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No. 317362

True equality would be if women talked about Edmund from Narnia the way men talk about Lolita
>If generation after generation of perverted women glorified Edmund's relationship with the White Witch
>If they called real boys "Edmund" to paint them as alluring forbidden fruit
>If any reference to Turkish Delight was taken as a pedophilic innuendo
The most fucked up part is that I think men and boys would actually ENJOY living in a world like that(shit thread, samefagging and talking to themselves basically entire thread.)

No. 317363

LOL. In what context does the topic of turkish delight ever come up IRL. Does anyone still even eat that shit

No. 317364

>The most fucked up part is that I think men and boys would actually ENJOY living in a world like that
Which just proves that this shit isn't equality because men and women are built different. For every female pedo there are 100 male ones. Equality isn't about both sexes being as pedophilic as the other kek

No. 317366

equality isnt possible, the best we can hope for is keeping men firmly under control. as op says, men WISH women treated them the way they treat women, so everyone would be happier that way. teach boys obedience and marry them off as young as possible

No. 317368

/pol/ go away

No. 317369

what does /pol/ have to do with this thread

No. 317370

on that note the original myths describe Adonis, beloved by Aphrodite, as a mere boy. its a revealing double standard how unlike Lolita HE gets to have his name associated with like, full grown chads

No. 317371

>Oh nooo wont you femoids think of the poor young boys
Men are the ones who like this kind of shit irl, idk how many times I've seen men comment "where was this teacher when I was in school?" On a post of a teacher sleeping with a 14 year old boy.

No. 317374

yea my suspicion is that part of why shit like MeToo hasnt had that much effect is that not only do men hate hearing no, they genuinely cannot fathom why anyone WOULD say no

No. 317375

yup. MRAs love to jump into discussions of harassment and assault with "women can be creepy too!!!1!" but if they REALLY wanted to make men happy they'd encourage women to be CREEPIER

No. 317380

It just wouldn’t work.
In the news you can see many stories of women raping their male students and such (I call it rape because kids can’t consent) and moids will always go “damn, lucky boy”. Because that only gives them “more value” as a moid.
Like, for Edmund to become a sexualized figure of a little boy, like how Lolita got misinterpreted as a sexual little girl, you would first need to create the fear on moids of “If you have sex you will become impure and no one will ever want you” and that’s just never going to happen.
True equality only means that neither type of children gets sexualized, it means that women and men have an equal value regardless of how much or how little sex they’ve had in their lives. That’s it.

No. 317500

The Turkish?

No. 317556

This is a strange angle to approach equality from.

No. 317559

I feel like this post was made by a gay pedo man who wonders if women think of children the way he does.

No. 317560

Why isn't this locked?

No. 317561

stop replying to this

No. 317588

Why is this scrote trying to sexualize Narnia of all things?

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