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File: 1646870844454.jpg (527.83 KB, 1600x1067, angryyoutube.jpg)

No. 1092460

Similar to the Twitter and Reddit thread, we post youtube videos and comments that we hate. Infuriating shit, stupid shit, weird shit. Post away.

No. 1092461

Was watching this shit and then this comment hit me like a bucket of ice on my back:
>Fetish stuff sneaking it's way into mainstream is more common that you think. I especially hate it when it makes its way into "kids challenges" like that one about sitting into a bin bag and sucking the air out of it with a vacuum or stepping onto various food items in different shoes. Minors unknowingly creating shit ton of wank materials through challenges makes me shudder.

No. 1092465

File: 1646871187179.jpeg (494.56 KB, 750x845, 759D2ED9-BB1A-4900-948F-EB5785…)

youtube videos with these kind of captions fill me unexplainable rage

No. 1092489

These always make me rage too I don't get it. YES I FUCKING REMEMBER. FUCK OFF. They're always by some cartoon autist that's like "meh… there were better western anime than this…"

No. 1093254

literally any and all comment sections

No. 1093259

I hate it has a paywall now. And i hate it starts an ad once i clicked on a video. Like chill give me at least 10 seconds or something!

No. 1093260

I've managed to avoid most/all ads by only using the mobile browser version on Brave.

No. 1093263

I hate that disliking something doesn't even matter anymore. What's even the point now? I miss the time when you could actually see dislikes.

No. 1093265

I only use youtube on my laptop and I use an adblocker so I've escape that shit so far. I hate when there are like 3 ads in a 10 minute video on mobile.

No. 1093274

Any time I watch a video that's specifically about a womens issue (social or medical) there's always that guy in the comment section who compares it to a lesser male problem or just a totally random unrelated male problem and throws a hissy fit when women try to explain why it's not really the time nor place to talk about your scrote self and your scrote problems being totes valid. Every time.

No. 1093282

File: 1646942438477.png (1.21 MB, 1408x880, this guy.PNG)

Related I hate seeing this guy pop up on my recommended. I hate his ugly chibi character, how all his titles are the same thing. I refuse to watch him just vecayse his ugly clickbait thumbnails piss me off so much

No. 1093297

He seems so obnoxious.

No. 1093329

I liked his riverdale videos but I haven't seen anything pop up on my recs from him in ages almost thought his channel died kek

i would love to see him do a euphoria review

No. 1093362

>women may be raped but men get circumcised! Women bad! Men get raped too! Even though it's men raping them!
They're so annoying

No. 1093450

File: 1646951764959.jpeg (1020.07 KB, 2101x1883, 53DF1422-5CC9-4743-836E-8B775A…)

Do you guys think he’s serious or

No. 1093490

This is weirdly sweet..

No. 1093517

The comment section is always biased against women. I remember watching a documentary series about KFC in the UK (yes really). There was one section about how they wanted to open a new restaurant in a suburban neighborhood but some people in the neighborhood association didn't want it. There was one lady who lived close to the planned development and said she was worried about the noise and litter. People in the comments were calling her a bitch. Trying their damn hardest to bat for a fast food corporation over a woman concerned about how her street/neighborhood might be affected.

No. 1093520

This is what I call a whale. I bet he donates enough to pay her rent.

No. 1093523

It's always men supporting circumcision too. Anytime I speak about how much an uncut dick looks better it's ALWAYS men who butt in to talk about how weird uncut dicks look, and it was men who enforced it anyway. Somehow it's all on women?

No. 1093534

Use Youtube Vanced

No. 1093535

You can try getting the Youtube Vanced app to watch without ads on your phone, and you can keep playing music with your display turned off or while you use other apps too. It's kind of weird to set up but has worked ok for me so far

No. 1093549

No. 1094033

Yea probably but i still men would keep their creepiness to themselves

No. 1094055

They deleted Maritress Trosper’s video where she says Stormi Daniels has a dirty pornstar vagina :(

No. 1094174

Get UBlock Origin

On a different note: I HATE the fact that they removed the red line on already watched vids in your sidebar. At first I thought my yt was glitching but no, it's a new update. Fuck that.

No. 1094398

I watched a vid the other day where a guy sarcastically said something like 'god I hate reaction channels and reaction videos' in the middle of a reaction video. Half the comments were people who couldn't pick up on the heavy sarcasm and were calling him a hypocrite or saying 'wait doesn't your content kind of border on being reaction content tho?'

Missing sarcasm in a typed post online is one thing but a video where it's displayed about as well as anyone can display sarcasm.. with a tone shift and a long gaze at the camera afterwards, really? I've noticed other youtubers that I watch are really careful to always say when a comment was sarcasm.. guess this is why but it kinda ruins the joke then if you have to explain it every single time.

No. 1094453

Youtube commenters are the most braindead autists on the internet. If you ever watch those really basic moral of the story type videos like Dhar Mann, they eat that up. Always stating the obvious about the bad person being bad or mean, the good guys are good and justified. They need simple content spoon fed to them. Their inability to detect sarcasm too just reinforces my theory that everyone commenting on youtube videos are actual children, retarded, or both. I lose brain cells every time I decide to read them

No. 1095722

I explain this by the fact most humans have a phone with youtube on it
Were not often faced with the reality most people are dumber than rocks

No. 1096891

I have a soft spot for the single most annoying cringey channel in the entirety of YouTube. They do creepypasta style readings and post polls in the community tab every day like "which is scarier: chuckE cheese or evil Mickey?" My brother in christ it's 2022 how is are you getting away with this

Which brought me to realisation: horror YouTube is dead and lame. All the big channels are covering the exact same topics, some woefully late, and the small channels are doing fucking animatronic "oh my God the dead bodies were inside the suits" for the past 8 years. All we have is Nick Crowley

No. 1096907

I hate how many shitty reaction channels manage to get to the top. YouTube shorts is plagued with them.

No. 1096952

File: 1647224753226.png (135.93 KB, 373x314, yt.png)

Nearly every time I visit youtube this video is on the front page.

No. 1097020

Honestly, when I saw all the horror/arg/whatever channels praising 'The Walten files', I knew the genre was dead. I still like Wendigoon though, a lot of his video topics seem genuine in interest for the most part…I miss old reignbot but maybe I just got older.

No. 1097116

Those types of videos are the cooking version of clickbait and I fucking hate them

No. 1152413

File: 1651102863034.png (1.04 MB, 1277x910, youtube hate.PNG)

I'm sad this thread died so quickly.
I hate this channel, I hate the ASMR voice, I hate how they insert random anime and cartoon cameos to appeal to nerds. I hate how the comments are full of self diagnosing retards. It used to have decent videos but now it's click generating titles like Top 10 Signs Your Crush Actually Likes You! Psychology youtube is a growing clickbait cancer that is fueling the self diagnosing zoomer generation along with Tiktok

No. 1152567

Those videos that are like "A man ate 3 day tuna salad from the gas station- This is what happened to him" with a thumbnail that has NOTHING to do with the video

No. 1152687

Eww chicken pussy??

No. 1152709


No. 1152827

File: 1651110244438.jpeg (86.45 KB, 634x793, 09633A40-29D4-4B00-BA44-9838AF…)

everytime I see a raw open chicken breast I think of the raw chicken cake prank

No. 1152932

I don't watch anything remotely related, but get recommended these videos. I've never watched one because I can tell I would hate it kek

No. 1153086

You guys can let me know if I'm being a turbo autist or not, but I absolutely hate how YouTube is forcing us to see the top comment at all times. Commenters are so fucking retarded, I really just want to relax and watch a video without being forced to see people's retarded input. Also if it's a video where something funny/surprising happens that you're not expecting it gets spoiled for you right in the top comment.

At least on a computer you can kind of avoid it, but on mobile it's totally unavoidable. I wish there was a way to shut it off.

No. 1153088

I just dropped the app and use the browser mobile version instead, it doesn't do that or show me random "community" posts from people I don't even subscribe to. The issue I have with the browser mobile is that the recommend feed is kind of busted, I feel like they're trying to force me to use the mobile app but I won't. Also when I use the browser (I use brave) I never get ads which is also nice.

No. 1153092

I really hate that youtube homepage absolutely shit itself maybe 2 years ago. I could go there and browse a bigger variety of videos relevant to my watch history, now YT seems to be suffering from short term memory lost, and watching just two videos of the same big youtuber means it'll fucking clog my homepage with videos related ONLY to that, because something I watched last week could not be possibly interest me anymore.

No. 1153093

Agree. And all those idiots screeching "oMG I didn't expect this to get so many upvotes!!!Thank you thank you!!!" Like chill, this isn't reddit.

No. 1153124

I especially hate when I'm watching tutorial videos and when trying to troubleshoot by looking at the comments for anyone with similar problems, but it's just full of comments saying "wow this was so helpful you literally saved me here is my epic story about how your tutorials changed my entire life and got me a new career" a million times in hope of upvotes and recognition from the uploader. I wish they'd fuck off back to Reddit.

No. 1153335

In the year twenty fucking twenty two, the big 2 0 2 2, we STILL can't have YouTube play in the background like spotify despite begging for it for years. I don't understand

No. 1153359

I swear there was a short while where it did. I remember cause I was going to the gym at the time and would use it there. Then I had to start using some other music service when it just changed one day.

No. 1153365

You can do so with youtube premium, which is the reason why it will never be available for free, they want you to pay

No. 1153374

Do you mean like in your phone or tablet? I use tuber vanced for that, you can search it on the appstore or playstore and there's other similar apps as well

No. 1153407

vanced isn’t on the playstore, it’s only available on apk websites because finally cracked down on it and the developers took it down. You can still download it, it’s just not gonna get updated again so it’ll stop working eventually sadly

No. 1153412

File: 1651147304864.jpg (60.37 KB, 720x482, 1651147212971.jpg)

But I have it right here, and other similar apps also pop up

No. 1153415

Oh, I thought you meant the original vanced, the only time I tried the ones available on the playstore were all quite shitty. Can you long into your google account with this one?

No. 1153425

Haven't tried it yet but I would honestly not do it simply because I don't want google knowing shit lol

No. 1153432

it's available on the youtube vanced website. i don't really trust apk websited unless i really have to, the version from their official website is at least safe, or at least coming from the original source.

No. 1153453

not anymore, a few months ago they took the download link from their website and announced they were not gonna update it anymore. They didn’t say why exactly, just that they were forced to.
There’s still ways to get it though, r/afterVanced has links and they’re safe.
I need to find an alternative as good as vanced now for when the latest version stops working

No. 1153460

When it stops working I'll stop using YouTube. It's just not worth it, I'm not interested in looking at ads, I want to watch videos.
Not paying for Premium either unless they somehow fix their shit algorithm. Cant find new interesting channels to sub to because of it. So as some channels I subbed to stop posting and i can't find new good ones, I'm watching less and less videos as time goes on. That's not worth paying for

No. 1154759

i use the mobile app and i don't see the comments quick enough because i just rotate my phone lol. but yeah if you don't really care enough to look at the comments then it wouldn't be too bothersome

No. 1177956

If you have an Android open the YouTube video in your browser and set to view the page in desktop mode. Play the video, pull down taskbar from the top of your screen to pause it, change app to any other app, then use the taskbar to resume the video

No. 1181119

File: 1652548578790.png (1.36 MB, 1079x1710, Screenshot_20220514-131328.png)

Sorry in advance for sperg but I hate Poketubers. I watch gaming videos so they always show up in my feed. They're a bunch of manbabies who spend all their time sperging about a game for kids and so many of them have been known to creep on their young fans.

Mandjtv especially bothers me everytime he shows up on my feed with his retarded face in his thumbnails.

No. 1181153

Kek, men like this never give up the goods.

No. 1181159

Where is this from?

No. 1184311

File: 1652758997420.jpg (140 KB, 960x1044, 380pja93ga631.jpg)

The chussy…

No. 1186105

File: 1652845735503.png (Spoiler Image, 225.52 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_20220512-022021.png)

This thumbnail is so fucking gross. YouTube is so strict about so many things you'd think it would violate their rules or whatever but I reported it and nothing happened.

No. 1186318

Ew wtf..

No. 1186326

Got recommended a channel that records lot lizards/prostitutes walking around or standing around on the sidewalk. The comments are gross and so are the men stalking and recording these women. Fucking losers. Go die in a war.

No. 1186499

I know what videos you're talking about but never saw any. What kinda comments do they get?

No. 1187459

i search something and my results aren't even in english or any other languages i speak

No. 1187475

Same I keep getting recommended channels that are practically porn and borderline CP. I saw a video of a woman squeezing her babies nipple because "she was curious about the discharge" and then see really creepy breastfeeding videos. There's also a dermatologist (?) who is practically posting gore with no warning

No. 1187870

>What kinda comments do they get?
Various comments asking for their names, exact location, comments about their physical appearances, sometimes rude.
I honestly wish they were hiring U.S. mods or some shit. I'm a NEET and wouldn't mind sniping these channels down for hours.

No. 1188161

fucking hate these channels, reminds me of the same shitty subhuman youtube channels that are just suburban american brodudes with a dashcam driving around an american "ghetto" and recording houseless people and those clearly suffering either mental health issues or what they assume is addiction without their consent. the absolute disrespect human beings show towards others is disgusting and YouTube just continues the paid exploitation of vulnerable members of society for clicks and comment section circlejerks. i'm very much so against the idea of a censored or regulated internet except when it comes to these multimillion dollar media corporations that have a monopoly on online video as we know it.

No. 1189234

File: 1653048280274.png (88.97 KB, 272x264, AE8078BB-5A81-43AA-8358-11DF53…)

Kindly stfu. A one hour video to call gnc depictions queer. Wow he’s your gold star you’re so progressive very revolutionary.

I’m looking forward for the day that breadtube and breadtube lite is seen as embarrassing and cringe

No. 1189396

What the fuck. Link has always presented straight. His love interests were people like Saria and Zelda and Marion. Just because his dressed up once to sneak into a place doesnt mean shit. Not to mention, Nintendo has been the worst when it comes to anything gay (I hate the word queer so much.)

They pulled a glitch from the NA version of Tomodachi Life a few years back because they didn't want players making same sex relationship in the game, saying 'we are here to provide a family friendly simulation and not involve politics.' I remember this very well since i wanted to make a character of me and my wife and it wouldn't let me. Nintendo is not gay friendly and never has been. People reaching so hard to defend a shitty Japanese company.

No. 1190035

These people are so braindead that they believe a man that disguise himself as a woman to enter a woman only city is not actually a man.
I'm so sick of that shit.

No. 1190462

File: 1653086404398.jpg (71.91 KB, 960x960, E7U28EOWQAQK_os.jpg)

No. 1190481

Link is just a guy

No. 1190778

because they're all men who disguise themselves to enter women only spaces and don't want to face the fact that they are men

No. 1194582

>I wanted to be depressed and tragic so I faked it
Okay what the fuck, this is such a privileged upper middle class people problem. This video makes me want to a-log because it's so out of touch after she pulls that twist at the start.

No. 1194587

Getting tired of every single YouTuber bitching about being "shadow banned". No, people aren't watching you because your content is boring. Deal with it.

No. 1194866

did any of y'all watch the james somerton video where it literally just mentioned link as one example of nintendos queer relationship with gender or are you just going to continue to be upset by the mere thumbnail meant to stir clicks and that exact reaction? even aside from the link example, Birdo, Paper Mario, Metroid, etc. he brings up some really good points about Nintendos relationship with queer identity despite branding itself as a family friendly brand. Not everything needs to be so upsetting to your delicate sensibilities.

No. 1194907

How is Samus queer? Literally the only indication there has ever been was a single one off by an artist joking about her being a troon. Compare that to the whole motherhood thing, its pretty clear she's just a big lady.

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