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File: 1683591428788.jpeg (31.57 KB, 747x701, 1648344235751.jpeg)

No. 1571598

Dumbass Shit Thread #118
Previously on DST >>1563126

No. 1571600


No. 1571602

Always missing first

No. 1571614

People who sage on already dead threads are stupid as fuck

No. 1571615

Whoops sorry, it's a habit

No. 1571616

I'm just hiding leave me alone.

No. 1571622

File: 1683594172776.png (39.27 KB, 503x432, 1680772496101.png)

No. 1571624

File: 1683594425356.gif (11.82 MB, 420x498, dog eating.gif)

Enjoying erotic femslash doesn't make me lesbian, right nonnies? Anyways here's a gif that makes me laugh

No. 1571634

File: 1683595672388.jpg (187.58 KB, 1213x1217, unresponsive.JPG)

i think i kind of like those horrible fake nails now because this girl was touching my head with them on and it felt so good. also if i got them maybe i could scratch people (like, more violently than i'd normally be able to)

No. 1571642

i hate when i find a good song and the creator is a troon who supposedly writes about women but literally all of said women are the ugliest tims youve ever fucking seen, no tifs, no women, just tims and the occasional scrote but at least the scrotes don't look like agp caricatures

No. 1571653

Scrolling lolcow before bed and this threadpic scared the shit out of me

No. 1571654

File: 1683599029204.jpeg (115 KB, 1529x1179, 1D5559BF-7518-49AC-8C09-A0C8EF…)

He looks like he the sort

No. 1571680

File: 1683602777035.png (748.86 KB, 648x611, 1681758846377.png)


>noelle stevenson

>molly ostertag
>dana terrace

No. 1571719

File: 1683605241482.jpg (81.2 KB, 842x1024, 20ebb1ea2cf2e987270e59bdb72802…)

was taking a shower and while washing my bush i felt like i was shampooing an incredibly fluffy small animal

No. 1571756

This made me legit depressed. The absolute state of modern western cinematography is dull ugly colors and hyper-realistic talking crabs and fishes. Schlinder's List looks less depressing than this shit.

No. 1571772

File: 1683609901378.jpg (35.86 KB, 480x542, 1682475190948.jpg)

No. 1571781

File: 1683611817161.jpg (14.17 KB, 564x384, fcc07cf475f3c4a722f19ffc3fcbc8…)

I just unfollowed this one girl and now my inbox feels cleaner from fandom drama. Interesting.

No. 1571786

hard choice
>fuck molly
>marry dana
>kill noelle

No. 1571791

I hate my retarded self thinking everything is over and wanting to an hero every few months. I deleted a document with a bunch of drawing ideas and now its lost forever. ''wont need these in hell'' my ass retarded old-self.

No. 1571793

found it on the recycle bin, i am glad that outside of stupid i am also lazy

No. 1571818

Can someone explain why troons get Diarrhea from HRT?

No. 1571819

File: 1683616740897.jpg (33.62 KB, 606x350, 1597622538088.jpg)

There isnt a single day where i dont yearn eltingville club not being picked up by Adult Swim. It had so much yumefujo potential, it could have even been another South Park considering the pilot had a Japanese dub. Sad.

No. 1571820

File: 1683616750575.jpeg (78.59 KB, 665x539, 87AE4F92-3242-46CC-B981-2E1B3E…)

This was recommended to me and I can not get over the fact that she’s doing the soy face. Even before I clicked on her profile I knew she was an enby.

No. 1571822

I remember a tweet where the creator seemed horrified that people were attracted/sexualized the eltingville club members, cause he had them be a representation of all the aspect of "nerd" fandom in the 90's and 2000's which he hated.

No. 1571824

I wish my pubes were softer now

No. 1571827

You shampoo your bush? Damn nonna that's some fancy shit right there

No. 1571829

File: 1683617866643.gif (5.22 MB, 406x720, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

Cake face lovers look

No. 1571833

Yeah, it's really funny when yumefujos attach to weird things, what the lack of CBDCT does to a mf. He's also one of those self hating nerds. He ruined the comic by making it about ''muh nerd culture bad'' instead of just following the daily life of 4 autistic nerds. God i hate EC post time-skip.

No. 1571836

There was this EC husbandofag who even showed a doodle of the character to the creator on Twitter and he basically destroyed her heart because he didn't like her portrayal of the husbando and he's destined to be a miserable incel forever.
I actually feel really bad for her but in all honesty it's a good message to give to people. Real life nerds are really bitter, entitled pieces of shit and some of them truly deserve to have shit lives.

No. 1571838

File: 1683618877845.jpeg (65.51 KB, 748x421, 1EB9F67B-FD22-4B32-9EAC-074B5F…)

A lot of times I need to be reminded that you don't have to engage everything online. If it upsets you or is a waste of time, it's better to close the tab and go do something else. Other anons with OCD know how easy it is to fall in that trap, it's important to remember you can disengage. Nothing is ever accomplished in 99% of cases, nothing is urgent unless it's physically in front of you, most internet bs is temporal and meaningless. It's embarrassing how long it took me to learn that but it's also only human

No. 1571841

Did his head become sand?

No. 1571873

my coworkers gonna find out tomorrow i wasnt joking about going on vacation in 3 months for an event we both like. hope the places i picked out are considered good.

No. 1571881

b-but i'm shy nonnie

No. 1571883

this is so exciting!

No. 1571931

i think it's one of those "everything is cake" videos, where the joke is the guy getting his face smashed into a cake is actually cake too

No. 1571964

I don't want my bf to cut his hair today. I feel legitimately upset lol. He's been letting it grow out since covid and it was good while I lasted I guess. It's so thick and curly and I doubt he'll ever let it get this long again RIP

No. 1571972

Men will get buzzcuts religiously while eating literal garbage and then wonder why they're severely balding at 20, fucking idiots

No. 1571976

What a bizarre fucking reply. Some of you need to stop coming here so much it's rotting your brains.

No. 1571984

you are so right, nonny is a massive retard for letting her moid ruin himself. I bet she cakes on make up for him everyday and he isnt even making the effort to now look disgusting.

No. 1572003

I will never understand this compulsion in men to cut their hair as short as possible. It's like they're afraid to be good-looking or stand out in any way, they just need to be "normal" and blend in, hence the basic short hair, neutral muddy colors and ugly black sneakers.

No. 1572007

>she doesn't know the lore of buzzcuts
I'm with you.
So true reeee, I'm glad I noticed my crush get a haircut but it was mainly just a trim, his hair grows fast too, I wish he would love me already

No. 1572013

File: 1683638618635.jpg (70.34 KB, 492x664, tumblr_o3dnxnQDv61v0651qo1_500…)

there was a point in time, i say 2014, where men became like the grey globs from that fairy odd parents episode. Cant believe we went from guys wearing crop tops and short shorts to guys with ugly-ass haircuts that dress like a family guy background character. Men are such fucking prudes yet also incredibly degenerate.

No. 1572016

I'd say it's more like early 2000s

No. 1572024

i think 2010s is when most alt fashions died, and took cute alt moids with them. sigh

No. 1572030

Ah yes, but I believe male normie fashion used to be better as well, tho I guess it was already deteriorating in the 80s and 90s. Like, why the fuck having a waist stopped being a concept?

No. 1572032

god, that is what hurts me the most. Men look so fucking good in tucked-in shirts, they all look so fat now.

No. 1572049

File: 1683640776933.jpg (166.65 KB, 1197x1014, short shorts.jpg)

Sometime in the mid to late 2000s, subcultures(be they related to fashion, music, and even sports) began to disappear. The 2000s were the last era where subcultures were really going strong, and by the 2010s, they were completely dead.
Unironically we need to RETVRN

No. 1572051

Normie male fashion is now things that actively make them have no waist and look shorter.

No. 1572059

I unknowingly made myself a personality/avatarfag and people recognize me on sites other than here. FML. Why am I so cringe.

No. 1572062


No. 1572063

which one are you babe? calico-critter-chan?
I have a huge soft spot for you all ngl

No. 1572096

same, they light up the board with their presence

No. 1572101

File: 1683642958099.jpg (24.02 KB, 736x736, kirbychanily.jpg)

kirby-chan where you at girl, light this noise up with that pink glow

No. 1572110

I genuinely love reading her posts so much. She's a queen.

No. 1572116

The fact that some people believe that VPN and tor can be traceable lmao!!!!!

No. 1572117

me too ngl. I miss being that passionate about things.

you are all queens in my eyes, even when you drag my ass for being retarded lmao

No. 1572120

I want to personalityfag harder sometimes but I worry this will happen to me too lol, I'm even more paranoid since I have an online following. but this is also the only place online I feel comfortable with being an unhinged sperg.

No. 1572123

it can be tho, Tor is pretty much a fed stronghold and a lot of VPN services will willingly give up information if subpoena'd

No. 1572131

Yeah but the fact that someone can act so insane over stating a simple fact is so funny to me HAHAHAHA

No. 1572135

I have no idea what you're trying to say, can you elaborate?

No. 1572136

the imp inside of her is in control nona, pray for us sinners now

No. 1572140

Tripfag energy. Yuck

No. 1572143

Not that nona you're replying to but I found this and seemed fitting…

No. 1572148

Oh lol that definitely provides context
>Btw using a vpn or tor is useless once you commit a crime. It'll be traceable either way
Yes this is true, other nona is a certified retard

No. 1572156

Have you taken your meds today nona?

No. 1572157

This anon is the one that baosted about keeping shota porn, once I said I'd report her, she had a meltdown. Anyway, yeah you'll be traced down, do you not know that TOR is nowadays literally working with the government and helping honeypots? That Vpns have to give your info once legal forces are involved? If you have CP, you'll be caught. A free vpn or shitty tor won't save your ass.

No. 1572158

Literally didn't commit any crimes but ok. All that'll happen is a false report.

No. 1572161

Keeping and defending the distribution of CP isn't a crime? Kek

No. 1572163

….we sure? moid behaviour

No. 1572164

Nona I didn't boast abt anything ?? I think you have me confused for another nona

No. 1572165

It's a selfadmitted pedophile who thinks using VPNs will make it untraceable while viewing illegal content either way. I hope admin reports it before it hurts a child.

No. 1572167

This is the kind of behaviour i was warning about. This retard jumped to the conclusion anon had cp and was a pedo because she defended shota and got super unhinged and threatened to report her to the fbi(wtf). The fbi dooesnt want your fucking fake reports retard, they already said they are busy with REAL abuse to care about retards posting japanese bug eyed cartoons, which btw nonna didnt even do. Fucking unhinged retards, and you want me to believe you wont spam the admins with fake reports making it harder for them to delete real cp. Get of your high horse, idiot. If you want to help with child abise volunteer to a center or some shit, banning nonnies from posting about sebasciel wont drop the rate of CSA.

No. 1572168

Nta but how are you certain it's the same anon?

No. 1572173

She's writing in the same crazed/scared writing style and she said this >>1572116 after I told her her ip could be traced if she viewed CP even if she used TOR or VPNs. She came here to complain about hoe I was lying to her. Kek.

No. 1572174

Maybe I'm optimistic but I suspect admins can tell apart shotacon trash and CP raids.

No. 1572175

>how dare you ban pedos?? Pedos who admiy they defend CP?? Pedos who think their ip cant be found out because they used a free vpn??
Kek. There's literally no real child abuse content on this board for mods to remove rn so your excuse isn't even good. A pedo should be banned, no excuses. You can't excuse smaller crimes because there are bigger crimes.

No. 1572176

Its just the spergs from the fujo cringe thread angry because they have a hateboner for the fujo thread. Shotacon posting has never been a real site issue, lmao. I think its stupid to ban it because unhinged motherfuckers like that poster above you will just fake report shit and make it harder for real cp raid to be deleted. Look at how she threatened to report shit to the fbi just because anon said she wasnt in favourt of the ban. They will deny it but they are twitterspergs.

No. 1572180

I don't mean to pull the "everyone who disagrees with me is the same person", but I swear to god there must be one person whining about the possibility of shotacons being banned. If there are as much as two, I'd be shocked. When was the last time you've seen shotacon being posted? Days ago in the fujo thread only to be met with complaints there as well?

No. 1572182

Shota isnt cp, thats why literally no one goes to jail for it. Its a waste of resources that can be used against real pedos hurting real children. No one is even posting shota anyways lmao, so its a retarded rule just for idiots like you to spam the inbox of admins further and believe they are morally superior to fujos who just want to talk about anime boys. And cp does get spammed almost daily here and its the reason the site is so dead, because the retarded admins would rather make up dumb rules than fix a real issue that has been pestering the site for half a year

No. 1572183

Admitedly I might fake report too, not because I genuinely belive they are actual pedophiles, but because they are obnoxious.

No. 1572184

Shota is illegal even if it's not banned here so it's not a false report. You'll be sentenced if you distribute it(aka post it here) regardless. It's not a false report to report a criminal activity, I don't understand why fujos love to defend this so hard and pretend one anon reporting a shotafag(pedo) is the reason farmhands won't be able to remove other content. You guys are making yourselves look even more suspicious.
Also shotafags used to get banned all the time, it's not a new thing to ban pedos.

No. 1572186

Congrats you just admitted you prefeer admins to focus on your hateboner for shotafags than actually delete real cp

No. 1572188

Nta but shotafags are pedos, I'd want both types of pedos to be banned.

No. 1572190

God stop fucking wasting police time you idiot, you are hurting more children by doing that. No one goes to jail for shota shit because it would be a huge waste of time and effort to do so. God, how can people be so stupid and careless is beyond me.

No. 1572191

>than actually delete real cp
Not only do I not care about real CP, I also hate the environment, notice how by fake reporting I am making the mods spend more time on their devices, thus increasing their carbon foot print.

No. 1572194

>notice how by fake reporting I am making the mods spend more time on their devices, thus increasing their carbon foot print.
The fact that I can't even tell this is a joke is very concerning.

No. 1572195

No. 1572196

say sike immediately lmfao

No. 1572197

Actually retarded wtf

No. 1572198

Ayrt, I'm gonna be very honest, I don't know what sike is.

No. 1572199

It's clearly a joke you autists

No. 1572200

I dont believe you tbh

No. 1572201

It's the same as saying you were pretending to be retarded.

No. 1572202

The fact taht anons can't tell a joke is a joke no matter how absurd it is…

No. 1572203

say sike = say psych = i tricked you

No. 1572205

idg why they're even whining now when someone already got banned for saying she liked shota in an old confessions thread months ago

No. 1572208

Why are shotafags so fucking annoying, Jesus. You can't even say it's not a site issue when they keep infighting. Posting and liking shota/loli has already been a bannable offense for a thing time so that poll is useless. They have never been wanted here.

No. 1572215

This makes me glad my husbando is somewhat popular, no one would ever figure out who's who, and one of the many reasons I don't have any social media accounts kek.
I agree it went downhill around the 2000s, remember when every man tried dressing like limp bizket. Somewhere near that time anything decent got labeled as "gay" so now they don't bother.

No. 1572228

I use a ruler sometimes when I draw with my tablet

No. 1572233

Kek guess away but idk if I'll actually share

No. 1572243

Agreed. There's a reason why posting shota and loli is banned even in imageboards like 4chan. Because it attracts actual pedos and cp being posted.

No. 1572249

this my bby girl seal-chan? I love your art

No. 1572258

Men are retarded and lazy. Having long/nice hair and looking attractive is too much effort for them. That's Women's work

No. 1572271

Males who cut their hair short just remind me of ugly 1950s guys with the paper hat serving hot dogs behind a cart. Outdated ass styles required for military for WW2. Long hair on men looks so much nicer and I believe it's more masculine in appearance as well vs short kempt hair with a clean cut which to me is very girly and women look better with shorter hair because of this imo.

No. 1572275

this actually made me realize why i find 1920s-1940s guys more attractive kek. i like that girlier style, especially the wavy side parts.

No. 1572277

Kek. More power to you nonnie

No. 1572287

From what I've observed you guys are the spergs who won't stop complaining about them everywhere. I don't even care whether they end up being allowed or disallowed to post, but I'm sick of reading the same retarded infighting over and over

No. 1572309

I don't talk about shotafags/lolifags on here. That post was the only one I even made in that discussion, but I have seen how they have started infights across multiple boards.

No. 1572321

I may have missed something but I usually see it happening like
>retard anon posts bait about hating shota
>another retard anon takes the bait to defend herself for liking shota
>cue retarded back and forth
Both sides are annoying but I've rarely encountered shota on lolcow save for that one husbandofag troll who posts general annoying bait which everyone then falls for. In the fujo thread there's been discussion of kuroshitsuji, which… belongs there. So this is just retarded, they barely post unprompted and also there are normal well-behaved husbandofags with younger husbandos who bothered no one. Those are the only contexts I've seen it posted, otherwise I've only seen them responding to discussions that were already begun about their interest. Tbh everyone needs to let it go, hope that happens once this poll ends

No. 1572348

File: 1683658234624.png (978.25 KB, 814x1425, 76325D4F-CECD-48E7-A0A5-35DBF7…)

You can witness the above being true in this very thread.
Anyway anons which flavor kirby is your favorite?

No. 1572349

File: 1683658337116.jpeg (117.95 KB, 1280x720, 7DBD7C2C-32D3-4485-A428-837872…)

I wonder which kirdedechan chooses or does she cycle them

No. 1572362

File: 1683659244511.jpg (83.5 KB, 882x960, photo_2023-03-29_11-12-06.jpg)

oh my god i am so fucking angry. i was having a chill ass evening doing my silly little genshin impact commissions when some random ugly moid started harassing me in co-op and calling me slurs asking for nudes etc. he straight up sent me his dc so if anyone wants to bully this scrote off the face of the earth i will drop it have all the fun u want. it kinda ruined my evening & just wanted to have fun and admire my in-game husbando. nonnas i'm sorry i had to tell someone.

No. 1572364

I'm shopping for new wigs and this shit is hard. Every time I see a wig I like I have to carefully inspect the specs and then I have to look up reviews on the site and on youtube because usually they look a little different than the listing. So time consuming.

No. 1572366

I’ll harass him, drop the discord

No. 1572367

Default Blue, otherwise known as the Ocean spraypaint is really cute. Ocean gives off a really girlish feminine charm, a little bookish too in comparison to PressL Blue, otherwise known as Saphhire, who has a more mature and stern look but is reliable and caring deep down. However, I can't deny the charm that PressL Brown (Chocolate spraypaint) has, it's a real soft doting girl/boy-next-door look. Someone who I can imagine baking sweets such as cookies and caramel chocolates to bring in for classmates and friends. PressR White, Ivory(?), is probably one that draws me in the most though. They have a mysterious, weird and eccentric vibe that wraps around to being really adorable and moe. Looks like they sleep a lot too. The helpless look of PressL Purple, Grape, is nice too, but they have those terminally online clingy bpd-chan aura which I think is cute because of the fact they aren't human but I have limits y'know?
I actually only play as Hero and Dedede, sometimes Meta Knight too as they're my favorites. Especially Hero, he's really fun to play and I adore Akira Toriyama's works.

No. 1572370

Aw I'm sorry anon. For the first time ever, I'm disappointed I don't play genshin, but I'm sure other anons will do a good job of bullying him.

No. 1572371

Just send his discord to shady sites and the like.

No. 1572375

nonna u are doing gods work: Matthewe7#9366. also for nonnas who play genshin here's his UID (europe server), be wary: 725756197

No. 1572389

a true goddess

No. 1572397

File: 1683661445988.jpg (41.03 KB, 500x500, 7l56yx.jpg)

No. 1572402

I added stuff to my cart on two different websites and ended up getting emails from both of them…but I didn't sign up for either site. How the fuck did they get my email.

No. 1572427

File: 1683664156573.jpeg (37.89 KB, 694x604, 62BB736B-4F20-40D0-A311-508218…)

failed my own vibe check

No. 1572428

I hope harrassing nonas post screenshots

No. 1572440

Thanks I loved reading your response! I often chose Default Blue myself (I love how you characterize the colors) but I never knew about the PressL and PressR versions. If you want to share more descriptions of how you see the colors I'd be happy to read them. I like the look of the PressL and PressR Greens, they seem melony

No. 1572488

I need a new phone case and decoden cases look so cute and I kinda want one, but I know it wouldn’t work out because I shove my phone in tight pockets. I don’t like carrying purses unless I have to. It’s not fair.

No. 1572494

No one who sees a cartoon penguin lay an egg as sexual and shows their therapist porn has any right to complain about ”bpd-chans”

No. 1572497

Most sites are using the exfuse of algorithms to lift tons of personal info without you even knowing how. A lot of time it's a script running on the site. Just wait til people find out YouTube, reddit, and tiktok accesses your mic and camera roll data to create a profile via AI of your age gender and appearance.

No. 1572498

And? She's incredibly based for it

No. 1572499

Yes they do.

No. 1572502

Yes showing unsuspecting women fetish art is so based

No. 1572503

It's a therapist, that's their job

No. 1572504

File: 1683668793344.jpeg (41.24 KB, 564x681, 63FDE447-9855-4E52-AE99-D1E171…)

Let the woman live her truth

No. 1572505

No it fucking isn’t what the fuck

No. 1572511

I just remembered that I plan to see the Barbie movies in theater. Hehehe. I'm gonna make sure to have pink nails and a pink outfit and perhaps even pink hair. I never go to see movies in theaters so I'm very excited.

No. 1572512

I am trying to resist the urge to go out and buy ice cream.

No. 1572515

Go do it and get one that's strawberry cheesecake flavor.

No. 1572524

It sounded like the therapist was interested in seeing it up until she actually beheld the kirby slit tism in all its glory. She got filtered

No. 1572540

I find it interesting how most anons are genuinely clueless about the reality of the internet and just how easy it is to bypass what you consider to be foolproof anonymity. There is no anonymity anymore, even when you think you have it or that you're 'impossible' to trace. Nearly all tor exit nodes are watched btw. People are very optimistic in the belief they're safe behind it for whatever misleading reason.

No. 1572554

I will be so embarrassed on judgment day in 2030 when mark zuckerberg and bill gates release our internet histories to the public and strangers friends and family will have to read the problematic yaoi fanfic I consumed of naruto characters fucking

No. 1572555

The only anonymity we truly have anymore is the version of us that exist in others' minds.
They don't have to read it

No. 1572561

Wannabe faggots in the fujo thread in /m/ crying about the possibility of no shota on lolcow kekkkk pedos the lot of them

No. 1572563

Ignore the bait that keeps getting posted like clockwork nonas

No. 1572564

Oh, that's not in the original game. That's apart of a mod for Air Ride, specifically PC emulator. There's a whole online community for Air Ride on netplay, and there's a popular hackpack in which those color palettes (derived from Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad). I'd share more if I could but then I'd be writing essay tier posts about each coloration's personality and relationship dynamics with other colorations. I definitely like the look of the greens, Press R Green looks like they'd be really shy in my eyes.

No. 1572566

shotafags are the best source of milk today kek they're insane

No. 1572567

>They don't have to read it
I believe they'll find it too titillating to resist

No. 1572568

Anons saying it's a "slippery slope" confused me so much because anons have and do get banned for posting shota and loli in the past. Like it's not a new thing.

No. 1572594

File: 1683672831713.jpeg (2.94 KB, 118x118, 564B19A4-66D3-4C4A-8590-E6E5CE…)

I just wanted to have fun posting dumbass shit nonny yet you have to keep bringing up the nonny drama I'm sick of it I'm sick let nonnys be happy and stop arguing or else

No. 1572598

Press L Brown is so cute, I wish it was official.

No. 1572601

I think we need to come up with a new theme for recurring infights. Anyone has any suggestions?

No. 1572602

>shotafags are pedos
Brain worms.

No. 1572604

Keep trying to cause infighting, lc is already shit anyways

No. 1572609

It's really the pedo shotafags that make these discussions a big infight. Shota/loli = pedo should be common sense.

No. 1572610

Pineapple on pizza

No. 1572612

It's the ugly cp spamming tranny again, he's currently having a schizo meltdown in meta, talking to himself.

No. 1572619

File: 1683673825505.png (758.88 KB, 1155x4690, DreamBuffetColors.png)

Agreed. I'm glad in the latest spin-off game they brought back the ability to give your Kirby different colors, they even have a chocolate color again. Pic related.

No. 1572620

File: 1683673993821.gif (672.38 KB, 220x383, 2EFEE40D-5152-4F58-AC89-D28A5E…)

Being on here this one day already gave me irreversible brain damage, goodbye every nonny let's hope this is my last post

No. 1572622

same. there's way too much shit going on at once except i can't leave. i need to know how all the shitshows end.

No. 1572634

it confused me too! the new rule options (in the questionnaire) sounded very reasonable to me. Also there's always fujo-chan which is a free-for-all BL board.

No. 1572636

File: 1683675281403.png (281.74 KB, 536x539, 1492415134380.png)

nonny drama
nonny drama!
why bring it up?
because is nonny drama!

No. 1572637

At first I thought you were referring to "music theme" when infights occur, so I'm posting what I listen to when I read them.

No. 1572640

I want a pretzel crust pizza from little caesars. Maybe I’m a fatty at heart.

No. 1572661

the composer of super mario kart is female too so this fits

No. 1572662

I want to take a break from celebrity gossip, some of it genuinely effects me weirdly and it has nothing to do with me or effect me. I need to get an life. also my investagation on "Drake" is literally making my brain melt, it's too much for one NEET to uncover Im tired

No. 1572669

she's one for the culture

No. 1572670


No. 1572676

isn't Audrey already a girl's name kek

No. 1572682

File: 1683679508542.png (268.19 KB, 1855x2116, 1665478845552 (2).png)

No. 1572685

I still can’t tell if the transvestigation weirdos are just fucking around or really need antipsychotics.

No. 1572687

oh i saw this before i just thought the feminine version of his first name would remain the same

No. 1572689

and wait until you hear how Ariana found out about "Drake" skin walking her, wanting to be her, notice how "Drake" is constantly wearing clothing talking about the "Dick" he doesn't have. I fucking loathe "Drake" and I hate that i even remembered what I did and started this investigation to prove it. I'm not some >>1572685 "transvestagation" weirdo. I don't think every woman with a big chin or board shoulders is a man like those freaks,. There's a lot of stone cold facts and logic. I've put a LOT of work into proving this and when I drop the docs (When I retire from Lolcow, probably even the internet), I hope it gets into the right hands.
audrey is unisex, Audraya isn't.

No. 1572690

I hope mods ban transvestigation kek, there's already enough FtMs and MtFs to make fun of, they don't need to make shit the fuck up in order to like a scrote celebrity kek.

No. 1572691

I was banned for that months ago, I no longer discuss it as much. I don't deserve an ban because a theory I also do not do this to any celebrity. I'm not retarded

No. 1572693

File: 1683680280947.png (87.86 KB, 500x500, fetchimage.png)

Somebody posted femurbreaker.mp3 in the femdom thread, I've never heard the audio before and it's only the second time ever my heart skipped a beat to something auditory. Can't believe there are now TWO mp3s I can listen to when I want men screaming and sobbing. Thank you so much nona with matrician taste, hope you see this, I love you.

No. 1572695

Are you schizophrenic, or type one bipolar? No hate, but there are signs.

No. 1572697


No. 1572698

How can you actually take it seriously

No. 1572702

Im just me. A woman with diverse thoughts, feelings and interests. I have not been formally dianosed with anything but a case of caring too much about small things.
I believe what I believe.

No. 1572708

It's not meant to be serious it's just nice voice acting of a man in distress. Don't be hard on me nonny.

No. 1572722

File: 1683683344186.gif (3.62 MB, 600x338, molbandon thread.gif)

>go on iknowwhatyoudownload for funsies
>see nothing for my ip
>check the ips around me
>completely normal until i scroll down
>onion link labeled as porn with a very much under legal age in the title
i hate knowing there's freaks wandering around in my area. i hope the report i made can start an investigation or something

No. 1572732

Did the same out of curiosity, one of the ips around me has a ‘child porn’. ugh.

No. 1572736

>audrey is unisex
No it’s not.

No. 1572750

That's fucked, I've only ever seen normal porn in those things.

No. 1572764

My drive is someone else. That’s pretty dumb

No. 1572775

What's this website called? Not getting anything from google.

No. 1572777

I just found people pirating movies/old music kek

No. 1572779

File: 1683687978537.jpg (117.41 KB, 1600x900, trump-m-14-rt-ml-210120_161115…)

I like Melania Trump. She really doesn't give single fuck about anything but herself and her kid. Good for her.

No. 1572782

Aubrey is unisex. Audrey isn't.

No. 1572784

Okay Drake

No. 1572793

at this point i would'nt be surpised if "Drake" does post here to defend himself. Weird things have been happening the closer i get to finishing my doc

No. 1572794

LC. Do you luh me. Are you riding

No. 1572796

Because they're double standard imposing predatory shitbags

I will never settle for ugly moids. Lifelong promise to myself because I find it so gross that I have to be attractive but they should be ugly as fuck. It absolutely kills it for me.

No. 1572797


No. 1572808

File: 1683690276001.png (20.3 KB, 1007x664, Capture.PNG)

No. 1572825

OHMAHGAWD LC..=.. ELSIE. Never got that until nyaaoow

No. 1572828

nonas please talk, say something Im refreshing, it's 12:17am, I'm hopped up on coffee.

No. 1572830

Me too, I shouldn't drink coffee at night, I just fucked my sleep for the week

No. 1572833

That is 100% what happened.

No. 1572838

Just finished this, but am too embarrassed about how messy my circling looks to post. Thanks anon, this was fun.

No. 1572839

File: 1683693483177.jpg (70.03 KB, 735x704, 2e09f3f03e489ccb41ed3f3950e98f…)

Nonnie can you hear me?
Nonnie can you hear me?
Can you hear me, nonnie?
You've been hit by, you've been struck by…a smooch criminal.

No. 1572842

happy you did it nona!!
smooch smooch

No. 1572844

Same but it's only 9:40PM for me, I'm drinking iced coffee, it's my favorite and reminds me of summer

No. 1572862

You guys should get decaf coffee!

No. 1572866

yes girl I was right there with you! I'm not a "transvestigator" either but I looked into it for shits and giggles and am team Drake Is A Woman. like, that bitch is a woman.

No. 1572872

Nah he's just garden variety sexual predator basking in the afterglow of these memes because they distract from his favor for young girls lol

No. 1572959

oh man is the anorectal violence poster back?

No. 1572962

His quest never ends

No. 1572963

what where?? oh god

No. 1572965

File: 1683708971463.png (Spoiler Image, 41.9 KB, 1007x664, export1683708949534.png)

this was really fun nonna!!
spoiler just in case others still want to do it themselves

No. 1572967

The level of autism involved in his posts makes me think it's a fetish. Not even a fetish for anal, a fetish specifically for lecturing women on the dangers of anal sex. Like we're not fucking aware??

No. 1572980

>Like we're not fucking aware??
We here on the farm may be but so many are not BUT he is a fucking creep and definitely getting off on lecturing women about it

No. 1572981

File: 1683712286902.png (29.19 KB, 1504x626, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 2.52.…)

No. 1572984

unexpectedly based take from tumblr, nice
Joel should have been hotter, pedro is an insult

No. 1572986

The most unrealistic part about the black little mermaid is her black father raising her as a single parent, kek. They should have made Kang Triton a woman who works three jobs while daddy went out for some smokes if they want to go with realism.(racebait)

No. 1572987

The most unrealistic part about the black little mermaid is her black father raising her as a single parent, kek.

No. 1572992

File: 1683714320821.jpg (90.91 KB, 1024x560, enjoy the time now.jpg)

Seven more years until the girls born in big 2010 (Katy released the album, Teenage Dream, One Direction formed, Justin Bieber had millions of grown men on suicide watch, etc. etc.) arrive on the farms. How will you greet them? Will they be able to save us? Will you still be here?

No. 1572993

wouldn't it be five? they're 13 now

No. 1572994

thats faster than expected

No. 1572995

im not on my meds

No. 1572997

I'll be here. probs tell them to read the rules.
any young women trying to find their way who find themselves here are one of us, as sad and funny as it might be.

No. 1573002

File: 1683716028470.png (158.33 KB, 523x640, EdMkVuFU0AEx0uh.png)

man I always feel like an 2edgy4u chuunibyou middle schooler whenever I enjoy horror movies and edgy artwork and dark fiction and whatever the hell but it just fascinates me more than anything.

No. 1573003

File: 1683716086828.png (46.41 KB, 308x313, dsgs5r4fs6f4es684fs.png)

My legs hurt from yesterday's workout.

No. 1573035

I'm the same way nonna. i just love obscure things…. that doesnt make us bad people!!

No. 1573046

File: 1683723051213.gif (568.05 KB, 480x358, download (19).gif)


No. 1573070

File: 1683726210077.jpg (36.46 KB, 721x651, Would make a great tattoo!! (1…)

Beyonce starts her tour today, which means that she might end up dropping some music videos for Renaissance soon enough. There is a tourbook, and the merch I've seen looks cute. Swedish people, I'm so jealous of you today!

No. 1573116

File: 1683729621553.jpg (25.33 KB, 640x526, i have got to get normaler.jpg)

i found out that my nigel has literal top secret security clearance in the military and my schizo-brain is short circuiting

before i knew that he's allowed to know everything they're willing to tell i was making jokes at him that i know he's talking to aliens in his big important meetings that he can't tell me about (he is currently deployed) and he would respond in a way so as to imply that there were no aliens but there was some high strangeness happening but wouldn't disclose any details beyond saying "well there aren't ALIENS per se (implied dot dot dot)" and i assumed that he was just playing along with the bit because i love to talk about ufos lmao but then the pentagon declassified some footage from explicitly where he is deployed of a fucking ufo

when i mentioned that to him he confirmed that he did in fact get to see that footage in his meetings before it was declassified and like bruh
i really bagged me a nigel w/ that insider info and he's too good of a boy to tell me state secrets lmao

god i wish i wasn't this way kek

No. 1573123

What does it say about me if all of my friends say that I would be Dennis if I was anyone in It's Always Sunny… isn't he the rapist…

No. 1573131

I feel like a disproportionate amount of contests/giveaways or whatever have a Nintendo switch as a prize to the point it really tainted my impression of them overall and put me off ever buying one

No. 1573137

Feed him barbiturates and interrogate him for the common good
Then report in the tinfoil thread

No. 1573139

People around me are absolutely wholesome. They pirate some apps, games, tv shows, and audio books. I wish I knew who downloaded Mudvayne, Hogwarts Legacy, South park and some anime and manga. Oh, but someone did download 1970 porn film with Stallone, it was apparently his first role. And one ip only has three porn videos, but with classic scripts judging from titles. One of them is SubmissiveCuckolds LOL
Damn anon thanks for sharing this, I'm sorry you saw what you saw but I'm glad to find a way to snoop for fun

No. 1573144

This one nona is so insistent that I'm a shotafag because I literally said that loli/shota is legal in the us. I don't even like shota lmaooo they're so hellbent on assuming so much shit what a fucking retard kekkkk!! It's making me laugh my ass off dhsoaksjdhdhcg

No. 1573145

Go jerk off to children weirdo and gtfo here.

No. 1573147

I can’t wait to see shotacon/lolicon completely banned.

No. 1573148

Imagine coming to lolcow to get your latest update on the status of Shayna's ass warts and you're one of the first people to find out aliens exist because an anon's Nigel blabbed

No. 1573150

hellbent on spreading infighting to multiple threads huh.
there's a reason why everyone hates you besides shotafagging, you know

No. 1573151

Me too! I'm indifferent to it but antis throwing up the same points on and on again is just tiring lmaoooo

No. 1573154

File: 1683732451815.jpeg (27.18 KB, 500x281, IMG_4891.jpeg)

God I need to get laid.

No. 1573156

File: 1683732495038.jpeg (870.06 KB, 3464x3464, AF8CB881-1F1A-4E31-B81C-4F994C…)


No. 1573157

I need to get laid too. I wanna trib with another woman so harddd

No. 1573160

I'd say I'm jealous but your bf won't spill the beans. Maybe he will some day. Or you'll manage to get the information yourself somehow. I wish that for you nona

No. 1573163

it is called iknowwhatyoudownload. if you don't see anything your country/ISP is preventing google from showing

No. 1573164

So uh…u up? wyd?

No. 1573166

Nothing much I'm just chilling in bed, hbu kekkkk

No. 1573170

Okay I tried putting my ip in but nothing is showing up? Like there's no results. I'm getting nothing

No. 1573180


No. 1573184

I scooted forward in my chair and my tits made an audible smack sound when they hit my stomach

No. 1573193

I want a Yumejoshi thread. or at least recommendations of some good ones. That aren't one shot, but long/ongoing. Can't help but feel the women on 4chan's /h/ femporn are actually trannies/moids.

No. 1573194

There are plenty of yume threads in /g/ and /m/.

No. 1573195

That word needs to be redtexted.

No. 1573199

I think she meant himejoshi

No. 1573205

Save us from what?

No. 1573206

To genshin anon
That guy accepted my friend request but he fucking blocked me when I sent a video of a man shoving a toothbrush up his ass then brushing his teeth with it

No. 1573210

File: 1683736884108.jpg (16.68 KB, 350x350, 252470e1f18d4dc2ef94ea239bd79a…)

I'm so horny it's not funny

No. 1573213

File: 1683736938342.jpg (13.4 KB, 563x564, 16764446678.jpg)


No. 1573215

ikr who even does keysmash in 2k23

No. 1573217

File: 1683737179090.jpg (151.94 KB, 1280x566, toscana.jpg)

I like traveling

No. 1573220

Iwonder if one of my coworkers is a farmer solely because she likes a combination of niche things that are pretty popular on here

No. 1573223

I can't wait for hellweek.

No. 1573227

me! get ready!

No. 1573228

You made me go to /meta/ imagining there would be a post about it, but all I found was infighting about shota and /w/ infight.

No. 1573231

They haven't made an annoucement, just that it will happen again in the future.

No. 1573232

File: 1683738470773.jpg (54.86 KB, 747x483, ;__;.jpg)

>am abroad for the first time in my life
>hot beachy location
>am on bc, shouldn't be having a period
>wake up to a massacre
>hotel sheets are white
>only have white underwear left
why would she betray me like this

No. 1573233

I don't even know the context but that video sounds hilarious kek

No. 1573247

shota debate has me rolling kek

No. 1573267

File: 1683741929228.png (804.79 KB, 900x960, 101686244_p0.png)

I really wanna make my hyperniche manga about cbdct but i have so much shit to do, wish i was a millionaire hermit
the site wont exist by then, hopefully we will all be free

No. 1573271

everyone around me is a filthy ironic weeb with shit taste, i saw naruto shippuden like 3 times

No. 1573272

You have shit taste.

No. 1573274

I just called back this number that has been calling me multiple times everyday for 5 days just for them to hang up on me while I was talking. I was trying to be nice, but now I'm going to block you bitch!

No. 1573276

File: 1683742598402.jpg (467.33 KB, 1536x2048, mental illness amogus.jpg)

Naruto sucks and narutards were the aids of the anime community for over a decade before being dethroned by MHAfags

No. 1573288

Not meaning to fuel the multi-thread shota sperging, but sorta doing it anyway, I have a few things I'm into that I don't talk about it here because I know they wouldn't be well received. I don't see any point in posting about them unless I, for some reason, was in the mood to be mocked and criticized by several anons, get into hours long fights and possibly get banned.

No. 1573291

yeah same, not into shotas myself but my husbando is ''shota adjacent'' aka not a fat ugly moid, generic anime guy or a penguin so i know i will be told i am a moid if i speak about him on the husbando thread, blah, blah. That's why i see the ban as retarded, there really isnt a ''shotafag invading lc'' problem, it just seems like newfags are scared of seeing something remotely icky. I am a firm believer that a chan should be modded by its users(outside of shit like the cp spams and raids) there is no need for a retarded rule for wrongthink, nonnys will tell you to kys, as it should be.

No. 1573294

>or a penguin

No. 1573295

I post about my fetishes and other sexual interests that i know i will be shat on for. Why? Because i don’t care how others view my degeneracy and you shouldn’t either

No. 1573301

It appears that you are so new that you didn't know that liking underage animu kids was considered unacceptable here for ages. There is indeed a current inflow of retarded newfags, some who bait about liking shota and won't integrate.

No. 1573310

It's not that I care, it's just that I don't see the point of talking about stuff that would be inflammatory, if I am not looking for a fight. I don't mean this in a "I'm being censored by the mean farmers" way, but in a "what's the point?" Way.

No. 1573311

you're a coward and part of the problem


No. 1573318

that made me laugh irl god bless u nonna. u got his ass good, just like that toothbrush got… ok i don’t need to continue the metaphor u get it.

No. 1573323

Pass me your discord or something and I will bug you in particular about my interests no other farmers want to hear about, you'll have exclusive access to my spergings, I hope you like ero-guro and the poorly written pedantic analyses that will come along.

No. 1573326

went to see guardian’s of the galaxy with a friend tonight and it’s not enough funny how horny i got for that weird golden boy. i don’t even like marvel and btw fuck disney but he’s just too hawt & dumb and i promise i will NOT search for more content with him. i will now see myself out and repent for my sins. also to the nonna in husbando thread who posted the racoon — i now understand what u meant.

No. 1573327

learn to read, idiot. That's literally exactly what i said, that there is no need for a stupid rule when the community already takes out the trash. Also,
ew, ironic weeb trash

No. 1573345

Kek no wonder this retard is so vocal about the ban, she's personally offended becausr her imaginary friend wouldn't be allowed.

No. 1573352

File: 1683749643567.png (37.82 KB, 960x360, 1615110842390.png)

the whole pedo infight debacle happening in different threads is too funny KEK

No. 1573356

its like you retards dont really read the post you are responding to, it's either black or white thinking with you. This board truly is in decline.

No. 1573366

Wish samsung had little icon borders like discord did since I text 95% of the time

No. 1573368

I feel like I'm in some old ass medieval village and there's like fights on the street happening over a new law that is about to be announced or something

No. 1573379

I don't wanna watch it cause I hate James Gunn and don't like how the personalities are so different from the comics, but damn I am interested in how they adapted Adam Warlock and what other cosmic references there are.

No. 1573382

File: 1683752154019.jpg (174.2 KB, 638x900, medieval-village-scene-burning…)

lolcor att

No. 1573383

File: 1683752192422.jpeg (193.29 KB, 2560x1665, A12A2197-7761-4954-B75B-61CCCB…)

I wouldn't want to surgically erase my personhood for an evil corporation but goddamn are the severance computers cool

No. 1573390

meant even not enough oops.
nonna u made me curious about how he’s in the comics! in the movie there were only a couple of scenes with him unfortunately… he only attacked someone, said something dumb, or all of those things at once. he’s so fine though ugh! if u see the movie after all pls report ur feelings back i wanna know the perspective of someone who actually knows the story!

No. 1573404

It'd be so like LC if we had all these fights and it turned out only 20 people or less actually bothered to vote.

No. 1573413

I want to know exactly how Ryan Ross feels about what became of Panic at the Disco like I want to know so badly. I hate Brenden Urie so FUCKING much I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM. I HATE HIMMMMM.

No. 1573417

File: 1683753847661.jpg (120.49 KB, 1280x862, 6MPNGRSSYNCFJJZH2SKSBNMMPU.jpg)

Is this intentional?

No. 1573423

i've never considered this before but oh man do i want to know now
i don't loathe brendon urie exactly but i do wish he would have just started a solo career rather than just taking patd and running with it. it's unpleasant talking about panic with other people when i realistically only listen to the first two albums and a handful of comparatively recent singles and most of his stans at this point seem to be barely even aware that panic at the disco was not always just brendon vibing

do we know if they're still friends? i imagine that he's probably happy for his success but irritated that he took the entire band and changed everything about it lol

No. 1573424

elaborate? I wanna know more

No. 1573430

File: 1683755170768.jpeg (3.65 MB, 6000x4000, 934F65F8-979C-4986-AD64-B49243…)

It's from a tv show called severance, it's one of the most interesting best series out there you should watch it

No. 1573440

You absolute based ho. Marry me and we will watch South Park together and listen to Mudvayne in the car.

No. 1573443

File: 1683756449455.jpg (102.94 KB, 750x729, download (12).jpg)

Samefag, I'm watching clips of the show and even though she's set to release 2 more albums, a lot of people are saying this is her goodbye tour and they could be right. I'm stressed cause I absolutely did not get tickets.

No. 1573449

lol puppy

No. 1573453

is this fake? i saw a bald cap on someone 100% but idk if they put they put make up on them to exaggerate the stories

No. 1573465

>do we know if they're still friends?
I imagine it'd be awkward after an obsessive stan texted Ryan Ross for months pretending to be Brendon trying to reconcile with him and Ryan fell for it.

No. 1573473

File: 1683761532768.png (18.54 KB, 1184x340, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 4.32.…)

The internet is such an interesting place

No. 1573475

Who do Giant Bomb even make money? Their videos seem to get so little views, seems like nobody care about their opinions or anything. I remember there was a time where their game of the year, quick looks and E3 coverage was huge

No. 1573476

People always say nurses are rude, but ime it's always the ladies working the front desk that are kind of rude and snippy. It's like, chill out bitch. Nurses should never, ever be rude either, but at least they would have more of a reason to since they have to deal with shit like wiping other people's shitty asses, watching people die of horrible diseases, deal with nasty infections, etc…

No. 1573483

It sucks that people loop technicians, LPNs, CNAs with RNs. When people are talking about mean girl "nurses", they 9/10 are not talking about RNs.

No. 1573486

I need screenshots asap

No. 1573493

I'm at work nonnie but look up "ryan ross brendon urie texts" on google and click on the blogpost from the pathetic! at the disco tumblr.

No. 1573500

NAAAH that's crazy. Poor ryan

No. 1573520

Yeah it's funny as fuck how mad they get abt it kekkk

No. 1573522

Does anynonny else smell the twitterfags in this thread too or is it just me.

No. 1573523

Anyone else here randomly pinch their clit because they like how it feels?

No. 1573525

No. 1573526

Mind your own busness

No. 1573528

Nah I do it too. I scratch my vagina after I wear a pad for too long, feels great even though I know I could get a yeast infection

No. 1573531

My poor wittle pomeranian puppy was squeaking at my bedroom door and I thought a rat was in my room lmaooo

No. 1573533


No. 1573544

Genshin impact fanart should never have horses because mihoyo is too lazy to make the horses themselves.

No. 1573554

Fitting for a rat dog

No. 1573566

Not pinch, but i poke at it.

No. 1573568

They do not look like rats!! They are fluffy and beautiful. Luxurious.

No. 1573570

Go back to the dog hate thread.

No. 1573572

Rat dogs are a real breed moron

No. 1573576

File: 1683771405552.gif (1.13 MB, 640x460, whoopsie.gif)

No. 1573580

This is reminding me of a video a video I watched a while ago titled "dog sized rat spotted in the streets of London(?)" and it was a rat sized rat.

No. 1573581

File: 1683771661237.png (206.64 KB, 794x966, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 7.22.…)

Huh good to know

No. 1573590

Anyone wants to discuss how amazing Little Big Planet 1 is and the soundtrack? I love it so much, it's like Billy Hatcher nobody talks about it

No. 1573594

this is my 4th post on lolcow this year. i should shut up more

No. 1573597

Poms are so amazingly fancy. They are to other kinds of dogs, what ragdoll cats are to other kinds of cats. Beautiful fancy floofs.

No. 1573603

sometimes i wonder if my brother posts on some equivalent imageboard and if he goes to the vent thread to complain about his sister listening to the oliver & company soundtrack again

No. 1573614

diagnosing myself with MFD, Maladjusted Flake Disorder

No. 1573615

this is why i hate dogs, like why are they so retarded

No. 1573622

They are animals nonnie. All animals are varying levels of retarded.

No. 1573650

sometimes I forget like 70% of the stuff I post here. mods probably think i'm schizo.

No. 1573654

ME TOO I get so paranoid over whether I've posted something before or not but it always happens the second after I post it. And then I get too embarrassed to delete it. Fuck.

No. 1573656

The best part about having excess spending money on hand is being able to commission art of your weird fixations!

No. 1573659

Bless you for supporting artists, you're a real one nona.

No. 1573662

Well that dog actually seems like he has some issue with his legs and probably his brain, so that particular dog is indeed retarded

No. 1573669

fuck i forgot to cancel my subscription after quitting an mmo and just realized it's been auto-renewing for like 3 months. i am a fool

No. 1573673

So mean and so nasty
So mean and so nasty
So mean and so nasty
So mean and so nasty

No. 1573676

wish i had a girl best friend that liked edm and some night driving

No. 1573679

Are the eurovision watch parties actually fun to participate in? I'm thinking about joining tonight.

No. 1573680

Exactly!! You get it nona

No. 1573682

is not that I hate it, I just don't like that everyone loves it

No. 1573688

I'm gonna make a steak quesadilla tomorrow. So excited. It's gonna me so yum yum in my tum tum.

No. 1573692

You Are Different From The Rest… Harry and Louis Will Definitely Pick You From The Crowd For Adoption

No. 1573697

File: 1683786999773.jpg (62.4 KB, 564x564, 1578848790108.jpg)

I am the kind of person people feel comfortable oversharing to, and it's so funny just knowing midway through their childhood trauma confession whether they are a "I am so sorry that happened to you. Tell me as much as you are comfortable with, your secret is safe with me" or a "With the FIRE POKER? bitch go to part two, I KNOW her ass did not even lose custody for that WHAT'D SHE HIT YOU WITH NEXT??" I a always right on the money, too.

No. 1573698

I witnessed some males absolutely SEETHING over a few male polo players today and it got me wanting more… What other sports and recreational activities makes men feel utterly threatened when other men partake in it?

No. 1573700

Reminding me of how every time you're like three hours into your first shift at any public facing wagie job your manage has already told you her life story with cliffnotes, heavily annotated, side quests included. You're stuck with that bitch anyways so you're like "wait your sisters boyfriends grandpa did WHAT at the reunion?"

No. 1573710

NO omg that's insane
i didn't even realize things had left off at a point where reconciliation would be necessary, i cannot believe this lmao

screaming, crying, cackling

not me being type 2 kek

No. 1573711

File: 1683789233692.jpeg (28.98 KB, 585x556, Lus2MWz.jpeg)

He's back

No. 1573712

I work retail which is what inspired my post in the first place lmaooo.

No. 1573713

File: 1683789334818.jpg (507.93 KB, 1512x1649, media_Fvw4IcGWIAAf-lj.jpg)

Weird match but okay

No. 1573723

I-is that his dick print?

No. 1573726

File: 1683791627366.jpg (355.75 KB, 1512x1648, FaceApp_1683791593729.jpg)

No. 1573728

I was born in 1990. The only people I know around my age that think Arnold schwarzennger or w/e is attractive are men. Arnie has an ugly face.

No. 1573736

No lol

No. 1573743

Oh NO, it can't be long and skinny like that please no. For the love of god Jordan please don't have a pencil dick.

No. 1573746

I'm pretty sure that's literally a pencil.

No. 1573747

Fucking better be

No. 1573765

men in cheerleading, ballet, and figure skating all usually make other men seethe because they're "feminine" sports. I'd be rich if I had a penny for how many men have I heard go "reee hes just there to look up the female dancer skirts and get easy pussy!!!" when some man whips out an incredible backhand spring or does a cabriole 5 feet in the air

No. 1573780

File: 1683799494514.png (37.45 KB, 574x194, c628b170-5345-4623-bc98-f84864…)

I love relaxing in my bed.

No. 1573804

I'm hooked, ready to be openly a fan of these, may the moids CRY

No. 1573837

File: 1683809554519.jpeg (70.99 KB, 1080x1078, 1681257377334.jpeg)

my brain is not working today i can't fucking focus on anything.

No. 1573888

File: 1683817425987.png (20.82 KB, 1875x172, 802408943978437894.png)

Saw this on cc and I think it's very true, thoughts?

No. 1573898

File: 1683817991025.jpg (8.03 KB, 229x220, 9k=(10).jpg)

What do you all think of those "safety key chains" I keep seeing online? I've never seen/met a woman carrying one irl so I was wondering if they're actually useless or something

No. 1573903

I'm a regular poster and I've been posting since like 2019 (after lurking for years) and I'm not in any discord, so, I don't know about that one.
I want to call the "being harrassed by mods" thing schizo but I'm fairly certain I left a comment on CC saying the same thing. For a while it felt like any time I left a vent, someone (seemingly the same anon) would jump to antagonize me. I left a comment on CC saying that my tinfoil is that the mods think of me as a cow due to my erratic post history and are trying to provoke milk kek. My paranoid android brain wants to think the mods are following me like I'm a cow but my logical brain is concerned with the frequency of my vent posts at the time (more posts would lead to more chances of being antagonized), there was someone on tumblr/twitter who apparently said that they and their friend gang up and bully/infight with anons (so it could be them or the like), etc etc. But who really knows.

No. 1573928

Nta but I noticed those strange responses in the vent threads as well, for the past year or so especially during this year. It feels like the most hostile thread in /ot/ compared to the others, something's off but idk what.

No. 1573962

Anons in another thread are talking about perfume or something, and I've just been thinking so much for the past few months about how I want to makey own perfume. I already know where to get everything and what to get, but I want to do more research. There's so many scents I want to make. Im not even a scent person because I suck at things like distinguishing notes, but this stuff gets me so hype.

No. 1573963

its a bunch of newfags that are discovering the non-censored, free internet for the first time and thinking it means they can be annoying little pricks throwing petty cringy insults at anons for either calling them out or being honest. Wouldnt surprise me if the bast mayority of posters left are like creepshow, gender special ''twans right you are valid!!1!'' uwu irl but come here to larp as mean girls.

No. 1573965

File: 1683822506099.gif (1.41 MB, 482x281, 3b4715421a9900ab1bcd931d5ee214…)

The trees and bushes outside my house are so greeeeeeen. I feel like I'm in a jungle. I think I should watch Tarzan and The Jungle Book today if I get a chance.

No. 1573977

I want to fuck my OCs so bad fuuuuuckkkk

No. 1573990

They are not useless, it may be that you actually do know or have seen a woman with one but you wouldn't know it because they usually come on bracelets. It's just a piece of tungsten on any stretchy band and if you flick it against tempered glass it will shatter. My aunt has one and she has also had to use it when an ex tried to keep her locked in his car when she was trying to get out, she had to roll out of a moving car while she was pregnant.

No. 1573995

File: 1683823942949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 261.03 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230511_112908_Gal…)

What the hell is wrong with this models face? Is it a man or just an unfortunate lip job.

No. 1574037

I'm so conceited I google shit like "old friend/girlfriend has no social media can't find her" and laugh at the sad whiny posts imagining that's how people from my past feel about me. I know some exfriends have tried to get at me through my mom. I love being off the grid so to speak I get a sense of superiority from it. I get to decide who I let in my life nobody gets to just hit me up on a lark

No. 1574361

I have been using jojoba oil on my cuticles/hands, and it's already started strengthening my nails. I thought I would have to wait for entirely new growth so see results.

No. 1574383

I don't want this to be true but to some extent it probably is. I once made an innocuous one word post and got this long sarcastic response that seemed like it was written by someone that had seen my post history. It was pretty weird. I've never had much trouble with mods though I do live in constant fear of my post history being revealed and connected to my real name. But I'm sure that's normal. I should probably leave this place kek

No. 1574389

Whenever I'm about to get my hair done or I order a new wig, I crochet a new hair accessory in excitement. Sometimes I even crochet it whilst getting my hair done.

No. 1574410

the part about it being empty here is true, after shaymin's disaster and the resulting significant period of time where the site was unreachable for over 50% of the userbase, many, many anons never came back.
As for being persecuted by farmhands, I think it's schizo bullshit. I post all the time and I never get any trouble from the farmhands, even when I probably deserve a ban. It's my impression that farmhands are very lenient with banning farmers, if anything. Also when I have been banned, if I disagree with it and make my case in the appeals, they'll even reverse your ban if you make a good case. There is A LOT of things farmhands could use from my posting history to make fun of me, but they never do. I think they're very reasonable and professional for the most part.

No. 1574425

>I dont' have an issue with bisexual men, but not the ones who date transgenders, they are fucking crazy
I made a new friend and we're talking about everything, she literally read my mind on this topic. (However, I don't want to date a bisexual scrote, I just feel nothing towards the openly bisexuals , not the "I suck a trans dick and I'm not gay!!" bisexuals calling themselves straight.
However, I always notice that trans attracted scrotes are 99% of the time fucking crazy in many ways, it never fails.

No. 1574426

Agree. I don't post a lot but it's not hard to get banned imo. If it's happening repeatedly they're stirring shit and a lolcow themselves.

No. 1574428

Shaymin killed lolcow imo, that whole situation really seemed to cut our small userbase in half.I'm sure she's meant well but the site has been slightly wonky since the christmas diaster. I'm sure the admins are still dealing with the mess she created. At least our admins are very active, but i do think that situation really ruined some shit.

No. 1574438

>many anons never came back
I almost became one of them, site wasnt working at all for forever. straight up didnt even go on here for several months even after until recently

No. 1574439

I can't sleep its after 2am so I'm going to have a joint and eat pizza.

No. 1574460

My therapist says peeling off pieces of my skin for fun is NOT a hobby.. . bitch then why do I love to do it??

No. 1574464

Exactly, it's a real tragedy because I think cerbmin has been really amazing and communicative so far, basically everything we always wanted, but most of the pre-christmas-disaster userbase is not around anymore to see it. Now all our new users are tiktok and twitterfags, and of the original anons, all of the biggest cows have stayed, skewing the proportion of sane to insane posters a lot and making many anons very recognizable.

No. 1574476

I can tell the site is changing because up until like 2-3 years ago if I posted about the "girly" stuff I do and like I would've had anons jumping down my throat about it. Now I post about that stuff in peace. But I still posted about it back then, I didn't give a fuck lol.

No. 1574485

I've noticed that whenever I've watched videos of fat dudes performing amazing athletic feats, like a fat dude in a platform diving competition or a fat dude outrunning all the other competitors in a 100m sprint, the top comments are all overwhelmingly positive. Like if a woman did this, she would be absolutely laughed at and ridiculed. Men need to shut the fuck up when they mock the body positivity movement. They're the ones proclaiming YASSS KIIIING on these fat dudes.

No. 1574489

I feel like I've seen dozens of posts basically saying the same thing over the years. I don't want to act like a user being targeted never happens, but at the same time I think the culture, the physical mechanics, and the userbase of anonymous imageboards gives way to paranoia. If the first response to a post is critical, chances are following responses will be as well, plus being anonymous makes it easy to be a hater. If you post a lot, you're not going to remember all the posts you've ever made, there are probably just as many posts that get positive feedback, and even more that go unresponded to. Maybe I'm not making sense but I think some people are just experiencing the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (that thing where if you think about a red car, you'll suddenly see red cars everywhere). A really big thing too is that some posters have unique traits/hobbies/typing styles that can make them identifiable across boards, even if they think they're being subtle.

Not to be too mean but the userbases of imageboards aren't really known for being filled with sociable and mentally well-adjusted people. I love lc and don't mind cc but there's so many times where I'll take a break for weeks/months and finally return and be faced with how chronically online some of this stuff is. Being stalked online by a mod or dogpiled constantly is a very fair concern, but idk I figure the farmhands probably have other things to do.

No. 1574491

File: 1683863593725.jpeg (63.74 KB, 522x622, 1656194640044.jpeg)

Playing Life Makeover and I had a little bit of wine in me tonight and decided to say transwomen are men in the global chat and watched as teenagers proceeded to get offended on behalf of porn addicted men for my "twansphobia". At leas made one friend who agreed with me.

No. 1574494

I've been here during shaymin and before but I just stopped posting much on ot because there was some crazy nonnas always greentexting anything they didn't like and telling me to go back to twitter kek and I have never said anything weird or controversial it's always shit like
It really interrupts the flow of the discussion and it's so annoying, and I also got accused of being a moid for shitposting some bullshit because I was angry at the mods for banning me for days for stupid shit when they were power tripping during shaymin and a little before, fortunately I didn't get banned for that or anything else since then (as if scrotes wouldn't just spam cp or gore, I was here during these events too and reported way too much nasty shit I'm glad I was able to forget most of it). I just felt like I was going mad and I mostly post on m now but my fav threads are so dead and I guess I'm afraid of spamming them with my current obsessions because there's been too much infighting these days. Also I don't understand what people say here in ot sometimes, it's a bunch of new zoomer terms and they make no sense and why I get greentext when I "ain't" something but you guys keep saying shit like unalive, yt (not youtube) and sike??? It's ridiculous and it makes me feel like I'm 60. I like that there are new people around but the way they talk drives me nuts, it's like a different language. Why the fuck I wasted my time learning english if english sounds more retarded than before.
Anyway, for all I shit on the mods and admins I like the current ones. Not getting banned anymore for being retarded while before shaymin I actually felt like my post history was used against me. I know there was a tranny mod you cannot convince me otherwise

No. 1574495

>A really big thing too is that some posters have unique traits/hobbies/typing styles that can make them identifiable across boards, even if they think they're being subtle
ntayrt but most of the innocuous posts that get dogpiled on don't seem like those posters to me. like the anon who vented about wanting friends and a boyfriend/husband, the anon who almost got raped at college, that teenage anon who got pregnant and asked for help, and many others didn't seem like recognizable posters unless there's some clue i'm missing, yet they all received overly aggressive responses for no reason.

No. 1574510

I get so confused by people who can see far away. You mean you could get nosebleeds at a theater or concert and still see? With no help?

No. 1574512

near sighted problems i can relate

No. 1574514

I feel the same way. All the "she ate/served, it's giving" and tiptoeing around no-no words like suicide makes some posts unreadable, it makes me feel more retarded than usual afterwards cause I just don't get it. Words like ain't and gonna seem pretty normal though and more commonly used irl. Maybe those anons never met southerners kek.

No. 1574516

>yt (not youtube)
Wait, what does that mean then?

No. 1574520

No. 1574522

There's a post in the previous tinfoil thread that this reminds me of. Don't read it if you suffer from anxiety and/or are prone to paranoia, or if you're trying to sleep right now

No. 1574523

I hate the slang too, it's all just people who are used to the "censored" web like another poster pointed out upthread. Twitter/moid accusations are just a misguided attempt at integrating, 90% of the time the person just holds a different view, it's so tiring and it clogs up the thread for no reason at all. sike is 90s slang, I had no idea it was making a comeback, honestly pretty psyched about it

No. 1574525

That's called a "gringa" in Mexico.

No. 1574534

Looking into half baked theories that Virginia woolfs cousin was jack the ripper for no real meaningful reason at all but im laughing at the fact that even in the 1800s you can clearly tell when a man is gay from the disjointed misogynistic way he writes about women like immediately.

No. 1574542

File: 1683868390794.jpg (144.1 KB, 720x1600, 83838388387373.jpg)

Gagged her slayed her kweeen the house down boots!!

No. 1574543

the eternal faggot

No. 1574547

Gay men in the 1800s: she's fat and ugly why do any men like her she should die
Gay men in 2023: sis she's big and ugly why do any men like her she should unalive Chile /gen

No. 1574579

It's called delicious yumminess in my neck of the woods.

No. 1574589

I thought yesterday was Friday.

No. 1574615

File: 1683873829256.jpg (88.64 KB, 720x1600, 9494848383838.jpg)

Not me. I'm different.

No. 1574619

I'm hungry but it's almost midnight and close to my bedtime

No. 1574666

I don't subscribe to that. I don't apply those kinds of human standards to myself.

No. 1574678

File: 1683884918897.png (33.5 KB, 475x475, B1D8479A-6FE1-4136-A585-9CE0A8…)

I’m having a Mandela effect moment, I swear venonat never had antennae before and it’s tripping me out

No. 1574680

It always had, now take your meds.

No. 1574681

File: 1683885327898.gif (21.82 KB, 210x60, 1652704933869 (1).gif)

No. 1574694

I drool in my sleep a lot and I hate it.

No. 1574701

I read this whole thread while on the toilet. Thank you all for helping me. I saw a spider in the corner, too.

No. 1574703

File: 1683887899873.jpg (317.9 KB, 2000x1123, 1677277833122780.jpg)

i wish i could go back to being 14, i hate myself

No. 1574723

I always get confused when I see people talk about celebrities birth charts because you need a time of birth to know a birth chart. So How the fuck does everyone know when all of these people were born.

No. 1574733

I tried to find what you’re talking about but there’s so much schizo rambling, why tf do we have those threads

No. 1574734

I had a dream a few months(?) ago that a teenager was the lolcow admin and one day destroyed the site off their own initiative so everyone was just seeing some blank pink board.

No. 1574740

That actually happened nona

No. 1574741

I genuinely get so frustrated trying to use Pinterest. It's so useless if you try to look for anything that's not the same type of stuff they show you over and over. I literally can't even curate my feed how I want to because I can't find anything I'm looking for. If I search "wedding dresses" I don't want to see a million pictures of my husbando in the search or "related pins". If I search "pink hair" I don't want to see runway fashion. At this point I no longer use the search to find pins, I just go to other people's boards.

No. 1574742

Samefag but also it feels like there's no variety in my home page.

No. 1574782

I 100% believe it's for schizo containment. Did you see anon who "isn't religious", but believes half of the human population is missing a soul? She thinks she's the most unique pretentious art critic to ever exist above all the dead-eyed sheeple, but she's actually about to experience the onset of schizophrenia firsthand KEK what a ride
Personally hope everyone in that thread is practicing creative writing, because I do not want to believe there are doctors pretending to remove fake vaccine blood clots. I do want to know what website told them there were metal shavings and parasites in the vaccination syringes, can you imagine the psychosis?

No. 1574784

>Did you see anon who "isn't religious", but believes half of the human population is missing a soul? She thinks she's the most unique pretentious art critic to ever exist above all the dead-eyed sheeple
Lol that's not what she said but it's funny you took so much offense to it.

No. 1574832

File: 1683900889774.png (172.14 KB, 1276x718, tears-of-the-kingdom-gameplay-…)


No. 1574834


No. 1574836

True that's what I usually do

No. 1574847

File: 1683901999465.png (107.77 KB, 870x1211, Ok.png)

>Didn't 1:1 copy sperging
>"Ummm why are you so offended lol that's not what I said- I mean, she said"
Sorry you got assmad, little miss NLOG, but you don't have to wk yourself so hard. Take your meds now.

No. 1574856

NTA, I kind of get what OP is saying though. Like you know when you meet someone and you try and engage with them but they seem so flat and 2 dimensional it like throws you off a little? People who seem to have no aspirations and no real goals, no hobbies, but not because they're struggling, they just don't. They like what's popular, they hold mainstream opinions but if asked about specific aspects of those beliefs they have a hard time explaining why they hold those opinions in the first place, just that it's the "right thing to do". I totally get what she means, even if the talk about souls doesn't resonate with me.

No. 1574857

subscribe to my post and don't forget to hit like

No. 1574859

Im gonna buy the game anyway as reward for receiving a raise

No. 1574861

So if someone doesn't perform to your conversational standard they are 2d? Jesus christ

No. 1574862

I'm not trying to be rude, it's just that some people seem really flat, emotionless and unfortunately boring. I don't feel like that's a controversial take.

No. 1574867

They are called NPCs

No. 1574868

I'm cleaning my room and found some old heels so I tried them on and I can't believe I wore these almost every day in school. I look so weirdly tall in them but I liked it at the time because it made me look skinny. Thank god I got my head straight kek.

No. 1574870

File: 1683903521561.png (29.99 KB, 376x401, sheeple.png)

NTA, but have you considered that most people don't really open up to others until they're actually close to them?
Unless you go around telling everyone your shit or going on passionate rants in public, you are probably also an NPC in someone else's story. Even if you do do those things, other people are likely to think you are a brainwashed, schizo sheep.

No. 1574872

I think what they mean is, some people are just boring. They don't/can't think critically, they don't have hobbies or interests outside of what's popular, they just… Exist. There's nothing really wrong with that, but people who have more dynamic interests, aspirations and personalities will get bored of it. Has nothing to do with not being born with a soul or whatever though. They're just boring.

No. 1574873

I'm not OP, you can calm down now lol

No. 1574874

It has nothing to do with opening up about personal things, I don't know why you're so bothered by what I said but it wasn't aimed at you. Unless you insecure that you have a flat personality, there is no reason for you to be so invested in my opinion. Especially not on the dumbass shit thread.

No. 1574875

This is also true. Everyone is the MC of their own story, but usually we're NPCs in someone else's. But at the same time, some people are actually just boring and content to be like that. Not everyone's got deep passions and convictions, some people just want to make it to tomorrow and then the day after. If that bothers you just leave those people be. Not everyone has got to have some super special backstory or be a great philosopher or whatever.

No. 1574876

It's weird that you think your opinion of boring is objective fact rather than your subjective perception

No. 1574877

Okay I'll use a different word. Some people don't have a dynamic personality. Happy now?

No. 1574878

>Some people don't have a dynamic personality
For you

No. 1574880

File: 1683904062558.jpg (659.8 KB, 1155x1879, 1623514453651 (2).jpg)

No. 1574882

Oh my God, nonnie. Neither I or the other anon replying to you currently are trying to be rude to you, just let it go. It's like you're fighting just to fight.

No. 1574883

I'm not "bothered", I'm just offering an alternative viewpoint. If I was so boring with a flat personality, I probably wouldn't even be able to engage with this because I wouldn't be able to fight the urge to catch up on Love Island or something. Rather, it seems like you think of yourself as special, and feel threatened or gaslit when that's questioned. I can understand feeling that way if you live in a small town, but in a general sense? Nah.
Again, you probably also look like a boring, basic NPC to the boomer who sees you scrolling on your phone on the train with a coffee cup in your hand. Believing that some people are just "not people" (whether that means they are "soulless" or just functioning like bots) is the first step to buying into some actual fucked up shit, I'm talking low empathy and outright dehumanization. People who would bore you personally, or seem dumb from others' POV have always existed throughout history. That's just life, we don't live in an epic action movie.

No. 1574884

I feel like people who come off that way are usually just feeling shy or uncomfortable tbh

No. 1574886

I'm not reading this, just calm yourself.

No. 1574887

Projecting hard. No one is trying to hurt you, just stop with the chuunibyou shit.

No. 1574888

I don't understand why you're being so aggressive, maybe get offline for a few hours.

No. 1574889

At this point I'm assuming anon is just butthurt because they feel personally attacked because I literally said there's nothing wrong with coming off as dull, and that most times we're an NPC in someone else's story.

No. 1574891


No. 1574892

What did I say that you feel was aggressive? Let's go through these feelings, I'm being open with you.

No. 1574894

File: 1683904567508.jpg (37.08 KB, 640x611, eebfed9c08f113c5cf19dcdb2aacda…)

No. 1574897

I heard reddit is a good place to post opinions if you don't want anyone to disagree they even have a handy button to downvote people that make you upset

No. 1574898

Yeah, I don't think it's fair to judge someone off first impressions for this reason, but there are genuinely people who don't have much interests in anything outside of popular mainstream stuff, and don't care to debate the meaning of life with you or whatever. Some people are just naturally kind of dull but if they're a nice person with good vibes then it shouldn't matter much anyway.

No. 1574899

File: 1683904651475.gif (2.56 MB, 343x612, tumblr_09d7191ded21665507587b1…)


No. 1574900

I think that's the misconception, the anons in this thread didn't say there was anything wrong with it. It's other anons who are making that assumption.

No. 1574902

File: 1683904762432.gif (3.78 MB, 300x424, 1622063824301.gif)

Okay, anon. Going outside from a young age helped me understand that people aren't cartoons made to entertain me. We all develop at our own pace, so I hope it can do the same for you someday. Externalizing your own insecurities isn't a long-term solution.

No. 1574904

File: 1683904810831.gif (2.39 MB, 268x170, acshstually.gif)

No. 1574905

Didn't this start because some anon was claiming half the population is soulless and others agreed? It's a take I've seen from moids on /x/ many times, so it was weird seeing anons act like it was a brand new realization.

No. 1574906

You're coming here to "clap back" at me with some quips like I'm fighting for my life in here when I just have an offhand opinion in the dumbass shit thread. You're reading my posts with an intonation that isn't there, assuming I'm flying off the handle when I'm just not invested in the conversation. I'm only giving an opinion based off of my own experience, I don't have anything else to add to the conversation, I don't feel the need or desire to defend my point, and I don't understand why it's apparently so awful to say that out there in the sea of 8 billion people, some happen to be very bland. I am just existing in what is supposed to be a silly thread and one anon seems to think I'm the most shallow, awful person in the thread who sees other people as sheep when I didn't say anything like that in any of my posts.

No. 1574907

When u just wanted to talk about the tinfoil thread and tell the schizo to stop wk'ing itself but u accidentally start an infight kek
Just ignore her, anons. It's the freak from conspiracy thread crying at her keyboard because I struck a nerve.
Most women are normal and not so conceited to be afflicted with main character syndrome. Sadly these creatures are the only ones on this earth who are blessed to have the true feelings and real experiences.
As I said before: Meds. Now.

No. 1574908

>Didn't this start because some anon was claiming half the population is soulless and others agreed?
>I totally get what she means, even if the talk about souls doesn't resonate with me.

No. 1574911

sometimes I feel bad about my recessed chin and consider some sort of augmentation, but than I remember I got it from my grandma, a badass lady I respect and admire so much, and I would never want to do anything to make me look less like her

No. 1574912

Now I'm a schizo for just casually replying to a post. Why should I even post at all?

No. 1574913

That's so cute, nona! I felt the same way about my nose, but then my mom told me it was from my grandma and it instantly filled me with pride.

No. 1574914

Maybe they just don't like you and want it to be over with.

No. 1574915


No. 1574916

This is so true. I hate that 'everyone else is blind' mentality. Some people are more concerned with world events than their own lives and for some people it's the other way around. I don't think there are many people out there who never question things, some people are just upfront about it more than others. I don't think I'm boring but to people who don't know me I probably am, and that's fine by me.

No. 1574918

No. 1574920

So you agreed except you think everyone is soulless? Kek

No. 1574921

To be fair, the OP post about souls or whatever made it seem like all people who tend to have only mainstream interests/ "dull" personalities are sheep, so I'd see why people take offense to that. But the rest of us are just saying people are different,and part of those differences involve our moral convictions/interests. Someone who only likes to watch love island and desperate housewives and only really cares to talk about celebrities or whatever isn't less than someone only watches obscure retro foreign cinema and spends her day debating radical feminist theory. They're just two different people with two different tastes.

No. 1574923

I said I didn't agree with the soulless part, it's like I'm being purposely misunderstood. You're actually making me think I'm crazy right now.

No. 1574924

No. 1574925

Do you believe in the soul?

No. 1574927

I'm sorry for making everyone so upset, I really didn't think what I said was that big of a deal but it's really bothered a lot of anons so I guess I have some shit to think about

No. 1574928


No. 1574929

We don't forgive you go write lines
I will not call others NPCS

No. 1574930

They are taking it way too seriously

No. 1574931

Hello, I have to go to work but I accidentally deleted a picture of this sexy male >>1574899 named Ethan Torchio of him with his hair up in a white tanktop signing an autograph, it's very sexy but somehow I cannot find it even though it used to just show up on any search engine's images. If anyone can find it and reply to this post with it, you will have saved the thread. If you do not, the thread of prophecy (this thread) is severed. You will either have to delete it and start a new one, or persist in the doomed world you've created.

No. 1574932

>and tell the schizo to stop wk'ing itself but u accidentally start an infight kek
I was the one who originally whiteknighted her cause I have a soft spot for schizos but you flipped your shit because you thought I was OP. No one was fighting with you, you just got upset over one random schizos post and then picked a fight with everyone who replied to you. I think you're just too thin skinned for lc if you get this upset over one random schizo chans opinion and want to accuse everyone who hurts your feelings of being the same anon.

No. 1574934

I didn't once call anyone an NPC at all.

No. 1574935

Girl, I'm sorry if you are autistic and don't understand, so I will try to explain it to you.
Yes, it's fucked up to call people soulless, dull, sheep, npc or whatever because you personally don't perceive them as being as deep as you. Yes, that is conceited. Everybody alive on this earth is seeing through their own eyes and lived through experiences. Nobody is "dull" unless you mean simple or mildly retarded, in which case you're just an asshole for shitting on them for something they can't help.
You sound like one of those guys who thinks intellectualism is everything or whatever. I encourage you to think about this further, do empathy exercises, and talk about it with your therapist to understand why everyone thought you were being insane.

No. 1574937

It's fine nonna, everyone says stupid things every once in a while. No one's perfect.

No. 1574938

I literally did not say anyone was a sheep, an NPC or soulless. You all think I'm the OP of the screenshot and I'm not

No. 1574940

Imagine being this vitriolic at some random poster and thinking you're any different from a twitter mob.

No. 1574942

Girl shut the fuck up, I made the initial post, I made the posts telling you to fuck off, and I made the post just now trying to explain to girlie why acting like you're better than other people is annoying. I didn't participate in the back and forth at all.
I'm sorry you get buttmad and whiteknight schizos you don't even know, but I wasn't even mad at her. I feel bad for her, sorry I laughed at the idea that she thought she was being intellectual but was actually about to experience schizophrenia. Take a breath, and remember!
Take your meds.

No. 1574944

Everyone's trying to calmly explain without sugarcoating it. If that is vitriol, you're safer on Twitter, anon.

No. 1574945

You're fine nona, you posted your belief in the correct thread and didn't say anything against the rules. Some people here are just too sensitive and can't let things go. And you're right a lot of people seem like bots, but if that feeling starts getting too overwhelming for you or all encompassing don't be shy to talk to a therapist about it. It's an interesting belief and I agree to a certain extent but beliefs like that can drift into psychosis territory if they get too carried away. A good therapist won't judge you or try to talk you out of that belief so if a therapist does just look for another one. And I really do agree with you, men that rape and murder and have those empty eyes really do seem soulless to me.

No. 1574947

Nta but are you blind, just look at this sperg here >>1574942
She's not calm I can practically hear her smashing her keyboard lol

No. 1574948

You can be "boring" without being an autist. It's not an intellectual defect to only want to engage in surface level conversations and only have surface level mainstream interests. It's fine.

No. 1574950

What's the link betwee nosebleeds and nearsightedness?

No. 1574951

File: 1683906199968.jpg (19.44 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1155777404-612x612…)

Here nona take this, you need it more than I do, clearly.

No. 1574952

This place has been crawling with twitterfags and extremely argumentative people for a while now, unfortunately

No. 1574953

Dude, our posts are literally one minute apart. How was I supposed to see? She's probably annoyed because anon was making weird, condescending and aggro posts like
accusing everyone who didn't agree of just being insecure and "so mean" to her. It is snotty, it'd get on anyone's nerve. If you feel that attacked by people just disagreeing with your take, it's better not to post them publicly.

No. 1574954

"For you" is a meme you dip

No. 1574955

Thank you for being nice nonnie. I really didn't mean anything by what I said and it is honestly so rare that I meet people who seem like that to me. I'm not even saying they're bad or stupid, just that they seem to kind of drift through life and that's enough for them, I didn't mean it in a mean way. The end of your post I assume is directed to the OP of the screenshot, which I am not, I am the reply underneath the screenshot, but yeah I mean if souls do exist I would think murders and rapists would be lacking one.

No. 1574956

File: 1683906442084.gif (349.45 KB, 220x218, cat-suprised-cat.gif)

>you probably also look like a boring, basic NPC
people actually talk like that ?

No. 1574961

No. 1574962

Sew buttons

No. 1574963

On ice-cream

No. 1574964

I have to agree with this especially
>Believing that some people are just "not people" (whether that means they are "soulless" or just functioning like bots) is the first step to buying into some actual fucked up shit
This is one the most absolute reasons why a uncomfortable chunk of moids treat women like less then human because they delude themselves into believing such which allows them to absolve guilt of their actions, thoughts, and morals towards women.

No. 1574965

You know, Quasimodo predicted all this.

No. 1574966

We're in the dumbass shit thread and it wasn't supposed to be so serious

No. 1574967

>If you feel that attacked by people just disagreeing with your take, it's better not to post them publicly.
Same could be said for both sides of this past infight, all of you need to relax and stop looking for reasons to get mad. It makes this place feel like youtube or twitter, can't go anywhere now without people flying off the deep end the second they see an opinion they don't like.

No. 1574969

File: 1683906700747.gif (5.66 MB, 498x370, 2.gif)

Let's get retarded in here

And the bass keeps running, running and runnin runnin'
And runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin'
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In this context, there's no disrespect
So when I bust my rhyme, you break ya necks
We got five minutes for us to disconnect
From all intellect and let the rhythm effect

Obstacles and inhibition follow your intuition
Free your inner soul and break away from tradition
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And runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and runnin' runnin' and

No. 1574970

Then don't make it serious.

No. 1574972

The thing is nona, no one in this thread said that they were soulless or not people. The anon you're replying to assumes someone in this thread is the OP of the screenshot she grabbed and maybe they are, but it's not either of the two anons she's arguing with from what I can see, so she's just putting words in their mouth.

No. 1574973

I just imagine tinfoil anon questioning someone about their philosophical beliefs regarding the avengers movie while they are half-asleep commuting to work.

No. 1574974

I didn't, I tried not to anyway

No. 1574975

File: 1683906863067.jpg (75.34 KB, 564x677, 1655676338522.jpg)

No. 1574980

I'm that anon. What I said still applies because she agreed with that person in everything but the soulless part because she's not religious. You can say "Some people are just kind of boring" without "I totally understand the person who said some people literally don't have souls haha". If you go with the latter, why get mad when people explain why that's not true? Don't backpedal, just accept that it's going too far or actually engage.

No. 1574981

Anyway what are you fucking bitches up to rn? I just ate cajun chicken thighs and an orange, then I'm gonna go to be at 9AM cause I fucking hate my life.

No. 1574982

bed* go to bed at 9AM, fucking hell

No. 1574984

>online friends are offline
>thread general on /vg/ for franchise is slow
I know I probably should just go back to drawing or working on my fanfic or write a blogpost or something since it's my day off but I want to talk about my ships and related stuff. I want to sperg with another living being.
Debating on drawing or writing fanfic.

No. 1574985

File: 1683907148779.jpg (57.29 KB, 695x656, 1682888606020752.jpg)

>you fucking bitches
Uhhh what

No. 1574986

write a fanfic about me and my husbando please !!!

No. 1574987

Chewing gum and debating on whether to clean my room or watch something.

No. 1574989

Who is it? I usually prefer to write about mine and the ships he's in but perhaps I can make a exception.>>1574986

No. 1574991

Who is it? I usually prefer to write about mine and the ships he's in but perhaps I can make a exception.>>1574986

No. 1574992

Nice, I miss writing fanfics. What show/movie/book do you base them off?

Yeah bitch I'm talking to you, you fluffy seal looking mf

No. 1574993

Who is it? I usually prefer to write about mine and the ships he's in but perhaps I can make a exception.

No. 1574995


No. 1574998

Who is it? I usually prefer to write about mine and the ships he's in but perhaps I can make a exception.

No. 1574999

Hi, I'm the person who grabbed the screenshot to prove that anon did say what I said she did. This >>1574883 is not me! Thank you

No. 1575000

I'm rolling a joint, want a puff

No. 1575002

Who is it? I prefer to write about my husbandos and their respective ships but perhaps I can make an exception.

No. 1575004

File: 1683907634599.png (403.16 KB, 1076x1070, she.png)

i love that dog i love her

No. 1575005

File: 1683907702051.jpg (8.84 KB, 140x140, ReuEu7hDKKwH-XBX4QDQ7w4IPH68zF…)

>debating on whether to clean my room

No. 1575007

Same she is just uncanny valley enough to make me laugh but not so weird like I wouldn't want to pet her

No. 1575008

I am SO sorry mods, I didn't mean to send that many posts I apologize. It won't happen again, I thought I didn't click send and lolcow was acting weird. I'm so sorry.

No. 1575009

I didn't attack or bully you even once. I focused on the point at hand, and then you started accusing me of being insecure and saying you wouldn't even read what I said. If you like, scroll back up and actually look at my words. Until then, stop victimizing yourself. Let it go.

No. 1575010

I absolutely love pinterest, but it's easiest to just find one pic you like that matches what you're interested in, make a board off of it, and browse through "more ideas" rather than using the search function. Also make sure to tune your home feed in settings, sometimes if it feels like your home feed has no diversity it's because the algorithm is going off of the last few things you saved only. You can also adjust it for boards/people you follow so you only have to see the content they post to their boards that interest you. Most of the time I don't even adjust the settings bc I'm too lazy, I just go on to one of my boards and save a several pins that come up in the more ideas tab or are related, and that adjusts my homepage.

No. 1575013

File: 1683907893143.jpg (10.39 KB, 236x236, ac1c2b6e8f5c1ec496ae5753704747…)

I would literally die for one but I quit smoking weed like a year ago, I miss it so much. Enjoy that joint nona, be good to her

No. 1575016

You're clearly taking it seriously now and trying to spin this a certain way.
Choose one, you either don't care about any of this, or you actually do, and you need to keep replying so you can feel delicate and damaged for posting dumbass shit in the dumbass shit thread. Where tf did I even call you a schizo? There is more than one person in the thread. Again, stop playing the victim.

No. 1575017

mods are terrifying kek
it's reigen ! idk if you watched mob psycho but he's basically an office loser !
wau ? are you a retarded husbandos regular ?

No. 1575019

This is actual gaslighting, you're calling me a "psychotic bitch" for disagreeing with you casually in a fucking /ot/ thread. Get some fucking therapy, you're probably a menace to be around.

No. 1575022

From an outside perspective you both seem a little unhinged, at least you have that in common! Now shake hands

No. 1575023

You should probably stop replying now. If she is being genuine, then I feel sorry that she thinks I called her "autistic" as an insult, because I did not. I tried to genuinely explain why anons were mad at her, and even apologized twice here >>1574942 for my part in it, but apparently starting it off with "shut the fuck up" enraged her kek
I think she is either newfag taking this too seriously or a teenager. Worst case, she is bait, so we should probably just leave her alone now.

Anyways, what are you doing today? I'm finally setting up my server right now, so I'm excited!

No. 1575024

File: 1683908272440.jpg (28.72 KB, 800x450, meme1312.jpg)

stop smoking is so hard, keep going nonny, i'm so pround !

No. 1575025

All this fanfic talk makes me wish my husbando was popular enough to have x readers, but he’s not so I have to make them msyelf and I can’t write for shit, sigh.

No. 1575027

Still waiting to see any posts of mine where I insulted you to this level even once. They don't exist, you're just mad you got called out on throwing rocks and hiding your hands. I hope no one else ever lets you get away with this bullshit, jesus christ.

No. 1575028

>but apparently starting it off with "shut the fuck up" enraged her kek
No that wasn't her you said that too, that was me. I only replied with this >>1574951
I think I mistook you for someone else when I first commented to you so I didn't bother with a rebuttal.

No. 1575030

Recently I've been falling in love with a manga character from a series with no fandom, I'm trying to control myself because I know I'll just die of hunger.

No. 1575031

File: 1683908599957.jpg (74.17 KB, 680x468, gao.jpg)

>uwu everyone is being so aggressive and mean to me just because i was rude to them???? im baby
>kill yourselves you stupid fucking bitches
The duality of (wo)man. Seriously, fuck off. No one is falling for it.

No. 1575032

Damn she rage deleted everything kek

No. 1575033

File: 1683908765081.jpg (216.25 KB, 1080x1463, Puke.jpg)

What's the thing in this woman's mouth? Is she puking

No. 1575034

Aww man Romanianon girl wtf, is she okay

No. 1575035

At least that's not me

No. 1575036

Is that really her? She’s pretty

No. 1575037

You're right, anon. I think I have a complex about this sort of thing because I grew up around the kinds of people who'd act this way constantly. It fucking sucked, but reacting to a random person in a thread doing it now won't do anything. I should calm down.
>Anyways, what are you doing today? I'm finally setting up my server right now, so I'm excited!
Rearranging stuff in my home soon, making tea. Gl with the server (discord, I'm assuming)!!

No. 1575038

Brush your hair, Romanianon

No. 1575039

>is she ok
I dont think so, that's why I made the post. If you puke like this yiu need to go to a doctor.

No. 1575040

>she's pretty
Girl, stop selfposting. Also delete the pictures of ur tits off of ur twitter, it'll be hard for you to get a job.

No. 1575041

I made a little something for someone's birthday

No. 1575042

KEK i hardly even know about her other than her beef with pakichan and general schizoing. I personally think she’s pretty

No. 1575044

average lolcow poster

No. 1575047

>unwashed woman with unbrushed hair and puke leaking from her mouth
Ok anon

No. 1575048

File: 1683909302631.jpg (106.47 KB, 706x1500, b834da32fb7962e7de24dfb0924955…)

Is this it? Did I do it?

No. 1575049

I think she is cute or at least would be IF SHE BRUSHED HER HAIR.

No. 1575051

>average 4chan user is fat balding moid with tranny tendencies
>average lc user is mentally ill cute girl

No. 1575052

Yeah, that’s what I meant. She’s pretty but she’s mentally ill as fuck and most likely doesn’t have proper hygiene, I feel almost bad for her, I would be like that too if I lived in a third world shithole

No. 1575053

No she should go to therapy first. She's spamming her nudes on twitter in hopes of finding someone who loves her, she also has quite a few self-harm scars. She'd take care of herself if she got her mental disorders sorted out.

No. 1575054

ok he's so hot wft. he's not real.

No. 1575055

She's not cute, she also admitted to having raped kids in her discussion with her discord bf. She's as bad as an incel sadly.

No. 1575056

Okay KEK, I thought you two were different, but then one of you made me think you were the same person. I kind of wish we could all know who posted what now, this is too funny.
Can I ask why you even wk'd her in the first place? I meant what I said to you, I wasn't offended by what she posted, just astonished and wondering if it was bait/shitposting. And then you said I flipped my shit and accused me of infight when I had made 3 posts total, including the inital two kek. No offense, but I think you read way too much intent that isn't there into other anons' texts. It totally looked like you were schizo anon defending yourself there. To me, anyways.
I did not say this though, I think this person misquoted
That may have been me, sorry, I reported her for alog hoping the ban would force her to cool off

No. 1575058

I missed 10 chapters, huh.

No. 1575059

she's a mentally ill attention whore that larps as a schizo, unless she goes to jail i dont trust her

No. 1575060

It all turned out okay anyways kek I have to stop myself from responding to bait sometimes too
An Apache server, actually! I'm pretty new at all of this, so it is going to be so fun figuring it all out. Enjoy your tea for me! It is too bitter for me, so unfortunately I cannot partake

No. 1575062

You didn't miss chapters, this happened a long time ago when she first started posting maybe. She admits it every time you ask her, though she blames her trauma for sexually abusing kids, she still did it.
Stop simping for a pedophilic rapist who's posting her nudes online in hopes of getting attention from men like herself.

No. 1575063

Lmao I wouldn't say she "raped kids" but when she was a child herself she molested other kids in her neighbourhood because she was allegedly being molested herself. These are all her claims of course.

No. 1575065

You're misrepresenting what she said. She was a child who was raped by other children, and she also did the same to them because they were poor Romani children in a village where adults were sexually abusive, physically abusive, abusive toward animals, etc.
I don't know why there's so often one person who grossly misrepresents this person when she comes up as a topic, but it seems very malicious. She's mentally ill and harms no one except the rapist moid who threatened to dox her and LARPed as a woman on Lolcow. I'm assuming he doesn't have internet in a fucking jail cell, so I won't say you're him. Just stop it.

No. 1575067

So far I know
>she raped kids
>possibly hurt/killed smaller animals
>did camgirling because she didn't wanna work for minwage
>allowed a scrote to post on here, dated him, etc. until he eventually doxxed her and revealed all of the info(kiddie rape) here
>possibly schizophrenic
>still dates/tries to date men she finds online
>routinely posts nudes including her face, has several self harm scars

No. 1575069

Well I mean you're kind of misrepresenting her too anon. She's not a good person. She's mentally unwell, as are a many LC users. But I'm not just going to act like she can't be held accountable for her rants about how women are worse than men and how everyone on this site is brainwashed and evil and hates her. I'm also not going to act like she can't be held accountable for her relationship with Steven. He pretended to be a woman, revealed himself to her, and she chose to keep talking to him and even date him. Where he took it from there is totally his responsibility, but she can't act like she didn't see it coming when he started off his relationship with such a huge lie and violation. She needs to have some self respect.

No. 1575070

I've seen children rape one another (not in person but heard from teachers, etc) children can definitely rape children. If a 14 year old boy/girl rapes a 5-6 year old,will you not consider it rape? That's such a stupid logic.

No. 1575071

She didn't rape anyone, she molested them, and she was also a child. She has confirmed that she has killed a cat, at least one.

No. 1575072

Can both of you post links or screenshots, I don't know who to believe

No. 1575073

mm bop bop bop mm bop

No. 1575074

Umm, I'm not saying kids can't rape kids, I'm saying she never said she raped other kids. She said she molested them. I'm correcting your lore kek.

No. 1575076

File: 1683910277671.jpg (86.06 KB, 1280x720, 5676879800000.jpg)

>the lady worm from Disco Worms having boobs

No. 1575077

There is so much, and this list I'm linking you here
Is only up to the date of the post. The screenshots from her discord with Steven are from Christmas of last year in the vent thread, so look out for that one if you go digging.

No. 1575078

Sorry to be clear Christmas of 2021

No. 1575079

Isn't rape by definition sexually molestment with penetration? She's not a man so it couldn't technically be rape but it's still rape because I dont wanna stick to a shitty definition, if someone had nonconsenting sexual interactions with kids, it's rape to me.
I do understand what you mean though.
This shit is super old
You can search her in the website search mayne.

No. 1575080

I just feel bad because her circumstances were horrible and she probably has no access to mental healthcare. She's not perfect, but it's too much how cruel some people are about her.

It's in one of the old lolcow caps thread, I think >>1575077 is it

No. 1575082

Okay yeah I totally get what you mean too

No. 1575083






No. 1575084

nona you accidentally hit the "caps lock" key, if you hit it again it will make your letters smaller again

No. 1575085

she hath been summoned

No. 1575087

>I feel bad for her
>literally raped several kids and killed several animals
Holy shit. You're disgusting. I'm sure it's because you relate to her, I hope both of you end up being outcasts so no one else gets hurt.

No. 1575088

I think the anons who are really harsh about her are just sick of her obvious presence on the website and the length and viciousness of many of her rants really turn anons off, so I understand why they have such harsh feelings. She tried to brigade us against Steven with a thread like we were her personal army, when this was a problem she created by continuing her interaction with him rather than immediately warning the board that there was a moid pretending to be female in the friend finder. She should have told us who he was right away.

No. 1575089

nta but she was a kid and she had been molested herself

No. 1575090

Oh no it's always targeted at me lmao it's like she knows!

No. 1575091

Low effort bait, see me after class

No. 1575092

What about the children and the adults that raped and tortured me as a kid? Why are they not being kept accountable and publicly shamed? Why is it just me? You have no idea what environment I was brought up in because you don't understand psychology.

This site is incredibly predatory towards women. It is literally dedicated to shaming and harassing mentally ill women that have been brought up in terrible conditions or have gone through abuse.

As usual, you would rather side with an actual convincted rapist THAT IS IN JAIL and hold the mentally ill woman that has access to 0 resources accountable.

What about the children and adults that raped and tortured me as a kid. The children and adults that conditioned me into having violent behaviors? Why are they not being kept accountable? Why am I being kept accountable for being an 8 year old child replicating their environment and being treated like a criminal?

There is no excuse for this. You are siding with a rapist and choosing to persecute an 8 year old child that was surrounded by poverty, abuse and violence because you lack in the department of empathy or mental maturity.

No. 1575093

That anon is aware of what you're saying, it was explained already. They don't actually think that, their whole point is to trigger Romanianon now that she's here, and bait other anons into infighting about this. It's kind of a sick game.

No. 1575095

I'm up in here telling other anons that you were a child when these things happened, it's up to them to decide what to do with that information, I am not defending your abuser or you.

No. 1575097

She enabled a moid who then leaked her nudes, she always shits on women on this website as if all of her /r9k/ pedo bfs don't fuck her over and leak her shit.
Anyway, romanianon please delete the shitty pimply nudes you have on Twitter, it's literally disgusting.

No. 1575099

Why do you share your nudes on twitter? What's the point?

No. 1575102

This website in unironically filled with emotionally crippled adult women LARPING as radical feminists. Just how much emotional intelligence do you have to have in order to call an 8 year old child replicating the behaviors that they saw in their environment a rapist.

You are literally focusing the attention on me and blaming me for the horrible abuse I've been through than actually focusing your attention on the 30 year old man that raped a woman. You prefer to call an 8 year old abused girl a criminal. Because you are all mentally unwell.

No. 1575103

Exactly what I mean, she just comes in here to screech at us, it's hard to feel bad for someone like that. She's an adult.

No. 1575104

Sorry you're getting all this hate queen, as a fellow personalityfag/avatarfag I got your back

No. 1575105

You shouldn't even have come in here and told us all of this you should have done >>1575088 and told us who Steven was the same day he revealed himself as a male to you and not have given information about your personal life.

No. 1575107

Which one are you??

No. 1575108

Yeah id feel bad if she was asking for help but she's always boasting about being above average, pretty, smart, etc. but not getting what she deserves. It's so entitled and annoying, she's obviously an average mentally ill woman but the way she attacks everyone else and thinks she's superior gets old very fast.
I wish her parents would get her mental help.

No. 1575109

I'm mentally unwell and I cannot get treatment for my illness. I have manic episodes and I am stuck in a cycle. The poverty and abuse that I've gotten as a kid has influenced me to become mentally unwell and develop mental illness because I am mentally ill I cannot work, because I cannot work. I cannot get help. Because I am mentally ill I am prone to fall a victim to predatory men such as Steven or sociopathic/emotionally crippled women such as the ones on lolcow. Lolcow is a website solely created to shit and harass mentally ill women and demonize them. Women that are generally victims.

No. 1575112

You're not the only one, miss. You are not the only one.

No. 1575115

Romani sorry but just stop, don't give them reactions. There are some fucked up people on this site who just think this shit is funny. No matter what you say, they won't change their minds and they probably don't even identify as radical feminists. They know all this hurts you, and just want you to reply more.

No. 1575116

nosebleeds is a slang term for typically insanely cheap seats that are really far away at a concert/stadium

No. 1575118

Not saying bc the conversation will immediately shift to me

No. 1575121

nayrt i don't understand how and why that makes you post naked pictures of yourself that nobody even interacts with. please delete them or they can be used as blackmail against you in the future and it'll only further damage your mental state. i'm really not trying to be mean to you

No. 1575123

I don't understand why anons are on these extremes of either crucifying her or wedging themselves up her ass. You can be neutral and understand that she is a problem but also has had a rough go of it and not coddle her like a little baby or call her a disgusting freak. You know what I mean?

No. 1575125

I have no family. I have no friends. I have no support system. I am too mentally ill to work. Nobody genuinely gives a shit. But yea I am definitely more dangerous than the 30 year old groomer that pretended to be a radfem.

This website is literally made for predators. Both female and male to predate upon mentally ill women. People that are emotionally crippled or do not understand poverty/misfortune/mental illness. Literally an endless cycle of narcissistic abuse.

It's pointless to argue with people that have no grasp over basic psychology and how your childhood and environmental circumstances will affect your upbringing. Simply , I cannot reason with you. Because no matter what I say or do I will be at fault even in the case of a literal rapist. Somehow I am at fault and because you are radical feminists you prefer to focus your hatred on the mentally ill and disadvantaged woman instead on focusing it on the rapist that is in jail that used to inhabit your shithole and try to groom disadvantaged women. Good job radfems!

No. 1575126

You can't say you're a personalityfag and then just wimp out like that c'mon

No. 1575127

Just post a picture of a cute dog, dawg

No. 1575128

can you please stop making it sound worse than it is? she molested kids when she was a kid herself. it's not like she went after them or is currently in her adult age

No. 1575129

I'll give a hint, I hardly go on ot unless there's milk

No. 1575130

my reputation is already destroyed. I dont care if people see me naked. Plus, I've always wanted to be an artist. Once, I got naked on the street due to mania and went to the mental hospital. If someone in a good financial circumstance gets naked, them being naked will be art and something valuable. If I have a manic episode and get naked I'm an insane whore. If the same picture would be displayed in an art gallery then it would be considered art.

No. 1575131

How do you live as a NEET if you have no family? Why do you keep dating predatory men online? Why do you share personally identifyable nudes with your face in them? You're the issue.

No. 1575132


No. 1575133

It’s no one else responsibility to give a shit. That’s not how the world works. You’re responsible for you. Stop ranting at people and be the change you want to see. Post a cat/dog picture or a meme. Have a conversation where you don’t talk about yourself for once and stop hyper fixating on you. The world and other people don’t owe you anything.

No. 1575134

This this this. You have enough self awareness to know you're mentally ill and use it as an excuse for acting against your best interest but you don't have enough self awareness to take accountability for your own actions and have some self respect? It isn't our fault that you came here and told us every aspect of your life, girl, you did this and you keep doing it. You need to help yourself, no one is going to do it for you whether you could afford it or not.

No. 1575136

>I kind of wish we could all know who posted what now
Same, I always think that after an infight lol

>Can I ask why you even wk'd her in the first place? I meant what I said to you, I wasn't offended by what she posted, just astonished and wondering if it was bait/shitposting. And then you said I flipped my shit and accused me of infight when I had made 3 posts total, including the inital two kek.

Yeah sorry I thought you were this anon here >>1574782 and >>1574847
Like the OP of the infight, I was this anon >>1574784 and that was the whiteknight post I was referring too. And then the OP thought I was the schizo anon who posted in the tinfoil thread, and I thought you were the OP of the infight itt.

>No offense, but I think you read way too much intent that isn't there into other anons' texts. It totally looked like you were schizo anon defending yourself there. To me, anyways.

Yeah that's my bad I left after my wk post then came back to an infight and got confused and thought you were the OP of the infight. I need to stop assuming which anon posted what I hate that I do that but it gets confusing.

No. 1575138

Okay I feel like i kinda lied, I'm one of the more controversial ones, that's all i'm giving

No. 1575139

Samefag by "you" in my post I mean romanianon not the anon I replied to heh

No. 1575140

i think art depends on the person making it as in rather the other way around especially in modern times. affluent photographers can and do take pictures of people in distress and dire situations and their work gets praised and recognized as "vulnerable art" with no real care for said person. i'm agreeing with you right? anyway, it doesn't matter how much your reputation is ruined, please don't let it get worse, even if you think it can't it will. there's nothing to lose if you take them off your account.

No. 1575141

Thank you, anon! A kissaroo from me to you!
No kiss for you.

No. 1575142

If you talk shit about me or do not offer me empathy I will be forced to stand up for myself and call you out. Again, the radical feminists prefer to side with a mentally ill rapist than with a mentally ill woman.

You are also calling me a molester for literally being molested by both adults and children and growing up in poverty.

This website is literally made to predate upon and ruin the lifes of mentally ill women.

You don't understand how mental illness and mania works. Girl, I told you what? That I was severely abused as a kid, raped by other adults and kids, had animals killed in front of me, was beaten until I lost counsciousness, so as a result I began fostering sociopathic behaviors myself as a kid? Wow….I am so evil.

You have very bad grasp over mental illness.

No. 1575143

Is this the retard that was blase about animal abuse or was that another third world chan

No. 1575144

Don't tell me I don't know how mental illness or mania works, you can't assume these things about my life. I don't come on lolcow to tell all the girls about how many times I've been assaulted or beaten, I come here to shitpost and laugh at attention seekers like pixielocks who use mental illness like a shield, like you.

No. 1575146

That happened to me around 9 by my best friend who was one year younger. I don't know for sure but I suspect she was being abused and was sort of acting it out on me to make sense of it. I don't blame her though she was just a kid and didn't realize she was putting me in a really uncomfortable situation, we stopped being friends and now she seems like a well adjusted adult so in ways I'm sort of glad she didn't have to deal with whatever was happening to her alone. I wish none of it happened of course, but if she was being hurt I hope what happened with me and her provided some form of understanding or comfort to help her get through it.

No. 1575147

Thanks, you are right. But do you understand what I mean? I've always wanted to be an artist but art is all about having the right connections and being in the right environment. I am mentally ill and I cannot advance socially. For example, look at Death Grips album
The album has a dick on it, yet it is a very well rated album. If you place a stick and a stone in Pompidou in Paris it will be seen as revolutionary avant garde art. If I get naked in my room or make an installation in my room I will be labeled as insane and the scum of society and not a revolutionary or creative artist, simply because I do not have the social status or connections or audience for it to be regarded as art.

No. 1575148

I was also a victim, yet I did not do the shit you did. Stop using it as an excuse and trauma dumping to make up for your shit. You demand empathy but you’re not entitled to it. You have a victim complex and it shows. Nowhere in my post did I side with anyone. You need real help and to stop blogposting your breakdown.

No. 1575149

Why do you make art? What is the purpose of your art that you think it should be regarded as high art? Do you make art to make art or do you make art because you want to have attention and for people to think you are talented and deep?

No. 1575150

help from where or who? I cannot afford therapy and nobody gives a shit.

No, you are literally focusing your attention on an abused, mentally ill woman that has tried to become an artist her entire life than focusing your attention on Steven an adult man that has been inhabiting your website for years and that groomed other women and is literally in JAIL.

Just typical lolcow shit. A website made to predate and destroy the lifes of mentally ill women.

Im not gonna post anymore, you lack any common sense. Any understanding of mental illness or emotional intelligence.

No. 1575152

Hey, you know, maybe we should all report the obvious bait and then stop engaging romanianon like this. Isn't there a containment thread for her?

No. 1575153

don't you get my point? If I was naked in some magazine or photographed by someone famous it will be art. If I get naked in my room I am just an insane woman ruining her reputation. If someone makes a shit installation and it is displayed in Pompidou they are an incredible avant garde artist. If I make the same installation in my room I am insane and fishing for attention on the internet. Art is all tied to social status, not the artistry itself.

No. 1575154


No. 1575157

File: 1683912764721.png (35.1 KB, 798x911, fanficsample.PNG)

Right? It's fun, I like writing fanfics because they're more relaxing to do than drawing. As for fanfics, it's usually stuff like pic-related. I like writing romances with a sense of dry humor. I'm tempted to get into making VNs since it's the best of both worlds.
OH! I like that guy! I'll give it a shot. Though, I haven't watched Mob Psycho in a long time so keep that in mind if he's OOC. I apologize. I figured since certain anons have very specific interpretations for how a relationship should work between them and their husbando I shouldn't tread over such a sensitive line so I kept the relationship between you two more basic and focused more on the interaction aspects.
>Setting: Nona's Room. Nona has asked Reigen to help exorcise a spirit she's found.

"So…do you think you can find it?" Nona asked with a hint of worry in her voice. She shifted uncomfortably, twiddling her fingers. All while an loud, ominously jagged hum filled the two room apartment.

"Ah! This so called spirit that is!" she quickly clarified.

"Hah! Of course! You're luck, I'll exorcise this spirit in no time flat!" Reigen huffed with pride and a straightend his tie. "I must say, you did well in calling Spirits and Such Consultation Office."

Reigen gave a quick finger gun to the young woman. "I mean, with how small this apartment is, locating and isolating this spirit will be quite easy." as he gave that last word of encouragement he turned around and began to enter further into the apartment, entering what doubled as a living room, dining room, and bedroom.

Of course, it could easily just be faulty AC as to being the cause of this unnatural phenomena of noises and clanging. However, Reigen knew a easy buck when he saw it and he wasn't about to look a gift horse into the mouth. He turned around to Nona with a smile "Excuse me Ma'am, do you mind if I investigate a bit further?"

"Y-you can't find it?" Nona asked with worry.

Reigen shook his head vigorously before raising a hand. "Nonsense! Of course I can find it. You see, because of how enclosed the environment this spirit resides in the spirt's aura and power is creating an echo affect that makes it hard to pinpoint exactly where it is so that I can purify it."

Nona smiled brightly "Oh! I see now, well I suppose you can investigate as much as you need then!"

Reigen gave an affirmative nod, combing through his mustard blond hair. "With pleasure."

Reigen walked over to a bed covered in pastel rose colored bedding. He picked up the edge of the comforter and with a grunt quickly lifted the thick bedding. He was then met face to face with a pair of lacy red panties.

"Ah! THa-THAT!" Nona began scream as her words got progressively more jumbled

Reigen gently lowered the bedding, and turned to face Nona with a stone faced smile. A single bead of sweat was on his cheek. "It seemed there was no spirit there.

From then on Nona would curiously hover around the suited man as he inspected her home. Flipping pillows expectantly, opening her fridge, opening her washing machine, sliding a bookshelf ever so slightly. It seemed like the women grew hopeful with each rearrangement of her living space.

All of it was fruitless, well, at least that's what Reigen felt. To Reigen it was clear that the noise was still troubling her greatly and it didn't quite sit right with him to leave her on her lonesome with the sound unresolved.

It was then that Reigen took note of Nona's desk, it had a simple desktop PC on it. Seemingly being the source of the noise.


"Say, is this on?" Reigen asked curiously.

Nona stared, before giving a hesitant nod. "Yes, it is. I usually use it to surf the net. However, I have a hunch…"

Reigen pointed at Nona, with a serious expression. "Well your hunch is correct Ma'am! That computer must, no, IS possessed with a powerful and evil spirit!"


Reigen nodded. "Positve. Have you heard of a spirit called a tsukumogami?"

Nona shook her head with fear.

"You see, tsukumogami's are spirits that inhabit objects of the living bringing misfortune and havoc. However, for someone of my skill-" Reigen ducked down under the desk, turning off the power strip to the computer. "-are easy to purify."

Nona watched as Reigen pulled himself up from under the desk, dusting off his pants before moving to the side of the desk. He proceeded to disconnect any cords and cables connected to the CPU and carried it to the small low-table. He flipped the computer onto its side and reaching into the insides of his jacket pocket he pulled out a screw driver, match, and three candles. "I shall now exorcise this spirit from your home."

Reigen lit the candles, placing them around the CPU. "Nona, turn off the lights"

Nona nodded before quickly flicking off the lights.

"Good. Now watch carefully as I exorcise this spirit!" Reigen then used the screwdriver to remove a panel connected to the case revealing its insides.

So very, very, very dusty.

"This looks way stronger than I thought. Looks like I'll have to use this…" Reigen muttered as he pulled out a can of air.



"Looks like it has been successfully purified…" Reigen said confidently as he pressed the power button, the computer powering on with a silent hum. He turned to Nona, pointing at her slightly. "Tsukumogami, they usually form from the bitterness when an owner grossly mistreats their possession. So take better care of it, yeah?


Reigen was suddenly thrown off guard with a strong hug from the smaller woman in front of him. "Of course! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I was so scared!"

Reigen put a hand to the back of his head, a slight redness forming on his cheek. "Course' it's not problem it's what I was called here to do.

Sorry if it was a bit rushed or plot points seemed a little choppy. This was surprisingly fun, thanks nonnie!

No. 1575159

Is there?

No. 1575161

You keep bringing up Steven yet conveniently ignore every time I've said to you that you should have brought him to the boards attention the moment he revealed himself as a male to you, rather than keep talking to, and eventually, dating him. The fact that he lied to you about being a woman on the friend finder is an obvious and huge violation of your trust, so you should have immediately blocked him and came here and told us, without doxing yourself or giving personal history, that there was a male pretending to be female on the board and in the friend finder thread so we could be vigilante. You can't keep deflecting to Steven when anons try and reason with you about your posting. It isn't healthy for you to post about yourself, you're doing to opposite of helping yourself. You need to want to be better and strive for it, not just pretend to want it and expect it to just happen. You need to take control of your life.

No. 1575162

You beautiful soul, nta, but I just can't believe you did it.

No. 1575163

Most of you are mysoginistic. You think women should fit into a very narrow mold of self expression if they transcend that mold then they are dirty and insane. That's why you nitpick nasolabial folds. You are mentally stuck in what society deems acceptable of women.

No. 1575165

You have access to the Internet yeah? Clearly, go look at cognitive therapy techniques, dvt worksheets. Adjust your diet. Try to get normal movement. Stop frequenting places that clearly upset you and trauma dumping on other people. You act helpless, but you have more control than you want to admit. Where are you living? How are you getting food? This imageboard is not your army and that’s what you need to understand. Your parents when you were a child should have taken care of you and they didn’t and that sucks. It’s fucked up, but you’re not the only one that happened too, and you’re an adult now responsible for yourself. What Steven did is fucked up but two points can be true anon. Post or don’t I don’t give a shit, but this board is supposed to be anonymous and you stick out worse than a glow stick.

No. 1575167

Art in galleries has a purpose girl, your point is moot if you can't explain why it would even matter if you took a naked picture. What does it mean? Why did you do it? Even the shittiest installations have reasons and meanings.

No. 1575170

I love it when one of our resident farmer cow hybrids starts posting. I feel blessed. I hope paki-chan hops on here soon because I've never got to witness her shitposting, just the caps and hearsay from other nonnies. Happy Friday ladies.

No. 1575171

Internal misogyny isn't a reason to hate other women, it's a reason to converse with them. You can't just screech at people and expect them to like and understand you.

No. 1575172

Kek happy Friday to you too

No. 1575173


No. 1575174

Paki-chan once called me an idiot or something, I felt like senpai had noticed me.

No. 1575175

This post is so reasonable I just want it to reach her brain, please lord please

No. 1575177

All I want for Christmas this year is for us all to be okay

No. 1575178

I want a computer.

No. 1575179

How to delete someone elses embarrassing gay ass post

No. 1575180

No problem. Admittedly I'm a bit worried about how I characterized Reigen from memory.

No. 1575181

Holy shit are you the anon who showed kirby and meta knight porn to your therapist?

No. 1575182

But I don't feel embarrassed at all.

No. 1575183

Honestly, I'm a little jealous. >>1575172
I hope you're doing well outside of this dumpster fire thread

No. 1575186

File: 1683913459212.jpg (78.18 KB, 582x848, 2poor4bananas.jpg)

>Where are you living? How are you getting food?
don't you know anon? she can't even afford bananas

No. 1575187

Damn, all of you guys got it wrong, actually i’ll say it when someone gets it correct, maybe

No. 1575188

Yes, I am that anon. These
were the ONLY posts I made. I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't part of that infight, though you can say those middle two posts were infight lol. Sorry if I misled you into thinking I wasn't the person who originally posted. That's why I referenced you saying I was offended >>1574784 and saying I was flipping my shit and picking a fight >>1574932
I do understand a lot of the anger was probably thinking I was constantly back and forthing like an asshole lol. I guess I just don't understand why you thought I was so upset from the original two posts. And why DID you defend the anon I called schizo? It made you look like you were OP. To me it's like getting upset someone calls you autistic or a sperg on lc. And she did say what I said she did. I guess I just don't understand why there was so much anger directed at the initial post when it was so inoffensive to me kek

No. 1575189

>I cannot afford a banana I cannot work nor walk
Fuckin' bars

No. 1575190

Idk why she doesn’t just start a rap career. Just advertise yourself as a tranny and she’ll make it huge

No. 1575193

Should have fucking spoilered this shit.

No. 1575195

tbf other than the banana thing, walking outside in a dangerous area especially in a third world country is seriously no joke. i'm in a relatively safe area and i still wouldn't ever go on a run or anything of the sort, so i just work out at home

No. 1575197

Honestly, what is there to be jealous of? I've argued with Paki multiple times. She is just annoying and hateful.

No. 1575200

File: 1683914116681.jpeg (626.98 KB, 3563x2692, 476987A1-AEEF-4931-8F34-41DAFA…)

Paki accidentally gets me to debate her sometimes and the second I realize it’s her I’m like picrel kek

No. 1575202

Is paki also (c)rap-chan? I've seen anons saying they are the same person. Crapchan is so fucking annoying sometimes

No. 1575203

Yup, she is (c)rap-chan. She's racebaited so many times and said she wants to be Varg Vikerne's wife.

No. 1575205

I've been through therapy and took meds I read the entire DSM. I know all about CBT DBT. It doesn't get any better because I cannot fit in socially especially as a woman.

Society is incredibly structuralistic and it imposes very strict modes of existing upon women as this website reveals as well. If a woman does not fit the very narrow mold society expects her to exist in you will mock her and degrade her. Call her dirty, unfit, undesirable and just further continue in her opression.

As, for Steven. I did not bring him here. I found him in /g/ he has been on lolcow for 5 years. I do not interact with men on /r9k/. As expected this website fosters incredible mysoginy and predatory individuals. As I said the core purpose of this website is to predate upon and humiliate mentally ill women that do not fit into the pre existent mold created by society.

If a woman does not fit within that mold, you will humiliate her and degrade her. As expected.
Yes, because if a woman goes against the mold that society imposes on her she is insane and disgusting.

No. 1575206

Lmao leaking nasty liquids from your mouth is really breaking the mold, kekkkk God I love you

No. 1575209

No one said you brought Steven here. You're literally ignoring this >>1575161

No. 1575210

Jesus, have some self respect.

No. 1575214

Oh shit lol, well the tables have turned fucking kek. So we both accidentally started the infight but didn't post much in it? Damn that's fucking funny nona

>And why DID you defend the anon I called schizo?

Idk tbh I had just read her post right before reading yours and I felt bad cause she seems genuinely sweet but schizo, and your post had "mean girl" vibes. And then your second post when you assumed I was the schizo OP made you seem more aggressive. Which I know is par for the course here so I shouldn't take it personal, but yeah I guess I just have a soft spot for schizos cause I have some in my family and most of them genuinely don't mean any harm and have beliefs that seem selfish and egotistical so I took it to heart when you called her a freak. But yeah it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things but it's funny how this turned out with us assuming right, then assuming wrong, then realizing we were both right in the first place and we are the anons we thought we were kek

These were my posts in the infight
And then I've just been posting normally since then

No. 1575216

You know, I do kind of feel bad for kirby-chan. Isn't she just a kirby sperg who can let off passionate essays on command? I think that's charming

No. 1575220

Society is very structuralistic towards women. If I looked like Belle Delphine, I'd be labeled as a revolutionary marketing genius. Because I don't care about my looks and just post my shit to express myself and do not care about advancing within a free market or about how men nor women perceive me I am labeled as disgusting and insane.
Yes, it has been said multiple times I brought Steven here which is a lie and a push. Just like all the lies you constantly post about me.


No. 1575224

Nope, no one here said that, you're deflecting. You are like immune to personal responsibility, it's a talent

No. 1575225

File: 1683915151696.jpg (50.75 KB, 1439x468, Screenshot_20230512_131144_Fir…)

Buccal fat removal strikes again. When will people learn

No. 1575228

My fucking sides

No. 1575230

I gotta go snoozypoos but I don't wanna miss anything

No. 1575231

Most of our resident chans are cute and did nothing wrong besides sperg a little bit. It takes more than 1 poster to derail a thread

No. 1575232

Sleep well you fuckin rascal

No. 1575236


Ah I see I am not the only one here who defecates in sleep. Bold of you to admit it though

No. 1575237

Avatarfagging and being recognizable is against the rules

Eat shit kirbyfag

No. 1575239

Nona the chortle I just chuffed

No. 1575240

Kek i'm not kirbyfag. Also rulefags are cringe, stop being a minimodding autist.

No. 1575243

No, leave Kirby anon alone, even though I'm pretty sure the ayrt isn't her. She may think dirty things about a fictional stress ball but I love that about her

No. 1575245

>eat shit Kitbyfag
Nta but whose shit should she be eating I always wonder that when people tell me to eat shit.

No. 1575248

File: 1683915674466.jpg (36.88 KB, 540x372, tumblr_31003987b7828449abaaa13…)

No. 1575252

Meta knight is sexier anyways and has a deep voice (if we had to fuck a fictional sentient ball)

No. 1575257

I wish they'd go back.

No. 1575259

Yes he is. Honestly, all three are my favorites but Meta Knight is like #1 for me. He's stoic and cold, serious to a fault but he truly cares about protecting others who cannot protect himself. He has a sweet tooth and he gets embarrassed when his face is shown after breaking his mask during battle. He has wings, a sword, a battle ship, etc. Honestly, I love that he can fit perfectly into a submissive or dominant role depending on your desires.

No. 1575260

kirbychan says she likes both, and the penguin

No. 1575262

File: 1683916038969.png (276.25 KB, 742x1153, hmmyes.png)

Tell me more.

No. 1575263

samefag i think that's her above me kek

No. 1575265

Do you have a blog? If no, can you make a blog?

No. 1575266

So what is an personality-chan? Please explain i've said I was many (because I was given the name by nonas), but I don't get it. There's topics that are unique to me, but it's not a "Personality" it's legit a life's work and my greates discovery.

No. 1575269

Well, it's the dumbass shit thread, so nonnas should leave her alone in here. Hope it is her, I've been wondering about her opinion on Meta Knight ever since I saw an anon mention she ships him and Kirby.

No. 1575270

How the fuck do you always show up instantly? From one avatarfag to another

No. 1575271

Take you meds Drake-chan

No. 1575275

So i'm mentally ill because I dedicate my free time (a percent of it) to something I enjoy and find interesting? Take your meds I'm sick of people trying to accuse me of mento illness over an weird interest

No. 1575276

We're summoning them, we have more power than we know

No. 1575277

God I hope she makes a website, it would probably be really unique and fun to read. Kirby-chan, if you're out there, html and css take some effort, but they're fun to learn. Anons in the oldweb/smallweb thread would be happy to help you if you get stuck, me included. >>>/ot/1520815
The first thread has resources, too!

No. 1575278

I'm >>1575174 and I wasn't even arguing against her but she called me an idiot anyway lol.

No. 1575279

It's okay, shh shh, we all get like this, we're all spazzes no one is immune it's okay shhhhh

No. 1575280

Legitimately I am so interested, it's the way she writes, it's just so good. If she had a blog I'd be checking it all the time and sending it fan art.

No. 1575282

You do realize that I am not puking and spilling milk from my mouth as a joke? Also, being pretty has nothing to do with your hygiene. Someone can be pretty but have horrible hygiene, like have objectively pretty facial features.

Ultimately, this is a last post and I'm not really interested in interacting with this shithole ever again or posting anything ever again simply because I do not like this place, it fosters sociopathy, it was build to mock and humiliate mentally ill women. An incredibly predatory place.

1.I didn't bring in Steven, you keep on saying that. There are literally like 7 posts saying I brought in Steven from /r9k/ or that I brought in Steven from bla bla. That's a lie, just like all the other stuff that you make up about me, all the lies. Steven is a man that has been inhabiting lolcow for 5 years and he added me from /g/ the friendfinder thread and he even groomed another autistic girl off lolcow that was in a bad socio-economical circumstance with no support but that woman is too scared to come out. Yes, this shithole literally fostered an actual rapist and groomer that took advantage of me and another vulnerable girl.That is now in jail.

2. This website is built upon mysoginy. Literally imposing very limiting ways of existence on women. Classifying women that transcend the norm of what is deemed as socially acceptable "gross", "unfit". Harassing mentally ill women in bad circumstances and so on. Shit that cannot co-exist with radical feminism under no circumstances. Also, all of you have that mindset, being overly concerned with your looks being concerned with being socially acceptable in a mysoginistic society.

3. You actually lack emotional intelligence or theory of mind. You cannot seem to understand how someone born in poverty That's been badly abused will develop mental illness and will find it hard to adapt socially then they will be stuck in a vicious cycle.

4. I'm making art but art is strictly tied to social status. Again, you can paint a small dot on a paper and if you are a well connected artist your work will be displayed in a prestigious museum and it will be labeled as revolutionary. Again, artists 99% of the time are resulted from nepotism and other environmental factors. I came from a hellish family and my mom commited suicide, my entire life I've wanted to be an artist. I'm from a very bad life situation, I will never put myself in an artistic environment and I have also developed mental illness…Basically I am not compatible with life but the shit you're saying is just vile, void of empathy and you are fucking lying about me.

Also, you keep arguing with me but I'm literally better than Paki-chan or any of these ppl. I'm annoyed at you because I'm genuinely from a rough life situation and I've tried really hard to adapt socially and improve my living situation, improve my life, grasp onto resources and even when I tried my best to be pretty and adapt socially I had 0 quality of life. Even when I put in all the effort that I could to gain some dignity and resources I had nothing. So, I stopped trying because even when I tried I couldn't gain basic life decency. I've had 0 life quality my entire life Basically.

When paki-chan was posting I took your side because she is wrong. I do not think that the issues of rich women or 1st world women are not VALID. Paki-chan literally said she has it the worst because she is in the middle east. I do not want to take away from others or make others feel like their issues are lesser I am just fucking tired of the lies, lack of empathy and all the stupid insane shit that is being said about me. Like 99% of it is a lie or fucking unempathetic shit.

You're literally lying about me non stop. The shithole that you browse had a rapist that is in jail amongst you for years and when I brought it to your attention. You harassed me. Good job radical feminists!! As per usual, you also turned me into this villain for being an 8 year old child in a social situation that would cripple anyone for the rest of their life. Good job radfems. Just very empathetic and considerate towards women as usual.

I'll never post on this shithole again.

No. 1575283

File: 1683916602727.jpg (48.56 KB, 800x450, patrick.jpg)

what in the absolute fuck is happening in here?

No. 1575285

Congratulations, see you! I hope you stay gone this time it's really what is best for you.

No. 1575287

4chan tripfag vibes. Just wait until they tire themselves out. Yawn.

No. 1575288

I was being genuine, too! Unfortunately, I can't draw so I can't send fanart, but hopefully kirbychan would be satisfied with some engagement and encouragement

No. 1575290

File: 1683916746321.jpeg (83.9 KB, 570x760, 1603299872484.jpeg)

Don't worry about it

No. 1575292

I had to learn throughout my life that the secret to being able to carry a conversation is just saying everything that's on your mind.

No. 1575293

No. 1575294

Kirbychan I hope you're seeing theseeee

No. 1575296

so, we've had romanichan, kirbychan, drakechan, tifchan, maybe some others, all in this thread? is that normal?

No. 1575297

If I did that I'd be dead by now.

No. 1575298

No. 1575299

Oh god, you again? And please stop saying "this is my last post" You know as well as we know that that's not true.

No. 1575300

File: 1683916892885.png (410.82 KB, 573x504, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…)

In current year I fucking guess so. Then we got the faggots kissing their tootsies fucking cringe

No. 1575302

HELL NO! You wanna know what's on my mind 95% of the time? My deranged fetishes! And video games i'm playing

Who is tifchan

No. 1575304

Nonnies are giving me the giggles today

No. 1575305

What's on your mind in regards to the conversation and the person/people you're talking to kek. I think about my husbando and how horny I am a lot, but you just have to keep it relevant.

No. 1575308

So how’s your therapy going? Oh, right

No. 1575309

Yeah, I like Paki-chan and kirby-chan, I'm not sure how I feel about rance fag yet, I guess I don't really like Romanianon but at the same time I agree with some stuff she says and feel she's purposefully misunderstood by farmers sometimes.

No. 1575312

>I think about my husbando and how horny I am a lot
This is so validating

No. 1575316

MY FUCKING SIDES. She's based for that tho idc, i get kirbyanon bc one time i had to tell an ex therapist about my misogyny kink in order to accurately explain my psyche

Sometimes that's all i can think abt tho

No. 1575318

anyone has the post? cannot find on the funny caps thread.

No. 1575320

With the amount of fucking Sonic obessed autists in the world, people need to let us be weird and stay weird.

No. 1575324

You said you weren't going to post anymore girl, get a website blocker!

No. 1575327

She’s not going to stop but honestly i get it. This website is like crack

No. 1575330

See do we know if that's romania, drake, or kirby? I can't tell them apart like you guys can kek
Is drake-chan the one who thinks drake and a bunch of other celebrities are secretly tifs? And also thinks all celebrities are clones while the real versions are living in underground cities? Or is that tifchan?

No. 1575331

This truly is the Dumbass Shit Thread

No. 1575332

WHo is tifchan

No. 1575334

Well, I'm having fun. Are YOU having fun, nonna?

No. 1575336

?? I never said that, you need to stop acting like you know who everyone is on this site. I know there's onlyu 112 people here on a good day, but I never said I wasn't going to post anymore.
Go pretend to know every nona somewhere else

No. 1575339

Romania: Frequently types in all caps, not uncommon for her to write schizo manifestos.
Kirby: Frequently writes autistic manifestos, very open and detailed
Drake: Antagonistic, kinda retarded, sounds like a tinfoiler constantly. This one’s a bit harder

No. 1575340

It's romanianon and I guess after a full year and some of seeing her posts and knowing more about her life than I should as a stranger I can just pick her out, she does have a distinctive typing style I think. Kirby anon isn't a crazy sperg, she's just a chill girl with passion for certain characters that creeps anons out kekkk

No. 1575341

me when my mom judges me for my necromancy obsession

No. 1575342

>KNOWS drake is a TIF
Yes thats me
>thinks a bunch of celebrities are tifs
Nope just the ones who are aka "Drake"
>Thinks celebrities are clones
>Living in underground cities
No, these are not me. I'm interested in the underground cities though

No. 1575344

You can't fool me honey bee

No. 1575347

No i'm not?
>Kinda Retarded
Kek, sure
>sounds like tinfoiler constantly
Uh..not really. I'm all over the site, I talk about various different topics, sure i may get an attitude but only when it's given. I vent, I'm a shaytard, i'm interested in all types of things. I barely post in the tinfoil thread, last big post I made was on SIA

No. 1575348

See, I thought it was drake-chan, because nonna said this >>1575271 and then there was an immediate freak out >>1575275 so I think this is drake-chan

No. 1575351

Pardon me, nonna. Those were in the same thread and I remembered incorrectly. If it was the ftm thread I will never fucking find that shit again ugh

No. 1575353

Still waiting for Paki-chan to show up, but I think I've seen other paki anons commenting the internet had been shit over there?

No. 1575354

At this rate paki chan feels like a lolcow urban legend

No. 1575355


No. 1575356

I am >>1575275, I find it weird how I'm called agonotistic when someone was just rude to me, I'm normally not rude, I'm very chill and again, I make posts all over lolcow, so the peopel claiming they know all the personality whatevers, just have common sense and go
>Oh this anon talks about this topic
it's not fucking magic.

No. 1575357

Yes the last one you tagged there is definitely drakechan

No. 1575360

Kek agonotistic

No. 1575362

Man i’m so glad i’m an avatarfag instead of a personality fag bc i can just post anonymously without anyone attaching me to someone. Maybe i should keep it that way

No. 1575365

I sort of realized that a lot of my problems deal in my inability to self-actualize and build self confidence in myself out of a fear of failing. I mean, for a long time I desired dying and wanted to die because I thought I couldn't be happy, I can't make friends, I'm ugly, etc. I focused to much on the problems and negative trait I had and accepting that as the unchangeable "me", and as such I accepted that there was no point in continuing living or changing because of that. I believe at some point I became deluded and paranoid in that self-pitying mindset, it rotted me from the inside out. In such a mindset it becomes comforting to not try at all and accept it as reality. However, I came to a realization while playing Super Star. I liked living, I just didn't like the way I lived. That's something that can be changed, if even a little. If I could still find joy in the smallest things, if I can still hope that my favorite artist uploads new mtkb art, if I still get angry when I see my landmine ships then I truly still care about living deep down and the things that come with it. So, I just bit the bullet and worked hard at changing myself into someone I would like, and the more I did that the happier I became and the more I started to enjoy living. In a way it's scary, because at first I didn't care much about living but now I realized there's so little time on Earth. Not a year, month, week, minute or even second is promised for anyone so I want to enjoy it to the fullest. Yeah, I wish I still had a boyfriend, I wish I could talk to people more online but that's something that will come with time.

No. 1575368

That’s deep kirbyanon

No. 1575370

take the fit pill kirdede anon, i am becoming ripped for my husbando

No. 1575373

I'm having a blast nona!

No. 1575375

Everybody wants to be dead, but nobody wants to die. When it’s in your face you’ll be begging and pleading with whatever God you didn’t believe in before. You won’t get back a single second on this earth, so make the most of it all. Be happy. Live. I like reading your long essay-esque posts Kirbyanon.

No. 1575376

THIS is why I want you to have a blog, i think you're great kirbychan

No. 1575377

Not ripped because i’m already quite thin and just want to maintain that weight, but my husbando is unironically the reason i started putting more effort into my appearance. One day, i looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself “he would never fuck me”. Now after months of appearance grinding, i can safely say my husbando would fuck me, and i guess already has

No. 1575378

You're always welcome in the movie room, please join us sometime!!

No. 1575379

Lmao proud of you

No. 1575380

>Everybody wants to be dead, but nobody wants to die
Sorry if i sound cringe but this is unironically really fucking true and genuinely made me think

No. 1575384

I wish I could write like you, I feel it'd suit me well in my studies. I wish you the best sweet nona

No. 1575388

>Everybody wants to be dead, but nobody wants to die
Exactly. Though I think it's because people tend to view death = absolving of all sins, pains, responsibilities, problems, sadness, etc. rather than the absence of life's pleasures and happiness. Hence why people are quicker to reach for death than anything else. People don't actually like tying a noose, loading a gun, or mixing up a chemical concoction of death, they just want that release from life's pains. I know that was my main reason. Some people aren't emotionally equipped to deal with life and the tribulations it brings, especially if those problems are self brought-on, rather than environmental, and require you to actually look at yourself and find out what is wrong with you which is something people rather not do. It's painful and it takes a lot of work to do. To see one self all and all, both the positives and the negatives is to accept that you've done wrong and that you as a person are wrong and need to be righted which depending on the person, can be as hard as lifting a boulder.

No. 1575391

File: 1683919252116.jpg (35.07 KB, 519x519, 048cd85e5e0dcdd40bcb79c1d2bbd5…)

whre are the nonnies who wanted to make a historical/discussion fashion thread? I jsut saw someone on the general fashion thread reply i lov weird fashon to an over-spinnered polyester quilted little boy blanket babydoll dress

No. 1575392

Damn you are hittin me so hard nonnie, my heart

No. 1575393

File: 1683919388004.jpg (55.67 KB, 564x710, 1677070975752.jpg)


No. 1575394

File: 1683919495371.png (423.2 KB, 638x606, Screenshot_20210907-034936_(1)…)


No. 1575395

are you cool ice?

No. 1575397


No. 1575398

File: 1683919573165.gif (13.87 MB, 671x618, 6ce57946404ccbf1179d9e8939a705…)


No. 1575399

shoves you off the bed go away faggot kitty I already fed you

No. 1575403

I do though.
Just study and practice writing, read other works you adore and compare. The best way to practice something is to find someone better than you and then strive to become better than them.

No. 1575412

im horrible at writing, i think I have dyslexica, like I can see a word and I just spell it how i want, sometimes multiple letters next to eachother take a while for me to copy back, i cannot explain, i'm very far into my research but i know i'll have to spend weeks teying to get it to be readable once I drop the Doc

No. 1575413

It’s painful and takes a lot of work, but that’s life. Some people need to take a look in the mirror and decide for themselves, will they fester in their own misery/mediocrity/whatever or will they fight?

No. 1575420

Well how the heck am I gonna find it? You gotta help me out here

No. 1575422

what are you testing?

No. 1575423

Oh shit anon, what did you do???

No. 1575424

Idk if it's just because I live somewhere far out, but amazon prime really is not that fast at all. Faster than other online stores? Absolutely. But PRIME? No.

No. 1575427

I just wanted to see the vpn ban messages because they're interesting

No. 1575428

Huh. Can you post a screenshot?

No. 1575433

File: 1683920652004.jpg (13.24 KB, 360x352, mfw.jpg)

damn i wasn't expecting to feel emotional in the dumbass shit thread but i am

No. 1575436


No. 1575437

Maybe when i'm done also i delete all the test post to not spam. Sorry nonas

No. 1575439

Nah don't apologize, I think what you're doing is pretty neat

No. 1575445

Cool, well if someone gets annoyed i'll give it a break (this is what i'm doing on a friday

No. 1575450

You should get a slice of pretzel crust pizza today.

No. 1575454

I've seen a handful of them before (VPNfag), a hilarious number of them boil down to "fuck off moid"

No. 1575455

i bet The Papa is responsible for this blasphemy (it sounds good though)

No. 1575463

Well what franchise is it from. Also does it actually taste good or are you memeing on me

No. 1575468

File: 1683922655952.jpg (196.76 KB, 1920x1080, DYuUMd_VMAAXpIe.jpg_large.jpg)

lc seems so dead today, what's everyone up to?

No. 1575469

I don't regret spending my day with you nonnies, see you in like a month

No. 1575472

How can you say that after what happened here earlier kek

No. 1575473

I will get backlash, but Little Ceasers. Which is good when you don't have someone trying to convince you it's bad. And yes, if you like pretzels then it's delicious.

No. 1575474

I hate when I tell someone not to get me something and they get it for me anyway and then complain about me rejecting it.

No. 1575475

hmm true, /ot/ is always lively and entertaining

No. 1575477

At first glance I thought it was cute but the more I looked at it the more I disliked it. I guess I just liked the general silhouette.

No. 1575479

be safe nonners
i also like lc (!!!) comrade

No. 1575489

tfw you want to post in a thread but you've already taken up like nearly 50% of it AND you're the last reply. i am horrified of social media/the idea of my posts being perceived and known with my identity attached to them by others who also have their identity attached to theirs. it's way too public and personal. but i want to sperggggggg

No. 1575500

File: 1683923636150.jpeg (62.33 KB, 1242x940, 1591925355149.jpeg)

I was reading a reader insert fanfic of my husbando and it was pretty good and funny until the reader became super annoying and plain wacko out of place in certain situation. My husbando's brother is taking the fall for you shooting a guy in an alleyway and you call him saying "ya want the good news or bad news first?! teehee" girl get a hold of yourself we are all pissed and worried.

No. 1575508

The joy of anonymous imageboards is that no one knows you're the person taking up 50% of the thread. Be free, my fellow spergnona
I totally get how you feel though, especially in regards to social media. At least on an anonymous imageboard, no one can identify me as a weirdo right away unless I explicitly post about being a weirdo

No. 1575511

writing a good x reader fic is hard because you wanna avoid giving y/n too much personality but at the same time she can't be passive in the story

No. 1575517

Does anyone else's pubes congregate in one area? I was assessing the area so I know what I need to do when I shave earlier, and I realized that my hair is always so dense where my lips meet.

No. 1575529

i'm the op !! thank you so uch that's so sweet !!! he's so cute !!!! i love you !!!

No. 1575535

Ayrt, no backlash from me. I was so loyal to my Little Ceasars until I got a freaking bug in the box. And like, medium sized. Still don't know if it was lc or the retarded door dash delivery guy I got that day, but I couldn't go back.
I order from Domino's now.

No. 1575539

Mine usually grows near the middle and forms a cowlick after a while.

No. 1575548

Mine is the same way. I like to twirl it when I'm bored.

No. 1575551

Same here. It's because it's a long fold, so you get like quadruple the hair in what seems like a little area. I think the cowlick is cute, you can curl it up with your finger KEK

No. 1575565

ntayrt but I fucking hate little ceasers, a big test for whether pizza is good or not to me is how good is it the next day and ceasers fails tremendously. No hate to you though

No. 1575586

Imagine getting mad at a imageboard Hahahahahah like just close your eyes

No. 1575592

I love how when I have long nails there's just a constant clacking sound around me. I have a rhinestone design too right now and whenever I'm washing my hands it creates this amazing foamy sound when I rub my nails together.

No. 1575599

This is the most 2008 thing I've seen in 2023

No. 1575611

File: 1683927947970.jpeg (60.56 KB, 980x525, Did you get it 2.jpeg)

>"lET pEopLE ENjOy THiNgZ"
>"leARn tO EnJOy tHinGsz"
how about you let people HATE things and learn that people HATE things I bet you have CRABS

No. 1575613

She’s so fucking cute I love her laugh!!

No. 1575636

File: 1683929485420.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.86 KB, 639x284, arm.jpg)

>be me
>always struggled the most with arm anatomy
>read several books
>none of them helped me understand the complex arm anatomy
>someone makes a bait thread with pic rel as the OP image
>bulb lights up
>now i can finally draw my anime boys without them looking like betty spaghetti
uh… t-thanks?

No. 1575639

Back from work, no this is not the image but it's probably from the same day! Anyway I like this image too thank you

No. 1575681

I love this site but sometimes I'm so disgusted by you all.

No. 1575697

Even me?

No. 1575699

I accidentally clicked on the wrong image in my folder and his beautiful face came up on my screen, my heart started beating so fast why am I like this whyyyyyy (why is he so fucking pretty what is he gay or something, bastard motherfucker just be ugly so I don't have to hold my breath every time I see you)

No. 1575701

Especially you.

No. 1575707

File: 1683934627027.jpg (61.66 KB, 1344x756, Man_Smoking_Multiple_Cigarette…)


No. 1575710


No. 1575750

Finding put that it was Anisas idea to harass tana when she was like 17-18 to do the N word thing. I'd defend her because I didn't care that she talked shit about sex workers and did porn.
Or the small things she did, to know she was involved in getting bee bf to do that to her, because she talked shit online really really let me know who she is. I don't care if she felt bad about it now, that's some weird shit.
Also I hate Ian and his gf

No. 1575752

Imma about to eat a sausage with cheese

No. 1575757

File: 1683936634113.png (68.59 KB, 396x381, mausage.png)

omg thast crasy

No. 1575758

What kind of sausage with what kind of cheese?

No. 1575766

Something happened here

No. 1575768

File: 1683937500888.jpg (37.64 KB, 621x455, Ftr0xWdWwAECpIs.jpg)

I'm so excited for the weekend because that means I have free time to make a build in TS4 for my husbando.

No. 1575772

File: 1683937622170.jpeg (13.78 KB, 239x275, 1648085165288.jpeg)

i burped

No. 1575774

Cats invented the spectrum

No. 1575777

Should I get soda, coffee or lemonade

No. 1575780

One day when that I the time where it goes on,it's made them not great with is, am I going on? Anyways that's why I never go nonnies

No. 1575782

Kilbiski and slice cheese white

No. 1575788

Do you mean autism spectrum? Cuz I'm convinced my cat has autism sometimes

No. 1575790

No. 1575792

The time line of the goth phase….be a happy normal kid who wants to connect to everyone, get rejected in a way that causes you to question your identity and self-worth, turn to goth music, WOW THIS HITS ME IN MY SOUL…get bored of feeling sad, make improvements in your life, make friends, friends disappoint you, back to goth phase.

No. 1575794

>poor Romani
She’s Romanian not Romani, two different things

No. 1575805


No. 1575826

File: 1683942283774.png (257.98 KB, 1024x575, image-5-1024x575.png)

No. 1575922

Back from my snoozypoos, it was horrible and I missed all the funny stuff with Kirby-anon

No. 1575926

File: 1683946659927.jpg (179.85 KB, 1080x1080, 345417508_618341496841566_6800…)

love seeing groups of people bait child rapists and soon-to-be child rapists and record the interaction and publicly shame them online. I've seen the videos come out from a few countries, i hope this trend escalates.

No. 1575934

Omg same, a few years ago in my city some pedophile who was trying to lure a supposed 14 year old to his house got exposed and then commit suicide because of the backlash. The news painted him as some victim because he was mentally ill and had no friends and family, it was so fucking retarded and sad to see people prioritize the life of some pedo scrote who probably would've ended up raping and possibly killing a young girl one day over the lives of children, just because he was mentally ill and had no friends. Like boohoo so is half the fucking population lol

No. 1575937

My nana used to go to the same dentist as Dolly Parton up in Nashville. Apparently once when when my cousin and I were there with my mom waiting for my nana, she walked in. Naturally my cousin and I had no idea because we were like 6 or 7 and were focused on the waiting room TV so we never saw her sadly.

No. 1575944

Don't ever try to wax your own pussy.

No. 1575967

Honestly, same. Except the having a boyfriend part

No. 1575969

I personally know one of the personalityfags that used to post here regularly. I randomly see nonnies accuse posters of being her even though it isn't and the beliefs aren't even the same. I see people make up baseless accusations when she's brought up. I want to defend her but know it will just cause infighting or people saying I'm her.
I think the treatment is unfair but I guess on websites like this it's unavoidable if you stick out.
For any personalityfags or would-be personalityfags out there- the attention isn't worth it. Stop making yourself obvious and try to blend in because nonnies will react favourably to you 1 day and then mock cancel you the next. Never post anything identifiable and if you do, don't bring the same niche interest up multiple times/across threads.
This even goes for the artists that make cow art. Nonnies may love your shanya drawing 1 day but if you draw multiple pics in the same style and stick out, people will turn against you.
I just wish I could defend my friend but its like the Barbra Streisand effect. The more I wk her the more people will just rebel and its best to just hope people forget.
Big sigh these things really are unavoidable.

No. 1575990

>I want to defend her but know it will just cause infighting or people saying I'm her
this is definitely about romanianon. orher personalityfags who get defended don't result in this kek.

No. 1575991


No. 1575992

Nta but that happens to a lot of personalityfags

No. 1575995

I ate one of those styrofoam cup ramens after not having one for years and oh my god I see why they say not to microwave them. The plastic taste is so strong, how did I never notice before? Also, cinnamon toast crunch has always been gross.

No. 1575997

Samefag but that happens to everyone on here not just personalityfags lol

No. 1575999

I've heard of these videos and personally they leave a bad taste in my mouth, because it's just a random vigilante I don't think the pedos can be actually arrested or anything, and then they're just going to be more careful about whatever crimes they commit in the future.

No. 1576001

the only other fights i remember from anons doing that, and ones that had people accusing random posters of being her was about paki-chan. i guess maybe rancefag too but i don't see anons accusing random posts of being her. who else am i misding

No. 1576002

>>1575969 I go out of my way to blend in, but I'm too autistic and instantly get recognized as [personality]chan (or one of my various aliases off-site.) Sometimes I blend perfectly, but usually far from it, which makes me sad. Because I am trying my best, do I need to be less passionate and prone to correcting people on various mental disorders?

No. 1576004

No but like across the whole site, and even in the bunker threads on CC. There's less talked about personality chans like Boyega-chan and Trump-chan from the celebricows threads, and that one girl who kept taking stealth photos of some celebrity guy who lived near her. People who defend them often get accused of being them, and that goes for all posters. Any time someone defends another anon or there's an infight there's accusations of being a certain anon who posted something.

No. 1576005

>or one of my various aliases off-site.
This by itself immediately gave you away TIF-chan/white glove

No. 1576007

I feel you and I've seen and experienced the same thing multiple times. Anons can't help themselves or avoid conflict. And there are weirdos that get their rocks off misdirecting people and starting conflict.

No. 1576008

>>1576005 Should I be less verbose? Is it my manner of speaking? It happens with other personalityfags, so I'm assuming it's my manner of speaking.

No. 1576010

>white glove
M-michael jackson?

No. 1576011

It sucks because even though some of the anons post blatant lies without backing it up with proof, you can't disagree with them at all without getting accused. I guess at a certain point we just have to accept people are going to be wrong about our favorite posters no matter what.

No. 1576012

>our favorite posters
I think that's only a thing if you're new or really clinging to what happens here, which is barely anything. There is no reason for this site to be that deep for you at all.

No. 1576014

Shut the fuck off whiteglove/ cool Ice whatever you want to go by this month, you deliberately and constantly refer to yourself ITT and across the site for attention because you didn't get it enough from your white trash parents or the vocaloid community. You want to be a known personalityfag but you're really just a self posting aiden with internalized misogyny. You are a lolcow. You were ran off kiwifarms after airing out your opinions on the women here and yet you're still posting here trying to find a sense of community among a class you decided to opt out of in favor of incel persona. You are embarrassing and I can't wait until the mods air you out to dry.

No. 1576016

No. 1576017

>that one girl who kept taking stealth photos of some celebrity guy who lived near her.
I remember seeing that but don't recall random anons getting accused of her since she only posted a few times. I'm surprised that one's even considered personalityfagging unless there's some other thread I didn't see.
Mentioning your other personas and accounts and very specific behavior and interests, I mean you literally just did it right here >>1576013

No. 1576018

I always feel like theyre the one constantly posting about fujoshi and all men being gay because wtf is all that all the time. It isnt even funny.

No. 1576019

File: 1683952372540.png (52.56 KB, 1280x720, 8283045.png)

I kinda miss lupisvulpes, I miss her goofy lil animations and weird designs, It's fucking crazy how a person can show the "wrong opinion" and poof! there fucking gone.

No. 1576020

I think she's just making a general complaint
>There is no reason for this site to be that deep for you at all
Exactly so just let vent about it, why feel the need to "correct" her on how she should feel about the site lol

No. 1576021

She outed herself because she bragged about spamming the vocaloid thread on here and self posting. Then someone made a thread and she pretended to lay low. Not very bright. There's other tells and I agree with you about the fujo stuff.

No. 1576024

>I remember seeing that but don't recall random anons getting accused of her since she only posted a few times.
Maybe I'm misremembering that one, but I know the accusations are common I see them all the time

No. 1576025

Pause. Stop. There is no reason for any of us to know this much about you. If you really have been ran off every site you're trying to push your life story on constantly to the point that you've ran here after shitting on this place because you think it will somehow be your safe haven, you should close the laptop for awhile. This is an anonymous imageboard. Keyword. There is no reason to desire to share all of this with strangers. Stick to a blog.

No. 1576026

File: 1683952606906.jpg (48.08 KB, 843x755, FB_IMG_1683952675033.jpg)

No. 1576028

Fujosperg hates fujoshi HAHAHA

No. 1576030

I haven't heard of you until now but you need to stop. If you truly were just trying to fit in you wouldn't so many personal facts. No one cares to read your corrections of their wrong opinions. Each time you reply, even if you're arguing yhe opposite, it just cements the fact that you can't step away and stop arguing which makes you more of a cow.

No. 1576033

I feel like whenever I go grocery shopping I always forget to get seasonings

No. 1576034

The cure is disconnecting your internet.

No. 1576035

the fact that she admits to constantly correcting anons on her neurosis
That isn't avatar or personafagging imo. An anon once posted a candid of kiki at Wallmart and it was just as controversial at the time.
The Streisand effect in action
You shouldn't even think about aliases on an anon board, which further proves my point that you are seeking attention.

Pepperidge farms remembers >>>/ot/1539073

No. 1576037

>>1576030 Thank you, sorry I got so upset. If there's anything I can't stand, it's lying, and liars. Being anonymous is very hard because I'm so prone to correcting everone on the finest detail. I need to learn to let things go without blowing up at everyone.

No. 1576039

File: 1683953226453.jpg (49.54 KB, 680x507, f2821d9f3b5ea1efb052e3fe55e70a…)

I unironically hate this idiot, my life would be so much better if we lived in the water.

No. 1576040

>That isn't avatar or personafagging imo. An anon once posted a candid of kiki at Wallmart and it was just as controversial at the time.
That's why I said I must've misremembered that one. And she's posted 3 or 4 over the course of half a year, people were mentioning her even when she wasn't around so imo that seems more personality fagging than an anon posting one photo

No. 1576041

Why are you still replying? Dude act normal

No. 1576042

can someone get blaine out of this fucking thread? who gives a shit about some sperg, and i do not believe anyone schizoposts like the infighters in this thread

No. 1576043

>I'm so prone to correcting everone on the finest detail. I need to learn to let things go
Idk what u guys are talking about but same. I need to correct everyone on everything because I'm just always right and I hate seeing people be wrong about stuff that concerns me…

No. 1576044

File: 1683953334646.jpg (40.25 KB, 563x751, ebf24c639e414964ea01f948bcf088…)

Maybe buy a notepad and write down the seasonings incase you forget

No. 1576045

Which ones are blaine? Tag them

No. 1576048

I applied to be a farmhand a few weeks ago but never heard back. I work from home online and im in an under represented time zone so I thought I'd be a good fit. I've also been here for a few years. Idk if they read my post history or somehow decided im not suitable but I wanted to help out because I spend a lot of time here and wanted to give back more than reporting posts. Oh well.

No. 1576053

File: 1683954171164.png (187.61 KB, 1024x682, 1677460079235.png)

these posts:
blaine also admitted to making the thread here, i doubt the nonitas here would care so much about the sperg: >>>/meta/53895
him threatening cow: >>>/meta/53629
a good guide to spotting blaine in threads:
it's almost certain he was in the tripfag sperging this afternoon, too

No. 1576056

This is pathetic. Any mod can easily verify the opposite. Stop wasting everyones time and log off.

No. 1576059

>>1576056 if im wrong, no harm in mods checking, in fact i beg them to, but the fag uses vpns, but it's very obvious when tranny starts a-logging personal cows of his.

No. 1576061

Try posting in meta or emailing for a followup? Sometimes applicants get lost in the mix and some nonas reported finding emails months later they forgot to check.

No. 1576062

Whiteglove, stop coping. I am not whoever you think I am and I am every single poster you tagged. I am actually capable of staying anon while observing a trainwreck in action.

No. 1576063

>>1576062 wrong on who i am and let the farmhands check if youre telling the truth kek. cope tranny

No. 1576067

File: 1683955586208.jpg (26.25 KB, 567x432, 70525b86b80eb06bf8063358cb9797…)

>some namefags infight
>not Paki-chan

No. 1576068

NTA but and I didn't even know about you before every can tell it's you lmao

No. 1576087

The nonnas on here on this fucking site are insane in general so I'd steer clear of making any friendships with them. Insufferable ass cunt bitches.

No. 1576093

are you one of the nice ones

No. 1576102

No. 1576104

if you aren't her than why are you formatting your posts in the same obnoxious identifiable way whiteglove does? every single other poster here has the text on a new line underneath the >> and numbers (pretty sure it does this by default) but hers are always next to it. see:

No. 1576112

I personally knew one of them as well and she deserves all the shit she gets kek

No. 1576129

Yes, I'm so, so sorry. It wasn't okay, I'm too honest for my own good, and I wanted to lend credence to the Blaine shit because I don't know anyone else who hates me to that extent, and it scared me, because truthfully I love the women here and don't understand why I'm so hated? Therefore, when panicking, there was only one dot to connect, and it wasn't okay, but it seemed fully logical in the moment.

No. 1576131


No. 1576132

girl be quiet!!!!! how can you not get this after all this time!! shhh!! act normal!! that's all you need to do!

No. 1576134

I think most of the nonnas here deserve the shit they get.

No. 1576135

Stop saying this shit and not saying who it is, OMG

No. 1576138

File: 1683963049717.jpg (16.83 KB, 458x333, 1620253477156.jpg)


No. 1576146

I've been having really bad gas and bloating the past few nights. It's gotten insane. Drink some baking soda water and poof. Watch it gone. Feel it gone more so I should say.

No. 1576153

>Watch it gone. Feel it gone more so I should say.
Help nonnas, am I having a stroke?

No. 1576154

you aren't necessarily hated, anons are just annoyed because you were being nasty and vitriolic towards other women especially ones on this site (with your cringe incel larp and w/e) and a lot of us come here as a place to get away from misogyny/men. also you keep making yourself recognizable, probably not on purpose but it's still happening, which annoys anons too because this place is supposed to be anonymous. none of the posters itt were being super spiteful towards you, nobody was a-logging you or anything. it was simply mild criticism/annoyance because you have cow behavior sometimes and you are really overreacting to it. if you suspect a post is made by the pedo schizo tranny you need to report and ignore instead of responding and giving him the attention he craves.

No. 1576156

samefag but i just realized someone else in the last thread posted about how they can't stop farting. humanity is unified by shared experiences.

No. 1576166

>a lot of us come here as a place to get away from misogyny/men.
That's a bad idea to do especially when so many scrotes/trannies spam this place so fucking much. Even without that, it's a bad idea in general since there can be men in disguise here pretending to literally be woman and none of us would know it, if they're not being blatant about it. And many other reasons too. Just not healthy.

No. 1576167

Go to fds. Better community

No. 1576169

>get invited to the wedding of that quirky couple you knew from drama class
>everyone absolutely loses their shit laughing

No. 1576170

Have you guys been following the shitshow in /meta/ at all? Absent admims, shit tier farmhands, constant baitfagging. Some of us are pretty sure the farmhand search hasn't been going on at all.

No. 1576175

Nta but has it not been like that for the past year now?

No. 1576181

Nta, but it feels like 2 or 3 by now

No. 1576183

Oh, yes, but I meant specifically in /meta/ kek. Cerbmin posted twice about the fucking poll and disappeared, ignored a question about how long it takes to get back to someone who applied, and the farmhands have just been letting infights explode. I guess they banned Blaine twice, wow, such work.

No. 1576185

Oh oh my bad, I gotcha, yeah

No. 1576186

So is the white glove thread you linked about tif-chan? Like, they're the same person? And these
Are her posts? Well, maybe not that last one, unless she finally learned.
Poor nonna asked twice who tifchan is yesterday and got ignored lol

No. 1576188

Not a problem, nonna!
The whole situation is just kind of funny to me now. The speculation that shaymin never handed the site over and is secretly cerbmin, and she was never as tech stupid as she said, is amusing me. It's just so funny to think about mostly because it's really stupid bullshit that would happen to this site kek

No. 1576190

File: 1683968398703.jpeg (22.61 KB, 256x389, IMG_3704.jpeg)

almost ten years later and i still cannot see the black like am i taking crazy pills because on what planet does that ever look even remotely dark let alone black even if shined on by a light. i can see the blue just fine though obviously

No. 1576192

File: 1683968707896.jpg (64.7 KB, 628x823, thedressgraphic.jpg)

Have you looked at the wikipedia page for it? There's an entire "scientific explanations" section that is pretty interesting! It includes picrel
Personally, I've never been able to see blue and black, but if you squint your eyes really hard until the gold parts go dark, you can kind of see what they're talking about


No. 1576193

Yes, that's about me, and yes, those are my posts. No promises on learning entirely yet, I'm pretty socially inept, but there will be no deception on my part, I promise.

No. 1576195

>so many scrotes/trannies spam this place so fucking much
yes but this is true of every womens only space, troons and scrotes are always going to try and shit it up. it's sadly unavoidable. even in womens only discords that require voice verification I've seen scrotes have a female friend or relative verify for them and get in just to antagonize women.
>there can be men in disguise here pretending to literally be woman and none of us would know it
I'm aware, but if they make it obvious they will get banned. plus I get the feeling most men will eventually slip up and say something that outs them. I know there is no way to truly have a womens only imageboard unless men cease to exist but this is the closest we'll ever get to one imo - which is why I like coming here.
I come here specifically instead of fds/ovarit/radblr or whatever because I prefer using imageboards

No. 1576203

Ten years later and I still don't see the white and gold.

No. 1576204

No. 1576205

what colour was this dress in reality?

No. 1576206

I'm thinking paki, romanianon or wg, since only they posted pictures of themselves to recognize them from

No. 1576208

Do you have any friends?

No. 1576211

Black and blue. The woman who took the picture had the flash on, so the gold is actually extremely washed out black.
If your phone has a setting where it reduced blue light, you can turn that on for a bit. When you turn it back off and look at the dress, your eyes can see the washed out black before they adjust and perceive gold again.

No. 1576212

I don't get why that's relevant to anything I said in my post, but yes I do

No. 1576224

File: 1683973476757.png (110.1 KB, 828x670, wyffdfeefecf.png)

This is so cursed I'm staying far away from edible flowers what the fuck noooo

No. 1576226

Can we have like the link or something. Embed the video maybe.

No. 1576228

What else do you need to know that's the full story

No. 1576230

File: 1683973828238.jpg (65.41 KB, 1080x1077, blade runner 2049.jpg)

i'm so happy i'm not interested in dating irl moids whatsoever, but sometimes it just reminds me of that one scene from blade runner 2049, the "oh u don't like real girls" one. AI bots are not enough, i need my husbandos as a living hologram, as a fucking replicant or an android detroit become human style.

No. 1576234

File: 1683974215776.jpg (140.93 KB, 1078x1297, lungpea.jpg)

Wait seriously, that's it? You're not eating something anymore because she got something stuck in her mouth? That can happen with anything. I thought it was something like picrel

No. 1576249

>that can happen with anything
Nah she was eating weird shit you shouldn't eat. "Edible" flowers my ass

No. 1576263

File: 1683977869666.png (163.27 KB, 1009x723, mc shay.png)

I thought my phone made the most bizzare glitch and showed me a screenshot of shay on spotify. Taking the "anything can be an album cover" too literally there

No. 1576265


No. 1576266

I feel like this post is about me but i have no way of proving it
Maybe this one too

No. 1576270

I'm going on holiday to the UK! Going to see if I can go to a forest with bluebells. Anyway because I won't be on here I wish you all a good week!

No. 1576272

what the hell is the kirby slit art, I’m morbidly curious, how bad could kirby art be?

No. 1576288

You are truly retarded. By that logic you shouldn't be eating anything. Enjoy your air for breakfast.

No. 1576292

I don't think my eggs bacon and toast will get stuck in my cheek anytime soon

No. 1576316

Just the parasites infested in them will

No. 1576319

The funny thing about that guide is that during an infight in the vent thread and meta around that time someone kept accusing me of being the troon so they added some of the stuff I had said and done during the infight to the list. One of them was just the term "swept" because I had seen it used before to refer to jannies deleting shit so I started saying it, also saying the phrase "meltdown" and "slapfight." One that's not on the list that he does say a lot is the phrase "catch a ban," I said it once in the same thread as him and then he immediately started using it everywhere lol. He literally has no personality and just copies the shit he sees, so the list is basically just stuff he's co-opted from actual farmers.

No. 1576346

whats lc official 9/11 shanon being outed or shitmin new site unveiling?

No. 1576365

definitely everything that happened on christmas

No. 1576377

How does a seed get stuck inside a cheek? Feels like some part of the story is missing.

No. 1576391

I was busy being a normal person that month, what happened

No. 1576392

it went inside her cheek by impaling it then wedged itself in to where it couldn't be seen until her cheek started swelling and she took it out herself with no help from dentists and doctors who were both stumped on the cause of the swelling by "sliding it out" iirc, she was doing gua sha or something. it happened to me but with fish bones in my gums and another in the back of my throat

No. 1576402

Nonnies I just ordered my final takeaway today
Here's to saving money and eating better
Also my neet body aches every time I come back from the gym because I havent exercised in the last 7 years

No. 1576406

I cringed reading that

No. 1576408

Be kind to her and her neet body

No. 1576412

>I havent exercised in the last 7 years
Damn nona you're literally me, rooting for both of us though

No. 1576413

NTA but perhaps you should go to the gym too

No. 1576427

File: 1683993186977.png (22.5 KB, 474x265, th-754763128.png)

Im gonna start lifting so I can mog my crush because I can never have him

No. 1576435

You should follow her footsteps and go outside

No. 1576468

rooting for u nonna. u can do it!

No. 1576486


No. 1576488

she should not be named but my god how dumb can she be ???

No. 1576498

File: 1683997733337.jpeg (60.27 KB, 636x626, 1AE95DBE-23E8-4950-B254-0887B0…)

AI says this is my soulmate
I mean he's kinda hot

No. 1576500

What AI?

No. 1576505

I'm going to Vienna and Prague!!
Happy travels

No. 1576506


No. 1576508

bishie android

No. 1576520

nonas i'm in physical pain from the second hand embarrassment

No. 1576533

File: 1683998509063.jpg (782.99 KB, 3537x3335, 5389ywtiehskjdznv.jpg)

My reaction when

No. 1576542

File: 1683998988130.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.3 KB, 920x771, shrfi.jpg)

I just had a sex dream about these two. Yes I did have an orgasm. It was actually pretty good

No. 1576581

your soul is ugly

No. 1576587

wow i'm literally postured like this rn except i am eating a burger

No. 1576594

Nta but Christmas of 2021 (I think) was when Romanianon had a breakdown in the vent thread that cemented her in the Lolcow Hall of Fame, and also when her boyfriend was posting here.

No. 1576600

pocari sweat is so disgusting, it tastes like sweat

No. 1576619

File: 1684001151261.jpg (9.74 KB, 312x309, IMG-20201027-WA0006.jpg)

today's fucking crazy girls

No. 1576637

I have absolutely zero standards for audio quality and I bought 1 euro earbuds. I should not have bought 1 euro eurbuds.

No. 1576640

i was referring to christmas of 2022 actually, with that whole site maintenence disaster. i'm trying to think of the shortest way to summarize it, this make take a while.

No. 1576643

*may take a while

No. 1576646

File: 1684001739652.jpg (72.34 KB, 1024x768, 1419141119280.jpg)

this amount og unhingness is why i come here

No. 1576648

I bet they are painful

No. 1576655

File: 1684001960818.jpeg (88.67 KB, 758x749, 06787B45-EAF8-4CAC-8952-B7F438…)

Decided to try out imagery for my long kept movie idea which one day I will write and produce, it will be about as good as that killer tire movie

No. 1576656

File: 1684001999888.jpeg (124.25 KB, 636x637, 121A4C33-5F40-4F7C-BCD6-1F237F…)

Another hint

No. 1576693

images like this will be reported as "shota" soon

No. 1576701

I'm sure nonnas are just a bit too excited for Eurovision finals.

No. 1576743

That and people will probably start spam-reporting whatever husbando they don't like as "shota"/"underage"/"underage-looking" on some waifu wars shit, bc most anime boys are skinny twinks.

No. 1576756

File: 1684004912344.gif (2.19 MB, 498x378, 1679678760856033.gif)

its already a dead board anyways, might as well post my husbando one last time

No. 1576761

The husbando threads are very pacific for the most part.

No. 1576769

File: 1684005283791.jpg (5.81 KB, 584x61, Screenshot 2023-05-13 121443.j…)

Oh please, stop being disingenuous. That is not shota. When we talk about shota we all know it's the NSFW sexualized images of young boys.

No. 1576771

but that wojack is clearly showing romantic thoughs about pepe, and also he's shirtless

No. 1576774

wait are those really anime versions of the scrotal 4chan mimis? kek

No. 1576775

Why did you cut out the rest of it? SFW is included, which is just described as "romantic". So like in theory >>1576646 could still be a bannable offense. In fact, this conversation we're having right now could get us all banned lmao.
Anyway, weren't there people literally admitting to rigging the poll? Whole thing is pathetic.

No. 1576778

File: 1684005651021.jpg (28.42 KB, 406x364, 1643607303132.jpg)


No. 1576779

> In fact, this conversation we're having right now could get us all banned lmao.
Sure if you want to fearmonger and cry about muh freeze peach

No. 1576781

File: 1684005776532.jpg (51.25 KB, 447x604, 1554074616546.jpg)

don't be bitter oxox ♥

No. 1576784

>"By banning discussion about shota, I didn't mean baning discussion of shot, uh, i MEAN, you're misunderstanding us, freeze peach fearmongering fake news!!!"
Are you on the mod team kek

No. 1576786

File: 1684005888097.png (123.62 KB, 737x880, melissa.png)

No. 1576787


No. 1576788

It's obvious you're arguing against this in bad faith. Just say you're a pedophile and go

No. 1576790

I'm pointing out very basic things literally everyone else already complained about, that's not "bad faith" lol. Calling everyone a "pedophile" for not worshiping the admins is ridiculous, no one cares.

No. 1576792

File: 1684006178117.jpeg (39.7 KB, 800x600, male baldness pattern.jpeg)

does any of u remember a thread that was solely about infighting? it was something LIKE "FIGHT THREAD/ONLY FIGHTING THREAD"? MAYBE WE SHOULD BRING THAT BACK.

No. 1576793

funny you call her a pedophile when you and the admins seem more concerned about chinese bug cartoon drawings than the actual cp spam

No. 1576795

Hell yes, that thread was fun

No. 1576800

Honestly, it's not the first time I've seen a woman into Rance and other anime rapist moids. I'm more surprised that anons here are expressing disbelief that a woman can be into fucked up and weird shit and fetishes

No. 1576802

Admins don't even seem to care about the racebait spam right now, but oohh my goood the image of two fake young anime boys hugging!!

No. 1576805

No. 1576808

i don't think it's just about her husbando and fetishes alone but how she repeatedly fought with other husbandofags before (not saying that makes her troon, just that i can see why she got more attention). there used to be griffithfags around but they didn't get the same reaction to the same degree, (just regular mocking and criticism) because they weren't involved in infights and didn't avatarfag as much.

No. 1576809

it's because of this >>1576808 and talking about shota and her other fetishes in a way that it's obvious she just wants a reaction. the yume thread are hardly prudes. they were right about her too since she's still here posting her own nudes and answering people's questions like this is reddit.

No. 1576811

Anyone here like cats? I like cats.

No. 1576812


No. 1576814

this, I know this site is lolcow and rancefag is a lolcow herself but holy fuck can anons stop encouraging her, why is she shitting up entire threads

No. 1576815

I miss kiwifarms and wish I could read the threads about fat lolcows again. I don't think these cows are as talked about here unfortunately.

No. 1576821

File: 1684009192184.jpg (62.16 KB, 561x342, ymircry.jpg)

I don't want to work I just want to have money to buy dumb shit I don't need

No. 1576822

It's up on Tor.

No. 1576827

File: 1684009382698.png (311.2 KB, 748x539, waaaaaa.png)

>scroll through japanese westaboo furry
>See pic rel
no idea what she said i dont speak moonrunes, but never expected to see my favourite schizo on some japanese girl's tl

No. 1576831

File: 1684009794922.jpg (71.34 KB, 718x818, f3acba8b937f391d40c57aca07ea73…)

I want to buy a tamagotchi but they are pricey. Ideally, dino-kun cause it was the one I had as a child.

No. 1576833

there's a cat that waits in my garden every night for his friend to come and meet him and i don't know why but on this particular night it's really gotten to me. i've been sobbing watching this cat with his little head peeping over the fence, waiting for his friend for hours. i want the other cat to be here so soon. god i hate how much i cry at things

No. 1576834

File: 1684009835632.jpg (37.45 KB, 512x512, 48576f316426a2c2c048cf11acb24f…)

My cousin had a baby recently and y'all he is just so cute and chubby and sweet

No. 1576848

File: 1684010860473.jpg (45.22 KB, 701x701, 20230512_131307.jpg)

anyone else still get flashbacks to chris-chan's literal cat graveyard of cats he neglected to death?

No. 1576858

File: 1684011612438.jpeg (102.34 KB, 1200x675, E302C87E-B494-4028-890F-9E687C…)

I want to have matching tamagotchis with my best friend. But this type so our pets can be friends.

No. 1576868

About to get little ear shower caps so I can keep my earbuds in while I wash my hair

No. 1576875

I really think my finger is developing an infection wtf. At least if I lose it me and my husbando will match with our missing fingers ♥

No. 1576908

She needs to come here.
Sometimes I really do hate the human body.

No. 1576911


No. 1576923

Men are so gross imagine going BALD lmao couldn’t be me

No. 1576949

I'm so jelly of women who can have multiple consecutive orgasms. Lowkey I sometimes feel defective for having a refractory period. After one I'm out like a light, and even if I stay up, I usually can't cum again. I can orgasm again after a few hours but most of the time I'm simply not horny anymore. On the rare occasions that I do have a second orgasm right after the first it just wasn't very good.

No. 1576969

File: 1684019398392.png (96.19 KB, 634x354, buttbuttbutt.png)

Stuff getting sucked up into asses. The last few days I cannot stop stumbling across stories about it. I'm not seeking it out. Its just everywhere I look. WHy

No. 1576971

now why the fuck would you have a sex toy inside you while going to the doctor if the reason why you're going is NOT because it is stuck in you? i guarantee you that the pervert wanted it to be known he had it in him to try and get a reaction out of staff. he deserves what he got.

No. 1576973

Correction : Maybe deep down, we already felt the outcome results.

No. 1576980

Who won? I stopped watching

No. 1576981

fekkin swedes

No. 1576983

It's really common in emergency rooms, every nurse and doctor I know has a weird stuff stuck up someones butt story.

No. 1576985

In the good timeline, Finland did

No. 1577002

This sounds dumb as fuck, but i have a plastic worm/caterpillar/thing toy i chew/bite on in order not to chew my nails anymore

No. 1577011

Is it those wiggly ones? I had one but an autistic customer at my job wanted to play with mine and asked me if she could have it and I felt bad so I said yeah. I miss it and should probably buy another one

No. 1577012

samefag sorry I blanked out "biting" from your post kek. I didn't chew on mine,it was more of a fidget toy

No. 1577013

Yes it iis! I use it as a fidget as well

No. 1577014

i am going on a shopping spree i am fickle, frivolous and absolutely wallowing in decadence (←bought 3 clothing items)

No. 1577028

File: 1684025357900.jpg (44.76 KB, 1200x541, banana-roll-2-1.jpg)

I used to be insecure of the fat under my butt but now I'm kinda grateful to have squishy thighs and some squish on my butt. It looks like the left side of picrel and it's called a "banana roll". I used to be so insecure about flabbiness but it's useless for me to fix it atm. Spot treatment doesn't work and neither will weight loss because I'm already underweight and my face looks like Gollum (so I can't afford to lose any more weight unless I want to look 150 years old). The most I am doing is some glute exercises but those have other benefits and aren't going to 'tighten' the fat on my body.
So thankfully due to my revelation, every time I put on my leotard for dance now and have to see my underbutt area, I don't really feel insecure, I feel proud and start grabbing at my thighs and butt fat. I am a snacc.

No. 1577034

Sounds a lot like me. The fact I have bigger thighs while being thin is really hot to me for some reason, like the fact that all my fat just accumulates around my thighs and makes them stand out like is just… fuck yes

No. 1577036

I feel like being physically "bottom heavy" (sorry for my poor language Idk how to describe it) is seen as very attractive in a lot of places I think. I'm glad you two feel beautiful! I also have a lot of fat in my thighs area and I want to work on reducing cellulite there

No. 1577038

thank heavens finland lost