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File: 1670857401641.png (1.72 MB, 1218x637, X79Yksps4.png)

No. 1725558

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

Some of the big name cows currently in the industry:

>Rebecca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life


>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert


>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is married to Molly Ostertag (who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"


>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though


previous thread: >>1585248

Previous thread highlights:
>Scott Adams(author of those Dilbert comics) is glad his step-son died of a drug overdose otherwise he'd become a school shooter >>1590757
>Kate Leth now identifies as autistic instead of borderline >>1593733
>Pretentious writer Grant Morrison comes out as non-binary >>1594267
>Miscellaneous Miraculous Ladybug controversies >>1598152 >>1599669
>Vivziepop ruins her own series on account of her fujo brain rot >>1604388
>48 year old VA for Silco from Arcane, dating a 22 year old they/them >>1606098
>David Zaslav stepping in as CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery >>1606635
>Bee and Puppycat remake >>1612798
>Rebecca sugar describes Pearl and Rose's relationship "If Alfred(a servant) was in love with Batman" >>1614045
>Infinity Train pulled from HBO max >>1620405
>Julia Vickermen may have intended her character Reggie from twelve forever to have been trans >>1626423
>Donnie from TMNT is now canonically "autistic-coded" >>1665614
>Velma is just Mindy Kaling's OC self insert series >>1669092 >>1669877
>Velma writers might be projecting >>1670300
>they're making a scooby doo series without scooby doo >>1670973
>Rick and Morty writers shoehorning in their fetishes >>1673405 >>1673986
>Haley Quinn writers turn the show into a neo-liberal power fantasy >>1677666 >>1677813
>Helluva Boss has 3 episodes in a row dedicated to Blitz and Stolas romance >>1688134
>Tuca & Bertie has been canceled again along with 38 other shows >>1692472
>Pixar's new film look like trash >>1706256
>Nate stevenson "celebrates" being almost 2 years on Testosterone >>1717525
>Some suspect Molly might have groomed her to transition >>1719853 >>1721347
>Others are convinced that Noelle was always like this >>1719862 >>1722145

No. 1725604

File: 1670861143557.png (508.06 KB, 813x601, CAPTURE.png)

So Noelle's feature film is set to be released next year on Netflix

>The animated film Nimona, scrapped following the shutdown of Blue Sky Studios amid Disney’s acquisition of Fox, has landed at Netflix, with Chloë Grace Moretz (Mother/Android), Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal) and Eugene Lee Yang (Spring Bloom) set to star. The adaptation of ND Stevenson’s New York Times bestselling graphic novel—originally to have been directed by Patrick Osborne, but now being helmed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane (Spies in Disguise)—will debut on the streamer in 2023.

>In the LGBTQ+-themed Nimona, Knight Ballister Boldheart (Ahmed) is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and the only person who can help him prove his innocence is Nimona (Moretz), a shape-shifting teen who might also be a monster he’s sworn to kill. Set in a techno-medieval world unlike anything animation has tackled before, this is an inclusive story about the labels we assign to people and the shapeshifter who refuses to be defined by anyone. Yang is playing a character named Ambrosius Goldenloin.
>Taking to Twitter today to celebrate Nimona‘s revival was Stevenson, who wrote, “Nimona’s always been a spunky little story that just wouldn’t stop. She’s a fighter…but she’s also got some really awesome people fighting for her. I am excited out of my mind to announce that THE NIMONA MOVIE IS ALIVE…coming at you in 2023 from Annapurna and Netflix.”

No. 1725612

>techno-medieval world unlike anything tackled before
… He-Man and She-Ra. You are thinking of He-Man and She-Ra. Those shows are peak techno-medieval.

No. 1725619

>A story about a shapeshiter rejecting labels
Oh god, why can't she let this go? There was a shapeshifting NB in She-Ra, and one of her self-pitying comics included a part wishing she were a shapeshifter that could be a dainty woman one day and a strong man the next, too. You only have one body, Noelle. It can't change on a dime, but it is capable of some changes. You can be a strong or a dainty woman, but you'll never be any kind of man, and what changes you can obtain don't happen by taking a few magic pills without any other effort.

No. 1725648

>and one of her self-pitying comics included a part wishing she were a shapeshifter that could be a dainty woman one day and a strong man the next
which one was this ?

No. 1725664

I don't have it on hand, but it's one about how limited clothes options are, and how she wishes she could be a man some days and a woman on others, specifically saying "like a shapeshifter" to explain what she wants for herself.

No. 1725752

can I say that I've always found noelle's work to be completely mediocre even in her big tumblr days. It's baffling to me how she came to be a showrunner and now has an upcoming movie of her original ip.

I've also heard through the grapevine that she-ra was a mess to work on because she didn't know how to run the show at all.

No. 1725766

File: 1670874438315.jpg (45.39 KB, 600x312, broship-triple.jpg)

her comics were find for that specific era of trumblr

No. 1725808

File: 1670877730728.gif (395.78 KB, 459x318, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Thank you for including Parker Simmons and Mao Mao in the pic. I was a huge fan of the show as I watched it get brutally murdered, I can't imagine being the creator himself.

No. 1725840

To be fair, most major figures in modern western animation are mediocre artists with no idea how to run a show. The only thing that makes Noelle stand out from the group was that she wasn't an animation industry nepotism baby, and she's actually SSA instead of a queerhet larper. In that way, her cringe feels more authentic and understandable (though it's still bad), as opposed to the CalArts crowd, who were born into money and given everything they could have needed to succeed, but still came out retarded. Granted, sometimes I wonder if she only got big in the industry because she emotionally latched onto a NY nepotism baby (who, not to paint Molly as a victim, treated her like shit and then latched onto her in return when her career started taking off), but I will admit seeing her success does make me feel like I'm at a Special Olympics horse race where all the horses are retarded, and she's my favorite retard horse because she came from a small, local farm instead of being purebred by enormously wealthy people.

No. 1725868

Anon she still went to an expensive art school lol. Most people who go to those schools take loans out most aren't born into money

No. 1725900

File: 1670884641491.jpg (3.49 MB, 8653x2666, 1SDKBwznDJ.jpg)

Inside job is probably the most blatant self insert I have seen in years, the creator is half japanese/white and the MC is also half japanese/white, she's smarter then everyone else but also "quirky and relatable" in a wish fulfillment sorta way

No. 1725902

I really enjoyed that show and never even thought to look into the VA, huh. Just doing what dudes have been doing for years

No. 1725903

looks like a rick and morty clone

No. 1725936

who cares lol. this isn't milk, it's just what moids have been doing for decades upon decades. i'm all down for mary sues at this point, fuck it

No. 1725984

Inside Job is such an odd show where it's like "all conspiracy theories are real but only the ones that are socially acceptable to believe". It's a fine premise but the fact that it's written by Twitter liberal millennials kind of hurts it. And god this show refuses to let you forget its writers are millennials with all the 90s and 00s references.

No. 1725990

File: 1670894857666.jpeg (717.23 KB, 1029x1142, C0736EE6-51B9-4FD1-9B06-C61B69…)

Sage for old milk
I skimmed the other threads and I have yet to see this classic.

No. 1726019

assigning races to ducks is just a whole new level of "jesus christ, go outside"

No. 1726100

AYRT and I'm not saying all animators are rich kids (that would be retarded, considering most of them are treated like shit and forced into crunch time but don't leave their fields), but the fact is that there are a substantial amount of people who go to CalArts in particular that are bored upper middle class to rich white straight people who are terrified of not being special, despite being horribly unoriginal and lackluster. A lot of that kind end up running the business, because that's just how capitalism tends to work everywhere. Rich kids get the rich kid jobs, especially if they have familial ties in the industry.

No. 1726148

File: 1670906392343.png (2.62 MB, 7281x4413, becoming.png)

No. 1726231

is it though? its more taking the piss out of the concept of shadow governments that people believe in and just using it as a set piece for a slice of life sci-fi show
I've watched the show and its okay, also its not really political more something by smug liberals who think they know better then everyone else.

No. 1726251

He sounds like he's about to jerk off wtf.

No. 1726255

AYRT. I think so, but I could have sworn there was more. I might have been combining two of her comics together into one, though.

No. 1726274

Picrel was just an excerpt of that post but I remember the wanting to be a shapeshifter line too but I couldn't find it

No. 1726284

Do you have any specific examples of this? Connections definitely help but I don't think I've seen what you're talking about specifically from calarts.

No. 1726292

File: 1670926936872.png (54.93 KB, 848x1332, shapeshifter.png)

I don't think the specific instance I'm remembering is on Substack, but I did find this there.

No. 1726295

The Ducktales 2017 was an insane mess. Weren’t there rumors about one of the board artists dating an underage fan (who later was accused of stealing profits from a DT charity zine??)

No. 1726296

Same anon, I mean to say the fandom was an insane mess. The show did have its problems though

No. 1726333

That Tweet is always shared in /co/‘s “the writers barely disguised fetish” threads.

No. 1726598

File: 1670961740717.png (563.43 KB, 640x640, 22082.png)

why do they always look like this(sage non-milk)

No. 1726618

Oh man yeah i remember when i started crying tears of joy because of how awesome representation she was for the whole 2 seconds she was on screen on the whole show lmao

I wonder if his plan was to eventually get a darkwing duck spinoff but that fell through

No. 1726710

File: 1670970612586.jpeg (155.38 KB, 1200x900, frank angones.jpeg)

Every time.

No. 1726791

>cocky teenage Latina coming to destroy your fragile ego
This is phrased like a porn title.

No. 1726879

Want to shake her and say it's ok to be a butch lesbian!!!! I wish she was surrounded by loving lesbian friends instead of her narc bisexual wife and they/them spicy straight art nerds. I feel sad for her, but she's also wealthy and has a dream art career. I guess there's a price to pay for everything.

No. 1726914

I’m pretty sure it was. IIRC Frank took a “twitter break” right when they announced Seth Rogan’s company was doing the reboot (which I’m pretty sure has been shelved)

No. 1726920

so many of you come off as bitter/jealous of these people's careers

No. 1726966

good grief she hates herself so much

No. 1727038

>I've also heard through the grapevine that she-ra was a mess to work on because she didn't know how to run the show at all.
I've heard that too, but never read any specifics. I'd love for someone to spill the beans there. I know a few of her staff for the show behaved like cows in their own right on Twitter, which is the standard for people in the animation industry these days.

No. 1727116

Nonnie didn't come across as jealous to me, she was just commenting that there is contrast between how miserable Noelle seems and how successful she is. That sort of combination is common, but it can be jarring for those of us who don't "get lucky" in life or don't have the same ambition.

No. 1727626

File: 1671070987684.jpeg (618.76 KB, 1524x3464, Jizzi.JPEG)

I know he's technically not industry but I think it still fits here. Does anybody know what's going on with RebelTaxi/Pan Pizza and the podcast? Izzi already deleted the long ass thread before I saw it, but apparently these two are no longer on it? Maybe it's not milky but the fact Jizzi had written a 10 part twitter thread about it before deleting seems like some shit went down.

No. 1727653

I haven't watched RebelTaxi or the podcast in a few years, but I just want to say that Izzy is an annoying troon that offered literally nothing to any discussion, good riddance.

No. 1727679

Kate Spade, Robin Williams, and Anthony Bourdain were all rich, famous, and beloved and they still killed themselves. Mental illness and self hatred don't just go away when you're rich and famous, you need to also actively work to get better.

No. 1727684

The bendy arms style always felt like she was trying to be Kate Beaton without the charm

No. 1727698

Its hard to feel bad for the insanely rich. So dont bother because they certainly don't feel bad for us unwashed masses.

No. 1727881

No one is saying that rich people can't feel like shit or suffer from mental illness or trauma, retard. It's just harder for the average person to empathize with people with special privileges like wealth or fame when they seem to think that their lives are awful, when they have the means to improve their lives themselves, and most of us don't. Those of us who can't make rent will struggle to cry for wealthy people who don't have to worry about surviving or having their basic needs met (and then some) but invent problems for themselves by constantly barking up the wrong trees. I feel bad for Noelle for being a traumatized SSA woman, but she has had every opportunity to better herself, and instead just digs herself further down. She's not the worst instance of this by a long shot, though. Not even close. But it would be stupid of me not to be able to acknowledge that she's at least partly responsible for her own misery, as a fully grown adult with good prospects who has been granted a lot of good fortune in her career.

No. 1727964

That's because to actually get a show, you don't need to be a good artist or to even be a good writer. You just have to be good at selling something and having the right connections.

No. 1728018

File: 1671120402907.png (1.03 MB, 1079x1214, Screenshot_20221215-080637.png)

Mirrored thread. My gathered info from the reddit seems to point to the podcast being rebooted without asking Izzi (or Jim) about it and adding DaftPina (animation community drama YouTuber).

No. 1728020

File: 1671120513410.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20221215-080743.png)

Cont of deleted Twitter thread about

No. 1728029

it’s fascinating how meaningless word salad can ruin your perception of the world

No. 1728053

This bitch is so incredibly self indulgent and self obsessed. Why not go to therapy instead? She doesn't have the excuse of not being able to afford it

No. 1728096

why can't she shape her own experience and not accept the social limits of what she believes femininity is?

No. 1728226

wasn't Nolan revealed to be requesting minors to draw him fetish porn, it's not really surprising that the rest of them would be degenerates as well

No. 1728492

Explains why a lot of Disney show runners nowadays has some upper middle class/straight up rich character that acts like a dick yet still gets a “redemption” because they have mommy and daddy issues.

Side tangent but I hate this trend, and no matter how much “oh but they have at home issues” they try to push out on this character- I will never side with the rich character who is a piece of shit to others or any rich character in general

No. 1728538

The only one I can think of is Pacifica from Gravity Falls…who else? You’re right tho it is a shit archetype lol

No. 1728562

Thanks nona!!I don't understand how he's upset Pan didn't talk to him about the reboot when he literally said, in the thread, that he was asked to be a part of it. The fact he was screaming during his livestream sounds unhinged.
god i haven't watched/listened to the podcast in so long i forgot about Nolan. This isn't surprising at all

No. 1728906

"Screaming" is a typo of "streaming" - he wasn't actually screaming.

No. 1728916

>Since then I'm better. I'm on better meds, I'm slowly getting my creativity back and I feel more and more "human" every day.

Yet he still is of the delusional belief that he is any kind of woman when the reality is that he's also just a large man in a dress, okay lol.

I never cared for Nolan tbh, he was very annoying. Honestly both him and Izzy were my least favorites and only Pan and Jim were the only ones who I enjoyed listening to as well as some of the guests they had on. I actually didn't know that Nolan was associated with potential grooming and if this is true, good fucking riddance.


No. 1728921

NTAYRT but there's Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X but that was early 2000s, I just disliked that character so much kek

Maybe some of the characters from Miraculous Ladybug like Adrien and Chloe?

No. 1729246

>Amity Blight from The Owl House
>Rarity, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Babs Seed from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
>Most of the gems from Steven Universe, especially the Diamonds (with emphasis on Pink Diamond) and Pearl
>Cleo De Nile from Monster High
>Sasha Waybright from Amphibia
>Marceline from Adventure Time
Mostly from TV Tropes and knowing people in these fandoms, not from personal enjoyment of sny of these shows, so forgive me if some of these are off-base.

No. 1729393

>Miraculous Ladybug like Adrien and Chloe?
It's pretty funny to see Chloe stans to this day cry about her redemption being "trashed".

No. 1729488

Rick and Morty centered half an entire episode around urine, the villain literally states that he wants to pee on summer, this is the tenth time this has happened
Why do they have to insert their fetishes every single episode ?

No. 1729491

Andre 3000 did it in Class of 3000 right before CN went down the drain

No. 1729502

>upper middle class/straight up rich character that acts like a dick yet still gets a “redemption” because they have mommy and daddy issues.
>Marceline from Adventure Time
Marceline does not fit this trope at all and I'm kind of insulted on her behalf.

No. 1729520

Marceline is literally the daughter of a powerful abusive man, and she is introduced as selfish and cruel before becoming friends with the protagonists. I'm not saying she's a bad character, but these are facts about her character. Additional complexity doesn't change that.

No. 1729633

File: 1671308108717.png (562.71 KB, 1429x1080, 1666896969973.png)

how many fetishes have they focused on, piss, incest and anal violation???

No. 1729635

I have a SZS doujin like this

No. 1729638

She became friends with Finn in her second episode, where she was revealed to just be an edgelord. In that episode, she messed with Finn, but was nice to everyone one else. Her whole arc was "stop messing with people for fun, heal yourself, grow up and be an actual adult." She and Bubbeline both made mistakes and both had to grow to heal their relationship. The only other person she would have needed 'redemption' from is Finn, but he didn't hold her antics against her. And she stopped messing with him as she dealt with her issues.

No. 1729653

Amphibia actually does the "redemption because I have shitty parents" again with King Andrias. This is a shitty trope and I've never seen it done well.

No. 1729802

> This is a shitty trope and I've never seen it done well
Because you shouldn’t have to keep reinforcing that your character abuses/assaults others because “boo hoo my mama didn’t hug me enough”. Like, you can understand the character/what ‘built them’, but jfc don’t force the audience and the characters to like the person who goes out of their way to hurt others

Another character I thought of is that white haired chic from ghost and molly McGee. I baby sit, so sometimes I’m stuck watching the show, but each time I see the white haired girl, I hope the absolute worse for her- unfortunately this show also followed the trend of trying to make the audience sympathize the privileged person

No. 1729825

Just because the arc is done quicker doesn't mean it's not there. She literally bullies a child in his own home in her first appearance.

No. 1730964

I just want to appreciate another SZS fan. Good job, anon.

No. 1731132

>(with emphasis on Pink Diamond)
My god with Rebeeca trying so hard to make us feel sorry for Pink and that she "changed herself for the better" crap when she still was a royal, spoiled bitch with a fresh coat of identity theft paint to the very end

No. 1731619

File: 1671891758998.webm (1.23 MB, 406x720, Dan Harmons DISGUSTING video _…)

tbf its not like Dan Harmon's any better, he literally acted in a sketch where he pretend to rape a baby as a parody of Dexter

No. 1731642

Don't fucking bring rarity into this scrote

No. 1731652

What are you talking about? Most self-inserts are women.

No. 1731678

She was raised in poverty by her mother and Simon, though. Hunson was basically absent her entire childhood, so his power and wealth were basically irrelevant until he was an adult and wanted her to inherit his job.

Also, the show doesn't use her childhood trauma as a justification for her behavior. The flashbacks to her childhood are mostly just part of a larger plotline involving Simon. Marceline's impulsiveness and pettiness are just innate aspects of her character that appear to have been there in some capacity even when she was a kid.

Also, she's stuck as a teenager forever because that's when she absorbed the soul of the vampire king, so there's an element of arrested development at play.

No. 1731895

No. 1733079

I bought Nimona because so many people raved about it but it irritated the hell out of me. I found her art style lazy (worse in some places than others), the character Nimona was such an obvious NLOG self insert, and the plot was a mess too. I wanted to like it because I want to support women in male-dominated fields like comics and graphic novels, but this was not it.

No. 1734832

File: 1672489734587.png (51.34 KB, 240x421, Screenshot 2022-12-31 072719.p…)

Some helluva boss clips were leaked onto 4chan straight from a storyboarder's website. The one with the fight being episode 9 and the two clips focusing on stolas daughter being from episode 12. The episode 12 clips look a little too good to be true for me. The camera angles and way things are framed within the scene are way better that what helluva boss has done so far. A lot of the shots look really basic and usually stay the same through out unless it's a fight scene or musical scene they wanted to put effort into. There have also been some gifs released on twitter by VivziePop of hazbin hotel. Honestly wish viv and Brandon were actually good at writing so they could make the whole troubled parent relationship thing work. It would be interesting to know more information about stella and have Octavia and her relationship be developed.

Archive of the 4chan thread:

gifs posted by VivziePop: https://twitter.com/VivziePop/status/1606696441774317570?cxt=HHwWhIC9ndb5kMwsAAAA

and leaked clip google drive file i got from the 4chan link since all these video converters are fucking faggots:


No. 1735208

so again, the last episodes will also focus on stolas again

No. 1735227

Might as well rename the show "Helluva Prince".

No. 1736229


No. 1737650

File: 1672904388540.jpeg (156.26 KB, 1284x1761, 7969B470-0517-4F9F-B4FF-8C59C8…)

Some hazbin hotel character sheets and scripts also got leaked: https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/134770451/#134770956

Picrel is the main antagonist, other profiles in the thread

No. 1737655

By far the laziest and most underwhelming design

No. 1737657

The exterminator angels are (apparently) all female, under the control of misogynistic male angel, and have names like Clitorissa, Labyanne, and Pusscilla.

No. 1737697

File: 1672913374313.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

Bump for CP

No. 1737734

So Viv has no problem making a bunch of misogynistic jokes (even naming characters Vaggie and Clitorissa) but god forbid this show has a tranny or a man-hating joke.
Also that's the ugliest design ever. WHY is Viv obsessed with that clown/demon head shape? Is she fucking autistic or something?

No. 1737785

The description kek. I’m all for hating these types of people but the paragraph sounds like it was written by an edgy kid explaining their cool new oc.
>arrogant but confident
I got whiplash from writers not knowing words

Exactly, the show is another superficially progressive medium like many other modern shows, just because it’ll handle slightly “”darker” subjects, but with the addition that it will run over all it’s female casts.
Sorry but I just do not like this show and can’t see why it garnered this much attention. At times, I think the unique artstyle is the only thing saving it/is the reason why people where interested in the first place (that is to say IF they weren’t past the age of a freshman in college)

No. 1737811

Nu Shera where every girl has a flat chest, the main romance is a toxic mess, and Castaspella is turned into a meme quirky aunt and pushed aside in favour of a lackluster moid

No. 1737838

She can't defend "it's only the angels because their bad guys" defense because the second female lead in the show is called Vaggie which is another joke. The fact that most female characters are just pussy jokes seems like a huge middle finger because they told her she can't turn the show into a fujo yaoi.

Viv has always spat on her female character, especially the heteronormative and straight ones. She does it so much I'm waiting for Viv to troon out

No. 1737904

can she stop making designs with the same goddamn shark teeth smile

No. 1737928

> I'm waiting for Viv to troon out
I don’t think she will, I mean she’s still pulling off the raccoon look. I’m figuring she’s just going to stay as another 2010 pick me fujoshi

No. 1737945

what in the fucking fujo coom

No. 1738006

I think you mean "the only readable and clear design in that clusterfuck of characters"
Jfc im glad it's and indy production and it's so successful, apparently people like working on it and are paid. But man it's so edgy and insufferable, i honestly cant understand how anyone above 12 can stomach it

No. 1738139

File: 1672958549137.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20230105-143809~2.p…)

Been noticing a LOT of demon/angel pornified comics and animations. I wonder if the line of thinking is like "I'm horny but want to still have a perfect cinnamon roll uwu smol bean persona, demons are "naturally" sexy so it's not ME who drew them like this – they are just like that! Haha!"

No. 1738140

File: 1672958734651.png (2.71 MB, 1080x2102, Screenshot_20230105-143856.png)

One more from the webtoon Monsters and Girls. Angels and Demon OCs are very popular right now? DeviantArt resurgence

No. 1738267

I hate porn addict moids as much as the next nonny but i think you may be reading too much into it. It's just teen boy jokes about piss,sex,and mental health
as someone with a piss kink, i really don't see any sexual aspect, i have no idea who gets horny watching this

No. 1738318


No. 1738367

Is that why Vaggie's name is so repulsive? It's highly implied she's an exterminator

No. 1738456

File: 1672982652313.jpg (21.06 KB, 1053x554, IMG_20200309_154149.jpg)

Sorry for off topic; I found this meme on my computer and I didn't get it from this site so maybe people here may get a kick out of it.

No. 1738581

I actually like "biblical accurate" angels (or designs that differ from the usual beautiful men and women playing instruments, but I love these too) but I'm SO TIRED of the trope "the angels are actually the bad guys!!" and this trend that everyone must be horny and cocky all the fucking time. Also tired of everyone having "being gay and horny" as their only personality trait (like Blitzo and Stolas from Helluva), and I say this as someone who likes hot men and bl. Everything is just so oversexualized, I guess it's because zoomers are all pornsick.

No. 1738589

File: 1673008592659.jpg (489.35 KB, 1317x2557, 03.jpg)

Early reviews of Mindy Karling's Velma, its somehow even worse then what everyone expected


>It’s not a casting issue, but a writing issue, as whatever character traits made Velma, Daphne, Fred and Shaggy engaging in the original simply isn’t present here, and the serialized mysteries aren’t engaging enough to push the narrative forward. Really, it feels like there’s something missing here. Maybe the producers should consider adding another character. Like a funny talking dog.


>Velma feels like the Cliff’s Notes version of Scooby-Doo that was then eaten and thrown up by the dog. To be clear, a series of this nature should be allowed to forge its own path or choose to omit Scooby-Doo or any sort of canine companion, but there just needs to be substance underneath it all rather than cynicism. Velma comes across as even emptier after something like Glass Onion, which clearly has such reverence for Agatha Christie mysteries, whereas Velma repeatedly dresses down the original Scooby-Doo simply because it needs a target.

>Velma is edgy and it wants its audience to know that right from the jump. There’s rampant cursing, gratuitous female nudity and graphic violence, and there are even cockroaches copulating doggie style all in an attempt to come across as shocking and funny. It’s all such a transparent attempt to push these characters into a more mature universe without justification or much of a plan.
>Audiences just want a funny, genuine update on Scooby-Doo. Not only does Velma take too long to rid itself of its baggage and be itself, but it often feels like it has a direct disdain for its source material.

No. 1738620

>shaggy worries that he’s a beta male

Dude, shaggy’s too high to worry about being seen as a “beta”, whatever the fuck that means. He’s a looser like the rest of the gang.
Maybe it was for the best that they took scooby out because I can’t see how they massacred the dog when they already mutilated the gang. It keeps coming back to the question on who this was made for, I’m genuinely curious

No. 1738641

It was made for Mindy Karling, this is one of her wish fulfillment projects.

No. 1738644

Why are you misspelling her name kek is it some LSA kind of thing? Mindy Kaling is not going to take down your lolcow post.

No. 1738646

This pisses me off, stop sexualizing beloved children's cartoons. Write your own ADULT concepts if you want to be shitty & gross. Hollywood is so pedophilic.

No. 1738656

I just genuinely don't know how to spell her name lmao

No. 1738661

Kek my bad anon, carry on.

No. 1738736

Welp my suspicions are confirmed. She wanted her original show, the suits said "attach to existing IP or bust" and now Velma is going to reek of seething and bitterness.

No. 1738813

Skip if you’re not interested in sperging about angels:

I find angels to be interesting the way they’re portrayed in a lot of esoteric religion—they are considered more intimidating than demons but it’s just because they’re super alien to human nature (while demons exist on a lower plane and have more in common with us). Angels wouldn’t fit easily into human ideas of goodness or benevolence as they work more for a universal purpose than for anything else, which sometimes means they are pretty harsh in service to the greater good. They exist so far beyond the human perspective that they literally don’t understand our emotions.

A better story than “the angels are evil lol what a tweest” but still making them the antagonists would be the conflict between these two perspectives.

I get annoyed at the “biblically accurate angels” trope because it’s often just a meme that people parrot mindlessly because they think it makes them sound clever, hurr durr did u know angels are scary ackshually. A lot of shit in the Bible is symbolic anyway (esp if you’re taking your ideas of scary angels from accounts of prophetic visions), and there’s a multitude of stories where angels take on human form or are otherwise described as beautiful. There’s more than one type of them ffs

No. 1738825

File: 1673039274365.jpg (474.31 KB, 800x1229, Arab_Christian_angel_1555.jpg)

plus many cultures have interpreted Angels in their own way for centuries and those beliefs are just as genuine as the iron age semitic symbolism

No. 1738874

Lowkey kinda feel bad for her if she really did want to make her own show, but producers told her that she only if it was attached to something.
Still can’t tell if this is her actual direction or if she’s being so bitter about it. If it’s the latter idk why she would ruin her career on a scooby doo show

No. 1738891

I think the show just wants to take the approach of having heaven be corrupt because, like the rest of the show tries to be, it’s seen as “obscene” and despite many people being so jaded about the religion, they think it’ll add a twist to their show.
Idk I hate all abrahamic religions and would give anything to not hear about the “evil demons who are after your soul, but who are basically human and misunderstood” vs the “uptight flappy bird idiots/goody-two-shoes who think they’re better than you, but will save you against the eviil”

No. 1738983

Has Fred been confirmed to be a TIF yet?

No. 1738999

I don’t think a shitty Scooby Doo show is going to tank her career. Everyone will forget about it in a couple of years and move on.
Where did this theory come from? If that was the route they were going I think they’d skip the small dick jokes because Twitter would have a field day calling them out for transphobic body shaming or some shit.

No. 1739028

i think he's actually going to be a "transbian" who's secretly been on blockers since age 6 (or some other horrifyingly young age)

No. 1739065

File: 1673069235195.png (465.19 KB, 596x1198, 1665242095708.png)

No. 1739091

Anyone watch TOH leak? Is it worth checking out? I liked parts of the first few seasons but it lost me after a while.

No. 1739221

I’m not a huge fan of it, but it’s a cute show for kids ig. At this point, it’s at its last 2 movies, so if I was you and I wanted to get through the whole series, I would wait until movie 3 is out because may be another year until it finishes

No. 1739339

Glad to know there's another angel sperg like me kek. I agree with you, the "angels are so alien/godly that their concept of goodness might come off as evilness to humans" is actually deep and interesting (and shows a tiny bit of knowledge on the matter at least), but Viv and many other literally just go "Aha Lucifer was an angel so angels can be assholes too! Actually god BAD! Demons are cool" which is just lame imo. I don't like religion myself but they're really just repeating Paradise Lost over and over again, but instead of being clever and researching they're googling angel and demon names and making ocs.

No. 1739564

Yeah I think at the end of the day all Viv wanted was an edgy background for all her edgy OCs to do edgy shit in. She doesn’t give a fuck about any coherent worldbuilding or thematic depth to the heaven vs hell setting. There’s plenty of material to work with and ways to make it interesting, but she was never interested in trying to begin with.

No. 1739639

II didn’t even bother with the last movie/special so I’ll probably do that, thanks anon.
Is it still just her writing the show now that A24 picked it up? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t meddle at least a little. Their name is kind of prestigious in ~~indie cinema isn’t it?

No. 1739925

>Is it still just her writing the show now that A24 picked it up? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t meddle at least a little.

I really fucking hope they did, it would be insane not to. If the leaks are real though, they probably failed to do enough to salvage it.

No. 1739938

It's just as several others and I thought, this really was suppose to be an original show but since nobody gives a shit/they were scared to create a new IP, it had to be attached to an already existing IP. The distain for the original show is their way of venting how people care more Scooby-Doo than Mindy what's her face.

No. 1741262

File: 1673366247813.png (126.63 KB, 487x562, WS1.png)

Inside Job got cancelled

No. 1741280

File: 1673368227053.jpeg (252.65 KB, 717x964, hazbin.jpeg)

good, it was very mediocre.

>"oh hey charlie, i heard you were in lesbians!"

No. 1741307

People were freaking out about this on twitter yesterday saying it was canceled too soon but doesn't every show get canceled if no one watches it??

No. 1741310

still it was rare to see a show with an interesting unhinged female main character, it didn't deserve to get cancelled soo soon

No. 1741312

No one watched it though. I've never heard anyone irl mention watching it. Shows that aren't successful get canceled, right? That's standard shit I thought

No. 1741316

ahhhh classic Viv at it again with “wife=bad”

No. 1741336

I don't even understand who the show's target demographic was supposed to be

No. 1741337

File: 1673374602294.jpeg (336.26 KB, 1146x1032, adam.jpeg)

this is how she writes adam, btw, holy cringe. Also both the character design and the dialogue sound exactly like Blitzo, it's basically interchangeable

No. 1741356

File: 1673377121312.png (2.01 MB, 1231x1034, 1673360789700263.png)

these are all different cartoons

No. 1741360

does anyone earth actually watch koala man? ive heard no one talk about it if i didn't follow one of the bg artists i wouldn't know about it at all

No. 1741364

I've never heard of that, no. I really do like Solar Opposites though (^bottom right). I dont know what show that is in the top right either.

No. 1741369

i also really like solar opposites! i almost wish the wall episodes were their whole own series though, i like that more than alien family antics.

No. 1741379

The top right is lower decks and I actually like it a lot.

No. 1741397

Oh, the star trek one, I'll check that out, thanks anon

No. 1741418

File: 1673381733782.jpg (509.34 KB, 1266x1167, 95269069_p4.jpg)

Inside Job was such a let down, wasted concept and main chracter just to be another bojack/rick and morty. The only episode i remember that i liked, and that actually used the concept of the show, was when they had to fire a person and they choose JFK shooter, which was a gentle old man. If the show had more episodes like that instead of episodes about Raegan's retarded family and other side characters that are painfully unfunny it would have been really good. Could have been adult Gravity Falls but decided to be the worst of modern animation. Rest in piss.

No. 1741454

File: 1673385523481.jpg (224.53 KB, 640x460, Dworkin_Andrea_640x460.jpg)

but why didn't bojack or rick and morty get cancelled

No. 1741572

Bojack was actually good for the majority of its run and Rick & Morty has celebrity power behind it

No. 1741595

>>1741454 It was a sunken cost w RnM because the creators held AS hostage for so long, negotiating their pay and budget(?). AS had to drop a majority of their actual good shows to appease them. So now they're stuck w shit writing and the creator's incest fetish.

No. 1741621

Rick and Morty is still huge and adult swim's most popular and current flagship show

No. 1741666

Bojack was novel and at least knew when to fold it. Rick and Morty is still one of the biggest moneymakers for the network. Inside Job also had the bad timing of coming in a time when Netflix was cutting back. I think that's the main difference between Inside Job and Bojack. If Bojack came at the same time as Inside Job, it would probably also get the ax.

No. 1741701

That first one made me chuckle tbh
Wasn’t this the show Hirsch was supposed to showrun or produce or something, at one point?

No. 1741783

Do people watch Hazbin Hotel? I've only seen people discuss it here.

No. 1741787

Hazbin Hotel isn't out yet? It still got a lot of fans though, basically everyone who likes Helluva Boss or follows Vivziepop.

No. 1741950

because both were unique at some point, then every fucking adult show started to copy off them like how they used to copy the simpsons in the 90s. Again, i am so salty they just didnt make a cool action show about conspiracies, i dont care about raegans father or her family.

No. 1742358

koala man came out two days ago

No. 1742360

i have a pet theory that bojack is going to age very poorly. the type of self-hating narcissistic overthinking sElf CaRe attitude that it pandered to is due to fall out of fashion, and i'll bet that less than ten years after it ended, it'll be something people are embarrassed to like, like the smashing pumpkins.

No. 1742361

and piss fetish, don't forget the piss/pants-pissing every episode.

No. 1742364

There is a LOT of that in Western animation. There are so many shows and pilots that get shot down, so the people who do make it get so much envy on any type of anonymous cartoon forum.

It’s a combination of western animation being ultra cliquey and anyone outside the cliques being treated like nobody. There is definitely a lot of people here not directly in the “group” and are seething at the people who constantly get their shows greenlit.

No. 1742369

some of us in this thread are normies who aren't in the industry and just want some funny shows with swearing and aliens to laugh at when we get home from our best buy manager jobs and shit, but fat fujos/urine-drinking pedos keep trying to animate their personal therapy sessions instead

No. 1742373

Why do you think they project all this onto fictional white males? I actually think the writers are “riddled with daddy issues” and are “sixteen year olds that haven’t gone through puberty yet”.
Fred is a nice guy. He’s maybe the most mild out of the main cast and generally easy-going. The fact they tried to pin him as entitled and douchey doesn’t make any sense or honor the previous incarnations of the character at all. Everyone in Scooby Doo, for that matter, just seems to be chill. It’s reflective of the original decade they were created in.

>Velma is the least popular girl

So this is going to be a “woe is me, POC” story. Velma also wasn’t hated by anyone in the original.

No. 1742418

Western animation threads or boards are great because they’re nothing like Japanese animation or manga boards, where there’s a language barrier between you and your favorite mangaka and they couldn’t care less what westerners say.

Western animation/comics is filled with insiders, sensitive industry cows, leakers, and washed up rejects who have a crab-in-a-bucket mentality.

No. 1742452

wait, people dislike the smashing pumpkins.

No. 1742518

File: 1673516138871.jpg (233.57 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20230112_113222_892.jpg)

Long Gone Gulch has been dropped by an unnamed animation studio.

No. 1742525

both the creators are coomers who have drawn gore porn, I'm not personally upset over this

No. 1742535

my guess is cartoon network. Warner has been a shit show

No. 1742537

The creators of Scooby are flipping in their graves right now. This is really sad.

No. 1742538

Super late but tbh this. The show is just okay, not good but hell I've seen way worse done by wokies and scrotes. Who cares a woman who doesn't really have any milk writes self inserts? Moids do way far worse shit and they get away with it.

No. 1742543

Based, kek. All the salty replies lmao, this thread is full of scrotes and art cows you can bet.

Sorta feel bad for Shion, eh.

No. 1742546

Seriously? I know they drew a lot of edgy horror shit but I wasn’t aware of the porn.

I liked the look of LGG but it seemed very niche, I’m not surprised they haven’t found a studio for it.

No. 1742549

I don't see salty replies?? Just possible explanations, yes it could also be because the creator is a woman but given how netflix has been nuking shows it's not surprising.

No. 1742564

Is anyone else extremely weirded out by Velma? The characters are supposed to be 15 year olds in this show and it has nudity… I don't understand the obsession people have with making adult shows have underage characters and then having said characters be nude. That's weird as fuck, even if it is a cartoon.

No. 1742612

File: 1673524612081.jpg (27.71 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-6.jpg)

I liked this velma way better than the new one shes annoying but she had character. The new one feels like tumblr mtf pickme girl . Its feels so insulting to the scooby doo franchise where the scooby isn't even included.

No. 1742622

what are you on about, I don't even like rick and morty, acknowledging that it has a consistent target demographic of coomer moids is not the same thing as saying that its good

No. 1742625

Its so bad that even the usual wokeoids are making fun of it, and mindy kaling's is now considered "#problematic" cause all her love interests are white guys and so one likes it

No. 1742645

File: 1673526801650.jpg (115.7 KB, 1280x720, FRYzpTqXMAIuV1p.jpg)

I'm willing to bet it's because Fred seemed too similar to a popular jock that the writers had grievances with in High School, you see this a lot in "nerd/stoner comedies" where the muscular jock is always beaten and humiliated in someway

No. 1742676

Lol I saw that too, don’t these people realize how insisting that a woman dates within her own race is nationalist rhetoric? Fucking weird
At least Velma gets an lesbian romance with another asian woman in the show, I guess

No. 1742725

There’s no self care attitude in bojack. Quite the opposite actually

No. 1742736

that's what i said in my post

No. 1742778

File: 1673538213759.jpg (158.05 KB, 1280x1440, IMG_20230112_090038.jpg)

My feed is flooding with Inside Job fans peeing over Netflix praising Del Toro over Pinocchio. I don't understand how people are getting behind this. Pinocchio is a lovely film with a lot of heart, miiiiiles above Rick & Morty clone #102. How has it gained such an ardent fanbase? What makes this show somehow more likeable than Hoops or Paradise PD? They're all just the same low level adult animation churned out 12 at a time

No. 1742826

>How has it gained such an ardent fanbase? What makes this show somehow more likeable than Hoops or Paradise PD?
she is the perhaps the first instance of an unhinged autistic woman as a main character in any sort of media, its not rocket science why they would be so passionate about her

No. 1742845

Nonnie kek that's not why they're even losing their shit, the moid character gained a similar status to Tumblr sexymen that aidens were clinging to. What in gods name made you think Twitter animation stans are well rounded enough to like unique female characters?

No. 1743038

I always saw him a himbo archetype. He's kind of a jock in the old series but I liked how he was in the movies shame they made him 10 times annoying now

No. 1743058

File: 1673556339752.png (1.89 MB, 1718x1184, Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 12.4…)

lol, lmao

No. 1743064

File: 1673556519920.jpeg (89.33 KB, 1032x871, roiland charges.jpeg)

Oh shit nonas, kek. Remember people talking about Justin Roiland being a creepy sex pest and his relationship with his ex who ended up going into porn? I wonder if this was her or someone else


No. 1743092

I've heard a bunch of people repeat this sentiment and it really feels true. Velma seems like it was suppose to be am original Mindy Kaling show but the executives wouldn't green-light anything that didn't have an existing IP's name attached to it. Just feels like a bunch of OCs cosplaying as Scooby Doo characters. This show probably would've been more fun if they took that exact concept but used the Venture Bros' Groovy Gang parody.

No. 1743134

I feel like that's people coping because they know this is going to open a discussion about animators virtue signaling instead of making good shows and the damage that has been done to the animation industry by letting people who previously ran Tumblr art blogs notorious for this kind fuckery be the people leading western animation. "They were told to attach the IP" doesn't work when we know the people making it were the same people making making race swapped Hannibal fanblogs a few years ago

No. 1743303

This wasn't the porn girl, they've been broken up for a long time. I think his gf in 2020 was in a band or something? I'll see if I can find that info again

No. 1743359

this was not in anyway surprising

No. 1743363

did he lose weight or is that a picture from 12 years ago or something? just surprised that a moid with money bothered to get healthier in anyway.

No. 1743381

justin roiland charged with domestic battery, among other things.

No. 1743435

To be fair the WWII angle of his Pinocchio made absolutely no sense to me. It was totally at odds with every adaption ever and the rest of the film, totally overly grimdark and forced, and made a really good PG family film something I wouldn’t show a 10 year old.

No. 1743453

lol i can't fucking read sorry>>1743381

No. 1743501

based unnamed animation studio

No. 1743522

File: 1673595248169.jpg (50.16 KB, 342x512, 4038ab8f501a4e8fbdf4512e8dd219…)

No scroll nonas porn spam

No. 1743571

File: 1673603604146.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1673586167542379.png)

So apparently the characters in Velma are the kids of the original Scobey doo gang and scooby isn't in the show cause he's dead

No. 1743596

Well, that’s dumb. I hate this „new heroes are the old heroes‘ kids“ trope. It’s so lame and boring and never goes anywhere interesting. It never explores how the og characters react to parenthood or why they decided to have kids in the first place. It never explains why the kids are the kind of people they are today. All they do is copy paste the characters (in this case down to the clothes) and them being parents is somehow a justification for that? Just make a new show in the same universe unrelated to the old one. If you’re committing to the idea of a spin off why do you even feel the need to connect them to the old cast?

No. 1743601

Sorry for the sperg but one thing that I absolutely hate about putting a darker skinned character in these shows is that, you cannot see them!! The art direction, bg design, lighting department, do absolutely NOTHING to make them pop in the frame!! Look how clearly you can read the random dude and velma just blends into the shadows! Jfc it drives me nuts, the character design is actually good and fun and it gets absolutely wasted on a crew that never worked with a darker shade than sicilian

No. 1743604

I disagree. The moid is quite lacking in traits of a tumblr sexy man. The show focuses more on the female lead‘s emotional world than it does on his and it’s her goals and relationships that are central to the ‚main‘ plot.

No. 1743617

So wait, the parents names the kids like them? Two Velmas, two Freds, two Daphnes?

No. 1743621

is that original Shaggy?

No. 1743624

Guillermo "Roman Polanski did nothing wrong" Del Toro has been sniffing his own farts so much since he got his oscar for Shape of Water. His shtick has gotten as tired as Burton imo

No. 1743625

>scooby isn't in the show cause he's dead
Do the writers know that dogs can breed and have puppies? Also, weird of them to all give their kids their own first names.

No. 1743631

Didn’t this guy try hooking his animation industry buddies up with teen girls on tumblr?

No. 1743640

sage for OT but fun fact, Mindy Kaling's parents are from the highest caste in Tamil Nadu. A caste system literally has no purpose than keeping other people down.

No. 1743649

I like Del Toro's creativity, but I'm so fucking tired of him implementing wars into every film he makes. I got really annoyed that he replaced Pleasure Island with a military camp arc that didn't lead ANYWHERE. The boy he befriended was never mentioned again after that.

No. 1743655

…and clothes. Why are the children dressed as their parents as teenagers?

No. 1743656

They are in-universe versions of the scooby doo gang but not actually the gang as we are aware of them, its just one of the may many "meta" jokes they have throughout velma

No. 1743734

Not defending it and it's not the prettiest but it's a cheap and streamlined art style. Possibly standardized with the budget at this point.

No. 1743755

Fuck wrong thread ignore my post I deleted it anyway

No. 1743869

File: 1673642057481.jpg (644.36 KB, 2560x1920, 1660684240886.jpg)

Ducktales 2017 in general had a strange history, it was supposed to be a flagship cartoon like Phineas and Ferb was, but it ended up being less popular than even Owl House and Amphibia
>Had massive names for VAs
>Had every related Disney Afternoon and Donald Duck universe character besides Mickey and a few others
>Had plans for a Darkwing spinoff
>Had comics
>Had a toy line that planned to extend
>Had a planned Epcot interactive attraction
>Even long after it ended has the first planned TVA artbook
>Legend of the Three Caballeros was also panned to have a film and potentially more tie-ins but it was officially killed off for Ducktales before it even aired
>Didn’t do bad but never reached expectations and things slowly got scaled back

No. 1743906

Another angel/myth/religion sperg and hard agree with everything

No. 1743909

wow that sounds next-level horrible. who tf is watching this

No. 1743915

>killed off three caballeros film
so the animation industry is just 110% run by full retards now huh

No. 1743953

I think your misunderstanding, 2017 ducktales did not reach the level of popularity that it was planned for and that's why most of its side projects failed

No. 1744036

File: 1673652421232.jpg (76.19 KB, 640x640, unnamed.jpg)

I, for one, am not complaining.

No. 1744038

fucking good. can't believe that grooming show made it onto the air

No. 1744095

It was on Netflix; it never actually aired anywhere. Netflix is already known as a groomer platform (Cuties, anyone?)

No. 1744177

I liked it for a while but had to drop it because it was so bogged down in "lore". The continuity fetish that TV animation people have gotten from actively engaging with /co/ and Tumblr has damaged their ability to make something that can be enjoyed on an episode-to-episode basis.

No. 1744333

File: 1673674095921.png (95.42 KB, 359x277, KyubeyMadokaMagica.png)

No. 1744340

File: 1673676125558.jpg (858.15 KB, 1020x1018, 1673620485010479.jpg)

I wish twitter would learn that Mindy Kaling's parents are rich doctors from India's highest social caste. They did not move to America because they had little and were seeking a better life, they moved to America because they wanted MORE after living lives that oppressed every lower caste in their country.
The show's reliance on these "wyt pipo" jokes falls apart once you realize that Mindy Kaling benefitted from the exact type of generational wealth and position of power over others she is decrying, but we should treat her differently because her skin is brown. Well, EVERYBODY'S skin is brown in India. What's her excuse for profiting of the backs of the downtrodden there?

No. 1744352

I enjoyed a lot of it but they really fucked up the “lore”. A bunch of the big revelations felt rushed and anticlimactic and the big one in the finale was pretty stupid lol

No. 1744355

Her brother also pretended to be black to get into medical school.

No. 1744357

Now we’ll never find out how Barney dies of AIDS.

No. 1744376

File: 1673680652003.png (326.84 KB, 755x935, foog.png)

Yeah. Like not to blog but my mom had like three different dogs with the same name while I was growing up. Same breed, same gender, similar appearance. It's a pretty common thing to do.

Who the fuck is this supposed to appeal to? I'm a zillenial, the demographic I assumed they were going for, and I have zero interest in watching this. Seriously, who looked at Scooby-Doo and thought that the problem was that there was a dog in the show? Since when were talking dogs a bad thing for adult animation? Bojack Horseman was a huge hit with my age group, and I don't remember anyone refusing to watch it because it had talking animals. And Scooby wouldn't even have to talk, but he should at least be there! He's so important to Shaggy, wtf.

Then again, maybe it's a good thing Scooby isn't in the show, because it spared him of being ruined. They'd probably have him be voiced by a comedian and constantly spew awful Big-Bang-Theory-esque one-liners.

This is what I was wondering, too. So these people who were friends as teenagers all happened to name their kids after themselves? Did they force their kids to become friends? Doesn't seem like Velma "assembled" anything if their parents were already lifelong friends.

The 60s fashion mixed with modern shit like smartphones also bothers me, but I might just be a sperg who has a lower tolerance for that shit. Either set the show in the damn sixties, or modernize the outfits a little bit while maintaining the color palette. But don't just be lazy and keep the same outfits (while also making the characters' faces look like clone high rejects.)

I'm mystified by the sheer number of retarded creative decisions they made on this show. It's like a car crash I can't look away from.

No. 1744377

Rich Hindus are some of the most racist people you will ever meet.

No. 1744402

File: 1673684640432.png (34.02 KB, 1132x205, scoob.png)

Anyone know if this is true? Everything about the writers and the creation of this cartoon is such a mess I'd rather watch a show about that

No. 1744414

I don’t get what kind of self-hating white person would even want to watch this. Shows like this act as if you’re just supposed to take insults and not mind them because you’re white and praise its diversity and POC that are insulting your race. Yeah sure I’m gonna watch your show when they insinuate all white people are dumb, vain, rich or nazis.
(Before anyone tries anything I’m a poorfag slav and have had no part in American oppression bullshit)

No. 1744471

never underestimate self hating white liberals

No. 1744476

This was the fuckin funniest thing I swear. Affirmative action…in action.

No. 1744477

I sorta like Hamish Steele, I met him at a con once and he was very cool and down to earth. I just hope his next project isn't so fuckin tranny pandering. It's never a good move to alienate half your potential viewers off the bat.

No. 1744484

File: 1673698772835.png (229.62 KB, 512x417, 1673656963489617.png)

In light of the recent arrest of Justin Roiland, some interesting animation industry exploits have been exposed by animator, Nicholas Walstrom (otherwise known as Walrusguy). Walstrom has confirmed multiple things about men in animation, and also confirmed that about half of the things in that EZ PZ western animation industry expose are actually true. Some highlights include:
>Alex Hirsch is indeed a trashcan shitter
>Joe Barbera was a serial sexual harasser and PR covered for him, saying "He's just from a different time." This is one of those "open secrets"
>Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel creator) is a gross cocaine addict, and he sexually assaulted Gillian Jacobs

No. 1744491

File: 1673700032394.jpeg (120.05 KB, 1078x811, 940C32CD-8CFA-47CC-8FF8-241455…)

I heard that Daphney, Shaggy and Fred are all in love with Velma

No. 1744492

File: 1673700103601.png (310.85 KB, 593x555, fred.png)

No. 1744497

KEK of course they do because mindy kalings self insert is soooo irresistible. How inspiring for all the bihet fujo ao3 aspiring mangaka narcissist girls of the world

No. 1744521

God I hate what they did to Shaggy, he's so fucking pathetic. This scene is worst than the Bolin flowers scene from Legend of Korra because at least Bolin was a likable goof.

No. 1744539

so no more moral orel huh. Damn

No. 1744578

>Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel creator) is a gross cocaine addict, and he sexually assaulted Gillian Jacobs
That bit in community aged poorly I guess

No. 1744624

don't wokies realize how fucking racist it is to assume anyone who isn't western european descent is poor? i can only speak for myself but i think people of ALL ethnicities don't like to be called poor all the time.

No. 1744625

samefag because seriosly that's what north american wokies mean when they say "white" - they don't think persians or turks are white, they don't know there are low-class whites in harbin and places, they think everywhere is like USA and assume all light-coloured people are higher class. which is fucked up, right? am i crazy to feel like they are implicitly insulting us who are not white when they say all these "white ppl too much money" jokes?

No. 1744629

kek i know. try being a white or black woman at an indian private school.

No. 1744630

>>Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel creator) is a gross cocaine addict, and he sexually assaulted Gillian Jacob
tbf it's generally assumed that anyone from adult swim's original lineup or anyone in vernon chatman's orbit is a checvy chase-tier cokehead

No. 1744631

he's not a tif? why is he so chubby and out of shape

No. 1744633

How did this ever get greenlit under the Scooby-Doo franchise? it has fuckall to do with it.

No. 1744688

also the character designs fucking suck and even if you hated the original scooby-doo show, most people still agree it had a pretty sweet style.

No. 1744691

Tell me you've never seen "The Bridge" without saying you've never seen "The Bridge"

No. 1744702

File: 1673721542694.jpeg (633.16 KB, 810x963, FDE2897D-3317-477D-AA6F-969BAE…)

why is this exact same post on /co?

No. 1744709

Alex hirsch is a trashcan pisser too. He'd sleep in his office for days without leaving while working on gravity falls. He would only shower like once a week too and stunk to high heaven.
I swear I've heard some weird shit about Dino S too but I can't think of what it was right now

No. 1744712

Probably some kind of diversity quota where they were forced to make it more ethnic

No. 1744746

File: 1673724297677.png (739.06 KB, 724x818, 1285378502938528.png)

Is it woke or is it edgy? Echoing everyone else that is questioning who is this show even aimed towards.

No. 1744753

The demographic is libfem nlogs who think an occasional forced edgy rib makes them quirky

No. 1744759

this is so cringe

No. 1744788

What if this is part of her character development. She starts off as weirdly edgy “I’m smarter than everyone” and later realizes she’s just being an insensitive asshole

No. 1744793

Because other anon clearly browses /co/ like you still do and reposted it here

No. 1744804

>So apparently the characters in Velma are the kids of the original Scobey doo gang and scooby isn't in the show cause he's dead.
This is just some shit you made up. Congrats on the successful trolling. For the suckers among us, Velma's mom is named Diya. Norville's father is named Lamont. Daphne is Asian and was adopted by a black and white lesbian couple. Fred's dad is business magnet. And Scooby was cut out of the show completely. This was said in an interview by one of the producers.

No. 1744810

I don’t even have a problem with any of that besides the fact scooby is missing. What the fuck???

No. 1744819

>I don’t even have a problem with any of that besides the fact scooby is missing
then you are free to go and watch Riverdale. jesus.

No. 1744831

At this point is fair to assume these types of shows are aimed to terminally online women with arrested development.

No. 1744836

This sounds like one of those OOC found family groupchat fanfics, what the fuck.

No. 1744913

Thanks for taking one for the team and watching the show or interviews about it, then. I'm perfectly content with the extent of my knowledge of this shitshow coming from this thread, regardless of how correct it is because I don't want to give these clowns a single view on any platform.

NTA but Riverdale sucks too (though not as badly), for many of the same reasons. They took a lighthearted IP for babbies and tried to make it a serious drama.

No. 1744935

ok? I'm not saying don't watch it. I was correcting the characters background since some anons swallowed "the characters are the kids of the original Scooby Doo gang" whole and ran with it.

It really does. I'm surprised no one ended up autistic.

No. 1744949

Again, I have to wonder who in their right mind would watch Scooby-Doo and think that the eponymous character was the show's biggest problem. I mean, you could argue that he was in the shitty live action movies, but that's mostly because he was rendered in uncanny valley CGI.

No. 1745066

I got nothing but soyboy vibes. Don't think he's a TIF but putting one in his work was guaranteed to make it a hit.

No. 1745095

source, what?

No. 1745462

File: 1673800396711.png (293.48 KB, 584x602, Screenshot 7.png)

Phineas and Ferb picked back up for 2 more seasons, It makes sense with The owl House and Ducktales both failing at being flagship shows, so they choose something more proven and reliable


No. 1745539

How can someone be so narcissistic that they make an entire cartoon where the "cool" protagonist is based off of them and every other character is in love with the protagonist?

No. 1745548

i remember reading a comment on the moral orel episode about bdsm that dino was into bdsm himself, i never bothered to look into it though. tbh im not at all surprised that he's a drug addict sex pest. i love moral orel but i think itd be impossible to make a show like that if you were a completely good and wholesome person. the show reeks of mentally ill moid at times.

ALSO im sick of people praising that one episode of moral orel in season 3 where they talk about sexual assault for being ~~super realistic~~ when all it does is try to be as edgy and shocking as possible, but ill save that rant for another time

No. 1745555

Its news like this that make me doubt more and more about the consensus that these big companies just dont like animation/animated projects anymore because they keep cancelling them left and right. Like maybe these new projects just fucking suck and none of these newcomers know how to make a decent show or function in a workplace properly because theyre tall children that learned everything from the cartoons they grew up on. If you've lost all hope in animation being profitable as a company, why do this? Why not make disney sitcom about a sassy talking cat #100? Of course you can just say theyre rebooting a known and well loved IP for safety, which I won't deny, but maybe they also just trust these creators who've been in the industry for decades without a single accusation of domestic violence, drawing gore porn or shitting in fucking office trashbins. Anyway cant wait to sperg about new PnF content.

No. 1745611

I mean from a purely business perspective it doesn't matter how "culturally important" a piece of media might be, if its not making money then there's no reason to keep it on
Disney poured a ton of money into Amphibia, 2017 Duck Tales and The Owl House, Yet even with all that, the actual viewership of each series always declined after their first seasons

No. 1745667

File: 1673827173721.png (370.94 KB, 526x746, 1A7FE8F0-592E-46D2-9113-29A04A…)

Alex Hirsch allegedly posted this and deleted within seconds.

No. 1745668

File: 1673827223623.png (107.24 KB, 466x490, 29FEBC0A-77C8-4821-81AB-1139F9…)

I hope Disney installed a toilet in his office this time.

No. 1745721

So not only do you out yourself as someone who browses /co/ but you also don't understand that this is a gossip board and nobody gives a shit if this is the same as a post in 4ch*n, at least I don't have to go to that cesspool to see the info itself.

No. 1745729

File: 1673831608222.png (104.67 KB, 621x859, 8768697696.png)

A screenshot of the tweets itself outlining the claim would have been more appreciated

No. 1745757

probably had one meeting and thought it meant he was getting renewed then jumped the gun on the tweet

No. 1745760

why do they get so possessive of random women who are strangers or coworkers? joss whedon was like this too. i just dgi, i'm a lesbian and don't ever feel like hate-hitting-on women? like if a girl way too hot for me says no i can't imagine thinking that's unfair? it's just what happens when you ask out girls sometimes? why do these men need to rape so badly

No. 1745765

Simple, they are men who now made it ‘big’ and wanna play out their creepy loser high school fantasy

No. 1745774

it's so unnatural though because where are all the lesbians who make it big and get like this? i've never heard of one
yeah there's rich ladies who have a way younger girlfriend but you never hear of fat old women doing like how he treated gillian jacobs

No. 1745799

Disneys been trying to get another season out of him for years, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened. It’s not like he’s doing anything else.

No. 1745854

There aren't a lot of wealthy lesbians on top of the movie industry first of all, and even then people like Ellen and Rosie O'Donnell have also been criticized of doing sleazy shit. They're lesser cause there's not a lot

No. 1745857

Oh good god I hope we get another season.

No. 1745892

You want to know a weird coincidence? The Justin Roiland podcast that has got him in trouble where he says 13 year old girls are sexy, the podcast cover art was drawn by Kali Fontecchio, who dated known creep and abuser John Kricfalusi and also dated and was roomies with known creep and abuser Nico Colaleo.

She's @KaliKazoo on Twitter. What is it with Kali?

Louis CK said on an episode of Opie & Anthony that Dino met his wife when she was his dominatrix, the first time they met she burned his penis with hot wax and then they got married.

No. 1745894

Why is Hollywood so full of weird degenerates? Like seriously what the fuck is it about filming or animating things for a living that attracts so many sickos?

No. 1745896

I used to follow John’s blog pretty closely in the early 00s and would also keep up with the blogs of the Spumco groupie girls he always kept around, Kali, Katie Rice and Marlo Meekins. They seemed pretty close for a while and then suddenly all stopped mentioning each other/drawing each other. From what I gathered from some people in that circle, Katie opened up to Kali about being sexually harassed and threatened by John while working on the Weird Al video they did together and Kali, who was either dating John or at the very least interested in him at that time, cut her off. She found the CP on John’s computer a while later and continued to date him for at least a couple more years while attempting to further isolate Katie by gossiping about her in their shared circles and cover up for JK whenever anyone tried to call him out. I don’t know the details of their relationship and she was probably a victim here too but she and Johns entire clique at the time have a history of being sketchy nlog pickmes, even after their association with John ended (Marlo is still friendly with him apparently)

Nico is a bit odd but I have known several people who know him and he seems like a social climbing orbiter at worst. He definitely had the hots for Kali even after she started dating John and they seemed close for a while but have absolutely nothing to do with each other anymore.

No. 1745898

File: 1673849577887.jpg (365.32 KB, 1736x864, 3lripY4IBvLSv.jpg)

I first heard of Dino Stamatopoulos after binging moral orel and I wanted to see his other works and I was left severely disappointed, both of his directed shows were raunchy, kind of disgusting and there were a lot BDSM and penis related jokes that went on way too long

This was the main character of one of his series
>Dr. Victor Frankenstein (voiced by Jeff B. Davis) – An immortal genius mad scientist. He "doesn't like anyone," wears a lab coat and has red hair. He is a sadomasochist (auto eroticism such as burning his crotch, shooting himself below the waist, etc.) and is opposed to the idea of regular sex, especially with his wife, who uses his fetish to her advantage by bribing him with genital mutilation

No. 1745916

I always thought he was mostly known for Conan.

No. 1745955

It's the moids. Any place with a concentration of moids, this happens. It's just that these moids are more famous, so more people notice.

No. 1745980

Arts and artists tend to attract insane people.

No. 1745988

File: 1673862787223.jpg (47.44 KB, 640x641, 1656409641424.jpg)

This is found even in Hollywood, a lot of people making movies and tv shows are schlubby antisocial outcasts who have a massive chip on their shoulders about getting no attention from girls and all the cooler popular guys who pull more than they do. so there are simple more unattractive, insecure men who love to have their ego stroked by media then normal well adjusted people that probably wouldn't even care about shit like that.

Think of every Kevin Smith film, the villains are always mean preps or jocks who get their come comeuppance, which for kevin smith means them getting shot, raped in prison or sent to hell, and this is framed as something the audience is supposed to celebrate

No. 1746015

File: 1673868368668.jpeg (15.51 KB, 754x214, FmibCzjWIBEvCtS.jpeg)

Rick and Morty's co-creator convo with a 16yo (he was 35 at the time).

No. 1746018

I mean have you actually watched a Kevin Smith movie? Your general point is true but your example really isn't. For all his soy Marvel suck off faults, Kevin Smith knew he was a loser and never pretended to be cool. His ending for the original Clerks even had Dante (his stand in) getting shot.

No. 1746020

source on image? can find some articles but not that particular image

No. 1746023

Imagine being a chad and having low quality moids literally spending their lives obsessing over you and making elaborate revenge fantasy movies, we don't really have this type of cultural divide in the uk (everyone is weird regardless of their appearance, job and dating prospects are unrelated to popularity or attractiveness except for edge cases) yet I've been subjected to ugly moid revenge fantasies my whole life via American media

No. 1746063

File: 1673877174731.jpg (175.2 KB, 1908x1146, article-2424435-1BE5EC34000005…)

Sage for OT, but I am a fellow Britbonger and we absolutely did have the sort of jock/nerd dynamic where I grew up, but it was more focused around chav and goth types.

A girl famously got beaten to death for being a goth not far from where I lived.

No. 1746073

yeah that was fucked Nonnie she and her boyfriend were attacked for dressing Goth this and that running "joke" in Scotland about it being legal to slide tackle goths that lead to my friend getting harassed before she moved, there is definitely a cultural divide in the UK but it's Chavs who only wear adidas/nike vs anyone else


No. 1746075

oh is she the one who was homeless for a bit/kind of schizo/and always defends the cartoon industry pedos?

No. 1746163

Chavs were never seen as jocks here in the UK. Most of them are short and skinny and weak from child neglect and not being fed nutritional food as kids, so they use knives or gang attack people because they are individually weak.

No. 1746190

This is why I do not associate with people who show a lot of interest in art. Absolute sickos

No. 1746215

Kali's buddy.

No. 1746220

No that was Elaine Pritchard, she's genuinely a schizophrenic stalker of John k. Kali is a normal human being, just a hipster retard with terrible taste in everything from art to friends to men.

No. 1746222

john k has a stalker
That's fucking awesome, I hope he dreads ever encountering her and feels sick to his stomach when she messages him; poor lady, I hope she gets help

No. 1746225

File: 1673898348892.jpg (14.12 KB, 726x198, 20230116_134448.jpg)

I turned myself into a sex offender, Morty! I'm sex offender Justin Roiland, wubbalubbadubdub!

No. 1746226

File: 1673898488580.jpg (12.3 KB, 748x180, 20230116_134720.jpg)

No. 1746227

File: 1673898579552.jpg (12.1 KB, 518x198, 20230116_134836.jpg)

No. 1746230

Kali is a certified retard but she did get groomed by John K like the other girls. He started talking to her online when she was 15 or 16 and for some reason was at her 18th birthday party where he gave her a cake that said "legal" on it. Not sure if they were fucking before or after she turned 18 but iirc she figured out it was weird pretty fast and left him.

No. 1746235

She did go to jail for harassing him, and she went kind of viral for making a comic that some free newspaper printed about what a horrible State the women's prison she went to was. And I think she got some prison reforms for female inmates at that prison because of the noise made.

Google Elana Pritchard prison

No. 1746236

You're thinking of katie, Kali was the one John dated around 2009. Kali also dated Nico and Justin Roiland

No. 1746239

Nope I am not. He did the same thing to both Kali and Katie.

No. 1746240

>they're passing around abused, unwell women/girls
We need to start arresting uglybastard-fetishists preemptively

No. 1746243

File: 1673899756080.jpg (360.25 KB, 644x1747, Screenshot_20230116-150530_Chr…)

Uh oh, I just Googled her and it looks like she been stalking a bunch of different celebrities

You don't have any idea what you're talking about, John never dated katie, and John started dating Callie when she was in college. It was creepy but not illegal, she was an adult.

No. 1746245


No. 1746247

Sorry but no. Kali has never come out about it publicly as far as I know, but he started talking to Kali as a teen too. If by "college" you mean she had freshly turned 18 I suppose that could check out, I'm not sure about that part personally.
The only reason the general public knows what happened to Katie is because she wrote that big expose article about it. Kali has kept her mouth shut, I guess to keep working in animation.

No. 1746249

No, by "College" I mean she was a student at Otis before meeting John.

No. 1746250

You have no idea what you're taking about.

No. 1746251

I literally heard this from Kali herself but okay lol

No. 1746255

I want Qanon retards to leave

No. 1746258


Sure you did

No. 1746286

Yes anon lol I did. I suppose she could be lying, but that's what she tells people.

No. 1746414

File: 1674057887339.jpg (662.16 KB, 816x1589, 20230118_175855.jpg)

Hey nonnas, this is moreso a question since I haven't seen anyone else talk about this on the web or I couldn't find anything on it. I suspect Matt Groening has a giantess fetish, in both Futurama and Disenchantment theres an episode wherein giant women forcibly rape male character/s in a cave (the former being the focus of the episode). I also read he had ties with Harvey Weinstein, so probably a big open secret perverted freak. Am I reaching?

No. 1746424

He was on Epstein's private jet and got a foot massage from one of his underaged sex slaves so it's no big surprise he might be a perverted freak.

No. 1746454

> I suspect Matt Groening has a giantess fetish
I know that people say to separate the art from the artist- that art isn’t a 1:1 reflection of them but as I get older, I’m slowly realizing that this is a croke of shit.

even though the creators may not agree with some themes, they’re always putting in their perspective and interpretation of things into their work, so their own desires will always bubble into the surface even if being co-written

No. 1746465


Noooo, Futurama is one of my favorites. I will be ignoring this information.

No. 1746472

Groening has so little to do with any of his TV cartoons. He's a mediocre editorial cartoonist who still hasn't learned anything about animation.

No. 1746522

there are no cartoonists without bizarre fetishes. anyone who tells you otherwise has something to hide

No. 1747951

File: 1674094365265.jpg (175.93 KB, 1170x1461, roiland1.jpg)

No. 1747953

File: 1674094451078.jpg (31.83 KB, 374x610, roiland2.jpg)

No. 1747956

File: 1674094512325.jpg (60.13 KB, 768x815, roiland3.jpg)

No. 1747957

File: 1674094576079.jpg (17.42 KB, 754x214, roiland4.jpg)

No. 1747958

File: 1674094625619.jpg (13.6 KB, 748x180, roiland5.jpg)

No. 1747959

File: 1674094696138.jpg (15.36 KB, 726x198, roiland6.jpg)

No. 1747960

File: 1674094728385.jpg (13.36 KB, 518x198, roiland7.jpg)

No. 1747986

what a sicko.

No. 1748006

LOL where did you live where your chavs wore Nike or Adidas? It was Kappa or Lonsdale down here.

No. 1748007

Yeah chavs are less associated with sport, more with cars and drunken violence.

No. 1748058

File: 1674112314292.jpeg (238.57 KB, 1600x600, rugrats-header-1622142264075.j…)

Rugrats are back and they are wrecked.

No. 1748066

Bump don't scroll

No. 1748078

Kali covers for pedos and is close friends with Julia Vickerman.

No. 1748079

Kali covers for pedos and is close friends with Julia Vickerman.

No. 1748082

Samefag, sorry for the double post, I hit reply before I was done, not sure what happened
Elaine and John were in a relationship and then suddenly he decided they were done and dropped contact with her, only to lead her on and off for at least a year after, trying to get back with her and then dumping her again. She’s definitely mentally ill but John exploited this for a while. I swear she had posted their correspondence at one point but I can’t find it now.

No. 1748084

>she figured out it was weird pretty fast and left him.

They dated for at least 2 years after she found his cp stash, lol

No. 1748096

Chuckie is my fav

No. 1748101

Didn't they made the twins' mom non-binary or something? I think it was for a previous reboot though

No. 1748102

Nonnie that's just chavs acting like chavs. They stab, assault, fucking eat anyone else and themselves because they're scumbags. That's not a jock vs nerd dynamic kek that's like saying Irish travellers are jocks because they terrorize nerd normal Irish people

No. 1748105

ntayrt but as someone who didn't watch the show and knew of its comic origins, it's about a tranny ftm which is inherently groomy

No. 1748110

I associate chavs with wearing fake Burberry.

No. 1748114

She’s a lesbian in the reboot

No. 1748157

File: 1674132853675.jpg (313.8 KB, 1600x1400, nepo_tree.jpg)


No. 1748181

so weird since flapjack fucking sucked, at least from what i can remember as a kid. it felt like a poorly thought up fever dream.

No. 1748200

Flapjack was actually pretty great and had a unique look to it that a lot of people still adore. Most animation fans seem to feel it was an awful shame that it ended up on the chopping block, I guess it comes back to it being a bit too scary for kids (which is incredible when you consider kids now are obsessed with fnaf and shit)

No. 1748208

I know the point of this is to prove that the industry runs on nepotism and contacts but it can also be used to argue that they only let people with experience run their own shows. Of course they aren't going to take some nobody artist who has no experience on working on a big projects and give them their own show. Many of the legendary anime directors has their origins from Ghibli or has trained under someone from Ghibli. That's just how any industry works

No. 1748216

File: 1674143675278.jpg (102.06 KB, 750x512, 3.jpg)

Nice graph. In addition to those shows there's also Star vs the forces of evil - The first time Alex Hirsch got his fuckbuddy her own Disney TV show. Then he did it again with Dana from the Owl House.
Lesson learnt: If you want your own Disney Cartoon show go fuck Alex Hirsch (and also drive him to work everyday because he doesn't have a license and can't drive himself or he'll have to sleep in the office again and never take a shower).

No. 1748263

Has anyone heard of anything from thurop van orman? I heard that after his show got popular that he up and left to go teach at an art school, did he say anything about his experience as a show runner? I’m asking this because it seems like after his time, the clique are working on other projects/each other’s work still in the animation industry

Kek, absolutely pathetic.
I’m really surprised that female show runners/women of the industry doesn’t talk about shit like this, or hint at it in an episode. Really shows that without nepotism women prob still wouldn’t get into the animation field even today

No. 1748290

Has he still not learned how to drive?? He's 40. That's so embarassing man..
I don't think he and the Star Vs girl ever hooked up - iirc Disney wanted a girl run show because CN had Steven Universe. Dana most definitely got the job because she was slobbing on Alex's unwashed knob though

No. 1748294

File: 1674152334368.png (283.04 KB, 470x594, 1649556836504.png)

Remember when Dana Terrace got her rabid fans to dox and harass a new anchor

No. 1748302

I mean, fuck fox, but also what the actual fuck. Imagine you finally made it as an anchor, trying to earn a paycheck and then you get an insane upperclass artstudent who earned their show by sucking dick have their equally insane fans potentially send you death threats
>you fav lumity moments
Actually unhinged

No. 1748305

No doubt Alex encouraged this because post gravity falls his entire personality online is being an annoying lib

No. 1748340

Whatcha gonna do with a fanbase full of groomed children and adult trannies if not ruin a womans life?

No. 1748345

Van Orman did Angry Birds 2.

No. 1748402

This is pretty old news. It premiered last year or 2021.

I hate that they made Betty a lesbian in the reboot. She stood out more as a gnc hetero woman.

No. 1748535

The weirdest change they did was have Susie be younger so she can be in the main in-group. Then later on in the series, Kimi appears at Angelica's pre-school, aged up.

I also don't like how they turned Betty into a lesbian. Ah yes, a hetero mom who is active and has some masculine interests MUST ACTUALLY be a raging stereotypical lesbian!!!1 Nice thinking writers. Howard is completely written out, and at one point, Betty brings up a mention of an ex-gf iirc.

No. 1748691

File: 1674196601133.png (73.81 KB, 265x200, F817C77D-E0E4-4786-AFBB-5C33CB…)

To be fair it did seem like they attempted to hint at something in at least one episode of the original series where her “friend from college” visits, but I agree, I liked her and Howard as a gnc straight couple.

No. 1748696

Allegedly he was originally supposed to showrun or direct Ducktales and bailed late in production, giving Dana his position. From there he got her a pitch session for TOH. He (again, allegedly) wrote most of the pitch/pitch bible for her.
I actually think Dana is incredibly talented and could have probably made something cool at another network but she definitely wouldn’t have gotten TOH without Alex’s interference. They were desperately looking for the next GF (DTVA is still salty about no 3rd season) and they capitalized on that.

No. 1748925

>friend from college
>has twins
IVF babies?!

No. 1750250

my public school had a lot of indians, and they were so hateful towards anyone with dark skin. It figures knowing how their caste system worked.

No. 1750483

Dude rambles a lot so it's hard to get through.
>LS Mark and Veronica cheat on Oney
>Oney and V break up
>V cheated on LS Mark with RicePirate and RP lets Mark use his studio while this was happening LOL
>They break up
>V still sleeps with RP and shit talks Mark during this time
>Mark and V get back together
>They get married asap
>it was a private ceremony and no friends or family knew it was going on until after it happened.
>Mark resides in LA with V as a married man.
>denies he married her for green card.
>their relationship is toxic and wont listen to friends.

No. 1750536

sage for off-topic youtube sperging but Just Stop is literally in no place to share this with the public without Mark's permission lmao He just admitted in a stream a few minutes ago that he's not even close with him at all so the fact that he had hours while writing a script and editing the video and didn't once think this would be a bad idea is hilarious. He's taking the video down soon but the damage has already been done. I feel bad for Mark not only having to deal with the Veronica shit but now his business just being blasted out for everyone to see without warning.

No. 1750596

Married? I thought LS Mark was like 19 or something. He looks and sounds like a kid. Poor guy, wasn't he also almost sexually assaulted by that German stalker?

No. 1750599

Sounds like it definitely was for a green card

No. 1750665

Yeah Cosmodore was grooming him as a teenager. The fact that he’s married a toxic woman despite everything says a lot about his autism. they’ve only dated for less than a year how does he not see the red flags?

No. 1750693

>Yeah Cosmodore was grooming him as a teenager
wait what ?

No. 1750751

Yeah he was in a relationship with a 15 year old girl and groomed mark as well. Mark is just 20 right now and this was 2017-2019.

No. 1750755

File: 1674494998885.jpeg (639.38 KB, 1512x960, 32AA9267-59A5-402E-B699-A36A0A…)

There’s also a story where LS Mark and Cosmo stayed in a hotel for the sonic concert and Cosmo got a king sized bedroom and Mark made him sleep on the floor.

No. 1750756

>The Sonic Concert
The collective autism of moids astounds me daily

No. 1750801

I'm honestly surprised this is milkier from the Veronica side rather than Oney. I expected more shit from him. Maybe all of them are psychos.

No. 1750965

Just better at hiding it. I mean Zach is in real close proximity to someone who's just in the middle of being toppled down, I don't know how long before the Hollywood rot gets to them.

No. 1751180

Tbf, Laura Ingraham is terrible in her own right But Dana still really comes off as unprofessional and immature here.

No. 1751335

Chris has not said a word about her negative or positive since the break-up, whereas she has been shit-talking him and also fucking his friends. Mark literally admitted she's the cheating type and said she cheated on Chris. If there was actual shit on Chris she would have said it.

No. 1751411

I’ve been kinda grossed out by Groening ever since the Epstein thing came out. But for what is worth, the girl who was forced to massage his feet (the same girl who was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew) didn’t really say anything bad about him other than his feet were gross. And this seems like the only encounter between him and Epstein. He didn’t seem like a regular pal like Trump, Clinton, or Andrew. I could be wrong and we may never really know. Even if it was just one encounter, it was pretty devastating to find out. His work had a HUGE impact on my childhood. I would watch Simpsons reruns every weekday.

Regardless though, his giantess fetish shit doesn’t really bother me that much. It’s still weird as fuck but his show aren’t really geared towards children but rather adults. And it’s rather tame in comparison to some of the stuff I’ve seen on this thread. At least Futurama kinda made it work regarding that episode. I don’t remember it being ridiculously fetishy. Haven’t seen Disenchantment to really comment one way or another.

No. 1751482

It’s insane to me how many of the commentary bros (DeOrio and co., even fucking Keemstar lmfao) are saying Just Stop crossed a line with this video & it’s a violation of privacy. I don’t think Veronica’s degeneracy has ever been private. People have been warning Mark about her since they started dating.

I guess now he’ll learn but it’ll be through the hard way. Hope the green card was worth it!

No. 1751494

Wtf I was just about to watch this video and its been deleted

No. 1751553

My question is why are all these dudes engaging with the cheating too? It seems really strange especially with the weird rushed marriage.

No. 1751623

He’s probably applying for adjustment of status. I’m going through the same thing and I don’t think immigration is going to give them an easy time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes longer to process than mine. For reference I got married last summer and expect to have my GC by June this year.

No. 1751625

I don’t understand this behavior, even if you sleep in the office is there no fucking employee restroom nearby you can piss in?? If people are allowed to work overnight then there’s no reason why they’d be locked.

No. 1751644

File: 1674598949911.png (473.46 KB, 960x2079, E31F1AE6-D4B4-4F27-97F6-615863…)

Good news everyone

No. 1751657

Glad they told him to fuck off but also like, how can they even do the show without him?

No. 1751661

They can get a replacement VA for rick and morty, tbqh R&M has been "The Dan Harmon: Show" for awhile now. Dan and Justin aren't exactly on good terms. In past interviews whenever Justin's asked about Dan Harmon/his relationship with him, it's always awkward as fuck.

No. 1751692

Lmao I ran here to post this

No. 1751699

File: 1674604352938.jpeg (86.64 KB, 1170x643, 2C55415F-8531-4B51-B4F3-93880A…)

They should just replace him with Michael Cusack. Keep the Australian accent and everything and pretend nothing has changed and never officially address it Kek

No. 1751701

I’d actually start watching

No. 1751718

if roiland’s behind all the incest shit and sexualizing Summer (and i’m pretty sure he is), then thank god. maybe the show has a chance now.

No. 1751727

Unironically, why not? If your gonna drop someone as big as the co-creator and guy who voices half the main cast and helped helm the show into what it is, might as well embrace the change. Don't even give any warning, first episode is just Bushworld

No. 1751732

Has it actually been public? Did she flaunt cheating on Chris? As far as I know all she did was shittalk him. No party ever brought the details out to gain sympathy. Her relationship with Mark? Again neither party brought up the issue themselves. The entire premise is already pretty flimsy.

No. 1751741

>if roiland’s behind all the incest shit and sexualizing Summer
Rick and Morty literally came from a "joke" about marty licking Doc Brown's balls, he defiantly was behind the fetish stuff

No. 1751772

one of her former friends (Smoketheshow on twitter) already stated she was a messy alcoholic, and she cheated on Chris with Mick/Ricepirate, which was also already known. There were screenshots of Mark in the video saying she cheated on him.

Like, I hate saying 'men can be victims' but this is the only situation where I think that's true. Mark clearly doesn't get what he's dealing with and thinks anyone warning him is just trying to fuck with his life.

No. 1751787

Now we can stop wondering why Chris sometimes spouts near misogynistic shit

No. 1751789

I want them to hire a woman and then start talking about how revolutionary it is that they cast the "first woman rick" or something. would be hilarious.

No. 1751791

I mean yeah, she's a shitty person. Or at least seems like it but what really is her crime? She cheated Chris and I guess is a bit older than Mark? Moids get away with worse

No. 1751796

People are just calling her out and there isn’t much to expect from it tbh. It isn’t even calling for her to get fired from her job or stop doing her work online it’s just asking her to fix her alcoholism, which she has admitted to dealing with and how it changed her for the worse, and to stop shit talking past friends. It’s true moids do worse shit but this is still milk from someone who worked on helluva boss who had a speedy marriage with someone who they haven’t even dated for a year straight without cheating on them and now its coming out that they’re shitty

No. 1751798

>cheats on both with ricepirate

And where is he in all this? Is he getting dragged too?

No. 1751801

At the very least he and Chris aren't on good terms, but for the most part people are more concerned about Mark than they are anything else.

Mark's a retard but it makes sense due to his age. It makes sense to question why anyone would get married so young especially to someone that volatile.

No. 1751815

KEK that would be the funniest thing they’ve done in years.

No. 1751860

No. 1751923

I'm not normally one of these people, but IF we reversed to roles and it was an older alcoholic cheating moid marrying and autistic 20 year old girl we would be hoping she would leave and make a better life for herself. Moids are shit but the answer isn't to lower ourselves to be as disgusting and evil as them and say "oh well moids get away with worse". Actual libfem brained thinking kek

No. 1752092

I have a mutual friend with Oney and they said that they're not surprised that Chris immediately went to Ireland after the breakup. A lot of people I know are animators and when I was blabbing about V a few months ago none of them were surprised in the least.

No. 1752147

Agreed. Degeneracy is degeneracy. I don’t think most people questioning the situation have some great love for LSMark, dude is kinda pathetic in all honesty, but this marriage is a train wreck in slow motion and Veronica is a cow in and of herself.

No. 1752150

At the very least she’s a shameless social climber who sucks the life out of those around around her.

No. 1752214

Yup basically what she is. Mark is a retard for outright marrying someone who cheated on him and was only in a relationship with for not even a year. veronica is also creepy for drawing r34 of herself. Really says a lot about someone with what they draw.

No. 1752272

He turns 21 in 2023. He turned 18 during covid so yeah I don't doubt if he still sees himself as a teenager, he was 100% groomed

No. 1752351

Ot, but I'd never heard of this show until my friend showed me this clip the other day (& I'm glad bc I'd have been right around the age to watch it). Maybe I'm just a prude, but children's media having jokes like this just seems too far imo. Was wondering if anyone watched this/has any opinions on the creators?

No. 1752377

omg nona, I LOVED Clone High when I was in high school (I'm old, kek), but it's considered an "Adult animated series" and originally aired on MTV. It parodies 2000s teen sex comedies and dramas, so it really isn't meant for elementary school-aged children. The joke in that clip is dumb, but they actually have some hilarious and clever moments in the show.
It's finally getting a Season 2 after 20 years, and word on the street is that it's going to be 'woke' and have genderspecial stuff so I'm a little worried about that.

No. 1752429

prayer circle that they don't make joan of arc nb or transmasc

No. 1752438

News to me, even the zoomers I work with enjoy the smashing pumpkins, kek.
Oof, how dull & overdone. It seems extra goofy to me that there's all this evil yt ppl shit in this show, when they made the super goofy/not the brightest guy whose constantly stoned black. Like, what kind of message is that sending? Seems a lil problematic for that crowd..
Jesus Christ, staying with a man for YEARS after finding csa shit on his computer & not reporting it?? You gotta be fucked up mentally.
Lmao, same

No. 1752450

Thanks for the reply! Had no idea it was MTV, that makes much more sense! She & I both just assumed it'd been a short runner on CN or Nick, so I'm glad it wasn't actually aimed at children, lol. I had no idea they were rebooting it, I wonder if that's why my friend found the clip (I think she said it was circulating on Instagram or Twitter?). Blegh, ofc there's some genderspecial shit getting added tho. Can't have a reboot without that. Now I'm a lot more curious about the show, might have to give it a watch

No. 1752479

If you had bothered to so much as google Clone High you'd find it wasn't for kids….come on nonna that would have taken like 5 seconds

No. 1752484

Do you not understand the entire premise of the cartoon?

No. 1752485

If its any consolation, nearly all of Matt's best work were the result of surrounding himself with more talented people. Only Futurama kinda has his stamp, but he is more involved with it than The Simpsons.

No. 1752500

what about this says "children's media" to you, retard

No. 1752544

It's a cartoon. Aren't they all for children?

No. 1752564

No you obtuse autist (t. redundant)

No. 1752565

i hated it too! he's always trying to dread the audience with his childhood trauma which works in pan's labyrinth and the devil's backbone but was so weird and resentful in Pinocchio. doesn't he get tired of making the same film over and over again? absolutely not for kids.

No. 1752567

I'd say this is probably true, Most people that work in that industry probably have loads of pitches just waiting for an opportunity. I don't get how working up the ladder is nepotism, don't get me wrong it can happen, but some of this is a long shot that doesn't really say anything other than people work on multiple shows over the course of their career.

No. 1752577

he grew up in a dictatorship and his own father was murdered, its fair to say he's a little traumatized

No. 1752587

doesn't mean he has to spread his own trauma to kids

No. 1752590

>Aren't they all for children?
How sheltered are you?

No. 1752591

Is he traumatizing kids to his level though? Are the films really that bad or is that just projection? Does every movie have to be cotton candy shit?

No. 1752609

it was a remake of a kids classic. don bluth did dark well

No. 1752649

Are you like 70 years old or something anon

No. 1752725

I’d recommend against using sarcasm in this particular thread.

No. 1752776

Bluth isn't the only person who can do dark nonnie. Neither does del Toro aim for the Disney market, not everything has to follow that standard. Kids are impressionable but they can handle whatever the hell del Toro or Tim Burton or whoever throws at them.

No. 1752777

Considering the usual concerns raised in these threads, I'm pretty sure she wasn't being sarcastic.

No. 1752801

Del Toro pouring a bit of dictatorship trauma into animation makes it a bit more unique. I would take that over "dark" animation now, which is just a million iterations of whatever Steven Universe was trying to acheive

No. 1753697

File: 1674821162337.png (432.7 KB, 882x493, whatdoesscobido.png)

Velma's mother worked in a government project called Scoobi, a brain retrieval experiment

No. 1753700

Have you even read the original Pinocchio?

No. 1754596

Bluth was a staple of my childhood but his movies never seemed really dark to me, I just saw them as fun adventure movies at the time. They didn't shake me like Pan's Labyrinth did – my dad showed me that movie when I was 10 because he thought it was for kids and I was scared for a couple days and then really liked it, it was the first time an anti-war film stuck with me in a meaningful way. I am NOT saying Pan's Labyrinth is appropriate viewing for a child, I'm just saying that kids don't need to be coddled that much
(and that parents should actually pay attention to what they show their kids lmao, we still roast my dad for that one).

No. 1755459

Same but it’s definitely dark compared to what kids have now. People have very different ideas of what children can “handle”.

No. 1755468

File: 1674976002008.jpg (1.54 MB, 2460x2232, clone.jpg)

So a first episode of the clone high sequel got leaked and its kinda meh, they added some new clone characters as well

The New Notable Clones:
>Frida Kahlo: popular, confident, hip chick and student council president
>Harriet Tubman: popular, confident, hip chick with a bit of a mean streak
>Confucius: popular, confident, hip dude constantly on flipflop. actually gives terrible advice, contrary to the wisdom of his clone father.
>Sacagawea: popular, confident, smart chick
>Christopher Columbus: politically correct white dude who goes by the name Topher Bus to "distance himself from his clone father" who got "cancelled for being a dirtbag"

here's the mega link to the episode for anyone interested

No. 1755500

Wow, I was expecting them to make a couple quips about everything being offensive nowadays but I wasn't expecting it to be the focal point of the story kek.

No. 1755656

CP don't scroll

No. 1755671

was about to be disappointed but tbh on second thought i feel like woke jokes are pretty on par with the humor of the original run, but i haven’t watched this and haven’t seen the original in several years

No. 1755691

The Futurama episode was a spoof of the whole Amazonian warrior sci-fi trope which is already a pretty fetish-y trope to begin with(so much of the sci-fi genre is just fetishes) so there was bound to be some fetish stuff in there whenever it was intentional or not. It wouldn't sureprise me if some stuff in that episode was intentional since the Futurama writers are huge sci-fi nerds
As other anons has mentioned Groening doesn't do much work when it comes to his cartoons so take it as you will
god, I relate/agree with everything said here.

No. 1755709

the animation was kind of weird

No. 1755737

File: 1675001535767.png (743.9 KB, 1157x719, 6.png)

>They made Ivan the Terrible a fucking Incel

No. 1755784

I expected this to be a lot worse from what anons where saying, but it had me at times. I hope this is gonna be the only episode that focuses on being "cancelled" bc it has the potential to be funny with offhand jokes but being the main focus of an episode is eyerolling. I have hope that it'll get back on track

No. 1755892

Just started watching but yuck, from the very first shot I could already tell the animation is lower quality than the original. The style looks good with stiff limited animation, idk why animators feel the need to tween the shit out of everything nowadays just because they can.

Also, voice acting was clearly done in people's houses during the pandemic kek.

No. 1756125

I assume the audio is unfinished and they'll redo it or something, kek. It was really weird.

No. 1756126

Also they did my girl Cleo dirty. She was forgotten like 5 minutes into the episode

No. 1756208

The audio is probably a scratch track, not the final version

No. 1756735

File: 1675111257367.jpeg (263.49 KB, 1908x1146, rocko.jpeg)

Late to the party with this one, but I finally went ahead and checked out the Rocko's Modern Life movie, since I hadn't seen the show since I was a kid. I shit you not:
>character (the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bighead) comes out as trans.
>Main trio's immediate reaction is "That's so cool!!!"

It was hard to watch.
Also, the character's backstory (which started in the tv show) is that he's disowned by his parents for not wanting to work at the big corporation with his dad and moves to hollywood to become a cartoonist. Of COURSE that character would become a tranny. I hate this planet kek

No. 1756736

I'm sad that this might mean the end of Solar Opposites, which has been way better than Rick & Morty.

No. 1756740

I forgot to add, it's extra funny because the character's voice is a super deep man voice and it's still the same deep man voice after he 'comes out' as trans kek

No. 1756744

If you want to mix animation with "traumatising children" try Watership Down. I think every Britbong over 25 has chilling memories of it.

No. 1756747

I hate to sound like one of those kneejerk conservatives who hates anything non-heteronormative in cartoons, but what else would you call this but grooming? Why does this need to be a major plot point in a cartoon for children?

No. 1756751

Not defending the decision to troon out the character, but I had the impression that Static Cling was a nostalgic thing made for the 30somethings who grew up with Rocko's Modern Life.

No. 1756770

didn't this come out in 2019? we need more animation milk, this is basically yogurt at this point

No. 1756773

File: 1675113523332.jpeg (367.85 KB, 960x1335, FED5F17C-FBF3-4485-90AF-44F84A…)

The Schaffrillas yt pooper that consists of two brothers and a best friend were in a serious car accident yesterday. One brother and the friend are dead while James is in critical condition.

No. 1756774

File: 1675113580970.jpeg (585.38 KB, 960x1581, 9279EA43-9A5F-4DFA-A9F9-302662…)

No. 1756787

Oh wow that's horrible hopes he pulls through. Oh wow

No. 1756788

Damn that's awful…

No. 1756789

Wow that’s a fucking splash of cold water, holy shit. God life can be truly fucked. This is the most grim news I’ve had in a long time and he was the fucking driver and has to deal with knowing that. Shit

No. 1756795

File: 1675114584039.jpeg (478.15 KB, 960x1514, 2BA89277-EC47-4D52-9102-BFF48F…)

No. 1757026

The new character color palettes are an eyesore. Why does Harriet Tubman look awful? Seriously they did her dirty.

No. 1757030

File: 1675132571567.jpeg (53.43 KB, 768x768, DFF21F1F-BDF3-4A77-A8C9-A5A4C1…)

Genuinely this is terrible character design KEK

No. 1757197

File: 1675152394030.png (528.17 KB, 718x550, 1675090851307968.png)

It's a weird choice, right? Also Frida Kahlo and Harriet Tubman were already throwaway background characters in season 1. I guess they had to make them into cutesy tumblr zoomers instead.

No. 1757203

the new designs look so jarring kek like its immediately obvious which designs have stayed the same from the original and which ones are new, they look like theyre from different shows.
these look so much better and it wouldn't have been hard for the show to simply update these character designs to make them slightly less coomery. instead we get this >>1757030 that looks like it was ripped off some 12 year olds oc sheet and palette swapped

No. 1757204

Holy shit I thought this was some new total drama spinoff character or something. I would have never guessed it was clone high. Why couldn't they have gone with this >>1757197 did they really think people would prefer that neon monstrosity?

No. 1757206

The new characters look like they're straight out of Total Drama Island.
Also the tweened animation feels so off and weird! It's odd seeing them bounce around and it feels too smooth, kek. The choppier animation of Season 1 (done in Flash, I think?) worked better with the flat, super-stylized, UPA-inspired character designs.

No. 1757348

a clip from Justin Roland's podcast where he tries to justify pedophilia, the woman joking about being a pedophile is Jackie Buscarino(who voiced pacifica northwest in gravity falls)

No. 1757419

Funny you say that since the artist for TDI basically stole the style from Clone High

No. 1757466


No. 1757601

people seriously unironically devote their lives to making something called "youtube poop"? who are these dead dudes and how did they look at themselves in the mirror if making supercut of fucking youtube was their life

No. 1757604

kek this is what zoomers look like though. they wear old men's shorts that look like they stuck their legs through the bottom of a bucket, and then a polo shirt that only comes to the bottom of their boobs so that their top belly roll can hang out.
this is way better character design though.

No. 1757775

Oh my god, grow up please

No. 1757812

Is Genghis Khan still going to be a "mongoloid" (mentally retarded)?

No. 1757892

I'm assuming so, I don't think we've heard him talk yet but in the scene where they all split off into different clubs his sign just says "I HAVE ONE TOO" kek

No. 1758258

File: 1675259261987.jpg (277 KB, 1058x902, huh.jpg)

well this is gonna be weird

No. 1758262

Immediate tinfoil: this is an attempt to go back and erase all the incest joke dialogue, piss references, and other sexually deviant lines. We will see the episode where Morty falls in love with that eco superhero who is too old for him removed too since this was obvious flaunting from Roiland who is a pedophile

No. 1758342

Always hated this show just because all the worst moids I knew loved it and quoted from it in a smug annoying way. I feel so vindicated lately nonnas kek

No. 1758513

I hope this makes moids seethe.

No. 1758669

i'm mad they want to dump even more money into this shit ass IP and scrubbing roiland from it like anyone could forget whats come out.

No. 1759003

Ikr? Especially when he works with people just as bad as him.
The whole industry is infested with yes men, pedos, and upperclass/rich scum- it’s the reason why i can barely tolerate western media because their views on things just seethes into their work

No. 1759028

File: 1675312199829.png (203.05 KB, 888x518, The-Hollywood-Insider-Adult-Sw…)

I can't stand fucking riggermortys by Dan Radlib Shyster and Pedo Roiland, bit I understand why Adult Swim can't cancel it, Rick and Morty is this generation's family guy, it is a gangbusters success and easily the most profitable property Adult Swim has ever produced. Nothing comes close. WB/Discovery is in a pretty desperate situation right now, they are billions in debt and are actively trying to stop the bleeding (in the worst, most short-term ways possible at that).
Rick and Morty will most certainly fail without Justin Roiland at the helm, which makes me happy. Especially because now every episode is tainted by the felony charges and creepy dms from Crusty Justy. But it's also a bittersweet moment, because now Adult Swim is done for certain. I knew their death was long telegraphed, especially after Discovery bought out WB, but I thought we'd optimistically another six years, now I don't even know if we'll have half that. I guess it's for the best, adult swim certainly is definitely past its prime, and barring a few exceptions its obvious that the talent is no longer there.

No. 1759181

File: 1675339413706.png (425.02 KB, 1326x652, kvaus.png)

‘King Of The Hill’ Revival Ordered By Hulu

>Hulu is laying out the welcome Matt for the Hill Family: the streamer is reviving King of the Hill from 20th Television Animation, with co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels set to return, as well as the beloved former cast.

>Judge will reprise his role as Hank Hill, while Kathy Najimy will be back as his wife Peggy, Stephen Root as Bill, Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill, Johnny Hardwick as Dale and Lauren Tom as Minh.

>The show, set in the fictional Arlen, Texas, follows the life of Hank Hill, an enthusiastic seller of propane and propane accessories; his wife, Peggy, the local Boggle champ and substitute teacher; and their 13-year-old son, Bobby, who defies any expectation his father had for a son. Hank’s friends — conspiracy theorist Dale, military barber Bill and cool but inarticulate Boomhauer (Judge) — along with Peggy’s friends Minh and meteorologist Nancy (Ashley Gardner), and Bobby’s friend Connie (Tom), help the Hills navigate a changing world.


No. 1759194

I wonder how they’ll handle Luanne.

No. 1759196

They'll make Peggy non-binary.

No. 1759209

King of the Hill is the one show I genuinely expect to not do any gender nonsense retconning, because it falls in line with the kind of shit Mike Judge likes to satirize. That said, I wonder if they'll put their necks on the line and make an episode on the trans movement.

No. 1759220

can't we just get a bobby hill spinoff like everyone wants? bobby hill goes to college would fucking rule

No. 1759228

I would love that. Either way I enjoy KotH so I'll check this out.

No. 1759232

Adult swim plays re runs. They aren't going anywhere kek

No. 1759261

this is going to be interesting but I bet the animation is going to be ugly

No. 1759936

It’ll just be Hank feeling skeptical but coming around in the end. Wouldn’t expect anything critical or hard hitting. Just some gentle ribbing if anything

No. 1760414

since boomhauer's a cop they'll porbably have a police brutality episode too or something

No. 1761430

Sorry for the late ass response but I believe you I vaguely remember hearing something about the legal cake and I can't remember from where but I did a deep dive into the whole john k thing years before he got outted because he was a known creep. I would lurk those weird blogs uhh Eddie or whatever his name is who is his biggest fanboy

I've also heard things directly from people who worked with him

No. 1761669

File: 1675622749505.png (270.51 KB, 518x560, MdYZCWYAAzF.png)

Don't know if this belongs here, but Azula will likely be given canonical redemption arc

No. 1761671

Maybe take this to /m/? I dunno. Is this a new comic or show or something?

No. 1761677

Can't evil characters just be allowed to be evil sometimes. Nothing about Azula ever suggested she would ever care about receiving forgiveness from anyone. All she ever desired was power.

No. 1761685

sageing for autism
Azula desired power because she was afraid, but now the things she feared are gone so the only thing she has left to be afraid of is the monster she has become in her pursuit for power and safety
I don't know if this movie will be any good but I love Azula, unhinged women is my fucking jam, so I'm going to hope for the best from this

No. 1761687

Anon, you inspired me to go look for the legal cake because I swore I'd seen a picture of it before, and I found it! This pic and the post about Kali's 18th birthday is still up on John K's blog: johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2006/11/kalis-birfday-party.html?m=1

I was slightly incorrect about some of the details of this. The cake was just a regular birthday cake and John K wrote "legal" on Kali's piece after cutting it. I guess I committed this to memory just because it grossed me out so much lol

No. 1761688

File: 1675625238682.jpg (127.65 KB, 1024x768, DSCN0283.jpg)

Sorry dropped pic!

No. 1761733

Fucking finally. Also more Azula content! I can't wait actually. The art looks good and I hope she will be cute.

No. 1761759

wondering if comic or movie, either way I'm in

No. 1761798

>Nothing about Azula ever suggested she would ever care about receiving forgiveness from anyone.
Azula was raised by her father to be a crazy psycho and was emotional abused by him. Her mom bailed on her (to save Zuko) and Iroh was off conquering the Earth Kingdom and then drowning in grief. Azula's only way of survival was to be cruel and ruthless but that doesn't mean that is all she is.

IMO, the point of a redemption arc with her is to put her in a place where trying to be a good person is the best out of all options available even though she really doesn't want to. (Or she does actually care about her mom, zuko, mai, tai lee, but she repressed all that due to her upbringing. Going crazy released all that and now she has to learn how to deal, but she really wants to back to being evil, but these damn feelings keep getting in the way) And she learns along the way that not being a psycho is actually better. But I do agree with you, she really shouldn't be going around seeking forgiveness. It should more be like Faith's where she went to jail, did her time, broke out to save the world and lowkey made peace with everyone.

Anyway, I just wanted her to go out in blaze of glory against Zuko (my unpopular opinion is that their fight sucked) but I'm down for this.

No. 1762123

Yeah this is the exact pic I remember seeing but I couldn't remember whose blog it was on. John k nuked a bunch of his blog posts but he has so much weird shit on there

No. 1762165

Fun fact, Eddie was the inspiration for Pinky from Pinky & the Brain
Everyone involved in John’s circle at that time had weird shit on their blogs that pointed to him essentially being a cult leader to that group of girls. They seemed like the cool crowd to me back then and I was kind of envious of how close everyone seemed to be, I really wanted my own group of cartoonist girl friends to draw with but looking back, the dynamics were really unsettling. I remember there being a bunch of pics of them all on John’s bed at one point and the way he and his older cartoonist guy friends were always hanging on the younger girls never sat right with me.

No. 1763031

File: 1675788105232.webm (2.78 MB, 622x360, Db3592YnZUaZtGde.webm)

This is horrible writing, especially if it's targeted towards kids. Children don't have these stupid discussions overly online black twitter users do, they went out of their way to make black girls look bad, you cant tell me they didnt.

No. 1763041

What the heck is that thing? That's not how children speak.

No. 1763056

This is a children's show? I was not expecting this when you said it was horrible writing. This is like, extremely embarrassing writing. Why are these black girls calling themselves chocolate and caramel? Also they called the white girl a Becky? And she can crash into their video chat?
>the one girl says and i oop

No. 1763074

Also they called the white girl a Becky?
It's a reference to a line from a Beyonce song, Sorry, "Becky with the good hair" which is a description of a woman the narrator's bf was cheating on the narrator with. Which makes even less sense since because Zoey's not a side chick.

No. 1763075

I still cannot understand who this show is made for

No. 1763079

People have been calling white women Becky's for years, it's kind of like snowbunny. I'm black and I cringe at that language because it's always followed by something misogynistic no matter whose saying it

No. 1763240

This is not for children but for terminally online younger millennials/older zoomers who grew up with this show and now have kids of their own.

No. 1763246

File: 1675799378173.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1214, 2A551840-DC9D-4620-9155-0A09E9…)

Agree, it’s cringe and misogynistic.

No. 1763289

Tom Minton, who the brain is based on, is another huge John K suckup.

No. 1763294

File: 1675806000867.webm (4.16 MB, 480x270, XLTCFClzia4SouEd.webm)


This show is gonna age so badly in just five years. The entire friend group was being a bunch of pick me girls. I don't even know why penny was so disappointed when that boy said no to her when she already HAS a boyfriend. "Preferences are bad" What a great message to push Disney. I know this show Is directed toward people who grew up on the original and not so much kids but it is pretty easy to find on Disney plus and YouTube. Here is another clip of the reboot. I don't think the message of the clip is bad but just very fucking cringe. And are they gonna address he black people who sold their own into slavery or no? kek and Zoey is apparently Jewish according to the fandom wiki.

No. 1763332

90% of today's children's media is also targeted adults. Which makes me worry that children are forced to grow up faster because the subjects their media is dealing with. I haven't seen the episode so I don't know if the boy they are talking about is in the wrong for hating girls of color, or if the girls are in the wrong for being against interracial couples. It's not that children aren't aware of any of these issues but there must be a better way to approach this when talking to children. I don't think it's wrong to talk about racism with children but framing it trough dating and have the girls attack each other seems a bit too heavy for children
>Why are these black girls calling themselves chocolate and caramel?
it was such a weird decision

No. 1763342

The animation will be all weirdly smooth and tweened

No. 1763344

what the fuck did they do to Proud Family

No. 1763350

I saw this earlier. Is there like, any other race of little girls being made to watch this weird incel stuff about boys not liking them because of their race? What is the end goal here?

No. 1763351

>Why are these black girls calling themselves chocolate and caramel?
This show was made by black men

No. 1763355

they made Michael a sassy, bitchy GNC stereotype and now they're shitting on Zoey because she's white? Was there a moral at the end of this episode or-

No. 1763378

Zoey breaks up with the guy who replaces her with a new white girl immediately but Zoey is the one who apologize and there are no consequences for the guy

No. 1763418

>Was there a moral at the end of this episode or-
'Girls should stick together because boys are overrated.' This was said at the end of the episode by the new woke character after they all apologized to each other. And, 'don't treat your friends badly because they are dating a jerk' and 'stick up for friend if your other friends are being mean to them.'

>Zoey is the one who apologize
They also apologized to Zoey.

No. 1763431

nta but that's encouraging. The clip out of context seemed so off putting

No. 1763507

File: 1675826946788.jpg (33.42 KB, 240x400, 1223173.jpg)

The problem with that message is it doesn't line up with their actions, penny and her friends only "forgave" zoey after she had broken up with her boyfriend and then not even a full minute later zoey ends up with another guy, its kinda dumb and "their girlfriend group" also includes Michael(a boy), they also try to shill various hotep associated books throughout the show, like picrel which tries to claim that black people were in the Americans before Columbus and were the one's solely responsible for civilization in mesoamerica

No. 1763561

Honest question, did anyone actually like this show the first time around? I have never seen anyone remembering it fondly outside of a couple of twitter posts praising the Muslim episode.

No. 1763842

File: 1675880725174.png (116.45 KB, 894x485, Ahjjv2cq6byg91.png)

Justin Roiland was a fucking creep this whole time and an immature lazy trubocoomer who was difficult work with, Here's a long Hollywood Reporter article about the implosion of Justin Roiland's career

>On Jan. 12, NBC News revealed that Roiland was facing two felony charges stemming from an alleged 2020 domestic violence incident that occurred with a woman he was dating at the time. That August, he was arrested and released on bail. Roiland has pleaded not guilty. The news, which blindsided both his employers and his colleagues, was greeted with an outpouring of other troubling revelations surrounding his online interactions, with multiple women publishing lewd messages they claimed to have received from Roiland. He direct-messaged former Mad magazine editor Allie Goertz, a longtime fan who was prepping a Rick and Morty concept album: “Can you write a song about 9 Dick’s of different sized and ethnic origins hanging above your face, and then in the lyrics describe how they each splatter you with semen.” He allegedly messaged another woman, who posted the exchange using an anonymous Twitter account and claimed to have been underage when they began corresponding, “You should just run away from home and go into sex slavery YOU FUCKING STUPID FAGGOT BITCH (!!!) (Jk).”

>Over the next two weeks, insiders say, advertisers panicked, lawyers huddled and, ultimately, one of the biggest names in animation watched as his career imploded. Roiland was stripped of his lucrative overall deal at Disney’s 20th Television Animation, and both Adult Swim (Rick and Morty) and Hulu (Solar Opposites, Koala Man) released statements that they had severed ties. Roiland will be replaced as the voices of Rick, Morty and Solar‘s alien scientist Korvo going forward. Even Squanch Games, the video game studio that he co-founded in 2016, announced that he’d resigned as CEO. Roiland, who declined to comment for this story, is due back in court for another pretrial hearing in late April.
>To many of Roiland’s colleagues, the criminal charges came as a shock, but they also point to workplace behavior that has made them uncomfortable for years. According to multiple sources, who would speak only on the condition of anonymity, Roiland once paraded a high-profile porn star through the Rick and Morty writers room, openly discussed threesomes and was involved in at least one instance of alleged sexual harassment during the show’s third season, notably its first with female writers.
>More recently, multiple sources say that Roiland, other than voice work, has not had any meaningful creative presence on any of the series that bear his name. In fact, many of his former colleagues say they haven’t heard from him in years, and when they have, it’s been unpleasant. They note, too, that he hasn’t been on speaking terms with his Rick and Morty co-creator, Dan Harmon, for multiple seasons, and a substantial number of staffers on that show as well as Solar Opposites and Koala Man have never actually met Roiland, even over Zoom.
>Rick and Morty began almost blissfully. Harmon had met Roiland through Channel 101, a monthly short film festival that Harmon had co-founded, and he took a liking to Roiland’s subversive work. “I would make stuff that was kind of intended to just shock people, [leaving audiences] screaming and people covering their eyes, groaning,” Roiland said in 2014. Harmon, who had just been fired from his cult NBC comedy Community over his chaotic leadership style, was approached by Adult Swim — he worried, however, that he wouldn’t be able to “fit in” with the network’s renegade brand on his own.
>In short order, the duo sold an idea born from one of Roiland’s zanier shorts, an off-color parody of Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly and Doc Brown, where Doc repeatedly convinces “Mharti” to lick his balls. Unlike Community, where horror stories about late nights and brutal working conditions were well reported, Rick and Morty was, as Harmon once described it, “easy and fun.” In those early days, he and Roiland were said to be an ideal match: “While Harmon would be writing really funny jokes, Justin would get up and draw a really funny drawing, and that, combined, is what led to the smart, silly sort of gumbo that turned into Rick and Morty,” recalls a show source.
>Harmon, who has never been shy about his sky-high standards, was determined to make season two even better. “And when Harmon wants something to be even better, it means later nights, it means being more careful, it means saying yes to fewer silly ideas, and Justin is the king of silly ideas,” says a source. Harmon enlisted a few Community writers who, one insider notes, didn’t treat Roiland with the same kind of reverence that the Channel 101 writers had the previous season. The room became clubbier, and not nearly as much fun — there were now “Dan’s guys,” a more cerebral, structured set, and “Justin’s guys,” a zany collection of artists, “and they just weren’t going to mix,” notes a source. “Dan is all on the page and mathematical about story breaking, and these guys that Justin hired were like, ‘Look, I drew a turd with eyes, let’s do a story about that.’ ” (Harmon didn’t respond to THR‘s requests for comment.)
>By season three, Rick and Morty had hired its first batch of female writers, which didn’t stop Roiland and others from dood­ling penis monsters and other vulgar characters on the office whiteboards. As one show source recalls, Roiland could still be highly engaged and appropriately silly, though too often he was “surly, petulant, uncommunicative and grouchy, like he always wished he was doing something else.” According to another show source, he was easily distracted, too; the writers would regularly walk over to a Toys R Us, where they would buy action figures or Nerf guns, and “then he played with them the rest of the day and we couldn’t get any work done.” Other show sources say he’d derail pitches and interrupt with sophomoric non sequiturs like, “What if his brains were on the outside?” It reached a point where multiple sources say it was easier when Roiland wasn’t in the room.
>At some point during the third season of Rick and Morty, multiple sources say Roiland simply stopped showing up — and when he did turn up in the Burbank offices, he’d typically avoid the writers room. In fact, Roiland’s colleagues often knew he was there only because they could hear his dogs. Or they’d hear his remote-control toy car, which had a microphone on top of it, zooming around the office. At least once, Roiland sent it into the writers room, says a source. “You wouldn’t have seen him in weeks, and then you’d see the car come in, which was insane.” (A source close to Roiland points out that many showrunners step away from successful shows once they’ve been established to tackle other projects.) Roiland would make exceptions to bring through famous fans, of which Rick and Morty has legions; at various points, his visitors included Kanye West, the comedians on Impractical Jokers and porn star Riley Reid, who gifted the room a succulent.
>By that time, Roiland had a girlfriend, who became a fiancée, and he would talk openly about their penchant for threesomes. “It was something we just ignored because it was disgusting,” says an insider. A source close to Roiland contends that the threesome discussions were in the context of plotline. Multiple sources say it was also during that period that Roiland sent a female employee a “really creepy” text, late at night, requesting that she come to his home (they declined to name the staffer). “She didn’t want to run it up the flagpole,” says one of the sources, “and then it was just this really fucked-up, awkward thing.”
>In the years since, Roiland’s involvement on Rick and Morty has largely been relegated to voicing characters, for which he’d take no direction and record from his home. In fact, it has been years since anyone can remember him stepping foot in the show’s writers room, even when it’s been virtual.
>“The reason that I posted my DMs was to add to the mountain of evidence and the pattern of behavior,” tattoo artist Veronika Sweeney tells THR of the messages she released in which Roiland asks if she has a boyfriend and suggests they meet at Comic-Con. Former Mad editor Goertz, who posted an exchange in which Roiland requested that she write a song about a crude sexual act, says that she also received pornographic GIFs and propositions from him, telling THR: “I really think that he, in a lot of ways, took advantage of someone who couldn’t have been a bigger fan.”
>Old interviews that Roiland had done were suddenly being resurfaced, too. Back in 2011, appearing on a podcast, he joked that he would be attracted to “a fucking 14-year-old that looks like she’s 18 and [has] big titties” and riffed on Dateline NBC‘s “To Catch a Predator” segments. (In the same breath, he added, “I’m not a pedophile though.”) His work, which has long made comedy hay of subjects like incest and sexual deviance, was now being viewed through a different lens.
>his former colleagues have soldiered on, making comedy that no longer feels quite as funny as it once did. “It’s heartbreaking,” says a show source. “Now everything is going to have an asterisk on it.”

No. 1763850

No, there were two cakes.

No. 1763852

Kali has good taste in men lmao.

No. 1764020

I liked the episode with the Romeo and Juliet play. That’s the only one I remember.

No. 1764043

thought kate beaton might be a cryptoterf, but based on her recent tweets about pinecone and pony i guess she isn't

No. 1764045

how in the fuck do talentless trash men like this get jobs? what is wrong with this industry

No. 1764049


This is the first i've heard about Eddie. Any more info? He sounds interesting

No. 1764054

I have always liked the animation in the original show. The expressions and movements here are great

No. 1764091

aw I forgot about this episode, this was so cute

No. 1764104

nah she's posted and liked tra stuff before. sucks but shes from tranada so i wasnt expecting anything different

No. 1764134

This is an imageboard. Post screenshots. What did she say.

No. 1764141

Eddie Fitzgerald. He's crazy prolific and worked on basically anything notable you remember from the 90s. He still does work, including on recent Disney features. People have joked about him being John K's Smithers. He's notorious for constantly creating sockpuppets to argue on John's behalf anytime shit comes up on social media. He refuse to speak to or even acknowledge Bob Camp because he "betrayed John." John is his favorite subject and he will talk at length about his admiration for him even if he's not around to hear it.

No. 1764232

I thought Mike Fontanelli was the one with all the sockpuppets? Maybe it was both of them. I wish I could find that one blogspot post by some cartoonist who made a comic about the John/Kali relationship. John and his buddies threw a huge fit over it in the comments.

No. 1764237

File: 1675922793461.jpeg (29.87 KB, 320x261, 929DA5E0-6905-49FD-86E9-A1A155…)

Same anon, here it is:
Comments seem to be gone now unfortunately but I remember them being pretty juicy. This guy still has a number of unflattering caricatures of John up on his blog.

No. 1764239

File: 1675922931597.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1956, 4197875B-EDA8-46EA-A433-9032BE…)

No. 1764243

I feel like Stephen worth is also worth mentioning. All these men are huge cows. I'm fairly certain he's also a John k defender

No. 1764246

It's so crazy to me that he seems currently more successful than John yet worships him. I didn't realize how prolific the guy was

No. 1764250

years back I used to respect John J as well, the man was genuinely a genius when it came to animation and drawing, pretty much everyone he worked with were awestruck by his natural talent

No. 1764263

His blog was really influential and helpful for me when I was first starting out. He was giving out a ton of helpful information for free at the time, but his personality has always been shit. I think it’s actually why so many gravitated to him. Being “tolerated” by John was a badge of honor to a lot of people.

No. 1764265

File: 1675925921539.jpeg (145.86 KB, 1024x768, DA0C4F1A-CE64-4984-A78E-127A92…)

Oops forgot my pic, kek

No. 1764271

File: 1675926812134.png (489.84 KB, 760x852, Screenshot_20230208-231059.png)

I genuinely do not get what people are talking about when they call this man a genius. I do get how his blog could have been a helpful resource but also there's shit like this which is honestly repulsive. I've always hated his art style and I'm not too keen on his style of animation either. Ironically the women around him who he "mentored" are more talented. Always have been a big fan of Katie rice.

No. 1764278

his art style may have been shit but his drawing level was really on another level,

No. 1764290

Kali and Marlo drew themselves here. John drew Steve. But I agree, all of the people he mentored have exceeded him. Always really enjoyed Katie’s art and respect the hell out of her for backing up Robyn in the buzzfeed article.

No. 1764292

I don't agree at all anon sorry this is some basic construction drawing and I've seen far superior draftsmen in the industry

No. 1764293

File: 1675930413230.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.58 KB, 1024x768, 38F65E9C-C372-4FBD-BD4B-29F92E…)

Gotta post the one they did for Mike, lmao

No. 1764294

Why were they drawing themselves naked truly demented

No. 1764295

>why were they drawing themselves naked
Hypersexualizing themselves in a weird pick-me cool girl way it seems?

No. 1764311

Since we're on the subject of John k it made me remember my favorite anecdote about him I read some time ago. I wish I could find the forum it was from again but I'm not having any luck

Someone told a story about how they were at his place (or it might have been someone else I don't remember) or something and he would randomly break out into tap dancing randomly in the other room. The image this conjures for me is hysterical

>At John's place

>Hear noise coming from the other room
>Go to look and see John furiously tap dancing

No. 1764345

didn't he also make one of his girlfriends get an abortion

No. 1764349

File: 1675945783873.png (217.77 KB, 760x663, Screenshot_20230209-042814.png)

Found it

Yes that was Robyn byrd I think she was underage at the time

No. 1764352

Lmfao what thread is this

No. 1764369

nothing interesting or milky enough to cap, just yay hooray our kids show has a nonbinary character yippee so important

No. 1764370

thanks anon

No. 1764374

No. 1764377

Thanks anon. That’s so funny I hope it’s true.
(when did SA make archives free?)

No. 1764378

Forgot to sage sorry, wanted to add
Yes, and >>1764265 is the one who drove her. John didn’t even go to the appointment.

No. 1764380

File: 1675951780286.png (91.54 KB, 300x168, Rb.png)

I'm wondering how their gonna continue the series without him
>he does 90% of the voices
>he does all the improvisation
>he invented the show premise and all the characters

even if you hate him now, you can't deny what he did. he was unarguably the most significant person

No. 1764384

Maybe it will actually become a funny show with actual writers who knows

No. 1764389

The new VA’s and writers will get absolutely ruined by the fans. It would have been more merciful for everyone to end it

No. 1764395

why would they? R&M has been Adult Swim's flagship show for a decade now and actually had mainstream and international success, they make more money with one bad season of Rick and Morty then every other they have produced combined

No. 1764400

The Hollywood Reporter article that came out a few days ago said he basically has nothing to do with the show anymore, besides the voices. So recasting him is all they have to do

No. 1764441

Except that >>1764380 isn't right about the writing. Roiland hasn't been involved with the show much after season 2. So not really much change. Roiland also only does like 3 voices so at least if there's one thing that's sure to improve its quality of voice acting.

No. 1764568

Yeah but Roiland was the brains behind that success. How the hell are they going to keep this going without him. This isn't like the Loud House where you could the success of the show could clearly succeed just fine without much input from Chris Savino. Should have just went the Shounen Jump route like they did with Act Age.

No. 1764593

File: 1675974905960.jpg (116.99 KB, 478x565, borutski_print.jpg)

Jessica Borutski was working with him around the same time but I don't think she's ever talked about him. Seems like things turned out alright for her though.

No. 1764798

i thought "becky" came from from the girls talking in baby got back

No. 1764800

roiland completely ruined the final episode of koala man. i hope it gets more seasons so we can watch it being actually good without him around.

No. 1764801


No. 1764807

honestly i think he will be easier to replace than you think. think of how many girls can do a spot-on eric cartman, how many guys can do a spot on shaquille o'neal or david lynch impression. some white dude from california is out there who can already do rick's voice, and if you listen closely morty's is seriously just the same voice with pitch changed.

No. 1764906

Tbh I hate Justin's voice acting so it can only be an improvement imo

No. 1765362

Jessica is Canadian and never worked with John in person, I think she provided some drawings for some projects here and there but stopped talking to John for years before she moved to LA.

No. 1765552

Yeah, she was never part of his main “girl squad” but I think he wanted her to be. Same with Potatofarmgirl, the Long Gone Gulch girl and Rebecca Sugar. Apparently he also had the hots for Sandra Rivas but I don’t know what came of that.

No. 1766168

Marlo worked or was mentored by John? That explains her artstyle so much.
What is she doing nowadays? Only thing I know is that she's married to Nick Cross.

No. 1766281

She is or was reposting her old vines on IG last I checked. Still friendly with John in spite of him being a pedo (who also leaked her nudes) but no longer has contact with Kali or Katie.
Also not to blogpost but back in the day she supposedly failed to deliver multiple expensive caricature commissions because she was “busy with Vine” lol. She is a phenomenal painter, though.

No. 1766970

>Adult Swim uploads a "comedy sketch" of Justin being a manchild and playing with toys instead of doing his job as a writer
>turns our is based on real events

No. 1767854

File: 1676381068883.png (135.15 KB, 594x358, rr.png)

Surprised more people don't talk about Raye Rodriguez(TIF creator of very inclusive and woke High Guardian Spice) admitted to casually browsing 4chan

No. 1767927

she comes off as really gross too. she's either a pedo like julia vickerman, or a TRA furry like viv.

No. 1767955

This is from 2018, but damn this self-admitted "uke" with the deviantart artsyle and toddler level writing abilities still holds faith in her crappy show to this day.
I'm sure she's a treat to work with, too.

No. 1768016

File: 1676395200129.png (344.16 KB, 648x1249, RR 2.png)

I don't know if she's a pedo or not, but her twitter page is typical for a fujotroon, filled with fan art of small feminine ukes that look like little boys paired with teenage looking seme's

No. 1768031

Oh my god lol this even features the RC car he was apparently tormenting the whole office with. It's wild that they shot this as a funny and quirky thing when they all fucking hated him doing this

No. 1768049

how can the showrunner of an animated series backed by crunchyroll have art that bad and such a poor grasp of colour theory, wtf. her banner is making my eyes bleed.

No. 1768095

Everyone in the industry browses 4chan. Why do you think there are so many troons?

No. 1768212

There's an update on this from Veronica herself:

Didn't expect it to become a bigger, more public issue.(please embed )

No. 1768254

Lmao 4chan shits on HGS more than anywhere else on the internet. Some selective reading going on, huh Raye?
This. There's been a bunch of 90% likely Ian Jones-Quartey posts on /co/ over the years, and the people who worked on that awful live-action Reboot show went on /co/ to vent about how awful production was.

No. 1768357

ok but why tho, 4chan has a "reputaion" among normies so why go there

No. 1768378

Because its pure anonymity and ease of access. Telling people you browse 4chan is stupid but actually using it isn't that bad depending on the boards you browse.

No. 1768404

how would they discover 4chan in the first place

No. 1768430

i don't know how did you discover this hellish gossip forum where we bully trans people to death

No. 1768490

tf you talking about, my 65 year old dad knows what 4chan is. maybe you are too young to remember it was on the news quite a bit…

No. 1768568

Her wife (also in the industry) was all over 4chan defending that story artist who drew the amphibia shipping art back when that “scandal” happened and telling everyone to watch HGS when it premiered and being very open about who she was so this doesn’t surprise me at all

No. 1769032

The people making these cartoons are about as far from "normies" as you can get.

No. 1769177

knowing about 4chan and actually going there are two separate things
they go to /co/mblr not the rest of 4chan

No. 1769234

wait her wife? i was under the impression she liked men who is her wife?

No. 1769273

It’s even sadder because the original show did a much better job when it touched on racial subjects, and it didn’t shove it in your face every other episode in such a preachy way. Making characters mouthpieces for an agenda is the worst thing you can do if you want a show to age well.

No. 1769295

It’s possible that I’m getting her mixed up with someone else who has a Crunchyroll show then? The wife I was thinking of is Anna Lencioni, so whoever she’s married to I guess.

No. 1769298

Samefag, the Crunchyroll showrunner I was thinking of is Sophia Alexander, lol. I’m retarded, sorry

No. 1769508

File: 1676564743856.jpg (158.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1630849803733.jpg)

she definitely doesn't have a wife, she considers herself a "gay uke" not a straight man and she made this when she was in her late 20's btw

No. 1769521

Jones-Quartey is a weeb and a coomer and 4chan has really easy access to drawn porn.
The Reboot thing was just such a trashfire that people needed to vent about it somewhere they could be anonymous and not get fired.

No. 1769671

>I act more like an anime character than anything else
>calls self a uke
Yikes, This is deadass pathetic

No. 1769784

speaking of her email I'm also perplexed by the use of gmail. I rarely see professionals use that specially professionals who has worked with big companies like Crunchyroll. I don't think anyone in this industry knows how to brand themselves in a professional manner. Rayedesu@gmail.com does not sound like an email a serious adult would use why does the industry keep enabling behaviour like this

No. 1769884

File: 1676592796341.jpeg (10.36 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Sorry for the image quality but I wanted to talk about Pan. I hate to criticize people for dressing as they wish. But this style doesnt fit him well imo. It seems like he's really into it because hes been posting a lot on Instagram. Also it seems that he possibly has a new GF.

No. 1770071

I don't mind Pan besides being a degenerate and I can enjoy his videos once in a while but yes, he's nearly 30 (or probably 30 already), its too late to get into that shit.

No. 1770081

I dont see why he doesnt try to get into a more mature version of it. He can still have an alt style reminiscent of the Y2K era but styled for someone his age. Anyway, has he posted anything about his progress on the Pilot for Loki IRL recently? I wonder if he'll try to pitch to adult swim again once its done.

No. 1770116

I’ve seen way worse “professional” email names. Also gmail is probably the most popular provider. What else do you suggest they use?

No. 1770125

Anyone have the link to Ang Vondras supposed new webcomic? Can’t find it anywhere

No. 1770633

They need to just end Rick and Morty. It’s weird writing changes in season 3 we’re bad enough. Whether they like it or not the fucked up creator is the life of the show, just like Ren and Stimpy or Morel Orel

No. 1770810

Dino Stamatopoulos had a scandal? What did he do?

No. 1770813

someone made a claim against that he sexually harasses women(he is a open degenerate though)

No. 1770852

Yeah I don't think he had a specific thing, he's just openly known as a sex pest and creep

No. 1770900

One of the things I like about Pan is he either nails the Y2K aesthetic well or knows how to curate it well depending on who does his graphics. That's one thing that places him a notch above the other YT cartoon community (besides refusing to engage with most of them) and what gives me slight hope for his cartoon, provided of course that he hires SOMEBODY to streamline his designs.

No. 1770901

File: 1676717636772.png (307.82 KB, 396x514, pizzam1lk.PNG)

The gf seems to be an uwu genderqueer who's only 22, she's been obsessed with him since she was a kid and still makes at least 16 tweets a day about him. She's also fucked her way into being the new Pizza Party Podcast Co-host and made cover art that looks like a 16 yr old drew it.

No. 1770905

I was actually considering posting about their relationship in the Youtuber thread but I figured no one would care so I avoided it, its hard to tell what aspect of their relationship is "semi-ironic" and what's real, like Pan definitely likes playing his femdom fetish

No. 1770952

There is no way that man is a day under 35

No. 1770970

File: 1676731025955.jpeg (1.08 MB, 960x1369, 63A3D0A6-A09F-4FD1-B5D8-D96811…)

Here’s a full fit because he looks stupid as hell.

No. 1770977

this is giving me shmorky vibes.

No. 1770979

I would not be surprised if it turned out he was DMing underage

No. 1770981

Creator of the first western animators thread, I guess since VA drama is included, I guess cartoon reviewer should also be allowed as well

No. 1770985

was the amphibia drama really that big of a deal

No. 1770989

late 30's hot topic manager aesthetic

No. 1771002

Even if he's being ironic, he still looks retarded

No. 1771037

Alex Hirsch went very quiet after Justin Roiland came out as a woman beater creep. Including Dana Terrance have not spoken up about his charges yet.

No. 1771040

They were pretty close and both of voice acted for minor for each other shows

No. 1771051

Wow he really hasn't tweeted at all since the news broke about Justin. I get that they're friends but it's been a while at this point

No. 1771055

Desperately biding his time hoping things blow over and no one takes notice of him.

No. 1771190

nta but that makes me wonder about the creator of Adventure Time. Justin Roiland voice acted Lemongrab (and some smaller roles too) many times, I wonder if he'll speak out about his friend

No. 1771262

He was weird on the set of Community it seems. The more I learn about that show, the more it seems like an incubator for antisocial psychos.

No. 1771310

Yeah, part of me wonders if Dan Harmon's a weirdo magnet or if the entire crew was a honeypot for coomers and degenerates.

No. 1771345

It was to terminally online twitter zoomers. They’ve never forgiven Matt Braly for defending that board artist and refusing to fire her lol.

No. 1771347

Reminder that Justin was actively trying to recruit underaged girls on tumblr to fuck Hirsch

No. 1771430

>Justine Roiland voice acted Lemongrab
Goddamn, that makes sense. I haven't thought about Lemongrab in years. He really only has one voice he can do.

No. 1771558

Oh god, and Maya(the new girl)'s parents are two gay men, one is black and the other is jewish. Why does this sound like a joke someone would write to make fun of 'woke' shows?

No. 1771566

Haven’t watched the reboot yet but based on everything I’m seeing the new girl is such a “woke” caricature that she seems like something Fox News would have made up to incite conservative outrage

No. 1771612

Part of me wonders if that's at least somewhat intentional to stir up attention for the show.
>Racists are SEETHING at the Proud family reboot!!

No. 1772589

File: 1676911961876.jpg (256.91 KB, 1334x756, v4wvo8gpoxu41.jpg)

>all those theories made about the Gems being a synthetic weapon race created by long extinct masters to fight a war against a dangerous and unknown threat, attempting to justify/rationalize Homeworld's aggressive planet busting resource harvesting and militarized dictatorial culture
>actually the Gems were alone in the galaxy, never encountered sapient life before humanity and so far only seem to have fought one minor rebellion against themselves where they went straight for committing body horror atrocities on their own soldiers

now I think SU detractors go a little too far(like seriously, we have an unhealthy amount of people who unironically think Rebecca Sugar supports fascism or genocide or whatever all because they lack basic media literacy) but this was just worst attempt at trying to retroactively whitewash characters I have ever seen

No. 1774005

Anyone else following the Veronica and Jelly drama? Why the fuck does she not have a thread here?
>is an alcoholic,gets dumped by Chris O'niel starts hanging out at Rice Pirate mick crack house
>Crazy whore lives with mick, mick fucks her
>She knows this, has a boyfriend and decides to leave him for Mick even though she thinks he's cringe.
>Mark gets depressed
>gets back with Mark and then cheats on him at party
>break up with her
>get married.

No. 1774035

I hate this specifically because it makes no sense. Why would Homeworld use so many resources to create entire soldier classes of gems if they never encountered another sentient species that could fight back against them? Why was Pink Diamond's first appearance heavily implying Yellow Diamond was fighting a war? Make it make sense, Sugar.

No. 1774057

I just cannot believe that any of this went public, like this video feels like it should've been a gossip session between two friends. Honestly I only watched it because I like Chris, though what can you expect when you're friends with a bunch of mentally ill, addict freak animators

No. 1774071

File: 1677059942701.jpg (30.17 KB, 219x223, Fo3c.jpg)

bump for CP

No. 1774074

File: 1677060356107.jpg (37.74 KB, 580x326, stevenuniverse-birthdays-580x3…)

I don't wanna seem like I'm defending the show but there were multiple writers and storyboard artist working on the show all of whom probably didn't know how SU was gonna end and that's one of the biggest reasons there's such a tonal whiplash with regards to how the diamonds are characterized, specifically writer Raven Molisee was the one focused more on the imperialism aspects of the Diamond's and Gem society(she's also the one wrote and did the storyboard art for some of the body horror episodes like Frybo and So many birthdays)

No. 1774087

I'm late ik but KotH is my favorite TV show of all time and I'm not looking forward to this at all (albeit curious but still). it'll be weird without Luanne obviously but wtf, where is Kahn? if they kill off Kahn just bc a white dude voiced him it'll be so irritating

No. 1774092

>Raven Molisee

I didn’t know she worked on SU but it’s funny because I remember her posting a ton of EEnE ship art on deviantart when I was younger. I wonder if she and Rebecca Sugar knew each other back then.

No. 1774135

I don’t see them killing off Kahn, he’s literally Hank’s antagonist (at least neighbour wise). I would be okay with them having someone else do the voice (and perhaps real Laotian instead of gibberish when he speaks it) but only because I want this show to work and don’t want it to get “cancelled”.

I love KOTH so much, I just want it to be good.

No. 1774200

SU writing sucks, the only thing good about the show was that it was able to breakdown(albeit half assed) social norms at the time.

Literally the writing was whatever the cast wanted it to be, there is no standard, and to this day I’m surprised people think that it’s good, especially in one sitting.

Then Rebecca Sugar should’ve reign in the show, it’s hers afterall- and I know not every creative has an idea on how their project should end but jc, she really didn’t know how to tell her storyboarders “no” and just write the thing herself.
The style of directing that she chose for the show would’ve been better if it was like flapjack or adventure time, where there really isn’t an “arc” or full storyline

Sorry for the autism sperg but I really hate that this show is the “ pinnacle“ of modern day ‘deep’ storytelling

No. 1774222

File: 1677078820244.jpg (338.84 KB, 1280x960, Steven_Crewniverse.jpg)

from what I understand the first 3 seasons of SU were basically various storyboard artist writing their own separate beach city AU episodes(something genuinely never done before) that's why there was often such big tonal whiplash in between the episodes and why random characters showed up only to disappear and never be seen again

here's a list of all the writers and what episodes they wrtoe

No. 1774241

It really is a show that you realize in hindsight wasn't all that great, however I feel it COULD have been much better if they had realized where they wanted to go with the show and characters from the get-go and stuck to it. I enjoyed the way you could really still feel Rose's presence and influence despite, just like Steven, knowing nothing about her. It had a good start and interesting elements they could have built on if it had better and more experienced leadership. But now we instead have this weird mess that isn't quite sure what it wants to be, what kind of audience it's aimed at, or how to hold a consistent tone.

No. 1774339

>SU writing sucks
You got that right. So many things such as how the gems had extra powers (like Pearl firing stuff from her spear) and then stopped using them, throwing away gems' characters like Garnet reduce to just Ruby and Sapphire and fusions; even more so with Rose and Pearl with that oh so planned twist, turning a blind eye to all the terrible things they wrote about what the Diamonds(yes even Pink Diamond) did in order to forgive them, the bubbled up Rose Quartzes having zero big role throughout the whole damn plot until the fucking very end only for them to be used from Steven growing mommy anger issues and baiting about getting Homeworld life/lore only to not do anything with that. the list goes on.

No. 1774804

I think it's funny that both Veronica and Mick said that Chris was a good guy. Considering his sense of humor you'd expect a probably ill mannered edgelord.

No. 1774874

Trying not to incur the wrath of autistic Oneyplays fans.

No. 1774990

Her video was hilarious. She could have just laid low until the drama died down but she dumped gasoline on that fire.

No. 1775038

I genuinely fell in love with the show when I was younger and I couldn't believe a few of my friends really liked it too but damn as time went on it just kept dropping the ball from so many angles. For me the pacing, the schedule and pointless episodes royally screwed it up and I felt the crew had no idea how to end it or they botched a morale they were trying to get across
I honestly wished SU would have gotten cancelled around S3, that might have saves the series reputation

No. 1775049

File: 1677161107831.png (161.44 KB, 1080x447, 1677128924074.png)

Pan Pizza/Rebel Taxi may possibly be trooning out?

No. 1775053

Genuinely would not surprise me in the slightest

No. 1775073

I like his content but your right, his goth girl fetish despite almost being a 30 year old man, his open porn addiction and his "ironic" humiliation/femdom fetish, he checks all the boxes

No. 1775225

/co/ is basically a Tumblr colony, but it is weird how browsing 4chan isn’t considered a cancelable offense (not that I’d want it to be) in Twitters eyes. Does it not cross their minds what they could be saying on there?

No. 1775240

I know it smell crazy in there

No. 1775261

File: 1677180552112.png (173.54 KB, 460x359, thingie.png)

God, the coolest thing in the show were the aliens. Let us have cool, militaristic race of made-to-order weapon aliens. Every time I get reminded of the writing's wasted potential I just weep, because they could have done something so cool and so interesting and unique but they just… didn't.
Not surprised in the sliiiiightest, he ticks all the boxes of the pornsick guy who transitions.
pic related, were they just fighting wars against the local fauna? So there is other life, but not intelligent sapient life other than humans and gems?

No. 1775275

>So there is other life, but not intelligent sapient life other than humans and gems?
Basically yes, the gems literally only fought dumb animals and no sapient intelligent life, which makes the universe so fucking small, just so Rebecca sugar could justify turning the Diamonds into Steven's annoying aunt's

No. 1775569

Looking at that picture, I really hated how that whole "Steven is not his mom" shit went nowhere and let it drag on and on the way it did. When it was just Rose, he actually started to question if he should be like his mom after learning what she really did during the gem war and Bismuth straight up said he doesn't have to be like his mom, then Rose was Pink Diamond twist happened and now Steven just accept every terrible, selfish thing she did like: "Meh, she had her reasons. It's fine" until the narrative (randomly) decided to stop defending Pink to a degree.
Also there was no reason for Steven to dress up as her for the Diamonds other than Rebecca just wanted to see Steven in a female outfit again

No. 1775593

File: 1677219519459.jpg (132.51 KB, 1280x720, Critters.jpg)

> were they just fighting wars against the local fauna?
yeah there was that one episode in "Future" where they're terraforming some planet and theres only little creatures
maybe it's kind of a nitpick but lapis is always drawn so ugly

No. 1775764

There's a reason why so many people started watching the show after the Garnet vs Jasper episode, including me, it was because of the potential it showed only to drop the ball over and over later on.

Wouldn't surprise me, no. It also wouldn't surprise me if it turns out the annoying girl is pushing for it too.

No. 1775770

File: 1677249458413.png (430.03 KB, 600x720, Mina.png)

since this is the unofficial cartoon discussion thread as well, can we talk about how much of clusterfuck the ending of Star Vs. was, it started off as a simple and fun lighthearted show and then out of nowhere it became a heave handed colonialism allegory
I will admit that I was so completely disillusioned by the end that I laughed my ass off at the idea of Solaria trucking a peasant girl who admired her into becoming a retard-strength superhuman for the sake of her monster genocide, only to suddenly look at her with disdain at the end when said peasant girl tries to genocide monsters. I like how she just completely gets away with all of it and pretends she never had anything to do with it, it's beautiful.

No. 1775838

File: 1677256032087.png (31.05 KB, 943x377, AMA 1.png)

No. 1775844

File: 1677256445719.png (21.08 KB, 943x204, AMA 2.png)

>a bunch of british colonial settlers stumbled upon a water well portal in fucking California
It would have made more sense if the well portal was in New England

No. 1775846

File: 1677256499549.jpg (117.11 KB, 1080x569, AMA 3.jpg)

This is the closest you will ever get to her talking about any possible backlash.

No. 1775847

File: 1677256595935.png (781.24 KB, 1334x701, AMA 4.png)

and last one

No. 1775982

It’s when they started to really focus on the racial allegories between mewmans and monsters did I loose interest. After Toffee was gone it was obvious they had no one else to fill the main villain role which is why I think Eclipsa should’ve been a villain, it felt like that’s what they were hyping her up to be before her reveal.

No. 1776023

sherlock fujos and cards against humanity players

No. 1776024

idk who this is but the picture of him >>1769884
literally looks like a picture of a guy with his job in 2001 so if that's what he's trying to do then he's doing great. personally i hate that y2k men's alt hair, they weren't expected to put effort in outside of trad goth communities back then

No. 1776025

samefag wait i take it back. his clothes in >>1770970 are all wrong. the purple autismo hair and tshirt pic is still ok

No. 1776027

i'm not black so tell me if im' crazy but that show seems like so much weird rules and hate spewed at black girls from within their own community. like it feels like it's made by black men using "fight racism" as an excuse to not help women?

No. 1776052

Nah even if you're not black it's not wrong to point out that black men do this shit a lot. They often disregard black women or treat them as if they're race traitors if they so happen to discuss misogyny from black men. The fact that Dijonnay is still portrayed in the show in a negative light like she was in the original is proof that these writers don't really care about the negativity black women face.

No. 1776190

File: 1677292197275.jpeg (13.74 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

Okay, Im not the only one who finds neon caffeine a little annoying? I felt bad about it because its common people are sexist when a YouTuber gets a new GF so I wanted to give her a fair shot. I really did but she's just so loud on the podcast episode she's a guest in. It feels like they let a 15 year old fangirl onto an episode and she can barely contain herself. She tries to joke with pan but it kinda feels like she's trying to mimic Izzy or something? Its bizarre. I dont see the relationship lasting super long. The new podcast definitely won't last a month.

No. 1776233

how old is she, cause she looks underage

No. 1776238

File: 1677297214001.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>Mewmans are symbolic for white colonialism
>Monsters are the native race kicked out by the invaders
>Toffee is actually just fighting out of revenge of his people
>Eclipsa was the one Queen who listened to the monsters and fell in love with one
>She in turn is demonized by the Mewmans
>This leads to star deciding to destroy all magic and merge the human and monster realms
Seriously WTF

No. 1776252

File: 1677298575252.jpg (46.87 KB, 736x413, dec6455b5e269835ab4e071de57d56…)

i was a teenager when svtfoe was a thing and let me just say, i took way too much inspo from it and it fucked up my artstyle. thats most of what i hate about it. also star and marcos relationship was so fucking tacky and obvious. i get that its a kids show but its so obvious that they end up together at the end. also the kiss scene near the end? seriously? theyre in a fucking pigpen. like. why.

i hated tom but i kinda wish the creators made star get with him at the end just to get people angry. i wouldve loved to see all petty shit that couldve happened.

fuck, now i feel like watching a few episodes in my own distastefully nostalgic way.

No. 1776260

>I took way too much inspo from it and it fucked up my artstyle
posters like you casually proving >>1726920 right jfc. not even disagreeing on your points on the show, but your art style got fucked up because you were bad at drawing

No. 1776271

well no, im not jealous, i just had horrible taste was all.

No. 1776280

File: 1677301758874.jpg (23.89 KB, 327x400, ab39ed4eaa76165df4c4f3cb7bc5be…)

considering the fact that fact marco is based on her husband(down to them both being half Latinos) it was always gonna be the end ship

No. 1776291

damn, usually the "i developed a hyperfixation and then when it wore off i realized i actually suck shit at drawing" experience is for bitter weeaboos

No. 1776319

She's 22. She's got a bit of a baby face but I'd say she looks her age.

No. 1776336

tbh Pan missed his calling as a Graphic Designer. I could see people hiring the shit outta him for a late 90s early 2000s aesthetic.

No. 1776347

isn't pan like 30 though

No. 1776360

He is. It's a bit of a weird age gap. I honestly doubt he'd be able to find any woman his age that's as autistic about cartoons and into goth/alt stuff as he is. I imagine zoomers copping old trends are his best bet at this point.

No. 1776364

God she's so noxious. An absolute black hole of charisma.

No. 1776436

This is such a shitty excuse, he could easily have relationship with someone his age who is also into cartoons and alt fashion,

No. 1776449

How many single women in their 30s do you know that are immature enough to spaz out about cartoons and still dress like they're an emo 16yr old still?

No. 1776465

more then you'd expect

No. 1776482

Kek anon you need to go outside more there are plenty of women in that age range who still obsess over cartoons and shit

No. 1776527

He did literally go to college for graphic design though

No. 1776825

Californians continuing to show that they know nothing outside of their state and refuse to hire anyone else.

A little out of box, but I’m kinda tired of all these showrunners trying to convince their audience that their shows are mature when they write like elementary kids and think that their shows are deep when it includes “imperialism” “death” ect. Like, yes, those can be deep topics but these writers completely forget that they actually need to implement context and they never involve it unless they need it for a plot point.
It’s like, I get it, that in the western world, animation is seen as a “kids” genre, and if it’s an adult animation that you get shit like family guy and hazbin hotel but holy shit there’s next to no variety for people who enjoy animation/shows that aren’t based on a day-to-day life

Tbh, Eclipsa was the only good thing from the show

Nonny,,, have you ever gone to a convention or seen all these content creators…?

No. 1777075

On Texas alone (where Pan lives), there's tons. There's really a huge intermingling between those types and Mexicans.

No. 1777135

File: 1677381679579.png (317.14 KB, 640x640, 6A120AB1-43C8-4895-9CE1-58738A…)

Eclipsa was the best character tbh. She’s a baddie.

Ngl I agree with nonnies that SVTFE should have been like 1-2 seasons. I also think star and Marco should have stayed platonic. It sucks when discourse of the show is ruined by shipping.

No. 1777688

File: 1677423849123.jpeg (27.6 KB, 640x634, 7ED09348-CE55-4E00-A7B0-6B7017…)

Why do monsters have to be an allegory for non-white people? Star, The PowerPuff girls, and MLP to an extent all did this and it was underdeveloped and came off as extremely tone deaf.

No. 1777780

Since Pan & his gf were brought up, I'm surprised no one has discussed one of her past controversies, lmfao. Sage bc this is kinda old news.
Forgive the fact the video is by some moid with video game footage in the background, but it's pretty comprehensive.
>Neoncaffeine (or mango) manipulated/convinced an autistic man they knew online to go on a roadtrip with her to vidcon
>said autistic man couldn't discern someone using him over genuine friendship (no surprises there)
>mango begged him for a gopro so that they could film the trip together
>said autistic man supposedly had a loan from his brother to make the trip since he didn't have much of his own money
>mango proceeded to spend thousands of dollars from this man, apparently 1,000 was spent before the trip even started so that she could hire a pet sitter last minute
>much of the money spent went to covering hotels and restaurant food for mango specifically, apparently when this autistic guy tried to budget or was hesitant to spend money, mango would try over and over to spend more on unnecessary bullshit
>having him bend over backwards to do random shit for her with the promise that he'd be able to collaborate with other creators, but as of now, none of that has happened
>she states in a tweet about this situation that both her & Blake (autistic man who's the subject of the video) are autistic, but that comes off as more of an attempt to cover her ass
>tries to cover by arguing both she and blake were irresponsible with money, not just herself
FWIW this video was mostly based on testimony from the friend of Blake, but considering NC made her own tweets defending herself on the subject there has to be some kernel of truth here. I don't see what someone would have to gain from lying about a below Z-tier YouTube animator. And, tbh, her relationship with RT comes off as an insane grift on her end.

No. 1777808

File: 1677434975056.png (366.22 KB, 653x670, FotXKCpaQAApAPu.png)

Holy shit I generally thought these were edited, I had no idea they were real


No. 1777816

Tara's tweets from that era are genuinely some of the most unhinged shit imaginable. Many of them also fed into brony's delusions and, frankly disgusting, sexual desires which is why they weren't called out as often.

No. 1777819

She reminds me a little of Julia Fox, she has this whole “woke feminist” schtick on her account? but the fact is she's dating a gross coomer like pan for clout and genuinely doesn't seem to have any morals

No. 1777820

>The PowerPuff girls
when was this ?

No. 1777827

She just comes off as a serious grifter imo. I don't think Pan is a victim here, he's the older party & is an adult who's capable of vetting out partners. But I can't imagine she's dating him for anything other than YouTube cartoon community recognition, whatever the fuck that's worth.

No. 1777834

Monsters have always been a metaphor for “the other”. It can be an analogy for a cultures’ fears or be blatantly used as a metaphor for minorities, nonny. Don’t act like it’s anything new.
I would be more worried about the trend in modern stories retelling the story of imperialism, and the white upper class person being the savior

No. 1777836

So you’re telling me that Tara was possibly a pick-me or genuinely had an interest in this coomerbrain shit?
Disgusting, thought that she was one of the few only good showrunners

No. 1777847

don't get me wrong, I don't think pan is a "victim" either, just saying that no real feminist/activist would ever willingly be in a relationship with pan

No. 1777853

absolutely not. I'm also really wondering how long she's been a "fan" of his content. I wonder if this is going to be a clone of the repzion and maya situation.

No. 1777854

File: 1677438784222.jpg (366.74 KB, 2351x969, MTakf8HGg5.jpg)

there's more
also the monsters are only referred to as monsters by the mewmans, they are actually separate species(the kappas, Septarian, frog-men) that the mewmans lumped into one group

No. 1778100

I think he’s pretty talented but his obvious lack of social skills is probably what keeps him from ever truly supporting himself off of his art.

No. 1778107

Is Tara Strong a showrunner or a just a VA?

No. 1778295

Just a VA afaik, maybe the ayrt was mixing her up with Lauren Faust. Tara has always pandered to coomers.

No. 1778389

File: 1677512092160.jpeg (583.74 KB, 1170x656, F0EA5790-DD61-4ADB-9601-93897E…)

Kek, it feels so narcissistic that she hurt people in this situation and then made this cutesy drawing of herself as if she’s the quirky main character in a reverse harem anime or something

No. 1778467

i feel like this relationship is gonna bite pan in the ass one day when they break up. she’s already gotten into drama as a small youtuber, if they break up pan will probably get shit for their age gap. but like others have said, he’s 30, so it’s hard to feel any sympathy for him.

No. 1778480

File: 1677519550417.jpg (263.13 KB, 1261x1072, nDqeKBnjYnZ0crES.jpg)

seriously WTF

No. 1778520

File: 1677522696253.webm (9.28 MB, 1080x1920, tara strong eg daily.webm)

Tara has always been such a pickme and sexualizes herself and her characters, it's creepy. Also this was weird as hell, slapping the ass of her colleague, 60-year-old E.G. Daily (the voice of Tommy Pickles) while on Tara's bed.

No. 1778549

WTF, she's like 50 they are way too old to be acting like this

No. 1778590

File: 1677528832039.webm (1.73 MB, 576x1024, sam strong.webm)

She also has 2 sons, and at least one of them looks like he's into degenerate DDLG shit. He posted a (now removed) TikTok of himself walking his "little baby girlfriend" on a leash through a mall. Jesus

No. 1778607

…what the actual fuck, how do people feel comfortable enough to do shit like this.

No. 1778659

honestly what are you talking about

No. 1778838

not suprising, I think she reveal1ed in an interview that she was into "kinky" stuff and liked doing cartoon voices in the bedroom

No. 1779614

>is a voice actor
>admits to using character voices in bed
>majority of said characters are from kids shows/are children

Gross. I really wonder how common this is

No. 1779866

File: 1677656794705.png (36.98 KB, 596x376, 8ba23824d92c6c4d220ce93796be41…)

didn't realize tara separated her husband but the guy in that video is her bf. I went to check out his twitter and he's like a web3/nft loser something about his business seems sus as fuck.

attached photo related, the website seems so dodgy. Unrelated to animation so sage'd

No. 1779926

File: 1677670275431.jpeg (196.8 KB, 1170x627, D35075D4-B9E9-414F-BA17-863182…)

No. 1779935

VA drama was allowed here since the second thread, so no need ti sage

No. 1780069

Decided to watch an episode of Pan's new podcast on a whim and Neoncaffeine comes across as such a passive pick-me, around 7:34 at vidrel, she claims that the depiction of teenage girls in the proud family(which are all awful and sexist depictions made by an out of touch old man) is accurate cause that's what she acted like, and there are other instances through out the podcast where she sexualizes herself or makes some edgy joke

No. 1780276


Lol yeah I thought so too. She's trying too hard to be "one of the boys".I imagine she will quickly gain izzy's status as the unfunny one in the new podcast. Wonder how she'll handle it. I do find it bizarre that Pan is just suddenly up and starting a new podcast with a girl he hasnt even dated for a year yet.

No. 1780322

File: 1677715249642.jpeg (1000.09 KB, 1170x1353, A7B2A04E-AC9A-4054-BF67-F614A0…)

No. 1780639

both her fans and detractors are extremely weird tbh

No. 1780642

>>1778467 22(?) and 30 isnt really a bad age gap when theyre both adults. Twitterfags need to get a grip

No. 1780656

sorry to hear you were groomed anon.

No. 1780701

tbh I get sociopath vibes from daftpina

No. 1780784

Tweeny AF but it’s Bento so I’m not shocked. Charlie’s simplified redesign looks cute in motion. I’m interested to see what retooling A24 did, if anything, and I still really want to know what streaming service is picking it up.

No. 1782208

i meant that neon would probably be the one to make a big deal about it, even if the age gap is legal and fine or whatever, since this thread has already shown that she’s gotten into drama already. there’s been drama for less like the callmecarson thing.

No. 1782746

Bringing up hazshit motel should be a ban-able offense.(sage your shit)

No. 1784361

Daftpine finally makes a response video the number of allegations made against him

No. 1784667

i literally have no idea who any of these people are beyond a surface level but this shit is so fucking funny. I loathe saberspark's videos but at least he's never been into drama and seems to enjoy making shitty videos.

No. 1784711

>Still dragging out this drama

No. 1784757

literal retard take

No. 1784774


Is this guy retarded? He can't even debonk a bpdchan?

No. 1784860

It's been mentioned before but I don't think kids past the age of 3 really watch cartoon shows these days which is why the ratings are also plummeting. I don't have children myself but I have a lot of them in my family, they watch Disney movies but not the the cartoon series and I've heard the sentiment from other parents as well. Kids mainly consume video games, books and youtube content instead, they just aren't interested in cartoons which is why studios don't bother catering to them anymore. So the main consumer group are actually meant to be adults, which just makes it so bizarre that these shows are laid out as childish as possible but clearly target people well into their adulthood with adult themes and topics. This clip in particular would probably work in a show like the Boondocks which already did this bit a decade ago but here it's just super awkward and performative.

No. 1785132

kids do watch cartoons just not the one's that are popular in online discourse, no one talks about big city greens but it has the highest consistent viewership since gravity falls, its just that kids aren't going online to rave about it on twitter and youtube, but if you only looked up the owl house you'd think that everyone was viewing it when its mostly a small handful of adults and woke teenagers

No. 1785149

in a recent podcast mark and veronica were asked what they see themselves doing in 10 years and Mark couldn’t be sure on his future in animation but Veronica kept saying she wanted kids while staring at Mark the entire time.

No. 1785432

there is no fucking way that guy can make it in animation. He had one chance to make a cartoon and he choose the most boring plot possible, on top of that he cant draw for shit. At least viv is a decent artist and has a clear target of twitterspergs. I have no idea who would want to watch this guys boring ass cartoon.

No. 1785436

Has anyone watched this stream? It has something to do with Daftpina and some other dude. I was wondering if it'd have anything interesting but I cant watch through it. Lovely peaches on her own isnt so annoying but the other two are making my head hurt.

No. 1785443

I don’t know ANYONE who is actually watching TOH, but I know a ton who are/were into BCG, Amphiba and the latest TMNT series. I think studios just overestimated the popularity of stories with a strict continuity and “lore”. Every single one I can think of in recent history ended anti climactically.

No. 1785447

why the fuck is neoncaffeine everywhere, i had literally no idea who she was before pan.

No. 1785448

samefagging but, 2 minutes in
>the stupid bird that wont shut up
>neoncaffeine making jokes about how she fucks pan and being annoying as usual
>that guy with the faggy voice
fuck no, i am out.

No. 1785544

If the Mark and Melissa guy can get employed, anyone can.

No. 1785561

I've seen this posted verbatim before either in another thread or kf. I watched this at 3x speed, and it literally never happens.

No. 1785821

Mark is literally 20. Not a lot of artists have their voice by 20

No. 1785965

>Mark and Melissa
The furry cartoon? That guy is working in the industry now?

No. 1786008

dunno he is
thats such a dumb excuse, creativity has nothing to do with being 20 or being 50. If the best you can come up with all the freedom the internet gives you is ''tom and jerry…but in high school'' then you are a creatively bankrup person. His art is also awful for a 20yo. I really hate these dumb youtubers thinking they are good enough to make their own show.

No. 1786499

Apparently the first episode of the Tiny Toons reboot leaked a while ago and I’m just now hearing of it. Anyone see it? Supposedly it is pretty bad.

No. 1786503

I don't know that kids are even that big on the latest Disney movies. Disney had two big animated flops and messing confusing openings in their theme parks while Dreamworks had two big hits and a theme park on its way in Texas. Disney as a corporation has an entire history of bizarre fuckups but continues to make money because they're one of the only companies that's legitimately "too big to fail."

No. 1786507

Those last two films were such weird missteps I’m shocked they didn’t see them coming. No one was asking for a “serious” take on the Toy Story franchise and Strange World seems like it was intentionally sabotaged by lack of marketing (though it wasn’t that great of a movie to begin with) I have a feeling Elemental is going to be another bust for them, the trailers that have come out so far don’t seem like they’ve been well received. It just seems like a retread of Zootopia with…elements lol

No. 1786563

>that's such a dumb excuse
Not defending Mark, but don't be fucking daft. It takes years and experience in order to hone your craft, don't act like some people "just got it" because if you look at tons of people in the same industry, all of them only found success at their 30s or late 20s at most. Rarely anyone that young and barely any of them leaving any mark of their talent during their early years. Honestly that mindset is more insulting than dissing Mark.

No. 1786811

Elemental seems so bland, like. Ok, it's Inside Out but with elements living in their own city I guess. I can't really imagine kids being hyped up for it. Weird choice imo

No. 1786889

this episode of hellluva boss was beyond cringe even for vivziepop. i don't understand why this bitch thinks she can write "depth". all her writing concerning family drama is terrible and 2 dimensional. it's written like fanfiction because she just wants to pander to fujios in the name of ~representation~. the "character" chaz in this episode is such an obnoxious literal faggot that only exists to spout out sex jokes every 10 seconds and to be a reason for moxie to flat out say "i'm bisexual!!!!" holy shit, i don't give a fuck who these characters want to fuck.

i don't need to know all the trauma uwu of these 2 dimensional characters especially when it's written this bad. she actually thinks too highly of her characters. this show was much more enjoyable when the story revolved around taking assassination jobs from other demons, when there was no overarching "story". when was the last time they took a job??? that was the whole point of this show. this should have stayed a sitcom and vivzie should stop writing.

No. 1786902

I'm trying to be as open minded as I can to this show but I've gotta agree that the emotional "depth" writing jus isn't really working for me neither. I get it's trying to be… A "dramedy"? but the way the characters are written is just shallow and it doesn't give us reason to care about their personal lives all that much. I was invested to learn more about Moxxie but it felt like everything was happening so fast and the dialogue just left a lot to be desired.

No. 1786996

The only positive was no Stolas appearance. Spoilered for spoilers. Mob daddy, although for ffs Vivi get more creative with designs, had potential but fuck competent writing. The dildos and bed were pointlessly stupid and done for shock value. More daddy issues, yawn. The lack of any personality besides hot tempered badass wifu who is the muscle and loves her husband for Millie is insulting. Literally no fucking development again although not fucking surprising.
>it's written like fanfiction because she just wants to pander to fujios in the name of ~representation~. the "character" chaz in this episode is such an obnoxious literal faggot that only exists to spout out sex jokes every 10 seconds and to be a reason for moxie to flat out say "i'm bisexual!!!!" holy shit, i don't give a fuck who these characters want to fuck.
Exactly how I felt. I want to see action, the jobs these dorks take, the clientele, the targets, and how the rest of hell looks like since there's a hierarchy. I know I'm whining but the mob angle had so much potential to work with.

No. 1787020

Sharkfag took up waaayyy too much screen time for what little relevance he serves besides showing Moxxie is bisexual and his dad is homophobic (but also wants him to marry him?). It’s a bit of an improvement from the previous two episodes so for that I give it a 6/10

No. 1787147

Vaggie still looks like shit, Charlie still needs a goddamn bellhop hat or something, Angel Dust’s outfit is more interesting but I dread the porn that will come from it. Overall I don’t care because I’m not going to watch it because I’m not 14.

No. 1787151

Another one of Vivzie's signature "poor bby gays" episodes. I kinda enjoy Millie despite her being a pretty one-note character but the "hot but violent wife" trope is getting old, they can't just use her as a violent deus ex machina all the time.
>mob angle had so much potential to work with.
The entire show in a nutshell. I honestly quite enjoyed the first season, it was chaotic and stupid but it was fun to watch (but I'm also a sucker for the "asshole with a heart of gold" character trope). This one has only been one attempt after another to give character's "depth". Vivziepop desperately needs a competent co-writer, because her ideas aren't all that bad she just needs someone to reel in her fujo side and help her understand pacing.

No. 1787170

I’ll always root for indie animation but it seems obvious that Vivzie is writing everything from the lens of someone who is way too used to interacting with media through a fandom lens. There’s less thought about what serves the story and more thought about what serves the shippers. I understand that these are short episodes and they’re on a budget but if you’re a showrunner you need to get used to the idea of killing your darlings even if that means that your own sweet cinnamon roll uwu doesn’t necessarily get a chance to shine as “representation” for your terminally online fujo fan base. “Workplace comedy in hell” is a promising concept and better writing could effectively throw in emotional beats every now and then without sacrificing too much of what makes a fun show.

No. 1787218

File: 1678612485764.png (714.72 KB, 694x848, it's all so tiring.png)

noticed troon cringe in the background. wish vivzie would tone down her tumblr behavior.

No. 1787269

the nonnies who posted leaks that the new helluva boss ep was going to be about moxxie cheating on millie lied, their love is stronger than ever lol stay mad

No. 1787274

your right, all her female characters only exist to add depth to her male characters, plus its been 4 episodes since they've done actual an job and haven't focused on relationship drama

No. 1787282

I'd argue this devolvement is even worse, cause now moxxie has a sad gay backstory with an over the top abusive and homophobic father, also the backstory doesn't even make sense in universe, its Hell his mother should not be opposed to Moxxie learning to kill people, we saw Millie's family kill random people all the time as jokes, plus Moxie also murders innocent humans(including children) as a job

No. 1787303

Idk who "king slut" is supposed to be, but below his name it says "transph-" and is cut off. Kek three trans horses and a transphobic horse? Weird shit.

No. 1787306

I can’t watch these anymore, I cringe too hard when I try. I think the intended age bracket for this is way below my age, I’d say it’s for young teens around 12-16. I blame Brandon Rodgers for the cringe dialog and moid jokes though, Vivzie for the uwu be gay do crime shit.

No. 1787311


The animation in this episode looks especially cheap even for helluva boss's standards. The animation when mille was pacing around the room gave me second hand embarrassment. they get enough money from those shit merch runs they don't run on pennies. Also when are they gonna cancel Brandon rodgers for anti tranny shit???

No. 1787334

Vivzie STILL keeps focusing on the poor gay boys by using the same abusive dad trope for all of them (seriously, Stolas has an asshole dad, Blitzo most likely has an asshole dad, now Moxxie has an abusive dad) and refuses to properly develop her female characters. They're literally just 1 dimensional props to push forward the shitty male ships and characters.
Overall this episode was very mediocre. Moxxie's father reveal was barely dramatic, the shark guy was annoying and his attempt to fool Crimson was conveyed in like two fucking frames (also I was annoyed by how they kept zooming in on his face with the same exact grin, it's not that good), Moxxie's flashback was maybe the only nice thing, and then the resolution is once again Millie going batshit and killing everyone.
It's funny because Moxxie already did get some sort of development through what was supposed to be Millie's moment with her family, and now we could have gotten some development for her through Moxxie's family but no, it's just another episode almost entirely focused on him, him being gay, the gay shark, Blitzo being gay and his mob dad.
And a lot of gay sex jokes as filler because they really didn't want to put some well thought out development there, only sex jokes ansd ship drama.

No. 1787361


Long review below, spent about half an hour yesterday ranting to my sister about the absolute waste of time watching this was.

Objectively the worst episode of the show so far in every way possible. The 'jokes' were a waste of time, the new characters were mostly filler and the animation was lacking.

I can understand how difficult and painstaking animation is: I've watched it all my life and seen my fair share of mediocrity. That being said, this episode looks significantly worse than all those that came before it including the pilot. There are moments that are hard to follow with off-putting smears and generally underwhelming visuals. The fight scene at the end was near unwatchable and so hard to follow. The dildos in the background (more about that shit below) were annoying as shit too.

The comedy was abysmal. I already expect mostly juvenile 'comedy' in this series so my expectations were low but HOLY SHIT. Not a single joke landed. Even more so if you're at least 13. There was a scene that was supposed to be serious between Moxie and his dad, Crimson. This scene has themes of abuse which is completely destroyed when Crimson demonstrates his homohate by… pressing a button that reveals all these colourful dildos that thrust into the air. Why? Because apparently this should be funny.

The characters are annoying (as always to a degree) but this shark guy is the worst. He makes strange quips about sex and his dick the whole time for whatever reason. Millie acts on another level of annoying this episode because she can't stand him. Even the soundtrack of the episode is obnoxious with the immersion breaking change in genre every time the shark prick talks. It's honestly the worst.

The only segment worth watching is Moxie's backstory involving his faceless mum, her death and his eventual partaking in the mafia. Every other second of this episode felt like a waste of my life.

I'd listen to the Ozzy song 25 times in a row over watching this garbage again.

No. 1787371

Feel bad for double posting but yes. I write as a hobby so this is just my opinion but when people write for fandom bait it shows.

She writes like a fangirl and it shows:
-character depth is only explored through tragedy
-characters share a lot in common
-antagonists have very little nuance (homohaters, rapists and other scumbags)
-female characters are sidelined
-yaoi bait

It's a shame because it does take real work to manage a team and animate. If they had more talented writers working with the material it could have been great.

No. 1787419

>There are moments that are hard to follow with off-putting smears and generally underwhelming visuals
I thought I was blind because in some moments I legit couldn't get what the fuck was going on on the screen. I don't think I could properly see any of the mob dad shark underling's designs because they're intricate, stay on screen for half a second and just jitter around because the animation is choppy. The end fight scene is the worst, and right above is any scene where the shark guy is moving around too much.

No. 1787422

it really does feek like fan-fiction animated, like vivzipop has an interesting setting and talented VA's and animators to create something truly groundbreaking that can change indie animation and yet she's throwing that all away for the sake of "gay shipping"

No. 1787690

>vivziepop have a fleshed out female character challenge
To echo what some anons said upthread and in the previous thread, I hope that for hazbin hotel they booted her ass out of the writer's room. I don't even know if she's genuinely a bad writer or has terminal fandom shipper disease at this point.
Also, I wonder what was happening behind the scenes. This episode's animation was noticeably and glaringly worse. Also the worst plot so far of any episode in this show or hazbin hotel. Wtf?

No. 1787715

There’s no way they’ll totally boot her out and I’m sure she wrote it in to her contract that she’ll maintain control in that area but I think they could salvage a lot if they just balanced her out with some other writers who specialize in the emotional/lore content that she wants but doesn’t seem to know how to write.

No. 1787789

I don't know much about this aside from watching the first episode, but what fanfiction would it be following exactly if it's her own characters or do you mean she's turn it into a self-fan fiction?

No. 1787812

i just watched the entirety of Helluva Boss in one sitting because i wanted to see that singular episode and it sucked so bad i am just going to pretend it's not even canon. i can get over the OTT sex jokes throughout the show because at LEAST when they swear they half try to make it fit in/situational but this stupid fucking faggot shark character is just PENIS SEX PENIS DILDO WOAH SEX! GAY SEX WOAH PENIS and it was so UNBEARABLY annoying. i keep WAITING for them to develop Moxxie better and for them to develop Millie better but it just never happens (not even going to touch on the weird forced relationship) but now i have to sit with "gay evil mobster family" as Moxxies backstory and probably show plot and there's no going back. he deserves better goddamn it.

the ENTIRE episode was just buildup to a substanceless "I'M BISEXUAL uwu" to fuel more gay porn and some lame plot we don't need considering there's already the whole Stolas+Blitz shit and the government shit. either pick a direction or make the show episodic for fucks sake

No. 1787932

File: 1678719480334.png (20.94 KB, 670x667, story structure.png)

Someone really needs to show vivzie how to use this.

No. 1788169

Despite Millie(& Loona) are secondary characters they feel like tertiary figurants.
I just see Loona as a fetish character for guys with furry & goth chick fetishes.
I can only suppose Vivienne had always intended Blitzo & Moxxie to be THE main focus of the series.
If you think about it.

No. 1788196

Loona is definitely there to pander to furry coomers. There are so many ways to design a “hellhound” and they went with that??

No. 1788379

File: 1678801059726.png (139.23 KB, 500x708, 01.png)

Surprised no one's posted the official Hazbin Hotel prequel comic

No. 1788383

File: 1678801205152.jpg (455.87 KB, 1000x1414, 01.jpg)


No. 1788384

File: 1678801301772.jpg (463.54 KB, 1000x1414, 02.jpg)


No. 1788385

File: 1678801394512.jpg (349.09 KB, 1000x1414, 03.jpg)


No. 1788388

File: 1678801521289.jpg (464.24 KB, 1000x1414, 04.jpg)


No. 1788389

Why does his chest tuft look like boobies?

No. 1788390

File: 1678801630949.jpg (568.1 KB, 1000x2121, 05.jpg)


No. 1788392

Fujoshis always seem lean into giving male character pseudo-female characteristics

No. 1788421

Angel Dust is so incredibly annoying… you can tell Vivzie really wants to give him the spotlight but everything about him is grating. She wants to put all his favourite tropes on him, so he ends up being a flamboyant faggot, a twink, a drug addict, a mobster, a prostitute/drag queen and also a sad sad gay boy uwu.

He's supposed to resemble a drag queen prostitute, so he uses the fluff as boobs.

Please stop with the fujo talk no one cares.

No. 1788429

honestly at this point i'm getting tired of this shit
this show isn't going in a direction thats giving me any hope that it will outgrow its awkward stage and be the kind of show i hoped it would be.
is every fucking conflict in this show going to have something to do with daddy issues? Angel, Charlie, Stolas, Blitz, and now Moxxie. Its getting fucking ridiculous at this point. And thats combined with the fact, as other nonnas stated, that show feels more like a weepy fanfic of the show it would normally be if it didn't have a massive fucking fujo and a self-inserting faggot at the helm, and that most of what the show offers in terms of humour is the same "cock, cum, shit, piss, fuck" shit that shows the showrunners have the brow-height of a juvenile 16 year old and haven't grown past that one iota. Looking back at the Hazbin Hotel pilot though, I don't know what I expected. Maybe they would cool off of that shit and try make the humour and conflict a little more subtle and dimensional? Maybe handle the emotional stakes with a little more flow instead of this constant swing between realistic crying and angst and le wacky dick jokes for the whole episode? IDK, I'm just burnt out. maybe this just isn't my show but honestly I feel like some of the smutty fanfic shit I've read has more depth to it than this. I wanted to care about these characters but if it's just going to be more of this, I won't even bother watching one more episode.
and also all of this on top of vivzie being a stereotypical twitter shitlib and michael kovach getting shafted. fuck me this stinks.

No. 1788430

>for women I charge extra
Why are fujocucks so self hating? Even in their fantasies they still have the male lead reject them and choose males over them. It's literally a mental illness at this point and I hate how fujo cuckolds always insert their deranged fetish in all the comics or shows they create.(sage your shit, sperg)

No. 1788445

>and michael kovach getting shafted
Kek that's one good thing, I couldn't stand his raspy ass voice and forced laughs. His "singing" voice made me physically cringe, hopefully they get a better va.

No. 1788449

what happened?

No. 1788460

Why sage? It's on topic. Fujocucks are so mentally ill they cant even handle the slightest criticism.(sage your shit)

No. 1788552

no, she is onto something. even when men get sexualized they get sexualized like women. it is rather interesting and morbid. like to be sexy is to be a woman or womanlike. women and womahood is so associated with sex and sexuality that sex has become associated with womanhood and being (like) a woman.

No. 1788564

The drag queen boob fluff thing is literally what Vivzie intended though, I think you can find her saying that in some old speedpaint videos. I'm not saying Angel is a good character but she's making him especially effemminate because he's supposed to be a crossdresser/drag queen. There are other sexy/handsome (in her eyes at least) characters in the show that aren't that feminine, like Alastor, Valentino or Asmodeus and Stolas in Helluva so your psychoanalysis is kinda retarded ngl, it says more about you.

No. 1788596

THANK YOU for saying this. Even pretty normal clothing (eg maid dresses, school uniform) has been ruined by people sexualising it, if you slap it on a man it immediately becomes sexy. Women's lingerie is seen as sexy on men just because it's 'women's clothes.' The entire femboy sissy kink is based off misogyny, the belief that being seen as a woman is both humiliating and sexy. You don't get that with tomboys or masculine women in general.
OT but I'm glad to see other people think the same. Even woke genderspecial types subscribe to it, it makes me want to sperg like nothing else.

No. 1788806

Why don't you read the rules and integrate you imbecile.

No. 1788881

from my understanding Viv gets control of the comic at the very least. But to force her gay OC into EVERY panel? An OC she developed in her teen fujo years no less. I really hope they kicked her out of the writing room of the show. If not it's just going to be a show about angel dust with no real deep thought. Plot? What plot? Gay yaoi shipping only. This is just infuriating

No. 1788981

>her gay OC
I mean he is one of the main characters of the show. Even if she does relinquish some control in the writers room I doubt that will change. She didn’t just sell HH as an IP, she’s the showrunner.

No. 1789104

File: 1678898684264.jpg (289.3 KB, 1000x1294, 01.jpg)

There was also one more Alastor Prequel Comic, where not much actually happens

No. 1789105

File: 1678898710099.jpg (333.13 KB, 1000x1294, 02.jpg)


No. 1789106

File: 1678898809077.jpg (350.27 KB, 1000x1294, 03.jpg)


No. 1789107

File: 1678898903146.jpg (402.78 KB, 1000x2588, 04.jpg)


No. 1789111

I don't even like anything Vivzie puts out (still respect her a lot for actually turning her work into an actual show) and I can't stand her style but the people obsessing over a-logging her for the reeee fujoshit sad gay lesbian characters!!!! have always perplexed me. Like what did you expect? It's an edgy 00's deviantart style, I don't know why people are so perpetually offended over it. It is what it is. It's like watching a show about sparkledogs and being all angry about how cringe it looks. But it's so harmless, it's not like it's a big budget HBO Max series that goes out of its way to throw every hip social commentary thing into a wall to make people hatewatch it like so many other examples in this thread. It's someone's independent passion project free of studio meddling so of course it ends up being a full creative expression of the author. It's a waste of time to be so personally hurt over some woman's self-indulgent edgy story.

No. 1789126

For me personally, I'm just disappointed. I think she has interesting ideas so it sucks to see the potential being wasted.

No. 1789161

That's fair, I agree that she doesn't take enough chances and her work is very predictable which is one of the reasons I probably wouldn't enjoy it even if I was her target audience. There's a lot to criticize about her work regards to how it could be better constructed, that's why anons who really hyperfixate only on her gay twink character being some tranny femboy brainwashing psyop and a symbol of misogyny come across weirdly obsessed. Truth to be told I would feel much more uncomfortable if the hypersexual abused porn star hooker character was female.

No. 1789254

agree 100%

No. 1789516

For the most part I agree, I’m glad to see her succeed even though her work isn’t really my thing, but like that other anon said it’s just disappointing. I understand how exciting it would be to have your self indulgent cartoon fantasy funded and animated (I know I have plenty of stories with my OCs in my head that are probably equally cringe) but I personally think I’d be more impressed to see a showrunner with her level of opportunity exercise some restraint for the sake of story. Again I just watched the HH pilot and a couple of episodes of HB so I can’t say where she’s going with her show but it’s frustrating when something has potential but just falls short because the creator has too many yes men. I’ll check out HH when it comes out but there has to be a balance between “too much corporate interference” and too little.

No. 1789530

Wait wtf is even happening in this comic? The butcher grabs a random lamb off the street and tries to kill her for meat but the demon guy has morals and kills him?

No. 1790203

The demon guy seems to be a woman lover. In the other panels all of the female demons love him but all of the male ones are scared of him.

No. 1791467

New Dreamworks film that looks frankly awful, the film has been in development hell since 2016, so its literally almost a decade behind what's popular currently

No. 1791472

That looks like the kind of movie that’s dvd direct and never spoken about ever again after it’s release, only for a bunch of weird deviantart wackos to make weird autistic art about the most obscure character of the movie like girl number 55.

No. 1791481

I'm so fucking sick of these calarts character designs with the super round facial features.

No. 1791492

I see they dragged this out to capitalize on the Little Mermaid live-action movie. It looks horrible and derivative.

No. 1791498

File: 1679238557786.png (261.69 KB, 542x640, 1AB7AE72-3D48-495D-A5B7-BDA581…)

Their eyes look so fucking vapid. The plot and title was supposed to be different it was supposed to be “meet the gillmans” and would focus on her family and blending into human society.

No. 1791505

This movie has mid 2010's tumblr written all over it

No. 1791529

Ahh, the awkward NLOG vs the attractive and confident (therefore evil) girl dynamic, how unique! And not at all sexist and insulting!

No. 1791546

Love how you can see the entire movie in the trailer.

No. 1791744

File: 1679273121241.jpg (108.41 KB, 1600x900, 17luca1-videoSixteenByNineJumb…)

This feels like a mix of other popular media tbh. Like they saw the popularity of Splatoon in 2015 and said "oh squid kids is where it's at rn!", she even looks a lot like the sea anemone character. Then add on the success of Luca, which was very similar to the original theme of this movie and then of course the even bigger success of "turning red" and thus they went "oh, we'll make it a kaiju movie about being a awkward teen girl! jackpot."

No. 1791746


No. 1791779

File: 1679277801016.png (7.77 KB, 684x119, yeahkinda.png)

I mean, not hugely, but it did pretty okay considering it didn't have a proper release in theaters due to covid.

No. 1791872

Something feels really “off” about this trailer.

No. 1792004

It reminds me of Splatoon too, it looks like it will be a fun and silly movie which I think people need right now after all these deep and meaningful animations over the last few years. But the low detail faces I do find a bit jarring and I hated the main character design in Turning Red, something very ugly about characters that have huge gaping mouths and low detail faces. And the trailer spoiled ending looks Moana or Ponyo inspired.
But more genuinely silly animations are a good thing at least.

No. 1792172

File: 1679337386423.png (449.86 KB, 676x466, 96bcd4.png)

Truly groundbreaking character design from Vivziepop

No. 1792190

My exact thoughts. Even before seeing this trailer, recently I was thinking how bored I am of the “girls who are prettier and more popular than me are evil” trope. Like half of bullies are spiteful NLOGs who see themselves as this kind of poor unappreciated victim character.
Anyway the animation in this movie is mediocre and jarring and they already did a much more compelling “beauty has different forms and isn’t everything, being different is what makes you great and happy” with Shrek 1 and 2 which have actual good character designs.

No. 1792195

she could've just said that he tucks like a drag queen and it'd make more sense than this.

No. 1792210

I'm not even a disney fan but the mermaid being an obvious jab at Ariel really made me role my eyes.
Also disappointing that we see the villain's final form in the trailer but that's not the fault of the movie makers but on the marketing team
I agree which is why the disney jab is more cringey. Beside the two studios rivalry it feels like it's pandering to kids who thinks they are too cool for Disney and wants to see disney heros get beaten up.
It just feels so outdated. The rivalry between awkward-girl and hot-girl trope has been critised so much specially on social media. I don't event think zoomer girls likes it

No. 1792219

I don’t know why I have the feeling that in the end they will get along and it will be all like it’s the fault of their parents for perpetuating a long ass rivalry or some shit like that.

No. 1792226

It was literally stated this film was essentially meant for 2016 audiences, not 2023

No. 1792328

"YES QUEEN" Ugh why do movies choose to date themselves like this? Why even keep so many of these lines in? Wouldn't be surprised if they added in a "Spill the Tea" or some shit. They should have either scrapped it completely or reworked it. The designs are ugly tbh and I can only describe them as "Gooey".. I didnt realize the humans were supposed to be humans until it was mentioned. They all look so similar and boring. If I'm honest even the concept sounds a little boring. Luca already did it and I think it did fine job I really don't think we need to see it from dreamworks. People will probably go and see it because of the success of the Puss in Boots movie though. I cant blame them. But I don't think I'll be going to see it until some reviews are out atleast.

No. 1792333

"Used all my life savings to survive 2yrs while I animate 14-18hrs/day, 7days/wk, for the duration of production. Also paid out of pocket thus far spending 35k. Not accounting for my time, budget of this film is 35k. No savings left & need help finishing!"

Anyway I was curious on your thought on this. Maybe I'm a sucker but I ended up donating to their kickstarter. I'm excited to see how this turns out but I'm a little worried about the animation quality being consistent and about the quality of the voice acting. Will it be good or be Mystia Cronexia level terrible I have to wonder.

No. 1792364

>had the chance to make a movie about a kraken girl protector of the seas
>could have made the bad guys whalers
>just doesn't do it

No. 1792390

me too, literally what the fuck is this design.

No. 1792393

Now that’s something I would watch, specially as a series tbh
>kraken girl thinks she’s a regular human
>everyone thinks she’s a regular human as well
>she’s shy and loves to go to the beach
>she loves to clean up the beach and help animals
>one day
>she saves a turtle
>touches sea water
>the prophecy begins
>she gets memories from other krakens like her mom (she can be a dead mom for drama issues)
>she gets in the water and the turtle tells her to follow her
>she follows the turtle with her enhanced speed
>she doesn’t know what’s going on but she feels free and happy
>gets to the palace
>kraken aunty tells her all she needs to know about being a kraken
>kraken teen sees the whole issue with the whalers
>decides to help out
>cute turtle friend (marketable pet toy) helps her
>cute turtle friend is a shield
>kraken girl helps the whales (marketable toys as well)
>face to face moment with whaler captain
>tries to reason with him
>he basically tells her to fuck off
>she gets mad and becomes a giant monster
>sad moment in which she feels like a monster
>mermaid girl helps her out
>they become good friends
>mermaid girl and kraken girl help each other with controlling their emotions
>they go back to help the whales during their migration to warmer waters
>they both lose their cool at some point but they remember they coping mechanisms they learned from each other
>they become best friends
>they save the whales
>whaler never appears again
>lots of people adore the cool girls that helped save the whales
>sing and dance ending
>funny turtle dancing with cute whales and maybe a funny cat that’s the mermaid’s pet
>the end

No. 1792424

at first i misread whalers as whales and thought "well that would be controversial yet interesting i guess"

No. 1792478

the animation is serviceable, the story seems a bit generic though

No. 1792548

the animation is so fucking bad hahahaha who are they fooling. EXTREMELY obvious that they're using an AI art tool that tweens all the keyframes and i hate when artists are like "guys look at how hard i'm forcing myself to be even though literally no one is telling me to do it! i'm starving and suffering for my art please help me!!" hard pass

No. 1792577

I like this, but
>she’s shy and loves to go to the beach
>she loves to clean up the beach and help animals
>one day
>she saves a turtle
>touches sea water
If she loves the beach to begin with, why wouldn't she already have touched sea water in the past? Never even been splashed?

No. 1792595

For a solo animator it's impressive but good lord is it ugly. The character designs are way more off-putting than I thought from the thumbnail.

No. 1792737

>the success of the Puss in Boots movie
I still don’t understand why ppl are praising this movie like a nominee. Like it was good, but not crazy good. Like, I’m convinced the only reason why it became so popular is bc we haven’t had a “good” piece of animation in a while
A little off topic, but I noticed that the ‘spider verse animation’ style and it’s incorporation of drawn 2d to 3d models/world build is becoming more popular and can’t say that I hate it in the slightest

>can you believe it???! written, directed, animated by one person???
Rip other indie creators out there who do this very thing

Can you explain this? Sorry I’m not an animator but most of the models look 3d with 2D drawn features

No. 1792790

File: 1679429040956.jpg (182.87 KB, 1706x1577, Fn8ItbDacAAEQkV.jpg)

What is it about Molly that makes Noelle want to declare these almost pathetic declarations of love and worship towards her?

No. 1792791

File: 1679429077399.jpg (96.61 KB, 1482x2048, df03d528-f408-4d89-bd47-4bac96…)

picrel is her most recent comic about her and Molly

No. 1792801

She's how old and still making tumblresque vent comics?

No. 1792813

For one person it's pretty impressive, although it seems over-reliant on CG. The faces often looked weird? The artist probably should've just bit the bullet and pulled together a few more people to help, assuming they aren't some kind of control freak who wanted everything their way.

No. 1792814

File: 1679431416758.jpg (269.76 KB, 1557x4218, A1.jpg)

she made these less then a month ago, 1/3.

No. 1792815

File: 1679431442315.jpg (331.78 KB, 1324x4188, A2.jpg)

No. 1792817

>retractable penis
I'm going to walk into the ocean

No. 1792818

File: 1679431535373.jpg (498.15 KB, 1613x8406, A3.jpg)

No. 1792832

File: 1679433298902.jpeg (424.16 KB, 3201x3201, CFD1F53A-7805-40FB-931B-226DE2…)

I thought about it as I progressed with the story and I like to think that it would be like, in that particular moment in which she’s holding the turtle to send it back to the ocean, the prophecy would begin, maybe there could be a sequence of her 16th birthday party or something so it’s like “on your 16th birthday you will become a cool sea warrior” kind of thing.
My artistic rendition of how it would look like is pic related.

No. 1792860

Picasso, i like it.

No. 1792862

The oldest gen Zs(zoomers) rn are 23. So if this was aimed at them they missed the mark by miles. The new generation below zoomers are the ones they should be catering to with movies like this.

No. 1792896

I'm sorry anon, I think you might be a little bit retarded.

No. 1792936

Why can't these people just be women?

No. 1792942

yes I was only confirming why it felt outdated and like a product of it's timw

No. 1793036

File: 1679463937470.jpg (149.1 KB, 1280x650, 1583694623469.jpg)

No. 1793039

Why can’t the answer just be “he’s a cartoon, lol”

No. 1793040

Trouble in paradise?

No. 1793049

KEK nonnie. You're kind of cute.

>wearing hat +10 bathroom safety
>but +20 to getting chased out of bars by concerned citizens
>and +30 to making a random old man enemy
Yeah of course, everyone knows you'll get beat up, hate-crimed, and chased out of bars for… wearing a hat.

No. 1793183

What the fuck is going on with her mind? Women wear hats all the time, especially butch ones. Why does she think old men hate hats and will make her an enemy? She seems like she's going through psychosis. It's clear that '~gender~' to these weirdos is just aesthetics, so why the fuck does everyone else have to play along? She seems insufferable to be around.

No. 1793225

Because everything needs to be sexualised for people. They cant help themselves. I blame the internet.

No. 1793448

>Why does she think old men hate hats and will make her an enemy
I think it's supposed to be a joke about how old people get mad at younger people wearing hats indoors, but it's jumbled in the middle of a bunch of gendie-schizo ramblings, so it loses the punchline. The concerned citizens bit still doesn't make sense.

No. 1793468

File: 1679526973874.jpg (128.94 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20230322_171519_Twi…)

absolutely not

No. 1793567

Tbh no one seems to be on his side tho judging by the replies.
Also wasn’t the main reason people were dropping him was more about dms with teens and super creepy podcast

No. 1793589

I am cringing so hard at these holy shit. regret clicking.

No. 1793623

YEP. He and his lawyers are being careful to tiptoe around that. Also the top comment on this in the Rick and Morty subreddit is
>"I’ve read the DMs, that’s why you got cancelled not because of the trial."

It makes me cackle with glee seeing the fanboys turn against him

No. 1793624

lmaoooooo nona this is so well done im dying

No. 1793626

what did she do, say she was a woman and she'd never be a man?

No. 1793674

yeah and the tweets mocking his ass on the fact he thinks it's a W when billions of people have receipts of his gross pedo ass gave me life

No. 1793709

This is so AAP it hurts

No. 1793711

I love you anon

No. 1793753

File: 1679582897356.jpg (184.69 KB, 1261x1632, 9e02a7ab7f.jpg)

leaked character designs from a new The Fairly OddParents Reboot

No. 1793755

File: 1679582939297.png (603.33 KB, 1440x981, 1679330264158.png)

No. 1793756

File: 1679582964319.png (186 KB, 1261x1632, 1679517856750408.png)

No. 1793764


This shit is so embarrassing, if I saw someone like this is real life I'd just think wow that girl dresses weird

No. 1793766

>10 years old
>'out and proud nonbinary!!!'

No. 1793781

Hope middle school is treating you right nonnie.

No. 1793790

Cringe. No way this gets greenlit, I bet "they" get turned into a guy

No. 1793806

>dresses butch
>i-i'm not butch tho-

No. 1793807

Lmao wasn't Butch Hartman making content for hardcore Christian channels? Hilariously ironic.
Also these designs are hideous. They look like baby's first CG project.

No. 1793899

The only good thing about this is Jorgan’s character arc kek that sounds kinda cute and funny. If only he was 2D because this looks insanely bad. The kid characters are insufferable.

No. 1794179

If I didn't know the context I would've thought this was some girl's OCs. Kek especially the Dave Strider clone and the Artemis one.

No. 1794449

No. 1795092

File: 1679783045651.jpg (87.37 KB, 597x618, munch 2.jpg)

its not enough to say your car broke down, but that you were also part of a shoot out lmao?? the grift keeps on grifting

No. 1795094

File: 1679783109070.jpg (67.95 KB, 578x653, munch 1.jpg)

the previous post

No. 1795499

Surprised she didn't mention her broken legs and accessibility dog kek

No. 1795908

(this is replying to something from last thread but I had to)


The rugrats staff drew porn of the rugrats characters.
Sure, it's disgusting, but then its also just art. Nobody is getting hurt.
Kids these days legit need to get fucking offline and touch some grass instead of actively looking for cartoon porn and then spiraling into tantrums when they find it.
Generally kids these days seem to be a lot more retarded than we were when we were kids.
If I found some choice yaoi on tumblr despite being underage myself I fucking kept being underage to myself and didnt go
Like who raised them to turn them into little narcs like that?

No. 1795914

File: 1679888785558.jpg (155.27 KB, 1200x900, DcyHukWV4AANDR5.jpg)

Looked this guy up. MAJOR creep vibes.
Following the same pattern as all the chomo or sex pervert "male feminists".
I would be shocked if he didnt have some really fucked up shit on his hard drives.

No. 1795917

One storyboard artist made a disgusting joke, that's it and the show's creator almost fired him for it, its fucking retarded to draw porn of child characters

No. 1795936

Why is he wearing the "sliding into underage girls DMs" fit?

No. 1795938

because he absolutely, 100% is

No. 1795948

>its fucking retarded to draw porn of child characters
A lot of things are retarded, but the way some terminally online zoomers react to it always reminds me of closet gay republicans being the loudest when it comes to homophobia.
Cartoon porn is a victimless crime and you can go "huh ok that person is fucked in the head" and just disengage. But a lot of those zoomers actively seek out this shit and then chose to performatively get upset over it after their post-nut clarity kicks in.
And when you check their twitter likes its full of half naked anime children.
This whole pearl clutching and outrage over cartoon smut is a super slippery slope because its conflating something horrible (child sex abuse) with something laughable (cartoon porn) which will lead to people making light of real child abuse and claiming people drawing naked anime children as a reason for them abusing children ("if they're allowed to do this, why cant I?") so neo-puritan zoomers need to be shut down asap when they start this shit over fiction or they will increasingly end up coming for everything that arouses them but messes with their puritan upbringing (homosexualiy, female sexuality, etc) and make it spill over from the fictional realm into the real one too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1795982

Didn’t he claim his 6 year old was “non binary” and that was why he was fighting for “inclusion” a few years ago when Sam King got blocked from making the alien character canonically gay?

No. 1796053

Yes. Classic chomo shit.

No. 1796622

no tow trucks available anywhere
or uber or anyything

No. 1796793

File: 1679982110846.png (64.36 KB, 460x345, F7E15AA0-A195-4F0D-8D76-0C4015…)

Judge bitch fartman all you want but you can’t take away his eye for good character creation and world building (pre YouTube). Like seriously, their names aren’t memorable at all Butch specifically made Timmy’s name like Peter Parker’s for a reason. It’s memorable and flows off the tongue easily.

No. 1797183

I don't think it's pearl clutching to say that it normalizes pedophilia further and conditions people to be okay with it, the people defending it sound more like they don't want their closeted coom material criticized. Pedophilia is never going away but we sure as hell should continue to shame people for it. And most people into "naked anime children" eventually move on to collecting the real thing when 2D just doesn't do it for them anymore. Both are bad, you can't say being against one lessens the severity of the other, that's one of the weakest arguments i've ever heard. Like, why the fuck are they attracted to simulated CP in the first place?? There's no defending that. It encourages and enables attraction to/fetishization of children and minors- take the prevalence of lolicon material in Japan, for example. Those people usually don't stop at manga/anime or games, it fosters a desire that leads them to abuse and harass real life minors or consume real CP at least.

No. 1797466

There are multiple instances of men into that shit actually going after real kids eventually though, including that Rugrats artist.

No. 1797487

File: 1680041774767.jpg (193.55 KB, 1080x1694, 1619761288876.jpg)

samefag, from the first thread

No. 1797627

NTAYT but I’m just wondering if you consider “naked anime children” on the same level as shit like TMNT smut or Edd Ed and Eddy porn. Honest question because loli coomer shit disgusts me too but when you have people drawing art of hyper stylized characters that are canonically underaged I always assume it’s because the artist is attracted to the character themselves for whatever reason rather than that they have an attraction to actual children, but >>1797487 points out that that’s not always the case (you can’t get much more stylized or grotesque than klasky csupo)

No. 1797660

New trailer for Elemental. Looks bland and bad tbh.

No. 1797710

nta but i just want to say i dont think its nearly as bad as actual loli/shota stuff but when i see stuff like that i still think its super weird and it grosses me out. i think its one thing to still find characters like inuyasha, 16 year old anime characters who dont look underdeveloped attractive years later (telling on myself lmao. i know this kind of applies to tmnt too because theyre ripped, but theyre also 15 and younger and its kind of weird to want to fuck turtle men in the first place imo) i guess to me it kind of depends on the way the characters act like ed edd and eddy are middle schoolers and they act like it, whats supposed to be sexy about that, plus i dont think the porn was entirely a joke i think rebecca sugar is just fucking deranged.

No. 1797727

the fact that it does look like this shitty parody after all… why did pixar even choose elements as characters? I understand zootopia since animal archetypes and traits associated with them being a thing since the dawn of time, but elements? why? maybe it's just me, but I don't see how audience would connect with that shit, they would be better off pulling ATLA with elemental bending humans

No. 1797841

File: 1680059344752.png (73.39 KB, 550x317, watafya.png)

This film honestly just reminds me of a genderbent version of picrel.

No. 1797889

File: 1680062537292.jpeg (98.05 KB, 1500x1000, B583993B-48F0-422A-BE13-E96332…)

It’s just shark boy and lava girl.

No. 1798056

Sorry to mention this fandom but what you say really reminds me of how Genshin zoomers are headcannoning some characters as underage and will burn down houses with rage when they see a ship art of them but other characters that use the exact same character model are grown up and okay to ship, presumably because they find them hot. I find it very performative especially since they really do seem to seek out the content they don’t like to see. I think zoomers would die if they’ve seen what the average shipping scene used to look like back when things like Black Butler were popular.

No. 1798071

someone on twitter mentioned that most of the fire elementals are voiced by asian actors, the water elementals are voiced by black actors and the story seems to some sort interracial allegory.

No. 1798081

>terminally online zoomers
Stopped there. You're the terminally online one if you think normies of any age think drawing porn of children is normal.

No. 1798106

Honestly seems like another coming of age story with a flavor of dating ppl that your family may not approve of. Was already told at least 5 differ times, seriously don’t understand why waste all this artistic talent on the same story over and over again.
I know Disney isn’t known for being the most ‘creative’ story-wise, but I really wish companies like Pixar and dreamworks didn’t play it too safe all the time, especially when they have the money to tell unique stories

No. 1798139

In those two specific examples, it might very well be an attraction to the character more than anything because tbh anthropomorphic turtles don't stand out as attractive to certain people for the underaged/teenage aspect specifically, and Edd Ed 'n Eddy is, well… I don't understand the appeal, at all. However keeping an attraction to/fixation on them long after adolescence seems to point towards someone being on the spectrum imo.

No. 1798141

Surprising to absolutely no one… fucking moids can't help outing themselves.

No. 1798163

Joe Pera voices a grass person. Maybe the gate they walk through in the trailer is too keep the grass people out.

No. 1798196

File: 1680115929123.jpg (46.52 KB, 407x612, gettyimages-496532986-612x612.…)

I'm so sick and tired of "this is a personal story, it's based on my real life" shtick that all these Disney/Laika/Pixar directors pull out of their asses everytime they interview.
In this article https://variety.com/2022/film/asia/peter-sohn-disney-pixar-elemental-diversity-1235446566/ the director of Elemental (Peter Sohn) trots out the tired old song: "Maybe it’s because when I was a kid, I really didn’t appreciate or understand what it meant to be an immigrant, to come to the U.S., and all the hard work that they did to give my brother and me our lives… On the other side, I married someone that wasn’t Korean, and there was a lot of culture clash with that in my world."

He married a white woman (Anna Chambers) who is in the animation industry, so he's throwing her into this mess as a 'problem' he had to overcome. And if this is SO based on his struggle and life then why is the main character a woman? Why didn't they get