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File: 1679177316164.jpeg (156.34 KB, 1125x2060, 1675715058499.jpeg)

No. 286668

>Previous three threads:
DID edition >>275598
The 120 Days of Sodom >>>/w/268839
Rehab Edition >>>/w/245729

Venus Angelic Summary:
>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him. Venus faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

Recent milk:
>Messy break up with her 45 year old already married Fiancé Ken in which both of them were exposing each other online, break up started after venus got drunk and stabbed Ken which lead to a fight between them and him trying to expose her on social media in broken horrible english. Later Venus doxed Ken's private phone number on her instagram story to her thousands of followers. After this they continued shading each other and posting about each other on instagram with Ken alleging Venus was a prostitute and showing her spam calling him and sending him pictures of her self-harming. Their drama ended which many anons suspecting because ken wanted the law to get involved for venus leaking his phone number and her evading paying taxes.
>Now Venus is trying to find another zaddy she can mooch off.
>Venus posts pictures of her self-harming on instagram.

Most recent milk:
Venus claims she is not suicidal after suicidebaiting >>275600
Venus using her fans as therapists >>275643 , >>282447 claims she may have bpd >>282119
Claims she dumped her fiancé, but that doesn't add up since she was the one begging him to stay and threatening him with self-harm >>27571
try-hard edgy cringe >>275716 , >>275795 , >>275995 , >>275994 , >>279170 , >>279822 , >>280220 , >>281035
Snarky replies to worried fans >>275816 , >>275718 ,
Venus and Tsuruko at a bar. >>275836 , >>275848 , >>275865 , hangover drink >>275941
Another failed project >>277649 , >>277668
Awkward collab with another OF thot, Venus looks dried up and busted as ever and the other one looks botched >>277883 , >>277880
Continuation of her messy break up with Ken >>277979 , >>277999 , >>278007 , >>278029
Ken claims venus has a bad attitude >>278008 , >>278009 , >>278012
Ken claims Venus is illegally staying in japan and a druggie >>277980 , >>277997 , >>278007
Ken claims venus keeps calling him over 300 times a day and posts a photo of Venus self-harming Ken's name on her hand. >>277991 , >>277985
Venus claims she is probably infertile >>279965 , >>279890
Venus ashtray over her bed, deleted caption of having meltdown >>279952 , >>280275
Ken claims Venus's friend Ella is also a sugar baby >>280821
Break up confirmed, Ken tells Venus to leave him alone >>280223 , >>280224
Period panties? >>276240
Another failed project of Venus trying to start a podcast with another costhot >>281099
Venus drunkposting deleted insta post about her ex >>281389
Venus deleted posts of her and ken from insta >>281521 , >>281522
Venus going to a wrestling after party >>282571 anons suspect if this was payed for by a sugar-daddy. >>282615
Venus being inactive on OF>>283953
Random Date calls out Venus for being drunk during date >>283976

No. 286669

No. 286679

File: 1679182598754.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.98 KB, 1073x1906, venus2.jpg)

Finally a new thread so I can post this story from Thursday(?) Does she really believe this post makes the guy look bad? Lucky for him not being on Instagram so Venus can't make her rabid fangelics harass him.

No. 286688

You don’t have to Sage milk like this, anon. That’s fucking crazy. So she basically tried to lure some poor unsuspecting scrote to her apartment late at night in an effort to purposefully strand him there so he has to stay until the trains start running again in the AM?? That’s off the rails levels of creepy and desperate. I’d be scared of this crazy bitch too.

No. 286691

Finally, someone is talking about this. She's trying to make him look like a loser, but what she did was fucking creepy. And she even told him he should man up, because she manned up. Girl, you're an alcohol and drug addict who cuts herself and who frequently posts her drama online, because you can't deal with it yourself, you call that manning up and you dare to laugh at someone, who obviously has anxiety? Yes, you're also alone in Japan, but you've been living there for x years and he's probably just some poor student, of course it's scary for him ffs… This bitch and her friends..

No. 286694

File: 1679185808618.png (264.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230319-093016.png)

This is the previous story, where she talks about "manning" up snd after that she posted screenshots of her DMs where people make fun of him and asked people if she should start making videos about her Bumble date experience.

No. 286695

File: 1679186059483.jpg (317.91 KB, 3264x2448, MTXX_PT20230319_093303269.jpg)

The guy's name is Daniel, most likely different guy than the med student. Then she started to joke that she would like to go on a date with Hiding in my room.

No. 286696

File: 1679186351447.jpg (596.72 KB, 2448x3264, MTXX_PT20230319_093636682.jpg)

This is the med student who she's apparently dating rn, she seems to go after foreigners now, around her age. She shared that he's experimenting with her drugs, which if someone finds out about him, can sabotage his future, so she quickly deleted it.

No. 286697

File: 1679186441520.jpg (1012.4 KB, 3264x2448, MTXX_PT20230319_093116492.jpg)

Posted the photo yesterday and now she claims it's from today. Not milk, just kek

No. 286698

File: 1679186562585.jpg (689.67 KB, 3264x2448, MTXX_PT20230319_094202527.jpg)

Recently she went overboard with alcohol again and posted a story about going to AA meeting and getting her meds.

No. 286699

File: 1679186655197.png (848.77 KB, 1170x2734, RDT_20230313_22413471915267016…)

Probably from the night before.

No. 286700

File: 1679186839053.png (761.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230319-092218.png)

She has been recently promoting her OF again, saying she's more active there, posting pictures where her fresh SH scars are visible.

No. 286701

File: 1679187085929.jpg (735.77 KB, 3264x3264, MTXX_PT20230319_095035843.jpg)

Venus lying to herself (and to her dumb followers who believe she really looks like this)

No. 286702

File: 1679187244970.jpg (266.26 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_20230305_114305_Ins…)

And let's not forget her tragic attempt at cosplaying Rei. The costume is unironed and the wrong size. Her wig is unstyled and her scars again visible. She's now making "spicy" content cosplaying as a 14 yo character.
That's all of the recent milk I think.

No. 286703

Recently she started making reels and uses hashtags now, which she didn't do for years, probably because she doesn't get as many likes as before anymore.

No. 286704

So do we know where she’s living now? I assume she’s not living in the house Zaddy shacked up with a while back.

No. 286706

She seems to still live there. If it's not directly in Tokyo but in a smaller city, then the rent might be manageable for her.

No. 286709

As someone who often plays a victim and blames her behavior on her mental disorders, she really has no empathy for this guy, acting like she's any better.

No. 286715

“Feeling SO much better” after scoring some drugs, oops I mean “her meds.” Yay for benzos and amphetamines!

She’s living in the same “2 story house” she moved into last Nov., likely when the divorce went through and she had to get out of Manaki’s apartment.

Wherever it is, it’s in ‘Ken’s’ city or that vicinity, which is also at least 2 hours away from Tokyo (and thus probably much cheaper rent too.)

The alcoholic treatment center she was in (Kurihama treatment center) is in Yokosuka which is 1 hour south of Tokyo. She said on instagram that ‘Ken’ came to see her once a week while she was there and that it was a 3 hour trip each way for him. Then once she was in her new place, ‘Ken’ came over every day to “check on her” (and she tried to put him in charge of administering her daily dose of amphetamines) so obv. her new place had to be close to him. Too bad he told her to fuck off and never contact him again. Guess he wasn’t having the role of Venus’s caretaker (and the brown teeth probably played a role in driving him off too.)

No. 286717

She’s gone right back to drinking herself into oblivion on a regular basis since at least Christmas, because she likes getting drunk and has no desire to quit. That 2 month inpatient stay at the drying out facility did nothing and was a waste of their time and space.

No. 286720

File: 1679191875569.jpeg (182.88 KB, 818x1418, 61C4D538-5B82-4D4A-8F54-F22173…)

From March 1: Drinking is fun!

No. 286721

File: 1679191955709.jpeg (121.49 KB, 791x1260, 2AC1E48E-6FF4-44AB-8DB9-0ADCD4…)

Also March 1: Drinking is so cool and jirai!

No. 286727

>doesnt give a shit that she is a terrible influence as long as she talks about kinks and sex
Ok. He is not a victim.

No. 286746

her real face definitely shows the puffy and bloated look of an alcoholic. I know not a lot of people still have empathy for her right now, but I can't imagine it's going to be terribly long until we see a major health scare again. Her body is already in rough shape from her ED and unnessicary surgeries. The nonstop alcohol and benzo cycle on top of everything else she's been doing has to be doing some permanent damage to her.

typical moid tbh. She's only going to attract abusive degenerates with her current lifestyle.

No. 286747

lmao your post is a joke. She's obviously the abuser. She tried to isolate her date and then shamed him for it. But yeah, he's the "abusive degenerate". Go fuck yourself, white knight. She's creepy and abusive af and even tried to get his IG to send her followers after him. Fuck her, she can rot.

No. 286752

File: 1679207468340.png (52.41 KB, 1170x2532, 1A0A8D44-F338-46AD-8CB5-997043…)


No. 286753

>Venus: degrading, just how I like it
>Moid: You're perfect, fuck
Yeah great person to ride in on your white horse defending, moron.
Anon who said she will only attract degenerates is right, self harming, alcoholic, onlyfans girl with 400 mood swings a day.
Only abusive moids will pick up on that and proceed, specifically because they want to use her for depraved sex/drugs/etc, as is clear from the screenshots. Choose better people to defend >>286747
, bet you think her cheating, married ex is a saint too.

No. 286755

Genuinely shocked that she would date a white guy. I always thought she refused to move back to Europe because she only likes Asian men.

If the divorce went through, she would've been deported by now.

No. 286756

From the posts we've seen, it's obvious she was being the abusive and manipulative one and the one completely invalidating said person while simultaneously projecting. You should choose better people than Venus to defend, fucking retard.

No. 286757

>Venus: degrading, just how I like it
>Moid: You're perfect, fuck
And this was obviously them joking. Not my type of humor but you're clearly a dumb white knight. Just because someone has dark humor or does some drugs doesn't make them an abuser. We know hardly anything about that bumble dude. We DO however know that Venus has a track record of abusing MULTIPLE people. In fact, she doesn't get along with ANYONE she gets close to. But sure, call out her random bumble date and not her. Fucking dumbass. You are as dumb as the pulltard constantly calling out Ken and not Venus. In fact, it's probably you who posted that.

No. 286758

She is probably desperate at this point. Men are basically money and caretakers to her. There's a reason she went for a med student. Probably couldn't get a Japanese dude fast enough. But she does have yellow fever and fetishizes Japan. But money overall trumps that. She'd likely date a rich white dude over a poor Japanese, but would def prefer a rich Japanese guy.

No. 286759

Again with people in a Venus thread not realizing everyone she is around is a shitty person. There is no victim here. Everyone is shit and needs avoided by decent humans.

No. 286760

File: 1679211483036.jpg (531.28 KB, 1242x1970, 8687.jpg)

Venus larping as a Christian again. Honestly I get the feeling she "became Christian" due to her family she's in contact with. She has family in Switzerland/Hungary/Canada and France, I think. Maybe they help her out on the condition she practices faith? That and she had to choose a religion for AA. But I don't think she's genuinely Christian or cares authentically for the religion. Her first pick was "witchcraft" when she had to choose a religion for AA. It seems to be a means to an end for her.

No. 286761

That bumble date may potentially be a shitty person but he clearly hasn't abused her. So you can stop trying to victimize and defend Venus when she was clearly the aggressor.

No. 286768

Moids never joke, 100% of the things they "joke" about is testing the waters for what they actually think. A moid who did not like degrading women would not "joke" about that being just what he wants (also he can just look at her social media profiles, it's not like she's hiding who she is)
Men who date "crazy" girls 100% are in it to take advantage of said unhinged and uninhibited behaviour. She even said he knew who she was from her dolly phase, so he knew full well what he was getting into.
It's pretty obvious there is no victim in these situations, like when two narcissists date and it's a trainwreck. Trying to scramble to paint the degenerate moids she attracts as saints just to enforce your uwu abuser narrative just makes you look dumb. Guy could be coming at you with a knife and you'd say "he's just joking uwu" like we can assume this is the same guy: >>286752
These threads would go a lot more smoothly if people didn't insist on creating an innocent moid strawman even when there's endless evidence to the contrary.

No. 286769

Calm down rere-chan and learn to read. Just because the new moid she's fucking around with is likely an abusive creep and a degenerate, doesn't mean that Venus can't be an abuser and a degenerate too. Birds of a feather afterall.

Why are you so desperate to defend this guy anyway? He even told her he knows who she from her old "living doll" days and is still on board. He knows she's abusing drugs and is happily doing them with her now. He's not some little kid, he knows what he's signing up for and is clearly game given how he's been responding.

No. 286775

The med student and that other guy she tried to strand in her apartment are obviously different people, nonna.

No. 286777

>taking a friend’s benzo before bed

I don’t care to defend the scrote regarding whether or not he’s a victim or an aggressor but I stg some of you nonnies are extremely young and/or sheltered. They generally prescribe you way too many benzos when you get a benzo prescription, it’s not at all uncommon for people with benzo scripts to give their friends and family a pill to help them sleep or help them calm down during super stressful times. If you think taking one pill when you’re anxious is drug abuse just cause a doctor didn’t specifically tell you to take it, you’re a retard.

No. 286787

Taking them to help you sleep and experimenting are different things. She said that he's experimenting with them, that's why it sounds as if he's abusing them.

No. 286790

We all know Venus is embellishes and straight up lies. Her saying he’s “experimenting” didn’t really match up with the screenshots of their texts, which made it definitely seem like the guy took a benzo before bed. No mention of him combining it with addy to stay awake or anything like that (side note, adderall and either klonopin or Xanax together is an unbelievably addictive mix because they cancel out each other’s negative effects without compromising the positives, taking a big dose of both together feels like magic until you come down and feel like death)

No. 286792

File: 1679233657636.jpg (160.98 KB, 1073x1906, oqjaoj2wo.jpg)

anon you don't have to spoiler

No. 286793

It is very obvious to most anons here that Venus is frantically trying to find a new Zaddy now that she has broken up with her previous one.
I wonder on how many dates she went on since her and ken split up, she must be frantic.

Tbh manaki was the best for her out of all of them, i think she would have benefited more if she stayed with manaki instead of cheating on him with Ken and that korean guy.

No. 286795

Can we talk about how shit her new reels are? She literally does nothing in there, really boring af content. She probably thinks it will boost her IG account, but does nothing to make it look at least a bit interesting. And her jirai "makeup tutorial" ended halfway wtf.

No. 286796

tbh i almost forget about her existence, maybe that's why there wasn't a new thread in weeks.

No. 286798

If this happens it would be sooo milky. HidingInMyRoom is such a drama cow that loves airing his life out online so if he and Venus ever date he would ari out everything punlicly.
Him and Venus need to date ASAP.

No. 286800

File: 1679234697257.jpg (36 KB, 735x667, d7204538339bfdfc2d12fc41f6c4b9…)

After all these years, her going after foreigners is surprising. Did she run out of luck with the japanese moids? Did she realize most of them would never put a ring on a mentally ill, attention whoring foreigner? Is she giving up the Weebland fantasy and looking to move to some "nice"/rich European country?

(Venus, if you're lurking again: don't aim for Sweden or France. We're fucked beyond repair)

No. 286802

File: 1679235668558.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230319-193106.png)

Some parts of her house are so ugly, it looks like someone's grandma decorated it.

No. 286803

i wouldn't consider it her house if she has to pay rent.

No. 286804

File: 1679235760351.png (980.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230319-192954.png)

No. 286805

File: 1679235809780.png (849.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230319-193000.png)

No. 286806

File: 1679236006726.jpg (7.38 KB, 209x200, Forgot this my favorite laughi…)


No. 286807

You just know it reeks of stale cigarette smoke in there

No. 286808

I think >>286760 is onto something. Christianity isn’t very “jirai” at all, witchcraft is way more trendy and relatable to her audience kek. Seems like she won’t be in glorious nippon come new year 2024

No. 286809

So you don't say "in my apartment", but "in the apartment where I pay rent?" K.

No. 286854

>stop like you're a fucking victim

Don't care about that scrote (he's okay being near that obvious trainwreck after all) but it's quite rich coming from the wannabe-victim Queen herself.
Shut up Peenus, and go get a job.

No. 286869

This is some serenity prayer thing from AA.

Her going to AA is itself a larp, tbh - I refuse to believe she goes regularly and not just when she publicly falls off the wagon.

Also, she must have had the shakes or something when she wrote that, her handwriting is awful…

No. 286873

>> she must have had the shakes or something when she wrote that
You can see her visibly shaking in that jirai makeup reel.

No. 286875

>> If the divorce went through, she would've been deported by now.
She said in May she was “going to see a lawyer about a divorce,” then 6 months later she moves out to place hours away from where she was. Seems pretty clear-cut to me.

No. 286876

File: 1679251523992.jpeg (222.45 KB, 1630x1534, F359983C-B360-46BB-9F52-78D947…)

From what you can see around the curtains, it looks like all her windows look out on brick walls and other people’s windows, just a foot or two away.

No. 286877

File: 1679251797243.jpeg (152.31 KB, 1124x1107, F59DDA2E-E98B-4B9F-87B5-88E93D…)

Which is probably why she keeps the windows covered, day and night.

No. 286880

File: 1679251891072.jpeg (180.86 KB, 1400x1482, 88DD64D9-0C35-41E5-9A8A-A8AB76…)

Looks to be an apartment complex or compound of some sort.

No. 286882

File: 1679252001768.jpeg (79.83 KB, 1607x1154, FB87943D-66FE-487E-8490-AC73AA…)

Bars on the window in the bathroom. Looks more like a prison cell. And who puts a window right above the toilet, anyway?

Couldn’t be me.

No. 286899

Why are BPD people like her obsessed with having EVERYTHING in pink, trying to make it a part of their personality? Not the first time i see that happen.

No. 286911

my god, she is so annoying. idk if it's the general lack of personality aside from being a shitty person, but all her posts hit the uncanny valley for me. it's like they were written by ai. margo tier ramblings.

No. 286922

She's probably on the ground floor and she lives in Tokyo. Security bars on first level windows are common afaik

No. 286924

File: 1679264147397.jpg (245.32 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20230319-230425_Ins…)

Lord what is she on now

No. 286927


It's ritalin

No. 286928

File: 1679264835826.png (Spoiler Image, 437.06 KB, 899x1600, pegging.png)

Screenshot from her twitter video where she's swinging her hips while wearing a flimsy-looking pegging toy. Ful vid: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic/status/1634492110257942528

No. 286934

File: 1679266414292.png (16.06 KB, 912x152, tweet.png)

At first I thought she's "gay uwu" again because zaddy dumped her, but this is probably just a sponsored post considering all her instagram stories about dates with guys

No. 286936

File: 1679266938923.webm (Spoiler Image, 509.91 KB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1679266597301.w…)

Wtf? Ew

No. 286937

File: 1679267154564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.52 KB, 1080x1418, 20230320_00540.jpg)

Didn't get many retweets with this one. Armpit hair isn't that popular I guess.

No. 286943

wtf is she saying here?

No. 286945

this isn't a "joke", this is him getting horny and saying "fuck" at the thought of her being degraded. those are literally screenshots of them mid-sext

No. 286946

The fact that she looks like Margo’s clone in this picture makes this even funnier.

No. 286947

sounds like "if he's on reddit, peg it"

No. 286948

Pretty much all Japanese toilet-rooms have a window above the porcelain throne. Bars on windows are also extremely common on first floor dwellings.
Her house looks a lot like my house in Japan, I'm guessing it was built around the mid 80s.

No. 286951

File: 1679276956729.png (37.35 KB, 1060x827, 0999.png)

I found what the blue pill was for but I cant make out the rest

No. 286962

>> she lives in Tokyo.
She does not live in Tokyo. See >>286715
She now lives at least 2 hours away from Tokyo, possibly 3. To repeat:

The alcoholic treatment center she was in (Kurihama treatment center) is in Yokosuka which is 1 hour south of Tokyo. She said on instagram that ‘Ken’ came to see her once a week while she was there and that it was a 3 hour trip each way for him. Then once she was in her new place, ‘Ken’ came over every day to “check on her” (and she tried to put him in charge of administering her daily dose of amphetamines) so obv. her new place has to be close to him.

Anyway, it’s not normal to have windows looking out on brick walls, I don’t think. Unless you’re in some Soviet-era concrete block apartment complex.

No. 286964

File: 1679285691719.jpeg (110.08 KB, 1498x1136, E1172810-E35F-489F-AB90-25665F…)

New video, trying to do a skin care tutorial. Starts out explaining that she “hasn’t been feeling well” but got “a new medication” that is supposed to help (how many times has she repeated this cycle now? I’ve lost track.) And her “not feeling well” usually means ‘going on multi-day alcohol binges.’

Eyes look dead, teeth still brown and idk if it’s the lighting but her sweater looks dirty.

No. 286972

No. 286977

most toilets in japanese homes are like that…

if she’s living in yokosuka, then it’s pretty common for houses to be built super close to together. rent is also extremely cheap in that area and the further away you get from the train station the cheaper it gets.

No. 286982

File: 1679296728290.png (5.1 MB, 1170x2532, 9F4DDC94-7E23-4C31-93C1-9D84F4…)

Uh her eyes don’t seem right here

No. 286983

Her circle lens is slipping down or it's an eye filter gone wrong. She looks awful here though regardless.

No. 286989

She hasn't aged very well. Let's just hope she is saving to get her teeth fixed.

No. 286990

someone with a botched surgery that makes them not able to absorb nutrients, an ana-chan, who's an alcoholic and who famously can't take care of themselves is not the person i'd ask for a skin care tutorial

No. 286991

AKA Strattera

Honestly it’s surprising that she has an ADHD diagnosis. She’s a crazy bitch but I truly don’t think ADHD is one of her problems.

No. 286992

She probably doesn't explain her symptoms correctly or who knows what the doctor thinks. They probably think impulsive thoughts= can't concentrate. Venus is a psycho bitch.

No. 286994

tbh im really surprised at the huge amounts of pills she is given.
Japan as a first-world country, having a doctor prescribe a huge amount of mind altering pills to someone who publicly uses those pills for recreational purposes and has substance abuse issues is weird.

This has really surprised me, is this a common thing there or is this doctor just a moron?

No. 287005

That hairstyle is making her look even more old than she already looks.

No. 287008

It's obviously a subjective opinion but I seriously think her mom looks better than her at this point. She looks very ill, and definitely in no place to be giving advice on anything, let alone skincare.

No. 287029

The only good thing I can say about her is at least this color and style suit her better than the bleach fried straw-pile on her head she had before.

No. 287030

Agreed. Margo looks healthy, happy, and isn't really acting like a crazy psycho on the internet like she was (as far as I know) whereas Venus just continues to spiral down

No. 287039

Not to be that person but she really needs lip filler and to stop wearing circle lenses they never looked good on her she should stick to regular size ones rather the the huge doll ones they look bad.

No. 287063

no, she doesn't need lip filler. it will inevitably migrate over time and look worse.

all she needs is to stop being an alcoholic and start a half decent skincare and exercise routine

No. 287088

>> if she’s living in yokosuka
Wherever she’s living, it’s 3 hours from Yokosuka.

No. 287112

please, nobody fucking needs filler in their damn face and lips. Nobody needs cosmetic surgery to look like an insta-thot clone. Small lips can be attractive too. What this bitch needs is to be institutionalized until she's not retarded

No. 287113

File: 1679365893193.jpeg (88.7 KB, 761x723, 8DBBC40B-1092-46FC-A103-F8BEA9…)

So creepy.

No. 287125

She really doesn’t seem to care about other people at all. I wonder if she is even capable of caring or loving someone.

No. 287126

She really doesn’t seem to care about other people at all. I wonder if she is even capable of caring or loving someone.

No. 287128

It is awfully hard to quit drinking if you have alcoholism. It’s like your brain haunts you and the only way to stop it is to drink. You can have all of the best intentions but it’s hard to fight it every moment of the day, constantly. It only takes a minute to cave and buy the alcohol. Venus is a shit person, but she didn’t ask for alcoholism

No. 287129

Wtf is happening with her contact lens, expression and the frill on her right shoulder? She can't be seriously thinking this photo looks good.

No. 287130

Nah, she's just a hypocrite. She will publicly point out the flaws of others, while doing the same things as them.

No. 287132

A Nona mentioned awhile back that her straps from tank tops and swimsuits are always twisted… now I can’t not notice it and they are twisted like 80% of the time lol

No. 287134

File: 1679374207535.jpeg (173.59 KB, 1159x1588, C2DF8DD9-C258-4E22-B1BD-2777AE…)

Nitpick but I looked back and the most recent 4/5 photosets the straps are twisted. Not a big deal but just… why? You are selling these pictures lol

No. 287140

I don't remember any photo of hers where the straps are NOT twisted. Straps of her panties too. I'm curious if she just genuinely doesn't give a shit or if she's so mentally drained that she doesn't even notice. It's the same case for her cosplays too, just no effort put into it.

No. 287142

File: 1679378153545.png (491.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230311-003131.png)

And this guy thinks she's hot

No. 287143

It’s shocking every time how worse she looks compared to a just few years ago. I can almost admire her for not giving a shit , and still posting anyway

No. 287153

I wonder if anyone on the previous threat searched Zaddy's doxed number to see where the area code hit.

No. 287154

File: 1679391110184.jpeg (578.3 KB, 2100x1575, A25FDBC8-7874-4EB1-A15F-3CEF42…)

Why did she have to edit her post about how offended she is about not getting as much likes? Of course she wouldn’t if she keeps spamming Instagram with reels.

No. 287155

It’s amazing how little self awareness she has. She dumps a bunch of content within a few days, it looks like shit (bad filters, lighting too strong, reels look like they’re in slo-mo), and she thinks it’ll be successful because…? Girl we all saw your recent breakdowns, you can’t just pretend that didn’t happen

No. 287156

File: 1679392467962.png (528.87 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20230321-184614.png)

Her skincare and makeup reels are a joke, she overuses filters and her new ringlight so much that you can barely see the difference between shades. You can even barely see the details on her face because the recent photos and videos are so overexposed.
Her way of applying lipstick is also terrible, sometimes she posts photos with her lips looking like this.
At least she finally started to list brand names of the products she uses.

No. 287157

File: 1679392535079.jpeg (118.41 KB, 1169x1077, 82B3E006-9145-4FD5-B9A3-97698F…)

Then in her most recent post she points out how her hands are shaking from the meds, but we all know she’s been shaking long before the meds. I praise the person who left that last comment. Her filter makes her look washed out.

No. 287158

File: 1679392859696.png (211.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230321-185517.png)

Her reels would be shit even with a better camera, the content is just not interesting. Holding a Kuromi plush toy and doing nothing else for the entire two reels, showing her skincare tutorial while not listing the products she uses, making a makeup tutorial that ends halfway, none of that would make people interested, because she barely puts any effort into it.

No. 287162

It looks like she came into some money after "dating" on bumble, so she most likely back to selling pussy again.

No. 287163

When you’re chronically inebriated, you’re also chronically dissociated. I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to larp as having DID (she would actually be more convincing than Jillian kek, at least Venus was actually truly traumatized as a kid). It’s not at all surprising to me that the straps are always twisted, she likely has no idea and wouldn’t even think to check.

No. 287166

File: 1679398430432.jpeg (128.82 KB, 1080x937, 1673500316066.jpeg)

She did.

No. 287168

At least, now we know that no one is "forcing her" to create shitty porn/OF content.

No. 287183

Anons write some of your Venus Predictions for 2023.(please sage them)

No. 287185

File: 1679409856995.png (39.14 KB, 468x501, asmr.png)

She literally created several ASMR videos, but "she can't create it."
Also, who exactly likes her voice? She has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard and she doesn't articulate well.

No. 287193

File: 1679412297024.png (211.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230322-002427.png)

she's getting really desperate

No. 287249

Antidepressants and other mental health related medications are more restricted in Japan compared to other first world countries like the UK & USA, and doctors are usually more conservative about how much they prescribe. Dosages are often smaller, including over the counter stuff which expats often complain about. Many doctors also add useless kampo pills for digestion in their prescriptions, and pill packets are used instead of bottles, so while it looks like you're getting a lot of pills, it's often less powerful than what your doctor might prescribe in the West. Japanese doctors also prescribe for shorter periods and you can't refill your meds at the pharmacy. You have to get a new prescription when you run out, which makes it more difficult to abuse medication. Her pills in the baggies are only for once a day after dinner, and she only has 3 packets of 10 concerta pills, which is only one month's worth of meds. I think she's just trying to show off her mental illness and take advantage of people who don't know how healthcare works in Japan.

No. 287263

The reason why she gets less likes is most likely because she was temporary shadow banned. I can't find her account when entering her account name in the search bar anymore, have to search it through google. I guess that's what you get for constantly posting sexual images, advertise a porn site, drunk-posting, doxing, trying to be "edgy" and posting photos of bloody sheets…

No. 287274

She’s going to love with her mom in America or she’s going to get pregnant in Japan

No. 287281

How many times does she have to ask her followers what kind of content they want to see? The answers always include asmr, makeup tutorials, shopping hauls, and day in your life vlogs. She never does any of them. Why even ask?
Who are these skin care reels for? She hasn't tagged or mentioned brands. Are the reels for the algorithm to get her out of shadow ban?

No. 287282

File: 1679437840948.jpg (53.48 KB, 1080x1920, 336503616_607059250931162.jpg)

What does this even mean?

No. 287297

Yes, but I think it was based on where he grew up. It was Saga Japan, which is really far away

No. 287304

“I post daily slideshow”…. by only on some days. Lol, this bitch goes weeks without posting

No. 287305

File: 1679445101840.jpeg (188.61 KB, 1125x1796, C8C3086F-79E8-41B1-AEB6-7FF4BB…)

This’ll last two weeks at most.

No. 287310

She can barely take care of herself. Now she wants to keep two cats?

No. 287316

New persona #243676
(isn’t prescription speed is a wonderful thing? She’s flyingggggg)

No. 287318

If she gets a cat, I think soon we would see a video how it passed away suddenly during mysterious circumstances. If she can't even notice that her clothes are not put on right, she will probably not even remember if she fed the cat on that day or not.

She most likely can't get pregnant, she said it herself.

No. 287320

If she gets cats they will likely either starve or be incredibly obese cause she’ll just feed them whenever they meow for food, or hardly ever feed them. Poor things, we all saw what she did with all those poor hamhams when she lived with Manaki.

But hey, maybe she will invest in a time controlled auto feeder.

No. 287321

She seems to be manic again, she posted a ton of stories about cleaning, organizing and random things.

No. 287326

She's becoming irrelevant, she should accept it. Her Twitter is dead and her IG will soon be too. Even video of her where she dances with her tits out and a strap on has at most 9 retweets.

No. 287336

There is no way she is serious, this must be a joke because the places she lives in turn into hoarder pigsty.

>i will get two cats

I hope this is a joke because she literally couldn't take care of her hamsters who are much more simple to care for yet she wants cats?

Anyone remember when she kept her hamsters in small cages and let them overbreed and dirty and then gave them away because she couldn't be bothered to take care of them.(sage your shit)

No. 287350

File: 1679451876627.png (663.56 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20230322-111046.png)

New post.

No. 287358

File: 1679452469528.png (20.41 KB, 1080x507, Screenshot_20230322-113341~2.p…)

No. 287365

File: 1679452789599.jpeg (176.74 KB, 1054x1372, B4BFE1F2-8ECB-45CF-8328-1496EA…)

Imagine setting up a tripod with the camera on a timer, and scurrying back and forth posing in different outfits, endlessly, over and over.

No. 287367

File: 1679452864911.jpeg (205.19 KB, 1083x1361, 181DDB8A-2AF9-4D28-922B-9409DE…)

She posts 3 versions of each one. Wonder how many she takes of each of them?

No. 287368

File: 1679452935965.jpeg (224.45 KB, 1096x1360, 86DBD340-A7D3-4F93-AAE9-CD7634…)

How obsessive and narcissistic would you have to be to keep doing this, day after day?

No. 287369

File: 1679452994868.jpeg (157.81 KB, 1086x1382, 69546DAA-C35E-4327-960D-7F366B…)

Uwu look at me in my new outfit

No. 287371

Nothing bad about showing off your outfits, many people do that, that's why Lookbook exists. But she definitely spams with it too much now and that filter she uses makes the rest of her body look so large.

No. 287384

It's almost unbelievable how the quality of her photos and videos have worsened over time instead of improving, did she sell her good cameras to buy alcohol?

No. 287390

File: 1679456037635.jpeg (286.2 KB, 1170x1988, A342201A-3051-4A63-91B6-F97DC7…)

The tone shift in the caption made me laugh so hard.
>I hate it when people online tell me how I should live my life. Bitch, you are don't know me personally, are not my friend or acquaintance so shush.

No. 287392

File: 1679456690138.png (63.63 KB, 1076x1326, Screenshot_20230322-124416.png)

Most people in the comments are confused by that caption kek

No. 287393

why does she insist on wearing clothes that look bad for her body type.

No. 287401

I'm more curious why does she wear those huge grandma earrings, they're hideous. She has some cute outfits, but most of them are so tacky.

No. 287413

File: 1679465202346.png (599.05 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20230322-150549.png)

so kawaii

No. 287421

Why is every OF girl allergic to even the thought of getting a real job? They think they can just do lazy porn forever even when the # of subs has been dwindling?

No. 287427

She edits and blurs every aspect of her skin but leaves the scar. She thinks she's such a badass jirai girl. I hope she rots.

No. 287428

Good cameras can't hide her ugly face as easily. She won't use one until she can figure out how to make the filters/lighting completely change her face while using better cams

No. 287429

Likely thousands. She's narcissistic af. Margo said there were over 10k selfies on one of her phones/computers. She must spend hours taking photos then editing the shit out of them. I couldn't imagine sinking that much time into something so vapid. She's such a loser.

No. 287431

She even callously said that a few of them died. She only cared about them as a prop. I hope the cats gouge her eyes out if she attempts to get one.

>obsessed with beauty products
With a face as ugly as hers, you'd have to be

No. 287434

She keeps saying how hyperfeminine she is, but there's nothing ladylike about an alcoholic who smokes, is addicted to drugs and behaves like a whore.

No. 287435

We knew that all along except for some white knights and pulltards.

That and the way she completely disregarded her fans and shoved porn in their faces despite them clearly not liking it and now she demands they like her shit because she finally decided to post some stuff they previously wanted? She is so soulless and sociopathic. She looks at people and all she sees are money bags. Good thing her likes are down, bitch deserves it, never deserved fame at all and good thing she's getting old now and with each passing year more and more irrelevant. Pretty soon she'll hit that age where thinking it's cool to cut and be sad won't "look cute" anymore. She'll just look like the fucking retard she is. And no one will care about her anymore.

No. 287436

She just needs to stop pressing her lips to imitate japanese girl and "kawaii" lips and stop editing them smaller as well as under drawing the top lip.

Margo looks healthier (and has a better/less tacky style, jirai is tacky af) but remember, margo edits the shit out of her face too. We don't really know what she looks like now since she only posts overedits. Margo 100% looked better than venus at the same age though and I think has better features/style overall.

No. 287438

File: 1679472402567.jpeg (9.93 KB, 275x241, 1669740956917.jpeg)

>how can I withhold such beauty from the world?
Oh venus, please do. please withhold "the beauty" and live out the rest of your days in the cave you crawled out of

No. 287439

File: 1679473078146.png (51.21 KB, 1080x673, Screenshot_20230322-171652.png)

Her follower count dropped too since the time she started to post more.

No. 287453

Lol. Seems that larping as religious for handouts and attention runs deep in the family. Remember when Marge was super-duper Jewish?

>cat mom

I hope she'll drop that idea like everything else in her life. The hamsters saga was awful.

No. 287455

Now she's using magic eraser to "fix" her fucked up teeth. At least she's finally doing something about them, but she should go to the dentist instead, this will make her teeth worse.

No. 287471

>> Nothing bad about showing off your outfits, many people do that, that's why Lookbook exists.
True but many people (most if not all) have photographers for their photo shoots, it’s not just them and a tripod. Imagine the scenario:
- set up tripod and camera with timer
- scurry back to your designated spot and strike a pose, wait for camera to click
- repeat the same little routine, over and over, back and forth

Think about what she’s doing actually looks like, it’ll make you laugh.

No. 287475

File: 1679496740695.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, 3CF60576-3A8C-4652-AF1F-DECCFB…)

It’s not a magic eraser it’s a product made for teeth

No. 287476

even if that does get rid of some surface stains her teeth are fucked and she needs to see a dentist. can’t buff out rot, girlie!

No. 287478

File: 1679497224131.jpeg (362.39 KB, 1170x2080, venus_angelic_3063760950003008…)

A damn suitcase full of meds. Showing of her mentally ill pills as if it's a beauty haul. And sucking up pills with a crappy handheld vacuum. She's in a manic state.

No. 287480

No different from any other influencer tbh. Not sure how that makes her narcissistic more than anyone else when it was her brand.

No. 287483

Not true, most people that I know usually take pictures of their outfits by themselves, using a mirror or a tripod. You can't always rely on someone taking photos of you, especially if you live alone.
And I don't think she's using a timer, there is a small device that you can connect to your phone through Bluetooth and you just have to press the button to take pictures. Honestly, this is just nitpicking, Venus taking pics of her outfits is literally the least problematic thing that she can do.

No. 287500

She’ll just end up like one of those extra ridiculous photo shoppers, like the 50+ year old men and women who photoshop themselves to look like 20 somethings

No. 287504

Is Venus only an alcoholic though? I know many alcoholics and their teeth aren’t fucked up. Is she doing some other substances to make them like that or is it just a lack of hygiene?

No. 287512

Eating disorder, negligent hygiene, smoking, substance abuse, drinking more energy drinks and sugary canned cocktails than water, and God knows what else could be contributing to her rot mouth. I don't think I've ever seen anything other than decay make a person's teeth black like that. There's no way that shit isn't painful.

No. 287513

File: 1679508917443.png (7.57 KB, 179x320, 710AD552-8E28-4370-9881-DF18BD…)

How can anyone be this desperate for content ideas??

The massive amount of irrelevant, low-quality stories and posts over the last few days really seems like she’s going through some sort of manic phase…

No. 287517

Her teeth never really looked good to start with. She was always getting comments on how yellow they were years before this alcoholic saga began. Besides everything else she does to herself I do think she has poor hygiene. Of course, now theyre fucking black, which makes the way they were before seem great in comparison.

No. 287518

File: 1679509742867.jpeg (54.33 KB, 1170x829, 87F7DCA5-DA04-484E-BE61-F5F1A3…)

“I love your teeth” I really hope that’s sarcasm. Maybe she will film a video about going to the dentist and explain/lie why they are messed up, just like her stomach surgery video. She’s not doing too good.

No. 287529

one of the worst things about addiction is ending up fucking religious(sage your shit)

No. 287531

i'll admit that I am surprised at how clean her place seems to be. I would not have expected that

No. 287533

you have no idea what you're talking about. This is literally what almost all fashion bloggers do because 99% of them can't afford to hire a daily photographer

No. 287561

Venus could still be successful as the messy bitch that she is if she just owned it and started being confident about it. I think a lot of people would like to see a Jirai kei girl Vlogging her adventures around japan being a messy train wreck. I’d watch it…Venus isn’t smart enough to do that though.

No. 287569

One minute she is telling everyone to fuck off and keep their opinions to themselves and the next she's asking people about uwu kawaii first aid kit…. Huh?

No. 287575

File: 1679526083174.jpeg (103.8 KB, 813x1433, 2F70D755-C06C-4451-9014-5EBCA3…)

idc, it still makes me laugh picturing her busily scurrying back and forth taking pics of herself, with her dumb ‘soo kawaii’ poses.

Anyway, is the crazy bitch tweaking or what? Really makes you wonder if pimp zaddy was telling the truth when he said she was doing meth and/or cocaine (would explain her rotted teeth too. I’ve never seen teeth like that in anyone but meth heads,)

No. 287576

That size, thats a makeup bag. That's not big and who cares? Shouldn't we be glad she's in meds? This isn't milky.

No. 287577

Opinions about how to live her life isn't the same as asking advice about specific things. I know what she means. I don't know why other anons are acting oblivious as if her asking for advice is the same as unsolicited advice about something else in her life.

No. 287581

File: 1679527169339.jpeg (84.33 KB, 803x1433, 1F1A2F15-0D67-4D98-96CC-32B2F1…)

She’s a real stickler for cleaning and organizing, y’all.

No. 287582

File: 1679527211274.jpeg (238.38 KB, 2018x1198, 36944B14-C986-427B-A387-C8082C…)

A real neat freak!

No. 287585

File: 1679527723933.jpeg (125.19 KB, 761x1298, 119F8053-CD14-4E96-9FD4-92D4F6…)

This is what her new place will look like once her drug-fueled mania wears off and she goes back to drinking.

No. 287588

Now imagine adding two cats to that… the place would fucking reek of cat piss and booze.
Her cleaning posts just get more and more obscure. Who the fuck cares about how she cleans her damn floor? The close-up on her bed was disgusting enough with all the hair and lint everywhere.
And lmao at her trying to rescue her dead teeth with whitening sheets. She'll just end up fucking up her teeth even more.

No. 287591

In this video she drops big sticky gobs of food on the floor 4 different times- and each time she bends over, picks it up and eats it anyway.

Imagine the state of that room after being squatted in for 7 years by her, lol.

No. 287598

She doesn't go back and forth to take her pictures omg, she has a remote button in her hand that she presses to take pictures. Sometimes you can see it a bit in her photos. If your idea of taking pictures of yourself is setting a timer over and over again, you're the dumb one.

No. 287618

File: 1679534644355.jpeg (226.86 KB, 819x1421, B2CD5335-005B-4EB0-96ED-95C134…)

She’s like a 6-year old with her little work table and cute stickers and different colored markers. Next she’ll break out a coloring book or maybe some cut-out dolls you can put different outfits on.

She’s been stuck in this mode ever since she landed in Japan and set up her first pink frilly little bedroom with that first plushie collection. It’s like her brain is frozen in time. Guess that’s what alcohol/drug addictions will do to you.

No. 287619

Okay, stands there in front of her tripod striking her little kawaii poses and snapping away, lol. Same thing.

No. 287622

File: 1679536919976.jpeg (55.36 KB, 612x1054, 91A622A2-B911-4B9A-AFBA-2321C8…)

That tongues not hiding the fact that they’re broke as shit.

No. 287628

Literally every fashion blogger or anyone who enjoys their outfits even a bit does this. It sounds more like your problem.

No. 287629

Looks like a poor shoop job, they don’t look natural at all. Just go to a dentist ffs

No. 287630

Ok so why’d it take you at least a year to do this

No. 287631

Lol you mean years now.

No. 287659

Venus had tens of thousands of selfies on her old computer. No, not "literally everyone does this". She's vain and narc af. And her life revolves around aesthetics and that's just pathetic.

No. 287660

I like how she's pretending to be all clean and neat suddenly to mold the publics perception of her, as if she didn't ever flex her nasty ashtray and bloody sheets. We all know she's gross af and can smell her through her pictures.

No. 287661

Maybe she should stop posting every aspect of her life then and embellishing her struggles to emotionally manipulate and worry her audience then? If she doesn't want advice from concerned fans. She's at fault and the bitch that needs to stfu.

No. 287662

She'll obviously lie about the reason. Probably say she was punched in the face and they turned black or something.

No. 287663

Because she exhibits MANY additional narcissistic traits and probably a record for the amount of selfies she takes. You should really stop defending her. You look pathetic denying her narcissism.

No. 287664

Why isn't she going to the dentist all this time? Is she afraid they'll find out she was doing meth or something?

No. 287666

Not defending Venus, just defending other people who like to snap their outfits like she does. Her being a narc means never admitting that she is wrong, blaming other people etc, not the amount of pictures she takes of herself. Be triggered about her shitty behavior instead and stop nitpicking.

No. 287667

or find out her visa is expired more likely

No. 287672

File: 1679562478187.jpg (248.48 KB, 1076x1792, ZNeS4B3.jpg)

doing so much better

No. 287673

File: 1679562518165.jpg (225.81 KB, 1080x1794, r9mRMYC.jpg)

No. 287674

File: 1679562541432.jpg (92.18 KB, 1079x1108, KJZldRW.jpg)

No. 287675

File: 1679562634630.jpg (249.34 KB, 1079x1709, KS2qdvN.jpg)

already deleted and "sorry guyz!"

No. 287676

it really is just a never ending cycle with her. i wonder how long she can reasonably keep abusing her body like this before something really serious happens to her medically.

No. 287677

She's really like Tuna in that regard. UwU stickers everywhere, endless hauls of kawaii knick-knacks, messy doodles and coloring, tries so hard to be cute but everything included them is covered with a thick layer of grimes…and of course drugs. Kek

Stop taking the bait my sweet nonette. Report them for nitpicking and move on.

No. 287678

Venus is genuinely scary, and an unstable alkie, I can't believe some people have sympathy for her (not here necessarily). And for what? She treats everybody like trash.

No. 287680

Here we go again, the fake lesbian phase. So predictable.
> Guys I'm such a sapphic lezbo UwU
> "Please greasy scrotoids fetishists, gimme attention and money !"

No. 287681

Don't worry, she does a good job at pushing away everyone who supported her. With the shit she keeps pulling every other week, she will barely have any supporters left.

Geez, and she's wondering why her like and follow count is dropping. She's asking for a shadowban again too.

No. 287683

File: 1679567929412.jpeg (148.65 KB, 1125x944, 68CC0796-3F88-420C-86C5-AF4900…)

She updated the caption for some reason.

No. 287684

File: 1679567997681.png (151.09 KB, 1566x484, Screenshot 2023-03-23 133901.p…)

does anyone know his new channel's name?
what happened to manaki

No. 287685

File: 1679568194258.jpeg (248.16 KB, 828x869, A1072AD8-0E54-4A13-B4EC-C9DF17…)

Did some lurking. We still don’t know exactly where Venus lives. My guess have always been Chiba, because it pretty trashy and poor. But in this post the tagged a place located in Fujisawa Station which is about 1 hour (by train) south of Tokyo. It’s also more populated than Chiba which could explain why her house stands so close to the house next door. I also don’t believe they’d send her to a mental facility in another prefecture? Maybe she does live in Kanagawa after all? It’s an nice area and close to the ocean. Not as upscale as west of Tokyo but not as trashy as Chiba.

No. 287686

Sure, blame everything on men. Ignore the fact that one of the main reasons why your relationships are failing is because you're a crazy bitch.

No. 287688

This was addressed in either the last thread or the one before that - he doesn’t have a public internet presence anymore and the channel this person found wasnt him. nothing happened to him, and considering it wasnt that long ago that venus was still in her room at his apartment i doubt he is remarried already. Just some idiot spreading bullshit

No. 287689

Ok, what is it now? Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar Disorder? So she receives benefits for people with disabilities in Japan without a permanent resident visa? Otherwise, why would she know the grade of her disability then?(sage your shit)

No. 287693

I mean, moids are awful, especially the ones which tends to gravitate around her. But making herself a slave to scrotes (OF, sugaring, prostitution…) while blaming them for everything that goes wrong in her life is frankly hypocritical.
But obviously she prefers that to working in a combini or something. She's above ~menial jobs~ remember ? She's so speshul and famous, just like Mommy Dearest, the MENSA genius kek

No. 287702

I don't think she's mentally capable of holding a job.

No. 287715

Ah yes, because women can only be hot lezbo girlboss kweens 1.until their bf comes back around and 2.to look suppah sexy on OF for scrotes? Straight girls like her are so annoying jfc

No. 287720

Venus Angelic backrooms

No. 287725

File: 1679587640808.png (1.09 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230309-104306.png)

Imma sage since it's from 9th March but
That day on things that didn't happen

No. 287744

I've noticed that Borderline often gets misdiagnosed as Bipolar, but it could also be both. She reeks of a self-infantilizing, caretaker seeking BPDchan to me though.

No. 287753

First of all, nothing in what I said is defending her and secondly, you seem to be getting the definition of NPD and someone who is vainly narcissistic mixed up. Narcs also stalk and constantly harass their victims and can't let go, whereas Venus is more happy to jump onto the next moid that'll caretake her. She's also incredibly emotionally and mentally stunted and couldn't pull off any sort of malicious manipulation if she tried, albeit being pathetic and milking pity. Just because she's toxic and mental doesn't qualify her to be a Narc simply because that's the worst thing you could think to label her as. As someone who's been the victim of a narcissist I find it awfully annoying how people so casually toss the label around towards people they don't like whom are just generally pretty awful; it is no way the same thing. Anyone who has any real experience with a narc would know that, but most people just throw it around because it became a top tier insult to label people they dislike.

Venus is an attention seeking, self infantilizing, batshit BPDchan if anything.(armchairing)

No. 287761

Narcs have an inflated sense of self importance and aren't easily discouraged from their delusions of grandeur. They deny and become more bold in their attacks on others, but almost never openly show shame. I think that's part of where people get confused. "Oh, narcissist like a self absorbed and vain person??".(armchairing)

No. 287769

>> I also don’t believe they’d send her to a mental facility in another prefecture?
Are you talking about the alcoholic drying out clinic she went to for 1 1/2 months last fall? She checked into that on her own, she wasn’t ‘sent’ there. (And who do you mean by “they”? as in “they sent her” there?)

Her new place is close to pimp zaddy’s place which is 3 hours from Yokosuka.

No. 287771

But then how does she go to doctors to get meds? Is the dental process different somehow?

No. 287772

So she admits to slandering another person as lying manipulative and leeching. She admit that and people STILL believe all her other exes/managers were abusive. Crazy. She literally just admit she makes shit up about people when she's pissed. But the comment consider her a victim and still blame Margo

No. 287774

Yes, mental illness can give you disability payments, at least in my country, not sure about Japan but probably there too. Not sure if she could get them without PR, maybe other anons know but she could always have PR for all we know. If so, THIS is 100% the reason she kept accumulating diagnoses. She's like a welfare leech. She can work just fine, mentally ill or not, PLUS she has OF/YT income which she likely isn't reporting and I don't think would be allowed if she's collecting disability payments either. Imagine moving to Japan and contributing NOTHING of value just to leech off the system, the system that Japanese nationals taxes go into supporting. She's the lowest of the low if she's collecting disability payment. Ken was generous when he called her a loser if this is the case.

No. 287775

She is.

She's just revealing her insecurities here. And she already looks like shit but tries to parade that edited non-existent face as her natural face and then claim people think she's a teen. If it really did happen, it wouldn't be due to her face, it'd be because she's wearing tacky jirai clothes and larping as a 15 yr old since it's teens would usually wear jirai, not grown ass mid-late twenty women.

No. 287782

File: 1679593881793.jpeg (79.91 KB, 1125x2004, 73304476-C6DA-4FFE-B839-441D46…)

I’m sure more alcohol will help. I’m doubly sure that’s what you’ll choose, Venus.

No. 287783

She is both vain/narc plus probably has NPD. She can have both you know. And she's already pulled off manipulation and fooled most of her fans and YT, so no idea what you're going on about. And Venus stalked the shit out of Ken, calling him hundreds of times a day. She can be a narc (NPD) and vain, you know. As a "victim of a narc", you should see it so clearly, I also grew up with one. She can have multiple co-morbid issues. It's not one or the other, dumbass. And I'm not just saying that because "I dislike her", you can say you're not defending her but after that comment it's so obvious. She acts exactly like her mom (actually even worse) and her mom was a textbook case.

No. 287790

She'd have to prove she's severely disabled enough to not be able to work, which imo, she isn't, she just doesn't want to work, as repeatedly stated by herself.

From: https://www.tokyomentalhealth.com/getting-a-mental-disability-certificate/

>While many mental illnesses or disabilities can fall within the scope of this certificate, MHLW lists the following as examples:


>Mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder
>Substance use disorder
>Higher brain dysfunction
>Developmental disabilities, such as ASD, ADHD and learning difficulties
>Stress-related disabilities

>The certificate has three grades (1-3) depending on the severity of the mental disability – Grade 1 being the most severe and Grade 3 being the least severe.

>-Grade 1 (1級) Mental disabilities that make a person’s daily activities impossible

>-Grade 2 (2級) Mental disabilities that severely limit (or force a person to severely limit) their daily activities
>-Grade 3 (3級) Mental disabilities that limit (or force a person to limit) their daily or social activities

If she knows her grade and it's not self-diagnosed, then she definitely is abusing this system. She's already made it clear she does not WANT to work, not that she's so severely disabled she can't work. Notice how she went diagnosis shopping after she and Mana split, when she'd need cash. She had depression, then adhd, then bipolar then borderline, then adhd then depression again then she didn't have depression then she had borderline again/substance abuse then schizophrenia, then DID then borderline again. She's definitely using this to her advantage to leech.

No. 287791

She doesn’t want to work, and going to therapy/AA/actually working on her issues and getting healthier would mean that she no longer has an excuse not to. Hence the manic episodes and countless “relapses”.

Is there an actual list anywhere of all the diagnoses she’s claimed or trued to claim? ADHD, alcoholism, drug addiction, borderline, DID, bipolar…I’m sure there’s more…

No. 287795

>She'd have to prove she's severely disabled enough to not be able to work
Wouldn't this be easy to do since she has some of those listed diagnoses?

No. 287799

I tried to list all the ones I could remember which include:


>-PTSD? (I swear she said she was traumatized by her childhood and couldn't sleep at night, though I don't think she actually has PTSD and was just playing that up)

The first 4 were during the time she was self-diagnosing as someone came her and on PULL to claim she was self-diagnosing and wasn't actually seeing doctors. She didn't show off meds at this point or anything. Claimed she cut as well but never any scars. It was only after she latched onto menhera and split from Mana that she seems to have actually went to see doctors.

I can't remember if she also claimed general anxiety disorder or not, but she did say she had social anxiety too. She also said AA was stupid and left according to discord screenshots iirc. It can be hard to prove a "mental disability" though, but given how much doctor shopping she's done, I really do think she's abusing the system. She is 100% capable of working, she's just been opposed to it ever since she made easy 80K/year with Margo and now she has all these diagnosis as an excuse.

No way she's grade two and "severely limited". She likely played that up to a psychiatrist, like she plays up her life/abuse to people online. I've known a severely depressed/general anxiety person who wouldn't even leave their home due to fear and no energy and they weren't collecting payments, even then. Venus is not that severely crippled. She's just a leech and I kind of hope she doesn't have PR so it affects her ability to collect payments because this would just be so nasty of her. Using mental illness to profit and justify her disdain for working.

No. 287803

>As someone who's been the victim of a narcissist
Most people who write essays about narcs they met come off completely unhinged (like you). Now I'm not defending them, but why are you like this?

No. 287805

It's generally not easy, easier if you have a disability lawyer or something, as not only does she have to prove she has the conditions, she has to prove it severely limits her life and ability to function, have a slew of medical records supporting her claims, which she seems to have started doing so in 2019+ after years of pretending to go to therapy, follow through on her treatment plans and have everything documented, maybe even hire a lawyer to help her. I am pretty sure she actually did this, she even went to the treatment centre for a month, but it's generally not easy. Say you have severe depression/anxiety and it makes going outside or doing daily tasks super difficult, you'd need to see your GP, convince them to refer you to a psych, get an official diagnosis, get meds and treatment plan, document all that while severely depressed and then apply and hope you're accepted. Most severely mentally disabled people wouldn't even be able to go through the process and even then they could be denied, as mental issues aren't concrete, like physical ones. I assume Venus is either collecting payments as she does seem to have gotten an adhd and alcoholism diagnosis at the minimum and has a treatment plan or she's in the process of trying to collect payments, hence all the insanity.

No. 287806

So…gf went and got herself a Japanese tugboat. That’s some highly advanced grifting skills right there. Makes margo look like an amateur. Bravo! Now she can leech off Japanese taxpayers instead of Mana.

I wonder if that’s why she asked Margo for some mental illness documentation, that was quite awhile ago. Marge thought it was for her trial for murdering Manaki, lol. If so, she’s been working on this for awhile.

On the bright side at least she’s off Mana’s hands. Maybe he can salvage some scraps of a life now, after having this psycho stuck to him like a tick for the past 7 years.

No. 287808

Yeah, I assume she finally found out she could make money from mental health "disabilities" and ever since then jumped on the chance to capitalize, especially if she could no longer leech off Manaki and needed more money. Likely the reason she emailed Margo too. And being "crazy" fits her jirai aesthetic, so it's a win-win for her. If she knew she could make buck off it back in her kawaii larp days, I am willing to bet she'd have actually gone to see professionals more regularly. Seems her life really does revolve around scrounging for as much $$$ as possible. Even fucking old scrotes just for some bucks and gucci.

No. 287811

File: 1679598592760.jpeg (80.53 KB, 1089x1952, 496509BF-97E7-469C-9072-2ABB31…)

Bingeing on Ritalin, flying high at 3:30 in the morning. Ritalin gives you WIIIINGS!

No. 287813

>I wonder if that’s why she asked Margo for some mental illness documentation, that was quite awhile ago.

I was thinking the same thing! Now all those emails she sent to Margo asking margo to ''confirm'' she has mental illness…now we know why.

No. 287814

Either that, or if her mental health can somehow get her to stay in Japan longer, assuming she's on a defunct visa, or both. It certainly wasn't out of curiosity or to plead insanity to murder.

No. 287819

File: 1679601269098.jpg (892.4 KB, 4659x2436, 12march.jpg)

March 12

No. 287821

File: 1679601802083.jpg (2.49 MB, 4566x7368, march19.jpg)

March 19

No. 287822

File: 1679602224834.jpg (1.47 MB, 4566x7368, march 16.jpg)

March 16

No. 287823

File: 1679602365077.jpg (358.45 KB, 1125x2436, lol.jpg)

and let's not forget this one from march 14th

No. 287828

File: 1679604422988.jpeg (14.34 KB, 216x320, 42665FA8-7755-4183-8B97-A1E659…)

No. 287834

she's unhinged but this should be a banner lol

No. 287835

Who would have thought Little Venus would turn out to be such a degenerate asshole?

No. 287842

Sounds like she's being manipulative to get him back. Possibly the med student? Really, such a narc, trying to make him believe she "developed feelings" so quickly and isn't just interested in his money/having a caretaker/visa daddy.

No. 287845

Does anyone remember when she emailed margo about that? And did she already have OF then? It was after her and Mana split iirc but not sure if she was already doing OF, which would make her in even more need of money and abusing the disability system.

Like does anyone really think Venus is so severely disabled that it severely impedes her everyday life? She goes out shopping, to see doctors, to cafes, out with Ken and on dates, to clubs and events, dresses up, was going to love hotels and doing OF, etc. I think if she truly wanted to work, she could hold down a job (assuming she legally can), but she already said she doesn't want to work. All she has to do is show up and do the work, even if she's unkempt or low energy. If she can go out to do the aforementioned regularly, she can go out to a workplace.

But it's easier to collect payment/get sugar daddy and do OF and blame a host of mental issues instead. To me, it looks like she just gets diagnosed on paper then refuses to actually follow through with any treatment plan (like she left the rehab after 1 month instead of doing all 3) and immediately started drinking again, so she can keep leeching the system. She's not even trying.

A severely crippled person wouldn't even be able to do OF or regularly dress up and take photos and would predominantly be a shut-in. She isn't that. To me it looks like she wants all the diagnosis's but ultimately none of the treatment to retain the financial benefits.

She'd probably be grade 3 tops, where it mildly limits her function. But even that's being generous. She can hold a job, and if she didn't have YT/OF/SM/prostitution/sugar daddies/gov't benefits, you'd see just how quickly she'd get and retain a job.

No. 287863

It's honestly not surprising how many cows are welfare queens, or are abusing the welfare system.

No. 287876

Bangs looking nice and crispy

No. 287878

File: 1679612365189.jpg (91.54 KB, 518x679, 222.JPG)

Okay, which one of you posted this on her page LOL.

I was going through her comments and it seems most of them are supportive ones, blaming her "bpd" for her actions and excusing any manipulative behaviour as "recovery isn't linear." Mental illness isn't an excuse to intentionally harm others, she is self-aware of her actions. The rest of the comments are people thinking she's a troll/getting tired of her antics, who are met by fierce rebuttals from ass-licking fangelics, again, excusing her actions, and the rare post calling her out on visa fraud/scams/manipulation like the one in pic.

No. 287897

If she did this in 2019, there's a possibility Ken may have helped her with this because the process is as hard af. Venus is a complete retard when it comes to money so her being able to keep enough to pay a lawyer is sus. But she and Ken even said that he was the one who settled her hostclub debt.

No. 287902

Double posting like a retard because I didn't see your commemt at first. If this is the case, this would actually explain away a lot lol. And it might be. This would explain the constant institutionalizations up until now. I also think she used this as a tactic to stall the divorce as long as possible.

No. 287957

They were "dating" for like 2 weeks and he's her boyfriend now? Like that time when she called random hosts her boyfriends?

No. 287993

File: 1679626606651.jpeg (209.89 KB, 804x1333, BF76D8ED-A23F-4170-B620-3E19DB…)

I think she’s deleted a lot of comments about it but I found this one from Jan. 2021 where she says Venus asked her to “fake papers for her.”

So Venus had been working on this for at least 2 years.

No. 288050

Maybe she should consider working as a house cleaner / maid lol

No. 288056

File: 1679632643971.jpeg (429.5 KB, 1170x2080, venus_angelic_3065147348960562…)

Holy by day, whore by night. But her preacher told her it wasn't inappropriate to make porn? The only praying she does is in front of the porcelain throne.

No. 288066

Yep. I don't even think they've met based off the messages about her trying to strand him. They've prob been sexting the whole time but to Venus that = relationship. Bitch is retarded af.

No. 288074

File: 1679639628144.png (4.8 KB, 179x320, 248D7390-3F7B-4BE7-BD9A-B86216…)

Fucking what. Why go to such extremes to larp a religion for AA if you’re going to ignore everything else they’re trying to teach you…such as not getting shitfaced??

No. 288089

she really thinks these videos will do well in 2023??? influencers get executed on tiktok for wearing false lashes or filters, but venus thinks it's absolutely fine to publish content like this with the brightness on 200%, not to mention the shitty meitu distortions she applies on her selfies. the only reason she is not getting butchered online is because NO ONE cares about her content anymore, she is so irrelevant.

she is stuck in 2012 when a shitty camera + some cheap makeup was enough to become a beauty vlogger. since then she should have learned how to do makeup properly. but she never even tried to learn new skills or get back on track with the current trends. she is 26 but almost feels like she is 60, because she is just sooo behind with everything that 12 year olds are more up to date than her.

she is so fucked up and all over the place, BUT milking her fans is still her number one priority (using the recipe that worked 10 years ago). i would feel bad for her if it was only her addiction, but her shitty personality makes me feel no empathy towards her.

no matter what happens to venus, she will always come back with 'new videos every tuesday' or 'how to look like a living doll' meanwhile it would be great achievement if she could look like a living human at this point.

No. 288100

File: 1679653594827.png (540.2 KB, 477x763, penus.png)

Is she drinking again?

No. 288101

File: 1679654207925.png (12.6 KB, 179x320, 885F481C-77B2-416A-9A59-743C7C…)

No. 288102

She will land in the hospital because of alcohol poisoning some day (soon). She’s currently so manic and her behavior is already so risky.

No. 288106

File: 1679658749225.png (219.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230324-204930.png)

Screw her, let this bitch drink herself to death, if that's what she wants.

No. 288107

File: 1679658789117.png (684 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230324-204943.png)

Anyone who still has any empathy left for her is a dumb idiot.

No. 288108

I have to say tough, I admire her openness. Most alcoholics I’ve met are very hush hush and keep their abuse secret. Do not really understand why she is flagging hers like this. Sign for asking for help? But what help? It’s just sad. She is turning down most things people come with to help. Maybe she has an agenda which isn’t following according to her. Very manipulative behavior indeed.

No. 288109

this is because she is trying to turn this into her edgy personality and normalize it by making it look cool and 'jirai'

No. 288110

I don’t necessarily feel sorry for her at all, but addiction is a horrible thing to deal with no matter how bad of a person you are. Her life is going to be perpetual misery because she can’t/won’t beat her illness and addictions ever. Only chance she has is a long loony bin stay, a stable environment to go to after and no social media. We all know that’s never going to happen though.

No. 288112

File: 1679660394144.png (405.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230324-211700.png)

Japanese speaking anons, pls

No. 288113

It’s because she feeds off of the attention. That’s why she makes a remark about her unhinged posts having good engagement. Negative attention is still attention. Social media is her life

No. 288114

I think the person in the middle is saying that they can’t follow Venus after this (whatever “this” is), so please remove her from the group. She’s literally asking to be removed from the group, so this isn’t the own that Peenus thinks it is…

No. 288115

Can't wait for her to lose more followers. She seems to be pulling this shit more frequently now, a lot of people are getting tired of her.

No. 288116

Thanks, anon. She's really pathetic.

No. 288121


She's bragging that she kicked someone out of her chat for saying that they can't follow her anymore. Probably due to her unrepentant binge drinking antics.

No. 288124

Can't wait for the damage control. Maybe she will claim it is DID again

No. 288127

The supposed "oyaji bitch" says "I'm sorry, I can't follow Venus anymore, so please allow me to leave."

The second person says: "Oh. (there she went.)"

Venus says: "Yayy! Should we have a meeting?" Or maybe she means "should we meet up?" hard to know because she writes in English.

The other person responds: "Will (Minako-chan?) wait for us?" or something.

Venus responds with "I'll check".

Seems like Venus sent everyone in the group a screenshot of the "oyaji bitch" saying something that is far less formal, like "never do ___ again", which caused the "oyaji bitch" to back out and excuse themselves from the group.

No. 288132

biz group? who are these people?
is this her momonga shit?

No. 288135

Unbelievable. She is such a massive bitch, I don’t know how she still has people around her to (girl)boss around at this point.

She uses the word “business” like she uses the word “girlboss” - it’s just a meaningless irrelevant buzzword to make it look like she’s doing something with her life.

No. 288138

File: 1679667089586.jpeg (316.96 KB, 1170x1881, DCDA397B-BCAA-4011-84E8-0C1408…)

Her caption is just pure cringe, no woman who is sane of mind would hang around tkyosam, and I think even he would steer clear of her (minus liking her pics).

No. 288143

She is only going to get more and more chaotic because she’s aware she only gets attention when she’s nuts.

No. 288145

Also sidenote, フォローする could mean ”cover for/back up” in Japanese, depending on the context

No. 288148

He's definitely looking to stir up more controversy for his channel and Venus is an easy target because she doesn't need any prompting to be a mess… Her naivete is astounding. I'd stay as far away as I can from that living skidmark if I were her.

No. 288151

There might be a grain of truth in there somewhere but anyone who doesn't recognize this as some whack ass Narcissistic projection is blind af. They always twist shit and accuse others of doing what they themselves have done. Fuck Peenus but double fuck Margo.

No. 288159

Jesus christ it's like every time I check this thread she's become more unpleasant and similar to her mother in both appearance and behavior.
She's both mean and trying too hard at the same time.

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