown ass moids was ''pedo'' and that i would eventually ''grow'' out of it, kek. Get off your high horse grandma, if you are 30+ and feel threatened by women being into fictional characters then you better log off the internet, or go back to twitter or tumblr where they like ugly himbos and dadbods.

No. 1516870

>Get off your high horse grandma
jesus christ

No. 1516874

how old are you? because if you are around my age and are spouting that women need to grow out of liking attractive men when they turn 30 and seeing your peers as ''children'' despite being legal adults then you have some serious problems.

No. 1516875

i’m not the anon you were replying to there i just thought you sounded retarded i’m literally only a year older than you, i don’t think any anon in that thread was telling you you’ll grow out of liking attractive men and you shouldn’t because old moids are gross but why even use that in conjunction with the defense of shota shit? liking attractive young men and liking shota is not the same you’re making yourself look dumb tbh

No. 1516876

Spoken like a retarded zoomer afraid of aging. Now that you can't scream "I'm a minor" at anyone 18+ you move the goalpost for "ewww old adult" from 18 year olds to "the evil 30+ year old grandmas!!!". I bet when you hit 25 you're gonna have a mental breakdown kek.

No. 1516877

Zoomers are having their midlife crisis when they come of age and lose that ability. They all lie about their age online and wonder why the hell people tell them not to, pure lunacy.(tranny)

No. 1516879

File: 1678167213966.png (25.27 KB, 1247x98, 1677696392729.png)

they literally said so, lol. Its very obviously a butthurt twitterfag, it's not just people hating shota, its the group of people that hate every animu characters unless they are super buffed out and have a beard, it's the ''ummm ackshually liking dicaprio in titanic makes you a pedo'' twitter crowd.

No. 1516880

i have no problem with aging, you guys are the people too scared to date 20yos at 30yo or like anime characters because you think you are too old and see them as ''children''. I dont know where this infantilizing of 20yos came from, but i hope my generation realizes it's turbo retarded.

No. 1516882

File: 1678168239148.jpg (130.4 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg)


No. 1516883

NTA but you're right and I don't get why anyone would get angry at what you're saying. Sometimes I wonder if this board is actually full of moids trying to influence women into liking their old saggy scrotums lol by pretending to be ~*shocked and disgusted women*~. And they're trying to make it into a "zoomer vs 30 year old" moment now because their strongest idea of women is some "the wall"/"terrified of aging"/"seethes at younger women" shit lol

No. 1516887

this is such a weird cope why are we making this about “women should like ugly balding moids” when it was just about hey guys maybe you shouldn’t like actual animated children? the reaching is absolutely fucking insane honestly, the fact that you think someone telling you to not get off to works of little boys being diddled is somehow the same as someone forcing you into liking old men is wild why is it either or? why are you caping this hard for animated cp? attractive or young men are not shotas, no one is talking about characters like naruto or the bnha characters but actual drawn kids that look like children (the hxh boys for example) not older teens or young men or twinks or whatever the fuck you want to call them

No. 1516888

Are you implying only men could spot overt pedophilia apology dog whistles?
Gonna be a yikes from me dawg.(tranny)

No. 1516890

File: 1678169091454.jpg (45.8 KB, 680x587, FKh8q8IUUAIoMeF.jpg)

Nah I ain't reading all this shit.

No. 1516891

File: 1678169091219.gif (3 MB, 640x320, liquid chris.gif)

great response, updooted
it's annoying how they try to pretend its just because they dont like shota, which is perfectly fine and even 4chan spergs often call out shota/lolifags, but there is a difference between responding ''kys pedo'' and >>1516879
Fujos are tired of twitterspergs invading their spaces. It was obvious it was a bunch of twitterfags and not just anti 'pedos' when they started reeing about incest/rape too and about how 20yos are literal children and you will eventually grow out of liking attractive men.
>its okay to like naruto but not the characters from HxH despite both being the same age

No. 1516892

File: 1678169248010.jpeg (21.33 KB, 612x356, B883A30D-85D2-40C1-B37F-C86907…)

No. 1516894

Nta but there is a major difference in body shape between Naruto especially in Shippuden and Killua. So I'm gonna declare you as merely baiting out a silly argument you don't even believe in, turn three hundred and sixty degrees and walk away.(tranny)

No. 1516896

>actual animated children

No. 1516898

File: 1678169593071.png (364.66 KB, 472x630, gr2.png)

No. 1516903

animated characters made to depict children? they’re made to look like kids and usually are the age which we irl would consider “children” yeah my phrasing was a bit shit but you’re acting retarded, go back to fujochan or whatever jesus christ it’s always the “it’s just animated” “it’s not real kids” as if artistic intent inst a thing like if they’re animated we can just overlook the fact that they’re meant to depict kids because “it’s just pixels” literal moid tier porn brain rot, would you also defend drawings of zoophilia like this? is it also okay because it’s just “drawn lol”

No. 1516904

File: 1678169820633.jpg (179 KB, 637x905, first-love-monster-anime.jpg)

yeah sure, now its about body shapes and what not despite anime having the most generic style possible and naturo being one of the most popular 'shota' characters. I dont know who made you the CEO of approving which anime boys you are allowed to like or not. I guess pic rel is totally approved in your book because the characters look like bishies despite being elementary school children.

No. 1516908

File: 1678170153573.jpg (196.06 KB, 1080x2450, 888baf960dda7abf61f74e8f5d909d…)

This whole damn site did this summer.(tranny)

No. 1516912

did what this summer? finish your sentences

No. 1516913

and people wonder why fujos troon out so often

No. 1516915

Made me the CEO of approving anime boys.(tranny)

No. 1516916

how you doing pakichan, how life treating you

No. 1516920

File: 1678170753480.gif (377.13 KB, 1920x1080, 1676569019953828.gif)

too bad, i am an anarchist and i believe in the antichrist

No. 1516923

File: 1678170882841.jpg (27.69 KB, 645x773, 3e4efb08badeeb620a2467b4ef3485…)

I believe in me too.(tranny)

No. 1516926

File: 1678171362580.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, tiresome.jpg)

jesus fu kinb christ you absolute cockroach
you cant sit with us

No. 1516928

its blaine, isnt it?

No. 1516934

File: 1678172243542.jpg (367.35 KB, 1080x1962, 1677713781173.jpg)

Mpreg and its consequences

No. 1516937

No. 1516940

should have know when he started posting random non-sensical images, >>1516883 was right it was a moid trying to bait women into feeling like shit for liking twinks. hope admins start red texting his posts again

No. 1516944

didn’t blaine get caught defending shota shit in the fujo thread earlier this year? or was it another tranny, I remember the red text a janny left on his posts

No. 1516946

Different troon, I barely pull these stunts anymore anyways.(tranny)

No. 1516947

that wasn't blaine

No. 1516949

Samefagging to say I did this to kill the shittiest conversation ever. Go back to arguing about age of consent for cartoon characters if you want.(tranny)

No. 1516951

File: 1678173771994.png (824.75 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20210926-174932_2.p…)

I get where this mentality comes from, most fujos believe that being submissive as a woman is disgusting/degrading so they create a pseudo-male to channel their desires. So they're putting men on a pedestal. When they "bottom" it's this deeply erotic, sensual, intense thing but when a woman does it, it's just being a bimbo slut-whore. Which makes them go, "No but I'M DIFFERENT! I'M not LIKE those slutty whores, when I want to be fucked it has WAY more meaning than that!"
They put all this emotional imagery into gay sex that isnt actually there irl. Irl gay men meet on grindr, say two words, and fuck like pigs in heat praying they dont notice any bumps on their balls a week or two later. But TIFs through the over-consumption of yaoi have convinced themselves that actual gay sex is a very tender and loving experience-way more passionate than straight sex.
They're impacted/traumatized by the sex worker industry that they continuously pretend to love. They see porn and what OF girls do and shutter thinking how soulless it is and how they dont want that, not realizing that all of that has nothing to do with real sex/relationships. Lesbian/Straight sex is exactly what Yaoi sex is (well, if you can find a man who isnt pornsick anyway which is admittedly difficult). They just have to stop being retarded to see that, but that's way too hard.

No. 1516978

Why do you keep conflating shota with twinks? So disingenuous. It's not the same. Lc is very pro objectifyng pretty men, who aren't children, if you haven't noticed.

No. 1517003

what is and isnt a twink is subjective when its fiction

No. 1517031

>Irl gay men meet on grindr, say two words, and fuck like pigs in heat praying they dont notice any bumps on their balls a week or two later

No. 1517131

I'm zero surprised that there was a moid making the most inflammatory posts in both threads, both pro and con anime pedo shit.

No. 1517778

File: 1678250980193.jpg (161.03 KB, 1214x747, FkjlnVnwAAJ.jpg)

tbf straight female shotacons exist as well(though they are rarer and still have overlap with fujos)

No. 1517782

she's a lesbian though

No. 1517783

Nta and I don't know who that is but you can't be a lesbian if you feel attraction to men/boys. You're either straight or bi.

No. 1517786

yeah she's totally not lying or confused. lol

No. 1517789

File: 1678252558964.png (468.29 KB, 1200x426, 1671282222569.png)

she claims that, but then she makes shit like this

No. 1517795

i guess? its not weird for lesbians to be into yaoi despite it having double dick.
she used to be in a weird poly relationship with two other women

No. 1517816

What the actual fuck is this shit. She should be on a government list for the sake of public safety

No. 1517817

>it's not weird for lesbians to like two dicks
Your comics are shit and you're just a slutty straight woman. Stop coping.

No. 1517819

This is what I've never understood. I can understand enjoying a story if it's maybe more romance focused but if you're straight up reading porn of two men fucking what is the appeal as a lesbian

No. 1517822

Unless I'm misreading I assumed anon was being facetious

No. 1517825

yaoi men are so detached from 3dpd moids they barely count as gay men

No. 1517828

Getting off to drawn penis is still weird if you consider yourself a lesbian

No. 1517831

File: 1678254683155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 769.28 KB, 1795x2774, politelyhaunted.jpg)

Yknow this artist kinda reminds me of Nemu, except instead of vomit she's really into shota

No. 1517844

oh what in the fresh hell

No. 1517845

is it? isnt the most popular porn tag amongst straight women lesbian or soemthing? i am not a lesbian but i dont find real men attractive because of how detached they are to their superior 2D form. Some things are only attractive on the 2D realm

No. 1517867

No. 1517869

well those women aren't straight i don't think so

No. 1517885

I'm a lesbian and I find no man attractive lol ?

No. 1517901

well 2d cartoons arent really ''men''

No. 1517906

File: 1678263178134.png (97.45 KB, 690x654, Screenshot 4.png)

the issue is why is an alleged lesbian drawing porn/writing smut of a teenage boy and a grown adult woman,

handsomehugs/politepuppet, she worked on hazbin hotel and mighty magiswords until her proship account got exposed where she draw little boys and girls in sexual relationship with adults

No. 1517919

What the fuck? Is she actual shagging her siblings? Doesn't seem to be a fujo though, which is the topic of this thread.

No. 1517933

yes but they're made to look like men what's not clicking, a drawn dick is just as repulsive to me as a real one

No. 1517935

idk why you insist on this like do you have an agenda…

No. 1517937

for real lol "this drawing of a man isn't a REAL man" come on now

No. 1517946

she never engaged in incest but she privately defended her friend who was in a "consensual" incautious relationship with their sister

No. 1517953

Is her account gone? I can’t find her anymore and it’s only been a few hours…

No. 1519139

File: 1678380872775.png (49.29 KB, 650x346, 5b).png)

a lucemond(a ship between a 14 year old boy and a 24 year old man) shipper trying to use the historical oppression of gay personally to morally justify said ship, also some wokeoid rhetoric in the replies about how "western puritan culture" is so regressive towards homosexual male sexuality and how fucking of children in so many cultures was accepted before ebil whites came

No. 1519167

File: 1678382230253.jpg (118.75 KB, 1080x851, fujo.jpg)

She said it not me

No. 1519170

stop pakichan, post real milk or fuck off

No. 1519172

Stop replying to pakichan, you'll fuel one more racesperging autism fit of hers.

No. 1519174

good, so mods can ban her ass

No. 1519183

She's been ban evading for years using vpns. How new are you?

No. 1519207

I have been banned for for short periods but have always argued my case, and plus I can't fucking afford a VPN

https://proxy-lon.hidemyass-freeproxy.com/ is the only thing that comes across as a VPN for me and I use it for browsing tumblr(cause its banned in my country) and anti-Islamic sites, I literally can't even log in to stuff If I tried
also >>1519167 is not me

No. 1519239

There's my paki chan autism kesi ho behen? Ban teeh kya?

No. 1519251

Even if it's paki chan, honestly that post was still funny kek.

No. 1519543

oh so youre poor too?

No. 1522773

File: 1678724213669.jpeg (189.76 KB, 913x1574, 515644BD-1254-47EE-9A0D-BC99E9…)

From the lolcow.farm hate thread on crystal cafe (I don't post in there, just lurking). Looks like cc fujos are ranting about lolcow fujos hating shota and how they're oppressed for other people not approving of it.

No. 1522805

Say what you want about being “moral and righteous” but people into loli/shota are massive creeps and they’re just mad that others are calling them out for it

No. 1522819

Lmao, those posts have to be trolls, or at least that is what I'll be praying to god for. Like, sure we might attract pedophile coomer moids, but at least that would push away arguably normie women, totally worth it. I also love the concept of "poser fujoshi", who are actually just aydens, who in turn are actually just fujoshi and it goes on forever.

No. 1522928

This is how you know CC is majority trannies larping as women

No. 1522970

Shotafags in the fujo thread throwing tantrums over the t-t-t-twitterfags living in their heads were speds who don't give a shit about BL/shipping and only carry fujoshi as an edgy label to like shota as a way to own the normies and get back at mom and dad, what else is new. Glad they moved to tranny cafe, got real tired of them trying to pull the "but you like this effeminate twink character, we're one and the same!" gotcha.

No. 1523195

Cope, fujoshit

No. 1523469

File: 1678813925029.jpg (68.86 KB, 510x680, curtsisson.jpg)

I know that obviously it's popular among female fujos as well. But after seeing this pic I can't help but wonder if this is the main type of poster in /m/ who writes that shota is "based".

No. 1523472

That's gotta be a moid, there's no way

No. 1523507

It's Jamie Lee Curtis' son. Note the Black Butler poster. I guess some of the troons are just all-around pedos. We've already concluded that there is a moid troon posting inflammatory things itt and also as a fujo in the fujo thread.

No. 1523530

damn, this guy is a strong adoption deterrent

No. 1523534

I was going to call bullshit on you but holy shit it is him. He looks like a shorter version of Chris-chan. Why do so many adopted sons troon out?

No. 1523543

everyone i've met who liked black butler was female lol

No. 1524008

File: 1678862115391.png (130.45 KB, 441x609, 7891253423§4.png)

No. 1524010

your naïve, male shotacons were always a minor(but still noticeable) part of the bb fandom

No. 1524048

Looks like she is in a ménage à trois with two husbandos, which would be more based.

No. 1524063

I'm reminded the vivziepop work which has almost no devolvement towards towards the female characters meanwhile the males who have sexually harassed or even raped people at one point get coddled like babies, it really does speak about the fujoshis mindset

No. 1524068

Fujoshis are nothing but woman-hating pickmes deep down

No. 1525104

File: 1678981606938.jpg (79.98 KB, 564x669, 1678971277176.jpg)

This reminds me of when fujos used to come on these threads and say "but men are worse pay attention to them instead" and stuff like that

No. 1525158

I don't get how it's revenge, it doesn't affect irl moids in any way. Be more productive manhaters, ladies.

No. 1525187

I guess you werent there in the early years when moids would make large deviant posts and character reactions sperging to yaoi fanart. Simpler times. But really moids are genuinely uncomfortable with homosexuality, they may joke about it but time and time again I get moids complaining to me about how
Creepy faggots are.

No. 1525709

I just realized that straight men must hate gay men because they know how horny and disgusting men are about their sexual desires. They realize they're being ogled and evaluated by gay men and it makes them uncomfortable. Somehow though they don't have the capacity to realize they do the same thing to women, or more likely they just don't care.

No. 1525808

File: 1679042757070.jpg (370.38 KB, 1080x2688, larp.jpg)

No. 1525830

That image is based as fuck

No. 1525893

File: 1679056275027.jpg (80.7 KB, 1024x576, _85912200_suffmaryevans-346273…)

How is that weak animu shit based?
You know what was actually based, the suffragettes crushing windows, whipping moids and learning martial arts to fight the police, bombing moid property and destroying art that objectified women.

No. 1525920

File: 1679058742399.png (19.03 KB, 740x442, Capture.PNG)

at first i thought this was an interesting take that that explains the lesbian fujo thing till i scrolled through her tumblr & well.. great, another bisexual who started larping as a lesbian after encountering radical feminism.
"niche post for lesbians"
>quotes & agrees with adrienne rich & her retarded comphet essay
>admits to masturbating to explicit m/m fics & being very sexually invested in them.. even though female homosexuals dont get arousal from seeing moids fuck even if its fictional..
>an actual lesbian in the comments says she cant relate to getting off to two scrotes fuck, op drops some flowery language filled reply thats just another way of saying "its fictional, so it doesnt count"

No. 1526116

Pretty much this. My Nigel has told me that he had a gay man told him he had a nice ass to his face. And it genuinely made him so uncomfortable and homophobic kek

No. 1526146

I became homophobic due to gay interaction with blatant gay male misogyny

No. 1526153

A scrote once told me a "sob story" about how he became super homophobic after a gay man told him that he's attractive and it was so twaumatizing to him. I was left speechless at the lack of self awareness.

No. 1526172

meant, I became homophobic due to interaction with blatant gay male misogyny, both IRL and online

No. 1526175

Moids claim that catcalling simply is compliments then get traumatized when they get actually complimented. Cry me a river moids.

No. 1526203

This has me curious, do fakebois who were former fujoshis ever harass men? like they aren't a threat to most men as they are small and physically unfit but do they engage with it online or IRL

No. 1526219

Most of them are too shy and insecure to do that. Maybe online, kek.

No. 1526435

I used to be an unhinged fujo in my teens and sexually harassed some male classmates a couple of times. They were visibly uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure it's not that rare for young fujos to do that in real life. Maybe it used to be more common a decade or so ago.

No. 1526553

I have seen this claim by some fujos, but the only instance of fujo interaction with real men I have seen, the guys were cringing and uncomfortable, they weren't offended and angry they were just drawing back from seeing well seemed to like an autistic person with special needs

No. 1526560

File: 1679115369152.jpg (33.62 KB, 606x350, 1597622538088.jpg)

yeah, i bet you do all that shit irl lmao. Moids literally shaking rn because one autist plays tough woman online, meanwhile they are already on their 50th self induced coma after jaking it off to rouge the bat's feet for the 100th time and then calling women fat ugly bitches online. Nah, i am going to ruin moid's favourite pieces of media by making it gay.

No. 1526562

File: 1679115985356.jpg (511 KB, 3245x1152, a journey.jpg)

listen the only one your doing damage to is yourself, there's literally a fujoshi who wanted to "own the moids" by drawing gay porn of warhammer characters and she ended up trooning out due to her porn-sickness, if you want to lose yourself to porn-sickness then that's on you

No. 1526571

oh, it's pakichan lol lmao. She has great art skills a shame she trooned out, would be turbo based if she was just a horny fujo.

No. 1526577

I had Japanese classes in high school with a shit ton of girls who were into manga and anime and video games and most of us were fujoshi and absolutely none of us did that shit. The closest would be some of the girls having gay friends who also read BL and liked these manga because they were also huge nerds. Same deal with the ones I met in university. Seems like you might be autistic or had a terrible education, sorry about that.

No. 1526623

Paki-chan trooned out?

No. 1526624

NTA but I think she meant these
posts are written by Paki-chan and it's a shame the artist girl in the latter picture trooned out.

No. 1526626

Hell no, the suffragette post was by me. I don't think Paki-chan cares about western feminism/history.
I really think those tough Victorian ladies should inspire us more. Get off the internets more and do actual feminist action.

No. 1526630

I'm straight and I don't see the appeal in yaoi and gay sex. However I buy the theory of projecting onto male character because a female character is too controversial or even moid friendly. because of that I worry sometimes that even written hetero male stories is just as fictional as yaoi gay male.
Yeah I don't know my point with this.

No. 1526631

I'm straight and I don't see the appeal in yaoi and gay sex. However I buy the theory of projecting onto male character because a female character is too controversial or even moid friendly. because of that I worry sometimes that even written hetero male stories is just as fictional as yaoi gay male.
Yeah I don't know my point with this.

No. 1526637

Why do you post like 5 times before deleting? Learn to proofread.

No. 1526639

It's a current error with the site.

No. 1526686

I'm a lesbian and I hate fujoshit, always have. I never understood other girls' obsessions with it until I realized some women are actually attracted to men and enjoy seeing/depicting them in sexual situations. At first as a repressed lesbian I would mask it as just not liking certain male x male ships, but the older I get the more I realize it's because in general it's just another form of moid worship and idealization at the end of the day.

No. 1526766

>I realize it's because in general it's just another form of moid worship and idealization at the end of the day.
ah yes liking the fictional men behaving like women written and drawn by women meant for other women is "moid worship"

No. 1526783

can you guys blogpost less and post more actual fujocringe

No. 1526791

Nta but when fujos get to the point where they transition to be their dream man it's obvious they idealize men. Also they don't just ship fictional characters but real people/celebrities too.

No. 1526792

No. 1526804

File: 1679158328938.jpeg (89.74 KB, 855x1101, A37B99E9-36EE-4FD1-A7F3-E7E3AC…)

No. 1526836

I just want to write about two guys fucking because I like guys fucking.
What the fuck is it with the puritan anti-shippers and the like?
I miss the old days of the internet when women could freely express themselves without some fucking retarded, sex-repulsed autists screeching about it.
Who gives a fuck about your fucking morals? Fuck you. The magic is in the true potential that these communities and horny freaks on the internet create I want to see the fucking fucked-up cringe these people produce.

No. 1526855

Well they could have written those fictional characters as actual women instead, but nooo they have to write them as moids instead because they're such massive moid worshippers.

No. 1527024

As blunt as it sounds, they're frustrated and angry that they can't self insert as a woman and become jealous, as ironic as it is. Men hate m/m ships because they're inherently homophobic and hate anything to do with female autonomy anyway but female anti-fujos hate them because they feel they're being cucked by the another male and feel inadequate, as is seen with their "w-why not just write them as female characters to begin with?!!!" gotchas, the "I wish fujos just wrote straight ships with these dynamics!" posting, the absolute incapability of wrapping their minds around the simple principle of "a lot of fujos don't self insert into the ship" and the exhausting amount of projection regarding "pornsickness" while wanting to lick the sweaty pits of their serial killer anime husbando.

No. 1527100

Samefag detected. Stop replying to yourself. You sound unhinged, like you have a dedicated proshipper account on twitter and "educate people on fujoshi" with how badly you're asshurt about this thread. Your kind always gets narcissistically defensive and just can't help sperging out itt, even if it furthers the perception of you being cringe, thus the irony and ultimate truth of the concept of fujos being cringe. It's like you can't help it. Stop being so heavily invested in shlicking to gay moids or at least stop being so defensive over it, having it as a hobby (and identifying as a fujoshi itself) is cringe in itself but constantly trying to morally defend it is even cringier. Fixating on gay moids (especially sexually) is weird, and you'd understand that if you weren't a terminally online fujo who insulates herself within cringe communities made up of fellow female loser Aiden-adjacent gay porn addicts with internalized misogyny

No. 1527102

>takes criticism aimed at fujos and tries to use it against the people who criticized them
>literal "no u" take

No. 1527126

What is this new fujo meme I keep seeing them say kek, is this the new cope? Do they hope it'll catch on or something or that it will make female self-inserters seem "more cringe" than fujos? That will never happen fujoanon. The vast majority of things written by women, even fujo stuff, is literally made to self-insert. In my fujo days (kek) I definitely related to one or both of the male characters I shipped. That's why so many fujos cosplay as members of their ship, explore their sexuality through them etc. Most people self-insert, even fujos, if anything people who don't are the outliers.

No. 1527275

some of us just hate all forms of men even fictional lol it's not that deep

No. 1527327

This reads like a copypasta kek

No. 1527642

these sound even more like copypastas kek >>1526836 , >>1527024

No. 1530272

>Do they hope it'll catch on or something or that it will make female self-inserters seem "more cringe" than fujos?
Yes. It is essentially the weak-willed retard form of them trying to deal with embarrassment by deflecting and trying to frame other women as somehow worse so they are not seen as so low on the popularity scale, rather than not giving a fuck of how they are laughed at by moids for liking gay shit and simply enjoying themselves. Cowardly trying to place the target on other womens back while seething that women shouldn't be allowed to be the heroes of the stories made by and for them, eg. when they seethe that all female characters are vapid whores, even those created by women for women, and not moids creating coom bait. A cope for an inexperienced view.

No. 1533921

this is the fujocringe you ordered.

No. 1535034

File: 1680020529960.jpg (899.6 KB, 3000x2026, heartstopper.jpg)

No. 1535038

nta but it's called being heterosexual. unfortunately there isn't a cure for it.

No. 1535158

File: 1680032264714.jpg (110.43 KB, 890x972, 1680015994290.jpg)

So the tif school shooter was a fujo (more proof in the fakeboi thread). I wonder if fujos are embarrassed

No. 1535162

No we're busy jerking off to gay porn. Idk who that is

No. 1535174

File: 1680033414247.jpeg (57.72 KB, 724x1024, 1238EA55-017D-4351-A7C6-2D8970…)

I saw someone say she drew this. If she became a school shooter to live out her real life Columbine yaoi fantasy that's fucking hilarious

No. 1535181

You desperately want this to be true, since you are spamming this across several threads and derailing the fakeboi thread. She was clearly autistic, and maybe you are too, given how obsessed you are with framing her as fujo as a big gotcha.

No. 1535215

That first post you replied to isn't me dumbass, I'm >>1535174 and this is literally the only thread I've posted that pic in kek. Maybe someone else did. Why are you so defensive?
>She was clearly autistic
What does that have to do with either being a school shooter or being a fujo?

No. 1535241

Done deleting and reposting? Both posts are terrible, they show no proof that's hers to begin with. Sonic characters hugging and pooh character kissing isn't the fujo trope you are looking for either. Assuming those 2 blogs were even hers.

No. 1535245

The drawing is hers, the likes are most likely hers. Get a life and stop trying to fight for your fujo honor kek.

No. 1535279

she didn't draw that, some girl from Yemen did lol
motherfuckers need to stop lying

No. 1535312

would be funny if she was an autistic fujo, like our own Randy Stair. But she was just a millenial aiden that drew generic shit. Unless they find her secret furaffinity with gay furry porn and her manifesto says she's doing this to reincarnate as her sonic donut steel OC to be in a gay relationship with Sonic then she isnt a furry fujo.

No. 1535316

i dont know why the fujos are resorting to the no true scottsman while facing proof of an obvious gay ship obsessed womanchild, but it is very funny to me that they are trying kek

No. 1535328

who cares if she's a fujo? who gives a shit? kids died and you want to use their death as your anti-fujo boogeyman.

No. 1535352

Because it's funny. No one except butthurt fujos takes making fun of fujos seriously

No. 1535356

Most TIFs are fujo so this doesn't surprise me

No. 1536033

I didn't know people were taking the fujo thing this seriously. I thought it was just funny if she happened to be a columbiner who wanted to live out her fantasies, you guys are weird. 6 people are dead I don't paticularly care if she wanted to see tigger fuck a rabbit or something. If she'd just stuck to that and tit chopping we'd have 6 less people dead. No matter if you think fujos are annoying or not >>1535328 is correct.

I literally came to this thread to rant about how I saw some zoomer fujo bitch about the dreaded female character getting in the way of her ship and I see this, kek? Anyway Mel Medarda did nothing wrong and plague be upon anyone who hates her because she gets in the way of Jayvik.

No. 1536046

File: 1680118315658.jpeg (196.41 KB, 1620x968, 5BF0050D-E30F-4352-8A6C-216EC6…)

No. 1536049

Context? The fuck is this?

No. 1536055

You guys need to seperate the criminal and the crime.

Someone somewhere rn killed somebody. The murderer likes knitting, are all knitters embarrassed? Not the knitting has nothing to do with the crime.

Just cuz some dumb bitch into fujo killed people doesnt mean the whole fujo community is going to be embarrassed?

Im not into fujo shit, i was just scrolling by when i noticed these retarded takes.

No. 1536060

Fujotroon shooter's Axel x Roxas (from Kingdom Hearts) figures

No. 1536228

Same fag… idk how it double tagged the comment i was replying too. My bad.

No. 1536231

Ooh okay. Really creepy that some one has a street view picture of her window. Who took this?

No. 1536237

It's pictures taken by investigators when the police raided her house

No. 1536243

Oh okay, thank you.

No. 1536469

File: 1680154534201.png (17.96 KB, 644x546, Screenshot 34.png)

saw this when trying to look for a surrogacy case on twitter. I have to ask why not just have rule63 at this point, like what's even the point even pretending the character isn't fundamentally female?

No. 1536476

Every time I read these AO3 tags type of descriptions it feels so surreal. I need to read several times to understand these encrypted texts of degeneracy.

No. 1538556

File: 1680364481790.webm (1.21 MB, 320x568, sHRbU23M3K_xD24_.webm)

This is just heterosexuality in extra steps.

No. 1538584

File: 1680367244161.jpg (143.4 KB, 1280x1006, 1679221290470.jpg)

The second one (top middle) is them

No. 1538597

Why would you film you real face while sperging about omegaverse of all things? Kids these days have no shame, and I'm saying this as a fujoshi although I hate omegaverse to begin with anyway.

No. 1538605

She's too pretty for this, I hope this is a troll.

No. 1538619

Looks don't mean shit. There are plenty of beautiful, cute, average, weird looking or hideous fujoshi or even just female nerds.

No. 1538687

I mean being fujo in secret and talking about gay sex while showing your face are different and most who are socially retarded enough to talk about porn like this happen to be uggos.

No. 1546542

File: 1681257536964.jpg (113.62 KB, 1080x956, cc.jpg)

No. 1546878

This is the equivalent a boomer facebook meme in its banality, anon.

No. 1546994

I feel like anon posted that cause fujos on this site always reeee about aidens not being related to the consumption of yaoi or cope by saying aidens are "ackshually yumes not fujos"

No. 1550178

NTA of either posts, but I've yet to see a yume troon out. Over the course of a decade, I have witnessed dedicated yaoi artists, writers, and consumers troon out more times than I can count. Fujo fandom is rife with self-hating misogyny. The pipeline is very, very real.

No. 1551266

>New Bl pic thread in /m/
>anons already going on about how based shota is
Why are they like this?

No. 1551269

I like to think there's only one shotafag.

No. 1551276

There are probably at least two, like the tranny and the adult baby-wanker.

No. 1551657

File: 1681700341479.png (456.98 KB, 750x2214, 1681665950821.png)

No. 1551659

File: 1681700375694.jpeg (139.45 KB, 828x1162, 1681667358546.jpeg)

No. 1551668

I feel really sorry for this person because it's glaringly obvious theyre being used as a cumsock by straight men pretending to respect their identity. I didn't know this was the face behind the account either and I've seen their tweets posted before and they're completely unhinged.

No. 1551701

No. 1551719

Get over it

No. 1551726

tif "femboy" cope is so pathetic to me

No. 1551727

No. 1555965

I think you can be a lesbian fujo if you don't get off to it and just like shipping. I'm lesbian and I was a fujo when I was a child (around ages 10-13) but then outgrew it when I found out about yuri and now I just find yaoi a bit cringe. I've always found gay porn disgusting though.

No. 1558042

God bless yaoi and God bless fujoshi
Especially retro yaoi
The impregnation shit today is weird but DAMN 90s yaoi was great

No. 1558061

I like the clearly westaboo yaois from the 80's and 90's that are set in NY or Paris. Good shit.
I think I'm a fujo coomer but at least I didn't become a fake boy from identifying with uwu ukes so I'm fine liking cringe japanese gay cartoon porn.

No. 1558212

There was mpreg as far back as the 1980's.

No. 1558272

File: 1682332673808.png (9.48 KB, 274x275, 1629177153108.png)

No. 1558318

I'm closer to a fujo than a fujohater but the pedoshit posted in the image thread in /m is really disgusting and I don't get how some anons keep defending it. The ones where one of them looks like a woman are weird too, not gross because they just look like het stuff but I still don't get it, why draw art of what looks like a het couple but call it m/m?

No. 1558360

It used to be LC culture to be against loli and shota, I don't get why posters who post that don't get hounded off the site.

No. 1558387

I'm a hardcore fujo but I don't get why shota needs to be posted on lc. That's whats fujochan is for and there it is encouraged to post whatever you like. I know that fujochan is dying but if everyone who posted in the bl thread on /m started posting on fujochan then it would be not so dead

No. 1558423

Thought I was the only one who noticed that. I remember even lc fujos used to be against pedoshit, and some probably still are, but for some fucking reason there's a sudden infestation of shotafags almost everywhere on /m and there seems to be more anons defending them than against them?? We've been having pretty frequent cp spams posted by that pedo troon lately too, idk why but it feels connected. It's like someone leaked lc to a bunch of pedos.

No. 1558427

Sometimes I'm convinced the people who post loli/shota are tranny posters. They also post that stupid trap character all the time.

No. 1558446

Antifujo or fujo, we need to all unite against the pedo troons.

No. 1558459

Now that's something I can get behind. Everyone needs to kick pedos out of our lc.

No. 1558470

File: 1682354816012.png (155.69 KB, 1338x679, Screenshot.png)

Out of all the countless possible ships, why does the one involving an underage noy and an older man always seem to be the most popular among fujos?

No. 1558482

File: 1682355466470.png (Spoiler Image, 83.39 KB, 647x612, Screenshot 1.png)

Like the #lucemond hashtag is just straight up pedophilia.

No. 1558546

what bothers me when it comes to this ship is when they base their designs on the actors. One of the actor is an actual child it really creeps me out seeing his likeness in shippy art. This is a general problem I have with fandoms based on live action movies or series that has child characters in them

No. 1561151

File: 1682620349139.png (3.32 KB, 532x121, POEki2W0K0ieolK.png)

Apparently to them, shota has always been apart of fujo culture. Crazy how being into pedoshit comes hand in hand with being a fujo to them. The fujo board is overrun with people like this now, the last threads banned talk of underage stuff in the rules, so I have no idea what this anon is claiming.

Also, the overlap of people who call themselves proshippers on twitter(while liking incest and pedoshit) and being fujos is insane. There needs to be a study on why people like >>1488997 are almost always fujoshis.

No. 1561156

Did the /m/ purge delete these memories of shota from my minnd as well?

No. 1561162

File: 1682620905546.png (4.05 KB, 1145x106, RIE24OSm9Oi9Fmas.png)

There was talk of shota, but the general consensus was that it was for scrotes and coomers. I don't know where this sudden wave of acceptance came from, but I wish they would go back to fujochan instead of shitting up every board that mentions a male. They even went into the het ship posting thread to spam it with their shotabait ships.

Samefag but picrel is what I mean. I have no idea how these people can talk like this and not think they're pornsick.

No. 1561172

>the general consensus was that it was for scrotes and coomers
Yeah, I'm not a fujo so I didn't religiously keep up with the fujo threads, but that was all I ever saw. They are really trying to doublethink anons into accepting them lol.

No. 1561195

Non-pedo fujos need to fucking fight back. Don't make them feel welcome.

No. 1561215

True. Also I don't want to be that person yelling "scrote!!!" but this site right now IS full of males and trannies especially, so the anons shitting up threads with shota talk could be them baiting. There are women into shota of course, but in my experience women tend to go for the "cute" type focusing on stuff like childhood crushes and anime boys in cutesy clothes or settings (still kinda weird to be obsessed by that) while males are the ones bringing ugly bastard gangbangs and femboy pedo shit with characters that look a little too realistic. Despite what the anons above claim, the shota community is a small part that overlaps with the BL one, but it's not the norm.

No. 1561324

One of the shotafags is a newfag who started posting last year, I think. She's one of those "MUH FICTION" types.

No. 1561387

I know there's been excessive anti-fujo spergery on this website, but I do appreciate the fujos who police their community.
…That or my entire statement is nil because it's a moid or a troon doing it anyway. Some troons do self indentify as fujoshis because they think it makes them "pass" as a woman or something. Best case scenarios it's just some pornbrains who can be safely happy in fujochan, but absolute worst case scenario is pedotroons since moids do tend to want to live out pedophilic fantasies, kek. I much hope it's just autismo women
Why is this specific image giving me a hint of selfship/self insert?

No. 1561454

>selfship/self insert?
Does that mean that woman is self-inserting as the adult male perving on the underage actor? That's fucking disgusting.

No. 1561468

That ship in particular uses the likeness of a real underage actor which is especially disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated at all, but age gap ships in general aren't uncommon within fujo fandom. Fujos are often girls who are into "edgy" themes like noncon, large age gaps etc. but they don't want a female character to be on the recieving end of that stuff because it makes them uncomfortable because they are women themselves, so instead of having a female character be on the recieving end of rape, abuse, stalking, forced impregnation etc. they use a male substitute instead. They make the female-substitute male ultra feminine and always put emphasis on his smallness in comparison to his "dom" or whatever. Sometimes they actually have a uterus like in mpreg or A/B/O. It's clear the "submissive" or "omega" is supposed to be a stand-in for a female character that they would otherwise not be comfortable with putting in.

No. 1561871

Please I don't want more infighting in that thread. The best way to sort this out is talk to the admin and have them make a decision. We already tried fighting for it and the thread just got derailed to hell.
Contact admin directly on discord and ask them to make a decision and public announcement in the thread, and live with whatever they choose. I'm tired of infighting.

No. 1561876

File: 1682707689279.jpeg (158.8 KB, 1003x1132, DB047933-06AA-404F-B93C-EC1E3F…)

Shotafags in the /m/ fujo thread are pedos trying to make themselves feel better about it by telling each other it's normal

No. 1561889

>relatively normal outside of that bubble
Normal people are blissfully ignorant what any of that means.

No. 1561917

It's funny how this type of shit only flies in fujo "communities" (which ironically aligns with the taste of a lot of gay pedo men too kek) among women. Even women who are into loli (disgusting) don't create obsessive communities to shield, protect and normalize it like this. Maybe it is just an addiction to being edgy at the cost of everything else like >>1561468 said. But the fact that now they're shipping an irl underage actor with a 30 year old man >>1558482 and self-inserting as the 30 year old man makes me think a lot of them are actually just female pedophiles who created a community to insulate their fetishes and normalize it (kinda like how shota was/is allowed on fujochan) and identify themselves with the older male as a self-insert >>1561454 and as a way to erase suspicion of their own attraction to underage boys out of the equation. It's something like a mix of an addiction to edginess even though they're adult women (kinda sad tbh) + pornsickness + pedophilia.

No. 1561920

it is not entirely inaccurate to say that BL and Yaoi genres have roots in Shōnen-ai, and the earliest and most prominent BL stories featured young male characters who were often portrayed as very androgynous or feminine in appearance and behavior, so much so that they were essentially portrayed as female characters in all but name, as >>1561468 pointed out.

No. 1561936

I love how everything from Nazis to shotas are posted in that thread, but they go on long rants about how they will see a female character and immediately chimp out lmao. Nazis and pedoshit preferrable to teh ebil slutty big booba women, fujos never change.

No. 1561945

Please, the first anon talking about that character is clearly baiting only to come here and post about shotas. It's painfully obvious and it's not funny if you're trying to stir shit up in purpose hoping to get some milky reply.

No. 1561949

File: 1682713495345.jpeg (234.93 KB, 1009x1568, DA68486F-3179-446B-AC5D-265623…)

Are you trying to imply I posted that? Did I post this too? Did I post every other anon throughout the thread calling people who don't like shota "moralfags" and "twitterfags"? Or are you going to admit there's shotafags in that thread and it's not some anti-fujo psyop or whatever fake persecution complex you have in your head?

No. 1561957

I didn't imply it was you, just that there's been a baiter in that thread that comes to post here afterwards and they always talk about fucking shotas. I didn't say anything about samefagging or feeling persecuted so you can calm down jfc.

No. 1561968

I have never posted in that thread and usually never look in it either. I lurked in it just today because other people, maybe even fujos who don't like shotafags, came in here and started talking about it. And anyway, having known about fujos for years I don't know why you think there has to be a baiter for people to post things like this. Shota is pretty normalized among fujos, and clearly from the posts I posted they can't all be baiters because there's plenty of shota defenders in the thread, some even saying it's fujo culture.

No. 1561984

>there's plenty of shota defenders in the thread, some even saying it's fujo culture.
NTA but shota is part of fujo culture. The first BL was shota.

No. 1562001

it's weird because a few months ago in one of the confessions threads someone got banned for admitting she liked shota. i guess /m/ is an exception?

No. 1562075

You're right and it's part of why I don't like fujoshit or fujo communities in the first place, but I still feel the "good fujos" have the responsibility to police it out of their spaces if they ever want the negative perception of them to change. As for now, they're comparable to lolipedos calling people "SJWs" and "normalfags" except they call people "moralfags" and "twitterfags" for not wanting to see drawn sexualized children.

No. 1562076

It really is interesting how every time the retarded shota sperg who only knows Ciel Phantomhive attempts to start this infight in the fujo thread this thread suddenly activates commenting in horror how fujos are totally pedos getting off on child porn. A really funny coincidence I think.

You just happened to lurk the thread once in your lifetime when the baiter was there? Another amazing happenstance.

No. 1562079

>You just happened to lurk the thread once in your lifetime when the baiter was there? Another amazing happenstance.
No. If you see my screenshot, the post I captured from the thread (not of Ciel but of some other character) was already posted 1 day ago. I looked at this thread first, saw people talking about it here and then went over there to lurk and read the thread. Why don't you stop it with your schizo theories and tell the shotafags in the fujo thread to fuck off if you hate them so much? Oh wait… you don't actually give a fuck. You just care about coming here to theorize with your delusions of persecution.

No. 1562118

The thing is, you cannot retcon shota out of yaoi. It's only something Japanese fujos can do and Japanese people have a committee against westerner censorship. So whenever a western fujo tries to erase fujoshi history, harass mangakas and shit on years of history she just comes off as a twittertard. There are ''problematic free'' alternatives to yaoi, like western yaoi. But ofc its shit so they stick to Japanese yaoi written by the same sick people they say they hate.

No. 1562181

Uh what is this muh cultural relativism bullshit? I don't give a fuck what Japanese people do. They have a pedo problem. Anyone who likes sexualized drawings of cartoon children is sick in the head. You might have me mistaken for a fujo; I'm not. I'm well aware that yaoi has a long history of shota and pedophilia. It's why I don't like yaoi, I don't read it and I participate in this thread. But I'm saying for the fujos who are anti-pedo it's not a "twittertard" thing for them to tell pedos in their communities to fuck off. The "history" of it is a disgusting one and if they want the perception of them to change they (including Japanese fujos) will have to work to change it instead of just whining about the evil racist xenophobic misogynist anti-fujos.

No. 1562185

>Japanese people have a committee against westerner censorship
Do they? that sounds like it'd be a waste of resources.

No. 1562193

as they (nippon) should. It's fictional concepts. With that said, its easy to find non-western yaoi that doesn't contain shota whatsoever.

No. 1562200

I've seen it in fandoms too, when someone really really hates a female character they often have fujoshi in bio (or it's a man).

No. 1562206

>A really funny coincidence I think.
I don't know if you're trying to imply that one of us is going in and spamming shota in the fujo threads, or if you're genuinely a schizo, but there are actual shotafags in those threads.

Japanese yaoi is not only shota and problematic. I don't know what yaoi you're looking at, but there are plenty that has regular romances in them. I think the fact that you associate Japanese yaoi with being entirely problematic is a reflection of the media that you consume, rather than the category as a whole.

No. 1562223

Not all Japanese fujos are into pedoshit either retard, they just don't make a big deal about it, either because they don't think it's a big deal or because they know if they did they'd be brutally bullied for it. Fujos who were at Comiket when moids started to sell their degenerate loli moeshit saw those scrotes with disgust. But they could do nothing about it and now Comiket has a 50/50 gender ratio unlike most other conventions.

The shotafag in question: >>1562193

Here's a different(?) shotafag posting about being banned from CC for it last year:
This proves that genuine shotafags post on this site and it's not just an anti-fujo psyop. (Let's admit though that not all shotafags are fujos and some might be yumes or hetshippers)

No. 1562815

>The first BL was shota
I see this repeated everywhere but this isn't exactly right. If you're talking about Kaze to Ki no Uta (which is often considered the first BL) this is not entirely right. At the time it came out it was considered a shoujo because of the romance themes and style, but just with boys instead of girls. It features young characters in a relationship with each other and has the theme of CSA (clearly painted in a bad light). It has no explicit scenes. It's obviously BL because two boys are involved, but it's not porn. That would be like calling slice of life shoujo mangas featuring girls and romance "loli" porn, but they're not considered that because they're not porn, they're just stories with young characters for young people (and a LOT of shoujo features CSA and relationships with older men, the latter romanticized). Is it shota just because of the young characters? Then every shonen is a shota and loli porn at the same time because of the often underage characters, which is also a gross thing if you think of it with your pov, but not so much if you remember that the target audience is supposed to be young people.
The plotless actual porn with muscly/thick sexualized toddlers having sex with old hairy men (the self-insert fodder) is what I'd call shota and loli, not shoujo/bl stories targeted at teens.
K I'll stop sperging bye.

No. 1562885

>the target audience is supposed to be young people.
That's not an excuse when fandoms are filled with 18+ year olds (male and female) drooling over characters with childlike bodies and drawing porn of them. I think anything which depicts a child in a sexual situation is porn. It may not be under the genre "shota," but it is porn of them and it's gross no matter how you cut it.

No. 1562888

>the target audience is supposed to be young people.
That's not an excuse when fandoms are filled with 18+ year olds (male and female) drooling over characters with childlike bodies and drawing porn of them. I think anything which depicts a child in a sexual situation is porn. It may not be under the genre "shota," but it is porn of them and it's gross no matter how you cut it.

No. 1562889

>the target audience is supposed to be young people.
That's not an excuse when fandoms are filled with 18+ year olds (male and female) drooling over characters with childlike bodies and drawing porn of them. I think anything which depicts a child in a sexual situation is porn. It may not be under the genre "shota," but it is porn of them and it's gross no matter how you cut it.

No. 1562891

>the target audience is supposed to be young people.
That's not an excuse when fandoms are filled with 18+ year olds (male and female) drooling over characters with childlike bodies and drawing porn of them. I think anything which depicts a child in a sexual situation is porn. It may not be under the genre "shota," but it is porn of them and it's gross no matter how you cut it.

No. 1563108

Why the hell do fujocoomers keep on invading this thread, trying to justify their gay cartoon porn addiction

No. 1563117

>At the time it came out it was considered a shoujo because of the romance themes and style, but just with boys instead of girls
If Kaze to Ki no Uta was published on a shoujo magazine then its target audience would've been teen girls so I agree with this point.
But later adult fujos started to make adult content with underage boys too so it doesn't matter.
>every shonen is a shota and loli porn at the same time
The main female characters in shounen are underage teenagers and very sexualized (important) so I would say they are loli characters in the original sense of the term, that is, middle/high school girls drawn in a sexually appealing way.

No. 1563139

Sage for no1curr:
I got into BL when I was 14 and what drew me to it was the fact that it was “taboo” I thought it was cool tbh. But then I started to read the manga and it was pure smut. (Nothing like today). I never saw anything wrong with the high school setting because I was in high school although I always preferred watching the ones with boys from the same grade or adults o never liked age gaps. I don’t know why reading BL would make you want to transition. Tbh I just like bl for the lamest reason it’s two anime guys for the price of one. But it’s gotten way too degenerate over the years it’s honestly terrifying the amount of absolute landmines of shit I have to sift through in order to find a good one. But when you find a good one it’s goooood I’m sorry. Tbh I don’t engage with the BL community because they are mainly teeens and it’s gross to think about and honestly sad to think about how we were all groomed by these cartoons smh. Japan needs to pay for their crimes and South Korea too! I will say though what’s kept me in BL are the drama cds I can’t give that up lol.

No. 1563166

>it’s gross to think about and honestly sad to think about how we were all groomed by these cartoons smh.
ex-fujo and also ex ""nonbinary"" i agree. i know a lot of women like this stuff but for me it was just a gateway into hating my own female body for not being male after spending so much time reading about, writing and drawing exclusively male characters. not to mention the unrealistic, often gross plotlines romantic material like this has in general. it's unhealthy escapism already, but when it's fujo stuff it's always two men which makes it ten times worse because you begin to view your own body as defective and undesirable. i think the obsessive cultivation of a fujo "identity" (ie. hating any het material and shit) is really harmful. i wish in general society and capitalism didn't push porn so much and make women cope with it by creating porn of two men instead in order to compensate for their hatred of their own bodies which is usually caused by porn in the first place, because sometimes for the girls who read it it works the other way around, they read yaoi or BL and begin to hate their own body and what was once a curiosity becomes a suspicion that you are female and thus defective compared to those flat-chested tall handsome perfect twinks.

No. 1563168

I've been watching legit gay porn instead of female-focused Japanese cartoons since adolescence and all it did for me was a steroid injection fetish. İt's all about mindset. İf cartoons make you mutilate your body that's because you're spiritually at the bottom of the food chain. İf you got into gardening instead of yaoi you'd probably be complaining about that one time you fell into the mud and how it traumatised you for life. You're the problem, not the cartoon Bois

No. 1563171

>watching legit gay porn
>steroid injection fetish
cringe. stop trying to justify your porn addiction and gross troon-tier fetish. you're probably a gay moid coming in here trying to make fun of women lol. there's a reason women read yaoi instead of watching irl gay porn, and it's because porn for gay scrotes is disgusting and degenerate. also, nice victim blaming but i don't care. fuck all the way off you disgusting piece of shit.

No. 1563174

Interesting how anons will sperg about how ukes are "functionally women," while using niche shit like mpreg as an example, then turn around and wonder how lesbians could possibly be into something with two scrotes. Which is it, guys? Are the characters ~basically women~ or are they too scrotes for lesbians? You can't have it both ways.

No. 1563175

fujos use the uke to self-insert so they make it more like a feminine man, to be more relatable. it doesn't mean it's literally a woman.

No. 1563178

The whole point about Mpreg is that it isn't a woman, it's a woman-adjacent. That's literally the reason people make fun of Mpreg, because it's not actually a woman. Giving a man a uterus so he can be impregnated by a superalpha manly man is hilarious because uteruses and getting pregnant are a female-only thing, hence the absurdity of the genre, it's like a crossover between het and gay, but regular ol' yaoi is just a classic sausagefest. It's puzzling why lesbians would be into either.

No. 1563179

Shout-out to all the anons bold-facedly calling fujoshis ugly. Nothing says "feminist" quite like reducing women to their appearance and assuming that any woman who lives differently from you must be hideous and therefore devoid of worth. I hope all of the people saying that sort of shit are just baiting fujos and that none of you actually, genuinely believe that people who like shit you dislike are automatically ugly. Of all the shit you could criticize fujoshis for (and there are many things), why go for scrote-tier shit like that?

Inb4 "If you disagree with our horrifically misogynistic rhetoric, you must be ugly, too!!1!1!"

No. 1563180

Anons openly admit shit on here that you couldn't waterboard out of me.

No. 1563182

Fujos in the fujo thread ree about yumejos being ugly to cope to try and shift the cringe-blame. It's deserved tbh.

No. 1563186

Not to mention, who says any poster is a feminist? It's an imageboard, not a feminist website. Fujos also ree about terfs in threads and how if you don't like BL you're anti-women, truly retarded kek.

No. 1563187

Where are people saying that here? I just searched the thread for "ugly" and the only times I saw are from like 2 months ago when fujos came in to bait or fujos complaining about being called ugly when literally no one called them that.

No. 1563191

Shout out to the fact that's pretty hypocritical to claim considering fujos seethe about yumejos and call yumes fat ugly thembies in the Yaoi thread because they think anyone who shits on fujoshit must be a yumejo >>>/m/264165 . I don't even understand why they think this, since it's not an either or situation. You can be nothing and no one really called themselves a yumejo until the fujo spergout causing the term to become more popular here. All it has proven is that twisted wonderland newfags are insane kek. It must be because they need to pretend that someone is worse to shift the embarrassment rather than not give a fuck and throw a different subset of women under the bus while claiming to be the most feminist of all while seething that all female characters are vapid and terrible >>>/ot/1425222 (even including shit that isn't anime) and BL is the only true good genre because it features male characters for women instead of female characters for women, as in women can't have female heroes.

No. 1563192

Don't bother anon, they're not going to understand kek. People on this thread bait with shota shit and muh misoginy all the time (but it's not them!!), but the moment they're caught saying misogynistic bullshit it's suddenly "the ebil fujos baiting trying to make us look bad!!!". "It's because they bully the poor innocent holy yumes!" but yumes are the ones calling other women ugly, even among themselves, while being obsessed with a cartoon man (but it's the fujos who like males too much) and you can see it in their threads on lolcow and their catty communities. You can't expect more from a bunch of antisocial women browsing imageboards and craving cheap male attention so much that they need to obsess over a fake anime man and self-insert as a dainty uguu girl with big balloon boobs because they hate themselves and claim to hate men (but they still want relationships with them).

No. 1563194

>the moment they're caught saying misogynistic bullshit it's suddenly "the ebil fujos baiting trying to make us look bad!!!
Literally just being hypocritical and ignoring anything that shows otherwise huh >>>/m/264165 ? You're seething about people laughing at fujos in the fujo cringe thread.

No. 1563195

Most people here aren't yumes either lmao. Some are even, gasp, lesbians who don't like drawings/depictions of males at all. This sounds like a ton of projecting given that like this anon said >>1563191 , "yume communities" don't really exist isolated from fujo communities and that makes sense because the only time I've ever heard the term used is here.

No. 1563197

It's fine to dislike BL, and it's fine to be a yumejo. I'm sorry that people have called you ugly, but remember that not every anon you interact with is the same person.
I casually enjoy BL, and I often get fed up with the community's behavior, so I came here to see if there was milk. But it was just a bunch of infighting. The posts about BL fans inherently being ugly really fucking hurt, and that's why I hope it was just some shithead baiting. I have an ED and BDD (cringe to even mention it, I know). Retarded shipping crap is my escape from that. Wrestling with whether I'm "ugly" causes me so much anguish, and now the very act of enjoying something stupid to forget about that anguish is a reminder of it.
Is it really a fucking crime for a woman to not want to stare at drawings of perfect women if we have to deal with being compared to them so much in real life? I respect other women, I would never insult or attack another woman for "getting in the way," or anything like that. Real-life scrotes are fucking disgusting, full stop. I wish I wasn't attracted to males, or even drawings of them. They're the ones who pit women against each other based on their appearances in the first place, in addition to ruining the world in countless other ways. I'm sorry that my insecurities have affected my interests, but they have. I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is.
I don't know what you expect me to say. I'm sorry for being ugly? I'm sorry for liking drawings of men? I'm sorry people who share my interests are assholes. I don't know.

No. 1563202

Where are the posts in here calling fujos ugly that aren't from 2 months ago when fujos raided and shitposted? They literally don't exist. No one in here has called fujos ugly. If they did then point to the post. You're projecting and saying people in here said things that were never said and it's weird.

No. 1563208

Not to mention fujos called non fujos ugly in their own thread.

No. 1563209

Yeah it's two months old, but I'm reading through it again and it really doesn't sound like bait to me. (>>1488501 >>1488582 >>1488583 >>1488600) It's a bunch of psychoanalysis about why uggos apparently like yaoi, and anons calmly agreeing with it and even defending it by saying people who disagree are offended because it's true.(>>1488601 >>1488604) Ntm the anon who literally just defended it like twenty minutes ago because some asshole fujo called yumes ugly once or something. Like I still really hope it's bait, but it kind of doesn't seem to be.

No. 1563212

This thread isn't even that active yet you continue to post outside of your containment zone in the others. Maybe anons would not post here if you stopped acting as old fujo cringe thread posts layout >>>/m/1431731 .

Also, you keep avoiding the question of how >>1563194 fujos do the exact same thing in their own thread about anyone who does not read BL.

No. 1563215

Like I said, 2 months ago is around the time these kind of baitposts were being made by fujos >>1488643 , >>1488624 and kind of kicked it all off. Fujos are known to constantly seethe about this thread, then come in and bait and then go back to their own thread and be like "OMG LOOK THE MISOGYNISTIC ANTI-FUJO YUMES ARE AT IT AGAIN!" And you "kind of" come off as some weird assblasted fujo trying to sell a sobstory because you're all pathetic copers who go to huge lengths to deny, justify and blame others for disliking your m/m fixation and tend to project the weirdest shit onto people.
>the anon who literally just defended it like twenty minutes ago because some asshole fujo called yumes ugly once or something.
Yeah so my suspicion is confirmed. The anon didn't "defend it," they said that fujos are hypocrites for constantly having some weird neurotic fear that anti-fujos or yumes think fujos are "ugly" meanwhile they say yumes are ugly every 2 seconds in their own thread, while you had to dig up what were likely baitposts from 2 months ago during a raid to find any instance of us calling fujos ugly.

No. 1563217

Nta but >>1488600 isn't calling fujos ugly??

No. 1563218

One anon called yumes "unwashed," which is not the same as "fugly." You can control how often you shower, but you can't control what your face looks like without expensive plastic surgery.

No. 1563219

>You can't call fujos ugly
>When fujos call yumejos ugly it doesn't count
So you're at the the ebil yumejos baiting trying to make us look bad!!! stage of your own post >>1563192 kek?

No. 1563221

They called them fat ugly thembies.

No. 1563222

>My girlfriend has the most obscene NSFW taste in BL and breathes fujo stuff yet she looks like a cute, well-adjusted jfashion girl men hit on constantly. Actually, the more I think about it, all of my friends who are hardcore fujos are really pretty and post amazingly beautiful selfies amidst retweeting graphic m/m porn. Ironically enough the unkempt, obese, autistic danger hair stereotype applies more to self-inserting miserable thembie Aidens who are just husbandofags with extra steps.
This is what was said. This thread exists because you retards post like this kek.

No. 1563223

No. 1563224

Samefag as >>1563221 but calling them 'unkempt, obese, autistic danger hair stereotype applies more to self-inserting miserable thembie Aidens' is a lot more than calling them unwashed. And so you think calling fujos unwashed or fat ugly themby aidens is fine? This was all because anons recognised some ftms troon out to try and larp yaoi.

No. 1563227

This anon >>1563192 seriously isn't me, you can ask a Janny if you want. I have nothing against yumes and I've never said anything bad about them. Most fujos don't even know what the fuck yumes are, why hold all of them responsible for some rando who called yumes dangerhairs?

You have no proof to substantiate that, though. It seems unlikely that it's all bait. I don't blame people for disliking BL or shipping, that's fine. They're entitled to their opinions. Psychoanalyzing us and screaming about how we're evil bigots or whatever is ridiculous. There's a difference between not liking a thing and obsessively hating anyone who likes it.

That person's an asshole and a retard. I don't know what else to tell you. Anybody can be ugly, anyone can be attractive. Has nothing to do with interests.

I mean, the autistic and themby parts aren't untrue. Sometimes Western fujos who use Tumblr too much troon out. It's a thing, and old-school fujoshis acknowledge it and are annoyed by it.

No. 1563232

You'll have to ask someone else, because I post regularly in both the fujo and TiF threads and I've never claimed that fujo-Aidens are actually yumes. That's ridiculous, they're clearly mentally ill women who allowed their BL hobby to seep into their delusions. It doesn't help anybody to pretend like zoomer fujos aren't high-risk for trooning.

No. 1563234

Okay, and? Doesn't change that oldfag fujoshis are annoyed by the Aiden trend. There's a difference between looking at comics, and obsessing over comics to the point of getting surgery to become the characters. Oldfags generally acknowledge that it's just fantasy, but zoomers take it way too goddamn far and troon out.

No. 1563237

Accusations of ugliness by fujos or yumes aside, I want to understand why fujos on lolcow are so adamant on Aidens "actually being yumes" instead of fujos and what differentiates them to those kinds of fujos. I think the logic is that by definition since yaoi larpers self-insert as one of the men in yaoi, they're yumes. Since the advent of the yume term, some fujos on this site say they're anti-self insert just to be logically consistent, even though anyone who has spent any time around fujos knows they will sometimes self-insert or overly identify with strongly one half of the yaoi pair so it is functionally the same, making them hypocrites. Not to mention this "fujos aren't self-inserters, only observers" logic means that to these nu-fujos on lolcow, fujos who cosplay and/or roleplay as members of their ship are "cringe yumes". Which is… a large number of fujos.

No. 1563238

>screaming about how we're evil bigots or whatever is ridiculous.
Where did I ever say that? You're a concern trolling weirdo trying to bait. Go away.

No. 1563239

Wasn't talking about you specifically, sorry if it came across that way. I was speaking more generally about the anons who sperg endlessly about pornsickness and such.

No. 1563245

Hey nona, good on you to leave the nonbinary identity behind and realizing what made you hate your body. I hope you feel more at peace with yourself now.

No. 1563246

I never understand that though, cause even as a Kid I knew knew that males depicted in m/m fiction were closer to hermaphrodites then to actual men

No. 1563261

There's at least one autist who insists that if you like anything that isn't gay or self-insert in anything you're not a true fujo. So it's that kind of brainrot that makes them believe Aidens are totes yumes but not fujos (as if both things couldn't be true).
Personally, I think that, AT MOST, fujo Aidens were fujos first and then in addition became yumes in denial (they won't openly self-insert but will make one or both guys in a pairing TIF just like themselves). But good luck trying to discuss it with those schizos who see unwashed "femcel" yumes behind every post

No. 1563278

File: 1682853752687.jpg (77.29 KB, 1080x518, hkudj.jpg)

No. 1563281

Could the jealousy from this aiden be more obvious kek

No. 1563284

This fetishization of pregnancy and pregnant bodies (in "written by women for women" stuff at that) is so weird too

No. 1563294

That twitter user sees it as a humiliating thing to be pregnant, and in a female role (mother, wife).
It's actually kind of fucked up, she(?) is not fetishizing a character, she's fetishizing womanhood like a MTF troon

No. 1563306

The fact that they think the only way you can sexualize men is by comparing them to women or female experiences is very telling about their views of women as a whole.

No. 1563309

How do they not understand that pregnacy is the most female thing possible? there's no such thing as a pregnant man, It's not comparing to women its making a male character female.

No. 1563316

>You can't call yumejos ugly for like literally one post (directed at trannies anyways)!
>Noo several anons in this thread calling all fujos ugly and preaching about misogyny at the same time doesn't count
Do you see what you're saying? Kek. But you're right yumejos are these poor little oppressed group that everyone calls ugly constantly (source: trust me), which is why husbandofags aren't called based literally all the time and we have a cringe thread where we call them ugly and blame them if people realize we're being misogynistic.

No. 1563319

Feel free to start your yume cringe thread. It'll probably die after 2 seconds though because it's so normal and widespread to self-insert that it isn't even a recognized term so it isn't really a niche subculture like fujoshit.

No. 1563327

I think someone did last year actually, but it died quickly for obvious reasons.

No. 1563331

If you starting to hate your female body by consuming homoshit doesn't mean everybody else does. Not every woman mentally Ill aiden-wannabe like you and can separate reality with fiction. You sound really schizo with that reasoning, have you thought about visiting a shrink?

No. 1563335

NTA but I've been seeing you accuse people in this thread of calling all fujos ugly. That hasn't happened in a while in this thread, and when it happened it was blatant as fuck bait that sounds completely different from the more calm and nuanced discussion that is happening now. Are you seriously that butthurt over a dumb shitstorm that happened 2 months ago? Or do you just lack the capacity to realize that those 2 or so baiters from 2 months ago don't represent everyone in this thread?
I recognize that retards like you don't represent all fujos, why can't you do the same?

No. 1563337

There is really no reason to be this rude to her for telling her story.

No. 1563340

Rudeness? On my lolcow? Tut, tut, well I never

No. 1563347

>If you starting to hate your female body by consuming homoshit doesn't mean everybody else does.
She literally said this in her post.
>sometimes for the girls who read it it works the other way around

>Not every woman mentally Ill aiden-wannabe like you and can separate reality with fiction

If that's the case then why do you hate het ships so much? IDK maybe you're the one who got issues. Those anons already got over theirs but you clearly haven't. It's like some women admitting that romance that excludes and even degrades women while glorifying male homosexuality had a negative impact on their young minds and self-esteem is a personal attack against you. It ain't, so you don't have to act like an underage sperg when they talk about it.

No. 1563367

>Which is it, guys? Are the characters ~basically women~ or are they too scrotes for lesbians? You can't have it both ways.

Most ive read seem to fit more into a hetero relationship. You always have the "twink" like character but has all the same mannerisms and characteristics the main girl character in a shojo series would have. Then you have the giant ape like "top" that only knows how to be abusive and rape (actually sort of realistic like an actual man tbh). But there are some bl out there where both of the leads both look girly and have more girlish character traits. Those often have the same vibe that some yuri manga do. I think the fact that many blur/completely hide the penis contributes to not seeing some characters as very male like as well.
None of the characters ive seen in most bl act like typical gay men relationships, so i find it difficult to see at least one of the characters involved in the relationship as actual scrote.

No. 1563382

NTA, I think women may see yaoi characters as either, let's use lesbians as an example first (I'm basing this on the opinions by them that I've read before). Also remember that not all fujos like yaoi for the same reasons.

Some lesbians might like it because they can see the uke, or even both guys, as women, or imagine them as such, due to the characters' mannerisms, personalities, and design, which are all made from a female perspective. These fujo lesbians might think "well, they're basically women anyway" and enjoy the story and dynamics as lesbian romance in their mind. The lesbian yumejo thread alone is proof that there are lesbians who genderbend their favorite male characters, and with effeminate yaoi men it's probably easier to do.
Some might like BL because they just like romance stories and not necessarily because they're attracted to the main characters. In that case, they probably see the characters as male.
Finally, some lesbians might not be able to look past the characters' sex, and they're repulsed by the gay male couple (either all characters or the most masculine ones). Hence why so many of them are sick of seeing yaoi everywhere here kek.

Yaoi characters are not real, so real life rules don't apply to them, and they're not very realistic. We all can agree that yaoi couples don't act like real gay men. They're supposed to represent males, but since they're written and drawn from a strictly female perspective, they have a lot of feminine traits as well. But the feminine traits that ukes get are sometimes based on sexist stereotypes of women and female roles and, like others have said, the relationship dynamics often end up mirroring those of shoujo/josei heterosexual couples, which tend to have elements of abuse against the woman/effeminate bottom. So each and every woman can see yaoi characters as either male or as female, depending on many factors: for some straight women they might be too girly or female-like for their taste, for others they're just right; for some lesbians they might be girly enough to imagine them as female, for others they're just effeminate males. And yes, there are also straight fujos (or yumefujos depending on who you ask) who self-insert as the uke or as the seme, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's going to troon out, especially if she's not a teenager anymore and has finished figuring out her own identity, which is something a lot of straight fakebois haven't done (most of them will grow out of it eventually).

No. 1563408

Why are fujos on LC so obsessed with yumes? I say on LC because I have never seen them care about yumes anywhere else. Meanwhile the husbandofag threads are just talking about their husbandos without minding or remembering fujos exist. Tho that might be like a single person baiting.

No. 1563414

I don't want to sound schizo but I think it may be the one baiter samefagging in that thread, those posts are very similar. If not then I suppose they're just a tiny vocal minority who won't stfu about yumes/this thread. The actual fujos do make an effort every now and then to ignore them and steer the thread back on topic.
Either way it's retarded to think you can only see their dumb posts if you regularly visit the yaoi thread. We can see every time they bump with more bait from /m/'s first page and the main page, especially when the rest of the site is slow.

No. 1563415

Why is BL that deep!? There are so many genres within BL to choose from that have compelling stories and don’t involve sex. Some women are just animesexual (I’m joking) and like seeing attractive anime dudes having rough, sometimes loving, etc etc sex. I don’t understand how it results in women questioning their gender identity when you can just buy a strap and peg a man. Men are disgusting nowadays and I’m sure you can convince one and you don’t gotta transition! The only reason why I cling to BL at my big age now is because most josei that I enjoy barely have sex and if they do it’s very passive and rarely happens in the story. Maybe I’m porn sick but I like when characters I love together have sex it’s hot! But most Joseis don’t do that. Even the smut Joseis I have read the women are literally made with 0 character development and they act like literal children instead of a grown woman with a salary. It takes me out of the story every time even if the male is hot and the sex scene looks good on paperZ if the woman is acting like a 15 yr old virgin at 28 I can’t get into it!

A lot of BL be having drama like plots AND intense sex scenes so it’s the best if both worlds for me. Especially since I want to give up watching real porn because the industry is gross. Idk I don’t understand why BL caused people to act weird. But then again I’m from the era where BL stans would bring “Yaoi paddles” to conventions and slap ransoms on the ass with it. So I’ve excommunicated myself from the community early on lol.

No. 1563433

>I don’t understand how it results in women questioning their gender identity when you can just buy a strap and peg a man.
Are you suggesting that transitioning is just due to penis envy or wanting to penetrate a man during sex? It's much more complicated than that. Usually it has more to do with the perception a person has of their own body including whether it's attractive or not. As some anons have said in this thread, sometimes yaoi with its fixation on perfect male bodies in a sexual light and casting off of women as annoying, ugly or sexually undesirable makes fujo girls insecure about their bodies and their femaleness.

No. 1563434

>casting off of women as annoying, ugly or sexually undesirable makes fujo girls insecure about their bodies and their femaleness.
Aw, this made me so sad. No one should feel this way.

No. 1563435

And why do you accuse fujos of calling all yumes ugly and fat while it hasn't happened here or in their thread? Also I love how the old post (and everyone agreeing) are "blatant bait" but the shotafag baiting and coming here is totally real and represents the majority of fujos? I recognise that retards like you don't make up all yumes and among all the seething and crying about homos there are actually sane people, but this whole thread (minus a few people) don't seem to be able to do the same with fujos.

>when you can just buy a strap and peg a man
Gross, never anable a male's tranny fantasy.

No. 1563439

Are you really trying to say that all shotafags in the fujo thread (and all of them agreeing and the rest having full-on discussions about Black Butler) are just "baiting yumes" even when they seem to have art saved of it and discussions about it? You realize that some people who posted about shotafags in here about the shotafags in the fujo thread were fellow fujos who hate shotafags right? Or are you one of those "REAL fujos aren't shotafags" no true fujo people in denial that shotafags are a real problem in fujo fandom?

No. 1563442

>Gross, never anable a male's tranny fantasy.
kek yeah pegging is pretty gross due to poop and I can see the connection to troondom because scrotes are inclined to meme themselves into retarded fetishes, but sometimes I start to feel like the only acceptable form of straight sex according to some anons is PIV with a moderately dominant scrote

No. 1563454

>"baiting yumes"
I bet it's the Leonfags, all a part of their great ploy to convert everyone into Leonfaggotry.

No. 1563469

I think name calling at this point is unecessary. I've seen my fair share of japanese memes calling fujos barrel arms and Holly Brown getting called fujo-faced in her hayday. "Good looking" or "normal looking" women just tend to hide their powerlevel, so it's easier to pick on the weird autistic girl. One is a significantly easier target than the other, but at the end of the day what does name calling achieve other than more infighting?
I don't get the constant excuse that some male slash (not necessarily fujo) shippers don't hate female characters? I've seen some of the arguments and I get that some younger fans are retards, but really in my experience there is misogyny in fandom and non white female characters do get the brunt of it. I've seen some very "cool" covert racism over some brown female character who got in the way of the gayboys. Comments about her being aggressive, angry or a bitch are the most common. I get that shippers aren't a monolith, but come the fuck on. To say it never ever happens is being obtuse and is the equivalent of just plugging your ears. Seriously? Most people do not feel the need to sperg out or explode upon seeing a well written (emphasis on well written, sexy lamps fuck off) female character and just roll with it. Again not talking about coomer waifus or something.
>queerbaiting is when the ship i made up in my head gets interrupted by that nasty ugly bitch whore grrrrrrrrr every fanartist that likes this ugly bitch is homophobic!!1!
>you are literally erasing gay male rep that i am incredibly interested in as a faghag and will never affect me in my life ever
More broadly just be wary of women/aidens who make schrodinger's asshole misogyny jokes whether they call themselves fujoshis or not. Usually just not pleasant people in general…

No. 1563524

imo I think the fujos you see on lc don't necessarily do the whole misogynistic "female character getting in the way of my ship" bc posters here are more aware of and against that old school misogyny, but there are definitely fujos outside of this site that act this way; they are all over one of my fandoms. They rage and attack any female character, claiming that hetships are poorly written. Meanwhile their gay "queerbaiting" ships that are literally just backed up by their own headcanons that they made up don't have good writing either.

I have seen fujos who claim that they never see fujos hating on female characters, and that it's usually yumejos who do. I don't even know what to say to that kek, all you need to do is step outside your lc bubble and into a fandom space to see fujos hating on female characters and claiming they like the gay ship better because she's "poorly written" when the gay ship has just as bad writing. Ofc there are some cases where the female character IS flat out written badly so she's not relatable, but I'm really getting tired of the whole "poorly written" argument for why they don't ship m/f because they would never use it if the female character was actually a guy instead.

Not to mention the fujos who shove the female character from a m/f ship aside into a f/f ship just to get her out of the way. Because somehow it's bad to ship m/f when the female character is poorly written, but it's okay when that same poorly written character is now in a f/f ship. People for some reason just can't admit that they have preferences and feel the need to justify how they totally don't like the ship just bc its gay but for objective xyz reasons.

No. 1563561

you know there are PIV positions besides missionary and it doesn't even have to be PIV to be straight sex without having to resort to kink shit.

No. 1563565

File: 1682879013361.jpg (37.37 KB, 471x416, Takarazuka Revue.jpg)

I'd say they are essentially actors played by women. like a Takarazuka Revue performance.

No. 1563570

File: 1682879412426.jpg (54.83 KB, 500x652, 630e7a990c21f9cc2b14b3e654e43c…)

Same vibe

No. 1563589

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I genuinely think that fujos in that thread only believe there are five posters in all of lc. Somehow, they can't wrap their brains around the fact that some people might like yaoi and frequent those threads, and then come here to post something they don't agree with to avoid infighting. You post a single screenshot from that thread and suddenly they come crying, insisting that it's all a psyop and there are no bad fujos. They think every poster in this thread is a bl-hating yumejo.
What's crazy is they think these are the same people posting bait into the fujo thread to try and stir up drama when the first post was from me and the rest weren't. Unironic schizos.

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Idk but the BL I read and am currently reading the women (if there even are any) are usually best friends to the Uke and give solid advice. Hell there’s even some I’ve read where the best female friend is a lesbian and they bond over being gay. I just don’t understand maybe this is more to do with people shipping straight characters in non BL series and turning them gay? But in actual BL I don’t see women being shown as annoying if anything the woman is usually giving nice advice or is tired of one of the males being stupid lol. I feel like people who ship any straight characters as gay and forces it into the fandom are the worst so if that’s what youre talking about then yeah they suck. But in actual BL women are not written horribly