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File: 1664235105761.png (643.12 KB, 700x645, 1D4B9FF4-7E9D-4912-9FB2-A69A30…)

No. 242685

Describe the type of character you like and what you want in a relationship, and anons will suggest a 2D partner for you!

>2D only!
>Female characters welcome
>Try to be thoughtful and sincere

I'll go first! I like rough and tumble rowdy guys who are always in trouble and can't keep their mouths shut. I want him to take me on adventures and rescue me from the danger he got us both into. Tsundere is a plus.

No. 242690

File: 1664236328779.jpg (89.28 KB, 600x451, Outlaw.Star.600.1109597.jpg)

I immediately thought of Gene Starwind for you, anon! I'm similar, I like rough guys who have a good heart, a secret soft side. Bonus points for dark hair/eyes and dresses like a greaser or a delinquent.

No. 242692

i have nothing to add but incredible taste for starting us off w madara anon, hope this thread takes off

No. 242699

I want to date a princely guy with long hair and tons of money. He should be well educated and come from a good family. It's okay if he's evil on the downlow.

No. 242702

I've always liked characters who appear smart, put-together, and maybe even a little boring, but have some sort of depraved, dark side. I can't imagine actually being in a relationship with someone like this, but perhaps if I knew his terrible secret I could blackmail him into being my boyfriend or otherwise support his efficient quest to be a terrible person from the sidelines. I have the taste of an eighth grader. Past husbandos have included Light (obviously when I was in middle school kek), Yoshikage Kira, and I guess Dimitri kind of fits this somewhat

No. 242705

File: 1664237537050.png (51 KB, 387x440, sg-fewth-dimitri-icon.png)

Dimitri from Fire Emblem: Three Houses & Three Hopes? He's princely, his hair is in a ponytail in this pic but gets even longer, his father + father figure were great people (although his step family are sketchy, he doesn't put up with them lol) and even when going through great stress and pain he's still ultimately a good man that wants to protect his people.

No. 242707

File: 1664237877615.png (201.18 KB, 554x838, ixazvaws7ml61.png)

Tohru Adachi from Persona 4!

No. 242708

File: 1664238098333.jpeg (128.52 KB, 749x543, 02026DAE-861B-489B-B0C2-95B5E9…)

How about Jakurai Jinguji? He's a successful doctor and upstanding citizen, prone to rambling, moralising, and giving unsolicited advice. Most people assume his big secret is that he can't handle alcohol (he becomes an extremely angry drunk after just one sip) but the most shocking thing about his character is that he used to be a highly skilled assassin with an obscene "success" rate. Nobody in his current life is aware of his past, except some enemies. You might be able to blackmail him, but he's just as likely to try to therapize you and make you see your behaviour as in need of fixing.

No. 242710

File: 1664238297603.jpeg (164.84 KB, 750x1152, C054FF69-F3D5-4D06-8E99-30ADAE…)

Maybe you'd like Nero from Devil May Cry!

No. 242711

I like girls who are quick to action, but smart. Who overcome their self-doubts and keep working forward. Cunning and nice are a plus.

No. 242712

This is a great idea OP!

The most important quality in my ideal husband is goodness. He doesnt have to be nice, but has to be a genuinely good person, who goes out of the way to make the world a better place. But not judgemental and high on their own self rightousness. Not annoyingly smart, but not dumb either. Tall and built like a viking, with long hair. Trustworthy and reliable.

No. 242715

I like em as smug as possible, shitty boy material but not in the annoying 'BRO' character type of way (ie: Yosuke).

No. 242716

Such a cute idea! Thank you OP!

My dream husbando is strong and buff. Doesn't have to be tall, but I like a thick upper body. Blonde and blue eyes is a plus but flexible. Emotional intelligence is nice but I don't mind if he's a big dummy, as long as he has a sense of goodness like some other anons said

No. 242717

File: 1664239622537.jpeg (6.65 KB, 318x159, images.jpeg)

First thing that came to mind!

No. 242719

I prefer his game counterpart (not manga Blue though, he's too edgy shounen boy) but I more prefer him with Red if you know what I mean.

Funny reply none the less, I see where you're coming from with Gary Oak.

No. 242721

File: 1664240096238.png (210.15 KB, 533x671, 1579737688307.png)

A himbo with nice hair who would protect me from anything.

No. 242722

File: 1664240259282.gif (2.14 MB, 498x278, byakuya-togami-danganronpa.gif)


No. 242723

sorta himbo, sweetheart, virgin who has trauma but it doesn't influence his good nature pls

No. 242730

File: 1664241176413.jpeg (329.35 KB, 602x800, 8ED41B74-BDE4-4261-A878-27E28B…)

Camus from Utapri, he even comes with a Borzoi

No. 242733

File: 1664241292293.jpeg (465.86 KB, 580x920, 1309D4D9-DF5C-4F12-8C59-F4EDD7…)

kyoko kirigiri

No. 242736

I would love a strange but pretty man who is smart, will let me bully him, and has never felt the touch of a woman before.

No. 242738

File: 1664242851380.gif (1.67 MB, 500x375, Valhallen.gif)

Immediately thought of Valhallen. Sorry if cartoon guys aren't your thing. He's a himbo with a Southern Californian accent, has long blonde hair and can fight/has powers since he's the Viking God of Rock.

No. 242754

Seems cute but she's a danganrompa girl and dealing with that fandom is a lot for one waifu.

No. 242755

Ayrt, omg I forgot he even existed until now but I actually used to like him when I was young. Well that certainly explains my taste in men.

No. 242762

Absolutely deranged, sociopath full raid gear asshole who would still be nice to me but not be a yandere about it.

No. 242763

This sounds fun!
What I am looking for:
>I do not mind some darkness to them
>glasses are a plus

No. 242765

File: 1664249533861.jpg (27.26 KB, 736x414, 6646fc0f6c1a052889e3c0b8c41ab9…)

Shinra Kishitani from durara!!

No. 242766

File: 1664249684077.jpeg (85.84 KB, 749x634, B661AB5F-CFF1-4F9A-BD84-7B6257…)

Masako Nataume from Penguindrum. She seems cold on the surface because she's relentless in pursuing her goals, but she has a warm heart and is very devoted to her loved ones.

No. 242767

File: 1664249889496.jpeg (118.65 KB, 749x653, 92B76F65-D02D-4E34-90FC-042DCE…)

Fukuzawa Yukichi Bungou Stray Dogs? His hair may not be long enough for your tastes but he is a genuinely good person who works hard to help others.

No. 242770

File: 1664250643806.jpg (195.3 KB, 640x819, IMG_20220926_234004.jpg)

Sekine from sekine-kun no koi

No. 242772

File: 1664251700511.jpeg (141.86 KB, 486x468, 82E5DDF9-1D1B-443C-A5D9-FE1CC3…)

hm this one is kinda hard, maybe shinpachi from hakuouki

No. 242774

File: 1664252631611.jpg (20.42 KB, 750x422, spike-spiegel-photo-u24.jpg)

I want a soft, calm and gentle guy who will spoil me. Bonus points if he he can throw some punches, I just want to feel sage.

How about Spike?

No. 242775

File: 1664252945138.jpg (68.95 KB, 600x800, domyoji.jpg)

Maybe Tsukasa Domyoji, particularly in the manga.

No. 242778

File: 1664253408992.png (690.58 KB, 765x429, mirotogata.PNG)

My boy Mirio maybe

No. 242782

for a guy: well dressed, rich or has power, talks down to others but has a soft spot to still be kind

No. 242791

File: 1664258915135.jpeg (71.67 KB, 600x500, 7C4DC9AD-1A0C-42DC-867E-7DB81F…)

He will keep you safe and defend your honor. I am sure he won’t mind spoiling you.

No. 242806

File: 1664263662529.jpg (69.32 KB, 600x778, 96a8149cc42b8ecdc09934fc56368b…)

>confident (when facing enemies)
>social awkward
>easy going
>caring to those who got to know more behind his mask
But I think if Dante (and his twin) existed irl, he might be shit talked on some /g/ threads. It saddened me seeing his state in DMC5, though some Capcom old protagonists face the same problem like him: rarely progress to be better, stuck at the same place, same status for many years.

No. 242809

I haven't been into Hypmic in a while. When was that spoiler part revealed, nona?

No. 242814

Alright nonnies, I need a big bara titty himbo with dark hair. I like guys similar to
>ohma tokita
>the red hood/adult Jason Todd

No. 242816

You got one right here!

No. 242817

He head too skinny, I need a round face and good jaw

No. 242841

File: 1664271453272.png (196.71 KB, 750x395, Alphonse Elric.png)

No. 242875

Alphonse is not dumb! He is a boy genius just like this brother!
I'm not sure when or where exactly, but it's been canon for at least a few years. I believe it's relevant in the TDD manga.

No. 242878

Nonas, I'm looking for a kind and handsome guy who is submissive towards women - not in an overly fetishy way, but in a serving way. Could be a knight or butler or just a normal dude. No teenagers or old guys please. Could you find one for me?

No. 242884

Awesome thread!
Aright here's some of mine ehehe (I'm bi so either is fine!)
Interesting thoughtful person, kinda melancholic but also very positive and works on shit. Not a depressive edgy twat. Someone with flaws but also a lot to give. Passionate about what they do. Determined. If male, I like their hair not too long and not too short. It doesn't matter if they look muscular or not. Points if artist or creative. Another point if they're nice to women without being a lady's man or at least don't blame women for their own bullshit.

Example of characters close to this description that I absolutely do not enjoy: Kaneki Ken and Tenya Ida.

No. 242888

File: 1664286160778.jpg (33.48 KB, 430x714, keith tb.jpg)

How about Keith Goodman, he is strong, he is blonde, a bit of a dummy and kinda shy when it comes to talking to the woman he likes, and most importantly, he is a good man.

No. 242926

I just want a guy who is like me but male and 2D (and therefore cuter). So someone who is silent, arrogant and rather hated by socially functioning people but a reliable partner when you are trying to survive together. Unlike me he should either be physically strong or a talented gun or sword user. I want go with him on adventures to achieve whatever goal we have or explore and in our downtime I draw or tell him about historical shit and he shows me how to fight, so that we can team up when we battle enemies or monsters.
Pluspoint if he doesn't need attention all the time. Sometimes I just want to be chill and not talk to anybody for a day or so. Brutal honesty is also always a plus. I don't like it when I don't know if others are lying or not and I don't get hints.

My first thought was Gilgamesh. His characterization varies a bit from continuity to continuity though. Also, I am not sure if you are/would be into Reigen. Prime husbando material imo and he is smug, but not on the level like guys like Gil or Gary.

No. 242945

>preferably masked
>soft-spoken or even just silent
>tough exterior, but a softie on the inside
ty nonnies muah muah

No. 243011

File: 1664309027708.gif (775.43 KB, 500x280, inubokuss.gif)

Miketsukami Soushi

No. 243068

A guy that can be playful and teasing towards you but deep down he cares and hides his true feelings for you. Maybe a bit of a bully but cool bad boy vibes? Bonus for goth or anything similar like it. Something like Marshall Lee.

No. 243071

File: 1664319549274.jpeg (523.07 KB, 1892x2621, E939AC06-4F3F-43E3-8219-0A5733…)

kakashi hatake

No. 243076

Someone intelligent and competent with a serious exterior whose really just a goofball behind the scenes and likes to cook if possible.

No. 243081

File: 1664322298059.jpeg (71.4 KB, 433x650, AD284262-EA3A-456B-9FF2-926CC7…)

Cloud Strife

No. 243094

Awh he's so cute, I'll take him! Hehe thank you anon

No. 243098

I want an aloof, very handsome type of husbando. He can be a bit arrogant at first, but as time passes, the ice king warms up as he catch feelings for you

No. 243107

i'm already spoken for but i just wanted to say this is a cute thread idea

No. 243114

File: 1664335599309.jpg (105.54 KB, 942x942, 3f08b7b62c6a50d287567da1663c0f…)

Jumin Han from MM?

No. 243118

>A guy that can be playful and teasing towards you but deep down he cares and hides his true feelings for you. Maybe a bit of a bully but cool bad boy vibes?
Sounds like Tsukasa Domyoji from Hana yori Dango.

No. 243120

Someone patient, sweet, who doesn't mind me sperging about my interests all the time, and who ideally loves to have conversations about anything, because I'd love listening to him. Critical thinker with thoughtful and compassionate opinions who isn't forceful but would try and steer others to the least harmful conclusion. A bit of darkness fully welcome.

No. 243123

File: 1664338069991.png (471.58 KB, 499x495, alphonse.png)

Sounds just like Alphonse Elric to me, too bad he's only in a human body for a millisecond in the series

No. 243146

Thank you nona, I will check out that series!

No. 243165

File: 1664353373345.png (309.73 KB, 514x562, naki.png)

Nakigitsune is 2/3.

No. 243229

Matchmaker-chans please help me find the ideal husbando;
>Hair covering one eye (preferably white or black)
>Face marks or scar
>bonus if he can fight
Thank youuu!

No. 243239

Tfw no lolcow-assigned husbando

No. 243278

I remember reading posts by Adachi anons in the husbando thread way back when and thought he sounded like I’d be into him kek. I hope they release Persona 4 on Switch one day because that’s the only gaming system I have.

Hypmic husbando has such a pretty design. He also sounds right up my alley. Tempted to download Hypmic now. Thank you so much nonas! Excellent matchmaking service I am very happy with them

No. 243284

File: 1664388996129.jpeg (67.61 KB, 627x940, 4CF635B5-0E2F-43A3-B408-053C6A…)

>I'm Kikkou Sadamune, a sword passed down the Tokugawa Shogun family. The one that rules over me now is not the shogun family, but Master. It's fine even if you give me increasingly harsh commands, you know?
Which means he wouldn't mind getting bullied by you, he's quite smart, a sword, so he has never touched a woman, and he can fight because he's a sexy sword.

No. 243291

File: 1664390291063.jpeg (80.71 KB, 500x707, 9C9F9BCB-7B62-412F-B3A9-10A3F8…)

Ford, the town doctor in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. He's not deliberately mean, just uptight and a know-it-all.

No. 243307

Seconding this guy, he would love getting bullied by you nona.

No. 243317

File: 1664401775837.png (47.74 KB, 1076x600, thanks anon.png)

kind of specific i think but basically
>but also kind of dumb
>likes interesting stuff maybe
extra stuff not necessary
>pretty eyes
>looking interesting (maybe colorful clothes)
>wears glasses
>wears a hat
low self steem too, but not in the annoying way

No. 243318

Based. Now that you say it my first OC was actually pretty similar to him, there must be a reason for that.

No. 243327

Thank you anon he is perfect! He even has glasses. I should get back into the game

No. 243551

>easy to hype
>kouhai/younger guy archetype
>amaenbou (if you google it, english results only show porn for some reason, but i swear it just got bastardized)
>inukei kareshi
>smiling 24/7, think suwon from yona but with him it's sincere
>either flushes easily or is all overdramatic in his love, but no hurr durr i'm so experienced let me take the lead my fair maiden type
>tsukkomi would be nice but i like idiots too
>no dark past
>if he turns out to be a yumeko-chan loving yandere though? yes pls
>dark hair and megane would be huge plus lol
>pls no mobage (gacha is ok)
i'm starved please help

No. 243554

File: 1664486316249.jpg (128.15 KB, 960x544, 007.jpg)

How about Impey from code realize? He's smart but also dumb and friendly, and he's into cool steampunk-setting stuff

No. 243647

I just want a husbando with glasses thats maybe a little mean

No. 243680

ok my type is
>evil or misunderstood
>wet and pathetic
>good for bullying
i'm playing on hardmode because i don't like ikemen or buff guys. i know you're out there beloved

No. 243683

someone who is insane, slightly bpd, rich, hot, is obsessive over me, smart, knows how to have fun, has light brown hair or white hair.

No. 243719

>tall, dark and handsome tm
>preferably on a closed off, autistic side
>may be secretly fucked up
>feminine, but not a 100% femboy
>preferably long hair
>"can be suave" when he wants to type

alternatively, a knight in shining armour type. noble, good-manered, shy, all that jazz.

No. 244486

File: 1664794099412.jpg (117.68 KB, 852x1183, 0e296d1b60ed5b58c65ec000869ea3…)

Reigen Arataka from Mob Psycho 100.


Hilarious guy. The way he acts, exaggerates, doing hand gestures and pulls out special moves or whatever he can come up with outta his ass.
Very lovable as the funny fake psychic conman and parental mentor figure to the protagonist throughout the series. He's charismatic, inspiring, well-meaning and encourages the protagonist to be a good person. Also a Tumblr Sexyman with a thirsty fanbase.
>evil or misunderstood
Misunderstood as a bad person for lying and being a conman but overall he's genuinely a good guy and tries to help people.
More like the quirky uncle type.
>wet and pathetic
He's seen as pathetic. The kind that deserved what he got rather than feeling sorry for him.
>good for bullying
I've seen pics of people choking a plushie of him so yeah I guess.
>not ikemen or buff
Plain-looking adult man but not ikemen.

No. 244496

File: 1664796575326.jpg (134.57 KB, 1920x1080, ba19a3b3937b419dbc5544a423429b…)

i just want someone to tell me yamaguchi tadashi and me are meant to be. I want to watch haikyuu again but everytime i remember that that the anime isn't a romance between us it upsets me so much

No. 244500

File: 1664798808776.jpeg (129.43 KB, 679x1024, F3644D9E-6173-4C09-941B-344666…)

707 from MM. Granted I did not finish this game but he checks a lot of your boxes.

No. 244504

> professional
> goofy
> cooks
> looks out for me
Please and thank you nonnies

No. 244506

File: 1664802284602.gif (860.5 KB, 268x164, 3111F777-5CC3-4809-94A8-76AFD8…)

Heshikiri Hasebe is a profesional sword that can cook delicious food, will always look out for you and can be quite goofy if you watch the hanamaru anime.

No. 244507

Your husbando will always love you, nonna, even if the anime isn't a romance about you two, you can always meet him outside of the anime. Some people think about the media where a husbando/waifu comes from as just some movie or something where they play as a character, others think of it as just part of their husbando's/waifu's past.
Just because you're not directly referenced in the media doesn't mean your husbando doesn't love you, it just means that you just haven't met yet.

No. 244509

> Some people think about the media where a husbando/waifu comes from as just some movie or something where they play as a character
i never though t of it like that, thx you nonnie it makes me feel better!

No. 244512

Can I have a genius yandere? Like a high achiever who is perfect on the surface but secretly batshit insane. Glasses are a plus. Some characters I know that are kinda like this are Light Yagami and the older brother in Blue Exorcist.

No. 244515

File: 1664806143333.jpeg (303.77 KB, 1249x720, ABE9AD92-6518-4248-BFB5-88D7A8…)

Maybe Shuu Iwamine from Hatoful boyfriend? He's a genius yandere, he's not exactly perfect looking but he at least keep his cover up for quite a while. But he's definitely quite the yandere that's batshit insane.

No. 244516

>not exactly perfect looking
no shuu slander allowed hes beautiful
(also hi fellow hatoful boyfriend anon! i never see any fans around these days i swear)

No. 244574

File: 1664823151791.jpg (116.4 KB, 423x600, tumblr_m9h5gcz9Ye1r6zllio1_500…)

Ooh, finally, a good fucking thread. I don't have a husbando at the moment so it would be nice to have someone to fangirl over. Having a husbando brightens my life so much and I really miss it. Please, nonnas, help an anon in need.
My ideal husbando is
>smart, probably nerdy
>pretty reserved, definitely not a goofball
>an older character, as is not a teenager like in most animus
>doesn't look like a bishonen(I don't like most animes with cute designs like moe and bishounen)
>has a softer side, but doesn't want to show it
>interesting/memorable design
>glasses is a good bonus
>pretty competent, isn't treated like a joke in the source material
>misunderstood, or just evil
>really passionate about something, maybe it's his retarded hobby or a world domination plan

Arcade Gannon! He is smart, but acts like a dork around PC and is very awkward lol; wears glasses; has a dark and troubled past; he is a doctor and knows Latin, so it might count as interesting stuff idk. Arcade is very kind and tries to do the right thing all the time, but unfortunately for him he lives in a post apocalyptic desert where people don't give a fuck about kindness. He is really cool, but there is one downside… He is gay.

No. 244590

nayrt i had a small crush on arcade before learning that he's gay kek.. oh well he is a great companion though!

No. 244684

File: 1664849766424.jpg (403.81 KB, 600x848, 61513238_p1.jpg)

Arjuna from the Fate seires. I don't play the games but he pretty much checks off most of the boxes.

No. 244706

I like older men, especially ones more feminine, and anything yandere as fuck. Give me those weird boundaries and possessiveness.

Bonus points for animal features and/or theming.

No. 245120

Thanks anon! he seems interesting!
>He is really cool, but there is one downside…
>He is gay.
kek also thanks nonny, if it wasn't for the last part it would have been pretty great lol

No. 245618

File: 1665206578812.jpg (135.56 KB, 850x478, __pittman_alchemy_stars__sampl…)

Anybody have recommendations for guys who are like Pittman from Alchemy Stars, Mueller Vander from Trails, Zabaniyya from Housamo, Amon from Tokyo Ghoul? That kind of guy. I have a clear type (short dark haie, ripped, serious but passionate) but I want to devote myself to a character who actually has plenty of content, no preexisting female love interest, and an actual birthday.

No. 245619

Emet Selch

No. 245623

Yumeno Gentaro from Hypnosis Microphone, or Jane from Alchemy Stars.

No. 247591

someone who is very talkative, extroverted, and likes making jokes/teasing
bonus points if he's athletic or a tsundere

No. 247682

Mad scientists, that's it

No. 247708

File: 1665857493801.png (158.5 KB, 300x300, E0685DE2-FA1F-4DE0-ADB8-E8A7CF…)

Maybe Ace Trappola? He's talkative, extroverted, always teasing and is in the basketball club, he's also a bit tsundere.

No. 247797

File: 1665888437074.jpg (107.74 KB, 1448x2048, 44f999d03bb160536b3092f37317be…)

Atsumu Miya from Haikyuu is all of those things!

No. 247798

File: 1665888529260.jpg (274.07 KB, 1282x2031, FfG3ncpWAAAtVXZ.jpg)

A 2D husbando that's basically Aemond? I adore the 'only soft for one person' trope.

No. 247807

I'd like a husbando who's very sensitive, and gentle. He doesn't have a lot of (if any) friends, and he's lonely a lot of the time.
He's prone to tears, and if there's a self-insert girl in the anime/media/whatever he's from, she's the one to comfort and protect him

No. 247970

File: 1665980055702.jpg (86.19 KB, 684x900, 8bb071c82c1dc067f871143061ab5e…)

maybe Saihara Shuichi from danganronpa? kek

No. 247974

>Hanji Zoe
>Albert Wesker

No. 248178

It's impressive how well-versed you guys are in husbandos, I cant name 90% of the characters in this thread

No. 249185

File: 1666302783976.jpg (266.25 KB, 1280x549, animewasshitbuthescute.jpg)

I'm simple, I see a basic bitch design like this and I stan. Literally no other requirements for now, just a gentle, bland face and side-swept light brown-orangeish hair. I know of HQ!!s Shirabu, he's not quite it. I think I dislike his bangs. Yona's Suwon is a close fit, his manga version is actually perfect, the anime one is too blonde.

No. 249202

Manly, family orientated, willing and capable of killing to defend me, doesn’t mind when I rage, loves animals and is intelligent. Do any anons have a recommendation?

No. 249221

File: 1666314277865.jpg (409.09 KB, 1680x2328, Kiryu 20200617.jpg)

just look at him lol
>family oriented
usually not too interested in dating but he does raise his dead first love's child, runs an orphanage in Yakuza 3 and is generally very protective over children and women (in fact in his boss fight in Yakuza 7 he is intentionally programmed not to attack the female party members, only the males, the series creator refuses to allow him in crossover fighting games because he is not supposed to fight women)
>capable of killing
he's kind of a one man army who can seriously beat up hordes of men consecutively so yeah he sure is
>willing to kill
maybe not that much (it's memed that "Kiryu never kills" even though it's not exactly true) but he's definitely willing to fight tooth and nail to defend anyone he cares for
>loves animals
quite sweet to dogs, cats, even chickens (he does fight tigers and win though)
depends on what you mean by that one, he can be quite clueless in a social sense and also not that booksmart especially considering his past but his ability to learn new skills and fighting styles just by watching someone else do it once could count i guess

No. 249222

I think it's many different anons bringing their niche interests to the table. It's nice to see even among us husbandofags that there's such a diversity of interests!
For anyone unsatisfied by the matches suggested ITT, look up your favourite tropes on TVTropes then choose your preferred media type at the bottom. More complex requests can be difficult to find this way, but mad scientist nonny >>247682 for example, would get a huge list of names in seconds.

No. 249234

>that upper lip
I hate it when anime artists ruin a piece when they try and fail to draw a semi realistic face

No. 249237

File: 1666319473424.gif (997.23 KB, 540x340, Kiryu pensive.gif)

here is what he looks like in the newer engine games fwiw

No. 249239

I like men who look a bit mean and stern but are actually awkward when out of their element and are very sweet and kind. Dedicated and romantic are big plusses too.

No. 249242

File: 1666321510160.png (140.52 KB, 450x360, re2leon.png)

Maybe not as buff as you want, but I think Leon S. Kennedy might fit your bill, nona

No. 249243

odasaku from bungo stray dogs

No. 249247

File: 1666322299674.jpg (25.28 KB, 215x300, maou dot kareshi.jpg)

The series kind of sucks and is short, but Maou from Dot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers- might interest you

No. 249250

A strong hearted dependable guy who is kind, loyal and would love his s/o me lol very deeply and unabashedly. A more mature personality is a plus, but I don't mind an upbeat outgoing type too.

No. 249275

>Somebody like Dimitri from fire emblem
>Has a romantic plot in whatever media he's in
>Honorable, dutiful types really get my heart racing
>Black, blonde, red, or white hair

No. 249298

File: 1666343583101.jpg (127.25 KB, 1000x1333, prompto.jpg)

prompto, he is the upbeat outgoing type and fits the rest

No. 249308

Was it really bad? I remember liking it lol though my fave was the mage

No. 249360

Someone born in august, the kind to like ernest hemingway. Basically a man that acts like he's constantly got a war to fight, someone to protect, like Guts maybe.

No. 249362

I think the perverted humor of it was just a little much, or at least enough to ruin the rest of the story for me. If it wasn't for that maybe I would have a better opinion of it.

No. 249414

File: 1666381654648.jpg (85.95 KB, 480x272, pic_00225.jpg)

Shidou from Sweet Fuse.

No. 249416

File: 1666381973975.png (1.59 MB, 938x1189, Narcian.png)

Narcian from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Looks like the above but googling him will show loads of results for a man who never makes a handsome face with his handsome face.

No. 249444

priests. sexy anime priests. bonus points for being corrupted. i already have one already but i need to start building the collection.

No. 249473

File: 1666397386958.jpg (17.15 KB, 366x328, 8t7grjupd7e61.jpg)

Simeon from Obey Me, Olivine from Nu:Carnival, if you want a couple with thirsty designs.

No. 249474

I have to assume your preexisting one is Kiritsugu, but if it's not…

No. 249476

> long hair
> thinks he is special
> quick temper
> stoic
> organized
> likes having his hair stroked

No. 249478

thanks nonnies! i tried playing obey me! before but i found it kinda cringe, but i might give it another shot bc i like the idea and some of the demons are cute. i didnt even know there was a thirsty priest character.

and no its not kiritsugu, i didn't even know who that was until i looked it up just now tbh. he's more of a traditional catholic priest character from an obscure game but his characterisation is very dark, if theres any other priest appreciators itt ill drop the rec

No. 249485

I want a sexy but evil husbando. A dedicated and manipulative asshole, perhaps arrogant but an extremely hot one. Bonus points if he is an yandere

No. 249496

File: 1666405378781.jpg (3.21 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-10-21_23-22-33-612.…)

This thread is perfect and i'd really love some suggestions, I haven't felt much for a 2D guy in a long time.
My type usually is:
>a little shit. bratty and opinionated.
>intelligent, like above average smarts.
>morally grey or straight up a villain.
>Playfulness, trickster type.
>Bonus points if he gives virgin or loser vibes.
Picrel are some of my former fictional crushes.

No. 249498

Any suggestions for a slightly pathetic cutie that would gladly let me spit in his mouth. Bonus if he is an uptight or straight laced, outstanding type normally/in public.

No. 249500

File: 1666406826864.jpg (174.84 KB, 1198x1698, kenshin.jpg)

kenshin from ikemen sengoku
he's not that manipulative but fits all the rest

No. 250010

OMG nonna I know him!!
I was a Danganronpa fan back in the day, I really liked his personality but wished he stayed a side character lol
Also I refuse to belive the Love Hotel events are in any way, shape or form canon and I WILL continue to think he only loves Kaede (she makes for a great self insert lol)

No. 250072

I want a serious woman, with a heart of justice. A little melancholic atmosphere is good as well. Examples of this are Elma from Kobayashi (I know, moid content, but she falls so hard within my tastes that I fell in kove anyways) or Irridon from Alchemy Stars.

I also love very traditionL girl, who are dutiful and dedicated, but also have a cute side, preferably one that comes out through gluttony. Ushiwakamaru from Fate, Saga from Arknights, or Elma from Kobayashi fall into this.

I know I have a lot of on the nose examples already, but my secondary preferences that have arisen from now being a very busy working adult disqualify a lot of them.

I'd orefer them to be not from gacha, or a gacha that is very low in terms of time demand. Additionally, of adult age and without prior love interest (this is what breaks my heart about Elma, I could never take her from Kobayashi and Tohru). Non modern/ real world settings are also preferable.

A lot of specifics, but if you can help me find love, I'll appreciate it.

No. 250075

File: 1666585463996.jpg (77.3 KB, 500x517, baddaniel.jpg)

Fandaniel from FFXIV

No. 250077

File: 1666585695719.jpg (59.43 KB, 540x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Sebek Zigvolt from Twisted Wonderland, if you can get him to fall for you.

No. 250079

Sebek would only let Malleus spit in his mouth. he's a pompous jerk to everyone else, views humans as an inferior race, and can't go more than a few minutes without a lengthy sperg about how great Malleus is.

No. 250101

is there any guy from a form of romance media that
>likes teasing MC
>black hair
and if its a voiced form of media, has a deep voice

No. 250135

Can you read? Or are you just too stupid to comprehend if statements?

No. 250165

>If you retcon massive chunks of his backstory, ambitions, and personality maybe he'll suit your tastes
Might as well tell anon to go make an oc. sebek ain't even a cute boy; he's uggo.

No. 250176

Seconding this

No. 286395

Reviving this thread because I want a new anime man to consume my thoughts. Preferably one from a game since I hardly watch anime these days. I like Dimitri from FE3H. Before that, Rin from Free. So I guess muscular and emotional and hot. I dunno, as long as they don't have brown hair, throw one at me

No. 286400

sorry im super late but thanks for the suggestions anons! sadly i guess i didnt properly articulate that i dont care about anime men, but thats on me for posting in the anime man thread.. the fire emblem guy looks kinda interesting though.

No. 286453

File: 1680080806237.png (316.51 KB, 1280x720, Destiny 2_20220602223222.png)

Ok, in a way Crow/Uldren, but please don't bully him, the writers have done it enough They killed his could be girlfriend last week….
And all the good lore/scenes aren't even in game anymore so it doesn't matter if you just watch it on Youtube/read it on Ishtar Collective.

No. 286456

oh cool, thank you! i'll check the videos out.

No. 286464

Because I ended up looking them up myself cause it's been ages since I watched them.
Uldrens only speaking role in the first game
No voice, but sorta important
Then the 'The Forsaken Prince' lorebook, the Marasenna has some important bits of him too.
Then the Forsaken story expansion
And Crow first shows up in Season of the Hunt

I really love gaps, and he's got such a weird gap because of game specific lore.

No. 286490

>I dunno, as long as they don't have brown hair, throw one at me
I feel like this is cheating, those characters you mentioned have similar vibes to vidya characters I know, but most of them have brown hair… Why, nona, why.
I feel like I can only recommend husbandos from gachas:
>Diluc (angsty, not that emotional, kinda edgy tbh, but I feel like his vibe is similar to Dimitri post timeskip?) (Genshin Impact)
>Adonis Otogari (not that muscular because of enstars art style, more on the soft side in terms of personality) (Enstars!)
>Maybe Gekkamaru, from Nightshade…? (not a gacha) (some people think his character can be too overbearing when it comes to protecting the protagonist, so I don't know if you may like him)

No. 286630

I like a woman who has a flair of mystery and tragedy to her. She has to have a strong sense of justice and be confident. She will either appear cold or mean or unapproachable at first but will warm up to you if you earn her respect

No. 286634

I like absolutely terrible, sadistic men, ones that are indisputably shit and would dominate the fuck out of me while I'm at it. I don't care about his demeanor, he can be loud and extroverted or the silent type. As long as he fits the aforementioned criteria and is hot.

No. 286636

Kagero (Fire Emblem Fates)
Edelgard (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3) (she is not a mature woman, but she doesn't like a loli or pre-teen as other anime girls do, tbf)

Dabi (Boku no Hero Academia) (has scars, and maybe you don't find that attractive, but he is pretty sadistic and his ao3 fics are good at showcasing that lmao)
Kirishima Miyama (yakuza fiancé raise wa tanin ga ii) (piece of shit, there is no other way to describe him lmao)
Douma (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

No. 286642

File: 1680142924576.jpg (337.09 KB, 1920x1080, backdrop-1920.jpg)

Boy do I have a game for you

No. 286643

File: 1680147705728.png (42.14 KB, 389x390, maou.PNG)

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro from touken ranbu? and not sure if picrel from Dot Kareshi counts.

No. 286644

I have questionable taste tbh. I typically like fictional characters that are creepy, often unhealthy or somewhat maimed in appearance, kind of a nerdy loner, maybe a bit of a romantic (or obsessed with a specific goal), and often wearing a mask or too much leather/latex? Sadistic or pathetic are both okay.

Please no voldo. kek

No. 286649

File: 1680151192586.jpg (65.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

What about Zack from Angels of Death? Picrel
If you like history then you should play Hakuoiki, plenty of guys from there fit the bill

No. 286650

sorry these are all over the place but

megamind, scarecrow (batman), steerpike, hordak from the reboot, julian devorak
unhinged bonus options: caligosto loboto, bondrewd

No. 286654

I wasn't so sure at first because he is super anime, but after googling him a bit, he seems pretty cute. Always love me a burnt boy. kek

Thank you for this amazing list nonnita, scarecrow is already top tier for me. I'm intrigued by Steerpike, Julian might strike my fancy, and Bondrewd is super hot. It's a real shame the creator of Made in Abyss seems like a pedo though.

No. 286723

>but most of them have brown hair… Why, nona, why
Kek idek! Thanks for the list though! I've never played Genshin, but I've been thinking about starting. Y'know I actually bought Nightshade in a sale, but haven't started it yet. I'll have to play it now.

Thanks anon! I'm really into demon guys too so I'll look into him. The touken ranbu guy is super cute too

I've heard of hakouki and I know it keeps getting new games, ports, etc so I'll have to check it out soon

Thanks again nonnas!

No. 286742

He's 100% a pedo. I think that Ozen is drop-dead hot but couldn't keep going with the series at all after the backstory arc revolving around a child enthusiastically getting pregnant and giving birth over and over.

No. 286744

File: 1680241577882.gif (955.76 KB, 498x301, shin-dorohedoro.gif)

I feel like there's no way you won't find somebody for yourself in Dorohedoro. The series in general seems to fit your aesthetic (maimed, creepy, although it's plenty fun as well) and a good half or more of the cast is masked.
The series is genuinely good at being freaky and weird without crossing the line into morally untenable shit. The author is a cool woman.

No. 286771

>revolving around a child enthusiastically getting pregnant and giving birth over and over
the what???

Severely underrated series tbh! Caiman is my dorohedoro husbando even though he's kind of a big himbo, Shin is pretty cute too though. (And Noi!? Nikaido? Nice to have a woman writing female characters tbh.)

No. 286831

This exploration group picks up a kid who has been outcast from her village for her infertility. Shit goes wrong, but the exploration group is saved when the kids wish of giving birth is granted by the Abyss and they survive off of eating her kids. It's a big plot point because this action has lasting repurcussions but the whole thing is disgusting.

No. 286832

This exploration group picks up a kid who has been outcast from her village for her infertility. Shit goes wrong, but the exploration group is saved when the kids wish of giving birth is granted by the Abyss and they survive off of eating her kids. It's a big plot point because this action has lasting repurcussions but the whole thing is disgusting.

No. 296211

File: 1684042171718.png (51.91 KB, 405x403, 2830255-2.png)

Dave Barnes from Black Hole.
>nerdy loner

No. 296367

File: 1684087830128.png (414.2 KB, 540x540, Dog Waffle.png)

I like girls with rather masculine/boy-ish personalities, my preference tends to lean towards the "reverse trap" kind. Bonus points if she's on the honest side, and a bit rude. Those traits are super charming to me.

No. 296415

File: 1684100557146.jpg (205.94 KB, 1280x1568, tumblr_om878h8NcV1rcp82ao1_128…)

I think Kuro from the manga series Hitsugi Katsugi no Kuro would be right up your alley, nonna.

No. 296425

I like high-energy girls, but not necessarily active. Evil, vampire, or mage, etc preferred, but I also like antiheroes. Intelligent, shy or passionate about something they believe in, very loving to those they like and cold to those they don't. But I really like fantasy characters, preferably from a game or something because I seldom ever watch TV or anime.

No. 296429

I like geeky boys, any recs? no personality preference, just not generic harem protagonist tier.

No. 296437

File: 1684110911633.png (140.92 KB, 760x575, 2017-03-15-38.png)

Alvin from Backstage Pass

No. 296441

Lmaooo now we know who genshit plagiarized scaramouche's design from

No. 296442

Hyper late but easily one of my most favorite animes ever, love her sm

No. 296475

File: 1684125354638.jpg (128.56 KB, 850x971, aranea_highwind_final_fantasy_…)

aranea from ffxv checks off a lot of those things but her design may be a little bit coomery for your liking

No. 296476

File: 1684125516163.jpeg (93.95 KB, 640x1136, sasuke ikesen.jpeg)

sasuke from ikemen sengoku

No. 296481

shes so pretty omg, ty!

No. 296828

Anyone have any recommendations for media that has a plus-size woman as one of its main characters/supporting characters? Animated, drawn, live action, from a book, I'm not picky. Someone shy, has a good heart, generally cute and sweet. Has a profession and is nerdy. She's a bit of a mess, has character dynamics with others in the media she's in. In her twenties or early thirties. I'm willing to love a supporting character with even only two of these qualities and straight up just make things up about her to love her more, I've done that with plus-size Male characters but it's just not the same. I kind of liked Katy from the latest Pokemon game but not enough to be a fictional crush.

No. 296844

File: 1684314986055.png (177.54 KB, 696x1500, Moira.png)

I have a huge thing for older evil women, especially of the mad doctor/scientist category. Picrel is basically what I love, do you know of any other character like her?

No. 296868

Besides Liv in spiderverse
Tilda in horizon forbidden West
Evelyn in Incredibles 2
There's also some badass female side characters in arcane but not really of the mad scientist vibe

This is live action but Catherine keener played this really fucked up character in brand new cherry flavor.

This is all off the top of my head so sorry if it's not too helpful I'll probably kick myself later for forgetting someone

No. 296915

File: 1684353462227.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.84 KB, 1280x720, Olivia.jpg)

Olivia Pierce, from Doom :I(:I)

No. 296980

My two types for husbandos:

fat men who have a serious/reliable side to them and are either brooding and mysterious or soft and sweet (both combined would be perfect but it's probably too rare)

Crazy ENTP gingers who have a psycho side to them (except Hisoka), bonus points if he looks like he bites

No. 297131

File: 1684438539581.jpeg (235.87 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_0170.jpeg)

Renata Glasc from league, she’s 99% going to appear in Arcane season 2. She’s more of a business woman than a scientist, but still could be put in the second category. I love moira too, great taste.

No. 297137

File: 1684443108450.gif (507.84 KB, 357x189, tumblr_pmmdufmuai1rlc5h1o1_400…)

>Crazy ENTP ginger
>bonus points if he looks like he bites
Got ya, picrel is Randal Ivory

No. 297175

While i really enjoy this design and how it fits my description, i'm sorry but i looked him up to find he's underaged
Not to sound ungrateful but i am not comfortable with that

No. 297177

NTA but cute
I will take him

No. 297178


No. 297179

Reminder that degens like >>297178 can be reported and banned(you dont need to tell people minimod chan)

No. 297180

>17 year old

No. 297181

That's because us normal women find it weird to lust after 17 year olds when in our 20s, "shota" or not

No. 297182

Poor bait

No. 297183

Farmhands, please help, we got specimens like >>297182 trying to make me come off as an infighter for not being comfortable with pedophilia

No. 297184

File: 1684458987506.png (36.27 KB, 320x236, 2830520-a.png)

Ignoring all unsaged schizotroon posts, suggesting all other nonas do the same. He feeds off the attention.

BASED. I thought I was the only one on LC who knew about Black Hole.

No. 297185

>not comfortable with havikg an underaged husbando
>must be a craaazy schizotroon

Anyways, can we stop derailing now(why continue derailing then?)

No. 297186

It's a fucking anime drawing(infighting)

No. 297188

he's not even a shota he's supposed to be timeless, always lying with his age. He literally can be 14 or 41. Its not even shota bait.

No. 297189

It's the "she's actually a 400 year old dragon" argument. He is a cryptid, but one representing a teen boy. Say there was a century-old creature that had the form of a child, it would be weird to be attracted to it right? I'm using the same logic here

No. 297194

File: 1684460861842.png (67.68 KB, 427x431, jij3.png)

It's literally just some sperg trying to shit up the thread. The same scrotes from before can't bait directly with the whole shota thing without it being obvious anymore, so now they're just going to try and start infights about the most random characters and their ages instead. Not even underage ones, as you can tell by how things are going now.
They think they're being very meta and smart about this, and it's exactly what everyone said would happen in /meta/. Watch them try to decimate any conversation about certain Jojo characters next.

No. 297195

It doesnt even look like a child, anon even said they looked up the age. Its not a shota nor shota-presenting.

No. 297196

How can you post that without being completely embarrassed? I never even claimed he was a "shota", i just said i didn't want an underaged husbando and you braindead shut-ins cry about how i'm trying to "shit up" the thread. You do realize an actual man would stand with you on wanting the age of consent lowered, right?
Idgaf that he looks like he could be an adult. If shit looked like chocolate, would you eat it?

No. 297197

they can't be banned, stop shitting up the thread for real. go see admins words on shota in meta. report and cry all you want but nothing is going to happen to anons simply posting a picture or simping for an underage character unless they're posting lewd pics alongside it.

no1curr and no one said anything about the aoc, plus your taste is shit.

No. 297198

anon just said she was uncomfortable with it why can't we move on

No. 297199

>randomly tries to derail further
>to age of consent laws
>in a 2D husbando thread
Like this shit is painfully obvious. They don't even try.

No. 297200

>your taste is shit!!1!
>proceeds to seethe because i like adults
My fucking sides

My apologies, I did that because it came to a point where I found myself forced to give those nutcases reasons as to why I don't like minors. I was hoping that would make them understand but apparently not

No. 297201

NTA but I get it, I'd also feel weird having an underage husbando even if he was 17 when I'm ten years older than that kek. Don't worry, just ignore them.

No. 297204

File: 1684462502870.gif (3 MB, 348x498, we-dont-care-i-dont-care.gif)

No. 297212

Can't tell if it's is unironic twitter retardation or moid bait but either way it's sad to see. Mods should consider listening to the endless complaints about these idiots popping blood vessels over fucking anime characters.

No. 297237

Live action, but Mizushima Reika from Kamen Rider Amazons is this. Prim and proper businesswoman looking but also a nuts scientist (the exact manner of this is a huge spoiler, but she's truly messed up).

No. 297255

Anyways, got any recommendations for either chill smart chubby husbandos, or crazy weirdo ginger husbandos? I don't care if they're heroes or villains, or even chaotic neutral (ADULT husbandos only, don't be weird please)

No. 297280

I fucking love Ranfren, ty for posting.

No. 297281

Samefag, in my defense i didn't even knew he had an official age, i thought he was supposed to be a cryptid. Sorry about that

No. 297282

You're fine, he doesn't as >>297188 said.

No. 297308

Anons here claim he doesn't but he officially is supposes to be a minor But no need to apologize, you didn't know

No. 297340

>likes fatfucks and gingers
>accuses everyone who shits on your taste of being a pedo
Fat men are repulsive, no one wants to see that shit here. Go ask a faggot or tif instead of us.(infighting)

No. 297342

File: 1684513973590.png (247.39 KB, 1237x695, kna.png)

>Source: your ass
He is canonically a timeless cryptid, we do not give a fuck. I'll fuck a human personfication of a bird

No. 297343

No? All i did was say that i didn't want a minor husbando and a bunch of unstable social rejects lost it. Fat men over minors anyday, bitchlet

No. 297344

Okay? Except it's not about you? I asked anons to find ME a husbando with fitting criteria.

Anyone with more than half a brain wanna try? Didn't think it'd be so hard

No. 297345

Who asked?

No. 297346

File: 1684514574429.jpg (277.2 KB, 1080x1634, 1683900839694.jpg)

Kek do you realize the point of this thread or?

Picrel is me after driving a whole thread wild because I rejected a fictional boy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 297348

Nah, it's all of us because we told you a cryptid's a cryptid and you wouldn't let it go kek

No. 297349

>you wouldn't let it go
That's because no means no, Bill Cosby

No. 297350

integrate or fuck off back to twitter, attention whoring newfag. you JUST got banned for being an annoying embarrassment and here you are doing it again.(infighting)

No. 297351

>lurked for years
>asked for another husbando
>called "embarrassment newfag" by some rando
Why do i even respond to them anymore

Anyways, idgaf about your reasons to love the Ivory guy, i said no and want another one thanks

No. 297352

>comparing women to rapists for telling you we don't care
Twitter finding out about Lolcow was a mistake

No. 297354

I have never even had a twitter account. That was what you call a (dark) joke. Ironically, twitterfags are the kind to get appalled over nothing like this
Let it go please

Anyways, i'll also add that the taller the better, muscles welcome too

No. 297357

We don't offer husbandos to twitterfags or people who can't be normal, find an obese neckbeard by yourself.

No. 297358

>uses neckbeard logic on characters
>acts like i'm the abnormal one
I don't even feel comfortable being mean anymore, it's like being mean to downies

Anyways, drop it or stfu, i'm not responsible for your feelies

No. 297359

>"wahh stop using neckbeard logic on muh hypothetical husbando"
Sir you are being mocked.

No. 297360

Haha no, i meant that as in the "umm he's ackshually 700 years old" logic is neckbeard logic
Gold star for effort, nonna

No. 297362

File: 1684516949674.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.94 KB, 576x385, q640w0l6lbe41.jpg)

>Gold star for effort, nonna

No. 297363

Just report and ignore the attenion whore, anons. Don't reply or else he won't stop until the mods wake up.

No. 297364

I don't wanna see your ugly ass selfie, try to go get somelne else's attention

No. 297366

I literally tell you tards to stfu and get back to the thread's topic… AND i sage my posts which i doubt you do. At this point i'll go in another thread, at least you gave me good material for the autistic shit thread
I hope i won't be ruining your sleep tonight kek

No. 297367

You're right, he's not worth it.

No. 297392

If we could get this thread back on topic that would be great.

I'm looking for a husbando who's kind of conceited/full of himself, but still caring. I play a lot of otome games, but they can be from any piece of media. Doesn't even need to have romance. Just someone over-confident or suave. Bonus points if they're mean and get called out for it occasionally!

No. 297393

File: 1684525939883.jpg (198.6 KB, 1280x720, 2022041620303600_c.jpg)

Im thinking' Taiga from Variable Barricade!

No. 297394

File: 1684525952603.jpg (70.65 KB, 563x797, ac135567e844e9a3ad8bf9fb021cc6…)

izuminokami kanesada from touken ranbu. his intro line is literally about how cool and popular he is.

No. 297397

Thank you so much anons! I've played Touken Ranbu before but didn't get far, and I haven't heard of Variable Barricade. But I'll definitely give them both a further look!

No. 297398

you can check out the animes based on touken ranbu as well, he is in both of them.

No. 297399

File: 1684526984855.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, Card_Vil_SSR_Birthday_Jacket_G…)

If you ignore the part where he's gay… He's one of 6.5 good people at NRC

No. 297404

I tried, but I legitimately cannot think of a single character I know that fits the first set of criteria. They're just that rare. Sorry, nona.

No. 297405

Nta but it looks like he fulfills the lc fetish of getting caked smashed into his face kek.

No. 297408

File: 1684528808882.jpg (161.4 KB, 1080x1080, 76353461abae069d2d99b2cc8ac2ba…)

Ya, NU:carnival had the same lewd concept for their bdays

No. 297417

File: 1684530986854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.26 KB, 400x400, peak_male.jpg)


I also tried Twisted Wonderland, somehow Jack ended up being my favorite despite him not fitting the entirety of the criteria I mentioned. I haven't reached Vil's part of the story, but I'll keep on playing!

I don't mind it, but do anons have a preference for if their suggested husbando is gay or not? I played NU:carnival and the game is always better when I don't have someone yelling in my ear about how they would never like me irl.

No. 297421

Jack is Vil's closest friend after Rook, puppy can vouch

No. 297436

File: 1684539166612.jpeg (171.72 KB, 1242x828, 0E6E3E0A-5BC2-4151-868F-73E668…)

Nta, and Rook is already my husbando.

No. 297442

File: 1684545723054.jpg (149.5 KB, 1700x1148, 20230421_121947.jpg)

I thought u like him CUZ hes gei and makes all the other boys uncomfortable

No. 297571

Hi nonnies. Do you know any Kuudere husbandos? Kinda like Riku from Olympia Soiree or any standoffish yet easily flustered character ?

Oh and any absolute trash like Yang from Piofiore

No. 297578

i posted here a while ago but i think it's time to try again since my taste got even worse! what i'm looking for:
>alien or monstrous in appearance or ugly and off putting if human. so not an anime guy. literally no character is too gross for me
>possibly evil and immoral. doesn't need to have redeeming qualities but has to have a personality
>no deep voices (if he's voiced)
>if he has a nose, ideally it would be pointy
really wanna find more hot characters, not even necessarily a husbando because i have such specific requirements but who knows

No. 297592

File: 1684606914882.png (10.78 KB, 211x554, Earl.png)

No. 297598

it's hard to make a character look monstrous or actually ugly in that extremely simple artstyle so he just kinda looks like a bunch of lines to me, but if you unironically think i might like him, i'll try watching a couple of episodes, lol. thanks anon!

No. 297623

File: 1684613743715.jpg (5.37 KB, 157x321, Без названия.jpg)

You probably know him already, but….

No. 297627

File: 1684615177235.png (26.09 KB, 544x416, Doe1_plus.png)

John Doe from the titular John Doe

No. 297628

you know it! (hes the definition of my type i love him so much)

No. 297655

Recommend one based off my husbando?

No. 297657

Who's your husbando?

No. 297717

File: 1684664137980.png (184.85 KB, 899x1088, Estinien.png)

No. 297752

Mans was down bad … love him tho

No. 305814

Got any suggestions for a stoic, serious husbando who comes off a bit snobbish and dommish but becomes a total sub in bed?

No. 307806

File: 1689029258491.jpeg (38.62 KB, 678x452, images (94).jpeg)

Don't know if you're still looking but maybe you'd like this guy? He's the Bog King from Strange Magic

No. 307822

i actually was trying to get farmers to see this movie a while back lol, it's such a trashfire and i love it

No. 307830

Saw your post and instantly thought of this guy

No. 307831

his voice is actually surprisingly nice.. ok maybe i should play that game some time. thank you. le sigh

No. 307851

I love “golden retriever” boys.

No. 308399

File: 1689315981572.jpg (2.12 MB, 2000x1667, 1212277.jpg)

A strong, serious, knightly woman (a bodyguard works too, you get the idea). The butcher the better, but not a necessity as long as her design isn't overly feminine. I have a strong preference for anime/manga, and even stronger leaning towards games in such a style, as long as they're not gacha… Although if the game isn't too demanding, I could bite. If somebody knows of a character like this, I'll devote my life to her!
Tequila from Arknights, maybe?

No. 308490

File: 1689368519194.jpg (115.84 KB, 1920x1080, vurn6alkutva1.jpg)

Same! How about Sousuke Shima from Skip to Loafer?

No. 308491

File: 1689368752159.png (3.06 MB, 1841x3351, Waluigi.png)

No. 308494

File: 1689369279111.png (167.75 KB, 400x793, Goob.png)

No. 308497

sorry you're very funny and stuff but he's literally balding and that's just offensive

No. 308510

I tend to like characters who are usually mysterious or appear psychotic/scary or shy with a strong build and can switch from a big softie to a badass within seconds. Depressed and are made for their work without putting it to the side for romance until they're cornered and confused about falling in love for the total opposite of their personalities.
Also think men with one amputated arm or leg is hot.
Thank you.

No. 308523

I need to watch this.

No. 308850

I've fallen for two husbandos in the past, but ugh, I regret it. One is Solomon (picrel) from Obey Me, and the other is Joseph from Dream Daddy I know he's a cheating faggot but hes so cute I'm sorry
Unfortunately they're both literal sociopaths and I'm not into that at all. Does anyone have recommendations for husbandos who
>are friendly and somewhat polite but not putting up a front to mask being insane
>are knowledgable, studious/dedicated to a subject, religion, etc.
>are somewhat expressive and not stone-faced gods

No. 308851

File: 1689587252778.jpg (67.5 KB, 474x639, th-2662588075(1).jpg)

picrel because lolcow is legit retarded and wont let me repost my shit ffs

No. 309473

File: 1689815760089.png (1.12 MB, 640x961, Nagi_Rokuya_(Unit).png)

I like very positive, sweet characters who are also deeply strange on some level (but don't care what other people think of their intense hobbies). Like Rook from TWST, Nagi Rokuya from Idolish7, or Blade from Nu:Carnival. I'd prefer them to be over 20, though, as both Rook and Nagi are a bit young for me in that I have a hard time imagining what we'd talk about or activities we'd do together since we're just at different places in life.

No. 309474

What about Temenos Mystral from Octopath Traveler 2? He's an inquisitor for the church in-universe, and a very knowledgeable one at that. He has a friendly and somewhat teasing way about him, but at his core he's a deeply thoughtful and kind person. His route in the game plays out something like a detective story, wherein he travels to uncover the secrets of the church. Personally, I really like his JP VA's voice, as well.
The game is pretty long, but if you want more of him, I have no doubt that he'll also eventually be coming to the mobile Octopath Traveler game eventually as well. It's one of the better mobages I've played, and it's very close to being simply a spinoff of the main series without the soulless nature of many mobage iterations of popular franchises.

No. 309475

File: 1689816119069.png (3.43 MB, 1200x1651, Temenos_Artwork.png)

No. 309476

File: 1689816175972.png (3.15 MB, 1000x1437, Temenos_Artwork_Coerce.png)

No. 309482

I feel like you've got some oarticular characters in mind here as this description is very specific… Could you share who they are if this is true? Would help as a reference.

No. 309484

Does anyone have any recommendations for characters that are the type that's overprotective to an autistic level, like bordering on yandere but not really yandere. Some previous characters I've liked have been like 'knight in shining armor types' (or sometimes just literally knights, kek). Maybe in a big brother kind of way, but not in like the incest kind of big brother way. Need a man that wraps the person he loves in bubble wrap.

No. 313530

File: 1691493489404.png (1.47 MB, 1106x3015, Luke.png)

You still looking for recs? I unironically recommend Luke Atmey from Ace Attorney:
>ugly and off putting
>immoral, practically no redeeming qualities
>lots and lots of personality
>no deep voice (in the anime and pachinko machine)
>pointy nose
Only problem is I don't know if he's ugly enough for you, kek. But I hope you do like him.

No. 314940

I had that dude from that one goblin anime in mind but I was too shy to admit it and rather find a husbando similar to him than have scrotes bother me about it.

No. 316388

File: 1692565116578.jpg (149.16 KB, 1280x720, ulrianger.jpg)

Ulrianger from FFXIV, he is friendly, polite, very studious and knowledgable.

No. 326352

I've noticed I have a type and am wondering if there are more out there
>black hair
>black eyes (completely black is good)
>body scars
>more cute rather than handsome
>surprisingly gentle/caring/worried personality but are scary when pushed
>they stuff their problems behind a little goofy but still polite facade

No. 326353

File: 1697019741292.jpg (655.37 KB, 1500x2250, 91lqhdY0iPL.jpg)

Should probably add, when I was a kid I had a little bit of a crush on Yoshimori from Kekkaishi

No. 326369

That description immediately made me think of Giyu Tomioka

No. 326475

Thanks for the rec

No. 326499

>kind of an asshole
>either aloof or abrasive normally but extremely devoted to the people he actually cares about
>expresses affection in an emotionally constipated way
>if he had feelings for you he would badly deny them til it was too obvious to hide
>extremely skilled in some areas but somehow still a pathetic loser
>a little depraved is ok
>bully-able nerd

I already like Reigen, Okabe, Ogata, and Yang Wen-Li, so I'm curious who else fits the bill.

No. 332369

File: 1698973624121.png (397.7 KB, 1194x465, Y (1).png)

I need yangire-type husbando recommendations. Western or Eastern. I love characters that are sweet and innocent on the outside, but deeply fucked up and violent on the inside. I live for those mask-off moments when they snap and reveal their scary side.

No. 332372

Dr. Halsey from Halo

No. 343195

A hot, tall, princely gentleman with a cold aura and little bit of yandere/obsessive undertone? Can be a bit evil, long blonde hair and blue eyes would be a huge plus.

No. 343215

Fat emo or goth boy, over 18

No. 349333

My Deepest Secret - Elios?

No. 349346

tony soprano

No. 349436

Fucking kek

No. 349437

File: 1705553570460.png (493.72 KB, 640x750, IMG_0536.png)

Dimitri from fire emblem

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