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No. 262531

Previous thread: >>>/w/242949
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling.
TRASH TASTE HAS THEIR OWN THREAD [Connor/Garnt/Joey]: >>>/w/18113



Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers




Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]


Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]

Oriental Pearl


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

Kelly Morita

>Sharla went out for Halloween with friends >>>/w/262316
>Chris competed in a few charity races and marathons >>>/w/261470 >>>/w/260948 >>>/w/249979
>Lily bragged about getting an interview as a developer, but no word on if she actually got the job >>>/w/262316
>Chris learned how to make Family Mart style fried chicken in a new collab with Champ >>>/w/262316
>Sam is making some conspiracies about Tokyo Lens when it should be obvious why they would block him >>>/w/260891
>Sharla going goth >>>/w/255939
>Anons asking who Kelly is >>>/w/260125 when they had a whole discussion about her and Pearl and about how Pearl left really shitty comment under Sharla's videos, so welcome to the thread, Kelly [She is now added to the list of vloggers] >>>/w/250113 >>>/w/256277 >>>/w/256278 >>>/w/256258 According to comments, Kelly is problematic, so seeing more from her should be interesting
>Sharla struggling to manage her thyroid after surgery due to concerns about her body image, and possible BD developing >>>/w/254914 >>>/w/254992
>Chris is going to be training for a charity boxing match with a bunch of other YouTubers and he will be facing Ludwig >>>/w/250965
>Archeological stuff happened and it's too much to greentext, so go read it yourself [anons kind of ignored it anyway because nothing really came of it and it got lost in between tons of threads, so it was new for now, but not actually new and all videos are gone] >>>/w/250533 >>>/w/250534
>Kim Dao is moving back to Japan >>>/w/250237
>Anons found Lily's old posts where she used to promote her vlogs before privating/deleting videos and called herself a blogger >>>/w/248282 >>>/w/248280 >>>/w/249979 >>>/w/248423

No. 262533

I'm surprised Oriental Pearl hasn't changed her name.

No. 262543

>Archeological stuff happened and it's too much to greentext, so go read it yourself [anons kind of ignored it anyway because nothing really came of it and it got lost in between tons of threads, so it was new for now, but not actually new and all videos are gone]
LOL. If that isn't evidence that we have a serious Sharla WK here, I don't know what is. The old mods never would've let this pass.

No. 262546

Jeez anon calm down. People obviously don’t care, they are more concerned with Chris’s abs.

No. 262547

They (you?) spent more effort talking about Lily's job interview and old vlogs. Meanwhile, Sharla breaks the law and it's summarized as "archaeological stuff."

No. 262549

OP and >>262546 are not the same anon.

No. 262550

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest it’s because this is lolcow and not a fan forum?

No. 262552

>I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest it’s because this is lolcow and not a fan forum?
Which is precisely why a cow breaking the law should've been explained the summary instead of a nobody's non-milky job interview.

No. 262558

It's not even praising Lily.

No. 262560

if I was Chris or Sharla I'd be embarrassed by how desperate people are making my fanbase look here

No. 262566

File: 1667107741809.jpeg (210.71 KB, 946x2048, mLy1qex.jpeg)


Norm was there, so was Dogen, so there goes that theory.

No. 262575

woah norm looks like shit now, so many wrinkles on his forehead and eyes along with that widows peak and very thin hair up top make him look like he's in his late 40's. his divorce aged him 10 years

No. 262584

OP, them going to events or guesting in videos does not count as milk. Also what is with the constant pushing of Sam and other irrelevant people like pearl ITT? They literally do nothing noteworthy. And even if they did, Sam knows he can’t engage in cow behavior because he’d risk geting deported after the stupid sushi fiasco.

No. 262597

Tkyoham self posts in this thread all the time, in fact he probably wrote the OP.

No. 262618

He does indeed look like shit. Pretty fucked this asshole narc was invited

Look at that stupid face he pulls

No. 262619

what's Dogen's deal? I like his channel but he doesn't seem the type to mingle with the other more whimsical-seeming jvloggers.
especially Connor, I can see them annoying each other.

No. 262625

It's nothing dramatic. It's that Dogen is pretty a middle aged family man (in spirit since he's only mid 30s) who acts his age if not older and enjoys Japan from a culture standpoint and is like the only Jvlogger who took learning the language seriously and actually interacted with Japanese people. 90% of the whimsical Jvloggers are young or in perpetual adolescence like how Sharla was described and their interest in Japan is superficial because it's mostly about anime or food or that they were just too weird in the west and thought Japan was a place where weirdos can be accepted. Chris is actually kind of a bridge between these two groups and he more or less can fit in with almost any Jvlog channel other than something that's overly cutesy or marketed towards women I guess. Dogen vs Whimsical vloggers might as well be old British historian talking about medieval history vs Harry Potter fan channels. The audience gap is just too wide even if they're both British content.
I'm surprised he was there and didn't meltdown. What ever happened to him becoming a pilot? Maybe the stress of that is why he looks like a mess.
Sharla got away with breaking the law. I doubt there's anything that's going to happen to her now. I just hope she learned her lesson though she has kind of a bad attitude so I doubt she learned anything.

No. 262635

It's because he does the scrote version of duckface all the time.

No. 262646

Sam is on the OP and anon called him a conspiracy theorist basically.

No. 262674

Previous thread was 169, not 168.

No. 262682

Sam is here for sure and uses our thread for material, but OP is Lily sperg
OP Thread #167
on lily
>Esther shaded Lily who is Chris's ex girlfriend he broke up with in Oct 2019 >>>/w/234566
>Lily used to hang out and be in vlogs with the other vloggers and she used to make her own content which she has all deleted >>>/w/234558 >>>/w/234549 >>>/w/234571
>Lily openly being angry and creating non-proof assumptions and then deleting them because she lost her clout from how farfetched it was and showing just how bitter of an ex she is >>>/w/234496 >>>/w/234497 >>>/w/234477 [An anon made the same claim without proof the same way Lily conveniently has a friend who saw] >>>/w/234474
>Lily still keeps intimate photos of her and Chris up after 2+ years >>>/w/234911
>Anons pointed out how unhinged her and Chris's relationship seemed compare to Chris and Sharla >>>/w/234943 >>>/w/234961 and desperate for collabs after he broke up with her >>>/w/234969 >>>/w/234859 [constantly threatening to neck herself]
>Anons claim Lily misused pity funds from a GoFundMe to take herself on a trip in Japan no GoFundMe has been found or posts regarding it though >>>/w/234868
on c and s
>Chris and Sharla both say in livestreams that he's not as allergic as anons have been making his allergies to cats seem, Chris has built up an immunity to Sharla's cats from being around them for so long >>>/w/234161 >>>/w/
>Chris has a live stream where the he says dating Sharla is the best relationship he ever had >>>/w/236120
>It was edited out of his video that he said him and Sharla started dating about "a year or two after JAJ" [which is a year after his breakup with Lily]
>Sharla doesn't say why or when she commissioned this artwork for Chris. >>>/w/233324 Showed up in his apartment after his birthday on April 19th and she waited until now to say where it came from. all speculation is tinfoil, there is no way to know what this was commissioned for, facts are it showed up in April in videos after his birthday only

OP Thread #168
on lily
>most of the thread was nitpicking anons mad that people were talking about Lily
on m and s
>"Michaela" posted on her super secret [but easy to find and know who it is] Reddit about her life and being sad and abandoned by friends but also talked about other person stuff >>>/w/240984 >>>/w/240948 >>>/w/240791
>"Michaela" possibly had an abortion >>>/w/240805
>other anons complained that the "Michaela" might be bait like in an old thread where someone was LARPing as her
>Sharla is back home in CAN right now while Chris is staying in Japan
>no real new milk

OP Thread #169
on lily
>Lily took 6 years to bother to learn how to cook simple Japanese meals >>>/w/246836
on c and s
>Sharla posted a video of their apartment and updated some old decorations, added some new ones, and added storage which anons nitpicked to hell >>>/w/245219
>Chris started his biking thing and so far they have raised over $300,000 >>>/w/245207
>No other new milk

OP Thread #170
on lily
>Lily bragged about getting an interview as a developer, but no word on if she actually got the job >>>/w/262316
>Anons found Lily's old posts where she used to promote her vlogs before privating/deleting videos and called herself a blogger >>>/w/248282 >>>/w/248280 >>>/w/249979 >>>/w/248423
on c and s
>Sharla went out for Halloween with friends >>>/w/262316
>Chris competed in a few charity races and marathons >>>/w/261470 >>>/w/260948 >>>/w/249979
>Chris learned how to make Family Mart style fried chicken in a new collab with Champ >>>/w/262316
>Sharla going goth >>>/w/255939
>Anons asking who Kelly is >>>/w/260125 when they had a whole discussion about her and Pearl and about how Pearl left really shitty comment under Sharla's videos, so welcome to the thread, Kelly [She is now added to the list of vloggers] >>>/w/250113 >>>/w/256277 >>>/w/256278 >>>/w/256258 According to comments, Kelly is problematic, so seeing more from her should be interesting
>Sharla struggling to manage her thyroid after surgery due to concerns about her body image, and possible BD developing >>>/w/254914 >>>/w/254992
>Chris is going to be training for a charity boxing match with a bunch of other YouTubers and he will be facing Ludwig >>>/w/250965
>Archeological stuff happened and it's too much to greentext, so go read it yourself [anons kind of ignored it anyway because nothing really came of it and it got lost in between tons of threads, so it was new for now, but not actually new and all videos are gone] >>>/w/250533 >>>/w/250534 (USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 262715

Hope you get banned for your autism

No. 262802

I hope Lily didn't get her job because she's such a cunt. Karma.

No. 262818

Lol the way Sharla stans talk about Lily you'd think she was a serial killer or something. In the end she was in the right the entire time. All she did was stand up for herself after she found out her ex bf cheated on her and the new gf tried to get her blacklisted from all her friends. Most people would be more upset than just a single tweet over that. In fact it's pretty admirable how well Lily took everything.

No. 262820

crazy how she's still a nobody that no one has cared about for years but now the stans desperately grasp at any straw to seethe their teeth at her. She's not a lolcow, no milk, and just lives a normie life

No. 262826

Sure, Jans.

No. 262898

>Archaeological stuff happened

Here is a proper summary.

>Sharla and her friend Quinlan broke multiple laws by digging for artifacts without permission or a permit and by taking the artifacts home when you are legally responsible to hand them immediately over to the police >>>/w/250419

>Sharla lied to the museum staff about how she came across the artifacts claiming they just came across them when they had deliberately excavated them. >>>/w/250440

>she lied to an archaeologist about taking down the vid and then ignored them when they suggested turning what happened into an opportunity to educate viewers. She and Quinlan also made racist, ignorant and colonialist comments according to multiple people who saw the vid. >>>/w/250533 >>>/w/250534

>She lied to her fan about why she took down the vid, claimed they didn't do anything wrong. >>>/w/250412

What a cunt.

No. 262900

File: 1667219833529.png (577.94 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20221030-193645.png)

Still friendly with Norm even after all the shit that he's done and that they definitely know about. I'm thinking that they don't care at all about his shit and likely aren't much different. Chris likes that bald and bankrupt guy after all.

No. 262901

File: 1667220063965.png (459.16 KB, 1052x1087, Screenshot_20221031-123951.png)

No. 262902

File: 1667220278850.png (204.36 KB, 999x458, Screenshot_20221031-122352.png)

No. 262909

File: 1667224432920.png (1.72 MB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20220902-231241.png)

Chris was following bald and bankrupt on his IG and likely on his other socials too.

No. 262910

File: 1667224759101.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20221030-193052.png)

P.S. I guess he unfollowed him after that post on his subreddit.

No. 262913

I mean with YouTubers randomly cancelled almost every week it can be hard to keep up. Bald makes great videos and most of his viewers don’t go beyond that.

No. 262914

Sharla! Calm down dear. You got Chris, you won. On a serious note, Lily is only a guilty if being a coo coo ex. I really don't understand the Ill will towards her.(hi cow)

No. 262941

Yeah not really a big deal. One day milk will be in this thread.

No. 262964

Do people on Chris’s subreddit go through his social media with a fine toothed comb to pick shit out like this?
Feels like it

No. 263008

No one cares he talks to norm lol

No. 263041

I care . Wish he would call out that asshole. He was prob invited to the Halloween bash by Sharla, and we all know she has great friends

No. 263045

You really shouldn't, there are many wonderful things to think about that's not him.

No. 263053

File: 1667270181607.jpeg (420.59 KB, 1267x1525, 7391B939-D5E2-4769-9ACA-51605D…)

To finally out to bed the Santorini debate …

No. 263062


No. 263063

so as per usual nonnies guessed right because of common sense but had to fight deniers with their fucking "NOT enOUGH evidence" bullshit again. for fuck sake>>263053

No. 263067


lmao where you at

No. 263085

Weren't anons saying in March that these photos existed before 2022 though, not 2022 summer? They were in Britain this past summer.

Also this doesn't matter as far as products go. Anons already said she was in Greece, that wasn't the debate.

No. 263146

No anon said anything about Greece in March! lol. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Covid kept Chris from returning to the UK since 2019. May 2022 was the first time he left Japan and they went to Greece together during that trip.
Greece was still being disputed, because some people were saying that she only said she went to Greece but not when. so her post clarifies once and for all that did she go to Greece summer of 2022, as discussed on here Back in June.

No. 263168

Actually anon, my argument has always been that someone from their inner circle spreads shit here, and the redditfags run with it.
Wasn’t one of the original santorini san posts like ‘trust me I just know they’re there?’
Then someone with autism starts comparing white walls/apartments? And it magically turns out to be true?

Either that or someone literally stalks their every social media post

No. 263169

But no one went to Greece this year from the looks of it. Anon was posting product photos and claiming they were from Santorini specifically before June, but that doesn't make sense if they are now calling it this year. She went to Greece in general, how's this matter at all and we can't prove Chris was even there either.

No. 263172

This actually kinda proves my point that someone who knows them posted here saying that they were in Santorini.

But they did go elsewhere after Cornwall anon so they probably were there this year, even if those pics are old. (don’t come at me, I was a denier too)

No. 263178

It just doesn't add up, which is my issue. It's like wishful thinking it all falls in to place, but what's they do, spend 2 days there then?

No. 263186

I agree with you, it’s wishful thinking or someone knew and planted the seed like I said

No. 263223

File: 1667328134617.jpeg (147.18 KB, 1267x843, C7BD8B0A-6F41-4D00-A271-E2ECFC…)

Lol what? You’re an idiot. She literally said we went to Greece this summer, This year 2022. She only went to Europe once this summer with Chris, her Boyfriend, connect the dots use your brain. It’s clear that they went on a romantic trip together in Greece it’s not that big of a deal I don’t know why you want to fight it.

No. 263224

File: 1667328636281.jpeg (967.16 KB, 2048x2048, 6870CDB3-3695-4F26-8B27-96194B…)

I don’t know why y’all like to fight every thing.
she post a picture of of Greece a couple of weeks ago. And more recently she said in her comment section “we went to Greece this summer.” Why is it a debate that it wasn’t this year?lol
Also we were just guessing that her original picture of her skin care products may have been Santorini, based on the white walls, but we really didn’t have any solid proof, it was just a guess, a hunch.
But later, months later Sharla herself confirmed that she was actually in Greece.
Thus proving the theory right, it doesn’t have to be a mole or an insider, it’s just people using their brain, like you guys should try to start doing instead of arguing and denying everything

No. 263235

seriously. some of the people in this thread legitimately have room temperature IQ

No. 263238

We already knew she went to Greece but those product photos aren't from this summer.

No. 263252

File: 1667336715930.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x1861, 6FB5F8E4-9244-4486-878E-146D89…)

Yes they are! What the hell is wrong with you? She posted that picture June 12 of this year!

No. 263254

You guys really ruined the threads with all the dating sperging. No wonder anons feel it's so long ago.

No. 263255

File: 1667337406371.jpg (1.74 MB, 1295x3453, ACriticInJapan.jpg)

So Chris' subreddit had a big thread where they released their unpopular opinions. A lot of the criticism was just backlash to his new style and too many collabs. As well most were strongly against JAJ 4.
Surprisingly Chris didn't Norm out and responded well. He even admitted JAJ 4: Okinawa was terrible and that he learned his lesson to not make lazy content like that as well not to rely on collabs as much.
His fitness videos also seem to be decently well liked. I'm honestly impressed with how much Chris has matured and developed in the past half year. I think it's that he's actually taking fitness seriously now which has mental benefits too.

No. 263256

Post the source and the poster ID.

No. 263595

too long didnt read

No. 263603

>rages about j4j
what a dumb scrote

No. 264359

I keep checking to see when TokidokiEmmas censored TCP videos go uncensored…

No. 264383

WTF are you referring to?

No. 264402

No. 264498

File: 1667738850809.jpeg (469.95 KB, 1284x1686, EE64D791-A304-4053-9D15-1A2DCA…)

In case some of the simps are still arguing that they don’t live together

No. 264506

No one was

No. 264511

Why is she calling the cat "it"

No. 264512

Not cat on the counter… yuck.

No. 264514

>>264511 >>264511

It's a plushie you idiots

No. 264519

Holy shit you guys, actually open the thumbnail.

No. 264548

Man Sharla really is making has cats and hoarding tacky cat things her entire personality. Chris is a model bf for putting up with it.

No. 264567

There apartment is so disgusting!
Sharla we know you come here, so a PSA
throw some shit away! Stop buying those ugly plushies, your place is gross!

No. 264610

No. 264737

Has cats and buys cat plushies.
I bet she has books about cats too.
Soon she will develop a fetish.

No. 264758

she is already at the fetish stage.

No. 264777

ever since they came out of the dating closet and all the pRoOf anons had to go stick their heads in the oven, I sincerely hope that we can finally start exploring the fact that Sharla (and maybe even Chris) are actual furries

No. 264778


There's for sure evidence if you comb through all their old vids. I think I saw a costume in the corner of one of Sharla's closet tours that lasted for six frames.

No. 264794

No. 264803

i wonder what chris's fursona could be
maybe a cat too to match sharla kekk

No. 265260

Like those two people said >>262901 >>262902 his behaviour has been on display in his vids for years. There's no way that Chris didn't know about it. If that's the type of guy that's one of his favourite YouTubers and that he followed on social media and recommended to his viewers…
The obsessed schizo fans are just upset that their precious jvlogger couple had a shitty start to their relationship and that their precious jvlogger queen is not as sweet and wholesome as she makes out to be and has done a bunch of cunty shit. I'm pretty sure that some of her friends have been posting here too.
Her entire personality has always been "I live in Japan, I like cats, Pokémon and gachapon kawaii shit."

No. 265268

Someone is salty

No. 265410

File: 1668236990259.png (491 KB, 1080x405, Screenshot_20221112-064217.png)


No. 265411

Anon special picked out random anons again to post. Wow, how milky.

No. 265412

File: 1668238346431.png (136.69 KB, 1059x639, Screenshot_20221112-071405.png)

He was actually right about this description kek. >>250204 >>250282 >>262898

No. 265439

Embed, idiot.

No. 265446

File: 1668273404139.jpg (1.26 MB, 1440x2391, AbroadinVolcano.jpg)

I suppose she was always like that but it's a bit sad that she doesn't have anything else going for herself. Chris is the only thing keeping her from being a cat lady. She's very lucky to have him and shouldn't take for granted that the biggest jvlogger and emerging chad is doing so much for her.

Speaking of Chris looks like he just did another huge challenge to silence the haters that say he won't be fit. He actually likes fitness now so it'll only increase. The scary thing is doing this trek at the beginning of the year probably would have killed him considering he had to turn down similar offers. The disparity between the two Chris's old and new grows more everyday.

No. 265448

You gotta stop putting these people into boxes because the 2nd he stops working out or he gains a little weight you guys are gonna be freaking out about how hes fat and how he can't do anything. Same thing with Charlotte being vegan, apparently she's not allowed to ever not be vegan.

No. 265454

The anon who likes to call Chris a chad is just outting themselves as someone who doesn't exercise. You can praise Chris for his recent achievements, but he's only been doing this for a couple of months and no one knows if this is going to be something he will continue for years down the line so best not get ahead of yourself. Sharla's problem was that she constantly overemphasized her veganness and was insufferable from Day 1 of her fake vegan phase when she was secretly never vegan. Go back to our first thread and you'll see.

No. 265456

Do y'all really think Chris is just going to give up and stop working out? He said it himself that he was on the verge of death's door knocking and had a wakeup call. It's not just about being trendy and fit it's about Chris saving his own life. We all make mistakes and falter now and then but I think Chris has finally actually learned his lesson. Especially since he obviously wants to transition away from lazy Japan content and onto more active adventurous Japan content.

No. 265459

>Do y'all really think Chris is just going to give up and stop working out?
That's what's happened every time he's done something like this so better to wait and see than assume it's going to be different this time. It'd be great if it becomes a permanent change, but it's only been three months.

No. 265469

And to be honest most normal people don't do all this high energy stuff especially as it's coming up into the Winter winds gonna be really cold. Anon's need to just stop in it picking overweight all because hes doing some events. It's so stupid because they're just going to complain if he gains weight.

No. 265470

You literally can't prove whether or not she was ever vegan. Acting as if she was pretending she was when she wasn't is pretty stupid. People change their diet all the time especially when you have things like a thyroid disorder. Doctors say to try the mediterranean diet to fix that as well but to be honest that's all so hard for people to keep up.

No. 265473


Yeah most likely will end up in a slump again during/after Christmas

But we'll see if he sticks with it or not. I'm guessing not as he'll be back in the UK for Christmas apparently and will definitely be gorging himself on all those fried foods and full breakfasts and he won't have anyone to keep him accountable

But again, we'll see, since this isn't the first time he'd yo-yo on his fitness plans

No. 265476

You're right. Someone certainly is salty. >>262802 >>262826

No. 265483

Hate to admit it but you might be right if he's going back to the UK. He relapsed hard when he went with Sharla this year and had a breakdown on twitter over the weight gain and disappointment. The UK and being alone with Sharla are the two biggest factord in his binge eating. I just hope he's strong enough to avoid temptation now.

No. 265485

Bet S will push him to go back to gain weight.
Girl gonna stop Chris from realizing he can do better.

No. 265490

They are both normie and basic looking.

No. 265494

He was eating fried chicken and french fries just the other day. He's lost some weight, but he clearly wasn't serious about the bet he made. Since the money goes to charity, Chris' simps will still think he's a chad if he loses.

I mean, good for him, but I honestly think he's doing it to prove something & content, rather than health.

No. 265496


Sharla is really lucky that she was his "celebrity" crush from before he made it big. Unless Chris relapses into food I don't see her coasting on everything that isn't cat related being a good sign.
Chris has a lot going for him though.

No. 265497

he's needs a nice haircut that suits his face. This one just makes him look like he has a five head.

No. 265509

Then go all him for nudes. No1currs.

No. 265526

So? Why the fuck does that matter. Chris wasn't knocking on Death's Door or whatever he said as a saying, not literally. He wasn't pre-diabetic either. Anons take stuff so literally and then create this whole made-up storyline to go with it. Good, let him eat fries and chicken. You want him to eat only salads or something or just turkey? The logic you have is absolutely bonkers.

No. 265554

>You literally can't prove whether or not she was ever vegan
Take a look at our first jvlogger thread where she identified herself as a vegan in her insta profile, and complained about products not being vegan within days of announcing she was going vegan while still eating eggs and fish on camera. She touted her veganness so much that her own fans began to complain. She also gifted Mimei a vegan subscription box and took her to a vegan cafe for her birthday when Mimei isn't even vegan.

No. 265559

Sharla is just one of those people who doesn't have an actual personality so she uses things like veganism, cats, and hoarding junk as a way to seem more interesting. I'm glad she at least stopped pretending to be a vegan but she in turn decided to overdose on cat to compensate for that.

No. 265563

For the most part Japan is a terrible place for veganism. Take a look at Disney for one who just got rid of all their vegan and vegetarian and gluten free options as well. It has a very aggressive culture about well rounded diets, so veganism, gluten free.. Its not a main priority overall in Japan. They have a whole culture surrounding balanced meals and even teach kids this early in schools. You are lucky to find niche places to eat, otherwise you cook on your own and its so costly to do in Japan. You still have not proven her pretending to be vegan. Because it sounds like she tried and it was a pain in the ass so she stopped. Being vegan isn't a lifestyle, anon.

No. 265571

And dog and baby people make that their whole personality too. The fuck logic is this?

No. 265583


I can't remember if he was being serious or cheeky, but didn't Chris also say that he'd have a 6-pack the next time he saw Connor?

Chris really doesn't understand what it takes to lose weight, nor does he understand the timeline it'll take.

Maybe working with former K1 Champ Nick Pettas, he can get into a decent routine.

I still think he's not going to be able to stick with it, but we'll see.

I agree with you about him only doing this for "content" rather than for his own good

No. 265590

Stop whiteknighting.

No. 265626

>You still have not proven her pretending to be vegan.
>Take a look at our first jvlogger thread where she identified herself as a vegan in her insta profile, and complained about products not being vegan within days of announcing she was going vegan >>265554
She privated the video

No. 265642

It’s a bet that they took to raise money for charity. Whoever loose give 500. The date is the end of November, but when he sees Connor

No. 265645

Did you miss the party about our being hard to be vegan in Japan? Most of their products contain gelatin for one thing. Trying to be vegan isn't pretending to be vegan.

No. 265649

This is why you should've read the thread before commenting. Sharla was eating tempura in that vlog and eating fish eggs in another. It's not hard to avoid tempura or fish eggs in Japan. It's also not hard to avoid buying a cat from a pet store which she also did days later despite condemning pet stores heh. The problem with Sharla wasn't that she didn't stick with a vegan lifestyle and fell off the wagon, but that she never tried to adhere to her vegan principles from day 1, despite being preachy and arrogant about being vegan to the point where she lost fans.

No. 265653

A rescue isn't a store and rescues do charge. Not everyone front is a store anon, a cafe usually has rescues and a lot of 'pet stores' are rescues at this point. She didn't buy from a breeding store if that is your concern. And yeah, after giving up, she was eating fish and tempura and she kind of tried out pescetarianism then dropped that. Yes, it is hard to avoid this stuff in Japan. Being ignorant about it doesn't make you special, anon.

No. 265660

She bought Miko from a pet store, not a rescue shelter. She called it a shitty pet store herself. She was eating tempura in the vlog announcing she was now vegan and ate fish when she was recently vegan… You OK? No one's reading comprehension should be that poor, unless you're lying to try to fool anyone who hasn't read the thread.

No. 265673

At least she saved a cat from pet store conditions. These animals still do need homes. Dint blame consumers.

No. 265686

Buying animals from pet shops is a huge no-no for vegans, and it's something Sharla had criticized herself. It only supports the continuation of those shops and irresponsible breeders. There's plenty of shelter cats and strays with medical conditions that could use saving. Just look at Rachel and June who've rescued several cats off the street and adopted two of them.

No. 265704

Such brave and noble heroes.

No. 265705

If it means saving an animal from some sort of mill situation, yeah. Mills and stores are the problem, the animals are in the cross-hairs. The either sell as babies or they are gone, so saving them from the unfortunate life they were dealt is absolutely heroic.

No. 265709

The money just goes back to supporting mills and pet shops. That's why vegans and NGOs don't support them and what of the cats dying in shelters and on the street? She just chose one life over another, while putting money into the system she was criticizing. She supported her friend buying a healthy kitten from a pet shop after condemning shops and going vegan for ethical reasons, too.

No. 265711

Anon. No. This isn't a consumer problem and I'm not going to get into the logistics about why with you. It's derailing and no, sharla didn't do anything wrong and like most people who aren't dumb as fuck, realized it isn't a vegan or cruelty issue on the consumer's part. You can condemn them, like she did, and still understand that just not shopping there doesn't stop them from existing. It's cruel and terrible, but that's not her fault. If she went to some 'ethical breeder' anons would be throwing fits about that too. There is zero ethicality to any breeding whatsoever.

No. 265715

First it was "Sharla didn't get a cat from a pet shop!" Now it's "there's nothing wrong with supporting pet shops! (as a vegan no less)"

No. 265847

How do you know, she didn’t get her cat from a pet shop?
Spoiler she did

No. 265856

Oh god please shut up, all of you. Why the fuck are you arguing over where Sharla got her cat?
Stop taking the obvious bait

No. 265915

Nitpicking this hard when an animal was saved.. Consumers didn't create the need for pet stores, assholes who create demand do, acting like breeds are a good thing and selling that to consumers. There's actual stuff behind this that has nothing to do with Sharla or anyone who actually shops at pet stores, this isn't the thread for it. I'm not going to be mad at pet store shoppers or Sharla. Pet store owners and the mills are the problem. People buy out pet stores to save cats and dogs sometimes too. Breeders are a whooole other issue too. You cannot ethically breed these cats she likes. Breeding isn't ethical.

No. 265990

Supply and demand. If nobody bought cats from pet stores, pet stores would stop selling cats. If there was no demand for breeders, they’d be out of business. Sharla didn’t save a cat by buying from a pet store. She supported a shitty industry doing shitty things. Clearly she loves her cats and I’m glad to see they have such a good life with her. That doesn’t make it okay to buy from pet stores.(animal mill derail)

No. 266008

japanese pet stores are different.

No. 266013

They purposely create the demand there and use cafes as a way to sell animals too, but to seem less like a pet store. Anons really don't know what they are talking about. Not every country has shelters like in America and if it wasn't a pet store, again, she would have gone to a breeder and that's not ethical either. Unless Sharla picked up a cat from the street, anons wouldn't be happy. Even then they'd claim she stole it probably and make a whole story about how someone's poor pet is gone forever now.

No. 266019

people should be able to get pets from breeders too though. getting a pet from a shelter is going above and beyond as a person. not everyone can take care of a possibility abused pe. the pet argument is always stupid because it's sheer projection. this is coming from someone who's had abused shelter animals. you can't expect everyone to have the capacity to do that.

No. 266026

Breeding is 100% absolutely not ethical and the same vein as puppy mills, but with a fancy makeover to make it seem okay and not every animal in a shelter is abused. A lot of breeders do abuse or put the animals they breed in backyards in small cages and then only bring them out in the front of their houses to show off when someone comes over to see this 'ethical breeding'. Smoke and mirrors, anon. This is a pointless discussion, Sharla didn't do anything wrong and veganism has nothing to do with pet stores because the animals in general are put at risk in all these situations. Not all shelters are good either with conditions they put pets in. thank goodness these cats went to a good owner who takes care of them and even grooms them. Momokun in her thread has to take her cats to a groomers because she can't even self comb her ragdolls.

No. 266027

The hell are you even talking about? There are many cat shelters and rescue organizations across Japan. Sharla's been involved with them herself and has friends who've worked with them as well.

Sharla always condemned pet shops, but bought a cat from one right after going vegan. She ordered egg product and ate fish right after going vegan for ethical and health reasons. Point is, while she was constantly complaining and preaching about being vegan, she never actually committed to being vegan and this is what annoyed not just anons here but her own fans because it was like she was only doing it for the camera and Taylor. If you're still skeptical, just read the first thread >>>/snow/29300 She was called a fake vegan by Mimei and PDR ffs, and they would know. People would be less critical of her if she hadn't been so insufferable or actually tried being vegan and just struggled. It's the same with her recent weight complaints. She's complains about how strict her diet is despite drinking sugaring starbucks and regularly eating junk according to her own channel and insta.

No. 266029

No one fucking cares about this vegan stint and it's not that big of a deal. Are you guys all vegans or something because this is apparently such a sore topic for you anons and you seem to be foaming at the mouth at the idea that she ever said the word vegan or tried to be vegan. Pet stores have nothing to do with vegans and her thyroid disorder will probably make her bounce around for the rest of her life from diet to diet as it does for basically everyone with a thyroid disorder. Vagans are insufferable, holy shit.

No. 266034

no one is talking to you.

No. 266037

Sharla literally addressed her diet situation 3 months ago when she revealed her boyfriend. TLDR, it sucks to be Vegan in Japan, and it cost her job opportunities, so she's more flexible now.

No. 266039

Isn't that basically what other anons said too? Lol, anons would rather make it out more than it was. Japan goes out of it's way not to cater to diets. It's literally in their culture.

No. 266041

JFC, no one's talking about her being vegan now. She was never really vegan and was called out years ago.

No. 266052

Anons ITT are and they are obsessed about it.

No. 266053

No one was talking about now. We're talking about when Sharla when into her militant vegan phase and why she was criticized. It wasn't about her actually being vegan, but being preachy but not practicing what she preached. The reading comprehension in this thread is abysmal.

No. 266054

actually >>266027 is

No. 266056

Changing your diet isn't a big deal and it's not that milky. Mountains out of mole hills.

No. 266059

I'm that anon. Read again. The Vegan phase stuff is about the past, the first fucking thread. Newfags are just derailing because they don't want to admit Sharla ticked people off by being insufferable while hypocritical during that phase, not because she tried to be vegan.

No. 266077

Buying a dog/cat from a pet shop is a cunt thing to do overall; doesn't matter if you're vegan or not (the vegan thing just makes it more hypocritical).
Maybe buying pet shop animal is socially acceptable in asian countries who dont give a fuck about animals, but in western countries it's considered 100% unethical and you'll get backlash for admitting that you did. It's why the phrase 'adopt don't shop' is a thing.(this is Japan)

No. 266083

Absolutely correct. I remember her saying somewhere that she bought Maro at a discount because he was a biter and nobody else wanted him. Maybe she deserves a little credit for that, I don’t know. But she’s referred to “buying” cats before (TC cat quiz video with Chris) so assume Tuna was also a pet store cat. I hope I’m wrong about that.(stop derailing)

No. 266086


>Maybe buying pet shop animal is socially acceptable in asian countries who dont give a fuck about animals

That's what anons have been saying. She did the cats a favor.

No. 266096

pet shops in japan aren't fueled by birthing mills like in the us and most of them provide health certificates and the like.

No. 266100

What is this preachy autism and who cares what Western twitter activists find socially acceptable?

No. 266103

isn't her pet shop cat remedial? i thought it had signs of being inbred; like a strange tail or something. That cat came from some sort of fucked up source.
plus its a scottish fold too, even breeding those for their genetic mutation for the sake of it being "cute" is fucked up in the first place
just get a cat from a shelter, that pet shop got that cat from a fucked breeder

No. 266106

Is this retarded catlady derail ever going to stop? Nonas please, it's been days of arguing over this dumb shit. Sharla owning cats isn't milky, whether she bought them from a store or rescued them from a burning building. who gives a shit?

No. 266107


Which, it's bad because she framed her going vegan for ethical reasons when the truth it's she did it because she thought she was going to lose weight.(sage your shit)

No. 266111

The vegan thing was years ago. Move on. It's not like it caused PTSD and all vegans are brainwashed about ethical practices yet still wind up buying unethically anything humans make. There's no ethical way to be vegan either and no shit or was for her diet, she has a TD which causes people to jump ship from diet to diet constantly and nitpicking like this is why people like Sharla have to come to with excuses for why they want to be on a certain diet. Its stupid as fuck.

No. 266146

''yet still wind up buying unethically anything humans make.'' That's because veganism isn't about people's rights hun it's about animal welfare. I will never forget the spurging of Michaela and Sharla acting all morally high and mighty on twitter ''Sorry we care about animals, and you guys don't''. Why is there literally not one Jvlogger that isn't an insufferable two faced cunt?

No. 266167


No. 266243

Sharla is an idiot. we can all agree on this fact.
she is a hypocrite, who thinks Elon is great.

No. 266251

No. 266254

This makes me remember that she has that big ass Elon picture in her apartment lmao.

No. 266262


It's not just Sharla who likes Elon, Chris is a fan of him too

Bunch of morons

No. 266267

yes you are right. Chris said that he and Sharla took down the Elon pic from their place and think he is terrible now.

No. 266306

Fuck off about Elon Musk

No. 266327

Na I bet they just moved the I bet.
It has a personal altar kek

No. 266364

Not really. At least in the podcast (Nov 13th episode at around 00:20:00), he danced around saying anything actually negative.
Sharla probably has no opinion and only had it because of Chris.

No. 266369

So, no new video from Sharla? It's been long since she upload new video?(learn2sage)

No. 266373

There are links on oatreon, but every time anons would post, it would get ignored over stupid shit like her cat or chris being fat. Anons dgaf about milk. Why should other anons bother sharing anything?

No. 266381

That's the podcast in general. Pete says something progressive out of nowhere and then Chris gets super uncomfortable and tries to walk it back in a way that doesn't egg Pete on to defend his position. My favourite of these was when Pete complained about PewDiePies latest controversy years ago and Chris got so nervous because he had to walk the line between not siding with PewDiePie but also leaving the collab possibility open as PewDiePie is huge. Pete kind of saves the podcast from being too scripted and corporate.
Chris definitely does enjoy Elon like he enjoys Bald and Bankrupt. He likes those showy wannabe alpha scrote types. Sharla I doubt actually cares she's just following Chris and probably just wants to have more than cats to add to her personality. There's really nothing about her that shows any investment in tech and Musk worship is mostly a scrote thing tbh. Chris is definitely in that youtubery Elon worship pretend tech bro sphere.

No. 266384

Doesn't Chris avoid controversial topics that he knows he'd get or under a microscope for? Didn't seem like it was because of it being too liberal. PDP's fans are also hyper aggressive.

No. 266416

I always thought the Elon picture was weird in Sharla's house. To me it was one of the indications she lived with someone else, or something. She doesn't at all seem like the kind of woman who is into Elon. As annoying as she can be she isn't really that much of a pickme or NLOG.

No. 266444

>Chris said that he and Sharla took down the Elon pic from their place and think he is terrible now.
>Not really. At least in the podcast (Nov 13th episode at around 00:20:00), he danced around saying anything actually negative.
So which is it? Tho Elon didn't just become terrible overnight.

No. 266446

File: 1668715400449.png (1.18 MB, 1080x343, Screenshot_20221117-200140.png)

Nah she's an Elon musk fangirl.

No. 266447

Can the Elon fans fuck off? This seems like a shitty way to derail about him. There's no milk here about it.

No. 266448

Chris is also a fan of Jake Adelstein and his book Tokyo Vice. Adelstein is like Norm but worse and like Bald when it comes to women. You don't even need to live in Japan to know he's a fraud, but someone like Chris should be able to tell easily and it's been known by the expat community that Adelstein is a complete fake and egomaniac for years. Chris has recommended his book in his podcasts and channel, too.

No. 266449

File: 1668715843818.png (777.56 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20221117-195946.png)

Her best friend norm got even got her a lifesize cutout of Elon for her birthday.

No. 266450

File: 1668716233603.png (1.64 MB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20221117-195406.png)

p.s. it was in her "I went to a crazy bar in Japan vid.(2019 cardboard Elon is not milk)

No. 266451

Calm the fuck down. I doubt anyone here is a fan of him. I was just saying that she actually is into Elon.

No. 266479

You guys are inviting scrotes here
Go to OT about Elon. Posting 2019 shit isn't new milk and that's the extent of this too.

No. 266488

This redtext is weird, this anon was showing that Sharla herself is an Elon fan, which was being discussed due to current events/Chris talking about elon recently? Anyway it is strange she liked him so much given she doesn’t otherwise seem like a techbro type. Maybe she genuinely thought he was cute?

No. 266490

Memeimg isn't the same as liking. Get over it. Elon isn't milk.

No. 266494

She's also not like a major memelord. I don't really care nona and I agree it's not "milk" per se, ergo the sageing, but it is a discussion. It's not something you just need to immediately shut down or shit your pants over.

No. 266496

And how do you know that she was memeing and doesn't just genuinely like him? Also no one said that this shit was milk.
Any time there is a discussion about Sharla like her friendship with Norm, her illegally digging for ancient pottery and lying about it, and now this, anons immediately try to shut it down or claim it's vendetta posting. The bias toward her in this thread is so fucking obvious.

No. 266503

This isn't milk. No one is sitting it down because they like Sharla. Its a stupid discussion that leads nowhere and causes anons to post almost 4 year old milk. Mods redtexted for a reason. Nothing new has come from these 2 and Elon. Wtf discussion is to be had, anon? This is just shitposting because Elon is a retarded dumbass and anons just want to derail about him without any actual relation to him.

No. 266510

Sharla and Chris are both vapid idiots. they like the most problematic people.

No. 266512

Like I said, no one was saying that it was milk. I wasn't trying to start a discussion, a couple of anons said that she didn't seem like she would be into Elon and one said that she probably only had the wall pic because of Chris >>266364 so I replied that she actually was his fan with proof, that's all.

No. 266514

Then dont waste up the thread posting stupid shit that's why it got redtexted. Also that doesn't prove that any of them are a fan. You guys are literally just making up your own assumption because of the stupid shit they own. No one owns a life size cut out of Elon Musk or has a frame picture of it and it's not meme related. You must be so fun at parties taking things literally.

No. 266519

Shame that none of the mods could be bothered to redtext the anons who were wasting up the thread with their witch-hunt against Chris's ex.
>Also that doesn't prove that any of them are a fan.
Did you miss these tweets? >>266446

You're assuming that she owns those things because she's memeing.

No. 266544


Quite a few of TCP videos with a big head censoring her sitting position.

No. 266545

You'd think that, but Chris hangs out with PDP all the time now even without being in his vids. He's okay with being controversial when he endorses people like Bald and Bankrupt. I think it's fairly likely Chris is closer to the mindset of those guys and Norm than he is to Pete. Though I doubt he'd ever say his real thoughts out loud when it comes up because he'd look bad and probably upset Pete.
The podcast audience is way different from his YouTube audience and way way different from the audience he's been trying to court this year. The podcast is mostly 20-50 year olds who want to visit Japan and are fairly serious where as he's trying to turn his YouTube to have more of the zany TrashTaste teenage scrote memelord audience.

No. 266563

How do you know they hang constantly? If its not in videos, prove it. I haven't seen Chris constantly show up in PDPs vids either.

No. 266610

he's playing a dangerous game where he's hell bent on getting more subscribers, so much so that he's willing to change the type of content he'll do in order to appeal to a new more fringe group of potential subscribers.
The big risk is the alienation of his current audience, which is much larger than this new audience he's trying to reach.

No. 266645

File: 1668820021154.jpeg (999.62 KB, 828x1461, 1667004723442.jpeg)

Instagram as well you can sometimes find glipses of Chris in PDPs Jvlogs. Chris also talks about PDP on trash taste.
I wouldn't say it's bigger but more dedicated. But it's pretty risky to try to swap a dedicated fanbase of adults who will watch and listen to the podcast forever if it holds up with the younger streamer hyper youtubery crowd that'll probably want a different kind of content after a year or so. But I think a big part of it is he wants to diversify so he doesn't have to be in Japan anymore. If it wouldn't kill his career he'd probably be back in England full time by now.
Though I think he should consider doing similar content about other countries if he's bored of Japan. Or maybe do something like bring Natsuki on a US road trip.

No. 266649

Gosh Sharla should have picked a different costume.

No. 266664

this was already posted and discussed last thread. Lurk more.

No. 266727

Both sharla and tokido post in this thread, they have this particular expression I noticed in the group photos of discordgate lolitas, like their online secret bitching actually comes out in their face. Just a hunch, backed up by a lot of clues

No. 266741

So you just hi cow everyone you don't agree with lol

No. 266772

File: 1668880271465.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x1902, AC56DBA3-B12E-4388-9D07-0952E5…)

Sharla and her lover chris out there leaving breadcrumbs

No. 266774

Sharla is more cringe than I originally thought

No. 266796

>no ring or anything alluding to proposing
What breadcrumbs?? Is this going to become a thing where any time they take a selfie together it means they are married or something?

No. 266797

Chris tried his hand at cooking again, trying to make a Japanese omelette, and ended up making scrambled eggs.

Pretty ridiculous to be this inept at cooking after living on your own for the last decade. Not saying he needs to be a top tier cook, but being this bad at cooking the basics is just silly.

Also, hopefully this video puts to rest people complaining back and forth of whether Sharla is vegan or not, since she's eating eggs and dashi.

Outside of that, it's a pretty boring and low effort Tokyo Creative video

No. 266799

Anyone over the age of 18 that is unable to cook a few basic ass meals should be embarrassed.

No. 266808

not hard to see how he ended up that way. Japan is often a place where it's cheaper to eat out than cook for yourself and the quality of food is worlds apart, particularly if you can't cook worth a damn.
Makes you wonder what other crucial life skills he never developed. You only see the best of Chris that makes it through the carefully curated editing process.

No. 266809

>Also, hopefully this video puts to rest people complaining back and forth of whether Sharla is vegan or not, since she's eating eggs and dashi.
For the last itme, we all know she isn't vegan. The "complaining" was about whether or not she was actually vegan when she first announced that she was.

No. 266823

Maybe not so crucial but he has admitted he bad at anything manual.
Sharla also said (back when not revealed that she was with him) that he's terrible at fixing anything if requires his hands.
I think it was in a YouTube comment when viewer said she should ask Chris if he can help in the process of upgrading the house she and her friend brought.

He's the guy that cant hammer a nail it seems.

No. 266835

Like Lily a few weeks ago. She's so old yet only just learned to cook. Absolutely embarrassing.

Japan is one of the few countries words expected for you to almost always buy your food out. It's rare that people constantly cook in house.

No. 266836

>VegAn or Not
She hasn't been vegan in years. Stfu.

No. 266854

File: 1668903420412.png (346.12 KB, 829x838, Screenshot_20221120-001552.png)

No. 266858

Cry in meta

No. 266866

>Japan is one of the few countries words expected for you to almost always buy your food out. It's rare that people constantly cook in house.
This isn't true at all. Cooking is far more common in Japan than North America and Western Europe, but take out is also more inexpensive compared to some other first world countries. Most Japanese guys Chris' age can also cook more than him.

No. 266868


I doubt it's cheaper to eat out all the time than cook for himself.

If he is also trying to get in shape and be healthier, he'll have to start cooking for himself rather than going out and eating oily and fried foods all the time. But we'll see what happens after his December trip back to the UK.

Probably will fall off the wagon and go back to his old habits when eating. Sharla looking a bit pudgier too in that video

No. 266869

File: 1668907136432.jpg (147.46 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20221119_171748_Chr…)

It is though. Maybe watch actual videos by Japanese people. It's so uncommon for people to cook with the price of fresh produce and meat in Japan. Been like this for years. Most grab breakfast on the way in and lunch. Dinner is at most what people cook, maybe 3 times a week. Families are a little better but because of the control over what your children can eat aside from school lunch.

Not going to derail about this anymore, but do real research, don't watch white youtubers. A massive 14% barely cook every 6 months. This is why 7-11s and restaurants are so expansive there. Its massively cheaper to get food out, freshly prepared, than to cook at home.

No. 266870

She just learned to cook some Japanese dishes, not cooking in general. Why is it when there's something about Chris or Sharla you just have to bring her up again? What is your obsession with this woman?

No. 266872

Samefag, but that's about 64%, from 2022 studies, that cook less than 3 times a week. It's been like this for years. It's not even new information.

No. 266873

Lily doesn't know how to cook then, just a few dishes.

No. 266874

How does that equal not knowing how to cook?

No. 266888


I wonder if they eat outside most of the time, I have the feeling Sharla it's not cooking that much this days. Just a gut feeling.

No. 266892

He has mentioned a couple of times that he's terrible at cooking and it seems like he's never made an effort to learn how to. Also he hasn't been living on his own since mid 2016.

No. 266894

Damn that's one fat head, Chris needs to lay off the snacks

No. 266900

I'm Japanese and lived in Japan, nonnie, and while you shouldn't be basing your knowledge on youtube (which you call research lol), there are thousands upon thousands of videos of regular Japanese people cooking on youtube,and many many cooking shows, so I still don't understand how you're getting the idea that Japanese people don't cook from youtube. Your weirdly cropped survey also doesn't state the sample size, where it comes from, and if people know know how to cook or not. Why do Chris and Sharla fans keep making up fake facts about Japan?

No. 266902

she's talking about percentages not anecdotes.

No. 266903

We don't know what she's talking about because she cropped out what the survey was about, who was in charged, and how many people answered.

No. 266906

your "knowledge" will never be important so sit down.

No. 266913

Fuck, her style is atrocious.

No. 266939

Use Google you idiot. This isn't just based on Youtubers. Anon was wrong that most people cook at home with a whopping 64% who rarely do. This has nothing to do if anyone can cook who do try to cook. Just proving >>266866 wrong.

No. 266957

Is Ironmouse married to Connor? I heard Chris Broad from Abroad In Japan say that in a video they made together riding bicycles in Hokkaido for some reason.

No. 266958

Is Sharla getting fatter while Chris is getting thinner? What in tarnation is going on? Also, Pete from the Abroad In Japan Podcast is an odd duck. I wonder if he'll finally return to Japan since he'd been talking bout it all through Covid! He declared as soon as the country is open he would travel there!

No. 266961

>Why do Chris and Sharla fans keep making up fake facts about Japan?

Lol shouldn't this be obvious? Because they've never been there, in fact they rarely leave the basement of their parents house and form all their opinions from YouTube videos and their imaginations.

No. 266993

are you okay? Iron has never me Connor in Real life! What the bell ate you on about

No. 266994

Pete is also super busy running a podcast company. He has traveled a lot in recent months so he is delaying his japan trip. Per him on the podcast

No. 266996

That's a fair question, anon. But I would recommend you proofread your replies in the future since your comment is dog's dinner basically.

You can check this video. Skip to 1:14

Chris Broad: "The only saving grace is, as well as getting fit, provided we survive, we are going to be raising money for a fantastic charity called the Immune Decificiency Foundation. They've done an incredible job helping Connor's wife and fellow twitch streamer Ironmouse, over the last few years"

Am I missing something?

No. 266999

Sorry, I forgot the link to the video. Again, it's at 1:14

No. 267003

Why would you ss a survey, crop all relevant info including what it’s about, and not provide a link to where it came from? This is lolcow, nonnie. Not our job to google anything. For all we know, it could be how often people stub their toe. Even if we take anon at their word, the comment was that most Japanese guys Chris' age can cook more than he can and it's not expected that you eat take out all the time. Nothing in that survey disproves anything and it doesn't even prove that most people eat out everyday. If anything, it proves most people can cook. Most old Japanese men have housewives who do all the cooking for the family, which would largely account for the 14% who rarely cook, and that still doesn't indicate that people are eating take out all the time.
First it's Japan doesn't have cat shelters and orgs, when even Sharla's volunteered with them and as a friend who runs one. Now it's no one cooks in Japan.

No. 267020

I think it's just a joke about how often they collaborate.

No. 267022

I didn't detect a joke context.. sorry, I'm actually on the spectrum so I can't always detect humor but I'll be perfectly honest to say that I've learned to pick up on some cues when people are joking and I didn't detect any joking in that clip. Could I be missing something? Yes, certainly. But it was delivered as if it was a fact and not a joke.

No. 267041

grow up. its a joke. they have never met! mouse is a terminal ill patience who can not, walk, eat, travel. she is housebound, she is on a ventilator 24/7.

No. 267043

But why would Chris Broad from Abroad in Japan Youtube Channel and Podcast joke about someone like that? I don't think he would joke like that? I'm not sure but it doesn't seem very okay?

No. 267047


ok sweetie, they are married! and you discovered it! you win a prize

No. 267050

People thought Chris and Connor were a couple before Sharla came out with their relationship. So Chris was being a little cheeky by mentioning the other person Connor is always hanging out with.
So this might be a dumb question but why do they even bother with TC? The channel is 99% dead, they claim it's not visa related, Okano Chris destroyed the company, and most of the videos they make seem like they are held hostage against their will. The only one who seems to benefit from it is TokiDoki Emma who mostly posts on that channel over her own.
Lily can cook French and European dishes. Of the three of them she also has the most real world skills and even is able to program. She's capable of staying in shape without making it an event for views. Not really sure why she's used as a bad example. That said I don't blame Chris for not being able to cook though he's wealthy from YouTube and Lily used to cook delicious meals for him. He doesn't have someone who will cook tasty meals for him anymore and he doesn't want to spend so much money needlessly so that's why he's learning to cook.

No. 267066


what is the prize

No. 267073

lol oh okay

No. 267075

Tokidoki mainly does twitch stream that’s where she earns most her income not from TC my dear. Also, have you thought that Chris sharla does TC because they’re their friends and they know that they will bring them views. Also, TC works a lot with some of the tourism board and also bring them sponsorship. You probably should just check your information before you type stupid things like Lilly being chef of the year. you’re a funny.

No. 267078

Is Lily the chef of the year??? Who says??? LOL

I don't think she's a great chef honestly as well

No. 267087

it was a joke. I honestly don't care if Lily or anyone can cook. its a silly pointless convo

No. 267097

Doesn't sound like a healthy friendship if they're just exploiting Chris for views. Also youtube is the queen of social media. Twitch, twitter, tiktok, snapchat, facebook, podcast, instagram etc celebs all try to pivot some of their success to youtube. Emmas big on Twitch but TC is is sucking up her youtube potential. Though I guess maybe she just likes spending time with Chris. Too bad they never had a chance to go for it because I think they balance eachother well.
Lily is a great chef. She made great food which is why Chris never learned to cook. He'd either buy food with with fortune or Lily would cook for him for free. I don't see him ever becoming a chef.

No. 267103

chris and sharla are doomed together for weight loss and health hhaha

No. 267111


No. 267112

Learn2research. Its not anyone's job to spoonfeed you.

No. 267117

Hello, I'm a long term Abroad in Japan "Stan" in both the YouTube spectrum as well as the Podcast. For years Chris Broad has bragged about his ability to create the perfect omelet and even said its the only thing he can cook and he can cook it well. See?
In the linked video (YouTube video) - Chris Broad of Abroad in Japan sets out to create an omelet for his partner, the fat Sharla In Japan. And yet - when he starts to make it, he has to LOOK IT UP on YouTube!
If he knew how to cook it so well, as he has bragged about on numerous occasions on the podcast as well as his videos and live streams across the YouTube spectrum of video entertainment, then why can't he just go to work on the omelet without looking it up first? Let's be honest - Chris is quite full of "shit" as they say, which is a popular expression to explain that someone isn't truthful quite frequently!

No. 267123

You okay, anon? You're trying a little too hard too bait. Maybe take a nap.

No. 267170

This is an image board. Nonny is off topic and derailing if all they're doing is posting a random image that doesn't indicate what it's about and where it came from.

No. 267173

Anon posted an image. Find the source yourself.

No. 267183

An image with no identifying info is a random image and derailing, and the point of posting caps is so no one has to search for the source.

No. 267202

Then report it. Other anons have moved on and you're upset about a posr from almost 3 days ago. Fuck off to meta.

No. 267204

Tbh, Japanese omelets are 100% not the same as UK ones.

No. 267216

It was already explained multiple times why the image was a problem. If you didn't keep protesting, talk would've ended there.
It was a joke, but your question belongs in the Trash Taste thread. They could explain the context to you.

No. 267227

both Sharla and Chris has not posted for about a month now. what the hell are they doing?

No. 267245

>report if it's an issue

No. 267248

They have, however multiple people don't have any interest in sharing Patreon updates anymore because all you guys do is ignore the updates. They are posting but you guys don't listen to the posts and derail about other shit.

No. 267282


hi cow

No. 267283

Yes you're right - they're different omelets. Then I don't get why Chris didn't just make it into a western omelet instead of mashing it all up into scrambled eggs lol….
Also did you SEE the amount of seaweed he put in the miso soup? Without rinsing it too. Then he like, tried to cut it with scissors. It was so embarrassing.

No. 267284

Not really embarrassing, but clear he doesn't cook much. Not like living in Japan is much an an issue for that. You also don't need to wash seaweed, anon. It's not necessary.

No. 267285

I always rinse fresh seaweed but you do you

No. 267286

Again, not necessary and I bet if you Google it, it'll tell you that too. He didn't pull it from the ocean, anon lol There's rules to cleaning certain foods before selling it. If it was from a fish market and fresh, I'd understand.

No. 267287

File: 1669082784644.png (864.08 KB, 813x584, from package.png)

Adding, it's taken directly from a store-sold sealed package.

No. 267292

it's stored in water/brine for shipping and sales. of course you don't HAVE to rinse it - but not rinsing it is gross nonnie. you do you.

No. 267294

as a matter of fact, the reason the miso soup turned out too salty to eat was precisely because he didn't rinse the brine off the seaweed, and then used so much of it. it's basically just like adding saltwater to the meal, unless you rinse it off.

No. 267296

Remind me never to eat your cooking nonnie

No. 267298

He also put a lot of seaweed in general. Like, way too much compared to the water and paste. I'm actually surprised he didn't add more water because of the paste ratio.

No. 267320

He really did! It was like Old Gregg's Mangina in that pot

No. 267334

File: 1669107424759.png (530.59 KB, 1000x998, Screenshot_20221122-082620.png)

Norm still having meltdowns in the YouTube comments. Hope someone makes another vid exposing him.

No. 267335

File: 1669107673251.png (475.67 KB, 1080x337, Screenshot_20221122-085823.png)

Bald and bankrupt is in Japan now apparently. Wonder if Chris will actually collab with him.

No. 267341

Chris can't deal with criticism, so he probably won't. But not because people told him not to, he'll probably either ignore it or blame it on being too busy.
He's still whining about the comments on Reddit about the Okinawa series, while trying to seem unbothered. And before that it was a comment on Twitter about politics and so on…
I wouldn't be surprised if he thought Norm's meltdowns were justified.

No. 267359

Why does that freak rage reply any time anyone barely criticizes him? He's the thinnest skin J-Vlogger ever. It's really unmanly and embarrassing to be so beta.

No. 267360

I'm surprised he's in Tokyo given what a total cheapskate he is. Most people are still wearing masks and he can't speak Japanese, so it won't be easy trying to do his usual thing, unless he's briefly stopping in Tokyo to move onto SEA. I doubt Chris is stupid enough to film with him. I think Pete also said something about Bald's questionable character in a podcast once when Chris was mentioned liking him.

No. 267373

Not only is TkyoSam super hot, he's sexy too.(shitpost)

No. 267387

The sexiest man ever

No. 267429

I secretly love him lol

No. 267432

The worst thing about Chris Broad is that for the last ten years whenever people ask him what music he likes, or to make recommendations for Japanese music, he just says "Japanese City Pop" because it sounds "retro like the 80s" and at best he can name one or two musicians.

He's honestly the dullest "creator" in Japan.

No. 267436

he also likes the Blade Runner soundtrack

No. 267442

Shocking behavior Revoke his visa! What a crime,

No. 267450

Okay? You need to gatekeep city pop why? I want you to name every single artist that you listen to for the rest of your life and always remember who they are and never forget. You realize some people don't have the memory for that and actually just enjoy music to enjoy music right.

No. 267452

cancel chris he doesn't know enough Japanese music

No. 267457

NGL I read this and could hear Chris's voice, you captured it perfectly.

IMO - Too bad Chris's taste is outdated and boring. His editing is stuck in the 2010s, his music taste is from the 80s and devoid of an actual personality, and he is dull enough to not branch out or deem the unknown as 'bad'.

His content could benefit from more curiosity, he's got solid concepts but it all falls flat when he just does the same thing he's been doing all along. Ludwig critiqued someone's channel on his charity stream (as a paid request) and advised this person to change it up as their content didn't evolve over time.

If Chris wants to increase viewership he'd truly benefit from updating his boring format of outdated graphics/corny voiceovers and his malding, unpleasant persona over his genuine charisma.

No. 267459

Context, nonnie, work on it.
I don't think the point was to "gatekeep city pop" anon.. it was to point out Chris has a narrow field of vision for someone with the clout he has regarding being some kind of expert on Japanese culture after being there for ten years

No. 267460

That just seems ridiculous, tbh.

No. 267461

what's ridiculous is framing a whole culture based on Ken Watanabe and A5 Wagyu

No. 267492

surprise that chris hated bidet , always thought he fully integrated to the japanese way or he doesn't know how to use it properly like that scene in zoolander with computer.
btw I on team connor on bidet

No. 267505

I love the comments in here. It's like someone handed out ipads in a lunatic asylum and people spew out garbage in between rubbing shit all over the screen.

No. 267514

You just described the entire internet

No. 267515

What? Lol

No. 267666

I agree with not liking them. Everything but the bidet part is fine. It's not really milk, anon lol

No. 267674

what do you bitches think is going to happen to Chris next month in his boxing match? I want to start a betting pool. I think he gets KOed in the 1st round

No. 267735

Also what is up with male youtuber/influencers trying to become boxers/fighters? First Logan comes to Japan and shits all over the country then him and his brother get into this fighting thing, followed by tons of others.

Now Chris? What is the deal? Am I alone in thinking its super freaking disappointing to see him jumping on this bandwagon? It is it a desperate cry for relevancy or what?

No. 267757

Lol the dude averages 1 million plus views per video, he is not hurting for views, I am not sure where you heard he wanted to grow his audience. Everything he does tells us he is not working hard to grow his audience. He uploads infrequently, he doesn’t take advantage of his more famous YouTube friends, (pewdie pie, Ludwig, Tom Scott) he doesn’t take loads of sponsorship. Chris in fact it gets in his own way of growing his own channel more.

No. 267758

From what I’ve heard it was mostly him wanting to turn around his health and lose weight and it was a great opportunity to do as an end goal. Also why do people have problem with people gaining more success, why does everything have to be they sell out.?

No. 267759

Hard agree! He will also come up with a bunch of excuses

No. 267765

he's always seemed kind of wimpy to me. like the kind of guy if someone threw a punch he'd flinch and cower. it's just weird to see him tryna flex like he's tough now (obstacle course races, bike ride, fighting) I kinda wonder if Sharla has been making comments about him not being manly enough…

and before anyone says "he's always ridden bikes, like journey across Japan 1" — when he did that ride he got a mountain bike to do a long distance km ride, and wore a helmet that fit him like a Childs helmet, he wore street clothes, he had no idea what he was doing and it was embarrassing…. he looked like a child learning to ride with training wheels riding bikes in the park on a Saturday afternoon.

on his new ride he at least had a road bike and the proper apparel.

No. 267777

I love Chris

No. 267786

Nope on This page you can only say Chris is fat and that his work is terrible and that 1 million views per video is low

No. 267798

you don't need to do a YouTube boxing match to "turn around" your health and lose weight nonnie

it's a weird clout chasing move that seems uncharacteristic for him

No. 267799

I'd like to see TkyoSam in a clout chasing youtube boxing fight, him against Norm

No. 267801

TkyoSam would clobber Norm, it would be fun to watch, also Sam is so sexy and cool(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 267822

idiot he has to train for it, thus a health journey. don't watch the chess boxing match if its against your lofty standards, of how youtuber should behave
my lord.
everyone including the tt boys went to LA for clout, but god forbid chris doesn't diff

No. 267823

tkyospam would win with a knockout. the sexy irrelevant beast that he is(shitposting)

No. 267943


No. 268056

Literally all I listen to while coding is Citypop compilations and I can't name more than two or three artists that go into these compilations.
Chill with the nitpicks.

No. 268134

is there other music you like? (or can name?)

No. 268135

Can you literally name any other Japanese music though?

The fact that people are like "yeah I like Japanese music… durrrr durrrrr "City Pop" durrrr durrrrr"
is really really sad tbh

No. 268161


"Literally" you only listen to music as a trope and you can't identify the people making the music is the saddest thing I've heard all Thanksgiving and my cousin died in rehab the day before Thanksgiving

No. 268198

No1currs. >>268056 is right. This is just some dumb nitpicking for no reason.

No. 268233

That's Chris, except he says he hates Japanese music heh (35:30 & 44:49).
He says all the lyrics are the same, then proceeds to list a bunch of basic words. Probably the only Japanese he can understand.

No. 268237

Kek that's what you think the worst thing about Chris is? Not that he likes someone like bald and bankrupt and is still friendly with Norm even though he knows about all the shit he does as he definitely lurks here?

No. 268244

You guys really can't interpret sarcasm

No. 268271

File: 1669496453319.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, D16DF09E-FD66-417C-A0E4-178AEE…)

Poor Sharla, the weight gain has been massive for her, she’s gone from a size uk8-10 to at least 14 in a short space of time. She needs to get on that treadmill and change her diet

Not fat shaming here, I’ve had to learn the hard way myself

No. 268275

No one cares about your personal shit, anon. Her part had nothing to do with weight. Stfu about your obsession about it. Get therapy for your BD and stop projecting.

No. 268277

Damn she's on the Chris Broad diet

No. 268280

She hides it all the time in her photos and videos, she's always been way bigger than her fans think.

No. 268290

This is lolcow you autistic fool, take your simpin to reddit

No. 268295

The post had nothing to do with weight, so no.

No. 268298

File: 1669504569238.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x1649, RDT_20221127_00034955076748574…)

So we have confirmation Mr Broad will endorse right wing sexist ideology.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 268306

That's not confirmation, anon. Stop trying to make up milk. This looks like a meet-up.

No. 268308

You must be fun at parties

No. 268309


It's not exactly endorsing, but Broad could have easily just not met up with this guy.

Guy has enough rumours and bad comments about him that Broad must have heard about and is wilfully ignoring them, no way to not know of any of it if he has looked him up at all

Curious how he'll try and justify this meeting

Also, is American Pete a fan of him too or is he just caught up in this?

No. 268310

And is not Christmas yet kek

No. 268313

lmao good job chris
This dude had a rape case thrown out due to a small technicality, claimed to bribe young Byelorussian hitchhiker for a blowjob for $6 or he'd leave her in the woods, has a bad history on pickup artist forums, finds babushka groups to talk to so the babushkas will tell their (grand)daughters to go talk to the new rich foreigner, etc.
Birds of a feather flock together kek

No. 268314

Finally milk of something.
Chris could indeed lose trust of some viewers if he does a collab or something with that individual.
Big yikes

No. 268315

they're each other's worst enemey kek
they're like crabs in a bucket pulling each other down when it comes to food

No. 268316

In another subject C seems to keep losing weight.

No. 268324

and clothes, she's staring to wear only black like Chris does.

No. 268329

She was never a UK size 8-10, she was always around a size 12. She's gone up close to a size 16. She mentioned having to buy a size large when she did those lucky bag vids, which is the same as a UK 12, US 8

No. 268330

It's definitely not the best sign. Chris is getting fit and Sharla is getting bigger and bigger. I've seen this a million times. Guy has a mid life crisis in his 30s gets in shape starts to look at life differently wants to bring his partner on to join the journey she doesn't want to get fit seriously and then the relationship ends. If I was Sharla I'd be nervous and start hitting the gym especially with how abruptly he left Lily. I mean I doubt Chris is gonna come back from mountain climbing wanting to hear how Sharla bought a bunch of cat paraphernalia to clog up the apartment more and doesn't want to go for a bike ride with him.
Chris was always right wing and okay with problematic people. It's obvious if you watch the podcast. He gets really awkward and clearly irritated with Pete whenever he says anything remotely progressive. His favourite book is Tokyo Vice about wannabe tough guy Jake Adelstein. Plus we all know Norm is his soulmate just that Norm doesn't have the restaint to dress up meltdowns as quirky British sarcasm. The only thing that would prevent him from doing a full collab is his chasing of analytics and ad revenue.
Black is to make you look thinner but Chris wears it to look cool. Whatever else he's actually succeeding at weight loss this time around.

No. 268335

File: 1669512383460.png (293.09 KB, 1005x955, Screenshot_20221127-003500.png)

Posted in the AiJ subreddit too.

No. 268337

File: 1669512494894.png (199.52 KB, 679x1286, Screenshot_20221127-010609.png)

No. 268339

File: 1669512896734.jpg (356.87 KB, 1440x1980, ASuperfanInJapan.jpg)

Apparently Chris is a superfan of BandB who watches all his videos. It's likely Chris begged Bald for the collab. With Chris moving towards fitness and away from Sharla it wouldn't surprise me if he was trying to incorporate BandBs PUA nonsense into his repertoire.

No. 268353

Pete said on stream that he was meeting Chris to discuss future plans or something like that, but didn't mention anybody else. I don't think he's ever talked about this guy either.

No. 268358

I really don't see S changing her lifestyle notably.
Bet she'll try to join him but grow tired and will just want to be with her cats and get pokemon stuff.
C just needs to meet more people that push him to keep his positive changes and well bye S .

No. 268360

>Chris was always right wing and okay with problematic people. It's obvious if you watch the podcast. He gets really awkward and clearly irritated with Pete whenever he says anything remotely progressive. His favourite book is Tokyo Vice about wannabe tough guy Jake Adelstein. Plus we all know Norm is his soulmate just that Norm doesn't have the restaint to dress up meltdowns as quirky British sarcasm. The only thing that would prevent him from doing a full collab is his chasing of analytics and ad revenue.

You have some example for this?

I don't listen to the podcast so not sure how candid he is on that compared to his videos (not sure about the livestreams since I'm not going to sit through a 2 hour video of him just answering fan questions)

No. 268389

Norm mightve just brought him along

No. 268390

Anon is really reaching.

No. 268394

Scrote, begon. Stop posting reddit shit. There's nothing wrong with lurking and keeping your 2 favorite sites seperate. What they say on Reddit literally never has anything to do with what anons say ITT because that's a moid cesspool over there. We already know a scrote posts ITT from the instagram post threads ago. Fuck off and just discuss your right wing conspiracies over there.

No. 268401

I'm not a scrote and I'm not this anon >>268298

Norm wasn't even there so what are you talking about?

No. 268404

Who is worst ? Norm or bald guy?

No. 268441

Nonna pls

No. 268454

File: 1669554012174.jpg (730.77 KB, 1440x3839, TokyoLens.jpg)

What bizarre ways to defend Chris for supporting a legitimate predator.
Anyways the unthinkable happened. Backlash against Bald was so bad on the sub that they decided to no longer filter out Norm criticism anymore. I think it's also obvious that Chris knows about the backlash. We know he has reacted to things posted here before and he definitely reacts to his subreddit (though he choose to ignore several posts warning him not to hang out with Bald and Bankrupt). Ironically Norm might actually lose the most from this since Chris wasn't overt enough but they decided to feed Norm to the wolves.

No. 268461

Chris already replied on Reddit. Seems like a reasonable explanation. Still, the hungry dogs of the subreddit and this toxic thread will feast on this pointless gossip until it’s forgotten next week.

No. 268466

So, a namefagging newfag. Okay

No. 268467

Anon, stfu. Sound like a bunch of conspiracy right wing bros saw the photo and suddenly Chris is XYZ. Embarrassing.

No. 268529

Midlife crises don't happen in your 30s dumbass

No. 268534

Chris has never expressed right-wing opinions. He's said multiple times how tiresome he finds the Japanese nationalist far right types. He's spoken on many occasions about being supportive of LGBT and minorities. He was Remain not Brexit.

Put up a single actual receipt of him expressing anything right wing. Otherwise you're just shitposting.

No. 268538

kek Chris hanging out with a guy who was a prolific poster on manosphere forums and still has major issues with misogyny is, somehow, a rightwing conspiracy. Sorry ladies but this shit IS milk, the company you keep speaks to your values. It should be discussed here, it belongs here more than Sharla's dress size speculation. Hanging out with Bald & Bankrupt and hanging pictures of Elon Musk up on your walls indicates a certain level of crypto-rightwing bro shit. Musk doesn't consider himself a racist or an LGBT hater either. It's not old school conservative christians we're talking about here. He also in the UK livestream with Connor joked around about Johnny Depp and 'megapints' which all his supporters were doing at that time. Hanging out with a misogynist pick-up artist who uses sex workers in shitty parts of the world is pretty sus.

No. 268544

You guys really jump to the worst conclusions. Next you'll say they've been buds for decades.

No. 268557

Bald and there's absolutely no way Chris isn't aware of this, either. His history of bragging about going to poor countries for the sole purpose of exploiting trafficked women is well documented and his rape case is no secret, either. He creeps on women in his own vlogs.

No. 268559

Lol Chris is downplaying the meetup with a guy he was constantly warned about pretending he had no idea of anything sketchy about him other than an Andrew Tate comment made at dinner. Chris is good at damage control I'll give him that but he obviously knew and didn't care just like they all obviously know about Norm.

No. 268563

Chris advised Bald & Bankrupt for Bald's recent vlog in Japan, so there's no use in downplaying his association with Bald. He is directly supporting the man.

No. 268566

It would be awesome to see Sharla get on the fit wagon with Chris, it would be cool to see them hiking and biking together.

No. 268573

That's not an explanation. He downplayed the fact that he advised Bald by pretending they just met for a chat and he completely lied about not knowing about the "other rumors" about Bald. His fans have been commenting and messaging him for months now about Bald, even on posts where he's commented. Please return to his subreddit where you WKs belong. Since when do farmers defend men who support legit sex predators?

No. 268578

Sharla driving I guess.

No. 268580

No. 268582

And one can easily google and find that guy shit.
Chris trying to play fool of not knowing lmao

No. 268584

Actually one thing that's interesting is that Chris didn't advertise the teamup. Like most youtubers his natural inclination would be to spam everywhere he's collabing with a big channel. I think he knew and wanted it under the rug but Bald and Bankrupts friend accidentally spilled the beans with that instagram post. Remember none of the collab was advertised by Chris or his socials.

No. 268585

This isn't reddit, won't be reddit, will never be reddit. Fuck off to that cesspool if you want to discuss reddit. This isn't a reddit thread. Stop trying to get lolcow farmers to discuss a scrote infested, 4chan-lite website and takes. We don't need to know what scrotes on a different site are saying.

No. 268586

Because he probably didn't know he was coming. Wow. So surpised he didn't advertise.

No. 268587

Very unlikely as Chris helped Bald with his vlog which was posted yesterday and was filmed over days in Nagano and Niigata.

No. 268598

Chris damage control is hilarious.

No. 268606

I'd like to know what Hiding In My Room thinks of all this

No. 268607

>lurk the jvlogger thread
>bald posting

lmao Bald was a one of the most prolific RooshV forum posters, it was found out when his book was just his forum posts with the pedofilia/hebophillia and sexual exploitation edited out.

What a small world.

No. 268616

wtf is "hebophilia"

No. 268617

A way for men to downplay them being attracted to children

No. 268634

just curious. does a person stop being a child at age 17 and 364 days?

No. 268640

lol at people "warning" chris of who he shouldn't hang out with, as if they know and are a better judge of character than chris is, such arrogance. I don't blame chris for ignoring a handful of whining nobodies on an anonymous forum.
The anons here loooove to exaggerate and jump to the worst possible conclusion but never post receipts to back it up, expecting everyone else to take your insane ramblings as truth.

No. 268642

Several people: Hey Chris you might not want to associate with this predator who should probably be in jail that you're promoting.
Chris hangs out with him anyways
Chris faces obvious backlash
Chris: OMg I totally didn't know he was bad. Trust me.

Either way if it's judge of character alone were going about then his association with Norm already puts 99% of the posters here as better judges of characters than him. Chris should probably stick to his Jvlog niche considering how poorly he navigated this. Mainstream youtubers have more eyes on them for much lighter activity than what Chris tried to do.

No. 268643

Chris doesn't give two shits what anyone on this godforsaken image board (that never posts any images) thinks of him

No. 268644


Yeah, Chris only cares about 2 things: The Algorithm and The Analytics

No. 268645

2022 he also cares about his body fat % and BMI

No. 268646

To be real, a guy in his early 30s is at his MOST insecure and questioning…. because 30 was always so far away, then it's here, and he's still a child. That's where Chris is at. He's trying to become a man and his woman is obsessed with children's toys and cats. Go figure.

No. 268647

And this is why that previous anon who said that Chris was having a "midlife" crisis is a low-IQ autistic teen, most likely. A guy entering his 30s is still 20 years away from a midlife crisis type behaviors. Chris is finally trying to outgrow his very prolonged adolescence (running off to Japan to be a JET because you can't handle growing your ass up in your home country and then falling backwards into a YouTube "career" is the most 21st century prolonged adolescence for a UK youth, everrrrrr) and he's hitting some roadblocks especially in who he's choosing to associate with…..
Weirdly he's foregrounded his body as his main project when he probably should be looking harder at his social network.

No. 268648

He took one photo. You need to calm down with this "who he associates with" crap.

No. 268650

Not every single person knows every single person. Is it that crazy that Chris didn't know who he was or that he'd show up? You guys act like Chris personally invited him. Literally no one knows context and its a massive leap to say he is into all this shit this dude is it to. The mental gymnastics.

No. 268654

Anons won't even post Chris's response lol What great discussion.

No. 268655

>"who he associates with"
yea maybe finally meeting "the youtuber he's admired for years" who happens to rapist sexpat leaving young hitchhikers in the woods if they dont give him a bj is better kek

No. 268658

Where did he say he's admired Bald??

No. 268661

like 4-5 months ago in a live stream chris said bald was one of his top 5 youtubers

No. 268662

No one posted that, so post it. I don't remember anyone bringing this up during the summer. I'm pretty sure anons would've caught that.

No. 268663

Chris literally helped him make a video and constantly promoted him. Please stop making the grown scote into just a helpless child who was entrapped or something. People constantly warned him about Bald and Bankrupt just lik he was constantly warned about Norm.
He's a total stoic who doesn't care what others think. Which is why he lied for years about dating Sharla and cheating on Lily, took down videos because of analytics, and was really upset when people told him JAJ4 was terrible. Nah he's super focused on what people think. Modern PewDiePie is a creator who doesn't care what people think.
I doubt he's going to make it to 100. But either yes he's having a midlife crisis. Suddenly making drastic changes in your life is a sign. Even two podcasts ago he made it clear that he's so obviously done with this phase of his life but wants the gravy train to keep coming. It is funny that Chris is in a mid life crisis and Sharla is in arrested development stuck in her teens somewhere just focused on hoarding cat collectables.

No. 268665

So much bait in one post.

No. 268666

File: 1669612813330.jpeg (622.92 KB, 1242x1924, deletedclip.jpeg)

i dont remember which livestream it was, but someone posted the clip on his subreddit but the person deleted it but you can still see people comments about it

No. 268675

>"I watch bald"
Nta, but yeah, case in point went we don't need random reddit comments most of the time. Why would it even be deleted to begin with? Also are we sure this is from a live stream and not someone who posted a photo of his comment on the actual video comment section on Bald's video? The comment below just seems to be adding in that he also talked about the situation About commenting. This seems like 2 different situations of interaction.

No. 268676

Sharla's got her life in order:
she's got that airBnB that makes her money and also a long term investment.
she's got her youtube which she gets money from new videos and sponsorships and passive money from old videos.
she's got her stationary business.
she's got her patreon.
and she's dating/soon to be engaged to one of the most successful youtubers in japan.

Calling this arrested development is such a stretch it boggles the mind.

No. 268686

The man was charged with two counts of rape, bragged about forcing women into giving him bjs and getting sexual with a 16-year old, which he also wrote about in his novel, and claims women are at fault for getting raped.

No. 268689


>>268640 is probably an incel chris simp and gets advice from scrotes like andrew tate kek

No. 268692

Chris made a comment on Bald's spaceship video. It may have been deleted, but I think it was archived.

No. 268696

charged, how did the trail end, because he's not in jail so either not guilty or he paid them off

No. 268697

Acquittal, the reports are still up from 2001.

No. 268698

File: 1669626271406.png (93.93 KB, 642x852, BRS.PNG)

The stuff in his book and how it connects to the RooshV and NoughtyNomads forums under the usernames "Vorkuta" and "The Ligurian" are already on the internet tbh.

No. 268714

You just rephrased that she makes a lot of money in a few different ways. That doesn't have anything to do with arrested development. It's been pointed out several times that she still acts like a teenager. Look at how many wealthy celebs who make more than Sharla also have arrested development. It's not a networth thing.
Bald and Bankrupt was brought up to Chris every couple weeks for several years now. He definitely knows. I don't know why he was so adamant to still meet with him and have to scramble lies to salvage his brand from the backlash. Next he's going to be seen wearing Yeezys and hang out JBP and claim he was forced to wear the shoes because Japan doesn't sell his size and he thought JBP was just a professor. It's kind of sad he admired learning Balds PUA schtick more than he valued his own brand.

No. 268727

how dare someone hang out with someone that doesn't conform to my personal world view.
get help girl, imagine getting triggered over such a nothingburger, yikes

No. 268728

you mean a creepy misogynist rapist? yea how dare people
you sound like a scrote trying to blend in kek

No. 268737

go back

No. 268747

> I doubt he's going to make it to 100. But either yes he's having a midlife crisis.

Nonnie are you 17? "Midlife crisis" doesn't refer to you having a crisis at the exact middle of your lifespan. Hooollly crap what an autist. A midlife crisis is when a man is in his 40s-50s and realizes he's gotten that old and never lived his life and taken chances/risks and suddenly gets a divorce, quits his job, buys a sports car, etc.

A dude like Chris at age 31 isn't having a "midlife crisis" you dingbat. That's a totally normal age to reevaluate where you're at and make changes. One day when you grow up you'll understand.

No. 268755

How did you come to understand "Arrested Development" as referring to earning potential, nonnie? It is about emotional maturity not passive income streams. If it referred to ability to earn money then 75% of the known celebrities on Earth wouldn't be insufferably immature monsters.

No. 268766

There's a difference between reevaluating and panicking into a bunch of dramatic changes and declarations to change your whole lifestyle. Maybe it was his health exam or returning home but something shocked Chris to do a complete 180 on his content, lifestyle, and everything this year.
Maybe he can collab with Bill Cosby next.

No. 268772

Also doesn't mean every single person in that photo thinks like Bald either. No one is talking about the other 2 dudes at all.

>pokemon pokemon pokemon she likes cats and pokem shes living arrested development not mature because she has stuffed animals and likes disney
That's how you sound, anon.

No. 268773

Ironically that is exactly how Sharla sounds, minus the self-aware part about arrested development. And no one is talking about the other two dudes because one is a guy no one knows about, and the other is American Pete and I guess yeah, maybe he agrees with Baldie Rapist too? I mean the kind of scrote who lives in Japan is usually not the most progressive and intellectual type of guy. Chris has also obviously modeled his public persona after Jeremy Clarkson, another loutish douche scrote who rails against feminists. Chris is a scrote just like any of them, and I don't care how many nonnies get bothered to hear it kek

No. 268782

Acquitted only because the prosecution couldn't offer enough evidence. The judge was completely disgusted with him and didn't think he was innocent. Bald also claimed online that he only had sex with the victim once with his friend, while he told the court that he had sex with her twice. The woman reported the rape right away according his own comments as well. The man himself admitted to driving a hitchhiker to remote location and threatening to leave her if she didn't give him a bj and bragged about having sex with teen virgins who're probably no older than his own daughter. That's the man Chris has been helping.

No. 268784

LOL Chris is exactly trying to be a bargain bin Jeremy Clarkson that's soooooo funny and true

No. 268798

Someone asked American Pete on his stream about it and he said he didn't know who he was and had never seen his channel before. Since he doesn't have a Youtube channel that's not VODs of his streams, he was kind of uncomfortable because it was like 3 hours of Youtube talk.

At least that what he said, and nobody mentioned how scummy he is, so I guess he hasn't found out yet. But who knows if that's true…. (it's at around 09:53:00 of his last stream @ Twitch/PremierTwo).

No. 268811

I doubt Pete knew. He mostly hangs out with whoever Chris brings him ong to meet and his space is twitch not yt. Never hear him mention Bald once. Chris on the other hand always praises Balds PUA nonsense on second world citizens as one of the greatest youtube channels ever.

No. 268816

Literally never heard Chris mention the dude ever and apparently the one time he did, its conveniently deleted upthread. What koolaid are you drinking?

No. 268848

File: 1669680422049.jpg (279.54 KB, 985x1149, Screenshot The JAPAN You Never…)

"Thanks to Chris from @Abroad in Japan for all his advice behind the scenes. If you don't know his channel yet then definitely check it out for mad Japanese content that is ten times better than anything I could make."

No. 268850

And we know he didn't fish for BTS info while surprising him at dinner, how?

No. 268852

File: 1669680721329.jpg (359.45 KB, 984x1606, Screenshot abroadinjapanchris …)

Statement Chris gave on his subreddit about his association with Bald and Bankrupt. No mention of him helping Bald behinds the scenes. Says he didn't have a clue about the rumours, but we know that isn't true.

No. 268854

File: 1669681046812.jpg (42.66 KB, 959x282, Screenshot This Video Caused A…)

Chris commenting on Bald and Bankrupt's video back in July or August. Someone archived in it September. This is what caused his fans to warn him about Bald. "Mate this really was bald and bankrupt extreme. Genuinely real edge of your seat stuff throughout.
An amazing pay-off to an incredible video - though sad to see the fate that befell the Buran. Glad you guys got away from the authorities safely!"

No. 268855

Funny how he mentions the "comments BnB made about Tate" but avoids mentioning the comments that have been made about BnB's rape accusation(s) and other horrible behaviour

Chris is wilfully ignoring the things that have been said about the guy, and still met up with him. As good as a film maker Chris thinks BnB is, he could have just as easily avoided any contact to protect his "image".

Granted, after seeing some of the comments in the reddit thread, he has all these people defending him and he probably rides the high that he can do no wrong when so many come to defend him.

No. 268856

Bald and Backpacker Ben had already filmed at Mt Fuji a week ago in the vlog that Chris advised, which was before Chris went out with them "for a drink." Chris was already in contact with them.

No. 268858

I kinda feel like Chris reads this thread because I posted a comment saying he was against most right-wing stuff, is anti-brexit, supports lgbtq community, etc - and he clocked those exact same points in that post…. coincidence?

No. 268861

Chris unfollowed Bald after he was warned about him in the deleted post on his subreddit. We already discussed this in this very thread >>262900

No. 268862

We already know he follows this thread because he's immediately edited or deleted his videos and SNS several times after something embarrassing or bad in them was shared here.

No. 268864

Yeah like the "Big Booty" instagram account he was following haha

No. 268866

File: 1669683135962.png (229.57 KB, 1080x2091, Screenshot_20221129-004507~2.p…)

Turns out I was wrong about that. He deleted his IG account, that's why it's no longer in Chris's following list.

No. 268870

Do we know what day Chis was appeared to have unfollowed and when the account was deleted? In any case, if Chris was aware that Bald deleted his account over the Tate comments, he would also have been aware of all of the other unsavory things Bald did or said since that was part of the backlash. Of course, he'd already been aware of Bald's activities from his subreddit and our thread.

No. 268873

this is boring let's talk about Sharla being fat

No. 268876

Chris isn't a second world woman who Bald is trying to get sexual favours from so I doubt there was any entrapment. It's pretty wild the lengths people will go to avoid giving any responsibility to Chris.

No. 268879

Chris's next video will be called "The Things I Hate About Japan"

True story

No. 268882

Can you fucking stop if you can't look shit up properly

No. 268883

Considering the fact that celebrities or people who are known time after time wind up for having scandals like this, at some point you guys need to just understand that not everyone deep dives in Google's people before they meet them. He probably didn't know the rumors.

No. 268886

Not the same anon.

No. 268887

bald was and has been discussed in chris's subreddit before, months before. Chris monitors his own sub, he 100% knew.
He got caught in an ig tag, playing stupid and will continue to play stupid until his fans forget about it.

No. 268889

Uh huh. Whatever is convenient for you.

No. 268894

it was brought and discussed right here >>268666 in his sub literally months ago kek

No. 268895

Deep dive?that guy crap can be found nonchalantly.

No. 268896

Also, he was aware of Bald's Andrew Tate controversy. Part of the backlash Bald received had to do with the parallels people drew between Bald's history of exploiting women in Eastern European countries including Romania, and Tate being investigated for human trafficking in Romania. Chris prides himself as a studious researcher. He would've come across Bald's history even if the subreddit and Tate controversy never existed. All you have to do is google Bald's name and channel, and it's right there on the first page.

No. 268898

File: 1669693988226.gif (3 MB, 640x386, scrotesmell.gif)

the amount of anons here shrugging off the rapist sexpat Bald and chris hanging with him… is starting to give red flags that there's more scrotes here than I thought

No. 268903

According to Backpacker Ben, who traveled and vlogged with Bald, he and Bald went to the Mount Fuji area right after arriving in Japan. Since Chris was advising them according to Bald's vlog of the same locations, it's very likely that they were in contact with him before they arrived in Japan. According to Sharla's IG, she and Chris were in Tokyo at the same time that Bald and Ben were there. Bald and Ben will be uploading their Tokyo vlogs later, so we may see them in the background unless they didn't want to be on camera.

No. 268906

Most people don't google random people. The same way someone might not even know Sharla was vegan at one point unless they googled. Normal people don't do this. Lolcow does this.

No. 268907

Tim Pool, Nick Fuentes, Donald Trump, Kanye West, Milo Yannopolis, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder…. and now featuring……Chris Broad. Coming soon to a theater near you!

grow up slags

No. 268908

Unless you guys actually produce proof, not things that are magically deleted, I'm literally gonna take Chris at his word. I'm not even a WK or stan or simp. This has to do with the fact that Chris doesn't bring this guy up constantly, >>268666 this is deleted, so no proof here either. Pete is also there. Pete was there in the UK too. Honestly seems like Pete holds the company with Bald, not everyone else just because of proximity.

No. 268909

This is some real weak shoehorning.

No. 268911

>not everyone deep dives in Google's people before they meet them.

BUT BUT BUT Chris was on Deep Dive. The podcast from Japan Times. Episode 110.

And lest we forget, Chris and Sharla did Deep Dive TOGETHER in 2019 when they'd just begun dating. Episode 28. Title: "Chris Broad and Sharla — living the YouTube life in Japan" (and imagine, a full nearly three years after they did that episode together, stupid bitchy anons here were debating if they were "a couple" or not LOLOLOL fucking twats)

tHe DoTs ArE cOnNeCtInG……

No. 268914

No. 268916

lmao the nitpicking and in-fighting has gotten way worse ever since they announced they're dating. All over obvious no brain shit like them dating, when they started to date, the greek trip, now Chris playing stupid about an infamous sexpat. There's always a couple of contrarians at moments notice crying 'no proof' or 'not good enough' at obvious stuff.
And for whatever reason, other threads in /w doesn't have this problem. It's always been the jvlog thread with camped out autistic moids or twats ready to fight for their kfc couple.
Now there's proof that redditfags warned chris in his own subreddit months ago that meeting bald is a bad idea because of shit sexpat past and chris active on his sub everyday, and now even that proof isn't good enough. Nitpicker newfags always here and right on time as usual.

No. 268917


Mate, Sharla is my age and “what she’s achieved so far” is nothing special. The Airbnb is mostly run by Ushka, and as she’s mentioned herself, the real estate they’ve purchased is basically worthless as it can’t be knocked down. True they’ll make a pretty penny out of it with tourism increasing and Sharla’s trademark “fat cat lady” styling all over it.

No. 268918

There were at least three different posts in the Abroad subreddit warning Chris about Bald.

No. 268927

one of the things that's fascinating about this "image board" is the vast ocean between the children and the adults on here.

No. 268933

reminds me of this child nonnie >>261996 amazed and proud of chris's big boy step of learning how to cook for once. Even though he forgot to wash the preservative brine off the seaweed, but baby steps to basic adult living i guess kekk

No. 268951

Alert: We got here a groomer pedo enablist, here in our mist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 268991

You literally can't read an overdramatized bait post, can you?

No. 269009

I was looking through Sharla's Patreon front page. I refuse to pay for her shit content, but I noticed that she has 0 activities on there monthly. what the hell are people paying for? someone who left her pateron recently told me that she is suppose to hold her live monthly with them, but she skips months all the time and does it late every month! she is just happy to collect money from these simps without anything in return. she has gotten so fucking lazy.

No. 269010

Chris is full of shit! he goes on about how he is on a health journey, but since July he has only most 15 pounds? He keeps talking his McDonald meals on his podcast. the guy has not change at all!

No. 269023

I also noticed, on his recent podcast, how he was talking about the eating of DEKAI quantities of Macodonarudo.

Chris will never really change. It's like he watched a bunch of hustle culture, redpill, bodybuilding videos on youtube, decided he was going to adopt a select few ideologies, and then ran the numbers.

Boring. Sharla's fat.

No. 269043

File: 1669771063572.jpeg (352.09 KB, 2048x1150, FinaeFcUYAAZifa.jpeg)

I swear Chris had a more pronounced jawline, but now it's gone. Looking like the blob here

No. 269048

oh cool post a photo with zero reference to time or place. real professional nonnie. that pic could be from two years ago for all we know.

No. 269049

not a clue when the photo was taken

you had one job nonnie
and you fucked it up

also how come Chris doesn't work with natsuki anymore

No. 269050

Natsuki has a business to run.

No. 269051

File: 1669773807155.png (1.23 MB, 1254x1080, Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 9.02…)


Alright, my mistake.
November 27, 2022

No. 269052

Ku-ri-su-san only has a "jawline" when he doesn't shave for a few weeks

No. 269053

Natsuki is a cash cow but Chris did mention how unprofessional he's been behaving lately and how it caused significant production issues that incredibly frustrated him.
He is a bit of a bro hustle culture Gary Vee personality. But he'll put work in if he feels motivated enough. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Just somewhat annoying.

No. 269055

Oh shit, did Chris say that on a podcast? I wouldnt be shocked. Narsuki seems like a 24/7 chainsmoker/drunk.

No. 269057

But anon's tinfoil about Natsuki being taken advantage of isn't going to fit into that narrative of Natasuki being a problem instead.

No. 269061

Looks like your average british hog

No. 269071

Natsuki being a heavy smoker doesn't help.

No. 269100

that was what, 8 threads ago? anon in >>269053 said "lately"

No. 269124

Anons spent like a 4th of the thread infighting over the fact that poor, poor Natsuki is taken advantage of. Now that he's an issue instead, anons will say he's always been an issue. You don't get the hypocrisy I'm taking a jab at, anon. This is why tinfoil sucks.

No. 269175

What exactly did Natsuki do that pissed off Chris or was deemed "unprofessional"?
Chris might be over his skis expecting too much from Natsuki. Natsuki isn't a "professional" YouTuber, he's a professional hair stylist and a friend. What were Chris's expectations of him anyway? He's a goofball and clearly has substance abuse issues. So what, he was fun to make fun of his English and trot him out as proof Chris has "Japanese friends" but if he acts problematic then Chris drops him like a hot bowl of ramen?

No. 269178

Natsuki clearly didn't care they made fun of his English because he actively leaned into joking about not getting phrases right. Ryota would do it too.

No. 269179

So you're not going to explain what Natsuki has been doing that makes him unprofessional and where Chris said this?
To be fair, both can be true. Natsuki can be unprofessional and Chris could be taking advantage of him. Or Chris could've been taking advantage of him at first, but now Natsuki has developed a big head and is acting unprofessional.

No. 269181

>To be fair, both can be true. Natsuki can be unprofessional and Chris could be taking advantage of him. Or Chris could've been taking advantage of him at first, but now Natsuki has developed a big head and is acting unprofessional.

Agree with this 100%

No. 269185

Chris just said on the podcast that he "ordered everything on the menu at McDonalds" sooooo I wonder if the health kick is over

No. 269189

Chris never changed his diet. Was just doing some training and events. Sharla's latest vlog is also half her eating desserts again.

No. 269193

If he never changed his diet that isn't much of a health kick.
Do you have any proof that he didn't change his diet? Like literal receipts from their grocery shopping? Can someone go rummage thru their bins please?

No. 269195

File: 1669839441266.jpeg (403.76 KB, 720x983, awsh6Mr.jpeg)

He's nowhere near that six pack.

No. 269196

Sharla: yes let’s all go out for dinner, I’ll just make sure to wear my ugly NY green jumper again” heck can this girl not wear something nice for once ? I understand it can be difficult to find appropriate plus sized clothing in Japan, but srsly girl . The others have no style potential whatsoever, unless Ryotaro was there

No. 269197

Lmao what health kick? He eats shit constantly. He just posted a video where he eats from Mos Burger even though he doesn't even enjoy it.

He also said in the vid that he eats out every day. If he was actually trying to be healthy, surely he would be cooking at home instead.

No. 269198

>Do you have any proof that he didn't change his diet?
AFAIK, he's never said that he did, and he's been eating french fries, drinking beer, eating ramen and other junk in all his latest videos and other people' streams, including in his Spartan Race one and the bike-a-thon with Connor.

No. 269201

The main this Chris would mention is that Natsuki would wander off and goof off and go missing mostly to go smoke. They even had to limit his smoke breaks because of the delays so Natsuki would go to the bathroom and not be seen for ages because he was actually going far away from where he'd think they'd look to sneak cigarettes.

No. 269207


Omg it really happened

No. 269208

kek at Sharla playing off camera "hostess"

also - he is happily flexing his $$$ openly now, evidence is that he used Power of Love and paid for the license.

No. 269209

Seems super petty of Chris to not just have a conversation with him about it or just let him smoke

No. 269210

Ryotaro is the one who ever tried to present himself in a professional space. If you look at him you get a suave connected businessman vibe and he does it well. He's the only one who's ever had a real professional job too. The rest are more independent filmmaker types and former English "teachers." I don't think it's fair to compare.
Connor can dress well if he wants to. He has a lot of pics of him dressing nicely. But right now he's at the phase where he'll be okay wearing the trash taste t shirt for the memes. Chris will just wear all black or dr jelly merch.
Let's be honest he's never going to learn how to cook or at least cook consistently. He has millions of dollars and is in a top three culinary country so he's happy just ordering out for every meal.

On a side note I'd love for Chris to go to France or Italy or Korea or even trendy parts of Japan or something and come back learning how to cook and dress well. He actually could be pretty amazing if he put more effort into it.

No. 269213

>On a side note I'd love for Chris to go to France or Italy or Korea or even trendy parts of Japan or something and come back learning how to cook and dress well. He actually could be pretty amazing if he put more effort into it.


No. 269215

She’s trying to be a cool girl/one of the guys by putting no effort into her clothes.
She only dresses up nicely when she’s hanging out with a group of women, which seems to be increasingly rare for her.

No. 269218

does Sharla read this board?

No. 269222


No. 269223

She's always worn hoodies and goofy prints most of the time with her female friends, too. It was only occasionally that she put in more effort. It's not a weight thing or friend thing with her.

No. 269225

I can't imagine eating take out every single day. Even at my laziest, my body wants to wake up and make my own meals a few times a week or else I feel horrible. Chris must be really bad health wise. He's lived in Japan 8 years now? And still doesn't know how to cook something super basic?

No. 269226

Chris is really bad health wise. He seems to think he can fix it just by losing weight. Cuz you know, skinny=healthy and that's all that matters.

No. 269227

Natsuki is a heavy smoker. That culture tells men it's okay to be a chainsmoker and alcoholic. Combined with the stress of having less business after the pandemic (Is Japan still closed borders?)
Natsuki is probably stress smoking and the constant delays for shooting are making Chris not want to see him as much. Natsuki is also a workaholic who seems to work 6-7 days a week.

No. 269228

So he says he hates hostess bars because of how expensive they are and doesnt think to mention they're awful because most are ran by yakuza or shady men in general who exploit the women. Most of whom are there because of drugs or debt owed. I wish he'd go further into why he hated certain things because he could have spoken up about it, but I guess it doesnt mean that much to him.

No. 269229

he only cares insofar as it affects him, not the girls. it's expensive and a waste of time and money for the men. that's why it's bad. talk about microaggresions

No. 269245

>Most of whom are there because of drugs or debt owed
You're thinking of Soaps/brothels unless you're thinking of the kyabakura that are just a front for brothels. But I do find it weird that Chris said he frequently went to hostess bars because there was nothing else to do and his co-workers would take him, when he was living in Yamagata and working as an ALT and apparently paying for himself. I don't know how he could've afforded it, it's not something that a guy his age would do and there's a lot more to do in Yamagata.

No. 269246

pretty common for senior staff to pay for ALTs

No. 269248

File: 1669851669554.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1230x1612, 221108.jpeg)

No. 269250

kek this thread is so retarded, Chris will never be trendy or learn how to cook, he's such a basic British moid he'll be living off readymeals for the next 4 decades if/when he moves back to the UK. Him and Sharla will singlehandedly keep the M&S dine-in for two deal going.

No. 269263

What's this supposed to be? Don't post shit and not add context.

No. 269264

Sharla getting a "heftier" head here, compared to older photos. And her hoodies get baggier and baggier with each picture posted

Chris' nose looks like it's getting that permanent red alcoholic nose. He's also got that receding hairline kicking in.

No. 269266

this is so not milk as to be cheese

No. 269269

what's wrong with you? we know Sharla's fat and Chris is getting older.

No. 269277

Sharla ad chris should be in Canada as of today, according to the podcast.

No. 269278

lily did your California bf breakup with your crazy ass already?
the covid got you posting here a lot I see

No. 269279

People always talk about Chris' health but it's a bit worrying that Sharla seems to be worse off on that front. She's never been skinny but the gain is very rapid and she has the health condition. I hope it's not too severe.
His health report was bad but the videos show he's at leasy physically capable of things. I'd be surprised if he ever gets that six pack but he isn't on the verge of dying anymore. He's the healthy and fit one in his relationship.
I don't know why you think cooking and dressing well are hard. It just takes a little effort. I think Chris just needs to put himself out there. I thinks Chris should grow his hair out, wear better clothes, stop wearing so much black, stop dyeing your hair black, and of course learn to cook and cook at least half his meals. His life would be better.

No. 269283

Yes lily , you have said it like 100 times!
Sharla is fat
Chris can’t cook and fat
His hair is receding
Now keep writing this over and over
We love to see the rinse repeat

No. 269285

He said a work colleague or friend would take him every week and talked about it being a strain on the wallet. I really don't get why he didn't turn down his friends and why he was hanging out with them in the first place if he didn't like it. Men who frequent hostess clubs for their own fun and not when they're trying to woo clients are looked down upon by most people. More so if they're young. His school and people around him at the time must have been not so good.

No. 269286

Jfc, this bait is so bad.

No. 269288

I think they're making fun of the fact that Chris and Sharla are at a fast food establishment when the discussion was about whether or not they were trying to eat healthy.

No. 269289

Anon is desperate. Imagine shitting up the thread with this constant weightsperging. Ana-chan rejects galore in here who think if they drink a coffee with cream - fat too.

No. 269290

Stop with the hi cowing you retard.

No. 269368

kek take your meds

No. 269370

>he's needs a nice haircut that suits his face. This one just makes him look like he has a five head.

>I thinks Chris should grow his hair out, wear better clothes, stop wearing so much black, stop dyeing your hair black

who is the weirdo obsessed with Chris's freaking hair? take your meds!

No. 269377

It's whatever anon that keeps shitposting about Sharla and Chris's weight nonstop. Someone is baiting this thread hard and it's been on a constant since summer.

No. 269397

Yes, Chris's downplaying of Bald's controversies is far worse than his diet. At least he's only only hurting himself by not changing his diet. Can't say the same about helping a known predator film in Japan and earn more money.

No. 269406

Japan beat Spain just now in the World Cup. That makes two predictions of Chris that didn't come true. He also said they would be smashed by Germany and he was wrong. Yesterday's podcast he said Japan would get trounced by Spain. You'd think he'd at least root for them in some way - I just think it's telling.

Combine that with the fact Chris just made a 12 Things I Hate About Japan video and it's pretty clear he's over it. He's going to Canada, the US, and the UK. I give him and Sharla less than a year before they leave Japan, but the question is - what will they do for money? Are they going to keep subs if they stop having Japan content?

No. 269411

I can guarantee they won’t have the same views if they go anywhere else. Sharla has zero personality outside of catmom in Japan. Chris has a personality but it is really basic British scrote. No one is going to watch them just live normal lives anywhere outside of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, et cetera. For whatever reason western euro/North American travel vloggers don’t get the views that the ones in Japan do unless they’ve got good personas and/or a unique hook. Chris is really like a thousand and one guys in the UK, and Sharla is like a thousand and one women in Canada. Japan is their hook and if it goes away, so does the audience. I’m sure they both could do work other than Youtube, and they would have to. Only way I can see it working is if they became more of a general travel vlogging couple, who went all over the world for a couple weeks at a time. That doesn’t require big personalities, just good camerawork and decent personalities, which they do have. But yeah who the fuck would watch a day in the life of those two at Wagamama? Kek

No. 269415

They have the money to live in the UK, fly to Japan every few weeks, shoot a backlog of videos until the next trip, spend the Time in the UK editing and posting them.

No. 269420

Anon, stfu. He made his statement. Just because your don't believe it doesn't mean there's more to discuss. This was almost a week ago now

No. 269422

File: 1669937756457.png (430.62 KB, 1886x1058, Screen Shot 2022-12-01 at 6.33…)

His statement conveniently leaves out the SA allegations and predatory behaviour of Bald and Bankrupt, just mentions the comments he's made about Andrew "probably a rapist" Tate. He mentions some of his other politics, but definitely steers clear of mentioning the predatory stuff about Bald

No. 269424

>I give him and Sharla less than a year before they leave Japan, but the question is - what will they do for money?

If Chris actually took film making more serious, he would have branched out into non-JVlogger content way earlier on and have that as part of his video resume. He's talked about being a director and wanting to shoot movies, but never does anything to capitalize on it, other than that 5 minute intro to JAJ:Okinawa.

They're either both far too ingrained into making videos about Japan to leave now or just have no idea on what other kinds of videos to make

No. 269429

I think Chris just romanticizes being a director - he doesn't seem to understand what that workload is actually like.

I think it's pretty clear that what he really desires is to be hired by BBC or some other big media company to be a presenter like James May. How could he ever direct a movie where his main source of content isn't him mugging at the camera and playing a trombone sound effect every three minutes?

No. 269430

I honestly doubt they'd ever work outside of youtube. These are two people clearly not built for a real job. Sharla is pushing 40 and has no actual skills for the workplace outside of maybe a cat shelter. Chris might have some talent filming and editing but he loses motivation fast look at the Okinawa series and frankly every journey across japan that falls apart release schedule wise even though the first Okinawa post was half a year after filming. There's a reason Chris is pushing himself to have generic YouTuber content and working chessboxing with Ludwig, gaming with PremierTwo, and random fitness. He's looking to see what sticks.
Every youtuber always puffs up that they want to be a real filmmaker. Most of them have no ability or talent for it. The biggest example would be those terrible channel awesome movies or the Angry videogame nerd going massively into debt to finance a movie everyone hated. Not optimistic about Chris Stuckmann's movie either especially after Zods snapped neck. His best bet would be something with documentaries and he's tried it. Maybe it could work for him but he stopped pursuing it because they didn't go viral enough. He's weak as a host for documentaries though as we've seen in Cat Nation.
He knows and he's lying. I mean this guy not only lied but forced everyone he knew to edit their content and he monitored online threads to cover up that he was dating Sharla and cheated on Lily for several years. He has no problem lying especially to his audience. I honestly can't imagine how paranoid and two faced you must be to do something like that.

No. 269435

Because he doesn't know that aside from what people told him. He's not going to set things as fact and give the chance to be sued. Do you guys ever think of legal repercussions?

No. 269436

What a strange attitude to have on lolcow of all places kek, go back to reddit mayhaps guvna?

No. 269450

Chris hangs out with Pewdiepie
He humblebrags on the new podcast that they went to a mine together but he didn't make a video cuz it was just two buds hanging out kek

No. 269451

every 2 years chris has also stated that he's gonna stay in japan only 2 more years kekk he never gonna leave and he knows it kek

No. 269457

Agreed Anon, Chris gaslights his viewers gently; Plays the bumbling British fool a la David Brent in an attempt to fool us

Steering the ship away from this - During yesterdays podcast he said something along the lines of “I wouldn’t want my kids to…” or something similar which gave the impression he’s not opposed to having them.

No. 269462

I don't think he's ever said that he didn't want to have kids previously. Sharla has though.

No. 269467

I don't see Sharla and Chris lasting

No. 269472

I don't think Chris actually wants to leave Japan, I think Sharla is pushing Chris to leave Japan. I mean compare both of their experiences. Chris was kind of a loser in the UK and just worked a bad office job and didn't even want to go to university and is upset with how rundown everything is. In Japan he's pretty much a king and as >>269450 noted even PewDiePie worships him there.
Sharla meanwhile was popular in Canada and spent a lot of her time as a youtuber outside of Japan. She doesn't particularly seem to like Japan or have much of a connection or base there. She only will be in the expat bubble doing generic things. She's almost 40 now so she's probably tired of Japan and the expat life. It's not really a surprise that Chris is making a huge effort this year to diversify almost out of nowhere maybe it's Sharla pushing him to leave Japan now that they're serious.
Chris seems to sacrifice a lot for her. From the cat allergy to possibly kids and Japan. It's not really healthy. One day he'll wake up and wonder why he sacrificed his career to live in a British loft with ten cats. He hasn't had much luck dating tbh. He didn't work well with Japanese girls, Lily was a crazy stalker, and Sharla is restricting his life. But I think if he sticks with his fitness kick he'll find someone who is a good match. I always liked the idea of him dating Emma though.

No. 269473

pewdiepie can smell when people are using him and that's exactly what chris intends to do. his actions recently point to one thing, expand his audience no matter what.
pewdiepie on the other hand hasn't included Chris in any of his vlogs, he's kept them mostly free of other youtubers recently and only collabs with people he's known for a long time.
Chris's desperation and fake friendliness was uncovered immediately.
This could be the start of his slip into irrelevancy. He can sense this which is why he's trying a whole bunch of different things to see what works. But as anons here have said, without japan as his main focus, he has little to offer to his audience.

No. 269475

Say what you will about PewDiePie but he is smart enough to not be taken advantage of. Chris will not find any value in trying to exploit the relationship. But on the other hand PewDiePie actually really likes Chris' content and studio so he has value in the relationship too. More importantly he no longer cares about youtube algorithms or building and just wants to do videos he enjoys making where small jvlogs with his wife or reactions with Ken. It's really just a matter of whether you think Chris is self aware enough to not cross that line to upset PewDiePie.

No. 269476

Uh huh. Nice tinfoil before anything even happens.

No. 269477

Post the fucking podcasts. This is an imageboard.

No. 269495


"Sharla meanwhile was popular in Canada"

She was a nobody in Canada, things only changed when she moved to Japan and started doing youtube.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 269504

He seems to have had a good relationship with his ex who joined him on the cycle across Japan.
Lily was a fangirl and a bit unstable yeah, but she didn't stalk him. He was the one who initiated the relationship. He shouldn't have had a relationship with a fan and used them.
Isn't Emma gay?

No. 269505

Uh no, Lily was stalking him. we've been over this 2 threads ago.

No. 269506

She was stalking him by commenting on his social media?

No. 269507

yea similar to how Chris online fanboyed over sharla until he got her kek

No. 269511

Emma is ~pansexual~ iirc. She was in a long-term relationship w an American guy who left Japan to go to back to uni.

I don’t get why people think that she and Chris would be a good couple though. She always talks about having mental breakdowns and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to put up with that.

No. 269512

Ah yeah he was likely stalking Sharla after finding out about her divorce.

No. 269542

>Post the fucking podcasts. This is an imageboard.

kek wut
podcasts are not images. you can listen to his podcast on literally any pod service. it's called "abroad in Japan podcast" you dimwit

No. 269543

like Sharla doesn't have mental breakdowns kek

No. 269555

Wdym? Cat ladies with pokemon addictions are the most mentally stable people in our world /s

No. 269560

I think if he can put up with Sharla and Lily for the better part of a decade he can handle Emma who is more down to earth and mature than either of them. People want Chris to go with Emma because they actually seem like they'd vibe well together and balance eachothers faults. Lily enabled Chris and Sharla is pushing him off the deepend to change and abandon his lifes work.

No. 269561

He mentioned what it would be in the November 13th podcast, so I guess anon listened to it early on.

No. 269564

Post anything. This is an imageboard. Even podcasts have CC. You guys just coming in here and saying "yeah this def happened" and the thread has to believe you, fuck off. Learn2integrate.

No. 269565

I've never seen people in any of these threads ship Chris and Emma. Wtf are you even talking about?

No. 269568

Yeah, Chris should date Emma and they can go to Disneyland all the time because that's her favorite place. If you follow Emma on Twitch, you know she have a lot of personal issues.

No. 269569

File: 1670002959964.png (1.97 MB, 1808x1014, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 9.19…)

How are these people actually considered adults?
Sharla says her suitcase is too full of xmas presents so she has no room for clothes and will just have to buy all new clothes. kek have they never heard of getting another suitcase? or shipping a box to Canada so they can have their clothes after the suitcases are empty of the gifts? OR SHIPPING THE GIFTS?

How do these people function?

No. 269572

if it’s an audio podcast there’s nothing to CC. come on now

No. 269573

she’s got chris’s money so she can buy all new clothes if she wants. let’s be real tho, it’s just gonna be jeans and hoodies

No. 269574

are you a full retard? podcast has "CC" wtf? they don't post videos of the podcast….. a podcast is SOUND you dunderhead, it's literally a SOUND RECORDING, do you need someone to post a picture of the AIJ Podcast graphic so you have something to look at? Take your meds.

No. 269575

lol she only needs room for one baggy hoodie and some stretch pants nonnie

No. 269576

Then link it. Jfc.

No. 269577

Probably being sarcastic. Also maybe does want new clothes.

No. 269584

File: 1670005637118.jpg (57.8 KB, 1024x538, oldladyinternet.jpg)

nonnie needs a link to the abroad in Japan podcast because nonnie listens to the podcast in a web browser kek

here's an image for you dear

No. 269585

File: 1670006032895.jpg (342.58 KB, 1080x1204, IMG_20221202_133232.jpg)

She's really squeezing him up huh?

No. 269591

The only thing she's milking more is that New York hoodie.

No. 269592

The men at the bar with her in the new video all seem insufferable. A whole minute of Chris and that other guy just punching each other in the stomach?? Give me strength.

No. 269595

"that other guy" name is Connor kek
from trash taste? CDawgVA

wow r u serious
wut r u even doing here

No. 269600

File: 1670011192846.png (2.17 MB, 1804x1022, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 11.5…)

No. 269602

ironically Connor is the actually fit one. Chris has gotta be so jealous at how effortless it is for him. Look at his arms…. I mean come on

No. 269603

This is stupid shit guys do. Why are you surprised? Alcoholism is encouraged in Japan. You have salary men slumped over, facedown, ass-up on the streets and your worried about this? Lol

No. 269608

File: 1670011962434.png (1.06 MB, 1329x575, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 3.12…)

Of course she wants new clothes, she's grown out of everything she used to wear. >>269585
She's not been posting a lot either, I really do think she's lost a lot of interest in being a Youtube personality. I don't blame her, I'd find it pretty draining and annoying too. She's putting Chris in the thumbnails because it is what works, same reason why Tokyo Creative milks him any chance they get. Just look at the views here, they take that Chris bump every chance they get.

No. 269609

the numbers tell the story for sure

No. 269616

She's posting off YT a lot

No. 269627

Bald and Ben's still have more vlogs in Japan to be uploaded which Chris advised, and you're just proving the fact that some anons here will complain whenever something negative is said about Chris.

No. 269635

Lmao I’m not surprised by moids being moids. I just don’t see why Sharla considers it to be vlog-worthy content.

No. 269640

it was probably the only footage she had of Chris & Connor together, and that's views baby

No. 269643

Chris and Pete are wearing the same clothes at the pub in Tokyo that they were wearing with Bald and Ben when they had drinks in Tokyo. >>268339 We know Chris doesn't have many outfits, but Bald and Ben were in Tokyo at that same time that Chris was there with Sharla.

No. 269645

No. 269648

Can you literally not nitpick?

No. 269651

It might be from an abandoned building in Yamagata since Sharla was tweeting photos from Nishizaou Bussaritou. I think Chris may be releasing another video about abandoned buildings in Japan.
Sharla was Chris in Tokyo at the time that he was meeting with Bald. Chris has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Bald and he's a famous vlogger, so it's interesting that he took Pete with him for their chat instead. Suggests Sharla maybe didn't want to meet Bald or she was there, but didn't want to be on camera. I think the former.

No. 269653

Pic is from an abandoned mine that him and Pewdiepie went to together

No. 269659

Connor just isn't lazy and uses common sense. He was chubby before but said in one of the trash taste podcasts that he worked out and dieted, I think eating chicken breast, some veggies, and little rice(?) until the weight dropped off. Not hard, chris just can't or won't do it.

No. 269661

Looks like the Matsuo mine in Iwate. The photo he took is in the same spot most people take, but that English graffiti must be recent because it wasn't there a few weeks ago.

No. 269666

yes correct, iwate

No. 269675

Why doesn't she just leave some clothes back in Canada for when she comes over to visit? That way she doesn't need to pack her suitcase to the brim. I hope those presents aren't fragile because the way they are stacked like that will definitely break during international travel.

No. 269676

She prob does anon but won’t be able to fit into them now

No. 269679

With all that travelling over the entirety of December and possibly some of January, Chris is going to be way off his "diet" and probably crash again, well at least he can make another video about "finally getting into shape" again

Sharla still sipping on those heavy, sugar and cream filled coffees

Curious to see how Chris' chess boxing goes though. Doubt it'll be impressive as it's just two YouTubers who main physical activity is editing videos

No. 269683

Chris is going down in the first punch. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

I bet he's so scared. Does anyone know if it will be possible to watch live?

No. 269684

You’re an idiot. PewDiePie has put or mentioned Chris in 3 of his videos since moving to Japan. Chris has put or mentioned PewDiePie in 0 his videos since he moved to Japan. PewDiePie went up to sendai and visited Chris studio and Chris took him to the abandon mine. Chris did not film the any of the times they have been baseball outings, dinner surfing, or Disney nor did he film this recent outing. Sooooooo

No. 269687

Chris didnt set up the meeting. Stop trying to make up your own version.

No. 269688

Who fucking cares?

No. 269690

Alright, what do you wanna talk about then?
This whole thread is just about nitpicking the dumbshit these jvloggers do, and for the most part it is about Chris and Sharla and their silliness

No. 269697

You seem to be very obsessed with chris and Sharla’s weight?

No. 269703

I don't know why you're pretending like Emma is off the rails. She's way more normal and down to earth than Lily or especially Sharla. I think they would work out very well and that Chris should pursue it. Especially since Sharla is exploiting Chris for views as shown with >>269585
The presents take priority because she needs to show off to family as well neither her nor Chris are financially responsible so buying a fancy new wardrobe instead of packing makes more sense to them. >>269602
It's not really effortless. Chris just needs to show some self control. Connor didn't do any secret diets or hardwork he just ate healthier food and not as much for an extended period of time. Exercise is very good for you but it'll barely effect the scale. Chris doesn't seem to know this as he was expecting to lose like a dozen kilos from cycling in Hokkaido but instead gained a few and tried to waive it away as swelling and water. Connor is very deliberate and disciplined as well as open but not making his weight loss into huge annual events like Chris does. It does make sense though as he did well in an engineering program, is billingual soon to be trilingual, and seems to be the only Jvlogger who actually keeps up with the world and continual learning.
They didn't do the best job promoting it at least Chris didn't so there's a lot of seats left. You have to google around to find the tickets especially if you are coming from Chris' fanbase. I do think Chris would actually do decently as a boxer (no idea his chess skill). Chris seems to have a lot of power, decent endurance, but low pain tolerance. I have no intel on his opponent other than he is almost 10 years younger as he is a German streamer. But with the format Chris won't gas out. I don't see Chris falling off the wagon until after the chess boxing but it'll be off after that until he starts to train for the Spartan race 2. He won't ever lose weight though so I think he should probably consider strongman.

No. 269706

>He won't ever lose weight though so I think he should probably consider strongman.


No. 269715

and nowhere does it say that Chris set up the meeting. Do you not know what "to meet up with" means?

No. 269730

And why do we have to not believe he didn't know he'd be there? Why does he have to be lying for some reason? Pete brought Bald.

No. 269731

Because he was already advising Bald on his travels in Japan >>268848 and never claimed he didn't know he'd be there in his lengthy explanation defending meeting with Bald. >>268852 Funny how some of you or one of you keeps glossing over these facts.

No. 269734

Paolo has completely surpassed Chris in subscribers. This is the guy with the bland personality who named his kid after an X-Men character. Just goes to show you don't need to ham it up for the camera all of the time to get more people interested in your channel.

No. 269745

That doesn't mean he condones it. He even said he didn't know about this shit. He doesn't run his subreddit, you know that right. Just because random people post things, online, where of course everything is absolutely real, he should listen to people who aren't even tangible? Be realistic, anon. Most of the creators don't Google or look in to stuff just because people are yelling about it online. The biggest thing is how cancel culture works and how so many people ignore what others have to say until they have first hand experience to determine things themselves.

No one is willingly ignoring Chris hanging out, but anons also aren't braindead enough to just take shit at face value. It's not even defending him, it's not jumping to conclusions. Since Sharla wasn't there, like anons are speculating, it could be that she might warn him or might say why she didn't want to be around him.

You need to relax and wait for more info. This isn't fun when you just want to jump to conclusions.

No. 269761

>Pete brought bald
And how do you know that?
>He even said he didn't know about this shit
If you believe him you are naive as fuck. There's no way he didn't know. >>262901 >>262902

If you wanna whiteknight him so hard why don't you fuck off back to his subreddit.

No. 269763

It's not really a surprise. Paolo is a bit of a dork but if you're interested in Japan his videos are way better. Just watch his Okinawa videos compared to Chris'. Paolo seems like a good dad and showed a lot of Okinawa, an affordable family hotel, travel tips, and Okinawa culture and sights. Chris meanwhile had a series where he was bragging about renting an expensive yacht, bragging about an expensive hotel, a weird dropped Natsuki loan shark plotline, not doing anything Okinawa related, and all that wrapped around clickbait titles.
As well Paolo is a normal open guy who mostly focuses his videos on allowing others to shine. Even vlogs focused on him are more about his family. Chris' videos are focused increasingly on his AiJ persona and his friends being flanderized rather than Japan in fact he's obviously trying to transition away from Japan content. Plus he's constantly lying on social media and having drama whether it's cheating, or forcing his friends to edit their content to help him cover up his relationship with Sharla, or now where he's lying to people to cover up his friendship with a predator.
I honestly think at the core Chris doesn't understand his audience or what appeals him to them.

No. 269770

you just hit on the thing that's always bothered me about Chris. it's always about him, not Japan. Japan is just the backdrop and the content he milks. Natsuki is a convenient puppet for him that represents "Japanese friend" and Ryotaro is "Senpai" joke character that Chris likes to mock to prove how little he actually thinks of Japanese customs. He pays lip service to "loving Japan" but he "loves Japan" only in what it can do for him.

No. 269776

Anon is just grasping at straws to defend Chris. Pete said before this happened, that he was meeting Chris to film something and to talk about some stuff they're doing (Pete is travelling to LA for the boxing event too and to the UK. I think he's the MC at Chris' event or something).

Most likely, Chris told this other guy he was going to be in Tokyo and he joined them after filming. This is probably why Sharla wasn't there.
It's not that hard to believe that Chris just wanted to meet this guy to talk about YT analytics or whatever, and is shallow enough to be willing to ignore everything he was told about him.
Most of his fanboys think everything he does is brilliant, anyway, so he didn't even have to explain himself. Just commenting on it was enough for people. Most of them believed him and even thanked him for clearing things up kek.

No. 269789

Here's one that the Chris/Emma shipping freaks and the Chris-is-never-going-to-be-healthy-because-he-always-eats-shit-food freaks can enjoy together

didn't watch it myself, don't care

No. 269797

aside from Sharla gaining quickly, Emma is also getting a serious tummy. Chris is the only one losing weight. Chris must be losing his mind with all these insanely derivative videos on TV(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 269804

What a cursed comment. She just said in her latest video that she's recovering from an eating disorder.

No. 269808

Even though this is tokyocreative milking them still in the year 2022 the dynamic is way better. Emma also dresses really well. Chris should let her do his wardrobe. Sharla just wears the same hoodie and is lazy in her collabs with Chris. I really don't get how people think Emma is more off the rails than her. She's more mature, isn't in arrested development, and takes care of herself.
This is hardly comparable to Sharla who probably weighs more than Chris now. I am glad Chris is actually losing weight now. I hope he doesn't fall off the wagon after the holidays. Probably the fear of boxing is keeping the motivation.
I never liked how much he milks "being mean" to his friends especially Ryotaro but lately even Natsuki for views. A few years ago he'd make one tongue and cheek Ryotaro comment usually because Ryotaro is suggesting a crazy thing like climbing a mountain. Now most of the collab is him "cheekily" talking about how much he hates Ryotaro and how much of a garbage person he is. Even Natsuki he'll like picking on now like pushing him into cold water. Or how he tried to ruin Connor's birthday with bungie jumping only for it to backfire because Connor is an open minded guy who doesn't mind coming out of his comfort zone.

No. 269809

Emma looks so cute here. The shorter hair suits her. I used to watch her videos before when she lived in that super tiny apartment and then she got a boyfriend, but i hope she's doing well.

No. 269812

Its just easy to pretend they are all lying at all times, huh?

No. 269818

yeah I've always thought Emma has good style like someone living in Tokyo should. I've never understood how anyone can live in Japan and look so bland like Chris and Sharla. they're completely Dasai, like two suburban basics

No. 269821

That fashionable part of Tokyo is a niche, you guys do know that, right? Most are wearing office attire or normal clothes. Tiktok lookbooks keep turning people into weebs.

No. 269826

The fuck does living in Tokyo have to do with a person’s style? Y’all have to stop idealising Japan, most people there dress super plain/frumpy just like in every other country.

No. 269828

Anon, you sound absolutely retarded to argue against this.

No. 269829

Have you even been there? You sound like you watched anime and think that’s Japan.

No. 269835

Paolo makes the best content.
His authentic, genuine smile melts my heart.

No. 269837

I wish Paolo was my Daddy

No. 269844

Her hair is insanely greasy in almost every video. I think she curled it to hide that it’s greasy but her fringe being basically glued down to her forehead in big rat tails made me want to barf.

No. 269845

Uh nonnie I've lived in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. Most people around their age, ESPECIALLY people in entertainment/media/art/music/culture… dress a million times better than Sharla and Chris. The thing is, people just dress better in Japan in general than they do in Canada and the UK but it never rubbed off on C&S

No. 269846

Anon, this is embarrassing.

No. 269847

Anyone who's saying that young people who have careers in entertainment and media don't have good sense of style and fashion because "Tokyo is just like everywhere else" either have never lived there or have never been in creative career circles. People who are professional and give a shit about their career don't dress frumpy like Sharla and Chris. Tokyo, Paris, NYC, London- if you're in your 20s and 30s and are a creative professional you don't dress like a pile of clothes on the floor of a suburban American wine mom

No. 269849

you are embarrassing. you clearly have zero idea what it's like to function in professional creative industries in a major city. nobody dresses like shit.

No. 269851

whoever used the term "Dasai" was right. you probably don't even know what that means. The whole reason that term exists is because there's higher fashion in Tokyo. it refers to Saitama… fucking boring ass suburbs… nobody there has style…. its an insult for people who dress basic…. jeez I thought more people on here actually knew shit about Japan

No. 269852

Most major cities especially in alpha cities known in the region will have a fashion element. It's not over idealizing Japan. It's the same with New York, LA, Paris, Singapore, Toronto, Seoul etc etc. As well Japan overall is fairly respected in terms of fashion with it's elements in what it produces.
Chris and Sharla are influencers not office workers. It wouldn't kill them to not just throw on dark hoodies and Doctor Jelly shorts all the time. I would also say even PewDiePie dresses well. So they are pretty outlier.

No. 269854

Emma should also let Chris borrow her therapist, they would make a lovely couple. Perhaps, Emma should date Norm instead since he probably need more therapy.

No. 269855

Interesting. I guess Lily wasn't really that much of a crazy stalker after all if people are going to try the same smears on Emma now that she's made one too many videos with Chris. The Sharla fans love tearing down other women.

No. 269859

the problem with Paolo is, that his viewers are not loyal to him. Paolo's videos only do well when its the day in the life… any other video falls off the cliff significantly. people are not interested in him they just want to see day in the lives of a Japanese blah bah. The series can only go so far, its a one note Chanel with no viewer loyalty.

No. 269867

tell me you live in your parents basement in buttfuck Ohio and never change out of your sweats without telling me you live in your parents basement in buttfuck Ohio and never change out of your sweats

No. 269868

To be clear Lily is batshit crazy, but Emma is great, she is sweet girl with some issues, just like most people. there is no smear, It’s just 2 anon trying to stir the pot, amd trying to make Emma and chris a thing lol.

1) Emma is very good friends with Sharla and is decent friends with chris.
2) If you watch any of Emma’s streams you would know she is allergic to drama. Emma is not the type of girl that would date a good friends ex.
3) Emma has a very particular taste in men, and chris isn’t it at all.

But more importantly, watch this space and bookmark this, chris and Sharla will be getting married soon. Soon like in a month soon.

No. 269870

>But more importantly, watch this space and bookmark this, chris and Sharla will be getting married soon. Soon like in a month soon.


No. 269889

I want good things to happen to Emma but like a lot of people with depression/anxiety/etc she seems like she gets in her own way and isn't convinced of her own greatness

No. 269900

Emma is fine. She seems very self aware and is getting the help she needs to love a good life.

No. 269901

Why is Sharla getting so fat for her wedding?

No. 269904

Maybe they aren't having the wedding yet. Just getting married. Could be a visa issue

No. 269906

You're optimistic if you think Chris' fans are dramatically more loyal to him. If he transitioned to just being a zany youtuber in the UK then he'd lose a lot of views. Paolo understands why people watch him. The only Jvloggers who aren't dependent on Japan are the TrashTaste guys who could be anywhere in the world as long as they fought about stupid things on their podcast.
Allergic to drama is what Chris needs. He's been in the middle of it for too long. Though I agree that Emma wouldn't agree to going down that road.

No. 269908

Shit bait.

No. 269909

Contribute, you retard. Post caps, post proof. Anyone can be right if they fling shit at al wall and something sticks. You aren't special for tinfoiling constantly.

No. 269916

Winter is coming up, maybe she's preparing for hibernation?

No. 269917

>is very good friends with Sharla
>is allergic to drama

No. 269922

And Chris may be getting his face smashed in at chessboxing in a week.

No. 269923

samefag, this is going to be his opponent. I'm a little scared for Chris.

No. 269924

but more importantly, watch this space and bookmark this, Chris is going to back out of the "boxing" match at the last minute.(learn2integrate)

No. 269925

Kek he should, it always sounded ultra retarded and not at all fitting to his channel/persona. No need to break your jaw within weeks of finding it Chris

No. 269930

Yeah cause he would totally admit to his fans that he knew all about bald's shit and still wanted to meet up with him to hang out and have a nice little chat.
Stop being a naive retard.

No. 269935

Its for charity. Didn't matter if it fits his channel.

No. 269936

His explanation made sense. Sorry you hate it.

No. 269938

Sorry you're a naive simp. He's lied before.

No. 269939

Sure, Jan.

No. 269940

He lied about when he started dating Sharla. We went over this a few threads ago.
Just because you like someone's content doesn't mean that you have to believe every word they say and come out to defend them. It's not like a YouTubers never lied to their fans before. FFS

No. 269941

I mean there's literally like 10 of the previous threads that mostly revolved around Chris trying to lie about dating Sharla and cheating on Lily. He's actually a bigger liar than most people because he would delete old videos to cover it up and force his friends to edit their content to aid him in the lies.
It's for his fitness journey/attempt to go mainstream and at least it's chess boxing but I don't see him having a good time. His opponent is a decade younger, in better shape, and seems very fierce. The youtube boxing events have always been mistmatches but Chris has it almost as bad as OddsOneOut when he fought a muscular Austrlian guy four inches taller than him.

No. 269947

At first I thought he was just using it as an expression, but it's interesting that Chris specifically said he didn't have a clue about "half the other rumours" about Bald.
Actually, his statement is shit even if you believe he didn't know anything when he met Ben. He admits to reading people's comments about Bald being a rapist in the thread, but instead of expressing surprise and disgust, or saying that he hadn't been aware of what Bald had done, was concerned and would look into it and be more careful about who he supports, he doubled down on defending himself by pretending Bald just has some different political views. None of the comments he referred to in that thread were just talking about a difference in views. His reaction is quite sick really.

No. 269951

Then don't watch Chris's videos JFC

No. 269955

Then don't come to lolcow. Sheesh, what do you think this place is for?

No. 269959

Omg, are you in high school? Keeping a relationship secret isn't the same as lying. Get over yourself and your authoritative approach to needing to now everything about cows even when they aren't posting. No way you aren't being a retarded baiting fag.

Some of you make it very clear you don't care about milk unless you're making it up yourself to create milk. Braindead.

No. 269960

Why don't you guys make a thread and talk about Bald there? This isn't Chris's fucking milk.

No. 269965

You are behind with your information, so I will give you some inside tea.
Papaplatte will no longer be fighting chris, he got injured while training.

No. 269966

the chris/bald thing is been talked to death and there's nothing new about it, its boring

No. 269967

oh cool so that will be Chris's out

No. 270005

Nope, chris wanted to keep going, So they got a new opponent replacement for him. Chris would have done very well against that old opponent , the new opponent is way tougher

No. 270021

post receipts, who is it then you tinfoiling freak?

No. 270022

Okay here's a thought but do you think Chris might be slowly becoming manosphere adjacent? He clearly watches and supports Bald and Bankrupt and has a lot of outdated views. He likes bullying his friends such as Connor, Ryotaro, and Natsuki. He's trying to show a more "alpha male" persona when he's going mainstream now. Earlier in the thread there's people thinking he's hitting on Emma which would be bad as he's dating Sharla already. Plus all the lying he's been doing lately. It's really disappointing that he's turning himself into a chad personality in his mid 30s when he was a nice guy before.

No. 270025

No, I don't

No. 270034

seems like your average british guy, you clearly don't have much experience with guys, his behaviour is fairly ordinary.

No. 270041

I don't see him as an Andrew Tate kind if guy which is what anon is pushing. Thats a massive stretch.

No. 270043

alright, you clearly have an agenda to make hating chris a thing. you are taking huge leaps to make a your points. get off of it, this whole line of thinking is crazy and going nowhere. trying to get healthy doesn't equal to chad. do grow up.

No. 270044

I will accept your apology next week for accusing me of being a tinfoiling freak, when the info comes out. I know that you will not apologize, because it was people like you who accused me of lying when I was telling you that Chris and Sharla are in a relationship.

No. 270045

I mean… it's kind of funny to imagine Chris trying to be "manosphere adjacent" (kek) because he'd fail so hard at it that the train wreck would be extremely entertaining. he's a clumsy awkward dunce who never really became a man, fumbling his way to how he thinks a man is supposed to behave, but kind of getting it all sideways because real men don't need constant validation on youtube. so it's hilarious to imagine kek

No. 270047

ok "genius of lolcow" guess what, we all fucking knew they were in a relationship. do you have a superiority complex or what? if you have milk then spill it or STFU

No. 270050

For someone who “never became a man” he’s done pretty well for himself. If not becoming a man means building a successful brand watched by millions and living life to the full, I hope my children don’t “become men” either.

No. 270052

you stfu, you bring nothing but stupidity. I am telling you that Papaplat got injured while training and had to drop out of the boxing match. A new apponent was found for chris, you will see it in the boxing event next week.
if I am lying or making it up, time will reveal it, right?(post proof)

No. 270053

we clearly have different definitions of what it means to be a man kek
btw CHILDREN build "successful brands watched by millions" so again if that's all it takes in your world to "be a man" then I'd love to see what your husband looks like

No. 270056

This is exactly why I'm more keen on believing Chris's statement than anons literally refusing everything and coming up with their own tinfoil. It comes out in reaches like this and now anons are discussing how Chris is on his way to being a regular Pharmabro.

No. 270064

File: 1670181569229.jpg (99.91 KB, 1000x915, Screenshot abroadinjapanchris …)

Response from Chris to a subscriber who said they unfollowed him after finding out about him socializing with Bald and Bankrupt. It was written after Chris had read and responded to comments in the thread about Bald's rapey past. >>268852 The flippant attitude is very surprising, considering he'd just read and been provided evidence that the man he'd just met and helped is a self-confessed sex predator.
source: https://www.reddit.com/r/ABroadInJapan/comments/z5l3zl/comment/ixywcwb/?context=3

No. 270065

This isn't really milk.. Can we stop allowing crap from his subreddit to be posted here or something? He's not going to speak on anything more detailed because he doesn't want Bald to go after him the same way YouTubers have to use the word alleged at all times when discussing stuff like this.

You aren't going to get him talking more about this even if you want him to, anon. Stay on reddit. Your posts aren't milky and you're trying way too hard to keep bringing up Bald when literally nothing new has come of it. His replies are just him being a dick, but literally I like when creators mock people who think announcing they are unsubbing matters. It's the same type of narc crap people on Facebook would pull when saying you're thinning your friendlist and you may or may not make the list after pruning.

No. 270067

This is more evidence that Chris is treating rape allegations shared in the thread, which he acknowledged reading about in his own explanation of events, like they don't bother him at all. A cow acting like they don't care that they helped someone who bragged about forcing women to have sex with them and says women are responsible for rape? I'd say that's pretty milky.

Even if you accept what Chris said about not being aware, he was aware by the time he responded in the thread, yet he never once said anything about being surprised or upset by what he was told. That's very odd for someone who just learned there's a good chance their friend is a serial rapist. Do you think most public figures could get away with such a response?

No. 270070

He’s so embarrassing trying to seem unbothered. Why would he take the time to reply to that comment in particular? It just proves that he is reading them all, so he can’t pretend that he hasn’t seen all the gory details about Bald.

No. 270073

By that logic Ryan Toys Review a literal kid is one of the manliest men of all. He's a nice kid but having a successful YouTube Channel has nothing to do with being a mature adult.
Idk if he's the next Andrew Tate like some are saying but he's definitely proven himself here to be not that different from Norm. Only difference is he normally has the self awareness to know it's bad for the brand but I guess one guy being upset about him meeting up with a sex trafficking predator was too much criticism for him to keep it under wraps. I think we can admit that being against sexual assault doesn't make someone a hater it makes them a normal human being. A recent similar situation is when they fired one of the try guys for having an affair with an employee. They took it seriously and responded and were open with fans. That wasn't even approaching the sick disgusting levels of Bald that Chris is happy to downplay while he's promoting him and lying about the situation. Chris at the very least would fit in well with Hollywood if he pursues filmmaking seriously.
I mean this is how he always handles criticism. He downplays what happens and tried to act snarky and unbothered even though he'll still be complaining about it months later. If he could get away with it he'd be telling his fans off like Norm for not liking his Okinawa rich guy miniseries. But because he's self aware he settled for a few snarky sarcastic comments.

No. 270074

A normal response would be "Wow, this is concerning. I hadn't heard about these allegations. Thank you to everyone for bringing it to my attention. I will look into it."

No. 270075

This. I wonder how big of a female fan base Chris has? If his fans are all edgy dudes like him then I can’t imagine that many of them will unsub because of his association with Bald. But I think he could end up losing a lot of women as fans.

No. 270076

Reddit is like 90% men even in subs that should have more women. So you'll get the most scote section of his fanbase there. I'd also say most of his fans there seem to be more so fans of trash taste who can't stop saying affable. I'd wager the bulk of his actual viewers are just various people interested in Japan and his podcast skews older and more mature than what's on the subreddit. The three fanbases are fairly separate and don't overlap much other than older fans occasionally getting tired of his youtube meme persona on the sub.

No. 270084

Bald is bound to get in trouble with the law again since he can't seem to help himself. When that happens, people are going to look at who supported him and how Chris responded to the allegations. It won't just be subscribers who will be condemning Chris. Honestly, he doesn't need Bald for views. It's crazy that he admires the guy so much that he'll risk associating with him and defending him in public despite knowing what he is.

No. 270120

So you want him to rally people up instead?

No. 270125

Honestly, because hes not Bald, no one is going to care at much as they say they do. Including people ITT. You guys are so going to watch the videos and cap podcasts.

No. 270129

Just a general question for all the people who wont fucking drop it about Chris and this rapist friend of his:

What exactly do you want to happen? And what would need to happen for you to STFU about it?

No. 270131

People are talking about it nona, what is your malfunction here? We all need to formulate a list of demands or we’re not supposed to discuss milk?

No. 270132

so you can't answer the question

No. 270134

He can admit he made a mistake, apologize for taking the allegations lightly, and promise to look into it and do better. Public figures do this all of the time. Here's a question for you: Why did you come to a place specifically for people to gossip about milk to whine about people talking about something very milky?

No. 270136

Chris has told the story a million times on the podcast of him being out with a female friend who was being followed or stared at by a man at a store. He always makes sure to mention that he followed the guy around, glaring at him angrily, 'til he left. I guess he mainly cares about these things when he can be the hero and when the creeper isn't an associate.

No. 270138

when multiple anons start repeating the exact same things over and over ad nauseam then it becomes spoiled milk. borderline same as 2021 era "Chris and Sharla are or are not a couple" milk

No. 270139

NTA. But nice avoidance of the question. Anon is right. There's no new milk with it.

It wasn't good enough for you guys the first time. You wouldn't believe the apology anyway. This is why fans need to just stfu because no one actually cares.

No. 270146

File: 1670204633163.jpg (285.89 KB, 1080x1383, IMG_20221204_204307.jpg)

Updated match for Chris.

No. 270149

Milk of Chris mocking a fan for unsubscribing from his channel after finding about him hanging out with an alleged rapist was only shared hours ago. What are you guys so upset?

No. 270151

File: 1670205734704.jpg (504.05 KB, 1119x1729, DestroyerOfBaldApologists.jpg)

Chris is in for it now. The new opponent has years of experience boxing and other martial arts and is in great shape. I guess this is the price he must pay if he's really trying to pursue the alpha chad persona.

No. 270152

So psychic anon was right? But this match up must be some kind of joke. The guy has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu lol.

No. 270153

There's definitely bunch of scrotres lurking here.

No. 270154

Chris hoping to win chess only probably lmao

No. 270155

This is what Chris imagines he looks like

No. 270156

The torso proportions are the same, only upside down

No. 270158

He's not a celebrity. The fan will be fine.

No. 270159

>was right
How? It was a lottery as to who he would be against. Go asspat elsewhere.

No. 270160

Not just a bjj black belt but his social media is full of martial arts in general and dbz and he's competed in boxing matches before. I've never seen such a mismatch. Chris' best bet now is to collab with Hans Niemann and figure out a way to quickly defeat him in the chess stage.

No. 270163

I guarantee Chris has never taken an actual punch to the face in his life. This gonna be good

No. 270166

Dude he’s been hit in the face by Nicholas Pettas who’s an real pro fighter. A national kickboxing champion and legendary karate fighter who weighs 20kg MORE than overtflow or whatever his name is. A black belt in Juijitsu means shit. He can dance around a room and get knocked out. Whoopy.

No. 270167

Scrote identified

No. 270168

You can't say that and not share caps! Please let it be on video. Pettas is the producer of JunkFoodJapan for those who don't know.

No. 270173

how bad are the black eyes going to be. if he's making a bunch of content over the next few weeks its going to look a bit wierd presenting it with a smashed up face. Chris has committed himself to this boxxing match without thinking it through, he'll probably have another panic attack after the first hit. It might do him some good in that his arrogance could get knocked down a few pegs

No. 270174

CHARITY. It's for charity.

No. 270208

I am inclined to agree, but I would have said the same that there is no way Chris would cycled 750 in a week, and he managed to dig deep to do it. I mean credit to him for trying something so publicly that he will most likely fail. Do you take risk? Do you push yourself to do something that scares you even if you will fail, in a stadium fill with thousands and live on stream ? Credit to chris for trying!
Your attempt to make fun of him is a self report of your insecurities my dear!

No. 270233

Lmao you’re preaching to the wrong people.
Most of the circle jerks who spend time their time in here have never accomplished a thing in their lives or pushed themselves in any way. That’s why they’re on here all day everyday.

No. 270236

This vlog was interesting. It confirmed what some were saying as in the middle of dinner probably after some alcohol Chris challenges Connor to punch things out with him. Connor doesn't want to do it and is clearly uncomfortable but Chris eggs him on and keeps pushing him. Until Connor does a light tap that Chris laughs off. Then Chris tells him to do it again before laughing it off and punching Connor. It's jokey but Chris definitely gives me the vibes that he'd be an alpha male type of personality as mentioned before if he could get away with it. He was already bullying his friends and hanging out with a predator and now he's starting to get physical since he has some of that ability now.

No. 270242

File: 1670248926716.gif (473.08 KB, 320x240, ed8.gif)

The scrote presence ITT, good lord. Where are the mods?

No. 270245

moral soapbox nonnie at it again

No. 270250

I hope his channel gets fucked, what kind of comment is that??

No. 270253


Chris wants to be an alpha-male "type" and that's all. he's desperate to be one. you either are or you aren't and you know it when you see it and unless you're a preteen prude who draws hearts over her i's and has never even been fingered then you can tell Chris is not now nor will ever be "alpha"

he's the quintessential beta

p.s. yes I realize a lot of anons here are 30 and never been fingered but that's your problem

No. 270254

File: 1670253623198.jpg (334.94 KB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_20221206.jpg)

It doesn't really excuse anything, but it's a reference to a hate comment he got a few years ago.

No. 270255

You hope his channel gets fucked from someone saying they are unsubbing and his response?
This isn’t your personal burnbook, go back to Reddit and reee about it.

No. 270280

Lol y’all lost the plot

No. 270282

His reply wasn't even aggressive or mean either lol Anons are so sensitive and need to stay on Reddit. The commentor did it to get attention anyway and he got asked like he asked for.

No. 270288

File: 1670266178478.png (1.73 MB, 1792x906, Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 10.4…)

Sharla and Chris out to dinner in Canada with her family, Sharla orders a tea and Chris tastes it and immediately is disgusted by how sweet it is. Sharla gets defensive "It's not that sweet - Chris hates anything sweet in his coffee or tea"

in case anyone wanted a window into why their weights have diverged so much

also video features other insights into their food choices for all you obsessed anons

No. 270292

Weightsperg, fuck off. Your constant obsession with their weight, even when they aren't talking about it, is so obvious. You're just shitting up the thread.

No. 270294

even though Chris is staying with family and its their Xmas, his fight is less than a week away and he should be training every day - there's no evidence he's doing anything physically to prepare for his fight

No. 270295

A lot of it might be pre-recorded.

No. 270300

Okay you are being super creepy with this obsession

No. 270302

No evidence? This was not a 24 hour a minute five minute every single thing that Chris was doing. This is Sharla‘s channel not Chris. Also,
They are only there for 5 days and going to LA to train, so you can relax now.

No. 270305

And Chris is in the thumbnail yet again. I really wish they would keep their channels separate. Sharla's videos are where her fans go to chill, and his abrasive personality doesn't really fit. I hope Sharmeleon won't end up becoming some kind of couple's channel with Chris in every single video.

No. 270309

Well, that just makes his reaction to the recent commenter even worse. Comparing a fan, who was either joking or being whiny about something super trivial in his vlog, to a subscriber who was genuinely appalled to see him support a sex predator.
They were drinking in Tokyo with their friends a few days ago and the match is this Sunday. There probably is an important reason why they had to go to Canada first instead of after the match, but you should avoid travel and changes to your training as much as possible when you're that close to the event. As for it being for charity, it's not like chessboxing is the only thing out there that he could do. Boxing in general is just dangerous, but more so for someone like him with no experience. Hopefully his opponent is rusty or will hold back.

No. 270313

They are dating. They are also both creators. They were collabing before too. Jesus, anon.

No. 270315


You could just, I don’t know … not watch!

No. 270317

I know right, they are literally on a trip together, what was she suppose to do blur him out, to satisfy the simps!

No. 270319

What simps? That doesn't even make sense.

No. 270322

File: 1670270134984.png (2.25 MB, 1899x1511, beybi.png)

No. 270324

Can't wait Sharla to start uploading videos of my boyfriend reacts to X ,top kek.

No. 270326

That person would loose it if they did lol

No. 270329

I mean she made them with her ex husband and he didn't even want to show his face. No one should be surprised at this point.

No. 270330

From 9:30, Chris was supposed to show off his six pack on Nov 29 in Tokyo or pay 500 pounds to charity.

No. 270332

Sharla doesn't have a fuckin' thyroid anymore. One of the MAIN symptoms of this is weight gain. She has no choice but to change her diet and eating habits, because weight gain is guaranteed in this situation. I wouldn't doubt that she has been in denial about this new reality. But there's no sense in sperging about it because it's just not her fault.

No. 270334

Oof, Chris really thought he'd get a visible six pack in 10 weeks time? He really has no idea what's involved in losing weight.

No. 270338

>it's just not her fault
She eats sweets and other junk all of the time according to her own channel and sns. She would gain weight even if she had no other health problems. Basic logic.

No. 270339

Ah, but she didn't gain weight until now - now that her thyroid is gone. I can truly understand being in denial about that, and being resistant to changing your habits. But it is what it is, and she will have to change. I'm sure it's not like she's not aware that she has gained a ton of weight. But you gotta forgive someone who just underweight major surgery for something like that.

No. 270345

>someone who just underweight major surgery for something like that.


No. 270354

Does Chris even go to the gym? I've never seen him work out aside from that cycling segment he did for journey across Japan.

No. 270357

He did have a "fitness montage" showing him training with Nicholas Pettas at the end of this video, starts around 24:50, but outside of that nothing else of note, just that "Japan's Hardest Race" video

No. 270365

>but she didn't gain weight until now
She did. People have been talking about her poor diet and steady weight gain here for almost a decade. She tried dieting and exercise for a short time before her wedding, but she never fully committed. After her surgery, she was also doing much better until she went to the UK, according to her and her doctor. Anyone nearing 40 would gain a lot of weight on what she eats. It's just more dangerous for her with her condition. She would be a more sympathetic character if she didn't vlog about what a strict diet she's (not) been on and didn't post on IG exclaiming she was baffled she was still gaining weight on meds while eating fatty and sweet foods all of the time.

No. 270367

I'm not trying to WK so badly here, but theoretically, she's had a thyroid condition for a long time now. Yes, she obviously eats poorly, but people with thyroid dysfunction, especially hypothyroidism like she would have now, gain weight way easier than others, and have a much harder time losing it. Either way, I think she looks fucking fine.

No. 270370

This is basically it, I don’t care that Sharla has gained weight. What is cringy to me is she still holds on to the healthy eating schtick in a lot of her content. Its like when a fat girl pretends not to be hungry ever, or claims they hate sweets. If she was just more honest about what she eats (ie not just a smoothie until noon kek) or just never talked about diets at all, it would be fine. As it is claiming to be doing intermittent fasting while steadily gaining weight just makes her look stupid or like she is trying to cultivate an image, which she definitely is. Sharla wants to be a healthy kawaii vegan-adjacent influencer still but that isn’t her anymore, if it ever was. I think she would actually be more likable if she showed her more genuine personality. Like embrace it, eat what you like, say when things suck, cuss like she does on other people’s videos, et cetera.

No. 270372

Unless she's one of the few blessed with genetics that allows them to not gain weight no matter what they eat even into their late-30s, she would've gain a lot of weight without her thyroid problem. We don't even know how much she would've gained if she ate healthy with her condition, but it definitely wouldn't be as much. What's worse is she complains about it while making poor choices and pretended she was eating a very restricted diet. It's not like having a cheat day here and there.

No. 270375

Be realistic. You take everything at face value??

No. 270376

There's no way Chris goes to the gym. If a white male YouTuber goes to the gym they're legally obligated to make videos about it, from their workout routine to their morning routine to their supplement stack to their gym clothes.

I'm guessing a couple 25lb dumbbells that he curls while he watches TV. He might also do pushups sometimes but you wouldn't know it by his chest. My SO is a gym rat, not only does he have a gym membership but we have a full dumbbell rack in the garage that goes up to 50lb, a squat/benchpress rack and bench with barbell, kettle bells, etc etc etc. He obsessively watches his favorite fitness YouTubers and is always modifying his routine. He also watches AIJ and some of the other JVloggers that I like. He said there's "no fuckin way" that Chris knows how to properly work out or goes to a gym at all.(gym tinfoil)

No. 270377

People with hyperthyroidism tend to the be the rail thin people that can eat all they like and not gain weight.

No. 270382


kek awwww

No. 270387

I don't know if it's because I've watched Chris for years but he's definitely changed lately and not for the better. He seems hyper aggressive and going down the Andrew Tate path. When he was egging Connor (who is a sweet guy) on to punch things out with him while probably drunk I got so uncomfortable. He also desperately met up with Bald who is a predator. His Musk fanboyism. Turning JVlogs into bragging about how filthy rich he is. I've seen guys like this they're nerdy all their lives and then suddenly they follow extreme figures online and go off the deep end. Chris is self aware to not be blatant about it but it's leaking out more and more. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if between his alpha posturing and unrealistic fitness expectations he started doing steroids which will just increase his aggression. I just hope he doesn't hurt anyone anymore.

No. 270388

It's doable with full commitment.
Maybe not that shredded as the picture some comments above but some mild abs can be achieved.

No. 270389

Maybe if he was starting out relatively thin, sure, but him starting with a keg and trying to turn it into a six pack in 10 weeks, nah.

It would take longer than that, even if he was very committed to a training regiment and diet plan, with his starting shape. Not saying it would take years, but maybe 6 months

He's too unrealistic in his expectations. He eats better sometimes, but then in other videos he's clearly eating poorly and still drinking alcohol. Not sure if he just doesn't understand what he's doing or if he is just constantly rewarding himself for either having a training session or ate a "healthy" meal earlier in the day and can "afford" the calories

No. 270391

Anon, she has Hoshimotos. That's the weight gain one.

No. 270392

he definitely doesn't understand what he is doing. he's clueless about basic fitness principles. it's pretty obvious.

No. 270393

>started doing steroids which will just increase his aggression

kek you're off the deep end nonnie

besides you can't get steroids in Japan

No. 270409

Pettas is based in Azabu/Roppongi. Chris wouldn't be able to train with him regularly. Hopefully he was smart enough to get a pro trainer in Sendai to help him when he couldn't meet with Pettas.

No. 270418

Actually Chris and Sharla are in Canada and going to Los Angeles after. Those are two hotspots for PEDs. With how much they leave Japan now it's not that hard for Chris to time his cycles so he doesn't risk a Japanese jail situation.
In all seriousness though you're missing the point. I'm not saying he's on gear right now but he's pursuing the alpha male lifestyle which often leads to it especially when coupled with his body image issues. I just hope Chris understands that he doesn't need to do all that or hang out with Bald to be a manly man. He should appreciate just saying home with Sharla, Maro, and Tuna instead of becoming something he's not.

No. 270423

File: 1670296856785.jpg (96.78 KB, 976x549, SUMO.jpg)

No. 270424


No. 270435

its funny to see chris attempt to show off his fitness achievements, they're things most average people can do and wouldn't even bother to point out to others because they're so mundane.
His whole attitude has changed a lot, he used to be more kind in his videos, more relatable and more humble. But now its the total opposite, he let's slip his cruelty, he is very quick to brag and show off and the stuff he's showcasing isn't easy to relate with.
Chris wants change his channel from Japan content to Chris content, yet at the same time he's becoming a less likeable person.

No. 270438

Charity, doesn't matter. He was invited like other people. You all read way too much in to it. The event is covering any injuries too, so literally doesn't matter.

No. 270439

Uh, no. "Accessing the alpha male lifestyle". You guys need to take a break.

No. 270440

If most people can cycle 100km a day for a week without a break and run a Spartan race, I'm not sure what country you live in but it's certainly not in the west.

No. 270443

He's stated he's not a fan of Musk and hates Andrew Tate on reddit. Just because he's doing a boxing match it doesn't mean he's "hyper aggressive". Honest to god, you must be missing half a brain.

No. 270451

>He's stated he's not a fan of Musk
Poor sharla her Musk portrait must have went into the trash then

No. 270454

File: 1670303963820.png (360.29 KB, 546x490, Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 12.3…)

Chris really needs to get some proper walking boots(sage your shit)

No. 270455

Learn2embed wtf is this

No. 270456

Anons taking meme shit seriously is not something I thought I'd see on lolcow. That's some real autistic thinking right there.

No. 270464

100km per day isn't hard, thats 3-4 hours cycling per day and it's broken up with breaks along the way. Cycling is a low impact exercise, it isn't hard or demanding on the body when done at a regular pace. Imagine going for a 1.5 hour walk (6km), taking an hour break for lunch then doing another 1.5 hour walk (6km). Easy.

No. 270466

And Chris wasn't massive at all either and walking around Japan does keep you in shape. He just eats junk, but that doesn't negate actual stamina. He even mentioned it wasn't so hard to get back to biking.

No. 270468

She wasn't memeing, she was a fangirl. >>266446 get over it.

No. 270482

Get over that it might just be a meme to them. It got her clout. You act like she is above that.

No. 270485

When has she ever memed about anything? Why are you so bothered over her being a musk fangirl that you have to come up with shit like "oh she was just memeing" "oh she was just doing it for clout"? Did you even read the tweets in the post I linked?

No. 270486

because it doesn't make sense otherwise. She doesn't go on about elon otherwise. Anon choose specific instances where it looks like she is using him as a gag or to make fun of who elon was before he really started doing stupid shit and pandering to alt-right things. Anons post is from 2018.

What the fuck.

No. 270488

File: 1670317022835.jpg (632.72 KB, 2048x1536, come on.jpg)

Samefag, but if this doesn't look like using him as meme shit, I don't know what is. Anons literally look at this and think Sharla is a bit-bro shill lol

No. 270490

File: 1670317352708.png (1.09 MB, 1280x719, sra2.png)

Definitely not using him as a prop and is seriously hard at work thinking about how to grind just like Elon. You even have commenters just egging it on and enabling it too. Anons even suggested these are all Chris's things too. So which is it, Sharla is all for Elon and fully, 100% supports him or these all belong to Chris? None of these posts look serious at all. Anons just want random derailing hot topic stuff like Elon Musk to complain about.

No. 270491

File: 1670317445741.png (239.89 KB, 731x555, srs1.png)

She even took it to bars because her friend group egged it on too. There's a massive difference between Elon being an absolute meme online, offline before 2022. Then there is him now. Not to say he didn't have shit going on during those times, but everyone was making fun of him and doing this. Doesn't make them a shill or make sense they are. Especially when using his images like this. None of this looks dignified for someone you apparently support.

No. 270506

Ok let’s see you do it. Easy to write some bold shit, but If you think you can cycle 100km in “3-4 hours” by day four you must be living in an asylum or a world class cyclist.

No. 270523

>She even took it to bars because her friend group egged it on too.
Kek no, her bff Norm brought it to her bar party because she wanted it for her birthday. >>266449 her friend group wasn't egging her on. Stop lying.

No. 270529


anon said "pursuing" not "accessing" you dimwit

No. 270531

a lot of white libs in their 30s were into Elon until this year. I don't get what the problem is here. so what if Sharla was a fan of Elon. When Elon was building spaceships, electric cars, blowtorches, talking about AI, before Elon dove into politics. The Dogecoin/SNL appearance was when his tweets started to skew more right-wing. He's obviously off the deep end now, but all these pics of Sharla's Elon fetish were from way before then.

No. 270534

attacking Sharla for being a fan of Elon pre 2022 is like attacking someone because they went to a Kanye concert in 2008

No. 270538

No one was attacking her.

No. 270543

EXACTLY. I went through and a lot of Elon tweets people replied to were gone, no idea when though and probably not just this year.

Uh, they desperately are trying though. Just because anons used the word attack doesn't mean they actually mean "attack".

No. 270548

What? A simple Google tells you it takes 6 to 7 hours to cycle 100 KM per day. It’s all on live on stream they cycled the whole time and took a lunch break they were cycling up 8 to 9 hours per day.
Jesus what’s your agenda, you hate him so much y’all trying to gaslight people with outright lies.

No. 270549

then what's the point of dragging out old caps of Sharla with Elon swag? if not trying to criticize her? grow up nonnie

No. 270550

if Chris had tried to compete in a Sumo match at least that would be in keeping with his "cheeky" brand because it would be funny. the fact is that Chris has been taking himself super seriously in such a weird way recently. we are a far cry from the same Chris who was repeatedly woken up by a hawk

No. 270554

Anon, just say you're personally unathletic and don't know how to long distance bike.

No. 270555

Simply showing that she was a fan is not criticizing or attacking her.

No. 270556


20:38 - Chris and British Pete start to talk about Twitter.
24:00 - British Pete mocks Elon and his fanboys. Chris makes uncomfortable noises at hearing the criticism.
25:40 - Chris mentions that Sharla had the Elon photo and took it down, then says he hopes all this Twitter stuff isn't distracting Elon from his "mission" of going to Mars. No, Chris, all of the actually talented engineers are still working on that. Elon has almost nothing to do with it.

No. 270558

You gotta stop taking Chris's unfunny deadpan way of speaking as criticism. I didn't hear this as him supporting Elon at all at those timestamps.

This reach is getting ridiculous.

No. 270561

Everyone knows she was a fan! Its not a secret, the girl had a frame poster of him ffs. What people are try to equate is, that since she at one point liked Elon, therefore she agrees with everything that Elon is doing. Equally since Chris is sort of agnostic about Elon, the same people are trying to equate it to Chris agreeing with everything Elon is doing.
This is just another attempt to attack them and to paint them in a bad light by…. I’m going to say it Lilly!
The poster has an agenda it’s personal!

The poster is the same poster that’s keeps posting about Sharla’s weight, the alpha male boxing spurge, the cheating accusations and now Elon.

The poster has been very active on here recently because they have Covid and is stuck at home, we see you Lilly!(hi cow)

No. 270562

Yes. The dime-a-dozen guy into stoicism, Japan, dystopian futures, cyberpunk, and science is not an Elon fan "for the science side". You hear that? We've got a new breed of online nu-scrote who doesn't follow the pattern.

No. 270564

People really do need to stop acting like they're the only ones who understand Chris's sarcasm.

No. 270565

Elon doesn't even have actual degrees in anything, they were all fraudulent.

Its just anons trying to complain and grasp at straws. Stop hi cowing.

No. 270572

thanks. finally an intelligent anon weighs in.

No. 270577

if this doesn't get considered hi cowing and tinfoiling, this thread has truly been lost to reality

No. 270581

>Everyone knows she was a fan
Then why are anons pushing the whole "she was just memeing" thing so hard when this Elon shit was only brought up previously to answer an anons question and no one was attacking her over it.

No one was equating that she agreed with everything that Elon does. Wtf are you talking about? Same for Chris.
No one needs to paint them in a bad light, they do a fine job of that themselves.
This thread is full of sperging anons, both nitpickers and whiteknights.
Are you going to accuse every anon who isn't fawning over them of being lily? You're the lily sperg, aren't you? Now you're stalking her twitter kek.

No. 270582

New AIJ Podcast
Timestamp: 26:02
Chris is telling Pete how he and American Pete walked across Tokyo in a day (not really though) anyway he was shocked at how few calories he burned.

He says: "During the day, we're burning all the calories, I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT. The first thing we ate was a dish literally called "Big Fried Chicken" and it was a massive chicken the size of a pancake and it was like 20 family mart chickens stuck together at once, then we got pizza, then we had yakitori, then we had burgers, and I probably ate like 5,000 calories during the day…."

In case anyone wanted context for the above anons talking about how Chris doesn't understand anything about fitness/calories/working out etc…. and the anons saying "Chris thinks doing fitness allows him to eat everything he wants to" - you were right.

He says he calculated that he only burned 1500 calories. And this is a guy who is supposedly trying for a "six pack"
He might as well just give up and drink six packs.

Timestamp 26:46
Chris: "Seriously, I was speaking to Ian, who comes on Journey Across Japan, and he loses weight by just like… being very careful with what he eats and what I"ve found over time is that it's what you eat really that defines if you lose weight or put it on. Exercise is like, one part of it? But it's more like what you eat, right?"

He sounds genuinely like he's made an entirely new discovery.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL well at least he finally figured it out I guess

Timestamp 27:12
Chris: "…oh and I remember on the walk, we also ate some Kit Kats… and I realized that the Kit Kats had eradicated most of my progress…

…but they're so good"

No. 270586

I'm trusting the anon who actually cycles vs. the anon who has to google how long it takes to cycle


No. 270588

If you're going to post here, don't make it so obvious you're a scrote.

No. 270605

I'm the anon who posted the timestamps of the podcast. Not a "scrote" dear. But probably old enough to be your mother. Mind your manners.(retard still hasn't learned how to integrate )

No. 270606

The tinfoling whiteknights are deranged. My post was just a slight jab at Sharla nothing deep, you derp.

No. 270612

I don’t know what your point your trying to make.
What do you want us to conclude?
What’s your end game?

You seem to be dead set on making the same point over and over again!

It’s boring

No. 270613

Why are you so invested in this narrative?
It’s so bizarre. Does it make you feel better?

No. 270614

Okay so you are amazing and a world-class athlete. And in your estimation Chris is a loser who should be canceled, is that what you want us to say so we can learn from this stupid conversation?

No. 270615

It’s so interesting to me that the minute that Chris and Sharla announced that they were dating all of the sudden these people started to pick apart their looks, their weight, their channel etc.
I mean those two are not beyond criticism but usually on here will make a point we’ll talk about it and then we move on to the next subject. but since they announced the relationship, it’s been a constant look what she’s wearing, look at how much weight she’s gained, look at her hair, his podcast, his weight. Over and over again this is targeted it’s motivated by someone who’s taking it very personal .

No. 270616

why r u even here nonnie

No. 270617


No. 270628

File: 1670365050740.jpg (192.88 KB, 1080x1564, Screenshot_20221206_221326_Twi…)

Why is Sharla being petty over a rather minor and mild critique?

No. 270633

do you have a hard time understanding human communication?

No. 270635

Yeah, a lot of you don't get sarcasm.

No. 270639

It was gradual but the ego was always there and growing. First it was him demanding not to be called a YouTuber because he's a filmmaker. Then it was all the lies and cheating. Now its him hanging out with toxic personalities like Bald, trying to pick a fight with Connor while drunk, and now novelty boxing matches. He just keeps escalating the behaviour. In his mind he probably sees himself as a super macho tough guy who doesn't need to have any respect for women or his fans. Sharla may be a petty queen bee type but even she isn't going to be able to handle the road Chris is going down.

No. 270641

>You're the lily sperg, aren't you?
yea meet the middle-aged possible esler lily sperg thats dedicatedly been sitting here 24/7 for months to wk the burger king and queen of japan, and tries to bring up lily when possible despite no one giving a shit. Lily spergchan lacks social awareness so probably autistic too

No. 270644

That's literally every episode of the podcast.
Something political comes up
Pete: progressive comment
Chris gets uncomfortable and tries to change the subject
Pete: Goes on a mini progressive rant
Chris gets really uncomfortable and makes some joke to change the topic
Pete thinks he's just joking and goes onto another topic.
Chris obviously still is pro Elon. I really don't get how people are taking his reddit comment which already had lies in it face value when he's so algorithm and feedback obsessed. He knows everyone on reddit hates Elon so he won't admit how he feels. Same with him not promoting the Bald meetup and it only being leaked because Balds friend posted a picture. If Bald had no controversy and was just a big youtuber, Chris would be spamming the meetup for clout everywhere like how he keeps talking about PewDiePie lately. >>270582
Chris losing weight is a lost cause. He could hire a nutritionist to get him a diet plan that will work or even just not have a bucket of fried chicken everyday. But instead he thinks he will outrun his dinner plate. All while massively overestimating his physical activity and coming up with coping excercises like oh must just be swelling not my diet. I think he should just embrace it at this point and just bulk up like a strongman. Maybe even try to collab with Eddie Hall.
Lets not forget these people literally are in bed with Norm. They probably view Norm as how they wish they could be. Sharla and Chris love attacking fans lately. Gradually it's inching towards a full Norm level meltdown. Though on some level Chris attacking a fan for being upset about Bald being a predator is worse than Norms comments who usually are just people who criticize his work not any association he has with predators.

No. 270647

this played out in the new podcast regarding something about a union dispute in the UK. I didn't really follow it. and no I'm not timestamping it.

No. 270650

Once when Norm was just starting out I asked him a question like "What camera would you suggest for someone just getting into vlogging" just to add engagement because initially I thought he might be a cool Jvlogger (I had only seen a couple videos) and he didn't have a big following.

His response was something like "I literally made a video about that, why don't you go find it"

That's when I knew he was a piece of shit and in the years since it's just played out again and again on many levels. Haven't followed him in years but none of the reported bullshit surprises me at all!

No. 270653

This has got to be bait. It's not a novelty boxing match. It's for charity and he was invited to participate. The way you twist things posted by the cows is so unhinged.

No. 270655

a boxing match that alternates with chess moves isn't a "novelty boxing match" nonnie?


No. 270660

This is "escalating" behavior? Kek

No. 270681

No. 270705

Anon claimed joining this event is escalating behavior, Chris us out of control with his alpha male chess boxing.

No. 270708

The simps aren't doing that. Its weightspergs and they do this with Sharla too. You think simps are making fun of Chris? Make that make sense. They are saying he's unathletic and that biking is hard and he can't keep this up. How the hell is that simping? NTA, but jfc. The Google search anons going on about this are retarded. You're right that biking is easy to do 4-5hrs easy, especially with a road bike or hybrid. You have triathlon classes in college where some days you're not swimming or running, but practicing up hills and flats for 4+hrs based on route. This whole debate over fitness and diets doesnt even make sense since all because anons keep basing these tinfoils on snippets of podcasts and videos/stories.

No. 270767

File: 1670426449248.png (389.61 KB, 1362x1024, Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 7.12…)

I wonder if Sharla the Cat Lady and Sometimes "Vegan" still supports Elon now that his creepyass brain-implant company is being charged with animal abuses(stop with the elon shit)

No. 270769

I probably will never be able to understand how anything involving "chess" falls under the category of "alpha male" but okay

No. 270786

>It’s so interesting to me that the minute that Chris and Sharla announced that they were dating all of the sudden these people started to pick apart their looks, their weight, their channel etc.
Nope, you must be a newfag because it's been that way since jvloggers thread 1. Sharla used to get called fat a lot more and her content was way more criticized. If anything, we never had people defending Chris and Sharla like some do now. It's like their fans rushed our thread when it was discovered that they were together and have no idea what kind of place this is supposed to be.

No. 270787

>Disney in Japan got rid of gluten free stuff

W-what? Really? I know it’s almost genetically impossible for Japanese people to have celiac disease, but don’t they get foreign tourists? That sucks cause burger Disney is literally the best place ever for any kind of food allergy/intolerance.

No. 270796

Sharla! Drop a hint or 2 about the engagement. Is it cold, is it platinum, silver?

No. 270808

NTA, but I don't think the problem is who's covering medical bills if Chris gets hurt. Getting injured itself is the problem.
I was wondering how good his chess game is and if he could end the match quickly by playing well or stall during the chess rounds. Chessboxing is 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing, starting with 4 minutes of chess and 3 minutes of boxing. If a ref thinks someone's stalling, they can force them to make a move in 10 seconds, so there's no way he can prolong the chess playing. It can't be easy thinking of chess moves under that kind of pressure when someone's punched you in the face. It seems like you'd really need to train yourself doing both than train each discipline (boxing/chess) separately.

No. 270810

Travel insurance. Ludwig said on his livestream that they required all those traveling from outside US to have travel insurance to participate.

No. 270815

Not at all what that anon was talking about but nice reading comprehension.

No. 270816

It's paid for. Who cares?

No. 270817

My point exactly. The Elon Musk anons are unhinged.

No. 270829

it's "cold"

No. 270841

Getting injured in the US or dealing with US hospital /health care at large is a nightmare. Hope he has more than "travel insurance"

No. 270847

"Gluten Free" the dumbest food trend since "low fat"

No. 270850

They better read the fine print, because there may be a clause that forfeits the travel insurance for things that aren't an accident. ChessBoxing may make their travel insurance useless

No. 270859

who are you, their mother?

No. 270867

Seriously. I can't think of anything less milky or more boring than sperging about travel/health insurance. Whatever happens with the participants happens. Fights like this happen across international borders all the time. This isn't the first boxing or chessboxing match to ever happen.

No. 270869

No, I'm not their mother. Most of these youtubers are kind of dumb, and if thinking that travel insurance will cover them, they might be in for a rude awakening. Although, it would be hilarious if after the chess boxing event, Chris (don't know anything about the others) makes a video complaining how he wasn't covered or how his injuries (if he gets any major ones) weren't covered

>Fights like this happen across international borders all the time.
Yeah, but those promotions also require fighters, mma at least, not sure about boxing, to get fighter licensing and medical/physical/blood testing through doctors and then have their own separate insurances to cover injuries.

This where we have a bunch of goofs coming together for chess boxing, who have no clue what their doing, except for making a spectacle, will be in over their heads

Either way, its going to be hilarious to watch Chris try and box and play chess

No. 270871

>No, I'm not their mother

Oh you're not their mother. Thanks for clearing that up literalsperg

No. 270872

Anytime, just wanted to clear that up ;)(;))

No. 270875

Did you forget how his girlfriend flew to United States and had surgery without insurance. And Who the fuck do you think paid for it? So don’t you worry your pretty little head, he got money to cover his medical care if he needs it. you can now sleep tonight.

No. 270879

>Did you forget how his girlfriend flew to United States and had surgery without insurance. And Who the fuck do you think paid for it?

Not the anon, but did Chris pay for it? She might have been covered by BC's health plan if she's still holding onto a Canadian passport
Regardless, none of this is interesting, just as boring as the weight talk and the occasional talk of whether they're getting engaged/married.

Any updates on Norm's freaking out on commenters on his videos? That's mainly what I'm here for

No. 270881

yes this is BORRRRRRRING

but also yeah Sharla has Canadian health care, she's still a CA citizen. but also why do people act like she doesn't have her own money and is reliant on Chris? she's got more than enough to cover. jfc

No. 270919

Sure, but I was referring more to getting injured to the point where his life is impacted, maybe even seriously. The guy he's fighting seems kinda aggressive and not one to hold back. I think Chris has his own event later this month in London, so he needs to at least not get injured enough that he has to change his travel plans or cancel. Head and face injuries are no joke tho. Amateurs can be more dangerous since they don't have enough experience to know how to protect themselves well or box without accidentally injuring their opponent badly. I think something like what Connor did with pro wrestler's in Japan would better suit Chris since it's choreographed even if he'd still have to train a lot and could get hurt. But he'd probably have to organize the thing himself and might not be able to raise as much for charity.

No. 270929

Yeah, guys! This makes me think: do they have their tedious legal and business paperwork properly filed in Japan, too!? Did Sharla remember what medications the cats take? Did Chris remember that he needs to do a car inspection soon!? Let's speculate legal tedium to death.

No. 270931

did you get all the autism but instead of liking trains just got really into legal documents?

No. 270934

None of this even matters. Japan has cheap as fuck healthcare. Almost everywhere but the US does. He can afford 17 ambulance rides for $25 easy.

No. 270943

oooh oooh ooh I have another completely hyperactive autistic worrywart sperg to add. Covid is spiking in Los Angeles right now. I have three friends who've already got it post-Thanksgiving who live there.

WhAt If ChRiS aNd ShArLa GeT cOvId…. omfg this is serious guys

No. 270946

File: 1670465431459.jpg (286.4 KB, 1275x1721, mother copy.jpg)

No. 270948

That would defeat the whole purpose. Connor made a fun Japanese wrestling video. Chris has three goals to break out of the Japanese niche, to get fit, and to be seen as a tough alpha type of guy. He's gain none of that from doing a few chronographed routines.
Given Chris' politics and that he has complained about masks on the podcast before I wouldn't be surprised if he got it by not taking any precautions.
I also doubt he thought much about injury impacting him physically or financially. After eight years of complaining about his weight he still hasn't figured out anything about diet. He could even ask Connor who casually did it fairly easily. But he'll just have the same cycle.

No. 270950

>given Chris' politics

what politics are those nonnie? he's a lefty, he's talked multiple times on the podcast that he's for vaccines and covid precautions.

nobody fucking likes wearing masks, it doesn't matter what your politics are

No. 270951

follow the conversation. Free Japanese healthcare won't do Chris much good when he's in a Los Angeles ER with his bell rung

No. 270956

Anon is trying to bring up Elon Musk and Bald again. Just ignore it.

No. 270957

He's not trying to look alpha. You are unhinged.

No. 270959

Good thing Chris is going to LA. He'll find a lot of other people to hang out with who also downplay and try to sweep under the rug the predatory behaviour of their coworkers/friends.
He doesn't like doing anything that's good for him which is why he has been complaining about his weight for years but won't eat heathy or even smaller quantities.

No. 270965

No she does not have Canadian health care. In her comment section in her I had surgery video, she said she had No Canadian insurance because she is not a residence there and had to pay for it all out of pocket!

No. 270968

I will not sleep until I know of chris and Sharla has a living will!
Did Sharla bring Sam socks for the plane
Did she bring sunblock for LA
Alpha male

No. 270975

It’s not a trend for people with celiac disease anon…

No. 270976

.005% of people who profess "gluten free" have celiac disease nonnie

No. 271060

File: 1670494065640.jpeg (417.01 KB, 1089x869, EADF41D1-A3FB-4871-95AF-3DDA29…)

Roughly 1% of the entire population has celiac disease so I kind of doubt only 5/1000 who say they need to eat gluten free are truly celiac. COVID triggered a bunch of folks to develop celiac so it’s even more common than ever before. I’m dumb med sperging but I bet you know someone who developed celiac disease recently if you know more than 150-200 (non-Asian) people.

No. 271090


Oh my God. No fOlKs care about this shit on a fucking imgboard. Go share some activism infographics on your insta to FoLkS who give a fuck.

No. 271100

File: 1670514609042.jpg (1.12 MB, 2555x1439, Catdad.jpg)

Surprisingly in the latest Sharla vlog Chris seemed a lot nicer and friendlier. Maybe being in Canada is good for him. He started going alpha male again during the eggnog tasting at the end berating and insulting everyone around for no reason. It wasn't even alcoholic eggnog either.
It was a bit cringe how half the gifts exchanged were cat themed. I've never seen anyone go so far into cat as a personality.

No. 271114

Fuck off

No. 271128

in the recent video, Sharla's family seemed like hicks. Can her sister get braces and glasses that actually fit?

No. 271138

does mei yan count as a j-vlogger now?

No. 271141

I think she is retired from jvlogging.
They just had a baby

No. 271143

I'm not that invested in egg nog discourse, but she had him try it in the worst possible iteration. No nutmeg or cinnamon? I'm also not seeing the chemistry with her family that the commenters point out. He seems stiff and keen on shitting on her hometown at every turn. I get it if she shits on it all the time, too, but he doesn't come off as necessarily happy to be there. Maybe he's just tired.

No. 271147

S family is around tbh

No. 271151

They live in Victoria - they are insanely average upper-middle class Canadians, and very, very typical Vancouver Islanders. Maybe hicks outside of Canada, but within Canada they are upper-middle class "hippies."

No. 271159

They do not strike me as upper middle class at all, even though the area they live in maybe so. Terrible clothing/dress sense and the sister looks like she stepped directly out of a Louis Theroux doco.

No. 271161

Upper middle class doesn't mean much when you live in Victoria. They seem like rich Islanders to me (as a former Islander).

No. 271168

This is as nitpicky as it gets, but does Chris own any outfits other than that black bomber jacket, v-neck and chinos? Having a 'uniform' like that can be cool and it works for some people. But he looks like he just picks the same dirty clothes off the floor every morning and throws them on.

No. 271173

All the presents were shitty and her family is boring. She's scraping the barrel with these Christmas vlogs already and it's only day 3 lmao.

No. 271199

They could afford to send their daughter to an D-ranked private uni in Japan, so they are at least comfortable.

No. 271200

According to Chris, he's lost 7kg (less than 15.5 pounds) over 6 months… Yeah, I don't think he's trying to be an alpha. lol

No. 271207

That's honestly just sad. I don't harp on about his weight like some do but 1.2kg / month while whining about how fat he is and how he's going to go all in on hardcore fitness. Imagine how much he was still eating to have that kind of slow weight loss. Now remember that after the boxing match Sunday he'll be all out of fitness challenges. I honestly hope he just sits down with a nutrition expert after the boxing match to sort out his weight misconceptions because anoter year of weight complaints will be grating.

No. 271210

Someone just trying to lose weight not rapidly, this is fine.

No. 271222

you're stupid with your med obsessed posting

No. 271224

there's a few vloggers I follow who had similar health wake-ups in their 30s and they did the thing where they interview and meet with trainers, or nutritionists etc. (wheezy waiter is one male one who, unlike Chris, is humble and looks to experts for advice - similar situation though, had some bad health info and started doing lots of interviews with experts and health challenges and working out, etc)

The issue with Chris is that he doesn't seem self-aware enough or humble enough to actually sit down with professionals and make a plan. He just blurts out shite like "I'm going to do FiTnEsS" and do "challenges" he can film for content. He clearly knows nothing about fitness, health, nutrition planning, or anything. And he's too full of himself to take advice.

No. 271226

I can't fukking stand the music Sharla opens her vlogs with, it's like ice picks in my eardrums. If arrested development had a soundtrack that would be it.

(not the show Arrested Development you sluts)

No. 271230

Chris is lolling around with seemingly no energy, he looks and acts like a 50 year old man who just off his job as a tollbooth collector

this is what happens when you don't actually have physical fitness and eat properly

No. 271232

Sharla's sister and her boyfriend are giving off serious vibes like they're members of the local sex dungeon

No. 271234

It's weird to watch Chris, a multi-millionaire sitting around on the floor of these Canadian hicks house opening up cheap gifts from Dollar stores.

My friend's cousin is a barely a millionaire from a tech job, and everyone goes to his house for Xmas and he probably spends 10k just on the dinner and decorations and everyone gets super fancy gifts and there's champagne and whatnot. Chris is probably worth 3-5 million and look at this, its just sad. He just sits around on the floor of his girl's house looking all poor

No. 271238

He promised to have a six pack by last month.
>Chris is probably worth 3-5 million
>He just sits around on the floor of his girl's house looking all poor
You're seriously overestimating how much youtubers earn. I agree that Sharla's gifts sucked, but many people, including people who make more than your cousin, prefer to have a low-key celebration and home-cooked meal for Christmas than spend 10K for a fancy dinner and decor every year. Keep in mind, it isn't even Christmas yet and Sharla's family is celebrating early for her and Chris. Also, have you seen Chris and Sharla's apartment and how they live? This isn't a step down.

No. 271239

Chris also pays for the AIJ studio, Sharla for another property in Morioka, and their place isn't exactly "working class" in Sendai anon, it's pretty swanky by Sendai standards.

Remember in this very place when anons were defending the idea that Sharla had moved to Sendai and rented her own place separate from Chris's? lol

No. 271241

I'm not "overestimating how much you tubers earn" nonnie.
Chris has had 1M+ subs for years now. Currently 2.75M. His views have dipped in the last few months but for the last three years or so he's averaged 10M views a month.

He's been on YT and monetized for almost ten years.

If you don't think he's worth 3-5M easy then IDK what to tell you

No. 271246

I was referring to the decor and condition of Sharla's family home vs her apartment since anon was complaining that Chris must've felt uncomfortable and poor because her family didn't spend thousands on Christmas decorations when their apartment is full of cheap junk and cat goods. His family home in the UK isn't super swanky, either.
How much do you think 10M views earns? Before tax is fine. And where did you get 10M views per month? He does also earn from Patreon and other sponsors, so I'm sure he does well, but youtube takes almost half from ad revenue.

No. 271251

>How much do you think 10M views earns?
depends on a lot of factors but approx $50k though could fluctuate between $25k and $75k (US dollars)

most youtubers make their money from sponsorships but when you're getting the views Chris does and have monetized vids, his YT ad revenue alone for one month is more than most people make in a year.

And add to that his Podcast, extra channels, and who knows what else he's into (Tokyo Creative, Tohoku Tourism, etc)

No. 271252

meanwhile Sharla is only average around 1M views per month, she's probably only bringing in $5-10k per month, but she has the benefit of sponsors and probably brings in at least that from GlassesUSA alone.

No. 271253

point is, they're both rich.

personally I think they don't want to make her family uncomfortable by making it evident how wealthy they are

No. 271259

YouTube has a 70/30 split.
70 percent to the creator, 30 percent to YouTube.
Chris and Sharla lives super lean, aka cheap. they don't spend their money on clothes (clearly). Their apartment is under 2k a month, they own a a use car.
I am willing to bet that together they have a pretty good nest egg in the millions.
aka millionaire.
I see much much smaller YouTubers living in mansions, multiple cars and expensive clothes etc. but these two are playing the long game lol.

No. 271260

Trains with the former Kickboxing champion of Japan.
Trains with the formers Boxing champion of Japan.
Conclusion: "Not humble enough to sit down with professionals."

There seems to be a big difference between reality and the world you live in hun.

No. 271268

You're taking what she said out of context. It's not about him getting the best boxing training. It's about him not actually taking his health and weight seriously after all these years complaining about it. The focus is more so the random events and challenges. Only an absolutely off the rails person maybe Norm would get in a boxing ring with no training.

No. 271290

You didn't answer my question about where you got 10M monthly views, but his monthly views for 2022 excluding December is 5.4M, so this year, he's earned a little over half of what you suggested if you're right. According to social blade, since 2020 until now, there have only been 3 months where he's exceeded 10M views. It doesn't go further back, but where did you get the 10M monthly views since 2019 and what were his averages in 2019? By the way, income tax is 45% if you make over 40M yen if you freelance or establish your own studio, plus 10% municipal tax, although it may be different depending on his situation with Tokyo Creative, excluding municipal tax. I did completely forget about his podcast and how much income he could be earning from that.
Youtube takes 45% according to everywhere I've seen. Where is this 30% coming from?

No. 271298

My bad you are right, is 45 to YouTube.

No. 271318

Shocking that Sharla’s grandparents don’t live like tech industry millionaires.

No. 271325

Literally any milk at all or is this thread now just weight nitpicking, arguing over money that no one actually has numbers for, and alpha bro tinfoil?

No. 271335

Everytime milk comes up like Chris meeting with a sexual predator and lying about it everyone just shouts it down as perfect boy Chris couldn't do anything wrong. For whatever reason the weight thing is the only nonsense that doesn't get people demanding we stop discussing it.

No. 271338

Omg, shut up. Anons ignored that because it turned into a derailing alphafest infight. That was 2 weeks ago now anyway also anons have complained about the weight thing.

So no. No new milk. Thanks, anon.

No. 271370

Exhibit A

No. 271371

No anon that is not what happens. For some reason this thread is not moderated like others here. I have participated in conversations like this in the past on other boards and have been redtexted for non contribution posts (even when saged).
It’s not about shutting down the conversation at all, we can read and make our own judgements. This thread was never ever this active, and the conversation was never as granular to the point of nitpicking chris and sharlas weight/athletic prowess. The dynamic has changed, the audience is predominantly from Reddit, mixed with some oldfags like myself.
Forgive me for wanting a thread to be like it always has, but stop reeeeing that we’re trying to cover up Chris being a rapist sympathiser, cos that isn’t what this is.

No. 271381

NTA, but milk of Chris downplaying the rape allegations to a former subscriber was shared a few days ago, not 2 weeks ago. IDK why they're bringing it up at this moment, however. More Japan content from the Bens who Chris helped will be coming out later anyway, with potential for more milk.

No. 271494

Training once ≠ working with a trainer to establish a healthy workout routine, nutrition plan, etc.

I can tell you don't understand much about fitness, "hun"

No. 271549

Training once? He’s been training since September?

No. 271552

Anin is hung up on the "he prooomised a 6 pack" when those are unrealistic unless you have a super low body fat % and are cutting/dehydrating yourself. Anons can't take sarcasm from Chris and assume its all 100% literal.

No. 271558

ok it's pretty clear you don't know what the deal is nonnie. he "literally" had a wager going with Trash Taste that he would have a six-pack by a certain date. it wasn't "sarcasm" kek

No. 271559

yeah. training once. he met with those guys once. that's different than going to the gym 5x a week and running and changing your nutrition plan.

man you anons must be so out of shape and gross

No. 271571

it was for sure an unreasonable goal and he was well above 30%bf

he would have had to eat around 1000 kcal a day in order to get lean enough. he's been so overweight for so long he's likely to have a lot of loose skin even if he did manage to drop that much fat that quickly

No. 271580

Wager, uh huh. Guess do this all the time. He was never going to get a 6 pack. Your nitpicking is senseless.

No. 271586

>Wager, uh huh

Yes? A wager. Do you not know what word that means?

Wager -
verb: to risk (a sum of money or valued item) against someone else's on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event; bet. 2.
noun: an act of betting a sum of money on the outcome of an unpredictable event.

No. 271589

livestream of the weigh-in for the chessboxing match. Chris at 22:47 He weighed in at 184.6 pounds or about 83.7kg and has a reach of 69 inches. PJ Overtflow is taller and slightly lighter than Chris, 184.4 pounds and 73-inch reach. He said he was in chess club his whole life. I couldn't tell if he was joking.
It was official. Chris bet 500 quid and was supposed to show it off to Trash Taste staff on November 29. >>270330

No. 271591

Chris opponent PJ was in Chess Club and has a longer reach than Chris and is in way better shape.

Lots of excuses for Chris to pick from.

No. 271594

I think they mean that stuff like that needs to stop being taken so seriously in these threads. Anons seem to take stuff the cows say as if it's in a contract of sort. The expectations in here are really weird when they don't do exactly what anons take literal.

No. 271595

it doesn't matter what people on this thread think nonnie, Chris made a Literal wager with Trash Taste - why is this so hard for ppl to understand?

No. 271596

To give more perspective, Chris was 88kg according to his Japanese health check vid 5 months ago, so that's less than 5kg difference, though he just announced that he lost 7kg a day or two ago. His calves do look much fitter and clearly lost some fat, but only 5kg loss over 6 months must be disappointing.

No. 271597

First thing he did when he got to LA was to eat In N Out, and promptly declared it "overrated"

Which is a very 2010 thing to do

No. 271598

samefag. Sorry, 4.3kg over 6 months.

No. 271599

Okay? I guess he lost $500 and he probably knew he would?

No. 271603

now you understand, finally

No. 271604

>probably knew he would

No I'd wager he probably thought he could do it. He's one smug alpha male kek

No. 271609

This is going to be one hilarious "fight"
Curious to see if Chris turtles up and just takes a barrage of punches or if Nick Pettas was able to get him to throw something back without clamming up>>271589

No. 271616

Man did Chris have no muscle mass or something he doesn't even weight as much people made him out to be made out as such a grotesquely out of shape guy. You'd think he'd be well over 200 lbs at his peak and really he just went from 190 something to 180 something at what seems to be an average height. His weight is probably better than most guys his age. Or maybe he just stands out more in Japan regarding his size. His health report I don't think his issues are weight related more so inactivity.
Most of us outside the US hear about these chains all the time so it's natural he'd want to try them. If he wasn't already used to Canada he'd probably talk about reacting to Tim Hortons or Pizza Pizza or something. Plus most fast food isn't that good it's just that it gives us nostalgia

No. 271617

I think "Chris have no muscle mass" is a correct statement. My SO works out regularly and he looks muscular. He started out doughy like Chris. Chris has been doing "Fitness" for a year or so? By the end of the first year of my guy committing to working out and diet, he had really transformed and wasn't doughy anymore, he had some definition.

We think Chris is either a) not dedicated or b) is ignorant of the proper knowledge and training or c) both

No. 271621

>Chris has been doing "Fitness" for a year or so?
He's been doing these fitness and diet projects for at least 8 years now. I think the first time was the most successful, 82kg to 74kg in 10 weeks, but he was also younger.

No. 271625


uh…. no. Chris got a health check that scared him earlier this year and has been on a fitness mission ever since, that's what we're talking about anon, try to keep up

No. 271626

File: 1670725599675.png (2.85 MB, 1282x1208, Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 6.24…)

Chris bothered Sharla about how he wants an Apple Watch in the Xmas video at Canada house, now he proudly puts one forward in his wrist

No. 271627

is chris left handed? most right hand people do not wear watch on right hand

No. 271628

its a ugly shorts

No. 271629

Yes, we are all aware that Chris has a bad case of "yo yo dieting" anon

No. 271632

Omg, you gym/weightspergs are so annoying. This video is 7 years old.

No. 271633

Anon said he's being doing this fitness stuff for 1 year, but it's only been 6 months this time around according to Chris, so I assumed they weren't talking about this specific time but in general. Sorry if it offended.

No. 271634

Can we please talk about something that isn't weight? Like the event specifics, when it starts, how long the rounds are, who he's against, what are the brackets.. There's a way to talk about Chris and Sharla without bringing up their weight and working out/food choices.

No. 271635


No. 271638

He just had his weigh-in for chessboxing and his recent vlogs and social media posts have all been about weight and food. It's inevitable that people are going to be talking about it if Chris is talking about it himself and it's relevant to the match. If you want to change the discussion, share something different yourself instead of relying on others to do the work for you.

No. 271639

Anon, discussing his weigh in is not the same as anons going on about his diet and working out and his abs. There's a difference.

No. 271640

Did you forget about the part where all of his recent vlogs and social media posts have been about his weight and food? If it's triggering for you, you don't have to continue reading or you can contribute something new to change the discussion.

No. 271641

>Like the event specifics, when it starts, how long the rounds are, who he's against
btw, we already talked about these things and you and whoever else is complaining chose not to take it further.

No. 271647

you mean laying around on couches and the floor drinking egg nog and cider and having a rag doll pillsbury posture 24/7 doesn't do anything for stamina and endurance?

No. 271651

Surprisingly, no it doesn't

No. 271652

X-mas season will definitely gonna make him go to 90+ kg again.

No. 271656

It’s a Fitbit you moron

No. 271689

Maybe Chris should be allowed to fight that old guy

No. 271690

this image board is so much better now that the mods have abandoned it

No. 271700

what time is the fight and can someone post a link to watch it live

No. 271701

Ludwig explains how it works here

No. 271702

streaming live at this link 4pm PT


No. 271703

talks about Chris Broad matchup at 10:38

No. 271705

Chris opponent is blackbelt in Jiujitsu

No. 271706

We know. Its discussed up thread.

No. 271710

no, that's new information that Ludwig just released. This makes Chris' opponent both a Chess master and a fighting master

No. 271711

Ticket prices:

event is at USC Galen Center, Los Angeles CA

No. 271713

So this isn't his match-up? >>270152

No. 271715

no that guy died in shipping

No. 271730

He would get destroyed, Nick Pettas is a former K1 heavy weight kickboxer

No. 271733

Chris right now:

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti

No. 271754

MrBeast will be tuning in, people love an underdog and win or lose, Chris stands to gain a lot of new subscribers so it must be worth the possible humiliation or injury. But the demographic of his new fans is going to be very different from his current fans. I think most of the other influencers are gamers.
>His weight is probably better than most guys his age.
If that's what's considered normal in your country for a 30-year old guy of his height, i don't know what to say… To be fair, it wasn't just his weight that concerned him, but also the other test results and how his health had taken a toll on him physically and mentally, making it difficult for him to do tasks, potentially affecting his work etc.

No. 271755

don't underestimate the weeb/gamer crossover appeal

No. 271758

re: Chris's test results - his test results were based on the Japanese standards of health markers - it's likely that if had a similar test in the UK they'd tell him "right-o, you're jolly good, carry on!"

No. 271761

The original title was “Alone Inside Japan’s Creepiest Abandoned Building.” Sharla tweeted photos from there not that long ago, so I guess Chris was afraid people thought he was lying about being alone and changed it?

A minute in a half in, he said he’s only seen one photo of the place and it’s a mystery “with almost no information to go on.” This is a fairly well-known uncompleted stupa in Nishizaou Park in Yamagata that was built for the Nipponzan Myohoji religious group in the 80s and there are lots of photos, blog posts, articles, youtube videos and whatever about it. Maybe he didn’t bother to research it in Japanese or he’s just humoring his viewers, but I don’t get why he’d lie or joke about only seeing one photo because that's impossible. If he did his research, he could’ve done a really interesting video about weird new religions in Japan. Nipponzan Myohoji built the peace pagoda in Milton Keynes in the 80s, which he’s maybe visited himself before.

No. 271763

Your'e saying Chris Broad is guilty of not researching something in Japan that he makes an opinionated video about?

Impossible! Shocking! Breaking News!

No. 271768

Anon I want to get serious for a minute with you. This point your'e making is really relevant. One of the things that has always bothered me (and my Japanese partner) about Chris, is how he fails again and again to exhibit any depth in his work. Even when he makes a doco like he did about the tsunami and its victims, he somehow took a powerful event and rendered it with surface strokes only. He doesn't seem capable of doing any real in-depth research. We think he just isn't that smart at the worst or just likes taking shortcuts at the best. It's always disappointing. The only time we think he managed to break that curse was the video about the Nakagin capsule building in Tokyo where he did seem to do some actual research, he even learned some architecture terms to share. But otherwise he is incredibly shallow and surface-level in almost everything he does. It's really a shame that the biggest gaijin Japan youtuber presents such a cartoon level understanding of Japanese culture and history.

No. 271769

Ha ha, but it's not the lack of research that surprises me, but the pretending that's he's only seen one photo. Fans have argued in this thread that he's one of the first to visit or do x when the places are always known and a lot of people, including other English-speaking foreigners, have already vlogged the place. Now I get why his fans believe that.

No. 271771

that's interesting. yeah chris leverages the general ignorance of his audience.

we've been really into Craig Mod recently who has a newsletter (not a youtuber) and is very much about Japan history and also the modern long-distance walking culture in Japan, doing things like walking Basho's routes, etc - he leads guided tours in Japan but is a writer and researcher. Good stuff. Mature, thoughtful. Makes Chris look like the absolute child that he is.

No. 271772

The Nakagin capsule building has been covered extensively by numerous architectural magazines, NYT and lots of other major news media in English, so he didn't need to put much effort into researching the building. For the stupa, he would've had to google in Japanese to find more than photos although he literally would've found out who made it and why in less than a minute if he did. What's also strange is that he went there again with Sharla according to her, so she wasn't even curious to look it up and he didn't even think to have her try to find anything in Japanese either? Even inputting the address would come up with something.

No. 271773

yeah - they're both lazy. physically and intellectually

No. 271777

Here is the link for watching live of the Chess-Boxing match with Chris Broad

No. 271784

>What's also strange is that he went there again with Sharla according to her, so she wasn't even curious to look it up and he didn't even think to have her try to find anything in Japanese either? Even inputting the address would come up with something.

Did they actually go a second time, or are they trying to pretend that Chris went alone once and then went back again with Sharla after? My money is they went once only and for some weird reason just said "Chris went alone"
If they actually did a second trip though, Chris would have to have done some research to learn about it, especially if it was interesting enough for a second trip, otherwise why else go again?

No. 271787

they're just so used to subterfuge that they can't be straightforward if they want to. they just default to lying.

No. 271788

A lot of empty seats so far, but just started and there are 9 fights and Chris is 4th.

No. 271789


No. 271793

This event is so obnoxious. I hope it's a humbling experience. If he wins by some miracle, he'll be even more insufferable.

Probably why he hasn't been able to make a movie yet.

No. 271796

The cringe supreme
Chris is going to get humbled

No. 271799

If he gets one single victory he'll be cocky as hell.

No. 271801

This is what moids find entertaining?