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File: 1632790810529.jpg (362.06 KB, 594x746, snowgoestojail.jpg)

No. 174607

Post your overdramatic cosplay cows here. We've had scammers, skanks, and self-posters galore! Now we even have murderers!

Don't post old milk. Don't post without caps.

Previous Thread: >>>/w/131435
Earlier Thread (s): >>>/snow/354019, >>>/w/4

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No. 174610

File: 1632791616768.jpg (1.3 MB, 1614x1887, snowmurder.jpg)

Here are the public records on the case. More incoming

No. 174614

File: 1632792127326.jpg (486.23 KB, 796x1058, snowreport1.jpg)

Police report on the Snow murder

No. 174616

File: 1632792345646.jpg (565.84 KB, 788x1058, snowreport2.jpg)

No. 174618

File: 1632792567350.jpg (589.06 KB, 787x1058, snowreport3.jpg)

No. 174620

File: 1632792776847.jpg (398.42 KB, 787x1058, snowreport4.jpg)

No. 174623

File: 1632793166408.jpg (309.41 KB, 726x882, snowbondviolation.jpg)

bond violation report

No. 174639

Snow who? There's like no context to this or thread summary to at least start off from

No. 174670

It’s in the previous thread, don’t be lazy. Her thread is also bumped so you can find it in the catalog.
Previous costhot thread about her: >>>/w/174558
Her own thread: >>>/w/174642

No. 174716

Thread op has both a link to the last thread and has snow’s update social medias

No. 174725

Stay in that thread then. You don't need 2 threads discussing the same cow. Anon made this just to talk about Snow asap and then bumped her actual thread. Newfags, I swear.

No. 174726

Someone posted about it in the last costhot thread. The fact that snows thread barely had any posts and hasn’t been active since it was made 2 years ago means they probably didn’t know she had a thread and just threw it in the costhot thread because she is in fact a costhot

No. 174728

Migrate there for her stuff. Theres no reason to talk about her in the thot thread now. Not to mention op sucked and the last one was at least updated with previous thread info. She looks milky.

No. 174744


This is a cosplay thread and she's a cosplayer, the only reason people are talking about it now is some other cosplayer decided to post about it for clout ("you cosplayers let white girls get away with everything!")

No. 174751

Anon, I get that, but she has her own thread bumped now, so there is no reason to bring her up in here the same way people keep Belle in her thread and Momokun in her thread. That's why legacy cows are posted to direct people. That's why people have their own threads. I'm just saying, now that her's is bumped, maybe move her talk from here to there now.

No. 174793

She's not an established cow though, her thread was dead before this news broke.

I wanna find out who her politician dad is. We can narrow it down to Texas politicians with the last name "Oliver" or "Snow." Whoever he is, the guy's a scumbag for trying to sweep a literal homicide under the rug because the perpetrator was ~daddy's little girl~. Guarantee you if this crime was committed by a scrote or a nonwhite woman, they'd get at least twenty years. This is fucking absurd.

No. 174810

Iirc she changed her last name to Oliver-Snow to reflect the 'alters' in her 'system'.

No. 174899

She's also spammed across boards by the autist who made this thread. Go back to your containment. You don't need more than 1 thread discussing this. You even posted in /snow/.

No. 174948

>there’s only one person on this whole site posting about snow

No. 175145

File: 1633046696333.jpeg (170.03 KB, 750x774, F4570717-B1AE-46FB-B428-1967E7…)

Isn’t this the exact same thing she does though? If a con invites poc guests that aren’t her, she acts like it’s all performative

No. 175149

Anon the e-girls post about her was my autistic ass forgetting that /w/ even existed because this board is such a dumpster fire. Direct your rage in the correct direction, it's not one anon obsessively posting. A costhot killed someone, that's insane and attention grabbing.

No. 175164

File: 1633058972684.jpg (153.58 KB, 748x728, circleofbibi.jpg)

As per usual, it comes back around to "poor bibi. Everyone hates her for being black and disabled and queer". As if tons of people aren't aware she thrives off drama and asspats. We all know bibi would send her hoard after a non-black person if they said this about blm.

No. 175165

File: 1633059038010.jpg (45.27 KB, 587x326, 1610059923736.jpg)

She does this constantly, even when the topic doesn't have anything to do with her. Pic related is about January 6, which affected Americans in general, not just black people. Bibi lives in Canada.

No. 175219

Hardly anyone on this site cares lol

No. 175257


Entire country watches attempted coup by right-wingers as it happens on the internet, including congressional staff live-tweeting their last words, cops getting attacked, bomb scares in the city, etc….

"white people only PRETENDING to care, this is about black pain"

equivalent to claiming white people couldn't be upset on 9/11.

No. 175887

File: 1633497619446.jpeg (487.93 KB, 1242x996, 2B38C89B-C666-4C51-B59E-C023C9…)

an ugly OF whore who cosplays as a child’s video game character and promotes her porn to kids on tiktok

No. 175894

It usually takes a lot for me to say this, but I’m genuinely disgusted

No. 175937

I smell samefag. Also who cares about this, this isn’t milky.

No. 175939

Anon, I've seen thousands of TikTok and cosplays like this by now. It's not milky. So what, some chubby, average ethot is basically making porn for kids. They all are. If it was grounds to post here then this thread would be on number #900.

No. 175953

I think anon is right. Wanting to do a porn video about ankha is not only dumb but extremely pathetic. Minus8 is a known pedo and he's the creator of the original ankha dance. And it just doesn't sit right with me. More than harmful, it's just so degrading and retarded imo

No. 175955

If it bothers you just report it. If the account isn't age restricted and they're referencing porn; report it as inappropriate. It's literally indoctrinating children into porn cause they will try to find out where the cute dancing bored cat lady came from, you know? You're not alone in feeling disgusted by it. I get sick when I see it. I do still feel like this person above is self posting though. Many other more popular tiktokkers and cosplayers have done it but for some reason we're all supposed to clamor to this girls page and pearl clutch… do what thou will, anon. Just don't inadvertently give these disgusting pedopandering weirdos more views, posts or attention.

No. 175957

Ayrt. Not a samefag, I’ve never seen this girl before. I just find it disgusting to make literal porn using characters from a children’s game

Also learn2sage newfag

No. 175970

>It's literally indoctrinating children into porn cause they will try to find out where the cute dancing bored cat lady came from, you know? You're not alone in feeling disgusted by it. I get sick when I see it.
god, exactly. It's so fucking gross.

No. 175985

Porn version? The original is literally cropped porn and children are doing this "dance" thinking it's a tiktok challenge or a meme. I don't know how these thots sleep at night

No. 175989

They don't but it's not over things like this. They think they're brave and inspirational creators who defy the male gaze and are reclaiming their ~sexuality~ by re-enacting furry porn made by pedophiles on the kids clock app and IG. They don't know or care about the consequences of their actions. If they did, they wouldn't be thots in the first place.

No. 176002

>The original is literally cropped porn and children are doing this "dance" thinking it's a tiktok challenge or a meme.
Wait… what??? I only know the porn version. Is this a real thing? do you have an example? this is fucked up

No. 176017

its been all over tiktok last 3 or so weeks, but its falling off a bit rn. lots of kids doing the ahem dance

No. 176018

No. 176050

I hate to say it but the children on tiktok doing the ankha dance definitely know it's from a porn

No. 176138

I know you’re bent out of shape over a meme that’ll be dead soon but can you not carelessly toss around the word pedophile. Lol. Like just because someone made a porn animation meant to be seen by adult audiences doesn’t mean they’re a pedo. My god.

No. 176173

If you google Zone-sama and look at who worked on the Ankha meme you'll see the drama that unfolded. Zone makes porn parodies almost exclusively of kids games and shows. "She" (probably a tranny) has been doing porn music video coomer bullshit on sites like newgrounds forever. The creator has skeletons and there was even drama between Zone and someone else who had helped wanting nothing to do with it because of pedophilia allegations within the circle of people who made it. So. You can keep lying or just google what you're talking about. No one is bent out of shape but you, this is everyday internet degeneracy made for and by pedos. If this irks you to read and you've engaged with content like that, maybe reassess why you're mad, nonnie. ♥

No. 176215

Not for the Ankha one, but he is a pedophile for making porn of Toph and using soundclips of her underage voice actor.

No. 176268

Fucking yikes. A 12yo character and a 12yo voice actor? There really is no excuse there. Pure degenerate pedo behavior.

No. 176284

Minus8, the creator of the original Ankha dance and person who does the Shy girl dance videos, has admitted that he’s a pedophile on multiple occasions in the past though. He’d always make these sobstory posts about how he’s such a monster for liking kids and nuke his social media whenever he was having a woe is me moment but then would come back again with more weird content like that terrible Baby Mario video. Apparently they got therapy the last time they went and tanked their socials last I heard, but it’s hard to say whether a pedo has changed

Zone making a tribute to Minus8’s original Ankha is just putting Minus8’s name back out there and his degenerate fans support him blindly because “h-he’s changed!” Zone has some sketch stuff around them besides their popular kids show porn, but yeah, in this case, pedophilia is not a word thrown out there carelessly in this case

No. 176359

>The creator has skeletons and there was even drama between Zone and someone else who had helped wanting nothing to do with it because of pedophilia allegations within the circle of people who made it.
Can you post more on this? I've known about Zone's existence and the hentai animations on Newgrounds for years, but I didn't know there was any drama with him. Google brought up nothing for me

No. 176365

This isn't an art thread. Take the zone stiff somewhere else. Maybe off topic somewhere like the art vent thread.

No. 176386

I would, if the anon with the info wasn't in this thread, or if I had the actual milk to take to the art vent thread. They can just post the receipts since it's part of the discussion anyway, and then it can be taken elsewhere

No. 176437

Just Google minus8 and go to images. There are compilations of his own admissions as a top search. Use that and go yo the pedoart thread.

No. 177598

File: 1634614735171.jpg (693.54 KB, 1080x1851, 20211018_203652.jpg)

and then everyone clapped

No. 177603

She definitely wrote this herself. I mean it makes no sense?? Why would a delivery driver write that when it’s literally they’re entire reason for having a job?
The phrasing is also extremely strange

No. 177639

Another day, another way for bibi to remind people how uber disabled she likes to pretend she is. Get a personality, girlie. Pretending the big bad minimum wage pizza delivery person is bullying you ain't it.

Exactly. No delivery driver is going to ask customers to put them out of a job. And no one speaks like this; not even esl.

No. 177728

Bibi making this fake shit up just hurts actual disabled people. How stupidly ironic

No. 178425

File: 1635053238092.png (782.88 KB, 935x593, blaskfishing.png)

This cosplayer is either blackfishing or they have a massive whitewashing issue.

No. 178426

File: 1635053273328.png (472.42 KB, 928x587, blackfishing2.png)

No. 178429

File: 1635053620223.png (Spoiler Image, 773.01 KB, 1156x810, ew.png)

Recent OF video too. She is definitely white, right?

No. 178430

File: 1635053693181.png (Spoiler Image, 763.65 KB, 598x782, eww.png)

But then you have this bs too. I just can't tell if she is blackfishing or she hates being white. Either way, I'm tired of these cosplayers pulling this type of editing.

No. 178446

Wearing a breastplate to the gym is on another level of attention whoring. Muffy sis… the sweat.

No. 178455

This is a troon right?

No. 178456

Anon, these are different lighting/exposures. The first pic just looks severely blown out. Nothing about anything you've posted implies she's trying to be another race, unless you think showing T&A is for black girls only?

No. 178486

Yes because the hair too, isn't implying that.

No. 178491

Have you considered that she might be mixed? Or just a light skinned black girl? Your gym photo is from June so she could be out in the sun more; therefore tanner. The purple wig photo is from December so same thing in reverse. There's a reason lots of women have a sun shade and a winter shade in make up.

No. 178585

WTF are you even saying? That she's fishing/whitewashing because she has curly hair but wears straight wigs? Don't throw out your back from this reach.

No. 178802

File: 1635255195079.jpg (787.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211026_082936.jpg)

Back over in bibi town people finally caught on that she's been selling other people's 3D files (that she claims to make herself) granted I know a lot of files are shared for others to use for free, but isn't it usually for personal use? Seems scummy to be selling them

No. 178836

File: 1635274190452.jpg (224.58 KB, 748x1080, bibioddish.jpg)

This is the only "proof" she has that she modeled it herself. No actual progress so it's one person's word against another. Or multiple people against bibi since its supposedly former customers that reported her after downloading the files. Sorry the date got cut off but it's from January this year.

No. 178837

File: 1635274944842.jpg (191.39 KB, 756x902, bibibruh.jpg)

It was a private email bibi. No one would've known about it if you hadn't been so desperate for drama and asspats that you posted it to twitter.

No. 178838

I mean if she really 'made it', she can show the file properties and prove that she made it and it not just downloaded off a 3rd party free personal use only site

No. 178922

>I’m only being accused of art theft because I’m gay and black and disabled
Holy shit bibi is unbelievably delusional

No. 178926

Which she wont because she didn't make it. And as this is bibi we're talking about, according to her everything she says is true

And apparently nonbinary now. I guess black disabled queer wasn't enough. We're up to 4 labels and 17 disabilities

No. 179144


That's a screenshot of the slicer, not the modeling program. All that proves is she has the 3d file and put in the print settings like temperature and stuff herself. Doesn't prove she modeled anything.

No. 179149

Exactly. I want to see the model file properties, not the 3D printer details but we all know she won't do that or would resave the file she stole for profit, rename it, but at least then the date modifiers would also be clearly fake. She's an idiot. I used to follow her, but damn. She's such a cunt.

No. 179190

I also doubt she voluntarily quit her job. I bet what happened is she was underperforming and they booted her ass. Kek

No. 179466

Looking at both her printed Oddish model, and the other model by RedFeathers, the only thing I can see that is even slightly different is that the eyes and mouth are just a slight fraction lower. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to 3D printing, is it possible to alter a 3D print file from someone else?

Because my assumption is: Bibi took the original 3D file, selected the eyes and mouth and dragged them a tiny bit downwards, and assumes that this small change means the file is now magically 'her own work' because of this small change. Or is that too much tinfoil?

No. 179484

Depends if the file wasn't locked. She has another file uploaded too, so she may be just uploading things to a view, but not actually able to edit. If the files weren't locked, since the author put these as personal and not for sale recreations, she might be able to edit it. Again, it depends on the software and if the files were editable.

No. 179531

It pisses me off how she doesn’t sand her 3dprinted products.

No. 179547

>because they didn't believe a (((insert labels))) was capable of ((very basic 3d sculpt))

Embarrassing in so many ways. Definitely a new and inspired take on art theft accusations. Let's be real, she at least saw the one from 2017 since the pose and concept are virtually the same.

No. 179975

File: 1635859554903.jpeg (332.18 KB, 828x1372, 2A14387C-6A27-4FBC-8A70-842DFF…)

Has this woman ever been discussed here before? So much about her is stupidly cringe

No. 180009

What's her milk besides you thinking she's ugly and fat?

No. 181635

File: 1636705929157.jpeg (336.56 KB, 1098x1950, BA59818B-6FB7-498F-B194-E9FB48…)

Has anyone else been keeping up with the drama surrounding Lorentz Iwood and two of his exes?

A short summary/forgive me if I get anything wrong but it came out awhile ago that he’s a violent alcoholic that manipulated and sexually harassed both stephstonecos and his next gf, veenacos. Both made callout posts and shared google drive documents but said they didn’t want to take legal action and instead wanted to warn others.As of yesterday I noticed both removed their highlights and links devoted to him/all evidence and Lorentz himself made a rather lengthy series of story posts disputing everything they’ve said. Others called him out for a seperate issue claiming he took pictures of minors asses without consent at a con in 2019 but he was apparently at a con in Barbados and said it was bullshit.

I’m not sure what to think. Both Steph and Veena seem honest and didn’t really get any ‘clout’ from the original callout. Lorentz went as far as to claim that Veena withdrew her reports as she felt that Steph was manipulating her.

Not really milk but Lorentz does also have a history of promoting unhealthy, snap diets to get ‘abs in five days’ or some shit that’s basically starving/dehydrating yourself.

No. 181699

No. 182059

File: 1636827083073.jpeg (257.76 KB, 750x1070, A19FDF6D-4D98-4685-8359-C1B631…)

Never heard of these people before but pic related seems very telling of what this guy is like. Do you have any screenshots from the women involved? I want to be able to read what they had to say

No. 182131

Here’s the google drive with all the info/screen caps from Veena.


No. 182161

Going to be honest, both her and Lorentz seem like absolute nut jobs. It reeks of just being salty over the break up.

No. 184681

File: 1638005291445.jpeg (204.41 KB, 750x1176, AA731603-3C87-425F-98A4-2742F3…)

Came across this person’s profile and couldn’t believe their bio. The absolute state of cosplay is so embarrassing

No. 184925

File: 1638152205689.jpeg (152.2 KB, 750x632, D492F46A-E4AF-4D31-83BE-955361…)

Kinpatsu cosplay posted progress on their jinx cosplay complete with boots from dolls kill. She then got mad about people getting mad at her for buying boots from dolls kill and deleted all negative comments about it. If you don’t want to get into the politics about to then just lie about where you got them from

No. 184936

She's not interested in politics when it makes her look bad, but she's interested when it makes her look good (posting for blm). Such a weird lie too when basic ass tall combat boots have been sold for decades and are still super popular.

No. 185020

>>184925 how is kinpatsu even cow material. If she bought the shoes some time before you wont just throw your stuff away cus you dont like what the brand has done thats obnoxious.
And she would get asked if she didnt list the shoes and probably get more complaint about that.
I find the whole situation so stupid what is even going on.
Does kinpatsu have any old real milk at all, or is she just posted becuase of speds reeeing over dollskill?

No. 185029

She bought them recently. She could have just said they were from kill star since that’s the second place they’re available or the actual brand since dollskill is a reseller. It’s her throwing a fit and deleting comments, only keeping the praise comments that’s the problem

No. 185205

>she could’ve said it’s from a diff brand
Yea then ppl like you would complain about her lying about where she bought the shoes

No. 185275

She's already lying that dollskill was the ONLY place that she could buy tall combat boots. She's an online creator. Dollskill controversies are fairly well known (esp their anti-blm one). Unless she's an idiot there's no way she couldn't have known that a person with her following was going to get backlash from promoting a well disliked brand.

No. 185756

Or maybe not everyone pays attention to niche brand drama. She also just moved from South Africa to Canada maybe a year ago or so. Contrary to popular belief, the rest of the world isn’t paying attention to every petty drama that happens in the US

No. 185765

She was paying attention to BLM shit. She posted about it. Dollskill was very publicly called out during that. As someone with her level of influence, she should be checking that she isn't promoting sketchy companies to her followers anyways.

No. 185827

Keep in mind she isn't in the US. What is trending here about certain companies doesn't travel everywhere when there were also more than just BML in the US happening during the summer of the first round of the pandemic. Im with the anons who say she didn't get the newsflash because the people she follows most likely don't spam drama like who not to buy from as far as US retailers go. It's like telling someone who likes a band to check Google daily to see if you can keep supporting an artist. The lengths people are going to be dicks about this is really showing how many of the followers really don't want to acknowledge that not everyone knows everything about everything and expects people to just know.

No. 185828

Their big BLM drama happened 2 years ago ffs when it was trending and she lived overseas.

No. 185911

You act like she has any morals when it comes to making money. She willingly worked with Riot last year during their sexual assault and harassment lawsuit ffs. She's just throwing a fit because people actually called her out on supporting a shit company this time.

No. 185984

This. She has also posted in the past on twitter claiming she doesn't care about the things momokun has done, refusing to take a stance when the sexual assault allegations came to light. Kinpatsu is not one to operate off a moral basis.

No. 186058

Jesus does one need to have a master's degree in Internet controversies these days? I have absolutely no idea what this Dollskill BLM drama is and I doubt she had either. Brand cancelations happen every goddamn week, nobody can keep up with them. Another good reason never to grow a following if shit like this passes for reasons for outrage these days.

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