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File: 1636706307421.png (716.72 KB, 1328x767, 4xyewjjc49r21.png)

No. 181637

Previous thread: >>>/w/166355

Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.







Rachel & Jun



Tokyo Creative



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No. 181640

File: 1636709355790.jpg (198.28 KB, 951x827, 20211112_102015.jpg)


She wants to have a revision for that "indent" I couldn't see because of the mega scar blocking the view. How does she not see her body is butchered? The least she could do is give it time to heal. That scar around her nose is so much more visible, she magnifies the one thing on there that should be the least of her problem. The body dysmorphia is pretty sad to see.

No. 181654

I just watched her video and at the start she says she's at the 3rd week rn and doesn't let any water touch the area and soaks it in raw peroxide instead…. but then wonders at the bad scarring? wtf lmfao

No. 181676

New Thread New Us
Can we please agree NO ChrisXSharla BS in this thread unless there's ACTUAL proof or milk of any kind?
Thank you

No. 181677

I think Chris and Sharla might be dating guys

No. 181678

No. 181683


Indeed to a New Us. Tho personally I don't want to shut people up for tinfoiling (some tinfoils lead to milk) as I can see the other party feeling misunderstood here as well.

Let's all just endorse this rule I saw in another thread that makes a lot of (common) sense.

To everyone in this thread with an opinion about Sharla+Chris:

- Not everyone that disagrees with you is a whiteknight, the same way not everyone is vendetta posting. Don't shitpost.

- If an anon is breaking the rules, report them instead of infighting.

- If you must tinfoil about their (possible) relationship: sage your post, so it doesn't bump the thread.

- If you have milk or anything else, post receipts.

(absolute newfag)

No. 181685

fuck off minimod

No. 181686


What could raw peroxide possibly do to help healing? Where is she reading this bs? Peroxide CAUSES more scarring… wow just wow Bronwyn!

No. 181698

Why? The anon is right and farmhands gave said the exact same thing about the ChrisxSharla fag, who has not a single time, posted any proof pf this apparent relationship. Anons are sick of it.

No. 181706

Enjoy your ban
I feel sorry for her, body dysmorphia is one hell of an illness

No. 181754

i don't see what they posted that violated any rules

No. 181760

the heart emote

No. 181761

good lord
this place is fascist

No. 181769

This isn’t Reddit what the fuck are you doing posting like that

No. 181771


Looks like it's actual post styling allowed for lolcow…. just have a snickers dear

No. 181772

No. 181783

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(infighting- but just fyi the ♥ emoji is allowed)

No. 181794

Lurk more!

No. 181800

For real though Chris and Sharla might be dating

No. 181900

O rly?
why do u think so?

No. 181902

I might be blind but literally where? That red line under her nose is way more visible than the indent she's trying to point out.

No. 181908

That fucking Simpsons looking upper lip.

No. 181909

this is an imageboard u know

No. 181910

File: 1636770187837.png (10.41 KB, 254x254, simpsons.png)

No. 181923

lmao perfect anon

No. 182030

The OP image is so god awful ifs hard to spot this thread from the catalog also

>tkyosam linked

This fucker hasn’t been relevant in years. Someone’s trying real hard to push this fat fuck lmao

No. 182044

I honestly for the life of me can’t figure it out either anon. Probably the same vendetta chan but they tried to not get the thread banned by not mentioning youknowho, instead listing ex-jvloggers so it is aptly named.

No. 182239

Proof Chris checks in on lolcow… he knows we dog his same black shirt he wears in every video LOL

Video at 6:06

No. 182240

His new studio is insane. I think it will be a pretty clear sign if or if not Sharla does a "touring Chris's studio" video. Because if they're truly just friends then it wouldn't be that big a deal, but if they're actually a couple, then I can her just not doing it all to keep a seperation. The speculation continues lol

No. 182243

LOL Norm Jealousy just leveled up 1000x

No. 182257

In Connors' new video with Chris at a crane game, there was a comment that was made by the cameraman. He picks something off Chris "oh there is cat hair on you" and Chris looked at the cameraman like "shut up" kind of face, and who do we know who is the only one in Sendai that owns a cat? hmmm…(ban-evading sperg)

No. 182261

are you a fucking retard? go back to the last thread holy fucking shit

No. 182282

it's actually nice to see chris flexing his cash and not being a whiny bitch faking like he's some poor loser

No. 182302

…. Or proof he reads his YouTube comments?

No. 182312

I'm pretty sure in the video you can see the Elon Musk cutout in a "window" in his set.

No. 182368

How would visiting the studio make it clear they are dating or not? Make that even make sense?

No. 182369

Weird how Japan has an abundance of cats. That's not even proof? These fucking anons are just trolling at this point, right?

No. 182374


No. 182376

Have you ever been in an adult relationship before or are you like a high school weeb loser?
Because if C&S are platonic friends, she'd be super stoked and talk all about his new studio, visit it, do a video, etc. But they're so hypersensitive about their relationship status, she is likely to not even mention the studio. Or just mention it in passing. It's like reverse psychology.
Also, if you look in the studio tour, at around 4:00 Chris has a pink soap dispenser in his studio kitchen that Sharla had showed off in "her" apartment in a recent video…

No. 182379

This is an imageboard.

No. 182388

And some people are tired of spoonfeeding you.

No. 182394

the tinfoil about this is so real

No. 182410

this is a board to post receipts. (an image board.) if you want someone to idly chat with you really need to join a club or some shit. no one is going to watch a 30 minute video to find a flash of elon musk in the background somewhere, wtf?

that soap dispenser is a mass produced publicly available item at every grocery/home store in japan. AND it's very popular, because it dispenses a cute flower design. it's the equivalent of someone having a bottle of dial dish soap by their sink over in the US. i guarantee it's not the same soap dispenser in both videos.

fwiw i actually do believe chris/sharla are dating. yall are just also being dumb

No. 182415

Here’s a tip: instead of bragging about the proof you found, take a screenshot AND POST IT!

No. 182449

>It's like reverse psychology.
Yes they're doing it on purpose to make your life a nightmare. You have severe Robert John Bardo vibes emanating from your posts, please seek therapy. Gossip is fun, but whatever the fuck you're doing is not.

No. 182594

File: 1637079462398.png (1.37 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20211116-111305.png)

I feel like Im going full schizo by participating in this item checking shit, but heres a screenshot from her cleaning up video. All product names are turned from the camera, except I noticed there are 3 Deoderants. The dark blue one to me looks like degree for men, I think the other two are Arm and Hammer and Dove (Ive bought both). I also think chris and sharla are together and understand why Sharla may not want to make it public.

No. 182615

2 tubes of toothpaste too or are my eyes deceiving me?

No. 182638

File: 1637083199991.jpg (296.06 KB, 1198x896, Screenshot_20211116-110507_You…)

Shadow of the cutout in Chris's new studio.

No. 182645

File: 1637083420894.jpg (292.73 KB, 2880x2880, 20211116_111306.jpg)

Samefag, here's the shadow compared to that cardboard Elon.

No. 182647

I have two deodorants out myself (one for working out, one for just day to day) but three and one looking distinctly male is suspicious. Definitely feel retarded for how interested I am in whether or not these two are dating.

No. 182669

Sharla was filming the latest video.
You can see her on the ladles.

No. 182674

imageboard, retard

No. 182748

Samefag to yourself harder

No. 182749

Didn't Sharla move to a different city? How does that make them living together?

No. 182757

File: 1637093954077.png (426.58 KB, 658x366, ladlegate.png)

Schizoshipper-chan back at it again. It's just Chris himself filming.

No. 182759

Yes she moved to Sendai, the city that Chris has been living in for years.

No. 182768

She would always mention stuff about how much she loved Morioka, like that it was her hometown in Japan and that she didn't like bigger cities. She also said that many of her friends from the first time she lived there were still there.
So I'm wondering why she would just up and move to Sendai a few months after renting a second apartment for filming space. She also said that she was probably only gonna be in Japan for another 2 years at most. Must be a pretty nice apartment for her to go through the hassle of moving in Japan with all the key money and stuff or maybe Chris is the reason she moved there, or at least one of the reasons.

No. 182774

Probably because she abandoned the last place because she didn't know how long she'd be in another country for medical purposes. She probably also gets subsidies for YouTube depedning on where she lives. Why else do you think almost all the Youtubers, not just Chris and Sharla, live in such close cities to each other? Especially somewhere out of the way of Tokyo where you'd assume they'd all be smart to live.

No. 182776

I highly doubt they all didn't convene there and took turns filming. That's sort of how he's done filming with friends before and he uses a tripod. You are coming up with the most stupid rationalizations for him to be dating Sharla and somehow keeping it the biggest secret in the world. You can fuck off now about your fanfiction delusions.

No. 182781

she had already moved to Sendai before she discovered the lump. Subsidies from who?

No. 182782

Chris and Sharla are dating and it's a pretty serious relationship - you can ask anyone in their circle. Everyone knows it. You morons looking for deoderant and reflections are seriously losing your minds

No. 182783

Who are you who apparently knows everyone in their circle and has this insider knowledge, but has yet to post any proof at all, anything concrete whatsoever, besides countless speculations with nothing to back it up? Cat hair, same city, but not the same bathroom, but wait same soap, a photo together when there were other photos of other people too? Like come on. You don't get to fit this into a narrative that suits your desperation for milk.

No. 182784

"Probably because she abandoned the last place because she didn't know how long she'd be in another country for medical purposes"- how do you know this? She never mentioned anything about medical issues being a reason in either of the vids about her moving. She had also been in Sendai for a couple of months before she found out about the thyroid tumour.

No. 182785

lol listen to yourself, you're so fussed

No. 182786

Considering how many videos she's done with Ryotaro, I don't know why anons aren't saying the same thing about him. Natsuki too. She's done more with Ryotaro in the past few weeks than with Chris even. The logic isn't there that they are dating because it's the same "They film together" logic.

No. 182787

c+s are purposely not spending time togetehr on camera /making videos together nonnie that much should be pretty clear

No. 182789

Of course, because then the logic works, right? The whole no proof is apparently means they are dating secretly.

No. 182792

Fuck off with your baseless accusations, you can’t come here and expect us to just believe you.

No. 182807

LOL its funny you're clinging to "baseless" still bahahaha
the receipts have already been posted in previous threads
why u so fussed nonnie(post receipts)

No. 182816

I'm in the group they probably are dating, I'm just fed up with schizo chris chan constantly REEEing about why they won't go public.

No. 182825

honestly i think it's norm nakamura who is doing the most churning up this whole debacle and trying to keep the narrative going

No. 182850

Speculation posts aren't milk or proof. Anons refuse to post what is apparently said in personal patreons or live streams and want what they say taken at face value. None of that is proof.

No. 182900

Are u ok hun?
Do you understand what the difference between opinion and evidence?

No. 182943

there has been tons of evidence. for example, it's not my "opinion" that chris had two futons made up in his room in tottori which he only showed by accident in a few frames of video. the only people on the trip were him, natsuki, sharla, and shiori. and since we know natsuki had his own room, that means chris was sleeping with either sharla or shiori.
that's just ONE of many pieces of "evidence"


and no i'm not posting an image because "ThIs iS aN iMaGeBoArD REEEEE" because it has ALREADY BEEN POSTED


No. 182962

Oh nonnie, a picture with 2 futons doesn’t prove anything other than Chris was sharing his room with someone.

Evidence would be actual screenshots or photos of them together, messages (seeing as you know their inner circle), an actual slip up of someone mentioning them together.
There are people in this thread who want to believe it, but the only evidence you give is just circumstantial at best.

No. 182992

Because he wouldn't fit on a standard Japanese futon. Most non-Japanese or non-Asian don't. You don't think he'd spend extra money to have our equivalent of a cheaper queen bed? Go back to being banned already. Calling that proof is as retarded as the cat hair person. Nothing has ever been given as proof. It's conjecture because it fits into your bubble of what you wish was true. You're like FOX news.

No. 182996

Then prove it. Post your inner circle stuff so we all can see. You keep saying you know everyone and are close to them, but you haven't even done the bare minimum of secretly recording anyone or anything. You keep alluding to live streams and videos that you won't post yourself. A photo of him and Sharla isn't any different from Sharla's other photos with other influencers. It's like the idea of a platonic close relationship between a guy and a girl doesn't exist to you. She shoots more with Ryo than she has with Chris in months, but no one is running around screaming about them dating. She's also shot for with Natsuki too. Why aren't you saying any of those two guys are dating her?

No. 183006

wont be ryotaro, she did a vid where they went out to some bars and karaoke and she showed a creeped out look based on some flirting from ryotaro when he was singing.

No. 183017

honestly, that fact that there is an angry individual starting fights and shutting down conversations every time anybody mentions the very possibility of two of them dating is just making it look more convincing that they are

No. 183021

So the person shouting in all caps that they are dating makes it look like they are??

No. 183067

You out your ban evading self every time

No. 183068

You are so dumb. P>>182786
It’s clear that Chris and Sharla goes out their way to not film too many videos together. It’s the slips, the same furniture, the same household items, they are frequently each other’s camera person. It’s their friends slipping on live streams to only later edit out the slips. It’s Pete slip on the podcast, It’s the oh Sharla happens to be with me here and there on the live stream 3 hours from
Her house multiple times last year. It’s the move to Sendai and the new studio timing to not have to cover up as to why his apartment looks different. Its the deleting comments on both of their videos that mention that they are a couple. Its the ex Lily unfollowing Sharla after the break up with Chris, but no other jvloggers. Its Sharla going out of her way to deny shipping comments about mark or Norm, but never ever Chris, they delete all those comments that mention the shipping . It’s Sharla slipping on a live stream forgetting to remove their kissing picture on her desk, to only re upload that stream later with that part edited out. Those are some of the Cumulative circumstantial evidence that made many think that they are dating.(post receipts)

No. 183075

It’s not Elon, it’s Ken Watanabe. A gag gift that one of his Patreon sent him last year.

No. 183077

Dummy they are both in Sendai now, and were in morioka before they decided to go to move to Sendai.

No. 183080

Am sure Ryotaro 2 kids and wife would be thrilled to know that you are shipping him
With Sharla.

No. 183081

I also have 2 - a daily and an antipersperant. Thats why I was kinda suprised seeing 3, plus the 2 (or 3) different toothpastes.
I am happy for them if they are happy, but curious when/if it will be confirmed by them.(blogpost)

No. 183091

Yeah it's obvious that they're dating. Many people have been asking them about it for a long time and they have never denied it. People asked her if she was dating Mark in just about every livestream and vid they were in and she said in a vid and in livestreams "we're not dating, Mark is just a friend you guysssss". You would think if it wasn't true about her and Chris she would also deny it and say that they are just friends because it must be really fucking annoying by now, a bunch of their obsessed fans keep speculating about it, but no she never has. Plus they just have that vibe with their chemistry and the way they look at each other.(ban-evading sperg )

No. 183095

??? Did you reply to the wrong post?

I also hate the Chris/sharla fag

No. 183099

Because no one is saying anything about it doesn't mean they are. Lack of proof isn't proof you fucking retard.

No. 183100


No. 183109

Why does she deny dating her other friends but not Chris? What do you think is the reason for that? Do you think she wants to keep the speculation and shipping going seeing as she gets way more views when Chris is in her vids? I could see that being the case.

No. 183114

P.s. because I don't see why she wouldn't just tell her followers that they're just friends and to stop with their autistic level of speculation and shipping if it wasn't true. She got tired of her followers asking her about Mark and shipping them.

No. 183137

Just gotta wait for a mod to ban what you're on again.

No. 183186

The dark blue one might be Secret deodorant.

No. 183213

Mark also said in one of his streams when he left Morioka that "Sharla already found another guy". Take it as you wish.

No. 183214

What I find funny about the whole thing is if the sperg just speculated what they have been providing as proof, we actually might have had some sort of discussion which could have led to a conclusion.

No. 183238

File: 1637243043457.png (573.76 KB, 528x939, cs.png)

they're traveling together but i'm sure it's just as platonic friends, because that's what grown men and women in their 30s do, they travel together as platonic friends, a totally normal behavior that we can all relate to, in our 30s, as adults.

No. 183249

She hasn't denied dating Chris because it's most likely true.
I mean, why else would she say that Mark, Norm and others are just friends but then ignore the rumours about her and Chris.

No. 183257

They don't have proof of that supposed slip up, if they did they would have posted it by now.
I don't really believe it, why wouldn't she have checked that there was nothing personal in the background before she started streaming if they're trying to keep their relationship private? She kept her previous relationship completely private for years until she got engaged.

No. 183282

They are dating! You no longer have any chance to score Sharla. Accept it!

No. 183298

As a woman in my 30s, I would do this. What does age have to do with it?

No. 183301

Can't wait for your ban again.

No. 183306

I’m convinced it’s the same person talking to themselves

No. 183312

If you are "what does age have to do with it" then you are not in your 30s. As a man in my 30s, I would not "do this" unless I was expecting to smash.

Welcome to reality(moid )

No. 183314

LOL like i can't even imagine still thinking they're not a couple, how stupid do you have to be to think they're just friends LOLOLOL

No. 183317

>another stream where someone supposedly said something

No. 183329

>Man thinks his opinion matters
Be gone scrote

No. 183333

You must have a very unfulfilling life

You should see someone about your autism

No. 183340

Hmmmm there certainly is an anon who gets mad whenever someone mentions something about them possibly dating. They also said that she left her previous apartment because "she didn't know how long she'd be in another country for medical purposes". I don't recall her ever mentioning that when she talked about moving so that's interesting. I wonder which one is posting here, the brit or the canuck or one of their friends.

No. 183364

Its more than one anon and mods have said several times to actually provide proof, so no. It's not some paranoid anon, it's spergs wanting it so bad to be true. Nice hi-cow too.

No. 183395

File: 1637278421900.png (1.95 MB, 2048x1528, Screenshot_20211118-183129.png)

I think tkyosam might be the vendetta anon, he mentioned stuff about Chris and Sharla being together in both of the vids he made about them.
He said he has a friend who knows Chris and has worked on multiple projects with him, so maybe he found out from his friend that they're dating.
In the vid about Chris he comes off as a bit jealous and salty and in the desc of the Sharla vid it says she is "one of those fake nice people" in a previous vid he said that had met her a few times and she was nice and polite to him, so I don't know where that's coming from. Guess something happened behind the scenes or he's butthurt that neither of them want anything to do with him and that she didn't invite pearl to that event.

No. 183405

File: 1637279628749.png (978.23 KB, 2048x1938, Screenshot_20211118-233707.png)

Here is the comment from oriental pearl saying why she was uninvited to an event. Sharla had issues with a couple of her comments and blacklisted her kek. She might have posted here too she prob salty af.

No. 183406

If this is true and Oriental Pearl said these three things, WHY ON EARTH is she surprised that the YouTuber ignored her?! Act like a rude cunt and then be surprised when the other person doesn’t want to hang with them? She must have issues.
And yes it’s TkyoSam posting. We have a mutual friend and he says he spends all his time on this forum when he’s not riding his bike around Chiba, whining about having no friends.

No. 183407

She definitely has issues, tkyosam is the guy she chose to hang out with and she didn't see anything wrong with leaving rude comments.

No. 183408

File: 1637280755781.png (941 KB, 1704x2048, Screenshot_20211118-233817.png)

Someone else claiming that they were blacklisted by Sharla.

No. 183410

Good to see Kat is still stirring-the-shit and making horrendous vlogs after all these years.
I’ve met Tkyosam a few times (I’m a sub 10k jvlogger) and the dude is pretty vocal about his outsized influence (and outsized appearance) in creating and spreading gossip both on his bike videos and on this forum which he dedicates part of schedule for. He’s like a chubby Rupert Murdoch and he lives for it.

No. 183415

TBH a LOT of the shit talking on here seems like it's ripped directly from TkyoSam's videos on Sharla, Norm, etc. Go watch them yourself and judge for yourselves.

No. 183416

At least Sam can speak Japanese unlike other Jvloggers

No. 183418

He practically wrote the book on Japanese. The man’s a genius.(learn2sage)

No. 183419

he can carry on a conversation and convey his actual personality and not sound like he's speaking from a textbook, unlike Chris

No. 183423

The only thing worse than listening to Chris’ dull textbook Japanese is listening to TkyoLard convey his “personality”.

No. 183425

Neither of these two cunts will ever be as good as “white girl speaks Japanese” Oriental Pearl.

No. 183426

Sam is a beautiful god of a man

No. 183429

I see that looser Sam guy is on here again. Well since you are here Sam, I always wonder what it’s like to be a grown man, sleeping in a plywood drawer. What’s the feeling like to have to pay to shower as an adult? Most people your age are buying their first home, getting married, having children, traveling, investing, getting pets, renovating their place and thriving. Your biggest accomplishment is that you speak a language that most of the world gives 0 f about?

No. 183430

ngl he definitely seems like the type of person to lurk in these threads and sperg about people he doesn’t like all day. all he does is complain

No. 183436

Sam honestly makes me wet in the パンティー and I'm not embarassed to say it

No. 183438

imagine being so bored, sad and lonely that you have to go onto an anonymous forum and pretend there are people who find you attractive kek

No. 183449

Sam, you couldn’t even get a mermaid wet

No. 183453

Not Sam, but to be fair, "most people" his age are NOT buying houses. Unless their mommy and daddy are paying. Are you unaware of the real estate market in the United States? Sam is from the USA I think. It's not like you can just rock up and buy a house lol wtf

No. 183454

If the plywood coffin is rockin don’t come a knocking. Well you can’t knock sam doors are curtains.

No. 183455

lmao even then sam acts like a whingey teenager. what has he even accomplished for himself? Most people his age are getting on with their lives, he’s just a tub of lard sperging all over the internet about people who couldn’t give less of a shit about him, its almost sad.

No. 183456

I brought my condo last year, at 29 with 0 help from my parents. 380,000 2br. And this year I am redoing my kitchen. My best friend just put in an offer for a house. My sister brought her place at 26, 0 help from our parents 430,000.(no1currs)

No. 183457

Brag much?
I bet you work a shitty full time job and only care about money too

No. 183459

lmfao in what world is having a full time job a bad thing. some people have better things to do than whinge about being poor on the internet all day.

No. 183460

Yeah sorry I don't work for a "boss" but you do you.
That's the whole reason we do YouTube you simpleton.

No. 183461

LOL imagine bragging about being a wage slave

No. 183463

Nope not bragging just letting you know what people my age are accomplishing. Most of my friends circles are homeowners, and we live in the expensive ass greater New York City area. I have a great job that allows me to have a good work life balance. a job that enables me to own a home, a car, to travel, to live comfortably and invest towards my future. A job that allows me the luxury to pursue my own personal passions, to work from anywhere, to volunteer and donate. Nothing shitty about it.

No. 183464

LOL imagine having to choose between being able to eat and rent on a half decent place. we all know which one you pick fatty

No. 183465

>that knows.. that knows Chris

Same line anon used too. "I know their inner circle" but no proof postings.

No. 183467

Jesus Christ, anons called out the poster. Def >>183395

No. 183469

Lol sure you do.
But hey keep adding those things to your "vision board" and maybe you can "manifest" it

No. 183470

So the options are 1) work for YouTube (who is your boss btw), earn less than $1000 a month, dream of 1 day making it while failing miserably over and over again, live in a plywood shoebox, Contribute nothing positive to society, have no meaningful relationship. Or 2) work for a great international company, earn a good living, travel, live comfortably, achieve career goals, contribute positively to society, develop and maintain meaningful relationships. Such a hard choice!

No. 183471

Nice admittance to who you are.

No. 183472

shhhyeah RIGHT

and you're spending time on this imageboard?


No. 183473

This is exactly what people do.

No. 183476

its funny watching people fuck their own lives up. its like a slow motion car crash, you can't look away. call it morbid curiosity

No. 183479

Do you get flip splinters from the plywood? Or has the diabetes set in and you no longer can feel it?

No. 183482

hey dumbass you replied to the same post three times ya retard

No. 183484

Just to be clear from the sperging that followed, anon, you are definitely right >>183395

No. 183486

OMFG can this whole thread be immediately shut down for being an absolute dumpster fire?
Like right now?

No. 183487

It’s probably Victor that spilled the tea to diabetes Sam

No. 183488

I do NOT have diabetes

No. 183489

at this point I'm convinced you're a troll. if not though kek

No. 183490

I fucking knew it.

No. 183491

Now all the ChrisxSharla stuff makes sense. A sad pathetic fake tea channel that doesn't back up claims either.

No. 183492

Wow check out this first world white privilege sperg

No. 183493

you heard it here first, getting married and having children is a first world white people thing only

No. 183495

are you an autistic retard? shitting on people for not
"buying a house, investing, traveling" etc

learn to read >>183493

No. 183498

Sounds like he liked Sharla, she wanted nothing to do with him and kept to her friend group. Sounds like a salty bitch boy who wants to assume she's dating other people to make himself feel better. What a wanker.

No. 183499

no, they’re shitting on people for not doing anything with their lives other than getting fat and complaining kek
Hit a little too close to home?

No. 183500

no you daft cunt, and i may be fat but i'm not Sam, and just FYI not everyone lives a life of white privilege in america able to "buy a house, invest, travel and """"thrive"""" BARF

and trying to shame people (even if they are directing at Sam) is fucking disgusting, ignorant, and arrogant. but that's to be assumed with white americans tbh we all know that(infighting)

No. 183501

kek im not white or american, the world doesn’t revolve around yankees. die mad about it.
also stop talking about poc like we can’t do anything, its not white peoples fault you’re fat and lazy

No. 183502

Why don't you come to Quezon and say that to my face cunt

No. 183520

its nothing but shameful that sam is failing at everything. YouTube, relationship, career, weight lost, romance. its even more shameful and ignorant to assume that only white people can buy houses. tell that to my black immigrant parents. tell that to me or my other black family and friends who owns houses. perhaps the splinters from your homeless shelter has penetrated your brain?
you unemployed, homeless, diabetic looser.
yes I will shit on you for not achieving anything with your life, but being a failing asshole. if you were a kind person going through a hard time, I would be cheering you on, with 0 judgements. but instead you are not only have the worst delusional personality, but you are a looser.

No. 183527


No. 183535


lol so something i've always wondered about sharla with the whole pretending to be wholesome sweet smiley vlogger, but in reality a gossiping bitch with a queen bee complex.
Remember it was due to Sharla's screenshots of a conversation (and gossiping lol) of Mira self incriminating herself that she was making sockpuppets to talk shit in other jvlogger's comments? So sharla ran to rachel with it lol.
When rachel made that video with all the hypothetical evidence of trying to prove it was Mira, why didn't she just show Sharla's screenshots? It would've shut down the naysayers a lot easier. But I wonder if Sharla begged Rachel to not use them, because Sharla was/is so protective of her good girl image. At the time, would sharla's bitch talking really overshadow Mira's sock puppeting? i would've love the see the line group convo of them together trying to piece that video together w/o sharla's screenshots

Lol and bonus, according to gimmeabreakman, one time when Sharla was with friends and saw Mira across the street; sharla screamed at her "you fucking bitch" and was ready to brawl on the tokyo street lmao (at 12:15 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdOEc3LaN2c)(learn2embed)

No. 183536

So someone self incriminated themselves and that's somehow Sharla's problem for talking about it? Nah.

No. 183551

So all this time a fucking scrote was shitting up this thread, and one of the scrotiest of all scrotes tkyoham nonetheless.

It’s so funny how people that fail at life like to project their feelings by shitting on other people. You must be so jealous of Chris kek

No. 183554

Tkyoslime has probably posted in here more than anyone else. Watching him expose himself earlier today has been a long time coming.

No. 183557

I always thought he was a retard, but fuck after reading through this thread it really makes him look so pathetic.

No. 183592

It wasn't Sam, it was someone pretending to be Sam trying to set him up

No. 183597

he definitely posted in pull in the past, used the threads there to dig up dirt on norm which coincidentally was the first rant video.
Recently Victor said he wanted to have a word with sam because what hes doing is pissing him off.
Honestly, watching sam torch every jvlogger bridge in japan has been hilarious so far but he needs to stop holding back and really rip into them. They're never going to collab with him so nothing to lose really

No. 183599

I think Sam is pretty cool because he rides a motorcycle tbh, that's so cool, he combines jvlogging with motovlogging, there's not many people who do that

No. 183602

Victor drives a bicycle

No. 183654

Perhaps sam should get of the motorcycle and ride a Bicycle to help with the diabetes.

No. 183659

kek that one made me laugh, bless you anon

No. 183664

I'm starting to think that Chris and Sharla might be dating you guys

No. 183666

Oriental Pearl is marrying her Japanese language partner who she met in December 2020. That should work out well.

No. 183669

Perhaps the Japanese boyfriend can help her get an orthodontics to fix those jacked up teeth

No. 183670

not a "boyfriend"
they are engaged

No. 183671

there's nothing wrong with her teeth

No. 183672

Her language abilities are genuinely amazing tbh

No. 183675

I don’t care about her language skills she has the most pretentious and obnoxious content. Walking around and filming people with without consent, and acting like that being a white girl who speaks Japanese makes her special, with her ugly teeth.

No. 183676

her teeth are fine

No. 183677

She’s the textbook definition of obnoxious and her content is absolute bottom of the barrel shite. I’d sooner watch Tkyosam whining on his creaking bicycle as opposed to yet another “white girl speaks Japanese - SUGOI!” video(sage)

No. 183678

Sam rides a Yamaha Virago motorcycle, not a "creaking bicycle" as you stated.

Incidentally, what is a "virago" you ask in the technical sense of the definition, the history or etymology of the word?
Glad you asked, here's the definition of "Virago" - from the source titled "Wikipedia" -
A virago is a woman who demonstrates abundant masculine virtues. The word comes from the Latin word virāgō (genitive virāginis) meaning vigorous'[1] from vir meaning "man" or "man-like" (cf. virile and virtue) to which the suffix -āgō is added, a suffix that creates a new noun of the third declension with feminine grammatical gender. Historically, this was often positive and reflected heroism and exemplary qualities of masculinity. However, it could also be pejorative, indicating a woman who is masculine to the exclusion of traditional feminine virtues.

Modern use of the word virago generally takes the disparaging sense. Thus virago joined pejoratives such as termagant,[2] mannish, amazonian and shrew to describe women who acted aggressively or like men. The word virago has almost always had an association with cultural gender transgression. There are recorded instances of viragos (such as Joan of Arc) fighting battles, wearing men's clothing, or receiving the tonsure.[3](autistic derailment)

No. 183679

well he does have tits

No. 183681

Yamaha Virago: A Great Bike For Female Riders

No. 183688

its a hard flex on Kelly Morita who she went to highschool with. Grew a bigger channel in a shorter period of time and didnt have to import her husband either.

No. 183725

It's every weaboo's dream to marry a nIhOnJiN
Also it took me a minute to remember who Kelly Morita was - she started YouTube a few years ago as "LoveLyzKelly" and she was super awkward and seemed so desperate to be an influencer. I remeber one video (now deleted) where she was humble bragging about needing to go to a meeting at Tokyo Creative… wonder how that worked out… now she's peddling overpriced ridiculous "lifestyle" courses while her husband supports her ass

No. 183733

Why any women would want to date or marry a Japanese men is a mystery to me. Japanese men screams small penis energy with mediocre sex to me.(racebait )

No. 183734

LOL they don't actually have sex with you, silly. That's what hostess girls and their secretaries are for.

No. 183735

True that lol

No. 183808

she's a MLM life coach now right? lol

No. 183817

Is there a course of how to successfully live in a country for over 10 years and not speak the language?

No. 183819

they’re not obese, stinky, poor, stupid and ugly like you sam(hi cow)

No. 184011

Feels like a cow was talking there.
I want to know why they want so badly to push the narrative that Chris and Sharla are dating, why is it so important to them, why no receipts? You want people to believe, give the goddamn proof or shut up. Those two are clearly cow enough to talk about on their own, and I know they expect it now but Christ the other thread was polluted with that, I want the proof so whoever it is that has them, grow some balls and share or get over your little vendetta and post a shade throwing vlog about it.

No. 184041

There was a comment on the "my thoughts on abroad in Japan" vid that said something like "I bet he found out about Chris and Sharla from the guy who worked with Chris. Spill the beans."
Sam didn't reply to that comment. So he either doesn't want to say how he knows and out his source or he's just trying to spread the rumour about them.
That comment is no longer there for some reason.

No. 184043

Tokyo lens being a cunt.

No. 184045

File: 1637570978784.png (719.58 KB, 1578x2048, Screenshot_20211122-081117.png)


No. 184048

The title of the vid is "Tokyo lens being a dick in his own comment section"

No. 184061

pretty sure its a cutout of Ken Watanabe, he's mentioned it a couple of times

No. 184063

Hehe, my favorite part about this is that he calls the commenter obsessed, but writes a comment three times the length of the other guy, and then comes back for more

No. 184095

Then post it

No. 184100

The thing about norm is, if he owned that he was an over sensitive man baby, I would respect it. Instead he plays gee gosh am just the nicest, no cursing pure and white as snow YouTuber. It also pisses me off that the majority of his viewers don’t know how much of a shit human that he is.

No. 184107

I stopped watching his vids when he started mooching off every other jvlogger.

No. 184121

File: 1637612425506.png (784.18 KB, 1562x2048, Screenshot_20211122-194619.png)

All of their comments have disappeared so I can't post it.
Can you not fucking read?

No. 184127

File: 1637614237067.png (657.6 KB, 2048x907, Screenshot_20211119-013729.png)

Comment from Sam's vid on oriental pearl. Lol they forgot to add Norm to the list. Does anyone know what happened with Einshine?
Also I wonder if Sharla, Chris and the others know about Norms behaviour.

No. 184135

Found the comment where I fucked your mum but it got deleted too, oops. Totally exists though

No. 184141

Things all Lolcow agrees on 1) Norm is a giant cunt 2) Sam is a pitiful sack of lard. But I would love for us to add gaijin Gumba to the list of useless jackasses

No. 184154

File: 1637629148077.png (1.9 MB, 1329x2048, Screenshot_20211123-001851.png)

An accurate representation of what most of these white American and Canadian men that come to Japan to teach English and be jvloggers are like.

No. 184155

File: 1637630030699.png (949.5 KB, 1402x2048, Screenshot_20211123-003458.png)

Yep. This about sums up what many of these (ex-)jvloggers are like.

No. 184156

File: 1637630764013.png (3.07 MB, 2048x1684, Screenshot_20211123-011457.png)

They are also going there to get that Japanese pussy.

No. 184181

File: 1637640200118.png (2.07 MB, 1493x2048, Screenshot_20211123-032434.png)

Holy fuck lmao at this guy.

No. 184255

Ewww this is the same guy who made a music video about his gooma wifes ass lmao. His room is so male its terrible. Like he looked up “japanese” on amazon and just threw everything that he bought on the wall.

No. 184292

File: 1637699333868.jpg (54.57 KB, 600x800, ken-sama.jpg)

Same energy

No. 184293

File: 1637699708422.jpg (89.55 KB, 675x1200, girl wtf.jpg)

him and his wife look like siblings it's so uncanny. I recall they got married in a basement dressed as Mario characters too.

No. 184306


No. 184336

No not Mario characters!!! Lol

No. 184361

File: 1637737000899.png (4.89 MB, 2079x960, EAE94029-51B1-48ED-BDB4-9F91E7…)

Yeah girl and they had their characters splattered over the walls.

No. 184398

White people what's going on

No. 184445

What is she wearing!?! Please tell me this is a joke

No. 184563

I think she's wearing a princess peach dress and they seem to be serious about this shit lol.
Did you see that abomination of a music vid?

No. 184570

File: 1637899603290.png (2.11 MB, 2048x1965, Screenshot_20211126-034509.png)

No. 184573


No. 184574

Coming from this guy.

No. 184609

>edited <1 min ago
did you just confirm you’re lily lol

No. 184631

that user is probably american judging from all their political posts in their history and their better grasp of english slang than we’ve seen from lily

No. 184638

File: 1637963497970.png (731.51 KB, 1568x2048, Screenshot_20211126-152917.png)

I think this anon is one of the shippers who has been posting on the abroad in Japan subreddit.

No. 184639

It sounds like the anon who was here making stupid stringhold claims too

No. 184641

Is gaijin gumba a full time YouTuber?

No. 184642

Tkyo Sam is A person who talks about dream but never work towards them. He has been talking about making it big on YouTube but refuse to see that he’s failing so badly

No. 184643

File: 1637965952996.png (658.66 KB, 2048x1324, Screenshot_20211126-222047.png)

Yep. Bringing up the same pieces of evidence again and again, speculating about it every time there's a post about Sharla or about a vid they were in together.
They have been posting here confirmed.

No. 184644

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's one of them.

No. 184647

I think so, he has two YouTube channels.

No. 184649

Well good for him. From the little videos I have seen of gaijin Gumba seems to be pining for Japan. Why doesn’t he move there and be a miserable teacher like all the other weebs?(sage)

No. 184651

Another jvlogger that I find sus is, sundai love. What does she do for a living? Why are all her videos- a week in a productive life in Japan, followed by diet in japan, followed by eating a tone of ramen. She then takes trips with her not my boyfriend but we are always together married guy. So sus

No. 184659

are you a 3rd world country fag? that shit is obtainable on an average salary. stop being a poor-chan.

No. 184662

Probably because they don't like weebs, especially not the nerdy otaku weebs like him. They're not going appreciate some guy who was only there for two years, as an English teacher, acting like an expert on their culture. They probably make fun of people like him.

No. 184665

Why would lily be posting about Sam? Seems she only came here to post stuff about Chris and Sharla.

No. 184677

Wait, that guy isn’t her boyfriend? Who is he?

Also: she designs (weeby) T-shirts, but it’s likely she also has a day job or something.

No. 184716

It’s intresting why anyone would want to move to Japan to only be forced into a dead end teaching job. I get doing the 3 year Jet program, but why would a 30+ year old do that to themselves and ruin their career?

No. 184717

Am not sure if she is earning a living wage off of that store. She used to date him for a very short time a while back, but she said she won’t date him unless he needs to get his stuff together. I thought it had to do with his finances but There was a rumor that he was or is married/separated. Not sure though

No. 184768

he did live in japan and did the jet program for a few years. Even tho he was just a jet teacher, he calls himself a "grassroots diplomat" lmao(sage your shit)

No. 184787

Grass roots diplomat? He sure does have a high opinion of himself.

No. 185023

Wait he’s married? I always thought he just wanted to stay fwb rather than commit(learn2sage)

No. 185051

That was a look of discomfort because Ryotaro was trying to hit the high notes on a song. He wasn't flirting lol.

No. 185054

Well yeah it's been almost three years since she moved back to Japan so I'm sure she has found someone else. Why even bring that up? It doesn't add any weight to the whole ChrisxSharla thing and honestly who gives a fuck.
Also don't bring up shit that happened in a livestream if there's no proof for it.

No. 185088

File: 1638296190175.png (2.05 MB, 1401x2048, Screenshot_20211130-085502.png)

So lily stopped following Sharla after the break up then? I think she was the anon who mentioned that Chris and Sharla cheated on their partners near the end of the previous thread. Similar spelling and grammar mistakes in their posts. My tinfoil is that she found out about it from Micaela who spent time with them towards the end of journey across Japan.

No. 185089

File: 1638297477401.png (1.94 MB, 2048x1156, Screenshot_20211130-084811.png)

She became friends with Micaela while she was dating Chris. On her twitter you can see that Micaela started ignoring her around the same time that this whole "Chris and Sharla are dating and living together" posting began. She mentioned this- "I found out something about her and decided to share it" so it seems like someone told her about them. Micaela may have spilled the beans.

No. 185091

File: 1638298097204.png (2.06 MB, 1213x2048, Screenshot_20211130-084931.png)

She also might have found out from someone from TC.

No. 185100


yeah both secret twins at being absolute shite at putting on eyeliner

No. 185162

The anon is probably referring to her gummy grinch smile.

No. 185237

Ha ha that wanna b social climber norm copy cat video bomb. I love that for him.

No. 185318

File: 1638416747808.png (1.18 MB, 1723x2048, Screenshot_20211202-032323.png)

Lol wtf is wrong with that guy.

No. 185350

You guys should have seen Sharla and Chris on Sharlas patreon live show.. :P(:p)

No. 185388

If they didn’t announce their relationship no ones gonna care tbh lol(sage)

No. 185440

did they start making out teehee

No. 185453

Norm is the worst, I can’t wait for him to be exposed

No. 185490

Trying to get people to join the patreon, eh?

No. 185499

Narcissistic rage. Norm is a fucking skinny ass weak chinned loser.

No. 185518

Norm is such a man baby. He acts like he’s a documentary filmmaker and can’t except any form of criticism. The Bitch makes subpar YouTube videos, get over yourself norm. I refuse to watch any of his stuff.

No. 185619

I do everything I can to never watch norm’s video. I get annoyed when YouTube recommends him

No. 185675

More fodder for the ChrisxSharla anons

No. 185679

>getting the shipper fags to click her videos
She knows what she's doing lol

No. 185680

And she commented on the shipping in the comments.

No. 185681

File: 1638642611079.jpeg (185.81 KB, 655x819, D083C8D6-BDA0-4159-A3AE-961A00…)

No. 185682

File: 1638642718696.png (3.17 MB, 1583x827, Screenshot 2021-12-04 at 13-30…)

pov; you're sharla

No. 185686

Kek. Exactly, if Sharla were to vlog with any man more than a few times (pour example Mark) everyone ships them.
This really intrigues me, like is norm butthurt because she turned her down? Is tkyoham butthurt because he is jealous of literally everyone?
Why Sharla? Why Chris? Are they the most successful

Please excuse my autism.. I just think there’s more to the sperg

No. 185689

I notice that Joey is posting more and more on his 2nd channel, I know that his main Chanel was banned for a couple of days. But it also seems the stem from his lack of ingest in anime as well.

No. 185712

>Is tkyoham butthurt because he is jealous of literally everyone?
Basically lol. A few months back I binged my way through any of his vids that mentioned other youtubers and that was the one impression I came away with.

I wouldn't trust his version of events when he's telling his stories. He also talked about some youtubers he'd never met before just to use their name in the title and he couldn't even research them or get his facts right. If he were a woman he'd be labelled a fat bpd bitch for the way he carries on. Jealous and a gossip. Not that interesting of a person himself.

No. 185719

That sam guy is not even on the same planet let alone the same league in terms of content and views as the other popular jvloggers. He needs to concentrate of growing up and growing up, getting a better job, moving out etc. he is way to old to be living like a homeless person and trying desperately to make his failing YouTube channel to be a thing.

No. 185746

I can’t understand why John Daub would put Tkyo Sam on his channe, he has a family friendly audience but he is polluting it with that horrible person

No. 185748

I agree, but I think Daub is running out of steam a bit since covid and his baby, and might just be running out of ideas and looking for guests to carry some weight/get some views. All his thumbnails now have the same terse, forced grin. I think he feels stressed out trying to make content when loads of shit is closed and/or his viewers will get angry if he travels too much or doesn’t always wear a mask. During his olympic coverage (which he was def hyped for and was probably counting on for views/content but Covid ruined that) he got some criticism in the comments for going and supporting it. Anyway, I think he’s using a lot of guests now. I hate when Ericsurf is there. He creeps me WAY the fuck out. Big alcoholic sex predator vibes.

No. 185749

What sorts of additional views could Sam get him? 0 I would say. He may run the risk of alienating his viewers by bringing somebody likes sam around. Oh and you are so right about that surf guy, He gives me the leaning close talker creepy vibes.

No. 185774

in terms of success the trash taste guys hold the top spot

No. 185779

>guests to carry some weight

No. 185780

is Eric a divorcee or something? he has old children but in the few videos I seen him on dates with different women and staying in single night hotels

No. 185781

How did Lily and Chris meet, again? University sweethearts and then she moved to Japan to be with him later?

No. 185785

idk why but joey's been annoying me lately. especially when he's doing his opinion/comments on current topics videos.

No. 185786

File: 1638706639078.jpeg (514.05 KB, 1125x1168, 59BEB2D5-6FBE-4971-A4E2-EF7C82…)

If anyone is still curious about Emma, I think I know what she was being so vague about in this video.

She started spending a LOT of time with Twitch streamer RetroGaijin (Chris) back in May/June when he was looking for a place to move to near Tokyo. On Chris’s stream he would constantly talk about how great and cool Emma was. They even did a bunch of IRL streams together (you can still see clips of her on his Twitch channel). They also both went to Nintendo World with Joey, Aki, Luke, Sophie. And suddenly they completely stopped hanging out together.

I highly suspect they were either hooking up or casually dating and then broke up. Why else would you suddenly stop hanging out with a close friend, esp when you live near other? Her video in picrel was likely alluding to the fact that she was missing romance/intimacy in her life.

No. 185791

Same with Connor. This guy's whole personality is flexing his money and talking about memes.
I don't understand why people find his dumb opinions so relatable.

No. 185793

A girl like Emma, would be friends with Retro, but would never date him. He is a whore and like the big boobs easy Asian type, she is not his type. So am sure that they were just good friends. He is dating a new girl now, his type.

No. 185796

She’s not his type but maybe she had a crush on him and got depressed about her unrequited feelings? If they are just good friends why don’t they still hang out?

No. 185802

Her peek depression was before they even started to hang out. If you look at her ex BF retro Isnt her type either, she says she like the tall emo like white boys on her twitch stream. From what she shared on twitch, her depression was not circumstance base, she said it wasn’t because of anything or anyone. She was just suffering a deep low. I may be wrong but I just don’t see it having to do with him

No. 185813

Poor dude. I thought it was common knowledge not to point in Japan.

>cant even pronounce the instrument he plays

Cant wait for these gaijins vloggers to become irrelevant

No. 185816

People can date/be attracted to others outside of their “type”.
And I agree that her depression started before they met. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it all came to a head at the same time she was spending a lot of free time with an attractive single dude that she got along with very well. He stayed at her apartment for several days while he was searching for his own. Retro had several livestreams were he would gush over how amazing Emma was. And one of Retro’s guy friends said something on a stream that implied she was more than his friend.

I don’t know if they actually hooked up or dated, but to me it seems like there was some chemistry between them. I’d imagine that this would make being depressed about being single even worse. Probably for the best they aren’t dating now though, Retro is kind of a manwhore.

No. 185822

Unless you have insider info with proof about Emma, no1currs about your tinfoil. She's just a depressed sack. >>185796 no

No. 185833

He did not stay at her apartment at all, he stayed with his sister who lives in Tokyo as well. Her depression only overlapped with his move at the very end of it, when she was starting to feel bit better. She started therapy and was working through her issues and then they met at Joey house. She wanted some IRL streaming advice and accompanied him to learn, because she was burn out with YouTube. Again when she meant him she was Alreasy in a deep cycle of depression and had started going back to thearopy and was starting to get better, by the time she was at Mario world with that group trip, she was doing much better. They also hung out at joeys bday camping getaway recently, while retro was already in a relationship. Also in recent weeks and months Emma went back to working more with TC and has been busy. The reason she had so much free time to hang out with retro was because she was taking some time off TC to get better. Your assumptions doesn’t match the timeline.

No. 185845

He explicitly said he stayed at her place for a few days. It took him 2-3 weeks to find an apartment so he stayed with several different people, he said he didn’t want to impose on anyone by overstaying his welcome for too long.

What happened to all the IRL streams they were gonna do together? Emma said she wanted to do more IRL streams with him along for safety. But that only happened once or twice. They haven’t been on each other’s streams in months. Seems pretty weird to suddenly stop hanging out with a good friend for no apparent reason.

I was hoping someone knew wtf happened between them because they were a pretty entertaining duo to watch on stream.(learn2sage)

No. 185859

Man, I'm so tired of mediocre white people doing the bare minimum in asian contries and getting views.(sage)

No. 185868

Them not streaming together could be for a variety of reasons. Schedule, his covid etc, but u r saying that she was depress because of him, that is a reach because the timeline doesn’t match.

No. 185878

Joey always came across to me as somewhat biting or envious. He seems like he wants to just be a nice and chill guy, but that there's some sort of undercurrent to his behavior where he doesn't like not being the center or attention or seeing friends be more successful than him? idk, it's difficult for me to pinpoint, but ever since he moved to Japan last year for trash taste, it seems to have gone into overdrive and made him less likable.
I don't understand Connor's content. His entire schtick is "I have a deep voice and meme on some comics?"?

Out of the three of them, Garth is the only one who seems like a genuinely kind and educated person, although maybe he is just better at acting in front of a camera.(sage)

No. 185892

Omg not every girlxguy in a video is dating. Stfu

No. 185893

Joey has lived in Japan for years. Do you even know what you're talking about?

No. 185919

I know right, Joey has been in japan forever. In terms of numbers he tends to out perform the other 3.

No. 185920

Garnt is so awkward with his annoying laugh

No. 185938

Joey has said multiple times that he feels limited in the type of content he can make on his main channel and wants to cover other non-weeb topics which is why he's building up his 2nd channel.
He also hasn't proposed yet and puts up a fair bit of resistance when people bring it up, understandable as its not something you should be pressured into. Once Garnt and Sydney have their wedding the pressure will be huge though and Akis expectations will no doubt rise. Could be a make or break year for their relationship.

No. 185974

You know nothing about their relationship to make a statement like that. What does garnt and Sydney wedding have to do with Kai and Joey’s relationship? You don’t know their future plans, he’ll for all you know they may be engaged already. This ain’t an anime it’s real people. Stupid weebs

No. 185975

File: 1638805614148.gif (7.95 MB, 800x755, wut.gif)

> Connor's content. His entire schtick is "I have a deep voice
He also crossdresses at any opportunity

No. 185976

Well he is laughing all the way to the bank…. So good on him

No. 185978

Yeah I wasn't shitting on him for it, just saying it's another shtick he has

No. 186045

File: 1638833719704.png (130.68 KB, 1152x520, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.34…)


No. 186099

Abroad in Japan replied confirming it wasn’t him.
I guess he’s a “white youtuber in Japan”

No. 186102

File: 1638859281335.png (1.7 MB, 2048x1538, Screenshot_20211207-062448.png)

Tkyosam said he talked to someone who worked on the production of journey across Japan and they said that Chris didn't pay them anything for their help.

No. 186103

File: 1638860166734.png (871.45 KB, 2048x1212, Screenshot_20211207-064556.png)

They deleted their tweet.

No. 186105

>Makes Tweet
>Abroad in Japan says it isn't about him
>Deletes Tweet

I guess Chris messaged the girl and it turns out it was about him, I'm sure he guilt-tripped her into deleting it

No. 186106

If tkyo sam is your source then you should question all your life choices. Chris said he paid everyone that came with him. Chris had to pay Natsuki enough to make it worth for him to close his salon for a week. Joey in his rap said chris got the pay, and said on a twitch love that he gets paid with his all his collabs with chris. Norma is an asshole and would not work for free. Ian does a lot of work for chris. Tkyo sam said that chris told them that their pmnt would be content that they created. Did norm, Joey or his friend Ian make content for their channel from the trip? No. Tkyo sam likes to speak with Authority about things he doesn’t know about and gets a lot of things wrong. I remember him telling a story about oriental pearl and Sharla and orientalist pearl corrected him in the comment sectio, saying he got the story wrong. Even with her pointing out that he got it wrong, he months later went on to repeat the same wrong story again on his channel. So check your sources

No. 186109

Definitely get the vibe that Connor knows his audience and panders heavy to it, He has big boobed japanese girl co-host to make up for the ones he can't fanservice to himself.

Still somehow find him one of the least annoying though.

No. 186124

File: 1638873025650.png (501.51 KB, 2048x1133, Screenshot_20211207-101607.png)

And now that tweet has been deleted. I wonder who they were talking about then.

No. 186130

"Norma" lol
Okay anon relax. Do you know which "famous white guy in Japan YouTuber" they were referring to then?

No. 186132

Ambroise is French and there's quite a few big white French youtubers in Japan. Sadly (and boringly) it's most likely to be one of them.

No. 186162

I don’t know and I don’t care. But I wanted to point out using Tkyo sam as your source is just silly. He is a know liar who just pukes out nonsense.

No. 186218

At least Cdawgva has originally video ideas, yes there weird as fcuk. But the other tt members only review stuff and talk. These videos will be outdated within a year. They both need to think about their longevity on YouTube.

No. 186233

Chris and Sharla have the same decorations for their Christmas trees (at Chris’ studio and at Sharlas home).

You can tell from Sharlas post from the first of December and Chris reply to TT on 29th of November.

No. 186289

That’s not really a secret, Sharla said that they both went Christmas tree shoping together at the end of last month on chris Patreon.

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