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File: 1659523538561.png (1.2 MB, 1200x800, Belle Delphine.png)

No. 235422

Belle Delphine, a 22-year-old ‘marketing genius‘ who desperately seeks out any attention from men, made a comeback in April 2022 after her failed porn and is just adding more failed marketing stunts to the list. She is best known for lying about selling her bathwater, her failed marketing stunts, dressing/acting like a child for her porn, selling another girl’s nudes claiming it was herself, and bootlicking any Youtuber or lolcow with a following. Her boyfriend Joshua John Gray also participates in her pedo-pandering porn videos where he pretends to rape her.

Previous thread: >>229309

Recent updates:
>She makes her friend Katie McDonnell larp as her “18-year-old sister called Connie Delphine”. People find out Katie’s real identity quickly and her stunt fails. >>213055
>She shows off her income and house in a failed music video. >>223900 She doxes her house for the video. >>225921 Turns out she lives with other sex workers like Pixie in that house.
>She steals shamana’s music for her video without crediting him, which results in him ID striking the video and humiliating her. >>226194
>She makes OnlyFans content with twomad, she sucks his toes and lets him grope her while Josh takes their photos. >>222743
>She makes more rape porn with her boyfriend where she acts like a kid and she is called a “little girl”. >>224701
>She cosplays as a 9-year-old character for her porn. She acts childish and inserts gummy worms in her vagina. >>226605 She also includes non-sexual photos and videos of her dressing up/filtered/acting as the 9-year-old character to her OnlyFans, considering those sexual.
>She hypes up a BDSM dungeon porn that is 30 minutes long, but ends up uploading a 3 minute video. This drives her scrotes mad. >>230315

Past threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
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Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belle.delphine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 235460

Addition to thread info: Connie Delphine was an 18 year old persona created for porn. She had an OnlyFans account before she had Instagram/Twitter. >>213527

No. 235600

>The fact that you had to use 2+ year old photos just to sneak unknown Josh into the pfp because you are obsessed with him and that singular line in the bio.

Anons really like Josh, huh? Also very misleading to call her more adult content "larping as a 9 year old even though she's dolled up and looks 25 and not wearing anything childlike". The way she types isn't how kids talk. Attributing it to that is so fucking creepy.

No. 235603

Just realized that comment about dressing as an adult but talks like shes 9, you purposely didlink any of those posts or photos lol of course you didn't because anons could see how retarded that yake is and the fact that you are only trying to keep the child-ish stuff as the oy talking points. You might as well have added that you think her feet are big. The fact that greentext parts are missing links shows this is a quick thread made without any of her other actual updates.

No. 235611

Holy shit scrotes are special kind of retarded. She got dressed up as Vanellope from Disney. She also larps as a kid, that's why she is gross for pedopandering. Cope.

No. 235613

Samefag, calm down. Learn2sage.

No. 235614

Literally no sentence of yours make sense. Stop being so mad

No. 235618

No1 was talking about that. Specifically pointing out anon didnt link any of the mass amounts of adult work shes actually put out since her comeback. Anon didnt want to link any of those posts and insteads pretends they don't matter because of how she panders to scrotes in verbage. Thats a real reach to try to pass off the way thots talk as sounding like a 'sexual 9 year old child' which, again, is absolutely crazy and gross that anons are doing that. Kids don't type like DDLG creeps.

No. 235621

But DDLG creeps try to type like kids, that's the whole point. Like when Belle says "can you push me on this huge swing mister?" or calls herself loli or lolita. Take your infighting and minimodding to meta though.

No. 235625

And why do you attribute that way of typing as childlike? How would you know that anon? Kids aren't asking men to look at their "lil pussy". You guys have gotta stop pushing everything as deliberately larping as a kid, especially when making statements only a pedo would know about which is why this type of reasoning is sus. She's always called herself smol. No1currs if you think she's 5'9" and has big feet (weird nitpicking). Its gross DDLG stuff, please stop saying she's talking like children when its just personal baby talk thats sexual to get cuckbucks and not an ounce of being a kid. Even worse is that some of those posts are graphic too in whats typed out.

No. 235632

You guys have almost 10 posts nitpicking the tinfoiling size of her feet in the other thread. Massive redtexts nitpicking her face, anons personally editing fake before and afters.. Yeah. You guys don't even focus on the milk posted and just argue over her clothes and face.

>no one said that


No. 235653

>She's not talking like a child
>It's just baby talk that's sexual
???? Lol how are those not the same thing

No. 235656

DDLG baby talk is not the same baby talk you give to a real child..don't be this blinded and disconnected, anon. That's why it's so weird people keep pressing that she sounds like a kid. No kid or adult talking to a kid would sound like her overly submissive sexually suggestive word vomit. I get the reach and connection you want to make, but stop using it as an excuse to bring up liter children when it has nothing to do with literal children.

She does do stuff like this thats specifically catering to DDLG kinks, but its not the same as when she dresses up as a kid where thats a real issue. If anything her wordy posts are cringey, but not reminiscent of any real kids at all. Almost feels like anons will use any reason to talk about real kids. Its fucking gross.

No. 235661

To sing like a generic anime character lol No kids talk or sing like that. It's literally a cartoon voice.

No. 235667

Never said she didnt pedopander and when did she last say loli and not 4 years ago when she cosplayed delores (which I don't agree with any of her child cosplay antics btw before you somehow say I like it and defend it).

No. 235691

NTA, but first off it's fictional unlike how Delores actually had underage girls portray her. No one looks at her in this and thinks of a kid and no one was saying those photos aren't pandering either. Did you forget what anons were talking about?

No. 235692

I bet she does binge eating.

No. 235698

Again, no one has said any of that.

No. 235699

So it's okay for real adults to larp as fictional kids for porn while acting/typing like a child? This "it's fictional" argument makes you sound like a moid Discord mod.

She doesn't look like a kid because she isn't one. You retards confuse her intentions with the results. She aims to look like a child, that's why she is a cow featured here. No one looks at her and sees a child. That's not the point lmao

No. 235703

I wonder what anons think of adults dressing as kids characters and trying to look like kids, but not doing anything sexual. Shouldn't they also be hunted down too since, their makeup and all is too child-like? No cosplayers over 18 should dress up or cosplay as anything canonically under 18. I'm tired of these adults dressing as Sailor Scouts.

No. 235704

This is irrelevant, as Belle cosplays as kids to make porn. Ask this question in some other place, this has nothing to do with Belle.

No. 235706

Legit question. I wonder what they think of everyone over 18 dressing as characters from Naruto, Sailor Moon, BHA.. It's pretty valid. No matter who Belle dresses as she's specifically going to be seen as doing it for the pedos even if she decides to do it non-sexual.

No. 235710

Just to add, I don't see anons really going after cosplayers with actually curvy features who do the same cosplays and porn schtick. It kind of comes down to Belle not have a womanly enough body for people. I see why she got implants now. She does the same stuff, but even if she dressed in more adult attire, she would look more kid-ish because of her lack of chest and any curves at all. I think a lot of biased posting comes from anons self infantilizing Belle one top of the things she does.

No. 235711

Even when Belle poses non-sexually, she still uploads those photos to OnlyFans so she is problematic either way.

No. 235712

So when she's doing adult content outside of this pendo pandering, it's a problem it's going to an adult site for adults?

No. 235713

You are reaching. Half women on /w/ get called out for pedopandering, as well as most of the uwu e-girls.

Belle is accused of that because of her own actions. I don't think she has a childish body at all. She is a tall woman who looks her age. She had flat chest but she got implants now. What you say don't make sense, at all.

No. 235714

What's your point, nonnie?

No. 235717

I can't believe some scrotes are asking to be convinced why it's wrong for women to dress up and act as 9year olds for porn websites KEK

No. 235718

Thank god the thread gets updated to include Josh. Bless you, Nonnie!!!

No. 235721

If it's being posted to her OF or to promote her OF, then yes, it will be assumed that she is pedopandering.

A lack of curves alone doesn't make a woman look childlike. Belle has been proven to use editing to adjust her frame and height, so getting real work done on her chest to deflect potential pedopandering criticism makes no sense. How are you tracking what anons are doing outside this thread, with psychic powers?

I can't tell if this is the same WK from past threads or one merry band of retards but this is some crazy WK reaching

No. 235725

What that anon said reminded me of Belle's "it's not my fault I have a young looking face/body" tweet. It's probably a fan of hers who saw that, or one of her friends lurking lolcow 24/7. Weird reaching either way.

No. 235727

Anon specified dressing outside of pedo stuff though and how she still uploads the more actual adult stuff there as being an issue.. When it's an adult site.

No. 235730

No, I meant dressing up as a child and not doing anything sexual, yet still uploading it to OnlyFans.

No. 235734

Where has she adjusted her frame and height? Anons have nitpicked, been called out rightfully for editing her photos themselves after cropping them.. Where's the deliberation she's doing it? every instance is a cropped zoom as an example and never an actual post [date and all] with the photo and then a reupload later [date and all] of how she somehow edited the photo.

Anons already explained how she isn't able to edit photos of posts, so the idea she is switching out a single photo is false and absolutely [and website UI wise] wrong. She'd have to delete the whole post and reupload, but not a single person has ever caught that, just have to take it at their word. That's weird. Not even the scrote sites apparently catch it? Give me a break. Anons need to stop editing photos themselves and passing it off as belle doing it.

No. 235747

anon, what the fuck do you think DDLG stands for? Do adult women routinely ask men to "push them in a swing, mister?" I will grant you shit like "my tight little pussy" or whatever is kind of just sexual lingo, it is gross because it does imply little = desirable, but I get that it is just commonplace at this point.
but captioning a photo in a playground asking if anyone can push her in a swing? You're being purposefully dense. LG in DDLG stands for little girl. I'm sorry if your precious Nigel engages in this sort of activity with you, but pray he never has a daughter.

No. 235754

You do know the disconnect of DDLG and actually being attracted to kids though, right? No one is reading her shit and thinking it's a child lol

No. 235761

No one said it was lol Anons are just pointing out that not everyone looking at her will mistake her for a kid because she doesn't initially look like one, type like one, or even under her clothes with implants, do a good job at pretending to be one. Doesn't mean she doesn't pedopander. Literally pointing out how badly she fails at it and how she delves into DDLG because she knows she can't pass.

No. 235770

Just take several steps back and recognize you are arguing on behalf of a cow who wants men to view her in a more child-like manner, and sexualize her. What disconnect of DDLG and being attracted to kids, goofus? Are you seriously going to try and say that the sort of man who gets horny from the idea of an adult woman saying shit like "mister….push me on dis big swing pls…" and underage kidnapping/rape porn would draw the line at an actual teenager? What a weird idea you have about male sexuality and how degraded and foul they are as a subspecies of humanity. Any male who gets off on Belle Delphine in Frozen pajamas showing her pussy off on Twitter should be met with major suspicion from all women and children. It's so blatantly clear, and almost sad, that the reason you are trying to desperately explain how DDLG has nothing to do with pedophilia and how Belle's problem is actually that she can't "pass" as a child (what the fuck) instead of the fact that she is trying TO "pass" as a child…it's just retarded. It's sad, and I truly hope that someday you wake up out of whatever dick magic you've fallen under that makes you think being called a little girl during some kidnapping roleplay sex is just kinky fun.

No. 235780

I'm not defending her. I'm saying there is a disconnect with the stuff she posts. Not everything is pedopandering, especially since she got back.

No. 235782

Someone gotta make a comprehensive list of pedo pandering and slap it in the next OP. I’m tired of scrotes screeching on they think it is.

No. 235783

I don’t think anyone said it’s all pedopandering though. If all Belle did was porn, pose in lingerie, and sell bathwater, I don’t think she’d have a thread here anymore. The Vanellope cosplay was after this comeback, as was the Frozen pajamas, as was the “push me on this big swing” post. And some random shit about, “sleepover because my parents are gone!” captions on OF. I think that is all pedopandering, you may see it as DDLG, but I maintain the line you see there just doesn’t exist. Belle isn’t milky because she shoops and does shitty porn, she’s milky because of her pedopandering. Same with Shayna. Not every weird looking OF girl with bad shoops & big feet gets a thread here.

No. 235785

Tbh her pedopandering is about as real as the asianfishing anons when people do eyeliner a way anons don't like.

No. 235803

nta but that’s a false equivalency and she has concrete evidence of consistent pedopandering?

No. 235819

What is "real" pedopandering? Being an actual child? Begone, moid

No. 235866

>Undercover moid/ddlg thot makes pseudo-feminist post to validate their own degeneracy

Ofc anon, I too take naked photos of myself dressed as a 9 year old girl with gummy worms in my vagina.

No. 235867

File: 1659575288239.png (295.83 KB, 756x314, worms.png)


No. 235890

Last thread wasn't even close to locking. Fucking newfags. If you have to have a thread about this bitch, try to do it right.

No. 235891

They just really wanted Josh in the header this time. That was a complaint of theirs when the other thread went up. Can't believe they are this obsessed with Josh when her literally does nothing and no one even knows if he's been the guy in the new videos, just assuming.

No. 235900

How many belle threads do you guys need active at once?

No. 235975

Yes we are all totally in love with the fat manlet who has a chode and can hardly stand up straight. Honestly most of us would rather take sewer-rat Kai who probably has monkey pox.

No. 235980

Glad you admit it.

No. 235994

You need to calm down samefag. Complain in meta about Joshua John Gray being mocked. You are not a mod and you spam this thread with your non-milk infighting attempts.

No. 235999

All those posts are different anons lol

No. 236014

You know all four?

Still doesn't make the derailing okay. Complain in meta about your beloved Joshua John Gray being portrayed as a cow for making awful rape porn.

No. 236021

Only one was even mine. I only replied to clear it up. No one was infighting about it. You are the one calling out anons and assuming they are all 4 samefags. Not my fault you are wrong. You derailed lol

No. 236028

Take your meds

No. 236080

File: 1659607122576.png (284.63 KB, 1297x463, Screenshot 2022-08-04 125849.p…)

belle is self posting again

No. 236084

File: 1659607694514.png (213.63 KB, 1663x847, Screenshot 2022-08-04 130101.p…)

she doesn't look young and she's deluded to think she's an eternal loli or whatever and using cherry picked pics.
belle you will never look 13 you horse faced bitch lmao

No. 236086

File: 1659607992819.png (115.72 KB, 1585x670, Screenshot 2022-08-04 131213.p…)

she takes pride in the fact that ai glitched by seeing her grinch face and put 13, meanwhile in all the other ones it thinks belle is like 30.

No. 236087

Even that photo is edited, her masculine meter would explode otherwise

No. 236092

How does that proof selfposting

No. 236093

she posted a reply saying the thread is about her but the thread got deleted so I can't find it

No. 236111

These arent even accurate

No. 236112

What thread is that?? I've been here since the first Belle thread. I don't remember mods revealing her or anything

No. 236203

File: 1659629536598.jpeg (320 KB, 828x1520, 1659628171189.jpeg)

tinfoil but I think belle got botox on her forehead recently, her brows are sitting lower and making her look older

No. 236213

she is gradually turning into momo, it's giving uncanny valley

No. 236214

God she’s so horrid and misogynist.

No. 236215


No. 236226

The longer I stare at this, the weirder it gets lol, like her eyes are half the size of her face and the eye behind the bangs looks demonic and distorted.

No. 236227

Yeesh, you're right about the semi-hidden eye. It looks stretched out to end exactly at her temple, is tilted way higher than the other, and it looks like the iris is migrating. Definitely a bad editing job. she's gotten a lot sloppier during this comeback, does make me wonder if Josh isn't involved anymore as her captions are way less chan-y, and way more generic, and her editing has gotten shittier. Or if both of them are just checked out and cashing easy checks from simps who don't care.

No. 236244

its gutsy of her to stay in that estate after it got doxxed

No. 236247

looks like she edited her eyes longer. you can tell the left iris looks waaay bigger than the right one

No. 236250

Do you know what makeup is?

No. 236263

I didn't know makeup makes your iris different sizes nonnie. also keep white knighting belle

No. 236264

her iris isn't edited. calling that WKing is absolutely retarded.

No. 236268

No. 236271

you are a wk btw

No. 236291

File: 1659646627628.jpeg (325.48 KB, 1017x828, 3A1C7027-DB03-43FA-B301-EFFAB1…)

i'm more surprised at how wide her nose looks here, i thought it was one of those anon edits at first

No. 236297

File: 1659647554792.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x3464, 53F3A937-991A-4161-A6FC-64382A…)

Sorry for autism but i think it is edited just very subtly, i noticed her front brace brackets looked bigger than the rest and when i had braces the brackets are all identical.

(Top is anon edit, bottom is og belle fb post)(not milk)

No. 236308

looks like they edited her teeth yellow and eyes smaller?

No. 236309

it looks like her skin in the bottom one is smoothened and kinda blurry. I don't think you can edit those expression lines in, no?
so which version is edited

No. 236310

samefag but I think belle probably replaced the previous pic with the edited pic. smoothed out her lines and brightened her teeth.
or maybe belle is trying to confuse us by spreading around edited versions of herself to try to convince everyone that she doesn't edit and it's only some crazy person editing every pic of her.

No. 236323

You are either mental or edit-chan herself

No. 236327

Autist stop editing her photos

No. 236334

File: 1659652350691.png (1.43 MB, 1786x691, editchan.png)

the edit anon is making threads about belle on /b/ LMAO. EDITCHAN IS UNHINGED PLEASE

No. 236336

File: 1659652489851.png (564.17 KB, 823x853, Screenshot 2022-08-05 013449.p…)


No. 236337

>maybe belle is trying to confuse us by spreading around edited versions of herself to try to convince everyone that she doesn't edit and it's only some crazy person editing every pic of her.

Imagine how fkd she would have to be inner head if she actually waged this crusade.

No. 236342

I honestly agree with this, it’s a bit suspect. >>236310
This sounds like tinfoil but also could make sense too, kek. All this given this fact that her, her friends, and her orbiters obsessively visit her threads, why not make a bit of doubt?

No. 236350

Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille

No. 236474

Anons can put 2 photos together to tell. Especially when anons are known to personally edit these. Stop bitching about being caught and hi cowing all anons who notice. Your autism to edit these is astronomical.

No. 236515

She has plenty of free time on her hands and no hobbies. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

No. 236516

Every time they do this it’s hardly noticeable. Like “why did you edit the eyeliner on the inner corner of her left eye reee!” And two pictures that look exactly the same. Who cares.

No. 236520

You're mad that anons are calling out edits that anons are trying to pass off as belle editing them. that's fake milk and takes less effort to not edit these and pretend she did it herself.

No. 236521

I’m not “mad” I just think
Looks exactly the same. So what she edits her pictures to hell and back and deletes and reposts pictures constantly. NBD. Her and every other camwhore cow. You need to get a job or a hobby or something

No. 236523

Don't bother arguing with it again it's doing the exact same thing it did in the last thread, with the exact same verbiage.

No. 236525

i'm not gonna lie, this is becoming funny because it's so ridiculous

No. 236537

Belle has always self posted on 4chan and /b/ to gain exposure.

No. 236544

I wonder if anons they are sperging about the edits there too? It sure is creating the perception poor flawless Belle is getting unfairly boolied by the haters, regardless of whether that was the intention of op.

No. 236545

Something seems fishy here. Editing anon probably tries to make the point thats how she looks without edit and tries to "revert" her back to her real face state lol.

No. 236548

frankly the anon edit is probably closer to reality than Belle's edit, i don't think anyone can smile that wide and not have a single expression/smile line on their cheek

No. 236549

File: 1659689610678.jpeg (322.08 KB, 800x529, CEB8E32C-0C8C-42B5-8263-2A42F6…)

yeah, she clearly has deep smile lines(nitpicking)

No. 236554

It's ok as long as they cosplay the characters non-sexually and don't do porn.

No. 236589

Some of them did seem more obvious but this edit was definitely imperceptible to the normal, non-obsessed with Belle's face eye. Looks almost exactly the same even in the edit, it is bizarre. I do think its meant to just obfuscate some of the other things we're talking about, pedopandering but also there was some shit about her not releasing a video on OF that she was supposed to, and loads of disappointed scrotes. >>>/w/232449

No. 236602

Bro, I’ve used this site to guess the ages of actual 18 year olds and it still always guesses that they’re in the ballpark of 24-30 years old. This website is shit at telling age, like no way she looks like she’s in her 30s in that pic. Come on.

No. 236620

Shut up you wh0re.

Belle looks like a 31 year old british woman who works for the nhs and has 3 sons named tyler, reece and ollie. She married her high school sweetheart but has since regretted that choice as hes aged horribly, shes now an alcoholic and has an addiction to bleaching her hair.
Is belle only looks 18 maybe she should audition for riverdale?(autism)

No. 236671

Posting unnecessary edits is no different than posting fanart. Cut it out.

No. 236681

They are shit, because it also said she looked 13. Belle looks her age, about mid 20s, edited or not. She may try and dress like a child but she’s got a long, horsey face which looked older than her age when she was an actual teenager too. Just a fact, not saying she’s ugly or beautiful, just looks like a 25 year old woman basically.

No. 236704

My comment replying to this >>236297
got deleted for no reason? Not even redtext. It was about how the anon was autist and an obsessive moid to notice and probably make those very subtle edits. Seriously, those edits are barely visible even on the comparison pic, no one sane would notice them unless they made them. What the fuck Farmhands? Janny deletes the replies she doesn't like to her posts?

No. 236724

Anons are doing it to pretend the cow, herself, is doing it. It's trying to create fake milk. Maybe listen to the farmhands who have given out that ban before in red text before they even had to come in here and say anything >>236671 No excuse makes the autistic editing okay

No. 236741

They gave no ban before, retarded minimod. And what does that first sentence even mean kek

No. 236742

Also the one who got banned for the edit is this retard >>236297

No. 236749

that's fucked up. I hate the /w/ janny. So much fucked up shit happens with /w/ cows and idk why we have to put up with the way this part of the site is modded. Every cow here who is remotely "pretty" gets WKed to death and no criticism is allowed.

No. 236784

File: 1659731744275.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, B0119F8F-D8AD-4C23-974B-4DD45D…)

How has no one posted this yet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 236800

Probably because nothing about it is really milky? Just a blatant thirst trap

No. 236854

File: 1659738975101.gif (806.97 KB, 814x1119, edited.gif)

Anons are doing it to pretend the cow, herself, is doing it. It's trying to create fake milk. Maybe listen to the farmhands who have given out that ban before in red text before they even had to come in here and say anything >>236671 No excuse makes the autistic editing okay

Report this anon for editing Belle photos, AGAIN. Man, when will you fucking give up?

No. 236885

Weird, her eyelashes are longer in the anon edit. If anything she looks a little better in the edit? It is insane behavior, whatever is motivating these edits

No. 236905

was this not literally just posted

No. 236925

It doesn't look any different to me none of her features were edited take your meds and calm down. As other anons pointed out the wk is trying desperately hard to lock/autosage the thread

No. 236942

Read the threads this retard has been doing it for months now in an attempt to derail. General consensus of the thread is we don't condone their subtle autistic edits or their suspicious obsession with the cow.

No. 236944

File: 1659753455862.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.62 KB, 810x1080, belle-delphine_1828.jpg)

Is the wk going yo accuse me of edited these too kek

No. 236945

File: 1659753491610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.76 KB, 810x1080, belle-delphine_1796.jpg)

No. 236946

File: 1659753546312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.17 KB, 1280x960, belle-delphine_1794.jpg)

No. 236947

I love how in this edit they ran it through snow and unironically made it look better. It just proves the entire point of these is to derail conversation and get anons arguing over them. Initially they looked slightly worse, now they look slightly better, sperg really thinks they're throwing us a curve ball. And no these images weren't specifically posted to pretend to be Belle, they've been happening for months before anyone suggested the possibility of it being an orbiter.

No. 236949

The editing anons like to claim that Belle posted the 'too edited' version or that she 'switched' these somehow. They are either doing de-edits or editing them and saying Belle is removing part of her face/over smoothing/adding makeup/makeup over her teeth. I don't know why anon is still doing it after mods literally said to stop with the fan edits.

I'm still going to point it out when it happens. Mods should see when they are editing them.

No. 236950

These aren't even milk.

No. 236954

File: 1659755613723.png (481.97 KB, 956x720, 20220717_064112.png)

No. 236994

is that a fake torso? kek josh really must've had his ego knocked

No. 236995

File: 1659763266981.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.63 KB, 500x500, fake body.jpg)

It's a sex toy.

No. 237046

The autist is back with "spotting" her own edits and comparisons. Go outside and get a life. Imagine wasting time doing this and that comparison no sane being with a life would notice/make. Worthless loser.

No. 237047

>I don't know why anon is still doing it after mods literally said to stop with the fan edits.
Because we keep discussing them.

>I'm still going to point it out when it happens. Mods should see when they are editing them.

Mods can see when you annotate a report.

No. 237048

She looks so gross these made me actually gag

No. 237050

You posted exact same text twice, it makes me think it was copy-pasted. Maybe someone does the edits, and sends other person/people how to reply? This whole edit-chan drama feels so staged.

So you really took a screenshot here with nothing looking wrong with it, took another screenshot from Belle's original post, took time to align them perfectly and compared them, noticing super subtle changes? I am begging you to go outside and touch some grass, this is the most autistic shit Belle threads have seen. Do you do this with every single photo posted here? That is actually retarded, you need to get a life.

Besides, the edits here looked better if anything. You are definitely an obsessive moid with too much time on your hands or Belle and friend group/WKs trying to derail this thread after Belle's nipple edit slip up. If you think a photo is edited report and go on because you seem more like a derailer. >>236297 You also got a redtext here for a reason.

No. 237051

4 hours apart, and same exact text of
>Anons are doing it to pretend the cow, herself, is doing it. It's trying to create fake milk. Maybe listen to the farmhands who have given out that ban before in red text before they even had to come in here and say anything >>236671 No excuse makes the autistic editing okay

And it was already replied to?
Definitely some copy-pasted shit from some group chat or a moid with bad memory who prepares for the replies beforehand kek. Either way, get a life.

No. 237052

Indigo White energy

No. 237054

The WK says you "spammed her porn as some retaliation" on meta kek, sounds so personal and obsessive for some reason.

No. 237055

I'm not Belle or know Belle. Stop hi cowing the callouts and anons should be doing it so people don't mistake anon's fan edits for Belle doing them.

No. 237058

Fucking based. This anon is cancer.

No. 237059

It feels staged because who would just post an instagram post among hundreds with no milk and say "How has no one posted this yet" out of nowhere.. >>236784

And turns out that random ass post actually had some edits to make Belle a tad better? And some other nonnie can spot them? LOL try harder derail-chan.

No. 237061

File: 1659778580542.jpg (2.09 MB, 720x1280, ac2.jpg)

No. 237062

Spoiler gross shit

No. 237064

Go outside, anon.

No. 237067

Nta but just fucking report newfag we are way passed calling it out at this point. Thread capacity is 1200 posts and we don't want another 500 calling out subtle improvements to a greasy ethot as much as you'd like that.

No. 237077

File: 1659781950519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 571.18 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20220806-063603_Chr…)

Looks like belle has genital warts on her asshole

No. 237086

File: 1659784571798.jpg (Spoiler Image, 639.92 KB, 1396x1005, 76433357.jpg)

No. 237090

Nearly slapped the shit out of my little brother when I heard him say “Belle Delphine is hot”. He’s autistic, so I don’t want him to become a pedo by being exposed to her creepy shit. I’d rather him be a vegan faggot.

No. 237091

Why are all of her recent leaks selfies?

No. 237095

Half-pink teeth from overediting her photos

No. 237099

Its the snow app trying its best kek

No. 237110

File: 1659791644765.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.01 MB, 324x422, 20220806_091515.gif)

Forgot spoilers

No. 237111

File: 1659791720839.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.48 MB, 550x308, 20220806_091919.gif)

No. 237112

File: 1659791793907.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.3 MB, 550x308, 20220806_092041.gif)

No. 237120

edit-chan… you're kinda growing on me, this is fucking funny

No. 237121

Don't give any attention to the retard above and derail, report and move on.

No. 237124

We get it sex worker, you want this thread autosaged/deleted. But better spend your time doing more of failed porn and give us milk than do edits and comparisons all day. Subtle ones didn't work and now you are in full retard mode.

No. 237129

edit anon isnt even trying to make it subtle anymore

No. 237137

IM SCREAMING wtf is this lmao

No. 237138

The wk accuses everything posted here of being edited kek

No. 237154

go suck on feet, rat

No. 237156

File: 1659798385498.jpg (Spoiler Image, 592.54 KB, 1080x1441, Wartkween.jpg)

I'm surprised she uploaded this set during a flare up

No. 237158

This 1000% should not be the sort of content in this thread. This is an image
board for women and posting closeup complications of vaginas masturbating is a moid activity. Fucking pathetic and weird.

No. 237161

The cow has worts,thats pretty milky, this type of stuff gets posted in SW threads all the time welcome to lolcow. Anyway shes pulling a shayna lol

No. 237163

>welcome to lolcow
I’ve been here since inception, there is nothing milky about those pictures you freak. You’re just putting coomer shit in here now.

No. 237167

How is it "coomer shit" to point out shes has warts all of a sudden? Kek

No. 237169

Can she decide what her cunt looks like? In some photos it's dark af when she is lazy to edit, in these completely different.

No. 237170

gtfo of an eprostitutes thread then if you are so repulsed by a bit of fanny or better yet don’t click spoilerd images. It’s the equivalent of complaining you don’t want to see pixyteri doing cosplay when that’s all she fucking does.

No. 237176


No. 237178

Do you have an idea what anal glands look like? You have those too, anon. You're this retarded to call that warts. Holy shit.

No. 237179

Is this the beginning of belles boil/wart saga

No. 237182

If your anus has bumps on it you need to see a doctor anon. Imagine coming to lolcow and announcing you have lumps and bumps on your anus to defend a cow kek this thread is hilarious

No. 237186

Anon, thats literally what all asshole have. Its not warts or bumps, its physiological. If you don't have milk, just say so, but thats no STD or STI. Need to be 18 to post here.

No. 237189

Stop squatting over a mirror nonnie, it’s not normal.

Could be a pimple however if she waxes her asshole kek

No. 237190

File: 1659802747669.jpg (6.21 KB, 275x219, 1658653589327.jpg)

Nonna please see a doctor and stop telling us about your anal bumps thats not normal

No. 237191

Go outside.

No. 237193

Are you the same anon REEEEing in /meta/ again?

No. 237199

I think it’s safe to say plenty here don’t have one singular, raised bump near their assholes. Also humans don’t have external anal glands. What that likely is, is an anorectal abscess.

No. 237207

..Please go to school.

No. 237210

File: 1659805393321.jpg (94.49 KB, 1080x991, 1648933601400.jpg)

We get it, your anus has warts and accesses on it damn

No. 237233

File: 1659808024169.jpeg (58.6 KB, 700x706, BA11311E-ADF0-488B-BABB-39340E…)

I don’t even know what this bitch looks like anymore thanks to you people. You’ve given me body dysmorphia for someone else.

No. 237235

those gifs are edited by an anon to make her look like a moose

No. 237236

How do you edit a gif like that anon? That doesn't make any sense

No. 237238

you put a filter over the video and convert it into a gif

No. 237239

It's easy as hell.

No. 237241

example of how putting a filter over a video works, not while its recording

No. 237243

You just need SNOW or another filter app. Thots do this on insta all the time and tiktok makes it even easier. It's not newage tech, lol. Anons have claimed these apps are used by Kota and all back in the early 2010s too.

No. 237249

They don't look edited to me they look like low res gifs???

No. 237250

because they are converted into gifs. They are edited for no reason because some nonna is very bored

No. 237251

How do you know this? Did you edit them?

No. 237255

Nayrt but stop it lol of course it’s edited, how does her head randomly grow 4 times the size half way through numnuts

No. 237256

Her face is stretched out like the edit anon has in the OP image. I can't imagine having all these photos of Belle on my phone just to edit them like this. This is some middle school shit.

No. 237258

File: 1659810170055.png (277.84 KB, 511x533, hi.png)

From the KSI podcast where she had no control over how it was recorded so she chose to wear that weird hat. Her face is averagely proportioned. The videos she puts on her OF or whatever get edited with a filter, and then converted into a gif. She looks cartoonish in the gifs. You can literally just watch the Ksi podcast and see how she looks like a human and not a cartoon in it. Even though Nonna is 100% baiting and has a weird obsession with Belle.

No. 237262

Just to be clear just so I get what you mean, you don't mean OF converts these to .gifs, do you, because that's not how video uploading works. You mean anon editing them after taking them from OFs videos?

No. 237264

We have a baiting nonna itt that wants to convince everyone that Belle looks like an ugly disney character with a stretched facial bone structure and
is normal / milk. Kek sorry

>>237262 Correct. You can do this with a snapchat filter on photos / or moving people in a tv show or something. It's really easy to do.

No. 237271

Nonna records/saves the OF video, then edits over it with a filter, and then converts her second version of the video into a gif and uploads it here

No. 237272

That's so much work for no reason aside from try to pretend all these before/afters are her messing up or being 'caught'. That's really weak to fake milk.

No. 237277

Exactly. But none of this is milk, especially on random nude pictures where nothing 'out of the norm' for porn is happening.

No. 237278

Anon just hoarding all this porn on their phone and then edited versions lol

No. 237279

File: 1659811075136.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_128…)

The wks trying to figure out how belle looks ugly sometimes kek

No. 237281

File: 1659811147675.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.43 KB, 308x185, 72FA902A-B5F4-4762-916D-1DA3E8…)

I think we need to get something clear, I thought it was common sense but obviously not as this is a running theme in all threads: there are no filters to remove makeup, there are no filters to unedit an edited face. Editing edited photos/videos does not give an accurate representation of what it looked like prefilter, it just looks like what it would look like going through 2 different filters doing 2 different things. Her real face doesn’t look like her edited photos/videos, but her face doesn’t also look like nonnas double edited photos/videos either. Let’s not forget also different lenses can change your facial appearance too like picrel.

No. 237282

She can be ugly sometimes but nonnas itt aren't stupid and can notice editing like that

No. 237286


No. 237287

Anon edits that in photoshop, not in apps like SNOW and apps like FaceApp can edit out makeup. If you can't learn different apps and ways anon most likely edits these, you need help. They are clearly edited and it's not even funny, it's autistic and I hope anons keep showing the real photos mixed with anons edits so that mods can see the proof and ban the right people.

No. 237288

There are plenty of reasons to dislike and hate Belle and talk about her / her looks but being this autistic about editing her videos/selfies to make milk is just downright retarded

No. 237292

Anons, an easy way to tell if anon is editing these, even with watermarks spliced all over, is just reverse image search. If they aren't edited and directly taken from scrote sites, they will show up. If anon had access other OFs, they'd post statuses, so it's safe to say anons is only going to sites to take these. All the recent photos of her such as >>236944 are edited. Anons really, really needs help. There shouldn't be any reason anons needs to edit the downloads from the scrote sites.

No. 237295

There is always an oddly defensive / aggressive non who attacks whoever complains on /meta/ about the editing so it just further pushes that evidence more kek

No. 237296

You’re missing the point and seething at the wrong person. Apps/snow/photoshop/a doodle marker from target, regardless of how they are edited the point is still the same. The edits are retarded and don’t represent the “real Belle” so stop. Software can’t edit out makeup either, it can paint on top of a photo that has makeup in to appear like there is no makeup but it’s not actually taking off the makeup, if I run a photo through one of these apps of me full glam makeup the bare face version looks nothing like my actual face kek.

No. 237300

Thats why anons pointed out the edits where anon tried to remove Belle's makeup.

No. 237307

People have also always edited video files, (not a recording from a phone camera, like a movie scene or something) to make it look goofy or different. So yeah, editchan is just very weird. It's okay if the milk is dry lmao.

No. 237308

File: 1659812550883.jpg (211.39 KB, 1080x1393, 20220806_150340.jpg)

Am I missing something??

No. 237309

link it

No. 237310

and make sure it wasn't uploaded like today kek

No. 237313

A group of nonnies who copy paste their replies beforehand and want to derail the thread make retarded edits and succeed in derailing the thread every single time because you guys can't simply report and move on.

No. 237315

She looks like a straight up horse, please post the link nonina

No. 237324

Looks like you found the missing link

No. 237329

File: 1659815918889.png (1.75 MB, 828x1792, A9F89824-01B4-49F1-82EE-0A66C8…)

Belle doesnt read these threads nonas, it wouldnt make sense to even look at a thread that is purely people hating on you unless youre a masochist. Anywho

No. 237335

Not linking the video (not uploaded today) pretty much confirms the pictures are edited

No. 237336

File: 1659816468006.jpeg (184.23 KB, 828x1117, 3633B9B9-E748-4BE3-BFF8-70AC4D…)

She actually looks so pretty here, she should quit the evil sinnery porn and get a nice job in greggs! i heard shes good at the sausage stuff ;) x

No. 237340

Nayrt but not everyone browses the thread all day. I do hope they come back with a link though

No. 237343

this broad needs to do something milky and laughable again cause this poor anon is so content starved they're going off on a tangent and making their very own cow legacy in her threads

No. 237349

I’m sure you can find it on that influencersgonewild site the same where all her leaked content ends up

No. 237351

That looks like a wart I've never seen a pimple that looks like that. She needs to go get checked for hpv

No. 237358

That is not a woman.

No. 237359

No. 237361

File: 1659822555952.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 69AA1239-242C-4C90-B4DB-20FAF9…)

Has her sub reddit seen this?? I wonder what based-belles fanclub think of her now

No. 237364

She looks terrifying there. That nose Jesus Christ

No. 237368

File: 1659823696083.png (836.47 KB, 621x871, 523874823989753.png)

It's edit-chan. This is the original

No. 237369

Ignore edit-chan, she pretty much confirmed she copy-pastes answers from someone else and tries to derail the thread. Probably sex worker group of Belle who admitted lurking here before.

Anyway, has anyone noticed how Belle went from photoshoots to selfies lately? Did she actually break up with Josh?

No. 237376

Nose still looks terrible

No. 237377

I just think she’s being sloppy and lazy, why bother putting effort in to photoshoots and loading up photoshop if you’ll make the same money with using snow app on your phone for a quick mass upload, her cumbrain fans don’t care. Josh is probably just sat on his xbox covered in dorito crumbs licking his wounds over reddit moids roasting his dicksize and inadequacy in the bedroom.

No. 237379

That man is leeching off of his 8 years younger sex worker girlfriend and doing nothing with his life other than playing a rapist once a while and getting fat. Though that's exactly what Belle deserves.

No. 237381

Its because josh’s presence is incredibly offputting to belles scrotes that pine for the chance to sleep with her. Belle is smart and knows that if she hides all evidence of josh scrotes will forget about him. A lot of guys must be unaware she has a bf bc if you read the comments on her posts no one ever calls her out for being a thirsty pick-me online when shes got a bf irl

No. 237396

Stop making excuses

The fuck is this supposed to be?

Editing anon needs mental help.

No. 237412

Literally what is the difference kek
I knew about the herpes, but has she always had warts too??

No. 237418

the nose doesn’t seem edited if you flick back and forth. they increased the sharpness on just the face, made the left eye squinty and edited a dorito chin for what reason only weaponised autism knows. wish they would get permabanned and assigned a tard wrangler.

No. 237428

File: 1659834445757.jpg (221.62 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20220806_190749_098.jpg)

she looks like a titan

No. 237502


No. 237515

Why does she think thats a cute look? Go clean ur face belle thats disgusting

No. 237521

In fact, many cows do, maybe you're one. Kinda strange that lately people care so much to defend pedolle EDITS , totes they are edited she doesn't look like that. Definitely her or some wks or friends lurk here. All other anons wouldn't give that big of a fuck but each time edit anon edits, one degen comes out of their cockroach hole making statements that pedo panderer doesn't look like that.

No. 237548


No. 237549

this is obviously edited…

No. 237557

Its how the skin folds, jfc.

No. 237568

Its clearly a wart.

No. 237621

Omg edit chan reveal???

No. 237622

she looks like she's balding. why is her hairline so weird

No. 237633

I hope the mods ban every IP you're posting these edits from.

No. 237643

File: 1659892705964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.16 KB, 828x962, D8F7E3D9-8D4D-462C-B6A1-B21E71…)

Her boobs are so uneven kek

No. 237650

IDC about her fake boobs but yikes, her bloody herpes is back

No. 237655

File: 1659895135843.gif (1.19 MB, 1210x1648, weird edit but okay.gif)

Oh good, another edit. Anon shortened her jaw, upped the saturation, looks like they enhanced the sinking of her collarbones and gave her some indent in between the cleavage. They warped the photo on top of it.

No. 237659

nonna why r u so autistic about it lol

No. 237660

Get a life.

No. 237663

File: 1659896512484.jpg (123.58 KB, 996x933, vomit.jpg)

Autist, go outside and stop derailing. You are such a loser.

Horse Belle and her sex worker friends need to brush their teeth and have a shower instead of trying to derail this thread with edits and edit "exposes". Making filtered OF content and lurking lolcow.farm all day must be depressing AF even for them.

No. 237665

I'm convinced this person is the one making the edits themselves so they can REEEEE about it and beg mods in meta to reveal IPs and lock the thread

No. 237667

I’m starting to think that too. I would not be surprised if edit chan and expose chan are the same person.

No. 237668

So in an hour, this retard found two images and lined them up them perfectly to make a gif? KEK, staged edit-chan exposure again.

No matter what edit-chan does, Belle looks like a horse without her edits, she already has ugly photos and she did have a nipple edit she deleted and reuploaded to OF. Making dumb edits and exposing them won't make them less reliable as much as you wish, nor get this thread locked.

After fat Josh's name appeared in title, derail-chan went apeshit kek.

It's already confirmed whoever makes these edits and exposes them have contact in some kind off group chat/replies are prepared beforehand. >>237051

A moid camping this thread and comparing every single photo (even ones that look fine) in such a short time is not a possibility anymore, "edit-chan" would stop editing after getting called out a million times by both WKs and haters.

No. 237669

Less than an hour*

No. 237670

Lots of people here already said they think this poster does it to cover up the tracks of belles actual photoshop/snow slip ups. It only ever happens when belle gets caught deleting and reposting edited pics or damming information is discussed like belles new warts or her pimp boyfriend josh. We are all noticing the pattern…m

No. 237671

This poster is also in meta begging janitors to reveal ips in this thread its absolutely unhinged and suspicious

No. 237672

I also think it's an attempt to make these threads less reliable in general (even though all milk are posted with proof that is all over the internet). Derailing also became so frequent after Joshua John Gray appearing on title cover.

I hope mods ban all IPs of edit and edit "exposures" from anons who copy their replies beforehand. Fishy AF. They already red texted that no-lifer >>236297 but she goes on.

No. 237676

Yes exactly trying to sow seeds of doubt kek they think they're playing 4d chess or some shit when really its just an annoyance + a bunch of useless posts from them that eat up the thread

No. 237679

Imagine editing every single inch of your face and leaving your gross herpes

No. 237681

Anon editing that. That's why these edits are stupid. You retards believe them.

No. 237683

Imagine letting josh give you herpes and genital warts kek leaving all these sores and diseases unedited is putting out shayna tier content imo

No. 237685

There's multiple pictures of her herpes flare ups that go years back lurk moar

No. 237686

File: 1659898473641.jpg (115.7 KB, 1115x710, rat.jpg)

She has herpes in the original too. Stfu, retard. Belle always had disgusting, bloody herpes.

No. 237688

It's the enormous mouth and long face kek

No. 237689

File: 1659898632894.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 227.19 KB, 1080x1208, 25157DCE-C6A4-446E-AE43-601F36…)

Lets get back to topic!! I cant believe belle delphine has warts

No. 237690

File: 1659898655738.jpeg (297.66 KB, 827x820, C2CAEF8C-6FA0-4648-A89E-69C7C6…)

Belle delphine is covered in warts

No. 237691

File: 1659898875649.png (84.39 KB, 350x178, yikes.png)

Ignore this imbecile WK/cow herself who tries to derail the thread away from Belle's actual herpes and warts

This derailing is partly jannies' fault for not deleting those bait derailing posts(photoshopping herpes)

No. 237692

Who is the girl next to belle ?

No. 237693

File: 1659898911271.jpeg (207.99 KB, 828x817, B0BA1698-5E52-4668-B7D6-A93BC5…)

Belle delphine has warts

No. 237694

This thread is such a trainwreck

No. 237696

The girl who larped as her barely legal sister, I think.

No. 237698

File: 1659899178560.jpg (131.65 KB, 996x589, sexworkers.jpg)


No. 237699

wtf spoiler this anon

No. 237700

Fucking SPOILER that shit you maniac. I almost choked on my cereal.

No. 237701

Yikes! Edits looked less gross

No. 237703

File: 1659899394616.gif (Spoiler Image, 18.12 MB, 680x382, AnalWart.gif)

Reposted with spoiler sorry nonnas. Anyway heres the real wart reveal. Like I said in my first post its not edited, its not a skin tag, and not everyone has them like the wk has tried desperately to convince us earlier

No. 237705

You’ve still got time to delete the original

No. 237706

That guy in the back looks like fucking Gollum he must be on heroin.

No. 237708

I did, thats what the most recent green texts are from

No. 237709

No one in this photo have eyes.

I wonder how Belle and her friends react when they lurk this thread and see Belle's failed/gross porn bits. Must be really embarrassing to browse with friends. Imagine meeting up with your friends/frenemies who all saw your anal warts and failed rape porn with your fat boyfriend. Humiliating as fuck. I believe some of them even write here.

No. 237714

Like, even this greasy guy with brown teeth on front (chanceofcosplay) who does gay spiderman porn despite having a girlfriend talked against lolcow.farm when he shared Belle. I doubt he is disgusted by anal warts though, seeing his lack of hygiene, maybe he even likes those porn bits. I wish they left this thread alone.

No. 237715

Imagine browsing through images of your friend sucking feet and dick to defend her or seek fame like Kai KEK

No. 237717

This looks like a scar, maybe she had an injury or surgery on her anus. You are all so obsessive just pay for her OF if u want to stare at her fanny all day.

No. 237719

It’s a skin tag. Constipation from all the crisp sandwiches and lack of exercise.

No. 237739

How do you know its a skin tag? Looks like a wart imo

No. 237758

opening this thread and starting into this chick's asshole <

No. 237761

sorry i meant her "lil, dainty and petite" asshole as per how Belle would describe it

No. 237794

I doubt any of her SW friends care, they are all degenerate SW themselves and probably encourage it. In an interview before she mentioned going to orgies, I wonder if those were organised events of randos or her degenerate friendship group.

No. 237801

Stop editing this retarded shit

No. 237813

I thought someone just wanted to make Belle angry by making her ugly or by suggesting she probably looks like that under all the edits

No. 237825

Kek its not edited die mad about it wk. your fav is a warty girl who posted a video/picture set of her warts for the entire internet to see forever

No. 237829

File: 1659912897468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 353.11 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20220807-185724_Chr…)

Is this edited too? Kek its straight from the leak site fag

No. 237830

File: 1659912940864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.84 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20220807-185648_Chr…)

Shayna tier wart posting

No. 237846

its not edited by anyone except maybe belle. a scrote uploads it all straight from onlyfans to that site. she has a wart or something

No. 237862

She never said she liked orgies, don't make shit up.

Her friends are obsessed with lolcow. Lurk moar

No. 237863


No. 237905

>>237829 It just looks like an acne scar. The skin weaken when the acne grown and can sometimes leave scars that poke out especially in those areas.

No. 237914

Kek the mental gymnastics the wk is doing to pretend belle doesn't have warts is laughable. How are you going to explain away her herpes sores too, wk? Keep reaching. The cow has infectious std flare ups

No. 237919

File: 1659926519967.jpg (1 MB, 1350x2400, 1606974216203.jpg)

I'm genuinely surprised you actually managed to find a flattering screenshot on Belle in that podcast nonnie, you are truely an artist because all I can remember is this kek:

No. 237944

That's not herpes, anon lol

No. 237957

>>237944 She's admitted to it. Its a very common thing to have.

No. 237962

No. 237969

Ignore the white knight, anon.

No. 237971

different anon but they probably mean cold sores which is pretty common and is herpes

No. 237973

You know these retarded edits aren't distracting from the very real anus warts Belle felt like sharing with the world. The "everyone has anal warts" angle didn't work and neither are these, get a life kek.

No. 237987

Because you can't post where she ever said that

No. 237991

Such a delicate and tiny horse

No. 238004

File: 1659948944600.jpg (156.35 KB, 890x1710, IMG_2070.jpg)

Belle is one of these people who wear Goth inspired clothes a few times a year (for a party) and think they're "Goth GF" or some shit their

No. 238005

File: 1659948981313.jpg (463.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220807-233840_Dis…)

No. 238007

What is wrong with her mouth and nose? It also seems she always wears heavy makeup and fake eyelashes in daily life

No. 238015

This is so cringe she dresses like a tiktok e girl from 2020 in public

No. 238016

Where is this from?

No. 238021

It was a story of one of her acquaintances but they deleted it already

No. 238034

Edit Anon should post these on Twitter posing as a moid and watch them circulate on Twitter. It would be funny. I think the edit is closer to her irl face because belle is notorious for using snow filters

No. 238037

Belles leech-"friends" being busy dropping gasoline-drops into the fire again. Every single time.

No. 238104

pretty sure they have or at least someone has on @theREALbelleduh on twitter.

No. 238132

Yes she fucking did retard @ 09:58 she said she used to go to swingers clubs, also known as ORGIES, on more than one occasion where they all used to fuck in a single room together
>Lurk moar
Yes, yes you fucking should.

No. 238134

gross… but why would you say that out loud?? most normal dignified people would keep that shit to themselves, she sure loves airing her dirty laundry with a twinge of misplaced pride

No. 238135

She never once says she has herpes.

No. 238137

File: 1659975823029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.62 KB, 1080x1079, belle-delphine_1928.jpg)

Look how bad her shoop is in this set jesus

No. 238138

File: 1659975849631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.36 KB, 1080x1079, belle-delphine_1926.jpg)

Does she not look at these before posting

No. 238139

File: 1659975994054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.43 KB, 1080x1079, belle-delphine_1881.jpg)

No. 238146

Omg she has a uni-boob deformity also known as symmastia!! Poor girl

No. 238187

File: 1659983317597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.6 KB, 1080x1079, belle-delphine_1845.jpg)


No. 238215

File: 1659990389112.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, D445FF57-99DA-428F-A420-71485F…)

Belle definitely got her nosejob in the uk, all english nosejobs have the same look, scooped nose bridge and drooping tip

No. 238219

File: 1659991409591.jpeg (19.32 KB, 189x266, EFB07FFA-E80F-4C40-B9B9-1868D5…)

Ah yeah, the Snufkin Special.

How is there no space between mikan’s lips and nose, wtf

No. 238223

Snufkin is so hot i cannot cope cvusms

No. 238224

lately she looks so disheveled and manic

No. 238226

she changes appearances a lot based on her editing, and like an earlier anon said i've also developed body dysmorphia for someone who isn't even me

No. 238228

Was aimlessly browsing recently and YT-algorithm decided to drop me on some weird MGTOW-video talking bout sexworkers/OF-people "feeling the bite of the recession".
A nurse who quit her 60k/year job to earn 200k/month on OF was saying alot of smaller OF´s arent gonna survive while big ones gonna take serious hits. Maybe worry is gnawing at her brain.

No. 238229

Have you ever seen a "sex worker" who doesn't?

No. 238233

She obviously made it up to create an image of a sexually liberated person, sex addict, and because coomers like it, it's typical for prostitutes online. It's like one of those cringe posts where she wrote "if I am turned on I just lose all control. my sex drive is through the roof rn"
She is either asexual or bordering on asexual.

No. 238254

she shortens her face so much in photos its unreal

No. 238260

she never says it

No. 238268

Brighton Pride

No. 238291

I bet Belle pushed her to delete it.

No. 238292

>Personally I never switched.
Stop making shit up retard. She NEVER said she joined an orgy. Lurk moar and take your meds.

No. 238295

Not everyone has a pig nose, Belle's nosetip looks normal. The problem is that her nose is so tiny on her long face. It also makes her mouth and teeth look even bigger. She would look better with a bigger nose.

No. 238305

She shaved too much off

No. 238313

Belle gave Tayszea genitel herpes in 2018 when they were queerbaiting being bi and "girlfriends" on snapchat you can see it on her onlyfans

No. 238328

she still fucked strangers you fucking sperg nonna stop wking like she isnt a giant whore

No. 238333

This thread reeks of male

No. 238336

nonna i am infact a woman but being surprised belle might have an sti after she admitted to going around and fucking strangers at a club is retarded

No. 238337

How is a singular wart on an anus “milk”? This thread needs a major overhaul. It’s just coom.

No. 238341

Not just warts, but herpes too. Pretty milky if you ask me, for the same reasons it was milky when shayna was posting sets featuring her stds..perhaps even more so because belle is so particular about her online image

No. 238354

The strange lumps around her asshole are starting to make sense

No. 238363

Those aren't warts or herpes.

No. 238364

No it's just farmers thinking their edits and fake heroes/warts shitposting is hilarious when its 4chan and reddit scrote shit.

No. 238365

Again she's been sporting herpes sores since the first thread. And her warts aren't edits the video is available on the leak sites kek immortalized on the internet forever

No. 238368

Those aren't herpes or warts though. Get help. If you can't tell, most of the shit ITT is edited.

No. 238371

It is not milk you’re a pathetic piece of shit whose obsession with this woman consumes your entire life, truly you’re better of throwing yourself in a gulag because you’re a bonafide retard and there is no way you are a woman. This thread needs to be nuked because it’s just a scrotes excuse to post an archive of her fucking herself.

No. 238381

Sorry about your warts and herpes anon

No. 238385

Her wart video is available on leak sites since you don't want to believe it retard.

No. 238391

Does anyone still have the screenshots from when she was exposed for selling another girls nudes over Facebook messenger? From early FB days before she had clout. I remember she was in a group chat with other girls where they generally bullshitted but also shared nudes. Belle was selling her own nudes small scale over messenger at time but apparently it was found out she was including a few pictures of one of the girls in the group chat and passing them off as her own. Pretty sure it was exposed because the other girl was also selling nudes and one of their customers overlapped. I'm also pretty sure the girl who Belle stole the pics from was underage but I'm not 100%.

No. 238396

Someone link the leak site so the wk can stop grasping at literally any and all straws

No. 238407

>obsession with this woman consumes your entire life
NTA but this is a serious projection. It’s the white knights who are so rabidly obsessed they have to trawl the thread night and day screaming and crying about anything negative. You idolise a paedophillic herpes and wart ridden e whore and it’s pathetic.

No. 238408

She looks absolutely hideous. Why does she stand stooped like a cave dwelling Neanderthal?

No. 238409

She’s turning into Shayna. The retard porn, the gagging on one inch of dildo, the drooling, the warts, the assne, the fat gut…

No. 238410

Post proof or stfu derailer

No. 238412

Nta but calm down. Why are you taking it so personally that Belle has anal warts? If you didn't seethe and derail, the topic would already change. You need to go outside.

No. 238413

Kek this thread should have been named warts and herpes edition just to piss off these sti ridden sex workers

No. 238415

Her Shayna tier is increasing the more time passes lol. She is so irrelevant lately no matter what stunt she tries.

No. 238426

They did post proof, just scroll up the thread you fucking moron.

No. 238432


This was all over PULL when that site was still up. I dunno if there’s an archive somewhere or not. But yes, she did do this.

No. 238433

Watch the video you consider "proof" you fucking retard. She never said she participated in an orgy and she specifically said she just watched people and never switched herself. You are either a retard who makes shit up without watching the video yourself or a moron with two braincells. I hope derailers like you get banned already, you shit up this thread.

No. 238436

LC isn't some lib fem hive mind, and just because you throw around the word "scrote" doesn't mean you don't reek of newfaggotory. Nearly every sex worker/E whore with a thread here has their retarded porn posted. Your weird delusion this is some scrote archive makes it blatantly obvious you don't know what you're fucking talking about kek. And that's ignoring the fact you're seething uncomfortably hard about degenerate sex worker who's customers don't even give a shit about her.

No. 238460

she never switched but she still had sex with people you fucking idiot, hence why she said she was “doing it in a room full of other people doing it”

No. 238470

where are her braces?

No. 238471

Girl's name was Minty Darling. Belle paid her off eventually. Indigo White made a YT video that has the screenshots of the chats and there are also screencaps here on LC in the 1st thread on Belle.

No. 238482

Post the video

No. 238485

Nigga just scroll through the /snow/ catalog and find indigo white's thread yourself, damn!

No. 238492


No. 238523

This thread is so boring, i want MILKKK, someone leak belles suicidal venting at her ‘friends’

No. 238524

She said she's been to a few swinger's clubs. What are you talking about?

No. 238529

Stop making shit up

No. 238530

File: 1660076005054.jpeg (100.73 KB, 1280x720, 3CF561C2-DD8C-4DC0-9CD3-C60A41…)

I dont wanna be a bitch but you guys are really boring

No. 238531

>suicidal venting
I don’t need any proof to believe this. You can tell just by looking at her.

No. 238532

I can just her hear ugly deep britfag voice ‘everyone hates me!!!1 i hate how i look i dont want to leave the house incase someone sees me and knows what i really look like’

No. 238533

She probably cries at night that she will never be a innocent teen girl and is getting older and wiser by the second

No. 238534

>insulting her for being a britfag
Are you Rusty Fawkes?

No. 238566

Awh, sorry you still remain in denial that your internet waifu you donate $30 a month to isn’t a virginal angel saving herself for your pathetic chode and is indeed a whore gangbanging in a room of degenerate old couples, mayb you can have a sad coom over it later scrote. No one tell him she has a boyfriend

No. 238592

seconding >>238566 youre a retarded scrote, watch the logan paul video and lurk moar

No. 238597

You can't show any proof that Belle joined an orgy so you waste your time on lolcow.farm writing fanfiction about already problematic cows and other anons? Kek, get a life loser.

She literally says she never joined the orgy in the video. Lurk moar.

No. 238611

Its too bad your fav is a crusty herpes ridden warty girl who tags along with her sex pest boyfriend to orgies where he catches stds to bring home like Pokémon kek

No. 238650

File: 1660111087044.jpeg (314.59 KB, 641x1672, 1C0A9805-86B5-4F90-ACF5-9A2B84…)

Apologies if this has been posted before but Belle is now advertising prostitution services on her webpage for 100,000 a night

No. 238651

File: 1660111116947.jpeg (714.11 KB, 547x1890, 16633287-62BC-4ADE-BE7D-699C6B…)

No. 238652

It has and everyone knows its fake.

No. 238667

Why are you so mad Belle isn't actually joining orgies? Were you hoping to have sex with her in one? You sound unhinged. I'm sorry nonnies called out your fake milk, but you have to stop infighting and derailing.

No. 238674

nta but calm down lol

No. 238675

I saw a screenshot of her selling her pee for 10000 USD but I'm sure that one is fake too

No. 238680

Even attending to poorly fuck with your hobbit boyfriend whilst watching old wrinkly mens ballsacks is degenerate and whorish enough. Seethe.

No. 238691

NTA but you sound retarded for that random "calm down"

I don't think anyone said Belle is not a whore KEK

No. 238711

Retarded edit anon is back. Oh good.

No. 238714

File: 1660149444471.jpeg (233.28 KB, 828x985, E9C3EC04-A69C-434D-B50A-634649…)

Seethe harder <3

No. 238719

No. 238720

I know i might be very wrong but i really hope this aint the real Belle tryin to show off with her brass-crystal embellishment necklace…

No. 238729

I dont think its actually belle, they have darker skin, could be tayzea that girl who did porn with her

No. 238733

it has that weird chin line thing belle has

No. 238735

Oh the chin in pic is def belle, i just kinda hoped the poster isnt. That would be rather embarrasing.

No. 238736

i've never seen that pic of her before… she also looks too tan to be her

No. 238737

File: 1660154447082.png (564.34 KB, 630x661, Screenshot 2022-08-10 210125.p…)

she actually looks like a horse lmao

No. 238739

one would think she has better things to do, like porn

No. 238742

Well, if it really is belle trying to act like hot shit with her little gucci-necklace, this pic problably a one hour old random no-filter no-skin-whitening selfie, created for the sole purpose of trying to own farmers…

No. 238744

File: 1660155005952.jpeg (163.87 KB, 825x933, CE3E6975-76E7-468B-B0BE-0C495B…)

Bill has posted in that cheap neckace before

No. 238746

i hope you're right, that'd be a comical self-surrender

No. 238749

Show your gross bleeding herpes too kek

No. 238750

Do you want to suck our feet or?

No. 238751

Wanna spread herpes here?

No. 238755

File: 1660156083105.png (159.14 KB, 1266x690, Screenshot 2022-08-10 212825.p…)

i couldn't find a similar image from reverse search

No. 238756

waow you really got us good, who else is bawling and shitting and crying right now

No. 238758

Ill suck off your boyfriend and then spit his cum in your ugly horse face you nasty slut, i hope u kill yourself(samefagging and replying to yourself)

No. 238760


No. 238762

never forget that your pussy pics with your face are on the internet forever you pathetic cuck, go pay for your boyfriend's vacations while he pimps you out. he will dump you once you no longer can pedo pander.

never forget that your kids will see their mom's pussy spread out wide in a mere google search you dumb hoe

No. 238763

wow someones insecure about her butt warts

No. 238764

Lmfao this is turning into a shitshow, she always struck me as someone who name searches.

No. 238765

Sooooooo… Confirmed, i guess? kek

No. 238767

Nonnie showing her what unhinged - actually - looks like hahaha

No. 238770

This cant be belle??

No. 238771

it's a very retarded and inelegant way of selfposting, not that I give belle more credit, but it's not much of a flex in a necklace that was already mocked. Could be a girl with the same necklace and similar lips and chin, or its just a cropped picture of Belle that isn't coming up as a reverse image search because it's from a video or just a super cropped picture. Either way I highly doubt it's her, just some dumb shit to wind people up. Don't know why her thread in particular attracts dumb shit so much, but it does.

No. 238772

i think so too, that wouldn't be very unbothered girlboss of her. most likely just a bored anon

No. 238775

She does. She had a mental breaakdown when she found out she had a PULL thread. She also took down subreddits that mocked her porn. She is also known for attacking Facebook groups and getting triggered over 4chan's hate towards her.

No. 238781

wtf is this supposed to be?

No. 238782

y so cryptic no one here has time for stupid ass games, whats the point of this?

No. 238788

leave it to a scrote (me) to do some detective work. the exif data on these shows they were taken just now on an iphone 11. but that kinda stuff can be manipulated so who knows.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 238790

Been waiting to see those news tits forever so if she could drop that instead and leave so we can all go back to backtalking her, that'd be good sport shit

No. 238791

there is no way those beady eyes and cancer patient eyebrows are belle's lol(tho I do think she looks inbred either way).

No. 238798

At least we don't let ourselves get pimped hard publicly by our hobbit so called boyfriend.

No. 238802

anon banned for replying to self? so the same person who wrote this posted the photo? what lmfao

No. 238808

i think it's belle and she thinks she's trolling us all by saying that. no anon here would want to suck off josh's chode i promise you

No. 238809

though every bone in my body wants to believe this is true, the girl in the picture has a completely different complexion.

No. 238817

belle can tan and in her old youtube videos you could see she was way darker with no filters.
I think she just abuses filters now to look pale

No. 238822

How can you tell this is actually belle just from her neck lmao

No. 238823

bruh if that's true and she really has nothing better to do than be on this cesspool then maybe we're more similar than i thought

No. 238824

LOL Belle you are pathetic

No. 238825

File: 1660163529939.png (281.25 KB, 579x949, 823487923896523.png)

Anon posted this photo, deleted it, then re-puloaded it. In the original, the chin is edited/or not edited and the photo is darker but her neck seems to be the same color as her face.

No. 238827

I love how she decided to be more passive aggressive with the heart

No. 238829

that's kinda funny, if it's a belle impersonator they nailed her tendency to hastily reupload and change captions. If it's bellz, the joke writes itself really

No. 238830

No way. Are mods interested in confirming or denying this like that other cow or is this beyond their capacity at the moment with site upgrade?

No. 238832

File: 1660164890395.png (150.63 KB, 460x374, 785E0411-F77B-4348-A776-DE9C57…)

thheeth harder peathanth

No. 238838

Kek looks like mysteriously-always-around-to-call-out-an-“edit”-chan was quick to respond to that first deleted pic.

No. 238839

I don't know if it's her but it's kinda sus with the whole necklace thing and passive aggressiveness plus no reverse search results for the pic and belle has never posted that pic(as far as i know)
we also know that her friends lurk here. it's not that farfetched imo

No. 238840

She looks like an actual rat here. Wtf are those huge ass teeth

No. 238842

She has no life outside this thread it seems

No. 238851

Ban evading cunt.

No. 238868


No. 238870

is this belle attention whoring fake death threats so she can leave again like she did with kiwifarms or just a larp

No. 238874

Probably I know the resident whiteknight itt used to wine about how similar she is to Bianca kek

No. 238876

File: 1660178176257.png (424 KB, 598x401, belle.PNG)

lmfao she whines about how sad biancas death was and then posts this, whens the noose set coming belle?

No. 238899

>Samefagging and replying to yourself
Kek, you got caught derailing this time sperg.

No. 238901

I know she’s just doing this to get degenbux but oooh my god seeing this posted by an adult and not a teenage coquette tumblerette eight years ago is giving me Nam flashbacks

No. 238905

Don't tell me this is the actual Belle.
That would be really surreal.

No. 238914

Its only been like 3 anons derailing about fake herpes/warts, editing her photos, and just shitposting nonstop. What did you expect? And they are already ban evading in other threads

No. 238915

Her genital warts and oral herpes are immortalized on the internet forever but keep coping and seething kek.

No. 238939

Sadly no real way to know for certain. Many a indicative for it doe kek

No. 238940

So you she wants to prove she has a gUcCI necklace? Hagraven millionaire seems pretty shallow to hype such small accessory

No. 238956

No. 238966

she showed us her gwagon, mansion, income, gucci necklace, while all we really wanna see is some character depth and propriety but nope, all she's really got to show for her permanently soiled reputation is her money

No. 238969

File: 1660223563698.jpg (390.62 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20220811-091628_Twi…)

No. 238974

I didn't expect anything, it was just a statement about as redundant as your question kek.

No. 238984

Belle should stop sitting on this thread all day on her wart ridden ass KEK

No. 239007

What a shitty scam idea, you couldnt even pay me £100k to just talk to that pedo whorse

No. 239010

People did pay though,most likely chargebacks, but this was fake a weeks ago and on facebook, not even her site or anything.

No. 239011

And not even that much money either, considering the damage done.

No. 239013

"i do like the idea"
I can definitely imagine Belle sucking more feet for money. Let's hope she keeps falling off.

No. 239017

Belle's face on left looks so awful, I can't believe that's the unedited original photo. Her mouth area is just weird. She has horse teeth.

No. 239032

She lurks here and that harder than falling from her internet 5sec fame.

No. 239064

>I do like the idea
The idea of being a real life prostitute? Because that’s what it was advertising….

No. 239068

This explains why the mlp perv scrotes adore her so very much.

No. 239074

File: 1660244509677.jpeg (119.96 KB, 976x550, 4648016B-E7CD-4D15-B1BE-B269A1…)

She really is like the real life fluttershy!

No. 239077

anon i'm HOWLING, this is great

No. 239120

Make the nose way too tiny and add fake eyelashes and no one will be able to tell the difference

No. 239123

Belle wishes she was this cute

No. 239131

That profession would fit Belle actually. She fell off as an e-girl, not attractive enough to be a model, way too hated to be a content creator and not smart enough to have an actual job. That one's inevitable.

Anyway, mods are as retarded as WKs in this thread. This post got red text for "photoshopping herpes". That's an actual screenshot from her dildo video, not edited, and shared before on these threads. Jannies started giving out bans without being bothered to check shit now. What the actual fuck?!

No. 239134

Samefagging but what's even worse is that derailing edit-chan's posts with actual edits right above are not redtexted nor deleted. Jannies really want these threads to be derailed and actual information to be shown as unreliable. This is fucked up.

No. 239136

Kek the mod got butthurt for being called out?

No. 239140

This looks a bit like Brittany Venti, but she hates Belle and "sex work" so I doubt it

No. 239175

LOL they are already crying in meta and asking for anons here to get exposed and doxxed. They are sperging because a mod falsely redtexted a photo as "photoshopped" and anons called it out. Pathetic.

No. 239193

People have said the /w/ mod is biased like the older /snow/ mod used to be for shoe. Newfags wouldn't remember but a shoeonhead fan infiltrated the mod team here and wreaked havoc on snow at one point with their retarded moderation

No. 239194

It is shopped.

No. 239195

Its not though. Theres many many pictures of belle with herpes. Even pictures of her and josh with herpes on their lips kek its in an old thread lurk more. Herpes is old news the anal warts is a new development

No. 239197

Its shopped.

No. 239200

File: 1660268990539.png (1.19 MB, 1295x802, herpes.png)

Belle and her "shopped" herpes.

Imagine being so confident and wrong (this goes for jannies who don't do research as well wtf).

No. 239201

Your fav has herpes cope harder luv. Don't worry im sure the old herpes pics will resurface from the other threads since you're sperging about it so much

No. 239203

There's no herpes.

No. 239205

File: 1660269225565.png (123.81 KB, 334x316, Disgusting.png)

There is a 5 minute video of Belle flashing her herpes and these retards still try to convince others it's not true KEK.

Why would jannies participate in that and try to make those milk appear unreliable to visitors, though?

No. 239207

I'm all for this, but there's nothing in these 2 photos though, anon.

No. 239208

I just took those screenshots and didn't add any filters or edit anything, feel free to go to 2:22 and screenshot yourself.

No. 239209

Except herpes

No. 239212

Must be nice to never have a cold sore or bite your lip in your life. Reach further.
I don't like her, caught up on this cow just recently. But you seem hell bent on saying she has herpes based on…a darkened part of her lip? And your attaching your anger to a mod that mistakenly gave a ban while someone IS editing for no reason and a tranny is destroying meta. Chill dude. Why you so mad. They stressed. It happens hahah

No. 239213

She always had herpes, like >>237686

No. 239214

You sound mad. Why do you care if you don't even know about her, newfag? Lurk moar

No. 239216

Weren't you saying those were shopped, also? Now it's a "cold sore"?

Go outside, nonnie.

No. 239217

Like I said I just caught up and from my point of view you seem equally as mad about people saying she doesn't have herpes as people saying the editchan is out of hand. Kinda seems your the overly angry anon. It's like the Lucinda anons deciding she's dead. A dark spot on her lip, as nasty as she is, does not deserve this much fighting. You do not know what it is end of story

No. 239218

Nope. Not me. Samefag

No. 239221

Calm down

No. 239222

I've posted 3 times total. The last three "wk" as you prob think. There's more than one annoyed anon here

No. 239223

Where's the autist anon who can find and post the old picture of Josh and belle sitting on some sort of transportation together, both with herpes on their lips. The way the sunset lighting shined through the window onto their faces really accentuated their oral stds in a romantic way kek

No. 239224

NTA but no1curr
You really need to shut up

No. 239225

Sorry you realized it's not one nonnie going off. The point is a mod messed up flagging that post. Omg chill. You're on a tirade about that post being red texted like…VPN? It's anon. There are no ramifications. Wow you're invested

No. 239227

File: 1660270573322.jpg (2.76 MB, 2160x2744, 9a01c83a4ca411481291bc5e4ac8c7…)

nah Venti has curly hair and a weird jaw, that's gotta be someone else. Venti is surprisingly based though.
a cold sore is literally a type of herpes

now if you want a shoop, this is a shoop

No. 239228

Only you sound mad tbh

No. 239229

File: 1660270617897.jpg (37.23 KB, 265x191, 1545477100534.jpg)

From the first thread

No. 239230

When have I defended anyone? Besides saying a lip with a messed up area could be something besides herpes?
What are you taking, I'd love some

No. 239231

This is so gross

No. 239232

Why are you so aggressive, nonnie?

No. 239233

File: 1660270705129.png (1.1 MB, 1077x1073, 1545527192691.png)

Also from the first thread. Are these edited too

No. 239234

Thanks nonnie

No. 239235

File: 1660270842724.jpg (162.03 KB, 1080x914, 20220811_222424.jpg)

No. 239236

I wasn't even mentioning if they were or were not edited but go off. My God. This is completely irrelevant. I even said mod flagged it wrong

No. 239238

File: 1660271240847.jpg (390.03 KB, 1005x994, BelledelphinesHerpesSores.jpg)

No. 239239

File: 1660271408381.jpg (191.15 KB, 894x678, Screenshot_20220811-223336_Chr…)

No. 239244

File: 1660272061228.jpg (837.9 KB, 1079x1844, Screenshot_20220811-224328_Chr…)

Is this edited too ????? Kek(yes)

No. 239245

Eww it looks like it's about to pop

No. 239249

No one said that but you seem to be off your meds…
One photo was wrongfully added to the editor's bans. Eek. Don't take this personally

No. 239256

Anon is so invested in editing lol wtf is this thread anymore Not a single ounce of milk

No. 239259

Click the link to the first thread faggot. Why do you keep WKing, derailing, and infighting ? Truly so weird how you're so invested and determined to sway everyone's opinions on this kek. herpes is old news, its been documented since the inception of belle delphine threads kek there's only like… one obviously edited picture you tagged and you're probably the same wk who posted it so you can whine about your own post. What will the whiteknight screech about next? Find out tomorrow on lolcor

No. 239260


Lol even if they aren't the editor they're gullible as fuck hahaha

No. 239261

Lol so what's the new news? She has herpes and. …

No. 239262

"There's only like one edited photo"
So we aren't the issue. Again this whole thing is about one edited photo. Your point?

No. 239263

The point is obvious people have been complaining about these wk antics for 3 years now. The wk is posting actual edited pics like >>239227
and then whining that everything is edited when it's not. Stop playing dumb..anons have called it out when they try (and fail) to make the thread unreliable because she's embarassed about the contents being discussed/posted. Its tiresome and honestly if she didn't post her own pictures and videos on the world wide web during active herpes and wart flare ups, we wouldn't be talking about it. You can't claim its nitpicking or not milky so now you're going for the "its edited" angle kek. Shes worse than shayna honestly

No. 239264

Oh don’t worry anon they already started the “whaaaa its old milk who cares!!” routine. This WK is like clockwork. >>239261

No. 239269

Yes. That's not even what herpes looks like and you keep editing it in the same place which is also not how herpes works lol

No. 239271

Keep trying to convince us like we don't have eyes kek very embarrassing for you

No. 239273

Spoiler your shit

No. 239274

Jesus. This person can't take knowing >>239272
Only a vendetta would do this

No. 239275

File: 1660277804500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 3072x4096, BelleDelphinesLegacy.jpg)

Here you go kek

No. 239281

Anon is acting unbelievably unhinged

No. 239288

that's definitely what HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus-1, otherwise known as cold sores) look like

No. 239289

File: 1660280515030.jpg (1.05 MB, 3233x4096, 1660280372570.jpg)

No. 239293

Dont forget “calm down!” Or “why are you so obsessed with Josh do you want to fuck him?” Or “you must be jealous does your bf coom to her?”

No. 239296

You didn’t need to edit this pic. It was horrifying enough anyway.

No. 239297

Also “no1curr”

No. 239300

the WKs are being retarded but posting the same old pics and arguing about whether she has herpes or not (she does) for the 1000th time is boring. this thread probably should be autosaged since it moves so fast with no fucking milk. anon who keeps posting the weird stretched out face edits is annoying as fuck, you don’t have to like belle’s pedo pickme ass to see how retarded this thread is.

No. 239308

Acyclovir, Belle. Get some.

No. 239315

Belle is so disgusting omg. Herpes, infections and warts all over

No. 239316

Don't forget to add "Joshua is innocent you guys just have a crush on him!"

No. 239317

This wouldn't get derailed if jannies redtexted non edited pics and WKs sperged about Belle having herpes both on meta and itt. It is their fault this is discussed again and again and this got bigger than it should.

No. 239319

I love how retards itt changed their sperging from "it's shopped!" to "it doesn't matter Belle has herpes lol". Such clowns…

No. 239321

Am I the only one thinking it looks like a skintag?

No. 239326

oh my god, oral herpes is not a big fucking deal and over half the world has it, so many qualities this cow should /actually/ be shamed for and you spam this thread with the weakest most irrelevant shit and anyone who points out how retarded it is is a wk now

No. 239338

Yes you are

No. 239340

>over half the world has it
What kind of shithole do you live in?

No. 239341

i beg of you to do a modicum of research nonnie

No. 239344

Is the schizo tranny mad he has herpes- I'm sorry, coldsores just like belle?

No. 239356

File: 1660316969176.jpeg (85.73 KB, 553x672, 479F67B7-6661-4424-8B0B-45A0AC…)

Im gonna be sick

No. 239359

File: 1660317435921.jpeg (19.18 KB, 168x300, 7DADD1E4-3DF8-4F39-88B1-5B14FC…)

No. 239372

Can't believe anons are this desperate they are editing Belle's photos and what for? Lol

No. 239384

Embarrassing samefag

No. 239401

she probably has it because most people are infected with oral herpes, they just don't show outward symptoms. It's commonly just passed from mother to child. The only way to confirm you don't have it is with a blood sample.


the real issue is that if she's going and giving blowjobs while she has oral herpes, she's flat-out giving her bf genital herpes. disgusting.

No. 239402

Stop taking bait

No. 239404

She probably gave her bf genital herpes from blowjobs then he gave her anal then she grew them on her bum ewwwww

No. 239408

Nonnie, you were not funny the first time. And it sure doesn't get funnier. Please go outside and stop sperging about imaginary herpes edits.

No. 239409

Holy shit that shit is leaking

No. 239444

It's funny how all its gonna take is a jannie getting annoyed at this "omfg its edited" idiot and have their info released so they finally go away.

No. 239485


Ewwwww. That’s not just a sore, that’s a whole ass blister. It’s amazing that people actually pay her money to see her nasty ass herpes in her pictures and videos.

No. 239488

I member those days

No. 239490

Better times.

No. 239526

Pedopanderer has poor hygiene and we all know that. I bet she brushes her teeth only several times whole year and showers each 2-3 weeke once. I still don't know how some scrotes find some person like that attractive just because she wore a pink wig and had aliexpress outfits on. Neckbeards alure.

No. 239552

why isn't this thread autosaged, most of it is trolling and the only discussion is about oral herpes like if 80% of the US (70 in the UK, just checked) didn't have them. Jesus

No. 239609

File: 1660408025407.jpeg (232.71 KB, 640x357, 8583E695-066C-4E4A-8FAB-E662A1…)

No. 239615

herpes on the anus is not, in fact, oral herpes

No. 239616

it is not commonly passed from mother to child, kek. That's what some people say as a reason for why they have it, because they are ashamed to admit oral or genital contact with another person.

No. 239686

You seem triggered. There is always help, you can get through this
Call 988

No. 239688

Belle's minions.. you're getting predictable.

No. 239748

You can get it from drinking out of the same glass as a family member with an active cold sore. I'm not saying that's how she contracted hers, especially given her asshole growth, but you're being intentionally disingenuous here and it makes you look underage.

No. 239751

Sorry about your herpes anon

No. 239787

File: 1660459953195.jpeg (63.91 KB, 540x540, EB28A6B3-AFB2-426E-A0CF-82E976…)

>you seem triggered
Nta but stop embarrassing yourself and slap on some bonjela, herpes chan.

No. 239808

Ah, the new angle edit-chan is using to derail. Positively autistic.

No. 239809

thanks for being a second voice of reason nonnie, you're all doing belle a favor by directing your energy into stuff no one gives a shit about - including her. need i remind you this bitch pedobaits for a living?

No. 239810

Can you please take this herpes derail to /ot/ already?

No. 239817

File: 1660477647526.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.67 KB, 1280x960, belle-delphine_1969.jpg)

Are you sure you don't want to whine about it in /meta/ some more first? Kek anyway let's have a chuckle at how ridiculous she looks here

No. 239819

Stop projecting your insecurities about your disgusting herpes.


No. 239835

You're just embarrassing yourself at this point. The fake herpes but isn't funny anymore. Get a better hobby and learn2sage.

No. 239847

my brother in christ if she has all this money, why not stop now… why choose to continue to degrade yourself for more and more

No. 239874

You are embarrassing yourself with how you copy phrases, deny Belle's herpes that even her scrotes mocked and having no life to camp here.

By the way, Belle's herpes looks nasty.

Ewww, disgusting sex worker.

No. 239939

it's funny how she said in a podcast she does this for her future kids and joked that she's doing porn for her kids. Now imagine those kids seeing this photo and feeling prideful that their mom would go to such lengths for them lol. i'm so curious to know her though process there

No. 239941


Because she was hoping that her second comeback was going to be as big as the first, and that she would be making as much money as she did before. Too bad she didn’t account for the lack of interest the second time around.

No. 240004

>My brother in Christ
Go back you don't belong here

No. 240005

By that point she probably won't look like that anymore and most of it is with wigs anyway.

No. 240018

It's a popular meme to use that phrase, anon.

No. 240021

So who believes her cunt even looks like that, we seen in your porn how it looks she literally sits on pc and whitewashes it hours. Nice wig cap between.

No. 240024

Scrote, learn2sage

No. 240026

Like a scrote would notice the exposed wig cap kek she clearly just forgot to sage

No. 240029

File: 1660549711520.jpg (270.82 KB, 860x649, Screenshot_20220815-034249_Chr…)

This unbreakable bond belle has with the snow app kek

No. 240030

File: 1660549721099.jpeg (256.48 KB, 640x357, 6F5F3345-266D-4E2D-8227-1A85FD…)

I bet you’ll complain about this in /meta/ kek

No. 240031

She’s a paedophile of course she wants kids.

No. 240037

I hope she never has kids. They will be getting bullied at school all day and they will see their mother's herpes and wart ridden pedo rape porn on the internet when they search her name. Yikes!

No. 240038

"daddy, how did we get all this money?"
"well you see, mommy dropped out of middle school and daddy helped her take photos of her asshole for strangers online, wearing the exact same clothes she buys for you and your sister! Oh, daddy also pretended to kidnap and rape her online"

No. 240042

We learn to sage and you go cry on meta, deal

No. 240043

>Says you're from twitter without saying you're from twitter.

No. 240047

NTA but it didn't originate on Twitter, dumbass nonnie.
>Say you're from without saying
This phrase, however, did. So shut up.

No. 240054

It originated from the autistic self censoring of zoomers idk how you think that's compatible with board culture kek.

>NTA but it didn't originate on Twitter, dumbass nonnie.

This isn't what integration looks like sperg, you sound so unnatural.

No. 240065

File: 1660566918694.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.21 MB, 4000x4000, 342B3AF9-FEF5-4D94-B6A6-CDE5C8…)

Lets not forget. Belle is typically what you order vs what you get

No. 240080

She wants to please simps and be desirable, obviously. She doesn't have that much money anyway.

No. 240084

She doesn't want to please simps lol. Remember, the ONLY REASON she ever did sex stuff is because she got CAUGHT with a bf she tried to hide for years and in order to not completely lose said simps she had to make a drastic move. Now she's slowly trying to move away from the more "hardcore stuff" thinking she can go back to the boring shit she's always done before getting caught with said bf (even though it was obvious she had one but guys don't exactly think.)

No. 240102

That's not how that works and she never said that. Fuck scrotes who treat girlslike nothing if they are already taken and no one signs up to see Josh, they sign up for her. She made porn for porns sake judt because she can and dudeswere asking for porn before she did it and before Josh started showing up in things, even then hisface is usually always obscured, so scrotes wouldn't even know its him, just random "I wish that were me" self insert fantasy things. Anon really take 5 comments about it and say thats how her wholebanbase feels

No. 240124

Anon, Josh has been helping her be Belle delphine since day 1. He orchestrated all this shit for her. Just because he didn't show up until the rape porn vid doesn't mean he wasn't helping. Who do you think took all her old pics?

No. 240198

at least her drapery is better than Kelly Eden's

No. 240217

Did I say he wasn't or are you purposely ignoring the fact hes supposed to be the self insert??

No. 240302

Why was it glossed over that the literal minor child belle stole and sold pictures of, was also apparently selling her own cp???? Why would you condone an underage friend doing that and also sell it what the fuck I always regret checking in

No. 240320

i think the whole selling another girl's photos thing instead of taking her own (which she very easily could have done) is sorta interesting. Did she look down on this way of earning money? Like did she think she'd retain her dignity by not selling photos specifically of herself? I cant think of any other reason

No. 240328

That was 5+ years ago and discussed already.

No. 240329

Go to old threads. We don't need to talk about this again. Its ancient milk.

No. 240337

Is that from her only fans? Unedited looks so different

No. 240349

File: 1660663117768.jpeg (83.62 KB, 828x388, D64CB603-BB9D-4BBF-AE56-374B38…)

her simps are catching on

No. 240359

Because she loves paedophillia

No. 240364

Imagine having no dignity to please incels as your "job", taking photos of your wart ridden asshole for them and they still mock you ROFL. I would feel sorry for Belle if she was not a horrible pedo.

No. 240386

File: 1660677781583.jpeg (97.66 KB, 519x871, 93178113-2308-4A84-AFC5-24C038…)


Belle Delphine~ (TM) has a sister! Uwu :3
Her name is rubby granger! Shes sexy and hot just like her big sis belle! Both belle and rubby are very good at sexing and funny memes. Natural beauty is hard to cum by nowadays… but these two BOMBshells have what it takes.(:3)

No. 240388

Congrats, anons, this thread is pure shit.

No. 240400

yeah im gonna come back when this monkey in a cage does something point and laugh worthy again

No. 240409

Kek belle had her fapello leaks deleted

No. 240411

Her lawyer must be working overtime what with her cunt being all over the internet

No. 240416

She got insecure about her warts it seems.

No. 240419

Not milk.

Good. It's stolen content.

No. 240424

this broad was the perfect lolcow material until her lame ass comeback

No. 240427

Who cares about a pedopanderer sex worker's "stolen content"?

She also stole music, art and even nudes of other girls. She deserves it.

No. 240431

Good point, why show her the moral integrity she's spared many other creators?

No. 240436

Still stolen content? Sex worker or not, like leaked shit is leaked shit. Sucks but takedowns aren't surprising. Anon just sound super sad uwu that their fap site doesn't have it.

No. 240446


Exactly. She stole nudes and passed them off as her own, it’s what she deserves.

No. 240453

Who cares about this first world privileged pedo pandering sex worker, who hides behind a fucking computer screen and supposedly has millions anyway, therefore doesn’t even need to do it? She deserves it. It’s nothing but a slight loss of income and embarrassment, both of which she bought on herself.

No. 240455

Kek imagine going through years of law school only to spend to your life chasing down an e thots leaked nudes.

No. 240457

Just say you hate sex workers, anon, and not just Belle specifically.

No. 240471

Yes welcome to lolcow sex work is not real work. Anyway the belle defenders whining about leaks being posted here KEK just say you're not a farmer and go newfag whiteknight

No. 240486

Please someone make this into a banner!

No. 240517

Stolen content yet steals nonstop other peoples art. Hypocritical pretty much

No. 240529

File: 1660718222033.jpeg (446.75 KB, 828x758, B4492B97-E392-44A2-A2DF-9BC87A…)

careful or she'll bite you guys and it's gonna fucking hurt

No. 240530

Ok. I hate sex workers. Sex work isn’t real work. People like belle drag us down into filth with them along with the scrotes that throw money at them and drive the industry that forces women and children into it. If there are so many girls that do this willingly like belle, why do scrotes still steal and trade nudes, put hidden cameras in bathrooms/changing rooms, look at cp, traffic women and girls, etc etc? I hate porn and I hate privileged first world sex workers.

No. 240531

the same WK poster goes into Taylor's thread and writes "Just say you don't like pregnant women and think they should be locked away so you don't have to see them." So arguing with that psycho is futile. Anything you say will be twisted into something you didn't say.

No. 240532

They won’t because it’s “hi cow”. Unless mods can prove it’s her like they did with Kiki and all the psycho shit she was posting.

No. 240534

Are you new here?

No. 240536

sex workers reflect poorly on all women. the suffragettes meants for us to be reputable, respectable people, and it's mind-boggling and saddening to see how many women would still make the choice to be an object. your body is not a product. Sell your labor and time, not your body.

No. 240539

Nta but do you know where you are sexworker-chan?

No. 240540

>are you new here?
Are you? Idiot.

No. 240541

And belle dressed up as one and said “they walked so I could run”. No belle, they walked so that you could crawl in the filth with the type of men who want to strip us of our rights, who would rather be looking at little children.

No. 240543

oh she ran alright, in the opposite direction

No. 240545

Exactly, except somehow even more degraded than that. She even has a hideous Scrote controlling all of her finances.

No. 240548

the same guy who disappeared off the surface of the internet cause reddit and twitter is caling him fat, short-dicked, ill-performing in bed and a cuck?

No. 240552

Yes. The “genius” behind it all who probably promised to invest all her money in dogecoin and cryptocurrency and double it or some shit, then they could live out the rest of their lives in luxury and not have to work. She believed it of course. Anyone know how old the chode is? The one they call Josh Gray.

No. 240556

Does she even post anything new?

No. 240639


He's 29

No. 240646

File: 1660771992141.jpeg (244.62 KB, 828x1011, 30998B60-C196-4FF8-8D89-9383A4…)

You're growing tired of me
You love me so hard and I still can't sleep
You're growing tired of me
And all the things I don't talk about
Sorry, I don't want your touch
It's not that I don't want you
Sorry, I can't take your touch
It's just that I fell in love with a war
Nobody told me it ended
And it left a pearl in my head
And I roll it around every night
Just to watch it glow
Every night, baby, that's where I go
Sorry, I don't want your touch
It's not that I don't want you
Sorry, I can't take your touch
There's a hole that you fill
You fill, you fill
But it's just that I fell in love with a war
And nobody told me it ended
And it left a pearl in my head
And I roll it around every night
Just to watch it glow
Every night, baby, that's where I go
Just to watch it glow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240653


No, just dry pussy pics in different costumes.

No. 240664

Sex workers are pathetic in general, but Belle deserves extra hate for the pedopandering.

No. 240665

Disgusting horse

No. 240666

Sometimes she posts "Connie Delphine" content if you check her subreddit, I wonder if some of them are actually Katie's edited nudes.

No. 240684

>>240556 yes and we post it here for keks everytime. Why do you think she came for fapello especially after her warty butthole made an appearance kek

No. 240721

Basically confirmation she lurks. And too bad for her it's archived here. Idk why she posted it in the first place, I was under the impression only unwashed troons on twitter weren't at all particular about their image. I know this is retarded but I genuinely expected someone like her to curate all facets of their persona carefully.

No. 240803

She showed her fungus infected toes once…what did you expect.

No. 240811

She was an another site before then. Most likely other girlsphotos are gone too. Cows don't need to do takedowns themselves. There even websites to hire that do it for you, around the clock, looking for leaks. You really think she's cares about you that much?

No. 240836

nta but shut the fuck up thot.

No. 240843

Anon, even artists know about DMCA services. You don't need to be a thot to know about them.

No. 240965

Putting this "has belle had an orgy shit" to rest, she wrote this on her onlyfans. TLDNR. She went to a massive orgy when she was 18 with Josh and participated

Here's what she wrote:

"So I have a true story, of something that I did when I was 18, I haven’t told anyone online about this. I went to a kinda, “sex” swingers place/thing, I’m going to keep it vague, because I enjoyed it a lot, and really want to go back.

So, I’m pretty sure I have your attention now, so I think I’m just going to tell you what happened from my perspective ^-^
I remember when I was travelling, I was googling all kinds of places we could visit, from historical castles and ruins to fun activities and I remember seeing this swingers place, and I was kinda.. intrigued? Idk, I was expecting something kinda funny to watch or at least entertaining.. I was curious. So I remember we went and we got a room on this kinda complex/town and I think what I was expecting was really an understatement to the reality.

I remember the first night we went out at night, there are like various bars etc. So we went and had a drink at a bar, the whole place was like this big semi-circle with loads of apartments, and at night in the centre it was lit up with bright lights and various bars and restaurants, and a lot of sex shops loll. You also have to wear “sexy” clothes outside at night (this sounds crazy, but it’s true lmao), so I wore a tight black, see-through skirt, black frilly panties, stockings and these red half-heels with a collar (and lead) oh – and a black bra. It sounds like it took courage to do it, but everybody dressed like that, so it felt weirdly natural, and it was super warm outside. We were sat at the bar just.. I mean watching.. there was so much good people watching to do, and then this couple our age approached us and asked us we were new, and whether we’d like to “have fun”. I was kinda nervous and explained how I just wanted to watch, but they seemed really nice so they invited us back to their apartment “just for drinks”.

So we said okay.. We walked back to their apartment (it was on the same semi-circle that ours was), and I remember walking past this one room where I could just see this girl getting fucked on this swing right by the open door, I think this was the first I saw of the stuff that was about to come haha, idk.. my heart was racing a bit though. It was so exciting. We got to their apartment and chatted for a while. They offered the play games like ‘truth or dare’ and ‘would you rather’ all whilst his girlfriend was touching my leg.. which was, strange because I’ve never been approached in this way but.. I didn’t not like it? I knew the games were to get us to do stuff together, but I did end up getting off with her on the balcony, kissing and tongues etc.. but what we really learnt from the conversation was; which was the craziest nightclub to go to, to really see some “action”. So they told us but kinda warned us that if we’re new we wouldn’t like it. I was fucking down. That sounded amazing and so much fun.

I came up to the nightclub door, and I remember they said that the first floor was for couples, and downstairs was for single people. So, being lead upstairs I remember going into the room. My newbie, cute, slutty mind was blown, there was people having sex everywhere, threesomes, orgies.. I was kinda shy, and I was so exposed in my tiny little skirt, so I headed to the bar and got a drink and sat down. It was a bit of a shock, and a rush of excitement. I remember starring at all these naked cocks, and women being fucked and used and I just, kinda fell into a spell after a while. It was.. exhilarating? it was about 20 minutes of watching people, but it could have been about an hour. I was so allured. I remember seeing this one girl taking two from behind at once and was just, I’ve just never seen something like this in person before, it’s like “porn”, and then kinda porn I enjoy just being played out in front of my eyes.

So I went downstairs, to see how crazy that was.. It was mainly a room of people dancing and getting off but there was this room at the back. I made my way to the room but this room was very different, instead of it being an area where couples are having sex and orgies. It was a bed where people were fucking in front of people, like a podium or something :> There was a girl on the bed getting fucked to oblivion by this huge cock and I was just so curious about everything, I went past a few beds and there was this wall with holes and I just saw guys lining up, and through the see-through upper part of the wall I could see this girl just.. really going for it, she was using her mouth, her pussy and everything. I felt so flustered and just in awe, I kinda wished I was her ahaha, it was honestly a bit of a shock but it was slowly becoming this strange “normal” kinky reality.

Okay. So at this point, already like 5/6 people had directly approached me to ask me to fuck or participate, and at this point.. I really needed a drink. So I went back upstairs and sat down, there was such an excitement in there air. I just wanted something, I wanted to be fulfilled. I couldn’t bare not touching something, or having something too. So I started getting off with my bf, I just wanted to kiss and feel hands on my legs and ass. I was, absolutely, drenched. My pants were so wet I didn’t even know what was coming over me, I couldn’t stop thinking about being fucked, being used. Before I even knew any time I had passed, I was already pulling off my pants. Not giving a care in the world to the fact that people were watching me. I just needed to be filled too, I needed cock.

It could have been 5 seconds since I started kissing him, or 1 hour, but I was sat there, my pants around my ankles, straddling him with a hard cock in me. I saw people watching my pussy, watching my hips grind but it only made me want more. I was nothing but a slave at this point, a slave on a lead that only wanted one thing. I’ve never been horny like this, it felt like I was in a different dimension. I wanted people to like me, to fantasise that it was them. I was so wet I specifically remember the slapping sound and sensation as I pulled up and pushed my ass down. At this point I was basically in a frenzy. I just wanted more and more. Every time a guy would ask to join or look at me from behind while I was riding cock it would make me even wetter. It was like a kink, the fantasies running through my mind we’re going wild. After a while I needed to go before I did something really, really naughty. So I slid up my soaking wet pants and was lead out of the club by the lead, totally sex-obsessed. Maybe this is where it started with me enjoying you getting off to me? Either way, I honestly think about it all the time to get off, and use it and imagine things like that when I’m fucking or getting myself off. Hehe.

A very naughty Belle from the past"

No. 240974

Garbage bait, anons report.

No. 240998

Unfortunately this is 100% legit.
There is this website with all her post leaks https://belledelphine.to/category/diary/

No. 240999

ANONS DONT CLICK THE LINK. It's as trustworthy and a fake website the same way that the sex with her for one night post was fake. Same type of false website link.

No. 241001

File: 1660867568921.png (19.89 KB, 416x49, fake website.png)

Samefag, but same false [anyurlhere].to type of fake site as >>238650

No. 241005

File: 1660867925045.jpeg (385.42 KB, 960x1776, BD345BA7-7563-4C22-9F93-E68DD0…)

Thanks for posting the sauce, nonnie!
Don’t worry, nonnies I was brave and clicked the link. Just ignore the smegma smell in this thread.

No. 241007

>literally the only post on that site

Wow, so legit.

No. 241012

>riddled with spelling and grammar errors only someone who didn’t graduate high school could write
>dry as fuck
yup checks out, def belle
the ending was OK but the fucking build up was like it was a movie written by a virgin/middle schooler.

No. 241013

A leak site isn't going to take down content unless they the content maker enforces a dmca you fucking retard

No. 241023

That's exactly what DMCA sites do for you. They file on your behalf the same way a lawyer would file a lawsuit after contact them on your behalf.

No. 241030

Type in "Belle delphine diary leak" on Google and all of her post leaks will be in the first result as well as the photos she attached to those posts. I also remember somone posting that orgy story to reddit from her onlyfans. If you paid for her OF I guarantee that the post would be there still.

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