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File: 1681667038199.png (287.79 KB, 720x1280, 1669614886371.png)

No. 292533

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 38-year-old photoshop addicted costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon livejournal community in the US. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays Marin Kitagawa now as she's the flavor of the week waifu. Of course she is "the IRL Marin" in her eyes just like she was IRL Saber and Zero Two. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on what she calls "spicy" content (shitty nudes) and "lewd modeling". She only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions, if that. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder. He will escalate even faster if he is currently in the doghouse and blocked by Lori. It's how she manipulates him to do her old Kou's job. It works like a charm every time because at this point Kevin is a broken shell of a man.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the kind that can bankroll a D-list celebrity lifestyle with the work ethic of Shayna Clifford. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local fried food joint gorging herself with whatever she can to distract from her internal void and ticking biological clock. She is now too poor to even go to an arcade or water park, alas she steeps her nasty ass in her apartments pool which she passes off as her own private sanctuary. It's only ever empty because she dresses like an actual prostitute in public and films herself doing weird things.

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Last Milk Delivery:
>Calendar anons tracking for October >>260399 November >>269112 February >>283770 March >>288274
>Kevins birthday >>258517. He didnt post about it because his phone was dead and having too much fun! Totally not because he. Has no friends and his girlfriend could care less
>Fat scrote comments on Loris post saying she got too fat for his taste >>25860 Lori acts unbothered and goes on to say “eat whatever you want!”
>Shows how unbothered she is by making yet another post about the guy calling her fat. Mentions Scott trying to get “clout” using her name >>258935 . Loris father also comments on the post >>259048
>Posing in her apartment lobby shoeless >>261005 >>286571
>Yet another sick ferret for grifting >>262016 . The ferret really needs you to subscribe to the spicy guys! >>264832 >>264893
>Because a dollskill haul is the only thing that will cure her ferret >>266677
>Lori posts throwback photos of her Sailor Moon days as proof shes an ageless beauty. Ends up outing herself as a snow/meitu abuser >>263908
>Kevin whines about how it's youtubes fault he doesnt have millions of views, not his for posting inconsistently or refusing to interact with other skateboarders in the community >>264552
>Still on his bullshit 3 months later. But this time its XQC and social medias fault! >>280456 . Kevin also demands apologies and 100s in donation while also telling everyone to go fuck themselves in the same breath >>280457 >>280458
>And once again a month later, believing he can nail down over 100 tricks, but its all those content vultures faults! >>286722
>Loris Instagram gets taken down >>268361
>With his fits being mocked and his girlfriends narc supply being shut down, Kevin does what he does best in times of adversity: sperg about lolcow >>268386 >>268388
>“I-i-i-its not copying its cosplay! You guys must suck at parties!” >>268387
>Lori now has to resort to using twitter to post her selfies. She gets a whopping 4 likes >>268868
>Still a keyboard karen on twitter >>274578
>Lori activates a backup insta >>269081 . Finally gets her account back after a whopping 12 days >>271285
>Being the gracious friends they are, Kevin calls all his former friends “pieces of shit” >>274066 while Lori refuses to add any friends that dont share her spicy macaroni. Shes not being entitled its just her neurodivergence! >>274134
>Whines about being poor for the holidays instead of going out and working a seasonal job >>271762
>Someone keeps trying to derail the thread with posts about Scott >>278431 >>278510 >>278576
>Valentines Day is here and celebrated with rice bowl takeout, years old selfie, and Lori finally following Kevin on insta again (which ends up lasting less than 72 hours) >>281886 >>282205
>Kevin calls us dumb toothpicks who use the n word >>282909 >>283349
>Continues to show his ass by making a post about hard it is making a living using your body “without being a prostitute”. Not like those easy jobs where you use your body like professional athletes, entertainers, surgeons and physical laborers >>283418
>Kevin must've scraped together some coins to take his ol’ lady out after she lamented about the lack of late night activities >>282591 . Nights out on the town included a gay bar >>283579 a brunch spot >>288589 and dining in on takeout ramen >>285326
>Kevin removes links to Loris monstergirl page from his cosplay facebook >>284601 as anons begin to speculate he quickly promotes her insta in his stories and throws together an excuse that theres a stigma about cosplay couples promoting each other >>285050
>Kevin claims his lack of recent cosplay constructions is due to a hand injury he received over 7 years ago >>288695

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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Klaxosaur
>Monster Girl Vibes page: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>IG: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Kevin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Krook3dKev
>Kevin’s cosplay FB: https://www.facebook.com/adollaskye
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

No. 292534

Sorry for cutting out the "vintage milk" section. was unable to post due to posts "body too long"

No. 292536

thank you so much nona for making a new thread. you can always add whatever can't be posted in the main body in replies.

>obligatory this thread isn't shit reeeee christening

No. 292565

Hope calenderanon can swing by with some fresh milk as Loony celebrates another broke birthday.

No. 292688

File: 1681708633331.jpeg (813.86 KB, 2458x3072, 26C680D8-267D-480E-ADDB-87E851…)

St. Ives lotion, grocery store flowers and some twizzlers. God the bar is low

No. 292815

at least its not mall sushi like valentine's day

No. 292818

To be honest, at that age, seems nice. And then dinner, maybe watch a movie.

No. 292845

I get what you mean, at that age most people are coming home from their full time jobs and are happy with a warm meal and a sink that isn't full of dishes. However Loris been going on about her birthday for over a month so I wonder if she expected more than what Kevin was able to deliver.

No. 292874

>st ives

well that explains her skin

No. 292883

Not even a "thank you to the boy"
I guess I shouldn't expect her to acknowledge Kevin's existence though.

No. 292886

Awesome job OP!
>After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community

Never Forget, kek.

Looks like the crap you buy your Mom when you're 12 and your Dad gives you 20 bucks at CVS. What's in the bag? Aliexpress special for the "fans"?

No. 292938

not the walgreens birthday special… that's really sad.

No. 292956

She just wants asspats online for her birthday, I don't think this specifically has to do with Kevin not doing enough. He provides for most of the bills and she treats him like shit. I think she's realizing that without him she would have to move, so she doesn't seem to be acting like a cunt. At least not that we can see, outside of the whole blocking/unblocking thing. I get she doesn't work, but as someone who's done social media and quit because the time spent on there was overtaking time I'd even have to be spending at a real job, it is absolutely tiresome.

No. 292971

Poor Kevvy not getting a thank you on the post about his walmart mom-giftbag special, kek!

At her age, couples go on luxury trips and women are given fine jewelry or some other milestone purchases for the home or a car.

It's hilarious that she proudly boasts about her cheap plastic shoes and bedbug plushies, believing them to be a measure of success over other women her age who went on to have families.

No. 292978

Maybe influencer couples.. She's in Utah. She's not making that money. What's with these anons who think anyone online with a following should be lavish? Sharla, Belle, now Lori's thread too.. These people aren't making Kardashian money, especially Lori kek It's just a 38 year old's birthday. Who does anything special on such a boring number anyway?

No. 292995


For me it's moreso that "it's the thought that counts" is a factor here. The thought is "here's some flowers you can take pictures of and candle and some face goop in pink" Kevin is an artist. He could be building her furniture, or shelving for her tat, tooling together a head dress or set of wings idk

>>292956 fully agree. She knows she's in a precarious spot, and sulking hasn't worked for years being that you can't get blood from a stone lmfao

No. 292998

Lol anon, what fantasy world are you living in? Normal adult couples might just go for a nice dinner and drinks, not everyone treats their birthday like it's some momentous occasion requiring world travel and a tribute of precious metals.

No. 293007

Her cope mechanism, she probably knows its junk and she has nothing but then again she's so deluded maybe she actually believes shes successful and that junk means something to her.

True. Most adults get a card and dinner and that's good enough because they afford their lives and are busy.

The bday post is probably also a "oh look it's my birthday so send gifts(because I'm 38 and broke)". Sad.

No. 293031

Not everyone but this is Loony who makes constant cope posts about how she's living above and beyond other women.

No. 293067

This. This is the same woman who boasts about never needing to go back to a retail job, how she spends her days at “her” pool and tried to pass off a knockoff louis vuitton bracelet as real years ago

No. 293069

it screams old and broke. was kevvy too broke to buy her high quality greasy azn food?

No. 293099

Kevin didn't even make a happy birthday post for Lori. He usually makes some sort of post on her birthday. Oh well. He hasn't been blocked all month so I guess things are ok.

No. 293120

Kek! Forgot about the LV knockoff, it's something that's sold to brandwhores who can't afford the actual bags. Speaking of which, she still doesn't own more than that one tore up bag she brings everywhere.

No. 293265

I really wonder if he's no longer blocked because it just doesn't matter anymore. Maybe there's no reason to hide if there's no real relationship. I really doubt at this point that these two are anything more than roommates. But who knows with these two.

No. 293853

tinfoil but, i don't think he bought her those gifts. like you guys have pointed out, he would have said something by now? where are his usual rants about how his "girl" is the best hooker ever and how he totally spoils her even though he's hustling and just barely making it by the skin of his teeth? where are the romantic struggle dinners and them posing together like two retards to go out to get ramen or sushi? plus what she got doesn't look like something a birdbrain such as kevin would have the sense to pick up. i am beginning to think either she's been in contact with her family or some other friends.

No. 294034

I have to agree that those gifts are weird from a guy. Its does look like CvS stuff though. Twizzlers and St. Ives? Might not be peeps and Pepsi but pretty damn close.

No. 294037

File: 1682307914987.jpg (249.36 KB, 1078x1324, Screenshot_20230423-223955_Chr…)

>Another fake face (nice birthday cope)
>Wilting grocery store flowers as a prop (possibly from Kevin's Mom)
>Apartment so small manga goes in the kitchen (Can only buy ramen 1 at a time anyway)

No. 294039

>peeps and pepsi
Kek, Loony's last rotted teeth probably fell out by now. She never smiles ever.

>lonely tripod and junk in the reflection, kek
>the brown kitchen is over filtered that it looks bluish white and orange

You can tell she never gets flowers, must suck to be unloved.

Loony took the flowers to the swimming pool where the already dried out flowers dried out even more because she needed flex pics. Then she shoved them in a vase but left the dead leaves on and they're now falling in and contaminating the water.

No. 294040

>peeps and pepsi
Kek, Loony's last rotted teeth probably fell out by now. She never smiles ever.

>lonely tripod and junk in the reflection, kek
>the brown kitchen is over filtered that it looks bluish white and orange

You can tell she never gets flowers, must suck to be unloved.

Loony took the flowers to the swimming pool where the already dried out flowers dried out even more because she needed flex pics. Then she shoved them in a vase but left the dead leaves on and they're now falling in and contaminating the water.

No. 294155

File: 1682368378699.jpg (270.33 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20230424-152959_Chr…)

She loves to make the face as young as she can get it to go with the delusion in her head but you cant fool anyone from behind. Her ass is so flabby. Her tattoos look bad too but the worst is that scalp. It looks like she has some weird disease. Why doesnt she at least use a hand mirror to apply some dye.

No. 294278

Not wk but her ass doesn't look flabby at all to me and this feels like an anachan standard when we have people like moo and shay looking like the actual definition of flab. I'm more repulsed by her keeping manga in her kitchen cupboards and whatever the fuck is going on with the back of her head.

No. 294288

>anachan standard

People post this because that's Lori's own anachan standards being reflected back to her.

With that diet of instant ramen she'll never be anachan and is making cope posts about it. Just a few threads ago she was still harassing cosplayers less than half her age and calling them fat.

No. 294290

It's their cope nitpicking even if it's not true. I agree it doesn't look flabby. She just doesn't have a big ass. Low body fat means no fat and she doesn't work out. That doesn't make it flabby?

No. 294297

Yeah, she's just hiking up the socks to give the illusion of an ass to people who wouldn't know any better. Its weird that chest nitpicking isn't allowed, but for like a year and a half now these threads are filled with nonas on the verge of alogging about how obese this bitch is and if you disagree then its hi cow or you're also 'fat' kek

Its just arbitrary and odd, I don't know. If she and kev read here, then they can also see the posts where people clarify that the comments are just for the sake of getting under her skin, so what's the point? Again not wk its just retarded and I feel like we ran out of shit to talk about since she and kev barely do anything.

No. 294304

Because it's under the guise of "for her standards" which is a really low bar attempt to say that you can nitpicking as long as it's not her chest.

No. 294308

Ayrt yeah man, I wish looni would steal kevin's car or some shit or just ANYTHING to break up this monotony. Like holy shit, she fails at everything she does including being a consistent source of entertainment. Its like groundhog day in here.

No. 294310

Same, this time last year Kevin got arrested, now its just the same posts about having one of “those” sites.

Hope kevin has another meltdown about skater and cosplay influencers soon

No. 294311

idk about other anons, but having an onlyfans just results in body nitpicking most of the time. It's bad milk across the board.

No. 294316

Even another meltdown would be boring imo, but it would be better than nothing. I'm over her being broke uwu spicy loli dragon retard mommy princess in utah saga and I wish she'd nut up and leave him in her typical dramatic fashion and give us something new to work with.

No. 294318

Dude, that shit is flabby. No cope involved, since not everyone thinks being mid age and looking like a floppy french fry is attractive. I agree that she looks bad. Maybe your the ones coping. Not everyone thinks anything goes. She looks middle aged and out of shape and her hair looks like shit and she posts this crap online like a clown waiting for the ringleader.

They fell off years ago. Now she's just a middle aged brat who has mini shit fits on Instagram cause she's mad she's broke and desperate to still be found attractive.

Lori's intrigue ended when she moved to Washington. Even her Kevin saga is just a rehash of what she already did with others because fucked up people repeat the same mistakes over and over. Now she's just a joke and some people enjoy laughing over how sad she is because she posts it publicly and thinks it not obvious that she's desperate.
She posts these pictures, people are allowed to comment on them. I actually think she looks terrible. I wouldn't even glance at her on the street and if I did it would be because she was dressed like a lunatic and wonder what happened to her in her childhood. There's other threads, go there if you need something to tickle harder.

No. 294320

They're harmless observations. Nobody's infighting, posts are saged, and people are still talking about the thread subjects.

No. 294321

I think anon's point is that you need to criticize her at all times or else you're Wking her which is ridiculous. We are still discussing her like you said and if a couple anons want to talk about not agreeing, someone like >>294318 does need to cope and deal with it.

No. 294337

Maybe it’s just the filter, but it looks like her gray roots are showing. If so, she should just go platinum blonde and cosplay Queen Serenity. Just circle back to the Loonie Moonie days, kek.

No. 294349

Kevvy is the best thing that ever happened to her and there's no way she's pulling another moid at this age. Unless we get another Kevvy goes to jail saga, she is holding onto his family's coattails for dear life.

Wonder if calenderanon has an update!

Those are totally dark brown and grey roots. The real fried hair ends at her shoulders but the fake hair keeps going in the ponytail. No amount of filter can hide how bald she is.

No. 294357

>Wonder if calenderanon has an update!

April has been super quiet. Kevin got unblocked on March 24th and has been following Lori ever since. He only got blocked once in March. And February was crazy with the blocking and unblocking. Most active calendar in awhile.

No. 294360

File: 1682525863104.jpeg (151.87 KB, 663x1217, B0A6F58B-6E8F-411B-9F08-CBCA78…)

Well, he just got around to her birthday post. It’s a combo birthday and mopey cosplay post this year. Calling your 38 year old fiancé a child, ffs.

No. 294364

That’s a bday post for bakugou, not Lorii lol(sage your shit)

No. 294378


No. 294380

KEK. The shade. He makes a birthday post for Bakugou, but not for Lori.
Perhaps anons were right about Kevin not being the one to get Lori those Walgreens-tier gifts.

No. 294410

Kek thank you, anon. Sounds like he must have paid her after valentines and kept buying her things to stay on her good side.

Isn't this an old pic? Just going by the dildo table.

No. 294411

She's not fat but she IS 38. She needs to get on a healthy diet and exercise now or by the time she hits menopause she actually will be fat and saggy and then it's too late.

No. 294431

I stopped reading these threads because nonnas became too nitpicky about her body. Who gives a fuck about her body? I want the milk that comes from inside her, not her shoddy photos she sells to scrotes. She is way more entertaining than a bunch of body nitpicks but way to ruin it, I guess.

No. 294433

Some anons are just more shallow than the cows themselves with how focused they are on things like her not being ana-enough for her standards so they call her as is a hamplanet. I totally get what you mean, I want drama, give me a cheating scandal or something juicy. Not low-brow male-oriented nitpicking.

No. 294436

I swear these threads are full of bone rattling. My brain logged off once someone posted a comparison picture where she looked sick on the first photo and her age on the last photo. No wonder she has an ED if she reads her own threads.

No. 294437

This faux concern for Loony because of personal projection is retarded derailing.

She literally prides herself on being anachan and it has nothing to do with male-oriented thinking. No male OR female likes whatever contortion of the day this clown has ever shooped herself into.

No. 294438

is no one going to mention the fact that she is keeping her manga in the kitchen cabinet above her microwave?

No. 294463

>Apartment so small manga goes in the kitchen (Can only buy ramen 1 at a time anyway)
From >>294037 , which you tagged.

No. 294464

She probably doesn't actually keep it in there. The only thing I can think of is that some mangas do have recipes in the back of their books like Kitchen Princess.

No. 294470

Nobody's concerned about her. People are just saying that these threads devolve into nitpicking and calling her fat, which isn't milk, yet if you were to try that on other threads you eventually cop a ban. The same way aki being a fat gorilla isn't milk, looni being skinny fat or anachan or whatever threads fuck your standards are isn't milk either.

No. 294537

people call her fat and old because they know it will tilt her, it's pretty obvious

No. 294540

Kek no way she can cook, never forget the piece of lettuce pic and the shit stew!

No. 294552


The hamburger water was my hands-down fave thread moment. Pairs so well with peeps and Pepsi.

No. 294553


The hamburger water was my hands-down fave thread moment. Pairs so well with peeps and Pepsi.

No. 294582

Need to implement a Shay nitpicking rule

No. 294590

I wonder if she's back to hitting Scott up for money/help since he moved in with that cosplayer in Florida whose husband went to prison for covid relief fraud.

No. 294593

Catering comments in hopes she lurks seems like a bad way to fill a thread

No. 294603

Kek, as if Scott has any money. The only way he survives is by grifting from one cosplay chick to another until he gets caught cheating and then thrown out like the trash he is.

Can't believe there's still women stupid enough to take him in at this point, especially since he's fat and moldy now.

No. 294645

So he’s Lori, kek

No. 294649

nta but they both lurk and wk themselves in this thread constantly.

The best episode was Kevvy telling everyone we don't know high fashion, kek!

No. 294650

They truly are soulmates. He's even been pulling the exact same "BOOHOO MUH BACK" thing lately that Loony did.

No. 294670

>The best episode was Kevvy telling everyone we don't know high fashion
I liked the part where he took the discussion of his height very seriously

No. 294677

Where is your sauce for this? Genuinely curious as Scott is a milkbag and really needs his own thread.

No. 294691

NAYRT but I think I remember that anon saying that she is Facebook friends with the Florida cosplayer girl and saw some statuses about betrayal that matched up with Scott cheating and eventually she (the cosplayer) confirmed it months later but writing a more in depth status.

No. 294734

he also gets mad if you call him bald.

wonder if Kev knows male pattern baldness generally starts at the back of the head, so if no one tells him it's thinning he won't know.

No. 294869

>No wonder she has an ED if she reads her own threads

Nona this woman has had problems her entire life, long before she ever had any threads. She has an ed to go with her mental issues, primarily to her narcissism and has been that way since early 2000s when she was a cosplay noob chattering at the top of her lungs for attention on the Manhattan side walkwalks. Lori has always been an attention whore. These threads have nothing to do with her issues and if anything, fuel her ego because she takes them as people giving a shit about her instead of recognizing that she should feel humiliated because she looks deranged.

No. 294880

File: 1682864016986.jpg (1.08 MB, 2864x4088, GridArt_20230430_071134146~2.j…)

Lori and Kevin left the house yesterday to get breaded chicken from an Asian festival. Everybody stopped Lori in order to admire her elf ears because she is an anime babe irl.

No. 294889

LMAO at this sad ass schnitzel and Kevin's jewelry(sage your shit)

No. 294891

his roots… just get a haircut kevvyboy!!!!

No. 294897

This has probably been pointed out before by others, but it really bothers me how badly she flat irons her hair… I can tell she doesn't bother sectioning it out and just irons big thick strands of hair together, probably doesn't even use a heat protectant, and those bangs… as if there are no tutorials out there on how to style them with an iron and not have that ugly half-assed curve that poofs out and looks retarded. If she could spend maybe 20 mins to half an hour on proper styling she'd look 25% less of a trashy mess.

No. 294902

File: 1682873218736.png (950.41 KB, 1080x2137, Screenshot_20230430-013423-749…)

My Lori styling pet peeve is her atrocious winged eyeliner that's as thick as a lane stripe in the road. But I think I finally figured it out. She's trying to look like she has that real thick eyeline like in anime, as this little chibi character shows. This whole time I thought that she was messing up the wing and then trying to fix it by making it thicker and thicker. That's seriously what it looks like though.

No. 294956

her hair is probably so damaged it is resistant to heat styling, so she has to go over sections multiple times to get her hair to lay flat. thus making it even more dry and brittle. it must be a bitch to detangle after washing.

so did they go together or not? are they even living together at this point? their dynamic gets weirder by the day.

No. 295018

The absolute newfaggotory of the statement you're responding to. If lurk moar was ever appropriate it's now.

No. 295053

Loony and Kevvy keep claiming that they get IRL compliments whenever they go outside looking like dirty clowns. Totemo legit cool story.

Hope someone got unfiltered candids of them eating their sadkatsu.

No. 295370

God he looks like a fucking pig, especially from that angle

No. 295390

>that cosplayer in Florida whose husband went to prison for covid relief fraud

At the risk of getting shrieked at for derailing…WUUUUT?! Who is it? Who even does that? I know it doesn't belong here since its not Loony related but is there a thread somewhere I can find out more about this?

No. 295405


I won't derail beyond this, nor will I doxx. It's all public record. Google "senior nasa executive covid fraud". That should cover it.

No. 295733

This is the cheapest shit I've ever seen. It looks like something you would buy from a sex shop

No. 295874

Someone tell Kevin his retro 2006 emo hair looks ridiculous.

No. 296088

Just because an event has a cosplay contest doesn't mean it's an excuse to dress up like that at a cultural festival.

No. 296118

File: 1683672152879.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.03 KB, 1080x560, 20230509_173800.jpg)

Seriously, I think you have the wrong person. Are you talking about that Tiffany woman Scott was seeing? I doubt it was the one married to the NASA exec.

We have one of these festivals where I live and its filled with children and their families. I imagine her in one of her terrifying get ups or just looking old and out if place in a costume. Either way, she'll be getting looks all day and probably be deluded about why people are looking at her.

No. 296651

File: 1683938573026.jpg (66.72 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230512_174319_401.jpg)

Kevin had a decent run but got the block today, lol.

No. 296730

I applaud your dedication calendar nonna. Thank you for your service.

No. 296781

You're the best, calendaranon. Wonder what triggered Lori this time. Mayhaps there is a new a scrote she is courting.

No. 296875

maybe kevin forgot to call lori a spicy loli elf gremlin bb when he gave her some sushi that he stole out of an ubereats bag he was supposed to deliver?
or maybe lori blocked him because she was consumed with rage that he made a split second of eye contact with the girl working at the coffeeshop while he was paying for an iced coffee for lori with his last $3

No. 297004

File: 1684187729136.jpeg (582.71 KB, 2458x3072, IMG_1607.jpeg)

She hasnt been very eventful lately. Still obsessing over haters, still clinging onto her moonie days, still begging for the same 10 subs so she can afford oysters

No. 297067

And yet we get bitched at if we say that we wish she'd produce some actual milk or accused of being her or the dirty q-tip.

No. 297140

File: 1684355410740.jpg (40.5 KB, 866x545, nodox.jpg)


There is a second Tiffany that Scott dated who is entirely innocents and unrelated - that is years ago.

Scott is living with the Tiffany whose husband went to prison for Covid fraud.


I removed everything unrelated because I am not going to doxx anyone. The receipt I'm providing gives zero information that is not publicly available. I chose to censor it, but I can't tell anyone to not look it up.

Tezna's husband got out of prison recently, I wonder how it's going in their household with Scott shacking up with his wife and roleplaying as a husband.

No. 297153

File: 1684370193650.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.11 KB, 576x382, 130606469_200773961604805_5801…)

Wait wait cupcakecosplay tiffany??? And is this why she got banned from WCS? That woman has so much drama, why would he even be attracted to her when he still goes off about loony?

No. 297174


Dude gets off on being the WK for women? IDK. But yeah, that's the one. No idea if that's why she got banned from WCS, I had not heard of such thing.

Scott's move in with her happened right after he showed up in this thread, tried to "help" Lori, and then ditched Heidi. He did Heidi a fucking FAVOR by leaving because she does not deserve any of the negative shit he brings.

Dude's a scumbag and he and Lori deserve each other. I can't decide if Scott or Kevin are the better match for Lori. Maybe they should just joust it out. I'd almost pay for that.

Google is your friend. I'm the same anon who found out Kevvy had retained a lawyer months ago and had a court date. I rarely post. Simple searches reveal a LOT of shit. Google but do not doxx. You can learn without being an asshole about it.

No. 297216

How did Kevvy afford a lawyer? Parents money probably?

No. 297252

I'll take things that never happened for 100. Love the perpetual victim status as much as I love a 38 year old woman dressed like sailor moon and hiding her face in shame.

How the fk did that looser shack up with a NASA execs wife? Damn the world is strange. Must not have much money for an exec since that equity is sad.

No. 297253

>How the fk did that looser shack up with a NASA execs wife?

Heidi did throw him out after catching him cheating on her with multiple women. So I imagine he fed Tezna some sob story full of lies to get her to take him in, Tezna was one of the ones he was already cheating on Heidi with (that move happened crazy fast), or Tezna is incredibly dumb and desperate (she was in the moonie fandom so how could she not know any of his drama?).

Are we sure Scott and Lori aren't the same person kek?

No. 297308


Brief derail because L/K have been so quiet.

I'd really be interested in the conversation that took place when the husband got home from prison and found Scott larping as husband/dad.

No. 297499

File: 1684644696598.png (601.95 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20230520-215217-498…)

Looks like Kevin isn't getting any of the box dye this month.

No. 297591

Ever since this thread warned him he'd go bald from bleaching, he stopped kek

No. 297602

File: 1684706854078.jpg (70.54 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230521_150651_575.jpg)

Congrats 2 Kevin on making it back onto Lori's list of followers.

No. 297614

I might get hate for this but I honestly think Kevvy looks better with his natural dark hair than that yellow straw crap he had.

Well that explains why that furfuck tucked his tail between his legs and went into hiding and fell off the face of the earth lol.

No. 297710

File: 1684783682844.jpeg (61 KB, 750x541, 9F5994F0-A81E-4D43-8B68-1F3022…)

I agree, does look better with the natural color. The cut is ugly as sin though. I don’t mind guys with long hair, but the styling is dated and unflattering.

In other news, Lori is suffering from pretty privilege. It’s SOOO weird guys, when you completely style yourself to cater to a fetish, and guys view and interact with you exactly how you market yourself.

No. 297729

Wonder if this is a jab at Kevin. He's absolutely with Lori because she looks a certain way.

No. 297741

File: 1684807538395.jpeg (81.39 KB, 750x1153, IMG_1708.jpeg)

Looks like he bought his way back into her graces, unless this is her old pair?

Shes whining about pretty privilege but the reality is she probably wishes she still had it. She never bothered with interests that wouldn’t get her male attention and never had much intelligence or talent to begin with.

The wrinkles are getting deeper, the body more untoned, the weed breath a little skunkier. Shes becoming everything she used to mock and becoming invisible to the male gaze.

No. 297768

LOOOL i don't even know this girl, just scrolling by, but this is so stupid. sorry for spreg, but this is the experience of ALL women, pretty or ugly. she's just trying to flex her looks, while also admitting to having a privilege. i'd even say that if you're ugly, you're more likely to just be sexualized or be seen as an "easy lay", instead of being persued in a romantic way. pretty privilege is being actually given a chance (a lot of the time because they want to fuck you). being ugly means no one gives you a chance, or thinks they can treat you like shit. they're two sides of the same misogynistic coin, but the latter is definitely much worse.

No. 297824

>if you're ugly, you're more likely to just be sexualized or be seen as an "easy lay", instead of being persued in a romantic way

Exactly this. She's never had thar privilege and has spent her life hopping between low grade scrotes who would take anything available.

True pretty privilege means ending up with a successful life and tons of friends without trying. Not begging for a few dollars on the internet and having to catfish for it.

No. 298245

File: 1685197350320.jpg (138.03 KB, 840x2289, Screenshot_20230526_223127_Fac…)

Lori getting rid of "beckies" in her life

No. 298259


I wonder how Tiffany Tezna's kids are reacting to Scott's porn addiction. Can't be good having him around small children.

Ten bucks says he has VIP status to Lori's OF.

No. 298265

File: 1685216848328.jpeg (232.15 KB, 2069x1524, 07F232C5-5264-498C-B465-507BB0…)

her last remaining ferret looking very rough. poor thing only gets shown to show off her ugly new shoes.

No. 298341

No one is uncomfortable with her bikini pics. Most adults would consider a 38 year old behaving this way either a degenerate, a loser or emotionally damaged. Those "beckies" as she calls them have lives and they dont want them damaged by being involved with someone like her. I like how she calls people normies lol! Yes, this is by far abnormal behavior. She acknowledges it, but tries to pretend its special. Special, but not the way she thinks.

I cant believe it's still alive! Those shoes are hideous.

No. 298347

She has no friends, neither egirl nor normie. Sounds like she ran out of scrotes to beg from so she's blaming other egirls now.

No. 298437

yeah this comment is strange. did a becky say something to when she was laying by the pool in one of her 9.99 napkinis? did her and kev get laughed at by normies for dressing like anime hobos? she makes no sense.

No. 298449

what’s with the ferret’s fur? are those tumours or missing chunks of hair or just weird lighting?

No. 298473

File: 1685369383201.png (135.56 KB, 477x600, pone.0187986.g003.png)

Poor guy looks like he has adrenal disease, unfortunately ferrets get sick very often especially marshalls ferrets from USA breeders, 50% of ferrets will get cancer in their lifetime.
I've posted this before in a different Lori thread I think but here's some signs of a sick ferret to keep an eye out for.(medfagging an animal)

No. 298535

File: 1685390863236.jpg (79.72 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230529_130813_705.jpg)

Active blocking and unblocking at the end of the month for these two. Wonder what's going on.

No. 298549

looni wants a new pair of shoes

No. 298552

There's no way she isn't screeching at him for money so she can pretend she's more successful than the "beckies".

No. 298631

She definitely has no friends. Anyone shes ever referring to is a rando off the internet including whoever this is >>298245 claiming they are so gladshe and Looni found each other. Either another degenerate or someone who will run away too.

These quick succession block/unblock fits always make me think they either had a fight or Lori was hiding something from him. The end of the month so maybe its money related.

No. 298641

End of the month and weekends, seemingly close to paydays for Kevvy.

No. 298716


Between that and his insistence that he has a big dick*, I feel sorry for the women who fell for his bullshit.

*He does not

No. 298717


Foodstamp refill day?

No. 298724

You speaking from personal experience?(sage your shit)

No. 298744

lori should spend more time applying for jobs and less time blocking kev. she’s on her phone all day anyway.

No. 298766

I am not >>298716 but I can speak from personal experience. We hooked up briefly several years ago, he kept going on about how he hoped I was ready for his "raging 9 inches" etc etc.

Biggest disappointment of my sex life. He's 3 maybe 4 inches at most. Most of his teeny peeny was lost in his nappy pubes. He won't go down on women but wants deep throated. Kept making stupid growling noises like a dog and was done in just a few minutes.

Considering that Tezna woman is stuck with the old fat balding moid version of him with the teeny peeny now I do feel bad for her. But she did fall for his bullshit kek.(please don't post revenge porn)

No. 298820

>>298766 wtf anon, kek

No. 298825

>wants to be deepthroated
How does he expect to do this with a bite-sized dick? Is this one of lori's exs or something?

No. 298831

Who is this and why do my eyes have to burn

No. 298833

Today was a bad day to have eyes.
Lmao about the growling noises, he really does think he is a wolf!

THIS is the dick that Lori has been trying to jump on intermittently for literally 20 years?! No wonder why she thought Rikki Cory had a big dick… (Kitty was asked about it on KF and she said he was maybe 6”.)

No. 298835

Actually wasn't Scott trying to get back with Lori? I thought like a few threads back some screenshots were posted where they were trying to hook up behind their partners backs. But then Lori rejected him and he came on here to sperg about her. Then right after that his GF yeeted him like rotten milk.

Guess for all his faults Kevvy's packing more than a micropeen.

No. 298837


Holy fucking shit, well done, anon! I'm the one who said he promised a big dick but didn't deliver but GODDAMN you came in with RECEIPTS!


No. 298839

Jfc why did I come here tonight. I'm too high for this shit. At least that one anon who thirsts over Scott from a few threads back will be happy with this image lmao

No. 298840

If that's a photo from your camera roll that he did personally send you and he knows you're the only one with it, if he lurks, you have an easy lawsuit against for revenge porn. Might not have been the best idea to post personal nudes.

No. 298841


So posting Lori's nudes is okay but not this? C'mon lets be on the same page.

(Not the anon who posted nudes of anyone.)

No. 298842

Implying that he doesn't send out nudes to multiple women like extended car warranty notifications kek.

No. 298845

That's still not posted publicly. There's a difference between Lori posting her nudes online and some guy sending a few women gross dick pics. I'm just letting anon know. Not trying to infight about it.

No. 298846


Fair point. Continue onwards!

No. 298849

IMO, I don’t think Scott was trying to get back together with Lori because it seems like he wants a woman who he knows he can financially leech off of. I think he was just trying to smash Lori (and was stupid and selfish enough to think Heidi wouldn’t find out) and knew that Lori was easy (going by her hypersexuality while she was a teenager, dating Scott, and all the way up until she met Kevin) and would maybe put out for Scott for some money to her CashApp, but most importantly for feeling like she is wanted more than another woman.

Lori would never go for Scott for anything other than the sex she denies her loyal Cash Cow Kevin. Kevin is Ol’ Reliable. He is faithful, isolated everyone for her, and still continues to do everything Lori asks. His parents pay for their bachelor apartment, and Kevin buys Lori instant noodles and knickknacks. Scott is a bum and would not do any of these things for her, nor bring in money for her plushie hoard, and also would be cheating on her the entire time which she would not accept.

No. 298850

File: 1685591384800.png (Spoiler Image,55.72 KB, 500x374, AA9D7D75-A39E-4460-8814-639532…)

Scott has Hank Hill butt.

No. 298883

revenge porn isn't allowed. Unless he's posted it online like on OF or w.e, please don't post that shit here. Also, stop derailing about Scott. If he's milky enough go make a thread about him.

No. 298890

Revenge porn notifying anon here, thank you. Didn't want the anon to be found through the website by him. That's my biggest issue, the anonymity.

No. 298910

File: 1685660938322.jpeg (Spoiler Image,72.71 KB, 698x757, 835933E0-5ED3-4FDC-ADF5-742008…)

Speaking of fair-game nudity posts (posted to her OF), I’ve been checking leak sites every few months. Most of the stuff is not very milky - just her making stupid faces and pulling her ugly outfits from instagram to the side - but this was odd to me. In burgerland, nudity in saunas isn’t the norm in my experience. Particularly because most saunas I’ve seen in gyms and apartments are co-ed. Either way, posting nudes to your OF from the public areas of the apartment complex where you also live seems squicky to me.

Always remember to bring a towel to sit on in your local sauna, nonnies!(sage your shit)

No. 298945


Thanks for the reminder that apartment building resources and benefits may have had a middle age woman wiping her asshole all over it. Use a goddamn towel for chrissake. I have no problem with sex work but doing this in a PUBLIC space is disgusting.

No. 298964

She… actually posted this blurry mess, showing her busted out asshole and hemorrhoid hanging there, to OF and there's a handful of virgins that actually pay for this? Fucking barf

No. 299125

why did anon get a ban for bringing milk to the table? disgusting, why didnt she use a towel. she also has the type of genitals that would look much better with some pubic hair, the waxed look isn't serving her any favors.

No. 299165

Why should milk be saged, this hasn't been shared before. Jannies going full retard.

No. 299169

her lego vag looks fucking weird because she has a complex about her inner labia being larger and sticking out, so she tries to tuck them back in and hide them. As a result, it makes everything look weird. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with larger inner labia just so long as they do not hinder your comfort while sitting, walking, etc.

No. 299172

it's not even sexy…she looks like she's pulling her thong out of her booty. and no offense but whenever anons post clips of her boring self on here i wonder why she had so many men pussy whipped.

No. 299202

Those were different times, hot girls weren't a common thing in the con scene. She was a nonhambeast (and slightly above average then imo) girl willing to put out at the drop of a hat in a sea of sweaty greasy weeb moids, she was bound to hook at least a couple.

No. 299213

Blown out asshole and lego vag aside, I can’t get past how fried and dead her hair looks. For fuck’s sake Lori for someone who has been obsessed with hair your whole life, you should at least take care of it.

No. 299245

you're right, it still baffles me though because you'd think with how scott and other guys still lurk around her, she'd be some 12/10 sex goddess. then you actually see her and what she's become and it is just sad. but then again, i am not a moid so, i see her for what she is and now what i want her to be.

No. 299259

Its because men like Scott think they still have a chance with Lori. I don't think she'd fuck Scott again but I'm sure he believes there is a chance, due to history and the fact that she is toothless and poverty-stricken.

No. 299262

Yeah but Scott is toothless and poverty stricken now too kek.

No. 299272

Exactly, Lori doesn't want anything to do with Scott unless he's buying her crap or outright giving her money. The text messages between Scott and Lori that he showed us had Lori getting all pissy with him when he offered to pay for a meal delivery service for her because she was whining about being hungry. She basically said if he didn't want to send her cash then he could fuck off, lol. It's like that other anon said up there, Kevin has more to offer Lori than Scott at this point. His parents are paying for their apartment and their bills.

Kevin is still blocked though. I need to get a new calendar going for June!

No. 299274

I'm not too invested in Lori lore but I believe the screenshots were even more pathetic: he was offering her hellofresh vouchers (I assume free order for first customer type deal) like not even offering to pay anything, just here's a voucher amazing he rolled up here thinking that made him a saint and we would be impressed kek

No. 299500

Yuck, that hemorrhoid is gross. Who could get it up looking at some old ladies butt disease.

I dont think there much of anyone lurking around her anymore. The Scott thing was like a year ago. I dont think hes still trying for anything, he's getting it somewhere else.

Dudes from her past knew they could use her for a quick romp though. Her rep proceeds her, and most of relationships included cheating so its expected that she might be willing.

>hellofresh vouchers
Kek! Im surprised she didnt take the deal since that's on par with her whoring herself out for ramen, cannolis and peep pepsi.

No. 299513

File: 1685998778820.jpg (65.71 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230605_134958_587.jpg)

It's weird to me how Kevin even bothers to re-follow her after getting blocked at this point, lol. I've said this before but in the beginning of this blocking/unblocking nonsense, Kevin used to painstakingly add back a ton of likes onto Lori's page that would be lost when she blocked him, going back 1-2 weeks sometimes. After about a year he would only add back between 2-5. But he doesn't even bother at all now. He only likes current posts if he's her friend and when he gets blocked/unblocked he never goes back and re-likes older posts. That behavior slowly dropped off. It makes me wonder if he'll eventually not bother to follow her back for awhile. Or maybe he is doing that. There's really no way of knowing when she unblocks him, only when he follows her again. I just always put them on the same day.

No. 299518

lori is so goddamn toxic she doesn't realize her doing this over time (albeit slowly) will make him not give a shit anymore. The fact he's not going back and doing that kinda signifies he's slowly getting the 'I just don't have energy to care anymore' thing that long term toxic couples get to. Eventually he's just not going to even bother following her back and just not give a shit anymore and ignore her screeching and hollering and just take his skateboard and go outside without even responding, if he doesn't already do that. Who knows if he'll ever break up with her but he's clearly getting drained by her antics over time.

No. 299527

File: 1686006259447.jpeg (86.59 KB, 750x1227, IMG_1817.jpeg)

Looks like that tacky “YoU CaNt AfFoRd mE!” Pillow applies more to her ferret than her

No. 299529

kek. I work in a nursing home and she is highkey giving "patient waiting for ass to be wiped" right down to wispy thinning white hair.

No. 299533

>I dont think hes still trying for anything, he's getting it somewhere else.

You're talking about a moid who keeps cosplay women in his rolodex for potential lays/freeloading. The dude pays prositutes for sex. He is always trying to get it from someone or somewhere else.

JFC with all the shoop on her vag, you'd think she'd at least take her roids out.

No. 299541


100% if Scott could refuck anyone who fell for his BS in the past, he'd be all over it. He has been trying repeatedly.

And at least now we know what happened to that last ferret. "Cancer" and probably receiving zero medical treatment, as a way to beg for money. There will be a post showing off new shoes before theres any kind of update/thanks for helping with his medical issues.

No. 299559

Fwiw cancer is really common in ferrets so that I actually believe her on

No. 299562

And also since ferrets are illegal in many states, I don't think many normal vets know much about them as far as care goes and if she can't afford treatment or if she's been told the cancer would be fixed with treatment, letting it live out until it's too much or passes away naturally is nicer than just euthanasia from the get-go. There's a lot of assumptions with the ferrets. I really don't think she's trying to hurt them.

No. 299595

The ferret saga is finally coming to an end. I still want to viciously a-log her treatment of her pets Kevin not included

No. 299628

I’ll withhold sperging about ferret care on the grounds that they haven’t gotten any more of them as far as we know. If my very sketchy mental calculations are correct, this one around 7, which is roughly a normal lifespan for a ferret (nonnies feel free to correct me). I will sperg a bit of they start up collecting them again. It annoys me that these two chose to keep exotic pets without the means to properly care for them… But then, they’re idiots that can barely care for themselves. If they realize it was too stressful and unrealistic to rely on go-fund-mes for normal vet care, then that’s more than I would expect from them.

No. 299645

That's assuming the GFMs were actually for vet care. It's pretty obvious everything was for Loony's shopping in the end and Kevvy's parents covered the vet fees.

No. 299699

File: 1686173525752.jpg (67.48 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230607_143314_665.jpg)

lol that didn't last long.

No. 299724

File: 1686184229315.jpeg (34.22 KB, 713x593, D2EB5186-9175-452B-B73F-633234…)

Wonder if he’s in trouble again because one of his friends noticed Lori is awful?

No. 300070

He needs to just not follow her back, really puts her off. She thrives on his weak brain that can't say no.

No. 300618

Seriously. The second he stops following after she unblocks him will throw her for a loop. He may even get laid in fear he will leave since she has no back up.

No. 300730


Christ this thread has gotten boring
At least it was fun while people sperged abt Scotts tiny dick and being as much a cow, even if it derailed.

No. 300829

File: 1686886021584.jpg (89.24 KB, 711x1280, IMG_20230615_202815_939.jpg)

Kevin posts stuff like this every so often but the only person who is still hung up on ex friendships is him. All that shit went down in 2017 which was 6 years ago. All of Kevin's ex friends have moved on and they aren't thinking about him as much as he wishes they were.

No. 300840

He ruminates on past friends cause he cannot make and hold new friendships to create fresh memories with.

No. 300864

Yes, and then he blames not being able to make new lasting friendships on the “lies” told by the hat0rz from his past. Zero accountability on his part that he’s just a loser.

No. 300871

i was one of the idiots who used to root for him to leave lori and move on with his life. now i see how fucking toxic he is, such a perpetual victim and incredibly manipulative. isn't he about 31-32? he is too old for this kind of whiny bullshit. he will always be a poor broke ass whining about how he "friends" betrayed him.

No. 300888

I'm glad you saw the light, anon. Kevin turns 30 in October this year. I'm sure his parents will get him something nice.

No. 300932

People have gotten over rough breakups in the amount of time it's been since this incident. There was a global pandemic in that span of time. Let it go dude.

No. 300973

File: 1687112899486.jpg (69.31 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230618_112634_980.jpg)

I'm going to be removing the "Kevin unblocked" parts from the calendar since there's no way of knowing when Lori is actually unblocking him. I'd like to think he goes longer and longer before eventually re-folliwing her again but who knows.

No. 301001

Tbh, for all we know, some of this might be him just unfollowing her and not exactly him being blocked.

No. 301021

i think the reason calender anon knows he gets blocked is because his likes on all her posts disappear every time.

No. 301027

This is correct. In some of my past calendars I've written "Kevin unfollows Lori" because his likes will still be on her page but he won't show up as a follower. I write "blocked" if Kevin's likes disappear from Lori's page.

No. 301030

File: 1687199554524.png (420.42 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20230619-113336.png)

No. 301119


Ew. To this entire concept.

No. 301131

Kevin is never going to learn or take any accountability in his life, is he? It's almost depressing checking this sub and seeing how far down the drain these two have gone.

No. 301132

Kek as if she lets him even touch her anymore or even have any healthy communication with him. She probably screeches about ramen and needing more subs while he yells “withholding!” Like a tard.

Also no Kevin, your average moderately successful adult woman doesnt want to be infantilized, just your lazy ass girlfriend with arrested development.

No. 301607

File: 1687718297599.jpg (76.02 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230625_113613_230.jpg)

Updated June 2023 calendar. I wasn't able to tell whether it was a blocking or unfollowing on the 20th because there were no "likes" added in that short window Kevin had followed her back that time. I am 90% sure it was a block though, as they usually are.

Lori has been doing a lot of ferret posting lately.

No. 301922

File: 1687902083318.png (72.17 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20230627-142231.png)

No. 301927

Kevin, you’ve been a little bitch for YEARS. This isn’t an era. It’s who you are. Embrace it.

No. 301952

A part from him always being "in his bitchy era", why does he think we need his internal monologue accompanying an image most people just share and move on?

No. 301970

I wish Kevin would do a live or something. I want to experience his bitchy tweaky whining in real time. Just a normal talking live

No. 302006

Wow, these blocking shenanigans still go on regularly this many years later? Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe, on both sides.

How long as it been since the anime con proposals anyway? Isn't it bad luck to be engaged for over 1 year?

No. 302056

What “FRIENDS” Kevin? What about all the people lori and you fucked over? Nobody cares that you stopped cosplaying. He’s been bitching about the cosplay community for 5 years. Get a job. Lori leeched your clout away you’re used up. No friends. No money. No job. Bad reputation of abusing and threatening to harm people online along with doxxing people. Both of them are miserable cu nts. He’s been throwing a tantrum for over five years now. >>299527
The sick ferret grift is getting old and disgusting at this point.

No. 302098

What is Kevin's job? He bragged when putting on a silly "fit" to go to work once, but it looked like he was just getting ready to go doordashing. Wouldn't be surprised if his parents send him money as long as he doesn't get married to her.

No. 302136


Wasn't there a time he was working, he bragged about coming home from work to healthy BLT wraps or something?

No. 302266

He worked at a hardware store for about five minutes before he decided the world owed him for his sick skateboard tricks

No. 302302

Self respect and confidence when your a complete failure? Sure, if your delusional as these two.

No. 302690

File: 1688491228692.jpg (1.03 MB, 4096x2624, GridArt_20230704_122026946~2.j…)

Kevin has graced us with another update about how he's so totes over the cosplay scene.

No. 302702

not gonna lie i find kevin very attractive there. he's a lost cause though. i doubt he'll ever cosplay again, the real reason he doesn't do it is because he's too poor and has to spend all his money on rent, pepsi, ramen, and shoes for abuela.

No. 302705

Lori does the exact same things, she puts out the laziest shit ever and calls it a day thinking she did the hardest work ever in her life

No. 302708

He's just gonna end up aging like milk and turning into Scott 2.0 anyways. Lori def has a type.

No. 302716

where are the 'hot anime character' abs? I'm pretty sure male cosplayers are creating just fine without your smelly narcissism wafting around the con. Not to mention the economic situation might affect cosplayers and how much they can spend - but Kevin, the great grifter, won't ever consider that despite being a poorfag himself

No. 302729

>”the cos community just feels like memes and instant gratification”

Is this a dig at Lori and her lazy “Marin does elf monster girl” content?

He went from an average looking 20 something year old to “dehydrated twink that bums cigarettes at the gas station” in a matter of 4 years. he's aging like milk left under a hot sun

No. 302737


Someone really needs to make a thread for Scott (I'd do it but I don't know how) because that moid is milky AF. He's basically Lori with a micropenis.

No. 302748

He makes a far better woman than Lori, but it's been 5 years since they've been to a con according to this. So why does he still keep talking about cosplay?

Meanwhile Lori posting age old pictures of when she was thinner in the old apartment but pretending it's new.

They're both absolute hasbeens.

No. 302749

Anon he's one step away from trooning out here. Please love yourself!

No. 302884

Only poor fags think people arent still out there living their lives. Plenty of men are still making epic cosplay and traveling to cons. Theres entire threads on pinterest alone of epic male cosplayers from 2023. Not everyone is broke Kevin. Accept it, you're the bottom of the barrel, that's why you live in a HUD apartment with an old lady who mooches off of you. You dont cosplay because you have no money due to poor life choices.

>when she pops up during your mindless scrolling

I would see a blurry picture of a desperate looking lady wearing a dumb costume with press on nails and a shitty wig and keep scrolling.

No. 302897

File: 1688752031840.jpg (161.14 KB, 724x1280, IMG_20230706_185538_556.jpg)

He is SO bitter. This is such a shitty thing to say, for lots of reasons. I doubt it's even true and even if so, people can go to conventions without huge, elaborate costumes and that's ok! He is definitely acting like it's his choice to quit cosplay because he's so over current cosplayers and how it's just not the same and blah blah when really it's like you said, >>302884, he's broke and can't afford it, and also the amount of people that are extremely creative and talented at cosplay are quite vast in numbers these days and Kevin is intimidated.

I love all his bitter updates about the cosplay community. It's obvious he spends a lot of time seething over the fact that nobody from that community really cared when he and Lori stopped attending conventions but he really, desperately wanted his absence to have some sort of impact. Lol.

No. 302906

yeah, AX isn't solely for cosplay and even if it were, sometimes people want to do other kinds of costumes. Also I'm not sure how he can judge the whole con based on a few reports. I did hear it was packed but that's the post-pandemic rebound. c'est la vie, Kev. No one missed your stinky ass.

No. 302934

Cope harder Kevvy! There are several amazing male cosplayers at all cons, not only making money with their hobby but simultaneously raising families and supporting their families with normalfag jobs, too.

Nobody is checking for Kevvy at these cons but he's posting like an esteemed guest, kek. Lori and him are so delusional. It's obv they won't go because they're scared of candids and being constantly outshined by all the talented and good looking cosplayers.

No. 302942

Kevin has seemed to forgotten that anime conventions (or any cons) are for the love of whatever shit you're there for. He's part of the problem with cosplay needing to 'make you famous' to be worthwhile. That's not why you're supposed to cosplay.

And meanwhile, the felon husband of the dude whose wife Scott moved in with has come out as gay.

No. 302954

AX is a super normie con. I saw a bunch of cosplays but they were mainly the same demon slayer ones just bought online. People were obviously there just to have a good time after a long pandemic. I dunno why he thinks people NEED to do big cosplays and cosplays at all at a comic/anime con when they are obviously there just because. He's so weird about shit.

No. 302955

I think I understand what he is saying as someone who frequents conventions. Obviously AX is great for people looking for fun after the pandemic, but it's been open for 2 years again now, it's not just after the pandemic anymore. They oversold, a lot of people who attend are looking for attention and easy attention at that [thots who have massively oversatuated the con-scene with, as you said, the same online bought cosplays with hardly any alterations or cool additions to make the cosplays stand out] or just booth babe like stand-around girls. Big cosplays used to be the thing to take to AX as that is the biggest con in Cali for anime.

No. 302957

It's because he wishes he could still go to cons and cosplay but he can't because he chose Lori, someone everyone hates over his former friend group. Lori probably doesn't want to go because she's an old, washed up hack whos burned all her bridges and Kevin wouldn't go by himself because he's so codependent on Lori at this point. It's kinda sad that he's constantly lamenting over this and doesn't even lift a finger to change it

No. 302972


Fully this. Can't let those pesky intrusive thoughts about Dreams Left Unfulfilled creep in when the cause of it all is 5 feet away on the same air mattress. Far easier to copepost about how the scene is whack and its participants untalented.

No. 302987

“No AX this year” like they had a choice to go financially? He was not in the cosplay scene for very long. Many people have cosplayed longer. His opinion or review of conventions literally does not matter or mean anything. He keeps harping on “cosplay community” which they are both not currently participating in so his opinion is BS. But his own standards of making “big cosplay” being the only true form of the hobby means Lori and himself are not “real” cosplayers. Both of them post inaccurate and closer cosplays with bought items. Kevin’s “cosplays” are unfinished for over five years now. People don’t have to dress up for conventions to have fun. Not everyone is an attention whore sell out on OF or booth girl. His opinion is so toxic. He’s a 30 year old throwing the same tantrum for over five years. Get a job.

No. 302988

Is AX the con where all those candids of her looking absolutely ancient came from? That could be why she is refusing to go. She's scared more unedited pics will be released. Those candids were awful and with her lifestyle she probably looks even worse now and knows it.(sage your shit)

No. 302993

File: 1688853180101.jpg (67.53 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230708_145445_220.jpg)

I forgot to post this yesterday. Kevin is currently blocked.

No. 302999

File: 1688855687112.png (1.15 MB, 864x1270, Screenshot_20230708-171111.png)

well he just ain't got time for socials, duh. Too busy…

No. 303000

I cant believe he still has this shitty haircut. He looks like he's trapped in 2006-2012 and refuses to leave.

No. 303003

He looks so dead in the eyes. Kevin truly has no soul left. I hope it was worth it, Kevvy. At least as long as they’re together they can’t impose themselves on anyone else. They can rot away in their shitty apartment eating Lori’s chicken bacon wraps and dry meatball broth.

No. 303006

File: 1688868742202.png (683.58 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20230708-191302-655…)

>literally millions

Lori, your reach has been the same for years. Quite miniscule.

No. 303010

>And meanwhile, the felon husband of the dude whose wife Scott moved in with has come out as gay.

Lucky for Scott Tiffy Tezna's into dudes who don't eat pussy then.

No. 303018

Filter is giving him that strange pink hue teenage girls from 2008 used to have because of their foundation. It even makes it look like he has concealer on his lips.

No. 303019


My sides! If she had millions, why is she always begging for 1 or 2 subs everyday to afford ramen?

If she had such reach she'd be living off OF and not crying for money to get fillers or fix her missing teeth.(reddit spacing)

No. 303020

i was about to comment the same thing. does he put foundation on his lips? i wouldn't put it past kevvy to be wearing makeup. or maybe hes just so tired and sickly from their poor diet that he actually looks like that. i still tinfoil they're on some sort of drugs, maybe abusing adderall or another prescription stimulant? wasn't he sent to rehab back in the day for coke or was that just a rumor in this thread?

No. 303025

Posting "too busy for socials" right after being blocked, never seen a man so, well cucked and pussywhipped as this man. He's obsessed with Lori and probably gets little to nothing from his efforts, there is a lesson here but I don't know what

No. 303026

Kevin is a real life horror show example of the sunk cost fallacy in action. It's actually pretty sobering when I think about it.

No. 303029

>reminder that we (male cosplayers) exist and are valid

What the actual fuck, does he really think he's underrepresented and underprivileged as a straight white betamale?(sage your shit)

No. 303055

it’s not only that he can’t afford it, but there’s also zero room in that apartment to a) store any big cosplay parts, and b) make any cosplays in the first place. the apartment is overrun with lori’s shit.

No. 303319

sorry i'm super behind nona's and I'm replying to this post late, but Kevin is the king of delusion. The cosplay community has just gotten more inclusive and welcoming to all types of people. There are so many successful male cosplayers as well. He is so in denial because if he faced reality he would have to admit that his life crashed and burned once he got involved with Lori.

Do you really think cosplay as a whole has changed that much kev, or is it more likely one persons influence that has ruined your chances of cosplaying ever again? Fucking sad.

No. 303539

File: 1689697334137.jpeg (454.78 KB, 1497x991, Image.jpeg)

It really is wild how they cope. Things change, that’s life. Plenty of other cosplayers from Kev’s hayday and earlier are still out there participating.
Picrel is one of Lori’s old cosplay friends (a male, Kev!) still going to cons and somehow absolutely killing it in “big cosplay”. Also note that the other friend in the old pic, Crissy, still attends conventions as well. Lori is the only person from that pic who hides away from old friends for fear of having a pic leaked without heavy editing.

No. 303583

Sorry all, forgive me but wow this dude is hot as fuck

No. 303589

I think so too nonnie! And a much better and hotter Endymion than Scutt-Scutt ever was.

No. 303605

Looni's arms and shoulders starting to look doughy even here(nitpick)

No. 303621

File: 1689788956673.jpg (816.44 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20230719_195128_Ins…)

(sage your shit)

No. 303625

You're thirsting over a tall Ray Romano? Whew.

No. 303626

Wella wella chicken fat yella

No. 303636

why does it look like he has a black eye on the left? he looks like such a faggot here. can't afford toner either? glad abuela allowed him to have his yearly bleach ration, those roots were insane.

No. 303676

Fucking KEK anon, I thought the exact same thing

No. 303695

At this point I would pay to see a hairline pic from him. I need to know how bad it is

No. 303713

Three things you will never see on this thread. 1)Kevin's hairline, 2)Lori showing a big toothy grin, and 3)These two with a deed/title/ownership for anything.

No. 303883


Malnutrition dark circles to match the ever-thinning hair helmet and bony slumping shoulders we see in the reflection

No. 303945

File: 1690138014840.png (178.88 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20230723-114628-220…)

I think she's trolling and doesn't actually believe this. There's no way. She's the one who copied all that elf/cat/loli/pink nose blush from other women anyway. She certainly didn't start any trends.

No. 303982

It’s the same delusion she has actually believing Usagi, ZeroTwo, and Marin were inspired by her.

No. 304004

Are any of those things even a trend anymore? i’ve never seen any women walking around wearing elf ears, boleros and blown up faces. I havent even seen anyone do the noserash blush in a while either.

No. 304042

These two are addicted to destroying their hair. Yellow hair, fried and frizzy screams Look at me, I'm poor!! A salon would tone this mess, not bleach it and leave it yellow. I bet Looni did this shit with a cheap tub of Clairol. His hair looked decent for a second,he just needed an actual haircut. Why is Kevin desperate to stay a backroom employee?

No. 304050

File: 1690211205685.jpeg (69.72 KB, 750x333, IMG_1184.jpeg)

They’re old trends. Lori just likes to pretend she has any legacy other than this page. The blush on the nose and chin popped up all over the East Asian makeup scene throughout the early-mid 2000’s, before exploding in popularity on social media around 2015 (picrel). As we can see from the pic just a few posts ago, Lori was NOT rocking that look around that time. She had chalky pale makeup and chunky liner.
She thinks just because she was an early cosplayer, she can claim all the trends that have any relation to cosplay/East Asia in general. Remember when she tried to claim bold red eye makeup, as if geisha hadn’t been doing that for decades?

No. 305301

File: 1691534026068.jpg (537.12 KB, 1080x932, 20230808_173427.jpg)

Is it just her editing, or has Lori started to have her tattoo removed? Or is it so old it's just blown out?

No. 305302

File: 1691534065920.jpg (474.19 KB, 1080x936, 20230808_173410.jpg)


No. 305398

She couldn’t afford tattoo removal. She likely used a cheap tattoo artist, so her tattoos have really blown out with age. The excessive editing she does makes them look even more faded. The blur tool has made them “disappear” before.

No. 306115

File: 1692744443054.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2458x3072, IMG_2626.jpeg)

No milk really, she posted a dollskill haul on her stories the other day. Im surprised she posted it since the filter kept struggling and her actual waistline made an appearance

No. 306150

>Witch skull

Her edits seem extreme nowadays. Not that her pics were ever real but she must be as huge as moo with all the clothes, arms and angles she's employing on top of maxing those snow app filters.

No. 306295

File: 1693035494420.jpg (68.46 KB, 576x1051, IMG_20230826_003630_023.jpg)

You mean like Lori and all her totally real, non-bot followers? Or maybe this is a dig from Kevin at her. He's currently blocked from Lori's Instagram again, lol.

I do enjoy Kevin's boomer takes about how social media/cosplay/skateboarding is just so xyz these days instead of how it was back in his day and that's why he isn't popular. He should post more of these.

No. 306325

File: 1693079714812.jpg (Spoiler Image,509.36 KB, 1536x2048, 20230826_144856.jpg)

Behind a spoiler cause I don't really know what I'm looking at.

It feels like she's posting more regularly to Twitter more than Instagram these days. She may be filtering her body but it looks more like she's just starving herself again. I don't really care if she does OF/sex work but I do have a hard time believing she's able to make enough money to be even a little comfortable without a standard normal job. I also would have thought that her current poor way of life with the unsuccessful career focus choice would have humbled her a bit more, but if her past has taught us anything that ain't happening.

No. 306338

Terrible with angles as always. She picks the worst stickers to censor with too.

No. 306354

Found some nudes/OF leaks of Lori that I haven't seen. Like posing next to the dildo by the shower. But maybe I just missed these.

fapello.com/monstergirl/(this is an imageboard)

No. 306381

I'm convinced Kevin's parents are funding a lot of their lives. Total tinfoil

No. 306452

File: 1693265097574.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.14 KB, 382x462, 20230828_182434.jpg)

Dang! So we see a glimpse of the real face and fried hair here, huh?
Spoiler for boobage.

No. 306454

Kek, I think I spot a forehead wrinkle

I dont how old these are, but she definitely doesnt look like shes been starving

No. 306480

Her hair bothers me to an insane degree. It’s so fucking fried and dead it’s not worth keeping. Get a pixie, dye it dark and grow it the fuck out Jesus. Genuinely can’t imagine how far off the deep end she’s gonna go when she does hit the big 4-0 in a few years if this is her behavior/presentation in her late 30s.

No. 306618

File: 1693419563351.jpeg (118.99 KB, 1080x1281, 372532899_578681850949206_8341…)

No. 306654

Kevin looking the most alive I’ve seen him in years, low key refreshing to not have a shitty mirror selfie(sage your shit)

No. 306660

did her subscription to meitu get too expensive?

No. 306667

Kevin managed to claim a few feet of space without any egirl shit or plushies in sight, you can just see them in the bottom left corner. Good for you Kevin. Maybe he has a job now

No. 306692

File: 1693498750232.jpg (72.64 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230831_092057_913.jpg)

In case anyone is still following the blocking saga, here's August 2023's calendar as we head into September.

No. 306786


i suspect he took the photo in this specific spot and perspective with his head positioned between the two ceiling lights (without obscuring them) deliberately to match his black and white clothes. it looks stupid, but then again everything they do, wear, and say is stupid.

No. 306797

is that a new couch? did he hide all the plushies just to take this pic?

No. 306837

Wonder what he had to buy Lori to get unblocked.

It looks like a cheap chaise lounge that someone left out during a garage sale. The apt is so obviously filled with bedbugs.

No. 306942

the dolls kill shoes and box bleach rations looking good nonitas.

sometimes i have thoughts of how lori buys things. she probably takes kevin’s card without consent and just buys stupid shit without his approval

No. 306961

File: 1693846885869.jpg (69.25 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230904_094756_265.jpg)

September is off to a good start! I've been keeping these calendars for 2 years now lol. I started in August 2021.

No. 307149

File: 1694064240552.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20230906-185156-539…)

Kevin always says stuff like this then never posts the photos.

No. 307202

The only similarity that he shares with Link is that they're both short.

Link is quiet, calm, level-headed, pretty, strong, funny, sweet, healthy-haired, and noble. Kevin is literally not even close to any of those things and in fact is the total opposite.

The only other similarity that I can think of is that Link sometimes eats rocks. Kevin seems like the type to do so too.

No. 307417

File: 1694288066559.png (240.32 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20230909-123436-020…)

That's an interesting history rewrite. I'm pretty sure it was the opposite, with Lori and her cronies terrorizing, bullying, and excluding others in the cosplay community, especially any other girl who dared to cosplay Sailor Moon. Also lol @ Lori thinking she's influencing e-girl looks, with her reach of about 100 real followers.

No. 307434

Wow Topkek!! Lori is delusional or thinks her audience is far enough removed to not remember the terror she caused in the cos community back in the day. Plenty of people still remember how she caused all her own problems and was the one everyone eventually ran away from.

Lori gave herself a terrible reputation. I guess she cant accept that even to this day. Some things are permanent Looni. You did it to yourself.

No one is speculating when you live your life out in the open for everyone to see.

No. 307482

>Posted 6 hours ago
>1 like

Ok lori.

No. 307528

Meanwhile she's literally the one following the, now dead, egirl trend. Lori it's over and here you are, as per usual, late and beating the dead horse. Delusional. And using mental illness to cover up her abusive tendencies and calling it "triggered" is a choice, I'm sure Kevin's knee would say otherwise.

No. 307529

File: 1694382665783.jpeg (158.25 KB, 736x1308, IMG_2736.jpeg)

This. I don’t know what to make of her. She spent her youth being a mean girl before Mean Girls existed. She made a joke of a whole fandom, and that will forever be what is attached to her name. Everyone except her knows she didn’t invent or influence shite. On the other hand, It’s clear something went terribly wrong in her childhood and it broke her. A small part of me pities the joke she’s become, but in the end she has only herself to blame. She chooses to perform for the 5 mongoloid horndogs that follow her.

(10000 hours in 2004 photoshop, nonnies)

No. 307531

its funny that she sees herself as so influential when she doesn't even get attention on lolcow anymore… literally no one cares about her shes a total who? what? not even a has-been because she never was popular in the first place. she's been infamous on the internet since the early 00s for being a psycho.

No. 307596

The trend is so over. She wont let it go, she's incapable of replacing all that crap to "influence" anything other style.

Something definitely seems to have happened to her in her childhood. I agree nonny, I kinda pity her too but it's all her own doing. We have choices in life.

She was always a nobody. She would have blended on with all the other cosplayers if not for all the drama she caused. Notorious for getting kicked out of competition for lying about making costumes was huge, even outside if the gs woth her friends. People always talk about her following and the Klan but they never talk about all the people who wanted nothing to do with her because she was a known cheater and lier on top of everything else she had a bad rep for.

No. 307612

i definitely believe that.

who’s parents allow their 15 year old daughter to never pass high school, marry grown older men and travel with a bunch of other teenagers??

No. 307624

Lori's parents had to sign off on her marriage to that one guy when she was 17. Also the only time I've ever seen her dad pop up was when Lori made some callout post on her Facebook to this account that called her fat and her dad defended her. Lori's life has always been very sad. She could have chosen not to be viscously cruel to everyone she snared in her web though. Not all abuse victims lash out at others. Those were all her decisions.

No. 307835

File: 1694788966319.jpeg (689.16 KB, 1536x2048, F5loU51awAA89rf.jpeg)

Why does she insist on taking photos of herself in poses where it looks like she got caught trying to take a shit?

Whatever happened to her knockoff designer bracelet? I never see her wear it.

It looks like back in July she got an early release for some Dolls Kill Hatsune Miku collab. No discount codes for her that I could see.

No. 307849

dolls kill doesn’t give a fuck about lori, there’s discounts every day on the website and the hatsune collab came out a year and a half ago. but it’s good to know lori still dresses like she’s mentally 15

No. 307872

Notice how she doesn't even really have to make a poof face anymore topkek. The reaching out is to hide her fat arms too and the hair covering the double chin. We see you Lori

Hangyodon's face looking at her.. same my dude same

No. 307947

It's just hard to even laugh at her if I see her behavior as a survivor of some kind of ptsd or CSA. I think this trauma causes her to lack the self awareness and growth needed for her to make it.

No. 307990

She’s nearly 40 and has built a reputation for being a bullying pickme for decades atp. Having a bad childhood isn’t an excuse for telling someone to off themselves, animal neglect, and all the other crazy shit she’s done.

No. 308172

File: 1695277643755.jpg (73.11 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230920_232750_177.jpg)

Right on schedule again lol. Someone should input my calendar data into something which tells us stuff like: avg. length between blocks (nonnas have noticed it's usually every 2 weeks), which days of the month blocks and unblocks are most likely to occur, etc.

No. 308251

You're the best, calendaranon! I think the weekly or biweekly feeds into the theory of Loony wanting money from Kevvy's paychecks or parent's payouts.

No. 308393

File: 1695431751960.png (1.81 MB, 1289x1280, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-zpHi…)

I guess Kevin and Lori are going to Fanx?

No. 308401

oh boy! a new character to skinwalk and say is based on lori! please tell me some anons will be at this con, i would love to see candids.

No. 308406

I wonder if they can actually afford to get tickets this time instead of standing outside and posing in front of the windows like weirdos

No. 308418

Kek, Loony's unable to afford to enter a con's front doors yet makes brag posts about how she's made it in life.

Hoping someone gets the candids! Loony might not go since she avoids having candids out for what seems like years now.

No. 308423

Lmao I’m at the con today. If I see her I’ll try and snap a few

No. 308436

please come through anon!!

No. 308441

Well it doesn't look like he could even afford a plain black tie

No. 308462

I doubt it. Kevin made a cope post awhile back about how he's so over cons for so many reasons and hanging out with people outside the con is way cooler than going to the con, lol.

No. 308464

Hilarious considering he was whining about nobody putting effort into their cosplays or doing any “big” cosplays here >>302690

However if you look through the fanx tag theres plenty cosplays with props, including chainsaw man. Meanwhile he cant even get his tie right

No. 308466

File: 1695521189046.png (733.12 KB, 576x866, chrome_rsEdqHoGVd.png)

they didnt go into the con?

No. 308475

>another terribly over-edited pic

Sounds like they may have hung around outside the con again. Hope candid anon comes through!

No. 308480

This is supposed to be her casual/closet Power cosplay? At least she got the horns right…

No. 308481

Kek that waist edit. You can see the fat spilling out on the top and bottom of that corset. It’ll be hilarious to get canids.

No. 308482

File: 1695537779034.png (3.79 MB, 1298x2048, Volume_2_(Textless).png)

she didn't though. those horns are for the oni in fgo. powers aren't as round like that or on her forehead.

No. 308520

Power wears the most basic as fuck outfits that anyone could just make after digging into any normal closet, and she wears whatever is that?

No. 308523

how long since the engagement? they could at least tell their "fans" they aren't getting married. yeah he gave her a ring but who is his best man? her bridesmaids? third marriage for her and he was a sweet morman boy who found his ACTUAL WAIFU
I see their ferrets dying, their cosplay getting worse and commenting on their living standards at this stage is just mean.
you go, usagi-kou. good spirited usagi always dreamed for this. zero two definitely lived in a shoebox in utah.
the shoebox bit is all the funnier when you realize "learn high fashion or die faggots" faggots think shoes = payment.
which pair are you wearing to your wedding lori? the 6+ inch red ones to flex on kevin's mormon parents or the white 6+ inch stripper ones to post for onlyfans?

No. 308547

File: 1695598374119.jpg (466.52 KB, 1080x1454, IMG_20230925_003205.jpg)

Just an embarrassing thing to post

No. 308548

Lol Lori had to unblock Kevin in order to allow him to tag her in description of this post.

No. 308549

wow she actually let him grab her tits for this photo. surprised its not just a hover hand.

No. 308550

Kev looking like the ghost of Michael jackson and Whori's fat spilling out of this outfit on top of the bad body shoop is just chefs kiss

No. 308581

That waist edit is hilarious.

>hanging out with people outside the con
Tell me your broke
Tell me you talk to people briefly as they go to the actual con

At their age who are they going to hang out with anyway? All the young people are making friends and all the people their ages are there with the friends they made years ago. It's harder to make friends as an adult when most everyone around you already settled into their lives. Women Lori's age have money to spend too, jobs, homes and families. She doesn't fit with them and most wouldnt put up with her anyway, especially not her slutty come on to everyone personality. Kevin could probably still be the weirder older guy hanging around the 20 somethings, but shes just at innapropriate stalker age. Of course theirs outliers and I'm sure their happy with any attention they can get even if it's from people with as many issues as them.

He looks ok. It's a mediocre low budget cosplay but it's got a kind of respectable look. She looks like something that got caught in a net. It's an unimagined, uninspired sex shop discount rack look as usual.

No. 308589

Kek, this is the funniest pic in a while. Kevin's face literally looks like Loony's. The background and hair bending all over shows she must hate how huge she is while Kevin only got skinnier than her. No wonder they don't go outside and get caught in candids. #madeit

No. 308604

I cant tell if her pants are unbuttoned to sit lower on her hips or because they dont fit anymore. And the hole in her pants doesnt look intentional. Damn Lori order some new pants in your next dollskill splurge. Also why does kevin have concealer on his lips?

She probably thinks women her age aren't fun and youthful like her and are just jealous boring button downs. The reality is they’re all discussing their weekend plans in Napa or their next promotion and don't want a hag in a fishnet top constantly interrupting them with “beep beep spaghetti” while shaking like a tard.

No. 308627

File: 1695692517158.png (1.69 MB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20230925-145827-185…)

She needs to stop with this face. It looks weird now that her face has filled out some.

No. 308646

She's not even poofing anymore at this point. If anything, she's just showing everyone what her face is a mere few pounds from actually looking like. So weird for someone obsessed with looking thinner, you'd think she'd suck in her fat cheeks instead

Voting for her face in this picture to be the next thread picture

No. 308778

File: 1695882455391.jpg (757.79 KB, 1080x1350, 1574217385338.jpg)

It would be her fourth marriage actually. If nothing else, Lori's ability to browbeat so many men into marriage is impressive

Those horns are just recycled from her 02 days, picrel. She's said before that accuracy doesn't matter to her (while criticizing other cosplayers for not being accurate enough ofc)

No. 308784

Has she ever had a marriage like legally and with a ceremony? Or are all these just like Kevvy where it's a cracker jack ring and calling each other "fiance" indefinitely?

No. 308806

No. 308841

Inaccuracy aside, making an effort to be in character for cosplay photos is free. What's the excuse for this garbage?

No. 308869

> d.va with pink eyebrows
but she was so pressed about the live-action usagi having dark hair and a "flat face"
I almost prefer this image from back in the day from her belle delphine skinwalk, at least she was trying to be a character and not a real girl a decade younger than her

No. 308897

You don't even have to go back that far. In 2019 she was jealous of a younger, prettier Zero Two cosplayer with a better costume and better photographs and Lori went off about the inaccurate cosplay and "sagging ass handles" but since it isn't 2002 anymore, she got called out and all the commenters said that there's enough room for everyone in cosplay.

No. 308951

They're really giving off the impression that they haven't watched/read CSM at all

No. 308960

I miss the days when Lori and Kevin would double down on how they didn’t edit their photos and that they had naturally large eyes. The bang up job she used to do on Kevin’s face was so entertaining.

No. 308998

File: 1696290678141.jpeg (233.93 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_3112.jpeg)

New tattoo followed by some article about the tattoo studio. Probably got an apprentice to do it so she could get it for cheap.

No. 309007

i think theyre trying to reference how the scrote wanted to touch tits

No. 309026

yes, obviously, but Kevin's utterly expressionless face and Lori's contrived uwu bullshit could not be farther from either of those characters.

No. 309037

Also, him touching Power's chest is something that even people who haven't watched or read it know about, so that's definitely just an aspect they learned about through cultural osmosis considering they don't look/do anything else close to the characters

No. 309051

Sage for weebery but poor denji, him touching breasts was such a big deal for him. Imagine his first chance is Lori's concaveles.

No. 309059

It looks like it was a free tattoo. The shading is shit.

No. 309060

I find it pretty funny that they both used to sperg out on other cosplayers for not being accurate, or buying a premade costumes, but now they’re guilty of doing both.

No. 309080

They've always been guilty of it though. Lori pretended she made her cosplays and her hair was natural even though it was wigs and mismatched extensions while her scratcher tats ruined it all. The old hag never stopped sperging at other cosplayers though, she still did it on facebook fairly recently to random younger and prettier girls.

No. 309083

i honestly can’t with this dumb ass cosplay. sad ass yellow wig that looks like he got them from a halloween store and her in some random shein thotty outfit at 40. literally nobody would be able to tell who tf they’re cosplaying as. she doesn’t even have pink hair for fucks sake lol

No. 309136

A giant blue blotch with lines? That will look great in a few years. For someone so obsessed with their looks she is terrible at taking care of herself. I know it's a rose but it's boring, poor quality and too big and plain for the location. Why the lines coming off of it? It would have looked so much better closer to the wrist and off center with no lines. But she never did get any tattoos that have cohesion. Just random weird things in random places.

No. 309185

Mooriah has a crappy cheese rose tattoo herself, also placed on her forearm.
This rose looks like it was done by a teenager with a permanent marker. Bad shading.

No. 309385

File: 1696768174897.jpg (897.74 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20231008_003628_Ins…)

Fucking yikes

No. 309465

This is SO bad that even Lori’s edits look better than this. Fuckin yikes, Kev

No. 309480

All that filtering and he still looks hollow inside

No. 309492

I think it's more like he caked on a pure white foundation even on his lips and did poor eyeliner + those contacts and awful lighting and this was the product, possibly with some editing. Kev has never been attractive but he makes it 10x worse and looks smug about it somehow

No. 309855

File: 1697332954381.jpg (291.39 KB, 720x1264, 122036606.jpg)

Deranged video with an equally deranged caption

No. 309856

File: 1697332996131.jpg (384.21 KB, 720x1280, 122101204.jpg)

One of the looks kek

No. 309865

Can someone tell abuela that the internet has moved on from Belle Delphine clones and e-girls?

No. 309874

she forgot to shrink her head when she edited this travesty.

No. 309886

Her looks are influential? Wtf is she even talking about

No. 309913

This is an old pic, look at the room

No. 309953

It was in her stories on the sane day she posted the "muh influential looks" caption

No. 309958

She's been reposting old stuff for ages because she's been eating all of Kevvy's food and can't fit into those cheap clothes anymore.

No. 310043

File: 1697509567282.jpeg (224.51 KB, 750x1039, IMG_4433.jpeg)

Here’s a more recent look that’s similar. Actually maybe a worse look than >>309856, which is an impressive feat.

No. 310088

File: 1697579307622.jpg (147.6 KB, 744x1280, IMG_20231017_143737_112.jpg)

Kevin here with his seasonal reminder that cosplayers are dangerous!

No. 310097

>it can be dangerous
Kek this coming from the guy that was threatening to beat up people at conventions

No. 310106

It looks like she fell into her laundry pile. I can't see any other explanation for how someone would end up wearing this combination of items.

No. 310111

I love how it's only cosplayers.

No. 310118

Man, poor Kevin. This is such an insane cope. He actually had friends and a hobby he was well liked within and he had to go and become a live-in servant for one of the most hated people in the entire scene. He'd be so much happier without her. He'd still have friends!

No. 310119

Yes Kev, other cosplayers worried about your wellbeing, worrying about the fact that you're in a toxic as fuck relationship is SO DANGEROUS!!!

No. 310121


Kek, still illiterate as ever. Another cope post claiming he's not interested in cons or other cosplayers while in the same breath posting old pictures and whining that there's a con happening.

He and Loony legit believe they're relevant to a community of people half their age, where nobody knows who they even are. So dangerous!

No. 310145

This is an old build? damn, if he kept up with it, he could have grown as a cosplayer. Instead he trapped himself with Lori. Kek

No. 310161

File: 1697679191087.png (1.59 MB, 2110x1280, DefendMyselfAgainstThePropagan…)

Lol Kevin is losing it.

No. 310168

I don't remember anyone ever saying they're "too old" for cons. What is he talking about?

No. 310169

It's so fkn weird and unhinged. Nobody said it was stalker behavior to go to conventions? We just made fun of them for being too poor to afford tickets and pretending like hanging out outside the con was cooler than attending.

No. 310183

It's like he's gradually unlearning the English language. Also he's starting to sound a little like Pixyteri used to

No. 310184

I know most of the thread is anti Kev these days but I'm with you in still feeling bad for him. He was a super social guy with a huge friend circle, on his way to becoming a popular cosplay crafter. But Lori succeeded in completely isolating him from everyone besides herself, and even made him paranoid about any potentional new friendships so that he will never have anyone but her. Total isolation is something basically all Cluster Bs try to do to their partners, but very few of them actually accomplish it, so it's surreal to see how far this has gone.

No. 310198

He and Lori stalk this thread because it's the only human interaction they have. It's just random people laughing about them on the internet but they try to cope and pretend it's all "one hater" for years now.

From what others have said, he was well on his way to becoming his own cow, complete with a police record. Lori fast tracked him into becoming just like her.

No. 310199

No one on this planet cares as much about the age of convention-goers as much as these two. Most people just go if they have an interest, and they don’t agonize over it. Plenty of 30-40 year olds are going. Some have scaled back as they have new interests and responsibilities. Some have scaled up as they have more income and like going big.
The difference is Kevin (and likely Lori) have paranoid delusions that if they’re not the center of attention, it must be some grand conspiracy against them. You get older and don’t look quite the same in spandex/latex/makeup. That’s part of life. Burnt bridges are also a part of their particular life choices. How they still can’t just accept that, I don’t know. It’s a whole brew of mental health issues that they just won’t address.

No. 310201

I think that Lori's complex and delusions about aging influenced Kevin lol

No. 310202

>>310201 I don't see how he could remain unaffected. The fully actualized adults their own age who attend conventions usually have trappings of a successful and enjoyable life. They aren't worried about being "poverty shamed" for prioritizing fast fashion over vet bills, nor are they paranoid and avoiding overhead lighting like it's a plague.

No. 310218

nor are they paranoid and avoiding overhead lighting like it's a plague

Kek, thought they just couldn't afford to go in but not wanting to be seen in the con lighting could be a reason, too. But they looked terrible in natural light anyways, as it shows how poorly done the details and colours on their costumes were.

No. 310315

File: 1697774821729.jpg (72.02 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20231019_210524_162.jpg)

Lol, another 2 weeks, again.

No. 310375

Is there any chance that the blocking and refollowing does something for her follower count or something? Does it have a purpose? Or are they really just like this? It's fucking weird.

No. 310398

File: 1697848539914.png (Spoiler Image,759.85 KB, 801x1079, Screenshot_20231018-204631.png)

I know she has a engagement (largely robotic) on social media, but is there a way to get a sense of how many coomers actually pay her?
Her filtered pics are one thing, but the videos are… so… bad.
Along with inane cat(?) noises, while wearing bunny ears, here are a couple new catchphrases:
"Silly titty!" pokes said titty
moans "Sugoi! Is that for me, homey?"

No. 310491

nothing he writes ever makes much sense.

>inappropriate stalker behavior to go to fanx because we're too old

i literally have no idea wtf this means. who are they stalking? wtf does their age have to do with this? was he high and manic when he wrote this? literal incoherent word salad.

>i don't always defend myself against the propaganda…

you're not a politician kevin, what propaganda is there to spread? plus you sperg out, constantly, over any sort of criticism directed towards you and are known to lurk and look up what others are saying about you. so part of this is your own fault and anyone with half a brain would take a break from social media if it was bothering them that much.

>the entire community is like this now

no, no it isn't. you just can't handle that your reputation proceeds you and that everyone knows you as the crazy insecure dude with a batshit abusive girlfriend who threw away his budding con career to defend her. people generally liked you up until you started defending lori and drinking her kool-aid about how the world is against her because she's beautiful. if you had listened to your friends, ex-friends of lori's, and your family when they warned you about her, maybe you wouldn't be in this situation and you would be able to enjoy cons and cosplay in peace without the toxicity that is lori?

No. 310502

File: 1697987682141.jpeg (133.53 KB, 606x790, IMG_2224.jpeg)

I haven’t kept up with these bums in a while and came across their KF thread. There was a video of Kevin skating from back in April and I can’t believe how ghoulish he looks. That hairline is tragic.

No. 310503

File: 1697987750574.jpeg (141.31 KB, 638x926, IMG_2225.jpeg)

Straight up balding

No. 310505

File: 1697991275032.jpeg (170.11 KB, 1499x968, Image.jpeg)

That’s my guess as to why he chose to plop this travesty of a wig on his head, even though it’s no more character-accurate than his usual hair. He didn’t want a stray gust of wind to disturb his combover when there might be HATERZ nearby.

No. 310506

Looks like a meth head dancing sheesh

No. 310548

No wonder he keeps coming his hair forward or wearing wigs like Lori, they're both totally bald. The walmart peroxide really did a number on them.

No. 310551

I like how the age range is as wide as 50 so he could include Lori kek
Forget the nudity that foot is what nightmares are made of

No. 310597

idk why but these two pics give off massive tweaker energy. like i can see him and lori in walmart screaming at people cause they didn't get 5 cents taken off their purchase.

No. 310612

>No Evidence

Oh Kevin was just a little guy when Lori was off proving herself psycho, he forgets.

No. 310614

He doesn't forget. He lies in order to indulge Lori. She bragged that "My fiance thought I was 24 when he met me," (that was a long time ago; Lori hasn't referred to Kevin as fiance in years) but there's no way that is true because Kevin himself admits that he thought of Lori as a "cosplay senpai" and how she was out there doing cosplay before it was cool and trendy. He knew her real age. Kevin just does the whole, "No, babe, you look 19!" thing to appease Lori.

No. 310625

Check out those tits as well, what a fat ass.

Being skinny forever backfires on men, Lori needs to tell him to get in thr gym and lift some weights. I doubt she'll want to be with a guy who is bald AND fat

No. 310662

File: 1698187465764.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2591, BlahBlahBlah.png)

Kevin posted this word salad about cosplay regrets. Also he's said that he's "getting back into" cosplay for the last 4 years but nothing ever happens.

No. 310665

Still waiting for him to top “cosplay martyr“

No. 310667

That filename lol

No. 310684

File: 1698237080429.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.43 KB, 231x275, 1563660368559.jpg)

"didn't overdo it" KEK ok kevvy

No. 310710

Shes going bald and no slim jim herself anymore.

No. 311331

File: 1698816333647.jpg (2.85 MB, 4096x3072, MTXX_PT20231031_165416521.jpg)

Was wondering what her recent pics reminded me of, then I remembered this picture exists. Lighting and editing can only change so much.

No. 311390

File: 1698928511632.jpg (178.81 KB, 718x1024, nosferatu.jpg)

Count Orlok lookin ass.

No. 311822

Good comparison Nonny. Not even the filters hide her age anymore. I never forget that she actually has a hook nose but she edits it out in every picture.

"Vampire Genetics". Kek.

No. 312477

File: 1700122500725.jpg (1.73 MB, 3478x2598, Loridrawings.jpg)

Was scrolling through her instagram to pre 02 skinwalking and saw her old drawings. To be honest I don't think any of them are half bad, assuming they aren't traced. The style of them is pretty popular right now too. Maybe she should've stuck to drawing instead of shitty porn. Lol.

No. 312581

File: 1700229231747.webm (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, GI2RSxP9E-HOnkAGAOHdIpnrIIkBbp…)

Lori posted a whole slew of instagram reels in…. Whatever this outfit is, whining about the cold and begging for boba tea. (1/2)

No. 312585

File: 1700229925921.jpeg (107.97 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_5063.jpeg)

Then posted this. This is her flexing her allure: If you are an extremely lonely scrote, Lori will call you her friend for the price of two bubble teas.

No. 312592

File: 1700234843801.png (2 MB, 1080x2170, Screenshot_20231117-001846-101…)

I cannot stop laughing at "everyone knows me as Kevin."

God. He makes soooo many statuses about username changes. Does he think anybody notices or cares about what his Instagram handles mean to him?

No. 312599

The way he is aging but keeps the animu boy skater hair is sooo fucking funny. Twink death hit Kevvie so hard

No. 312605

this woman is my age. this is actually insane. I remember her from the early anime con days.

No. 312641

He has so many filters turned on trying to erase his double chin…it has almost erased all of his chin. His neck now looks bizarre. He has also blown up his eye size trying to be animu.

No. 312669

File: 1700328344026.jpeg (119 KB, 1241x1033, 2C4588D9-DB7D-430F-8C89-672EA5…)

with the massive forehead he's looking like

No. 312730

I bet Kevin ordered it for her, otherwise I doubt there would be two.

No. 312763

why is she talking like she's 12 years old? those comments anons made about her husky new york accent must have gotten to her.

No. 312768

Her body language is very much giving baby stuck in a high chair

No. 312798

She's pretending to be retarded for real. She talks like a pip squeak and rolls her eyes all over her head because she's trying to pander to disgusting men with tard fetishes. It's incredibly disturbing how she tries to sound like a child.

No. 312829

File: 1700511685431.jpg (2.25 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20231120_152131650.jpg)

Kevin's still mad, calling Moo and Co their abusers still kek

No. 312833

Anons reposting your publicly shared photos on lolcow or kiwifarms is not doxxing, Kev. He wishes he was that relevant. He’s not even a popular cow. No one cares about him or Lori.

No. 312837

Her art has been discussed in past threads. Half her drawing are just replicas of someone elses work. The deer girl and the ferrets specifically were not her ideas.

Is she wearing that fake plastic breast thing from a few threads ago?

Kek, exactly. He always tried to pretend like he got doxxed like anyone cared where they lived.

No. 312848

File: 1700533778133.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_3756.jpeg)

Woof! How do men manage to age so shitty so fast!? Even Loris forehead lines aren’t that bad, although it could just from heavy filter usage.

Also they’re terminally unemployed and still cant bother to use a hamper? Peep at the used bikini on the bathroom counter.

No. 312862

File: 1700563653310.png (875.63 KB, 1019x1457, laser beams incoming in 3.. 2.…)

i hope this doesn't count as a nitpick, but this is slightly horrifying to me.. the pink brows do NOT help.

No. 312867

File: 1700572864706.jpeg (700.92 KB, 750x1110, IMG_5214.jpeg)

I’m with you Nonnie. This company sent her a box of contacts to shill and it’s sooo bad. The cockeyed Hello Kitty contacts have me cackling.

No. 312877

Good catch, anon. She's indeed wearing the breastplate, she always covers the top and bottom when doing it. Also she maxed out the waist slimming filter, so everything is warping into it.

No. 312883

Why does she insists on staying blonde if she cant manage the color? those roots, wow. I cant believe she's still doing pink brows. She makes herself look so much worse

No. 312900

too many girls from the same area really love this weird colored brow look. it don't look good on anyone.(sage your shit)

No. 312901

hot roots and dodgy makeup aside, she looks so much better without the crusty bangs in her face.

No. 312902

Agreed, she just needs to tone the roots. She has quite a nice face shape under the crusty bangs.
Does anyone here have any coomer buddies? Is anyone still into the egirl look? It seems like natural makeup and more natural bodies are in favour now.

No. 312906

File: 1700613752449.jpeg (530.92 KB, 885x1016, IMG_1477.jpeg)

nice photoshop

No. 312908

File: 1700614304958.png (912.82 KB, 721x722, 2f45d9d00329e270dcb29b44362.pn…)

Not saying Abuela doesn't photoshop, but it seems like the contacts incorporate Hello Kitty's ears in the silhouette. Still stupid picture.

No. 312911

Her eyes are squiggly in a lot of her photos, so I thought this was another case of that kek. Wow the addition of ears is really dumb-looking.

No. 312923

How can someone filter then this much and STILL not look good?

No. 313013

she really buying the cheap chinese contacts that destroy your eyes.

No. 313130

Kevin, it’s no one’s fault but yours that you posted a photo showing your address and the internet happened to notice. That isn’t doxxing. You doxxed yourself, if anything lmaooo

No. 313626

File: 1701198671312.jpg (Spoiler Image,327.34 KB, 585x1005, ScuttGriffin.jpg)

Some Lori’s leftovers lols since this thread is dead. Meanwhile at Didney Worl Scutt Scutt has completely transformed into Peter Griffin.

No. 313849

Lol I don't know about other nonnas but I don't mind the occasional Scott milk, especially when Lori and Kevin are being quiet. That guy is a cow and a half. How long has he been with the current woman? Are they trying to be Ariel and Eric?

No. 313856

File: 1701387268024.jpg (98.55 KB, 717x1274, Screenshot_20231201_103351_Ins…)

And men have the audacity to perpetuate the wall stereotype when they age like this. Also Lori's most recent tweeking video is going down well with her audience

No. 313862

I think if more of Lori's followers were actual humans we would see a lot more comments like this. Lori gets no likes compared to other people posting similar content. I think people see through her filters and bs and see a person who really off mentally and take notice of how inconsistent she looks too. Lori shows pretty much everything and gets a thousand likes. A younger girl with similar filters shows less with more normal settings and consistency and gets 37,000 likes.

I think people look at a post like this and see a deranged 38 year old sitting in her kitchen sink.

No. 313885

>Lol I don't know about other nonnas but I don't mind the occasional Scott milk, especially when Lori and Kevin are being quiet. That guy is a cow and a half.
Same, he's always good for lulz. Honestly he really needs to have his own thread, he's basically the male version of Lori anyways.

I have no idea who midlife crisis momriel is but I hope to god she's smart enough to make him sign a prenup, especially after what he did to Heidi. At least now we know where he skulked off to.

No. 313989

File: 1701497022368.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3842.png)

Last one finally passed. Surprised it lasted this long tbh

No. 313991

Dude is definitely making Kevin look good. Girl looks fine but a Facebook engagement announcement in 2023 is kinda pathetic. I am getting tired of seeing old looking white people get engaged, millennial generation are so fucking embarrassing because behind every wrinkled engagement/marriage announcement is an extra ten years of fucking around on the part of at least one of them. That is what actually happens when you "won't commit" you just commit later when your casual sex pool has dried up, and everyone knows what you did kek
Like to me this shit is deeply embarrassing because you're supposed to get engaged in your 20s and I keep seeing old looking people getting engaged or married over the last few years, some are in their 40s.
Anyway they are evidently such losers at being old af and making such shit disneybound/cosplay attempts that they make kevin and lori look good in comparison, which is quite the feat(derailing)

No. 313992

Her ferret ownership has taught me that ferret ownership is mostly a very sad affair, just seems like those things were sick and dying for years and years

No. 314002

I think making fun of them for being ugly losers is valid but people can get engaged and married at any adult age. You have to be 18 to post here anon

No. 314005

I mean they are both in their 40's so…

>an extra ten years of fucking around on the part of at least one of them. That is what actually happens when you "won't commit" you just commit later when your casual sex pool has dried up, and everyone knows what you did kek

We all know Scott fucks around, he's a hobosexual who grifts his was through the cosplay community and uses women until they throw him out. How does this new one not know? Wasn't there proof a few threads back he was trying to smash Lori while he was in a relationship with someone else?

Poor ferret baby. At least it's not suffering from Loony's negligence anymore.

No. 314009

can confirm. even if you take perfect care of them, they're just deeply unhealthy animals and almost always wind up with cancer, strokes, or both. i think their average lifespan is single digit.

they're definitely not a good pet if you're struggling financially like lori but we all know poorfag influencers get off on having exotic pets they can't afford a vet for

No. 314010

> Poor ferret baby. At least it's not suffering from Loony's negligence anymore.
I hope Lori doesn’t get another pet to use as a prop. Lori (and Kevin too, he was compliant) are neglectful owners and they can’t afford medical care.

No. 314032

Instagram reels have started to get kind of ruthless compared to others. So I'd imagine she would get more comments like this whenever the algorithm decides to push it to random people

No. 314041

Wait wut? I thought he was engaged to that girl in Colorado he was living with?!

No. 314044

Ferrets are notorious for illnesses and disease. Tumors especially. I don't think she had these are just funsies pets. Getting sick isn't only a sign of neglect and imo they never seemed neglected. If only she walked them out sometimes, but hereditary issues can still develope. I'm glad the poor thing didn't go alone at least. That shows she cares, at least to me it does.

No. 314050

She wasn’t so kind to her cat, so I’m sure she neglected her ferrets just the same. I didn’t say in my post that her ferrets getting sick was her fault (although she definitely contributed), I just said that she was a neglectful owner, which is true. Don’t forget that Lori used their deteriorating health to grift money, and when she did get the funds that could have gone to their medical care, she spent it on aliexpress and dollskill junk instead. That’s not the sign of a loving owner.
>I don't think she had these are just funsies pets
She did though. She got them since they’re “exotic” and used them as props for photos, just like she did with her cat during her sailor moon skinwalk. She abandoned that cat. You must be new here or very ignorant.

No. 314059

I wonder what happened to him… it can't just be age. Maybe drugs or smth. He used to be considered one of the hottest guys in the cosplay world.

Most people that you see getting engaged at older ages were already married at least once prior (much like Lori who was married 2 or 3 times before the latest engagement to Kev). So they weren't "fucking around." Not sure if Scott was married at some point before. He def was engaged several times, including to Lori back in the day.

Wasn't that lady's husband in prison and then got released? I'm sure that caused some trouble in paradise. Man, Scott milk is always quality.

No. 314078

>I wonder what happened to him… it can't just be age. Maybe drugs or smth. He used to be considered one of the hottest guys in the cosplay world.
wait, what did he look like before becoming a bloated mess?

No. 314079

>I wonder what happened to him… it can't just be age.
Maybe his lifestyle of endlessly grifting women? I don't think he's ever had a steady job or his own place. I did also hear he had some sort of addiction and stole a bunch of money from the Colorado woman he was with which led to him getting yeeted and would explain why he fled Colorado to shack up with someone with thousands of dollars of stolen money.

>Wasn't that lady's husband in prison and then got released?

No the one he just got engaged to is the one whose husband was in prison. Scott is milky AF. Google tiffany Tezna covid theft, she and her husband Andy stole thousands of dollars in covid relief loan money from taxpayers.

Since he's being compared to Loony didn't Scott also have a shitton of pets that he didn't take care of that either died or had to be given away? I think he even had a ferret along with dogs cats and birds all at once.

No. 314135

>Not sure if Scott was married at some point before. He def was engaged several times, including to Lori back in the day.

JFC how many times has he been engaged? Is this one like #3 or #4?

No. 314139

I agree. I think she got these ferrets initially because she’s a dumbass with limited long-term planning capabilities, but she hasn’t gotten any additional ferrets to replace those she’s lost. Facebook ferret groups are filled with people trying to re-home theirs for free, so hopefully she’s realized she’s not a good candidate to own them. I can respect that. Watch her prove me a wrong now.

No. 314144

I assumed she was waiting for her last one to pass before getting another pet, be that a ferret or other animal.

No. 314200

File: 1701707080425.jpg (14.72 KB, 370x400, 6ac5e893c0ffa48c71c6943dc7d5da…)


3 that we know of (Lori, Heidi, this one). Who knows what the actual total is.

No. 314221

>I wonder what happened to him… it can't just be age. Maybe drugs or smth. He used to be considered one of the hottest guys in the cosplay world.

I don't have receipts but there was that Sailor Moon cosplayer he was with shortly after Lori, Usagibunny I think? She told everyone that Scott gave her HPV and cervical cancer. He's always been community dick and if he has a lifelong/incurable STD it could explain his decline into a fat sick blob.

No. 314247

File: 1701722350078.png (122.54 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20231204-123440-558…)

I know other anons already suspected something like this considering Lori is broke and the new tattoo looks awful, but here's Lori confirming that her new blue blob tattoo on her forearm was a free tattoo that she won via Instagram.

No. 314250

File: 1701725085186.jpg (88.75 KB, 640x550, 1798488.jpg)


Oh snap I remember that nonnie! It was Usagi Dumpling.

No. 314253

They can barely afford ramen so that anon who predicted it was a free tat was totally right!

The other anons predicting a new pet are also likely right.

No. 314295

A free tattoo? Did it have to be of a specific thing?

No. 314298

File: 1701747401450.jpg (95.86 KB, 786x1280, IMG_20231204_203721_870.jpg)

"I'm not sure what we're going to do now" I dunno Kev, you could both try getting jobs?

No. 314349

Predicting they get a cat or two soon for props and sympathy.

No. 314393

No one here is saying that Lori can afford a new pet. We all know she’s broke. Lori is stupid though and a lack of funds hasn’t stopped her before. People give away free animals all the time so getting one is no problem. Like you said, once the novelty wears off, she’ll probably make Kevin take care of it and worry about it. If anything, they’ll try to grift off of the new pet and make go-fund-me’s and sympathy posts begging for money on Facebook, like she did with the ferrets. We can’t forget the time where after the ferret’s go-fund-me, Kevin was suddenly able to get new shoes and Lori got more tacky dollskill outfits. Terrible people.

No. 314398

>it was sarcasm and it went over your head(derailing)

No. 314435

Then why did you delete your post kek. Backpedaling really hard there, anon.(infighting)

No. 314843


No. 314959

>I'm not sure what we're going to do now!
Kek, as if there aren't a large number of functioning adults who work full time, care for special needs or senior pets and still find time for their hobbies. But hes too busy hitting the weed pen and bitching about accomplished cosplayers to manage his time successfully.

I hope at this point Lori is self aware enough to realize her ideal lifestyle is too self centered to take on another pet.

No. 315021

File: 1702334953511.jpeg (218.18 KB, 828x646, IMG_8707.jpeg)

extremely OT but real housewives of salt lake city actually filmed at the same pool and hot tub lori is always posting at. i thought i was crazy when i saw the scene in season 3 (it was in the first couple episodes) but then i saw this on reddit. in my wildest dreams lori or kevin will show up in the background as a waitress or barista or something.

No. 315062

Funny that both Lori and Real Housewives did the same thing of misrepresenting the space, like her photos in the lobby that she pretends is part of her apartment

No. 315068

Nice find, nonna.

No. 315072

File: 1702368210826.jpeg (856.47 KB, 2712x1467, IMG_3882.jpeg)

I remember this! Lori drunkenly posed with the Heather Gay book cover display. A nona actually posted it here

No. 315141

ironically i actually posted this ITT before i had started watching RHOSLC so I didn't make the connection until now!

No. 315151

That's really funny, kek. Lori is just another broke person using this dirty public pool to pretend it's something else.

No. 315254

i didn’t, the mods did kek(sage your shit)

No. 315301


No. 315343

Didn’t Kevin say they couldn’t get real jobs becaise the ferrets declining health demanded intensive care? Looks like it’s time to flip them burgers!

No. 315359

t. Newfag that thinks that's believable

No. 315420

>He used to be considered one of the hottest guys in the cosplay world.

Too bad he's always been a shitty human being.

No. 315433

Press x to doubt

No. 315942

Um, NO. If that was ever true it sure isnt anymore.

No. 315944


That he used to be one of the hottest guys in cosplay or that he's a shitty person?

No. 315945

File: 1703214186897.jpg (878.97 KB, 1080x1440, 20231221_210003.jpg)

So whose waiting room or lobby is she pretending is hers now? I just imagine her believeing shes having a photoshoot instead of the reality that shes a 38 year old woman wearing a ridiculous outfit in a public place with a phone on a ring light. Left the like count on because her likes are abysmal now. Maybe the different face she edits into every picture gave most of her actual followers a clue.

No. 316038

File: 1703285594523.jpg (118.87 KB, 900x600, kek.jpg)

Nobody knows who he is now and even back then he was a nobody. How would he even be considered popular?

Yet another room in the apt buildings. Imagine walking past a forty year old taking selfies with a tripod on the floor in an apt's shared space. She was already brazen enough to do nudes in the shared spaces.

No. 316081

This apartment building is so confused. Why is there all this bullshit empty space?

No. 316101

Looks like she’s gone back to the face she used during the Zero Two skinwalk.

No. 316223

Her nails haven't been filled in what looks like a month, her hair is so filthy it's separated into greasy strands. They're only a few steps away from Luna and Lurch at this point.

No. 316269

File: 1703490234114.jpg (412.59 KB, 1388x1388, Screenshot_20231225_084240_Ins…)

nice rotting teeth

No. 316270

I'm suprised she doesn't do the Vicky Shingles ai photoshop route.

No. 316300

What the fuck! Every detail in this picture is terrifying, why are the eyes and teeth like that?

No. 316342

Holy fucking shit we're actually witnessing her decaying while still technically alive. Grotesque shit.

No. 316362

A lot of apartment complexes do it to pass off as classy. It's just something to add to the amenities tab for potential renters, people rarely use it, which is probably why she feels so comfortable doing her setup.

All those filter programs come with white teeth overlays, and it still couldn't do much at max kek

No. 316428

File: 1703653733682.jpg (480.5 KB, 1079x1027, 1000011739.jpg)

>those black teeth(autism)

No. 316494

File: 1703735287694.jpg (187.54 KB, 1307x853, eww.jpg)

New post from her again, is it just me, or does her teeth look off?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 316497

She often uses the "add teeth" feature her app has, like >>316362 mentioned.

Her rotted teeth, missing tooth gaps and all are off-center. When they're centered and white, that's the biggest giveaway of when she's using an app's teeth settings.

No. 316498

Ah okay, I imagine that she doesn't take care of her hygiene.

No. 316504

men aren't allowed to post here Dillon Trinh of Sparks, Nevada. your Love Live plushie videos are very creepy and pathetic and you should kill yourself(report males, don't respond)

No. 316507

I just like how there's many plushies in the background, you know, if they sold some of their plushies, they wouldn't be in debt.

No. 316508

File: 1703743190583.jpeg (231.76 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2462.jpeg)

For context(ban evasion)

No. 316607

File: 1703827181135.jpg (437.04 KB, 1708x1708, 1000024250.jpg)

This keeps happening when I improve the quality of the pictures. In every single one the actual condition of her teeth can be seen. Also, lol @ the bended nail and phone case.

No. 316608

ngl thought this was nitpicking bait, but goddamn this is absolutely nightmare fuel. The warping of the grinch taki nails mixed with the camel 9 menthol tar teeth. yeesh

No. 316613

She REALLY needs to back to her old Moonie habit of keeping her mouth shut, literally. Those rotted smoker teeth are the stuff of nightmares.

No. 316617

can’t wait for her toothless era. i wonder if she is still going to make all those stupid faces when her teeth inevitably start falling out.

No. 316625

File: 1703859861898.jpeg (137.51 KB, 750x1191, IMG_5541.jpeg)

There’s so much bullshit going on in this set of photos. Her one nail suddenly being 4x as thick as the others because it’s being pulled up into her chin shrinking filter, the wonky pop socket, the chipped marble looking teeth…
Also interesting that she pulled her mirror around to take these in front of a blank wall. I guess to hide the warping?

No. 316634

Her nails wtf. You can see on her pinkie finger that the acrylic has grown out all the way to the tip. For a girl who touts about how “luxurious” she and her life is, this is not it.

No. 316702

For someone who overedits as much as she does, and pays premium for these face tuning apps she sure is lazy on the strangest things. Those teeth are just atrocious

No. 316723

Her whole phone is warping into her face kek

No. 316970

File: 1704229833451.jpg (286.39 KB, 1440x1800, StuffedSausage.jpg)

Wonder how being community dick is working out for Scott now that he's ballooned up into a bloated landwhale kek. No wonder Loony rejected him.

No. 316988

At least he's out with his wife having fun. What's Lori doing?

No. 316990

that ain't his wife lol

No. 316993

JFC…I know men typically age horribly but damn. Is something wrong with him like diabetes or something?

He just looks miserable like he's not even happy or having fun which makes him look 10x worse.

No. 317006

>How would he even be considered popular?
He gained popularity through being associated with Lori. You have to understand that before all the major drama came out, Lori and her group were stars in the cosplay world. Everyone sucked up to them and wanted to be involved with them.

Like every other former manwhore, now that he's aged out of being attractive to most women, it's time to ~settle down and be a family man~

No. 317009

Ah, the beauty of two aging attention starved has-beens desperately clinging to each other for validation kek.

>it's time to ~settle down and be a family man~

Tell that to all his other fiancees he settled down to be a family man with. This one's at least #3 or 4. It's probably more like he finally found someone dumb/desperate enough to fall for his con man shenanigans.

No. 317024

Nah you have the timeline wrong. Lori was already wayyyy past her popularity prime when she met Kevin, by at least a decade. Kevin had gained some popularity on his own by hanging out with other big cosplayers at cons like Momokun. Getting with Lori ruined whatever little popularity he was gaining because everyone rightfully hates her. Lori hasn't been beloved in the cosplay world since like 2008

No. 317026

We're talking about Scott, not Kevin. Scott was with her back in her super popular moonie phase.

No. 317031

It's been mentioned further up that he stole a bunch of money from the CO woman he was engaged with to support his addictions. Don't know what they are but alcoholism will bloat you up and age you quickly and badly. It runs your body, finances, and mental state down fast. My bet is on that aside from his lifestyle catching up to him.

The real question is why he's dressing like my great auntie.

No. 317064

Everytime I read this thread and see someone thinks Lori was popular I laugh.

>Its well known by those who were there back in the day that Lori was never super popular.

Lori started off a looser who went to cons with her friend from high school and quickly after, her first husband Louis. Lori could frequently be found alone, with two people or roaming group to group.

Once the "klan" formed Lori had a group of people who she hung with and a variety of "Momo-chans".

Early 2000s con life was much smaller than it is now. A group was easily known coast to coast because websites and message boards had small communities. Lori was definitely known for her Sailor Moon cosplay, however, she already had tons of people who couldn't stand her because she was fucking obnoxious.

Drama ensued.

Cheating and being banned from specific cons ensued.

Loris was now more known for being a terror and cheater.

So to keep it straight, Lori was certaintly infamous but she was not "super popular" because she was liked. Her "popularity" was all negative.

No. 317065

Lori doesnt reject anyone. She only goes from situation to situation depending on what she can get.She needs roof and Kevin provides that. Scott dumped Lori ages ago. Theres nothing between them and all he offered her was food, nothing more.

No. 317071

>Scott dumped Lori ages ago. Theres nothing between them and all he offered her was food, nothing more.

For a guy who had nothing between them and only offered her food nothing more he sure did have a major spergout over her ignoring him in favor of Kevvy a few threads back kek. He only shut up once everybody pointed out how he should be more focused on his then-fiancé instead of Lori.

No. 317111

I remember that nonnie, it was quite entertaining to watch him moid out. Still can't believe he came into a women's gossip thread to tout himself as prince valiant and carry on about an ex while he was in a committed relationship.

Didn't his girl end things with him shortly after that? Makes you wonder what he was really up to.

No. 317147

Agreed, I remember Lori being made fun of for having costumes that she claimed to have made and being full of drama on Livejournal posts that were constantly exposing her nonsense. Actual stars of that era would be cosplayers like Yaya Han, and there were already so many better Sailormoon cosplayers and cosplay groups by the early 2000s. By then Lori was already jealous of the live action Sailormoon actress and seething about her on that video, kek.

No. 317169

Regardless of whether Lori was popular or not Scott still was an absolute nobody without her. Famous or infamous people knew who she was and without the attention she got and being her boyfriend he would've never existed.

And he never even went on to accomplish anything or become popular in his own right, he was just always Lori's boyfriend/cheating ex/former momochan who relied on his looks to coast from one moon cosplayer to another. Look how THAT worked out for him lol.

No. 317196

Did he actually cheat on Lori? I thought he was known as a good guy back then and the victim in their relationship, was forced to propose and all that.

No. 317197

>Didn't his girl end things with him shortly after that? Makes you wonder what he was really up to.
She did. I'm friends with her and she posted some pretty damning receipts on a private facebook post - if they were public I'd share but since they're locked down I don't wanna betray that or out myself.

I've often thought of showing her this site and suggesting she expose him, he deserves it after seeing some of the shit he was doing to her. If Scott ever gets his own thread I def will.

>I thought he was known as a good guy back then and the victim in their relationship, was forced to propose and all that.
If you actually believe that congratulations on your koolaid drinking. They're both terrible pieces of shit and deserve each other.

No. 317211

Did those receipts show anything regarding Lori?

No. 317213

File: 1704511011861.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2049, Screenshot_20240105-201646-018…)

Kevin hasn't been doing well. This prob means he's feeling sad about the newest dead ferret like Lori. He copies all her posts and phrases.

No. 317254

Yes. But not just Lori. Scott is a sack of shit.

No. 317605

Did he edit his eyes? they look so creepy

No. 317768

How TF do you "force" someone to propose??? Did he legit use that as an excuse?

No. 317797

Go back to Lori's first thread and read the story on the archived Pockybox link for yourself.

No. 317804

That's just Scott's bullshit manifesto damage control and since he's shit like her is just BS to play the victim. Pretty sure he smears every ex of his. Not saying Lori isn't a batshit mess, she is, but he is too.

No. 317807

Wish all the Scott hater anons would post some deets about whatever he did. I get that there's no receipts about what happened back then (except apparently some that >>317197 has) but at least post stories describing it… it's not like we have anything else going on in this thread rn, no one will mind some Scott milk.

No. 317810

Better yet just give him his own damn thread. He's milky AF and really needs one.

No. 318063

File: 1705625292905.jpg (145.58 KB, 720x1279, Screenshot_20240119_114019_Ins…)

Kek, Lori really hates when people compare her to troons. I swear this isn't the first time she's posted leaning into it to pretend she's not offended.

No. 318064

File: 1705625551972.mp4 (10.3 MB, 712x1280, Wannaseemyfrog.mp4)

Also, another deranged video. I really miss Lori being a full blown cow as opposed to just a woman approaching 40 desperately clasping at youth and relevancy.

No. 318065

She has a completely different face with this filter

No. 318073

I just don't understand how someone can do these same pics/vids over and over, in the same little corner, for years on end and not get bored.

No. 318105

and same facial expression. over and over.

No. 318121

Too scared to go outside because her real face might get leaked again, kek.

No. 318127

I’ve never clicked on any of her videos, and I think I’ll never sleep again now I have. Everything about this looks like some awful kind of seizure - the weird mouth thing, the contorted limbs, the silent stares between disjointed, nonsensical soundbites, the jerky movements and the creepy shivering…

No. 318146

Imagine hating your own face this much. Like damn. Her face isnt even particularly THAT bad. Shes not a looker but i wouldnt call her ugly if she were a stranger in passing.

No. 318152

it’s shayna levels of repetitive at this point, and somehow it never clicks in either of their heads that the lack of creativity is why they are failing so badly. if i was a dude and i saw this i would feel insulted. she’s trying so hard to be cute but it’s so forced and unnatural. i can barely even understand what she’s saying in the 2nd half of her clip because she’s doing that stupid lip curl thing. also her energy is lowkey aggressive and annoying, like when she’s shoving her frog clutch into the camera. she’s not good at this whole dainty and sweet anime girl uwu larp. how long does she suppose she can keep this up? she’s still young, but what is she going to do when she hits 45 and she really starts aging?

No. 318169

She's been whining about being too poor to afford botox and fillers, despite claiming to have muh vampire genetics that also make her a forty year old "loli". That's why she'll never show her face.

No. 318188

If she embraced her cold, mean-spirited nature and started making femdom content instead, she'd probably make bank tbh. Older women are the ideal in femdom too so she wouldn't even have to do the heavy makeup or filters to look younger. The kawaii little girl thing just doesn't suit her at all, in appearance or personality.

No. 318282

File: 1705885753522.jpg (655.82 KB, 3000x1500, MixCollage-21-Jan-2024-08-10-P…)

No. 318503

It actually makes me legit depressed to see any of her content now. A few years ago it was funny seeing her cowness emerge for another round, but it's still going…like this? It's really actually sad at this point in a way that makes me viscerally uncomfortable I dunno i can't explain it

No. 318615

agree and it basically reeks of meth at this point especially with the teeth when they get through the filter and this latest video

No. 318650

what is this, the twenty-seventh version of her face by now? good lord she's not even trying anymore. that's a completely different face shape, nose, mouth, and eye shape than anything she's ever used. it really is sad how long she's dragging this out. i'd feel bad for her if i didn't know what a shit person she is.

No. 318652

The nail is just over lapping with another

No. 318666

She probably couldn't afford to pay for a proper editing app considering her nails are never done. Either that or the app doesn't even work on her face anymore.

She doesn't have 6 fingers. The second nail from the bottom is warping up and into her face the same way the rest of her phone is.

No. 318751

File: 1706651702830.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4320.png)

She posted about playing wow again a few days ago. Refreshing seeing an actual hobby instead of the same tired vampire loli seizure posts.

No. 318754

She should play WoW or FFXIV to find a new sugar daddy. Even toothless she's a catch for the average MMO nerd

No. 318760

She really needs to bring her retardation to tiktok, she would do well over there.

No. 318773

I don't think any SD wants a 40 y/o woman… correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they always want very young girls.

No. 318800

File: 1706716254351.jpeg (130.63 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_5908.jpeg)

She’s posted more “gamer girl” sets lately. She posed herself at the computer in a cheap D.Va suit, then a pink vinyl suit as a character from some game. Now she’s posted three pictures with a new webcam. I think she’s focusing in on enticing lonely autists to pay her for the “girlfriend experience” of gaming together. She’s posted about playing WOW in the past, but more this seems like advertising than a genuine hobby.

No. 318838

There exist men who would try to white knight her and fund her life no matter how old and/or busted she is. I'm amazed she can't seem to find them.

No. 318844

Nobody has ever wked her or funded her. She's below bottom of the barrel that scrotes don't even want her nudes for free bc she looks like a troon. Her life is spent filtering everything on IG and buying followers with Kevvy's money but it never translated into income. Anyone can see through the delusion and how she pretends people are buying her things.

No. 318848

She should just take Scott's fat ass back kek. We'd need popcorn for days.

No. 318884

Abuela, please learn what ‘Oof’ means.
Unless you’re ‘ooof’ing at your shitty eyeliner which you somehow still don’t know how to do despite pushing 40 and putting it on every day, or at the thought of you trying to stream.

No. 318898

it's because she has nothing to offer other than sex, and the kind of men who would put up with her for that alone, are not the kind of men she wants. most men can see she's a walking train wreck coming at 200 mph down a wet hill. you couldn't take her on a date anywhere nice because she looks terrible and can't dress for shit. you can't have a conversation with her that isn't surface level skiboobi doo nonsense since she's literally a fucking uneducated new york hood rat no offense to any natives here. and all she wants to do is slurp on cheap mall ramen and cotton candy cocktails because she has no standards and is impressed with basic shit. plus, she's unlikely to get rid of kevin. he's pretty much her pseudo-pimp at this point as he continues to feed and house her ass despite her craziness. men know if there's another dude sniffing around in the background, especially the kind of man who will put up with their partner whoring herself out for ubereats money, shit will likely (eventually) pop off cause she's going to go crying to kevin the moment she doesn't get her way. now here he comes acting violent and crazy trying to defend his "girl" over dumb shit. it just isn't worth it when there are plenty of other women who have more to bring to the table out there without the craziness.

No. 318912

File: 1706901910888.jpeg (75.8 KB, 827x388, 1619112250776.jpeg)

She posted this a few years ago, I saved it and post it from time to time. I keep hoping she'll find some other guy because there is no milk with Kevin but I guess she really is too dumb and lazy

No. 318921

I think the stuff with the police and courts made Kevvy a little more careful around Lori and she has something on him. There's no way he's with Lori by choice at this point.

No. 318926

You speak pure truth nonnie. And at 38 anyone she meets online will scream catfish the second the see her irl.

I doubt it. He's been with her since he was young so I bet it has more to do with breaking up something familiar. Possibly self esteem plays a role too.

No. 318930

the juxtaposition of her blurred to hell face next to a 4k webcam is just too good

No. 318946

File: 1706988463581.jpeg (1.19 MB, 4096x3072, IMG_4425.jpeg)

Looks like shes gonna try to become a streamer. The spicy spaghetti bucks must not be covering the ramen bills so shes finally trying to cast her net wider.

No. 318950

Amazing, neither of these look remotely like her.

No. 318964

Can't wait for the face filter malfunctions.

No. 318970

What are the odds Kevin tries to insert himself in the stream? They live in a studio so will he just be lurking in the background?

No. 318989

The internet, including the Twitch world, has been oversaturated for years with young, attractive alt girls with high def cameras and ring lights, costumes, knowledge of how to entertain viewers for donations, knowledge of how to encourage return visitors via personality and viewer interaction, and/or also are skilled at video games.

I love Lori trying to enter the streaming now. I imagine she will continue to respond to all interactions with ‘subscr!be to the sp!cy s!te !in b!o,’ and still stream with the same awful personality and humour, outdated meme references and slang (nobody born after 1990 uses ‘homie’), spastic movements, random mispronounced Japanese words, and fuzzy filter working double overtime, beep beep macaroni!

Will we see Kevin walking by in the background of any streams, or will she banish him to the bathroom for the duration of her streams?

No. 318990

MTE she jumped on the bandwagon too late. I wonder if she even has the dedication to stream on a regular schedule, or will she just stream a handful of times and immediately give up Kevin style

No. 318993

I'd tune in to see if she does the baby voice and pretend kawaii girl attitude for the whole time, or just start insulting simps like she does on insta sometimes…

No. 319001

File: 1707133028053.png (252.46 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20240205-043549-276…)

Lol why does she think this?

No. 319003

File: 1707140978527.png (36.52 KB, 838x323, Screenshot 2.png)


I think you might be on to something.

If anyone is wondering what her twitch name is, it's elfgirlsummer.

No. 319005

>122k ig followers
>”influenced a whole group of girls”
>25 twitch followers

No. 319007

It’s the same mentality she had in 2003 when she was claiming she was the most influential Sailor Moon cosplayer and everyone was copying her. Still just as delusional 20 years later.

No. 319011

Stupid thing is that most of these are likely hate follows or farmers. I’m expecting scrotes to be mean about her appearance and her outdated weird talking style in chat kek

No. 319016

The way she treats her simps never ceases to amaze me… they must get off to the hostility. A normal person's response would've just been "thank you"

No. 319029

I think that's the problem, they don't. Her personality undermines the type of behavior you'd expect from uwu spaghetti beep elf. There's a lot of reasons she seems to be unsuccessful at the "spicy" but her raging narcissism and bitchiness really takes the simp out of whatever fantasy.

No. 319032

>it just me
I wonder if Kevin is on board with this
Where's calendar anon??

No. 319119

Calendar anon here. They've just been so quiet and Kevin only posts like twice a year so I stopped making the calendars. I still check periodically and it's business as usual, blocking and refollowing a few times per month.

I found a leaked Lori OnlyFans video on this site. I don't know how to download it. Please use an ad blocker before going here.

It's 5 minutes of Lori sitting in front of a mirror in cat ears showing off her vagina and making meow / "Gyao!" sounds, at one point she says "Pinch that titty!" I couldn't make it through the entire length. Her porno really is just more of the same "beep beep spaghetti" shit and it's horrifying.

Link: thotflix.com/new-onlyfans-free/monstergirl-bunny-girl-show-off-871598b6/

No. 319144

She's really out here stroking her dry ass arby's roast beef sandwich with the most clocked out expression, I still can't wrap my head around the fact she's nearly 40 and still pulling this uwu anime elf waifu shit

No. 319155

File: 1707333559062.jpg (2.09 MB, 2730x4096, 1000015706.jpg)

Anybody catch her stream last night? I only caught a few minutes of it, but she sat as still as she possibly could, had audio issues, and hardly if at all engaged with her 4 whole viewers, including myself. Tragic. Whatever happened to those vampire genes, Whori? Looking pretty raggedy on live

No. 319157

File: 1707334398000.jpg (118.8 KB, 621x431, 1000015709.jpg)

No. 319160

File: 1707335683256.png (67.58 KB, 247x177, lori.png)


She also spent a lot of time looking at her phone, and it looks like she's just editing her photos.

She never added her audio sources. She added the camera and the game sources but never added the audio for them or chose the wrong audio device. Most streaming software allows you to record yourself offline so you can test out your audio (to see and hear what viewers hear) but she just plugged it in and hit live and only streamed in like 13-20 min increments… not sure if it's because she realized there was a problem or if she's purposely only going live when a BG starts.

No. 319166

File: 1707339407852.jpeg (27.79 KB, 480x360, IMG_8735.jpeg)

ahh, so there’s the face without 10 layers of facetune. it’s giving rat boy

lori should dye her hair back to black or dark red, and jump on the spooky vampire goth bandwagon.
the gothic style she briefly had when she was still with steven (i think? the LARPer?) suited her severe features. she also wouldn’t have to change her repellant personality OR get rid of her fake acrylic talons if she pivots to marketing herself as a tiny, immortal vampire domme who needs ‘blood’ (money) tributes from her thralls (simps)

theres probably more money and followers involved in making content for dudes who like immortal vampire women who will be mean to them than there is demand for 40-year-old loli elf gremlins that try to sound like squeaky toys

No. 319170

File: 1707344520417.jpeg (30.1 KB, 320x229, IMG_4452.jpeg)

All that boasting about her 4k camera to end up looking like theres vaseline smeared on the lens. Skimmed through the clips on her twitch, did she really think people are willing to watch her sitting still in complete silence? Shes now using her poor content quality as an excuse to e-beg for a headset so she can “properly stream”.

Kek! Id love to see her and Kev in a goth phase, they’d look like they’re cosplaying “goth talk” on SNL

No. 319179

>complete silence
I thought you must be exaggerating, but I just went to look and wtf? A proper e-thot would be smiling, chatting, and being flirty to draw in simps. Instead this is the equivalent of a no-commentary Let's Play vid…

No. 319185

i am waiting for the inevitable meltdown from kevin's side, whining about how no body supports hardworking creators like them, wah wah, we should be able to just sit here and get paid $100 for existing like [insert some streamer he is envious of], boo hoo, lori is such a beautiful anime goddess…

No. 319187

Don't give her any ideas nonnie cuz next thing you know she'll be claiming to be Carmilla from Castlevania lol.

No. 319227

File: 1707435604791.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.33 KB, 1905x869, 1000032733.jpg)

She's so stale and two-dimensional. Younger and more talented adult content creators at least try to keep up with trends. All of Whori's content is the same. Twitching, making stupid faces. Nonsensical baby talk. Heavy filters. Dropship clothing. That's saggy vulva might give away her age though. She looks like she's wearing a gaff. Her tan lines make it stand out more.(nitpicking)

No. 319247

File: 1707445341023.jpg (9.47 KB, 232x192, images.jpg)

Late but didn't Lori herself post something like pic related about other people, when that's literally what she looks like from the side?

She looks so old and tired under all the caked drugstore makeup, so where's the 4k? This is 100 pixels at best.

No. 319260

File: 1707469012656.png (590.81 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20240209-015415-376…)

Lori changed her OnlyFans bio at some point.

>definitely an anime girl

No. 319326

What in god's name is going on with her foot?

No. 319357

>that saggy vulva might give away her age though
>image is a normal looking (overly plump looking actually) vageen
This comment is so pedo moid of you anon

No. 319372

It has to either be a moid or an underage girl. No one else thinks vaginas get "saggy" with age. It's the same people who think they can get "loose" kek.

No. 319419

Thirding this. Lori is horrifying for lots of reasons but there's nothing wrong with how her vag looks.

No. 319420


Scutt Scutt is that you?(hi cow)

No. 319428

I don't agree with the retard above but it's been a running joke for years that she has a lego vag.

No. 319462

Wait a minute, is a picture of herself her phone background?

No. 319475

Or crazy thing ever- convince Kevin to marry her at least if she’s still on the “childless and happy 40 year old” train

No. 319501

Man her streams. She seems genuinely insane.

No. 319511

Does anyone have theories as to why they don't ever actually get married? Hasn't it been like 5 years of engagement now? She never waited so long for any of her other marriages.

No. 319527

Too poor.

No. 319535

Too poor for a civil union? Nah, I think even Lori can see Kevin is a rat of a moid that will ramp up abuse the moment the ink is dry on the paperwork. And/or she’s been married enough times to know that her usual way of controlling her partners doesn’t work as well after a legal document binds them together. How’s she going to make him feel like she could leave and send him to jail at any time? One or both of them must be juuuuust bright enough to realize deep down that it won’t work for them.

No. 319544

there's really no point anymore to getting married. i think they would have gone through with it if they were still on the con circuit, but since they refuse to go anywhere other than the 24 hour del taco drive thru, it's not the flex it used to be when his friends and family were begging him not to stay with her. and like >>319535 said, lori is all about controlling her partners and kevin is already wound up and volatile as is, so there's no need for her to rush into a marriage for her. and for kevin, i think his motivations for getting married/engaged were purely fueled by fantasies of revenge against his "haterz". all he cared about was proving to the world that he could hook a woman who was into anime and other cringy weeb shit like he is. now he has the woman but no money or fame, so what's the point in being married if no one will even notice?

plus she likely wants an expensive ring from someplace he could never afford to go like tiffany's when he can't even afford to go to walmart to buy a ring.

No. 319549

Maybe she's still legally married?

No. 319552

It'd be worth the cost just to ensure she can get alimony if there was a split. With the way it is now, Kev could leave at any moment and she'd be homeless.

…and now that I say that, I wonder if she gets alimony from the other 3 ex husbands?

No. 319558

I mean wasnt the whole engagement just an attention grabbing stunt at a con? It never seemed like either actually wanted to go through with it. When was the last time she even referred to him as her fiancé or even her boyfriend? Hes just “the boy”

Shes currently live on twitch if anyones interested in watching her glare motionless at a screen.

No. 319570

Somebody in her chat said something like "I'm following from instagram" and she screeched "YOU BETTER FOLLOW MY INSTA I UPDATE STORIES EVERY DAY" and then went "remember to tell all ur homies about meeeee" jesus abuela

No. 319576

I hate to sperg about vaginas but the outer vulva definitely starts to sag and look different with age, Its not some weird scrote logic I just happens just like how the rest of the body starts to sag and lose collagen, you can definitely see It in hers,(clitpicking)

No. 319587

Kek can't wait to see grandma claim all the other streamers are just copying her and she's who influenced them.

Probably not, she's constantly begging for scraps and is homeless if not for leeching Kevvy's parents.

No. 319604

i doubt it, typically when you aren't married for long (as in only a few years or less) and don't have children with the person you're divorcing then divorce mostly becomes dividing up property and going your separate ways. sometimes there are complicating factors but it's unlikely that any of them would have applied to lori's marriages. besides, you can't get blood from a stone. none of the moids lori was married to were well off and even if she somehow managed to get alimony from all of them it likely wouldn't add up to a significant amount or else she wouldn't have experienced so much financial difficulties over the years even if she is irresponsible with money.

No. 319696

The second one seemed to be doing well? He was a blacksmith. Steven was his name and it was the only time in her almost 40 years she was normal and kept a steady job at kohls. She looked happy being herself and looked the best at the time as well. I’m no longer on her Facebook so I can’t post the pics but I’m sure their in one of the older threads.(learn2sage)

No. 320857

That was Steven. I don’t believe their marriage was actually legal. Just a medieval type ceremony so I think she just took her shit and moved on with Rikki.

No. 320865

I don't know why this is a pet peeve of mine but can't she just get cheek fillers instead of blowing air into her cheeks? She's almost 40 clasping onto youth, may as well get some surgery

No. 320885

Cheek fillers wouldn't work, from the candids she already has a very big jowly face and even a significant amount of product in all the right places won't feminize her at this stage. It would just add more bulk to an already masculine face.

No. 320933

That was the third. Second was Jeff. I agree she looked quite pretty and happy at that time. She was being herself instead of skinwalking.

Fillers are pretty damn expensive, which I don't think most people realize. It's not a one time thing, you have to keep regularly topping them off.

No. 321428

File: 1708664868679.jpg (226.41 KB, 1010x729, 1000016072.jpg)

This is why she sits so still on her streams

No. 321430

God, this awful style ages her so bad. I actually think she could totally pull off a Makima cosplay, go classic attire + she still gets to keep bangs and long hair.

Where was she streaming, nonnie? I can't believe she actually would kek. But the quality is so bad that she must look even worse IRL

No. 321432

She streams on Twitch, the quality is cheeks because the box for her is tiny while she streams. She's deleted most of her archived videos from past streams and she gets a max of 10 viewers while she's live, and then her videos themselves were only getting no more than 50 views. It seems the only one she didn't delete save for today's stream was the one and only one that got over 100 views. Like that's an accomplishment.

No. 321451


Saged because I don't know if this is valuable info.

I know it's not what everyone wants to hear but if she averages about 10 viewers over the course of 30 days that's actually pretty "good". I think data shows if you can average 10 ccv on twitch that you're in the top 1% of streamers on twitch because of how saturated everything is.

If she started creating social media content elsewhere, like on youtube or tiktok, that wasn't just wiggly spergs and focused on providing educational information/how-tos (I say this because I don't think Lori would ever try to create educational short video content) she could probably grow… but she's trying to be some weird version of Amouranth and other "egirl" streamers but she isn't being original about it. When there are other girls on twitch that have cameras looking at their butt while they sit on jiggle machines as they play video games – an their cameras take up more of the screen – she just isn't offering much to look at. Gamer girls just are not rare anymore.


I am like 80% sure she is wearing fake boobs because these look rather large for her. I feel like i remember her posting some latex fake boob products years ago so I think she's using that thing now lol.

No. 321488

you can tell they’re the fakes because you don’t see her concave ribcage.

No. 321496

Looks like a tired old troon with a breastplate. She always wears something to hide the plate's top and bottom, and she's doing it here.

No. 321518

What parts of this outfit make sense together

No. 321583

does she really expect to get super famous with her jelly bean titties and no speaking self streaming world of warcraft on twitch? i tried to watch the stream but she literally just sat there and didn’t say anything? is she playing with others? like come on now. why doesn’t she stream herself playing something trendy? like ffvii rebirth or one of those stupid horror games that comes out on stream every other month? this really isn’t that hard, she wouldn’t even have to put on the fake breasts. just wear a pink sweatshirt and call it a day…

No. 321701

Recordings of past broadcasts get deleted after a few days/a week so if she doesn't delete them manually they are automatically removed by twitch.

No. 321828

File: 1709308899450.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20240301-090215-887…)

Lori finally got a TikTok account, after years of saying that she's "too old" to understand TikTok. 5 years late to trends, as usual.

No. 321884

A lot of tiktok teens are very savvy to these forums. They'll dig up her history and chase her out eventually.

No. 321886

What the fuck is that face it looks like she stuffed cotton in her cheeks

No. 321910

After not much activity from these 2, Lori has blocked Kevin. I guess I better dust off the ol' calendar. This coincides with Lori's newfound streaming. I wonder if Kevin got jealous or otherwise butthurt.

No. 321983

between the nose filters and the buck teeth she's beginning to look like an actual rat

No. 322008

File: 1709488240521.png (247.14 KB, 1080x988, 1000016489.png)

Lori you wanted to speak out multiple times.

No. 322009

File: 1709488321537.png (114.36 KB, 1080x469, 1000016490.png)

Jessie's talking about s0nified

No. 322013

File: 1709489932361.png (181.63 KB, 1080x864, 1000016491.png)

No. 322019

Bless you calendar anon. Following that particular evidence of their insanity was fascinating to me.

People still do that, Kevin. Heck, most etsy stores I know have an Instagram, as do a lot of artists. Where is he finding the videos of people dying? I'm not saying they aren't out there, but how do you get to the point where the algorithm recommends that? This isn't early 2.0 internet anymore, it's a lot more difficult to accidentally come across shock content and serious gore.

No. 322027

Thank you nona I was about to say Instagram and TikTok is, imo, tailored to what you seek, interact, and search for… so for him to admit he’s viewing content like that says a lot… I haven’t seen anything of the like on my end. As for Twitter/X I can understand cause of how fucked the algorithm is on that..
maybe abuela saw kevvy viewing breastfeeding vids and pissed her off cause this is the upteenth time he’s complained about Instagram being against him!! Grrrr!!!

No. 322031

Moo easily resharss murder stories from instagram. They arent hard to find, so kevin is pretty right.

No. 322044

That because that's what moo looks for on the internet. I personally don't get that kind of shit on my page and I have never had it randomly pop up, because nothing that I'm interested in including medical pages is remotely related to that. I'd say 99% or what pops up on my insta is related to my interests. So that makes me question why Kev decided to out himself like that.

No. 322095

someone who is following him is interacting with that kind of content, so the algorithm pushes it to him as well. he just needs to clear his followers and block the bot accounts.

No. 322209

Kek, you're spot on. If you look closely there's something in her mouth because she can't afford fillers.

Thank you, anon!

No. 322465

dated her almost 20 years ago and told her at the time this is where she was gonna end up. insane seeing her now.

looks like she finally started shaving/waxing her asshole, but goddamn is that thing lookn fucked up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322472

If you're gonna come announce yourself like that, at least give us a detailed rundown of what it was like(responding to a male)

No. 322485

Imagine posting that you're the kind of asshole to tell someone you're dating that they're gonna end up a hooker or whatever and think this story makes you look good
also I'm sure your asshole looks a lot nicer, how about you post it. Or maybe show us your beer gut and micro penis. Lori is pathetic but simply the act of posting this shit about someone you dated 20 (!) years ago makes you 50 times more pathetic. Like you are looking up an ex from two decades ago and recalling what her asshole looked like. Why are men.(responding to a male)

No. 322490

im pretty sure that’s bait

you type like a girl trying too hard to sound like a dude.
we know lori’s exes and the only one that has come here has been scott because he’s as much of a NEET who is arrested in development and terminally online as lori and kevin are (and scott dipped after his underwhelming nude was posted lmao)

also, weird comment to use as bait, because 20 years ago lori was in high school. don’t talk about underage butthole(responding to a male)

No. 322522

I was wondering when Scutt-Scutt was gonna show up here again. Way to further prove what an immense piece of shit he is towards women.

How's life being stuck in the asshole of the US with a felon after getting yeeted for your prostitute addiction kek?(responding to bait)

No. 322525

Can't be Scott, as he dated Lori in her 20s. It was Luis and Jeff in her teen years.

No. 322527

Can we not discuss a teens body please? A scrote like that has no business here.

No. 322530

>prostitute addiction

Well that explains why Scott's still obsessed with Lori decades later.

No. 322549

she was (supposed to) graduate in 2003, so 20 years ago would put her at 19/20 years old.

No. 322568

>How's life being stuck in the asshole of the US with a felon after getting yeeted for your prostitute addiction kek?
I'm gonna need deets on this. We know he got fat, ugly, and sickly, and he's a massive scrote with a micropeen, but WHAT???(responding to bait)

No. 322751

Would also love to know more. Perhaps it would be better suited for the cosplay drama thread? Not that there's much going on here…(responding to bait)

No. 322782

He offered to send her some Hello Fresh a couple years ago and that equates to an obsession?

I would have to agree with this.(responding to bait)

No. 322786

Did you not see all the posts he made about her a few threads back? The fact that he was actively looking her up on the internet decades later while in a committed relationship with another woman and came here to post multiple times speaks volumes.

No. 322811

The post was bait. There isn't a scrote from her past coming here to give us new info. The thread has been pretty dead, this would give it some fresh milk. Not only that, the bait was so obvious because the larper mentioned her asshole. It's not him.

No. 322838

Doesn't matter if it was bait, Scott is still stuck in the asshole of the US with a felon after getting yeeted for his prostitute addiction and inquiring minds want to know more.

No. 322981

It was all explained earlier in the thread. Nothing new, anon was just repeating what we already know.

No. 322999

It wasn't him. Farmhands already addressed this >>>/meta/72810 We don't even 100% know if it is a moid. It would all be old milk anyway and they would be discussing Lori under 18 doing sexual acts. It's okay to move on.

No. 323008

The point is no one cares if it was bait or not because there are insane amounts of rotten milk on Scott. I think a lot of farmers would love more on him to pass the time.

No. 323209

>been dead
It really is.

Lori's instagram is on a fast downward spiral as well over the past year, with her posts getting so little attention. Even the bots seem to have abandoned her.

No. 323344

i seriously need to know what the brown stuff on her chest is on the thread's drawing

No. 323355

That is her chest dent.

No. 323369

She has pectus excavatum

No. 323559

File: 1711265859979.jpg (734.48 KB, 1080x2400, 1000033464.jpg)

Is Kevvy getting the boot?

No. 323560

File: 1711265917653.jpg (354.13 KB, 1080x2400, 1000033465.jpg)

Lori posted this after Kev.

No. 323563

Nah, he would make a much bigger deal if it was a breakup. Probably just changing jobs or smth

No. 323564

Kek this is so immature

No. 323575

He perpetually looks like a lonely gay man, I feel like closeted men like Jake Munro (Or Stevie via Pixielocks) are weirdly bait for female cows, someone should study it. They tend to stay in their LTR with the cow however bad it is because that's the only way they can cling to their heterosexuality.

No. 323580

Does Kevin have bags on his shoulder? Looks like one strap, possibly a second. And was the pic taken in the apartment lobby?

No. 323590

idk what those straps are for, but i do recognize that marble wall, so he's definitely in their building lobby. does he work as the doorman now kek?

his eyes are so dead, it's actually kind of creepy how soulless his expression is. he looks somewhere between not caring but also like he would go apeshit on someone for just walking past him funny. i also notice he looks pretty thin which is ironic considering lori's been gaining. is he skipping meals so she can eat? everything about this just reeks of destitution.

No. 323607

Looks like it could be a lan strap too.

Lori is totally eating all his food. His face looks so sunken while it has been years of her editing to hide how large she's gotten.

No. 323610

It's a league of legends lanyard I have the same one

No. 323624

Unless anon means his shirt strap. Regardless it wouldn't even be proof of him leaving or anything, dude carries a backpack.

No. 324027

No update? Maybe it was just something simple but I hope he left. It's not to late for him and I know he's been cringe all these past few years but I always thought maybe he would see how much he was missing out on in life staying with her. I never considered him a victim, just a naive kid who got caught up with a narc women.

No. 324029

I can't find it anywhere, but isn't Lori's 39th coming up really soon? I hope she gets a 4th canoli this year.

No. 324041

I honestly thought he was referring to leaving cosplay and skate content, for the 100th time, and talking about starting something else.

No. 324086

Meanwhile Scott's begging for money to fund his wedding kek. I still say he and Loony are one and the same.


No. 324097

This page made me spit up my coffee. Even Kevvie would have enough sense not to beg for Honeymoon funds let alone the Star Trek flavor seasoning the beg. We need more of this clown.

No. 324100

File: 1712106162983.jpeg (61.58 KB, 360x640, IMG_6822.jpeg)

Think again, Nonny! This time, I’m SURE he’ll actually do it!

No. 324102

File: 1712109274507.jpg (209.05 KB, 1366x711, image000000_desktop.jpg)

JFC his eyes are so empty and soulless. He looks absolutely miserable and defeated. Like a trapped animal that's about to chew its leg off because it wants to escape.

Why would you use this picture for your honeymoon beg, seriously? There's no hint of smile, happiness, or love on his face. Wrinkles McGee the bride to be is at least trying to smile, even if it looks as forced as a fart.

No. 324110

>owe it to myself
>all the effort

What effort!? He just slapped on a white button up and a ratty wig

Kek! Whichever nona said hes morphing into Peter Griffin is spot on

No. 324125

He is never going to leave. He gave up everything for her: family, friends, hobbies, sanity, health. The sunken cost is way too high to ever leave. He has no one else and nowhere to go.

Um wow… does Scott not work? He's at the age where he should have an established career, and I think he mentioned going to college back in the day. Maybe he really is like Lori and just refuses to get a real job?

No. 324131

File: 1712159904544.jpg (83.16 KB, 513x475, 40180353.jpg)

>hes morphing into Peter Griffin
Thanks nonnie now I can't unsee it kek!

>does Scott not work?
I know he was unemployed for most of his last relationship and that poor girl basically supported him. He ran her into the poorhouse before she finally ended things. I really hope Tiffany Tezna (weird that she's still using her former married name, are she and Nestor even divorced kek?) knows what she's getting/getting herself into. Can't believe any woman would want him now that he can't rely on his looks to grift given his history of cheating and stealing.(sage your shit)

No. 324138

I guess it's technically a small upgrade from having a felon husband who's in prison? Kek. Who did Scott cheat on? I haven't heard that one.

No. 324153

Shame on them both. This is embarrassing AF because she's been bragging about opening a new baby ballerina studio or some shit, and he's constantly gloating about all his super expensive custom nerf guns he's bought for "RolEplAys".

She'd be better off just stealing more taxpayer dollars again and telling him to get off his fat ass and get a fucking job.

No. 324172

I know lori's thread can be slow at times but please stop derailing about Scott. If he's truly milky you are completely welcome to make a thread about him. This thread is about lori/kevin.

No. 324440

Meh, maybe quitting something and doing more cosplay is what he was referring too. I agree, he probably sees it as a sunk cost, especially with no where to turn but Im sure his mother would take him in. Sunk cost is no reason to ruin your life. That's why it's a fallacy. Just cut your losses and run. Meanwhile, yeah, he probably means less of one useless thing and more if another.

No. 324641

File: 1712689501646.jpg (794.73 KB, 1080x1889, Lolri.jpg)


Kek it sure is coming up, and with a new wishlist

No. 324813

I think she's run out of filters that can hide everything and shrink her face.

Also why are there pieces of hair floating? Did she use an app to add hair?

No. 325014

File: 1713294605066.jpeg (407.99 KB, 1945x1618, IMG_0027.jpeg)

happy 39th birthday lori! how does it feel to be one year from 40 and still begging for ramen and soda online. anything from calender anon?

No. 325046

Why does it look like there is a giant toenail clipping on each of her nipples? The fuck?

No. 325101

They are metal loops for aesthetic which are part of the top, I believe anons kek, you just don't understand fashun /s

No. 325107

can they even afford mcdonald’s now? a big mac meal goes for almost $20 in most places with inflation. she barely makes that in a month squishing her face into oblivion and frying her hair into straw. hopefully kevin made her a big bowl of dookie pie soup with lots of scraps from the trashcan to thicken it.

No. 325137

Somehow, those filters give the feeling of someone much older. Maybe it's because of the desperate overuse, but at this point, I'd rather see her 39 year old unfiltered face. These two pictures are giving me "desperate mid-40's" kind of vibes rather than her ideal ~uwu eternal loli~ aesthetic she's always claimed to have. It's normal for even teens to have lines in their faces - it's not normal to look like a blurred out, glowing mess.

Not that it's anything new, just thought about commenting on it, given how she's 39 now.

No. 325180

I still don’t understand the pink eyebrows after she stopped skin walking Zero Two. They look so bad.

No. 325190

I'm hoping some anons drop candids of them, can't remember the last time we saw.

The fact that she can never go outside because her real face will get leaked is funny though.

No. 325260

IF they ever attend a con again, it will be incognito. This is a given

No. 325288

wait didn’t they claim they were going to some con recently dressed up as power and denji

No. 325319

File: 1713724615629.jpg (82.66 KB, 589x256, Heidi1.jpg)

Oh SHIT Heidi is spilling the TEA on SCOTT. Holy FUCK.

No. 325320

File: 1713724641325.jpg (48.86 KB, 600x156, Heidi2.jpg)

No. 325321

File: 1713724667979.jpg (325.63 KB, 969x1628, Heidi3.jpg)

JFC What a DOUCHE(this thread is about lori/kev, not scott or heidi. There's already been farmhand warnings about this. Go make a thread about scott if you think it's milky enough.)

No. 325330

What am I looking at here?

Was it Lori? I bet it was Lori.

No. 325332


That is Scott setting up meetings with a hooker while he was living with Heidi. Apparently he did that a LOT while living in Heidi's house and on HER buck. Yuck.

I don't know who the side chicks are.


No. 325338

Are you interacting with the cows or something because how are you getting all this info. Also this thread isn't about Heidi and Scott.

No. 325353

I'd be willing to make a Scott thread because he really does need one, but I've only ever posted comments, never a brand new thread.

Is there a guide or template or something I could refer to?

No. 325357

Just use the previous threads of any cow as a guide.
>Use new thread option at top of /w
>Leave Name and Email blank and write a subject with the cow's name e.g Scott/Lori Lewd Calves Thread #1
>First part of the thread should be a paragraph summarising the milk (in Comment box)
If you know how to link, you can add links to the previous Scott milk in this thread e.g.
>Screenshots of Scott's messages to hookers >>325321
(this means finding each Scott milk post in this thread, writing a summary in greentext in the thread summary (Comment box) and then linking the post number at the top, add a double space before the >> to make sure it links properly)
Find his socials e.g Facebook url and link them at the end of the thread
>Choose a decent image you don't mind seeing every time the thread is bumped
>Make sure you sage replies unless it's milk

No. 325358

Even if the milk is mostly dry (except for the cheating scandle) i'd love to see what anons dig up on him. He's always been a popular topic. And not that I'm aware. Just pick a thread you think is well formatted and make it relevant to Scott. As a rough guide, include his backstory, social medias, and affiliation with Lori, the demand for a thread from anons and the milk he's currently producing with post numbers (where applicable) so people can revist posts where he's mentioned outside of his thread. Thank you anon!

No. 325363

Anon seems to have screenshots that aren't public though or won't share the source. I'm just wondering about legitimacy.

No. 325365

Thanks nonnies! Gonna take me a bit to compile everything kek.

I'm not >>325321 but I've known Scott's a piece of shit for years. I also know a few of his exes including Heidi and might reach out to them for more content.

No. 325368

if you can, try to link when he joined the farms to shit on lori, it was a wild time reading up on that.

No. 325390

File: 1713806405361.gif (2.64 MB, 498x373, k.gif)

he really doesn't need or deserve a whole ass thread. there's nothing remotely interesting about this fat loser and i have no idea why he keeps getting brought up every dozen or so posts. he got his 15 minutes on the boards a few years back when he talked about sleeping with lori (because of course that's all this stupid fuck cares about) and that was pretty much that. she's had other exes who have come here who have more interesting things to contribute about her and their time with her, like that one tall ex who she made into her mamoru and ran a train on, not just what they thought about her pussy. nothing he said was really that earth shattering nor was it anything that we didn't already know and it always came off to me like he was desperately looking for attention and hoping for an easy hook up once he found out that he was talking to women. a greasy sex pest retard sleeping with prostitutes is not milky by any means; that's just gross and weird. but that's just me.

i really miss when she and crack head kev used to go outside more. i wonder if she is still walking all the way to del taco in the middle of the night to get her value menu burrito?

No. 325394

To turn the convo back to Lori and Kev… back in the SM days, Lori spoke out about Scott being a sociopath and abusive towards her, which no one believed because well, she's Lori. But it looks she wasn't lying about that after all and he really is like that. So do you think the stuff she's said about Kev being abusive is true too? Like we've seen proof she's abusive to guys for sure, but it seems they're pretty horrible back to her as well.

No. 325397

I would put it at a level like Amber Heard/Johnny Depp, both parties are abusive pieces of shit.

No. 325398

I'm actually curious to see if Lori comes forward about Scott now that other women are, especially if he gets his own thread. Like he wrote an entire manifesto about her which I always thought was absolutely unhinged. But I never saw anything like that from her. I know they're both nuts but kinda makes you wonder who's more insane since he did the desperate cover up and she just seemed to move on (unless I missed something).

No. 325399

It looks like this thread is becoming Lori and this guy posting about each other.

We just want to read about Lori and Kevvy's antics, have nonas drop some unfiltered candids of them looking old and methed out, or see calendaranon posts.

No. 325403

>We just want to read about Lori and Kevvy's antics, have nonas drop some unfiltered candids of them looking old and methed out, or see calendaranon posts.
Speak for yourself I'm here for the milk on all of them.

No. 325410


they mean that you should get back on topic you sow(sage, you sow)

No. 325412

ffs, this is the lori/kev thread. any more comments about scott/heidi w.e will result in very long bans. Either make a thread or stfu. You have been warned.

No. 325419

File: 1713894137316.png (124.65 KB, 1080x506, 1000017954.png)

did Kevin finally leave Lori or found a new group of kids to hang out with?
Safe for non milk

No. 325420

Probably just saying random shit online like he always does.

No. 325421

He keeps talking about the cosplay community but other than a few cons before he got with Lori, has he even been part of it?

No. 325423

File: 1713900511062.jpg (488.03 KB, 3195x2400, 1000024810.jpg)

Definitely didn't leave her. Deleted & reposted to include both recent IG stories.

No. 325424

He's ass blasted because Whori's numbers and engagement have never been lower and nobody gave a shit about her birthday, so I bet she's been a terror so he feels the need to shade the "cosplay community" as though any of them give the faintest fuck about him or his crazy hag leech. Whatever makes him feel better.

No. 325425

Has it really been 7 years? Goddamn. I still wonder why they never actually got married. Lori was always desperate for marriage with her exes and pressured them into engagements asap, been formally married 3 times. But will NOT marry Kevin for some reason? Even though no one has ever been so dedicated to her as he is or for so long?

No. 325430

Not since 2017 for Kevin. He won some sort of costume contest in 2016 but I am not sure how big of a deal it was. I don't know why he continues to be bitter about a community which doesn't miss them and never cared about them, that he hasn't even participated in for 7 years now.

No. 325431

He literally wasted 7 years of his life with her. Pathetic
>women/non binary folk
He's such a loser.

No. 325433

Remember, he stabbed his own leg and smashed up a computer due to their relationship issues. He is 100% mentally unwell.

No. 325435

Unless I am misremembering, wasn’t she only actually married once?

Married to Jeff (the First Mamo-chan),
‘engaged’ to Scott (coomer & probably significant contributor towards Canesten sales over the past two decades),
engaged to Luis (rapist),
marriage ceremony with Steven (poly LARPer [and blacksmith?]) that was never official,
and ‘engaged’ to Kevin.

No. 325438

Please don't ban me for posting the link here Mods. I just want to herd the cows since so many asked.

Scott has his own thread now.


No. 325445

Thank you! May the derails cease.

She was married to Luis at 16 years old, her parents signed off on it.

No. 325454

oh shit you’re right, i dont know how i got the orders of Luis and Jeff mixed up/forgot her parents signed her away at 16

wonder if one of the reasons Luis pounced on the mentally-delayed 16-year-old was because lori hit 18 and aged out in his eyes, because lori still left the con afterwards w/ luis, but divorced and married Jeff when she was still 18

No. 325461

Technically there's no proof she was ever actually married to anyone. She referred to multiple people as being her "husband" but that doesn't mean it legally happened. She never talked about getting divorces, which are lengthy and sometimes expensive processes, and I'm sure she would have been bitching extensively about them if they happened. When she broke up with the "husbands" they just disappeared, like a normal breakup without all the typical complications of divorce. Also her last name has never changed and always been the same.

The claims that we've heard about her marriages (being signed off to Luis, annulled from Jeff, ceremony with Steven not being real) are all secondhand accounts from people and not Lori herself so who knows how valid they are.

No. 325473

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but this says something really sad about his self-esteem, in my eyes. He demands everyone follows Lori without seemingly understanding that he and Lori do not post the same content. It reads like he doesn't see how people can just like his work and interests. Almost like he can't imagine how others could want to simply be around him or see his interests without Lori. He's probably gross in his own way, but I feel like he truly can't see himself as anything without her, which is simply untrue when his allowance is more than likely paying for their living situation and he's the one who went out and socialized with other skaters. Half of the cosplay community seemed to be on fire when Kevin got with Lori because they thought he was too good for her, so clearly he was somewhat well-liked. A sickening codependency.
Or just that, lmao

No. 325475

>It reads like he doesn't see how people can just like his work and interests

I never read it this way. To me, all these public social media declarations that Kevin makes have been desperate attempts to "prove himself" to Lori. Remember that "friends only" status that she made & deleted 30 seconds later which said something like "What do you do when the person who is supposed to love you ruined any chances of you being successful?" I get the feeling that Lori constantly blames Kevin for why her life is shit, accuses him of not being supportive enough of her content, etc. Didn't Reddit anon say that she would rage at him if he didn't "like" her photos fast enough? So many of his statuses where he's begging for people to interact with Lori's content sound like he's in a hostage situation with a gun to his head. Remember a couple of years ago when he posted a costume he was working on and got a couple of genuinely interested comments from people asking for tips or saying he should make a tutorial video? He rudely told them to go subscribe to Lori's OnlyFans in order to access his cosplay creation tips. Nobody in their right mind would think that would be an appropriate response, but Lori has Kevin twisted enough to think that any endeavors he makes online on his own should somehow include her, lest he isn't "supporting her."

I still can't believe he posted all that publicly. Imagine being some regular person just asking what materials/technique did you use for xyz and being told you had to pay for weird amateur porn to get your answer. I would think Kevin was some sort of pervert/sleazy dude if that were me.

No. 325477

Kek, so he doesn't even cosplay but keeps talking badly about the community and has no friends. He is posting empty threats to his handful of followers if they don't follow Lori yet he wonders why nobody cares about their existence.

Lori is 100% forcing him to get her new followers and clearly all the bot ones he is paying for aren't enough.

No. 325478

She has a great jawline and bone structure, she only has a small bump on her nose but she's still pretty

No. 325479

You’re probably right nona. I don’t recall seeing her post a birthday dinner, amazon wishlist gifts, or even a sad bottle of St Ives with grocery flowers on her birthday. She must be fuming at Kevin.

Shes not unfortunate looking and looks fine for her age but is far from looking like an ageless vampire.

Did she give up twitch streaming already?

No. 325482

Why should the cosplay community give any fucks about either of them? They don't cosplay. Lori buys cheap e girl shit for OF. They are irrelevant.

No. 325485

some of it is also residual bitterness and regret that he burnt bridges in the community for lori. he was getting attention for his builds and people genuinely liked him. he was weird and awkward but other than that he was making friends and could have dated someone nicer if he had cleaned up a bit more and gained a little self esteem. then lori came along and he had to “defend” her from all these imaginary enemies; he lashed out at anyone who pointed out he was acting wild over lori or that lori was you know, mentally controlling and manipulating him. even if he left today, he will never get back any of the connections he made because everyone associates him with lori now. his judgment will always be questioned, friends he hurt to defend lori are unlikely to forgive him, and any women in the cosplay circuit will avoid him because they see he is too emotionally volatile. and this isn’t just in utah…this is all over so he’s fucked even if he moves. on top of that it’s all documented here and kf him cutting himself, cussing friends out, calling randoms names, putting lori on a pedestal. she was his first real relationship (and also the woman he may have lost his virginity to), so he went absolutely bonkers unsurprisingly. she hit a lick with kevin truly. he probably feels trapped and powerless cause anytime he threatens to leave, apparently she will cry rape and get him thrown in jail, which already happened anyway so it’s not entirely unfounded. he just needs to go to work and not come back instead of telling her and making a big scene.

No. 325486

Ah, I remember the first thread where farmers were very much rooting for him to get the fuck out of there. It's been 7 years already, what a wild ride.

No. 325487

those anons were not wrong though. a lot of this was happening while they were living with his parents. everything that came out about the cutting, the fights, the rape accusations, he could have dumped her like everyone else had the sense to do when she would move in and then start acting like a nutcase, but he didn’t. it also doesn’t help that he already has a chip on shoulder about being the tall, chubby anime weirdo in mormon land, so him finally getting a woman in his mind validated his existence and his interests because he would always brag about how she looked and for a while there, her infamy as a notorious shithead which he retconned into her being misunderstood and envied.

No. 325490

At the time and given what we had seen, definitely not. But he pretty quickly proved to be just as delusional as Lori (whether because or inspite of her) and here we are all these years later. Kinda miss Lori when she was interesting. It takes a special kind of cow to passive aggressively post about how studio trigger used you as a model for their character design without your consent, kek.

No. 325492

i still hope that someday cracky kevy will reach a breaking point from the abuse, get in his car and say to himself, nah i'm done. and it's really not even for his benefit. i just know that once he's gone, that's it for lori. she has no other man to fall back on, she has nothing personal to offer, no interests, no discernible talents other than being a raging piece of shit. and even if someone did come along willing to put up with her uneducated ass, she isn't likely to find anyone as easily malleable as kevin or as willing to overlook her laziness as he has. she knows she's not going to be a position anymore to scream and act a fool with anyone else…she can do that with kev cause he's intimidated by her, but most men are not going to put up with that like he has.

>Kinda miss Lori when she was interesting.

i miss when she was more interesting as well, but the few times she's deigned to show her face not filtered to fuck, she looks depressed. plus, her shitty diet and shitty personality are catching up to her, so now she looks a lot older than her 39 years and can no longer claim "vampire genetics" when she has visible jowls. i doubt she will ever be as active as she was when she was younger. she's stuck in mormonville, destitute, and living with someone who probably only acknowledges her when he's leaving out the front door kek. her life is fucked overall and if we ever do hear from them again, it's probably going to be after they've nearly killed each other in a fight.

No. 325493

>great jawline

The candids show someone who looks older than her age and she's missing teeth. I remember when someone mentioned seeing them at a store and said they both looked old and dirty, nothing like the online pics.

No. 325501

I remember that. Either way, it's really sad how much of a doormat he is. Not because he's some blameless innocent lamb, but just because he could have chosen better. But he didn't, and here we are.
I think a lot of Lori's dullness has to do with her aging. Aging is a natural part of life, but Lori's been so insistent on her "vampire genetics" that she doesn't know what to do with herself if she can't look like a gaussian blur mess. The filters aren't going to hide everything anymore. And because so much of her ego and idenity were tied up in being a "kawaii waifu" and "all the other girls are jealous of how naturally young and cute I am" and whatever, I would bet she's falling apart. No one likes seeing imperfections in the mirror, but she spent most of her days seemingly in front of it, layering mismatched dollskill clothes and making dumb faces. She only periodically seems to remember she likes WoW or other video games. Unless she was still doing her etsy crafts on the down low (which I doubt), I don't think she had much else going on for herself. That takes a mental toll, especially when that ~youth~ starts to fade in a way you can't hide. I don't even think her obsession in clothing could really be called an interest in fashion. She never spoke about how she coordinates, the history of clothing, or anything deeper than getting excited over DK hauls. I could be completely wrong, but I feel like if she had something going for her, she'd brag about it.
Despite how long they've been together thus far, I highly doubt they'll last forever. It may take until Kevin is in his mid-30's, but I think the general tensions in their relationship and the immaturity of them both will eventually do them in. Either Kev will finally get tired of Lori and leave, or Lori will find some other guy she thinks she can mooch off of and leave. I know the latter seems unlikely, but some moids just are that desperate. And some are willing to promise Lori anything just for a chance to get their dick wet.

No. 325547

honestly i think she should just give up the kawaii elven waifu look and just go full swing into her natural hook nose mature look. she looks pretty witchy and it’s not entirely a bad look. just not young and nubile. but we all know she won’t

No. 325571

File: 1714188030026.jpeg (253.38 KB, 750x1043, IMG_5058.jpeg)

>I don't even think her obsession in clothing could really be called an interest in fashion

Kek it sure can’t her outfits consists of sweats to wear in public or mismatched layers of bikinis and sheer pieces. Old photo but what the fuck is this? Also anytime someone actually showed interest and asked where she got her outfit she would only answer “a store”

No. 325572

She's just throwing on as much social media brand crap as possible in the hopes they repost her

No. 325583

She just wants story adds.

No. 325585

she looks like a prostitute in the year 2089 who works in some bar that sells weird ass candy, which i guess is what she’s going for anyway kek.

No. 325593

>no proof she was ever married to anyone
There was proof she was married to Lewis. She showed multiple people their marriage certificate.

No. 325610

Her outfits remind me of gaiaonline avatars where they'd have a bajillion things equipped with the same color but with no actual cohesion or theme beyond that lol. Pretty sure Lori's brain operates in the same way.

No. 325639

…why was she showing it to people? They doubted her or something?

No. 325751

File: 1714494038034.jpg (463.4 KB, 1080x1936, Gram.jpg)

Vagueposting again

No. 325752

File: 1714494073039.jpg (363.93 KB, 1080x1919, Ghiblishit.jpg)

And watching Ghibli slop

No. 325755

Awwww is granny lori getting day drunk?

No. 325758

What on earth is she talking about? It can't be this thread - way too slow for that. Drama with her neighbors? Other OF girls? Who else does she talk to?

No. 325766

She's probably been lurking and wants to say some shit about Scott

No. 325771

She would be well within her rights to tbh. He came here to shit on her so it would just be an even exchange.

No. 325780

She acts like she has any pull in any community at all hearty kek honesty. Also don't lie Whori you LOVE shitting on people, you and your bottom bitch Kevin both.

No. 325785

Completely agree and hope she shows up in his thread. For all Lori's faults there's some milky AF stuff coming out about him over there and she deserves a turn.

No. 325787

I think it's pudding in a martini glass.

No. 325794

looks like lori is finally copying popular zoomer e-girl makeup (adding pointed inner eye eyeliner to her sparkle shadow and regular eyeliner)

No. 325810

Dunno. While it would be milky as fuck, it feels… cowtipping adjacent, for something like that? Or more, Lori is a cow herself. While I'm sure plenty of cows post here, I'm not exactly excited for that. And you can't trust a thing she says, anyways. Now, if she has the screenshots to back it up, that's a different story.

That being said, I don't think it'll ever happen. It would mean admitting that she was talking to men while with Kevin, and she can't disrupt her meal ticket too much.

No. 325833

File: 1714634049739.gif (1.06 MB, 640x360, 1479447344036.gif)

>wanting a cow to selfpost
Pretty sure there's an ancient audio recording of her in a previous thread talking shit about him anyways. Anything else she'd say, I'd take it with a grain of salt given her history.

No. 325835

Kek anon, don't pretend those spergouts Lori and Kev had here weren't hilarious. That anon is just wishful thinking. I cant blame them, Lori is practically dried up after 20+ years.

No. 325838

Plus if Scott's subbing to her onlyfans no way is she going to out him.

No. 325844

They're almost funny to look back on, but they're irritating when it happens. It's like being brigated by white knights. Yes, their posts are stupid and laughable, but it clogs up the threads. Plus, it would just feed Lori's USI. And everything she says in unreliable, anyways. She'd probably spin some bullshit tale of Scott stealing from her and stalking her. Scutt is a piece of shit, but so is Lori.
Shit, was that ever confirmed? I don't remember Scott himself saying that, and there's no way for us to get proof otherwise, since OF hides who supports their creators. I thought it was just anons speculating.

No. 325855

Why are a bunch of anons misusing the term "cowtipping" lately? Cowtipping is anons interacting directly with a cow, or with people who are directly/currently involved with the cow. We have plenty of people who were formerly involved with a cow show up in threads all the time, without being summoned or anything. Even Lori's threads have had plenty of anons talking about their personal experiences with her back in the day, and of course some like Scott and Soni straight up revealed themselves.

No. 325856

File: 1714710698694.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

>clogs up the threads
This is a Mongolian basket weaving forum where we come to gawk and laugh at cows, it's not that deep.
>Scutt is a piece of shit, but so is Lori
I didn't know that anon thanks for the info kek.
I love the ridged adherence to the "rules" that aren't even accurate. Picrel

No. 325880

Ayrt, I said "cowtipping-adjacent" for a reason. Not that it was proper cowipping. But it's still wanting current, direct involvement with cows, so it feels similar (and cringe) all the same. I'd feel the same if Scott came back to the thread to complain about Lori some more. Also, cows that selfpost (or post here in general) are almost always banned, unless the mods are saving up a backlog of their posts (think Creepshow Art). But I'm not here to minimod, nor am I saying it absolutely wouldn't be allowed. Just feels cringe to me. Either way, if you want Lori talking about Scott, >>159096 has you covered. If the link doesn't work, it's thread #9, although it's titled as thread #7.

No. 325884

Not trying to derail but holy shit listening to that mp3 on >>159096 is eerily similar to what some of his more recent exes who I don't even think know Lori are saying. Like almost exact to the tee. Now that Scott has his own thread there's some milky shit coming out.

No. 326081

File: 1715116100099.jpg (600.88 KB, 1075x1494, Michead.jpg)

Kevin now rocks a microphone head

No. 326082

File: 1715116126990.jpg (573.99 KB, 1079x1495, mikehead.jpg)

No. 326104

damn, he’s completely dead behind the eyes, you love to see it.

also nice inuyasha shirt, is it 2003

No. 326113

If you told me this was Lori I'd believe it. They are literally the same person now.

No. 326115

How bad is it that I saw this and went "Dollar Store Skrillex?"

No. 326125

Why does Lori never tone blonde hair? Aside from needing a real haircut, poor Kev's hair is the colour of a banana.

No. 326127

Isn't blonde his natural hair color?

No. 326128

Nah you can see his real hair colour there ^

No. 326155

are we sure this isn't a cheap wig?

No. 326158

kek is that his car keys hanging from the lanyard around his neck?

No. 326187

andy warhol cosplay plus agp smirk plus prop snake, how things have changed. When she takes out her extensions you probably can barely tell the difference between them, they definitely use the same box bleach

No. 326230

He and Lori both look so much better with their natural dark hair colors tbh. I wonder why they insist on bleaching.

No. 326260

File: 1715319741427.mp4 (11.85 MB, 712x1280, Pattycake.mp4)

Attention anons: Every day is elf gworl summer

No. 326265

Do Charles Manson eyes and slapping the stomach really turn scrotes on? I feel like even the most degenerate ones would find Lori's brand of "sexy" to be very odd…

No. 326268

they're probably the type of retards that think having blonde hair makes them unique and speshul. even if it's fake, fried, and falling out.
really wth is with the stomach slapping? is this a thing? maybe she's pandering to one scrote?

No. 326276

Uncanny valley

No. 326277

imagine still claiming to be an ‘elfgirl’ but be turning 40 in less than a year?
lmao imagine claiming an ‘elfgirl shenanigan’ is wearing this and slapping the shit out of your stomach

let alone still editting your photos and videos to shit, though for the past three years you have only been able to make one facial expression and pose that you can work with.

and you still live in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment with your ugly pet cuck who you’ve isolated from all friends and family and abused enough in earlier years so not only is he always there in the apartment when not working, but he is also very mentally unstable,
and you don’t even have friends yourself,
or even have enough money to buy an actual pair of demonias (like gen z love) instead of dolls kill boots that you have to get on afterpay and with discount codes, or go out to a nice dinner for your birthday….

i guess i do like your elfgirl shenanigans!

No. 326286

I read this as "enough money to buy an actual pair of dentures" and it tracked.

No. 326288

she looks at this after she films it and thinks 'yep, this is the one that's going to make me rich' and actually believes putting it on the internet is a good idea. she's still doing the seizing, shaking, duckface rocking thinking it's going to get her somewhere. the belly slapping is new. guess she's not trying to hide the jiggles anymore.

No. 326290

File: 1715386124944.jpg (196.93 KB, 702x772, 1000018427.jpg)

Genuinely just can't figure out why she does this shit, like what does she THINK she looks like? Because… surely this ain't it.

No. 326291

This looks a lot like Kevin with the short choppy combover hair kek

No. 326294

I thought this was Kevin kek

No. 326295

This is so fucking creepy and weird specially considering she's a 40 year old with tons of filters on

No. 326300

it looks like she's trying to hide her wrinkles with exaggerated stupid faces

No. 326302

>maybe she's pandering to one scrote?

It's gotta be this. She made like 3 videos where she slaps her stomach and makes the shit-underneath-nose sneer.

No. 326306

Are we positive she hasn't just been replaced by ai yet? Or maybe there is a gas leak of some kind.

No. 326312

Trying to emulate the weird lopsided smiles/pouts that big egirls like Belle do, but she doesn't do it correctly

No. 326314

Are we sure this isn't Kevin?

This, all of her faces are just imitations of well known egirls of the past.

No. 326325

Maybe there was a 2 for 1 deal down at the barbers

No. 326340

this is genuinely horrific omfg. straight out of a horror movie.

No. 326356

File: 1715480739860.jpg (701.41 KB, 1440x1979, 20240511_185901.jpg)

Kawaii scared hostage aesthetic

No. 326357

File: 1715480790383.jpg (695.17 KB, 1440x1991, 20240511_192355.jpg)

This one looks like the filters didn't stick

No. 326358

File: 1715480960287.jpg (655.37 KB, 1440x1994, 20240511_192413.jpg)

And is this supposed to be Chii or just trying to look like a little girl in general? Kinda creepy either way

No. 326371

File: 1715491422585.jpeg (102.83 KB, 703x809, IMG_1890.jpeg)

lmao lori’s amazingly shit editing combined with her long philtrum + non-existent upper lip makes it look like she accidentally edited away half of said upper lip trying to imitate the lopsided belle delphine smile

No. 326373

It looks like she’s sitting on a toilet that is exploding.

No. 326374

This doesn’t even look anything like her face or her body. Edited to the absolute max holy shit

No. 326396

File: 1715526018998.gif (6.97 MB, 300x400, 0to100.gif)

she looked older than this 10+ years ago, who is she kidding? and who is she flexing on? is this for more dollskill or for kevin or to show off for her "haters" because everyone knows what she looks like
(also I know who she stole the "poof pout" from but you'll never believe me. it's a girl she tried to doxx on here kek)

No. 326423

Jesúes, her chest hole gets bigger everyday.

No. 326425

This should be the next thread OP pic with a note that even the real face pic is from 10 years ago…

No. 326434

File: 1715563130171.jpeg (885.61 KB, 3072x3072, IMG_5213.jpeg)

I wouldn't exactly call a bikini that says “scummy” right over your vagina a flex kek

She posted this a few days ago so looks like her latest skinwalk will probably be Nephy from “Archdemons Elf Bride” or whatever its called. How sad to be practically 40 and base your entire personality off the latest waifu flavor of the month

No. 326435

Different characters, same messy pink eyebrows.
Pink eyebrows aren't going to be a thing, Lori. Stop trying to make pink eyebrows happen.

No. 326436

i agree actually. she could be really pretty if she gave up the "irl loli" larp and played to her strengths instead. she doesn't look bad for her actual age, but she looks awful for the age she's clearly trying to pretend to be.

No. 326442

File: 1715580895023.jpg (649.95 KB, 2160x3840, 20240512_225702.jpg)

Lori now claims that she has autism and adhd

No. 326443

File: 1715580928467.jpg (623.36 KB, 2160x3840, 20240512_225900.jpg)

No. 326444

File: 1715581084445.jpg (614.19 KB, 2880x2880, 20240512_231225.jpg)

Also some reminders that she is an innocent victim and everyone else is a mean bully

No. 326445

>cute and smol
Ancient cow that's scary and rotting IRL.

>people speculate about me

People are laughing.

>I outshined cosplayers

When? She was barely relevant back then outside of her drama, just like now.

No. 326449

lori is surely making kevvy boy dress up like her and take photos so she doesn't have to

No. 326470

Half of these posts are conflicting, is the neurodivergent community generally this cringe and unaccountable?

Also lol at calling kevy a “dominant partner”

No. 326472

>Also lol at calling kevy a “dominant partner”
That's probably the lie she tells Kevin whenever she's flirting with random scrotes online. "Don't worry Kev, you're my DOMINANT partner!" It's cope. Poly couples do this all the time when they're cheating.
Kevin is only the "dominant partner" because he provides a roof for her while she flashes her vagina online. I suppose he's no longer her fiance either, just partner.

No. 326478

Half the people who claim to be neurodivergent on the internet are self diagnosed and don't really know what having those disorders is like, so yeah. Lori was ultra social for most of her life, always surrounded by tons of people and at huge events. She loves being in the middle of crowds and getting endless attention. So she doesn't fit the most basic, key symptom of autism which is the social disability part. Seems like she's just using it to excuse asshole behavior, as many self diagnosed people do.

No. 326489

>wasteland of a social media populated by bots and scam sponsers
Yes Lori, we're all very jealous of you

No. 326499

i’m actually surprised she isn’t on tiktok tryna be an elf gworl NPC. she def moves like one
yeah she just needs to drop this shitty irl loli hentai girl shit. her momentary witch phase was so much better. stop with the pink eyebrows fried hair and shitty extensions

No. 326523

Kids on Tiktok would tear her apart for using so many of the filters and being cringe in general. She probably tried it a few times and got zero engagement.

No. 326547

She did make a couple Tiktok vids, didn't get as much attention as she wanted and quit. Same with Twitch.

No. 326548

The NPC streams are usually high resolution with a clear front view of the face and body, which even with filters I can't imagine Lori doing or pulling off, and then the rest of tiktok is pretty simp free so she probably feels like normal video posts would be a waste of time - like it's mostly women and kids in the comments. But agreed she has a similar vibe to those things.

No. 326563

>the rest of tiktok is pretty simp free
Are you joking? Thots thrive on there with vids of them just jiggling their boobs and ass, no effort even required. "Getting ready with me" vids where the girls are in their underwear while getting dressed (see Taylor's thread). "Dressing room try on" vids with the same shit… etc

No. 326565

idk if I am just good at curating my feed because I barely see any simps on tiktok. I barely even see egirls on my For You page, that's why I'm thinking it might seem like there's no market for Lori there. I know they lurk on the live videos but I always skip them, prerecorded videos it's primarily normal people in the comments.
Twitter on the other hand is full of all the worst kinds of men under every post and every topic, Instagram too, it's worth noting Tiktok are very strict about anything it thinks might be nudity, the posts will either be removed or shown to nobody. So it's risky if you're a sexworker since a few warnings and your account will be banned. They seem to throttle anything that even shows bikini level skin.

No. 326591

File: 1715838978810.jpg (468.16 KB, 1440x1752, 332415768224137.jpg)

It's interesting that on the rare occasions Lori slips back into Usagi costumes, she doesn't do anything porny like she does with all her other cosplays. Like this character is a sacred part of her identity that shouldn't be sullied or something. Ironically, it would probably be her most popular content if she did do it…

No. 326597

>lied about the extensions
>lied about the costumes
>now buys cheap aliexpress shit and heavily uses filters
Usagi would never

No. 326598

File: 1715864368638.jpeg (131.53 KB, 750x367, IMG_7824.jpeg)

Exactly. It’s not like a psychiatrist diagnoses you and goes, “you have autism, so stim disruptively in public and melt down all you want now.” Or, “You have ADD, so dominate any conversation you like and disregard everyone’s personal boundaries, they can’t be mad about it now!” A diagnosis is supposed to help identify the tools you need to improve, but people like Lori will forever use it as an excuse to be shitty.

I think she’s just garden-variety delusional combined with being dumber than a box of rocks. Still puzzling over picrel: “I saw something (already in production)”+ “I was offered a collab” = “my influence is all around!” How? Seeing something you like doesn’t mean you put it out there? “Modeling” for shitty dropship brands that chase trends themselves doesn't involve originality in any way.

No. 326601

>extensions in all 3 pics don't match the hair, even after filters, but she claimed it's her real hair

Was wondering why she had her massive foot take up half of the photo, then realized it's because she has no legs and is all foot.

No. 326610

i like how she shows off her real big ass jawline and chin next to her shooped dorito chin. delulu.

No. 326611

File: 1715881549473.jpg (303.48 KB, 793x1087, 1000018686.jpg)

I just… don't understand how she looks at these photos and says ah yes this is the one everyone needs to see.???

No. 326627

this makes her look like sloth from the goodies in drag

it’s shocking how narcissistic and delusional she is. influence? she has 10 real followers and the rest are bots or weirdos

No. 326630

Right her throwing around the title influencer baffles me when she's literally the one following trends….. 5 years too late, not to mention the dollar tree version of the trends she copies. She the one who's influenced, that's why she barely has engagement anymore. She has nothing original to offer because thousands of younger, prettier, no filter needed girls did it first and now it's tired. Her engagement and follower count has been going backwards for a long time now.

No. 326642

File: 1715964697156.jpg (309.16 KB, 1352x1296, 1000044164.jpg)

I can smell the cigarette breath(nitpick)

No. 326658

File: 1716001051779.png (172.1 KB, 1080x703, Screenshot_20240517-195613-924…)

What is she talking about

No. 326660

So now she's doubling down on being autistic lmaoooo yall she's the same as Moo with this shit, anything that she thinks will excuse her shitty behavior. Does SSI include the 'tism? Probably looking to get some gimme bucks to avoid ever having to work once her miniscule OF earnings inevitably dry up and Kev demands she contributes.

No. 326670

I doubt anyone on 4chan even knows who she is nowadays, much less cares. Does she mean Lolcow, and thinks we're part of 4chan or smth?

>Does SSI include the 'tism?
Yeah but no doctor would ever diagnose her with it. She has no symptoms of autism, especially not the moderate-to-severe level autism that would be needed to get SSI. Hell, I think out of all the cows on this site, Lori is one the few that no one has ever accused of being a sperg because she has no signs of that whatsoever.

No. 326678

god, she WISHES someone called her 40 yo ass a child. It's her ultimate fantasy to be an 'irl loli'

No. 326681

If she names us it's milky. If she says 4chan instead it's internet baddies everyone knows

No. 326714

>Ignore people calling me a child because no boob
Girl nobodies mistaking you for a child with that deep fried hair and Peggy Bundy bangs

> Then and only then, do the justice warriors come.

>justice warriors

>because they know I'm on the spectrum and assume I don't have the tools to fight back

By “tools” you mean like when you used to mock other cosplayers looks and their costumes and treat those around you like personal servants and bank accounts? Sounds like youre fully aware and in control of your social behaviors to me. And nobodies picking on you for acting like autist, but we will mock your deformed chest cavity

No. 326716

File: 1716128489134.png (119.68 KB, 1080x738, Screenshot_20240519-071901-545…)

I love how she says this stuff where her boyfriend can, and probably does, read it.

No. 326717

Reading between the lines it sounds like someone cowtipped or she got reported for something, I know she actually does have several unhinged stalkers who have been seething for decades. one of them posted here wishing her harm and death one Christmas/New Year period, you can see it in past threads. So I can imagine one of them reaching out either to troll her or try and intervene with sponsorships etc. Like with Heather explores, she was getting trolled but it was her husband and his tranny buddy, it just takes one or two unhinged people to cause actual harassment. Her and Kev sound delusional talking about haters but imo every mildly popular influencer, even with 5k followers can attract one or two unhinged people. I don't even think it's lolcow she's referring to because nobody posted about anything she did "wrong" recently

No. 326751

I think this is more likely. It's been rather quiet on this end, so my guess is some vendetta-chan is cowtipping somewhere. She has one or two of those, right?

Doesn't she normally post like this when she's in a rough spot with Kevin? To be fair, their whole relationship is a rough spot, but when they're particularly feuding, doesn't she traditionally start posting these vague replies? I would say Kev better watch out, but nothing has really happened over the past few years to their relationship, so I suppose it's fine, whatever fine is to them. I personally can't imagine being in that relationship. It must be nothing but tension and passive aggressive behavior (namely, destruction of the other person's belongings) broken up only by explosive screaming matches and awkward love bombing. I would bet there's an unease even during the love bombing phases. Must be exhausting. I guess I wouldn't want to work either when all of my energy is taken up by my immensely toxic/abusive relationship either.

No. 326770

I think they've basically become roommates at this point. She never talks about him, he rarely talks about her, they almost never take pics together, and they seem to have no interest in getting married anymore. Lori rushed and pressured all her previous husbands into marriage but stopped things cold at the engagement stage with Kev, wonder why.

No. 326772

File: 1716236899459.png (5.14 MB, 2160x1785, KevinKope.png)

Kevin is turning 30 soon and thinks he still looks like he did in these pics…

No. 326773

He was always mid and doughy looking. Kevin is going to have it rough once he hits 35.

No. 326774

I don't think Kevin was ever ugly. In fact, I don't think Lori will ever snag a "cute boy" type again if they break up. But Lori took her toll on Kevin and it shows in his face. He has aged about 20 years in the 7 years they've been together. On the rare occasion he posts a pic, he shows an extremely haggard face with bags under his eyes. He doesn't look a thing like these pics anymore, unless he's just referring to how he hasn't gained any weight, which he probably is.

No. 326777

wait, he's turning 30? I thought he was a lot older. His skin is rough, his hair is falling out (the bleach isn't helping), and his eyes are sunk in.
He's already hit the wall. It's all downhill from here.
>He has aged about 20 years in the 7 years they've been together.
True, stress ages people fast.
>unless he's just referring to how he hasn't gained any weight
he got really chunky at some point, but now I think Kevin is even thinner than these old cosplay photos. Not in a good way, more like malnourished because they don't spend money on food.

No. 326780

His birthdate is October 1994, can't remember the exact day. Yeah I wanna dig up some recent-ish photos of Kevin, within the last couple of years, to put side by side with these pre-Lori cosplay pics of him. I'm sure the difference is staggering.

No. 326782

he wasn’t ugly. i mean he wasn’t a drop dead gorgeous 10/10 giga-chad by any means, but he was definitely the type that i’ve seen some girls go hard for. his personality and emotional issues are what makes him unattractive. if he was more normal and less cringy/immature, he easily could have gotten with a cute geeky girl instead of the abusive hag.

No. 326784

>he got really chunky at some point, but now I think Kevin is even thinner than these old cosplay photos.

He had gained a fair but of weight there for awhile and was busting out of that Hiro costume but that was late 2018 - early 2019. He lost the weight after that and it seems he's kept it off. The only reason it was so noticable when he gained was because he was trying to squeeze into skin tight cosplay which used to fit him.

No. 326788

>He had gained a fair but of weight there for awhile and was busting out of that Hiro costume but that was late 2018 - early 2019
It’s really been that long? Wow. To think they don’t go to conventions anymore because Lori doesn’t want to be seen without the photoshop.
Not sure what it’s like in Utah, but in my area there are small geeky weeb conventions that are free and people go to those in cosplay. I’m sure they wouldn’t even go to a free convention for fear of candids.

No. 326799

Older threads say it's 1993 >>24705 >>133808 so I think he's already 30. Not that 1 year really matters, but if he were going to have a meltdown about leaving his 20s it probably would have already happened.

No. 326837

I saw them at Anime Banzai around 2018-19. I think that may have been the last time they went to any cons.

No. 326848

Kev makes so many posts about how much he misses cosplay/cons. I get why Lori doesn't want to go to them anymore, but couldn't Kev just go to cons by himself (or with friends, if he still has any left)? It's sad that he gave up his main/favorite hobby just because she doesn't want to do it anymore.

No. 326850

I think they both fear candids because even he is using the heavy app filters Lori is using.

No. 326859

File: 1716384134888.jpeg (207.58 KB, 566x855, Untitled205_20240522092052.jpe…)

hi, og artanon! there’s no milk at the moment, so i might as well make lori homolka for the next thread kek

No. 326861

beautiful work anon, really captures her essence

No. 326954

I'm so curious considering her name is dead unless it's 1. here 2. oldfags from forever ago
agree, but I don't see anyone here cowtipping like the milk is so dry it's pathetic to even check this thread. maybe someone scott-adjacent now he has his own thread? stirred up some shit from the olden days? I don't see a farmer doing this. knowing her maybe it's to get us talking cause her thread is dead and scott's is getting more attention kek
speaking of needing attention. he's adopted her "I have vampire genetics" cope when he's probably hit the absolute wall living like they do. no wonder they hide from cons, those candids from last time they went must have really tilted them out of their delusions for a second. can't have that, the filters are such a cope for them now. shame cause Kevin was halfway talented with cosplay, Lori always let everyone else do the work or lied about buying hers.

No. 327115

If he didn't announce that he was going and didn't give his username to people who take pics of him (or don't allow them to take pics at all) then he wouldn't have to worry about candids, no one would be on the lookout for him or anything. Could just go and hang out and enjoy the con for what it is. I feel like it's def Lori who disallows him from going.

No. 327162

>If he didn't announce
>didn't give his username to people who take pics
>no one would be on the lookout for him

Nonna, this is Kevin we're talking about. He is as much of a fame fag attention whore as Lori was back in the day. There's no way he would ever go to a con just to enjoy it and see the cool costumes.

No. 327176

People always want to think the best of Kev for whatever reason. I think he's more than proven he's a lost cause at this point.

No. 327236

>People always want to think the best of Kev for whatever reason

It's a little infuriating tbh, esp. when he's proven to be just as psychotic and batshit as Lori, he's the one with the domestic violence charge against him on 4/20/2022 (I think it was 2022) that his parents paid out the ass for an expensive lawyer to make go away. I can't stand the infantilization of this almost 31 year old man. The sympathy that he elicited in 2017-2018 when he was first in the relationship with Lori and cutting off friendships and cutting up his leg should have run dry by now.

No. 327269

Was there ever any proof of that charge? I remember an anon claiming they had looked up public records of it back then but they never posted caps/links to prove it.

No. 327295

It was legit, the lawyer was a real one too. An anon who knew how it works was going to try and see if he showed up to the zoom or virtual courtroom or whatever when he was scheduled to show up.

No. 327311

File: 1716861095324.jpg (88.6 KB, 713x1280, IMG_20240527_185117_532.jpg)

He's been saying the same exact thing for at least 6 years.

No. 327316

He was never doing anything mibdblowing anyway, isn't the core ethos (before efame and thots changed that, but the basic ethos is still there) of cosplay to half ass it, look silly and have fun? Like you can spend three months programming a light up weapon and armour but you can also do it the Terry way (order a cheap cosplay online and apply your makeup in the dark) and that's also perfectly valid. Unless lives are on the line halfassing things is fine actually.
Either he doesn't really want to do cosplay or someone (it's the crazy latina he lives with) is not creating an evironment where he feels comfortable and welcome. It's 100% her ethot studio. He would need to get his own place to have the peace and room to take up cosplay again. Remember he has taken photoshoots in the kitchen because he has literally not a single corner of his own. That's the reason, not because he wants to do something mindblowing.

No. 327317

i mean technically if he wasn’t with lori he may be at a point where he gets paid to be at cons, but at this point i’m curious to see how the hell he spends his day everyday. does he actually work to afford rent while lori just shakes her puffed up chipmunk cheeks maniacally in videos?

No. 327322

Well Kev, most people that make elaborate cosplays take weeks or even months to make costumes, if that's their hobby. They usually have full-time jobs and use their time off to make cosplays because again, it's what they do for fun and its a hobby to them. I don't think it's because he has "no time", like anon said it's probably other reasons like there's no room to make anything.
>Like you can spend three months programming a light up weapon and armour but you can also do it the Terry way
Yeah unless you're trying to win cosplay contests or something, then literally no one cares what you show up in. People just want to have fun dressing up as the character they like, and they like looking at other people dressed up. He doesn't HAVE to take it so seriously. And if Kevin is concerned about posting "high quality" cosplay on IG, he should look at how many followers Terry has. He literally buys all of his cosplays and people compliment him all the time. People usually care more about how you look than whether you made it.
>if he wasn’t with lori he may be at a point where he gets paid to be at cons
NTAYRT True, I've seen cosplayers with worse costumes as "special guests". He could've probably made it.

No. 327372

File: 1716938791787.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_6130.jpeg)

She did pictures with another egirl. The second photo you can see her real face somewhat but she made sure to face from the side. The first one you can tell still is edited just not heavily like when she does it.

No. 327373

File: 1716938825516.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1604, IMG_6129.jpeg)

Second photo.

No. 327376

I wonder how they met? Is she some girl living in her apartment?
Also, the editing is heavy in both photos. I think Lori is only posing with this girl because she's a fatty irl photoshopping to be thinner and so doesn't feel as threatened. Her hair is curving along her body and the proportions aren't consistent at all. There's also something weird happening on her chin in the pool photo.

No. 327379

Yikes the irl state of Whori's face. The whole mouth area is crazy, the lines around her mouth, the old lady lips, the caked on foundation. What was she thi king taking pics with a 20-something zoomer at almost 40

No. 327381

File: 1716941349659.png (1.81 MB, 1500x1060, anotherhoe.png)

Picrel, I think she does live in the same complex as Lori. This was taken a week ago at the same swimming pool, and there's also photos of her in a bikini posing in the lobby. They probably bumped into each other since Lori also does the same crap. What are the odds kek. I wonder whose idea it was to "collab"?
You can also see the difference in the age of their tattoos kek. Lori's is so faded and blown out.

No. 327384

kek, her IG clips are hilarious tbh. The filter abuse isn't discreet at all and her boobs/waist warp rapidly as she's moving around. Birds of a feather I guess.

No. 327389

File: 1716948659989.jpg (1.21 MB, 1440x2610, 1000019028.jpg)

Reposted for typos, looks like thot #2 deleted her collaboration with whori

No. 327390

File: 1716949609440.png (862.44 KB, 1086x875, lori1.png)


No. 327392

I want Lori to dump Kevin for this e-thot, lol.

No. 327393

KEK that’s hilarious. But doesn’t that mean someone cowtipped? How else would she know.

No. 327399

did they use windows xp to upload and edit these photos? how do you make yourself look like a poorly rendered 2000s computer game in 2024?

lori may have told her about the website and how she's being stalked by a bunch of fat weebs from 4chan.

No. 327400

File: 1716957815937.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.3 KB, 1399x1786, 20240528_214023.jpg)

It's still up on her Twitter, just not Insta. For whatever reason. Btw I do not suggest looking at her Twitter… this girl does much more hardcore stuff than Lori.

Also she's apparently 20. Guess Lori took a page out of Terry's book on hanging out with barely legals.

No. 327401

You have a point, Lori really likes to talk about it.
>Guess Lori took a page out of Terry's book on hanging out with barely legals.
Lori's probably hoping whatever followers this girl has will follow her too. Looking at this girl's instagram though, I think she also buys followers and most of the comments are from old indian moids.
>Btw I do not suggest looking at her Twitter
It's like she's taking pages from Lori's book. Ridiculous photoshop, crappy costumes and mismatched outfits, elf and succubus larp. Unless this is actually what all washed-up egirls do. I don't follow their crap. Some of her photos are even missing her belly button kek

No. 327403

loris flat square butt is killing me lmfao

No. 327404

Probably got flagged

No. 327405

God, this is so bizarre that I need to share XDD
First I must say that I'm Chilean in Texas so I know Spanish and English.
I searched Facebook for the name of this cow and I saw that she posts in a lot of Latin anime groups or aesthetic fashion groups
with broken Spanish in which he tries to communicate very clumsily
I'm going to translate a little for your enjoyment.
the featured comment says
"The typical average cosplayer girl showing off her body more than she should"
and her response says
"It's not cosplay, I'm naturally an ANIME
cosplay is for bitches with wigs"

Delulu….and there are more gems that I found in sailor moon groups(blatant newfaggotry)

No. 327406

File: 1716979833481.jpg (448.97 KB, 1080x2036, IMG_20240529_063646.jpg)

No. 327407

File: 1716979910806.jpg (755.44 KB, 1076x1736, IMG_20240529_063528.jpg)

No. 327408

NONE of this is milk. Learn to integrate or leave, no1currs about some dumb posts of hers

No. 327410

Huh, I wonder if Lori actually speaks Spanish or if she's using Google Translate. She seems to hide her Latina side most the time and pretends to be a white girl so it's interesting to see her embracing it here.

Lori being hostile towards her simps is always milk, and instances have been posted in her threads many times. Stop trying to minimod.

No. 327411

Oh man, an actual young e girl lives in her building? She had better keep an eye on kevin.

No. 327413

Is her family from Chile? No one outside Chile talks like that unless they're retarded

No. 327416

Dad is Chilean, yes.

No. 327417

aww did she use kevvy’s money to buy that? too bad he’s too broke to buy the entire collection like eugenia

No. 327419

So, why doesn't she have Kevin help take photos?

No. 327420

Given how ethot #2 edited her own face and left Lori's untouched, I'd guess Lori asked/whined/screeched at her to take it down.

No. 327428

This cosplay would've actually been pretty decent if she did the right hairstyle/makeup and tossed the elf ears. What happened to her priding herself on doing accurate cosplays? Now it's all elf girl with pink eyebrows and unstyled hair every time.

Despite all his posts promoting Lori's content, I think having an ethot gf has always made Kev uncomfortable to some degree. She wasn't doing that stuff when they initially met, only started later in the relationship. That's why he doesn't take the pics or appear in the photos. He doesn't want to be directly involved.

No. 327429


she was. she did photo sets that she would advertise on Facebook and supposedly people would PayPal her and she'd send the photoshoot. I think she knew a photographer in Washington state. I also believe she would do "custom" photoshoots for "clients" too.

No. 327436

lol cosplay is for bitches with wigs? Well she is a bitch with a raggedy weave so I guess she still falls into that category.(sage your shit)

No. 327443

>you gotta start doing porn
I wish all moids a very painful death

No. 327445

what in the fuck is going on with that editing?

No. 327449

File: 1717039828048.mp4 (1.98 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_334162334_…)

Lori posted this video. I tried to post this a couple times but it kept not going thru, prob because the video is haunted.

No. 327450

I guess she’s trying a new hairstyle now? I know she’s been doing that face forever now but I just can’t fucking stand it, which fucking ethot did that face that she decided to latch onto it??

No. 327451

File: 1717041664501.jpeg (167.62 KB, 536x479, IMG_6353.jpeg)

Honey stop

No. 327454

She literally looks like mac tonight, I'm surprised it got posted

No. 327456

anon she has breast implants, and does slutty cosplay pretty sure she's a pick me living for men.

No. 327457

Is her target market specifically the type of guy who gets people in comas or with severe learning difficulties pregnant because that is the only person who would enjoy this video. What even is this expression?
Kevvy needs to get a second or third job so girly can buy some lip fillers and stop contorting her face like this, she's gonna break something.
Kek she is even doing the "I'm a real anime girl" in another language
Yeah it is milk imo, at least for this thread

No. 327464

she's doing that stupid face because it hides her deep set nasolabia folds. I think they're probably so bad the video filters don't hide it anymore unless she goes double full strength but then it makes her look too fake (even though she looks fake right now anyway)

No. 327469

>but I just can’t fucking stand it,

I honestly wonder if she makes this face because she knows we hate it so much. Even her simps will say stuff to her like, "This video would've been perfect without the weird faces…" And she always replies some version of, "I won't quit being me," which is so bizarre if you're wanting people's money.

No. 327473

But you would think she wouldn’t do it excessively since it would probably make them more prominent when her face is relaxed right? Idc about smile lines but I know chronically online people are surprised at the slightest thing of natural aging but Lori is so weird, she tans in the sun all day which would age her vampire genes and the chlorine on her skin almost everyday would dry it out even more but she draws the line at being able to see her wrinkles kek

No. 327476

i've never seen her look worse than in this video with that expression holy shit

No. 327487

>"silly elf girl behavior"
>jarring voice
>flapping around erratically like a tweaker
This is her worse video yet.
Yeah that other e-hoe didn't edit Lori's face, so you can see how bad her folds are >>327390
I think anons were right about Lori making her delete their collab photo on IG since it almost shows her face.
she even has one of those hentai succubus tattoos, she's catering to degenerates. it's embarrassing.

No. 327489

File: 1717113807131.jpg (122.55 KB, 1080x1482, WtfUDoin.jpg)

Trying to post this for a second time. She's doing it way more exaggerated now. Here's some Instagram comments about that video. She normally doesn't have this many people saying something about her hideous facial expressions.

No. 327491

File: 1717118748882.jpeg (859.45 KB, 3072x3072, IMG_5401.jpeg)

Damn this is the best Hatchetface cosplay I’ve seen.

Kek I wonder if shes changing her hairstyle because its been pointed out on here that the way she styles her bangs ages her.

MTE. The southwest has incredibly low humidity. As sensitive as she is about aging I dont know why she would swim in chlorine and tan to dry out and damage her skin even more

No. 327493

Shes stated before its because her "haters" don't like it that she does it so much. My guess is it's a mix of hiding wrinkles plus thinking she's "owning" her trolls. Kek(sage your shit)

No. 327503

it’s not a hentai tattoo. a womb succubus tattoo doesn’t look like that(sage your shit)

No. 327504

the heart with the wings is a womb tattoo. every womb tattoo doesn't have the ovaries parts. these thots all have them.

No. 327509

no it’s not you don’t know how they look like. there are penises on the tattoo. but why are you so fixed on it(sage your shit)

No. 327512

Actually, a womb tattoo can be literally any tattoo, it just has to be placed over the womb/uterus area. Technically a so-called "tramp stamp" is considered a womb tattoo as well in fact due to the location in proximity to the womb. You should learn more about tattoos and wombs in general before posting next time.

No. 327514

File: 1717181666087.png (978.72 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20240531-114806-128…)

Who fucking cares. 4 posts about this non-shit?

Kevin is back to posting old cosplay and saying weird cryptic stuff like "Never let anyone tell you that you don't matter if you aren't pumping out cosplay 24/7," and using the term "we" to describe his past creations. The cosplay world seems to move pretty quickly and I doubt anybody in that circle even remembers Kevin Hanft, cosplayer from 2016-2017. He didn't do anything remarkable or groundbreaking. It is funny how hard he's clinging to his old self and writing these cope posts about how he is totally fine with cosplay being in his past.

No. 327515

Omg she blocked me for liking the comments saying her face looked weird hahaha(cowtipping, unsaged)

No. 327517

File: 1717184505883.png (948.64 KB, 2161x1988, TrollinLoriThings.png)

It looks like she removed a few of them too. She replied to these ones though. Very "I'm trying to look hideous on purpose" vibes that reminds me of the "pretending to be retarded" meme.

No. 327521

Wouldn’t be surprised if all those unsaged posts is the thot herself trying to defend her shitty porn tattoo that’s “totally not for scrotes”. Anyways, an anon mentioned that Kevin was going to be turning 30 soon. He may just be having some sort of crisis about that and he’s looking back on the good old days and lamenting over all that time wasted on Lori. I’m pretty sure he is the only person paying for the apartment, so he should be able to leave and start over again. There’s lots of cosplayers in their 30s. He’s too lost in the sunk cost fallacy. Lori is the one with no options, in her 40s with no savings or skills. She would have to find someone else to couch surf.(hi cow)

No. 327523

no for real because it’s like she’s trying to come off as mentally retarded or has parkinson’s

No. 327526

Thank you to the random ethot who blessed us with this potentially intentional bad edit. Lori's monkey mouth and saggy face is showing through all the caked on makeup and whatever app was trying to clean her up. Amazing!

He and Lori are perpetually stuck in the past. They act like they are famous or talented but they're just a bunch of nobodies who aren't even hasbeens. Outside of people laughing at their antics here or IRL, they don't want to admit that nobody cares who they are.

No. 327538

So do we think she has deeply misinterpreted the (already incredibly retarded) ahegao face or that one scrote with a very specific fetish is completely bankrolling her and kev?

No. 327539

It's either a fetish scrote bankrolling her, or the millenial lOlSoRaNdOm brainrot ruined her a long time ago. Nonnas keep saying it's to hide nasolabial folds, but scrunching your lip up to one side would definitely emphasize them on that side, so she's gotta be editing them out regardless. As an oldfag it reminds me of early myspace emo posting where girls would thirst trap with a similar expression to emphasize how they weren't like other girls and didn't want to be attractive on purpose, they just can't help it uwu

No. 327556

File: 1717257019001.jpg (19.69 KB, 236x295, a3c2c9eb56bc9d00210cb419b29e25…)

You mean scene, not emo. But yes, now that you mention it, that's exactly the kind of faces she makes…

No. 327564

why does this look like Ai?

No. 327580

this chick is so weird she abuses asian beauty filters so hard she looks chinese when her ass is white as hell

No. 327838

wait, how and when did she get verified on Instagram?(sage your shit)

No. 328035

File: 1717912231827.jpg (112.24 KB, 1440x721, 20240608_223559.jpg)

She calls it her "uwu face" and apparently some scrotes genuinely like it. Why, I couldn't tell you…

No. 328036

File: 1717912615818.jpg (58.78 KB, 1440x405, 20240608_225346.jpg)

More autism larping

No. 328037

File: 1717912709264.jpg (142.85 KB, 1439x1238, 20240608_225521.jpg)

Implying she's attracted to Kevin because he looks like a girl. That anon who was tinfoiling about Kev and Lori looking more and more similar all the time may be on to something

No. 328041

Succeed… where? She's really leaning into this "spectrum" shit recently. So disabled with a bad back, Latina, spectrum, what will she say next for pity points against the boolies and hatursss targeting a poor retarded, physically disabled, Latina woman of color?