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File: 1636706307421.png (716.72 KB, 1328x767, 4xyewjjc49r21.png)

No. 181637

Previous thread: >>>/w/166355

Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.







Rachel & Jun



Tokyo Creative



Taylor, Aki, Simon/Martina and some other (Ex-)Jvloggers may have their own thread, post your (non-)milk there!

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No. 181640

File: 1636709355790.jpg (198.28 KB, 951x827, 20211112_102015.jpg)


She wants to have a revision for that "indent" I couldn't see because of the mega scar blocking the view. How does she not see her body is butchered? The least she could do is give it time to heal. That scar around her nose is so much more visible, she magnifies the one thing on there that should be the least of her problem. The body dysmorphia is pretty sad to see.

No. 181654

I just watched her video and at the start she says she's at the 3rd week rn and doesn't let any water touch the area and soaks it in raw peroxide instead…. but then wonders at the bad scarring? wtf lmfao

No. 181676

New Thread New Us
Can we please agree NO ChrisXSharla BS in this thread unless there's ACTUAL proof or milk of any kind?
Thank you

No. 181677

I think Chris and Sharla might be dating guys

No. 181678

No. 181683


Indeed to a New Us. Tho personally I don't want to shut people up for tinfoiling (some tinfoils lead to milk) as I can see the other party feeling misunderstood here as well.

Let's all just endorse this rule I saw in another thread that makes a lot of (common) sense.

To everyone in this thread with an opinion about Sharla+Chris:

- Not everyone that disagrees with you is a whiteknight, the same way not everyone is vendetta posting. Don't shitpost.

- If an anon is breaking the rules, report them instead of infighting.

- If you must tinfoil about their (possible) relationship: sage your post, so it doesn't bump the thread.

- If you have milk or anything else, post receipts.

(absolute newfag)

No. 181685

fuck off minimod

No. 181686


What could raw peroxide possibly do to help healing? Where is she reading this bs? Peroxide CAUSES more scarring… wow just wow Bronwyn!

No. 181698

Why? The anon is right and farmhands gave said the exact same thing about the ChrisxSharla fag, who has not a single time, posted any proof pf this apparent relationship. Anons are sick of it.

No. 181706

Enjoy your ban
I feel sorry for her, body dysmorphia is one hell of an illness

No. 181754

i don't see what they posted that violated any rules

No. 181760

the heart emote

No. 181761

good lord
this place is fascist

No. 181769

This isn’t Reddit what the fuck are you doing posting like that

No. 181771


Looks like it's actual post styling allowed for lolcow…. just have a snickers dear

No. 181772

No. 181783

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(infighting- but just fyi the ♥ emoji is allowed)

No. 181794

Lurk more!

No. 181800

For real though Chris and Sharla might be dating

No. 181900

O rly?
why do u think so?

No. 181902

I might be blind but literally where? That red line under her nose is way more visible than the indent she's trying to point out.

No. 181908

That fucking Simpsons looking upper lip.

No. 181909

this is an imageboard u know

No. 181910

File: 1636770187837.png (10.41 KB, 254x254, simpsons.png)

No. 181923

lmao perfect anon

No. 182030

The OP image is so god awful ifs hard to spot this thread from the catalog also

>tkyosam linked

This fucker hasn’t been relevant in years. Someone’s trying real hard to push this fat fuck lmao

No. 182044

I honestly for the life of me can’t figure it out either anon. Probably the same vendetta chan but they tried to not get the thread banned by not mentioning youknowho, instead listing ex-jvloggers so it is aptly named.

No. 182239

Proof Chris checks in on lolcow… he knows we dog his same black shirt he wears in every video LOL

Video at 6:06

No. 182240

His new studio is insane. I think it will be a pretty clear sign if or if not Sharla does a "touring Chris's studio" video. Because if they're truly just friends then it wouldn't be that big a deal, but if they're actually a couple, then I can her just not doing it all to keep a seperation. The speculation continues lol

No. 182243

LOL Norm Jealousy just leveled up 1000x

No. 182257

In Connors' new video with Chris at a crane game, there was a comment that was made by the cameraman. He picks something off Chris "oh there is cat hair on you" and Chris looked at the cameraman like "shut up" kind of face, and who do we know who is the only one in Sendai that owns a cat? hmmm…(ban-evading sperg)

No. 182261

are you a fucking retard? go back to the last thread holy fucking shit

No. 182282

it's actually nice to see chris flexing his cash and not being a whiny bitch faking like he's some poor loser

No. 182302

…. Or proof he reads his YouTube comments?

No. 182312

I'm pretty sure in the video you can see the Elon Musk cutout in a "window" in his set.

No. 182368

How would visiting the studio make it clear they are dating or not? Make that even make sense?

No. 182369

Weird how Japan has an abundance of cats. That's not even proof? These fucking anons are just trolling at this point, right?

No. 182374


No. 182376

Have you ever been in an adult relationship before or are you like a high school weeb loser?
Because if C&S are platonic friends, she'd be super stoked and talk all about his new studio, visit it, do a video, etc. But they're so hypersensitive about their relationship status, she is likely to not even mention the studio. Or just mention it in passing. It's like reverse psychology.
Also, if you look in the studio tour, at around 4:00 Chris has a pink soap dispenser in his studio kitchen that Sharla had showed off in "her" apartment in a recent video…

No. 182379

This is an imageboard.

No. 182388

And some people are tired of spoonfeeding you.

No. 182394

the tinfoil about this is so real

No. 182410

this is a board to post receipts. (an image board.) if you want someone to idly chat with you really need to join a club or some shit. no one is going to watch a 30 minute video to find a flash of elon musk in the background somewhere, wtf?

that soap dispenser is a mass produced publicly available item at every grocery/home store in japan. AND it's very popular, because it dispenses a cute flower design. it's the equivalent of someone having a bottle of dial dish soap by their sink over in the US. i guarantee it's not the same soap dispenser in both videos.

fwiw i actually do believe chris/sharla are dating. yall are just also being dumb

No. 182415

Here’s a tip: instead of bragging about the proof you found, take a screenshot AND POST IT!

No. 182449

>It's like reverse psychology.
Yes they're doing it on purpose to make your life a nightmare. You have severe Robert John Bardo vibes emanating from your posts, please seek therapy. Gossip is fun, but whatever the fuck you're doing is not.

No. 182594

File: 1637079462398.png (1.37 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20211116-111305.png)

I feel like Im going full schizo by participating in this item checking shit, but heres a screenshot from her cleaning up video. All product names are turned from the camera, except I noticed there are 3 Deoderants. The dark blue one to me looks like degree for men, I think the other two are Arm and Hammer and Dove (Ive bought both). I also think chris and sharla are together and understand why Sharla may not want to make it public.

No. 182615

2 tubes of toothpaste too or are my eyes deceiving me?

No. 182638

File: 1637083199991.jpg (296.06 KB, 1198x896, Screenshot_20211116-110507_You…)

Shadow of the cutout in Chris's new studio.

No. 182645

File: 1637083420894.jpg (292.73 KB, 2880x2880, 20211116_111306.jpg)

Samefag, here's the shadow compared to that cardboard Elon.

No. 182647

I have two deodorants out myself (one for working out, one for just day to day) but three and one looking distinctly male is suspicious. Definitely feel retarded for how interested I am in whether or not these two are dating.

No. 182669

Sharla was filming the latest video.
You can see her on the ladles.

No. 182674

imageboard, retard

No. 182748

Samefag to yourself harder

No. 182749

Didn't Sharla move to a different city? How does that make them living together?

No. 182757

File: 1637093954077.png (426.58 KB, 658x366, ladlegate.png)

Schizoshipper-chan back at it again. It's just Chris himself filming.

No. 182759

Yes she moved to Sendai, the city that Chris has been living in for years.

No. 182768

She would always mention stuff about how much she loved Morioka, like that it was her hometown in Japan and that she didn't like bigger cities. She also said that many of her friends from the first time she lived there were still there.
So I'm wondering why she would just up and move to Sendai a few months after renting a second apartment for filming space. She also said that she was probably only gonna be in Japan for another 2 years at most. Must be a pretty nice apartment for her to go through the hassle of moving in Japan with all the key money and stuff or maybe Chris is the reason she moved there, or at least one of the reasons.

No. 182774

Probably because she abandoned the last place because she didn't know how long she'd be in another country for medical purposes. She probably also gets subsidies for YouTube depedning on where she lives. Why else do you think almost all the Youtubers, not just Chris and Sharla, live in such close cities to each other? Especially somewhere out of the way of Tokyo where you'd assume they'd all be smart to live.

No. 182776

I highly doubt they all didn't convene there and took turns filming. That's sort of how he's done filming with friends before and he uses a tripod. You are coming up with the most stupid rationalizations for him to be dating Sharla and somehow keeping it the biggest secret in the world. You can fuck off now about your fanfiction delusions.

No. 182781

she had already moved to Sendai before she discovered the lump. Subsidies from who?

No. 182782

Chris and Sharla are dating and it's a pretty serious relationship - you can ask anyone in their circle. Everyone knows it. You morons looking for deoderant and reflections are seriously losing your minds

No. 182783

Who are you who apparently knows everyone in their circle and has this insider knowledge, but has yet to post any proof at all, anything concrete whatsoever, besides countless speculations with nothing to back it up? Cat hair, same city, but not the same bathroom, but wait same soap, a photo together when there were other photos of other people too? Like come on. You don't get to fit this into a narrative that suits your desperation for milk.

No. 182784

"Probably because she abandoned the last place because she didn't know how long she'd be in another country for medical purposes"- how do you know this? She never mentioned anything about medical issues being a reason in either of the vids about her moving. She had also been in Sendai for a couple of months before she found out about the thyroid tumour.

No. 182785

lol listen to yourself, you're so fussed

No. 182786

Considering how many videos she's done with Ryotaro, I don't know why anons aren't saying the same thing about him. Natsuki too. She's done more with Ryotaro in the past few weeks than with Chris even. The logic isn't there that they are dating because it's the same "They film together" logic.

No. 182787

c+s are purposely not spending time togetehr on camera /making videos together nonnie that much should be pretty clear

No. 182789

Of course, because then the logic works, right? The whole no proof is apparently means they are dating secretly.

No. 182792

Fuck off with your baseless accusations, you can’t come here and expect us to just believe you.

No. 182807

LOL its funny you're clinging to "baseless" still bahahaha
the receipts have already been posted in previous threads
why u so fussed nonnie(post receipts)

No. 182816

I'm in the group they probably are dating, I'm just fed up with schizo chris chan constantly REEEing about why they won't go public.

No. 182825

honestly i think it's norm nakamura who is doing the most churning up this whole debacle and trying to keep the narrative going

No. 182850

Speculation posts aren't milk or proof. Anons refuse to post what is apparently said in personal patreons or live streams and want what they say taken at face value. None of that is proof.

No. 182900

Are u ok hun?
Do you understand what the difference between opinion and evidence?

No. 182943

there has been tons of evidence. for example, it's not my "opinion" that chris had two futons made up in his room in tottori which he only showed by accident in a few frames of video. the only people on the trip were him, natsuki, sharla, and shiori. and since we know natsuki had his own room, that means chris was sleeping with either sharla or shiori.
that's just ONE of many pieces of "evidence"


and no i'm not posting an image because "ThIs iS aN iMaGeBoArD REEEEE" because it has ALREADY BEEN POSTED


No. 182962

Oh nonnie, a picture with 2 futons doesn’t prove anything other than Chris was sharing his room with someone.

Evidence would be actual screenshots or photos of them together, messages (seeing as you know their inner circle), an actual slip up of someone mentioning them together.
There are people in this thread who want to believe it, but the only evidence you give is just circumstantial at best.

No. 182992

Because he wouldn't fit on a standard Japanese futon. Most non-Japanese or non-Asian don't. You don't think he'd spend extra money to have our equivalent of a cheaper queen bed? Go back to being banned already. Calling that proof is as retarded as the cat hair person. Nothing has ever been given as proof. It's conjecture because it fits into your bubble of what you wish was true. You're like FOX news.

No. 182996

Then prove it. Post your inner circle stuff so we all can see. You keep saying you know everyone and are close to them, but you haven't even done the bare minimum of secretly recording anyone or anything. You keep alluding to live streams and videos that you won't post yourself. A photo of him and Sharla isn't any different from Sharla's other photos with other influencers. It's like the idea of a platonic close relationship between a guy and a girl doesn't exist to you. She shoots more with Ryo than she has with Chris in months, but no one is running around screaming about them dating. She's also shot for with Natsuki too. Why aren't you saying any of those two guys are dating her?

No. 183006

wont be ryotaro, she did a vid where they went out to some bars and karaoke and she showed a creeped out look based on some flirting from ryotaro when he was singing.

No. 183017

honestly, that fact that there is an angry individual starting fights and shutting down conversations every time anybody mentions the very possibility of two of them dating is just making it look more convincing that they are

No. 183021

So the person shouting in all caps that they are dating makes it look like they are??

No. 183067

You out your ban evading self every time

No. 183068

You are so dumb. P>>182786
It’s clear that Chris and Sharla goes out their way to not film too many videos together. It’s the slips, the same furniture, the same household items, they are frequently each other’s camera person. It’s their friends slipping on live streams to only later edit out the slips. It’s Pete slip on the podcast, It’s the oh Sharla happens to be with me here and there on the live stream 3 hours from
Her house multiple times last year. It’s the move to Sendai and the new studio timing to not have to cover up as to why his apartment looks different. Its the deleting comments on both of their videos that mention that they are a couple. Its the ex Lily unfollowing Sharla after the break up with Chris, but no other jvloggers. Its Sharla going out of her way to deny shipping comments about mark or Norm, but never ever Chris, they delete all those comments that mention the shipping . It’s Sharla slipping on a live stream forgetting to remove their kissing picture on her desk, to only re upload that stream later with that part edited out. Those are some of the Cumulative circumstantial evidence that made many think that they are dating.(post receipts)

No. 183075

It’s not Elon, it’s Ken Watanabe. A gag gift that one of his Patreon sent him last year.

No. 183077

Dummy they are both in Sendai now, and were in morioka before they decided to go to move to Sendai.

No. 183080

Am sure Ryotaro 2 kids and wife would be thrilled to know that you are shipping him
With Sharla.

No. 183081

I also have 2 - a daily and an antipersperant. Thats why I was kinda suprised seeing 3, plus the 2 (or 3) different toothpastes.
I am happy for them if they are happy, but curious when/if it will be confirmed by them.(blogpost)

No. 183091

Yeah it's obvious that they're dating. Many people have been asking them about it for a long time and they have never denied it. People asked her if she was dating Mark in just about every livestream and vid they were in and she said in a vid and in livestreams "we're not dating, Mark is just a friend you guysssss". You would think if it wasn't true about her and Chris she would also deny it and say that they are just friends because it must be really fucking annoying by now, a bunch of their obsessed fans keep speculating about it, but no she never has. Plus they just have that vibe with their chemistry and the way they look at each other.(ban-evading sperg )

No. 183095

??? Did you reply to the wrong post?

I also hate the Chris/sharla fag

No. 183099

Because no one is saying anything about it doesn't mean they are. Lack of proof isn't proof you fucking retard.

No. 183100


No. 183109

Why does she deny dating her other friends but not Chris? What do you think is the reason for that? Do you think she wants to keep the speculation and shipping going seeing as she gets way more views when Chris is in her vids? I could see that being the case.

No. 183114

P.s. because I don't see why she wouldn't just tell her followers that they're just friends and to stop with their autistic level of speculation and shipping if it wasn't true. She got tired of her followers asking her about Mark and shipping them.

No. 183137

Just gotta wait for a mod to ban what you're on again.

No. 183186

The dark blue one might be Secret deodorant.

No. 183213

Mark also said in one of his streams when he left Morioka that "Sharla already found another guy". Take it as you wish.

No. 183214

What I find funny about the whole thing is if the sperg just speculated what they have been providing as proof, we actually might have had some sort of discussion which could have led to a conclusion.

No. 183238

File: 1637243043457.png (573.76 KB, 528x939, cs.png)

they're traveling together but i'm sure it's just as platonic friends, because that's what grown men and women in their 30s do, they travel together as platonic friends, a totally normal behavior that we can all relate to, in our 30s, as adults.

No. 183249

She hasn't denied dating Chris because it's most likely true.
I mean, why else would she say that Mark, Norm and others are just friends but then ignore the rumours about her and Chris.

No. 183257

They don't have proof of that supposed slip up, if they did they would have posted it by now.
I don't really believe it, why wouldn't she have checked that there was nothing personal in the background before she started streaming if they're trying to keep their relationship private? She kept her previous relationship completely private for years until she got engaged.

No. 183282

They are dating! You no longer have any chance to score Sharla. Accept it!

No. 183298

As a woman in my 30s, I would do this. What does age have to do with it?

No. 183301

Can't wait for your ban again.

No. 183306

I’m convinced it’s the same person talking to themselves

No. 183312

If you are "what does age have to do with it" then you are not in your 30s. As a man in my 30s, I would not "do this" unless I was expecting to smash.

Welcome to reality(moid )

No. 183314

LOL like i can't even imagine still thinking they're not a couple, how stupid do you have to be to think they're just friends LOLOLOL

No. 183317

>another stream where someone supposedly said something

No. 183329

>Man thinks his opinion matters
Be gone scrote

No. 183333

You must have a very unfulfilling life

You should see someone about your autism

No. 183340

Hmmmm there certainly is an anon who gets mad whenever someone mentions something about them possibly dating. They also said that she left her previous apartment because "she didn't know how long she'd be in another country for medical purposes". I don't recall her ever mentioning that when she talked about moving so that's interesting. I wonder which one is posting here, the brit or the canuck or one of their friends.

No. 183364

Its more than one anon and mods have said several times to actually provide proof, so no. It's not some paranoid anon, it's spergs wanting it so bad to be true. Nice hi-cow too.

No. 183395

File: 1637278421900.png (1.95 MB, 2048x1528, Screenshot_20211118-183129.png)

I think tkyosam might be the vendetta anon, he mentioned stuff about Chris and Sharla being together in both of the vids he made about them.
He said he has a friend who knows Chris and has worked on multiple projects with him, so maybe he found out from his friend that they're dating.
In the vid about Chris he comes off as a bit jealous and salty and in the desc of the Sharla vid it says she is "one of those fake nice people" in a previous vid he said that had met her a few times and she was nice and polite to him, so I don't know where that's coming from. Guess something happened behind the scenes or he's butthurt that neither of them want anything to do with him and that she didn't invite pearl to that event.

No. 183405

File: 1637279628749.png (978.23 KB, 2048x1938, Screenshot_20211118-233707.png)

Here is the comment from oriental pearl saying why she was uninvited to an event. Sharla had issues with a couple of her comments and blacklisted her kek. She might have posted here too she prob salty af.

No. 183406

If this is true and Oriental Pearl said these three things, WHY ON EARTH is she surprised that the YouTuber ignored her?! Act like a rude cunt and then be surprised when the other person doesn’t want to hang with them? She must have issues.
And yes it’s TkyoSam posting. We have a mutual friend and he says he spends all his time on this forum when he’s not riding his bike around Chiba, whining about having no friends.

No. 183407

She definitely has issues, tkyosam is the guy she chose to hang out with and she didn't see anything wrong with leaving rude comments.

No. 183408

File: 1637280755781.png (941 KB, 1704x2048, Screenshot_20211118-233817.png)

Someone else claiming that they were blacklisted by Sharla.

No. 183410

Good to see Kat is still stirring-the-shit and making horrendous vlogs after all these years.
I’ve met Tkyosam a few times (I’m a sub 10k jvlogger) and the dude is pretty vocal about his outsized influence (and outsized appearance) in creating and spreading gossip both on his bike videos and on this forum which he dedicates part of schedule for. He’s like a chubby Rupert Murdoch and he lives for it.

No. 183415

TBH a LOT of the shit talking on here seems like it's ripped directly from TkyoSam's videos on Sharla, Norm, etc. Go watch them yourself and judge for yourselves.

No. 183416

At least Sam can speak Japanese unlike other Jvloggers

No. 183418

He practically wrote the book on Japanese. The man’s a genius.(learn2sage)

No. 183419

he can carry on a conversation and convey his actual personality and not sound like he's speaking from a textbook, unlike Chris

No. 183423

The only thing worse than listening to Chris’ dull textbook Japanese is listening to TkyoLard convey his “personality”.

No. 183425

Neither of these two cunts will ever be as good as “white girl speaks Japanese” Oriental Pearl.

No. 183426

Sam is a beautiful god of a man

No. 183429

I see that looser Sam guy is on here again. Well since you are here Sam, I always wonder what it’s like to be a grown man, sleeping in a plywood drawer. What’s the feeling like to have to pay to shower as an adult? Most people your age are buying their first home, getting married, having children, traveling, investing, getting pets, renovating their place and thriving. Your biggest accomplishment is that you speak a language that most of the world gives 0 f about?

No. 183430

ngl he definitely seems like the type of person to lurk in these threads and sperg about people he doesn’t like all day. all he does is complain

No. 183436

Sam honestly makes me wet in the パンティー and I'm not embarassed to say it

No. 183438

imagine being so bored, sad and lonely that you have to go onto an anonymous forum and pretend there are people who find you attractive kek

No. 183449

Sam, you couldn’t even get a mermaid wet

No. 183453

Not Sam, but to be fair, "most people" his age are NOT buying houses. Unless their mommy and daddy are paying. Are you unaware of the real estate market in the United States? Sam is from the USA I think. It's not like you can just rock up and buy a house lol wtf

No. 183454

If the plywood coffin is rockin don’t come a knocking. Well you can’t knock sam doors are curtains.

No. 183455

lmao even then sam acts like a whingey teenager. what has he even accomplished for himself? Most people his age are getting on with their lives, he’s just a tub of lard sperging all over the internet about people who couldn’t give less of a shit about him, its almost sad.

No. 183456

I brought my condo last year, at 29 with 0 help from my parents. 380,000 2br. And this year I am redoing my kitchen. My best friend just put in an offer for a house. My sister brought her place at 26, 0 help from our parents 430,000.(no1currs)

No. 183457

Brag much?
I bet you work a shitty full time job and only care about money too

No. 183459

lmfao in what world is having a full time job a bad thing. some people have better things to do than whinge about being poor on the internet all day.

No. 183460

Yeah sorry I don't work for a "boss" but you do you.
That's the whole reason we do YouTube you simpleton.

No. 183461

LOL imagine bragging about being a wage slave

No. 183463

Nope not bragging just letting you know what people my age are accomplishing. Most of my friends circles are homeowners, and we live in the expensive ass greater New York City area. I have a great job that allows me to have a good work life balance. a job that enables me to own a home, a car, to travel, to live comfortably and invest towards my future. A job that allows me the luxury to pursue my own personal passions, to work from anywhere, to volunteer and donate. Nothing shitty about it.

No. 183464

LOL imagine having to choose between being able to eat and rent on a half decent place. we all know which one you pick fatty

No. 183465

>that knows.. that knows Chris

Same line anon used too. "I know their inner circle" but no proof postings.

No. 183467

Jesus Christ, anons called out the poster. Def >>183395

No. 183469

Lol sure you do.
But hey keep adding those things to your "vision board" and maybe you can "manifest" it

No. 183470

So the options are 1) work for YouTube (who is your boss btw), earn less than $1000 a month, dream of 1 day making it while failing miserably over and over again, live in a plywood shoebox, Contribute nothing positive to society, have no meaningful relationship. Or 2) work for a great international company, earn a good living, travel, live comfortably, achieve career goals, contribute positively to society, develop and maintain meaningful relationships. Such a hard choice!

No. 183471

Nice admittance to who you are.

No. 183472

shhhyeah RIGHT

and you're spending time on this imageboard?


No. 183473

This is exactly what people do.

No. 183476

its funny watching people fuck their own lives up. its like a slow motion car crash, you can't look away. call it morbid curiosity

No. 183479

Do you get flip splinters from the plywood? Or has the diabetes set in and you no longer can feel it?

No. 183482

hey dumbass you replied to the same post three times ya retard

No. 183484

Just to be clear from the sperging that followed, anon, you are definitely right >>183395

No. 183486

OMFG can this whole thread be immediately shut down for being an absolute dumpster fire?
Like right now?

No. 183487

It’s probably Victor that spilled the tea to diabetes Sam

No. 183488

I do NOT have diabetes

No. 183489

at this point I'm convinced you're a troll. if not though kek

No. 183490

I fucking knew it.

No. 183491

Now all the ChrisxSharla stuff makes sense. A sad pathetic fake tea channel that doesn't back up claims either.

No. 183492

Wow check out this first world white privilege sperg

No. 183493

you heard it here first, getting married and having children is a first world white people thing only

No. 183495

are you an autistic retard? shitting on people for not
"buying a house, investing, traveling" etc

learn to read >>183493

No. 183498

Sounds like he liked Sharla, she wanted nothing to do with him and kept to her friend group. Sounds like a salty bitch boy who wants to assume she's dating other people to make himself feel better. What a wanker.

No. 183499

no, they’re shitting on people for not doing anything with their lives other than getting fat and complaining kek
Hit a little too close to home?

No. 183500

no you daft cunt, and i may be fat but i'm not Sam, and just FYI not everyone lives a life of white privilege in america able to "buy a house, invest, travel and """"thrive"""" BARF

and trying to shame people (even if they are directing at Sam) is fucking disgusting, ignorant, and arrogant. but that's to be assumed with white americans tbh we all know that(infighting)

No. 183501

kek im not white or american, the world doesn’t revolve around yankees. die mad about it.
also stop talking about poc like we can’t do anything, its not white peoples fault you’re fat and lazy

No. 183502

Why don't you come to Quezon and say that to my face cunt

No. 183520

its nothing but shameful that sam is failing at everything. YouTube, relationship, career, weight lost, romance. its even more shameful and ignorant to assume that only white people can buy houses. tell that to my black immigrant parents. tell that to me or my other black family and friends who owns houses. perhaps the splinters from your homeless shelter has penetrated your brain?
you unemployed, homeless, diabetic looser.
yes I will shit on you for not achieving anything with your life, but being a failing asshole. if you were a kind person going through a hard time, I would be cheering you on, with 0 judgements. but instead you are not only have the worst delusional personality, but you are a looser.

No. 183527


No. 183535


lol so something i've always wondered about sharla with the whole pretending to be wholesome sweet smiley vlogger, but in reality a gossiping bitch with a queen bee complex.
Remember it was due to Sharla's screenshots of a conversation (and gossiping lol) of Mira self incriminating herself that she was making sockpuppets to talk shit in other jvlogger's comments? So sharla ran to rachel with it lol.
When rachel made that video with all the hypothetical evidence of trying to prove it was Mira, why didn't she just show Sharla's screenshots? It would've shut down the naysayers a lot easier. But I wonder if Sharla begged Rachel to not use them, because Sharla was/is so protective of her good girl image. At the time, would sharla's bitch talking really overshadow Mira's sock puppeting? i would've love the see the line group convo of them together trying to piece that video together w/o sharla's screenshots

Lol and bonus, according to gimmeabreakman, one time when Sharla was with friends and saw Mira across the street; sharla screamed at her "you fucking bitch" and was ready to brawl on the tokyo street lmao (at 12:15 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdOEc3LaN2c)(learn2embed)

No. 183536

So someone self incriminated themselves and that's somehow Sharla's problem for talking about it? Nah.

No. 183551

So all this time a fucking scrote was shitting up this thread, and one of the scrotiest of all scrotes tkyoham nonetheless.

It’s so funny how people that fail at life like to project their feelings by shitting on other people. You must be so jealous of Chris kek

No. 183554

Tkyoslime has probably posted in here more than anyone else. Watching him expose himself earlier today has been a long time coming.

No. 183557

I always thought he was a retard, but fuck after reading through this thread it really makes him look so pathetic.

No. 183592

It wasn't Sam, it was someone pretending to be Sam trying to set him up

No. 183597

he definitely posted in pull in the past, used the threads there to dig up dirt on norm which coincidentally was the first rant video.
Recently Victor said he wanted to have a word with sam because what hes doing is pissing him off.
Honestly, watching sam torch every jvlogger bridge in japan has been hilarious so far but he needs to stop holding back and really rip into them. They're never going to collab with him so nothing to lose really

No. 183599

I think Sam is pretty cool because he rides a motorcycle tbh, that's so cool, he combines jvlogging with motovlogging, there's not many people who do that

No. 183602

Victor drives a bicycle

No. 183654

Perhaps sam should get of the motorcycle and ride a Bicycle to help with the diabetes.

No. 183659

kek that one made me laugh, bless you anon

No. 183664

I'm starting to think that Chris and Sharla might be dating you guys

No. 183666

Oriental Pearl is marrying her Japanese language partner who she met in December 2020. That should work out well.

No. 183669

Perhaps the Japanese boyfriend can help her get an orthodontics to fix those jacked up teeth

No. 183670

not a "boyfriend"
they are engaged

No. 183671

there's nothing wrong with her teeth

No. 183672

Her language abilities are genuinely amazing tbh

No. 183675

I don’t care about her language skills she has the most pretentious and obnoxious content. Walking around and filming people with without consent, and acting like that being a white girl who speaks Japanese makes her special, with her ugly teeth.

No. 183676

her teeth are fine

No. 183677

She’s the textbook definition of obnoxious and her content is absolute bottom of the barrel shite. I’d sooner watch Tkyosam whining on his creaking bicycle as opposed to yet another “white girl speaks Japanese - SUGOI!” video(sage)

No. 183678

Sam rides a Yamaha Virago motorcycle, not a "creaking bicycle" as you stated.

Incidentally, what is a "virago" you ask in the technical sense of the definition, the history or etymology of the word?
Glad you asked, here's the definition of "Virago" - from the source titled "Wikipedia" -
A virago is a woman who demonstrates abundant masculine virtues. The word comes from the Latin word virāgō (genitive virāginis) meaning vigorous'[1] from vir meaning "man" or "man-like" (cf. virile and virtue) to which the suffix -āgō is added, a suffix that creates a new noun of the third declension with feminine grammatical gender. Historically, this was often positive and reflected heroism and exemplary qualities of masculinity. However, it could also be pejorative, indicating a woman who is masculine to the exclusion of traditional feminine virtues.

Modern use of the word virago generally takes the disparaging sense. Thus virago joined pejoratives such as termagant,[2] mannish, amazonian and shrew to describe women who acted aggressively or like men. The word virago has almost always had an association with cultural gender transgression. There are recorded instances of viragos (such as Joan of Arc) fighting battles, wearing men's clothing, or receiving the tonsure.[3](autistic derailment)

No. 183679

well he does have tits

No. 183681

Yamaha Virago: A Great Bike For Female Riders

No. 183688

its a hard flex on Kelly Morita who she went to highschool with. Grew a bigger channel in a shorter period of time and didnt have to import her husband either.

No. 183725

It's every weaboo's dream to marry a nIhOnJiN
Also it took me a minute to remember who Kelly Morita was - she started YouTube a few years ago as "LoveLyzKelly" and she was super awkward and seemed so desperate to be an influencer. I remeber one video (now deleted) where she was humble bragging about needing to go to a meeting at Tokyo Creative… wonder how that worked out… now she's peddling overpriced ridiculous "lifestyle" courses while her husband supports her ass

No. 183733

Why any women would want to date or marry a Japanese men is a mystery to me. Japanese men screams small penis energy with mediocre sex to me.(racebait )

No. 183734

LOL they don't actually have sex with you, silly. That's what hostess girls and their secretaries are for.

No. 183735

True that lol

No. 183808

she's a MLM life coach now right? lol

No. 183817

Is there a course of how to successfully live in a country for over 10 years and not speak the language?

No. 183819

they’re not obese, stinky, poor, stupid and ugly like you sam(hi cow)

No. 184011

Feels like a cow was talking there.
I want to know why they want so badly to push the narrative that Chris and Sharla are dating, why is it so important to them, why no receipts? You want people to believe, give the goddamn proof or shut up. Those two are clearly cow enough to talk about on their own, and I know they expect it now but Christ the other thread was polluted with that, I want the proof so whoever it is that has them, grow some balls and share or get over your little vendetta and post a shade throwing vlog about it.

No. 184041

There was a comment on the "my thoughts on abroad in Japan" vid that said something like "I bet he found out about Chris and Sharla from the guy who worked with Chris. Spill the beans."
Sam didn't reply to that comment. So he either doesn't want to say how he knows and out his source or he's just trying to spread the rumour about them.
That comment is no longer there for some reason.

No. 184043

Tokyo lens being a cunt.

No. 184045

File: 1637570978784.png (719.58 KB, 1578x2048, Screenshot_20211122-081117.png)


No. 184048

The title of the vid is "Tokyo lens being a dick in his own comment section"

No. 184061

pretty sure its a cutout of Ken Watanabe, he's mentioned it a couple of times

No. 184063

Hehe, my favorite part about this is that he calls the commenter obsessed, but writes a comment three times the length of the other guy, and then comes back for more

No. 184095

Then post it

No. 184100

The thing about norm is, if he owned that he was an over sensitive man baby, I would respect it. Instead he plays gee gosh am just the nicest, no cursing pure and white as snow YouTuber. It also pisses me off that the majority of his viewers don’t know how much of a shit human that he is.

No. 184107

I stopped watching his vids when he started mooching off every other jvlogger.

No. 184121

File: 1637612425506.png (784.18 KB, 1562x2048, Screenshot_20211122-194619.png)

All of their comments have disappeared so I can't post it.
Can you not fucking read?

No. 184127

File: 1637614237067.png (657.6 KB, 2048x907, Screenshot_20211119-013729.png)

Comment from Sam's vid on oriental pearl. Lol they forgot to add Norm to the list. Does anyone know what happened with Einshine?
Also I wonder if Sharla, Chris and the others know about Norms behaviour.

No. 184135

Found the comment where I fucked your mum but it got deleted too, oops. Totally exists though

No. 184141

Things all Lolcow agrees on 1) Norm is a giant cunt 2) Sam is a pitiful sack of lard. But I would love for us to add gaijin Gumba to the list of useless jackasses

No. 184154

File: 1637629148077.png (1.9 MB, 1329x2048, Screenshot_20211123-001851.png)

An accurate representation of what most of these white American and Canadian men that come to Japan to teach English and be jvloggers are like.

No. 184155

File: 1637630030699.png (949.5 KB, 1402x2048, Screenshot_20211123-003458.png)

Yep. This about sums up what many of these (ex-)jvloggers are like.

No. 184156

File: 1637630764013.png (3.07 MB, 2048x1684, Screenshot_20211123-011457.png)

They are also going there to get that Japanese pussy.

No. 184181

File: 1637640200118.png (2.07 MB, 1493x2048, Screenshot_20211123-032434.png)

Holy fuck lmao at this guy.

No. 184255

Ewww this is the same guy who made a music video about his gooma wifes ass lmao. His room is so male its terrible. Like he looked up “japanese” on amazon and just threw everything that he bought on the wall.

No. 184292

File: 1637699333868.jpg (54.57 KB, 600x800, ken-sama.jpg)

Same energy

No. 184293

File: 1637699708422.jpg (89.55 KB, 675x1200, girl wtf.jpg)

him and his wife look like siblings it's so uncanny. I recall they got married in a basement dressed as Mario characters too.

No. 184306


No. 184336

No not Mario characters!!! Lol

No. 184361

File: 1637737000899.png (4.89 MB, 2079x960, EAE94029-51B1-48ED-BDB4-9F91E7…)

Yeah girl and they had their characters splattered over the walls.

No. 184398

White people what's going on

No. 184445

What is she wearing!?! Please tell me this is a joke

No. 184563

I think she's wearing a princess peach dress and they seem to be serious about this shit lol.
Did you see that abomination of a music vid?

No. 184570

File: 1637899603290.png (2.11 MB, 2048x1965, Screenshot_20211126-034509.png)

No. 184573


No. 184574

Coming from this guy.

No. 184609

>edited <1 min ago
did you just confirm you’re lily lol

No. 184631

that user is probably american judging from all their political posts in their history and their better grasp of english slang than we’ve seen from lily

No. 184638

File: 1637963497970.png (731.51 KB, 1568x2048, Screenshot_20211126-152917.png)

I think this anon is one of the shippers who has been posting on the abroad in Japan subreddit.

No. 184639

It sounds like the anon who was here making stupid stringhold claims too

No. 184641

Is gaijin gumba a full time YouTuber?

No. 184642

Tkyo Sam is A person who talks about dream but never work towards them. He has been talking about making it big on YouTube but refuse to see that he’s failing so badly

No. 184643

File: 1637965952996.png (658.66 KB, 2048x1324, Screenshot_20211126-222047.png)

Yep. Bringing up the same pieces of evidence again and again, speculating about it every time there's a post about Sharla or about a vid they were in together.
They have been posting here confirmed.

No. 184644

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's one of them.

No. 184647

I think so, he has two YouTube channels.

No. 184649

Well good for him. From the little videos I have seen of gaijin Gumba seems to be pining for Japan. Why doesn’t he move there and be a miserable teacher like all the other weebs?(sage)

No. 184651

Another jvlogger that I find sus is, sundai love. What does she do for a living? Why are all her videos- a week in a productive life in Japan, followed by diet in japan, followed by eating a tone of ramen. She then takes trips with her not my boyfriend but we are always together married guy. So sus

No. 184659

are you a 3rd world country fag? that shit is obtainable on an average salary. stop being a poor-chan.

No. 184662

Probably because they don't like weebs, especially not the nerdy otaku weebs like him. They're not going appreciate some guy who was only there for two years, as an English teacher, acting like an expert on their culture. They probably make fun of people like him.

No. 184665

Why would lily be posting about Sam? Seems she only came here to post stuff about Chris and Sharla.

No. 184677

Wait, that guy isn’t her boyfriend? Who is he?

Also: she designs (weeby) T-shirts, but it’s likely she also has a day job or something.

No. 184716

It’s intresting why anyone would want to move to Japan to only be forced into a dead end teaching job. I get doing the 3 year Jet program, but why would a 30+ year old do that to themselves and ruin their career?

No. 184717

Am not sure if she is earning a living wage off of that store. She used to date him for a very short time a while back, but she said she won’t date him unless he needs to get his stuff together. I thought it had to do with his finances but There was a rumor that he was or is married/separated. Not sure though

No. 184768

he did live in japan and did the jet program for a few years. Even tho he was just a jet teacher, he calls himself a "grassroots diplomat" lmao(sage your shit)

No. 184787

Grass roots diplomat? He sure does have a high opinion of himself.

No. 185023

Wait he’s married? I always thought he just wanted to stay fwb rather than commit(learn2sage)

No. 185051

That was a look of discomfort because Ryotaro was trying to hit the high notes on a song. He wasn't flirting lol.

No. 185054

Well yeah it's been almost three years since she moved back to Japan so I'm sure she has found someone else. Why even bring that up? It doesn't add any weight to the whole ChrisxSharla thing and honestly who gives a fuck.
Also don't bring up shit that happened in a livestream if there's no proof for it.

No. 185088

File: 1638296190175.png (2.05 MB, 1401x2048, Screenshot_20211130-085502.png)

So lily stopped following Sharla after the break up then? I think she was the anon who mentioned that Chris and Sharla cheated on their partners near the end of the previous thread. Similar spelling and grammar mistakes in their posts. My tinfoil is that she found out about it from Micaela who spent time with them towards the end of journey across Japan.

No. 185089

File: 1638297477401.png (1.94 MB, 2048x1156, Screenshot_20211130-084811.png)

She became friends with Micaela while she was dating Chris. On her twitter you can see that Micaela started ignoring her around the same time that this whole "Chris and Sharla are dating and living together" posting began. She mentioned this- "I found out something about her and decided to share it" so it seems like someone told her about them. Micaela may have spilled the beans.

No. 185091

File: 1638298097204.png (2.06 MB, 1213x2048, Screenshot_20211130-084931.png)

She also might have found out from someone from TC.

No. 185100


yeah both secret twins at being absolute shite at putting on eyeliner

No. 185162

The anon is probably referring to her gummy grinch smile.

No. 185237

Ha ha that wanna b social climber norm copy cat video bomb. I love that for him.

No. 185318

File: 1638416747808.png (1.18 MB, 1723x2048, Screenshot_20211202-032323.png)

Lol wtf is wrong with that guy.

No. 185350

You guys should have seen Sharla and Chris on Sharlas patreon live show.. :P(:p)

No. 185388

If they didn’t announce their relationship no ones gonna care tbh lol(sage)

No. 185440

did they start making out teehee

No. 185453

Norm is the worst, I can’t wait for him to be exposed

No. 185490

Trying to get people to join the patreon, eh?

No. 185499

Narcissistic rage. Norm is a fucking skinny ass weak chinned loser.

No. 185518

Norm is such a man baby. He acts like he’s a documentary filmmaker and can’t except any form of criticism. The Bitch makes subpar YouTube videos, get over yourself norm. I refuse to watch any of his stuff.

No. 185619

I do everything I can to never watch norm’s video. I get annoyed when YouTube recommends him

No. 185675

More fodder for the ChrisxSharla anons

No. 185679

>getting the shipper fags to click her videos
She knows what she's doing lol

No. 185680

And she commented on the shipping in the comments.

No. 185681

File: 1638642611079.jpeg (185.81 KB, 655x819, D083C8D6-BDA0-4159-A3AE-961A00…)

No. 185682

File: 1638642718696.png (3.17 MB, 1583x827, Screenshot 2021-12-04 at 13-30…)

pov; you're sharla

No. 185686

Kek. Exactly, if Sharla were to vlog with any man more than a few times (pour example Mark) everyone ships them.
This really intrigues me, like is norm butthurt because she turned her down? Is tkyoham butthurt because he is jealous of literally everyone?
Why Sharla? Why Chris? Are they the most successful

Please excuse my autism.. I just think there’s more to the sperg

No. 185689

I notice that Joey is posting more and more on his 2nd channel, I know that his main Chanel was banned for a couple of days. But it also seems the stem from his lack of ingest in anime as well.

No. 185712

>Is tkyoham butthurt because he is jealous of literally everyone?
Basically lol. A few months back I binged my way through any of his vids that mentioned other youtubers and that was the one impression I came away with.

I wouldn't trust his version of events when he's telling his stories. He also talked about some youtubers he'd never met before just to use their name in the title and he couldn't even research them or get his facts right. If he were a woman he'd be labelled a fat bpd bitch for the way he carries on. Jealous and a gossip. Not that interesting of a person himself.

No. 185719

That sam guy is not even on the same planet let alone the same league in terms of content and views as the other popular jvloggers. He needs to concentrate of growing up and growing up, getting a better job, moving out etc. he is way to old to be living like a homeless person and trying desperately to make his failing YouTube channel to be a thing.

No. 185746

I can’t understand why John Daub would put Tkyo Sam on his channe, he has a family friendly audience but he is polluting it with that horrible person

No. 185748

I agree, but I think Daub is running out of steam a bit since covid and his baby, and might just be running out of ideas and looking for guests to carry some weight/get some views. All his thumbnails now have the same terse, forced grin. I think he feels stressed out trying to make content when loads of shit is closed and/or his viewers will get angry if he travels too much or doesn’t always wear a mask. During his olympic coverage (which he was def hyped for and was probably counting on for views/content but Covid ruined that) he got some criticism in the comments for going and supporting it. Anyway, I think he’s using a lot of guests now. I hate when Ericsurf is there. He creeps me WAY the fuck out. Big alcoholic sex predator vibes.

No. 185749

What sorts of additional views could Sam get him? 0 I would say. He may run the risk of alienating his viewers by bringing somebody likes sam around. Oh and you are so right about that surf guy, He gives me the leaning close talker creepy vibes.

No. 185774

in terms of success the trash taste guys hold the top spot

No. 185779

>guests to carry some weight

No. 185780

is Eric a divorcee or something? he has old children but in the few videos I seen him on dates with different women and staying in single night hotels

No. 185781

How did Lily and Chris meet, again? University sweethearts and then she moved to Japan to be with him later?

No. 185785

idk why but joey's been annoying me lately. especially when he's doing his opinion/comments on current topics videos.

No. 185786

File: 1638706639078.jpeg (514.05 KB, 1125x1168, 59BEB2D5-6FBE-4971-A4E2-EF7C82…)

If anyone is still curious about Emma, I think I know what she was being so vague about in this video.

She started spending a LOT of time with Twitch streamer RetroGaijin (Chris) back in May/June when he was looking for a place to move to near Tokyo. On Chris’s stream he would constantly talk about how great and cool Emma was. They even did a bunch of IRL streams together (you can still see clips of her on his Twitch channel). They also both went to Nintendo World with Joey, Aki, Luke, Sophie. And suddenly they completely stopped hanging out together.

I highly suspect they were either hooking up or casually dating and then broke up. Why else would you suddenly stop hanging out with a close friend, esp when you live near other? Her video in picrel was likely alluding to the fact that she was missing romance/intimacy in her life.

No. 185791

Same with Connor. This guy's whole personality is flexing his money and talking about memes.
I don't understand why people find his dumb opinions so relatable.

No. 185793

A girl like Emma, would be friends with Retro, but would never date him. He is a whore and like the big boobs easy Asian type, she is not his type. So am sure that they were just good friends. He is dating a new girl now, his type.

No. 185796

She’s not his type but maybe she had a crush on him and got depressed about her unrequited feelings? If they are just good friends why don’t they still hang out?

No. 185802

Her peek depression was before they even started to hang out. If you look at her ex BF retro Isnt her type either, she says she like the tall emo like white boys on her twitch stream. From what she shared on twitch, her depression was not circumstance base, she said it wasn’t because of anything or anyone. She was just suffering a deep low. I may be wrong but I just don’t see it having to do with him

No. 185813

Poor dude. I thought it was common knowledge not to point in Japan.

>cant even pronounce the instrument he plays

Cant wait for these gaijins vloggers to become irrelevant

No. 185816

People can date/be attracted to others outside of their “type”.
And I agree that her depression started before they met. But I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it all came to a head at the same time she was spending a lot of free time with an attractive single dude that she got along with very well. He stayed at her apartment for several days while he was searching for his own. Retro had several livestreams were he would gush over how amazing Emma was. And one of Retro’s guy friends said something on a stream that implied she was more than his friend.

I don’t know if they actually hooked up or dated, but to me it seems like there was some chemistry between them. I’d imagine that this would make being depressed about being single even worse. Probably for the best they aren’t dating now though, Retro is kind of a manwhore.

No. 185822

Unless you have insider info with proof about Emma, no1currs about your tinfoil. She's just a depressed sack. >>185796 no

No. 185833

He did not stay at her apartment at all, he stayed with his sister who lives in Tokyo as well. Her depression only overlapped with his move at the very end of it, when she was starting to feel bit better. She started therapy and was working through her issues and then they met at Joey house. She wanted some IRL streaming advice and accompanied him to learn, because she was burn out with YouTube. Again when she meant him she was Alreasy in a deep cycle of depression and had started going back to thearopy and was starting to get better, by the time she was at Mario world with that group trip, she was doing much better. They also hung out at joeys bday camping getaway recently, while retro was already in a relationship. Also in recent weeks and months Emma went back to working more with TC and has been busy. The reason she had so much free time to hang out with retro was because she was taking some time off TC to get better. Your assumptions doesn’t match the timeline.

No. 185845

He explicitly said he stayed at her place for a few days. It took him 2-3 weeks to find an apartment so he stayed with several different people, he said he didn’t want to impose on anyone by overstaying his welcome for too long.

What happened to all the IRL streams they were gonna do together? Emma said she wanted to do more IRL streams with him along for safety. But that only happened once or twice. They haven’t been on each other’s streams in months. Seems pretty weird to suddenly stop hanging out with a good friend for no apparent reason.

I was hoping someone knew wtf happened between them because they were a pretty entertaining duo to watch on stream.(learn2sage)

No. 185859

Man, I'm so tired of mediocre white people doing the bare minimum in asian contries and getting views.(sage)

No. 185868

Them not streaming together could be for a variety of reasons. Schedule, his covid etc, but u r saying that she was depress because of him, that is a reach because the timeline doesn’t match.

No. 185878

Joey always came across to me as somewhat biting or envious. He seems like he wants to just be a nice and chill guy, but that there's some sort of undercurrent to his behavior where he doesn't like not being the center or attention or seeing friends be more successful than him? idk, it's difficult for me to pinpoint, but ever since he moved to Japan last year for trash taste, it seems to have gone into overdrive and made him less likable.
I don't understand Connor's content. His entire schtick is "I have a deep voice and meme on some comics?"?

Out of the three of them, Garth is the only one who seems like a genuinely kind and educated person, although maybe he is just better at acting in front of a camera.(sage)

No. 185892

Omg not every girlxguy in a video is dating. Stfu

No. 185893

Joey has lived in Japan for years. Do you even know what you're talking about?

No. 185919

I know right, Joey has been in japan forever. In terms of numbers he tends to out perform the other 3.

No. 185920

Garnt is so awkward with his annoying laugh

No. 185938

Joey has said multiple times that he feels limited in the type of content he can make on his main channel and wants to cover other non-weeb topics which is why he's building up his 2nd channel.
He also hasn't proposed yet and puts up a fair bit of resistance when people bring it up, understandable as its not something you should be pressured into. Once Garnt and Sydney have their wedding the pressure will be huge though and Akis expectations will no doubt rise. Could be a make or break year for their relationship.

No. 185974

You know nothing about their relationship to make a statement like that. What does garnt and Sydney wedding have to do with Kai and Joey’s relationship? You don’t know their future plans, he’ll for all you know they may be engaged already. This ain’t an anime it’s real people. Stupid weebs

No. 185975

File: 1638805614148.gif (7.95 MB, 800x755, wut.gif)

> Connor's content. His entire schtick is "I have a deep voice
He also crossdresses at any opportunity

No. 185976

Well he is laughing all the way to the bank…. So good on him

No. 185978

Yeah I wasn't shitting on him for it, just saying it's another shtick he has

No. 186045

File: 1638833719704.png (130.68 KB, 1152x520, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.34…)


No. 186099

Abroad in Japan replied confirming it wasn’t him.
I guess he’s a “white youtuber in Japan”

No. 186102

File: 1638859281335.png (1.7 MB, 2048x1538, Screenshot_20211207-062448.png)

Tkyosam said he talked to someone who worked on the production of journey across Japan and they said that Chris didn't pay them anything for their help.

No. 186103

File: 1638860166734.png (871.45 KB, 2048x1212, Screenshot_20211207-064556.png)

They deleted their tweet.

No. 186105

>Makes Tweet
>Abroad in Japan says it isn't about him
>Deletes Tweet

I guess Chris messaged the girl and it turns out it was about him, I'm sure he guilt-tripped her into deleting it

No. 186106

If tkyo sam is your source then you should question all your life choices. Chris said he paid everyone that came with him. Chris had to pay Natsuki enough to make it worth for him to close his salon for a week. Joey in his rap said chris got the pay, and said on a twitch love that he gets paid with his all his collabs with chris. Norma is an asshole and would not work for free. Ian does a lot of work for chris. Tkyo sam said that chris told them that their pmnt would be content that they created. Did norm, Joey or his friend Ian make content for their channel from the trip? No. Tkyo sam likes to speak with Authority about things he doesn’t know about and gets a lot of things wrong. I remember him telling a story about oriental pearl and Sharla and orientalist pearl corrected him in the comment sectio, saying he got the story wrong. Even with her pointing out that he got it wrong, he months later went on to repeat the same wrong story again on his channel. So check your sources

No. 186109

Definitely get the vibe that Connor knows his audience and panders heavy to it, He has big boobed japanese girl co-host to make up for the ones he can't fanservice to himself.

Still somehow find him one of the least annoying though.

No. 186124

File: 1638873025650.png (501.51 KB, 2048x1133, Screenshot_20211207-101607.png)

And now that tweet has been deleted. I wonder who they were talking about then.

No. 186130

"Norma" lol
Okay anon relax. Do you know which "famous white guy in Japan YouTuber" they were referring to then?

No. 186132

Ambroise is French and there's quite a few big white French youtubers in Japan. Sadly (and boringly) it's most likely to be one of them.

No. 186162

I don’t know and I don’t care. But I wanted to point out using Tkyo sam as your source is just silly. He is a know liar who just pukes out nonsense.

No. 186218

At least Cdawgva has originally video ideas, yes there weird as fcuk. But the other tt members only review stuff and talk. These videos will be outdated within a year. They both need to think about their longevity on YouTube.(learn2sage)

No. 186233

Chris and Sharla have the same decorations for their Christmas trees (at Chris’ studio and at Sharlas home).

You can tell from Sharlas post from the first of December and Chris reply to TT on 29th of November.(post pics)

No. 186289

That’s not really a secret, Sharla said that they both went Christmas tree shoping together at the end of last month on chris Patreon.

No. 186363

1:39:00 yikes

No. 186425

Can you give a gteentext as to what happened or why this was posted?

No. 186457

japan is dying country so i hope they all go to korea and make asian vlogging community great again

No. 186470

I can tell you're Japanese and just want these morons out of your country. I'd want them out too.

No. 186494

I am getting so tired of this "is Chris and Sharla dating?" conversation. I just don't understand why two grown adults can't come out and go "yeah, we are dating" or "no we are not dating" and end it all! This is just coming from my own frustrations.

No. 186495

I guess the misogynistic comments?

>Bois talk about how Pokemon is highly marketable gives examples (planes, cookies, ect.)

> Hello Kitty
> Connor “why is Hello Kitty so popular?!”
> Joey “because girls like cute things.”
> Connor “that’s like me saying; girls like to menstruate! Of course, they do, they do it so often”
> Joey and Garnt awkwardly laugh, trying to understand Connors logic.
> Connor. Who obviously sucks at communicating with women, “I just assume it’s what they like!”
> Garnt, clearly confused how Hello Kitty has anything to do with women’s menstrual cycle and their likes.
> Connor “because you say girls like Hello Kitty, that just sounds like yeah that sounds like their boomer daddy’s like of boomer dad voice here “course girls like hello kitty its pink and its got a kitty!”
> Joey, also in awkward spot: “yeah but relating that to menstruation that every time a women menstruates they are like “Yaaay!”
> Connor, trying to backtrack saying it’s what an idiot boomer male would think.
> Garnt and Joey are still horribly confused, laughing because of confusion.
>Connor enter boomer male voice here “why would they menstruate so much if they didn’t like it?!”
> Garnt “hello kitty tampons, when is that going to happen?”
> Connor “its fucking stupid.” Then continues to rip on why Hello Kitty is on par with Pokemon popularity and how he doesn’t get it. Then goes into ripping apart people who like Hello Kitty, and how Pokemon is just “world wide” and Hello Kitty is just for GIIIIIRLS. Still doesn’t understand how people like Hello Kitty.

I am guessing its just the hard no on the misogynistic comments and toxic male masculinity, that only girls can like Hello Kitty and Sanrio, but Pokemon is, in his mind, superior. I unno it was a awkward conversation.(learn2sage)

No. 186506

who cares. Connor is constantly saying problematic things, this is the most tame of them. he tries to hide his racism by pretending its just making fun of Americans

No. 186524

toxic problematic nonnie

No. 186527

Chris's new studio is the saddest flex I've ever seen, and I'm NORM

No. 186529

it's honestly just a sign how far western civilization has gone off the rails that you have grown ass men arguing about cartoon characters designed for children while living far away from any real responsibilities

No. 186532

What makes it sad? Dude likes the 80s japan vibe so built a studio to emulate it, would have cost a few yen but hes got them to spare and its an investment into his business.
I'll tell you what is sad, how all the other jtubers keep worshipping the ground he walks on when his content is very generic and not even up to travel show tv spec levels of production. Subtle clout chasers are sad

No. 186568

Y would it b up to tv standard? Tv has bigger budget, better camera, more staff, better access etc. he is just 1 person with a limited budget and access. Seems like a weird criticism that people admire him for he was able to acomplish with the limitation he has. Like him or not he has set a high standard for editing and filming that a lot of the jvloggers are not doing. So clout or not you can’t take that from him jelly belly.

No. 186571

I honestly don’t understand what you r getting at. The point of the podcast is to discuss anime , Japan related topics or any open topic they choose really. So they are discussing a popular japan anime in the context of it’s reach, is that a crime?

No. 186572

The studio is super cool, well done and unlike anything any jyoutubers r doing. Credit to him for doing it.

No. 186587

The longer the podcast goes on the weirder some of these rando debates get. Its like conner feels pressure to take a strong stance on any subject mentioned.. like in their many food debates. It's silly stuff that's usually entertaining but if they start talking about male versus female interests they're much more likely to end up putting their foot in their mouth at some point. This was definitely a weird one to listen to and try to follow.

No. 186589

I don’t think the podcast is good, it’s disjointed and all over the place IMO. My biggest issue with them is how they speak with so much authority with things they know nothing about. Ex their opinion and constant shitting on Americans.

No. 186593

I don't understand why people care so much about whether or not they're dating.

No. 186642

i agree
i used to like the podcast at the beginning but now i just got tired of it

also really wondering when connor and garnt are gonna get serious about learning japanese

i had a good chuckle when garnt went from "you cannot learn japanese from anime" to "oh yeah, i'm watching anime without subtitles to learn japanese"

altho i kind of feel like joeys feeling superior when he's the only one who's fluent

No. 186689

I get the feeling Connor went to America once and now acts as though he's an expert to impress people who haven't been. He says so much ignorant, weird shit about America and Americans but he says it with such conviction the other guys just think he's right. It's in every video. That would be like me always bringing up how people do things in Mexico even though I only went to Cancun once.

I tried watching the podcast where they taste American junk food but I couldn't find the part where they even tried anything. In the first five minutes Connor outs his girlfriend's disordered eating by saying "when she gets too full she just chews up her food and spits it into a bucket".

No. 186692

His girlfriend?! What are you talking about? 1) it wasn’t connor that pointed out, it was Garnt. 2) the person that they were talking about is Meilyne, who was the one that shared it. 3) Meilyne is not Connor GF she is their manager and is married.

No. 186695

Yes Joey low key is very smug about his Japanese. But also stop Dectating the level and speed people learn a language. I noticed this slot with you weebs. Always judging peoples Japanese skills, as the white saviors to japan. People learn language at different levels and speed. Some are bless with the talent of being able to pick up a language quickly some despite effort just can’t pick it up. Stop gatekeeping

No. 186712

Haha OK buddy. I wasnt looking up to see which monotone british guy was speaking. I'm not invested in their lives enough to know who meilene is fucking. I assumed meilene was his girlfriend because of the way they interact in this video.

No. 186714

Okay buddy, So you just made wild accusations, based on nothing and get mad when you are corrected?

No. 186716

What is the wild accusation? That she binge eats, spits it into a bucket when she's overfull, and someone who isn't her openly announced it on their podcast? It doesn't matter who said it or who is dating who, it's fucked up to out someone for their disordered eating whether you know it's a problem or not.

Very defensive. Hmm. Who could this be?(hi cow)

No. 186717

No. 186775

They deleted this tweet too.
I wonder who this famous guy is?

No. 186783

Are any of them big enough to be called famous? Because there's only one white guy I know of who has over 2 million subscribers and has been on TV multiple times, been interviewed by the BBC, been featured by The Guardian, Huffington post, RocketNews24 Japan and a bunch of others.

No. 186847

Niche famous. Same way some people don't know rappers even with counts like that.

No. 186849

Back it up with with whoever said it then? So tired of anons coming here, saying random about from podcasts and paywall posts, but constantly refuses to post any proof as if asking for it is such a hassle.

No. 186894

how is tokyo sam so shit on his hot takes? he just sits around all day on his lard ass, but cant be arsed to do a modicum of research?(sage)

No. 186901

I think you’ll find that he’s a big fat idiot coomer

No. 186943

Dummy it’s not a paywall thing. It’s right there on the trash taste after dark channel. I didn’t bring it up the person said something wrong by misquoting who said what. I corrected them, they went back and saw that they were wrong. It’s not a big secret.

No. 187127

He is talking about dating in his livestream, guys! Analyze!

No. 187311

File: 1639361737197.jpeg (641.87 KB, 828x1420, A93A130E-82D6-40C3-A139-ED501E…)

Norm’s delusional obsession with Sharla. I would cringe to death if a married wank like Norm wrote this kind of shit to me

No. 187312

Weren’t they supposed to be going on a camping trip together? They did a whole livestream talking about it and then… nothing. Another episode in the life of Norm acting single, Gross

No. 187343

I think it was cancelled due to bad weather.

No. 187345

He's been in love with her for a long time now. look at the way he looks at her at the end of the snack bar vid. I rewatched the vids they did together in 2015 and you can tell he's into her lol.

No. 187350

File: 1639388082709.png (1.14 MB, 1658x2048, Screenshot_20211213-092929.png)

He's started deleting almost all of his rage comments now.

No. 187352

Nta she started following him on YouTube and other social medias back in 2014/15. She was kinda his fangirl. He mentioned that he was interested in her in a livestream in early 2016 and I guess they made plans to meet up in April of that year. That was when he posted the aokigahara vid where he said he was on a date and you can hear a French woman speaking. Then she moved to Japan mid 2016 and moved in with him. Looks like that aokigahara vid has been deleted.

No. 187353

File: 1639390735248.png (489.2 KB, 2048x932, Screenshot_20211213-091918.png)

No. 187356

File: 1639391926587.png (2.2 MB, 2048x866, Screenshot_20211213-102842.png)

Lol no wonder some people think they are together.

No. 187367

I recall him saying he deleted it after the whole Logan Paul thing went down. He might have mentioned that in passing during a live stream or something, or on the podcast, I don't remember. But it wasn't because of her.

No. 187574

Who gives a fuck, America sucks anyway(sage)

No. 187650

Post an image, nonna.

No. 187674

File: 1639503004630.png (1.97 MB, 2048x1188, Screenshot_20211214-170724.png)

He looks at her like this for a while.

No. 187684

File: 1639505638981.png (2.14 MB, 2048x1155, Screenshot_20211214-172129.png)


No. 187685

Wow I'd forgotten what Rachel's nose looked like before her nosejob

No. 187757

his hand assuming its natural position

No. 187764

Holy simp Batman

No. 187770

Sharla is so cute tho

No. 187790

Woah that schnoz.

No. 187793

Chris looking at her ass lol.

No. 187812

I wonder what his wife’s like. Did she just want some hafu babies or something?

No. 187818

He only deleted the video this year. It has nothing to do with Logan Paul

No. 187828

you're wrong and also it's weird you think that - hi cow

No. 187834

It’s not weird, its true, I only discovered chris this year, and I watch the video myself. Date i. a forest asking her all sorts of questions about Harry Potter characters names on French. It was just recently deleted

No. 187877

Please tell me I'm not reading your sarcasm.

No. 187897

File: 1639617270259.png (570.46 KB, 1678x2048, Screenshot_20211215-235642.png)

P.s. she was definitely his fangirl.

No. 187984

So whatever happened with Rachel and Jun? Where they just tired of hanging around with the young grifters or did some shit happen? I never really followed these channels before but I saw they were collabing a lot in the past.

No. 188001

They moved to Fukuoka in early 2019 and started making cat and gardening content and whatever else.

No. 188863

Seems like one of them, or both, figured out it's a waste of time, also didn't Jun make it with bitcoin or something along those lines? No need to chase for clout/money when you're quite well off and every silly vid with those cute cats of yours rake in a lot of views.

I like his cooking/gardening vids btw, though I found Rachel to feel quite uncomfy in front of the camera.

No. 188899

Sharla posted a new vlog today and I want to make it clear that Sharla and Chris are not dating

No. 188929

Do you know them personally?

No. 188949

File: 1639784462342.png (513.38 KB, 2048x1548, Screenshot_20211217-233723.png)

So this person saying that they are living together is lying then?

No. 188953

File: 1639787271969.png (751.15 KB, 2048x974, Screenshot_20211218-000337.png)

I had my doubts about them dating and was kinda on the fence about it. What I'm wondering is why she hasn't just come out and said that they are not dating and are just good friends so that the shippers will stfu and end all this speculation.

No. 188991

i wouldn't say i know them "personally"

No. 188993

i'm guessing that person is just making shit up

No. 189047

File: 1639833337226.png (1.92 MB, 1573x2048, Screenshot_20211218-130316.png)

So is this trash taste livestream slip up that I've seen a bunch of people commenting about on a few sites, mostly on the abroad in Japan subreddit, just made up shit too?

No. 189049

File: 1639833644619.png (331.02 KB, 1956x706, Screenshot_20211126-222047~2.p…)

No. 189054

File: 1639837299841.png (667.13 KB, 2048x608, Screenshot_20211218-141733.png)

No. 189062

I seriously can't believe this same shit just keeps getting recycled OVER and OVER and OVER
this is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

No. 189063

The anon who is using the sick pastel theme in the screenshots is clearly a stupid noob who needs to spend some time going back and reading the archives… hey noob stop posting this recycled garbage we don't need it

No. 189067

are people shipping on his own subreddit??? omg this is a catastrophe, i need to get on it immediately thank you for letting me know.

I have fucking bills to pay. god bless lolcow

No. 189071

File: 1639844442450.png (632.54 KB, 1680x2048, Screenshot_20211218-125049.png)

Are you this person who was going around replying to some of the shippers on the yamadera vid? That's the first time I've seen anyone do that, there's a whole lot more you need to reply to. You should head on over to the abroad in Japan subreddit and put a stop to the speculation there.

No. 189075

No that's not me… but maybe he's paying someone else besides me, who knows… thanks for the tips

No. 189076

There are still many comments on that vid that you need to reply to and also on every other vid they've been in together since March 2019.

No. 189079

i checked the subreddit, it's pretty tame over there tbh but thanks for the heads up

No. 189080

I'll likely have my hands full trying to clean up the livestream video comments from what he just posted…. wish me luck!

No. 189082

I love this place. Lol, people will come here and post stuff about Sharla and chris we already discussed like it’s new info. They will then be yelled at and and repeat. Lol. News flash some people believe chris and Sharla are dating some don’t. Some are annoyed about the topic. So Unless you have new and more info don’t post stuff that happened while back, it’s already been discussed. Also the topic is beat to death, and it’s boring.

No. 189083

Oh I thought that you were one of Sharla's patreon members that she had asked to go around and put the kibosh on this whole "are Chris and Sharla dating? speculation seeing as she's not gonna do it herself.

No. 189084

ah no, I'm working for Chris atm… I think maybe there's some more C&S content coming up soon so I think he just wanted to get out ahead of things a little bit

No. 189085

Good luck lol. I like the fake savior persona. The world will end of people think that 2 boring jvloggers are dating!

No. 189086

Seriously - I don't know why they're so hesitant to be open about it but oh well I get paid so I don't really care lol

No. 189087

I love it! How can I get hired! Lol

No. 189088

I watched that stream… if we still didn't have evidence that Chris basically can not speak Japanese, this was the evidence that was needed. What a joke

No. 189093

Skip to 32:10

I'm sorry but if that's not a boyfriend presenting gifts on his girlfriend's behalf then I don't know what is. I'm a psych major and I did a class last year on romantic relationships that focused a lot on communication, body language, and cues.
The real tell is when Chris clearly must have asked her to participate in this but she's "off having a fun time in Tokyo"

No. 189098

You can now write a letter to the Japanese authorities and report his poor Japanese. Savior of the Japanese language activate!

No. 189099

I hope people now know that Sharla is always lurking in the comment section as his sole moderator for all of chris’ live streams. Quickly deleting are you dating comments lol.

No. 189102

yep your right - that much is certianly obvious

No. 189103

sorry your butthurt about not being able to speak the language

No. 189107

Ha ha I have 0 desire to speak Japanese. I love to visit the country, but am super lucky and happy to live elsewhere.

No. 189108

nobody gives a shit

No. 189109

>I’m a psych major

Congratulations, here is a medal. Your education is clearly the evidence we all needed to really see the truth.

So tell me psychanon, how long have they been dating? Living together? Spill the tea

No. 189110

lol it's funny how insecure some people can reveal themselves to be in no time flat

sorry you didn't get to go to college

No. 189112

Kek you Amerifags really don’t get sarcasm

No. 189113

The revenge anon who started all this shit,aka lily, already answered those questions.

No. 189114

Neither does anyone care about your ability to speak a language that no one cares about! Stagnitc language of a dying economy of a shrinking population.

No. 189115

lol u so edgy

No. 189116

what do we call the female version of an edgelord

No. 189118

Started dating-2019
Living together-early 2021

No. 189126

Prove it, nonnie

No. 189130

Wrong they have been living together since 2019. Chris hasn’t lived in Sendai for as long as he has been pretending

No. 189139

The first slip up mentioned here, Pete revealing that Chris lives with a Canadian, happened in March so that coincides with what lily said about them having just moved in together back in April. It's clear that someone told her about them dating and living together but I don't know who it was.

No. 189141

So how do you know that?

No. 189145


This is literally the first time anyone has said anything about them being together. Show a video, a sound clip, anything. Something besides just names you know to back yourself up. Seriously, none of you fuckers ever actually post proof about anything and have all this no-proof he-said-she-said as 'receipts' when that literally does nothing to back anything up. Most of this comes from randos posting under their videos and if you haven't noticed, they don't film with each other often as often as you'd wish they did. Looking at their timelines, they both have videos with mostly other people and a sprinkle of some videos shot together when they do the exact same subjects like house tours. Take your gross shipping out of here. Everyone anon can spot you from a fucking mile away. No one believes any of your shipping.

No. 189147

Go back and review how the dots were connected on here. Same hoisted hold items, same room, slips on trash taste, aiJ podcast, and slips by Sharla. But the constant “prove it” then posting of the evidence, and people saying it’s not proof and fighting is getting old. There is plenty of crumbs that lead many to believe that they live together. But the conversation and fighting is boring now.

No. 189148

Literally this whole thread and precious threads is littered with conversation and proof about them dating/ living together. This is not the first time it’s been mentioned, it’s been a constant comvensation and fight here. But Iwhy are you so upset about the conversation? who cares if they are or not dating. They are 2 Boring bland YouTubers. They can ride off in the sunset together forever, breakup or date others, it’s of no concequence to you or I. This topic is beat to death. Let’s move in!

No. 189150

Good fucking god this thread is basically Groundhog Day, the same fucking shit regurgitated again and again and again and again ad nauseum

No. 189151

If you're going to double post, at least don't make it so obvious. No one believes you, you don't have proof of people saying anything, just like the anon who tried to make anons believe they were a part of the great 'InnEr CirClE'. Past threads don't have proof either. Anons have already debunked it all.

No. 189154

Nobody is "Double posting" nonnie - I posted one of those but not the other? Why are you so extra

No. 189155

All this shit started back in April so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 189159

This is so boring. I don’t care anymore. Don’t believe it, believe it. Can we to talk about something else. Let it go! Move on!

No. 189161

Okey dokey.
Norm is now a sea captain, he got some license.
It's official.
I always thought he looked like someone who liked Seamen

No. 189162

No. 189163

The only thing that was proven is that he lives with a Canadian.

No. 189164

All the buccaneers on the high seas quake in their boots when old Captain Sock Puppet appears on the horizon

No. 189165

No. 189166

Yes let's finally move on.

No. 189168

Lol sock puppet should be the name of lame norm boat

No. 189171

I wonder if he's still doing that sock puppet shit. What I want to know is if the other jvloggers know about his behaviour.

No. 189172

It’s sad how he has gotten away with it

No. 189184

Well now that he's a Captain he can basically do whatever he wants, he's insulated by the code of the high seas

No. 189197

I think what broke down Emma/Tokidoki is her love hotel video from half a year back.

Low effort bikini in thumbnail and obvious coomer-bait video gets 10-20x the views she usually gets and boom peak depression right afterwards.

Just saying, the timing pans out.

No. 189198

this is an imageboard dear

No. 189201

is this the video where she wore extra makeup and was with Sarah who may or may not be her love interest?

No. 189205

Nothing connects, shut up already

No. 189238

That anon already decided to shut up and move on, read their other posts. Why even bother replying to these spergs anyway? Who gives a flying fuck if they're dating, it's not interesting.

No. 189267

I think you are right the video was pushed out to a lot of people that were not use to her or her content. So some of the comments were very crude and got to her.

No. 189268

Sarah is not her love intrest. Lol Emma joked on her twitch that Sarah knowing people comment about them, likes to jam it up for the camera

No. 189330

They aren't talking about them. They mean Sharla and Chris.

No. 189415

File: 1640004346169.png (677.54 KB, 2048x1188, Screenshot_20211220-115342.png)

Found this comment on the "haunted park in Tokyo" vid that Sharla did with Kelly last year. I don't watch Kelly's content so I don't know if this is true or not. I'm curious if anyone has ever contacted her about Norm.

No. 189416

File: 1640005266823.png (759.55 KB, 1685x2048, Screenshot_20211220-115630.png)

Judging by her response I'm not sure that she would care about people telling her about Norm's behaviour.

No. 189419

Yes Sharla get super pissy if anyone says anything about her friends in her comments

No. 189423

Person defends friends.

No. 189425

nta but you are the problem. you are probably from some kind of underground tunnel system populated by inbred drug addled from the womb cretins. how you managed to steal someone's wifi from down in your tunnel is beyond me, or how you managed to climb out of there. either way I need you to return. thank you

No. 189442

Lol, people like to say that Sharla has crappy Suss friends. But u r right certainly not a scandle. Just people nitpicking as always

No. 189537

Norm and sharla livestream in 5 hours. Hopefully some milky tea will pop up in the live chat

No. 189546

Dude I wish I could’ve been in the room to watch you smile in self satisfaction as you wrote out your awkward little monologue and hit the reply button. I bet you felt like the most powerful person in the world haha.

No. 189561

>sorry you didn't get to go to college
man remember the last time a jvlogger said that stupid shit? kimdao with her glorious uni degree, cant even form a sentence without repeating the same word 5 times? wow college is sooo great

No. 189567

File: 1640089627620.png (19.93 KB, 403x125, 17329FDB-F6A0-405E-9877-F15237…)

I don’t think she saw but people are definitely pushing it lol.

No. 189575

Yeah people have been pushing it for the past 2 years.

No. 189586

Did you understand that word diarrhea of a post? I’m still trying to figure it out

No. 189589

It’d take a team of linguistic experts to unravel that fuckfest of a comment.

No. 189615

This isn't news and they aren't anyway

No. 189636

Natsuki is precious. Loves russia and hasn't been there. Would like to show him around. How cute would it be if he could go with Bald and Bankcrupt

No. 189660

That bald and bankrupt guy is a misogynist prick,

No. 189668

i got a coronavirus booster and missed the sharla/norm stream

No. 189669

have any new j-vloggers come onto the scene recently that look potentially interesting or milky or problematic? i don't follow it anymore, i don't even know why i'm looking at this stupid site right now.

No. 189681

You missed nothing, it was as boring as they are. One thing that caught my intrest is Norm fake flexing his YouTube contact to get a troll block. Like if anyone has good contact at YouTube it would be Sharla who has almost 700k or her “friend” Chris who has 2.6 million subscribers. Normy their secondary channel has more that the 400k in your main channel, sit down. He acted like he was some sort of big deal at YouTube, with the let me call my guy line. What a douche bag

No. 189683

File: 1640140569506.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x2027, 9492AE72-B459-4E63-9F14-81BA42…)

Lily (chris ex) uses her social to get validation from stranger and I am willing to bet, in a lame attempt to get Chris’ attention with these kinds of post. Note she made sure to put shoes on to take this pic, being japan and all and no one usually ears shows indoors.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 189690

why don't people show their ears indoors?

No. 189700

>Girl wearing a typical knitted dress that any girl would wear in the street or to an office job
>Wearing shoes

REEE she wants Chris' attention REEE please get a grip anon.
This is just as bad as randos in the street thinking you look pretty for them specifically. And this is the tamest outfit I've seen an influencer post for months.

No. 189701

File: 1640151306049.png (289.38 KB, 1440x1554, twitter.png)

Samefag, here's the full caption. She was showing her figure in response to the weighing scale app calling her "chubby" (I guess it doesn't account for taller people and different races)

Clearly not a thirstpost.

No. 189703

File: 1640151667927.png (269.58 KB, 1440x971, work party.png)

And she was going to a work party as you could guess from the officey attire:

Idk if this thread attracts truly low IQ people or they are just trolling but something's up.

No. 189710

While she’s not chubby she def needs to hit the gym with those cellulite knees. Her body has no definition

No. 189713

Sharla & Chris doing a Q&A tonight. Could this be it? Lol

No. 189716

File: 1640176880687.png (190.59 KB, 1179x216, Screenshot_20211221-130655~2.p…)

FFS will people ever stop commenting about those two.

No. 189722

She needs to clean that mirror

No. 189723

Post of pic of your knees and body nonnie let's see your "definition"

No. 189724

i don't understand how they'll manage to make it thru a Q&A without addressing the number one Q that people wanna know

No. 189725

Maybe they will finally address it seeing as people have been asking them about it for over two years now.

No. 189726

That chick is looking for complements, and the you r perfect Lily, you r not fat types of comments. That’s what that post was about.

No. 189729

they'll just say "we're just friends haha! you're mental!" etc

No. 189730

I think she looks good in that dress, her makeup is tasteful and she doesn't look crazy

No. 189731

I didn’t say she looked crazy, I said she was thirsty looking for validation

No. 189733

you just described literally every girl who posts mirror pics to social… nothing to see here vendetta-against-lily-nonnie

No. 189742

Nah no vendata just calling her thirsty, and when did Lily hire you to defend her? I am allowed an opinion.

No. 189744

you're also allowed to read the dictionary cover to cover. what do those two things have in common?

they're both boring but at least by reading the dictionary you learn something new.

No. 189833

File: 1640210820980.png (827.69 KB, 2048x1841, Screenshot_20211222-212740.png)

lol awkward.
Anyway I don't think she wants any attention from Chris or anything to do with him so I don't know why that anon thought that.

No. 189889

when/where is the q&a the anon said was happening tonight? i can't find any info on this. who's channel? also will norm be there under the table doing their pedicures?

No. 189897


No. 189906

They may have scrapt it, but Sharla posted it on her IG stories, yesterday.

No. 189907

If anyone is interested, Connor (CDawgVA) recently passed Chris Broad in subscribers…. Chris = 2.5M Connor = 2.52M

No. 189908

oh maybe it's actually on IG

No. 189909

Connor should hit 3 by middle of next year in keeping with the rest of the trash taste boys. His growth has been amazing.

No. 189910

yeah he flew by chris so fast

No. 189911

Not sure, but ryotaro tweeted a similar announcement about a Q&A with chris. So perhaps it will be combined?

No. 189913

Don't underestimate the power of thirsty Weebs

No. 189914

Obsolutly, the podcast is widely successful and popular, that’s a hue platform. He was under a milllion prior to moving to Japan and has doubled his subscribers since the podcast started. Good for him!

No. 189915

do you think chris and connor have an actual rivalry?

No. 189918

No, Connor’ audience is not necessary chris audience. They do overlap but not the exact same. I mean all 3 trash boys have more subscribers than Chris. If anything I think that The person to compare chris Chanel to is Paolo, he is at 2.63, mainly because of his day in the life series is very popular.

No. 189922

the age demographic between the two channels are going to be very different. Connors channel is all younger kids, chris will have a more adult base of followers.

No. 189924

I’m not sure why anyone cares about subs anymore. Connor already gets more views than Joey and Garnt combined and then multiplied by 2. Only morons care about subs.

No. 189931

So true. A good example of sub count not meaning anything is pewdie pie. Dispite having so many sub, a very small portion of his sub tune in for his videos. On the other hand Mr Beast who has less subs gets way more views per videos. I think content is key. Connor’s videos IMO have wider each, you don’t have to like Anjme to enjoy his videos for ex.

No. 190020

So was there a Q&A or not? I'm guessing by the lack of any commentary here about Chris and Sharla sharing a teacup or whatever, that no there was not

No. 190051

It just came out. Get ready for over analysis of every second of footage in the coming hours. It’s the only thing that matters on Christmas Eve.

No. 190054

A new Sharla/Chris video

No. 190055

This probably isn’t the Q&A she mentioned? Surely that will be on her own channel. We shall see!

No. 190056

It looks like it is a q&a video

No. 190057

It is.
They are very familiar with eachother.. :P(:P)

No. 190086

File: 1640294699146.png (836.12 KB, 2048x1690, Screenshot_20211223-211048.png)

lol typical comments.

No. 190087

File: 1640294894920.png (964.2 KB, 2006x2048, Screenshot_20211223-211321.png)

What is with some of these comments lol

No. 190088

File: 1640295611898.png (617.52 KB, 2048x1587, Screenshot_20211223-195610.png)

Found this comment too.

No. 190089

That thumbnail though.

No. 190098

File: 1640299292513.jpg (303.44 KB, 2232x3157, EdTq5Nd.jpg)


until a sex tape is released no anons will believe

No. 190099

Yeah I mean, I'm sorry but if someone can't recognize that this is a couple sitting side by side making a video together then they've probably never been in an actual relationship before. It's still just so weird they pretend that's not what it is.

No. 190100

Awww Sharla looked so cute/pretty in this video with her hair in waves and her winter sweater..
she's really growing nicely into middle age

No. 190101


Have you just doxxed all the conspiracy posters here?

Can 2 people not just have great chemistry and be friends?

No. 190102

sure two people can have chemistry and be friends.
but typically when two people are in their 30s, both "single," and there's a million things that point to them being together….. they aren't just friends.

No. 190106


I found it funny Chris mentioned their trip together in the Across Japan series because that video is where I first thought these two were at least hooking up. Half the video is Chris filming Sharla as he talks about the "great view".

No. 190109

that's 100% where they were hooking for the first time, corroborated by tokyo creative people around the time

No. 190111

lol those anons are probably from Guru Gossip, no one has posted on the jvlogger thread there for months. Or from Chris's subreddit.

No. 190112

So I guess we just call this board "CHRIS AND SHARLA BULLSHIT FOR MORONS" from now on? Can some mods or whoever please just change the title? Like what else is this piece of ass board for anyway

No. 190113

"Corroborated by Tokyo Creative people around the time"
Gonna need you to elaborate on this.

No. 190115

Sharla really did look cute in this vid, she looks so much better and more natural when she's not self-filming imho

No. 190125

i know this will sound kinda weird but i kinda thought sharla looked pregnant like she had a glow in her face and seemed a little more chubby

No. 190128

That's just her usual extra Holiday weight

No. 190129

Yeah I don't see why some anons are so adamant on shutting this speculation shit down like they clearly don't give a shit if people think that they're dating otherwise they would have come out and said that they're not. Okay so Chris and Sharla are most likely dating. Cool. Who the fuck cares.

No. 190130

She has mentioned that she doesn't want to have children.

No. 190131

So fucking what? My mom didn't want me either but yet guess what here I am nonnie

No. 190132

I totally agree. She looked really put together and had a very natural ease in this video which (sorry anons) relaly does come from filming with her BF, like at this point people who don't think they're together are just dumbos.

But I am also in the "who cares" camp. I just think adamantly insisting "PEOPLE CAN BE FRIENDS AND HAVE CHEMISTRY" is for naive bitches who still are afraid to undress in front of other human beings.

No. 190134

She seemed like she had made up her mind so I doubt that she'd get herself knocked up.

No. 190135

I also agree that there's a 99.9% likelihood that we understand YouTubers' current motivations, desires, and true personalities by the videos they've made in the distant past.

No. 190136

It wasn't in a vid it was on her twitter. >>167793

No. 190137

oh her TWITTER why didn't you say so?
that's like, totally different and carries a lot more weight in allowing us to understand her deepest intrinsic motivators.

No. 190142

My apologies.
I also forgot to mention that it wasn't that long ago when she said that she had no urge to have children. I see that you assumed it was in the "distant past".
Anyway as you can clearly see in that screenshot she seems quite certain in not wanting to have children.

No. 190143

Or did you ever think that maybe that's just what she wanted her followers/fans to believe?

No. 190145

Why would I think that? Plenty of women decide not to have children.

No. 190147

Hee hee, she is having a secret relationshp with a man …

so can you trust her word?

No. 190149

Plenty of people keep their relationship stuff private because it's no one else's business.

No. 190150

Oh really? Wow what a fucking bombshell.

Jeez you should really let US Weekly, People Magazine, Hello!, The Enquirer, etc know your groundbreaking news.

Maybe they'd totally change the focus of their publications since OBVIOUSLY nobody would EVER be interested in the "private stuff" of public personalities

No. 190154

What do you think about Norm becoming a boat captain?

No. 190158

Speaking of Norm, its interesting his attempts at livestreams are so desperate with Sharla. She exudes a totally different personality when with Chris

No. 190162

Captain Norm of "The simp of Sharla"

No. 190177

Well as previously stated here, Norm always seemed like he would be interested in seamen so it's unsurprising

No. 190186

Won't surprise me if S&C are married already. Sharla kept her previous marriage in secret for awhile. I don't think they will ever come clean unless they leave Japan.

No. 190187

Connor is so fucking sexy, no wonder he’s surpassed Chris in subs

No. 190195

They act more like a couple in this than certified couple Pixielocks and Stevie who released a similar side by side video around the same time, the denial is definitely from either moronic children or themselves

No. 190197

File: 1640331514765.png (85.82 KB, 1440x704, not a jerk with sharla.png)

Here's some randos noticing how much nicer he treats Sharla compared to the ""joking"" abuse he puts other guests through (anything for content I guess)

No. 190198

File: 1640331560362.png (145.62 KB, 1440x926, not a jerk with sharla2.png)

No. 190234

So the working theory is that because Chris isn't fake-torturing Sharla in the studio / being a jerk to her, therefore they are a couple?

No. 190235

I defo thought the moment when Sharla was talking about Chris's manhole cover "in the back alley that you never film in" was funny. But also it was at that point that I really knew they were a couple, just something about her tone and her intimate knowledge of Chris's manhole.

No. 190236

NGL if it was true that she was in a couple with Ghris then honestly i would like her a lot more. I liked the Sharla in that vid with him; I don't like the Sharla who talks to the camera and tries so hard to be cute and cuddly… its like she is playing a character but when she's with Chris its like she's herself… does anyone understand me?

No. 190239

Welp you called it, nonnie

No. 190243

This tweet is what I see! (Although I never thought he mistreated anyone) All you sxc chans that cannot see anything other than THEY ARE DATING clearly have crappy friendships.
Can people also stop bringing up their ages too? I am in my mid 30s and have close friends of the opposite sex that I am not sleeping with. It’s just nice that they are great friends, why do they have to be more?

No. 190244

that is obviously not a tweet, boomer

No. 190248

Have you ever moved cities to be closer to your "close friend of the opposite sex" who you have fantastic chemistry with, when you're not dating anyone else (single), and he's not dating anyone else (also single)?

No. 190249

Anon you forget they are both foreigners, so if I lived in another country and had the opportunity to move closer to an English speaking friend and colleague I work with I fucking would!

No. 190270

I mean, "fucking" is probably the most relevant word in your sentence, and likely the motivation for the move. Good eye.

No. 190304

You did not elaborate so I'm guessing that "corroborated by Tokyo Creative people around the time" is a lie. I don't doubt that they were fucking on that trip though.

No. 190389

Chris celebrating Christmas at Sharlas.
Same Christmas tree..

No. 190400

Who the fuck cares about what those two are doing?

No. 190405

File: 1640452259282.png (725.35 KB, 2048x834, Screenshot_20211225-165017.png)

Found this comment saying that Sharla already has a relationship.

No. 190406

File: 1640452320808.png (830.13 KB, 2048x704, Screenshot_20211225-164518.png)

Found this one too.

No. 190434

People making random comments is not milk or drama worthy. The fact you scroll through thousands of comments just to find like-minded schizos like yourself is sad. Take your meds nonnie and just wait until Chris/Sharla give the confirmation.

No. 190439

Those people were replying to Chris/Sharla shipping comments.

No. 190460

people have even less evidence that Sharla has some other mystery man BF than there's evidence for Chris

No. 190463

That reddit comment looks super sus. How you gonna have a reply that is older than the top comment. It looks weirdly cut and pasted, out of alignment.

No. 190498

Not sus at all.
The deleted 8 day old comment and the 4 day comment are replying to a parent comment which isn't shown but would be at least 8 days old.

No. 190558

File: 1640547289974.png (393.12 KB, 708x766, euggh.png)

Norm is the most boring person to do a livestream with. I could barely sit through the last one. Wish she'd do it with Mark or with any other person.

No. 190560

Nonna the same can be said for those posting the comments for cxs, it goes both ways.
Whether you believe it or not, want it or not, there has been no evidence, screenshots, pics, anything that proves anything.
If the original sperg just left it instead of pushing so fucking hard maybe it’d be more believable and not annoying.

No. 190588

that doesn't make sense and that's not how reddit works. it also doesn't explain the weird alignment and random pixels. you just don't have an eye for these things clearly.

No. 190589

Did you guys see TkyoSam's "best of" video he released today?
OMG he's so hot… my panties were wet the whole time

No. 190591

File: 1640561858442.png (378.36 KB, 889x1556, Screenshot_20211226-111455~2.p…)

Here's the thread.

No. 190592

Looks like anon was right, the previous screencap was doctored

No. 190595

No, not ‘doctored’ just not the full thread.
The rest doesn’t actually add any context though, so the comment still stands as it was posted.

No. 190596

Yep the original was definitely some kind of hatchet job cut and paste

No. 190604

Yes I also agree that TkyoSam is super sexy and he makes me feel some kinda way

No. 190606

It goes without saying honestly that TkyoSam is delicious, I can't get enough of him, I want to inhale his essence deep inside my hollow lady parts

No. 190607

Urgh and now a new TokyoLens video Ft Chris. Desperate for subs much? He reminds me of the guy who is in love with a girl with a bf, so he therefore tries his damned hardest to be BFF with the bf. a bit like that Love Actually creep who holds up the placards but doesn’t in fact hide his obsession

No. 190608

Only fans of TkyoSam know this one weird trick

No. 190609

LOL someone clearly watched Love Actually again this Xmas (just like every Xmas probably huh nonnie)

No. 190613

Lol why don’t people go to Reddit to actually confirm

No. 190614

so literally "twice on sunday" lol

No. 190619

ppl on reddit are so toxic. not like the ppl here.

No. 190621

Oh yeah this place is so not toxic with the rampant transphobia- no not toxic at all.(back2twitter)

No. 190631

sounds like you have toxic shock syndrome nonnie

No. 190639

Yes. As someone who isn't really into gossip but found this board and thread because I was curious, you are not wrong in what appears like normal behavior for well-adjusted (i.e. not spending their entire lives online) people. They have a very natural chemistry with one another and are relaxed around one another.

No. 190640

And we can assume that being foreigners in a country in their 30s, being in the same line of work, and being somewhere with less other expats like Sendai together rather than Tokyo, having mutual interests, puts them in a more limited/selective dating pool. Japan isn't the most open country to expats, and I doubt that Chris is going to settle down with some Christmas cake in inaka like your average visa-seeking English teacher. Sharla also just came off from a divorce and having some cancer removed, so I think it's not out of the real of possibility that she wants to be with someone who comes from western culture and appears trustworthy/reliable. Whether or not they're dating, who knows, but I think you'd be a fool to not bet your bottom dollar that they are at least hooking up.(lrn2sage)

No. 190661

You absolutely can, but again it is all assumption.
Like I just want to see actual evidence, is that so bad?

No. 190696

Shut up already unless you have something that isn't:

>I know people inside TC, they all have me info they are dating

>Cant post photos of it but a secret livestream had a photo of them.. TOGETHER
>They make videos together
>Totally cat hair
>They eyes, they EYES he makes at Sharla
>Randos online say it in comments so it must be true and not just shipping

Literally not a single person has any proof of them dating

No. 190697

So do talk show hosts. Chemistry and natural talking presence is not the same but looks the same, plus they've been friends for years. If he wasn't able to talk normal around her, that'd be an issue and a shit show of his hosting skills.

No. 190707

Ha ha I see the Ground hog day conversation is back! LET IT GO!!!! MOVE ON!!

No. 190710

I'm pretty sure that the livestream photo thing is made up shit.
A number of people have mentioned the trash taste stream slip so it seems like it did happen. One person said that there was some discussion in the YouTube comments about it, but no one has ever said which episode it was so that people could go look at the comments for proof that it happened so I kinda don't believe that one either.
lol at the cat hair thing, that one was dumb.
Anyway this discussion has gone on for far too long. Who cares if they are together.

No. 190723

You clearly care a lot if they are a couple! Why do you keep bringing it up, asking for proof? The conversation is so boring. The back and forth, the show me proof, iis going no where. So pick another topic and move on from it, if you dont believe it! If you don’t care, do talk about it!!!!!

No. 190726

File: 1640638568401.jpg (301.71 KB, 850x1265, groundhogday.jpg)

No. 190733

No I don't care if they are a couple and I'm not one of the anons who keep asking the spergs for proof. I never said that I didn't believe it, just that I didn't believe a couple of the things that have been mentioned about it. I was the one who first posted about the AIJ podcast slip up months ago, probably the only one that actually happened. Yes the discussion is tiring let's just fucking end it already.

No. 190735

Move on. Please stop rehashing old topics already discussed here to death. Unless you have something new, just let it go, is my advice.

No. 190737

LOL nice work Photoshop anon

No. 190740

I said let's end the discussion, I don't need your advice.

No. 190741

Let's fight over who cares less about Chris and Sharla!!!


what a bunch of soggy used tampons

No. 190743


No. 190744

Relax and stfu.

No. 190746

Why don't YOU stfu, cheese-snatch

No. 190747


No. 190750


No. 190751

You stupid cunts are worse than the mites in TkyoSam's facial hair. You both need to STFU(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 190752

Papa Tkyo is soooo hot omfg he makes me wanna stretch my labia up over my face

No. 190753

tfw all these posts are probably from tkyosam himself, he admitted going to PULL and talking shit in his own thread.

No. 190755

Umi from the Vkei thread is moving to Japan to go to Uni. Excited to see what will happen

No. 190756

Umi is going to Uni
or Uni is going to Umi

I'm already confused(stop it, your IP hopping isnt working and its embarassing)

No. 190761

It looks like kenmushichan is pregnant. I wonder when she will make the announcement. She has been teasing it for While

No. 190815

But is Sharla pregnant that's all the anons here care about

No. 190837

I am literally one of those anon that believe Sharla and Chris are dating. I brought up another topic to switch it up, and here you go bringing it back to them.

No. 190845

No. 190849

It seems Sam got a little upset with Pearl because she didn't marketed his channel properly

You can see him talking about it in his most recent Twicth vod https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1245646597

He even sent her audio messages about it

No. 190866

No, this topic and those 2 people are not even remotely intrestring.

No. 190868

jesus christ

No. 190880

Go away Sam, no one cares about your awful content

No. 190883

He's extremely sensitive.

No. 190886

So, when do you guys expect an announcement?

No. 190892

I see nobita is up to his old tricks

No. 190899

Any of you see this? Kind of sums up the history of YouTube Jvloggers in a narrow sort of way.

No. 190918

> less than 1k view/sub Andy

Yeah fuck off with this nobody

No. 190920

Also why is Chris Broad doing any collab with him? I could even imagine Chris begin rather annoyed by him as well. There's literally people donating in Norm's stream addressing Chris. I really don't get it. Chris is not getting anything out of this.

No. 190968

Youtube bucks is a thing he gets out of it

No. 190970

Ha ha iyou think Norman bates is paying Chris?

No. 191025

I want to use TkyoSam's head to dilate!!! YESSSS DADDY(stop it, your IP hopping still isnt working and its embarassing)

No. 191026

My best guess is everyone wants to use his new shiny set

No. 191051

We get it TKYOHAM , you Jack off to yourself because no one would want to touch your inverted c&ck

No. 191099

I hope he gets a new gimmick.

No. 191222

File: 1640957246752.png (2.23 MB, 1624x1150, bodylanguage.png)

I'm a body language expert. I have not yet viewed this attachement but I have analyzed the behavior I have witness in thumbnail.

No. 191228

File: 1640960946673.png (1.97 MB, 1432x1194, Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 6.28…)

FINALLY Proof that Chris actually has a girlfriend and it's not Sharla. Can we please just let this rest once and for all????

No. 191232

Ok but who does that other glass belong to?

No. 191235

Yes we can let it rest because who fucking gives a shit about it anyway.

No. 191244

Yes we let it rest long time ago. No one was talking about Sharla and Chris. U took the screen shot came on here to post it. You are the one brining up a topic that no one was talking about. So if you want to let it rest stop posting about them.

No. 191281

Serious question, why do some anons keep adamantly shutting this shit down instead of just ignoring the spergs and shippers? What does it matter if people think that they are dating? Who cares if they actually are? This discussion would have ended a long time ago if those people had just been ignored.

No. 191282

Nta idk maybe a gf that either didn't wanna be in the pic or isn't in the pic because he wants to keep it private, like he did with his previous relationship. Either way who cares.

No. 191307

If Connor and Chris don't release footage of them kissing within the next 2 months I am going to do something drastic.

No. 191325

Is that a reflection at the far end from where they're sitting?

No. 191344

lol "no one was talking about"


No. 191345

i think my favorite thing about the CxS drama is how angry and frustrated certain anons get about people talking about it… honestly it's hilarious how easily triggered some ppl are

No. 191349

yes nonnie that is one of the properties of glass

No. 191361

Why does Aki keep implying that she's hot when she's a fat piece of shit?

No. 191382

Dang, you Skinny Queen, Ali’s weight seem to really bother you

No. 191383

Stop baiting.

No. 191405

Couldn’t agree with you more Nonnie . She must be considered hot on whatever planet she comes from
She makes me feel like going for a 10k run everytime I see her porky pig face on screen

No. 191409

my favorite is when she has food stuck in her teef

No. 191420

Any of these “vloggers” cover the Japan travel Ban yet? Im not too hopeful considering I doubt they’d stray away from their usual vapid clickbait

No. 191426

she's from Vegas so her and moo are the top dawgs, right above all the bimbo sex workers on the strip and showgirls and every other conventionally hot woman in Las Vegas kek

No. 191446

Why? Its not just Japan that has bans. The actual news covers that.

No. 191451

What about Chris x Norm?

No. 191461

Easy solution, don’t watch her channel. That way her being so fat and horrible, won’t offend your skinny healthy eyes.

No. 191688

Norm would be licking Chris's starfish

No. 191729

Did Chris write his Japanese book? My guess is no.

No. 191737

File: 1641392632314.png (430.11 KB, 920x920, SFDVxXp.png)

The cover is awful.

No. 191740

That'd be the publisher/editor, not 100% him.

No. 191744

The cover is as uninteresting, basic, and lacking in style as he is. It fits him 100%

No. 191746

And the fat cunt will probably sell more books in a day than you’ll sell in a lifetime(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 191748

I don't know, unsaged poster, I am rooting for critical nonnie's literary debut

No. 191750

what's a "book"

No. 191757

>Stanning this boring pound shop version of Jeremy Clarkson

No. 191761

Damn, angry stan-chan, settle down.

No. 191779

Norm talking about how he used to be a negative person and how he decided to change to become a better one kek. 7:10-9:15

No. 191781

File: 1641410217568.png (831.31 KB, 1497x2048, Screenshot_20220105-181932.png)

No. 191783

Ngl, he's also not wrong. In Japan, they really like to stick with occupancy only. Realtors rarely even want to show a 2bdr to a single b because the concept of needing that much room is lost on Japanese people. It's their culture, not specifically finance. You're both wrong and both right

No. 191797

Something about the weird shape of Norm's head and his weak ass jaw makes me irrationally angry.

No. 191827

He looks like someone took Jason Lee and ran it through some warping filter in Photoshop

No. 191828

It’s his oversized ego for me. Lol

No. 191831

File: 1641438676381.png (126.7 KB, 343x293, (Ex-)Jvloggers 11.png)

His hair and beard bother me, it looks like a scrubbing sponge lol

No. 191837

File: 1641444111087.jpg (116.22 KB, 540x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Look at how he tries to hide his jaw. It elongates his horse face even more.

No. 191838

It’s the Popeye smile for me. All he need is a pipe and some spinach

No. 191864

File: 1641479720829.jpg (263.25 KB, 540x720, Normeye.jpg)

Can't unsee now that you said it.

No. 191884

You are welcome

No. 191916

File: 1641516383639.png (919.49 KB, 1601x2048, Screenshot_20220107-003532.png)

Did Norm delete that twitter account? I wonder if he has a few YouTube ones.

No. 191918

File: 1641516548526.png (843.89 KB, 1948x2048, Screenshot_20220107-000915.png)

Or is it just privated?

No. 192000

File: 1641585967366.png (961.38 KB, 1410x2048, Screenshot_20220107-195112.png)

Here is the content of his book.

No. 192020

Sounds like a real page turner

No. 192026

File: 1641604919585.png (2.34 MB, 1937x1031, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 5.17…)

There's a lot of hate for TkyoSam on this board, fine. But he was riding his bike along the road in Chiba and got concerned about this Oba-chan who seemed disoriented and confused, he helped her get her shopping cart onto the sidewalk and then helped her get up the curb and onto the path.

I'm sorry but Norm either would not have done this at all, or he would have made a whole video around what a fucking hero he was for doing it. Sam is actually a pretty decent human being most of the time.

No. 192029

I wonder if the rumors about Norma’s divorce are true?

No. 192034

What rumors?

No. 192035

who is norma?

No. 192038

Hey Japanese 1 student who just learned Katakana - why don't you just tell us IN ENGLISH what you want to say?

No. 192039

Oriental pearl is killing it ; She gonna be the biggest jvlogger by 2023

No. 192040

She's a daft cunt

No. 192041

You know the ones. The whispers inside the head of the people in this board.

No. 192052

Ha ha I am not even a Japanese 0 student. I don’t think I even know how to say good morning in Japanese. Copy paste google

No. 192054

Whoops Norm

No. 192072

No. 192075

No. 192083

Why did you post that?

No. 192087

Nta the post said - Park Residential C. Just some random shit.

No. 192099

Don’t translate copy paste into Google.

No. 192101

I could read the katakana.

No. 192137

Yes we all understand its just some random shit that a random anon posted, but why did they post it and let alone TWICE ffs
this isn't a Qanon forum ffs

No. 192145

idk. She's so smug about speaking multiple languages.

No. 192160

No. 192165

File: 1641663874298.jpg (87.47 KB, 1202x597, Screenshot_13.jpg)

Bii is moving to the USA in less than a month. She said she 'can't reveal why', 'that's where life is bringing them right now', and that 'it was a decision made on Christmas Eve'. In the whole video it felt like she was forcing herself to sound enthusiastic about it. She admitted that Texas isn't to her liking but she's also glad to get away from Toronto

No. 192166

Hiding In My Room (Daniel) Just posted a video about Oriental Pearl with a funny trolling thumbnail

No. 192167

Of course She's moving to Austin, (which is like barely real Texas at all) where else would someone obsessed with doing the trendiest things that are already so played out it's practically a meme

"I'm so unique and special, so I'm moving to AuStIn TeXaS"

Moving to Austin used to actually be cool but now it's just a meme, a desperate cry for fading Youtubers to try to seem relevant

No. 192168

also she kept saying 'Austin, Texas' as if it was one word or something

No. 192169

You have to say it that way otherwise you don't get your hipster points

No. 192170

I'm Eurofag and never been to the USA, so is Austin like the latest hip place that everyone moves to?

No. 192171

Yes it's the new Brooklyn, Portland, and Silverlake/NE Los Angeles all wrapped into one. It's because of SXSW bringing so many people there over the last 10 years or so, and a lot of Youtubers moving there.

No. 192172

It's a hipster hellhole

No. 192173

Ah I see, good to know

No. 192174

Kek Daniel discovers he ate raw chicken

No. 192179

100% with the Texas tax law, in. Haven for self employed influencers. Austin is most certainly swimming with vloggers nowadays.

No. 192185

TBH Austin has already been overblown, overrun, and overpriced. It's too expensive and hip now. It used to be a really fun place to party and live if you were a young musician but Californians and New Yorkers pretty much ruined it now.
New season of Queer Eye is set there because of course it is.

No. 192244

Californias and New Yorkers made it better is what you meant

No. 192245

Californians and New Yorkers absolutely destroy any original character of everywhere they invade, they're like a cancer.

No. 192266

Please elaborate on this

No. 192321

File: 1641729361321.png (59.71 KB, 1024x210, ugh.png)

Thank you for sharing. I felt what he said.

But she ruined my enjoyment with her annoying comment. Ugh it's so annoying when youtubers comment on videos about them.

No. 192323

I bet she hopes to get more connections to streamers/youtubers there. Maybe she will become a booby streamer. Who knows?

Sorry off topic but I already wondered why Tiffany Ferg made a video on influencer moving to New York instead of L.A. when I find it much more interesting how more and more influencers move to Austin.

No. 192327

So she can complain about every little thing about the US as she does in every video she posts? So exciting, can't wait.

No. 192342

Is she bouncing around because of visas?

No. 192368

I'm sure it's because her boyfriend works in tech and he either transferred or got a new job. Tons of tech companies in Austin. Would like to know who he works for. Not sure how Bi is going to follow him with no visa, but also don't know how she'd move on her own accord for vlogging so shrug

No. 192403

Chris and Sharla are dating

No. 192405

Also talking about Oriental Pearl, and how he's changing his channel, him going to the gym, him riding on adventures, making cooking videos, higher production values etc

No. 192446

Not sure if this is overconfidence or just pure delusion, especially when he says he wants wants to get so popular that the other massive jvloggers will want to collab and he can say no to them

No. 192449

lisa needs braces

Ughhhhh he’s such a greasy fat weeb moid it makes me feel icky. If he really wants to gain popularity he should get into politics, he looks like your average white MAGA antivax degenerate.

No. 192457

He's been living in Japan 15 years nonnie I don't think he gives two shits bout US politics….
also he can't be a MAGAt because he can speak a language other than English and understands that people who look Asian are not all Chinese

No. 192458

Also if you saw his camping videos where he's walking around with his shirt off.. I think it's great he's so body positive and confident… it's way cooler than Chris "Fried Chicken" Abroad constantly bitching about how fat he is and showing what an insecure baby he is all the time.

No. 192470

While she isn't a booby streamer yet, she has those coomer bait cosplay pics she posts on her alt account, from what little I pay attention it seems like she has very low engagement.

No. 192472

While she isn't a booby streamer yet, she has those coomer bait cosplay pics she posts on her alt account, from what little I pay attention it seems like she has very low engagement self esteem.

fixed it

No. 192480

This post is poetry! It’s desperate, sad and yet funny all at the same time. I love the fact that Sam comes on a low traffic gossip site to promote himself, while at the same time being delusional enough to put himself in the same category with someone like Chris. Sam, one step at a time, first get enough views to be able to afford a home that’s not a plywood coffin. My God the gulf between Chris and you are immeasurable. No one literally no one compares him to you. Sweetie please stop embarrassing yourself. Body positivity lol such poetry

No. 192492

I was being sarcastic nonny

No. 192493

I'm not Sam btw
I just think he's a genuine, positive, and friendly vlogger

No. 192494

File: 1641833596343.png (785.54 KB, 1040x2048, Screenshot_20220110-155714.png)


No. 192495

males shouldnt be proud of showing off their ugly fat bodies. Why would an anon praise a scrote for this meanwhile yall bash average sized women all the time and call them fat all the time on lolcow nowadays? Dont praise moids

No. 192498

I am also pro-Sam, I think he is a misunderstood genius honestly.

No. 192499

Imagine not being able to see how Norm could be a dick to people lol

No. 192516

She does the same thing with "Tokyo, Japan" and "Seoul, Korea." So annoying.(learn2sage)

No. 192519

Autisn, Texas
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea

These are places with cities specific/country specifics. How is this wrong? We literally have state names for state cities too and different cities with the same name across the US.

No. 192520

It's not wrong, but she tends to repeat it 5 times in the span of a minute. Like, we get it.

No. 192536

she's so weirdly disingenuous. she posted on instagram emphasizing that she "can't share the reason why they're moving." like…why not? wtf are you doing over there that's so special that you have to keep things a SeCrEt? i mean there are only a few reasons they COULD be moving.

it's either: her boyfriend's job, she hates toronto and is willing to go anywhere else, or she's a dick riding trend hopper and decided to move to atx with the 50000 other vloggers that moved last year. honestly it's probably the last one but she's embarrassed to be so basic so she's pretending there's some REAL SECRET IMPORTANT MISSION she's on. why can't she just be honest with her audience? stupid.

No. 192543

I'm wondering if it has to do with with vaccine mandates? Did she ever mention she got the vaccine? Maybe the picked Texas for that reason. But yeah she always makes the dumbest things a secret but shows herself destroying her face with surgeries and shit.

No. 192555

If she's Canadian she has to be vaxxed anyway
Since all non-U.S.citizens traveling into the U.S. must show proof of vaccine plus negative covid test, not sure how that would work out nonnie

No. 192562

I'm voting for "dick riding trend hopper"

No. 192565

>super sekret
I lol'd when I read that, like what's so bad that she can't reveal the reason she's moving? Is there something that is limited time and she needed to sell her apartment asap when she got the news only on christmas eve?

No. 192620

File: 1641921337959.png (850.03 KB, 1665x1909, Screenshot_20220111-165248~2.p…)

Comment on tkyosams vid about Sharla, seems kim had some issues with the others.

No. 192623

Ol' Grandpa Hollis with his opinions on KimDao kek

No. 192709

Kim Dao makes the best videos about Japan. No questions asked.(sage your shit )

No. 192717

Except she doesn’t

No. 192721

Amen. That would be TkyoSam. Literally nobody even compares.

No. 192730


Sage for the 'hi cow', but it's getting annoying how much tkyosam is shitting up this thread. Willing to bet he's trying hard to fuel the Chris/Sharla tinfoil for attention too.

No. 192762


What video is that about Sharla?(learn2sage)

No. 192767

Video is "what I think about Sharla in Japan".

No. 192780

I love Sharla/Sharmeleon/Sharmander/Sharla-in-Japan
I think she's soooo beautiful

No. 192844

I thought he looked a little awkward and uncomfortable when he replied to a question about cheating in Japan in this vid at 9:56-10:55.

No. 192847

Also the way they look at each other in this vid at 3:50-3:54.
Not trying to start shit but something definitely happened between them in the past.

No. 192868


No. 192872

File: 1642038764378.jpeg (255.89 KB, 1170x601, 6BEFE4C5-2F1C-4B4C-9FDF-E61F2C…)

worldofxtra tries to defend his filipino mother’s honour again

No. 192873

Daniel (Hiding In My Room) is also technically a sex worker now

No. 192874

He's definitely been sperging about them for shits and giggles.

No. 192897

Vedetta Chan why does some random gay boy trigger you so much

No. 192906

Stan, you’re at leat 24, right? You’re a grown ass man, stop calling yourself a “boy”

No. 192934

lmao unrelated but i just watched her apartment tour video. I can't believe she makes her bf work in a closet while she uses their master as her own office. especially considering he's probably the one paying for the space…how manipulative

No. 192942

How to create a "cozy vibe" = keep bf in closet

No. 192953

Tbh, some people need and like compact focus areas for work. A closet/enclave is a good work spot. That's why they even manufacture cabinet-desks.

No. 192954

I work best inside an empty tub of Haagen Dazs.
Is that what you mean?

No. 192962

Can someone tell me what sundai love do for living beside YouTube and her clothes website because everytime she make those videos about productive work day and never seen anyone talk or ask about it.

No. 192976

no one knows for sure but she has a 5 year visa that she's gotten renewed, so it's some sort of corporate job and not english-teaching (or entertainment). she's shown a few clips here and there of her visiting the actual office building in tokyo, and has mentioned that she did some work "on contracts" for the company. maybe she reviews documents for english translations? idk, her videos are riddled with spelling errors so I find that hard to believe… I personally only know 2 americans in Japan that managed to get a 5 year working visa, and they were both fluent japanese speakers making 6 figs. she definitely isn't making that much money or else she'd be living in tokyo proper, wearing designer, or doing SOMETHING to demonstrate her wealth. it's pretty bizarre.

tldr: no one knows and she won't say

No. 192995

Is she the one from Bakersfield CA? People from there don't really do many jobs in any field performing at a high level tbh…
She might be an escort or other type of sex worker and keep it very DL

No. 192999

that's a fair statement, but the way she expressed it seemed like he was there because they didn't have enough space. even still they could have used the master as their bedroom and secondary as her office. instead she uses the master as an office bc she "needed the space" just seemed weird to me

No. 193009

No. 193032

Kek I'm just curious if Chris cheated on his ex with her because that would be some actual milk and would confirm my suspicion about the anon who started that whole discussion about them.

No. 193085

So sad to see Tkyosam’s announcement in his latest vid. He will be missed.

No. 193098

I find it weird the fact she never mention what she really do. I wonder what visa she really has because obviously it’s not modeling or entertainment, i never seen her speaking japanese as well she can’t model in japan they have certain specific look for their models. I feel suspicious what she do mostly she travel a lot and is about to buy a house in japan but we don’t know where the money come from because i don’t believe her clothes website oe youtube is enough to pay the bills

No. 193132

yeah and we know her family aint rich, i seen video of their house and they live in the armpit of california a really poor and un-affluent city

No. 193140

Anon was making shit up because it fit their narritive for their sharlaxchris fanfic.

No. 193167

Except you don't have to make shit up because Chris and Sharla are most definitely a couple. As for whether or not he hooked up with Sharla while he was still with whats-her-face, that can't be proven.
But they're definitely living together in the same apartment in Sendai.

No. 193182

Such a stupid thing to say. Her sister have a very successful medical career. You can be from the worst place and make a great career. Honestly such a dumb take.

No. 193188

most people from that town do not "make a great" anything, if you knew anything about it you'd shut your hole

No. 193191

I wondered about the cheating thing because of other reasons, not because of what some anon has posted here. Him dumping his gf right after JAJ then the ex ignoring Sharla but still interacting with the other jvloggers doesn't seem like a coincidence.

No. 193227

Well, just wow! You and your backwards view, made a statement that she could not possibly be successful at anything simply because of where she is from. You were so comfortable to make that statement that being from where she is from, her only option was se* work! Honestly who raised you to think and judge people like that? I don’t know what she does for a living, and not do you m, but I think your comment was discussing! your leap of judgement is so incredibly outdated and sad.

No. 193228


hi cow

No. 193238

kek imagine self-censoring the word sex

No. 193240

Hey does anyone remember when Aki did that dance and she was rolling around on the floor

No. 193241


Yes, that's what we call a "Roll Cow"(samefagging)

No. 193242

She has her own thread.

No. 193243

you have your own thread

No. 193416

I don't see it.

You know sometimes things like that can be because of jealousy and not because something actually happened? Wow never heard before of someone getting dumped and being jealous of another woman the ex gets along with. Groundbreaking!

No. 193419

You are right sir, it could just be a complete coincidence.

No. 193435

>Man is joined on his travels by someone he previously had feelings for >>159121

>Person is now single

>They spend a month together, great chemistry and mutual attraction clearly evident in the vids they
are in together >>25660

>Man ends long term relationship soon after the trip

>Ex gf replies to and tries to interact with a number of jvloggers, twitch streamers etc, seemingly trying to be part of the gaijin club but for some reason ignores that person
Knows that person very well though apparently >>189833

"I swear it's all just a coincidence!"

No. 193458


whhhhooooooooooo caaaaaaaaarrreesss

No. 193460

I love when my actors and tv show presenters also have good chemistry so that conversation doesn't sound stagnant and stiff. Do you even hear yourself? Didn't mean they are dating or fucking. It means the know how to be normal.

No. 193480

I think I've figured it out now. >>159109 >>159282
There are some ConnorxChris shippers in this thread, that's why they are so hellbent on denying that Chris and Sharla are most likely together.
Either that or this anon is correct >>190195
Because I honestly cannot understand why people are denying it so hard it's downright bizarre. Even someone on the spectrum could see it.

No. 193483


>>190099 >>190132

Bunch of naive, blind people in this thread. Holy fuck

No. 193521

all the posts you highlighted are rational sane people

No. 193547

I'm sorry but if you honestly think that this is in any way a coincidence >>193435 (forgot to add that he ended the relationship at the same time that Sharla moved back) then you're a dumbass and blind as fuck to the obvious. I don't know what else to say lmao

No. 193573

Is it just me or a lot of the girls in Japan seem to quickly get a Japanese boyfriend and discreetly get married within a year, then quit their jobs to just be on Instagram and/or TikTok?

No. 193586

List examples

No. 193623

Yeah thats kind of normal. Japanese people are ushered into staying at home after marriage. It's a very misogynistic society. They also force you to quit sometimes after marriage because they don't want a possible pregnancy preventing your woman body from work and then after the kid you're expected to stay home.

No. 193663

If you're going to make a blanket generalized statement such as this then you need to list some examples as proof of what you're talking about nonnie

No. 193702

Most new moms have to stay home with baby bcs there aren't enough kindergarten spots available, unless you're really wealthy or work in a big company that provides daycare and shorter days for women. But those are big kaishas like docomo, not English teacher positions that most foreigners work at. It just makes more sense to stay home until kids are bit older. Most married women even without kids it's more of a status that their husbands earn enough for the wife to stay home, at least for ppl in their 30s but not sure if younger generations are changing that.

No. 193710

Actually the trend is more to not have kids and not get married (for japanese) the birth rate is declining
these gaijin are just giving the men what they want that the less traditional women of japan who are tired of their bullshit don't want to put up with anymore
japan is extremely sexist

No. 193734

New Sharla video, featuring bored boyfriend Chris driving around Sharla and her friend to find pokemon stuff

No. 193736

Lol saw that. It would make so much more sense for her viewers to understand that he's the boyfriend chauffer (and obv for her view count too) rather than they think that he's there because he had any interest in "collabing" with her.

at this point any anons who still think they're not a couple are completely delusional

No. 193738

There was a big oopsie in her Instagram history, that is no longer there. Sharla doesnt play playstation 4 and there were many playstation 4 games in her bedroom..

No. 193744

receipts please nonnie this is an imageboard

No. 193745

how tf do you know she "doesnt play playstation 4" lol

No. 193746

You just have to follow her instagram and check her stories.. I dont take screenshots.

No. 193747

I really dont. There were at least 6 game covers with japanese names and ps4 logos.

No. 193753

File: 1642530597891.png (1.38 MB, 2048x1481, Screenshot_20220118-182307~2.p…)

Kek she showed her playstation 4 in her apartment tour vid.

No. 193758

No I don't "have to follow her instagram and check her stories" you nincompoop that's why I check this godforsaken board - if you come here making a claim you are required to show a screenshot, now GTFO

No. 193770

You Chris and Sharla fags are the worst. None of you ever post proof, you just come here to spout constant dating nonesensevand refuse to post proof about it. There's always some excuse:

>Was on a PAID site, not my fault you didn't see it

>Was on a deleted post
>Missed her story
>I know TC and everyone but won't say how or why and just take my word for it
>I refuse to spoonfeed, but believe me

No. 193773

Then why bring it up of you can't even prove she doesn't play her own PS4 and with the lack of games, looks like she's a normie. Does she need to start up a Twitch to prove it? She's not a gaming channel. Imagine being misogynistic and still having this idea that she only had it because Chris, a man, is the only one who would play video games. Retarded levels of thinking.

No. 193775

I really dont. There were at least 6 game covers with japanese names and ps4 logos.>>193753

Shirt! Looks like i was wrong! Sorry guys!
(And btw. im not misogynistic because i thought she preferred her switch!)

No. 193795

How come you people never do any fucking screenshots? Until you post all these slip ups I don't believe shit. If you're too lazy to take receipts don't bother posting here.

No. 193801

Calm down

No. 193803

If someone told me that Kim Dao took the short bus to school I wouldn't question it. She genuinely seems like a halfwit. "Hahhy Pahtah" at her wedding, how could anyone not feel awkward watching an adult male marry a retarded womanchild?

No. 193844

That wasn't even a slip up she has previously shown the PS4 a couple of times. I don't even know why that anon even mentioned that, it wouldn't prove shit anyway. As for the stream slip ups, the only thing I've seen was some YouTube and Reddit comments mentioning them, if they did actually happen then obviously no one bothered to take a screenshot so there's no way that it can be proven. The only thing that is known for sure is Chris living with a Canadian which was posted about months ago.

No. 193847

I heard that Chris got pregnant from Sharla and they had the baby and when it was born it was a gacha of a famichiki

No. 193867

File: 1642579234493.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1964, C29C3D25-2CB5-4BB1-8B86-45ACF9…)

I know it’s speculated that Connor is dating Chris, kaho, or ironmouse, but recently it’s become an actual possibility that Connor is dating hololive’s vtuber Mori Calliope

>Connor talks shit about Hololive EN girls, calling them "talentless"

>Calli assured everyone that Connor apologized to each of the girls.
>Kiara comes out saying she doesn't have any comms with TT so that means Mori fucking lied.
>To add insult to the injury, Mori gives Connor 250 dollars for 50 subs to his Twitch channel while Mori was using the official Hololive acc.
>Somebody then gave Mori a $250 akasupa with the message "Condom money for Connor"
>Mori reads this and flips out, ranting about the new rules of redsupas. Also since this is a hate message, Mori will now give Connor another $250

Also she has been doing IRL collars with trash taste and Garnt’s wife

No. 193872

No. 193881

Kaho out of his league tbh.

No. 193897

The SharlaxChris shippers might be grasping for straws but the ConnorxChris shippers are downright delusional. Chris is greasy af and has man boobs. Sharla might date him out of convenience but Connor still has options.

No. 193908


Surely, no one is serious about ChrisxConnor? Chris is clearly heterosexual.

No. 193912

No self-respecting gay man would allow themselves to be photographed or filmed wearing the absolute trashbags Chris calls clothes.

No. 193922

Chris is hetero but Connor has been on record saying his sexuality is "fluid" or "flexible" can't remember which word he used. Personally I think it's just gaybaiting.

No. 193924

It's weird that Connor would say that Hololive Vtubers are talentless when at least Ina'nis has an actual, real talent (drawing) while he hangs out with Ironmouse, who's insufferable and a pedo pandering hack. I wonder if he just does it because he trapped himself into doing it and now can't get out, because I remember him saying before he had no interest in vtubers.
If he's actually dating the Mori girl, good for them. That's a bad photo of her but I think they are looksmatched.

Nobody actually ships Connor and Chris, assburger-chan. It's obviously a joke cause they have good chemistry on their videos. And because the SharlaxChris sperging is very annoying at this point, and I think they are together, personally.

No. 193927

Kaho is nice and isn't a slut going around trying to fuck these white men. It's like some of you can't grasp that men and women work together and it doesn't have to be sexual.

No. 193941

You shut your whore mouth. ChrisxConnor is end game mark my words

No. 193945

Hi everyone! I'm Chris Broad. I will keep the off colour humor to a limit but I'd like to put some of your wide-ranging concerns to rest. AMA.(scrote)

No. 193954

No. 193958

prove it

No. 193960

Can confirm Sharla just flew over my house

No. 193962

Kek A+ for effort

No. 193986

ok i'll take the bait. so tell us, "chris broad" - are you dating sharla and do you two live together?(samefagging)

No. 194018

she looks like she doesn't shower

No. 194024

pfffft bahahhahahahaaaa(samefagging)

No. 194186

My weekly check to see if Oriental Pearl has changed into a better human being yet?

No. 194260

Results inconclusive, please check back later.

No. 194414

Hearty kek, anon. Can't stand the little spastic goblin.

No. 194546

File: 1642921828405.png (Spoiler Image,174.48 KB, 523x805, D22902F5-5C2F-4853-AA04-24EE52…)

So Mori Calliope and Connor fucking might actually be happening and not a schizo fanfic.

>previous post condom event happens >>193867
>mori replies to a troll on twitter with ntr fanart days after it’s been posted
>gets reposted on reddit
>she immediately replies to Reddit post angrily
>upsets her fans so much they downvote her to hell
>Mori deletes everything and apologizes
>mori blames her alcoholism and admits to drinking lean(a drug by rappers) on her idol account

she might actually graduate from vtubing and become a jvlogger.

No. 194549

People speculated she was planning defect from her idol persona after this raunchy collab where she openly smoked/drank with sydsnap

No. 194557

lmao anon, are you okay? I just think kaho is really cute. It ain't that deep.

this def feels like a big tinfoil tbh. She seems to simp for him but has connor really shown any interest in her?

No. 194601

Just wishful thinking for anons.

No. 194651

Anon Kaho is literally a career prostitute. She literally has sex with any random man for money.

No. 194687

Holy fuck, is this the real deal? SMH. My discomfort for wiggas/wiggers just keeps growing. How popular was she as her irl wigga life or whatever? Also, I think I read this on /vt/(not sure), she got hooked up on JP rap and not on US jogger rap, it's true?

No. 194692

Calm down tradthot, she isn’t in the industry anymore. Funny how you blame the girls sold into sexwork instead of the scrotes who exploit them though lmao

She was unknown before the hololive boost. She basically gave up her guaranteed 6 figures for Connor and a mediocre rap career

No. 194716

She was never a prostitute and never did soaplands either. She did very few films and stopped within 2 years.

No. 194771

She can still do like Kson. She is one of the big earners in Hololive, so a lot of her fanbase would follow her.

No. 195021

Shots girl rapper in japan. That’s an intresting path

No. 195096

A bit off topic but does anyone find it funny that Joey and Aki have been together for 6 years and have zero chemistry?(sage)

No. 195105

Two ugly people dating isn’t milk nonnie

No. 195111

“This whore only fucked on camera for money for a couple years. She’s not like other whores!”
Okay simp. Imagine white knighting this hard for a washed up porn star.

Also what is the deal with Connor “dating” so many vtubers? I’ve seen people claim he’s banging Mori, ironmouse and Veibae and I can’t tell what is autistic projection and what has any basis in reality. I am beginning to think it’s planned publicity stunting. Big disrespect to any female creator who would even consider it. The way he talks down about women is nasty.

No. 195119

Not whiteknighting. Literally telling you facts. Stay mad that the whole you thought was a prostitute never had a prostitution career. Kaho is nice as hell. Seethe more.

No. 195121

How does he talk down to women? Post examples

No. 195125

sharla and chris are lovers

No. 195131

The recent examples thst come to mind are when he shat on Hello Kitty because it is liked by women and had that bizarre menstruation take. He also claimed that vtubers were talentless and wanted nothing to do with them. Guess that changed when he realized he shares his weeb demo with vtuber fans and decided to cash in and backpedal. Every time he talks about women it smacks of smug misogyny.

No. 195133

he's bisexual what do u expect

No. 195134

No he isn’t lmao. He’s so obviously just an attention seeking yaoi fangirl panderer. If I had a dollar every pseudo-woke hetero Scote claiming vague pansexuality I would be rich. Dude couldn’t even fake it on his male escort date video. What does being bisexual have to do with being a shitty misogynist anyway?

No. 195135

Has bii ever shown her boyfriend on camera? I don't remember herever showing what looks lo
Ike before.

No. 195141

> ironmouse
Literally dying


Dating sodapoppin

No. 195180

i dont think so. and he seems really unhappy to be on camera too.

this video was really ridiculous. she comes off wildly out of touch and spoiled. every single video she posts is just her whining and this one takes the cake because it's whining that their budget of $4000/month ($50k a year) for a home isn't getting them what they want in downtown austin. christ

No. 195181

lolcow isn't the place to stan on-camera prostitute talent, anon. If you get paid to have sex you're a prostitute, it makes no difference if a guy has a camera in your face while he fucks you, you're still a whore. I don't have a problem with Kaho necessarily but she's absolutely a former whore.

No. 195182

agree. I also wonder what he does or what his responsibilities are to afford that much. bii obviously doesn't contribute in any meaningful way. even at 150k id feel uncomfortable paying that much by myself

No. 195200

I wonder how they handle the finances, there's no way she can contribute 50% of the rent from the business she launched a few months ago.
Also just a random comment about Bronwyn: I find it funny how she always tries to project an image of an upper class, sophisticated woman, but then when they went to see a ballet around Christmas it was obvious she was more excited about getting to dress up then the show itself and then she also noted that 'watching ballet once a decade is enough' for her lmao

No. 195202

If that's their budget, I'm curious why not buy a home? That's a lot of wasted money on renting.

No. 195220

Easy, he's not committed enough to purchase a house to live with her or he moves a lot bcs of work and they sponsor with rent.

No. 195270

Don't they want to move back to Japan or something?

No. 195277

What a godawful shot of her in her thumbnail. We get it bitch, you love your fucking huge ass lips. Now do something about those scraggly ass bangs.

No. 195375

Anyone got anything new on Audrey M since she had a child years ago?

No. 195449

I hate how she calls herself a 'skincare specialist' because she clearly doesn't have the knowledge whatsoever. In this video she talks about how using acids destroyed her skin barrier and mentions how companies are putting hyaluronic acid in every product nowadays and how this can 'lead to people overusing acids'.

Bronwyn, if you're reading this - hyaluronic acid is an acid in name only, it doesn't actually have exfoliating properties, so it's not possible to 'overuse' it. It's a humectant that can be found in our bodies as well - in our joints for instance, or in the fluids in our eyes. And this information can be found out in a second by Googling it. Also I hate how she's throwing out buzzwords like 'nourishing' and 'repairing' as if they meant something.

No. 195463

Is that her now in 2022? She looks so weird

No. 195466

she's surgically removed her tribal status, which is why she now refers to herself as a white girl in videos after crusading for her heritage in the past

No. 195470

File: 1643470597814.jpg (39.15 KB, 577x545, Screenshot_10.jpg)

so the video is actually from last year, picrel is her this year

No. 195479

Her makeup is crap, her lips looks like cartoon lips. Her face looks super greasy. I would never buy skin product from her!

No. 195480

I see chris B ex dropping milk and being shady about him on Twitter.

No. 195481

then post a screenshot you imbecile

No. 195483


No. 195484

Her Twitter

No. 195485

No if you care go to her Twitter. It’s out there in the open idiot(Imageboard)

No. 195491

File: 1643478383319.jpg (135.32 KB, 675x795, Screenshot_11.jpg)

since that anon couldn't post it for some fucking reason, here it is. Lily was assaulted by a director at a company she worked for and Chris accused her of lying about it just to 'piss him off'

No. 195492

How do we know the ex she's talking about is Chris? Could it be someone else she dated?

No. 195498

We don't have proof its Chris. You can't just post and say its him when she's dated other people.

No. 195499

File: 1643484600284.png (166.98 KB, 1785x854, lily.PNG)

Does anyone know if this timeline lines up to when she was dating Chris?

No. 195500

File: 1643484802307.png (335.44 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20220129-191946~2.p…)

It happened in 2019 so the ex she's referring to isn't Chris.

No. 195564

well that was an unsatisfying conclusion

No. 195634

They broke up sometime in 2018.
Let’s have a boring AF conversation about something that happened almost half a decade ago.

No. 195674

Anons desperate to connect Sharla and Chris based off an exes other fucked up relationship.

No. 195704

This happened when she was living in Tokyo also she previously mentioned that she didn't work when they were together.

No. 195729

She is giving me the look at me look at me something bad happened to me with all these tweets. She is desperate for attention!

No. 195744

Wasn't she with Chris for like 3 years or something? That's a long time to not have an income…

No. 195750

Almost 3 years yeah, I believe she was a student during most of that time. She posted about doing some gaijin modeling but I don't think that pays very well.

No. 195755

A long time to leech off of someone.

No. 195763

This you? Smells like the same Chris schizoposter accusing this woman’s inane posts of being absolutely nefarious for some reason.


No. 195768

Dude if you look through her Twitter EVERY single post is essentially a cry for attention as if the world owes her something. That’s not even my humble opinion that’s an objective fact.(sage )

No. 195773

What 6 figure career? And I think she's doing fine as she's one of the most popular HoloEN members

No. 195774


I’d be having a whinge too if my legs looked like turnips

No. 195787

Pretty sure the schizoposter was his ex.
But yeah this is some vendetta posting.

No. 195859

No vendetta just pointing out that she is unhinged and a bit desperate. I’m not the only one that has noticed that, but it’s just my opinion.

No. 195892

Reread the post esl-chama

No. 195940

Mori Calliope on her way to do defunct?
I thin she may be breaking under pressure.

No. 195941

She released a song with lyrics saying how much she hates her fan base and idol culture. Why the fuck did you sign up to an idol company if you wanted to be a lean drinking brapper.

No. 195972

Not listening to that shit and Mori is cringe but I can’t blame her for growing to hate her fans. Hololove fanbase/any predominately male idol community is absolutely disgusting. Fame isn’t everything and all hololove girls eventually get “graduated” with no rights to their characters anyway. I’d wanna pivot too if it was my job to please the sociopathic incels over at /vt

No. 195987

this is the whitest thing i've ever heard

No. 195991

Gaijin living in japan who cant speak japanese and hates japanese culture joins the most restrictive japanese job, that is karen

No. 196037

Welp it’s technically Groundhog Day in the U.S., the day we celebrate without any real evidence the everlasting regurgitation of the supposed union between Chris and Sharla Bored, the famous vlogging couple.

Happy Groundhog Day everyone

No. 196167

No one was talking about them, and yet here you are a brining it up!

No. 196169

Anyone knows why Emma doesn't seem to like Chris, Pete and Joey?

No. 196177

You are projecting

No. 196180

I swear these anons with their heads in the sand are even more annoying than the fucking spergs. They just can't let it go.

No. 196201

What are you talking about? She has multiple video's with Joey(and seems to hang out with Joey and Aki) and was on the original journey across japan and has described Chris as a good friend

No. 196208

Chris has been working out! What does it mean?!

No. 196226

It means everyone calling him fat in the comments finally got to him. Because he’s a fuckin porker. Good for him I guess. I swear to god the absolute lack of milk here. None of these jbloggers do anythjng interesting and you speds have post about shit like this.

No. 196232

Chris does this I am working out bit every January. And then he goes back to gaining weight and people fat shaming him. Nothing new here

No. 196244

He’s actually fucking hot when he loses a bit of pork chop and grows that goateee

Also- source that he’s working out?

No. 196252

File: 1643970792242.png (857.05 KB, 576x1440, Screenshot_20220204-042454~2.p…)

Well seeing as you decided to bring the topic up again, is this enough evidence for you that Sharla is the Canadian that Chris lives with?

If it isn't, then don't bring it up again and just ignore the shipper spergs.

No. 196270

I’m grateful that you posted actual evidence of them with the same mugs, but I can’t help but notice they’re both clearly in their own apartments. Chris’s apartment doesn’t look like Sharlas and visa versa.
It’s been said 100 times but why is having the same mug as your friend an indication of a relationship?
Can they not spend time at each other’s apartments? Etc etc
All this proves is they have the same mugs as each other!!!

No. 196276

They’re drinking from the same Daiso 100 yen mugs that most foreigners in Japan drink from everyday. What a scoop.
Still, a special sticker to the weirdo that stalked through all their videos forensically.

No. 196319

He said so on his last live stream, onhis podcast and on his January Patreon stream

No. 196321

when last did you see Chris ever show his apartment? He used to carefully shoot in a room with a generic background that gave 0 clues about his apartment. Anyway believe what you want to believe. I just wish that people would stop coming on here bringing up the same conversation over and over again. You don’t believe it, fine, sone do. Just let it go!!!!!!!! Stop bring ing it up!!!!!!!

No. 196323

Yes you are 100% right! No proof! Nothing to see! They are not together! People who think so are stalkers and losers! Now that we all agree, can you stop bringing it up? Stop asking for proof!! This topic is beat to deaf! FFS

No. 196326

This is exactly the kind of autism I come to this site for. Brava.

No. 196337

P.s. I forgot to add this >>158702

No. 196381

Was watching a recent Tokyo lens stream on his 'Tokyo lens explore' channel, he mentioned losing a family member, said he might not be in great form for that reason. Fair enough. He then went on to spend the whole stream bitching about a single comment he got recently where 'they just don't understand my sassy personality' I mean he just kept bringing it up over and over again over the space of 2ish hours. Dude comes off as loopy, using his audience for sympathy (superchats) and cannot take the slightest criticism. It was painful to listen to. I went to include the link but think it's now gone.

He films cars who he thinks are driving badly, plans on putting them in a compilation vid. He screenshots all negative comments that he gets.. again planning a compilation video to shame his haters. He bitched when strangers were walking too close to him and kept claiming he was getting funny looks off strangers. Critisised passing people who were doing nothing but walking on a public street. What the hell.

Also still acting like hes a single man, all alone walking the streets after his loss. Only his chat to keep him company. Cha-ching.

No. 196464


No. 196533

This is the kind of tea I need.

No. 196663

This once again begs the question of why would you do that shit in the first place? It's not like Holoshit was new when she got picked, she should have been well aware of the idol culture attitude of the company.

No. 196683

Any speculation on the pictures on the fridge in Sharlas new upload?

No. 196688

You can clearly hear Chris’s voice here https://youtu.be/q2XiYqStAIo?t=509

No. 196689

Damn. You have a good ear!
Do Sharla drink good whiskey? Because she has a shelf with good whiskeys!

No. 196691

I noticed that too It’s way too much alcohol for someone who lives alone and doesn’t drink often Also, there’re 2 coffee bottles on the table.. However, it’s quite possible that my imagination is going wild because I really want them to be together lol(Emoji, namefag, learn to sage)

No. 196830


FFS is this shit ever going to end.

No. 196837

We stop when it's confirmed.

No. 196851

Are you one of these people who keep speculating about Chris and Sharla on Chris's subreddit? >>184643

No. 196854

I only lurk.

No. 196953

Sharla’s last Insta Story: the VR headset and stack of PS games next to her stack of switch games hmmmmm. I was scanning for a couples foto tho

No. 196954

File: 1644485133706.jpeg (872 KB, 828x1549, ACAD1180-EBFA-42E3-8A57-44387C…)

The bf is Maro

No. 196965

Maybe I'm nitpicking but for someone who has this speculation around her dating life and no straight answers coming from her… I feel like announcing that you're watching tv 'with muh bf' is just fishing for people to ask her what she means by bf. If it's just a cutesy joke about the cat… she could've had the cat in the pic. She has to know how posts like this get people talking. She's been around too long to not know how that works.

Just seems like that cowish behaviour of wanting privacy and then dropping hints looking for attention around the very thing you're keeping private.

No. 196966

She has already shown the PS4 a few times >>193753

No. 196968

It's a vid on her Insta stories, she shows the cat at the end.

No. 196970

File: 1644498865689.png (637.16 KB, 949x2048, Screenshot_20220210-125011.png)

More speculation for the shippers.

No. 196991

No one cares about the fact people are trying to force a cringey ship. That doesn't somehow convince anyone. It's still not proof.

No. 196992

Girls play games. Shock how a weeb who wanted to move to Japan to teach has games.

No. 196997

Any chance he's filming it the way Chris and Joey switch around filming when Ryo and Natsuki are around too? If Natsuki and Chris or Sharla and Chris upload soon, probably a good call its just friends switching who's filming or they just hang out, but anons don't believe that men and women can be friends without dating.

No. 197010

I said it was speculation not proof.

No. 197018

Yeah probably. Don't know why people thought it was noteworthy, he has been at her apartment with Natsuki before.

No. 197095

What the hell are you talking about? So you’re saying that Chris is hiding in Sharla’s apartment because he plans to do a switch up video in Sharla’s appartment? You people are now bending backwards to prove that they are not a couple. So why don’t you guys ask about why sharla’s refused to show her 2nd office? Why don’t you guys ask why Sharla is furiously deleting comment about anybody mentioning Chris that they hear chris voice in the video? FFS Use your brain

No. 197096

If it’s not a big deal? Why is Sharla deleting comments that mention they hear chris voice? Why is Sharla attempting to give the impression that he is not in the apartment and that they met up at the restaurant?

No. 197110

Really, she's milking the speculation at this point. If she wasn't dating Chris it's easy enough to just say "we're not dating", like she did with that simp who fetched her cat for her in Korea. It's not like calling your cat your boyfriend is some really common joke, it's a weird thing to say when people actively comment on all your social media about who your boyfriend is. We're playing right into their hands.

No. 197114

Sharla is just trolling all of you cxs autists at this point, and you have all fallen for it.
Why don’t you send her a DM and demand they she tells truth? /s

No. 197124

No one said anything about hiding. It's not new to that whole group that they use each other as grips from time to time. No one is 'hiding' by being a cameraman for a video. Also assuming a cough is Chris is downright stupid. That's some weak proof of dating or otherwise.

No. 197125

Can you show these comments not existing anymore, meaning a post showing its existance and date/timestamp prior to being removed. Anons constantly say comments are deleted, but no one ever posts them prior either, so I honestly don't believe she's deleting anything when other fanfic comments do stay. If she was deleting posts about them she'd delete them all, not pick and choose.

No. 197147

Nta "assuming a cough is Chris"- wtf? you can hear him speaking in the background at 08:30-33
You're right in that it doesn't exactly prove anything but that is definitely his voice.

No. 197155

Then why not think they are just hanging out? She's with Natsuki just as much, films more with him

No. 197159

Looks like Groundhog Day is back.
Another day, another bunch of boringly predictable assumptions.

No. 197195

Idiot why is she lying then about “meeting up with him later” when he is clearly in the apartment? If it was a simple chris is hanging out with me and Natsuki why lie?

No. 197196

File: 1644639134493.jpeg (329.31 KB, 1284x1157, 2C2823BA-7454-46DD-9A29-9A2F3D…)

Here was a comment mentioning hearing his voice before it was deleted. This comment is no longer there.

No. 197197

File: 1644639375610.jpeg (314.34 KB, 1284x2412, 5F21A6C6-511F-490F-B5DE-A405AC…)

Do a search in her comment section for the word “background” found in that comment. 0 results, because it was deleted!

No. 197198

It wasn’t a cough you idiot! No one said anything about a cough, what the hell is wrong with you!? It was him talking. It was clearly his voice, many people noticed and mentioned it in her comments. Stop being stupid.

No. 197214

Can't wait for the charla onlyfans arc.

No. 197230

Can anyone answer this? >>191281

No. 197232

Yes and no; autism

No. 197236

Are there actually any jvloggers watching these days. No one beats TkyoCooney.

No. 197325

Tbh there aren’t any real J-vloggers left. However John Daub still makes decent videos, and Tkyosam will make a few videos a year that are reminiscent of old YouTube. Other then that your out of luck dude.(newfag)

No. 197359

I like Martina's new videos. So much more palatable without Simon.

No. 197381

Hello Sam. No one watches your videos cause they are aweful. Stop coming here do promote your failing crappy channel! Also while we are here, grow up, get a real job and a real place to live. Your are so pitiful("hi cow")

No. 197383

File: 1644784779441.jpg (578.17 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220213-212829_You…)

I can't with Bronwyn. She states she has '10 years of experience as a skincare specialist', acts like she knows everything while shilling her Ali Express facial rollers and states completely unfounded bs statements such as 'massaging your face is great because it pushes oxygen into your skin'. ???

No. 197399

You're so jealous of Chris and his success. Its hilarious and pathetic at the same time, and only in Japan's videos are worse than Chris's. Can't stand them. Keep being a flop, since your so persistent with your endless self promotions on here kek(sage)

No. 197414

I feel bad for saying this but all the work she’s had done on her face makes her look like a mtf troon.
Her lack of knowledge on skincare kinda makes it worse

No. 197418

No. 197423


Is her hair getting thinner? I think she had great hair back when she was hanging with Taylor, Sharla and the others.(learn2sage)

No. 197455

I’m not Sam. Also does he really come in this sub? Surely he has better stuff to do

No. 197456

I’m not Sam. But does he really come in this sub? Surely he has better stuff to do. Furthermore, his motorcycle rants do suck, however I said he makes a few decent videos from time to time.

No. 197458

No one cares. Learn to sage and edit, dumbass.

No. 197481

Why would the most pitiful looser in japan have better things to do? LOL what a joke! Sam, you are a failed wanna be YouTuber, have terrible paying job and live in a shoebox coffin. None of your videos are good and you know it sam! Tell me what’s is it like to be a constant failure at everything!?

No. 197493

Yes, and her shitty scraggly bangs don't help. I complain about it every time she pops up on here. For God's sake, grow out the bangs and get a decent haircut.

No. 197569

you're not on reddit

No. 197615

File: 1645015839415.png (971.54 KB, 2048x1999, Screenshot_20220212-074600.png)


Lol this website was mentioned on Chris's subreddit, and he has replied to comments on other posts before so he likely reads all of the comments there. Looks like this anon was right >>190195
There is absolutely no reason for anyone else to be so bothered by that discussion that they would feel the need to argue about it and make stuff up like "a cough" when it's definitely his voice.

No. 197626

When people start over analyzing a cough it’s time to start worrying about some of the people in here.

No. 197680

You are the only one analyzing a cough. There was no cough to analyze, You are the only one weirdo! It was someone talking not a cough

No. 197791

An anon said it was a cough and now its a running gag because you speds freak out over it. They aren't dating. Get over it. Natsuki is IN the room, totally dating him in the open, right?

No. 197834

Look I get that the spergs are annoying and shit but why keep arguing about it? It's like you just can't ignore them and let it go. Seems like you're upset about people thinking that they're dating. What gives?

No. 197862

At least post tangible proof of them being a couple.

No. 197869

At least answer my questions.

No. 197871

At least answer this >>191281

No. 197886


Also >>190099 >>190132 >>193736

At least stop being upset about that discussion, Chris fangirl/ConnorxChris shipper.
Let it go and move on.

No. 198000

File: 1645243713498.jpeg (576.55 KB, 828x1056, B0C03924-66A9-4461-938E-9A2F04…)

Come on ppl she’s baiting us by Sharing Emma’s Instagram story with this game stack in the background. Red dead redemption, call of duty not exactly a female favourite y’all. And yes I’m a female gamer(no1curr)

No. 198011

Girls DO play those games. In COD, one of the highest ranking players IS a woman. Just say you're retarded, anon.

No. 198015

What ever happened to Taylor B? I unfollowed a while ago because everything was either vegan this, vegan that, or virtue signaling. Checked her accounts again after random curiosity and most everything pre-December 2021 is deleted.

No. 198019

Please just shut up, no one cares

No. 198027

Her 10 year relationship ended, abruptly shortly after getting engaged.

No. 198178

damn, from engaged to single in a short amount of time? that is rough

No. 198201

Evidently ghosting women as the marriage date draws near is a thing that happens a lot in Japan

No. 198211

Japan is freaking out about all the cheating, no one wanting to marry, and the fact no one wants babies.

No. 198212

I mean Japan is stuck in the ugly part of the 80s. They treat their citizens like worker drones and then wonder why nobody wants to play happy family. Men will literally hire prostitutes and don't consider it cheating because they're "only paying for a service".

No. 198215

Wait, he ghosted her? Wtf

No. 198254

Per her IG he yeeted without warning

No. 198262

No idea who this woman is, but that ugly moid really did the dumping? Does he think he’s going to strike gold twice? Hope his plan was to stay single indefinitely because unless he’s independently wealthy I cannot see him catching another woman, Japanese or otherwise.

No. 198276

Guys like that, most likely had another woman waiting in the wings. He has somewhat of a successful career, speaks English and is into foreign girls.

No. 198319

Pics of the couple? I can't remember what either of them look like

No. 198324

Post a screenshot, anon. I looked and can't find where she said this. She always seemed miserable and weird. Problems must have been brewing a long time ago.

No. 198368

File: 1645541276956.jpeg (111.23 KB, 872x992, ECDD8AC8-08BD-4907-AF6C-518E76…)

Where is your screen to show that problem has been brewing for a while anon?

No. 198369

There is none to post. It's speculation. When she was with that guy her videos were mundane, boring, and she had no personality. I'm sure relationship troubles caused that since she's now active and posting everything and behaving like she's super duper happy and excited. I'm not blaming her for what's happened in her life.

No. 198370

what you just said makes no sense! She has always been posting on IG, she just deleted everything from last year and she stopped posting on YouTube years ago. I have 0 clue on what caused their relationship to end. What I know from his and her IG was that he proposed in May 2021, visited her family in July where she went wedding dress shopping, and he ended the relationship around October November. They were engaged for less than 6 months, after a 10 year relationship, I would say that this is sudden!

No. 198380

Anon, ok, you're super invested, but it's not that deep.

No. 198385

Probably got caught cheating

No. 198389


Post screencaps/proof or shut up. There are rules to the forums and tinfoiling out the ass with nothing to back it up, isn't one. You need proof for it.

No. 198394

I am not invested at all. But this space is filled with people yelling for proof, yelling for screenshot and calling people liars! When proof is provided the next thing is to call the person providing it obssed! You made a incorrect statement trying to be dismissive of a comment I made so I provided a timeline and information that you obviously lack, and right on q, the you are “invested” comments.

No. 198396

File: 1645559132716.png (9.2 MB, 1284x2778, 86442711-6A04-4B42-886D-F2E2EE…)


It’s not tin foil theory idiot! I said it’s in his IG story! Also Emma talked about Taylor going wedding dress shoping in CA this summer!

No. 198402

Holy fucking shit TaylorB-stan, calm the fuck down. No one is yelling at you in particular for anything you absolute nutcase. Close your internet and go outside for a bit. You sound unhinged.

No. 198415

lol y’all are so lame here. I literally just found out about her. Now I am a stan! I just went through her IG to see what people were chatting about, and remebered that Emma talked a lot about her this summer on twitch. because she was excited about a friend called Taylor b wedding. But yes I am her stan!!! Y’all are so lazy and don’t want to do a basic search to have a real conversation, but just to label people as a stan, stalker etc.

No. 198563

At 6:30 if you can stand that voice. He said you're guaranteed instant success when you make it to hololive, even if you're not good at streaming. idk much about hololive and he could've worded it better, but that's not the same as calling the girls talentless and saying he wants nothing to do with them.

No. 198773

He's just saying how easy it is for simps to fall for these talentless thots just because it's behind an avatar. He's right

No. 198781

In Connor’s live stream “Hanging out with Chris Broad in Japan” a couple of weeks ago he is asking about some show and saws “Are you guys going to watch it?” And Chris kind of hums and haws before answering. Around the 44:22 mark.

No. 198861

The fact that "you guys" can mean anything or anyone, but you claim its Sharla only… Anon, you're absolutely brain dead retarded.

No. 198925

Alright whiteknight-Chan.

Seems he wanted a bigger piece of that pie because, correct me if I’m wrong, but pretty sure Connor launched a vtuber called BubiVT today with the help of iron mouse to shill. Wonder how long that’s gonna last?

No. 198996

Chris and Sharla dating

No. 199014

File: 1646031035340.png (71.81 KB, 1140x635, norm-meltdown-again.png)

10000 comments about broad and sharla, meanwhile yall been missing all the major Tokyo Lens meltdowns that happen on a semi-regular basis

No. 199018

Woah woah woah. I just watched his latest video and thought his mood was pretty meh, prob because of the “deep personal loss” he suffered.
Serious anger issues tho

No. 199019

Thanks for that mate

No. 199020

File: 1646040751193.jpeg (128.43 KB, 828x660, 8B85E68B-AE8B-4E12-B9F5-266161…)

And he’s back …

No. 199021

File: 1646040782431.jpeg (69.92 KB, 828x551, 4A9CB128-5658-4E0F-AAD1-0A757C…)

No. 199025

It's strange how 'you're not worthy of breathing air' and phrases like that are his regular go to as comebacks. Telling people their entire existence is meaningless.. dude what is wrong with you and why does it always have to go so dark? It's like he's determined that one day someone will feel so bad and go kill themselves out of sheer guilt for daring to offend him.

Saw a comment a while back where somebodies poor choice of wording got them the same treatment. It was obviously an esl thing and he went full psycho. Badly worded compliment.. maybe you should consider whether your life is worth living or not. He's a loon.

No. 199042

People are assholes but someone who's this easily offended shouldn't be an influencer, bare minimum for an influencer is not kicking off at every troll in the comments

No. 199063

Yeah we know and no one fucking cares.

No. 199066

Maybe his wife divorced him?

Why turn down easy money. If he's even remotely successful, those holo simps are going to seethe.

No. 199071

Nta but I caught a recent livestream of his that was right after the 'loss' and he deleted it pretty quickly afterwards. He was in a foul mood, kept making rude comments about strangers passing him by. People were superchatting and glossing over his unpleasant demeanour because he kept reminding them of his vague loss. At times he got creepy as he thought someone was walking too close to him. He made out like one woman was following him when she clearly wasn't. He was the one weirdly honing in on people. It was bizarre and he fought the chat a couple times. It's like he imagines he's being persecuted at times when nothing is actually happening.

I assumed that by loss he meant a death but I don't believe he ever said death. He was very tight lipped about whatever it was but at the same time had to keep reminding people about… his loss? Strange man, to put it lightly.

No. 199076

He has a track record of doing this shit, similar context in which someone who isn't fluent in English/makes a harmless statement gets a gigantic fuming reply from TL. He then privates or deletes the comment. Such a bizarre and pointless routine.

No. 199079

His responses even to the most polite comments or questions is super passive aggressive. Dude is horrible.

Chris and Sharla should stop working with him, along with Tokyo Creative

Connor literally made the exact same kind of video in the exact same hotel upon his return from abroad

No. 199092


Pretty sure Tokyo Creative is all but dead at this point. They've eaten every quirky Japanese snack at this point surely (good riddance).

But yeah, dude's long been a shitheel and I wonder if Chris is aware of Norm's sockpuppet/meltdown proclivities.

No. 199094


Yup. I have no reason to doubt that he's emotionally distraught about this family matter, but the fact that he uses that same line of attack repeatedly makes it impossible to really feel bad for him. Dude's like 40 and has a kid, actual bozo

No. 199098

I've caught this before and I kick myself for not screenshotting. I'd no idea how connected he was to other tubers ATT. "you should maybe do the world a favor and kill yourself"

Watching streams of his I was left with two theories. He's either suffering from an illness that makes you feel attacked in a paranoid sense or he's just a delicate ego and has a tendency to manipulate peoples view of him to suit what he wants. If you don't adore him you're a waste of life. If you do like him he'll still spend hours milking you for sympathy donations pretending to be all alone while dealing with a loss. Has to be the latter. He's too quick to delete evidence so hes lucid.

No. 199102

talk about crazy and egotistic, and i dunno if he still does this, but i remember way back on pull, someone said if you unfollow him he'd send you message of something like 'sorry that you unfollowed, please let me know blah blah'(learn2sage)

No. 199108


He's definitely aware that he comes off as a skinwalker, I guess maybe that's maybe his logic for trying to emulate Mr. Rogers on camera?

Agree, it's some type of gonzo control issue. This cycle of telling people to kill themselves in YT comments and then deleting them (unaware of screenshots) is way more entertaining than any of his actual videos.(sage)

No. 199123

Sharla should've stopped working with him as soon as he outed her friend.

No. 199130

They’ve honestly got nothing to gain collabing with him, Idk maybe Chris got in too deep with Norm hiring him as a cameraman for Journey Across Japan series

No. 199262

Can one of the non-retarded anons itt make a new Taylor thread, she's close to giving birth now and the thread maxed out like two weeks ago.

No. 199322

File: 1646280418691.png (43.14 KB, 1294x322, veryCoolNorm.png)


Yeesh, you can keep mine

No. 199324

He’s not wrong lol

No. 199328

>idiot state of penis Florida
Kek there has to be something up with him to keep conducting himself like this though I guess sometimes people are just assholes.

No. 199332

There hasn’t been any milk for weeks. She’s about to pop, tho. You could always make one.

No. 199337

It'll be interesting to see her keep pretending she doesn't have a nanny/maid, like she's gonna have to own up eventually, or will she #girlboss it the whole way through and just never show/mention the nanny? She started her career carefully omitting the fact Tom was paying for the apartment/everything so I can see it happening again…

No. 199347

went to Florida a couple times already, everything is fine if you don't watch the liberal media.
Literally people just going about their lives, no issue. Hospitals have been fine for a while now…

No. 199350

That's something a lot of Chinese people have, even in the states. It's a middle-upper class thing. This isn't America, you will find them more often in Asian countries. She hasn't denied it, but they don't really need to say she's not a domestic housewife when it's clear Taylor isn't. It's not milky to have help. It's about what they can afford and someone does want the job.

No. 199358

The same guy who is lapping up sympathy right now over 'his loss' is often seen wishing death on people or telling them their death is deserved.. not sorry for you norm. The irony is just too much.

No. 199360

It's milky when most of her audience are US/CA/EU and don't have hired help and will assume she does everything on her own, like they do.
She thrives off assumption, people really believed she afforded an apartment in Japan from her like 5 modelling jobs a year.
The argument of someone wanting the job is disingenuous, when people take unpleasant jobs all the time for economic reasons. Nobody is gonna enjoy changing her child's diapers while she films tiktoks in the other room.

No. 199361

Assumption? You mean her never addressing or alluding and people still demanding their questions answered because they are nosey? There's a massive difference between her not addressing it vs people just wanting to know because she's never brought it up. Using EU as a reference isn't a good example either. Talk about servitude kek.

Are housekeepers in America also milky? Damn. There are businesses for this for a reason and in places like China, its not rare. Addressing things to people who don't even live in the country who will just nitpick about it, isn't exactly something Taylor needs to worry about or talk about.(derailing)

No. 199362

Samefag, but there is model housing that those agencies rent out. Its what idols do too. Another common fucking thing for businesses to do in Japan. That way they also already remove rent and utilities so the paycheck amount is after all deductions. This comes in handy for foreigners especially as all the garbage sorting is a headache as is to worry about.

No. 199374

She pretended a guest room was her apartment and that she was living alone. She always lived with him in Tokyo and I think the last house was near Azabu. Models and idols usually live in tiny one-room apartments, dorms or sharehouses, unless they're very successful or top-class and Taylor wasn't an elite model.

No. 199381

if you're too fucking retarded to make a new thread then you don't deserve a taylor thread

always knew taylor spergs were below iq but god damn

No. 199392

Was it a guest room or did anons want it to be a guest room? Renting out a room still counts bas a small room. Your grasping at straws. No one fucking cares if she has a maid or lived in a guest room. It's not milky when it's not uncommon. Stfu and move on.

No. 199399

You're retarded, it was a room she pretended was her only space when it was a spare room in the home she already shared with Tom and not even her real bedroom. She admitted this herself in other videos (the fake bedroom and fake Japanese voiceover)
Nobody "wants it" to be, it literally was and she admits that herself.
And pretty sure people would care if they knew she had a maid, nanny and whatever else, on top of having an assistant. Totally normal behavior everyone has, everyone has multiple staff to help them film, clean and raise their child (according to Tay stans like yourself)
You can see from comments she receives that people think she will actually be the one changing the nappies or whatever when there's no chance of that. If it's so common and normal to have staff, why does she hide it?(this is not the taylor thread)

No. 199404

A nanny or housekeeper really isn't that big a deal. People use friends and family usually for help. At least she'd be paying someone. This isn't even that big a deal. It's just elitist poor mommies.

No. 199415

Foreign domestic houseworkers in Hong Kong and Singapore are notoriously exploited. You think they get paid fair wages for working 6 days a week? There are laws that make it exceptional for them to get paid below the standard minimum wage despite raising families for rich people who could afford to pay them more.

No. 199424

Lmao you’re gonna flip your lid when you find out how many house cleaners in the states are illegal immigrants who get paid flat rates under the table!! Guess hiring a maid is unethical now!

How exactly is hiring a nanny or maid milk? I know a lot of middle-upper middle class families who hire live-in au-pairs for their children. It’s a privilege, sure, but not outlandish. Just seems like a poor person vendetta to me.

No. 199431

So they should not get work at all because that's more ethical. You're putting so many assumptions behind this to make Taylor look bad. You have zero idea if she's paying slave wages or hired out herself for a solo contract nanny/maid. For all we know, the fucking building they live in pays towards those services from rent like HOAs do for condos in the US. Comes with the cost.

Say you're poor without saying you're poor. You're just mad she's not answering your own questions and assumptions.

No. 199436

You know a lot of people with live in maids? Wtf anon

No. 199438

I'm pretty sure "Why would they menstruate if they didn't like it?" is a meme. I'm a bong myself and I remember everyone taking the absolute piss out of that quote on social media a few years back. I think it might have been a reference to something some burger politician said, or maybe an irritating TV personality.
As I understand this conversation, Connor starts off by implying that saying "women like cute things" as a blanket statement is just as stupid as believing that "women like to menstruate". It's a bit hard to tell if he genuinely means that, or if he's stepping into a role to make fun of the type of people who would say that. He then gets frustrated and a bit confused himself when his friends don't get the meme he's referencing and goes off on one, running his mouth in a sort of stream of consciousness until the idiot pressure has vented and his mates stop him.
I wouldn't say it's misogynistic necessarily. The intention starting off was weird, but I'm not sure even he knew what he was going for there. Connor's just a bit of a spass, he does this shit all the time. He's lucky Joey and Garnt let him get away with it, most of your garden-variety lads would have a field day with Connor.

No. 199472

Taylor thread already exists

It's a reference to an American politician who thought women could naturally control and hold in their periods and that's why Connor used the boomer daddy comments. The people bringing up these weak examples of misogynistic scandalous comments sound like butthurt vt fans. Surely he's said or done something more controversial.