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File: 1635101196563.jpg (39.38 KB, 540x540, Ec5nu1ZWsAAaIPV.jpg)

No. 166390

Here you can post and discuss everything regarding danish ghoul; movies, news, anecdotes, photos, memes and your sexual frustrations

No. 166392

ew how redditcore do you have to be to still want to fuck him?

No. 166393

this man is ugly af lol, even AD is less ugly

No. 166396

File: 1635102306641.gif (986.86 KB, 500x250, aaf958ec2fe84653c9ba6688963b07…)

sorry not everyone likes your tiktok e-boy gay ass/k-pop idol/american rat-faced war veteran psycho bitches, some women have more refined taste

No. 166400

>refined taste
>simping for a bland middle-aged dude

No. 166402

File: 1635102897762.jpg (66.34 KB, 597x597, f3d7613481d89885c9d3553e0d73b4…)

>super sharp features
imagine denying reality this hard. Mads has stronger screen presence than ANY modern american actor, cope harder kinolet.

No. 166403

he's fucking ugly and looks like he went his entire life without bathing

meme induced performative mads mikkelsen thirstposting is the enemy of enlightenment

No. 166404

I KNEW he was going to get his own thread, I knew it!

No. 166405

I saw like 12 movies with Mads, not counting capeshit like doctor strange, most of them were danish/german productions, and I genuinely think he's an amazing actor. I'm not a fan of Hannibal, and memes are just a nice extra content. Not everyone here is a twitterfag

No. 166407

>Not everyone here is a twitterfag
yeah, I'm not one but it sure does sound like you've had your fair share of fights defending your haggard old man on there kek. I wasn't even talking about twitter memes. curb your autism.

No. 166409

File: 1635104542685.jpg (39.55 KB, 711x741, 185837581_521861405861161_8520…)

I love Mads and I hate the Hannibal community

No. 166415

File: 1635105002060.jpg (158.93 KB, 960x960, 70120233_504531073646136_57137…)

also seeing him with norman reedus was the best I love those two

No. 166416

Yeah he's old and in his early 50s he still had a better body than the majority of young men because he was a professional dancer for 10 years and did acrobatics and took care of hismelf unlike most men, who are either roided, skinnyfat or just plain beer-gutted
All the young men you like now will get old one day, and none of them will look as good as Mads

No. 166420

you guys are weird. threads like this attract some real cows, it's funny

No. 166423

same. pretty soon the majority of /m/ will just be various threads simping for every male celebrity in existence.

No. 166445

the ingredients for every celebrity thread are
>a psycho op that furiously bumps their own thread
>one or two other anons who have a faint interest in the subject (if subject is male, these anons are most likely just horny for any dude that doesn't have SA allegations)
>a bunch of passerbys who call them crazy

No. 166452

My mom is watching some old danish detective series and young Mads is in it. I had never seen him young he was so hot. He really has that "unconventionally handsome" look.

No. 166454

File: 1635112150852.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, autisticfarmers.png)

No. 166480

File: 1635118928211.gif (2.01 MB, 245x245, 5b1006c54f87e591013a9eca974909…)

Ah yes Unit one mads

No. 166484

i fundamentally don't understand the thirst for this man and i'm still convinced it's just a joke that got out of hand. he looks like a sharper steve buscemi

No. 166507

File: 1635129367144.jpg (118.32 KB, 624x504, e64.jpg)

does anyone remember that kek ?

No. 166580

File: 1635148488039.png (227.97 KB, 524x559, GeYnzuK.png)

Yeah lol

No. 166581

no one loves mads like kojima loves mads

No. 166582

>/ot/ once again getting pissed off because of random dude
Congratulations for the win mads anon.

Sincerely forbidden man enjoyer
Hope he and him get in the same project kek

No. 166589

Idk why ppl are so butthurt, atleast he doesn't look like an alien like benny cumbonmypatch. His face proportions are very pleasing and unironically aged like wine. Seethe harder, fine boned fit men >>>>> roided thundercock Channing tatums.

No. 166593

File: 1635154161859.png (753.09 KB, 919x960, 993a3ab4cbfa07ca957080912cfb97…)

When he was younger he looks like an awkward kid, but once he lost babyfat (picrel) he became divine. Now he's kinda too old and becoming bloated, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy his 30's-40's content.

No. 166614

His one-sided crush is truly tragic, lol.
Fucking based thread, /ot/ can cope and seethe. A beginner madsfag here, looking forward to learn more
>Hope he and him get in the same project kek
Me and you, my friend. Me and you

No. 166643

at least people give him money so he can make mads fanservice for his games

No. 166660

File: 1635172795641.webm (9 MB, 896x504, madswhatalife.webm)

congratulations to all my fellow refined dilf enjoyers on this thread.
I don't even go on /ot/ anymore, this is why I stick to /m/ so I can be around intelligent women.

No. 166726

File: 1635190015218.gif (647.8 KB, 245x180, 48329074560547.gif)

Oh shit we got our own containment thread? I'm okay with this so I can sperg about him guilt-free. I'm eternally grateful to Rihanna for this music video where she taped him to a chair, girl knows what's up

No. 166727

File: 1635190102338.jpg (43.54 KB, 594x400, 3821903720534.jpg)

So pretty

No. 166732

It was such a joy to see it on a wide screen! He never stopped being a dancer.
What is everyone's interpretation of that scene? I've seen someone say that it isn't as happy as it seems to be. Didn't get the vibe tbh but maybe I'm a dumb fuck

No. 166736

File: 1635193672268.webm (12.61 MB, 768x432, madswhatalife.webm)

i fell asleep watching it but ill find it online and rewatch lol.
just noticed that the vid is broken, here is a reupload.

No. 166747


No. 166750

I wanna thank my maaaaaaam and my daaaaaaad

On a more serious note, how popular do you think Mads will get? Can he reaches oscar level of mainstream acclamation? I think he is an amazing actor but I wish he was playing in better movies sometimes kek

No. 166769

>how popular do you think Mads will get?
>asking this like he's not a 55 year old man

No. 166781

File: 1635205156329.gif (2.08 MB, 500x239, tumblr_5ab5a1f670c605613a0920b…)

I don't feel like he needs more recognition, oscars are worthless, and Another Round got an oscar for the best foreign film afaik. I also think that we've already seen the heights of Mads' popularity among normies when Hannibal was airing (2013-2015) and shortly after that, in 2016 when he appeared in capeshit. I doubt he will become this "hype" ever again, maybe if Hannibal got 4th season
I agree on wishing to see him in better movies. Polar was one the worst pieces of shit I've EVER seen kek. Decent fap material but that isn't worth wasting Mads. I don't get why they didn't get him for The Witcher, it's nothing special but it's better than Polar, and it was also a Netflix production, so it's not like he wasn't available or something. It pains me that there's no good europan productions in sight, instead we will get crap like the 5th Indiana Jones movie or Fantastic Beasts. Though I still believe that one day we will see him in another great movie and he will deliver a kino performance.

No. 166851

Damn uhhh where's this gif from anon?

No. 166869

Polar, it's on Netflix

No. 167160

File: 1635289869519.jpg (264.79 KB, 1440x2262, 1614881463799.jpg)

I wish mads posted on his facebook/twitter by himself, but he basically said he's a total boomer who can't into social media and it's his staff posting shit
He admitted that he was reading hannibal fanfiction though so he has to know how google works at least, I guess

No. 167239

>He admitted that he was reading hannibal fanfiction
What the fuck, do you have a source? I want to read/hear it myself lol. Incredible

No. 167250

Is it me or does lolcow always cycle between different celeb men obsessions? (nothing against this thread, it's just interesting to me how it went like adam driver -> chambelet or whatever -> jim carrey -> jerma -> now this guy)

No. 167253

File: 1635318054175.png (1.09 MB, 800x1200, Mads Mikkelsen.png)

Another super obsessed Mads fan here! I have adored him from the moment I saw him as Hannibal in 2013. I tend to cycle between him and Driver but this past year I've really been into Mads. I have pretty much seen every film/series he has ever been in.
He does look somewhat ugly at times , but his side profile is glorious.

No. 167259

File: 1635325670256.jpg (46.64 KB, 560x560, The_Door.jpg)

I'm actually debating if I should order The Door/Die Tür (2009) from Germany so that I could have it with Mads' own voice instead of the voiceover dub that is in the official release. I have pirated every possible version that I have found on the internet but none of them had that specific extra audio track.
I love this thread btw.

No. 167261

File: 1635328765831.jpg (191.67 KB, 940x1200, Dyc8FacVsAAjIvX.jpg)

He "joked" in one of interviews that Hugh Dancy was always sending him explicit hannigram fanfiction (I can't find that part rn but I remember seeing it) and fans have stories abot both of them talking about reading smut, and I don't know if they were serious or just teasing their fans for teh lulz

No. 167264

this guy is called mads mikkelsen and he played one of the best tumblr sexymen, hannibal lecter so show some respect.

No. 167271

except Mads is actually attractive unlike Driver and talented and manly unlike ratfaced Timmy

No. 167280

Yeah I definitely recall him saying he read a ton of Hannigram fanfiction, but only the smut ones lmao. Secretly hoping it wasn't a joke..

No. 167292

I feel challenged by you to try to find the version with Mads' original recording. Probably will fail, but it's still worth giving it a shot. Where have you checked?

No. 167323

File: 1635359258224.jpg (77.24 KB, 549x960, 107459796_2874649045994982_365…)

maybe I'm already a blind fangirl but it's rare that it looks ugly, for now I can only imagine this photo

No. 167325

File: 1635359370850.jpg (77.69 KB, 564x564, 117766774_10159965739999638_19…)

No. 167342

still not ugly, just like something that crawled out of original Pathologic

No. 167348

File: 1635364023039.jpg (67.2 KB, 540x743, 48302743275.jpg)

He's so dignified, sexy and unique

No. 167350

File: 1635364181788.gif (735.83 KB, 441x248, 58493073064.gif)

I haven't seen him in this western yet but damn he looks good. Not usually into cowboys despite the Arthur Morgan thirst around here but I'll make an exception for Mads

No. 167354

File: 1635365503630.jpg (92.61 KB, 564x846, 036a7d5e50dba652312d73500d9739…)

I usually find him super sexy. But sometimes… less so.
Same photoshoot as >>167253

No. 167370

File: 1635367276924.jpg (69.13 KB, 477x590, 201ca1983b4f961401d1c3454b9f36…)

The usual torrent sites plus many rather sketchy smaller ones. Many files have zero seeds anyway. I wish you all the luck in the search! One place (rarefilm.net) seemed promising but the file was corrupted.

No. 167377

File: 1635369518101.jpg (249.86 KB, 1080x1079, original (2).jpg)

Do you think he fucked his fans? I like the fact that his wife is older than him and they've been together for many years, that's rare, but I still refuse to believe that there's a famous/rich man on this planet that had never ever cheated on his wife

No. 167385

I don't think he's that messy, probably just stuck to interchangeable Hollywood ho's.

No. 167401

File: 1635378668807.jpg (41.26 KB, 600x449, armin-meiwes-thumb.jpg)

Just a little thought, I think Mads could play Armin Meiwes if a movie of him were made

No. 167404

File: 1635378948320.jpg (66.06 KB, 564x846, 95140241_142226600680931_35182…)

No. 167484

File: 1635421347431.jpg (47.24 KB, 600x600, bussing.jpg)

Ty nonny, good thread.
I just started watching Hannibal for the first time yesterday. Despite being a huge fan of the OG movie and the books, I've never gathered the courage to start the show before because I knew that the combo Hannibal + Mikkelsen would send me into sperg outter space and I'd shit and cream my panties every 3 seconds

No. 167487

File: 1635422776833.jpg (212.8 KB, 1280x720, svend-sved.jpg)

i'm danish and it's weird to grow up watching him in roles like picrel and then later realise that i think he's handsome as fuck

No. 167547

KEK! He looks like Muskrat

No. 167592

Still waiting

No. 167631

File: 1635483644908.jpg (258.06 KB, 1200x1124, Kojima.jpg)

Can the mods pls delete this thread and the man behind it

No. 167634

File: 1635484329418.jpg (33.06 KB, 471x651, E5XPtlhVgAYyOZY.jpg)

No. 167675

File: 1635515966352.jpg (48.69 KB, 634x577, 4C17BD4200000578-5718897-image…)

where is that thread about pretty women with ugly husbands

No. 167676

File: 1635515990544.jpg (29.13 KB, 306x812, hes not cute.jpg)

goddamn this is who yall thirst for

No. 167679

File: 1635516655574.gif (2 MB, 350x288, tumblr_e6a2e5da0e9063a18130ad9…)

yep, and what about it?

No. 167681

hide the thread and move on

No. 167682

Looks good for a 55 year old

No. 167685

Can we stop making /m/ threads for individual people? There are so many threads for posting celebrities you thirst over already.

Like Adam Driver I kind of understood because it was a meme, but I don't know who this guy even is. Same with that other thread in /m/ about some YouTuber faggot like three people care about.

No. 167686

Sorry, not everyone you kids find unattractive is a "meme".

No. 167687

Yeah if this trend continues we'll have a thread for every skinny lipped average white male from Timmy Chamamameut to what I assume to be the Better Call Saul actor getting spammed in the hornyposting thread.

No. 167694

Are you 13 or just short term memory? Mads was a huge meme and tumblr was crazy about him during the Hannibal era, 2013-2015 that is

No. 167696

File: 1635526282687.jpg (47.92 KB, 600x612, Mads-Mikkelsen-with-wife-Hanne…)

He's more attractive than his wife tho

No. 167698

What the actors look like isn't relevant to me. I'm trying to ask why this warrants its own thread when you can just post about him in an existing thread.

It's not 2013 and this isn't Tumblr.

No. 167702

File: 1635528228624.gif (781.77 KB, 400x225, wine.gif)

nta but can you please stop sperging here, the thread is already made, go complain to /meta/ if you really think this is a problem. I just want to share some pictures and memes in peace goddammit

No. 167710

Sorry that someone insulted your man, Kojima-chan

No. 167711

>Like Adam Driver I kind of understood because it was a meme
almost a year later and you are still clinging to that cope.
Anyway complaining about threads in them is a bannable offense on /ot/ and hopefully here too
this kek

No. 167723

Does anyone have all the images of mads in that pink sweater? I recall there's a few right?

No. 167735

File: 1635542358281.jpg (35.35 KB, 383x680, 8af04568bb7f676c9daf404b0b20a4…)

I've only seen three

No. 167739

I for one support threads like this, because they make for some funny infighting. Like anons really struggle to accept that it's weird to like elderly lizard men and that it's okay to have weird taste. You guys don't have to pretend most people are into this sort of thing lmao

No. 167742

>Like anons really struggle to accept that it's weird to like elderly lizard men and that it's okay to have weird taste.
Do we? I feel like we accept that we like unconventional men. Anons of various sexual preferences have a hard time of understanding (or respecting) that, though
>tHe AbSoLuTe StAtE oF hEtErO wOmEn

No. 167807

File: 1635582210309.png (518.15 KB, 808x858, kojima.png)

>His one-sided crush is truly tragic, lol
he's trying his best


No. 167810

only Mads can make me watch shitty edits with lana del rey songs.

No. 167839

No. 167861

File: 1635612015798.png (402.65 KB, 600x671, c62.png)

Since when is kojima so obsessed with Mads? I know that it is a meme since forever but anybody knows when the point was where he was all over him?

No. 167882

I’m a random anon passing by,and I keep looking at pics posted here and wonder to myself:how is a man with hardly visible eyebrows this gorgeous???

No. 167893

File: 1635637997351.jpg (169.11 KB, 627x1415, merge_from_ofoct (8).jpg)

You prompted me to do a small research. I searched through Kojima's twitter and the first mention of Mikkelsen is concerning The Hunt (and not Hannibal as I assumed). Looks like he's been a fan of Mikkelsen even before he started sperging about it on Twitter. Unless he did it on his Japanese one? Sadly, IDK Japanese so not sure how I should go about searching there. It was nice to randomly stumble upon Norman Reedus in the wild.
Actually I'm dumb as fuck as this article
has been the first thing I looked at, but didn't read the whole thing, and it actually had an answer. Still, I don't regret those 15 minutes spent searching through Kojima's twitter. I think I'm gonna look more now, I love his insane stanning of Mads.

No. 167894

File: 1635638408670.jpg (21.78 KB, 907x111, becauseitinfluencedsomethingel…)

No. 167895

I think it started during the making of Death Stranding, but idk. Maybe he was even a stan before and that's how Mads got the job.

No. 167896

Samefag, I hadn't read the other recents posts, so yeah, clearly it was before that

No. 167897

File: 1635639171912.jpg (52.64 KB, 736x624, 85898321b2d27b14cb3c7b1ed5ea01…)

It's amazing he didn't have them even in his youth kek

No. 167899

File: 1635639796284.jpg (75.68 KB, 626x659, merge_from_ofoct (9).jpg)

OP here, this made me kek
>Refn suggested Kojima hire Mikkelsen as a way to surprise audiences.
>Coincidentally, Kojima had already created a character with Mikkelsen in mind for the role
Yeah, I'm sure it went like that lol
I think Death Stranding and being able to work with Mads himself only fueled the passion, as seen >>167807

Also I promise to stop sperging about Kojima here, but I had to post those two tweets. Kojima sounds like a farmer listing fetishes for consideration of other mikkelsenfags(?). I legit lost my shit

No. 167905

How many of you have daddy issues
Genuine question

No. 167908

File: 1635647798425.jpeg (154.1 KB, 616x1024, EnAL9KLXMAEwzpY.jpeg)

Well, I do, I also have mommy issues, I could make a Susan Sarandon thread I guess. I wouldn't date a much older man irl though. Only Mads can trigger that feeling for me. Also, it's not like I only fixate on old Mads. I love his young version too. I would take him at any age.

No. 167933

File: 1635670771417.jpg (53.8 KB, 504x612, eef6d56bff41c3c27fe0421131e564…)

I love it when his hair is a bit longer.

>>167905 I might have some daddy issues as well.

No. 167939

You guys might be interested in this interview where they talk about the whole process of meeting and collaborating. At some point Mads left and Kojima went full fanboy, taked more in depth about a lot of his movies and also showed off all of his pictures kek.
Also during the interview Kojjima is asked what he wants from Mads moving forward and he answers "more than from Mads, I want Mads' fan all around the world to be happy and show a new side of Mads Mikkelsen" kek. He is truly /ourguy/.
Imo, Kojima is truly a wild card, he has some amazing ideas but also some terrible one. I'm still very exited about the prospect of another collaboration, and I really hope he will convince him.

No. 168125

i find him sexy, handsome and talented. but that doesn't mean i want to fuck him.

No. 168587

File: 1636061914361.jpg (116.55 KB, 736x1193, 9d816f13811650be47d1dcfddf4e96…)

I love mads bun

No. 170828

File: 1637517290251.png (178.61 KB, 540x296, tumblr_o8d0df2qcx1urilnho1_540…)

just saw Pusher 2. Very solid and realistic crime drama, better than Drive (same director). I want to give Tonny a big hug, he was just a harmless idiot

No. 170838

File: 1637522552080.jpeg (474.28 KB, 663x906, A7748C26-2A49-4A88-966F-9D640D…)

i’m not a madsfag but hearing how sweet and humble he is irl has given me a real soft spot for him, i also really like how he’s always down for his fans’ bullshit like pic related and >>167261

No. 170902

File: 1637559138613.jpeg (7.24 KB, 211x239, pobrane.jpeg)

or pic related

No. 171124

File: 1637683811617.jpg (47.9 KB, 564x800, 34078ea847f3c2b2476e3dc63f53cb…)

This place is too dead.

No. 171126

Sorry but noone stans your reptiloid husbando here

No. 171131

File: 1637691200599.jpg (9.75 KB, 219x231, monkry.jpg)


the more status you give him by posting him, the more his cheeks protrude in the next picture. just like a male orangutan.

No. 171143

File: 1637704212210.png (82.11 KB, 680x296, mads4.png)

>hearing how sweet and humble he is irl has given me a real soft spot for him

I've been also thinking about this anon, so please excuse my sperging. It's so rare to find celebrity so down to earth, especially male ones. My main theory to explain this behaviour is that he seems to not give a shit about the internet, which is the main source of brain poisoning nowadays. I also think he is a bit out of touch with pop culture in general (I remember reading something about how he didn't know who Rihanna is) and he doens't really try to cultivate a fanbase through social media. He seems to only care about cinema and sport really.

Kind of related but he also use to be a dancer, men tend to be less sexist if they are in a very female dominated space (imo) so maybe that why he knows how to interact with all sort of people without being creepy ? Maybe some other anons have better answers to all of this.

No. 171145

File: 1637705930002.png (12.78 KB, 245x205, index.png)

kek, the rihanna thing is one of my favorite mads facts.

No. 171164

File: 1637711798886.jpeg (738.92 KB, 1352x2041, EeknINVWAAAHWS_.jpeg)

I care deeply

No. 173961

File: 1639596521015.jpg (103.75 KB, 2048x1364, 264467286_2026487084184384_983…)

Mads is now Grindelwald
> Do you like the idea?
> Do you think the fans will screw it up?
so far Mads is quiet about the controversy with JKR and Johnny Deep

No. 173972

look ma it's the bruce almighty hat

No. 174024

File: 1639627237183.jpg (1.15 MB, 3462x2856, 25680920141010152612.jpg)

I first discovered Mads in the 2012 film a Royal Affair. I have a penchant for men with long hair and historical clothing. So it was an immediate crush. The movie's ending was crap though.

No. 174027

I prefer his brother.

No. 174043

So, so excited! What an upgrade over Johnny Depp. I wish he played Grindelwald from the start.
I'm watching Hannibal for Mads (3 episodes in season 3) and I must say that it's such a ride, but I wouldn't buy the character and story with someone else playing the character. He's that great and fitting. big lol at scrote fans ignoring how homoerotic (maybe homoromantic) his relationship with Will is What should I watch next? Seen Another Round and the Hunt. I think at least one more movie but I don't remember what atm.
He has a brother? Wow

No. 174125

Pusher 2 is very good, movie wise

No. 174157

He's super, super hot in Charlie Countryman. I also enjoyed him in Polar, though everything else about the movie was awful.

No. 174158

File: 1639728738114.gif (1.81 MB, 245x250, original.gif)

No. 174186

Watched the trailer and he fits the role, although I never imagined mads screaming “muggle” in my entire life kek

No. 303739

Thanks! I thought there was no thread here, was it resurrected?(necro)

No. 303886

Can’t stop rewatching him move in this

No. 304568

File: 1687661408777.gif (1009.33 KB, 500x230, tumblr_nuqhgi7iiH1u8h5aco1_500…)

I love the fact he was so happy in being "the bitch".

No. 304574

File: 1687661788545.jpg (62.88 KB, 540x810, DDSCXFUV0AAqfLW.jpg)

He had said he's faithful to his wife, so doubtful.

Besides he has signed some Hannibal fanarts (from normal one to guro/ero(?) kind of related to Hannibal) and according to his fans, he's always amazed how imaginative the fans are.

No. 308203


No. 320370


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