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No. 47621

Previous: >>>/meta/45929

No. 47622

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No. 47623

File: 1669240535349.png (55.27 KB, 740x338, 555565212810.png)

I posted the videos as an example of the cringy and bizarre behaviour of what I assumed to be an underage/retarded Choachanner that actively wants other underage and deranged to flock onto their site another farmer pitched in and said it was a scrote from 4chan since from what I remember when the kpop critical threads were around they were mostly just Idol worshipping unhinged fans that brought in decent amounts of milk with all those scandals and tinfoils in the TikTok/Ytube shorts hate thread >>>/ot/1417602 which description is quite literally
>A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?
If Farmhands can ban me for that then why can't they ban other farmers for posting about
>I really love [insert kpop scrote]
>I never loved a 3dp moid before but [insert kpop scrote]
>[insert kpop scrote] image posting and "fanart" posting
>[insert kpop woman]
>[insert kpop scrote] ugly dog gif
While I'm probably over exaggerating on how they post since I just glance at them and just report when needed since I just view them as retarded pets that can sometimes be endearing as they have a containment center now.

No. 47624

Rachel and or her WK are shitting up the Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin thread as usual.

No. 47625

and now Blaine the Tranny has announced himself. there's no milk in that thread whatsoever either, just the cringe orbiter metadrama. do we even need it? it attracts trannies and weirdos.

No. 47626

cp in /m/

No. 47628

Lol truly is a mystery.

No. 47629

Why is Amanda Bret’s thread on autosage? I know her thread attracts a lot of newfags from her social circle but she’s interesting and milky. Not a lot of cows have had a guy from Tiger King die in their apartment.

No. 47630

It’s incredibly unnecessary! It makes it look like somebody is trying to reduce her visibility on here. Maybe I’m missing something? I can’t figure out what about her thread is so unique that it warrants an autosage while similar threads don’t? People shit up threads all the time. Her thread just disappeared one day and checking the catalog was not on my mind kek

No. 47631

There's a moid baiting on >>1406912. I bet he will post CP soon.

No. 47633

tranny in Kiwi thread

No. 47634

Porn on /m/

No. 47635

(samefag as reported tranny) naturally together, ugh

No. 47636

sainte the pedotroon ban evading (again…) and self posting in the lolita thread

No. 47637

Mass amounts of unsaging in PT and W. Jfc.

No. 47638

I am no longer permabanned, not sure why I eas, but it's still backwards. Halp.

No. 47639

Scrote shitting up ot celebrity thread seething about lesbians.

No. 47640

he's doing it again and may be posting on /ot/ as well now. reported everything.

No. 47641

yep here he is selfposting and ban evading for the 100th time

No. 47642

pretty sure >>>/ot/1421770 is him too given the time, pic and content of his dumb /cgl/ post.

No. 47643

holy shit it got deleted right when his /w/ post did so it must have been him, I didn't see what was his /ot/ post but I'm assuming it was just him seething

No. 47644

he was asking about small/unknown gaming channels, likely trying to find a new target.

No. 47645

ew that's even worse. it was concerning to me how he said he is looking for a girl to be his "uwu girl" and give his "mature love" to in the deleted /w/ post. dude is a pedo groomer for sure, I hope nobody responded with any small channels

No. 47646

luckily there were no replies. good thing too nasty fuck.

No. 47647

Anon blogpost shitposting back in Jvlog >>>/w/268161

No. 47648

crazed moid shitting up…all of /ot/ about how women should just git gud and kill men to prevent abuse.

No. 47649

Yeah definitely a weirdo. I'm glad mods are being fast today

No. 47650

samefag edgyschizochan is still ban evading and determined to die on her hill kek

No. 47651

Nitpicking from vendetta spergs about weight when the social media screenshot doesn't even have anything to do with weight or weight mentioned. Basically a lowkey shitposter like the tokyosam stuff. >>>/w/268271

No. 47652

Racebaiting schizo scrote is back in /ot/

No. 47653

I'm sick of twitterfags not linking to milk or archiving anything it's such low quality contribution which is part of why thread quality as significantly decreased over the past few years. How do you discuss milk when it's been deleted or gatekept by lazy "anons" who don't understand basic imageboard etiquette?

No. 47654

>How do you discuss milk when it's been deleted.
Precisely what I've been complaining about for half a year, it's being discussed still where those who can delete can't.

No. 47655

they're back

No. 47656

the gyaru thread is full of that nonsense.

No. 47657

>moooooods! please come ban these anons, they said my cow gained weight!!

No. 47658

Male in tradthot thread.

No. 47659

>someone discussed something i didn't like! mooooods, it's an ip-hopping samefagging nitpicking collage vendetta sperg! It's not on my approved list of topics so it's a shitpost!

No. 47661

Scrote namefagging and reposting his reddit shit in Jvlog.

No. 47662

Do you know where you are?

No. 47663

You do know the shit poster is Sam himself right?

No. 47664

NTA but why did the mod ban someone for posting legit milk of the most popular jvlogger hanging out with an accused rapist famous in the vlogging community for his right-wing views and predatory behavior?

No. 47665

ban evading pedo tranny back in the lolita thread
and one of his cow friends replying to him

No. 47666

It was a namefag, unfortunately. That is milk otherwise though.

No. 47667

Ah, makes sense. Thank you.

No. 47668

Why are there so many anons posting with reddit spacing suddenly?

No. 47669

Reddit scrote wont stop trying to get lolcow to discuss reddit comments >>>/w/268573 This isn't fucking reddit. Kerp your reddit shit off lolcow. We don't give a fuck what scrotes have to say

No. 47670

Because they are scrotes from reddit. Anons in /w/ already know of a scrote who self posts and spans reddit takes

No. 47672

Shameful behavior nonnie.

No. 47673

The only scrotes from reddit are the ones defending Chris and that was a comment responding to a comment about a statement Chris made about his association with Bald & Bankrupt.

No. 47674

Exactly trying to turn this into some reddit shit is retarded. Who cares about the screenshots, to an extent, but Chris meeting up with disgusting scrote Bald & Bankrupt is 100% milk for an otherwise milkless thread. It becomes nakedly obvious some anons there just do not want Chris (or Sharla) to be discussed in any non flattering ways.

No. 47675

Are we gonna have a town hall this year? Considering all the admin & site stuff going on I think it would be good time for clarification

No. 47676

Yes, >>47669 is literally trying to stop people from discussing a public statement Chris made about associating with a known predator, which is minimoding and derailing at best. Interestingly, they didn't report the op who posted about the statement in the first place, but only the comment highlighting what was untruthful about it. I think they're the same anon who always comes to meta to complain and get someone banned for saying something negative about Chris or Sharla.

No. 47677

Tradfag male posting in tradthot thread.

No. 47678

he is self posting again now, it's been 6 hours and his shit is still up mods pls

No. 47679

Cp and weird links on /m/

No. 47680

Discuss it on lolcow or go to reddit. These are 2 seperate sites for a reason for discussion. If it was twitter or instagram or something, sure, but theres zero reason we need scrote input when we are a female discussions board, not a male discussions board. Especially because anon keeps telling people to go to the reddit, so if thats the case, just stay in the reddit. What scrotes speculate have nothing to do with us. If you want to discuss shit with scrotes, go over there.

No. 47683

I'm not a redditfag but let's not act like no cap from reddit is ever pertinent to a discussion, nonnie. Can't help but feel this has more to do with the good name of Chris being besmirched than any sort of anti-Reddit, anti-scrote thing. Feels like you're maybe trying to redirect the conversation to be about how much reddit sucks, which is shooting fish in a barrel here, rightly so. but, Chris is a scrote hanging out with a particularly despicable scrote, why give him a pass?

No. 47684

If Chris made a public statement on reddit, it is completely on topic to refer to that statement. It doesn't matter if you don't like it and it isn't any different from Chris making a public statement on twitter or IG. There was absolutely no speculation.

No. 47685

Idgaf about Chris. We don't need reddit scrotes here.

No. 47686

File: 1669609934131.jpg (144.97 KB, 1080x373, Screenshot_20221127_202808_Chr…)

Not a single reddit post had Chris's take. Explain that. Instead even their mods said its off topic because Redditfags are trying to paint this as Chris being like Kanye basically. These idiots aren't any better than anons ridiculous takes. The tinfoiling is ruining the thread. Reddit scrotes ruin the thread.

Picrel: The only thing from the subreddit regarding discussion. Anons didn't even post Chris's response, so how is this anon posting anything important? The initial post would've been fine as an instagram grab. The reddit thing is literally the scrote who posts ITT and thinks women care about anonymous scrote opinions about the same shit. Their opinions mean nothing. This isn't reddit. No one said it wasn't milky, but random comments aren't milk and do nothing besides tell us make tinfoil.

No. 47687

The comment the complaint >>47669
was made about was not a reply to any of the caps. It was about the statement Chris made. How come anon didn't report the caps of random comments, but tried to get someone banned for pointing out the lies Chris made in his statement hmm?

No. 47688

this autist has does the same in other threads, reporting people who post proof instead of the posts starting an alleged derail. why the w mod allows it is beyond me

No. 47689

I want to moan about the jvlog thread for a different but similar reason; everyone there seems to be a social justice warrior. I understand that there is some milk in what they say, but the thread is a running commentary about Chris’s life and they scrutinise every single interaction he has, it’s obsessive. Whether they argue the ‘milk’ point or not, the thread is just an extension of his subreddit. He is not even a snowflake, no one really is in that thread. Can they please go back to Reddit?

No. 47690

This happens in cycles in threads on /w/ where it'll start moving really fast because anons will argue in circles about what is/isn't milk instead of agreeing to disagree and just talking about the cow. I always used to come back excited by the amount of posts to find it's just infighting. I can't help but think we need more farmhands specifically for that board because it's of a completely different culture to the rest of the farms due to the demographic who use it and refuse to integrate.

No. 47691

It's just not any different from someone constantly posting what PULL, CC, or GG would say regards to the same milk. Anon could've easily just posted the instagram photo, not comments from reddit. Its actively inviting idiots here.

No. 47692

Same anon, I remember being like; jvlog thread at the top? Must be some good milk… oh.
I guess that’s what starts the milk/non milk arguments.
I think if there is another town hall I will weigh in my 2c, I think it needs its rules refreshing or more moderation cos it’s true that it’s culture is totally different to the rest of lolcow.

No. 47693

Jodi Arias general thread, shitposting allowed? which board is keen.

No. 47694

Ever since Jake mentioned lolcow the thread on Jake and Kaya is really being shit up by newfags. Can mods please start actually handing out bans? Emojis, unsaged blogpost, YouTubers taking advantage of an abuse situation to do some self promo, etc. The thread is being ruined during some of the most delicious milk we've had all year between these two

No. 47695

/ot/ I guess

No. 47696

No. 47697

Advising an alleged rapist isn't milky?

No. 47698

It's obvious that a scrote is in that thread trying to subterfuge that they just grr hate reddit moids so much rawr when in reality, they just want Chris-sama to stop being criticized.

No. 47699

Banned moid ban evading in tradthot thread.

No. 47700

No anon, I just want redditfags to fuck off.

No. 47701

The redditfags are the ones who came to lolcow to defend Chris.

No. 47702

I still want them to fuck off

No. 47703

Uh, highly doubt it since its his reddit calling him out.

No. 47704

The comment that anon complained about was about his public statement and called out people for coming from his reddit to defend him here. His subreddit is defending him and the comments made there are identical to the ones supporting him here.

No. 47705

Some weird porn saw it on front page didn’t look like cp but still. Moid thread

No. 47706

cp in /m/…it freaked me out so bad

No. 47707


No. 47708

It wasn't his statement.

No. 47709

The photo of Chris hanging out with Bald and Bankrupt originally comes from instagram, and Bald had been mentioned in the jvlog thread months ago and before subreddit posts about Bald were shared. The statement Chris made on reddit was first referred to by an anon who brought it up in defense of Chris, not to criticize him. The comment nonnie complained about was a response to that OP and pointed out where Chris lied in his statement. No matter how much you try to derail this thread or the jvlog thread, or try to get people banned for discussing real milk, nothing is going to change the fact that Chris helped a self-admitted sex predator. You'd have to be some kind of scrote incel Chris simp to come here and defend a cow for advising and drinking with a 40-50 year old man who brags about sexually assaulting girls and women in poor countries.

No. 47710

Literally no one had been trying to derail. Instead anons are seeing a photo and coming up with the conclusion Chris = Andrew Tate and endorses rape. Wtf logic is this?

No. 47711

>Instead anons are seeing a photo and coming up with the conclusion Chris = Andrew Tate and endorses rape
Literally no one has said this. Nice derail again.

No. 47712

the ban evading pedotroon from the lolita thread is in there daily lately, is there no way you can rangeban him or something? here he is making another garbage selfpost

No. 47713

Scrote stink all over jvlog thread

No. 47715

thread is made! any problems my bad, first thread after years here, appreciate your patience my sweet farmers and farmhands ily

No. 47717

No. 47718

ihy whichever mod locked this

No. 47719

Why didn't any farmhand answer the anon when she asked about making a thread and tell her it's redundant instead of waiting for her to make one and instantly lock it? This board feels completely ignored.

No. 47720

Thank you to the anon that made the Yumi thread.

No. 47721

why would you assume that farmhands read this thread

No. 47722

Because they have done in the past.

No. 47723

That's what this thread is for, obviously. And we know they do because they sometimes fufill requests left here

No. 47724

Can we please get rid of the porny header gifs?

No. 47725

if there's nothing else to do, please consider a temp ban for the WK in Taylor's thread who REEEs over every post, provokes infighting by exaggerating anything ppl say, and finally calls a silly joke "infighting over grammar shit." ESL WK often can't into English, so they're sensitive about it I guess. Give the crusader a little break from saving damsels

No. 47726

gross porn gif or something in /w/

No. 47727

>complains about whiteknights every time someone says something you don't like
Now I see why anons come here and complain about the weird vendettas in some threads. Where's the whiteknighting? You didn't even link it.

No. 47728

Nta but there is some weirdo who actively nitpicks any take that's negative in that thread, or is intentionally contrarian/liberal with history to cause infighting. There has been for ages, I scroll past it all the time.

No. 47729

Then don't engage?

No. 47730

Male vent thread reeing women deserve abortion ban and lefties.

No. 47731

Okay, thank you farmhand. I too am having trouble posting with my shit internet.

No. 47733

I said I wasn't that anon but just scroll past generally, idk why you think I care for your advice but thanks kek

No. 47735

are you a retard? they literally made a point of saying they scroll past. some of you are straight up illiterate

No. 47736

Anons even go as far as saving under 18 photos of Belle to make collages of her to unsage nitpick. There's never going to be good milk ITT.


No. 47737

File: 1669831053158.jpg (314.65 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20221130_095708_Chr…)

Really. >>>/w/245729

No. 47738

No. 47739

I just got a ban on a post from 2020 I didn’t make, is there a reason why? The ban was also issued in 2020. Was this a glitch?

No. 47740

Anon is having a meltdown and spamming now

No. 47741

Would any nonnie be interested in making a Spotify Wrapped thread?????

No. 47742

Put it in /m/

No. 47744

can this anon in the Belle thread stop sperging out every time someone has a photo 'saved on their phone'? I see them do this shit in loads of cow threads on /w/ (big shock) and they act like saving a photo is some weird thing. on an imageboard? kek. The whole Belle thread just got a massive chimpout posted, random pics of her as a kid 'proving' she's got plastic surgery (no duh) and a random photo of her mom mogging the shit out of her. Stupid thread full of nitpickers, obsessive jealous OF hoes, and WKs, detestable behavior all around.

No. 47745

Don't defend spam

No. 47746

There’s porn on the front page idk what board cause I didn’t click it

No. 47750

Just put your top listened to songs in one of these threads and discuss instead of clogging /m/ of with dead threads
80s Music Thread >>>/m/224599
Currently listening >>>/m/240113
Utaite Thread >>>/m/242317
Prog Rock thread >>>/m/194458
Brit Pop General >>>/m/194670
Folk Punk / Crust Punk General >>>/m/194672
Glam Rock General >>>/m/194669
Temporal Music Thread >>>/m/186847
Temporary(?) J-Music General >>>/m/193738
Metal thread >>>/m/192752

No. 47751

Kek I don't think you read past the first sentence they wrote did you anon?

No. 47752

That same anon spammed the entire thread.

No. 47753

There's an anon in the unpopular opinions thread being a nasty piece of shit troll.

No. 47754

In the draw board Dedede anon said they are permabanned, why? Not that I really like them I'm just nosy

No. 47755

How do you know are you a farmhand? They also said
>The whole Belle thread just got a massive chimpout posted, random pics of her as a kid 'proving' she's got plastic surgery (no duh) and a random photo of her mom mogging the shit out of her. Stupid thread full of nitpickers, obsessive jealous OF hoes, and WKs, detestable behavior all around.
It's like anons sit in /meta/ waiting to make unnecessary offhand comments kek.

No. 47756

I'm that anon, and yeah this. thanks for nothing farmhands you did it.

No. 47757

Their posting was reported as avatarfagging

No. 47759

File: 1669893647630.png (6.63 KB, 508x116, 1669893587531.png)

Please kick this farmhand out >>>/ot/1427371, thank you!

No. 47760

It's obvious

No. 47761

File: 1669894614202.png (144.82 KB, 667x334, idifuckingcheck.png)

seconding this. especially if it is the same farmhand as picrel because there was 0 reason for this. I checked as much as I could and I didn't see shit, also posted in this thread about it, appeal was denied even though I explained. what is the actual damage here?
at least reply so we can get some clarity, the random bans of farmers while scrotes/gore/cp is ignored is why the userbase is dwindling and this place is becoming a cesspool.

No. 47763

kek really it was a one off dumb joke relating to the tiktok post

No. 47764

kEk there's a bigger issue here but feel free to ignore it until it's you, dumbass

No. 47765

honestly it smells like troon in here bitching about something so harmless to create a divide between the site and the anons.
I checked and it was just a playful joke from the janny after being mentioned by a anon.
idk but the rage of harmless redtext gives me troon energy, like go back to 4chan scrote.

No. 47766

I seriously doubt the anon in the screenshot got permabanned kek (unless its just because the janny used a kaomoji / joking around, which some anons who replied to that post didn’t seem to take seriously either) Whatever I guess

No. 47767

way to get it completely wrong nona. take your own advice. or take it to the tinfoil thread because you sound insane.

No. 47769

what the fuck are you talking about you and the other retards calling the janny a tranny just because they made a playful redtext belong in the tinfoil thread.

Also daily reminder that the ACTUAL troon who spams here used to call the admin and moderators trannys all of the time. So yeah of course i would duspect he would be up to those posts again due to how unhinged they are. Enjoy agreeing with blaine.

No. 47771

you got banned recently didnt you kek.

No. 47772

janny is a tranny, sorry you can't cope your way out of this one.


me too, there's too many weird unwarranted redtexts when other shit stays up for ages.
the calls are coming from inside the house.

No. 47775

inb4 we all get redtexted cause the farmhands don't want to do their job or take any constructive criticism whatsoever kek

No. 47776

yeah when was the last time they gave us a heads up about maintenance and we didn't all figure it out for ourselves after bunkering on cc?
fucking kiwifarms has a better system and they're absolute retards

No. 47777

I agree we should have better communication for maintenance and down time. And to have more farmhands for different timezones. I feel they have been more active at taking down cp /other gross content recently but I only see that from my timezone so I’m not sure for other timezones. I know they said they can’t spill everything going on BTS because of certain eyes on lc, but I agree that at least for maintenance they can announce it

No. 47778

ANY communication besides "fuck you, banned" would be sick. I've been here for years and I swear it's never been this banhappy.
if they announce it on the discord wtf who is even in the discord, that shit isn't anonymous and who wants to check a second site just announce it beforehand?

No. 47780

I agree, I got a derailing ban for asking whether a cow took inspiration for her larp from a certain source, just because I explained the reasons why I was wondering. I think it's ridiculous to get banned for that when it never derailed anything. But /w/ moderation is fucking crazy so whatever.

No. 47781

Mods I humbly request that you delete my post from the twitter hate thread

mostly I do not want more meaningless discussion that ends in topics that are not even related to the original discussion(https://lolcow.farm/info )

No. 47789


No. 47790

There's no way to have an official source on this nonnie

No. 47791

You are probably responding to said troon.

No. 47792

No, half of it is blaine chimping out again.

No. 47794

yes (not blaine)

No. 47795

(read the tinfoil thread)

No. 47796

no it’s a go-to for when nonnies are mad at jannies but could also be baiters itt lol

No. 47797

I won't lie, you spamming this photo is giving tranny vibes. I understand being upset but if jannies already explained that you shouldn't have the thread, that it's redundant, why are you still pressed over it? It feels like newfaggotry + possible troon when you're insisting on spamming stuff like this.

No. 47798

No. 47800


No. 47801

You should delete this one too, you either don't know what spoonfeeding is or you're completely lost here.

No. 47802

Damn, you are a retard. Didn’t post shit in the Belle thread becauss it is sucks and has no milk, everyone (including you nona) who participate in it are dumb af

No. 47803

nonny I'm screaming

No. 47805

begone summerfags

No. 47806

stfu newfag.

No. 47807

No one said you directly. You need to calm down. If you're taking it personally, maybe you are the one posting.

No. 47808

Breh stop trying to make fetch happen, it's not going to happen.(prime example of the tranny)

No. 47810

File: 1669919529391.png (Spoiler Image, 49.66 KB, 743x559, b81G0Ik.png)

I will address some of the issues that seem to be stemming from the redtexts and other things. Why does it always seem like we have to make these messages every few weeks. The circumstances have not changed. You want a little transparency, we'll give you some.

Unsure how often we have to say this, as farmhands we can't control what happens when the site goes down. We reach out to admin when things go down and that's all we can do until we hear back about it, which is often not immediate. We don't know every living detail about what admin is doing day to day, it just depends on the time that the site goes down and how busy she is with IRL things.

As for CP and the time it takes to delete them, let me first say that a lot of times CP is posted and within minutes, sometimes even seconds, it is deleted. A lot of farmers don't see that, which is great. We're doing our jobs. But there are very few times in which it stays up for hours, and that happens far less than when we delete it immediately. Also should note that there are many times we've caught rachelfags or trannies claiming we leave it up on purpose. I've attached some a collage of screenshots just to give some transparency on the process of what happens when cp is posted. Obviously not all instances of when pings occur will be in the collage, but just wanted to show some examples of circumstances when it does happen. When possible, mods will remove it immediately, when they see it. If they see it but are unable to remove it, they reach out to any possible moderators that can remove it at the time. Sometimes it's within minutes, other times the farmhands that can delete it are busy and unable to respond. For example, sometimes I can be away from my phone or computer for an hour, come back to a ping and find out that cp has been up for the time that I stepped way. A good example of that will be shown in the collage of photos. It's no secret we have a busier than ideal moderation team. Again, as farmhands, we have no control over that. We still have jobs and school. But we love the site so that's why we do this.

>Why not just hire a NEET without a job?

It all depends on who volunteers to do this. This is a very cumbersome job. You are essentially signing up to constantly have to sift through tranny sperging, cp and gore in the reports. We did have a mod join us recently, she's a genuine user of the site and has been doing a really good job when things get shitty. But not trying to blow smoke up anyone's ass. Re-opening farmhand applications could take a while. Knowing who to trust, while also trying to remain as anonymous as possible, is difficult to say the least. These are the circumstances we are dealing with while things are in this grey area where women's forums are being targeted. Obviously, as seen with KF, hosting sites are trying to buckle down on what they will allow to be hosted, so things are being backed up and migrated, which does cause the site to go down sometimes.

>Why does it seem like you redtext immediately but take so long to delete cp?

Most of the cp is posted on boards where there aren't super active moderators. Not only that, but the ones redtexting may not be able to delete the cp, they may not have perms for that particular board. There have been instances in the past where some of the mods with full perms have advocated for mods without perms – barring they had been mods for long enough – in order to get them the perms they need so they can fully moderate the site or at least the boards that get spammed with cp. But again, we really cannot choose who gets full perms. It's admin's decision depending on her own criteria of who gets full perms and if they have moderated (1) consistently and (2) long enough.

Anyways, about the redtexts. This goes back to what was said previously. Some mods are unable to leave ##Farmhand messages because they aren't fully farmhands yet. They have to communicate through redtext, which is not always ideal, but just know that a lot of these redtext bans that are full-on messages aren't usually long bans. They could span from 10 minutes to 3 hours, depending on if the post violates or if that mod is just using the redtext to communicate a message. I used to do this when I was a janitor but got scolded for it a few times. But when there aren't any farmhands around able to leave a farmhand message, sometimes it's necessary to make a redtext.

This is an imageboard. None of this shit should be taken personally. If a mod leaves a redtext, just dust yourself off and move on. But lately it seems a lot of anons want to be a special type of anon, with a special "niche" about them and a special name. So they act out when they can't do that. That's super embarrassing, by the way. Lately, a lot of users have been taking bans super personally and having their feelings hurt over some stupid shit that they did (or didn't) do. If it's not a super serious offense, your ban will at most be 48 hours. Ban evasion while continuing to do said stupid shit is going to get you an increased ban. So if you intend to ban evade, it's your best bet to just move on and stop sperging or whatever you were doing that got you banned in the first place. 9/10 we don't check your next moves after you've been banned, unless you decide to go back for more. If you continue to ban evade while acting out, you get permabanned. This site is not promised, it is never promised. If it were a forum, I would understand. But it's an anonymous imageboard.

We do check and read ban appeals btw. If you are an ass about it, then no your ban will not be appealed. If you were a newfag and broke a lot of rules upon initially posting, your ban will not be appealed (lurk moar). But if you made a mistake or we made a mistake in banning you, we will appeal it. If you explain what happened, we will likely appeal it. To note: CHECK if your ban is expired. We got a lot of ban appeals for bans that were already expired. You don't need to appeal it. If the ban is expired, just hit the back button and try to post again, it will go through. No, we are still not unbanning VPN IP addresses at present. That has been really helpful in mitigating raids.

I hope this is a sufficient enough explanation for everything that has been happening, it's truly the best we can do right now, given what we have to work with. For protection and good reason, moderators aren't 100% informed with every drop of information that goes on behind the scenes. It makes sense from a security perspective. Even ex-moderators squeal.

Lastly, what I said does not represent admin. Unsure if I'll answer any additional questions. No I cannot make this a banner or link this anywhere on the site. Best we can do as farmhands, is next time a /meta/ thread is created, link it. However, anons don't read. So they will still want to be spoonfed. There will be no tl;dr. Read it all or don't complain when a question was answered in here but you didn't read it.

No. 47812

i think people are more pissed that the admin doesn't say all this. it's obvious anything related to her is bs.

No. 47813

I mean, it's the farmhands that mod, correct? Why should an admin be the harbinger of the small ways the site is moderated when that isn't her role?

No. 47814

No it's the lack of communication from anyone that's upsetting. It doesn't matter who says it. At least now there is something as opposed to nothing.

No. 47815

You're completely correct.

No. 47816

but the admin needs to be telling us what she is doing with the site. admin is the one with all the power. she's making all the changes, granting mods rights etc. she's the one who we need to hear from, that's what we mean by transparency. mods saying this stuff is meaningless because they're just being the messenger. hell, farmhand just said not to blame them because they're just passing on info. no one wants any accountability and the person who it should be directed to is hiding.

No. 47817

>mods saying this stuff is meaningless because they're just being the messenger.
Nta but this is nonsense. I personally just wanted to hear why thet haven't given us any sort of message at all.

See >>47813

No. 47818

Ok, this is probably gonna be dumb but…can we please have a meta discussion about the absurd infighting that's been going on? There's something really off lately.
I try to ignore it mostly yet it seems to be spilling into different threads.
>containment thread for certain topics, especially it's hidden away kek
>harsher bans on nonnies that in-fight often, especially if it's a redundant topic. This way these measures wouldn't really add to modding because repeat offenders would be offed
>same with those that repeat one-note accusations a lot
Note how certain topics are already restricted or even considered baiting as-is because it helps the site focus more and gives less power to shit-flingers. Again, I know nothing, especially not about modding, though I don't believe things are getting better on their own because some things are now starting fights almost by default.
I'm fine with her being a phantom it's more that I'm worried whether she has plenty of time to talk to the mods and coordinate.

No. 47819

Also I'm not 100% sure, but it's like more tiktok shit has been being posted? Am I hallucinating?

No. 47820

Nta but wdym? Like beside the TikTok hate thread?

No. 47821

i wouldnt be surprised, some anons said that lc is being mentioned there more often.

No. 47822

Anons who get called out for their posts hate anons who come here and use the thread as intended to let mods know about certain reports/posts. That's the gist of this threads derailing.

No. 47823

really? did they link any examples?

No. 47824

Nta you can search up “lolcow.farm” on twitter or TikTok and you’ll see girls unashamedly posting about browsing here or having threads here

No. 47825

Yeah, that's mostly what I'm intuiting. It's not just the tiktoks being posted off the hate thread but something about the rhetoric some users are using and the rise of it lately.

No. 47826

To be honest I think Tiktok is REALLY popular with young adults and teens I wouldn’t be surprised if they were leaking into lolcow

No. 47828

That and the other half of them are the ones starting the infighting but somehow think coming to /meta/ early will put them in farmhand's good graces kek

No. 47829

if you read my post you'd understand why i said that. it's meaningless because they add no follow-up they have to relay everything back and forth and then explain how slow or no communication isn't their fault, when admin essentially put it all on them.

No. 47831

Suggestion: permanently move celebricows and unpopular opinions to /manure/

No. 47832

second this actually lmao

No. 47833

The spamming retard is back in /w/ and moved from Belle to Venus now

No. 47834

There's definitely something weird going on for the past month specifically. I was retarded yesterday and took the bait in the unpopular opinions thread regarding nose sperging, and I really do try my best usually not to argue too much kek

No. 47835

They’re in the jvlog thread too, or someone circlejerking the same comments about lily/Chris’s weight/Sharla etc.
I genuinely thought I had clicked on an old thread.
Mod suggestion: please permanently autosage this thread cos I am fed up of seeing it at the top with the same non milk obsessive discussion over Chris’s weight

No. 47836


No. 47837

theres cp on the homepage. one thread is in pt im not sure about the other

No. 47838

cp in /pt/, dont scroll

No. 47839

cp also in /ot/

No. 47840

It's all the same anons. Gotta be. They bounce around /w/ with exaggerated takes and constantly nitpicking about shit like nannies, pokemon, being out with friends, weightsperging.

They try to pretend to post as if they are whiteknighting sometimes too then blames other anons because they get called out just to call other people whiteknight. No way mods don't see this.

No. 47841

its gone now.

No. 47842

Thank you for this. Please keep VPN IPs permabanbed.

No. 47844

Sounds like you're suffering from a common delusion on imageboards, that you're one of only two or three posters on this entire site. Are the posters who pretend to be WKs and also nitpicking spergs with you now?

No. 47845

Didn't say that. The posters tend to have the same type of shitposting.

No. 47846

Nta, I agree with you and think it's the rachelfags mentioned by staff.

No. 47847

True, no one is expecting farmhands to give updates. Most of us are just expecting admin to actually communicate, especially with how the site has been going down for anywhere between a couple of hours to a week since the admin change. The last thing from her was some empty promise about how she would protect women's spaces.

No. 47848

>Mod suggestion: please permanently autosage this thread cos I am fed up of seeing it at the top with the same non milk obsessive discussion over Chris’s weight
You're telling mods to autosage the thread just as it's recently come out that Chris has been advising a guy who had two public rape allegations, has bragged about forcing hitchhikers to give him bjs and getting hot n heavy with teens, and said rape is a woman's fault on camera?

No. 47849

yeah, suspicious…
this anon has real issues. bald is disgusting, no way chris didn't know.

No. 47850

When it happens so frequently and the type of exaggeration and obsession posts/edits are made, you can see the pattern. Saying it's a handful of anons isn't really a stretch. No one said it's just one or two people.

No. 47852

This isn't the thread to argue about things like this. Anons in the thread are washing over this the same way they did the archeological stuff because anons takes on it aren't worth discussion as they are over the top and trying to force infighting anytime someone says something different. They don't want to have a discussion. They just want to blame and be unreasonable. If you're going out of you way to literally refuse to talk about what Chris even posted just because Bald is involved, that's a you problem and this is why some anons are just ignoring it. Then you have the anons shitposting in between all this about weightsperging non-stop and you can tell it's all bait posting.

So yeah, autosage the thread until anons can actually post milk and be willing to discuss it instead of "My way or the highway" mentality because that just goes back to what anons have said about people wanting to use this as a public discord/message board rather than a discussion imageboard.

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