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No. 247405

Previous thread: >>>/w/242949
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling.
TRASH TASTE HAS THEIR OWN THREAD [Connor/Garnt/Joey]: >>>/w/18113



Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers




Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]


Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

>Sharla posted a video of their apartment and updated some old decorations, added some new ones, and added storage which anons nitpicked to hell >>>/w/245219
>Chris started his biking thing and so far they have raised over $300,000 >>>/w/245207
>Lily took 6 years to bother to learn how to cook simple Japanese meals >>>/w/246836
>No other new milk

No. 247424

can this anon please stop making threads, you are shit at making summaries and your whiteknighting shows. while creating threads you should keep in mind to just provide info without throwing your feelings in it, retard.

No. 247429

What other milk happened? Micaela's stuff hasn't changed in the last almost 2 weeks. Nothing about Rachel and Jun, or Norm, or Joey and Connor. What exactly do you want in the summary, anon? I even linked the 'milk' posts. Literally no other vlogger did anything and the whole thread was arguing and comparing Sharla and Lily and determining who's fatter and uglier. The 1st half of the thread was arguing about the last thread and in the last half of the new thread was arguing about whether or not apartment not apartment decorations were good enough. There was no milk in the last thread. You guys keep doing this and you keep getting mad that the summaries have nothing in them.

No. 247646

Lily cooking Japanese food is not "milk" and instead of saying Lily learned to cook Japanese cuisine, you added your opinion that it took her too long to bother to cook simple Japanese food when none of the other jvloggers, including Sharla and Chris who've been in Japan longer, can cook Japanese food.

No. 247647

You going to contribute something or..

No. 247653

You're the one who made the thread, and whenever something not positive about Chris or Sharla comes up, you try to hide it and bring up irrelevant Lily.

No. 247658

Lily isn't going to fuck you, anon. This isn't a big deal. She just learned to cook.

No. 247660

If it isn't a big deal, why was it included in the summary? Thank you for proving my entire point.

No. 247672

The Spartan Race, boxing, and fitness stuff. I've said this before but Chris doesn't understand health/fitness. He enjoys fatty/junk foot and doesn't know how to cook on any level but when he puts his mind to it he can force himself through physical challenges. So his weightloss only comes at these big events like bets, JAJ1, or this array of random events. It's impressive he can push himself to do them but not sustainable because he's not going to change his channel into Two Wheel Cruise or become David Goggins. When the event is done he always balloons up even more than before. He should collab with some Japanese chefs and learn to cook healthy meals for himself and Sharla.

No. 247700

The fuck is up with that summary? At least pretend to be non partisan ffs.

> Chris started his biking thing and so far they have raised over $300,000

You mean Chris joined Connor's biking thing and got a quick vid out of it while Connor raised 300k for charity. Don't kid yourself into thinking that the outcome would have been any different even if Connor did it solo. He has far better reach and a much better on screen persona than Chris, which is why tons of people like him even if he is balding kek

No. 247706

Dumbest summary I've seen in my time in lolcow.

No. 247707

Sharla cooks for him apparently,patreon livestream.
Although we don't know if healthy food.

No. 247708

there's a LOT of clout chasing in the jvlog community and it makes certain decisions the jvloggers choose make sense.
eg, why Lily was dropped like a bag of day old fish. Sharla and Chris both have massive channels and chasing clout comes first before being principled.
It also has the effect of making most "friendships" superficial and shallow, like how Micaela got little to no support from her friends when she needed it the most.

No. 247711

i miss the old days when they all lived near each other and using each other to climb up like the youtuber Hanami meet up and the drama around that kek even before covid i think they all gave up on hanami bc they formed smaller cliques. And discount youtubers like taylor and bii weaseling themselves in

No. 247714

The OP is now complaining in meta and trying to get people banned for pointing out their bias and misleading shit summary.
I wonder how many of them were aware of what exactly Taylor's husband does. I don't remember there being any reaction from the other jvloggers when it came out what he had on his site. I wouldn't be comfortable staying over at his house or accepting gifts that were clearly paid by him.

No. 247716

They all knew. For taylors birthday; taylor rented a limo for the main clique and bought a bunch of lush stuff for everyone and i think other stuff. Something like that. Sharla obviously knew first since she was staying at taylors house teaching taylor her snake ways kek

No. 247718

Is anyone else getting DarkSydePhil vibes from Chris lately? Being mean to his friends, complaining about money and the youtube algorithm constantly, and all this fighting with fans and lying to them about dating? If he really is transitioning to generic youtuber stuff or gaming I expect to see more and more of that seep out.

No. 247726

How's the summary misleading? That's all that happened last thread

No. 247730

No. 247735

Did any of them like or support Taylor's video about Men club where she lied about what they actually had on the site and defended Tom?

No. 247736

No one was talking about it aside from her. She had her own thread. Discuss that there.

No. 247738

All the jvloggers kept quiet about it. As a general rule they've kept secrets and stay quiet about stuff for each other.

No. 247742

That's not true. Sharla posted about what a great guy Tom is, barf. I will post the screenshot later, I am falling asleep rn. It was either Twitter or YT

No. 247743

actually Tom did that as a "surprise" for Taylor. Like the most basic bitch party, basically what you might do for a pre-teen but with luxury massages and a limo. So yeah they knew.

No. 247744

I'm not asking about Taylor but about how the jvloggers reacted to her husband. I see now why you don't want us to talk about it.>>247742
Thanks. God, that is sick if true.

No. 247745

I feel the worst for Micaela, since Taylor used her tragedy as a backdrop for her 'not a pregnancy announcement!' series. 'Everyone's journey is different'

No shit Taylor, but you're pregnant and using a friend's terrible experience to lecture people on being kind toward you, primarily. How do you grow up in such a loving family and end up so selfish and superficial?

No. 247746

The charity event was more Connor's and he streamed it live on his twitch, raised most of the money.
Lily's tweet about Japanese food was made back in June, not new or milk.
The summary claimed there was nothing else to share, but it omitted Chris's chess-boxing match in LA and UK event, which includes other members of the jvlog crew, and didn't say anything about Norm's new Akihabara studio, which is far more interesting and milky than someone cooking fish because he'd moved to Kyushu not that long ago despite having a wife and kid.

The same OP added misleading info in their summaries in the past two threads before this one as well.

No. 247747

don't know DarkSydePhil is. i don't think chris mean to people but he dial up his sarcastic/grumpy persona for yt by alot. well he always money hunger like all ytber but that abe video that got demonitized by yt and he complaints about it really give a poor taste i think.
now he chasing the algorithms which is a shame

No. 247750


The same OP also adds "WELCOME BACK LILY" to their summary each time. This is the third time. No link to Lily's youtube channel tho.

No. 247752

"BuT Lily is TECHNICALLY a JVLogger, SHE counts!"

but no youtube kekkk

No. 247755

I had a stroke reading this. Punctuation?

No. 247772

You’re the one makin a big deal out of it. Maybe just make the next thread yourself.

No. 247778


Nah. OP is the one making a big deal out of it while giving a very slanted summary to boot. She should ask Sharla for a job to handle her PR or something

No. 247787

Private stuff. Oh no.

No. 247789

That was 3 years ago, anon. Move on already. We dont need pedo shitbrought up because you're bored.

No. 247800

I think this has been his best year yet. So many great videos beloved by all.

No. 247805

Not that anon, but what pedo shit?

No. 247806

Tom's Men's Club stuff. This isn't the right thread for it and it's old as fuck milk. Nothing new has come up about it so there's not reason to even bring it up. Anons tried this last week in Taylor's thread too.

No. 247810

Tom owns a magazine and some sort of pricey online club called “mens club”. If I remember right, a Hong Kong journalist leaked that many of the “models” are like 13~15 year old Ukrainian girls and I think alluded something more sinister like escorts. So the long run joke is that Taylor’s life is supported by protist ion and I guess the other jvlogger friends like sharla benefited from it and say “Tom is a great guy”. It’s a fucked rabbit hole.(taylor has her own thread. stop derailing)

No. 247811


No. 247824

They don't live in the same country, no one benefited from this. Also you can delete your post if you have a spelling error.

No. 247827

Scroll up numbnut, the whole convo started bc the main jvlog clique benefited from gifts from Taylor and even years after. sharla used to sleep at over at Taylor’s japan house paid by pedophiles. But it’s ok bc Tom is a great guy

No. 247831

Like 7 years ago. Are you serious? No one benefited long-term for sleeping at Taylor's house more than half a decade ago and unfortunately teen gravure is legal in China, so while everyone hates it and it's shitty as fuck, China allows this shit which is probably why everyone has basically ignored it.

No. 247835


Are Sharlatans actually defending abusing teenagers? Wow.

No. 247842

is chris really need money or new clouds doing the youtube boxing thing? so weird
this is the first time i heard of it. the events and chris doing it

No. 247844

His mind is set in losing weight remember and he seems to be unable to make changes unless there's an incentive.
I guess that on top of doing these challenges he wants to taste the waters in being a YouTuber outside a niche.
The boxing/chess event is a ballsy as hell move, he knows Ludwig and Connor yes but there will be several big content creators that are way different than Chris.
It will be like a seeing a deer scary to take a sip of water in the lake.

No. 247845

understandable about looking new opportunity beside Japan centric contents but getting beat up or beating someone else is very extreme lol.

so he must started training then after the hokkaido cycle trip, with only about 4 month left .

he really need that kind of incentive for losing weights, well good luck for chris then

thx anon

No. 247847

oh fuck off. Tom and Taylor benefited from that shit, and Taylor's jvlog clique defended them because they benefited from being 'friends' with Taylor. idk why you are whiteknighting a guy who was completely ok with his employees talking about how fuckable a 13yo is. There were essays advocating relationships between older men and underage girls.(derailing)

No. 247848

Move on already? Nope. Site still has kids on it, you know.

No. 247858

wait so i've never heard of chess-boxing, is this a trollish halfass meme sport where chris really doesn't need to train that much? Because chris is an out of shape stick of butter, 4 months is not enough.

No. 247869

chess mixed in this??. what a laughable event.
when I read that chris doing boxing event I thought he do a proper 10R boxing.
I don't know chris fitness level but he look much slimmer after the Hokkaido trip so that help.

No. 247882

This. OP is a retard for telling her opinion over everything, it's obvious she is one of the wks.

No. 247889

It's a meme sport but it still has real boxing as a part. Basically you do a round of boxing and then playing chess and back and forth until someone is either knocked out or checkmated. It's less strenuous than boxing because you get more rest during the chess moments. So Chris would be able to do it especially since he was capable of cycle. That said most of these YouTuber fights are lopsided. Chris could get humiliated depending on who his opponent is.
Most YouTubers especially scrotes are into Japan mostly with an anime mindset. If he were Abroad in Korea or Abroad in India nobody would know him but being in Japan he'll be known. Though outside of his videos he seems pretty awkward and shy and he won't be able to bully these guys since he'll be desperate to make connections to help change his channel from Japan content. Post even I expect a lot of collabs not related to Japan from him. This is mostly a networking event for him.

No. 247896

Anon this is why I am always moaning about this thread being full of redditfags - this is an imageboard not a forum.
As anon rightly said, lily cooking is not milk. None of the discussion has been even in the slightest bit milky, and Inb4 you tell me to reee in meta, I have many times.
Tl;dr - if you’re gonna make a new thread at least put some effort into a summary
I am surprised this thread didn’t get locked and OP banned tbh

No. 247902

I'm guessing that this is his chess account

Although has no games on record and no diamond membership.

Surprisingly, there's no AbroadInJapan account.

No. 247907

Yeah getting beat up is kinda too much but it's so unique that makes it worth. Maybe? Kek
It is ridiculous but it generates cloud and allows people to meet different content creators.
The tomfoolery is the attraction.

No. 247908

According to his podcast he is heavier than before the cycling by 2kg.
He build muscle I think.

No. 247918

He was eating poorly during the bike ride. He might have built some muscle from it, but you don't get completely fit just doing a big event and with the amount of fat and weight he began with, he should've lost some pounds even with the gained muscle. I bet he was hoping the bike ride would get him in shape for the Spartan race this weekend and that the Spartan race will get him in shape for the boxing event because he doesn't want to have to do actual exercise and change his diet. His aversion to exercise is really something though.

No. 247930

Lol it's pretty funny listening to the podcast with his grasping at straws and copium. He was trying to argue that he probably did lose a bunch of weight but it's just swelling that is tricking the scales. Swelling could be a factor to a degree but there's no way he lost what he expected to.
He sounds like some of my clients who just don't want to change their lifestyle. But he won't slim down until he takes diet and regular exercise seriously. Learn to cook. Even Lily who they tried to tear down and isolate in Japan has learned to cook recipes. No more of this fried chicken.

No. 247933

so i just check what is spartan race is. it got 3 event
Sprint (5-7 km)
Super (11-13 km)
Beast (up to 24 km)
it's a obstacles races.
so my guess chris will do sprint event cause that the open event.
and its a team effort also. so will connor joined this event too?

No. 247943

you don't build muscle by doing long distance type of cardio, have you ever seen a marathon runner, skinny to the bone. Particularly when the cycle event was over such a short period of time.
2kg increase in weight is from his diet and a combination of water weight (which fluctuates) + fat.
For Chris to lose weight he'll need to calorie count and start doing frequent cardio. He's done it in the past, no excuse as to why he can't do it now.

No. 247945

File: 1662996053179.jpg (153.72 KB, 828x1440, YPvSPnZ.jpg)

From the Tokyo Creative Instagram today.
Nice of Chris to let them film in the studio.
Sharla and Chris looking good.

No. 247947

File: 1662996407157.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1829, 074B771B-3EF4-4388-BE4A-863529…)

Extra extra read all about it !!!!
Our queen lily has a man!!!

No. 247948

Um.. both sorts focus on legs and core, anon. Bikers and runners have insane legs.

No. 247949

Your point still stands, but Lily's tweet was about finally being able to cook Japanese food on her own, not about learning how to cook for herself in general. It was just another thing the Lily spergs twisted though they don't seem to be bothered that Chris can't cook at all and that may be hurting his health.

No. 247955

Of course, as soon as anything unfavorable about Chris is mentioned, someone immediately posts an irrelevant tweet from Lily.

It shouldn't need repeating but an ex-jvlogger is not an ex-vlogger. Ex-jvlogger refers to a vlogger who used to vlog in Japan, but now vlogs elsewhere. The term was added to our threads to describe people like Kim Dao, Brownwyn, Chris Okano, etc, NOT Lily who's not even a youtuber.

No. 247958

Heres the actual post everyone knew was fake bait by someone larping as Micaela >>>/snow/154292 Lol All us anons could tell it was bullshit and made up, especially because Sam was involved. Micaela and Lily belong together lol

No. 247962

Lily is an ex jvlogger. She still lives in Japan. Stop filling up the thread with your complaints.

No. 247967

I see you just deleted your post where you claimed Kim and others have their own threads. "Ex-jvloggers" wasn't even added until Thread 9, when Sharla moved to Korea. It doesn't refer to an ex-vlogger.

No. 247969

Lily is an ex-jvlogger who still lives in Japan. If friends of cows can be talked about in threads like Nicole and Belke, what makes Lily so super special she's not allowed to be talked about when she purposely tried to create fake milk about cheating and is, and was, affiliated directly with Chris? If friends are on the table absolutely an ex girlfriend is especially because she still lives in the same country and is trying to create drama by making stuff up about current situations

No. 247973

She's not only not an ex-jvloggers, she's not a vlogger, she's not even a youtuber, and unless what she does or says involves a jvlogger, like the cheating tweet which we've already discussed, what she tweets is irrelevant. I mean, it's not that hard to understand anon.

No. 247974

She deleted her content. She's an ex-jvlogger.

No. 247979

Ex-jvlogger refers to a vlogger who used to film in Japan and was added for members of the jvlogger clique like Sharla, Kim Dao, BiiBiiBeauty and and so on who moved out of Japan but continued to vlog. Lily is not a vlogger.

No. 247980

Hmm I wonder what this video will be about ?

No. 247981

Minimod no1currs, she's being discussed and will keep being discussed.

No. 247983

>Heres the actual post everyone knew was fake bait by someone larping as Micaela >>>/snow/154292 Lol All us anons could tell it was bullshit and made up, especially because Sam was involved. Micaela and Lily belong together lol
Sam wasn't involved in this incident. He mentioned it on youtube and recently, some anons here thought that meant he was involved. It's so obvious you're trying to cover up Sharla's embarrassing texts. If anything, Micaela's reddit posts only confirm this is that kind of long-winded comment she writes.

No. 247986

Hopefully this will put an end to Sharla and her clique attacking Lily and making conspiracies. I said it before in the last thread and I'll say it again. Lily clearly won and is winning. Chris and Sharla are living in paranoia, half assing content, lying to fans, eating like shit while claiming health, and hoarding. Lily has a peaceful mind and no guilt.

No. 247987

If tons of anons calling out the bait isn't proof enough, get help. Its so clear and the texts look doctored as fuck lol What phone screencaps like that?? And you mean Micaela's conveniently 'secret reddit account' where everything was posted publicly and wasn't secretive at all, the same way the anon post was outside of her writing level comprehension and also sooo totally anonymous at first? For cow people claim need pity and and all these things posted are directly from her, it sure is absolutely convenient that none of this has been proved that it's actually her.

No. 247988

Samefag, but to add, Sure it's weird that she's still not ignored from the Jvlog community if this is actually her who posted everything. You would think they would isolate her out because of how this blacklisting apparently happens that I'm non to keep talking about. It's so clear that the micaela stuff wasn't actually her. The end result isn't adding up.

No. 247989

Nope. We've been over this. >>>/w/238206 >>>/w/239700

The simps are at it again >>>/w/247733 >>>/w/247832

No. 247992

And a non's no for sure that was Sharla because? I don't think you guys realize the long con that you've been given.

No. 247994

Anon, unless you're Sharla or Micaela trying to cover your tracks, you weren't around back then and you've never read through the entire thread. Why were you talking about Sam when he was only brought up recently, by a confused anon, years after the incident, when he wasn't involved? Where, in the thread you linked, did the entire thread decide Micaela's comment and the screenshots were bait? How is it that both Mimei and Duncan confirmed Sharla blacklisted Mimei for the lack of likes, which Sharla also complained about in texts? How is it that there are screenshots of texts Sharla sent to three different people and no one, including Sharla herself, ever denied that they were fake? Sharla posted on PULL and the jvloggers admitted they read lolcow. How is it that Micaela's comment is eerily similar to her reddit posts? Why were Sharla's comments in the screenshots Sharla provided and discussed on PULL and by Rachel hidden?

No. 247995

I'm literally just gonna report this as infighting and railing at this point. I'm not gonna argue with you about Lily being on topic when she is.

And why has not a single jvogger on their real channel's said anything about this. complaining that you're not getting clout is not the same as getting a blacklisted. Also the fact that all of this takes place on websites where photos and everything can be manipulated and people are anonymous or can give themselves names to pretend their cows, you are absolutely gullible. This is from thread 9 at this point and it doesn't even need to be rehashed about how stupid it is. If you don't have current milk just say so, you don't need to bring stuff up from 6 years ago or 9 years ago or 11 years ago.

No. 247996

I do remember him chatting with Connor for a bet of him getting a six-pack(cycling livestream) and Connor mentions that Chris have too many cheat days so it's quite unlikely for Chris to do it.

No. 247998

Alone as far as we know ,he will record it for a video too.
He says the initial run(5k) is uphill.

No. 248000

He could take 4hrs and that would still be good. It's for charity, right? He needs to so going on about his health and just remember it's for a good cause.

No. 248001

She does feel like hoarder but early stages.

No. 248004

Dunno if it's for charity,only the cycling was for that due Connor.
Btw this made me realize that Chris has never done something for charity or similar until trashtaste.
The 24h charity stream organized by trashtaste and the cycling marathon organized by Connor.

No. 248005

Is that a problem?

No. 248009

We went over this shit a couple of threads ago >>>/w/239848

No. 248011

Awe yes, because comments from random viewers like "Elmo, the Waffle King" is sure to be fact. Anon, everything is through either an online anonymous forum or where someone can larp. Nothing at all from a single cow about this and the only person who did say something was Sam from his personal Twitter, which should tell you everything you need to know.

No. 248013

The screenshots were from Thread 2, not 9. >>247958 is the one who brought it up, so why aren't you reporting them and why are you talking about Lily? Why did you say you were going to report for infighting, then post an entire paragraph doing exactly what you said you were going to report? Are you sure you're not 247958?

Did Norm quit or fail flight school? He's renting the studio in Akihabara and now filming in Osaka. I haven't seen him breathe a word about flight school in weeks or months and he acted like it was going to be a big part of his channel in the beginning.

No. 248017

What that commenter said was a fact. Sharla does have a history of being best friends with problematic people. >>>/w/240079 >>>/w/238447

Sam was talking about Norm's fake accounts. He was never part of that drama.

No. 248018

All I'm hearing is nothing at all from single legit cow about this. I'm with the anons from the thread who posted the bait photos. It reeks of fake. Unless you guys can prove any of those people were the cows, especially because shit like the reddit thing wasn't supposed to be found and miraculously it was then once it was posted the entire account disappeared, conveniently. Larping and anonymous users isn't proof. Especially when anons in the threads call it out. I don't know why you keep referring back to /w/ when all this happened in /snow/.

No. 248019

Chris is always complaining about not getting enough money and chasing the algorithm. He's not going to push a charity angle himself. Connor is the one who's more into Charity.

No. 248020

That's not even the weirdest apartment. There's one with 4 or 5 floors, and each is either a kitchen only, bathroom only, living space only, and it's all disjointed and fucked looking. I don't know why anyone wants to live in these. The minimalist movement in Japan in at an insane level. I like these types of videos, I can stomach Norm tbh because I don't give a fuck about these creators outside of the content they make, but these places would suck as you get older and the gimmick IMO doesn't seem worth the cost. It seems like such a waste when Japan has a homeless problem that's only getting worse.

No. 248021

probably lost interest in it, it requires a lot of studying and only passionate people stick with it.

No. 248023

I was thinking and though I'd add in something else, but if the account on Reddit was supposed to be secret, why wait until there was enough comments from random people and replies from 'micaela' to post it here? And then when it was posted here, it was deleted? If the issue was "OH NO THEY FOUND MY SECRET VENT REDDIT!!" to begin with, you'd think the commentators on reddit pointing out who it is would've been the reason to delete the account, not wait until lolcow had screenshots to discuss about it. Sounds like an absolute setup.

No. 248027

It was deleted because the jvloggers are definitely lurking here. They all read this thread kek. None of the commenters on Reddit were pointing out who it was. Stop making things up.

No. 248030

With how Reddit operates like 4chan? Honestly, anon. And then the cows go on as if nothing happened and nothing is ever brought up outside of these threads or the reddit and type up sweet nothings about their abusive husband an hour later. It literally doesn't make sense. You guys fall for the worst baits.

No. 248032

That's not a minamalist apartment nor a normal apartment. It's just a tiny apartment and only 200 dollars a month. Can't even get the same in NYC for 1500 USD. Can't get the same in a country town in Canada for 200 USD and Japan has one of the lowest rates of homelessness in the world.

Micaela commented here as herself years ago, not recently after the reddit acccount. No one commented about her reddit account on reddit. The reddit account was also over a year old. That's a very long time to be larping and not try to draw any attention from lolcow until a couple of weeks ago.

No. 248033

Yes and in that post from /snow/ countless anons called out how fake the post was and how it was bait. I don't know why anons don't refer back to that thread and instead keep going back to /w/ which doesn't have the caps anyone is talking about.

No. 248036

Exactly. These guys are just people mostly trust fund types who want to hang out in Japan. They're not especially dedicated. The fact that the only Dogen and Joey can speak Japanese says a lot. Aki can't even do N4. Becoming a pilot especially when he can just pump out videos is a lot of work. I would be surprised if Norm does it and can handle not raging out on his instructors.

No. 248037

"Countless"? You wouldn't say "countless" if you'd actually read through the thread and if the people who claim Sharla's screenshots and Micaela's lolcow comments and reddit posts were fake had actually read the thread, they wouldn't be referencing Sam or confusing timelines and what was or wasn't posted on reddit. Clearly someone or some people are desperately trying to get everyone to believe that Sharla's texts and Micaela's reddit posts are fake, but the best way to get people to forget about them is to not mention them at all. Sharla's PULL post, texts and screenshots were a big deal back then but people did forget eventually so keeping quiet does work. I'm still waiting for the deniers to answer these questions: >>247994

No. 248039

Kek this anon got things so right. >>>/w/247435 she's living rent free in all of you whiteknights minds.

No. 248046

There are other jvloggers who can speak Japanese, but they also vlog in Japanese. Even in Norm's video, he only speaks in English to his friend who just speaks in Japanese, although there's one moment where he tries to say something in Japanese, but quickly switches to English because he probably can't, and he is or was married to a Japanese woman for years and has a half-Japanese kid.

No. 248047

Why can’t we dislike them both? I think they are both horrible people. This thread is such a - pick a side. Why is everyone have a political American style split here. Lily is horrible and sharla is horrible. It’s not like sharla is dming randoms to shit on lily on a gossip shit. People can just generally dislike her. What like 20-30 people come to this thread alone? Makes sense a few of the dislike lily, what doesn’t make sense is your theory.

No. 248049

Dude people talk about sharla stans, but the lily stands are fucking wild. How can you like any of these people? They are all crazy.

No. 248054

NTA, but no one said you can't dislike Lily, but much of what's been posted about her isn't milky or relevant to the thread. Considering she's not a jvlogger, youtuber or even influencer, why not make a separate Lily thread to discuss her to your heart's content?

No. 248058

You’ve made so many posts saying lily shouldn’t be posted here. It’s ridiculous.

She’s a ex-j vlogger. This is a ex-j vlogger and j vlogger thread. You’re acting like lily being posted here threatens your life or something.

No. 248060

was chris with lily when he was flirting with micaela over twitter, or is there some context to the caps in the last thread that are missing? Shitty thing to do if it was all genuine and he was still in a relationship at the time.

No. 248064

Honestly. No one has said Sharla and Chris can't be talked about, but the second Lily is brought up, even though anons brought up his first GF, suddenly Lily can't be talked about.

This. The justification of Lily not being included makes no sense. She's an ex GF who commented on a situation no one asked her to. Anons posted her subtweet and now they are mad we are going to continue talking about her now. You can't bring her up then get mad when she keeps getting brought up lol

Anon you need to go outside or something. No1currs about how much you don't think Lily should be talked about. You keep derailing the thread and it's become to autistic at this point. You don't sound like an intellectual.

No. 248068

The reaching keeps going. Next you guys will armchair and call everyone a narc.

No. 248071

>She’s a ex-j vlogger.
She's not an ex-j vlogger. You guys don't even link to her channel.

No. 248073

The Chris and Sharla stans are wild af. >>>/w/244608

They've been making shit up. >>>/w/244935

No. 248075

I was trying to point out this thread is very pick a side, and a lot of people don’t seem to realize you can dislike them both. I’m not team sharla or team lily. This whole would won thing is stupid. They both lose because they both suck.

No. 248076

They are all wild.

No. 248077

It’s the retard who makes the threads. What do you mean you guys?

No. 248080

Sorry, thought you were one of the Lily spergs complaining about not being able to post irrelevant Lily spam. I agree you don't need to pick a side and don't care for both. I think the anon who's praising Lily doesn't actually care for her, but is trying to aggravate the Sharla stans because they kept posting about how Sharla was winning over Lily before.

No. 248081

NO ONES ON A TEAM. one dumb anon did that. “You guys.” Shit proves my point.

No. 248083

Micaela and Sharla still have all their videos up with their exes, including Q&As.

No. 248086

File: 1663010972110.png (659.1 KB, 1624x804, 1659414523962.png)

the proof is in the top left corner, and unlike certain someone's tweet compilations, all the dates are included. that was when chris filmed a now deleted video where he took his date to aokigahara, and in that video he kept asking the camerawoman what the harry potter characters are called in french, so it was def lily

No. 248087

samefag but most if not all the tweets he replied to are now deleted, but it looks like micaela's twitter was archived on the wayback machine pretty frequently so you can look it up if you're that bothered

No. 248089

Look at her apartment tour video. She's hoarding and is running out of space. The place looks like they just did a heist from a Don Quixote.
So much for Lily being abusive to Chris. If he's this open with it then it won't be too long until Sharla attempts to get Chris blacklisted and excommunicated from the Jvlog community. Sadly he's a much bigger star than her so she might have to deal with it like an adult.

No. 248094

Odd realization , nothing else.
But joined with some of his comments when it comes to money it does set a peculiar profile.

No. 248095

Lily has no stans,she never made a fanbase to begin with.
S and C simps can't cope with being called out and make Lily as someone with power or something when she's a no one.

No. 248097

The mere thought of S attempting that is hilarious like I'm not a heavy fan of him but she would doom herself indeed.

No. 248098

>samefag but most if not all the tweets he replied to are now deleted
Any idea when he deleted it? I wonder if this is another case of it being pointed out here and then he deleted it.

No. 248101

File: 1663014109960.jpg (99.79 KB, 1080x332, IMG_20220912_152105.jpg)

Yeah this video was ass and views support it.
The lowest so far since a year ago.

No. 248102

samefag, sorry. It was Micaela who deleted it then? Any idea when?

No. 248105

A little too good. Are they using a filter?

No. 248114

i don't follow her so haven't got a clue as to when or why, sorry. maybe it was an attempt to make her twitter seem more professional since she was complaining about getting negative comments, judging by chris' replies, so maybe she was getting approached by japanese compainies/gaining more recognition? could just be a sudden realisation like 'oh i probably complain too much. i'd better delete these'
you made me remember that some anon was speculating that it was micaela who snitched on chris about the possible cheating ( >>>/w/185088 and >>>/w/185089) so if that's true it could be the that she didn't want to associate with him (i think her replies to him were also deleted?), but i'd have to go through her twitter to confirm any of this (nitter has a search function if you're willing), so that's an even wilder tinfoil than the previous

No. 248118

scratch the latter part, i just remembered lily stating in her tweet that she was clueless the whole time about the reason for the breakup. apologies for doubleposting again but i'm not reposting this for the 4th time
or maybe ciaela threatened chris that she'd reveal everything? k i'll stop with the tinfoil

No. 248123

Kinda…I think Chris face is too telling.

No. 248140

What are you talking about crazy person?

No. 248141

Y’all making things up just for the sake of making things up!
Honestly you are insane

No. 248149

Kek so to try to get an idea of content she made since vendetta chan is desperate to label her a jvlogger, I tried to ctrl f lily in old jvlog threads and the only thing that comes up is 'chris's gf' - no videos, no links, no content, no drama, no controversy. She's an orbiter at best with no history kek
A jvlogger with no videos that mysteriously no one remembers. Our mystery queen.

No. 248151

god he sounds like a fucking scrote, especially the incel top right comment. glad lily escaped. No wonder he deleted these

No. 248154

File: 1663023534682.jpg (116.64 KB, 820x431, connor and 2019 chrisbroad.jpg)


I mean, this is the guy who used a 2018 picture of himself in 2022 to advertise Connor's charity stream. Though I will admit that that picture of Connor is probably an old one as well. Lets him say they only had old pics on hand I guess kek

He probably demanded TC use a medium filter

No. 248155

File: 1663023855393.jpeg (902.09 KB, 1284x1532, 9DB8D9BA-4501-41C0-9129-6F51BF…)

Lol perhaps he used that picture because that was them set time he was in a bike?
Also chris uses unflaterring pics of himself all the time, it’s practically his brand! Lol

No. 248162

Yes she's practically no one but she's on topic. If she's no 1 why are people going to bat for her so hard.

No. 248163

She deleted her videos lol

No. 248164

Just use full names. Posting like Lily does. How bleak. There's other vloggers with names that start with S and C.

No. 248167

Even if a tweet is deleted, the replies can still be found in a twitter search even if the origianl tweet can't be seen, right? I can't find Chris's tweets, so he must've have also deleted them. The question is when. When was it screencapped?

Was this July 2021 Japanese interview with Chris ever shared here? He talked about the Chris Broad brand and his fans. He also said he doesn’t want to leave Japan though he once considered moving to Taiwan, has never wanted to return to UK, doesn’t have much to learn from the UK, and has more friends in Japan than the UK, but wants to increase his time “in the country where my parents and grandparents live” and split his time between Japan and the UK in the future, open a Japanese restaurant in UK, and start an online shop.

If he’s planning to open a Japanese restaurant in the UK, he should probably learn how to cook and study Japanese cuisine not just for diet reasons now. I’m surprised by his attitude toward the UK. I thought it’d be a little warmer and that he’d considered fully returning someday. Maybe his attitude has changed and he also no longer plans to open a restaurant.

No. 248169

This is an imageboard. It's not that hard anon. Also opening doesn't mean cooking. You can run a restaurant and not cook.

No. 248172

can you even name or describe any video she made? There's nothing even in old jvlogger threads kek

No. 248173

samefag. Didn't find it during a twitter search but was able to find the idol tweet through google, so Chris at least didn't delete that one.

It's a long interview in Japanese which anons who can't read Japanese will have to put into google translate.

No. 248175

funny. i capped them maybe 15 minutes before posting, that was on 08/02/22

No. 248179

It was probably just me messing up with the twitter search because I managed to find one of his tweets through google despite it not showing when I searched on twitter.

No. 248182

Chris has a thing for jvlogger girls it seems kek

No. 248183

the search's kinda janky, but i wouldn't put it past him if actually did delete at least some of them. he's been essentially proven to be lurking here

No. 248185

4lbs isn't that big of deal either it's probably some water weight because of all the salty food he's been eating.

No. 248188

has he posted on his flight school channel?

No. 248190

you sound crazy that was her reddit account why would it be deleted if it wasn't? why not continue the charade then if it was just someone larping?

No. 248191

Nope, Norm hasn't updated that channel since May and there's only two videos, all posted during May within three weeks of each other.

No. 248192

>had a date with lily at the suicide forest
>make her the camera girl
nice date

No. 248193

80% of Micaela's posts were in relationship and pregnancy subreddits, so it's not like there'd be a huge overlap with lolcow and that. How she got caught is that she made a couple of posts in the japan/japanlife subreddits recently and someone in the pull discord found it by chance. Even by her Japan posts you wouldn't automatically knew it was her, she got unlucky that someone happen to click her name and read her reddit history and the pregnancy/relationship comments 100% gave it away. So pull discord combed through it 2 days earlier before it got leaked here.
I think lolcow was combing through it for like 7 hours which is pretty long considering how much the jvloggers lurk, but just by happenstance she was in labor and recovery while sharla/chris were probably desperately trying to reach her.
It's not that deep nor conspiratorial

No. 248195

I'm surprised he hyped it up so much to quickly give it up.

No. 248204

The real chess move from micaela would’ve been to leave it up to just leave enough space to doubt it’d be her since deleting it would be expected
Good job micaela kek

No. 248210

It's possible the flight school got tired of the cameras and filming. It's not exactly safe for someone to be vlogging their flight lessons even if the cameras are stationary, especially for someone like Norm, who's very conscious about the camera and was talking to the camera during what was supposed to be his observation lesson (4:05). Language is maybe another problem. I've noticed that he tends to avoid speaking Japanese on camera even when he's being spoken to in Japanese (like the Osaka apartment vid) or edits out himself speaking Japanese.

No. 248269

Or his dumb ass failed

No. 248271

Not really it was so obviously her. Whatever move she made, it would have been clear that’s it was a red herring

No. 248274

Another possibility is that that video had such low views.

No. 248279

Even if he couldn't get cameras or was afraid of speaking in Japanese Norm would definitely at least brag about it in a video. He probably failed just like how Aki stopped mentioning the JLPT and the language school after the results were mailed in. Norm was never serious about being a pilot he just liked to romanticism of having the ability to fly plane and thought it'd make him seem cooler than he is. Trying to seem cooler than he is is pretty much his whole schtick.

No. 248280

File: 1663044199451.png (388.85 KB, 1301x873, Lily video.png)

Proof Lily had videos and deleted everything. There is only one link left, anywhere that I can find. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yWak2yiHiI

She did videos around the time she was with Chris too. Anons were telling the truth about her trying to be a vlogger. She realized she isn't good with it and her clout chasing and way she treats people is probably the biggest reason none of those begging for DM tweets made any leeway.

No. 248281

Plenty of anons here refuse to tag him as average or low tier scrote ,I'm glad you can see the true colors.
We didn't see more of it due getting big in the Jvlogger scene but we can already guess his courtship ways kek.

No. 248282

Going to embed the link for anyone who doesn't want to click it.

No. 248284

this, searching in google you need around 8 million to 15 million yen and 3 months to 6 months. that only the private pilot license before that you need student pilot licenses.
it better to get licenses in filipine , much cheaper both in living and study cost

No. 248285

its private anon

No. 248286

I mean if he's no into JP chicks then it's obvious the opportunities are short and Jvlogger scene has a fair number of foreigner girls.Lily was a fan of him remember so yeah few options.
This makes me wonder what will happen if he goes back to fully live in the UK…in Japan sharla is a gem but in the UK nope.

No. 248289

our queen still prevails as a mystery kek

No. 248290

So then she hid all her videos because she didn't want them to be deleted. What the fuck answer is going to be good enough for you, anon? She made videos years ago too. You couldn't even go through the effort of finding even a single link or proof of her having videos ever. She will continue to b discussed in this thread as an Jvlogger who deleted/hid all her videos. So glad I found a link to a series she attempted. Now not even mods can say she isn't a Jvlogger/Ex-Jvlogger. The fact she doesn't try anymore doesn't matter.

No. 248293

No. 248298


She probably got discouraged after queen bee Sharla told all her workers to put her on the blacklist. How cruel, but that's expected given how she talks about others behind their backs all the while pretending to be this wholesome character.

No. 248299

What blacklist? not everyone who stops vlogging is blacklisted. Lily has a public record of being a shitty person. She became unwanted to begin with herself.

No. 248300

if only had the oldfags in old jvlog threads had discussed her content and drama for us to look back upon.
How could they have missed such a compelling gem of a cow right under their noses and didn't see what we see. Too bad there's nothing kekk

No. 248301

I meant that that was why he failed or dropped out. Annoying the school with his cameras and too focused on vlogging than flying, and not being able to understand Japanese well at that level to be able to pass exams.
It's not that low for Norm and his other video had over 200K, which is more than most of his vlogs.

No. 248302

Well, if it wasn't for the Lily tweets, anons might not have noticed the tweets of Chris creeping on Micaela, his girlfriend's best friend, so maybe the oldfags should be grateful to these Lily sper…newfags.

No. 248303

File: 1663047884513.png (78.99 KB, 1267x778, sharla.png)

Wait.. She was Micaela's best friend? That makes so much sense now why the doctored texts and the larping in /snow/ from 'Micaela' came out of nowhere. I can easily see Lily and her trying to push some fake thing so Chris would stop filming with her or something. Seems to me that Lily has always been jealous of Sharla and even now she wants so bad her fake cheating rumor to be real, but everyone dropped her because they knew the cheating wasn't real. No one blacklisted her. Micaela and Lily deserve each other tbh.

No. 248304

Picrel: The thread where the apparent Micaela made a whole long winded post about Sharla and multiple anons called out the larping and then people were larping as other creators too. The whole thing was a fucking shitshow.

No. 248305

No, Sharla's best friend. Sharla is Chris's girlfriend.

No. 248306

And Lily did the same thing on tweets too. Clearly both of them weren't together because they liked each other. Lily was merely possessive because of the clout she was chasing and Chris was probably lonely and someone was interested in him. Both didn't seem very committed.

No. 248307

You completely missed the point.

No. 248309

>forgets how Sharla and Aki were lc and pull browsers too
All of your shit jvloggers are retards, stop trying to push your parasocial agenda. Touch grass, get some fresh air and find a job.

No. 248310

>Picrel: The thread where the apparent Micaela made a whole long winded post about Sharla and multiple anons called out the larping and then people were larping as other creators too. The whole thing was a fucking shitshow.
The only person who's larping is you as you were never there since you thought Sam was involved and didn't know that Micaela is Sharla's bestie, not Lily's.

No. 248312

Anon, you aren't even making sense. What in the autistic infighting is this?

No. 248314

File: 1663048810585.gif (4.8 MB, 400x170, 1tjL.gif)

queen bee sharla was kind enough to not excommunicate micaela and allowed her to stay a part of the jvlog squad unlike others, even though horny scrote chris wanted micaela kek

No. 248315

Lily currently looking more same than Sharla simps kek and heck I fo consider her a weirdo.

No. 248353

That depends on how much his fame can win people over. He's chubby, irate, mean spirited, lazy, paranoid, awkward, and unskilled. Under normal circumstances people aren't going to be running over for him. But he will say "I'm wealthy from a youtube channel that fell apart when I left Japan but I still get 20% of the views" and will that draw anybody in? Though if he ever leaves Sharla she'll be worse off than him. Her diva personality isn't going to play well when shes a 40 something year old cat lady hoarder. That's like the stereotype of no appeal.
Is he not into them or are they not into him?
Honestly it's for the best. Pilots need to be calm and level headed. Imagine being in a commercial or recreational flight and your pilot just rages at everyone.
Honestly he gives me pervy vibes. A lot of these scrotes on youtube do but at least for the Jvloggers most of them keep it to cartoons.

No. 248355

Lmao you have to wonder if this is another bitter jvlogger (highly likely) or merely just someone who lives in a world of make believe.

No. 248356

Lol yes this thread is very much a cesspit for the clinically depressed and bitter

No. 248357

The correct term is rats in a barrel.
Underachieving rats.

No. 248359

Well, at least I'm not a Sharla. So there's that at least.

No. 248360

It’s a strange thought that if many of the people in this thread simply ceased to exist, the world would be a better place. Such misery and vitriol spewing out endlessly, it’s the literal manifestation of people sitting in a circle vomiting into a bag before passing it on to the person sitting to their left to add to the sloppy puddle of sick.

No. 248361

No you’ll never be that good hun

No. 248362

Homework for everyone in here.
Go throw up into a paper bag. And I’m talking really go for it. Throw up all the sweetcorn, crumpets and shit in that bag.
And then after you’ve wiped your mouth go and take a deep breathe before gulping it back down. This thread is the metaphorical equivalent of doing that. It seems only fair that you should experience the physical version.

No. 248363

Looool what did I say that was so fantasy and Jvlog like? It's just the hard truth. I mean we can see that evidence. Norm is a bad fit as a pilot (he's legitimately unstable with rage), Chris is pervy and not suave (see the tweets posted already), and Sharla is on her way to being a 40 something cat lady (clearly obsessed with cats), hoarder (is hoarding in her most recent video) with a diva personality (blacklists countless people and has been caught stirring drama in these kinds of posts).

No. 248364

watch out Gotham sisters, we got a batman here

No. 248366

sharla will not stay long in Uk if she move there with chris. case in point when she divorce and failed becoming a Kvlogger she went back to japan not canada.
Japan is her comfort zone , who want to see her and chris in uk if there a million who like her and c in london doing the same vlogging.

No. 248368

i swear this thread never disappoints

No. 248369

Speaking of the possible cheating, I remembered this post >>>/w/180560
Pretty sure it's the same anon who first posted about them dating and living together and it turned out they were telling the truth about that. My tinfoil is that it's Norm. He likes to use the word lame frequently and that anon was raging a lot. It could be why they are still friends with him if he has dirt on them.
Chris going to Tokyo to spend time with Sharla while his gf was on her own up in northern Japan certainly made it look like something was going on. >>>/w/246690 >>>/w/246697

No. 248370

Have you ever thought she went back to Japan Because… Chris was there.
Lol anyway, she had said that she did not want to go back to Japan after her divorce but Japan was her only means of income for her at that point. She needed to continue to work, so Japan was her best and only option. She does not see Japan has her comfort zone, she has fallen out of love with Japan, her words not mine. Especially after the way Japan treated foreigners doing Covid, she said she has come to really dislike Japan and its ways. she says she will come back offer when they leave, but she wants to settle down in the UK.

So will she last in the UK? I have no idea, but Sharla is very very over Japan.

No. 248373

Nah cray cray. I was the one that figured out they were dating, and I am not norm, nor do I think they cheated, or more like there is no proof of it.

No. 248374

I also feel that their relationship won't last long if they moved to the UK.

I'm pleased for her… I hope she has truly moved on and finds peace in her life. She doesn't seem like such a terrible person… a bit nuts but that's all.


I think if Sharla and Chris split… Sharla wouldn't be able to blacklist Chris but I think Chris would return to the UK.

(Sorry for how disjointed this is… I've rushed it due to work)

No. 248375

didn't she went back to japan when chris doing his jaj and chris still with lily that time.

No. 248376

if that truly was him, i guess he either didn't know that sharla was already separated during JAJ, which is weird since aren't they supposed to be besties? or he thinks that they hooked up earlier while she was married

No. 248377


I guess technically she could've still been married legally? Divorce isn't that fast, and can be complicated when splitting money and etc.

To be honest, the poster does sound like Norm's way of speaking kek would be funny if he was trying to leak info on lolcow out of spite or bitterness which seems to be like him too anyways

No. 248378

File: 1663074660753.jpeg (928.91 KB, 1258x1403, 74EB0FF2-6601-457A-B313-26FB71…)

Also you guys are the world worst detectives and yes very lame. I tried for over a year to help you guys connect the dots, but instead of listening you guys just decided, I was either Lily, Norm or whoever the heck you terrible detectives decided for the day.

Let me also help you solve another puzzle, because you guys are more satisfied to make things up than to use your brain. July 28th 2018, the only reason Chris was originally in Tokyo and this was available to help Sharla filmed, was because the next day he flew out to Canada to attend his family reunion.
And yes HE DID NOT bring Lily to his family reunion…. So perhaps that should have been a hint for her lol.

No. 248379


No. 248381

so which one of you has experience in an international divorce in a foreign country
how long would a divorce like this take

No. 248382

Divorce in Korea a pretty simple, and straightforward if both party agrees. Anyway, what we know for sure is that by JAJ Sharla was already divorced

No. 248386

She went back not because Chris anon it's the simply logic of what the fuck she'll do in Canada.
Will her Japanese help in her home country? Will vlogging work in Canada? Nope
Even if it sounds sad there's nothing in Canada with the current abilities she has

No. 248388

She got in love with the country but that's due being on vacation.
It's totally different thing when one settles down.
And yeah she would be one of the bunch in the UK,only JP she can be highlighted.
Chris pub life will return I bet.

No. 248389

File: 1663079035399.png (2.47 MB, 2954x943, letsgosharla.png)

> get divorced
> feel all lonely because you're in your 30s and can't stand being alone
> send out a jokey flirt about coming to Japan because of him
> he bites
> now you two can joke about coming to Japan for each other but it's funnier because you share the secret of having boned

No. 248390

File: 1663079091541.png (883.05 KB, 820x732, sharlaout.png)


No. 248391

Chris put on 10lbs when he went to the UK. In Japan he's actually probably at his healthiest. If they move to the UK Chris will balloon up fast and Sharla will have nothing to do and none of her hobbies will translate there. She's not gonna have much of an audience doing boring things like buy two towels and call it a video in the UK. The relationship wouldn't really work in the UK.

No. 248394

File: 1663080179843.png (310.88 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_20220913-145442.png)

So who the fuck are you then?
The ear cleaning vid was posted on the 26th July.
>The next day he flew out to Canada
>Tweet on the 3rd of August says he's only been in Canada for one day
And how do you know that he was in Canada for a family reunion?
Also he just happened to go at the exact same time as Sharla.

No. 248395

Oh definitely he'll gain weight there it would be simply too hard to not do so.
Chris said he enjoys walking at night,it helped him to maintain some weight control but a key factor for him is the security in JP, imagine trying to do that in the UK.
And yes Sharla audience would disappear there bit by bit ,her chance would be rely in content with Chris.
Her friend Chiaki does content in the UK but that only works because she's Japanese.

No. 248397


Maybe this is the reason why they keep shitting on Lily, who I'm sure a good chunk of the Abroad In Japan viewers don't know exist.

Amplify Lily's issues so she gets painted as a crazy person and so clearly Sharla was saving Chris from that relationship.

No. 248399

You know due this behavior >>248086 I admit I was giving Chris too much respect.Him cheating do seems to be in the table.

No. 248400

Lily or not it's so pathetic anons trying to put Chris as a poor victim when he's a cheap scrote.

No. 248401

Maybe she’ll just quit YouTube. I don’t think she puts a lot of effort into her videos as it is, so maybe she’s burned out. Or maybe she’ll just do infrequent Japan videos when they come back to visit.

It occurred to me that maybe the reason Chris has been so money hungry lately is because he wants to be able to afford to keep their apartment and his studio in Sendai and also have a place in the UK. He could probably keep his channel going if he split his time between Japan and the UK. It takes him forever to edit anyway, so it’s conceivable that he could film a bunch in a short period of time in Japan and then go back to the UK, edit and release them slowly. Just a wild guess.

No. 248402

Who tried to make him a victim? Her being a clout chaser doesn't negate him. Just because anons hate Lily too doesn't mean anyone has been WKing Sharla or Chris.

No. 248403

He didn't go to CAN with her. She announced it in her video. He stayed in JPN.

No. 248404

There is a SharlaChris whiteknight who wants to fuck him and compares him to Leonardo DiCaprio.

No. 248405

Does anyone think that Chris is sacrificing having kids for Sharla and using this whole anxiety thing as an excuse? If so do you think he will come to regret it.

No. 248408

You're thinking of her trip to Canada earlier this year.

No. 248409

Go back to the last thread. She made a whole patreon video about visiting without worry of medical needs. This is why I stopped posting from her patreon because you guys literally would ignore it.

No. 248411

Kek you forgot about the anons saying that Lily manipulated Chris.
Also plenty of anons have been WKing Chris >>>/w/244608

No. 248412

I think a possibility is that Sharla (& maybe chris too if they stay together) will go the airbnb/guesthouse route? The current cat airbnb is her way testing it out. Then if it works out she/they can just get lazy with youtube if they move out of Japan since their youtube channels are hopeless without the japanese centered content or theme

No. 248414


So what you're saying is that she made a Patreon video to discuss this around August 5, 2018?

Ok I will check.

No. 248415

lol, that was amazing foresight by sharla

No. 248416


Anon, I could not find any videos around August 2018 referencing this. Would you be so kind as to provide a link to said video? Thank you.

No. 248417


Oh. My. Fucking. God. Anon.

You better not be talking about the first video in the previous thread because if you are, then you're either a retard with no concept of time, or a retard who doesn't comprehend that 2018 is not 2022.

No. 248418

sorry, I am a different anon from >>248414.
this anon>>248409 think that we talking about sharla went back to canada i think last month . actualy we talking about chris went to canada in aug 2018 and why sharla coincidently also in canada. like this anon >>248394 suggested

No. 248419

The thing is they can't. They haven't made so much to just retire off of and they're both unskilled people in their mid 30s who don't like working for the man. Content creator is the only job they can do at least that isn't soul crushing to them and gives enough for their lifestyle.
Managing an airbnb is a possibility though if she's in the UK and is splitting it it may not be as easy as she thinks.
Sharla seems like she chooses cats over kids. Chris probably would want kids as he's not big on animals but is just enjoying his youth right now. If he really wants kids he'll have them with or without Sharla. I do think regardless of Chris staying or not Sharla will be one of those middle aged women with ten cats and a cluttered apartment.

No. 248420

No. 248421

I love that we found proof of Lily jvlogging.

No. 248422

File: 1663085215050.jpg (248.45 KB, 1052x1651, Screenshot_20220913_090732.jpg)

Actually found another private video.

No. 248423

File: 1663085290193.jpg (262.42 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20220913_090744.jpg)

She even called herself a blogger. Probably has no idea that a vlogger is different due to videos or she does and thats why she hid them all.

No. 248428

There was a time when Chris did seem to want kids apparently.
Maybe he simply grow out of it?
I'll say that yes there could be moments he migth regret it, an uncle of mine after years of not desiring kids had a child at 39.
He felt a trigger or something that was his answer.

No. 248429

I thought lily was jealous of sharla too, but why though? The only things sharla had was YouTube views and subs, it’s a dumb thing to be petty over

No. 248431

>goes to his family reunion
>doesn't bring his gf but bring his future gf
kek chris is such a scrote

No. 248432

You've been tricked. Micaela was/is Sharla's best friend, not Lily's. Lily hadn't even moved to Japan yet or hadn't been there that long. Anon is just a Lily sperg.

No. 248437

I don't know why anons think everyone in the world wants kids or if they don't right now, they will change their mind. Boomer thinking.

Anon still has a point as to why Lily would be jealous of her regardless of Micaela and Sharla's lame shit which it's still clear that wasn't even Micaela, lol. Anyway though..

Well Sharla was also traveling more than Lily was, had a growing YT channel, Chris and other male YTers were doing collabs. Lily wanted to be a YTer, idolized Chris, probably hated when he worked with anyone who was a girl in general. When he wasn't with her, she'd leave nasty comments as if they were supposed to be quirky. Even if it's not looks because snaggle tooth vs cabbage patch are both not wins, but it was obvious she clout chasing wasn't getting her the privledges and attention she wanted, so why not at least settle for one person being popular, hope you get popular by proxy? If she wasn't jealous, why the hell would she wait 2.5 years to make up some cheating story that she had no backing to and then delete it and then for other JVers to unfollow her? If it was true, you'd think people would hear her out, but it was clear she lurked here by the way anons and her both type out 'S and C'. Just seems like self planted milk because if a gossip thread says so then it must be true. Kek

No. 248438

Thinking in having kids is a boomer thing in your book?
Girl you gotta touch grass.

No. 248439

Does this open the door to shit on Aki. Because holy fuck I hate her. I think she's so fucking fat and ugly. Het face looks a bit like a miniature ogre's with her fat pug nose. She's also obese and dumb as a fucking rock. The only reason she's not rotting working in a fast food chain is because somehow she managed to start dating Joey and leeched her own platform from him.

No. 248441

Well they're both fat and ugly so that anon isn't too far off with that comparison.

No. 248442

Most people want kids. Even half the people who don't want kids pretend their pets a kids in a cringey way (Sharla). It's just part of nature to want to take care of something and mold it when you get to a certain age. Chris doesn't like pets, isn't into molding someone as a teacher, and isn't really interested in preserving the idea of his youth so it lines up that he probably wants kids. Sharla isn't interested though and he's obsessed with Sharla given how he was simping and cheating with her for so long.
Most people would be jealous of the person who was having a long time affair with your partner. Lily clearly moved on now outside of making one comment about it. She has a new man and doesn't seem to care about any of these Jvloggers anymore. Chris and Sharla meanwhile live hopped up and paranoid that they hide, lie, and gaslight people about their relationship for three years as if anyone would be upset that two boring chubby white expats in their mid 30s are dating. To this day they still almost compulsively lie about any small detail and have been caught deleting videos to cover their trails like they're DB Cooper or something.
Well Leo is at the very least a good actor who is picky about roles. You won't hear him whining that the algorithm forced him to do a bunch of trash movies or do a trash job in a movie that should have been good like Chris has with his videos lately. Chris goes on about how calling him a Jvlogger is insulting to his film maker skills but then panders to the algorithm the most out of any of these channels to the point where he'll delete good videos if they don't perform the way he likes.

No. 248450

Yes lily is queen, chris is not Leo. Chris and Sharla are fat, lily is fit and can cook. Lily win, yes yes yes. Also algorithm.. queen lily forever

No. 248451

Lol Lily isn't queen that's not what I'm saying. She's just a boring average person. Chris and Sharla meanwhile act like clowns. I also love how you're so into Chris you mock that people don't think he's the Leonardo DiCaprio of YouTube.

No. 248453

Yes you are right. You are spot on. You know best! Booooooo chris, I unsubscribed to him and Sharla!!!
I hope they fail and break up!
They are fat
Also how stupid is Chris for caring about Algorithm, like it’s his job or something!
What a looser!
Lily escaped and now is dating a cool LA guy! Lily for the win

No. 248454

Stop defending Lily already it's getting so boring. Anon was stating facts, not even being outlandish in their claims according to just what we could see ourselves and not some bullshit secret cheating that no evidence of exists. Visiting friends doesn't prove cheating and most people in Japan especially, don't want kids. I don't know what you're on, anon, but if you haven't noticed, the global want for kids has dwindled, but that's a whole separate convo for a different thread.

No. 248456

I love that you brought Lily up again because anons were discussing Chris and Sharla being in Canada at the same time.

No. 248457

Reeee how dare he point out that a guy who's up his own ass about being an artist is full of shit and actually is the most algorithm obsessed youtuber in his space.
Reee no you can't insult Chris-sama for his constantly failing diets while he makes up any excuse to binge eat.
Nobody knows who Lily is dating. She's against just an average boring person instead of those two divas. Really don't get why you're so obsessed with bringing her up to trash.
I swear C and S defenders are always so over the top in their response to any criticism. Maybe thats why Norm fits in so well.

No. 248458

Plenty of people don’t want kids.

No. 248460

Never said otherwise. Sharla clearly doesn't. Shes satisfied with her cats doing that role. Chris is a scrote and definitely wants kids. More scrotes want kids because they don't get pregnant.

No. 248461

Spot on! Cancel Chris

No. 248466

Gosh go back to twitter or Reddit.

No. 248467

Facts are in both sides that anon is being logical, lily is bonkers true.
S and C are compulsory liars that gaslight their viewers also true.
We have several threads that caught their pants in fire and more.
All are defending crappy people honestly.

No. 248470

Dunno about that back in the cycling livestream with Connor they ate at a family restaurant and guess what a crying child in the place.His comments were not exactly negative but did show no interest or was bored at such idea.
Compared to his reaction at marriage one can see where his mind is going.

No. 248472

Why are you so obsessed with trying to prove lily is/was a vlogger?
It doesn’t make any difference in the slightest - she tried, it didn’t go anywhere. You can’t really call her an ex vlogger if it didn’t really happen.
Now, can we stop fucking talking about it? Jesus fucking Christ

No. 248473

Meaning she's allowed to be talked ITT and anons need to deal with it.

No. 248475

Am laughing that you said that chris wants kids. because besides staying many times he doesn’t want kids. on his cycle with Connor a they were in a restaurant and a baby was crying and chris went on and on about how happy he is not to have kids.

No. 248477

Fucking hell, are you 12? She doesn’t qualify as a jvlogger, if I wrote a bio calling myself a jvlogger would that make me one? No. stop being so pedantic.

No. 248478

Yeah Chris seems to have lost that desire.
Kinda sad, probably now shares Sharla cat love passion.

No. 248483

I don’t want to lump myself in with the anon trying to prove shit, but lily definitely is a ex-vlogger. Why don’t you think she is? She use to Vlog about living in Japan.

No. 248486

Someone who vlogs/vlogged and lives/lived in Japan is pretty much all the criteria needed to be posted ITT. Why are you foaming at the mouth at the idea of Lily being talked about?

No. 248488

Nope. Ex-jvlogger was a term we added from Thread 9 and does not refer to an ex-vlogger. >>247955

No. 248489

genetic dead end loser, his ancestors would be disgusted.

No. 248491

Ahhh thanks anon.

No. 248492

I still think you shouldn’t care so much tho. It’s seems almost personal to you.

No. 248493

It's entirely autistic, like you have to not live in Japan, but used to live in Japan or you still live in Japan, but must be currently making content to count. Like wtf logic is this? It's retarded as hell.

No. 248494

It's quite simple really. It was created because prominent jvloggers like Sharla moved to Korea or Australia. Don't know why it's so difficult for you to understand.

No. 248502


No. 248503

Nta she made like 4 vlogs over 5 years. She was never an actual jvlogger and is irrelevant.

No. 248507

Because this thread (before redditfags and obsessed fans) was originally about the main clique. Lily was never a part of this and she has 0 content. She is Chris’s ex girlfriend, not an ex jvlogger.

No. 248509

I can bring up several foreign youTubers that do videos in Japan right now but barely get views.
They qualify more than Lily to be here but…well they can't be used as space goat by CxS zealots.

No. 248510

Mimei was an established vlogger who was part of the jvlog clique, yet no one posts her tweets like Lily's since she stopped being a vlogger.

No. 248518

Genuinely I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or the dumbest comment ever.

No. 248526

File: 1663105678248.jpg (815.8 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20220913_174849.jpg)

Anyone else notice Jnig trying to inch closer to vtubers and now jvloggers? Wondering if she will be the next to move to Japan - recently debuted a "trash taste mascot" cosplay, she was also a guest on the podcast.

No. 248527

File: 1663106271305.jpeg (214.77 KB, 1265x423, B1C15D56-34EC-44B8-B748-F729EA…)

Also it looks like Meilyne is on her way to CA to recruit influencers to move to japan

No. 248529

Are you okay!? Tell us what did Chris do to hurt your little non English speaking heart!?

No. 248548

"Lily IS techNICALLY an EX-Jvlogger!! SHe WILL be talked aBout!!!"

>Stop defending Lily

"no no but not like that reeeeeeeeeeee"

No. 248551

made horny bizarre catcalling comments towards micaela
if there's one thing lolcow hates more than a jvlogger, it's a fucking scrote

No. 248552

If I were a traditional jvlogger especially the ones clearly half assing it I'd be shitting my pants right now. Meileyne is very good at what she does and GeeXPlus has the resources. Meileyne has an eye for talent and found Connor when he was relatively small and helped him become the juggernaut he is now. She'll find other diamons in the rough that are hungry to take their youtube careers seriously and grind $ and not in the Chris Broad "I have to make lazy clickbait for the algorithm" way but genuine grinders. I bet Emma and everyone who bought into Tokyo Creative really hates Chris Okano right now for being a diva and moron who messed up a golden idea that GeeXPlus is making look easy right now. Now all they have left are lazy videos where Chris barely puts effort and Emma tries and fails to liven up the video. Another thing that the new crop of Jvloggers tend to have over the old ones is that they can carry videos without relying solely on just Japan is a magical place. Nobody would watch people like Sharla in any other country. Even in Korea which has similar but different potential as Japan she couldn't make it work.

No. 248555

Samefag, sorry but I forgot to mention. There's a third group of new Jvloggers that are getting big. These are actually Japanese people. Some are fully Japanese or half Japanese and all are fluent in Japanese, something that most of the Jvloggers can't do. I mean Aki couldn't even pass N4 after living in Japan with a Japanese partner for so long. There's definitely a ticking clock on how long the current main crop can stay relevant. You've got people who understand YouTube/Twitch/Online presence better constantly being recruited to come and then you have people who understand and are more connected to Japan better starting YouTube channels. What do they old crop really have over these groups now?

No. 248556

Kinda funny how little 5'1 Meilyne single handily accomplished in 2 years what Tokyo Creative team failed to do with main jvlogger "talent" clique for years kekkk

No. 248565

Definitely after this >>248086 seeing an anon defend Chris will instantly mean such is a simp of C/S or a scrote.

No. 248571

I wonder if Chris ever considered joining Geex+, he has way more chance to expand there.
Is it that he just wants to be his own boss maybe?
Maybe Sharla friendship with TC drag him down.

No. 248581

I mean chris’ channel is bigger than ever and all his videos hit 1 million so I am not sure how you consider him being dragged down.
Also what many people don’t know is that Chris is not under contract with TC.
He has said he works with them because they are his friends and they get him sponsors here and there. But he is free to do his own thing and not run it through them.

No. 248584

Not sure what her height has to do with her doing her job. But Meilyne is a power house, smart as hell go getter, and has a much bigger and richer corporate entity to back geexplus!

Chris Okano was not smart and was full of himself, lazy and had a much small corporation to back TC.

No. 248590

You’re so dumb every single YouTuber including Connor makes clickbate for the algorithm. I mean how many “we spent $1000 on crane games” video does Connor have!? When he actually doesn’t spend that much money to began with.
“Or I tried the craziest bunjie jumps in Japan!
They all do it!
Connor is smart and is a great live-streamer, and seems like a genuine good person, but he like Chris does click bate for algorithm as well!

Like chris or not, his videos are well edited and not lazy! You don’t have to like his videos, but the idea that he is some sort of sell out is far from the truth.
This is the guy that chooses to not do weekly videos as to make better quality ones, even though doing less videos means making less money!
and before you go and say I’m a Chris stan, I’m not, I have some stuff I can criticize him for. the leaning too much on his mean guy personality when he’s actually not, the constantly complaining, his cursing too much complaining too much on Twitter.
But His videos are well thought out and he actually overthinks his process!

No. 248591

Chris for all his faults is actually doing a pretty good YouTube strategy right now. He's kind of like the Nick Fury of Japan related content. He's lacking Garnt and non trash taste GeexPlus content but he's like a fourth TT member and the biggest collaber with Joey and second biggest collaber of Connor. He's constantly collabing with a variety of people such as Tokyo Portfolio, Kemushi Chan, Chiaki, Japan Go, Sharla (of course), and Tokyo Creative/Emma. On top of that theres Ryotaro Japan which is basically a AiJ spinoff, twitch with Premier Two, Pete Donaldson who has several successful podcasts the AiJ one is one Pete does for fun as his other ones are his money makers, trying to make Natsuki big on cameo, and now all the stuff he's trying to do with Ludwig. They all have slightly different audiences and Chris is banking on them drizzling to him. He's even been hanging out with PewDiePie lately though Felix doesn't care enough to monetize their interactions. The other benefit is that he becomes indispensable to the other creators which is why they understand they need to blacklist Lily if he tells them to.
I'd say if anyone is suffering from the rotten corpse of Tokyo Creative it's Emma. She uses that channel more than her own and most of her videos are with Chris. Chris doesn't seem even interested in the vids there sometimes I even get the vibe there's something going on with them. Either bad blood or some bitterness. It doesn't help that Chris scrubbed her entirely from the JAJ cycle. So cameo frequency is really important to Chris.

No. 248593


INB4 Joey is the reason she came to Japan

Better watch out Aki

No. 248598


No. 248599

OMG get out of Chris' butt. No idea why you brought up Connor to legitimate Chris criticism. Either way I don't think Connor would hype up a trip to Okinawa that just turned out to be him lazing around luxury villas not doing anything Okinawa related and trying to farm Natsuki's word salad and Dr Jelly for content. Insult me all you want but even his own subreddit thought those videos were shit and Chris defended them by invoking the algorithm for every strange decision in them. He's capable of doing good videos and has in the past but that doesn't mean we have to pretend what he's doing now is good work. He more or less just tried monetize his vacation. Shooting with a fancy camera doesn't change the content of the work. Inb4 but the Okinawa videos got the standard amount of views and likes of his videos despite being a big event therefore they're above criticism. I actually think Chris has made some of the best Jvlog videos but he's phoning it in lately and I'm not gonna pretend otherwise.

No. 248600


TT has their own thread.

No. 248604

What I don't understand is why is Aki always picked on for being fat when Sharla is now also fat but gets minimal hate? Well in that pic with the NY Jet hoody she looks huge.

No. 248605

Ummm it was in direct response to someone comparing him to Connor lol.
My point is they do the e same thing

No. 248606

You do know that just because someone is saying something shitting on a cow doesn't mean they want to defend that cow, right? There are other people to talk about that doesn't involve getting mad that this means they want to defend a different cow. Learn how to have different opinions. You need to relax.

No. 248608

Just simply that Sharla just has a bigger simp base willing to defend their poor white nihon queen

No. 248610

To be fair I think most people don't know how Sharla actually looks. She's very good at filters and angles, though the main thing is that it's a new phenomenon with her. But at the end of the day who cares if she's fat? She doesn't whine about her weight all the time or use a fake anime avatar that doesn't look like her. I'd rather she be 400lbs and stop acting like a Queen Bee instead of being model slim and keep up her bad behaviour.

No. 248614


She looks like this, from her tagged ig photos so i doubt the person who tagged her shooped/filtered them

or this from a livestream but simps were fighting against this one

No. 248616

Okinawa is a vacation spot! How else is he suppose to show Okinawa?! If someone did a video on Hawaii would you not want them to show you resorts and activities you can do in Hawaii?
Perhaps you were young and just starting in your career. But I am someone who want to go on vacation and like staying at nice resorts because I work hard and want to enjoy my vacation.

People criticizing Youtubers for having money and using it to film their content is pretty in interesting to me.
It’s something that Connor himself talked about on his stream yesterday. For example, he said Rabat if he booked a first class ticket people would say to him hey you’re out of touch, because he booked an expensive flight. And he said well yeah, I make money to be able to book that first class ticket.
why are we criticizing people for being successful? Why should they do pretend they are poor ?

No. 248617

I think lots of moids find Sharla attractive.

No. 248618

File: 1663114734928.png (1.33 MB, 1334x750, 0433A902-6A64-4BBF-B663-C5BEA7…)

The hoodie is absolutely massive on her and I don’t get why she won’t take it off. If she’s trying to hide weight gain with it it’s having the opposite effect.

No. 248619


I'd want resorts and activities that are unique to Hawaii, not videos of something that can easily be done anywhere.

Why are you so forcibly trying not to see that fact?

And all this talk about how detractors are still unsuccessful little boys or still starting out their careers and don't have money just makes you sound like some south asian scrote

No. 248620

More like Queen Snaggletooth

No. 248622

Because at the end of the day, people prefer relatable and connectable content creators??
Arguably, you can say it's why the main jvloggers got popular and a fanbase in the first place. They all started as 20 something year olds living in a normie apartment in Tokyo showing japan with a normie POV. They're just lucky they were the firsts to get in youtube and have a loyal fanbase to now be lazy or gimmick shit

No. 248623

You can literally say that about pretty much anywhere that gets tourists. Do you think someone going to Jamaica and just sitting at a resort is a good representation of Jamaica. Or doing it for Cuba, Malta, Panama, Bali, and yes Okinawa. Believe it or not there's more to those places than resort hotels and they are all unique to eachother.
Having money isn't good content unless you really have a lot. Chris clearly isn't going to compete with the legitimately rich YouTubers so why brag about renting a Yaccht or a villa? You're first class ticket is a good example actually. Some people care he bought the ticket. But imagine if he tried to pretend his first class ticket on a standard airline was enough of a big deal that it could be content for his channel. That's essentially what Chris is doing for JaJ Okinawa. There are luxury airlines where a ticket would be enough for a good content video but that's not what's being done.

No. 248625

Now this chick is hot, way out of Joey’s league tho. Watch out pug nosed flabtittied stach Aki indeed

No. 248628

I'm always shocked at the Joey + Aki pairing. Joey is tall, Australian, and attractive and yet he's with her. Current Chris and Sharla and Garnt and Sydney are actually around the same league as eachother. He probably could get away with leaving her for Nigri especially since none of them seem that close to Aki. Though it's also possible Joey just likes em thick.
Actually one thing that always shocked me is that YouTubers never fix their teeth after they get rich. Obviously Lily never made it big but there's lots of big youtubers with really bad teeth. Boogie is the only one I know who got his fixed.
Maybe she just likes 2000s hip hop aesthetic. Or maybe it's Chris'.

No. 248630

I think authenticity is more relatable. If Somebody is making money, They should show their lifestyle and not try to dumb it down for others ego in my opinion.
Faking not Having money is just as bad as faking having money IMO
I do appreciate what you’re trying to say, but I’m saying you can grow with your audience. People tends to make more money as they get older, their taste and lifestyle changes the older they get. Why should they pretends to be struggling?
So to me showing nice places can be aspirational, maybe you to can work hard and one day be able to book that place.
but at the end of the day their videos are not travel channels video shoots. It’s a fantasy is a place for you to see an adventure, it doesn’t have to be to everybody’s taste or budget and can be an escape .
I personally like luxurious things and nice places, I like to see them. But
it seems to me you don’t and that’s OK, but just because those types of videos don’t appeals to you specifically doesn’t mean it doesn’t appeal to others!

Having said all that I thought that the 2nd episode of Okinawa JAJ was boring and lacking. But I loved the boat episode. So to each their own

No. 248634

The “yatch” that wasn’t a yatch was $1200 for the day that’s not bragging material lol!
I don’t see a video title as bragging, I see it as getting people to click on the video to watch it!
You concentrate on that cheap yatch, but I loved them joining chiaki family, trying home cook okinawan food and seeing her dad’s sake collection with snake. Learning about bitter Mellon, which Okinawa is know for, the Main Street shopping area, the pork dish and the local okinawan drink in that very video.
But your little jealous heart was hung up on that basic fake yatch title lol

No. 248636


The problem is he doesn't even take the time to linger on those things. Chiaki's family, home cooked okinawan food, the dad's sake collection, everything just went by real fast with only surface level attention given, which is common for Chris' videos the past couple years.

It's like just reading the summary from wikipedia, does an irate Englishman bit, and then he leaves it to the drone shots and music to mask the shallowness.

Your kind of sucking up is just annoying. Reminds me of Indian scrotes sucking up and defending Elon Musk. Bad vibes all round.

No. 248637

I think lots of moids meet underground to fight each other over who find Sharla most attractive.

No. 248640

Sharla is getting fatter but is still human. Aki is literally a round ball with legs

No. 248643

I am going to ignore you immature unnecessary insult.
You can have a discussion and disagree with somebody without having to default to the “you are a stan” excuse. I’m defending my point of view not chris!
But anyway I very much agree that he puts in too much and should take more time to explore the special moments like with chiaki family.
But my criticism of you still stand. You are choosing to concentrate on the yatch or the expensive resorts because you are jealous of someone else spending ability.
PS Chris cheap boat day rental for 1200 is nothing compare to the likes of Ludwig. Who did a whole video on him spending $20,000 for flight for two days in Australia. Now That’s money and Good for him!

No. 248649

When you make it the highlight of the title and the key part of the videos obviously he's bragging. I even mentioned it isn't that expensive. Nobody is jealous Chris rented a boat. Why cut out the interesting parts or the parts actually related to Okinawa to brag about a not out of touch luxury? If it was a legitimate Bezos style yacht then of course that should be the focus of the video but we go in to finally see him do Okinawa content only for it to be him trying to make his vacation a business expense.

No. 248651


You're a retard who can't grasp the concept of a boat or a villa not being terribly Okinawan as a valid complaint about a Journey Across Japan series that's supposed to be about Okinawa.

It's not about the cost because it's nothing. It's about the content of the videos and the quality. For a Japan centric video it's bad because it's not really about Okinawa. For a $$$ luxury video it's bad because it's not really $$$.

Bet enough about the money. Stop making it look like the money is what people have an issue with when it's the content of the videos. This is why I can't stand you south asian scrotes. My sister dated one and with him it was all about who made how much. Pathetic.

No. 248653

Which is why I think Chris would kill his channel if he leaves Japan.
Even if it's half and half with the UK someone else could come up and take territory.

No. 248655

Anon, it's just a video title. Most of this isn't even out of pocket. They get asked to do these videos on these places. Holy shit. Are you this dumb?

No. 248656

No lgbt but I think Enma is more attractive frankly.

No. 248659

He hasn't left though, so why are you even bringing up hypetheticals?

No. 248661

Leaving it's part of his future moves if you know.
Plans to divide his time between jp and the UK.

No. 248662

Dear God how many times does this have to be repeated in this thread? Yes. We know. There's no need to discuss his channel's viability outside of Japan for the twentieth time.

No. 248673

on point anon, the only interesting about JAJ: okinawa is meeting chiaki parent and house. everything is so bland content wise, visually it top notch

No. 248679

When and why did you decide I was from South Asia!?
because you could or be more wrong

No. 248680

Honestly you harping on chris channel dying if he leaves Japan is super parasocial. It’s his problem not yours. You have made the point many times before, move on!

No. 248682

Not that anon but all people here are parasocial at some degree.
We talk about people who don't know we exist,let's reduce the hypocrisy.

No. 248683

Fair point. Come to think of it, that conversation has more to do about people’s obsession with Japan, more than anything else. Like people couldn’t possibly live outside of Japan lol

No. 248684

Lets all just agree that chris is the most handsome, fittest brilliant vlogger in Japan. And everyone elses views are irrevelant

No. 248685

Being parasocial is pretty much the entire point of this website. We gossip about the jvloggers.
Emma is very attractive but I think she seems like a nice person and would be fun to hang out with. She's probably the best looking out of all the Jvlog women incl Lily. I wouldn't say any of them (at least the ones we discuss) have a lot of guys fawning over them as their fanbase though. Emma and Sharla have mostly female fanbases that kind of want to be like them. Sydney has perverts though. Aki is somewhere in between. Rachel and Jun was the pinacle of courting female fans who want to be like you because who wouldn't want a nice life with a charming Japanese partner who can cook such great dishes.

No. 248687

Emma's pointy nose and big ears bring her attractiveness down a lot. Her spindly figure isn't exactly a plus either. Sharla is best assuming she's just wearing baggy clothing and hasn't actually turned into a whale. If you count Sydney, she's roughly on par with Sharla.

From someone who's into women.

No. 248694

Because Sharla is at least conventionally attractive in the grand scheme of things. Aki is ugly as fuck and only gets attention from yellow fever moids that have zero standards as long as their wack-off material is from an Asian country

No. 248700

I wouldn’t be surprised if him and sharla apply for permit residency in Japan. Eventually they’ll probably both acquire enough points.

No. 248702

my god

No. 248705

sharla doesn't have permanent residency yet? like half her life is in japan. any milk why they don't persue it?

No. 248716

Sharla lived in Korea for a bit and only went back to Japan for Chris and Money. She clearly wants to leave for UK, US, or Canada as soon as it's viable. Chris has already been shifting his content to prepare for leaving Japan but his content and persona wouldn't work in the UK. They should both consider USA it'd give them more interesting content to work with while being somewhere where they can settle.

No. 248726

Well going towards that conclusion fits with Chris due the niche he occupies in the jvlog scene.
He's after all "abroadinjapan".
I bet anons would not bring arguments similar to let's say cdawgva or Garnt due the nature of their channels.

No. 248729

Chris is a fat creatively bankrupt slob.
The boy’s never done anything good in his life.

No. 248732

>he said Rabat if he booked a first class ticket
he can book the first class ticket because its not the focus of the video, the vacation place is. who cares if someone booked a first class ticket because a he probably wont film it and b a plane is a plane, there's not much difference between classes honestly.

No. 248742

File: 1663146667843.jpeg (603.34 KB, 1100x1946, 1654528319515.jpeg)

aki not just fat but she a huge bitch too.
this was taken when sydney has her wedding in uk.

No. 248746


Why didn't she bother cleaning her nose and retaking the selfie after she saw she had a booger?

No. 248748

File: 1663152393219.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.02 KB, 828x1026, 741CADB8-85E0-4FEF-8D16-E44C17…)

Narc Norm at it again. His responses w accompanying emojis remind me of an angry 7th grader

No. 248754


PoS norm king of passive-aggressive comments. lucky for the commenter he didnt ask to die also, lol

No. 248761

Wtf is wrong with her. Posts booger selfie. Also "studying" for one of the easiest jlpt levels after living in Japan with Joey and paying for a language school for so long and she still fails. Pretty obvious the language school was just so she could larp as a teenager again.

No. 248767

Huh? Garnt worked in the BBC for years.
Connor is an engineer.
Joey meh

No. 248770

I don’t know if you remember this, but she left japan a couple of years ago. Thus the clock for PR was reset to when she returned to japan 3 years ago.
Anyway I don’t think that she wants to pursue a PR, because she wants to leave Japan.

No. 248774

Well going forward I pray that all of chris videos are look at me at a shit tier hotels and locations so you can feel better about yourself.

No. 248776

Lol why are you so mad at Aki!?

No. 248778

She has her own thread.

No. 248779


How hard were you dropped on your head as a child? People are telling you that the cost of the hotel/boat/villa are not the issue. Expensive or cheap, the complaint that the videos aren't really about things uniquely Okinawan.

Yet you continuously focus about success compared to others like some south asian scrote.

People don't like the videos because they are fans of the channel, but the recent videos dipped in quality really badly. Visuals are fine, but there's no actual content. It's all shallow, souless fluff.

No. 248783

No one can take you seriously when you’re calling me south Asian when I’m not.

How did you decide that I was from south Asia again?
Is it really that big of a deal to say I don’t like the video for this reason and for someone one to say they disagree!

You seem to want to present your opinion like it’s a general consensus or a fact.

Agree to disagree and stop being so damn immature.

No. 248787


You're the one trying to argue that people complaining about the lack of Okinawan content in the Journey Across Japan about Okinawa are just salty because they're little boys who are unable to afford a villa. Sounds a lot like something a south asian scrote would say dear.

No. 248791

Honestly something is seriously wrong with you! That’s just an insane statement to make!
I didn’t bring up the money or expensive issue, I was answering an objection someone or you had. because they said that this was just an expensive vacation for chris and that his viewers were not interested in seeing that.

Also stop being racist

No. 248809

The video is not archived but you can see in the recommended section there are plenty of thumbnails of her other videos. She did plenty of videos and that proves that she was a jvlogger at some point. She usually had between 1-2 views, but some videos had 10-20k views.

No. 248811

>1-2k views

No. 248818

>Garnt and Sydney are actually around the same league as eachother.
You gotta be trolling anon. Syd is an 8 at least and Garnt is a 2 at most. Like he's fucking hideous and how that pairing happened is the true mystery.

Aki is fat but at least has a cute face + Joey likely has yellow fever, so that one is more understandable.

No. 248820

Shame she didn't continue. She could have got a decent following. Though I guess Sharla getting her blacklisted from the industry was a big hurdle to come over.

No. 248823

Good, more proof.

No. 248824

I would say they are both Garnt and Sydney are around a 6-7. You probably just have a type and Sydney fits it. Garnt is hardly the hideous creature that would be a 2. Out of the Jvloggers that I know about I'd say Emma, Joey, Connor, and pre fat Sharla are 8s. PewDiePie and Marcia if they count are 9s. Jun is also pretty high up especially given how skilled he is at everything.
Joey is half Japanese. How can he have yellow fever? As well Jessica Nigri is white and he seems more into her than Aki. Lol at this random huge inflation of Aki's cute face. Do you honestly believe Aki is way out of Garnts league?

No. 248825

Scaling cows like this is scrote behavior.

No. 248826

In his long Japanese interview, Chris said he'd split his time between Japan and UK, but didn't say that'd he'd film half of his videos in the UK. He actually said he had nothing to learn from the UK and plans to open a Japanese restaurant there and start an online store in both countries, so I think the restaurant will be his focus when he's in the UK while he continues to make most of his videos about Japan. I think Sharla is a lot more enthusiastic about the move. I thought Chris would be more excited.

No. 248828

He writes like one of the anons here. The one who's praised and defended him here is no doubt Norm himself, but I wonder if he posts about other vloggers in our thread.

No. 248831

File: 1663176358847.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x1884, 231EEA91-20BE-407B-993F-B66B69…)

Does anyone remember watching the now deleted video from Sharla where she showed her ex husband’s face Or her I am engage video ?

No. 248832

He was bragging about mr beast watching his video on Twitter today

No. 248835

We already talked about this years ago.

No. 248842

Yes I was wondering how she revealed his face and how he proposed?

No. 248851

Just go back to those threads.

No. 248854

Yeah it’s so gross, reminds me when high school boys list all the girls in their class of most attractive to least.

No. 248855

I Have but I have not seen anything discussing the proposal

No. 248857

Have you seen Joeys personality? Yeah he’s attractive, but is personality sucks.

No. 248859

you'll probably have better luck looking through the PULL archive

No. 248864

>Plenty of thumbnails of her other videos
>She did plenty of videos
>3 thumbnails
She had a handful of vlogs on a 5 year old channel. She was never a proper jvlogger and was never part of the group. The fact that she made a few generic vlogs doesn't matter, she is still irrelevant to this thread. Do you see anons discussing every single person that has made a few vlogs about living in japan? There is nothing about her worth discussing.

No. 248865

She did some kind of guessing game where she put a pictures bunch of korean models/actors and one of her husband and had the viewers guess. He was a thin good looking guy. That's more or less all anyone knew about him (at least people who just watched her channel) as he was apparently very against showing on youtube.

No. 248866

Did she ever do her engagement strory?

No. 248870

I never watched Sharla enough to say for sure. If she did and I saw it then it wasn't anything that stood out too much.

No. 248877

Did Sharla ever talk about why she got divorced? Or does no one really know why.

No. 248880

Korean culture is toxic af and got tired of it

No. 248881

Is today Sharla Spoonfeed Request Day?

No. 248882

No, she just said that they drifted apart. She said he is a good guy and that it just didn’t work out romantically.

I wonder if he has a new GF etc and she knows, and that played a role in making her and Chris feel comfortable enough to announce their relationship.

No. 248889

Honestly her ex is so much of an unknown that there's no real point to speculating too much about him. That said it's not liked he'd freak out if she announced she's with Chris. I doubt he watches her content and he was obviously the one who dumped her.
I really hope that isn't what she said. Her ex was very accommodating to her. Especially given how little effort she put into integrating into Korea.

No. 248890

File: 1663187555156.png (134.17 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20220914-210400.png)

Well she didn't like his mother.
Anons said that she complained about her mother-in-law in her Korea vlogs and if she didn't get along well with the rest of the in-laws then that's probably one reason for the divorce.

No. 248895

That’s so immature to go online to talk about your partners mom like that. she probably assume they would never see it because they don’t speak English, but that’s still messed up.

No. 248896

How do you know he was the one who dumb her?

No. 248898

Sharla still acts like a Queen Bee teenager. A lot of her behaviour is pretty highschool tier. I can't imagine most adults blacklisted your partner's ex from her social group and lying and gaslighting people about your relationship with a normal non controversial guy.

No. 248900

In her video where she talks about moving to Japan and why, she mentions that they were together for about 7 years. That was 2019. So that makes this pretty early on that she was declaring she hates his mom kek

No. 248904

Just noticed it, but wtf is up with that hashtag. That hashtag is pretty problematic and ignorant. I guess she's only into the kawaii parts of Asian cultures and cute guys.

No. 248911

How do you know Sharla Black listed Chris’s ex?
Stop making things up.

No. 248919

Read the other threads.

No. 248926

This is the same person who had no qualms lying to thousands on camera about a group of Asian women being racist about her.

No. 248927

No, I don’t need read the other thread. There is no such thing as Sharla blacklisting Lily.
The only thing we know is that some people stayed friends with Chris and not her after the breakup and most jvloggers unfollowed her after she accused Chris of cheating.

How did you decide that sharla blacklisted from that?

No. 248928

You are insane, and your vendetta against Sharla is diabolical!

No. 248930

Yeah I’ve read them and she didn’t blacklist lily. Don’t get me wrong, sharla is still bad news.

No. 248931

She also talked about how hard it was being in a relationship with someone in a very different style culture or something

No. 248933

Raging mentally ill simp is back again. They freaked out the last time this was mentioned. >>>/w/239724 >>>/w/239729

No. 248934

Mimei is the one she actually blacklisted. I don't think there's any evidence that she did the same to Lily, only speculation, but Lily was never really part of that clique to begin with, so it's natural that her ex's friends and co-workers dropped her after they broke up.

We've been so inundated with Sharla WKs that I can't tell if you're just being sarcastic.

No. 248935

File: 1663194772335.jpeg (416.55 KB, 2048x2048, ADF41990-512F-42D4-90F6-C5CBA7…)

These didn’t age well

No. 248936

sharla has never been liked since the first jvlog thread years ago and has always been seen as a snake bitch
get over it newfag

No. 248940

I'm pretty sure she actually said the same thing or kinda snarkily complained about her MIL in a video too while she was in Korea, bc i remember oldfags and pull holding that against her for a while kek especially considering her ex wanted to stay private as much as possible. Not great kek

No. 248942

Thanks for going into detail, exactly why she’s bad news.

No. 248943

That’s 2012, if you still have the same preference as 10 years ago then yikes.

No. 248944

Lol I know I just found it funny how it’s the very opposite now.
She seems happier so good for her

No. 248947

File: 1663196964246.jpg (873.05 KB, 1440x2063, Screenshot_20220914-190716_Goo…)

She honestly seems to be fetishizing asian men. I'm pretty shocked that pic is her ideal man. I guess it's a good thing she grew out of it.
Other than the dark hair her description is the opposite of Chris. That tattoo thing and long hair being dropped with age I get but I think Chris won her more with his charm than physique.

No. 248956

She was just describing her than boyfriend tbh, I dont think it’s that deep. Sharla is not that creative lol

No. 248957

File: 1663200279967.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x2000, 7C132BF0-0925-466F-ADE5-A54874…)

You know what I find interesting, that after Chris and sharla met at the YouTube Halloween party. They interacted a lot on Twitter and IG. They did a couple of collabs together it’s clear that She found funny and would joke back and forth a lot.

But it came to an abrupt end in 2016 and pick back up after Chris went to Korea.

So pretty much the whole time he was with Lily he stopped interacting with Sharla until the faithful trip to Korea!

No. 248964

Can people please stop with the parasocial argument. They chose fame due to ego and a love of easy money, but that is still not enough for them. They need to have their cake and eat it, so they created this 'movement' against 'parasocial' behaviour. If they hate parasocial behaviour then why the fuck do they maintain a patreon and bask in the attention of paying fans. Now that is parasocial, shit talking youtubers is not.

Don't let them control the narrative, they are using this word 'parasocial' to police their halfwit cringy fans and quell any and all criticism to their person. They sell access to their lives then complain about it to their customers. Its all wrong, they need to be taken down a peg.

No. 248967

Wow. Who would have thought mutual creators would interact after meeting each othey're meeting each other! You're one good detective, anon.

No. 248968

How? When you personally choose for it to be racist and find someone that fits the description. What a reach.

No. 248969

Anons don't have proof of blackmail. Its all speculation the same way anons pretend Momokun is blacklisted from Vegas kek

No. 248971

Sorry, I can't be bothered with reading the previous 3-4 threads, last I've read is that Sharla x Chris is a thing, but why are some of you speculating about what would happen if they split? I understand that it's fun to ponder about it but isn't it a tad too soon?

Anyways, seems like that architect student girl is now a regular in the normverse? I hope they only have a strictly professional relationship otherwise I'd be worried for her.

No. 248973

We don’t watch norm video here. So can’t help you with this conversation about his content. He will not get my views

No. 248974

Are you okay? Do you need to hug your body pillow? You seem very upset

No. 248975

She keeps just referring to him by his ethnicity and randomly put the hashtag #downsideofhavinganasianbf that definitely seems a little suspect. If you've been on the other side of someone fetishizing you for your race then you'd know what I mean.

No. 248977

Yes yes Sharla is racist, because she called her Korean ex husband, Korean and found him cute! Cancel Sharla

No. 248978

Dude that’s just disappointing, you read the previous threads so you know what’s going on, and you don’t need to be spoonfed left and right. It’s not that hard to read.

No. 248980

Oh look it's the ultra sarcastic C and S superfan who tries to miss the point so anything said against the king and queen is dismissed. Imagine if someone did #downsideofhavingablackbf and constantly just referred to their partner as their black bf. It's definitely giving fetish vibes. Inb4 sarcastic comment reply.

No. 248981

“I love my Korean bf, my Korean bf is so cute”
“I love my bf, my bf is so cute”
There’s an obvious cringe nuance between these two sentences

Luckily sharla transcended her yellow fever kek

No. 248983

She doesn't seem that fond of Chinese people tho if you remember her texts and her complaints about uni. The fake racism claim also racist.

No. 248988

Oh god here we go, rinse and repeat is back! then you are going to bring up your fav Russian girl Ayesha, then you are going to being up the restaurant false racism claim!
Round and round we go

No. 248995

Yes nonnie, sharla has a history of being a cunt. Don’t have to cry with boomer vibe like replies every time it gets brought up kek

No. 249001

Sharla doesn't style herself as a thirstbait cosplayer appealing to a male viewerbase.

No. 249012

I think your looking to deep into anon. Don’t be so triggered over something so tiny

No. 249013

Your definitely reaching anon

No. 249015

Universally popular, lasted in the game over a decade, built at least three successful brands. Sharla makes a mockery of other female vloggers in Japan. She continually reinvents her brand and is still pulling in big figures while nearly every other female vlogger disappeared and faded into nothing. She might be a cunt. But she’s a highly successful cunt, who’s highly popular and managed to maintain it all while battling a thyroid tumor. There’s a reason there are so many bitter, twisted losers on this thread. They know no matter what they type or how angry they get, they’ll never amount to 100th of the successful cunt she is.
Cue lots of hilariously pathetic rebuttals in 3…2…1…

No. 249016

It’s the harsh truth.
Success breeds envy and this thread is a literal cesspit filled with subhuman envious scum.

No. 249017


Yeah, totally agree. What a cunt.

No. 249019

which one of you is this samefag? welcome back kek >>248360

No. 249022

Whoever the samefag is they’re one of the 25% of people who speaks common sense in here.

No. 249023

then why be here
this isn't a fansite

No. 249024

File: 1663212355624.jpg (58.37 KB, 551x453, 6tfyji.jpg)

moral champions here to teach lolcow a lesson

No. 249029

I also hear her piss is wine and she shits gold. I guess because the last thread had a lot of valid criticism of Chris and Sharla but it seems that their stans arent going to let it happen again.
Fact. Sharla is a queen bee who blacklists people
Fact. Sharla and Chris are compulsive liars/gaslighters
Fact. Sharla tweets are cringey and showing her fetish
Fact. It's immature and uncalled for to trash your husbands mom on social media
Fact. Chris is half assing his content lately and trying to monetize his vacation as Okinawa content
Fact. Chris and Sharla are dieting wrong
Fact. Chris is money/algorithm obsessed lately to the detriment of his videos
Fact. Sharla is a hoarder
Fact. They aren't unaware or that different from Norm
Fact. Lily won, Sharla lost. Get over it.
Fact. Their channels will implode outside of Japan.(fact. This nonna has autism)

No. 249030

Cancer anon makes their appearance. Yes, not being OK with someone who makes false claims of racism, stays friends with a guy who probably drove a woman to suicide, and accepts gifts from a man who's basically a pedo, is being jealous. But please tell us, what are these brands you speak of?

No. 249037

stop being bitter that isn't what I meant. all style and no substance doesn't make a good video

No. 249045

Hashtag…that's racist as hell.
I can see why she got along with Norm.

No. 249046

I mean she was younger so she could be picky.
I bet she realized that "fuck it! Chris is into me despite my demons and appearance" kek

No. 249048

Do you both realize you’re both the same exact amount of crazy just on different sides?

No. 249060

No. 249061

>Despite my appearance
Someone's jealous.

No. 249062

How on earth did you come to those conclusions?
You can’t badge your own emotional opinions as facts love, take your meds

No. 249065

Fact. This is Lily, fresh from her LA trip and spending her work hours posting garbage to lolcow instead of being a good recruitment consultant.

No. 249066

Girl needs to be careful. She could lose her job again for the third time in two years.

No. 249068

Send me your Facebook or insta.
Let’s meet face to face. I’ve got to know how someone got as fucked up in the head as you did. Might make a great Vice documentary.(tough gal irl)

No. 249070

Would need me to interested in C and I ain't ,good try tho.

No. 249079

>So pretty much the whole time he was with Lily he stopped interacting with Sharla until the faithful trip to Korea!
instead he interacted with micaela

No. 249080

Wasn’t arguing. Stating a FACT. Sorry for the sarcasm, it’s just all this fact shit is sounding a whole lot like Dwight.

No. 249082

I don't even know how these "anons" have the room to type while they are physically rammed so far up jvlogger's asses
as someone who lives in a multicultural city, this is gross to refer to your partner by their ethnicity
>looks like a plain middle aged mother
>Sharla doesn't style herself as a thirstbait cosplayer appealing to a male viewerbase.
Anyone who looks attractive is doing it for coomers!!!
>Don't let them control the narrative, they are using this word 'parasocial' to police their halfwit cringy fans and quell any and all criticism to their person.
100%, taking fan's money and sharing your life publicly is all well and good until someone criticises them, and then it's suddenly "parasocial" not like ALL fan interaction is parasocial, nope only when you say something they don't like kek.

No. 249083

sharla tried to one-upped rachel and jun sadly she got bargain bin jun, in the end she got chris so that sort of a win I guess

No. 249084

Oh wow it's even worse, samefag as above…like she's implying all asian moms are bad or some shit here. Get fucked Sharla, you're the one who moved to a foreign country and then have the gall to say you "hate" the people in it/make stereotypical comments about them. No surprise she hooked up with an average british man instead

No. 249085

Lmao. Offended by a tweet from 10 years ago that no one gives a shit about.
I bet you’re a blast to be around.
The closest thing we have to a karen here

No. 249087

Mmm nummy nummy num.
Eat up your shitty opinions.

No. 249088


Anon, please. I am at work.

No. 249090

remember sharla cannot wait to move out of japan according to this anon >>248370

No. 249097

>according to your ip address
The only people who can see IP addresses are admin/farmhands, and you also got the wrong country entirely, moron.
Do you suffer from paranoid delusions?

No. 249098

And yet vendetta chans think Lily's void tweets and yt comments from 5 years ago that no one ever gave shit about are milk
so here we are kek

No. 249105

>>249091 >>249092 >>249093 >>249093 >>249096 >>249095

This is all a samefag having a mental breakdown fyi, guess they got triggered yet again by anons itt

No. 249110

i bet the link in >>249071 is an ip grabber. guess we have a kf scrote infestation itt. report and don't respond

No. 249113

Porn for everyone

No. 249114

I didn't click it, one should never click a tinyurl, but that seems likely.
These jvloggers, who probably lie awake all night thinking about this thread, spend hours every day posting in it, and having very obvious mental breakdowns spamming shit whenever we say something they don't like, are likely desperate to identify the anons in it. Be careful what you click, anons.
Aside, they all seem to be stuck at the maturity of an 11-year old, maybe being isolated from normal society for an extended time leads to psychological regression.

No. 249115

It just reveals your IP, most sites do this anyways. It doesn't reveal any personal info about you
But you can just reset your router if it makes you feel better and use a vpn from now on

No. 249117

This thread has become a Sharla/Chris vendetta page, I said this before their relationship was confirmed.
I believe someone from their inner circle or a seriously obsessed fan (no, not lily - she is clearly being used as a scapegoat) is keeping this thread going.
I wish redditfags could see this but they’re equally as obsessed with their right to discuss them here even if the discussion isn’t milky

No. 249120

This is outrageous.
I should be encouraging people to kill themselves without question.

No. 249121

I think we should make a new thread

No. 249129

That will just make it worse. I also didn’t mean just this thread, but all of the threads in the last 6 months

No. 249136

File: 1663242329031.png (166.58 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20220914-211937.png)

>bf cheated on his ex with mikan

We know Sharla reads here and read PULL so she no doubt knows about this >>>/w/207341

Are you that anon who got upset about the discussion in thread 12 of Sharla's association with Norm and claimed it was vendetta posting? I remember it was that screenshot of the yt comment pointing out Sharla's history of being friends with shitty people and saying birds of a feather flock together that set you off.
Also I would say the last couple of threads were more of a Lily vendetta page with anons sperging about her non milky shit like this anon said >>249098 and like I said >>248864 she shouldn't even be discussed here anyways because her shit is irrelevant.

No. 249138

I don’t want to worry you guys but after I clicked that link earlier my webcam has been switching on and off intermittently….

No. 249139

Well I never clicked the link.

No. 249140


Well if it is, it's certainly not because you clicked a link that led to a porn site.

Unless you're on an old OS, or haven't updated Windows Defender (or whatever AV you use), or are using an old version of a browser from years back for some reason, any blinking of your webcam is certainly not from some virus.

Please stop trying to derail the discussion with scaremongering just so you can protect your queen bee.

No. 249141

I will always defend Sharla because she is my lovely queen

No. 249143

Borders opening up this year very likely. Not only will there be a flood of new youtube channels popping up but also the larger Jvloggers will get recognized publicly more often. Crys of parasocial sure to increase

No. 249145


I don't really see how it's racist, culturally a lot of asian mothers can be harsh and demanding of their daughter-in-laws compared to other cultures. Pretty sure that's why she felt it necessary to title it as such because if you know, you know.

No. 249153

File: 1663253307780.jpeg (121.51 KB, 827x688, Sharfat.jpeg)

Damn, Sharla looks like THAT?

No. 249154

And that's before the UK.

No. 249155

Jeeez she has gained a fair bit. I wonder if she cares to share how she takes her camera angles.

No. 249156

File: 1663253978893.png (938.66 KB, 751x765, Sharla England vlog 2022.png)

This is from less than a month before. What the hell was she eating??

No. 249157

Maybe? I have posted about it before, but from memory I think my general disdain was at whoever was hell bent on outing Sharla as a bad person, nitpicking every single fine detail etc. it just came across to me as a slight alog/vendetta.
I def agree about lily.

No. 249159

Samefag sorry mods
Err isn’t this photo a confirmed shoop? That’s not real.

No. 249160

No. 249162

No it's not edited
it's screencapped from pete's livestream

No. 249164

I think this angle makes her look good, and the other angle >>249153
is particularly unflattering. Truth is probably somewhere in the middle, she obviously gained weight from the surgery + UK trip but I don't think she's as huge as that screencap with Natsuki makes her look.

No. 249168

File: 1663256419061.jpeg (381.49 KB, 1793x1284, 62F6637A-ADE3-4454-90B2-A1ECD4…)

It’s just that she is wearing f a chubby sweater. If you watch the stream and other angles it’s pretty much the same as that picture you posted.

No. 249169

This is the post I was referring to >>>/w/207619

No. 249172

I clicked on the link, got a succession of pop ups and the whole desktop froze. Rebooted and the pc was super slow. Then the light on my webcam flicked on as if it was in use, even though I had no applications running. Very strange and a bit freaky. Don’t click on links, photos or videos in here.

No. 249173

Sounds like malware?
Maybe get Doctor Cleanup. It should purge any viruses from the system. It’s on a discount right now on tech radar

No. 249175

Jeez don’t click on the links my dude.
This forum is flush with parasites

No. 249177

I’m probably talking out of my ass but why do I think Sharla said she needed to take steroids?
They can make you balloon which would explain the sudden weight gain?

No. 249178

Because you’re talking out your ass

No. 249179

Yes it was hormones, no steroids. I did say I was talking out my ass lol

No. 249182

never click a tinyurl kek, it could go anywhere. Run a scan with spybot search and destroy (it's free and has been around for a long time), should get rid of any weird downloads

Gonna bet the person who posted the link and was samefagging about cocks right after for like 20 posts earlier was norm, perhaps? Any other jvloggers degenerates?

No. 249183

There are no parasites on this forum other than the ones living inside Chris and Sharla's asses, it's just an imageboard. Not to say we don't get moids spamming porn and shit but the site itself is fine

No. 249185

So she takes it at a rough and hard angle… okay thanks for your help

No. 249187

Jun always seemed so stiff and awkward in vids with Rachel and they never seemed very affectionate of each other or anything. IDK why this thread holds them as some kind of gold standard for couples. They're awkward and never seemed to mesh well, I'm surprised they never got divorced tbh.

No. 249196

It is an anon up thread >>249098
, admitted it's because they don't like Lily being discussed. Same anons are posting really bad bait too >>249141 and then calling it planted stans

No. 249197

Man, since that anon rage quit Sharla Patreon we get no more inside tea

No. 249199

File: 1663264473130.png (1.59 MB, 1200x992, 022-.png)

Sharla has a new video up this is a pretty smart idea for extra revenue.

No. 249201

Who are you talking about? Who rage quit?

No. 249202

Post it

No. 249203

the little library they have is cute but wouldn't it be hard to open behind that steel pole?

No. 249205

It sounds like you’ve never watched one of their videos before. You have an example? I haven’t seen them in a couple of years so who knows maybe they are awkward now.

No. 249207

This photo keeps getting reposted

No. 249218

This couldn't be more correct. She's actually disgusting. She's a human, pig hybrid. She's so round that it's probably easier for her to roll than walk. The kirby body type. Plus a snout-like nose. She's not attractive in any country and this only becomes even more noticeable in Japan around other Asians.

Imagine sitting on a train, looking at her than looking at everyone else thin, elegantly dressed, lighter skinned and with nice manners; then looking at her sitting next to you probably struggling to breathe or surrounded by empty seats as people don't want to sit next to the sweaty smelly fat girl, speaking English loudly with green hair.

No. 249219

Scrote, fuck off.

No. 249221

File: 1663267197375.jpg (159.2 KB, 500x500, 1660226248157.jpg)

they have so many cat things that are so cute, I wanna know where they got the cute little plate she was putting the pancake on.

No. 249223

Probably because your English is shit and you're excited by clickbait money videos. The order of likeliness is:
1) from SEA
2) from America
3) a vlogger

No-one else is that money focused.

No. 249229

A multitude of vloggers, even outside of Japan, use "Most expensive" "first class" "mansion" "over $50mil!" as titles.

No. 249250


Say what you will about Chris and he's certainly been turning scummy lately. But he does have an eye for talent. Premier Two is a great guy, Ryotaro and Natsuki are legends. He is good at finding who works as a content creator. He should consider starting some kind of agency like Geex+ instead of performing lazy CPR on the corpse of Tokyo Creative. If he partnered with someone who understands business and Ryotaro for the Japanese navigation he could probably do something impressive. I'd even say he should look at working with in UK and other countries to make content. I'm expecting Korea, Taiwan, SEA, and Eastern Europe to boom more in popularity in the West.

No. 249258

I'm assuming the anons who think Sharla is ugly are the same ones who think Garnt is attractive. You know, blind people.

No. 249262

File: 1663273931529.jpg (780.01 KB, 1438x1438, Screenshot_20220915-163105_Chr…)

Why are you so obsessed with trashing Garnt? He's tall and has above average face, is in great shape and he seems nice. His only drawback is that he's a pervy scrote. Hardly the Medusa of Jvloggers. Funny you mention Sharla because she would probably be all over Garnt if they were both single together given her tweets about wanting a tall thin asian guy. Though Garnt wouldn't like her fetishizing him.

No. 249264


Grant has great hair, and I think he looks really sexy with the beard. Has poor fashion sense though, and I doubt many women outside their anime community would find his pride and expertise about anime porn appealing.

No. 249270

>"above average face"
>deep forehead wrinkles despite being young
>huge bellpepper nose that takes up half his face
>puffy under eyes and dark circles
Kek. And Sharla had an absolutely gorgeous kpop-style husband, you really think she would ever settle for this uggo? Just because someone's into Asians doesn't mean they like the ugly ones

No. 249273

Garnt and Chris are the same age and Chris looks and acts significantly older like hes mid 40s. Garnt isn't even wrinkly like you say. What did Garnt do to hurt you so much? And that husband broke up with her. She's not getting another pretty boy anytime soon.

No. 249275

I wouldn't call Sharla's ex gorgeous from the tiny photo that she shared, but wouldn't say he was ugly, either. He was definitely fit from the neck down, especially compared to her current boyfriend, and dressed better, too. But some of this Garnt talk belongs in the Trashtaste thread.

No. 249276

How do you know he broke up with her?

No. 249277

I generally think there are a few scrotes in this thread. The focus on looks instead of actions are bizarre. A little is normal, but hot damn.

No. 249278

They don’t, it’s just a fanfic being treated as fact.

No. 249292

Garnt is very mid. He's got nice eyes and is tall and a general good guy. He's got a fairly weak jaw though which gives him a babyface despite being in his 30s.

No. 249324

i dunno about attractiveness, but fuck i couldn't believe garnt and chris are the same age kekkk chris aged like milk and looks closer to 40 kek

No. 249326

Sharla is pretty terrible but Chris is a good guy. I listened to his podcast and you get the sense he really cares about his fans and friends and is really pushing to do events outside of his comfort zone so they have good content. He's flawed but he's also a Chad in his own right. The Okinawa videos are lacking but he's doing charity cycles, chess boxing, waxky weekends, Christmas event, halloween event, more cameos than Nick Fury, regular videos, and a podcast. He's grinding. The new thing he's talking about now is a Halloween party end of October if the borders open. I imagine it'll just be YouTubers/his circle coming but that'll be a big video. Also apparently Chiakis partner is friends with Pete Donaldson and they sat through a wrestling show to hang out with him after. I just hope Sharla doesn't distract him too much from his work. God made Chris to gift us with content and I'm not ready for him to become a boring cutesy couple guy. Especially with how JAJ Okinawa came out so late, has a huge episode gap, and lower quality. I think he should trust his editors more to help him scale up. He isn't able to do it all alone in a timely manner with his schedule. There isn't any Lily anymore to help him carry the load since his new partner is essentially his business rival.

No. 249328

File: 1663281590379.jpg (414.23 KB, 1297x2762, Jvlogger-Age.jpg)

The ages always shock me too.
Pete seems younger than he is (in a good way). Garnt and Chris are the same age despite Chris looking and acting over a decade older and Garnt fitting in with the youths. Pewdiepie is that age as well but seems more mature and looks the best (he's very fit and attractive). Sharla still looks like she's mid 20s but is actually the oldest Jvlogger of the group. Aki is older than Joey. Natsuki and Ryotaro are both in their late 40s.

No. 249330

Sorry for totally being off-topic but how is mrbeast 24 years old?? IM CACKLING!!!

No. 249331

meh i think sharla looks her age, but i think it's because her hair and style screams older millennial to me. Especially the hair kek
If she went to the gym, got healthy, and changed her hair I think she could look way better and younger but thats just imo

No. 249333

It's such scrote behavior and the mass deletions by mods ITT made it clear the scrotes are posting. Better to report all the nitpicking.

No. 249340

the lily, sharla and chris simp must be all the same scrote. This has to be bait.

No. 249344

I think it’s just genetic’s anon, they all look their age. Are you ok?

No. 249357

Did you get lost on the way to his subreddit? Your post would fit right in with the retard who said Chris meant a lot to him a few days ago

No. 249362

Man I clicked on the damn link in the thread yesterday and my pc is totally screwed from malware right now

No. 249370

Lmao Grandma Sharla.

No. 249390

File: 1663294585127.jpg (58.51 KB, 650x433, Pete Donaldson and Sarah Champ…)

She styles herself her age but she has great skin. Being in shape or not doesn't really change how old you look necessarily. Lets of young people are out of shape. Though I doubt she'll get into shape with Chris around. Looks wise she's out of Chris' league but personality wise Chris is out of hers.
I think Pete Donaldson and his partner look the nicest together of all the couples. Plus Pete seems like a good guy from the podcast and clearly a lot more progressive and considerate than Chris.
Connor is a nice guy, good looking, and has a great voice. So not sure how Garnt not being as attractive as a much younger very attractive man has to do with anything? All three trash taste boys are attractive in their own right. Connor gets extra points for not being a pervy scrote and caring more about charity and others.
Honestly one of the few benefits of getting so deep into the Jvlog fandom is that theres so many cute guys to watch.

No. 249413


for fuck sake, why sharla need to do close-up on everything. please ask chris for pointer how to take a better shots, she already a jvlogger for 10+ years and still doing this close-up shits.

No. 249424

When you run a YouTube channel successfully for 10 years straight my dude, come back and deliver another lecture then. Who gives a fuck about closeups

No. 249426


Are you the same person who's been samefagging this thread for a bit? Replying with pretty much the same message, just worded slightly differently, a minute or so after the previous one?

That's weird dude.

Anyway, the whole "you can't criticize something unless you yourself have created the same" is monumentally retarted. "Don't critique a movie unless you've filmed, directed, written, and released one yourself."

So, so dumb. Do you really want to deploy the same illogical arguments that Norm uses? Think about it.

No. 249430

I kinda dislike Pete voice but yeah in the rest he seems really chill.
Also he seems to have plenty of stories .

No. 249431

This the typical retard argument in favor of content creators.
"Ah shut up ,do it yourself"
No bitch if they put their work in the everyone we as consumers have the right to criticize if needed.

No. 249451

If the whole world sat around being critics humanity wouldn’t stand a chance. Feel free to sit in a chair and complain about people who are better than you while you wallow into nothing. But thank god there are people out there who are willing to push ahead and create new things in the face of depressed critics who masturbate over the stench over their own shallow opinions. There’s nothing worse than a critic who hasn’t the knowledge or experience to deliver any worthy criticism

No. 249453


Sounds like something Norm and Chris would say. Truly a fan.

No. 249455

File: 1663303963037.jpeg (7.47 KB, 177x284, soapboxchild.jpeg)

No. 249456

Just someone who has spent their whole life making things and being criticized for it

No. 249457


Well, maybe instead of plugging your ears and going "nahnahnah", you should maybe listen to the critique and reflect on your person.

No. 249458

A particularly awkward example is the video talking about how they originally met

No. 249461

Kek you just repeated the same as your previous comment: "you do it".
Can you grow a brain a return anon?

No. 249483

Nta but agreed that Rachel and Jun seem like an awkward couple, iirc she says in that video of how they met that she thought he was like a manga character? Weebiness is so normalized but imagine if a foreign man met an american woman for the first time and said she reminded her of comic book characters. Wow just like batwoman! Absolute retardation. But they don't show much of their personal life compared to other jvloggers so it's hard to assess.

No. 249497

Jun's face when she says that kek

No. 249506

I agree, they’ve always seemed very awkward. Rachel comes across as very socially awkward and neurotic, and Jun is just so quiet/nonreactive that together it’s uncomfortable to watch. Their relationship seems to be entirely based on “like cats” being a shared personality trait

No. 249513

close ups show tits but not fat.

No. 249517


Gonna have to say I agree with the possibility of it being a SEAscrote because they all have a very clockable typing style when it comes to English kek

No. 249523

Garnt is just slim and tall and is well groomed and maxxed out his potential, but his face is actually trash. With just a little more baby fat he'd look literally like those incel types. Connor has a terrible posture and is skinny fat, but he has an attractive face, so there is still room for improvement. Joey has those unfortunate proportions with his large hips and huge head, but he's in good shape and has a good face, so he's well balanced, but there is not much room for improvement other than taking more care of his looks and looking less sloppy. Now Chris is a handsome man trapped in a fat unhealthy mans body, he could be the most attractive out of the bunch if he just tried.(stop)

No. 249525

tbh kinda sounds boomerish or someone older older to me kek

No. 249537

I agree Japanese jvloggers, including ones who only have English subs, are growing in popularity, and a lot of the ones who travel don't even show their faces or speak on camera. I think people are getting sick of the traditional jvloggger and their hammy personalities. I'm skeptical about Meilyne's new plan, but she's probably seeking out people who fill a very specific niche.
What is with this pattern of Chris fans downplaying Ryotaro and Natsuki? Chris didn't "find" Ryotaro. Ryotaro is the one who hooked him up with the local government in Northern Japan and is responsible for many of his opportunities. Natsuki is his hair dresser and friend. Chris started featuring Natsuki more because his fans liked him and asked Chris to do so. Maybe Chris does have an eye for talent, idk, but in the case of Ryotaro and Natsuki, he got lucky. He can be over-reliant on both for humor.

No. 249538

The problem might be that you're accusing everyone of being a fan

No. 249540

You either have very poor reading comprehension or you're the fan being described.

No. 249546

Chris is a bit of a manlet, though. People were praising his calves during the charity cycle and, while they are impressively large and shapely, they're classic manlet calves. It's the tradeoff. Just like how top-heavy girls usually have shapely legs as compensation.

No. 249561

Honestly he has to be pretty short considering his weight isn't that high but he looks so round. I think he's something like 190lbs which is still less than the average American guy but looks a lot bigger.

No. 249564

most overweight people develop big calves if they stay at that weight for too long, they need the extra muscle to walk.

No. 249570

The Spartan Race is today. He should be in the Sprint category. I was very impressed he managed to keep up with Connor during the cycle. The Spartan race isn't that similar to the cycle though so I hope he trained enough. The cycle was more endurance based, was cycling, and he got lots of stops for food. With this one he needs to pace himself to be able to do the 5k without gassing out and there will be a lot of obstacles like climbing , mud, and throwing. Hopefully Sharla or Ian gets some of it on camera. I wish Chris the best. He should be able to do it though simply because the lower end mass races/obstacles are made with weekend warriors and beginners in mind so he wouldn't be in full torture of say a Beast Spartan event.

No. 249580

I think it's a combo of him being shorter (5'6" to 5'8", max, regardless of what he says his height is) and weight distribution. You can see he's got a tendency towards slimmer arms and legs (exception of calves) and a larger torso.

No. 249606

No. 249657

So apparently he got hit by a truck so I guess that's put pilot school on hold

But I wouldn't put it past Nrom to tape up a finger and say he got hit so he has an excuse to cover for getting kicked out of pilot academy

No. 249685

File: 1663577027710.jpeg (376.55 KB, 828x1316, 3CE84621-CB35-4464-A89E-930A0E…)

No. 249686

Kek at this cringe attempt at clickbait. dude has nothing else to vlog about

No. 249696

I saw this. I'm sure the adults among us knows a couple who struggle to conceive and we've been empathetic towards them but not quite in this manner. Felt this hit a nerve with her.

No. 249702

Nah. As a woman that doesn't want kids either, I get it. It gets so annoying when people keep asking the same goddamn question over and over again. Doesn't matter if you already said ''No, I don't want kids'' 10 times cause ''oh you'll change your mind!'' assuming you must want kids simply because you have a vagina.

No. 249705

Fair enough, I have close friends who are struggling with infertility and friends who have miscarried and it just adds another layer of pain for them.

No. 249706

Perhaps you're both right. I may be looking at this too heavily from my own view. I'm sure those who say such things mean no harm but I suppose it gets frustrating.

No. 249707

File: 1663587509459.png (148.74 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20220918-132238~2.p…)

Wonder why she didn't say this in her reply. Comment is on her most recent vid.

No. 249708

Imagine blowing up at an innocent fan like this, she needs to be humbled. If you don't like being discussed why choose this job?

No. 249709

Definitely hit a nerve there. There's several of crappy comments in her YouTube or twitter and she ignores them so why triggered her?
Heck I'll say I've seen some really really douchebag there.

No. 249710

That person could be a casual that simply follows some videos so he just wonders and isn't like her not wanting kids decision is known by everyone.
Dunno why but feeling this comes from her weight insecurities.

No. 249715

Could be the weight insecurity thing. Then again she's hardly been nesting. Nesting typically implies cleaning if anything it's more cluttered.

No. 249716

File: 1663590323116.jpg (655.05 KB, 919x1256, Screenshot_20220918-155109_Chr…)

Honestly that's such an overreaction to someone who probably just thought their fave JVlog celebrity couple having a baby would be cute. We can totally see the Norm in her that she felt the need to reply and "expose" this random comment on multiple social media. I'd imagine the guy probably got blocked too. I really hope Chris genuinely does not want to have kids because it's obvious that if he even suggested it Sharla would blow up on him. It'll be a parade of increasing # of cats or no deal.
In other news Chris did his spartan race succesfully and is looking good. Says his mental state is way better but he still wants to lose more weight. As well JAJ is supposedly being released the upcoming weekend. Also said nice things about Connor and Natsuki. I'm liking this active positive Chris a lot better.

No. 249734

Lmao good point this level of reaction of Sharla tells that Chris should not even think of changing his mind when it comes to having kids otherwise f-bombs for weeks will rain.

No. 249738

Sharla may have a close friend or family member that is struggling to conceive/lost a baby, and she may also be fed up (as am I) of the obsession over her relationship. She is a human with real emotions, after all.
Suggesting she should be humbled for reacting to one comment is so fucking ridiculous.
Also, comparing her to Norm for having an emotional reaction, or as you put it, ‘exposing’, is fucking autistic. Suggesting she would blow up on Chris for even suggesting having kids is also fucking ridiculous.
Apologies for my slight sperg but the obsessive stans really grind my gears.

No. 249743

No, the comment was stupid and I don’t think she was out of line to call it out. Women who don’t have children get this shit all the time and it is so annoying and invasive.(learn2sage)

No. 249745

A content creator is angry at comments about her personal life which she willingly exposed.
"Surprised Pikachu"

No. 249746

The user is a pos.

No. 249750

She's just triggered by people noticing her weight gain and hiding behind some people who are not me struggle and I am offended in their name which is a shit thing to do. Kids don't die in miscarriages so you can use them as an internet shield, Sharla.

No. 249751

It's shitty. It's the same line of thinking that people have in this thread. She had every reason to blast them.

No. 249755

Eh, I'd imagine most celebrities have to deal with speculation if they are going to have kids or not. It can be annoying and cringe but like I said it's a bit much to go on multiple social media to rant about it. Especially since there's no doubt far worse comments she gets. So she must really be against children. There's a difference between not wanting children and raging out at someone wondering if you will have kids. The essence of Norm is to blow up over any minor slight even if it's not intentional.

No. 249761

File: 1663605122942.jpeg (242.47 KB, 672x1200, A353808C-4784-4B07-A8C1-2B7D20…)

sharlas wearing a ring on her left ring finger….

No. 249763

That's nice, but we don't care unless you have something confirming its marriage related. otherwise you sound like a tinfoiling retard.

No. 249765

the writings on the wall but sure, stay blind

No. 249774

Why must she dress like a frumpy middle aged woman. She is a good looking woman,well off etc. I'm not saying she should only wear designer but at least put as much effort in her clothing as she does her skincare.

No. 249776

That's hardly a bad outfit. Plus it's not like she's on the runway. It's just something comfortable and casual. Sharla's lying, attacking fans, and blacklisting people are more issues than if she dresses like a gucci model. Plus she dresses better than most of the other Jvloggers we talk about except maybe Lily and Emma.

No. 249779

That type of fashion is acceptable in Japan. what about minimalist society don't a lot of you understand. There's like 3 places in Japan that are like LA or New York and even then, this look is common as hell still. Weird nitpick.

No. 249783

>in japan

So, she is clearly caucasian and clinically obese by japanese standards, so this being "in fashion" in japan (it isn't) is irrelevant since her weight and race predisposes her to stand out. May as well dress in more flattering fashion.

No. 249786

Lool she's not clinically obese and she lives in Japan. She's average weight for her height. She does need to be a little careful though because with what Chris is doing to improve himself he'll soon be able to get pretty much any woman that he wants. He's become fit, he's ambitious, and he's charming. Complacency is bad for relationships. Look at what happened with Lily. She got complacent and Chris was swept away.

No. 249790

Tbh maybe she’s fed up of so called Uber fans here calling her fat

No. 249793

She definitely must get weird ass scrotes comments in her socials that get ignored so I also don't this reaction.
It's not Norm levels but definitely getting there.
I mean right now she's closer to her 40s than 30s kek

No. 249795

I laugh daily at the anon schizo who constantly talks about Sharla being "Queen Bee" & someone who has the power to "Blacklist" people.

No. 249809

I too prefer minimalistic way of life but ugh. She doesn't looks so big that she can't find a decent ourfit. What is she a US10/UK14. I highly doubt what she is wearing is fashionable in Japan. There are plenty of places online for her to shop that would ship to her.

No. 249810

Looks a like young divorced …oh wait kek

No. 249827

>That type of fashion is acceptable in Japan.
When will all these delusional weeb women get it in their heads that Japanese fashion is adapted to fit Japanese girls' bodies and stop making themselves look like like autistic cows or trans trying to dress the same.

No. 249830

The average Japanese woman's fashion sense is also pretty tragic tbh. So I guess she fits right in.

No. 249831

She use to wear much brighter colors and cuter shirts and dresses. Maybe Chris' black shirts rubbed off on her.

No. 249832

File: 1663622512652.gif (2.24 MB, 300x300, 1662547632193.gif)

He wants Sharla so I very much doubt that he'll be losing weight to attract other women. And that's implying that Chris is attractive in the first place lol.

No. 249845

shes doing a collab with sammit at a race track, that means functional clothing usually pants and a long sleeve top. It's for safety incase of a fire.

No. 249852

What takes points from Chris is his weight without such I'll say he's too much for S.

No. 249865

It's not ridiculous, she has clearly gone mad with power and needs to be humbled. Instead of addressing or coming to terms with her real problem (privately), she's snapping violently at one of her normie fan's innocuous speculation.

To put it in perspective just for you it's like when a teacher rages at the one quiet kid who steps out of line once instead of dealing with the troublemaker child they're actually pissed at.

No. 249871

Lol “violently snapping,” good thing you don’t exaggerate.
Telling people not to ask women if they are pregnant is violently snapping, you hears it first here!
Banish the awful Sharla for setting limits

No. 249874

Thin/fit Chris is one of the hottest Jvloggers. Boosted by not being a pervert or a manchild. He seems pretty intelligent and is an artist. Plus he's got a charming English accent. His main drawback was always his overeating and maybe his mean attitude sometimes. There's a reason so many women flirt with him in his comments and other jvloggers like Emma are always trying to work with him. If I were Sharla I wouldn't take him for granted. But even a chad guy like Chris can catch the lovebug and he's obviously very smitten with Sharla. I hope he's dedicated to her and not just another playboy.
NTA but do you have any way to respond to criticism without getting hyperbolic and shooting out an extreme version of their position to make it sound silly? Nobody is saying to banish Sharla but she obviously overreacted to a fan comment and has some kind of issues or under the surface Norm energy that leaked out.

No. 249904

>Boosted by not being a pervert or a manchild

>>248086 creepy scrooooooooooooooooooooooote

No. 249910

No1currs how much you guys want to fuck jvloggers. Stfu.

No. 249911

Fuck that. I absolutely hate the idea that because someone is an online personality that they are not allowed to call people out or single people out. Her fanbase is not the same as someone who has a toxic following like Ethan Klein. Worst case scenario the person just deletes their comment but clearly they don't care and it seems more and more as if anons are planting these just to post to this thread.

No. 249940

As more time goes by the more one gets why she has been friends with Norm for years

No. 249972

It would be over the top probably more so if someone did this in person. Online personalities that act like this ene up hated online. Even your example or Ethan is someone who's reputation plummeted for acting self righteous and hypocritical. But on the other hand Sharla seems to be going through a lot between the angry outbursts, the hoarding, and being trapped in a country she clearly wants to leave but won't so she can stay with her trophy boyfriend.
I mean most Jvloggers especially the men are perverts and/or manchildren. I can probably name the ones who aren't on one hand and still have fingers left over.

No. 249974

Mad with power?! Kek have a read through some other cows threads, then have a rethink.
Having the public nitpick and analyse what they think is your life can be incredibly draining, and she absolutely can call anyone out if she chooses. She’s not a public servant ffs
100% agree

No. 249978

Sharla is clearly not happy with life atm. Sure, as a woman it’s no one else’s business what you chose to do in terms of procreation or not, but this outburst is just a shield as other anon has mentioned for a deeper unhappiness. Chris is doing well physically speaking while she’s lumping around ordering more fatty foods and drinking sugary drinks, she could be focusing her energy on exercise as well. Instead she’s going all out Norm style. Fuck it she’s just a fat hoarder cat mom now with an extra chin or two

No. 249979

File: 1663676656893.jpg (777.13 KB, 1270x2808, AChadInJapan.jpg)

I honestly can't believe this madman is the same fat, grumpy Chris we've known for so long. He also seems like he had a lot of fun so I think the fitness challenge thing will stay. Chris made a choice not to be the fat middle aged man he was on track to be and he deserves kudos.
He mentioned that there will be a video in October about the Spartan Race and he filmed the whole thing. As well some kind of cooking for Sharla breakfast for TC that apparently was a disaster. Chris is definitely on the upswing and probably the next thing he'll do is properly learn how to cook.
In the latter part of 2022 he has:
- Charity cycle w/ Connor raised $300K for IDF
- Spartan Race
- JAJ: Okinawa
- UK Theatre Events
So it seems he's going all out and feels rejuvenated after the UK. Honestly it feels good to see someone really turn themselves around out of a slump like that.

No. 249982

> it feels good to see someone really turn themselves around out of a slump like that.
Unfortunately, episodes of temporary euphoria like this are not enough to turn around a long term sloth life style. That's a mistake he keeps making over and over again, looking for the magical high he can ride out into the rest of his life instead of working on fixing the life he has 24/7.
And each time the fallout leaves him in a worse place than the last time.

No. 249983

What the hell is wrong with you lot? It was hardly an outburst! She just told someone to fuck off, not rip them to shreds.
Making an assumption that she is not happy with life because of that is fucking retarded.

No. 249984

It was an outburst due her usual behavior.

No. 249985

Exactly,he has done great losing weight journeys before and succeeded at some level but he always lost the gains due not adding those positive habits to his routine in life.
Oddly enough his worst phase was with Sharla kek

No. 249986

yeah he just needs to keep lifting weights and eat a low carb diet. Sadly Sharla probably influences him to eat high carb like her, which is the worst diet for weight loss.

No. 249987

Not really. She went on multiple social medias to attack and repost what the fan said. The horrible crime of thinking it'd be cute if her favourite influencers had a baby together. Even Norm just replies to a comment once instead of blasting it everywhere he has a platform.

No. 249991

Multiple social media? She only posted it on IG story that disappear after 24 hours you nut! You were so quick to jump in, you didn’t bother to fact check, lol!

No. 249992

Youtube + Instagram = multiple social media.
You were so quick to jump in, you didn’t bother to fact check, lol!

No. 249996

If we’re still being pedantic multiple usually implies more than 2 anon.
>outburst due to her usual behaviour.
You’re the ESL anon, right?

No. 249999

You have some points but I think this time is different since he's continuing and stringing them together. Plus I didn't just mean fitness but all the stuff he's doing like the UK theatre event.
Normally he does something big and then gets burned out and shows up months later overweight. Normally he'd have just stopped after the Charity cycle. But he did the Spartan race and now will do boxing next and is already setting up to go to another Spartan event. He's also hosting events and releasing way more/better content and in general seems happier. Maybe it's from the wakeup call and refresher after his UK trip. But I'm happy for him and wish him the best. I really hope he continues doing these kind of events. The previous year or so he seemed pretty depressed and videos were sparse and lower effort. But he's back to grind now.
On a side note I think once he fully slims down he should consider growing his hair out. I think he'd look really good with long hair and a slim fit figure. As well he should look into Japanese martial arts or even kendo as that would be really fun too.

No. 250000

>Wearing a ring on your ring finger on your left hand isn't marriage related

Are you retarded?

No. 250004

NTA, yes it’s a symbol of marriage, we get that anon.
It doesn’t mean that it is 100% an engagement/wedding ring though?
Tell me, have you ever worn a ring on that finger just because it fits right? I know I have.
Anon isn’t retarded, you guys are just annoying with your fantasies (no you don’t know they are married to stfu)

No. 250006

File: 1663685941409.jpeg (20.83 KB, 269x132, 1663194772335.jpeg)

>I think once he fully slims down he should consider growing his hair out. I think he'd look really good with long hair and a slim fit figure.
In Sharla's fantasy
>I think this time is different
Doesn't he always….
>since he's continuing and stringing them together
Yes, trying to string events together into infinity to avoid being accountable for your daily lifestyle sounds so sustainable and will not backfire on him at all.

No. 250007

think it's this one >>249991
or a boomer kek

No. 250014

Can you post without cropping times and dates??

No. 250018

By this logic women online should never call out dick pics being sent, harassment, being told they look pregnant, assuming relationships, cheating.. nothing should be argued as being fake because hurrdurr personality online .

No. 250027

No one's forcing you to look at dick pics. Just delete and move on.

No. 250032

That went over your head, didn't it? Poor, anon.

No. 250034

"It would be cute if they had a baby together" is apparently the same as an unsolicited dick pic. Sharla would have to be an extremist antinatalist protesting outside nurseries for this to even approach being a reasonable comparison.
Multiple: consisting of, including, or involving more than one

No. 250036

The point absolutely went over your head. No one is comparing it to dick pics. They are comparing it to unsolicited interactions where certain comments or actions are unnecessary and are most likely done to provoke on purpose or to point out a societal expectation based on looks or actions. Autistic anons need to leave.

No. 250041

Maybe Sharla should just close her comments if she doesn't want "unsolicited comments." Also lol at being excited at the idea of a baby being horrible but your open ableism is a-OK. Sharla clearly messed up here. She's spiralling down and out of control between the hoarding, the lies, the binge eating, the blacklisting, and now blowing up on loyal fans who are happy for her. It's scary to watch. I hope she gets her act together.

No. 250051

I love you making things up to fit your agenda!!! None of those things happened.
Blacklisting- nope
Blowing up on fans on multiple socials-nope

Bing eating —- nope
Spiraling - nope
You are the one spiraling with lies
Lies after lies from you

You don’t have to like Sharla, but you shouldn’t have to make up things to prove your point

No. 250052

Jesus, take a chill pill.

No. 250054

Right so it’s not multiple, because she only posted it on 1

No. 250055

We have gone over this. Sharla is literally wearing a ring that she told her Viewers she brought in the UK. The same ring she is wearing on her QA video. People are just looking for tea

No. 250056

Last I checked 1 + 1 was 2

No. 250057

What are the 2 then? Cause she only posted it in IG

No. 250058

No need to come to lolcow. Chris has his own subreddit, although as his hype man, you should already be aware that he's always done these types of events.

No. 250059

Think they're talking about the response she gave on Youtube as well. >>249707 I think it was a little OTT given how innocuous the comment was from the girl. I agree it's dumb that so many women get comments like that about being pregnant, but it is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things and easy enough to ignore. I also agree with the anons who say it is more her lashing out because she's looking a bit more pregnant these days kek. I feel bad for her because thyroid issues do cause problems with your metabolism forever, and require major dietary changes in order to lose weight or maintain a weight that was easy pre-thyroid condition. I personally don't care if she gets fat, since I'm not a scrote perving out on her, but she's gonna get comments about being pregnant. that's just how it is when you gain weight and you're in a relationship, no need to put a random girl on blast imo.

No. 250060

>That type of fashion is acceptable in Japan.
No, it isn't, especially for her age and for work/youtube. Sportswear is OK for this type of event, but not frumpy clothes.
>what about minimalist society don't a lot of you understand.
Ah, you're the anon who keeps saying "minamalist" despite not knowing what it actually means and brought up Harajuku for some reason when we were talking about furniture. Japan is not a minimalist society. Stop pretending you've lived in Japan.

No. 250061

It’s wrong to ask a woman if she is pregnant! It has nothing to do with weight, just do t ask! People really struggle to get pregnant and miscarry all the time and that question is insensitive and dumb! So her highlighting it in her IG story as a hey stop asking women these sort of questions is not wrong!
This is a lesson many people need to learn son the more women like Sharla that bring it up the better!
I have seen many other influencers post similar responses .

No. 250064

Because the cycling and more are in the schedule.
He said that by the end of the year he'll be the most fit he has even been, so why would he stop now?
The point is if after December he'll continue to get fit or drop everything and return to hibernate.

No. 250067

He plans to do another spartan race next year and do mountain climbing in japan. Connor said they want to do another cycle in southern Japan and Europe next year.

No. 250068

Public relationship get this treatment you either get used or bitch about it.
That's why some public figures leave social media when in relationships or simply use them for job.

No. 250069

That sounds good.
Still we gotta wait and see ,winter is Chris nememsis.

No. 250070

Take your meds. You can hate the idea of having children and still promote people are allowed to have children and assuming anyone fat is pregnant, is ableist. A lot of ultra fat and skinny people cant have kids. Are you a scrote or just this anti-woman? You’re going incircles just to make shitty reaches.

No. 250077

If she didn't leave the girl's name in the screenshot I'd more or less agree. It seemed kind of harsh. I understand putting perverts and violent psychopaths on blast publicly, but a girl asking a question she probably didn't realize was so offensive to Sharla? It just seemed unnecessarily angry and that's where I get the idea it was actually because she's mad she looks a bit pregnant.
kek @ complaining about ableism against fat girls on lolcow…

No. 250082

And we know it wasnt a troll account how?

No. 250088

I don’t know, except it looked legit. It’s really not out of the question for some goofy weeb girl from middle America to assume asking about a baby wasnt a massive offense. Suppose it could be a troll, sure. Or its just some autist who likes Sharla & Chris.

No. 250091

Nta she blacklisted mimei and oriental pearl.

No. 250092

NTA but why are you guys so shocked by her response?
You ridicule Sharla to the point of calling her a fat girl on lolcow so what significance does her telling someone to fuck off have?
I swear someone in here just says anything in the hope it’ll spark debate.

No. 250096

I don't get how creators/celebs are told "keep your mouth shut" when anyone else is allowed to callout shitty behavior. I'm glad she didn't block out the name, I hope the person feels shamed as fuck and other users dogpiled on them. If they want to post stupid shit online, they need to be held to the same consequences of posting as everyone else. It is public, anyway, so there's no excuse. Anons just want to try so hard to make Sharla look like a bad guy in this when I'm glad she did that. I'm glad any female creator calls out stupid incel comments like this. This wasn't even just a comment, it backhanded.

No. 250099

How did she blackmail oriental pearl? Another lie I can disproved

No. 250106

Anons keep talking about this imaginary blacklisting. There is none. It's all conspiracy.

No. 250110

I think the difference here though is that Chris actually seems to enjoy these events now. The most comparable one before was JAJ1 but I think the editing schedule and trying to carry videos by himself was too much and he fell into a bit of a hole because of that. I'm genuinely happy for him.

No. 250113

File: 1663706399156.png (904.9 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20220920-213227.png)

Oriental pearl said it herself. >>>/w/183405 Sharla was upset with a couple of her comments and blacklisted her.

No. 250115

Yes if there's one problem in the world today it's that celebrities don't get away with enough bad behaviour.
Micaela, Lily, and Oriental Pearl I guess. The first two were proven with the back and forth in the last 2-3 threads. I guess maybe this will be the rethread since you can't deny Chris and Sharla are dating anymore.
The odd thing is she was speculated to be pregnant for her hoarding problem not for her weight. Nobody on her channel was talking about her weight.

No. 250116

Chris is in much better shape than a few months ago, but he's neither skinny nor fit yet. Seriously, it's like some of you anons have no idea what an actually fit person looks like because you've only been surrounded by overweight people your entire lives. If Chris can learn to make sustainable changes between doing these events, maybe we'll get to see a fit Chris.

No. 250122

Nothing was proven. Anons just assumed after falling outs that blacklisting happened. We have zero proof of it.

No. 250125

>If I start vlogging when I come to Japan
No more please. I think everyone already has Japan fatigue from Trash Taste and Chris. I know I do at least. Plus there are many thousands of 0 viewer vloggers here

No. 250126

She definitely blacklisted mimei and oriental pearl. I just posted the link to pearl's comment.

No. 250147


why do Sharla simps keep fighting this? If you're a newfag, then fuck off if you're going to fight against jvlog common knowledge or go back and read old threads.
Behind Mimei, Mira, and Ayesha getting ostracized from the group all share one common person behind the scenes - Sharla the queen bee cunt.

No. 250149

>It's all a conspiarcyyyyyyy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mira was organized effort to exile with Sharla screenshotting everything.
There's text message proof of Sharla saying to not hang out with Ayesha.
Bii accidentally leaked why Sharla/Taylor cut Mimei after everyone was wondering why Mimei complained why she lost her friends.
What do they all share in common? kekk

No. 250150

>Read old threads
To be fair there are a lot of threads to search.

No. 250153

The blacklisting of Mimei basically unfolded online and many of us saw it in real time, not to mention Sharla's friends BiiBii and Toph both embarrassingly and publicly bullied Mimei when it happened. We know she also tried to get other people not to associate with Ashiya and talked about making sock puppets to bully her (cue crazy "I don't care!!!" anon), so that's another one. But I don't think we can call what happened with Oriental Pearl as a
true blacklisting orchestrated by Sharla without more evidence. Oriental Pearl also made passive aggressive comments about Chris and his channel, and canceling a collab and ignoring or ghosting someone who insulted your boyfriend and also made rude comments at you isn't blacklisting.
He said it happened a month ago, after leaving his studio in Akihabara, so long after Norm left Kagoshima and stopped vlogging pilot school, despite him saying he can't go back for training. I find it highly suspicious that he has no footage or photos of his injuries or of him in the hospital, even if he only spent a night at the hospital. He would totally milk it if he could. Also cringe that he wore the fake bandages at the beginning just so he could take them off on camera. I assume the "lawyer" he hired is actually his wife/ex. For someone who loves to brag about being an apprentice of the Yoshida brothers and playing shamisen on TV, he sure as hell doesn't want anyone to see his full performances.

No. 250154

You could add Lily to the list as well. I feel like the same people who deny Sharlas Queen Bee and Norm behavior were the same ones pretending she wasn't dating Chris and was simply just vacationing in non touristy parts of England at the same time as him coincidentally. It's insulting to our intelligence.
But I do think given everything Sharla is getting more out of control lately. Not sure if it's wanting to leave Japan, something about kids, nervous about her partner getting too sexy, or the facade just slipping but she seems extra lately. One side is the treatment of others. The other side is the hoarding and things like that.

No. 250155

My question is, why are you all so interested in 10 year old information?
Go and read the threads, it’s been discussed enough. No one’s gonna spoon feed you but we will call out your bs.
Especially as someone is clearly obsessed with trying to make Sharla some kind of mega cow when she isn’t. Probably one of the aforementioned people in the old jvlog clique imo. I would say Miranda but you can tell her from a mile off.

No. 250156

samegfag, Norm also shouldn't have been on his electric scooter where he was, especially at night.

No. 250159

here's the old thread with all the leaked messages >>>/pt/183278
It's spelled Ashiya btw


No. 250161

Norm is probably the most full of himself Jvlogger out there and that's saying something. Probably one of the higher rankings youtubers on the bs scale too and most of them are extreme narcissists. He probably sees himself like Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai as the first white guy to truly be accepted by and fully understand the Japanese. Any excuse to bring up a fluffed up story of the Yoshida Brothers dropping everything to make this mysterious foreigner their true apprentice due to his unparalleled skill at the Shamisen. All with that he's never actually shown much of his Shamisen or been used as a Shamisen player in a major performance. But he's so dedicated to Shamisen he becomes a generic jvlogger, cameraman for Chris, and now probably a failed flight student. There's no way his ego would allow him to admit he failed. Though that's a trend. Aki didn't admit she failed N4 (lol). Chris despite the hate he gets here usually admits when he messed up or failed at something (usually weight loss). My biggest gripe with Norm isn't his narcissistic blowups. It's moreso that he's full of himself despite not actually being dedicated or earning it.

No. 250164

ha sharla wanting to make a anon blog just to talk shit about jvloggers kek

No. 250179

I did wonder why I hadn't heard of Oriental pearl till I happened across her account through algorithms. While her content is a bit samey samey with "I catch people speaking about me in chinese/Japanese she is nice enough.
I must admit, I do think Sharla is a bit of a Queen Bee and if she takes that attitude to the UK she will be VERY quickly overthrown.

No. 250183

File: 1663722420532.jpg (274.73 KB, 1440x1301, SHARLAPOLL.jpg)

I honestly don't see her doing that well as a vlogger in the UK or outside of Japan in general. Even in Korea she struggled to make engaging content. The bar for quality will be higher in UK and most vloggers there either have a specific talent suchs as fashion or interior design or have huge charismatic personalities. Most also have British accents. Sharla isn't good at fashion, has a hoarding problem that effects her interior design ideas (though it's mostly tacky cat stuff), and isn't really a big personality on camera. Maybe it might work if she could play up American/Canadian obsession of Victorian England, Sherlock, and Harry Potter. Talk about high tea and lady manners and murder mysteries and magic. But that's not really Sharla.
Chris if he keeps up the good work could probably do pretty well in the UK especially if he splits his time in Japan. He's pushing himself more into fitness now so it's a good sign. Sharla really lucked out getting someone as amazing and talented as Chris. If not for him she might have to date a psycho like Norm. Probably Norm.

No. 250184

File: 1663722503878.jpg (601.85 KB, 1079x2017, Screenshot_20220920-180759_Chr…)


No. 250185



>we should start a page about her on your hate site

fuck sharla the ice queen

No. 250188

read the texts newfag
sharla complains to mira that mimei went against sharla's advice about hanging out with Ashiya. Sharla obviously tried to tell people to not hang out with her.
Why is this so fucking hard, do simps have reading comprehension problems

No. 250189

You know that oriental pearl herself refuted that fake story that sam told right?oriental pearl was not blacklisted by Sharla

No. 250191

Micaela is one of Sharla friend and they both send each other gifts etc. how is that blacklisted ?
How is lily blacklisted?
Please explain oriental pearl blacklisted ?

No. 250193

Anons went from "LILY ISNT A JVLOGGER" to "SHE WAS BLACKLISTED AS A JVLOGGER". Anons just throw shit out into the thread and hope one sticks. No one was blacklisted.

No. 250195

Oh you mean the doctored texts that anons also speculated were fake? lol okay totally legit I believe you

No. 250196

Again how did she blacklist her? Her saying she thought oriental pearl was rude to her, but to you that equals blacklisted?

No. 250197

Didn't some anon find evidence that Norm was a big part in blacklisting Chyna? I guess he and Sharla really are two peas in a pod.

No. 250200

Mira even admitted to making fake accounts after Sharla said she wanted to stay out of it, so it again comes down to Mira being a bitch and now anons want to blame the other Jvloggers for them not wanting to associate with someone who purposely tried to cause shit. I'm not shocked girls talk about other girls, but Mira literally had the worst proof. Mira excommunicated herself. No one had to blacklist her lol

No. 250204

Honestly Sharla seems like a low key dangerous person after everything that was exposed. Blacklisting, attacking teenage girls, hoarding, outbursts, gaslighting, and the compulsive lies. I just really hope she doesn't hurt Chris. He's such a genuine guy that just wants to be loved and she's already gotten him running around like a nutjob and lying to cover up their relationship. Norm and Sharla need to stop before someone gets hurt.

No. 250206


Because they have a wider reach and the commenter probably just didn't know better and didn't deserve to get dog piled.

If she had blocked out the picture and the name when she posted it, then it would have been fine, but by keeping the name and profile picture in there when she knows better is just Sharla showing her true colors.

This is like that time I was shopping for a bicycle for my niece and stumbled across a store on facebpook that specialized in bmx bikes. One of the posted bikes there cost something like $700, but apparently that's normal for bmx. Someone left a milquetoast comment about the price of the bike. Something like wow that's expensive. The owner then goes off on a Norm like rant about the commenter being a loser who should get a better job if they can't afford $700 and other people who frequented that shop joined in and just shit on the commenter. The commenter was some 10 year old kid who really shouldn't have been on FB, but here we are.

This was just more of Sharla trying to get her worker bees to bully someone who may have been a troll, but more likely, was just some fan who reads/write SharlaxChris fan fiction in her spare time.

Way to go Sharla.

No. 250209

Didn’t that major Mira simp who was giving thousands of dollars to Mira try to cry these texts were fake bc it showed Mira’s self incriminating evidence
Is that you Norway-kun, are you back kek

No. 250211

Get back into your bunker, Alex Jones.

No. 250213

show proof of dog pilling. you want be able to, because it doesn't exist.
either way you are very much an insane person, nothing that you have said some remotely true.

No. 250216

File: 1663725106292.jpeg (88.53 KB, 580x312, 6597B743-B197-4779-A5E4-AF7151…)

Right on time as usual kek

No. 250219

Also who the fuck cares about Norm? Did anon really blogpost and then pull a story about Norm out of their ass at the same time? Also, fuck that 10 year old kid. If he's willing to post stupid shit under the guise of not being a kid, only to learn it was a kid because he got backlash, blame the fucking parents. He shouldn't have an account until he's 13 minimum anyway and this is hopefully a lesson to him that he shouldn't be a dumbass. Kids aren't above being treated like other people, especially when they are pretending not to be a kid. LOL

No. 250220

if you are going to make an accusation without proof, be ready to be called out. people get banned on here for not posting screen caps, I think people like you who make things up and refuse to show proof should be banned as well. every time someone calls you out, you post stupid knight pictures.

No. 250221

It's the anon who keeps IP hopping around. report both posts, don't refresh your page.

No. 250222

NTA. Not sure why you're acting like it's a conspiracy when she isn't even theorizing. Public figures should be responsible with their platforms and not cyberbully their fans for well meaning comments. Think of all the harassment campaigns that have been incited by online public figures or even in real life. "Won't somebody rid me of this troublesome priest." But Sharla doesn't think about this or perhaps even doesn't care since she loves to blacklist and attack people.

No. 250224

Sharla being a snake behind people get exiled was a common consensus before you newfags migrated here within the year or past months months
Fuck off to Chris subreddit and worship your japan idols there if you’re just going to fight oldfags

No. 250227

Grow up, anon. Fans and creators are humans. Creators don't owe anything to fans. They are lucky if you get a response to any comments at all. Sharla didn't even say to get rid of someone. You are adding so much extra context when it's not that deep. Have you not heard 'Talk shit, get hit'? These are grown adults, or at least people who are pretending they are, commenting things. If someone said that in real life, I hope Sharla would call them out on that too. Being online is not an excuse.

No. 250229

File: 1663725850166.png (68.62 KB, 625x626, acd.png)

No. 250232

Again, the teenage girl wasn't talking shit she was just a superfan who was happy for Chris and Sharla until Sharla decided to take out her anger on her and use her as a whipping post on social media.
They are all human. Part of being human is making mistakes and moving on from that. Hopefully Sharla learns from her horrible and uncalled for behaviour regarding this. That young woman must have been hurt after seeing one of her heroes act like a villain.

No. 250236

And that excuses the rude comment how?

No. 250237

File: 1663726728563.png (487.61 KB, 854x743, kimdao.png)

Kim dao is moving back to japan but this time with her husband and dog.

No. 250239

Welcome back, kim! Looks like we know who to add to the OP next time along with Lily

No. 250241

Everyone purposely ignoring kelly's new video or what

No. 250244

Is it just me or is everyone getting married/pregnant these days

No. 250246

Japan is incentivizing it with money. This isn't new news.

No. 250247

Most of the original crop of Jvloggers are in their 30s now. So it's the age where they'll start a family or they'll decide it's not for them.
Stop being obtuse
RIP Abe. Your dream is now a reality.

No. 250248

I mean she's the norm of the relationship being honest.

No. 250253

Get ready for the most boring vlogs ever about harrheh pottah. Seriously is Kim Dao half deaf or fully retarded, because she couldn’t properly enunciate if her future at Hogwarts depended on it. She’s the dumbest jvlogger by far and that’s really saying something.

No. 250268

What does her husband do or how are they even able to get random one year visas?

No. 250271

Not even Sharla claimed the texts were fake and she went on PULL to defend herself, but you don't have to believe the texts were real to know that she blacklisted Mimei since that happened after and unfolded on twitter and youtube, and you can probably find it in one of our old threads. but Norm also used sock puppets to gaslight other jvloggers just like Mira and threatened to doxx people making innocent comments on his videos and Sharla didn't have a problem with it. He's arguably worse than Mira if you consider what happened with Chyna and the other sexual harassment allegations.
Ugggh. I wonder if her husband is the real reason why they're back.
Kim has always been there, Lily sperg. She's an actual ex-jvlogger.

No. 250273

She said herself "I've been on the blacklist ever since" >>>/w/183405

No. 250281

"fake fake fake fake."
"NOT our wholesome sharla. Never."
"Another lie I can disprove"

here it comes kekkk(autism)

No. 250282

You forgot to add the false racism claim to the list.
Only someone who's a bit of an unhinged cunt would do something like that and then laugh about it and never apologize.

No. 250287

Oriental Pearl is a Cunt look at all the comments she made on the Sharla video. She clearly was very jealous, and wanted to attack her for no reason. Oriental Pearl is the worst of the worst of the with her stupid surprise I speak Japanese videos. She’s an idiot and she hangs out with Sam that she tells you all you need to know about her.

No. 250289

Anons would rather complain about someone maybe being 'blacklisted' when the cow is already a shitty as hell person. Pearl was never a nice person. I'm glad she's literally no one now. Seems more like Sharla outted a lot of people who are crappy vs her trying to get rid of them out of malice. These creators tell on themselves. I have no pity for these 'blacklisted' creators.

No. 250291

Meh reading old threads shows Oriental was not a saint tbh.
But at same time old phase Sharla is questionable.

No. 250293

>old phase Sharla is questionable

she was vicious
wanted to spread rumors about others on 2ch, wanted to make anon blog to gossip about other jvloggers, wanted to put people on mira's shit site, etc
i forgot most of this shit but looking back damn

No. 250299

So did the people on 2ch and everything blast her IP so everyone knows it was her specifically? Literally so much ambiguous posting and being passed off as the real cows and still nothing to really prove it lol Gotta believe everything you see, right? Totally.

Can you guys talk about recent shit at some point? It's back and forth and back and forth. It's fucking pointless. This is exactly why you fucks needed a Sharla and Chris thread specifically. Literally no other cows are able to be discussed ITT.

No. 250303

in the texts she'd say "we should do xyz hahah"

No. 250304

Good for her

No. 250321

Pointing out that she blacklisted someone is not "complaining".

>Seems more like Sharla outed a lot of people who are crappy Vs her trying to get rid of them out of malice

Lol who are these "a lot of people"? We were talking about one person.
Sharla is not much better than they are so I don't know why some anons continue to cape for her.

No. 250327

>Creators don't owe anything to fans
'Creators' should owe something to their benefactors. This isn't just any fan, it is an admitted patreon sub.

I really don't understand this behaviour, sharla, trash taste and everyone else does it too. Shitting on or otherwise disrespecting their fans every step of the way. Have they gotten so comfortable they forgot who is payrolling their lives? Does bullying your own paypigs cause some kind of psychological effect that actually 'locks them in' as fans? I dont understand

No. 250330

None of the other Jvloggers except Norm ever do anything drama worthy. It's always Sharla and now by extension Chris for hitching himself to Sharla. What could be said? Joey, Garnt, and Sydney are perverts. Connor is a nice guy who promotes charity. Aki failed a basic beginners Japanese test after hyping it up, going to language school, and living in Japan with a Japanese man for years. Emma soul leaves her body during the 15th attempt to revive Tokyo Creative. Rachel and Jun release a quick video to help pay bills even though they're pretty much retired and stopped caring. Paolo released a corporate styled video about Japan. Pewdiepie/Marcia is in Japan now but isn't doing anything but vintage styled jvlogs with no drama. All the other jvloggers are drama free or at least keep the drama off of their public persona. Whereas Sharla is the one gaslighting and lying to fans, blacklisting people, making false claims of racism to staff, trying to slander competitors using sites like this, PULL, and 2ch, hoarding, attacking teenage girls on multiple social media who make innocuous comments, and all around nutty behaviour. It's actually pretty easy to stay out of drama but Sharla is just a dramatic person who never left the Queen Bee highschool mean girls attitude behind. It says a lot when you make Lily come off as the mature and sane one.

No. 250350

He said he's been an apprentice of the Yoshida Brothers for 10 years, but told Japanese TV in Autumn 2018 that he moved to Japan and started the shamisen 5 years ago. We know he's been living in Japan since 2007 and was a teacher and coordinator at GABA until 2018 according to English interviews. His wife must've paid for his lessons because there's no way he could've afforded them on his salary.
Blacklisting Oriental Pearl is understandable if it happened, but Sharla blacklisted Mimei for not giving her enough likes and Ashiya never really did anything to her. Sharla was just jealous of her looks and Japanese.

No. 250354

samefag, does anyone remember the vlog where Sharla and a friend dug up artifacts from an archaeological site, possibly from the Jomon Period and probably in Tohoku, without permission from the government? Never had a chance to see it because it was quickly deleted, I think after Sharla was contacted by someone from an archaeological association in Japan.

No. 250356

is it with quinlan @gonorth japan?

No. 250369

Could be. I don't see anything on his channel, but he could've deleted his vlog like Sharla.

No. 250386

So nothing in the old threads either? If we can't have videos of either people then doesn't it seem like it didn't happen? Can't you guys bring up things with caps to accompany them like a tweet, delete video link, anything?

No. 250391

Sorry, I remember reading an article about it in Japanese and am still searching for it. It wasn't mentioned in the old threads and can't find a link to the deleted video.

No. 250406

File: 1663786621158.png (219.87 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20220921-195127.png)

Found a tweet mentioning it.

No. 250409

File: 1663786837996.png (396.82 KB, 1080x2187, Screenshot_20220921-195054.png)

It was discussed on the Guru gossip jvlogger thread.

No. 250412

File: 1663787327323.png (311.84 KB, 1080x2111, Screenshot_20220921-200755.png)

No. 250413

It seems like this was a place for tourists and people in Japan to experience their own excavating. There are places in the states that do this too, but most people jump to conclusions and I can see now why'd they both delete the videos. Complete misinformation from these idiots on GG.

No. 250415

Crazy. I guess the hoarding problem is really severe if she feels the need to steal artifacts. Yikes. She's going beyond just Norm and Queen Bee now to incorporate vintage Logan Paul in Japan. I'm just glad nobody got hurt yet.

No. 250419

An article from a Japanese laws news site that someone archived when it was released, that was also published on Line News, Niconico, BIGLOBE, etc. The vlogs caused outcry from the archaeological community in Japan and there’s probably more than one article, because this isn’t the one I saw back then.

In early November 2020, Sharla uploaded a vlog of her and her friend (doesn't say who) digging up some Late Jomon (2470–500 BCE) shards and tools in Hanamaki City, Iwate, and later in another vlog, took the shards to the Hanamaki Cultural Property Center to be appraised. According to the author (lawyer) and archaeologists, Sharla and her friend could have broken two or three different laws. They didn’t have permission to dig at an archaeological site nor a permit for the expressed purpose of digging for artifacts, which is against Articles 92 and 93 of the Act of Protection of Cultural Properties, but the Center said that since the area was not an official archaeological site at the time, as they (the Center) didn’t know there were artifacts buried there, the dig didn’t fall under Article 92. However, if you happen to discover ancient artifacts, you cannot take them home and are legally responsible to hand them immediately over to the police according to Article 4 Item 1 of the Lost Property Act, and when the law site contacted the Center, they said Sharla and her friend brought the shards and tools to them on November 10, which was days after they dug them up and uploaded the first vlog. You can see how the dig and artifacts were handled in the article and it’s understandable why archaeologists were mad. Coming from BC where First Nations artifacts are being discovered all of the time, you’d think Sharla would’ve known better.

No. 250424

Archaeologists of Japan and the Hanamaki Center beg to differ. Sharla and her friend were given a warning after per the article. They're lucky that's all they got.

No. 250434

Can you imagine if they actually deported her? It's wild to think she was either careless or ignorant enough that she almost ruined her livelihood and probably relationship with Chris for youtube clicks. Part of me thinks it's ignorance because she never really tried to integrate with Japan and part of me thinks it's just arrogance/entitlement because she's lying on twitter about it afterwards. Lying is a recurring thing with Sharla. I'm so glad the new crop of Jvloggers and even people like Chris are way more respectful. It's also nice there are more actually Japanese content creators instead of people like Sharla making things out like an oddity. I hope she puts more effort when she's in the UK.

No. 250440

I think there would've been a huge backlash if she'd been digging for indigenous objects in Canada. She and her friend might've done irreparable harm to those artifacts and the site. It sounds like they also lied to the Center about how they found the shards. The article said that she and her friend told the Center that they just came upon them, not that they deliberately excavated them, and since the vlogs were deleted before the Center could watch them, their case was treated as if Sharla and her friend had just picked up the artifacts from the surface of the ground as opposed to actively digging for them. That's probably the real reason why the vlogs were deleted.

No. 250444

Lol lol you are unhinged and insane but oh so entertaining

No. 250446

Oh, look, what a surprise Sharla lied, again. She really will lie to anybody about anything lol

No. 250457

I may not be perfect but I'm not desecrating sites playing Indiana Jones, compulsively lying, bullying teenage fans, and blacklisting anyone who looks at me funny. Sharla's behaviour is terrible and she's acting like a thug. But I know whenever someone acts like that it's because they feel insecure inside and inevitably Sharla will hit a brick wall were her influence won't get her out of trouble.

No. 250468

You're right, you're not perfect. You're a cunt. Most likely Oriental Pearl lurking in the thread to enact revenge for being blacklisted for writing bullying comments.

No. 250469

Lmao you're a comedian through and through.

No. 250471

Imagine worshipping a lolcow diva vlogger so much that you spend countless threads defending them, gaslighting people about their behaviour/lies, and calling people who don't like them insane and cunts. I'm sure Sharla loves watching you protect m'lady's honour. Just be careful not to mention anything child related around her or she'll fly off the handle and attack you on social media or possibly even try to blacklist you. The Sharla stans still have egg on their face from the mental gymnastics of hiding the relationship with Chris. Now all they have is to be nasty to even more obvious criticism.

No. 250489

I think there’s being fairly critical and there’s being a bitter whining bitch. You fall under the latter category. A snarling, jealous bitter weirdo who has nothing better to do than get angry about people who have made something of their lives. Maybe you’re a failed vlogger. Maybe someone who’s just not fucked anyone recently. But just because you’re an angry cunt doesn’t mean your opinions are anymore valid than anyone else’s.

No. 250491

Just because your on your period babes, doesn’t mean anyone cares about your dumbass opinion. Take a chill pill and watch Friends.

No. 250509

psst: I'm pretty sure we are witnessing Sharla having a meltdown on lolcow. This is her off camera vocab.

pretend you didn't see this comment haha

No. 250511

File: 1663846485105.jpg (555.95 KB, 1440x1187, CrockerBrit.jpg)

Wouldn't be surprised. You'd have to be some kind of crazed fanatic to be that dedicated and get that upset on Sharlas or anyones behalf if you're just some fan. Especially when they're just some Jvlogger and not a political or self help figure that would earn more loyalty.
Wah Leave Sharla Alone!
Anyways I have a bf and never tried to vlog. I just don't care for Sharla's disgusting behaviour. Was everyone who criticized Logan Paul for similar behaviour just sexless and failed vloggers? I guess you say that since you can't actually defend what Sharla does.
On my period? What are you some kind of scrote? Also why do you always double post?(stfu no one is reading this shit)

No. 250514

I think the only other adult who would use being on a period as an insult is a sad little scrote like Norm.

No. 250527

All of this Sharla bashing is so sus. Yes she has had some involvement in old drama but nothing worth 6 threads. I don’t understand the sudden fascination with her since she got with Chris, sounds like everyone is just jealous because they want Chris or they have a hate boner for Sharla.
Please tell me I’m not the only one here who thinks this.

No. 250528

It’s super sus, but coming from one person

No. 250533

File: 1663861949666.jpeg (629.44 KB, 898x4309, CoreyNoxonSharlaJomon.jpeg)

Not sagging because this is real milk that wasn’t shared back then. Sharla lied to a Kyoto-based Jomon archaeologist who contacted her after seeing the first video two days before she finally took the objects to the Cultural Properties Center. She told him she took down the video when she only unlisted it and was sending other people links, then ignored him when he tried to follow up and suggested turning what happened into an opportunity to educate viewers. This was before she even uploaded the second video. She and Quinlan had also made ignorant, racist, and colonialist comments according to him, so the people at GG were probably not exaggerating. https://twitter.com/ArchaeoJapan/status/1325974483853692933

No. 250534

File: 1663862079209.jpeg (3.12 MB, 898x5639, amasugiruSharlaJomon.jpeg)

This archaeologist says the area where Sharla and Quinlan were was near a dam and likely public land, which requires permission for digging. In the comment section of the first video, Quinlan and Sharla’s fans were making condescending remarks about Japanese archaeologists. (Jomon pottery can be found across Japan and sometimes people happen to find things in their backyard. Expecting Japanese specialists to block off any potential archaeological site is like expecting Greece or Italy to block off the entirety of their countries.) https://twitter.com/amasugiru/status/1325817234925654016

No. 250537

"Some old drama" understatement of the year. You're talking about handling and potentially damaging ancient objects thousands of years old, breaking multiple laws, lying to specialists and provoking the archaeological community in Japan and it happened less than two years ago.

No. 250538

Who cares?

No. 250539

damn, good find. great job, nonny!

No. 250545

Totally it's very sus that Sharla is facing criticism for her actions. It's totally not sus that some anon is flying off the rails calling people sexless cunts to defend Sharla. I can't imagine anyone being so invested in a parasocial relationship that they meltdown like that.

No. 250546

this happened 2 years ago. and she removed the video. why are you harping not this?

No. 250548

I did not call anyone names. I am not defending Sharla.I don't particularly like Sharla as a matter of fact. Try your best to not accuse people of being a Stan, if they disagree with you. I am questioning the source and the timing.

2 things can be true at the same time.
1. Sharla has done crap things,
2. Sharla makes mistakes and that very much should be criticized,
3. but a particular
anon, has made a mission the "expose" Sharla with old stale milk, but worst by by making things up to fit their agenda.

so yes, I am question this person motive and timing.

No. 250550

I apologize. I didn't mean to imply you were the same one who was going off the handle. All I'm trying to say is that there was someone >>250491 and >>250489 who was and that's more glaring and sus then people talking about Sharla. Most of the other Jvloggers aren't really doing anything as dramatic as Sharla and the one's doing big things usually are doing positive things (Chris/Connor). So Sharla is the biggest spotlight. As well the over the top responder kind of eggs people on to keep talking about it with their thin skin regarding it.

No. 250551

What's the new milk?? There is only ever talk of old shit from old threads. Why can't you guys just stick to stuff that's not discussed yet? Go back to the discords you crawled from.

No. 250555

It's completely new milk here and was barely discussed elsewhere.

No. 250560

Proof of comments aside from this longform Twitter sperg?

No. 250561

Anons who think just because you criticize one cow and not the other, suddenly you're a 'stan'/'wk'/'scrote'/'defender'. The fucking autism in this thread just because someone is foaming at the mouth when talking about one cow over another, but literally not a single person has been defending anyone in these threads for months. Anons asking for proof, isn't being a stan. Most anons are tired of bringing up old milk and completely derailing the thread with calling others simps just because they hate when people aren't throwing shit at the walls to see what sticks.

No. 250562

Whether it was discussing not what’s the point of this thread. She obviously fucked up, realized it and deleted the video. What is the point people are trying to make that she somehow ruining Japanese culture? This makes no sense. Why are you bringing up to your old stale milk.

No. 250569


This isn't about the archeological thing, anon. Curb your autism.

No. 250570

Okay, I get this >>250533 and whatnot, but why didn't the gov. kick them out if what they did was wrong? Why is she still doing sponsored stuff from them?

No. 250573

Couldn’t put it better myself. I don’t know where all of these autists have come from, the jvlog thread was always dead with the occasional update. I’m not trying to gatekeep but as an oldfag, I’d get a 2 day ban back in the day for some of the stuff anons do here. I don’t get it

No. 250575

Think it’s a lot of people who wouldve otherwise been posting on Chris’s subreddit about Sharla and him dating, but that discussion was banned there so they came here. Now they just stick around to either reeee about how evil Sharla for breaking obscure archeological rules, is or WK her about dumb shit. People are very passionate about Sharla. Probably either resent her for “stealing” Chris from them or self-insert as her living their catmom fantasy in glorious Nippon. Truth is she’s just super boring.

No. 250576

I love how some anons are so bothered over a discussion of Sharla's behaviour even though it's something that hasn't been discussed here before. Yet it was okay to go dig up years old non milky shit of Chris's nobody ex and spam the thread with vendetta and a-log posting and make things up like that gofundme thing.
The bias kek.

No. 250577

Being irrational about how you talk about cows isn't the same as actually having milk. No one is complaining about the archeological stuff. Do you have severe tunnel vision? Lily wasn't discussed before. Get over it.

No. 250585

File: 1663870618416.png (838.43 KB, 1080x2092, Screenshot_20220922-184137.png)

They can go to the guru gossip jvlogger thread.
Yeah she wasn't discussed before for a reason. There's nothing worth discussing and she doesn't fit the criteria to be talked about itt.
Literally the only reason anons started sperging about her is because she dared to suspect that their precious Chris might have cheated on her.

No. 250588

Why do you keep posting anon comments from other websites? They don't mean anything. We don't need to see other people's opinions, anon. This and posting spaztically Reddit threads too. This is an imageboard and this is our discussion. If we wanted to talk on the other sites, anons would go there.

No. 250590

As far as I’m concerned the anons posting about Sharla’s behaviour and lily are one and the same.

No. 250603

Exact same person. It’s very very curious and sus

No. 250649

They're archaeologists based in Japan who contacted Sharla after being alerted to the video by other archaeologists in their community. They're not random twitter spergs and they shared why what she was doing was wrong, and included caps and info about the actual video, which she unlisted. Lolcow was made to share milk about discuss things cows actually did. For the first time, milk about a cow breaking laws and literally damaging artifacts thousands of years old was shared here and all anons can complain about is how people want to actually discuss the milk. If that isn't proof that Sharla or her fans have tried to take over this thread, I don't know what is.

No. 250654

No offence anon, while some 2 year old info was found it’s hardly milk of the century is it? I’m not a Sharla fan, I’m just not from Reddit and whether or not Sharla was ignorant over some archaeological finds isn’t scandalous info, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.
People from Reddit do not understand the culture of lolcow

No. 250665

If Illegally excavating artifacts in a foreign country isn't milky, then what is? Sharla wasn't just ignorant. She lied to museum staff about how she came across the artifacts, lied to archaeologists about removing the video, made racist comments in the video according to multiple people who saw it, and tried to hide the fact that she actually dug for those artifacts. This is the kind of milk we'd salivate over in the past.

No. 250667

Ehhh not really, I do get your point but Sharla isn’t a cow.
It wasn’t mentioned here 2 years ago which kinda proves my point I guess. If this thread wasn’t full of people from Reddit it wouldn’t get talked about here.

No. 250682

If it's still unlisted doesn't that mean we can watch them?

No. 250687

Yet another upload without Chris. What gives? Are they fighting?

No. 250701

yes, they broke up, its over. because she promised us, that after 3 years of dating, every single one of her videos will be with Chris going forward.

anon, I hope you are joking, cause Jesus ….

No. 250705

you actually believe her when she said she went solo silly nonnie

No. 250708

We need more Chris. She owes us.

No. 250710

Chris made it clear that them announcing their relationship doesn't mean that their channel would change. her channel is hers and his is his. they don't have a couples channel, why would that anon think that every video should include Chris is beyond me lol.
anyway she may very well have gone solo, she has done in the past, why should that change now that their relationship is public.
Also, what you may not know is that she filmed this video while Chris was on his cycle in Hokkaido.

No. 250712

whats with the second half of your comment?

No. 250713

yes, she owes us, lol.

No. 250715

It wasn't mentioned here 2 years ago because no one here had a chance to see anything before Sharla deleted her tweet and unlisted the video within a day. You really think anons, who'd always nitpick Sharla for simply wearing a hoodie or saying "yuuum soo gooood" would ignore something like that? Are you sure you’re not from reddit?
Staff weren’t aware that Sharla and Quinlan dug for the artifacts because they were told the two of them had just found everything on the ground and the video showing what they did was already unlisted before the artifacts were brought to the center. It was in the law article. The staff said they’d give Sharla and Quinlan a warning when they found out through the article’s author that the artifacts may have been excavated, but since the site wasn’t an official archaeological site at the time, it’s not their jurisdiction. The local tourism bureau that Tokyo Creative works with and the archaeological community aren’t one in the same and there aren’t many prominent jvloggers in Tohoku to showcase the region to English speakers, especially when the pandemic has been keeping most foreigners out. But it’s possible Sharla and Quinlan did get a stern warning from the government and we just don’t know about it.
Japan can be surprisingly lenient when they think you’re just a clueless foreigner. Even Logan Paul was never charged despite breaking multiple laws, offending the entire country and being all over the news all over the world.

Did the crazy Sharla anon just doxx herself…?

No. 250717

Is Sharla video doing bad, she redid the thumbnail?

No. 250720

Anon has no links lol

No. 250721

Youtubers do that all the time, stop trying to create lame ass conspiracies

No. 250729

File: 1663886275318.jpeg (134.95 KB, 1284x461, B9BB5F80-C0A4-4957-83D0-FD3138…)

Norm being norm

No. 250739

I think the insane I don't care!!! You're lying about Sharla!!! anon >>250706 didn't realize she'd pasted her CV cover letter about her 20 years of auto experience or one she received from someone else.

No. 250752

>>250649 Those Japan archeologist is one dumb bunch, they should be ashamed of getting outdone by a vlogger in their line of work.

No. 250767

I like how you call some very basic first-world laws "obscure." The laws and rules of archaeology aren't any different in Sharla's home country.

No. 250773

If Sharla was an archaeologist it would be basic laws, nonnie Your average North American doesn’t give a shit. I would've assumed if I found an arrowhead , I could just do whatever with it, I’m Sharla’s generation

No. 250780

She set them as unlisted so a couple of people could watch them back in Nov 2020 >>250412 then probably privated them again.

No. 250786

File: 1663897312094.jpg (87.16 KB, 506x500, 8789-5134-6824-5698.jpg)


He's good at conversations after all

No. 250788

Then you wouldn't have a right to complain if the mounties came for you. But would you do the same if you deliberately excavated a group of 5000-year old arrowheads and dug for more ancient objects on public property in a foreign country and risk damaging what could be an archaeological site of significance?

No. 250793

File: 1663898837264.jpeg (697.35 KB, 1284x1635, 874AB4D8-DBD6-4029-A11B-E6E963…)

Get in line boys, Tokyo lens is giving boat tours in Japan lol

No. 250794

There are some things that are important and debris isnt.

No. 250797

I do wonder how many videos he recorded lmao.

No. 250807

anon, can you give context? thx
not subs to norm or want to give any views to norm video

No. 250876

same. I did not see the video, just saw his unhinged comment.

No. 250888

Imagine for a second you are dating someone and that you can't just sit down and enjoy each other's company because you have to be conscious of the camera and the "content" you're creating the entire time. That's probably why.

No. 250889

If it bothered them, they wouldn't be vloggers.

No. 250931

She sits down and enjoys the company of her friends on camera all the time tho

No. 250932

Anon is just trying to find something to complain about ITT.

No. 250943

I like how there was the bombshell micaela was self posting and lurking in the last thread and yet we’re still nitpicking sharla lmao

No. 250957

File: 1663980651909.jpeg (148.81 KB, 828x732, 54CC5B76-1E6E-4D8F-86B7-C596E4…)

Oh no guys he broke his pinkie therefore his Shamisen “CAREER” is ruined forever y’all

No. 250965

File: 1663984611192.jpg (130.74 KB, 1080x670, IMG_20220923_205525.jpg)

So Ludwig announced his Chess/Boxing event for December in LA.
This is Chris match ,ngl it's so dumb but fun.

No. 251012

These matches aren't to be taken seriously anyway lol

No. 251016

I believe him. After all, back in highschool I claimed to be a master pianist but when asked to perform in front of everyone I was shamed to reveal my secret of having once broke my finger years ago and to play the piano again would risk everything so I couldn't do it anymore. Sad!

No. 251060


No. 251090

File: 1664049208641.jpeg (1.76 KB, 80x80, 61998626.jpeg)

I found out some pretty interesting info today - I can't say who or how this happened but I got information that someone has been collecting screenshots of Norm/Tokyo Lens sperging out on his fans in the comment section and is going to do a YouTube video about it. The dude who is doing this is not really a "big YouTuber" but has over 100k subs. Will be interesting to see how Norm reacts to this and if it will just be swept under the rug or he'll straight up deny it. Anyway - will be interesting to see the outcome of this to say the least.

No. 251091

Not even his finger hand. It was his right pinky, the pick hand, lol. Impressive that he's still able to carry around all that heavy filming equipment, too. But didn't Norm already break a finger earlier this summer? Oh, yeah… The same exact finger at 15:05. So he broke it twice within two months? What a coincidence.

No. 251128

We don't care about some loser nobody. Stop self posting. If you don't have any milk to post, then gtfo

No. 251178

I am invested in this. Hopefully Norm reads this and craps his little narc panties

No. 251186

I'll believe it when I see it…

No. 251202

Its the same anon who goes on about knowing insider info but can never give info. Its a load of crock and they only say "SEE I WAS RIGHT! You guys should've listened to reee". They did it about the dating thing too which was massively autistic. Anon personally had no info. They are waiting for drops like everyone else.

No. 251212

Ahhh I see. With the whole Chris and Sharla dating thing it was painfully obvious to most of us. So it wasn't even a surprise when Sharla announced it. Norm is and always has a rotten human being… so to be fair to see an "exposure", video on him wouldn't be a surprise.

(The heart failure you have when you almost forget to sage)

No. 251214

Anons act like these are no-name people they keep bringing up when they are people who have large followings or have had videos go viral. Like you said, it wouldn't be a shock to see an exposed video. Even Momokun got one. The Jvlog community as a whole getting one would be interesting, but just seems like anon is peddling hype for their personal eventual YouTube post. Self-posters suck.

No. 251222

File: 1664129052919.jpg (91.18 KB, 375x500, 036fe06c4daab7f1c861088f3bfe7f…)

Still blows my mind he has not once mentioned pic related, but i guess he thinks being single makes him a less boring person

No. 251227

File: 1664129642449.jpg (83.89 KB, 1024x683, Kimmy-Schmidt-DJ-Slizzard.jpg)

Ok but why does he look like the Reverend (deranged kidnapper with delusions of grandeur) from Kimmy Schmidt

No. 251242


You do realize when Norm eventually reads your comment, his narcissism will lead him to think you are favourably comparing him to Jon Hamm right?

He won't see himself as the scraggly bearded goof he is.

No. 251246

I wouldn't really say I have insider information - all I'm saying is that someone is collecting screenshots of Tokyo Lens for a video. The actual tea is the screenshots and they are available all over reddit and lolcow for the public to see.

No. 251252

No1currs scrote. Fuck off. We know you read meta and post bait shit in/w/

No. 251255

I care, better than discussing non milky Sharla and Chris bullshit

No. 251266

It’s funny how smart you think you are, u need to chill. I’ve probably posted on this board once or twice and I’m not involved as deeply in the lolcow community as you are. Go outside and get some air and relax it’ll be good for you.

Anyway I won’t be responding to anymore comments - enjoy the video when it eventually comes out, hopefully it’ll bring some actual content to this thread as literally no one here u guys are posting about anymore are lolcows - just online personalities.

No. 251270

File: 1664147699357.jpg (76.07 KB, 500x500, 328mda0n2d8ih.jpg)


He keeps most aspects of his life separated from each other

I mean, is he even married anymore? Everyone are just stepping stones to him anyway

No. 251288

If you have to ask and then keep spamming photos of his family, you should know. There no reason to post photos of him with his kid. Knock it off. Keep kids off of this site.

No. 251297


Pretty sure they're from the PULL thread so they're not exactly fresh. It doesn't say anything about his current situation

No. 251303

Sage your shit and stop posting kids. This isn't PULL and his child isn't milk. No one under 16 can be posted here, face or not. Creep.

No. 251308

That's still fucked up. Why did you feel like you needed to post family pics?

No. 251311

Anon is gross. Even innocent fodder is still fodder. We have scrotes on this site who post CP. We don't need this shit enticing them. We don't post children here because of it. Unlike Taylor, his family is NOT relevant the same way her and Tom's kid is.

No. 251317

How do you know it's scrotes?

No. 251339

If you want to think the raids are from women, you do you, anon, but most of us know it's not.

No. 251350

Give us a timeframe of when this video will be released

No. 251352

Lol it's going to be some vague as hell date.

No. 251354

File: 1664175601579.png (292.57 KB, 828x1792, 7B8DD20A-E322-49CF-BA51-135DE3…)

No. 251355

File: 1664175626565.png (262.66 KB, 828x1792, 42E76A7C-2152-4752-9EB6-7913EB…)

The cunt is unhinged

No. 251357

Context? What video?

No. 251371

File: 1664185002404.jpeg (458.73 KB, 828x585, DA9F8D3D-08AC-4A69-AFCC-A83314…)

No. 251372

Families of residents have been able to come for over a year now.

How good actually is Norm's Japanese? I didn't think it was that good, so to have been Intermediate years and years ago when he seems Intermediate now is odd.

No. 251373

my god he's so annoying. Worst attitude. And you know what? Fits right in with all the scrotes I went to school with that were interested in "japanese culture".

We can discuss everything about Norm, there is plenty of things. But keeping his family private is his decision and might even be his wife's. So I think that should be respected and not topic of discussion.

No. 251374

We know it's his decision. That's literally the point of discussion. He's taken it past the extent of keeping it private to the point of hiding it and keeping it a secret whilst very opening pining after other women online.
The topic is what is he hiding. Did she leave him for some reason? Is she still paying for everything?

No. 251377

Post proof of the pining. Anyway you can discuss it if you'd like but don't post pictures of his family. Also sage you keep bumping this thread.

No. 251388

Read the threads. There have been plenty of examples of him creeping on other jvloggers. Especially Sharla

No. 251407

File: 1664198994828.png (104.16 KB, 1042x788, Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 15-21…)

Comment on Norm's "Inside Osaka's WEIRDEST Tiny Apartment" vid.

Calling OP a racist while being racist himself

No. 251426

norm comment doesn't make sense. what racism got to do with credit check in japan in all places??
my guess he got money troubles . lol

No. 251432

I mean, even if the comment did make sense, a lot of landlords and agencies have a no-foreigner policy for certain apartments. So how could you even get to the point of a “credit check” when you can’t even apply for the apartment in the first place lol. And if you’re a foreigner and new to the country would you even have “credit” to begin with?

This dude is deranged - but it’s funny cause all this will bite him in the ass. Saying someone is from a 3rd world shithole is blatantly racist and if a company or business wants to collab and work with him these screenshots aren’t going to look good

No. 251433

There's a reason they have a no foreigner policy. It's because Chinese and SEAs wouldn't pay rent for many months and then they'd go back to their home country when they get kicked out for overworking on their student visas, stealing or just when they have saved enough

No. 251434

>The raids are from men
>How do you know it's men?
>I-it just is, okay!

No. 251461

What would actually be effective if someone with an actual following made a vid about what happened with Chyna and appealed to the wrestling community which is way bigger than the small community of people who follow jvloggers. We already know about Norm here, so none of this is new milk for us and you could be sabotaging whatever video that's supposed to be coming out by giving Norm a heads up and time to delete or hide things that could've helped the cause.
Did you forget when he created a sockpuppet to harass a female jvlogger while pretending to be her friend? Co-workers and other people who know him irl have complained about seeing him creep on other women and trying to ply young women with alcohol. Then theres's the allegation that he got Chyna fired from GABA and blacklisted from eikawa schools because she rejected his advances, which led to her depression and overdose.

No. 251468

I really wish norm would sperg here, I would enjoy reading it. His reply is so filled with blinding rage, he doesn’t even really make sense.

No. 251469

i dont wanna get banned for breaking the "hi cow" rule but there's an anon that spergs in here all the time with over the top cussing and insults that barely make sense. it wouldnt surprise me if, you know…

No. 251484

There’s a couple of people that foam at the mouth but one is definitely ESL and the other speaks like a chav.
I don’t believe Norm has sperged here yet, maybe that stalker video will set him off? (I know thats probably a load of shit but who knows)

No. 251615

We have a lot of people with BPD around here so that's not exactly unusual or suspicious…

No. 251620

Everyone thinks they have bpd. Most of them are just autistic.

No. 251629

>armchairing farmers

No. 251851

I’m not sure saying someone is ESL or a chav is armchairing anon?

No. 251939

this video was so obnoxious. she stops in the middle of sentences to slather shit onto her face over and over again and doesn't complete her thoughts.

and she's so unrealistic about her plan to "return to japan." she has two cats and a white boyfriend who has no interest in living in japan, but she plans to live there for three months at a time twice yearly? i can't even begin to list the ways in which that's the stupid idea i've ever heard.

No. 252016

Can't be bothered to break down the video into greentext?

No. 252018

its so devoid of content i didn't even think to, sorry.

it's bronwyn in her house washing her face. she talks about how she wanted to go to japan in november and has decided to wait until april. she's gonna go for 3 months, leaving her bf and cats home (but bf will come for a little while so she can "finally show him japan"). she'll come back to the US for 3 months after that and go back to japan for 3 more months. it's her "dream" to live that way forever. she didn't acknowledge the cost, the separation from her family, or what she plans to do in japan. she just said "being away from japan for 5 years has been bad for my mental health."

also, she mentioned she's changing her skincare brand to "fulfilled by amazon" so she no longer has to pack boxes, since she can't travel back and forth and complete orders. what little effort she put into the brand is now basically defunct. it's just gonna be another dropshipping amazon storefront.

No. 252080

File: 1664457449314.png (212.32 KB, 710x630, Untitled.png)

I though sharla's friend Mark was just a SIMP, but these comments are not even funny and makes him seem like a jealous gatekeeper, especially when she is already in a relationship.

No. 252093

Latest AIJ podcast episode, around 11:45, Chris and Sharla were discussing scaring Japanese people. Sharla told her story of scaring a friend's grandfather and making him hide during most of her visit to her friend's house. She then asked Chris, "has that ever happened to you?"

Chris said, "ahhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhh… no…" knowing full well he had told the story a few times of his Japanese ex-gf's mom hiding behind her the first time he met her kek. Are they not in the phase where they can casually mention a prior relationship yet?

No. 252094

Old relationships are old. They've most likely spoken together about old flings and divorce. Just because they aren't doing it where you get an audience to it, doesn't mean they don't.

No. 252158

What a pathetic loser. I assumed he was gay, which would make these comments slightly less dorky and more just 'normal' catty gay male banter…but I think he's claimed to be straight, which definitely makes these weird. Never had a straight male friend act possessive over me even as a joke, it's pretty obvious how it comes off and it looks really pathetic. Most scrotes are at least self aware enough to not want to look like a loser guy pining after a taken woman. As an aside, Sharla…lay off the Starbucks for your own good.

No. 252163

Anon I would hardly say a 2 word response is possessive
It’s not even that cringe guys.. who cares??

No. 252168

His desperation is cringe. He even posted about starting a live stream to fund his trip to Sendai.

No. 252184

File: 1664487732441.png (5.49 MB, 828x1792, 6137CB5C-504C-4B4E-A87E-8D5C4B…)

Kek the Starbucks comment. Adding in a few more chins

No. 252216

has sharla ever commented whether or not she's still vegan or not?

No. 252224

At about 19 minutes in, she says she used to be but is far more casual about it now. She says government agencies and tourism boards which sponsor her videos don't want to work with people who won't eat the local food if it has meat.

No. 252225

File: 1664500194815.jpg (698.35 KB, 1079x1630, Screenshot_20220929-210507_You…)

Samefag but when searching "Sharla Q&A," you get these two videos together. That top Q&A is the one where she confirmed she was dating Chris

No. 252226

No, she's not and she was always plant based, not vegan. She still doesn't eat a lot of meat because she grew up vegetarian.

No. 252242

Used to be what??

No. 252278

File: 1664517233226.png (693.04 KB, 1548x961, Screenshot 2022-09-29 225152.p…)

Not for me.

No. 252288

No one cares about Sharla’s chins or if she is vegan, go back to Reddit/read previous threads!
And that makes him desperate how??

No. 252289

i'll never understand white people's obsession with pumpkin spice

No. 252324

Me either… I do however love the maple collection where I am.

Sharla is a yo yo dieter, coupled with her thyroid issues, she is only going to get bigger and it will become increasingly difficult for her to drop the pounds.

No. 252338

File: 1664545255947.jpg (768.48 KB, 1080x1817, IMG_20220930_203726.jpg)

Look like the yo-yo got tangle. But Chris like big girl so a win , I guess lol

No. 252339

No one cares that you can't stand even the tiniest criticism of Sharla or her creepy beta orbiters. Please look at literally any other thread on this site and see that talking about a cow gaining weight (which Sharla undeniably is) is a part of the rich history of mocking fat weeby white girls we have here.

No. 252352

File: 1664549077227.png (877.42 KB, 700x672, Sharm.png)

How do you people keep finding the least flattering pictures possible? Look at how thin her arms look here (from her most recent video) compared to in the picture you posted.

No. 252368

File: 1664551279512.jpg (108.16 KB, 1079x518, Screenshot_20220930_161901.jpg)

Her weight doesn't evenly distribute is all. It's seems to all go to her face and tum.

So Chris wants lose to lose 4KG in 2 months. Roughly 10lbs. Easy enough if he eats well and excercises. That being said he looks like he lifts so he may well get in decent shape but the scale won't change much. He doesn't seem to have a good education on how it all works.

No. 252378

4kg in two months is relatively easy.

No. 252385

Sharla is friendly with Chris ex girlfriend Aki from Yagamata, they met.
Sharla is Also friends with Chris other ex Helen from the Uk. Sooooo yes they are, lol

No. 252389

Sharla eat, fish, other seafood, eggs, and cheese now.

No. 252390

File: 1664555743944.jpeg (386.39 KB, 1284x2778, C3AE7BD7-F770-48E8-B14C-260416…)

She eats chicken. As you can see from her Christmas dinner picture she posted on IG, there is chicken or turkey on her plate.

No. 252393

File: 1664555892831.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1881x1181, B65CD48A-D87B-4315-A187-32E283…)

Here she is eating fish on her I recent return to Canada video.

No. 252396

How did you find that picture? I don't see it on her Instagram.

No. 252399

File: 1664556912015.jpeg (844.51 KB, 1260x943, DB6A4AFD-2A70-43E4-A5D6-B2A9B9…)

IG disappearing stories… she did a post a while back of Q&A and she posted a bunch of pics of her and Chris like this one.

No. 252404

So I hope this is the last time we have a debate about Sharla being vegan or plant base. SHE IS NEITHER!!!
she eats chicken, she fish, she eats eggs, she eats cheese.
Next topic!

No. 252409

File: 1664557482402.jpeg (423.64 KB, 1125x1351, A9B13E7F-D332-4605-BF5F-6D5921…)

I wonder who could be behind this? This really does seem like Norm behavior.

No. 252419

That’s very norm like

No. 252431

It’s not that I can’t stand criticism of Sharla, where it’s due, but calling her fat and finding unflattering photos is just nitpicking ffs

No. 252497


Did that guy immediately go in for a feel? Surely she could have done the seat belt up her self without him getting all handsy?

No. 252499

Whatever… making nothing out of nothing

No. 252528

Yeah it's pretty normal in racing experience type things for them to do your seatbelt so they know it's done right. Liability and all.

No. 252567

I think she just has fat arms (and etc). This doesn't look as big, but her arm also isn't being squished against her body like the other pic.

No. 252604

>sad, pathetic attempt from anon to paint this as nefarious

No. 254625

“Japan’s Biggest Foreign Youtuber Featuring Abroad in Japan”

No. 254914

File: 1665031070330.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2019, IMG_20221006_113315.jpg)

Still not taking her thyroid medication? Or need to adjust her medication?

No. 254992

File: 1665045928340.jpg (801.62 KB, 1080x1918, IMG_20221006_154113.jpg)

So sharla just start her medication about a month and half ago. She started because trying to lose weight instead gaining more. She should just start her medication from the start. Go figure :roll eye's:

No. 255019

She's not eating very healthy if what she posts on her Instagram is what she eats regularly. A shake in the morning does not help.

No. 255028

Agree Anon, all those Starbucks posts sheesh. Her meal portions for lunch alone are so big

No. 255034

she still not taking her doctor advices about the dosage require. no wonder she felt sick because her hormones is out of wack. did she think she still in her teen. my god

No. 255055

Once you hit 35, things start going downhill quick, your metabolism isn’t what it once was regardless of thyroid issue or not. She needs to stop with the sugary drinks and fried foods she claims are “healthy” for lunch. And the shakes, forget about it . Her exercise is probably going for a walk when she has to film at a different location

No. 255082

kinda curious about what she considers exercise, if it's just crunches and squats at home… that aint gonna do that much. Imo for real results she needs to go to a gym and do muscle training/lifting weights/etc. But if she's never been to a gym and done weights before then i doubt she'll ever do it now; now that shes like middle aged. They got the money to hire a trainer to show the ropes too… and could easily do cycling with chris which is amazing cardio. But cant teach an old dog new tricks kek

No. 255237

Or the easiest and basic thing she can do is get her steps in, 10000 a day helps a lot.

No. 255250

Just so you know, anon, taking synthroid [it's full name is Levothyroxine] and other medications depending on what she needs, isn't even a guarantee she will lose weight anyway. I hope she doesn't get her expectations too high if it doesn't work out because being back on it and as someone who has also yo-yo'd taking it, it takes months to show results and she needs to workout too.

No. 255344

Yeah. Thyroid issues fuck with your metabolism as does just normal aging - whatever habits she had before likely won’t work now. It’s a hard pill to swallow but to maintain your weight or even more, lose weight, with low thyroid activity is a lot more effort than for a normal person. Also the medication carousel, blogpost but I’ve known low thyroid sufferers to change medications/dosages month after month for years. She’ll either get the hang of it or just stay a bit fatter. Quite frankly even if she was fat she’s still pretty, and her relative success on youtube isnt because she’s slim and beautiful. She’s not a coomer courter, so it doesn’t matter for her channel.

No. 255581

I do remember someone telling Chris that he should do again the shimanami Kaido with S but he answered "I don't know if she can".

No. 255767

Uh oh. That's not a thing a serious boyfriend should be saying. It means he feels like she's holding him back. Especially since Chris seems to be enjoying his turn to fitness. I hope Sharla starts to take it seriously before Chris starts to feel this more frequently.

No. 255803


No. 255919

Have any of you ever had a thyroid problem? Are any of you even close to her age?
No I’m not a wk, you lot keep making stupid assumptions based off a few social media posts. The way you talk about her is like you know her personally, she isn’t a snowflake nor has she been particularly vocal, until now, about her health. She’s not trying some wacky woo woo type treatment, she went one way and is now going another. This isn’t your mean girl diary ffs.

No. 255926

>This isn't your mean girl diary ffs
Do you have any idea where you are?

No. 255927


Lol myth. Your metabolism drops on average not even by a 100 calories going from 30 to 40. The big changes happen around menopause 50+ not freaking 35.

No. 255934

>literally posts more sugary drinks again on her Instagram

No. 255936

Yes, I’m an oldfag. Personal vendettas/nitpicking/milkless social media updates are pointless and as I said; this isn’t your mean girl diary
She’s not a snowflake

No. 255939

File: 1665143876377.jpeg (512.25 KB, 1170x2125, A0BC09C3-A79F-4120-BAE3-654931…)

Uh was anyone asking for the Sharla goth gf era?

No. 255942

she hasn't even proved she tried
social media influencer posts shit food on social media and then cries she's fat
if she posts more exercise content or some sort of health lifestyle content than starbucks and snacks, then i'd be more sympathetic
a big junk of of england video was eating pastries kekk come on

No. 255948

Anybody know how they're moving if she's just got a very small start-up dog accessories business? I was thinking of the working holiday visa as she said 1 or 2 years and Australians can apply for it.

No. 255954


Something is off about this pic, the proportions are quite odd.

No. 256049

Think it’s just two chubby women trying to look sexy but not TOO sexy. It’s a weird picture because Sharla particularly doesn’t actually seem comfortable at all in those clothes. It feels forced but it isn’t.

No. 256053

They look pretty damn sexy to me.
Not everyone needs to be a fucking boring ass stick figure to have sex appeal. Clearly they’ve not photoshopped it either - makes a nice change not to see a photo on Instagram that’s been edited to oblivion

No. 256055

It looks a bit weird because they are both hiding one arm behind their bodies to look smaller, plus the insecure expressions
>boring ass stick figure
ok fattychan, you know it's possible to celebrate one bodytype without shitting on others

No. 256081

> > taking shit personally on lolcow
I never said they weren’t sexy because they’re chubby it’s because they both look like they dont want to be there with forced expressions and poses.

No. 256110

Sharla looks great. She’s gained less weight than I would have thought based on her ig story about the thyroid meds.

No. 256125

You don't balloon up.

No. 256126

They look good

No. 256134

Sharla definitely looks chunky, but she's never been that slim. I don't know why she'd post that picture though, it doesn't really fit with her brand: catlady fun aunt in Japan, and she doesn't look particularly good either. I think she's probably experiencing an identity crisis of sorts, probably born from her lifechanging surgery, a new public relationship, and the fact that she's seeing the end of her Youtube career coming once she leaves Japan. I get it, that's a lot going on, but I also foresee her getting a bit milkier as she deals with the next phase in her life. That pissy reaction to the fan asking if she was pregnant and now this thirst trap style pic? May get some funny rage-y milk from her soon.

No. 256237

That's the average not the rule, our habits can trigger an early mess in our system and considering his thyroid problems it can easily be the case.

No. 256239

An early middle age crisis?
I can see it happening ,Chris seems to be doing progress physically and continuing to grow in work aspect.
In her case her channel seems to be stuck and well she can only do those small businesses to kill time.The Airbnb could help her I think although her friend seems to be the brains in the operation.

No. 256258

File: 1665178707903.png (951.94 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20221007-222259.png)

Super late response to anon in previous thread, yes Kelly is still doing the lifestyle coaching stuff.

No. 256277

I did wonder why she was hanging out with someone like sam, especially after he made this vid about her longtime friend. I guess she was desperate after she got blacklisted and sam and Kelly were the only jvloggers who would hang out with her.

No. 256278

No. 256317

File: 1665185865835.png (227.17 KB, 1080x2157, Screenshot_20221007-222751~2.p…)

The blacklisting situation must have been pretty awkward.

No. 256326

File: 1665186280744.png (703.12 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20221008-001918~2.p…)

No. 256417

No. 256488

File: 1665220047946.png (369.32 KB, 1027x2374, Screenshot_20221008-011626.png)

This person has screenshots and some of the others who've commented about his behaviour on this vid >>>/w/184043 and tkyosams vid, might also have screenshots.

No. 256846

Cat lady,can't organize well her house,has a thing against meds until starts affecting her,etc.
Your call can end up happening.

No. 256895

File: 1665317388461.jpeg (2.63 MB, 1284x2254, B166D7A7-B21E-4385-81AC-9B526D…)

Welp the mystery is solved Santorini Greece after all

No. 256904

Nonnie was correct again.

No. 256906

File: 1665321112502.jpeg (967.16 KB, 2048x2048, A763B541-BE64-49F3-A034-840A04…)

Oh wow, so the much argued pool pic was Santorini after all?
We bow down to the anon who called it! Lol

No. 256946

Being autistic about it vs just waiting until any confirmation happens, is different. Most anons just said to stfu because we don't have proof, not that it's not true. 'Calling it' doesn't matter when there is nothing to back it up in the moment. Just makes you a pick-me. Also how is this confirmation? We still don't know if she took those photos there. If your guess is that it's because it's blue and white, that's absolutely embarrassing.

No. 257011

> just makes you a pick-me
if you don't even understand the lingo of this site why act holier-than-thou about other anons?

No. 257020

I mean it’s pretty easy to “guess” when you’re friends with them both and decide to leak their private details out of spite.

No. 257049

File: 1665348257335.gif (453.32 KB, 204x200, 1665062573635.gif)

diligent newfags never give up

No. 257052

File: 1665348484160.png (283.1 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20221009-212012~2.p…)

Someone posted about Norm again on the AIJ subreddit.

No. 257053

File: 1665348564756.png (287.25 KB, 997x610, Screenshot_20221009-212335.png)

No. 257058

Lol I guess, you were part of the crew that argued that all the evidence to show they were in a relationship meant nothing. The only reason we guess they were in Greece was because of that pool picture and it turns out we were right, what other connections is there?
The nothing means nothing denier crew never cease to amaze me!

No. 257062

That Anon is scary to guess it .

No. 257095

who's the leaker? Norm lol?

No. 257103

On the newest episode of AiJ podcast Chris confirmed he lives with Sharla, end of pointless speculation. The episode is called “did Chris get pranked in Tokyo this week?” - listen to the introduction.

No. 257106

Lol we knew this 2 years ago… but people were just in denial

No. 257131

Anon collaging an image together doesn't prove those photos were taken there lol Did she add that in to a second story after the fact or is anon just wishful thinking that the photos are from there because she has been there? You sound stupid.

No. 257136

Months ago we suspect she was in Greece, solely based on that pool picture and yesterday she said she did go to Greece.

Those are very simple dots to connect.

I am not sure why you are so bent on arguing this.
You are giving me the same vibes as the deniers arguing against obvious proofs.

No. 257137

File: 1665387559365.jpeg (789.53 KB, 1284x1885, 9A48120B-2A44-4366-820D-4AAE4D…)

Huh???? Sharla posted a picture saying that she traveled to Santorini this summer on her IG story yesterday.

No. 257163

Wonder why she kept the trip a secret

No. 257167

Welcome to an entire day ago, dumbass.

No. 257177

the trip happened before they announced that they in relationship.

No. 257204

File: 1665416437739.png (206.31 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20221009-212142.png)

More angry norm.

No. 257205

File: 1665417182932.png (594.94 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20221009-203318.png)

Pretty accurate.

No. 257207

File: 1665417516931.png (303.57 KB, 1013x1247, Screenshot_20221010-163415.png)

Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 257212

Again, has she confirmed she took those photos there? Assuming isn't proof which is what most anons complained about and we are back at it again because anon just wants other anons to think the photo was there because Sharla brought Greece