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No. 298914

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk. PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight

Sacramento Comm Drama
>past drama summary: mods allegedly banned @frilledcriminal from comm without saying anything, some of her friends/the comm members got upset at the mods for the random ban, 2 weeks later mods gave reasons for the ban and friends of frilledcriminal claim lots of the reasons were apparently falsified/never actually happened and that mods kept switching up the reasons, mods also banned comm members who spoke up about it, mods then proceeded to try and get the comm members who spoke up banned from another comm in the state (bay area comm - they were unsuccessful)
>20dollarlolita posts follow up video discussing drama >>282760
>speculation she is an unreliable narrator and even admitted to licking a public pen during covid >>282945
>Kira @kandiedkiwi and @oakglitter unprivate their twitters showing off cringe power trips >>283004
>other mods @jellums and @lilifrill also ranting publically on twitter over banning teenagers >>283036
>at the same time Liliana Avriel used said teenager to promote her indie brand >>283050
>the drama-involved cows faces and names >>283059
>Kira used her lolita Reddit account to talk about NSFW shit >>282706 >>283077 and about her 'laundry list of mental illnesses' >>284499
>Victoria redbeansoup @soup_72 accused frilledcriminal of faking being HoH >>283092 >>283115
>this was due to frilledcriminal starting a GoFraudMe for hearing aids >>283183
>frilledcriminal then joked she is going to become a SWer to buy new shoes instead of said medically necessary hearing aids >>283220
>20dollarlolita also had a GoFraudMe for car repairs, aka another begging lolita >>283517
>lilacscented clout chasing hard off ita @FreckledZelda's (was on America's Got Talent) back >>290804
>Sacramento EGL comm changes banner to remove members who left kek >>291190

TXlita Milk
>Alyssa @birds_symphonia showing off whole chest for tiktok minors >>283957
>TX cows collide with CA cows (involved cows: navybluenugget, lilacscented, seraphserenade, marshmallowghostbunny, chuzziebear, milkyteadolly, rosequartzroyalty, mal_sittler, lychee.cute) >>290777
>speculation Liv and Co are still mass reporting mentions of their discord drama on /cgl/ >>296151

Discordgate (#seagull) Milk
>creep Scotty Bishop ImNewHere#9064 recorded ex without her consent
>littleatmosphere vendetta posts Alys @webfairywiz >>284930 for harassing her friend @dollsmeat
>Alys deletes her old blog because she 'didn't feel like herself' on it >>285035

Dollsmeat / Pisschan (Instagram: dollsmeat)
>spergs on her story over Alys 'stalking' her >>287046
>admits she was addicted to cocaine >>287056
>used to draw NSFW fetish art and be a SWer >>287216 >>287233
>archive of her being outed to /cgl/ https://desuarchive.org/cgl/thread/9795543/#q9804946

Toast / Toastchan / Lolicon loving degenerate (Instagram: toastchaaan, Tiktok: toastchaaan)
>speculation she's after a Japanese marriage visa >>284069
>does apartment tour video, has wet clothes hanging over electronics >>284215
>attends Kanamara Matsuri, posts pic with man in fetish gear >>289957
>scammed money to go to Japan but can't afford proper wig >>298790

DDZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / LOC leader (Instagram: faithful.mew, repent.repent.repent.repent)
>used multiple accounts to attack handmaidens seething over Isha's meme account using 'moid' >>297352
>gets outed for owning D Walkure >>298227
>friends with pedo Sainte >>297617

Sainte Alkamei / Olivine Erlandger / Pedophile groomer and insane harasser / LOC member (Instagram(s): alchemy_and_gold, s_a_i_n_t_e, Lacemarket(s): Alchemy And Gold, Suuushi)
>posted loli rape porn to his facebook while knowing he is friends with minors who will see it (this is usually done as a grooming technique) >>274636
>talks about being in love with a 16 year old girl and admits he’s aware it’s wrong - speculation that this girl he refers to is Momo when she was 16 (and he was in his mid 20s then - possibly groomed Momo?) >>274637
>more of him admitting he is a pedophile who loved a minor >>274638
>long list of caps was posted of some of his harassing/pedo and generally unhinged behavior for those who somehow don’t already know >>275056
>(leaving old milk so newfags stop asking for proof)
>friends with DDZ, Melissa, Cassie, Naturally Racist @strawberrydollqt, @conspicuous_catgirl, @kiaryou, @mafer_on_mars, @hellokittyhell_, @kaylakitsune and others >>297637
>claims he is sueing lacemarket kek >>297642
>anti-vaxxer/covid denier >>297714

Melissa / LOC member (Instagram(s): _seraphonline, lifelibertylolita, Twitter: ___meri_xx)
>speculation that Melissa runs Secret Sisterhood tumblr >>284649
>caught capeing for dollsmeat in past threads >>287285
>her unhinged spreadsheet with vendetta discord drama gets mass repored >>296143
>friends with pedo Sainte >>297617
>friends with multiple minors and has them live with her >>297988 >>298816

Nat / sp00py / LOC member (Instagram: oatmilkchan, lolitaconfessions)
>posts another desperate pic of herself on lolcow for attention >>290758
>dogpiled on troon handmaidens seething over Isha's meme account using 'moid' >>297352
>moved into Melissa's filthy basement >>298442

Isha / LOC member (Instagram: stardustfantasia, victorianmaid3n, momokopilled)
>friends with Nat again despite helping get Nat banned from Seattle comm >>297362
>old milk: Isha told Babylita HQ Nat was demodded and ragequit >>297562
>confirmed runs @mokopilled account >>297368
>spergs on story over being called out by troons for saying moid >>297372

Lara (Instagram: larasuzannne, Tiktok: larasuzanne)
>still getting WKed despite leaving lolita >>284007 >>297368
>speculation carrying over from past thread that Isha was a Lara vendetta poster >>297368
>old milk resurfaces about her cow beginnings >>297439
>/cgl/ archive of sperg https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10255069#p10256555
*Note: Due to lara no longer being associated with lolita, any new milk regarding her (unless somehow lolita related) should go in the gyaru thread, general jfashion cow thread, and/or the coquette thread since those are the fashions she is currently focused on.

Tomoyo / Ageplayer and DDLG alert (Instagram: petite_tomoyo)
>dating hideous neckbeard that's somehow still smaller than her >>297327
>possibly going down they/them nonbinary route for attntion >>297328

Tyler Willis (Instagram: tylerwillislwln, Youtube: Tyler Willis)
>wears full face of makeup to ER for stomach issues probably related to being an alcoholic >>292247
>explains why she was in full makeup at ER, it wasn't on purpose! >>292859
>weird play on Last Week Tonight but with jellyfish on her Patreon >>293336

Liv / dreamy_pastel_princess / DPP (Instagram: marshmallowghostbunny, o.engro)
>Liv is still fat >>282787 >>284119
>reports her vendettachan and calls them jealous on her private story >>283892
>anon testifies that it wasn't Momo who vendetta posted Liv to previous threads but Liv ran with it anyway and harassed her out of the lolita comm despite no proof >>283944

Theacalix / Emily Hery / unashmed ita (Instagram: theacalix, Twitter: theacalix)
>attended frilledcriminal's 18th birthday party >>282920
>overshares on reddit about her mom having 3 random men living with her as a minor >>287079

Eldritch Cupcake (Instagram: eldritch_cupcake)
>previously bitched about AP not catering to fatties and causing Rose Nocturnalia to delete public lolita accounts, now complaining Moite isn't catering to her whale body >>293899

Ainiwaffles (Instagram: ainiwaffles)
>posts ita WTB in /cgl/ dream dress thread with her real email, gets called retarded and spergs over being thin and beautiful and you're all jealous >>288567
>/cgl/ archive here https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10837621
>is a literal who attempting to be relevant for years now >>289200


>Fluffykawaiijo caters to foot fetishist creep @hiyori_sternfunkel >>284347

>@cupcake_kamisama gets kek'd at for posting ita coords while channeling her narcissim >>284447
>milkteadolly is another GoFraudMelita raising money for an already paid for surgery for her cat >>290439
>2000s drama surfaces regarding Dallas Humber the OG Nazi Lolita before DDZ >>290509
>dead end search for past lolitas in her nazi LJ groups Fascistic Beauties and Fascitic Frills >>290628
>a twitter jfashion creep callout account is found >>290986 possibly ran by @littleatmosphere, following Zepplis a discordgate cow >>290987
>Jodie Fox from Melbourne Australia gets outed for being a sissy >>292556
>Marcus Blenn angers fatties on an AtePie FB post >>295483, AtePie removes his comments

No. 298918

Based OP

No. 298920

the op pic made me kek, good job thread op nonas

No. 299039

File: 1685716452866.gif (251.49 KB, 220x124, Bowsconfession.gif)

Unsaged post
I'm sure no one asked for this, but our lolita btb and bntb resurrected confession pages are up. We're still taking measures on rules and submission. Confessions will be posted every Friday morning and shared on all three platforms. We ask that you keep it anonymous and not risk us getting banned.


No. 299070

>>>>>no misinformation or false accusations
gtfo what is this lame site even for…

No. 299072

The last thread was clogged up with schizos posting made up unhinged drama on loc crew when the milk was dry.

No. 299074

Kek you must’ve forgotten when they said boogeyman Nat was at Paradiso shitting on people when she was at home with Rona.

No. 299080

File: 1685723569308.jpeg (89.66 KB, 558x1013, 392A4D70-93A3-46F5-96E6-6F3C88…)

Japanphiles are learning that Japan isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Groping and harassment of women there is now the norm, according to coomers and anime weebs.

No. 299088

I feel for her gettin SA'd, that's never ok no matter who it is.

No. 299089

That’s sad

Assault and perverted men is very common in Japan. It lured in the worse of people due to anime putting a big reputation on Japanese culture.

No. 299094

i cant stand her but thats actually really messed up and sa is awful no matter how much i dislike the person

No. 299097

>Asked if I was a guy

No. 299098

I feel bad for her that she had to go through that. she probably had the misconception common amongst weebs that japan is some super safe fun otaku land - despite it not being safe for women and children

No. 299099

No. 299101

Stop calling it SA when it was harassment at best

No. 299102

Ok scrote.

No. 299103

Not a scrote, retard. You’re disrespecting women who have actually been raped when you call sexual harassment SA. There’s literally a proper term for you to use for this scenario

No. 299104

>tried to grab my crotch
>Sexual assault: an act in which one intentionally sexually touches another person
>Sexual harassment: inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature, such as repeated sexual advances or offensive remarks
The moid tried to touch her. Don't let you hate for Toast cloud your judgement.

No. 299105

Keyword here being tried, he didn’t touch her. I’m not saying it isn’t sad that it happened or denying that it’s outright wrong. I’m saying it’s not SA because it isn’t. It’s sexual harassment, reread your post.

No. 299106

>Don't let you hate for Toast cloud your judgement.
Diff anon but how is anon deranged confusion hating?

No. 299107


No. 299108

No. 299111

literally same anon infighting with herself to make interesting dramu kek

No. 299115

If that’s what you think

No. 299118

Neither of those replies are me, and I wasn't expecting saying it's SH and not SA to turn into an argument or "drama." I only kept replying because of one anon trying to pull out definitions and claiming I'm a moid. You can let this die now.

No. 299129

Anon, its gotten worse since the 90s when they started female only trains.

No. 299146

File: 1685743668020.jpeg (163.13 KB, 827x1646, 443E46B7-AFAC-45C2-B0C3-D5AEA5…)

Anyways here’s Melissa’s long essay she wrote while her kids and husband was asleep. Have to agree on everything she said about western community no longer being safe for minors and her interactions with sainte. Maybe this will clear up some information on loc associating with sainte when he came running to their inboxes.

No. 299147

File: 1685743723897.jpeg (218.1 KB, 828x1755, 33632AF3-B22D-4E6F-826F-8811BB…)

No. 299148

File: 1685743774171.jpeg (210.07 KB, 826x1683, 0A45C7A7-F6F6-421D-9EEF-77A814…)

No. 299149

File: 1685743830894.jpeg (122.08 KB, 828x1188, D3FBD1A9-2D49-43C1-9C1B-5FF37C…)

No. 299150

File: 1685743876529.jpeg (109.56 KB, 828x1746, 31BC4B58-4302-4FA5-9FEB-DE38BE…)


No. 299151

File: 1685743911583.jpeg (118.68 KB, 828x1761, C3D8F461-0BC6-4554-BC22-3B711B…)

No. 299152

File: 1685743963646.jpeg (118.01 KB, 828x1746, A877E3CC-CB98-47D9-BC1F-1732AC…)

No. 299158

A lot of talk for someone near 40 who hangs out with young people like Isha and Nat then friends a well known fetishist only to turn around and pretend she did not know. She is one of those creeps.

No. 299159

basically everything else she said is reasonable imo except for one thing - trolling is something poorly socialized 4chan addicts waste their time on, not people with hobbies, careers, friends, and in her case kids. the loc "trolling" just makes them look like annoying unhinged edgelords to everyone else.

No. 299160

No one is reading your stupid blog backtracking out of being freinds with Sainte.

No. 299161

samefag to add this doesn't clear up the info on the rest of the loc befriending the pedo, as far as we know all the rest except melissa are still his friend.

No. 299162

>meanies in the community are compiling information on people to be bad
So what she has done? She is no better than the seagulls and I wonder if she even made the comments herself

No. 299186

kek looks like the fags here are reading it

No. 299187

>>299146 I thought she is a lesbian? Lesbian of Christ?

No. 299188

are you seriously expecting a public denouncement and apology from every person who ever interacted with him? touch grass nonny

No. 299190

no just pointing out that >>299146 is incorrect since it doesn't clear up the loc associating with him, just melissa. no need to take it so personally

No. 299191

File: 1685766273814.jpg (134.96 KB, 1080x1347, frilledcriminal.jpg)

HOLY SHIT do ANY straight lolitas date attractive men? Even the cat is scared

No. 299193

The basement lesbian has gone loose!

No. 299194

Kek she’s a closeted lesbian. Soon she’ll divorce her husband and take the kids.

No. 299195

File: 1685769377634.jpeg (33.75 KB, 477x660, D1523083-A4DD-40DF-AE90-84E0C6…)

Moving over here from the previous thread. >>299194 Now that you've pointed that out, this whole shit sounds like onision lore. Melissa could be grooming Nat, and moving her into her basement was the next step. 

How soon will Melissa go off the rails and sue the entire discord seagulls for posting her blogs into Lcf threads?

No. 299200

No one's cared about the drama with her in months so it's so obvious who's posting; go back to faking tourettes kek

No. 299201

>Wahhh hatestalking makes you a predator! Protect women and gorls first!
Melissa you fat schizo turd you made a giant fucking exel spreadsheet of people you disliked with their names, screen names, locations, and anything you found particularly upsetting about them with the express intent of helping others hatestalk them and bully them. Including a fucking dead girl. Sorry but even if I'd agree with her rant coming from someone else she is the absolute WRONG person to be blathering on about this lile she's some innocent victim.

No. 299236

Really? When she compiled the names in a document that she obsessively updated and reposted through months? As lulzy as the discord were they are still real women for the most part and the scrotes that raid this website could harm them. She knew Sainte was a moid since the beginning and is just a flaming 40 year old hypocrite. She totally wrote that comment to herself kek do not pretend you care about girls safety

No. 299238

He's a pedo so yes. This is who is culpable for any minors he hurts:
>friends with DDZ, Melissa, Cassie, Naturally Racist @strawberrydollqt, @conspicuous_catgirl, @kiaryou, @mafer_on_mars, @hellokittyhell_, @kaylakitsune and others >>297637
They all come to this board. They know he's a pedo but still are his friend. They're just as bad or hypocrites

No. 299246

>says she hasn't gone to a comm meet in literally 8 years
>was friends with Sainte, a troon
>compiles insane drama lists and schizoposts when she has children
>"Everyone else is the problem guise!"
Fucking lunatic

No. 299248

she's ugly and fat herself so this isn't a surprise, nor is it milk. stop derailing with this vendetta and post when she does something actually milky (which probably won't take long)

No. 299261

Kek then she cries about being posted when she was poking the beehive with the seagulls shit.

No. 299276

what in the fresh bedbug hell is this

anyone know her lm because holy shit if I bought from someone like her I'd light the item on fire

No. 299281

File: 1685857034936.jpeg (282.39 KB, 1080x1920, E942499C-4D5E-4955-B97F-BDC813…)

What happened to her? :((:()

No. 299282

Got groomed into gay shit
Which you should be boycotting this month
blame the liberals, you're welcome

No. 299283

File: 1685861055187.jpg (30.84 KB, 641x530, 1620222368123.jpg)

Anon, oh my god, I'm dead. How did she think this was ok to post in any way? Is that fucking underwear hanging from the ceiling to dry at 5:00?(learn2sage)

No. 299287

I can't listen to the sound right now, but does she live in a fucking garage? Could she really not clean things up off the floor at least? Holy fuck

No. 299295

Yikes for her living condition, if you can afford burando maybe move to somewhere less like a garage?

No. 299304

with the weight gain, bad skin and hoarding behavior she is clearly in the middle of some kind of mental health crisis. if she’s reading this, delete your account and get therapy because you’ll regret posting all this shit in a few years.

No. 299313

hi lovelies, here in my garage
just bought this new clothing rack here. It’s fun to hang up my lolita dresses here with all these laces and frills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things? Knaweledge.

>we need a meme drawing of this kek

No. 299317

Might be related who she is spending time with. Older women like 20dollarlolita, Hannah and Liv (known for grooming), it's what happening to Nat too >>299281

No. 299319

You can’t groom an adult. Isn’t she in her 20s?

No. 299321

nta but frilledcriminal is 19 and has been in Sac comm since she was a minor. several comm members attended her 18th birthday party >>>/w/282920 >>/w/282921 hanging with cows so young is clearly a pipeline to becoming one too.

No. 299322

File: 1685901498531.png (524.68 KB, 886x590, underwear.png)

samefag but wow yes it is, wtf

No. 299331

Nat is just stirring the pot to get any attention she can. She probably self posted like every other time too. Also these women are seemingly twenty something that is not older anon, how old are you?

No. 299332

>All the underaged newfags using old terms like burando and dramu to fit in
Go back to twitter. The golden days of drama are over. You are not bringing them back by acting like what you think oldfags would.

No. 299333

I was scrolling without really reading posts properly, didn’t recognise onion boy right away and thought this was another picture of a typical lolita boyfriend. It’s not too far off, honestly.

No. 299334

This video is so bleak get this poor girl out of the basement it looks so dirty it cannot be healthy or sanitary to live there

No. 299335

So People in her age group?

No. 299336

Probably that one attention seeker in her comm who just turned 18 about a month ago and has been trying to stir up drama for ages

No. 299337

No. 299338

Oh, I mean Frilled's comm, I was referring to the
>Also these women are seemingly twenty something that is not older anon, how old are you?

No. 299339

Kek women in their 30s came over to her house

No. 299340

none of the people mentioned there were at her birthday party

No. 299341

It's a birthday party EVERYONE was invited to, calm down anon. She turned 18 she is an adult. Adults can spend time with other adults.

No. 299351

A basement would be a step up from living in the fucking garage. I still cannot believe she made a video of living like this.

There is no god.

No. 299362

No one cares Nat. Still a shit situation to move into someone's basement or garage

No. 299363

This is so dirty and bleak but she says she escaped her ex who's a moid. Hope she finds a better place and deletes this video I feel bad for her.

No. 299368

Being poor, ugly, and fat isn’t milk. Is there any better drama going on?

No. 299371

File: 1685918877152.png (1.54 MB, 1758x869, bleak.png)

Extremely bleak. She escaped her ex but is already dating someone new? >>299191

No. 299373

She’s clearly on a downward spiral. She seems like the type that cannot exist single.

No. 299378

That’s because Nat is a unhinged bitch who spends her time chronically online than working on a degree or a job to pay months rent. Therefore she ran to one of her besties to sleep in their basement.

Abusive situations I can understand and I hope she gets back up on her feet and work on her image by doing dieting n therapy. Living in a garage isn’t healthy and I hope she find a place where she can properly display her wardrobe and be happy.

No. 299379

Straight is right. What did straight people do to you?(derail)

No. 299380

File: 1685920507029.png (5.04 KB, 500x246, criminalhideout.png)

She seems lonely.

No. 299387

I just feel sad for her. I don't know what she has done but this is sad and I hope for a better place for her that is not infested with dust and cardboard bugs

No. 299394

It seems like her life has been a revolving door of psychiatric hospitalizations, bad boyfriends/domestic abuse, hard time keeping jobs/friends/living spaces, and lack of social awareness. Her crimes include being annoying, I guess? A sprinkle of bringing others down with her, maybe. Hell I wouldn’t want her as a comm member or friend, but it seems like we are watching someone dance on a thin, frozen lake. I wonder when she will fall through. She seems unstable enough to continue until she does.

No. 299396

This is the state of California rent

No. 299402

File: 1685941914207.png (95.94 KB, 1168x1128, penlicker.png)

20dollarlolita/Pink did talk about this on what seems to be her side blog: https://www.tumblr.com/handcraftedplumbingnightmares/719227126432333824/reblogging-here-so-i-can-delete-it-from-20dllol
Not sure which 18 year old she is talking about but looks like Pink is trying to control the narrative yet again. Frilled Criminal gets a pass for her mental health issues because "she's just a child uwu" but they bullied someone even younger out of their new server that was supposed to be a safe place? Also, she claims their mods complained privately but Lilac Scented got her bestie Freckled Zelda to use her Youtube platform to name the comm and Pink herself made a video. She's stupid if she thinks any of that is private. I find it weird that her idea of moderation is a discord voice call. She presented herself as a friend to this kid and then puts them on blast the moment they don't agree with her. Sure sounds like a great mod /s

No. 299405

File: 1685942546713.jpeg (79.91 KB, 545x1010, 51A95A2C-B72E-41ED-8F6C-199A4B…)

What’s with Lolitas and having filthy rooms or living in shit? This is Toast Chan’s room that she gracefully posted

No. 299406

I’d honestly assumed this was Sainte's bedroom, but from what I’ve seen, his is much cleaner than whatever this is.

No. 299408

>but they bullied someone even younger out of their new server that was supposed to be a safe place


No. 299409

This board needs to make up their mind on whether or not 18 is old enough to be responsible for their decisions and what goes on, or this seemingly infantile little thing that needs protecting.

No. 299410

Not getting all the attention you want is not bullying, not everyone in a comm has to be best friends with everyone else there. If you think everyone in your comm is excluding you then look inward instead of throwing a tantrum and vendetta-posting everyone you feel like was excluding you. Just my two cents

No. 299411

Grown ass women in the lolita community is unhinged. I’ve never seen adults so childish and money begging slobs that don’t have $50 to their name.

No. 299413

So someone felt othered and didn't like the new group badmouthing the old group. 20dollarlolita's told them to suck it up so they vendetta posted frilledcriminal here and the ita thread. Is that right? What's with these old ladies caping for their younger friends so hard? 18+ is an adult not some uwu small child unable to take accountability of their actions.

No. 299415

I can’t blame her for living in a place like that as apartments are fucking costly in California and would require you to have multiple roommates. Landlord should power wash that carpet and wall though, the garage door looks very dusty too. Genuinely want to know how much she pays to live there.

No. 299416

I think Pink is lying about the events because other parts of her post don't really line up with what is on the boards. She claimed that pics of her and her friends started getting posted but there are no pictures of Pink in recent threads. There is only one specific post about Frilled Criminal on CGL with text, and "writing style" is such a BS claim because anyone can write how they want online. I remember someone posting a screenshot from their server about someone feeling unsafe a few months ago, so what if it was the same person? I don't think we're getting the whole story and seeing how Pink has deleted the post, she is hiding just how involved she was in making this person feel like leaving. Frilled Criminal probably didn't have anything to do with this one though since she's going through it herself.

No. 299418

Living like a zoo animal

No. 299419

Nayrt but they didn’t explicitly state that pictures of their-self was posted, they used “us” in a sort of general way to mean some in the group. (which to be fair wasn’t the best choice)

No. 299420

Not wking but someone did vendetta post frilled with her username showing then back tracked when called out, archive: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10855092#p10858498 Judging from this reply >>299200 whoever they ran off claims to have tourettes kek.

No. 299421

that touhou wall scroll with the loli on it and the childish looking poster below combined with the filthy room make it look like the room of an agp male
I thought it was his room until I read the caption kek

No. 299424

File: 1685952858988.jpeg (179.38 KB, 1170x1580, 1F72027D-3CB2-4868-AC2F-175A11…)

This her according to the ita thread

No. 299425

File: 1685952884124.jpeg (190.16 KB, 1170x1139, 5FA89A0E-9270-4E71-A458-733815…)

No. 299426

So one mentally ill adult trying to communicate with a mentally ill kid? Yeah there was no way that was gonna go well. Anyone have any screenshots? I know some of you nosy nonas had to have snuck in and I wanna see the freak out as it happened kek

No. 299445

File: 1685976882855.png (16.66 KB, 710x521, pen.png)

the tags on that lol

No. 299450

Poor deflection attempt. Posting a disgusting video of your shithole garage home with underwear hanging from the ceiling is absolutely milk

No. 299454

Man those tags. How is Pink a good person when her friends are posting someone who thought they were friends on the boards and she made sure they were identifiable from her post? Anyway after seeing her pop up here again, did Frilled ever end up getting those totally needed hearing aids? It's been months so if she hasn't bought them by now then I'm convinced she really did fake it for the GoFundMe money. I know she's hard up for cash but girl sell those dresses and buy that medically necessary device if it's real!

No. 299455

I agree. If it's enough for the Shayna and Luna threads and we make fun of toast and Kate for it, then it's fair game to be grossed out when Frilled Criminal does it

No. 299456

this made me sad

No. 299458

nothing to do with any of this shit, but yes you absolutely can groom an adult.

No. 299459

You can't blame her? She's hoarding expensive dresses instead of paying for a normal room. She lives in Sacramento, not SF or the bay area. She should easily be able to pay for a normal room with a full time job. She's trying to be a lolita influencer making videos and being a mod instead of spending time looking for an actual job so she doesnt have to live like a dog in a garage.

No wonder her skin looks like shit. And no wonder her bf is ugly as sin, what normal man would date a woman in that situation?

Where is her family, anyway? Or are they a typical unsupportive Amerifag family that kicks their child out once they hit 18?

No. 299461

As someone who lived in the Bay for 20 years, you're nitpicking way too hard about that. It's not that deep, anon. Also SF IS the Bay Area lol

No. 299462

She's affording what she can, she is saving up for leg surgery…

No. 299463

Obviously SF is in the Bay Area but I'm saying SF or the whole bay area. And you're not the only person who lives there, genius.

No. 299466

What leg surgery? And she's posting videos about it instead of selling dresses?

No. 299467

I doubt she could scrounge up a months rent from that small (and poor quality) wardrobe.

No. 299469

Perhaps not for a full studio apartment to herself. But if she's only paying for a bedroom in a shared house, she absolutely could. The prices on single bedrooms in surrounding cities like Elk Grove are even more affordable, so this is insane to me. If you have a full time minimum wage job, your salary is like $2k a month. Her rent would certainly be less than half that for just one bedroom.

No. 299478

Leg surgery? Hearing aids? Is there a medical malady that does not befall this girl? I stg it's something every month like holy shit get a job and keep it for once. Where did she talk about leg surgery?

No. 299481

where did you get "leg surgery" from….?

No. 299482

She got them several months back iirc

No. 299483

Most of her wardrobe is bodyline so I doubt she has a lot of money to burn. No one would live like this unless they had to.

No. 299484

No source on the leg surgery but at 1:42 she admits she's a reckless driver and suffers from a seizure disorder but not specify it

No. 299486

newfag or poorfag like many itt. Bodyline is dirt cheap and even her brand dresses go for cheap on the market these days.

what fantasy world do you live in? So many of you are underage or still living with mom and dad and it shows.

No. 299499

iirc it was mentioned in the second discord they made

No. 299502

Stop WKing. I make good money now, but I've been a poorfag student eating legumes and ground meat before to keep costs low. If you struggle to pay a $700 rent for a bedroom in a shared house when your monthly income is $2k, then I'm sorry but you need to learn to budget and look into beneficial programs like food banks.

Besides, if you're living in a garage like a literal dog, then moving back in with your parents would be a really good idea. It's wild you would rather live like her.

No. 299503

social media bios say 14

No. 299509

Sacramento is still expensive as hell since all the SF folks moved there during the pandemic and drove rent (but not wages) way up. She only has a hs degree so it's not like she's gonna make much above minimum. And she does live w her family, she's in the garage to have her own space. She has said that on other socials. I don't think the family makes much, I think this is what they can afford.

No. 299511

Ya pretty sure she has no car either so even getting min wage jobs is gonna be hard, it's not like Sac has public transit as good as BART

Not WK-ing it's just the facts

No. 299516

You guys are stupid, this is the dumbass who bought miracle candy for $900, she just is too fat for brand now. Tired of people thinking she's poor (she is by choice) when she spends so much and has a habit of doing so despite her financial woes
If her family lets her live in the garage as her own space, then she might not even be paying rent

No. 299517

nta but no you cannot unless the adult is severely retarded. normal adults being influenced by others to do something is called being easily manipulated and it’s a character flaw. calling it “grooming” is some eternal victim complex Twitter shit

No. 299520

She sold that dress forever ago

No. 299521

Yes and it's just one of many examples that her financial state is her own fault. She can't afford a nicer place because of her own actions and bad spending habits, so quit with the pity already.

No. 299523

This is not what WKing is, anon. Nowhere did I say I would rather live like her either calm down kek why are you so mad about my statement

No. 299560

So she actually chose to live in a fucking garage kek. This gets better and better

No. 299561

>accuses anons of being literal children who live in a fantasy world with mommy and daddy
>gets proven wrong
>"gee anon why are u so mad"

No. 299565

Tbf I'm not even that grossed out about her living in a garage. At the video you can see the place is actually really dirty, full of cardboard boxes and the windows are nasty. I get not having money to pay rent, but there are 0 excuses to not clean those windows or get rid of those boxes. Also the laundry hanging, the dirty carpet. Just fucking clean that garage and it would become a way more livable space.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 299578

Texlitas are at it again. There’s drama again at a anime convention with the fashion show and tea party.
https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/10855108#p10855108(this is an imageboard)

No. 299579

Texlitas are at it again. There’s drama again at a anime convention with the fashion show and tea party.

No. 299580

Was there and can say that a few individuals there were known for drama. The others got banned from the comm

No. 299583

This year there was just issues at the jfashion show with a few shitting up while being there and the tea party posters complaining about being ripped off. Tea party in my opinion is not super fancy but we did get free gift from atelier Pierrot.

No. 299586

No. 299588

Nta but the proof is the archives retard.

No. 299589

This is an imageboard.

No. 299590

Sorry to hear about your disability nonny.

No. 299591

Why so aggro? You know the old adage: pics or it didn't happen. You're on an imageboard you cannot just come here and say something happened without proof. Take your meds.

No. 299597

Kek what do you expect from them? Nothing but a bunch of lolcows there

No. 299604

File: 1686091050179.png (30.58 KB, 1030x500, wtf.png)

I was just told r/lolita is run by the seagulls from the leaked chat. So Lala Land, peachburger, abbie_666 why is this sissy still in r/lolita >>>/w/247448

No. 299607

Anytime I hear comm drama, it’s always the cocky Dallas Lolitas or our mod team talking about it with members that have moved around over the years. Is it true that Texas Comms had an unspoken feud with other comms?

No. 299608

> Lala Land, peachburger, abbie_666
Are they the r/lolita admins?

No. 299609

No. 299610

File: 1686095324248.jpeg (732.83 KB, 4096x1944, 58AD0FF0-5C39-48D3-B084-2B580B…)


The r/lolita mods

No. 299611

And discord seagull gate

No. 299612

No one cares what they did LAST year, this guys been outed since 09/11/22 but is still in there despite we know they lurk the board. Can a FL nonny confirm if he's in a FL comm?

No. 299613

Probably isha after posting on her story about the R/lolita community being shit

No. 299616

The only Texas comms with legitimate feuds are the two or three Houston comms (which is why there are multiple), for a combination of personal reasons most people have forgotten at this point and at least one of them continuing to deal with Anime Matsuri after the Leis creepy predator behavior.

No. 299621

Why are Reddit mods so ugly

No. 299629

every time you open reddit you gain one pound

No. 299642

File: 1686144754877.jpeg (240.82 KB, 1170x1119, E6259DDB-7ABA-46F8-998F-C9BC57…)

Fatties and uggos are sad that lady sloth is leaving kek. That’s one less of a shop that caters to them

No. 299644

File: 1686144966678.jpeg (86.75 KB, 828x1009, 9A0D1B08-00EA-478A-A7E3-FD4C4B…)

No. 299646

File: 1686145329762.jpeg (533.4 KB, 1170x1772, IMG_9568.jpeg)

With all the talk of frilledcriminal again I decided to see what the mods who kicked her are up to and it looks like the best they can scrape together for a meet nowadays, even on ILD, is four people. Fucking LMAO

No. 299647

When you banned everyone from the comm KEK

No. 299648

ILD brings out all the itas

No. 299656

How is a small meet milky at all? It's a small comm that wasn't very active in the first place. Everyone is wearing a full coord unlike Frilled Criminal who has to wear her jsks unzipped just to take a pic now kek

No. 299660

Lala is all kinds of crazy but we don't need to get into that now. Can't believe she's still a reddit mod and can play out her mean girl dreams forever

No. 299663

How new are you? Even a mod told you. Pics or fuck off

No. 299664

This isn't even milk. This vendetta post is so obvious, please WK for frilled elsewhere.

No. 299665

NTA but it's pretty funny, they used to have pretty decent turnouts for a smaller comm (10-15 people at the least)

No. 299666

Nah still not milk. SF comm has small meets too despite being ginormous. I'll eat my KC if you can show me Frilled and friends having a cute ILD meet otherwise I'm going to assume you were a flying monkey sent over by her and 20dollarlolita

No. 299667

It's saged so it wasn't even considered milk by OP, just something to kek at. Sorry you got posted.

No. 299669

File: 1686156831402.jpeg (121.96 KB, 828x1497, BDE694BD-7769-4EAD-9FD1-96B827…)

I was wondering why one of them looked so familiar, and it turns out Peachburger was a model at the Akon Dallas fashion show over the weekend. She really does look like a troon in person and dressing horrible at the tea party. Why are they having discord seagulls walk for fashion shows?

No. 299670

Then why post it other than a vendetta? The only milk here is how transparently bitter you're behaving over a seemingly normal, small meet.

No. 299671

>Why are they having discord seagulls walk for fashion shows?
Because not everyone is an autist like us who keeps up with following online drama? Especially not brands unless it involves their own. It's always weird to me when anons like you find that surprising.

No. 299673

File: 1686157754604.jpeg (135.48 KB, 828x858, BEA49E05-E385-4344-A368-7D767A…)

Tartan.rin Modeled for haenuli(sage your shit)

No. 299674

This. All you have to do is fit their measurements anon. If it's seriously a problem for you complain to the brand directly, not like they read here.

No. 299675

Don’t worry it’s just Dallas-Litas being bitches to get people banned over nothing. Seriously no one cares at this point but them.

No. 299677

Only Texlitas would be friendly in your face in person and then turn around and post about you anonymous. I wonder who it was at the fashion show who held grudges against her. She hardly has any milk on her, and she’s pretty

No. 299678

didn’t take a screenshot because it was one million years ago and not milky but the Rin who modeled for AtePie said on her story once that it wasn’t her in the logs. Some other Rin

No. 299679

File: 1686159256877.jpeg (408.87 KB, 3072x4096, EDABDB7E-F483-499E-9B28-5A8E8F…)

No. 299682

Seen this all over my Insta today, Lor has now reshared it too and gone down the "it's not about the book" wormhole. You know, because the team at Meta really care about the book.

The thing is, this isn't the first time the tag has been banned/limited, multiple times I've seen Instagram block it to review content that goes against its guidelines. If Instagram needed to block it, I'm sure they just got sick of having to review it every few days…

Sage for OT, but seeing everyone in the community lose their shit as if it's a personal attack on the word and not a legitimate decision due to content against the guidelines is hilarious

No. 299683

The fatty that threw a tanty over a measurement listed on the website is the real cow. No wonder lady sloth has had enough of their entitled assess

No. 299685

Being this obsessed is sad. No wonder that comm scares away new comers.

No. 299687

Literally who and why is this supposed to be milk?

No. 299691

Jealous models that’s all it is

No. 299694

Dallas is not her nor Hannah's comm so no one's being scared away when people are traveling all the way there for events.
Not trying to defend her if it really is the same Rin as in the discord leak, but following one another on IG means very little. Lolitas I know that don't even use discord followed many of the seagull gang before the discord leak happened and many still do if they don't check cgl or lolcow.
This. Modeling for a brand is easy, it's all volunteer and brands don't keep up with western comm drama. There are also a limited number of lolitas attending cons and willing to subject themselves to the scrutiny of being in a fashion show, so it's not like the brands hand picked people for their character or personality. Even Liv modeled for AP USA last year at AKon.

No. 299695

Who modeled this year?

No. 299697

holy shit take your meds and stop hi cow-ing, she tagged her video so of course it is going to pop up in searches and horrify more than one person.

if you think this kind of thing is appropriate to post on the internet I've got news for you…

No. 299698

Are you planning to hunt them down to try and pin the post about tartan.rin on someone based purely on conjecture? Odds are it's someone who dislikes her IRL, but not literally another AKon model.

No. 299700

A few Austin Lolitas went but Dallas has been the center of drama before

No. 299703

File: 1686175677491.jpeg (84.31 KB, 828x876, E589962A-1EEA-4C83-94F1-12200C…)

Anyways here’s isha incel boyfriend that’s she’s obsessed with

No. 299704

File: 1686175744145.jpeg (50.53 KB, 828x770, 4FFCCA43-E4DB-43D6-8D7F-587D18…)

No. 299705

kek wtf? Is she 12?

No. 299706

File: 1686177621559.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x4096, C31E53F2-093C-4A53-809F-298D99…)

Not only that, but she has a whole other meme account, and she went down bad horny posting incels and unhinged shit. Why cater your whole account to the attention of racist coomers?  

No. 299707

File: 1686177813988.jpeg (893.82 KB, 3072x4096, 7123E39B-D902-4E47-AEFA-62260A…)

Isha went as far to post rape jokes, racism, and incels posting her commercial boyfriend

No. 299709

File: 1686178272490.jpeg (774.83 KB, 3072x4096, 5E0ED136-5261-47F7-95FE-378780…)

Snowflakes going to cancel isha after this(sage your shit)

No. 299710

it's always the radfem types who make bitching about "moids" their whole personality who fold as soon as some milquetoast fuckboy gives them even a crumb of attention

No. 299711

File: 1686178948696.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3072x4096, E386616A-690F-4E77-9DAB-F187B1…)

No. 299712

The only other cow I recognized in the show was birds.symphonia for Haenuli

No. 299713

File: 1686179512450.jpeg (898.37 KB, 3072x4096, 3FF6E7C3-AA7B-48C9-97C1-3A9BE9…)

She so obsessed incels that she had to post a mass shooter, Elliot Rodger, that killed 6 people

No. 299715

Imagine simping so hard for incels when they would "clock" her as trans if they were shown a pic without context.

No. 299716

File: 1686180113460.jpeg (686.74 KB, 3072x4096, F5B71733-5C87-4E00-A440-F2A2AC…)

More Elliot Rodger horny posting. Imagine getting off to a mass shooter and posting your shit memes to /b/ and /r9k/ on 4chan so you can get attention from scrotes.

No. 299717

WTF????? She’s literally 17 doing prostitution online??? We’re Dooomed

No. 299718

is she?? her bio rn says 14 on victorianmaid3n

No. 299719

interesting choices. smells like sjws larping as farmers in here

No. 299720

No she is 17 in the US

No. 299722

If she isn’t already banned from Seattle, the moderators are going to have a ball with this.

No. 299723

File: 1686184228255.gif (84.31 KB, 220x220, CCC410CD-A2EE-4115-8C17-D2C0BA…)

I rather kill myself than make a whole page dedicated for incels. What a weird bitch

No. 299725

Did she not claim to be a proud man-hating misandrist to the core a week ago? Taking back my based.

No. 299726

File: 1686185629907.jpeg (67.04 KB, 828x1194, 0DE75050-4356-4D17-8D4C-DD52C0…)

Wearing a whole ass lingerie and headset to her incel base account

No. 299727

File: 1686185712588.jpeg (157.7 KB, 828x1429, DDEB8283-E899-40B8-B029-2AAC6D…)

No. 299728

File: 1686186019873.jpeg (70.65 KB, 828x831, E4FA044D-6F51-4838-B3FB-358617…)

>>299727(sage your shit)

No. 299729

File: 1686186861753.jpeg (1.02 MB, 4096x4096, 6744D212-9733-4B1D-AA0C-3C2B39…)

All of isha’s profiles since she loves scrotes so much and joked about rape.

No. 299730

this is cute! not milk tho

No. 299732

Why does she pretend to be 14? that is very very creepy. She mentions Nat's @ on a post so her friends know about her posting that and let her do it.

No. 299733

>rape joke
anon read the meme one more time slowly

No. 299734

File: 1686187510306.jpeg (41.05 KB, 828x659, 799641F1-6752-45CD-9016-1B0DB8…)

No. 299735

I think it might be real. I'm not close to her but I'm in the Seattle comm and her mom always drives her to meets. Legal age to drive here is 16.

No. 299736

Oh, shut up. She’s a high school senior and stated over a year ago that she’s 17 when larasuzannne caught her posting her anonymously, and isha changed her bio so anons don’t attack or post her for being a minor. She’s a massive shitshow and excluded from LCF site rules due to being a drama monger in the Lolitas community and incel lover.  

No. 299737

File: 1686187958846.png (53.29 KB, 812x1038, rules.png)

Samefag, here are the Seattle comm's rules. See last one. Did she really lie about her age to come to meets? That's pretty pathetic.

No. 299738

nta but why would a minor be exempt from lcf rules because she did something milky? the whole point of the rules about minors is that you don't post about them and here you are posting some kid's lingerie pics

No. 299739

Not the anon that posted it. Why is she posting stuff like that on the internet to her scrotes followers in the first place? And she openly admitted to getting money from older men online to buy brands. Doesn’t that ring any bells that what she is doing is dangerous and she should be reported. 

No. 299740

Gee I wonder what DDZ and Melissa are doing after her whole blog on protecting minors. It seems like Nat and Isha went the wrong route by posting negative things about themselves online after being friends with them. 

No. 299741

kek Isha and her scrote privated their accounts. We know you read here with your friends, Jafar

No. 299742

Just sounds like you're trying to justify borderline ruining a minors life anon, I think it's insane that all of you actively know that she's a minor yet will at the drop of a hat scour the internet for even a hope of finding a crumb to talk about in relation to her, seems pretty insane to me

No. 299743

She is 17 not 12. Stop making excuses. She knows what she is posting and deserved consequences like everyone caught doing that before her.

No. 299744

File: 1686189114342.jpeg (115.96 KB, 1170x1200, 25EAEB0A-A934-47DB-A2A2-CA97F4…)


No. 299745

Learn to sage
She’s ruining her own life by posting this edgy trash publicly

No. 299746

I always knew the LOC circle was grooming central. The minute Sainte joined and they turned a blind eye then later pretended they did not know he was an actual pedophile.

No. 299747

this, I genuinely feel bad for her but pics like this are borderline cp >>299726 so don't act like any of you posting it care
>deserved consequences
smells like scrote in here

No. 299748

you're allowed to post about cows that are 16 and up here, it takes less than a minute to find this in site rules.
>Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.
>Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.
>Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy.
as long as nobody is doxxing isha or posting photos from her personal accounts (fb or whatever) she's allowed to be discussed here due to her cow behavior.

No. 299749

stop WKing yourself or your friend because it is so painfully obvious. She's acting like a cow and as a result is being posted here it's not that deep. She should have thought before sperging out so hard online if she didn't want backlash

No. 299750

and you think you're protecting her from doing dangerous stuff by posting it on fucking lolcow? if you're actually worried about isha then DM her you autistic freak and get her lingerie photo off your phone

No. 299751

kek someone itt sure is mad I wonder who that could be

No. 299752

not isha i think you're a fucking pedo though for posting that

No. 299753

>"oh yeah she's doing dangerous stuff we gotta… ohhh we gotta uhhh yeah ummm… dude did you hear that she's got [ insert other accounts ]? She's doing dangerous stuff man we gotta do something about it…"
Actually fucking insane that some of you have this thought process and then go and post to lolcow about it(sage your shit)

No. 299754


ok nat(hi cow)

No. 299755

nayrt but she's fully covered anon calm down and take your meds. If she didn't act retarded she wouldn't be posted period.

No. 299756

She was wrong to posted that photo to over 1,000 grown incels following her and the men she got money from to buy BrAnD.

No. 299757

Idk man posting a whole list on discord seagulls and where they live is pretty unhinged too

No. 299758

>"she was wrong to po-"
So to instantly remedy this issue, to absolutely SOLVE it, you post it here instead? What the fuck goes on inside your head? Is it a monkey slapping two cymbals together?(sage your shit)

No. 299759

if this shit is milky then lolita is officially fucking boring and we have nothing else to post about, this 17 year old doesnt deserve to be posted for being a fucking teenager online
everyone posting about her right now is seriously unhinged(sage your autism)

No. 299760

I agree but please sage nonna

No. 299761

Exactly, anyone who's posting here is posting out of a place of hatred or pure and sheer boredom that they have nothing going on in their miserable boring lives
Any of you who claim it's out of a place of concern have absolutely nothing to back that up when all you've done is just find the next account to post, the next person to find, et cetera et cetera, all of you are insane.(sage your shit)

No. 299762

File: 1686191773467.jpeg (303.35 KB, 827x1106, A13A55F1-B4BA-4E82-9192-2A0DA5…)

She stated that she 17 not 14. Isha is clearly trying to hide her tracks here by troll or deflect her age

No. 299763

all this unsaged damage control is hilarious, if she was just "being a teenager online" she wouldn't be posted

No. 299764

File: 1686191827334.jpeg (189.41 KB, 828x1111, 3B5EC54A-0F74-47EF-B094-AC9EC7…)

No. 299766

OK well that's better than 14 at least thanks for confirming. Still sad to see grown women preying on minors, happened earlier today on /cgl/ too

No. 299767

Account went private quick

No. 299768

No. 299769

File: 1686192919610.jpeg (106.14 KB, 828x850, C2B9FB09-0745-48AB-B4A3-54512A…)

Now onto a real milk worthy topic. Dallas lolita having it out for each other. I guess cows in the same room was a bad idea

No. 299770

What's Alyssa even done recently to be a cow? Her milk is threads old so this ain't "real milk" either

No. 299771

Nobody cares Isha. Nice deflection attempt

No. 299772

Whoring yourself for Lolita dresses is milk. So is being a confirmed 4chan addicted looser. She likely has been behind a lot of cgl vendetta posts. Why not focus on the fact she has been at this for months. Loc girls are all internet basement dwellers.

No. 299774

Go run behind @momokopilled moid Chan

No. 299775


You bitches need Christ and not whatever the Loc are offering. Maybe log off the internet and stop vendetta posting isha

No. 299776

The topless photo in the thread pic

No. 299777

File: 1686194933866.jpeg (73.04 KB, 828x1030, 77FF42BF-2482-4EB4-A54F-3AE6D5…)

I knew it ever since Dragon ball dee dee was caught in some vampire cult.
This cult has been exposed for being dangerous and exploited minors. She’s a groomer and encouraged these kids to pimp themselves out for incels on the internet. Save our children


No. 299778

File: 1686195741125.jpeg (114.53 KB, 828x629, 9AD3B1F5-5E26-41BC-8FBC-7C1A1E…)

This is what hanging around LOC does to a mf

No. 299779

Who's on the right? She's really cute

No. 299780

based she has found a way to capitalize on the untapped incel market

No. 299781

Yeah sure, sell yourself for desperate coomers

No. 299782

Doesn’t make it better if you’re a minor

No. 299783

She is literally a super villain. How can a real life person be this calculated and cruel. Running an entire underground vampire nazi cult of tradthot, inceltrap child groomers. But she's been exposed now! And she needs to be stopped!

No. 299784

that's definitely not a good thing. an incel from /r9k/ murdered a girl named bianca devins a few years back and there are plenty of other incel freaks who took inspiration from that and want to do the same.

No. 299786

Wonder if that's the consequences scrotechan here wants for her? >>299743 Bleak.

No. 299787

I do find it mildly interesting that they seem to only really attend meets with the other mods, and not the rest of the comm for the most part.

No. 299788

Once it’s on the internet it’s on there forever

No. 299791

nothing about that post seems like it was made by a male and the "consequences" being referred to by that particular anon are isha being laughed at on a gossip board because of her shitty behavior. none of the women here would be laughing if something seriously awful actually did happen to her, and for her own sake she should stop posting edgelord incel stuff if she wants to avoid creepy unhinged scrotes taking an interest in her.

No. 299793

Don’t you have school in the morning?

No. 299794

Scrote or bitter misogynist, you're alike in that you got to hate women fiercely to act like this. Typical TXlita drama.

No. 299795

So you proceeded to post another women
>>299769 to hide your shit behavior? Why are you so invested in Texas Lolitas and creating drama with them anyways >_>(>_>)

No. 299796

Agreed. Why would a scrote be on here posting about her anyway when she has 10 instagram accounts appealing to incels? Insanely hypocritical to do that, and to constantly claim she “hates men!!” on her lolita account when she’s clearly targeting content towards them with the 2edgy4u shit she’s posting on these alts. The funniest part is that she wouldn’t get posted here if she didn’t feel the need to post her name and face on all these accounts to seek more attention from the moids she supposedly hates. She’s willingly posting her face and name alongside all that retarded shit

No. 299801

Kek horseface's accounts disappeared quick. She tried very hard to be one of the 4chan bait girlies but could not even handle a little heat. Such a hypocrite too, claiming she hates moids only to be a cockbreath and scrote school shooter lover on her three side accounts.

No. 299806

File: 1686220669802.jpeg (137.41 KB, 1170x1177, IMG_2053.jpeg)

She made it easy by self posting on the meme account. She wanted to be known as this big meme girl running an account followed by men.

No. 299808

File: 1686227336471.jpeg (136.22 KB, 828x1097, F27F9395-2142-4934-8806-FDA52A…)

Momokopilled and victorianmaid3n is still up. She removed everything on victorianmaid3n tho(sage your shit)

No. 299809

>pics like this are borderline cp
what a stretch

No. 299810

Oh look, the same hyperbolic posts about DDZ that show up every single time she's brought up.

No. 299811

It's almost like she's here in the room with us

No. 299812

Isha you are so fucking embarassing, you think being a minor gives you immunity but that's where you're wrong. The internet is forever and you've already garnered a really (I mean holy shit) fucking bad reputation for yourself. Lolitas you look up to know what you did, the whole community does. You're a loser.

No. 299813

people really don't care. it's sad to see another minor get groomed into this, this is what happens when kids are allowed to grow up on the internet without supervision. I think most of us feel pity, hopefully she really did go the radfem route and is starting to change but we'll see.

No. 299817

File: 1686234948805.jpeg (671.39 KB, 3072x4096, BE1CE2CA-1284-472F-AC04-F3BDF8…)

There’s no coming back(sage your shit)

No. 299818

File: 1686235453782.jpeg (65.16 KB, 592x691, 18021718-CEA9-4D04-BB9A-3943E5…)

Guessing this is her thread on 4chan /r9k/ kek(tinfoiling)

No. 299827

File: 1686238547903.jpeg (67.59 KB, 1250x808, 67DE9478-D54F-4088-8436-FE8BA5…)

Do you have these screenshots without the dates cropped out so we can find her posts in the archives? Could be milky

No. 299830

Kek what? Those types are usually actual lesbians.

No. 299833

there's dates from march and april of this year showing but it would be hard to pin down imo. sainte tipfagged and beck put her face. unless isha was retarded enough to post selfies (for her safety i hope not) also unrelated to this but what was the name of the lolita who faked being raped and used to tripfag all the time on /cgl/?

No. 299834

so she's whoring herself out now?

No. 299835

File: 1686240512701.jpeg (92.62 KB, 828x1378, 8F2840F4-458E-4FE3-9A56-0A067F…)

This was on a Saturday June 3rd or Sunday June 4th

No. 299836

File: 1686240555051.jpeg (112.4 KB, 828x1340, BC1CDE37-18AE-442E-A9E2-2BEB8E…)

This was posted on Monday June 5th of this week

No. 299837

File: 1686240651117.jpeg (106.1 KB, 828x1339, DD6CCE96-D88E-433C-A49B-F0B41F…)

Stupidfakecel10 Archive file is in the making. Expected to be uploaded later today

No. 299838

So she's 18 now then? Why are people WKing

No. 299839

File: 1686241832573.png (78.95 KB, 1859x545, isha ebegging on r9k.png)

thank you nonas, i found her really easily kek

No. 299840

So defensive that you're encouraging cowtipping? Gee that's not suspicious

No. 299841

It really great that as hard as LOC tried to make a bunch of shit talking drama whores into the biggest cows imaginable LOC themselves have proven over and over theyre far more milky kek

No. 299842

Caping for incels is clearly milk and should be posted. Stop freaking out and crying about it

No. 299843

You're replying to bait, notice it's samefagging and unsaged? Stop replying to every post individually

No. 299844

File: 1686242085732.png (17.33 KB, 897x519, tits for 80 dollars.png)

No. 299845

No she’s not. I know her irl

No. 299846

File: 1686242387793.png (225.06 KB, 1182x711, anonlita.png)

more desperate ebegging on r9k

No. 299847

isha at least sage your back-to-back defensive WKing

No. 299848

BASED anon for find this. I can’t believe the Loc approves of this shit

No. 299849

File: 1686242718013.png (141.33 KB, 1039x260, lmfao.png)

here she is begging for 9 dollars for discord nitro. this is pretty much all of it, sadly there's no way of seeing what went down in the dms of all the incels that added her kek. this is all so bleak

No. 299851

Bet you anything that they encouraged it. Pull the whole "o yeah troll moids out of their money youll be so based teehee"

No. 299852

kek the gun-owner LARP is hilarious. You're a kid with brown parents.

No. 299853

I would expect nothing less from the Lovers Of Child predators

No. 299854

This baseless LOC deflection is embarrassing

No. 299855

are these all on /r9k/? someone should check for her discord tag and anonlita namefag on /cgl/ and /soc/ too

No. 299856

Since DDZ was a sex worker in a borderline cult known for grooming people and >>299780 its not really baseless at all
They clearly knew what she was up to and somehow never stopped her? So much for Melissa caring about young girls and women

No. 299857

This retard is about to get in trouble with the law for distributing CP if she hasn't turned 18 yet. Is there any way we can alert her parents and stop this madness?

No. 299858

File: 1686244456102.png (38.09 KB, 976x830, r9k.png)

these are all on r9k, i searched all boards including /soc/ and /b/ on a different site for her namefag and discord but no results other than the incel board. providing link for anyone interested but i already capped mostly anything interesting


No. 299859

Vomiting at the fact that men gets off to lolita dresses.

No. 299864

I doubt she was telling isha to whore herself out on 4chan for a discord nitro kek. This is all obviously Isha's choice alone and the deflection attempt is sad. There's no proof at all they "knew what was up"

No. 299865

File: 1686246168619.jpeg (118.91 KB, 828x1394, 8CFF9DED-7F5A-4822-AE5F-3FEA03…)

No. 299868

Does it still count as cow tipping if it's to report literal CP?

Kids should never be given free access to the internet honestly. Her brain is poisoned by all this edgelord and thot garbage, it's really bleak. Thank God we were way more paranoid about internet stranger danger in the early 2000s.

No. 299870

JFC are we positive this isn't a man? That face plus the moid behavior screams XY

Thank you nonna, noted. If anyone knows FC's lacemarket, would be grateful for that too.

No. 299871

More than likely so anon, it's sick but we really can't do anything about it because it's still cowtipping

No. 299873

Yes, it's obviously just an ugly girl. Stop tinfoiling

At what point do you draw the line? If someone threatened a school shooting, surely that would not be considered cowtipping to report. CP is also pretty extreme

No. 299874

File: 1686247273937.png (38.38 KB, 272x275, Screenshot_4.png)

thank you, my first thought was i hope to never buy/sell to her after seeing her post this

No. 299875

I mean we could be raising a full false alarm, she did specify "scam", I mean just getting money then blocking is a crime by itself but because we can't see any of the dms we're taking blind shots into the dark here

No. 299877

where did she specify that? i'm not seeing it anywhere

No. 299878

Misread by accident sorry, "free" is the word I meant, it complicates stuff more because "free" is subjective but it still more than likely just means she got the money and then blocked we don't know for sure though
Either way it's best to look further before raising any alarms like that

No. 299879

not trying to make a legal derail but
>getting money and then blocking is a crime by itself
that’s not illegal in the US afaik? genuinely curious what law that would even be

No. 299880

Text messages can be found as legally binding, so the law broken would be failing to provide the service ig? But even then she's a minor so it'd fall flat in court on all grounds other than giving the money back or something idk

No. 299881

Wait where are you getting CP?

No. 299882

I wish I'd thought to screencap Melissa's list when I could since it had lacemarket names. These need to be posted more imo

No. 299883

There's the archive copies for them. But Isha was not listed in any of them so its a moot point.

No. 299884

File: 1686249525102.jpeg (112.96 KB, 828x1009, 1D742206-95DA-4095-82AE-F6EF71…)

More proof that isha is 17 and lying to everyone. She’ll turn 18 August 17 and plans to meet a guy she’s been dating for 1 month in another country. Her parents should be strict and tell her no. It’s too dangerous to meet random incels you meet on the web

No. 299885

File: 1686249576199.jpeg (131.17 KB, 828x1312, D93E95FC-BC2C-4958-AD67-E4B68C…)

This is related to milk on isha lying about her age on here

No. 299886

Someone should tell her boy toy that she’s cheating on him with /r9k/ moids.

No. 299887

She’s posting on her story and wiped her account from coord photos.

No. 299888

Only these are listed in a thread OP but it doesn't look like anyone capped the whole doc? Did anyone?

agentlemandoesnotconga#8888 = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty
beck#2603 = @beckattack, @everydayalemon LM: beck
biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun LM: biscuitbun
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills LM: Caitlin505
Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 LM: donutdemon
celestial#8008 = @bumblebat LM: bumblebat
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina
Honeykiwi#1525 @lostkiwikuro LM: laceykiwi12
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop LM: ImNewHere
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears LM: jellophish
JessAnne#4592 = @gomuffygo LM: jessanne
kae#4687 = @yuriathewitch LM: yuriathewitch
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
Lala Land#7138 = Lyla Hyatt LM: Ensomnia
lori#7634, #fluttershy#7634 = @loriibarbie LM: Mintylori
LostInAFaerieTale#1821 = @lostinafaerietale LM: LostInAFaerieTale
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a, @melomania_collects LM: melomania
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org LM: nosoi
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes
purestmaiden#8700 = @purestmaiden LM: wonderfinch
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy LM: RadicalEddy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly, @reira.kitchen LM: reira, butterbutterfly
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan LM: revan
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie
sparklepegasus#1031 = @knightofst.lily LM: alovelyspring
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy, @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy
tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo
Vudu Juju#6988 = @vudu.juju LM: vudujuju
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit, @wabbie_chan Resin Market: wabbie_chan
wallpaper-chan#9414 = @voyeurism.s, @funeralism.s, @nofuneral.s LM: velveteenchemise
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: Zepplis

No. 299889

holy shit, she's going to end up like Bianca Devins if she keeps chasing incels like her

No. 299890

so she literally has a job and still went on r9k to beg moids for 5 dollar discord nitro and 80 dollars for a dress

No. 299891

What a desperate attempt to derail by reposting old discordgate milk. Melissa's unhinged list was reposted for months, we don't need it posted again. Anyone who wants to see the discord chans lace markets can look in old threads.

No. 299892

SA sorry, and not to mention she has a boyfriend and is offering to "rp" as random incels gf kek

No. 299893

This is a multicow thread stop crying derail everytime someone you like gets posted. Archiving LMs of these freaks is a good idea.

No. 299894

>Archiving LMs of these freaks is a good idea.
They were already archived you retard, that's the whole point. Where else did you think nonny got the list from?

No. 299895

Where because i'm not seeing it which is why I'm asking, not spoonfeeding if it wasn't ever posted. Add Isha's to it and anyone else who doesn't clean their dresses imo >>299874 kek

No. 299897

Go to literally any of the previous threads where Melissa's list of the discord cows and their locations was posted and click "archived copy" next to the google doc link. You're welcome newfag.

No. 299898

Ok sorry my bad, you're the best.

No. 299899

Most of these are just gossiping bitches like us so what's the point? I always found the discord antics on here both dramatical and hypocritical for the most. Unless they're musty and leave their dresses on the floor like the aforementionned or wear them for moids to get hard.

Kek she whored herself out for cotton candy shop out of all dresses. I hope she did not send tits that's CP and that's illegal. She could get in a bad situation down the line if she keeps flirting with robots

No. 299907

Huh? They got caught gossiping, anon. Its stupid and hypocritical, and they shouldn't (and are no longer afaik) be comm mods and shit but it's no different from here except they're dumb enough to put their names and faces on it. Its not like they groom minors into being egirls for unhinged incels.

No. 299908

I don't get where people are coming from by screeching "if you want to help her or protect her don't post her stuff here" as if anyone here declared this was a place to save these cows from themselves. MELISSA was the one who said to protect minors/girls but she apparently only meant from other women, moids and pedos are a-ok. This is a gossip website not a personal army or a self help forum. Istg the number of newfags who swamped this thread since discordgate thinking we're some fuckin intervention service for bad people is insane.

No. 299909

AYRT "freaks" referring to the troons and old man from the chat and Beck too for dating a pedophile. Most are ok and probably didn't know there were men in the chat but I'm not selling to troons idc

No. 299912

Oh fair enough then sis, that makes total sense.

No. 299913

Imagine waking up every day, looking at your lolita wardrobe, and thinking about the dirty incels that purchased them for you, holy shit! I think I'm going to vomit

No. 299914

It was to troll and scam them. I wonder if her boyfriend knows and if her LOC friend group knows.

That I agree with all the same nonna. Only the men, the troon and sweaty fatties are my issue in the bunch.

No. 299915

File: 1686258160280.png (78.42 KB, 681x840, violentfane.png)

Speaking of fatties, Violet Fane is closing along with Lady Sloth as mentioned before. I'm glad to see the fat brands diminishing and hope it means less sweat stains for those of us who can properly fit our dresses.

No. 299916

only on this board do we get real time interactive cows

No. 299917

File: 1686259600104.jpg (20.34 KB, 487x265, KG.JPG)

anyone ever notice the subliminal messaging of nazi propaganda in kamikaze girls? there is a brief couple frame flash of a swastika at about 30 mins in. this is really gross. i cant believe so many lolitas shill this film and praise it so hard

No. 299918

take this to /m/

No. 299920

VF and LS closing are good news for the Lolita community, honestly. VF had a few cute items over the years but her stuff only coorded with other things from the same collection, it never worked well coorded with real brand. girls trying to make Happy Tartans work with oldschool all last summer was painful to watch kek
more importantly the absolute fattest hambeasts will now have two fewer choices and maybe consider trying some other hobby instead.

No. 299929

File: 1686262051264.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 2952x2473, MANA_IS_A_NAZI.jpg)

spoiler for nazi imagery. why the fuck do you think there are so many altright fucktards like ddnazee & co. this fashion is littered with white supremacist dog whistles like """modesty""". tradtards eat that stuff up. not to mention the roots of the fashion are full of all sorts of nazism from vk bands. mana, malice mizer, gackt, dir en grey they are all here in their full fledged nazi attire. PICREL! jfashion glorifies nazism so hard. just like kamikaze girls too.(learn to sage)

No. 299930

this has been talked about a million times and it's not milk. sage your sperging

No. 299931

sage your shit attempt at derailing

No. 299933

is this bait or are you guys actually retarded? you know it's edgelord shit and they're not neonazis, right?

No. 299934

well, referring to the visual kei stuff anyway. i think dd's trad cult qualifies

No. 299936

who told the sjws were to find us?

No. 299937

File: 1686264012453.jpeg (195.24 KB, 828x1412, CAFE2797-6891-4A1B-BD2F-081DF1…)

They ran with it and made a call out post(self posting)

No. 299938

a brand new account with zero followers and no likes that just posted this 15 minutes ago, totally not suspicious

No. 299939

Self post you reckon?

No. 299940

Seen it coming. Isha said she was uncancelable and poked the butt of the crowd

No. 299942

Isn't she though? No one knows who she is, you can't cancel a who.

No. 299943

sure seems like it.

No. 299944

KEK I think she made herself a target to these groups. This has been a ongoing trash fire and everyone just sitting back at looking. I bet larasuzannne getting a kick out of this after she was bullied out of lolita by a 17 year old chronically online shit steerer.

No. 299945

Was Isha on her private Facebook? Someone close to Lara was targeting her. Isha probably did too but whoever hated Lara spent a lot of time befriending her first.

No. 299947

She was caught by larasuzannne and even made it worse.

No. 299949

noooo muh precious bandomen could never be racist not like evil real people

No. 299950

ayrt I mean this post >>>/w/226856 Lara replied after unsaged asking where they even got the pic. Wherever it's from it was posted by someone holding onto it for a long time.

No. 299951

what was the proof that Isha was responsible for posting Lara? I’d believe it if Isha trolled her but wow it is pathetic to leave the fashion because of a teenager. she would have been 16 then and Lara is what, 33?

No. 299953

Nice transparent cow tipping whoever made this account.
If she kills herself from the harassment you will have the death of a minor on your hands.

No. 299954

I mean, she probably realized how immature the community had become and had enough of this type of shit? It's weird to say she left solely because of Isha, it wasn't even confirmed it was isha who posted her

No. 299955

I agree. This level of shit is a bit insane. I don't come on lcf that often, but I have always followed people only due to aesthetic. A lot of us live separate lives apart from lolita and don't care.

No. 299956

more like inside job-central

No. 299957

it's wild to me it's been a whole ass year and yet the same anons are in this thread, complaining about the same shit.

go fucking go something you cunts.

No. 299958

Where was this?

No. 299959

you can't cancel anyone in the lolita community. you fuckers have been trying with sainte for years.

yall are just on power histronic ego trips nonstop. there's no cancel power in this community.

No. 299960

cow tipping is illegal

No. 299961

File: 1686269789095.jpeg (139.11 KB, 828x1088, 78B9F0C1-7F86-4767-9612-45400B…)

I knew they were going to be a big issue I’m the Seattle comm. personally I feel like isha the issue here since shes the one who got Nat banned in the first place. She shared private texts from Nats ex to everyone.

No. 299962

Is this really Mana?

No. 299963

File: 1686270479056.png (1.17 MB, 828x1019, 3AE6A0B6-521E-4A4B-91D7-BEEB1E…)

No. 299964

yes dude. newfags don't get that goth culture wore this stuff once upon a time.

No. 299965

That's why it's in Kamikaze Girls too. >>299917 Japanese people still sell this stuff second hand.

No. 299967

no wonder there are so many amerifat nazis into weeb fashion

No. 299968

Holy fuck I never noticed this. It's a fast shot in a quick sequence of images. But it's there nonas. I just checked for myself.

No. 299970


these symbols should never be worn as 'fashion' tf is wrong with people

No. 299971

I feel bad. She’s so unfortunate looking

No. 299972

The japanese were on the side of nazi germany, didn't you learn that in school?

No. 299973

it's pretty unfortunate but it was pretty commonplace in 90's visual kei and japanese punk bc shock value or w/e

No. 299975

Japanese people largely wore it for fashion. As others have said, Japan has an odd relationship with it. Western goths wore it in alignment punks and SHARPS. Skinheads and neo nazis were a problem and so goths wore it essentially spitting in their face saying their message and symbol had no power in their spaces. People forget that all three groups started by working class people and was steeped in social discourse.

No. 299980

surprised i never see the leftys lose their shit over these. they cry waycism nazi over the smallest things but never when innocent nipponese do this stuff kek

No. 299993

File: 1686280248778.jpeg (92.47 KB, 828x1161, 33F9B47D-0445-4922-9E5F-4724AA…)

If she makes $20/hr as she claim here >>299884 then why is she degrading herself for scrotes?

No. 299994

File: 1686282124759.jpeg (150.08 KB, 828x1585, C092569E-E9FC-4284-9635-3CAD8E…)

>can someone buy me lolita fashion??

> I am quite poor I have four United States dollars

> I could with my parents money, but I do not really take interest in online transactions.

JFC so is she using her parents PayPal account to buy shit online? I don’t think PayPal allows underage account holders

No. 299995

File: 1686282926117.jpeg (180.99 KB, 828x1578, E18C7A1F-00CD-43F8-8365-A14472…)

>I’m aware I’m in the lowcow lense right now

No. 299996

File: 1686283019427.jpeg (158.16 KB, 828x1623, B26FD7B6-B465-49D7-871F-C59750…)

No. 299997

It's her sisters afaik but if she has a job probably its her card or bank account attached. She's sending their money somewhere afterall.
Which is she supposed to be? It's all just anonymous.

No. 300000

File: 1686283771666.jpeg (294.13 KB, 1284x2227, 1FB26113-8E8D-4BD2-B35C-3FD1C4…)

here’s her boyfriend posting about her on r9k calling her his “pajeet brown gf” and he confirms she posts on /cgl/
for any skeptics you can tell it’s him from the cringe emoticons, the details about her wearing lolita and playing rhythm games, and him saying “everypony” like he did under her instagram post. zoomers really have no concept of online footprints

No. 300002

nah this is too much of a reach, there are more than 5 people on the internet

No. 300004

File: 1686284364063.jpeg (60.94 KB, 828x473, AC41A77F-0CBE-4DB9-A1CC-E95852…)

She only uses /b/ and /r9k/ when she’s bored guys >>299817

No. 300005

File: 1686284421574.jpeg (66.06 KB, 828x511, F96711FD-3D65-48CE-B40E-FAFE6C…)

No. 300006

File: 1686284495588.jpeg (99.92 KB, 828x645, EB42A8B8-5E59-4DC8-ACFD-744D49…)

No. 300008

File: 1686284680352.jpeg (184.6 KB, 1220x1842, 0D5301EB-0BCB-45FD-82D1-DB5AD8…)

im not the other anon you’re replying to. i posted her namefag posts from earlier. the ss i posted was obviously made by her boyfriend and it’s not a “reach” when he commented the same thing on her instagram post. providing link to the archive

No. 300009

File: 1686284840629.png (106.17 KB, 904x1024, 368774C7-F268-41E8-A848-580F59…)

>she shows me her muse dash clips
KEK nice cap anon. She posted her muse dash on her Reddit a bunch of time before wiping it.

No. 300010

This one isn't her then. You planning to fill the whole thread with every lolita posting on there? Makes me sick how many lolitas are funding their dresses like this. Then you wonder why lolita fashion tags are being banned everywhere when kink is so closely related.

No. 300011

File: 1686285089129.jpeg (178.56 KB, 828x1364, 84845F2F-A717-4F4B-B0FD-8AA4DB…)

She wiped her Pinterest today. Didn’t bother to cap anything but here’s this screenshot bc it’s interesting that a minor into the whole disgusting bimbo shit

No. 300012

This is why digital footprint needs to be taught more in schools because how can you be this dumb online? Does she not know how easy it was for anons to track her

No. 300013

She deleted it but wait until she finds out I saved the entire Pinterest page into one big file to archive.

No. 300014

What was her pinterest name?

No. 300015

File: 1686285731522.jpeg (41.82 KB, 828x366, D0662E4C-E551-4801-AB35-C55266…)


No. 300020

No. 300023

And this is why I don’t want minors following me. With the activities she’s doing, she can get people who are not part of her mess into trouble.

No. 300024

And we thought Melissa was autistic. You take the cake and that's not a complement nonny

No. 300027

Anons, she's deleted half her accounts, erased the rest of the posts on nearly all of them, she's reading this stuff
If you have any ability to think forward you'd stop now because if you don't and she does something you'll all have the death of a minor on your hands. Nice going.

No. 300028

Suicidebaiting is classic cow behavior tbh.

No. 300029

Just say you don't care anon, it's insane that most of you know that Isha is clearly mentally ill we're dealing with a ticking timebomb here, while you're all probably proud that you found her silly irony account where she posted "uhhhh elliot rodger stimboard" or some stupid edgy shit like that, you're still dealing with a suicidal teenager
Either say you don't give a fuck or move on anon
I don't agree with her actions but we still have the fact that she's reading all this and is not mentally stable

No. 300030

this is only your second “you’ll have the death of a minor on your hands” post in the last 6 hours. this entire website is dedicated to documenting shitty behavior, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. people doing that aren’t to blame for her actions, especially when she posts here about others herself

No. 300032

First one wasn't me anon
How horrible, oh how horrible indeed is it to actually have some forward thinking that if, oh say we keep going, that there is the high possibility she'll rope
It's also no excuse to go "erm………. she's also posting bad stuff so if she didn't want to be here she shouldn't have……..", just sounds like you're trying to justify poking a literal ticking bomb waiting for it to explode just to say "but we didn't actually think she'd do it!"

No. 300033

it’s worded the exact same way, but sure that’s not you KEK. go post this on every other thread while you’re at it, almost every cow is mentally ill in some way as if that’s an excuse to act the way they do.

No. 300035

samefagging to say i didn’t know anything about this girl until she was posted. i obviously don’t wish harm on her. i genuinely hope she wisens up and separates her online presence with her actual identity going forward. i’ll stop posting about her, you do have a point and i didn’t mean to come off as if i don’t care.

No. 300036

I know, but all I'm saying anon is if you've any form of coherent thought, you'd all stop now. We don't truly know what we're dealing with and it could very well turn sour instantly and then ; uh oh! We've got a suicide on our plate.
Using the "we're all somewhat mentally ill" doesn't mean much when you're still prodding something you know will react, you know full well that she A: has read this thread and B: will react drastically due to said mental illnesses, you're all digging yourselves into a hole out just because "oh gee, Isha irony account discovered! Good golly!", while I think it's abhorrent, it doesn't take a retard to see it's ironic

No. 300038

What the fuck ? Stop being a massive faggot. She's not even posting suicide bait so this blatant WKing is painfully obvious.

No. 300039

Wasn't she made into a comm mod? Which is fucking hilarious because she is an actual child kek, what retard made her a mod

No. 300040

Alright, don't go crying when all of a sudden it turns out I'm right anon

No. 300041

Her acc is private so how would you know? She probably is

No. 300042

I won't, like I won't with any other cow on this website. Practically all the cows are mentally ill, stop caping
Pics or it didn't happen. Stop your WKing and either put up our shut up

No. 300043

nta but even when you hate someone it’s not normal that you “wouldn’t care” if she killed herself. if you’re trying to come off unbothered it’s coming off more sadistic and psychopathic instead.

No. 300044

death of a minor by panic! at the disco

No. 300047

Most of the cows discussed are mentally ill and we don't care take your pity concern somewhere else. Maybe if she didn't act like a grade A retard and hid her tracks better this wouldn't happen. If you kill yourself over some gossip image board talking shit about you and a no name account posting your name you're a pussy kek

No. 300048

Someone got cut off by daddy dearest and now has to work to pay for her own shit boohoo she seems like she had the easy life and is only now finding out.

No. 300049

Love the denial that she's not part of the uggos when she looks like Jafar and a horse put together. She isn't even skinny either.

No. 300072

Your attempt to scare people off and deflect with hypothetical suicide bait is not going to work. Turn off your computer for a week or two and touch grass

No. 300073

This, she really thinks she skinny because she's normal-sized? Zoomers' perspectives are so warped

No. 300075

File: 1686321773639.jpeg (62.95 KB, 828x868, 782E9653-0330-42C1-8AAE-8223A7…)

She’s been begging for weeks!

No. 300076

File: 1686321885854.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.21 KB, 828x1408, A23A8792-8482-49F7-B01E-95DD3E…)

Why does she goes to this pit of the site

No. 300077

Someone call the cops on that fucking scrote holy god damned shit.

No. 300078

File: 1686322642705.png (10.62 KB, 326x338, kekk.png)

go back… in other news I love when these cancel culture vultures eat themselves. thanks whoever made this account, sure to be lots of lulz like with watchdog and jfash.

No. 300079

half of the uniforms you posted are soviet retard. Are you going to seethe because I used the "r-word" too ?

At least none of the shit posted there is linked to her real name. She can't get in trouble with employers because of this. At least it'll teach her to be more cautious when posting online : if she had been stalked by obsessive moids the aftermath would have been way worse. They're the ones she should be scared off, not of some obssessive bored women in a niche fashion community.

No. 300080

Yall should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. This is a literal TEENAGER that you are stalking, making legit racist and sexual comments about, saving photos of, seeking out every post from her internet history and using it to bullying her probably to the point of almost suicide. You are a bunch of grown ass women in your 30s who should know better. The irony of all of this is YOU FREAKS are the kind of people that Melissa's blog was talking about minors needing to be protected from. Sure moids are shit and don't need to be a around young women, but I bet some of you even know her irl. And that's the scariest part. And grown women apparently have no shame in bullying a damn child to the point of wanting to off herself. Yall are so fucking lucky I'm beyond the point of tracking each of you down, digging up your internet history and ripping you to shreds and picking apart your uggo faces and disgusting fat bodies… A teenager posting edgy shit online is not a fucking surprise. You all did that same thing. If you think she is engaging in risky behavior and potentially putting herself in danger reach out to her and talk to her like a normal concerned citizen. Don't stalk her and bully her on anon sites. And chances are her actual friends probably have already talked to her about staying safe online… which all of you hags are doing the exact opposite of keeping a minor safe. You are exploiting a damn teenager for 'entertainment' putting her information out there for further bullying, stalking, harassment and potentially self harm. What the fuck is wrong with you? Take a step back and look at what you are doing. She's a human being and young lady at that and doesn't need to be dealing with this shit from adults who should know better.(whiteknight)

No. 300082

File: 1686323427930.jpeg (47.09 KB, 827x523, D6CDE7CA-890D-4396-BCA8-403F6E…)

No wonder her Instagram is victorianmaid3n

No. 300083

File: 1686323516677.jpeg (133.05 KB, 1079x699, 0FBFFD18-EE58-4FA4-A8E1-847B75…)

Christ anon

No. 300084

I can understand if it was "KYS" or "drink bleach" jokes, but full-on shootings is where some people draw the line. That makes you a degenerate sympathizer, which most Lolitas hate. 

No. 300086

If you're so worried for her, you can reach out. Melissa can as well seeing as they're friends and she allegedly cares so much about minors in the community.

No. 300088

File: 1686324933937.jpeg (91.68 KB, 828x1314, 4FBB2FE4-D4E9-471B-806D-1D8599…)

She poked the bears, and now they’re after her. As anon earlier said, stop with the BS suicide bait and log off.

No. 300089

File: 1686325235594.jpeg (119.87 KB, 828x1337, 382CF5CE-DA67-451F-A313-F3E976…)

Why is she shocked? She knew they would come for her and even got into a long, heated battle in the comment section with a few of them last thread. Here >>297352

No. 300090

This was already posted, sage it ffs

No. 300092

File: 1686326065664.png (28.31 KB, 805x368, 76D1BDAF-28CF-481B-8319-81DACB…)

This is so funny bc this was isha a year ago

Isha /momokopilled/ victorianmaid3n/ stupidfakecel9/ stupidfakecel10 / fed_chan/ stardustfantasia

“Hello @Everyone. We’d like to update you on something that has been a tough decision for all of us. We wish to speak transparency and leave none of you in the dark. After a long discussion, we have chosen to remove one of our moderate, Nat (@oatmilkchan / pedoslayer ), from the staff team.

It was brought to our attention (with verifiable proof) that Nat previously interacted with TERF spaces and ideology using a Reddit account she has also used within the Lolita community.

This server does not tolerate bigotry of any kind , including transphobia. While Nat says she personally doesn’t believe in these questionable and hateful beliefs anymore, certain responses to questions had mad us feel it’s a inappropriate decision to keep her in the server.

Upon hearing this decision, Nat acted on her own will and has left Babylita HQ.

Please do not send hate or harassment her way. If you must know more about the situation, you may contact me or another staff member. Thank you for reading.”(sage your old news)

No. 300093

Do you know somebody that works for poodlecorp too anon?

No. 300094

pedoslayer? what kind of humongous retard puts pedo in their username at all? I know it's Nat and she's obviously deranged but this gives me the creeps

No. 300095

When isha was harassing Lara, she was having a full-blown mental breakdown. She had to go to the hospital because a 17 year old. She even did it to her own best friend, Nat, by spreading the rumor and getting her banned from all lolita spaces. Certainly, I think we know who the problem is here.

No. 300097

LOL please post caps anon! So Lara's been inpatient twice for being posted here? Her first one was years ago because of ugly pics (links in OP)

No. 300098

Samefag >>>/w/66478 is it the OP link is to last thread sorry

No. 300099

Not to WK but how the actual fuck is anyone supposed to know the exact ages of anons on here

No. 300101

also it was never confirmed to be isha, it was an entire dogpile on here don't act like one person is solely responsible for how Lara was treated, be fucking serious

No. 300104

Lol probably bc Melissa wrote this and she’s in her 30s so she just assumes everyone is(hi cow)

No. 300105

File: 1686328255679.jpeg (579.26 KB, 1179x1633, IMG_2444.jpeg)

Isn’t the western lolita community in such a great state that we kick out violent transphobes and racists like Isha to make room for well dressed lolitas with proper beliefs like these?

No. 300106

her and DDZ are 40+

No. 300108

this is a wild claim do you have her medical record or something

No. 300109

File: 1686328533633.jpeg (424.01 KB, 1179x1316, IMG_2445.jpeg)

or this one, who owns a bakery website through which you can easily find completely uncensored photos of her children and her full name… so much for millennials knowing about internet safety. she might need to switch from cake to salad until she loses some weight.(vendetta)

No. 300110

not to hi cow but we know she reads here and has a melodramatic writing style, could be her. Lara, claiming to be bullied to the point of institutionalization by a then-16 year old is cringe, buck up and get some self esteem that doesn’t rely on online validation.

No. 300111

Literal whos anon. How is any of this milk or related to anything at all?

No. 300114

File: 1686329198035.jpeg (920.12 KB, 3071x4095, F368E90A-1F97-44C0-BE75-65C6D8…)

I don’t know about you but I’d be devastated if I lost such a valuable lolita interaction. RIP to lolita edgelord momokopilled this brave soldier is taking her stand for Aidens everywhere(sage your shit)

No. 300115

Not her. I just think it's tired and weird how people keep bringing her up on here when this happened over a year ago and she's not even a lolita anymore?

No. 300116

feeling delightfully mentally unstable and malding today are we?

No. 300118

>who owns a bakery website through which you can easily find completely uncensored photos of her children and her full name
What’s even your point here? The horror of having your name next to a business.. and not racism, school shooter memes, and begging from gross rapist incels on r9k? Retard

No. 300119

oh please you cannot possibly be mad we’re poking fun at these jiggly virtue signaling hambeasts. unless you’re one of them?

No. 300120

Yeah I’m most definitely a total nobody that you just posted in the last 15 minutes. We’re poking fun at how terminally online and retarded you sound trying to compare two things that are nothing alike

No. 300122

>muh waycism muh waycism!
You got spotted engaging with your screen name, husband and children’s faces, business and full identity attached. Wear it on your chest now.

No. 300123

You’re actually retarded if you think I’m this random ita on instagram for simply pointing out that posting your name and face on a “bakery website” isn’t anything like posting your name and face on an edgy meme page. What would a potential employer care about more?

No. 300127

So your idea of protecting them is to post where they can be found and then also collage them here? Fuck off WK.

No. 300131

She seems sweet and family-oriented. I hope the best for her bakery business. What is wrong with you, anon?

No. 300135

you're so mad you or your friend got exposed so you're going through every single like and account this is not normal behaviour nonna. thanks to the admin who deleted the picture of that random woman with her children you dug up like a seething freak

No. 300138

WK I guarantee Isha does not want you defending her like this. Posting minors to defend a minor is retard behavior. Just go befriend Isha if you care so much for her.

No. 300143

File: 1686331918235.jpeg (Spoiler Image,214.91 KB, 859x1696, IMG_2446.jpeg)

oh sorry that piling on to someone’s cancellation wasn’t milky enough behavior, how about this hamplanet who draws fucked up violent pictures of “boys”? At last we are protected from edgy teens so this woman can orbit the sun in peace

No. 300144

File: 1686331965800.jpeg (351.47 KB, 1179x1650, IMG_2447.jpeg)

No. 300149

You’re being so absolutely psychotic, no one is going to listen to anything you pull out of your ass at this point. Please take ur meds and go touch grass

No. 300150

your bait sucks, go back to posting about her on ig

No. 300152

melissa go take care of your kids(hi cow)

No. 300156

Spoiler this, you malding psycho.

No. 300160

Now that you've said this I cannot unsee this 40y old troll doll seething over her keyboard to defend her 17y old groomee.

No. 300161

the way you're continually grasping at anything to try to pull attention elsewhere is the most mentally ill shit, it's really having the opposite effect

No. 300165

Lmao her kids are like "mommy we're hungry can we please have some food" and she's sitting there scrolling through fucking instagram as fast as humanly possible to defend some idiot 17/18 yr old egirl she groomed. Isha is not the minor you need to worry about you hag.

Counting down til she starts frantically posting the same collage of the discordgate girls again.

No. 300166

the way you’re so desperate to defend fatties, troons and itas in the fashion is some mentally ill shit. what do you want lolita fashion to look like? no one will improve without criticism.
my b on the spoiler, hopefully mods will do it because it’s a very disturbing image.

No. 300167

I hope mods give you a 3 day time out for this schizo moment while they're at it.

No. 300168

>desperate to defend fatties, troons and itas in the fashion
people pointing out that you're derailing and posting shit that isn't milky isn't defending them.
literally from the OP
>Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself.

No. 300170


do not engage with frills.alert its bait they are doxxing everyone who interacts


No. 300171

This is not what doxxing means. It's public information available to all like Isha incel pandering accounts

No. 300172

I think it's Isha really trying to post people by lurking on people who've interacted with the account. People have seen her unhinged shit and are smart enough not to share it publicly.

No. 300173

That doesn’t mean what you think it means

No. 300174

It's bait like the account itself is. 1 WK in here for days not saging and making long unhinged posts, posting from multiple different phones with metadata and file names erased? You gulls need to gitgudd, reminds me of the poor shoop of that who from TX posting about Momo threads back.

No. 300177

It's not 'the gulls' and you know it. Go feed your husband and try not to groom another teen on your way there.

No. 300178

Sure isha and to then post Txlita Birds_symphonia to derail when caught >>299769 can you stop bringing up Momo
She doesn’t want any part of your unhinged shit.(hi cow)

No. 300179

wow are all lolitas this unhinged(no contribution)

No. 300180

I really miss Momo. She was the only Cgl poster who was pretty and actually sane. Isha and Loc, on the other hand, have some missing screws. To bring up the Texas discord drama in an attempt to derail is so oblivious.  It’s a shame that people and sainte had to push her off the internet and the same with her friend Lara being pushed out of lolita. Get a life

No. 300181

Liv haraassed her out of her comm, no one made her leave the internet but you can't stop brining her up and pinning it on her friends.

No. 300182

This thread is a shitshow.

Yes. Stay away.(no contribution)

No. 300184

Why would she be friends with loc? I think you’re confused here you brought her up? The whole point of her leaving was liv and loc sainte >>300174

No. 300187

You're replying to different anons but I can tell you aren't friends with her. Maybe she'd come back if the community didn't harass every person who tried to do something positive.

No. 300188

No. 300190

I don’t know where this came from but I’m in that comm and liv and momo have never even interacted
Someone else outside the comm was schizoposting about her

No. 300191

You see, this is why Discord logs dropped. It was confirmed to be the seagulls discord behind it. Can we move on and not post stale milk?

No. 300202

File: 1686343664613.png (12.97 KB, 755x489, mc-17.png)

Decided to take a look at her profile and she revealed she’s not 14 https://tellonym.me/momokopilled

No. 300203

Not the type to follow minors or meme pages, but can she at least clean up her act?

No. 300206

File: 1686344980706.png (48.23 KB, 752x536, tellonym 5.png)

Same anon. I don’t know if this relates to the r9k posts

No. 300207

meant to quote this one

No. 300208

Kek she nuked it too, proof she reads here and is F5ing the page

No. 300209

File: 1686345864497.jpeg (35.29 KB, 828x630, 4D00C02E-9ACC-47F6-9BB2-1CF583…)

You’re right. It’s gone now

No. 300212

File: 1686346281954.jpeg (37.7 KB, 1170x436, 225A75DA-3E16-4AED-857F-44B944…)

Some retard post this on the wrong section of /w/. It look like isha is having it with her buyers one day after auctions.


No. 300214

File: 1686346487971.jpeg (176.61 KB, 828x1489, 4D9647BD-C09E-474F-8A1B-2F2D30…)

The auction in question

No. 300215

File: 1686346689707.jpeg (48.39 KB, 828x681, 20BD5CCB-8A4A-4A18-A79C-1DEB0D…)

Kek she thinks the buyer is her online harasser. Get over it isha, people sell to people they dislike.

No. 300218

File: 1686347524849.jpeg (101.09 KB, 828x1176, IMG_0868.jpeg)

it looks like she's changed her lacemarket bio to say she is now leaving lolita.

No. 300220

Who even is it that she thinks is harassing her? Why would someone who hates her want to give her money for her clothing… I gues Isha is fine taking money from gross rapey incels but not people she thinks MIGHT have said something mean about her online?

No. 300221

Thank god. She needs to take a moment off and realise shit before posting it on the internet. There are consequences, but I hope she finds joy and comes back when she’s not surrounded by loctards. They encouraged a minor to get stuck between shit. 

No. 300223

'As a minor' kek.
If she is a minor how does she pay for things? Daddy's money and PP account? Isn't that forbidden by LaceMarket TOS to have a PP that does not belong to your name?

She's only saying it for dramatics like her suicide baiting ITT

No. 300226

File: 1686349966178.jpeg (233.62 KB, 828x1293, mc-072F3817-1631-418D-BBEA-977…)

So she resorted to making up lies and accusations about another user? I hope the lacemarket  moderators wake up from whatever the fuck they're doing and edit the feedback. I peep at the buyer user, and what do you know? She’s a cute lolita and hardly has any dirt on her. Isha is jealous 

No. 300227

File: 1686350371617.png (68.94 KB, 753x319, animequeen3.png)

Are you self-posting for clout? Nothing on the page shows that is chocolatelapins account.

No. 300228

File: 1686350452410.png (2.71 KB, 1438x51, sainte.png)

she has no problem selling to pedo troon sainte though, it gives me the ick knowing he has her address.

No. 300229

File: 1686350816203.png (31.25 KB, 320x453, chocolatelapins.png)

Samefag and I stand corrected that is her account, so one cow won't sell to another so they're having a slap fight. Love this for them.

No. 300230

Her coord is pretty. That’s all I’m going to say

No. 300233

File: 1686351624699.jpeg (30.5 KB, 828x619, IMG_0874.jpeg)

why are ddz and melissa following and interacting with an account dedicated to extreme misogyny, hating on feminism, and alt right /pol/ shit while they also scream about protecting girls in the community? if it's true isha is friends with the loctards it's no wonder she was getting involved with incels since she was hanging around losers who support harmful incel rhetoric. caps for proof, the.stoiclibertarian on ig is an openly far right anti-woman account

No. 300234

File: 1686351653658.jpeg (32.21 KB, 828x588, IMG_0875.jpeg)

No. 300238

anon, cowtipping isn't usually done in this fashion and to begin with this usual thought of lurkers hunting lurkers just for being lurkers is pretty fucking stupid in the first place. half of you idiots act like retards all over the internet, because you're all terminally online.

the only reason why the discord leak was relevant is because there was actual milk in the logs

this is just all witch hunting for no real reason outside of her being just like all of you

No. 300239

Your derailing attempts are akin to jingling a set of keys for diversion. Derailing with the stale overglorified shit talking groupchat will not take the heat off of you faster. Log off.

No. 300240

I honestly cannot believe you guys are still on the same shit train as last year. You need a job.

To LOC, you're very lucky to not have someone show up at a meet and knife the shit out of you(alogging)

No. 300241

That sounds like a threat

No. 300242

grooming your new subject is worse, especially a minor

No. 300243

>waah you're witch hunting her for being like you
None of us do this. She got caught posting incel tier shit to appeal to them and whored herself out for dress money on r9k and /b/. This is milky you're just mad you got caught being too retarded to cover your tracks while distributing CP for some ez burando money

No. 300244

you're literally on an incel website you cuck. you're likely a femcel if you're in lolita in the first place.

This isn't milky and your addiction to stirring up shit on a little section of the entire website and cow tipping just further justifies how much lolitas should be banned from lcf.(infighting)

No. 300245

This is the type of disgusting scrote she was fully willing to distribute underaged pictures of herself to for a scrap of Angelic Pretty. Literal CP distributor.

You should have a sip of water I can tell your vein is popping while you F5 this website kek

No. 300247

File: 1686355095301.png (8.51 KB, 488x220, taylorswift.png)

are you new?

can promise you the only seething one here is u.

btw having proof of other board posts just proves you guys are no better. you're literally eating your own kind. you groom and eat your own kind

No. 300248

also this entire thread is trash, it's not entertaining, it's not milky. it's just full of edgelords witch hunting their own kind. yes that is against the rules.(mini-modding)

No. 300249

>>300248Instead of complaining, just report it and see what the site moderators have to say. Again, this is a general lolita drama where topics are talked about. Having your sloppy internet trace exposed is worth keking.

No. 300250

How is F5 new?
Isha and her crew are milky and will be discussed like any other cow before them. Just get off the board if that makes you cry.

No. 300251

dont bring a knife to a gun fight nonny

No. 300253

>>300233 >>300234

Alt-rightfags follow alt-right account who is surprised by this?

No. 300261

File: 1686374689312.png (240.26 KB, 1062x1091, 0C48996D-0B6B-4853-A83A-65BD20…)

Oh goodie! I love pointless infighting and derailment.
I hope she just takes accountability for this shit and learns her lesson. I’m glad she’s learning that just because she’s crying the part of neurodivergent minor will get her nowhere.

No. 300265

Don’t know why she’s making it a big deal if she had previously sold to her

No. 300281

you really wasted your time clipping that image. the terminally online and mentally ill hunting their kin

No. 300282

LM needs a overhaul. Retaliation feedback happens alot and the rule that if you get 3+ neg feedback they ban you doesn't happen. They don't ban Anmitsu the scammer either so I don't think they have the power too. Is it true then the admin ghosted?
>hardly has any dirt on her
>her name in thread OPs
Be serious.

No. 300288

I think French ana-chan WAS banned but had a second account.

No. 300289

Ayrt, I'm not sure if she was banned or just everyone knew who she was. People who avoid their neg feedback going to a new account should be banned.

No. 300292

Is this the french anachan who stole a lolita's package and pretended to purge for a tiktok?

No. 300293

File: 1686416275012.png (9.1 KB, 340x286, isha (2).png)

shes in a server with ALL the discordgate girls including that one so she frontin

No. 300296

Isha is so stupid to posted this on lm.

No. 300298

Context? Is this Isha?

No. 300300

This is not Isha you retard. But she was in the seagull discord server she is not less guilty than them. She bounced to go with the LOC crew once it came to light that their server group chat was made only to gossip

No. 300301

People who weren't in the #seagull channel aren't guilty what are you on? Guilt by association isn't real fuck off.

No. 300302

Yep. The one with an extreme shopping addiction who still somehow couldn't put together a coord to save her life.

No. 300305

Shes already posting about it on instagram(imageboard)

No. 300306

You gonna post caps or what?

No. 300309

They still talked shit even out of there. Still guilty. Everyone in that discord was a gossiper and shit stirrer

No. 300310

she wasn't in the locked down private channel, you fucking idiot. she didn't have the privileges to it. that server is full of lolitas, but the channel itself was locked to a couple shit stirrers.

No. 300311

yeah, no. just because you were a loser outcast doesn't mean an entire server is guilty by asssociation.

No. 300312

So she just shit talked people on cgl >>300006 shes so much better. Why are we posting randos from the seagull discord if not to deflect and get people talking about year old milk again?

No. 300314

Kek nonny you're on lolcow shit talking a teenager so how are you better?

No. 300315

well considering you guys are into autovorarephilia, you'll be the next target yet. personally I'm not talking about a year ago's drama, but this shit is insanely boring and not milky considering you guys all are terminally online newfags

No. 300316

also some part of the #seagull drama is vengeance against breaking rules 1 and 2 of the rules of the internet. you guys ITT are just being little bitches about some girl you don't like acting just like you on anonymous BBS

No. 300317

I don't sell CP to moids for a dress or simp over school shooters and violent misogynists.

No. 300320

caps of her freakout nonna?

No. 300321

ok so you're part of the seagull gate leak. gotcha, newfag.(infighting)

No. 300322

again you guys are going on about a year ago's drama or ITT still butthurt about being called out. don't post publicly about newfaggy shit then.

No. 300323

my guess is the inner ring of #seagull discordgate has a new shit stirring group, where this board has become so desolate and milkless that only LOC posts on it and devours their own friends

No. 300325

or it's just discordgate being butthurt about LOC. who knows. but these threads are so damn parched.

No. 300326

anyone know why the actual LOC crew was never fully called out? there were so many LOC people that never made the list. almost like they were the ones posting in these threads for over a year.

No. 300327

So funny yall always act like the only lolitas are discordgate, LOC, and TX.

No. 300328

Not like there was anything to start with it was just lolitas with some relevancy caught doing what we do here.

I bet they are newfag twitter lolitas and only know of the fashion through lolcow

No. 300329

considering how the topic gravitates back to the same shit, that's pretty conclusive evidence that the audience isn't much different. i promise u there's more lolitas out there than terminally online molerats on lolcow

No. 300330

In my honest opinion I feel some of them have moved on and it became a specific group made of the same ten people posting here. Probably the same being posted here given how they cannibalize each other.

No. 300331

They are all so psycho I'd never pulbically attach my name to a call out out of fear of them obsessively posting me for minor bad colour choices

No. 300332

They think it’s funny to post with guns
Do you really wanna be the one to call out that type of psycho?

No. 300334

tru they all have guns n white supremacist bfs i personally wouldnt want to provoke that kind of violence not to mention the sex trafficking ties

No. 300335

True. It's easier to go after internet drama makers than real life threats

No. 300339

This should be unsaged, this is definitive proof that he started the thread about her.

No. 300340

Isha's boyfriend found out about her whoring herself out to other incels and did this as revenge then?

No. 300341

are you referring to this thread?

No. 300342

i saged because i didn't think it was milk, just posted it for the cringe

No. 300348

That's a retarded tinfoil but I believe it.

No. 300354

considering they put ksk out of business i wouldnt be surprised if loc was somehow behind lady sloth and violet fane going under as well its sus both are closing down at the same time

No. 300358

KSK was probably already on its way out when they showed up to be try hard trolls in real life. I doubt they has anything to do with the closing of any brands

No. 300360

while we're at it i think they assassinated jfk too

No. 300361

No. 300362

it doesn't really matter if her name is on there when her face is.

No. 300365

I hope she gets kicked the babylita server for this shit kek

No. 300366

Don't get me wrong, these all suck >>300109 >>300114 >>300144
But Isha isn't dressing any better if you ask me >>299963

No. 300367

her name is publicly available and she posts photos of her children…? This isn't milk

No. 300368

She left the server herself months ago I’m pretty sure

No. 300369

she dresses fine, just passes the sticker test

No. 300373

sticker test isn't real

No. 300374


I agree with >>300172 it's weird that a bunch of randoms got posted after interacting with the account

No. 300377

It's bait don't interact.

No. 300378

Only isha would say that and then post someone’s child.

No. 300379

this tinfoil doesn't make much sense since she posted the proof of the thread.


No. 300380

don't make me pull up examples kek

No. 300382

no, word got around the account is a lcfs user doxxing ppl.

No. 300391

Sure a angry teen got mad and started doxxing a grown women and her bakery business.

No. 300402

File: 1686498868993.jpg (180.07 KB, 661x1347, peq_2Tq0.jpg)

so is frilled in loc now too?(sage your shit)

No. 300406

No, she’s in a gang with her local anti sac comm.

No. 300411

This isn’t milk; I haven’t seen anything to suggest such yet

No. 300412

another mentally ill cow posting with a gun is absolutely milk

No. 300413

It looks like a rubber gun

No. 300414

How absolutely terrifying, a P226. What are you scared of? That it'll sting? Plus no trigger safety and pointing it up towards her own head, anon, the most likely tbing that'll happen here is that she'll shoot herself, even more so either she has TINY hands or that's a weighted magazine, I'm going to say tiny hands. There is no danger posed here when someone like that has a .45. Most it'll do is hop out of her grip the moment she fires it. Plus trigger is engaged and the hammer is up, absolutely zero etiquette. Plus a vented barrel is insane, at that point just spend the extra bucks to get a compensator or a muzzle because god knows she'll probably need something to mitigate the minor kick.

No. 300416

Samefag here, I also agree that it's more than likely a rubber gun, most P226 Sigs eject from their right, unless if this image is inversed, it's more than likely a cheap air replica with a nail polished barrel to make it look real

No. 300418

Samefag yet AGAIN, it's not reversed, wording on the dress is right way around, this is just a very irresponsible woman that is pointing a gun right towards her fucking cranium while engaging the trigger

No. 300420

Could it be airsoft?

No. 300422

nta but probably. i think frilled just looks stupid but there's aesthetic gun photos out there. it's always been pretty frowned upon in the community to pose with guns, but it doesn't make them loc.

No. 300423

Honestly thought it at first, it looks like it at first glance but the vented barrel is matte black, you'd see a clear sheen off of it if it was because she would've nail polished it black to cover the bright fuck off orange tip, it's possible to matte black a plastic barrel like that but it's too much work and too difficult to clean off just for a photo

No. 300424

Plus the vented barrel is really thick, you'd never see that on an airsoft

No. 300425

>it's always been pretty frowned upon in the community to pose with guns
How new are you?

No. 300426

This is very obviously a toy gun you are all retarded

No. 300428

navybluenugget, lilacscented, seraphserenade, marshmallowghostbunny, chuzziebear, milkyteadolly, rosequartzroyalty, mal_sittler, lychee.cute be an actual friend and stop making her into your new cow.(tinfoiling and hi cow)

No. 300429

With her toy bb gun nonny? At least LOC has enough balls to carry guns fr.

No. 300431

There’s a difference between the LOC coordinating military Lolita with giant guns with multiple people photoshopped into the same image in context with their other behavior and some rando posing with an air soft gun in her bedroom
I think it’s distasteful still but it’s not the same

No. 300434

it looks like some pellet gun replica p226 im pretty sure muzzle breaks and compensators are illegal in ca. also look at the size of the muzzle. its tiny pellet size or if .22 the round capacity is too many to be legal in ca. if a larger round like 40 for a smaller number capacity >10 (legal capacity for ca) the muzzle hole would need to be larger.

so its illegal high round capacity .22 with illegal compensator or pellet replica. my bet is pellet replica. if she had any familiarity with actual firearms she wouldnt hold the trigger and point it at her own head.

No. 300435

you probably don't even know who Lydia is and likely weren't around for that shitstorm

No. 300436

>tons of milk and proof of being a poster to LCF/CGL
>expecting Hannah to have human decency

No. 300437

nearly all of those people were in #seagull

No. 300438

it looks like she is also squeezing the trigger??

No. 300440

Taking a closer look you're probably right, the size of the muzzle is fucking tiny also good catch on the muzzle / comp laws, highly agree with the gun etiquette part, it's insane even with a replica to just point it at your cranium like a retard

Only thing that doesn't make sense is the hammer. If it was a gas replica the slide would have flown back resetting the hammer ( as she's squeezing the trigger with ferocity of a fucking vice ) prepping it to be fired again. It could be a battery op replica but idk. The hammer being reset is the only thing that makes me question if it's an air replica

No. 300441

She is, unless she's like got a solid trigger, she's definitely fired it by squeezing it with the force of a thousand gods

No. 300442

gun autists are the worst. Its clearly a toy fucking gun.

No. 300443

honestly the likelihood of that being fake is high just from that comment. especially in a kid's room

No. 300444

it's just your usual LOC sperg posting

No. 300446

Not LOC just isha’s

No. 300449

kek the way we know exactly who reported this post. it’s so insane how the discord gulls got crazy OTT canceled last year and yet they’re so eager to hop on someone else’s cancelation. zero lessons learnt

No. 300450

File: 1686513660910.png (Spoiler Image,294.18 KB, 648x992, gun_psychos.PNG)

loc gunsperg be like
picrel spoiler for nazi violence

No. 300451

No. 300452

this is embarrassing, the kind of things you'd expect an edgy tradtard scrote to post. has she ever had plastic surgery or is it just the shitty makeup that makes her face look weird?

No. 300454


Cheek placement + balloon lips + weird fat distribution indicate plastic surgery and filler.

No. 300455

Back to twitter with you.

How old is she? She looks way old to be doing trad /k/tard shit like that

No. 300456

It's only ever a problem to sensitive amerifats with their 50 school shootings a year. Posing with guns in lolita has been done for years and it's only ever them whining.

No. 300457

that's sad, the weird bowl cut bangs are only exaggerating it too

No. 300458

there's no cancel power in this community as previously mentioned itt. i'm assuming discordchans harass teens because they're old fat and ugly? couldn't tell you the reaosn but the terminally online always act like this. let them eat their own, it's more entertainment for us!

No. 300460

no one is harassing Isha. She got caught being a retard on the internet like every other cow. She got caught creating CP and selling it to incels for mere dollars. Cry moar

No. 300461

ayrt there's no proof the discordchans even hate isha, in the logs they were praising her. I mean frilledcriminal. her mental health has tanked and she's seen with known drama whores? not rocket science. she needs better friends imo

No. 300483

I thought it was found out that the Texas Lolitas crashed the meet they were at together. The Texas girls had been posting about an SF trip, but frilled wasn’t in any of the many posts they all made except for one story or something like that.

No. 300484

Same fagging but I do agree that frilled seems more visibly mentally ill ever since this drama has started. She’s gained a ton of weight, her skin seems horrible, her housing/organization, just everything really seems worse. She hasn’t been threatening suicide or self harm so I don’t think it’s suicide baiting. She’s just actually deteriorating imo.

No. 300487

On one hand yeah she is clearly downward spiraling but on the other hand she is part of the problem. She used to post more with Lilacscented who seems to be too busy sucking up to Freckledzelda to care about her friend going off the deep end and making poor choices but she seems to hang out with Seraphseranade based on her insta. Yeah her friends should support but remember that at the end of the day, Frilledcrimial is an adult who chose to pose while pulling the trigger on a gun and thinks it's cool. She probably wants to be efamous so here she is doing what gets her engagement up. At least she's not full-on 4chan like Isha yet.

No. 300492

good shot tho she wont miss her target

No. 300493

LilacScented hasn’t posted with freckledzelda in quite a while it seems on any of her accounts

No. 300502

File: 1686606218124.jpeg (40.78 KB, 324x529, 6D34A41E-7605-42A3-9DD1-8D7DAD…)

Isha made a announcement that she’ll be leaving lolita.

No. 300503

She lost a lot of followers too

No. 300504

I wasn’t paying attention to what she had before vs now, what was it?

No. 300505

She was at 4,566 if I’m being correct

No. 300506

i hope she takes some time to reflect and comes back one day. most of us have made retarded mistakes at 17, especially us autists. her coords were really cute; she just needs to work on herself and be more careful with her digital footprint. pandering to incels and copying a personality off /r9k/ is cringe, but not heinous permacow bullshit.

wish she’d apologize instead of just going dark but lolitas seem to be allergic to accountability :/ ah well, still hope to see a new and improved isha someday(:/)

No. 300507

She just wants people to feel sorry for her

No. 300508

It’s more than likely her incel boyfriend and how he’ll leave her if she takes accountability.

No. 300509

File: 1686611522095.jpg (85.32 KB, 1080x1349, callcomingfrominsidethehouse.j…)

Speaking of here's a update on the cow tipper. Nobody got doxxed, newfags need to learn what it is and if you cared about people getting "doxed" you wouldn't post to a public anonymous site where moids are known to shitpost and harass women. Way to go retard

No. 300510

No one cares jafar(hi cow)

No. 300512

Well isha did stalk the page and posted someone’s child that triggered the Lolcow farm admins to immediately stepped in. It’s weird that the page came up out of no where, but isha shouldn’t had stoop so low to post someone’s child in anger.

No. 300513

Yes it's me Isha! No one else ever comes here to kek at the cows only the cows themselves! which actually isn't far off the truth and why the board is so fing repetitive

No. 300514

Posting some nobody lolita kid was unhinged. The loc screams about protecting kids and yet posted a 6 year old and his moms store.

No. 300515

she must have paper thin skin to quit something she was so invested in over a handful of anons cringing at her antics on a gossip board.

No. 300516

Personally I'm glad she's leaving because I want her pink Carnival JSK. More for us

No. 300517

I’m a little late, but I feel like by saying she’s 14 she could be pandering to the pedophile degenerates on 4chan. It’s so weird how older women changes their ages to appeal to gross fucks for money.

No. 300518

Now she knows how Lara felt

No. 300519

File: 1686615477863.jpeg (120.69 KB, 828x1348, A1492B58-57F5-412E-A959-368630…)

What’s the point if she’s just going to blew off sales by accusing people of random shit.


No. 300520

Laura isn't a lolita anymore and shouldn't be talked about anymore or be in the OP anymore.

No. 300521

apologize? for what? being cringe? you act like she personally hurt you nonners.

No. 300522

Oh I don't know. For glorifying incels and school shooters saying they are misunderstood and then taking a still image from a real school shooting and kawaifying it?

No. 300527

Neither is Isha apparently, but putting a moratorium on discussing former lolitas when they are relevant to current drama is retarded.

No. 300528

You literally just want an excuse to keep bringing up Lara and harassing her. Pretending to be her friend for years to get access to private Facebook photos. You've successfully chased her out of lolita leave her alone!

No. 300531

nta lara wasn't relevant to the conversation. The obsession is getting tired, she wasn't even interesting when she was relevant.

No. 300532

people were trying to push her to be a cow and they kinda succeeded, the milk in this community was that dry

No. 300533

Isha is a million times milkier at this point. On top of that, I haven't seen a defensive spergout like we just witnessed in years. I don't think we've seent he last of her in this community.

No. 300535

This, it's v obvious Lara still posts here.

No. 300539

File: 1686667112013.jpg (157.72 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1686667001362.jpg)

Being a man is the best way to get attention of COF these days… Almost 500 likes for such a low effort outfit. If a female posted this, it'd get barely any attention.

I guess also the dog, the dog did help him.

No. 300541

Not saying I disagree nonny but this isn't milk.

No. 300542

ayrt and an apology for >>299711, mostly. the school shooter shit and incel pandering is just cringe teenage retardation at her age, and is much less worrying than memes about common usage of the n word and letting her pet incel refer to her as his “pajeet brown gf”. casual racism can hurt people irl, but bootlicking the columbine kids like every other /r9k/ retard is pretty harmless, especially when it’s such an obvious larp.

No. 300543

File: 1686670801264.jpg (170.63 KB, 2000x1000, 5089764-1363763080.jpg)

So you admit transmen are men?

No. 300544

And Rachel Dolezal is black, given that she managed to trick even ‘fellow’ black people into thinking she was ABAB (assigned black at birth) because of her physical appearance.

No. 300545

it is a female…

No. 300549

can we stop talking about lara already or at least take it to the gyaru threads? shes not relevant anymore and hasnt been relevant for a while now.

No. 300550

spoiler this jumpscare ffs nonny

No. 300551

who? the dog?

No. 300553

I kekd

No. 300555

>>300542 When anons feel so self entitled that they believe are owed an apology from some internet person they don't even know or care about over some cringe shitposts that are clearly edgy jokes that they aren't even actually upset over in the first place. Touch grass anon.

No. 300558

posting about you on lcf is not cowtipping kek.

Has anyone brought the frills.alert post to her local comm and discord mods?

No. 300560

Seattle mods can’t do anything but ban her. She left the Seattle comm over a year and a half ago and recently called her comm out for being a bunch of fatties.

No. 300562


She’s a lonelita

No. 300564

ngl that's based of her, most of them are fat if the ita thread pics are anything to go off of

No. 300570

Did you just get into jfashion yesterday? LMAO tabby is a woman. She was trooning out before it caught on with Lolitas too.

Tabby is so ugly now I’m not surprised shes being mistaken for a man

No. 300575

she mods babbylita hq and potentially other spaces, do they know?

No. 300576

She also runs Lemonade Float and last I knew helped mod Tea for Two.

No. 300577

Funny since she isn't very skinny herself kek

No. 300582

I don't know where she got the idea she's skinny kek. She's just average.

No. 300584

do. not. apologize.

reality is this poor newfag doesn't realize that any reaction is the gratification that these vultures want. unfortunately they are off being cringey fucktards about *chan culture as well, like #seagull. You guys can continue to eat your own kind, but you're all just as newfaggy and cringey as 17 year old zoomer.

No. 300585

would be good if mods of this website realized lolitas are notorious for cowtipping and not following the rules of this website.

this shit isn't even milk half the time

No. 300586

poorfag thinks they can afford it after bullying their friend

No. 300587

newsflash, milk isn't dry. just the people who commonly see and are not outcasts to the community just aren't posting it on lolcow. you get a good sense of who is on here from that.

No. 300588

you're definitely 18 years old, aren't you

No. 300591

Or maybe we do not need milk at all times. Get a job and a past time.

No. 300595

This is true, most cows don't get posted because it's obvious who would post them and it spoils the milk.

No. 300620

File: 1686726660519.jpeg (36.17 KB, 600x680, 7D2CB88C-B914-4209-8E73-CB5CB3…)

How come so many Lolita’s insist on letting trannies, furries, and fetishists into their community and then are surprised when they cause trouble or are unpleasant to be around?
Even in this thread we get unironic tranny defenders it’s so embarrassing. Maybe the lonelitas are right

No. 300622

I'm over 30. Eat less, tubby

No. 300639

Because most western lolitas are far left politicaly and /w/ in general has more sjws that use it.

No. 300645

the lolita community is so self destructive. spend 30 minutes on any other board and you get peaked instantly but these women insist on staying right here and on cgl fighting for the honor of some greasy troon’s nonexistent manhood. maybe it’s a crab bucket thing where the more they gas up uglies the more likely any ordinary person is to be the prettiest girl in her comm.

No. 300648

>where the more they gas up uglies the more likely any ordinary person is to be the prettiest girl in her comm
It's this. Any woman looks good next to the most passing troon. Real friends give concrit not YASS QWEEN them

No. 300661

Looks like someone peaked in high school

No. 300662

Only an American would think that becoming fat is part of being an adult.

Isha isn't fat, sure. But no, she is not skinny. She is just normal human sized. If you can't see that then your perception has been warped by the lards around you.

No. 300663

Agree, she's average. But clearly higher end of average. She's a few more pita chips from the overweight BMI lmao

No. 300665

I'm in Seattle comm and she's been coming to meets for years before she called us fat like she doesn't shoop herself skinnier and shorter to be more smol

No. 300669

Are there any photos that accurately portray how she looks irl?

No. 300674

I’m in the Seattle comm too and the mods and most of the active members are plus sized and not ageing gracefully either. Tbf a lot of American comms are like this.

No. 300682

you peaked in high school because you’re bordering on menopause debating about the body of a 17 year old

No. 300683

You're a fucking retard. she's on the low end of weight for a westerner. I hope she doesn't see these comments and take it to heart because this is just malicious to say about a 17 year old.

No. 300684

She's not even a westerner she's middle eastern

No. 300685

She from Nepal

No. 300686

Why is she saying the n word so much if she's not black? I assumed she was.

No. 300687

No wonder so many lolitas are friends with sainte and into ageplay and writing fanfic of transgirls, a lot of them are obsessed with young women's bodies.

No. 300689

>Weeehhhh don't be mean to the vile little cunt who cyberbullies people and idolizes shooters and calls everyone else fat hags! What if she feels bad about herself and develops an eating disorder!
Oh give me a fucking break with the suicidebaiting and EDbaiting.

No. 300691

where did she call the seattle comm fat? i mean she would not be wrong kek

No. 300693

No one is "obsessing" over her because theyre pointing out that her own cunty behavior is hypocritical. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

Stop being a defensive WKing faggot.

No. 300694

Kek the deflection. Even when this "poor widdle defenseless minor" is being an absolute cunt and calling everyone around her fat, you're still trying to act like other people calling her a normal weight are the problem.

No. 300696

This is an imageboard there's no proof she called anyone fat or shoops her pics wtf

No. 300697

did anyone catch that facebook screenshot that was just posted and deleted?

No. 300698

there literally is, are you blind? she posted on 4chan about being a lonelita because her comm is fat. If you're going to WK, try to keep up

No. 300699

File: 1686791419030.png (374.78 KB, 494x826, 9B323434-D6AF-4873-930D-25D66D…)

Sorry, my pfp wasn’t censored. But here’s her at a meet in 2022.

No. 300700

The anon saying she left a year ago and called everyone fat is obviously BSing.

No. 300701

File: 1686792030087.png (48.18 KB, 752x536, E16CAD53-48F3-41EF-86DE-BAC5A7…)

No. 300702

Nta but you just proved yourself wrong OP said 1.5 yrs, you said 1 yr, she said 6 mo. It really doesn't matter though it's irrelevant the Seattle comm is fat but so are most western comms and westerners. Lolita is the fat girl fashion for a reason.

No. 300703

No shit faggot. That’s why it was brought down

No. 300704

File: 1686793398361.jpeg (10.57 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

I mean she's not wrong, most western lolitas nowadays are landwhales. That's just stating facts.

No. 300705

Sure. But she's wrong LARPing as thin and pretty when she's average weight and looks like a horse and Jafar had a baby.

No. 300706

She is thin though? I've seen her in person and I would say she's thin

No. 300708

File: 1686794315262.png (90.81 KB, 1024x845, Facebook mods.png)

So these are the Seattle mods that isha is calling fat.

No. 300709

File: 1686794398400.jpeg (66.05 KB, 828x511, 64F31C59-0922-4CFF-AFE6-EE9A8B…)

No. 300710

A lot of people from the comm has distanced themselves from isha. She’s so annoying at comm meets.

No. 300711

Kek what does she do?

No. 300712

This isnt y2k/bimbo/kawaii >>299726 >>299727 >>299728 so that's not her or she's lying for attention but anon is right that most comms are filled with fats, uggos and troons and sometimes they're all 3!

No. 300714

Samefag She in the pink bow with curly purple hair in the back

No. 300715

WHy are you posting unrelated people?

No. 300716

Her Pinterest >>300011
Ish ish is a pathological liar. I wouldn’t trust what she says.

No. 300717

File: 1686795287007.jpeg (79.63 KB, 563x734, 06634A1D-D36B-468A-9151-9DAC24…)

My bad

She was really weird at meet ups too. Won’t forget how she spilled stuff on her brand all the time.

No. 300718

Dude she literally asked me to take a group shoe pic which was normal but then she asked us to do one our shoes off

No. 300720

What the fuck? Proof? Which pic was it?

Kek she really thinks shes pretty. She could literally pass as a lanky teenage boy with that giant nose and horse mouth

No. 300721

It’s offensive to say the f slur if you’re not a gay man. I’m telling your comm.

No. 300722

I can confirm that she’s unhinged in person. She’s adopted, which explains her wild behaviour and how she borrows money from her rich white adoptive parents. Her mom is super sweet and very liberal. She would be so upset about her daughter being on incel and racist boards. Personally, isha has some lose screws and identity issues and thinks she’s white when she’s a brown girl from Nepal brought to America by adoption.

No. 300725


No. 300727

calm down, Snacks

No. 300728

Hmm I think she does look a normal healthy weight. Believe me I'd love to shit on someone editing their photos but she looks pretty normal in all the photos that are posted not by her. I'm seriously curious though how that's on the edge of obesity tho

No. 300729

this isn’t proof. she tells on herself enough through social media and i don’t doubt the accusations. but using random anon posts is retarded

No. 300733

That explains a lot of the self-hatred. When all you get is the racism without being exposed to any of the positive aspects of the culture, you get this dumpster fire. Allowing her bf to call her a "pajeeta". Selling her tits to incels for chump change. She must really hate herself

No. 300734

This is. Look upthread for how it was connected to her namefag and discord

No. 300760

Yes because Isha is the only lolita on 4chan. There's a reason people take what's said here with a grain of salt.

No. 300774

This. It's obvious she has some retard anonymous friend that's trying to spread misinformation. This shit is boring. Go to gawker. These fresh out of school Lolita's are annoying as shit.

No. 300775

Nice try, be less transparent less time kek

No. 300782

Most of us don't care about your cancel culture antics and find this pathetic.

No. 300789

Then why is she hiding and leaving lolita? Gotta have thick skin to stand by what you say to a angry mob

No. 300790

She is the only one to sell CP to incels on 4chan, yes

KEK yeah sure, she had a friend LARP as her months ago, very believable

No. 300791

No one is "cancelling" her. The only place anyone is talking about it is here. Stop WKing you stupid faggot

No. 300797

Nta but probably because old women are attacking her. I notice this happens in the gyaru thread too so it has to be a j-fashion thing.

No. 300799

nobody is attacking her - nobody is in her dms harassing her, nobody is contacting her friends and family about her cow behavior, people aren't standing outside of her house in protest, there is no massive social media hate brigade against her, she is not being doxxed, she's not getting physically assaulted. all she needs to do is not visit this website if her feefees are easily hurt, same goes for all the other cows that get mentioned.

No. 300800

Do you know what website you're on?

No. 300803

nta but if she’s not being canceled then why are anons trying to “hold her accountable” lmfao. was it a big deal because she supposedly sold CP to incels (which btw we don’t have proof if that actually happened or she was exagerrating like teenagers do) or is it not a big deal and this is regular cgl tier antics?
if we’re gonna jot this one down as regular antics then every lolita should be ready to have all their secondary accounts, random embarrassing details, and private family information posted the minute they say some cringe shit because apparently that’s how the community operates now.

No. 300807

there are always a few dumb twitterfags and tiktoktards that shit this place up thinking we're their personal army or some cancel site rather than a place to laugh at and discuss cows. she is not being canceled simply because one or two unintegrated retards want her to be.
nobody is posting caps of her private family information - there are no photos of her parents/family, no family names, accounts, nor addresses posted in the thread. if they get posted you can report as it's against site rules and mods will likely take it down. her secondary accounts are fair game. they are public and she's posting photos of herself on them and making it clear they're her accounts. shouldn't have done that if she doesn't want to associate herself with the kind of shit she posts on them.

No. 300809

>nobody is posting caps of her private family information
And this anon saying she's from Nepal, adopted, has rich white parents when she's never said it publically? >>300722 (unless it's made up then it's absolutely not public info) She was cowtipped when retard @frills.alert tagged her and posted their account here and people are asking what lolita groups she's in to contact them.
>nobody is in her dms harassing her, nobody is contacting her friends and family
We can't know this?

No. 300813

this is in the board rules:
>Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow
so technically posts like that from people who claim to know a cow aren't allowed regardless of whether they're true or not. just report and mods should eventually get around to it.
that self-posting frills.alert idiot already got a ban earlier itt but yes you're right about that. whoever made the account seems like some weirdo with a hateboner trying to get people to go after her.

No. 300814

File: 1686876807600.jpeg (195.72 KB, 828x1472, 8093986C-1EF1-4E6F-8DE3-4DBB37…)

Nepal bitch

No. 300815

Kek Seattle is full of circle jerk cows. They really can’t stop leaving tracks online and get mad when anons post caps. Based nonny

No. 300816

Before anons starts pointing fingers. I am not the anons from Seattle that’s posting in person interaction with the isha. She clearly created beef with the entire Seattle lolita community

No. 300817

I know a few acquaintances that are from Seattle, and they really don’t like Isha. She is messy, and I’m not talking about spilling ketchup on her AP milky planet. 

No. 300819

Kek spill

No. 300820

What happened to momokopilled? The page is gone. I was following her up until Tuesday.

No. 300821

Page deleted

No. 300822

and caps of her parents being rich white and she's adopted? or is this also just half-truths like very other retarded claim ie she was asking for feet pics, as funny as it is a lot of stuff itt is obviously overblown

No. 300823

I guess these anons seen her mom at meets >>299735

No. 300835

Anon forgets that people can meet and talk about things in person. Try going outside, the grass is lovely this time of year.

No. 300859

Are you new here? Just to be clear, this is a gossip site. Try to make your WKing a little less obvious

No. 300861

Spreading that teens are selling CP and asking for fetish pics (neither confirmed) and making sexual comments on her body when you're mostly 30+ is disturbing and why there are WKs coming in.

No. 300867

>selling CP
She was caught selling herself on 4chan to incels then bragging about it. Several caps were posted.
>asking for fetish pics
While I have no doubt she is a pain to hang out with at meets this one was most likely a joke.
>sexual comments about her body
Where did you get that?
>you're all 30+
Again, where? You are writing your assumptions as if they were facts in a thinly veiled attempt to WK.

Go outside and close the browser.

No. 300870

Inb4 whiteknight but I feel like younger lolitas need to stay away from far older ones (30s-40s) because this sort of thing keeps happening. Both Frilled and Isha hung out with older women and were encouraged to grift online by the 35+ year olds in their friend circles- 20dollarlolita told Frilled to sell sexual foot fetish pictures and to start an ebegging gofundme. Isha hung out with self-admitted pedophile Sainte, and DDZ who’s starred in fetish porn videos. I’m sure these people normalized posting sexual content online for them. It’s the same way older Onlyfans women groom teenage girls into starting OF the moment they turn 18. Nat and Frilled were underage when they joined their friend groups, and Isha still is.

Does it excuse Isha being absolutely vile towards her comm or her insane /r9k/ posting? Absolutely not, and she can still be milky. But it’s still sad to see her and other girls being groomed by women twice their age.

No. 300875

>20dollarlolita told Frilled to sell sexual foot fetish pictures and to start an ebegging gofundme
Oh come off it it was a joke!

No. 300876

Also know I'll be accused of WK but 20 dollar lolita is hardly a groomer. IIRC, a guy approached Frilled asking for her to sell her used shoes (didn't even explicitly say it was for fetish reasons, although duh) and said he'd pay for her to get new ones to replace them. 20 dollar lolita just jokingly replied that she should do it. That's a far cry from grooming someone to do SW (which there's no evidence that 20 dollar lolita does either). The GFM thing, yeah, both of them have posted one, but I never saw where 20 dollar lolita advised Frilled to do it? If I'm wrong please show me the caps.

No. 300877

I thought 20DL told frilled something along the lines of "look I'm not going to stop you but be safe." Or something like that. You're playing a game of telephone with yourself.

No. 300882

Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.

No. 300908

She is mad ugly.

No. 300909

You are correct. Even those without a past of being pedophiles or partaking in fetish porn like Melissa have shown themselves to be predatory. No sane woman nearing her 40s hangs out with mostly teenagers. Her blogpost was kekworthy and transparent. She is a predator herself.

No. 300911

File: 1687022299303.jpg (58.5 KB, 1080x738, Screenshot_20230617_101657_Ins…)

Speaking of her looks like she left lolita over this too?

No. 300926

Kek what a bunch of cowards

No. 300928

I doubt she'll truly leave lolita, she's entirely reliant on it for social interaction and wouldn't have a life without it. she spends more time on her loctard friends and involving herself in lolita internet drama than she does taking care of her own children

No. 300940

If you ask me they're only saying they're leaving so they can come in here and claim we can't talk about them any more because they've left lolita.

No. 300941

Kinda doubt it since it doesn't work for Lara

No. 300942

you might be onto something. both isha and melissa would be selling off most their wardrobes if they were serious about leaving yet so far neither of them are.

No. 300964

They’ll be the infamous cows of lolita that’ll be told to everyone lolita comm

No. 300976

That or in their peabrain it's categorized as trolling us somehow. They are not leaving only pretending. They would whither without the only attention they get on here

No. 300981

Idk I'm 30+ and all I do is tell young people to not do this stuff. It seems to be mostly their peers encouraging this, not older women.

No. 301034

The call is coming from inside the house. Do you finally pick up or continue to ignore it?

No. 301038

is this a schizopost? what are you trying to say?

No. 301101

Notice how the thread went silent after Melissa and isha went outside to finally touch grass.

No. 301107

Sure but for the record its also fine for the thread to be quiet if there's no milk, too. A lot of the newbies who flooded in during discordgate don't seem to get that. Lots of crazy people in the community at large aside from LOC/seagull, just gotta wait and someone will do something nuts.

No. 301139

Who the fuck even is this? So obnoxious.

No. 301148

she right(sage )

No. 301150

File: 1687328730146.png (101.82 KB, 625x811, frillyfreedomzine.png)

Someone made a cringy lolita zine and it features Frilled Criminal, Lilac Scented, and Thea Calix as contributors which is odd considering their interviews and art feel like personal asspats instead of community oriented content. There are 4 pages dedicated to lolita being a source of gender euphoria so good to know the creator is cool with fetishists I guess. Aside from the cows, there are a few cute coord snaps but otherwise most of the content is really low effort like the weird fanfic at the end. I have no idea who the zine organizers are. Is anyone familiar with them? This is the link to the full zine: https://frillyfreedom.itch.io/frilly-freedom-zine-v1 and the Instagram of the zine creator: https://www.instagram.com/frillyfreedomzine/

No. 301177

Samefag but for those who don't want to leave the site

Artists: @rozenvampyr1999, sel.rose.by.charlie / sel.r0se, @punkvamps / @203egl, @sleepypeanutbot, @lunaticandlolita / @lunaticandlolita / @saturnphobic, @theacalix / @the.as.s.art, @vinvent.fennells, @coinoperatedcthulu

Creators: @chiefttalloo, @frillytarofashion

No. 301178

File: 1687369245167.png (174.42 KB, 874x827, lockhart.png)

"Ducky" @coinoperatedcthulu even has her own lolita novel ft a lolita named George lmfao you can't make this up. #gendereuphoria

No. 301180

File: 1687370051498.png (162.1 KB, 948x934, ffz.png)

Reposting censored photo because the Saturn person is 15.

No. 301185

Is George maybe hopefully a nickname for Georgette at least?

No. 301186

Pay $6 to find out kek

No. 301187

File: 1687375236295.png (744.56 KB, 564x734, itafieldsforever.png)

Not surprised to see terminal ita Thea in here kek. Based on a look through her insta, the zine creator chefttalloo is also 15. Not posting pics because they are below the minimum posting age for this board, but they seem a little off in the "mentow iwwness" way based on their meet the artist insta post. I did read the interviews in full and some were the absolute bare minimum. Lilac Scented has the laziest one and didn't even write in full sentences. Frilled at least tried which at this point is great because the bar is so low with her. The Italian one had a cute interview and coord so she gets a pass.
Anon don't kid yourself and cope. You and I both know it's not short for Georgette.

No. 301192

File: 1687376326213.jpg (810.77 KB, 2296x2081, predator_supporters.jpg)

there sure are a lot of lolitas supporting and engaging with known pedophiles

No. 301193

I've sat on this for some time and have been wondering if Lilac Scented is a compulsive liar. She ran away crying from SF comm like 2 years ago when someone caught her for using the 18+ role and then admitting she was a minor the whole time. She's had mechanical engineer in her bio for years on IG and put it in the zine now even though she's not even 20. That's not a job you can do without a college degree which she obviously doesn't have at this age. She also claims to have many different jobs on her reddit account and Instagram, such as a piercer and animal rehabber and a toy company developer. Is it just me or does not all of this add up?

No. 301194

The job thing could be a joke, what else does she lie about besides her job and age?

No. 301195

@planaisse and @rambo_brite are also hulking men in dresses that have been sources of controversy in the community for years, makes sense they all band together. People have been defending Andrea for years, unfortunately.

No. 301197

the.madness.of.frills is the troon that runs the Predator Alert Facebook page too, he was talked about around discordgate for harboring predators within the group.

No. 301207

>Couldn't figure out taobao without handholding
>Thinks adults who work jobs and set aside money are "super rich brand elitists"
>Perpetuates myth that anyone at all will give you shit outside cgl for wearing Bodyline or taobao
>Literalwho with 1k views who posted this a month ago

Feels very much like a selfpost that wants negative attention to make her video feel more legitimate.

No. 301210

File: 1687388615289.png (126.64 KB, 814x747, lul.png)

This image is such an eyesore and of course these women HAVE to bring out them trooning out in the most hyper feminine fashion you can think of.
I genuinely hate that lolita attracts these type of women children.

No. 301211

It's absolutely her and she also snapped at Nunu at the fashion show. It was embarrassing.(sage your shit)

No. 301214

My thoughts nonna. Why's the only she/her in a niqab? If she was really Muslim she'd hate them.

No. 301215

Proof? What was said?

No. 301227


Not a joke, she's in the sf egl server acting like she's an expert engineer and animal rehabilitator oh and shes also a full time artist… Which is it?

No. 301230

Does she openly talk about this in the comm or just reddit? If she contains it only to reddit then it's delusional but harmless. It's an interesting time for this to come up because I think I recently saw her on a dating show video. The clout chasing/efame wannabe claims might be true. I'll go back and find the video if I can.

No. 301231

I didn't expect the Korean pro-Sharia law girl to back these wokies. She's like a inverse version of Kanadajin lmao

No. 301237

Here it is. A lot of people on YouTube reacted to it. She straight up says she's a mechanical and industrial engineer, not even a student. I'm starting to see it too. That's such a weird thing to lie about since she could just say she's a student majoring in that but she's claiming it as a job? It looks like she is 19 according to IG so there's no way that's her job without finishing a college degree.

No. 301242

KEK this is hilarious! Hers starts at 1:38. She also says her hobby is rehabbing animals in it

No. 301270

This is kind of transphobic don't you think. Painting all of these people who are clearly lgbtq as predators?

No. 301271

weak bait, go back, hi troon, etc. etc.

No. 301278

That's just engineers for you. Engineering majors love to dickwave it in front of everyone unprompted and make it their whole personality.

No. 301281

How many mechanical and industrial engineers/animal rehabilitators/artists all in 1 do you know? Now how many didn't go to college?

No. 301284

calling georgina's and georgette's george has been a thing for literally hundreds of years

No. 301285

File: 1687454135131.png (2.03 MB, 1288x2176, Untitled.png)

Exactly this! I don't think she's in school at all and is going for the "hardcore job in a pretty dress uwu" thing to feel special. Her recent IG post talks about working in the toy industry too. I know she makes BJDs but everyone who makes those doesn't physically craft the dolls themselves. I feel like she just wants people to like her and think she's cool which is fair when you're a kid, but she's an adult now so it's time to grow up and stop exaggerating every little thing she does especially for e-fame.

No. 301291

Honestly who cares about preddators? Itas make me look better, I don't talk to them in person and they like my content and increase my follower count. If other people feel threatened that's a them problem and if they leave then good, more dresses for me.

No. 301292

>My cat has AIDS so I can't be with someone who has other animals
>My hobby is rehabbing animals
Huh?!? Make it make sense. Also it qould be FelIV or FIV in cats, AIDS is specific to HIV and the H stands for human.

No. 301294

Yea, FIV is kitty aids. F standing for feline as opposed to HIV, H standing for human. But you can have FIV cats with non-FIV cats and it's not a real issue. Maybe only in the case of cats that are really aggressive and fight drawing blood/mixing saliva there could be disease transfer. But if they are all fixed they won't be transmitting it sexually. So minus extremely aggressive cats its fine to keep FIV cats with other cats.

No. 301295

shes in my comm and rather pleasant. i dont mind her being at meets. never got weird vibes or anything. i wish people would stop prying so much into other peoples personal lives. its no ones business what sort of kinks people enjoy.(integrate at lolcow.farm/info)

No. 301296

File: 1687461145553.png (882.1 KB, 1449x847, pedo.png)

are you actually retarded? it's not "prying so much into other peoples personal lives" when it's being posted online as publicly available information. this is a literal pedophile grown man posing with actual TODDLERS on his social media and has a photo of a child on this sexual website. acting out your ""transition"" into a 4 year old girl in a children's public park and documenting your ""puberty"" isn't a "kink". i will pray that you never reproduce

No. 301297

This guy cannot be for real. Is he larping as a child as well as writing these weird narratives? Or did someone else write these?

No. 301299

whoever writes the posts signs off as "joanne" and sorry all i forgot to sage my initial post

No. 301302

It is not at all normal for even a 13 year old to be making up lies that obvious. Something is absolutely wrong with her, must be a pathological liar. Does she think everyone around her is retarded?

No. 301303

Is this the blog that Andrea was claiming was "written by someone else"? How do they explain the obvious sissy pictures then, and in public childrens' spaces? Amazing how gullible these retards are

No. 301305

It appears to be written by a 'Joanne' LARPing as him. BUT he obviously took those sissy pics, they photos don't look edited. Whether he wrote the blog or not doesn't matter when the pics tell us enough.

No. 301306

i'm pretty sure joanne is part of the larp. since andrea as a '3 year old' is too young to write or be on the computer. so joanne, whom i imagine is the fictional caretaker of the 'child', is documenting it on behalf of andrea. in reality both joanne and andrea are just andrea. he just wants to make the larp more 'realistic' and realistically '3 year old' andrea doesn't know how to type…. it's incredible mental illness and nauseating pedophilia is what this is.

No. 301307

Oh god…..reading some of the filth and you're right, 'Joanne' is him LARPing as his caretaker…..

No. 301308

This Andrea freak is following minors in the fashion too. Caitlyn @abhorrentfrills there is 19 iirc. Does she know what kind of sicko is following her? She mods Babylita I hope she hasnt allowed him in there with access to other minors

No. 301310

19 is not a minor, nonna. Unless Caitlyn is also being age regressed lmao

But Andrea is creepy as hell and always has been, I truly cannot believe anyone still defends him after all these years.

No. 301311

obviously. no other person would write a blog this sickening about him. plus conveniently have all of these disgusting sissy child larp photos.

No. 301312

You think he might be grooming her?

No. 301313

considering the followers/commenters on the account it's not hard to believe someone stealing his pics. the pics alone say enough though but yea it's pretty obv written by himself.

No. 301315

She likely just follows him for the woke points and not because she actually likes him or his coords. That’s how most of these weirdos have followings. Not everything is as deep as grooming. Still a creep who should be avoided and ignored.

No. 301316

Why is everything grooming with you fags?

No. 301317


She’s a very good mod and takes the responsibility very seriously. I don’t think she would let anybody like that into such a vulnerable space.

No. 301325

This plus he's far from a "babylita" so he shouldn't even qualify to get in. If she doesn't follow him back you cant even tinfoil they're friends. It's gross he follows her though. She comes here so I hope she sees and blocks him.

No. 301333

It seems like itas like isha and lilac love to hold their grip on mod positions by lying about their age.

No. 301338

What mod position does either of them hold?

No. 301342

She's a probably a mod for Frilled Criminal's offshoot server if someone can confirm that. I think anyone lying about their age and wearing lolita has to be into some kind of kink/ageplay based on Andrea. Does this apply to Isha and Lilac too?

No. 301343

>>301193 I don't think she ever said she was a toy company developer. She said she designed for her friend's toy company.

No. 301345

That's probably what they meant.
I thought her coord if you can even call it that was odd. She wore just enough to be special but didn't wear headwear because that would be too far. I felt like she wore lolita to be special because otherwise people wouldn't be talking so much about "omg the quirky girl in the dress!!!"

No. 301347

andrea is a pedophile because he wrote a sexual fantasy involving children and used photos of children in his pedophile erotica. pedophilia is a sexual attraction to minors which he definitely made it clear he has. lilac and isha, while a bit crazy, have done nothing to indicate they are pedos.
also currently isha is currently not a mod for any lolita related server and is slowly selling off her lolita wardrobe on lacemarket - she was telling the truth about leaving.

No. 301348

In the vid she says she likes dressing like a lil Ole lady because no one hackles her but the way she says it is odd huh?

So since she lied about being older once she is somehow trying to "hold her grip" on her possible mod position in her close friend's shitty discord server? What even is this anon's stupid fanfic of her…

No. 301349

File: 1687502881596.png (27.42 KB, 767x713, reddit1.png)

I don't think she's using her age to leverage a mod position. I think that anon was trying to make a comparison between Isha and Lilac scented and like other anons said, they want to be noticed but ultimately Lilac scented is not trying to be a mod of any major server unlike Isha. I did find her reddit and she is acting like she's being persecuted in the comments. Proof it is her account in the last comment where she drops her IG: https://www.reddit.com/r/codyko/comments/13e7jhi/mission_complete_i_got_onto_a_cody_ko_vid/
I also screencapped the relevant comment thread. People were really nice in all of the videos I saw so where are the death threats coming from.

No. 301350

File: 1687503523725.gif (500.83 KB, 207x257, 1477897277050.gif)

Dumb cunts like you are the reason comms are so shit and full of predators.

No. 301358

>Honestly who cares about preddators?
please kys

No. 301360

Except Isha isn't a mod of any major server and neither is Lilac.

No. 301363

>>301325 you can see from >>301192 that she does follow him looks like they are both mutuals

No. 301364

Oh ew but also lol rambo_brite follows Andrea

No. 301365

File: 1687536666848.jpeg (30.13 KB, 827x478, mc-6862648A-0711-4789-AC5F-94B…)

Isha is getting negative feedbacks after negative feedbacks despite leaving lolita

No. 301366

Exactly, there’s no grooming, it’s plain old virtue signaling. Caitlin cares a lot about her ~queer identity~ even though she’s dating a balding man. And Paulina cupcake_kamisama is the one from a few threads ago who posted all the oversharing woke cringe about Ukraine and shit next to selfies.

No. 301378

>has sales up saying leaving lolita
>ghosts on a buy

what did the person expect? No offense to the seller, it's definitely Isha's fault. It's annoying people can press buy and there's no commitment because if no transaction took place you can just get mods to change feedback to neutral when it should be a negative for backing out. In some ways I miss egl_comm_sales

No. 301379

File: 1687540764155.png (76.49 KB, 1200x764, kek.png)

On another sales of hers, I hate fat asses like this. If you have to ask then it doesn't fit.

No. 301381

I hate that shit too, especially when the lolibrary link is RIGHT THERE.

No. 301391

so she's leaving the fashion yet she still buys something knowing she's going to back out? sounds kinda scummy, why waste the sellers time?

No. 301393

It's a good price, buying for a friend or hoping to scalp maybe?

No. 301409

WTF how new are you? >>301365 behavior absolutely warrants a negative feedback. In bidding on/buying a listing, you are agreeing to purchase the item. Breaking that commitment is against the rules, you dingus.

No. 301413

WTF how stupid are you?
>if no transaction took place you can just get mods to change feedback to neutral when it should be a negative for backing out.
Read it again but slowly this time

No. 301445

I've seen proof of Andrea's sissy ageplay blog, but I've never seen anyone back up the claims about him using photos of kids in his weird fanfic shit. Is there any screenshots? I don't doubt it, he's a total creep and a fetishist that shouldn't be around minors, but I think having proof of him doing that creepy shit with kids would be better than just spreading the rumor around.

No. 301449

we're not allowed to post pics of people under 16 here but yes there are actual children's photos on his blog, you can type in the link and look through his posts for yourself. one is a photo of a young girl in a crib, another is a little girl wearing makeup. actual children being used in his pedo erotica and sexualized.

No. 301451

samefag the posts that have the kid photos in them are the andreas punishment one and the tinkling andrea one. caps aren't allowed to be posted here due to site rules.

No. 301453

it's real, the link is in an archived thread. Browse with eye bleach handy! I wish I had just believed the other anons

No. 301498

i mean you obviously know her? stop being a creepy lurker and actually address shit head on or shut the fuck and stop tinfoiling about whether or not somebody’s identity meets your personal standards for “validity”.

No. 301530

AYRT Okay, yeah, I never picked up on those on his blog since I could hardly look at it last time I found it. The Andrea's punishment one looks like another degen adult baby (considering the giant crib size) but the other one really is a kid. Given that this knowledge is public, this blog is still up, why on earth are people okay with him being in any lolita comm?? Even virtual?? My local comm is his but I refuse to be around him or his enablers, and yes there are several minors in his comm. People are willing to cancel female lolitas for breathing the wrong way but not a literal sissy fetishist pedophile?

No. 301538

unfortunately handmaidens think pedophilia is a harmless kink and that male pedophiles who larp as women are oppressed, like >>301295 for example. I just hope he doesn't harm the minors in the comm, it's deranged and evil to knowingly let a pedophile into a group with minors

No. 301545

He used the Shaggy excuse of "it wasn't me" but for some reason people were willing to believe him.

No. 301547

At this point I truly believe it's because some people want him to chase other women out of the comm so they can remain in power, have less competition with releases, etc plus most women in lolita hate minors so it's really nbd if they're preyed on,

No. 301550

> stop tinfoiling about whether or not somebody’s identity meets your personal standards for “validity”
ma’am this is not tumblr and you are not in fact “valid

No. 301571

Shut your goofy ass up and go back

No. 301574

I’m so glad that this is one of the few places where you can openly shit on sissies/troons and their supporters that plague the community. I swear to god there’s too many and they need a damn reality check.

No. 301643

File: 1687728905470.png (16.51 KB, 1656x262, loc.png)

LOC @twisted.frills @koitsukihime_ member got caught selfposting to /cgl/ and is running damage control reporting replies.

No. 301651

melissa and ddnazi are unfortunately still lolitas, melissa still posts her shitty coords to twitter. it would be nice if they sold off their wardrobe and found another hobby to shit up with their retardation but for now that's not happening.

No. 301760

How do you know she's reporting replies…?

No. 301761

Sage your tinfoil

No. 301769

nonny >>301192 included the link where you can go and look for yourself and did cap one of the child photos but censored it cause theres no reason to post kids here

No. 301770

>>301445 Are you fucking stupid? What the fuck is wrong with you. LITERALLY GO LOOK. I don't even want to post this. But here I'll fucking spoonfeed you since you can't take the 2 seconds to click around for yourself. https://littlemissandrea-joanne.blogspot.com/2010/06/tinkling-andrea.html?m=0 I know this is an image board but I'm not posting screenshots. So report me for just linking a url without photos. I don't even care. I'm so fucking sick of you retarded ped0-handmaidens. Fukcing kys.

No. 301775


as her acquaintance you should maybe let her know about andrea especially if she is young. queer or not she shouldnt be interacting with pedophiles.

No. 301781

She reads here and so do her friends so if she's still following it's her choice as an adult.

No. 301784

Same way we know when its Liv and her friends.

No. 301796

Liv looks like she enjoys provolone cheese kek

No. 301798

don't insult provolone like that

No. 301807

The fact she's now private and her Instagram is gone is proof enough(sage your shit)

No. 301810

This is fucking disgusting. I’m not caught up on this milk but I hope he doesn’t have any current access to minor lolitas. Comm mods who ignore this need to be held accountable

No. 301812

He's in Atlanta comm, Rambo is in a Florida comm and at least r/lolita. Nothinng will happen though

No. 301814

>>301810 As long as people let him into comms, he has access. It's hard to know how deep his connections go. Unfortunately he got a lot of leverage from his promotional travels for Frill by Affriliation. My old comm hosted him, major wine and dine. I can attest he gave special attention to those who looked young and were young (16). He is still listed as a member for that comm, along with others who I know are not active because mods are lax.

No. 301820

i saw this on the ita thread too, what on earth is your thing with provolone, anon

No. 301846

No. 301848

Genuinely disgusting that mods of ATL and whatever comm you're in allow a verified sissy to hang around as if he's one of us. They should be ashamed of themselves, allowing that predator access to women and children while he enacts his fetish in public

No. 301850

I'm confused about that. Her story wasnt even posted. So what led her to tinfoil that the random girl who looked at her story is the same one talking about her? Is she just generally mentally ill?

No. 301857

Iirc she posted a fake account mable or one of her friends that they were using to stalk loc? The @ was Esoteric something. Pls post caps if someone can find it but both LOC and the old schoolers are messy and dramatic. Still don’t know why the target was specifically just mable

No. 301878

hes active in atlanta comm and is mutuals with a lot on minors on his socials. how we are letting grown male predators have access to minors in the name of inclusion is terrifying. has anyone in atl comm voiced their concerns to mods or brought this to their attention.

No. 301882

Read the thread, mods don't give a shizz. He said it's fake and they believed him.

No. 301884

>>301882 How dumb can they be? It's so obviously him. The photos alone tell all you need to know.

No. 301886

>takes photos of himself on kids playground, in baby crib, with childrens toys
>no of course those ageplay photos of me werent taken specifically for the ageplay blog that i most definitely didnt write

fr who believes this junk?

No. 301888

Handmaidens lol. Anyone in ATL want to shout out complacent comm mods?

No. 301889

they're just as complicit in any grooming or worse he does in the community.

No. 301895

There's a ton of talk about Andrea in the logs. La La Land vehemently defends him.

No. 301900

File: 1687893684529.png (2.97 KB, 1281x83, gross.png)

Explains why she lets Rambo in r/lolita. Also speaking of peods can you girls stop fcking selling to sainte?!

No. 301906

I had to see this kek. You weren't joking - she defends him even though most are creeped out and making fun of him. Later though she fights over it with Kalico

[18-May-22 06:50 PM] Lala Land#7138
i mean i thought that she was happy with her husband and doesn't have much social media… and she already had one FFS and there were complications. and she got huge implants i mean she's been female for like 40 years. sorry this just sat with me kinda :/ like don't be telling the lady that her face is too manly bro

[18-May-22 06:59 PM] It’s Frickin Bats#6969
you say that like people arent implying shes a sissy, and making fun of her femininity

Then Kalico accusing Alys of being a TERF/transphobe for finding Andrea creepy. Didn't age well did it?

[18-May-22 07:22 PM] It’s Frickin Bats#6969
it is that deep when you were also accused of being complicit in terfy idealology literally this morning, and then you agree with a transphobic comment?

[18-May-22 07:23 PM] alys#0310
I am a terf

LLL strikes me as BPD, she's really nuts.

[18-May-22 07:28 PM] Lala Land#7138
so you never wanted to feel comforted. you just wanted to inform us all that you were not okay with the conversation. you didn't want the issue to be solved.

No. 301907

dafaq u kidding me?

No. 301908

Is she admitting to being a TERF? That's so based.

No. 301910

>>301895 so is lala still defending him even after his pedo blog has surfaced?

No. 301913

im so here for alys terf arc
based gigachad fr fr the absolute nads for saying that to a bunch of troonlover pedoenablers

No. 301916

she's not a terf, she dates mtfs and says it's a lesbian relationship

No. 301924

So…. she's straight?

No. 301925


I bet lala and alys both eat provolone cheese. TOGETHER.

No. 301929

This wasn’t funny the first two times.

No. 301930

Guessing its another retarted inside joke from sac comm

No. 301931

File: 1687910650961.jpg (95.3 KB, 503x1045, hehimtheythem.jpg)

Why wouldn't a he/him they/them in the most feminine fashion and doing nothing to look like a man cape for a sissy predator?

No. 301937

What does it have to do with the sac comm? I never saw them mention cheese even as an inside joke.

No. 301940

thats cause you arent on the inside

No. 301949

Almost 4 weeks in with no posts. Im guessing it’s safe to assume that this died before it was ever alive

No. 301951

It's basically useless if you can't say names, faces censors, and "no misinformation or false allegations" which is really all gossip sites are. Why have a gossip forum then take away gossip?

No. 301954

And you are?

No. 301967

There are false allegations on this thread? How are we supposed to tell?

No. 301977

Use your common sense if you have any.

No. 301980

You're asking a lot from this site, nonna.

No. 301987

at least btb 2nd revival was consistent did it end up being reported or something?

No. 301988

Any intelligent person knows that everything posted here is absolutely, positively, 100% true with no fabrications, over exaggerations or embellishments of any kind.

No. 301989

Speculation LOC ran the second BtB but Discordchans mass reported to make their own. It was called out so they never went further with it but it should be linked in prev threads. Someone said Melissa runs Secret Sisterhood but since she left lolita it's probably not getting more posts? Not sure who made the new one but they made it on every site but no submissions on any. It's clear BtB died for a reason. Also making submissions via email is so stupid, no one is making a fake email just to send in stupid submissions

No. 301992

Melissa runs those sites kek. Her and Nat are behind it

No. 301993

The site looks similar to polyester princess and all the other blogs ran by Melissa.

No. 301994

File: 1687979199512.jpeg (163.15 KB, 827x1646, DBB959C3-7548-483E-B241-8D5E17…)

No. 301995

Can someone who not a Loc or a discord gull make a btb. The original owner of btb was alright then loc started to shit it up with the seagulls.

No. 301996

i swear these bitches are behind every egregious scandal in the west

No. 301997

File: 1687979873734.png (6.55 KB, 248x170, sr.png)

Secret Sisterhood is run by one of the original owners of LJ BtB.

No offense but consider seeing (pun intended) a optometrist nonny. Interestingly if you go to "members Access" on the tumblr it directs you to a password protected blog called "secret ruffles"

No. 301998

There’s plenty of rumors in these threads accepted as facts without proof just because people are already disliked on LC

No. 302000

Just so you girls know, there are web codes for IP trackers available for LJ and Tumblr that the sort of scum LoC members are would absolutely use. Be careful with those links.

No. 302001

I'm pretty certain the 2nd BTB was the same owners as LJ BTB.

No. 302002

Then why not just ressurect the OG BTB on LJ if they had access to it in the first place? It's clear this new one isn't them all the accounts were made the day it got posted here

No. 302003

The sites disappeared. Nonny please tell us you used a different IP, because it seems like it was bait for the seagulls messing with LOC.

Also polyester princess and ddz based & laced has IP trackers. Nat just posted how she can see who has been visiting her blog site on here.

No. 302004

Melissa is unhinged, but she’s very smart. You guys should’ve just used a hidden IP service. Now she has all the info on who’ve been stalking them and posting isha.

No. 302005

File: 1687980942185.png (2.41 KB, 364x74, dw.png)

Guess they don't like us talking about em. They are all gone, heres proof they deleted the dw themselves and it wasnt reported but the secretruffles.tumblr.com is gone, bowsconfessions on LJ and tumblr is gone. If you didn't want us making fun of your shit don't post it here.

No. 302007

Kek! It seems like Melissa is here and being vengeful. Are they going to look at the seagulls list they made and tie it to where they live, the PayPal address they used for Lace Market, and all the way down to IPs they’ve obtained? That’s entirely based on them.
Maybe Isha gave them the information on who’s been bothering her and traced their address from Lace Market and PayPal info.

No. 302008

>very smart

No. 302010

File: 1687981800015.jpeg (157.82 KB, 742x1319, 7AE13F23-CC96-48B9-8279-2015A3…)

This! And isha said that she’s beyond the point of tracking them down. She must be referring to the discord seagulls and she knows specifically who it is. I guess loc won their cake

No. 302011

File: 1687982095782.jpeg (75.45 KB, 633x887, 8DC1C591-5BB4-4C27-AC87-6233F7…)

You expect a 17 year old ita incel to figure this out?

No. 302012

Isha and Melissa left lolita. Can you anons shut the fuck up and move on.

No. 302013

We'll shut up about them when we shut up about lara: never. Just because they're not wearing lolita doesn't mean they won't get posted here.

No. 302014

Still a better coord than half the western comms

No. 302016

She’s literally posting on Twitter about her new clothes and loc meet. All loc do is lie on anonymous boards.

No. 302017

File: 1687983543805.png (502.07 KB, 1490x845, claricepeach.png)

More deleting happening on ceeg. This time over claricepeach. I forgot she started likegate. Sorry for repost forgot the archive link: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/10862733

No. 302019

im honestly surprised they fell for it. loc tards just cant help but insert themselves into any potential tiny morsel of drama but we got their ip addresses. ip dump from bowsconfession:


more ips to come soon.(fake dox bait)

No. 302023

I think this counts as doxxing nonny

No. 302025

Kek anon. whoever is using the Walmart WiFi must works there and mad over a teen.

No. 302026

Bless you nonny

No. 302027

Discord chans spends their days eating McDonald’s, crying over loc, and works at Walmart.

No. 302029

No, the discordchans are professionals, none of them work for walmart. That's a stupid tinfoil. They have their own businesses or do photography or work in tech or design.

No. 302030

wtf is this even allowed????

No. 302031

File: 1687984757567.jpeg (151.4 KB, 778x809, 6C7342A4-2782-49F5-9A07-668538…)


Olivia/Liv Engro pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowghostbunny @o.engro (formerly dreamypastelprincess) [particularly heinous offender]
toastchan#4873 = @toastchaaan LM: toastchan
Rainey rainier#6904 = @ltracks, @___diarygirl, @ltracksvintage, @theltracks
Hannah Franke ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty LM: Rosequartzroyalty [particularly heinous offender]

Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy (originally from Wiscousin) LM: RaddicalEddy

Anna Shipman Aiu#0642 = @disparaitre_girl LM: aiunyan [particularly heinous offender]
Mani Devlin tokkigo#7380 = @tokkigo LM: tokkigo [particularly heinous offender, ragequit after being posted]
_kurako__#5711 = @_kurako__
Ha-Anh Dinh JuJuJu Bi#3579 = @junie_green, @twotartsandaprincess, @JunieGreenerie, twotartsandaprincess.com
kuroeko#0558 = @kuroekoo LM: kuroeko
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes LM: PaperSnowflakes (works at Baby SF, has leaked secret shop info to discord)
dedizenoflight#5279 = @dedizenoflight (Twitter)

Ezra biscuit#2593 = @biscuit.bun, @gl.ossuary, @gl_ossuary LM: biscuitbun
Nif @prettyprincess.club LM: niftynif

Arianne Golding cardinalcopia#8114 = @kdycu, @telltaleyarnco
melomania#8041 = LM: melomania


beck#2603 = @beckattack, becksux LM: beck


North Bend, IOWA
Scotty Bishop ImNewHere#9064 = @scottyspor LM: ImNewHere

Lyla Hyatt Lala Land#7138 = @clefableist [particularly heinous offender] LM: Ensomnia
agentlemandoesnotconga = @agentlemandoesnotconga LM: agentlemandoesnotconga

#3234 = name changed to 23minds#3234

evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe

Julie starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy, @sweetjujushop LM: starstarfairy

zepplis#6640 = @zepplis LM: zepplis


Chelsea Clarke Cookie Cat#7077 = Rose Nocturnalia, void-whispers.blogspot.com

Lily Lee Lucid#9208 = @lucidly lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org

Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia

wallpaper-chan#9414 = @voyeurism.s LM: velveteenchemise

Jess#1258 (@jess.in.pink?)
Kim Varley ghostlie#7579 = @ghostlieangel @shopbellefreams

celestial#8008 = @twinklebatdesigns, @batIatte, acute-bird, coof-police LM: bumblebat [particularly heinous offender]

PeachyPies#6168 = @peachy.pumpkin.tea

Cake#9854 = @abbie_666 [particularly heinous offender] LM: donutdemon

UK (P0ssibly Malaysia?)

Elina Princeataia elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill LM: Elina [particularly heinous offender]


Alys Pain De'spice alys#0310 = @webfairywiz, @puffnipples [particularly heinous offender]

Amber pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art


Inaka, Kanamara, JAPAN

Kate rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie LM: rougeaerie

Savannah Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins
Melissa harmlessmonster#7160 @grownhaunted
Eileen Resh#8336 = @_i.leen
romeo#3055 = bunii_boy LM: bunnyboy
Jennifer Myles jennkitty#3462 = mylesjennifer, D_walkure LM: legnanellaf [particularly heinous offender]
purestmaiden#8700 = purest,aiden LM: wonderfinch

pwassoncha#2894 = @pwassonchat LM: pwassonne(stop reposting this shit)

No. 302032

LOC mad their IPs got leaked. Kek next time use a VPN retards.

No. 302033

Wait is the IP list of LOC or Discordchans. If the blogs were by Melissa why would she post LOC?

No. 302034

several of the handles are outdated, get better Melissa

No. 302035

It says it's LOCs:
>loc tards just cant help but insert themselves into any potential tiny morsel of drama but we got their ip addresses.

No. 302036

It's doxxing. Take it down.

No. 302037

Pray that the Loc don’t go knocking at your door with their toy guns

No. 302038

bowsconfession was a front to datamine info on dramamongers to doxx them?

No. 302039

Which is stupid because I'm sure a few people casually looked out of curiosity.

No. 302040

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Nat posting from Melissa’s basement.

No. 302041

Was about to say this nonna. People went through the trouble of making THREE fake BTBs to datamine LOC and others who submitted? Explains why they wanted you to submit via email, probably hopping people would use their real ones. Before they deleted their site there was a section for blacklisting too. They were planning to out people's emails even? Tinfoil but it feels like it's the same unhinged cowtippers that made frills.alert.

No. 302042

The discord Seagulls are so invested in drama that loc probably made a trap to lure them.

No. 302045

Or LOC just making shit up to pin it on the seagulls. Idk if its there anymore but Melissa had an IP tracker on her blog and made a whole post about who was looking at her blog and for how long.

No. 302046

LOL okay, LoC. Couldn't be more obvious covering your own ass.(unsaged derailing)

No. 302047

Classic Mellschiza L. Is she a fucking dependa, how the hell does she have so much free time with two kids and a husband?

No. 302048

So because Melissa, DDZ and Nat have IP trackers the discordchans made one to mine theirs? Why not just put them on their blogs too? I dont think this was Discordchans, just another drama monger that hates LOC and discordchans alike.

No. 302049

Isha did make a blacklist on her LM and got into it with a few buyers because she suspected that they were posting her. Someone made a tinfoil that loc runs frillsalert after the whole shitshow of Isha posting a woman and her kid.

No. 302051

Anyone noticed how the LOC crew changed their bio to be NLO?

No. 302052

Kek nonna yea I'm sure Isha made frills.alert then posted herself to it. Who was talking about common sense being sparse itt?

No. 302053

They're re-branding themselves

No. 302054

new lolicon order? noncey losers organization? even worse than their former lovers of cringe alias

No. 302055

It wasn't lovers of cringe it was lolitas of christ, a white supremist dogwhistle.

No. 302058

We've censored these IPs just so no one gets the impression we permit doxxing, but to be clear this was a fake leak. They were all Walmart wifi IP addresses.

No. 302061

Based farmhand

No. 302062

Well Melissa works at walmart so it wouldn't surprise me if one really was her on wifi at work.

No. 302063

New Lolita Order, actually may be it.

No. 302064

File: 1687987888484.jpeg (456.93 KB, 3072x4096, NLO .jpeg)

Thanks farmhand! Sorry you even had to step in for this unhinged mess.

NLO is what they’re going by now. LOC has been disbanded of use

No. 302065

File: 1687988238631.jpeg (97.53 KB, 828x1583, Walmart .jpeg)

No. 302066

I think that may be a joke, nonna. Going from big CEO of Lockheed to Walmart greeter.

No. 302067

the walmart location was arkansas though

No. 302069

Another Txlita?

No. 302070

Whale watching as if she isn’t a whale herself

No. 302071

Updated LOC members:

1. DZ / Dee Dee Zeta / Ddnazi / LOC leader (Instagram: faithful.mew, repent.repent.repent.repent)
2. Sainte Alkamei / Olivine Erlandger / Pedophile groomer and insane harasser / LOC member (Instagram(s): alchemy_and_gold, s_a_i_n_t_e, Lacemarket(s): Alchemy And Gold, Suuushi)
3. Melissa / LOC member (Instagram(s): _seraphonline, lifelibertylolita, Twitter: ___meri_xx)
4. Nat / sp00py / LOC member (Instagram: oatmilkchan, lolitaconfessions)
5. Isha / LOC member (Instagram: stardustfantasia, victorianmaid3n, momokopilled)
6. Lara (Instagram: larasuzannne, Tiktok: larasuzanne)
7. ESLchan @twisted.frills @koitsukihime_
8. Yuri @lifelesbianlolita
9. @sleepy_sakura_san, @cakevacuum
10. @frilly_cross
11. @kemu_r1
12. Tia Diana @ovulator_prime
13. Cassie @allurecross
14. Rilu / Stacie / LOC member (Reddit: Kyuusei)
15. @marashinoveins
16. @mariee.de.princesse(sage your shit)

No. 302072

>whale watching as a hobby
what a narcissist

No. 302074

Loc seems to have disbanded and rebranded? It’s like half those members, can someone work on an actually updated list

No. 302075

True because Melissa, Isha, and Lara left lolita. I don't know if the others left the fashion though so it's hard to say when they're all priv