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File: 1582500358510.png (78.61 KB, 726x606, Moke Wazisiskiz.png)

No. 517491

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists reeeee
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean
so our opinions don’t bother them
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.


The fastest way to improve:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon

No. 517492

Previous Thread

No. 517494

File: 1582503865829.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1920x2560, 82F60238-28FD-4D14-A90F-90C091…)

So thoughts on the 90s anime copycat artists? It was interesting at first but now I think it’s overplayed.

No. 517495

I don't mind it too much. I think it is a bit overdone but I've always liked how 80's/90's anime art looked so it never bothered me.

No. 517496

File: 1582504360608.png (362.78 KB, 432x573, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 7.30…)

for the previous thread mention of angelganev, wtf does he continue to draw waists like this? his figures have the anatomy of a monster high doll.

No. 517497

Legit, I thought all 3 were the same artist.

In early DA, everyone struggled to emulate a 90s anime style for years.
This seems like the natural conclusion to all that

No. 517498

eh it's basically just what movies and games have been doing with bringing back all kinds of 90's nostalgia stuff. pretty overdone but most of the pieces i've seen in this trend were nicely done so i don't really think it's harmful.

No. 517499

I think it's cute. Better than that ugly, lumpy Tumblr SJW/CalArts style we used to see.
If anything is going to become overplayed and generic, I'd rather it be this.

No. 517505

hate to burst your bubble but stylization is a thing.

No. 517506

It'd be alot cooler if they weren't so obviously made digitally. That grain filter looks horrible. I bet you alot of them trace heavily too.

No. 517507

File: 1582507344611.jpg (777.79 KB, 1080x1596, 20200223_165422.jpg)

I know Nerdecrafter openly takes ideas from Moriah Elizabeth (and other channels), but it was only when I saw their videos back to back like this that noticed she even copies her thumbnails. Both her thrift store series and squishy makeover series are made to look exactly like Moriah's. I don't generally dislike Nerdecrafter, I actually enjoy most of her craft kit reviews, but things like this make her look like such a tryhard.

No. 517509

Youtube won't stop recommending me Nerdecrafter and god is it annoying to see her making ugly faces and her big sausage fingers in every thumbnail. She's a harmless channel overall (she's not even rude or mean person) but its so obvious she jumps on trends and uses other youtubers names for views.

No. 517511

Heart_puff is my favorite tbh, even her page with old win layout looks cool.

>>517507 overall she's a harmless channel, kids wont notice if she copies until they get older. Didn't she left beign a teacher because of her father ilness or something like that?

No. 517514

I actually think everything but the face looks okay. The face is just too creepy for me

No. 517515

I don't have a real issue with Nerdecrafter but I do think her sculpting videos are pretty annoying. In one video she said knowing anatomy isn't important to be a good sculptor, but her sculptures would look so much better if she actually did take a second to pay attention to anatomy. They're all lumpy, awkwardly shaped, and look like middle school projects. Her personality comes across as a middle age woman trying desperately to fit in. She ranted on twitter a few months back about being kicked from a parrot subreddit because she was promoting her parrot's "movie", but it seemed like she knew that self promo was against their rules when she did it and she was hoping to get her promo out and take a slap on the wrist. She's nice in her craft videos, but she sometimes shows there's a really obnoxious side to her personality.

No. 517517


If im remembering correctly she left because of her own illness

No. 517520

Why did this video randomly appear in peoples recs with a bunch of English comments? Was it posted on twitter? The fucks with all the 'nO YoU CaN'T PuT YoUR SelF dOWn!' comments
Finally I checked his comic out and his art isn't as good as the people praising it make it out to be

No. 517521

Weird, that appeared in my recs today too.

No. 517528

God I hate this guy. Literally every single piece of his I can find the reference for on pinterest in under five minutes. His whole gallery is just uncanny portraits that make good looking photography somehow incredibly boring via instathot sameface, but normies eat that shit up for whatever reason. Not to mention his ego, acting like he invented adding digital lighting to traditional art. Pfft.

No. 517539

I posted about him before. I think his environment design and compositions are good. Obvious lolicon though.

No. 517543

I remember seeing that on Instagram, the comments were questioning waist size in comparison to the original model. Someone asked if he would draw a more average body type or one with different proportions and he said something along the lines of we’ll see :) before posting the same shit over and over.
Nothings wrong with stylized and I think that body would look good in something animated or even a comic but the low effort sketches are clearly him drawing whatever he thinks looks hot.

No. 517554


They collabed a few times and referred to each other as friends, so maybe it's not made by accident but by choice? Overall they share the same target audience, wouldn't suprise me if Moriah helped her.

No. 517576

This dude straight up uses his Pinterest drawings of other people's concepts and photography for his DTIYS, once one of the models called him out because she didn't like it and didn't give him permission to do so and he was so disrespectful to her. Straight up said "there's nothing wrong, I'm giving you exposure, it's my art and you can't take it down" and his little cock sucking followers swarmed the model. Thankfully she didn't back down and after some back and forth he removed the post and still had the nerve to say something like "sorry guys, this week's DTIYS is cancelled because I guess the model doesn't like fanart". He is good at painting but his drawings and especially his attitude need some serious work.

No. 517578

Do you remember which model it was of? I used to follow him and he’d post the references for his sketches or DTIYS but I remember before I stopped following him he didn’t credit any models anymore for his ideas.

No. 517604

i took an expired modanfinil and mixed it with a cold brew just to make sure it would work so i could focus on this essay cause my study habits have been shit lately and im tweaking so hard. Like im kinda comfortably awake kinda hunched over in tweaker mode but i dont want to go home bc im actually getting work done. the thing is doing this realized oversharing is whats ruining my life but also being stuck in my own head is detrimental too and in between getting work done i just be thinking u know and going on my phone is kinda too much stimulation rn so here i am also the essay im writing is why themes of male domination via depictions of sexuality sexual violence and gratuitious nudity were most common ancient greek art and im absorbing so much of my reading material i dont wanna stop reading but im also disgusted and pink pilled over this awful society deemed the best in the world
also im in my schools library and im pretty sure this guy has been straight staring at me for as long as ive been here but im too afraid to check cause i dont want him trying to talk to me and ruining my mojo
but the good news is this experience and writing this paper has ignited a new vigor for school in me thats been woefully lost since i started this year so thats good!
apologies for retarded tweaker rant

No. 517605

omg girls i am RETARDED so sorry wrong thread i swore i put this in dumbass shit mods feel free to delete

No. 517625

Lol anon you cutie

No. 517635

Well you wrote about Greek art, so there was some connection!
I hope you got your paper done but maybe don't mix those things next time, cold brew is really harsh on anxiety in general and modafinil is already known to make people angry

No. 517672

the thread turned surprisingly wholesome right there

No. 517699

Wrong thread or not, this is more relateable than I'd like to admit especially when you're trying to hit that deadline. Essays, art, etc.
I'm so glad you've got your spark, the focus of your essay sounds really interesting, back but as >>517635
said, please do not do that again. Too risky Lol

No. 517731

File: 1582566099637.png (769.63 KB, 865x437, danica.png)

Saged for nonmilk, from Danica's new video, "How I've progressed since college" or whatever it's called. Old drawing on the left, new on the right. What do y'all think?

No. 517734

The older drawing is like something you'd see in a graphic novel. There's movement in it, and while it isn't as anatomically correct it feels more fluid and dynamic. The newer one is blander, washed-out and Instagram-friendly. It's objectively better drawn from a technical standpoint but it looks more like an instathot's tattoo than an illustration that supposed to tell a story.

No. 517744

In the newer one, one of her legs looks longer than the other but I do like the colors more. I agree with anon above though it looks way more stiff.

I've noticed that a lot with artists in an intermediate stage thought they tend to become super stiff as they study proper anatomy and gradually have to relearn to be fluid and stylistic with their new knowledge. Like they're so focused on it looking correct and pretty they force the life out of every drawing

No. 517748

I guess that's where "learn the rules so that you can learn how to break them" starts to come in.

No. 517755

Not gonna lie, I like the older one More. Kind of a sucker for stylized art.

No. 517756

whilst she has a much better grasp of technique in the new one, it loses a lot of its character and flair as previous anons have said. Suddenly she's so stiff and isn't even holding arrows, so instead of looking active as a part of the illustration, she's become passive, which is quite sad.

the problem with danica is that her watercolours are beautiful but she's gotten comfortable. She constantly talks about how she wants to improve and try new things, but she seems afraid to step out of that comfort zone, which leads to a lot of boring repetitive stuff. But it's aesthetic, and the aesthetic sells.

No. 517760

File: 1582573704899.png (491.2 KB, 531x375, EQmkMrzUUAAVV8k.png)

Does anyone follow kidchan/cyanparade? I like her art and I felt bad for her when she had to take care of her sick father last year, but I had to stop following her after Qinni's passing because she won't stop engaging with trolls/airing out her dirty laundry everywhere. I understand that twitter/social media is how she gets her clients, but I feel like she really just need to take a long, serious break from the it. She landed herself in the hospital just the other day because some 'friends' accused her of raising money to go to Vancouver for vacation rather than to visit Qinni, and even weeks before kept arguing with so many people about gatekeeping grieving/clout chasing over Qinni's passing rather than just letting their replies get buried under the supportive ones.

No. 517764

Kidchan has struggled with depression for a very long time, to the point that it's actually incredibly crippling to herself because she gets money through art. But when her depression is so bad she can't create art, it's a whole spiral. She was extremely affected by Qinni's death, and probably thought it was important to try and defend her friend rather than to just ignore the trolls and assholes on twitter.

Quite simply, even in the real world, if someone you cared about dearly passed away suddenly, and you heard someone talking shit, there are people who disengage or people who engage, even if it is detrimental to them. I just hope that she gets the therapy and help that she needs, because she's been through a hell of a lot.

No. 517767

Happened to me and happens to many artist. A lot of artist once they learn anatomy become so stuck on doing it correctly they start drawing what is right instead of what looks right. On paper it sounds fantastic, since we're always told to draw what we see and not what we think we see but when you let it step on your creativity it becomes an issue. Basically art is just bunch of learning and them unlearning the same thing later.

No. 517786

When you make your living off the internet the internet becomes the real world, it's hard to just disengage and act like internet comments don't matter at all, I understand why she would reply to people in the way she did even if it probably didn't help her wellbeing. I hope she gets through this

No. 517792

disagree here. there should be a higher level of professionalism that she and many other artists just don't have, and that's because it's the internet and not the real world.

No. 517812

>artist you have posted sad cringe! you are going to loose follower!

No. 517817

Any recommendations for a good program/site/app where I could pose a 3D model? But maybe not anime style, if possible.

No. 517822

I like them both in different ways, but the older one overall - the colors, background and pose all look better together.
Also, this is a nitpick, but the new one looks like something Audra Auclair drew and I'm tired of that 'floaty ethereal' style

No. 517828

IIRC Myriam Tillson mentions a few in this video, I can't be arsed to comb through it for the actual names, sorry lol, but I hope it helps

No. 517834

The easiest/most intuitive software to pose 3D humanoid models imo is DesignDoll. Unfortunately they look anime. You can modify the models to give them a bit of stylized muscle and adjust the proportions to your tastes, but it will always look cartoonish. Istebrak sells a program to pose and light more realistic 3D models, but the posing is very slow and mechanical compared to DesignDoll.

A lot of people will tell you to not bother with 3D models and that it will always look unnatural, but I feel like it really helped me out - not as a final solution, but as a stepping stone. Playing around with models was a tremendous aid in my understanding of 3D space. It's really helpful to see how a 2D pose in your head translates to 3D. I don't use the programs anymore, but I would not be where I am today without them. My drawings from back then looked stiff and awkward, but when compared to the previous drawings, they had much more depth and accurate proportion.

If you do end up trying DesignDoll, don't get scared off by the hideous default doll. You can change the proportions and body type with sliders to get something resembling an american comic book character. The trial version is nearly fully functional - but you can't save. In the full version you can also download dolls and poses from the website - which is helpful if you're having trouble getting a base doll that you like. The hand poser is amazing, and very intuitive. You also have very basic control over the lighting, and the ability to import other 3D models and link them to different joints on the doll. For example, I imported high heels and linked them to feet, and a sword and linked it to a hand.

I don't know if Istebrak's program has a trial, I remember I bought it during a sale. The model is beautiful and has a lot of useful anatomical landmarks, but the posing is your standard 3D modeling fare. Click joint, rotate xyz. If you're already used to this it shouldn't be a problem, but when compared to DD, where everything is rigged and you can grab a wrist and pull the torso around like a ragdoll, it's a hard sell. The lighting is nice and much more advanced, but also harder on your GPU. I ended up not using it that much, so I don't know all the features, but I'm pretty sure you can import other models to use in your scene as well.

No. 517844

File: 1582585418060.jpeg (411.82 KB, 750x1065, 810F42A2-6AFB-4A59-8523-C0F127…)

Said artist got called out for putting tribute art on her Redbubble
She apologised but I guess anything for quick coin

No. 517846

File: 1582585936532.jpg (443.28 KB, 1000x1057, 6dafce5821194eefb6206797e78790…)

I am very much an oldfag and I miss the old "internet art style" it was so charming and cute now everything is traced instathots, cal arts and they/them nonbianary bullshit

No. 517847

Omg that brown haired angel girl. Who drew that? I swear I used to know them.

No. 517849

Nvm, I found them. They used to go by Ferus.

No. 517850

Oh shit I didn’t even know she did this. I followed her closely a couple of years ago but I don’t check ig anymore so I didn’t even see this. What a shame, and what a shitty thing to do.

No. 517856

Fuck these vultures. "omg any profit goes to Qinni's family guiz!"
Just say it how it is, you want people to think you're such a nice and generous person and you're probably gonna keep half the money anyway.
This is why I fucking hate the art community.

No. 517865

File: 1582591320520.png (27.52 KB, 764x159, unknown-14.png)

Im not sure if anyone witnessed this, Ill try to find any tweets that my friends showed me, but kid chan seriously needs help.

I know some people were skeptical about kidchan because she asked for ko-fi donations to attend qinnis funeral. People were concerned bc of past events where she never delivered a voltron zine and didnt refund many people.

There is an artist beware for this as well, but Im searching for it still.

But in different news, there was this chinese BL that a translation team wanted to translate to english . So, instead of raising funds in a kickstarter, they told fans to donate money via ko-fi. In addition to this, they were asking for 20k via ko fi donations. Kid chan, being a huge fujo, advertised this to pieces in hopes of the bl being translated. But a lot of people were suspicious of the translation team because they did not even obtain the license for this.


The original publishers of the BL was confused why this was even occuring. Not to mention the handling of money was not clear. After some dispute, the translation team decided to step down and apologize. Kid chan got upset and accused the english community for being idiots, then she got into a severe mental breakdown on live twitter. It got to the point where one of the business partners of the company she worked for saw this, and decided to discontinued business.

I really loved kidchans art, but her tweets has been really hard to tolerate. Ill try to search for them, but there was one where she talk about drinking alcohol with her xanax during a break down.

Sorry I splerged about this, but something about cyan seems so fucky. I think shes just severely mentally ill, tho

No. 517866

File: 1582591441220.png (25.72 KB, 600x178, unknown-11.png)

Same fag, here is the weird alcohol tweet. It did not mention xanax, which was a mismemory on my part so I apologize.

I know being active on social media is important for artists but.. Cyan really should stop

No. 517868

File: 1582591999557.png (40.29 KB, 585x315, unknown-19.png)

Same person, I cant find the artist beware for the zine, but theres some rumblings about it on twitter


Not really relevant but felt important enough to show, kid chan had over 43 coms in the queue that were never completed.

I know a lot of people are mourning over qinnis death. But Im a bit suspicious of how kidchan handles her money. Again, sorry for the long ass posts

No. 517879

When I follow artists, I usually don’t mind personal posts because they’re people too, and usually its nice to see a glimpse into their lives, but kidchan posts about everything and it feels like when you meet someone for the first time and they overshare every tiny detail about their life and you’re like “woah hey I just met you.” Granted, I know I don’t HAVE to read her posts or her twitter, but that’s the feeling her tweets convey. It’s like the shit artists keep on their private mutuals only profile. She says her clients come from twitter/social media, but if a client looked at her twitter, this is all the type of oversharing stuff they would see (even before Qinni died). Seems like a bad look. I also don’t think it’s bad that she tweets about how she struggles with her mental illness, but it’s uncomfortable to see when it becomes pretty self sabotaging.

As for the 2ha thing, I think what also blew up is that kidchan retweeted something tweeted out by someone (either on the team trying to raise money to license it, or someone else who was pretty involved in it) where they badmouthed the original publishers and the publishers caught wind and they weren’t very happy with that. Kidchan has apologized at least, but I never got to see the tweet she retweeted. I saw someone else say that that person hasn’t apologized yet.

No. 517898

Try ArtPose and Handy. Both apps that work for iOS, not sure about other OS’s

No. 517908

File: 1582605109304.jpg (176.31 KB, 763x1024, IMG_20200224_222106.jpg)

This bitchs art gives me Hc Brown vibes, must be the smugness and extendo chin

No. 517909

even though a lot of newfags make shitty unnecessary embarrassing redraws I can safely say that this general that I've been lurking since the first thread is better than the board /ic/
we did it reddit (unironically), I've learnt a lot about art.

No. 517911

god I hate when people draw eyes like that, its so fucking ugly.

No. 517912

File: 1582605724042.jpeg (246.93 KB, 700x826, grudru69.jpeg)

Every time I see Raihan art I just get reminded of the Kickstarter? scammer that later got called out for running a Despicable Me incest twitter

No. 517918

File: 1582606383567.jpg (203.42 KB, 720x630, 20200224_221130.jpg)

This person got into scad, all his art has the fugly tumblr blush. Why try when the bars so low?

No. 517928

At this point, scad takes anyone with a pulse and a bank account. I knew two people with really mediocre tumblr-tier art that got accepted and transferred there. They really believed that they’ll end up working for Cartoon Network or some shit.

Sage for blogpost

No. 517929

File: 1582610266766.gif (1.5 MB, 450x234, dp clap.gif)

I went to a public high school and five kids in my grade alone got into SCAD. It's not much of an accomplishment.

When are people going to realize that where you get your degree really doesn't matter? You get out of art what you put into it. If you're really diligent about studying and learning, you could go just about anywhere.

You know why people go to overpriced diploma mills like SVA and SCAD? They're paying for connections. They know they professors there are connected, and they know Disney and such scout at those schools. But those people are wasting their money; you'd be surprised by how easy it is to get connected if you just initiate contact with people in the industry. It's the fuckin' internet age.

I live in a podunk town in a flyover state and I'm friends with a guy who worked on Lion King and Mulan. It's literally just about practice, self-discipline, and reaching out.

No. 517937

If Holly Brown can get in anyone can.

No. 517938

God, that arm on her hip. Its so unappealing. Straight lines on the upper arm, straight lines on the forearm, elbow comes to an knife point. Its all so stiff and square and ugly. She has forearm muscles on the other arm, where are they on this one?

No. 517939


hate to burst your bubble but you can criticize art even if it's stylized

especially if someone's "style" is giving pinterest models even more impossibly skinny waists and uncannily beady eyes.
and especially if that artist is an absolute knobhead (as seen above).

No. 517948

anyone else sick of reweki's self involvement and inability to take any kind of negative or even neutral critique? her art's good enough but I wish her audience didn't have to be exposed to her personality.

No. 517953

samefag, but what spurred me to post this was the series of events today that was: doing a poll about if she should have a pinned story about her ootd's, making one of the poll options something like "you're a massive narcissist", getting 98% positive results on the poll but becoming enraged over the 2% who chose the narcissist option, doing a weird passive aggressive "I can see who picked the second option ;-)" story post, then deleting it all before posting a stunningly immature video of herself flipping the bird to the camera. she is 31 years old.
there was also that weird thing where she insisted that the people buying her art aren't rich. if they are able to drop $500-$800 on a watercolour that took two hours and still has unerased pencil sketch lines, they are economically advantaged. good on her for getting her coins, but I dunno, it's very strange to me for her to insist otherwise. sorry for the sperg lmao.

No. 518004

File: 1582630814662.png (710.12 KB, 1968x1599, 1572725577725.png)

So Tails gets trolled actually has good art now

No. 518014

Is it still being drawn by Lazerbot or did he get someone else to do the art?

No. 518020

File: 1582635141512.png (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 1638x5934, pg3.png)

still being drawn by Lazerbot, his art has been slowly improving page by page for years now

No. 518023

Haha that's amazing.

No. 518061

Why does every single face Waffles draws look like it’s missing a few chromosomes?

No. 518068

That’s a trace at the top right but the three on the left remind me of late 90’s anime drawings with the baggy pants and big eyes (or pouty lips for girls) like those doll makers from ‘00.

That said I do miss the old anime style and how there used to be a range of styles instead of gross/ugly characters with poor anatomy.

I haven’t seen many but the top right seems traced. I like the style but a lot of people copying it seem to not understand what works. I think Ocean in Space gets the late 90’s/00’s style well but I haven’t seen a lot that impressed me.

I don’t know her but her values in the left are much better. I wish she could merge the two, then her work would be more successful.

No. 518086

They are traced I recognize each screenshot.

And people saying they prefer traced same faced 90s anime to teenagers in their ugly style phase is pretty funny tbh. Then again IG encourages same face tracing so big surprise

No. 518176

I personally don’t care about that. Her work is pretty obviously extremely stylized so when people in the comments say “those hands are too big” or whatever it feels like they’re not giving productive critique so much as just trying to give themselves a weird asspat for knowing basic realism

No. 518184

I'm aware. I'm just sick of people only bitching about stylized art when they deem it "misogynistic".

No. 518212

File: 1582675186360.jpeg (165.87 KB, 442x359, D93E8884-0D23-49CD-8072-962479…)

I'm so tired of getting ads for lore olympus when it looks like… this.

No. 518229

Anon you do realize this is someone who uses babyvoice "Wiff" instead of "with" in their handle. Her content is made for kids. Kids look underdeveloped like that.

No. 518237

she's makes around a 100k a year from this comic, let that sink in and that's only from patreon

No. 518239

File: 1582685070030.jpeg (96.25 KB, 750x1624, 952C3B11-E191-4B7F-9301-170FFC…)

Damn I really need to step up my art game the hell, and make a series that’ll make that much money the hell. Ppl really do love shitty content.

No. 518241

This is getting an animated series as well, I think. I have no opinion on it, but tbh it really serves as a reminder that if something like this can be successful, then you can too.

No. 518244

she uses tried anime and korean-webtoon tropes but she used Greek-gods in an Urban seeting so it feels "fresh" and "original" to her dumb audience, her chracters being one dimensional generic tropes doesn't matter because thier mythological figures so they feel more complex and layered then they actually are

No. 518255

I hope doing all this venting will make me feel better. Because I'm depressed and angry.

I'm a "professional" artist, I guess ?? I don't have any connections or have ever done anything full time, I'm just a random freelancer. But I have gotten hired to do big work. I have done over 20 book covers, designed 5 mobile games that have 1 million+ downloads in google play, and other random stuff. My biggest job was a single gig for $6k. I'm not trying to brag, I'm just saying this so you guys know I'm not a delusional artist when I say that I'm really good and should be making a living wage. The problem is I'm an incredibly lazy sack of dog shit due to depression. I work less than 1 hour a day even though I'm a neet, so i'm actually legit poor unless i randomly land something, which can go months without happening. I JUST finished a commission that took me a MONTH when in reality was about 8 hours of work. Also due to working too little, I have low activity on my social media, so I have very few followers. I constantly get comments saying "why don't you have more followers, you're so good?" At first they made me happy, but now it just makes me mad. I have less than 400 followers on both twitter and instagram, 1k on facebook and 3k on artstation. My goal is to live off patreon, but… patreon depends solely on your follower count. It doesn't even matter if you don't draw good as long as you have many followers, you WILL get people. And I don't. I know that the answer to this is that I need to be active and consistent. Just post regularly and show I have a good amount of content to offer for the month. That's literally it. But every month I don't do it and disappoint myself, so I have never made more than $80 in one month there.

i follow a couple of girls who have successful patreons and whose style is similar to mine, but way worse. Less skilled, bad wonky anatomy, and shamelessly copying bigger artists. I'm almost obsessed with one of them because she's the worst of all, yet has the greatest consistency and activity so she has the most patrons. She has her earnings hidden but i think she makes around $5k judging by the price of her tiers and her number of patrons. Like I said, at first I followed her for motivation but now the salty jealousy kills me. I can't stand getting a notification that she posted something new, because god i hate her lol. I caught her tracing a few months ago and called her out on it with a spare account on several sites (cause i'm a jealous bitch), but amazingly her followers either didn't care, made excuses or downplayed it. one even defended her by saying that Picasso traced. So that's my vent. I'm looking forward for March to see if this will finally be my "real" start, but I'm depressed as hell right now and don't wanna think about how many times i've failed at this and how it's all my own fault.

No. 518261

Um tough shit.

No. 518262

damn anon why the fucking essay but honestly im in the same predicament

the only thing that is helping my lazy ass is getting tf off of social media and just making art and improving my fundamentals. fanart has made me gain followers like crazy. ive done it with kpop in the past and now im doing it with popular trends.

don’t stress too much you’ll live off patreon and stop being such a bitter bitch eventually

No. 518263

You’ll make money off of selling furry porn and porn .

No. 518266

have you considered having art be a monetizable hobby/side gig instead of your primary job?

No. 518268

Work a min wage job on the weekends.

No. 518269

Ot but why would someone put a filter on their own infant's face..

No. 518276

this animation is so shoddy for how simple the style is. like did they just animate everything one frame at a time without playing it back to see if it's smooth or not?

No. 518277


not the og anon but as nice as yall are, your comments are probably just making op feel even worse since it's like saying as an artist, they need to get another job to fully support themselves if they dont already have the neccessary follower count. I mean I get your point but it's just very infuriating everytime someone responds to you stressing over making money as an artist with "just take another job" or "just do it on the side"

No. 518278


didnt mean to have the video on there

No. 518281

Something that helped me was finding out there are apps for scheduling post on Instagram. As long as you have your account set up as an influencer/business you can get the app to automatically post them at your desire time. It really helps to be able to spend an hour or so in one day to get all your post lined up for the next week

One annoying thing is that they only allow you to post a certain amount for free every month (I use 3; each allowing 10 post), but if you can spare 10 dollars a month you can post much more (≈100).

No. 518293

is there certain time you recommend?

No. 518295

OP's most important problem isn't skill or money though, it is depression and she obviously knows that. She needs to work on her mental health instead of investing energy in dumb shit

No. 518310

Lol I'm depressed too but I still go to work to pay my bills. Just saying if you're having money problems working 12 hours a week at a min wage job won't exactly hurt your anxiety about your money problems. Plus it'll get you out of the house.

No. 518328

If you can’t make enough money as an artist do it as a hobby. It isn’t that difficult. Many people have to get jobs to live by, not everyone has the luxury’s to live off of their hobbies. If you want art as job, build up your career first rather than just relying on that as a single income.

No. 518329

anon, have you tried getting on some medication?

No. 518359

You just said you are lazy cuz of depression so like why not treat that first? Like you know the cause of your problems is because of it so yeah if that’s a gaping wound, you gotta close it. The thing with a lot of popular artists regardless of skill level, is that they gain people a lot easier through consistency and taking advantage of trends but depression makes it hard to maintain a routine and be productive. So like get on some medication and find a therapist first

No. 518394

getting a job that forces you to go out, have a schedule and interact with people helps A LOT. I still have my weekend job despite not really needing it because it keeps me sane.

No. 518395

I seen that on /ic/ yesterday with the same examples. And I don't get it, I think old internet style was ugly. All of the girls looked the same, it was boring

No. 518400

File: 1582723267854.jpg (14.76 KB, 316x450, 41nMbk KZmL._AC_SY450_.jpg)

Hey anons, i just picked up my pen and start drawing again after a serious and long hiatus from art and i want to really get out of my comfort zone and improve cuz all i use to draw is pretty girls. Do you have any tips?

No. 518409

If you want to improve, you should identify what areas you're lacking in (perspective? anatomy? colour and light?), do a bunch of studies and try to apply what you learn from those when drawing. Try even the things you're not usually interested in (if you only draw pretty girls, try to do some backgrounds, unattractive people, objects…), it'll force you to think more analytically and not rely on symbols/habits even when you draw pretty girls.
Also, don't get discouraged when you're struggling or stagnating. Sometimes you'll get stuck and feel like you're not improving, and that's normal. Getting better at drawing is mostly about changing the way you see and analyse things, so sometimes you'll have to take a break, step back and return to drawing later when you're refreshed and can look at it from a different perspective.

No. 518414

Actually the app I use recommends you a time to post depending on the hashtags and general user base, aka when the most users are on. For the most part I tend to aim around 3-5pm, 7-9pm for weekdays and weekends 10-12am weekdays.

No. 518438

Imagine seething instead of doing literally anything else lol skills are wasted on you.

No. 518448

Stupid question, but are there any tutorials for coloring semi-realistic people? I can't color my digital drawings. i don't want them to look too detailed but not too bland either. i'm looking at this one sketch for hour now. it's driving me crazy

No. 518452

Check out Gurney's Color and Light book, reading it really helped me with painting. You can find it as a pdf for free online and read specifically the chapters about the basics of color and light, and those that concern portraits. Learning how things actually work will benefit you a lot more than looking at tutorials, since those tend to be more step-by-step. You can also do studies of pictures/art in which you like the colouring to try and understand their colour choices.

If you're completely stumped when it comes to colouring though, my advice would be : 1. know what planes compose the face and body 2. place a light source, even if it's very diffuse lighting, it'll still help 3. start with choosing your midtones and making sure those already look nice together as flats before you add any lighting or hue variation.

No. 518454

Are you even listening to yourself?

> it's just very infuriating everytime someone responds to you stressing over making money as an artist with "just take another job"

That’s literally the exact most simple solution. You need more money, you have to supplement your creative work, you have to get a job that is more reliable than freelance. That anon even said it’s hard for them to get work, which makes sense as freelance is feast or famine on the best years.

Do you want someone to hold your hand and lead you to a follower fountain? Or a magic money fairy to appear and give you 1400$ a week on Patreon? Maybe it’s infuriating but Creative jobs are tough shit and the fact of it is that a LOT of successful creators either have another supplemental job or a cushy support system in their partner or parents.

As an aside, if your depression and jealousy is crippling your ability to get work done I do second the other anon’s advice to go get some meds and therapy. Too much art is lost to creators who won’t get help

No. 518506

File: 1582736626967.png (414.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-105623.png)

Saw another artist share this on their story. It's a post about "How to Get Blocked"

No. 518507

File: 1582736696646.png (651.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-105741.png)

Samefag but here is a screenshot of his profile. At least he knows he's a snowflake lol

No. 518511

File: 1582740175905.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200226-185441.png)

In Rae's newest video she's using every single pen she owns
And aside from the inevitable disaster of an art piece and the multitude of chicken scratches..
She decided to use the same type of pen 100+ times, instead of just using the one and counting it as one.
It's one type of pen Rae, using a 100 black pens is fucking stupid

No. 518512

What app is this?

No. 518514

Did she seriously open all those pens just to make one mark with each of them? Damn, and here I thought having two sets of microns was splurging.

No. 518519

Scratchy lines are the mark of someone who doesn't know what they're doing

No. 518521

is this a challenge or wtf? i don't get this at all, it doesn't improve her art or challenge her in a meaningful way. also why the fuck does she have 100+ of the exact same black pen, did she buy them for the video?

No. 518524

It's not meant to improve her art or be anything of meaning, it's just a stupid attempt at a viral video

No. 518538

File: 1582748003428.png (1.18 MB, 956x647, Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 3.11…)

surprised i havent seen pbmahoney_art posted in one of these threads yet. his shit is an absolute eyesore and yet he somehow has 31.3k followers and sells prints of what seems to be poorly traced pop culture art.

No. 518540

>I'm looking forward for March to see if this will finally be my "real" start
March isn't going to magically imbue you with the will to work. Nothing save the face of death will do that. You are never going to feel like it. Ever. In your whole life, you are never going to feel like doing anything other than survive expending the least amount of energy possible.

Divine inspiration and people loving their jobs and waking up excited to get to work is a load of shit. Deadlines are imperative to getting anything done. Time - aka THE FEAR OF DEATH is the only thing that will force us to action. People fear starving to death, or being homeless, or their children dying, or having not accomplished anything by the end of their lives. Some are more sensitive to this fear than others. That's it. You're not a failure, you're just not scared enough.

>b-but I have panic attacks every night over my fear of dying

Still not scared enough. You know that feeling you get when it's midnight and you haven't started on the essay due tomorrow morning and something deep within you stirs and suddenly you're churning out 300 words per minute on a book you couldn't give less of a shit about that has suddenly become the sole focus of your entire existence? That's fear.

So how does any of this help you? Stop feeling bad and blaming yourself for being a lazy human, because we all are. Stop procrastinating. The first day of a new month is meaningless in your pursuit of instagram followers or what-the-fuck-ever. Even tomorrow morning is too late. How does waiting for the sun to rise again help you in any way? You're never going to have a perfect day. There is never going to be a perfect time. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment, and giving yourself excuses to put off what you don't feel like doing. But that's just it, YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO FEEL LIKE IT.

Right fucking now. The moment in time in which you are reading these words, start researching how to create habits. There's a science to it. You can actually trick your stupid animal brain into doing things it doesn't want to do. And then, kind of like how you're spiraling down into a pit of self-hatred and despair, you could like, spiral up instead.

No. 518547


No. 518566


Good shit anon.

No. 518602

I wish nozmo didn't shut down her incest twitter, the drawings were disgusting but i loved seeing how degenerate someone could get

No. 518611

Switching Planoly since it's 30 free most per account, but for the best time to post that was Apphi. Although it was trial only which sucks but it help give me an rough idea when to post.

Apphi I like the UI, it has easy to use preset hastags, can have multiple Instagram account link and each get 10 post, but it's only 10 post in a month and if you pay it's expensive

I just started using Planoly. It's nice let's you plan Instagram stories. It's 30 free post but can only link one Instagram. Although it's much cheaper than the prior. Downside is only 2 insta can be link and only one gets unlimited posting and the other is 30

No. 518630

Might be a little OT but for those of you who draw do you have any advice on making cleaner art? I draw like I only have five milliseconds to do it and the end result always looks sloppy as hell. I just don't know how to get myself to just slow the fuck down and take my time on a drawing.

No. 518634

Your question is sloppy as hell too, what kind of at are you even trying to make cleaner. Pen sketches? Digital anime girls on procreate? Watercolour landscapes?

If you're working from a computer and you just want clean lineart, look into tools to steady your line such as lazynezumi or using something like SAI that has it built in. Draw zoomed out on huge canvases and resize smaller after you're finished.
Practice drawing confident drawings with sharpies or ink pens, from now on only ever use pen in your sketchbook. It's unforgiving and it will teach you how to draw with confidence.

No. 518637

File: 1582773610065.png (902.71 KB, 2048x1848, Screenshot_20200226-221833.png)

I feel like this is weird. This is weird right? Having it in your bio. Idk.

No. 518644

it's weird as fuck. Just pin it to at least pretend you're not a scumbag. "Please leave a comment so my engagement numbers are higher"

No. 518667

Not op but also to add like, if OP HAS had the experience of doing that many book covers and game work, then like unless some of that shit is beholden to an NDA, why isn’t it in their portfolio and why don’t they apply to in-house jobs at companies? Like there’s many positions available at places, you gotta look and decide what part of the art industry you want to be in. But also plenty of artists have a day job in an unrelated field too and like it’s snobby AF to assume everyone gets by on just patreon or similar alone. Plus it’s way harder to do solo patreon and self marketing alone without something like depression. Gaining followers ain’t shit sometimes cuz that usually doesn’t translate well into any income

No. 518734

This girl is so unusual. She has real fake big dick energy in the Twitter art community because they have lots of followers, though if you look at the following/follower ratio it's obvious they do lots of F4F. The vast majority of their art is lowest common denominator appealing pop culture shit stuff or that hideous, obnoxious gross teeth 'cute' shit. She thinks she's an authority in the art community and super funny but she's neither.

No. 518797


Everything she's doing is disingenuous. She is not making "art share threads" and organizing a tribute out of the goodness of her own heart, she's doing it for clout/a job, and wants to be seen as "so giving, kind and sweet" when she's honestly just like anyone else who acts that desperate for attention. Potential cow material but there's not enough there besides ugly yellow teeth fanart and whining about not having enough internet points/"artist struggles".

No. 518800

She strikes me as a lolcalf. I get the feeling that she's way grimier than she presents herself as. Like how Christy Lynn Walker was everyone's NICE LADY MAMA with harmless but weird fetishes up until people starting digging up her pedo past, cheating on her simp boyfriend and telling 14 year olds to get nipple piercings.

No. 518801

File: 1582810280976.png (147.49 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_2020-02-27-20-29-31…)


The fact that she tweets this makes the clout chasing even obvious

No. 518802

she is completely faking the niceness and sounds two faced in general so you are probably right.

No. 518902

File: 1582839510592.png (35.07 KB, 600x267, 27KhBcV.png)

Her ego rivals Becca's.

No. 518906

Lmaooo, why post this??
“Because I need to let my followers know- so I won’t be hurt as a popular artist UwU”
Stfu, lol, as any person online or an artist in general you have to be weary of strangers online because they may not be in your own interest.

No. 518907

This is literally all she talks about.

No. 518917

File: 1582844830830.png (2.45 MB, 972x1285, Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 3.50…)

This girl is constantly blowing up on Twitter because she's a geeky artist with a perfect anime gurl body and apparently just bought her first high rise apartment in Las Vegas purely off of her art. I guess that's possible but damn people buy her shit 100% because she's hot, not because her work is amazing or anything. Her life is so perfect there's not way all of it is real.


No. 518919

her mouth looks gross and weird

No. 518921

I don't think it's fair to say people buy her things because she's hot; it's more so that she gets attention and followers for her hot pics, which makes it more likely for people who like this sort of art to see it. It's not like her art is the worst thing ever, it's your average, muddy coloured pretty girls with wonky faces. Lots of people genuinely like that.

No. 518923

I think it's a combination of both her art and her looks.

No. 518925

Unless she's making contemporary art sold for 1 million money I feel she's going to lose the place.

No. 518928

Is she an ig model version of an artists or something? Those lips are definitely fake ig model tier.

No. 518931

Oof I follow that person! What a shame since their art is actually quite nice.
However, I understand that constantly being compared to other artists and getting repetitive comments does get exhausting as fuck. Especially when you're in the horror/spooky art community.

I wonder what she looked like before all that surgery

No. 518933

She has a history of abusing photoshop and she definitely has a team when it comes to doing "photoshoots" like this fake selfie one here

I had to block her at one point cause I was sick of seeing her on my ig explore page

She's just a rich filipino "baddie influencer" on the same level as a gamer e-girl but she sucks at art but people still want to give her money for being hot

She probably has a lot of milk but not a lot for her own thread

No. 518934

There's no way she's making enough money solely off prints and merch sales to guarantee the rent and bills suggested by that apartment– but that's what she continually suggests. It's bizarre. Freelance artists I know who are much more notable than her don't even make this kind of dough, and their art is actually competent and visually appealing. Something's definitely fishy.

No. 518937

Reminds me of Charmaine Olivia who always claim.s the same type shit. You can sell your work to places like urban outfitters or whatever but it still doesn't add up for me.

No. 518938

File: 1582850976633.png (4.54 MB, 1890x1250, Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 5.42…)

You say it's not fair to say that her followers buy her shit only because she's hot but then go on about how her hot pics get her attention which means her art gets more attention, which means people buy more? I'm not saying it's a pity thing but rather if she was just posting her work by itself instead of propping herself into every photo then she wouldn't even a quarter of the interaction she gets now.

No. 518939

If you got it, flaunt it, I guess. I'd do the same if I could lel

No. 518940

that's kinda sad.

No. 518942

Oh, absolutely. But at the end of the day who cares

No. 518968

These literally look like the kinds of tattoos you see on trailer trash.

Imagine having such bland art that you have to post your tits next to it to get any attention.

No. 518981

Las Vegas property is fucking cheap, literally not that big of a deal. But good on her

No. 519013

File: 1582866942263.png (66.53 KB, 591x319, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.1…)

ok which one of you was it

No. 519024

There's definitely a rich daddy involved here, be it paternal or sugar.

No. 519030

I had to block her, tired if seeing her going ‘omg i love anime isnt that crazy im such a nerd lol ‘

No. 519034


Her art is trash… I don't think that it was the only thing that made her money for that apartment…

No. 519046

She is pretty hot tho ngl lol

No. 519065

I think a lot of you are forgetting that most people don't draw and have very low standards for art. If Sakimichan can make so much patreon money from her non-euclidean anatomy, then that girl can buy a fancy flat.

No. 519115

I saw the interaction on Twitter yesterday. I howled in laughter, not gonna lie.

No. 519116

oh shit, does anyone have the post she is apologizing for? i wanna see her facade slip lol.

No. 519126

people like this only watch mainstream shounen jump and act like they're special.

No. 519149

Imagine posting these and then acting surprised and “saddened” that people are claiming that you’re clout chasing

No. 519154

Im going to seem like a douch, but I don’t see how the HELL people can cry over a person that they don’t personally know (people who consitantly vlog or YouTube I can semi-understand)- so it’s disgusting to me when people act “oh so troubled UnU” by a person’s death.
Is it sad that a good person died? Yes.
Do we need to act oh so empathetic towards it? Fuck no

No. 519163

you can cry over people you don't know if you are very empathetic, but deepeepee has always been very obviously clout chasing, so she is just trying to look good again.

No. 519176

I don't know how she can buy a condo and travel all over the world on what seems to be like ten pieces of shitty art. Her online shop doesn't have much variety either.
Plus it looks like she's been travelling long before she even started pushing her artwork, so it's clear she wasn't originally poor

No. 519185

"non-euclidean anatomy" anon you legend I almost choked from laughter

No. 519200

great, the cunt is emotionally unstable. what a shocker. I hope she deletes her account.

No. 519201

sage bc ot but which interaction made her "apologize" for the post?

No. 519221

Her pinned tweets are her being weirdly defensive over people commenting that she has a boyfriend or rich family. But I doubt she even got the boob implants to kickstart this career in the first place without family money, and like you said she was going on vacations before which poor people don’t do. I’m sure she makes a lot of money now though on her own selling art using her lewd photos as ads, rich people just get self conscious when told they lucked out due to their starting opportunities and like to downplay family money.

No. 519225

eh tbh in general when someone's very attractive, you're subconsiously inclined to see them in a more positive light or give them the benefit of the doubt, which includes their art in this case.

No. 519226

There was someone who said that she was using Qinni’s death for clout. DMs were even sent. DeePee took a screenshot of the DMs and the accusation and said something along the lines of “I’m a good person! I would never do this for attention!”
She then went on to say “I did this for her! She was my friend!” When I don’t believe she was Qinni’a friend at all. But hey, I didn’t know much about Qing, I was just saddened that she died too soon.
I wish I took a screenshot of the tweet, but it was gone within an hour.

No. 519228

nta but not really, you've gotta do what you've gotta do to get ahead in this world.

No. 519238

i think i've seen her tweets boasting about how she is this self made artist and how no one else helped her in her carrier when it's clear she had a head start by being rich lol.

No. 519240

lmao what a sore cunt. she knows what she is and obviously can't stand when people call her out. she's really showing what an unstable cow she is.

No. 519265

Yeah like having a headstart is all cool but don't act like you started from the ground up. You can get into the business of making/selling anything as long as you have the money to fund it, even if it's a garbage product

No. 519343

I'm late to this and I don't even have anything meaningful to contribute besides what. the. actual. FUCK

No. 519358

File: 1582942098476.jpeg (145.35 KB, 828x1792, 1C34B44F-7E68-44A1-9CFA-A5718C…)

She posted this but it’s so obviously faked? Like how is she even taking this picture unless she purposely shopped herself into some random balcony picture

No. 519360

It looks pretty real to me

No. 519363

Two observations. 1. Why is the image flipped? And 2. as an LV local I find it hilarious she’s boating about living in a high rise next to the fucking Circus Circus. Bitch, living on the strip doesn’t mean shit when you’re on the dead half of it. Surprised she hasn’t been mugged yet.

No. 519370

Backlighting makes things look kind of fake just by its nature and LV real estate is cheap, but LOL if she’s holding her phone like you would do a selfie in a mirror, like where is this mirror located??

No. 519376

File: 1582947104478.png (192.19 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20200228-222944.png)

She has a mirror on her balcony apparently lol

No. 519395

I wish Waffles would quit doing mystery boxes. She flat out refuses to read up on how to use any of the supplies - even ones she's got a bunch of times like pastels - and just bumbles along doing the same things she always does because she 'wants to figure it out herself'. Meanwhile she doesn't learn anything and keeps making the same mistakes. Just give it up and admit you only want to do copic art.

No. 519408

File: 1582961171268.png (139.39 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20200229-022425.png)

She has over 20k followers and she's offering free money. Wtf did she expect?

No. 519421

Jfc she’s as bad as those “sugar daddy” twitter accounts that bait people with “free money” to boost their follower count.

No. 519429

Jfc this post is so obnoxious

No. 519431

Saging cause it isn’t milk, but something to talk about.

Had this in my recommended feed. Not sure how I feel about it. The guy isn’t wrong, but this just seems like an ad for part 2. I was kind of hoping he’s mention how these artists likely keep more than one sketchbook, or the pretty instathot tracers, but it really was a simple ‘on-the-tin’ video.

Also, Skillshare really out here sponsoring videos less than 10 mins? Okay….

No. 519437

She says "your girl" twice, god, every thing she does is so fake and forced.

No. 519481

Case in point:
>My problem with pastels is that I can't do detailed work with them
That's because you can't do the usual 'lineart with a fineliner and then colouring it in like a colouring book' act you and Kasey have been doing for years. That's not how pastels are used.
>I did well with the water soluble pastels (in her previous video)
That's because you used them like watercolours and just coloured in some lineart of a (surprise, surprise) cute girl with a brush. It doesn't HAVE to be a cute girl with a detailed face every single time, it's not the medium's fault that you won't draw anything else besides that. The pastels would have been perfect for a landscape or an animal or a still life.

No. 519523

I'm all for her finally starting to use references, however she's spending too much time refining the sketch when she hasn't finished the main body of the sketch. They still lean pretty heavy into her style

No. 519533

Why would she quit doing mystery boxes when they get so many views? It’s shit, but it’s just a fact of YouTube now that you aren’t going to get views just doing art pieces anymore. There’s always gotta be a gimmick or a hook.

No. 519536

She needs to look up ear anatomy. Ears she draws are just wrong…

No. 519537

That's what I was saying through the video. Tbh it's really obvious that she bases how her characters end up looking off herself with the same eye bags, slightly thin lips and eye shape. I mean your own image is your first reference but she's really blatant with it.

No. 519545

She still says "XD" in 2020?
What is she, fifteen? No wonder she's so obnoxious.

No. 519561


I know, it´s disgusting, like a rubber doll.

No. 519565

Sooo, is Emily Artful back on drugs or in prison or something like that? She hasn´t posted in over a month. Anyone know whether she has finally given up?

No. 519568

She is pretty active on twitter, and has been posting lately. She said on the 9th she is coming back and getting into routine again after a vacation with her family, but that was over 2 weeks ago. She is still online, her most recent tweets were reactions to the whole mom hitting her 2-year-old over the make-up palette video.

No. 519576

I am not following her social media so idk if she has announced this already or not but she is pregnant again so that would explain the lack of videos.

No. 519671

File: 1583018667581.png (557.69 KB, 817x593, biana.png)

Melanin March is a cool initiative and I even want to participate, but what the actual shit is that illustration?

No. 519677

i guess it's supposed to be "march" as in the verb, but the pose looks somehow off to me.

No. 519694

“Melanin March”?
Look, I’m all for pride and shit, but this mixed race kid right here doesn’t give two fucks about skin color.

No. 519721

It’s march as in the month, kinda like mermay

No. 519725

yea i know, i mean as in the concept of the illustration.

No. 519763

The pose looks off because the position of the arms and legs should be opposite of each other. If the right leg is forward, the right arm should be back, but instead they're matching. I think it's a cute drawing, but that's an issue the artist overlooked.

No. 519764

That arm is either dislocated or growing out of her back. Yikes.

No. 519825

Any digital artist around? I need some advice.
I'm a traditional artist and I just bought an XpPen display tablet. What free resources do you guys recommend for learning digital art?
I know my way around Photoshop, Sai and Ibis Paint, so I'm not completely clueless but I don't know if my skills and knowledge are gonna translate. For example things like layer modes, brushes, effects and etc. Are there any artists you recommend?

No. 519832

Congrats on the screen tablet. I hear XPPENs are of decent quality.

Not a fun answer, but reading program manuals and visiting their specific YouTube pages for tutorials is the best beginner way to get a handle on the programs you want to pursue. Do you think you’ll be doing more digital illustration, comics, or painting?

No. 519833

you really just gotta experiment around with layer modes and such, but any fundamentals you learned with traditional art is gonna translate over perfectly to digital. heck you'll probably be able to streamline your process to be quicker because of the advantages of digital art, like the layers and the infinite eraseability.

No. 519882

Thanks for the advice. Honestly I had never thought of doing that. I mostly do illustrations for kids but I'm hoping to make a comic. It's kinda my long term goal.

Actually streamlining the process was the reason why I made the purchase. Hopefully it's gonna turn out how you say. Thanks

No. 519934


Considering that this is not a realistic drawing, I think it looks ok. I´ve seen a lot of people draw runners in a similar fashion when they are drawing in this sort of style. Besides, I can put my arm back like that, too. Wouldn´t do it while I am running, obviously, since I am not a cartoon girl, but I can certainly do it without having to hurt myself.

No. 519936

File: 1583089056510.jpg (377.1 KB, 718x960, 2020-03-01_13.50.41.jpg)

Anyone else tired of seeing these "art improvement" posts where there's very little improvement? I like seeing growth and improved art, but posts like this make me wonder how you can grow so little in 3 years.

There are better examples out there but this one popped up on my explore page

No. 519954

How did she fuck up the lower nose that bad? She drew up like they're facing left, but the character is facing forward.

No. 519958

I think everyone improves at different rates anyway. The artist has improved in places like with colours, though the style is pretty samey between the two pieces tbh. But, not every artist on instagram is drawing every day in an attempt to improve, and so the improvement's slower.

No. 519965

yea but "improvement" memes like this are useless then, they should make it when they actually improved.

No. 519966

File: 1583096466719.png (245.72 KB, 1268x1212, radarsaturn.png)

I like this artist's work but god, I don't know whether they're just being lolsorandom or if they have legit issues. I imagine it's a mix of the two. They have also lashed out at fans for really dumb shit before, like for joking that one of their ocs was bald.

No. 519968

they seem pretty crazy, and it's definitely an overreaction but i'd be mad too if some shitty tumblr teen used my oc for their shitty rp.

No. 519971

agreed. the only time they're useful and not masturbatory is if you seriously went from juvenile stereotyped deviantart tier shit to being in control of how your art looks, because it shows people what dedication and learning can do. no one cares if in three years you changed the way you like to draw eyes and started shading with 3 values instead of 2. keep that shit to yourself.

No. 519972

Looks like a NEET with no friends that's trying to use their 'fanbase' as friend surrogates or social interaction to me.

No. 520016

File: 1583104642590.jpeg (199.02 KB, 539x1383, 621B4B78-A142-4378-BAB3-641F77…)

Lmao no this bitch is delusional if they think their ocs are original. I’m sorry but their art is shit tier and they’re like 20s year old and acting like this. Their oc looks like something from jet x.

No. 520018

anon, her highrise is located in the shadier part of vegas(see the circuscircus sign in the back). If she got a condo in the main strip it would be in the millions, but outside of that area they go for 200-500k. So literally an affordable mortgage for any working person.

The fact you are jealous about this is so fucking weird LOL

No. 520022

Glad I wasn't the only one that got that vibe from them lmao
OC based artists really are something special.

Could've sworn I've seen another person's OC that looks just like this.

No. 520026

I had started to read lore Olympus, but I just couldn't stand how obviously bad the anatomy is.

No. 520037

ntayrt but 200-500k still seems steep for someone who apparently only makes money from selling prints

No. 520051

Same anon. I just cannot for the life of me stand the obvious anatomical errors. They're so off-putting to me.

It makes it worse knowing it's a popular comic that's been showcased as uber amazing and wOw when it's so amateur tier in its art.

I just cannot read it, most likely because of how bitter I am towards its infamy even though its art is trash.

No. 520058

I'm not too familiar with this person but going on their site, they sell more than just prints https://alythuh.com/collections

The lowest amount she needs to make is 20k a year and I can easily see how she can surpass that with her following.

If people can't make min wage doing art they need to quit lmao

No. 520081

Yeah fuck off van gogh what a loser am i right

No. 520082

File: 1583114133836.jpg (329.74 KB, 1288x2289, PicsArt_03-02-08.50.39.jpg)

Like she didn't do events so it will gain her more followers (as a reply kinda says).

I want to wait and see how much cowtential she has.

No. 520089

File: 1583114735360.png (622.21 KB, 1186x603, Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 9.03…)


yup, she apparently sells self defense stuff with her art printed on it as well as tiddy mouse pads. her colors are so muddy and gross though, idk why she continues to color like that. it's like jaquelinedeleon but somehow even more muddied.

No. 520093

Her art isn’t that good but honestly she’s smart. If she has such nice looks and wants to use that as her advantage let her. Hating on her isn’t going to do shit.

No. 520095

yeah he committed suicide lmao what's your point

if you think making min 20k annually is a big deal i feel bad for you

No. 520115

He was a loser. He was an unemployed dickhead alcoholic, suckling his brother's teet for money, had a classic neet personality, and was huffing his oil paint solvent to hallucinate. He is literally a genuine asshole. He should have quit and gotten an actual job.

20k a year is one full time job at minimum wage after taxes. It's pretty damn easy to do that and still make art on the side.

No. 520141

Where can I find a half-decent liquify brush for CSP? I've tried a few I found googling but they all suck or blur too much. Switched from PS to CSP and I love it a lot actually, but damn I miss liquify for fixing my crooked ass sketches.

No. 520145

I hate the story so much. Also Hades is the most pathetic excuse for a fuckboy anyone has ever managed to write ever.

No. 520153

Lmao this stupid how makes art? Someone post it here I wanna see it but she has me blocked.

No. 520167

Those characters look like they're made of shrink-wrapped raw meat. Maybe if this lady spent as much time practicing painting skin as she does taking pictures of her tits, her art wouldn't look like an eighth grader drew it.

He's still less of a loser than anyone in this thread kek

No. 520180


did their boobs survive the rash that covered the rest of their body or what?

No. 520201

Why do normies think having a glowing face like an alien from a 80's movie looks good? I seriously don't get it

No. 520236

They look like skinned apes.

No. 520244

File: 1583157452693.jpeg (318.39 KB, 1125x652, C3EEBD83-C671-4BCF-9A3F-548C2A…)

The caramelldansen meme should stay dead instead of getting its corpse reanimated by shitty artists.

No. 520246

I know that dunking on men with any kind of notioriety is lolcow tradition, but Van Gogh was mentally ill. An untreated, isolated mentally ill man in the 1800s is gonna have a hard time living a normal proper life.

No. 520252

why do they have so many nipples?

No. 520274

She absolutely can with that many followers, especially with such high engagement. Other artists don’t really know how to market themselves. Selling merch with your prints will easily net you more money. Doesn’t she live in Nevada as well? You can get a high rise condo for cheap there. That condo could easily be 500k or less. Especially because it looks like a 1 bedroom.

No. 520292

This artist is like an edgy fujoshi who has a serial killer oc.

No. 520294

Sounds like Holly

No. 520299

I don’t think they’re a fujo since they seem to hate anything sexual. They’re just a run of the mill weeb edgelord with family issues.
Got a lot of those running around on twitter, unfortunately.

No. 520304

Didn’t he use hookers and abuse them? Pretty problematic tbh

No. 520306

That was Picasso

No. 520307

Why they look like imvu abortions?? This is how I expect /pol/ to draw brown people.

No. 520325

Are you seriously trying to cancel Van Gogh

God damn who let all the Tumblrinas into LCF. If you say "problematic" unironically, this isn't the place for you.

No. 520403

lmao who the fuck cares? they're hookers.

No. 520411


LOL, I bet you are still in highschool and think that you´ll make it big as an artist because you managed to get an A in art, possibly because you have one of those teachers that will give anyone an A, as long as they invest enough time/effort into their projects, regardless of the outcome.

You remind me of the idiots that think a musicians ability can be measured by the number of albums that they´ve sold.

No. 520414


Don´t let your mom hear that, you might hurt her feelings.

No. 520415

nta but fuck off and go back to onlyfans, ~whore~

No. 520424

also a full time artist and your experiences sounded identical to mine, also thought I was just a lazy shit. found out that I had undiagnosed adhd made worse by depression. going on adderall was an immediate and huge improvement, I could actually sit down and draw for 6+ hours again. not sure if it could be the same issue, but I hope you can figure out something.

sage for blogpost

No. 520426


Why would I need onlyfans? All I need is your mom and a couple of food stamps…

No. 520428

Anon why are you so mad LOL I didn’t comment on her art skills at all

I guess it hurt your feelings? If art is your full time job and you can’t make 20k a year you should quit and keep it a hobby. It’s cool to romanticize art but if you aren’t marketing yourself/making merch people are willing to pay for and expect to survive, you’re delusional.

No. 520429

Lmao you totes roasted them dude

No. 520455


You’re thinking of picasso or gauguin

No. 520467

Jfc so many edgy cunts infighting

No. 520468

File: 1583206185763.jpeg (8.64 KB, 225x225, 1EDAE191-2662-411F-834E-BE7FD5…)

No. 520470


it's like im on gaia again i'm dying

No. 520476

Does anyone else here hate when they click on someone's Instagram only to see the shittiest art out there with their profile saying ~freelance illustrator~ or ~freelance artist~ as if their art is actually good enough to be even considered in the industry?

Like I get everyone starts out somewhere, but just because you write your own songs and partake in really shitty busking I doubt anyone would call that person a musician but rather an "aspiring musician" and I think the same would apply for visual artists too.

Its just really annoying seeing people who have clearly never worked in that profession having the audacity to claim that they are already apart of it

Sorry for the rant, its not a big deal, just something that irritates me when browsing instagram

No. 520479

File: 1583207989668.jpeg (92.42 KB, 560x708, oLAqcchS.jpg:medium.jpeg)

apparently that ninja fortnite guy has a comic now and it's about the blandest non-dynamic thing ever

No. 520480

Even for a super hero type comic the pacing is way too fast

also crinja's a fucking meme, can't believe they're making a super hero type comic based off a real fucking person, especially when that person is super lame and egotistical and gets angry over jokes

No. 520498


freelancing isn't the same as working for "the industry" so why does it matter if someone would be considered or not for it, especially if they're not looking to be hired in a certain industry. freelancing is just the ability to be able to sell yourself or your work. industry level work, while related to freelancing, is being able to sell yourself to large scale clients and projects. you don't have to have good art to be a freelancer. you can have mediocre art and as long as you're able to sell yourself enough to make passive income from drawing furry porn, personal commissions, patreon, or prints, you're freelancing. as opposed to an "industry job" which some freelancers do, but are mostly for those actually looking for a job in a certain industry.

No. 520501

ntayrt and I agree with what you said, but I think it's irritating to see people who can't hold a pencil call themselves "artists" even when it technically brings them money.
I'm sure the dictionary includes hobbyists as artists. but idk whether ctrl alt del level relatable comics or generic witchy girl #3839265 count as art.
I feel like it's an english language problem, it's not my mother tongue and in all other languages I speak "art" is not used so loosely to designate anything drawn or crafted.

No. 520523


Calling themselves a >>freelancing illustrator/artist<< is kind of over the top but it is absolutely ok if they just call themselves an artist.

No. 520540

In English art and artist can be used to mean almost anything, I'm sure there are amateurs in every country but Western people are the ones who seem to want praise and money for everything they shit out. But maybe I just have that perspective because I don't see the amateur art from other nationalities.

No. 520556


Yes, the english language seems to use the word art differently than other languages do. My other language is German and in this language most people only mean the works of an established/famous creator when they use the term art. I don´t like that. It´s like a type of gate keeping.
When you take your creativity and use whatever skills you have to create your vision, then that´s art, regardless of whether you are drawing a realistic portray or a wonky ice cream cone.

No. 520568

i hate this so much. imo you're not a freelancer unless you work for publications, be it in cartoons or magazines or books, whatever. scouring craigslist for the shittiest work you can find or drawing icons for your friends isn't freelancing.

No. 520573

File: 1583244811320.png (35.2 KB, 598x252, Screenshot 2020-03-03 at 9.11.…)

considering freelance is mostly described as self-employment, idt it matters if you're working for big-name publications and studios as long as you're still making income doing whatever you're doing. i don't see the point in gatekeeping the word "freelance" when anyone can do anything freelance if they're a good enough businessperson, instead a smarter word to gatekeep on the topic would be self described "professional freelancers", as professional describes a certain level of income being made from freelance or a certain expectation of professionalism (as the self or a brand)

No. 520576

File: 1583244988532.jpg (286.28 KB, 1280x823, 43a44db446572f6307ef3b156e807c…)

If you think thats bad you haven't seen the danTDM comic. This is ons store shelves

No. 520618

it's a connotation, tho. i don't see anything wrong with shitty artists saying "i do commissions" bc that seems more honest

No. 520629

ITT: >gatekeeping kek

Anything can be art but that doesn’t mean it’s good art.

No. 520640

Jazza's eyes look like he's been crying or just smoked a bowl and I'm genuinely curious on what's up.

No. 520734

Traditional art anons, I took a big step and purchased a light board for tracing different iterations of my sketches. I think this will help my workflow a lot since I tend to completely erase a drawing quite a few times before finishing it. Any other anons have experience using a light board? I’m also really excited to be able to flip my drawings like the mirror tool. Are there any other tricks or techniques I should try out?

No. 520736


i'm considering buying a lightboard just for being able to do clean ink illustrations w/o having to worry about erasing. i typically sketch in pen since I hate the smudginess of pencil, but can't effectively go over my pen sketches or pencil sketches with ink if I plan on selling the originals, so I've been considering getting a lightbox just to ink sketches cleanly. you could use it for that if you're into ink?

No. 520752

Since were speaking of bad artist acting like their god tier am I the only one feels bad artist make more 'take a break!' posts. I see some good artist, but it's always clout chasing ones who make those self care posts

No. 520756

honestly yeah, it's always low-quality low-effort artists on instagram going "art is so harddddd I'm so burnt outtttt".

No. 520759

He's got 2 toddlers so maybe one kept him up all night or has been sick lately.

No. 520760

they're just trying to get rid of the competition, and also, they're lazy af

No. 520861

File: 1583301354400.jpeg (81.62 KB, 1080x1118, vRo8Vbe_.jpg:medium.jpeg)

what is that boob, why is it randomly sticking out like a baguette

No. 520887

it's just stylization.

No. 520928

this isn't even a tutorial, they are obviously joking anon.

No. 520930

I’m sick and tired of seeing edgy sailormoon drawings with bats & knives it’s having a second wave with ppgs it’s just so overdone and looks trashy

No. 520931

let me guess, you saw the ppg drawing parollel posted recently?

No. 520936

File: 1583331430632.png (1.99 MB, 1275x771, 444444444.PNG)

Related, but I hate it when I find a really cool aesthetic, but it's slowly being taken over by 'muh OC'-ers. I'm not saying kids can't have fun, but I'm sick of anything slightly dark or unique being taken over by edge lord copy cats

No. 521008

I didn’t know PPG still had fans. I’ve seen darker/edgy BSSM stuff and I think it’s boring. I’d like to see something different. Most artists don’t really think about the characters either when they’re making them punk or whatever.

No. 521057

>it’s just MUH STYLE!!


No. 521062

File: 1583363965572.jpg (1.28 MB, 1884x1748, lmao.jpg)

Saw this artist on my insta explore page selling her "Thick witch" print at an Artist Alley.

These tracers have no chill

No. 521063

how can you trace something and make it uglier

No. 521066

I'm a giant nerd about real estate and property prices, so this actually made me really curious. Scarily, it was very easy to figure out which building this is. I'm not going to post it because I have no intention of scaring her or anything, but… It didn't take very long at all. If she reads this, I kind of hope she considers deleting those pictures and being more careful about what she posts.

Anyway, no, this isn't a 2 bedroom. The smaller units have a much different layout with their windows. Also, her unit has been renovated. The standard floor in these condos is a lot different, but there are other renovated units that are still for sale, so this is clearly something that the building restrictions allow. This floorplan starts at around $500k with no renovations, so with new flooring alone, it's going to be bumped up. Truly, I can't give a good estimate on the price she paid without seeing the rest of the condo, because I don't know what kind of changes were made to places like the kitchen and bathroom, but it was over 500k unless she got one hell of a deal.

Sage because I know this is creepy and weird and no one else really cares. I just really like knowing how certain properties are priced in certain areas.

No. 521067

>>521066 do we even know if its officially her place and not her families or something her parents helped buy?

I remember her talking about buying a new studio and it took 0 digging to realize its a room in her moms house that she and her sis also live in LOL

No. 521069

with how she pretends to have ~self built her own business all alone~ i doubt she even bought that place alone. what i'm more curious about is how much the up keep would cost and if she'd be able to afford that or would her parents help out even with that lol.

No. 521078

I can't believe the nerve some people have to trace art and try to profit from it, it's infuriating. At least the tracer fixed that weird dislocated hip though lmao

Makes sense, traced works usually look worse than the originals since they're made by less skilled people.

No. 521084

I keep thinking tracers will disappear. I’m a god damn idiot for thinking that.

No. 521093

Channels like this crack me up


In a span of three months, this woman spent at least $1500 (and that's a lowball estimate too!) on watercolor supplies for a review channel and then I guess she disappeared once she maxed out her credit card.

Not sure which video I find the most amusing, the one about having a budget friendly art studio or the one where she compares flask palettes. She likes the Schminkie but trashes the other one, even though both of the enameled flasks are made by the same company, they just come with different brands of paint.

No. 521094

fucking embed the link, this is an image board

No. 521131

Buying a condo in a shithole state like Nevada isn’t hard. She might’ve needed someone to co-sign her mortgage but that’s not a sign of someone being rich/poor, it’s just an insurance for the bank incase she defaults on her payments.

Even millionaire idubbbz has his parents sign for his house

No. 521138

File: 1583382161401.jpeg (660.24 KB, 1242x1836, 1F34B2BE-3AE2-44C2-AD67-1D8920…)

When will this non-binary bullshit end?

No. 521139

File: 1583382227838.jpeg (726.95 KB, 1242x1836, 357CE77B-F7F2-468A-BD84-CDDA3F…)

No. 521142


i think this one is fine though? its not pushing a negative or one of those muh ocs thing and the art is pretty decent

No. 521143


i meant 'narrative'

No. 521146

File: 1583382871053.jpg (350.74 KB, 1200x1188, DiVMa1uUwAAZhbt_1296x.jpg)

Based on the size of the packages she's shipping and customer RTs, she mostly sells this ""safety"" kit with a tiny, tiny "knife" to give you great peace of mind, mace you are gonna drop, and a very useful rape alarm, all in dark colors which will be lost inside a handbag and so small they probably increase the danger customers might be in since they now feel uwu safe and protected from this tiny art tat.

No. 521148

File: 1583382903058.png (173.33 KB, 1440x1022, Maximum protection.png)

No. 521149


Wo, this is infuriating.

No. 521151

They are presenting "liking cute things" as contrary to their gender. The next image suggests you can change gender on a whim and look at a "not-girl" in the mirror, presumably by wearing trousers or something?

No. 521155

Did she actually say she bought it anywhere or are people assuming? She could well be renting. I've seen multiple "house tours" on Youtube which were clearly rented apartments, sometimes even on short term lets.

No. 521157


arent they just saying that cute things and 'being a girl' isnt a package deal?

No. 521159

This is…really cute

No. 521160

I guess it is possible, she could be renting through the owner. When I hear "approved", my mind immediately goes to bank loan, but I honestly forgot that you can be approved to rent as well.

She'd be very lucky if that's the case, it doesn't seem like those condos come on the rental market very often. The smaller ones do, but not the size she has. Considering she has a renovated unit that's larger, if she is paying rent, I would peg it at at least $2000/month based on what the other condos in the same building are asking for.

No. 521170

This is such a weird fucking nitpick LMAO

Imagine reviewing rape prevention items

No. 521181

This bitch blocked me on Twitter like immediately for saying her art “wasn’t very good.” She’s insecure af.

No. 521182



to be fair, theyre not wrong about the color being dark and difficult to find in a bag. and also what is that muddy af rendering on the girl on the safety alarm?

No. 521184

Jesus fuck this asinine bullshit

No. 521195

I sincerely don't see what's wrong with this, just from the pages provided.

No. 521200

File: 1583403419337.jpeg (59.5 KB, 971x207, 748EA87C-7E07-4D0A-A7CE-1635FD…)

wtaf she has nearly half a million followers on twitter. guess it’s time to hit the gym and post body pics on twitter, anons!

No. 521203

File: 1583405505314.jpeg (731.79 KB, 2048x2048, D_nZynbU4AEZxOe.jpeg)

had to scroll through at least 15 tweets in her media section to find a piece of art, everything else is just her posing in scraps of clothing, and this was the first thing i found. the rendering and anatomy is on the level of superraedizzle. why is it so muddy

No. 521205

The left image looks like someone's high school project, and out of context, bottom right: a small pair of legs with panties hanging off, pushed into a much larger pair of legs looks like cp.

No. 521206

Samefag, since the other two images show characters of the same size, wtf is the context meant to be for bottom right? If it's idk a parent helping their kid to use the toilet or something why is is positioned under an obviously sexual image of hands?

No. 521209

i thought the same thing at first glance. looking at the drawing longer you realise she’s just shit at drawing in general lol. So it’s obviously not cp- I hope.

No. 521210

File: 1583409094323.jpg (204.28 KB, 1080x1080, 44734675.jpg)

A masterpiece from her Instagram.

I guess it's inspiring to see someone apparently doing so well from such shit-tier art, but she's primarily an e-thot who posts like 4 shitty artpieces a year.

No. 521211

Her black women don’t even look black…but then again that’s a majority of clout chasing artists’ work

No. 521225

Not going to sperg about it but it says hrt on the account so I assume it’s about a man being brolita, or trans. It could also be a woman who can’t be a woman who likes cute things (or feminine) so she has to say she’s “other” to appease everyone.

This isn’t really about bad art but I will say I agree with you.

No. 521226

Not to sound full SJW but it would make far more sense if it was drawn with an unattractive or disabled person.
>I’m not a girl but I look like a cute anime girl and like cute things so it’s not like I’d be judged for it

No. 521232

Don't forget the boob job kek

No. 521234

Galaxy brains itt. That strip in no way shape or form conveyed the message of “cute things shouldn’t be gendered”. It’s literally about a girl suddenly doesn’t want to be called a girl anymore because speshul snowflake. Imagine this a drawing of a black/white girl going *~I’m not black/white I’m just me~*

No. 521252

You guys sure are easily triggered lol

No. 521258

why do you come in a threadl ike this and not expect people to be petty

No. 521269

wdym aside from the horrible muddy skin color she chooses for them?

No. 521286

If anyone wants to find out why her coloring looks like that, there are a few process videos on her Instagram where you can see (they are sped up which emphasizes how crazy it looks) that her technique is to literally vibrate her hand. She scribbles frantically like a printer printing an image and then ~blends~ it afterwards. The technique makes even less sense than Kelly Eden's paintings.

No. 521288

Growing Around animatic preview

The bastard finally did it

No. 521289

Where do you think we are?

No. 521291

That is terrifying to look at, holy fuck.

No. 521320

I guess Tumblr

No. 521322

I just wish this thread had more actual drama and cows vs vendetta chan sperg and pronoun wars.

No. 521327

File: 1583441797395.jpeg (148.58 KB, 828x1104, 65A60AB1-D57C-4D62-AF7F-F924A8…)

When you feel the need to trace off your own face and others peoples’ artwork because you lack talent. They have a history of doing this shit. Oh and they claim to be schizophrenic
Links: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dollieguts-tearzah-hayes-faedoll-dollclaws-and-bailey-lovell-david-caleb-balaski.42361/



No. 521329

isn't tearzah basically one of the infamous tumblrina artist cows? i've been hearing about her drama for so many years now

No. 521331

yea she is very well known, recently pretended to be autistic by doing a shitty fake monotone voice lmao.

No. 521341

ayrt I mean she strays away from showing traditionally black features: big noses, big lips, kinky coily hair, etc. it’s not necessarily her coloring.

She claimed that she wanted to showcase black women since they are under represented in art. Then do it properly LMAO (and I’ll say the same shit to any other artist who only draw black women with kim k proportions).

No. 521348

Lmao not just autistic they claim to be schizophrenic as well. Flat affect is mainly in facial features as well with voice. But even so the voice isn’t completely monotone, and it’s only a temporary affect. Not long term like tea claims. Neither does speech therapy instantly cure whatever she claims to have, and it takes year to improve. Her claims is outright disgusting and insulting to actual people with mental illness. Even with further proof is that she keeps going to different therapist and pretends to be schizo. Like this said in this video even her therapist didn’t believe her

No. 521355

>big noses traditionally belong to black people
It's like there's only 2 ways to draw black women in this sphere: like baddies (or "Kim K" as you call it lol) or SJW-appealing mammy blobs with galaxy afros and Vitiligo. Anything in between will be classified as anything but unless they've been around many of them in life or stopped to go study references.

No. 521394

File: 1583455260531.jpg (20.56 KB, 680x510, K.jpg)

Pic related

Holy SHIT, you told me what was going to happen and yet I still wasn't ready

No. 521397

File: 1583455437813.png (344.27 KB, 596x345, PrinterExtraordinaire.png)

Samefag but check out Alythuh's aforementioned technique

No. 521413

Dolliguts should keep this voice it honestly fits her.

No. 521417

I just gagged a bit

No. 521420

can someone explain to me why she’s staring off with a purely white base?? pls this is causing me severe pain

No. 521424

Honestly if she works on her coloring style, her colors, and her proportions she would be a good artist. A lot of her problems stem from her colors, poop brown does not mesh well with bright blue,nor does light green.

No. 521509


alythuh is that you

No. 521512

Are you lost anon? What’s the context?

No. 521523

Between this shit and the “sag-guh” in the skelly thread I think every new poster in this hellhole should have a mandatory week-long imageboard crash course because I’m tired of you all

The medley of swatches where the hair is going to eventually be… pottery

No. 521528

‘Big noses’ also belong to beak nosed white women. It’s just a different shape jfc. This is why tumblr artists draw such ridiculous proportions they embrace their own inner bullshit and rebrand it as ‘progressive’

No. 521529

Is it a brazilian girl? I've tried finding who it was but maybe she deleted the witch art.

No. 521531

File: 1583473659148.png (703.04 KB, 536x542, wtf.png)

Sorry for the souble posting, but nvm I found her.

You need to be some special kind of asshole to trace shit and proudly make money out of it.

No. 521538

what was the post? It’s gone and I’m insanely curious

No. 521543

File: 1583478349102.gif (1019.42 KB, 450x345, 69FB1C90-7E09-4568-9F2D-D9FEA3…)

I’ve watched the time lapse videos of her process and the way she mashes those colored pencils into the paper makes me nauseous. It’s like watching a child.

No. 521544

Some retard spamming korean and "this place sucks" in repeat and all caps. You really didn't miss on much.

No. 521545

Let's all pour one out for Alythuh's poor colored pencils.

Girl is over here treating Prismacolors like Crayola sidewalk chalk smdh

No. 521551

These people must have really sad lives to take pleasure in something that they’ve never worked for. They’re the most miserable types of people on the planet, and it’s best to let them swallow in their own pain.

No. 521557

She’s insane. Like really.

No. 521573

Silly anon!!! How else will you do the highlights??? /s

No. 521595

What I would give to be at an artist alley with her and ask for a sketch commission. I always wonder how people like this get away with not being able to actually draw when asked

No. 521668

Why bother improving if people buy it regardless

No. 521694

I'm not familiar with Kelly Eden but I do want a laff, please elaborate

No. 521730

File: 1583526588216.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20200302-120615~2.p…)

fuckin' a

No. 521742

When you lurk on lolcow

No. 521751

File: 1583528333387.jpg (258.83 KB, 701x780, d4mltbi-a90d3a53-caba-465e-be4…)

Does anyone have any information on ippus and prodigy bombay? They used to be one of the biggest artists on deviantart back in the days, its so nostalgic looking at their art again after a while. Iirc, ippus still draws right? but i havent heard anything on prodigy bombay though, last time i checked her last tumblr post was on 2016…

No. 521752

File: 1583528466630.png (26.64 KB, 916x614, Capture.PNG)

Anyhow I feel like now is the time to mention she's in such a comfort zone she'll decline commissions on stuff she can't draw. It could be personal reasons, but what personal reason would someone refuse to draw 'armor', 'beards' 'elderly characters', and 'animals' (literally just animals)? I didn't get it in this screenshot, but she says she'll only draw 'simple backgrounds'. Remember this when she makes a 'woe is me. Why don't people commission me?'. She's a 24 year old women who wont draw beards

No. 521756

Art wise this looks good, are you annoyed she made her a black albino?

No. 521759

I only draw girls and same face pretty cat bois uwu


No. 521761

Lmao that’s because she traces. She can’t draw armor, unless she traces it off directly from an image. She also traces from other artists as well. She feels empowered by harassing younger/less popular artist . and make fun of them on her own thread. ( fairytail for example. ) there’s probably at least 10 artists she stole from, including her own aesthetic art style. She lurks both here and on kiwi.

No. 521821


It makes sense to decline commissions if you don't have the skill to provide a quality product. Can't tell you how many times I've commissioned someone and ended up with a subpar piece because the person wasn't honest with themselves about what could be accomplished with their skill set.

No. 521827

Are you high?? Look at those hands?? 'this looks good' wtf is the bar this low now

No. 521847

fuck's sake, no, I'm annoyed by those massive hands

No. 521853

The propotions are off. And no I don't mean the stylization I mean that if she wants to draw super desu face proportions and tiny shoulders the neck should be thinner to match with smaller hands. The fingers are as long as the face. The neck itself matched the skill okay but with the 12 year anime face it just clashes.

No. 521854

The skull *

Personally I hate toothpick necks but if you're leaning in to little girl propotions you might as well commit.

No. 521879

File: 1583547136250.png (1.62 MB, 1388x2048, Screenshot_20200306-201102.png)

Apparently the bottom panel is the redraw… I like the older one better. Pretty stagnant for two years of difference

No. 521921

Wtf that does not count. I legit thought it was a second panel if a comic it looks the exact same.

No. 521926

not only does she have gigantic hands like you guys said, but none of her features are reminiscent of the character or even of a goat, instead there's this tasteless graceless thot face that you see everywhere on insta.
and why would you give her pink eyes and yellow eyelashes when she clearly has blue eyes and black eyelashes, chevre is not albino.

No. 521927

Random question. Anyone here got there art stolen or traced before? Just wondering suddenly. Did you try to do something or like confront the person who did?

No. 521934

whattt the fuck, that’s a disappointing redraw

No. 521942

File: 1583566519683.jpg (314.68 KB, 712x1191, 2020-03-07_02.32.08.jpg)

I honestly thought this post was a joke at first, but apparently not. Why use such a terrible pose to advertise a reference pose app? Is it just me who thinks this pose is shit?

No. 521949


Just you, but a background might make the pose make more sense. Also the artist clearly referenced properly and made the pose more interesting than the reference in my opinion

No. 521953

Yeah. I sent them an anon (it was on Tumblr) saying that they stole from me (didn't tell them it was me I just used my handle) and they didn't respond but a week later their Tumblr was gone. All of their art was traced though and from prominent artists within the same fandom? Which was extra stupid lol. I'm guessing I wasn't the only anon they got.

No. 521954

I think it looks stupid but it's very nonsensical who stands like this anime so I'm sure it has its appeal. On the subject of the characters design tho my god is that bland.

No. 521956

I don't think it's possible to balance like this? Is he falling back intentionally? The center of gravity is off.

No. 522001

yea, the picture they show from the poser app might as well be completely unrelated with how stiff and boring it is compared to the drawing. artist could have drawn some kind of background tho, cus like the other anons said his center of gravity is all off.

No. 522054

I got mine traced years ago. It was OC x Canon art. Whatever. But they edited over my OCs. Not gonna lie, I was pissed back then.
Now…? I don’t really get noticed enough to have my art stolen, and my confidence depleted since then. I barely post anything I make nowadays.

No. 522122


Hi, are you here to promote your video?

Aside from the cat abuse part, which, if it happens to be true, I hope she will get massively fucked up over somehow, this really seems like a bunch of childish bullshit.

No. 522123


Maybe she wanted it like that?

No. 522132


WAAAYYYYYYYYY too boring to sit through the whole thing.

No. 522150

File: 1583613759641.jpeg (77.89 KB, 790x517, 056314B4-4594-4723-AD48-B238F2…)

Nope, and I agree tell that to tea.
It’s really hard to sit through with her faking her voice and pausing every second to say a word. But little does she know she’s contradicting herself each second.

No. 522174


Yes, she does sound like she is trying to sound like that, it does not seem natural. It´s also noteable that in her other videos her voice does not sound as monotone as in the one about her monotone voice. What a coincidence… But I guess mental disorders and all the shit that acompanioes them is trendy, so what the fuck.

No. 522176

oh god not again

No. 522180

Tearzah's such an edgy tryhard bitch.

No. 522190

damn the thread getting spammed again by some upset kpop fan

No. 522203

Becareful what you say, she lurks here, she might get triggered.

No. 522206


LOL, looking at the last couple of posts I think that that might aleady have happened.

No. 522208

File: 1583618744537.jpeg (128.16 KB, 522x1220, EF23ADEC-1B59-4DAA-B7A0-8C4ABC…)

Proof she traces off of other artists. She doesn’t do line to line drawing, however uses the base as a guide. There are multiple others, but she has admitted multiple times that she traces off herself for art. Yes she can draw, . . . But it’s a lot simpler and different looking. That’s why many of her artwork is inconsistent

No. 522216



Can I call you Tracey?

No. 522219


I don´t even think it´s that bad when people trace, I think they can still make nice things that way and add their own personal charm to their pictures. It´s just that they should stand by what they´re doing and admit to doing it.

No. 522222

File: 1583620209666.png (42.4 KB, 500x322, 1581035677251.png)

tearzah mad retarded

No. 522226

It’s okay to trace, only if it’s off your own pictures, and not off other artists ( which she does Th is a lot. ) . Plus I agree with admitting

No. 522229

agreed, just for artists doing custom work there's a certain skill level expected so instead of getting better at art her tracing shit just comes off as compensation instead of time saving on certain things.

also damn she's really sperging right now, i wonder if she is constantly perusing forums for the mention of her name lol

No. 522230


I think you mean Trace-y.

I got it, it´s funny.

No. 522233

File: 1583621195218.jpeg (372.96 KB, 1242x1325, B0C565E1-3E76-4BC9-97C9-C45E06…)

this art style incites such visceral disgust within me

No. 522234


OMG, NOOOOOOO, DON´T KILL YOURSELF!!! OMG, I AM SO SORRY!!! I didn´t mean to trigger you, soooo sorry!!!!

LOL, seriously: Do you think anyone here would even notice?

No. 522235

those fucking pacman eyes

No. 522237


Yep, that´s gross.

No. 522241

The anon that keeps posting is a scrote that's been spamming /ot/ for hours. Just ignore it and move on.

No. 522247

ooh makes sense, they were really starting to feel like a random troll.

holy shit that looks horrible. the freckles look like blisters, i don't even know what to say about those horrible hands and the merging of the big tiddy/thighs with with almost childishly simplistic face is just so hard to look at.

No. 522248

Those freckles look like warts.

No. 522252

The art style is so simple, there’s actually not need to trace. She’s doing this because she can’t draw, and that she’s insecure of her artwork. If she spent her 10 years of “art” drawing, instead of tracing she wouldn't even have the need to trace. With her also stealing designs from her fans, and off other artists ( as well with artwor) , tells me she’s envious. Her lying for attention, and threatening sucide. Tells me she’s not a good person, and for the fact she doesn’t really care about anything other than to be hateful and spiteful. She craves attentions so much that she’s willing to do anything for it. Her friend group is just as bad as her.

No. 522267

File: 1583622917257.png (333.58 KB, 1266x818, 424353.PNG)

Every time I look at Tearzeah's progress I'm shocked about how little she's changed. 11 years of work for this.

No. 522277

File: 1583623396701.jpeg (242.06 KB, 818x1454, 99C91DBE-3B99-400E-8386-BF9B0F…)

Tracey Tracey

No. 522278

File: 1583623425991.png (732.24 KB, 730x1833, stupid.png)

>Has accurate proportions for a petite woman
>"omg where are her ribs, so inaccurate
female redditors are something else.

No. 522279

the only thing i'd complain about in this is the vacuumed on clothing, but murata's shading is so good i couldn't even care.

No. 522280

Granted, this character is intentionally designed to be a legal loli. Some of the illustrations are more egregious as others, but she's described as looking like a child in the source material.

No. 522281

The pose isn’t great but I’ve seen artist use this app and trace over the figure. I’ve heard it’s just easier to do instead of wasting time trying to get the right pose. I’m not in favor of tracing over a pose but I can understand that point.

No. 522284

from just this panel i wouldn't say this is overdone here. she looks like a 18-19 year old petite girl, granted if we ignore her kinda young looking face since a lot of anime characters have that.

No. 522285

Anything "unrealistic female proportion" related has become, as much as I hate the word, straight up virtue signaling these last few months. Not art exactly, but have seen all those cringy "/r/menwritingwomen has tough me, a male, how to write. Worship my progressive ass"

No. 522300

File: 1583627191883.png (93.7 KB, 241x250, 395BFF3B-869C-4FF4-8E15-EC8093…)

Amazing artist but it’s not proportionally accurate. It’s stylized but amazing artwork.

Here another dolliguts just tracing . Redraw= to trace

No. 522314

File: 1583631137523.jpeg (567.45 KB, 1014x633, 2161B4E5-7D0F-460B-A4B4-9D7986…)

Racist uncle redrew her recent work and although it’s improved it still manages to look like a stinking pile of garbage. I almost feel bad for her at this point . If only she followed her own advice and actually read loomis or studied from life. Holly brown’s western animu art still looks better than her work . I mean it’s just embarrassing, holly’s two years younger than her as well. I’m almost curious if she’s aware how ironic it is for her to draw Loli/furry futanari porn and criticize holly for her equally degenerate porn.

No. 522321

File: 1583632100776.png (157.55 KB, 1483x752, 3244545.PNG)

I just checked on her isnta and found he porn patron and these are her tiers. Gosh is this cringe
I'll say she's better than holy though. She could draw decently if grinded a bit more and she has some basic fundies

No. 522322

Fuck. What the fuck is that.

No. 522324

File: 1583633088913.png (287.47 KB, 815x381, Capture.PNG)

Let's put racist uncles theory to the test. Is thai lady boy hotter than her? yes or no

No. 522326

File: 1583633390656.jpeg (730.42 KB, 1154x1212, AA60505B-6594-4241-9F4D-8E652C…)

Except that grind will never lead to anything because she is extremely delusional. Just looking at her studies it’s so apparent she has no idea what’s she’s doing. She will never be better than holly brown unless she fixes her delusions. Maybe learn to stop obsessing everyday on holly and instead actually pay attention to the advice she gives to others. That patreon is very cringe (no you aren’t impressing any “le ebic 4chinnrs) , the way she talks and draws makes me think she was molested or something.

No. 522328

God her art is atrocious. Holly definitely is the better artist. I remember watching her video wondering what the bad art that showed every once in a while was. Guess it was uncle's . It's funny her art is bad weeb art.>>522324
Wow and is that really her? That's pretty milky

No. 522333

File: 1583635332234.png (44.65 KB, 517x462, thospital.png)

>>522208 >>522222
So not even 3 hours later after a massive freakout that was crossposted to her kiwi thread suddenly Tearzah has to stop posting for a medical hiatus

No. 522335

That’s doesn’t look right
She says that she has migraines but her vein is blown up? I’m a bit concerned

No. 522348

File: 1583639755935.png (565.49 KB, 635x519, B09A5C34-8C79-4664-9978-5AEBE5…)

She used to be a camwhore and shrugged it off as being ironic. Racist is so try hard at pleasing incels just the same as tradthots do to hide how promiscuous they truly are.

No. 522357

It's sad how hardcore Racist Uncle is about being one of those "not like other girls/just like one of the neckbeards" wannabe 4chan darlings.

No. 522358

She's like Kimispice but worse at art and less fat.

No. 522373

Racist is actually racist lol like unironically and proudly. She lives her sad life to be the average 4chan incel's wet dream. Imagine having such a low bar in life lol. She's already past peaking.

No. 522376

File: 1583647260820.jpg (117.48 KB, 750x733, 342ONLINE.jpg)

ah yes kll the people who's trying to save your pet from dying of a diet theyre not compatible with

No. 522378


Are you serious? Did she seriously trace this AND use the same caption, only capitalized? LOL

No. 522384

I'd say Holly and Racist uncle are on a similar tier when it comes to art. I think Uncle has a bit more in terms of raw skill but Holly has better realized aesthetics (not to say either are good, we're comparing two turds here).
Tbh I get lots of self-hating woman vibes from Racist Uncle. She only ever seems to go after female artists and tries wayyyyy too hard to appeal to the 4chan/ic crowd with little success. Her sole point of appeal is being not like other girls. Uncle's different from the rest of those autists, she draws porn. I think she has a combination of jealousy towards more successful artists, and insecurity due to being female on 4chan, and she goes out of her way to try to be everything other popular female artists aren't because of it.

No. 522396


Who drew that?

No. 522398

What it really is, is that she’s autistic. She used to like Holly brown and be a fan of hers. Which is why her older art looked like holly’s. She had a similar obsession with Venus angelic years ago and yet she would copy her makeup style. She is really a weird and awkward woman who fell into the 4chan hole when she was young. This is what happens when you aspire to be r9k darlings

No. 522402

you can tell from from her recent vid that nearly all her fitness advice comes from /fit/ and not actual books

No. 522430

her criticizing holly for her shitty gay rape comic while drawing shitty loli/furry stuff just makes it so much more hilarious. i think their art is equally bad, but damn is this some pot calling the kettle black situation.

No. 522450

Seems to be just another insecure, little to no skill artist.
Big mouth and nothing to back it up. Kinda like Holly actually.

No. 522500

What’s with all these bitches lurking on 4 Chan and hating on other women for? They’re like incels. Shit.

No. 522502


I agree, it´s fucking stupid to hang out on 4chan and hate on other chicks. BUT is it really better when females act like what most people would consider normal for a girl, and talk really badly about other females for reasons like their figure, their choice of dress, make-up, and so on? I´m not trying to imply that you are one of those people, obviously I don´t know who you are, but I just wanted to say that while I think those 4chan girls are stupid, I don´t really find them worse than regular mean girls that can be found anywhere. At the end of the day, those 4chan girls end up doing less damage to other girls, as noone really takes them seriously, while "mean girls", who are hateful towards most women, too, actually end up causing emotional damage to a lot of people.

No. 522506

they cause equal amount of "emotional damage" lol, what's with you defending 4channer girls? yea of course regular mean girls are bad too, but 4channers are just cringy and will pick you apart for the littlest things too. also tbh you sound like you're projecting here lol.

No. 522509

Pretty normal phase to go through when you're an awkward teen, since our socialisation encourages us to shoot down other women to garner male attention. But usually we grow out of it as adults, which Racist Uncle somehow didn't.

No. 522511

Anyone that supports incels and 4 Chan ideology is a shit ton worse anon.

No. 522512

They may be doing "less damage" to the girls but the reality is that they're doing the most damage to themselves.
Appealing to incels/4channers should be considered a form of self harm lmao

No. 522527


Defending them? No. I just don´t understand why so many of the girls here talk like girl hating girls are the worst of the worst, when other types of girl on girl hate are considered normal and acceptable by most girls.
As for projection, I am not sure what you mean, whether you are implying that I am a mean girl or a victim of mean girls.


I don´t know how old Racist Uncle is, but I assume that she´s in her early or mid 20´s or something? It´s not like all people have fully matured at that point in life. Most actually have not.


See, that´s part of what I mean. They´re much more harmful to themselves than they are to others, so for fuck´s sakes, let them go right the fuck ahead.

No. 522533

This is from Priya Cynthia Kishna aka VeganArtBook/Pupa/Yeridian. She's a bit of an epic cow but I think she's gone quiet.

No. 522534

neither type is considered normal or acceptable, and of course you sound like you're defending them when needlessly comparing them and saying 4channers don't cause as much damage. and i mean probably victim of mean girls, since the "i'm not like other girls" shtick of 4channer girls is more likely to be called out by girls lol.

No. 522535

what's with that out of place edgy character she drew alongside the normal looking characters? also it's really ironic she draws a character like that, and then has one of the people shouting for the animal's safety be labeled a weeb.

No. 522554

File: 1583696531294.jpg (189.64 KB, 372x526, comic_page_by_pupaveg_d8pslap.…)

Do you mean Sterk? He's some "cool" pet bishonen character of hers that sociopathic vegans can relate to and popular with the readers. Most of the comics he's in are pointlessly gory.

No. 522580

File: 1583699597306.jpeg (145.22 KB, 827x675, E46E5854-ACC7-499D-A68F-9294B9…)

Who is she talking about?!

No. 522584

holy shit why does she write his dialogue like an incel? it's so weird to me to insert some random edgy pretty boy character into your shitty vegan ranting comic.

i can never take the "i'm literally shaking" thing seriously anymore.

No. 522586

File: 1583700500520.jpeg (199.4 KB, 1375x313, 87EF5CFB-08FA-4863-8CCF-65D2B1…)

Could be related to this, she’s been retweeting and commenting on posts related to Internet personalities lately. Can’t stand the way she types and exaggerates… ‘feel kinda sick’ my ass

No. 522587

idk why but this feels aggy-related.

No. 522588

File: 1583700968186.png (632.49 KB, 1099x772, 325435.PNG)

Could be that she's just an attention whore. I was in a bunch of art discords and she'd join post her shitty video then leave. She also seems to be some creepshow art 2.0

No. 522589

Who is aggy?

No. 522593

File: 1583701399574.png (874.59 KB, 1079x739, 3245.PNG)

Oh god no. The only good part is the unintentional roast

No. 522598

File: 1583702028772.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 320x240, E020C4D9-7A4C-4F2C-A216-8094EC…)

Racist is turning 27 this year, she should at least have the ability to be self aware

No. 522602

Why is she shaking her average-sized boobs on camera with that ugly constipation expression on her face?

No. 522613

Sorry if i`m stupid, but how the hell do you guys know that Racist Uncle is posting on 4chan? Last time I checked it was just like this site, everyone is anon.

No. 522616

File: 1583705090131.png (452.47 KB, 1097x680, 334242.PNG)

One anon said she posts on /ic/'s, a 4chan board, discord server. Along with how she incorporates 4chan slang into her videos it's not a hard leap.
I also think she lurks here. I don't think any other site hates twisted disaster enough to make mean fan art.

No. 522622

LC doesn't even have a thread for TD because while she's annoying and a bad artist, she doesn't have much milk when not associated with Holly. Also
>g-guys I go to the gym! haha aren't I better than this ugly, fat woman?
Pathetic. She should at least keep this shit contained in anon posts, instead of attaching her art account to it.

No. 522626

Don't you understand? it's because she's not like the other gurlz

No. 522627

If you literally start shaking and crying because of something you saw on the internet, then you really shouldn't be on the internet.

No. 522628

Kind of obvious considering the amount of meme shit on her videos
Scooby, Rich Piana and Mark Rippetoe are memes on /fit/. I wouldn’t be surprised if she posts on /ic/ either considering the number of people on YouTube that have started lurking there.

No. 522629

I actually kind of like how heavily stylized this is. the only ugly things about it are the ugly monkey fingers and the freckles.

No. 522635

Racist uncle made an entire video shitting on Holly including an entire spergfest rant screeching about how ugly and fat Holly supposedly is. She is literally both a femcel and a mean girl.

No. 522637

She makes it very clear she browses fit and pol constantly (4chan boards). She also sperges constantly on the ic 4chan discord.

No. 522638

She's fugly. Also lol at her being nearly 30 and wearing a middle school boys family guy shirt. What a fucking loser

No. 522640

Any invite link to the /ic/ Discord or screencaps from it?

No. 522641

She definitely lurks here. Her video literally steals a bunch of content from the holly brown lolcow thread. Not to mention she dropped a screenshot of lolcow in the thread she’s an admin of.

No. 522643

I would not be surprised if the person originally posting her videos to the holly/art salt threads was racist uncle herself

No. 522649

I think the invite link is in the big sticky, it’s a google document. Just google “ic alternative sticky” and I’m sure you’ll find the invite link. Just be aware she’s an admin.

No. 522695

No. 522700

File: 1583718719506.png (570.19 KB, 965x899, unknown (4).png)

Oof, she even tried redrawing Holly's stuff

No. 522702

wtf? that looks awful. and she didn't even get the hand right, which was the worst part

No. 522706

This girl's attempts at troll shielding are hilarious and sad. Holly's a bad artist, but at least in her drawing, the girl looks like she's standing on solid ground. Racist Uncle's scribble looks like some animu NGMI from /ic/. She even adopted Holly's old art lean.

No. 522707

File: 1583719798278.jpg (453.7 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_03-08-09.05.03.jpg)

Summary: Dumbass Artist traces over photos and tries to sell them online for a ludicrous amount of money and an owner of one of the photos (not in picture) calls them out. Said Dumbass Artist denies tracing photos and tries to push the fact that she was accepted into a lot of schools because of these drawings therefore she does not trace. Her fans eat it up.

No. 522715

File: 1583720933329.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.27 KB, 939x311, 9A7C3C03-B372-4970-A92B-351C59…)

You should see her porn, imagine drawing this for third world wages.

No. 522721

How does this woman not have a thread

No. 522758

File: 1583725522020.png (Spoiler Image, 165.7 KB, 1125x610, SPOILER_unknown.png)

I mean, she has no social media presence outside of her Insta which updates rarely and her YT which has a similarly infrequent update schedule. If she was active she could easily be a cow, but I don't think there's much milk to be had right now.
More fetish porn comms from her. I have no idea how someone could be proud of being a porn artist if all they get comms for is bottom-of-the-barrel fetish comms. Most lewd artists with a modicum of success can at least make their way drawing commissions of pin-ups or just normal sex acts. Only people who are desperate for comms or are actual fetishists allow themselves to draw this.

No. 522763

Jeez it's like Holly cut off her hand and it grew into this chick

No. 522768

File: 1583729013215.png (7.45 MB, 1242x2688, 0E615480-73B9-42BA-88ED-A2FDF1…)

She’s basically a more red neck version of Holly brown. Live in the same state, both weaboos, the only difference is racist is more right wing.

No. 522775

Jeeze. Why did she spend a good chunk of her Holly video talking about her weight when she's no prize herself?

No. 522781

Projection of her own self-loathing. She made an entire video on fitness where she insinuated that women are inherently worse artists because they get eating disorders (which are supposed to make them narcissistic and retarded or something) and/or are fat, while men are better artists because they aim to "self-improve" (as if /fit/ isn't populated with mentally ill, dysmorphic men whose only goal in life is to acquire a narcissistic supply for the rest of their lives).
Imagine saying all of that shit while your body looks like >>522598.
She's also way too insecure to show her face without making a dumb "lolsorandum" expression.
This is what happens when you never grow out of that "not like the other girls"/GOTIS "but i'm just like one of the guys not a whore or an SJW h-haha" phase.

No. 522792

Omg she really does look like not like other girls trailer trash. Those retarded expressions she pulls in her photos are peak try hard.

No. 522793

The boobs are the worse part for me. She looks like she draws then hanging off the frame and pointing in the wrong direction. Also is that cleavage or clavicle? Holly's perspective might be shit but Racist is no where near on any sort of level to make fun of shitty art when she draws like Spechie.

No. 522810

surprise, another artists didn't finish the carpal tunnel challenge because they'd hurt themselves if they did the OG challenge

No. 522822

If the paper wasn’t absolute ass, then I’d actually like a 600 page sketchbook. Not to do the challenge, but just to have a big one. Largest sketchbook I’ve completed is maybe 100 pages in 11 x 9, 200 gsm.

If any anons have reccs, I’ll take them.

No. 522834

Finding the perfect sketchbook became such a challenge that I simply decided to make my own. I bought some smooth 200 gsm pre-punched paper and some spiral coils. Just like that, I had a great collection of sketchbooks for pen and marker drawings.

If you're willing to buy in bulk and bind the books by hand, I would go that route.

No. 522864


So there’s an artist who left the Disney industry for ((no shock)) how toxic the environment is. It reminded me of the slight problem happening in the artist/YouTube community and thought it was interesting

No. 522884


Can't believe people are still trying this. Holly came up with it. Should be proof enough that it's just a shit idea.

No. 522912

File: 1583767546213.jpeg (308.75 KB, 1242x851, B34E9F0B-977D-484E-BA7F-8C86FB…)

Racist uncle’s “improvement”

No. 522921

Why the hell is she making the same retarded face as Nerdecrafter?

No. 522924

Ehh? She's judging a finished sketch against a WIP so it's inherently unfair. She also used such a big style leap and changed the psoe so we can't compare. Anyhow the glasses look off, the part were the ear attaches to the jawline is off, and chin looks off too.

No. 522925


jfc the more that's posted about this girl the more her persona crumbles and you can see just how weirdly similar she is to holly. the duck dynasty shirt is arguably more trashy than holly piercing herself at home.

No. 522935

File: 1583770517483.jpeg (69.18 KB, 828x333, 7157AB5D-3532-4718-94E1-92599E…)


No. 522936

this was discussed already in the previous thread or the one before that !

No. 522937

The funny thing is she lives with her parents too and pretends to have a job even though she’s on discord all day (she’ll be up until 4 am sometimes and really her schedule is all over the place.) . It’s pretty cringey how much she lies, probably to avoid comparisons between her and holly brown.

No. 522938

File: 1583770822530.png (2.81 MB, 736x1753, 35539af68b63ea1083bf2b6a9ed2ea…)

aura migraines? Complex migraine is a real term too. I'm betting on brain tumor or autism over sensitivity

No. 522943

Never mentioned that they had complex migraines. All of the sudden has them.

No. 522945

Wait this is a thing? Every couple months I'll have a thing where my eyes go sparkly like there's water in them or something. And then comes a massive headache that makes me practically nauseous. I just thought it was sinuses or something.

No. 522947

Yeahhhh. I don’t think you have the right to criticize if you’re a neat yourself. Sounds like dolliguts .

No. 522948

so art school did rub some things off on holly after all. i do like how racist uncle's pose isn't as ridiculously stiff as holly's, but yea it's not any better by a long shot.

you can already cross out autistic, since she's been badly pretending to be that for a while. i don't think she has any disorders besides being an idiot.

No. 522949

That kind of sounds like dehydration

No. 522950

File: 1583772222903.jpeg (504.55 KB, 1242x1610, 31323DA9-C8F3-4FD3-A502-2949D6…)

Dolliguts is truly deranged but yes they are both liars. Dollie pretends to be autistic while Racist pretends she’s not.

No. 522957

File: 1583773365715.jpeg (291.95 KB, 806x1578, A2CFB9F5-D0B6-4CE0-BC62-91BB6D…)

And I also bet you a hundred percent that dolliguts talks shit about other artists, while stealing from them. She lurks on 4 Chan as well.. at least racist uncle doesn’t trace.

No. 522959

It’s fitting that a woman that looks like the literal definition of a slampig spends their time drawing fat fetish furry porn

No. 522967

To bad there’s thousands of artists that do this, and people fall for it lmao.
You can actually make some decent money off of these things, but some of her stuff is to far.

No. 522968

That’s a meme, furry art, even fetish art, you make little money from unless you’re very popular. Racist uncle on the other hand does commissions like these for literal slave wages.

No. 522969

do we have any pics of her earnings or anything? a few anons mentioned she does disgusting shit for like nothing, but i'm curious exactly how low she asks for.

No. 522971

Fuck. I’ve once tried doing this shit and I’ve died doing it.

No. 522972

I am unsure if she ever posted her earnings (inb4 she pretends she makes big bank from them because she lurks lolcow) but on voice chat in the discord she was complaining about having to redraw over and over and basically getting ripped off constantly. She would basically do a whole set of sketches and stuff like this for 10-20 dollars and would work on them for more than 8 hours sadly. I even remember at first claiming she was gonna make a lot of money off of her fetish commissions but then only a few days later complain about getting paid almost nothing as if the furry artists jipped her.

No. 522973

File: 1583775504313.jpg (89.85 KB, 400x617, robbie.jpg)

I love how subtly she avoided drawing the feet, she must have taken a page out of Rob Liefeld's 'putting random molehills in the middle of scenes that only obscure the feet' technique (not dunking on Rob, he's low hanging fruit and it's way overdone, but it's still hilarious)

No. 522976

Yeah . That sounds like hell.

No. 522979

daamn, people do completely basic sfw art for that price, that's just sad. her fault though for letting herself be walked all over, or if she just can't get better rates because of the quality of her art.

No. 523001

Wow. Holly almost makes a livable wage compared to her. No wonder she spent potentially weeks of her life crafting a teardown video. She deserves it, sure, but wow. Bitches be sad. Racist Uncle isn't even cute enough to monetize her incel orbiters like Nyanners did.

I bet 2-3 years from now (or less, considering her age) she'll distance herself from her r9k scrote friends then try to forge her own identity as an artist on social media. When confronted with her old shit she'll cry that she was 'pressured' by the pervy 4chan boys into being more sexual than she wanted to and had no choice but to draw bottom of the barrel furry fat cock vore to get by.

No. 523015

So, here I come with my stupid questions again, but I do have to ask this-
Since Racist Uncle is drawing this super disgusting porn shit, which I, very unfortunately (I wish is had not) saw a sample of on here, are you guys saying that there are actually people out there who look at this shit the way other people look at "normal" porn? People look at that gross shit and find it hot? Really? Or is it all about some gross type of humor or or being a fan of that art style or something? Please please tell me that people are not actually sexually excited to this sort of shit. But if they are, can you also tell me what kind of people are into that? I haven´t been living underneath a rock or anything, but that just strikes me as so motherfucking weird.

No. 523016

File: 1583781248050.jpeg (189.1 KB, 750x586, 454B0855-7056-4A1E-852A-FCF35C…)

im sorry… am i reading this correctly.

No. 523020

I think if a person has truly changed, then they’re alright. ( unless they did some really terrible shit ). Harassing holly brown is really really bad. She needs to apologize, but knowing people like that they usually do not. And if they do get confronted look at people like dolliguts. They’re basically doing fine, despite doing the same shit as they did before.
Yes they do . Don’t ask why
Please no

No. 523022

are you new to the internet?

>I'm scared ppl will think I'm clout chasing
that's because you obviously fucking are? holy shit the idiocy in this.

No. 523025

File: 1583782174249.jpg (11.98 KB, 480x96, what.jpg)

and there's this a few tweets before…

No. 523027


Yeah, that definitely sounds like aura migraine. The next time you feel your vision going, immediately take some ibuprofein and lie down for a while. With luck, it will prevent the headache and nausea.

No. 523028

File: 1583782350639.jpg (568.26 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20200309-123013_Twi…)


One rational person on the entire thread and of course she turns it into a poor me opportunity.

No. 523030


Yes, I just got my first internet connection two weeks ago. Why?

No. 523040

Gotta love an anime tard sperging about a character lacking a dorito chin

No. 523041

And she thinks shes somehow better than Holly? They sound like the same person. White trash autists with cringe hot takes no one asks for living at home nearing thirty with no real income save for what equates to pocket change they waste on their childish hobbies.

No. 523046


what´s wrong with being almost 30 and living at home and making barely any money? What´s wrong with childish hobbies? I don´t really think anything much of Holly or Racist, but I don´t see the problem with this lifestyle if they are ok with living it.

No. 523047

you're joking right?

No. 523051


No, I`m not. If they are ok with it, and their parents, or whoever else they are living with, are willing and able to continue to support them living like that, who am I to judge them?

No. 523055

No. 523057

Clearly racist isn’t okay with that, she bashed holly for it while doing that herself.

No. 523058

it's possible their parents are okay with it, but that doesn't mean it's any less of burden on them, also by 30 any normal adult will at least have a want of independence, so their self isolation isn't healthy at all.
also this is lolcow, how are you like "who am i to judge them?" lmao

No. 523059


Because while there are so many things about Racist that are lol-worthy, I think the lifestyle thing can be really just a personal choice.

No. 523061

Why would you want to live that lifestyle? Not only does your brain deteriorate, but you would basically wouldn’t have control if your life. Like every item or purchases you would have to ask for your parents. Like wtf? Like if they die then what are you going to do?

No. 523062

It's the "if I make myself ugly on purpose then no one can call me ugly unironically" shit. This girl has some hardcore self-esteem issues that she's chosen to project specifically all over Holly Brown because they're both chubby white chicks with curly hair and mediocre art skill.

No. 523065


Personally, I would not want to live like that, either. But it just doesn´t offend me if other people do it. I mean, I could also never imagine having a 9 to 5 normal job, and I won´t judge people for that, either. I like to judge people for being stupid assholes, not for their living arrangements.
And when the parents die, well, who knows, maybe they will leave a good inheritance. And if they don´t, oh well. Those are problems that these people create for themselves, and if they create them and are willing to deal with the consequences, I guess that´s their choice.

No. 523066

she literally complained about getting so little money for doing nasty commissions, i also don't see why anyone would choose that life style. like most freeloaders at least are usually outside the house and fucking around with friends. if she has basically no responsibilities why just stay inside the house, making shitty porn art you don't wanna do, for money you don't think is enough and making videos about a girl who's personal problems echo yours so nearly? to me it sounds unhealthy. also again, at near 30 there's a normal want of independence in most people.

No. 523078

File: 1583790204219.jpeg (595.03 KB, 1242x1172, DC8D0586-833A-4302-A4AC-616E43…)

>thinks holly killing self is neutral end
Not even the worst cow on here deserves killing themselves as the “final solution”. I mean obsessing about holly every day is one thing but then making this chart as well?

No. 523080

I just saw racist uncle's video about "why artist need to lift" and god its all over the place, she shits on female artists so much and claims that by lifting you'll be a better artist? Like what about muscle studies, drawing from life, sure being healthy is an important part of someone's life but claiming every female artist who is overweight is bad is such a stretch, she really is a clear example of a pickme girl

No. 523081

damn, does she post often in that discord? she has such a big cow potential so i really want her to have a thread, but if she posts rarely everywhere than it will probably run dry quickly.

No. 523084

Maybe she should stop living vicariously through Holly and get some help herself because the fact she even made this "chart" screams mental illness.

No. 523086

But Holly is younger than Racist and has made more money from her art (even if she spends it all). What makes Racist so special that she isn't facing a similar timeline?

No. 523087

W-well she's not as stupid and fat and ugly as Holly so it doesn't count anon, obviously. /s

No. 523088

Holly brown is actually bipolar, and you can see that with her actions. Sucide is never the answer .

No. 523091

Holly has a done some stupid shit but this is taking it too far.
Girl has some issues she might wants to work on instead of obsessing about Holly.

No. 523093

aka, if you're lurking right now Racist, you're kind of a bigger sperg than Holly.

No. 523098

File: 1583793467609.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1781, 9EA930DF-C174-4445-8B25-D30FF2…)

She posts basically everyday. There’s a lot of milk but it’s hard to look through due to the fact she posts a lot. Her fiancé is also in the server. She constantly puts him down as well and they have a weird relationship dynamic. She’s even said things like she wouldn’t want to have children with him because he’s autistic. Or that she only is going to marry him because he makes good money. She doesn’t even bother to say this stuff in private chats so he can read this stuff. She does this in voice chat too while he’s in there for some reason and let’s the other members of the discord roast him. It’s very strange because she has pickme mentality too so she lets him talk/look at other women yet also controls him? this is a small example of her talking about her husband.

No. 523099

She's engaged to a guy who makes good money but lives with her parents??

No. 523102

He lives in Canada, and he wants them to get an apartment together in the US or something and she refuses. Probably because she isn’t willing to help pitch in. I have no idea why she thinks she’s marrying him for the money either when he doesn’t make that much. Definitely not enough to support a housewife anyways.

No. 523103

jesus christ this chick needs a thread

No. 523107

god she definitely needs a thread now, this shit goes so deep and she is 10x worse than holly. i'm just worried if we do make the thread she'll put the server on lock down and people won't be able to post her posts.

No. 523113

Wow. Never knew she was such a horrid cunt. Knowing that she lurks here she should definitely get a thread.

No. 523115

and you know once she gets a thread she'll make an "epic 4chan /ic/ meme video" on how much she hates lolcow.

No. 523120

Interestingly enough though, I can't find any of her art on /ic/ itself (not in the alt style thread, improvement thread, beginner thread, drawthread…), but some of the people in her server (like Nosebro in one of the screenshots) post their art on the board a lot. It makes me wonder if she knows she'd get torn to shreds by anons and is only safe in her circlejerk server.

No. 523124

You know what, I wasn't convinced before why this basic whitetrash chick was even worth talking about, but this? What fresh hell is this??

No. 523125

File: 1583797576583.png (15.53 KB, 1054x227, nWkthqz.png)

Lol, they don't even like her on /ic/

No. 523152

File: 1583803037760.jpeg (380.53 KB, 1133x396, 48AAD51E-2B98-4255-BA62-8623D2…)

Why does she try so hard to cater to people that really don’t care for her? Doesn’t she know her audience are just edgy 12 year olds (like holly brown’s old audience). Also more pickme from racist

No. 523153

anon I see where you're coming from and I have met people who were content with living with and caring for their parents into their thirties, but if you were to ask Racist or Holly to honestly answer whether they'd like a steadier income or more independence or a better social life, etc., they'd probably say yes. They're just too lazy or incompetent to do the shitty things the rest of us in those situations do (working part or full time, saving money, etc.) to earn their own independence. Also, there's nothing wrong with childish hobbies, it's just that we can assume ALL their income goes into them – they probably don't save and I assume they don't pay rent to their parents.

No. 523154

Imagine being that bad at Math.

No. 523161

She will more likely try to damage control and just go on with the meme that she was being ironic. Even though it’s so clear she is just a pick me who wishes she was 4chan’s darling with solid abs and the face of an angel. When in reality she’s just a less chubby holly brown.

No. 523172

Spouse visas are a lot of work and money. If she can't even be fucked to get a part time job at 27 then there's no way she will put in the time for the application, especially if she doesn't even like the guy. I think you also have to prove you can adequately provide for your partner financially as well which she obviously can't, so…I'm not sure why this guy is wasting his time.

No. 523182

everything about your post is incorrect. please atleast do a little research next time.

No. 523187

File: 1583808581761.jpeg (101.98 KB, 806x538, B7D74F51-44A4-47A5-9D0E-397EE2…)

Lmao does she lurk?

No. 523188

If you look into it, on her twitter she is full on slamming CSA nonstop now because it's popular. She copied creepshows entire channel, and now is saying she hates her?

No. 523189

lmao is she wearing fucking circle lenses ?what is wrong with her face, she looks like baby yoda

No. 523192

File: 1583809080012.jpeg (299.81 KB, 828x1243, 908F0294-45DC-47DF-A693-729A2B…)

I think she says she’s still friends with her.

No. 523194

her head is so fucking weird. it's like someone stomped on it

No. 523196

File: 1583809411121.png (26.04 KB, 447x70, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 8.01…)

I just checked and despite her tweeting at CSA before this, she posted this and now doesn't follow her at all, but keeps talking about how someone she admired disappointed her and she was shaking and crying talking about it. What a cow.

No. 523197

File: 1583809413269.jpeg (176.15 KB, 827x677, 59526943-523E-414C-8D27-25FE4E…)

I don’t think I’ve ever saw her being hate on. Am I wrong?

No. 523198

slight autism but everytime i see it i think of childhood sexual abuse instead

No. 523200

File: 1583809713814.jpeg (107.37 KB, 828x503, 5E0E13EB-70D4-4FD1-BBEC-FA50ED…)


No. 523208

She has 10,000 subscribers and acts like a baby

No. 523210

File: 1583811050702.jpeg (80.99 KB, 809x372, 0E1ECE0D-C752-4CF8-BDE0-A4DA32…)

I agree what a fucken slime.

No. 523216

File: 1583812039418.png (31.26 KB, 450x108, Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 8.44…)

I looked more into it and it's definitely Creepshow. Creepshow made a SJW bullshit woman's day post yesterday and included her, probably not knowing any of this.
Creep even said she was 4kidzcreepshow art in her post and she didn't even like it or respond. She based her entire personality and youtube life on her and now hates her for seemingly no reason.

No. 523217

Which part of that isn't true? In the US one of the applicants does need to prove they have the money to adequately support themselves. Pretty sure they can also require you to get a sponsor who needs to make at least 125% of the federal poverty level to sign an affidavit of support, which Racist couldn't do (but her family could if they were willing/aren't broke as shit).

No. 523223


so did creepshow do something to get cancelled (aside from her shit art which we been knew, or her obvious bottom of the barrel clickbait ready2glare clone videos) or are people just now realizing how much of an insufferable talentless leech she is?

No. 523226

People are calling her out for talking about Jaclyn Hill and talking about Jaclyn's father and saying she's a bully. Peaches said she didn't agree with the video and that she thought it was bullying on twitter, so that's why she's mad.
Creepshow isn't being cancelled though, which is stupid. I just checked social blade and she's been gaining nonstop

No. 523228

Jfc this one drawing is more embarrassing than the entire redraw thread here combined. In trying to prove how much better than Holly she is, all Racist Uncle has done is prove that she's even worse.

Like yeah Holly is a lazy scammer with shit art, but Holly's backwards penises and rape yaois are way less embarrassing than Uncle's fat fetish porn and weird autistic charts about Holly.

Normally I hate when people accuse each other of being jealous of cows, but it sort of seem like Uncle is a little jealous of Holly. Like Holly has doing a similar (albeit toned-down) "edgy" shtick and was able to garner a following, whereas all Uncle has done is try to desperately impress pathetic autists on 4chan to no avail. Yikes.

No. 523231

Why TF are farmers defending NEETs on lolcow? Are you fucking lost?

No. 523232

That anon probably lives with her parents and works at the gas station. Making fun of RU struck a nerve.

No. 523241

Lmao that fucker is still around?

You’d think these posts would knock some sense into her. RU if you’re out there, pls stop shitting on Holly and trying to appeal to that shit board. You gain nothing but ridicule. Work on your ugly art and stop being a retard.

No. 523246

was racist uncle trying to copy venoos in that picture ? the first thing I thought was lipstick on a pig, she's so ugly that any attempt at makeup looks out of place and frankly grotesque.

No. 523252

>It’s very strange because she has pickme mentality too so she lets him talk/look at other women yet also controls him?
Gimpgirl is the same way with her obese, jobless, manlet husband. Same goes for Shoe0nHead with her fiance, Greg, being an actual retard with a YT channel that's failing in comparison to hers.
For some reason, a lot of women who subscribe to pick-me mentality seem to end up with men who are (in some way) weaker, less successful or less capable than themselves.
It's like life works out the exact opposite of how they claim it does, or they just hate themselves so much they think these weird, low-quality men are all they deserve. No doubt in my mind they like the feeling that the men are too undesirable to possibly leave them for a better relationship, too. I think pick-mes are actually quite domineering over men, just in a different way from what you'd expect.

No. 523265

LOL, no I don´t but people used to always tell me that that would be a good job for me, and I used to actually want to do that when I was younger because I wanted to see all the weirdos come in at night. Where I live the gast stations sell booze, so weekends are interesting.

No. 523329

File: 1583855761842.png (130.64 KB, 442x649, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 8.55…)

People are starting to notice she's talking about creepshow and calling her out on it

No. 523339

File: 1583858160077.jpeg (129.59 KB, 828x540, B68D82D4-4A68-48AC-933C-E8400D…)

Did she went to full preacher mode?

She makes zero sense in what she’s talking about and who.

No. 523356

File: 1583860682307.jpeg (974.56 KB, 1242x2175, 0C4CE3BE-7A77-4BD4-BFA4-6DC3F9…)

racist turning on other women in the discord. Unironically made a meme for them (pink username) Posting food on the fitness chat warrants this apparently. Seen this “meme” before posted by racist and it really seems she can’t handle other women in her “4chan space”

No. 523366

I've become slightly intrigued by this, so here's what I can tell. Peaches got mad at Shannon a month or so ago because Shannon made a video on PK Russel where she said his criticism of hasbin hotel "didn't matter" and the people who criticized him were nit picking. It's obvious she didn't watch the videos, because she is lazy.
She publicly said Shannon was being rude and didn't do enough research, but Shannon apologized publicly and somehow was praised for it by the people she offended. Then this month Shannon does the Jaclyn Hill video, and she starts posting about being disappointed in her idol, and saying shit like she's mud slinging, all while not tagging her "idol" Shannon. Shannon seems unbothered or simply doesn't notice because she's retarded, and posts that woman's day post about how they are friends and she is like her mini me. This causes peaches to freak out, unfollow her on both her private account and public account, and start talking shit about her. Shannon notices and seems upset, but doesn't do anything. Peaches keeps talking shit, to the point where people are calling it out, but is now pretending she isn't doing that.

Unless I missed something or Shannon was a bitch privately, Peaches is a sensitive baby and Shannon is retarded.

No. 523372

But let’s not forget she talks shit about random people too. She is not innocent and is two faced.

No. 523374

Okay so peaches is just a snake. Creepshow even put her on her channel… what the hell

No. 523377

she really doesn't have enough followers to act as bitchy as she does lol

No. 523389

She's so overdramatic, she's making CSA look good

No. 523397

>child sexual abuse??!!
>scrolls up
>oh lol
what an unfortunate abbreviation

No. 523403


Maybe they´re related? Or maybe she´s a Nerdecrafter fangirl? Or maybe she just does it because she´s real and not a prissy little bitch.

I make faces like that, too, because I am not like other girls, needing to act like some pretty little princess and always trying to impress guys and outdo other girls by trying all hard to look beautiful. Ugh, other girls really piss me off, so glad all my friends are guys.

No. 523412

So let me get this straight, this girl goes around befriending youtubers, rips off their content, says exactly what they say in less interesting ways, and then, after that person puts them on their channel and asks their followers to follow this clone, she turns into a bitch? What a fucking cow.
I want to figure out who else she has done this to, because how she talks, it can't just be Shannon. This is disgusting

No. 523417

I'm pretty sure PKRussel and Peaches are friends. Also CSA jumped a bandwagon to make fun of him so I'm not surprised some of his friends were mad because the whole situation was pretty stupid. I didn't watch his video though so maybe it was terrible, but why TF were so many autistic children offended one dude didn't like their new favorite tism magnet? There were so many videos made about one dudes opinion

No. 523419


No, I´m not in highschool. I´m an accomplished porn artist.

No. 523420

No. 523425

She got mad because CSA didn't criticize him more about his Hazbin review though, so I'm pretty sure they aren't friends. Or if they are, she's probably going to try to grow because of him

No. 523431

at this point i'm convinced you're a troll, half your posts have been blogs and you're that one anon who was like "uwu have sympathy for people who live as freeloaders at their parent's house at 30" also.

No. 523432

File: 1583871286757.png (99.97 KB, 478x561, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 1.14…)

Same fag but why does she thinks she's famous enough to leach off of?

No. 523440


Lol if thinking I´m a troll makes life easier for you, be my guest.

No. 523449

ikr. i feel kinda bad for her lol

No. 523457


Hi Tracey!

No. 523462

imagine making Creepshow Art look good.

No. 523473

imagine being creepshowart

No. 523476


Ugh, whatever happened to talking shit about people like Rae Dizzle or Emily Artful? That was way more fun than laughing at pornies and tracers.

No. 523477


You have previously admitted to it, people have seen photos, your "art work" shows it, and your "friends" have told everyone. More questions?

No. 523478


Sage, don´t use a name, learn how to use the fucking site.

No. 523481


No, i´m actually Tea, lol.

No. 523482

Yes, your right, my bad. It´s not "art work", it´s "artwork". Sorry, English isn´t my first language, Tracey.

No. 523483


No. 523485

are you just fucking talking to yourself?

No. 523487


Lol, I´ll be the judge of that, after all, I have actually seen your "art work". It look like the boring, done a million times before shit that every other dressed in black digital "artist" shits out all the time.

No. 523489

File: 1583879483838.png (1.66 MB, 2000x3000, E8AABDB8-33BA-4F87-84C7-8E154A…)


No. 523491


seriously, there are so many people making this type of art and it all looks like it´s fom the same person, it´s so boring because it´s the same thing over and over again, only with different accesories or a couple of new scars added here and there

No. 523494

File: 1583880134384.png (11.68 KB, 640x290, 35564.png)

Reminds me of those artist who make 'I don't do work for exposure' who's art is so trash no one would want it for free

No. 523499

hey wtf don't impersonate me

No. 523500

Damn tea why would you support that?

No. 523502

i dindu nuffin

No. 523512

File: 1583885070509.jpeg (53.97 KB, 825x319, 9FDFBF6B-CDC0-43EB-83AE-C13443…)

Say what you will

No. 523521

ok but its of myself
no harm no foul if i didn't take someone elses art

No. 523523

since it's me it's rotoscoping not tracing(stop namefagging you retard)

No. 523569

Someone on twitter directly called Peaches out for this and she hasn't said anything in response. I bet Creepshow is planning a video right now.

No. 523613

holy insecurity batman. what discord is this anyway? is it for art or something else?

No. 523647

probably Nosebro’s

No. 523758

Does anyone here know why super dramatic cows seem to be almost exclusively into drawing (or tracing…) digitally? There doesn´t seem to be a single one that I know of that´s mostly into traditional stuff. Any thoughts?

No. 523759

because traditional art doesn't have line correction or gradient tools they can use to hide their lack of skill.

No. 523760

Here we go with this bullshit again .

We get it, you think you're better than everyone else because you inhale paint fumes.

No. 523763


Ok, that makes sense. I don´t do digital art, so this is stuff that I did not even think of.


Lol, what?
1. I just asked a question. 2. The media I use don´t produce any "paint fumes". 3. Do you feel offended because you happen to be one of the people that I ws asking about?

No. 523764

digital is factually easier than traditional, calm down anon. these people wouldn't survive without most features of digital art since they have no discipline, and it's easier to trace digitally. you should try traditional some time cus you seem to have forgotten how much different it is from digital.

No. 523769

Drama is everywhere but maybe another reason why it's less visible from traditional artists is that an analog canvas doesn't have Twitter directly built into it.
Digital artists are just a click and away from gossiping because they're already using their devices to create.

No. 523807

Todays lesson from Rae - how to make a fucking awful painting worse. She goes on in the beginning of the video how it's actually pretty good spoiler alert : its horrible.

No. 523808

bitch all i said was that it's easier to cover yourself because digital art lets you do more advanced techniques with preset brushes.

No. 523815


I just watched that video a couple of minutes ago. Trying to recover from it now.
I just don´t get this. Painting with oils isn´t easy, so if you are not very good at painting to begin with, why not make it a little easier on yourself by going with an easier medium, where you can actually focus on just your subject, rather than trying yourself at oils where you have to worry about the painting AND working the medium properly? There is so much that you have to consider if you want oils to turn out good, I do not understand why people would take that additional difficulty upon themselves when they should still be focusing on learning how to paint, period.

No. 523835

>>523763 Nta but your question came off as a lame attempt to shit on digital art and we constantly have trad elitists fighting in here over whatever traditional is superior to digital (it's not) and people are fucking tired of it.

No. 523842

god digital artists are so sensitive, and i'm primarily a digital artist as well. the anon in no way implied digital was worse and most cows do work in that.

No. 523861


I didn´t mean for it to come off as that though. I guess I haven´t been on here for long enough to see people fighting over which is better, and I was genuinely curious as to why drama cows seem to like digital art more. I personally don´t do digital art because it´s simply not what I´m into, but I do know that there is very good digital art out there that is certain to have taken a lot of skill to make.

No. 523871

File: 1583958198553.png (223.97 KB, 500x709, 31B33E7F-AE32-4617-A6B5-F16357…)

Does anyone remember Kinomatika from tumblr? I completely forgot about her until today. Kino supposedly defends pedo content on twitter and blocks people who speak our against her. She also has some hysterical looking knuckle tatts.

The attached image is from a call-out post that is currently going around on Twitter, mentioning Kino's stance on pedos and her being whatever the fuck an "anti-anti" is. She already deleted the tweets from the image today, so whatever is going on, it's pretty clear she doesn't want her massive amount of followers to find out.

Tbh, Kino seems as unhinged and cowish as she was on tumblr years ago, but only now people are starting to notice.

No. 523879

An anti anti…jfc. So people are anti something and other people who disagree with their opinions are…anti antis? This is ridiculous.

No. 523880

i really hate how people started using "anti-anti" and to be honest i suspect antis named pros anti-antis because they also named themselves antis.

No. 523902

File: 1583963276517.png (2.04 KB, 99x67, dbhrdzg-219097c9-b09d-4901-af9…)

Gosh is anti-anti a blast from the past. In defense, it doesn't make it any less cringe though, I think 'anti-anti' made sense in it's original context. It first became big with 'anti-anti-SJW'. They weren't SJW's, but they hated anti sjw 'male rape. checkmate feminist' types so they got stuck with the odd 'anti-anti-sjw' name. It caught on because deviant art got all the worst 'anti' autists (anti-sonic, anti-MLP, etc) so people who didn't like sonic, but hated all the annoying children who couldn't stop posting about how 'modern sonic succcccks' took up anti-anti-sonic.
In the modern times though it has no use besides being an obtuse way to say what you are. Also using anti-anti is better than saying 'pedo defender'

No. 523906

that's interesting, i wasn't aware anti-anti was used in other circles, though i've seen anti being used in dumb deviantart hate groups. also let's not start another thread long debate about these ""pedo"" defenders, but i've seen them just call themselves pro shippers which makes a lot more sense.

No. 523922

Tbf kino didn’t know what “anti” originally meant. But anyway, the real reason to hate Kino is because she took money from people without giving them their commissions on fur affinity or some shit. She’s a cow and a thief.

No. 523931


The funny this is that according to Rae oil painting is her strongest medium. She even made a video a while back about why she's so good with oils vs why she's so bad with acrylics. The saddest part is that she knows her acrylic paintings are terrible but is completely delusional about the fact that her "best" oil ones are only marginally better.

No. 523935

Doesn't she have some sort of degree in oil painting? From some not-very-good school? Would make sense why she likes her oil paintings the most, have to find some sort validation after wasting that much money.

No. 524013

i'm so confused, what the hell are antis, what the hell are anti-antis, and what the hell does it have to do with pedos? pls spoonfeed

No. 524018

well it's like anti, as in against. so anti-sjw means you're against sjws and disagree with them on principle (like an idiot). anti-anti-sjw is someone who is against anti-sjws and disagrees with them on principle, essentially pro-sjws (so basically back to being sjw again but more contrarian). just replace sjw with pedo and you have a whole plateful of idiot.

No. 524020

Ugh I wish I had the post but from what I understand is that “anti” is used to refer to users who only like “pure” stuff and are against anything degenerate or seemingly degenerate anyway.They’re known for harassing people for shipping shit they personally don’t like. Unfortunately anti is also used by MAPs to refer to people who are (rightfully) against them. So you can see where using the term can get really messy. An anti “anti” is someone who is against the whole ship policing shit. And has nothing to do with the MAP meaning.
If other anons can add pls do.

No. 524023


LOL you think people who disagree with SJWs are idiots?

No. 524033

At the time 'anti SJW' became loaded to mean less 'people who hate SJWs' and more 'people who hate all leftism on principle'. Because of that people who hated SJW, but also hated anti SJW's became anti anti SJW. Anti SJW didnt just hate SJW's they hated all leftism

No. 524034

File: 1583975347500.jpg (669.41 KB, 1564x1079, Screenshot_20200311-180512_You…)

What is with the huge rash on her neck?

No. 524058

Literally looks like she smeared poop on it.

No. 524073

File: 1583980636723.png (703.86 KB, 888x1000, castlevania.png)

Pardon my autism, I enjoy Castlevania but the facial proportions annoy the hell out of me. All of the men literally look like they were pulled out of a trashy yaoi manga.

I get that they're trying to go for an anime-esque style, but not all anime draws men like this. Plus they're specifically using Ayami Kojima's art as a reference, and her facial anatomy is just fine (albiet intentionally large eyes) so I don't understand why this is happening. I'm not sure how they looked at Kojima's art and ended up with this, or why they couldn't just hire her to work on the show if they were going to base it so heavily off her work.

The top is a screencap from the show. The bottom is me trying to fix it.

No. 524074

File: 1583981272566.jpg (614.76 KB, 1618x1213, ayami kojima.jpg)

Here's some of Ayami Kojima's art for reference. She's done concept art for Castlevania games since the late 90s.

Her art is really awesome and beautiful. She did the character designs for SotN, some of which (Dracula, Lisa, Alucard) the Netflix show uses.

No. 524075

What I wouldn’t give to have an art book of her work.

No. 524077

She has one, but it's absurdly expensive.

No. 524078

I always like manga and illustrations more than anime the bar is lowered so far with most anime quality wide compared to source material

No. 524093

It’s $160 on Amazon, that’s not terrible considering the content. But it’s scanned anyway too.

No. 524096

this is Nattosoup erasure

No. 524099

Anti shippers are a plague on twitter at the moment (mostly underage, screaming about fictional character's rights, you know the deal), but Kinomatika is still a retard. She's a thief and a liar. Didn't she tattoo the word "Faggot" on herself too?

No. 524101

All I remember her for is drawing Homestuck porn like ten years ago.

No. 524109

people who disagree with anyone about anything on principle are idiots.

No. 524139


OMG For a moment I thought that this was still referring to Ayami Kojima LOLOLOLOLOLOL

No. 524143

Hey. Are there art-related discord servers that don't have cows-like people? I really need artist friends

No. 524146

All artists are cows tbh

No. 524148

That's true

No. 524180

Oh god, I love her art and I love Castlevania. I bought her book from a site called fromjapan for like 50 usd. Expensive, but I just needed it and I'm pretty sure new copies aren't made anymore so I wanted to get one while I could

No. 524249


Not me, I´m more with mephitidae club. But I also don´t do digital.

No. 524251

wtf is the difference between the two pictures

go for ones that are age restricted (like 15/16+), they usually have more mature users. i have some recommendations in mind but i'd rather not say server names on lc lol

No. 524318

You can tell the bottom one is squished a little. But other than that not much of a difference.

No. 524358

I just fixed it so his forehead is a more normal size, and so his nose isn't quite as long.

I didn't want to change it too much because I wanted to maintain the style of the show. But his puny forehead was really bothering me.

No. 524360

eh still pretty much looks like a yaoi manga thing

No. 524366

File: 1584044795160.jpg (34.73 KB, 340x560, 32a831e26346fa7bd63108bdf40a6d…)

Why specifically yaoi it's an all 90s anime thing

No. 524371

>All of the men literally look like they were pulled out of a trashy yaoi manga.
that's what the anon literally said about the picture and i'm just pointing out that their edit changed nothing about it.

No. 524382

All artists are cows anon, especially the ones with OCs. But like >>524251 said, join servers with age restrictions. I've gotten myself into artist discords with users as young as 11, and as you can imagine the server was a shitshow full of puritans and pearl clutchers. The best part? It was about a mature piece of media, so nobody under 16-18 should have been in there anyway.

And yes, i reported the server and the user in question. No, nothing was done about it because of course it wasn't. I left that server before the whole discord furry drama happened.

No. 524392

they must have tightened their enforcement since the furry drama then, i reported a server for allowing under 13 users a while after that and it got taken down really quickly.

No. 524413

You say that so you can hide from your own cringe.

No. 524420

I'd assume FC not OC since OCs are how we get new media. Without writers or artists world building, story, character arcs, and designs there'd be no movies and comics. Companies like Dreamworks would be dead.

No. 524422

These people like to see things in black and white. Pretty cringy I say.

No. 524476

Nah, it's more of an inferiority complex about my creations. I greatly admire anyone that is confident enough to pitch their own series idea to a studio.
I never got an email back even to this day, so the report definitely got ignored and sent to the bin. I wonder if that server is still up right now…? I don't even remember where i found it. Why the fuck was a literal child allowed in a server about a mature game? What is wrong with people?

No. 524591

You're a cow.

No. 524609

I've started using a ballpoint pen (stolen from work lol) for my sketches and I've never liked my art more. Maybe because I'm not pressuring myself by using expensive/professional materials? What do you guys like to sketch with?

No. 524617

I used to love using ballpoint. Not really sure why I fell out of it.

Now I like to use a dull 3h pencil and a 0.3 mechanical hb pencil for sketching. I like to use Bristol or printer paper because they have no tooth and are really smooth.

No. 524618

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sketching with ballpoint. When I feel insecure about my work, it helps me get back on track. It's been helping me build up my drawing agility, too.
I sketch with other ink pens and pencil, too, but something about a cheap ballpoint pen…

No. 524649


I like to sketch with coloured pencils bc grey pencil gets boring after a while and I love rainbow spreads. (Also I own so many coloured pencils although I don't do serious work with them that I need to use them up finally. lol)

No. 524654

I use a mechanical pencil, the lead I use is pentel HI-POLYMER 0.5 mm 2B. Black lead. Of all the lead that I’ve tried this is my favourite. though kinda expensive for lead lmao 2$ aud each pack.

>>524618 also ballpoint is so fun to sketch in!!! though I stopped because I go crazy when I find just the littlest thing off with a drawing making me waste a whole page in my sketch book lol.

No. 524672


If ballpoint pen is what you like then I do, from the bottom of my little ballpoint loving heart, recommend Schneider refills (are they called refills in english, the things you stick into the refillable pen?) They are so smooth and soooo good. Just my 2 cents.

No. 524712

But I thought that was the fun of having a sketchbook and the whole purpose of sketching with ink? Things will always be a little 'off' but I think the goal is to learn how to make sure it's 'off' in an appealing way and learn how to step away from things. We're always our worst judge.

Yep! Sometimes they're called rechargeable/refillable pins and the cartridges are refills. I'll look into this brand. Ever since getting a fountain pen, I've been considering getting a ballpoint pen I can buy refills for. I love the cheap pens, but I'd like to cut back on waste and have one or two nice pens. Thanks for the recommendation!

Is there a particular model of pen body you recommend, or do you suggest using the refills alone? I'm surprised that look like full-bodied pens. Most ballpoint refills look pretty flimsy.

No. 524745

File: 1584106393180.jpg (99.71 KB, 950x1341, e41fa3_2779ce69d17546c19b0c916…)

If you have ink bottles for your fountain pens already, why not also consider a refillable rollerball pen? I have the kakimori one, but I know herbin makes one too. As for ballpoints, I tried out the Monami 153 and it is SMOOTH. Like, absolutely fucking unreal how smooth it writes. Butter smooth. I never knew it was a thing and thought my friend was bullshitting me but FUCK. It's pretty fucking steep for a ballpoint, but I do believe it has refills that you can buy. 10/10 absolutely worth the price. Also comes in a fun case lol.

No. 524758

Hey anon i just got back into sketching with ballpoint too! I think it really helps you with your drawing ability and you can't just erase your mistakes lol

I like to use kuru toga mechanical pencils (0.5 and 0.7) and pilot color eno for colored lead. I'm a hobbyist so I don't really invest in expensive materials

No. 524856

Why are all you guys derailing thread.

No. 524864


how is it derailing? this is an art discussion/salt thread and they are discussing art(subjectfag)

No. 524866

oh here we go again with these tards. the thread is literally called art discussion, you can ignore it if you are not interested in the ballpoint pen talk.

No. 524910

File: 1584122940827.png (2.88 MB, 3840x2160, Capture.PNG)

Racist uncle is extremely delusional. This is probably also why she doesn't post on ic anymore because they tore her a new one in this thread. She legit thinks she's a competent artist. Also imagine using "generic" as a reason to redraw someone's art.

No. 524915

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that, even with a set of Sakura microns, I still reach for a rollerball for some line art because I like the flow of the ink. I like lots of thinner detailed lines like so maybe when my microns run out, I'll splurge on a good refillable rollerball.

I do like that Monami looks like a stylus. I'll check it out.

Holy shit I LOVE Kuru Togas. I thought the rotating lead was just a gimmick at first. I use a 0.5mm one alongside my usual 2mm and 5.6mm lead holders.

what have we come to where discussing drawing materials in an art thread is derailing? lmao

No. 524919


Is there anyone that actually blows smoke up her ass or are her delusions all in her own head? I can't image what it would take for her to have an real wakeup call about how shit she is.

No. 524924

Cringe folks here think they’re intelligent by discussing different pens types .

No. 524925

File: 1584125981020.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1500x1985, avertyoureyes.png)

I think they are in her own head. Like how she thinks porn artists are superior to sfw artists. Then she goes on to draw degenerate furry and loli porn. Like she'll draw youtubers/ their oc's getting gangraped or some shit. No one pays her to draw this stuff either. Like it's not that bad to draw porn of oc's I guess but she even draw's spechie which is just so cringy. Pictured are Baylee Jae, RossDraws, Kasey Golden, and cinnabani's ocs. (also spechie porn?!?)

No. 524931

I wouldn’t doubt if it’s racist uncle herself derailing the thread.

No. 524932

That Spechie's face is horrifying. Say what you will about Holly's absurd yaoi but at least it's so bad it becomes hilarious, whereas this is just your average beginner degenerate shit.

No. 524939

I can't believe you guys will get mad over discussing art supplies in an art salt AND discussion thread. Pardon me for wanting to discuss relevant topics.

No. 524943

File: 1584127534900.jpg (13.67 KB, 374x374, D8CRtMS_d.jpg)

How is discussing different pen types any more or less pretentious than discussing any other differences in art materials like pencils or paint brushes?

No. 524948

i'm about 100% sure it's one anon acting like different ones who keeps mentioning the thread being ~derailed~. like what kind of hate boner do you have to have for ballpoint pens that you can't stand people discussing it for like 6 posts? get the fuck over yourself and change the topic if you don't like the currently discussed one.

No. 524950

File: 1584128265210.jpg (74.83 KB, 650x509, tumblr_inline_oy1wiy8uGE1tssys…)

She'll most likely never have a wake up call because we're either crabs, salty normies, or some other delusion she makes up. I feel kind of sad for uncle in a way. I used to be less extreme version of her and I know they crab cycle she's trapped in. I grew out of it, but I think it's to late for her.
I hate the small bits of style we see. That fugly face, big upper legs and super small tinny ones, and the sad edge lord attempts.
Also the basic mistakes she makes. Backgorund for the black girl is off, the nazi one has no background which if it was a different artist doing theyd bitch about them being lazy, that hand for the top right, and spechies face. Finaly I love the + things on the black dude for spechie because I swear she only put it their because 'artist should do that'. Ahe has no clue why it's there

No. 524983

Omg these are terrible

No. 524984

I'm pretty sure it is the same person. Pens are basic to art and often people's first tools which some of us still use in our career on a daily basis. It seems like a weird thing to lose this level of shit over.

No. 525013

i find anti culture to be so fucking stupid

literally who has the time to give a fuck if someone ships something you don't like. teens freaking over this shit i understand cus they have nothing better to do, but full blown ass adults? the fuck, bitch go pay off your mortgage or something

No. 525016

do any other anons have problems with the canson mixed media sketchbook? I mainly use watercolor, and I've noticed that the paper starts to fall apart if I appply more than 2 layers, while this doesnt happent with any other paper i use even though i use the same techniques. i also use markers, gouache and coloured pencils, and i havent had any problems using those in the sketchbook, only watercolor.

im only asking here cause ive read reviews of the sketchbook and i havent seen any one mention anything simlilar lol

No. 525018

Mixed media paper usually only holds more layers if you’re super careful with it, it’s not the greatest when it comes to watercolor

No. 525021

ty anon, i think ill stick with regular watercolor paper pads for using watercolor then.

No. 525025

Who have you unfollowed recently or what has made you unfollow someone in the past?

I’ve been debating on unfollowing a bunch of artists because they post the same thing over again. It’s really boring to watch. I just can’t see the same faces over again with different color swaps. It’s not inspiring.

No. 525029

Comic anons do you have the unrelenting urge to draw word bubbles in perspective? And even if you resit the urge the word bubbles feel off

No. 525038

I'm sorry if I sound idiotic but can you elaborate on what you mean by "in perspective"?

No. 525041

I unfollow people who go way overboard with politics (even politics I agree with), who engage in drama or obsess over one fandom for weeks. I just couldn't browse my tl at all back when the new pokemon was announced, so many artists go nuts for it

No. 525043

Does anyone know any good beginner gouache? I was looking into getting the Huji set so I could add translucent layers and landscapes. But I don't know if it's the best beginning set or hasjust been overhyped.

No. 525057

File: 1584143743435.png (58.59 KB, 660x588, ex.PNG)

Sure. I quick example

No. 525058

Haha no but it creates a fun visual maybe lean into it

No. 525060

no but if that is a quirk you decide to put in your comic i dont see the problem

No. 525062

File: 1584144071997.png (558.24 KB, 926x620, eizouken.png)

Eizouken's manga artist uses this and I think it works really well in small doses.

No. 525065

File: 1584144197586.jpg (286.38 KB, 847x1200, eizo orig.jpg)

Here's the original

No. 525071


Schmincke Akademie - it´s a student gouache but it´s far beyond that qualitywise.

No. 525073


I´d say just get the refills and put them in a pen of your choice that you are really comfortable with holding, that how I do it anyways.

No. 525076

Side note, If anyone is looking for paper to do gouache/watercolour on, I really recommend Khadi cotton rag paper. It's honestly the best paper I've ever worked with

No. 525104

They've made a rough textured version, which is slightly heavier, but I don't think it compares to sticking to watercolor paper of any kind, including wood based.

A site I use puts this stuff on sale often so I'll try some then. Thanks!

No. 525107

I unfollowed levitzo a while back once he went all-in with the buttguys, his style was kinda same-y before but this was too much. I get sticking with what works, but I was not into seeing the same thing on my feed twice a day everyday.

No. 525109

File: 1584152226452.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x2008, E53901D4-1060-4D96-B0AB-F34ACE…)

oops, posted without image.

No. 525131

That was a month long thing he’s back to normal?

No. 525137

Why does her version look like a brain dead doll breaking out into an inexplicable cold sweat of fear

No. 525143

File: 1584162014363.jpeg (561.43 KB, 1242x1902, 4A520C40-D8E6-43B4-87C2-5D9ACF…)

More racist uncle shenanigans basically being a bitch to holly. She should try following her own advice
She doesn’t understand how to convey emotion unlike the person she “corrected”

No. 525149

Why is this bitch so obsessed with Holly? I swear to god she's well on her way to becoming a Holly skinwalker. It almost makes you sympathetic to her. Almost.

No. 525157

The point of comics is to tell a story, if it improves it sure. But it seems like ait can become a nuisance to read

No. 525160


Thank you both! I'll look into getting them!

No. 525162

Is there such a thing as a pickme artist because holy shit she's it.

It's projection.

No. 525164

I only follow people if they stop posting stuff I am interesting in (ie. if they get into a new fandom I don't care about and only post fanart for it) or if they start non-stop posting about wierd politics or annoying shitposts

Here is the thread link if anyone wants to read it

No. 525170

File: 1584168703321.jpg (157.78 KB, 750x1000, farp,small,wall_texture,produc…)


One of the pics is Baylee Jan's bakery????

No. 525177

Yes, racist has problems. pretty autistic of her honestly, doesn’t even come off as 3edgy5me that she tries so hard to do.

No. 525181

File: 1584177435836.jpg (21.18 KB, 493x700, 7618968_orig.jpg)

You know you've fucked up when you manage to make Holly Brown's artwork look better by comparison.

Holly's original is crappy for a multitude of reasons, but at least she attempted to draw hands and did a decent job showing the emotion the character is supposed to have.

Uncle's looks like a middle schooler drew it. It literally looks like someone shoved something up Ash's ass and she's trying to dig it out. Her expression here says "anguish" or "constipated," not exasperated like it's supposed to. Her back looks broken, and the torso and legs look like they came from two different drawings at different angles. The breasts are in the completely wrong place on her torso. The object she's holding looks nothing like a camera. The transparent attempt to avoid drawing hands is what really completes the "12 year old drawing anime fanart" aesthetic. The foreshortening (or lack thereof) on the feet makes the right foot look like a weird hoof. The right arm is the totally fucked.

TL;DR Uncle has no business "fixing" anyone else's work, because her own art is garbage.

In the bakery one, the direction and position of the hands indicates that they're the girl's, but they're colored white? Does she have vitiligo, or is Uncle so inattentive that she forgot who the hands were attached to? Wait, is the guy supposed to be facing her back? Because no indication is given that someone is behind her.

Also, the fuck is wrong with her mouth? She looks like pic related.

No. 525185

You've really hit the rock bottom when Holly Brown looks miles more competent than you by comparison. What even is that crotch part on her redraw and why does she look like she dislocated her hip and is now suffering in pain?

What the fuck? I have literally never heard of this person before but now I need to look into her. How old is she? This is 19-year old GOTIS at highlighted display projecting her own insecurities into some scapegoat she picked out.

No. 525189

File: 1584180496889.jpeg (791.3 KB, 1242x887, 2F5352CF-0A0A-4340-98CC-94261F…)

She’s 26 going on 27, way too old for this shit. Also more milk of her calling real children lolis, just what the fuck.

No. 525200

I think >>522326 hit the nail on the head with the last sentence. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of Emily Youcis, another "pick-me"/"edgy" GOTIS artist with heavy internalized misogyny and racist leanings. She turned out to be a CSA victim. I wouldn't be surprised if RU has a similar past, and tries to "cope" by being an active participant in the (simultaneous) hatred and objectification/sexualization of both women and little girls.
Honestly, look how obsessed she is with attacking Holly Brown. She hates anyone that reminds her of herself, and on some level, that probably extends to female children.

There's a certain type of girl/woman who ends up just like this when they have existing trauma, then frequent spaces occupied by unsympathetic males.
They're usually doughy in the body, plain-faced, lower middle-class and tomboyish. They may have some creative passions that might be worth pursuing if they were mentally healthy, but they absolutely hate themselves (and other women), and crave male validation. They aren't into feminine things enough to really keep up the tradthot thing, neither are they young or even conventionally attractive enough to amass scores of orbiters just for taking selfies or filming themselves talk, so they attempt to reach a happy medium by working with whatever skill in art they have (however mediocre), and try their hardest to be part of the "boy's club" by regurgitating their talking points/memes. That way, they can reap some of the male attention they pine so desperately for, and delude themselves into thinking they're special, valuable snowflakes, not just dumb e-thots like "all those other girls".

No. 525213

most of the posts about her lead me to believe she is mostly self destructive with her obsession of holly and her desperateness for trashy 4channer attention, but this is legitimately disgusting. i don't care if she just thinks of this as an edgy joke, she needs to be psychologically evaluated and kept away from children forever.

No. 525229

Do YouTube artists know she draws porn of them/their characters? Would be amusing to see them collectively all lose their shit on her

No. 525244

Seeing YT artist lose their shit over Racist Uncle's shitty porn is exactly what she wants. She's going the Shadman route of 'draw porn of something wholesome and hope the original creator sees it' method of standing out. Any attention from the popular girls is good attention.

I knew RU reminded me of someone. Didn't Emily end up with a bit of mild local fame for selling peanuts at a ballpark? Come to find out she's an unhinged white supremacist who goes on twitter rants. She was well-known on Newgrounds like 15 years ago for her edgy tryhard Alfred Arfer cartoons. What has she done since beyond bit roles in other people's work and fading into obscurity?

What I'm failing to understand about kidults like those two are their addiction to bottom of the barrel male attention. Do they realize that these guys too are desperate for female attention and will take anything they can get, even while treating them like shit? Do they commiserate over their hatred of 'thots' even though the want to be with/be them? Why would someone who's been abused want to befriend unsympathetic incels who fap to their trauma because they're creeps who live life like it's one of their loli hentai manga? Emily's a lost cause but Racist Uncle could save herself by going to a damn therapist and leaving the internet.

Racist's is almost 27, a dried-up old bitty by 4chan standards. Once a younger, cuter, edgier artist comes by she'll be ousted from her social circle and forgotten. Then she really might fall off the rails.

No. 525245

There’s something about this that bothers me, but idk what it is? Maybe the weird suspender midriff shit? Her use of color has always bugged me, too. It feels slightly..off?

No. 525255

>Didn't Emily end up with a bit of mild local fame for selling peanuts at a ballpark? Come to find out she's an unhinged white supremacist who goes on twitter rants. She was well-known on Newgrounds like 15 years ago for her edgy tryhard Alfred Arfer cartoons. What has she done since beyond bit roles in other people's work and fading into obscurity?
Yup, Pistachio Girl. After getting fired from the ballpark job after the white supremacist stuff, she made like one or two animations, then a lot of cringy /pol/-pandering music videos of herself dancing. Then, she got married and mostly disappeared from the internet. She actually very recently came back with another homemade music video where she wore a hazmat suit and cosplayed as Corona-chan. She's definitely a lost cause.
>Do they realize that these guys too are desperate for female attention and will take anything they can get, even while treating them like shit? Do they commiserate over their hatred of 'thots' even though the want to be with/be them? Why would someone who's been abused want to befriend unsympathetic incels who fap to their trauma because they're creeps who live life like it's one of their loli hentai manga?
I think it's mental self-harm, honestly. They don't think they deserve any better than this, and they feel so disconnected from the world of normal, healthy people that they're completely addicted to the dark "humor" and outlooks that the community of 4chan has to offer. At a certain point, it probably feels like the males who treat her (and other women) like shit are just being brutally honest and dropping redpills, while everyone else is a liar or an NPC. To willingly surround yourself with human garbage and kowtow to them this way, you kind of have to believe that you're inherently worthless. If RU has been using 4chan since she was underage, it's going to be even harder for her to get out of that hole.
>Once a younger, cuter, edgier artist comes by she'll be ousted from her social circle and forgotten. Then she really might fall off the rails.
I'm convinced that will destroy her. She has a man in her life, but it's clear she doesn't really like or respect him. She already doesn't like there being other women in the /ic/ Discord, let alone the very idea of a younger female artist with even marginally better looks and the same "based edgy 4chan artist girl" schtick.
She'd probably try to shit on someone like that like she does with Holly Brown and call her an attention whore or thot, but the handful of male orbiters she's managed to amass would definitely abandon her.

No. 525261

The problem is Shadman doesn’t build himself up like Racist does. Racist is legitimately just a terrible artist. “Shock value” aside (this is edgy 12 year old Monster drink chugging “unironic humor really) the actual art is mind numbingly bad. All the things she ever bagged on holly just seeps out of all her work (doesn’t know anatomy, how to draw dicks, etc)

No. 525269

Head is too small for a body like this.

No. 525275

File: 1584208579219.png (315.22 KB, 1200x826, 2BA1CC6B-16BE-4C88-AD8C-A77892…)

Dolliguts just posted this. This looks pretty transphobic to me.

No. 525297

How? Honest question.

No. 525304


I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I don't get it, what even is this situation, like I guess this is about a trans male character and a female character but… why those faces? Why does he (?) Looks so done with life? Is the other forcing the trans thing or does she wants to help him with dysforia? I don't get it.

No. 525307

No. 525308

File: 1584211238406.jpg (63.11 KB, 1080x909, 8bb.jpg)

No. 525318

Huta really leans into the whole trend of painting generic pretty girls with bad anatomy well enough that non-artists don't notice the numerous flaws beneath the pretty coat of paint.

No. 525329

holy shit does this stupid cunt ever stop?
Racist, if you're lurking, you're not funny, you're an edgy tryhard cunt. this is why Lolcow and IC both hate you.

No. 525333

sae bc unrelated but if a thread were made on her would it go in snow or ot?

No. 525335

imma sound like a real boomer right now, but i don't get it.

snow i would say.

No. 525340

The joke is a man is subjected to cock and ball torture because his wife wants to do it to him. CBT is just a meme right now, that's all there is to it.

No. 525348


My goodness, I have no idea what you are talking about. Once again I am feeling kinda old, lol.

No. 525349

ooh okay, i thought that meme had it's run a while back.

No. 525356

File: 1584214838440.png (187.67 KB, 629x751, cieorio.png)

im so tired of artists like this without a single original bone in their body. this uninspired, no detail, "aesthetic" art is all thats on my feed anymore. i just saw this artist hit 10k for ripping off ideas from some artists while copying the exact style of others to a T.

No. 525362

meyoco rip offs are so annoying its 90% of popular art accounts im sick of seeing it its so bland and uninspired

No. 525367

This artist is an actually good artist. Your envy is showing. knowing little about paper and pens, speaks for itself.

No. 525369

>t. Huta Chan

Not everyone is going to have the same tastes as you, anon

No. 525370

The only issue is the tiny head, the rest is uninspired, but fine.

No. 525371

File: 1584216884355.png (798.58 KB, 1062x772, Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 4.11…)

if your main source of income from commissions you need to rethink a few things.

No. 525372

Pic unrelated?

No. 525373

if an artist's account is 90% aesthetic water art i just move along

No. 525374

NTA and while I do think her use of the medium is good, the actual figure is fairly messed up. The neck doesn't line up with the spine (too much towards the back compared to the ribcage), the head is very small (could work if the character is supposed to be really tall, but that'd need to be conveyed by other elements), and the arm on the right looks like it wouldn't connect to the shoulder. I'm also surprised by how flat the tank top and suspenders look when the puffy sleeve has such nicely defined planes.
I don't know the artist well but it reminds me of artists who always stay in their comfort zone and get better at rendering but start to take bad shortcuts when it comes to the figure (like Sakimichan).

No. 525376

>"i have lost the majority of the income i was counting on"
sorry, i should have mentioned commissions AND convention sales.

No. 525377

Someone repeatedly drawing the same cookie cutter anime crap over and over again doesn't make them a good artist, anon. She's good with watercolors, but her anatomy is super wonky at times.

No. 525379

If someone can make a living off cons I don't see what's the issue. It's not like the pandemic is only effecting con artists, it's effecting all sorts of workers.

No. 525382

"wow your carrier has become unstable in a time of crises, maybe go find a better one you sorry excuse of an artist uwu!!!"

exactly this, every field is being affected right now, it's almost impossible not to be financially worried. especially when some countries economies might completely collapse because of the pandemic.

No. 525398

I'm glad she found a love for pencils, but why not just use watercolour pencils at that point when you aren't really going to put the effort into pushing the medium?

Yes I know some coloured pencil artists use gamsol for of a watercolour effect or to erase pencil strokes like she did, but it seems like she only wants that effect and isn't really willing to explore the medium to the fullest. She could have gotten this same effect with a colourless pencil or even a white or off-white pencil which would also bring some brightness to her piece.

Maybe that's just me though.

No. 525449

File: 1584230865568.jpg (54.03 KB, 400x300, IMG_4916.JPG)

Anyone know how to distance the need to create a profit out of something you love? Loved drawing all my life but now as a grown adult I have a hard making room for it because I always think "well I'm not going to make it a career/make money out of it." My capitalist cog monkey brain is out of control these days.

No. 525459

How is this a meme? Yall are fucking psychotic.

No. 525471

it's the absurdity of it that makes it funny.

No. 525474

You could always try making a career out of it in your spare time and see what happens. I'm currently experimenting with porn animations that appeal to furries and seeing if it's any better to them than just drawings.

No. 525486

Danica trying out new mediums is always a joke. Somehow her drawings always comes out looking the exact same no matter what medium she uses. I like that she's trying to branch out a bit from watercolors, but she's comically missing the point of new supplies when she's forcing them to look like watercolors anyway.

No. 525533

I think it's ingrained into us that we need to profit off of our hobbies. I feel similar to you anon and can't seem to shake the thought that drawing can't just be a hobby and I need to make money off of it to justify spending time on it. You should try to do it as a side thing for awhile and see if it's something manageable for you. I wish you luck anon!

No. 525548


i relate to you anon. it's all a part of this heavily pushed "hustle" mindset. it's completely fine to have hobbies, art for the sake of art has never been a job historically associated with raking in bank, so it's good to get rid of that idea real quick. try taking some time to draw for yourself and remember that not everything you create needs to be posted on social media/sold for profit. art is allowed to exist just by itself.

No. 525596

File: 1584261031622.jpeg (485.91 KB, 750x855, 26913393-A65C-4E79-B9AE-E8D274…)

It seems you don’t even have to try when you have a 204k following

No. 525598

Hey everyone, I know this is neither about art nor about cows or their milk, but since some people are really freaking out here (Germany) and getting into fights over buying/hording toilet paper and stuff like that, last night there was no more milk (or canned goods, or rice, or pasta, or frozen veggies…) available in the store we tried to go shopping at, I just wanted to ask if, wherever you are at, people are also reacting this way to the whole virus thing.

No. 525601

kawaii art styles were a mistake
There is a similar but not so severe reaction in my country (also Europe), I think it's stupid, if people didn't go out and buy tons of things just in case they wouldn't have created this artificial shortage of goods. Most of the people going out and buying aren't even going to be infected, I think it's really irresponsible. But you know, there are other better threads for this, just go back, there is I think a thread specifically for coronavirus, and a thread for stupid questions and a dumbass shit thread, out of all those this thread is really the most ill fitting

No. 525602


Oh there is a Coronathread? Thanks for letting me know, I´ll check there. All the time I have been on lolcow I have never checked anything other than the art threads, so this will be interesting.

No. 525619

one of my art pet peeves is when artist draw themselves completely different, not a persona, not an OC but a self portraits/self-insert and it's nothing liike what they look like IRL.

No. 525627

how the fuck do you post on /ot/ and not see the other threads? do you just have this one bookmarked? learn2integrate

No. 525641

File: 1584272384379.png (797.54 KB, 1181x584, Ill;;ustration4.png)

>>525596 this artist actually makes me angry lol like how do you not improve at all from 2k-200k

No. 525679

I used to follow acatcie, lord knows why. all of her artwork looks rushed and unfinished. she has a tablet but chooses to not use it because ' muh art looks unique ' thanks for coming to my retarded ted talk

No. 525792

File: 1584292355347.png (870.32 KB, 1080x1920, A6F76574-5056-46D7-AC1A-947213…)

love these accounts now realizing that their so-called art shares, done from the “kindness of their heart”, isn’t bringing them followers that are interested in THEIR own art. But just following to get retweeted.

No. 525796

Fucking bottomfeeders.

No. 525797

File: 1584292811785.jpg (300.66 KB, 1878x2048, ERq-uHBVUAIrmjF.jpg)

How can you fuck up this bad. A reference, proko video, or even looking at an art book could prevent most of these mistakes.
Also most of the artist she retweets for her art shares are 90% pure trash.

No. 525801

File: 1584293720351.jpg (134.62 KB, 1530x2048, ETAqu7wWoAAyxwf.jpg)

I wouldn't even blame their clout chasing fans. They've retweeted so many people it takes 5 minutes to scroll to their first art work, which is just a re post of old work. They don't have DA accounts so finding their art is borderline impossible.
This has been talked about before, but her art is so ugly. This unironically looks like what a nazi would draw to rally people against the jews.

No. 525802

we all know they do this on purpose though, cus they could never get popular with their trashy art alone. it's extremely rare someone will follow someone for their art share threads and their art since very few people with good art actually runs these, because most of the time beginners post on those threads. i generally think art share threads are a good thing cus it's quite hard to get found on twitter because the site relies on you having one post go viral, but the people who run them are usually obnoxious.

No. 525803

Hey, please could someone recommend me a graphics tablet? What is a good tablet that allows you to draw straight into clip studio please?

No. 525810

Where did this trend of shading with such vibrant unsuitable colours come from? Some times it work, most times it doesn't.

Is there a certain price range/budget you have? Because I find Huion has good tablets for a lot of prices.

No. 525827

>Make art share threads, claiming that they want to bring attention to lesser-known artists.
>"Oh woe is me, I'm so popular and well-known. Everyone is using me to gain followers and clout."

The artists that cry about this shit are all mediocre anyway.

No. 525828

God their art got so weird and creepy now that they're in this weird tooth kink phase? It's honestly really unappealing.

No. 525831


wtf is this? the teeth and the shading are gross as hell. she needs to learn how lighting works and to stop using so many damn layer masks and erasing lines from them for shading. the overuse of gradients and layer masks is an eyesore.

No. 525834

Thanks for replying! I'm not sure, I don't want something cheap that will break, but I can't afford the best of the best either. Maybe something mid-lower high end?

No. 525836

I think the odd vibrant shading is just another form of artist copying better artist without knowing what they're doing. Some artist most likely drew grey-brown skin, but lemonade miss saw it as grey blue. The same thing can bee seen in young anime artist confusing grey-red with purple

No. 525870

My recommendation is to go for the best Wacom you can afford. Other brands are cheaper, but Wacom still maintains the quality hardware standard.

No. 525871

wacom is basically the apple of tablets, you really don't need to buy into them to get a decent one, huion has a lot of good ones for a lot cheaper.

No. 525879

I have a Intuos 5 that's lasted me 7 years with no issues. I gave up on iphones after the 2 I had died after 2 years.

No. 525881

File: 1584304283318.jpg (58.33 KB, 678x960, FB_IMG_1584302906817.jpg)

Opinions on Yehuda Devir? I know nothing about him as a person and I personally enjoy slice of life comics/illustrations, but his art style is so fucking ugly.
I'm all for over exaggerated expressions, but his always look like beady-eyed, grotesque, bloated, creatures being tortured.

His anatomy is also shit.

No. 525883

i mean that more in the sense that people buy wacom because that's what's popular and what everyone has even though it's not particularly better than other brands, and is overpriced.

No. 525884

You mean like looking cute when they’re fat or something? Why does it bug you?

No. 525885

Thanks so much for your opinions, appreciate it!

No. 525886

Is he turned on? In pain? What is happening here exactly? Airway blocked by her thighs? Stinky v?
So many possibilities

No. 525887

I think his stuff is cute, I always love SOL stuff. His is different since it’s Marvel-like and his figures are exaggerated a lot (but he and his wife look close to that). I don’t really notice anatomy issues but it’s because his figures are already stylized like American comics.

No. 525889

I hate his art. He did an account takeover for Wacom a few weeks ago. His art is so gross to me. He draws his wife very bimbofied. Also his art has a weird almost artefacted quality to it - the way some memes get sometimes as they are uploaded and downloaded a bunch.

No. 525891

I actually think his anatomy (for a stylised figure) is much better than a lot of other generic instagram artists his art reminds me of, but it's all so weirdly porn-y, TMI, and strangely exaggerated at times that it's really not for me.

No. 525892

Don't have any issue with it, don't care for it either. Too reddit normalfag for me.

No. 525894

That is probably the best analogy I've ever heard for Wacom. Overpriced and overrated. Huion all the way. had the same $70 H610Pro for years and the only problem I've ever had is running out of nibs for my pen.

No. 525898

File: 1584307200466.png (998.97 KB, 1730x1080, pose ref2.png)

I'm pretty sure this was shown in a previous thread a while back but his drawings aren't too far off from how they look irl
I don't think his anatomy is perfect but his drawings never really bothered me other than the fact that it's generic couple art you see everywhere now.

No. 525903


i actually find his stuff very endearing. a part from some weird overexaggeration every now and then, his work is like a breath of fresh air among the typical insta trend type art, especially comics.

No. 525905

I've had the same wacom intuos pro for 10 years and it still works fine, and if/when I get another tablet I'll probably get wacom again because of this. I dunno if the quality has changed in the past decade, though.

No. 525912

nta but I know someone who used to draw themselves close to what they are irl because "muh body positivity" and "not like the other girls" but when they got enough e-fame, they changed their OC persona into a sexy kawaii desu anime girl.

No. 525919

the wife looks heavily edited everywhere just to look close to how he draws her.
the way he sexualizes his wife is unsettling and his comics are boring, I saw them the first time on Bored Panda and I thought they were charming but they started popping everywhere and they're actually awful. I hate his art and I don't really comfortable to who he is as a person.

No. 525945

He doesn't seem to sexualize his wife any more than he sexualizes himself in these comics. Besides, he loves and is obviously attracted to her. You can expect a man who's super into his wife to embellish her based on what he sees.

If you think that's bad, remember that every attractive female character in One Piece is based off of an exaggerated idea of the author's wife. It's not uncommon.

No. 525960

Tbh the idea of a guy drawing his wife super hot seems a bit sweet? Visually, it's kind of boring, but I guess as a gesture from husband to wife it would be rather flattering.

No. 525965

Are we allowed to talk about voice actors here?

I was curious about what the New York va’s were up to since it’s been awhile I’ve heard them in dubs so I browsed through Twitter. Needless to say, they are passively butthurt about losing their dubbing jobs for Pokémon and are probably not over it given they still consider themselves as the og Ash, Misty and Brock when announcing their conversation appearances. It’s been almost 20 years, man. Move tf on!

No. 525968

It depends on your budget but I recently bought an Xp.pen 15.6 pro and I'm very happy with it. I had an intous but sold it after six month since I have terrible hand eye coordination. My recommendation is to save as much as you can and get the best pen display tablet you can afford even if you have to wait.

No. 525969

anyone here have experience with dip pens? what are the differences between nibs? where do you buy your pens and nibs? and what ink do you use?
I’ve been stuck with fine liners for years now and they’re pretty boring so I want to branch out and try different lining tools.

No. 525973

One thing I noticed about his art is how huge he draws her smile and her hair. He doesn't make her tits huge, unless that is the joke, like when she was pregnant. She is drawn like a normal, healthy female, but the smile is huge and the hair is very flowing. You can tell, right there, those are his favorite parts about his wife because of how over-expressive those features are.

No. 525979

Right. I think OP meant self portraits that don’t look like themselves, which is still idealized or could be thought of as a persona.

I have seen an artist draw themselves thinner than they are. They’re either in denial or don’t realize how they look now.

No. 525988

That's funny. I have an Intous pro and sold my XP Pen 15.6 because I just did not like it. Say what you will about Wacom, their pens are still the nicest.

I only ink with dip pens now, as they are truly superior to multiliners. Nibs differ based on their shape and the flexibility of the metal. Chrome-plated nibs have less flex and make thinner lines, brass nibs are flexier and make wider strokes easier. After I got used to dip pens I only go back to fine liners when I'm traveling.

They require a bit of upkeep (not as much as with technical pens, but more than disposable fine liners) but they're more cost-effective in the long run. My favorite ink is Deleter 2 and 4 because they're water and alcohol-proof but they're a bit pricey compared to Speedball. My go-to nibs are maru (for thin to medium lines) and G-pen for multi-use, as well as some western calligraphy nibs for thick outlines and comic panel borders. Don't bother inking large areas with dip pens unless you're hatching or stippling. Just use the same ink with a paintbrush or a less expensive black marker (I've heard of artists using Sharpies to fill in black areas, but Sharpies fade to brown over time so I wouldn't recommend that unless you plan to scan it right after).

Ink is a personal preference but look for brands that are designed for dip pen use or brush. India ink is your best bet in most cases. From there on it's down to what you want out of it. Like if you want waterproof for working with mixed media, alcohol-proof for markers, etc. There are many resources and comparisons on the internet. When it comes to paper, the smoother the better since the nibs can pick up and get clogged by paper fibers. Bristol and vellum are standard choices, as well as papers designed for dip pen use like manga or comic paper. I've use dip pens on hot and cold press watercolor paper with no feathering, but it felt pretty rough on my nib. I wouldn't make a habit out of it.

I buy most of my supplies from Jetpens, which is slightly overpriced but offsets it with the free US shipping after 25 and the wide selection. Amazon and the US Deleter Mangashop are also good options, especially if you want to get a specific nib in bulk. Deleter ships from Japan, but they're pretty speedy (4-5 days from day of shipping to delivery) and the shipping isn't too bad. If you want the basic dip pen trial experience, buy one of those Speedball starter kits and the black india ink. I think they go for under 10 dollars on Amazon.

If you hate dipping frequently look for nibs with 'cages' or 'tanks'. Those hold more ink so you can dip less. Also, look for a product called a Dippy Dot. It's a little piece of wood that holds four tiny ink well cups for you to dip from. You won't have to worry about dipping your nib too high up or staining your nib holder or having clumsy accidents. Also, make sure to start inking from the top corner of your non-dominant side towards your dominant side to prevent smudging your work.

A few other random tips: Viva paper towels and those tiny alcohol pads they use for vaccines and cotton swabs are your dip pen's best friends. If you have small hands, the plastic yellow Deleter nib holder is very nice as it's smaller and lighter than a lot of other holders I've used. Universal holders with the two rubber rings are better than holders that only fit one size nib. Most nibs come with an oil coating on them to prevent rusting, so before you start using it run it under a lighter flame or give it a good wipe down with alcohol. I've also heard of people sticking their nibs in potatoes for 10 minutes to dissolve the coating, but YMMV.

No. 525999

What was it that you didn't like? Was it performance or driver related? I bought mine recently and I'd love to know if there are issues I should expect.

No. 526013

I thought it performed just fine, but I could not get used to the feeling of the pen. The nib had to click into the pen to make a stroke and I just could not get used to it. I'm also in the minority that prefers slab tablets over display tablets.

No. 526015

File: 1584320204006.png (452.79 KB, 854x513, Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 3.51…)

fucking hell

No. 526019

What in the everloving fuck is this shit?, just looking at the "lung skirt" makes me gag, this is so tasteless.

No. 526022

the color scheme….

No. 526024

Exactly, there's something so nauseating about all that orange paired with grey and black, it reminds me of decaying matter and not in the ~edgy~ way…

No. 526025

people who do this shit should die first

No. 526026

anon did you forget that fit and skinny women exist?

No. 526030


In one of the comics drawn after she gave birth he gives her a sagging stomach and stretchmarks. It feels pretty honest to me.

No. 526031

Just fucking don't, it's that simple.
Don't have a commissions chart, don't look into how viable certain artworks are for sales, don't even send too much time looking at 'famous' artists online. Focus on making art for you, in your own time, you don't even need to share it online.

If all else fails you can try making profit from art and you might find yourself moving away from it like greased lightning. Dealing with commissioners is the worst, growing to hate your downtime hours because you only have time for making art in them that 'pays' sucks too.

No. 526032

I'm guessing this is from a video called "horrible diseases as 'cute' girls"

No. 526037

This picture does actually look edited. Looking from a distance, I thought the arm facing us was detached, just from shading alone. It might not be edited at all, but the shadows look off, so it gives it that edited appearance.

No. 526042

close, it's more along the lines of " Designing plagues as cute monster girls"

No. 526045

I wouldn't call it 'cute'. even kawaii art has more integrity than this

No. 526046


see she calls it 'monsters' but she's still using a humanoid base. these all look really lazily designed

No. 526051

File: 1584324057776.jpg (86.45 KB, 750x756, 9v8vk8wih7o31.jpg)

Not to be the moral police, but isnt this kind of tacky? Their could have been hundreds of trends to jump on besides corona

No. 526054

Godammit anon, I literally choked on my drink when the page refreshed and that pic popped up. What the fuck, I genuinely want want of these pins? Jesus christ

No. 526055

Holy damn this is… impressively tone-deaf. Jfc at least the anime girl Coronavirus drawings are tasteless on purpose.

No. 526059

im just reading the thumbnail but pretty sure ik what it is, and it aint it.

No. 526060

just for reference, its supposed to be tuberculosis

No. 526136

Sauce for the one piece thing?

No. 526161

Do you guys think things like Ghibli/Sailor Moon screenshot redraws are inherently bad? I wanted to try doing one myself because it looks like fun, but I see them get shit on a lot and I’m not sure why.

No. 526180

Draw whatever you want, stop caring what some anons here think

No. 526196

it's a cute concept, and a good idea. as long as you're not redrawing them as black obese women with a prosthetic leg or whatever

No. 526199

Yeah you’re right, I guess being on here too long has fucked with me a bit. Thanks anon.
I wanted to do it to study composition and color choices, also cause it’s cute. I hate when people force their fake-wokeness into shit like this.

No. 526207

File: 1584360394370.png (433.74 KB, 826x657, CE89CF85-6354-480F-BE36-C31EEA…)

Honestly even that design is better than Corona-chan’s.

No. 526220

that's because these anime ones were designed by /a/ fags on 4chan.

No. 526222

File: 1584361143166.jpeg (505.66 KB, 2048x1366, 76710AFE-AA3E-4CE9-9B27-2B7CF2…)

Is there a term for this type of art? I feel like I see it everywhere or everyone is just copying one artist but idk what to call it. I don’t like it.

No. 526224

Yeah, I was about to say. It's outrage in this thread against LT's design, but if an actual fashion designer came up with that and had a model walk down the catwalk in it, people would be lauding it as "genius", "tragic beauty", "topical yet timeless" and a "tribute to those affected".
The alveoli sleeves especially place this in the avant-garde fashion category. It's definitely better thought out than the meme qipao design.

No. 526236

File: 1584364847218.png (123.58 KB, 197x340, 2312.PNG)

Due to how new, niche, and genre blending most internet styles are no one gives them names, unless they're swept up in an aesthetic. From the blend of styles it's 90's anime hair mixed with the artist who's name I forgot, but they make those animations with warm colors and wonky perspective on youtube.

Personal sperging, but I hate her wobbly line I don't know anatomy legs

No. 526239

honestly this looks fine to me, i like the style & colour palette. but it does remind me of 90s anime and that's an aesthetic i've always loved

No. 526242

It reminds me of Ai Yazawa or Hisashi Eguchi (who our friend Ilya Kushinov likes to skinwalk), but if you actually look at either of their art this looks pretty mediocre in comparison. The artist knows how to color but the anatomy and clothes aren’t drawn well.

No. 526244

FINALLY - Emily has made a video about art block. That was about fucking time, she had only posted three other ones so far. Now I finally know how I can get back to work.

No. 526246

This reminds me of fanart I've seen before from anime or games where the characters act all like "soft beans uwu" and are totally diferent from their canon personalities, it honestly annoys me

No. 526254

File: 1584367399383.png (877.57 KB, 1142x736, muh aesthetic.PNG)

Sage for non milk ,but that weird sperg in the other art salt thread inspired me to look at what creep show is up to and jesus. She just dashed a bunch of random things together into this monstrosity.

No. 526268

>inherently bad
No, not at all. Just try to give it a personal touch (and not for dIveRsiTy points, like that other anon said), like exaggerating the expression or stylizing it to the extreme, instead of just drawing it line for line and it coming out like a worse version of the original.

No. 526273

Her art is so ugly. It seems like she's going for a pop art aesthetic but she's not talented enough to pull it off. Someone really needs to teach her about economy of line.

No. 526276

i guess this is petty but i hate that stupid soft-spoken asmr voice lavendertowne always does at the start of her videos when she says "hi it's lavendertowne." you can tell she's putting it on because she usually forgets to keep it up and starts talking normally the longer the video goes on.

No. 526290

The art is kinda cute if you don't look at it too hard but it's super amateurish. Raphael is literally unrecognizable, looks like a completely different character because clearly the artist has no idea how to draw any face/body shape that isn't the same cookie cutter generic anime one.

No. 526296

I'm mutuals with this artist and it seems they're inspired by the artist that does the album covers for Asian Kung-Fu Generation and some graphic designers that I don't care to remember. Don't get me started on how ugly the faces are but I do think they're good with colors and spatial arrangement.

No. 526319

File: 1584373040190.jpeg (539.83 KB, 1175x1700, 79143A15-514E-4991-8D0D-0F48AF…)

>AKFG guy
That’s Yusuke Nakamura, I can kind of see it but their art is just bland compared to the professionals

No. 526339

Same anon it drives me crazy I can't watch her because of the fake voice she's way too old to be acting like that lol

No. 526350

I am still waiting for any updates on Nana…

No. 526366

File: 1584377782078.jpeg (436.27 KB, 1656x1656, 3FA3D6A4-57F1-4AEF-8721-821FD3…)

Oh yeah she’s fantastic at colors and the design half of the works, it’s just all the actual illustration is the same “girl in kpop clothes with huge sneakers and flat coloring” after a while. It’s better than pre-existing anime characters used as mannequins for kpop clothes like her fanart though. i want her to go outside her comfort zone and study the figure in 3D space to really make something good.

No. 526379

File: 1584379096662.jpg (1.2 MB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_03-16-12.14.23.jpg)

what are your opinions on moonvika_svet's planet designs? or just their art in general.

No. 526382

The circle hands and pencil necks are weird, but they seem alright otherwise. I'd probably like them more if I liked cartoony styles.
Why do you ask though?

No. 526384

File: 1584380016393.jpeg (608.41 KB, 1131x1145, 1558E552-EC12-4A92-9B0D-6E6664…)

More racist uncle being her delusional self. Thought to include the artist she’s bagging on’s work. He has very reasonable prices as well.

No. 526386

File: 1584380073517.png (386.21 KB, 648x710, 324.PNG)

She has really strong color and character design, but she is the epitome of the Instagram kiss of death. In 5 years tell me, will she learn how to draw in perspective? learn how to draw more than 5 faces? learn complex poses? Bare minimum fix those fucked up feet? Or will she just keep on making these cartoony doodles for all eternity. I'm more depressed than salty because this was her art 2 years ago. If she kept at it she could have been leagues ahead of what she is now.
Not to sound salty though I really like he character designs a lot

No. 526389

File: 1584380538746.png (59.81 KB, 305x685, nice.PNG)

Lol thats straight up professional yet racist compares her NGMI ass to them
Anyone know whats up with her comic? She had an info dump of her basic quirky tumblr characters and never updated in a year.
Do you like his hand anon

No. 526390

Edgy pluto makes me kek. I hope this they are four feet tall. Rest seem alright, pretty "instagram artist". Earth real form stands out too much to me, though.

No. 526403

Honestly all of these designs are pretty bad and I mean specifically when you compare their ”real” form to their ”human” form. Their designs clash and don’t communicate their personalities well at all. You got a characters be essentially white in their planet forms but then black as human and it goes the otherway around too. You also got characters in their moon form looking tough and heroic but then look their human form is super soft and weak looking. She just keeps giving such huge mixed signals through her designs that the planets/humans don’t even look remotely like the same people.

No. 526409

File: 1584382059858.png (245.95 KB, 685x602, proko.PNG)

>I hope this they are four feet tall.

No. 526419

She has such a huge ego, but compared to this artist her art is just trashy, vulgar and amateurish, she's better of sticking to fetish art since its the only way she will get a few coins from desperate degenerates

No. 526436

In fairness, Mercury and Venus being dark-skinned as humans makes sense since they're both much closer to the sun. But then there's a jump with earth and it's mostly samey on down the line until Uranus, where it stops.

Why is that last panel giving me lore olympus vibes kek

No. 526458

I saw the images first and was like "Wow, this actually looks good, RU must've been practicing", then read the post and saw her comments.
She is delusional. Who is lying to her that her art is even comparable? I wish that guy had said something shady or just "Lmao, good luck". He probably would've gotten banned or torn a new one, but her ego is way too big for her skill level.

No. 526488

Her logic falls apart hard in this one. If in her eyes women can only rely on muscle memory, then average fit man with both his male perceiving skills and muscle memory, as males have a lot better muscle memory, would be 100x better at art than tiny weak female. Not to mention most skinny female pro artist don't go train muscles. I can't tell if she has a fetish for fit or fat men.

No. 526490

File: 1584389162924.png (954.79 KB, 1234x403, 2454456.PNG)

I can't stand watching her stuff so can you summarize her points to me?
Also looking through her comment section I found one of her hyper fans insta. This is what working out does for your art

No. 526491

Sorry to ask for spoonfeeding, but if you have experience with this set, which red/yellow/blue would you recommend to get for experimenting with? I picked up watercolors recently and have been enjoying them, and have been thinking of incorporating some gouache to experiment with too. A 12 set pan is way out of my price range right now so I just want to get some tubes of primary colors (also want to for myself to practice color mixing) but there's so many shades, I don't want to accidentally buy some shades that make muddy colors.

No. 526538

Ntayrt but this girl's art always ends up on my explore page it pisses me off. All her posts are exactly the same, no creativity whatsoever. And her comics are stiff as hell.

No. 526552


do y'all actually know what that means or do you just use the term "bimbo" for any conventionally attractive woman drawn by a guy?

No. 526559

it's like if the concept of a humblebrag was turned into an art style. humble because they're always oh so quirky and awkward and silly getting into oopsies, and brag because her curves and his muscles always need to be featured extremely prominently. like, they look fine irl, the portrayals aren't delusional or anything, but they're enhanced just enough that i find it cringe. it makes me think it's drawn specifically to make people go "omg couple goals!!!" they're probably sweet people so i don't hate them for it or anything but yeah, humblebrag

No. 526568

>conventionally attractive woman
Same thing these days

No. 526591

Personally, I don't see the appeal in those. They're doing completely normal things in a kinda quirky art style, why should we care? It's clearly not a personal diary kind of thing if they're being published. Are we supposed to think they're cute or what?

No. 526597

accurate. that's what was irritating me

No. 526602

I get tired of seeing his drawings everywhere because they’re so bland but he and his wife seem fine. They’re clearly in love and I like other anon said, he always exaggerates her smile and hair rather than her tits.

No. 526603

hey art anons, I'm too broke to keep buying and replacing skin tone copics so I was thinking of getting Ohuhu's 24 marker skin tone set as a cheaper option.

Anyone know any better alternatives (that ship to Canada)? Anyone used those markers and have an honest opinion on them? I just don't want to waste money.

No. 526607

I would say if you like Copics, then just get the refills and replace the nibs as needed. Right now, you can refill the sketch markers 8-10 times. But they're changing their packaging in April or something, so that amount might change as newer stock gets put on the market.

No. 526630

Yeah, I'll probably grab refills for the colours I use most (like YR000 that I use as a base/blending colour for lots of art, and some E#s). Thanks for the reminder, really! At the same time I kind of want to get a set that has a lot of different colours so that I make characters with many more different skin tones, as refills for a dozen different markers isn't very realistic for me atm.

No. 526646

File: 1584424927844.png (1.4 MB, 1622x1052, Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 4.57…)

Hey guys,
I updatd my OS to mojave not realising it would knock out my 32 bit adobe products. I'm fuckn pissed.

Anyway, since i have to use a newer version of photoshop (my CS6 was kitted out with a brush bar I can't bring myself to recreate just yet) I thought I might was well get my first graphics tablet that has a screen. I'm leaning towards pic related but maybe something like the Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 would be better because it's more lightweight? priority for me as as few cables as possible, mac compatibility, and just as little lag as possible I guess? Never used a tablet with a screen before. I just do art for fun.

Any suggestions? Budget is honestly 800 AUD or less, and our currency is at a decade low. kek

No. 526649

Hey, I have the Kamvas pro 22, similar enough, it needed a little connector for one of the cables (for my mac), but I find it works well with very few cables. Lag isn't really noticable unless I'm using a huge textured brush in program, but that's more 90% my computer as opposed to the tablet. I've had it for a couple months now and really, I don't have any complaints off the top of my head.

I think the 16 has 6 keys, I've found the keys on the side of mine quite useful, if that's something you're looking for. And though I haven't had it long enough to say for sure, it seems the nib on the pen will last quite some while, which is a plus for me.

Honestly, if I were you I think that'd be a good choice. More affordable than a cintiq, that's for sure.

No. 526651

Oh god I scrolled too fast and thought this was Babs Tarr

No. 526655

File: 1584426963968.png (806.06 KB, 1652x736, Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 5.35…)

hey thank you, I've put an offer in for a 16 (pic related) - if that doesn't go through the Kamvas pro 22 is a cheaper choice so I will add it to my list. be good to learn how to use a visual tablet while I'm stuck at home thanks to covid19.

No. 526658

Why is Pluto edgy lmao.

I have a kamvas pro 16 and I love it. I bought it off amazon.com.au for 650 aud and it came with the stand, which is a must have, so if you get it somewhere else that doesn't have it packaged with then I strongly suggest you pick it up. It's a great little tablet, the lack of many shortcut buttons might be a dealbreaker to some but I'm so used to using my keyboard anyway that it doesn't matter to me. I would hugely recommend it over the wacom cintiq 16 because it is laminated, the 16 isn't, so less gap between the pen and screen. That alone makes the wacom not worth the price.

No. 526659

does the 16 vs 22 relate to size? I'd prefer a small tablet. 16+ would even be too big. Very keen on the rest of it. I'll keep an eye out for one

No. 526662


I have Waco 16, and I find 16in screen too small for me. I recommend going 22in.

No. 526664

If I can advocate for large screens for a second, consider:

If you want a clean, precise line on a small tablet, you have to zoom in a fair bit. Like if you're erasing part of a multiply layer so that a shadow looks exactly how you want it to look, you'll need to zoom in to be sure that it looks correct.

On a larger screen tablet, you can be fairly zoomed out and still get a precise line. I found this has really helped the flow of my digital line work, as well as eliminating stiffness in digital art overall due to being able to draw with my whole arm instead of wrist.

Weigh the pros and cons. Do you like a messy style? Are you not worried about stiffness? Go with the smaller tablet. Given what I just said above, I can't recommend a large tablet enough.

If you want portable, I'd probably go for a small wacom tablet, but I'd still really recommend a large tablet (I'm >>526649 with the 22), but maybe you could divide funds between a small portable tablet and a mid to large tablet you could keep on a desk, like any of the tablets ranging 11-16 or so inches huion or other companies sell. There's a lot of options to consider.

No. 526665

I use a intuos pro 15" right now and it is definately big enough for my needs. when I started out I had the larger version and it was HUGE. I can see how it might be different on an actual screen though. I'll probably be at the mercy of whatever is online second hand in my price range really. But yeah, I can see what you mean. Thanks for the 2c dude <3

No. 526666

AYRT, 16 feels ok to me, but I was upgrading from an ipad so lol. I would probably prefer larger but my desk space is fairly limited and I wasn't keen to spend more than I did anyway. I am a hobbyist who freelances occasionally if that puts it in perspective. I think someday I will get a bigger kamvas pro, but not anytime soon. For now this suits my needs.

No. 526675

File: 1584433778275.png (2.68 MB, 889x4459, tearzahcomp.png)

>>525297 Tearzah/Dollieguts and her it/its live-in have a long history with transphobia. IIRC the original criticisms were of stereotyping of binary transgender characters and treating being transgender/nonbinary as a completely inconsequential bullet point despite tacking it on to more than half of her 365+ OCs.

Later she was called out for intentionally depicting transgender surgeries as monstrous for her horror aesthetic. All her "AFAB" post-top-op characters have horrible botched halloween Frankenstein scars.

Her main OC transitioned from //Female to Vagina Dentata// with the help of a demented pedo-sadist named Salem who mutilates little girls as young as ten.

(As a tangent, Tearzah pretends to be a woke anti and their server nearly ejected someone for having a crush on a 16yo BNHA character and yet she is madly in love with her blatant pedophile OC and proudly displays her collection of pedobait manga on the shelf next to her copy of Lolita.)

Her partner, (who kins the cis male OC that violently abuses her self-insert, had his name legally changed to that of said OC, and pretends to be a half-japanese orphan)
was also called out for transphobia on the count of >telling Tearzah's underage FtM fans in their discord not to transition<, claiming that he was an intersex, assigned female, detranitioned FtMtF–who mistakenly believed he was FtM and went on testosterone for one year, but it "ruined" his body. He these kids that //anyone who thinks going on testosterone is a good idea is retarded//.

As it turned out, this was all an elaborate fabrication to explain away his man voice.
(It may also have some correlation with Tearzah's refusal to depict any of her trans-masc characters as anything other than hyperfeminine, nor allow their trans-fem characters to be masculine. The two of them seem to have some kind of fetish.)

People did some digging and found that he is in fact an assigned male born /David Caleb Balaski/ and was called out by InterInfo on tumblr for faking intersex conditions extremely poorly with symptoms matching no existing intersex condition, in effect pretending to be a hentai hermaphrodite.

Now the both of them are LARPing as nonbinary lesbians and Tearzah gets NUCLEAR ASSMAD when people "misgender" her despite repeatedly referring to herself as Bailey's "girlfriend". They're Goth GFs guys :33

No. 526681


what tumblr account is that

No. 526683

this has happened to me. I wouldn't consider myself a 'good' artist but a couple of years ago I was improving all the time, liking my work, grasping new concepts really easily, but the further along i got… I mean, I finish barely any pieces now. If something starts looking wrong I just give up. Things I DO finish look good but they are SO stilted. SO boring. I have friends who are bad technical drawers but they're improving and almost catching up to me now and it's pretty alarming - their work is 'wrong', you can tell they love jhonen vasquez too much, but fuck. It's really scary. How can I enjoy myself when I draw?! I want to create finished drawings knowing they're wrong, so I can get better. I feel like I will never get by this block. I can only do 3 or 4 finished paintings a year and it makes me miserable.

No. 526684

anon,same but I'd rather wait even longer than Ai Yazawa getting bad again with her health, I'm always happy when she does smaller art for magazines though

No. 526723

>>526379 Her art is annoying as hell and it's the exact same Tumblr "vintage" aesthetic rinsed and repeated. How she managed to get 169K followers with her basic ass art is beyond me.

No. 526728

I noticed that what gets artists the most followers is drawing characters of objects/apps/aesthetics/…etc, can anyone here who posts their art on socialmedia put this theory to the test?

No. 526731

I feel you anon, I'm working on breaking out of the same thing. For me trying new techniques has been helping (switching to traditional inking and digital lineart to digital lineless painting), since I'm too busy trying to learn about them to obsess over my anatomy. Also changing up my subject matters (drawing more landscapes, mostly) and focusing on fundamentals that aren't anatomy (for me it's light).

Since I'm thinking about the learning process and not the result, I'm more willing to attempt unusual poses/angles for figures, even if they turn out wrong. My figures are still a bit stiff but I'm no longer stagnating and I'm actually having fun.

No. 526832

Gross . Anyone that takes glorification of pedophiles need to be dumped in a hole. Doesn’t her friend reina the goth draws some 5 year old getting taken advantage of by older Men? And even now dollieguts is reposting some pedophile art. Also, I’ve noticed how she draws trans men with scars, it’s as iff she’s mocking them. Most trans people do not like their scars as it be it reminds them of their previous gender.

No. 526846

That's not really true, its just whatever is trending is what gets the most attention. That's why you see some people churning out fast stuff on the fly for it. Other artists that don't need to do trends much anymore just continue what they are doing and if one that suits them comes along they just do one.

No. 526866

I think artists gain the most popularity from a combination of things; a consistent art style (which can be detrimental if an artist gets stuck in a style to appease their audience), frequent posting, following trends to a degree, relatability, and skill level (note, they don't have to be a master artist, just better or more distinct than the average amateur artist).

No. 526870

Having friend circle group. Reposting upon reposting upon reposting and reposting.

No. 526885

lowkey salt incoming but yes, just trendy shit will drive those clicks. Sometimes I feel salty how a low effort doodle would get thousands of engagement all because it's Pokemon or Animal Crossing. Then I'll just remind myself I'm not really into those so it's not really worth the effort to pander.

No. 526894

why do you guys like racist uncle so much? she doesn't seem this interesting for you to spend days talking about her and going to her server to nap screenshots

No. 526901

File: 1584482202237.jpeg (106.2 KB, 635x939, 3BEFC879-A4B9-4071-AFB0-24EF07…)

Can we all talk about how disgusting this shit is?

No. 526904

Lol are you lost anon we like making fun of her she’s like that gross redneck bitch you see at Walmart and can’t help but stare at as she berates her fat beta bf and screams edgy humor into the void for validation. Shits hilarious,

No. 526907

No one likes her Philip Defranco looking-ass

No. 526908

dont "actual" trans people draw this shit as ~positivity~ all the time?

No. 526909

You sound upset.

No. 526910

File: 1584484907745.png (473.86 KB, 895x555, Capture.PNG)

Sage for autistic nitpick, but the way she draws deltoids, specifically the right one, gets on my nerves. If she knew bare minimum anatomy she would know the right deltiod should stretch down longer. It's tearzeah of course so you know that she just saw some artist adding bumps around the shoulder area so she did it too because of that the right deltiod is just this shoulder bump and not some fully fleshed out muscle. I know this is nit picking, but it's basic mistakes.
Also she had a 'send in your art for me to critique' video and it's a bunch of 'flip your canvas' and awkward mumbling.

No. 526913

She's interesting to me because everything she does seems to be driven by self-loathing and insecurity due to having a brain poisoned by 4chan. Her obsessive hatred of female art youtubers, and her insistence that disgusting porn is the way to go with art when she's successful neither technically or financially with art makes for an interesting combination.

No. 526919

I mean you could ask racist uncle the same question about why she’s so obsessed with Holly brown. She even goes through her hours long live-streams and is obsessed with every little thing about her. Really though I I understand, holly brown has several threads here, she’s milky and cringey. Racist uncle is just like her, chubby, ugly, bad at art, yet she also has tricked herself into thinking she’s good and she’s a pick-me while we’re at it.

No. 526923

No. 526928

File: 1584488008625.png (766.77 KB, 1190x1106, tumblr_o9etgwbTs81ux6da0o1_128…)

Just look up on tumblt "trans [popular male character]" and you'll find an endless supply of chest scar art

No. 526931

File: 1584488315411.jpg (143.72 KB, 1600x1600, 1581277355364.jpg)

>The fastest way to improve:
>1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
>2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson

How the fuck do you go from pers. made easy to scott robertson??

No. 526935

Which Discord server is she in?

No. 526952

Art kings. It's an /ic/ discord run by Nosebro, a well-known shitposter on the board: https://discord.gg/Mmfv2n9
They ask to post work to stay in the server just as an FYI

No. 526956

Tumblr loves to trend shit. Like mental illness. Learn to sage anon.

No. 526960

sage your posts you tard

No. 526971

wasn't reina the goth underage too?

No. 526972

File: 1584497493345.jpeg (55.12 KB, 724x575, 638D39B6-2118-466A-B2BC-69F3F7…)

No. 526976

can you at least sage her obvious non milky joke post?

No. 526981

Doesn’t matter what age she is, it doesn’t excuse the type of stuff she draws. Granted, I don’t believe she post that type of artwork anymore, but to the people that follow her and support her during that time. tells you a lot about their character, and dollieguts was about 20.

No. 527026

File: 1584504448149.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1230, B1778FBB-F844-4E9C-A462-17861D…)

joannah thangiah's art. this is disgusting

No. 527030


I think Reina is still underaged? Or just barely turned 18.

No. 527042

i hate that i like this. if not for the stupid hair and makeup it'd be really cute imo

No. 527044

…lol okay you’re clearly a troll or racist herself please try harder next time you’re trying to bait. That anon is 100% correct racist is a trashy train wreck it’s like watching those public freak out videos with trashy people embarrassing themselves in public.

No. 527050

Ha! Imagine thinking someone could possibly be jealous of an ugly trailer trash try hard that draws furry porn for incels. The literal bottom of the barrel here lmao

No. 527062

You must be one of those people that likes Tuna's horrid artwork.

No. 527070

Are you lonely?

No. 527107

File: 1584515342295.png (91.12 KB, 1377x376, dgdsg.PNG)

Oof, Racist Uncle's server is worse than I thought. Fucking scrotes lmao

No. 527109

Lol it’s her it has to be

No. 527110

Your fee fees hurt redneck?

No. 527118

File: 1584516482953.png (202.24 KB, 883x498, trace2-png.png)

Reina is still ~16, she was sexually groomed from around 13 by a creepy adult fujoshi called RottenGinma. The kid hardly speaks english and is being played hard by these people. She even went through a "smol trans prince" phase. It seems like about a third of Tearzah's fans decide they want to be Elliot (the other twin, a crossdressing cis femboy) instead of Ash and change their names to Elliot, Elijah, or Elias like Tearzah did briefly.

Thankfully it seems like she escaped all that, got a boyfriend her own age in real life, and after she stopped tracing Tearzah/Dollieguts her art immediately began to skyrocket in quality. Her art is professional illustration quality now.

I don't know what it is about Tearzah's art that makes SO many teenagers want to copy it. It's sloppy dogshit. Literally only looks half-decent when it's traced. Sometimes it's even traced from her "haters". That's not a joke.

Pic related:
Traced vs Actual Skill

The bottom is an image she drew and was being mocked for Ash's "monkey head".
Someone edited it, and the edit is overlaid at the top with an image she released only a few days after that edit was posted. The middle is two days after the traced pic; it seems she totally gave up on trying to learn how to draw faces in profile. Now any time she is forced to, she draws these hypersimplified goofy 90s anime checkmark-shaped faces. It's sad, because Tearzah was once a competant artist.

I really want you guys to go to her deviantart and look at the 2013 folder. There were so many poses, colors, environments, all kinds of different lighting and angles and most of all MOVEMENT, now it's the same baby pink barf over, and over, and over, no environments, just Aesthetic Young People standing still, staring at the camera with a slight :0 face or being sad with a squiggly mouth.

She gave everything good she had going for her up just because she was jealous of her friend's OC and that is nine different flavors of SAD.

No. 527120

File: 1584516564106.png (735.91 KB, 878x1489, info.png)

My bad, wrong file

No. 527122

It must be super surreal for RU to become Holly like this kek.

No. 527146

I don't think it's good that Reina drew that shit, but I always found it interesting to see young American/European adults on Tumblr and IG attack a 12/13 year old girl from the Philippines (or Thailand? Can't remember where she's from exactly) for drawing that kind of thing, while ignoring their dads, uncles and grandpas vacationing in her country to enact those things in real life on girls like her.