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No. 54138

Previous thread >>>/meta/51603

No. 54140


No. 54143

>cont. from last thread, post limit
AYRT, I agree. I know skid is 100% schizo layna-butthole posting and they both lurk, but the uptick in pro-BBP is wild. I'd even suspect Taylor on another relapse but it seems too nasty for her (can't believe I even said that but she seems too dumb and lacking the guile)
it's safe to say that literally any person who has a thread lurks (just look at the prettypastelplease/gurugossip situation, and sperg-chan) so it's almost frustrating not to be able to hi-cow and copping a ban when it is clearly the cow in question. my one and only gripe with this site.
I'm sure if skid or BBP keep shitposting mods will disclose their posts like they did with sperg-chan, but I remember replying to her and dasha in real time before they were revealed and not being able to hi-cow was so fucking retarded when it was clearly them.
again, I know it's the rules but sometimes a bend of rules is copacetic.
mostly great job from current admins. I got banned for reddit spacing and fully deserved it, my bad. I'm also enjoying some of the redtext quips, I like the cut of your jib new admin. myriad chuckles

No. 54144

lc is running slow asf

No. 54145

oh my god it's too cute and pretty and adorable she's such a sweetheart i love her
yeeah, i hope it's fixed soon

No. 54148

File: 1678121967520.jpeg (63.63 KB, 564x753, A938A51D-CB99-4B92-80B9-0CB86E…)

I jus wanna say fuck the people who get mad that lc gets cutsey-fied sometimes I love it, threadpic is super cute.

No. 54149

Anyone who doesn't like cute shit is a Troon and I'm not afraid to say it.

No. 54150

Kek I’ve heard the opposite, especially when it comes to cat pictures, if you post cutesy shit you’re a troon. Post whatever you want. Moids definitely don’t care for cute shit unless it’s their anime waifu in porn or something.

No. 54151

Remember the sensitive cat poster infight in the bunkers? I'm glad that turned out well in the end but it was ridiculous

No. 54152

Oh yeah I was totally mocking that exact thing honestly, I hate policing feminine hobbies or choice like of what pictures to use.
I'm glad it ended well, limiting expression is never the answer to me.

No. 54155

KEKKK I'm so thankful for that poster coining the term "sensitive cat posting" even though they hated it. truly one of my favorite things that came out of the bunkers

No. 54160

you should add an international board to discuss different cultures and languages (with flags).

No. 54161

No. 54162

No. 54164

>exif data
Why would I care if someone wanted to doxx me? I didn't even do anything wrong, I literally just want an answer to my original question. If someone wants to try to figure out who I am then they're weird and creepy. I was hoping to prove I'm not a tranny so I could get an answer. Other nonny was correct though that it wasn't necessary to prove myself and was ultimately retarded of me. I thought hand posting was A Thing but I'm not immersed enough in LC culture I guess. I'm just gonna accept that something got fucked up or I did something horrible and I got a permaban and there's nothing I can do about it. Kinda sus though that you're trying to threaten or intimidate me.

No. 54165

Haha tricked you, bet you feel silly newfag. Nta btw since you're new and likely can't tell.

No. 54166

>banned at least 6 months ago

No. 54167

You just admitted you weren't aware enough of the sites culture but now that isn't newfaggory? That hand is looking more XY by the second here.

No. 54168

Nonny that’s why. There are weirdos who use this site, like creepy obsessive males who if they can get any data about where you’re located they will do anything with it. It’s more about safety, yeah it looks retarded but because this is “women’s only imageboard” , there are plenty of males who browse wanting to bother /stalk women

No. 54170

Samefag, there’s a cow here who’s address keeps being posted by an obsessive male. Just be careful next time

No. 54171

And all that cow did is larp as an incel and act like a child, not even anything serious, and the male keeps sexually harassing her and bragging about how she "totally ran" because of him when in reality she likely was told to go MIA by someone.

No. 54172

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it common practise for websites to erase exif data of posted images? 4chan does afaik

No. 54173

I’m not sure if LC does, especially because our engine is kind of outdated

No. 54174

Tbh she’s retarded but definitely doesn’t deserve his creepy rape threats. Hate moids

No. 54175

A /pol/ moid on the loose sperging about his bleach enemas in the internet ramblings thread on /ot/

No. 54176

it's hilariously ironic to me that a /pol/ creation is going on his internet ramblings in the internet ramblings thread

No. 54178

"CTRL+F is your friend, lurk more" Hey fucking braindead mod, YOU ctrl+f for "landlords love me" in the last Shat thread. You will only find the post that you banned me for. Fucking retard. The post I was replying to was in reference to the recording of Shay crying about being doxxed, she literally does not say that phrase in the recording. God damn you all are stupid as hell and ruining this site with your shitty modding

No. 54179

I guess he did not use strong enough bleach on his enemas to get rid of that autism

He’s continuing in the tinfoil thread. God, that thread attracts the worst kinds of posters.

No. 54180

same thing happened to me over posts that don't exist in threads I know well. Same wording about ctrl-f too. Total bullshit

No. 54181

I mean, I wasn't paying that much attention but in the fall/winter wasn't there handposting for some dumb blaine-related reason in a thread? I know I didn't hallucinate that. I remember looking at my hand and thinking it's ugly and skinny and weird-looking but still obviously female.

No. 54182

Yeah it's funny how many people posted their hands over that.

No. 54183

there was leyendecker anon kek

No. 54187

Can 2x be hidden again? Or at least moderated more…

No. 54190

File: 1678152268518.jpeg (56.7 KB, 900x600, 76A80B04-8689-4778-B37C-E6D728…)

reee lolcor keeps freezing my browser reeee

No. 54195

Ayrt it's just a basic premise people who've been around long enough are aware of. This site is frequently raided by moids and trannies, I wasn't personally threatening you don't be a retard. I don't know why you're sperging this hard if you don't care, but I'd recommend not posting personal photos on LC.

No. 54198

File: 1678210848960.jpeg (32.63 KB, 500x333, 4F7D4B33-9312-415F-B530-47EEE8…)

So I was rextexxed and my ban was supposed to be end by net morning(relative to yours) so I really didn't have an issue, but then I had to leave and do some house work and my ban still had maybe 8-6 hours left but I can somehow post again

was this intentional or is this some error ?

No. 54200

In that case, I appreciate the heads up nonna. I was very determind to finally get and answer so I went out on a limb. I've been here for quite some time and am well aware of trannys and faggots, hence my speculation of a tranny janny. I will not be receiving an answer so fuck it.

I agree. It's too vulnerable out in the open. Moids just love to violate anything and everything we have and create for ourselves.

No. 54201

Double posting bc I already delete + reposted but I got curious about the first time I visited LC and you can look it up on myactivity.google.com if you've used Chrome or used google search to find lolcow threads! Kekkkk

No. 54202

No. 54204

Regardless of browser, despite my fast connection, the images on this site load like old dialup where it slowly loads from the top. Webms and some larger images take literal minutes to load. It has made the site so fucking miserable to use for me. I'm puzzled as to why it is this way, anyone else?

No. 54205

male in the pinkpill thread.

No. 54207

He is also "akshually"ng in vent thread right now…

No. 54215

it costs money to have a website, it costs more to make it fast

No. 54219

appears to be in the unpopular opinion thread now racebaiting about european and middle eastern phenotypes

the racebaiting and misogyny makes it so glaringly obvious it's a pol moid

No. 54229

cp in /m/

No. 54230

cp in m

No. 54233

Attempted doxx in jvlog

No. 54235

I don't mean to be an asshole (because god forbid) but people typing in slang/AAVE should integrate. And redtext "white" but we all know that will never happen

No. 54236

It's becoming unbearable and has been going on for a long time. Just reloaded the same pic over and over before giving up. I've had to stop reading most threads because nothing ever loads. Is anything being done to fix this or lolcow just dying off?

No. 54237

Nope, yep. It's literally pointless for anons to post webm's and other videos at this point, might as well just post a link instead.

No. 54238

I've said it a million times and I will say it again: make a paywall make a paywall make a paywall. Although with the shitty admin and mods I wouldn't really trust them with my tenbux at this point.

No. 54239

Cp pic left up in th mtf thread

No. 54240

Try "expand all images" at the top right, it usually loads faster.

shut up retard

No. 54241

i will go fuck myself

No. 54242

I've nothing to contribute other than I've got this exact same issue and it's been driving me up the wall.

No. 54243

Who the fuck is gonna trust an anonymous image forward with credit card information?

No. 54244

I am the stupidest bitch on this planet because this thought never once crossed my mind. I will humbly sit right the fuck down.

No. 54245

I mean "yall" and "ain't" aren't necessarily AAVE, some of us are from the south. some nonas are likely also black. there's a few anons who type in the style you're referring to and they came around very recently, maybe twitter transplants

No. 54246

I respect our southern sisters, but I wish "y'all" would get redtexted. The amount of retarded twitter tier novels I've read here lately overusing the word is palpable.

No. 54247

Y'all ain't serious right now right? Say sike now.

No. 54248

Oof, yall need to move over with this toxic bs. Yall aint r-slurred or twitterf-ggy at all, this is just yall being problematic. Can you trigger warning your post before posting something so abusive? Yall are obvs toxic. I feel like a victim after reading this.

No. 54251

Saw that the (new?) mod has taken care of WKing in Taylor R's thread. >>>/w/284237
Will something be done about the WKing in the jvlogger thread which is arguably much worse? An anon has threatened someone with doxing for mentioning Chris lying about his knowledge of a rapist's past. >>>/w/284781
Another WK, who may or may not be the doxxing anon, keeps getting upset at any mention of Chris' relationship with a sex predator and lying about the circumstances, when we've already established in multiple threads with proof that Chris had been informed of the predator's past prior to advising and meeting with him in person. >>>/w/284829
We also have a WK, who may or may not be the same anon, trying to stop any discussion of new milk via Sharla that Chris began his relationship with her while he was still with his ex. >>>/w/284741
>>>/w/284872 Like other WKs from the past, these anons accuse other people of being from reddit, call the milk "boring" and/or or claim "no1currs."

No. 54253

So admins/farmhands, do we have to sage in celebcow or not? A janny left that redtext but I haven't seen anyone getting banned for not sageing after that, I think I actually forgot to sage once and didn't get banned.

No. 54254

The fact that everything about the Jvlogger's situation is literally tinfoil doesn't make anyone ITT a whiteknight. Not having facts is the ussue.

No. 54257

It's not called tinfoil when proof has been shared many times. Lurk more if you weren't aware. It's also not OK to try to doxx people because you're mad they brought up a cow's association with a rapist.

No. 54258

Nta, but reading it all:
>no date for the breakup, its up in the air with assumptions it was Dec 2018
>I'm not who doxxed someone, in fact reported it right away last night, also doxx might be a roaming and not even a legit anon location

You have gotta stop grouping anons together. Every post from /w/ to here is anons claiming samefags. It's stupid as hell.

No. 54259

Break up timeline with Lily and Chris' lies about when he started dating Sharla, warnings about Bald the rapist and Chris' response have all been discussed with screenshots in old threads.

No. 54260

Make it make sense how no one but Lily has mentioned cheating. Even she deleted it. Who's this "insider" who fed her that? No info, for any of this, almost a year later you guys won't shut up and infight over it still. 5 threads have been ran through.

Disagreements aren't the same as whiteknighting and constantly calling people whiteknights because proof isn't available makes you look insane. Ambiguity is still tinfoiling.

No. 54261

There was no mention of Lily's cheating accusation. Why do you bring that up?

No. 54262

Can you all move to a thread that's not /w/ for all this infighting? Ruining threads for unprovable shit because you assume someone who can't back up their claims is telling the truth. Idgaf if Lily was a saint, spoiler she's not, but posting basic ass proof is needed on an imageboard, not random assumptions and putting together an unverifiable timeline. The cows said themselves when what happened, but apparently it's not good enough, so back to tinfoiling about what really happened . Honestly, holy shit.

No. 54264

That all sounds like shit that happens on imageboards, anon. A cow (Lily) tweets something - it’s a point of discussion. I’d ask you what the jvloggers thread should look like but I doubt you have an answer.

No. 54267

How about not bringing up old milk the excessive amounts it is in that thread? It really sucks how many threads have been at limit because people cannot stop bringing up stuff that happened a year ago or 3 years ago or even 10 years ago. It's ridiculous.

No. 54268

They just released a video all about their relationship, of course anons are trying to connect dots. If the thread upsets you so much then just hide it. Anyway, /w/ sucks by and large so I doubt anything will happen at all that makes any of us happy kek

No. 54269

This is a thread to make complaints and suggestions about modding, which was what >>54251 was about. Anons who've either refused to lurk and want to be spoonfed, or WKs who are upset they've been found out are trying to instigate fighting here. Repeatedly lying about a cow's knowledge of a rapist's past and trying minimod a thread from discussing new milk is surely breaking lolcow rules.

No. 54270

That's a lot just because anons don't agree.

No. 54271

It's not about differing opinions. If you're arguing the opposite of what has already been proven as fact in defense of a cow, that's WKing. If you're trying to stop people from discussing milk about a cow, that's also WKing. Mod in the Taylor thread called out a WK for lying about Taylor's language learning and abilities in defense of the cow, which had already been discussed with proof in the past. In the jvlog thread, we have WKs lying about Chris' association with Bald and timeline with Lily, which had already been discussed with proof in the past. The WKs in the jvlog thread are arguably worse because they're more persistent and coming up with more lies.

No. 54272

Oh you mean like you're doing now? Huh? Huh?

No. 54274

was just coming here to ask why the fuck mods are allowing overt minimodding and WKing in jvlog thread. This is a persistent individual or group, also active in Taylor's thread. They are absolutely intractable and need to be put to pasture. Lily also doesn't deserve to be slandered like this anon is so keen on doing. She was literally cheated on. But C/S stan is reeeing about proof or timeline for when she suspected C/S cheated. It's like nothing will dp except a timestamped vid of his p in her v.

No. 54275

jesus christ, do you even read what you're posting?

No. 54276

Nta but you complained about slang and aave in your post.

No. 54277

Ok so southerners and black anons should learn to integrate so their posts don't stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 54278

No, I have to look at the road dummy.

No. 54283

Male poster in OT vent thread.

No. 54289

We're tired of trump-chan's newfaggotry in celebricows. She's shitting up the threads with her useless commentary.

No. 54290

Kiwi newfag tinfoiling, unsaged in the Rita thread >>>/snow/1778636
I'm not sure if male but they definitely type like one

No. 54291

this has been an ongoing debate for years now, ESL-chans sometimes need a second person plural, not our fault y'all's language is broken

No. 54292

nta but "you guys" is also an alternative

No. 54293

>you guys
>you all
Just off the top of my head

No. 54294

File: 1678358790600.jpg (216.74 KB, 1005x978, IMG_20230309_114354.jpg)

The thread is made by a pedo schizo male, also spammed by the same pedo schizo male and mostly contains the pedo schizo male.

No. 54295

I find it odd that speaking like a minority of English speakers, specifically located in southern America, is the first thing esl-chans go to rather than the myriad of words >>54293 provided. Must be the sheer amount of influence burgers have on the internet.

No. 54296

Yes Nonny I love using Nonnie it's not the sign of a tumblrite newfag at all!

No. 54297

No wonder it died for a week, it must've been discovered around then kek

No. 54298

Modified just for you, nonny
>you guys
>you all

No. 54301

My opinion is that y'all is the most superior form of addressing multiple people, and my country ass won't stop using a word that's been used for decades where I live just because chronically online ESL anons associate it with twitter. That would be like me going on a Japanese site and telling them to stop saying kawaii because I associate it with cringy weebs, like that's not a part of their language.
You still going on about this?

No. 54303

it sounds retarded when non-southerners use it imo, it's usually accompanied by 'woke' takes in that context

No. 54304

This is an anonymous site though, you wouldn't know who is and who isn't southern.

No. 54305

The /pol/ack in moidtakes thread

No. 54306

Oh does he like shota? Me too.

No. 54307

someone (possible a moid/troon) is posting pics of underage boys in girls clothing in the celebricows thread

No. 54308

It's a regular user this shits tiring and happens all the time, this sites crawling with pedophiles.

No. 54309

we don't have retarded pedophiles here though

No. 54310

The unironical use of "femcel" should be a bannable offense as indicator for either unintegrated newfags or moids.

kys blaine

No. 54312

it's cause esl-chans think that all americans speak like they're from texas/louisiana/florida. this is the stereotypical image and sound they have in their heads because of their own stupid as fuck media lol. they really do believe we walk around in cowboy hats with big belt buckles eating cheeseburgers and french fries doused in ketchup. they have no clue how many accents we have in the states.

No. 54313

ngl it's really fucking annoying when i check /snow/ and the latest thread is some /r9k/ scrote who's malding over his underage discord kitten finally blocking him. the most recent one got locked and banned thankfully, but holy shit. scrotes are NOT welcome here!

No. 54316

Same in the vtuber thread it smells like moids in there especially the ones who are posting about zaion.

No. 54318

The mods aren't your personal attack dogs to sic on whomever disagrees with you. All I see is you bitching that you can't mobilize the Jvlogger thread into a hivemind. Get over yourselves kek

No. 54319

It's been two days and the doxx threat >>>/w/284781 = and WKing is still there. If it's not allowed in the Taylor and other threads, it shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

No. 54323

File: 1678397757294.jpg (405.75 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20230310-082719__01…)

Best threads for observing zoomers/twitterfag posters is the Yukapon and Gyaru threads. A quick flick through will show you how easy it is to spot them.

No. 54324

Anons just posting porn for no reason in the Belle thread as usual. Easily could've just cropped the phone, but anons need to share her porn apparently and nitpick an editing app we've known for years that she uses if they just lurked or crtl+F. Seems like Edit-anon again, still just trying to make sure everyone knows Belle edits her photos at least once a week, so that any actual shitpost edits get questioned again if its her or anon editing them. The whole thread is so obvious.


Why post the porn in general when you can just do this to begin with
>>>/w/285057 I can't believe some anons have all these asshole/snatch shots of her on their phones when it's not even milk.

No. 54325

The entire dating timeline is all over the place and doesn't mean whiteknighting when anons call or point it out. There's no followable timeline, making up dates with assumptions isn't the same as fact and it falls under tinfoil. Mods probably realize this, so they let the dumbass arguing continue over who did and didn't cheat. It's up to you if you want to keep shitting up the thread wuth everyone else instead of moving on because anons don't agree with you and have just as much proof as to why cheating did/didn't happen.

No. 54326

Exactly this.

No. 54327

Lying about when Chris was informed he was associating with a sexual predator and minimodding other anons to stifle discussion of new milk proving that cows lied about when their relationship began is WKing. Doxxing threats are also against the rules.

No. 54328

No one has been saying the doxxing is okay. Stick to one topic. Go outside.

No. 54329

The defenders went off topic from their very first response when they ignored that minimoding is against the rules and doing it in defense of cows to stifle discussion is exactly what WKing is.

No. 54330

I don't think you understand what WKing actually is, anon. I 100% agree with >>54318 too.

No. 54331

hm, no, you can't also minimod /meta/. Doxxing is pretty serious and you want to mock an anon for asking why the threat is still there? Your behavior gets more and more sus with each post.

The minimodding in the jvlogger thread is insane, but the attempts to paint Lily, the woman who was cheated on, as psycho are really sad to me. Because she deleted a tweet, she "pussied out" >>>/w/284751
Maybe I don't read the right cow threads but I don't think I've seen women here talk like this often.

No. 54332

she gave a good definition. Trying to stop discussion and defending the cow - even with lies. What's your definition of WKing?

No. 54333

That's discord scrote language through and through, good intuition nonna.

No. 54334

The question is why that is still up. It’s creepy and weird and one of the things I would expect mods to move quickly on versus shit like unsageing, WKs, vendettas and collages. Infight shit is tolerable to an extent but not dox

No. 54335

Here's another one, this needs a ban forever:
>Yeah it's like I suspected, most of the people in here are dumb simps who've never had a boyfriend before. Keep trying gurlz.

No. 54336

I'm shocked as well.

No. 54337

Not only the language, but the whole "cheating isn't cheating" defense, and used in favor of a cow, is also very bizarre.

No. 54338

That sounds like obvious mocking bait.

No. 54341

Look at the punctuation. It's the same as the anons who posted
And some of the anons from the thread have come here to defend >>>/w/284872 's minimoding, which got called out. >>>/meta/54251

No. 54342

Has anyone else been having an issue with clicking on post links and instead of being taken to the post, it scrolls up only halfway to the post or scrolls all the way up to the literal OP?

No. 54344

Yeah. It's clearly the anon who's been pretending to defend Lily every time. They've done this in the previous threads too and it's obvious when it's them. Also one of those posts was mine from that retarded wall of text. Anon keeps thinking everyone is the same person. Anon needs to touch grass, stop minimodding people not agreeing, and fuck off if they can't handle anons not believing the thinnest damn strung together cheating conclusion ever.

No. 54346

>Yeah. It's clearly the anon who's been pretending to defend Lily every time.
>They've done this in the previous threads too and it's obvious when it's them.
Feel free to share proof.
>Also one of those posts was mine from that retarded wall of text.
Which one?
>Anon needs to touch grass, stop minimodding people not agreeing, and fuck off if they can't handle anons not believing the thinnest damn strung together cheating conclusion ever.
Except anon didn't say people should get banned for not agreeing. Anon said someone was breaking rules by minimoding and trying to stop others from discussing new milk that the couple provided yet another timeline of their relationship. And now you're trying to minimod people for calling out minimoding.

No. 54348

Vendetta poster spamming the same photo in multiple threads.

No. 54349

It's funny how you're complaining about someone who is just as annoying as you. No one has been minimodding except you spergs. A mod would've done something about all the cheating/not cheating stuff a while ago, same with the Bald crap, the doxx is clearly a roaming/vpn which is why it isn't gone. Froth moar about not getting your way. Also rebringing up old issues to try and create some agenda is fucking weird too. Mods aren't your puppets. You guys berate them when you don't get your way and berate them when bans do happen. Pick one. Clearly they don't moderate the way /w/ anons want too. Epitome of minimodding.

Also your posts in thread sound stupid and baity. All you do it nitpick apart posts. You contribute nothing but infighting.
>>Your precious Chris cheated on his gf

No. 54353

Maybe you need to lurk more because anons talk like this and worse about cows all the time. Take a look at the Shayna thread.

No. 54354

No. 54355

Can someone explain what >>54349 is trying to say? You're also linking two completely different anons.

No. 54356

Considering the style, doubt.

No. 54357

I posted >>>/w/285126 and not >>>/meta/54346. So yes, two different anons. More than one person knows how to quote posts using greentext.

No. 54358

Mods, if you can't tell a Brittany Venti simp (and she's talked about Lolcow to her audience, sending them to whiteknight and shill for her in the past) posting smug pepes is a scrote, idk what to tell you. The whole thing's already passed so I won't say anything more but please.

No. 54359

Tranny in the 2X peaktrans thread reeing that everyone who doesn't believe mens sexist women-hating delusions is an evil right wing bigot.

No. 54360

File: 1678442758418.png (420.41 KB, 770x1420, Screenshot_20230310-110201~2.p…)

You or someone like you used the same excuse when very similar-sounding posts in Taylor's thread (attacking Tom's ex-gf) were called out. You are unnecessarily shitty to the exes of scrotes you ship with someone else.

No. 54362

>All you do it nitpick apart posts

No. 54364

Moid Femdom fetish bait on 2X

No. 54365

If you don't like how anons talk about cows, maybe don't come to lolcow. Also, all 3 of those posts are not me, so good job, retard.

No. 54366

She only highlighted when the word "bitch" was used, I didn't bother reading past the first comment because it was so clearly written by a woman's hands. This bitch is just crazy.

No. 54368

Anons say bitch all the time. Anon is this new? An insult is an insult. What else do they want anons to not say because it hurts their feelings and values towards women on a site where they are made fun of constantly? Go find a hug box. This isn't the place. They are fine calling a cow ugly and a troon but whoa, look out, saying bitch is too much.

No. 54369

Exactly, you can’t get annoyed when somebody calls a cow (like Sharla for example) a fat, washed up bitch. This isn’t Instagram.

No. 54370

it wasn't about a cow, just like the moidy insults towards Lily aren't about a cow

No. 54371

moid thread

No. 54372

If you can't handle the fire get the hell out of the kitchen.

No. 54374

Hellweek needed.

No. 54375

The anons posting about Sharla and calling her fat are doing it for attention and its bait. You know this. Calling a cow a bitch isn't the same lol

No. 54376

It'll never happen, stop trying to make hell week happen.

No. 54377

File: 1678471060280.png (155.66 KB, 660x350, hellweek.png)

No. 54378

Only said with frustration that it won't and yes.

No. 54379

>it's one thing to say things about cows that I don't like, it's a different thing to say things about cows I do like
it goes both ways nona, if you can't stand the heat of some people calling Sharla fat get out of the kitchen. She seems to be owning it anyway, real HAES energy. No one posted here is sacred, that's the entire point. It isn't bait when someone doesn't agree with you.

No. 54380

Legit question, for two years now even when I'm fully anon people repeat my phrases, why is this? I'm not saying I invented the can't handle the heat line I'm saying I clearly just used it and now you're using it.
I'm just overall confused and normally I don't ask shit because I can figure it out on my own but I'm genuinely confused at this point. In this instance did you think you were responding to me? I've seen it used in banal ways so it's been driving me up a wall for a while.

No. 54381

It's just a common phrase anon I wouldn't read into it. It was applicable to both posts. besides I said "heat get out of the kitchen", you said "fire get out of the kitchen".

No. 54382

Just a silly set of coincidences, you're right.

No. 54383

nta nonny that is an extremely common phrase kek

No. 54385

this is directed to whoever has administrative access to the linux server hosting the tinyboard software.

a crazy woman (not a tranny) who's a long-time poster from our board keeps linking to your site, and i don't care for the subject matter of your site and it seems super girly and childish, but i noticed you have really bad page load speeds, and i like fixing things, so allow me to [redacted]splain some suggestions

from some brief performance profiling, one of main things slowing down page loads on your site is the fact that animated GIFs do not have static thumbnails. this means that from just four 3 MB GIFs posted in a thread, everyone who opens that thread also has to load 12 MB (or 12,288 KB) worth of GIFs. i have not measured the download throughput from my end of your server but from my estimation it's roughly 25 KB/s based on the few seconds i had to wait just for a 100 KB JPEG to load. for any troll who is malicious, he can just post thirty 3 MB GIFs in a thread and now everyone has to load 90 MB worth of GIFs just for the page to load. so while not technically a security vulnerability, this is a serious vulnerability in terms of usability for the average user and could almost be considered a denial-of-service attack.

you can fix this for future posts and threads by enabling tinyboard to generate static thumbnails for animated GIFs uploaded.

1. ensure graphicksmagick is installed. on debian or ubuntu the command is:
sudo apt install graphicsmagick
(if you're already on root account you can omit sudo)
2. ensure gifsicle is installed.
sudo apt install gifsicle
3. if you have a SERVER_ROOT/inc/config.php file, change this line:
$config['thumb_method'] = 'gm+gifsicle';
if you have separate board config.php files or an instance-config.php make sure they're not overriding $config['thumb_method'] (just remove the line from these files if it exists).

i noticed you didn't enable removing EXIF data from images uploaded. you should enable this if you care about users' privacy (then again maybe you don't since i can see this site's all about stirring drama lol).

change this line in SERVER_ROOT/inc/config.php so it's set to true instead of false:
$config['strip_exif'] = true;

there are other suggestions i can make which i have the instructions for since i've done it myself (e.g. implementing a simple captcha, enabling webp thumbnails to further speed up page loads, enabling webp image posting, enabling lazy-loading for catalog thumbnail images to speed up catalog page loads, adding delay to how long an individual IP can create a new thread since his/her last not sure if you implemented this already, etc.), i also have a simple anti-cp python script which runs as a cronjob (scheduled task in linux) that checks recently made threads routinely that you can check out that i've shared with other vichan/tinyboard admins i can't post publicly which partly automates the removal of the long-time cp spammers images since he has a known pattern, but i have to go now and i'm not going to expend any more effort if i'm just going to get banned(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54386

/pol/ moid in the vent thread: >>>/ot/1520342

No. 54387

who are you?

No. 54388

Not only are those two different anons, there's nothing remotely similar about those comments both in style and content. If you think using the lolcow quoting function makes them the same, you need to lurk more. However, >>>/w/284981 >>>/w/284981 >>>/w/285080 all use the exact same odd punctuation and wording, and they're all trying to claim that cheating isn't cheating while discouraging further discussion of this new milk. Not to mention, >>54344 is deflecting by refusing to say which post they were responsible for and share evidence that the other posts were from a Lily defender, and >>54349 is deflecting by changing the subject and accusing others of samefagging based on absolutely nothing.

No. 54389

What board?

No. 54390

I'm pretty sure its a male from some different site

No. 54392

obviously, I'm asking what one of our regularly rotating internet addicted weirdos is he?

No. 54394


No. 54395

That's enough for anons to accuse others of samefagging. Anons need to stop trying to discover posters. This is an anonymous site.

No. 54396

All I know is that he's obviously talking about the British one, nta.

No. 54398

Ew bri'ish

No. 54399

A roight loimey pick me dat one wuz she wuz.

No. 54400

Why is the site sooo slow omg especially images. Can't even expand images on the imageboard I just put open in new tab and I have to wait 30 seconds to see it

No. 54402

So ignore, dummy.

No. 54403

See >>54385 because he's actually right.

No. 54404

i am anonymous. i contributed a few bug fixes, performance optimizations, etc. to vichan (fork of tinyboard). i've known STI (creator of tinyboard), not personally, but have chatted online regarding his software. i am not a big name (or small name) nor do i even have a nickname so there's no point making speculations. that's all you need to know about me. only strictly technical questions i will answer from here on. i'm only here to impart whatever technical knowledge i've obtained from my experience i can to the admins/devs here on these /meta/ suggestion threads (i will not post anywhere else on this site since none of it interests me) to help them get up to speed on various tinyboard pecularities (it's poorly designed, i can give plenty of examples, and just plain undocumented in many cases), tips on dealing with typical imageboard and server bullshit, etc. so this site's users can have an optimal user experience. if they don't want a helping hand as i've helped a few other vichan boards, i'm totally fine with that. i have no ego and don't mind being insulted (i personally like banter, helps keep me humble and know my place as a plebian, but don't do that here please because of the attention-seeking and thread derailing rules, i am not here for that, only admins/devs are allowed to do that from here on).
this is good advice is general, especially given the lunatic cp spammer (redundant i know lol) and his pattern of posting his link-shortener links. but github.com is owned by microsoft and is where you can download the tinyboard software which this site runs on.(no1currs, typical moid assuming women dont know shit)

No. 54405

So it is just the one guy spamming CP on way more sites than anyone here knew? I always figured the majority was a bot due to how methodical it was and the copy/paste seeming nature of it.

No. 54406

He's right but I'm pretty sure admin doesn't need his help. The males that come here are always so fucking obnoxious.

No. 54407

Outrageously pretentious as well but it's conditioned and what else can you expect from the defected Y chromosome so I assumed that went without saying and the shock of a man actually being right for once was apparent.

No. 54408

no he is 100% not a bot because a few times i caught him double-post in a human-like fashion when one of his thread postings semi-failed (one of my earlier scripts caught it) and because i implemented a captcha system (and saw it in other imageboards with captchas also with the same spammer getting through) and it didn't deter him one bit, so he obviously manually types in the captchas. he may have some aspects of his routine automated, but his weekly and sometimes daily routine is to create a link shortener URL, pick a CP pic from his CP stash, occasionally modify the pic and imprint his URL onto it, log in to VPN, go through each of the dozens of imageboards out there, and create a thread with this CP image and paste his URL in the body text ocassionally together with some child abuse keywords. this guy has been spamming imageboards with this exact routine for well over a decade. he'll never get arrested because there's no justice in this world (life's not fair) and he probably lives in some corrupt shithole (who am i kidding, every country is "corrupt" in their own way) where interpol cannot realistically intervene. it may even be a so-called "civilized" country like germany of all places (read rt.com/news/568400-germany-darknet-pedo-network/ ), pedos exist everywhere, laws and "civilization" don't deter them one bit.

No. 54409

some truly outrageous baiting happening in /g/ for what seems like the last 7ish hours. can we get some farmhand eyes on that board

No. 54410

So the CP spam has been going on for at least a decade in other places, thank you.

No. 54411

Isn't he in Wisconsin? His dox is on Kiwi because he willingly posted his ID. He's like 30 or 40

No. 54412

wait what? link to post?

No. 54413

Here you go: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/unabashedhermaphrodite-belial-the-actual-queen-actuallybella1-autisticaizen-blaine-gaven-ross-jess-ross-erika-starling.99380/
He also wrote a couple threads and admitted it, namely the Rachael and Rita threads, because they told him to fuck off. Both are still cows, but it explains a lot.

No. 54414

He's not the regular cp spammer. He posts cp when he someone makes him seethe but he's not the spammer >>54408 is talking about, the one who posts those cp threads with a link shortener and the same images.

No. 54415

Oh, yeah no clue then sorry. I wish someone finds him and brings him to justice.

No. 54416

They won't off some retards tinfoil, hold your breath though, it'll be funny.

No. 54417

ok i apologize for the "girly and childish" comment, it was a rude way to emphasize that the content is not my interest, i didn't mean to bait and i'm only here temporarily

No. 54418

No this sites extremely childish in so much as that anyone with an adult IQ left or just baits.

No. 54419

One of the posts was me the one about Tom being too ugly for both his ex and Taylor. No idea what any of that was meant to convey given the current conversation here.

No. 54420

More insane WKing and doxxing threat in jvloggers thread

No. 54421

New doxx threat in jvlog, anons literally inviting the a rote in /meta/ to bait the thread and actively replying.

No. 54422

it's still going, seems like somebody is going thread to thread trying to initiate retarded infights and acting like they're on bath salts

No. 54423

Bait/newfags in the genderbent husbando thread in /g/.

No. 54426

regardless they are right that it was obnoxious and pretentious for me to just come in here as visitor, take a quick look, and shit all over your house like that by flippantly invalidating other people's interests like an asshole (not knowing their brains are wired differently on what they receive dopamine hits from due to different experiences in life / memories, genetics, other biological factors, whatever) and act like only my interests are valid. it's such shitty behavior. she's right there must be something defective in my brain to fail to do such basic etiquette. need to never do that again, whether online or especially IRL. will repeat in my head never to invalidate other people's interests 50x so i don't forget

No. 54427

I reported a ton of posts saying "hi Lily" or accusing posters of being her. That's hi cow (or hi cow's ex). Please ban these people. I don't have time to paste all the links here but I made the reports.

No. 54428

I don't even visit that thread but you desperately need to get out and get some fresh air.

No. 54429

File: 1678528122068.jpeg (23.51 KB, 701x438, 13948382649.jpeg)

Not sure if autistic or sarcasm

No. 54431

It's against the rules of this site. If you don't visit that thread, why do you think I'm some prolific poster? I'm not. Got a lot of fresh air this morning, thanks, that's why I just reported instead of pasting links here.

No. 54432

Hi cowing is against the rules newfag.

No. 54434

They've already redtexted an anon for lolcowing Sharla's friend. They're quick when it comes to something related to Sharla even if it isn't something against the rules like the Elon tweet, but often allow hi cowing and vendetta posting when it comes to Lily.

No. 54435

Here we go again with the insinuated mods being farmers thing and biases and absolutely no accountability from the anons getting bans. Also not everything is redtexted.

No. 54436

Explain why a dox threat is still up for days while hi cowing of Sharla's friend was taken care of within hours >>>/w/284781

No. 54438

I honestly got an expired plane ticket when I Googled the numbers, not an address. Read upthread, anons have mentioned it being a roaming/VPN and in that case, not a threat, also if the IP is landing in the middle of a state and not even a specific home location, it's not worth worrying about the doxxing either. Also the open threats were deleted as seen from this list >>54420 The WKing accusations are hilarious because you don't like when someone has a different take.

No. 54439

super weird. I reported that but also these:

>>>/w/285258 infighting
>>>/w/285260 hi cow (Lily)
>>>/w/285279 hi cow (Lily)
>>>/w/285282 hi cow (Lily)
>>>/w/285295 "I don't see the big deal about sex trafficking"

None of these were red-texted despite 3 of them containing the exact same offense as the Solar one

No. 54440

that's funny, I got an address.

No. 54442

So it's not fair unless the anons who don't get redtext bans also get their bans changed to redtest bans? This isn't a fairness site, anon. It's free to use and anonymous. I don't know where the anon said it and I don't feel like ctrl+f, but absolutely the weird audacity anons have to demand bans because things aren't going their hivemind way is outstanding.

No. 54443

Femdom thread was discussed on /pol so there might be an influx of baiting scrotes.

No. 54444

Why are you anons always on /pol/ to even know this?

No. 54445

I get that not everything is redtexted, but shouldn’t it be? i dont see the purpose in not doing that. For what it is worth I have been banned (short one) with no redtext. Infighting in /meta/ actually kek, but tbh, I think I should have been redtexted so others could see exactly how the line was drawn by the mods on what infighting is. It isnt always clear.

No. 54446

you're fond of reeeeing here for people to get banned and you don't know if they have been or not (all bans aren't redtexted!) Or do you, in fact, know?

No. 54447

Funny, the post is now mysteriously gone, so it was clearly a problem.
There should be some consistency and it doesn't make sense when it's only posts related to a particular cow that get redtext bans while others never seem to, and then you have the other issue of anons getting redtexted for things that aren't against rules or even borderline, while the posts they responded to about that particular cow could be. But I think you know that and before you start throwing accusations, I wasn't one of the anons who got redtexted or banned.

No. 54448


No. 54449

NTA but someone posted a big image compilation of what was said on /pol/ when the thread was discussed there, I got the vibe it's bait, an anon replying to it got a smug unsage-ed response and the initial post saying /pol/ "had a field day" certainly doesn't give off the vibe of a poster here trying to laugh at/criticize scrotes

No. 54450

Wtf is going on in Shayna's thread, can a janny at least remove the obvious moid posts and that insane anon who keeps infighting and calling anons "worthless whores" (which definitely also sounds like a moid)

No. 54451

Because you come here begging mods to ban people everytime anything minor happens in that thread. I doubt a small w thread thread has that many autistic posters, so I assume it's mostly one poster.

I don't care.

No. 54453

Just to clear up something about bans/redtexting: the way the board software works is that you apply a redtext when you ban a post, so in order to redtext a post you must issue a ban for it.

If an anon has made several posts that are rule-breaking, they won't get a ban for each one, they will get one longer ban. That means only one of these posts will be redtexted, but they'll have been punished for all the others too. It has to be done this way as bans don't stack. This can lead to confusion about whether a post has received a ban particularly if they've made rule-breaking posts in several threads/boards.

There are other occasions when we may not add a redtext, but that accounts for the majority of occasions where a ban won't have one.

The post was trolling and not a danger in any way, we deleted it because anons wouldn't stop shitting up the report queue regarding it. In the end it was easier to remove it, since it added no value and it was upsetting anons.

Based on the post history of the users in that thread who are derailing, they aren't moids, they're genuine users who really hate camwhores and can't keep it to themselves (including the one who posted "I love camwhores").

No. 54455

File: 1678570906314.png (15.95 KB, 926x598, Screenshot 2023-03-11 163717.p…)

> (including the one who posted "I love camwhores")
Thanks admin. Alrighty then, that's pretty bleak. Also did I have to get banned for this (picrel)?

No. 54456

I have never posted in that thread, kek. I just read it.

No. 54457

idgi, you want people to be banned for derailing etc. but don't think you should be?? or is complaining about mods related to the cow now?

No. 54458

Trolling has also received bans on lolcow and specifically in the jvlogger thread before, not only under the past admin. Hi cowing is against the rules, yet has only been applied in the case of one cow during this same period. Would also appreciate it if you could explain why WKs have been banned in other /w/ threads as of late, but not the jvloggers thread.

No. 54459

suspicious link in /ot/ vent thread

No. 54461

Mods are farmers kek, it's just whether they're misusing their power. Not that I'm implying they are, or even have a horse in this race, just wanted to point that out.

No. 54466

Anons have multiple times when bans don't go their way.

No. 54467

I knew it was a shitpost IP.

No. 54468

Anons double posting because a saged post under the 30 minute mark isn't unsaged to bump the thread because OF is that important and not the fact that it's been posted and just shits up the thread with the same post.


No. 54469

I notice a lot more Discord like random chat shit in threads across the site. Obviously not a problem in /ot/ or /g/ or /m/ but cow boards really don’t need to be filled with pointless posts. I’d love to see some new rules around needing to provide actual content, images or discussion. Just chiming in to say shit like “I agree” or “lurk more” to someone already redtexted or whatever is just pointless chaff. Stinks like Discord users who just need to learn to integrate.

No. 54470

Anons have pointed this out for almost 2 years. Anons really trying hard with shit like "Way to go anon,great find!!"

No. 54471

>"lurk more"
To be fair, sometimes those posts come before the offender actually gets redtexted

No. 54473

They are referring to a post that says "Lurk more" which happened minutes before this post in /meta/ regarding the Jvlog thread again where anon posted the absolute wrong cows because they didn't lurk and didn't do any research themselves, shock. The lurk more post was before they deleted all the posts out of embarrassment.

No. 54474

Lurk moar.

No. 54475

Lighten up on the tinfoil anon.

No. 54476

Are the thumbnails of certain pics supposed to be crusty?

No. 54477

whiteknighting really should get more bans. It rarely gets banned but is absolute cancer in /w/. We also have bald lies being posted by whiteknights (>>>/w/285377 - not the first time either) to provoke infighting. ctrl-f shows that no one has said Taylor gained weight ever, not since she got pregnant in 2021. So the white knights just use these obvious lies to start fights.

No. 54478

You guys really, really don't know what wking means and it constantly shows

No. 54479

ftm seething about thread in ftm thread

No. 54480

File: 1678602467824.jpg (195.48 KB, 1080x2012, Screenshot_20230312-012611_Bra…)

In the Pixieelocks thread on /w/. I'm not really complaining though since it made me kek.

No. 54481

Oh dear, this could be funny.

No. 54482

Idk about the instance anon posted but there is some weird contrarian anon who dwells in that thread just to shout the opposite contention of everyone else the loudest. There's having a different opinion and then there's contributing to consistent derailment by taking posts out of context/outright lying. I notice this as someone who doesn't even frequent the thread.

No. 54483

Well I'm bringing it up here because the last time I called out that anon for blatantly lying and asked for proof, I was banned for "asking to be spoonfed." The proof doesn't exist. So I was banned for calling out a WK's lies. That's unacceptable.

No. 54484

lying to defend a cow
lying about what anons say about a cow to make anons look deranged
defending a cow from the most minor opinions
basically defending cows beyond what is reasonable.

what is YOUR definition of WKing? I keep asking and you never answer.

No. 54485

Saying it's fact when it's not and being upset anons aren't following that narrative is not the same as anons lying and calling it defending a cow. You understand that, right?

No. 54486

I know that the anon (you?) who writes things in Taylor's thread like
>anons get mad when Taylor isn't blamed for infertility
>anons say she's gained weight
is just straight-up lying, there isn't any evidence of these claims. So idk what you're referring to with some "narrative" and "facts" - either farmers posted these opinions or they did not. They in fact did not. So these are lies.

No. 54487

Lurk more.

No. 54488

Cp in /snow/ and /m/

No. 54489

Scrote spamming CP in snow. Probably elsewhere too.

No. 54490

Cp in /snow/. Please clean.

No. 54492

It's still up.

No. 54496

Thank you farmhand for the /w/ bans, just checked threads and wow

No. 54500

Yeah, looks like it was all fairly applied too. Kudos.

No. 54501

I'm laughing at the samefagging tags because anons claim every samefag redtext is wrong and mods are wrong.

No. 54502

Not a single one of my posts was ever tagged with samegagging and those are the same retards who claim I do. I'm glad they're finally hunted down instead those lying piles of dog shit.

No. 54504

What are you going on about? This is an anonymous board. Post had nothing to do with you samefagging or not. I'm pointing out the samefag ban when I see /w/ anons claim no samefagging ever happens and when it is redtexted, apparently there's been a "mistake".

No. 54505

Anon can just not watch the video then even though there were announcements in it, but okay. Derail with the attempt to infight. It's like the farmhand's post did nothing. Don't blame anons for not greentexting and then throw a fit that a video doesn't have good enough milk when the rest of the thread is low effort infighting for 3 days. Instead lets derail about content actually posted. You anons never learn then get mad when banned after the fact.


No. 54512

File: 1678649640799.jpeg (71.92 KB, 1052x730, E1CD6D5E-20D3-42B1-91F7-40C736…)

Why did anon get banned for this? She provided a source to another anons question lmao

No. 54513

These mods are so fucking retarded I can't

No. 54516

Unsaged and no screencap, I get it

No. 54518

It’s on /ot/, anon asked for a source for the OP pic

No. 54519

sometimes images take to long to load

No. 54520

Porn spam in /m/

No. 54522

pretty sure every board is being spammed rn

No. 54523

Why do they insist on using Nikado every time

No. 54526

They are aroused by him

No. 54527

Because he's disgusting, it's the new goatse

No. 54529

because he's a disgusting monster, I almost threw up when I see his porn being spammed

No. 54530

Oh damn that was fast removing the spam ty

No. 54532

This isn't an archival or promotional site. The video is irrelevant if there isn't milk or something to discuss.

No. 54537

nikocado porn spam in /ot/ please remove

No. 54538

already gone, damn that was fast. great job mods!

No. 54539

/w/ as well DONT go there omg

No. 54540

/pt/ too

No. 54541

This ban was a mistake and has been reversed. The post was reported multiple times and the farmhand who banned it did not take the proper care to examine the post in its context before banning it.

There are only a few mods active at one time, and the list of reports can get into the hundreds quickly.

With the addition of more moderation staff, less poor decisions will be made as there will not be as much pressure on each individual to make decisions quickly.

We appreciate you bringing mistakes like this to our attention! We welcome any women who care about the future of moderation on lolcow to apply using the link in the announcement above.

No. 54542

I've complained about WKing in the jvloggers and Taylor thread multiple times here and just wanted to thank admin and mods for being proactive today and also quickly getting rid of spam.

No. 54543

Seconded, I’m super relieved something is finally being done.
I really hope the quality of posting improves/they go back to Reddit, otherwise threads will just be redtexted posts!

No. 54544

somebody broke something though because you can't delete posts yourself that you make, it has error message "wrong passwords

No. 54549

That happens when you switch IPs.

No. 54550

Insufferable tinfoiling again

No. 54551

moid racebaiting in celebricows thread.

No. 54553

Because it's what he masturbates to.

No. 54562

Hey, can a mod nip this in the butt or something. Anon is being weird by trying to compare a cow's sister to how their fiance looks and they are trying to make it weird by saying the fiance will do onlyfans and somehow this has to do with the sister and the brother… It's fucking gross and anon knows what they are suggesting and it's te worse tinfoil possible


No. 54568

>nip this in the butt
Anon that’s cute, it’s bud

No. 54569

Could a mod please look at the tech thread in /ot/? It has taken a very odd turn into gangstalking conspiracies and it's just…off.

No. 54570

Which posts specifically?

No. 54571

almost every post from the last 24 hours. talking about hacking your phone and selling your life on the darkweb and conflating unsecured cams with hackers etc. Just generally having fun imagining being stalked (good for them I don't want to be a killjoy but it's getting off topic)

No. 54575

Look at the name of the board the thread resides in and op says
>A thread for discussing everything tech-related
I mean as retarded you think discussion is it's not really offtopic to discuss cyber security or tech related conspiracy. From an outside perspective I'm not sure why you feel farmhands have to step in, it all seems pretty harmless?

No. 54576

Hey mods, I know you’ve been amazing at banning in /w but the same 3 posters from Reddit are clearly ignoring rules and your warnings.
The Jvlog thread is almost always exclusively about Sharla and Chris, the people that post are all definitely from Chris’s subreddit.
They don’t seem to understand that lolcow is an imageboard and clearly don’t understand the culture.
Would it be possible to autosage the thread or move it to /ot?
Every time I go there there is nothing new; everyone is fighting over whether chris cheated on lily, his weight, sharlas ‘yakuza’ tattoo, yada yada yada.
There’s a new thread nearly every month, jvlogging is dead, Sharla and Chris do not have enough milk to fill 20 threads. They didn’t have 10 years ago either!

No. 54578

Cp in /pt/ saw it on front page

No. 54579

File: 1678708245777.jpg (1.82 MB, 2027x3153, RDT_20221011_18100826084268506…)


No. 54582

File: 1678708385783.jpg (846.69 KB, 640x1054, RDT_20230311_02122757400437800…)


No. 54583

Someone (likely the same triggered tif as earlier) is shitting up the ftm thread with weird seething posts.

No. 54584


No. 54585

It’s been up for 3 hours, what the fuck

No. 54586

The thread just started and if the thread is all about them, yet they get shitted on constantly, how the hell is there fans in there?

No. 54587

That's what I was wondering. I followed the link to the thread but it didn't show me anything so I asked for the actual posts but even the posts look on topic.I think some people are just extremely paranoid and if they're paranoid maybe they shouldn't post here.

No. 54589

That Pooner is likely spamming CP.

No. 54590

Nah make em post their ID, I'm bored.

No. 54591

Nta There are clearly some anons that have a bias towards them and defend them. I posted about this a while ago >>>/meta/53014

No. 54594

Were you not here yesterday when mods went through and literally banned a whole bunch of people? Maybe wait out and then see if it needs to be reported to be autosaged. If it was derailing already I would understand but nothing is going on in the thread.

No. 54595

I'm not this anon >>54576 and yeah some people got banned recently but there have still been Chris and Sharla fans ITT for a long time.

No. 54596

I didn't say you were? Mods already stepped in. Apparently everyone is a simp or stan or from reddit if someone doesn't agree with someone else. Just drop it already anon and report posts you just don't like already.

No. 54599

You wildly misunderstood what she said and should feel ashamed of yourself.

No. 54603

Saying it should be autosaged from the get-go makes no sense.

No. 54609

yeah autosage is a bad idea when Sharla has opened an OF, I think it's going to be milky. Besides the mods are doing a much better job of policing in that thread, I think it will improve naturally. just in time for milkier moments to come kek.

No. 54611

What is the point of thread names like “celebricows” when its consistently derailed by moids and unhinged bpdettes coming to seethe about how random x person is ugly and dumb and there is zero milk. A celebrity annoying you is not post worthy, even on boards where saging doesnt matter.

No. 54612

Anon I just simply replied to your question "how the hell is there fans in there?" There's no need for this shit. If you had read the post I linked and the post I was replying to, then you'd know the reason why anons have complained about the jvlogger thread multiple times is not because of simple disagreements. Also I'm not gonna go around reporting posts solely because I don't like them like I'm some kind of schizo kek.

No. 54613

Correct. Bud. As in when you cut a plant where the flower is budding in order to trim it properly. Always cracks me up with people do that. Or the other one that bothers me, when people say "butt naked" when it's "buck naked"

No. 54617

File: 1678731239990.png (9.29 KB, 1708x154, Repost of what farmhand said.p…)


Anons can't help but continue trying to bring up old shit again after mods said to stop

No. 54619

If you can't infight in the thread anymore due to fear of being banned, you just come here to try and infight in /meta/? Just report posts that you think break rules, and move on. That's also what the farmhand said to do.

No. 54620

This is /meta/.

No. 54622

I'm not going to be baited into some protracted argument with you here, anon. I know declaring this is /meta/ is supposed to be a real showstopper. anyway, report things in that thread, and move on. Reposting something that a mod said in /meta/ seems pointless to me, how quickly do you expect them to react to individual posts? Report what breaks the rules, let them see it, take a breather, see what happens. Not every complaints/suggestions thread in /meta/ needs to be 80% people talking about the jvloggers thread.

No. 54624

I suggested this because people who know how to use imageboards don’t care about a thread being on autosage, if there’s milk to discuss it’ll happen. It deters the newfags, why wouldn’t you want it autosaged if the quality of posting improved?
I’m sorry anon but how does a thread being on autosage change anything being posted about Sharlas OF? I don’t want to read nitpicks about her body, have you seen Belles thread?
Seeing both of your replies just makes me think it’s a good idea, all you have to do is search for it in the catalogue. Policing isn’t going to deter newfags

No. 54626

Yeah so stop shitting up my board, I already passed judgement on this, you're wrong, deal with it.
Not a farmhand btw

No. 54628

An anon from jvloggers also asked the thread to be autosaged when the Chris and Bald stuff came out. They only seem to ask when there's new milk and not the plenty of times when people aren't talking about anything new or milky.

No. 54630

No anon, it’s because the threads have been absolute hell. Autosaging a thread doesn’t stop people discussing milk, it just stops it from being bumped to the top of the catalogue. Don’t assume my aim is to stop conversation because it isn’t.
If anons happen to ask for it to be autosaged when there’s ‘milk’ I expect it’s because it keeps getting repeatedly bumped to the top with unsaged shitposts.

No. 54631

Not even the same anon. Anons need to stop saying everyone is the same because more than one anon says something similar.

No. 54632

Didn't say it was the same anon, hence "they." It really doesn't make sense that anons don't ask thread to be autosaged when there's no milk, but ask not only when there's new milk, but when mods are being more strict and cleaning up the thread. You'd think they'd wait and see how things are going and the new thread just started.

No. 54634

Ban evading in new Jvlog

No. 54635

No1currs. It's not going to autosage when there isn't a reason to. Asking a fresh thread to be autosaged is retarded. At least wait until something happens like infighting. Can't believe you're minimodding for mods to autosage a non-problem. Maybe if it was one of the summer threads.

No. 54636

>Asking a fresh thread to be autosaged is retarded. At least wait until something happens like infighting. Can't believe you're minimodding for mods to autosage a non-problem. Maybe if it was one of the summer threads.
Did you mean to respond to someone else because you're agreeing with what was said?

No. 54637

i am nearly 100% certain I've seen that faggot in Antioch before

No. 54638

4/10 bait from a 4/10 cow.

No. 54640

Porn on front page

No. 54641

Porn in the mtf threads, possible raid it looks like spam with links

No. 54649

Gore on lucinda thread

No. 54651

Glad to see an upstep in mods across the site. Even if I've gotten a timeout myself…

No. 54652

I'd rather be put into timeout and be able to learn than have this place continue to go into anarchy.

Keep it up Cerbim! Thank you for letting women have a space to shitpost and vent!

No. 54658

I'm so sorry, farmhands, but anons are posting obvious bait and tinfoil in the Jvlog thread, derailing also about visas and tinfoiling how they were obtained.

No. 54659

I just wanna say thank you to the team of farmhands and mods working on the farm. Such an improvement already from the Shay era. Teamwork makes the dream work

No. 54664

In regards to the Belle thread, as I see we got more edit bans, would mods like me to post the originals when this happens? If mods like, they can also check FAPELLO too, which is what I do since the anon cuts off the watermarks. Thank you for having to deal with this.

No. 54665

when will there be a new LC discord?

No. 54667

Neva eva

No. 54668

No. 54669

do you not remember what happened last time in the admin introduction thread? discordfags fought in there for days on end over whatever personal drama they had, there's a reason it shut down.

No. 54670

I think the vast majority of posters in that thread need to learn to integrate and lurk more.
It has gone so far past the normal rules/culture that I don’t know if it can be fixed. Which is funny cos that’s exactly why PULL closed…
Maybe mods could think about whether it actually still fits in /w or should it be in /ot or even locked? I don’t think the quality of conversation is ever going to change, no matter how many times people are banned or put into time out

No. 54671

Honestly, if the jvloggers thread is locked or moved, they might as well do it to all of /w/ because the entire board is like that. Even cows who are ostensibly milky, their threads are filled with retardation. Either leave the whole thing as is or recognize that all of /w/ is fucked, imo

No. 54673

Yeah I agree. Something for admin to think about!
They are doing a good job so far, one can only hope!

No. 54674

Anons still tinfoiling out the ass on there

No. 54675

Mods >>>/w/286070

No. 54676

Just need to somehow permaban the belle-fag. You see them in other threads too.

No. 54677

Im not ban envading, I'm on the same IP address I was when I was banned yesterday for some reason, I can still post on the backwards site/this site via incognito on the same IP
For some reason i was perma banned yesterday (i wasn't given a reason), I appealed and also wrote a email. Even though I can post the site is still backwards for me but I can post while it's backwards and I can post on my IP address (NO VPN or funny buiness) while i'm in incognito on chrome.
I don't know whats going on, but the site shows up backwards for me.

No. 54678

If you can post, that sounds like your ban got lifted but something went wrong. Try clearing cookies and it should be normal again.

No. 54679

thanks so much I just did that and it's normal now, I guess they lifted my ban yesterday. Thanks Nonnie

No. 54684

so im still having the same issue I wrote before, currently using the site reversed because it's the only way my messages go through. I get a page telling me i'm not banned and it's some kind of glitch, I emailed the admin, but I don't know whats up. Am I the only one?

No. 54685

File: 1678928159048.png (5.67 KB, 1349x100, thumbnail_Capture.png)

this is what I keep getting, along with the "You are banned" message, the only way i can use the site is when it's reversed.

No. 54686

I never seen this kind of message before, must be something the new admins added.

No. 54689

you weren't really banned then nona, there's something wonky in the site code that will randomly attach an old permaban to your ip for no reason. it's happened to me a few times in the past. one of the older admins from a few years ago tried to fix it but it sporadically pops up every now and again. i am glad that the current admins have added the new message because it is kind of disconcerting to see a permaban when you haven't done anything. it seems to happen if you post a lot between multiple boards in one day?

No. 54695

is there anything that can be done about the constant bait in the luna thread? i get its slow milk but every couple days theres some variation of "luna could turn her life around if xyz" or "im just like luna except im xyz" and every single time nonnies fall for it.

No. 54699

Why can’t I disagree with someone without being called a wk/moid etc? Can we make this a bannable offence, pretty please with a cherry on top????????

No. 54700

You can, plenty of anons do.

No. 54702

so some of my posts redtexxed and I'm assuming I was temporarily banned but for some reason I can still post, was this intentional?
again I use lc on incognito mode on chrome, does that have anything to do with this

No. 54703

Incognito doesn't even change your IP. Why do you idiots keep coming here and bringing it up at all? It basically only keeps things from being saved in your history.

No. 54704

As >>54703 has said, incognito doesn't change your IP. Browsing in incognito just makes it so your browsing history/passwords etc don't get saved. But I looked and you don't have any posts that were redtexted at all. Can you link the post itself? I don't see it.

No. 54708

this one >>>/ot/525043 I should state that my family uses some chinese service for internet so maybe that's a factor

No. 54712

Race baiting moid shitting threads up in ot and snow why haven't mods banned him yet?

No. 54713

what thread?

No. 54715

Obviously not the farmhand, but why would your IP be changing unless you're unplugging and then replugging in to change it? The provider wouldn't be doing this. Only a VPN would be cycling. That doesn't make any sense, especially mentioning incognito.

No. 54716

yeah I have no idea what you're talking about. That post hasn't had any farmhand actions on it, nor redtexted obviously. Why are you saying it's redtexted? You might be confused with something else. I have no clue what you're talking about. Also, that's a post from 3 years ago…

No. 54718

Shit that's not what I was linking to, it was in the recent stupid questions thread, about why some men have really big lips, which got redtexxed(I didn't know it had been redtexxed) normally I would been banned for a couple hours if not a day but I could post without any problems

No. 54719

Derailing on >>>/ot/1517693

No. 54722

Looks like they’re ban evading now. My condolences to celebricow frequenters, that’s some truly unbridled autism shitting up the thread.

No. 54723

I'm not even a celebricow user and this is actually so fucking frustrating. I hate when moids or schizos pretend to be frequenters of the site. My bet is that "Trumpchan" is a /pol/ moid

No. 54726

I'm thinking trumpchan might be the same moid who was baiting in vent and unpopular opinions. also clocked the poster who keeps insulting liberals and using the word woke to describe things they don't like. they reek of moid

No. 54727

god yeah the moid pretending to be a seperatist anti-straight made me want to pull my hair out

No. 54728

sticks out like a sore thumb. you think whatever it is would try and integrate but it seems to happily spread itself and its language tics and typing style thin like a walking virus. it wants to be noticed. there's no subtlety. CAPSLOCKCHAN evidently knows how to ban evade, but where there's one rat there's bound to be an infestation

No. 54751

Can someone ban the tinfoilers in jvlog? This is getting stupid as fuck with prostitution and ozempic retards

No. 54752

fighting about race from ameritards for over half a day in the unpopular opinions thread in ot, pretty sure obvious scrotes are posting stuff about ‘white women’ too, please god can a mod step in already

No. 54753

There’s definitely at least one or two scrotes in there. some of those posts sound straight out of stupidpol with their defense of moids being waaaah they are unfuckable so they have no power

No. 54754

Still happening, anons even admitting to tinfoiling for funsies and say they want bans

No. 54756

I can't find the post now, but someone said that the Celebcow thread is going to eventually get the K-Pop thread treatment and I just wanted to say that I hope admins would be willing to repair that thread before it has to get to that point. My suggestion is moving it back to /snow/ so that it's automatically subject to stricter rules and hopefully when there are more jannies on the team that thread can be more moderated. I do think part of the blame for why that thread is the way it is, has to be on a lack of moderation and not just the users being retarded.
Imo banning the K-Pop thread was ok because it's just a subset of celebrity drama, but banning the celebcow thread would mean banning an entire genre of milk and discussion.

No. 54757

Why not just lock the current unpopular opinions thread?

I agree with you. It was actually be devastating to lose the thread because it is a really fun thread when the milk is flowing. Wasn't it in snow at one point anyways? I never saw how it was different from other general threads in snow.

No. 54758

It was in /ot/ at first then moved to /snow/ and then back to /ot/

No. 54759

Really unfortunate as someone who's been browsing celebricows since it was in /snow/ to see it go down. The whole point is that it's not entirely cohesive but whatever happened to discussing the milk

>celebrity does something milky

>celebrity is an abuser or has a creepy past
>accused of derailing for bringing it up
>celebrity acts like a moron
>no we can't discuss that
>anons reeeeeeee
>no we can't speculate on anything
>new topic of discussion is milkless lookism
>moid like sperging over 19 year old girl being "ugly"
>or 30 year old woman's "nesolabial folds"

No. 54761

File: 1679195546099.png (2.75 KB, 300x100, 57.png)

No. 54763

what's going on with the posting, for some posts are being double posted or even triple posted for some reason

No. 54764

Anon derailing about prostitution >>>/w/286738 which the girls aren't even doing. Taking censored photos on OF really brings out the idiots. It's just derailing and obvious bait.

No. 54765

Maybe I’m a stupid ass but I don’t think the celebricow thread is that bad. I don’t get the hate.

No. 54766

How do you not notice the annoying capslock spammer. Also everything >>54759 said

No. 54767

it really wasn't that bad, before, even with all the sperging, though still annoying with the infighting. but the last few threads have been unbearable due to certain anons shitting up the thread.

No. 54768

verified male (talking about his cock) sperging in /snow/ and threatening to dox people (kek): >>>/snow/1791287
One of many of his posts. Ban this schizo

No. 54769

for the last time, just report and ignore. No one cares about your incessant whining, esp in meta. Admins asked for us to report posts and then ignore.

No. 54771

Pls mods don’t delete all of those posts they are so funny

No. 54772

Legitimate question, is that Elaine Miller larping as a scrote?

No. 54773

Retard in belle thread and samefagging themselves

No. 54775

Hey, minimod, this is meta. Maybe report my post then and move on? See how far that gets you.

No. 54776

I don't post in that thread, I find you and your badgering of the mods retarded. It's like you can't read and comprehend what admins asked us to do.
>no dont weport muh powsts anons, pwease report and ignore
uh… what?

No. 54777

File: 1679237612163.png (30.92 KB, 784x718, Screenshot_20230319-155154.png)

yeah here, for anyone who missed your autism.

No. 54778

>i don't post in that thread
Then you have no idea why anons come to meta. Move on, tranny.

No. 54779

helpful reading: >>>/meta/52931

No. 54780

You took the time to ban the person who made the pedo bait thread but didn’t lock it? It also took 20 hours to even do that

No. 54782

File: 1679293179349.png (20.33 KB, 1188x581, Capture.PNG)

What is this, fucking Reddit?

No. 54783

nice ip

No. 54785

Not a farmhand but I can never understand the point of throwing tantrums about <24 hour bans. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Just take your L and go see a movie or something.

No. 54786

you’re the doofus from the yumi threads who clearly knows jack shit about what you’re discussing but thinks you have all the answers at the same time. please go back to whatever retard shithole you crawled out of, dumbass faggot.

No. 54787

It's a 2 hour ban anon, I feel like you could just let it go

No. 54788

Cry more.

No. 54790

You posted in the thread too, why do it in both threads? I hope you caught a longer ban kek

No. 54792

Quick (maybe retarded) question about something I've wondered for years, does selecting posts to report multiple at once work? Just asking because if I select multiple posts and report them, it will only automatically deselect the post that I hit the report button on. The notification that pops up does say "reported post(s)" but the reason I'm wondering is because you can't select multiple posts and delete them all at once, and reporting may be the same.

And if this does report multiple posts at once, do you need to type in a reason for each post or just one?

No. 54793

Mods should lock the butt thread on /g/ same as the “ideal size dick” thread, they’re moid magnets.

No. 54794

I agree.

No. 54798

True, there's a twitter gay moid energy from those threads

No. 54799

Why wasn't that just auto locked? It screams bait.

No. 54801

Tranny currently in snow complaining anons who hate troons are just as bad as violent moids.

No. 54802

this and both threads have had actual confirmed men posting there, with one who keeps ban evading and self posting

No. 54803

is there a consensus on the acceptability of shota media on lolcow? I'm not gonna report it if the mods don't care. I'm not talking about highschool yaoi or something, I'm talking about referring to little boy characters as shotas as if that's a good thing and being a creep about it.

No. 54804

Vendetta thread. Its basically a kBuki hoe and we have a thread for japanese sex workers already. Anon can't sage their posts either.

No. 54805

Infighting in jvlog, some gross anons calling eachother babygirl.

No. 54807

Scrote spamming cp in m. Death to pedo moids.

No. 54808

Cp in the pro-ana thread

No. 54809

So Fujoshis have made me public enemy number one, they literally have to make up shit about me just cause of how much I make them seethe
I genuinely am considering posting another pic of my self for verification but my one fear is that I'll get banned by the mods for "personalityfagging" so I wanna avoid that, what to do?

No. 54810

Pakichan just let it fucking go, stop obsessing over fujos, stop coming to lolcow. Fujos can be a bit annoying at times but at this point you are more embarrassing than them.

No. 54811

It's not just the fujoshis since you derail every thread you're in. Just stop it.

No. 54812

So some random turns up and offers actual solutions after two plus years of fucking around and it's no1curr? And then a bunch of moid sperging and saying oh admin doesn't need help, look how well the site is running!
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. God this site is depressing now.

No. 54813

>after two plus years of fucking around
The new admins haven't been around for 2+ years. Sure Shaymin fucked around, but we don't know what whichever admin works on the tech side knows. I'm not trying to wk, but I think the fact that the admin team has been talking about working on the new site since they got here, restored /m/ in less than a month, and opened a server status page is a sign that they probably don't need some random scrote's help.

No. 54815

If an admin would kindly ban the nonna (pakichan?) that keeps making the tif threads all about fujos

No. 54816

Actual solutions? He writes a long-ass paragraph about gifs automatically playing, not even knowing we already have a solution - lolcow 'lite' (cyan link in upper left corner) for anyone with a slow connection. He's not even familiar with the website and is trying to butt in.

No. 54817

Cry harder tranny

No. 54819

Nta even I mocked him so it's grim someone actually is saying that unironically, the dude could have dropped off the Intel and history of the CP not(which a lot of us already knew) but, instead he decided to also assume that he was more skilled and astute than all women. It's not hard to see why someone being rude will get that in return to me at least.

No. 54820

CP bot*

No. 54823

Ozempic tinfoiling in jvlog is so derailing

No. 54827

why the fuck do we need a new TiF thread because some anons sperged about fujo being in the thread title and reeing about pakichan unprompted for a half dozen posts? where the hell are the moderators to ban and manage pants shitters instead of just letting them wreck threads with infighting? im sick of these fucking spergs having diarrhea and putting on their tinfoils when yaoi is mentioned because ignoring a single post is impossible when you're the most persecuted fujo in the world. doesnt help that the moderation is so lax we can have someone derail threads in ot and snow for days and get no redtexts but then someone who replies will get timed out, what the fuck is this moderation? we only clean up after we let anons shit themselves and make a mess for a few days?

No. 54830

What's with the constant unsaged race bait/racism/edits in that Effina chick thread? Everytime I pass its some bullshit

No. 54834

I was wondering the same thing. i'm convinced the only people using that thread are the cow herself and editchan engaged in the autist battle of the century

No. 54837

Totally, it needs a clean up anytime it gets new posts at this point. She is milky and Charls definitely is but the shit in that thread isn’t and feels like mostly MDE fan pickme racists ragging on her and vendettachans. Her shoops were retarded and the fact she did it to her baby pics was pathologic but who gives a fuck that her real name is Fatouh?

No. 54841

I really do feel its a vendetta thread at this point

No. 54845

When were threads based on posts all from 2017 and 2018 considered good milk? >>>/w/287724 All anon has been posting is stuff over a year or more. She doesn't deserve her own thread when the posts are all about men giving reviews of the cow's sex work.

When did men's opinions from a porn site or reddit become milk anywhere on this site? Especially if the thread is about a women,but anons only focus on what men have to say? This isn't a cow's thead. This is a thread anons made just to shitpost other people's takes (men) bc they think men have the most valuable criticism of women.

When did a committed relationship, no longer doing sex work, cow become thread material when the biggest recent milk in years is an age gap when shes over 25 years old?

No. 54846

Just spamming reviews men give about somesex work 7 years ago, multiple times. >>>/w/287724

No. 54848

I don't mind Amina but that thread and the OP were obviously written by a newfag (or a retard, idk kek)
And I agree, scrotoids reviews aren't milk.

No. 54849

Anons keep posting takes from scrotes in general from reddit and porn sites as if this isn't a WOMAN'S gossip thread. What men want to say doesn't even fucking matter. I don't want to hear men rate awoman's sex work bc their dickholes will just nitpick and complain about not getting free content. Scrote posts should be banned. If people want to have discussions about stuff with men maybe they should go to those sites to discuss stuff.

No. 54851

Hi admins, farmhands and jannies. We have potential milk in the Pixielocks/Jillian thread. This poster doxxed herself as Jillian’s friend and previously documented snowflake in the confetti club threads. >>>/w/286408 Could you check the post history of that IP address and redtext her previous posts? (Keekweek style) This could reveal if she had any doing in previous milk reveals such as Jillian’s drag show stalker, the pics posted of her townhouse etc.

No. 54857

I've noticed loading attachments has been a lot quicker lately. Has there been a fix in the background? Site is a lot more enjoyable to browse again.

No. 54858

Seconding this, but it would be enough if they could just confirm that those posts are also hers. Plus, please check the ddlg derailer in that thread too, since she is one.

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