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File: 1646870844454.jpg (527.83 KB, 1600x1067, angryyoutube.jpg)

No. 1092460

Similar to the Twitter and Reddit thread, we post youtube videos and comments that we hate. Infuriating shit, stupid shit, weird shit. Post away.

No. 1092461

Was watching this shit and then this comment hit me like a bucket of ice on my back:
>Fetish stuff sneaking it's way into mainstream is more common that you think. I especially hate it when it makes its way into "kids challenges" like that one about sitting into a bin bag and sucking the air out of it with a vacuum or stepping onto various food items in different shoes. Minors unknowingly creating shit ton of wank materials through challenges makes me shudder.

No. 1092465

File: 1646871187179.jpeg (494.56 KB, 750x845, 759D2ED9-BB1A-4900-948F-EB5785…)

youtube videos with these kind of captions fill me unexplainable rage

No. 1092489

These always make me rage too I don't get it. YES I FUCKING REMEMBER. FUCK OFF. They're always by some cartoon autist that's like "meh… there were better western anime than this…"

No. 1093254

literally any and all comment sections

No. 1093259

I hate it has a paywall now. And i hate it starts an ad once i clicked on a video. Like chill give me at least 10 seconds or something!

No. 1093260

I've managed to avoid most/all ads by only using the mobile browser version on Brave.

No. 1093263

I hate that disliking something doesn't even matter anymore. What's even the point now? I miss the time when you could actually see dislikes.

No. 1093265

I only use youtube on my laptop and I use an adblocker so I've escape that shit so far. I hate when there are like 3 ads in a 10 minute video on mobile.

No. 1093274

Any time I watch a video that's specifically about a womens issue (social or medical) there's always that guy in the comment section who compares it to a lesser male problem or just a totally random unrelated male problem and throws a hissy fit when women try to explain why it's not really the time nor place to talk about your scrote self and your scrote problems being totes valid. Every time.

No. 1093282

File: 1646942438477.png (1.21 MB, 1408x880, this guy.PNG)

Related I hate seeing this guy pop up on my recommended. I hate his ugly chibi character, how all his titles are the same thing. I refuse to watch him just vecayse his ugly clickbait thumbnails piss me off so much

No. 1093297

He seems so obnoxious.

No. 1093329

I liked his riverdale videos but I haven't seen anything pop up on my recs from him in ages almost thought his channel died kek

i would love to see him do a euphoria review

No. 1093362

>women may be raped but men get circumcised! Women bad! Men get raped too! Even though it's men raping them!
They're so annoying

No. 1093450

File: 1646951764959.jpeg (1020.07 KB, 2101x1883, 53DF1422-5CC9-4743-836E-8B775A…)

Do you guys think he’s serious or

No. 1093490

This is weirdly sweet..

No. 1093517

The comment section is always biased against women. I remember watching a documentary series about KFC in the UK (yes really). There was one section about how they wanted to open a new restaurant in a suburban neighborhood but some people in the neighborhood association didn't want it. There was one lady who lived close to the planned development and said she was worried about the noise and litter. People in the comments were calling her a bitch. Trying their damn hardest to bat for a fast food corporation over a woman concerned about how her street/neighborhood might be affected.

No. 1093520

This is what I call a whale. I bet he donates enough to pay her rent.

No. 1093523

It's always men supporting circumcision too. Anytime I speak about how much an uncut dick looks better it's ALWAYS men who butt in to talk about how weird uncut dicks look, and it was men who enforced it anyway. Somehow it's all on women?

No. 1093534

Use Youtube Vanced

No. 1093535

You can try getting the Youtube Vanced app to watch without ads on your phone, and you can keep playing music with your display turned off or while you use other apps too. It's kind of weird to set up but has worked ok for me so far

No. 1093549

No. 1094033

Yea probably but i still men would keep their creepiness to themselves

No. 1094055

They deleted Maritress Trosper’s video where she says Stormi Daniels has a dirty pornstar vagina :(

No. 1094174

Get UBlock Origin

On a different note: I HATE the fact that they removed the red line on already watched vids in your sidebar. At first I thought my yt was glitching but no, it's a new update. Fuck that.

No. 1094398

I watched a vid the other day where a guy sarcastically said something like 'god I hate reaction channels and reaction videos' in the middle of a reaction video. Half the comments were people who couldn't pick up on the heavy sarcasm and were calling him a hypocrite or saying 'wait doesn't your content kind of border on being reaction content tho?'

Missing sarcasm in a typed post online is one thing but a video where it's displayed about as well as anyone can display sarcasm.. with a tone shift and a long gaze at the camera afterwards, really? I've noticed other youtubers that I watch are really careful to always say when a comment was sarcasm.. guess this is why but it kinda ruins the joke then if you have to explain it every single time.

No. 1094453

Youtube commenters are the most braindead autists on the internet. If you ever watch those really basic moral of the story type videos like Dhar Mann, they eat that up. Always stating the obvious about the bad person being bad or mean, the good guys are good and justified. They need simple content spoon fed to them. Their inability to detect sarcasm too just reinforces my theory that everyone commenting on youtube videos are actual children, retarded, or both. I lose brain cells every time I decide to read them

No. 1095722

I explain this by the fact most humans have a phone with youtube on it
Were not often faced with the reality most people are dumber than rocks

No. 1096891

I have a soft spot for the single most annoying cringey channel in the entirety of YouTube. They do creepypasta style readings and post polls in the community tab every day like "which is scarier: chuckE cheese or evil Mickey?" My brother in christ it's 2022 how is are you getting away with this

Which brought me to realisation: horror YouTube is dead and lame. All the big channels are covering the exact same topics, some woefully late, and the small channels are doing fucking animatronic "oh my God the dead bodies were inside the suits" for the past 8 years. All we have is Nick Crowley

No. 1096907

I hate how many shitty reaction channels manage to get to the top. YouTube shorts is plagued with them.

No. 1096952

File: 1647224753226.png (135.93 KB, 373x314, yt.png)

Nearly every time I visit youtube this video is on the front page.

No. 1097020

Honestly, when I saw all the horror/arg/whatever channels praising 'The Walten files', I knew the genre was dead. I still like Wendigoon though, a lot of his video topics seem genuine in interest for the most part…I miss old reignbot but maybe I just got older.

No. 1097116

Those types of videos are the cooking version of clickbait and I fucking hate them

No. 1152413

File: 1651102863034.png (1.04 MB, 1277x910, youtube hate.PNG)

I'm sad this thread died so quickly.
I hate this channel, I hate the ASMR voice, I hate how they insert random anime and cartoon cameos to appeal to nerds. I hate how the comments are full of self diagnosing retards. It used to have decent videos but now it's click generating titles like Top 10 Signs Your Crush Actually Likes You! Psychology youtube is a growing clickbait cancer that is fueling the self diagnosing zoomer generation along with Tiktok

No. 1152567

Those videos that are like "A man ate 3 day tuna salad from the gas station- This is what happened to him" with a thumbnail that has NOTHING to do with the video

No. 1152687

Eww chicken pussy??

No. 1152709


No. 1152827

File: 1651110244438.jpeg (86.45 KB, 634x793, 09633A40-29D4-4B00-BA44-9838AF…)

everytime I see a raw open chicken breast I think of the raw chicken cake prank

No. 1152932

I don't watch anything remotely related, but get recommended these videos. I've never watched one because I can tell I would hate it kek

No. 1153086

You guys can let me know if I'm being a turbo autist or not, but I absolutely hate how YouTube is forcing us to see the top comment at all times. Commenters are so fucking retarded, I really just want to relax and watch a video without being forced to see people's retarded input. Also if it's a video where something funny/surprising happens that you're not expecting it gets spoiled for you right in the top comment.

At least on a computer you can kind of avoid it, but on mobile it's totally unavoidable. I wish there was a way to shut it off.

No. 1153088

I just dropped the app and use the browser mobile version instead, it doesn't do that or show me random "community" posts from people I don't even subscribe to. The issue I have with the browser mobile is that the recommend feed is kind of busted, I feel like they're trying to force me to use the mobile app but I won't. Also when I use the browser (I use brave) I never get ads which is also nice.

No. 1153092

I really hate that youtube homepage absolutely shit itself maybe 2 years ago. I could go there and browse a bigger variety of videos relevant to my watch history, now YT seems to be suffering from short term memory lost, and watching just two videos of the same big youtuber means it'll fucking clog my homepage with videos related ONLY to that, because something I watched last week could not be possibly interest me anymore.

No. 1153093

Agree. And all those idiots screeching "oMG I didn't expect this to get so many upvotes!!!Thank you thank you!!!" Like chill, this isn't reddit.

No. 1153124

I especially hate when I'm watching tutorial videos and when trying to troubleshoot by looking at the comments for anyone with similar problems, but it's just full of comments saying "wow this was so helpful you literally saved me here is my epic story about how your tutorials changed my entire life and got me a new career" a million times in hope of upvotes and recognition from the uploader. I wish they'd fuck off back to Reddit.

No. 1153335

In the year twenty fucking twenty two, the big 2 0 2 2, we STILL can't have YouTube play in the background like spotify despite begging for it for years. I don't understand

No. 1153359

I swear there was a short while where it did. I remember cause I was going to the gym at the time and would use it there. Then I had to start using some other music service when it just changed one day.

No. 1153365

You can do so with youtube premium, which is the reason why it will never be available for free, they want you to pay

No. 1153374

Do you mean like in your phone or tablet? I use tuber vanced for that, you can search it on the appstore or playstore and there's other similar apps as well

No. 1153407

vanced isn’t on the playstore, it’s only available on apk websites because finally cracked down on it and the developers took it down. You can still download it, it’s just not gonna get updated again so it’ll stop working eventually sadly

No. 1153412

File: 1651147304864.jpg (60.37 KB, 720x482, 1651147212971.jpg)

But I have it right here, and other similar apps also pop up

No. 1153415

Oh, I thought you meant the original vanced, the only time I tried the ones available on the playstore were all quite shitty. Can you long into your google account with this one?

No. 1153425

Haven't tried it yet but I would honestly not do it simply because I don't want google knowing shit lol

No. 1153432

it's available on the youtube vanced website. i don't really trust apk websited unless i really have to, the version from their official website is at least safe, or at least coming from the original source.

No. 1153453

not anymore, a few months ago they took the download link from their website and announced they were not gonna update it anymore. They didn’t say why exactly, just that they were forced to.
There’s still ways to get it though, r/afterVanced has links and they’re safe.
I need to find an alternative as good as vanced now for when the latest version stops working

No. 1153460

When it stops working I'll stop using YouTube. It's just not worth it, I'm not interested in looking at ads, I want to watch videos.
Not paying for Premium either unless they somehow fix their shit algorithm. Cant find new interesting channels to sub to because of it. So as some channels I subbed to stop posting and i can't find new good ones, I'm watching less and less videos as time goes on. That's not worth paying for

No. 1154759

i use the mobile app and i don't see the comments quick enough because i just rotate my phone lol. but yeah if you don't really care enough to look at the comments then it wouldn't be too bothersome

No. 1177956

If you have an Android open the YouTube video in your browser and set to view the page in desktop mode. Play the video, pull down taskbar from the top of your screen to pause it, change app to any other app, then use the taskbar to resume the video

No. 1181119

File: 1652548578790.png (1.36 MB, 1079x1710, Screenshot_20220514-131328.png)

Sorry in advance for sperg but I hate Poketubers. I watch gaming videos so they always show up in my feed. They're a bunch of manbabies who spend all their time sperging about a game for kids and so many of them have been known to creep on their young fans.

Mandjtv especially bothers me everytime he shows up on my feed with his retarded face in his thumbnails.

No. 1181153

Kek, men like this never give up the goods.

No. 1181159

Where is this from?

No. 1184311

File: 1652758997420.jpg (140 KB, 960x1044, 380pja93ga631.jpg)

The chussy…

No. 1186105

File: 1652845735503.png (Spoiler Image, 225.52 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_20220512-022021.png)

This thumbnail is so fucking gross. YouTube is so strict about so many things you'd think it would violate their rules or whatever but I reported it and nothing happened.

No. 1186318

Ew wtf..

No. 1186326

Got recommended a channel that records lot lizards/prostitutes walking around or standing around on the sidewalk. The comments are gross and so are the men stalking and recording these women. Fucking losers. Go die in a war.

No. 1186499

I know what videos you're talking about but never saw any. What kinda comments do they get?

No. 1187459

i search something and my results aren't even in english or any other languages i speak

No. 1187475

Same I keep getting recommended channels that are practically porn and borderline CP. I saw a video of a woman squeezing her babies nipple because "she was curious about the discharge" and then see really creepy breastfeeding videos. There's also a dermatologist (?) who is practically posting gore with no warning

No. 1187870

>What kinda comments do they get?
Various comments asking for their names, exact location, comments about their physical appearances, sometimes rude.
I honestly wish they were hiring U.S. mods or some shit. I'm a NEET and wouldn't mind sniping these channels down for hours.

No. 1188161

fucking hate these channels, reminds me of the same shitty subhuman youtube channels that are just suburban american brodudes with a dashcam driving around an american "ghetto" and recording houseless people and those clearly suffering either mental health issues or what they assume is addiction without their consent. the absolute disrespect human beings show towards others is disgusting and YouTube just continues the paid exploitation of vulnerable members of society for clicks and comment section circlejerks. i'm very much so against the idea of a censored or regulated internet except when it comes to these multimillion dollar media corporations that have a monopoly on online video as we know it.

No. 1189234

File: 1653048280274.png (88.97 KB, 272x264, AE8078BB-5A81-43AA-8358-11DF53…)

Kindly stfu. A one hour video to call gnc depictions queer. Wow he’s your gold star you’re so progressive very revolutionary.

I’m looking forward for the day that breadtube and breadtube lite is seen as embarrassing and cringe

No. 1189396

What the fuck. Link has always presented straight. His love interests were people like Saria and Zelda and Marion. Just because his dressed up once to sneak into a place doesnt mean shit. Not to mention, Nintendo has been the worst when it comes to anything gay (I hate the word queer so much.)

They pulled a glitch from the NA version of Tomodachi Life a few years back because they didn't want players making same sex relationship in the game, saying 'we are here to provide a family friendly simulation and not involve politics.' I remember this very well since i wanted to make a character of me and my wife and it wouldn't let me. Nintendo is not gay friendly and never has been. People reaching so hard to defend a shitty Japanese company.

No. 1190035

These people are so braindead that they believe a man that disguise himself as a woman to enter a woman only city is not actually a man.
I'm so sick of that shit.

No. 1190462

File: 1653086404398.jpg (71.91 KB, 960x960, E7U28EOWQAQK_os.jpg)

No. 1190481

Link is just a guy

No. 1190778

because they're all men who disguise themselves to enter women only spaces and don't want to face the fact that they are men

No. 1194582

>I wanted to be depressed and tragic so I faked it
Okay what the fuck, this is such a privileged upper middle class people problem. This video makes me want to a-log because it's so out of touch after she pulls that twist at the start.

No. 1194587

Getting tired of every single YouTuber bitching about being "shadow banned". No, people aren't watching you because your content is boring. Deal with it.

No. 1194866

did any of y'all watch the james somerton video where it literally just mentioned link as one example of nintendos queer relationship with gender or are you just going to continue to be upset by the mere thumbnail meant to stir clicks and that exact reaction? even aside from the link example, Birdo, Paper Mario, Metroid, etc. he brings up some really good points about Nintendos relationship with queer identity despite branding itself as a family friendly brand. Not everything needs to be so upsetting to your delicate sensibilities.

No. 1194907

How is Samus queer? Literally the only indication there has ever been was a single one off by an artist joking about her being a troon. Compare that to the whole motherhood thing, its pretty clear she's just a big lady.

No. 1215956

File: 1654665226219.png (Spoiler Image, 474.64 KB, 702x845, Screenshot_20220606-231619.png)

>go on YouTube to watch something mundane
>search "how to cook a steak"
>"you might also like this"

No. 1215959

File: 1654665372299.jpg (109.3 KB, 1242x1199, ECDIFrqXYAAJGtq.jpg)

Is is supposed to be discreet animal porn?

No. 1215960

Youtube's algorythm has gone insane lately. I searched for ASMR videos to fall asleep to and I was recommended a video of a guy cleaning a wound on his leg, with a graphic thumbnail

No. 1215975

Kek, I posted about this a while ago too. This shit is crazy, but I guess people will eat any part of an animal cough chitlins cough

No. 1216125

Samus "being queer" is so insulting. How dare a woman be strong and silent but determined, she must have been born a man. It's always the same regressive shit.

No. 1216177

KEK that is vile and horrendous but i am sure there is some asian girl that will do an asmr mukbang eating that

No. 1216179

No. 1216398

Mukbangers being big promotes animal abuse. You can't change my mind. Remember that Korean girl who would eat live animals?
Youtube is an animal abuse hub now. Look at the live feeding tard in the Dogs vs Cats thread. And then you have the fake animal rescue trends. It disturbs me that so many of these channels exist churning out the same content in the same amount. So more people are adopting animals just to put them in fake rescue situations and traumatizing them or killing them in the process. This usually comes from thirdie Asian countries. All these types of videos do, because they're the ones who use these platforms the most. And they love monkey torture videos too, since they're considered a pest there. They literally get paid to kill monkeys on camera.

No. 1216427

it would be cute if she was indeed "queer" in the more "old school" sense (so if nintendo gave her a female love interest which would make her obviously not heterosexual) but i highly doubt this will happen any time soon sadly.

No. 1216438

Those psycho korean mukbangers are seriously the reason I went vegetarian. Chomping down on an octopus while it’s flailing its tentacles and slapping fish on a table and then just letting them suffocate, fucking hell.

No. 1233852

I don't know if this is the right thread, but can you guys help report this channel? They deliberately had a kitten killed by a cobra for YouTube "content" to get money. It seems to be in the same vein as the "baby monkey abuse/torture" side of YT, shit is evil. There are other videos on the channel with the cobra(s) threatening chickens and dogs

No. 1233871

What the fuck is wrong with men? Why do they have to toy with nature and torture animals? I remember my neighbors and cousins doing fucked up shit like this, obviously not for youtube but if it had been around back then they'd have put it online. It's one thing when an animal kills another, but to make a spectacle out of it is disgusting.

No. 1233874

does it show it, i want to report the channel but dont want to click the video

No. 1233880

It shows the kitten already deceased about 0:30 anon, you can open it and pause it before then.

No. 1233882

reporting wont help, youtube wont take down sadistic channels that are open and truthful about torturing animals so what makes you think they will do it to channels like this who pretend that their animals got hurt by predators for views. I mean look at the comments all the people are actually believing this.

No. 1233887

their whole channel is just cobras killing or scaring other animals but they film it in a way to try and make themselves look like the bystanders.

No. 1233921

I stumbled upon this while I googled cooking something that wasn't related to meat at all. Like wtf is that

No. 1233922

The comments are disgusting and I hope every one of them burns in hell

No. 1233935

Where does he live? Pretty sure this is animal abuse and gives 4 years in burgerland.

No. 1233937

Didn't watch but judging by the brown skin and shitty area and cobra looks thirdie. Most of these animal abuse videos come from South and Southeast Asia

No. 1233941

I really don't want to click on this, can anyone just post the channel link?

No. 1233943

I appreciate you asking for help on this but WHY did you have to embed it you fuck

No. 1242578

Anyone else get the feeling Michelle mcdanial / my thoughts will probably offend you could just be a crypto, sometimes I get the feeling

No. 1242968

A what?

No. 1243134

i was watching her earlier today and i definitely feel it too anon

No. 1243707

A crypto terf/radfem, or at least what the twitter sphere would call her
Oh thank gods im not the only one. That haes video today, the non binary one she did in the past.. Her attitude to the meaning of words and all in fun too. Refreshing on YouTube. Love taking that confidence with me too.

No. 1247467

File: 1656695263801.png (Spoiler Image, 159.17 KB, 224x400, Capture.PNG)

So i don't fuck with tiktok and I mistakenly got addicted to Youtube Shorts. I watch a lot of animal shit and like a lot of it, lately I've into fishes.
I even found a weird scrote into giant goldfishes/drinking beer and reading the bible on sunday, so that was something.
But I kept coming across this weird scrote, with this ugly ass voice. I guess he dives and picks up trash in the water. He tells you what he found in the water. Which is cool, but the more videos I found of his, I noticed that he uses this "Britney" woman to get views. She's almost always in something skimpy. He's always finding shells and giving them to her to have or hold. She puts them in her "Shirt"/bikini whatever and he films it. Then he has her in the thumbnails at times. It's clear what he's doing with this "britney" and apperently he has other attractive female friends who dive with him doing similar things.
I just got annoyed because he was going in random caves, I don't know if he's "pretending" not to know whats in them or not,then I watched a video where he picked up two shells, he didn't flip them over or anything to check. Then when they got ot he surface he realized both were some kind of rare snail breed. He then THREW them into the water, I mean threw them and try to make it see cutesy. I know i'm rambling his name is ShangerDanger on youtube. He's not awful and he won't be the first using a pretty girl to make scrotes watch his boring videos, I just thought it was interesting. Picrel, is how one of his videos open up by the way. It's just the way he talks is like he's trying to sound like a childern's television host or quirky, but he clearly using the looks/bodies of these women to "entince" the scrotes to watch. It's just a weird combination.

No. 1247498

I hope so. Her editing annoys me sometimes but I love how little she gives a shit and defends her thoughts.

No. 1247913

I stopped watching her awhile ago but someone in /pt/ claims she's a tranny sympathizer so idk

No. 1260052

File: 1657649997394.jpg (122.68 KB, 1217x683, 987439857.jpg)

the "most replayed" thing on youtube keeps really really really makes me hate moids even more than i thought would be possible

No. 1260065

What's happening? Any explanation?

No. 1260100

I swear youtube is gonna get rid of this function in no time. It too telling..

I stumbled into some fucked algorithm lately where I could see pedos are clearly still using yt as their pronhub. The recommendations give it away too. And all the while youtube still wont do shit about massive family channels.

No. 1260139

Youtube is full of strange fetish shit, how do people get off to some of those things?
I remember coming across a video like this before, but on a windy mountain (and made by a german guy i believe), and the comments were full of men being like "wow that's so sexy" "so hot pls more video" etc.
I don't get it, what has to happen to you in childhood for you to get off to… nylon jackets flapping in the wind?

No. 1260149

File: 1657652349765.png (20.91 KB, 784x201, Bild_2022-07-12_205856135.png)

samefag but this comment is so funny to me
"might aswell cut it off" yeah if flapping pants excite you you might as well

No. 1260173

Älä laita tällasta mieleni pahoitan

No. 1260176

I hate moids so much. Imagine putting so much effort into a video because you want to defend lolicon

No. 1260179

File: 1657653548870.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 120.05 KB, 720x960, whut.jpeg)

When I was only a teen I stumbled into the corner of youtube where gay men get off on seeing other men in shiny-ish nylon tracksuits or in 'chav gear' There wasn't any nudity but it was definitely sexual and just up on youtube in this grey area where they don't do anything to even restrict it. Every was cooming in comments

Adididas brand shoes was another fetish in itself. Raincoats. How does this happen?

No. 1260192

hold up. do guys get turned on when their pants flap around like that, this comment kinda makes me think so

No. 1260203

the girl's father shaved his beard and she is crying about that (yes i watch those cringe videos on youtube!!!!) but of all the startled babies this is the most replayed scene

No. 1260204

hei hyi

No. 1260205

Maybe it tickles their dicks? Idk either

No. 1260213

File: 1657654998348.gif (2.82 MB, 480x276, IA7CKj1.gif)

Reminds me of
> Open my window and a breeze rolls in and I jizz in my pants

No. 1260215

that's what I kinda thought yeah. We need dick chopping (nontroony) to get popular.

No. 1260238

Is there anything that doesn’t turn men on?

No. 1260242

all storytime "animator" youtubers suck. they're either not funny, boring, annoying, have shit art (their actual art not their little sona), or are just charming enough to gain a following that is 90% children which I can't imagine is rewarding. I'd hate it if the only people that liked my shit were kids.

No. 1260252

I thought I've seen it all but a fetish for chav and slav gear? What the hell
Semi related my friend told me about this gay dude with a tap dancing fetish who would post horny comments on videos of men tap dancing, but then would flame the fuck out of female tap dancers.
I swear you could joke about a mundane thing being a fetish and you'd find out that it is a real thing.

No. 1260789

Their algorithm is terrible. Why put a video I just watched right back on top of my recommended videos. I downloaded a browser extension that blocks all that because it annoyed me.

No. 1260809

i watch youtube shorts and I'll click "Do not recommend blah blah" and it STILL Shows up. TWICE I got a random onlyfans ad from some random white girl, with her legs wide open and the "Sub here" blocking out her cooch. Both times I asked not to be recommended that shit again. All I watch on youtube shorts is animal and food shit. Dude talking parasites off of shrimps, chunky head gold fishes, releastic cakes etc.

No. 1260892

Dafuq is this. Men truly are the retard chromosome, god damn what a fucking abomination.

No. 1260921

I would use all my autistic powers to blast every degen thing on that site. I want to be a mod so bad reeeeee

No. 1261325

File: 1657720259591.jpg (75.33 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20220713-144726_You…)

I guess the stress and anxiety of males trying to hurt women affects everyone equally. This was an a video of a man chasing a women to here door and trying to get in.

No. 1261334

The gay fetish for chavs is mostly rooted in degradation. Rough young chav groups are typically pretty homophobic so young gay guys get a fair bit of verbal abuse off of them growing up. Some go on to be creepy old men who want (young) straight chavs to degrade them like in their youth.

No. 1261336

These are the kind of guys that shout homophobic abuse so it’s masochistic probably. They’re also usually teenage boys or very young men so that factors into the scrotery.

No. 1261338

Aww poor scrotes, it must be so hard for them. Feeling awkward about walking behind a woman is definitely so much worse than the fear of being raped and murdered

No. 1261345

Nobody claimed that it's worse, where are you getting that from? Both issues are valid problems and just because one is worse than the other doesn't mean that the lesser problem is completely invalid.

No. 1261350

I remember when a guy tried to follow me home to the point he even used his phone's front face camera to still look at me when I made sure to slow down until I was behind him. What if I was just paranoid and imagined the moment I saw him suddenly make a turn in my building's direction in a total unatural way? Boohoo, poor stalker, how could I!

No. 1261353

I've watched videos about PUAs gone wrong. Men who try their cold approach pick up lines on random women on the street and then just.. refuse to leave them alone after the woman starts briskly walking away. Comments under vids like that are a mix of men claiming that harassment like that is incredibly rare… And then the same shit as this guy. Men whinging that they can't chat up women anymore because women are too spooked by strangers. They push their own perspective so hard that it drowns out the real issue.

I had a guy try to chat me up about a year ago. It fucking 8am and I'm walking to work. He followed me and kept repeatedly asking for my number after I already said no and to leave me alone. I started to walk towards a nearby police station and when he saw where I was heading that was what got him to leave. I was breaking into a sweat every time I had to then walk to work after that happened. Would he be there again?

No. 1261354

Men feeling awkward for something they caused themselves isn't an actual problem dude, if anything, they should feel bad, maybe they would stop being the retards they are by actually feeling shame.

No. 1261372

Fuck off back to reddit or ovarit retard no one here is going to tolerate your male pandering, we don't care how much your boyfriend whines about women being scared of males. Go back and talk bollocks about "everyone being affected equally" to him because no one here is interested in your libfem bullshit.

No. 1261383

i swear some of you autists just ignore when men are actually doing things you think they should be just to shit on them for being men.

No. 1261386

Nta but is this a coherent sentence?

No. 1261389

Pure retardation kek

No. 1261392

>just to shit on them for being men
Duh. We hate them.

No. 1261472

My god how autistic do you have to be to not understand it was sarcasm
No it's not

No. 1261478

Sorry babe I tagged you as well, I was only meant to bully the libfem

No. 1261511

lmao kys defected xy chromosomoid

No. 1262406

ooh so edgy, such a black-and-white and we-vs-them attitude is totally valid and not at all unhealthy af

No. 1262409

oh yes cry harder, your chromosome pair is a pest on this earth and deep down you know it no matter how much you bitch and moan

No. 1262411

We are on lolcow kek.

No. 1262418

only parasitic y chromies come whine to women about being justifiably reviled

No. 1262419

This is so embarrassing. No moid will ever stick up for you like you are for them, you know.

No. 1262424

There's no other place where women can talk online and not walk on eggshells when it comes to being kind to scrotes. Give it a rest. Go anywhere else to say this shit.

No. 1262436

Go walk alone at night then if you want to assume muh not all scrotes

No. 1262444

You're so right. The fuck, lolcow is not the place to claim "not all men", kek. There's anons here with husbands and children who are perfectly capable of realising they don't have to defend them on an online forum.

No. 1262613

Based, you made the m*le have a meltdown.

No. 1264053

The only thing he said on this whole video is "Disney made a fashion brand commercial with traditional animation and they are planning on making more stuff with said medium" and yet he is able to stretch it for 3 minutes. How do you managed to say so little on such amount of time? This video would be much shorter if he stopped going on circles about how good traditional animation is and how sad that it was a commercial.

No. 1264119

This is also absolutely stupid because these animations are basically all recycled from the movie anyway. Nothing new.

No. 1265347

File: 1658020357759.jpeg (80.1 KB, 828x528, 738C772A-77C5-408C-9EAC-44DD65…)

men make no sense

No. 1283811

Is anyone else’s YouTube front page just fucked? It used to be good at showing me different content but now it’s showing me the same recommended videos even when I close the app and refresh. Was there an update or something?

No. 1283904

Any man who is genuinely offended about women taking precautions at night is a wannabe rapist, why would it bother you that a woman is crossing the road, walking fast, running, whatever unless you were gonna/want to do something? It's not a personal slight the same way locking the door at night is not intended to offend innocent people, it's intended to keep bad people away.
>it's people locking doors at night that are the problem! People should be more trusting instead of assuming everyone is a criminal
same logic and rationale

No. 1283905

I only watch videogame-related content on yt, stuff like avgn and scott the woz, pretty openly a-political channels that just scream at crappy videogames, yet I keep getting recommended shitty ''x videogame is twansphobic???'' videos where a fat AGP in fucking fetish gear talks about how a polygon offends him. I wish Youtube would stop forcing their fucking agenda into everyone, I don't even live in the USA..

No. 1284037

Those hood/ghetto prank videos. I honestly feel like the feds are behind some of them, but maybe that's giving them too much credit. Most of the time the "pranker" is a retard who ends up running away yelling, *It's a video! It's a video!" when the provoked male is running after him to beat him up. Maybe it's all scripted but they're still a waste of server space.

No. 1284442

Nonnie I downloaded browser extensions that make the recommended sidebar a blank space and the front page redirect to my subscriptions. I'm already subbed to all the channels I like, now I don't have the algorithm feeding inflammatory garbage to me anymore.

No. 1293943

File: 1659938304887.png (441.4 KB, 1141x667, Screenshot.png)

anyone else notice this video type appearing more and more on youtube this past year, its just people(usually instathots and low effort comedy youtubers) reading aloud reddit stories(almost always r/AITA and relationship advice posts) and giving the most benign sort of commentary and these low effort videos hundreds of thousands of views, its insane really

No. 1294074

Youtube algorithm rewards no effort, quantity over quality content. So unfortunately this is the result of that.

No. 1294099

File: 1659953031208.png (239.13 KB, 604x578, Screenshot 20.png)

I haven't noticed this on Youtube but reddit stories are seemingly inescapable on twitter, even blue checkmakrs are reply to these threads, twitter users have now literally created brands based solely on posting r/AITA stories or r/nosleep stories

No. 1294114

Am I crazy or is Kidology a farmer? Her content isn’t anything I’d necessarily relate to lc, but there’s something about how she speaks and her opinions on different topics that strongly gives me the impression of someone who comes here to vent about shit occasionally

No. 1294246

she actually made a video about creepshowart where she talks about lolcow a bit and it doesn't seem like shes familiar with it. generally I dont get the vibes that shes here.

No. 1295690

she is not a crypto terf or anything near a radfem, she's a typical edgelord rightwinger(who happens to be a black woman) she literally just makes fun of delusional fat people and even blames feminism for normalizing fat acceptance, she'd probably make fun of dworkin for being overweight

No. 1295732

That sounds like the average celebricows anon as far as i'm concerned. Even the bone rattle sounds similar.

No. 1295775

File: 1660061420414.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1020.15 KB, 1949x3423, IMG_20220809_212751.jpg)

Just what the fuck is this abomination? I never even watched anything related to barbies, I only looked up how to clean my old sylvanian family toys and since then, I've been bombarded with the videos of this channel. They aren't even age-restricted, I tried 'restricted mode' on yt and everything still shows up… This shit is totally accessible to kids.

No. 1295786

I remember googling bratz dolls a while ago and pretty high up in the results I saw… men spunking on their faces! It's a whole thing. Top left reminds me of that.

No. 1296456

File: 1660100600583.png (2.51 MB, 1733x1242, HunniBee ASMR.png)

Why are mukbangs such a thing? Hunnibee ASMR is probably the most popular next to Nikocado and she's this weird christian with lip injections who pushes her tongue out constantly. I want to flip a desk. She's probably harmless, the videos are just bizarre.

No. 1296458

File: 1660100677298.jpg (18.35 KB, 194x300, christ2.jpg)

How'd you find out that she's Christian? I wonder how that comes up in a mukbang video. Did she eat a statue of Jesus Christ?

No. 1296465

KEK she ends some videos with "I love you and jesus loves you" and has a bible quote in her IG bio.

No. 1296472

they used to be weird asian fetish videos for creeps. tiny asian girls pretended to overeat in edited videos. the western ones are like freak shows.

No. 1296491

has anyone noticed that youtubers move all the time

whats up with that

No. 1296685

Interesting observation, it's definitely true for every youtuber I watch. I guess if they're succesful they keep making more money and up their living standards to match what they can afford?

No. 1296692

I think it's incredibly risky when they do that.

No. 1296736

i dunno, i notice that even smaller time creators with less than a million subs that i follow are always posting "yeah i just moved to my new place" way more often than seems normal

No. 1296794

oh my fucking god that tongue! Why do people do this?! So disgusting. But anyway all mukbangs are disgusting and i judge everyone who watches that shit

No. 1297914


No. 1297921

Mukbangers are the worse. I recently reported a video (but Youtube does not even a real category, which animal abuse falls under, because they often consider the violence category only for humans…), where an Asian guy (probably SEA if I remember it right?) had living thick worms, which he literally made to this frozen rollen ice cream, which was really popular last year. I did not watch it, but the video pre-view started and you could see the worms moving and blood being next to them. It was so disgusting. I don't think Youtube took the video down… Kpop being more popular leds to Koreaboos also supporting mukbangers and through this leads to more anmal abuse

No. 1297965

I don't get it. The guy was preparing ice cream and the living worms were one of the ingredients?

No. 1297970

File: 1660218814821.jpg (135.39 KB, 1310x836, yuktyu.JPG)

Wtf I hate Mina Le now

No. 1297971

Here is the video, has anyone watched it? What does she say?

No. 1297976

the worms were the main ingredient. He literally murdered them with his scrapers/knives (or whatever they are called) on the ice plate. I linked a normal video here and not the animal abuser

No. 1297980

I'm not going to watch this but something's telling me he didn't need to do what you described on screen. I don't get the appeal lf mukbangs anyway. The only person who told me she liked watching them is my little sister and that's lnly during ramadan for some reason I will never understand.

No. 1297984

I don't watch her because it was either because she said something SJW like or was mad about something about her culture and how people are wrong about it (or so) while in the same video she was exactly what she described as ignorant/racist (?) about another culture or so and pretended to know everything about the other culture etc.? It was one of these, which just showed how much she pretends to know everything, but follows very often mainstream opinions

No. 1297987

I don't get that either. I searched for something way different (I think it was a Japanese song, which is blocked in my country?) and it showed up in the search on top and automatically played the pre-view. I find mukbangs disgusting since forever. Only losers watch it. Some researchers even said watching people eat is linked to being sexually frustrated/getting turned on/sexually pleased by this (even indirectly on a mental level)

No. 1297992

Did you forget your embed into the field nonna

No. 1298017

fuck, I did, thank you nonna for telling me. When I posted that I must have ignored the link and because of my shitty internet connection it did not show the video thing at first and I clicked on another thread and didn't see how this was uploaded again here, sorry

No. 1298031

Is she really rightwing? I never knew, sometimes watch her videos when they seem interesting but I find them repetitive. I never saw her as pandering to either side tbh, I feel like she shits on whoever will get views at the moment. Some of her opinions don’t seem strange anyway, like the video about the dad and daughter having a meltdown bc the daughter was too fat to ride something at a waterpark. The whole thing wasn’t as much about shaming the kid as it was about no, your kid could get severely injured or die doing this and you’re throwing a tantrum for no reason. I kind of feel like a lot of times she tells it like it is, albeit in an annoying way. She can come across as a pick-me sometimes but that’s the biggest vibe I got from her.

No. 1298113


No. 1298588

Is anyone else tired of getting those betterhelp commercials, also I heard that they were a shitty company so does anyone have any "tea" on them.

No. 1298839

Why does every minute online trend and community women participate in need to have a 30 minute video "analysis" and scolding session. I find this weird. They don't put scrote communities under the microscope like this, except for the manosphere because of all the mass killings it caused.

No. 1298944

I think KF has an entire thread on them if you want to brave going there.

No. 1299052


God one of their commercials are so unintentionally funny.

I think one is of some white chick going “why do constantly need validation?”

Followed immediately by “am I gay?”

And it reminds me so deeply of all the stupid shit on the spicy straights thread. Kek

No. 1300186

In her newest video (hypocritical bodypos), she went off a little on a self-proclaimed “autistic trans person” asking what it had to do with anything and calling it a “blanket of protection”, so many the crypto terf thing isn’t too far off.

No. 1316811

File: 1661477508449.png (127.95 KB, 898x200, Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 6.31…)

wtf how the fuck is this shit allowed online?

No. 1316812

File: 1661477664721.png (1.9 MB, 2230x1714, Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 6.34…)

WTF? this shit is literally on youtube

No. 1317125

Oh Youtube gives ZERO fucks about what exists on their platform as long as it makes enough money. This is the website responsible for Elsagate after all.

I wish I took a screenshot but I recently got a porn ad on YT, on a completely normal SFW video. Literal porn. As in, a naked man and woman fucking with no censoring. Audio and everything. An actual porn video. And no, it wasn't animated either, it was live action. Tried to report it, didn't work (of course).
I'm honestly thinking about writing some kind of complaint but I doubt they care. It's insane how this platform censors creators for using certain words or discussing certain topics and prides itself on being ~family friendly~ but PORN ads are fine. The fuck?

No. 1317535

>It's insane how this platform censors creators for using certain words
I would love to know the justification for demonetizing youtubers for using the word pedophile but keeping borderline pedo shit like the examples posted itt on the platform.

No. 1317539

Part of YouTube censoring creators comes from a saving cost element. For example the lgb being reviewed by real people are actually getting reviewed by third party companies being hired to work for YouTube overseas in cheaper more sexist, homophobic countries with “conservative values”. YouTube is mostly based in a western audience and wants to branch out so saving money by hiring the cheaper moderation team and letting them mod the platform more towards their countries ideas let’s YouTube deny their doing it and get the most out in theory. Some of the companies have spoken out about it now. After the initial blowback and potential investigation

No. 1323225

this is the most mentally ill thing i have ever seen. this woman's channel is full of videos of her letting a chimp groom her and stick it's fingers to her eyes.

No. 1323235

Istg it started with those "not like other girls syndrome" video essays on youtube.

No. 1323280

She looks miserable for a woman interacting with a chimp. I think apes are pets for the severely mentally ill because I can't imagine being near a chimp and not being extremely excited the entire time

No. 1323363

I'd be terrified, chimps can chew your face off for no reason and there's nothing anyone can do about it short of gunning it down.

No. 1324497

Why is she trying so hard to sound like an anime character in a cooking video out of all things kek. It's not even her accent ¡ because I know that having an asian accent doesn't immediately equal to 'trying to sound like an anime character', it's the way she constantly babytalks.

No. 1324516

The thumbnail literally looks like some sleep paralysis demon kek. Anyway, I could never ever fathom wanting to keep a chimp as a pet after that story of a chimp (Travis the chimp I believe his name was?) mauling his owner after being on drugs or some shit. I'm sure smaller monkeys could be nice though.

No. 1324521

This makes me so anxious, what is it picking and squeezing at? I doubt that woman has fleas. And why does she look so dead inside? Why does she let it pull her skin? I hope she gets help someday.

No. 1324542

omg yes! Ive seen her on Instagram for a while. I wouldn't call it pedobait but she is purposely infantizing herself. so gross. "woook at wat a bby asian woman i am uwu"

No. 1324547

She pops up occasionally on reels for me and I can't fucking stand her voice. Sometimes I am interested in the recipe but I just skip because I truly can't be assed to sit through her talk.

No. 1324768

i just got that recommended, why?!

No. 1324782

Is anyone else getting live-leak-esque shorts? I got a short recommended to me of these guys on a ship getting killed instantly by like a big rope they were holding snapping and hitting them. The rope hit them HARD and to confirm what I thought I looked in the comments and saw someone paste an article about the incident, saying the two workers died. I also got another video of a cat falling off from a really tall height and hitting the ground hard and running off. His back legs looked like they were broken. People in the comments memes about how uwu funny kitty fall he has 9 lives lolz and I don’t think a majority of them noticed his legs. It’s really strange

No. 1324787

There's a reason why I set my Youtube bookmark to my subscription page and don't really look at the recomendation bar.

No. 1324797

He's removing dead skin

No. 1324996

It's still up 2 months later. Youtibe is a cess pit.

No. 1325223

This just makes me want to punch her in the face. I can't watch anime because of these voices kek
Ngl this is what i'd do if a had a monkey all the time.

No. 1325407

There's always been a lot of live-leak-ish videos on youtube. Animal cruelty and death aren't regulated at all. I remember years ago finding grafic videos of animals getting run over, dying from falls or mauled by other animals. The commenters usually talk about how "funny" it is. It's sick.

No. 1326339

I want to bitch about how true this is. I spent years building up my channel, trying to make quality videos instead of shitty spam, which usually meant spending 15-20 total hours to shoot, re-shoot, clip, crop, and color/gamma correct 30-50 clips into one 3-5 minute video. Obviously I usually uploaded only once per month. I did monthly videos for years, my videos got increasing views for years, and then I got COVID and was too tired to do anything for 2+ weeks. The exact day I went 31 days without uploading, they cut 90% of my traffic. I finished a video and uploaded it. 30 days after the initial cut, they shadow banned all my videos, or something. Just fuck YouTube. Fuck how they've become the only platform on the internet besides Facebook and Instagram.

No. 1326548

This stupid fucking faggot always complaining about dolls not having heels and floor length hair. He's whining an exercize themed Barbie is wearing sneakers oh my god

No. 1326597

I absolutely do not want to listen to a man who looks like this talk about Barbie dolls.

No. 1326634

Even plastic women can't even catch a fucking break, lol.

No. 1326671

File: 1662293745411.png (Spoiler Image, 466.3 KB, 526x720, send help.png)

so when I want to watch a video but not have in my history because it's embarrassing or it will fuck up my recommendations I go in a different browser logged out. I did this yesterday and literally the first things at the top of the page were youtube shorts like picrel, basically softcore porn. there was a ton of them. and of course all of the comments were from thirsty men. I'm so tired of this shit

No. 1326706

I admit I don't know shit about yoga, but that pose doesn't look safe or skillful to me. It looks like gravity is doing half the work.

No. 1328297

File: 1662423170399.png (10.85 KB, 429x104, Screenshot_20220906-020743.png)

Lmao this got hidden on youtube (it's not my comment). The commenter posted" "transwomen aren't women" in response to someone saying 2nd wave feminism wasn't inclusive to anyone but cis white women. She got bombarded with questions of "hurr durr what is a women then", to which she answered pic related.

No. 1328594

File: 1662451176134.png (856.28 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20220906-025624.png)

YouTube couples can be so unbearable, there's definitely some good ones but 99% of is just flaunting expensive things, bad parenting then crying about parent shaming, and then just bragging about the wife being desperate/her body

I hate this couple in particular, they were okay at first but once they got attention all of their videos are just them bragging about their vacations and doing things like bringing a newborn to a crowded festival and ignoring him the entire time to brag about how cool of parents they are, weird underhanded brags, specifically about abbys skinny fat fridge body, and just "investment house shopping". There's another one of some red headed girl and ugly guy who constantly make videos on how desperate the wife is and I remember one where he gave her a paper clip as a gift and showed off about how she jumped up and down and bursted in happiness

No. 1328596

You know what pisses me off? When i specifically mark "don't recommend this channel" when i see something i don't want to see in my recommended and like a month later it's there again. Why is youtube trying to force me to wacth this? do they think i forgot i don't want to watch it? Because i didn't. And so every month or so i have to mark those channel again and again.

No. 1328667

Youtube knows what you want better than you do nonna

No. 1330085

Compare the search terms "lonely men" vs. "lonely women" in YouTube. It's like this shit is done on purpose.

No. 1330105

I love how the lonely women videos are made by the same motherfuckers crying about being lonely. I am also fed up of misogyny being given a free pass on youtube and on mainstream social media platforms. It's the only form of discrimination that's considered completely acceptable. It's even more depressing that even anti-trans content is deemed more unacceptable than hatred towards women and actively promoting a removal of their humans rights. Not enough people are complaining about this unfortunately, we need major figures to speak out about this. It's telling that this is the case because it's the only form of discrimination that doesn't affect men in anyway.

No. 1330110

I try to avoid any video with a couple in the thumbnail, I find they’re usually awkward especially if they sit in front of the camera together taking turns talking while the other one just waits and stares

No. 1332399

YouTube for several months really wanted me to watch various videos of stereotypical gays bashing Christian women for assorted appearance reasons. I kept telling it to fuck off, they kept shoving the videos in my feed. It just made me extra disgusted that even men who aren't interested in fucking women still get butthurt if women don't make the sexual display that men want.

No. 1332938

not hating on BJ Investigates but more on the topic of how fucked Soft White Underbelly actually is. this is the facial abuse guy but legit recruiting poor souls of the street for this. this shit about Lima Jevremović and her weird VR rehab seems fucky as FUCK (both vidrel and linkrel)

No. 1332940

This story is so messed up, and all the legal loopholes will guarantee these people will never be legally prosecuted for anything. I bet soft white underbelly will just continue feeding off misery porn his viewers like so much while other creators get cancelled for the smallest things.

No. 1332952

ayrt and I'm in the rabbithole and this shit is FUCKED, literally a digital human experiment. black mirror in action, I feel fucking sick
be back with more links just checking everything is legit. what the fuck my heart hurts

No. 1333020

Jesus Christ the clip of her in the VR headset and the simulation being skid row made my heart drop. Fucking awful people.

No. 1333033

I'm also currently watching That Surprise Witness TV's video on her death where she shows the toxicology report and holy shit this is so sus and sad. Fuck Mark and Lima.

No. 1333052

File: 1662735541519.png (3.31 MB, 2557x1287, ar.PNG)

I just watched the last video on this and I cant comprehend HOW this can be happening. They've packed her ashes to a goddamn plastic bag and dropped on the shoreline of a public beach. How is it possible to have so little respect for a human being? And share it all publicly?

No. 1333054

I wish we had a SWU thread

No. 1333064

Wow. That’s disgusting. Even that just tells what kind of people they are and how they felt about her.

No. 1333078

I report that shit every time I see it. I don't know if the reports work, but it makes me feel better.

No. 1333184

patrick cc did a video on this too. seems bam margera is in limas care too… he will be making another video on bam soon.

No. 1333208

A couple of months ago I discovered that channel and it just sucks you in (and disturbs you if you grew up as sheltered as I did).
Something that bothered me back than (and some people mentioned it in the comments) is that the interviewer sometimes seems to be flirting with the girls he interviews. Especially this one is uncomfortable, he compliments her so much and it nearly sounds as if he encourages her to continue selling herself.
And of course in general, the fact that all women featured on it are so horribly (so many molested as a little child and a prostitute at 13) abused while most of the men are at fault for their own misery, and yet their given the same amount of sympathy…

No. 1333244

there's something very wrong with mark laita. he has a long history of this behavior of sort of coming onto these abused women, or even ones that are strung out. it's so inappropriate.

No. 1333253

Isn’t he supposed to be a facial abuser guy or something? I keep seeing that around but no confirmation (afaik)

No. 1333254

that's what i've seen anons say but i haven't seen any confirmation either. i really would like to know because i would not put it past him at all whatsoever.

No. 1333259

Honestly with the Amanda Rabb situation I think it's time for the farm to go down the SWU rabbit hole. Who knows what some autistic digging will uncover about this guy.

No. 1333268

im sorry to ask this but i really really do not want to google it, but is this a porn category or like a specific porn creator they're talking about? like what does this mean and like are you guys saying hes making porn with the girls from these videos? if so i really hope this man is exposed, he seems to just be creating trauma porn for middle class normies to watch.

No. 1333290

For anyone familiar with the whole amanda/lima thing.. I wonder what hold lima has on him? Today he uploaded a vid with her in it and 95 percent of his own audience knows she's not right. I scoured the comment section to get a feel for the reaction. Its not good. So why cant he smell her bullshit from so close up? Is it money, does he have the hots for her too?

No. 1333295

It is a site/company and that's what nonnas have been referring to (though it probably is a porn category as well) He isn't making porn with the girls from the SWU youtube channel (That we know of.) but it makes sense that he's exploiting them as pity porn on youtube / flirting with them while interviewing them

No. 1333311

she literally has the eyes and voice of a sociopath. like a complete disconnect. i could immediately see it in her, like her weird messy rats nest hair with the super high "sweet" voice and the suits. like how can someone not see shes a sociopath just by looking at her?

No. 1333317

With Amanda situation it seemed like they're in for it for financial gain, she's providing tangible "help" that will look good on a potential fundraiser, and he has an infinite access to potential "patients" who don't really have anywhere to go. So here not only he gets to milk more views out of one homeless person's story, following their "road to improvement", but also benefit from the fundraisers. I'd imagine even if it ended awfully with Amanda, they'd want to do more of it because in general people who watch this channel want to help people he interviews, and if he actually was providing help, no reasonable psychiatrist-type of professional would allow for more exploitation for views so no more gain for him. IDK.
Like other anons I think it's possible there's much more dirt here but given his targets (homeless, drug addicts, etc) are much harder to track than your usual cows it probably would be really hard to actually find anything by just our usual internet deep-dives.

No. 1333331

File: 1662751005291.jpeg (628.39 KB, 828x1232, 60FC4BF3-00F9-4EC9-A26A-2BEFFA…)

this post is awfully tone deaf. Right after the memorial post for Amanda on her instagram

No. 1333338

File: 1662751122759.jpeg (401.98 KB, 574x820, 72FE0B07-4030-46A1-9939-8F9FF9…)

It’s off to me too that she tags her own company in the photo of Amanda. She definitely seems like an uncaring and cold person.

No. 1333362

this sick fuck used this poor girl. I highly suspect her father was an abuser and she ended up like this because of him and the SWU crew. the more I watch the worse I feel for her. she was a girl like us.

No. 1333368

She said it herself her father molested her and this is why she'd rather be homeless than to live with him

No. 1335285

This video is all bot comments basically saying the same shit. I hate nfts.

No. 1341704

File: 1663320738470.png (376.11 KB, 655x815, Screenshot 2022-09-16 113025.p…)

No. 1341710

Feels good to be a uBlock user

No. 1341712

sucks for my phone only, hope they make a blocked Youtube App soon that has the same UI and all of the official one

No. 1341717

NewPipe and yt-dlp my beloved

No. 1341723

a bit ot but yt-dlp is so fast (rip youtube dl), I adore it!

No. 1341735

nta but same
also you can use invidious if you can't be assed to use YouTube browser extensions on PC
Invidious also supports old YouTube annotations, a bunch of them were archived by a collective effort before they were entirely disabled on the site, and are now available for viewing on invidious. It's pretty neat.

No. 1341755

get youtube vanced. ive heard its hard to get now but mine still works perfectly. havent seen an ad in years.

No. 1341756

What for? Its already bad enough I get hit with two unskippable 15 second ads and the skip ad trick doesn't work that much.
Haven't I suffered for trying to wath a 1 minute video.

No. 1341757

I usually let the ads play for the YouTubers I like while I browse here, but wtf. This is too much.

No. 1341768

i have Free adblock browser and watch youtube on that, works just fine on android

No. 1341771

youre a lifesaver ty

No. 1341972

If you're still not using an adblocker in 2022 you have only yourself to blame

No. 1341975

anon, that's not what gives them money…

No. 1342121

And that’s why sponsor and ad block is the best YouTube. Ai skip the sponsor section in videos. Block their shitty ad rolls.

No. 1343399

File: 1663609395013.jpg (611.86 KB, 472x1100, i5eTVGj.jpg)

Xiran please get better

No. 1343400

The video

No. 1343428

It’s because they’re “carrying each other.” The balance is him carrying her feminine half and her carrying his masculine. Gender theory brain rot.

No. 1343432

I have no words. There is no hope for these retards.

No. 1343443


God, this makes me cackle. Let’s just ignore the deeper implications/symbology of the yin/yang and do a super surface level western Interpretation of boy/girl to justify spicy straight retardation.

I read this scene as embracing the strengths of your opposite in order to be whole.

No. 1346259

It's a Disney film. There probably was no deeper meaning other than a westerner mistakenly thinking the black half is masculine and the white half is feminine.

No. 1347843

True but if we are playing the “let’s overanalyze a Disney cartoon scene” Xiran game, then you’d think she would do justice to the eastern philosophy instead of spewing out western brain rot.

Isn’t that her whole fucking brand? Educating people about Chinese culture? Especially using western media as a jumping off point.

No. 1352927

Funny thing is that in the first video she ever made, where she critised the Mulan movie for being inaccuracte and ignorant, she talked about European witches etc. and was actually wrong about that. She used the American portrait of witches instead of the European one (and there were some other mistakes of her), which I found funny because she made a whole video about people being ignorant of the Chinese culture and at the same time was several times wrong about the European one kek

No. 1353877

So I come across this video, a scrote puts up a sign saying, "if you are homeless take one" in a city. Multiple people take one, two girls get one,the comments are all seething at the two girls who "don't look homeless " meanwhile at the end of the video some asshole scrote literally kicked down the sign and said f the homeless, plus how do they know everyone who took one was homeless anyway??? One of them looked like a city worker. More anger at the two girls then the scrote who literally said "fuck the homeless".

No. 1354027

File: 1664265104042.png (45.39 KB, 685x205, homelessstudents.png)

It's Toronto which has one of the worst housing crises in the world, these days I wouldn't just assume the housing situation of those 2 girls. One of them has a university sweater and there were reports about students living in shelters a few weeks ago

No. 1354101

Men froth at the mouth to shit on women online at every opportunity. Yet whine when women avoid them in public.

No. 1354112

I was in those girls position where I was living in my car, sure I didn't "look homeless" but isn't it counter productive to gatekeep homelessness by appearance? If you want to make a deal about homeless it includes how the economy is fucked up and everyone can potentially be a victim of it, not just crackheads and people who can't be bothered to get a job so they can at least pay to shower

No. 1354119

But anon how will these men get their poverty porn?? It’s literally so gross.

No. 1354395

>Isn’t that her whole fucking brand? Educating people about Chinese culture?
Anon she believes that China loved lgbt people before white people arrived. She's a rich womanchild who lives in a mansion her parents bought for her and doesn't work.

No. 1355351

there is no thread about her right?

No. 1355625

I like Tiffany Ferg, but good lord why does she need to sperg about how statistics are bad because it divides gamers into men and women (muh nonbinary pals!!) and how she had to apologize for spending money on some shit Harry Potter game

No. 1355671

No, she's just been mentioned a bit in the youtuber and breadtube threads I think.

No. 1355683

File: 1664379357269.png (317.44 KB, 591x438, 1650987566999.png)

she was frequently brought up in the breadtube thread and now her shitty self insert fan-fic is being made it into a movie, really feel someone should make another breadtube thread, somehow these people always go beyond regular youtubesrs, they get film deals and plays and feature in serious political documentaries

No. 1355694

>they get film deals and plays and feature in serious political documentaries
That's nepotism, baby. Her family is loaded and they're members of CCP.

No. 1355702

File: 1664379861445.jpg (174.45 KB, 791x1188, IMG_20220928_084420.jpg)

>The whole spectrum
>Three extremely feminine looks and one extremely feminine look but with short hair

No. 1355703

I'm talking about breadtubers in general, contrapoints being featured in the Hillary Clinton documentary, ollie(philosophytroon) having multiple plays and I think there was another breadtuber that was actually teaching at a university

No. 1355706

the spectrum:
>slightly tomboyish woman

i'm glad males are getting erased

No. 1355716

File: 1664380281000.jpg (448.43 KB, 849x2209, 1650987761175.jpg)

Here's some known milk about Xiran from the breadtube thread if anyone is specifically interested in making a thread about her

>2nd generation chinese immigrant living in canada

>parents are super wealthy and apparently old money
>puts on a obnoxious faux accent in her vidoes
>wrote a cringy self-insert sci-fi novel thats a rip off generic mecha anime features her poly relationship
>they/them who presents herself as super feminine and gets offended if you dare "misgender" her
>speaks like she's an authority of chinese history and culture and makes claims about china being supportive of trans and gay people before the evil europeans came along
>picrel is her dumb fan-casting of her novel(where its pretty apparent her mc is just an idealized version of herself)

she also makes cringy fandom memes about her own novel

No. 1355761

They are all well off.

No. 1356543

File: 1664415537625.png (1.06 MB, 1241x1230, 1662941280202.png)

her and jarvis johnson are some of the most unfunny commentary people. even if the topic they talk about is milky af, they will drain any fun out of it.

at least with Tiffany they are more serious videos (i guess?). but Jarvis will make a video on a tik tok he didnt like and will spend 15 minutes struggling to come up with a single joke and swallowing spit loudly. god i hate youtube now.

No. 1357013

wow she is really cringey kek. I wish someone would make a thread about her

No. 1357317

i hate youtube ads but ngl some of these Grammarly ads be entertaining.

No. 1357356

feel like she'll have more milk with the movie being made. if she did get a thread I would participate

No. 1358148

she's the type of people the unabomber complained about. I can't imagine having such an easy life that i have to make a FUCKING 40 MINUTES LONG video defending my shit taste in crappy mobile games made for grandmas and children.

No. 1359348

Not caught up on that drama yet but I'm glad someone is finally calling out Mark Laita, I have always been suspicious that dude is a creep/has bad intentions. I always wondered if he had some fetish for seeing really unfortunate people or wanted to feel like some kind of savior. Also the fact that in this video this woman who is straight up disfigured from surgery/injections because of body dysmorphia and he keeps going "you're so beautiful, you're such a beautiful person" and interrupting her to say that.

No. 1359495

File: 1664628512011.jpeg (8.51 KB, 300x168, crystalmeth.jpeg)

Some of the interviews where its just non prostituting addicts are bearable, you see people get vulnerable in a way thats rare. I know an ex addict and he's the most emotionally open scrote I've ever met. This weirdly open book who'll tell you about all his own shortcomings and his past. Good and bad. He'll own it all in a way scrotes generaly dont. He's done bullshitting people. Seems to be a point some ex adicts reach where they flip from supressing all feelings to total opposite land. That's what drew me to the channel initially. Seeing some similar people to that. I'll give credit and say some of those interviews can be worthwhile. But it ends there.

Whenever he has prostitutes on or fetish people (or lately a whole lot of tranny prostitutes) the comments are just horrendous. Men are clearly getting off on either their pain or the presentation of an emaciated woman crying. A whole lot of
> Well I get that you were raped by your stepdad daily since the age of 5 but tbh I don't have any sympathy for you turning out to be a hooker, your dad must be ashamed! Imagine having this thing for a daughter!
Meanwhile the dad abandoned her at birth and its clearly covered in the interview. That pattern of men getting a flood of empathy and people using mental gymnastics to shit on women is so noticable that its surprisingly the comments are left on. Anyone who cared would want to address that. The people being interviewed end up in the comments reading this shit sometimes. Being berated for not handling a lifetime of abuse in the most perfect way. Its sick.

Anything with a sexual theme basically needs skipping if you don't want to leave the vid pissed off. I watched an interview with a man who frequents escorts. He's spent his life savings on them despite having kids from a previous marriage that might want to go to college. He spent the whole interview bitching about how manipulative escorts are and how they charm you.. yeah bitch that's their job. He made out like HE was a victim and the comments were praising him for his amazing level of self awareness? He's a semi functional druggie deadbeat dad who hires escorts non stop and whinges that they don't really love him. Very self aware! He struck me as the exact kind of guy who'd go on a killing spree with women who're vulnerable to not being missed. Crazy.

No. 1361290

File: 1664730272609.jpg (424.96 KB, 1259x770, iu9878ouy.jpg)

i hate these pornified karen videos so much

No. 1361295

Wtf is happening in that image

No. 1361306

I hate 'karen getting owned' compilation vids. Even without the porny thumbnails we all know who is watching them and why. If it were swapped out for 10 mins of MALE KARENS being owned the views would go down

No. 1361309

Men are genuinely obsessed with seeing women getting hurt it’s pathological

No. 1361327

I think it must be one of those AI generated images. You could probably put something into neuralblender and get the same thing. It's not even porny to me, just weird.

No. 1361381

Theory: men really hate "karens" because they often stand their ground against men and it hurts their feefees. Also it's a good excuse to hate women for them.

No. 1361445

I've seen karen vids before where it seemed obvious to me that it was an older woman with early stage dementia, I've seen one where its a lone woman stressing out at being approached by a group of bikers, I've seen very small disagreements get lumped in as if they're full on tantrums. And best of all is when someone start filming too late and you've no way of knowing what led up to the freak out. The thing is after men watch enough of these clips they start to just see what they want to see. 'hysterical' women.

No. 1361679

They also hate them because they remind them of their moms. Hating on random older women with short haircuts is a vent for the times mom told them to get off their video games and clean their room.

No. 1362054

File: 1664788490318.png (Spoiler Image, 638.5 KB, 1163x805, Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 09-07…)

Why do men have absolutely no shame? Like when did this sort of thing become socially acceptable to be so open with? In a non-clown world this would be met with ridicule and social ostracization

No. 1362058

man looks like a german gay pornstar

No. 1362062

How is this allowed on youtube??

No. 1362064

It shouldn't be, report it.

No. 1362065

File: 1664789686222.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.55 KB, 1440x974, Screenshot_20221003-043411_You…)

What the fuck

No. 1362076

Womens rights might not have been better in the past but at least moids were still forced to hide tgeir degeneracy, we really let them get away with way too much.

No. 1362087

It’s fact that scrotes bastardise empathy for selfish gain, such as they have with demanding a more progressive society reward and accept male degeneracy. You’re 100% right.

No. 1362227

Moonlight Jewel did a collab with a coomerbait streamer and I'm disappointed but also not surprised.

No. 1362281

kek at that fucking neck

No. 1362283

The final doll ended up cute, but tbh it's kind of like making a doll for Mia Khalifa or something, kek. The girl who the doll was made for seems really cringe.

No. 1362333

what did you expect? coomerbait anime trash is mj’s whole shtick and the ooak doll community is very small. she’s gotta branch out somehow since she’s on twitch, so it makes sense she’d try to leverage a friendship with a twitchthot with an anime persona. idk how many twitch simps are going to click over even if it’s a doll of their fave streamer tho Al it just seems like a waste of effort to me. just hoping for a day when shame is en vogue and women aren’t compartmentalizing their personalities into uwu anime succubus gamer girl for a living.

No. 1362768

90% of the comments are only shitting on the mom, when sooner or latter he's gonna kill her. he's already huge af and she only has one leg, the husband works all day, she stands no chance.

i wonder how many such cases have already happened but we just don't hear about it because it always gets labeled something innocent like family drama…

No. 1362774

forgot to add that he already broke her nose thrice

No. 1362812

This situation is very complicated. Not really trying to defend this little useless scrote but something tells me he has something fucked up going on, every child I've seen acting like this had some type of disorder, some even tumors and shit, something's off

No. 1362967

wow its privated now.. weird.

No. 1363001

He's obviously the basic little bitch moid that can't handle having some responsibilities.
And with that shit attitude of his, he probably got bullied to hell and back in school at worst, surely he just got ignored by everyone though.
I can't believe his parents took him out of the Boot Camp after 9 days, I would've let him rot over there until he learnt how to be a normal person, he's surely the same fat fuck he was in the videos that his parents recorded, but maybe even fatter and uglier.

No. 1363029

File: 1664855440172.jpg (33.12 KB, 823x222, Capture.JPG)

kek this comment

No. 1363240

I'm thinking it's maybe because he wants to have some "exclusive" content for people who support his subscription channel, so he hid a few to pretend they've been exclusive all along?
In the recent channel announcement about demonetization he's promoting sub model heavily and also says first that he needs money because these interviews are expensive to produce which he then immediately follows up with saying that he donates 100% of the money he makes to the communities and highlights how he think his channel is a lense to bring awareness to the problems with society and overall makes it sound like a noble mission. Given some things we already know (like Amanda's case) that's tough to believe

No. 1364456

The surge of "telling age old incel myths, just in a female voice" content is pretty sad. This chick shows up in my recommended all the time now because I clicked a video someone linked here once. Usually it's just young women re-purposing old red pill material. The subjects could be interesting, if there was any research of real analysis behind it. I had to click off when she said "a blog did a study that showed xxx". Youtube essays should be a genre solely kept for media analysis, not this pop-sci stuff.

No. 1364469

I could literally link any video
> consoomerism the yt channel
> disgusting bird dropping feathers and shits
> so cute so cute so cute IT'S ADORABLE harajookoo sanrio so kawaii
> greasy af every video, faggot ex bf/current bff is super weird, husband is weirder. both suspiciously greasy also
> "if you don't like the bird leave!" THE BIRD IS THE WORST constantly interrupting and she leaves it in like its cute then wonders why people hate on her literal flying vermin
> can smell every video

could go on. not even touching on the "my healing surgery smells like cheese" saga cause I feel bad for her on that one

shayna levels of "I'm grubby as fuck but I wear pink so it's cute" levels on almost troon-like delusion

No. 1364507

havent seen her stuff in years but what a sad twist to see the short black hair that really fit her with finally a cleaner minimal style only to get even shorter hair that is dyed badly.

No. 1364528

>the short black hair that really fit her
Nonny that hair color the worst thing she ever did to herself, her brief attempt to larp as dita von Teese made her look haggard. It actually remains in my mind as the best example of a hairstyle not suiting someone's features at all. Gingers should not be dying their hair blue-black.

No. 1364545

idk the streamer but imo the doll does not look cute. The face up and clothes are well made yeah but the sculpture itself is just not my taste, it looks goofy

No. 1364603

sad twist indeed. she talks about how her mother begged her not to fuck with her (objectively stunning) hair and she did this shit to herself? I'm more mad for her than anything. the coping she does after trying to dye/strip/fix it makes me cringe, but I'm also happy she gets to experiment but please stop?
what annoys me mostly is she isn't that good at what she does. it's basic commentary and calling heaps of shit "adorable" and the price (the expectation vs reality pics are the one time she gets credit). Also, her weirdly fake accent (other aussies weigh in please, but to me it sounds like she's giving a fucking weather report every time) and constant drop ship items over $200 = content
she seems grubby, cheap and at the worst just misleading people.

and her videos have a smell.

No. 1365095

I've tried to watch a few of her videos but they're mostly just talking without making any actual point

No. 1365767

I hate when female content creators speak with this soft, whispery voice in their videos. If you've been conditioned to talk like this for your whole life, please take some vocal lessons and learn to speak with your real voice. This isn't cute or endearing, you sound like a child.

No. 1365770

I assume they are speaking into kind of crappy mics trying to not speak too loud. My voice ends up sounding like that too because of this, I'm just trying to not be too loud because I share my apartment with other people and am shy about speaking on the phone and recording voice if I know people can overhear me. Maybe that is what is going on?

No. 1365819

You sound really entitled, some people just have different speech patterns

No. 1365885

I get what you mean anon but sounds like she's just recording a voice over close to her mic, maybe she's not alone. nothing crazy socialized sounding to me.

No. 1365891

She sounds fine to me, I much prefer this over the screaming and yelling from other youtubers. The only thing I can't stand is female content creators putting on a fake baby voice. I'm too retarded to embed a YT short but the worst offender of this is the channel Ms Shi and Mr He. I just don't get why speaking like a toddler is ever necessary.

No. 1366043

File: 1665071622168.png (395.58 KB, 1084x229, hmdthm.png)

I checked the twitch thots channel and I was not surprised

No. 1366049

File: 1665071731044.png (578.38 KB, 542x629, swell.PNG)

I like Swell Entertainment well enough, and this is super petty, but GOD she makes annoying faces

No. 1366056

I liked some of her content but had to stop watching bc there was something about the way she spoke that drove me absolutely crazy. I think it was the constant giggling that interrupted every sentence.

No. 1366058

she's kinda giving me vibes of the girls who make dumb faces like these because they know they aren't pretty or interesting looking enough in photos. She's pretty imo but yeah, annoying faces.

No. 1366079

never watched her videos but i get reccomended a lot

No. 1366286

shes really boring to me. sometimes youtube suggest me their videos and im curious about the subject but ill close the window not even halfway through. shes just not very interesting or has any cool shit to say ever, even tho she clearly spends a lot of moeny and time on the videos… dont get the hype

No. 1366552

I've noticed in the past year or so that youtubers are remaking their videos from just a few years ago, with the exact same content and format. I feel like the youtube algorithm is pushing them to do this like by pushing down old videos. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 1366562

Does anyone remember that family/prank channel DaddyOFive? The channel that got in legal trouble for pretty much abusing their children on camera? I went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out what ended up happening with that and found out that the dad is still pumping out videos. The channel is called The Martin Family. I'm shocked that youtube allows this monster to continue making content. At least Cody and Emma have been removed from the household and placed back with their bio mom.

No. 1366925

iirc he's legally banned from making content about his kids. I went and looked at the martin family channel, their "about me" is literally nothing but a statement that the website, channel, and content are all 100% owned and created by the children themselves with no involvement by the dad at all. forget youtube, why hasn't he been dragged back in front of a judge?
>Hey guys we are The Martin Boys now known as the Martin Family. This channel is owned by our Nana. The content is edited and uploaded by US the Martin Sons.
>My parents were wrongfully, accused of things they did not do but made the best choices they could for all of us at the time. If you want to know more about our real story check out our website OfficialFamilyOFive- my parents have turned over all rights and responsibility of the website to me, their oldest son.

No. 1366939

I remember it from when it was happening in real time, j aubrey JUST made a video on them if you’re interested/that’s not where your interest came from lol

No. 1367068

I just hate her dry lips.

No. 1367071

There's a YouTube short channel about a woman with a bunch of big birds, I think emu? And one of them is really aggressive towards her but she constantly makes videos joking or posting about the birds being aggressive, any of this sound familiar? I hate channels like that

No. 1367105

Yeah her name is Useless farm, the bird that always tries to attack her is Karen. I honestly don't know why she always baits the bird like that for views, she knows that particular emu is aggressive and even got injuries from her but still post the tik toks with her back turned to it. Emus have been known to disembowel people with their claws, it's stupid dangerous

No. 1367188

I think there's a scrote who also has a emu and it tries to attack him but he pushes it away like Useles farms does. What I hate is these people clearly use their aggressive animals for content but nobody calls it out. People get mad at the emus not the idiots who know their particular bird is aggressive but do shit to make a tik tok video and then are like, "Oh my God do you see how aggressive Karen is to me?".
It's just weird. There's another guy with a emu and two alligators I found from shorts. And he treats his animals with respect and his emu isn't aggressive rather friendly. His videos are a lot more likeable, I can't think of his name

No. 1367917

just discovered this "how to be an alpha male like tyler durden or the guy from driver" channel, but one who uses anime characters like Light Yagami or Kiyotaka Ayanokouji as examples

No. 1368461

God I hate this mindset of "don't be kind, this is not how the world works". It's such a male, unevolved mindset. It's how I used to think when I was right wing and supported people like Jordan Peterson.

Only I grew out of it but men don't seem to.

No. 1368568

File: 1665319768700.png (51.21 KB, 540x428, Screenshot_2022-10-09-07-30-08…)

From one of vinesauce's comment sections

No. 1368569

File: 1665319802104.png (93.85 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2022-10-09-07-30-55…)

No. 1368570

File: 1665319894433.png (69.46 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2022-10-09-07-31-57…)

No. 1368575

that based and correct comment got a couple of "go back to Twitter lol sjw!" responses but no big deal, just pathetic 4chan scrotes that were mostly ignored.
this however irritated me a lot
>as a she/they i don't care that I'm referred to as a female!
are you kidding? the reason many women prefer to identify as anything but a woman is because they're so fucking sick of being dehumanized and facing casually misogynistic comments like those every single day. if you really didn't care you wouldn't have called yourself a they. or if you are a mtf tranny and it doesn't affect you then it's simply because you weren't a woman to begin with. i hate that something so obvious flies over so many peoples heads. needless to say i hate scrotes, especially when they refer to women as these strange, stupid alien creatures that are very different from "man" and whose only purpose it to cook, clean and look pretty.

No. 1368576

File: 1665320582415.png (40.84 KB, 540x293, Screenshot_2022-10-09-07-32-36…)

oops forgot pic

No. 1370985

Pickmes pull this everytime another woman complains about a problem. I know it's mean, but I'm glad the Did You Get Picked Yet meme caught on on some platforms, because the "Look scrote, I am a cool woman, I don't mind, don't take that reasonable criticism serious because not all women agree :))" comments are so damn annoying and pathetic.

No. 1377212

WHY is this video over 4 fucking hours long

No. 1377219

Caring about Trisha Paytas is a sign of an intellectual disability

No. 1377223


It should also be noted that pickmes just want to pull scrotes "back to the plantation to simp for them", as they claim, and want the adoration of but will not date their simps, they always aim higher. Most men are clueless to this.

No. 1377228

whenever i cant sleep i put his nikocado video as white noise

No. 1377250

can't stand this dude, his massive forehead and ScHiZo PoStInG aesthetic are so overplayed.

he's into gore (a man? into gore? it can't be!) and wears it like a badge of honor. he's so kooky and wild that he doesn't get bothered by beadings, wowza! The only thing he doesn't consider weird at all is if the gore/'not safe for life' content is someones fetish. He defends that with his life nonnies! Cuz fetishes aren't weird! They're just good and sex posi ya know?
Also cartels are just a western prop made to make us think mexicans are bad. Yeah yeah we all know america bad, but the way this 10head can't ever admit that other cultures can also do horrible shit without it being some CIA plot to make Joe from Montana more racist… is embarrassing. Oh and of course he makes shitty hyperpop with his hrt falsetto, it's so textbook.

No. 1377252

This feels like stolen valor

No. 1377254

I hate looking at the filters these drama channels put on thumbnails

No. 1377264

why do all troons have saul goodman's forehead

No. 1377278

I love multi hour long videos about some bullshit from this channel, perfect background for work, entertaining enough with the drama and if i space out for some time i wont miss out on anything either. Every time he posts something it's like birthday

No. 1377305

Youtube reccommended me this guy's channel today. Only a gross moid could talk about a gruesome crime and add ''with all detail'' into the title to attract sick scrotes who are into torture porn, and also WHO decided its a great idea to add an AD for FOOD on a case that's primarily known for including cannibalism?. Gross, i am never buying from HelloFresh.

No. 1377317

Hearing just the voice, I thought it was a TiM like >>1377250 . I bet he's going to troon out though. Almost makes me want to start an edgy channel to just talk about scrotes getting murdered and somehow make money off of it too.

No. 1377607

File: 1666033716395.png (44.89 KB, 384x106, muh twansphobiaa.PNG)

Fuck you Youtube, I am NOT interested. This is the second pro tranny video I clicked "not interested in" today

No. 1377617

>the media promotes transphobia
What universe do these retards live in?

No. 1377621

Youtube uses the not interested, flagging, and don't recommend channel to alter its algorithm, not tailor itself to what an individual user wants. If you use these options, no matter the video topic, it will just put more things with similar thumbnails to see which ones bother you and which you let pass. That's what I've noticed anyway.

No. 1379379

Wanted to give Him a try after hearing how “funny” he is but this video just made me super annoyed, why are the comments calling this grown ass man child “cute”.

No. 1381461

File: 1666323422589.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221020-233336.png)

I was looking for some channel about reptiles that my sister told me about, and so I typed in lizard guy' and got this.

1. What the actual fuck
2. Who the fuck is watching this

No. 1381462

It’s probably ragebait

No. 1381481

Other than that being on a dead iguana… That is something you have to do on male lizards sometimes. I can see someone maybe needs to watch to see how it's done, but it's weird to brand it in a ~satisfying~ pimple popping way, esp if the animal is dead

No. 1381498

The issue with shorts on Yt is like the FYP on Tiktok. The algorithm will generate new videos for you to watch based on what you've previously watched. So it might not be people specifically looking for this kind of content but accidentally stumble on to and stay due to the ragebait

No. 1381646

I unsubbed from him bc he's been doing the exact same shtick for years now. I thought he'd move away from "haunted" this that and the other following the Shane debacle, but no. He needs to take a leaf out of Jenna Marbles playbook.

No. 1381762

Theres so many youtubers jumping on the 'omg teen girls are crushing on dahmer and its sick' video at the minute. If its a woman covering it.. fine. Valid. Good points being made. Not just pearl clutching for the hell of it and they probably do hold the morals they're talking about. All good.

But males making those vids.. can stfu and go back to watching their anally raping my stepsis type porn. They're so fucking sanctimonious. Teenage girls are soo sick and horny you guys! I'm so shocked that anyone can link violence and sex together! Males never do that, Amirite guys. They don't give a fuck about the morality of it. They're seething that women (well mostly teens) have fantasies that aren't about them. They're a mixture of just jealous and looking to take the heat off themselves for being the sex thats sick. Pease leave those vids for women to make. Men preaching about sexual fantasy versus morality is a hoot.

No. 1381770

That's true but also I always get recommended shorts that make no sense. Sometimes I watch shorts of animals but directly after it tries to get me to watch Dave Chappelle clips even though I don't watch stand up comedians. It is really annoying.

No. 1381931

i hate channel 5/andrew callaghan for many reasons, some of them i can't really put into words though. but 1. he stole his whole shtick from joe goes (not to cape for a tranny) and never acknowledges this 2. he is literally a white soundcloud rapper himself yet a lot of his videos make a point of ridiculing this exact group

i also hate whoever noah samsen is, holy fuck he's so ugly and annoying.

i've never watched any of these videos and i will never. it's pure exploitation and misery porn. and the pretentious black & white filter says everything. this guy probably think he's claude lanzmann or something.

No. 1383280

Not a fan of the Dahmer show, and serial killer "fans" are retarded.

But! This type of guy is equally annoying.
>pretentious redditor makes a video about a lukewarm take on a popular show
>exploitation is bad but I'll also exploit this topic for views
>badly edited and recorded
>says absolutely nothing of importance, just "serial killer bad"
What would we do without you, mediocre youtuber, I would have never critically thought about the show and realized it's wrong.

No. 1383350

Like the anon before me said I think its real funny this guy's sperging about the Jeffrey Dahmer trend as if he's not on pornhub looking at "step sister gets stuck in the dryer" porn. Because step sister porn is hehe funny internet meme and definitely not taken from the vile incestuous thoughts of moids who actually want to fuck their sisters. They dont even see the "stuck" part as a sugar coated way of saying raped. Shes just "stuck" guys so I'm going to rip off her clothes and forcibly fuck her against her will. Getting off on simulated rape, incest and pedophilia is fine for scrotes and it's just fAnTaSY GuYZss!! But the moment some dumb teenage girls who are socially conditioned to feel like boys being mean to them is romantic are drawn to a violent moid its all "WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?? WOMEN ARE BROKEN" as if the same disgusting porn they're watching aren't breaking these poor teenagers brains to begin with.

All pornsick scrotes are fundamentally damaged beyond repair. Jeffrey Dahmer is a sick vile fucking freak but boy does it bring petty joy to my heart these scrotes are panicking that women might actually want men they can't emulate or be like just like the rotted whores women are destroying their bodies to become and look like to meet moids growing standards that women need to look like anime lolis with Jessica rabbit proportions and be ready for anal sex at the drop of a hat. Seethe you fucking broken useless hollow excuses for humans.

No. 1383576

It should have been obvious why she always seems to sympathise with incels. She had mentioned her celibacy and had referred to herself as an incel. I am now probably under the impression she must be neurodivergent in some sense and that stops her from having a relationship, she isn't a hideous woman by any means. I do kind of relate to her sentiments but what I feel like would do her some good is maybe she should just swallow the black pill and move on.

No. 1383587

Nonna you are based as fuck.

No. 1384617

I hate how zoomers have cooked brains, and expect grown adults to all act like the faggot from Blue's Clues, and think there's something off-putting about the candor of normal functional adults. It even leaks out into real life. This is how we got saddled with "Barbie pouch" Dylan. YouTube and overexposure to retarded baby television has fucked them up. If a kid is young enough to enjoy shit like Blues Clues, they're too young to even be watching a screen, it's just fucking up their brains.

No. 1384871

I disagree with this. Children's television has existed far beyond the zoomers. At least blue's clues provides something engaging for children and does not cause havoc on their attention span the way stuff like tiktok and youtube shorts does. I don't think ipad children could even pay attention to blues clues. If anything is cooking their brains, it's internet access the bottomless pit of content.

No. 1384884

I'd rather young girls watch her rather some bimbo libfem positive channel, some of us just are perpetually alone and we don't know why, I found someone who loved me through sheer chance, I'd probably be alone my entire If I hadn't met him

No. 1384896

>I found someone who loved me through sheer chance, I'd probably be alone my entire If I hadn't met him
Same but isn't it normal? I'm tired of people acting as if finding a good partner was easy. It can take years and that's okay. Even more if you have high standards and every woman should. Being alone isn't easy but it's healthier than forcing yourself to date someone that isn't worth the time.

No. 1384901

I come from the perspective that people need to be open to the idea that the perfect partner is probably someone who does not and will never exist in your life. Also she should probably stop trying to see herself in male incels and thinking about them all together.

No. 1384902

here's the thing, I never asked for a perfect partner, just a decent looking guy(wasn't obese or nightmarish ugly) who was a good person, that's it and I just never could attract such a person for a long time

No. 1384920

I feel like people put way too much emphasis on romantic relationships being perfect and in tune all the time even though that’s just not possible. Someone who you will never bump heads with or never have issues just doesn’t exist.

No. 1384930

Sounds like a pickme cope

No. 1384937

Diff anon but this, years ago I thought I'd found the most amazing guy. Never argued. He was easy going and seemed really dedicated to making me happy. Jackpot meeting. We were together for 5 years. Weirdly easy and hitch free.. He left suddenly one day and I have no idea why. I can only guess that maybe there was shit going on that he wasnt willing to bring up. That he bottled his feelings. I was blindsided. Did I ever even know him all that deeply? I have never been more 'myself' around a person but it was odd that there was no bumps. I think he was a people pleaser but.. to a fault. I can only wish him well but damn I would've loved some answers in the end. That experience left me scratching my head for ages afterwards. My first love too.

Having dated more since, there's a balance. Butting heads is fine as long as they don't show certain signs during fights. Arguments can be productive or they can be about emotionally punishing someone. Thats my take away at this stage.

No. 1385098

File: 1666643300179.png (Spoiler Image, 384.63 KB, 507x801, pickmebelike.png)

This turbo pickme's face everytime I open the app in the not logged in version of the app. Is she the og pickme?

No. 1385102

different anon but last time I tried to get to know a guy "deeply" it turned out he was about as deep as a kiddie pool.

No. 1385117

I usually like his videos bc they are just lighthearted and fun, but this was genuinely one of the most obnoxious videos I have every watched. It was so annoying I kept having to stop and come back to it until I eventually gave up.

No. 1385123

It’s not a cope it’s a reality. Every single relationship people have with others results in disagreements sometimes. It’s natural that two different people clash sometimes. Pickme coping is when women cape for their shitty moids who yell at them in public by saying they’re just passionate.
I’m feeling like this right now. Just got out of a relationship with s guy who was so sweet and caring but when I tried to do the same for him he would freak out and shut down. I would call him out on some behaviors and sometimes we’d make emotional progress but he would just clam up again. I feel like he would’ve been happier letting me control the entire relationship but that shit freaks me out.

No. 1385173

who has ever said that you will never disagree about anything? No one. No one is breaking up with people over respectfully disagreeing about some random inconsequential shit. The problem is that 98% of men don’t function at a base human capacity.

No. 1385210

>he is literally a white soundcloud rapper himself yet a lot of his videos make a point of ridiculing this exact group
Source? What the fuck. Not surprising though

No. 1385518

>Having dated more since, there's a balance. Butting heads is fine as long as they don't show certain signs during fights. Arguments can be productive or they can be about emotionally punishing someone. Thats my take away at this stage.
Can you elaborate more on this? I was very emotionally immature during arguments and it cost me my relationship, so I want to find a way to deal with this better in the future.

No. 1385794

god he's so fucking cringe. his stans coping in the comments is hilarious as well.
>Andrew genuinely has potential.
>I think the funniest part about this is it isnt even that awful
>As someone who lives in the PNW & has been exposed to many local rappers here, I have to say that teenage Andrew is much better than at least 99% of them.

No. 1385806

File: 1666703307128.gif (543.32 KB, 220x176, fake-smile-okaaay-then.gif)

It sure is… something!

No. 1390065

when i first heard about this channel i was excited to find a woman who does icebergs and your typical male-oriented spooky content
imagine my disappointment

No. 1392341

File: 1667152531349.png (181.41 KB, 360x1790, future-hapless-divorcee.png)

Stolen from FDS website. Somebody found this goldmine of bullshit under a POOR MENS video. This is why men end up "lonely", they pull antisocial, narcissistic bullshit like this. They don't appreciate anyone. They scapegoat their poor gfs/wives, and dump punishment on them for shit the women didn't even do. Contrary to whatever this loser says, you know he's a self-centered shitty friend to other men as well.

No. 1392367

He didn't have to plan that on his fiancés birthday out of all days of the year. He could have done it the day after or literally any other day, but no he wanted to make an issue out of a non-issue. Like HUH? Men think they're the only ones who feel loneliness? Loneliness isn't even a human problem even cockroaches get lonely. Lmao they do not get to claim this is a man's only problem they are not lonely they are conceited assholes and nobody wants to be around them. There is a difference.

No. 1392439

Men have really exposed how simple they are with this whole victim movement. If a man's feelings are hurt, there's no way the other person could possibly have hurt feelings as well. Dude really made plans on his wife's birthday and then pulled the "what about MY feelings?" as if this wasn't a total non-issue and he couldn't just reschedule. Also kek at him making it about his daddy issues. What a fucking baby.

No. 1392447

it's also entirely self-inflicted. men construct masculinity and then when they're emotional walls with no connections to others they kill themselves kek

No. 1392466

this dumbass planned his own party on the day of his fiances birthday, and hes angry because she was upset by it. men are so fucking retarded

No. 1392501

I guarantee he did it on purpose to show her how unimportant she is. Her mental health is going to deteriorate until she divorces this scrote, then he'll go live in an empty apartment and whine about how lonely he is.

No. 1392778

>a troubled childhood is to blame for many of these things.
>My fiance eventually came around and was apologetic.
Him making himself out to be a victim because of 'muh troubled childhood' is going to make this poor woman feel guilty for standing up to his stupid bullshit. I hope she realizes she's not the one in the wrong here and leaves him.

No. 1392876

This reads to me like this tournament was a bigger event on a scheduled day but I really don’t understand why he HAD to do this one. Literally could have gone to another event in the future on a different day or make different plans at a more convenient time but just decided to go through with it anyways.

No. 1392988

the fact 4chan warped this child so badly makes me want to alog, but then this mediocre commentary bro comes in and reduces it all to a cliffnote.
this series of tubes we call the internet was a mistake

No. 1393036

I miss the book club so much, I was weirdly attracted to him, he was better then 99% of other breadtubers

No. 1393055

>My childhood sucked. ITS HARD BEING A MAN
As if men don't always step out on their daughters and then sexualize women for daddy issues? As if girls aren't always expected to be mini moms, aren't allowed to play dirty or anything else? It's funny how even the women with the most fucked up lives can manage to not neglect their partners but men will have divorced parents or something stupid and act as their childhood was robbed from them

No. 1393070

>Plans something for himself on her birthday that will exclude her
>Emotionally manipulates and guilts her into apologizing to HIM for being upset
>Not even a hint of him feeling ashamed, apologetic or regretful
Classic narcissist behavior. All this talk about his feelings and not once were hers even thought about.
Very interesting how both him and the other scrote who commented had an excuse ready for the best man who didn't bother to do shit for him. But his fiancée being disappointed and upset over being second place on her own birthday? "Pretty unacceptable".

No. 1393130

I would have just said "don't worry about the wedding. I'm keeping the ring to sell. goodbye"
cause what the fuck infantile daddy-issues shit is this? fuck moids
there's nurses with more spine in their little finger than these scrotes have in their entire body
Y chromosome was a mistake

No. 1393145

Looking at clips about the delphi killer possibly being caught.. youtube commenters have entered 2 camps
> reminder that he is innocent til proven guilty, don't you dare tarnish a mans name til you know for certain he did it. gossip ruins peoples lives ya know!
> he did it and his wife HAD to have known. She's a monster who put others at risk all these years. She's the real monster here for covering up for him
Men are assumed innocent. Women are assumed guilty. Never change youtube tards

No. 1393163

The thing that drives me really crazy is how women with shitty childhoods generally try harder to be good partners, try harder to pick a good man and start a family and do things right. And then they just get sucked in by more worthless scrotes, abused, and possibly left with more kids in poverty. Men are so worthless, I wish people would start trying to fix the problem, stop lying to girls.

No. 1396786

File: 1667489132643.png (14.5 KB, 991x192, oo.png)

Youtube removed some functions when looking at a channels videos and removing the option to view the oldest videos.

Now you only have the popular and recently uploaded function.

Youtube really wants people to stop using their shitty platform huh, they just keep making bad decision after bad decision, idk what's going on.

No. 1396898

Honestly I think they’ll patch this because it’s obvious downgrade

No. 1397038

Are you surprised? This is the same dumb bitch that said white women can't be poor. Of course she has the scrote opinion that women shouldn't be allowed to express anger or any emotion other than happiness. Guess it's not romantic enough for her for a woman to be angry. I never see her ostracize male communities or trends but let's not talk about the websites where literal school shooters in the making hang out at.

No. 1397087

File: 1667503647078.png (29.94 KB, 581x408, fu.png)

I came to this thread to post about this. I just noticed this change while trying to investigate someone's YouTube channel.
God I fucking hate YouTube. What sort of retards think these changes are good ideas? The only positive change I remember in recent years was the "most rewatched" feature, and that's only because it's a quick way to find highlights.
There must be an ulterior motive behind this, just like how removing the 5-star rating system, removing the dislike button, and adding irrelevant videos in between search results all point to the gradual change from prioritizing quality to prioritizing quantity (to keep people stuck to their screens and watching garbage and more ads)

What could be the actual reason behind this? I mean, it's not the only platform to have done this, either. I'm sick of every big website restricting people's freedom to search for content in their preferred way. The internet must be nuked

No. 1397091

File: 1667503871744.png (39.87 KB, 778x322, asd.png)

Oh btw here's the obvious implications

No. 1397094

why tho

No. 1397095

God dammit now i have to scroll through spoony's 19388383th livestreams if i want to watch his only good videos

No. 1397096

I know this isn't the same, but you can put before:2010 (or any year) and then type in what you're looking for in the search bar on youtube. I hope it can help you.

No. 1397185

When did they ever do?

No. 1397218

File: 1667510478218.png (767.18 KB, 1308x776, firefox_ZTfMjC0Tl3.png)

This is a channel I sometimes watch to practice my german and this just turned me off so hard
She describes herself as a "porn scientist"

No. 1397224

Just to clear up, it's a channel by some young german guys doing documentary style videos and interviewing people and this is one of the people they asked. The comments also say the video used to be sponsored by a porn website but they removed it, pretty big yikes and seems terribly incompetent.

No. 1397450

Can any techfags tell me if someone will make a browser extension to fix this like they did will the dislike button or are we screwed? This has to be the most retarded feature removal yet

No. 1397559


No. 1403276

File: 1668093816805.jpg (456.95 KB, 1080x1759, 637b.jpg)

Woman in this clip talks about how women with college educations are more likely to leave their bf/husband and "isnt that so sad?" Then the other girl says it's pretty based but of course the clip ends with "how could we have a lack of empathy for men? Isnt it sad men will lose their wives!?" As if men don't suddenly leave their wife with kids all the time.

No. 1403279

Men will make you suck dick for diapers and baby food, but women with education can escape this fate by making their own money. This make men who want women to suck their dick for diaper money and their handmaidens very mad. You are watching demons caught on tape in real time. Be aware and awake.

No. 1403295

>women leave men 80 percent of the time
Where does that stat come from? Looking at couples around me I see the opposite playing out once theres kids involved.

I'm at an age where alot of my peers did things in the right order, got married first, then had kids and as much as they wanted to keep their families together.. dad got bored and left in a heartbeat. Women who're like.. "hey lets at least look into marriage counselling first" but hes like nope I'm gonna just hop onto a dating app and see if theres better out there. Just like that. Most women I know who are stuck dealing with co-parenting were suddenly left by men. Promised the world and yet they're co-parenting by the time the baby is turning 2.

No. 1403339

Isn't that this turbo pick me

No. 1403340

If you use an adblocker it's easy to forget what having to scroll through a long page of options means for people who don't: more ads.
Youtube probably serves an ad every x number of videos in a list (or every page or whatever), so the longer the list, the more ads it can serve, but if you are able to sort the list the way you want to, you won't see very many of the ads before you find the video you want.
Youtube knows most people sort by oldest first the most often, followed by most popular. People only sort by newest first in the relatively rare case that they've already watched an entire channel and are looking for the newest content only (and also it's the default setting probably). By removing the oldest-first sorting method, youtube maximizes the amount of ads it will serve to people browsing a particular channel's content.
This is how advertising is a drain on absolutely everything. We know how to make useful, efficient applications, but those applications have fewer opportunities to shove ads in users' faces, so absolutely everything, from websites to city blocks, are designed to be as awful and inefficient as possible.

No. 1403350

File: 1668098199020.jpg (23.7 KB, 400x340, 108ad02ebad26860993b535f460c57…)

I got recommended a Leon Lush video lastnight. Hadn't watched his shit in a while. He now fits in with a side of youtube I cant stand. So I watch a vid about a girl who legit was acting like a bitch who deserves criticism for that but the whole vid is
> This broad
> This chick
> Look at this entitled broad
> This brat
> I'm going to get demonitized but its worth it so we can all GET PLEASURE from hearing her moan in pain as she gets tasered you guys!
> Makes sexual moans himself in reaction
Scrolled through his recent uploads and if it werent for Nikocado content his uploads would almost exclusively be about veery young women 'getting their comeuppance' for being bitches. Dude you're too old, married and too much of a dad to be making this thinly veiled but blatently bitter 'teen girls getting owned' content. Dudes pushing 40 and now making the same content lots of faceless incel types make. Except his face and his whole family are attached to his channel.

Looking at the comments under another vid he liked someones comment about how he escaped a crazy abusive relationship with a woman. Leon says the same happened to him and hes sooo much better off now with his wife. Dude you think? You don't think you scream of hating women.. or brats/broads as you call them? You're late thirties and of look you're making 'trolling the feminists' vids too.

The amount of these channels (usually faceless though) who get off on finding clips of entitled young women getting their karma. Its creepy. I'm all for shitty people getting their karma but why is it always a young woman (insert thumbnail of the moment her cleavage was slightly showing) and why do they act like they're positively coooming in reaction to it.

If you try and point out the sexist tones to these channels you'll be accused of sticking up for karens but it is creepy. This obsession with girls of like 17 or 18 getting owned isn't normal when you're 20 years their senior and consistantly covering that. And I guess young men just never get caught acting like fools in public seeing as so few videos ever get made cooming over clips of that.

No. 1403625

i used to watch him but then I got into Shaytaan and he looked too much like Fupa, thank god to know i'm not mising much

No. 1403629

Only funny shay meme that actually makes me lol

No. 1403634

I know what you mean I used to watch “Jamari” but he’s retarded and I got tired of making fun of sugar babies who say they like money. Noooo I thought they like disgusting old pervs for their wonderful personalities? If you hate woman with sugar daddies so much you should shame the men who even started the whole arm candy for money thing.

No. 1403642

What the FUCK is this shit, are kids really watching this?

No. 1403647

I might be the only one left in this world that thinks like this but I hate youtube in general. There are no good youtubers, it's a lie. No commentary on youtube was ever good or interesting and people that make 6h long reviews of 2h long movies should be imprisoned. 90% of youtubers are retarded young people that love LARPing smart guys and the rest are attention whores.

The only semi-good thing about youtube is finding new music and even then it's shit because youtube usually only "recommends" me stuff I already have in my music list.

No. 1403659

youtube kids is filled with fucked up shit

No. 1403669

I've never enjoyed youtube except as a resource for music and informative videos. For entertainment, I just can't get into it and I think it's because watching a video is a risk? Like it's nowhere near guaranteed to be good or interesting or what it says on the title/thumbnail, views mean nothing and there are no critics or reviews I can refer to like with movies or tv. So I'm just not keen to waste time on videos that have a high chance of being garbage.

No. 1403673

I think it's in general? For example a bad relationship for a woman simply tends to be worse for her than one for a man (obv there's outliers), so she's more likely to simply walk away in general…however, there's an exception here: men are way more likely to abandon loved ones at their weakest and most in need, like you brought up–that's when a woman is most likely to try overcompensating in order to keep him around because in that moment, her world, opportunities, social network, etc., are probably smaller than ever.
I personally would rather my partner left me in a meh time in the relationship–not when everything is on fire. It makes me laugh that there's so many dumbassees that infantize men so much, they see them as a victim for any situation that they're broken up with.

Pickmes like that think men are parasites that must feed off a woman and a woman has 0 empathy if she doesn't oblige. Creepy!

No. 1403675

not sure if this is the article I remember but a while a go several news outlets were reporting on the fucked up nature of Youtube Kids

No. 1403729

you're 100% correct

No. 1403737

that isn't youtube kids though? ytkids always has comments blocked and there's a logo somewhere. that's just regular youtube

No. 1403792

I can't stand him either tbh. I straight up don't watch videos like his either, especially when they are made by a man for aforementioned reasons. They never use their platform to go after men, i also don't give a shit if a woman is delusional. If they have already gotten their karma for beings dicks, why even make a video when there are people, mainly men, who get off scot free? Obviously it makes them feel better to see an attractive women get arrested because it reminds them of all the times they wanted a stacy they are incompatible with to fuck them and failed.

I have to agree. When I watch tv shows and animes, the production value reminds me how youtube will never come close to beating traditional media in terms of effort and production value. I don't really give a shit unless the youtuber seeks to show and teach me something interesting and insightful and actually has credentials to back it up. I think anybody else making videos without those requirements should stick to tiktok or aim to keep their videos short. I hate commentary channels too, especially since most of them have such milquetoast takes or are rampant misogynists.

No. 1403866

I’ve seen a lot of people online say they quit all streaming services and kept Youtube Premium and only watch Youtube (their posts imply they don’t pirate anything). That depresses me to think about. Any streaming site is better than just youtube.

No. 1404931

File: 1668159057382.jpg (101.43 KB, 406x251, degen.jpg)

I really really hate seeing Jordan Peterson's thumbnails. He has that ugly crying face in so many o them! I don't belive those tears at all! Motherfuckers be always mad at women for their crying and say it's just manipulation, but when this old fart cries it touches their lil incel hearts. When in reality when women cry, especially on camera, it's for a good reason, women don't want to seem weak… this reatrd just cries because he thought of something. HE manipulates them! Fucking hate that schizo bastard and his pathological fear of the collapse of society. Let it collapse for fucks sake it sucks so much! I wanna be a stone age person, they weren't depressed. We're doing so badly because society he loves so much complicates life to the point people rather kill themselves.

No. 1404936

Someone needs to trip him that would take care of the problem quickly

No. 1404944

No. 1404954

Kat Von D went to one of his speeches.She's really lost it.

No. 1404955

Agreed. Moids will leave their wife and kids just because a woman at work is hot, if it's not that they'll just let the relationship fail and string the woman along while essentially abandoning his wife and kids but just enough to keep up the illusion they're together. Then moids will jump through hoops to explain why they aren't responsible to keep the relationship together and that women should have put in more effort to look like a porn star and essentially devote her life to her husband just to ask for what should have been the bare minimum in a marriage. Meanwhile scrotes can quite literally abandon women for a long period of time but everyone will chew out the woman for cheating

No. 1404961

Nobody uses emotions and tears to manipulate more than this fucker. I swear he’s a hysterical brain damaged drug addict and he should be sectioned.

No. 1404963

Moids always use tears to manipulate but it's worse since women are constantly taught if men cry it's "actually crying" meanwhile if women cry it's something we always do and it's not big deal

No. 1404964

There is no way this man isn’t a paedophile, just look at him.

No. 1404973

It's crazy to remember I used to watch him. Why? Why did I waste my time like this? Was I really this braindead once? Or was his content normal back in the day? Nah I must have been braindead.

No. 1404982

If I recall she outright admitted being a grifter. She left her 9-5 job to pursue youtube, tried a bunch of topics, the redpill videos skyrocketed so she kept at it. Imagine selling yourself like that

No. 1404989

File: 1668169506043.png (19.91 KB, 681x349, top10yt.PNG)

I looked at top channels recently and I'm surprised to see three family vlogging-like channels up there. Like Nastya, Kids Diana Show and Vlad and Niki; they're all eastern european families (even if moved to different countries), all make "roleplays" and vlogging focused on showing only the kids and all have insane amount of following, competitive for brands and massive youtubers that dedicated their life to the platform. I can't help but think there's something odd there. How come they're all eastern european? How come it's them out of all family channels that ended up with 100M+ subscribers? Is there anything suspicious known about these?

No. 1405159

what the fuck is this and who is it for? The hdr on the chapped lips and bad skin makes it look like it's filmed under duress.

No. 1405176

It's content for pedos, women with baby fever and kids combined. There's some milk, like channels pandering to pedo moids and few cases of child neglect.
I suppose Eastern European families are on top since they make more kids and are more willing to pander to pedos, but that's my tinfoil.

No. 1405208

>moid who only watched a handful of magical girls feel he can handle a full magical girl retrospective and evolution.

I absolutely hate what became of the male anime/media commentary sphere, or maybe it has always been like this and I was just such a huge pickme back then. And in my opinion, magical girl genre is ruined because it started getting targeted to moids.

Thank god there's some sane female commenters calling him out.

And unfortunately some male commenters backing him up because "he wasn't the target demographic" (Then why talk about it like you're an expert wtf)

No. 1405220

I hate the obsession with making mahou shoujo overly dark now. I'm fucking tired of girls and women having to suffer in almost every genre ever. It's tiring. Unless it's "dark" in the sense that moids get tortured and have their lives ruined, then I'll watch it.

No. 1405237

> or maybe it has always been like this
This is correct.

No. 1405267

Wrong thread nonny?

No. 1405314

kek why do all pick mes look like this or some similar variation of it. how old is this fking lord farquaad haircut anyway

No. 1405335


No. 1405468

Nona she's not a pickme, they mean the ginger girl she's talking about

No. 1405877

You're a retard

No. 1405891

As if men don’t annihilate their entire families or ruin them all the time

No. 1405908

lmao that's just a regular bob cut

No. 1406116

respect yourself more sissss

remembering the time she called women "those with wombs" or something ""inclusive"" in her Accutane vid.

No. 1406142

Most women have to settle, and in many of those cases it's because of money since women are paid less and don't get the same job opportunities not to mention social brainwashing. We still aren't equal to men and women are still treated like property in this society, just a little bit less than before. So that's why women who have more job opportunities or higher paying jobs leave their relationships with moids that probably weren't putting a lot of effort into the relationship in the first place.

On the other hand, males are more likely to leave their wives when the wife is terminally ill, than the reverse. The number one cause of death for pregnant women in the US is homicide (by their male partners, obviously), practically no man ever feels physically threatened by their abusive female partners unlike women who are abused by their male partners, women are healthier and happier on average when single, men commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes, men are much more likely to be child molesters, males are programmed (and probably also predetermined) to see women as sex objects and not respect us, etc. With all this in mind, why would women with successful careers want to settle for a moid they don't even like?

No. 1406183

That’s how I feel when I see RP shit or sexist shit about what women need to be or else they don’t want us written in various posts and comments by men. If men think we need to be submissive, let men lead us and serve his every sexual and domestic need, I don’t want to be any part of it. All these bullshit standards don’t matter to me because if I have to live like a domestic slave to you, I don’t want to be a part of that system and instead I want to live how I want. They have nothing on me in modern society, they can’t force me into what they want. Women don’t even need a husband to have children nowadays, they can just use donor’s sperm. And if I have a good career and money, I don’t see any reason to be subservient and chain myself to a man who inherently thinks I’m not fully human. They’re just screaming into the void.

No. 1406186

it's a lot less serious than that anon, chill. Women are just not attracted to men who make less than them, and why would they? It makes you feel like your guy is slacking.

No. 1406233

Are you a woman? Doesn’t sound like it but if you are speak for yourself and not all women. Are you seriously saying women aren’t attracted to looks but to wallets?
I make more than enough money myself, why’d I need to be with a man that earns more than me? It somehow feels degrading to me to earn less than the man I’m dating. I hate house chores and am not that fond of children while I love my job so the traditional marriage to a rich scrote you have to take care of with no proper career sounds like a nightmare to me. I’d rather have the scrote to do that for me.

No. 1408246

That 80% statistic was initially shared by Jordan Peterson and it's based off of divorces not general breakups, I think it's data collected from a specific area in the US given by divorce lawyers. But the details people like her and Jordan always leave out is that the high statistic of women instigating divorce is because women are more likely to face domestic abuse or be victims of cheating within a marriage. And that men aren't the ones to file for divorce because they know they're in the wrong and will not do well in divorce court lol. Pick me's now share that statistic as if women are divorcing perfectly good men just because they want to try for better or have too high of standards when in reality it's men not being good husbands and women not wanting to put up with their bullshit. This girl annoys me so much but it's pretty funny to see a desperate pick me like her continuously not get picked.

No. 1418379

I hope this is the right thread for this, I wanted to vent about something I saw on youtube recently. Not posting any video/screenshots of this for obvious reasons

I was watching a comedy short on youtube and scrolled, and the app started serving me disturbing videos of children. Little girls aged about 5-10, dancing to that "no one wants a waist over 9 inches" sound, gyrating and exposing their bellies. Obviously I don't blame the children but these videos had thousands of views and were clearly pedobait. I would hit the thumbs down button and scroll, thinking that if I thumbs down'd it it would serve me something else, but it just kept on serving me this same exact format of video over and over again. Some of the children looked very poor and unkempt. I reported some of the videos and closed the app. I've heard from YT employees that YT is always doing "experiments" with their algorithm, so I don't know if I just had the misfortune of stumbling onto one, but it makes me so fucking angry that YT is profiting off of this content and making no efforts to moderate it. Fuck youtube.

No. 1418386

I'd rather stick to traditional media all the way, thank god for all those 123movies sites still being up.

No. 1418581

The statistic on which gender instigates divorce also depends on the definition of the statistic. Just because women are more likely to start the paperwork for divorce doesn't mean they're the only one who decided to divorce. In hetero relationships women are more likely to do those administrative tasks so it's not surprising its mostly women who start the paperwork. Classic lying with numbers.

No. 1419582

has anyone else watched this scrote? If so, have you seen this video? I honestly don’t know what to make of it but something about it feels off. He’s a “leftist”-sphere commentary channel. Most of his videos are calling content creators out and ripping on them, but this video is just a big self pity fest. Half the “death threats” he ranks aren’t even death threats. He overshares about this supposedly real, insane story where he was accused of having munchausen by proxy by his school district when he actually had Lyme disease, and somehow his whole school found out about it and bullied him for it, and even his own father didn’t believe him and his mother, and was supposedly harassing them. The way he tells this story just rubs me the wrong way and it doesn’t feel like he’s telling the whole story. Idk nonas. Maybe I’m just jaded. The oversharing just comes off as kinda milky to me. Thoughts?

No. 1419733

Are you sure that’s not a TIF?

No. 1419735

Why would a scrote divorce a woman? He benefits way too much. She cooks, she cleans, she keeps his life in order. Why WOULDNT a woman divorce a scrote? They don’t cook, they don’t clean and they bring overall more work and more stress to your life. Even when the scrote doesn’t like his wife anymore he is still being mothered by her.

No. 1419742

File: 1669276755287.png (204.61 KB, 379x332, xfgnjxfghn.PNG)

Haha so funny animal abuse. This fucking moid is2g

No. 1419745

That poor animal was raped over and over again. I hope this moid dies.

No. 1419748

Women need to start bullying men for being ugly because I’m sick to death of homunculi looking scrotes plastering their ass faces all over the fucking internet, meanwhile average looking women are scared to go to Walmart without makeup on. We need to teach these fuckers some shame.

No. 1419751

I just wanted to post this. It's disgusting he calls a raped animal "prostitute" for clickbait purposes. I remember reading about this case a long time ago. Males are fucking subhuman. What's more crazy, after the ape got rescued they still allowed her previous owner to visit her because they were scared the villagers would attack the facility. Can you fucking imagine it? Call me racist but I believe such villages should be fucking bombed to the ground (after evacuating the female children maybe). But then they stopped allowing the visits anyway because the ape went crazy when this bitch owner was near her, it must've triggered her PTSD.

No. 1419757

I will never forget how they shaved her too. Raping an orangutan but you need to make her bald first. Never shaved since.

No. 1419758

File: 1669279322001.jpg (121.23 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_20221124-133628_You…)

Lost pause fell off a long time for me but this is a new low . Just like the moid rev they won't disclose WHY certain tags were banned … because it was literally cp and beast .. fuck these guys

No. 1419765

File: 1669280425845.png (99.67 KB, 898x647, Screenshot 2.png)

I'm really starting to hate japanophiles so much these days, like why are they acting like banning incest and loli/shota is the end of free art expression

No. 1419773

Never trust a single man with a female pet. Especially "big enough" animals.

No. 1419777

only tangentially related, but if I see Anya from spy x family online I just assume the discourse is going to be awful. as soon as the subject comes up weebs seem to trip over themselves to exclaim how much they want to fuck a 5 year old character. it's really gross

No. 1420426

They didnt ban it they just cant accept payment for it anymore, which i am pretty sure you couldnt anyways thanks to paypals antiporn policies. No way in hell Japan is banning loli/shota.

No. 1422850

File: 1669534683688.jpg (70.55 KB, 720x571, Screenshot_2022-11-27-07-30-03…)

How tf does anyone think this is an appropriate thumbnail when talking about real babies who were raped. Not even kids, one year old babies. Drugged too. Condoms and sexual emojis?? You cannot be this dumb??

No. 1422851

what the fuck

No. 1422863

Can someone tell me what happened to the poor babies involved? I know everyone was arrested and the kids were taken into custody but how are they doing?

No. 1422864

>Wahh why can't I draw children naked

No. 1422875

Downloading browser extensions to block the recommended videos sidebar and comments under videos improved my youtube experience a lot.

No. 1422877

Does he think of this case as a joke? What a fucking retard I’m so pissed that my dumb troll videos get fucking removed by YouTube but the clickbait porny trash made for moids stays up. Fuck YouTube.

No. 1422879

Oh and that doesn’t even touch on the number of videos made and uploaded by actual pedophiles that aren’t explicitly sexual but have comments full of time stamps of “sexual” positions of children dancing or doing gymnastics. The comments also have pedos exchanging their messaging contact info so they can SHARE CP with one another. I seriously hate YouTube so fucking much and their phony act of caring about age restricting content when they allow pedophiles to thrive on their shit platform.

No. 1423102

No. 1423109

Hate on this piece of shit lolicon defender

No. 1423127

Daily reminder this is the dude who made two video responses to me, seething at my comments when I said it is not women's duty to be happy with male "compliments" and it's biologically natural for women to feel disgust for ugly men who hit on them. He reacted with anger and called me a "low value" woman and a "bitch" like ten times. He also said that a "high value", "good looking" man like him who often gets compliments from women would never even look in my direction. He also made like 5 videos where he bitches about the existential dread of having a small penis. And a video about defending pornography, of course.

No. 1423143

Slight tinfoil, I guess, but I believe almost every comment on popular youtube videos nowadays are bots or people paid to leave comments of a certain nature. Especially on movie and TV show trailers and clips. The comments are almost either unique in praising the film or show for being the most genius thing ever or shitting on it. You only find disagreeing comments if you click on "new", but a lot of them seem to disappear soon after. I feel like there used to be a lot more nuisance in youtube comments a few years ago.

No. 1423153

The vacant look in his eyes and the way his eyes is open makes him look slightly retarded.

No. 1423251

he handled the topic more respectfully than the thumbnail would imply. its been formatted to gel with all his other videos from that series, i really only hate his use of the word prostitute b/c obviously thats inaccurate. in the video tho he calls the perps out for being disgusting and also thinks its fucked up the former owner got visitation rights

No. 1423262

Youtube is shit and the only people wasting time on it are e-celeb fans that also watch big brother on tv.

Everytime someone recommends me a youtube video on a subject I am interested to it's 5 minutes of "intro", 10 minutes of shilling shitty products, 2 hours of a "summary" of facts or stories I already knew and and endless amount of stupid jokes and screaming or the youtuber making dumb expressions and maybe 10 minutes of the video are their own "thoughts" that are always entry level stuff every kid could think of. Youtube should be demonitized completely so that people wouldn't shit out long videos for no other reason than money.

There is only good videos this website contains are the 5-minute long videos Indians make to help you with technical problems. Always to the point, no intro besides some quick "Hello", no showing of the youtuber himself because it's just about the problem at hand, the videos are short too and explain quickly how to get rid of the problem. This is how videos need to be.

No. 1423265

File: 1669571791260.png (660.63 KB, 959x472, what a catch.png)

Seems like stable dude

No. 1423292

I have asked this before but can't men fix their small dicks through surgery, I talked to a man who said that due to a hormonal condition he had mirco-penis which was fixed when he was a teenager through surgery and he said a 6 inch penis after that

No. 1423314

Yeah there is a surgery, maybe we should meme men into doing it as much as men memed women into getting breast enlargements

No. 1423361

He's trying to cope with being worthless kek.

No. 1423417

Why does he have cartoon baby hair

No. 1423430

I fucking loathe true crime youtube

No. 1423445

LMAO he does

No. 1423449

No. 1423828

he keeps mentioning being on the spectrum as though that were not glaringly obvious.

No. 1423829

oooh, can we please? I'm uninterested in penises but I need a new subject to troll with.

No. 1425135

I feel like commentary videos are a plague. Half of them are just regurgitated sjw tumblr garbage or overly serious analysis of kids shows. I wouldn’t mind them so much if people made other videos, but I feel like there is a problem when so many YouTubers people consider comedians are literally just reacting to other people’s content. I don’t know if it’s just cancel culture making it impossible for people to create new things, or just that in our times everything needs to be political, but I hate it. I miss when YouTubers would make stuff like films or skits. They might have been bad but at least it was some form of creation.

No. 1425571

>Today in this video we will spend 3 hours to really dive into how the Teletubbies promote class hierarchy by looking into the history of the British Empire
>Chapter one: The fall of the Byzantine Empire and it's affect on modern western culture

No. 1425583

File: 1669735384389.jpeg (73.87 KB, 640x641, 70DBE0BC-DE74-491D-9B55-B724F8…)

No. 1425589

When anthony was still emo was when YouTube was at its peak

No. 1425645

Honestly, I was more of an Ian girl. Im not even ashamed.

No. 1428181

Ok I'm not into Kevin either but why you seething so hard man lol

No. 1428207

I don't get the "Kevin female gaze" either though. Like how is that different than what every fuckboy did by playing with their hair and doing "fuck me" eyes half naked? Except they at least worked out and had hair

No. 1428221

IDK I could relate to how repulsed he is becuase Kevin is incredibly repulsive which is a bit shocking with the comments he receives, makes you feel like it's some kind of "the emperors new clothes" situation

No. 1428303

File: 1669896592600.jpg (109.16 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Couldn't sleep lastnight so I ended up watching any old shit youtube was recommending me. First vid was a reaction to that dating series 'The Button' They were blindfolded during the dates and this one guy kept asking the women for hugs as a tactic to essentially weed out the fat girls while still in the blindfolded stage. Comments were pretty much all echoing the same thing
>Attraction is so important. Nobody owes a fat or ugly girl anything. Its your job to looksmax. Get over it. FITNESS AND ATTRACTION IS SO VITAL IN A PARTNER
Attraction is important. The bashing was too much but I'm not disagreeing that attraction matters… Next video I watch is a reaction to billy eilish saying don't give ugly guys a chance coz all it does is give them a big ego and then they still treat you badly
>Looks don't matter! What a shallow bitch. She's at best a 2 herself. Theres actually no such thing as being ugly. Eye of the beholder. Ugly men hold your heads up kings. These bitches be so vain. If you date for looks you're going to die alone and miserable anyway. Personality all the way!

The duality of scrotes. They change the script and say whatever serves them in a situation. Is there one comment section on youtube that isn't filled with men parroting whatever version of reality suits men in that moment? Pic is the 10 out of 10 chad who deserves a skinny queen

No. 1428308

yup i also get videos of this same exact show but where the women are portrayed as bitches for being too picky

No. 1428314

I thought the guy doing the hug tactic was actually the Asian male model? Picrel scrote is obnoxious and I think all comments usually hate him. I thought it was funny how the Asian hugging dude kept getting paired with chubby girls when he so clearly hated it lmao

Also yes men are pathetic because they are too lazy to put effort into being attractive themselves so they would rather complain if a woman has standards but get mad if she does. The usual hypocrisy

I stumbled across this mgtow reaction to one of those videos myself tonight and while it was true that the girl was still chubby after her glow up, her face was very pretty and I found it gross how the most definitely ugly behind the camera moid commenting about her implied she was beneath him just for not being skinny… as if different men don't have different types. There are tons of good-looking men who would have found her attractive, plenty of men actually do like curvy women lmao much to ugly scrotes chagrin

But keep your head up Nonnie we must remember there are some decent dudes out there, not many but they do exist

No. 1428352

I think she's a Christian gorl but her try ons seem kinda fetishy. Same with all other try on haul uwu youtubers. Also the fact that shes spending SO MUCH on clothes she has no use for

No. 1428382

You're right actually. It was an asian guy doing the hug thing. I binged a bunch of it pretty late lastnight and some of the shittier guys blended together.

I'm athletic myself, I get having a preference with weight (or anything else, tho I think women carry weight better than men, men are all belly when they gain and at my age thats a growing number of men in my dating pool) but that disconnect where the most unfortunate looking men love taking the sweet sweet oppurtunity to insult a woman for not meeting their standard.. when they're uggo themselves and deluded about it is getting old. They were seething about women asking men their height. What happened to preferences being valid kek. You have a weight preference so whats the issue with a height preference? Like pick a side and stick to it.

They want to live in a world where women have no opinions on whats attractive in a man. Where we'll get with any guy despite their looks but then in reality all that ever leads to is a dead bedroom down the line and the man losing his shit over it.

No. 1428428

He's right tho, Kevin is ugly and a dick about woman's appearances and ages even tho he looks like a 40 year old alcoholic balding dad.

No. 1428443

retarded, ugly, underage women shouldnt be able to dictate what the female gaze is

No. 1428451

The woman quoted on his vid clearly doesnt have any understanding what "x gaze" even means anyway, as he points out

No. 1432050

I'm so fucking tired of this shit. Why don't these types of YouTube channels criticize regimes that actually oppress and abuse women for once. Also her makeup and hair look fucking stupid.

No. 1432061

this is suuuuuper petty but I hate the trend of never capitalizing any letters. idc if people write in all lower caps in texts and on imageboards but if it's anything where the author wants me to take them seriously like a fanfic, thinkpiece, video that discuss anything serious, etc then I refuse to read/watch it.
I'm not going to watch a social science and philosophy video if the maker didn't even bothered to capitalize any letters of the title lol yes i know its petty

No. 1432094

I hate it too, it comes off as immature to me for some reason. Maybe because it reminds me of Tumblr

No. 1432106

not only is kevin ugly and hideous but now his past got exposed and he is also abuser too. Dont whiteknight a ugly abuser you retard.

No. 1432127

Wait, I think I watched this chick once, she complained about being depressed as a teen but then confessed she was in an upper middle class family and had everything but wanted to roleplay depression to feel cool

No. 1432135

Did she really say she wanted to roleplay? Becuase being from upper middle class alone doesnt mean one cant be depressed. Not defending, just curious because I imagine in a current, hmm… sensitive climate she would be eaten alive for saying she faked mental illness for clout

No. 1432137

Oh no, I definitely worded that badly, it's been a few months. But I remember she wrote a diary about how she felt isolated in her family and had no friends in high school because tumblr made that look cool, while she said she had normal relationships irl

No. 1432142

No. 1432410

Why do they all make this face, like a bored or irritated child. 3/4s of YouTube is either extremely cartoonist expressions or this one

No. 1432414

I did not mean to defend the weird looking scrote, I literally know nothing of him other than that he looks creepy as shit. Jarvis was just seething so weirdly about it in the beginning of the video, like he was more upset women are into that weirdo and not him

No. 1432431

I follow her and when I watched this for the first time I thought from the introduction she was going to say something that was enlightening or criticize choice feminism, like examine the power that males use to oppress women but instead she put the burden on woman to liberate themselves from their oppression. I think her premise is flawed. It's telling when the comments are filled with libfems and scrotes, so I guess she doesn't want to upset her audience. When it comes to discussion of feminism, it's like people are always dancing around this topic that it's up to women to free themselves from their own oppression, instead of you know… point their fingers at the one group that's historically been responsible for women's oppression.

No. 1432434

god i’m so jealous of normies

No. 1432439

It’s called the thousand coom stare

No. 1432476

Why do most female youtubers make this type of content overanalyzing stupid shit that doesnt matter? I legit don't get it why there are so many of these channels, who watches this? I always wonder if its because most women are told to ''mature'' from a young age, meanwhile its more accepted for men to be childish/fun at an older age.

No. 1432486

It's all about youtube's algorithm. Once people found out that hour long "essays" are really popular becauase of ad revenue and viewership a certain kind of low effort content took over youtube.
>take nostalgic piece of media (disney cartoon/TV show) and ramble about it, make it political for clicks
>take a video game, use footage from it and ramble about it for an hour, use hot takes
>take any fashion or social media trend you encounter often and make it vaguely DEEP to attract teenagers
>take public footage of interrogations of criminals and make biased analysis because you know they were charged as guilty

This is why we have 9 hour deep dives into Skyrim and "the politics of snow white"

No. 1432487

>always wonder if its because most women are told to ''mature'' from a young age
IMO it’s because men never take women seriously when they say they’re a fan of something (like how they assume every female cosplayer only dresses up because they thought a character looked cool), so they go out of their way to overanalyze crap to prove they’re a knowledgeable true fan

No. 1432494

>take public footage of interrogations of criminals and make biased analysis because you know they were charged as guilty
This reminds me of how I liked watching JCS criminal psychology's videos until I eventually looked up some of the cases myself and understood how stupid and biased his "analysis" was. Can't believe the amount of armchair psychologists in the comments agreeing with his takes and acting like he just said the deepest shit ever.

No. 1432499

Munecat did a good video calling those creators out on their shit

No. 1432504

but its weirdly a female creator thing, pic rel also makes 5 hour long videos analyzing movies made for children from 20 years ago, but at least he's funny and shitposty. They also always make them in the EXACT same way, they are always sitting on their bed and have minimal editing.
that doesnt make much sense because they overanalyze ''female'' media most of the time.

No. 1432514

There's a decline in long-form reading books and articles but people still have an itch for learning and debate so they try to satisfy it with these videos. These videos are like fast food.

No. 1432522

this video perfectly sums up why I hate these deep dives and video essays so much. They say nothing interesting and are clearly just a way for the uploader to get ad revenue

No. 1432523

this girl looks so much like peachmilky, does anyone remember her

No. 1432525

okay but doesn't explain why its moistly young women(some of whom are still in school) making these pseudodeep essay videos

No. 1432531

>JCS criminal psychology
Yeah when the Amber/Johnny case was happening and seeing all the absurdity of the body language experts I then realize that his analyses were based on bullshit.

No. 1432597

Eh, Schafarillas needs to touch grass

No. 1432608

Aaaaaah I will not even watch this but I am so fucking tired of every woke breadtuber being obsessed with garfield and fucking video essays

No. 1432614

It's not. Dudes make shitty videos like this all the time and their videos pop up on under my recommendations all the time. Ever heard of Quentin Reviews? Yeah, me neither, but he makes 5 hour long videos about Disney channel shows like Victorious and iCarly.

Some other dude made a 1 1/2 hour long vid about whoever Ariana Grande played on those shows. I did watch that video because I was just curious about how one can make an hour long video about it (and was too old for those shows when they came out so slightly curious about the character). It was interesting for someone with no knowledge of the character or shows, but I bet people who had watched those shows would have found nothing new there.

No. 1432620

absolutely, but at least he's self-aware

No. 1432625


No. 1432628

damn realized I wrote this in all caps, not going to rewrite it sorry I was looking at my keyboard instead of the screen

No. 1432629

She also confessed that she used to date a neo nazi lol

No. 1432633


No. 1432832

I judge those women too

No. 1432879

lmao i literally came here to complain about these essay youtubers who end up screaming sounding like they're crying. i love longform video essays but half the videos are like this.

No. 1433073

that's not what I was trying to say, young male essayist's tend to make video essay's on mostly "tangible" topics like movies or things on tv(and then get away with being wrong cause those are less objective), while female essayist mostly talk about social issues that are way beyond their reach and level of knowledge

No. 1433087

thanks for sharing this youtuber, she seems based as hell

No. 1433097

kek the intro to this is priceless

No. 1433106

I loved Smosh so much as a kid

No. 1433167

20-30 minute movie reviews are fine, but those hour long over-analyzations of kids' movies/shows or comedies piss me off. Female creators tend to shoehorn SJW shit into the movies while moid creators bitch about the female lead for 3 hours.
It's all so surface-level too. Choice this, choice that. How about digging a little deeper and actually reading some literature on women's history and feminism? But no, that would make a lot of people uncomfortable and we don't wanna burst anyone's bubble. The comment section under this video is crazy kek. This one's my favorite.
>This idea also works real hard to hide how women can abuse people under patriarchy. Child abuse, racism, and transphobia are the first things to come to mind.
How the fuck did they manage to bring…troonphobia of all things into this discussion? insanity. Also who the fuck said women can't be racist? These people just say anything.

No. 1433235

every man featured in this video including the creator is undoubtedly a pedophile and nothing can tell me otherwise.
i'm not gonna watch all of this but one part i died laughing at is when he says she was making videos with the "same level of sophistication" as grown men like leafy, idubbz etc. just goes to show that adult men literally have the mental capacity of 11 year old children.

No. 1433386

Kidology makes kind of interesting and thought-provoking videos, but I managed to catch her live yesterday, and realized she's not really a good debater. She hosted a very MRA-leaning moid and tried to make all her arguments about the personal while he was just listing off old and busted incel talking points. She kept brushing off his "women and men are EQUALLY responsible on fixing modern dating" for like 20 minutes but he kept repeating it so autistically she just left it at that. I logged off, but it made me feel weird. I think she's genuine, so even when she says shit I disagree with, it isn't coming from a place of wanting to impress trad and incel moids.

But I honestly can't get how someone can humor the whole "now that women don't rely on men existentially, they need to learn to appreciate other things about them". Women already try to meme themselves into liking all kinds of shit, but it turns out men are just shit partners

No. 1433390

I thought this was Simon from eatyourkimchi. Another low value male

No. 1433405

she should have never open this topic on her channel

No. 1433545

Every time i see this ugly troon pop up anywhere i want to alog so bad. There's many trannies that i hate but this one for some reason just hits me differently. I feel like he's the type of person who would get some weird narcissistic dopamine rush from haters so i cant even leave hate comments on his videos.

No. 1433547

I thought he was a tif looking at the thumbnail but then I skipped to a part where he talks kek.

No. 1433567

File: 1670264054635.jpeg (545.39 KB, 828x1246, 1779EEA6-1F07-4220-B9A8-01EBDE…)

his channel is ‘think before you sleep’, i knew i’d find at least one person referencing it in here.
he’s so fucking jaded and cringe and clearly still salty about getting rejected in highschool. his entire channel is supposed ‘video essays’ but they quickly devolve into him basically screaming into his mic about how much he hates women

No. 1433595

Is that Sam O Nella?

No. 1433599

File: 1670265320634.jpeg (100.77 KB, 1095x291, 1E3ED460-0F11-4E7E-965E-8052BE…)

>Lives in a misogynist hellhole and is in denial about it
The comments tho

No. 1433732

>How about digging a little deeper and actually reading some literature on women's history and feminism?
Honestly, I think that if you are going to make videos about social issues or philosophy then you need to have a good understanding of these subject and be well-read when it comes to theory.
I know that internet videos are made by amateurs in their free time so expecting deep research is a bit harsh but when you
>have a sponsor
>make a video the intention that lots of people will see it
>tall about something so serious as feminism
then you need to do tons or research and cite your resources

No. 1433743

same anon but I just realised how weird it is seeing so many youtubers who make videos discussing feminism have sponsors. I know that they need to get bread on the table and all that, but why not reach out to some activist group or women's org to help them funding the video? If what the video is saying is groundbreaking then I can see activists having an interest in funding it. idk im probably overthinking its just weird hearing a sponsor in these types of videos

No. 1433765

Literally no one says that about Iranian women. This pick me is just making shit up to victimize herself

No. 1433771

I didn't watch this video and I don't intend to but god has youtube not stopped recommending it to me for like the past week. What the fuck is up with all of these vaguely woke youtubers putting out blatantly antifeminist videos. As I said, I didn't watch it, so maybe I'm wrong, but the thumbnail sure damn makes it seem like a video where this dumbass is going to say how "um actually it's anti-feminist and rude to say women are brainwashed into (things that directly disempower you and all women as a class)" This is also the same fucking youtuber who made the video about how she "used to" be into Shapiro and Peterson, how is it not crystal fucking clear to her audience that she liked them in the first place because she had terrible ideas about women and makes videos like this because she still does

No. 1433777

Men will scream, cry, and shit their pants about how women are so stupid for believing in pseudoscience like astrology and then in the next breath say Amber Heard is evil bc "muh body language expert(male, thus obviously reliable) said so!"

No. 1433801

Tinfoil but I barely use youtube anymore because when I log on there these days, I feel like there is an agenda being pushed on me from somewhere higher up. I only go there for the occasional tutorial video now.

No. 1433810

Eh, I often use youtube as background music for work and I also have a lot of friends on twitter. What I noticed: youtube is relatively neutral with recs, but maybe it thinks I'm a scrote because I'm into documentaries and scam artist drama.

Twitter in comparison KEPT pushing me some agenda, either far right or TRA bullshit, like on a daily basis.

No. 1434370

Men are like this with every true crime case, but it was especially obvious during the Amber/Depp trial. They see a woman (that they already think is guilty, so they're biased) cry, that means she's acting, if she's silent that means she's cold so she's guilty, if she replies a lot then she's fake, if she doesn't reply a lot she's hiding something, realistically what would an innocent person do according to them? Depp looked like a fucking clown (fake laughs, jokes, controlled tone of voice) but that's because of muh trauma!! Males have the emotional intelligence of a piece of shit, so it's not like they can read emotions well anyway.
I remember watching the Jodi's wrath video about Jodi Arias and aside from the narrator mocking her during the entirety of the video, they conveniently forgot to include the very clear phone call where the boyfriend made pedophilic comments.

No. 1437154

Prepare for epic cringe

No. 1437184

I don't even get the terminology anymore. Omega and Alpha were the two opposite ends of a men's power of influence on his peers/group/relationships, like you're the leader or the bottom of the pole, or I guess a "beta-male" if you fell anywhere in between. Then they came up with Sigma, that's supposed to be basically "going your own way", so having strong convictions and leadership qualities, but it not being recognized by your peers. A sigma woman for them though is just your typical "low maintenance mommy GF", except I guess she knows some bro code to throw around, it has nothing to do with leadership qualities.

No. 1438626

Jesus. Is this pick me-ism or what

No. 1438760

Ugh she makes me wanna a-log so bad. She's clearly a huge pickme/nlog but is smart enough to know that she can't be obvious about it in her sphere of video essayists without getting dunked on. So she cloaks it in woke language to make it feel more justified but at the end of the day she always targets women in her criticism and lends credence to misogynistic belief systems. Her thinly veiled pro life video, her video claiming body neutrality is bad actually because of trannies, her video criticizing eurocentrism and offering up reading Confucius as an alternative…she gets both that sweet male validation and woke cred from retarded zoomers who don't know any better. She's smart in a purely academic way, able to get good grades in school but not very intellectually rigorous or sophisticated. She's only 20 so maybe I'm expecting too much but I hate the idea of her influencing younger people. I know it's probably because she's reading a script but her videos are so stilted and boring to me, no personality.

Also the way she does her makeup makes her look sweaty and cross-eyed.

No. 1438839

File: 1670609643102.jpg (159.23 KB, 599x658, IMG_20221209_210817.jpg)

So, wholesome christian boy wendigoon is a Kyle Rittenhouse fan and thirsts after ShoeOnHead. And the retard on tumblr who wrote the call-out post thinks that's as bad as being "transmisogynistic" to Chris Chan. My sides

No. 1438840

File: 1670609667286.jpg (419.92 KB, 603x2071, IMG_20221209_210758.jpg)

No. 1438843

File: 1670609815140.jpg (44.35 KB, 1125x313, tumblr_9788bf034cbce29dbd557ac…)

Sorry for the mess, I would make a collage but I'm on mobile.

No. 1438858

Anon, I would love to watch your videos if you're comfortable sharing!

No. 1438866

> Kyle Rittenhouse fan
The boy was completely in the right and that post is the usual tumblr insanity where people who have never left their room interpret the world through the lens of tweets by other delusional retards.

Wendigoon is a cringe retard but this bullshit is just tiresome, people like that are why we lost BigfootJinx.

Fucking hell, it's a moron who makes shitty youtube videos.

No. 1438935

This is such an annoying way to say he’s cringe, weird, and sus.
When I first watched some of his videos I thought there was something really off about him.

No. 1438942

i hate moids like that. one minute they're uwu pastor wholsum christians and then they go say shit like this. pick one degenerate!

No. 1438982

I actually like him as a person and his personality doesn’t even annoy me, but his content is total garbage. He’s way too influenced by Shane Dawson’s style of pseudo-documentaries bloated with 90% vlog filler, and the content is repetitive. I enjoyed watching him decorate his sad little room more than I enjoy any of his boring wannabe paranormal investigator bullshit.

No. 1439002

Didn't he kill a pedophile and people who attacked him first? If so do not care, nothing was lost. Have no feelings towards the ugly scrote. His only sin is being a shoeonhead simp.

No. 1439006

How dare he talk shit about Chris Chan the rapist sex pest of HIS OWN MOTHER. How dare he criticize the twans movement??

No. 1439019

File: 1670619429259.png (233.6 KB, 524x440, Capture.PNG)

also here's Wendigoon's horrible transphobia towards chris

No. 1439026

Did Chris really mutilate himself with a box cutter?? I must have missed that in the 100+ part doc

No. 1439029

He ripped open his taint to make a "vagina" if I recall correctly.

No. 1439044

Of course he capes for muh true troons. Just like shoe.

No. 1439068

probably doesn't want to get cancelled people were already trying to because of him being religious

No. 1439409

I feel like calling him a "she" is disrespectful towards real women, but I guess I can't have it all. At least someone's calling Chris a he for once.

No. 1439426

I wish she would drop the incel shit already. It just comes across she is trying to get them to accept her so bad. Nothing she has said is shit we don't already know about incels. She does mention only a small side of her is observable online, so from the little I know it just seems like she is painfully desperate to have a husband and I don't understand how she hasn't given up by now.
Watch him still be called transphobic.
I just realised that she was the one that was anti-body neutrality. Body neutrality to me sounds like a win for women, the fact that she decided to base the whole entire video on worthless troons who rightfully hate themselves was fucking ridiculous. I hate how the video basically told women to go fuck themselves because troons and that it's somewhat transphobic to feel self acceptance. Of course they would never actually talk about female oppression because a whole hoard of moids and pickmes would raid the video. I also feel like actual feminism has become associated with radical feminism in a way.
Jarvis killed it with this video, idgaf.
I love how the only purpose their whining serves is to peak more women. I've seen a lot of women saying they are quitting hookup culture and encouraging other women from engaging in it so things are about to get worse for these moids and it's great!

No. 1439427

*against engaging in it

No. 1439846

is that youtuber trans? body says yes her voice says no. very confused
also she's always almost homeless and blames it on the algorithm lol

No. 1439854

It's a woman. A tranny could not keep that good care of their hair.

No. 1439979

Use NewPipe on github. Background player and you can download videos or just the audio.

No. 1439987

Conservatives love bringing this stat up, leave it to those scrotes to ignore why it happens. They just use it to make women look bad.

No. 1439989

Sorry meant for that post

No. 1439992

Wish he would die already. I think I hate his daughter more though. Stupid cunt. Hate how hypocritical all these conservative tradthot women are. They never live the lifestyle they preach.

No. 1440044

does anyone have milk on poofesure? His videos got recommended to me and it was funny seeing a moid rage at stupid things, but like, he has broken so many wii remotes it’s like he has anger issues. And he makes some comments that make me think he’s pornsick.
Also he’s so ugly lol

No. 1440061

File: 1670701568176.png (184.21 KB, 1117x724, 1670695924011690.png)

No. 1440096

good point, im sorry for her. she just makes her pathetic manga videos and hopes that people donate to her..

No. 1440452

probably a troll, but if serious, he forgot to mention how men changed since the 60', nobody wants a pornsick lazy stoner scrote. But I guess a lot of them were always like that, just in ye olden days they were hiding it better (to show behind closed doors). Nowadays they need Jordan Peterson to tell them to clean their room and wash their dicks lol.
Being independent is good for both people in a relatioship, women should be picky because the consequences are dire if they are not. And I am so sick of both incel youtubers and also those who are trying to be a parental figure to them (peterson, coachredpill).

No. 1440454

File: 1670718767494.png (255.31 KB, 510x397, troon.png)

i am so tired of this troon appearing on my feed. I hate his horny AGP oc with balloon tits.

No. 1440501

File: 1670722186539.jpg (48.29 KB, 720x404, ew.jpg)

peterson has no right to tell scrotes to clean their rooms

No. 1440559

awww its so kind of petterson to give this homeless man a chance to speak on his channel

No. 1440569

I hate this guy but I found it funny how he said that men are more violent than women and backed it up with statistics and the fact that it's mainly men in prison and the comments refused to agree.
>No it's women!
>Only dah women are bad
>Nuh-uh. I've only met violent women
But I guess the moment he says "Women should be having kids because they like it deep down" or whatever (just an example) and it's
>God he's so right!
>It's sad how women reject who they are.

No. 1440609

not rlly rel but i hate all the newfag zoomer gamers complaining about callisto. sure the pc release was dodgy but this game was optimised for ps4. theyre all complaining about 'difficult controls' as if they never played an og resident evil/silent hill survival horror w tank controls. its a fucking learning curve you tards, games don't always hold your hand and baby you through a perfectly constructed open world. some people actually enjoy a challenge and an engaging immersive story but fps cod moids r just stupid little waa waawwaa wawawaaa

No. 1440613

i dont care about another generic space marine game, i am glad moids are suffering though

No. 1440616

I don't really hate Peterson. He just seems like a father replacement for incels, so his advice is flawed, just like a lot of real fathers.
He once said something along the lines that women wear makeup to look like they're in heat. He just gives dumb advice I'd expect some random persons dad to piece together. Why would you ask a man, of all people, why women wear makeup? Ask a fucking woman and she'll tell you why. Incels are scared to hear any type of truth directly from women because they're weak.
Do you have any caps? How do they deny reality that men are overwhelmingly violent and make up almost every single violent crime?

No. 1440622

peterson actively encourages men to be more violent. he also claims that men who assault/kill women are only doing so because they're single and if those men were married, the violence would stop.

No. 1440867

For incels it's not really them being scared to the truth, it's that misogynists do not believe women have self-awareness and know their own motivations. That's why they go back to studies about dogs or even fucking birds to try and explain human behaviour.

No. 1442394

So he agrees. Men are useless.
Jfc he looks like he hasn't slept in days. Haggard ass motherfucker

No. 1445776


I really don't understand what her goals are with these kind of videos. She's trying to empathize with a crowd that hates her and sees her as subhuman. It's pathetic.

No. 1445785

File: 1671044769099.jpg (412.95 KB, 1080x1471, Screenshot_20221214-200518_Sam…)

Mind you, this video is HALF AN HOUR LONG.

No. 1445801

wtf does she want to date an incel or something? pickme behavior

No. 1445805

Women's safety is more important than men's feelings. I'm a firm believer all incels should be eradicated or sent to the mines.

No. 1445809

I tried getting through this video and I couldn't after like 7 minutes. I used to love her older videos about her personal life, meritocracy etc but these newer videos are just 30 minutes plus of straight up chatting shit. Like I don't even know what she's going on about at this point?
She's really trying to say that men who call black women racist shit are not actually racist because uh…they wouldn't say it to her face? It doesn't fucking matter whether they say it in person or not, if you call a black woman a racist thing then you are quite obviously racist.

These degenerate moids aren't going to look at her viewpoint with nuance, or fairness or empathy. Their entire personality is hating women and she tries to paint it as them being misunderstood or something.
She needs to go back to her old video format because this new shit is genuinely unhinged, makes no sense to listen to and just looks like she's trying too fucking hard to "understand" and deeply empathise with men who do not even have anything beyond a surface-level of hate towards women. They just hate us, that's fucking it, show's over, stop making long-ass videos about it just to sniff your own intellectual farts.

No. 1445810

I sure hope this is just a guy lying about his age (so he can lament about the goood ole days!) and that there isn't actually a 76 year old on the internet talking about chads and 'mating with bull daddies'

No. 1445832

>incels aren't racist
I've sat through a video of her reading the incel forums reactions to her channel, and they consistently called her "sheboon". Why'd she try to stick up for them kek?

No. 1445848

This is the same woman that made a 25-minute video on why intimate relationships are "so difficult" for men and she also made a video defending Creepshow Art because…I have no fucking idea why to be honest. I feel like she's just posting shit just to have a controversial opinion at this point and her current shtick is to be obsessed with incels as if there's some sort of deep mystical reason as to why they hate women.
I feel like many people listen for her accent and assume she's intelligent or something but the more videos like this that she posts, the more I'm convinced otherwise. We do not need to be giving waves of sympathy, thought and kindness to the sex that is overwhelmingly responsible for sex-based violence, prostitution, the pornography industry and pedophilia.

No. 1445849

I usually stop myself from pathologizing randoms, but I'm half-convinced that she's mentally ill and this is her coping mechanism, I've just seen so many women go through the worst things and eventually become deranged about bad men and fixing them. There's even a study showing that women with PTSD are much more likely to cope by trying to befriend or care for others, stockholm syndrome vibes.

No. 1445859

I hate black pickmes with the passion of ten thousand burning suns. Bitch, who the fuck cares about the emotions of incels? They certainly don't care about our emotions. I wish women would stop trying to fix what's clearly broken beyond repair. We don't need to understand incels, we need to breed them out.

No. 1445868

If women stopped capping and defending men so much, we'd be in a better society with actual women's rights. I hate pick mes just as much as I hate men. Women are defend men are on the same list as shitty incels.

No. 1445869

I'm really hoping majority of the comments on this video are negative and call her out on her BS. I can't be bothered to even click on this nonsense.

No. 1445876

Yeah, most of the comments near the top are saying she's trying too hard to be enlightened and intellectual about this issue.

No. 1445888

File: 1671048002507.jpg (459.47 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20221214-205654.jpg)

Anyone who makes a ton of video essays about societal issues and says they're "apolitical" makes no sense to me. One her of recent videos titled "Is sex a right?" had a ton of cringe ass comments from men saying prostitution should be legal because without sex, boys will be school shooters or some shit.

No. 1445908

I think all of her videos of just made out of pure copium of the fact that she desperately wants a husband but doesn't have one. She makes me cringe so bad, she acts like she is being reasonable and logical in her videos but all i see is a pickme seething about not being picked.

No. 1445916

I haven't seen too many of her personal belief videos, but I assume she uses apolotical only in the sense that she's not interested in being affiliated with any political movement, like all her musings are purely philosophical. Although how that would be possible in the modern age where every idea is politicized, I have no idea. Maybe it's like centrism on crack.

No. 1445934

>I think all of her videos of just made out of pure copium of the fact that she desperately wants a husband but doesn't have one.
Nah, it's copium for the fact that she can't accept that moids are horrible. She really wants to believe that deep, down inside every man is a good person struggling to get out. I used to be that way. I used to think that men weren't by nature violent, heartless beings. I thought it was just because they were raised in a patriarchy, but if you just explained to them "women are people, too" they would realize how shitty they were and stop.

No. 1445939

Most "centrists" are just classical liberals like Joe Rogan or anyone who isn't a chronically online Gen z/x Tiktok / Twitter user.

Anyway I actually pity this woman. She's doing mental gymnastics to try and understand these pathetic incels but if you check the Lookism threads about her, these men are just calling her ugly and a pseudo-intellectual.

No. 1446618

>it's more important to emphasize with a group of men who have literally murdered women out of entitlement than it is to be right
Female socialization and NLOGism at its peak. Whenever women try this hard to find acceptance and an "empathetic middle ground" with the worst kinds of men I feel so much second-hand embarrassment because you just know what their response is gonna be. Men really can't do no wrong in pickmes' eyes, it's nuts.
I don't pity her or any delusional pickme of the sort whatsoever. They are the ones keeping this mindset of "understanding" actual terrorists alive and actively promote it. They suck.

No. 1447532

I wish there were more quality channels introducing new or analyzing old anime. Now it's all nonbinaries discussing stuff from a ~gender lense~ or the fake-excited pissy fanboys, like Super Eyepatch Wolf.

No. 1447546

>Super Eyepatch Wolf
I hate that guy. He's a complete moron and so full of himself. It makes me sick.

No. 1448334

This is giving Kanye's "I love everyone including Nazis" vibe, except she has a British accent which somehow makes her sound more intelligent to the average yank who listens to her.

No. 1448374

>She's trying to empathize with a crowd that hates her and sees her as subhuman
One thing you must understand about Kidology is that she was literally socialized to be this way. She was adopted from birth by an extremely racist, deranged Christian white family who treated her like she was a second class citizen. Her whole life has been about grappling with all the issues those people left her. She has absolutely no connection to her race or cultural roots, was actually made to believe she was "above" people in her own ethnic group, and said people also spited her for the perceived privilege she had. She's talked about wanting the love and approval of her adoptive family all her life, but being unable to get it because of her skin color. She doesn't even have any self-pity about this, she acts as if that's just "how it is" because it's how she was conditioned. For her, empathizing with people who hate her (including mentally ill men) and being the one to bend the knee or extend the olive branch is just daily fucking life. She honestly makes me sad.

No. 1448375

who cares. she should get off the internet. and this all just sounds like excuses.

No. 1448379

I'm not making excuses, I'm explaining why she's like this. If you know what abusive homes, non-progressive countries and extreme racism are like, you know this isn't just something to "get over". Women like this are not uncommon, but most I've met were East Asian.

No. 1448380

That's a horrible, nearly unreadable thumbnail

No. 1448383

not you, she sounds like she's making excuses. if she knows she has a problem she should make an effort to not feed into it.

No. 1448387

I honestly pity her. Her entire channel is basically trying to make sense of her horrible home life. I hope one day she realizes she needs therapy, not a youtube channel about empathizing and understanding racist and misogynist males.

No. 1448394

Ntas but I rewatched her (female celebacy?) vid lately. The comment section was crawling with males 'we have it harder!' Overrun with them insisting any woman sharing her dating woes is lying or exaggerating or needs to try harder or needs to give males easy first date sex straight away to maybe just maybe have it blossom into something more… An answer for everything. Now I don't usually blame a youtuber for the comments they get but she really doesn't help herself or discourage them from flocking to her vids with the nicey nice approach. Its only to the detriment of women who watch her or try to partake in the discussion on her channel. I never had the context of why she's that way. I still hate it but I'm less confused by it now.

No. 1448421

>>1448374 I know a lot of transracial adoptees have identity issues but she isn't a child anymore and she lives in the UK with a big Jamaican population where she could easily try to connect with other Black people.

I didn't watch her Incels aren't Racist video but I watched another one of her videos where she says these men who called her slurs aren't actually racist because they "wouldn't say that to her in person", which sounds like the most illogical stupid ass cope ever. Has anyone told her about Elliot Rodger? Elliot Rodger was a half-Chinese incel who was not only a misogynist but had internalized racism and killed 3 East Asian guys.

No. 1448446

File: 1671212389380.jpg (457.46 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20221216-183311_Sam…)

It isn't just women that are like this. I've seen black men who have internalized racism and surprise surprise they're usually incels (it all makes sense why she defends them now because she relates to them in that way).

Here's an example: https://youtube.com/shorts/fDMxTLsasmc?feature=share

I found this on a Lipstick Alley thread about Kidology. Apparently she identifies more with being white.

No. 1448452

No. 1448646

I like hazel and kenny lauderdale for old anime stuff

No. 1449371

File: 1671254823580.png (15.9 KB, 820x102, wtf.png)

idk where to post this but matt walsh said he'd like to see the whale, a brendan fraser movie in which he plays a gay male, and all the comments are like this.
in a weird way this is giving me straight up south park early 2000's nostalgia, the time where the most vocal echo chamber retards weren't troons but christian crazies

No. 1449545

I thought they'd turn against him for being an Israel shill

No. 1451503

I hate this man and his fandom calling his wife "Caretaker". I like his "science" shit but STOP BEING A MANCHILD

No. 1451968

This makes me both angry and sad.
Moid acts like a retarded 5yo -> everybody claps
>omg my hubby is just like that!
>i wish to one day marry a guy like that!
>wifes don't get it! But you better treasure…
>boys, never stop doing blahblah
But a women being like that? Unthinkable.
Even 13yo girls giggling with their friends already gets people pissed.
Some days I truly wish to be born male. It's not that I want to act like a child like they do, I just don't want to worry so much or be so aware of how I act or should act.

No. 1456575

men would never defend a woman like this so i have no idea why so many women are in his comments giving him forgiveness. absolute brainrot, we're never gonna make it.

No. 1458113

File: 1672387316031.jpg (446.31 KB, 1080x1461, IMG_20221230_005817.jpg)

translation: i assumed cancel culture wasn't real just like all the breadtubers told me it wasnt until they came for a breadtube-adjacent liberal i like

No. 1466476

That’s it you low level trolls, you have met your match and your maker, your smol smooth brains could never rival a man of such outstanding intellect. He is the alpha troll and all he longs for is someone to “beat him at his own game” so he has herby challenged ye, unwashed masses. What is the challenge you say? Get. Gud. None of you can troll him because you are all pea brains.

I know that sounds like bait but legit, this guy created a YouTube video challenging trolls to come after him because his brain is just so big but then he gets triggered and responds to everyone. He’s an unemployed lifeless scrub that believes he’s too good to work a regular job so he spends 24/7 steaming trash content.

No. 1466485

Idk sounds like the last part is him trolling. So you posting this is you getting trolled and a successful proxy troll of all of us reading this.

No. 1466490

I know it’s hard to believe but hes actually like that, This is 9mins edited out of a 30mins stream, he spends 5+ hours every day streaming and talking about his big brain, I know it’s hard to believe he’s not trolling but I’m pretty sure he’s legit

No. 1466512

I'm so tired of her trying to be the bigger person, she needs to allow herself to feel hatred. It's like she thinks it bad to be angry at people who hurt her. I just want her to scream into a pillow at least.

>she lives in the UK with a big Jamaican population where she could easily try to connect with other Black people.
Yeah, no. Jamaicans do have some subtle cultural differences with Africans, black people are not a monolith. Besides, most black people do not have her life experiences will not not be able to relate with her. She just needs to talk to a therapist, preferable one that understands south africa very well.

No. 1466606

>jontron says racist thing
>still averages 5 million views per video
>each with their own sponsor
>lindsay says a shitty movie resembles another show
>has to resign forever from the internet

No. 1466645

It's more like this
>jontron who comes from a community who doesn't really cancel people and thinks cancel culture is stupid says something and doesn't get cancelled by his community
>lindsay who comes from a community that cancels everyone over everything gets cancelled for having an opinion on something that never mattered
See the trick is to not participate or create a community of massive faggots

No. 1466662

more like lindsay is a woman on a community run by troons and scrotes who dont like/are jealous of real women*. Hontra had a rapist on his subreddit moderation team and no one cared. Another case of women held at impossible high standars while men get scott-free for doing way worse things.

No. 1466845

I hate this fucking pick me. Basic libfem who defends trannys to hell and back.

No. 1467282

>troons and scrotes
Ok so it's this then
>Lindsey participated in the community MOST LIKELY to cancel anyone over everything and expected not to get eaten alive by her peers because she was retarded enough to play nice with troons and scrotes.
"Held to impossible standards" my ass she was happy to tun around with the tranny squad cancelling people knowing full well what they're like. Don't feel sorry for her, she would throw you under the bus for anything.

No. 1467290

This, we need to stop defending women that's throw us under the Hua for a man in a dress in a mintue
Fuck her the same community she was in fucked her over. We all know breadtube/woke tube is ran by men/troons. They make the rules and women must follow and cancel correctly or be cancelled.

No. 1467291

i have a hard time blaming her, i am biased because i loved her so much as a teen she used to be so funny. Its a shame that its impossible to be a non openly politic woman in nerd spaces nowadays. She was also heavily harassed by scrotes like moviebob and quinton reviews too, which makes me pity her.

No. 1467299

was Lindsay ever cancelled? She decided to retire from the internet because she got so much backlash for not liking Raya which is extremely fucked up and she did not deserve that but I don't recall people trying to cancel her or make a callout post about her. She has recived so much shit since her Channel Awesome days. A lot of the stuff people from the SA forum said about her was disturbing. I think the Raya thing was just the last straw on the camel's back. After dealing with batshit men for so long I doubt that terminally online teens is worse but then again she actually tried to please the terminally online teens so it must have felt really awful being attacked by them just because she gave Raya some valid criticism

No. 1467300

But there's research showing that women are held to higher ethical/social standards than men and get proportionally more backlash for small violations. Even though she's not a perfect person to defend, her case is still a great example of there being millions of psychos that want to scapegoat her, use her like sacrificial trash. And we could say "well she deserves it"–it doesn't change that the exact same thing would have happened regardless of what her leanings are, even if she was more like, say, Jontron. It's a lie that she could have been a public figure and avoided being cancelled…because it was inevitable. People are just obsessed with her because she's a great scapegoat.

No. 1467305

yeah, she was cancelled several times. She made a whole ass video about all her controversies and all of them were either shitty jokes or stupid takes on movies. At least she's married to a wealthy man so she's probably a stay at home mom(ironic) enjoying her daughter. Hope she's doing fine, its sad that the only 2 female CA contributors i watched ended up trooning out and becoming handmaidens.

No. 1467331

old post but god the cartel bit pissed me off so much. It was reaching so hard, Mexican moids are demons and it's no CIA psyop. sage for no milk.

No. 1467340

I wish women wouldn't even bother engaging with junior high debate club scrotes. Nobody owes them shit. Women don't usually do well because we don't spend all our time priming slimy bad faith arguments to manipulate people like a fucking crack head.
Why would anybody do that to natural hair? It looks worse than a Party City wig.
She also was getting funding from PBS at some point. It's not like she was posting dumb shit out of the goodness of her heart, she was getting government bucks and corporate bucks to shovel their propaganda of the week.

No. 1467364

>she actually tried to please the terminally online teens so it must have felt really awful being attacked by them just because she gave Raya some valid criticism
>People are just obsessed with her because she's a great scapegoat.
Oh my god, be quiet. Lindsey participated in the pile on of, and attempted (and kind of successful cancellation,) of Jill Bearup, a day or two after they came after her for Raya. She learned nothing.

And Lindsey knows how the cancellation game works. All she had to do to get people off her back was make some bs apology, donate money to some Asian charity, and stay off twitter for a few days. Instead she doubled down.

Lindsey is not some innocent victim. She tried to get a lot of people cancelled, and but she was dumb enough, or arrogant enough, to think the cancel mob would never come for her or that she didn't have to bow and scrape when they did come for her. That's what she was mad about and why she left. Not the attempted cancellation, but that she wasn't the queen bee she thought she was and actually had to play by woke cancellation rules.

No. 1467366

Honestly just seemed like she was already looking for a reason to leave youtube because she was going to have a kid soon (she probably would have been either trying for one since she was tweeting about it or already pregnant since she had a baby a few months ago)
No hate to her for this by the way, I honestly think it was a smart move on her part to ignore retarded troons screeching at her while she was pregnant (something they never will be).

No. 1467423

and she herself was one of the people holding women to those standards. What about this are you not understanding? She actively participated in enforcing the exact problem you are talking about. Play troon games win troon prizes, she got what she deserved

No. 1467435

A thousand years ago, I watched a couple of Lindsey Ellis video essays and thought they were just kinda shit, but maybe it's cause I don't care that much for american children's media.

No. 1467438

No. 1467446

My point stands regardless though; a woman that hasn't participated in cancel culture is pretty much as likely to be cancelled and torn to shreds. There's been people who've done worse, been more hypocritical, etc, who are still less fussed about. Also "she's not an innocent victim" is what I pretty much have seen for every single woman in the public eye, especially those that speak up against men in any way. It's not a good metric considering each time I've seen it, turns out the magnitude of the offense wasn't proportional to the backlash. But yeah, you're still mostly right anyway. Tbh, I'm just confused why she's even talked about because she's such a boring once-public figure.

No. 1467630

>a woman that hasn't participated in cancel culture is pretty much as likely to be cancelled and torn to shreds
If your audience consists of women and all manners of trans identified women, yes. Women hold each other to a higher standard, for better or for worse. I've seen this shit in action so many times because I've been a part of online female dominated spaces since childhood. It's especially jarring now, you'll see women only communities cancelling their fellow women for jokingly saying kill all men while male communities.. I don't need to continue. Women are more empathetic and prone to social justice and this is sadly a negative byproduct of it.

No. 1469429

File: 1673437786523.png (195.63 KB, 607x635, Screenshot 2023-01-11 122203.p…)

fuck andrew callaghan from all gas no brakes/channel 5. sexual abuse allegations by multiple women came out a couple of days ago and he confirmed them, see https://www.reddit.com/r/Channel5ive/comments/1083u9v/all_andrew_callaghan_allegations_summarized/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
i'm studying digital journalism and was stupid enough to idolize him for being a young journalist not giving in to MSM narratives and corporatism. in an interview he was talking about how his approach is radical empathy towards anyone he depicts in his show and i really resonated with that, but given how he coerced drunk women into sucking his dickcheese covered chode the radical empathy bs is completely null and void. how fucking ironic is it that in his HBO doc there's this conspiracy theorist who is obsessed with calling famous people pedophiles. at the end andrew pulls out a document stating the dude had gotten arrested for raping a boy and andrew goes on about how the guy was projecting his wrongdoings onto others. looks like someone else has been projecting as well. never ever trust or support famous moids. >>1381931 had a point

No. 1469434

>he was talking about how his approach is radical empathy towards anyone he depicts in his show
goes to show you men really don’t think of women as human since there’s a total lack of empathy to be seen in these situations. empathy is for real people, not objects, in their minds.

No. 1469440

But nobody is saying women don't get held to higher standards, they're saying someone in her circles specifically was always more likely to get cancelled over something dumb than someone who comes from more relaxed circles regardless of their gender. Women in gaming communities get half cancelled all the time but always bounce back because they're more relaxed, whereas women in Lindsey's community get cancelled and entirely blacklisted from content creation then labelled a bigot because they're community are like that

No. 1470306

>Prince Andrew
>Andrew Tate
>Andrew Callaghan
Never trust an Andrew

No. 1471644

File: 1673603243038.png (136.65 KB, 930x1004, kek.png)

>>>1381931 had a point
LMAO thank you anon i just fucking knew this ugly ass scrote was a bad person. i came to this thread just to see if anyone had posted about this yet. also "radical empathy" is the silliest expression i've ever heard, especially coming from a moid. like just say you want to milk problematic people for content without being accused of platforming them kek. anyway, he's a fucking youtuber trying to get famous, not a real journalist with a code of ethics. no one should be surprised.
one thing that infuriates me about his shtick is that if a woman would try to do the extremely low effort 'let's seek out the most deranged people out there for shock value' pseudojournalism thing she would get kim wall'd instantly. and when a moid does it with the help of his male privilege and slaps some cheap social commentary on top he gets praised for being soo brave and authentic and innovative.

apparently he's checked into a psych ward now, cue some ~radical empathy~ from his subreddit.

No. 1471875

he's given me a bad vibe for quite some time. when he was doing Quarter Confessions (the thing he got some popularity from before all gas no breaks and channel 5) he was basically doing a glorified version of those tiktok accounts that go up to insanely drunk women at parties and ask them their body count. my theory is that he started going to trump rallies just because he knew that he'd find crazy people there to "interview" but didn't have the intent of "exposing the far-right", but people ended up assigning that meaning to it after the fact and he just kinda went with it. his videos were interesting, no doubt, but he's not unique in any way, anyone could go up to a very intoxicated and/or mentally ill person and get them to say some crazy shit while looking at the camera like "can you believe this guy?!?!", and obviously there are ethical issues that arise from taking videos of people who are obviously not in their right mind and posting them for thousands to see, though i admit a lot of his videos were entertaining. it's a shame how many men are saying what he did isn't a big deal.

No. 1474159

i guarantee that Soft White Underbelly guy is next. you’re telling me a scrote is taking sex workers from skid row, often high out of their minds, and just recording them for the youtube clout? no. that dude is shady.

No. 1474681

Petty but her sketches last way too long

No. 1474684

Did she come out as a she/they? I swear she was using they pronouns.

No. 1474706

Motherfucking reaction channels reacting to Harry Potter. I watch them when i'm eating… Those that bash Rowling right away piss me off but at least i know it right away so i don't waste my time. But those who save their hatered for the very last movie, so you spend weeks just chillin watching them thinking this person is alright, they are the worst! I'm really happy for my adblock so they won't get a singe coin from me.

No. 1474727

You reminded me of another youtuber (Faline San) last time I looked at her account she became a she/they but now she’s all 3 but prefers masculine pronouns

No. 1477447

Suprised this hasn't been posted yet, but Andrew Callaghan finally made a response video against the allegations made against him, confirming he did do it

also could someone make a new Youtuber Thread of /snow

No. 1477462

She literally called herself "a pretty cool guy" in her twitch bio. Really cringe.

No. 1477463

It would make sense, she has nlog handmaiden energy

No. 1479163

I hate when video essayists feel the need to have a mug or glass welded to their hand at all times. Especially when 9 times out of 10 there is nothing in it

No. 1480398

This fucker made a video about creepshow art. A bit late to the train my man. Anyway, let's see how many of his moid audience finds their way here.

No. 1480401

Immidiately thought about Sarah Z lmao

No. 1480418

File: 1674547964503.png (1.1 MB, 1115x1254, 797BF539-F5F2-471F-B870-16707B…)

I don’t care for YouTube commentators but face reveals always seem like a mistake.

No. 1480422

Well it seems a good time to clean something I guess and leave lc for a while for the newfags that are incoming

No. 1480424

File: 1674549327765.jpg (26.05 KB, 475x475, dream.JPG)

Oh wow. I mean she's an average bri'ish beauty but the juxtaposition with her cutesy anime self portrait really throws you off.

God the Dream face reveal shit was funny

No. 1480432

Lc was broken when this interview dropped. How do you nonnies feel about this insufferable faggot? He is barely relevant anymore, and yet has feature after self-indulgent feature with actual creators. Even a world tour centering around him being the saddest most repressed gay with the depresso ever.

No. 1480447

why am i not surprised shes a fatty?

No. 1483563

I like obscure weird Japanese shit but I'm astounded by the abundance of troons in it beside haley(who's a lesbian although I'm not sure by her voice). Why cant there a be a woman covering niche topics? Why?

No. 1483572

I hate that smosh dudes face

No. 1483580

every time i see his giant fugly mug i am reminded of my gay moid friend's older brother who still lives at home, is an unstable alcoholic, has never had a girlfriend, has a few DUIs, got in trouble with the IRS because of tax fraud, and had an absolutely insane emotional meltdown where he threatened to kill himself and call the police on my gay moid friend, me, and another friend for hanging out in his parent's house without his permission.

No. 1485555

He's honestly more insufferable now than he ever was in smosh. Guy exudes real-estate agent energy, the kind that doesn't wear socks with his dress shoes.

Ot but I remember seeing this girl posted somewhere on one of the boards here she used to wear lolita/himekaji. Found her social media after years and holy shit all she does now is bikini/lingerie try ons so blatantly designed for the male gaze it's uncomfortable. I was at first genuinely interested in seeing her reviews of some cute swimwear, but I can't get through the video with all the close ups of her ass and breasts as she squishes them together. When did YouTube become so blatantly pandering like twitch?

No. 1485588

I like to watch show/movie recaps, there's a lot of channels who do this but they find the most porny/sexual thumbnails. Then they'll be like-
>Girl burns boyfriend alive for cheating on her
So, I came across this video on The Last of Us. I've seen the show recapped but im repetitive (I've watched movie recaps three or four times by different people to see if there's new info).
So I watch and I thought for a mintue, it was Josh from kiwifarms secret review channel.
>Complains about race swapping, says he doesn't care about the daughter because she's race swapped (aka black)
>Rants that Ellie's actress (Ellie is like 14 in the show, the actress is 19 I think), Is unattractive and she should basically stop acting (10:54) but don't watch unless you have some adblock
>rants about how theres some black women in charge, says black people are X amount of the population and woke people will have you believe they are 50% or some retarded race rant, I think it was because there were 2 black women in charge?
>Complains that tess's actress/model in the game looks horrible, basically calls her ugly. Whines about how they aged Tess up for the remake.
>It's pointless!!!
Like okay it's stupid to make the daughter black/biracial, but who cares? And insulting the looks of someone playing a fucking 14 year old is weird. He said her real name and everything. This fucker is retarded
I thought he was going to give something to talk about.

No. 1485598

These swim suit try on hauls have always been very sus. The uglier the swimsuits/lingerie, the more likely it was made to peddle an onlyfans. That reminds me, Patricia bright on youtube used to do a lot of try on hauls, idk if she still does, but she naively did one trying on leather/pleather items because she thought they looked cool and got tons of creeps asking her to make more videos and she deleted it. That also goes to show that they specifically are looking for these kind of videos. Thank god youtube does a pretty good job demonatising and shoving these videos out of the algorithm, you really have to search for them.

No. 1485599

Thank god there are sane people in the comments.

No. 1485601

She is incredibly unfortunate looking, wow.

No. 1485604

I love how it's not even preachy people even, they sound just like me, people who stumbled across his shit and slowly realized how fucking retarded he is and they are pointing it out. Apperently he went on a rant in the next video about the show, didn't watch but I did read the comments. According to one he's still explaining himself about his anger on the race swap.
I wonder if he hears himself? Do they not get that they sound just as mentally ill and retarded as the "Woke" people they hate?

No. 1485608

What a fucking loser kek. Unfortunately my brother is exactly like this so I am kind of desensitized to this kind of bitching. I think they feel emboldened on forums like 4chan etc where its an echo chamber, but once they say this stuff out loud it sounds so pathetic and loserish.

No. 1487950

File: 1675280216856.jpg (168.92 KB, 1060x902, IMG_20230201_203406.jpg)

men are so delusional

No. 1487956

>a large 2014 study based on Swedish medical records hinted that the odds of autism among children born to fathers older than 45 are about 75 percent higher than for children born to fathers in their early 20s. And a 2010 analysis of Swedish data found that men over 55 are four times as likely to have a child with autism as men under 30.

No. 1487961

Women need to stop reproducing with low quality men. It probably doesnt help that so many of these men fry their brains with drugs and alcohol before getting a woman pregnant.

No. 1488554

Yesterday I decided to check a list of my subscriptions and there’s a lot of them, based on channels which have some niche things I like, language learning channels, music or history etc., I saw some random channels I never subbed. This lead me into discovering this:
It happened to me for the first time ever and I unsubbed all these channels I didn’t know. This is so out of the blue, most of them were small, sometimes empty channels. I remember one was some fast food reviews (nothing big though) and I also noticed one channel which had a name reminding me of LC because it was called “Nonnie Nonnie”. There was also a sub for some channel disguised as official channel of a certain group of Polish YT influencers (embed video is one of their songs) but it had some name and banner related to Aliexpress shipping. Never bought anything from Aliexpress. Guess it’s YT using its idiotic algorithms.
And speaking of Ekipa (the influencers I mentioned), they’re just plain boring and fake, gained a popularity among younger teenagers but all of their content is either songs about their lifestyle, challenges, destroying stuff for fun, personal drama or trying to sell promotional stuff. In fact they got (in)famous for Ekipa Ice Cream, a sort of popsickle not different from others sold here but it had a package with their logo and it became collectible item people sold for high prices online.

No. 1488773

>women can't get preggo after 29
and men can't get pregnant at all so? tf

No. 1489090

>replying to 6 month old post to shit up the thread
kys moidlet

No. 1492790

File: 1675742604295.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 476.49 KB, 1170x1049, 0CDD06B3-94EE-4F81-9AEE-BB32B7…)

Is anyone else getting weird youtube porn playlists? When I search up reviews especially, these type of asian movie porn playlists always pop up I even had to see a very graphic thumbnail of an indian porn once.. what's going on this is so gross

No. 1493713

File: 1675826240353.png (Spoiler Image, 166.3 KB, 1199x324, Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 6.11…)

samefagging but they're getting weirder and grosser I'm just trying to watch an explanation in peace i feel sick

No. 1493743

Yeah I saw something like this too just last night when I was searching for something super mario world, it makes me sick that they would tag these playlists with something so innocent

No. 1499329

File: 1676340041422.jpg (296.74 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20230214-025221.jpg)

Pretty sure that's a troll, what person has never met a woman who got pregnant in their 30s? These days that's more and more common too..

No. 1499332

File: 1676340548621.jpg (789.4 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20230214-030527.jpg)

Has anyone seen Layah Heilpern? She's a massive Andrew Tate dickrider who parrots all of the same boring redpill "men need to be masculine women need to be feminine" shit like that all while wearing low cut tank tops in front of the camera ofc.. Basically built her whole persona on being the average right wing jerk off's wet dream.

Oh and she's a zionist.

No. 1503372


Gag. God, whenever I see women like these I just hope hope hope hope they're just a con and don't actually believe the shit they spout, and are only being "one of the good ones" because they know their retarded male simps will pay attention and (cash) to get a chance to see a feeeemale agree with their views ("I'm not a misogynist! This pretty lady on the internet just agreed with what I said!!!")

But considering I have pickme female relatives myself my hopes diminish day by day.

No. 1504066

Vice held a debate with anti and pro feminists and it made me want to kms. I dont even know where to start. But does anyone know wtf is up with this pearl davis girl? I found her youtube and she has over 1mil subscribers wtf

No. 1504074

Any pretty woman lile her who parrots this material is only doing it for views and money. Pickmes are never as pretty and when they do support men's toxic views, they do it for male attention while these troll girls do it for money. She's living comfortably off of broke men who cry about women in her comments sections.

No. 1504174

I dislike grifters more then actual right wing nutjobs

No. 1504189

> only doing it for views and money.

It’s this so hard. It’s already known that a lot of right wing tradwives kind of get a “bad ending” marrying a right wing trad man. They end up getting cheated on or divorced or treated terribly.

No. 1504676

Well she is a bitcoin scammer so it's perfectly on brand for her to pander to low iq moids and their beliefs kek.

No. 1505956

Just checked in again and they're getting progressively worse because the algorithm is unfortunately giving her attention for this shit. I didn't know this side of YouTube even existed but the comments on her videos are fucking hilarious. Here's some noteworthy ones
>Such beautiful white skin you are my Ivory princess
>She's such an adorable, sweet, enchanted n beautiful goddess of our hearts 💖🥰🔥🌹👸💯
>Oh my goodness… WELL GOOD MORNING from California. Or perhaps I should say good midnight! And you do something NONE of the others do. Giving us that sweet up close shot at the end of every try on…Thank you! Edit May I add that you are certainly a breath of fresh air indeed. Love your personality. You're adorable
>You fall into a category soooooo many women miss, and that is innocent / pleasant. Many real men don't want drama or obnoxious behavior. I'm honored to meet someone so sweet.
Moids are such simple creatures KEK

No. 1509232

Everything about the, Homestead vlogger and farmer, Gold Shaw Farm, I really DON'T see how people like him, He's a good marketer but that's it…

>Gold Shaw Farms, He basically he accused and is beefing with, Abby's Breeder, A Dog Breeder, Accusing them of being a puppy mill, When he had NO proof of it, Because he NEVER stepped foot or seen in person her facility in California, He made up assumptions about it, Leading his followers, to bombard, The breeder's google review page with negative nasty vile reviews,

He seem's to be REALLY arrogant, and unable to accept criticism and will do anything pretty much for clicks and views on his, YouTube channel!!!

No. 1509256

>You fall into a category soooooo many women miss, and that is innocent / pleasant.

Really jimbles my jumbles when grown men want grown women to be "innocent".

No. 1509262

File: 1677359754479.png (Spoiler Image, 84.7 KB, 224x404, Screenshot_20230225_031254.png)

found out that seth the progammer has a photo of a nude minor in his old discord server apparently from a person named doggo he's such a scumbag human being i tell ya(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1509272

File: 1677360632346.png (19.75 KB, 496x312, Capture.PNG)

But of course, I'm not surprised.

No. 1509299

File: 1677364147045.png (2.04 MB, 1962x866, 1592343274899.png)

I hate YouTubers who flip flop around and try to join various communities, burn bridges, get outed for lying or being lazy with content and then go I know.. I'll just pander to men who want to hear about how women are bad and men are actually oppressed! That's where all the views and money is right? If all else fails.. rant about women.. as a woman. Also when 95 percent of your existing audience are women. Flawless plan. Why do they do this shit?

YDHB (young dumb honey bun) made amberlynn reaction vids, lied about her education to make herself stand out as being a professional who could psychoanalyse fatties. Acted like a bigger cow herself. People caught on to her shit. Then we had the 'im a baddie' phase where we got riveting vlogs about her having her double chin lipo'd. Fucked around with limited success making vids about herself. In a last ditch attempt to grab views.. bashes feminism and gets political. The people she's pandering to took one look at her and called her a dumb bitch. Have you found your niche?

No. 1509843

File: 1677417004519.jpg (210.45 KB, 720x700, Screenshot_2023-02-26-13-00-32…)

My YouTube ads lately

No. 1509845

I would literally bite my fingers off then touch a man's butt

No. 1509853

This is literally an sex work ad. Men don't need to get their prostate as there is no magical medicine that prevents prostate cancer unless you think cooming is.

No. 1510046

The cringe is real. This is not keto but an eating disorder. The comments are disgusting too, some guy wrote "well she's a woman and women don't actually need that much calories to live". Shut the fuck up moid. Two cans of sardines and coffee isn't even 500 calories. This is not how an adult woman should eat. Maybe she takes coke because she looks like it fr
(Sorry idk how to post shorts here)

No. 1510050

File: 1677431701783.jpg (287.29 KB, 680x1137, 1652608943624(1).jpg)

How to embed youtube shorts
>change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="

No. 1510146

I used to get ads for dating sites that specifically advertises that you can date east european women and it was genuinely creeping me out. Something about those ads screamed mail order bride. I use Youtube Vanced so I don't get ads when watching videos but I still get ads on my homepage

No. 1525150

File: 1678984931671.jpg (219.92 KB, 953x997, Capture.JPG)

wonder who this child youtube star is. apparently the channel had >1billion views

No. 1525157

Feels sometimes like good looking guys can go one of two ways. One they're humble and often a lot nicer than average or ugly guys. The other kind seem to get this idea that literally every woman they meet wants to fuck them and they're genuinely brain fried from all the positive feedback and attention they received as they grew up.

No. 1530273

File: 1679478368865.png (128.9 KB, 568x666, minale.PNG)

This is so petty but Mina Le's eyebrows bother me so much

No. 1530288

Don't like the half assed nature of this. You want those Greta Garbo skinny mini pencil brows you pluck them shits, none of this concealer drain hair looking garbage. Come on, commit to the bit of looking freaky, or don't do it at all.

No. 1530305

Ew it looks weird. I thought her brows were plucked.

No. 1530309

File: 1679487882881.png (388.19 KB, 1855x592, Woof.png)

Does anyone remember Luke Alexander? I watched him 2 years ago or so, for the tana stuff. I got his vampire diaries video recommended and I was SHOCKED at not only the weight gain but also the makeup (he actually has full on lipstick, eyeshadow and red nail polish in his recent videos). I know he was always faggy but is he trying to be a tranny now lol?

No. 1530312

File: 1679488145436.jpeg (194.02 KB, 1170x1126, 4DBCA3F2-F186-4280-9F83-370BA5…)

> constantly posting videos about women ‘hitting the wall’
> looks like this

men truly are laughable

No. 1530315

yeesh, semi-related but, I opened youtube in incognito and all of the suggested videos were like this. women "hitting the wall", why women suck at xyz, dating strategies. I was watching a history documentary, why would those videos be related? it was like a weird, unwanted glimpse into the mind of incels.

No. 1530316

wtf I thought she had plucked her eyebrows and it look like shit, but that it was a bold choice that she's allowed to make and couldn't turn back on. I feel tricked lmao girl why do you choose to look this hideous. Must be to be more recognizable for the algorithm or something ig

No. 1530317

I'm really interested in this, I really hope she goes forward with it once she's 18. Does it even say how old she's now?

No. 1530319

Is there any reason to hate Drew Gooden? He seems so fucking cool please tell me he doesn’t have awful skeletons in his closet.

No. 1530328

His stuff from what I remember is minor.
>made a racist joke against Asian people and had to apologize.
>called a women in older video a bitch randomly.
>most recent video has a screenshot of a tranny video in it which might imply support.

No. 1530329

File: 1679490070557.png (97.65 KB, 867x431, 1678647269784.png)

In his last video he had a snippet of this one annoying youtube troon if that matters to you. Though what big youtuber doesn't hold popular woke beliefs (or at least pretend to)

No. 1530338

>he seems so fucking cool
In his latest video he implies he does fuck all everyday except browse social media. I think his wife is the breadwinner.

No. 1530340

I did see that in his most recent video. The fact that he’s never come out and explicitly verbally supported any troonery tells me this could be the most simple way he can avoid being labeled a tranny hater without having to be extra fake and wax poetic about the tranny plight. I’ve never seen him mention or support troonery and I feel like if he actually supported troonery there’d be more evidence than a few seconds long shout out.

No. 1530347

All of his vids get few million views and all of them have sponsorship on top of that, I'm pretty sure he makes ok money himself

No. 1530354

This anon >>1530347 is right, I doubt she’s the main breadwinner. He has a very popular channel, he consistently gets a lot of views and likes, he has a large following and he is consistent with his content. Browsing social media is an important part of his job.

They also don’t live in a crazy expensive home or in LA like a lot of dumbass YouTubers. They own their home together and it doesn’t have any HOA fees, they live in a normal neighborhood, and drive normal cars (one of which is like an older mid 2010s Honda civic or accord).

No. 1530357

He's still a social media addict which is embarrassing

No. 1530359

true. plenty of influencers and journalists are, have you not seen how many complain about it on twitter? it is disturbing.

No. 1530364

tbh the only thing more embarrassing than being an influencer is following one.

No. 1530366

File: 1679493053331.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.46 KB, 1217x1215, 7983AE67-A094-403D-9E81-454A37…)

Usually I would just get a lot of “Am I Gay?” quiz ads, then this fucking abomination showed up.

No. 1530373

I’m an imageboard addict so I can’t cast blame on someone for being obsessed with SM

No. 1530374

They are vastly different

No. 1530488

why did he even do a vampire diaries video when jenny nicholson already did a great one?

No. 1530642

File: 1679513205738.png (6.56 KB, 755x142, roramdin.png)

I found this comment from Drew last year. So he does genuinely support that troon.

No. 1530692

Tbf, it seems like her genuine aesthetic, i can't believe she is too pussy to actually yeet her eyebrows away. I wonder if it's because she does more normie makeup irl.

No. 1530702

Sage for sperging but I really like callmekevin and drew gooden, BUT it doesn't surprise me at all they support troons. Anyone who doesn't gets crucified, and even more than that, both of these YouTubers are still moids. Sure, there are some moids I think are genuinely funny and nicer than others, but at the end of the day they're men, and they could still be sex offenders or freaks or murders. Do I think they are? No, but lots of people don't think their fave is a freak. Just look at what happened to cryaotic, for example. He was a wholesome-chungus uwu YouTuber)streamer, and it turned out he was a sex pest/pedo. It's just how things are, unfortunately. That's why I try to support women creators more and more.

No. 1530723

She can't just do the elmer's glue drag queen thing? To each their own but if that was me I know they'd feel uncomfortable and that I'd be getting eyebrow acne like crazy. The elmer's glue thing would allow her to change up her eyebrows depending on her outfit too… Mine pls…

No. 1530770

he's trying to piggy back off of that guy who did the pretty little liars recaps

No. 1531215

TurkeyTom just gives me average kiwifag moid vibes (therefore he's unpleasant to say the least).

But what the fuck is up with 20-somethings covering fandom drama created by 12 year olds? Yes, the internet is full of weird cringey kids and some got groomed into fucked up fetishes by deviantart, but 10 years ago people would mock them and go away. Why is an adult man making a 45min video?

Obviously he's catering to his clickbait audience, but I find it fucking weird this would even be on your radar, I haven't encountered a teenager online in my circles in years

No. 1531493

File: 1679603608655.png (687.63 KB, 846x840, Fr3l8fMWwAIwru.png)

Not a Putin Shill but I think these types of videos should be considered propaganda and just like Yemoni Park, they might end up hurting their own cause

No. 1531516

>history documentary

it's because a lot of incel/right wing types love "history" (i use the term very loosely), so that they can wank themselves senseless to the idea of muh traditional values, keeping women in the kitchen, and being a racist piece of shit without risk of getting your ass whooped. the youtube algorithm now works in a way similar to how the reddit sub overlap behaves - people who frequently watch x are also likely to watch b, and so on.

No. 1531600

I've noticed that any sort of self-improvement type videos will also lead the algorithm to start shoving misogynistic shit in your recommended. How the hell does youtube get away with having so many of those types of videos on their platform and so easily found? I've seen breadtubers bring up the "alt-right pipeline of youtube" before, but 90% seems straight up just misogyny

No. 1531864

the people who run youtube are into the shit as well, so you might as well promote what you're interested in until you get called out for doing so.

No. 1533559

The cringe. The truth is an average man ages worse than an average woman and he has less options, those men are so delusional. The comment section is disgusting, 20 year old dudes saying how they plan to improve themselves until they're 30 and then only date girls in their early 20s with no "body count" and how their future brides are literally infants right now. Pathetic.

No. 1533695

File: 1679877358226.png (246.12 KB, 838x925, dffdfdfd.png)

"I had a little bit of lipliner this time, my lips are a little dry"GIRL, COME THE FUCK ON. Bullshit. I like this youtuber's videos because ancient makeup composition and application is cool but WTF. That is NOT "just liner" you have a whole-ass matte lipstick to overlign your lips. Just say you're insecure about the size of your lips and be done, don't blatantly lie on camera.

No. 1533767

Didn't watch it since I didn't want to monetize his videos but fucking ew from the thumbnail
He's already experiencing male pattern baldness lmao
That's not even mentioning his pube beard and dry as fuck skin
The fucking audacity of these ugly ass men

No. 1533864

The allegedly attractive male in that thumbnail is so repulsive to me too. Men really have no idea what makes a man attractive to women…

No. 1534198

The truly funny part about this is that
a) no man even slightly decent would be drawn into it in the first place
b) they have already been saying this since at least y2k, and the scrotes drawn into it 20 years ago are now over 40 and super single for years.
>>You fall into a category soooooo many women miss, and that is innocent / pleasant. Many real men don't want drama or obnoxious behavior. I'm honored to meet someone so sweet.
Men really have no idea how much they tell on themselves, and the horrible shit they put women through. There is a 0% chance that guy is just some innocent bro who behaves himself in public and private. He either destroys the nice women he dates, or he runs after obviously trashy or mentally broken women, then cries when he gets burned. (This should be called the lowtax maneuver.)

No. 1535275

File: 1680040955965.jpg (106.31 KB, 1080x830, IMG_20230329_000151.jpg)

That's it anons, female oppression is over

No. 1535363

Lol men are so fucking worthless and pathetic.

No. 1536734

Men are violent apes and should not be allowed to walk around free in civilized society.

No. 1542083

Cool cherry picked stats but right off the bat.. 'Work related stress' is not why men on average die younger than women. Cardiovascular disease is the main difference and that is a biological difference between men and womens bodies. That diffierence already exists before any lifestyle or social issues even enter into the picture. Oppressed by your own biology I guess? Good news if men want to close the gap though.. married men on average live longer than single males.

No. 1542196

File: 1680797174052.jpg (61.73 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20230406_190217.jpg)

Eraserhead baby looking ass. Youtube recommended me one of her most popular videos and now I'm hate watching occasionally to see her wet wipe self get bullied by every cretin in Ecuador for views unless her brother intervenes. Idk what is it, perhaps I'm just retarded, but she is viscerally off-putting to me. I'm not even interested in make-up or MUA shit.

No. 1542205

Both her and her brother are so annoying. Her brother's fanbase are %100 loser girls and he always talks down to his fans while keeping a weird parasocial relationship with them.

No. 1542219

it took me a minute to recognize who this was, the underbite gave it away. i haven't watched her channel since she became popular off the "i went to the worst salon" trend. didn't she get a nose job? and then she was preaching about how you shouldn't feel pressured to get plastic surgery and how she still loves herself…in the same video with her showing her post-op nose?

No. 1542254


>scrotes killing themselves

>scrotes killing each other for dumb scrotal reasons
Wow so oppressed

No. 1542275

>gives kiwifag vibes
Because he is. This is old but Turkey Tom did a video with Josh the owner of kiwifarms, where they talked about Keffals.
It was weird because
>he refused to misgender Keffals said "her prostate" which made kiwi mods shit on him
>openly watches/comments/donates to Josh's podcast on YouTube
>has a kiwifarms account

The best moment was when Josh went on a passionate rant going
>people think I'm some depressed lonely person who only has Kiwifarms
>turkey tom- "yeah I thought that"
>"well your wrong! Your all wrong!"
To paraphrase. He's on the side of commentary bros where they have no issue saying certain slurs or hanging with people who say the n word or some shit, but cry/whine about transphobia/misgendering.

No. 1542292

>associate yourself with Null
>misgendering is still going too far
Like, why bother? Did he run a marketing analysis and found out the majority of his views are troons or something?

No. 1542294

>they have no issue saying certain slurs or hanging with people who say the n word or some shit, but cry/whine about transphobia/misgendering.
I hate these type of edgy motherfuckers so much. They go on and on about SJWs and how everyone is so politically correct and sensitive and how they're such trolls who love to trigger people, but then they show how scared they are of trannies. Like fuck off.

No. 1542296

Also don't trannies hate Null and kiwifarms? Maybe TT has tranny friends and has no choice but to go with the tranny bullshit. It's a common trend for edgelords to become trannies and be ok with racial slurs, be homophobic, misogynistic, and shit, but absolutely have a problem when it comes to misgendering.

No. 1542312

File: 1680808271974.jpg (45.23 KB, 720x557, Screenshot_20230406-150544_Chr…)

I assume because he doesn't want to be kicked off youtube? But his GF was bullied by troons because she posted this (with turkey Tom being the before) and she was harassed by troons. I do not know if he refuses to say certain things because he believes them or because he doesn't want to get fully cancelled. A lot of commentary bros don't tolerate misgendering.
Though he does associate with folks who are misogynistic, defend shitty things, racists (like Josh for example who asked him his gf race). So clearly he does not care about people who misgender or racist, he just doesn't do it so he doesn't get blamed. He also makes a lot on YouTube apparently.
Alot of commentary bros are like this, Destiny sucks Troon dick but did a video with Josh as well.

No. 1542318

i think he refuse to misgender the troons in public in fear to have his channel terminated or smthg like that, but i guess he might laugh behind their back in private and misgender them

No. 1542319

>like Josh for example who asked him his gf race
That guy is fucking OBSESSED, I bet my left ovary he jerks it to BBC porn

No. 1542327

>Turkey Tom
I remember watching his videos a long while back. He’s self-admittedly used 4chan throughout his early teen years and ‘defended 4chan’ saying that all the racisms on the site is just unironic. The internet has probably fucked up his brain beyond belief, but nowadays he pivots to ‘exposing pedos’ type content in fandoms like tf2, Roblox, fnaf etc. which is probably a sign that he’s gotten better maybe? He probably has a discord server where he says a bunch of racist and sexist shit though

No. 1542370

Whose Josh?

No. 1542402

File: 1680822174561.gif (227.55 KB, 320x208, Untitled.gif)

Owner of kiwifarms

No. 1542413

Don't you have a more current pic of him? He has aged rather badly and looks much more unkempt and filthy.

No. 1542416

Not even the joshfags like Josh.

No. 1542518

he has a video on Sneako (wannabe Andrew Tate with a cuck fetish) and i thought it was pretty good until he said that Sneako didn’t deserve to be banned from Youtube for threatening to (whilst violently simulating it) rape Chad Chad, a female youtuber. Turkey Tom is fucking disgusting to defend that kind of behavior.

No. 1542605

I hate how much YouTube has turned into
> I hate 'x' thing or 'x' group of people so I'm going to upload a new vid every day or two and we'll just endlessly stew in our hatred or disliking of this same thing on repeat. Day in and day out.
I know I can try to avoid it but it's half of YouTube rn.

No. 1542734

I've never seen anything like that even when I log out.

No. 1544702

File: 1681067196559.jpeg (214.88 KB, 743x1619, B417A551-C3C0-4858-AAEA-0AFF1E…)

I hate these thumbnails.
They’re violent towards woman. I never see a male or “Kevin” being attacked in their thumbnails. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but how can YouTube perpetuate this hatred towards women by allowing this. yeah… A woman disagreeing with you totally validates using violence.

No. 1544706

And before some dummy states these are ai generated. Of course I know that.

No. 1544949

it's often men who are filming these women too

No. 1546059

File: 1681203942291.png (45.24 KB, 844x690, Untitledd.png)

I want to make a new account just to tell this loser that scrotes will never respect her even if she pushes the retarded incel conspiracy theory that le ebil feminazis have infiltrated everything they love to take away their fap material (worst possible thing you could do to a moid). Also what a fucking retard thinking that female artists such as the creator of Sailor Moon aren't capable of drawing sexualized women or reproducing sexist stereotypes, and just because this one famous and beloved shoujo manga has girls in miniskirts that means sexism isn't a thing and female critics of sexualized characters are hypocrites because everybody knows all women think Sailor Moon is perfect. A good chunk of Japanese hentai is drawn by women, but I bet a retard like this would see that not as evidence that she's wrong, but as evidence that there isn't anything wrong with porn and all women love it and the ones who hate it are a very small mentally ill minority who shouldn't be listened to.

It's probably a LARPing moid speaking for women anyway but I still feel like calling him out for that. Other comments by women who are concerned about this topic have a lot of replies by crying scrotoids calling those women crazy, saying they are totally wrong and these 4-5 female cartoon characters prove it lol. They're so fucking annoying, scrotes always seem to invade every comment section of every video that ever slightly doesn't suck their dick or approves of moid degeneracy and behavior.


No. 1546082

Not sure if this is considered racebaiting but the obvious elephant with Karen memes is that it's more often than not depicting a white woman who's the sole victim. Moids love seeing white women torn down and suffering despite their spew of how valuable they are for muh white race. The whole Karen thing is a bold face excuse to attack (usually older) white women. Yes some people are cruel and needlessly stupid to hospitality workers but why only women? Why only older women? Why only white women? The Karen shit is a successful psyop by moids to desensitize people to older women being harmed, usually older mostly priveleged, white women to further create derision and contempt for this demographic.

The fact that moids have gotten away with this and it's managed to seep its way into mainstream thought even from younger Zoomers and millenials is bleak. As these thumbnails depict the "leftist" "woke" sjw progressive media must not be that powerful and widespread if videos of women being assaulted are plastered all over mainstream "progressive" social media platforms like YouTube. Anyone claiming the state of the world in all forms; internet included is progressive is a fucking liar. If anything we've lost at least a decade of social progress due to moids recent mass shit behavior.
YouTube has always been a hub for terrorists and twisted fucks, if I recall recently there was a story about how YouTube is the most common site that terrorists use radicalise themselves. This came out after some moids shot up their families; a British moid and the hundredth american moid school shooter. It makes sense, YouTube is overwhelmingly moid dominated, has a lazily thought out design, irresponsible advertising and means of income through Adsense and sponsorships and lacks moderation aside from a sad algorithm that also simultaneously promotes violence and conspiracy bullshit. It's also free of meaningful censorship despite moids sobbing about how they can't depict abuse, cp, rape, gore and animal abuse freely. Live feeding, and many violent things like those animal crushing videos that circulated for years that all still find a safe place on YouTube.

No. 1546200

I've noticed this is a thing even with a lot of "meme compilations" aimed at young men. It's not all of them but they often have thumbnails with girls getting slapped/punched or making porny faces. Even the titles reference porn shit like "stepsister" or "stepmom". I fucking hate the fact that porn had been normalized even in jokes so much.

No. 1547320

Sorry for replying to an old post, but this comment brings memories kek. So, I worked as a "mail order bride" on one of those websites. Actually, it wasn't one, but a whole network of websites.
What we did is, basically we scammed old moids for money. On such websites you need to register and pay cash to message the "girls". The more replies we got from moids the more money we had. I was truly and honest woman there, but other "girls" were some sweaty dudes who sexted with old moids from Western countries. We basically spammed them with spam bots, the messages were mostly "I'm so horny right now, what you want to with me? uwu". Then a moid would take the bait and we proceed messaging him. Some whales almost became our pen pals and we talked about some deep shit like philosophy, poetry etc. But mostly it was some old dudes (I'm talking 70 yo here) who wanted to fuck a barely legal eastern euro girl. I had a great laugh scamming old cheating fucks but eventually left when I texted some guy, who had a previous conversation with other scammer (yes, they don't text the same person. We just pick any chat and start texting even if was done by other people before). He was a nice guy (besides wanting a mail order bride) and felt sorry for him kek. So I decided to leave for good. Otherwise it was pretty funny, cause moids who use those "dating sites" are not only scum, but insanely stupid too. I mean you need to be pretty fucking stupid in order to fall for "hot slavic teen wants to fuck YOU, a balding 60 yo moid with erectile disfunction RIGHT NOW". And the stuff they messaged me… It was beyond disgusting.
Don't feel bad for them like I did. Moifs deserve it.

No. 1547368

Forget to add that we were encouraged to drain money from moids in for of gifts. Like we would keep some whale taling with us for a while and than ask to send us some money. If you think that only few desperate loosers would fall for this, but no, we had thousands of registered users that we actively scammed.
If you wonder how this site looks outside, it's your basic dating website, except only men can register. Cash upfront. Then we have a lot of pre made female accounts that clients can message. They need to pay money for each message. We usually try to add some pretty photos, but nor visibly edited. They need to look real, so most of them are slightly blured, made in casual environments and look amateurish. The bio is important part too. We tried to make bios that made it look like the "girl" is very high-maintence, but would jump at any moid simultaneously. Basically insanely beautiful woman with low standards. I shuffled between 10 or so sites like that and all of them had thousands of registered users.

No. 1547386

It doesn't just happen with older women either, that one video that was passed around of the young woman in Walmart who was crying and definitely had some kind of mental illness or neurodivergency saying she'd been raped always pops up in my mind as being fucked up. She wasn't even racist or anything, she was just angry that the man had touched her or harassed her. There's no context as to what the man did, but I think he did more than brushed up against her like he claimed, probably harassed or catcalled her. Then he filmed her reaction out of context and spread it all over the internet, the commenters who disagreed with him dug up his history and found out that not only was he white but he also had a history of saying racial slurs.

Men, or people in general, should really stop filming people in public without their consent. If someone's having a mental break or crying your first instinct shouldn't be to film it for your shallow social media audience, it should be to help the person. Or if you caused it, well, fuck you. There's a difference between someone filming an actually racist woman and showing it to the cops for evidence, this has happened, and posting a video of someone having a mental breakdown to social media. Some of the "karen" videos you see are women just having mental breaks, not being racist or bigoted. Stop filming people without their fucking consent, it's disgusting.

No. 1547544

File: 1681324448219.jpeg (32.55 KB, 607x431, 1621709914008.jpeg)

I remember when that video was posted in a thread on LC and I said it was fucked up to be posted online, and other anons told me I was being stupid. Who's stupid now kek.
Anyways I don't think it's a bad thing for people to film someone acting hostile towards them for their own legal protection. The problem is no one should be uploading those videos online, even if the "karen" is actually in the wrong. Nowadays people are such babies that if someone disrespects them they feel the need to publicly shame them in front of millions of strangers all over the world. It's actually retarded that today you can get in a heated argument with someone in public and if they film you it can ruin your life, cost you your job and end up with strangers on the internet doxxing you and digging into your past. There is no reason why people shouldn't be able to walk away from a conflict, but now that they can get validation from millions of people viewing a fight out of context and also get those precious youtube clicks every retard NPC with a phone is going to try harder to piss people off and ruin their lives. And these people act like this is the "right" thing to do. No interest in conflict resolution, no empathy, no just not giving a shit about some random stranger that is angry but not violent.
We are literally already living in the technological dystopia, the technology has already changed our behavior to encourage us to turn on each other. I had a thought the other day that governments in the west don't need any laws to keep it's people in line, we already do that willingly on our own. Stay docile, don't ask questions and don't speak out or you're a karen.

No. 1547628

I remember that one seeming dodgy. I hate how freakout/karen vids have turned into clips where the context of what even originally happened is missing and all you get to see is a woman raising her voice in public (oh my how dare she!) without them even saying anything obscene. Its a far cry from what karen vids started out as, it used to be obvious cases of shitty people being undeniably shitty. Now we don't know what happened half the time and they're just crying. Have they harrassed the woman before they started filming? That or you have older women who come off as having dementia and who are just acting confused or distressed by the gang of men who are for some reason filming them.

Last week I had a guy come up to me, put his hands around my wrists and ask me why I look sad. I was feeling fine before this happened? There was nothing up with me and all I could think was.. I can't 'overreact' here or I'll be the asshole. We already have this habit of teaching women to graciously accept harrassment and innapropriate interactions from men, to be passive and now we have this karen label thats been watered down to include any woman raising her voice in a public setting full stop. You can't even make a small scene when it might be handy or y'know.. safer to maybe draw nearby attention to what is happening to you.

No. 1547643

Kek how did you even end up doing that job? Did you make some good money at least?

No. 1547671

I don't watch stuff like this but lately I've had to click 'don't recommend channel' on a whole bunch of channels with these weapon/woman thumbnails. I can't tell if its thumbnail copying or if some scrote out there is running at least a dozen channels like this. They get like 3/4 million views on some of them and they seem to overlap with porny meme compilation thumbnails like >>1546200 said

My fave is when they hold a fucking gun up to a womans face. People making TC vids can't say the word murder in their vids.. but you can put a gun, baseball bat, knife, fist up to womens faces all day long and youtube pushes that shit out hard

No. 1547724

I was one of the anons who said the video of the woman crying in Walmart was fucked up, so if it's any consolation I was in agreement. The moid who posted it seemed like an arrogant shit pile

>The problem is no one should be uploading those videos online, even if the "karen" is actually in the wrong.

>Nowadays people are such babies that if someone disrespects them they feel the need to publicly shame them in front of millions of strangers all over the world. It's actually retarded that today you can get in a heated argument with someone in public and if they film you it can ruin your life, cost you your job and end up with strangers on the internet doxxing you and digging into your past.

This. Absolutely this. People have bad days and their struggles should not be held over them for the rest of their life. If they make one offhand mistake and are filmed and immortalized online for it, it's forever damning to them. People have lost humanity in the quest for cheap validation. It's not worth ruining someone's life for clicks.

I guess as someone who's worked in the customer service industry all my professional life and seen the worst of the worst, I frame it as how I'd never film a customer. I remember once there was a male customer who was semi regular who exploded one time, the few times I saw him after that he didn't. He proved it to be a temporary moment of anger, it wasn't a regular pattern. The guy was obviously having a bad day. I think often about how that moment and others I've witnessed don't deserve to be posted on the internet to be unforgiven

I just can't understand why it's worth the cheap thrill of no life jobless losers, filming people randomly crying or screaming in public like it's entertainment. The people who are typically filming these things are kind of… losers. There's nothing funny about it.

>Now we don't know what happened half the time and they're just crying. Have they harrassed the woman before they started filming?

>That or you have older women who come off as having dementia and who are just acting confused or distressed by the gang of men who are for some reason filming them.

I'm literally afraid to show mental illness or cry in public anymore. I always put my head down if I start tearing up or duck into the nearest bathroom. I can't stand the idea of crying in public out of fear someone will film me

When I was a kid my abusive mother used to use film of me having "tantrums" or crying episodes she onset with her own abuse. As blackmail fodder. Even as an adult years later I'm especially sensitive to being filmed without my consent. My sister tried to do the same thing to me once when we had a fight and then goaded me into self harming, so I have a massive personal sense of loathing for people who film others without their consent especially when you do not fully know the context of the situation.

No. 1548242

Every science YouTuber right now: This AI chat program blows my mind!

The video: ten minutes of the YouTuber struggling to get the chat program to give a correct answer to a basic question that even a normal keyword search engine could have answered immediately

This is more of a problem with science communicators on general, though. They're all far too credulous and seem to believe absolutely anything that's been published anywhere.

No. 1548267

It's a prolific… eh, business model where I live. They are hiring "translators" posing as marriage advisors for mail order brides. I thought it was a real dating agency that really needed translators at first, but well, it's a scam. But I did get paid. I get a cut from every message or gift, around 30-50$. So if a message costs 1$ for a moid, I got 50 cents and so on. Usually I "worked" for a couple of hours a day while playing vidya or watching TV shows. It got me a few bucks, but it was enough for my broke ass to get some spare money. It was like any low-skill internet job, so the pay is low but I can work a few hours a day, while laying in bed, so it wasn't too bad but boring as fuck. Very boring.

No. 1548443

old women are treated like this yet the only times i see old men pop up on youtube are in those insufferable "old wise man shares wise wisdom" videos with 10000 million views that i'm sure are only met with complete support and love from the equally annoying redditors who watch and like that shit.

No. 1549296

I hate her, passionately, i hate her voice, she speaks like a chicken on coke… a wall of text personified. I hate that this bitch just popped out of nowhere with hundrets of thousands of subs and everybody pretended like her channel was natural. Nobody gave this bitch a second of their day irl but then she joined the company and suddenly she feels like she's somebody who people listen to. They desperately needed a young woman to get young audience but got the same incels and angry 'murican men watching her. I wish she'd stfu or at least whispered so nobody would have to hear that screech again.

No. 1549880

I hate these channels. This guy only interviews prostitutes one of them was pregnant and I hope she has a miscarriage because I hate hearing about NICU babies going through withdrawals. Anyways the comments are just usually “what’s her snap?” Or “she could be so beautiful but she’s a tweaker”

No. 1549907

These videos are my guilty pleasure, I somehow always found druggies so fascinating.
Usually the comments are ok imo, just people sympathizing or wanting to donate. Many watching are also ex-users.

No. 1549921

One of the comments said they grew up on her street as kids and was willing to reach out to her. Apparently her eldest brother died in a car accident.

No. 1549937

So much for feminism. How do you know a pimp didn't force her on drugs and then forcibly pimp her out to strange men? Anon you might be a sociopath.

No. 1549944

I'm so tired of people assuming every lolcow poster is a feminist. It did not start out this way, the radfem type just migrated because lolcow is one of the few places that's both female dominated and not PC friendly. OP might have personal experience with these types of women one way or the other, sympathy can run low when you see the same story end the same way over and over again, and the person who gets hurt the most is the kid she shat out at some point in the journey.

No. 1549947

No I don't get the joy in basking in the misery of others but I'm also not a sociopath. I feel sorry for prostitutes and drug addicts regardless of whether they have kids or not.

No. 1549959

If you're a woman and not a feminist honestly you might as well be a moid.

No. 1549963


Almost all drug addicts come from trauma whether its sexual trauma or abuse or they were forced into it by a pimp. Blaming drug addicts is not the way to treat drug addiction and shaming/blaming women in prostitution and drug addiction only causes more damage in the long run.

No. 1549965

Shut up.
Where was OP basking in the pain of a prostitute? They said they hated it and they hope a baby didn't have to be born addicted to smack to and have a literal druggie prostitute as a mother. That's actually pretty reasonable and merciful imo. Some of us know how the story ends for most street walking level prostitutes, and we do feel bad for the girl that was a person before all of that. We can just loathe the person she became if she brings a child into her shit.

No. 1549966

I feel like being here helped me peak, like in all senses, for the trannies, the moids and i definitely am more rad fem than i was before, i feel like if you are here and you have lurked long enough, it's hard to not be rad fem, that's my honest opinion

No. 1549969

nah, I'm black and most radfems are closet racists who also keep comparing me to troons. You people are no allies. I'll just hate trannies and moids on my own. But I will say lolcow increased my manhate to the point where I finally learned how to be okay without being in a relationship so, there's that.

No. 1549978

I feel like I've met an aggressive anon like you before…I'm sorry your life isn't working out for you but I think you should try and be a nicer more empathetic person to others.

No. 1549982

Sounds like you can't deny you're a closet racist radfem tbh. My life's pretty okay actually, thanks for the concern

No. 1549983

I don't care if you think I'm racist actually. I do hope you get your anger sorted out and stop hating white women so much.

No. 1549994

Sorry, i guess you have experienced racism and that's not fair, i understand your feelings as much as i can, bc i am white. But not every rad fem is like that, i don't judge people by their colour, but by their actions. But I'm definitely not doubting your experiences. Some people just suck, no matter what ideology they claim to have

No. 1550035

Isn't comparing black women to men exclusively a TRA thing? What motive would a radfem even have to say something like that? Makes literally no sense.

No. 1550042

NTA, but why is it anti-feminist to say a woman on drugs shouldn't have children? If anything, an anti-feminist would want to force her to have the child to punish her and bring some asshole moid's seed into the world.
If she aborted and got clean, that'd be for the best. A child born with complications to a mother who can't even care for him/her is fucked up.

No. 1550062

This is so weird and passive aggressive, kek.

No. 1550080

Radfems aren't racist, the femcels here who say they're radfems to get away with their weird takes are. I remember I once mentioned I'm Muslim and one of the so called feminist anons called me a Muslim slave-wife when I was complaining about some dude I've just started dating getting too serious with me too early on. Another anon called me a slur that's supposed to be used for asians and then accused me of wanting to compete for white men.
You have to understand that those are just racist self-hating losers, you'd find their male equivalent incels on 4chan. I'm sure you don't look like a man either. I've seen a lot of black, asian and white tourists in my country and the most masculine looking ones were obviously not the black or asian women kek.

No. 1550247

How is it not feminist? I am a feminist but I also had an addict mom she changed when I was 12 for the worst I can’t imagine being born to someone like that. I hope that lady has an abortion and gets clean

No. 1550261

Turkish Tom

No. 1550263

she is literally a female clone of ben shapiro

No. 1553288

This fucking manchild throwing away salmon and tomatoes because waaah I don't like it waaah!! It's literally your job to sit in you stupid chair and eat. Why do I even watch these faggots I have no idea. Thankfully the comments seem to agree he's ridiculous.

No. 1553291

File: 1681835294143.jpg (137.21 KB, 767x1080, tumblr_pszfhepxBN1u0imu7_1280.…)

Also the way they put this ugly fucker in "sexy" outfits with his beer gut hanging out and saying "daddy" to Rhett and Link makes me want to throw up

No. 1553318

Love this channel, but I never liked Link. He is a picky manchild. I like their side channel from their cook too, good recipes.

No. 1553827

Yess dear lord I watched this the other day and once I realized what he was doing I started looking at my phone and tuning it out bc it was triggering me into a rage. I ran to the comments to make sure people were as bothered by it as I was and they were. Their staff do read comments so I’m sure it will get back to them and they’ll make jokes about it. But the thing about Link is that he actively enjoys being an annoying piece of shit so complaining only encourages him to double down. I did laugh when Rhett called him antisemitic tho kek

No. 1557465

File: 1682248422445.jpg (84.92 KB, 1080x893, IMG_20230423_130752.jpg)

Jesus christ I came back to see if this channel still exists and thisnis the first thing I see. I want this subhuman off of YouTube so bad. I don't even want to listen to this thing
But I watched the video about the case of murder of Jennifer Lee Daughtery. A mentally disabled woman who was raped and tortured to death by a group of people. And this subhuman, between saying how 'horrible' that was, can't stop himself from saying how attractive she was in his eyes and how much sex he would want to have with her and how well he would treat her if she chose to have sex with him instead: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kzVVWD5icLU
I want to stomp this piece of shit. I know he only has 500 subs, he's not popular, but just the thought that something like this is allowed to crawl around and post its disgusting thoughts and mug on a public platfrom, something about this makes me cringe with disgust and anger

No. 1558985

File: 1682398981872.jpg (154.81 KB, 1080x2067, Screenshot_20230425_010136_You…)

It's annoying how the body acceptance/love how you look only applies to people who are overweight, gross, etc but when you literally can't help the way you look (like being too skinny or having a big nose) you get shit on for it and everyone dogpiles.
If this was a man everyone in the comments would be saying how handsome he is and how he looks like a god or how they always loved Adrien Brody.
Sorry no link since it's a short the site couldn't recognize the link.

No. 1558992

If it were a man the only people that would be coming to his rescue would be the type of girls and women who feel like it's their duty to infantilize grown men.

No. 1559002

post the comments

No. 1559082

I hate the way she speaks, the topics seem interesting but I can't sit through the slow speaking and how she makes every word sound like a question

No. 1560272

Her brows look great on her new video, the more natural ones look so much better

No. 1560273

I blocked this bitch I got sick of her clown ass face spouting recycled tepid takes like she’s some kind of great thinker

No. 1560282

Ah yes the grown ass woman who genuinely believes all white women are rich and only minorities are poor. Fuck this ignorant cunt.

No. 1560286

Oh yeah, I wasn’t saying her opinions are good kek. But now her eyebrows don’t bother me

No. 1560370

Nonna please share you wisdom, how do you block youtubers?

No. 1560479

Not exactly blocking but click the 3 dots like you are going to say not interested but instead choose “don’t recommend channel”

No. 1560990

There's a browser extension called blocktube, that's what I use.

No. 1561123

Not sure if this has been talked about but Youtube has a TON of animal rescue channels where the things are all clearly staged. They take obviously bred puppies or kittens, put them in the middle of the road, in trash, inside sewers, dirt or concrete/mud and act out the "rescue". Nick Crowley (hate him, but the video is interesting) made a video about them, the channels mentioned there are a few but they're not all. There's just so many fake rescue videos. I can't watch a video about a kitten or a dog without Youtube recommending me this fake clickbaity shit.

No. 1561131

>Nowadays people are such babies that if someone disrespects them they feel the need to publicly shame them in front of millions of strangers all over the world.
It's karma kek. You don't disrespect people and expect to get away with it.

No. 1561191

I swear people who eat those clips up and get mad on some strangers behalf must live the most uneventful lives or never go out if they manage to feel invested in some of the very mundane acts of 'public rudeness' that manage to get into karen comp vids.

No. 1561326

Grow a thicker skin motherfucker. Racism and misogyny should not be tolerated but a lot of the times those videos have nothing to do with it. If a stranger is just being rude to you that's not worthy of having their whole life ruined

No. 1562070

File: 1682723533288.jpeg (60.48 KB, 828x883, sadeness.jpeg)

I guess I should stop reading comments.

No. 1562084

The most Karen entitlement possible. These simple, tiny mean girl slights and the wave of outrage that results is only creating mass pushback from people who are forced to stay in the real world and don't spend 14 hours a day online (normal people) which will only eventually dilute credibility whenever people post videos that actually deserve tons of pushback. Everyone throwing online tantrums and believing they have special powers to exert over others is going to completely pivot things in an entirely different direction.


No. 1562244

>It's karma
Some people are crazy and think a slight thing is a massive disrespect, or misinterpret other people. Men think not catering to their every whim is fascism. Scrotes interpret women hurting their ego as abuse and therefore feel justified in violent responses. Who's to say what the person did was actually as bad as the other one attacking them claims? Eye for an eye is good when you can trust everyone is reasonable and interprets everything the same way as everyone else, and not a batshit ego maniac who thinks not smiling at them in the store is a personal attack etc.

No. 1562282

just confront the girl there and then?? What are they gonna do to you? They're not crackheads nor scrotes, you don't risk having your skin ripped off or shot at if you insult them back. Instead you wanna play police and have their life ruined? Pathetic

No. 1562896

File: 1682806318620.png (82.9 KB, 1791x551, dfdfdfeqqset5fbdf.png)

Why does Strange Aeons cap so hard for trannies? I don't get it. She's in a lesbian relationship with what looks to be a woman in small cameos I saw in her videos; otherwise I would be on my life she'd always be "MuH TrAnS GirlFrIeNd". So what gives? What's her personal stake here?

I like some of her videos that aren't Tumblr libfem at its peak, but the "trannies good, terfs supreme evil don't interact" attitude gets annoying. I don't understand why she can't make lighthearted My Immortal or fandom cringe videos without shoehorning her political views every time. Anyone has any dirt on her?

No. 1562908

I haven't watched her a long time.. but my guess is she thinks this is the "right" thing, being inclusive, capping hard for tranies. Honestly, judging by myself, there are a lot of confused women, if it wasn't lolcow, i probably wouldn't have peaked, i would have been one of the tranny handmaidens, I'm so happy i actually found this place. I could be wrong though, it's could be different for her, this is all speculation

No. 1562958

maybe she gets the big bux from troons so she's stuck with licking their feet

No. 1563039

I always hated those channels. Even if the uploaders were doing a good" thing, they made me sad. It's fucked to see that my discomfort wasn't unfounded. I hope everyone who abuses animals for clicks/money/sadism gets shot and I mean it.

No. 1564139

Does a CNN youtube video count under this thread? I watched the video and then checked the comments to see thousands of comments from men complaining about women and how "hard" it is for them. Mfs don't know what it's like to date a man who strangles you during sex, uses PUA tactics to make you their emotional abuse dummy, and/or kills you after you try to break up with them. I'm really so fucking tired of their whining.

No. 1564143

Samefag but the video is called "Why the rate of single men in the US looking for dates has declined"

I feel like most of single young men's issue is porn and their attitudes towards women due to their lack of interaction with us and their consumption of manosphere content, but hey that's just me (who used to be a former NLOG/MRA type of pickme kek).

No. 1564222

Don't you love it when someone argumentative starts shitting up a reply thread going "What do you mean OP?? explain" and then when OP explains, their immediate reaction is "NUH UH" with no evidence or counter point.

I really wish Youtube would go the way of Twitter and make it so blocked people can't reply. The most you can do is just keep flagging flame wars with reports hoping shit will get auto-deleted.

But then again
>reading youtube comments
Has always been shit for 16 years now, scarcely have I found rare gems of information through youtube commentary, the rest is just dumpster diving but the dumpster is always on fire.

No. 1564230

Honest question, why are men like this. Why do they unironically use their face and real name as a pfp or have creepy usernames like GRLFARTLOVER2000 and just leave the most unhinged, disturbing, grotesque comments they can?

I think I have one saved up in my screenshots somewhere about a dude questioning why women wouldn't like being raped, and another weird fetish comment on a 13+ kids video.

No. 1566032

File: 1683038676772.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1740x1248, stompable faces.png)

i can't help but get extremely violent urges whenever i see one or more of these gross ugly soyboy faces pop up. youtuber men are a whole other breed of punchable. i'm a leftist and all but they really make me wanna alog.

No. 1566086

I am so sick of seeing these greasy rats on my screen. I hate face reveals; I literally do not want to see you when I’m listening to some fucking info video. I never want to see your jumpscare visage paired with your filthy consoomer coom cave spit into a shitty mic that drops the overall video quality just so you can get a face shot in. Any extra video time wasted on your ugly mug that couldn’t be replaced by B roll footage is narcissism. Especially with lore videos, because the scrotes who dedicate their time to those usually dedicate no time to their appearance.

No. 1566654

I don't care it's 4chan greentext because many men genuinely believe this. And even in the youtube comment section you have men who kinda agree or joke about it, some guy said that even his own wife told him that "women often don't know what they actually want" and "women like to be conquered". Other faggot said that wives should be "helping out" their partners regardless of their own desires. Another gem:
>For real. We're not even talking about a relationship about gf and bf, it's a MARRIAGE with a family. When you marry it's not about you anymore, it's about the relationship and the family that comes with it. So both are gonna need to do sacrifices for each other, including having sex even if you don't want to because the more unsatisfied your partner is, the more likely they are to cheat and ruin everything
Do you even wonder how many men actually think like this? I hate scrotes so much it's unreal. One of the reasons why I will never marry.

No. 1566656

her new met gala video had me reeling when she said she ~thinks~ karl lagerfeld might have said racist/homophobic shit in the past…. can she not google that kind of thing before she sits down to do her video? that wasnt important to her?

No. 1566658

>For real. We're not even talking about a relationship about gf and bf, it's a MARRIAGE with a family. When you marry it's not about you anymore, it's about the relationship and the family that comes with it. So both are gonna need to do sacrifices for each other, including having sex even if you don't want to because the more unsatisfied your partner is, the more likely they are to cheat and ruin everything
And yet mysteriously (not really) they only ever demand that women make these ‘sacrifices’ (being raped by her husband) to ‘keep the family together’. They would never dream of telling a man to have sex when he doesn’t want to for the sake of the family. Why can’t men just forgo having sex instead of cheating? That would keep the family together. Oh yeah, that’s right, because men just want to do whatever they want, whenever they want and damn the consequences, and we’re just supposed to go along with it all. Fuck that.

No. 1566659

Kurtis Conner is a faggot with the worst takes. His "woe is me I'm a millenial and that makes me inferior to gen z" pandering to gen z is obnoxious as well.

No. 1566663

>because the more unsatisfied your partner is, the more likely they are to cheat and ruin everything
And having sex against your will is not unsatisfying?? Make it make sense.
This only further shows exactly why women tend to be more happy when unmarried.

No. 1566667

good thing they're publically telling on themselves online.

No. 1566668

Danny is arguably the best out of them all. just makes videos on stupid movies/trends and then disappears for a month. i used to like eddy burback until he pretended that he was never friends with gus “i abuse my girlfriends” johnson.

No. 1566787

Elvis the alien defended shadman

No. 1566790

He isn't in this picture?

No. 1566792

They'll say shit like this, then have meltdowns over women wanting money, gifts or deciding it's time to have a baby lol

No. 1566794

>When you marry it's not about you anymore, it's about the relationship and the family that comes with it. >So both are gonna need to do sacrifices for each other.
This is a popular and commonly held principle about marriages that I think most people can agree with.
This isn't the issue.
>Including having sex when you don't really want to in order to prevent cheating
But men take it and run a mile with it, lmao. What a corrupt take.
"Sacrifices" are like putting in extra effort towards something to make your partner happy. Or taking care of them when they are sick although burdensome and annoying. It isn't catering or being unable to say no to every sexual request lest you can expect him to cheat. Don't they hear themselves? They make marriage to be this moralistic institution built upon sacrifices yet they can't even suffer the sacrifice of keeping their dick in their pants if their wives aren't in the moods, and are willing to throw the whole wife away if they find another wet hole.