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File: 1539833029247.png (498.71 KB, 474x592, keeley reed.png)

No. 715663

Deerhoof/Keeley Reed/Kiki Reed/Kiko Grasa
>Ex-tumblr-famous scammer that made a run for it when people started asking for their money back
>Compulsively lies and steals money from everyone (Past online store scams include Datura Clothing, Nectarine Clothing, NeverNotGood)
>Pretends to be hafu when she's admitted in the past to being 100% white
>Routinely (and falsely) accuses others of sexual and verbal for victim points
>Obligatory ~smol genderless bpd and queer bean uwu~

Recent milk:
>Possibly pregnant ??
>Puts on a french accent to "professionally" pierce people in her grody apartment
>Faked cancer for GoFundMe money
>Financially abuses her ex, still somehow plays victim
>Publicly accuses coffee shop anon of "transphobic abuse" because he didn't want to be her bff

Necatarine Clothing scam saga: https://deerhoofproblems.tumblr.com/

No. 715672

Previous thread: >>75902

No. 715687

Don't forget:
>Claims to be engaged every 6 months to every skinny white dude she dates
>Also claims she is queer af and won't date cis guys while simultaneously only dating said cis white guys
>Hops from city to city on a whim while inventing a new identity in each city to run from her past
>Steals money from and regularly overdrafts the shared checking account of her and her ex boyfriend from 3 years ago
>Uses "trans" identity and trauma to manipulate others for her personal gain
>Routine abuser and many anons have come to this thread to share IRL stores about her being extremely offputting and/or manipulative

No. 715700

File: 1539835398640.png (697.07 KB, 900x658, transmodel.png)

According to the tags she uses, her new dude is a "transmodel"? But looking at his personal fb account, he clearly has pics of him as a very male child?

No. 715706


I forgot to mention this part. Apparently her partner Max identifies as trans and goes by she/her pronouns. Definitely odd as Max presents as very masc.

No. 715707

Weird, when I knew Max he went by he/him. Kiko rubbed off on him it seems.

No. 715710

This is what some men will do for good pussy lol

No. 715715

Mediocre pussy if you ask me. I can't imagine Kiko is pleasant to be around at all, especially with how manipulative she is. Every minute must be a fucking nightmare. If she is pregnant, I feel bad for the kid.

No. 715720

File: 1539837526294.png (452.77 KB, 554x585, april.png)

His last activity in April on FB still shows his pronouns as he and older interactions definitely seem to point towards this being a very recent thing. No shift in appearance/persona/name either?

No. 715729

File: 1539838448879.jpg (2.36 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_2450.JPG)

More milk from interaction of my friend who investigated with me who pretended to be her friend.

No. 715730

File: 1539838536195.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2451.JPG)

No. 715732

File: 1539838582686.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2452.JPG)

No. 715734

File: 1539838625593.jpg (2.11 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2453.JPG)

No. 715735

>More milk from interaction of my friend who investigated with me who pretended to be her friend.

No. 715740


I am the coffee shop dude from the other thread. There was another twitter chain screens that came from a friend of mine. Me and this friend investigated Kiko after feeling shaded by her. These are the messages from when my friend reached out pretending to be cool with her, in order to get more info / lies from her.

No. 715745

Man she really bullshitted about the whole thing huh. Thanks for telling us all this anon, it’s pretty hilarious to hear she’s actually a fucking nutcase irl. I’m sorry you had to deal with her bullshit face to face. Can’t believe she makes such a big deal over being gay just because one of her cis white boyfriends went along with her fakeboi/“totally-queer-but-presents-entirely-femme to get away with things and leech off of various white guys” bullshit

No. 715752

God I am so fucking embarrassed that I used to look up to her all those years back. I had no idea she was such a shit person. Faking cancer for money is so despicable…

No. 715753

do you have screenshots from your initial convo with kiki? we don't know who's really lying until we see

No. 715754

Wait, so is she living in Uptown then? That definitely fits her vibe, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she couldn’t afford a studio apt over there.

But also with like St Sabrina’s and all the other piercing/tat places in Uptown she’s gonna get a terrible rep pretty quick. kek.

No. 715762


I unfortunately deleted the message on IG without the thought that I would have to provide evidence in the future. Saw if I could recover it but it's a no go. I understand and applaud your natural skepticism though. But I assure you I'm telling you the truth.

No. 715764


Indeed living in uptown in a trash apartment complex. I'm surprised she's had so much trouble paying for it.

No. 715790

File: 1539842429750.png (1.62 MB, 1310x654, kikoneedles.png)

Found these from one of her clients. The place looks like the first floor of an old house? Also, she seems to pierce her clients on a dirty old couch, and provides them with a handmade saline/witch hazel/rose water/willow bark extract mixture. Calls herself a witch and uses the hashtag "transwitchs unite".

No. 715791

So it’s diluted Thayers toner. Very witchy.

Ugh, that couch.

No. 715792

File: 1539842894618.png (1.48 MB, 1166x658, studio.png)

more pics of the "studio". Max also has multiple pinterest boards titled "our house" that have similar decor to this. They might be having such a difficult time affording the space if they're trying to rent the entire first floor of some old house.

No. 715794

File: 1539842967489.png (399.35 KB, 923x674, kikophone.png)

One last post. Sorry for the image dump. Here's a phone number provided for the "studio", no address though.

No. 715796

I have been pierced quite a few times and I've never seen anyone use a face mask

No. 715808


>using forceps for a septum piercing

Go ahead and crush that cartilage! Has she not heard of a needle receiving tube?

>plastic wrap instead of medical tray covers

>latex gloves

Please, risk your own and your clients' allergic reaction.

>a blue spray bottle which is probably used on every client in what is supposed to be the sterile field

Is she unaware of cross-contamination?

I would like to see her OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens certification.

I can't look any more.

Sage for former APP member rage.

The regulations in Minnesota:


About that couch:


No. 715816

According to state law, body piercing without a license (acquired after hundreds of hours of supervised training) is a gross misdemeanor. Someone call the state office before someone gets a disfiguring infection. She’s going to hurt someone.

No. 715818

File: 1539845916979.jpg (52.19 KB, 960x720, 000.jpg)

Might be difficult to do without an address. I tried to do some sleuthing, but came up empty handed.

There are some places around Stevens Square that have very similar layouts and interior to her place, but none are an exact hit. For example this place on Stevens Ave has similar radiators, hardwood floors, walls, and door frame styles, but the layout is off. Same with other places around the area, seems like a lot of the old buildings have those doors, dark painted frames, and old radiators.

No. 715819

File: 1539846014241.png (1.09 MB, 800x867, 1539766338694.png)

Definitely not the same, but similar.

No. 715822

I think providing the appropriate enforcement agency with her phone number, neighborhood, name/aliases, bf’s name, etc. could be enough to scare her out of doing this. If she gets some serious phone calls from the health dept or the local police, she might be less likely to advertise/pierce people. Unlikely her prior scams, this one isn’t just about money. Like she’s barred out poking holes in random people on her living room couch.

No. 715839

Oh she'll definitely get scared. My friend bought $60 in skincare from Nectarine Clothing and after months of getting the runaround she ended up e-mailing her boyfriend saying she'd take legal action against her and would be contacting a lawyer. Of course she very magically appears, guilt trips her about her queer lupus uwu, and promptly gives her her money back lol. Looks like she gets away with this shit because no one actually does anything about it. Like. Take action. Contact people.

No. 715891

I don't understand why she can't just, I dunno, get a real job and apprentice somewhere or work as a sales associate at an actual legitimate shop. There's fantastic piercing places in every major city. Ah, I know–it's because she tries on professions like hats and always puts in the bare minimum effort. Taking to deliberately mutilating people and exposing them to infection for money.

I'm confused as to how she could afford to rent an apartment AND a "work" space simultaneously if she's drunkenly spilling her financial woes on hapless coffee shop patrons… Seems fishy.

Also, I love that a straight/bi feminine female and a straight/no masculine male in a heterosexual relationship are somehow able to get someone banned from a coffee shop for raising legitimate questions about their queer couple status. Peak hipster bullshit.

No. 715999


wow. Was she always fat?

No. 716122

If she worked at an actual shop she would have to pay taxes lol she’s probably doing this illegal as fuck

No. 716291


But her getting a real job would decimate the fantasy of living a true "bohemian" lifestyle. You know, at other people's expense.

The funny thing is I didn't even know she had a boyfriend until all of this shit hit the fan. I didn't even have the knowledge to question them. Not to mention, I wouldn't have even continued the dialogue if I knew she had a partner. She legitimately stirred all this bullshit because I rejected her which is insane. Talk about self esteem issues.

No. 716394

File: 1539907610708.jpeg (61.82 KB, 1237x201, DC085E9F-3F13-4CFB-B342-D3A3E3…)

She likes to cheat and overlap on her relationships. A lot. She probably wasn’t interested in mentioning her current relationship just in case something better comes up. Loyalty has never been in her best interests and I feel like she sincerely views relationships as a way to get ahead in life (giving as she had all three past boyfriends move with her and give her living situations in three different major cities)

Also her last three pets she adopted and owned with her partners died from being sick…first her rabbit, then cat and dog. Depressing.

No. 716397

File: 1539907961511.jpeg (164.16 KB, 1242x1112, E5A6D60F-A1A5-478A-B10C-49DB2C…)

Account is now private after she read the thread. Hi Kiko!

No. 716411

Idiots like this make legit piercers look bad. Wtf, infections arent very ~kawaii~

No. 716416

i had a falling out with max in the spring, not related to this, over some stuff with his ex. i only met kiko briefly a few times. she actually seemed nice and charming, and max seemed happy with her, but i didn't get to talk with her much. they only started dating in march so for max to move somewhere so far from seattle makes me worried for him. at some point in their relationship i found this thread, but max and i were already not friends like we were so i didn't know how to bring any of what i found up. but i hope for max's sake that kiko is better in this relationship than they were in their previous ones. i wonder how much of this he's aware of?

No. 716417

and when i met kiko, max told me that she was married but that the marriage was not real and for insurance.

No. 716434

Any clue on when or why or what is up with him suddenly identifying as trans? Has he ever gone by feminine pronouns or anything before meeting Kiko? Seems super out of the blue.

>Marriage was not real
Not surprising. Poor person who fell for it, now that she's moved halfway across the country it'll probably be hell to get that divorce.

No. 716435

If you still cared for Max, you’d tell him that the person he is dating is a whole fucking joke of a person. Kiko is a manipulative abuser, of course they seemed nice to you.

No. 716436

tbh this is what every apartment in Minneapolis/St Paul looks like that isn't a brand new overpriced complex, and there's a lot of artsy old timey buildings/apartments especially in Uptown (the area she's in)

Speaking from personal experience, my old fucken radiators just started turning on not to long ago, so I assume hers are too. They make everything feel/smell musty and moldy and smothering, which is def the opposite of making somewhere feel "sterile and medical and clean"

No. 716440

i don't know anything about max identifying as trans. he always identified himself as cis when i knew him, but that could have changed. i only know about it from the tags on that instagram post here, so that's new information to me and happened after we stopped talking, so at least may or something. we currently are not friends i don't think telling him anything about kiko is going to be received well at all.

No. 716449

Sry, >>716436 OP here, just saw this one. Are you local or just guessing at trying to find the location? Because you'll never find it just going off of Minneapolis/the look, every single apartment here looks like that, and this place is huge. ESPECIALLY in Uptown. As someone who spent probably 4 months apartment hunting here, I can guarantee if you look at craigslist/any apartment site for Twin Cities in a certain price range (probably <$1200ish a month) 95% of them will look identical to that. My apartment looks like that and I don't live anywhere near Uptown.

No. 716467

Do you know why they moved from Seattle to Minneapolis, of all places?

No. 716471


coffee shop dude here.

I have to echo >>716436 , >> 716449 and say this is accurate. Nearly every apartment looks like this in Minneapolis. Your best bet is to reach out to Max individually in order to get your concerns across.

No. 716472

holy shit never seen a cow in my city before. i just went to her ig and my fucking roommate of all ppl is following her. have a pretty good idea of what coffee shop it is she probably hangs out at.

can confirm there's a TON of apartments around mpls/st paul that look exactly like that

No. 716476


Warn them anon. Even for your own sake, this girl shouldn't be fucked with. She'll grab any leverage she can get.

No. 716498

I was involved in 2012-2015 Tumblr and was a longtime friend of kiki, we messaged each other from time to time and were mutuals for years before they were called out on their scams. I remember when all of the drama started, and it was really fucking crazy being in the middle of that circle! and in hindsight, there were a lot of red flags in their old tumblr posts, just the way they communicated with people seemed calculated, as if they were a persona. Scamming people for hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars was not unusual on tumblr and instagram back then from "model"-esque social personalities, but it was really shocking when this all came out, especially for those who were familiar and friendly with them. i remember what little response they gave being wishy washy and sounding like they were resigning from presidency. They manipulated their massive following–mostly impressionable young gay people who trusted and wanted to support them– they were one of the most popular art thotties on the platform. everything about the situation became so embarrassing. there are so many people who like actually need money but you can tell this person is highly entitled and snobbish, their new instagram following IS rather pitiful to witness… at what point do you vanquish yourself from the internet, for your own sake? i guess Kiki never fucked a dog or was a massive freak apart from being a liar– and i don't really believe the coffee shop thing they said happened, even if there was an instigation at a coffee shop with an angry cis man i can't shake the feeling that social opportunists and scammers crave attention, specifically sympathy. i really wish they'd stop giving a bad name to gender non conforming type people by being an absolute shithead, because a lot of the people they fucked over were good people.

kick my dick for this, but i hope the horny nerds who used to jerk off to their selfies on tumblr stop trying to like, soft dox them or whatever this thread has devolved into. like holy fuck, yall need to take a shower and its making me feel like i need to take one too! they did really shitty things and never refunded the orders they accepted, they're manipulative and they're a textbook cringelord uwu opportunist. i wish they'd just leave the internet. i will never understand how people like this who were exiled for stealing and lying stay on social media.. but when you try to fuck with someone like this, years after the fact nonetheless, it's not really proving anything about the morality standpoints you're trying to take against them. like, yeah they stole a couple hundred dollers of little fags money, the bitch had to get shitty tattoos, sephora and eat chipotle! there are a million skeevy little weirdos like this all across the peaks and valleys of the internet, i don't consider them special in any way but yall think she's hot so you want tooooo… harass her? if an ugly bitch stole tumblr money from rich little gays 5 years ago nobody would be posting about it today but MMFFPHFHHF she looks like my anime waifu!!!! im just saying because the points made are valid, its interesting and they're a fucked up human being, but its so transparent with you scummy bottomfeeders sometimes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716502

Was waiting with anticipation for when Kiki would start posting after the most recent Instagram went private.

No. 716508

im sitting here laughing my ass off imagining you walking to every coffee shop in a 50 mile radius sweatily sitting there for hours for a mythical vanquished tumblr girl to show up because you've never had a serious relationship with a woman in your life and you don't have a job or anything better to do. please let us know how that goes lmfao

No. 716509

>it's not really proving anything about the morality standpoints you're trying to take against them
It's really not that deep, kiko.

No. 716512

not everyone who thinks you're a loser is the person you're stalking

No. 716513

nice projecting there kiko

No. 716516

the tone whiplash of this comment is amazing. did you have a stroke before you started the second half?

No. 716520

The most embarrassing people in this thread are the edgelords, I would love to read a thread about all of your guys issues. Tell me about how it felt to lose your anal virginity to a doorknob, or never have been kissed by a woman, and no. Not even your mom.

No. 716522

Kiko, you do realise almost everyone on this site is female? Great job trying to blend in though!

No. 716523

Doesn't get much juicier than Kiko going on the offense in her own exposure thread XD

No. 716525

plot twist………..> We are All Kiko Trying To get Popular Again

No. 716526

Quick, everybody post your GoFundMe so they don't know which one of us is the Real Kiki!

No. 716527

jeez kiko sure is getting paranoid. time to jump ship and move to another city again already?

No. 716530

snowflakes are people too. snowflake rights.

No. 716534

every night before my mommy brings me a glass of warm milk i chat on the forums with my best friends and spend hours stalking random internet girls because i'm very happy with my life and emotionally fulfilled(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716539

Got an address.(read the rules)

No. 716545

hi kiki

No. 716546

i hate kiki as much as the next guy but to put their address on the internet and genuinely put them in danger is really fucked up. yes they’re an awful person but there is a better way to go about it then give strangers who also hate them and clearly some in the game city a fucking drop pin of where to find them.

No. 716551

>>716539 This street is an intersection on google maps, and Lyndale street doesn't exist. It's ave.

No. 716552

I don't think that's a real address, just kiko being cheeky with the use of 420. Lyndale's an avenue not a street and knowing the city that number wouldn't make sense along lyndale anyway.>>716539

No. 716554

Weak bait or not, posting addresses is against our rules.

No. 716590

It’s not that serious anon, even if this is bait. Kiko put years of their life on the internet and projected themselves as being this lil perfect agender smoll bean when in reality they are STILL abusing and fucking over people. This thread and site is for gossip, and devolves mostly into schadenfreud from people who knew them on tumblr and real life, at them living their little curated bohemian life at the expense of others. While yeah, creepy fucks do come here to grab recent pictures to larp as them for whatever dumbass reason, they’re still being shitty and fucking people over (to the degree where people who have met them IRL and have no idea about this site google their various identities!!) and this thread is just documenting that.

No. 716601


I don't know why you guys are humoring her bullshit "they/them" schtick.

No. 716799

it shouldn't be shocking that Kiki lurks here. she's so self absorbed that she probably loves it.

No. 716859

She already posted in the last thread to defend herself, several times. She's guaranteed to be lurking at all times.

No. 717087

This needs to stop. Keely is a woman. Not only is she a woman, but she's like every bad stereotype about women rolled into one.
There's a large gap in severity between misdeeds like sticking a doorknob in your ass(?) and serial grifting/lying/cheating. 'But other people do bad things!' is never a valid defense for doing something wrong either way.

No. 717152

you all sound like a bunch of cousin kissing shitters when you invalidate someone’s gender identity. i don’t like kiki, by any means. i have more experience than any of you with them, because they have actually hurt me in a way that has affected my day to day life and a very personal relationship. but no matter how much i hate them, it’s not okay to invalidate their gender identity or their partners. if you want to bash the shitty things hey have done, by all means! but to attack their gender or weight is cheap and weak and you all look uneducated, ignorant fucks who aren’t smart enough to come up with a better reason to dislike them.

No. 717155

Kiki, everyone sees you as a biological female

No. 717160


No. 717162

>queer, femme

Straight girls are like this, every time.

No. 717164

the way someone presents doesn’t mean anything? people can appear however they want and that has absolutely nothing to do with gender? and if kiki refers to themselves as they/them what would that appearance entail?

No. 717167

I understand what you're trying to do, but you're not gonna sway anyone here, this is not a particularly politically correct site and you're just coming off as a whiteknight because most people here see Kiki's gender expression as a further means to make herself more interesting. Her gender and sexuality are disingenuous, just like her being "gay" but only ever dating the same skinny white men, and just like her stint when she was an "asexual cam girl" streaming on porn sites with her tits out and insisting her audience only came to talk.

No. 717173

you can’t prove or disprove their gender or sexual preferences. dating men doesn’t disprove their interest in women. shitting on the maybe’s while you have so many PROVEN horrible things they have done makes everything you’re doing here look worse than it already is. again, i don’t fuck with kiki. have known they were bad news for years and it’s been proved time and time again, but at least i hate them with the FACTS and not my personal opinions on their “fakeboi” persona as you refer to it. it’s a weak argument.

No. 717211

>muh gender uwu
Do you know where you are newfag?

No. 717218

You can hate them with facts while still hating the fact that they think being queer is jus a special tag to put next to their name. Kiki is a shitty person for plenty of reasons but this “uwu so queer so gay lil smol bean” bullshit is annoying too.

No. 717236

yes but that is an OPINION. opinions take away validity from facts. each shit opinion you throw in here further gives kiki and anyone in their life a reason to argue. they can’t argue with the facts, but they have every right to dispute whatever you say about their gender and weight and it makes you look like as big of a dumbass as they are. stick to what you know, not what you find annoying, if you want to make a point.

No. 717237

Okay anon? Who cares? We don’t give a fuck if Kiko comes in here to bitch about us not liking her fake label. If you really care that much, hide our comments.

No. 717239

you sound like a literal retard, an underage one at that. please fuck off.

No. 717242

It’s not a very weak argument when Kiko uses said identity as an “advantage” as fucked up as that is. Crying and claiming transphobia and that slurs were used to start a witch hunt when coffee shop anon just mentioned they don’t want to hang out with Kiko, hiding behind said trans identity for pity and to avoid criticism from the tumblr scam days, and claiming to be gay and “not into cis guys” and pressuring Max to change his pronouns (when he was very comfortable with being cis beforehand) to go along with that just screams fakeness. Even Dan called it out.

No. 717258

the use of the slur r*tard has already proven that there is no argument left. it’s a “i’m right and you’re wrong because that’s the way it is!” kind of fight at this point. i have had a little insight into dan’s feelings on all this through mutual friends and he 1) does not disregard their gender at all no matter how much he does not care for kiko and 2) just wants to be left out of this whole mess. he’s already dealt with enough– keep him out of the thread. calling out coffee shop anon as transphobic wasn’t okay and it makes them look bad and gives trans a bad rep, but to deny max their pronouns (who said kiko forced them? maybe max is finally able to come out or learned something about themselves? who knows) and also insult dan’s current partner for being trans in the previous thread is uncalled for and has no real relevancy to kiko’s actions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717289

Lmao sounds like dans current partners got HER parties in a bunch

No. 717291

What a fucking idiot. I know that "Hey, cow!" is against the rules but this seems blatantly like Kiko defending HERSELF. It's almost like SHE can't deal with people not believing HER bullshit lies.

No. 717330

as someone that was friends with max, we used to have alot of talks about gender. we had mutual friends that were trans so it's not an uncommon thing in our circles, and he never gave any indication that he was questioning or not cis. i don't know if he had a revelation of some kind because i haven't talked with him since the spring. but any realization he's had about his gender identity would've happened after he and kiko started dating. i also know that they moved in together after about a month of dating because another friend of ours took over his old lease.

No. 717333

Kiko seems to have isolated Max from his friends to be quite honest. He didn't move out to MN until she wanted him to.

No. 717334

from the story coffee shop anon told it seems like kiko needs her partner to help her fit this image that she has of being gay. max as a cis man as her partner wouldn't work with that image.

No. 717344

Kiko gaslighting a partner to question and eventually turn trans is a whole nother tier of evil.

No. 717387

>the slur r*tard
top lol

No. 717397

dan was cis until he started dating keely too kek

No. 717428

I have a strong feeling this is actually Dan

No. 717433

"Cousin kissing shitters" is the most hysterical insult I've ever had the pleasure to read but you're still a retard. Not even particularly for your views on gender identity but the fact that you're raging about it on fucking lolcow of all places.

No. 717454

i also had a hearty kek at
>but to deny max their pronouns !!!

the epitome of first world problems

No. 717462

Kek so true. Why put yourself in a box anyway? Idgi

No. 717512

I'd love to see their face after taking a look at the gender critical thread.

No. 717523

Kiki is proof of all the stupid shit men will do just for a pretty face.

No. 717639

Worst part is that she knows and takes advantage of it too to get what she wants by moving in with them so soon, claiming engagement and then isolating them in a different city to escape her own problems. Then she goes and lies constantly to them, steals from them and cheats.

No. 717640

There are two genders. Stop letting tumblr rot your brain. The idea that there are more than two genders (not including transgender because that's literally the case of feeling congruent with one of the two genders you weren't born as) is neurologically impossible. The low-level brain structures that dictate your gender identity dictate that you are male or female. Anything else is 100% made up by people like kiki who want to feel special but don't have any remarkable traits or personality depth. Get a life you fruitcake.

No. 717653

You may or may not accept the distinction between sex and gender. But claiming the reason you reject the distinction is neurological is begging the question.

The human species is depressing.

No. 717675

The issue behind all of this is not gender identity nor queerness. Kiko simply does not act in good faith. Nothing she has done, from relationships to businesses, has ever been sincere. She lies, takes shortcuts, and steals to make money and "friends," with no regard for other peoples' feelings or wellbeing. Kiko's gender identity does not come down to some larger, macro-level discussion of sex, gender, and pronoun usage: she just generally doesn't tell the truth and habitually manipulates everyone around her. We have no reason, regardless of our personal beliefs on the subject of gender, to trust that she is being honest with herself when she says that she is queer, nb, or gender non-conforming.

Frankly, I think that for anyone in the queer community it should be obvious that Kiko is 100% toxic, insincere, and worst of all only professing queerness for money and social capital. Gender and sexuality have always been tools to Kiko, used to enrich herself and to ensure that she is never fully held accountable for the harm she does to others.

tl;dr: don't play into Kiko's bullshit by getting distracted with large-scale ideological issues her. She's a liar about absolutely everything in her life (name, ethnicity, personal background…). We have no reason to trust she is acting in good faith.

No. 717693

>>717675 This anon gets it. Let's not forget Kiko is a SCAMMER and is SCAMMING other people with their gender / sexual identity. It's false leverage to get social capital as this anon says.

On top of that, don't take the bait as far as ideological arguments. This thread is for Kiki solely.

No. 717700

Can anyone confirm if Kiko deleted or changed her personal instagram, @uhhyuoiyoi?

No. 717706

instagram account was deleted, but the piercing shop account is still up

No. 717768

Oh man, I got curious and looked up Kiki for the first time in like three years, and this thread plus the previous one were a heck of a read. Followed Kiki for a very long time, was in semi-frequent contact on tumblr (up to and including being the very first person to call her out when she posted nudes as a 17 year old!). I was one of the handful of people who got a successful order from Nectarine (I think my sister has that sweater now), and I kinda felt awful because it put me in a position of good faith and defense toward Kiki/Kiko/whatever the fuck noun/pronoun they're using, up until the whole Datura clothing line fell through. I didn't actually order any Datura because I missed the preorder period (I was 20 years old and extremely broke woo), but the whole thing falling through was extremely disappointing to me.

It's crazy to see the same narcissistic, self-destructive patterns coming up over and over again since 2015. Like, this thread goes some ~places~ that I wouldn't be bored enough to go myself (lolcow farms culture is pretty alien to me besides the times I dabbled in some old encyclopedia dramatica drama circa 2009) but the whole thing with her discarding fiances every 6 months, running a shitty amateur "piercing shop", and being just generally abusive is like a flashback to the "good ol' days" falling apart.

Kiko, if you're reading this, I'm disappointed in your actions. I hope you get some therapy. Build some self-awareness, and stop cutting corners. Treat people better. You might actually achieve some success if you just give people some effort, and seeing you make the same mistakes over and over again in three years of this thread just makes me and my nostalgic ass sad.

This post ended up a lot longer than I though it'd be, but dammit, it's a bummer to see someone I held as a peer on social media become a consistent abuser.

No. 717775

Ya ok cool story but read rules https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 717781

Ah woops, dropping the tripcode. More used to vintage 4chan than here, haha.

But yes, all of this thread puts a lot of 2013-14 era self-righteousness on Kiki's part into a much darker context. Curious to see where it all goes, perhaps morbidly so.

No. 717784

Well… so far, it’s led her to Minneapolis, faking a French accent, piercing out of her apartment on a dirty couch, claiming to be gay married to a dude. I’m curious to see what’s next, too.

No. 717793

Of all of these I think it's the French accent that surprises me most because the ~*^Hapanese soft-queer-deer-witch aesthetica^*~ thing worked just fine for years as a substitute for a real personality, no corny accent required. But I guess sometimes ya feel like ya gotta keep digging that hole down?

Kinda surprised Kiki/o left the PNW, but I suppose that there must just be no bridges left to burn out there.

No. 717808

She really chose a prime time to move to Minneapolis. Not sure if she's lived in a similar climate before but winter here is a fucking bitch. I'm sure there's much nicer places she could move to find new people to manipulate that don't have steady -20F temps during the winter and 2 foot blizzards in April.

No. 717810

Well, I hope burning those bridges at least keeps her ass warm then

No. 717811

Didn't Kiki make a Tumblr post before saying she was always being mistaken for being french or something? The French accent is insane tbh how can her finance see all this and not realise he's dating a crazy person

No. 717812

can you sage please

No. 717895

Where are you guys hearing the French accent?

No. 717902

No. 717951

Honestly, I'm wondering how they're still friends with all their old friends like Oly and Elliot through all of this. I know that group very distantly and while they can be really annoying and kweer~ I don't consider them on the level of all of this crazy.

How can somebody so scammy and disingenuous about all of this stuff still have these friends

No. 717962

Oly and Kiko are still friends.
Elliot’s twitter is private now but before it went private I saw a tweet making fun of Kiko’s infamous “sucks is a slur” post in their likes so I think it’s a safe bet to say they saw through Kiko’s bullshit LOL.

No. 717967

Most of Kiko's Seattle friends were tired of them, and a lot of Max's friends didn't care for her either or at least thought the relationship was a bad idea for him. I think that's why she made the choice to move to MLPS, needed to start afresh and scam new people.

No. 718047

are we sure oly is kikis friend? oly wasn’t following any of kiki’s instas but was following dan.

No. 718146

>You may or may not accept the distinction between sex and gender. But claiming the reason you reject the distinction is neurological is begging the question.
There is a distinction between sex and gender identity, but gender identity as defined by actual researchers is the low-level inherent feeling of being male or female. It is when this feeling is incongruent with somebody's body that gender dysmorphia arises. All of you tumblr losers have completely lost the distinction between gender identity, gender norms, gender roles, etc. Sure, you can identify as a demigirl or genderqueer or whatever because you want to wear a skirt sometimes and wear pants other times, but it only holds as much legitimacy as any other label you decide to make up and give yourself. Real LGBT has a neurological basis. This tumblr gender shit does not. Take some time from your busy reblogging schedule to read some actual brain sciences research, dumbass.
Sage for neurofag sperging
It's going to be interesting to see how long she gets away with grifting. Now that social media is ubiquitous, it can only happen for so long before people start catching on immediately, right? Are there any recent examples of grifters like Kiki that we can compare this to?

No. 718221

Also, I'm pretty sure part of why Elliot privated their Twitter is because there were random ppl on there claiming their deadname is one of Kiki's fake names (Emilee) ??

No. 718330

Kiko is also used to living in places with very lenient drug laws (OR, WA) and lax drug enforcement (NYC). If she’s barred out all the time as previously reported (and selling weed), she might be in for a reality check in the form of jail time or big fines. Not from Minneapolis but I’d imagine it’s much less tolerant of selling drugs than Seattle or NYC.

No. 718445

Cops in Minneapolis are way too busy harassing random black people to deal with some artsy white chick selling weed out of her apartment.

No. 718467

I encountered Kiko briefly a few years ago and she was both an awful driver and had a super messy car. Like it was disgusting lol. If she gets pulled over and slurs her words she’s getting searched and probably a DWI from those benzos. Plus any charges for possession. Idk it just seems like one day this is all gonna catch up to her in real way

No. 718507

ah ok I just assumed based on who she is as a person that she probably doesn't drive. That definitely makes it more likely she could get in trouble.

No. 718525


She most definitely does drive.

No. 718527

Kiko, whoever dude she ends up with, and their aspiring archetype.

Sage for nonsense.


No. 718532

How does she so easily move from state to state?

No. 718563

Can confirm if you’re white in Minneapolis its extremely easy to get away with selling drugs especially if you’re doing it out of your home. I doubt she’s going to get in any legal trouble for that or the illegal piercing “business.”

No. 718589

Straight up sounds like a mix of grifts, dodgy business, and outright theft (especially given revelations lately about her getting into a bank account of an ex-fiance)

No. 718616

Why do so many cows have a benzo habit? If it's really that bad then that alone is enough to screw her over.

No. 718644

I have a strong feeling that before Kiki moves to a new state she finds guys online or wherever and flirts with them until they pay for her to move over and then move in with them.
I'm probably tin foiling but does noone else find it strange that every single time she moves she lives with some new random guy that she's now engaged with.

No. 718650

Coffee shop anon, which coffee shop was this? I think I ran into that crowd too.

No. 718651

She moved Max from Seattle, not the other way around anon. Also, sage if you don't have milk.

No. 718896


Coffee shop anon here. Not willing to disclose exact location for privacy. But it's a coffee shop that's on, or right off of Lyndale in Uptown.

No. 718910

She dates well off white art dudes with rich families paying for their lifestyles and/or college degrees, and uses manipulation and manic pixie dream girl delusions to convince them to pay for their move. She knows this and keeps her options open just in case someone better comes along, so she can cheat and hop ship easily. Her “I only date girls/so GAY” bullshit is so transparent since most queer women aren’t stupid enough to fall for that and pay for her to live off of them like a parasite. Hell, she actually convinced a cis white dude to claim female pronouns just to keep sleeping with her lmao.

No. 718935

i’m honestly kind of disappointed in her. i thought the old thread would die a natural death because she changed her ways or something, it’s really bizarre that she doesn’t seem to have grown up in any way. didn’t she once say she was studying physics at her seattle college? and now she’s harassing people at coffee shops lol

No. 718956

Especially since she lurks this thread regularly and refuses to accept any criticism and hides behind the “lol ur all just creepy stalkers with no life” defense. She continues to run from this thread, deleting accounts and changing usernames and irl locations and identities knowing everything posted here is on the nose. It’s embarrassing but honestly, if she would have changed her ways after the first tumblr mistake she wouldn’t be a true cow.

No. 718982

i really like how she accused us all of being weird perverts. when literally 90% of her followers were teenage girls who looked up to her and her sense of fashion. no one else bought her $50 witch hazel and essence eyeliner makeup packages, no one else bought her priced up thrift store finds that she didn’t even bother to send out or refund. but i guess we’re all just straight men that wanna fuck her?

No. 719135

>does noone else find it strange that every single time she moves she lives with some new random guy that she's now engaged with.
That's the least surprising thing about her. If you were going to carve out a living as a money-grubbing parasite, wouldn't you do the same? Honestly she should just drop the tumblr aesthetics shit, become a tradthot, and settle down with an autistic /pol/ engineer who doesn't understand that homemaking hasn't been a full-time job since WWII. If she did that then she would get to sit on her ass and do nothing forevermore, which seems to be her main aspiration.

No. 719301

As one of the people in this thread who's been a contact of Kiki's in the past, and as mentioned one of the few people who actually got their Nectarine orders, yeah honestly if Kiki had just kept up the ~*^smol witchy deer queer pixie bean^*~ shtick, actually delivered packages as promised, cut out the drugs, apologized for mistakes, kept the same social media accounts running, and averted the consistent partner abuse, she'd probably be rather successful at this point.
There was a reason Kiki was tumblr famous at the point in time immediately prior to Nectarine/Datura falling apart. A lot of tumblr people back then would have readily said "dude, you're like 19, we'll pardon your mistakes and keep associating with you", given a modicum of honest self-awareness and stablity. I mean, an apology and owning up to fuckups even now would go a long way. Plus just, y'know, keeping consistent social media and not running away from this thread. I've had to do it over the last couple years on a much smaller scale with things like anime convention and nerd friend drama (though I never stole anyone's money), and hey wouldn't ya know, I'm mostly fine now. Self-awareness and kindness go a long way. I somehow doubt that'll ever happen with our dear Keeks though - just too little willingness to face that right now.
But shit, if an apology ever happens at the scale I wish it would, I'd actually be kinda okay with it.

No. 719306

I honestly doubt that an apology and some self reflection would help her. Her behaviors seem more like an unchecked symptoms of a larger condition. She doesn't seem to show any shame for what shes done with her serial cheating and compulsive lying, as she's STILL doing it.

No. 719314

Oh yeah, the sort of scenario I wish on her would probs require years of really serious consistent therapy, and loads of work to right past wrongs. All that would require a lot more than just "sorry uwu I've thought about this for five minutes and I did a bad thing!! uwu". I'm still pretty cynical that it'd ever happen, especially since you're right that it's STILL happening, but that sliver of optimism exists somewhere.

No. 720433

does no one have recent screens of her private non-piercing ig before she deleted? She let over 200 people follow her on there so i'm guessing at least someone here had access. i'm curious if she ever went into her supposed reasoning for choosing minneapolis as her new scamming grounds on there

No. 723369

File: 1540827782260.png (166.48 KB, 1968x628, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 11.4…)

piercing instagram has changed to @kkoneedles. Must be hard to run an underground piercing "business" when you need to keep chnaging your accounts around!

No. 723403

Oh, maybe you were not around or don't remember, but on tumblr times she gave half assed pseudo-apologies for not delivering packages on time or not being available on their burner phone numbers (those were changed like once a week kek). She always blamed her mental illness, her chronic pain and 458435 imaginary diseases at the time. Also, her apologies were always 'learn to forgive and love yourself and care yourself' which for some reason hypnotized her young following. It has to be young impressionable people, because I always saw though her lies as if they were glass. She's an asshole, she knew what she was doing and kept doing it until now

No. 723471

Wtf is that logo?

No. 728369

File: 1541635926750.png (138.6 KB, 2034x928, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 7.09…)

She must lurk pretty regularly because she's already changed her ig again lol. Either that or business is truly booming (but somehow I doubt that)
for anyone googling, @temponhold4now is Kiko and a scam artist

No. 728993

She definitely lurks regularly. A lot of her usernames are changed around a day or two later after they are posted since it all leads back to this thread

No. 729007

Minneapolis has a art scene esp because the art school there (I used to go, tons of people used to obsess over her Tumblr), people are big on weeb things, witch style, tattoos and piercings, among other things. There are a lot of people like her out there, plenty of scammers, plenty of special snowflakes, people who kiss each others' asses, it's a huge ~queer angel witch baby~ haven. Or at least when I was there last a couple years ago it had tons of people like her. Tbh I'm kinda hoping I run into her dumb face when I move back next month.

No. 729135

how do you find her so quickly? I'm honestly impressed.

No. 729221

If you type in a old username in the ig search bar the account associated with it will still show up sometimes

No. 730805

Looks like she’s deleted her ig presence entirely… pretty sure that >>729135 was her trying to cover her tracks. Hi Kiko!

No. 731015

It doesn't matter what she does though, people will always find her.

No. 731234

File: 1542074342646.jpg (356.52 KB, 3264x1734, whore.jpg)

Le japanese girl xD

No. 731295

god she's like himeahri with the fake asian name and the "I'M JAPANESE DESU" lies even when it's super obvious as fuck that they are pure white

No. 731415

Wait, what? Who is that?

No. 731481

That's literally katie Taylor an Irish boxer, nooo idea what kind of correlation that has here

No. 731491

This whore keeps claiming she's half-japanese when she's irish as fuck

No. 731541

What is up with white girls with dark brown-brown hair, brown eyes with pastey white skin claiming to be Japanese? You never see a white girl with blonde hair trying to pull that shit

No. 731791

Idk anon probably because Japanese people have dark hair?

No. 744502

Where the milk at(necromancy)

No. 744506

I tried searching for her on instagram with no avail. Has anybody found her new url?

No. 745683

She doesn't have IG rn so don't bother looking. She's only on Peach as far as I know.

No. 748638

no one in her orbit has done anything milky in a long time either. Max hasn't really been on instagram for forever, Ryan doesn't post anymore, and Spencer is still doing his typical hipster doofus schtick. All Dan does is make ultra cringe peach posts where he writes exactly like Kiko, "i'm scream!" and dumb uwu phrases like that. i'm just waiting for kiko's inevitable breakdown in minneapolis followed by another round of e-begging

No. 772098

File: 1548523904909.png (4.15 MB, 1125x2436, 8C0CA183-EA62-4D5F-BAC9-7891B2…)

does anyone think this girl on ig is kiki’s relative? the bathroom wall/towel rack looks familiar. as does everything else(Necro)

No. 772104

No, you're the only one.

No. 772111

No she is not, I kinda know her through mutuals

No. 775295

It kinda makes me sad the fact that she's such a terrible person, i loved her Aesthetic ;-;

If she creates another social media account can someone share it? I wanna be appart of her situation(;-;)

No. 785090

this thread is dead and what i found out is not too important anymore, but i found the address for her old piercing studio(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785134

the least you could do is post it instead of bumping the thread just to hint at something.

No. 789505

Coffee shop dude here.

Kiko is still stomping around MPLS as of today. Passed by her outside of the coffee shop I first encountered her at. Smiled at me and didn't break eye contact once she realized who I was.

No. 789588

I'm gonna guess Caffeto

No. 789687

I don't know the tea but why are you outing yourself like that? It seems weird that you would interact with someone and then run online to talk about that exact moment, so that when she reads here she'll know that you do this every time you meet her?

No. 790024


I'm already outted by posting screenshots what are you talking about? lmao. Just letting people know what the deal is, as she's fucked over a shit ton of people and an evil person.

No. 790035

in the last thread, the anon you replied to exposed kiko for (if i remember correctly) making shit up about him and basically ruining his reputation because he didn't want to be her friend or something. i'm gonna guess he doesn't care about being outed and it honestly sounds fucking creepy of her to have just stared him down after all that happened, in that same coffee shop no less

do you have any new updates at all? like what happened to her "business" or her "illness" or whatever? Usually disappearing on the internet means she'll crop up with a new IG name and move to a new trendy town to manipulate people in, so i'm honestly surprised she's still there considering all that happened the last time she got exposed.

No. 790474

God that’s creepy, she was probably barred out of her mind.

No. 791047


No. 794051


Seems like she's chosen the coffee shop as her new go to spot. Saw her again today looking alive and well. Didn't look sick to me! No new socials on my radar.

No. 794052

Whoops. Intended for >>790035

No. 794834

Is she pregnant?

No. 795487


Not in the least bit!

No. 797846

Does she have different hair now? I thought I saw her the other day but idk there's a lot of girls that look like this around Uptown Mpls

No. 798075

yeah they (max + kiko) weirdly just dropped the pregnancy thing. if there was an explanation for it i didn’t hear one

No. 798232

Out of all the bad things shes done and moving from place to place.
I wonder what her family thinks of her being exposed? Lol do they even give a shit about her?

No. 799551


Jet black if I remember correctly. Cut looks exactly like the photo posted at top of thread.

No. 800104

File: 1556156191131.png (7.74 MB, 1242x2208, 3408850B-E887-41FF-A03C-FC4630…)

Nothing really new to post except a mutual friend of mine and Kiko’s Posted this photo of her. Looks like she’s still doing her fake Japanese thing, still doing the good old scamming trick too. Keeping it vague so this person doesn’t block me, I’ll update if I get any actual milk.

No. 800112

sorry to jump in but does anyone have a link to info about the faking cancer stuff?

No. 800117

I think most of it was documented in her earlier threads on this site to be quite honest.

No. 800142


ah, thanks. I've now caught up. What a trainwreck!

No. 800692

So shes married to that blonde scrawny kpop wannabe dude?

No. 800809

The chest acne and greasy hair….yikes. I wonder if she’s given up on the whole NB identity since she’s getting eyelash extensions and gel nails now which obviously make it pretty easy to misgender her. She reminds me of mookichan/Maki now with her descent into faux bohemian drug induced depression while living off guy to guy. It’s like she’s trying to take care of her appearance by getting these cute things but failing to do so by not bathing for days at a time.

No. 800860

deets on this kpop wannabe guy? was he mentioned here before?

No. 800866

i don't think he looks kpop but his name is max and he was mentioned before. he's the person she was supposed to be pregnant by and moved him from seattle to minnesota. also looks and presents extremely male but kiko uses she pronouns for him for some reason? he keeps a low social media profile and doesn't post about her very often anymore

No. 801214

Damn, she sounds very psycho and manipulative.

And this Max guy is ok with it??

No. 801354

wow she looks awful.
looks like she's back to having an eating disorder

No. 801851

KEK that chest tattoo…. “You live the surprise results of old plans”
Fitting, no?

No. 803372


Interesting to see people being so critical.

I think she's intoxicatingly pretty, even in that photo. It's why I check this thread intermittently. There are a million cute people online, but Kiko is my brain's idea of facial perfection.

Real shame she's been driven from the internet, I'd pay just to browse her Snapchat. Maybe I should get my brain checked for parasites.

No. 804166

@all of the sad souls like you that only see the shell of a most hideous monster maybe someday you'll have the self respect to realize she isn't worth your care, until then.

No. 806138

dunno if anyone knows about this but someone’s been cat fishing as her for the past like 2 years on a twitter account called reviewreasons. it’s pretty creepy.

No. 806418

oh wait the account is “reviewreason”

No. 806659

they obviously creep here since they keep changing the name lmao

No. 807483

You definitely have worms in your brain.

No. 808268

Sounds like she has BPD.

No. 815778

Instagram handle no longer @kkoneedles

No. 823489

anybody knows what’s her new name on Instagram is??.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825776

something new?

No. 850419

Do you have caps of the images? You need to be a member to view pretty much everything.

No. 850425

deleted the posts, i was only on the site because i have issues too and as much as she is a shit person i feel bad exposing her so yeah

No. 850432

File: 1565288182571.jpeg (273.2 KB, 1512x1936, 1BBCC8A7-42E5-493F-A60F-79A129…)

No. 850433

File: 1565288326326.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.23 KB, 750x1334, 576DC16A-CEAA-4D7A-93E4-912DCE…)

Most of her MPA are from 2017 but she recently started posting again this month
(June 2017)

No. 850435

File: 1565288714120.jpeg (452.23 KB, 1536x1930, 9EE06259-6D20-485A-B712-EC4A77…)

No. 850438

File: 1565288793569.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.96 KB, 1200x1598, 331D3BFD-1964-48AE-B024-65C87E…)

(July 2019)

No. 850441

File: 1565288840026.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.95 KB, 1199x1600, CF31A7D3-C7BB-4C80-9726-841F16…)

(August 2019)
tw uwu spoopy

No. 850468

holy shit what the fuck happened to her?? that's so scary

No. 850529

it’s what she deserves. unfortunately she probably won’t pay people back with the money she’s saving on food.

No. 850616

holy shit she looks like she actually does have cancer now. sad.

No. 850666

jesus christ that's fucked up

No. 850791

Did all these pearl clutching anons forget we have an ana thread and that shes sucking it in like her life depended on her?
Shes not doing anything shocking nor does she look like she has lost any more weight than a broke bitch in their twenties with an addiction issue.

No. 850849


I can't get over the fact that her supposed brag-worthy double D's appear to be gone. Did she get that mastectomy she used to bring up?

No. 851004

>>850791 yeah she´s definitely sucking it in. She still has a decent amount of fat and muscle on her legs in all these pics. Im 5´3¨ and a healthy 125 lbs and I can get myself to look just like that if I suck in real hard.(no1curr)

No. 851217

Doesn't look like there are any scars around her boobs in >>850441 so it's doubtful. She probably played up how large her chest was before and lost it due to her now much lower body fat.

She's definitely sucking it in, but she's clearly underweight anon. Her stomach is exaggerated, but her chest/rib area looks all kinds of fucked. Her elbow is pretty spoopy too. Unless there's lots of shoop happening, she's definitely in full blown anachan mode now.

Does anyone know if she's still with the same dude? You'd think whoever she's dating/living with would care enough to interfere with her doing this to herself.

No. 851276

File: 1565449891382.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.88 KB, 1200x902, post-572402-0-90926900-1563225…)


she post this pic in another thread, it's pretty obvious that she has no scars


No. 851336

Kek she looks gross, not even a hint of the ethereal delicate anachan vibes these kinds try to evoke. Oh how the mighty have fallen…
and her boobs were never that large, see:


No. 851745

Looks like she's deleted/edited most of her posts on MPA.

No. 878838

just coming here to say when i met kiki she told me she was studying nuclear astrophysics, whatever the fuck that meant. anyway she was lying for some reason. thats all

No. 880345

She is going to die
I can't find any humor in this anymore, she is genuinely ill

No. 880364

Theres no joy in death, regardless the person. I hope she's involunatarily committed and on a feeding tube asap, its a horrible way to die.
If you read this kiki, please seek or alow help

No. 880470

anon it takes a lot longer than you think for anorexics to die, like way longer than you think. ashley isaacs is still kicking around years after everyone thought she would be dead by.

No. 887731

She used to say that on Tumblr, too. I wonder if she ever actually went to college.

No. 896163

File: 1574362162388.png (340.75 KB, 577x454, totallymynaturalcolor.png)

So, she tries to pass off the obviously dyed dark brown/black as her natural hair color to seem azn. But this older video reveals that she used Garnier Olia dye in the shade 3.0 Darkest Brown



Can't even be consistent with her lies. She should write her stories down somewhere to keep track and avoid slip ups

No. 896173

I’m part Asian. my sister is blonde. The hair color doesn’t matter. Pretty sure she never posted any family proof that she’s anything but white

No. 896177

I wonder how her boyfriends feel when they live with her and see how everything about her is fabricated behind the scenes. I guess that's why they cheat on her.

And the things she makes them do for her social media aesthetic. What a disappointing person.

No. 896181

She claimed to be various ethnicities, most often part Japanese. Without any proof ofc.

Can't think of any other reason she'd adamantly swear it's her natural hair color, other than trying to fit what she thinks is a hapa look and "pass." She's a weeb after all

No. 896432

seriously i hope she gets arrested for fraud. why does anyone here sympathize with her. oh boo hoo she doesnt eat anything and doesnt shower. that describes half of you guys too

No. 896557

she's in a relationship with a friend of mine and mooching off another friend. max has literally had his life stolen because of this bitch. he wouldn't have moved from home if it weren't for her, she immediately got a joint bank account with him when they got married and it's because he's a trust fund kid. now she's living rent free and mooching money off of everyone she meets. bitch is a leech and i hope she gets what's coming for her.

No. 896827

Have you warned your friend about her?

No. 896896

we’ve tried, his parents have too. she literally moved him as far from his support system as possible and i think she controls his phone use too.

No. 897140

Is she really adopted cause on one of the early threads she mentions on a photo of her dad and her brother that he isn’t her biological dad.

Or is that another lie?

No. 897183

is kiki married and still dating other people?

No. 897521

yeah, she is. she pulls the polyamorous card all the time but it's only for her and not him.

No. 897913

Damn she must give good pussy to have guys chase after her and be stupid enough and share their bank account.

No. 897934

no, she's just manipulative and preys on weak soyboys lol. you don't see girls being abused and say "wow their boyfriends must have great dick."

No. 900932

anyone know elliots twitter?(necro)

No. 901320

Who’s Elliot

No. 905642

No. 905686

Very obviously so, anon. Come the fuck on

No. 905842

so. who she really is?? i have this question in my head about 1000 years ago(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 924010

Can anyone please post a quick summary about this girl?
I found the previous thread on my bookmarks aswell as some of her pics and I'm out of the loop(necro)

No. 926720

That bitch still look fat(necro)

No. 946915

File: 1584518819030.jpg (23.48 KB, 400x266, 54237223_2169554266469804_3320…)

Does anyone know her new Instagram or anything for that matter?(necro)

No. 946974

Fat Pisces Bitch was the last one or Makes Up Ethnicities For Attention can't remember

No. 946985

she called me cute once on tumblr in 2014 or so, wonder if she's dtf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947032


No. 948336

File: 1584832057547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.93 KB, 496x523, 96c477e20984877783692863a30ce8…)

I wonder if she still has an Instagram or Twitter?(necro)

No. 964507


No. 967464

I knew and spent time with Kiki personally from 2009-2014, as young teenagers. We went to summer camp together and shared a friend group. I knew her quite well and hung out with her at multiple stages, the last time I saw her was probably 2015. One of my good friends in 2016 was completely fucked over and manipulated by her, and I had already realized what a scammer she was. It’s insane. I haven’t heard anything about her for a couple years now. Weird to know she was posting on pro ana sites - I knew her when she was anorexic and “in recovery” and she pretended to be all ~body positive pro recovery~ for attention. Anything for attention and clout, I guess.(namefag)

No. 967465

Also for whatever it’s worth she really isn’t that special looking in person lol

No. 967466

Oh also she was pretending to be a heroin addict a couple years ago

No. 967470

Now I’m down a hole of reading all our old teenage fb message exchanges and it’s wild

No. 967472

Post em

No. 967473

feed me more milk

No. 967492

Feel like I can’t post them because it will obviously give away who I am lol. But lots of weird memories with her. I met her when she was still an awkward chubby 14 year old, watched her use her looks to gain internet fame. She was definitely always really manipulative and had at least a couple guys obsessed with her who she was leading on, even when in a relationship with others. Her boyfriend as a young teenager she told a lot of weird stories about after they broke up.She told so many stories and it’s hard to know what’s real since she’s such a compulsive liar. Didn’t make it to a friends bday party or something, it’s cuz someone close just killed themselves. Always talking about tragedies seemingly following her around. She did some real shady shit to a sweet friend I won’t get into, and started saying she had been addicted to heroin when she got called out for being a dishonest and manipulative friend. I’ve also known her to have at least three difference fiancés now. I’ve always thought she was the definition of someone who has no real values and just cultivated an image to get the most attention and control over others possible. I do wish I could post some of these screenshots, even back in 2011 she was (in retrospect) clearly lying, just trying to get
Stuff out of me, etc.

No. 967494

Ok here’s a fun one. Found a message from 2011 where she told me she has attempted suicidal multiple times. Definitely claimed to be partially Japanese, but I met her parents. Posted all this healthy vegan self care shit but was anorexic and a nicotine addict who smoked cigs, did drugs and liked breaking people’s hearts for entertainment. Also remember a few times she said she had gotten gifts for me or another friend and then somehow lost them or could never “deliver” them. One time she told me And a group of guy friends she could get us a drug connect and the connect was extremely sketchy and sold us fake drugs. I didn’t live super close to her so I only saw her sporadically but over a period of time, so… hey, if she figures out who I am From this, whatever. But she’s made so many enemies I doubt she will.

No. 967502

She flirted with EVERY guy in our friend group. Every guy. Even the really gross weird ones she definitely had no attraction to, and would talk shit about. Highly flirty and always needed men competing for her attention. She had like histrionic personality disorder or something. Always did, even at 15.

No. 967516

Cringe, maybe hide your vendetta better

No. 967600

>Feel like I can’t post them because it will obviously give away who I am lol
you posted your email here >>967464 olivia

No. 967617

Lol obviously not my real name doofus. Just in case anyone wanted to chat :) and no vendetta either haha I haven’t even seen Kiki since we were both probably 18 or something, just think it’s funny that she’s been acting the same way since 2008 or whatever(:))

No. 997520

Is that her real dad, or her step dad? She told me it was her step dad and that her bio dad wasn't around, and that her Japanese family would sometimes call her for holidays. I've always been really curious because she could well be just another white girl pretending to be Asian on the internet for clout.(necro)

No. 1007872

so weird i saw pics of her on pinterest and ended up here. is she gone from social medias again? from what i’ve read she seems like she has narcissist disorder(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1010865

is kiki herself the one who keeps bumping this thread? i've followed it for over a year now and all the posters who do this sound the same, basically have the same story, "i used to know her way back when," "she's always been crazy," "she's a narcissist but she's sooo pretty i wish i looked like her" etc…

No. 1013339

File: 1595852754911.jpeg (164.17 KB, 750x994, 03A43651-1010-4313-8CF3-C3F4F7…)

Found this photo, looks recent

No. 1013413

that pic is literally years old. like at least four years old. what are you on about.

No. 1017669

she's finally been chased out of minnesota. she's somewhere in the PNW now.(imageboard)

No. 1017947

>>1017669 sources: dude trust me

No. 1018130

shes in olympia

No. 1018186

proof or gtfo

No. 1018268

>>1017669 just give us her Instagram or something lol

No. 1018333

she doesn't have instagram, her only social media is peach and it's @analogsynthbass

No. 1018513

File: 1596735400488.jpg (238.97 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_20200806-113605_Pea…)

>>1018268 well now what?

No. 1018617

File: 1596749606153.jpg (220.74 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20200806-153158_Ins…)

>>1018268 I searched the name on Instagram and I found this account which I'm already sure was posted on this tread, like I want new information on her and not just people discussing if she's Asian or not lol

No. 1020715

whoa she looks fucked now

No. 1020884

>>1020715 yeah I know, it's a shame too cuz she actually looks pretty decent lul

No. 1022168

Dam, she used to be cute. Now she’s fucking ugly as shit.

No. 1022170

File: 1597298095238.jpg (13.22 KB, 500x333, 67406020_1052383321630428_5008…)

>>1022168 if only we could go back

No. 1023080

File: 1597447021384.jpg (46.55 KB, 540x405, tumblr_n0gazhVcl21qa3scmo1_540…)

>>1022168 wasn't she adorable :)
I wonder if anyone has any of new images of her

No. 1023083

You guys all need to learn to sage. You all bumped this thread when there's literally no new milk

No. 1023095

She wasnt adorable. She was an average, basic tumblr girl. Sage your shit and stop bumping the thread with no milk.

No. 1023125

>>1023095 ok lol(newfaggotry)

No. 1023144

Stop bumping the thread.

No. 1025874


No. 1025883

Fuck off orbiter scrote

No. 1026756

File: 1598041559086.jpg (705.33 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20200821-142622_Ins…)

>>1025874 I found another catfish using her photos

No. 1026759

This is so weird like the quality and style in these photos is so dated why bother

No. 1026765

>>1026759 it's been like a good year since anything new has arrived about her, I've met a good amount of people who use her photos for catfishing

No. 1035328

File: 1599573490118.png (1.52 MB, 1125x2436, EF1FF194-2152-4553-B7CF-242758…)

Hi, I’m just a bored person who spent way too long reading this message board thing about this unhinged girl. But I recently googled Kiko’s name, after seeing her name on the Portland PD inmate roster. I thought to myself “I need to see this psycho “Japanese person… we aren’t usually curators of chaos and crazy.” Anyhow, this google search brought me to this thread.

I hate an update about your foe, Kiko, she was arrested during the Portland riots. She looks, to me, to be very much in her addiction(s) still… also looks to me to be very mentally unstable… lastly, as a hapa myself, I don’t see it in her. Maybe she’s a quarter. But I’m still going to say, white as the undriven snow… mostly because I don’t want to claim this crazy as one of my hapa sisters.

No. 1035333

Hahahaha I expected this to be a drug charge arrest. She doesn’t have a lick of Japanese blood anon, don’t you worry. She’s white.

No. 1035344

wow her cheeks are so sunken in. And some actual recent info about her too…. I wonder what she got arrested for

No. 1035364

>Kiko Suzette Kurosawagrassa

the larping never ends, truly a cow that never got over her tumblr stage

No. 1035524

that honestly doesn't look like her in my opinion, but everything else makes sense. wow. crazy what time does to someone.

No. 1035541

I agree. It doesn't look like her at all.

No. 1035547

File: 1599599209008.jpg (91.12 KB, 741x462, kiko.jpg)

Doesn't look the same but the tattoos match up.

No. 1035556


Meth is a huge problem in Portland.

No. 1035558

Her selfies and self timer shoots are all very posed, Kiki has never looked the way she poses when she’s in movement.

No. 1035565

File: 1599601567441.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.13 KB, 615x410, Age-21-and-Age-29.jpg)

People saying it doesn't look like her probably haven't seen the extensive effects of meth and heroin on one's physical features. Someone you've known for years can look 100% different after a year or 2 of meth, pic related. I hope she gets help.

No. 1035585

Nah she’s ana and has posted body checks on mpa. Probably restricts to pretend to be terminally ill still for attention and pity.

No. 1035792

>>1035547 now she looks like your average drug user, I really hope that's not her kek

No. 1035797

File: 1599634457512.png (678.21 KB, 750x1334, 7661A0E4-3AD8-43CF-8C24-74C829…)

No. 1035813

>Name: Kiko Kurosawagrassa
>Race: White

lmao ouch.

No. 1035956

File: 1599670672986.jpg (44.21 KB, 728x960, 67666492_1052380248297402_4626…)

>>1035797 someone on here needs to make a documentary or something about her, now that would be a good way to catch up on this #freekikideerhoof lmfao

No. 1035958

She’s not nearly that interesting. Do it yourself if you disagree.

No. 1035976

did she seriously change her fucking name so she could tell people shes actually japanese?!

No. 1036420

No. 1036472

learn to sage

No. 1038261

>>1035976 I wonder if she knows that people still talk about her to the stay

No. 1038305

>>1038261 she does. she lurks here for sure. every time lc finds a handle of hers, it changes immediately after posting here

tinfoil, too but she went ana directly after lc was mocking her weight gain lol. not that it would be the sole cause, but it would be a factor

No. 1038323

>>1038305 yeah I've noticed that, I'm surprised she hasn't tried to at least have a Q&A or something to try to clear up the air and get just read off her head

No. 1040169

Jesus out of all the places I expected her to resurface it was not on Andy Ngo’s kill lists.

Guess this confirms she got chased out of Minneapolis and fucked off back to the PNW?

No. 1040716

>>1040169 fucking Japan fucking Japan kek

No. 1040765

Meth is HUGE in Portland and most of the Antifa crowd are doing it. It’s pretty common knowledge that most of them are tweaked out.

No. 1042203

so is she still arrested or what? we used to be pretty close from 2010-2014 but kiko always ended up ghosting me lol. so i'm kinda interested to see wtf is going on now. still thinking about that gross saline toner kiko made for piercing customers, the cork prolly held sooo much bacteria… would love to see if those customers still have their noses left from those terrible septum piercings lmfao.

No. 1042336

>>1040765 yeah that's extremely fucked, but yet again knowing her she's probably still running a social media account somewhere

No. 1042407

Stop bumping the thread with nothing

No. 1046630

according to the inmate record where she was booked she's no longer in custody

No. 1046849

File: 1601254427884.png (325.84 KB, 828x1792, BBA69540-F03B-4C77-B25F-3053D4…)

Has anyone posted this yet? Looks like she was arrested in Olympia on September 16 for driving under the influence, so, two arrests in two weeks? https://www.thejoltnews.com/stories/police-blotter-for-wednesday-sept-16,424?

No. 1046944

Also as someone who knew her IRL for many years it looks exactly like her, it’s just not a selfie lol

No. 1057112

>>1046944 do you mind sharing any photos of her or anyting that is worth talking about(necro)

No. 1057270

You scrotes that are desperate to see her still are so annoying

No. 1101085

she's not japanese at all, and both of her parents are white.

No. 1101088

samefagging but jfc, only 25 and she's completely ruined her life.

No. 1101103

File: 1607271059645.png (116.58 KB, 1572x768, 1.png)

Not really milk but I found her LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kiko-blue/

No. 1101661

>>1101103 try to message her kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1129504

looks like you’re finally thin keeks ❤️(necro)

No. 1147317

Just found this page, its kinda creepy, why are you all so obsessed with her still?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1147927

>found this thread from googling her
>but only lolcow is obsessed

No. 1157544

Knew her irl. She really is this sketchy. Forgot she exsisted, was trying to look up old tumblrs. No. 1 reason I was not interested in attending hippie summer camp(necro)

No. 1157649

Any milk or are you just bumping this dry thread for no reason?

No. 1158770

Know her irl, messaged a few people here with my email if theyre interested buy no response so i guess not(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1158827

>messaged a few people here with my email
uh…what? how?

No. 1161410

I could only contact people who have a name but if anyone wants to reach out i can prove im not bullshitting

No. 1161411

Email me at Slotterdael@protonmail.com

Or send me ur snap or something and ill show u(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161420

Stop breathing.

No. 1161423

I cant

No. 1161500

Can this thread be put on autosage or something, it’s always the same fucking weirdo that keeps bumping

No. 1166031


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