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File: 1538723259023.jpg (179.08 KB, 305x341, 8QACtqk.jpg)

No. 6821

Post all technical help questions and technical/feature suggestions here. This is the place to go if you're having some problem with the site or want to request a new feature.

If you have some non-technical issue, like wanting mods to do something or a suggesting a change in policy, please use >>1134

If you want to email me: admin@lolcow.farm


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No. 6822


Why are instructions for ♥ included when emojis are prohibited?

No. 6828


Why did I receive a ban for asking this?

No. 7075


>threads allow unlimited posts.

That's not true. Per the Usage Info page

>Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow 1200 posts. All threads will "bump-lock" shortly before 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread. They will become hard-locked shortly after this, meaning you can no longer post in them.

Is the bug causing duplicate posts being addressed?

No. 7292

Why do the catalogs show a different number of posts per thread from the directory lists?

No. 7361

Could Admin post a notice regarding the 504 server error that is resulting in multiple posts? It is leading to infighting and wasted comments discussing it in various threads.

My latest (my device would not let me screencap):

Error 504
Ray ID: 47ed74987c546da2 • 2018-11-24 17:05:35 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7389

How about the bug that makes threads sometimes disappear from their directory pages when they are supposed to be between the thread at the bottom of page 1 and the thread at the top of page 2?

No. 7390

Are the Ray IDs useful for you towards debugging the server error?

Error 504
Ray ID: 481074a4eeda6c6a • 2018-11-28 23:02:18 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

Error 504
Ray ID: 48107a423b6a6bf2 • 2018-11-28 23:06:08 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7448

File: 1543945411273.png (39.29 KB, 800x612, lolcow be busted.png)

No. 7449

We've looked into it and it may or may not be a hosting error. It may also be due to server overload. We're going to attempt to patch the issue tonight, let us know if you guys notice changes after tomorrow.

No. 7463


Recent duplicate posts



No. 7465

No. 7575

No. 7578

Error 504
Ray ID: 4866fd17ee4a1ec5 • 2018-12-09 11:05:02 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7579


When I posted this there was a long delay, and I got the "flood detected" page with the https://lolcow.farm/post.php URL.

When I hit the back button my comment had been posted.

No. 7580


I hit "new reply" only once, but it got posted twice.


When I got the 504 error page I hit the back button and reloaded the page a few times to see if my comment had been posted. Then I came here. When I went back to the thread my comment had been posted twice.

No. 7620

Error 504
Ray ID: 487149d78fd26df6 • 2018-12-10 17:05:03 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7621

Error 504
Ray ID: 487149d78fd26df6 • 2018-12-10 17:05:03 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7622


I hit "new reply" only once.

No. 7640

Error 504
Ray ID: 487776e35f946da2 • 2018-12-11 11:04:24 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

My comment was still posted and posted once.

No. 7672

This site fucks up all the time, and if you don't delete in time you get a long ass ban. Thx mods.

No. 7677


Did you appeal?

No. 7679

Yeah, and it was denied (I did my time already, this isn't evasion). With no clarification as to if it was the glitching or the fact I don't always multi quote.

No. 7682


Your notice didn't say which rule you broke?

No. 7700

It said I posted 5 times in a row. But I hadn't, so I figured it multi post due to error on their end or mine. I mentioned this in the appeal, and it was denied.

No. 7706


Did you email Admin?

No. 7707


Admin, since you haven't replied whether having this info is helpful, I will no longer take the time to do so.

No. 7708

No. I am mostly bringing it up because if it happens to someone else that's some fucking bullshit.

No. 7718

I was just getting a generic 500 Internal Server Error page instead of the Cloudflare error page.

My comment did not get posted at all until the issue resolved, but I see a lot of duplicate posts all over the site.

No. 7723

File: 1545004012482.png (73.71 KB, 800x990, 522.png)

We're having quite the day of server errors!

No. 7725

There is no need to transcribe videos manually!

1 Download the subtitles using http://www.downsub.com

2 Change the file extension to txt and open it in a text editor app

3 Strip the html code using http://www.zubrag.com/tools/html-tags-stripper.php

4 Strip the srt code using http://www.gopetsamerica.com/webmaster/srt-to-text-online-converter.aspx

5 Edit the text for word accuracy and to add punctuation and numerals (numbers are stripped in step 4). The auto generated subtitles are surprisingly accurate, depending on the person's enunciation. You may not even need to listen to the video.

I hope the other transcript anons find this helpful!

No. 7766

>>>/ot/334208 This specific thread (Celebricows) isn't loading for me on mobile or desktop. I just get a blank page back, no console errors.

I tried opening it from the catalog and normally, neither work.

Not sure if this is happening to others as well.

No. 7767


Several people have posted about it in >>>/meta/6816. Neither mods nor admin have replied.

No. 7833

Error 504
Ray ID: 48d6380ded1c6e32 • 2018-12-22 23:03:59 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7834


Error 504
Ray ID: 48d63c3a7d066e32 • 2018-12-22 23:06:51 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

One of these two posts went through.

No. 7836

Hi, sorry this is my first post. when pressing see all replies on a post with many replies, it will just cause the page to crash. This occurs on google chrome, microsoft edge, and chrome phone edition.

No. 7841


Are you looking at the thread from the index page? Click on the thread number under the title to look at the thread on its own page.

No. 7845

Error 504
Ray ID: 48dc657dbd806e38 • 2018-12-23 17:03:33 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7846


I clicked "New Reply" only once but my comment was posted twice. I am unable to delete either.


No. 7848


All of the duplicate posts across thr site have the same timestamp.



No. 7875

File: 1545778681040.png (110.69 KB, 1242x2208, 733ACFB2-9D4F-4DAE-B703-82C332…)

This has been happening all day when I’ve tried to post

No. 7884

What's going on? This problem seems to be getting worse and worse.

No. 7898

I feel like we should decide where to move to before it's too late unfortunately

No. 7905

I can't think of anywhere similar to lolcow tbh. c.c. is too uwu cutesy for my taste and KiwiFarms isn't anonymous and has mostly males.

Maybe the anons who applied for admin/mod positions could band together create a new chan?

No. 7908


How would we even communicate to organize? A couple of months ago an anon said she would create a new site and set up a discord to discuss it, and Admin deleted her post >>>/meta/7260

No. 7914

Leave your emails here?
I doubt the mods will be deleting anything anytime soon

No. 7921

Please do this, and actually enforce a strict no shitty male posts and spam policy.

No. 7924


Is there any way to archive the threads from lolcow before we move? Idk this place has years of material that would go to waste if this place stops to function at some point …

No. 7926

Good idea.

No. 7938

All the email posts were deleted. Mods, care to weigh in?

No. 7947

Probably because you're not supposed to post personal info on here.

No. 8037

I miss the 8-ball thread that was over on tempcow. Any chance we can have something similar on /ot/? Or atleast the post features (one that drew random numbers, and I forget what else)?

No. 8108

More 500 errors for a while last night…

No. 8174

will there ever be a search tool?

No. 8177


Use the site specific command in Google.


No. 8178

There is a search function. You have to click on [snow] or equivalent, then scroll all the way to the bottom, then click search but all it really does is what >>8177 suggested. It's a pain in the ass like most navigation on this site tho

No. 8255



Not only because screenshots can be faked but because the timestamps on them often do not include the date and do not use UTC (screenshots taken in different timezones have different timestamps).

Archiving the page also preserves the context of replies.

Be aware that the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine will delist webpages upon request of the site owner.

No. 8425

hey, using chrome as my browser and am currently unable to open images from the spoiler or enlarge them. i was also having trouble with deleting posts on /pt earlier, but was able to delete a post successfully here in /meta, wondering if there's some kind of maintenance going on? thanks.

No. 8440

There is no maintenance at the moment but posting screenshots would help.

No. 8463

All but one of the images in Micky's thread are now gone.

No. 8484

Same anon, a bunch of images are also gone from the dress up game thread. What is going on?

No. 8513

I'm looking into the issue and for a way to restore some of the images since clicking for an image link says "file deleted". The dressup thread has it the worst right now so you guys have permission to make a new thread if you want.

No. 8982

TIL: archive.today can be used to work around not having a Facebook account and to discern which accounts are private, deactivated, and deleted. I also used it to find a cow's new account; it was hidden from search results without a log in.


No. 9070

a ton of old threads just got bumped in /snow/ with no new replies, the last replies are from 3-4 years ago. is this a glitch?

No. 9072


The comments were spam and were deleted.

No. 9080

Is there any way we can roll back the website to where it was before the boards were spammed? The comments were deleted but the old threads are still at the top of the website.

No. 9082

It was a spammer, we can't roll back but we can try locking dead threads.

No. 9191


This bug is still present, and more than one thread is absent. Right now when I flip through /ot/ three threads are missing from page 2 to 3.

No. 9198

File: 1551996122667.gif (698.54 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

In the last month or so I have seen hardly any double posts from the server errors we were getting before the upgrade. I haven't encountered any personally.

No. 9213

Is there anyway to implement a sage button?

Too many anons complain on saged posts, apparently saying doesn't appear as much. I don't know if there's a way to try to implement this but thanks for the consideration!

No. 9298

mfw I have to search for threads in Google because of >>9191 and because the catalogs keep crashing my browser.

No. 9417

no threads seem to be updating with new posts. like, scrolling through /pt/ or /snow/, the last posts I can see are from several hours ago. if I open a specific thread, I see replies made much more recently, but usually the newest reply isn't loaded. not sure what's going on, sage in case it's just my phone bugging, but figured I'd mention it.

No. 9425

Having the same problem. Can see updated posts just fine on incognito mode, but in plain old browser there's nothing.

No. 9428

Does the problem go away if you refresh the page?

No. 9434

I've had this problem too. Try what >>9424 suggested until someone properly fixes it.

No. 9435

Nope. The temp fix posted does nothing for me either.

No. 9543

/w hasn’t worked for a week now while on phone, all other boards are fine tho. Any fix to this?

No. 9565

I only really use /snow/ and /w/
For me the ORDER of the content in catalog seems to update once every 2-4 hours, but the number of posts does update so I can still see if the threads I follow have new posts. W seems to update faster than snow for me
I’m on mobile if that means anything

No. 9573

So I’ve noticed over the last few days that the banners (at least on mobile, haven’t confirmed on desktop) aren’t refreshing. It’s literally ALWAYS the “my dad is deaaaaaaaad” banner. No matter where I am on the site or how many times I refresh a page.

Not a big deal but thought I would bring it up Incase other anons had the same issue.

No. 9574

For the last 7-8 days content isn’t updating for me. I cleared my browser cache as advised but it did nothing!

No. 9575

Yeah mine has been the Kiki Jane doe banner for ages.

No. 9577

Still not refreshing any /snow/ or /pt/ since 5 days ago for me. I’ve done all suggest advise and nothing.

Also having same issue as >>9573 with same banners across threads

No. 9578

I assume this is what the blue banner led to but I x'd out of it before encountering issues so excuse my dumbass.
I too cleared my cache, refreshed the thread and was okay for about a half of a day. Now I either have a glitched screen when I refresh to update the thread or it turns completely black. I'm on mobile so its weird. The posts will never be the correct time zone and are always "AM" times like 3:02 AM when its clearly not.

No. 9600

Bans aren't showing up in the current Luna thread. I don't know whether that's a bug or admin choice.

No. 9644

I am still unable to delete some posts within 30 minutes.

No. 9713

Every time I click on the link to /ot/ it downloads an "Unknown" file onto my computer instead of navigating to the board

No. 9838

Problems with images loading on some threads but loading just fine on others. Tried clearing my browser cache and it didn't do anything.

No. 9839

Same. I upload one picture but the others don't update after.

No. 9872

File: 1555421259026.png (36.4 KB, 480x590, 2019-04-16 09_27_04-_w_ - vlog…)

the floating images from the new hellweek theme have gotten stuck for me at the top of the other themes when i switched back

No. 9878

Same except they were there even before I tried the Hellweek theme. I was confused about what it was at first.

No. 9887

okay there's just one now and it's actually kind of cute, i can live with it

No. 9889

I have been getting 522 server errors in the last 20 minutes.

No. 9890

Should be fixed, please let us know if you're still experiencing issues. The server was down for a few minutes today.

No. 9899

since the site came back up, the floating images for hellweek can't be turned off. pls fix!

No. 9900

psa workaround til admin tweaks it: use your adblocker to block the (div.img) element

No. 9933

File: 1555550258725.jpeg (413.41 KB, 2048x2048, 40B44E4A-C80C-4E2D-93D8-E1F990…)

Been having this same issue for a few months now (since new admin took over I think?) but just got around to posting here about it…

Using Chrome for iOS, and seeing (attached) for spoilered images - before and after "clicking".

No. 9934

Hit the 'show' button above the picture.

No. 9947

Why are some images rotated 90 degrees when enlarged?

No. 9968

Nothing on altcows has updated for me for over a week, I've cleared my cache but still nothing:/

No. 9978

Dude you've been posting in the wrong thread. Most current thread is here >>>/snow/796483
The embedded exif rotation is overridden, it's just how it works. I wish I could explain it better.
I feel like it's been brought up before and this was the same exact solution to this issue.

No. 10039

On iPhone 90% of the time when I start typing in the reply box the browser crashes. Firefox, safari, chrome and edge. Can browse the site no bother just very hard to reply

No. 10054

There's a major malfunction with /snow/. Several threads are appearing concurrently on the first three pages with different numbers of comments. On Chrome on tablet and I cleared my shit.

This happens very occasionally with one or two threads.

No. 10057


It's fixed itself. For a while I was seeing Shayna, Kaya, Ciel, Lilith, and the Soundclout losers 2x or 3x.

No. 10081

"Internalized" and "projecting" should be red texted

No. 10207

Thread >>>/w/29145
Isn't updating on my phone. If I go on the computer it works

No. 10303

Posting here because the General Complaints thread has locked before Admin posted its replacement.


That's Maurice.


No. 10313

File: 1559790197060.png (7.73 KB, 1393x39, Untitled.png)

Might want to remove this announcement.

No. 10340

Sometimes my posts go through twice and I double post? I only press the button once, though. It's been happening a lot recently. Is it possible that it's just my connection being shitty?

No. 10342

Okay, so maybe I'm just a dumbass, but there are gaps between posts in threads, and some of my posts are missing. But when I go to an incognito tab, the gaps are gone and my posts are back. What gives?

No. 10343

Have you accidentally hidden saged posts?

No. 10350

What was the cause of the ~11 hour outage?

Coincidentally (or not?) it happened soon after KF endured a lengthy DDoS attack.

No. 10352

Just paid the server bill late because I ended up taking a nap and waking up a decade later.
There's really no other reason, as embarrassing as it is.
I might have seen this happen more than once but I thought this was fixed.

No. 10360

File: 1560809711171.jpg (221.03 KB, 1821x826, 2019-06-17_18-14-20.jpg)

Something similar just happened to me. The site went down, I opened it in a different tab and saw that it was back up so I went to the thread again and my post was posted three times. Someone else's was too.

No. 10444

Is the current unnecessary-spoiler issue user-driven or is it technical? I've noticed the people who do it say they're on mobile when it happens.

No. 10608

The Onision 'New Name' thread isn't updating. Not sure why.

No. 10654

I know it's old milk but the micky's thread 's pics wont load


I tried it on my data,my wifi,( both are good) and i also tried to switch browsers and the pics still won't load.

But this problem isn't on other threads tho.

I've also cleared my caches and all the crap and tried again.

No. 10675

File: 1563893288186.png (432.69 KB, 1408x1180, umwtf.png)

What happened to the site?

No. 10677

(samefagging to clarify, I didn't want to waste time typing too much in case I'd been banned or something, but that but that doesn't seem to be the case)
This just happened all of a sudden. I've erased all the weird text fill-ins in the name, email, comment, etc fields to make posts. Changing style doesn't fix the layout, neither does refreshing.

No. 10679

And it's back to normal now. Not sure what that was.

No. 10685

I nominate fatvegfem for pt status. She hasn’t run out of milk, she’s tried to quit social media a couple times but she can’t, she spergs so much. She’s perfect and I think she’ll really liven up the sub. So many people find her disgusting

No. 10702

Can I delete my email address if I have put it in already?

No. 10705

wrong thread, pal, don’t you think?

No. 10713

No. 10734

File: 1564163623937.jpg (829.65 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190726_195143_com…)

The celebricows thread has looked like this to me for a good while now. I've tried to clear the cache

No. 10735

File: 1564166253484.jpeg (991.89 KB, 1242x1861, 0B5AEF55-45C9-4632-B381-3EF16C…)

Did you maybe accidentally hide saged posts? Happened to me once and it looked like yours. Felt like an idiot when I finally found out what it was.

No. 10737

And now I feel like an idiot! Lol thank you

No. 10811

Hey there, I’m speaking on behalf of my friend as a more casual legal council. We are interested in taking down a thread and would love your participation and corporation in this process. What do we need to do to move forward with this process? Thanks for your help looking forward to chatting.(email admin)

No. 10812

No. 10833

dont know if this is the right place for asking, but i was wondering how many people visit the site in a day?

No. 10837

File: 1565082270027.png (8.22 KB, 413x186, torposting.PNG)

Posting from Tor is an actual nightmare, the post gets blocked all the time and when it goes through, turns out the tor node is permabanned and the site reverts to the farmcow mirrored version. I'm still tinfoiled over the era when shoe was using the site as a honeypot and the current admin has stated that tor is allowed, so please fix this shit already.

No. 10838

>other options available
>still using tor
>expecting admin to fix it specifically for you

No. 10839

NTA, but I'm also a Torposter because it's the best free VPN. It happens to me too. I agree that it should be fixed, not sure why you're being so snotty about it.
I think admin actually promised to fix it after doing something to fix the site up, but that hasn't happened yet

No. 10860

File: 1565318986519.jpeg (782.91 KB, 1242x2208, E39AA0E3-503C-4816-AF8A-6A228D…)

Award winning singer with tons of victorious lawsuits for trans rights to match her glorious music albums with Megadeth drummer.(newfaggotry)

No. 10861

Torposting should be outright banned, not fixed.

No. 10900

No, privacy is important to some of us.

No. 10920


No. 10937


This person was all over KF, too.

No. 11006

Hello friends, recament my account has been delete for reason I ignore, I think that was a mistake because I did not violate the rules. Mercie to settle this. Thank : )

No. 11012

you aren't funny

No. 11041

The idol girl thread in /m/ turns black every time I go into it and the whole thing freezes my browser and I have to close and re open to get chrome working again

No. 11140

File: 1567431824396.jpg (405.46 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190902-094257_Chr…)

Shayna's thread looks like this for me. Not loading all posts, and not updating any recent posts. Been like this for about three days now, but it is only this thread that has this issue

No. 11141

Maybe the same problem as >>10734 ?

No. 11142

Looks like you hit "hide saged posts" at the sort of top, right of the page. It's close to an arrow for me so it's easy to do.

No. 11143

File: 1567442411351.png (176.2 KB, 1440x735, Captura.PNG)

hello i have some problems with the forum i can't read the wrong text meet using vpn

No. 11161

Please submit a ban appeal if you can. If you're unable to email me so I can clear that cycled IP/

No. 11552

Hi, the content on the newest onision thread isn't loading properly all the print is small, no pictures expand and you can't see who's replying to who. Clear cache and reloaded but still defected, sup with that?

No. 11589

File: 1568686797729.png (137.62 KB, 800x1204, Screenshot_2019-09-16-18-47-36…)

While this was happening, KF and archive.today have been intermittently throwing 500 errors.

That wacky Laur! Who knew?

No. 11590

This has literally nothing to do with KF or any cows.

No. 11594


It's an extension of the running joke in her thread. Yeesh.

No. 11595

i think there might be some maleposters in the TND thread. they appear to be newfags and mostly complain about taylor “bashing men” when she’s saying some of the most tame shit i’ve ever seen, especially compared to posts in /ot/ lol. i know radfem shit is banned now though so i just reported n moved on but i figured it might be worth mentioning here.

there seems to be at the least a very very large crossover with unintegrated twitter users and the TND thread. it’s always a mess of subtle blogposting.

No. 11645

The General Complaints & Issues thread doesn't display properly on Firefox. Most of the replies don't load, but some will appear if you click on posts that tag them. There are gaps of varying widths between the replies that do load. It's been happening for about a week. No other threads are affected afaik. Thanks!

No. 11646

you may have hit 'hide saged posts' by accident. top right of the thread.

No. 11657

What if- just thinking out loud here - what if there's a word filter that changes every misinterpretation of "sperg" to "splerg" in honor of Kiki?

No. 11666


Ah-ha! It seems I did exactly that. Thank you.

No. 11674

Lately my browser has been preventing me from connecting to lolcow because "the connection is unprotected". Is that a technical issue? Was I banned?
Whenever I try to post from Tor, my ip is either banned already or banned immidiately after posting.
Did I just fuck up that royally or something?

No. 11677

Ok so. I am a dumbass, I did some digging.

Apparently lolcow is being blocked by my internet provider, which means it is currently blocked in Russia by our fucking "child protection" censorship laws, ha.
The blocked IPs from what I was able to glean seem to be and with a clear link to exactly one picture in /ot/src/1461589485236.jpeg which shows graphic self-harm which by our laws would be "suicide propaganda"

The exact error I am getting though is not the usual "blocked by your provider because of the laws blah blah", but the Firefox error MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_SELF_SIGNED_CERT with cert assigned by the website that traces back to my internet provider.

It is just peculiar to the max, but well, we got some tumblt IPs blocked in the same bunch so that the website is entirely unusable now.

I doubt you can do anything about it, but well, just letting you know. These restrictions usually vary in time of them being rolled out from one internet provider to another, but you might notice a loss in your russian users. There's probably not that many of us and it all still works through vpn or tor (though every time I attempt to use tor, I get banned and vpns are incredibly slow), but still, a heads-up I guess.

No. 11679

We got a notice about this a week ago over some coldnessinmyheart imagery from years ago. The emails were all in russian so there wasn't anything I could do about it before it was translated but they only gave a 24 hour notice anyways.

No. 11688

There has been someone posting NFWS photos everywhere in lolcow with comments of “mod = n*ers” and other variety.

No. 11703

Yeah, I really don't know if you could have done anything about this, since the system is still very clearly broken even after being implemented for years.
Good to know they at least contacted you, but knowing they did it in russian makes me irked even more. Surely they must realise that russian is not a language people just… know. Finding people who can adequately translate from it is fairly hard too.
I wonder if tumblr got hit by the same thing and couldn't act in time.
This is honestly very shitty since most russian imageboards stay up and they post much worse shit daily.

But eh. At this point I am just sperging about what a backwards country this is.
Thanks for answering anyways!

I can leave a way to contact me in case you will need a russian translation in the future, but I don't really know if you can do anything once you're blocked.

No. 11858

Unless there hasn't been any post in tnds forum for like 5 days, I can't update it to new posts.

No. 11909

I can't see the new onion thread? I've cleared my history too

No. 12032

what does it mean if the background of my comment has become red? That someone reported it?

No. 12044

lol no. it just means you've selected that post. if you look at the number above your post and look at the URL you'll see the post you quoted will be in the url as #q4983453 or something

No. 12047

Is it possible to get (You)s implemented? I know it's minor but it would help to notice when other anons have replied to (You).

No. 12052

would like that too.

No. 12055

It's probably hopeless to ask, but is there a chance for onion server in the future? Thanks in advance

No. 12056

Everytime a video is posted in any thread, they are black with a cross through the play button. does this mean they have been taken down? it seems to be even on new videos though.

No. 12077

File: 1572414183877.jpg (265.55 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-10-27-16-08-50…)

The spoilered images are acting up in the mobile version, and it has been going for around 5 days for me.

First of all, the spoiler image of pt's ass doesn't show at all, it's just a small square. When clicked, images show like pic related.

Depending on the image you really can't see shit. Especially bad for threads full of NSFW images.

No. 12078

I've had that happen and I think it's when I click (hide) on any spoilered image, all the spoilered images do that. At least I think that's why. I notice yours has (show) as the link above, maybe trying clicking that and see if they come all back?

No. 12079

File: 1572533137431.jpg (289.53 KB, 800x1096, seasonal-celebrations-farmer-h…)

No Spooky theme for Halloween? For shame!
Happy Halloween farmhands and staff!

No. 12163

My threads aren’t updating even though I’m deleting my browser cache

No. 12200

did something happen or did admin forget to pay the server bill again

No. 12201

server bill

No. 12209

Whenever I click on a post number to see which post someone else is replying to, the entire page reloads. I tried clearing my cache and switching to a different mobile browser, but neither helped.

No. 12228

Could we please get a dark/night mode?

No. 12229

Check the bottom of your screen to change the theme, idiot.

No. 12692

hey, are you thinking of implementing brave rewards for the site? i tip at other sites and i would tip here if the option was there. just wondering!

No. 12827

After clearing cache the raven post markers still don't show up on her posts. Also, no one replied via email or otherwise after requesting a permaban lift (got permabanned for unspecified reason kek)

No. 12832


Ty admins and farmhands

No. 13240

I’m on mobile and I can’t seem to get any videos to play. It just shows a black screen with a line through the play button, it also does this when I click the link that takes me to a separate page. Am I just an idiot or what

No. 13241

I'm having trouble with spoilered images. The spoiler image itself doesn't show up, I just see a gray box. When I tap it, it loads briefly then shows a smaller, dimmed version of whatever the image is. like it's being hovered over on desktop or something, it's got a gray shadow over the whole thing making it impossible to see details. I've been having to open all spoilered images in their own tabs to view them in full size/colors actually visible (which is horrible to deal with on threads like Shayna's)

not sure what's up, I cleared my cache and cookies and everything and the problem hasn't gone. It's been about a week

No. 13245


This may provide a possible solution for you >>10735
It's a common error

No. 13253

Hey yall; having trouble seeing self-post tags on threads, ive tried clearing my cache but nothing works

No. 13257

Which threads?

No. 13259

File: 1579503475749.jpeg (200.13 KB, 750x1000, 3F734C6A-56B7-44C0-B1D6-421E8B…)

posts in kpc in /m/ are showing up like this on mobile with incomplete loading (the full page refuses to load past the above white spot), and I'm not really fond of lite so I'd rather not use it, this has also happened on long /ot/ threads. it only started within the past few days and has made navigation a nightmare

No. 13261

Have you tried updating and/or clearing the cache of your browser? mobile lolcow is better on firefox than chrome or safari imo, maybe test that out.

No. 13296

Not OP but I have the same issue, cleared cache / tried other browsers and it still does it. Strangely enough if I open an incognito tab it works fine.

No. 13306

Your posts about Clare Buley are legal grounds for defamation of character. She is devastated my her friend's death and you mischaracterize her life on this site. Please be advised you are on notice.

No. 13307

Any comments about Clare Buley on your site are being investigated for defamation of character. Time to maybe consider something more productive to do with your time.

No. 13310

are you the same jeff buley that punched his wife?

No. 13315


This isn’t how a lawyer communicates a legal notice. Fake. It’s not Clare or her junkie friends tho because they can spell. This is some boomer family friend.

No. 13317

probably was clare’s crackhead ass honestly

No. 13333

okay cow, good luck with that

No. 13452

Not sure if this is already on here and I'm a mong,but a feature where you could save threads and you can access them through the start page or at the top of the site so you don't have to scroll through pages to find a thread that you were interested in

No. 13453


Samefagging but a search thread feature would be a nice option instead

No. 13501

I cant see every reply in the thread and I know there are for a few reasons, there's large white gaps between replies every few comments, the reply numbers skip and if I click post number an anon is responding to that I can't see, it sometimes appears. Not always. It's been happening all week. Can anyone help?

No. 13505

maybe you have hidden saged posts? try undoing that.

No. 13506

>Go to catalog
>Press control+F
You're welcome

No. 13507

Didn't even realise you could do that lol must've accidentally hit it derp

No. 13555

File: 1581123359053.png (48.7 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20200208-114228~2.p…)


No. 13557

that happened to me after i got banned for a day idk if it's related

No. 13875

No. 13879

every time i try to play a video lately, it’s just black with a play button crossed out. i haven’t had a video work in weeks. any suggestion?

No. 13908

Maybe your device doesn’t support the videos file type? I can’t watch most videos on my phone but they show up fine on my computer

No. 14144

File: 1584915887232.jpg (317.4 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200322-162219_Chr…)

A few threads aren't showing full replies. Here's a screencap where multiple posts are missing and replaced with blank spaces. I can see the full replies in the thread preview but when I click on it, many are missing. Anyone else having this issue?

No. 14145

it looks like you hid saged posts. scroll back to the top and look on the right and click on "show saged posts"

No. 14146

Ah fuck. Thanks so much for the response, I appreciate it friend.

No. 14147

I just got a ban warning for a post that clearly isn’t me, with a IP address that doesn’t even match my phones IP. Is this some kind of new bug?

No. 14353

No. 14402

Does anyone else experience this lag where if you click on a certain thread in the catalog, a different one opens instead?

I initially thought this was just my laptop loading slowly, but it's happened across multiple devices now (2 mobile, 2 laptops, 1 desktop). Sometimes I have to reload the page several times before it actually takes me to the thread I wanted, despite the thread never moving from it's place on the page (implying, at the least, that I'm not just caching an old view of the webpage, right..?)

No. 14410

Same, I got incorrectly banned and now the site is backwards for some reason. On the ban page it says that I’m not banned but the site is still backwards.

No. 14411

Email me at admin@lolcow.farm and I can look into this.

No. 14413

Sorry, turns out I’m just stupid. I cleared my history and the site started displaying normally again.

No. 15039

I've been having issues viewing from Tor Browser, I'm not sure if this is a me problem or other people are encountering it. I get 403 errors on pages and then sometimes they work after I refresh. I'll try messing with my settings, I have locked my browser down beyond the normal settings, but I don't have this issue with any other site.

No. 15040

you're not allowed torpost here anymore due to gore and cp being consistently posted from there. just use a proxy

No. 15294

lol when I made that comment it was a torpost, so is this one. I've made several in the past few months, I'm just having more errors than before, although at one point last year I was getting more too. probably because of spamming shitheads. Either they're not doing this very well or it's targeting certain IP addresses.

No. 15415

I don't doubt it, i'm just saying that admin/farmhands have said "torposting is banned" so that's why it's fucked up

No. 15504

Posting to see the ban reason, srry.

No. 15518

I’m getting SSL errors from multiple devices and network connections, I hope this posts I’m on farmcow

No. 15608

Feature suggestion: could we please have a catalog button at the top of the site for mobile as well? So you don't have to scroll all the way down after navigating to another board from the links.

No. 15632

the connection is not secure, is there a problem with the site?

No. 15672

Would it ever be possible to embed TikToks on the site the same way we can embed Youtube videos? So many cows produce their best cringe material there

No. 15703

Having this issue too

No. 15755

ugh i posted this in the wrong thread but:
yesterday the site triggered a keygen threat for me when i clicked on the link to the sister forum, hehe. running win 10 on a brave browser, just wanted to give a heads up.

No. 15757

Looks like it's been fixed now. Thanks mods!

No. 15772

Was wondering about hosting NSFW video content (ie the Shay thread) I have saved but I’m out of Dropbox space and don’t want to buy more.

No. 15806

just make a new dropbox with a throwaway email

No. 15810

Can’t add a new thread to >>982539
Because no more comments allowed.
Is there a way I can fix this at all?

No. 15831

Sometimes when I want to play a youtube video esp. in the music thread it says video unavailable but when I open it in my browser it works. Any ideas how to fix it?

No. 15832

That happens to me all the time too.

No. 15879

you don't, the owner of the video restricted it to youtube only

No. 15893

ohhh, thanks anon. i didnt know you could do that

No. 15982

some gifs only work if I’m scrolling like they literally only move when I scroll up or down lol

No. 16019

Frequently getting 502 Bad Gateways

No. 16020

omfg is this fucking andrew hussie

No. 16092

Question : how long are farmers' access logs preserved for? Are they ever deleted?

No. 16095

File: 1598527317805.png (304.36 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200827-122025.png)

Weird glitch. I was posting and got this IMG. I'm now even the original poster of that post.
No proxy.

No. 16129

I got something similar today! Are you using a VPN? I think mine might've been because somebody else had posted using the same VPN as me. I turned it off to post this.

No. 16142

This happened to me a few weeks ago and freaked me out, lol. Was not using any VPN. I was also on my phone (assuming you were on your phone cuz of the dimensions of the screenshot). My "ban" was, similarly, way outdated, from a couple years back. Strange.

No. 16153

File: 1598902120649.jpeg (308.56 KB, 750x1194, 9870DB83-F54B-4D42-8FBE-F39873…)

got a similar message when trying to post on mobile today. gotta love how multiple people sharing the same mobile ip address can ruin everything

No. 16154

I love the will not expire for a silly post like that. Sucks for you tho.

No. 16155

my mobile ip changes periodically, so I doubt it'll stick. and yes, it's a weird thing to get permabanned for (and obviously I didn't even post it)

No. 16157

i think it also refreshes if you go on and back off airplane mode

No. 16164

Probably had a gross picture.

No. 16181

When will the banners be updated? There are some good new ones.

No. 16400

(You)s when?

No. 16402

File: 1602105140884.jpeg (229.27 KB, 2388x1548, 791AA278-0784-4A5D-98B3-B26DA4…)

I got banned but I don’t know why? I wasn’t given a reason or a time when the ban will be over? I don’t think I broke any rules, but if I did I would like to know which one.

No. 16403

It's based on towers not airplane mode.

No. 16404


No. 16452

I don't like that feature, it incentivizes people to post in a way that they achieve the most (you)s instead of posting quality content. Those (you)s are just like stickers/likes in that they give people a tiny dopamine rush so people start chasing them. It would change the way people post, and not for the better.
Just my 2 cents.

No. 16474

What’s up with stupid questions thread in /or/? A bunch of posts aren’t loading and there are gaps between the ones that are visible.

No. 16477


this thread is all fuckwucky

No. 16478

seriously it is unreadable, when you open it most of the recent posts don't show up and there's weird big spaces between posts

No. 16479

On further investigation it seems to be an issue with the Brave browser

No. 16480

It's not a browser issue, the "hide sage posts for this thread" option (located under text boxes on the right) is fucky. Saged posts get hidden all the time in various threads for me, and I don't know whether it's a bug and the option keeps automatically turning itself on, or if I accidentally keep clicking it while scrolling (it's pretty close to the scroll arrow).
All you have to do is click "show sage posts for this thread" and they'll appear again.

No. 17663

Is it possible to get a lolcow forum removed due to bullying content and disrespectful posts about a young person who has passed away? Out of respect for what happened?? Surely there’s some way of getting a forum deleted?

No. 17664

lol no

No. 17665

why don’t you tell us who it is and we’ll see what we can do

No. 17670

‘Mookichan’, there was explicit and nasty things leaked there and it’s pretty horrific that it remains there after she’s passed away.

No. 17671

You can email admin about it, but that's about it. It most likely won't get taken down.

No. 17673

You made it sound like it's an underaged person when it's an adult woman who seemed pretty open about her line of work. I am sorry for your loss, but I doubt it would be taken down since she posted everything herself.

No. 17699

I am getting a lot of 502 errors browsing the site right now. I'll take it as a sign and go to bed.

No. 17737

[code]const a = 'test'[/code]

No. 18019

It said I got banned some where but I can't see the post because it goes "Error" but I know it's a ban based on the tab name. What is going on, how can I see this else where?

No. 18021

that means it was probably deleted

No. 18046

Why the fuck do i keep getting error bad gateway message all the time now? Then when i get in, it's all fucky and tiny, yet some features like thread summary is huge?

No. 18047

File: 1605658016921.jpg (582.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201118-020622_Chr…)

Dropped pic bc bitch can't see

No. 18048

Looks like you zoomed in/out and the ratio of the items is off, try checking if your phone browser is on desktop mode

No. 18049

I didn't zoom and it wouldn't fit the screen normally, I fucked around with chrome and ended up restarting my phone and for now it's back to normal but that was jarring

No. 18098

Does anyone know how to black out text

No. 18099

It's literally at the top of the post you just replied to, retard.

No. 18116

Do threads sometimes get "lost" for anyone else? This happens on all boards at one time or another for me.
Let's say I'm looking to check in on a particular thread in /g/, for example. Maybe I had previously posted something I was waiting for a reply to. But since I find /g/ entertaining enough to scroll through, I usually start on lolcow.farm/g/ and find the thread by scrolling through /g/ instead of just using a specific thread bookmark. I know the thread shouldn't have gotten too buried since it was recently active, but it's not on the first or second pages. Weird. I continue to the third and fourth, no dice. Then I run back through all four pages until i get to the first again, just to double check. Nada.
I open the catalogue though, and the thread I'm looking for is like the 7th in line, despite not showing up in page view. What gives?

No. 18117

Sounds like you accidentally accidentally "minimize" the thread.

No. 18118

I don't think that's it, because the thread will show up again when I check back later.

No. 18119

Looks like doxxing in the Onision pt thread
this comment >>805875.


No. 18145

I got banned because I accidentantly typed into the password option for new replies. Ever since then, the site is horizontally reversed for me. How do I fix this?

No. 18146

kek have fun being perma'd

No. 18147

Clear your cookies

No. 18149

It worked, thanks.

No. 18469

File: 1608408646048.jpg (736.66 KB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20201219-150825_Chr…)

This is stuck at the top of the page

No. 18475

File: 1608410570644.jpeg (580.23 KB, 828x744, 305DCD63-19FC-46DB-860F-85C6A0…)

same on my end but only showed up once thus far? strange

No. 18476

same, only showed once, but I'm using Darkcow

No. 18506

File: 1608455806055.png (52.53 KB, 1900x297, brave.png)

I have the same issue. I'm using Brave. It doesn't appear when using Vivaldi or Palemoon though. Enabling and disabling uBlock Origin doesn't make a difference.

No. 18509

I think this may be code for a falling snowflakes effect. Or I'm retarded. Time will tell.

No. 18535

Yea, can I get whatever dumb mod who banned me to tell me to use an unbanned account that I explicitly said I was hacked out of to tell me how I can access an account I got hacked out of?

No. 18537

what the fuck are you talking about no one has accounts on lolcow it’s an anonymous imageboard

No. 18538

Suck my ass bitch

No. 18556

File: 1608608458905.jpg (27.81 KB, 400x400, cCvaGXny_400x400.jpg)

No. 18641

why do i get an “error wrong password” message when I try to delete a post?

No. 18644

posts can't be deleted by you more than 30 mins after you originally posted them, are you trying to delete your posts less than 30 mins after or have you exceeded the time limit

No. 18654

If you browse in incognito, then the password resets everytime you close the browser. Also could be because you waited too long like >>18644 said. You could always just type your own password in.

No. 18737

when are the snowflakes going away? dont know where to post this but I assumed they would leave after christmas

No. 18748

probably after New Years at this rate, or sometime in mid-January

No. 18816

I use VPN and yesterday got perma banned for unknown reason, don't think i've done anything worth a ban. The date is old it says January 2020. First time having this problem, changed IP and tested it making like 2 posts and got banned again, this time date says 2018. This will probably be seen as ban evading etc. but this simply surprised me. VPNs IPs can be used by different people, maybe someone else posted here, maybe i don't understand what's wrong but it literally was a normal comment, sage and all. I'm on different ip now. Sorry for all the idiocy, idk what to do, jump from ip to ip or contact admin?

No. 18818

those free vpn ip's have been permabanned by other people, that's why the bans are old. you need a better vpn service.

No. 18819

Appeal it and we can remove the ban but if you're still having issues shoot an email or post in the technical thread.

No. 18821

You're right but unfortunately i'll have to stick with free shit for a while, i prefer having some sort of vpn even for a site like lolcow
Thanks both anon and admin. I'll stick with the current ip that i used and if it turns out banned too, i'll appeal to get it lifted as advised

No. 18861

File: 1609541971322.jpg (20.05 KB, 1206x867, 1AByi1P.jpg)

I am having a problem with the display of posts on the site today. I went on /pt/ and the front page is fine. However when I went into the actual thread to reply it's spaced out like this with the recent posts missing. Is someone working on something? I refreshed on my laptop and nothing's changed unfortunately.

No. 18863

Do you have saged posts hidden? Scroll to the top of the thread and just above it to the right will be something that says "Show saged posts for this thread"

No. 18864

That's weird because I've never clicked this link. It fixed it. Thank you.

No. 19004

I never learned the appropriate term but when I have a highlighted post in a thread, it won't send me to it anymore. I have to Find My Page the last post so I can get back to where I was. This started up randomly, as well as me needing to refresh a ton which may be my own internet issue and getting the cloud flare protection which means I have to refresh again lol.

No. 19916

Got an instaban on my first post, wtf

No. 19941

File: 1612408657111.jpg (288.21 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2021-02-01-01-26-37…)

I am not sure if this is the right thread for it, but.. can we have a photon-like theme?
More themes in general would be cool.

No. 19949

I see you, based toyanon and dollfag

No. 20050

File: 1612744586123.png (831.73 KB, 1532x1264, our images are cursed.png)

I uncovered an unusual quirk in regards to how lolcow.farm handles image uploads from devices that embed ICC profiles into PNG files. Obviously this isn't a critical issue that needs addressing immediately, but it's something that I noticed and had to look into.

One anon uploaded a screenshot taken on her Macbook. As a result, another anon noticed that the thumbnail and fullsize image have visibly different colours, with the thumbnail image being "warmer":

I did some further investigation as a result:

I'm only making assumptions here, but TL;DR, I suspect that the way lolcow.farms generates thumbnails for images with embedded ICC profiles results in a thumbnail with an improperly stripped colour profile, resulting in thumbnails that have warped colour profiles that do not reflect what is seen in the original image.

I even managed to prove that stripping the colour profile results in an image with incorrect colours. I ran the following command with ImageMagick locally, where my input image is the original image with the weird colour discrepancies:

>$ convert +profile '!exif,*' 1612736313341.png out.png

Picrel shows my results. This shit boggles my mind. I hate computers, honestly.

No. 20104

File: 1612958048036.png (23.83 KB, 1864x302, errr.png)

why do i always get this error message every time i create a new thread? however, when i click on 'go back' the thread is created and it works fine.

No. 20173

What about a cow theme? We have jungle, but we could maybe have white black cow print in the back with blue text boxes. If that looks like shit maybe just blue cow spots to match the whole thing since blue is usually default for regular milk.

No. 20221

Gore doesn't phase me, but whoever codes lite mode should probably code in 'hide' for media posts as well, not just for desktop/regular version, so that people using lite can hide posts.

No. 20237

Its because its forces a large file into a thumbnail preview, the same way a computer or phone will process showing a gallery of thumbnails over one image filly expanded.

Its just because the pixels reduce to show the thumbnail preview as best as posdible, but with a smaller resolution because of the compressed size before you expand the image.

Its not that deep, anon. It's just how pixels work

No. 20357

The rate my art thread >>>/m/102700
is breaking up whenever I visit it

No. 20365

Do you have saged posts hidden?

No. 20366

It's been kind of annoying me lately that the image hover doesn't work with videos, you have to manually click play on those instead. Is there any way it could work with the hover feature or nah?

No. 20466

I’ve had an issue over the last few days where spoiler’d pictures don’t seem to fully load after being unspoiler’d now. They always look transparent. At first I thought it was from all the camming gifs in the Shayna thread but it’s happening in every thread I look at now

No. 20469

I came to this thread just to ask this! I have the same issue, It's like a semi-opaque white layer over the unspoiler'd pic for me. Not sure if it's something everyone sees?

No. 20552

Does anyone else's browser display lolcow flipped horizontally? (Text is backwards) It also redirects to a different URL.

No. 20596

Hi nonnie sounds like you got banned

No. 20689

The site loads really slow on all my browsers now when it didn't before- it's been like this for a few days. I have to reset my Wifi just to get pages to load. Did I get banned or something? I mainly just lurk

No. 20838

Somehow Imgur links are just showing up as URLs, no image.
I used to be able to post photos after uploading to Imgur (non mobile), now the https:// link from Imgur isn't accepted on lolcow. Noticing more url strings in posts…
Is there an alternative service to Imgur that lolcow accepts?

No. 21748

why does deleting a post make the site lose its shit? if I post something and then delete it the entire site freezes, then starts jumping around up and down the page, registering random clicks that I did not input (which is annoying as hell when it posts an unsaged, empty reply when I was nowhere near the reply button), and generally slows down to dead until I give up and close the tab for an hour.

I don't understand, it didn't used to happen but now it's all the time and is incredibly frustrating. I'm not trying to complain or demand a fix, I'm just wondering why it happens in the first place. No idea how it happens or how/if it even could be fixed.

No. 21755

sounds like a browser or other issue, that has literally never happened to me

No. 21767

Please add a quick reply box in the mobile version!

No. 21769

That would be really nice if possible.

No. 22322

Ayyy sup guys, bumping this to hide that trifling CP

No. 22379

how do I share a video from my phone? it keeps saying "posting" and when it reaches 100%, it just says it's an unknown archive (MP4 if that makes any difference)

No. 22380

you have to convert it to .webm

No. 22383

thanks luv

No. 22474

when i'm on mobile and tap "click to expand" on any thread, the entire page will just break. it freezes and i have to repeat the process several times before i can actually view the full thread. i've had this issue a few times on pc also.

No. 22491

Yeah that's because admin is retarded.

No. 22542

Just press reply or on a post number, I don't think I ever pressed the expand thread button

No. 22580

Why is the Eurovision thread in /ot/ locked?

No. 22582

same like wtf it's the first semi today

No. 22660

Image hover doesn't seem to work anymore, at least for me. Is there any way I can fix this or was the feature just discontinued for some reason?
I'm so used to it and it's annoying to have to open images manually, especially with spoilered images.

No. 23794

I've tried multiple browsers, cleared all browser history/cookies/caches, restarted phone, with and without WiFi, with and without VPN, I've tried everything I can think of short of factory resetting my phone (lolcow is not worth that bother) and now it happens just trying to write a post without even deleting anything. just using the website normally. it took me 20 minutes to type one one-sentence reply before I gave up, because it froze solid for 3 minutes

again not even really sure what I'm looking for, the site just tweaks out randomly like 10% of the time, this is the only thread I can think of documenting it in in case other anons experience it too by chance

and I had absolutely 0 problems trying to write this reply. it's so weird

No. 24116

I always have a VPN turned on when I'm connected to the internet and while I try to turn it off to post since its IPs are usually already permabanned, I think I got hit with a permaban for it at one point or another. However even when having the VPN turned off, despite banned.php saying that I'm not currently banned, I still get redirected to farmcow.lol. It doesn't seem to be an IP issue as I can browse normally from my phone. I've cleared cookies for lolcow.farm but it still just keeps redirecting me to farmcow. Any pointers on what else I can try? I'm using Firefox 89.0 on Windows 10.

No. 24161


No. 24162

How do I make this actually hidden? I can see the spoilered text before even clicking on it, and I can't tell if that's just because I myself posted it or not. I often see others' spoilered text before clicking on it too. Is there a proper way to do this? Or is it bugged?

No. 24164

it works for me

No. 24354

Thanks nona

No. 24415

Are you using dark mode? Mine always shows spoilered text that way

No. 24566

Prolly a wrong thread, but w/e, closest one to the topic I guess. Some newfag posted a shit thread in pt with unsafe pic and I decided for shits and giggles to delete it with pass 1-8,apparently it worked, considering the bullshit tery that has been happening during the last month decided to leave some info so I wouldn't receive a permaban and this time no due to browser fucking shit up. Again, I didn't create a new thread in /pt, just, apparently (?) deleted it, the poster should be permabanned tho. Don't have a screenshot of the thread post either, unfortunately.

No. 24672

Probably this

No. 24683

Yes! Thank you for that

No. 24684

Samefag, can styling examples be added to the info or new users page?

No. 24801

is there a reason why lolcow doesn’t “prune” threads like 4chan does?

No. 24938

why are emoji illegal??
really hurts my feelings

No. 24948

imageboard culture, just like how being racist here is okay (so long as it's not bait) and isn't okay anywhere else

No. 24951

Only underaged zoomers use them

No. 25136

Is there any way to get videos in threads to load on my iphone? It’s just a blank screen

No. 25137

File: 1627454743629.jpeg (94.73 KB, 1800x1800, F1E689E2-B0A6-4C2D-B75C-43DA7B…)

This is what I mean

No. 25142

Those are webms. You'd need to be on a computer to view those.

No. 25155

Not always. I can very easily view them on my Samsung. suck it, iphone fags.

No. 25234

Webp is a common image format now, but can't be uploaded here. Can a change be made so we can use webp here too?

No. 25267

Just testing shit out

No. 25550

I can only access the different boards today if I go to them directly, clicking the links on the site doesn't work.

No. 25567

I'm still having this issue. No one else? If I click on boards it just says "site redirected wrongly".

No. 25712

First problem, password isn't working for deletion on anything. Second problem, twice now when I posted a spoilered image it did not spoiler. The major issue is I can not delete the non-spoiler image because password does not work and I cop a ban.

Anyone else having either of these problems?

No. 25829

could the admin make a sticky or pinned thread about the site potentially shutting down and include the kofi link and put it on all of the boards? (especially the more popular ones like /ot and /snow)

No. 26100

sometimes if you report your own post and just put like "sorry forgot the spoiler and can't delete" farmhands will do it for you without a ban

No. 26323

File: 1630712735061.jpg (201.91 KB, 1080x1009, IMG_20210904_004416.jpg)

Have I pressed something by accident or is there a reason why every spoiler tagged image comes out really grey and faded when clicked on? It's been like this for a few days pic for example

No. 26333

Yes, click on the "(show)" after "file"

No. 26337

Ty nonna!

No. 26400

It takes 6 billion years to try and open a thread from the catalog. Pls fix.

No. 26409


Try opening it in a new tab? I think at this point the catalogs are such heavy pages it just lags the whole tab down and I think the only solution would be to separate them into smaller numbered pages

No. 26427

Doesn't work either. Maybe make the catalog several pages if it's too big, idk I am not a web-developer, shouldn't be too hard to put in a simple fix?

No. 26542

No. 26836

How do you search for a specific topic in a thread?

No. 26837

ctrl + f

No. 26875

Suggestion to make the subject field required to be filled in order to post a new thread.
Sometimes anons will forget to fill it in and then the thread is hard to find in the catalog/search. It would also make it impossible to accidentally make a new thread when just wanting to reply to an existing one.

No. 27049

Themes, top/bottom of page buttons, linked replies, and open/close thread toggles aren't on the site right now

No. 27096

Hey there! My /pt/ link isn’t going through, and instead offers me an option to download? Not sure what’s happening… if anyone can help I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

No. 27097

File: 1632744837192.jpeg (127.17 KB, 828x491, ACA0B36F-C1C7-4880-8459-C1D4AA…)

No. 27098

Ok my problem with /pt/ is fixed; thank you if you did anything, and sorry if it was a glitch on my side.

No. 27105

this happens to me on mobile with /meta/ all the time actually

No. 27148

why does the site randomly seem to load in lite mode

No. 27151

This has been happening to me when I load the site in firefox

No. 27210

Can we ban kiwi farmers from this board?

No. 27236

Is there a list of preferred file types anywhere? Unsuccessfully attempted to upload an mp4

No. 27237

Convert it to a webm

No. 27238

Thank you!

No. 27569

sorry if this isn't the right place i only ever go on /snow/ but does anyone know if there's a way to view a list of all of your previous posts on lolcow? like posts connected to your IP address

No. 27579

I'm trying to post links to a .gov website but when I hit reply it won't post, and an error pops up that says "lolcow couldn't make sense of the videos you tried to embed" but there not videos, just URLs. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

No. 27580

Shit I just figured this out a couple hours too late to delete, it wasn't working because I had an extra : in the URL's, sorry for the newfag stupidity

No. 27640

just testing how this works

No. 27644

Pls permaban my ip and device admin-sama I want to be free ♥

No. 27647

So do I ,
Do this for me too

No. 27912


Is this where we request freedom?? I’d like my life back

No. 27960

have some self-control, autists

No. 28088

I'm making a new thread for Tuna, I copy pasted the old OP including thread/post links. Do I have to put new links in before posting the thread (cause greentext) or will it work if I just leave them? (sorry if this is a retarded question I just don't feel like copy pasting 50 links lol)

No. 28127

If you’re copy-pasting website URLs you should be fine. If you’re copy-pasting post links just make sure they have two >> otherwise they’ll greentext. Using your post as an example:
>>28088 is correct
>28088 is incorrect

No. 28459

Admin I'm having trouble copy and pasting the new you've "shorts" links from mobile

No. 28580

Why all the pics dont load anymore? They load like halfway there when I click, the pic gets bigger but still grey. If I want to see it I have to open it from the file name. Did I accidentally change some setting? Lurking on my phone and I kinda wanna see what Shaynas doing and kinda dont wanna have to put effort of clicking a new window open for the ass boil pics

No. 28589

Click (hide) next to the file name

No. 28591

hey sorry if this is a dumb question but i was wondering how important is it to type a reason in the field when reporting a post? would the description be better used for something that needed more explaining to understand or should it be used in every case? like for example if i report an image for gore do i need to type "gore", or is it self explanatory to a mod upon seeing it?

No. 28629

not a farmhand but I always put a reason, there's only space for a few words but I think it helps add context, for example alert farmhands to a spammer which might not be obvious from the post alone, and saves them needing to check the threads for context (e.g. retarded spammer scrote, unsaged whiteknighting etc are good enough explanations)

No. 28640

File: 1639912615900.jpeg (166.47 KB, 828x1428, F5737583-6DE8-4BFA-A505-DD7CEE…)

this comes up when i try to click on /g/ ?

No. 28662

do it, coward

No. 28675

i was having that issue on mobile for a while except specifically only with /meta/

No. 28702

Inb4 she downloads millions of pictures of ugly men and some husbandos

No. 28763


No. 28827


No. 28834

spoilered text test

No. 28843

>tags comment using mobile
>has to scroll up more than 1000 posts to answer it, instead of the box just popping up right there

No. 28854


No. 28899

Could we get a search function?

No. 28900

We have one. Scroll down nonna.

No. 29060

>no (You)
>search bar is at the bottom of the page
>cse google
The layout of this site is absolutely garbage. When will it become like other imageboards?

No. 29232

File: 1644775109974.png (145.44 KB, 1576x749, now.png)

Why do all posts made in the last hour appear as "now" even though they were obviously not posted that recently?

No. 29234

Fixed now, probably because of the unsynced time on my PC?

No. 29244


No. 29247

not quite, i'm getting "duplicate key id" which prevents me from posting…

No. 29266

Listen, I have 6.75 BAT. I know I've been repeating this for months (maybe even a couple of years) BUT I REALLY WANT TO GIVE THOSE TO THIS SITE.
What is so difficoult about it? New admin, please set up this shit. I'm not the onl one who would give monthly contributions with basic attention tokens since you earn those using Brave browser.
Love you all ty

No. 29267

Posting still doesn’t work

No. 29268

I can’t post my autism.

No. 29269

Here. You set it up here.
Last time I post about this for this month. I promise.

No. 29270

No. 29282

I can't post in any thread on ot? It says "Duplicate entry '1065036' for key 'id'" when I tried to post in the stupid questions thread, then when I tried to do a test post on the dumbass shit thread it says "Table 'posts_ot' is marked as crashed and should be repaired" ?

No. 29293

This might be related to when the site went down last night, assuming something got borke in the backend and maybe admin doesn't know yet?

No. 29295

getting the same error here

No. 29303

The posts get posted anyway after some time, so it's fine to ignore that

No. 29304

*at least outside of /ot/

No. 29315

File: 1644862093193.png (230.6 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220214-1…)

But why?

No. 29321

I get the same and I don't know

No. 29342

No. 29366

File: 1644884536257.jpeg (48.66 KB, 828x351, BAA454EE-C6D2-458B-9E03-9A19EA…)

Yeah. It’s weird the comment still posts just fine but it doesn’t clear the comment field after it’s posted.

No. 29367

think i might have posted 3 times accidentally in /ot 'cause of "Duplicate entry '1065036' for key 'id'"

No. 29392

….I just want to see if I can post somewhere

No. 29393

oh I just get errors but it seems like they go through at least in g. okay cool.

No. 29493

I keep getting this message I just wanna shitpost with my sisters

No. 29497

Why can’t I post

No. 29509

I'm also getting this error.

No. 29511

>An unknown error occured when posting!

What should I do if I can't post in some threads for a few days and this shows up whenever I try?

No. 29514

Same, I was wondering wtf happened to the celebricows thread and figured out other people couldn't post either

No. 29598

let me post wtffff

No. 29640

Is OT dead now guys? Everytime I go there it says the last post is from two days ago

No. 29654

We're all camped out in /g/ now >>>/g/233698

No. 29840

I'm helping.

No. 29841

Hey there everyone.

No. 30193

Whats happened to the /m/ board? theres only one page and 5 topic the rest seem to have been deleted?

No. 30262

the discord should have more lolcow stuff and info dumps/brain storming way more faster to move info

No. 30266

Very small suggestion, but if "alters" were red text like victim, terf etc. it could be a nice feature for the Jill thread

No. 30904

Goddamn I would do anything to have "spurge", "spurging", "spurg" and all other retarded and incorrect spellings of "sperg" to be redtexted. How are you going to use an intellectual disability as an insult and spell it wrong? Holy shit. Always makes me smile

No. 31478

File: 1649284234473.jpg (32.76 KB, 604x604, 7ioagswqd6f21.jpg)

Please, just a single update on /m/ it's my birthday, too

No. 31485


happy birthday fellow superior aries

No. 31600

what's with the 503 errors i keep getting every once in a while? sure, they go away with a refresh but why do they even happen?

No. 31721

isn't that shintaro kago or whatever? he kinda gross. I only respect women who draw weird cool shit, not scrotes

No. 31960

Sorry for being seriously retarded but how does the search function work? I tried CTRL + F but it did not work. Is this an issue with my browser or laptop? Am I retarded? I have been using this site for years and still have not figured this out.

No. 31963

scroll to the bottom of the page, press search, and then when it redirects you use the search bar provided at the top of the page.

No. 31964

Samefag, you have to be on a board's main page to see the search button, it doesn't show at the bottom of thread pages for some reason.

No. 32000

It would be nice if we gained the ability to embed YouTube shorts just as we do regular YouTube videos

No. 32108

does anyone else have issues with webm files playing? i just changed from android to iphone so that might be why but i’d love to know if there’s any way i can make it work
i’ve tried both with chrome and safari and neither can load videos

No. 32215

Download the app VLC (it's orange) Then download the webm. I download through safari, tap on the file, hit the corner button, then view with VLC. I can show pics if uou need me to, nona.

No. 32230

File: 1651762805627.png (40.67 KB, 1226x366, how to embed shorts.png)

posting this useful advice on how to embed shorts here!
>just change the URL from "shorts/" to "watch?v="

No. 32334

can admin pls do something about the Williams Syndrome sperg in LJ’s thread?(wrong thread)

No. 33100

thank you so much! that worked perfectly and you’re an angel and i love you nona

No. 33395

File: 1652608943624.jpg (287.29 KB, 680x1137, 1652608880951.jpg)

Posting here for the newfags

No. 33396

ANON, I'll end up falling in love. I'm happy to hear it worked for you! ♥

No. 33507

Certain threads and boards repeatedly crash my browser. Any thread on /2X/ causes a crash and so does the MtF thread on /snow/ and the Manhating memes thread on /m/. I can browse other threads on /snow/ and /m/ without issue. Doesn't seem to be related to thread size as I can browse long threads like Shayna ones just fine. Using Firefox on Android mobile.

No. 33627

Why do I keep getting 502 errors? Is it because jannies hate me and want me to die?

No. 33628

No. 33757

I got a "moid" ban today on my cellphones data IP address but the comment wasn't from me at all (as a long time poster with caps and proof) and the ban had also begun months ago despite me using the site on my data and posting before too. I also tried to ban appeal but it seems qued in the outbox of Gmail.
Is it possible to appeal this through admin email instead of the default?
I'm kind of upset nonnie because I love posting in that thread too. I'm really unsure how this happened and can also provide further details about my phone model/company/etc too if that helps. and ofc all the proof I'm not a moid either.

No. 33778

This happens to me sometimes as a VPN poster. It's clashing with a banned IP that isn't you. If you can reset or change IP address you will be fine.

No. 33793

Could emojis be disabled in the site code? It can be done, right? Would be much easier than manually editing messages and banning people, yes? It would take workload off from Farmhands

No. 33796

Isnt that technically a ban evasion? I understand its what we have to do, but it defeats the point of the bans. I dont get any of this banning shit from mods in the past 6 month.

No. 33972


No. 33986

I suppose technically but what else can you really do? In my case I'm not browsing without a VPN and sometimes it clashes so I just reset it and in yours I guess it is just unlucky you clashed with a scrote in your area. Sometimes the ban messages I see are funny though.

No. 34107

please Please PLEASE add catalog pagination! unless you have super ultra high speed internet 60/60/24/7 the catalog as it is now is literally unusable.

No. 34112

File: 1654612759895.png (365.45 KB, 654x856, 1646935045759.png)

Could the "extend thread" option be changed to "reply" or similar which will open the thread up in a new tab? I always accidentally click it, especially on mobile, which makes my browser shit itself

No. 34297

Chrome keeps shutting down when I try to open the catalog view on /ot/, am I the only one with this problem (my phone is on its last legs though)?

No. 34298

No but it's laggy as fuck even on my decent pc

No. 34314

It crashes multiple browsers on my phone and lags on pc

No. 34581

Not a fix but if you open the thread in a new tab and close the catalog it will load immediately.

No. 34708

If I go on lolcow without VPN I get 500 Internal Server Error, but with VPN it works just fine. Is this intentional? Some new kind of ban?

No. 35330

Seconding this, for the bigger boards, the catalog is unusable!

No. 35427

File: 1657206190021.gif (1.79 MB, 540x440, tumblr_38dc4ac8cb78d50e7f0dcc1…)

Is oldmin still working on the websites new code and features?

No. 35549

File: 1657336552139.jpeg (82.91 KB, 796x350, 17C3F13F-7DCB-4018-832F-CAB9F9…)

Unable to report posts. I’ve clear history/cookies/cache and still get this error. Anyone know why?

No. 35597

No. 35613

Oh, so now you guys can speak?

No. 35822

Thank you oldmin

No. 35899

File: 1658401103887.jpeg (67.95 KB, 1125x750, pexels-photo-3785397.jpeg)

Wow, what is that over there? A sign of life?! Please post more!

No. 36850

why do nonnies insist on deleting and reposting posts that were unsaged(but should have been saged)? since it was posted already the thread was already bumped. what's the use of reposting it saged? is it only for people who use the hide saged posts option? idgi

No. 36877

Because you can get banned for unsaged posts on cow boards

No. 39093

After I report multiple posts at once, the posts still have the box checked (and I have to uncheck them). Could you fix this?

No. 39334

Does checking multiple posts to report even work?

No. 39506

I'm basically computer illiterate but doesn't this have something to do with cookies/cache?

No. 39642

I know this is a dumbass mistake but I accidentally made a new post instead of a reply. Tried to delete it but I'm unable to. I'm fucking embarrassed. My explanation was that I'm on mobile and didn't see that I wasn't on the page I meant to be on. Can it be removed?

No. 40758

I realize this might be hard to do but I really wish there was a way to hide threads in the catalogue. or even just hide the image. whenever CP gets spammed I forget and check the catalogue and have to see it again.

No. 40781

works for me

No. 40915

Install uBlock origin, once you set it up, it lets you turn all images off and on in 2 clicks.

No. 40917

I agree mods are understaffed but you know they're volunteering their free time right. Are you 24/7 available for an unpaid "job"?

No. 40925

nta but "if they won't do it give it to someone else who will!!!" you don't think they've been doing that for the past few years? seems like every time new jannies are announced it's fine for like a few months and then goes to shit again. so, yknow, maybe if you think they're doing a bad job, volunteer and try it out yourself. see how long you last.

No. 41486

Can you add the option to follow threads?

No. 42124

File: 1660388690343.jpg (36.83 KB, 602x389, wrthsrth.JPG)

When you hide a thread with a webm OP file the file does not get hidden

No. 42160


No. 42604

I hope the site overhaul will also fix the long loading times of the now huge catalog. Just break it up into pages or sth

No. 42606

Except /m/ of course, that catalog loads quickly and we all know why

No. 42607

There's also that thing where you click a thread and it takes you to another thread

No. 42608

That happens when the longass page hasn't finished loading.

No. 42660

I used to be able to post images but when I click "Browse…" nothing happens now. I use Firefox if that helps and I don't believe anything changed in between, it just stopped working suddenly.

No. 42940

how do you start a new thread? i want to start another one for myah alanna bc it’s almost at 1200 posts (/snow/ - flakes & mistakes).

No. 43332

File: 1661409003388.png (645.72 KB, 1125x2436, B4D2C155-E238-41FA-BC80-1B0CA7…)

When you click on a message link on ricechan theme the post box shows up partly transparent like this

No. 43419

words => words
words => words
words => words
spoilered text => spoilered text
spoilered text => spoilered text
words => words

No. 43689


No. 44180

trying something realquick

No. 44358

nonnie nonnie nonnie
kek kek kek

No. 44879


No. 45026

Could threads get autolocked after a certain amount of time has passed? The amount of spammers necroing years old threads esp on /snow/ is annoying

No. 45282

I like watching the vtuber fags bump the keekihime thread to defend her.

No. 45530

Hey is the lolcow discord still up?? Do people use it still? I was wanting to talk to nonnies outside of the site. if anyone has an invite link can i have it

No. 45596

Idk how hard it is to do, but the hover-over expanding of images should be disabled for hidden files. Accidentally hovering over a hidden gore image isn’t nice

No. 45721

If you use lite.lolcow.farm (mobile view) there is no hover-over function, you have to manually click into the spoiler

No. 46522

File: 1665704554593.jpeg (155.43 KB, 828x495, 55B51AC6-2C9D-40E9-970D-84A36C…)

What does this mean?

No. 46523

File: 1665705027510.jpeg (118.12 KB, 800x380, 3DDCE6E6-7842-41C9-B7BE-7D6ED3…)

It changed.

No. 46545

looks like the tokens vichan uses for spam prevention/user id somehow got indexed by Google, strange

No. 46562

Was that always the site description? I'm gonna be honest I've never paid much attention.

No. 46563

No. 46579


No. 46674


No. 46693

spoilered text

No. 46813

if I open catalog then ctrl-click /middle click to open some threads before the catalog is finished loading, no pages will complete loading

No. 46818

That's why I close the catalog as soon as I found the thread I was looking for and opened it in another tab.

No. 47102

how do i embed or link a tiktok in a thread!!

No. 47103

You have to download it as a mp4 and then convert it to a webm. There's tons of websites to downloading tiktok video and converting files, just gotta google it.

No. 47161

Are there any apps like KurobaEx that support this site?

No. 47660

Could the info page be linked on the top bar next to rules and boards? It’s easily missable since many people never use the front page

No. 47714

>feature suggestion
So lainchan has a page called /mega/ where you can the recently bumped threads from all boards. Could we have something like this? It would be more convenient

No. 47779

I love this idea

No. 47903

File: 1670161942837.png (193.54 KB, 1115x693, llc.png)

We sort of already have this, picrel

No. 47942

The 1100 near-max. automatic post warning should be removed because it just baits illiterate anons into making new threads early and leave a bunch of bump-able threads behind for other retards or raiders to bump. No thread goes fast enough for it to have a use nowadays

No. 47943

add mp4 support

No. 48184

We'll have an aggregated feed like what you described, it's called overboard on the lynxchan engine. All the new banners and media will already be uploaded by then.

No. 48446

File: 1671114684528.png (184.99 KB, 360x387, unhidable.PNG)

When you hide a thread with a webm OP file, the webm does not get hidden, you have to hide it separately before you hide the thread. Would be nice if it got hidden like pics do since we have so many raids.

No. 49097


No. 49116

No. 49524

File: 1672428030126.jpg (20.23 KB, 902x370, Screenshot_20221230_201533_Chr…)

I want to post a screenshot on a specific thread and this appears, does it happen to somebody else? It doesn't happen with downloaded images and pictures from my phone.

No. 49529

Please fix the character limit, thanks.

No. 50192

I tried to upload a .webm file that was 70 MB and it was too large. Maybe increase the file size that's allowed?

No. 50193

Or if not you could allow .mp4,the original mp4 video was only 14 MB

No. 50448

File: 1673884295412.jpg (682.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230116_074914_Sam…)

Why is this like this what is going on. This is a headache

No. 50459

You're ban evading thanks for giving us proof.

No. 50460

Okay?? I didn't know I did something to warrant a ban but alright

No. 50465

I got banned to but literally don’t post

No. 50467

Switch back to lolcow.farm I think that was the problem, not a ban evasion. Also never got a notice about being banned. I think anon is just grumpy

No. 50567

Why do I keep getting a failed to resize image error? I've changed the proportions on my side multiple times and I recently posted a similar image, a screenshot, with no problem.

No. 50788

Lolcow is really slow for me both on mobile and computer. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have no problem with other website only lc

No. 50891

The Lite version should load faster. Try it out, click the cyan link in the upper left corner.

No. 50946

cp on /m/ and lc is super slow

No. 50947

please just stop using the site for the love of god

No. 50948

Troon posting in the tinfoil thread

No. 51486

Is anyone else not seeing reply numbers? Like if someone replies to someone else, the person being replied to doesn't have any of the replies link on their post….

No. 53013

i'm having the same thing happen to me too now, with replies to a comment not showing on that comments post. on the other hand when trying to look at a comment someone is replying to, it doesn't show a pop up but links directly to it instead. pics that are spoilered take me directly to the photo link and censored text doesn't show as quickly. i'm on mobile, but this wasn't happening before. is this part of the site redesign i've been hearing about? i'm confused.

No. 53015

sameanon as before, what fixed it for me was going to the lite lolcow site and clicking on "exit lite mode" at the bottom of the page

No. 53069

Is there an update on images and videos loading faster soon? I don't mind waiting, but was just making sure it's still an everyone thing and it's not just my internet being crappy.

No. 53133

Since we apparently need a dedicated 'admin' just to post short updates every now and then, I'm sure there'll be news about it soon. Surprised it hasn't happened already since they literally just have one job.

No. 53201

You should have applied to be admin, complain-chan

No. 53216

It's not just 'one job'. We're currently investigating the issues (there are more than one). Please be patient as we continue and remember we (all three of us) are doing this in our own free time as well. If you're completely unable to load content however, do let us know.

No. 53537

What type of information do you need? I’m having issues loading content. The lag experienced renders the site almost unusable. Is there anything those of us experience issues do in the meantime?

No. 54156

does anyone else have trouble playing embedded videos? they take forever to load, if they ever do, buffer every 0.5 seconds, and usually stop loading at all about halfway through. I've switched browsers, no VPN/with VPN, data/wifi, even got a new phone and the issue persists

No. 54157

samefag, I've also tried popping the video out into a new tab and it's still slow

No. 54159

Yeah, they load slow for me too. Lcf is slow in general.

No. 54557

Admin/Farmhands, are you guys following the Gonzalez v Google trial headed to the SC at all? If it somehow gets overturned, what do you guys plan to do about all the CP and stuff?

No. 54639

It was dismissed.

No. 54742

Still can't post a screenshot from my phone unless I spoiler it, I get the failed to resize message error, please fix this.

No. 54806

One of my posts got a gateway timeout server error on lc's side after a few minutes of spinning on the "posting" button. I checked again 5 minutes later to make sure it didn't go through, and hit post a second time. Then 5 (FIVE) duplicates of the post were posted at once. This is weird because I only ever tried to post twice. What's going on?

No. 54847

This happened to me before too but only 2 duplicate posts

No. 54850

fujocoomers have been hounding me(and other users) making claims and reporting our posts, can something to be done about the conflicts from both sides

No. 54855

How are you this stupid pakichan? At least use the right thread. You’re truly something.

No. 54856

Lol I thought of replying when I saw this but this is just so brain dead. She will never understand that nobody comes for her specifically, it's just her extreme sperginess that attracts attention. The only reason she doesn't have a thread yet is because this site is supposed to be anonymous

No. 54875

Hi on mobile I had changed the theme to something dark and now no matter what theme I choose it's still dark… How do I go back to the default lolcow theme?

No. 54898

it's probably bc of your browser, did you check something like "make pages dark on all websites"

No. 54900

Oh lol
There we go.
Thank youuu! Xo

No. 54972

Filthy phone poster here, got a new phone and now can't crop and upload screenshots without "failed to resize" error when hitting reply. Anyone else have/had this problem?

No. 54974

I have an older generic android, and have been having this same issue for at least three days

No. 54976

Same, on tablet too even when the pic is tiny.

No. 55024

What's with that Error 504 duplicate posting bug that has been popping up recently?

No. 55102

Hey nona i had the same problem and i recently found out that when i crop pics in my phone photos app i get the same failed to resize pic, but when i crop it with google photos it works. I would suggest for you to try cropping with another app. Hope this helps

No. 55230

File: 1680748835401.jpeg (161.11 KB, 994x1789, 38836332-7B41-4B7F-8256-F36CC6…)

For some reason on brave I can’t see the post links/numbers

No. 55232

change board style and see it it makes a difference.

No. 55236

Doesn’t do anything

No. 55273

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 55274

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 55275

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 55276

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 55277

File: 1680926914629.jpg (58.92 KB, 1054x1060, a98e80bd8ccacaa50fa3e6a1a88b34…)

No. 55343

>I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?
Ooo fresh pasta!

No. 55350

No. 55381


No. 55666

How does one embed Instagram videos/reels? I know for TikTok you have download it as a mp4 then convert to webm, but how?

No. 55667

perhaps you could consult google about how to convert video formats

No. 55668

i was more asking about how to download something as a mp4

No. 55670

nevermind, i've found a website just for downloading instagram reels, >>55667 consulting google did work anyway, thank you for your help, nona

No. 55739

How to we make a new thread on /g/?

No. 55760

File: 1682023107380.png (79.68 KB, 1796x1078, newfag's guide.png)

I'm feeling productive today so I made a guide for you nona, I hope it's helpful and not too confusing. The only things you really need for a thread is the subject, comment, and file.

No. 55827

NTA, but that looks really helpful and super well presented. I think it belongs on the rules page!

No. 55834

File: 1682277176854.jpg (33.99 KB, 720x631, 1676374339546.jpg)

Awww thank you anon! There are things I could have improved and I feel like the ordering of the boxes is messy but thank you!

No. 55844

idk if this belongs here but is there a lolcow discord? If so can I be sent the link?

No. 55845

File: 1682313586561.jpeg (33.1 KB, 735x462, 1671915991382.jpeg)

There was, but not anymore, good riddance. There was a lot of drama involved with it that led to its shutdown. Offsite discords are honestly one of the biggest cancers killing today's imageboards and the lolcord was among the worst.

No. 55852

There are some offshoot (mostly radfem) discords from the lolcord but the mods decided to shut it down bc it just seems like it’s be better any way

No. 56012

File: 1682783512561.png (7.82 KB, 1287x424, feature suggestion.png)

A feature I think should be implemented is the option to disable the "hover to show/enlarge images" feature. Especially when you have hidden the image. I think the hover feature is great, but whenever this site gets hit with cp, I have to be extremely careful when reporting to not accidentally hover over it.

No. 56219

test 2

No. 56222


No. 56224

The only thing I hate more than asking dumb questions is doing dumb things, so:

I want to make a post with 3 images, with text in between. I read the short tech how-to info page and searched the site as well, but I'm just not finding the answers I'm looking for:

Can I do this (so the photos are at different places in the comment)?

These images are from websites (not my own photos/screenshots). Can I get them here without having to dl to my phone then inserting them as files? I'd rather keep my devices out of it.

I saw that it was permissible to paste in an imgur address. I tried that but pasting the link into the regular comment box just appears as a link rather than embedded images or previews.

Can I do this? Is there a tool for it I'm somehow blind to? Or is there coding I could type in?


No. 56233

I can't upload in the banner thread, my banner is 300x100 and uploads elsewhere fine but here is giving me "Failed to resize".

No. 56235

>I want to make a post with 3 images, with text in between.
AFAIK, current lcf posts aren't capable of this. If you want to post multiple images at once, you can merge them into 1 and post it in a single post, but that would mean uploading from your device. I’ve seen other anons post images with their text edited in but have not seen what you want done on here. Another option is to make 3 separate posts whilst replying to yourself to continue off from your previous post.

>Can I get them here without having to dl to my phone then inserting them as files? I'd rather keep my devices out of it.

Why you can’t you upload from your device? If you’re worried about metadata, you could always wipe EXIF metadata before posting. I’ve seen other anons screenshot things because they didn’t want to save the image before too. If you really don’t want to save/screenshot those, then the only option you’re left with is to upload links.

>I saw that it was permissible to paste in an imgur address.

>appears as a link rather than embedded images or previews.
I don't believe the link you paste into the “Imgur URL” section is downloaded and used as the image attachment, only hyperlinked/embedded to your post. I don’t believe it’s possible for posts to include “previews” to another site.

No. 56236

where’s /2x/ ??

No. 56246

It's hidden, just type /2X/ at the end of the url

No. 56263

While you're taking newfag advice: Stop spacing out your posts like that, linebreaks are enough without an empty row

No. 56576

for CP, gore, scrotes, is reporting just once enough? does reporting several times cause problems?

No. 56631

Pretty sure this is from the fact that some photo editors now by default leave the original image in the file metadata to allow recovery, which lolcow seems to be unable to handle. To avoid this save your edited image file as a copy and just upload the copy, since the respective metadata is removed.

No. 56632

multiple reports just means the same post shows up in the deletion feed multiple times, doesn't really help or hinder, but can be a little annoying

No. 57742

Ok, turns out this is not correct, it did work for me as a workaround but not this time and it seems it's actually a backend problem. cerbmin plz fix this asap, this is unacceptable.

No. 57810

The new search tool doesn't work very well. If I search for a thread title all the results are random threads in which the word was mentioned, but not threads with the word in the title.

No. 57880

Is there a reason for a thread not bumping after a non saged post even when the thread isn't even near being locked?

No. 57901

>new search tool
What? That's been there forever. Or is there a separate new one that isn't linked at the bottom of LC pages?

No. 57910

No, it's technically the same but it had some changes done. I'm bad at English sorry

No. 57911

That's ok nonna no need to apologize. What were you searching for? Maybe I can help?

No. 57912

That thread might be auto-saged so no posts will bump it. Which thread is it?

No. 57951

No. 58629

So will yall please fix the multiple post glitch and unable to delete glitch? or will I have to keep catching bans bc the site is broken and the mods dont take that into consideration for some reason?

No. 58882

Guessing this is a never. Can the newfag farmhand at least be made aware?

No. 58884

please please PLEASE can you fix the damn videos? i can't take anymore of waiting minutes to watch a 30 second video it's fucking absurd

No. 58887

I just download and delete them, its easier and quicker.

No. 58891

admin has responded about the glitch, it's a very old issue from before newmin took over and they are focusing on migrating right now. All the farmhands know about the issue however, please let us know if you get banned for it as you shouldn't be, and we delete the double posts if they're in the report que/we see it when we look at threads.

No. 59130

File: 1688173870030.jpeg (43.67 KB, 750x923, D78C546F-C832-4DF3-80E9-0FE5E9…)

Is this happening to anyone else on mobile? Is g dead?

No. 59131

Yes!! That happens to me with /meta/ sometimes

No. 59329

The upgraded search is massive improvement already, but would it be possible to add a "thread title only" filter?

No. 59529

I've asked this before and didn't get an answer so i must ask again. Is there actually a way to report multiple posts at once or can you only individually report posts? The message that pops up when you report says something like "post(s) reported" so I must ask. I know you can select multiple posts but I'm not sure if they go through together.

No. 59637

File: 1688900080912.png (33.63 KB, 669x459, Screenshot 2023-07-09 115508.p…)

Tick the checkbox beside all the posts you want to report and then use the box at the very bottom of the page to report them all at once, picrel

No. 59640

Thanks janny, I've literally never seen anyone say what that report box is for.

No. 62119

On my laptop once I open a thread it can very often freeze and the tab just stops responding. If I’m just scrolling through the main page it’s fine, no issues, and it’s fine on my phone too, and if I wait it out it can continue but keeps freezing so it’s unusable. Seems to be the same across all boards, I’ve cleared cookies and no difference. Does anyone have any experience with this?

No. 63270

when will we be allowed to upload webp? also will you look over the "failed to resize image" issue?

No. 63315

There has been a huge vulnerability discovered in the webp file format a couple days ago which can send malicious code to your devices through buffer overflow


It's already patched but it's best to wait a couple weeks so that everyone is on updated devices

No. 63342

What are the hidden boards and how do I look at them?

No. 63385

No. 63526


No. 63709

i genuinely believe that if lolcow implemented 4chan's captcha a significant portion of the userbase wouldn't be able to figure it out

No. 63711

It would also decrease the bot spam.

No. 63716

and improve thread quality

No. 63733

File: 1695730024784.jpeg (171.31 KB, 1242x1556, IMG_2105.jpeg)

I’ve been seeing more and more anons who are mobilefags not being able to embed YouTube videos. Pic related is the error.

Here’s a little guide that works, I think it’s an issue with YouTube tbh. Instead of pressing the share button and tapping copy link which doesn’t work when embedding on lc, do this roundabout way instead.
>open video
>press share
>do not press copy link, scroll and press the … (“more”) sign
>press … sign
>press copy

No. 63739

File: 1695767929683.png (187.54 KB, 336x372, firefox_1fIgQm0tuV.png)

I haven't been able to view these videos since tiktok embedding was added. I'm not getting any prompt or link to click on, it's an image with text on top of it. Can I do something on my end to fix this?

No. 63741

It would absolutely help though.

No. 63750

Nonnie, I am having the same problem. I see the exact same popup image with no link.

No. 63847

File: 1696244482016.gif (1.44 MB, 498x280, leaving a thread be like.gif)

Why no make dark mode for catalog fags?

No. 63848

No. 63929

File: 1696524435836.jpg (31.38 KB, 344x500, 12305572_aaf69eac04.jpg)

dear jannies, could you please look into this problem? I haven't been able to open embedded Tiktok links since the feature's introduction. Please and thank you!!

No. 63937

File: 1696553203029.gif (306.56 KB, 472x472, A14F44FC-67D3-4105-B34E-014DED…)

My text is backwards and its been almost a ban since i got banned (it expired) when will the website return to normal for me? It redirects to farmcow.lol. Help!!!!

No. 63938

*almost a week.

No. 63939

File: 1696553539362.jpeg (330.78 KB, 750x1222, DCE5C4EA-A575-470E-A0CA-8A5671…)

No. 63941

Clear cache

No. 63948

hello. a while ago i might have complained and requested to have the venus thread hidden from me so i could stop my lolcow addiction. i can't find the venus angelic threads from my devices no matter where i look or what search engine i use. are they deleted? if not, can i ask you mod or admin to allow me to see them again? please? thank you

No. 63975

File: 1696713318827.png (82.83 KB, 697x758, venus.PNG)

No. 63999

For some reason Javascript refuses to work on this site on my device with ios 12.5.7. No scrolling option or post/reply/image preview. Also no themes. It used to be fine about 2 weeks ago. I have JavaScript enabled in the settings. Any suggestions?

No. 64078

You got permabanned for a reason, and it’s probably because you’re a man or kept racebaiting, we’re not telling you how to ban evade, you should respect the mods decision.

No. 64128

my ban literally was because I didn't sage in /ot/. cool it with the accusations. now how do I make the site normal without clearing my cache?

No. 64131

Admin/mods could you please reverse this? I shouldn’t be punished for such a minor mishap. Ty love you.

No. 64144

Is there a way to also enable Instagram Reel support for the website? Just how TikTok and YouTube Shorts are allowed now, some content can only be seen on Instagram and I think it would be a great addition, please consider and thank you for allowing short form videos in the first place!

No. 64149

Nobody gets a global ban for not sageing lol, cope moid.

No. 64162

Again, I got banned in the celebricows thread for being off topic and unsaged. Believe what you want to believe and stay bitter. I think it’s ridiculous that mods changed the site for something so small. Farmhand please undo this!! FARMHAND

No. 64163

There’s been many occasions I forgot to sage but I’ve never been globally banned.

No. 64169

Ok, that’s your experience. Maybe jn my case the FARMHANDS made a mistake it’s happened before.

No. 64170

File: 1697112126844.jpeg (173.33 KB, 750x1200, DE315698-5EB7-4D7D-8DC7-30EE60…)

I forgot I had proof, so you can shut up now. Here it is, I saw this on October 2nd, 2023 almost a month after I got banned. MODS can you please undo this?? How come i was banned for this small offense. It’s ridiculous when other nonnies have done worse things than me. It’s /ot/ for God’s sake. I won’t stop posting until you do something!!

No. 64223

Day One of asking mods to reinstate the website for me.

No. 64241

y Two of asking mods to reinstate the website for me.

No. 64251

Day Three of asking mods to reinstate the website for me.

No. 64326

>> >>64170
Day Four of asking mods to reinstate the website for me.

No. 64349

Day Five of asking mods to reinstate the website for me.

No. 64438

Day Six of asking mods to reinstate the website for me.

No. 64473

>since expired

No. 64474

Yeah so, why is the site still backwards if my ban has expired?

No. 64476

Use lite mode

No. 64478

Wow, thank you!

No. 64479

Give it a few months, or a power outtage, and it might be normal off lite mode.

No. 64527

If an expired ban seems to persist, you can fix it by clearing your cookies/cache. I realize you've got around it for now, but for anyone else having similar issues in the future, that's all you have to do.

No. 64530

Ok thank you for your response.

No. 64670

How do you spoiler a picture on mobile? I swear, there used to be an option under password for it, but it’s not there anymore.

No. 64680

File: 1698455717728.jpg (79.04 KB, 1092x600, 1.jpg)

>there used to be an option under password for it, but it’s not there anymore.
Check the info page next time or get your eyes checked.

No. 64696

/2X/ is still hidden because the admin is THIS afraid of men in dresses. Pathetic.

No. 64713


I really need to get new glasses…thanks helpful, yet kind of snarky anon

No. 65084

It's hidden because the site quality took a steeper nosedive than usual

No. 65242

It was hidden because men could find it easily and shat it up since it was the board that triggered them the most.

No. 65333

nta but I came here to complain about the same issue, sad that this still hasn't been fixed after a month.

No. 65392

Came here to ask about this, but it seems to be a browser issue, it doesn't work on firefox, but does work on edge.

No. 65400

The issue with not being able to click TikToks that have failed to embed has been fixed. You may need to hard refresh to get these changes (Ctrl + Shift + R in most browsers).

If TikToks are not embedding for you, it is most likely because you are using Firefox, Brave or another browser that has strict privacy protections in it (or are using an extension that adds them). Embedding TikToks will not work on any website for you because TikTok embeds attempt to execute scripts across domains, which is blocked by your browsers Cross-Origin Request protections. Unfortunately that behaviour is outside of our control, as the scripts come from TikTok itself. Some browsers may allow you to disable this on a per-origin basis, in which case you can fix the issue by whitelisting TikTok.

No. 65402

File: 1700006785935.png (208.18 KB, 720x678, IMG_20231114_180421.png)

ADMIN!!!!! Thank you for adding new banners!!! Do you think you could post the list with all the banners we have? I remember the link being posted before but I can't find it, I just want to see which ones made the cut!! Thank you so much seriously

No. 65403


No. 65407

omg an actual new banner! if only they would delete that daddy’s little pork chop one because it is so gross and i immediately have to refresh

No. 65409

File: 1700008866341.png (72.42 KB, 388x168, AAAAA.png)

I saw a lot of the 13-november-2023 ones but somehow this one and others aren't from that update? but then the latest update I saw is from 2021 and this one is newer than that. Am I blind??? kek I'm sorry

No. 65648

>somehow this one and others aren't from that update?
That banner (57.png) was added 13-Nov-2023 21:24 so that is one is from the recent update

No. 66011

Admin (or jannies), do you know why sometimes tikotk links don't allow to be posted? I make sure I do the tiktok.com/@user/video/longnumberID format, but it still doesn't let me post. Is it something on my end? I disabled my browser's and add-ons' privacy protections.

No. 66101

I think on tiktok people can change their settings so that you can't share their videos, perhaps that's why

No. 66159

Refreshing my tabs takes me to mirrored farmcow, what's going on?

No. 66183

Clear your cache, nonners

No. 66391

File: 1701963103982.jpg (180.42 KB, 1054x588, Screenshot_20231207_073203_Chr…)

Just a little glitch maybe, but some threads aren't updating up top with the voting

No. 66392

File: 1701963468707.jpg (14.85 KB, 816x137, 17013628847532465770.jpg)

yeah some of the super old threads still have the farmhand banner too

No. 66520

Everything is backwards as another annon had the same issue. I cleared my cashe but nothing has changed and I didn’t get a reason for my ban. My guess is they thought I was WK for a cow. But I’m not. Or I didn’t Sage? Is this a permanent problem?

No. 66609

seems to be more of a tech issue but i was changing my theme and the site crashed. i got an “lolcow ran into an unexpected error” message and the second time it just froze on me completely. i can’t remember the exact themes i was clicking through but i believe it was keekweek and maybe szalet that i had the most issues with?

No. 67450

Sometimes when I enlarge an image, it starts scrolling me all the way down very slowly even after all the images are enlarged. So now I enlarge all the images because if I shrink one back down by habit, for some reason it’ll keep scrolling me a few posts down from what I want to read.

No. 67494

Quick question, why are threads sometimes missing from the pages while scrolling down the board but you can access them either by direct URL or via the catalog? Is this an intended feature (like autosaging) or a bug?

No. 67497

I think it's a bug of threads getting lost in between pages. They are always there in the catalogue, though

No. 67861

File: 1705596933916.png (10.46 KB, 955x135, dumb snarky farmhand.PNG)

In response to the farmhands dumb, snarky comment "Lurk more and learn how to use the catalog" to an anon wanting to double check if a thread exists before remaking it. The catalogs have 100s of threads in them so they do not load fully and won't always come up when you ctrl+f and it often freezes the page, which is what prompts someone to double-check if a thread exists before making it. Other imageboards have a search function outside of the catalog. Catalog as the only way of searching is TERRIBLE for an imageboard that has permanent threads.

No. 67862

Samefag, can't delete but it's dumb because asking if a thread exists before creating one should be encouraged for the reasons outlined.

No. 67866

Samefag again and I think I misunderstood the farmhand, that comment was probably directed towards the anon asking for a picrew thread as there already is a thread. Apologies farmhand. We still need a better way of searching for threads though, I can't even use the catalog for the larger boards.

No. 67867

It’s so retarded the way threads are preserved here leading to a giant catalog. Any functional image board just archives them after they get full but were like rationing posts out here.

No. 67894

I still can't upload any .webp file - getting a "failed to resize" error every time. Does anyone else have this issue?

No. 68464

Why am I getting redirected to farmcow.lol when I try to browse the site? This started about a week ago when I tried to post, the site said I was banned, then when I went back it said I seemed to banned due to an error (???) and after that the site just goes to farmcow.lol on that browser. I’m on iphone and the browser is Safari. I seriously thought the site was down for a week so you can imagine how I feel now that I found out my Shayna fast was for NOTHING.

No. 68472

File: 1706159052480.jpg (24.79 KB, 275x239, lolcat (2).jpg)

apologies if this has been discussed, but is there a way to track the threads you're interested in? there's a few slow ones I like but they take a while to bump up. there was a tool on another IB a few years ago I used to ding me.
is she really that milky? I sometimes check up on her and I am more confused than fed.

No. 69121

Is there something wrong with the lolcow caps thread? For example, I wanted to see the replies to this screencap, but they are all missing (and there is a large space after the post)
Can other people see the replies? I checked and I'm not on lite mode.

No. 69122

File: 1706660656641.png (100.83 KB, 1962x718, Capture d’écran 2024-01-31 à…)

might have accidentally toggled "show/hide saged posts"

No. 69123

oh thanks! That's so weird, because that's the only thread I had with the issue but maybe I did toggle it accidentally and it stayed. Thanks so much, sorry for being dumb

No. 69232

File: 1706828994078.jpeg (45.34 KB, 828x125, IMG_0250.jpeg)

this is a nitpick but does anyone else’s bottom of the screen look like this?

No. 69305

you use safari

No. 69412

File: 1707172551385.jpeg (140.54 KB, 828x347, IMG_0326.jpeg)

is there a way to fix this thread? >>>/m/214749

No. 70500

Is the site very slow (particularly the images) all of a sudden for anyone else?

No. 70501

For me as well. Thought it was my internet.

No. 70502

Yep, me too. Took like 5 minutes for the front page to load for me.

No. 70504

doubleposting, seems it's been fixed now.

No. 70861

Is the browse file selection unresponsive for anyone using Firefox on android? It's completely unresponsive for me.

Way back machine maybe? Pretty bizarre thread kek. Images are not archived anywhere by third-party image domains but here afaik unlike other chan boards.

No. 71931

File: 1709013435229.jpeg (102.06 KB, 725x821, IMG_7453.jpeg)

Are spoiler images broken for anyone else? I keep getting this weird glitch instead of the normal image. When I try to expand or unspoil the image it’s also transparent like this.

No. 72003

This happened to me years ago, I think I adblocked an image or something like that? I don't remember but it's something on your end

No. 72004

click on show next to file, you must have accidentally clicked hide so now the image is hidden

No. 72035

Thank you, it worked. I feel pretty silly now. But I still have no idea why every single spoiler image on the site is stuck on the “hide” setting for me…

No. 72094

File: 1709117967972.png (29.28 KB, 1366x292, vid.png)

Does anybody know what causes this? This exclusively happens to me with mp4 files, but not all of them. Webms work fine.

No. 72150

how are yall making banners?? what programs are yall using?

No. 72603

Photoshop mostly

No. 72858

whenever i post with my ipad it tells me to enter a “password”. why is that? isnt the password field usually blank? I usually just enter something random but I’m just curious

No. 72859

the password is so you can delete only your own posts and not other anons'. usually your browser autofills it and you don't notice it, but on ipad it causes the keyboard to pop up. I've noticed it too

No. 72863

File: 1710134012466.png (692.52 KB, 1080x954, 1000004464.png)

Not sure if this is the right thread for this. If I try to visit /2x/ by typing it into my browser, I get this screen. I've been getting there by clicking a link in a specific thread. Am I retarded? Am I doing something wrong?

No. 72872

Capitalise the X (/2X/)

No. 75719

How do I cross out text here? [/s] doesn't work as it's for spoilers. Sorry I can never remember bbcode aside from the very basic ones.

No. 75721

anon scroll up, the explanation of how is literally in the OP

No. 75722

Urgh, I feel so retarded. I didn't check the OP because I was sure it was on a separate page a few years ago and I couldn't find it anymore.

No. 75795

After every site update, I can preview images in their full size by hovering my pointer over them (like how 4chan X lets you do it), but it only lasts for a day or two every time. Is there anything I can do bring that back? I like that feature.

No. 76008

Are you using litemode or something? It could be something you're doing to stop it from working. That feature always works for me. What theme do you use?

No. 76505

Can farmhands see our post histories, or just admin?

No. 76573

File: 1715220669609.png (24.89 KB, 372x406, fromcatalog.png)

it would be so based if you finally update the coding or whatever so that spoilered threadpics and threadvids show up as the spoiler img in the catalog. it just looks so janky right now. picrel as an example
t. catalog user

No. 76575

IIRC what admin said before, only admin can see your sitewide post history, but farmhands can see your history for the one specific board they moderate

No. 76972

Jesus I forgot to check if anyone replied, sorry. I use darkcow if you mean the style, and no, I'm not on litemode. I recently installed a new OS and it's working, but it's also my first time on the site on this install. I expect it to disappear by the next time I boot it up.

No. 76979

I've been having an issue where webm/MP4 uploads and tiktok embeds just won't play anymore on mobile. I don't think it's an issue with my browser or device because I can play these just fine on other sites besides lolcow.

No. 76982

can we just add a disclaimer in the ugly male psy-op thread, that there should be no mentions of politics(unless it specifically related to promoting ugly moids) and no race-sperging, cause I feel trolls are trying to "subvert" the thread

No. 78556

are we ever going to have a non-retarded search function? thanks.

No. 78904


No. 78938

No. 79196

File: 1718897192620.png (650.86 KB, 1440x1080, 1710103741429.png)

what vichan fork is lolcow.farm running? I'd love to use if for my altchan

No. 79224

File: 1718936765033.png (283.03 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20240620-222004.png)

just curious, how come this thread title is a different color than they normally are? what does that mean?

No. 79225

It means OP put the title of the thread in the name field instead of the subject field.

No. 79227

Oh haha I feel dumb now. TY for answering! <3

No. 79304

File: 1719163008636.png (1.77 MB, 1365x2047, edit.png)

Getting the error message "this image already exists in this thread" when trying to post this in >>pt/932701 even though it doesn't exist in the thread already.

No. 79305

This happened to me the other day while I was posting on /snow/. Convert the image your trying to post to a different image format. So if you're trying to post a png, save the image as a jpg.

No. 79308

Tried saving it as a jpg instead, still got the same error. Strange.

No. 79678

why is the ImSkirby thread filled with retards that refuse to sage, infight, proudly refuse to integrate and fight mods kek I just want to read up on Skirby cringe and newfags are shitting up the thread

No. 79821

Might be an image with the same name as yours already posted

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