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File: 1632790810529.jpg (362.06 KB, 594x746, snowgoestojail.jpg)

No. 174607

Post your overdramatic cosplay cows here. We've had scammers, skanks, and self-posters galore! Now we even have murderers!

Don't post old milk. Don't post without caps.

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No. 174610

File: 1632791616768.jpg (1.3 MB, 1614x1887, snowmurder.jpg)

Here are the public records on the case. More incoming

No. 174614

File: 1632792127326.jpg (486.23 KB, 796x1058, snowreport1.jpg)

Police report on the Snow murder

No. 174616

File: 1632792345646.jpg (565.84 KB, 788x1058, snowreport2.jpg)

No. 174618

File: 1632792567350.jpg (589.06 KB, 787x1058, snowreport3.jpg)

No. 174620

File: 1632792776847.jpg (398.42 KB, 787x1058, snowreport4.jpg)

No. 174623

File: 1632793166408.jpg (309.41 KB, 726x882, snowbondviolation.jpg)

bond violation report

No. 174639

Snow who? There's like no context to this or thread summary to at least start off from

No. 174670

It’s in the previous thread, don’t be lazy. Her thread is also bumped so you can find it in the catalog.
Previous costhot thread about her: >>>/w/174558
Her own thread: >>>/w/174642

No. 174716

Thread op has both a link to the last thread and has snow’s update social medias

No. 174725

Stay in that thread then. You don't need 2 threads discussing the same cow. Anon made this just to talk about Snow asap and then bumped her actual thread. Newfags, I swear.

No. 174726

Someone posted about it in the last costhot thread. The fact that snows thread barely had any posts and hasn’t been active since it was made 2 years ago means they probably didn’t know she had a thread and just threw it in the costhot thread because she is in fact a costhot

No. 174728

Migrate there for her stuff. Theres no reason to talk about her in the thot thread now. Not to mention op sucked and the last one was at least updated with previous thread info. She looks milky.

No. 174744


This is a cosplay thread and she's a cosplayer, the only reason people are talking about it now is some other cosplayer decided to post about it for clout ("you cosplayers let white girls get away with everything!")

No. 174751

Anon, I get that, but she has her own thread bumped now, so there is no reason to bring her up in here the same way people keep Belle in her thread and Momokun in her thread. That's why legacy cows are posted to direct people. That's why people have their own threads. I'm just saying, now that her's is bumped, maybe move her talk from here to there now.

No. 174793

She's not an established cow though, her thread was dead before this news broke.

I wanna find out who her politician dad is. We can narrow it down to Texas politicians with the last name "Oliver" or "Snow." Whoever he is, the guy's a scumbag for trying to sweep a literal homicide under the rug because the perpetrator was ~daddy's little girl~. Guarantee you if this crime was committed by a scrote or a nonwhite woman, they'd get at least twenty years. This is fucking absurd.

No. 174810

Iirc she changed her last name to Oliver-Snow to reflect the 'alters' in her 'system'.

No. 174899

She's also spammed across boards by the autist who made this thread. Go back to your containment. You don't need more than 1 thread discussing this. You even posted in /snow/.

No. 174948

>there’s only one person on this whole site posting about snow

No. 175145

File: 1633046696333.jpeg (170.03 KB, 750x774, F4570717-B1AE-46FB-B428-1967E7…)

Isn’t this the exact same thing she does though? If a con invites poc guests that aren’t her, she acts like it’s all performative

No. 175149

Anon the e-girls post about her was my autistic ass forgetting that /w/ even existed because this board is such a dumpster fire. Direct your rage in the correct direction, it's not one anon obsessively posting. A costhot killed someone, that's insane and attention grabbing.

No. 175164

File: 1633058972684.jpg (153.58 KB, 748x728, circleofbibi.jpg)

As per usual, it comes back around to "poor bibi. Everyone hates her for being black and disabled and queer". As if tons of people aren't aware she thrives off drama and asspats. We all know bibi would send her hoard after a non-black person if they said this about blm.

No. 175165

File: 1633059038010.jpg (45.27 KB, 587x326, 1610059923736.jpg)

She does this constantly, even when the topic doesn't have anything to do with her. Pic related is about January 6, which affected Americans in general, not just black people. Bibi lives in Canada.

No. 175219

Hardly anyone on this site cares lol

No. 175257


Entire country watches attempted coup by right-wingers as it happens on the internet, including congressional staff live-tweeting their last words, cops getting attacked, bomb scares in the city, etc….

"white people only PRETENDING to care, this is about black pain"

equivalent to claiming white people couldn't be upset on 9/11.

No. 175887

File: 1633497619446.jpeg (487.93 KB, 1242x996, 2B38C89B-C666-4C51-B59E-C023C9…)

an ugly OF whore who cosplays as a child’s video game character and promotes her porn to kids on tiktok

No. 175894

It usually takes a lot for me to say this, but I’m genuinely disgusted

No. 175937

I smell samefag. Also who cares about this, this isn’t milky.

No. 175939

Anon, I've seen thousands of TikTok and cosplays like this by now. It's not milky. So what, some chubby, average ethot is basically making porn for kids. They all are. If it was grounds to post here then this thread would be on number #900.

No. 175953

I think anon is right. Wanting to do a porn video about ankha is not only dumb but extremely pathetic. Minus8 is a known pedo and he's the creator of the original ankha dance. And it just doesn't sit right with me. More than harmful, it's just so degrading and retarded imo

No. 175955

If it bothers you just report it. If the account isn't age restricted and they're referencing porn; report it as inappropriate. It's literally indoctrinating children into porn cause they will try to find out where the cute dancing bored cat lady came from, you know? You're not alone in feeling disgusted by it. I get sick when I see it. I do still feel like this person above is self posting though. Many other more popular tiktokkers and cosplayers have done it but for some reason we're all supposed to clamor to this girls page and pearl clutch… do what thou will, anon. Just don't inadvertently give these disgusting pedopandering weirdos more views, posts or attention.

No. 175957

Ayrt. Not a samefag, I’ve never seen this girl before. I just find it disgusting to make literal porn using characters from a children’s game

Also learn2sage newfag

No. 175970

>It's literally indoctrinating children into porn cause they will try to find out where the cute dancing bored cat lady came from, you know? You're not alone in feeling disgusted by it. I get sick when I see it.
god, exactly. It's so fucking gross.

No. 175985

Porn version? The original is literally cropped porn and children are doing this "dance" thinking it's a tiktok challenge or a meme. I don't know how these thots sleep at night

No. 175989

They don't but it's not over things like this. They think they're brave and inspirational creators who defy the male gaze and are reclaiming their ~sexuality~ by re-enacting furry porn made by pedophiles on the kids clock app and IG. They don't know or care about the consequences of their actions. If they did, they wouldn't be thots in the first place.

No. 176002

>The original is literally cropped porn and children are doing this "dance" thinking it's a tiktok challenge or a meme.
Wait… what??? I only know the porn version. Is this a real thing? do you have an example? this is fucked up

No. 176017

its been all over tiktok last 3 or so weeks, but its falling off a bit rn. lots of kids doing the ahem dance

No. 176018

No. 176050

I hate to say it but the children on tiktok doing the ankha dance definitely know it's from a porn

No. 176138

I know you’re bent out of shape over a meme that’ll be dead soon but can you not carelessly toss around the word pedophile. Lol. Like just because someone made a porn animation meant to be seen by adult audiences doesn’t mean they’re a pedo. My god.

No. 176173

If you google Zone-sama and look at who worked on the Ankha meme you'll see the drama that unfolded. Zone makes porn parodies almost exclusively of kids games and shows. "She" (probably a tranny) has been doing porn music video coomer bullshit on sites like newgrounds forever. The creator has skeletons and there was even drama between Zone and someone else who had helped wanting nothing to do with it because of pedophilia allegations within the circle of people who made it. So. You can keep lying or just google what you're talking about. No one is bent out of shape but you, this is everyday internet degeneracy made for and by pedos. If this irks you to read and you've engaged with content like that, maybe reassess why you're mad, nonnie. ♥

No. 176215

Not for the Ankha one, but he is a pedophile for making porn of Toph and using soundclips of her underage voice actor.

No. 176268

Fucking yikes. A 12yo character and a 12yo voice actor? There really is no excuse there. Pure degenerate pedo behavior.

No. 176284

Minus8, the creator of the original Ankha dance and person who does the Shy girl dance videos, has admitted that he’s a pedophile on multiple occasions in the past though. He’d always make these sobstory posts about how he’s such a monster for liking kids and nuke his social media whenever he was having a woe is me moment but then would come back again with more weird content like that terrible Baby Mario video. Apparently they got therapy the last time they went and tanked their socials last I heard, but it’s hard to say whether a pedo has changed

Zone making a tribute to Minus8’s original Ankha is just putting Minus8’s name back out there and his degenerate fans support him blindly because “h-he’s changed!” Zone has some sketch stuff around them besides their popular kids show porn, but yeah, in this case, pedophilia is not a word thrown out there carelessly in this case

No. 176359

>The creator has skeletons and there was even drama between Zone and someone else who had helped wanting nothing to do with it because of pedophilia allegations within the circle of people who made it.
Can you post more on this? I've known about Zone's existence and the hentai animations on Newgrounds for years, but I didn't know there was any drama with him. Google brought up nothing for me

No. 176365

This isn't an art thread. Take the zone stiff somewhere else. Maybe off topic somewhere like the art vent thread.

No. 176386

I would, if the anon with the info wasn't in this thread, or if I had the actual milk to take to the art vent thread. They can just post the receipts since it's part of the discussion anyway, and then it can be taken elsewhere

No. 176437

Just Google minus8 and go to images. There are compilations of his own admissions as a top search. Use that and go yo the pedoart thread.

No. 177598

File: 1634614735171.jpg (693.54 KB, 1080x1851, 20211018_203652.jpg)

and then everyone clapped

No. 177603

She definitely wrote this herself. I mean it makes no sense?? Why would a delivery driver write that when it’s literally they’re entire reason for having a job?
The phrasing is also extremely strange

No. 177639

Another day, another way for bibi to remind people how uber disabled she likes to pretend she is. Get a personality, girlie. Pretending the big bad minimum wage pizza delivery person is bullying you ain't it.

Exactly. No delivery driver is going to ask customers to put them out of a job. And no one speaks like this; not even esl.

No. 177728

Bibi making this fake shit up just hurts actual disabled people. How stupidly ironic

No. 178425

File: 1635053238092.png (782.88 KB, 935x593, blaskfishing.png)

This cosplayer is either blackfishing or they have a massive whitewashing issue.

No. 178426

File: 1635053273328.png (472.42 KB, 928x587, blackfishing2.png)

No. 178429

File: 1635053620223.png (Spoiler Image,773.01 KB, 1156x810, ew.png)

Recent OF video too. She is definitely white, right?

No. 178430

File: 1635053693181.png (Spoiler Image,763.65 KB, 598x782, eww.png)

But then you have this bs too. I just can't tell if she is blackfishing or she hates being white. Either way, I'm tired of these cosplayers pulling this type of editing.

No. 178446

Wearing a breastplate to the gym is on another level of attention whoring. Muffy sis… the sweat.

No. 178455

This is a troon right?

No. 178456

Anon, these are different lighting/exposures. The first pic just looks severely blown out. Nothing about anything you've posted implies she's trying to be another race, unless you think showing T&A is for black girls only?

No. 178486

Yes because the hair too, isn't implying that.

No. 178491

Have you considered that she might be mixed? Or just a light skinned black girl? Your gym photo is from June so she could be out in the sun more; therefore tanner. The purple wig photo is from December so same thing in reverse. There's a reason lots of women have a sun shade and a winter shade in make up.

No. 178585

WTF are you even saying? That she's fishing/whitewashing because she has curly hair but wears straight wigs? Don't throw out your back from this reach.

No. 178802

File: 1635255195079.jpg (787.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211026_082936.jpg)

Back over in bibi town people finally caught on that she's been selling other people's 3D files (that she claims to make herself) granted I know a lot of files are shared for others to use for free, but isn't it usually for personal use? Seems scummy to be selling them

No. 178836

File: 1635274190452.jpg (224.58 KB, 748x1080, bibioddish.jpg)

This is the only "proof" she has that she modeled it herself. No actual progress so it's one person's word against another. Or multiple people against bibi since its supposedly former customers that reported her after downloading the files. Sorry the date got cut off but it's from January this year.

No. 178837

File: 1635274944842.jpg (191.39 KB, 756x902, bibibruh.jpg)

It was a private email bibi. No one would've known about it if you hadn't been so desperate for drama and asspats that you posted it to twitter.

No. 178838

I mean if she really 'made it', she can show the file properties and prove that she made it and it not just downloaded off a 3rd party free personal use only site

No. 178922

>I’m only being accused of art theft because I’m gay and black and disabled
Holy shit bibi is unbelievably delusional

No. 178926

Which she wont because she didn't make it. And as this is bibi we're talking about, according to her everything she says is true

And apparently nonbinary now. I guess black disabled queer wasn't enough. We're up to 4 labels and 17 disabilities

No. 179144


That's a screenshot of the slicer, not the modeling program. All that proves is she has the 3d file and put in the print settings like temperature and stuff herself. Doesn't prove she modeled anything.

No. 179149

Exactly. I want to see the model file properties, not the 3D printer details but we all know she won't do that or would resave the file she stole for profit, rename it, but at least then the date modifiers would also be clearly fake. She's an idiot. I used to follow her, but damn. She's such a cunt.

No. 179190

I also doubt she voluntarily quit her job. I bet what happened is she was underperforming and they booted her ass. Kek

No. 179466

Looking at both her printed Oddish model, and the other model by RedFeathers, the only thing I can see that is even slightly different is that the eyes and mouth are just a slight fraction lower. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to 3D printing, is it possible to alter a 3D print file from someone else?

Because my assumption is: Bibi took the original 3D file, selected the eyes and mouth and dragged them a tiny bit downwards, and assumes that this small change means the file is now magically 'her own work' because of this small change. Or is that too much tinfoil?

No. 179484

Depends if the file wasn't locked. She has another file uploaded too, so she may be just uploading things to a view, but not actually able to edit. If the files weren't locked, since the author put these as personal and not for sale recreations, she might be able to edit it. Again, it depends on the software and if the files were editable.

No. 179531

It pisses me off how she doesn’t sand her 3dprinted products.

No. 179547

>because they didn't believe a (((insert labels))) was capable of ((very basic 3d sculpt))

Embarrassing in so many ways. Definitely a new and inspired take on art theft accusations. Let's be real, she at least saw the one from 2017 since the pose and concept are virtually the same.

No. 179975

File: 1635859554903.jpeg (332.18 KB, 828x1372, 2A14387C-6A27-4FBC-8A70-842DFF…)

Has this woman ever been discussed here before? So much about her is stupidly cringe

No. 180009

What's her milk besides you thinking she's ugly and fat?

No. 181635

File: 1636705929157.jpeg (336.56 KB, 1098x1950, BA59818B-6FB7-498F-B194-E9FB48…)

Has anyone else been keeping up with the drama surrounding Lorentz Iwood and two of his exes?

A short summary/forgive me if I get anything wrong but it came out awhile ago that he’s a violent alcoholic that manipulated and sexually harassed both stephstonecos and his next gf, veenacos. Both made callout posts and shared google drive documents but said they didn’t want to take legal action and instead wanted to warn others.As of yesterday I noticed both removed their highlights and links devoted to him/all evidence and Lorentz himself made a rather lengthy series of story posts disputing everything they’ve said. Others called him out for a seperate issue claiming he took pictures of minors asses without consent at a con in 2019 but he was apparently at a con in Barbados and said it was bullshit.

I’m not sure what to think. Both Steph and Veena seem honest and didn’t really get any ‘clout’ from the original callout. Lorentz went as far as to claim that Veena withdrew her reports as she felt that Steph was manipulating her.

Not really milk but Lorentz does also have a history of promoting unhealthy, snap diets to get ‘abs in five days’ or some shit that’s basically starving/dehydrating yourself.

No. 181699

No. 182059

File: 1636827083073.jpeg (257.76 KB, 750x1070, A19FDF6D-4D98-4685-8359-C1B631…)

Never heard of these people before but pic related seems very telling of what this guy is like. Do you have any screenshots from the women involved? I want to be able to read what they had to say

No. 182131

Here’s the google drive with all the info/screen caps from Veena.


No. 182161

Going to be honest, both her and Lorentz seem like absolute nut jobs. It reeks of just being salty over the break up.

No. 184681

File: 1638005291445.jpeg (204.41 KB, 750x1176, AA731603-3C87-425F-98A4-2742F3…)

Came across this person’s profile and couldn’t believe their bio. The absolute state of cosplay is so embarrassing

No. 184925

File: 1638152205689.jpeg (152.2 KB, 750x632, D492F46A-E4AF-4D31-83BE-955361…)

Kinpatsu cosplay posted progress on their jinx cosplay complete with boots from dolls kill. She then got mad about people getting mad at her for buying boots from dolls kill and deleted all negative comments about it. If you don’t want to get into the politics about to then just lie about where you got them from

No. 184936

She's not interested in politics when it makes her look bad, but she's interested when it makes her look good (posting for blm). Such a weird lie too when basic ass tall combat boots have been sold for decades and are still super popular.

No. 185020

>>184925 how is kinpatsu even cow material. If she bought the shoes some time before you wont just throw your stuff away cus you dont like what the brand has done thats obnoxious.
And she would get asked if she didnt list the shoes and probably get more complaint about that.
I find the whole situation so stupid what is even going on.
Does kinpatsu have any old real milk at all, or is she just posted becuase of speds reeeing over dollskill?

No. 185029

She bought them recently. She could have just said they were from kill star since that’s the second place they’re available or the actual brand since dollskill is a reseller. It’s her throwing a fit and deleting comments, only keeping the praise comments that’s the problem

No. 185205

>she could’ve said it’s from a diff brand
Yea then ppl like you would complain about her lying about where she bought the shoes

No. 185275

She's already lying that dollskill was the ONLY place that she could buy tall combat boots. She's an online creator. Dollskill controversies are fairly well known (esp their anti-blm one). Unless she's an idiot there's no way she couldn't have known that a person with her following was going to get backlash from promoting a well disliked brand.

No. 185756

Or maybe not everyone pays attention to niche brand drama. She also just moved from South Africa to Canada maybe a year ago or so. Contrary to popular belief, the rest of the world isn’t paying attention to every petty drama that happens in the US

No. 185765

She was paying attention to BLM shit. She posted about it. Dollskill was very publicly called out during that. As someone with her level of influence, she should be checking that she isn't promoting sketchy companies to her followers anyways.

No. 185827

Keep in mind she isn't in the US. What is trending here about certain companies doesn't travel everywhere when there were also more than just BML in the US happening during the summer of the first round of the pandemic. Im with the anons who say she didn't get the newsflash because the people she follows most likely don't spam drama like who not to buy from as far as US retailers go. It's like telling someone who likes a band to check Google daily to see if you can keep supporting an artist. The lengths people are going to be dicks about this is really showing how many of the followers really don't want to acknowledge that not everyone knows everything about everything and expects people to just know.

No. 185828

Their big BLM drama happened 2 years ago ffs when it was trending and she lived overseas.

No. 185911

You act like she has any morals when it comes to making money. She willingly worked with Riot last year during their sexual assault and harassment lawsuit ffs. She's just throwing a fit because people actually called her out on supporting a shit company this time.

No. 185984

This. She has also posted in the past on twitter claiming she doesn't care about the things momokun has done, refusing to take a stance when the sexual assault allegations came to light. Kinpatsu is not one to operate off a moral basis.

No. 186058

Jesus does one need to have a master's degree in Internet controversies these days? I have absolutely no idea what this Dollskill BLM drama is and I doubt she had either. Brand cancelations happen every goddamn week, nobody can keep up with them. Another good reason never to grow a following if shit like this passes for reasons for outrage these days.

No. 186433

It’s the way she’s handling the situation that’s the problem

No. 186956

File: 1639183205106.png (30.84 KB, 682x146, Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 7.38…)

this is so minuscule but really lisa 'you don't like music' wow how cool of you how original, you're not like other girls!!!!!!

No. 187002


No. 187014

someone shared a meme about certain music and divorced parents. lisa said "not everyone, i don't know who they are" and then when someone tried showing them, she commented that. idk not even serious but just annoying like what bitch do you not listen to music at all?

No. 187082

Honestly. I mean if you really don’t enjoy music at all, why comment on a meme about it?

No. 187794

What these anons said, she just cares about money and her own reputation

No. 187996

File: 1639691523723.jpg (209.48 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20211216-144927_Chr…)

Bibicosplay moved the goalpost yet again, went from suing her 'harrasser" for $1500 to $5000 and is complaining people aren't donating fast enough

No. 188002

Who’s her harasser is it otafest? Kek

No. 188882

Of course she is. This whole "lawsuit" has always been a front for bibi to get extra money. By raising the amount she doesn't have to run the risk of actually meeting her goal and she can continue to grift. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already spent all the money donated. She set it up on kofi and not gofundme for a reason

No. 188883

File: 1639726238828.jpg (272.56 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20211216-150201_Chr…)


She has a GFM, set for 10 grand on this.

No. 188884

My bad, 12 thousand.

No. 188904

Who is she claiming to be her "harasser". Because multiple people have called her out.

No. 188919

My bad then but it's still so obviously a grift when you have two wildly different numbers for the same thing

No. 189152

File: 1639866253556.jpeg (272.53 KB, 1080x1872, B3B1B9BC-72CF-45DA-83F9-105710…)

My god I just looked at both of these and I can’t believe she’s already suckered people out of $1800. What a bunch of idiots

Scrolling through her pinned post led me to this tweet:

So according to the screenshots, it’s auzziejlee

No. 189158

No. 189181

Funny timing to be posting those screenshots almost six months after the original post went through. Basically just trying to sell the idea that the dangerous auzziejlee is trying to "kill" a disabled, black woman. There isn't a single tweet on his end about the situation or Bibi apart from his apology for his wording: https://twitter.com/auzziejlee/status/1400886730459279360?t=9h2NaArmzCo4rzhan0mNaw&s=19

No. 189206

She was probably trying to find a lawyer who would take it up with enough poor me stories. Resding what he said, especially in the first go, right out the bat, saying dongo after her. Someone relaying their experience with you is not the same as defamation. No one wants her crap quality, unsanded 3D prints, her bad resin, because that niche ran out for her. She's like Robaato, but for the cosplay community. There is no court case. A judge would throw this right out. She caprove back on April 2021, that this fucked with her business and caused her 'financial loss'.

He wasn't mean in anything he said either. Most people in the community agreed WITH him. Her own anxiety and suicidal thoughts for being called out is called taking accountability, Bibi. I hope she lurks..Fuck off out of the community. No one wants fake ableidm-racism cried wolf soapboxers

No. 189244

> Resding what he said, especially in the first go, right out the bat, saying dongo after her
You have no idea how long it took me to decipher what this sentence was supposed to be saying lmao. Genuinely thought those typos were some fucked up new gen z slang

No. 189290

File: 1639938259133.png (52.3 KB, 764x480, she_wishes.png)

She WISHES this were true. Anyone whos been around him know he hates fat girls and would never flirt with them. She confuses character sperging/larping as hitting on her? Bibi, stfu.

No. 189327

I check bibi's tweets occasionally, and it's really just the same echo chamber over and over. "rt my store, I've been personally victimized by ____", I deserve money, everyone hates me because they're racist and ableist" she's genuinely made a joke of the word "ableist". Everyone who follows her is just like her. No shock there.
What I can't get over is how it's worked out for her and she still manages to get money out of poor saps, and how her yes men and women can't see how obvious of a grifter she is.
It was pretty cathartic when she was called out by a lot of the cosplay community and auzzie and people started realizing how much of a piece of shit she is. If this case went to court, (which it won't) I'd love to see the prosecution point out how SHE is the one who harasses and defames people over petty shit.

Sage for blogposting

No. 190174

File: 1640318065265.jpg (91.15 KB, 694x670, 223954.jpg)

No. 190179

The career path you're looking for is "sex work", Lisa.

No. 190191

File: 1640328936409.jpg (67.85 KB, 855x525, Screenshot 2021-12-23 230008.j…)

How is it that "Lisa" can afford a bunch of new tattoos, manicures and alcohol weekly, pvc figurines, lingerie, cosplays, etc… and then has to beg for "space, just one night!"– "I can pay a little if needed"– bitch is skirting by, trying to be relevant at cons, and apparently doesn't want to pay unless "its needed".

Everyone has to pay to stay at the Gaylord, Lisa. Yes, it's needed. Quit begging. You're not as broke as you portray, you're just irresponsible. Most of us in the cosplay circuit can see what you're doing to milk people.

No. 190257

It's weird, a lot of these "professional" cosplayers will beg for con space. You'd would think they'd be more prepared if going to cons is part of their job.

No. 190266

I must be getting old, back in the day we used to call them by their proper name aka prostitutes.

No. 190321

File: 1640390605233.jpg (176.98 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20211224-235409_Ins…)

back in october this cosplayer "wired_chan" got chased off of twitter by people calling her out for shittalking other cosplayers and photoshopping her body.

she was saying they all copy her and that her cosplays are more efficient, "attentive to detail" and high effort. she ran off to instagram then posts this shit.

>high effort


No. 190324

Funny she thinks anyone truly believes she looks like that off camera. Her edits are IMVU level laughable garbage and her likes have gone down considerably. Sucks to suck. Maybe if she stopped PSing and shit talking and started working out and taking basic cosplay classes she could like… Be someone people would want to actually look at. But also iI guess being a sex doll on IG that never gets recognized irl at cons is good enough for some uggos. Poor thing must barely function with all that insecurity and bile built up inside.

No. 190325

Glad to see she hasn’t stopped suicide baiting for attention.

Cosplaying for 15+ years, what a crock of shit. Bathing suit cosplays aren’t cosplays, Lisa. (Guess Kinju isn’t a good enough name now? Or were you scared you’d get called out for your fake asian name?)

No. 190346

File: 1640408713882.jpeg (177.67 KB, 750x1285, D2A46C11-00F3-4DA9-9B0E-C677E7…)

(1/2) crazy photoshop on this cosplayers pictures, but they keep denying that they do such a thing

No. 190347

File: 1640408754690.jpeg (201.86 KB, 749x1284, 13D63459-50E4-4163-873E-F6F1F8…)

>lens distortion
Sure, Jan. This is a whole man.

No. 190351

File: 1640412981900.jpg (691.96 KB, 1044x1326, 20211224_221422.jpg)

Loooool not this guy. His photoshop is insane and makes me laugh hysterically. I know he plays into the whole silicone fetish thing, but the way he slaps a random chick's face on himself is so jarring.
Picrel is his actual face.

No. 190352

Ohhh wowwwww 30k followers you say? That’s sooo many

But for real, it’s so funny to me how many people nowadays think they should be able to make a living off the internet with such a small following. Completely delusional

Everyday I am grateful I don’t have body dysmorphia like these people. Honestly what an embarrassing exchange. To be called on such obvious photoshop and still trying to deny it

No. 190354

File: 1640413687187.jpg (722.28 KB, 1080x1750, 20211224_222041.jpg)

the "lens distortion" on the waist lol

No. 190402

This is a joke. How can these people just post this stuff and not hide in shame? It's embarrassing. This is so off putting and unprofessional. Then they all wanna act like they're good enough to get seats and panels at cons and ads lol

No. 190472

File: 1640492030013.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.64 KB, 1366x2048, 29A28F24-8D4A-4A3D-ACD3-57F8F7…)

Merry Christmas

No. 190600

File: 1640567790285.jpeg (666.3 KB, 1170x1717, 731C2805-EBB5-4213-83A9-2A7AB7…)

Hilarious that he says that he wants cosplay to be seen as an art instead of a pathway to money/clout, yet he uses “cosplay” to make money on OF. He also talks so big about how he wants to change the cosplay community for the better but surrounds himself with newbie cosplayers who can barely put a costume together in order to boost his ego and to make himself look better when standing next to them.

No. 190603

File: 1640568175193.jpeg (1.78 MB, 2340x1747, B9834921-B66F-47EE-97E2-E4481D…)

Couldn’t make this shit up even if I tried

No. 190617

Is there any context for what the hell he’s talking about in that post? He talks about open dialogue, but is being extremely vague

Embarrassing and hypocritical

No. 190623

This is so ironic considering he literally edits himself to look the same as the girls in that post

No. 190634

He's unwilling to name any problems without support, which sounds like he wants more callouts.

No. 190667

Oh no, the faggot confused itself. If a woman did this shit she would be at the top of Reddit and Twitter being crucified for "endangering children and other women" or "fatphobia", etc. Whatever "woke" excuse. I would love to see this Frank n Furter wax man in person at a con. Put him next to a real woman with a regular figure and normal shape wear KEK fucking scary. People like this are why I quit cosplay, you cannot avoid or win against these people. They're like cockroaches they've invaded every nook and cranny.

No. 190680

File: 1640619670699.jpeg (1.3 MB, 828x1515, D5368115-D8F9-4E73-9B59-8B8E78…)

“cosplay is my life”
“i’m tired of catering to OF”

No. 190681

File: 1640619704494.jpeg (519.07 KB, 828x1119, 743A9E0E-00E3-4076-BCA4-CF2DE6…)

sure you are “Lisa”

No. 190682

File: 1640619752797.jpeg (626.86 KB, 828x685, E4EDC511-8D3E-46D5-84D2-5FC6BC…)

She only cosplays with girls she seems are less attractive than her, too. Here’s her newest side piece, someone who calls herself a “legal loli” and looks strung out most of the time

No. 190692

File: 1640627755654.jpeg (675.69 KB, 1170x1953, 1B0C53F5-9803-4845-8947-F7CA31…)

It’s in response to an earlier post he made. He’s not wrong about cosplay becoming overly focused on monetization but it’s ironic coming from him considering he had an OF so he has also monetized cosplay for financial gain. Between this and >>190603 I’m not sure if this guy is full retard or if he genuinely doesn’t realize he’s talking about himself.

No. 190695

They both look fine to me, imo. Which one is supposed to be the ugly one?

No. 190701

It’s funny that people say “the cosplay community” when there is no sense of community. It’s how can I use this person to get more clout or money.

No. 190711

there is no wrong answer, it’s both

No. 190725

Honestly half the posts about Lisa seem like vendetta posting (especially using the name "Kinju", a name she used around a select group of people around 2015) from a former friend of Lisa. Honestly get over it, pointing her out at every con you see and stalking her social media to attempt to cancel her 6 years after your falling out is pretty sad.
I get the point of a gossip board, but some of the posts give off vendetta vibes, rather than having milk and actual substance.

No. 190727

I only know her through social media, she literally used “kinju” on her prior rachniqueen account.

No. 190813

Not the same anon, but I have known “Lisa” for 10+ years and she went by kinju everywhere and not just to a “selected group”

“6 years ago”? That’s awful specific. She had so many breakups thorough out the years I cant even keep track. I swear she and gc Chan were not cool but I saw them collaborating again. I muted her cause I got tired of her constant whining

No. 190822

This. “lisa” has burned a lot of bridges in the cosplay community, to assume it’s only one person speaking out about her is a joke.

It’s okay though Lisa, the majority of people don’t know that you LARPed as a Japanese girl for most of your teens. Going from Kinju to a video game characters name was such a great choice.

No. 190836

Also not the same anon as above, but I'd like to say…. It's definitely not vendetta if you actually know anything about the drama surrounding this girl on a consistent basis.

She's known for abusing her boyfriends (physically, verbally and financially), only to turn around and cry abuse when it suits her. She posts about most of this drama publicly.

Her new favorite thing to do since her last break up, is to frequently post about how tired she is, how "over worked" she is, how badly she wants a boyfriend / to be married, and posting fake boyfriend applications for men to fill out, like a damn highschooler.

From Kristen, to kinju, back to Kristen, to rachniqueen, to Lisa. The constant "rebranding" is just her trying to escape the bullshit she's been known for.

Just to name a few things:
*Abusing romantic partners.
*Suicide baiting for attention.
*Milking men online by claiming to be "oh so broke", yet can consistently afford luxurious purchases.
*Doing sex work while simultaneously blocking men for calling her "sexy" because apparently she's "asexual", but also has a gaudy ahegao face tattood to her thigh…
*Got a terrible boob job, and is so body dysmorphic that she wants to go even bigger. So dysmorphic in fact, that she is consistently calling herself fat and snapping at fans that "her feelings are valid" if they try to convince her that she looks great.
*She made a GFM for her first boobjob.
*She's made comments about making another GFM for her second boobjob.
*Always calls cosplay her career but can't survive off cosplay alone, and can never afford to stay at a con without begging for a place to crash (insinuating payment is optional, "if needed").

We all know you haven't actually changed your name to "Lisa". All you did was slap some shitty silent hill tattoos all over your arms like a haphazardly stamped passport. This fake alt girl persona isn't going to save your cosplay "career". But you know what will? Stop acting like a fucking victim and own up to all the wrongdoings. That shows actual acknowledgement and maybe even a little growth. But we all know she's going to continue to cry wolf. Her simps will continue to fund her irresponsible lifestyle, and the community will continue to see her for her shit attitude/ behavior.

No. 190846

File: 1640718003865.jpeg (691.54 KB, 828x1242, 9F170A40-800F-4796-8F4E-F5F191…)

Oh I forgot the fat drama. She’ll sit there and call herself a whale and fat and then she turns around and gets pissy if someone says otherwise.

Her new cosplay wife is apparently into ddlg, too.

No. 190848

Wow that’s a really bad angle. She looks like a man in a wig

No. 190850

File: 1640719054613.jpeg (Spoiler Image,567.21 KB, 828x1296, EB9FC2B8-1149-4031-AB2A-B479DF…)

she’s just grotesque on her own, angles wouldn’t change much.

No. 190865

Dude what is that image…….

No. 190874

Christ that’s disgusting

No. 190890

i don't think they're cosplay partners anymore. just checked ig, and they don't follow each other.

Not true she only cosplay with people less attractive than her. gcchan was considerably more popular and hotter than her, however marginally.

No. 190904

If GC was smart, she'd cut ties entirely with Lisa. they probably fell back together after realizing they had way too much dirt on one another like vamps and mooriah. just speculation of course.

No. 190913

She is very selfish, and will try to shut you up if you talk against any of her choices. She doesn't care if companies or people did something immoral, because if she has a use for them they can stay around. If you cause people direct harm but you throw a penny her way, she will let it slide. It's nice to see more people noticing this shit. She isn't a nice person.

No. 190919

Much like most of the "popular crowd", kinpatsu only cares about rubbing elbows with the well known riot cosplayers. If you're significantly smaller than her, she ignores you. Pretty shit attitude when all someone wants to do is compliment her work.

No. 190922

Milking men is based though. So is blocking men.

No. 190924


*Doing sex work while simultaneously blocking men for calling her "sexy" because apparently she's "asexual", but also has a gaudy ahegao face tattood to her thigh…

I used to be friends with her on fb and saw this happened a lot. I don’t get it why she does this. Imagine complimenting a person and have her go off on you.

No. 190967

Sexy isn't a compliment.

No. 190969

No it’s not but when your entire cosplay “career” is appealing to coomers and scrotes with your bikini photos, don’t note the hand that feeds you.

No. 190975

Sorry you feel that way. A lot of people accept sexy as a compliment. Especially when they do nudes and (very lack luster) BJ videos.(sage)

No. 190976

What do you find acceptable to compliment a sex worker? “Damn girl, you’re turning me off. Put on more clothes!”

No. 190977

You could tell me that Lisa uses this site and i would believe it. She’s a catty bitch.

No. 191205

To get her to act friendly to you, you would need to have a lot more than just compliments.

No. 192115

File: 1641641898766.jpg (216.55 KB, 1017x1607, Screenshot_20220108-062741_Fac…)

This girl literally tries to guilt people for not joining her onlyfans, during a pandemic, and then jumps down the throat of anyone who offers her a shred of kindness.

Please "Lisa", delete your onlyfans and shut up. You've made threats to quit cosplay so many times, and then you keep continuing on. Just fucking quit.

No. 192124

She’s been making threats to quit cosplay since high school. If Lisa doesn’t get immediate attention, she pulls this same woe is me card.

Maybe people aren’t paying for your onlyfans, Lisa, because…it’s shit? Maybe no one wants to pay for the same slutty bathing suit cosplay over and over again? Maybe your shitty attitude chases people away? Who knows.

No. 192216

Wow that was a really bitchy response to someone who was being nice.

Also I’m unaware of how onlyfans works. How is she losing 2k+ per month? Are they charging her for just having an account?

No. 192340

All these cosplayers realizing that non-porn makes them no money unless they have a surgery covered body like Jessica Nigri

No. 192366

I think she means she was making more than 2k before and she's lost that many subscriptions. The weird part is that she says she should "invest in" deleting her OF, as if it costs something to close it. And it doesn't.

No. 192504

No but you have to wait around for the final paypigs purchases to go through to really finally pull out. It takes time for the money to sit there before it's available.

No. 192612

It’s almost like showing your titties for some internet scrotes schmeckles isn’t a smart career choice.

No. 192918

File: 1642068670805.jpg (805.35 KB, 1080x1715, lol.jpg)

Heard about this attention whore and thought it was a nice snack. Saged because she's kinda irrelevant for now but I believe in time she will fulfill her full cow potential.


>over 33k tiktok followers and 8k on ig but it's obvious she bought them all because no one fucking looks at her posts

>wigs look like shit
>wears everything exactly once because it'll fall apart if she tries to wear it again
>are you actually making your cosplays out of paper lol
>has never had an original thought in her entire life. literally just does whatever will get her the most attention or copies other people
>quantity over quality
>faked her identity being stolen for attention
>faked suicide for attention
>actual fucking psychopath
>moved across the country because everyone in Kansas hates her, now terrorizes the TX cosplay community
>changes names and handles every 6 months to try to make everyone forget about the shit she does
>somehow can afford to attend 30 cons a year but can't afford cosplays that don't look like shit
>Jessica Nigri simp
>boyfriend looks like a softboi internet pedophile
>bpd queen(namefagging)

No. 193030

Eh, reeks of vendetta. IG is notorious for tanking organic reach, and you only get 1-3% of your actual following to see your posts. 3% is considered pretty decent reach these days, which would be exactly 240 likes per post.

If she's so irrelevant, why are you posting about her here, if not out of vendetta? You post a laundry list of accusations, but offer no screenshots of any of it. Be gone.

No. 193146

Massive vendetta. Just say you're mad she gets more attention than you. You're not paying any proof to back anything you're saying up and istg if the 'pedophile' thing is that he reblogs lolicon/shota. That shit isn't even real.

No. 194722

File: 1643003549215.jpg (62.12 KB, 540x882, 272003137_912707549417843_4295…)

More suicide baiting from Rachniqueen. And mental breakdowns over… missing wigs, I guess

No. 194723

File: 1643003824702.jpg (81.93 KB, 542x761, Screenshot 2022-01-24 005519.j…)

>Posts "oh woe is me" every day, all day.
>"I'm such a failure, Nobody ever buys my content uwu"
>Buy my content doucheknockers!!1!!
>WHy did you leave? Who hurt you???!

No. 194752

Does Kinju not realize that being a cunt isn’t going to make people want to spend money on you? She’s going to scare away what few are left from her paypigs.

Can’t see her ever getting a job either, she’s been doing this “professional cosplay” shit since high school and has never had a real job.

No. 195669

File: 1643563782558.jpeg (139.48 KB, 981x2048, 45819F93-6687-423F-91A4-EDD2B9…)

>Ass was too fat for this catsuit so I cut it to make it leotard and stockings~
Looks like he really mastered how to fix that lens distortion right guys?

No. 195673

This belongs here >>>/snow>1191646

No. 195701

So she's a cow because… she's bad at cosplay and wants attention? Is that not every cosplayer who ever existed?

No. 195924

I honestly don't care about wanting attention online anymore. It's what the social media sites are for, after all. Anon needs to come back with milk, not this low effort "I just hate them" bullshit.

No. 196610

File: 1644276978358.png (1.12 MB, 1440x1909, Screenshot_20220207-134817~2.p…)

Jessie Pridemore made a post about darkening skin for cosplay in My Dress Up Darling. Ironic since she darkened her skin when she cosplayed Anthy.

No. 196619

Shes a cow bc she legit is fat

No. 196626

File: 1644285210806.jpeg (59.25 KB, 487x650, AA46A8A5-519F-442A-AB2E-7A639B…)

For those who haven’t seen it

No. 196627

File: 1644286155061.jpeg (194.06 KB, 974x650, CAC24D59-0090-441A-A7B4-9A012C…)

She also made a pretty shitty apology post about it in 2015.

Some highlights:
>It wasn’t until the second time I wore it and some people that spend a lot of their time talking shit about me decided to make a big deal of it
Deflecting blame onto her “bullies”

>I posted it on my own Facebook with “Apparently the internet thinks I’m racists?” and it wasn’t until then that I started to understand what it was that I had done. I’ve been involved in so many debates and discussions since. I lost a lot of friends over it. A lot of people lost respect for me over it.

Defending black face up until she realizes she’ll be chased off the internet. Only then does she do a complete 180

>The closest thing I will ever come to understanding what it’s like to be a minority is with my Endometriosis

This one is my favorite. She compared having endo to being black. She is fucking unbelievable

She also makes a lot of “you” and “we” statements instead of using “l”. By using you/we, she’s generalizing instead of directly taking responsibility for her own actions

No. 196628

Why do SJWs think everywhere is the US? Blackface refers to a specific kind of makeup that was in US minstrel shows, and guess what? The rest of the world doesn’t learn all US history and darkening your skin does not have the same implications elsewhere as it does in the US.
The US is not the center of the world and people need to stop acting like customs are the same everywhere.

No. 196629

No. 196630

File: 1644286480627.jpg (660.43 KB, 1047x1518, Screenshot_20220207-180901_Chr…)

In all honesty, I don't care about the character blackfacing becauseshe's not. She is a ganguro and dark foundation, outside of her tanning, would require tan foundation dark enough for her tanned skin. Lot of guros refer to it a black foundation. What is written doesn't matter anyway. The translation from the author doesn't mean black face levels of tone. She looks like dark ganguro with this scene in volume 4. Pridemore is a fucking virtue signaling dumbass. Completely disregarding that dark skinned asians have a line of makeup too for their dark skin and a MAN wore this manga. Does she think the idiot knows the difference in light and dark makeup? No.

No. 196654

please don't use this word. it's not short for ganguro…
also she's not even ganguro, she's just gyaru, a modern one at that.

No. 196690

It is when i don't feel like typing ganguro.

No. 196696

Guro means something totally different js

No. 196811

Can you not say "gore/guro"? Anons know I mean ganguro. Go complain about your specialness in meta.

No. 196967

File: 1644496910981.png (1.01 MB, 576x1024, FLGy8Q1VEAIF_N4.png)

Why does it look like her head was tacked onto a different body

No. 196990

Oh good the Protein Kiss vendetta is happening again.

No. 197000

File: 1644512161679.jpeg (254.43 KB, 2048x2048, FJZXNU-WUAgYLq1.jpeg)

No. 197035

File: 1644532713104.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.14 KB, 591x783, protein kiss.jpg)


literally who? went on her twitter and she's very greasy looking

No. 197117

File: 1644603143405.jpg (476.07 KB, 1046x1768, Screenshot_20220211-100753_Twi…)

Bishoujomom has really fucked up incels following her. She thinks recently because she's admitted to her tits being done and lipo, that she can still use the workout excuse on her twice done BBL and its infuriating how shitty it is to make people think what she has is real (pic not relared, just showing how fucked up these guys are) She only came out about her boobs 3 years later (now) because someone apparently called out her tits and was posting old photos like the cake one with Sabrina Nicole. She had massive hip dips before her 2 months leave for surgery healing. Women like this are cunts. It only adds to the stuff men expect a woman can achive just by going to the gym.

No. 197118

File: 1644603268133.jpg (505.64 KB, 972x2888, Screenshot_20220211-101217_Twi…)

Imagine going on about caring for other women but not enough to admit what was really surgically done, so it keeps perpetuating the negative misogynistic ideal a women should look if she "just went to the gym".

No. 197119

I'm late on this but what he says about the Alberta cosplay community is 100% true. We were super tiny and everyone just knows each other. Even I who knew nothing about Bibi could recognize she was well liked at the time. Our standards were very low back then if this is all it took.

No. 197120

File: 1644605024748.jpg (654.96 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20220211-104301_Twi…)

She's now using "power imbalance" as an excuse not to do callouts against her but she's still allowed to callout other people. What a clown.

No. 197121

File: 1644605516339.jpg (Spoiler Image,977.5 KB, 1079x1854, Screenshot_20220211-105149_Fir…)

Jessica is insane with her thot prices

No. 197140

Yawn, why do people think ganguro is trying to emulate black skin when it's literally supposed to be an over the top tan? This is such an exhausting and anglocentric narrative. Pridemore is just overcompensating for her own brownfacing foibles. It's called "black skin foundation" because Japanese (and many other Asian languages) uses the same word for "black" and "dark" and the reason why ganguro exists in the first place is because the Japanese beauty standard was "white pale skin with dark hair" for centuries and rebelling teenage girls in the 90's wanted to turn that backwards to break out of the mold, i.e. light hair and tan skin so good job on your cultural sensitivities there not even bothering to do one goddamn google search Jessie.

No. 197190

because she thinks she's above what cows like Moo are doing like OF. But unlike Yaya who made bank with her fabrics/patterns/whatever else overpriced shit is in Jo anns. Jessica has what? That she voiced a character in a dead web series. Cosplay thottry is a young girl game and all her paypigs have seen her ass multiple times. She's at the point she is going to have to live off what she's made or go porn route. I doubt she's struggling but there's younger more slutty thots willing to bare it all for a quick buck, she's not making the same she used to.

No. 197205

Honestly I don’t even think the girl is ugly on her own, but I could not imagine doing that much photoshop and then showing up to a con irl looking that different from the photos I posted online. I would genuinely be so embarrassed

No. 197223

I'm surprised to hear that she's still around, you'd think that people would be bored of seeing her sexy Pokemon gijinka armor for the 10th year in a row by now. Or at least wouldn't be willing to pay 16 bucks to see a belfie. But I guess there's always a new generation of 13-year old gamerbros who find her work fresh and exciting.

No. 197243

Imagine trying to brag about how jealous you think other women are of you and you just admit that you made and distributed CP.

No. 197245

tanned gals aren't ganguro though. you're wrong either way.

No. 197274

She clings onto what little relevancy she has just like she clings onto that ghastly emo eyeshadow and comb over haircut.

No. 197292

Woah is there actual cp involved here? Idk who she is so I just thought she was another cow being overly dramatic and casually throwing around serious terms that don’t actually apply

No. 197329

File: 1644735225205.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.94 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20220212-225202_Fir…)

For $39.99. Damn.

No. 197330

File: 1644735366767.jpg (291.35 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20220212-225136_Fir…)

Yes, it stays pixels

No. 197338

She's implying that content she made as a teenager would qualify as cp if she went after people for reposting it. Which would mean she made cp and shared it in the first place. I doubt anything she said is true anyways

No. 197375

Where is the outrage from the community or even her simps about how predatory this behavior is? This is literally a scam. She clearly hasn't changed since her patreon days. This is just sad to witness.

No. 197376

I don't think I quite understand Jessica still not showing nip. What is wrong with her nipples that she's so embarrassed about? All her peers do straight up porn now and shes charging a premium for blurred nipples lol

No. 197385

Why would you show off the goods when it’s beyond evident cucks and simps will throw $ at you regardless?

No. 197387

I wonder how long it will be until someone makes a response post about her either lying about her age, being in her 40’s, or someone posting a screen shot of her saying the N word when she was younger?

No. 197388

Who are you talking about?

No. 197404

nigri is in her 40's????

No. 197406

Because she's still of the opinion she's a cosplay queen and as relevant as she was around 2014. She's gonna hold out as long as she can because she is falling behind younger girls.

No. 197409

I was talking about Juliette.

No. 197410

I honestly wonder if her surgeon botched her nips

No. 197432

nigri legit looks 45 she isnt skinny fit or even half attractive. shes like Mickey deer the fattie who shoops herself "slim'

No. 197467

File: 1644878011056.jpeg (Spoiler Image,890.4 KB, 1170x1633, B8B1B514-7702-4E9E-B950-6E551A…)

>posting nudes for free on Instagram
Costhots are fucking wild these days. At least post your nudes behind a paywall like OF.

No. 197501

I thought insta doesn't allow full on nudes like this

No. 197512

Nudity is only an issue if you can see pussy, dick, balls, asshole (cheeks are fine, no hole though), and girl nipples

No. 197580

>>197501 seems to vary a lot depending on creator. Some I know gets warnings for bikinis, some get away with nip slips

No. 197594

insta says "artistic" nudity is allowed, whatever that means.

No. 198283

File: 1645473232303.png (145.75 KB, 789x857, Untitled.png)

More with Lisa, Tl;dr She used/baited some guy for money and he committed suicide because of her.

No. 198284

File: 1645473287973.png (2.58 MB, 1738x2477, Untitled1.png)

No. 198326

File: 1645505228894.jpg (539.54 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20220221-203937_Fir…)

She shouldn't be suicide baiting, definitely fucked up, but I personally don't see how it's her fault, as time passed (they aren't even giving a timeline as to how much time has passed between the convention and his suicide - which suicide usually happens within 3 days of someone who isn't just idealizing it, to commit) between the events. This mightve been something that added to his thoughts already, but makes no sense to blame her for not doing enough for him when he could've easily not given her money. Simps expect something back, he didn't get anybody back or more than what he got at least, which is a shitty gross underhanded reason for giving money to begin with. He knew she was a sex worker who always begged and bragged, but he was hoping to be praised and favored. I don't have remor for men who put themselves high as good guys, only to get sad or mad when its not reciprocated because they feel their money is their gateway to a girlfriend.

Picrel is suicide bait, but he could've told her he felt that way too, just like she said. She doesn't have to do anything for him besides a thank you, tbh. He felt fine complaining to others about it and even with advice, still have her money. Nah. I hate Lisa, but this ain't her fault

No. 198327

if you are willingly paying a sex worker and wishing they were with you, doing everything you want for them, you're already mentally fucked. She doesn't want you. It's all an act. She didn't force him to suicide, he's just an incel with wishful thinking. He was probably hoping for a fuck by giving her money for a hotel room. Sorry, not sorry, but he or himself in that situation, got nice guy'd, and his family just wants someone to blame. A single situation like that doesn't make you commit suicide. They didn't ghost him either. He just didn't feel Lisa did enough for him as thanks and that's fucked up to blame her for. They weren't dating or anything.

No. 198335

Good lord anon, have a little compassion. The guy is dead regardless of his intentions.

No. 198337

>Made him feel useless because she had pretty much led him on to get what she wanted

Yet this being a universal experience for women is "fine" "what are you complaining about" "you should have known better" and generally you need to suck it up or be either mocked or considered a bunny boiler or screeching feminist for complaining, men use women every day of the year in far more insidious ways, money, labour, physical/sex, and more. Don't think he'll get much sympathy for his passing if that's the real reason, but RIP to the dude anyway. There were obviously other issues at play imo and the family are grasping for a reason to make sense of it since I gave money to an onlyfans thot and didn't get no puss is not only exactly what's supposed to happen (otherwise it's prostitution which is illegal in many places) but to be expected, considering the type of woman you're dealing with.
If he wanted to deal with a kind woman who apppreciated his handouts there are millions of non-thot women out there who need some cash kek.
Very sad, but as anons have said it isn't her fault.

No. 198342

This isn't her fault. Her family is looking for a scapegoat and using suicide, just because he was said he didn't get love from her or become her boyfriend, they want to pin his depression on her. There was definitely more to the incel like >>198337 said. So, no. I don't have compassion for a guy blaming his death on not getting any. Fuck that.

No. 198343

They literally said that the last person he ever spoke to, he was complaining about the convention. I don't think this is just an incel thing, I mean from the context it seems like they knew each other in real life and it wasn't some weird parasocial thing. If she had pictures with him they were probably friends. The truth is we really don't know enough to say whether she really did treat him badly, but we do know that she has a habit of suicide baiting and begging for cash. Those kinds of people are really manipulative no matter what gender they are or if you're involved. No amount of sex or lack there of would make it any more pleasant to deal with this type of person.

No. 198346

Sound like Lisa

No. 198362

So all women are obligated to fuck the incels pursuing them, just in case they'll commit suicide if they don't?

This is like offing yourself because your prostitute doesn't actually think you're the hottest man on earth that she's in love with. Wheedling money out of men is her job and this guy's mental problems were his own fault.

No. 198384

He doesn't get a fuck for being a nice guy. He killed himself because he already had no self esteem and giving a thot money made him think he had a chance. No. Fuck off with this stupid line of thinking. She never even told him to kill himself or anything, he voluntarilynever came to her to say he expected more or was upset, HE KEPT THAT TO HIMSELF. His being upsetty spaghetti ain't Lisa's issue. So hell no, Not going to clap and feel bad for a chump who thought he had a shot at sex with a sex worker because he thinks money talks. Literally all she had to do was say thank you. He never had to give her begging money to begin with. She didn't reach into his wallet and steal from him. He GAVE her everything willingly. She didn't even scam him which is the funny part, yet people want her to feel bad because he didn't get puss. Honestly, poor Lisa. Wtf is wrong with people to go after her for this. Fuck her as is, but this ain't it.

No. 198393

File: 1645558287622.png (91.19 KB, 788x308, 1645473232303.png)


This whole part right here says nothing about why it's her fault except HE gave her money and she didn't give him more for it and he so sad. That's fucked up and manipulation on his part to think money could coherence her into maybe sleeping with him. $2000 is a lot for a guy to give away without expecting anything back. Come on, anon. Even the family had nothing else to back it up besides "shes a thot who takes advantage of men by being uwu sad with begging". Have none of them heard of OF or prostitution before? This is a really shitty witchhunt. His family sucks. I dont care if they were close friends, him expecting something physical for money, spiralling into depression because he didn'tget some, is his own problem.

Not to mention their photos were because he was an avid fan, not because they were actually friends. These types of guys go to convention to convention always looking for the same people to take photos with because it gave the appearance of friendship when they post to their FBs and stuff. She had no interest in him. He desperately tried and gave her everything willingly while not dating. She owes him nothing and his family absolutely no apology. They are now guilt tripping her to feel bad so of course shes going to say she feels like she should commit too. Own up to the fact you're guy was an incel creep simp. Maybe that'll help you recover, fam.

Every single message to her is from everyone except him to her. The only message interacting with him is her thanking him. So where are these messages, anon, of him saying hes sad sad because he's saying he had a great time and they were glad he came, to her face and Byrdo. Why isn't the family going after her too?? This is a cherrypicked harassment case and its really fucked up.

Still mind blown his whole family's reasoning its her fault is because she's a thot who wasn't dating the deceased and he had mentioned he was sad he didnt get more. What a weak fucking case for it being her fault.

No. 198395

I don't understand why you're so invested in defending noxious sluts like this. Whether or not this guy ended up killing himself won't change the fact that whores like her are parasites and a blight upon the cosplay community.

No. 198403

Just because she's a slut doesn't mean she's at fault for dude offing himself becauseshe didn't sleep with him. Get a better argument

No. 198413

Looking at everything else she’s done, you really think this is the one thing she’s completely innocent in?

It lines up perfectly with her past behaviors and all of the other abuse allegations about her

Sure the guy probably had a few issues of his own, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t manipulate and extort him on top of that

No. 198417

Learn2sage your shit takes. This had nothing to do with her past shit. Thits are known for extortion. Men WILLINGLY give them money. They extort themselves. She didn't manipulate shit just because he wanted to be a WK and fork over cash in hopes of being her #1 fan BFF.

No. 198433

I feel like the other e-thots are piling on Lisa because their big cash cow offed himself and they blamed her for it. Gil, byndo, Sarah, Kelly, terry, etc all stood by and did nothing with Lisa’s antics until the incel fucked up. Is Lisa a bad person? Of fucking course, but I don’t see how she’s worse than other ethots milking incels dry till they offed themselves.

No. 198434

File: 1645570361277.png (1.41 MB, 1752x2582, Untitled.png)

Additional context from the original post

No. 198452

Flashing your cooch and whining on the internet doesn't make you a murderer, you dingbat. If you want to play that game, she's a million time less responsible for this guy's suicide than his supposed close friends.

No. 198456

i don't think anon was saying that, they were just agreeing that lisa probably con'd money out of the scrote before he offed himself. she's not responsible but she's not a saint either, the suicide baiting is fucking pathetic.

No. 198457

File: 1645583388352.jpg (383.36 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20220222-182304_Fir…)

This whole thing sounds like it helped lead him to suicide, but hes very cognitive for someone understanding she didnt want to fuck him, yet he still gave her money. This clearly isn't what sent him over. There's 100% other shit going on. No one has shared messages between him and her yet considering anon claimed family had all the convos. We've only been shown friend messages and friend statuses.

The only post between them interacting >>198284 is positive. He's literally whining about his money being 'stolen' when he gave it away for brownie points. He knew there were other men, he took 'i like you' as his golden ticket meaning 'boyfriend '. No. Fuck no. He took everything out of context and proceeded to be pissed she didn't put out or make him her #1 priority.

Picrel: "asked get mad when its okay with other friends"

He agrees they were nothing more than friends, he claims he felt like she owned him, but thots don't like money competition. Dude read that as "she's controlling me uwu pity me so manipulated". Give me a fucking break. He knew what he was doing. He played the OF thot game and got a literal self induced dead-end.

No. 198464

learn some reading comprehension

No. 198465

sure lisa(hi cow)

No. 198466

Samefag, no1currs that this scrote died.

No. 198530

Neither of you know how to read… If you're with a manipulative person, it doesn't matter how much sex you get from them, it's not gonna make up for them being a bitch. If he was really an incel, his standards would be way lower. anyone who's been with a crazy person would know that, but some people like fucking crazy i guess.

No. 198532

money competition? what would playing games with friends have anything to do with that. why would a girl be so possessive over someone who was just a simp? I know we all hate men here, but you guys have zero brain cells comprehending this situation. Have you never experienced being stalked? Limiting your contact with other people is number one abusive behavior.

No. 198557

When you get a cash cow, you don't want him spending time with other thots, liking their personalities, simping for them too… this is so common.

No. 198586

but literally he could just be playing games with dudes, like. why do you assume its other girls?

No. 198589

If it's about not wanting him to go simp for other thots, why bad mouth him to one of his guy friends?

No. 198643

In hopes they feel bad for her and want to simp because hes letting her down.

Regardless of what she said, hes the one that expected more from her than what she put out for him. That's his own fucking problem. Killing yourself because the girl you like and give money to isn't going to sleep with you isn't exactly her problem. Also, I love that its so convenient that most of these messages are completely missing time stamps. It's kind of clear at this point that the family doesn't have his messages because the only people posting messages are the friends who have reached out to her and who have talked to him. So where are these messages between him and her that anon claims they have also? Because right now it just seems like they're posting messages that they've personally been involved in. If that's the case, then anon needs to just admit that they're selfposting to try and persuade people that this dude deserved better than what he put himself into. I'm not goingna feel sorry for a scrote who wanted sex and got none.

No. 198746

File: 1645795110281.png (305.99 KB, 590x602, bibiitabag.png)

Bibi has a kickstarter going for some really ugly and cheap-looking ita bags

No. 198747

No. 198751


Hoooooly shit those look so chintzy. She's seriously charging almost $100usd for this garbage?

No. 198752

it's two-dollar aliexpress trash but she added a strap to put it on a wheelchair, so suddenly it's worth 100 bucks because ~accessibility~

No. 198756

Imagine shelling out a hundred bucks to get a cheap bag with wonky ears, bad stitching and that falls apart within two minutes of use. I'd bet that whole hundred dollars that the zippers break on the first pull.

Also why do Bibi's 'fans' and buyers not seem to notice how beyond terrible her 'art' is? Bitch can't draw a straight line to save her life, her white can pin looks like its tail is broken in three places. Even the cherry blossom flower looks awful, and it's not that difficult of a design. It looks less like a flower and more like a cartoon speech bubble.>>198746

No. 198772

Looking like something from the dollar store, do people still use ita bags? I thought that craze was over

No. 198775

For someone who regularly cries that she's a champion of oppressed people and thus deserves the spotlight, her Twitter is nothing but a slew of self advertisement burying maybe a single Ukraine pity retweet.

No. 198776

I wouldn't even call these ita. Give those bag simps the benefit.

No. 198780

I'd say they qualify for the original meaning of ita(sage)

No. 198797

>those unclipped curves
I really don't understand how she's getting any funding at all. So many people despise her. Are there really enough awful people playing the victim card to support her businesses? She does nothing of merit, claims to be a cosplayer, never posts about cosplay unless she has a personal grievance with someone… She is just everything I despise in a person.

No. 198853

Despite the number of people that's called out her, she still has a pretty decent following of people that pity/suck her ass. Unless she does something major, she can ride this grift for a while.

No. 198856

Of course she cosplays…. as an activist.

No. 198914

File: 1645933585648.png (754.43 KB, 1756x509, image_2022-02-26_193951.png)

striderscribe has been an interesting specimen to me lately. claims on multiple social medias to "dislike shotas" yet cosplays many shota bait characters. seems a little too on the nose, and the fact that she has to reiterate it over and over makes it seem fishier

also somewhat related, i wanna talk about anons post >>956606
the situation surrounding her husband always seemed off to me. they met on facebook which is already a huge red flag. recently about a year ago she said they were seperating and was very emotional on instagram, saying things like "dont get married at 19 youll regret it lol" but then within days said that they were back together and she was just "overreacting!!11"
really wish i had screenshotted all the stuff she was posting about during their breakup. anybody know anything about this?

No. 198915

Wtf is shota bait? She's dressing as mommy characters. Dressing as moms isn't the same as being interested in shotas.

No. 198916

>Dressing as moms isn't the same as being interested in shotas.

sure, but in this context it just seems odd to me that she cosplays all these "mommy" type characters while being so adamently against shotacon(sage)

No. 198918

Sage your vendetta. There's no milk here. This mommy and daddy thing have been so popular in the last 4 years. You can absolutely dress a moms without being into shotas. Its creeps who keep commenting that shit from the looks of comments and that's gross.

No. 198920

She's just a thot who excessively shoops. Come back with real milk

No. 198971

It looks like she dressed up to match her little brother (who is likely a kid based on her blocking him out). That’s cute, why are you making her out to be creep?

No. 199002

Especially because she does mom types the best imo. Anons would be frothing at her trying to be someone like misty without the mom/aged up subtext. So tired of anons forcing milk.

No. 199514

File: 1646444909189.png (9.33 MB, 4152x4664, Untitled.png)

might be the worst western touhou cosplayer ive had the displeasure of coming across
twitter: https://twitter.com/NazuCos
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nazrin.coffee/

>google translate japanese in twitter bio

>adult who try hards at roblox
>bans people from roblox server with little to no evidence and calls people pedophiles with no evidence
>goes as far to "claim" she has contacted law enforcement like shes some authority figure or important person over fucking roblox
>relies on reposting same picture of her smoking weed over and over to farm likes because shes an attention whore
>is a narcissist who even calls herself a "niche microcelebrity"
>acknowledges that doing drugs is the only way to farm likes and even publically proclaims it
>feels the need to post her car multiple times, yet cant even post her actually fucking driving it
>has a japanese train shifter on car
>car is a sad excuse for an itasha, probably has stolen art, and if it isnt there is zero credit to the artist
>shitty itasha blew up in garage, makes a private twitter to post about how the emissions from a dif car cant kill her
>changes her discord status to some emo shit because everyone figured out shes a piece of shit
>suicide baits everyone because everyone is realizing shes a manipulator and is leaving her(namefagging)

No. 199695

File: 1646588359497.jpeg (1 MB, 1284x2220, 4D19D3DC-38EB-4FD8-99F1-9F825E…)

Megu at it again complaining abt not being invited to judge at cons when her builds look like dog shit

No. 199734

Anyone know what contest this is about? I get the impression she's complaining about celebrity or thot judges, which is a valid thing to rant about.

No. 199745

>Shit ton of craftsmanship experience
Literally every photo I’ve seen of her in cosplay, she has the bangs swept off to the side. Cutting bangs on a wig is a basic bitch Cosplay 101 thing and she can’t even do that. Unbelievably delusional

No. 201409

File: 1647452389573.png (482.74 KB, 1080x1888, 02F1D247-9B83-4FB5-A0F4-044F5C…)

Anyone know what this is about?


No. 201411

File: 1647452538014.png (101.49 KB, 1080x568, 8F3A1042-0582-43F6-BC7E-3414A9…)


No. 201412

File: 1647452678504.png (413.86 KB, 1080x1380, 73E33501-8FD0-43C0-A944-F41DFE…)


No. 201554

I wonder if she's going to address her fake tits she got after her and Susie broke up. She's trying to keep all of this behind closed doors because she doesn't want her reputation to get tarnished.

No. 201557

File: 1647532006888.jpg (555.14 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20220317-084609_Twi…)

This is messy and I'm all for fucking bunny over. Even swimsuit came out to say shit.

No. 201564

File: 1647535593688.jpg (697.31 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20220317-090216_Twi…)

Even Shelby chiming in.

No. 201570

File: 1647537038443.png (557.04 KB, 1080x1849, F3B8F34F-3F65-44F4-A682-18AE60…)

Apologies in advance for the incoming flood.

No. 201571

File: 1647537151738.png (322.55 KB, 1080x1877, 072FA667-AD28-4129-BBB7-91A947…)

I don’t like either of these chicks so I’m all for bunny being exposed but Jenna is acting as if people could do the same to her.

No. 201572

File: 1647537232514.png (481.48 KB, 1079x1414, 982243A8-9439-4012-A20E-71A03A…)

No. 201573

File: 1647537275505.png (653.66 KB, 1079x1673, 1D71F4EB-FFBD-4464-B52B-5FC018…)

Kek even susu is chiming in.

No. 201574

File: 1647537326202.png (587.84 KB, 1080x1869, D3582AE2-30F4-4E7E-A81D-5D9A66…)

No. 201578

I wonder if susu is going to expose bunny and bunny in turn will expose susu?

Susu siding with Jenna is funny because I remember they would argue on Twitter all the time and both were revealed to talk shit about each other. Kek

No. 201584

The men trying to whiteknight the drama and "uwu resolve pweas qweens, don fight!" is so fucking stomach churning as if they think women are above catfights when they are the meanest to deal with. Giving hate scrotes who go to bat for shitty thots.

This won't run bunny at all. She's up there with Moo now. Always has a fanbase that won't stop supporting her.

No. 201593

No. 201594

It's a video and I can't save them on twitter to reupload, sorry.

No. 201601

File: 1647544054209.png (54.44 KB, 655x252, BunnysBoyfriend.png)

Honestly I agree Bunny deserves to be fucked over, but all these girls are exactly the same. This is pretty much exactly how they came for Momokun, they just collectively decide to eat one of their own for more clout. As if Susu is any better when they were partners doing everything together.

No. 201603

If it means calling out shitty behavior, I don't see how it's any different from what people do to girls like Bibicosplay. You justify one callout type, but the way they do it, with proof mind you, is wrong? Come on.

No. 201604

This whole situation is a classic example of throwing someone under the bus for your own self interest. I love how they try to say the cosplayer community is supposed to be “supportive” when pretty much everything they’re calling bunny out on are things they’re guilty of themselves.

These chicks are too dumb to realize that literally anyone can come out and “expose” them for the same shit. I don’t care of bunny gets dragged, but seeing thots like susu and Jenna Lynn speak out is hilarious because both are no better.

No. 201606

File: 1647545851920.png (589.08 KB, 1125x2436, ManipulatingShelby_01.png)

You're misunderstanding my post, I'm not talking about the figure maker since she's separate from the costhot group, I'm talking about Meowri/Susu/Shelby. I don't think them calling out each other is wrong, I just think they're doing it to benefit themselves and it'll backfire. I hope they all call each other out and it turns into complete chaos.

Also this is so fucking funny, basically telling her that her photos look like shit, lmfao

No. 201610


Can I just say I hate the way this chick talks/types? It’s not quirky or cute, isn’t she in her late 20’s?

But I agree this is fucking hilarious.

No. 201625

File: 1647552294092.png (408.35 KB, 1079x1088, 3ED5C498-EA79-4EDE-BF07-A4B2A1…)

Fucking kek.

No. 201631

So fucking fake, what she really means is that she played along the entire time with Bunny and she has no problem throwing her under the bus as soon as the opportunity comes to save herself.

No. 201646

Susu trying to throw bunny under the bus is so fucking funny, I’m all for bunny getting called out but I’m praying someone calls her ass or bunny decides to expose susu herself so it all blows up in her face and leads to chaos.

That whole reply was so damn disingenuous.

No. 201662

File: 1647574328151.jpeg (356.92 KB, 750x930, 6EFFE258-454C-46E3-B1EE-12E5FD…)

No. 201663

File: 1647576640471.jpeg (664.21 KB, 1440x2269, B62856B5-0894-403D-A667-368AF8…)

No. 201664

File: 1647576696443.jpeg (502.33 KB, 1440x2078, 93939911-B856-40BB-B4FD-1767DB…)

Seems like Jenna is just trying to drag this out.

No. 201666

This happened a day ago. It's not really dragging it out.

No. 201667


I meant she’s dragging out her personal issue with bunny and I honestly don’t think she’s interested in squashing it. Everyone is exposing her for their own self interests but the way Jenna is going about is giving vendetta vibes.

No. 201668

What do you expect her to do? "Drop it" and go quiet so everyone believes that Bunny is making good on her word to resolve it in private? Cows get away with this kind of behavior for years because their victims can't set the record straight without looking like drama whores. Meanwhile they're free to lie and paint themselves in a favorable light. The figuremaker in this story didn't make a public statement for years, and all the while Bunny was spinning lies about what happened. Meowri should absolutely keep the personal beef public.

No. 201670

File: 1647581021359.png (183.39 KB, 598x678, bunny.png)

No. 201673

Especially because Bunny has no right to a private discussion playing these games and making the initial PR post to save face. She knows what she is doing by playing clueless to make the other girls look crazy.

No. 201710


She is so full of shit, fucking kek.

No. 201711

File: 1647608312425.jpeg (525.95 KB, 1440x1836, 73E67D7A-7552-4CD5-8BA3-26377A…)

No. 201727

File: 1647615698774.jpg (521.8 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220318-080132_Twi…)

Bunny just made a post and limited comments on both her Twitter pages and posted at 6am her time lol its another post googledoc post though.


No. 201732

Narcs don't know how to become a "better person" Susu. This is why this bitch has gotten away with her behavior for years. Empaths giving her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 201733

File: 1647616715891.png (857.33 KB, 1404x2454, A76E2A11-394C-4350-A075-43B105…)

No. 201734


That and she’s manipulative enough to cover her tracks so there’s no evidence unless you actively keep up with her and document everything.

I love seeing bunny get fucked over but Jenna Lynn is the last person who should be trying to call anyone out.

No. 201736


I love how she’s not addressing what susu and Jenna said. Kek

No. 201740

File: 1647618274146.jpg (585.14 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20220318-084408_Twi…)

Peach Milky also getting involved

No. 201756

File: 1647624966383.jpg (619.71 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20220318-103518_Twi…)

Bushoujo chiming in and MidnaAsh deleted something. If anyone knows what it was, let us know.

No. 201763

So costhots copying each other and Bunny being a pill about it is her proof? Like they all ride each other or whatever is the hype at the time.

No. 201764

You gotta read >>201593

The screenshots are about bunny talking badly about girls behind their backs to other girls and having a full on RT group that would ostracize the girls they didn't like. They eventually added Meowri to the group, but Bunny got called out for being a snobby bitch by Layna and Bunny retaliated by forcing a 3rd party to be the only ones to talk to Layna's company like a brat because of it, tried to get OG to get her kicked off her OWN project as co-owner of the company that has 2 employees, and then went around and pretended Layna didn't pay her and tried to get others to blackball her on projects in the future. Also effectively putting Layna 20k in debt due to Layna canceling the production of Bunny's figurine due to Bunny's childish and unprofessional way of trying to run her career and wrestle with her to get her off the project she's the main sculpter for.

Bunny is an absolute pos.

No. 201765

Yes I know that part, I meant bishojou claiming it's not the worse but only having the costhots copying screenshot.

No. 201766

Bunny added Layna to a cosplay group, Cherry Bombs, that would S4S. Meowri missed someone's post because these girls are dumb, except Meowri for some reason who's smart and posted in the group her link to her post. Bunny said she refused to RT her until she went back and RT SS first because she didn't do it first and how dare she and she kept at it after Meowri apologized for missing it. Bunny kept at it, then brought SS in to say the same thing. Layna stepped in and was like "chill, its not that big a deal, i didn't know when i was added to this group it was going to be like this, meowri just missed it is all" and Meowri then backed up her statement again and kind of agreed that the S4S forced hustle is so on the dot when if they ask just posted their links, it would help. Who the hell is had time to sit there and check every profile like clockwork just in case they miss a party and Bunny has a habit of deleting those RTs the second someone stops streaming. Which she admitted to do and did to Layna regarding her figure WIPs too.

Bunny didn't like being called out but saved face in the group by apologizing for being so harsh about it and realized it's not that big a deal.

That's when she started trying to get Layna kicked off her figure project and future endeavors like VTubing by telling groups, due to her clout, not to engage with Layna. She even ripped in another guy in who helped spread fake rumors like not being paid and playing this whole "Layna tried to run my career and stole money from me" narritive.

No. 201767

Because that's the one that Layna posted in her stiry. Bishoujo doesn't want to add stuff directly because she's not the main issue. She doesn't want to sh what Meowri is doing. Bishoujomom tries for the most part not to clutter her feed with this shit

No. 201794

File: 1647635646497.png (172.79 KB, 588x583, evilbunny.png)

The PR manager doesn't even know how to keep her mouth shut, kek


No. 201815

File: 1647642584259.png (632.33 KB, 1080x1031, 073FD5D5-FC05-4134-AD47-577F6F…)

Bunny reported meowri’s tweets

No. 201816

All of this proves that you can't trust anyone which is pretty sad. Never say anything about anyone where screenshots can be made cause you never know when it's going to bite you in the ass. It really makes the cosplay community look less like a community and more like a pvp zone.

No. 201838


The cosplayer community is full of this tho. They all talk trash about each other and keep receipts on standby while pretending to be fake positive and uplifting. Bunny is a pos no doubt but majority of this is nothing the others calling her out on aren’t guilty of themselves.

The fact that none of her “friends” even came to her defense says a lot. At the end of the day, all these chicks are nothing but a bunch of bandwagon hypocrites, whatever side looks best is the side they’ll be on and they’re eager to kick each other under the bus if it benefits them.

No. 201839

File: 1647646628270.png (536.55 KB, 1080x1502, 84A5A4B6-2957-47E9-A5C3-7945C4…)

Apparently Jenna’s going to come with her side.

No. 201842

File: 1647646897315.png (644.15 KB, 1080x1752, 9E136306-90CC-42CB-A9EB-7530D1…)

No. 201847

File: 1647651329050.jpg (266.63 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20220318-175505_Chr…)

No. 201855

Funniest shit is you just know all these girls involved are guilty for the exact same thing they are claiming others do.
Like how many callout posts had Bunny done? I'm pretty sure she even spearheaded the original moomoo gropegate shit and got Mikez fired after he flited back with her.

No. 201858

Ah huh, she made a video about Moo with Susu at the time it exploded about the cow's predatory behavior too. All of these women are no different from each other. They associate themselves only with "popular" cosplayers, vtubers etc for their own clout gain; never your ordinary personality. Being in these cliquey social media groups like it's a cult while pretending to be all about being body positive & uplifting other women. Then when the time comes, receipts are on the ready and they're throwing each other underneath multiple buses just to save face. It's like watching a rerun of the film Mean Girls, except with grown ass adults.

What a load of shit.

No. 201860

File: 1647655087885.jpg (109.88 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20220318-185801_Twi…)

They did and you see posts that say deleted lol

No. 201863

But remember anon, just because Bunny is being called out for her shitty behavior doesn’t make her callouts any less true, especially when there were multiple people that corroborated with those stories about people like momokun and mikez.

No. 201869

"Empaths" lol. they're all narcs, all the way down.

No. 201871


It’s even funnier because Susu and Bunny were only fake dating to get men to jack off to them when they both had partners on the side. It’s a well known community secret. They only broke up when they got big enough to sustain themselves and have their bfs on the side.

Susu is especially a hypocrite considering she went to Korea to get a banned surgery to remove/break her ribs to make her waist smaller since it is illegal in the USA.

No. 201873

When did she allegedly get waist surgery anon? In her candid pictures her waist looks normal, she abuses photoshop heavily

No. 201876

that never happened anon.

No. 201878

No. 201879

I heard it word of mouth from several other cosplayers in the community in 2018 that it happened a few years back. She was early working as Swimsuit Succubus

No. 201880

Yo Anon I’ve heard that too though from a cosplay girl at AX 2018. It was the breakage which is why there isn’t exterior evidence.(samefagging)

No. 201882

Timing couldn't be better for Bunny to get canceled, Susu can forever pretend Bunny's toxicity is what caused the break up. Any shit she pulled when with Bunny? "I was influenced by my love for Bunny"

No. 201883

I know right, they still kept up the facade of being good friends for awhile after they broke up and both said it was a mutual decision and they still love each other. It all just seems so fake and manipulative from Susu, especially since she deleted every previous post about Bunny while Bunny left some up with Susu.

No. 201884

She never went to Korea to get a surgery. Stfu. She just photoshops.

No. 201892

File: 1647677253893.png (158.53 KB, 900x906, evilbunny.png)

No. 201893

File: 1647677507896.jpg (310.58 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20220319-011122_Chr…)

No. 201895

File: 1647678602332.png (17.53 KB, 587x286, apology2.png)

No. 201896

File: 1647679239294.jpg (1.76 MB, 960x6332, Screenshot_20220319-014009_Chr…)

No. 201897

Lmao, Kinpatsu doesn't have milk because every single time theres some milk developing she throws a similar fit, blocks a bunch of people, and then pretends nothing happened. She did this when she started her OF page, and then when she collaborated with Blizzard despite the big lawsuit. She and Kamui are the same, they always act as if they don't have milk, but is only for this reason. Pretty sure they must also have some milk related to local cosplayers considering she suddenly stopped working with Kamui, and both of them pretend Lightning cosplay doesn't exist, despite having been hired by the same companies on different ocassions.(sage)

No. 201910


Susu never had waist surgery. Stfu, she just abuses meitu and photoshop. In candid photos and videos her waist looks normal.

No. 201917

Susu had a nose job in the past.(post proof)

No. 201921

No one cares. This isn't about SS.

No. 201935

I mean she dated Bunny and was compliant in everything. If you’re gonna call someone out, you should maybe consider who supported her. SS also has a history like with Shadbase that’s worth noting.

No. 201936

No one has anything to back it up so no one cares. As far as anyone has on them right now is that SS is apologizing for how she just stood by without more context added. However, this topic isn't about SS at all. It's about Bunny, Layna, Meowri.. People who have been more vocal about it. SS has hardly said anything so move the fuck on. She is literally like 1% of this issue. Sage your shit and tinfoil about her ribs being removed and nose surgery and just leave the thread if you have no milk on the situation.

No. 201938

Is there any milk on Layna in all this? Obv Meowri has shit on her hands, but Layna sounds like she was the outsider and business person who got fucked over the hardest financially. Not being a costhot makes me slightly more trusting of her but idk

No. 201940

No didn't do anything. She stood up to bunny for taking shit and being a deranged autust about S4Sing and Bunny retaliated by trying to get Admiral to help her blacklist Layna and also tried to rope in a 3rd party to get Layna kicked off her own project. Meowri hasn't dune anything bag in this situation either right now. Anons need to not being up other issues when we are focusing on this right now. Meowri is also a victim in this as someone bunny was 2 faced to when she was in private groups or convos, body shaming her.

No. 201953

File: 1647722548727.png (202.99 KB, 603x630, shelby.png)

No. 201955

File: 1647723151723.png (98.85 KB, 739x855, shelby1.png)


No. 201956

File: 1647723272215.png (78.04 KB, 728x823, shelby2.png)


No. 201957

any nonnies remember when susu would white knight herself in old momo theads? getting some same vibes here

No. 201958

Susu is a cow as well, she added fuel to the fire to say she was abused and then dipped, but people posting "she had a nose job" unsaged with no proof are simply retarded

No. 201965

I dont recall that at all and I've been around since thread 10. Stop fucking making shit up. The only one who got caught was Sabrina Nicole.

No. 201970

File: 1647727510416.png (17.72 KB, 1832x172, susuwhiteknight.png)

NTAYRT, no one's making shit up lmfao, she's probably just misremembering which threads it happened most in. I remember a ton of whiteknighting for them in the older costhot threads. Bringing up Bunny/Susu has led to extreme infighting/whiteknighting all over this site in the past. Shelby's post confirms that Bunny came to this site to obsess over Meowri, and they were conveniently whiteknighted the hardest in the same thread where Meowri was talked about. Just go look at costhot thread #4 and you'll see comments coming to their defense every single time they're brought up.

No. 201986

No. 201999


I’m not the anon you replied to but I remember that too. Any time they were mentioned, white knighting would go down big time.

That said, meowri was exposed in her old pull thread by an irl for being a user on lolcow. Whenever she was brought up in the photoshop threads or someone mentioned the shit she was in you always had others tell them to stop talking about her, claiming it was a vendetta post even if screenshots were provided. I’m fairly certian she’s the one who gets any attempt at making a thread about her here locked and the anon who created it banned.

The drama is mainly about bunny but meowri especially isn’t a victim. She’s a cow too, I’m all for bunny being exposed but it doesn’t make the other parties any less of a cow worth discussing (as long as there’s fresh milk).

No. 202002

just popping in to mention that moo is getting embroiled in all this drama.

No. 202003

God damn, so not only is she a jealous obsessive narc, but she stole her best friend’s boyfriend. This milk is delicious, I hope susu drops the “respect her privacy uwu” act and spills the beans

No. 202005

I've been waiting years for shit to explode between this group/groups for years, I knew something was there, just not exactly what.
Now it's finally fucking happening and I hope they all tear each other apart, scorched earth, all sides involved

No. 202006

Su I'm guessing is only holding back because Bunny has shit on her. Same way Vamplette despite distancing from Moo hasn't spilled anything besides her 1 4chan post.

No. 202013


That and she can’t tell to much without making herself look bad too. There’s only so much she can blame on “manipulation” and “abuse”.

No. 202014

So you're hi cowing.

Nice proud. Stfu, this isn't about SS and her fake nose job or fake defending. If a bunch of you have a specific hate boner for her, go make a seperate thread. We are talking about bunny. Jfc.(infighting)

No. 202015

Her past days forums but never said which ones. Could've been KW for all anyone knows or PULL. Anons complain in the photoshop thread because it's the same photos repeated constantly and it's in every single thread. There's zero reason to keep reposting her, same with the Arin Evie photos. That's why anons say vendetta at this point. Stick to what anons are talking about right now and not old milk or fake/unconfirmed milk (Nose job, hi cow, ribs removed). This isn't the place or time and she doesn't even cosplay, so go to /snow/.(minimodding)

No. 202016

This is a costhot general and SS is related to this mess. Stop mini modding

No. 202017

She was her girlfriend/partner for years and arguably the most credible source when it comes to the accusations against bunny, she’s heavily involved in this you fucking autist. No one’s hi cowing but you want to police discussion on susu as if she isn’t relevant.
Shelby said in her callout that Bunny went on lolcow to obsess over Jenna, she mentioned this site by name.

No. 202022

The only one “hi cowing” is you.

The drama is about bunny but this isn’t a bunny ayumi discussion thread, it’s a costhot general discussion. Mentioning susu doesn’t automatically mean anyone has a “hate boner” and other anons already told the one who mentioned the tinfoil nose job and rib shit to stfu. She’s related to the mess so if the topic shifts to her then so be it.

No. 202024

SS is a liar and a grifter, she's using sick tactics to drag anyone that opposes her. She is the real narc. She's dragged and canceled so many girls that opposed her. Fuck susu

No. 202026



For one, no regular user here would use this retarded term. But the “bodyshaming” you speak of was bunny calling meowri out for heavily editting and lying about her body because meowri portrays herself as being muscular, curvy and thick but in reality she’s short, square shaped, has no ass and is skinny as hell.

Both of them mutually disliked each other for years, susu sided with bunny naturally and she would argue with meowri on Twitter all the time a few years back.Meowri also talked shit about bunny any chance she got. She’s far from being a victim, she’s just using this as a opportunity to both get back at bunny because she never liked her and gain support.

No. 202032

Shes made 3 comments when you have Meowri, Shelby, Momokun, Kayybear, Layna, Admiral.. People actually more involved. Seriously. Go make a Su thread. No one is even talking about anyone's posts and instead nitpicking Su's appearance.
She said forums, not lolcow, originally. This was much, much shorter when it was first released. She's edited this.

No. 202041

File: 1647748874163.jpg (167.8 KB, 800x1001, 20220319_210032.jpg)

No. 202043


It doesn’t matter if she said next to nothing. She’s not completely irrelevant to the discussion. Shut the fuck up and stop mini modding.

No. 202044

File: 1647748973781.jpg (221.65 KB, 800x1040, 20220319_210034.jpg)

No. 202046

File: 1647749652787.jpg (204.28 KB, 800x978, 20220319_210036.jpg)

No. 202048

File: 1647750020619.jpeg (797.1 KB, 1170x1718, C9C60453-7FDE-414B-9AC3-BB4C12…)

Meowri is streaming and just telling the entire story, susu is in the chat.

No. 202049


Kek, the whole stream was full of embellishments. She even insinuated that bunny was in her old pull thread and that most of the users were actually her using multiple accounts.

No. 202052

I've been in the chat. I didn't hear any of that. She will likely save this for others to watch later.

No. 202054

File: 1647751422056.png (79.04 KB, 654x162, momo has been.png)

Someone called out Moo

No. 202055

I’m assuming pull because she said bunny was actively posting hate on forums and some of the things she described (“shaming” her, her not sending out patreon awards etc) definitely sounds like some of the things that were posted in the old meowri thread on pull.

No. 202091


Calm down Vendetta-chan.


I hate these bitches who think they're such hot shit that it's okay to cross people's boundaries or hit on/touch people's partners and grab, such fake uwu energy but genuinely so creepy and nasty. I remember the way Bunny fake cried in the Momo call out video, she just looks triple manipulative now considering that she's also a pos who touches people without consent and has the audacity to message other costhots weird projections of her hateboner for Meowri, etc.

No. 202141

File: 1647799735479.png (205.41 KB, 915x909, yureta.png)

Yureta just put one out https://twitter.com/yuretaO/status/1505593841797062657?s=20&t=ZH8GVU_LevEdgywohhL_bg

Go to the post if you want to read the whole thing. I'm just doing this real quick.

No. 202149

I'm willing to bet this one's gonna go ignored in the community because it calls out both of them

No. 202156

She's quite the shitty person behind the smokescreen.

No. 202184

actually I heard about the rib alteration from Moo directly at a room party while she was sloshed.

No. 202193


I hope it doesn’t and I read over the whole thing, she said a good many are upset that people are only calling bunny out but not susu. Some of the replies were agreeing that she’s not innocent and should be held accountable for her actions too.

I hope this prompts more to speak out on both because susu is really dumb enough to think she can say she was the victim in all this like she wasn’t bunny’s partner in crime and made a lot of enemies who aren’t buying her allegations of emotional abuse.

No. 202212

I think VixenShelby or someone (Meowri?) said that Susu had already privately DM'ed them apologies about her behavior. If that's the case, people are going to be less likely to turn on Susu for dealing with it privately like an adult. My gut says that Susu is actually smarter than Bunny and that she took preemptive action so people wouldn't come down as hard on her by going behind the scenes and sowing good faith as opposed to Bunny who seems to be dealing with everything publicly and blocking those who aren't responding the way that she likes (see her interactions with Meowri- dodging the questions, faking "discord blocks" or whatever)

No. 202214

File: 1647845463683.png (84.93 KB, 757x812, yurockit.png)

Statement from another ex friend of Bunny, YuRockit, a cosplay troon who apparently attempted suicide because of her actions. Warning, this entire statement is written in an extremely autistic way


No. 202216

File: 1647845788567.png (80.54 KB, 658x844, yurockit2.png)


No. 202217

File: 1647845901165.png (50.03 KB, 655x678, yurockit3.png)


No. 202218

Yureta and her story make no sense and give no details about anything. These are just melodramatic without specifics besides "Made me feel bad", so I literally don't hold them at all to any regard.

not to mention this girl is using stupid ass terms for someone who is American like "Senpai" and "aniki". Grow up. Yureta and her are just as bad as Momokun right now, trying to piggyback off of this.

No. 202227

File: 1647860179611.jpg (767.36 KB, 2037x3642, FNl6HdOWUAEn-TL.jpg)

why not give bunny her own thread at this point?

No. 202240

File: 1647869356226.png (60.31 KB, 665x120, idc.png)

No. 202247

I'll admit ahead of time I'm not done reading all of the milk yet (still reading Layna's expose with links) but am I insane for thinking some of what she shared also makes her look bad?

She mentions that OGtexas messaged her letting her know her partner, Troy, was totally fine with kicking her off their own joint project without even consulting her first.

Not only does that make her partner Troy look bad (it was a dick move on his part to be fair) but it kind of shows that their company has shitty communication and sucks at communicating with each other.

No. 202248

Correction: I feel bad that Layna has such a shitty business partner. Also, the fucking audacity of OGTexas in these screenshots.

No. 202253

It is weird how none of the girls who initiated all this interacted with Yuretas post. I thought Peach and Yureta are close friends? She (and the others) commented support under Yukis hours later.(sage non-milk)

No. 202254

They’re trying to orchestrate a narrative and her piece doesn’t support it enough

No. 202255


Unfortunately moo is right.. she's just the wrong person to say it and looks insane.

I think in her post she says former partner, so thankfully she ditched him. He does look like an asshole in her story.

No. 202256

>During one of my streams, her boyfriend OGTexas (yes at the same time as dating Susu) had tried to reach out to my partner and manipulate him into being okay with ripping me off the project not allowing further contact.

>Therefore, we had about 3-4 or more months left to work with her. For my own sanity, and mental wellbeing, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t also face myself doing this for her when so many were hurting. It felt wrong.

>I put my relationship and my business with my partner on the line, when I had made the decision on my own, to cancel the project. I was selfish and chose not to listen to my partner, and make a decision that had massive consequences.


>Bunny has chosen to distance herself from us which isn't how our company operates

>We have mentioned from the start that if we worked together, it was not an option for Bunny (or any client and we maintain this, to this day) to buy out the figure for their own use, or to sell on their own store as that would be akin to treating purely as a production unit to provide service and deliver a figure.

>Bunny kept the money she was paid by us from the pre-orders. Which was $2,123.00USD on July the 10th, 2018. She was never asked to pay it back, nor was she asked to help with refunding those that pre-ordered. I agreed I would take on full responsibility for my decision, and pay over $20,000USD that was owed. Not only was I 20k in debt to pay off the refunds, I also had to pay to cover the cost of the production that was already happening. (I am STILL to this day paying this off)

Bunny is a cunt but IHaz seemed really unprofessional here.

Bunny was totally wrong for acting like a bitch and pocketing the money but Layna chose to prematurely end their contract, not Bunny (unless I'm missing something.) The 20k debt is on herself.

No. 202257

Also samefag. I want to let it be known that I don't think Layna is a bad person or deserves to be scorned. She just seems really fucking dumb with her business here.

No. 202260

Why? Bunny went out of her way to refused to talk to the company, even sans Layna, by using OG as proxy. They did try to get her kicked off a 2 man project of which she is main sculpter. Bunny's unprofessionalism by not even being able to ask herself is a power play on her part by bringing in a guy to deal with it all. As SS figure was already done, why not have SS take over instead? Then Bunny went to people to get them to try to turn on Layna.

Im so confused as to where Layna was the unprofessional and the problem here. Itsnot unreasonable to canxel the production when you're the main reason it even exists. She's the modeler and sculpter.

No. 202261

Its because Yureta and the unfortunate ugly one >>202214 don't have anything to add, no real events described at all, but vague posting about "group this, group that, bunny mean" which is all true, but everyone else, Shelby, Layna.. They had screenshots, so no one is really taking their interactions seriously because mean girl = bad. Well yeah,no shit.

No. 202268

A broken clock is right twice a day…

Until said clock then goes buttfuck insane grasping at straws to try and prove that it is ALWAYS right, the clock is the real victim here!!!

No. 202269

In this screenshot OG says she wasn’t kicked off of the project, but didn’t want her to be involved with discord calls where Bunny would be present.

That is petty, unprofessional and shitty of Bunny to ask for (and using her bf as a proxy like you said) but with how Layna words it she makes it seem like wanted her completely off the job.

The project between Ihaz and Bunny took a year or two to facilitate, right? And all during that time Bunny flaked numerous times and spread rumors about them. Why didn’t she end things sooner?

Why did she wait until production was already underway? It just seems like financial suicide.

Was her partner also responsible for paying off those costs?

No. 202270

File: 1647876478082.png (82.5 KB, 711x637, 49EAD337-680A-43B9-9EEC-FC8472…)

Sorry forgot to drop pic

No. 202277

In the messages OG asks for that so..

No. 202280

File: 1647877774967.png (184.87 KB, 717x1287, 02653be1f1e48d4a299246b39b0733…)

You gotta be kidding me if you're reading this as anything other than kicking hey off. It wasn't just calls, they didn't want her involved in anything about the figure. Everything was Troy apparently now and OG claimed "he was fine with it". That's why Layna mentioned that any changes, sculpting.. that shit can't be relayed by a 3rd party properly considering Troy doesn't do any of that. The proxy would push production further out, not to mention all the last seconds changes Bunny anyway constantly wanted to the model to be put in the figure. Theres a way these businesses operate and Bunny being flippant didn't help. OG should never have been involved and Bunny could've asked SS if anything as she has experienced a finished figure with the team.

There's a lot of excuses Bunny is trying to use to make the other girls seem too much.

No. 202282

On top of that, Bunny refused to advertise, would take teasers down because she'd want changes or "Layna stopped streaming so I removed the promo for my figure I got paid for". She went out of her way to pocket money but refused to do anything to help pro.ote herself when her comic, she constantly promoted from FAKKU. Its clear Bunny became petty. She also couldnt do the bare minimum of keeping ger own idea on schedule by creating a cosplay by the time the figure was going to release and that was BUNNY'S personal contribution to the figure launch. She was lazy, rude, tried to rope Layna into passive aggressive tear downs of other girls even though she wasn't even a cosplayer.

She put Layna through a lot of needless stress when Layna was doing all the work. She didn't even have to stream the production and sculpting process but did it to help get Bunny promos and the figure promos. They were popular but not as popular as her. Her promotions of the figure were detrimental to making sure Layna and Troy got paid. Bunny fucked that up majorly.

Why, in general, work with her if she's trying to not promote? Moving is no excuse to delete posts or making a quick 2 second post and tag. Her excuses are bad. She just didn't care because she already got paid.

No. 202284

I’m saying that it isn’t fucking explicitly stated in those messages that they wanted to outright terminate her from the project.

I just see OG being a petty cunt on behalf of Bunny demanding Troy to play telephone with Layna to relay any changes they want from her without having to actually speak to her one on one.

That’s all I’m saying.

No. 202285

What she claims happened is what happened. I’m just saying her receipts are shit.

No. 202288

I don’t know why you think Bunny being a megalomaniac cunt and Layna being a naive businesswoman that set herself up to be cucked have to be mutually exclusive opinions.

No. 202291

Neither Layna or Troy fucked up in this lol

No. 202294

File: 1647879762897.jpg (533.67 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20220321-091907_Twi…)

She read >>202253

Someone is lurking

No. 202310

File: 1647884699697.jpeg (565.59 KB, 2000x2000, D93B62F0-1E12-4A98-B1A9-4418EB…)

Here’s one of her boyfriends (she was totes a real lesbian with swimsuitsuccubus) possibly the one she cheated on with OG. Her facebook is still up and completely public, she’s definitely the dumber one between her and susu

No. 202342

of course she is. bitch has nothing to do.

No. 202350

Anyone save the whole thing? It’s gone now. Did it get into specifics about bunny and susu at all or did it stay vague? I swear to god, I wish half these thots learned how to fucking cobble together a paragraph before dropping out and getting naked for money. Most of these are frustrating reads.

Would love to hear more about susu since I strongly suspect she was an active participant of the toxic business partnership with bunny before backing out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got this account taken down herself.

No. 202351

She didn't go into specifics, but I remember her saying they were "two sides of the same coin" and both bullied others they felt were "copying" them

No. 202354

She also said that both actively tried to turn her friends against her if she disagreed with them or had the group chat join in on bullying someone if they refused to go along with certian things.

Apparently susu says the succubus aesthetic is her thing and no one can do sets based on it. Something about not being able to afford everyone else hopping in on it because of medical bills etc.

No. 202358

File: 1647904133734.png (368.38 KB, 828x1792, 86567235-97F3-4E11-A3E6-DEECDB…)

I can still see her initial tweet with her twitlonger link.

I’ll share.


No. 202359

File: 1647904157515.png (375.1 KB, 828x1792, 9387FBAF-4203-4F04-AF23-2926D0…)


No. 202360

File: 1647904280734.png (372.27 KB, 828x1792, 8AB81C1F-3690-40EC-AA12-047BFF…)


No. 202363

File: 1647904373790.png (382.19 KB, 828x1792, 09467B48-C514-4A2C-BB40-F8DB23…)


No. 202364

File: 1647904467536.png (380.43 KB, 828x1792, 023F70BB-419F-416C-97E4-5705FC…)


No. 202366

File: 1647904563894.png (369.5 KB, 828x1792, 7FDD5B75-7D1F-4035-8D16-729CEF…)


No. 202367

File: 1647904659452.png (385.62 KB, 828x1792, 6D161B6A-D51F-485D-9F3E-13678F…)


No. 202370

File: 1647904788000.png (312.27 KB, 828x1792, 299DAADA-08A1-4156-A999-5D0477…)


No. 202405

I don't think bunny warrants her own thread just yet. she's in hot water now buy this is the milkiest this thread has been in a while, it's not like anything else here was demanding attention. bunny getting her own thread should depend on how she continues to act/respond to all of this after starts to slow.

No. 202414

Her and SS never needed their own thread. Most of the milk is nitpicking bodies and making up surgeries or fake lesbian sperging. This is the only milk in years worth anything.

No. 202432

No. 202547

File: 1647977564182.png (17.67 KB, 521x247, bunny1.png)

No. 202549

File: 1647977920651.png (68.44 KB, 673x860, bunny2.png)


No. 202550

File: 1647978078638.png (49.67 KB, 657x791, bunny3.png)


No. 202551

File: 1647978173778.png (67.53 KB, 665x802, bunny4.png)


No. 202552

File: 1647978297402.png (59.37 KB, 658x807, bunny5.png)


No. 202553

File: 1647978403536.png (66.64 KB, 657x854, bunny6.png)


No. 202554

File: 1647978494208.png (42.97 KB, 654x828, bunny7.png)


No. 202555

File: 1647978609166.png (44.41 KB, 652x794, bunny8.png)


No. 202557

File: 1647978748539.png (64.63 KB, 670x867, bunny9.png)


No. 202558

Susu sure loves saying retard. Don't think this is going to help Bunny at all, though. She's digging herself into a deeper hole.

No. 202559

File: 1647979847505.png (538.04 KB, 1125x2436, ZpjoyjwY.png)

Fuck both of them, I hope they both lose their careers and go back to whatever applebee's they worked at before they showed their asses

No. 202563

okay, which one hurt you?

No. 202573

>[apology here]
Is she being sarcastic or did she mean to actually write an apology?

No. 202574

File: 1647982979145.png (1.49 MB, 1312x1216, victim.png)

Sutards/whiteknights seethe

No. 202575


>All these busted bitches jealous

She says when she looks like that. Kek

No. 202577

Nayrt, but I kind of agree
And the fact that susu is playing innocent in this whole thing when she’s been just as vile as bunny is pretty awful

No. 202578

Subtle hi cowing, I have nothing to do with their circle, I just enjoy seeing bad people get exposed. Especially since she thought she could get away with painting herself as a victim and throwing her former business partner under the bus.

No. 202580

File: 1647987391391.png (360.03 KB, 1632x1708, nZJC-8T0.png)

The "ma'am this is a Wendy's" vibe in this pic is sending me. Literally all this person asked is where they can get figures made.

No. 202582

i just hate when you fuckers want the milk to stop. all these costhots eat eachother alive. all the girls being shit talked also talk shit about eachother, guaranteed. i like seeing them all squirm.

No. 202593

File: 1647994211116.png (468.95 KB, 1080x681, 5B76DBFD-A097-40D9-BB07-6692E4…)

No. 202599

Either later tonight or tomorrow I’m gonna save all of the screenshots included in her statement and post a few Imgur albums for archival purposes.

I know this is an image board but I’m not going to kill myself or spam the thread with 30+ screenshots.

No. 202601

Also samefag but everyone involved are bitches but imo not outside of the realm of ordinary horribleness.

This autistic black and white bullshit with people responding like Bunny or Susu is the spawn of fucking Satan are probably are either naive, stupid or weak. This is dumb petty negligible shit talking.

I’m probably just a bad person though tbh.

No. 202602

Like who gives a fuck if people shit talk behind each other’s back to one trusted person. I have friends I treasure the shit out of but sometimes they drive me up the wall and having someone to vent or bitch about them to can be cathartic.

The thing with her messaging everyone and their mom about Layna is a different story though.

No. 202604


Honestly, I agree. I’ve said it already that everything they’re exposing is something they’re guilty of doing to. The anons who are clutching their pearls and acting as if bunny and susu are just horrible are either Twitter fags or some teens with no real life experience with two faced people.

Thing is, no one was genuinely “hurt” by this either. This is what they do, pretend to be positive and uplifting but as soon as someone is in the hot seat, they’re ready to throw them under the bus. All they do is social climb and hype each other up publicly just to talk shit privately.

No. 202608

It’s completely normal to not like your friends sometimes and vent about what you dislike, especially if said friend can’t take criticism or is difficult to communicate with.

Even if they talked shit, why does it matter? What bunny said about meowri wasn’t a lie (Anyone whose familiar with her and her old milk knows she’s just living for the fact that she can openly attack bunny under the guise of being a “victim”) and the other girls are cows too. I just want to see them all go down because not a single one is better than the other.

No. 202610

File: 1647999027620.jpg (221 KB, 1541x425, SZhqnNA.jpg)

Bunny's latest statement is just as bad as her first. You'd think for someone with people writing her shit for her she'd at least have one of them proof read it.

No. 202611

They’re probably just moo. Moo has been bringing up su and bunny like they are the fucking devil to try to waddle her way back into the cosplay scene and make people forget her shitty actions

No. 202612

not everyone who wants to see this group go down in flames is automatically moo lmfao. It never fails to amaze me how many bunny and susu asslickers are on this site

No. 202616

I agree, it’s like other anons have said, every time su or bunny are brought up the amount of wking or deflecting saying they’re not that bad when it is kinda fucked up because they used others to get where they are and not really give credit where credit is due.
Especially for a comm that “cares” so much about giving proper credit, I hate the cos comm as the next nona here but idk people not seeing this weirdo behavior from su and bunny as feeding into this stupid culture that the cos comm has nose dived into are using selective sight

No. 202618

I was the anon talking about how they weren't exceptional regarding being horrible.

They just remind me of friend groups I've been a part of tbh, and I can definitively say I've also hurt people in a similar way by having shit I've said in confidence to vent my frustrations leaked to the opposing party.

I know this is a total "no one curr" post but I'll just say it outright. I liked Susu and Bunny. I totally fucking respected their hustle of duping retarded simps out of thousands of dollars via twitch subs or lewd photosets.

I feel like one of the few anons that doesn't dislike sex work because I view it as a necessary evil that has existed since time immemorial.

And seeing living examples like Susu and Bunny successfully financially abusing these dumb fucking incels easily by pretending was intoxicating to see.

As someone who has been following them since 2018, seeing them fall is simultaneously anxiety inducing AND satisfying. It's a complicated feeling.

I find it anxiety inducing only because I can't imagine how guarded you would have to be to keep in mind EVERY. SINGLE. WORD that you communicate via messenger.

Actually, now that I think about it why didn't these dumb bitches use Telegram? Lol.

But in all seriousness, their come-uppance is sadly not surprising and I truly don't think Susu or Bunny are any better or worse than the other popular e-thots.

While I believe there are many lucrative career opportunities that can be explored for people that decide to make their lives public on the internet (sex worker, teasing-ethot, streamer, youtuber, podcaster whatever the fuck) I also believe that it takes a special kind of personality to be truly successful (unless you're some awkward MLG player sponsored for playstyle talents alone.)

I'm pretty sure that every single fucking entertainer so far has skeletons in their closet. I mean let's be real there have been numerous expose's not just from e-thots or vtubers but massively successful entities as well.

I have a feeling in 10 or more so years maybe we won't give as much of a fuck about entertainers being cunts or being flawed/human.

I feel like we're at a stage in internet culture where we're at the "mid-to-late-teen" phase of life where we realize that people hide their intentions and put on a persona; but we mistakenly assume that that isn't the majority of people. We assume that there is an acceptable standard/proper way to be.

It's the opposite of the pre-2010's where teens and adults forgave blatant racism.

We're now at the stage where we witch hunt and over correct.

I feel that same vibe with the regular everyday cuntiness that is Susu.jpg, Bunny.gif, Layna Lazar, Jenna Meowri and co.

Thank you for reading my absolutely autistic TED talk/social commentary and sorry for shitting up the thread.

No. 202623

Also ew, I'm sorry for how ugly my formatting looks on PC.

And In reference to forgiving racism I meant to mention I was referring to Shane Dawson.

No. 202625

I don’t care if it’s “not that bad” and “everyone talks shit”, it’s simply about the joy of seeing a sex worker call her competition a retarded whore

No. 202626

Lol, I can't fault you there.

But let's be real. If I was not only competing with someone else for beta bucks but have to maintain the same level of success to get anywhere I'd absolutely have private groups where I tore them apart.

It reminds me of the stories my ex-stripper friends told me of feigning friendships and performing double lap dances for scrotes for extra money all the while hating the others fucking guts.

It's all the same fucking thing, except through twitter.

No. 202633

Go back to reddit

No. 202636

Losing out on $20k is pretty painful even though that was ultimately Layna's decision. Not one that I blame her for, because it was either that or deal with Bunny's power trip. Layna was honest that the decision to back out was a selfish one, but I still give her props for it. That's probably the most expensive "fuck you" you can give a person. For Bunny to use her influence to lie and defame the company for 4 years after is salt in the wound.

No. 202642


I resent that people are pressuring her to pay Layna 20k. It was written in her contract/statement that it was IHazToy’s who would be taking the full brunt of the financial risk. The people expecting Bunny to pay off Layna’s stupid decision are retarded. Layna set her terms to benefit the client and open herself to extreme liability. She’s fucking stupid.

No. 202643



No one cares.

No. 202648

I’m sorry you have the attention span of a sped.

No. 202650

File: 1648014547905.png (260.4 KB, 769x884, loveandsupport.png)


Come on ladies, why can't we all just love and support each other?

No. 202656

you’re either moo or a fan but either way you’re embarrassing yourself

No. 202657

i usually don't hi cow, but it certainly seems like her inane rantings.

No. 202675

sentence structure is too good to be moo. Anon writes like they actually finished college

No. 202677

I agree is an expensive "fuck you" and it would have spread a message of "money doesn't matter and I don't give a fuck how big you are" if she didn't highlight she is still paying it off to this day. Judging by her numbers on Twitch(I kind of wish I saved the twitch leak) she should making roughly $40k-60k from that alone, and she has subs and the company IHaztoys. I'm making assumptions that she alone makes a decent $80k-100k, combine that with her partner Troy, 20k would be a dent but not a big dent that she's still paying it off. Is all of this coming to light because she decided to whistleblow on Susu and Bunny. I wouldn't say she was naive, as she worked with Susu and its only when Bunny wanted her owned figure is when things start going awry. Though I am waiting to see if there is milk on Laynalazar which is very dry so I doubt there is.

No. 202689

They write like a scrote from reddit with the spacing.

No. 202710

The fake boob thing is hilarious given that Bunny got implants after their breakup.

No. 202718


You type like a neckbeard scrote from Reddit. Again no1curr.

No. 202747

moo also does kek.

No. 202759

Good to know when I ramble while absolutely sloshed I sound like moo.

No. 202805

that makes sense considering she's always high as a kite during her inane rants.

No. 202811

Maybe I’m dumb and have weird tits but those are implants? I can’t be bothered to go through her Twitter an compare old pictures vs. New but she got implants to pander to moids even further? I mean not knocking her but they seemed like they weee big enough imo why get implants.

No. 202823

wait is this why laynalazar and her partner no longer together because of this? What happens to their company iHazToys; it must be awkward to continue to worker together.

No. 202831

Where does she say they broke up? I can't find that on her profile

No. 202832

File: 1648092749724.jpg (254.67 KB, 1162x2048, 20220323_203224.jpg)

No bra and they look like this now compared to (will show comparison in a second)

No. 202833

File: 1648092857992.jpg (Spoiler Image,563.7 KB, 1079x1608, Screenshot_20220323-203410_Fir…)

No. 202834

File: 1648092926250.jpg (898.35 KB, 1079x1814, Screenshot_20220323-203325_Fir…)

Also before

No. 202835

File: 1648092952146.jpg (288.14 KB, 1240x2048, 20220323_203514.jpg)

After. It's so obvious but she still claims they are natural.

No. 202842

strapless bra/padding You can see it's not the shape of her boobs filling out that dress

push up bra + shape wear + pushing her hips back to make the waist more shapely.

Yeah she's faking her boob size but She's also gained quite a bit of weight since the breakup. You could say the same thing about susu (with both boobs and hips) but they both edit the fuck out of their bodies with padding and photo editing that, unless we saw pictures of them both in the same level of nudity of old pics, there's no way to know.

No. 202843

Regardless of bras being present or not, she has clearly gone up several sizes. There is so much more bulk in the after here versus the before above it >>202835

No. 202846

Ntayrt, but I agree with her and don't think she has implants. Her and susu are both serial photoshoppers and add drag queen level padding to their hips/bust.

No. 202848

Jeez this picture is so filtered and facetuned that it's blurry

No. 202852

Every photo is like this though. Your boobs don't magically defy gravity in loose fitting clothing.

No. 202854

Every photo is like this though. Your boobs don't magically defy gravity in loose fitting clothing.

No. 202877

In her exposé about Bunny/Susu she called Troy "her partner at the time", and if you scroll her twitter she remarks how she'd make a good girlfriend for streamers and how she remarks how it's her first time celebrating Xmas Eve and Xmas morning by her self in 2021. I'm curious if this was the fiasco that caused the rift though they do still share the same PO Box for receiving.

That, or she figured if she gave the allure of being single she could gain more followers.

No. 202905

They were all poly and Su and Bunny broke up on good terms

No. 202922

I was talking about Troy and Layna; not Su and Bunny

No. 202928

>I'm bored, I wonder what's going on in /w/ since I haven't been checking up in a long while.
>Susu and Bunny had their bullshit finally catch up with them
What a glorious day, I've been waiting for this for years. Never forget how they were throwing thot after thot under the bus and outed for lurking Momokun's thread 24/7 to whiteknight themselves and call her a fat ugly bitch crying WK and "hi momo" on anyone who told them to calm their sperg. They always gave severe BPDchan vibes even when other anons (who in retrospect were probably Susu and Bunny themselves) were talking about how nice, beautiful and inspiring they were.

>I know this is a total "no one curr" post but I'll just say it outright. I liked Susu and Bunny. I totally fucking respected their hustle of duping retarded simps out of thousands of dollars via twitch subs or lewd photosets.
Well there's your problem, don't respect women for basing their income and identity on hustling horny men. People here hate them because they're usually mentally ill egoists who want to silence the discussion of sex trafficking and abuse in the sex work industry to keep their narcissistic business running on cuckbucks going.

No. 202938

I think it’s extremely likely that Bunny and Susu are both farmers, especially based on the screenshots that Bunny dropped. Susu whining about being brought up on PULL, use of the words sperg, shoop, etc.

No. 202943

Not only that, the insane amount of white knighting and deflecting whenever she’s brought up here or in the photoshop thread. The way anons try to argue anytime she’s posted and quick to say it’s a vendetta post gives massive hi cow energy.

No. 202947


I think a few cosplayers are farmers here too. I’ve been noticing it in certian threads, there’s always anon’s who praise certian costhots or immediately try to wk and shut down any discussion of a specific one. I remember in an older thread, Hana bunny was exposed after arguing with anons who posted her.

Another anon mentioned this but wasn’t meowri exposed for being a farmer and gets any thread made about her locked and the user banned? I know the mods exposed that YouTube creepshow art, maybe they’ll eventually expose costhots who vendetta post others here.

No. 202948

Haha this cunt. She's just as insufferable and vile as Bunny afterall. Here's to hoping everything that's happened affects their 'careers' at last but realistically they'll just magically get away with it all like how other narcissistic costhot cows have done before ie Moo.

No. 202953

can someone explain to me, that especially with these screenshots being posted, how anyone is still friends with su? All I see are costthots talking about how it's okay for su because she apologized first or some shit but it's so obvious that su was just as toxic as bunny from these. Are they just being two faced and pretending things are ok with her publicly but secretly hate her or something? I'm so confused. If I saw these I'd hate both bunny and su, regardless of who apologized for what.

No. 202954

At the risk of sounding unhinged like moo, I think there's definitely an agenda. The takedown was designed to cancel Bunny, and Susu backed it, so now they're simply closing their eyes and pretending they can't see it. Also I would think that she probably apologized for her actions in the group chat/how she acted publicly with Bunny, I highly doubt she went to each of the girls she shit talked and said "I said these things about you in private"

No. 202955


I’m wondering this too. From what the screenshots show, the things she was saying about other cosplayers was absolutely vile. I doubt she went into detail about what she actually said when she apologized.

No. 202959

it's kind of obvious there's an agenda to cancelling bunny even if she deserves it, and fuck moo she deserves to be cancelled too honestly– BUT there's NO fucking way the girls are at all ok with what's coming out that su's saying. tinfoil but I foresee her being cancelled like this as well eventually, considering what a cunt she has always been. It's just a big circle jerk of toxic bitches going at each other trying to bring down the next girl.

No. 202980

Did Moo get away with it though? She's been more or less exiled from the community and is only allowed to produce coomerbait content in the shadows. I don't know if Bunny will be able to do that even though.

No. 202982

am i the only one who is surprised they came for bunny over su? its been known for quite a while she uses pull and lolcow and these screenshots just back up that fact. I always thought bunnies behaviour was just copied from su, she seemed (publicly anyway) to be the one who was always ready to fight/argue with someone on twitter.

something behind the scenes must have went down for none of them to even mention su, and even back her up. Bunny posted proof of them both being as vulgar as each other?
Not giving bunny an excuse as shes a grown ass woman but i do think su was the one to influence this kind of mean girl behaviour

No. 202987

I have a feeling Su may have something on everyone else that keeps them from throwing her under the bus too.

No. 202993

Honestly, I don’t think it’s anything major. She was the main one who would argue on Twitter etc and many remember her as being the more toxic of the two.

If anything I believe it’s definitely them having tunnel vision on bunny and since susu is backing it, she’s “safe” for now.

No. 202997

Susu's much smarter than Bunny which is why she made it out of this imo. If you look at the first tweet that started all this ( https://twitter.com/Susu_jpg/status/1503997406865670144 ) Susu had obviously been planning to come forward with layna for a few days, apologised to people in dms so that Bunny could be the scapegoat for all the vileness in the community, which she did also partake in but everyone was. She had a business and personal falling out with layna and gossiped and vented a bit. Are these girls really pretending that this doesn't happen everyday in these toxic communities?

No. 203001

Exactly. You can bet Bunny has enough dirt on Susu to fill that grave she dug for herself.

I distinctively remember an anon claiming to be in their inner circle admitting that Bunny and Susu told their friends and lackeys to go whiteknight them on lolcow whenever they were brought up in the Momokun or Momo's calves threads, and that was pretty much confirmed in the tell-all posts from various people chiming in. It was glaringly obvious they were desperately defending themselves even then and they're still here posting and trying to deflect every drop of milk with this "t-they might be jerks but so is everyone else who's calling them out!!!" straw grasping. Someone suddenly seemed to spam dump years old drama on Momo in her thread in a lousy attempt to divert the attention away from this trainwreck and I think we all know where we can point our fingers at. They one hundred percent brought this upon themselves and I knew the day of retribution would come eventually.

All of these people browse the farms. So many of them have been outed for selfposting during the years or straight up appearing in threads to namefag as themselves in less than five minutes from being mentioned that you can safely assume this.

I'm surprised but not that shocked, Bunny did give unstable bitch vibes to me while Susu didn't seem smart enough to be the manipulative control freak. Susu, due to lacking the clairvoyance, was more genuine in her act which is why she was the more likely one to start twitter fights while Bunny had the suspicious uwu nice girl uwu façade.

All in all, it's true that every last one of the involved women are toxic beyond belief and operate on a faux friendship only built on mutual gain and kept together by the fear of one of them spilling the beans on you. You never know when you wake up to someone posting all the DMs of you calling another girl an ugly fat bitch and writing a long, dramatic text wall detailing all the times you emotionally abused her. You definitely have to be a cluster B patient as they're the only type of people capable of losing all basic human decency to become an onlyfans thot. All it takes is one wrong move and it's over.

But that still doesn't take away from Bunny and Susu being terrible people and completely deserving of a fat serving of karma. I used to be a regular in the Momokun threads thinking Mariah was an absolute monster but looking back I can only guess how much of it was me feeding on Bunny's vendettaposting seeing how one of the posts above described her developing unhealthy obsessions with other cosplayers. Don't get me wrong, Momo is far from a saint, but these two have shown there's no depth they wouldn't sink to.

No. 203009

Can idiots like you stop trying to make moo even VAGUELY look better than Susu and Bunny. She does EXACTLY the same shit as them (bullying, shit talking, harassing, skin walking, editing, lying about her body) and then was still worse. Other than the sexual assault stuff (which to remind you several other girls also came forward and we have video proof of her touching strangers so just imagine what she does when she thinks no one is looking) most of the shit we have on moo we have evidence for.

No. 203019

su is super manipulative, way more manipulative than bunny. Su constantly deletes Tweets and is very careful, Su also has the tendency to wait for the waters to calm down and for those involved to forget until she exposes. Su has exposed a lot of people already but there's no evidence to it since she deletes all her Tweets. Su only exposes and cancels other women but her time will come soon too

No. 203023


She’s just smart enough to cover her tracks once she realizes she’s digging a hole for herself. In most of these dramas, you’d be surprised how many people have receipts from years ago. It’s not that they have nothing, they’re just waiting for the right moment and the right person to put her on blast so they can join in. Trying to call her out randomly or if you have a smaller following will just lead to you being overlooked and her sending her friends, lackies and cum for brains simps after you like she does to anyone who openly opposes her.

No. 203028

The difference is moo has been ostracized and laughed at for years, the Bunny callouts have been barely a week. This isn't the bitch olympics, all these women are just cosplay mean-girls, I'm just here to laugh

No. 203036

Every woman involved has ugly woman syndrome.

They were all basic, homely looking, smelly weebs/nerds that no human being would give the time of day to. Through their bimbofication they believe that they are now special, better than others and have the authority to treat others the way they were treated when they were nothing.

It's honestly incredibly sad to see women that were maybe kind of normal and average strive to become the blown out kween bitch they were jealous of in high school that probably shoved them into a trashcan.

No. 203042


A lot of them are mentally stuck in high school and have as much emotional maturity as a 15 year old. It’s not just the cosplayer community either, most of these online communities are saturated with ugly losers who didn’t peak in high school so they climb the ranks online and develop a massive superiority complex coupled with zero critical thinking skills and the constant need for validation from strangers.

Almost all of them have deep rooted insecurities coupled with serious wish fulfillment issues and have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. We’ve seen candids and like you said all of them are usually very basic, homely and revealed to have poor hygiene eventually. Also can guarantee 9/10 they were bullied for “liking anime” (Being a fucking weeb who did weird shit like hissing at people, interjecting random Japanese words in sentences and reading yaoi fanfics in computer class). I don’t find it sad because these train wrecks are free entertainment for me.

No. 203056

She doesn’t have a cute face or body, how does she have so many fans? She doesn’t even look good after being edited

No. 203058

You are underestimating the power a big pair of milkers has over scrotes

No. 203062

I agree, a lot of these costhots are barely a 6/10 and I’ve never found bunny to be pretty at that’s with the face edits. However her appeal to scrotes is because she’s got big boobs and facially isn’t too attractive to where she’s completely out of their league.

No. 203063


She doesn’t look bad in the first photo but like susu, she is a true butterface especially in candid photos without the abuse of the meitu app. She’s not badly shaped tho and has big boobs and a “big” (flat and wide) ass so that’s what appeals to scrotes and coomers.

No. 203066

This is just normal behavior for women like them. If they didn't gossip about eachother before Bunny, they will now. It's kill or be killed. Moo didn't have it worse or better than anyone. She's reading lolcow right now and even posting. To assume Bunny won't come back to us or vtubing is being naive. She could be like Moo and hide herself inside her echo chamber of social media. She could go to her same 5 "safe locations" in her city with her shitty irl friends. They never live a life freely because they know they fucked up. People remember when happened to Moo, so will people with Bunny and Su.

No. 203069

I just don't believe that Bunny was some grand villian orchestrating these schemes to turn everyone against one another. She was duplicitous and malicious sure but i doubt she even has the IQ to be a puppet master in the shadows or anything. All these women just believe by sacrificing her to the wolves they can save themselves even though theyre all complicit in the same BS

No. 203071

Excuse my tinfoil but Susu is the grand villain. She's the one who convinced Bunny to quit her job and do sex work, told her how to post/build her patreon, and told her exactly what to do/post during the break up. They were probably mutually abusive to each other since they both claim they were abused but I have no doubt she wore the pants in the relationship. Also she just comes off as way more calculated.

No. 203076


There was no “abuse” because they were never a real couple anon. They were friends/partners who pretended to be a couple for beta bucks and did so until the gained enough to sustain themselves then they “broke up”.

Both aren’t innocent, but I believe susu was the main one lurking on forums, arguing on Twitter and constantly going on about others copying her etc. if anything I think bunny just followed her lead most of the time.

No. 203083

Acknowledging that Bunny had Momo live in her head rent free like a loser isn't "trying to make moo look better!!111". It's quite obvious that it's her in full damage control mode in that thread attempting to bring attention back to Moo's drama from years ago to make her look better in comparison instead of facing the the consequences of her attention. Or it might be Susu's new friends who are doing to do anything to prevent the milk on Susu surfacing, you never know with these people. Either way whiteknighting each other is essential to their symbiotic relationship because when one falls she's taking everyone in her direct vicinity with her.

Why does there need to be one evil puppetmaster? Most likely they're both equally bad people feeding each other's toxicity. Bunny just happened to be the one to be thrown to the wolves and Susu bailed immediately.

Abuse isn't limited to romantic relationships, friends or business acquaintances, whatever you want to call these two, can abuse each other just the same.

No. 203084

Sorry I don't agree with that. Moo would vague post all the time about this circle Su and Bunny made. It's clear they were trying to expand and move on but Moo was still struggling.

No. 203088

Can’t tell if you’re just typing like a schizo or you actually know something. Either way, I hope you are right. The thot alliance she has formed with ex-enemy Meowri and friends is built on mutual hatred of Bunny and will fail.

Su is also the one between her and Bunny throwing around lolcow4chan lingo. I am in the camp of thinking Bunny is too stupid to “mastermind” anything beyond desperate gossip, pity baiting and the seduction of useful scrotes. Straight up, I don’t think bunny has an IQ over 100. If someone lets her ruin their life it is absolutely their own fault.

No. 203089

I don't think that either one of them are puppetmasters, it's just that the way this is being framed by all the twitlongers and google docs etc. makes it out like there's one>>203083

No. 203160

Aaaaaaaaand Susu is back like nothing happened.

No. 203165

She’s the most annoying grifter of all time, at least bunny just stays in her lane and knows how to be mildly likable

No. 203171

She may have the most irritating voice I've ever heard, So much for "taking time off". She will be back to leeching off the high viewership twitch scrotes soon enough.

No. 203209

File: 1648257726203.png (398.34 KB, 1080x910, 1F1A08CB-3085-4FAE-9233-225D5A…)

Hmmm 1/2

No. 203210

File: 1648257747032.png (1.21 MB, 1080x945, 3ADFC8C3-2576-41B2-8921-A35E0E…)


No. 203216

IHazToys is owned and operated by her and her boyfriend (ex?) anyway

No. 203222


I’m aware of that. But maybe it’s just me but if I had exposed someone who put me in debt and people sent me loads of money and support and I just happened to buy a brand new car, related to the donations or not, I wouldn’t publicly post about it when the drama is still semi ongoing.

In any other circumstance, I wouldn’t care but again maybe it’s just me. Seeing this reminds me of those cows who e-beg to escape their “abusive” household just to take the donation money and spend it on miscellaneous crap.

No. 203223

what kind of fucking car is that?

No. 203261

Layna’s whole post about Bunny didn’t sit right with me either.
She was the one who cancelled the deal because it wasn’t moving as fast as she wanted, took on the debt that she contractually wrote herself, and then said she was the victim in it? It makes no sense.

No. 203267

Su is the abuser. She has been doing this for years, when something doesn't go her way or someone does not do her bidding she cancels them on Twitter, especially if that person is somewhat vulnerable. She is the narcissist pointing her finger at others.

No. 203268

it's funny that Su is clearly the abusive one, yet anyone is willing to believe anything just because she's said it

No. 203270

Tbh, it comes down to all of them being shitty. I wouldn't say either of them was abused because neither of them even admitted to abuse or said they were abused. They said they both became toxic, very vain and aggressive about who could do what and wear what in their inner circles. Becoming a bully mean girl isn't something that abusive. It's something learned and what people end up becoming when they associate themselves around shitty people who already judged others for looks. Bunny and Su and most costhots are all the same in this way, Bunny and Su were just caught with how mean and shitty they were, but Shelby from the looks of it is just as bad too.

No. 203271

what I'm saying is that Su is literally worse than Bunny but she doesn't even have to face the consequences of her actions and threw Bunny under the bus exactly because Bunny is less manipulative and more vulnerable. Bunny is demonized while Su will never have to face the consequences of her actions and she is even being whiteknighted on here. Bunny is more likeable and seems less abusive or manipulative than Su, stays in her lane, doesn't grift on he same levels as Su. Susu has also canceled other girls in the past for slightly opposing her and constantly removes her traces. Hope this bitch goes down

No. 203273

Susu did say she was emotionally abused in the statement she posted to twitter. Bunny claimed she was emotionally abused by her in her last statement as well. Like the other anons are saying I think Bunny isn't as smart or manipulative as Su and that's why she went down for shit the both of them did.

No. 203283

Anyone else think it's extremely compelling that Bunny is notorious for lurking gossip forums to shit talk everyone around her and whiteknight herself and here we have an anon who's hellbent on branding Susu as the "main abuser" with nothing more to back it up with than "this is how I feel"? Nobody here cares and everyone hates the two of them, they're both shitty cows and deserve each other. Just like the rest of the costhots.

No. 203308

She's bad, but not as bad as Meowri. Jenna's voice is a real boner killer.

No. 203311

Not a single person has been WKing Su ITT. Lol

No. 203315

As far as I know Layna moved to New Zealand to be with Troy. They were together for many years and It seems like the strain of that whole situation with bunny and the figure may have lead to them separating. That kind of thing can put insane strain on a relationship when you have a business together. And if she was terminating the project and they took on debt for the partnership (ihaztoys) it was likely a big source of conflict. So if Layna moved out and is on her own I don't think getting a car for herself is weird. It's not like the bought a Tesla like peachjars just did.

No. 203327

I'd love to see Susu cancelled as well but she seems to be getting away with it all while acting like nothing happened. She will be back to streaming and try to leech off the OTK scrotes again which is funny because you can tell cyr hates her.

No. 203329

This looks really tacky and bad, ngl.

No. 203330

Where was she from originally? She has a pretty strong NZ accent

No. 203340

She's from the US originally I believe

No. 203383

I'm pretty sure she's playing it up extra. She's been there I believe five years. Troy was originally from NZ, I wouldn't be surprised if she move there because of him.

No. 203423

Me neither, how are you a victim when you chose to cancel the deal and take on 20k debt?

She tried to make it bunny’s fault but it was entirely her own choice at the end of the day.

No. 203424

It was her choice, but I also see it annoying that Bunny kept last second "my friends suggested this and this change, and then this change, but I want this change" and doing that repeatedly to an artist was already a pain in the ass enough. As someone who does commissions, 3D editing isn't as easy as you think, especially because she's using ZBrush with is a lot more modeling than something like Blender. Bunny also kept putting off her cosplay which did increase the deadline twice, which wound up working out just because Layna had to keep adjusting the model instead of going off of what was already agreed upon. Instead Bunny kept self inserting her friend's opinions and creating more work. Then the whole "talk to me, but not directly to me" when she is the main artist. Proxy messengers are a pain in the ass to work with. There is no reason to need a 3rd party, Bunny was just being a little bitchy brat for being called out, acting as if she was better than iHazToys, which she hired, and then to do this?

Everyone involved is a damn mean girl in one way or another, but I'm not going to overlook the facts that certain situations each of them are involved in make them look bad in that moment. I don't think it was unreasonable for Layna to cancel it and she agreed to take on the responsibility. She, however, should not be making it as if Bunny forced her into the debt. Layna just didn't want to have to deal with Bunny's pettiness and her going to people outside of the situation and acting like Layna stole money from her. That's where Bunny also looks like a massive cunt. She acted like Layne stole from her, when Bunny actually got to keep her cut.

They are all at fault somewhere in this. No one is less of a victim than the others. And then this shit >>203209 >>203210 is a garbage as hell move after complaining so much about being in debt. And then you go out and get a car? I get you can do with your money what you will, but does anyone realize that Layne never said she was still in debt to begin with, just that she was settled with debt after the fact? For all anyone knows, this was free money straight to the car and the debt had been paid off for a while.

No. 203428


That’s what I mean. I do graphic design so I understand the frustration but I don’t understand her making it sound like bunny had forced her into debt when bunny was just wishy washy then tried to be a bitch and make it sound like Layna stole the money when she got to keep it.

I’m not defending bunny nor do I want to sound like I am, but complaining about so much debt then buying a brand new car, she’s said she settled it so she basically got free money via virtue signaling and getting back at bunny. Like you said everyone involved isn’t innocent. Most of the cosplayer community are snakes so it doesn’t surprise me.

No. 203429

Like I was with Layne until Bunny came out with her second half of her screenshots. It showed just how shitty she and Su were, but the way Layna went about things, then the car, and then the random nobodies who were costhots, but really didn't have any screenshots or first hand experience aside from saying "I was bullied because of muh body" without any more context than that. Shelby looks like shit now thanks to Bunny and Su's screenshots which showed Su also mentioning how she saw just how bad Shelby was acting. Yureta and the MtF had nothing of use to say about the situation, so no one cares about their thing. That one girl who said she knew them back in 2013 just basically got mad about her ex going to Bunny, so I don't give a a fuck about that either.

Overall, everyone badmouthed each other to someone, so if that's the whole issue from most of these extra statements, vs outright pinpoint harassment like the shit said about Meowri, it worthless. This whole situation is worthless. I'm mad I was even invested from the get go just because I hate Bunny and her ugly breakup bolt-ons.

No. 203430


In fairness and I’m saying this as someone who occasionally keeps up with meowri and her cow antics, she’s guilty of the same thing. She was exposed twice for posting on forums like lolcow and in r/cosplayers about other cosplayers, calling them ugly and encouraging others to leave negative comments about them, especially nigiri whilst being all up inside her ass publicly.

She was also exposed by another cosplayer for essentially being a bully with a victim complex and she would constantly run her mouth about bunny because both mutually disliked each other. Inb4 someone tries to “hi cow” me, I’m not liking people minimizing meowri’s bs or saying bunny was harassing her (more like susu, she would fight with meowri on Twitter all the time a few years back).

No. 203439

In her last twitlonger she did claim she is still paying it off, how much is left I do not know. It's obviously not a "brand new car", she didn't even say it was a new car. It looks used, probably a KIA from years ago and you are treating it like she bought a Mercedes. Probably paid at most $4k USD on it. If it is new, then she really does have bad decision making skills.

No. 203441

Nah, Meowri is just as shitty. I'm talking about as far as proof of something someone said in regards to the situation. You can hate it, but Meowri is in turn a victim in the way Bunny was acting. This doesn't discredit what she has done in the past at all, but in this instance she was a victim of bunny's harassment the bullying her little clique of Cherry Bombs was.

No. 203445


This drama is the milkiest this thread has been in a while, it’s free entertainment but it’s only gone on for a little over a week and no ones said anything else about it so it wasn’t anything to really become invested in.

It’ll either die down and everyone will carry on like usual (kinda what susu is doing despite saying she was taking a break kek) or they’ll come back and keep it going until they can’t. Bunny doesn’t appear to have been effected by it honestly.

No. 203469

Bunny hasn’t posted on twitter since her last twilonger, same with Bahroo

No. 203490

https://twitter.com/LaynaLazar/status/743284711917686784 seems you're correct, found an old tweet(imageboard)

No. 203499

It looks like the milk has dried up. Layna and everyone else that called her out have decided they're done arguing conveniently as soon as Bunny defends herself. Sad

No. 203500

To be fair there's not a lot they can say that's already been said currently since Bunny fucked off after her piss poor apology.

No. 203941

Looking back 10 years ago it’s no surprise that the big named cosplayers back in the day turned to onlyfans to support themselves nowadays. It’s like they don’t know what to do with themselves once they get older and had to do nudes to keep themselves relevant.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 204251

Apparently I could not view "Lisa Garland's" account on social media. Could it be that she deleted her prescence on social media? I was thinking that somebody can start a thread on her on Kiwi Farms.

No. 204255

Go to kiwi farms then. Why are you here?

No. 205393

File: 1649125653841.jpeg (167.78 KB, 828x952, FFC7903D-6BB2-4CC7-9BBB-F0EB1F…)

I wonder how the 9th will go, lol.

No. 205406

What's happening on the 9th?

No. 205426

File: 1649149992851.jpg (109.08 KB, 717x259, cropped.jpg)

Simps! Top Kek!

No. 205427

…Read the post? She’s going to stream again on the 9th.

No. 206174

File: 1649513081372.jpg (671.13 KB, 1080x2200, Screenshot_20220409-070225_Twi…)

So out off nowhere, unprovoked, Layna maybe heard about Bunny coming back on the 9th and tried to start shit yesterday after weeks. She complained, after blocking bunny on all platforms, that bunny never apologized still. She waited until day before her stream. I dint fucking like any of them, especially bunny and her lying about her 2 boob jobs, but fuck Layna for blocking her and then playing victim as if it's bunny's fault for having to go through email channels as last resort and use her manager's account.

No. 206175

File: 1649513361678.jpg (586.94 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20220409-070601_Twi…)

She prodded for the drama to start back up definitely because Bunny is supposed to come back today. https://twitter.com/LaynaLazar/status/1512664074353790980?t=PRBMOv-RDAAwNzAksWX0VQ&s=19

No. 206176

File: 1649513391292.jpg (179.1 KB, 1155x774, 20220409_070956.jpg)

What Bunny sent

No. 206177

File: 1649513598810.jpg (131.24 KB, 1170x728, 20220409_070954.jpg)

Laynas reply. Like damn. YOU'RE the one who blocked her on all channels but email, Layna, and made it clear that apparently a public apology because she couldn't reach out wasnt good enough. I was on Layna's aside but she's just as much a cunt and I think she's enjoying this whole mean girl reverse imo where now she's acting like Bunny.

Layna if you lurk, this makes you look like an absolute cunt the way you're acting the way Bunny did. She just wanted Bunny to reach out just to try to dismiss her response as not good enough. Bunny is right, what more do you even want besides stating "you should take a longer time off". Your motive is VERY clear, Layna.

No. 206178

File: 1649513727553.jpg (47.7 KB, 1169x423, 20220409_071351.jpg)

Bunny addressed what she did. Said she shouldn't have even talked to other people about Layna, but Layna replies with "IF YOU CARED YOU WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT!!"

No shit, but wtf do you want Bunny to do besides your motive to be to run her out of the community for your own VR fame. This isn't like Moo sexually assaulting people.

No. 206179

File: 1649513792868.jpg (109.42 KB, 1168x692, 20220409_071353.jpg)

"Out of respect, please don't contact me again" - unless I bring up your name and prod at weeks old drama the day before you're supposed to come back again.

Layna, you're a bad as Bunny.

No. 206187


Can you even read the emails you posted? She says she doesn't accept Bunny's non-"apology" because she's not actually admitting what she did. "I totally thought everything was fine and settled! I'm sorry if I did something bad" is a lie if she was going around spreading rumors and starting shit. How tf is that an apology if she won't even publicly admit to her role? Layla even says she forgave the others because they admitted what they did and seemed remorseful. So no, the victim isn't as bad as the offender if they refuse to roll over and let the offender pretend like everything is settled so that they can go back to normal. I get you're a Bunny stan but grow up.

No. 206188

So bunny gets blocked on all platforms and makes public apologies, admitting things, but Layna says it's not good enough unless it's directly sent to her after blocking bunny. Make that make sense. It doesn't matter if Layna wants to accept the apology or not, it's the fact that she blocked her on all channels, did this the day before money was supposed to start streaming again, literally waiting weeks on purpose, and then has the audacity to say don't contact me. Layna is not innocent and she's being an complete cunt here whether Bunny's apology is legit or not. I was defending Layna and stuff from the beginning but she's but she's making extra steps for no reason and she can't claim this want planned the day before the streaming was supposed to start up again. She's been coasting on the fact that the attention from the drama got her vtuber attention too. She's just like the other girls.

No. 206191

i don't care about either of them, but she's not a "victim" of anything other than catty bullshit. all these costhots treat eachother the same, trying to relive their high school days mean girls style.

No. 206200

And while I agree bunny pushed her to cancel the collab by changing things last minute, not posting updates, delays bc of cosplay and trying to proxy everything and get Layna off the project, Layna did ultimately cancel and set herself and her partner in debt. The rest is, like you said anon, catty superficial social media high school clique antics and I don't know what more of a sorry people want? She lied, Layna. You all kind of did and were silent in your cattiness until you wanted to whiteknight, but ONLY after one of the big names stood up and you stood behind her. Don't pretend like you were Meowri or Hidori when it came to calling Bunny and Su out. You weren't the first in the Cherry Bomb chat. You coattailed and shit hit the fan for you because of it. Su and Bunny said they were bitches and should've never reached out to others, so where exactly is the other apology Layna wants?? The rest she put on herself in purpose.

No. 206206

>bunny pushed her to cancel the collab
I'm not even buying that narrative because Layna could have EASILY said 'Hey sorry I'm going through with this because I cant push it back anymore and I cant change it because the previous render is what people preordered' which would have been the professional thing to do.

Also claiming that it kept getting pushed back because of Bunny doesnt really track because why the susu figure took so long to come out. I could be wrong but didnt the preorders for Susu's figure close before Bunny's was even announced and it still took years to go out.

No. 206208

Su's figure was finished by the time they had talks about starting Bunny's. Yeah she could've told her no too, but she wants to use being a pushover as an excuse.

No. 206236

I hope Bunny still plans on streaming today just to make Layna seethe.

No. 206284

It's funny that Layna and friends keep saying they don't want a witchhunt when they 100% do lol, they won't accept any attempts to reform or address the drama and will only be happy if Bunny is completely depersoned from the internet forever

No. 206290

It was easier to defend Layna before these idiotic emails. Ending by giving Bunny "advice" to take a break from her own life and business because she is "so disappointed in you" seriously?? Is she her mom? Bunny is a problem but Layna is a raging control freak.

Layna wrote back knowing she'd make it public to stay in control of a specific narrative but it fell apart. The emails don't line up with reality and she looks like a nightmare to deal with who won't be pleased unless and until she royally decrees it.

No. 206308

It is sus that Layna is now the instigator when Bunny said she was going to stream on the 9th. Me thinks that getting a surplus of subs as well gaining allies in her crusade made her more bold. Come on now, we all saw this coming when Bunny was returning to streaming; Layna clearly went passed where she should have stopped, but as a bystander I hope she keeps on going.

On a side note, I did some digging. In the past, Layna did an exposé against WETA how she was treated. She worded it in a way that it was not sexual harassment but as gender discrimination but the thing is there were other women working in WETA is just that this wasn't much of an issue until she got in. Just a thought; I'm not even sure the "lawsuit" went anywhere.

No. 206311

I get munchie vibes from her honestly, I don't super trust vtubers like her or ironmouse who play up illnesses as a big aspect of their online persona. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKetANoiIS4 In her lore video she mentions she has Ulcerative Colitis (which is adjacaent to IBS….) and she is allergic to UV rays (why would you move to New Zealand then, it has a huge hole in the Ozone layer above it and the strongest UV in the world…..). I can't disprove whether or not these are real but there are many many people online who are hyper-neurotic about their health, relationships, work, and so on, as well as the fact that playing up these issues garners a lot of sympathy, that I can't help but see it as a red flag.

No. 206538

File: 1649718809473.jpeg (284.59 KB, 1125x732, CA49CA72-2F29-4C30-B9FB-716C8B…)

Posted a couple hours after bunny resumed tweeting her usual saccharine nonsense.

These bitches really can’t stop running victory laps and jerking themselves off long enough to realize how bad they look.
“Girls who look mean (me) are actually soooo nice!” As if everyone didn’t see the compilation of Susu’s texts calling every other costhot a “fugly jealous whore.” She just so kind under her cold facade!

Between Layna trying force Bunny to stop working altogether to repent and this nonstop meangirl subtweeting all the players in this game came out smelling like shit.

No. 206557

File: 1649727030751.png (2.37 MB, 1537x913, 3jks92lks.png)

It seems either no one saw the texts or no one cares because she's gotten away with zero consequences for it. Just simply ignoring it because everyone else did was scummy, but tweeting this like it applies to her? She's just another opportunistic photoshop-abusing narcissist

No. 206561

Did she ever end up streaming?

No. 206562


Ironic that she’s saying this like their actions aren’t evidence of them being opportunistic wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have support now but neither of these photoshop abusing lying grifters are innocent angels and I guarantee there’s more than a few who are outwardly supporting but keeping an eye on them so the minute they slip up, they can expose them. They’re entirely too comfortable thinking they “won” when bunny seems to be largely unaffected.

No. 206585

she's so hypocritical and ugly. She's protected because she's narcissistic enough to grift and try getting everyone to like her. If anything Bunny is more genuine. At least Bunny is staying in her lane. Susu is getting herself involved where she doesn't belong constantly and making some shitty YouTube content for the mentally retarded. She's so annoying and sticking her photoshopped flat ass everywhere. She's using her clout and connections to bully Bunny over some stupid shit. Not to forget her wking on lolcow.

I'm dying, she literally has no hips. Compare this to her photoshopped pictures. She's so awkward and annoying and all her pics are incredibly photoshopped and she's stuffing her bra to make her tits appear big.

No. 206592

File: 1649746859414.png (2.76 MB, 2000x1200, k9snm3o4jas92lmd.png)

I don't know why she still spends her free time photoshopping herself, her real appearance gets exposed when she clout chases ugly twitch moids and can't control how she looks on stream.

Also in the texts when she was going off about "all the jealous bitches photoshopping hips like hers." It's all so hypocritical

No. 206593

To be fair, for the most part she does try to stand with her legs more forward, leans her torso back, but arches her shoulders up and forward. It's also always a down camera shot. It's perspective and curving your torso in, without shop, can also give that illusion when the camera is in the right spot. Not saying she doesn't shop, but some of these you can tell when it's just her posture. Even so, that's fucking annoying as hell to constantly see. I'm tired of how fake all the girls are and yet think they can be catty and call other girls ugly? Sure.

No. 206596

it's not only angles anon, she heavily photoshops. Her body is not hot and below average and her face is average. She doesn't have big tits, nor a big butt nor hips, yet she constantly looks down on other women and criticizes them. She's done way more problematic stuff than Bunny has done but she is narcissistic, so good at manipulating people. She's worse than Bunny imo. Bunny stays in her lane and doesn't grift as much as Susu does. Susu is so fake and annoying dick riding all these ugly moids and making absolutely shit YouTube content. She's so fake, yet she calls others fake. She is incredibly hypocritical and annoying. I don't know how she lives with herself or how she stays in the same house as Bunny after she tried canceling her. They are bullying Bunny basically. I feel bad for her.

No. 206597

susu wasn't even fit for being an ero model, she has a mediocre body and manly figure and doesn't have big tits or a big ass or a hourglass figure, she's just been grifting and faking her entire career. At least Bunny does have big tits.

No. 206598

Why are there always people trying to claim her inhuman shoops are angles? The camera is in nearly the same position for both of the front facing shots.

No. 206599

Some angles.

No. 206601

They all deserve each other. Everyone knows every last one of these costhots are mentally ill, toxic and thriving on manipulating and playing the people around them, It's inevitable that Layna, Susu and Meowri will all be cancelled in a similar manner at some point so I hope they enjoy their cuddly victim healing fwiendship act while it lasts.

Is this bait or something? Bunny is just as awful, spiteful and deceitful as the rest of them. She's not any better and she should've just said fuck it and spilled the beans on everyone, taking them down with her. At least that would've been entertaining.

No. 206602

I don’t think that anon is baiting, I just think people here are inclined to hate susu more. Bunny has basically been exiled by the community while at this rate it seems Susu will never get her comeuppance for the shit she continues to do.

No. 206603

Give it a year, it'll be like Moo where everyone forgets for clout

No. 206911

File: 1649878515514.png (Spoiler Image,994.1 KB, 1127x879, veebanned.png)

feisty_vee had her instagram account with around 160k followers deactivated today.

No. 207073

Candylion.cos bought 20k followers and is trying to act all surprised wondering how she got so many. Anyone have any milk on her?

No. 207250


Do you actually have proof that she did that or is it entirely speculated? Also if you don’t have milk to contribute you shouldn’t come to the thread expecting others to provide you with it.

No. 207987


Not trying to defend her but I mean, she has almost 500k. Getting 20k quickly is not all that surprising when you're at those numbers and her posts blow up all the time for no reason.

She's basic and has nothing new or exciting to offer, just another decent looking face and body with half assed costumes. I'm pretty sure she sleeps with geekstrong/ruypictures in exchange for photoshoots and they build fame off each other but that's all I know. The cosplay "scene" in southern Cali is all just people sucking each other off for clout, so it's not surprising.

No. 208120

no concrete proof, just thought it was odd she gained 20k and then lost almost 10k the next day and a half without posting anything new in over a week.

I’ve also had theories of them all sleeping with geekstrong in exchange for free pictures…especially considering they were all in the same circle as Gil and only a few of them spoke out about him when he was exposed.

No. 208121

also thought it was odd she has almost half a mill and only 54 sales on Etsy which could’ve been explained by bought followers. Missbricosplay has a similar following and over 1k sales on Etsy but this is hardly milk anyways lol

No. 208156

It takes two minutes to open socialblade and check. Stop being lazy.

No. 208521


Why didn’t you just check on social blade first before bringing it up here?

No. 208522


Samefag but if it’s hardly milk why even bring it up? Most of these thots brought followers or paid 1k for an account on fame swap..

No. 209597

File: 1651121427146.jpeg (665.33 KB, 1440x1846, B97212A4-C364-4108-9C6C-0BB117…)


No. 209626

Oh god this fucking grifter seeking attention from drama again?

No. 209811

Idc who Bahroo is, but damn. Imagine jumping to conclusions like that. This is why you keep shit private you stupid fucking whores.

No. 210033

A nobody streamer who inserted himself where he doesn't belong

No. 210304

File: 1651427789846.jpg (251.86 KB, 1534x2048, FRsI7N2XsAAnFvr.jpg)

Holy fuck it just me or is she completely photoshopped? Her grifting knows no bounds it seems

No. 210311

kek did she facetune charlie too why's he look so ~smooth~

No. 210318

The down angle would make her waist look like that and she's not 100% straight on.

No. 210335

Maybe but it almost looks like she only facetuned herself which is why she looks so much sharper than Charlie

No. 210337

wtf are you on she looks like a one piece girl she doesnt have that waist and we all know it. she used the fact that Charlie's arm was there to go ham and thought people would compliment her on how uwu curvy she is

No. 210345

damm bitch, clean the dust off that grill
Also,charlie is such a manlet

No. 210513

WTF this looks so cursed she looks nothing like this on live streams, Charlie has to be like 5'4 haha

No. 211145

File: 1651794650094.png (161.45 KB, 359x311, wtf.PNG)

what's going on here? also his arm looks really weird.

No. 211342

Weird boob padding

No. 211421

she's been so desperately interacting with him and other bigger names for crumbs of attention, he didn't even reply or like it lmfao, and this picture is blurry as fuck for a reason >>206557

No. 212858

I mean she faked a crush on OTK's ugliest member just so she could leech off all the other bigger OTK streamers, bitch is shameless.

No. 214280

File: 1653231853786.jpeg (257.09 KB, 1170x1204, 8A9CABEB-07CD-4A9F-8010-6643A1…)

What happened to aru.rinh’s Instagram? She’s such an attention whore that I’m surprised it’s gone.

No. 214523

i used to really like her streams when she was smaller. she used to read goosebumps books n stuff and had weird interests. the streams were really comfy. now it's just her sitting there with a dead expression with a fresh mani and generic egirl hair watching unfunny video compilations idk what happened

No. 214669

I used to enjoy her streams last year even that time when she ate and reviewed cat food. I stopped watching months ago because it always seemed like the same shit with the laugh you lose videos her discord picked out.

No. 214765

File: 1653394037191.jpeg (183.29 KB, 1084x2048, 592CFA64-588B-4C3A-8C5E-FB0ECF…)

Oh good, after a year of shrugging off following a bunch of ‘Loli’ accounts melondoki finally goes back to pedobaiting with a Belle wig and a Lolita tank top

No. 214887

yeah, stuff like that was actually pretty funny. i liked the wrestling streams too.

it also seems like there's more scrotes in the chat and i feel there used to be a lot more women viewers before. she's really just become a clout demon.

No. 214906

I enjoyed mostly all her streams up until just before 2022 began when she started interacting with Mizkif. There was more women viewers but they all left when she sold her soul for clout now it's just coomer scrotes that she can bait into buying her Fansly.

No. 214920

File: 1653466331950.png (Spoiler Image,230.08 KB, 544x307, ss.png)

I know the milk is dried up at this point, but does anyone else find it strange/in poor taste that she continues to sell these sets despite claiming that she was abused by Bunny?

No. 214942

File: 1653481139947.jpeg (551.47 KB, 828x1200, 740FB97A-FC70-438B-BD5B-86B905…)

She’s active on twitter, her ig prob got banned

No. 214990

These girls have been doing this look outside of Belle being around too, so it's not really important.

No. 215048

No, it's ambient money.

No. 215080

True, more focused on the whole pedo-baiting activities tho(sage your shit)

No. 215083

Then don't bring up Belle. She has her own thread and if there's no milk aside from 'wow copy Belle' then any post? There's a pedo thread in /ot/ for these types of posts.

No. 216165

File: 1653936671790.jpeg (327.4 KB, 828x1236, 3D18E174-E969-4C02-914C-58554B…)

Looks like Zoomers are trying to cancel Minteaprince. Again.

No. 216241

99% of the time this happens it’s got nothing to do with something person x did/said being “offensive” and everything to do with jealousy, be it over clout, cosplay quality, looks or whatever.

I’ve no dog in this fight, minteaprince is a fag but if he’s done something to piss off the aimless sea of irrelevant zoomers then I say keep it up(don't use emojis)

No. 216253

Omg its been years. This isn't like a shame dawson situation. She was literally trying to be an edgy kid, not an excuse, but these people need to move on already

No. 216271

Anyone know what's going on with Midna Ash? She went private.

No. 216300

Either reports or her BF before up with her.

No. 216302

File: 1654002220957.jpg (522.71 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20220531-060327_Twi…)

Nvm, should've looked it up because I was right on the money

No. 216490

Don’t know what happened but I do know Midna is certifiably insane and bipolar. All she’s done is vague tweet, delete and repeat for weeks. She should spill some actual milk already.

No. 217004

does anyone have the tweets before she deleted? Minda had always been controlling and weird and octo is a softboi so idk if I believe this shit lmao

No. 217006

File: 1654199804313.png (2.8 MB, 2048x1933, Screenshot_20220602-210516.png)

apparently she's dating someone else too. for this to happen so quickly it's hard to believe they break up was cus of him being toxic

No. 217195

They aren't serious about saying they are dating. Don't be dense. These thots use the term gf on purpose.

No. 217392

File: 1654313062722.jpeg (364.83 KB, 1125x1516, FD0F4869-529D-4DD1-9A51-E834CE…)

This woman is so full of shit with her fake kweer self promotion. Here is another woman she is “so excited” to be “dating.” Call it what is is, a professional collab with another thot who belongs in the bad photoshops thread. Midna recently tweetee that she’s posting het porn to her OF soon but isn’t parading the scrote around like it’s love because that doesn’t sell as well.

No. 217396

Lol did she literally just buy a costume that is nowhere near fitting her ridiculous boobs and just… left it unzipped with her boob hanging out? I get that she’s making porn but I feel like it would be more appealing to have a costume that fits and then strip it off or something, rather than whatever this is. Like just do lingerie and a wig at that point

No. 217749


Well all I know is that Midna claims she's gonna be releasing b/g content starting with a blowjob video this week

No. 217750


So is the dick in the video Midna's new boyfriend?

No. 217752


I think Midna cheated on Octo with the voice actor from Venture Bros but then he took her back(sage your shit )

No. 217868

Just scrolled past a video of Konohighmaru aka Silas on tiktok. Can't believe someone that cosplayed a columbine shooter parading their BBguns around at a convention isn't cancelled yet by the teens on that app. Everyone I know in the Dutch cosplay scene talks shit behind her back, but too afraid to say it to her face because she is violent. I am guessing that physical threats are the reason no one is talking about all the milk from her tumblr days.

No. 217963

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but wtf? Is this person another Astrid, who pranced around dressed as the Columbine shooters? (Who also has never faced any backlash from that except for when she selfposted on the Instagrammers thread "explaining her actions" kek)

No. 218285

Because I am too lazy to make a thread. I just wanted to know if Rachniqueen deleted her prescence on social media?

No. 218391

she deleted her social media and never came back after byndogehk, mirascarlet, and sarafong canceled her for killing their cash cow.

No. 218818

File: 1654779441199.jpg (103.39 KB, 1136x639, tumblr_ocmz2bayeC1vcker8o3_128…)

I had the picture of her saved up somewhere just in case. She has attacked some people physically and verbally during and off cons once. There's even a lifestream of her threatening a girl during a con and somehow she didn't get a con ban lol.

No. 219222

File: 1654866894035.jpeg (255.58 KB, 827x1101, 27A85DCD-09AE-44BE-88C4-C3FA38…)

Not to judge a cosplay at face value but the reasons she came up with in defense are so laughable

No. 219223

File: 1654866968488.jpeg (285.57 KB, 828x1444, CC9DDF93-00CD-4E5B-9E5A-676AE3…)

No. 219242

She doesn't mention anything about the construction of the dresses, were they not handmade and only hand dyed?

No. 219248

The sewing is implied as to being in the competition, as is dying in my opinion, but it’s just a dumb thing to complain about publicly. I’ve been in competitions where it was impossible that there wasn’t some bullshit going on based on who won, but there’s nothing you can do and you look like a piece of shit if you comment publicly, so you suck it up and talk about it privately with you friends.
Personally I think score sheets should be public to avoid this sort of thing (and so competitors can know what needs to be worked on) but it’s not so there’s nothing you can do.

No. 219312

Is it just me or is the Sophie poorly dyed? looks like the skirt has dye splotches If I was a judge that'd be an immediate no from me.

No. 219321

It's a stain from something she sat on, she commented on it in her story.
The Miranda was nowhere near competition worthy in person, as someone who was at the con. Big and flashy, sure, but that's about it.

No. 219406

I mean, it does look kind of splotchy and not super well done; there’s no real gradient, it just goes from blue to white pretty abruptly. I don’t know what con this was at but I doubt this would place, let alone win, in a big competition. The details look unrefined and unproportional.
That said, the mother Miranda looks unrefined and messy. Nothing shown here is great imo.

No. 219467

cosplay competitions are for weird social climber types, or friends of judges. the types of people who enter them are generally not the ones making impressive cosplays.

No. 219471

Try attending a contest outside of your poorly run local con some time.

No. 219472

Who actually made the comment? She went private and everyone is censoring her name to protect in her fee-fees

No. 219476

original stain anon, but I mean we can't expect anything good anyone with a brain is staying away from cons. I agree on both opinions though, neither is good and if this was the best there was I can't imagine how shit everything else was.

No. 219513

even things like WCS are just for egotistical weirdos. no one worth their salt does these. also, i live in the largest city in the world.

No. 219610

Sour grapes

No. 220052

Don't care, this is old cgl type of bullshit

No. 222476

File: 1655986176563.jpg (519.34 KB, 1152x2048, FV5orf-VUAAi7sG.jpg)

Someone explain to me why this girl looks so alien in the second pic, tacky cosplay aside is it the makeup and chin pose?

1/2(being weird looking isn't milk. you're just nitpicking)

No. 222477

File: 1655986226398.jpg (503.55 KB, 1152x2048, FV5pYgnUEAEXSEu.jpg)


2/2 for comparison

No. 222511

Every time your ban expires you come back to sperg

For the thousandth time no one cares about your vendetta.

No. 222542


Just like >>222511 said, no one gives a fuck about your vendetta regarding this girl. She looks fine.

No. 223492

nta but that girl is really poorly shoop'd.

No. 223521

File: 1656363279749.jpg (143.54 KB, 1170x1903, 20220627_155638.jpg)

Moving Lena_kitsune/Lena Foxx/ThatFoxxgirl to the cosplay thot thread. Simone made her way to the top by buying followers, making porn on onlyfans with her trust fund Christofer Drew wannabe drug addict transtrender boyfriend and photographing herself in basic pinterest/tumblr aesthetic aliexpress clothing. After months of harassment on tiktok for Asian fishing she changed her name multiple times and started buying cosplays, naturally. She has somehow broke into the cosplay community as a guest at Anime Expo doing the bare minimum.

>Introduction of Lena_kitsune


>Face before surgery and filters

Denied surgery saying she "grew into her looks." Face changes in every photo. Later admits to surgery saying she "didnt get anything crazy done"
>>>/snow/1148425 >>>/snow/1168592 >>>/snow/1236632

>Doesn't support cancel culture until she does. Doesn't address issues in the comments.


>Moid boyfriend

>>>/snow/1193589 >>>/snow/1193668

>Upset scrote called her ugly so she uses her personal army to attack dog him. Meanwhile she virtue signals about natural beauty wearing cake face. >>>/snow/1213475

>Commie larper doesn't want to pay taxes. Thinks of her self as the proletariat class.

>>>/snow/1228320 >>>/snow/1228690 >>>/snow/1228722

>Admits to making illegal pornography in public directly violating OFs tos a situation that could register her as a sex offender. Mother btw.


>Unfortunate nudes


No. 224532

she sounds like a piece of work she will fit right in with the rest of them

No. 226368

File: 1657112816059.jpeg (631.94 KB, 960x1686, 0439EB6C-6D89-450C-A06B-AB67E4…)

The fact that nobody has posted this despite it being a month old. CBC news paid Bibi to write about her totally real disabilities.

No. 226382

Probably because no one cares about her anymore

No. 226552

No one cares about bibi writing about her totally not fake disabilities for the 80th time unless she's going off the rails. Submitting that writing to cbc doesn't change how boring it is.

No. 226609

>This one time six years ago I didn't use my walking cane so I'd look more normal
>For the six years since I've made my entire persona how disabled I am and constantly use my 12 to 15 'disabilities' to attack others

Yep sure sounds like someone who spent their whole life 'hiding their disability' to me. Bibi desperately grasping for attention and money again.

No. 227817

File: 1657419048403.jpg (53.84 KB, 693x1039, FXLHPqRUUAAiwjD.jpg)

i know no one cares about meg turney anymore but she came up on my feed today and she has ballooned like crazy

No. 227840

It's kind of refreshing to see someone not photoshop themselves skinnier though

No. 227841

She looks fine, ana-chan.

No. 227854

Okay? I mean she's probably not exercising like she used to. What are you expecting? She's not gonna be skinny forever.(sage your shit)

No. 227858


Lets ignore she was a rt cow & costhot to defend her cause god forbid someone calls her a fatty on lolcor, even tho she is objectively huge now and not just “average weight”, the chin is specifically is rough.

No. 227860

No1currs about your vendetta. You need milk to post here.

No. 227873

The asianfishing comments she was getting was the most chronically online shit and to her credit she handled it very gracefully, but I hadn't heard of the rest of this shit at all. Thanks for the post anon, she definitely belongs here.

No. 227899

anons tend to become rabid sjws if it means shitting on cows. it really takes away from the actual stuff cows do.

No. 227932

Are you really calling this Asianfishing because of her eyeliner alone?? Anon didn't even post anything about asianfishing.

No. 228055

It wasn't posted but people on tiktok were giving her shit for it, people then accused her of asianfishing because of the eyeliner AND because she had "kitsune" in her username. It was a big reach but she ended up rebranding to lena_foxx after that and made videos explaining how she does her eyeliner. It's not a huge issue anymore but worth noting since it's the reason she rebranded.

No. 228069

There's being a SJW and then there is being so woke that you sound massively retarded. Gatekeeping eyeliner and LORE terms, mind you kitsune is NOT a slight as Japan or in terms of cultural appropriation, these are all just the same telling a story about The Little Mermaid. I can't stand people who go above and beyond to find shit to be upset about. Even anon didn't link anything regarding her pretending to be Asian or asianphishing. Milkless as fuck to call is racebaiting.

No. 228083

being a weeb is cringe but you sjw nutters act like it's a hate crime. if you're dumb enough to think a white girl is asian because of eyeliner it's on you.

No. 228113

File: 1657483667142.jpg (108.98 KB, 1080x535, Twitch.jpg)

I don't know if I'm misunderstanding these responses or not, but I'm not accusing her of it, just explaining what happened, imo it was insane, she was just wearing big eyeliner. I think calling everything asianfishing is dumb as fuck and it's usually people looking for a superiority kick.

Anyway a little more about her, she's started streaming on Twitch, which seems to be a natural progression for anyone who gets big on tiktok.

No. 228144

Milkless?? She posted illegal pornography when she has a child. That's disgusting.

No. 228148

Which you already discussed in /snow/. You don't need multiple threads across boards talking about the same cow.

No. 228184

we're acting like that because asianfishing isn't milky. you added it as a detail like it was relevant to her being a cow.

No. 228228

snow had multiple debates about her being a costhot. she belongs here.

op didn't say anything about her actually being an asianfisher they said she was harassed on tiktok which made her rebrand. Big difference. Get over it, stop infighting over a mother who made illegal pornography. that's the milk here. If the only thing you saw about the op was the asianfishing drama you aren't paying attention.

No. 228256

Is that Zekia?? She looks so different now

No. 228259

No newfag it’s Snow, learn to sage

No. 228280

She's been discussed already. There's zero reason to repeat discussions about her just because you want to double post her for double the discussion on the site. Sorry anon, but I'm not interested in redoing milk that's already been milked because of /snow/. Where's the point?

No. 228281

Weird that the OP says absolutely nothing about CP, only complaint is doing voyeurism which no one actually gives a fuck about unlike this anon:

>Admits to making illegal pornography in public directly violating OFs tos a situation that could register her as a sex offender. Mother btw.

That reach. It would not put her on a regustry lol She's not going up to people and harassing them and being a legit flasher. This logic means I should call the cops if I see nudity through a window or in a backyard. Also OF doesn't care either. Voyeurism is popular as fuck and massively different than just flashing people unsolicited.

No. 228334

She's a costhot. She's friends with Jessica Nigri and co. She's been moved to this thread for obvious reasons. The op was an introduction as to who she is. Very weird sperg out.

Public lewdness or indecency is illegal in many states. Onlyfans has rules against this, because it is filming a crime being committed. No one said call the cops or to report her. This is just documentation. Not sure about you, but I don't care who you are, I don't want to see your nasty ass doing that shit in public or anywhere for that matter. The fact she is a mom shows her complete disregard for her child. To engage in criminal behavior is highly irresponsible. Lots of wking in this thread all of a sudden.

No. 228361

moid shit only a sexualy depraved scrote would defend this

No. 228369

Holy fuck, what happened? She used to be very into fitness, she even talked about following Jessica Nigri's strict regime iirc. That chin though.

No. 229724

Nah you're blind. I went to her IG and twitch bc something looked off. She was in Korea during the pandemic when her eyes changed lmao. Clearly got double eyelid surgery and maybe nose work done in the last 2 years

No. 230851

They're talking about OP pic, dumbshit. Learn to sage your tinfoiling.

No. 231041

File: 1658348640010.jpeg (414.53 KB, 750x1073, 1F404621-292B-41AB-89A3-EFDB84…)

Bunny ayumi decided to come back to Instagram.

No. 231085

And? She never left her Bunny_gif page either and has been keeping updates on her non-normal Twitter account for months since the issues happened. This isn't news.

No. 231152


Thats why i saged it…

No. 231469

wow so sensitive! it's ok u got surgery, too. I didn't say plastic surgery is bad. just an obvious difference in her eyes and nose, and she said herself she wanted surgery(learn2sage)

No. 232947

File: 1658883147669.jpeg (1.84 MB, 3072x3072, 1DA1C3A6-E390-4A06-804D-B159A8…)

I know that Asian fishing is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the cosplay scene but these two really take the cake.

itsmintychan and _yan.cos are a couple who are really causing a stir in the UK cosplay scene for their horrific blatant photoshopping to make theirselves look Asian as well as her taking a liking to scammy and dodgy tactics on secondhand cosplay facebook selling pages.

No. 232949

File: 1658883249389.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2838x2838, 5AD4D019-3538-423A-928F-86AC72…)

Yes this is the same person and it’s mad how big creators follow her and don’t question or call either of them out yet will happily call cosplayers out doing a simple wing.

No. 232951

File: 1658883271064.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3072x3072, 99985DB0-2798-4571-A0AF-92C203…)

No. 232952

File: 1658883300256.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2745x2745, 37E75487-6C00-40E7-AA82-BFF909…)

I’m truly baffled.

No. 232954

None of these people are asianfishing. Collage-Kun, go away with your vendetta.

No. 233016

Yes it is, fuck off

No. 233079

No. 233202

This is better suited to the ridiculous photoshoppers thread

No. 233224

No one cares. Post something on topic or leave

No. 233240

No1 gives a fuck about your vendetta.stop shitting up the thread and deliver real milk, autistic fuck. Go back to the Belle thread.

No. 233328

Wrong reply. Knock it off

No. 233385

So they have no milk at all, you just hate the photoshop. Nice vendetta, no discussion to be had.

No. 233387

uh anon i think they're trying to say that >>233224 was meant for >>233016 post.

No. 233539

Sage your image dump, retard. This isn't milky or drama related at all. Go to the snow thread.

No. 233588


quit detailing and contribute something you retard

No. 233875

Wheres the milk aside from photoshop? Provide milk, anon. Don't just complain about not liking their face, add substance. Otherwise go to the snow thrwad for bad photoshop, but let me tell you, >>232947 this bitch had been discussed already.

No. 234026


Nta, you're shitting up the thread

No. 234048

all of snow's accounts have been deleted now except the second twitter… odd choice

No. 234057

She has her own thread, anons made it because they are autistic and it never gets updates. >>>/w/57114 Go over there for any updates. This isn't the thread for it even though the same person made both threads like a moron and use the same cosplay as the TP.

No. 240395

File: 1660681230209.jpeg (475.38 KB, 1170x2108, 33AA066B-EE18-4A95-B032-84D6A1…)


whether or not asianfishing is real, his post on fb about it was pretty funny.

No. 240418

Sage your vendetta

No. 240433

File: 1660689716663.jpeg (766.52 KB, 1284x2035, D6CFFD04-E6B9-4E4B-B8C4-B0D5C5…)

Costhot/wannabe e-girl in my comm

No. 240435

No1currs vendetta-fag

No. 240985

File: 1660866233387.jpg (743.01 KB, 1542x2048, musty.jpg)

Looks like Stella and a whole bunch of other thots are back on their usual group bullshit at conventions

No. 241011

God is there not one woman in this picture that looks like a pig with lipstick wearing unoriginal succubus cosplay?

No. 241026

Is this that Michelle Pham sex cult?

No. 241047

I know it smells crazy in there

No. 241114

please tell me that terrible lower stomach doodle a bunch of them have is painted on or something and not a real tattoo.

No. 241148

Its press on tattoos

No. 241162

why do every one of these ethots buy the 3 same sets of aliexpress lingerie? also musty.jpeg KEK
like cigarettes mcdonalds and sweat lmfao

No. 241181

I was just thinking that. They all bought the same MaoFlavor outfits or similar. No creativity unless it's just layering another outfit on top of an outfit you saw someone else wear.

No. 241186

This is already in the cringe general thread >>240819

No. 242318

File: 1661379922066.jpg (1.14 MB, 1079x1905, Screenshot_20220824-152613_Ins…)

Looks like natural bragging Sabrina got implants. All these girls who brag about being natural and then give in to men to look like every other thot embarrasses me. I was cool with her outting Moo for lipo, but she was one of the few models who constantly told men to fuck off about her natural tits.

>It's impossible to find this thread because the idiot who made it didn't use a thot and used the same cow in a thread photo

No. 242388

What’s wrong with implants? She’s not trying to trick anyone and is obviously being open about the procedure. It also looks like she had a little bit of a reduction too. It seems like it was an overall reconstruction which at her size, could have been for back pain issues also.

No. 242389

please leave the site

No. 242430

She didn't get a reduction. She lost weight.

No. 242587

Please get critical thinking skills

No. 243069

Do you have anything else that people will give an actual shit about?

No. 245126

Heard that Stella and her Senpai Squad thot friends have been faking their and their table helpers’ vaccination cards to get into cons. Does anyone know if this is true or just a weird rumor to try and get them canceled?

No. 246478

File: 1662690036448.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2798, 2FDDB875-4A01-4D3E-937F-F40D1D…)


No. 246487

Where'd you hear this from? I've never heard anything about it but I wouldn't put it past them. Senpai Squad itself is full of scum.

No. 246545

Anon refuses to post caps, I follow all these thots and not a single word of this drama. Not even from the SJW thots.

No. 246629

How did she even find this? They didn’t even mention her by name. Does she obsessively scroll through every single degen website and go through all the threads to find someone posting about her? Lol

No. 246721

File: 1662779728632.jpg (579.17 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220909_201519.jpg)

Resident racist who was against vaccines at first, joked more than once about the black cosplay community being mad at her if they saw her wearing a charcoal face masks, and dressing up as covid-chan or whatever, is free from cancer.

No. 246780

vendetta-chan put the name as the file name. most people outsource takedowns these days to companies and bots anon… do you think nintendo and disney manually issue takedowns to every etsy listing and website known to man?

who is this? any caps?

No. 246782

File: 1662796040378.jpeg (487.17 KB, 1170x1872, 4BFB622F-0648-4527-8E3E-8E7396…)

nvm found her
good for her, unless you have caps i haven't seen any proof of racism tbh, people have gotten mad on twitter for black masks before.

No. 246811

>posting milk

No. 246847

It says her name and she's been posted here before, retard.

No. 246848

She's been posted here before. Literally the last thread. Lurk way harder, anon.

No. 246865

>she thinks a cosplayer has access to/the money to hire scanning companies
how embarrassing

No. 246891

>thinking influencers with large followings don't have agencies that deal with this shit for them
>thinking outsourcing automated takedowns is limited to big brands
get with the times dumbass, it's not 2012 anymore. outsourcing automated takedowns isn't difficult or expensive

No. 246893

anon no…most of those services aren't offered to individuals period. you're certainly putting a lot of effort into wking.

No. 246899

>doesn't do a basic google search
anon there's tons of services like this now but sure stay stuck in your fantasy where every egirl is just stalking every internet board kek

No. 246902

Yes they are. NTA, but theres dozens of these services. Stop being purposely retarded.

No. 249917

File: 1663648554681.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.34 KB, 1534x2048, botched 1.jpg)

>boohoo i dont like thots in the thot thread being talked about

They are botched. After a month, one should not be that low. Healing wouldn't drop one of them like that and I've personally dealt with fake tits. She didn't follow through with wearing her sports bra constantly, as seen by countless photos of her already not wearing any bras and going outside without bras too. Takes about 2-3 months to have the scar tissue set up, so that the implants don't shift, and she's completely fucked that up. Now the left one looks like it barely got a lift and the bottom of the boob with fuller and the right side looks like it has an obvious implant and is too high [which is supposed to happen until it drops naturally over the course of a year, to a year-and-a-half]. I feel really bad for her honestly because a revision after scar tissue has already started forming isn't easy. One boob might look like it had a second job done.

No. 249918

File: 1663648614175.jpg (Spoiler Image,311.56 KB, 1536x2048, botched 2.jpg)

No. 249922

Why are you so obsessed with this thot openly getting fake boobs? You sound like a moid.

No. 249923

Why are you do against it? If you can't contribute to it, then move on.

No. 249927

If you don't have milk, then don't post. No one cared when you posted about it a month ago either.

No. 249998

imagine defending breast implants. ever.

No. 250008

No one’s defending them, but a costhot getting implants isn’t milk. Tons of them get them. No one cares. It’s only milky if they try to deny it.

No. 250013

So shes okay to talk about when shooting porn for magazines but not about her botched surgery?? Stfu

No. 250031

How the fuck is this non-milk bullshit >>231041 more milky than someone's botched surgery? At least there's something to talk about with Sabrina considering she's been caught posting here and she still on and off again cosplays. Bunny just has a photo with her fake tits, no added info about the SS and group chat thing and that's supposed to be milk? kek

No. 250085

Are you retarded? >>231085 pointed out the post wasn't milky and no one else cared about it. A thot doing thot shit isn't milk.

No. 250098

If you can't contribute. >>240985 This ain't milky either or this anon's >>227817 nitpicking. Wanna talk about thighs but not something milky like a thot getting a botched tit job? that's all they talk about in Belle Delphine's thread. Imagine defending a thot and it's not even a vendetta.

No. 250118

Sperging over the course of a month about how much you hate that a thot is no longer "natural" is way milker than a thot getting fake tits kek.

No. 250119

>I've personally dealt with fake tits
Are you another thot?

No. 250120

No, got friends who were dumb enough.

No. 250844

Some people have fucked up or saggy tits that need implants to look normal. It’s not always about thottery, though it is here. Sabrina’s tits literally melted off and turned into pancakes. Her only option besides looking like a granny was to chop them in half. Without the implants they would have been much smaller than her natural size. It’s her own fault for not letting them heal properly though. Sage because this isn’t milk and you sound like a moid or a femcel with no tits.

No. 253754

Her crotch is so long and droopy I thought it was a mtf for a sec. She might need some work done on that too.

No. 254294


Where'd you find this photo lol

No. 254748

an anon in a the ridiculous photoshop thread posted an album to a bunch of old photos of her that her friend left up. it has since been deleted

No. 265813

File: 1668442522879.jpg (626.3 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20221114_081104.jpg)

Mimsy really out here acting like she didn't get implants and 2 BBLs. She has lipo stomach.

No. 265897

Can't believe these thots still lie about obvious shit and these scrotes believe them.

No. 266118

File: 1668577433541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.01 MB, 1284x1965, DF280FF0-E17E-4360-9756-7E8B29…)

I was wondering who made this horrendous wig and to no surprise, it was Umbrawigs. This shit looks so bad, I hope Holly didn’t pay for it.

No. 266121

I love how Holly would rather shoot somewhere with the same flowers Moo tried to put up in her ugly Japanese garden. Moo, not even your friends like your sets.

No. 266140

File: 1668594186072.jpeg (446.3 KB, 1284x2234, 570F21DD-55A7-438B-B988-81948A…)

The wig just keeps looking worse and worse. How does anyone pay for Umbrawigs for this shit work? It looks like it’s burnt hair.

No. 266170

File: 1668612486887.jpeg (1.72 MB, 3072x4096, 40EAE3FA-47BF-4962-91D1-CD3A55…)

Did anyone else notice that Tsikyo came back from Korea with an entirely different face? Her nose job looks awful, and it looks like she got chin and lip fillers, plus possible jaw liposuction. She looked so much younger before, her surgeries aged her 10 years.

No. 266185

Wrong thread. Sage your shit.

No. 266186

nta but what?

No. 266195

Anon might need to post larger photos and not these zoomed in ones.

No. 266197

how is it the wrong thread? sounds like someone doesn't know who that is.

No. 266202

Considering she's not in the OP, probably.

No. 266217

Pictures were taken from her livestreams. Even with the photos posted, I think it's obvious her nose is completely different.

No. 266228

So no recent photos aside from a zoomed in stream? Come on

No. 266235

File: 1668625349351.jpeg (1.46 MB, 4096x3072, 01D67275-3F50-4848-ABB8-406603…)

Not sure why it makes that much of a difference to you to have fully zoomed out pictures of her, but here you go.

No. 266249

Wow, if only you could've done that before.

No. 266279

Cosplayers getting their hands on crimpers was the worst fucking thing to plague cosplay wigs lol. I feel like only a small few can properly crimp wigs and still make it look not like helmet
Wigs are already a huge pain to have on for hours I can’t imagine wearing a fucking helmet of wig that doesn’t move is like

No. 266290

you're meant to crimp the underlayers for volume, but i still think that looks like crap. cosplayers in europe and asia don't do that ugly shit, mostly just the us.

No. 266294

Glad the inclusion of her shoulders helped you so much in looking at her facial surgery.

No. 266303

Actually it does because you can actually see the whole head and neck area instead of the dumb as hell zoomed in only. You want people to compare where fat could have been on the jaw line but you're going out your way and cutting out part of the jaw line besides the chin. So absolutely a full photo works instead of the nitpicking zoomed in photos.

No. 266316

Not sure why you have such a chip on your shoulder about this, since the main focus of the post was her egregious nose job in the first place. The pictures were zoomed in so you could see her nose, weirdo.

No. 266317

But they mentioned chin lip nose

No. 266343

you claimed it didn't even belong itt. fuck off.

No. 266345

No. 269348

File: 1669901215000.jpg (94.97 KB, 695x776, disaster.jpg)

I really hate it when bitches get a wig and insist their thotty shitty photos are cosplays, for reference this is meant to be Marine Houshou

Mind you, this entire person is a sad little disaster and needs the constant validation of random incels so I'm not surprised. Enjoy this trainwreck

No. 269349

File: 1669901331638.png (3 MB, 1152x2048, vomit.png)

No. 269356

While I agree with you on girls who wear lingerie and a wig and call it cosplay, this outfit is a legitimate outfit that is in My Dressup Darling (the character Marin doing a cosplay of a succubus character from a manga). This seems like vendetta.

No. 269357

anon, are you confused? this is a canon cosplay from dress up darling.

No. 269359

where did you get Marine Houshou from? Like others said this is a my dress up darling cosplay, either she mislabeled it or you read wrong. There’s something to be said about cosplayers who exclusively go for the most skimpy instance of a character but at least it’s an accurate cosplay.

No. 269361

also this is being marketed by aliexpress as a 2B cosplay, not necessarily her just deciding that herself.

No. 269364

Omfg, you're back? Fuck your vendetta.

No. 269423

File: 1669937961827.jpg (Spoiler Image,420.58 KB, 1044x1056, SmartSelect_20221201-182903_Tw…)

Not 100% sure what thread this might fit other than fakeboi but any milk on this obviously female yaoi larper? They're constantly posting pics with a gigantic bulge.

No. 269493

Unless they decided to alter their voice with hormones I think they’re just a really pretty twink.

No. 269500

>huge veiny hands
That's very likely an actual man. With really bad shoop.

No. 270772

He's an actual dude, a Swiss twink called Julian. I met him IRL. He's just a vain bitch and a photoshop abuser.

No. 270812

File: 1670442743463.jpeg (184.3 KB, 1145x2048, fingie tats.jpeg)

Kinpatsu cosplay went through a breakup with her bf of like 10 years and just got the fugliest finger tattoos I have ever seen. So much for removing all of her visible tattoos for her cosplay career. The breakup has been very messy and I am here for it.

No. 270818

Where is she just wanted it and the break up was a good excuse because someone won't be there to judge about it

No. 270824

File: 1670444884650.jpeg (158.49 KB, 946x2048, ff26f274-e443-4c08-a1c9-eacd07…)

Definitely not because her ex got tattoos all over his neck right after the breakup too and her new bf is covered head to toe in them. It looks like a bad irrational decision and considering it's barely legible makes it definitely seem like a rash decision. Especially since the tattoos she had she got removed less than a year ago for her cosplay career, getting them on your hands seems pretty fucking stupid.

No. 270846

File: 1670447655152.jpg (1.57 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20221207_160347968~2.j…)

Been wondering what's been going on with her. Her long term boyfriend/business partner handled half the cosplay business but usually behind the scenes. She rarely posted about him. They broke up and she immediately started gushing about her new beau.

No. 270854

File: 1670448098616.jpg (954.33 KB, 2296x3646, relationship dates.jpg)

It's also really suspicious how after she broke up with her long term bf she posted about being with this guy a few days later but the date on the start of the relationship was before the breakup post. I honestly cannot believe she got her hands tattooed though, it's so ugly.

No. 270855

File: 1670448395138.jpeg (125.88 KB, 540x927, eric01.jpeg)

Eric (ex) has a new gf now too but has been posting stories like this saying she never credits him, didn't appreciate his work even though they were a 50/50 team. He then went on to steal their domain name and locked her out of their AWS account.

No. 270914

Timestamps would help to know the between the breakups.

No. 270915

What an asshate. He's so fucking bitter. Help isnt the same as commissioning pieces. You volunteering to help, outside of pay since its all her money to materials anyway, and you helping work on it is not the same as commissioning outside of the two of you. Dude is an absolute moron and that doesn't exclude you from WCS either.

Same retarded logic as some anons ITT upthread.

No. 270916

Sounds like they were rocky to begin with. Dude is absolutely livid and throwing a fit and unless we know 100% when they broke up, I hope she is happy with her new dude, especially because an anon mentioned he has a new GF too, so thats a dumbass double standard. They mightve been drifting apart for months. That makes emotionally and physically being attracted to someone else easier.

No. 270936

He seems really bitter that he helped her with the business (while reaping the benefits of it, as if she was the only one bringing in income, she was obviously paying for everything) and she’s continuing to benefit off of that, even though it makes complete sense for her to continue to use that stuff. Maybe he wasn’t getting paid a wage, but if she was paying for all the living expenses, it’s no different than say, a stay at home mom. She didn’t force him to stop working a day job, and unless she’s actively trying to sabotage him getting work or something, it’s just coming off bitter as hell. Unless there’s more to the story, he needs to suck it up and go to therapy.

No. 270954

And she's shown she knows how to do all that herself too anyway, so dude, she doesn't even need you. No wonder he's so mad.

No. 271009

Are you the same anon who said lying about what you made in a competition is fine because "stop taking it so seriously"? Get over yourself. It's not cool to go to a huge contest like WCS and claim you made those swords yourself if you didn't. Crafters care about this kind of stuff.

The sword may be shitty but at least Kinpatsu always made it clear he was part of the team, unlike how Kamui used to treat Benni. For years she kept his name off the brand and insinuated she made more everything herself until she couldn't keep the lie up anymore.

No. 271014

No? But there's a difference between commissioning and helping someone. You don't really need to credit help as long as its not paid work or commission work.

No. 271026

>It is permissible to a limited extent for family and friends to help with costumes
>however it is preferable that costumes are hand-made by the contestants themselves
WCS allows limited help from friends and family if you check their rules. Whether the work he did on the swords is considered limited or not is debatable.

No. 271049

real crafters don't care about wcs

No. 271056

What is it even meant to say

No. 271103

>>271009 >>271102

he took photos for her for years though, photographers deserve credits. and also copyright. can't he dmca those?

No. 271108

you should credit the people who helped you, even if its a general thanks at the bare minimum

If i understand it right, they worked on the business together as a dual partnership, she was just the mascot/figurehead. If he can literally lock her out of the domain and AWS, I am going to assume that he created the website entirely and knew what he was doing. It's also no small "help" to contribute to the business in multiple significant ways doing what each of them preferred to do. He wasn't a stay at home bf, they were in partnership earning that wage together (maybe not completely 50/50, but it shouldn't be ignored. You sound like a vendetta-chan)

No. 271110

That's because she cheated, after dragging his ass all the way to Canada.

Yes, very suss. She doesn't want people to know she is a cheating scumbag.

It doesn't matter if he has a new partner. He wasn't the one who cheated. He did a lot of work he wasn't credited for, she scrubbed a lot of credit after cheating, and she profited off work he did work for years without compensating him.

You don't know either of them, clearly.

You're just speculating. This isn't it at all.

There is a lot more to it, guaranteed. Just not my place to divulge everything I know. People need to remember that they don't know someone based on their posts online, especially people who profit off of social media presence. They're incentivized to act nicer than they often times are.

He rightfully deserves to be credited for all the work he has done. Anybody with any sense would be angry to be dragged to a different country only to be cheated on and discarded, and then discredited for work they have done.

Wrong. She doesn't know how to do all that herself. People just don't know because she hasn't exposed the parts she didn't manage herself. For example, he took most of her photos and did all her 3D modeling and printing. He also did a lot of other things for her that you have no idea about.

There was never a claim that those contestants made the swords themselves. Credit was placed where it was due at WCS.

The work he did was the living he made. It deserved, and still deserves, credit.

This was openly and appropriately handled at WCS.

He definitely does deserve credit and has a right to all the work he has had a hand in. Her not crediting him is a scumbag move.

Spot on.

No. 271117

I would like to contribute a resounding "ick"

What the fuck was she thinking

No. 271118

Are you his new girlfriend coming to WK?

No. 271119

Doubt it, new girlfriend isn't a cosplayer and this person sounds like they were at WCS

No. 271122

If you know the milk, spill it or be quiet. If she cheated, he should be spilling that on social media, not whining about credit on WCS costumes from a few years back if he wants to “out” her or whatever.

No. 271131

Having made this post, I'd like to add that the cheating is alleged. I don't have evidence to prove it with, so don't take my word for it.

No. 271153

So you came to the thread with a heap of mud against her, only then to say it's alleged

No. 271174

it looks like ugly vines to me, is is supposed to be words?

No. 271176

supposed to say neurotic. don't see it

No. 271185

Then dont fucking post. These threads require proof. Newfags and their gossip bullshit again.. There's nothing to discuss then because tinfoil isn't encouraged

No. 271244

File: 1670556539456.png (290.68 KB, 1746x870, 1669670431500.png)

x-posting from the Momokun thread, this claims eric cheated but that's coming from the cow herself so I highly doubt it. Still interesting to note.

No. 271262

Kinpatsu is good friends with Momokun?

Wow my opinion of her just plummeted.

No. 271263


A cow crossover, lucky day

No. 271264

Kinpatsu defended her when the sexual assault stuff came out saying that people were bullying and witch hunting Mariah. Then when the Bunny stuff came out she implied the assaults were all a conspiracy to kick momokun out of the community.

No. 271306

Kinpatsu is also acquainted with another cow himeahri. She showed support to her when himeahri made her sperg statements about her ex friends calling her out for lying about being japanese and how she’s “really” japanese. Though there’s a chance kinpatsu doesn’t know about himeahri’s transracial past.

No. 271307

That doesn't really line up with how he's sperging out at all

No. 271330

File: 1670609655915.jpg (824.95 KB, 1079x1817, Screenshot_20221209_101118_Tik…)

As a basic cosplay question, is all makeup tape racist by default if you're white when all cosplayers can and do use tape for certain cosplays? I came across someone's GRWM LIVE on TikTok and no one seems to have an issue unless apparently you have a following or your pretending to be Asian, but tape isn't inherently racist, so why is the cos scene so mad about tape usage in general? Even theatre and movies use tape on all faces.

No. 271332

File: 1670610337700.jpg (858.89 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20221209_101546_Tik…)

Her eyeliner dips down too, so if it was pointing up, would people be going mad about the tape and eyeliner shape even thoughil the tape is between the cheeks and eyes? I'm invested in cosplay and tape would sharpen some features for things like elves, but I don't think it's fair to say all tape users are doing it to look Asian? The cosplay scene is so sensitive now that its hard to navigate it sometimes

No. 271341

There is nothing inherently racist about face tape. There are examples of it being used in a racist way, like the cosplayer purposely places the tape at the temples to pull back the corner of their eyes to "appear more Asian." But there are far more practical uses of the tape like attaching at the top of the cheekbone (like in pr) or above the brow to give a temporary facelift-like appearance.

No. 271345

It’s not racist if you’re not changing the shape of your eyes to look more Asian (personally I don’t think this even usually works to make someone look more Asian but if Asian people find it racist, I’m not going to argue). If you’re trying to create more defined cheeks or lift eyebrows it’s just a mAkeup technique. Be careful doing it though because it can lead to skin sagging.

No. 271376

What Momo's saying just looks like a smear job against the ex because he wants money for the business

No. 271384

Somewhat unrelated (apologies) but most cosplay-insta-creator-influencer-whatevers actually genuinely do not care no matter what they say on their socmedia (pandering).

The Moo scandals were one of the most infamous ones, everyone made a giant fuss, and yet every one of them nowadays pretends nothing happened. Moo still weasels her way in and got off scott free with a slap on the wrist at most just like everyone else.

Cosplay scene nowadays is devoid of any basic civilization standards (it already was before, but even then there seemed to be some ground rules) so don't expect your "professional cosplay" waifusbando to have any.
It's just a consoomerist narcissistic overgrown beauty pageant where fame and being "relevant" is the most important currency.

No. 271432

asian people don't even care. just woketards. no one owns eye shape. non asians can even have monolids.

No. 271491

That's exactly what it is. People are disposable. When they stop being useful, toss them in the pit.

No. 272207

File: 1670972625023.png (616.27 KB, 828x1792, 8561C4F5-AB35-4638-B339-8D3143…)

No. 272219

File: 1670980113557.jpeg (81.13 KB, 1080x1920, 319885545_108083245419313_2451…)

Looks like Eric made a response too

No. 272223

File: 1670982542839.jpeg (358.85 KB, 1169x2078, 55A78954-80DB-43DA-A21B-6321BF…)

No. 272224

He sounds so salty. Good.

No. 272236

How do people without real jobs afford all these lawyers?

No. 272246

Hold on a second though, they broke up in August and she never changed the passwords for these things? Why did he still have any account access after all this time?

No. 272249

What is his 3d printing instagram acct again? I only found his personal, faceless_eric

No. 272250

This sounds like a classic example of him giving up his rights to the business just when they were ending things so he could get everything over with and move on. Tinfoil, but he's probably with someone that's making him double-guess his actions or become so self-loathing he's convinced he unfairly gave up the whole honeypot. I get that he helped with photography, crafting, and more of the physical labor, but clearly it was mainly cause they were in long-term relationship and this was for their mutual benefit. Kinpatsu is the face of the business, she was the one making most of and wearing the cosplays, going to conventions for hours on end, and interacting with a bunch of obsessed strangers. They most likely had a joint bank account and shared everything, so I don't see how Kinpatsu exclusively benefitted from this collaboration over the years. His lawyer is most likely going to try to negotiate a buyout or settlement but honestly I wonder how far it would even get since he signed a termination letter.

Also he probably realized what a mistake it was to leave New Zealand and move to Canada kek

No. 272253

They’re from South Africa so any place is better. Kinpatsu complained about the mandatory rolling blackouts and how unsafe it was for her even though she came from wealth.

No. 272260

If his grief is that he didn’t get photog credit etc etc then he should’ve raised that the second she posted it when they were still together.

Locking her out of the website after (if what she says is true and it seems to be) then he’s only incriminating himself. Even if he does ‘win’ then by conduct alone everyone will still just see him as a bitter, whiny ex.

No. 272293

And as of this morning he’s deleted these stories, the pinned post about Tayla, and the “credit me” story highlight on his profile

No. 272302

If there’s actually lawyers involved, they probably told him to because it makes him look bad. Too bad screenshots exist.
If he did in fact send a termination letter that gave her everything, he’s going to have a hard time getting anything now. It sounds like someone told him he should have asked for money or he’s struggling for money now and wants a payout. Holding the website hostage is just petty.

No. 272303

Did you or anyone else get screenshots you can post?

No. 272306

File: 1671030650544.jpg (48.23 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-94b6b75d8d1a4af88e06…)

Exactly. Locking her out right during her processing Black Friday sales and holiday rush is extremely petty and puts her at a considerable loss. He probably thought he was so smart for locking her out until they reached a settlement, this will just look like an ultimate asshole move to screw over his ex.

No. 272308

Men are petty little bitches, but how did she not protect her business website?

No. 272309

she's a moron. The first thing you do in any dispute like this is protect yourself and your business.

No. 272326

File: 1671043478149.jpeg (391.41 KB, 1170x2088, 822CC0EF-2B0D-4289-865A-4BC13D…)

I didn’t get screenshots of the highlight or pin on the profile, but I have screenshots of the stories that were posted over the past couple weeks:

No. 272327

Hindsight is 20/20 but she probably figured that if he was severing the partnership and asking for nothing, there wasn’t going to be a situation like this. It seems like he decided to go back and be a petty dick. Tbh it looks like a weird deliberate sabotage attempt to do it 2 months after severing the partnership.

No. 272333

File: 1671044566727.jpeg (490.76 KB, 4096x558, E8B3600D-F494-4020-BBDA-9492CD…)

No. 272334

Dude is an absolute asshole. Lot of thots lately have had their men turn on them, going full feral and salty. It's crazy. He wasn't even married to her, so he has no rights to anything that was her's before he started helping. He has no rights to any of her work at all. The shit he made falls under gifts when she's the one purchasing all the materials for him to even make stuff for her.

I hope he gets blacklisted as hell.

No. 272335

Even outside of selling, I'm sure thousands of cosplayers have had significant others help with their work and I only see men throw these fits when the breakup happens. They say THEY did all the work, the success or likes are BECAUSE OF THEM and NOT YOU BECAUSE I HELPED YOU MAKE SOME STUFF! Like, wtf if their God damn problem. They can't argue women are more sensitive and irrational when they always do this shit. Amouranth's guy did this shit too. They are absolutely unhinged. They only ever want credit when they realize without their cashcow girlfriends/wives they have nothing. Like >>272260 said, he should have asked for credit upon the first thing she ever posted that he helped on. He was fine with a fuck and having a living space and everything paid for him in exchange, but now that's not good enough.

Fuck men.

No. 272336

Wow what a dick. He made it impossible to feel bad for him, and made it exceptionally clear that he was thinking about how best to hurt her for a while before locking her out. If this is really all being litigated he's going to end up paying damages to HER lmao.

No. 272337


I had a modicum of sympathy for him until he locked her out of the site. As others have said, he could have discussed crediting while they were still together.

No. 272339

My guess is that he didn’t originally care. Then they broke up, and he wanted to use stuff for his portfolio/applying to jobs or trying to get gigs and because his name isn’t on things he’s having trouble. Which… if true, I get it. But he really should have asked for his name to be on stuff from the beginning and it’s unreasonable to expect her to go through and add him to everything now when she’s already behind and trying to work shit out. If he had gone into the website and added credit wherever it was due, no one would have an issue but instead he went scorched earth when he realized she wasn’t going to fall apart without him.

No. 272342

File: 1671049100300.jpeg (385.75 KB, 1170x2067, 8B77E1F5-0B95-4420-A485-0512C9…)

An update. Wonder if the situation will fizzle out moving forward.

No. 272364

I remember when she did post about not being with him anymore a while back she did recommend him to people if they wanted to do 3D models commissions and did give him due credit to things he made during their partnership in that specific post (stars on Witch Peach, Goblin Slayer, Sword for Ciri)
Compared to Kamui, she was more transparent when it did come to Eric 3D modeling.
He shot himself in the foot cause no one in their right mind would want to commission him or do any business with him after this.

No. 272375

It sounds like now he wants a name/watermark on every picture he took, prop he helped with and website he worked on. What he doesn’t realize is that since “she” was paying for everything, that pretty much constitutes a wage in this situation and unless he’s going to pay her back for all the living expenses etc. that she paid for, he’s not really entitled to anything.
Break ups are never easy, especially in a situation like this where business is involved, but it doesn’t sound like she was trying to screw him over or not pay him, he sent the letter of separation or whatever so she accepted it and tried to move on. And when he changed his mind, he tried to screw her over. Sounds like those cases where a woman supports a man through school and then he dumps her as soon as he gets a good job.

No. 272377

It's full on shitty on Kinpatsu's part to enter contests with entire props made by someone else and not crediting the photographer but good god her ex-Nigel going nuclear over the breakup and trying to burn her with him is insane. If they were together for 10 years you'd think he'd bring up the issue of her not crediting him earlier than after they broke up.

No. 272380

He might not have cared about credit until he wasn’t benefiting from it anymore. My husband takes my cosplay pictures and doesn’t care if I credit him, although I don’t make money off of it (and I do credit him anyway). I think there’s a lot of cases where a boyfriend/husband does things for their partner and doesn’t feel the need for credit in the same way as someone who does it for their business/hobby. Obviously this can cause drama so it’s easier to just do it from the beginning anyway. But if her ex wasn’t doing photography for anyone else (and who knows if he gave her direction etc. or just pressed the button on the camera) she might not have thought he needed to be credited all the time.

No. 272390

File: 1671071569798.jpeg (87.08 KB, 946x2048, 6f5924f2-8fe6-4371-82fc-01c088…)

he can rant and rave all he wants but the fact that she's posting her new bf and how much she loves him constantly but rarely posted about eric is too funny. It's gotta sting when her new man posts stuff like this. He only started throwing a hissy fit after he saw she was happier without him.

No. 272403

File: 1671076557441.jpg (1.76 MB, 3072x4096, CoincidenceIThinkNot.jpg)

Newfag here but I think that the tinfoil about Tayla cheating holds weight. On the weekend of FanExpo, she posted she was gonna be there without guesting and only for one day. One of the pictures she uploaded as her dressed as Ahri caught my attention because of the flooring, room layout, and bedding in the background.
Tayla likes dark bedding so the fact that sheets are white caught me off guard.
On 30 August, she posted a picture Nate took in her hotel room and on that same day, they posted the breakup statement.
I've seen someone ask her if she was monkey branching (where you prepare a new relationship while in a relationship already) and I think she was.
Things to note: a) Tayla doesn't let any nobody photogs take her pics. b) she doesn't go out of her way to attend cons she's not getting bag for. c) There was a post both she and Nate were tagged in by lil_tungsta on 31 August but it was an after party that took place on 26 August.
Sorry if I messed up on posting, I usually just lurk

No. 272408

>she likes dark bedding
Who the fuck are these retards who keep coming here lately?

No. 272409

Oh my god, men are such petty little bitches. If she went off like this, she would get dog piled by other men and pick mes. he is pathetic.

No. 272410

I hope she takes him for all he's worth.

No. 272413

If she cheated, there’s no doubt Eric would be posting about it because that’s a lot more damning than “didn’t give me credit”. Also, it’s quite possible she was in a friend’s hotel room during the con and didn’t actually stay there, or booked a room to do shoots in. Her having pictures in a hotel room is nowhere near proof of anything.

No. 272446

hmmm maybe not cheated but 100% monkey branching which is still pretty skeevy

No. 272469

No he wouldn't.
There are obviously defamation lawsuit threats being tossed around.
You can't say something like that without proof when there are lawyers involved

No. 272488

Your tinfoil is bad. Unless you have proof at all, stop with the bullshit.

No. 272501

it's hardly tinfoil, retard
she posted about breaking up right after the con then updated her relationship status to dating nate the day of the con >>270854
It's not all some big conspiracy but it's pretty obvious she was shopping around for another man while with eric

No. 272516

And he didn't? Literally, post proof, anon. Multiple people have asked for it. Your evidence was that she didn't have dark hotel room sheets in your first post.

No. 272524

NTA anon what?? are post dates not proof enough? I don't know what to tell you if you lack basic comprehension abilities.

No. 272610

Not everyone posts about breakups to their mainly stranger following immediately when it happens. Maybe she only felt the need to clarify when she got into a new relationship? Unless there’s more definitive proof not based on public posts that could be posted data/weeks after the actual breakup, the cheating allegations don’t hold much weight.

No. 272613

It's not. The dates could go for anyone who also went to the con. You act like people don't go to cons for one day as is which is absolutely something people do, something even I've done because the con wasn't far away. You tinfoil-fags are the worse.

No. 273231

File: 1671919424662.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, F8D16029-45A1-4412-A266-1529AE…)

Kinpatsu is starting an OF page

No. 273235

Unsurprising stuff. There's absolutely no doubt that Eric's assistance was vital in her being able to produce a new cosplay and tutorials on a monthly basis. There is no way she's going to be able to keep up the same pace on her Patreon now she's doing everything alone.

No. 273237

She didn’t say she’s stopping her patreon though? And I know lots of people who do patreon and produce at the same level. Even if she needs to slow down, she could do like a costume tutorial one month and the weapon tutorial the next and people would still pay. If he was modeling the print files she may have to learn to do that to have those as rewards but we don’t know if that’s the case.
Maybe Eric didn’t want her doing OF and now she feels comfortable doing it since the relationship is over. Maybe she wants to diversify her content. Maybe she wants to make/save more money so she can retire early. We don’t know why, but unless she stops doing patreon/selling tutorials then there is no reason to think that it’s because she can’t do it without him.

No. 273238

Whoa her new finger tats already look fucked

No. 273241

She could barely keep up with her Patreon even with help from someone else, it isn't a stretch to think that she'd give it up.

No. 273245