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File: 1685739592474.png (153.88 KB, 624x692, a604rad7j4651.png)

No. 1595336

previous thread >>>/ot/1585188

No. 1595339

my friend killed himself yesterday. i knew him for 10 years. i tried to help but it wasn't enough. he had been struggling but i never thought it would've came to this. man, my heart hurts so much and i feel guilty for even that because i knew he was going through so much but god damn it, i wish western society was kinder to those who are very clearly suffering…some people run out of options and dying is the only way they see out of it, and to society, they perceive it as a good thing when someone who isn't feeding into capitalism is gone

i hate this shit so much. i want to cry but i also want to scream and punch something out of anger towards the world i'm forced to live in. good people die because of it and it makes me want to make rich pieces of shit suffer but we all know nothing ever happens to the worlds worst humans, but poor people and mentally ill people pay the biggest price. fuck this earth

No. 1595368

In my niche fandom discord we've had a sudden increase of a bunch of people. Most acclimate to the overall tone and flow of discussion, which is usually pretty calm and on-topic and has nothing to do with gender or sexuality (or any real world) nonsense. One of these newcomers is an obnoxiously loud "she/her lesbian" with a SpEcIaL iNtErEst who keeps "well, actually"ing anyone who tries to stoke conversation even a little related to the special interest. Also spared no time in making nonstop QuEeR jokes. I had a gut feeling, followed breadcrumbs from their discord username, and found their twitter.
>male troon
>pinned post is a gofundme
Every damn time. Bonus it's a furry. Extra bonus the gofundme is to escape Texas where he's being genocided, of course. Anyway the vent is I'm sick of these morons infesting every single little fucking corner of a niche I could possibly be in. Nothing is safe. At least if you can't be normal you can acclimate to the group climate. Reee

No. 1595378

I just got dumped by my bdp bestie of 15+ years. Mixed blessing, really. I didn't immediately agree with something and instead of saying that, she ghosted me for months then sent me a "heartfelt" email about all the times we've had together and how we've grown apart. Just be honest and say you don't need a sympathetic ear for traumadumping anymore. That's all I ever was to you, anyway.

No. 1595388

I asked him to go stay with his dad for the weekend feels weird finally being alone when I wanted it so badly..

No. 1595396

File: 1685745271188.png (745.13 KB, 949x1052, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)


No. 1595403

I know this is not nearly enough, but I'm sorry for your loss nonnie. Life's cruel.

No. 1595413

>she ghosted me for months then sent me a "heartfelt" email about all the times we've had together and how we've grown apart.
Why do people do this? I had a moid do it. Like fuck off. You ghost me for a long time, I work hard on healing my wounds, and then you come back to rip it all up again with a fucking REMINDER that we're done. Like "hey sorry for breaking your heart it was good while it lasted but unfortunately it is what it is" fucking thank you for reminding me when I was having a peaceful weekend all by myself.

No. 1595422

I hate when people try to compliment big noses like "they're so beautiful, it looked better before surgery, it suits your face" then go get a big nose put on your face. Oh you would never right? Because you think it's ugly!

No. 1595424

I'm so fucking tired of it all, I am not cut out for this, i should've been born as literally any other organic specie in this earth, fuck being human

No. 1595426

It's actually because mine is already big. I don't think it's possible to add even more nose skin.

No. 1595429

There are people who are actually mentally well enough to not want to get a random, useless, costly surgery to alter their appearance if some physical human trait they find beautiful doesn't mirror their own appearance.

No. 1595431

anons will be like "i love big noses they're so classical and romantic!" and then post a petite skinny nose with a hump in it

No. 1595441

I do think most people mean well with these comments but I hate it too kek. Someone I knew was talking about getting a nose job and of course everyone was like “nooo you have such a unique look” and all that shit, but having a very unconventional looking feature on your face isn’t fun for everyone. Sometimes we just wanna look normal.

No. 1595442

no, it's because a big nose wouldn't fit my pudgy small face, usually women with big noses have a facial harmony going on and they suit their original nose better.

No. 1595446

Am I ever going to be financially independent? Am I going to die still living with my family?

No. 1595447

bring back kiwi farms I want to sperg about munchies reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1595454

i especially get fed up reading people say "big noses are so much prettier! they're the prettiest noses!" (they either mean tiny noses with tiny bumps or they're exaggerating out of pity). it really misses the point too, why should any of the nose types be the prettiest? why do we have to say something is the best instead of just saying its nice? they're just fucking noses at the end of the day, it all sounds so stupid when you take a few steps back. i have a big bumpy nose myself and i just don't want it to be perceived, i don't want people to talk about it good or bad, i'm just happy to have a nose at this point, i try not to think about anything else

No. 1595459

I hate being a VTuber, but there's nothing I can do to escape it. Living in this state is hell. Even when I try to lean on my most ardent simps for emotional support in my member-only streams, they still try to make it about themselves or haplessly try to emotionally manipulate me as if I'M not the mastermind here. The sorts of men who turn to GFE content should all just kill themselves, and I'm saying this because if they can't even truly love me, they are fully incapable of loving anyone else.

I made a list on Twitter that lets me track my biggest donors' online activities, and they have the gall to not only follow, but reply-guy other VTubers. I just can't take it anymore. Even as a VTuber, I get cucked LOL. Don't even get me started on /vt/. There are constant schizo rrats about me having a boyfriend, and a BLACK one at that. As if I could ever get a boyfriend, lmao. They're so worried about me cucking them when THEY'RE the ones cucking me. I really thought things would be different when I started this. I thought I'd have a fanbase who'd always love me, and never leave me. I thought I could be an idol. But nope, it's just more of the same.

No. 1595464

Can't you get another job? There's a reason why these guys have to resort to following fake virtual avatars. The worst of the worst out of all men. They always come with a sweet little pitiful backstory and put on a total show of being "nice guys." I've worked with similar content and 100% of the time you'll end up going "yeah I see why you're giving me money/attention". It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them, really.

No. 1595466

i wanna have sex

No. 1595467

are you a corpo vtuber, nonna? or an indie?
i'm applying for a company and i'm scared that i'll be stalked and ridiculed for innocuous things i've posted in the past if i do make it. i've gotten pretty far in the audition process and i'm nervous simply because of the stalking and doxxing that can come with it, especially insane people on /vt/ and kf. i'm sorry that you're dealing with so much stress because of these people. people seem to think that vtubers have it extremely easy and are able to farm simpbucks but that has really not been the case in my experience. if you don't heavily lean into being parasocial and doing GFE, people just treat you like any another streamer. which to me i'm fine with, but if it's your only source of income it feels like you're trading your dignity for $.

No. 1595468

This is what happens when you try to tap funds from a bunch of autistic cluster Bs with entitlement complexes.
No seriously, how do you not have a thicker skin by now? Of course these men do not gaf about you.

No. 1595469

Thanks, anon, I needed the laugh.

No. 1595470

So fucked how a fundamental human need such as housing has become something to exploit for profit. I'm sick of hearing rich people talk about "cash flow," "investment properties," etc
It's so disgusting, I hate this timeline

No. 1595472

I was really considering if I should buy an internet sub but suddenly everyone that wanted to hang out online left. Feels better being outside anyway, it's one less bill. It just sucks because everyone I know irl is either married, busy with kids, leaving, or they're a degenerate moid that can't talk about anything new. Need me some new friends really.

No. 1595485

were up to…do you mean, outside of their streams while interacting with their goslings? somehow i'm not surprised because the 3 of them seem to have reeeeeally leaned into that stuff ON stream..though i thought nyanners had an irl boyfriend so that's a bit odd. the corpo i'm auditioning for seems to be a bit less overbearing when it comes to allowing their talents to speak how they want, but i think companies prefer a "pure" persona because it's more..tolerable to a wider audience, i'm assuming. idk if you're same anon but if you are, any advice you could give to someone who may end up joining a corpo?

No. 1595486

The only thing that truly matters is facial harmony. Pretty much any feature can work if your other features balance it out well enough.

No. 1595493

Moids aren't allowed to post here fucktard, go away

No. 1595496

From the site rules:
>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.

No. 1595498

quit spoonfeeding him, just report

No. 1595500

I was in a law class today and the prof was talking about misogyny, and it was honestly such a breath of fresh air to hear it being talked about so clearly without constant 'men have it bad too though!!' comments peppered in. She was really matter-of-fact about how things like over-sexualization, domestic abuse, and sexual assault are gendered issues where women are overwhelmingly the victims and men the perpetrators. I know it's simple stuff but I feel like nowadays a lot of women are too nervous to even bring up the existence of misogyny since it's 'less important' than other forms of oppression so it was nice to hear. The reason this is a vent is because a bunch of retard moids in the class kept raising their hands to be like 'but men have body image issues too, we have to work out' and 'but women can make money off Onlyfans and men can't!' and it pissed me off kek.

No. 1595501

File: 1685757348731.png (26.54 KB, 1782x348, vent thread-177.png)

samefag, here's the original since he decided to delete and repost

No. 1595505

I VTube and work full time.

I'm an indie. I did apply for Niji (first gen), but didn't get very far.
>i'm scared that i'll be stalked and ridiculed for innocuous things i've posted in the past if i do make it
I think that's almost inevitable, it just depends on how bad your past is. You'll probably be alright, anon.

What's the difference between that and interacting with men in the real world? It's the same.


Imagine thinking "Pomf Pomf" is deep lore. What are you, freshly 18? Maybe 17? You are a newfag AND a moid, kill yourself. If I ever see you in my chat, I will fucking ban you.

No. 1595506

File: 1685757608213.jpeg (159.14 KB, 1125x2031, 9D3664FC-D229-46B8-9DBA-0C57F8…)

How the fuck is the AI so broken? I do not want to see whores, clickbait, children, faces, "viral" videos, pride month, faggots, ugly men dancing, cats getting hurt, or any bizarre combination of the above. Yet every time I block everything EXCEPT yarn/knitting/crochet and then refresh the page, it fills back with psyop propaganda about fags and buying shit unecessarily. I'm done. I fucking hate June, I can't stand the new world. Holy shit I just want to see completed knitted items. My blocked words list should definitely be keeping this shit out but doesn't. Blocking the word "trans" does nothing except maybe put me on a list somewhere.

No. 1595507

asked out this guy whos 24 and balding because he's very sweet and generous and i got rejected. is that what i get for going after an ugly moid? absolutely. won't happen again!

that being said i ended up going on a date with someone else more conventionally attractive a few days later and while it was very fun it just felt weird? he was very clearly more into me than i was into him. i agreed to go on a second date though so maybe i'll get over it eventually.

No. 1595508

Thank you, I reported him stating that he had removed his confession of being male but since he deleted the post himself I don't know if the farmhands would've needed actual proof

No. 1595519

File: 1685759620413.jpeg (50.14 KB, 827x792, F136F329-18A7-4695-9654-72F26C…)

I want to leave my partner of 2 years. The relationship is toxic as fuck. I’m not allowed to have an emotion, only room for her anxiety and emotions. She belittles me and as much as I hate to use the term… gaslights.

Only problem is she owns the house and we have a dog together in an absolutely abysmal rental market if I was to leave. I love the dog so much and would feel like I shitlord forever if I dipped and left her with my partner.

Kinda just resigning myself to this shit relationship for the rest of my dog’s natural life (like hopefully 12 more years at least) or until I can save a bit more money and buy my own house (realistically like 5 more years)

Fuck this shit nonnies and fuck relationships and also the housing market which is a whole nothing inhumane aspect I won’t blog about. Thread pic is exactly how I feel about my situation.

No. 1595520

No. 1595522

my first tip would be to check your friends list bc it can show your friends interests. I started liking things of my favor and some guys were showing me relevant content showing for them suddenly and asked me about it lol. Also like and follow what you like and don't interact with other things. I still keep getting tiktok shorts I have to block but all my content shows what I like, it's really the only reason I haven't deleted it.

No. 1595526

This is unethical and bad advice so don't listen to it but you could drug her to get a break from the abuse, sleepy sleepy time. But really always have your own stash of funds and a get away plan. I will never live with someone else again and I will never live where I am not the owner of the property, and don't have my own place to go to. It's just common sense.

No. 1595534

Not everyone knows about anime coomer streamer lore

No. 1595540

Unethical advice or not, it’s tempting but only in minecraft. Seriously though, I am with you, I will never live with anyone again, let alone in a house I don’t own. Thankfully our bank accounts are seperate and I am a determined saver meanwhile she has hectic debt. Thanks again for the reply nonny.

No. 1595548

gay guys are the worst customers to deal with. some retard was returning a table to exchange it for a different one and after he got his refund he noticed the price difference (less than $5 more expensive than it was when he bought it) and he commanded a price match. I told him he’s not getting one, and he asked to speak to a manager. I told him there is none, he proceeds to throw a squawky voiced fit that just results in him getting hung up on. I hope he’s punching a hole in the wall rn kek

No. 1595550

File: 1685761631797.png (569.17 KB, 1102x651, aeriy.png)

I just found this. It's some guy who's made a script to feed the chat into Chat GPT, and it auto-generates TTS responses with a gigacoomer VR chat model. It literally gets more viewers than me. These fucking retarded moids don't even need a person behind it anymore. They don't even need someone with a pulse. Literally ANY type of GFE will do. What the fuck is this, 'Her'?

No. 1595551

Why are you surprised? You should only be vtuber if the money is good. Actually, even then, I'm not sure if it's a good idea.
Has this scrote been banned yet?

No. 1595552

I would do that too if I knew how to make scripts or set up a vtuber. Such easy money.

No. 1595568

That poop when you eat a lot after not eating for a while I'd the worse. I hadn't ate since morning yesterday, then I ate a lasagna at night today and my body feels heavy with poop.

No. 1595579

The crazy thing is I only follow knitting/crochet accounts, block all men and ads, and ONLY respond/like/view/watch anything knitting related. As a rule, without pause, for about two years now. For the entire accounts existence. I haven't deviated ONCE and if it wouldn't outright show who I am, I'd prove it by posting my likes and following list. Maybe my followers affect it? But I block most people who aren't yarn adjacent accounts. Like it's so hyperspecific, and my discovery feed page used to mirror this perfectly. All of a sudden it broke. My entire feed is garbage no matter what I do and despite blocking everything in my feed except yarn shit, if I refresh its just more garbage. It's unusable
Sorry btw I'm not meaning to bitch at you, please consider this part two of my bitching from earlier instead.

No. 1595580

I’m so sorry nonnie.

No. 1595593

9 months after my last break up and I’m still not over him. It’s less acutely painful and I haven’t been crying all the time as much anymore but he’s still always on my mind. I just have absolutely not interest in dating someone new. No one I know in real life is appealing to me at all. It seems like all of the men I’m attracted to are in relationships already. Not because they’re unavailable it’s just because all of the decent looking men are already taken.

No. 1595616

>Oh you would never right?
Speak for yourself bitch, I love my honker

No. 1595640

I was dirty talking with a guy and he said he could eat pussy well then sent me a selfie of him sticking his tongue out like a slut but it wasn't hot because he was ugly. I almost threw my phone across the room and screamed

No. 1595650

I hate moralfagging cunts who complain about how others react in anger. Of course someone being angry can go too far if it HARMS a living being but if they're just emotional, and are rational even when they're angry. What's up your fucking ass to complain about how somebody complains????? Like fuck you bitch lmao mind your own goddamm business. Being angry isn't all SuGaRy CuuUUtee kaWaiIIii >w< bullshit and I hate people, especially women who police women on their anger. Imagine living in a world where you can't see someone being ugly angry and are too unwomfortablwe!!1 by it. Like fuck you and fuck off bitch. Kiss my ass. Your words are going down the drain and I do not give a single fuck if you are uncomfortable by my venting. I'll keep being my own angry while you keep bitching and whining about it.(>w<)

No. 1595651

You do realize there's a onion for it. Right?

No. 1595656

From the last thread but god do I feel this. I know people laugh at me, part of the reason I like to wear lolita is because I know at least people will be laughing at me because of the clothes.

No. 1595678

My parents dog, who was originally my dog for 6 years, suddenly has a severe back injury and it’s so horrible to see her like that. I visited today and she hobbled over to the door to see me and I could’ve thrown up.

She’s on meds that are supposed to help a lot but I feel like they’re going to have to end up euthanizing her. I can’t even think about it without feeling sick

No. 1595700

My stomach hurts so badly. If I don't feel like I'm gonna throw up I end up on the toilet for 5-10 minutes. I'm kinda worried I got Norovirus or something from food at work. It better go the fuck away.

No. 1595748

Stop calling me racist for not wanting to see the new Little Mermaid, I haven’t watched ANY of the live actions because they all look like shit. Why is this one any different? Must I praise it even though I think live action remakes are the bane of Disney right now?

No. 1595753

File: 1685791973949.png (214.75 KB, 675x675, 279581931_1689426678090632_532…)

how do i stop feeling bitter about being the only virgin among my friends? i even go as far as thinking they keep bringing up their sex life just to mock me, which probably isn't the case.

No. 1595769

My boyfriends friends are so retarded. They invite me, don't say a word and the one guy that said anything was drunk and making jokes about how my name sounds like some porn actress. Say something to me or don't invite me, I don't invite him to see my friends if we're going shopping or some shit because he'd just be third weeling. They all sat on their computers without talking like a bunch of autists and the drunk one took some snapchat video of me, thanks retard. At least bf apologized but god, hope I never have to see those losers again.

No. 1595772

i hate the reddit spacing anon

No. 1595774

It’s graduation day for middle and high schoolers today and good god I would give ANYTHING to turn back time to that part of my life and choose again. I have ruined my life. I’m with a partner I’m truly not happy with, still pining after my ex I have not seen or talked to in years, I’ve lost my most important friends, fucked up my career and I’m genuinely a shit person. I despise what I have become.

No. 1595777

I'm so sorry you went through that. I hate when you're dirty talking with a moid and he starts acting like he's sexy. I had a moid send me a nude where he was making this sultry kinda pouty expression. Like what the fuck, kill yourself. Dirty talking is supposed to be all about the woman, not you.

No. 1595778

thank you nonnas ♥

No. 1595805

Everytime my period comes I'm suicidal and have strong urge to self harm by cutting, and want to do reckless behaviors such as smoking cigarettes and weed. I fucking can't handle it and it happens EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I'm on 2 mood stabilizers, but they aren't helping with the period suicidal feelings. I started Ritalin recently and have also generally been feeling low (depressed) as well and my appetite is at 0. I'm losing weight and I don't want to. I don't even enjoy the taste or sight of food anymore. I only crave to drink cold water and certain juices. I don't even want to eat yogurt or fruit. Fruit has been my favourite food for my entire life and now I suddenly have no interest in it. My face looks gaunt and my thigh gap is bigger. My eyes are sunken in. I physically cannot bring myself to eat and I'm scared it's going to get very bad before it gets better. My dad ordered takeout last night and I was actually grossed out by the main meal. I only ate 3 pieces of the side and then 2 glasses of Cola. I only feel like I could eat sweet food like candy, ice cream, or certain delicacies like Turkish delight and nougat and Italian kisses. My dad is making pork belly roast with potatoes and carrots and I'm going to try force myself to finish my entire plate. I haven't eaten an entire plate of food in weeks. This isn't even scratching the surface of my problems

No. 1595813

Have you thought about hormonal bc? I'm not a fan of hormonal bc but if your menstruation impacts you this negatively it might be worth it?

No. 1595822

File: 1685799654849.jpg (42.93 KB, 233x682, article-2056076-0E9EE14F000005…)

>recover from bulimia/anorexia
>20 bmi, fit, size 4-6, toned all over, flat stomach, work out just about every single day, and keep a strict high protein diet
>grandma no longer complimenting me since i quit being a bmi 18 ana/bulimic with 0 muscle tone, 0 ass, flabby skinnyfat legs, puffy face from puking, and straw-like hair
>always talking about how being skinny is so beautiful despite being a size medium 8-10 herself
>go shopping with her, keeps ordering me to bring her a size XS and seethes when i tell her she needs a medium, seemed literally disturbed by that fact
>family cutting cake for my BIRTHDAY
>ask which slice is mine
>grandma says "the smallest one"
>female cousin gets fit as fuck and does literal fitness modeling, tiny waist with a big butt and gets attention wherever she goes
>grandma talking shit to me about how she's getting "fat"
>keeps asking how many calories this and that has, meanwhile slurps gravy like it's water

Flabby idiot. It's like she's carrying some sort of "superiority" from being a size XS (a skinnyfat one at that) like 30 years ago. The older she gets the more her filter disappears and I love her to death but she's turning into a bitch. How are you gonna look like this and talk shit about how your young, fit granddaughters aren't a size 0? I find myself always watching what I eat around her ever since a gathering we had where I had 3 pastries and she gave me a look that was like "sweetie… that's enough".

No. 1595846

One of the best things you can do is ignore the "advice" from older women in your family. Sometimes you'll get the rare based grandma who has something wise to say but most of the time it's dumb shit like this and it's the end of the world if you eat a slice of cake or have muscle tone on you. Both my mom and all my other female relatives are exactly like this so I empathise with you nonna, I know you didn't ask for advice but just keep on being healthy and try your best to ignore their little remarks. As much as I hate to say it, they are a lost cause and don't care about projecting these unhealthy standards on to future generations of women and girls.

No. 1595847

I don't want to be online so much anymore. I don't want to be forced into uncomfortable social situations either. I just want someone to talk to and do things with regularly and to work on my art and perform and enjoy the outdoors without feeling lonely.

No. 1595853

For 3 fucking hours the construction here decided to move a giant pile of rocks right outside my unit. I don't know if its allowed but I left a message for the office explaining how stupid it is that they put it there only to move it far away by a loud pick up. Supposedly you arent supposed to do construction within a certain feet due to noise. Now I have barely any sleep before a morning shift. Idk what I'm going to do for this noise the next few months. Maybe buy gun range level ear plugs, fuck.

No. 1595856

They were raised in a different generation where there was a lot more pressure put on girls over their appearance and it was more normal to admonish women over stuff like that. My mother's 70 and told me if I wanted to find a husband I'd need to learn to cook and made a lot of comments about how I dressed growing up cause I didnt dress very fem. It looks really bitchy nowadays and it would be if someone our age said it, but back then that's how their mothers and friends talked to them and they think it's just normal for women to be applied those kinds of pressures. After a certain age you kind of have to forgive people for being out of touch and clinging to their old worldview

No. 1595890

you know the "almond mom" trend on tiktok? you're not alone, ED behavior in older women and them pressuring their daughters etc. is common. laugh about it and move on.

No. 1595932

When I compare nerd culture in America to the one in Japan, I get unironcally envious and a little depressed. I already feel lonely in the fact that a lot of the niche nerdy things I'm interested in can't be shared with others irl so when I go on twitter and see Japanese artists having offline meets dedicated to their husbandos or favorite ships where they bring merch and doujins to share and talk indepth about those things such as husbandos and ships. I feel so depressed and envious and even more lonely. I know it's wrong but I want to be able to experience that so damn much it's unreal. It's not that I want to be Japanese, I just want to be able to experience that in-person nerd culture that they have.

No. 1595938

File: 1685812334150.png (147.26 KB, 720x900, IMG_9786.png)

My therapist mentioned that my relationship with my parents is textbook emotional incest and it makes so much sense now. I was raised to be their doormat and even now, after moving across the country, they frequently call and text wanting to know every little thing going on in my life so they can criticize and lecture me. They won’t say it but I know they want me to leave my fiancé and move back in with them. I don’t want to cut them off but my boundaries are more important than their feelings.

No. 1595939

Nona I get it. I've made friends who vaguely like anime similar to me or whatever but it's not the same as having an irl friend group who like THE specific niche series you like.

No. 1595945

File: 1685813295709.jpeg (70.26 KB, 502x780, 1685204687732.jpeg)

Exactly. I've met people who're into things like anime and that's fine but I'm not really into anime and I hate that's the only 'nerdy' thing I can talk with others about. I seldom can find people who're into that specific niche I'm obsessed with. Hell, I'm putting together an ita-bag to make it easier to "signa" to others who may be like me but I feel that might come off as extremely weird and little strong. I've thought about things like those apps where you can meet people but those are mostly for hookups and dating I think. It makes me angry, sad and lonely that such things aren't as popular over here in America than they are over there, or that because of the geographical state of America people who may be into the things I'm into are so spread apart from me that it's not worth it from the very get-go.

No. 1595949

File: 1685813624421.jpg (693.99 KB, 1992x2560, Gust-of-Wind-1904-Leon-Spillia…)

Today is my only day off for the entire week and I'm spending it depressed, on my period, in bed, surrounded by trash I still haven't cleaned. Young or old this shit never changes.

No. 1595950

Last night at DnD I asked the DM to spell a fictional word so I could write it properly in my notes. One of the moids just had to go "Yes!" after the DM spelled it to show that he guessed correctly. The word was spelled exactly how it sounds. Moids are annoying

No. 1595952

I'm useless

No. 1595954

You can't even critique capitalism on here without some retards exclaiming "b-but communism bad" SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH

No. 1595962

One of the things I'm most excited for when it comes to losing weight is looking younger. I'm short and pear shaped so being chubby makes me look like someone's mother.

No. 1595964

Your sperging in tumblr hate thread was unnecessary and you derailed the thread with your politsperging. If you want to laugh at tumblr retards, post in that thread. Otherwise, go sperg on /leftypol/ about neoliberalism and nuclear families.

No. 1595966

Ooorrr she can vent in the vent thread.

No. 1595970

File: 1685815277931.jpg (26.24 KB, 827x400, FwGzfBbWwAoUdAr.jpg)

Man, this economy is beating my ass. I have to rewrite my CV again after abandoning it for a while, why is it so nerve-wracking? I was thinking about changing my career path because I'm still young but I don't have the funds to do so. I guess I'll have to work and save up in the meantime.

No. 1595971

Even though I don't feel suicidal, I think about killing myself because my life is so mediocre. I don't have a career, social life and I have never been in a relationship. I still live with my mother and I'm not close to my family or anyone. When I manage to get a job, I always have trouble dealing with people and I'm incompetent. I don't see the point in staying in this planet when I failed in every single aspect of my life. There's nothing to look forward to. Life is so boring, empty and troublesome.

No. 1595978

i don't know why, but it hurts knowing that my family didn't believe in me. i've changed my life completely to the point i am unrecognizable (typical nerdy neet to based stacy evolution lol), and of course people have been saying things to me trying to retcon how they viewed me before i did a 180. like my family claims i was "sheltered", which is absolute bullshit. i was never sheltered; privileged, yes, but never sheltered. my family just doesn't want to admit that they held me back a lot and that their own poor decision making when i was a child stunted a lot of my development.

it makes me incredibly sad because i know, deep down, that even my own mother thought i wasn't worth anything. she would encourage me to stay at the shitty retail jobs i used to work before i got into university, and i used to wonder why she would tell me to continue working at someplace where i was making minimum wage and getting screamed at by my retarded coworkers. it's because she didn't believe in me either. and it sucks because i hate how the world and your own family will judge you for being different or struggling, even when it's due to forces outside of your own control. my family has always treated me like i'm retarded because i am quiet and keep to myself. everyone always made a big deal over my cousin because she was extroverted and loud. she's never worked, never done anything with her life but leech off of others. i look back at how my family would tell me that they would help me, and then there was always some stupid contingency i was never aware of, and they would renege on their promise. it just hurts because i am far from stupid, i am a lot stronger than my family told me, and i had so much more potential that got overlooked just because i was different. i shouldn't be penalized for being myself anyway. i know most nonies here aren't religious, but i see more and more that you can only put your faith in god cause people are shit, especially the ones who claim they love you the most.

No. 1595994

Not even the anon who's "politsperging." I'm just tired of the conditions in my country, in the height of inflation and housing crisis, and even more tired of bootlicking retards like you who think everything is fine and dandy.

>If you want to laugh at tumblr retards

No shit thats why I'm posting in the vent thread.

No. 1596005

I don't complain cause we are going full speed towards WW3 and in 10 years we will be eating rats and thinking about how stupid our "problems" were.
Also I don't get people who live in first world countries and complain about anything.

No. 1596036

Being autistic makes me feel like a retard. I feel bad.

No. 1596048

How are people here in this 2023 economy acting like having a male roommate is weird? Like sure ideally you would have all roommates the same sex as you, but you don’t really get to choose! You’re just trying to survive beggars can’t be choosers and the one renting the place out decides who to let in.

No. 1596050

>don't worry because the world is gonna end anyways everything in life is meaningless
You sound like an edgy teenager.
Some people have dreams and aspirations in their lives and not being able to plan for the future because of imminent economic hardship is becoming increasingly frustrating.

No. 1596055

why am i so influenced by rain???? i can feel it coming in and i just want to take a nap is this evolutionary why am i so tired right now i wanted to do something other than chores i am falling asleep typing this AHhhhhhhdjfghghh

No. 1596065

I hate having recovered from the flu because now my libido is at its usual level again (VERY HIGH) and it's the kind of horny that masturbation won't quench… god i wish i wasn't such an autistic mf so i could find a fuck buddy or smthn

No. 1596067

my mum just poured a glass of wine and it’s 7am. im so grossed out by her stupid alcoholism.

No. 1596098

File: 1685823738354.jpeg (146.44 KB, 1379x1668, BF52095D-BE3D-42D8-878E-70D38D…)

My obese,unhygenic, sedentary sister really had the audacity to send me an article this morning about the dangers of artificial sweeteners cause she saw me drink a Diet Coke ONCE.how bout worry about your unemploymed ass, sis.

No. 1596102

please don't post that awful stan twitter pic here ever again.

No. 1596125

"the voice of women has something beautiful and powerful" - my partner, after disrupting me for five times, June 2023

Nothing I could ever write could be this situationally funny nor as hypocritical, I hate him for that the most at this point. He's so fucking dumb.

No. 1596153

File: 1685826365540.jpg (48.56 KB, 600x315, 206a33a94252d5ef7a1f94f7fe4f64…)

i swear i am one manic episode away from becoming a fullblown escort. i hate my crazy expensive city. i have been on disability benefits for schizoaffective disorder for 4 years and i finally got a part time jobbut they cut your benefits a lot when youre earning an income and i dont want to lose my benefits completely.(and btw they make this shit so confusing to read like even the people around me who arent retarded by their antipsychotic medications cant understand it, also its so hard to figure out the world of social programs or maybe im just retarded but i have to google so much to find anything) so to keep my benefits i can only make like 1700 USD and then id get like 100 USD in benefits so 1800 usd in total (actually less because they take out the gross income from your benefits not your take home pay) and the cheapest of the cheap shitty studio apartments still costs 1400 USD. i'm doing really well at my part time job but i'm just not ready to move up to full time yet. and idk when i will be. i live with my parents and it's not a horrible environment but it's not a good one either and i feel so defeated living here compared to when i was living with my now ex gf. and if anyone says "move out of your shithole expensive city" i wish i could, i don't know how to drive, i'm scared of driving and i cant afford a car. anywhere with OK public transit is very expensive. i legitimately am at my wit's end i am so scared of dying alone in my parents' hoarded dirty house (i try to clean but it is dirty beyond what i can help with. shit needs a pressure wash)

it sucks it sucks it sucks it fucking sucks that despite everything i know about sex work and prostitution and trafficking and demented moids and how sex workers are complicit in this degrading selling of women this is the road i am falling down!!! i don't want to do this! i dont know any other under the table job i could find and do! i just want a nice clean studio apartment and to keep progressing in my job and have enough money to have pets. thats IT. nonnies i've had it!!!

No. 1596159

>heavy with poop

No. 1596162

can’t blame nonnas for being suspicious when the only people that complain about capitalism on social media have a hammer and sickle emoji in bio or pfp with some dead dictator.

No. 1596166

File: 1685827234648.jpg (1.35 MB, 4096x4096, Polish_20230603_152119838.jpg)

I know I'm late but my God do I love big noses on women fuck my life

No. 1596170

i wish i knew you, lovely nonny

No. 1596176

File: 1685828616376.png (20.57 KB, 714x574, photos-3.png)

Felt asleep last night without washing my face so now I have a pimple. And I don't get normal pimples I get hard, painful pimples. Everytime I change face expression my pimple starts hurting like crazy and I can't even pol it because its too hard. I fucking hate this I feel gross I look gross and my face is in constant pain

No. 1596177

If I had a nose like any of these I would consider myself blessed by god. Some of us genuinely have an ugly nose.

No. 1596182

Imo it's not about the nose, if you have perfect features like these women do, a big nose looks characteristic whilst if your other features are ugly, you look hideous. I'm saying this because I got a nosejob myself thinking I'd be super pretty but it's only made me go from ugly to kind of average. All of these women have capivating eyes, great bone structure and nice lips for example which I do not have.

No. 1596192

It's not always about the nose but for me it definitely mostly is. If any of those women had my nose they would be ugly.

No. 1596198

I'm so disgusted because I'm on Temu(don't care) looking for airtag clones, and there are so many porn terms. I just wrote fin for find my iphone and it was fingering sex. While writing a coupon code, there was more sex terms. Disgusting!! Die scrotes!!

No. 1596204

This I look like a minecraft villager

No. 1596223

what kind of fucked up world do we live in where we need a 2 hour documentary on "what is a woman" when it can be summed up in a single sentence : someone with XX chromosomes, a reproductive system that can give birth
jesus fucking christ at this point i am sorry all those asteroids that came near earth didn't hit it

No. 1596227

File: 1685834939813.jpg (6.07 KB, 275x183, download (1).jpg)

I have a somewhat severe phobia of pregnancy and babies and it's making me unable to have sex, I can't get sterilized as i had previously planned because i recently found out i have some pretty bad cardiac issues and in general i should avoid general anesthesia unless its 200% necessary and i have no other medical reasons to fuck with my reproductive system, it's messing so much with my mental health that i'm developing an ED just because if im underweight i have less of a chance of getting pregnant, I take my birth control like clockwork but it still gives me such a bad anxiety at night to think i might have forgotten it or that being 30 minutes late is gonna make it not work and then i'll be doomed because abortion is extremely illegal where i live.

My boyfriend and I are living in different countries atm because of our jobs but we will be spending our vacation in October together and it's making me feel worse and worse, our relationship hadn't gotten sexual before the move but now it's nearly impossible to avoid intimacy, i love him a lot and i feel like it's not fair to trap him in a sexless relationship just because i'm cuckoo (and i was never sexually abused btw), I tried talking to my therapist but she doesn't get it, she tried spinning that it's just a natural part of life and that kids make life more meaningful blah blah, just made everything worse, just the idea of having sex gives me anxiety now.

No. 1596228

I hate to even put this in your mind but in an absolute worst case scenario couldn't your bf take you to wherever he is for an abortion, or you travelling to the next country over? It's terrible that you're going through this but I'm hoping your bf is being understanding and not pressuring you into sex either.

No. 1596240

Thank you nona, he's not pressuring me or anything but i can notice it makes him feel bad, he has been avoiding any sort of intimate talk whatsoever because according to him it makes him uncomfortable knowing i will feel anxious and depressed, he doesn't know about my disordered eating though, also traveling + medical expenses is a bit outside of our budget.

No. 1596243

Uuugh I'm so frustrated. My wifi dongle broke so I can't connect to wifi, and I can't even connect to my phones hot spot cause I would need the dongle to do so

No. 1596256

File: 1685837499798.jpg (62.94 KB, 1200x675, 8679305.jpg)

I had a roadtrip with my coworkers and overall it was great but… One of them was an eccentric guy I recently met, he's extremely well read but also kinda weird and I suspected he might be an autist like me. He's almost 10 years older than me but I just liked to talk to him at work about various niche stuff. So today when we were picking him up from his home, I asked if I could use his bathroom bc I couldn't hold it anymore. He said sure but he warned me he hasn't cleaned his apartment bc he didn't expect guests and he mumbled something about cleaning it only once a week. So I went inside, and I'm telling you, this was definitely not an apartment that is cleaned once per week, not even once per month! It was literally the nastiest apartment I've seen in my life and it stinked of dirty clothes soaked in old sweat, not washed for many days. Mess in the kitchen, mess in the room, but the bathroom was the worst. I thought I'm going to puke. The bathtub was so dirty and there were literally spider nets in it. There's no fucking way he was using it. I wonder how and when does he even bathe? The toilet was ofc dirty too. I was so, so fucking embarrassed for him, but I didn't want to be mean so I didn't say anything. I just can't look at him the same way after this. I will admit that my apartment looked similar for some time when I had a heavy depressive episode, but it was so bad I wasn't able to go to work, or to go outside at all, I didn't eat and I didn't wash myself, I didn't contact anyone from my family, I had no insurance etc., it was as if I didn't exist. But this guy is always at work and he had no problem working for years, he's always jolly and fun (although weird), he eats too, he wears a new set of clothes to work every day, he has friends, he doesn't have any problems with handling formalities, like he doesn't seem to have any kind of depression. Like I can't excuse something like this. Even if you're autistic like me, I just can't excuse it. If you're functional enough to socialize (and he's better at socializing than me) you know there's a risk someone will want to pay you a vistit, so how the fuck can you allow your place too look like an abandoned apartment where homeless people sleep from time to time. Not to mention, it's a really big fucking 2-store apartment with a huge fucking terrace. He pays only 700 euro a month for rent, which is like nothing. He was really lucky to find it. And he doesn't respect this place. Holy shit I still feel disgusted. I didn't even had a crush on this guy or anything, so maybe I shouldn't be so disappointed, but even if I wanted to just see him as a friend, I can't cope with it somehow…

No. 1596304

Hes probably extremely embarassed but he meant well if he said yes to letting you use it. Even as an autist, especially solitary ones, do not want to open up their private spaces for strangers let alone coworkers. He probably felt like he was put on the spot and will be going over this in his head a hundred thousand times.
>like he doesn't even seem to have any depression
Men who grow up in medium, moderate to well adjusted families are usually brought up like many other men that their problems are nobody elses but their own and internalize that shit forever. Hes good at masking. You will likely never know how he really feels except that now he's probably turning over in his head whether or not you're going to tell everyone about his home.
>Even if you're autistic like me, I just can't excuse it. If you're functional enough to socialize (and he's better at socializing than me)
All you are saying is that hes better at masking than you are. You know nothing about him. If he has no roommates and no relationships, you have no idea whether or not he ever allows people into his home. I normally don't defend moids especially off of one post but it's none of your concern and if he's hygienic at work then it will not be effected you.

No. 1596336

>You will likely never know how he really feels except that now he's probably turning over in his head whether or not you're going to tell everyone about his home.
Except when we were going back, he allowed two other coworkers to pee at his home and also offered all 3 of us to sleep at his place if we wanted kek
Idk, I still feel too grossed out

No. 1596340

My bf keeps joking around while getting sexual with me and it feels disgusting. He jokes and starts feeling me up and I feel like I'm being molested. I tell him to stop and he doesn't get why it bothers me. He jokes sexually more than he acts genuinely sexual, and it turns me off so badly. He felt me up today while making stupid monkey noises. I lost it and started sobbing. It just feels like molestation and I told him not to touch me anymore.
I don't know what to do because he's perfect for me in every other way. Why are moids like this? I don't even know how to fix this.

No. 1596344

He's weak and doesn't have confidence in himself to be a good lover so he uses jokes as cope

No. 1596345

my dumbass parents are letting my teenage autistic brother troon out and im so angry and disgusted and upset about it. he's 16 and im sure the internet has convinced him the way to feel better about himself is to become a tranny and i dont understand why our parents or his fucking counselor won't try to talk him out of it. I tried talking to him nicely and telling him i think maybe he just doesn't like who he is right now because he's a teenager and every teenager feels uncomfortable with themselves, especially those w/ disabilities. i thought he was being a little receptive but he mustve mentioned it our mom because she called me and chewed me out.

they're going to let him destroy his mind & body because of a phase and there's not a goddamn thing i can do about it. he's a sweet kid, too, he's just confused. I want to try to talk to him more or maybe message him but i'm afraid my parents will find out and cut me off from talking to him all together.

i feel so helpless. i always make fun of troons on here and im starting to feel like this is karma kek

No. 1596348

I don't know what to do. He's attractive, hard working, and kind. I don't know how to help him be more confident

No. 1596354

I take back what I said, hes just retarded sorry. I worked with a guy like this years ago only he couldn't mask at all and it creeper a lot of people who were unaware of autism out. Felt kind of bad, they just don't know at all like that section of their brain just does not exist

No. 1596356

You tell him very seriously with direct eye contact and no smile or kindness that he is making himself look retarded and repulsive and that if he doesn't stop you simply won't let him anywhere near you.

No. 1596360

he sounds profoundly insecure but not in an abnormal way, nona.

No. 1596365

I will try to have another talk with him, but I have attempted this before. He gets it in the moment, then he forgets. I just feel at a loss. I will try to have this talk one more time

I want to have sex with him but I feel literally violated when he's touching me in ways I enjoy, but then does dumb shit which makes me feel stupid
Is this a normal guy thing?

No. 1596375

It shouldn't be normal for someone you are in a relationship with to repeatedly disrespect your boundaries. It's obvious he's trying to upset you on purpose. Don't give him pity laughs or smiles, dont get awkward or try to ease it. Grey rock him and be specific and curt. You should not be having this issue continually. He isn't 'forgetting' if you've repeatedly told him to stop, he doesn't respect you.

No. 1596387

I hate being fat. Why can't a normal amount of food satisfy me?

No. 1596390

You're right
I had some sexual trauma growing up and I am just afraid that my trauma is blowing the jokes out of proportion. Would this bother most nonas or is this a me thing?

No. 1596391

My bf did something similar for a while he would act like a caveman during sex and say "unga bunga" repeatedly it pissed me the fuck off and I basically went nuclear on him one day in rage and he stopped

No. 1596394

It's ended now. I had always expected it because the situation was completely fucked and we shouldn't have got involved at all, but it's the fact that it's happened during such a dreadful week for me that's making it a little harder to deal with.

I've just had so much bad news condensed into just a few days, that I spiralled mentally and self-harmed. I only pinch myself hard, never cut or break the skin, but the last time I did this was about 10+ years ago during the worst time of my life. This isn't anything near as bad, but it scared me that I felt compelled to do it again and gave in.

No. 1596396

I had some trauma too so maybe this isn't helpful but it what you are describing would absolutely repulse me and make me feel very ill and disturbed. I'm sure trauma could make the feeling worse but for anyone, when you are being sexual you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable position. I think someone treating you like a joke at that moment would make anyone feel awful.

No. 1596398

definitely not just a u thing nonna. something very similar happened to me and it is not normal or acceptable in any way. respect ur boundaries, stand up for urself, be dead serious about it. what worked for me is basically extremely serious tone and hostile, cold behaviour towards him, i ignored him for a while & then he finally came to a conclusion. but god that still pisses me off. men are fucking stupid.

No. 1596400

Thank you for the honesty. I had been feeling so guilty about how upset I got today. I am going to sit him down and have one last talk about this.

No. 1596403

take care nonna! i hope it gets better. u deserve to be treated with respect.

No. 1596436

I absolutely sobbed on my way home tonight. I'll be fine eventually, everything will pass in time, but I needed that cry.

No. 1596465

I can't get rid of my obsession over most (all?) men being ephebophiles or whatever the correct term is. It makes me sick and I think about it all the time. My fiance, the one non pornsick coomer man I know, is the best man I've ever met and yet I still worry he's hiding the deep dark secret of being attracted to little girls.
I was groomed when I was younger, and then my longest relationship of 5 years ended when I caught him watching loli porn, so I do have certain experiences making me biased. But god it really does eat me alive thinking that even the man I love could be a pedo, because maybe all men in existence are

No. 1596468

I was sick of this male talking shit about our coworkers and he's quitting so I told my coworkers about the comments. They got really mad and one of them half cried because it was comments about her weight. He worked today, it felt so damn awkward like I ruined everything. I just wanted to be truthful what he was saying behind their backs. Now I just feel like a piece of shit.

No. 1596484

I took some pottery classes pretty recently, and the instructor was so rude sometimes! Once I asked where some of the tools should go and she was like "you know where to put them" in a certain tone. If I knew, I wouldn't have asked! But she's an old lady and said she was having some health issues so perhaps she was just having her moments.

No. 1596485

Samefag but also I felt that response was particularly rude because she wasn't the most…instructive.

No. 1596489

File: 1685858462683.jpg (112.08 KB, 736x1170, 6a833fbb33aad6090dba01d29c3469…)

having a self conscious nt moid when you're autistic is so tough
just because i don't want to be verbal does not mean i don't want to be around you
sometimes when i respond like i'm annoyed i'm just overstimulated and just want to chill for a few minutes
it's my fault for masking so well most of the time and not telling him i got that dog in me

No. 1596492

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and just tested positive for Covid why does the universe fucking hate me. I already can’t breathe on a good day so this is going to be really fun

I made it this fucking far without ever getting it and it waits until I’m heavily pregnant and already terrified of dying during childbirth RIP

No. 1596493

My dad is autistic and an asshole so other autistic people who share mannerisms and traits with him trigger me so much. I just don’t want to deal with autism, I know that’s not fair or realistic or reasonable but please just fuck off. Autism and abuse go hand ime.

No. 1596501

I also recently got it and I believe that the variant today is a much much weaker version compared to when the pandemic broke out. I have always been a sickly person with bad lungs and I got over COVID in circa 4 days, the fever was the most unpleasant part. Hope you recover quickly nonna

No. 1596502

That makes me feel better, thanks nonna. Hopefully things will be okay

No. 1596515

This month will be a year since my gramma died. This month is when my step dad’s birthday is, he’s been dead 4 years now. This month is when the worst year of my life started 2 years ago. I am already under enough stress. Too much family shit going on. Too much pressure in my self from them. My health issues, my mental health issues. Why am I still alive? My life ended 2 years ago anyhow.
Have you ever had sleep paralysis? Well, stress sleep paralysis isn’t fun. I am now awake and very very very upset.
>>1596492 hoping things blow over quick for you and bub, nona!!! That’s scary as fuck

No. 1596532

boomers are sick fucks who do NOT care whatsoever about what they do to the housing market. it's all about "oh well! i got mine!", never the impact on future generations.

No. 1596534

trust me u dont

No. 1596535

But it is fair. You're literally saying you can't dislike people who act like a person you don't like. Yes you can.

No. 1596540

Don't give him the time of his day, hes probs an incel

No. 1596542

I fucking hate that heating a home now is seen as a fucking luxury too. Food costs are ridiculous. Electric bills are high. Gas and oil bills are high. Rent is retarded and buying a fucking house is a fucking nightmare. People are expected to be able to fork put rent for the privilege of having a roof over their head but no equity or security and banks even if you've been renting for a number of years are like are you sure you can afford a lower monthly mortgage than your current rate? Le impossible

No. 1596553

nah don't feel negatively about it. wish i was a virgin, when nonas here mention they're virgins i am envious. not because of dumb "muh purity" moidlogic but because i have only negative sexual memories and wish i could go back and prevent it all. it weighs on me daily and effects my social life. i feel like i lost my chance at a healthy sexual life. i remember what it's like on the other side, wondering what it's like. but even when i thought i was ready, i still wasn't. wish i never let a scrote touch me. maybe it's a "grass always looks greener on the other side" issue. don't ever feel bad about being a virgin. i would go back in a heartbeat.

No. 1596564

fuck, i've never related to something more.
>i have only negative sexual memories and wish i could go back and prevent it all
same, i would go back in a heartbeat too, if i could.

No. 1596566

Damn that resonated so hard it actually made me tear up. The only time I’ve had “sex” was rape and it changed the way I view sex permanently. I hate that I’ll never get the special first time that so many people talk about. Ugh

No. 1596567

yes it's normal to find that behavior repulsive. i could not hold back a massive cringe because it's something an insecure guy does. it's the easiest thing to take someone out of the mood. if something fumbles or some awkwardness happens it's okay to make a little joke but doing what you're describing he's doing is a huge turn off. ask him how he would feel if you grabbed his unerect penis and flopped it around making "bleeeeuuughhhhh" noises. better yet, do exactly that to him and say "does that turn you on you fucking idiot"

No. 1596571

i feel better knowing i am not alone and we… sometimes… have a special kind of female solidarity here. i was a bored, lonely hermit who dove headfirst into the bullshit that is bdsm. got into a relationship with a guy that said he didn't want to do those things and it made me reflect on it all. 4 years later and we have never had a consistent sex life. it took me way too long to realize im completely out of touch with my body and having body image issues certainly doesn't make it better. i try to think sometimes that i have accepted that maybe i am one of those people who just wont ever figure out sex and i try to see the positive. but it hurts. i wish the memories would go away and i could be not broken. i think i would like to be sexually functional and not… functionally sexless. i would love to go back in time and get another chance and have no memories of anything sexual in my life. it wasnt worth fulfulling the curosity.

No. 1596577

This is dumb, but I'm so pissed. I ordered an expensive cool appliance for my home, was really excited to finally get it. And it was delivered the next day. But really fucking far, like another city. I contacted the delivery service immediately and they said: "oh oopsie we will fix that!". But it's been a few days and there is no change and it's still available to be picked up in that different city. The date for it to be picked up is creeping in slowly. For me, getting there is more expensive than it being delivered to my home and if I fucking knew how it all will turn out, i'd choose this option. But now there is so much uncertainty and all i wanted was to do something nice for myself. I hate this, it always happens and this shit has ruined all my excitement. Even if i'd go to that city and pick it up myself, there is no certainty that it is actually there and i'll just waste my time and money. And it's heavy for me to deliver it myself.

No. 1596614

>i wish western society was kinder to those who are very clearly suffering…
sorry honey, we can't afford mental health treatment for suicidal people. it's absolutely essential that the government gives free housing and a supplementary income to Sandeep and his 5 kids. would you like to apply for the MAID initiative?

No. 1596615

Why do I still cry about a moid that I I dated for decade that refuses to live with me irl. I can’t influence myself hard enough. Why do I inflict this pain upon myself .’

No. 1596616

I love my friend but her diet is very unhealthy and I'm worried about her health. She used to be really skinny and is now obese. I know she knows and she wants to lose weight so telling her anything won't help, and I don't want to be a dick and point out that maybe that food option isn't the best one and so on. It's a bit frustrating not being able to do anything at all for her

No. 1596638

nona just relax. the item will go back to the sender once the time runs out. just call the customer support and follow up to ask when you will get a replacement. be polite but tell them this is ruining your plans and stuff and they will probably give you a discount coupon or some free shit as apology

No. 1596639

I want to make a new animal crossing island without deleting my old save, fuck nintendo for making it impossible for no reason even though I have 2 consoles. Like the fuck??? Let me play how I want, now I'm just gonna not touch the game for another year, hope you're happy

No. 1596650

Nonnie try pre workout powder or caffeine pills.

No. 1596652

drink protein shakes. a scoop of protein powder with 250ml of water is only about 130 calories, has 30 gram of protein and will keep you full for hours.

No. 1596653

You should subtly encourage her to eat less or exercice more instead of being blunt but I never dared doing it with my own friends because I was worried they would get so offended they would stop talking to me. One of them paid a monthly fee to go to the gym, yet she would only go there from time to time just to walk on the treadmill for a few minutes and leave. When I told her she should do more than that just to justify the price she paid she seemed so uneasy I just dropped the topic. I hope your friend will get it together before it's too late.

No. 1596662

I hate that I have to beg my boyfriend to hang out with me

No. 1596669

why dont you dump him…

No. 1596670

are you sure you're with someone who likes you/likes you enough to be worth your time?

No. 1596677

He's ten years older than me and drinks way too much, but he's the first man to show interest in me in 25 years of my life. At least he's funny, respectful and has a stable job. I'm such a loser.

No. 1596678

better alone than with a mediocre moid, nonas. please learn this and love yourselves more

No. 1596707

I wish I lived in a city so I had at least SOMEWHERE to go. Nothing ever happens here, the entire "town" is one main road with houses and a small square as the town "centre". No to mention no jobs, no entertainment except shitty bars. At least I see some deer here and there but damn. It's boring and the nearest place worth visiting is 2h away.

No. 1596708

I hate “unlocking” random terrible memories from my childhood that I blocked out for one reason or another. Was wondering why I was so scared of therapy as a kid when it could’ve helped me a lot at that age. Then I just randomly remembered that as a small child, my parents used to take me to “family therapy” sessions with my bipolar heroin addict teenage brother and they would all scream at each other. I love my parents but sometimes I just wonder what the fuck they were thinking when they were raising me, I don’t know why they even had me in the first place because they were in their 40s and could barely handle the 2 kids they already had. I don’t want to bring it up with my mom because I know it will just hurt her feelings but I’m just now kinda realizing how emotionally neglected I was as a kid because they were so focused on my brother and it just really hurts because now those dynamics have carried on into adulthood. I don’t know how to even start working through this.

No. 1596719

its such a beautiful, sunny and warm day outside yet im rotting in my bedroom like all the other years before. i wish i had irl friends that i could hang out with and we could do cute stuff together like take pics of each other and go out and eat but i have no one. its just so depressing and frustrating. im rotting my life away

No. 1596720

>first man to show interest in me
This only means you haven’t gotten close to enough men. Compatibility and interest doesn’t always mean jumping over tables in pursuit. Forwardness is simply another charm tactic that could indicate a lack consideration for the targets wellbeing.
Doing what needs to be done to get what he wants. He’s not dumb and can see when you aren’t drawing a line. Actual respectful men his age would leave you alone in that regard. Go read any site with moids who want this situation and tell me a friendly demeanour could make them “respectful” people.
>has a stable job
This is a no brainer, he’s 35. It also does nothing for you, are you planning to marry and live off him because he was nice to you? Don’t sell yourself an empty box.
>10 years older, drinks way too much
You know the relationship won’t last but it will drain the life out of you for its duration and you’ll have to recover from that afterwards. Whatever loneliness you feel now, you’ll wish you had later. You’re old enough to make decisions, he’s probably hoping you’re weak enough to make a poor one and ruin your life for him, realise your higher self worth and make a good one instead.
>I'm such a loser
No you’re not at all but he is. Tell him to go join AA. Use the recklessness of your desperation to force yourself towards better people. Hold out a bit longer and enjoy something good with someone better. Any attention you’ll get from this isn’t going to feel anywhere near as satisfying as a balanced relationship with a cute same aged bf. You’re not a loser, you’re a cute little nonny who’s a bit sad and dumb but has a great nigel right around the corner.

No. 1596721

anon this is my dream too! living in a city so i could at least go out and eat and go to stores to waste my time. lets both save up and move out

No. 1596729

He has now fully ghosted me. Looking back at our texts from the past month with new eyes, I now see that he was trying to end the conversation constantly. But I kept initiating and trying to stay in touch, desperately. A few time he'd go "sorry I'm just tired/depressed/feeling unwell so I'm not a great conversation partner right now" and so I believed it rather than taking the fucking hint. I'm so stupid and autistic, I wish people were more direct and would just be like "Hey I feel like we don't really click" or something so I wouldn't embarrass myself like this.

No. 1596745

I thought the same when we first met and started talking, he's too old and he probably likes me because I'm younger and kind of an idiot. There's surely a good reason if he's still single and all his girlfriends left him.
But seeing my friends being in happy relationships triggered something in me.
Sorry I'm ESL and can't express my thoughts very well, but I'm very grateful for your words. I really needed them, thank you nonnie!!

No. 1596755

I'm so fucking tired of lesbians who troon out. One of my few lesbian friends just trooned out and she messaged me with her new name and saying she goes by he/him pronouns now. She's in her late 20s like me, so this is extra embarrassing. why are women doing this bullshit??

No. 1596756


No. 1596762

Same nonnas. Cities always have everything and it looks fun being able to go to different bars or just browse stores of any kind. Plus there's so many possibilities with jobs and studying. Rural towns may be nice because of the nature but most of them are just… boring.

No. 1596770

File: 1685896792153.jpeg (70.08 KB, 736x736, crywine.jpeg)

It's not normal for a father to never give his daughter any advice about life or dating or anything even once is it.. I always suspected he dgaf about me but coped because we lived in the same house. But he never talked to me unless my mom forced him to. One time she forced him to spend quality time with me and take me to a pumpkin patch I guess to father daughter bond and it was so awkward. He treated me like some strangers kid he had to watch. I remember feeling so embarrassed and guilty for wasting his time. No wonder I'm so fucked up towards men

No. 1596776

I'm envious, I wish my father ignored me instead of finding pretext to beat me up and call me names, like breathing to loudly too close to the TV when he's watching it.

No. 1596778

Nta but this is an insensitive response anon.

No. 1596783

I'm that anon she responded to I don't mind her chiming in suffering is relative

No. 1596784

No, it’s not normal. Your dad is an asshole and that’s not your fault.

No. 1596785

Sorry I didn't mean to downplay her problems, but man I wish that were me. But yeah her dad's behavior isn't normal either tbh.

No. 1596788

My body hurts so much. When its especially bad I just lie embryo style in my bed or watch YouTube. People accuse me of being lazy and stuff and I started to believe it. But tbh I cannot do anything else. There is no one who can grasp the pain that Im in and its not anyones fault it just makes me feel lonely. I feel bad for having suicidal thoughts but at this point they are probably reasonable. I feel dead already anyway nothing is fun when you are in pain constantly.

No. 1596795

Im sorry nona souds mega shite. whats the reason behind the pain?

No. 1596813

Its a neurological condition caused by medical professionals kek my life is a morbid joke

No. 1596829

lesbians who troon out is the saddest thing ever.

No. 1596848

People are braindead monkeys.
Just trying to watch a video or listen to music and study or relax when there is a sporting event leads to endless fucking horn honking. Yeah the horns sound like clown honks but it's so fucking annoying sometimes. I don't give a flying shit about stupid fucking team sports and this dumb ape brain behavior aggravates me to no end.

No. 1596849

I'm studying biology and medicine a lot more lately, care to share the name of your condition? I'm really curious

No. 1596853

I moved to a new area a while back. On sundays here there'll be a half hour of cars honking like crazy and kids screaming out from car windows as all they pass by on a nearby road. I had no clue wtf it was about for ages. Apparently its a kids local sports team driving home from their weekly kiddy matches. You'd swear they're olympic champions coming home after winning the gold with how they almost want to turn it into a mini parade. This is the same town where a referee for a kids match got his head bashed in recently. Overkill.

No. 1596864

Hate living above an air bnb on North coast of Ireland. It attracts the trampiest of tourists to the building that has residents but the tourists mostly yanks always seem to think the hall connecting the units is included in their price for the unit and they act as if a door is a novel concept and they've never interacted with one before and they have to slam it to engage the mechanism. And their fat kids are in and out in and out all fucking day slamming that fucking door. And north coast of Ireland is shit major tourist attractions are the fucking landscape those cunts aren't actually contributing much like it costs fuck all to stand outside and I like in NI and they're all flying into Dublin getting their rental cars from there so not even getting the cost of that, it's going to another country. And businesses here just push their prices up to rinse the retards that think coming to windy shit beaches is class and impacts locals, maybe we'd eat out more if you charged fair prices fs. Stop slamming the cunting door or I'm going to petrol bomb it

No. 1596898

I feel like such a piece of shit when I get mad about how good my niece's relationship is with her mom (my sister). When my sister is like "it's just like me and mom when I was [niece's] age!" Like, wow, must have been nice to get the good version of Mom. And my brother being well-adjusted and successful makes me angry and sad too. Must be nice to have had the support and complete adoration of both Mom and Dad. It really makes me feel awful. I got such the shit end of the stick, and my parents knew it, but didn't do anything to help me. I'm way too old to be this pathetic

No. 1596900

File: 1685908661254.jpeg (15.83 KB, 300x300, 6ac47bf13994a07cdaf1a234598554…)

I hate that I wasted my teenage years and early to mid twenties being a suicidal mess.
I hate that now at 30 I have to endlessly play catch up at work and schooling because I have to pay my bills and prepare to get destroyed financially supporting my mom.
I hate that even if the only thing I ever managed to learn how to do properly is working and even so I'm incredible mediocre at it.
I hate that I can be fired at any point, with no warning, and I can't plan long plan at all because of the stress of knowing that my finances will never be truly safe and I'll always be replaceable.
I hate I can't even find motivation to get better at my job since I might not even have a retirement to look forward to since fucking climate warming and war and that I can't even share the burden of living in this hellholw soon to be teocratic country because everyone is already married or has dated a lot and I'm the weird 30 year old with no close friends, no dating history, and that have only ever had sex with my fucking hands.
Literally the only reason I have not killed myself yet is that I I bills to pay. Fuck

No. 1596907

File: 1685909050148.jpg (14.65 KB, 480x366, 62240538_436667226911417_17100…)

I really want to get married, but I'm single and have come to the conclusion that hate dating and learning to know new people. Maybe those people marrying their body pillows got the right idea.

No. 1596911

You can still get out of the trenches. Time is always wasted. You have years ahead of you that can he full of contentedness if you want them to be. Life is unfair and sometimes trying to crawl out of a mess feels like you're in an oubliette. But it's impermanent. Tons of people will have better lives than you without any effort at all and it's unfair but that doesn't mean you deserve to live any less.

No. 1596913

Thank you anon, deep down I know you are right but I just feel alone in all dealing with it all I guess. I'm afraid I'll never be able to make it better

No. 1596928

You can make it better, but it will take time and you will have a lot of resentment that will be hard to let go of but you don't have to let it poison you entirely. I hope you can grey rock and endure it for the time you need to. It still isn't fair or right but you don't deserve to slip through the cracks because of it. You aren't lesser for struggling and you don't have to aim for anything grand except keeping your head above water. When you struggle for so long once you get out on the other side you can appreciate things for how beautiful they are in a way a lot of people cannot. Suffering is just suffering but it isnt forever.

No. 1596934

Just kind of sets me off when a nona says "my nigel" in her post and actually means it. Maybe I sound bitter but like do you know where you are? I think it's safe to say that most nonas here consider males to be fundamentally broken. But OK yes, you found a guy, fell in love and slowly lost your cynicism of men, or WORSE you think your man is some special exception.

What, because he's not violently and overtly misogynistic? Because he makes breakfast sometimes and once bought you sanitary pads? Be real. With the combo of male hormones and their socialisation you're always going to get the shit end of the stick when you pair with one. I get that you can delude yourself and others in general society by praising your man, but not here. "My Nigel", indeed!

No. 1596936

File: 1685911513060.jpg (9.27 KB, 235x240, 19e8cf3ef99258da3f9bef1e972772…)

Ngl, one of my biggest nightmares is seeing or bumping into people I know in high school or the past. Chances are low yet I still managed to see some of my old friends last year and it freaks me out so much even though I was wearing a face mask, I prayed to god that they don't recognize me at all.
I stray away from working part-time jobs at the convenience store or any kind of place for entertainment like the movie theatre or sth. Even though those jobs are the only job I can get rn. Mostly due to the irrational fear of my old (and often successful) acquaintances seeing me working at a dead-end job and my pride couldn't take that.

No. 1596945

Aw nona I feel you on that, I did end up working retail for a while and I was so scared someone would come and recognize me (to the point where one time I was doing laps around the store trying to avoid someone who I thought was an old teacher). But all the worries were for nothing. I didn’t see many people I know but I saw a uni classmate who told me she was unemployed, another girl from school who was also waiting for some govt job and only one ex classmate who had a job but still had a nice convo with me and didnt act conceited at all. I promise you it’s not that bad and most people understand how hard it is, especially from the same generation. I promise you you’ll get over your pride, there’s nothing shameful in working

No. 1596954

There’s this girl that I’m pretty sure works with my ex and she’s so pretty and everything he wants in a girl. I’m sure they’re dating now

No. 1596964

what's weirder is in situations where the guy actually IS violent and misogynistic, some anons still call him a nigel anyway (like in the relationship advice thread recently)

No. 1596977

Attitudes toward marriage and settling down are so all over the place. I never had healthy examples in my life. I'm at such a fucked up place emotionally that I told the internet guy I have a weird relationship with to delete all the stuff of me because I was momentarily overwhelmed with shame thinking about his family…only to immediately apologize and be worried about his opinion of me and like of me. He was totally chill about it, he's always chill, but I immediately regretted it because I'm so desperate for validation. I know he said he loved me and has written all the romantic shit because he has no romance or sex in his marriage but is trapped with kids and a traditional culture. His effort just isn't there, he's not even interesting, just enjoys the fact that I was obsessed with him as an idea with no expectations. But aren't expectations part of relationships? I think sending sexual things and being stupid romantic with this ultimately awful guy fora few months has fucked me up. Like. Oh you don't seek sex and romance from each other? Im sure she, from a traditional culture in a traditionally structured marriage, would have their usual attitude of "if I don't know about it, whatever, just work to take care of our kids" but it seems fucked up that it's normal? I don't know. I want him so badly, even though I know it's never going anywhere. Should it? Should I be pursuing traditional relationships? I'm getting older. I know I've let my mental illness slip more recently into our sparse conversations and everything is no longer my perfect fantasy escape.

I am suddenly feeling so empty and desperate due to my declining mental health, after a bad car accident and being ghosted by my therapist and going off my meds because they were so hard on my kidneys a while back. I forgot the extent of my fixations without them. I don't know why I want to be in love so badly. But I can barely physically take care of myself (OCD + autism) so I'm like desperate to settle with whoever will have me. So I have to resist the urge to tell my ex who wants to have a trad marriage that I miss him so much. I'm not attracted to him, I barely like him, he stressed me out and mistreated me a lot before becoming better at the end due to my leaving. But at least it's someone who would be there for me. I'm trying to cultivate even a crumb of emotional intimacy with several other men and it's just not there. Is it because it's all not the right people? Do you need to cast a wide net or just become more tolerant? Everyone wants to fuck me, some are adamantly wanting cute romance, some are in flux in the middle or just have more chill behavior. I'm not attracted to any of them but the married guy, physically. I don't know what to do. I'm in my 30s. Should I settle down with someone who will ease my resource and attachment related stress and try my best to be a good wife?

Why is there an urgent anxious pain in my chest like I need something to matter and nothing does? I was ok last week. I think I'm lonely for once. I usually always want to be alone.

No. 1596985

same anon, I didn't know he was married until more recently when things seemed weird and I asked. He took 2 days to respond and then was like yes for 10 years, we don't have sex or romance, does this still ruin our relationship, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, I'm not trying to hide it from you but I figure I'd wait until you ask about my "social personality"? Fucking Japanese bullshit. I'm stupid and said no because the way he talks about everything like a sociopath appeals to me for some reason. Like everything is permitted, even my anxiety and weirdness. Why do I need someone to not care about me in order to feel like my self isn't offensive?. Why am I obsessed with this fucking guy. God damn it!!!!!

I think of settling because I feel like people prefer my body over my mind but I won't be hot forever, even if I will always probably look great for my age due to genetics and carefulness. I like my mind besides the illness, I'm kind and have a lot of interesting hobbies and thoughts. I don't know what I'm supposed to do to find a partner. But I want one so badly now. I don't want to rush things with the guy I like the best, who is being great but we don't talk much between our dates so far and I think it's because I scared him by being an asshole at first because I am used to love bombing and told him I like to be left alone. Sigh.

No. 1596994

He is so dumb I want to punch him. No, bitch, I don't want to go alone and enjoy my life. I want to have a bf but I can't because looks for women are everything. No, I can't "slay" in this body. You, as a penis-holder, should know better, don't you? My achievements mean nothing to me and I hate my life. The only achievement worth appreciation (but not by me) is that I haven't killed myself yet. Countless generations produced this ugly bitch and all their struggles went in vain.

No. 1597001

File: 1685919886878.jpg (82.81 KB, 1024x814, FA3v3OkXEAk0roG.jpg)

>get to know male
>took about a year before i felt like i truly knew him
>we drift apart
>now have to find new male and get to know him all over again

This is exhausting what the heck. I have to start all over. Getting to know someone takes so long. After really knowing a man and being able to talk about anything, the thought of starting over with dry small talk makes me feel sick. With finding friends it's easier because I have more in common with women.

No. 1597020

Cheerleading is not a sport and I hate when people try to call it one. Yes it's hard but what makes it cheerleading is yelling and bad dancing. Yelling is annoying as shit. There are already sports for their skills. Dance is aerobic gymnastics and the stunts they do are acro gymnastics. It already exists, it's already a sport. And why can none of them do a good handspring, if you train so much why can't you do it. We already have good dancers and good gymnasts. If you wanted to be a sport stop yelling and do these instead. It just isn't a sport. It doesn't need to be either.

No. 1597049

Men really need to learn to shut the fuck up they just love to blather on and on and on about the dumbest shit. Me holding myself back about to explode with sooo is this going to be on the test should I take notes? Because you haven't shut the fuck up for like 10 minutes straight lecturing me about shit I never asked about

No. 1597057

When I complain about being poor for some reason people act like I'm trying to take away their money or like there is something wrong with me. Then I see relatively financially stable people that complain about financial issues and they get a lot of empathy…

No. 1597060

Major blessing, indeed. Grey rock all her attempts at hoovering. She was just using you as an emotional supply, she doesn't want actual help or advice, she wants to be excused and treated as an eternal victim no matter the situation. And she'll keep using you every time you give her the chance, too. They don't change unless they want to and actually put in the effort, but 98% of the time they say they are but don't, and it shows in their actions.

No. 1597074

i'm never ordering shit from the USA ever again. USPS fucking sucks. my package from etsy (that cost $80) has been saying "departed vienna" since the start of APRIL. its june now. no package in sight. utterly useless and aggravating, i don't think it'll ever arrive at this point. how bloody hard is it to receive a package from the USA?

No. 1597094

It got shot up on transit while you were doing maffs in school

No. 1597096

holycrap, that's really frustrating. Is there any way to track the package with a number or send an email? Sorry you're dealing with that.

No. 1597099

File: 1685929128580.jpg (92.28 KB, 785x960, 72362149_2794958347201234_7802…)

I'm seething. My mother is diabetic and has been for years. She met with the doctor and he decided to give her ozempic. She waits for a week and it's not in the mail and obv she's running out of insulin. She calls up the pharmacy and they didn't fill her meds because they immediately flagged it as possible abuse of the drug and didn't bother to tell her or her doctor. I had to walk the pharmacist through her medication history over the phone, and the idiot finally realized oh this is actually a diabetic starting a new medicine. I wanted to scream at him for his incompetence but I politely called him a fucking idiot and shamed him for possibly really harming someone. All of this bullshit and my mother worried sick because Hollywood made it into the ultimate weight loss drug. I fucking hate when people use medicines that are life saving aren't the people the meds are intended for, see trannies using up estrogen. can't help but also tinfoil they flagged it and just ignored it because she's female

No. 1597101

american who use to live in euro land, it takes forever to get any packages from there. i had a birthday present package sitting in customs for like 2 months haha i don't miss euro snailmail

No. 1597103

Good on you for helping your mother out. It really does seem women are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the medical field. That pharmacist sounds like a moron. Glad she'll be okay with her medicine coming in time.

No. 1597111

samefag, but pretty much once the package leaves the US you can't track it anymore using USPS (since its basically out of their jurisdiction now) so you'll have to find out which carrier in your country is sending the package out, or if you'll have to pick it up from customs.

No. 1597120

i sent austria an email and i am anxiously waiting for any support. pretty much lost all hope at this point but maybe they can tell me what country the parcel was sent to.
issue is it was already tracked out of the USA – it was tracked all the way to vienna. which yes is irregular for USPS as for as i know but still frustrating because it's been somewhere on the continent for 2 months lol

No. 1597137

My opening is so fucking small, it hurts. It hurts for days after sex. It hurts inserting my fucking tampons in. It hurts. My gynaecologist even mentioned it's small.
The thing is, once it's in, it doesn't hurt only at the entrance. I am in pain

No. 1597148

One thing about a woman with vaginismus is she's gonna let everybody know

No. 1597157

So do people with IBS, but anyway you shouldn't be saying this in this thread considering venting is what this thread is for.

No. 1597163

I am sorry for your pain and suffering.

No. 1597167

I don't have vaginismus.

No. 1597172

I’m stuck with a psychopath who’s threatening to kill me (my sister) and i don’t know who to turn to… i wanna call the police but as long as my dad is on her side they wont do anything.

No. 1597183

I think I'm having an anxiety attack my throat is like closing up. I took an ibuprofen Im gonna go to bed and try not to wake up dead. Pray for me

No. 1597207

Are you sure you just don't have asthma?

No. 1597210

Nonnas nonnas nonna I'm gonna have the shits noooo

No. 1597223

I cried so much yesterday and today that I have a massive headache that's keeping me from falling asleep fml

No. 1597226

I feel so much fucking better after shitting.

No. 1597230

I'm pretty sure I don't it's just anxiety I am going through a bunch of bad shit right now

No. 1597233

WHY are there so many troon indie horror devs i can't browse a single title lately without being assaulted by a sob story about poor wittle rose lilith fawn, formerly mike mcprolapse, publishing a jumpscare walking sim from a ~female perspective~ (a perspective that they do not and cannot ever understand). those basement dwelling scrotes need to fuck off, idc how technically impressive their shit is i'd rather play the 2383489th puppet combo screamer than give clicks to games put on a pedestal as an example of WOMEN (trannies) IN GAMING. publish your weird polygonal clusterfuck anonymously, let me enjoy the experience for what it is you motherfucking skinwalkers. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

No. 1597235

i almost fell for the skincare consumerism psyops and almost bought a useless and expensive retinol serum. it's always some new shit every single year, some new ingredient you should incorporate into your already complicated and mentally ill skincare routine. there's a reason why that one granny that's only used cold cream for the past 60 years has amazing skin for her age. it's because oil in water emulsions are the only thing your skin needs to effectively be hydrated. fuck i hate the skincare industry so much and youtube and tiktok as well for pushing this shit constantly.

No. 1597264

I've seen so many men fall for this too and it's about the most unattractive metrosexual thing I can think of. Imagine some vain dude staring at himself in the mirror with product slathered all over his face.

No. 1597276

>some vain dude staring at himself in the mirror with product slathered all over his face
Literally my dad
I inherited his vanity but not his love of cosmetics
I stare at myself in the mirror with no product

No. 1597301

These men actually exist? (and aren't gay?) The majority of men don't seem to take care of their skin at all, or maybe it's a cultural thing

No. 1597308

Okay so explain to me why half this board is complaining about men and the wall and the other half doesn't want them to finally take care of their skin. Like which is it

No. 1597323

because it's gay. nobody needs anything more than cleanser and moisturizer

No. 1597326

I live near a neighborhood park and these ugly zoomer scrotes (yes they even have the shitty broccoli haircut) pull into the parking lot blasting music from their subwoofers so loud my house shakes, then proceed to play basketball while yelling like retards way after the court closes (they get there midnight or later and the park closes at 9). sometimes they also light off fireworks for no fucking reason and vandalize random houses near the park. they leave trash in my yard like red solo cups and food wrappers. we have security but the security guy refuses to get his lardass out of his security vehicle and pretends he doesn't see or hear anyone on the park property whenever anyone calls and complains. I'm so tired of being kept up at night or even woken up by these useless inconsiderate scrote parasites and I'm sick of having to pick up their garbage they dump in my yard.

No. 1597328

but why are so many men all wrinkly in their 20s then

No. 1597335

File: 1685939268400.jpg (36.82 KB, 500x602, d3c.jpg)

I overdosed my shroom trip and I have been in a state of mental anxiety and stressful agitation for the past three hours. Had a grip on it until I did not, thankfully I avoided bad behavior that would have escalated and I am grateful that I waited before I acted upon it. Made me realize how many irl and personal issues I am juggling–circumstances not necessarily my fault. Relaxing Sunday, right?
Too much stim all at once.
Actually apologized to some shitbag scrote acting BIG entitled to my time when in my right mind I would have ghosted and blocked.

Hopefully I can finally disengage from my fucking phone and get some sleep. I have big empathy for insane people if this is the type of shit they have to deal with on the regular. Fuuuuuck this. Wish I had stayed in the right mindset, but hopefully this purge served me right.

No. 1597354

bad genes obviously? those are the ones that would benefit from a moisturizer the most

No. 1597363

the fact that this is actually how it goes both in the us and canada is really sad. like i said it feels like poor and mentally ill people aren't even viewed as human beings. though idk about the us having something like MAID. my friend was canadian too. he was about to be homeless and he was put out of work due to health issues. it's just so fucked up and sad, he deserved better

No. 1597368

Muh stomach hurts

No. 1597374

I'm dating a virile (lol) guy that is super into a multi step skincare routine (the man double cleanses because sunscreen, and does masks sometimes) after a years long relationship, in which I assume she informed him his construction job had damaged his skin and perhaps made him self conscious about it, because he's mentioned it more than once but isn't otherwise overly preoccupied with his appearance. Honestly…the overall " metro" hygiene/cleanliness is new to me in a man and I am appreciating it so far.

No. 1597378

Do nonnie knows how to procure ozempic or shit? I can't take it anymore. I work out, i portion control but I have food thoughts ALL the time. And I end up night eating because it's harder to logic myself put of eating when I'm half asleep.
Doctors tell me it's normal but meanwhile maintening a weight that barely below obesity is a struggle every damn day.
I've had suicidal thought about. What's the point of living like that? I can't even focus on work or anything. It's a nightmare.
Doctors won't do anything for me since i'm only 'cosmetically' fat for now.
I wanna die…

No. 1597488

avoid men who are skincare obsessed, watch porn, wear dangly earrings, or play tf2

unfortunately yes and its incredibly unattractive

No. 1597496

Shut up

No. 1597503

No. 1597517

Flicks your vagina

No. 1597522

I'm trying to buy a one bedroom condo to live in but the market is so hot right now I don't even have time to decide if I really want it because it gets sold right away.
What the hell is going on. People here can just buy condos like hotcakes???

No. 1597539

Teenage scrotes are the fucking worst. There was a big local news coverage a couple of months back where some scrote hooligans were banging and kicking people's doors, vandalizing people's houses, in the middle of night as a dumb tiktok challenge but the police were too arsed to do anything for god knows what reason. They were probably too lazy or think "boys will be boys." But one homeowner had enough and set up a trap to catch one of them and got injured in the process. And some of the responses from this event was like "omg how could they assault a minor!" "If we were in America, these kids would have been shot!" Etc nah fuck that. Actions have consequences. Imagine if these scrotes raped someone because they think they can. Scrotes, whether teenage or fully grown, are a fucking blight on society.

No. 1597601

Teenager boys in unmonitored packs are literally a clockwork orange

No. 1597617

File: 1685949362646.jpg (59.72 KB, 820x960, 20201214_105027_1501818110513.…)

eats ur ass

No. 1597620

ime teenaged males or even males in their 20s are unhinged ticking time bombs, avoid at all costs

No. 1597644

Just about to take a state oral exam, I am so fucking nervous that I forgot everything and I feel like vomiting. This is not gonna end well I hate this. I would rather die.

No. 1597651

Ugh a skunk always sprays in the neighborhood on the side of my rooms window and it’s so hot here I need the window open when sleeping but it sucks in all the skunk scent fuuuuu

No. 1597658


No. 1597704

alcohol (and other drugs) typically ages you a lot

No. 1597720

mental retardation

No. 1597722

There's no more one liners in the Demi story, goodnight

No. 1597724

File: 1685953555241.jpg (372.19 KB, 1563x962, 1661314237727.jpg)

I feel like what's worse than being an idiot is being aware of it yet doing yourself dirty. A while ago I remember thinking, "will I even be able to find this" while putting something away.

Weeks later, I actually desperately need it within a day or two. I turned my room upside down and, nope, can't find it.

No. 1597756

i did something exactly like this last year. i put it in such a visible but not visible spot that i only found it AFTER a second one got delivered…

No. 1597808

I passed woooo

No. 1597863

congrats nonita!!

No. 1597865

good job nona!

No. 1597875

Seeking mental helath treatment is the worst shit one can do. Its does jack shit and you're branded as a psychiatric patient for life meaming none of your physical ailments are taken seriously anymore. Currently having hypothyroidism showing up on blood tests, yet im told its just depression bc I was stupid years ago and went to therapy. When I come in with joint pain im told its just psychological. Coming in with strep with positive test, told its psychological. Literally could probably come in with an open fracture and I would be told its psychological.

Never get mental health treatment, its not worth it

No. 1597884

I got my first job after doing some schooling. Awesome right?

I'm a week into training now and I clean. I do enjoy cleaning nonnies, it's something that I am confident in and want to eventually start a business in.

My supervisor (not my boss) who's training me is now getting spiteful only after a week. I know someone who works with me personally and she's taking her anger out on that person by assigning her the worst jobs despite that person also being a supervisor and knowing she isn't supposed to. I think she is getting spiteful because everywhere I have cleaned so far has surpassed expectations and the clients are happy. They started making remarks such as; "It's nice to have someone who has an eye for detail finally" and the more "fussy" clients as my supervisor put it are complimenting my work ethic, they're happy now.

To compare, my supervisor refuses to clean properly. She leaves food on the floor and dust that has built up for months and would rather call her boyfriend while working. My boss thinks she's the best thing ever. We sat in the lunchroom for 3 hours because she was trying to avoid work. She's just incredibly lazy and it's astonishing. The way she is "training" isn't exactly ideal. My boss and supervisor are both two peas in a pod which does create an imbalance among employees.

She started getting increasingly bitchy and passive aggressive because a guy she was trying to flirt with started to take an interest in me. I have no interest in him and don't react to his flirting. I'm in a relationship and not interested. This still bothers her.

The person I know who is a supervisor told me after a meeting with both the boss and bitchy supervisor that the way I clean is too much. I'm apparently raising the standards which isn't good because now my supervisor is looking bad in comparison.

The kicker is, I was hired to threaten another employee that she has a replacement. They hired me because work wasn't getting done. It's getting done now but "too well" as they put it.

If this is only a week in, I wonder how much worse she will get. She has a knack for power trips I'm told.

No. 1597908

I've been suggested my amenorrhea (no periods or extremely irregular periods) could be caused by psychological factors. Every doctor seems to think by default that I'm delusional, although I don't have a psychotic illness. Mental health treatment fucking sucks man.

No. 1597915

File: 1685973193122.png (289.43 KB, 649x657, 1615252994953.png)

>he speaks fluent japanese
I'm going to ask him to talk to me like that in the bedroom I don't care if he's just talking about groceries my weeb fantasy will finally be fulfilled

No. 1597916

I'm really struggling to reconcile with the fact that my mother, the woman who emotionally and physically abused me, who I basically had to pay off to keep out of my life cares about me. It sounds contradictory, almost unbelievable. But I had a string of emails and a voicemail from her over the weekend and it turns out she was watching this drama, a movie or a tv show or something, idk, and a character in it died from the same type of cancer I'm in remission from. She got really freaked out, asking me when my next check-up is. I just… I don't know how to respond to this genuine display of emotion from her. It moved me to tears but I also want to say "how fucking dare you, you made my life hell, you rinse me for THOUSANDS of pounds on a regular basis" but goddamnit, the woman does care.

No. 1597927

>you rinse me for THOUSANDS of pounds on a regular basis
>the woman does care
does she care about you or your money

No. 1597928

Tell your supervisor that if she doesn't want to "look bad" anymore, then maybe she should get off her ass and do some actual cleaning, instead of making you lower your standards. Sorry but this kind of shit in workplaces pisses me off so much.

No. 1597930

Bail ASAP this job is bad. Bail bail bail don’t ignore the red flags

No. 1597935

File: 1685974393598.png (20.82 KB, 250x254, 8809b23c-f02a-4d65-97e3-d1794b…)

Feeling a lot of guilt for being upset at my mom but I don’t know what else to do. She’s always let people walk all over her, especially my narc dad, and instead of doing anything she just vents to me. It’s been this way since I was a kid and I’m just at a point where I’m done being her and my dad’s therapist. On top of all this there is some work drama going on with her, and again these are solvable issues that she doesn’t want to confront because she “doesn’t want to be mean to anyone”. I love her and want to support her but there are only so many times I can hear her complain and say she’s going to quit her job and divorce my dad only for her to do the same thing she’s been doing for the past 25 years…nothing.

No. 1597941

… you got me there. If the cancer takes me out she's lost the goose with the golden eggs, seeing as my wife and half-sisters get my money and I've seen to it that she doesn't get a single penny once I'm dead.

No. 1597962

Dont worry my dad was the same… i remember him only hugging me once in my life and it felt so awkward. We also barely talked with each other and when we did talk, all he did was complain about me. Im 24 now and ive never had a proper boyfriend and ive realized now that men arent worth wasting my time so ive promised myself to never talk to a moid in a romantic/sexual way and i wanna die as a virgin (i actually dont and all of that is a cope, i wish i could find 1 moid thats kind to me ans would accept me for who i am)

No. 1597964

>am manager
>boss acquires new massive account when we really don't have staff or bandwidth to deal
>everyone getting overworked at startup, other accounts going neglected
>we're in a tough industry as is
>boss decides to grandfather in prior contractors to our company but they don't read, write, speak, or understand any english
>they couldn't even redo the client's safety training tests and we had to do their own training for them
>this is my team and I cannot communicate with them to ask questions or give direction
>they frustrate at me cause I speak and understand little of their language
>I can tell they are doing the job wrong but without a translator this is a hard task
>site campus is massive and they cover multiple areas
>federal site, highly regulated, not allowed to have phone in areas
>I can't find them
>even if I could it is so awkward and now I am avoiding cause I don't want to do this

I want to complain to HR about what an uncomfortable situation this is but I think my boss would think I am just being whiny and not wanting to.

No. 1597968

Are you on birth control? My friend got the implant kind and was also on steroids for a condition. She was nutritionally lacking, barely ate anything, constantly exercising, and COULD NOT lose weight. Doctor said she was impressed she was even able to maintain her weight, with how much the other things caused weight gain. She ended up getting the implant removed and was able to work off some after that. I knew some other people who gain a ton of weight and had trouble losing it after bc, pill form.

If you aren't on bc that's rough nonnie I hope you can figure something out. Losing weight is a lot about metabolism and gut bacteria. You can try eating more fermented food and non-fat yogurt, take a prebiotic, and that may help.

No. 1597973

I love being pregnant I love watching my belly grow and feeling all the changes going on. Early on I was lucky to have no nausea. My skin is glowing, hair got thicker, my boobs have doubled in size, even my husband commented my skin is glowing and I look more naturally beautiful. I can't wait for my baby either. I am beginning to be able to feel them move. Only complaint is this shit fucking hurts lol I was not expecting the inside of my pelvis to hurt so bad when I'm lying down, feels weird too I can tell something is taking up space. I looked it up the pain is apparently my ligaments stretching but owie. Also my dreams are insane I have extremely vivid dreams every night, which my friend said would happen. Some are very frightening and I'm woken up. Otherwise this is great

No. 1598001

NTA but I was only hormonal birth control and I was always consistently 15 pounds heavier than I am off it. It's fucked and I just don't take it anymore. Never bothered with sex with men anyways so IDK why I decided to take it in the first place.

No. 1598009

people really piss me off

I tell them things for months on end and they don't listen to me. I say the cat is getting attacked by horny male cats and needs to be fixed. And to protect her. And all they is "she is in heat" YES I FUCKING KNOW THAT. I AM THE ONE TELLING YOU THAT. And they did nothing to protect her so I spent weeks doing it myself. Finally today they say they will get her fixed and put her in a cage and yelled at me for monitoring her outside, which I have always done. FUCK OFF. I AM THE ONLY ONE DOING SHIT ABOUT THIS AND YOU CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF TREATING ME LIKE I AM AN IDIOT AND I AM INCOMPETENT.

My whole fucking life has been this way. Everyone treats me like I am fucking useless and act so fucking surprised when SHOCK I can do things, know things, and speak well because I AM NOT ACTUALLY A FUCKING IDIOT. But they keep treating me this way. It starts to make me doubt myself because everyone keeps doing this to me. I have had many many people actually angry and violent towards me, or angry and seek revenge on me, for not being incompetent. It's like being Malena where literally everyone fucking hates you.

No. 1598014

I cannot for the life of me understand why some people will be together for like 10 years, have a child or more together, yet refuse to get married.
Like I'm not saying everyone has to, I just personally don't get it. Nothing gives me more of an ick then someone calling their significant other "partner" at this point.

No. 1598017

And btw when people can't handle their own emotions so they take it out on you. STFU. I don't care how you feel, I feel fine, only my feelings matter to me, you being insane is your problem. Go fix your shit.

No. 1598019

And I don't understand people like you who value marriage so much. It's a legal contract, it's not even romantic nor does it add value to the relationship itself.

No. 1598027

ayrt, do you not consider said legal contract to give you important protections? Not trying to be mean or anything, just genuinely curious.

No. 1598030

NTA but making a promise before your family and close friends (and God if you're religious) is very romantic. It added value to my life by introducing our families together and strengthening our support network. You can do that outside of marriage, sure. But there's a lot more meaning to it when you're stood there saying that you're gonna stick by your spouse 'til death, IMO.

No. 1598035

File: 1685986462148.jpg (38.35 KB, 400x400, 20230605_190351.jpg)

I am wondering if i should yolo and throw half of my freelance savings on a vacation to meet my online friends. I've been so unhappy this whole year, but i also could be spending the same money on imporvement for my content. Goddamit.

No. 1598041

>day 2 of ignoring him
I bet he's going insane hahaha

No. 1598057

File: 1685988746983.png (34.64 KB, 275x275, 1682553544302.png)

well, plot twist, it was actually where it should have been, just nestled in so when I went through the place a few times I didn't find it. it took 5 hours to find it. I feel like my soul has left my body. am I relieved? idk, nonnies, idk.

No. 1598059

File: 1685988764095.jpg (39.45 KB, 500x375, tumblr_o6jqysW0Dp1u4qpxeo1_500…)

I really don´t care about romantic relationships and feel better when i keep a healthy distance between me and the people i like, but last year i met this girl and we quickly became best friends. I never had a best friend before and i felt like eventually she would get tired of me, i made a bunch of small sacrifices because i promised her i would never leave her (she kept talking about how afraid she was of losing people). Recently i was feeling very sad so i spent some time alone (literally one day), turns out she didn´t really care at all and has a new friend wich has replaced me in almost all university group projects lol. She also ignored my birthday and the worse is that i really miss her.

TLDR; Girl that can´t keep friendships loses yet another friend.

No. 1598062

I got used to cheat and i feel so bad all around, especially for the other girl.

No. 1598063

don´t beat yourself so much, you found it didn´t you?

No. 1598068

I feel sorry, nona, have you considered reaching her out again? I understand how you feel about keeping others at a certain distance and that leading to a very lonely life. Btw, I absolutely love Brideshead Revisited and seeing that picture made me smile.

No. 1598069

These cats are like romeo and juliet right now. The horny heated female cat just hitting her sexual peak for the first time trapped behind a door. A male cat taken by her whining outside the door. So many horny cat noises. Purr flurrrp ksksks wheeep meowww eowwwww purrrup wheeip

No. 1598078

last thursday we talked and she tried to explain herself and cried but we didn't really solve anything, i tried going out with her sunday but she was busy so i am feeling miserable again.

Thank you!! i loved the show and intend on reading the novel once my vacation starts

No. 1598080

I'm beating myself up less but yeah, it's more that it's an existential problem for me. I have barely any energy (I soon will get treatment for my disease so maybe things will change?) and that my only ally in life is me and it's like I keep on doing small things that set me back in 100s of really dumb ways. gonna try to be more conscientious at least.

No. 1598082

File: 1685991019181.jpg (66.63 KB, 1080x750, g71mc0.jpg)

This enby bitch I know seriously thinks her voice deepened because she works out couple of times a week and that changed her testorone levels? Who the absolute fuck let's these autists roam around saying shit like this, it took everything in me to not say something. Does she think the fitness girlies just turn into fucking troons for working out daily, I am on the floor, nonas, floor.

No. 1598087

the sanest enby i met in my life was a pothead that dropped out of a private uni after one month and lives in alone in a capital with daddy's money. My number one rule is to stay away from these girls lol

No. 1598090

KEK. If that was true I'd sound like Barry fuckin' White by now. Troons are absolutely insane about this kinda stuff; which is odd, because you'd think if anyone would be educated about the effects of hormones, it would be them.

No. 1598093

Working out does increase your testosterone levels and raising your testosterone levels can deepen your voice. It's actually advised for some professional singers like female opera singers not to do resistance training because it can deepen their voices. It's not going to put your voice in the male register or anything though kek. But I'm assuming she is actively trying to lower her voice at the same time, and working out can assist that for some people. Not just the testosterone but lung capacity, neck muscles etc is obviously going to assist in changing your voice if you are specifically trying to do that.

No. 1598094

>if anyone would be educated about the effects of hormones, it would be them
if they truly were educated about the effects of hormones they wouldn't even just go on them for cosmetic reasons in the first place

No. 1598095

oh no i am crushing on a programmer

No. 1598097

Im still missing 400+ on a check because apparently the current owner company of our business wasnt responsible it was the previous one. Now I have to reach out to them. This is bullshit I'm owed wages from 2 months ago.

No. 1598101

Nona, I know intense working out might do a number on your hormones but she does wii sports ten minutes thrice a week and no other hormonal treatments, there is simply no way this girl is hearing anything but delusions

No. 1598102

oh i get how you feel anon, sorry if this felt inconsiderate. it's just that i feel better when people remind me that at the end of the day the everything is fine so i tried doing the same

No. 1598106

File: 1685993819350.gif (2.97 MB, 540x400, tumblr_pd0qeafQB71relmhpo2_128…)

I really wish you find new friends soon, anon! You deserve honest people who are able to comit like adults. I'd also like to read the novel some day.

No. 1598110

I'm going to soon lose my very physical job cuz I'm too fat to do it. Went from mildly overweight to extremely obese in few tears. I can't outright kill myself because of my family but I wish I would just die from obesity already. I'm seriously thinking of somehow killing myself from overeating or drinking so it'll look "natural" to my parents.

No. 1598116

I have been writing a children’s story for a while and I realise more and more every day that I subconsciously projected so much of my childhood into it… I wanted to add some fleshing out to the villainous father-type character and I realised I made him do stuff that my dad used to do. It’s making me feel so weird nonas. I know it’s more real and a better story if I do it from my heart but it’s making me feel exposed. I dont really share my thoughts anywhere but here because there’s no names attached but just thinking about having my weird childhood traumas exposed in front of everyone to consume omg. And the funniest thing is my parents have been very supportive and they always encourage me to finish it and say they’ll get connections to help me publish it but I don’t know how they’ll feel once they read it. Will they be hurt? Sad? Ashamed of what happened? Angry? I would try to change it but the more things I add the more obvious it is to me.

No. 1598125

I'm extremely introverted and spend a lot of time on my own but I still have managed to keep in contact with a close group of friends since childhood. But every year most of them go on holiday together and I don't get invited. I think because it's probably quite spontaneous and casual, so the people who are around when it is organized are the people who go. And I often don't see any of them for months at a time. So I understand, I'm not around all the time and they probably think I'm the type of person (I am) who doesn't really want to go on holiday. But it would be nice to get invited even so. It always makes me super depressed for a couple of weeks each summer. I've done so much work on myself that I'm able to not take it too personally but it still feels really bad. At the same time I feel lucky because I'm sure most people with my temperament and in my situation don't have any friends at all so I feel bad for complaining.

No. 1598129

My main relationship issue is the adhd problems which he does nothing aside from meds to handle. Like actually attempt to set reminders, practice a teeny bit of self discipline to tidy for 10 mins before video games, make any sort of daily schedule whatsoever, make designated spot for important items, not removing clutter to see what is actully important, so many broken promises. He is great, but fuck. Our counsellor had us write up a homework assignment with explicit instruction to get it to him before the next apppintment via email. Not day of apt, but before. I thoughtfully do the assignment 3x over several days with no distraction to make sure I was in a nuetral headspace as requested (i was pissed one day and it showed kek) and emailed it to the therapist 3 days before the meeting. My bf did not do it til last minute and wrote it on paper to turn in when we arrived. I was a bit excited in a weird way because I wanted to point out that stuff like this is literally our biggest hurdle and I am trying to convince him to go to an actual adhd specialist for behavioral strategies we both (he) can work on to lessen the frequency of these issues (I end up being mommy and cook and cleaner and manager and emotional laborer on top of my business I run myself that I am struggling to keep up with…) but our therapist took his paper, and turned to me like he expected me to also have an assignment to turn in so I had to explain I emailed it 3 days prior… therapist made zero mention of the huge emphasis of having it to him before the session… therapist had to dig thru emails to look for it as he had not checked I guess…and print it out so it took a bit and we ended up not even getting to anything meaningful in the session. It looked almost like I was the irresponsible one. Is anybody in this world reliable? How tf can I convince him to work on these reliability and followthru issues if our therapist is just as scattered? Just sucks. I do so much research on my own conditions and some on adhd as well, like actual nueroscience, and its literally one of if not THE the most treatable developmental disorder… just fuck.

No. 1598130

Anon don't do that. Use it as motivation to lose weight, don't throw your life away over something entirely fixable and be a little kinder to yourself.

No. 1598134

Can’t focus for shit today. A full 24 hour nap is what I need.

No. 1598139

be kinder to yourself. You have an eating disorder. I know because I'm in the same spot and you know what helped? Treatment for eating disorders; now that might not be possible due to costs or other reasons, but the subreddit for binge eating does have some great books that might help with realizing what's going on and how to start working to become better. The first place to healing is realizing you're not a terrible person for being fat, and I know from experience that's one hell of a step to overcome. I still struggle with it at times! Just know that getting better is a journey, and you will fall back at times, and that's normal, everyone does.

No. 1598143

>How tf can I convince him to work on these reliability and followthru?
You can't. Nothing you will ever do, say, perform, or cry about will ever cause him to change. Because he doesn't want to. And why would he? You've admitted that you're mommy, cook, cleaner, manager, emotional laborer, and I'm sure bang maid too. If I had a servant that attended to my life and every whim that I didn't have to pay, I would tell her I loved her too.
He will never put extra effort into you, because his short term dopamine rushes are more important to him than you. Because he's more important to him than you are.
Look, I know it's hard to look at the real and now, to brush away the cobwebs of love and see him for what he tells you he is, but you're going to die someday. And you will have spent your entire being a side character in your own life. Is that what you really want?

No. 1598147

Sis, you literally have an addiction that it sounds like you've done nothing about. Instead of jumping straight to killing yourself, why don't you try to get treatment first? There are medications that you can take that will help you solve your problems.

No. 1598152

Knowledge is a trap and poetry is poison. I bought Brazil nuts in the store as a delightful treat. Brazil trees are so old and grand, so I had this poetic thought of how despite all what we humans do to the environment, nature persists. I got my nuts and ate a good 100 gr of them. I looked up all these pictures of Brazil trees and their leaves and root patterns thinking of how nice it would be to pick the nuts myself as my belly started to rumble. I have been pooping for some time now. Combining the nuts with dried cherries and a green Monster energy drink has been too much for my system. I am so mad about this because it was such a good snack combo. I don't think the monster is to blame but the nuts. My greed must be tempered so I can try out this combo again.

No. 1598157

>but I wish I would just die from obesity already
No you do not want that at all. If your job is physically demanding this could mean you're already getting the exercice you need, so the issue is your diet, right?

No. 1598164

I ate fried rice and wanted to go to bed but I keep having heart palpitations and it's scaring me. It's all fine until I lay down. I sometimes (very rarely) get them randomly during the day and google is telling me that there's nothing to worry about but what the fuck, this can't be good. I've been crazy anxious and stressed this entire week so that's probably why it keeps happening. A few months ago I kept having an issue where my heart would start racing whenever I started to fall asleep fuck why can't anything be easy

No. 1598187

>shopping for used running shoes
>check description of a pair
>"used by 14 year old girl in gym class"

I can't help but think the worst. I hate this world. Why would you even put that in the description?

No. 1598197

i am so fucking sick of trannies. that is all

No. 1598207

It took me a second to get why that was odd, a description for a used item. Then it hit me- the shoes rent 14 years used….a 14 year old used them. Christ wtf? Youre right. Only one reason to put that in the description. I was seriously worried you were looking to buy shoes that were well over a decade old kek. I hate how the internet has exponentially incresed the ease, speed, visibility, attainability etc of all this perverted shit.

No. 1598209

*aren't, not rent.

No. 1598210

File: 1686003053857.jpeg (70.81 KB, 496x1024, E6Dbq_LXMAM1_gg.jpeg)

I'm so deeply lonely and so desperate for social interaction, but I'm too old to be browsing forums all day and getting into discords like I used to. I wish I had spent my early 20s learning how to socialize instead of romanticizing my solitude. I don't know how to be a human being anymore.

No. 1598211

You and me both. June feels more insufferable because of them.

No. 1598230

I should be happy I lost weight off my waist but I weigh the same and I think it went to my thighs. Now all my high waisted shorts, pants, and dresses look loose. My two active jobs must've bulked my legs. All my clothes except shirts look frumpy and I dont know if it's worth it to invest in accurate high waist bottoms. I was already average-lower weight so the weight loss sort of scares me that I'll slip into old eating disordered into BMI 16-17 instead of a healthy 18. I'm so unhappy with how frumpy my clothes look now.

No. 1598248

File: 1686006709517.jpg (10.7 KB, 320x260, E_cQ2PgUYAIsLN_.jpg)

I was half asleep when I heard the sound of glass shattering, like someone dropped a large pile of plates (which I at first thought it was, my area has a very powerful echo and there is a restaurant a few meters away from my building so I guess my tired mind at first thought someone was taking the plates out for a nightly walk or something), but realized soon that the other repeating sound I heard was someone shouting for help. I didn't see anything from my window and my rushed back and forth between:
1. Who could be needing help?
2. Where is the person shouting from?
3. Why isn't anyone else out yet?
4. …what if it had been me shouting for help without anyone coming?
So I grabbed my phone and went out to the stairwell, I live on the top floor without an elevator so I start walking down and hear that other neighbors also have stepped out and when I stand on the stairs right above the ones leading to the portal I see that one neighbor is already calling an ambulance and another is standing facing the door out with a hand covering her mouth, my eyes wander to the stairs and I see a third neighbor sweeping glass, and my eyes wander further down to what I could see of the portal from where I was standing and I see blood and my stomach turns. I decide that I got nothing to do here and that there were already people standing around I figured they got the situation under control, so I turn around to go back up. But the thing is that every floor where the staircase turn has a window, and I stupidly enough turned around in the direction that had me facing the window and I immediately see that people are standing around a man that is bleeding heavily from his lower area. It was enough to send me into shock as I was walking up and I'm feeling really sick right now.
Luckily we have a hospital right down the street so they were here in just a couple of minutes, but they didn't seem to be in a hurry to rush him to a hospital since they also stood around for a few minutes from what I could see from my window when I checked. Didn't hear anything that would imply something violent happened, so I guess the man for some reason kicked the glass door into the building really hard while wearing shorts and ended up breaking the entire door. I hope he's fine and didn't damage any nerves, but with all the blood there his legs are probably pretty damaged by this.
Fuck i feel like throwing up. Now I know how badly I would handle an accident.

No. 1598251

How does one become a "content creator" or an influencer? Is being at least middle class and semi attractive enough? Because those people do literally nothing but showing mundane shit from their lives and people give them thousands of views. There are videos titled like "what I did on a BUSY day" and they show the girl just literally doing shit like
>waking up
>eating overnight oats
>drinking matcha/ice coffee
>watching netflix on macbook
>going to the gym
>maybe some studying on macbook but not all of them seem to be students
That's it, that's literally their busy day. Don't they have regular jobs? Like how did we get to this point in our civilization. They don't create anything, fuck even shitty reviews are at least something, but with this is just watching your every day boring life of a spoiled middle to upper class white/asian person, I don't get it

No. 1598253

These people usually already come from well-off families so they can piss around without worrying, but there is A LOT of luck to it. Right place at the right time etc. But unless you are catering to a specific crowd it's all about being at the right place at the right time, perhaps have connections to other influencers. Some just have a voice that people find pleasing enough to just have as background noise.

No. 1598254

File: 1686007139532.jpg (4.41 KB, 225x225, 1685846715217.jpg)

once again I am laying here awake despite getting into bed early because I'm horrifically nervous about meeting my dad for the first time in 2 weeks. I'm flying over to his country and meeting this man who I've never met in my life yet who I am directly related to, and will possibly also meet my grandmother who is in her 90s and my paternal aunts. I don't speak any of their national languages and I'm going to be there alone for a week. I am not concerned about safety but I have no idea what to expect, it is literally keeping me up at night.

No. 1598255

Samefag, I found two wifi adapters but my computer won't even detect either of them. I HATE WINDOWS 10 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEÈEEEEEE

No. 1598256

I live in a major city in the US with millions of people and somehow it's still so hard to find a man good enough to date

I'm pretty popular and am constantly being pursued by guys but I've been single for 2 years because no man I meet can match what I bring to the table. I've been told I'm a rare type of woman, a total catch, the full package, etc, but I don't think I'm going to be truly happy unless I find someone who has it all too. I know the chances of finding a man who I find attractive (<1%) and truly admire (<5%) is a needle in a haystack but maybe I'll find him someday

Men don't be ugly and a loser challenge!

No. 1598306

nah it's cool I'm happy to get some sympathy. I wanted to vent here cuz it is an awkward, indirect way of holding myself accountable for doing such things.

No. 1598313

I love my job, as in what i do, but i feel so weird and awkward due to "culture fit" issues aka im relatively younger than my coworkers and bosses and a woman. There is only one other woman at the company and we are in diff departments and she's also older boymom type so we also don't have much to connect with. i just feel so weird and left out and like a burden because I have nothing to contribute when they talk about their kids and sports.

No. 1598392

anon it's going to be ok!! I have an extremely similar relationship with my father, I'd never met him in my life and I flew to Mexico to spend a week with him even though I don't know spanish kek. His wife and other children were so incredibly kind, the language barrier was a little hard but despite that they really treated me as part of their family. I'm so glad I went. It might help your anxiety to study the language on duolingo or something before you go, so you at least know some key words and basics. I hope you enjoy your trip nonnie!

No. 1598398

I literally just want to have a crush on a man who isn't a horrible degen… is that too much to ask

No. 1598404

I have a great job right now but I think I only got it because I masked so well during my interview and during my first week. Now that I'm settling in and coming past my first month of working here, I feel like my mask is slipping. My coworkers probably think I'm not the same person I was when they first met me during the interview and I just have this anxiety that they'll end up disliking me or something. Sometimes it feels like I'm not giving my 100% best, when I really should be all the time, and I'm anxious I'll eventually get fired or something.

No. 1598405

File: 1686023578761.png (253.14 KB, 768x1053, image_2023-06-05_235415082.png)

i start a new job tomorrow and while it's something i am semi familiar with because of school cross training with, i have 0 experience actually doing it.
the boss doesn't seem too interested in training me for longer than a couple weeks max… everything about it is so vague too? very very nervous

No. 1598409

Meat iz fucking disgusting I can't do this shit anymore I'm going back to vegetarian

No. 1598411

Last minute warning at 9:00pm my husband's best friend is coming into town. Three hours until he arrives. I had zero time to plan, the house is a fucking wreck and I'm just so fucking over it. I busted my ass for the past three hours. He helped, I'll give him that, but while I was frustrated and clearly perturbed he shrank away into the bedroom to fuck with his Skyrim mods. Yet again. That he claims he's doing for me. It's been over six months since he started that project. Why am I so pissed about this? Because I was told this friend wasn't coming, plans changed so I decided to take a well needed rest after the chaos we experienced throughout the entire month of May. I planned put the rest of the week, intending to do some much needed maintenence on the house and finish renovation in a space we've been meaning to for months. Now none of that can happen, AGAIN, and I have to call my dad to cancel projects AGAIN. On top of all this I just got through two massive RA flares and finally turned a corner today. It's been two weeks of pain and misery, now I'm heading right back into a flare. I can feel it. The entire time I'm busting ass and stressed, this motherfucker has the nerve to keep trying to flirt with me, touch me and grope me while I'm trying to get shit done. At the very end he states he wants to help me further, what can he do? Look around motherfucker!!! There's shit to do EVERYWHERE. THERE ARE TWO FUCKING BASKETS OF LAUNDRY AT YOUR GOD DAMN FEET WHERE YOURE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?! His friend texted us both he was on his way, that was the only way I found out. He told me SEVERAL times his friend wasn't coming, and I couldn't hold the anger out of my voice when saying "I though you said he wasn't coming." I'm a fucking babysitter, a second mother and tonight once again I'm coming to that realization. This dude will never grow up and I'm sick to fucking death of waiting around for him to do so. Anytime he asks to help with ANYTHING it's when I'm upset. He's oblivious all other times. 9/10 I'm the one hauling trash down to the cans, up and down two flights of stairs with RA. He just ignores fucking everything. Some time here real soon I have to stop bitching and actually do something. I'm nearly as disgusted with myself as I am with him at this point. Maybe more so.

No. 1598429

was told by a schizo middle aged woman with history of violence and delusions i look like a man. i shouldnt take her seriously but i feel like shes right about that

No. 1598434

Who cares

No. 1598435

I think I need help, I’m not sure but I could be a narcissist, maybe a compulsive liar too, and also depressed. I hope I can get a job soon, so I can pay a psychologist on my own, I don’t think that wanting to kill myself whenever something doesn’t go well or there’s an argument, is healthy.
I don’t want to tell my family because they won’t take it seriously anyways, they will think I’m looking for some attention or something like that.

No. 1598439

Was it online? If so it was probably a male. If not, she probably had a weird delusion that you were out to get her or something. Don't take the shit crazy people say seriously, just laugh and nod while looking at them pitifully.

No. 1598440

File: 1686028633699.gif (1.11 MB, 275x275, 8FCE6FD3-D8CE-4ED9-86D8-E6E4D3…)

Comparing myself to my ex’s ex and another girl he liked and honestly we all kinda look like the same girl just in different races.

No. 1598443

File: 1686029526759.png (901.54 KB, 1266x1494, Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 10.3…)

from lululemons homepage
i just lol

No. 1598444

I don't ask for these things to happen and I wish talking about them didn't upset you. Couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm not strong either.

No. 1598447

Either you all look like his mother or the first woman he thought was hot kek men are so predictable

No. 1598449

oh nonny thank you… it's a bizarre situation that none of my friends can relate to, so it's really nice to see someone on here who has been through it!
you're right, I ought to do a bit of duolingo. Their main language is not on there but it would be helpful to learn one of the others so it is less daunting. thanks again nona ♥

No. 1598451

I think we all just look like his mom kek. Like we’re all very different races but when you actually look at all our features they’re very similar, soft and rounded and large eyes that get all squinty when we smile. My memory is kinda hazy but I think she has a very similar look.

No. 1598455

File: 1686032171551.jpeg (105.01 KB, 750x766, C9536268-72C9-4378-B84A-123C49…)

I’m not happy when I’m at work, I’m not happy when I’m not at work because I’m dreading work. I’m not happy when I’m only holiday because I’m still dreading work. The only times I’ve felt alive, free and happy have been after quitting a job with nothing lined up.

Fuck this life and FUCK working.
I will win nonnies, I will find a way out of this even if it takes me until I’m fucking 45.

No. 1598457

Underrated post, maybe it's just my humor but it made me laugh. The blend of beautiful idealism and then getting your stomach destroyed… kek.
For the record, though, you're not supposed to eat more than a couple a day (100 mcg, 1/10000th of what you ate). Too much selenium intake can cause some serious health issues. You'll be dealing with way worse than tummy troubles if you don't temper your nutlust.

No. 1598464

I don't like wofags but this is pretty accurate haha

No. 1598466

yeah thats kinda along the lines of what i did, she accused me of sleeping with her imaginary husband and started pointing out my physical attributes. i laughed at her called her a hag and told her to take her meds. in reality i wanted to beat the bitch (shes a relative)
me bitch the fuck

No. 1598467

I always see guys on the internet complaining that they never get compliments from women and that women have it easy with relationships and it makes me feel inhuman because I never had it easy. I don't know what else to do I have dyed blonde hair, I wear makeup, I dress relatively well, I post filtered stories and they still don't like me at all. my crush won't even let me follow his closed instagram (he updated his twitter so it's not like he didn't see that i tried to follow). this made so sad lol i don't know why this happens i feel like an incel

No. 1598468


No. 1598479

>just go after what you want anon!!

Mhm. Sure. Don't you think I wouldn't if I had the fucking money? Or at least a safety net? Not all of us have people to rely on and we have to do shit on our own. If you fuck up you're done and will spend ages digging yourself out.

No. 1598483

I get why people groom this 18 year old is fucking worshiping me and thinks I'm the funniest most clever woman he's ever met. He's like I bragged about you to my friends already I hope that's ok. I can't with this kid I want to just eat him up and never let him go

No. 1598485

Girl he's a grown man. Fuck him already

No. 1598490

Not used to getting compliments anon? Don’t let flattery catch you slacking, young moids are fickle, don’t go simping a dude who just started his pussy carousel years.

No. 1598496

Some pathetic behavior I witnessed were koreaboo fangirls going to korea to see idols and working all night at karaoke bars sleeping with old men and men cheating on their gf or wives to afford a dormitory room to and concert tickets. Korean celebrities taped to their doors. I mean wtf.

No. 1598497

My philosophy has been you are already at the bottom trying to crawl your way up so you might as well out some effort into what you want while you are there rather than what you don't, any oath can lead you right back to where you are now. My broke self managed to travel the world and make money, and I didn't end up any lower than I already was.

No. 1598504

File: 1686041400789.jpeg (30.23 KB, 828x389, BE4C2764-FBB6-4AD1-AA2B-27FA2B…)

why is this the only reply EVERY single time? it almost feels like bots or people sitting around copy and pasting it everywhere. it's just sad, it's obsession.

it literally is never true. Oh people do something in america? all of them? all 300 million of them? but not a single person on any other country in the world? amazing.

No. 1598514

Ah yes, Europe is Big Traditional Farm land. Europeans don't know computers. Every day we wake up tend to the cows and our mammas cook the bread for the day. We don't know office jobs and Netflix and delivery pizza and we have 10 free hours a day to sew bavarian dress

No. 1598528

what's wrong with programmers

No. 1598547

>want to see a musician on tour
>the one concert that would be the easiest and cheapest to go to is on a night I can’t go
>the day I can see them is when they’re at a sold out music festival and it costs hundreds of dollars because it’s in a wealthy area and Lana will be there on the same day

No. 1598549

At this point I'm starting to hate detransitioners just as much as trannies. First it's "if I don't cut off my tits/invert my dick NOW I'll fucking KILL MYSELF and it'll be EVERYONE'S FAULT" then it's "you SAID NOTHING while doctors DESTROYED MY BODY, now i want to fucking KILL MYSELF AND IT'S EVERYONE'S FAULT"

It's really making me realize how there's something seriously flawed in these people that goes beyond the troon aspect, some kind of pathological denial of the consequences of their own actions.

(obviously referring to adults who made the decision on their own. Kids are a whole different story)

No. 1598550

That sounds kind of nice though

No. 1598574

Fuck, you might be right, I'm on my third nexplanon.
Shit. But it's such a relief that it's one of the safest.
I can't go on an iud I'm way too much of a pussy. People say it hurt so bad. :/
Maybe I should just forgo sex and men.
Fuck, I wish I could live platonically with a woman and make site we have each other's back.
This life is shit.
Feel like killing myself would be the best option, rn. If only I could just go pracefully and pain free…

No. 1598576

Nta, but the same thing as with every other male, but double the entitlement, ego and misogyny. It's still a in high demand and well paid profession so the scrotes think they are demigods

No. 1598578

you just tell them to do tasks that dont involve programming and involves talking to another human being and they spill spaghetti

No. 1598582

Damn, I wish

No. 1598586

Highly likely to either troon out or be insufferable pricks

No. 1598592

I have friends and a social life, but I feel lonely. Two of my friends have a screaming toddler that they always bring with them everywhere. You try to converse in a restaurant but the kid is throwing things and yelling and trying to get himself killed by running out into the street. So you can't really talk. I'm cured of any desire to have a baby. Another friend of mine apparantly spends a lot of time reading suspcious online propaganda and is getting more and more weird views like how the Ukrainian people should just stop fighting back so there won't be a war (?!). It's sad but we've really grown apart. It's really hard to find and keep new friends as an adult too. And don't get me started on romantic relationships - everyone has so much fucking baggage, including me.

No. 1598611

>aiden at work constantly complaining about muh depresshun whilst living an incredibly sedentary lifestyle
>now complains about weight gain on top of that and how "fatphobia" makes her "clinical" depression (undiagnosed ofc) worse
>literally suicide baiting half the office
>snap and tell her that depression is often not clinical but actually our own faults for living shitty lifestyles
>suggest jogging daily for fresh air and joining a gym for more excercise and socialisation
>"omg anon you sound like a misogynist redpill bro"
Fucking die then! Jesus Christ, I'm fed up of this bitch being such a downer all the time.

No. 1598621


I ended up just putting her shit in her now empty recycling.

No. 1598622

I'm actually so annoyed, a list can go on about how much I hate living next to my LandLord. I have an abundance, a huge fucking list. Holy shit. Two TWO fucking weeks because of two fucking tomato boxes she decided to put in ours. I have so much recycling idk what to do with it now.

No. 1598633

My mom can never just give a compliment or even say something without dragging me down after.
>'Hey look I bought some new clothes'
>'Looks nice, it was really time to switch out those old rags you've been wearing. If only you would get some new shoes and started shaving'
>It's 9 in the fucking morning and she has energy for this
I know I don't dress in her style (business casual) but it's not like I look dirty or smell bad or anything. She's obsessed with what people think of her and that extends to me, saying if I look how I look no one will want anything to do with me even though I have a job, friends and a boyfriend. Can't wait to move out.

No. 1598645

SGDQ has happened without me knowing it had even started and while I'm sad I missed watching the runs live, I realized I'm more sad about how fun it used to be. The mood just isn't the same anymore, not to mention all the hulking male runners using 'she/her'.

No. 1598647

Fake submissive men make me so angry and disgusted, especially the ones into crossdressing. They all see femininity as a joke, as a humiliating costume to be made fun of, yet will still pretend to love women. It makes me especially annoyed when they claim to have a wife that "loves" all the degenerate fetishes they probably emotionally abused her into accepting. Eventually she will reach her threshold and dump you out of revulsion and you will die alone, fat and malding in your sissy getup. Disgusting.

No. 1598659

The only actually submissive men are the ones who are traumatized in some way by childhood abuse etc. If a man hasn't been in a situation like that before/during puberty, he can never truly have that mindset. His ego has to be disrupted severely while it's developing

No. 1598678

glad I never openly complained about any of the encounters I've had with violent homeless men. I just hope I'm never brutally attacked by one, cos nobody will care lol. Feel like I am living in the twilight zone.

No. 1598683

Men who are abused in their childhood end up being more violent, selfish, and entitled, or end up being passive doormats to everyone in public and then beat their wives and children behind closed doors.
Maybe I should have just said I hate men who identify as submissive. Because they don't actually give a shit about their partners, they are selfish and entitled just like every other man.

No. 1598695

I know how you feel, anon. I volunteer at a homeless shelter and it's sickening how we're encouraged to literally gaslight people who've been attacked by homeless moids. "oh but they're disadvantaged blah blah blah blah" oh and that gives them a pass? Last year a homeless moid got violent with me because he thought I gave him a smaller portion of food than the guy he was with. He was yelling about how he was about to beat me up (zero people came to my aid btw) so I grabbed him and twisted his arm behind his back before he could hurt me, and I ended up getting reprimanded for it. I'm so sick of these psychos getting away with being violent.

No. 1598715

I feel like I reported a bit too much lately sorry about that. But if you would ban the schizos to begin with, it might not be necessary to have a report button.

No. 1598717

I think the ones who vehemently defend homeless people are suburban young people who's never known what it's like to live in a urban center or city and have to encounter them on a daily basis, so they sympathize with them. My troon ex friend was talking to me how it was sooooo annoying how his mom was being cautious and uncomfortable around homeless people whenever she goes to the bank downtown, because "they're just homeless!!" First of all your mom is a 4'8 Asian woman and have no means to defend herself if these crackheads start yeling and being aggressive towards her. Second, you are a hulking 6'3 absolute unit of a troon and I'm pretty sure not even a sane man will want to pick a fight with you. He doesn't even go outside of his room so of course he doesn't know how much of a nuisance they are. It's true that homelessness is a critical social problem right now, how anyone can go homeless, there is a lack of social housing for drug addicts and uhoused people etc, but when most people think of "homeless" they think of the unpredictable, drug-addicts who yell and act aggressive to random passerbys and leave needles on the streets. I'm sick of all this gaslighting if you so much as express that you're uncomfortable being around them.

No. 1598729

I hate when you disagree with an anon or make a silly joke and they start insisting that you're angry. Like, no. Some of you are just so combative and try to force arguments for no reason. Just as a rule of thumb, of you think an anon is angry, they're probably actually just behind their computer not feeling any particular way at all and will forget about this in the next 30 minutes.
This should go in the dumbass shot thread but I don't want to disrupt the dinosaur posting.

No. 1598745

Reminds me of ye olden days of "u mad bro?" trolling. It's cringe and reeks of internet addiction to assume anyone you're disagreeing with is actually getting angry.

No. 1598756

Not necessarily angry but they obviously feel some sort of way if they are picking fights online, or in real life. It says a lot about how they feel about their lives. Think of your happiest days, did you feel the urge to go online and argue with people? Doubtful so.

No. 1598757

Why can't you fuckers let a woman fetishize a teenager in peace? It's MY toxic power imbalance and I make the rules

No. 1598761

Disagreeing with another anon or making a joke at them doesn't mean you're angry though.

No. 1598763

That and "calm down"

No. 1598764

I didn't say it did. I said people picking fights, which becomes obvious if the disagreement or joke is not well intentioned. I think we can all figure out when someone is well meaning or not.

No. 1598772

My city centre is so filled with homeless schizo drug addicted moids that even when I wear basically an outfit of potato sack and rice bag, I still get hooted at. I have to use their library printer but the act of walking there takes building courage. If I had a flamethrower I would already be at the library, printing my shit off.

No. 1598805

what the fuck is right about them

No. 1598851

File: 1686073391396.gif (293.3 KB, 160x220, 1652502248392.gif)

I would literally do anything to be cured of my autism

No. 1598856

finally saved up enough money to replace my phone and I feel like shit. I have almost nothing saved and the money could have gone towards contingency savings or something I actually liked! I feel nervous as fuck opening it and seeing all the apps. I loved having an excuse to be less available to people (and I am already hardly on social media) but it was getting really obstructive to my life to not have a smartphone. I hate that all my shit from years back has been constantly uploaded to the cloud and backed up and I want to free myself from it all without compromising my ability to participate in the world.

No. 1598858

File: 1686073859474.jpg (71.34 KB, 1234x820, BOTCHED ME.jpg)

I went in and just asked my bangs to be trimmed, a subtle face frame, and a little past shoulder length. She turned me into the berries and cream boy. My bangs look so bad and the length is SO SHORT she didn't even fucking ask like normal stylists do "is this good, shorter?" she just HACKED IT TO A BOB
I even tipped like the cuck I am even though I was crying

No. 1598863

why is every single reading and response assignment in my college english classes about race and racial tension, like it's getting weird. in the class group chat a lot of students are saying they're uncomfortable with it cause it's literally every assignment we have and i also see why… it did not used to be like this. in middle school of course we'd read about it, but also read stuff like the great epic poems, accounts of war survivors, analyzed song lyrics, mythology and book excerpts and shit like that. wtf happened???

No. 1598866

I had to look what the berries and cream boy was and I feel so sorry about you, oh nona, cheer up

No. 1598875

is that the only library?? I go to branches in nice neighborhoods to pick up and print shit….I never go to the city centre one for similar reasons (our homeless aren't lucid enough to catcall, but rather shit themselves and pass out)

No. 1598876

Apparently in the second trimester of pregnancy passing out is normal, I passed out in aldi's. Embarassing… I was terrified something is wrong but apparently the second trimester causes a bunch of blood pressure shifts, I called my mother and she said that happened to her when she was pregnant too. Even standing up fast makes me dizzy and ill get tunnel vision. I can't wait for my baby!!!

No. 1598879


is this really a thing?

No. 1598881

Why don't you just shoot them?

No. 1598882

>They all see feminity as a joke
Because it is, bow-chan.

No. 1598885

Damn nonna, I'm sorry that happened to you. The last two times I went to the hairdresser, she turned my cute hair into Dora the explorer looking hair. Anyways, Ive stopped going to the hairdresser…

No. 1598888

Yes I've seen multiple other anons on here talking about how stylists love to butcher our long hair or go shorter than we want

No. 1598906

I got out just when it started to heat up like this. I started college in 2016 and it wasn't really a big issue, even the pride stuff wasn't really as major. I graduated in 2021 and the year I graduated they added diversity to the list of 4-credit extracurricular requirements, freshmen had to take a systematic racism class their first semester, and even my last classes were now a LOT of race stuff in my assignments despite them being random. I mean I'm cool with it in highschool they taught to kill a mocking bird, but by the end I was like "this is definitely getting weird". One of my teachers didn't using a grading scale, you got 100% as long as you turned in every assignment because the grading scale was "white supremacist" (he was white of course…)
Colleges are also just way over the top with any social justice type stuff. I think it has to do with the D&I departments. They started making those and hiring for them mid-college career for me and if you're hired for D&I you're of course going to be adding a bunch of programs and making changes just so you're doing something.

No. 1598907

Serious question, why on earth are you tipping service providers like hairdressers? Like they can set their own rates right? I'm not tipping someone who pays themselves what I sure hope is a living wage.

No. 1598909

I'm so stressed out from trying to find a job. I had found a job that listed itself as being in [my city] only for the job to actually be pretty far out from where I live. Wtf. I spent a lot of time interviewing and preparing for that job when the actual location wasn't where I thought it was. The specific location was never listed on the job listing. I feel a bit lied to. And another job asked me when I would be available, I sent them my times, and they never responded. Wtf. Do I email them again? Is that too pushy? Life is agony.

No. 1598921

I'm assuming ayrt is also american but we tip for fucking everything here. Businesses have figured out they can just not pay their employees and put a tipping option on the card machine to make up for it, so their income is almost entirely at the will of the customer. And salons are especially weird, they either hire hairdressers and pay them $5/hr or make them rent their own space in the salon. I work a job with the same pay structure so I know how shit it is and I always feel pressured to tip. I wish their paycheck came out of their boss' pocket instead of mine though

No. 1598927

damn, lucky!! yeah i only noticed this starting my senior year of high school and i graduated in 2021. i'm majoring in research psychology and many of our discussions go like, for example: would you raise your children gender free and what do you think of parents who do? and i'm just like wtf lmao, it's not a developmental course or anything and has nothing to do with the chapter we're reading right now. i felt especially weird answering because i don't want kids and don't want to comment on people's parenting lol. i understand they want to make sure we discuss topics that haven't been discussed before, but they go about it so wrong that it feels disrespectful to everyone involved!! it makes me really sad, like my state is known for having some of the shittest public education but it's still better than the education i'm actually paying for now. maybe i've just had a bad string of luck in high school/at this college though and i just need a good professor…

No. 1598957

I hate how much I can relate to this. My city built a nice, improved bus stop with air conditioning and now we have lots of homeless men in the area. I always thought people were lying when they mentioned that correlation, but I’m living it out in real time. I’ve almost been punched in the face, I’ve been chased, and I’ve had men run up on me out of nowhere. I live alone in a really nice area, I picked it because it made me feel safe. I do call the police when it happens, but they take forever to show up. This stuff always happens in really busy areas, and nobody comes to help when it happens. They just stare at me like I’m crazy.

I worry all the time now that someone is going to attack me while I’m on my walks or heading to school.

No. 1598987

Then I think we're just talking about different things anon

No. 1599005

I was visiting a friend in the states while taking care of something and we would order food and she kept worrying about the tip and I said why tip? The food is already overpriced and it pays for the ingredients, the cooking and the service, in this case the delivery. And if they need to pay the delivery just put it in the cost of the food. They used their own employee not a delivery company. And she got irritated and offended like why I didn't want to pay for them to take the trouble to drive for five minutes to deliver the food. Because EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD manages to pay employees and does not use tips. They might have a delivery fee at most $2 but usually they have a minimum order for delivery, like at least $10 or something. They have delivery companies too and the price is the same as the restaurant. They all can do this but no! all these employee needs every customer to pay them their entire salary??

No. 1599010

Not me wasting my time doing the Kibbe Body Type shit just to come to the realisation that I don't fit any of them lol. Kibbe never figured out that you can be 5'7 and simultaneously not be built like a linebacker, Cindy Lauper, or Michelle Obama. I just don't fit in any of the categories lol

No. 1599011

I cut my hair because the only hairdresser that would actually just trim off the dead ends retired. She was the only woman I trusted with my hair. I don't know why hairdressers hate long hair.

No. 1599014

File: 1686085553634.jpg (53.73 KB, 600x745, jsp83lep562aae4c4ed48785987020…)

you guys have ugly long dry hair and the hairstylists do you a favor when they chop off your rat ends. if you're gonna grow your hair long actually make it look healthy and strong.

No. 1599019

there's a legit schizo loose on this forum, it's kind of concerning me because do they take bathroom breaks? it's already been established they don't bathe but they get up to pee and poo right? right!?

No. 1599038

American business owners love to pay workers basically nothing. For example, the Federal minimum wage: $7.25USD per hour. Then there's the TIPPED minimum wage which is legally lower: $2.13USD(!!) per hour. In american culture tipping is a built-in cost of going out to eat because tipped minimum wage is a legal thing still practiced in most states. Some states are moving away from a lower tipped minimum wage but they are by no means the majority. Yeah it's stupid but when you're in the United States you damn well better tip or you are basically stealing from the server because you've broken the social contract.

No. 1599042

Then don't choose a job where the salary is unreliable. If you want tips be a stripper.

No. 1599043

File: 1686088124038.jpeg (60.2 KB, 749x710, 81963A30-D3C1-4304-AFE0-52B30D…)

I hate how dead a lot of the threads are here. Like I always try to bump the threads and try to create a discussion but it always gets ignored or maybe get one response then it dies again. It feels so lonely, like I have no one to talk to about things/interests I have. Social media is so fucking shallow since a majority of people will only talk to you if you have a huge following, and it’s generally harder to have a conversation with people unlike image boards or forums. It fucking sucks man, there isn’t a lot of weird nerdy women out there in a wild for me to befriend and even if I do befriend someone I’m awkward as fucking hell. I keep coming back here hoping things will change, or we get some more newfags here but nope nothing. Just wish this place was more active, I want to talk to other women about things not men, since male spaces are always misogynistic as fuck and most moids are annoying as fucking shit.

No. 1599044

Don't be an idiot, hairdressers should at least avoid doing something you didn't pay for, you're literally paying them for a service not for them to do as they please with your hair. If anon wants only 3cm of her hair gone that's exactly what they should cut, no more no less

No. 1599047

Nice bait. Oh just kidding. NOT!!!

No. 1599049

I'll talk to you. I will sleep soon but I'll come back later. What interests you these days?

No. 1599086

keep trying nonny!! it took a month for a thread i really like and try to bump regularly to take off, idk if some oldfags came back and rediscovered it or new people saw it, but sometimes you have to sperg in your own little containment thread until the right anons come along. the ebb and flow of lc. no matter how niche your threads are i'm sure someone will come around. sometimes i feel bad for shitting up a thread with too many posts but it's so lovely to find likeminded nons, and there's no competition for attention because it's anonymous.

No. 1599108

personally i stopped coming here more often because of annoying baiters like >>1599014

No. 1599123

People think I prefer white men because they are nicer than black men. No I just find them more attractive. I know white men are just as trash as black men….white men just look very cute when they are young. Idk why racial preference has to have some kind of personality reason, maybe they just like how the other race looks more.

No. 1599142

Very cool

No. 1599174

I'm trying to get my doctor to prescribe me something because the Propranolol isn't effective but I have to go through a messaging center + her "care team" and the nurse isn't listening to me and keeps talking over me and my doctor keeps trying to prescribe shit I've already tried, stuff that is for daily dosages, when the whole point of the Propranolol was that I could only take as needed. The nurse started talking over me more than once so now I feel like I did something wrong and I really fucking wish I was normal

No. 1599181

I KNEW IT, I GFUCKING KNEW IT!! tthe fuking prick in the queerfag thread that uses "nah" is a rotten retarded derailing infighter! I just knew it, I don't know if it a girl or a scrote, probably a scrote BUT I FUCKING KNEW IT. THIS FEMALE SPIRITUAL GUT FEELING NEVER FAILS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

No. 1599186

I said nah in that thread once. I don't derail or infight. You're schizophrenic. Stop yelling btw.

No. 1599188


No. 1599246

I am actually such a fucking femcel its not funny anymore.
My life is so sad i just basically spend my days trolling online to cope with how insecure and lonely i am.

No. 1599249

Very cool

No. 1599277

I hate the men on lsa they are a different breed of weird. There's one know transwomen on lsa and I rarely see the font agruing with the many terfy fonts. Meanwhile, I constantly see scrotes. Gay ones, "straight" ones, scrotes who don't care and just like to shit on women, especially black women at all cost. Then the pick mes are so annoying, everything is about securing the bag,being pretty, some fonts don't think women who don't fit their idea of attractive deserve any kind of respect or the good things in life. It's becoming horrible to read. I feel like it's a bunch of scrotes cosplaying as black women and women who need validation through men even men they dont know. I've always like lolcow more because there's more male hate and…idk less serious.

That site has made me have so ma y complexes about myself before I realize that it's not real life.

No. 1599286

I'm sure it's not if it's of any consolation gay men make you and your mannerisms, thoughts, and way of speaking their entire personality and steal from you because they have no real personality of their own. Everyone steals from black women and only cut out the bits they think will enhance their lack of personality. People are jealous of you.

No. 1599290

I meant to add that scrotes will involve themselves in topics like trans, just to be assholes and defend troons. Especially the gay ones, women and men cannot share online spaces unless they are fucking huge. Dick clubs like kiwifarms work because women who go to sites meant for men/have a heavy male appeal either have to get with the program or get harassed/bullied out. Or their Jannies will handle it.
When men come to sites meant for women. They don't give a shut, they scrote up the place, they'll even try to fit in and spend years even being annoying as fuck.
They don't stop. It annoys me so much.

No. 1599291

Sad for you, nonna. I'm having a blast. I've posted some of the most successful bait in recent times.

No. 1599294

japanon is that you?

No. 1599299

It'll be okay, because femcels aren't real

No. 1599311

Exactly exactly

No. 1599316

I don’t care what zoomers say I’m never going to stop wearing skinny jeans. Your mom jeans make you look fat.

No. 1599318

Skinny jeans make me look fat and cut my blood circulation

No. 1599337

I hate when so many girls online call themselves "femcels". They are all 16 years old, probably white with middle upper class parents and don't understand how much shit life can actually throw at you as a woman. I am a femcel. I financially supported a moid because I was in love with him and he lost his job. He dropped me and blocked me as soon as he was stable and is living just fine. I'm stuck in a shitty, overpriced state on unliveable wages and have to be a VTuber just to survive. My life is a fucking joke, California should be nuked. I've literally had men glare at me on the street. I've been having sleep paralysis because of the constant emotional torment. Yesterday, a pack of women literally started laughing as I walked by. I dress normal I walk normal I am normal. The day before that, a moid cashier greeted a woman that came before me and struck up friendly conversation, but gave me a hard look, like I did something wrong. What was my sin? Existing? It's like they see me and automatically want to harm me or ruin my day. I can't even get a "good morning", and women are vicious. It's like high school bullying never ends. Adult life is one cruel joke, except you're constantly being gaslit and victim-blamed. "Haha you must be ugly" no bitch I'm am beautiful, I should've been offered modelling jobs but because I don't fit into what moids fetishize and actually have a brain, I have never been scouted. I am literally a third class citizen. I am blond with blue eyes. That just means other women resent me, and men think I'm dumb. My BPD mother resents me because I was born blond, and she manipulated my dad into blocking me. Since I have actual needs and feelings instead of just being a dumb hole, maid and provider, men don't want me. It cannot be overstated how sadistic our society is to the weakest women. I'm sick of hearing about people dying on TV, I'm suffering too. Dying won't even help. STOP offering me overpriced fucking bullshit therapy so I can be gaslit by retarded normal women or evil men

No. 1599340

Femcels aren't real. It's just a term to make men feel better about being incelse and gaycels.

No. 1599343

Femcels aren't real, except for me.

No. 1599346

Acceptance is the first step

No. 1599351

No, you're just too fucking privileged to even comprehend hwo much misery I'm going through. Almost no woman today can, they just want to hurt me.

No. 1599354

Satire o clock

No. 1599359

Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually ugly or if I’m just dark skin because looking back on my life I just looked average or slightly above but I was still considered hideous usually kek

No. 1599360

i ate too many mushrooms

No. 1599363

You're not ugly.

No. 1599365

File: 1686109028818.jpg (63.74 KB, 600x450, Easy-Stuffed-Mushrooms-Recipe2…)

Looks like the mushrooms have
stuffed YOU

No. 1599429

File: 1686113670938.png (229.86 KB, 2250x1340, bleed it out digging deeper ju…)

That's it anons, I'm bleeding out. I've had so much fun on this site in the past few years, but it seems like my time has come, farewell.

No. 1599444

I wish I didn't feel disoriented and get the urge to pull away as soon as things get real.
This has been what I wanted for what? Almost 2 years? And mostly what I feel is discomfort? I'm nuts.
Now I'm so afraid I'll lose her. I'd feel far worse if it ended up like that.

No. 1599446

You're probably not ugly, I'm in the same boat being a Korean who isn't pale as fuck

No. 1599447


No. 1599451

Please be ok nonna ♥

No. 1599452

Nta but Asians with really deep skin tones are so beautiful it really is ridiculous that the beauty standard is to be paper white, I never understood why they tried to use it as an identifier of being ugly in media because it's so cute

No. 1599456

You only have this problem if you're actually fat. What a sad little look into life of a bitter chunky millenial

No. 1599457

the ai writing threads on /vg/ and /g/ are so inhospitable. i just want to figure out how to roleplay my stupidly indulgent romance crap but you go there and they're all assholes. goddamnit i wish i was rich

No. 1599488

AYRT I dunno if this is self-racist or something but I actually find it creepy and uncomfortable whenever I'm in Seoul to see how bone white a huge percentage of the girls are. I weight 105 lbs too and while I get told it looks unhealthy in the States, there it's just average but they'd ideally have me weigh less.
It really is so extreme there because even in like… Hong Kong and Kyoto the skintone diversity wasn't so narrow.
My mother is constantly trying to get me to use foundations that are way too pale for me and make me look like I'm wearing a mask.
Sorry to sperg out in a reply, it's just… Ugh!

No. 1599491

as a middle eastern anon, i can tell you it's pure jealousy and envy.

No. 1599495

Yooo another Korean on here! I'm like the shade of a paper bag AND 60kg AND I don't wear makeup so I feel like I stick out majorly whenever I'm in Korea. I agree with you it's just uncanny to go to a place and see so many people be so uniform out of choice. Always wearing black and white and those stupid Adidas pants, face pale as fuck, lips red as fuck… it just creates immense pressure to blend in, even on good confidence days. One time I wore jeans and a turquoise shirt and felt like a circus freak.

No. 1599496

File: 1686121647646.gif (2.51 MB, 332x250, monkey-screaming.gif)

Don't want to woooooork

No. 1599499

why in the fuck would they be jealous?

No. 1599510

Yeah this is the first time I'm hearing about hairdressers who hate long hair. Myself and everyone I know have the opposite problem where the hairdressers try to talk us out of cutting our long hair and when they finally do cut our hair then they never cut it as short as what we actually want. I don't even live in a conservative place where having long hair as a woman is seen as a virtue.
I feel like if a hairdresser is too eager to cut your hair even when you didn't ask for it then your hair is probably gross and damaged beyond saving. Many women fall into the trap of thinking that their hair looks good because it's long when in reality it's damaged as fuck. However that still doesn't mean that hairdresser should do cut it unless they are asked to.

Anyway my experience with hairdressers is that it's very much a "you get what you pay for" experience. A cheap hair saloon does whatever they want without taking your wants into consideration there was a local cheap hair saloon I used to go to where every single hair dresser that worked there negged me while a more pricey one will give you what you want and make it look good

No. 1599511

It was stupid and scummy af to get involved w/ someone married, so I deserve to feel shitty that it didn't work out. Even so, I don't know how he can be so unhappy yet not opt for divorce if he thinks that the relationship is 'fundamentally broken' and 'has been for years' (hence the cheating, I guess?). I know it could've been bullshit, but he was saying the same things when we were just friends. It's not my place to judge, but he needs to get therapy to deal with these issues or divorce her so she can be with a man who'll be faithful to her and not have to put on a facade. Even if guilt caused him to end things with me, if what he said to me is true, it won't be long before he does this again with someone else. Pretending things are okay while he drinks, spends obscene amounts of money on frivolous things/me, and literally does anything else besides actually addressing the underlying problem(s) isn't viable. I don't understand how it's possible to live like that.

While this was mostly an emotional affair, I'm mostly just stunned and deeply ashamed that I got involved in this mess at all. Either way, I was complicit, so my thoughts ultimately mean jackshit and I know I'm a piece of shit. Before anyone asks, no I have no means of letting his wife know this happened.

No. 1599515

File: 1686125241418.gif (922.53 KB, 300x264, 1620816024112.gif)

11 inches. I'm going to meet him. I can't believe he's real. I'll let you all know if I survive

No. 1599521

I’m disappointed with myself for dating a porn obsessed coomer many years ago. I was his first girlfriend and he was too dense to realize looking at naked women in front of me on a date was unacceptable. I really do think he was autistic and he’s probably still alone enjoying his hand and terabytes of porn

No. 1599560

We honestly need a thread for it here, I want to talk to my fellow farmers obsessed with the sites. I've spend way too much time on them, I truly feel like it's the best possible way to RP because you don't need to expose whatever cringe scenario you want to a real person. Not to mention at least the AI fucking replies.

No. 1599564

This is classic. He says this in order to justify his cheating to himself and improve your opinion of his. It is possible their marriage is shit and, in that case, people mostly stay with their partner because we are creatures of habit and enjoy the comfort of stability and predictability, even in a shitty or mediocre relationship. He will only dump his wife if someone better comes along. He sounds like your average insecure, selfish manchild. I feel for his wife, altho if the relationship really has been broken for years she should also have the common sense to end things. Sucks that you got involved in something like that anon, hope you've learned from it. Don't let him live rent free in your head, he's just a typical coward.

No. 1599565

sometimes I like to think the reason my ex was abusive is he loved me too much and if only I was completely his, he would've stopped

No. 1599566

I had a conversation with my coworker, we rarely talk about stuff other than work, he also seems like a total opposite of me, super outgoing and joking around with everyone, everyone likes him, meanwhile I'm a shut in. We had some more in depth conversation about work and he told me he doesn't like people and he doesn't trust them, he said it very bluntly, and he basically just plays a role I guess. It boggles my mind. I would never tell. I always thought that he actually liked people kek. Is it really that easy for some people to ack like this despite thinking something completely else? And why would he tell me that? Is it a sign of trust or what?

No. 1599577

>He told me he doesn't trust people
>Is this a sign of trust

No. 1599581

Kek right. But I meant the part a out not liking people. Also we spent time together outside of work and he said he doesn't do it with people he doesn't trust

No. 1599586

I pretend to be nice, I'm funny as fuck when I'm around my parents but I actually hate their guts, regardless I don't show it at all. It's easy to do if you've spent enough time mastering it.
Hell, you could deceive someone into believing that you're on their side without them noticing one bit if you become actually good at it. You feel like a spy as autistic as that sounds.

No. 1599588

I do the same thing, I hate everyone and just pretend to be nice and polite. I have friends I really like and don't behave the same way with them at all as a result. Honestly I'm bad at lying but it seems I'm good at being as diplomatic and hypocritical as possible with coworkers and random people I have to interact with.

No. 1599591

I've never had real, genuinely good-as-people friends so I don't know if I would act as asshole as I do now to other people. I'm a real nice person I'm sure if I intend to be to a specific person in my life whom special to me. However… I mostly scratch off so many people that I meet because they tick my piss-me-off boxes and I can't be bothered to engage in a real conversation with them without burning up with hatred.

No. 1599595

Left the house for 2 mins to grab a couple things from the shop at the end of my road. Some guy talking to himself stops, hones in on me and starts ranting about 'stalkers' with me apparently being one of his stalkers. I really thought he was going to punch me. I mean I expected stuff like that to happen from time to time when I was living in an overcrowded city but the small ass town I live in rn has way above its fair share of (always middle aged men for some reason) Who walk around fully animated while talking to some invisible person. The same guys day in and day out just publicly detached from reality, making you cross the street or avoid the park if you see em ranting.

Last year one of them shot a random person 15 times and in the lead up to that happening he was walking about regularly causing a scene. I sympathise because nobody asks to be experiencing that shit but how does such a small and usually close knit town have quite this many men walking around publicly immersed in delusions. Everyone was floored by that shooting but leave the house and you'll nearly always bump into at least one of them clearly displaying that they're living in another world. Idk what you can even do but everyone just seems to give em a wide berth. Its an everyday thing.

No. 1599598

I was gifted a box of cake and I almost finished it alone. Cake is so good. Cake should not be that good. I could subside on cakes. I always crave sweets even when I have eaten. It's like I have a second set of stomach only for sweets. No matter how much I eat, I still can fit in sweets. Most regular food tastes like trash and I consume them so I won't crave sweets—but it doesn't work. I'm thinking about donuts as I'm typing. Why do we have to get adverse health effects from overconsuming sweets? It makes me want to abandon humanity. Why can we create a new life but not an enjoyable life for ourselves? I really want sweets.

No. 1599609

Thank you, anon. I spoke to my close friend and she's said the same thing. I don't think he will ever leave his wife because they've been together for almost 10yrs and married for a third of that. He's contemplated divorce because he brought it up (I didn't broach the topic) and he was saying alimony wouldn't be too dreadful or w/e because they've not been married for a long time. The vibe I got is that he got married too young and regrets it; he said that if he felt like divorce was the best course of action, and if he 'kept going like this, he'd have a lot of regrets'. I just think that if you've been with someone for so long but it's clear you're not being authentic/feel like you can't be your true self with them, is it really worth it? I think his wife must have something going on though because from what I've gathered, she dislikes other women/doesn't have female friends that aren't relatives, so idk maybe there's some co-dependency thing going on where he's her whole world and that's why she won't leave. Or, maybe she legitimately thinks things are fine because he's adept at masking his discontent - who knows?

I just think he'd rather resign himself to staying with this poor woman because of the stability and predictability you mentioned, even if he is bored and feels unfulfilled/trapped. He's rich enough to throw money at whatever he likes to mask this, which probably makes it easier to keep living this lie.

I'm doing my best to move on from this but it's just shitty because before this mess started he was a fun friend to hang with and when I was going through a lot, he was supportive. We're still 'friends' but haven't spoken since the big talk where things were kinda hashed out/ended, and tbh, if I'm being real with myself, I don't think we should. I wish I'd had more sense.

No. 1599631

People like that love to claim that they just happen to be stuck in a bad situation in their relationship and thats the only reason they'd ever sink to the level of cheating, the marriage is simultaneously too good to leave but also too bad to stay faithful, that old catch 22 they cling to. He could divorce her, find a new dream woman and tbh more often than not the pattern would still repeat itself within a few years because its ultimately his own shortcoming in morals and in accountability for what he signed up for. They love to deflect the blame with 'muh impossibly hard circumstances made me do it' and make out like they're a victim of how life turned out. Don't buy into the bs

I've felt trapped in a relationship, too financially and otherwise tied to them to leave (was married aswell) I dragged my feet when it came to leaving but even in my misery and while feeling lonely as hell in my marriage.. I didn't cheat or act like well he's basically driving me into someone elses arms. Typical crock of shit that people use to hook affair partners.

No. 1599640

Fuck my old therapist for suggesting I practice mindfulness and be the bigger person while my mother slams me against the fridge and chokes me out. Everyone literally just let that happen to me huh

No. 1599642

i want to be 14 again. not because of any weird complexes about age, i just want to have that child like wonder and not a single thought or worry on my brain. i wanna be able to be human without feeling guilty for it again. i wanna be a kid again. if i could be a teenager again that'd be so fun, but 14 specifically bc thats before my genetic mental illness hit

No. 1599668

im so exhausted. my grandmother (adoptive mother) died, my bio mom wont speak to me and has effectively abandoned me a second time because we decided to sell the house and split the funds. she never took the money so it will sit there until she dies. my brother killed himself jumping off a cliff this year and when i tried to go to his funeral the airport was shut down due to weather issues. every man is a monster and im not even sure if im attracted to them but im also not attracted to women. ive only ever gotten off on vague concepts and third person viewings of situations where i am entirely removed. but not cumming during sex makes me angry, servicing moids makes me so so angry

No. 1599683

I think I'm coming to the realization I might have bpd.

No. 1599686

I had a therapist like that too. Bitch thought she was really clever when she told me "anon you have to understand that your parent's problems aren't your problems uwu meditate and be mindful" but my dad's literally physically violent? He's fucking threatening to kill my mother and me? Some therapists are so dumb istg.

No. 1599691

Actually I just might be a stupid sociopath.

No. 1599716

Came across something yesterday that said prisoners can’t choose to have medical practitioners of the same gender. Tried to Google this 3 times with different wording and all the results are about gender affirming tranny shit or forced female sterilization in prison. Well shit I’ll just keep trying to live my life legally and hope I never end up in the system

No. 1599718

Trying to get a nice photo for my new id. I cannot have anymore ugly id photos! But it's hard when you are ugly!!!

No. 1599721

The last time I had that I was 7. My childhood ended so fast. I think I regressed backwards because sometimes I just want to be a child

No. 1599723

>I feel like if a hairdresser is too eager to cut your hair even when you didn't ask for it then your hair is probably gross and damaged beyond saving.
They can cut off split ends without giving someone an ugly bob cut anon, come on now

No. 1599724

Having a life and job makes me so irritable and burnt out I always end up depressed and self isolating like a retard why am i like this

No. 1599726

I’m so fucking over people who flake. I’m going to pride soon and I invited one of my close friends to come with and she said yes without hesitation which is awesome. It was initially just gonna be us two but then we got the idea to invite more people to come with and wound up with a guaranteed group of 5, plus some additional people who would meet us throughout the day. Cool, works for me.
It’s now 3 days till the parade after having this planned out for over a week and our group has dwindled all the way back down to just my friend and I, which tbh is fine but is also frustrating af. Everyone has either said they’re suddenly sick, can’t get out of work now, said they’ll just meet us there and pop in and out because they “don’t want to be tied down to just one group”, or went from saying they’ll check their availability to going full ghost. Neither my friend nor I have pestered them and there’s been no drama, so while I know plans change for people, it’s really fucking annoying that almost EVERYONE jumped ship last second.
If you know you don’t wanna come, just say it instead of playing the long con. Even if you wanted to come and changed your mind, just say that. You look more like a flake and piss people off even more when you wait till the last possible second and lie. Trust me, I know.
Anyways, like I said, it was just gonna be my friend and I initially and she’s still on board to come, so it’s not a big deal but it’s just annoying when people waste your time.

No. 1599729

File: 1686141818397.jpeg (2.36 MB, 5248x3140, IMG_4369.jpeg)

My mom died 12 years ago the only thing I inherited from her was this bike. It was a good bike, loved using it. But then a couple years later some druggies fucking stole it, I doubt they even sold it, they probably just trashed it. I’m still fucking salty over it. Bought a new bike to replace it but it’s not the same at all, I have not even used it in years.

No. 1599737

i agree and i stopped posting as much for the same reason. i never post in more than a few safe threads because trying a new thread results in someone immediately jumping down your throat trying to start a fight. i've seen people confess they do this because they're board or because "trolling is part of board culture" but i wish they knew they're actually causing the culture of the site to decay.

No. 1599741

in case you haven't noticed america is a world power. it has a huge influence on everyone. people like this are salty they come from poor ass shitholes no one can point at the map in europe or wherever the fuck the commentor is from. lived around people like this my entire life.

No. 1599743

i applied for a job i really want yesterday and its been 24 hours and i haven't heard from them… it's over isn't it?

No. 1599747

I don't think I've ever heard from a job application back within 24 hours. A few days, sure, but I don't think 24 hours is the norm. They need time to collect and review the applications.

No. 1599752

when i fart a bunch of wet creamy diarrhea sprays out

No. 1599755

the job listing has been up for ages maybe i was too late and they already hired someone?

No. 1599765

Anon chill. Sure it's possible they already got someone and forgot to take the listing down but it's also been only one single office day, there's absolutely no reason to freak out over one single day. Contact them if you've not heard anything back in about a week or two.

No. 1599769

File: 1686145564568.jpg (47.75 KB, 1169x989, 1685856357702.jpeg.jpg)

okay thank you nona

No. 1599783

>trying a new thread results in someone immediately jumping down your throat trying to start a fight
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. It's happening to that one new /g/ thread in real time compared to the usual ones I browse.

No. 1599807

what a brutal mog

No. 1599890

they switched fat distribution. ice spice mogs taylor

No. 1599892

no she doesnt, bc i am a racist taylor wins by default no matter what ice spice could ever be or do

No. 1599902

No. 1599908

I woke up feeling like throwing up. I hate when that happens. Especially when I wake forever to let my food digest.

No. 1599910

Wait. I meant wait.

No. 1599919

That's the same as saying India is a super power. It's true, undeniable, even. America does have a lot of embassies in different countries, I guess it'd make sense why they're jealous. They're from poor shitholes. Thank you for explaining it to me.

No. 1599952

I wonder if you were in a years long dead bedroom though. Yes I'm defending myself

No. 1599958

I uncontrollably cry every time I get a strong urge to piss, which fucking sucks because every time I get the urge to pee it's a strong urge. It's super embarrassing and one of the reasons why I try not to drink anything when I'm out in public. It wasn't always like this, it's only been like this for less than 5 years. Idk what to do or even how to fix this.

No. 1599978

File: 1686159416720.gif (472.59 KB, 480x301, 1644531989222.gif)

Only 8 more years until i become a sorcerer. It makes me so depressed to watch scott's stash and see such a cute breed of men that i will never profane. It's not fair that all the cute men live so far away from me, meanwhile i am left to rot in my virgin rage while i draw cute anime boys.

No. 1599984

The wildfires near my town have made my asthma and allergies so bad the last few days it's comparable to the flu from headaches and chills to me using a towel as my handkerchief because of all the snot (and my kitty is sneezing often too). Wildfires like this just do not happen here, let alone in early June (warm early June was unheard of 20 years ago, it was 35C/95F last week), but politicians are deciding to pretend global warming isn't a thing still, refuse any suggestions that prioritize companies doing anything VS the people, and are out looking for arsonists. When they find them, these kids are going to be blamed for the whole thing meanwhile I doubt a fire could have caught this bad ten years ago. Especially considering our city was built on swamp land and marshes. And that's with the assumption it was an arson or dumb kids cause there was lightening the last few day during our weird hot dry weather.

No. 1599993

À lot of countries see Americans as generally lazy and so far removed from real life that they believe stuff like chocolate milk comes from brown cows so they dunk on what they see as a demonstration of that. Also because quite often practices like baking bread are seen as novel in America when most countries do these as the norm still (or at least common enough to not be weird). Shitting on Americans online like in picrel also comes out of mocking the mentality many Americans have that they are the sole users of the internet

No. 1599996

I'm scared for our future. My mild climate has become so hot in like 10 years time, imagine another 10 or 20 years from now on.

No. 1600008

the only reason he became friends with you was to use you as a bangmaid. leave him alone, he's no good. that's not a "friend"–and you know it.

Not trying to be harsh, I just really feel for you. A married man who I thought was trying to be my friend for the past year finally revealed his true intentions about a month ago, and I didn't succumb to it. It would have ruined lots of friendships I have, and he plays an instrument in one of my fave bands so I didn't wanna ruin being able to see them live.

I legit thought he wanted to be my friend, too. Never even thought he saw me in a sexual light, I was truly stunned lol. I will never believe that shit again.

No. 1600019

File: 1686161137569.jpeg (59.91 KB, 750x718, 1622474494911.jpeg)

>tfw he was a sperm donor for a lesbian couple

No. 1600020

Is it possible to sue Canada for all this air pollution? NY really did not need it, shits killing me.

No. 1600022

I live in the actual Arctic circle and have seen masses of people installing air conditioners in their homes last summer. Only ten years ago this would've been unthinkable.

No. 1600033

Fuck I'm seriously reconsidering whether or not I even want to have kids anymore

No. 1600037

>chronically online

No. 1600042

Same. I cant imagine justifying it anymore. (Beyond issue of climate)

No. 1600050

When it comes from a man, bitching about a "fundamentally broken" marriage to justify his affairs is a bullshit scam.
The reason why he doesn't leave a horrific marriage is because his wife still performs for him even if the absence of sex and emotional intimacy is to be believed. At minimum he still wants the good image and security of being in a relationshit.
Why would men leave women? These days we are pressured to financially pay half their way only for all domestic managing and burden to fall on us while society expects nothing from them more than earning a paycheck. We can't even demand that men be handy or useful lest we are golddigging evil feminists stuck on stereotypes even though men are the ones who refuse to do anything that's been codified as female. We're glorified roommate-slaves who don't even charge for our labor.
Men have it real damn good so if they can have their cake and eat it too, then so be it. All they gotta do is find someone with emotional vulnerability and trauma like yourself, tell you what ya wanna hear, and then discard you after they get bored. They know damn well women are at the economic and social disadvantage to leave relationships and start over everything, even if the wife found out what's it to him? She's probably stuck.

Glad it worked out for you but you should believe women when they say they feel they cannot leave a "stable" yet abusive relationship situation. Homelessness and destitution are real threats for us, not to mention the physical dangers of trying to break it off with unstable and vengeful scrotes. If you were able to pull yourself up by your bootstraps then consider yourself lucky.

No. 1600055

Some women get killed when they try to leave dealt with a scrote who threatened to kill both me and the fetus I scrapped

No. 1600056

Same. I don't want to bring more lives to suffer in this burning world

No. 1600058

What happened to me every time I tried to leave

>hacked my phone before I left and found where I was

>hacked my phone and deleted everything on it by resetting it remotely
>broke my phone
>tried to break my laptop
>threw things at me
>kicked me out of my own room
>chased me down the street yelling at me accusing me of cheating

I had lost everything before this, my safety net, and tried to recover during a pandemic when I really couldn't, and had to make it work with him to be safe. The worst part is he wasn't always bad, really kind otherwise only when I mentioned leaving he went insane, and I got along enough to like him a bit. I am free now but it scares me that for us as women, not being secure financially leaves us very very unsafe and vulnerable.

No. 1600060

I'm trying to install a wifi driver using a cd but my cd player keeps rejecting it and when it doesn't reject nothing shows up. Uuuuyggggggghhhh.

No. 1600065

Awkward interactions don’t bother me nearly as much as they used to. I complimented one of my mutuals eye color by quoting a song and she didn’t recognize the quote so I just explained it to her and she ended up loving it kek. I would’ve been so embarrassed by some shit like that a year ago. I have no idea why, I used to be kind of a retard

No. 1600068

I believe that I struggle with OCD, or something like it. And I’m feeling bad after my second day of taking a summer class and I just think that I’ll never stop being a shitty, racist person, and I just want to kill myself. I can’t talk about this to anyone because I just sound like a socially retarded bigot. I’m a complete try hard at trying to appear normal and not racist. I know I’m irrational and weird, and have odd mannerisms. I was trying to write up about what happened in class today, which just boils down to me being weird and maybe coming off as nervous at the beginning of class but I started being more normal as it went on. That sounds weird but I think I might be nervous because I expect myself to not be normal. I just don’t want to hurt others. I constantly just feel like I’m being watched by others when it reality they probably dgaf. I probably have autism so me coming off odd in general is to be expected, but I don’t want to come off as racist weird. I know that sounds weird and selfish but I am upset at the idea that I made other people uncomfortable, or acted in a racist way towards them. My brain just never stops thinking, and it doesn’t help I was still apprehensive on the drive over about how I was yesterday. I have a RBF frankly and look sort of depressed most of the time I think in general. I’m used to wearing a mask in public but stopped because most people at my college don’t, but I do things like move my tongue around my mouth and mouth words when I’m thinking so that’s also weird. I know I do certain behaviors even when I’m alone and in the past when I’m in class but I’m partially like. What if I’m just doing things as a performance to seem normal because I sat next to a person that was black. I actively tried to be nice but if I come off as racist the supposed “nice actions” are just hollow. I’m socially awkward and I don’t talk much except to answer questions. And I know I didn’t feel nervous during class except when I thought that the person next to me might be watching me, or if other people were and I did something weird. Or if I overthought. I know it was weird maybe in and of itself to sit next to the person that I did, because there were a bunch of other seats open but he was in the seat I sat in the first day in class so I sat in the one next to him, and I sort of want to? Not be avoidant because I want to get better. Or maybe I just want to try and fail at “proving” I’m not racist. I just tried focusing on myself and the teacher and my papers. My voice was normal when I talked so I must have been normal for the majority of class? But I’m worried if the guy felt weird that I sat next to him or didn’t want me there, and if I should sit somewhere else tomorrow. But that might also be weird if I did. So I’m just like. What if I killed myself so I wouldn’t have to worry.

No. 1600079

> you should believe women when they say they feel they cannot leave a "stable" yet abusive relationship situation
I never said otherwise. I've been there. I had that relationship/marriage where I felt stuck more by how intertwined everything was, our finances, legally, whole lives just wrapped up in each other. That was on me for staying so long when those were hurdles I could've faced and I eventually did when tbh he did us both a favor and pulled the plug on it. But I had two teeth knocked out by a previous bf when I tried to leave. I know there's a world of difference between just dragging your feet on leaving someone and.. being trapped by more serious fears. Thats why men who claim to be 'trapped' but are happy to step out and just cheat in the meantime annoy me so much with their woe is me tales.

Miserable marriage.. cheating in the meantime wont help. Actually being horribly abused at home.. hell you're just more likely to end up being killed if you cheat and get caught. But somehow men in a 'meh' marriage will justify cheating as if they had no other option. Their marriages aren't that bad. Its a tale they spin. A man who wants to leave will leave. Usually he's still getting something provided at home and wants the best of both worlds.

No. 1600090

What is the point of restaurants listing numbers publicly if they dont pick up the phone? I just want to ask the manager if they found my wallet. The corporate office has no reachable number. I had to email them just to not get an answer.
This place is an hour away and I now have to waste my time getting back there to confirm a simple yes or no. Why is everyone so phone avoidant? For fucksakes

No. 1600097

I got too excited with my new printer and ran out of black ink….

No. 1600117

I'm so fucking horny but I've had 0 sex drive for a lot of my relationship and now my bf is used to not having sex and he's also kind of resentful in a playful way but it's annoying fuckkkk I want to fuck all day long. I'm literally considering having a vibrator delivered bc I don't have the car rn and he's gone

No. 1600118

The company I work for has always been pet friendly, mostly so people don't leave their dogs locked in a hot/cold car for hours while they shop plus there's a pet store nearby. This made sense when I worked at my old location, but now I work at a shopping mall and people still ask if they can bring their dogs in. At first I didn't mind because seeing a cute, fluffy dog made my day and owners were much more courteous. Now, it's a complete 180 and they're entitled fucks, or maybe they always have been idk. They bring in their yappy, unkempt dogs with fake 'service dog' vests to shop around the whole mall, and knowing some of the dogs they bring in aren't even house trained. They shit and piss on our floors and some employees have had to clean up after these shitbag owners. Why is this so rampant now? It's only dogs, you'd never see a cat owner bring in their cat on a leash or any other animal. Not to mention some of these owners are bold enough to bring in pitbull mixes that aren't even legal in my province. People should be able to shop and work in peace without a dog jumping at them or barking throughout the whole store. I don't get it.

No. 1600121

I hate hate hate when my brother is obsessed with something for a long period of time but then if I talk about that same thing to make conversation he acts like he doesn't care and almost makes me feel like I'm the obsessed one?? Like bitch you were talking about this thing all the time, you have merch of this damn thing but you act odd if I talk about that thing. I don't fucking understand this.

No. 1600139

I've been reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles for a while and all this talk about blood and sucking and hot vampires have definitely made me start thinking about blood play. Lestat, fuck you for being a sexy, cocky, asshole!

No. 1600151

No, I appreciate you being blunt. I've been pissed off at myself for missing him even after all of this shit, but hearing this from anons like you has helped. It's getting easier to detach myself from things as the days pass, but it's only been like 3 days. I tried to keep my expectations low-to-non-existent regarding this working out, but I guess I fucked up somewhere. It's just stupid af because I knew that if he was willing to do this to his wife after being with her for like 1/3 of his life, there's no way he wouldn't do the same to someone else/me. So, I don't really know why I even put myself in this situation. Validation, maybe?

I'm also sorry that you went through something similar.
It's a shame that it's hard to know when men are genuinely being sincere/kind without ulterior motives. I was very ill earlier this year and beyond stressed with uni demands and he was very kind; to think that this likely was all manipulative behaviour is nauseating. It puts me off wanting to date other men because you never know if they're going to be a scrote.

No. 1600169

Im so fucking lonely and bored that I've started putting effort into gaining more online followers. If I had a loving fanbase I could delude myself into thinking I'm socially well adjusted and fulfilled. (I know this isn't true)

No. 1600174

I read the vampire Lestat in 10th grade and that shit was amazing. It was during the peak of Twilight and I remember wanting to talk about Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, but everyone else just wanted to talk about glitter fags.

No. 1600189

Is there any hope for me

No. 1600200

I talk retarded shit when someone suddenly wakes me up and my brain is half asleep. It's either talking dumb shit or being super scared with tachycardia, so I really HATE when someone wakes me up because I'm either scared as fuck or making a fool of myself. My mom still doesn't fucking believe and she thinks I'm doing it on purpose to piss her off but my brain honestly believes those things I'm saying. Like last time I got woken up by a doorbell and my mom screamed to me to check who that was. I was still half asleep, and that night I was also watching Scarface and my brain just mixed it with reality. I looked through the peephole and there was some delivery guy, but at that moment my brain saw Tony Montana and I immediately came back to bed scared. My mother comes to me
>Who was it?
>Very funny, but seriously who was it?
And then I fell asleep and later my mother was pissed off at me for the entire day because she thought I didn't open the door on purpose because I was lazy and I lied to her for fun.

No. 1600235

Yes, but you need therapy or some close friends to talk this shit through with. Sounds like you don't trust anyone enough to talk about it, so, since you're in college, I hope they offer therapy and you should try to go. If they don't offer, then you should try to find a therapist. And you can also try opening up just a little bit to any non-judgemental friends you have.

Also, google "racist ocd", read the articles and see if they apply to you or offer any self-help advice that you can try. Obsessive-compulsive disorder can cause fears about committing racism or being a racist. I have no idea if you have OCD or not, but either way, they articles can probably help.

Regarding the seating situation, no one cares where you sit in a college class, so sit where ever you want. And congrats on pushing your self to try and get better. If you want to sit in the seat you sat in in the first class, get to class a little early so you can get that seat. If you want to sit next to, sit next to. If you want sit in the back, sit in the back.

Long story short, you are in your head too much and seem to have some formed some bad ideas about yourself. The best way to counteract this is to learn how to counter those ideas in your head, and form a supportive relationship who with someone who won't be an ass if you make a mistake and can give you advice on how to come across to people the way you want to come across to people.

No. 1600238

Your mom is a dumbass. My mom says all kind of stupid things when she is woken up and no one has ever thought that she was faking. Sorry that you have to deal with that.

No. 1600257

Why does being around other people make me feel braindead? I was very well read when I was a NEET. I was good at arguments, even when it was only online, I had good memory etc. Now I'm just dumb. Because of my work and being around people I not only can't find the time but also the motivation and energy to read and gain knowledge. I'm so tired from work and socializing I only sleep during weekends. I sleep for 2 days and I'm still tired. I feel like I already forgot lots of things I knew on various topics. I often struggle to find words when I talk. My vocabulary is very poor in comparison to when I was in high school. Sometimes I literally stop mid sentence because I can't find the proper word to use or I want to remember some word but I can't. I'm scared I have early alzheimer or something. Why is it happening to me? It's been two years and it's getting worse

No. 1600286

Wrote a novel of a vent and was just about finished when I accidentally pressed the link to apply as a farmhand and lost it all. It's probably for the best, it was deranged. Time to go off and drink my sorrows and pretend I'm normal and happy to be alive.

No. 1600288

It could be a lot of simple, treatable things. It could be anemia, a vitamin deficiency, some other physical thing out of wack, depression, anxiety, or it could just be you work too many hours. I would go to my doctor to have my blood tested and see if anything is too high or too low and get screened for anything that could cause a lack of energy. If that turned out ok, I would go see a therapist and get screened for any condition that could cause a lack of energy and just spend a couple of sessions just talking about this and see if they could offer any suggestions. I would also try to cut down on work hours, if possible, and maybe not socialize for a couple of weeks to see if that affected how I feel.

No. 1600296

File: 1686186178995.jpg (68.03 KB, 1034x1011, Fxpn3eVagAAhGqx.jpg)

You strong independent bitches or whatever can keep that energy. I need a man so bad. I need rugburn on my face from chest hair. Can't yaya sisterhood my way into happiness.

No. 1600301

I get this too. I feel immediately drained and almost sick, like I'm not able to think properly, whenever I'm around other people. The moment I'm alone again I feel way better. You should definitely check for possible medical causes like the other anon said but for me I've always assumed I was just on the extreme end of introversion, where even the slightest social interaction or just being in the presence of people is exhausting.

No. 1600306

This thread's fucking hilarious. The farmers become the farm.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1600313

Hyaluronic acid is a godsend. I started a weekly rub on my face and neck and my skin is flourishing. Without that, honey water or olive oil have done some magic too.

Keratin is also a godsend for hair. I mean replenish what is naturally in you and you will be healthy and happy, no need for fancy products or expensive treatments

No. 1600314

Don't be mean

No. 1600332

And how was your day cunt

No. 1600354

I feel so alone today and it doesn't even bother me. I'd prefer this than fighting with someone to care about me in a way they never will. Men who put me on a pedestal but don't care about anything I say. Men who take out their frustration on me or the animals I love. Men who never see the work I do to keep them happy.

No. 1600382

I wish my brother would get his shit together so I don't have to bear the responsibility of being the sole functional child for my parents. He gets a lot of excuses made for him and his shit behavior and immaturity because he's got ~mental illness~. Everyone assumes he's so much worse off than me "so really, have some sympathy anon!" when the truth is I'm struggling almost as much as he is but I have to keep up the illusion of being okay so my parents don't have heart attacks out of worry. I think he might kill himself one day and if he does I will be pissed off at him forever. But honestly his life is such a pathetic shell that I don't know what would be worse for the family, him dying early and getting it over with or living like a (rude, insensitive, careless) leach off of my parents for the rest of their days. You get to have break downs and act like a 14 year old with no responsibilities even though you're an adult because of your mentalllll ilnessssss meanwhile I have to deal with the same shit you do due to our shit genes all while never being able to let anyone know how bad I really am. Not that it would even help, though, I don't think it's fixable, but at least I care enough about our parents to not lay around like a worm and die while they're still around.

No. 1600395

i return
girlies should i be concerned if employees at my work have either been there for years or are brand new? absolutely no in between
also i haven't been trained much because 1 person has to train 4 brand new people including me lmao

No. 1600406

I haven’t seen my best friend in years since we moved to opposite ends of the country but we finally were both in our hometown today!
She broke up with her highschool boyfriend finally! and got a girlfriend and i was so excited to meet another lesbian! and she’s been telling me how great this girl is and

No. 1600407

File: 1686195217306.gif (2.99 MB, 583x405, 33331CB3-3741-4201-856F-E4BB15…)

Nobody responded in the confessions thread so I’m posting again here. Some bitch turned my friend against me and my family. I sent her and her mother glitter bombs because they’re both neat freaks. And I know the bitch in question has white carpet in a rental and is a racist. Bitches will be finding glitter all over for ages.

Also neither her nor her mother have any pets or I wouldn’t have sent glitter bombs. They’re such pieces of shit they don’t even have pets despite being able to afford them. Pickme cunts rot in hell. Why the fuck would you be with a moid if you thought you had to make him hate every other person that had ever been in his life? Now her mommy and daddy bankrolls them both doing coke and going to raves all the time.

My ex friend is also dead to me and no apologies will make this betrayal okay. He really is just a stupid fucking scrote. Enjoy your ugly pickme gf who also happens to be fat as fuck, I know you love how her mom and dad fund y’all’s coke habit, and now you’re a racist who doesn’t believe in mental illness all of a fucking sudden? Hope you get arrested and go to prison it’s where you belong.

No. 1600417

Ewww stay safe, ur friend is probs miserable and trooning herself soon

No. 1600418

Anon we have the same brother

No. 1600419

Sounds like youre way more obsessed with him than he ever was with you, sux he didn’t pick you huh

No. 1600425

I broke up with him and never wanted to get back together, but he was always considered a member of my family and was always a warm and supportive friend. We were not at all compatible relationship wise but we were great friends who always had each other’s backs.

I was excited that he’d gotten into a good relationship for him and couldn’t wait to meet her, I wanted to do a double date. Controlling cunt wouldn’t let him. My Nigel is hot and hung af and we’ve been together for a long time and he supports my NEETlife. I’m assblasted about my entire family being betrayed by this stupid scrote. He basically spat in all of our faces when we supported him for years.

No. 1600428

ill never know the right answer. i have never wanted kids and feel disgusted and nauseous thinking about pregnancy, wont ever get a pap smear, never will use a tampon, and only touch my vagina to wash in the shower. im okay with regular sex but wont touch my own vagina. my parents dont even expect me to have kids, they're really supportive and tell me to only have them when i know i want them and otherwise don't care if i dont. i feel horrible about it though, a defunct human being, a broken female. a few female relatives have recently had babies and it disturbs me and i avoid them. i feel positive for them and know intellectually it is a happy thing. but the emotional side of my brain is disturbed by this. seems many respectful non perverted men all want kids. i cant do that. im disturbed by having a period and havent had one in over two years, i have nightmares about having a period sometimes. i have an eating disorder and horrible body dysmorphia. i study biology and will graduate soon, i know intellectually how important reproduction is and why most people feel the innate drive to reproduce. where is mine? i am wired wrong. i am dysfunctional. i have no abuse history or trauma. what is wrong with me? i know how to act when i need to but it's probably not that convincing. sometimes it's really hard to be around families with young children, i feel fear and don't know what error is in my brain. i don't wanna be around it and children make me feel nervous, it sucks because of course children especially little girls are very drawn to me, i'm 24 and put a lot of effort into my appearance and they seem very enchanted by me and i am so autistic i just don't know what to do or say. i feel that children should be protected but other than that my motherly instinct is mostly towards my dog. i dont want kids and no one can make someone want kids. but why am i like this? i would gladly trade my fertility to an infertile nona here who would like children, i am just a waste and a defunct woman. life feels like a tragedy for me. i'm not even against raising children, i just cannot bear the thought of pregnancy or childbirth! and i wont do surrogacy because i think its immoral (imagine bonding with the baby inside you for 9 months only to have to give the baby to someone else??) also i am obsessed with death, death is much more interesting to me. i am not suicidal but we know how life is made, death can be caused by thousands of things, and is just more mysterious and intriguing. even the career i want is based around death. i like who i am but i cant help but feel like a bad person for feeling confused about how anyone would want these things and that it's literally normal to reproduce but i feel deeply disturbed and disgusted. am i alone? am i a broken woman??

No. 1600436

There might be a chance you dealt with CSA at an age far too young to remember, although I don't want to put anything in your head because you very well could just have an aversion that has nothing to do with that. I'm really good with kids and I'm not afraid of them or anything, but I had a lot of issues with being touched after infant, toddler, and early adolescent CSA. I cannot physically have children but I do not want to adopt either. I had to get physicals done for sports, and at one point in my early teens the man doing my physical inspection went over my nipples and I just started silently crying and could not stop at all, i didnt say anything but i didnt talk for a couple days for some reason, he was only doing my physical. For a long time I had something they call sad nipple syndrome (LOL) where I would be overwhelmed with fear and go into trauma response and become catatonic when being touched. I did overcome it pretty well for a long time and had a normal sexual life until a different sexual assault in 2018 which undid all progress entirely. I am not autistic though, so I can't imagine how this must feel for you at all. I'd look into sad nipple syndrome maybe?? just to see if it sounds familiar though lol, you don't have to have been CSAd to have it. I admittedly only have a limited knowledge on autism, so I'm aware it could possibly be a sensory issue for you, but I dont think you should consider yourself a waste for this. Your value is a person isnt tethered to having children. You aren't a womb. You are a person and you have no obligation to continue the species or bloodline or wtfever. There's nothing wrong with you taking your life one day at a time and staying within your boundaries if they aren't personally harmful. And honestly, complete pseudoscience but a cool cope to carry is that your body is telling you that you have some propensity to stillbirth, defects, or something equally hard on your body so it's preserving itself. You are a person not an incubator.

No. 1600446

im so mad he didn't accept my request to follow aaaaaaaaaaaa why won't he let me in? what's wrong with this moid? it makes my anxiety rise so much i cant take it i hate hate hate rejection

No. 1600451

Idk, women didn't really have a choice in the matter throughout the majority of human history, so their 'natural desires' weren't relevant. I think if it were as natural as people claim there wouldn't have been so many artificial structures in place to uphold it (forced monogamy, exclusion from public life, social expectation etc).

No. 1600464

Nonnies I think I'm gonna have to make a decision soon. And a very big serious one. I can't help it anymore. I can't keep repressing myself and what I felt about what my parents had done to me at a young age. The emotions that I've felt from that time are very strong and present today to where I can't help but reasonably lash out at them, having a constant attitude around them. My reactions are very reasonable and make sense because of what they did to me. I honestly can never forgive them even if it's happened years ago because it impacts my future so heavily even today. My life is fucked up and ruined because of them. Anyway back to the big decision I have to make…. I'm gonna have to move out, I can't take anymore of this. I feel like I'm gonna snap. I I cant take it. It's so hard. I don't know where I'm gonna go. I wanna go to my grandma's house but I feel like my aunt will be a bitch to me. I really want to move out and get a job. I really need to and I've realized that I need to give

No. 1600465

Up my dream of being a independent contractor for the time being and just focus on making money at some job that requires me being at a kitchen sink, washing dishes and what not. I really hate this but I just can't help it no more. I can't keep doing this to myself. It's taking toll on my body and mind. I can't help it. I need to get out of here. It's so had for my mental health being here.

No. 1600466

I'm gonna be ordering a suitcase online, or I'm gonna have to convince my mom to take me to a store so I can get some.

No. 1600496

My little cat just took a shit on my blanket was I was sleeping and I only woke up as she tried to bury it. So I had to now clean up the shit, wash my blanket, and lie here in this lingering stench. Damn it.

No. 1600508

My only friend throughout my childhood was an edgy teenage boy from the balkans and it really fucked me up growing up and I've developed a lot of his mentality and habits, and he's a very disgusting person so imagine. Though I'm always defending him when it comes to one detail, and I need nonnas opinions on this, is it grooming if he was 17 and I was 14?
BUT for context, initially I had lied about my age for 2 years(was saying I was the same age as him) and when I told him the truth he was understandably angry and skeptical but kept me around though he used me as an outlet to bully and hurt. When I tell everyone this story they say even then as the older figure he should have split ways and that I was technically groomed but I don't know. The guy was a shitty influence in my life but at the same time he was just a teenager, I don't think he could've made the rational decision either. I'm torn

No. 1600515

I don't think the distinction as to whether it is grooming or not even matters because he chose to do those hateful things to you when you revealed the truth, and that is vile.

Why are you defending him at all? You've acknowledged he's disgusting and that he's had a negative impact on your life. I think what's more important is you detaching yourself from this person's hold over you. You have agency, you are your own person, and you are strong. Don't let his mere existence sully any aspect of your life; he isn't worth it.

No. 1600527

I really can’t stand children. Especially male children. I feel nothing and i’ve been wondering if going through so much trauma at 15-20 at the hands of a physically abusive moid fried my empathy and nurturing instincts as a woman. definitely i won’t be able to be a mother

No. 1600533

my ex came to despise me for very good reasons i wont go into, he never gave me closure but i got my answers just by his attitude. no longer in any mutual online circles and i blocked him on discord a while ago but just now he removed me on anything he had me added on or followed me on. and a visit is the last thing i'd do to him, just means he's moving on from me now. i wish i could just… take it all back, just now i messaged him on fb two words- "take care" and he will probably turn his nose in disgust at it. why am i so hardbent over this? i dont know why i am… i have my reasons to be upset at him too because he practically abandonned me before breaking up but i guess all i can do now is move on too. my heart aches thinking about him though, its been 2 months since he broke it off

No. 1600542

I think I've let it sully me enough because over 10 years, I've ruined 2 relationships for him. The entire problem with me was him, so I don't know why I could not move on I think I was just a really lonely and dependant kid. I was not the kindest to him let me add, I used to cut my wrists to get back at him for hurting me which probably traumatized him- common manipulation tactic right. Used to argue with him, blow up his notifications and call him every name in the book because of how he hurt me. Even as a kid I hated him so much.
Do I feel bad? No, just… conflicted. Do I feel anything for him? Nah, recently thought I still loved him but that was just because he's basically the key to all my memories, now it's just anger.
And I don't know why I continue to defend him, it might just be me realizing I was a shitty person to him as well but ya know at the same time he has been cutting my friendships and isolating me with exposure of stuff I have said and done (out of context.) - his revenge for something I did that hurt him recently. This dude is convinced I shit talked about him to everyone who knew me but in reality it was only some group on World of Warcraft server like 6 years ago.
Sorry this was not meant to be an entire novel but it could have been longer due to the effect he had on me, all he has done to me and I really needed to get this off my chest. And I know it's sillier because it's an internet friend thing but the internet was basically all I was on for my tweens and teen-into-adult years.

No. 1600545

Ear infection so severe I feel like I'm dying. Never underestimate earaches nonas, I've never experienced this level of pain in my life. It's day 3, pain meds barely helping anymore, too swollen to hear out of let alone poke at which I'm 99% sure would make me vomit from the pain if I tried, the area has spread to the entire right side of my head and part of my other ear, can't sleep, and I have an on and off fever. It's like getting beat in the head with a metal bat every 20~ seconds.

No. 1600549

Can you afford to go to the ER or doctor? I hope you feel better nona

No. 1600553

I'll think about it, my ears have always been fucked up so I usually I try to wait these out first but none of the previous ones got any more painful than some particularly bad cramps or a migraine at most. This is ridiculous lmfao I'm impressed by the intensity and tenacity.

No. 1600555

And thank you for the kind words, anon!

No. 1600588

Soon. I have had enough of this place. I hope my friend can help me, but I'll need to pave my own way forward of course.

No. 1600598

I believe in you

No. 1600603

File: 1686223118357.jpeg (576 KB, 1500x1700, IMG_4393.jpeg)

I’m going on a trip with new friends that includes swimming. Problem is, I am a lardass (close to picrel but without the airbrush) and I don’t know if I should participate to spare everyones eyes.

No. 1600605

The world not giving me a job like I can afford it, I'm about to lose my mind

No. 1600606

participate and make sure everyone sees your lardass self, assert dominance wearing a bikini instead of a onepiece.

No. 1600609

don't miss out on things anon, you will regret it later. if you feel really uncomfortable wear a tshirt and give some excuse like "i'm scared of getting sunburned on my shoulders" if somebody questions it

No. 1600619

enjoy that trip, nonna. I've declined so many invites because I hated my body and let me tell you, no one cares about your body as much as you do and you will regret it later if you don't enjoy yourself and have an amazing time. Wear a bikini, onepiece, t-shirt, whatever you feel most comfortable with, don't forget the sunscreen and have fun.

No. 1600620

>don't miss out on things anon, you will regret it later.
This. I'm very shy and also have body issues and have spent much of my life on the sidelines. When I had cancer I regretted this so much, it's so silly to stop yourself from having fun because of your body image. In the moment the anxiety feels crushing, so I completely get it, but you will regret it later. Now I'm in remission I stopped giving a fuck and go to nudist beaches. Turns out everyone looks weird naked; life is too short to hide. Go have fun and show as much skin as you're comfortable with!

No. 1600621

Things are slowly getting worse, but it's so gradual it's like how water flow would make a cave window out of limestone.

No. 1600623

nona i also felt this way up until about a year ago when i realised nobody is truly staring at you, or caring as much as you think they are. i held back so much on vacations hiding away because i hated my arms, negative body image sadly limits your experiences in life. despite still having these struggles, letting go of the "watched" feeling is a huge worry off your shoulder.

No. 1600626

Almost everyone treats me like I am a complete idiot.. when I am smarter than they are and I am well educated it's just that I look young and I am not the most outgoing and social person. It's exhausting, all I can think is how to constantly take advantage of it since I know it will never change.

No. 1600627

Nta but I've actually been laughed at many times in public, so people do sometimes stare and judge. It actually made my anxiety so much worse.

No. 1600632

tayrt- me too, and i am highly autistic and my perception of myself is very warped and negative, however choosing to push through the negative experiences can be difficult its important for building self esteem to realise that the way you look is nothing to do with other people around you, and those who stare or laugh and make comments are ignorant and shallow people. i dress alternatively and so this is still a huge issue all the time, but i chose to make it less of an issue by altering my mindset to a "these people suck and do not understand my vision" type of mindset lol

No. 1600633

I hate how I can’t escape male degeneracy as long as men are around. Literally in a server dedicated to a certain video game fandom and two of them start posting “cunny” memes at each other completely unironically. Males stop being flagrant pedophiles for 1 fucking second challenge.

No. 1600636

Thanks for the words of encouragement nonnas, I honestly expected to be told to ”kys fatty” kek

I am slowly losing weight (13 pounds so far in a couple months) but I still have long way to go. I’m not near my goal weight but maybe I should say fuck it and participate anyway.

Yeah they do. I remember me and my ex gf were vacationing in a country with mostly thin people, we were at the beach and good lord we got bad looks for both being fatties (there was absolutely no PDA so it wasn’t that). And in my home country people give nasty looks a lot too even when a majority people are overweight. I mean I get it, I’m a potential public health care resource sink but it still doesn’t feel great.

No. 1600639

that's great nona! that seems like a healthy amount to have lost in 2 months. take this as an achievement in itself and go out and participate and have fun

No. 1600646

Sorry O want to be clear I am not overweight, and so I think it had more to do with my mannerisms and clothing, which was normal clothing but still. I am never really sure but I have observed myself when I am anxious and I look really awkward, but even when I wasn't anxious I've been laughed at for walking down the street, eating a snack alone in the park, slipping on ice in the winter, but it was abroad where I was a n obvious foreigner so in those cases it was racism, but I am still awkward ao wherever I go I get a lot of people pestering me in public, and my anxiety increases, and I just try to be alone often.

No. 1600652

you should try to key yusef to solve this problem

No. 1600656

different anon but once i read something that stuck with me. "what other people think of me is none of my business" and i've kind of lived by that for a long time. as someone who also dresses alternatively i think it's allowed me to have more fun.

No. 1600659

Sorry for assuming you were a fatty too kek! But yeah people do stare for all kinds of reasons and it’s uncomfortable. I try to think they do not actually stare at me, maybe they were just in a bad mood and happened to glance at your direction?

No. 1600664

did you eat a plate of nigger nipples for breakfast?(Racebait)

No. 1600675

yes, I also got laughed at, I got bullied my whole time in school, but it's true, in the end, no one cares. The people laughing at you or bullying you forget you the minute you are out of sight, they make your life horrible because they know no other way to feel good about themselves. I know that it's hard and every year I need at least one month to be able to wear short sleeves in summer (I have scars, people stare, some comment, some even touch). The thing that works the best is staring back at those people and not taking any shit. It's your life, why shouldn't you enjoy it? Like >>1600620 nonna (hope you are doing amazing) wrote, you might get something like cancer and that puts everything into another perspective.

No. 1600677

File: 1686228746211.jpg (104.57 KB, 1614x984, maomi.jpg)

Why do they keep promoting this shit?

>Some videos cost less than a dollar. The site even once allowed users to order tailor-made abuse videos. We also found links on DingBuZhu to two other websites - Chihan and Jieshe - with the same type of content. There is a Telegram group with 4,000 members who share tips on how to sexually abuse women.

DAE remember that teen girl who had her photos hacked from the cloud (?) and uploaded to some niche site and they kept reporting on where her fucking nudes could be found.


And why do they always look like that? Whatever the nationality they look like that kek.

No. 1600681

you got bullied your whole life and now you live in a terf hugbox what a shocker. you are ugly btw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1600682

tayrt, the great wise azaelia banks once said "your problem with me is your problem" or something. i paraphrased haha

No. 1600684

my goodness i thought this was RiceGum.

No. 1600696

learn to read and cry that you don't have an uterus or real boobs, stupid moid(Bite)

No. 1600702

Don't reply to the retarded troon.

No. 1600705

I know, but sometimes I have to take the bait

No. 1600708

Rita here. you ate a nigger dick!(IP Hopping Troll)

No. 1600713

It's okay. Well I understand the language and they all very loudly said something like "haha look at that foreigner hahahaha I hate foreigners" So yeah it was probably racism (oh well face) That's bot even the only time, I've walked past people just conversing and they were just complaining about foreigners being in their country at all, very explicitly saying they hate them. If I say the country it might trigger people but I will say it happens a lot there, businesses often ban foreign people, policies are unfair to foreign people with medical care, and it's a country with increasing tourism. They were all younger people too, not older people surprisingly. Who knows what their problem is, I think younger people are really cunty these days.

No. 1600714

Oh wow that sounds fucking awful. What country if you don't mind sharing?

No. 1600719

don't care if it triggers people, please share the country. For me, the most hated tourists where I live are tourists from my own country, they are loud, rude and disgusting, while foreigners are mostly polite and a little confused.

No. 1600722

Go where you want, wear what you want, do what you want and say what you want. Fuck em. Your description could apply to so many countries, unfortunately. Don't ever worry about potential triggered nonas. Sane people understand how different our experiences can be depending on who we are.

No. 1600723

File: 1686233714610.jpg (78.23 KB, 594x445, tumblr_op156mnZFe1vkgjmeo1_640…)

bump cp

No. 1600727

Alright but I will disclaimer that this is a worldwide problem. Some people are kind and some people are rude everywhere, and I lived in this country longer so of course I have more experiences but it is not the only place I have been treated this way. These instances were in South Korea.

No. 1600732

File: 1686234259859.jpg (117.26 KB, 939x1087, 1622960598317.jpg)

I hate the national slap-fighting when it comes to discussing the problems of western healthcare.
>Americans: LOL Leaf tribe's doctors euthanize people and force them to wait even when bleeding
>Canadians: And Burger tribe doctors make people pay billions to fix scratch!
Can we just agree that the entirety of western health care has a fuck load of problems that are becoming unsustainable?

No. 1600735

Thank you for the reply nona. I was feeling really anxious yesterday but I chilled out by playing Payday 2. I’ll probably just sit in the row in front of where I was yesterday just because I’m conflicted and don’t want to be annoying, but also to have a plan (and partially because I want to see the board better because I was way in the back, and I wear glasses). I think I have OCD for multiple reasons but there’s a lot of similarities between what I experience and people on the OCD subreddit, and people with POCD except replace pedophilia with racism

No. 1600736

I need that update, was it good?

No. 1600737

I hate waifufags so much
I hate male otaku so much
I hate moids so much
They could all go extinct tomorrow and the world would heal. I hate the garbage industry that panders to them and makes all waifushit units broken while husbandos end up “situational” or “just alright”. You faggots already made the waifu:husbando ratio off-scale by releasing a new female character every fucking month and the one rare time you release a male character you make him mediocre. Fuck you all and kill yourselves. I JUST FUCKING KNOW if they gave the same kit to a female character all of a sudden those “balancing” aspects would suddenly not exist and they’d happily make her broken.

And if I play games that are only exclusively for female players then you have lazy devs that put zero passion or effort into the game and make it entirely P2W because they know retarded women will paypig anyway without complaining. Why cant anyone care enough to make a thriving market for female otaku when you all KNOW there are a lot of them? I hate this fucking gay earth I cant even enjoy my hobbies fully because moids ruin everything

No. 1600738

whine whine wah wah bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1600741

Are you talking about genshin?

No. 1600742

Man you know you hate yourself when trying to take a selfie makes you start crying

No. 1600744

I feel you. I live in a country with diverse skin colors and features and it's obvious certain features and lighter skin is the desired look for women here, men even go out of their way to marry foreign women with light skin, hair and eyes.

But that aside, even as a kid not knowing about looks, beauty or skin colors, I hated the way I looked and hated my skin color and asked mom about it, she obviously lied to me but in a weird way saying ugly dark skinned girls grow up to be pretty light skinned girls and I genuinely believed and would check my skin color to see if it got lighter every once in a while.

Features wise, I was surrounded by mostly equally ugly or even uglier girls but it more has to do with the failure of a culture here and bad diets and malnourishment as well as inbred genes and weird inherited illnesses. I have a mix of all of these and they affected the way I look so much on top of my skin color and my skin being too sensitive to friction thanks to melanin, now I have tons of hyperpigmentation on my body and it looks gross in the mirror when I'm naked. My weight is also a problem where I'm near underweight due to the aforementioned circumstances but also have a high body fat percentage so I'm basically skinny fat and it's so gross and worrisome to me because I'm concerned about my health and if the fat is wrapped around my organs or something. And I hate that I'm short as well because it accentuate the ugliness of my body and face.

My face looks like most average people here which is ugly and obviously inbred as well as hyperpigmented around eyes, nose, and mouth and it's very frustrating. What makes it even worsr is I have a big crooked noose and I sort of look like a man and it drives me insane.

Sometimes I try to be positive and say I'll just eat healthy, work out, and get reconstruction facial surgery and other needed medical treatments. But other times I feel like it's too late and pointless to do so and I should just kill myself because it's easier than existing as ugly and worrying about it or trying to be good looking.

No. 1600746

Kill yourself you fucking NEET turd. Fat bitch probably sits in the vent thread refreshing so you can live out your regina george fantasies on lolcow
Nah, Arknights. I heard Genshin is actually pretty favorable towards male characters? Or at least I heard you guys get a lot of them but I’m not sure if they’re meta

No. 1600748

So true, front camers are a crime. Not even back cameras zoomed out and me being far from it by an appropriate distance can make me look good in a picture. I wish I could screenshot my good angles in the bathroom and bedroom mirros. But even having one or two good angles makes me sad because that means the rest of my face/angles don't look good and I need hyper specific circumstances to look good.

No. 1600751

I hope you do, I hope so for myself as well. I'm tired of them.

No. 1600763

I know this is 5 days old but maybe you have hormonal imbalances? I have suicidal thoughts all the time but it's at its peak during my period, and my mom does have sever hormonal imbalances so I suspect I do, too. Maybe that's what causes what seems to be a pms? Usually it can be treated with a healthy lifestyle but maybe they'll prescribe you some medicine. Good luck with it! Hope you get well!

No. 1600770

Doubt that surprises anyone. SK was my first guess.

No. 1600772

Start eating a healthy diet with focus on protein and healthy fats and little carbs, complex carbs preferably. And work out as well so your muscles don't get soggy or something after weight loss. Eat healthy for a certain period then have a cheat day, so your body doesn't think you don't have enough food and stops burning calories, then go back to eating healthy and so on until you reached the weight you desire. After that you'll need a routine to sustain it and it'd probably be different but I can't help you with that since I don't have any knowledge on keeping a certain weight. Talk to a dietitian if possible. Good luck!

No. 1600781

Idk if this can help but you can do all of these things alone. You can walk around, listen to music or to the ambience of the place around you, go somewhere nice and eat along. You don't need someone to do that. But I understand longing for friends and fun group activities. I do wish I could have that but I'm ok with doing things alone as well.

No. 1600794

I know loads of people who lost weight with The Fast 800.

No. 1600796

I know loads of people who lost weight with The Fast 800.

No. 1600806

I hate how my husband's first kneejerk reaction to any bad is to blame me. The drawer got stuck and he said "whatever you put in there is jamming it!" And I said "what I'd put in there" and he paused and said "actually I think it was a the grill tongs" (he put thst in there). Another time we were at a resturaunt and there was some queso on the table and I went to dip a chip and he said "not yet its hot" and yanked it away from me, burning his hand in the process. He then said "you burnt me!" And I said "how did I burn you, you grabbed it" and he said "you were impatient". Then I said "did I burn you with my impatience" and he realized how ridiculous that was and we laughed about it a bit. He also said the burn might be to his bone at first, but it never even left a mark. We also joked later about him getting a "bone burn". He is empathetic and will dote on me if anything happens, but he always blames me as a knee-jerk before realizing how ridiculous it is, and that gets annoying. He also gets the worst man-flu about EVERYTHING. I stg a lot of my past boyfriends got man-flu too, they'll get like a knick and act like it's the END OF THE WORLD. I had one who had to go "AUGHH" and put disinfectant and bandage a slight burn from a pan (it was a red mark) and then act like he was out of the commission and bed ridden for the rest of the day. Wtf do people do that? I just leave it and if it hurts real bad I stick it in water until it's better. He was even worse about that than my husband and also more annoying about most things. Wtf causes that, do mothers coddle too hard when their boys get hurt? Is it something else? I'm pregnant with a boy and I'd like to avoid this babyish attitude about injury

No. 1600812

My coworker sometimes acts nice and sometimes mocks me for my autistic traits even though she knows I'm on the spectrum and I explained it to her a couple of times. Like I know it's innocent, but it still hurts me in a way. For example, I do the 't rex hands' sometimes when I'm preoccupied with something or just walking around, and she sometimes laughs at this or worse, mimics this gesture and says something I usually say. She did it today and just repeated what I said and mimicked the t rex hands. I literally can't tell if she's making fun of me or not, or if she thinks it's somehow funny to me also, but sometimes I literally feel like a retard when she does it

No. 1600813

>I GrEw Up ArOuNd GaNgS So It DoEsN't BoThEr Me
Yeah you dumb bitch, so did I. Mexico is literally right there. You know, the place with the cartels you may have seen on tv? People are so fucking stupid about California.

No. 1600817

I’d get her ass fired.

No. 1600818

i don't even know what to vent about specifically everything just feels like too much. i've been also dissociating really hard today, barely finished my work. my friend was such a bitch today too. ugh.

No. 1600819

That's fucked, like I would get doing that once but it's weird how you're the autistic one in this situation but she's the one not reading the situation at all and coming off as a jerk. I would rat her out, that's weird to do even after you asking her to stop.

No. 1600823

sometimes i compulsively lie about small things during conversations to sound more interesting and i hate myself for it because wtf

>birthday is next week

>decide to take a couple days off work as a treat
>co-worker asks if i'm doing anything special
>truth is my bf and i are just going on a short road trip to a museum i want to visit then spending the rest of the time crafting and watching movies and shit
>realizes that sounds kinda boring, decide to lie for no fucking reason
>"uh yeah…my bf is going to take me somewhere as a surprise! not sure where though"
>co-worker is impressed and wonders what the "surprise" could be
>i figure i could just come back after and say the surprise was him taking me to the museum and my fave restaurant
>word spreads at work that "anon's bf is taking her on a surprise trip!!" with people assuming it's going to be this big thing and he might even propose (lol no)
>realize the whole office now has weird high expectations so if i return and say it was something simple, they'll think it's lame
>i can either continue and create some grand birthday story or just disappoint them with the boring story
>why the fuck did i do this

i don't even like my co-workers and i shouldn't care what they think of me, but idk i randomly decided i wanted to sound cool and now i have a bunch of people think i'm getting whisked away on some romantic vaction kek. i could have just told the truth. don't know what's wrong with me

No. 1600830

Good luck anon. Sometimes life is choosing between which situation is least worse, so your grandma's is probably the best choice right now, if you can deal with your aunt being an ass without it messing up your mental health more.

No. 1600832

I tend to randomly lie too, before I even know it happens (over stupid shit, too). Anyways, I don't think it sounds like a road trip to a museum is lame. You like what you like. I would just tell my coworkers when I came back that the museum was the surprise.

No. 1600833

I am in a long term relationship and I fantasize about being single. I want to be with him, but just when I'm happy or having a good time he does or says something retarded and expects me to be so understanding, but when I bring up legitimate issues to him he takes it very personally and tries to escalate things into a fight all the while claiming I'm the one that's itching for a fight.

He has his qualities which is why I haven't left him (although I did get really close to it) but it feels like I'm not talking to the same person I first met and I have started to imagine or have dreams of romantic nature with guy friends of ours. Because we also live together it's so fucking difficult to have my space and go my own way if need be, and our social circles have been intertwined since we met a lot of friends while as a couple.

There's one friend that's really sweet and wholesome that he claims is friends of both of us, but they hang out without me all the time and when I try to hang with him the bf inserts himself so I never get to fucking talk like a friend would. the one time I needed some help and time away from him he does not take the hint and comes and takes up the space and conversation so I can't fucking say anything, and when I told him it felt like he was encroaching in my space and intruding he took it as "I did a good thing and you got pissy about it, it's your fault for being upset that I helped you" when he did jack shit and did not leave despite me asking him if he wants to go home multiple times.

In the past this would be just a rough patch, but it's gotten to the point where I have to remind myself everyday that I want to be with him and I keep fantasizing of hooking up with random men when single.


No. 1600835

Did you post because you wanted people to be like "Yeah, fuck that bitch. Good job on fucking her over." cause the tone you picked for your comment was completely wrong for that. Honestly, you come off as asshole who should have been dropped.

Anyway, sorry your ex-friend picked his gf and money over you, but moids are trash. They abandon their friends for women all the time. But it must hurt when it happens to you instead of it just being an abstract thing men do. Sorry you had to go through that.

No. 1600842

Whenever she does that don't smile even in nervousness. "Why is that funny?"
Make her uncomfortable too

No. 1600843

>girlies should i be concerned if employees at my work have either been there for years or are brand new? absolutely no in between
Congrats on the new job! And maybe. It could be bad luck and everyone just happened to leave in a short time span or it could be the old guard picks on newbies and drives them out. Try to casually bring it up in conversation to see if you can get some info on what happened.

>also i haven't been trained much because 1 person has to train 4 brand new people including me lmao

Google shit related to your job to maybe find some youtube vids or websites so you can do some self training. You shouldn't have to but, yeah, corps are horrible at training people.

No. 1600844

I can't really do anything about her, she has a contract and I don't have it yet, the manager likes her and I'm like whatever. Just wanted to vent

No. 1600847

Trust me, I will, we haven't fucked yet. I wish I could share the dick pics. He's also hot and tall. I'm so scared of fucking this up so much I rolled so well lord help me. I asked if he's ever bottomed out in a girl and he said no only in her throat. Lord have mercy

No. 1600850

That answer was disgusting, I wouldnt sleep with him.

No. 1600852

There is no qualities he could have that makes up for living with the problems you described. Break up with him.

>There's one friend that's really sweet and wholesome that he claims is friends of both of us,

Just ask him to hang out with you?

>despite me asking him if he wants to go home multiple times.

Did you say "Hey, I need to be alone right now, can you go home?" or was it just "Do you want to go home?"

No. 1600854

Late, but, she is mocking you. She doesn't think it's some kind of shared joke. I suggest you be around her as little as possible.

No. 1600856

So's your mama yet someone plugged her and here you are shitposting today

No. 1600860

I'm so tired. In general, of everything. More and more everyday tasks are difficult or beyond me. And I don't know what to do. I want to lie down and stay. Except, preferably, not in this shitty apartment. But it won't be anything else but this, nothing more.

No. 1600863

File: 1686245029899.jpeg (168.92 KB, 850x1202, DD4A1859-ED7D-49E0-95BF-68EFEB…)

This is what I wanted to hear. But yeah I’m just so hurt, I’m probably a crazy bitch but I was only ever kind to him and only ever made friendly gestures to him and his gf. My family made sure he wasn’t homeless when he had nobody else. We were always there for him. All of us. And he just thinks he’s too good for us now? And thinks he’s not mentally ill which is hilarious. He’s batshit insane, but was always the seemingly nice kind of insane. And he just went out of his way to be cruel to me which is such a slap in the fucking face. And so did she! He was never someone who would turn on a friend or be cruel to a friend before he met this pickme ableist bitch. And the only reason he can even relate to this rich chick at all is because my family and I took him on nice vacations and because I introduced him to psychedelics. He basically copied parts of my personality and now acts like he’s above me and my family when we’re the only reason he’s not dead or in prison. Piece of shit. Fuck him for being a phony fuck and fuck her for activating that in him and for her not wanting to be my friend when I was only genuinely nice af. Fake fake fake fake phony fucks I hate fake fucks. I’m the same anon who hates artificially heated air and fuck these smelly artificial hot pieces of shit

No. 1600867

>I asked if he's ever bottomed out in a girl and he said no only in her throat.
What is this coomer shit. Also post his dick, who cares about a moid's privacy.

No. 1600868

File: 1686245644421.gif (786.47 KB, 498x498, 4140F99B-6B20-43E9-A4FD-DF4FD0…)

Samefag but I’ve known this guy for over a decade. Like my parents told the little shit they loved him genuinely and he said it back. We said we’d always have room for him. It’s not just someone I’ve known for a couple years.

No. 1600870

>>1600852 it was more of a "hey, could you get these home?" for gifts this guy brought me to cheer me up or when he asked if we want to go back and hang at our apartment "if you want to go back you can" We hung out in the neighborhood and like at the next block over, since being inside this apartment kind of gives me cabin fever as I work from home. You're right since I should've just asked him directly to go but I was afraid of him making a scene (proved right when I brought it up later in private to spare the friend)

I should break up with him, I know that rationally, i'm just not … ready for the fallout I guess? Once I have enough money saved up for a downpayment in an apartment by myself I'm thinking about it tbh

No. 1600872

No woman who sucks dick, especially deep throating, has self respect. He also doesn't respect you if he does it to you jfyi(Bait )

No. 1600874

>work at restaurant
>autistic male comes in
>goes in bathroom for like 30 min
>comes out and gives me his drink cup for a refill
>manager pulled me aside and warned me to not touch his drink cup with my bare hands
>male coworkers catch him jacking off in the restroom all the time
>he likes to put cum on his drink cup before handing it over for a refill
>he comes in twice a week and stays for 8+ hours to do this multiple times
>he watches porn in the restaurant lobby
>he sits where he can stare at the female workers and touches himself through his pants
>all of the managers and employees know this
>he can't be banned from the restaurant because reasons (???)
>I complain to manager and she gives me a giant jacket to wear to "hide my figure"
nonas I just spent my entire 8 hour shift with him staring at me and touching himself and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I went home and cried. I just started this job a few days ago so I don't want to quit yet but I also don't know if I can handle this motherfucker for 2 entire shifts a week. I feel like a little bitch since it doesn't seem to mentally affect my coworkers very much but fuck

No. 1600877

File: 1686246202660.jpg (22.57 KB, 600x600, images (2).jpg)

What do I care what a walking sex toy respects or feels as long as he performs as advertised

No. 1600878

It would be a funny joke if you put poison in his drink cup haha

No. 1600880

first pap smear today. want to kms. don't know how to talk to the doctor about any of my concerns and i'll probably forget it all anyway once i get in there even though i've written it down because im retarded. i really just wish they were a little nicer there maybe then i'd feel better about going and talking to them kms

No. 1600889

How the fuck have they not banned him… every place I've worked this shit would absolutely be refused service. It he buying a ton while he's there? Maybe he's a cash cow

No. 1600891

Is it a male gyno?
I've had a male gyno before and he was super fucking mean, I have some friends who had the same experience where male gynos are really condescending and rude. I only go to female gynos and therapists now

No. 1600896

Would a modest/high-coverage swimsuit make you feel more comfortable maybe? You deserve to have fun with your friends.

No. 1600899

I miss my nan and granddad so much. Visiting them always made me feel better because their house was so full of love. They were a wonderful couple and so much fun to talk to. Never took themselves too seriously, but always there for me with any advice or support I needed. Just wanna hang out with them one last time.

No. 1600900

no, he'll buy 1 meal and nibble at it for 8 hours. The manager said that only employees have caught him so far and a manager needs to catch him jacking off to get banned. This seems like a bullshit excuse though. The restauraunt I work at is upscale and frequented by very very rich people, my personal theory is his daddy is good friends with the owner, owns part of the company, or something like that.

No. 1600907

NTA but can you or a colleague maybe try and film him when he's touching himself in the restaurant (gross, I know) and send footage to the police?

No. 1600908

Today was better I sat in a closer seat but the kid that I was like. Worried I made him uncomfortable/was weird towards wasn’t here today. Which makes me nervous that I was the cause but he was also not there the previous day so. But I was able to interact normally with another black student and I didn’t overthink so much. I know that sounds lame and stuff like ohmygod nona you weren’t a piece of shit wow good for you but I think it’s a sign of improvement for me tbh that I’m not being weird or treating people differently. I just want to be normal pretty much. Not care about people’s differences even though my brain makes me think rude and judgmental things. This other student I started getting to know on the first day sat next to me today also so that made me feel more relaxed cause she was familiar and friendly to me. And I’m more confident that I’ll be normal going forward.

No. 1600910

A guy who I never even met in person is borderline harassing me by trying to contact me countless times even though I made it clear I did not want to continue talking in any capacity, I’m so annoyed and honestly a little scared.

No. 1600913

You sound like the really toxic and clingy female friend some guys have… I'm sorry you probably needed to let him go. And also "they're such bitches they don't even have pets when they can afford them" actually what?? And making fun of another woman's weight is prime pickme idk wtf you are calling her out for

No. 1600917

File: 1686247730081.png (1.04 MB, 1244x860, image-6.png)

>a lot of them
I'm pretty sure the ratio is like 1 male to 3 females and half the strongest male characters are unbalanced units from the base version. Most are either bad, mid, outclassed by a waifu, or rely on waifus to be strong same as a lot of co-ed gachas.

Anyway come play tale of food global before that eos hits anon there's clothing damage and a gay bird man who wants to kill himself

No. 1600920

everything smells like vomit to me right now

No. 1600921

I didn't see these until now, thank you anons. I really appreciate the advice. I've been trying to eat more protein (chicken) in my meals to make me full for longer, but I kinda hate eating so much meat. I will try protein powder.
>Eat healthy for a certain period then have a cheat day, so your body doesn't think you don't have enough food and stops burning calories
How often are cheat days supposed to be? Or is it a "everyone's different" type of thing?

No. 1600926

>Be me
>Go to lolcor.farm
>Longjing Xiaren and Zitui Yan on the front page
But also based.

No. 1600930

Call the police anonymously next time

No. 1600940

I really wish I was born a male anons. Everything would be so much easier. If I were a male I wouldn't have to hear my father say that my kind deserves to be murdered, and he would love me like he loves my older brother. My mother would be groveling at my feet and would be willing to get called a stupid whore just like she does with my brother. Instead I'm the piece of shit that's there to clean , be nice and look pretty (and I can't do the latter, because of course I'm ugly). I'm weak and worthless so my father feels like he can say and do anything, because what am I going to do? I'm so miserable. If my parents hated having a daughter so much then they should have just aborted and tried again for a boy.

No. 1600945

I'm not any of the anons, but have you considered getting an exercise bike? I used to struggle keeping my boxing weight because I love to eat so I would just cycle a few hours a day in front of the tv and it really helped. Even now I still do cardio daily because for me it's more tolerable than eating healthy all the time.

No. 1600951

>How often are cheat days supposed to be?
3,500 calories = 1lb. of fat. So you can calculate your weekly calorie intake (at the deficit you choose obvi) and work in cheat days that way. Or you can keep it simple and just have a cheat day every week or every 4 days or whatever you need to keep you on track.

Seconding an exercise bike if you have the space for it. I think even those little ones that are essentially just a set of pedals would be fine. The fact that I can get up and ride the bike exactly when motivation hits helps me a lot. I'm not good with planning and going to the gym.

No. 1600973

Lmao that sounds just like Arknights, except I think the male to female ratio is even worse. These tard companies wonder why we dont whale "as much" when they skew their favoritism so hard and barely make it feel worth rolling or spending. And then waifufags think they have the right to seethe when they get everything on a silver platter.
>tale of food
Hah I actually play ToF too and its so fucking refreshing from what I'm normally used to. My only fear is about the inevitable EoS but I'm still trying to enjoy it while I can. Hopefully by some miracle the server lives for a while.

No. 1600985

as a husbandofag gacha player tbh it is kinda true that we don't whale "as much" because we put our money into physical merchandise way more instead. if stuff like arknights has bad physical merch (their merch is pretty lackluster) we won't spend on that as much

i noticed girl whales, when they do spend on the game, usually gravitate to idol stuff like sekai or enstars

No. 1600989

>Whenever she does that don't smile even in nervousness. "Why is that funny?" Make her uncomfortable too
Then she would say my behavior is pathetic or something along those lines, she once told me that already. I'm trying to cut her off but after that she's mocking me even more often than before, when I was still around her, like spending breaks at work together etc. Then another shy girl started working with us and now she's her 'bestie' but she's not an autist like me. I just feel they talk about me behind my back. When I visibly avoid someone or something she immediately notices

No. 1601003

Wow she is a bully. I'd escalate. Complain about her. At the very least keep a record from now on. Write this stuff down including times and dates. (Ntayrt btw)

No. 1601007

I don't disagree, phys merch is extremely popular among female players but even in AK's case they didn't bother releasing a fig of the last male limited but for some reason released a fig of the female limited after him straight away.
Logically speaking if you release only 1 male every few months while releasing a new waifu literally almost every patch, its no wonder people end up saving enough to not have to spend? I play Enstars too and holy fuck that game made me whale a lot since it not only had a wide variety of cute boys but also pumps out new content every 2 weeks. For games like AK with slower unit releases, and then making 8 out 10 characters female, and THEN the new male is also mediocre when the last waifu was broken its like… no wonder I'm not spending?

No. 1601008

Seconding this. Are you American, OP?

No. 1601013

I waiting on a phone call for a job interview. The interviewer was supposed to call earlier but she had tech troubles. She's supposed to try again soon. I hope it works. I just want this over with….

No. 1601017

Thank you for the advice and care anon, but I feel it's pointless. She's my manager's favourite. Also, every case of fixing a 'personal' problem at our department looks like this
>manager calls everyone to her office
>tells us to say what's the problem
>people are obviously afraid so they bootlick each other, if one person is brave enough to admit she doesn't like something,team leaders 'rationalize' it to her, making her understand that's she's the problem actually
>if you continue to make problems manager politely 'asks' you to change job.
Well, people who have contracts would be only moved to a different department. I don't have a contract, so they would probably just get rid of me. That's also the reason why I'm scared. It's much easier to fire someone like me than someone who has a contract.

No. 1601020

I know it's a stupid sentiment on a drama board but I wish I could get an accountability friend, cheer on other and be their for the moment that suck. No drama, just wholesome.
I've tried to find some on discord but it either was trash man ending hitting or going on weird flexs and getting actually mad if you acommplished your goals. The girl, they were normies, they didn't really get dealing with pathological anxiety, chronocal onlin-ness or even darker issues. I understood it was too much for them and left them alone. I didn't want to burden them and I didn't to hide the bad.What would be the point?

I just wish I wasn't such weirdo. I wish I could have positivity and positive people to emulate. It seems hopeless at this point. I'm really lonely.

No. 1601026

I think I just felt a piece of poop brush past my clit/puddy lips. I don't know how. No I'm not trying to be funny. No I'm not joking.

No. 1601032

decided to be nice and take care of someone’s else’s cat only for it to literally piss on my bf’s Xbox series x and completely destroying it.

No. 1601033

Forgot to add, my manager is a literal bully too, so she wouldn't give a fuck. Yesterday one of the girls cut her hair and dyed it black, our manager walked pass by and said to her
>haha now you look competent, like you actually know what you're doing
Is it something you say to your employee in front of others? Idk. The girl felt bad about it. She has no barriers, she asks about your private life, she talks shit about certain employees to other employees, she's like a mean girl but in her late 30s

No. 1601041

I made a whole new Positivity thread just for you because the last one was at the post limit, but it turns out I have shit reading comprehension and that's not even what you were longing for kek

No. 1601043

Praying for you

No. 1601046

Thank you, it was very traumatizing. I wiped my pussy with alcohol I think my vagina is about to fall off

No. 1601051

Kekkk, how did this happen sweet nonna? I'm trying to remember if this has ever happened to me before.

No. 1601054

double post but yes it has, I just remembered. Ughhh disgusting, the wet piece of poop stuck to my longest pubic hairs and when I went to wipe I felt the wet, cold poo juice on my labia. Brb fucking puking

No. 1601061

Where are you? from? What are your laws re discrimination? Keep a record on the manager. If she does ever fire you, you're armed.

No. 1601071

This is what I'm thinking. Anon might have a pretty clear-cut discrimination lawsuit on her hands. Get that money girl kek

No. 1601092

I honestly don’t know if he treats me like an option or if I’m just being BPD as fuck and at this point I’m too scared to ask.

No. 1601098

File: 1686254297580.jpeg (14.01 KB, 275x265, 6549846.jpeg)

I had an incest dream last night and I want to kill myself, I feel so violated. Why would my own brain do this to me? I feel so disgusted and guilty even though I know it's not my fault I dreamed this.

No. 1601106

its okay anon. happens to me too. a kind anon gave me some advice to try and deal with it once; can't for the life of me remember what she said but it was something along the lines of when you wake up, acknowledge the dream happened & that it made you uncomfortable, and tell yourself firmly that next time it happens in the dream you will stop the scenario. idk if that works but i appreciate the fact im not the only person who gets freaked tf out by incest dreams

No. 1601116

Honestly anon i’ve had this dream loads of times and it makes me feel absolutely disgusting after and like i’m a degenerate i’m glad other ppl go through this but remember we can’t even control what happens in our dreams so it’s not our fault

No. 1601119

All that sounds stressful and a pain to deal with. Hope tomorrow is better.

No. 1601120

I have relapsed from my eating disorder earlier this year and lost a lot of weight. I just need to lose 10lbs more and I'll reward myself cutting my hair very short. I have been feeling so bothered by hair, the feeling of hair on me, I have been cutting it off little by little almost every week since my relapse, I started the year with it very long, it's shoulder length now. I've been resisting just shaving it off, it fees like it would be sooo satisfying but I would look ugly and mentally ill more than my weight loss already makes me seem… I have suffered from anorexia nervosa then EDNOS then anorexia for 12 years now and developing it on puberty made me hair shitty fragile and thin permanently so I don't have much to lose. I have been fixated on this hair thing lately it brings me so much relief when I cut it. I'm thin enough now to pull off a short cut but I keep having this thought of shaving it off and I know it wouldn't look good I just think it would feel like such a sensory relief….. Either way I'm going for a short version and not shaving it off despite how much I fantasize about it, I know I would look awful with a buzzcut (had a very short pixie cut in the past so I know what I look like)
I haven't seen a shrink in a long time

No. 1601123

I don't understand why the disorder can't be redirected to consuming calories throught lifting weights. You burn calories by adding more muscle mass and it's healthier because you then want to eat more to compensate

No. 1601124

That sounds like depression. As someone who has it, I've felt that way so many times. Pick up a couple of depression self-help books and see if anything there speaks to you. Also, therapy if you can get it.

No. 1601127

I'm assuming she's from the US. I'm not. Is it difficult securing unemployment benefit? What about help finding new work if dismissed? Documentation might make all the difference. It would be good for sanity too, to have a record to look back on so she can remind herself she's not just imagining it.

No. 1601129

Thanks for this post, because I get it now. Someone that close to you abandoning you and betraying you must have hurt deeply. I am sad that it happened you. Nobody deserves betrayal. Fuck both of them with a rusty pole.

No. 1601130

I have lifted weights in the past but wasn't too committed.. I used to run but I avoid it now because I'm always on a significant deficit and I just try to practice harm reduction. I only take long walks every day and just try to walk a lot because it makes me feel good and energetic listening to some music. I have an obsession with the act of counting calories and controlling food more than having a certain look itself, I know rationally that I could have a much better look at a higher weight if I lifted and ate more sadly

No. 1601144

>I know that sounds lame and stuff like ohmygod nona you weren’t a piece of shit
I'd bet a $1,000 that you aren't a piece of shit, just a socially awkward girl trying to figure out how social interactions work.

I'm glad today was a good day for you and hope tomorrow is better.

No. 1601152

Are you in the US? If so, this is sexual harassment. Your job has a duty to protect you from degenerate customers. Failing to do anything about this guy makes them liable for sexual harassment.

Document everything. Try to get anything in writing (over text) if you an about their refusal to do anything. Then see if you can get a free consult with an employment lawyer to see if you have a good case to sue them or if you should file with the EEOC. If you do, you can get some good money over this.

If not in the US, look up sexual harassment laws in your country and see if this qualifies.

No. 1601162

Thank you for the solidarity anons, it makes me feel better.
>tell yourself firmly that next time it happens in the dream you will stop the scenario
I'll try this, thank you

No. 1601165

I just really want some chocolate chip cookies or even just a chocolate bar, but I still have a week until my next paycheck and no money. Someone manifest some money or at least a well paid job for me so I can afford some delicious cookies at a whim. How I'm gonna make it on corn and rice for a week with such a sweet tooth is beyond me.

No. 1601171

He should be banned I don’t get it. Does your area have a poor police presence or something? That could be why.

No. 1601189

If you look at dreams from a psychological point of view, it's not literally sex but rather your desire to connect to something that person represents for you, could be a trait or anything else you associate with them (unless you think about sex with them while awake or have had sex with them irl and so on, I suppose). Sometimes people in your dreams are "real" and those dreams say something about your feelings about them and relationships, and sometimes they're more like symbols–and you know better what they might represent. I understand your feelings though, I used to have weird dreams about my brother, not explicitly sexual but just… wrong, we even got married once although I wasn't happy about it and realized something wasn't right. It'll take long to explain plus no1curr but I later realized it was actually about my ex. Maybe if you think about it this way, you won't feel so bad about such dreams, idk.

No. 1601192

Online courses really mimic real life. The lessons give you basic information, a few vocabulary words and a summary of the process. Then the test questions are completely irrelevant and way more complicated. That's like the draw a circle for the body, a circle for the head, okay now draw the rest of the fucking owl. Like fucking teach me you dumb bitch.

No. 1601204

This sounds like another japananon moment waiting to happen. I can feel it.

No. 1601210

I don't care about typos anymore. fuckit

No. 1601219

The online college class I signed up for is such a huge waste of money. It’ll be easy to pass it but it’s another semester that feels like a scam

No. 1601232

I'm in Netherlands but I'm not dutch, my boss is the same nationality as me btw. Also I work through an agency, so even though I've been working at this one department for 2 years, I'm still considered a temporary employee. My manager openly told me that she's content with my job but my 'behavior' is the problem so she doesn't want to give me a contract, she said that she's afraid that because of my 'problems' once I get the contract, I'm going to call sickness all the time and they will be forced to pay me and then she would have to think how to get rid of me and she doesn't want that lmao. They supposedly once had a lady like this and she's afraid of the same problem with me. I never took days off because of my mental state, during 2 years I only took free days when I had an ear infection and I had to be on antibiotics and later when I had stomach infection. She knows I'm not as sociable as other employees and she's afraid I will 'break under pressure'. I always thought that at such job my productivity was the most important part, and I never had any problems with that, but looks like I was stupid to think so lol. Personality is important to her too and now that I think about it, everyone who has a contract there is very sociable or at least can act like it, and I simply don't fit in. I felt hurt by her assuming I would simply sit at home and take money for nothing though. And the fact she had the guts to openly state it to me like this. Some of my coworkers even told me they're surprised I still don't have the contract because they think I deserve it. It's nice because I feel like at least they appreciate me after those 2 years. But well, it's not my decision. Anyway, because of my status of a temporary employee, even though it's been 2 years, I don't think my case would be taken seriously, I don't know. It would be my words against hers. She has friendships and if I failed, she could prevent me from finding jobs at similar places in the country. We have HR department but above it there's the general manager, and he's friends with the manager of my department so…

No. 1601239

My skin looks absolutely fucking horrid and I have a big date tomorrow. I have deep pimples and everything is red and inflamed, itchy and it fucking HURTS. I know I am being irrational but I actually want to die over this and how disgusting I look. I was so excited for that date and now I seriously feel like it's ruined because of me and my fucking diseased face I hate myself so much

No. 1601241

File: 1686265242970.jpg (90.25 KB, 789x577, tumblr_10ad1a6f0fbb8d48bc28332…)

I was foolish to think I could ever become a regular normal person

No. 1601245

Wow you’re even more of a cunt than the initial impression. You’re ass mad he stopped being your orbiter basically, someone picked up the toy you stopped playing with kek.

No. 1601246

The store I ordered a furniture item sent me the wrong color and I returned it. Now I'm just sitting here contemplating if I go to another store and look or give up for a bit. I'd say it's fine but I'm pissed off. All I want is a decent affordable living room. Sitting on hard wood floor sucks so much ass. It never bothered me to be on the floor until there was 0 carpet for me to do so. I'm also left waiting for the money to be back in my card.

No. 1601249

File: 1686267060074.gif (1.13 MB, 300x226, whytho.gif)

tiktok was already ass and i'm retarded for even using it in the first place but why the fuck did they just make it one giant commercial now. every god damn video is an ad.

No. 1601254

i definitely dont have sad nipple syndrome and i hope i was never csa'd and just dont remember. i guess i was just raised in a household where my parents (rightfully) had equal expectations for my brother and me. we were expected to finish a bachelor's in whatever we wanted and be decent adults. i never once thought about having kids until around 21. i TRIED to convince myself i wanted kids for about a year then i really confronted it and felt that it is never something i have wanted. i am just disturbed about pregnancy and childbirth. im not very sexual and even a doctor putting a q tip in my vagina once for a simple test made me feel sick. i just worry about my life sometimes and that i will regret not having kids of my own and wonder where this came from. its just always been who i am. maybe ill change my mind. but my body image issues say NO to ever being pregnant and i'd have to get over it or want it so bad id be willing to undergo all of it. which i doubt will happen. i just feel alienated from a lot of people. like i dont fit in properly as an adult and that people think im weird or dont like me for it. its just heavy and weighs on me. i wish i didnt feel bad about it. the cope you explained is interesting to me and makes me feel a bit better even if its not true. thanks for the replies

i would generally agree but i live in a very diverse area and i've talked with women from all kinds of backgrounds who are very shocked at the idea that a woman wouldn't want kids. and these arent trad/conservative/religious women either. i see in my own life a lot of women want kids and its just something that sounds nice to them, not tied to anything political. even the staunchest radfems i see here often express that they want kids.

No. 1601255


No. 1601257

why am i envisioning that this is at a panera bread

No. 1601260

Thank you both. I don't have an exercise bike, but I do have a gazelle air glider and an actual bike.

No. 1601261

Ugh, that's so annoying. You should ask for a coupon for your time and energy wasted. If they give you one, order it again in the proper color. I bought a piece of furniture that had defective parts last week and I've been staring at the unfinished piece of furniture on my living room floor for days now while I wait for the replacement parts to come in.
>All I want is a decent affordable living room.
Same, girl. All furniture is shitty particleboard nowadays unless you have minimum $800 to spend (I do not.). I might just buy a bedroom set off of Craigslist for that reason.

No. 1601264

>i feel positive for them and know intellectually it is a happy thing
It's not.
>i know intellectually how important reproduction is
It's not. Why would it be?
>and why most people feel the innate drive to reproduce
Yeah they're programmed to spread their dna like a parasite, nothing special or deep about it. Humanity will die out like any other species, also nothing special about it.
Biology is disgusting imo, the mere fact our reproductive organs are right next to the holes that piss and shit comes out is absolutely disgusting. I will never accept this, I will never think nature is good and I'm happy about birth rates dropping.

No. 1601267

If you’re that disgusted by life and living, why haven’t you killed yourself yet?

No. 1601268

I feel as if that nonna should look into why she cannot bring herself to touch her vagina and why she is having nightmares about menstruation. I definitely relate to her and you though, pregnancy and even sex are completely alien concepts to me if I really think about them, and that's not even to mention the body-horror aspect.
Also don't reply to the bait above.

No. 1601269

I shouldve asked for that yeah. They sent me the wrong color and said the color I preordered was gone. Where I live there aren't many furniture stores so the options are limited between shitty ikea or gaudy very very expensive like 700-2000. If I could just get a few items in a sort of modern look with real white wood I'd be happy.

No. 1601271

Well then what the fuck was the point of allowing you to preorder it then? Smh. I hate when companies do retarded shit. You can still ask for compensation though. Shoot them an email and see what happens. You can even mention that you'd really like to do business with them but you aren't feeling confident in their service and see if they try to reel you back in with an incentive. You can also straight up ask if you can get a discount on your next order. Assuming this is a semi-decently sized company, I know you mentioned there aren't many options in your area, they should have no problem giving a lil discount. What was it that you ordered? Just curious

No. 1601293

It was a sofa so going right in the middle of my place.

No. 1601298

I can't believe no one has ever commented to my face about how different I look from my social media photos to real life. I justified using the snow app because I don't ever edit my features,just cover dark circles and smooth skin a bit, but it still is so unrealistically idealized and youthful. So immature that I'm doing this. I want to stop posting my face on social media in general, it's really unnecessary but I get caught up in the atmosphere of self as a commodity. The attention is so cheap and empty. People praise my looks in real life, they always have, but clearly this has fed a mentally ill preoccupation with my appearance and its importance. I need help, I need to let go of being so shallow or I'm going to be destroyed mentally as I age.

No. 1601310

One of my absolute best friends from childhood is really into the whole queer thing. She's just a lesbian, or bisexual. She identifies as nonbinary and a bisexual dyke in private, has been burned by the "queer community" in her area(s) several times, and is completely okay with porn and sex work and I just can't take it. I don't really respond when she talks about it, I don't want to risk the friendship, she's a really good person, just moved to an absolutely woke cesspit of a city and was surrounded by it for a few years. I don't even hate trans people anymore (i still think it's bullshit and harmful to women and children but I've decided to try and not let it bug me simply because there's nothing I can do about it) but I have a really hard time getting past the pro-porn/sex-work thing. It's disgusting to me, I don't see how women can be okay with it. Just sucks. Most of my old friends are pro-trans but they're not as deep into it as she is so I can ignore it a lot easier.

No. 1601312

I gained weight last year and was woefully unprepared for my entire silhouette to change. I bought some new clothes recently, and tried on a white button-down linen blend shirt that I tucked into some greenish khaki shorts thinking that I’d look like a sexy safari babe. But when I looked in the mirror, I looked like fucking Peter Griffin.

No. 1601319

File: 1686272541029.jpg (90.91 KB, 1024x1024, 223546164.jpg)

Just remembered in hs that my best friend's dad would make her model swimsuits for him. The swimsuit in question they ordered online and it was much too small, with the top barely covering her breasts (she was large-chested), she and her mom said "oh it's too small" and her dad said "no it looks fine to me." She was telling me about this the day after during lunch and I said "that's weird" and she was like "no??? it's my dad." I felt so stupid at the time but in hindsight I was one billion percent right. Her dad has no business asking how it looks especially if he's okay with it barely covering his 15 year old daughter's body? Like obviously it should be okay for a teen girl to wear a swimsuit around her dad but he doesn't need to evaluate it especially when she AND her mom agree it's too revealing.

Further context: she walked in on her dad googling pics of Ariana Grande (who was 19 at the time). She said dad why are you googling pics of Ariana Grande and he said "because she's hot". ?????? I think she still lives with them, too, she's late 20s now.

No. 1601321

I was raped like 7 years ago by an old coworker and sometimes I go like 6 months without thinking about it and randomly remember. I remember he is still alive and he’s married now. It makes me mad because I found out my childhood best friend died in November but this rapist gets to live. Also he has those stupid fake dimple cheek piercings and one going through the bridge of his nose. so fucking ugly

No. 1601322

I literally heard men saying it's natural for men to feel attracted to their maturing daughters. Sure those are outliers, but you will never know what the majority of men actually think. They might me Smart enough to keep this terrible, gross conclusion to themselves in order to maintain their status among women. The outliers are only the ones who are dumb enough to say what they actually think out lound. But with the test of them, you never know

No. 1601331

God I’m so sorry anon. I hope his evil comes back to bite him and his spouse eventually sees his true colors and he dies alone and miserable.

No. 1601351

I hope it goes well, stay safe, nonna. And maybe try to set some boundaries just in case.

No. 1601359

Other anons have already answered your question but I'd like to add it's better and safest to get help from a dietitian if possible. Also for protein, you can have plant protein or eggs, just have more white than yolk because the yolk has too mucu fat in it. 3 eggs is the maximum safest amount per day, and 2 is ideal. So maybe 2 whole eggs and one egg's white for extra protein on breakfast. Other than chicken (chicken breast is the best option btw) and beef you can have fish, healthy protein, omega oils and healthy fat like in salmon. And for plant protein beans of all kind work, legumes and some nuts. Have also healthy protein chips for snacks and energy bars with dark chocolate and nuts so you can cut unhealthy processed food. Have fibery plants as well so they help you feel full and aid digestion.

Walking and running and swimming all help in burning calories, choose whatever is easier for you and do it. A 30 minutes minimum walk after each meal can do wonders. 7000+ steps a day is a good goal. But I admit my limit is 3000-4000 steps because I'm small and weak.

While I'm not overweight, this helped me reduce my body fat percentage which was extremely high despite my bmi being underweight, all because I ate small amounts of unhealthy fatty foods when I only had 1 or 2 meals a day. Changing things up like I mentioned above lowered my body fat percentage while also made me gain weight. Now my bmi is 18, not that high but better than what it used to be, and my body fat percentage went from 40+% to 36%, I still need to lose more fat and gain weight though but I'm sure if I keep following this routine and not fuck up or slack off I'll get there.

No. 1601365

I understand your feelings, been there, done that.
But remember, it not your fault or your sex's fault, it's the assholes around you's fault. I hope you get a job and get to move out and live somewhere nice, all alone away from weirdos, and have nice friends and a nice partner if you're into that. Good luck with everything and I hope things get better for you.

No. 1601372

You're going to feel so amazing when you're able to get away from those freaks. Life has so much more to offer than this shitty fucking abusive situation. God damn this makes me mad

No. 1601379

Greek yogurt and tempeh are god sends. Also make a smoothie with fage yogurt, tahini, sesame or soy milk and chia seeds. Make salad with egg, edamame, tahini and yogurt dressing, sesame seeds. I actually find it way easier to hit high protein with vegetarian stuff than eating meat.

No. 1601391

If you take good care of your overall health by working out and eating healthy and getting enough nutrients, as well as proper simple skincare (cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen) I'm sure you'll look like your edited pictures or even better and you'll age gracefully, it's never too late to take proper care of yourself even if it's for a "shallow" reason like looks because eventually it will benefit you on the long run in all aspects of life. Good luck and I hope you end up feeling good!

No. 1601414

I know that this isn't for me but it makes me feel better about my current situation.

No. 1601426

I wish I could get into making content for tiktok, since I can't find a job at the moment anyway. But I suck so bad I don't have any idea about what I could do. I suck at everything. I don't have any money to show stuff.

No. 1601428

I really wish I wasn't such a womanchild sometimes.

No. 1601449

File: 1686286508444.jpeg (73.76 KB, 728x515, DA3BC58F-DA51-45A0-B9E4-1A2F6B…)

She told me I was a gross skinny white bitch before I ever commented on her weight. Like literally outright hostile and would say shit like “he’s more attracted to me than anyone else before” and I was like that’s great girl you’re a cutie he’s lucky to have you. The nicer I was to her the cuntier she was to me. I even gave the bitch gifts. And yeah I don’t trust people who can afford the time and money to have pets but don’t have them.
You sound like a scrote. He’s had other gfs between me and this one and I’ve gotten along well with all of them because they weren’t racist cunts.
Thank you nonnie. I hope she loves her glitter bomb. I hope it destroys her white carpet and she has to find glitter and think of me everytime she finds a piece. Or that it ruins her food or some electronics. I found out her mom’s name and address and that she is a registered republican and sent her a glitter bomb too. That’s what you get for raising a cunty little racist pickme.

No. 1601456

No. 1601462

File: 1686287329942.jpeg (32.83 KB, 509x339, 1793C44B-EA80-451F-B0F2-67F2DB…)

Also Samefag but this guy was a basically a family member. I hadn’t dated him in years and hed even stopped by with a gf once to our thanksgiving and we were so happy to have them there. He didn’t just betray me he betrayed my parents and essentially spat in their faces and thinks he’s above us when if it wasn’t for us he’d be dead or in prison. He owes my dad $100 to this day. Not to mention the money he stole from the fireworks stand that my dad let him work at cause he was unemployed. and when he was living with us he had such a bad porn addiction that he would Jack it while my dad was in the same room (he slept in my dads office). And then would be angry at us when we told him to stop and not do that shit around people (he’d be wanking furiously under the covers and grunting while my dad was literally at his desk in front of his cot). Like this is the kinda shit we put up with and never stopped loving this dude and wanting the best for him. We loved him unconditionally and he knew it and it just didn’t matter cause he’s a fake ass fuck.

I also didn’t even date him when he lived with my family which was for multiple years while he went to trade school. We dated briefly before that and realized we were better friends and weren’t sexually compatible. Also he decided that he was too good for the trade he went to fucking trade school for and could be making $50 an hour easily if he’d actually done that job. A respectable and always in demand trade. So now he gets his life bankrolled by his cunt’s rich family and works part time selling phones.

No. 1601466

Ayrt, good! It happened for me as well. I don't come from such an abusive situation as OP but when I moved away from my family, my body and mind exited traumatic fight-or-flight-mode and everything became so much easier and more pleasant. It'll happen for you too nonnie

No. 1601479

I’m depressed and just want to dream about being with my husbando and pretend I don’t live in the real world.

No. 1601481

You're fucking weird. When you help someone out the way your family helped this guy out, even though it's really nice, they don't owe you anything. He's living his life. And he's a prick. You really sound extremely jealous. Sending shit to his gf and her mom for "stealing" him from your family? Schizo behavior. How did he even "betray your whole family"? The gf was mean to you because the guy is obviously your orbiter. It doesn't matter that you've had boyfriends since him. You tried to buy her over with gifts too, sounds a lot like you being mad at someone for not kissing your ass for being so uwu generous.

No. 1601484

t. a disloyal shitty neurotypical

No. 1601489

He owes her and her family kindness. What’s with this whole Reddit tier take “you never owe anybody who helped you and loved you” shit? You don’t owe them your life but you do owe them kindness and if you can’t be assed to be kind to people who have only ever gone out of their way to help you, you’re a piece of shit.

No. 1601493

>if you can’t be assed to be kind to people who have only ever gone out of their way to help you, you’re a piece of shit.
Yes, and? I literally said he's a prick in my post. Sending glitter bombs to the gf and mom and rabidly posting about it for days on lolcow are retard-level copes.

No. 1601497

>uses neurotypical as an insult
Of course you do.

No. 1601499

Maybe the new gf should have considered being nice to his anon, especially if she thought nonnie was insane. Antagonizing a known crazy bitch who is actually being kind to you is never a good idea. The girlfriend will learn a valuable lesson here; don’t get on the bad side of the loyal type of crazy.

No. 1601501

File: 1686289869455.gif (1.58 MB, 274x244, 9CC9941D-A9C0-46D8-919E-6B28DA…)

It is an insult and if you’re an NT you don’t belong on imageboards(Infighting )

No. 1601507

it's so sad to make friends with someone and have them be super nice, similar interests, and in theory you should get along great, but you wind up not really clicking in conversation. You know… just that subtle mismatch in conversation flow where you say something and expect one reaction, and don't get it, and vice versa. Really small things like little jokes or comments that don't hit the way you expect or theirs don't hit with you. I'm in one of those friendships right now and every time we talk i come away feeling kind of disappointed about it. I try to adapt to what I've learned from our previous back-and-forths and change a bit in my interaction style, but it just never quite clicks. It's like our brainwaves are on slightly different frequencies and we just can't tune into each other despite clear unspoken effort on both sides. this one is really sad though because we share so many extremely niche interests that I've never found anyone else to talk with about. Like, come on. Of all the people this could happen with, why her?

No. 1601514

I hate my mother so much. She lost that title from me a long time ago. Every time I think I'm being overdramatic, or that I got influenced by social media misusing terms, or whatever, she manages to somehow destroy any vague hope I had left that she might be redeemable. She's just so fucking evil. She can't even consider the possibility that she's done anything wrong in her life. There's always an excuse. There's always someone else to blame. Never never never her fault. She's a pathological liar, a narcissist, just a horrible fucking person. She falls apart as soon as she can't control us. I hate that I was birthed by her. That I have her horrid blood in my veins. But I'm going to keep living in spite of her, because I know it'll piss her off the most to see me and my siblings thrive without her pulling all the strings. We don't need her. I just hope she dies soon so we can all finally be free for good.

No. 1601515

Go back to tumblr(Infighting)

No. 1601520

Are you lost? We’re all autists here.

No. 1601521

can you guys take this spat to the dumbass shit thread or something

No. 1601522

Nta but "neurotypical/neurodivergent" is such a Twitterfag term. lolcow is the first imageboard where I've seen it being used unironically and to bash "normies" (you don't need to have autism or have a mental illness to blend in with other imageboard users btw, that's something bitter proto-incels who used 4chan as a coping mechanism made up)

No. 1601535

Men are so goofy when they try to be intentionally sexy, they're so dumb

No. 1601538

thats not true i had a bully phase and i was haunted for years i apologized to her and everything. if theyre not socios they'll feel bad and if they werent theyll get their karma eventually

No. 1601547

>I had a moid send me a nude where he was making this sultry kinda pouty expression. Like what the fuck, kill yourself.

No. 1601554

You sound crazy, hope he ghosts you for her sake.

No. 1601555

many bullies don't think they genuinely did anything wrong. they don't remember it as bullying, just fighting back or getting rid of that annoying kid who wanted to be friends with you.

No. 1601561

angry as fuck because some scrote at work looked at me when I was chewing a cookie and said "swallow nonnie! do what you do at the weekend!" and when I said that I was taken aback and could report that as sexual harassment he got super defensive and started shouting "why?! I didn't say ANYTHING wrong???!" I hope he chokes and dies

No. 1601564

you should report him

No. 1601565

Anon sounds like she’s getting proper revenge on a stupid sellout scrote and a narcissistic controlling pickme.

No. 1601570

She’s going to pull a Jodi Arias

No. 1601575

Report him and try to find more dirt on him, he deserves to suffer

No. 1601577

Tell him to shove a broomstick up his ass, you know, like he does on the weekends! Bet you he won't agree that you didn't say ANYTHING wrong

No. 1601579

Lol upthread an anon got redtexted for jumping in on an argument between me and another anon. Get fucked nerd

No. 1601582

Glitter bombs and justified anonymous sadposting about a soured friendship don’t really scream “homicidal maniac” to me.

No. 1601586

File: 1686298182358.jpg (50.68 KB, 894x1080, FS3yZvAWQAAD4LV.jpg)

I have some 14 going on 40 ass features and don't know what to do about it. I just look like a living genetic mad lib.
Long silly looking almost pointy ears, big childish eyes and alfred e neuman face shape, but then also a long, tall nose, high cheekbones and a fucked up dracula hairline. When I wear elegant clothing I look like a little kid playing dress up, when I dress more casual and youthful I look like someone's autistic aunt. Can't fucking win.

No. 1601592

File: 1686298748699.jpg (18.92 KB, 275x133, 1668650894777.jpg)

My mom wants to buy a guy she pretends is her friend a birthday present still. This fucker hasn't spoken to her in months. He fucking ghosts her and literally only responds when she gives him stuff. He never gives her anything. Not even a fucking thank you because he expects it. She knows I hate his fucking existence and her justification is that he's a good person because he's still in his kids' lives. I loathe that the bar is in hell for men. It shouldn't astound me that she does this but I can't help feeling both disappointed and lost of further respect for her. I kinda want to put a curse on the bastard because he has gotten away with shitty behavior his whole life. It would be nice if he got some pushback because he can't deal with any type of pushback or criticism. I don't know any curses though

No. 1601598

does weight heavily affect the face? i was a cute kid but like who wasnt i guess, i just wanna look pretty. never been called an ugly bitch just a fat one (i am morbidly obese) i have a half sister who everyone always says i look identical to but she is twice my size which is saying something… yet, the woman has beautiful skin, beautiful hair and looks pretty, she even has alot of confidence and a good social life. i look like a gremlin, sometimes like shrek, and have been a loner all my life. it feels truly over for me but i will start trying hard to lose weight

No. 1601615

I feel like killing myself for real. I called an hotline thinking I would talk through it and be soothed a little but they threatened to send me to a shitty ward that would make my living situation even shittier.
So I begged like a pathetic whimp for them to leave me alone and they called it off since they could see it would really make things worse.
And now, I guess I'll just drink all the alcohol I have in house and hope all the liquid courage will help me with hanging myself with a pantyhose or my hair straightener. If dumb kids hang themselves on accident all the time, how hard can it really be?
I wish I had some benzos on hand. It would probably make it easier.
Hope to not see you again nonnas. Just now I liked my time with you and had some fun times here. So thanks for that, I guess.

No. 1601638

What if instead of drinking you went to sleep instead? You just go on your bed and do nothing. You don’t have to get up, you can just be nothing. Turn off your brain. Sleep as long as you can and then take a nap. Or just lay in bed and pretend you’re sleeping. You don’t have to fight the thoughts, you just have to not do anything. It will go away after a while. You’re in a crisis, but like a panic attack, it feels longer but all you have to do is wait and the edge will be blunted, you’ll be able to think more clearly then. I’m speaking from personal experience.

No. 1601687

I guess go with the elegant clothing as people will give you the benefit of the doubt and nobody will accuse you of trying to look younger.

No. 1601698

it’s a real show of someone’s character when they take someone’s death and make it all about themselves. especially if they talked poorly about these people while they were still alive or if they maybe met once or twice in person and hey look here they are now posting selfies of that one time for clout using someone’s fucking death for pity points and attention. Despicable

No. 1601704

why for tiktok. do you really want to make retarded braindead content ?

No. 1601732

Feels like I have an elephant sitting on my head

No. 1601739

Also I am queasy and I hate the government and their taxes
Took an ibuprofen but still fell shitty. Today is not my day

No. 1601741

I'm not happy. I'm never content. I'm never comfortable. I'm never at peace. I live for my dog because no one would care for him like I do and he would never understand where I went. When his time comes I'll just kill myself.

No. 1601742

I love my mum dearly but she's been pissing me off. We have the most streamlined .gov website I've ever seen; it literally spoon-feeds you info and is so accessible, yet she's incapable of using it despite my explaining many times. She needed to reschedule an appointment and had the choice to either call them or use this journal thing to leave a message. She didn't want to call, fair enough. I teach her how to add a journal entry and then she's asking me what to type. I tell her to type what she'd say to someone on the phone. Crickets.

In the end, I had to type it for her, and I was exasperated which then got her upset because I 'make her feel stupid'. It's not my intention but if you're deliberately eschewing the option you're more comfortable with (calling a number) for something that you lack confidence in doing, just to palm off the responsibility to me, yes, I'm not going to be impressed. Why should I lie or coddle her? I'm not going to be at home forever and she needs to learn to use these things independently.

Now she's in a mood, and ngl, she has a dreadful temper so I just cbf arguing with her. She's not abusive or anything like that, it's just the one aspect of her personality that I genuinely dislike.

No. 1601768

my friend is such a CUNT. i spent weeks planning our trip just for her to tell me two days before it that she might have to leave early because she didn't bother planning around our trip. why does she say she misses me and shit like that when she obviously doesn't? i don't fucking get it. if i miss someone, i don't blow them off every time we make plans. i'm so glad i'll never see her again after this. i might even block her on social media with no explanation because that's what she deserves.

No. 1601778

hi nonnie i sometimes lurk sometimes post on lolcow it depends on my mood tbh i found out about this site one year ago i don’t even remember how tbh and im willing to befriend anons so what are your interests!?

No. 1601779

like what

No. 1601787

File: 1686317044434.jpg (100.08 KB, 1080x1567, Jap.jpg)

Why the fuck did the mods ban me for talking about my husbando but when japnon did the same nothing happened? It's not the same thing, i was having a mental breakdown when I sent those my nude pictures.
I will suicide jump into a lake before i ever fly across the country to fuck a moid like japanon did.(ban evading rancefag)

No. 1601804

I stopped coming here ages ago because it's so dead. Been sick this week and I am addicted again kek. It's infuriating how it's one of the few sites where there's barely any censorship but few women post here!

No. 1601806

I realized I had a big ugly nose as soon as we had to take photos around puberty age, and although it was not once ever mentioned to me, I was aware of it and hated it. But I could not afford to fix it. And I had to keep living with it. And it ruined my confidence. I worked hard to afford it even living abroad where it's much cheaper and I still couldn't save up enough, it really fucking sucks because I feel like I lost my 20s stuck with this thing. Now I am 31 and I absolutely have to do this now. I want my life back. I want to take a photo and not hate how I fucking look in it. At least I got to take a lot of filter photos and mask photos and have good looking pictures from my 20s even if they are enhanced. It's just that feeling I keep having that I am missing out on things, time is running out, and I can't do anything to use my time because I am a stupid broke bitch.

No. 1601807

We know you've said the same thing like 5000x get a new line you're like a toy with a string

No. 1601810

Love all 150 of my nonnas, most based women alive.

No. 1601817

Then again my 20s were kinda rough so by erasing my face it erases them too. I still look 20 by some luck.

No. 1601828

nonny no waste your money on something more meaningful, from one tucan to another, just learn to accept it. if nose surgeries were 100% safe i would do it too, but there are too many complications and its too expensive.

No. 1601833

I can pinpoint the exact year my favourite male aesthetic died. 2009. Modern apes do not compare, I'll be a volcel forever because they're too retarded to style themselves anything other than e-boy or corporate drone.

No. 1601838

File: 1686320632727.jpg (13.47 KB, 228x214, 44324853_1924870280928174_1449…)

>mfw he calls himself "queer"
I almost responded "ok faggot" but I still kind of want to have sex

No. 1601845

>having sex with a faggot
do you want an std or something

No. 1601858

you could have gotten away with "ok queer" i bet

No. 1601863

TLDR; Your manager is failing to keep a safe environment for staff and other customers. He commits like 10 offences a day and can be arrested on top of banned by the cafe. Call the popo and I’m sorry this happened.

This is very blatant sexual harassment and public indecency. Public masturbation is its own crime and restaurants are allowed to ban people for playing pornography. Maintaining eye contact with you is making it a personal interaction, especially with his documented toilet cup stuff. Call the police as a member of staff the next time he starts and everyone can give their statements. You can also film him beforehand. The manager should’ve done this as soon as it was noticed, the law is on your side, you all have power over this situation. Chin up nona.

No. 1601866

kek please say this nonna

No. 1601878

I would share your story in the Netherlands thread. They will have an understanding we don't. There might be practical advice and cultural insights you're missing out on.

No. 1601884

what do you mean by few women post here

No. 1601887

File: 1686323961292.jpg (27.65 KB, 600x340, !!!.jpg)

>And yeah I don’t trust people who can afford the time and money to have pets but don’t have them.

No. 1601889

can you please describe the aesthetic? i’m curious

No. 1601895

There aren't many posters. I'm not implying posters are men.

No. 1601898


No. 1601915

Every woman I’ve ever met named Jordana has been a sperg, and in a very bad way. Why is this

No. 1601921

Why does my family hate me? I never did anything wrong. I do everything asked of me. I took care of gramma, I watched her slowly die. I was a nurse, care taker and grand child. I have taken care of countless animals that aren’t mine, including one that was aggressive. I have cleaned bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other peoples bedrooms. I have been left out of vacations (including ones I have helped plan), sibling hang outs, trips and simply going out to eat. I have dyed other peoples hairs. I have baby sat children. I have bought expensive gifts for no reason while I get things with the sale tag still on it or from five below. I have no friends here, it’s all Canada or Europe. I can’t drive but I live in rural Appalachia literally in a state forest. No phone service so I rely on the internet. Stopped going to school to take care of gramma. Had half a math credit left. The school forgot I didn’t graduate or even come back anyway. All I have as a support network is my case worker, psych and my therapist. My family’s care and love is surface level. My feelings only annoy them. I can never say how I truly feel to them. I lie. All the time. How I feel makes them hate me. They already hate me enough. My mom never loved me. My mommy never loved me and that’s all I wanted. I miss gramma but she had to die. She was a wreck. So much they would have to fix in surgery but she wouldn’t even survive being put under. My step dad relapsed with heroin about 4 years ago. When he died he didn’t have a single thing in his system. He was trying to get clean again. His heart stopped while he was standing up and he was dead before he hit the ground. His junkie ass friends looted the house before calling 911. I hate him for it. He could have said something. Anything. I knew he wasn’t doing good. I knew he wasn’t. Yet I miss him so much. They were the only people I had. Now I have no one. I am alone. Unwanted. Unloved. Left behind.

No. 1601933

just kill yourself then you sound worthless

No. 1601935

Thanks nonna. Appreciate it.

No. 1601936

Actually you might be onto something. You are right.

No. 1601937

It’s some scrote having an episode all over /ot/ just ignore him

No. 1601939

Figured. I only lurk /ot/ so forgot that sometimes they come here and be asshats too. As if anywhere here is safe lol. Scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1601941

Nah it's too cringe for lolcor kek, sorry

No. 1601944

File: 1686328049352.png (192.41 KB, 474x377, b81.png)

I think I can finally say I hate you too

No. 1601954

File: 1686329497593.jpg (27.36 KB, 519x508, 1684170429395.jpg)

I spent over a year being led on by a moid because I'm a socially isolated dumbass and get attached to someone who shows me the smallest amount of affection. I knew from the beginning he was only using me as easy pussy, but I hoped it would eventually be more. Even though I knew pretty fast it wouldn't. I finally gathered enough nerve to break it off. We saw each other at least once a week for over a year, talked almost every day. And I'm now realizing I meant so little to him that he's capable of just going on with his life like I was never a part of it. I'm seething at how I got so fucking attached and he is probably not thinking about me at all. I know I miss the idea of him more than the actual person. But I have very few people in my life and losing a person who I could at least pretend cared about me has me feeling more lonely than ever

No. 1601956

My money is well spent on everything else, I will do surgery no more than a few thousand. And I also want to breathe better

No. 1601974

I hope every retard with a hellcat and a 30% interest rate gets in a horrible car accident

No. 1601988

File: 1686331964584.jpeg (33.82 KB, 400x400, DE5B1AFD-A1D4-4322-8E1C-117A26…)

I hate when I meet someone who watches anime they’re only into mainstream shows or whatever pseudo-intellectual trash is popular on tiktok. All my interests are niche even outside of anime and the only place where I socialise is an hour away from me in an upper class town. I don’t have anyone to speak to and this place is dying as well lol I feel so lonely idk what to do

No. 1601990

Every man who alters his car to be loud an obnoxious absolutely deserves to crash and burn. Its such desperate little dick energy, I dont get the appeal for them to blow so much money just to repel any woman.

No. 1601994

Huh is lolcow rly dying? I think its still super active

No. 1601996

it's been more active in the last month than it has since last year imo, some threads are slower but /ot/ is getting lots of traffic

No. 1601998

Thank you, I can try that (books). Anything you'd recommend or…?
Therapy would be more tricky financially, but maybe with time I could see someone. It's funny but often I can't even tell if my life sucks so bad or if it's the brain. Again, thank you for responding

No. 1602001

Ive been going on lolcow since 2016 and i think its still rly active

No. 1602002

my neighbors apartment across the hall from me got vandalized with spray paint and egged and now i feel so unsafe i don't know what to do. i have psychosis and delusions which im medicated for but stuff like this just makes me incredibly paranoid and afraid. i barely feel safe posting this here. hate this.

No. 1602026

anons thank you so much for the advice, everyone I work with was so nonchalant about the guy I was starting to feel a bit crazy for being bothered by him. He came in today with a special needs handler (a young woman too… poor girl) and was well behaved. I will definitely be ready to take video evidence and go to the police if he does anything else. Almost every female employee here has a "story" with him and we live in the US so hopefully something can be done.

No. 1602033

good luck nonna, i hope police can deal with him/he gets banned from your place of work! i was horrified when i read your story yesterday.

No. 1602048

I just want to open my window to get some fresh air. My room temperature is at 26°C and I hate it so much. But no, I can't open my window because my neighbours use so much washing powder that I can taste it on my tongue, they also smoke 24/7 and the air that gets from their flat into mine smells like an old pub with a self-service laundry. I hate them so much and I hope they will one day suffocate on their cigarettes.

No. 1602053

Civilization is dying.

No. 1602060

I'm happy for it!

No. 1602061

File: 1686335600066.jpg (164.09 KB, 1080x791, tumblr_41f94c30dc07a97cd15dbcf…)

>Had laptop for 9 years
>5 years running, only becomes usable when charger plugged in
>Father unplugs the cord multiple times when I refused to do something, causing immediate shutdowns
>Banged my fist on the keyboard when I moved a millimeter and somehow made it shut off again
>Black screen on startup
>Been put away unused for a year and few months now
>Start it, wait 10 mins only to get "Hard drive failure"
>Only way to recover data or make it usable again is getting new hard drive/sending it somewhere for a repair
>Remember I have hundreds of yaoi images from tumblr, 4chan,pixiv in different folders from my teenage years on it (a lot from now deleted accounts)
>Also have folders of story inspiration, aesthetic for characters, cringe but meaningful art and screenshots, emulated games
I'm going to do everything I can to save it or get the data extracted by myself. My sister got her data back from a coworker of our father, but I don't want some man to see my random selfies and saved photos like hers were probably seen. Getting rare bl material back would be a bonus too

No. 1602064

same i cant open my windows cuz my trashy neighbors burn those fake candle melt thingys excessively to cover up their stench (likely trash and baby feces) and also smoke outside my window all day. i just want to put my fan in my window but even blowing out i can smell their stinky smells. sorry you have to deal with a similar situation to me it makes summer hellish. luckily my mom and i got an AC for the first time in my life, so i might just sleep on the couch on really bad nights this year.

No. 1602065

I don't believe you.

No. 1602068

You're right, nonna. He's just sent me a message with the whole 'I'm sorry I hurt you, I miss you' spiel. I legit went on a long-ass hike today and reflected on everything, and ngl I was somewhat impressed he hadn't caved in before because I most certainly wasn't going to message him. I swear I'm a fucking witch. I'm guessing w/e happened to cause him to feel guilty enough about cheating to break it off with me has worn off now.

Ngl, I feel stupidly smug about this. I don't know if that makes me a bad person, but to see men capitulate like this is satisfying af.

No. 1602074

Send her a glitter bomb

No. 1602077

If you have the time and money to go save a sweet shelter kitty’s life but you just won’t then yeah you kinda suck.

No. 1602087

If you don't donate your non-vital organs you are a murderer.

No. 1602089

Strongly recommend this fan if, like me, you can't afford a good AC. If you're in the UK, John Lewis usually has sales around this time of year + longer warranty.

No. 1602092

Donald trump was the only president who didn’t have pets. Only the worst people are petfree by choice.

No. 1602095

Some people just don't want pets anon. Maybe they're too busy to care for them, they're allergic, they travel too much, they just don't like animals, etc. Personally I think it's much worse to have pets you can't afford. Your friend should have been kinder to you (I don't understand anons defending him, he's literally doing coke) but the pet take and the glitter bombs make you seem unhinged. I know it hurts but let him go if they're not good people

No. 1602097

my neighbor's kids are so fucking annoying holy shit. I mean I'm glad they're playing outside and having fun but my window is open because of my AC unit so I can hear the shrieks over my headphones. The little kid shrieks are fine but the sound of the older boys shouting is super grating to me.

No. 1602098

Most animals abuse is done by animal owners.

No. 1602108

an AC is a dream of mine but they are so rare in my country and every building is just build to keep the heat inside. Sucks that you have to deal with such stinky neighbours, too, I just don't understand why it's still allowed to bother other people with secondhand smoke.

sadly I'm not living in the UK, but I will have a look if I can get something like that in my country, thank you nonna!

No. 1602110

If they are allergic or travel too much or can’t properly care for them time/money wise that’s a different story and I don’t think they’re psychos. Only reason this bitch doesn’t have pets is because she thinks they’re dirty and values a spotless home over companionship. Says a lot about her.

No. 1602115

File: 1686339542722.jpeg (33.47 KB, 682x534, 08C42A01-B887-4BEE-9F9C-2A60BB…)

Samefag but I am unhinged about this shit. It sent me into a manic episode that I’m only just finally coming down from. If I could legally harass them both and her family all day I would but I don’t want to get in trouble with the law. I feel like Maleficent from the live action movie. Utterly betrayed and filled with righteous fury.

No. 1602117

I almost got hit while turning. I was making a left hand turn. I was out in the intersection and the light turned red. I turned, to clear the intersection, and this fucker didn't even stop. I barely got through when they came powering through. It wasn't like they was near the light. No. They fucking were too far to even use the orange light excuse. What the fuck is wrong with people? They are going to kill someone and I hope it turns out to just be them and no one else.

No. 1602121

My mom is retarded and keeps treating me (a 23 year old) like a child in front of relatives who are the same age as me. I can’t stand social events… especially family gatherings

No. 1602127

Get another laptop and a usb to sata port, I think, then install Linux on the laptop, plug her in, and pray you can salvage anything. Good luck

No. 1602152

I’m lonely but I also don’t even want to bother with romantic relationships but I also don’t wanna do friendships because I don’t want to have to deal with someone jealous or me or on the flip side someone who loves the fact that they get more male attention than I do. Idk.

No. 1602168

I hate living in a city with lots of black males. They harass me everyday when I go outside. When i go visit family where the area is mostly white, I never get harrassed, if so it's not as aggressive and threatening. Someone needs to do something about the violence and random street attacks by these black males. They are so entitled, disgusting and just roam around looking for victims. I do not feel safe at all. Worst part is that I dont live in a legal carry place so I can't use anything to defend myself. It's all ages too, from teenagers to literal 80 year olds. It's disgusting. Fucking ugly AIDS infested "ayy lemme talk to you baby" apes why can't white men just off them off the face of the planet. They have the weaponry and military. Id kms if I ever got raped by a monkey. I can't think of anything worse happening to me.

No. 1602169

are you talking about my mother, kek? We never had a pet growing up and we had the money and the space, but my mother is a psycho, so, you are probably right.

No. 1602185

11am - 8pm is such a bullshit shift.
factoring in commute time, that is my entire day wasted at work. the jobs shit too if i didn't need money sm right now id just stop showing up there

No. 1602186

File: 1686346283809.jpeg (67.78 KB, 600x575, A6FAF157-4F01-45EF-8A7F-EFFD75…)

Exactly kek. You get me nonnie. And to the people saying that pet abusers are often pet owners themselves, usually most people who abuse pets get them in a family environment and will abuse the pets to gain control over their partner or children. Very few animal abusers decide to get a pet for just themselves and abuse it unless we’re talking about people who do pit bull fighting and shit. And I also agree that getting a pet and then neglecting the pet by not being financially able to take care of them is awful.

My ex friend had actually gotten a dog that he dumped at the shelter when he went to basic training that he dropped out of (he pretended to be sick and pretended to faint so he could get out of basic as a medical discharge). He knew he was gonna go to basic training when he got the dog. He said he loved the dog and that his family said they’d take care of him while he went to basic and then refused so he had no option but to surrender him. I believed him then cause his family was shitty. But now I think he did it on impulse with no forethought, never had an agreement with his family, and never even tried to find the dog a good home on his own.

He also had some cats when he lived on his own with another gf who didn’t hate me. When they broke up I was like where are your kitty babies? And he said a friend of his ex gf’s took them. But in hindsight I think he might have dumped them at a shelter.

He also once found an injured American cottontail rabbit and instead of taking it to a wildlife rehab kept it in a cage and tortured the poor thing by constantly handing it. American cottontails are solitary creatures, they aren’t happy to be pets like domestic rabbits which were domesticated from European rabbits who are very social creatures even in the wild without domestication. The rabbit died of a heart attack after a couple months while he was handling her. He did this while we weren’t talking a ton but he was living (basically squatting with permission) in my deceased grandpas home that was overrun with rats and had no electricity or running water. He liked it better there than staying in my dads office cause he could Jack it all day I guess, he’d come over everyday to shower and chill with my folks and they’d feed him. He stayed there until the bank foreclosed on the house and made him leave.

And finally, he also had a rat when he lived with my family. He’s had the rat less than a year. It was well cared for. He manically decided he was gonna move to California and work on an illegal pot farm for the summer and the next day after he’d told us that he woke us up and let us know his rat had died and he buried him already. I think he fucking killed his rat. Also I told him the pot farming get rich quick scheme was a bad idea but he swore he’d come back with 50k after a summer of hard work. He came back penniless (actually in debt, had no money) and had some weird story about how the Russians who ran the farm just fucked everyone over. I suspect he did something insane. He also chopped off part of his finger while working the farm.

No. 1602188

Is not wanting a pet that weird?

No. 1602191

no, especially if you have multiple children. it's more responsibility, expense and stress.

No. 1602192

File: 1686346559129.jpeg (60.5 KB, 611x440, 021F7B47-C2E7-4115-AAB1-ABD19D…)

Depends on your finances and abilities and living situation and stuff. It can be weird but it can be a good and kind decision. Humans literally domesticated dogs before we learned to farm. Nonhuman animal companionship is in our dna. It’s weirdly inhuman to never want a pet if you’re capable of giving them what they need and not allergic.

No. 1602194

>It’s weirdly inhuman to never want a pet if you’re capable of giving them what they need and not allergic.
How exactly? What if someone just doesn't prefer to have a pet?

No. 1602196

File: 1686346872457.jpeg (31.24 KB, 750x496, 4E8660F7-2859-4F78-AA90-6DEEA6…)

It’s really important for children to grow up with a family pet. It helps give them a robust microbiome/immune system and teaches them boundaries and love and respect. I think it’s basically child abuse to not let your children experience having a family pet. It’s also fucking weird as hell to want multiple kids but no pets, esp if they’re bio kids. Narcissist red flag.

No. 1602201

wished I could just hang up with some of you irl, spending so much time on my computer is not the same

No. 1602202

There’s something deeply wrong with them or they had psycho parents who didn’t let them experience the joys of a nonhuman companion so they don’t know what they’re missing.

No. 1602203

I envy those "on that grindset" losers because I don't think I have ever had a job where I didn't have at least one emotional meltdown in the bathroom. I fucking hate retail, I hate the service industry, I hate customers, I hate having to talk to people, I hate long hours, I hate short hours, I fucking hate it all. I literally feel like I'm going to have to kill myself eventually because there is no way it's normal to not be able to handle any fucking job like I don't think I'm capable of being a human being and making money and supporting myself. Idk what to do or how to fix myself. I think I'm gonna have to die or some shit kek.

No. 1602205

Hey nonnie I’m the same way. Gonna try to publish some short stories and poems cause that’s all I can do. But I am a NEET and my Nigel and parents foot my bills. I’m too disabled to hold a job.

No. 1602207

File: 1686347930550.jpg (76.28 KB, 1024x989, 1685142021930867.jpg)

I masturbated and coomed too hard and now my muscles are so tightened I can't even pee

No. 1602210

i grew up without pets and we got 2 dogs when i was about to be 17, it wasn't easy to adjust but i love having pets. honestly i agree with you. when i encounter people who are disgusted by the idea of having pets like they're above it all i'm like damn okay won't ask again… they always seem that they need to keep reiterating how omg eww an animal in my house?? it's just like how matt walsh is a huge baby pusher and has made nasty comments about pet owners and people loving their pets. like who hurt you??

No. 1602214


No. 1602221

I get the understanding of feeling discomfort at those who actually actively dislike pets and act disgusted and reiterate it. That's weird. But to call those who simply don't want pets, even if they may have the resources, finances, and space to have one, inhuman is a little extreme don't you think?

No. 1602222

Exactly. People complain about pets being gross but then they go to concerts and shit and aren’t even vaguely obsessive about keeping clean. They’ll shake hands with people and let people walk into their houses with shoes on. Trust me my cats paws are cleaner than the shoes you wear outside stepping on all sorts of wild animal piss and germs. And I’ve never gotten sick from a pet. People are germ machines (especially little kids). The folks who have little kids and act like pets are dirty are mind blowing to me. I actually love kids but I’m under no illusion that they’re somehow cleaner than the average well cared for domesticated pet. They’re far more likely to make me sick by being around them.

No. 1602225

Inhuman maybe extreme. Self absorbed and narcissistic are better terms, since humans can be both of those things.

No. 1602229

>Self absorbed and narcissistic are better terms
I don't think it's narcissistic nor self-absorbed to simply not want to own a pet, that's a bit extreme too.

No. 1602232

Why would anyone who has the proper resources and ability to care for a pet not want one? Literally the only thing I can think of is extreme self absorption, especially the folks who have kids but no pets.

No. 1602233

File: 1686349358678.png (124.76 KB, 639x476, Screenshot_6206.png)

If you're gonna impersonate me at least do a good job at it you esl retard(rancefag)

No. 1602236

They simply may not want pets, and prefer solitude. Alternatively, they may have the financial and physical resources but not the mental and physical fortitude to care for one. Or, again, someone may simply not want a pet. I don't see how it is self absorb to not want to care for another living being. It's similar to calling women narcissistic and self absorbed for not wanting kids.

No. 1602240

bfs parents are going to rip up most of our floor and we're getting a new floor soon. i'm not looking forward to it because they argue over literally ANYTHING. i wish i had a job atm bc i need a reason to avoid the house until it's all done. i'm probably going to be driving around a lot looking for something to do, and going to my parents' a lot. i just dont wanna be around their (bfs parents) negativity. they're at a point now where they actively avoid being in the same room most of the time.

No. 1602245

Not having the time or energy or money or other resources is entirely different. Simply not wanting to ever share your life with a nonhuman animal is weird and tells me there’s something wrong with you. it’s self absorbed to literally not want any responsibilities to anyone besides yourself or your biological offspring. Women who don’t want kids and don’t want pets are self absorbed too, although I will say people who want kids but don’t want pets are far more self absorbed than people who want neither. People who want neither are just weird and give off “leave me alone cause I’m not able to be a good friend” vibes.

No. 1602246

You are CRAZY. Someone not wanting a pet makes them unable to care for it with 100% love. They can do their best but not without resentment and the pet will suffer because of it.

No. 1602249

Exactly. The only people who don’t want pets are psychos.

No. 1602250

File: 1686350165231.jpg (15.86 KB, 260x312, 1629002812742.jpg)

>Women who don’t want kids and don’t want pets are self absorbed too

No. 1602251

Why are you so mad, isn't it a good thing a person who does not want a pet doesn't have them? Leave those people alone omg. You're like a pro birther but for animals.

No. 1602252

Samefag but I’m not saying people who don’t want pets should get pets. Pets deserve better than psycho inhuman pet parents.

No. 1602256

It is a good thing they don’t have pets because they’re inhuman self absorbed psychos.
I was unclear. People who don’t want pets are psychos. Women/people who don’t want kids are not psychos assuming they have or want a pet. People/women who have kids and refuse to have pets are the worst of the bunch.

No. 1602257

This is such bait kek are you also a hardcore vegan? Because I would believe a nutrient deficient, half-dead hardcore vegan would have this cracked out opinion.

No. 1602258

I don't want any pets because I'm still traumatized from my cat's death and I'm blaming myself for it and I don't want to be responsible for another life ever

No. 1602261

No I’m not a vegan but I am a small game hunter.

No. 1602263

That’s different anon I don’t think you’re psycho. But I hope someday you can overcome your grief. I’m sure it wasn’t your fault at all. You clearly loved your baby and I hope someday another baby will get to experience your love.

No. 1602264

File: 1686350645965.jpeg (139.13 KB, 1125x1104, 1639163664797.jpeg)

One of many reasons feminism is doomed to fail is because it requires challenging the men of one's own ethnic group. Most women won't do that. They'd rather fight over them, simp for them, and enter competitions with women of other groups.
Many women are just gormless retards. Straight women will fight for men's love, lesbians will fight for men's camraderie and recognition. Only a small minority see things for what they are, and very few change their lives in accordance (which is an honorable, but extremely difficult, unrewarding way of life). All efforts at female solidarity will be destroyed by moronic pickmes riddled with hatred and complexes. You'd rather let trannies trample our corpses than take up for your fellow woman of another background. I've already given up, but the frustration still gets to me. Maybe it'll work out in the next few generations.

No. 1602266

Holy shit. Last year I did a volunteer program in an abandoned village. Although I wanted some agricultural small town experience in this particular region I had to choose whatever came quickest as the planning for the summer did not work out well. The people I originally came to do some work with were extremely unorganized and everyone complained about it, half of them quit, I wanted to as well but couldn't. Then thanks to them had to arrange somewhere to go fast so I ended up in this place and from the start it was off. You know how you should always leave at that first sign, well this woman was horrible at communicating despite being the one who needed help. I wait forever for someone to pick me up and this girl comes, the other volunteer. We drive up in this shitty old car to the empty mountain village. And so I am show the house and where we will stay…. again should have immediately left but I did choose this place last minute without seeing the accommodations. Which are…. a basement shed, with no real window, a door that only locks from the outside, thin mattresses on wooden planks, one outlet, that's it. The lack of feeling safe, the endless bugs, the fact visitors who came would walk by and laugh at me for staying on that room. Then the old woman.. she barely explained anything and just gave tasks. We had nowhere to store groceries and no breakfast besides coffee, had to work and serve people at her home restaurant before we could even eat, which was whatever was leftover, but it was enough food and tasted good. Then we should have a break but she kept us on call until dinner service. And we ate with the guests. The thing is she would start giving tasks then take it back, like telling me to go grab all these things then not u