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No. 258355

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General anime discussion, absolute destiny apocalypse edition

No. 258362

File: 1669548748118.jpg (142.57 KB, 1000x1426, MV5BZGQxMDFmMmEtZTk5Mi00MDgxLT…)

Starting this thread with an extremely hot take. I watched Nana and I hated it. It's supposedly this very sad story about human relationships but all I saw was Nana K. being a dumbass and staying immature till the end. she supposedly sacrificed her happiness with a decent dude to be with an asshole who will support her financially but will probably won't give a fuck about her or the child and the child will end up fucked up. I believed that she would mature after fucking up with men that much or that she would be called out on acting so much like a dog but even though she was told off by her friends, I think she got away too easily with her bs. Probably the dynamics of the characters are shown better in the manga, and I know this manga is incomplete therefore the anime is too, but I couldn't understand anyone's point of view. Maybe it's a personality thing as I have seen people getting emotional on how impactful the series have being in their lives but I just can't get it. Due to this alone I may be missing something but for me it was just wasted time

No. 258364

I think everyone is annoyed by Hachiko. I personally love the supporting characters the most and they get good enough focus that I didn't really need to think about Hachiko much. It also has my husbando Yasu so, I could keep rewatching it forever just to witness his perfection.

No. 258365

Is there a lolcow-approved recommendation chart? I'm not talking about the fujo one I've seen posted here, just anime/manga in general. I'd make one myself but unfortunately I haven't watched enough anime (out of the series that are commonly recommended here) to make sure the information is accurate.

No. 258366

That's not a hot take, most people feel bad for her because she's too stupid to function or are annoyed by her for good reasons. She keeps making bad decisions in the manga and since it's on hiatus I assume the anime isn't trying to give more explanations as to why she's so… idk. Retarded? Does the anime have the scenes in the future when her kids are in primary school?

No. 258368

I kinda want to make my own list of recommendations but I'm lazy and it's been a while since I watched anything. I would also include what I'd like to watch but haven't yet.

No. 258373

I plan to make one after I finish my backlog

No. 258374

File: 1669553654888.gif (7.11 MB, 540x310, FB64231A-AC3C-49D0-90B3-E64C34…)

Hey I was just thinking about Utena earlier and I think my opinion is a rare one:
Ikuhara is not an LGBT champion, he's just another male artist who has a fixation on idealized lesbians (anime lesbians, still more idealized than real gay women) or otherwise non straight dynamics. This isn't necessarily because he's a pervert, otherwise he'd just draw some doujins and go into yuri hentai instead of using it as a storytelling tool to tell the tales of otherwise implausible dynamics like CLAMP does and other female authors who do fujo material. However, it's on record that he hated Mamoru from Sailor Moon for being the idealized prince charming trope which he broke down in his next work; I think it's interesting that he really loathed what is pretty much a straight female fantasy, one that is just as common but much more harmless than seeing gay women as fetish material. Hardly any little girl who grows up in love with the idea of princes needs it beaten or abused out of them to shatter the illusion like the cast of Utena, we just age out of it. Usagi's romance with Mamoru is pretty weak after the first season - but it's like that precisely because he kept getting written out in favor of an increasing number of characters. Ikuhara basically doesn't like what can be a perfectly fine and healthy fantasy of many girls while having a pretty strange focus on what he will never have or be (gay). As I write this, I'm thinking of that one bizarre interview where he recalls a girl who rejected him which involved him vividly imagining being an alien (or something like that) due to the extent of his feelings and I can't help but think he must have some strange ideas on what it means to love women. I'm not seriously positing anything bad about him as a person but it is food for thought. Take this with a grain of salt because I'm not gay either.

No. 258376

Even though I mainly complain about Nana K. here, in general I couldn't get the appeal of the story overall. It's a top rated anime/manga that very few people seem to have criticisms of, but I couldn't find many things to like about it(aside from the artstyle, Yasu and Nana K.'s friends who seemed like the only rational and chill people in the anime). I just don't understand how Nana K. got so little flack for her choices aside from "your choice sucks but if you love him whatever" without thinking long term.
Also the subplot about how Shin is a minor prostituting himself for money and how the Trapnest singer gets so attached to him even though she is like 23 doesn't seem to be brought up that much. I also couldn't get how the two Nana's got so attached to each other esp. with Nana O. admitting she got Nobu to become Nana K.s bf so she would have her closer to herself. I've seen people saying how they relate to the characters or the situations but all I saw was mostly dumb decisions by most of the characters.

>Does the anime have the scenes in the future when her kids are in primary school?

The last episode shows Yasu, Nobu, Nana K., her one child and Shin many years later in a get together where it is unclear what Nana O.'s fate is but it's implied they are waiting for her to come back. Honestly, without having read the manga at all, I thought this was a sad story because Nana O. died at some point.

No. 258378

Well we could start making a collective one. Possible rules:
>no movies
>nothing released this year
If it's a list it could be infinite, but if it's a chart a bit more than 50 titles could be enough. I'd personally like it to include more post-2008 than pre-2008 anime, as the few already existing anime recommendation charts heavily focus on pre-2008, and a recommendation chart should make you discover new things
I personally would start by putting in:
>Madoka Magica
>Revolutionary Girl Utena
>Sailor Moon
>Azumanga Daioh
>FMA Brotherhood
>Shin Sekai Yori
>Panty & Stocking
>Asobi Asobase
>Psycho Pass
>Serial Experiments Lain
>Princess Tutu
>Boogiepop Phantom
>Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
>Kino no Tabi
Disagreements and new entries are welcome, and for the chart to be complete we'll really need the opinion of anyone here who has watched 300+ animes

No. 258384

We should totes make one, I’ll need to dig through my backlog and see what fits

No. 258394

File: 1669558919365.jpg (153.37 KB, 610x360, fune-wo-amu-anime-teaser-009.j…)

Honestly most of the older /a/ recs worked for me. The lists that contain series like Gankutsuou, Utena, Madoka, Tutu, Haibane Renmei and all that. Ignore recs that list modern isekai.

Something more "recent" I cannot recommend enough that you might have already watched is Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. I have never seen another person watching it and not liking it. It's the life story of two rakugo performers/hanashika through youth and old age, their arguments and issues, drama and a bit of history and a lot of thoughts on rakugo.

I also recommend Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage) if you want something super comfy and realistic with a bit of bittersweetness. It's an anime about a bunch of people creating a modern dictionary. This is the entire plot, but it's great.

No. 258395

psycho pass isn't that good

No. 258404

File: 1669561167533.jpg (126.41 KB, 1200x675, vampirehunterd_new_anime.jpg)

Can someone rec me animes similar to Vampire Hunter D? Older stuff from the 80s is fine as well as modern stuff

No. 258414

I've always thought Ikuhara was a hack, Utena was good because it was made with other people but his other projects were not good imo, Mawaru Penguidrum was pretentious and trying way too hard with the metaphors and Yurikuma Arashi was plain horrible, I don't get how some lesbians defended this trash when the dude is so obviously a fetishist. I haven't watched his other projects but I really don't want to based on what I've already seen from him.

No. 258435

File: 1669565840141.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, mayaclaudine.png)

I never watched it tbh because the characters looked too bitchy for my taste.
This. Ikuhara NEEDS a co-director to rein him in. He is super creative and artsy and great at depicting emotional scenes (see his Sailor Moon episodes too), but let him loose and you will get some pretentious semi-story that everybody gives up on understanding halfway in and maybe there isn't even a clear meaning behind all of it.

IIRC Revue Starlight was done by an apprentice of Ikuhara and this series is fucking awesome because it bears his traits and the artsy scenes but doesn't go overboard with all the symbolism and chaotic narratives that prefer interpretative variety over concrete storytelling.

Speaking of which >>258365 give Revue Starlight a chance, anon. If you haven't already.

No. 258442

File: 1669567301442.gif (705.77 KB, 380x380, 1417101267057.gif)

Ntayrt but I think the first season is good enough, at least to make it to the list. Although most of my favourite moments come from the shitposting on /a/ while it aired, I think it had an interesting premise that wasn't executed perfectly. Still a fun watch.

Some other anime I'd like to add to the list
>Dennou Coil
>Sonny Boy
>Samurai Champloo
>Haibane Renmei
>Michiko to Hatchin
>Kuuchu Buranko
>Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
>Shinsekai Yori
>Mob Psycho
>Odd Taxi
>Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken
>Ergo Proxy
>Heike Monogatari
>12 Kingdoms (I remember someone here recommending it - it was really good and relatively under the radar so I think it would be a great addition)

No. 258445

It's a great manga but the CGI in the adaptation was very grating to me, to the point that I don't think the anime really adds anything

No. 258450

Eureka 7
Versaille no Bara
Kageki Shoujo
Mawaru Penguindrum
12 Kingdoms
Ano Hana
Shigatsu wa kimi no uso
Haibane Renmei
Gunslinger Girl
Samurai Champloo
Nausicaa, Porco Rosso
Kekkai Sensen
This, PP is trash

No. 258460

File: 1669569032778.png (927.56 KB, 1280x720, 1575006974560.png)

Don’t mind me I’m just posting the most important camera shot I remember from s3

No. 258467

I remember watching fune wo amu when it was airing, it’s a great comfy show

No. 258469

nta but this convinced me to watch it, thank you

No. 258482

File: 1669571126825.jpg (303.28 KB, 2048x1713, 1653770460408.jpg)

Couldnt disagree more. His creativity is exactly what this industry needs. Utena movie which was mostly in his control was great. So was Penguindrum. Sarazanmai was fun, it mainly suffered from cramming too much in 12 episodes but I imagine things like episode lengths are out of his control. Absolutely agree on YKA being dogshit though, that show was borderline insulting for something that was trying to “““critique””” society and lesbians/yuri or whatever BS conclusions people came up with. With the reigns-on I guess his ideas do become more digestible but I personally love seeing the absurd things he can come up with and drawing conclusions from that.

Revue (TV show) was not bad but imo the script really lacked. Repetitions for the sake of repeating lines to seem “deep” instead of using those repeats to recontexualize the lines after something happened in the show. I also couldn’t bring myself to care for the main character compared to some of the other interesting girls.
The Revue film, however, was fantastic. An incredible conclusion to the TV show and I felt that every character was handled perfectly.

No. 258493

File: 1669572894520.png (152.98 KB, 880x883, yurikuma.png)

Shocked and appalled people hate Yurikuma Arashi this much

No. 258499

File: 1669573312353.jpg (99.95 KB, 640x960, Shirokuma Café.jpg)

list needs to have Shirokuma Cafe (2012)
it's so good

No. 258500

Banana was one of my favorite antagonists of the last years.

No. 258501

I don't hate it like the others but stopped trying to get it after a while.

No. 258502

The flashback episode with the princess and her little brother was a good episode, that's all I remember though

No. 258504

I liked it.
Honestly I dropped Revue after 3 episodes. It was just dramatic nonsense, they dumped 100 characters on me at once with no build up and I'm suddenly supposed to care about them when I can't even tell them apart? It wanted the drama of Utena without any of the work of writing Utena.

No. 258506

File: 1669574390325.jpg (178.01 KB, 1280x1257, original.jpg)

Most girls who read the manga like 15 years ago with me in middle and then high school wanted to follow Nana way more than Hachi because she had a specific goal, she seemed way cooler and stylish on the surface and she wasn't braindead so she was way more relatable by default. I loved the manga until the moment when Hachi decided to not abort. What I don't get is that while I don't hate Hachi that much it's never explained why exactly she's so fucked in the head. She acts like she has to be a cutesy obedient gf/stay at home wife which I guess makes sense as these are the expectations for Japanese girls from her time, but her family is way more normal than her and nobody ever pressured her into being dependant on men. She was already fucked in the head when she was "datin" the salaryman in high school, you'd expect some kind of backstory explaining how she got brainwashed into thinking she's worthless without a guy, even something simple and relatable like how she used to feel very lonely while growing and wants as many friends and loves ones as possible but nope. There's nothing.

I think maybe I should try to watch the anime to get some closure since it seems to stop right before the manga introduces even more characters and plot points that are never developed because of the hiatus. To this day I'm still wondering when Hachi will divorce Takumi the mega faggot and we just don't know. It's like Hachi is punishing herself for being a total doormat and a loser instead of getting her shit together once and for all because in the future scenes in the manga it seems like she and everyone else have considered that option. If we get a proper ending I expect something like Parakiss, where the MC and her main love interest don't stay together because this isn't working out between these two (and that's an understatement when it comes to Takumi and Hachi) but still.

No. 258508

At some point I did spam about 12 Kingdoms like a few months ago but I was talking about the novels. I never got around the watching the anime though. Maybe someday I will but I have a hard time imagining how they could adapt all the internal monologs of the characters going through crazy or traumatizing shit.

No. 258519

File: 1669578914601.jpeg (54.23 KB, 446x687, images (2).jpeg)

The anime is great imo, I haven't read the novels though so maybe it would be different for someone who has (I hear they made changes). By far the worst part of it is that it ends too early and nothing is resolved so the novels might help that.

Fuck I was so invested it it esp pic rel.

No. 258538

File: 1669584588255.jpg (98 KB, 800x1200, 5a65596a303e4cd38a44436f2c6a28…)

Hachi hate is never based.
Its mostly cause the people who dislike her look down her actions without ever really trying to understand her as a character and reasoning behind her actions. Real world experience is needed to fully enjoy NANA tbh.
If Nana O., The girl everyone prefers, sees worth in Nana K., Then maybe its a look inwards people outta try


No. 258539

File: 1669585328371.jpg (52.82 KB, 500x375, f90190879643c6780ac2fef7a11d74…)

Mamoru was objectively a boring character. Ikuhara co-created and directed Wedding Peach too and there's no lesbians in it, the difference is the dudes in it (minus Limone arguably) actually have personalities outside being a love interest. For all I know he is a lesbian fetishist but let's not pretend writing Mamoru out wasn't a good decision for Sailor Moon.
Gunslinger Girl? Really? Season 1 maybe but Season 2 was gross pedo coom trash.

No. 258542

File: 1669585714270.png (408.52 KB, 1920x1080, 1613170113388.png)

I don't hate her as a character but I find her super frustrating. If she was someone I knew irl I would want to slap some sense into her. She's a retard and is surrounded by retards who can't control her. For once she was in the right when she stated she was disgusted with Shoji cheating on her and depressed and what does Junko do? She goes all "hm well sweaty maybe you're actually responsible for being cheated on! Think about his feelings!" how the fuck is Hachi going to move on with her life and be more mature if she's told retarded shit like that and constantly dismissed when she has actual issues and needs support? But that doesn't excuse what happened with Takumi and Nobu. No offense but Takumi's dick CAN'T be that good. As I said I started the manga like 15 years ago when I was a teenager and loved it, and now that I'm rereading this as an adult I realize how literally everyone in the manga is mentally ill and has temperature room IQ precisely because I have far more experience in life now. Except Yasu (maybe) and the drummer from Trapnest. I could sperg endlessly over the manga (and maybe the anime later if I find the time to start it) because I like it a lot but lord, the characters are so fucking stupid. Before I read this thinking "wow the characters are grown adults and mature, it's a nice change compared to other shojo manga I read" and now I'm like "why the fuck is this shitty brat talking about getting married and staying pregnant when she can't even keep an easy job?"


Nana should have dropkick both of these fags in the restaurant parking lot I DON'T GIVE A FUCK what anyone will say, they absolutely deserve it. Fuck when Ii reread the manga and saw Sachiko openly flirt with him and wearing high hills so she could miss the last train and sleep at his place? I wanted to strangle both of them. Fuck Sachiko.

No. 258564

File: 1669589963682.jpeg (54.77 KB, 520x273, 8C563379-F4EA-44AB-BFC1-226791…)

I wish I could find again that one source where it explained that Nana COULD be a Yazawa’s autobiography. She was friends with the two singers that voice the soundtrack and the manga have astonishing similarities to their “counterparts”.
When all is said and done, I believe all characters are at fault because they are young adults, in that weird place when you are both adult enough to take big steps but not enough to be “smart” with your choices and words.
Everyone’s stupidity is painfully relatable and that’s what upsets me the most, they are just how fresh 20s year old are.
I do not believe it is a manga about “consequences”, well in a sense, it is, but it’s mostly a love letter to their past selves and reflection on the mistakes everyone did in the past, both being not supportive and not there for them (in a sense, Junko was an awful friend to Nana once she got to live together with her fiancé. I get she wanted to slap some sense in Hachi, but she was just there to blame her and tell her “it’s your choice”. She profusely washed her hands off the needs of Hachi), both the self punishing that lead to everyone’s suffering (I believe Nana K. stood with Takumi because she thought she deserved the suffering after gaslighting herself into thinking she wanted to be the ~ perfect wife ~ for so long), staying after someone that just wants to live their life, giving up on everything for them (Yasu, Nobu), and so much more.

Not Takumi, thought. He’s just an asshole and deserves the rope, abusive fucker.
Ah and that pedo uwu too pure to exist uwu Leila. Do I hate her with all myself, she’s always pretending to be the poor princess victim while she 100% knows what’s happening around her, and if not, she’s double stupid and I hate her even more.

No. 258566

Wanted to add that it annoys me how Nana O. is loved when she’s as abusive and stupid as everyone else, wanting to manipulate everyone’s relationships because she couldn’t decide to let go of the past and be honest with her feelings towards Hachi.

No. 258569

File: 1669590639121.jpg (153.07 KB, 750x1000, oie_Ym4gUoKcmpYq.jpg)

it will never not be funny how much Nana makes people seethe even to this day
It's totally supposed to piss you off so I don't blame anyone for being angry, but it's so funny to me. What a great series lol

No. 258570

I will never stop seething because of Takushit's mere existence. I will tell my grandkids about it someday.

No. 258575

File: 1669591471442.png (1.1 MB, 942x1426, takumi.png)

i think he's hot sorryyyyy my least favourite character was nobu he needed to grow some fucking balls KEK

No. 258576

Nobu is a bit stupid and naive but at least he's not an abusive bf so whatever.

No. 258578

Finally someone who hates shoji and sachiko. People love to excuse and shift blame on Nana k. And im glad Nana O. was ready to beat their asses cause ik I wouldve done it regardless of what Nana k. says.
I do agree too that the support for Nana k. always seems to be rooted in the other characters selfishness and not out of actual concern for nana k. Tbh nana k. Seems like the only one with pure motives most times.
Junko pissed me off so much. Her excuse of "Well, Shoji is also my friend" after she hid and basically tried to play middle man to nana k. about shoji cheating. She talked about it like she was trying to be a good friend to everyone except that she def sided with shoji as if she wasnt HS friends with nana k., Victim blaming nana k.
Also I found her "more mature than you" persona annoying if anything her jumping into an engagement so quick at her young age already shows her credibility.

No. 258579

I know I'm going to get crucified for saying this but if I was Nana K I would have also chosen Takumi, he has his head on his shoulders and can provide for the baby. He is an asshole but at the end of the day Nobu couldn't have handled having a kid and his career at the same time, he was too immature.

No. 258580

File: 1669592002295.png (129.25 KB, 480x490, 87654ert786890987.png)

The greatest troll of all: Ai Yazawa NOT FINISHING THE FUCKING MANGA

No. 258581

File: 1669592043658.jpg (75.26 KB, 1280x720, 3627277.jpg)

I know absolutely nothing about Nana tbh so I can't participate in this discussion, I was too busy with other hyped series in 2006/7.

Speaking of good series has ANYBODY ever watched Mouryou no Hako? It was beautiful and well written imo and one of the few anime with a very strong and satisfying last episode that explained all of the mysteries.

No. 258582

You're correct, and that's why Hachi decides to stay with Takumi but I don't even get why she even forced herself to have a kid to begin with when she can barely take care of herself. If I were her I would have aborted. But then again I'm super different from her to begin with so I wouldn't even have been in that situation to begin with.

>Finally someone who hates shoji and sachiko.
You're joking, I thought everyone else hated them. My classmates in high school would sperg with me over these two kek. What pissed me off when rereading the manga recently was that Junko and her bf were openly hanging out with Sachiko as if nothing strange happened here like. I forgot that ever happened before, it made me so mad when I saw it.

At least she has a very good excuse, unlike CLAMP and X1999.

No. 258584

File: 1669592171989.jpg (110.47 KB, 977x721, 43217060f6751f57ed55e45d2b7d55…)

Takumi def as an appeal to him looks wise but so does nobu plus he is nice. Honestly though even if Blast became popular at the time where hachi was preggo I don't think NobuxHachi wouldve lasted and she would still inevitably be with takumi due to limited options OR Nana O. wouldve def stepped in for Hachi further fueling the the otp yuri flames

What NANA characters would be worthy of a thread? The milkiest character?

Considering the connection to jrock, Ik for a fact that most of these characters would end up with a thread. But a particular hate boner for Nana K. Would make her containment thread way popular because half of the anons would be seething because she gets to live the celebrity husband and friends dream despite her flaws kek.

The milkiest character for me would def be Reira

No. 258586

Add Eizouken
> I'd personally like it to include more post-2008 than pre-2008 anime
Agree. Everyone already know which classics are good, but nowaday it's hard to find good stories in a sea of trash

No. 258587

God Reira annoyed me so much, anyone care to further analyze the relationship between her and Takumi? The way I see it she is kind of the ultimate madonna (VS the "whores" he sleeps with) to Takumi, hence why he refuses to have sex with her despite her beauty, but when Nana K becomes the mother of "his" children she is replaced in that regard. That would explain why she potentially feels threatened by Hachi to the point where she gets Takumi to cheat on her.
Wait doesn't everyone hate them? I thought that they were deliberate ragefuel.

No. 258588

Abortion is not easy no matter your stance. Yes Hachi chooses takumi out of care dor nobu and concern for her unborn child. I just hate that she had to suffer further heartbreak and abuse from takushit when it was clear that she really did seem to truly love nobu.

I swear this series makes me so emotional

No. 258589

Hibike Euphonium

No. 258592

random thank you post to whoever was talking about golden kamuy in the last thread, I just started watching and love it so thx!

idk what kind of list this is supposed to be tbh but I tried to just write down anime that (as far as I can remember..) don't include disgusting fanservice and moe shit that I liked, regardless of genre:
Carole and Tuesday
Death Parade
Devilman Crybaby
Golden Kamuy
Lady Oscar (or whatever it's called in English idk)
Paranoia Agent
Sakamichi no Apollon

No. 258603

Anyone else having trouble introducing older (as in 90's/super early 2000's) animes to their friends because they're so used to fast-paced story telling and loud, screaming tropes they just drop them after 2-3 episodes where they barely paid attention? Because it's something I've been struggling HARD with.

No. 258610

Surprise these aren’t mention
Honey and Clover
March Comes in Like a Lion

No. 258612

File: 1669595560798.png (187.67 KB, 500x453, tumblr_37db12031667a74ad95fa6f…)

Reira and Takumi def have a sort of Madonna Whore complex going on except the attraction is one sided.
It all boils down to the fact that takumi is a narcissist. I don't actually believe takumi really "loves" and its more of a control thing for his own benefit. Hachi is such a people pleaser and pushover, she serves as an ego boost for takumi and because of her loving disposition she also serves as a comfort to heal his troubled childhood wounds thus he places her on a pedestal, something reira could never be as she is a part of that cruel reality of his. Reira is stuck onto the long standing connection between her and takumi, she could have anyone in the world and the one she wants won't even look her direction. She seems obsessed with the chase. But for takumi, reira is but a tool for his desires. His desire to succeed and thus his reluctance to any romantic intimacy may be because he thinks that if he breaks her heart he would lose his ticket until his very lack of romanticism with reira is what will cost him TRAPSNEST something he has worked most his life for and thus he allows reira to cheat with him. His wishing for her to fall in love with another is so he doesnt have to risk further complications and wants it shoved onto someone else in a "clean" manner. Im sure that if shin was of age takumi would have had no problem pushing shin onto reira.

One could theorize that PedoReira and Takushit are another version of Nana O. and Nana K.

No. 258621

>One could theorize that PedoReira and Takushit are another version of Nana O. and Nana K
oooooo very interesting theory, i kind of see the parallels now that you mention it. i wonder how you nonnies think the manga would end if it ever got finished?

No. 258624

File: 1669597328374.jpg (1.3 MB, 2560x1920, BANANA FISH.jpg)

add Banana Fish (2018) to the list

how have I never seen Rainbow? I feel like maybe I read the manga but I can't remember.

No. 258629

banana fish sucks imo, so overrated.

No. 258633

I liked it a lot. Maybe I'm simple, I just wanted Dino Golzine to die (did not care how) and he did so I was satisfied.

No. 258647

91 Days is superior

No. 258677

>prohibition era mafia revenge anime
had not heard of this but it sounds awesome. Thank you, nonnita.

No. 258682

watched it, in my god honest opinion it got slow halfway through or so and dragged on. the ending is a mystery like elfen lied so it felt like i watched all that only for a shitty ending.

No. 258685

File: 1669614620536.jpeg (51.33 KB, 649x649, E59A7C48-AF78-49C7-BD85-D32694…)

Banana fish was ok until shorter dies then it gets boring, as if the author planned the story until the impactful scene of his death and didn’t think about the rest much. I also hated that they introduced a new villain like 3 episodes before the finale. Was I supposed to give a fuck about him?

Ash is very cute though

No. 258702

show em funny memes, that's what everyone who watches newer anime is interested in

No. 258707

File: 1669622740952.jpg (36.38 KB, 600x338, sakamoto.jpg)

thought of another one: Sakamoto desu ga?

No. 258708

File: 1669622846254.jpg (119.06 KB, 640x905, Saiki K.jpg)

No. 258710

absolutely needs to be on the list

No. 258715

File: 1669626086470.jpg (78.8 KB, 621x480, Dj6H1sCUwAAHn7Z.jpg)

i feel you anon, there are older series i'm really attached to and i would love to watch them again with my friend, but she's very used to newer ones and i don't want her to get bored

No. 258746

I need to give this one a try. Definitely agree with what you said, I love the art and the visuals but ultimately it's supposed to be an anime, a run time full of pure art and no concrete storytelling is not that enjoyable to me. Speaking as a person who willing watched the Hungarian Foam Bath and Belladonna just to be able to experience them.
Mamoru is bland but I wasn't really focusing on what his exclusion says about him or SM and was more pointing out what a male director thought about part of the creation of a female author's (pretty blatant) wish fulfilment piece without saying either is better than the other, just that for someone who likes yuri themes a lot he ironically wrote out a straight couple. Imagine if he had the creative freedom to use Mamoru himself to break down some of those tropes instead of waiting until Utena and there were episodes that showed Mamoru doubting his future with Usagi or something like that, that would have added an interesting layer to a romance about your past and future love. Mamoru is okay with it for like all 200 episodes.

No. 258811

Mamoru and Usagi had no chemistry at all. It ruined the story for me, because it's supposed to be this tragic romance with reincarnation and all this shit, but the two are strangers who mix like chocolate and tuna.

No. 258852

I don't think Ikuhara is this simplistic but there's an attitude you can see sometimes in Japanese media (and I'm not familiar but I wouldn't be surprised if it was found in older western media about homosexuality too) that's like:
>Love is love!
>Boys can love boys
>Girls can love girls
>Brothers can love their sisters
>And adults can love children
Where homosexuality is just another taboo, used for fetish fuel or dramatic forbidden love storylines. There isn't really much thought about whether people in real life practice any of these things, and it certainly isn't being created with actual gay people as the audience, even if it's eg. an f/f couple in a work targeted at women.

No. 258859

File: 1669660858000.jpg (3.88 MB, 2355x5603, cm_recommendations.jpg)

Here's a male focus list I saved from /cm/. You can choose what anime is lolcow approved.

No. 258860

I don't have enough friends I think. The few that are open to anime watch them since the early 00s so they know all old series I know.
But I wouldn't wonder if most people were impatient with old series. I never understood it, no explosions doesn't equal boring. It's about the content and what is said and revealed and how characters develop.

It's ironic because I actually find most modern series boring as shit. I don't understand how people can deem LogH or Lain boring but then watch the umpteenth isekai that is just a lot of BlahBlah where the hero explains how he'll rule the fucking kingdom by using his strategie game knowledge.

No. 258873

File: 1669662251477.jpg (31.19 KB, 750x421, kek.jpg)

>Ace Attorney right next to all the N+C visual novels
Fucking kek, I'm losing it. And whoever made this should add Vision of Escaflowne, 12 years old me had a crush on Van so it should fit whatever criteria used here.

No. 258891

File: 1669664679694.jpg (196.62 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Mobile Suit Gunda…)

watch this show. it's good. has canon bisexuality and gay marriage, the plot so far is excellent (school setting with duels) but i just wanted to highlight my shock at such a relationship being addressed without a lot of sexual overture or incredible shock & disbelief.

still watching (first episode was so hype i wanted to come here and scream about it) so i guess we will see if they go /u/fag with it but i dunno, it's gundam so i doubt it.

…it's actually kind of like utena, i guess, but if anthy was the one rolling in with the sword of dios.

for the fujosisters: there are cute boys too.

No. 258893

girl shut up

No. 258894

eh it's just a harem, everyone loves suletta

No. 258898

Add chuubyou gekihatsu boy for chuuni kino

No. 258899

Why isn't this angle more common? I want to climb him

No. 258904

Wedding Peach already does this, anon. All the girls get wish fulfillment love interests and only Dean got written out (and he was only in the epilogue so that was probably just a case of that not getting adapted than anything else). Ikuhara didn't mind any of them. Mamoru really was just that boring.
Yeah, I think this is more likely the case. Lesbians being used for a forbidden romance angle, not for some kind of "representation" rep or the real life implications.

No. 258909

File: 1669668026972.jpg (68.45 KB, 360x500, MV5BODJlOWY4ZjktZjU1OC00NWI1LT…)

I've watched this recently and I liked it. The idea that people in isekai world can manipulate fate and make their own fanfiction into canon is both funny and interesting.

Also tbh I think the main couple of that show is pretty weak, so I'm not sad when Hitomi went back home in the end. I still feel like they were missing something since the whole "romance adventure" started with her got reluctantly dragged along the drama. /a/'s incel brain really hates Hitomi because of the ending and love triangle even though she wasn't solely responsible for it

No. 258912

File: 1669668400013.jpg (390.62 KB, 1600x1200, 81ls9XOEizL._RI_.jpg)

Magi is one of my all time favorites but the manga got so convoluted and weird towards the end and the ending felt so lackluster. I wonder if they'll ever finish adapting the end into an anime, even if I hated it, just because I love the series and want to see the timeskipped characters.

I tried to watch nabari no ou but that shit put me to sleep.

Also Aria is one of my favorites. Very comfy and relaxing.

No. 258917

I tried and it was the first gundam series I genuinely hated.

No. 258918

Isekai was actually good before the web novel shit started. I loved Rayearth and Now and Then and others as well but yeah Rahxephon was awesome. Sad we aren't getting any isekai mecha anymore.
>/a/'s incel brain really hates Hitomi because of the ending and love triangle even though she wasn't solely responsible for it
I loved the two main characters but I didn't see any genuine chemistry either. She was dragged along and he was the heroic fighter who buddied up with her to defeat the villain. I also think that the ending "I love him so much I decided to stay here despite that I hate this dangerous world" is a really corny ending that can only work with absolute peak writing and characterization.

No. 258920

I meant Escaflowne!
That said I just posted about Rahxephon elsewere and liked that as well. Albeit not as much as the original NGE.

No. 258933

File: 1669671020885.jpg (88.76 KB, 1280x720, Samurai Flamenco screenshot.jp…)

No one has suggested Samurai Flamenco yet?

No. 258935

Samumenco is an underrated masterpiece idgaf what anyone else will say about it, I know I'm right.

No. 258987

I am obsessed with melancholic and silent post-apocalyptical series, due to a lack of a better word.
I mean anime like Casshern Sins, Girls' Last Tour or Houseki no Kuni.

I can only absolutely recommend them to everybody that likes stories that are dark-bittersweet and nostalgic but not edgy. If anybody has watched the latter two though you should give the manga a chance. Girls' Last Tour in particular only has like 20 more chapters or something and the last few are hit hard but in a good way, especially the art museum imo. People that read it know what I mean. But the anime adaption itself was perfect.

Agree I totally forgot to mention it. One of the very few series that genuinely surprised me from start to finish. The first episodes were awesome and down-to-earth in a way anime rarely are, but then THAT happened and I was too baffled to judge it I could only wait for the next episode but it had like one story-defining plot twist every few episodes after that, it was an experience of its own.

No. 258995

File: 1669688262503.jpg (94.32 KB, 400x562, 251616.jpg)

watashi no taaaaanjou
zettai Taaaanjou

No. 259003

whenever I heard the utena battle theme song I would be reminded of my friend who sat in her mustang listening to metal music when she was stressed lmao

No. 259005

>hating Leila
Opinion disregarded.

No. 259008

File: 1669690906571.jpg (120.92 KB, 1373x812, la-maison.jpg)

>I am obsessed with melancholic and silent post-apocalyptical series
This is exactly the kind of series I love. I think it's the existential nature of post-apocalyptic settings that I'm drawn to, not the "dark and edgy and everyone's killing each other" side of post-apocalyptic, or stories that are more about societal breakdown. Really this sort of setting is just another way to explore themes of mortality and meaning, but on a species-wide level in addition to an individual level. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou has this vibe at times, though obviously it's mostly very peaceful and humans are going extinct only very gradually.

Have you seen La Maison en Petits Cubes? Not sure if the setting counts but it is very similar in tone to what you're describing.

Also reading the GLT manga made me think that the author has some form of depression

No. 259018

>I am obsessed with melancholic and silent post-apocalyptical series, due to a lack of a better word.
I mean anime like Casshern Sins, Girls' Last Tour or Houseki no Kuni.
have you watched kaiba? it gave me similar vibes to hnk, lots of loneliness and body horror

No. 259019

File: 1669699428906.gif (2.99 MB, 540x303, tumblr_b0a8475cd73038b6e1d8284…)

anons please watch heike monogatari if you havent already

No. 259026

File: 1669700596958.gif (1.46 MB, 498x378, kare-kano-his-and-her-circumst…)

So this is the one where Anno's not-the-good-kind of tism was showed the most. The characters in this anime monologued a lot. Right at the first episode already had the MC said her character to the viewers. The worst case was when some girl was exposed with her subtle bullying, what she did afterward? She fucking monologued in her head about how fucked up she was. I still enjoyed watching it but eventually this kind self-awareness started to annoyed me around first 10 eps. Not even Shinji in NGE monologued that much, he only did that in special circumstances.

No. 259030

File: 1669704639744.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, Sinbad_Appears.png)

I watched/read Magi a while ago and enjoyed it a lot (though I totally agree about the end, it was convoluted af). But the other day I tried rewatching it and I forgot how cringe it could be
>Aladdins introduction includes him, a small child, motorboating an old fat mans tits and asking him why he has oppai

my god lmao but I forgive the mangaka because it's an obviously clueless attempt from a female to appease male coomers, and she really made 99% of the male characters hot af which is a blessing. Still love SinCHAD and I enjoyed his spin off too.

No. 259035

Yeah the manga is one of my favorite romances ever but the anime was really hard to get through

No. 259036

File: 1669711279351.png (819.74 KB, 452x709, unknown.png)

Personally I enjoyed the autistic monologues because teenagers taking themselves extremely seriously, overanalyzing things and making everything out to be way more important than it really is is pretty fitting.
My biggest gripe with Karekano was Maho and how she was portrayed as mature for being a 15 year old in a relationship with a 28 year old dentist.

No. 259116

File: 1669738021364.jpg (140.54 KB, 1280x720, 1949c906c2829c041bdce35bfba447…)

Ooohh, I forgot all about his spin off! I started it but never finished it, maybe I should now kek.

Kouha is my favorite. Ja'far and Titus are right behind him.

No. 259130

Anyone else finds it weird how mature and wise anime portrays young adults? IRL they aren't that different from teenagers. They're still awkard and learning how to behave properly. Meanwhile in anime they're femme fatale, full of experience and moral lessons to give.

No. 259138

In many cases their ages are randomly chosen by the mangaka just to signal that they're adults, it doesn't mean much.

No. 259148

The only romcom with two recap episodes

No. 259149

Ep 19 was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life though, talking about all anime I've watched

No. 259151

That's the worst part: the series had some really great moments, but they lost a lot of their charm when the same footage was used five or six more times as the studio became more and more desperate. I think it's one of the best showcases for what happens to an anime when it has good animators and story but production problems

No. 259182

What anime adaptations do you think are better than their original source?

No. 259184

Soul Eater because it ended before the manga got bad

No. 259185

Maybe Shinsekai Yori? I haven't read the manga in full but I remember going through it at one point and thinking it felt more like a hentai.

No. 259196

Usagi Drop's adaptation is wholesome while the manga is pedoshit.

No. 259201

Does anyone who likes Attack on Titan wanna hear the theory on why Levi was written to be the father to Historia's baby since Uprising arc? (redditor tards won't listen since they're obsessed with genocidal Eren)

No. 259202

This could be entertaining to read

No. 259204

Rozen Maiden, the story is more interesting and better crafted imo, too bad they never made a third season.

No. 259208

File: 1669760224828.png (3.16 MB, 3464x3464, lh.png)

Basically.. the number 13 is super important in aot since from chapter 1 page 13 it foreshadows chapter 138 page 45. So we gotta look at patterns of 13.

From chapter 56 if you keep adding 13 it will lead you chapter to chapter of clues. Chapter 69 in particular has a panel of Levi where he is draw facing away from the reader. Without adjusting panels at all his outline fits perfectly against chapter 108's hooded figure. Both are positioned the same. Furthermore, coloured chapter 69 was released alongside the last chapter, Isayama implying this is an important chapter for clues. Chapter 69 is full of flower & crown symbolism. Flowers are associated with the Ackerman clan due to their name meaning "Ploughman" and crowns are associated with the Royal bloodline

No. 259209

File: 1669760403589.png (2.04 MB, 3464x3464, plothole6.png)

But there is more!

Chapter 107 revealed Historia is pregnant. Alongside this chapter Isayama selected from the Q&A section a hypothetical mixing of the Ackerman-Royal bloodline.

In the forest, Levi is often seen looking nervous and worried at the mention of "miscalculated children" and his popularity with women. He won't look anyone in the eye who mentions Historia. In ch 112 he even has an actual memory of Historia looking happy..

No. 259211

File: 1669760547519.png (5.35 MB, 3464x3464, leviploughmandthegoddess.png)

We get this strange panel where the imagery usually foreshadows a plot twist…

There is another time Levi is missing during the Kiyomi meeting too.

No. 259214

Thanks, this got me ptsd flashbacks from all the reddit/twitter/4chan cancer of the last 30 chapters.

No. 259215

To be fair, shinsekai yori is based on a book. The manga came afterwards. And yes, it's shit

No. 259216

>Have you seen La Maison en Petits Cubes?
Damn yes! And I should have mentioned it. Everybody should watch this IMO since it's great and short! Thanks for mentioning it. Not anime related but Petit Cubes gives off a similar vibe as To the Moon. If anybody is into calm pixel RPGs you should give it a chance.

>I think it's the existential nature of post-apocalyptic settings that I'm drawn to, not the "dark and edgy and everyone's killing each other" side of post-apocalyptic

Yes exactly. Dramatic edgy stuff usually pisses me off lol. It's sadly what's popular in the west, but I like the existential aspect way more. I even think it's more realistic.

Speaking of this, not a post-apocalypse but I think that the Magnitude 8 anime went down that path as well and it even has a good story with some big surprises. I liked it at lot.
I remember how anons were complaining about it back then because there was no mass panic like in hollywood movies, but then the Fukushima disaster happened just a few years later and the Japanese people were indeed disciplined and tried to get through this together instead of robbing stores or hurting others.
Kaiba is awesome and I think even underrated. Even Yuasa fans often ignore it but Kaiba and Pingpong are his best series/adaptions in my opinion. I legit cried two times watching Kaiba when I am usually pretty unemotional about anime.

No. 259219

Princess Tutu, Ousama Ranking, Jojo 2012, Mob Psycho and a lot of others I currently forget.

Some adaptions are simply better for going original (see Tutu or the comic->anime adaption Super Crooks) because the original is shit, has some grating content or is simply bad executed, some other adaptions are better because the anime looks better or because the series simply works better with music and animation (also true for Kaiji IMO).

No. 259222

In Japan you are dead and worthless as an individual once you turn 20. Life begins at 14 and ends at 20. I remember being surprised the sensei in Tsurune was actually only in his early 20s kek

No. 259224

Oh fuck off schizo you shit up /a/ too with your retarded delusional theory. You make EHcucks look sane.

No. 259229

It's not delusional

No. 259230

Yes sure that's why you're the only mentally ill retard spamming it on every anime site you can and no one falls for it

No. 259231

people have been saying this since 2018 tho
it's just to piss off EreHisus

No. 259233

Is this a case of higu or may I introduce rm2013 to you

No. 259235

No. 259236

why so mad? are you a fujoshi?

No. 259239

Not that anon but the number bullshit sounds legit shizo. This would be more popular on facebook. No I never shipped any SNK characters and Eren is ugly.

No. 259244

i know it does, thats why its funny to tell people

No. 259250

Sorry to burst your christaXlevi bubble but Historia ends up having a baby with her former bully turned farmer. Leave it up to a man to set her up to be so pathetic that she chose a bully but yea the last chapter confirms. Pretty much the only shipped expected to sail since the first concept of their relationship was mikasa and jean

No. 259254

Shounen should stop shipping anything, the ships always suck ass.

No. 259263

File: 1669768472135.jpeg (82.8 KB, 681x662, Fgd80A6XwAE4VsQ.jpeg)

i dont ship, but i knew it was supposed to be a mystery and i wanted answers. the clues were always there. now the levi simps will realize he was written to be a groomer

No. 259264

This is so stupid, please leave my man out of your theories. The only valid and good ship is Ymir and Historia.

No. 259267

File: 1669768870054.png (5.4 MB, 3464x3301, 76.png)

i knew you are a fujoshi/levi simp. too bad two of isayamas main inspirations had royal bloodline/captains having secret babies together

levi is a groomer

No. 259268

I'm not a fujoshi. Delulu.

No. 259269

a parasocial relationship with levi.. very sad

No. 259284

Based Plot Chad.

No. 259291

I legit lost interest in that series the moment they killed Ymir. I knew nothing good could ever come from this anymore. The only good other character is Reiner imo.

No. 259296

Based and agree. After they got rid of Ymir, I stopped caring as much.

No. 259299

File: 1669776731500.jpg (29.81 KB, 735x592, de13bad1fa30ff2efd58656a73d269…)

Who else thinks Evangelion is fucking garbage

No. 259314

no one else

No. 259315

Me, the incel stuff in it never resonated with me and it being subversive doesn't make me like it more.

No. 259318

yeah its shit. i dumped my bf for defending it kek. seems like a lot of women just tune out annos desperation to voyeur women and hate them in the same breath because two little boys are gay for 10 minutes.

No. 259321

I liked it. I miss mecha stuff that isn't moe shit or school centered. That said, Back Arrow sadly sucked regardless. It was trashy enough to have some funny moments though.

No. 259325

Me and I’m disappointed my fujo sisters here eat that slop up and praise it just for kawoshin, go obsess over something that doesnt fetishize motherhood and teen girls instead

No. 259377

File: 1669794091449.gif (964.92 KB, 480x336, 1357655186285.gif)

Frankly I liked it more when I rewatched it in my mid 20s. I liked the adult relationships and the general focus on their mistakes and choices. Not many anime with teen mc's have a well developed adult cast. I love Gendo as a character, he's really pathetic, stunted and retarded kek. I generally don't care about mecha because the big blocky designs put me off and I find them boring, but evas will always look and sound amazing to me.
I don't care about the muh symbolism and I'm not a diehard defender but I can see why it's so popular.

No. 259388

I liked it as a kid and liked it when I rewatched it as an adult, but I think it's because I just knew at the time it was a popular show, watched it without any expectation and enjoyed it a lot for what it was. I'm glad I wasn't spammed online shit like "IT'S A CLASSIC YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT NOW NOW NOW" beforehand it would have ruined the experience for me.

No. 259390

Ngl the reason i hate it was purely because the weird sexual stuff with 14 year olds made me uncomfortable but i don't understand the symbolism or "psychology" behind it so maybe im dumb

No. 259393

File: 1669802361127.png (Spoiler Image, 283.07 KB, 600x396, ce9[1].png)

It's a flawed series but I'd still recommend watching to it to anyone with a serious interest in anime as after all it broke new ground

No. 259394

Even as an Eva defender I don't blame you, 99% of males in the fandom are trash. In all my years in it I've only met a handful of decent men who weren't in it just to argue over waifus or who don't try to justify some of the series' creepier elements, and only one of those guys was straight, kek
Most kawoshin fans in my experience don't try to pretend Eva is perfect or above criticism like other parts of the fandom often do, but maybe my perception is skewed since I mostly just interact with a small portion of them. Japanese Eva fans are a whole 'nother breed of crazy tho, even the fujos who are way more chill in comparison

No. 259409

I hate that it's regarded like something insanely deep by pseudointellectual moids, like they can only understand psychology 101 concepts and what symbolysm is if you also wag some kid toy robots in front of them to hold their attention. But it's a cool anime, and it's not really the fault of the creator

No. 259475

Same re: the sexualized shit. The moid excuse “n-no dude you don’t get it, you’re SUPPOSED to have asuka’s tits swinging in your face for the MESSAGE” is bs too, you can tell me a story about a pathetic hormonal boy without all that shit.
Also dont talk yourself down or feel too bad about not ‘getting’ Eva, its not even half as complex as it comes off or people make it sound. I still liked the story and characters, but it’s definitely overanalysed and presented obnoxiously for something quite straightforward.

No. 259546

File: 1669838940037.png (55.35 KB, 668x829, RZ0DB89.png)

I think this is turning out quite well, we're having more recent anime than any other list, a lot more variety and there's no utter dogshit (that I know of…)
Now if I'm not missing anything too obvious I will proceed to graphic design this list to the best of my abilities. This will take days…

No. 259560

Why dont we include some CBDCT seasonals too, I don't think it just has to be "high quality" shows ifykwim

No. 259562

Looking forwards to it!

No. 259566

great list so far, includes tonnes of my favourites! I would add
>Seirei no Moribito
>Arakawa Under the Bridge
>Uchouten Kazoku
>Kyouso giga

No. 259569

suggesting a few to add: kamisama kiss, kimi ni todoke, wolfs rain, kaichou wa maid sama, hamtaro

No. 259572

>kaichou wa maid sama
Thats garbage

No. 259574

File: 1669845247926.jpg (133.11 KB, 1280x720, Sora-yori-mo-Tooi-Basho-Subtit…)

I would add
- Sagrada Reset (has anybody watched this? Even on /a/ it had good threads back then)
- Mouryou no Hako (pretty and top tier dark mystery with handsome dudes)
- Sora yori mo tooi Bashou (the Antarctica anime with young women/older teens, it teaches you a lot of stuff and it has great moments, please watch it, also has 0 fanservice)
- Space Brothers (anime about ~30 year old adults that become astronauts, super down-to-earth and correct, it's interesting seeing how astronauts are trained. All that with great adult characters and a bit of live-and-death drama)
- I second Kyousougiga
- and Barakamon
- Noein (great sci-fi/action/romance drama with particular but pretty art style, it's the girl who tries to save the bf here not the other way around)
- Kaiba (this is very particular though so not sure how others feel about it, to me it was fucking great)

Maybe others have watched these as well and can agree or disagree to not make the list too random and subjective.

No. 259576

File: 1669845422993.jpg (35.75 KB, 553x414, GOKUSEN.jpg)

this list is making me wish there were more recent delinquent anime

No. 259587

I have this non-shoujo and non-josei list I compiled from things I've watched and things I've witnessed others talk about. It's a list of anime that (may) appeal strongly to women (female gaze basically, whether intentional or not), but I'm not sure about the quality of all of them or what nonnies think of all of them. Still a work in progress.
Reasons for being on this list include things like female protagonist, relatable themes, non-fetishistic portrayal of female relationships, non-coomery female designs, husbandofag and/or fujo appeal, and/or female creator(s).
Also, there may be some titles that have already been mentioned (I want to know whether my list is accurate too kek, sorry). Please let me know what you think of it and add to your list whichever anime you think is good enough.

>Sakamoto desu ga?

>Ascendance of a Bookworm
>Thermae Romae Novae
>Kageki Shoujo
>Kuuchu Buranko
>Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
>The Promised Neverland
>Cells at Work!
>Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
>Net-juu no Susume
>Mob Psycho 100
>Sonny Boy
>Samurai Flamenco
>Wolf's Rain
>Ikuhara works such as Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum, Sarazanmai
>Hands Off Eizouken
>Vampire Hunter D
>Trinity Blood
>The Cat Returns
>Shounen sports anime (Tennis no Oujisama, Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu!)
>Jujutsu Kaisen
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Mahotsukai no Yome
>Aria the Origination
>Haibane Renmei
>Ousama Ranking
>Little Witch Academia
>Houseki no Kuni
>Gundam Wing
>Samurai Champloo
>Jigoku Shoujo
>Koukyuu no Karasu

I also have a few manga in this list which I didn't mention here but it'd be cool to have a lolcow manga rec chart as well.

As for why I'm excluding titles that are technically categorized as shoujo and josei or otherwise explicitly targeted at women, it's because I was trying to prove a point to someone else

No. 259591

Great list anon, I love almost everything I've seen here. A couple I haven't checked out yet.
>a list of anime that (may) appeal strongly to women (female gaze basically, whether intentional or not)
>Reasons for being on this list include things like female protagonist, relatable themes, non-fetishistic portrayal of female relationships, non-coomery female designs, husbandofag and/or fujo appeal, and/or female creator(s).
This is what I was kinda hoping the LC list would be geared towards, since it would make it distinct from every other "anime rec" image chart

No. 259592

I agree, I also want more joseimuke media about delinquents, male or female. Sukeban are underrepresented in weeb media and I would like to see an old-school yankii as a main character and romantic interest kinda like Tatsu from Gokushufudou

No. 259594

The Promised Neverland is awful

No. 259598

File: 1669849741903.jpg (448.43 KB, 1449x2173, All Out!.jpg)

>Mahotsukai no Yome, InuYasha, Madoka, Houseki, Koukyuu no Karasu not marketed primarily to women
That's news to me.

There are things on the list that didn't appeal to me even though I watched part or all of the series: Promare, Aggretsuko, Ascendance of a Bookworm, Kageki Shoujo, Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san, Cells at Work!, Wotakoi, black butler, d gray-man, Net-juu no Susume, Eizouken (sorry I can't want anime about mangaka), Koukyuu no Karasu
Some I just didn't watch to begin with and probably won't in the future: Thermae Romae Novae, ACCA, Moomin, The Cat Returns, Shounen sports anime (except I did once watch All Out! which was very female-gazey), beastars, gundam wing (saw SEED though)
The rest I watched and enjoyed to one degree or another.

It was so weird I liked it. Felt like someone wrote down a recurring nightmare or something.

No. 259599

I see, I haven't watched/read it but it's there mostly because it doesn't seem to be male gazey and because according to some polls, its reader base in Japan is mostly female.

Just realized that Princess Tutu is not on there, I don't know why I didn't include it. If it wasn't a mistake, I probably thought that it was aimed at women just like Michiko to Hatchin (and the point was to make a list of anime that appeal to women but aren't classified as "for women"). But then Escaflowne is also on there so idk what the fuck I was thinking.
Of course both of these anime are great and if I had to make a list of female-oriented anime I'd include them first as some of the best examples.

No. 259600

>Some I just didn't watch to begin with
Personally I only genuinely liked ACCA from your list.
Thermae Romae is more of a niche thing if you are into historical shit like me, Beastars starts awesome and the first half is worth a read or watch and somewhat concluded, but the end of the manga was imo so bad it retroactively killed all attachment I had to the early part and I agree about shounen sports.
SK8 was amusing and I really enjoyed it but I wouldn't put it on any rec list.

No. 259601

>That's news to me.
They're obviously made with women in mind, but they're technically shounen, except for Kokyuu no Karasu because it's original anime, it wasn't published on a magazine so those categories don't apply to it.

The reason I made that list was because there was some scrote saying that "there is no good anime for girls" and aside from some universally critically acclaimed shoujo and josei manga/anime like Rose of Versailles or Cardcaptor Sakura, and aside from the scrote obviously using his own male taste as an objective measure of quality, a lot of female-oriented (or female-gazey) stuff is outside of the categories of shoujo and josei, for example Kuroshitsuji which is published in a shounen magazine desspite being notorious for its fujo fandom and the author being a massive fujo as well. And because of this, it's easy to miss all the anime and manga that are actually for women or for both men and women but technically belong to the "not for girls" category, hence why people think animanga for women sucks. That's what I was trying to prove with that list.

No. 259608

All Out looks very… educational…

No. 259618

File: 1669853948451.jpg (157.21 KB, 1038x700, natsumes-book-of-friends-featu…)

Does Natsume Yuujinchou count? I believe it's published in a shoujo magazine and I think it would fit alongside Mushishi. Also baits shipping certain characters (pic rel). It's one of my favorite series and I just want more people to watch it tbh

No. 259619

may i request someone add a short one-two line summary to these. or better yet can there be like, a google excel spreadsheet…

actually i think i'll set one up but modify the fujo one that's floating around (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZXjnojmty5vuaR_t49wjA2q8Sf51g-29O6xHmR8fQXQ/edit#gid=1315514520) anticipate it later nonnies

No. 259620

i enjoyed it a lot tbh. was a pimply awkward lonely teenager in highschool and i could actually relate to shinji.
i still enjoy it now but i guess that's because unlike a lot of the thread i've been watching anime for pretty much ever/don't moralfag over cartoons

No. 259622

seconding Uchouten Kazoku and Kyouso giga

No. 259623

>Uchouten Kazoku
I was totally trying to remember the name of this one a while ago but I couldn't find it. I remember liking it a lot. frog brother was my favorite

No. 259627

Your lie in april and mawaru penguindrum are DUMPSTER FIRE who the fuck keeps reccing them? explain yourself at least, your lie in april is just incel protag x tragic manic pixie dream gf + abusive parent apologism and mawaru penguindrum is nonsensical scrote lolishit

No. 259628

Kokyuu no Karasu is an adaption too but from a novel. I am not sure if novels in Japan are categorized like manga and LN though so I don't know if it has a concrete target demography. Madoka is original though so it's technically nothing.

No. 259629

ikuhara couldn't even write a wholesome series about family cause the brother wanna fuck his younger sister that crap shouldn't be in that list

No. 259630

Not to mention, Your Lie in April is the new babby's first tragedy porn instead of Clannad.

No. 259632

File: 1669856409306.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, DA41hAZ.png)

I also recommend
>Kemono no Souja Erin
Very charming adventure/fantasy. Starts off more aimed at children but the show matures as the protagonist does
>NieA Under 7
Niche oddball SoL about a poor college student and an alien with Yoshitoshi ABe character designs
>Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flows
This destroyed me. About a young woman entering the work force and her cat that she's had since childhood
>Chi's Sweet Home
Not sure if it's what you're looking for but it's adorable. Dumb kitten gets up to wacky hijinx
>Hanasaku Iroha
Coming-of-age workplace comedy/drama
>Fumetsu no Anata e
The manga kinda fizzles out but the anime is still very good. Very contemplative and melancholic vibe, somewhat similar to Mushishi though it's more plot-driven

No. 259637

Congrats on exposing yourself as a braindead retard who didn't even watch past the first episode

No. 259639

File: 1669858457682.gif (647.62 KB, 540x304, tumblr_e6e06b35dea9c00965864fd…)

Is there a link where we can submit anime suggestions? We can show the results and pick out what's recommended though there are a lot of good ones in this thread. Adding The Ancient Magus' Bride since no one mentioned it.

>no movies
>nothing released this year
Aw I was gonna suggest Studio Ghibli films and Romantic Killer.

No. 259645

TPN isn't male gazey, but the anime adaptation sucks. The manga is okay, though.

No. 259646

I want to like it, but isn't the set-up a bit creepy? Girl + super old man…monster…thing? How does the manga handle it?

No. 259647

I desperately want to know who designed it, kek. Was this intended? Or a happy assident?

No. 259648

NTA but me too, I'm the one who asked at the beginning of the thread.
I would like a chart in image format like those that are always posted on anime boards, but putting all the information in a spreadsheet first and letting us contribute to it with our own short summaries would be nice

No. 259649

Isn't the marketing thing a quirk of the industry? Like, some manga that is kind of intended for girls or women, or neutral, are re-labeled as for boys–because girls are more likely to read shounen than boys will shoujo. Not sure if that's true. Anyway, I think Vanitas no Carte got that treatment.

No. 259681

content warning: incest
is all that needs

No. 259682

help why are there so many moralfaggots in this thread. look at this: >>259646
it's cartoons on a screen they aren't going to kill you

No. 259699

Is this moralfagging? The reason a lot of people picked it up is because a girl being bought and bethroted to an old monster guy sounded creepy, and wanted to see where it goes, it's part of the marketing.
It has one maybe needless bath scene in the beginning, but it emphasizes more that he sees her more like a pet and not a "woman". It moves past the premise pretty fast and just focuses on the girls personal growth through her new experiences while also learning more about magic dude.

No. 259705

Not everyone is a degenerate that's turned on by large age gaps and teenager x adult ships like you are. It's a totally valid concern and also, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging that Japan has a problem with the normalization of pedo- I mean, "ephebophilia". Sorry that someone saying it's creepy offends you. Also the series literally starts with the protagonist being sold at an auction as a slave so yeah, it's way worse than just an age gap.
He's a very old monster (non-human, though IIRC nobody knows what he is exactly) but if I understood correctly, he still has a very immature mind and is still struggling to learn how to behave, feel and think. Though the ways in which his mental immaturity manifests are pretty reminiscent of relationship abuse, I found that pretty questionable and how the protagonist still likes him after he throws his tantrums out of jealousy. It's definitely sending the wrong message, but if the goal was to make the audience scared (this series has horror elements as well) then the author succeeded because the fact that Elias is not human and therefore doesn't possess human morality is terrifying on several occasions. One time he also tries to eat her because by nature, he eats humans.
But aside from that, there is absolutely no sexual shit involving the MC, that I remember. I don't think the dude even feels arousal. There's a noticeable contrast between his non-human behavior and his human-like appearance, or how a human male would act. But it's easy to interpret all that as a metaphor, kek.
But that's about the only thing I found questionable. I loved the show otherwise, so much so that I didn't want it to end. I still gotta watch the OVAs.

No. 259710

I'm pretty sure that the girl gets a romantic relationship with the old monster because this is written by a moid

No. 259716

how so? I liked it, it's one of the few romance anime I've seen where the female love interest isn't a total pushover

No. 259724

What are you talking about? Kore Yamazaki is a woman

No. 259725

Kek I actually do not like this at all because the monster acts like a kid, throwing tantrums all the fucking time instead of being cool and reliable. If you told me he was a teenager like the girl, or even younger, I would 100% believe it.

No. 259726

I'm sorry i'm too retarded to understand this anime about a 13 yr old dominatrix and her incestuous brother

No. 259731

>this is written by a moid
Retarded bait. It's on a shonen magazine but it's not written by a male. The creator is a woman.

No. 259740

I personally didn't like Mawaru Penguindrum because I have a hard time getting metaphors and I didn't get what the anime was trying to say from the retarded penguin mascots to the Crystal Princess segments. The terrorism storyline came out of nowhere and I really didn't understand what it had to do with all we saw previously.

No. 259762

me too. i majored in lit studies so i'm not bad at interpreting texts, but animes are so confusing to me. same goes for sarazanmai or yuri kuma arashi. i feel like i barely understand what is going on, but for the most part everything is too convoluted and makes no damn sense.

No. 259765

I thought Sarazanmai was straight forward but I haven't seen any of his other shows.

No. 259781

I didnt like mwpd either but if you’re going to criticize something at least use factual info and not lies, dumbass bitch. Never seen someone chimp out like this over 1 episode of a show kek

No. 259793

Are you fucking retarded I watched 13 episodes of it and EVERYTHING i said it's a fact, i'm not spreading any lies. Himari is a middle schooler playing a dominatrix, i don't give a shit if it's the hat, it's lolicon crap and her brother is indeed in love with her. Does it matter if they're blood related or not? It's still incest. Please tell me what plot twist the anime has, because it's confirmed her brother is in love with her. And yes, she's a middle schooler

No. 259794

>Crystal Princess segments
Literally obligatory transformation scene in every single ikuhara anime… thats like saying you didn't "get" the zettai unmei mokushiroku scenes kek
Penguins didn't mean much they either reflected the mental state of their respective character or were in the background keeping things lighthearted while the story got serious
I think people try to read too hard into things and end up confusing themselves
I wouldn't be surprised if she just read what some anon shitposted and decided to parrot it tbh

No. 259795

>Been waiting for CSM anime for years
>Get it
>it's boring soulless crap visually
this sucks so hard. the manga itself is expression as hell i don't get why the animation is more stiff and emotionally numbing than still pictures

No. 259796

>muh found family is incest
Hello? Did I accidentally arrive at twitter dot com?

No. 259797

Himari is a middle schooler playing a dominatrix
>it's lolicon crap
>her brother is indeed in love with her. Does it matter if they're blood related or not? It's still incest.
And this is the part where you go back to where you came from, you clearly don't belong here

No. 259798

File: 1669909287282.jpg (73.71 KB, 1280x720, [Fureta7] Yuri Kuma Arashi - 0…)

i love utena and sarazanmai but yuri kuma arashi + mawaru are terrible imo. yuri kuma especially – there's no real plot cohesion, it's just a bunch of high-pitched girlies whining on about the invisible storm and bears and whatever (plus a lot of fanservice that just feels awkward)

like utena's rife with metaphor but i feel these metaphors exist for the sake of communicating things about the story and not for the sake of simply being…a metaphor, which yuri kuma suffers from.

No. 259799

Bitch she's like 12 or 13 it's obviously lolicon shit did you even see her character design

No. 259800

Please anon you’re embarrassing the rest of us who dislike the show for real reasons and not your twitterfag bullshit

No. 259801

can you fuck off

No. 259802

I see you guys accused me of lying now you accuse me of being a twitterfag when I hit you with the real facts of the show. Last time I checked this site everyone despised lolishit and shitty incestuous age gaps but apparently if it's that moid ikuhara he can get away with it

No. 259803

>IIRC Revue Starlight was done by an apprentice of Ikuhara and this series is fucking awesome
i might just be pretentious but i didn't like revue starlight. took a month to get me halfway through it, then i ended up re-watching utena in a single weekend kek

No. 259805

>I think people try to read too hard into things and end up confusing themselves
Of course if somebody uses metaphors to tell a story people are going to read hard into it, especially when it's Ikuhara's trademark.

No. 259806

Nta but Revue Starlight definitely felt like a cheap imitation to me rather than an inspired piece. Doesnt help that the series was used to launch gachashit and seiyuu idolfaggotry, the absolute bane of modern anime

No. 259812

File: 1669912879855.jpg (201.12 KB, 998x1271, 81Ef0C62wXL._AC_SL1280_.jpg)

In regards to the list, can we throw in Sabagebu, probably the best show of 2014 aside from Nozaki-kun

No. 259832

File: 1669918077251.jpg (71.3 KB, 853x480, [W-M] Di Gi Charat - Hoshi no …)

No. 259837

>Madoka is original though so it's technically nothing.
well. i think madoka was made to have cross demographic appeal – the actual show lacks male gazey crap – but it's obvious from promotional materials like this https://www.youtube.com/shorts/f-OZMKiJ5Kg that they're expecting cashflow/fan money from scrotes(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 259838

Sorry to poo-poo your taste and I didn't hate the show but it's just a lot of cute/quirky girls doing cute/quirky things in my opinion. It's also kind of like if Higurashi When They Cry was just about the club games they played and nothing else.

No. 259840

I love it but it's a pretty dumb show not gonna lie.
gau gau

No. 259841

Based, thanks anon. I'll go through my list tonight and add some stuff later

No. 259844


No. 259864

Oh god now I remember why I hated this show so much…

No. 259871

Why get mad that someone is different than you? I enjoyed the first chapters, but if it fetishizes the dynamic later I'd regret bothering. I enjoyed Made in Abyss before and quit for such reasons. And yeah, shamefully, I didn't see it poorly at first until it sunk into my oatmeal brain that the author is a fetishist. I enjoy manga and anime that explores dark concepts, yet I've my limits when it blends too much into real-life degeneracy.
Thank you! I was very happy to see this takedown. I'll give the series another chance. I probably would have discounted the premise completely if it had been written by a man or something.

No. 259876

Can we write our opinion in the comment section even if we didn't input the series ourselves? Or is that only for the person who suggested it? I disagree with someone's entry on there so I want to point it out

No. 259886

Anons were being critical of mwr they don’t share the same criticism like you dumbass

No. 259889

I love this, I added one anime for now will do more tomorrow. I find it hard to remember why I loved certain shows kek

No. 259894

>I disagree with someone's entry on there so I want to point it out
>No arguing in comments! Don't reply to anyone, don't vaguepost, just…comment.
contradictory comments are okay (like, in the strong female lead section, someone might remember a quality of the lead that does flesh them out if the person who inputted the series has called them weak) but don't try to bait anons into replying/complain about them liking something. the sheet's not meant to be a space for active discussion, we have the thread for that.

No. 259914

I think there should be a suggestion to mention whether the author is female.

It says that you can make corrections if someone got something blatantly wrong but don't add shows to shit on them, or argue with others in the comments. I'd say if you want to discuss why something shouldn't be on the list, you should do it here so we can all discuss whether to leave it there or not, or just to share your thoughts.

No. 259920

Doublepost, should Madoka be considered seinen? It's an original anime, so none of the manga categories apply to it.

No. 259922

>I think there should be a suggestion to mention whether the author is female.
ok nvm I saw that's already a field on the actual rec list

No. 259923

Probably best to just avoid labelling it as neither seinen/shoujo. Only Mahou Shoujo and the usual descriptive tags

No. 259928

What are some good cute, feel-good shows without pedoshit and/or coomer moments? I am PMSing hard and the stuff I normally watch feels too depressing right now.

No. 259930

boku no pico

No. 259931

I've seen a lot of nonnies recommend Yuru Camp. Maybe try Shirokuma Cafe?

No. 259933

Nichijou, Yuru Camp, Fruit Basket, Chihayafuru, Hanamaru Kindergarten.
I used to watch Skull-Faced Bookseller Honda-san when i wanted something short, chill and funny to get my mind off things and relax, as if i watched some small sitcom.
You can also try watching a pokemon movie of one of your favorite generations, tends to help me.

No. 259935

I added nekojiru to the manga list but I don't know if it belongs? most of the characters in the manga are cats and animals, feel free to remove it if it's too out there

No. 259981

I'm shocked to see this long dead joke, how did it feel to type it

No. 259992

bananya and micchiri neko if you like mascots.

No. 259994


No. 259997

File: 1669986975401.gif (375.27 KB, 450x253, bf06823b54a85f60bee5f7af7cccb7…)

Tonari no Seki-kun was pretty innocent and wholesome, the episodes are short and i like how funny and cute it can be while still being a very light hearted show

No. 259998

paripi koumei

No. 259999

File: 1669987707262.gif (1.41 MB, 498x379, a426158a4f9f110c0eb293f141229b…)

Tokimeki Tonight too, it's an older series and sometimes the characters are very loud, but everyone has their own personality and i found it very enjoyable aside some episodes where they tried to get a bit serious

No. 260001

I knew exactly what you were replying to before I even saw any context kek

No. 260040

AYRT, thanks a bunch for all the recommendations! I found another good one so I'll add it too: Roukuhoudou Yotsui Biyori is a nice, short series about four ikemen who run a cafe and make pretty food. You might recognize some of the seiyuus from Bungo Stray Dogs or Black Butler.

No. 260074

made me laugh

No. 260078

I tried to like it because I love the OST and the setting, but it felt like an annoying otome to me.
I don't have a problem with the age gap and the guy being a monster, I even think he's interesting. But after a while I was annoyed about how every magical character keeps praising MC for existing and most of the running time is spent telling me how super special she is when she barely does anything at all and is mostly just the passive wallflower kind all of these series seem to have. She was also a slave that was bought btw. making it feel even more like a self-insertion dime novel.

No. 260082

I think they wanted to attract the live action audience with this. Considering how popular CSM is and that capeshit isn't much different from battle shounen plus CSM referring a lot of western movies and having some more serious aspects (compared to genki shounen like OP, MHA, DB etc.) they probably thought they could get people who are usually not into anime into watching that too, increasing the popularity.
But I also think it failed. The lack of expressions is annoying sometimes and the endless CGI is glaring and ugly. If they really cared they would have drawn over it at least but they just use the raw CGI and that never works. Good counter example is Ousama Ranking 21. The complex fighting scene between MC and his giant dad was done in 3D and animators basically just traced the movements later and it looks top.

No. 260083

This is honestly a very fair criticism. I had the same thought a few times even though I'm a big fan (especially the anime because I thought they made it very pretty and I enjoyed the music and pacing choices). MC was really hated and treated like she was worthless as part of her backstory but the 180 degree turn to being slathered with love and affection kinda gives you whiplash instead of taking you along on a journey of healing from her trauma or whatever – I think the author just doesn't have the skill to write about those kind of complex emotional issues (but she did write/draw a good English countryside westaboo fantasy lol, very comfy.)

No. 260089

File: 1670012613818.jpg (103.2 KB, 1280x716, 1419445.JPG)

I never EVER see anybody talking about this but Nami yo Kiite Kure was one of the best comedy anime I watched in years.

It's the first time in ages that I have seen an adult female main character who acts like an adult woman. It's a down-to-earth series about a woman getting the chance to become a late-night talk show host for a radio station after she ranted about her ex with the station manager when she was drunk. He considers her funny and recognizes the talent she has so he asks her if she wants to do a radio show.

There is no fanservice (besides some male asses that get groped IIRC) and the MC Minare is imo well written and multi-faced.
I think many farmers would like her because she's is often badass and brutal but depending on the situation she can be a whiny bitch, envious, full of herself, nice and genki or just get wasted and act like a drunk hobo and she has moods. And an ex she is really angry at.

I am so happy I gave it a chance because it felt good seeing a rare anime about adults with jobs that doesn't draw them like kids or inserts any stupid pandering. Plus the show is comfy imo. No serious drama, it's funny and it felt surprisingly wise a lot of times.
Sorry for the text wall lol, but this place here is the only space where recommending this might make sense. /a/ is full of coomers they aren't interested in women like the characters of this anime.

No. 260090

File: 1670012960518.png (173.74 KB, 220x478, akebis sailor unfirom.png)

i went into AKebi-chan no Sailor-fuku totally blind thinking it was going to be a cute slice-of-life about the main girl… I guess it was, but the entire thing was just loli fan service. fucking every episode had a detailed foot shot, not joking

No. 260093

Why did you remind me of this abomination. I thought it was gonna be cute so I looked it up on twitter and the first video I saw was a super detailed scene of a girl in an empty classroom cutting her toenail and sniffing her feet or the nailclipper I was going to throw up on my screen.

No. 260098

This is kinda embarrassing for me but I don't know how to use the spreadsheet.

No. 260100

you should add it to the spreadsheet

No. 260106

File: 1670018180880.jpg (116.52 KB, 469x544, uglyclothes.jpg)

I have a thing to nitpick here. I really hate the office business clothes and general clothes that are worn in anime with adult protagonists. I know these are the current normie japanese trends, but I feel like older anime at least had more fashionable or quirky stuff going on. I know japan still has a lot of really fun fashion subcultures but it seems like no one is taking advantage of it and every character older than 20 is out there dressed like a fucking grandma. In anime catered for a female audience you'd expect to see something cooler and more inspiring but there is nothing like that

No. 260109

Oh yeah I watched this when it aired, it was great. I loved the main character

No. 260111

Just open in an incognito window and start typing in the boxes

No. 260112

NTA, I looked up that scene to see how bad it was, saw some moids defending it with "it's only sexual if you look at it that way!!" and finally watched the scene myself. It's a weirdly quiet scene, an underage moe girl with suspiciously detailed feet, clipping her toenails, then sniffing the nail clipper, sighing in her fetishy child-like voice and blushing. Who the fuck reacts like that in real life? You gotta be either pretending to be dumb or extremely desensitized to anime degeneracy to be able to defend that shit as innocent and normal and not something that was meant to look erotic. I also read it only gets worse and more blatantly sexual with each episode. Fucking moids I swear. Also the side profile of her face is atrocious (the absolute state of moeshit) but I guess otaku pigs can't jack off to normal human anatomy anymore.

No. 260114

If you're talking about suits like pic related then they just don't have a choice. Specific stores in Japan sell that kind of suits with the matching ties, shirts and shoes because it's not a uniform but it might as well be, companies require that style for some jobs. I'm saying this based on ads I've seen in Tokyo on TV or in posters outside a few years ago, but apparently internation companies are less strict in general.

No. 260118

That's because it is catered to Japanese audiences, not global. Conformity isn't seen as a bad thing there by most. All that crazy fashion stuff from 20-30 years ago is long dead, today's woman in Japan just can not relate to it. And she does not really even have the option. You can't go into most jobs or your school dressed like a weirdo like you can in some other countries. The fashion subcultures are tiny and basically like a hobby. You saw it in older anime because it was current at the time. And even when it was relatively big and recognized, most women did not, or could not participate. Give it 10 or 20 years and maybe you will see some kind of individualistic fashion revival and then you may see it in anime again. Just don't expect it to last.

No. 260120

Kekk NTA and never seen this show but the fact that some middle aged geezer wrote this for the manga and more geriatric fags drew it detail by detail really makes you think

No. 260121

I never watched it because I learned what it was about thanks to reading a certain little anime blog, but I am mad that such an ecchi fetish trash gets such a budget and great art. Some of the screenshots were so pretty and detailed but of course it's about girls so it has to pander coomer shits.

No. 260122

I'm aware of that but since anime is fiction they can get away with more things

No. 260124

Yes, they can definitely get away with putting it in but what I'm getting at is that the audience is not really going to relate to or feel inspired by it or really even appreciate it. It's not the same as the west where people feel like they should be unique and make some statement and get inspired by something like that. They will mostly think she looks weird and wonder why does she dress so weird. A lot of market research goes into these products and if you're trying to sell to that audience you don't put something they'll find off-putting. It's better to do that kind of design in a fantasy setting which you do still see because then the audience expects it. That is until you know the audience is embracing or interested in that kind of thing at the moment, that's when you will start to see it again.

No. 260131

Fashion in anime is horror even though there is a good reason for it as >>260118 has said.
But it's one of the main reasons I can't watch school stuff. I don't like it when no character can show any individuality because everybody has to wear those stupid school uniforms all day.

No. 260280

this is why we check reviews and show demographic before diving in

No. 260303

While the show was airing, men were complaining about it because the anime cut out the fanservice scenes. I'll not deny that the author is a pervert, but I really enjoy the manga. It's my guilty pleasure. The art style is beautiful, the peacing is neither too slow nor too fast, and the relationship between the girls is really cute.

No. 260308

Where did you take that from? One of the most common things to see in stories written by and for women is female characters taking care of their appearance. Japan and Korea are big influencers of fashion trends.

No. 260327

It's how adults dress when they have to go to work neet-chan

No. 260328

Stories are made up, and not real life. Some genres of stories try to reflect reality. Genuinely worried about your cognitive faculties. Are you allowed to use sharp objects unsupervised?

No. 260372

Similarly to the anime rec spreadsheet, would anyone want a spreadsheet for stuff to avoid? Basically post something you hate and describe why you hate it.
Lmk and I will make one

No. 260379

File: 1670111263520.jpg (188.55 KB, 1600x1232, Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku - Ep…)

I remember google image searching the title and deciding not to watch it based on the facial expressions the MC was making in the screenshots. I got the vibe someone involved was a pervert even if the show is fluff.

No. 260381

It could go on for miles. What are the ground rules? I think you would have to have watched the series all the way through to put it on the list.

No. 260394

Personally nah, judging by this thread everyone has different levels of tolerance.

No. 260401

File: 1670112985317.png (423.18 KB, 788x429, ETgH4xVXsAUDGzN.png)

They have uniforms at office jobs. Brutal
Moid post? or you just never saw a shoujo manga page of any decade and respectively a fashion magazine page with very same outfits. Fashion is not only a teen subculture thing.
It's just nobody cares for shoujosei anime, that's why we rarely see it. When we have it - there are normie fashionable women or women with "weird" fashion: lolita and traditional kimono in kuragehime, alt/punk and gyaru in nana, lolita in wotakoi, gyaru in aggretsuko even

No. 260411

I wish more anime were drawn with this quality. It looks like the CGI from a VN. Sad it was used for a generic boring ecchi.

No. 260414

>something you hate
95% of all anime
>describe why you hate it
"Because it bores me" is essentially the reason for all of my dislikes.

I instantly like an anime more if the characters aren't wearing the same stuff. Big plus if each of them even chance the clothes throughout the series. Characters wearing the exact same thing is so common for all kinds of animated media that I already wondered if it was some budget issue when I was still a kid.

No. 260424

>Some genres of stories try to reflect reality
Oh yeah, Japanese women only wear office outfits all the time

No. 260427

Haven’t watched the series and I’m not interested in it after reading more about it here, but I’m kind of pissed because I really like this art style and it must be a really visually appealing series

No. 260455

File: 1670121826195.jpg (113.83 KB, 800x1138, wp-content-1.jpg)

the title alone gives me JK culture vibes. The fact that the manga was published in a seinen magazine tells me everything I need to know. Shame because I like how soft the colours aremaybe I'm just paranoid but something about the way she is drawn that reminds me of 70 lolicon art

No. 260460

bitch looks like she has glaucoma

No. 260709

Watched 2 episodes since I'm in the middle of working through my backlog and I had to drop it 2 episodes in because of Nana.K, glad I didn't miss much judging by the conversation chain since it seems like she doesn't learn any lessons. Have no fucking clue how this shit got famous besides the cool fashion.

No. 260851

Sorry if that was already posted but didn't find it. Is anybody else cautiously hyped for this?
I am a fan of Tezuka's stuff and Phoenix was imo one of his best series.

>From time immemorial to the age of space colonization, there is one legend that has stayed unchanged in every history book—the tale of the immortal bird Phoenix. A being whose blood is said to grant eternal life or wisdom, the radiant figure ensures the continuation of sentient life in the universe as it oversees human civilizations and their development.

>Yet, mankind remains a slave to its habits; from happiness and sorrow, to wrath and love, a myriad of emotions continue to play an integral part of human life. Simultaneously, time and time again, certain beliefs and agendas persist over the centuries to disturb the fragile equilibrium of the world's preordained nature and principles.

Honestly I am just happy we get another sci-fi I take everything that's sci-fi unless it's pandering or some variation of CGDCT.

No. 260920

File: 1670239479895.gif (4.5 MB, 540x386, 30B2DC23-28E7-4BE1-A6BF-0BE2DD…)

It makes me sad no one is talking about Akiba maid wars this season. It’s definitely one of the best animes of the year.

No. 260933

these facial expressions alone are enough to tell it's rapey coomer bait. ew

No. 261026

I'm tentatively excited. I wont expect too much…

No. 261054

>Considering how popular CSM is and that capeshit isn't much different from battle shounen
I've actually been thinking about this and it just makes me more confused. Apparently the director decided to make the anime more serious to make it more appealing to non weebs, but capeshit is absolutely not serious and is about the most mainstream stuff there is. Capeshit-adjacent battle shounen is already a pretty popular genre, how did he think this would make the series more normie appealing?
To me, even the few moments that still seem like they're supposed to be jokes feel off to me. I'm not sure if it's the director's fault or if it's the VA's delivery still flabbergasted that they really had the lead VA in such a hyped up major production be some random literal-who sony music guy with no voice acting experience

No. 261059

>maybe I'm just paranoid but something about the way she is drawn that reminds me of 70 lolicon art
It's moeshit, and loli and moe both came from pedophile otaku wanting to fuck underage anime girls. At one point they were even synonyms. That's why it reminds you of old lolicon.
Ok who took the star off Golden Kamuy? Just because 1 fag thinks it's boring it doesn't mean it's not loved by a lot of anons here. I haven't read or watched it but I can tell it's one of the most popular and recommended series here.

No. 261112

Would you recommend it nonny? The premise sounded somewhat interesting to me but being about maids made me assume it would be moidy (I didn't look further into it). What did you like about it?

No. 261120

File: 1670286740588.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1901, C947E5B8-7454-4FC9-AFCB-9F945B…)


It’s not moidy at all and focuses on all the maids and their relationships and how they grow together. There’s lots of references to old anime like ashita no Joe.

No. 261121

>but capeshit is absolutely not serious
Haven’t all the new Batman movies been super serious?

No. 261131

NTA but this screenshot looks scrotey as fuck

No. 261153

>Ok who took the star off Golden Kamuy?
It wasn't me but I'm personally ok with it not having a star for the anime. They really fucked up with the soundtrack at the beginning and it misses the mark sometimes. The manga should get a gold star though.
I want to know who the fuck gave chainsawman a 5/5 rating? It hasn't even finished airing, come on.

No. 261159

As someone who is a fan of the CSM manga, the anime definitely does not deserve a 100% score

No. 261166

Lol @ anon who recommended an anime and rated it 1/5

No. 261171

File: 1670297631061.jpg (258.07 KB, 1053x1643, CIPHER.jpg)

No. 261172

File: 1670297921399.webm (3.01 MB, 1280x720, moemoekyun.webm)


Why? Because she likes dressing cute and is fighting her hardest to defend her best friend and co-worker who motivates her to be the best maid she can be? Have you ever had friends nonna? Stop letting men ruin things for you.

No. 261173

Actually, if anyone is looking for an interesting and slightly mature shoujo romance, Cipher the manga is genuinely great. The OVA was meant as a promo mimicing the style of MTV music videos because the story takes place in America, so out of context it's absolutely fucking crazy and hilarious, but the manga is worth reading because it's a good story.

No. 261177

bless you. you understand the OVA's charm and you've even read the manga

No. 261178

People here should just stop watching any story with female characters in it since the mere existence of them is enough to call a show scrotey

No. 261179

I haven't seen the show so I hadn't chimed in here but is it not a maid fanservice show in a big way?

No. 261181

What is this cope? Did it really have to be the frilly maid scenario? Easily could've been office workers, restaurant staff, or idk maybe cafe workers who aren't dressed as fetish bait. >>261120 is right. It looks scrotish as fuck and the series clearly serves as ryona and other fetish fodder for moids to coom over. Its a scene where these two are beating the shit out of each other, tf is the swelling and blood? Big deal that its basically yakuza x maid. Humor is shit and only going for it is the animation. Just cause it has female protagonist and characters doesnt mean they were made for us.

No. 261189

>she likes dressing cute
Dumb excuse. She's a fictional character not a real person, she was created by someone who decided that she'd have to be wearing a fetish maid outfit while boxing, and when you think about it that way you have to wonder what was the author's intent, because it sure as fuck isn't something that attracts a primarily female audience. Also the way the characters are drawn >>261172 also says a lot about the kind of audience it's aimed at. It's ok if you're a woman who personally enjoys that crap but don't pretend it's not for moids and don't complain when someone else says it. If it really isn't that bad, you could say something like "the coombait is easy to ignore" or "it's very tame compared to other moeshit shows" and it would be more accurate and probably make someone else curious enough to watch it.
Those two should be in the manga section tbh.
So it's a "so bad it's good" recommendation? Funny, but idk if it really belongs on the rec list

No. 261209

I watched all csm avalaible episodes just to see what's all the hype about and i'm pretty sure i've lost some braincells and now i want to murder denji, kobeni, makima, himeno and power. Truly a vomit inducing cast

No. 261214

read the manga

No. 261215

looks fun, I give it a try and see for myself what to think about it.

No. 261218

Ah yes read the manga because I'm sure all these shitty characters will suddenly become likeable right kek

No. 261219

>tfw lolcow has the same interests as the moids they like to shit on
hilarious really

No. 261222

Yes everyone knows anime is only for BOYS and not girls, after all we're not allowed to share interests such as… stories told through the use of animation.
Are you 5 years old by any chance?

No. 261225

it wasn't about anime in general, but i've seen this general defend csm more than the average moid

No. 261228

CSM is garbage. I read the entire manga and it bored me basically the entire time - there are a few good moments but its drowned out in all the coomer garbage and shitty, rushed writing. A bunch of the characters die and I honestly didn't care about a single death because they all didn't feel like real people anyway.

No. 261230

Well, you are right about that kek. While I think a few female characters are interesting I don't understand how anyone can enjoy csm because it's told through the pov of an extremely horny retard. It just ruins any possible enjoyment of it.

No. 261250

I feel like the author is one of those guys who has a bunch of cool ideas for key scenes but has no idea how to link them and make a coherent story out of them. The decisive action scenes were really good and full of interesting visual ideas imo but everything else felt disjointed, a big missed opportunity.

No. 261321

Actually that's the strong point of CSM. The author is a fan of movies, which is a medium which greatly emphasizes visual aspect over story, and he wanted to reproduce that feeling in a manga. Just like in some of the most celebrated movies, the story matters very little: since manga is both a visual and literary medium, he just chose to sacrifice one aspect in order to greatly improve the other. It's working for me, but I agree it can be jarring if you're expecting something more traditional

No. 261328

You mistake having a simple plot with good directing. He’s not good as a director and his ideas are mediocre or stolen.
He’s quite the Michael Bay of manga.

No. 261345

Yeah its shit

No. 261362

Office settings are shit

No. 261366

I watch anime to take my brain away from that location

No. 261371

Stop watching anime. It's all a fetish fuel for scrotes, impossible to enjoy as a woman. If there's female characters in it it's all coombait that's gonna have hundreds of porn drawn of.(bait)

No. 261372

>You mistake having a simple plot with good directing
I think you have no idea what I'm talking about

No. 261373

No. 261377

Not sure if this is off topic for this thread.
But I think it's interesting how unwilling a lot of feminist spaces are to welcome geeky/anime-nerd women.
There are female friendly anime, all failing bl too, but they just insist on putting all japanese media under the misogynistic umbrella.
I think it's a pity that women into japanese otaku culture are both berated by males in the hobby and also females from the outside.

No. 261381

Good anime exists, you just have to look for it.

No. 261382

File: 1670363373441.gif (743.64 KB, 300x225, giphy.gif)

men make porn of everything. literally what r34 is. i'm not gonna give up on my hobbies just because men are degenerates. there is more to my interests than the shitty porn men create from it.

No. 261384

there's no way to please these types. While back one insisted that Chi's sweet home mangas (most wholesome thing ever, created by a woman) must be related to pedo loli shit, because Japan.

No. 261386

I'm just mocking the retards who call everything coombait and can't enjoy most anime yet they force themselves to watch everything popular or trendy.

No. 261389

This is so retarded, it's like telling people to stop listening to music. Animation is just a type of medium.
>If there's female characters in it it's all coombait
You're implying that the female existence itself is inherently perverted.

No. 261392

Nta but it's more like the female existence in anime, a genre spearheaded by the most pornsick freaks on earth that struggle to see women as humans.

No. 261394

File: 1670368411953.jpg (78.3 KB, 1920x1080, 1670321977219624.jpg)

That post is bait

No. 261395

File: 1670368732019.gif (2.49 MB, 498x280, vanitas.gif)

Any of you watched Vanitas no Carte?
I've caught up to the manga and watched the anime and enjoyed both. Lots of pretty boys and cute scenes (and debatable fujobait).

No. 261396

File: 1670369653941.jpg (100.29 KB, 540x436, tumblr_54c680b92093f3a1f352d0d…)

I'm watching City Hunter and boy I fucking hate Ryo being a lecher, but I can't wait to get to this episode.

No. 261399

File: 1670369714941.jpg (79.38 KB, 1280x720, vanitas.jpg)

I feel like it's way too straight to recommend to any exclusive fujos despite the fact it strangely seems to market itself as fujobait with the op and ed animations. Think the crowd that would enjoy it most are any nonas who dabble in both het and fujo content.

Anyway I love Vanitas so much, I went in pretty blind to the kind of show it was but never ever has an anime made me hornier than all the scenes with Vanitas getting his blood sucked

No. 261413

Dude I LOVE Princess Tutu. Rue is my favourite.

No. 261414

it was so ahead of its time. i should probably do my yearly rewatch soon

No. 261419

I have super low standard but I can kind of "apreciate" that at least CSM treats consent like an implicitely understood concept by having Denji ask to grope women and not even triying to sleaze around the conditions the women set. Any other shounen would have him just literally sexually assaulting every single woman around him as a joke

I 100% agree with the part about killing characters. CSM makes me feel like Fujimoto is one of those guys that thinks nobody has ever killed named characters before so he thinks he's being sooo smart by introducing 20 characters at once and then killing 19 of them in 5 chapters, and then doing it again, and then again, and again… and by the 50th time he does it it's just really annoying. It doesn't even have shock value because he does it so much.

>Just like in some of the most celebrated movies, the story matters very little
Nonny I'm sorry but what movies are you talking about? Movies still have plot, and having a confusing plot is still considered a negative for a movie
spoiler for slightly ot sperg and for assuming what you mean but when I think of "most celebrated" I think of stuff like Taxi Driver and that's not about "visual over story" that's a character-driven movie where the events are tought out to serve the characterization. CSM still has the battle shounen thing going on so I don't think clusterfucking the plot so much works for it imo

No. 261435

Afaik capeshit is super serious which is the main reason for why it's so terrible. You have people in skin-tight colorful cosplay costumes shooting badly done CGI lasers and hulks and magical vikings and shit fighting with them but all of it is taken deadly serious and it's edgy and filtered to brown or blue'ish shit because colors aren't serious enough.
I don't give a flying shit who else likes my stuff. I might like most of the stuff in from the early recommendation posts in this thread but I also like TTGL, KlK, CSM, DMC, GTO, Azazel and Excel Saga and nobody can do anything about this. Hell, I liked the Bastard manga. Men don't sperg around and tell others what anime they are allowed to like based on the gender why should it be a thing for women

No. 261475

>Men don't sperg around and tell others what anime they are allowed to like based on the gender
not trying to justify retards that do that with women, but yes men absolutely do. some scrotes will chimp out when other men like shoujo or josei anime because it's "for women and therefore garbage" or some other similarly dumb scrote logic. there's a lot of moid infighting and gatekeeping regarding anime. I see them sometimes getting mad when other moids don't like manly anime like hokuto no ken and berserk because they think anything not comically manly is for sissies/troons or whatever. I also occasionally see them getting mad at women for watching manly and male-targeted anime because they say women can't relate to it/understand it or other equally dumb bs

No. 261480

Tbh i think the killing of the characters is supposed to showcase the incredibly destructive power/influence of makima and the devils who harness the most of human fears like gun devil. Also goes to show that devil hunting business is no joke.

No. 261481

yeah this kek. i also thought of it as showing how disposable human life is in the world they live in + further define the feelings of helplessness that are spread throughout the story's characters and situations

No. 261482

see i really hate it when casual fans/newfags try to speak as if they know anything about anime. just stfu
kind of sick of the shit taste in this thread in general. if a show isn't boring as fuck het romance then you boring retards complain…fuck off to the genshin thread or something

No. 261488

Imagine letting moids dictate what you do with your life. Couldn't be me.

No. 261494

Looks like he is enjoying himself, I might have to watch this.

No. 261552

i don't mind the fact that it's het but i dislike the female love interest

No. 261625

File: 1670438246558.jpg (89.46 KB, 1280x720, thatepisode.jpg)

I felt it was a pretty aggressively bisexual but it leans more to the het side.
Truly a very horny anime yet not in the way most anime is, without nudity, pantyshots, etc. but with good build up, voice acting (Hanae Natsuki did such an amazing job), OST, and visuals in general. Vanitas alone would be a reason to watch it. Him having a whole episode where he loses his shit over his feelings was so much fun to see after all the teasing he did. The chemistry between many of the characters is great, even the side characters are mostly fun.
I go back to rewatch some scenes (the blood sucking ones mostly) from it quite often.

No. 261642

lmao what about his hentai boobie gf kek

No. 261724

I dropped it because this dude is annoying hell, his love interest is a mary sue self-insert and the fujobait pissed me off

No. 261726

>he thinks he's being sooo smart by introducing 20 characters at once and then killing 19 of them in 5 chapters
This reminds me of how retards compare shitgeki to GoT, even though the main characters have ridiculous plot armor

No. 261739

I'm probably one of the people who took KLK too seriously but to be fair, I hate 99% of Imaishi shit and his whole whacky style in general. I'm pretty open to almost everything in anime but whenever I watch his shows I always end up absolutely detesting how he does things. Only realized this recently kek

No. 261743

I agree. I get what he was going for but I don't remember like 90% of the characters that were killed. It felt like Akame ga Kill where at some point you realize everyone is going to die so you stop caring. The only good character death that actually made me feel something was Aki__. I think CSM would have been better if Aki was the main character and the core of the story was his arc instead of Denji's.

Also I feel like people praise CSM for its originality, but to me it feels exactly like Devilman and Tokyo Ghoul but worse somehow. Makima's backstory and motivation is just Ryo's but now it's a sexy dom woman.

No. 261786

>find interesting looking anime
>read the description
>it's an isekai
Every time.

No. 261792

right? would it kill them to make a regular fantasy anime for once.

No. 261794

lmao kill yourself kek

No. 261796

>Afaik capeshit is super serious which is the main reason for why it's so terrible.
This is why tokutatsu is the best.

No. 261804

I think a lot of anime is praised for it's visuals and how "cool" it can make you seem for liking it rather than the actual story.
I will be shot for saying this, but it must be said.
Serial Experiments Lain is exactly that.
"Noooo you just don't get i-" shut up.
"Let's all love La-" shut up.

No. 261806

This is how i feel about eva. Is it pretty? Yes, it has that cool 90s art style. It has nothing else going on for it

No. 261816

And you're absolutely right. Remove Rei and Asuka and you remove much of it's popularity.

No. 261828

Can I get spoiler free explanation of why Makima is considered so evil by CSM fans? She has been pretty based so far.

No. 261831


Then you would get spoiled.

No. 261844

Even after she did the things that made everyone hate her I still didn't care and thought she was based ngl. But that's also just because I didn't give a fuck about anyone because they were all badly written, shallow two dimensional characters and not because what she did wasn't evil of her.
The real reason why I hate her is just because the mangaka obviously has a fetish for femdom and Makima has been on his mind since he was a teenager because she is the embodiment of it. Feels disgusting to like a character the creator himself has most likely masturbated to countless times.

No. 261851

I had a very hard time following the manga because of how confusing and disjointed the narration is, so when the big moment happened I still didn't get why people saw her as a monster, like she's not Griffith come on. I don't think she's based either, she's just there.

No. 261868

didn't know vanitas fans are this unhinged

No. 261869

>telling someone to kill themselves over a hentai fictional character

No. 261927

File: 1670518011514.jpg (89.55 KB, 1280x720, D6kCj41W4AEmTNTjpg.jpg)

Maybe I am the only one but Hyouge Mono is an absolute masterpiece among anime IMO.
It's also funny as fuck and the only fanservice it has are hot sexy vases and tea bowls.

It's a shame nobody is licensing the manga, not even France has an official translation afaik.

No. 261929

There is no anime community I could look cool for so it's surely not the social aspect for me. I didn't know anybody that even knew what anime were as a teen but liked Lain regardless.

No. 261934

Lain isn't even difficult to understand, kek.

No. 261935

She wouldn't be considered so evil if it weren't for the reason itself being unexpected to fans prior to its reveal. Just wait.
I still think she's cool after it lol

No. 262017

I can understand that idea but the way he does just comes of as frustrating to me because it made it feel like a lot of characters could had been completely removed from the manga with barely any changes to the plot or even character arcs.

The first wave of kills when they meet katana man has an impact because the reader isn't expecting it and Power and Aki worked because you were given time to actually care about them

No. 262042

I miss the feeling of being consumed by a series and wholeheartedly obsessing over it. I still enjoy anime but in a more laid back way, none of the new shows have hit the spot lately.

No. 262043

It's hard to get super into something nowadays because fandoms seem to move on so quickly and people want to latch onto the next popular thing so they can get more new-popular-thing fanart/fanfic/cosplay updoots. Also imo it seems like not as many really long shows are being made for a variety of demographics/genres either (I could be wrong about this, I'm not sure)

No. 262044

>fandoms seem to move on so quickly and people want to latch onto the next popular thing
I dont know why I didnt notice something so clear until I read this. Its like there’s a solid fanbase while something is airing or if the manga is going through an insane arc and then poof in a few months people moved on.
Shows nowadays seem to play things safe too for an audience they’re guaranteed to get, which helps people jump from show to show together

No. 262045

I’m waiting for the next big fujoshi gathering IP. I didn’t like YOI or SK8 (not sure if the latter counts since it was sorta irrelevant) that much

No. 262049

I think that's just part of being an adult lmao.

No. 262082

Oh my god. Same, nonna. I miss back when I could get into an anime so easily, every show I watched would blow me away. I am not so easily impressed now, and also the adult me can spot the obvious sexism and other fetishistic shit.

No. 262140

File: 1670586505940.jpeg (319.51 KB, 1115x960, FEAB5128-3FAE-4AD2-9F7C-635748…)


It’s already out nonnie. I’m glad to see best boy finally get animated. Bluelock has been promising so far.

No. 262168

Nta but I’m allergic to sports so I wouldn’t watch that even for fujo bait.

No. 262179

File: 1670601746970.jpg (1.14 MB, 1913x2507, [SubsPlease] Blue Lock - 03 (1…)

Oh I've definitely been enjoying BL this season, its been a while since we had casual manservice. This match with nagireo and the megane has been very fun so far

No. 262243

File: 1670614994004.jpg (47.6 KB, 750x422, 57a326935ede9febe7d106372e19d4…)


Be hype for this match! Megane-kun doesn't deserve the bullying for being a dummy. He can't help it. There are other megane-kuns who outshine him though. The match itself is really good, and it's not even the best match in the series. The series kinda goes haywire but so far I've been enjoying it. People are predicting this to be the next Haikyuu since the JP FIFA 2022 used BL as inspo for their uniforms. Granted, a lot of the relationships in the series aren't that great other than nagireo. I don't think I can see that happening but it's nice to see them grow into incredible soccer players.

No. 262245

tired of sports fujob8. why can't we just get fujob8 in regular series…where is my pretentious fujob8 psychological show

No. 262249

File: 1670615400520.jpg (18.31 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_p9cd7mTpPH1svy7a…)

you guys don't get shows, you guys get nitro+chrial

No. 262255

File: 1670616959598.png (200.81 KB, 499x493, sadbluetwink.png)

Dramatical Murder was truly a phenomenon of it's time. I remember the game being genuinely weird and memable when the anime came out it just took itself way too seriously.
I was very depressed at the time but watching this terrible anime made me genuinely cry with laughter. The animation was rough and awkward and the dub voice acting was so funny it sounded abridged.

What is your favorite bad anime nonnas?

No. 262265

True, sports fujobait has been beaten to death. I still enjoy it but a different trend needs to hurry up and take over. Nips always wait until 1 thing blows up before ramming 34908450 versions of it down your throat AFTERWARDS, instead of taking different risks themselves
>pretentious fujob8 psychological show
Now that's what I'm looking for

No. 262274

>pretentious fujob8 psychological show
What would that look like? Death Note?

No. 262286

surprisingly a lot of otoge adaptations are hilarious because the plots are insane and the animation is always bad. see brothers conflict, bonjour koiaji patisserie, or utapri. i used to watch such shows because i was a huge seiyuufag (i have since recovered from brain worms) but i always enjoyed these shows because they were just so over the top.

No. 262328

File: 1670625340006.jpg (65.89 KB, 1200x615, Abunai-Sisters_Anime_Key-Visua…)

>What is your favorite bad anime nonnas?
For enjoyment, probably code geass it's a really shitty show writing and animation wise, but man is it hilarious laugh at and fun to watch on top of that
For pure 'what the fuck is this' type of vibe probably abunai sisters.

No. 262332

File: 1670625522782.png (120.57 KB, 444x503, FKDwwmnX0AEVucC.png)

>Death Note?
The creator hates women and gays though

No. 262337

that never stopped fujos before lol

No. 262342

Kek true, personally though I don't like to support series/creators who openly hate fujos, it's one of the reasons I don't bother with shounen trash.

No. 262343

shounen writers are reccommending BL series these days so they don't hate us as much as they used to

No. 262348

That sounds like something very specific? What writers did that?

No. 262355

nta but probably Chainsawman author mentioning he was reading Living Dead by Asada Nemui (or Sleeping Dead depending on translation)
There's a compelling argument that he ripped off character designs from it for Chainsawman 2 (like he basically genderflipped the main characters). I feel like I saw something about it in the manga thread

No. 262368

File: 1670629663119.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, priorities.png)

rurushu was such a great protagonist to watch, he was pure entertainment.

No. 262375

Gege Akutami who's doing Jujutsu Kaisen also likes and recs recent BL, although I forget which specific ones.

No. 262395

>The anime is great imo
are you joking? quite possibly one of the worst anime i've ever watched from start to finish.
like, there was such an interesting premise too–but all the character motivations were retarded. the only thing i really liked about it was the court politics aspect, wish that had been more focus.
they totally shafted the female MC. idk if that was just the adaptation or what. total waste of time

No. 262398

File: 1670637492222.png (2.05 MB, 1094x1090, lulu.png)

my eternal husbando !!!!!!

No. 262400

File: 1670637613847.png (630.77 KB, 1000x765, JAangaJ.png)

i just……..love him….. sm…. we need more clamp anime boys

No. 262404

File: 1670638711484.jpg (5.76 MB, 4991x3461, Lelouch.Lamperouge.full.779898…)

Great taste

No. 262405


No. 262409

Spinaku, not this shit again, JIBUN WOOOO, I wanna go back to 2007

No. 262415

Disagree, first of all it’s an interesting sci fi world, where it’s not all about mecha or battle cosmoknights and it’s not a space opera. I like a lot of its ideas: climate change for an eternal summer, foldable underground city, concept of EVAs, which is unique and horrific, some clever tricks NERV would use in monster of the week battles.
It brings tokusatsu and kaiju into anime and doesn’t make it goofy, but use their rules, ideas and aesthetics more like midcentury cheap military monster b-movies (which very first kaiju movies was). So it wasn’t just funny special effects then, it relied to scifi literature aspects more and I like that.
Eva also tells us about your regular cast of scifi rescue mission - and doing it in detail. In anime (or in most of military scifi honestly) we could have either oh so brave heroes or just brutal-gar-manly-man-trauma. It shapes a portrait of a soldier, telling us what exactly made them like that and why are they doing what they are doing.
We also have a lot of female characters, their thoughts, stories, motives. It’s realy rare in scifi kek. We have three female scientists, one female military officer of a high rank, two female soldiers, who are also kids. And they all have believable personalities despite being also a fan service bait. It’s not like Gunbuster “Ima pilot bc idk”.
So if you are not a fan of, idk, shows like star trek, you can still enjoy depicting of characters and their relationships - they basically gave some meat to regular cardboards

No. 262419

Wow do you read all fiction that way
Like, believing author thinks the same thing a character saying

No. 262512

>see i really hate it when casual fans/newfags try to speak as if they know anything about anime
Yeah everyone knows that only SJWs who don't watch anime or are new to it can be critical of it, and that never pointing out rampant perversion and misogyny in 90% of anime is for cool girls like yourself. Retard.
>if a show isn't boring as fuck het romance then you boring retards complain
Strawman of the century that not even you believe, kek. She's right and you know it. It's not a personal attack, it's just the truth and you can enjoy even scrotey anime while acknowledging it.

No. 262618

What do you guys think of Jojo? I'm watching the season with Joseph & Dio right now and it feels dumb. I kinda wish it didn't play its absurdity so straight and left room for some humor. I know each part tells a different story but this is my first entry, not sure if I chose a bad one or if the tone of the series is not for me.

No. 262627


Originally the manga was a satire to manga to like fist of the North Star. After that each other part has it’s own story with an overarching conflict in parts 1, 3, 6. Consider the other ones side stories of the original timeline.

No. 262643

How the fuck is JJBA is a satire? It's not even a parody, let alone a satire. The whole thing is a self-contained story that doesn't even use that many shonen manga cliches and instead create them or popularize them so you got it backward, it's just that Araki was a Hokuto no Ken fan. Some of you need to get a dictionary, ask for one for Christmas.

No. 262649

Be strong nonna, things will only start getting properly bizarre in the second part (I mean Battle Tendency, in the anime it's the second part of 1st season) and onward. I started with the first one like you and had to stop since I didnt feel it at all, accidentally ended up watching few episodes of Stardust Crusaders with my friend years later and it was a love at first sight, there's a lot more humor, exactly as you'd imagine there should be, if this is something you think is missing, you'll get it. First part is important to know the Joestar family / Dio Brando feud.

No. 262654

nona are you starting with part 1? Usually I see people recommend starting with Stardust Crusaders because part 1+2 is notoriously hard to watch kek. I wasn't a huge fan of Stardust Crusaders myself, but parts 4 and 5 were really good imo. They all tend towards absurd humor but at least in 4+5 the characters are more fleshed out, part 4 in particular almost feels like a slice of life anime at times kek

No. 262662

I don't think I'd ever seen JoJo be called a satire until now, nor do I remember any Araki interview or comment where he calls it that. Face it nona, JoJo is just that dumb.

No. 262680

>part 1+2 is notoriously hard to watch kek
always blows my mind when I hear that because part one is my favorite as a whole. Bring back the Ripple lol I think the persona-style stands are cringe

No. 262755

I can understand people not liking the first part with Jonathan, but why would anyone skip out on the best Jojo, Joseph Joestar??

No. 262758

File: 1670755017095.png (130.92 KB, 450x620, FKDw3bMXMA0yQBS.png)

Google shit before you open your mouth.

No. 262778

Alright, I'll keep going until I reach the second half at least to see how I feel about it. And yeah I messed up kek, I meant I'm on the part with Jonathan and Dio right now. Haven't reached Joseph yet. Thank you anondachi

No. 262780

What even is the context for this? This is such a weird rant and looks so deranged out of context

No. 262798

The manga is just bad. Didn't read it but read some reviews. All characters go on rants like that.

No. 262847

File: 1670786313054.jpg (128.06 KB, 1000x1412, MV5BMDliMGEyMDItOGE1Mi00YWNhLT…)

Is Bocchi the rock any good or just vapid moetrash for moids? I keep seeing it a lot these days

No. 262855

Love-potion-like power. Main character (teenage stright male) used in on a man with glasses (adult straight police detective), and detective used it on his own wife. Ranting character is a selfish social media influencer. She said that police guy obsessing over MC is hard to take, and she was called a homophobe by guy's wife. Later she admitted she want to use this power on rich men and that's why she sided with MC.
This manga is average, nothing special but not as bad as 1/10 reviews says.

No. 262863

I think it's based to make BL about characters made by and for dudebros, it's funny to see them seething about it. LawLight was very popular when the show was airing, I wonder how the author feels about that. Oh, and the animation made their relationship even more homoerotic than the manga lol

No. 262879

I had the same skepticism but I ended up loving it when I watched it
Definitely worth a shot imo

No. 262883

controversial opinion but i love those old 4kids-tier anime openings from pokemon, digimon, yu-gi-oh, tokyo mew mew and other 2000s series

No. 262941

the nostalgia is insane, I can't hate them. I sing the english sailor moon theme song under my breath when I'm really stressed out
With secret powers oh-so new to her… straightens me right out

No. 263294

File: 1670966824461.jpg (420.59 KB, 970x545, milleniumactress-header.jpg)

just finished re-watching millenium actress. i forgot how beautiful the animation is in this movie and how much i love chiyoko, especially at the end where she admitted she was interested in the search for this man itself and how it made her feel and gave her something to live for idk, i just think it's such a beautiful movie about youth and what it means for a lot of people.

every year i re-watch tokyo godfathers for christmas and millenium actress is free on roku so i figured why not. Perfect Blue and Paprika are really good satoshi kon movies, but I personally prefer tokyo godfathers and I've decided after revisiting it millenium actress

No. 263297


No. 263303

nta but who pissed in your cereal?

No. 263304

Probably one of my favorite anime movies ever. I love seeing the whole scope of her life, I feel like there aren't many anime that can appreciate the later year's of a person's life, let alone a woman's. Has one of the best endings ever, it will always stick with me.


No. 263325

I agree, it's a super normie opinion of which satoshi kon movies are the best (sorry, >>263294 you are probably just emotionally well adjusted, don't let us get you down lol)

No. 263343

lol i will take that as a compliment thank you anon

No. 263424

File: 1671007257858.jpeg (45.88 KB, 225x318, 3EDCBC73-B9B9-4F2C-9E3A-75035B…)

Does anyone know Toutotsu ni Egypt Shin/Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God?

The episodes are very short but I like this comedy anime, also because ancient Egypt is one of my interest. Looking forward to 2nd season.

No. 263425

How the fuck can any of you stand to look at jojos art style?

No. 263437

Even for long before I got into watching / reading jojo, I was really fascinated by it beacuse the artstyle and aesthetics are just so beautiful to me. Best art is most polarizing I guess haha

No. 263477

File: 1671028454607.png (56.47 KB, 367x410, 1421432534194.png)

I always liked it personally. Not a huge fan of diaper butts but I like everything else about it, including the awkward expressions and weird anatomy kek

No. 263478

Most anime art styles are atrocious, at least jojo is detailed and creative.

No. 263488

I think the art style is pretty cool and unique, it’s this odd mix of inspirations that stands out from the average manga/anime. Unfortunately the fans are so fucking insanely obnoxious I have a gut reaction to anything jojo related kek

No. 263494

It changes with every part, there’s no fully consistent style. Personally I didn’t like how 5 & 6 looked but I loved 3, 4 and 7

>I have a gut reaction to anything jojo related
Literally me with Chainsaw Man right now. Not even Narutards were this annoying

No. 263496

NTA, is liking millennium actress the most out of kon’s movies actually a normie opinion? Most people like perfect blue the most I think. My source for that statement is the fact that I do like millennium actress the most and I get styled on constantly for defending it

No. 263504

Princess Tutu is an anime original, the manga ran along side it or so I heard which might explain why it didn't expect the turn tutu anime went through and is more shallow as a result. It's closer to the promo vid than anything.

No. 263572

I love Tokyo Godfathers! It's so much fun and it has the only tranny character I'll ever love

No. 263616

my understanding was he isn't actually trans but okama? I've heard people say things have been misinterpreted but idk

No. 263623

The size of their thighs (in the anime at least) make me cackle

No. 263626

Most people I know say paprika or tokyo godfather but millennium actress has always been my fave

No. 263636

File: 1671064018619.jpg (38.31 KB, 640x360, chitose Chan.jpg)

I've been watching some of it but it's a bit boring to me. I think of those short episode cutesy G-rated SoL comedies that I've checked so far the only one that somewhat hit the spot for me was Welcome Chitose-chan
I really like Toutotsu ni Egypt Shin's art style though, and I love their paper thin square arms kek

No. 263762

If you simply want a more fashionable protagonist I have some recommendations.
Real Clothes-it's a very old 1990s feel josei. She starts off as a style-less saleslady to dressing up and climbing the ladder in their department. What I love about this author is the research in her works. It's very educational even mentions fast fashion and the struggle to compete with it, kek.
Her main character for another work Oishii Kankei is also fashionable but she's a chef and wears casual outside of work.
Dunno if this helps you but I hope it helps someone out there wanting a vintage feel josei.

No. 263765

I was one of the people who checked it out from that big tumblr post making fun of the animation but I was surprised how mature the story is, kek. The kissing thing was still weird but it deserves more credit IMO

No. 263858

I rewatched it recently and I think you're supposed to read him as trans. He talks about how much he's always wanted to be a mother and gets offended when he's put in a men's ward in the hospital

No. 264110

File: 1671240934627.jpg (242.35 KB, 1920x1080, bocchi.jpg)

it's one of those semi-realistic uguu shows, this is how they treat an actual problem like alcoholism. even if the reason why the character became an alcoholic is realistic, the narrative treats it as if it's so cute and quirky even though she's causing actual trouble because of her drunkard antics and barely has any money because she spends it all on booze. a weird moe romanticization of alcoholism where nothing is done to help treat her addiction and instead they're like "hey alcohol will take all your problems and anxieties away"

No. 264145

This is such an odd thing to criticize a casual SoL comedy show for…and I cannot think of a single comedy I've watched (anime or not) that has treated alcoholism in a serious way. What the heck lmao.

No. 264146

File: 1671265149559.png (187.61 KB, 536x490, Screenshot_254.png)

anyone like dungeon meshi?

reading it makes me feel insane because i almost never ever ship hetero pairings but the manga's elves are all canonically androgynous/feminine and it drives me nuts. i can't help but to pair them up with the girlies. even though every single one of my ships is entirely impossible.

No. 264148

File: 1671265203193.png (340.58 KB, 1112x350, Screenshot_257.png)

here's another screenshot i've been staring at like an idiot lately. it's extra stupid as the guy here has a lot of ship tease with another dude (which i love, but y'know)

No. 264152

If I could tell the Canaries apart I would ship them but I can not so I do not.
Yes I like Meshi but this belongs in the manga thread, nona. Anime will come eventually but it's not here yet.

No. 264169

Why the hell is Trigger in charge of the anime, I they go with they usual hysterical style it's going to be so bad.

No. 264191

File: 1671290005234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 500.89 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20221217-195018_You…)

Spoilered cuz of the WORST scenes in berserk . Some moid made a figure of it . I get that berserk Is a good manga but man you have to fucked in the head to make this…

No. 264217

Anons, there’s a manga thread too

No. 264241

>berserk Is a good manga
As if it wasn't full of very sexualized rape scenes involving animals and young girls, as if it wasn't made by a scrote who supports pedophiles (that he defines almost as an oppressed group) and lolicon and seethed at the fact that women were "taking over" the anime and manga scene. Fuck him, fuck his weird-looking power fantasy with rape manga and fuck his followers.

No. 264243

No. 264245

is there any post about the pedo thing? like proof or anythinggg

No. 264287

File: 1671305295113.png (555.04 KB, 950x1400, E8YnGNvWUAkVozK.png)

He drew this. If you look up "miura loli" on twitter you can find the other page that continues it as well as stuff about his favorite loli waifus and how he would have his mangaka friend fax him pics of his waifus to motivate him.

No. 264297

This is so disingenuous, as if cp wasn't allowed until recently in Japan. As if risqué child models aren't a thing and as if moids don't hurt real girls there.

He also drew a nude little girl straddling Guts and trying to kiss him in Berserk.

No. 264376

I wish this was true but with underage gravure existing and japan's culture of shaming victims/not reporting sexual crimes you can't really trust those statistics or that argument.
I recently saw a tiktok of a high school exchange student in japan, and her classmates told her to get used to being molested on the train because it was normal. Japan doesn't have low rates of sexual crimes, it has low rates of people reporting it.

No. 264390

wasn't aware we had a manga thread. ya gomen gomen

No. 264393

Thanks to nonnas posting about Millennium Actress I watch it last night and I really enjoyed it. I felt more deeply engaged than with other Kon films and the subtle aging of the characters was masterful. I didn't notice how Chiyoko was changing until the quick succession of all the versions of her

No. 264405

I like the shin chan 213 ep for christmas. Also Haruhi

No. 264461

Iirc aside from the pedo comic above he also drew a short comic strip about the wizard of Oz where he drew tin man wanting to help dorothy "make children". For some reason I can't find it online anymore but I'm pretty cure he drew that shit.

No. 264467

….god I didn't know that…. although i agree miaura couldn't write women for squat i didn't know about his loli infatuation.. no wonder his new manga had a hermaphrodite child chara..damn I feel sick now ..

No. 264534

File: 1671387064931.jpg (514.1 KB, 2979x4096, kimnenemMM_art.jpg)

Can anyone recommend me some animanga with well written female antagonists? I am a huge fan of Makima but recently I have been thinking that her motives aren't particularly interesting. I also dislike how she gets sexualized by everyone - whether be it Fujimoto, the animators or the fanbase.

Some personal favourites of mine are Higuchi from Freesia and Altair from Re:Creators. Ozen from MiA and Sanakan from Blame! are good too but they are minor antagonists.

I like female villains who are able to fuck shit up without their sexuality being involved. It is a little infuriating how many female villains(including Makima) have to seduce the MC. And upon defeat, they turn into some sort of a waifu.

No. 264561

The villain from the original Last Exile doesn't show up much, but she fits your description iirc.
Also Benten from Uchouten Kazoku. Moids often seethe at her because they don't understand her.

No. 264575

iirc it got posted in one of the older anime/manga threads on here you may find it if you look through them
I never saw this image before and it’s an awfully poor attempt at mental gymnastics to justify this shit.
>chart presented as fact to make a point with no clarification on how the data was compiled
>calling it “libido buffer zone” as if consuming such media and getting off to it isn’t a choice
>acting as if normalizing sexualization of children “isn’t hurting anyone”
I knew what a pos he was from some scenes and how he wrote casca alone, but thats disgusting on another level. I still enjoyed the parts of berserk that don’t get off on misogyny, but ew fuck him.

No. 264670

I stopped watching the new Gundam somewhere around episode 5, is it worth catching up on?

No. 264673

nta but I tried looking it up but I think we lost it when we lost all those /m threads

No. 264678

ata, maybe if you look into the instructions in the pinned thread about the /m/pocalypse you can find it again I’ll try and see if I can. it just came to my mind that it might be that you couldn’t find it online anymore because it wasn’t from miura, but some other well known author who’s supporting this shit as it happens so often in the industry.

No. 264795

I stopped on 7th, it's just so dull, Suletta, her autism, her many potential love interests and hardly any fun mecha action. It's supposed to have 25 episodes total but if there's to be a twist towards more serious and more interesting story, they really should get to it already… At this point IDK who is the target audience of this show

No. 264833

I dropped it when it became apparent I was supposed to sympathize with Gruel Jerk (fuck him, he was literally beating his gf in the first episode)

No. 264838

File: 1671487649704.png (1.45 MB, 1400x1049, cowbell.png)

Can't believe they named the main character Slut. if Gundam Mercury is a Utena homage then I swear to god someone involved is bitter about a certain something that happened in Utena…
pic not related

No. 265020

Looking at the seasonal lineup, I realized I forgot about the Trigun reboot. Looked up the new PVs, it looks even less promising now, and I wasn't even someone completely turned off by the first teaser.

No. 265023

Higurashi and Umineko but please read the mangas or vns instead of watching the animes
Also heard the promised neverland be praised for this but haven't watched myself

No. 265034

I hate the zoomer haircut, still can't get over it kek

No. 265035

File: 1672042169669.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.07 KB, 1920x1080, Mob.jpeg)

Anyone watched the final episode of Mob Psycho 100 III? The ending is so precious and wholesome.

No. 265037

girls who are into reverse harems? lol still hard to believe so many characters would find someone like suletta attractive

No. 265046

For sure but why make girls who like reverse harem like gundam? Not like they'll buy these gunpla kits anyway… and aren't the only released figurines so far of female characters only? It doesn't make sense

No. 265296

File: 1672224008759.gif (1006.86 KB, 1280x720, 24df760ae4b62c99e14f563fa81ecb…)

nonas should i give Kill La Kill a try? it seems just coomerish but i'm willing to go through that if it's good

No. 265297

I don't even mind coomer shit and I thought it was trash, most of the characters are hysterical retards and the story and the animation are not good enough to make up for it. Satsuki was wasted on this show.

No. 265298

if you like Studio Trigger then yes. I don't regret watching it but I'm not gonna watch it again.

No. 265303

nah, just look at the sakuga comps on youtube if you like trigger animation. The animation is so incredibly crappy for most of the show, and they stretched out the bare bones story when it could have easily been wrapped up in 12 eps.

No. 265305

I watched it when it was airing and I can hardly remember what it was about
Mako was a fun character but that's about it

No. 265313

File: 1672232083582.jpg (38.8 KB, 694x315, 1672231965199.jpg)

now that I see it, I can't unsee it

No. 265314

File: 1672232118518.jpg (74.69 KB, 1018x500, 1672231944508.jpg)

No. 265401

File: 1672258671900.png (1.32 MB, 669x1491, 1637424595945.png)

some more Inspirations for character designs

No. 265403

File: 1672258702381.jpg (1.46 MB, 1200x4641, Kengan_IRL 1-2.jpg)

No. 265404

File: 1672258725584.jpg (1.46 MB, 1200x5797, Kengan_IRL 2-2.jpg)

No. 265405

File: 1672258757737.png (741.62 KB, 797x578, 1635789981632.png)

No. 265409

File: 1672258942768.jpg (148.8 KB, 753x559, LWgA2kUcue.jpg)

Bowie's Goblin King was the inspiration for Bastard's Dark Scheider, which in turn, was the inspiration for Hunter x Hunter's Silva.

No. 265412

I really don't see it, but maybe it's because of DS being a turbo degenerate slut and looking different later because of the art style changing.

No. 265426

YES!!! I loved it. It was a lovely fitting end that tied up whatever loose ends were left, and just overall just a feel good ending, if not just a tiny bit bittersweet because it's over. I'm the nona from above who asked if it was worth watching, and I'm glad other nonnies pushed me to, because what a wonderful series it is!!

No. 265427

Have you seen other Trigger shows? If you dig them then you'll probably enjoy it.
Personally I fucking hate Imaishi's style, I literally couldn't stomach anything he touches from TTGL to KLK. Even Promare was underwhelming.

No. 265456

oh my god I always knew Sanji was an ugly man. I feel so vindicated.

No. 265457

I'm going to watch it today! I've been sick and forgot to torrent when it came out and now my internet is being slow

No. 265514

File: 1672289291646.png (Spoiler Image, 236.63 KB, 735x681, hbd.png)

It was oddly under-animated. Felt strange.
I lol'd at the final scene being reigen's birthday. what a nice treat for reigen fans.

No. 265520

File: 1672295875688.jpeg (3.84 MB, 4032x3024, 0DC515B5-0C44-4A30-BEED-DA4C1A…)

Interesting you recommend this anime. I just picked up the entire series other day at a used store for $9. It’s obviously a Chinese bootleg/copy but idgaf.

No. 265571

File: 1672337467368.jpg (150.92 KB, 640x907, REIGEN_Manga.jpg)

I hope Reigen's manga gets an adaptation.

No. 265845

File: 1672465793423.gif (580.58 KB, 500x220, tumblr_mqx3v3PWIe1rs4yfmo2_500…)

Just finished code geass and loved it outside of the scrotery they put in to hinder how truly gay it was. Wish i watched it when it was airing but unfortunately i'm a zoomernon

No. 265923

is kino's journey actually good

No. 265928

File: 1672510280764.png (750.99 KB, 1065x714, S000189_01.png)

The old one is good (movie included), because the director changed things a bit to create a darker/more serious atmosphere. New one is more loyal to the source iirc and doesn't have that, so it's pretty average imo.
Also potato Kino's design >>> Kuroboshi's coomer Kino design.

No. 266010

everyone on /a/ said it was good back in the day but I didn't like it. just didn't deliver.

No. 266077

File: 1672596295901.jpg (221.41 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1665616296.jpg)

(Sorry for CSM autism but I got really disapointed and this is the only place for me to post this)

What are anons' final impressions of chainsaw man anime? I thought it was really underwhelming and the whole "cinematic" approach was just not a good idea. I honestly wanna know what movies the director has been watching for him to think that "cinematic" is when there's no comedy or when the comedy is shit because the timing and delivery suck and when every color is muddy.
This might be stupid of me, but I've been bothered for a while that modern anime is often too "clean" and over detailed and doesn't experiment visually, and I thought chainsaw man would be the anime that could bring a more experimental and less clean style to the mainstream and maybe even start a trend, which would not only make anime more interesting to look at but also probably easier for the animators. Then the actual anime comes out, and not only did they do the exact opposite and do the most visually bland rotoscoped clean thing ever, but even the whole narrative aspect that made CSM feel original (the chaotic vibe) is removed. It really saddens me because I remember seeing an article about how even animators with decades of experience were having a hard time with modern anime wanting autistically detailed animation all the time. It's like MAPPA has a contract with the devil that if they don't force themselves to make 20 rushed adaptations every year and make the animators lives as hard as imaginably possible he will take 20 years out of their lives and murder their children. My fault for having high expectations.

Also, it's so weird to me how you can change the tone so much in such an overly faithful adaptation. If the director really wanted the anime to have a completely different feeling it makes no sense to adapt it almost panel for panel. At that point it would make more sense to just make shit up. This is exactly why people hated anime Kobeni. He took a character completely meant to be laughed at and changed absolutely nothing about her, but tried forcing the viewer to take her more seriously. Another thing is Himeno. I think the director thought Himeno didn't get enough time in the manga before being killed, so he wanted to give her a bit more screen time to make her death have more impact, which is fair enough, but he does this by having a bunch of flashbacks, showing her bumbling around her apartment and focusing multiple EDs on her, which actually adds NOTHING and just feels a bit preachy. If he was so desperate to make Himeno more fleshed out he could have made anime only scenes of her actually doing stuff with the other characters. A lot of animebros would have probably gotten really mad at this for being unfaithful, but it's what makes more sense to me with the approach the director took (which is already pretty unpopular anyways).

Tinfoil: this is the fault of those 2 hour youtube essays for making MAPPA think the main appeal was the 2deep4u story, so they thought it was a good idea to throw the whole dark humor and chaotic vibe completely in the trash and just make a super serious adaptation to focus on the plot.

No. 266082

Is Mysterious Girlfriend X any good? I watched the first episode and am mildly interested but it was also very scroteish.

No. 266090

File: 1672606031576.gif (731.57 KB, 500x281, aIv0fFi.gif)

Nonnies, I haven't watched anything new in ages beside Mob Psycho. I'm tired of seeing male propaganda. Is there any recent anime who is worth watching?

It's nice but extremely slow.

No. 266096

that's what csm fans deserve for liking a garbage coomer manga

No. 266102

File: 1672608584984.jpeg (270.98 KB, 1052x1500, BAE35B40-1654-4F54-84E1-EA70F1…)

I enjoyed Koukyuu no Karasu from this season. First two eps are a little underwhelming but it picks up after a while.

No. 266138

File: 1672615534505.jpeg (45.41 KB, 623x478, 1745F288-E5C9-4C6C-ADDA-2F2300…)

When CSMfags discover their coomer rip off manga/anime actually sucks.

No. 266690

I'm gonna steal your mindset as a coping method.
Especially for Makima's voice btw. I don't like every single anime woman sounding super young either, but the way moids reacted so strongly to Makima's va (and only Makima) was defenitely coomer kneejerk reaction. At least now we don't see barking retards everywhere.

MAPPA didn't need to make it suck even harder

I've learned my lesson nonnies: I am never having artistic hopes for seasonal shounenslop ever again.

No. 266795

It actually made me kinda happy how the Makima casting (she's some kind of pop idol?) made /a/ so mad, because she didn't bring that coomerist "ara ara" energy into the performance. Die mad, mommyfags

No. 266811

Why would anyone at mappa care about a random youtube essay?

No. 266841

I can't help but think Chainsawfags are retarded. As an animeonly, the anime was fine. I truly doubt it was so bad that they need to collect signatures for a new anime. You got a passion project adaptation and yeah it might not be exactly what you wanted, but it's retarded to scream about it and make a such a big deal.
I remember seeing someone on /a/ bitching about the scene where Aki walks over the flower ghost. Then they posted the scene in the manga to show everybody how bad the adaptation was. They booth looked exactly the same. Truly sub 100 IQ.

No. 266882

An entire fanbase huffed so much of their own farts they unironically made themselves believe they were all reading something "greater" than shounen. So getting your average shounenshit anime adaptation and seeing all the flaws stand out harder is just funny as fuck.

The anime also made me realize how low CSM's rewatch/reread value is once you know the whole story.

No. 266897

File: 1672804738685.png (721.96 KB, 1055x1054, borkborkbork.png)

>I can't help but think Chainsawfags are retarded. As an animeonly, the anime was fine. I truly doubt it was so bad that they need to collect signatures for a new anime.
I agree. I knew zero things about it beyond what the trailers showed. I didn't want anything more than some mindless action, violence, and gore and I got what I wanted. I dunno what's up with scrotes needing to argue that it's deep and meaningful. The only message it has is "sex is better with the people you know deeply" which is presumably absent in all the other crap like this. It's far from deep but scrotes are retarded and need to be told not to be diseased sluts.

kek of course they hated her, she sounded perfect; dismissive and reserved.

No. 266979

It was a joke. I'm not actually making serious tinfoils about anime series kek

It's definitely different to watch it as an anime only because it undeniably has production value, so I guess when detached from the manga it's just a bit bland and has some bad CGI. For manga readers the deal with it is that it genuinely (I promise this isn't autism overanalyzing) has a completely different mood, despite being almost completely accurate, so it's jarring to watch.
As other anons have said, CSM's plot was never "the most greatest thing ever made" like some people made it out to be, so when you adapt it in a super serious way that makes the focus go to the plot, then you're left with just "another shonen", which is fine, but very underwhelming. It's just weird to see a show get so overhyped and MAPPA putting so much production value into it just for it to be such an average bland show.

Speaking of /a/ spergging, what's been tripping me up lately is how I now can identify /a/tards in normie sites (insta, mal, etc) by them using retarded terminology, like calling the CSM anime "dishonest" (whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean, who the hell describes fictional media like that?), and I've seen some guy unironically call it "chainsoy man". I've only started checking /a/ recently for the spergy CSM threads, were /a/ users always this identifiable?

No. 266985

Have any nonas watched this anime? I wish this old style would make a comeback, the animation is really beautiful.

No. 266991

Based. Glad he died before he couldnt finish it. We waited 7 real life years on a boat. going a snails pace at 1 chapter every 3-6 months. And once I found out about the pedo apologist shit, I lost all respect for him. Rest in piss, miura

No. 266996

Yes. Anyone born in the 80s/90s has scene the masterpiece of Record of the Loddess War. myself included. Saw it back on 2001 It's makes me so nostalgic for hand drawn animation. I cant get into much new anime because the assault of cgi.

No. 267001

>I didn't want anything more than some mindless action, violence, and gore
CSM doesn't even have that, it fails in the most basic things a shounen should provide. The fight choreography is poor and there's no excitment because the characters don't have any meaningful reason to be fighting. The story would be much better if Aki was the protagonist.

No. 267003

lmao I knew yall would feel the same way I did. Why is it so praised? Like people say the animation is soo good, but honestly its kinda shit, just badly traced rotoscoping. And the characters are boring stereotypes. Lol funny stupid perv, lol hungry dumb girl, lol smart boring fag. Not the next level amazing groundbreaking anime everyone says it is.

No. 267004

Just for the OP, the 11 different EDs and some scenes with top notch animation I'm glad the anime happened

No. 267005

Finally the new season has started

No. 267006

4chan has leaked so much to normalfag websites these days ever since discord became popular, people share links in their sekrit discord clubs. Now you have twitterfags saying based and your average weeb browsing /a/ and being shameless about it ouside the board. Its inevitable since the internet feels more "communal" nowadays compared to the past where small communities would happily exist in corners of the internet.

No. 267009

>were /a/ users always this identifiable?
Kind of, with their use of avatars and lingo, but you couldn't really run into so many of them outside of maybe weeby mmos which was my experience, you really had to know what to look for. I kind of miss old /a/ which was a lot more unfriendly to newfags and had a pretty distinctive board culture. Now, as the nona quoting you said, you'll see /a/ posters everywhere and hiding your powerlevel is a thing of the past.

No. 267041

>CSM doesn't even have that
>goes on to critique exactly that
Did we watch the same anime? I liked the scenes of Denji criticizing others for shitting on his "weak" reasons for fighting; for survival, a nice life, and wanting to touch tits - which is basically every moid ever anyway, I laughed. Those aren't really weak reasons, just because they're not some vengeance mission to self destruct over doesn't make them weak. There's gotta be plenty of quality or loved anime with the two former character motivators. Those aspects are either the point or jokes, like Aki brooding like Sasuke.

No. 267079

I simply don't understand how can you even manage to watch an anime revolving denji, the most basic and insufferable moid to ever exist and be like yeah, this is peak anime. Worse to see that some women actually simp over him, like if you want a pathetic desperate man no need to worry just make a tinder account and you'll find plenty

No. 267082

I have noona! The art is gorgeous although some episodes can be campy lol . I truly miss this style

No. 267122

>equating fiction with reality

You're worse than the women who are enjoying CSM or Denji. Something that is purely fictional lives rent free in your head and you keep complaining about it.

No. 267123

maybe because you shitters are fucking obnoxious

No. 267129

>different EDs
I liked that, it was nice actually. You don't see it much.

No. 267162

File: 1672946978723.png (486.88 KB, 430x568, ugly shark mug.png)

I'd watch CSM if Denji was hot, but he isn't alas

No. 267163

File: 1672947132488.gif (1.75 MB, 498x310, pochita-chainsaw-man.gif)

I never gave a shit about CSM but I tried to watch it because there was so much pochita fanart everywhere. I love this stupid little dog so much. I couldn't make it past halfway of the first episode though, it was just so fucking boring. I was going to pick it up again because I just love pochita so much but my friend told me pochita dies so I'm glad I didn't try again. Fuck csm.

No. 267164

The nona has fallen in love with a character she knows nothing about!

No. 267167

Pochita is the only thing with a soul in this whole manga, and he barely appears.

No. 267168

Pochita is a cutie but yeah he dies pretty much right away, I'm sorry nona. I was kinda hoping he would come back to life eventually but it seems like that won't happen.

No. 267177

No, you're just a fucking bitch.

No. 267188

You can't have the competent brooding know it all cool looking character as a shonen protagonist, that's never been done. The protagonist has to be either ignorant of the world or goofy

No. 267207

>ackshually shitji's horniness is very deep
>samefag paranoia
>sexist slurs
Integrate, ret/a/rd

No. 267216

Fuck off. I won't shame other women for harmless stuff like liking an anime or a fictional character.

No. 267234

Ok but I will. It sucks and the women who like it are the type of "omg randumz i liek bewbies too me and my boyfriend look at girls together" type of girls

No. 267237

You're delusional.

No. 267256

File: 1673002479714.png (1.44 MB, 1772x1772, FlYnEsJWAAACRMP.png)

just report the bait, ladies. if this is normal fighting for the thread, then I'm glad I rarely open it. can't imagine being so insufferable and delusional cause a woman likes something silly and mindless, must have 0 friends on and offline.

No. 267264

File: 1673010575096.png (939.17 KB, 960x720, 1601590038489.png)

Why are some nonnas seething over Denji hate? I thought being critical of animanga that caters to cumbrains is normal around here.

No. 267266

I've not been in this thread but I'm so surprised women actually like denji I found him annoying as fuck and flat as a character

No. 267268

Tbh I'm noticing this trend of "it's harmless if a woman likes this omg" as a defense and it's like you do realize what website you're on right lol. We're regularly haters here

No. 267284

>CSM doesn't even have that
Nonny, that meant that the other anon thought that aspect was very weak, not that it's literally not there, you're being obtuse.

>which is basically every moid ever anyway

I actually get this. Almost every single shounen has gross pervy characters, Denji not constantly groping unwilling women or creeping on random women not only makes him less gross than the majority of perv characters, but also better than a considerable ammount of real life teen moids that every girl is forced to deal with at some point. His pervyness is cringy, but the anime/manga being self-aware of it and there being worse moids in real life (as in, society treating it like a normal thing) makes him feel more harmless to me, especially when compared to shit like Mineta.

The endings were very nice, and they all had very cool animation. It was a weird decision in terms of resource distribution, though.

No. 267295

I don't know honestly, it's pretty disappointing.
Imo nothing wrong with finding obnoxious characters cute or hot but when people get defensive like this it smells like butthurt newfags to me. I find plenty of characters with horrible personalities appealing but it doesn't stop me from shitting on them as characters or the shows they're in.
There's this new breed of anime fans which are so used to coomershit that if they encounter anything slightly "self-aware" it somehow becomes exempt from criticism.
CSW is same old, same old, except this time the mangaka has a femdom fetish instead of being into ryona and the usual groping. Meanwhile zoomers that are barely 18 and ageing out of entry level stuff they watched so far are eating it up because it's slightly quirkier, ironic and it feels more mature. Coincidentally lc gained a lot of users that fit into this demographic so it makes sense that people are suddenly butthurt about it here kek

No. 267322

And I've noticed a trend of shit stirrers posting only to hate on other women. Also telling them to date irl moids instead of simping for anime boys? Like what kind of scrote logic is that.

No. 267330

I think that was a perfectly appropriate post, considering when women like male anime characters they like them for either their really positive traits that are rarely found in irl men, or ridiculously villainous characters which are totally unrealistic but can also be totally appealing because even villains can have great personality traits.
Meanwhile, if Denji is your husbando, well let's just say you won't have to try hard to find a Denji in real life at all which kind of defeats the point of falling in love with an idealized fictional character. Not saying women should date those types of men at all, but out of all magnificent anime husbandos it's totally fair to shit on someone for having shit taste.

No. 267334

Yeah I'm the one who made that comment for that reason. Denji is SO similar to real life moids, like what's even the fucking point. As you said a husbando is supposed to be idealized, if you're simping for a basic monkey brained coomer then people can shit on you for having bad taste

No. 267337

>husbando is supposed to be idealized

That's just your personal opinion. Most anime characters have terrible or nonexistent personalities and people still love them. The point is to place affectionate feelings on someone fictional because you don't have anyone irl or don't like real people.

No. 267338

No one is stopping you from having shit taste. The one who's baiting here is that ret/a/rd who expects everyone to enjoy his shounenshit series.

No. 267339

>The point is to place affectionate feelings on someone fictional because you don't have anyone irl or don't like real people.
That's embarrassing. I know that we're anon here but why would you admit to that?

No. 267340

Admit to what? I'm not even a husbandofag

No. 267341

At least this nona did her research and actually knows the character. The rest of you just keep screeching coombrain over and over.

No. 267342

File: 1673036722491.jpg (31.33 KB, 635x600, 1535517211497.jpg)

>Complaining about a story written by and for men is misogyny

No. 267343

I didn't complain about that, but about some aggressive retards here attacking and hating on other women for enjoying things.

No. 267347

No one is doing that. Saying Denji is a bad character isn't an attack against other women.

No. 267351

You didnt read all the posts, but whatever. I dont really care if someone hates Denji or CSM.

No. 267384

>Nonny, that meant that the other anon thought that aspect was very weak, not that it's literally not there, you're being obtuse.
And my point was that our standards can be different, just because it doesn't suit her standards doesn't mean someone else can't enjoy it.

No. 267390

Jojo is hideous and if I have to watch another Jojo ep I will personally never speak to them again

No. 267411

File: 1673069174082.jpeg (102.58 KB, 719x1024, 91B8CF96-EC35-40E9-9CE8-67C47F…)

Never speak to who?

No. 267484

Nona is out there astral projecting into Jojo's Bizarre Universe and she's just casually dropping it here

No. 267496

>I kind of miss old /a/ which was a lot more unfriendly to newfags
lmao do you remember the simpler times when people got banned for liking naruto? I still have the screencap somewhere. It was always a shithole but there were some fun things, and tbf narutards were super annoying and invasive at the time and there were hordes of them, so it was kind of necessary to treat them this way if you didn’t want to have the catalog cluttered with naruto powerleveling infight threads. With today’s increasing quantity of short-lived, viral flavor of the year crap like csm or kny you have it only a bit and fandoms tend to move on fast to latch onto the next big stuff but there will never be a plague like narutards again I guess. MHA maybe idk but I don’t really go there anymore

No. 267715

File: 1673209693349.jpg (72.61 KB, 600x575, Tumblr_l_53362295660678.jpg)

they'll be happier without you

No. 268225

Last episode of Gundam…
Nonnies, actually, what the hell.

I still love Aerial though.

No. 268309

It was my first Gundam but I did not enjoy Witch from Mercury that much. It wasn't awful, just boring and mediocre. Also too many characters.

No. 268314

speaking of gundam, whats the best anime to start with? i would prefer something older

No. 268316

08th MS Team is nice and pretty short

No. 268326

File: 1673390266113.png (9.04 MB, 4800x5400, nk5ecx3ufr9a1.png)

Anything that interests you this season nonas? Hikari no Ou seems okay so I'll give it a try, and I'm also watching Vinland Saga S2.

No. 268332

File: 1673392853040.jpeg (339.17 KB, 2954x1620, Image 11.01.23 at 00.19.jpeg)

I loved Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, don't judge me.

No. 268376

>>268326 Good to see Vinland Saga has a set date. They kept waffling. I hope the animation doesn't regress. The first seasons second OP reusing so much spoiler filled animation kinda sucked.

No. 268414

depressed Thorfinn will be a joy to watch

No. 268422

Started watching Lodoss and I love it so much. The style and vibe is everything

No. 268427

all of those look vissually undistinguishable from eachother

No. 268428

this guy is hot but the mc is annoying

No. 268438

This was of my favorite shoujo manga of all time even though there's only 2 volumes while the light novel has like 17. I'm surprised but happy it's getting an anime adaptation! Looks like there's going to be a new seinen reimagining of the manga which makes me a bit sad but I hope the art will be good

No. 268448

I'm so excited. I don't know anything about the series but I love shoujo romance anime. I hope it's going to be another of those series that you end up remembering years later. The guy's design is 10/10 as well.

No. 268449

how can you guys stand such an annoying cliche mc

No. 268460

File: 1673463890452.jpeg (188.68 KB, 480x720, Buddy Daddies.jpeg)

I'm going to watch Trigun because I just have to. Hikari no Ou looks interesting so I'll check it out. I read the tomo-chan manga but I don't know if I want to watch it lol. I will probably try Buddy Daddies (don't see it on your list) because it looks like fujo bait and I like to stay in touch with my fujo roots even though I don't do ships anymore.

No. 268464

Same here I love shoujo romance anime too nonna! I agree this is going to be one to be remembered

No. 268471

I don't get why you think she's annoying. She's just a normal girl. I like that she is confident in pursuing her dream.

Haven't seen Buddy Daddies but I heard it's straighter than SpyxFam.
I'm salty over Trigun, I actually like the animation and Vash's design is very nice but the dialogue is so exagerated and generic. Idk if I can keep watching it.

No. 268490

File: 1673467739440.png (229.44 KB, 640x360, 863cd011397987bec32b95fdf04261…)

Is anyone watching the Nier anime? Is it any good?

I wanna watch pokemon lol

No. 268511

she's the typical self-righteous mc which gets too easily flustered and starts shouting and arguing with the male lead. i've seen it so many times, come up with something new

No. 268516

I haven't watched anime in years and a friend recommended me Banana Fish. I find it compelling but awful, like a car crash. It's disgusting in so many aspects, why would anyone enjoy watching it?

No. 268529

Lmao what the fuck. I don't remember it being offensive at all. What do you mean exactly?

No. 268531

I don't know, most of the plot? It's Sexual Violence: The Anime. It was just too much trauma porn for me.

No. 268546

File: 1673482359057.jpg (456.15 KB, 1698x1200, keyvisuals1.jpg)

Just watched the first episode here are my thoughts:
>first ep follows the start of the game very closely
>switches between 2B pov and 9S pov
>pacing blends action scenes with quieter scenes seamlessly
>dialogue feels about as "anime" as it does in the game
>establishes and contrasts the differences in 2B's and 9S's characters through dialogue and action
>the 3D models are trying their best not to look distracting
>A1 Pictures delivers average modern day animation quality in the anime industry
>music taken straight from the original game sounding phenomenal as a background soundtrack
>2B's lolita dress looks as pretty as always!
>they flash her butt twice (I think?) in the fight scenes but it's subtle enough
>ends with pods puppet theater similar to how they talk to each other in their sequences in game and then another puppet theater with 2B and 9S explaining how the game has several endings in a comedic tone

Overall it looks quite similar to the game in terms of atmosphere, visuals and tone so if you liked the game definitely check it out! So far though it's just more of the same. I'm hoping they'll expand upon the story further and not just retell it directly even if that would make it less of a faithful adaptation.
But also even if you haven't played the game but you're into dystopian stories give it a try! I think this series will be welcoming to newcomers and old fans alike.

No. 268547

What is it about?

No. 268549

Same honestly, the way they forced themes like sexual abuse, trafficking, etc. left such an awful taste in my mouth, you could tell that it was just there for shock value

No. 268552

I remember a tumblr post years ago trying to sow discord cause Yuri on Ice was super popular and no one was checking for Banana Fish like that. Something something fujos and slighting actual gay male rep something something. And how is Banana Fish good rep or even 1/5th as romantic as yoi when the main japanese guy was sold to the blonde guy?

No. 268561

File: 1673492468276.jpg (14.92 KB, 800x450, une_premiere_video_promotionne…)

I've watched the first two episodes of Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi and it's cute as fuck especially Himuro, I love blushy, easily flustered guys. If you like romance animes I would highly recommend. It's technically not part of a specific demographic (the manga is a webcomic) but it's basically josei. So don't worry about it being scrotey.

No. 268582

I find it so weird that people were shocked by this. I know Banana Fish had that in the story but I don't even remember the specifics at all.
I personally like stories with sexual abuse and trauma because I can relate.

No. 268607

Thank you nonnie, I'll check it out! I never played the game myself but I did watch a full playthrough (unfortunately it was Cry's and I've yet to find another playthrough that's just as good) and I adore the story. Sooo happy to hear they kept the game soundtrack, it's amazing!

No. 268614

I'm playing the game right now so hopefully I can finish it before the anime stops airing, we'll see. I hear that players should at least do a few complete runs to reach the "true" ending so this may end up taking a while

No. 268647

Gonna hop straight into the One Piece rabbithole. Wish me luck, the art already pisses me off.

No. 268650

Nier is kind of funny in that regard because when you get the first ending you haven't even played a third of the game

No. 268674

yuru camp is peak comfy, i find it difficult to binge watch SOL anime but i realized when i have anxiety or panic attacks one episode really calms me down. i think it's because it's so mundane, i could imagine myself doing the same things. and the food looks so damn tasty. hated the episodes with the alcoholic teacher though, she completely ruined the vibe lmao i really can't stand any unhinged drunkards in anime, i see enough of them irl

No. 269164

File: 1673886036419.gif (6.36 MB, 719x381, cutepuppy.gif)

So many random isekai this season but I'm happy Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement got an anime. It's so slow so far the manga is a lot better. I'm watching the handyman one and the other one I forget the name of because it's so dull. Last season was better

No. 271122

bump above the spam

No. 271131

I watched the first episode when it aired after having beat the game only about 4 months ago. I decided to wait until the entire season is out before watching any further. The first episode is identical the beginning of the game, so it’s kind of painful to watch at such a slow pace if the story is still fresh in your mind. I have heard that Yoko Taro said there would be deviations in the story, but not sure how drastic.

No. 271413

File: 1674523917579.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Koori Zokusei Dans…)

tfw no yuki onna (male) co-worker bf

No. 271511

File: 1674592352426.jpg (528.6 KB, 4000x2000, featured-vinland-saga-season-2…)

I can't tell if Vinland Saga season 2 is sucking ass or if I'm just bored because I read the manga and know what's going to happen. The massive downgrade in animation is distracting as shit too. Thanks MAPPA.

No. 271516

I'm anime-only and the first episode was boring but the last two have been pretty interesting

No. 271522

Oh no, this is so upsetting because I LOVED season 1. I haven't watched any of s2 yet. Waiting for whole season to be out. This is why I have trust issues with anime. Why are so many studios incapable of consistent work?

No. 271526

The first season really did look so much better and more crisp.

No. 271532

File: 1674602468596.jpg (31.44 KB, 1000x600, oniichan_oshimai.jpg)

Any other nonnies watching this? I didn't like it at first, the 1st episode is truly gross, but then I saw a clip where it talked about periods and tried it again. The scenes where the characters act like normal sisters/friends are so enjoyable. I wish it was a normal anime about siblings growing closer without the gross pedo coomer wish fulfillment and fanservice.

No. 271541

Maybe it is a bit of both. I thought the animation was not as strong but still nice. Glad others noticed it. Since this arc is slow, it could be that the pacing doesn't hold attention as well. It's still just starting and giving the subject matter it will probably feel like a slow crawl until the middle and that should make it worth it.

No. 271542

I don't really like the whole forced feminization gender bender aspect of the series, it's very gross. Shame cause I like the colors used.

No. 271550

lol i would NEVER watch this

No. 271556

File: 1674614272243.jpeg (426.08 KB, 1242x1534, 28B407DD-23F1-438F-A9AD-3F2548…)

Moid fetish shit, but with a cute color palette, no thanks. I'm guessing they want this anime to be like Galko-chan but with a tranny moid to appeal to other trannies and pedos.

No. 271563

The first season was done by Wit Studio. That's why it looked miles better than the rough drafts we're getting from MAPPA in S2. Einar has like 7 different faces.

No. 271569

File: 1674633313371.png (Spoiler Image, 11.77 KB, 443x499, 1479611997914.png)

Wow how nice, I am so glad they aren't using their time on other projects.

No. 271580

File: 1674643092711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.65 KB, 1200x1200, Fm2tDFGaYAEc_VB.jpg)

That's what they did in one of the episodes, switching from a normal bikini in it's manga to a shameless coomer shit. I can only wonder how worse it's gonna get, so I am not watching it.

No. 271587

Why would you even waste time watching something with a premise like that nonnie… Have some standards and respect for yourself.
I'm starting to feel like weebs who are severely obsessed with the 2000's moe anime revival have such low standards, and I know a ton of them lurk here. You have to learn how to filter through moid shit kek

No. 271595

I'm sorry nonnies, I know it's shameful but I ended up liking it. I couldn't get the OP out of my head, and liked it after giving it another shot. I like the non-coomer parts, the character designs are very cute, the colors are very pretty, and the animation is done with that new technique of tracing CG so it's really nice to watch. I can ignore the coomer stuff, and honestly I'm a huge weeb who enjoys pretty much everything.
I'm mostly just sad at the wasted potential, it could have been a cute friendship show.

No. 271618

I hate CRAPPA as much as the next person with standards but you guys sound deranged talking about S2 looking different when the 90% of the same staff at WIT who worked on S1 are working on S2

No. 271620

you know. i think a creator making a few throwaway comments (jokes) about liking forward women and happening to write a forward woman in his manga doesn't automatically make it a fetish. if anything, maybe you're dealing with some internalized misogyny by assuming a women who is virtually not sexualized in series (there's one scene but that's very uncomfortable to see, after the great Reveal) is actually just a fetish character lol. would you think she was a "femdom fetish" if she were a guy. would it be "ooooh i can't like makima now because the author admitted to enjoying mean men and now he's spoiled for meee haha :( x"

No. 271624

File: 1674669168812.png (64.21 KB, 1080x432, 1670854199269.png)

It sucks when a character you really like is fetish fuel for the mangaka and his self insert MC, but it is what it is.
Stop trying to blame women by crying "internalized misogyny" for stating facts. He didn't just "happen" to write her that way on an accident.

No. 271626

Did the animation in season 1 look so low quality? I honestly don't remember.

No. 271631

KEK what the fuck? Those two are the same character?

No. 271649

File: 1674686476169.jpg (457.38 KB, 848x1033, vs3.jpg)

The top one is from the second season and the bottom from season 1. While I actually remember it looking better I think the art style is very similar during these non-action moments, but I noticed season 1 was less saturated in color, even outside this random screenshot that's happening during the dawn. The stronger colors make s2 look "cheaper" in comparison.
Season 1 also had a lot of pretty and wide nature shots while season 2 didn't leave this impression on me yet but it's only 3 episodes in.

No. 271656

File: 1674691348409.jpg (72.21 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_p7tbpbIxF01qd2lv…)

I just finished another rewatch of Utena. Currently forcing my husband to watch Adolescence with me and I forgot how much I hated the movie. The visuals are beautiful but changing Anthy into a more sociable, happy girl rubs me the wrong way. In the series she was far more withdrawn from her peers for a reason. She's just a very complex character and she's written like that for a reason.

No. 271674

Yes! I hated the movie too and it seems like an unpopular opinion. It's been a long time since I saw either, but watching the movie after the series was disappointing.

No. 271775

Late answer, but I was a huge fucking fan of Jojo since the I followed the 2012 anime weekly. Read almost all of the manga content within a month or so and was into a bunch of the characters, but the later parts somewhat killed my interest at some point and I absolutely hate the current artstyle and how much the later parts drag on, so I stopped after 7 and after I lurked in the part 8 threads for a longer while.
For me Jojo worked the best when it was shorter and more comedic/trashy and had proper beefcakes, alias Part 2. Still enjoyed the manga of 3, 4 and 6 a lot but it wasn't the same and I got tired at some point and the anime versions felt even slower. Not saying newer parts are worse, only talking about my personal taste.

No. 271784

File: 1674760414685.jpg (97.28 KB, 1920x1080, portada_mou-ippon-5.jpg)

Think in the end the season weaker as it felt like at first.
Still enjoying Revenger (like the action, wacky parts and the dues, especially the archer) and Vinland Saga s2 and I even prefer the anime version of ep. 1 here. The respective manga chapter was quite shallow and slap-sticky and I think that a tragic introspective approach worked much better for a series that starts with slave trade.

Everything else is mixed. Hikari no Ou ep. 1 was perfect, but 2 suffered from an absolutely horrible direction but I hope it was an exception, because the story, mood and world intrigue me.
Buddy Daddies 1+2 were a massive disappointment even for someone who didn't expect much. I didn't expect it to be anything but het, but I at least expected decent action and funny chemistries. Instead it's about a never-ending screaming brat, two guys that only talk to each other if they complain and the wacky action of a saturday's morning cartoon. Ep. 3 have some good scenes that prove that it could be so much more though.
The shoujo series with the elf guy looks pretty, but I don't like kabedon-tier romances so I dropped it.
Tsurune s2 is also super pretty but feels like a Free clone just with another sport.
Kaina and Trigun have potential but I don't like the CGI and the latest Kaina episode was irrelevant IMO. Trigun has the engaging MC, Kaina has the interesting worldbuiding.

What surprised me was the Judo anime Mou Ippon. Nothing spectacular, but I like artstyle and designs and the girls seem rather human instead of being moe ughuus.

No. 272001

Personally, I really liked the movie because of how different it was, but how it more or less gets the same point across. I really like seeing alternative versions of characters.

No. 272004

The movie is quite different from the series but I always liked to think that it was a continuation of the end of the series. It's my (ultra autistic) headcanon that everything in the movie was orchestrated by Anthy to unite with Utena once and for all.

No. 272007

Not any of those anons but me too.

No. 272016

I hate how forced the "please love her she's so adowable littol daughteru awww" little kid in buddy daddies feels
Lmk if the other anime originals are worth watching as more episodes release nonna my schedule is too crazy right now to juggle a lot of stuff this season

No. 272060

File: 1674897378806.jpg (31.32 KB, 567x456, 6f5e7409846f9b417ea178e53309e8…)

I haven't watched the new Trigun, but did they replace Milly with a middle aged moid? I haven't seen her in any of the trailers and I'm kind of disappointed if that's the case.

Also all the gundamfag nonnies should watch Gundam Wing if they want to watch a gundam series. The writing is shit-tier like every other gundam but the cast is actually geared towards women and isn't just moid-pandering.

No. 272061

in my headcanon the movie is a fever dream which Utena dreams wherever she is after series' end until Anthy finds her </3

No. 272098

This and the lack of chill episodes is my big complaint about the series so far, not even the CGI (which is cool for the action and BGs but bad for certain other things).
I really hope she will be part of it and just be introduced later, it would be a too odd choice to leave her out for no reason. Maybe the OC(?) guy dying or going home and being replaced by her would make sense, but no idea if it's what they are going for. Since an OC seems quite fishy.
I also wish there were some episodical parts at first like in the old anime. I kinda hate that they spoiled the twist right at the start because back then it was a huge reveal I didn't see coming after watching what was basically a chill wild west action show so far. There is no room to breathe in the new series but it's probably fault of the modern audiences that call everything filler if it doesn't progress the mainplot for a few minutes.

No. 272101

As a newfag to the gundam wing series, the prologue set my hopes up way too high. I entered the actual series expecting adult and older women in gundam fight and engineering action but alas, I was served these young moe girls instead. Disappointing. There are good elements there though, I like the parts that give darker take to the storytelling, and the Utena-esque dueling was unexpectly fun to witness.

No. 272122

File: 1674937376562.png (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Blue Lock - 16 (1…)

Blue Lock was super educational this week

No. 272130

Don't even bother with the new one, it's garbage. Just stick to the classic.

No. 272131

File: 1674947477880.png (430.64 KB, 1022x745, Lady_Une_.png)

If you mean Relena, she's actually a badass honestly. I don't think a single woman in the series is moe at all anon? Picrel was my favorite until the middle of the series.

No. 272138

what gundam wing did you watch? There are like no moe characters in that show. It's definitely one of the more adult gundam series.

No. 272141

File: 1674956888853.jpg (10.8 KB, 225x327, 9105892873569128576.jpg)

sage cause not sure if this belongs here on in the manga thread but im getting so impatient for the pluto anime adaptation. i hope it finally gets released this year as its been in production for 6 years and its the 60th anniversary of the original astro boy anime so the timing would be perfect. it was confirmed to be about 95% complete as of last may, so i wonder how much longer theyre going to wait to release it.

the 1980s version of astro boy was one of my favourite shows growing up so it brings much nostralgia.

also, cant wait to see husbando epsilon animated lmao

No. 272149

i don't think its every going to happen

No. 272170

File: 1674979615953.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2048x1038, 0EFDBEB9-E0A5-4DD7-B32B-FB2469…)

Thank you kind nonnas. I forgot to mention the serie name and upon checking it I realized I also wrongfully called it as gundam wing. That’s my bad. The one that I watched was mobile suit gundam: the witch from mercury (picrel).
I’m very relieved to hear about the gundam wing series from you. I definitely look forward to become more familiar with that one.

No. 272175

Same anon, who still had a dumb need to vent that the prologue for the witch was beautiful, dark and tragic, and I really hoped to see more of that since the setting of the prologue focused a lot on the women of the gundam staff. It was like a cake that was taken away after I had a bite of it.
Picrel, this ending credits version for the witch prologue sent me weeping. Depicting the technical development those gundam organization women worked for. Now I’m done with my vent, sorry and thank you.

No. 272214

Super late but eva is pure garbage. Can at least 1 nonna explain to me why it has female fans? It's just another coomer thing, what is so special about it?

No. 272219

File: 1675005542613.jpg (258.25 KB, 1920x1080, [mottoj] Asobi Asobase - 04 (B…)

Asobe Asobase is the best anime ever. No coomer shit plus troon hating moments.

No. 272245

samefag but I just watched episode 5 and it's about the girls finding out who is the troon in their girls-only school

No. 272267

tired of pretending brotherhood is the ultimate perfect anime, the art style is way uglier than the 2003 adaptation, no i don't care that it's more accurate to the manga and oddly enough it felt more coomerish too (especially winry). also the 2003 adaptation had a better overall dark tone even if the ending is worse

No. 272268

I personally like the aesthetics and direction. The characters are alright, I wouldn't call them exceptionally deep, but they work well in the context of the story. And coom aside, I think the atmosphere and imagery are the main appeal to most people.
Eva does have some cringe moments, sure, but I can look past that. Can't blame other nonas for hating it, though.

No. 272270

I don't get it either. it's coomer shit mixed with christian symbolism, the absolute worst. the only redeeming thing about it is the opening and ending songs. the penguin is the most likeable character in the show kek

No. 272278

I was a teenage girl when I watched it and I rewatched every scene with kaworu and shinji many times because fujo tendencies.
I also liked rei because she seemed emotionally closed off and did her job (relatable). sometimes it’s affirming to see people not happy and not getting along well so you know you’re not alone in feeling upset or having interpersonal problems (big themes for teenagers lol).

I don’t know why an adult would be a fan though.

No. 272279

Also I didn’t find it that coomer-ish except the plug suits (which I guess were a big part so it’s a fair complaint). When shinji jacks off to comatose asuka I was shocked (as a teen) and it was the first time male desire was depicted to me as a bad thing and I could see it as disgusting which was oddly eye-opening.

No. 272292

Both versions are inferior to the manga.

No. 272293

Thank you, I sometimes feel like I'm the only person who thinks this with all the brotherhood autists kek. I watched both series side-by-side and the only thing I liked about brotherhood was Isaac, and he was dead in the very first episode.
2003 had its filler moments but the stuff the writing team came up with was just cooler. Tucker was horrifying, they didn't make the woman-murdering serial killer a joke character, even Ed got way less insufferable the longer the show went on which was great. I liked the way they handled the homunculus, too. The skull thing was just cool.

No. 272294

File: 1675042180240.jpg (33.16 KB, 320x480, 3ab4db449f11080be784c5d1fc6006…)

I hope you enjoy it nonna! Gundam Wing isn't perfect by any means, but I enjoyed it. It's definitely one of those shows that would be ruined if they remade it or it aired today.

No. 272301

Asobe Asobase is great I love it, even when rewatching I am having a fantastic time. But there's definitely coomer shit lmao

No. 272347

Yeah I don't get why it's #1 on MAL (probably because it's one of those baby's first anime, but an adaptationshouldnt be considered the best anime of all time anyway), artstyle is bad, the humor that works on the manga doesn't in the anime, there a lot of questionable choices with the voice actors imo… and all the things that make it good are from the manga in the first place. I don't like the first anime either but at least the art and the music were kino.

No. 272676

File: 1675258892514.jpg (36.55 KB, 850x350, 1675258427602.jpg)

I just watched a video about these girls and found out the story is actually about straight romance for men. I hate it here. Moids don't deserve tomboys.

No. 272730

Is that Tomo-chan?
Sorry it wasn’t yuri, nona, but it was a pretty cute story. It strikes me as the type of manga that would get a horrific anime adaptation. I will not be watching.

No. 273245

File: 1675461647973.jpg (6.48 MB, 6449x4098, Mobile.Suit.Gundam.00.full.117…)


It turns to crap with the whole (unironic) Romeo x Juliet subplot. Some fights are really cool, but the ending is pure retardation. The only people who like it are nostalgiafags who saw it on TV many years ago. It didn't really age that well.

Gundam 00 has the sweet spot of being an AU (therefore requiring no knowledge of UC), having a compelling story and nice graphics.

No. 273248

Worst Gundam since Gundam Age. I hope this travesty is soon forgotten. Pandering to yurifags always, ALWAYS turns shows to total shit. It must be because the writers don't even need to try - the pandering is enough to bring in cash of starved yurifaggots and other CGDCT-loving scum.

It doesn't feel the same not watching it real-time with /a/. Not recommended.

Cheap shows, cheap designs.

I agree. It has a nothing-burger of a story, but it attracted a dedicated fanbase by coming out at the time when there was much novelty concerning anime and people ate up whatever was available. It had a unique climate and style. Especially when all you were familiar with was DB and (maybe) Eva. The (bootleg) OST/song compilation is absolutely gold though.

No. 273326

I liked it a lot and I didn’t watch it with /a/. It’s a very fun original show. I did watch it while it was airing so I’m not sure if it’s a good binge show.

No. 273328

File: 1675506655240.jpg (50.5 KB, 1280x720, over my naked body.jpg)

It's not a good binge-watching show - the second half loses the craziness of the early episodes. Though there are still some funny moments.

For a really fun show in the sentai climate I recommend sCRYed.

No. 273343

I recenty watched 3 anime movies. Two Mamoru Hosoda movies two days in a row. Mirai and Belle. I also watched In This Corner of the World.
I liked Mirai, it was cute. Reminded me of something I'd enjoy as a young child.
Belle felt pretty half assed. It was like a modern spin of Summer Wars and Bokura No War Game. I saw someone mention both Mirai and Belle didn't have the writer all the other Mamoru Hosoda movies has and Belle really stood out on that. One thing I hated of the concept in general was the reliability of social media and sponsorships and it being just so normal to immerse your physical self into the digital universe. At least in War Game, characters around them were freaked out when Tai and Matt entered their computers. Also one of the main plot devices of Belle was a ||doxing gun|| and an almost shot for shot Beauty and the Beast moment for 15 minutes. The singing was good. Overall, the concepts in the movie didn't hit me like other films of his.
In This Corner of the World was great. I thought this would've been some low quality slice of life film. Had me fuckin bawling.

No. 273348

setsuna my beloved

No. 273353

File: 1675526768410.jpg (181.85 KB, 886x485, ore wa gundam da.jpg)

He can only love Gundam.

No. 273398

This is obnoxious

No. 273401

The main character being a cute girl is fucking annoying, smells like tranny shit.

No. 273402

File: 1675540584395.jpg (16.2 KB, 798x139, Screenshot_11.jpg)

The concept is cute imo (adapting silly greentexts) but it's a shame that it's a given the main character would be a little girl with a moe voice

Also kekking at the retarded comments, 90's, really?

No. 273404

If it were based and creative it’d be edgy, and mock how degenerate and full of trannies chans are, but its made by a group of coomer artists

No. 273451

worst thing I’ve seen all week

No. 273526

Ayrt: lol I hate scryed so much, I think it’s an awful show. nothing funny about it except how bad it is.

No. 273530

What do you hate about it?

No. 273531

>90s aesthetic
Normiefag spotted

No. 273543

Anon, idk if you actually read the manga to see more panels of kishibe but its pretty obvious he must've been modeled after mads mikkelsen

No. 273887

File: 1675720456004.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, Yu-Yu-Hakusho.png)

Nonnas, what's your opinion on picrel, is it worth watching/reading ?

No. 273898

Yu Yu Hakusho is phenomenal. It's easily my favorite shonen series. You'll enjoy it.

No. 273899

File: 1675722954514.png (2.02 MB, 1548x1080, Yu Yu Hakusho_ 73 - The Stalki…)

Finished it myself recently for the first time, no nostalgia on my part. It definitely shows its age with pacing and writing choices but if you're a shounenfag like me you'll still find it entertaining. I still think its overrated in the community but the chemistry between the main cast is great and its kinda cool to see how Togashi's writing evolves over the course of the series.

I think most people say the manga is slightly better but I wouldn't know

No. 273903

loved it when i was a kid, but i don't think i'd have patience to watch it again

No. 273927

To be honest it's just OK. But I would watch it over literally any modern anime, it can't be compared to the stuff that's made now.

No. 274100

File: 1675798584640.jpg (259.31 KB, 633x1000, 531677.jpg)

i'm watching nana for the first time ever, nonnies. i'm enjoying it immensely but at the same time the story feels so raw and real that i feel like finishing this show is genuinely gonna fuck me over. the fact that the manga isn't finished and probably never will be only adds to it.

i'm at the part where hachi takes nana to her hometown to watch the trapnest concert btw.

No. 274104

I watched it a long time ago on TV when I was in middle school and loved it. I think it's great until the arc with Sensui ends, then it feels like someone forced the story to persist and it turns out that it was the case with the original manga.

No. 274106

File: 1675799806944.jpg (2.2 MB, 1500x2120, 00000140.jpg)

Urobuchi delivers again. Place your bets on who betrays who in the finale.

No. 274111

Everyone in this is so ugly.

No. 274132

Yeah the lack of an actual ending will 100% leave you dissatisfied. The manga goes a bit past the show and I never understood why they didn’t give us those extra few episodes to at least catch up. There isn’t really another anime that hits like Nana that I know of (I tried hard to find one), but I enjoy Carole & Tuesday for more music and friendship themes.

No. 274151

Thank to all of you for answering, I'm convinced now

No. 274162

File: 1675817126761.png (2.23 MB, 1548x1080, Yu Yu Hakusho_ 73 - The Stalki…)

The ending to that arc pissed me off especially because I feel like the build-up to it was 10/10 and the story was growing more complex in writing, but then the final fight dragged on with Sensui's schizo 8 personalities thing and then Yusuke's O MY DEMON DAD MY SPECIAL BLOOD.

Its ok though since YYH mistakes led to his magnum opus HxH
Loving this so much. You just know Usui has a fucked up history/dark secret and I'm really looking forward to finding out more

No. 274272

in mood for some nostalgic y2k anime, any reccs?

No. 274315

is there a particular genre you're looking for, nonna?

No. 274359

anything as long as it's not mecha, scifi or too scrotey

No. 274374

I didn't even crack a smile, who is this meant to be entertaining for?

No. 274451

My favorite shonen series of all time. Better than DBZ. I was obsessed with it growing up.

No. 274469

I was about to say Hana Yori Dango but then I looked it up and it’s from the late 90s… Then I thought Hell Girl but that’s 2005.
Maybe try FLCL? Saiyuki is another one that might be good (they just redid it too).

No. 274470

Actually FLCL was pretty scrotey but in an annoying way not a big titty anime girl way. I’m just nostalgic for it.

No. 274476

Have you seen Paradise Kiss?

No. 274506

dating anywhere between 2000-2009 in no particular order:
>Trinity Blood ('05)
>.hack//Sign ('02)
>Chrono Crusade ('03)
>Madlax ('04)
>Kaleido Star ('03)
>Gensomaden Saiyuki ('00)
>Boogiepop Phantom (00)
>Blood+ ('05)
>Paranoia Agent ('04)
i know you said no sci-fi, but if you change your mind, these three are excellent imo
>Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo ('04)
>Ergo Proxy ('06)
>Kino no Tabi ('03)
i tend toward edgier stuff, but if you end up sticking with any of these, i'd love to know your thoughts!

No. 274509

File: 1675917599269.jpeg (56.78 KB, 331x475, 7EE35952-EA43-4B1D-9C3F-0BAC5A…)

R.O.D: Read or Die (the OVA)

No. 274519

Such a good list! Add princess tutu and we'd be college friends.

No. 274529

Fuck off, we're trying to enjoy anime here.

No. 274530

Anons are allowed to call scrote media scrotey you retard.

No. 274534

Ok then go enjoy redo of a healer and leave the rest of us

No. 274548

Ironic, maybe just stop watching anime altogether because it's too
>scrote media
for you.

You're so clueless.

No. 274550

Are you retarded? Go back.

No. 274556

>Ergo Proxy
I watched this as a kid and rewatched it again recently… man that is a slow burn. It’s not awful but I couldn’t recommend it to someone who already isn’t interested in sci-fi

No. 274565

I'm not sure if you mean y2k as in the year it's made or as in the overall aesthetics/feel of the anime so some of these may not fit:
haibane renmei
fruits basket
death note
welcome to the nhk (this one is kind of scrotey but not too bad)
samurai champloo
wolfs rain
hamtaro (more of a kids anime but still cute)
peach girl

No. 274584

Did I trigger someone by insulting FLCL? Come on lol if you’re old enough to hold it near and dear you’re old enough to not get offended on lolcow.farm because I said it’s scrotey. It’s a boy coming-of-age story, Haruko is cool but she’s also a walking manic pixie dream girl trope. I don’t think I noticed when I was a teen but going back for a rewatch it’s extra apparent it was not made for female viewers like at all.
I didn’t watch the remakes from 2018(?), is it different now? Is there a whole new generation of people defending FLCL lol?

No. 274595

Don't mind it nonnie, lc has been invaded by animecore/webcore/y2k fresh weebs for a while now and they only consoom anime because it fits the aesthetic they're going for, plus they're still incapable of critical thought due to probably being underage.
I miss LC's population from just a year ago.

Seconding this, it's such a slow burn and I always felt like the pace didn't really pay off well in the end.

No. 274603

Huh no wonder I never liked it.

No. 274644

Belle felt really under researched. Typical boomer reading of social media lol. I get so spergy about the small details like people going "her freckles are so ugly" when her avatar's very beautiful and freckles are like a cute makeup accessory people paint on themselves. Not to mention Yuzu herself isn't even that ugly that they're so surprised. The whole "dox yourself to prove you have nothing to fear and you're your genuine self" is such an uninformed detached boomer take. I could go on. I hate most modern anime movies pandering to normies so much.

No. 274759

File: 1675983198008.jpeg (107.86 KB, 1170x743, D17C1869-4DF2-4C2F-8C38-27A2CA…)

Is this legit?

No. 274763

No, it was a cosplayer.

No. 274785

File: 1675997334554.jpeg (561.42 KB, 1280x1802, 6B9A1212-58FA-4AC7-9821-417825…)

I love gay Kyoani stuff, how does Tsurune compare to Free? Is it worth a watch? I see that there’s 3 seasons now and a movie. I’m so out of touch these days with anime, I didn’t even know this one existed until today.

No. 274792

I hated Free but I love Tsurune. (I've only seen the original season though.) It's barely gay, mostly just cute. I recommend it.

No. 274802

Just started this today and I’m enjoying it so much. Haven’t watched an anime with swords and samurai in a long time. Forgot how much i love that setting.

No. 274803

The dryest sports anime i have ever seen. Skip.

No. 274807

File: 1676005201515.gif (6.91 MB, 540x500, makotokonnoleap.gif)

So I finally watched "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and I really liked the first half. I liked watching Makoto fuck up multiple times, and then go back and fix it, or go back and dodge mishaps, ace that quiz, etc. I really hated the romance subplot though. I would've rather she kept messing up in geometric proportions so that by the end of the film, she had to run around the city in a "perfect run", so to speak. I also HAAAAATE the animation style (don't get me wrong I like the character designs) because every time it zoomed out on someone, they just became a gangly-proportioned, faceless blob. I couldn't believe that critics compared it to Ghibli films, when at least Studio Ghibli doesn't do that. Blegh. It's from 2006 so I shouldn't complain about the romance stuff, seeing as that was the style at the time. I loved Makoto, though, she's a great character: completely flawed, totally acts like a teenager (I loved how fast she texted, that was perfect), isn't super kawaii or a Mary Sue, is a pushover, loves exploiting her time leaping… I wish more anime protagonists would mimic her personality.

No. 274821

It's a slow burn but beautifully animated. Feels more like a slice of life than a sports anime and I really enjoyed that.

No. 274823

File: 1676015282089.jpeg (771.01 KB, 2132x3066, FgsPJwPaUAAOdXp.jpeg)

I'm still reading Busu ni Hanataba wo./A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl though I'm super happy to hear that it's getting an anime adaptation in the future. It's rare to see a plain-looking female lead who is also relatable in the romance genre with a handsome guy and I hope they do it justice since romance anime for girls don't get that much appreciation. I'm just so tired of scrote romcom garbage being produced every season. Last romcom anime I enjoyed was Romantic Killer.

No. 274829

I remember starting this but dropping it because imo it was yet another "girl with cute face but she's called plain/ugly because she's chubby and has glasses" and the love interest wasn't interesting enough. I still think it's a step in the right direction and hopefully we'll be able to see a good manga/anime about an actual ugly girl in the future.

No. 274832

I love the music in Belle, so much that I regularly listen to it on Spotify. But the movie was such a mess. I was bothered by how there was no real resolution for those abused kids… Dad goes to prison and they’re orphans now I guess? But we don’t see him getting arrested so he could very well just continue beating them? I feel like I could easily see him doing a murder suicide due to being publicly humiliated and backed into a corner. I probably put way too much thought into this kek

No. 274846

I think it's unironically gayer than free in the sense that seiya and shuu are pathetic simps and get jealous when minato shows interest in the teacher and in the light novel it's based on, it's heavily implied minato has an actual crush on the teacher lol. Free is a bit more dramatic and more entertaining to watch, but if you prefer something comfy i reccommend tsurune. It's also a bit more like a gay harem, minato has like 3 different implied love interests, but it's pretty subtle so you might not catch some stuff on first watch while free is more "showy"

No. 274863

why aren't there more good anime being made of successful shoujo manga, or just general anime that'd be popular with a female audience? I've seen so many women (yumejos and fujos especially) who blow tons of cash on characters and series they enjoy so it's not like there is no profit to be had - women are clearly willing to shell out money for anime they like. yet most of the new releases seem to be repetitive shounen, coomer bait (like that nagatoro shit), harem garbage, boring isekai, lolicon/pedoshit moeblob - basically stuff meant to appeal specifically to scrotes.
what gives? I don't know much about the anime industry so am curious to hear nonnies opinions on this

No. 274889

Thank you! I read a bit of the light novel as well. I like the characters more than free because they feel more real. Also, the art behind archery is so beautiful. It's such a relaxing series.

No. 274904

I think it's a mixture of it mostly being men in that industry who have the final word and so they make content that appeals to their/mens/boys preferences, who are the main demographic watching along with Japans extremely high aversion to change. I almost feel as though Japan doesn't really seem to care about making money as much as other countries but maybe that's just me.. Also one thing I will point out is that on the fujo side of things drama seems to be the preferred method of adaption over anime. There have been quite a lot of BL dramas, and I'm speaking specifically of Japanese ones, as of late compared to anything anime related when it comes to BL stuff which I've been curious as to why that is.

No. 274905

Not to sound flippant or lazy about generalizing a complex issue but the reason is literally sexism.

No. 274907

File: 1676040518323.png (196.94 KB, 550x550, 03_thumb.png)

Saw the new gundam Mercury and I really liked it! Someone said it feels like utena in space and it really does although the mc can be a bit Mary sueish but I'm hopeful for the future after the last episode! Also guel too he has a stupid hairstyle but I really like him!.

No. 274911

Gruel Jerk hit his girlfriend in the first episode so I hate him and he will not be forgiven

No. 274917

He hit his girlfriend? Wtf why??

No. 274921

He hitted the tomatoes kek also mironne isn't his girlfriend

No. 274929

Isn't Gege Akutami tinfoiled to be a woman due to the huge amount of gay stuff in JJK? Their face has never been shown and nobody even knows if it's a man or a woman.

No. 274936

it's because
1.anime industry is run by scrotes who are actual weebs and only want to see waifus
2.meanwhile doramas are dominated by female-centric series and it's more profitable for shoujo and BL manga to be adapted in live action

No. 274937

Probably because the people making dramas know that their target audience has always been women. People making anime still think their main target audience always has to be men, and still think only male-oriented shows will sell well.
I think japan in general still hasn't figured out women are the biggest consumers? Or maybe they don't want them to be, or think it only applies to material goods. Maybe when all the old japanese male executives in the industry retire or die things will change.

No. 275000

>Japan doesn't really seem to care about making money as much as other countries but maybe that's just me
Are you kidding, they are OBSESSED with getting as much money out of anime as they can. Think of all the real-world promotions that anime characters do. The only one I can think of is Solid Snake promoting Axe Body Spray.

No. 275003

File: 1676064884827.png (321.8 KB, 784x425, 1675780760878077.png)

Just my opinion but I think that they know that tons of women are into shounen nowadays, the genre as involved to be a bit more open to female audiece and there is tons of money to make with just the slightest bl teasing

No. 275004

Oh nonna I'm late but love this show so much and now I want to rewatch it again. It's one of the most underappreciated shounen classics there is, it was big when it came out but for some reason it was forgotten and it's never even gotten a reboot.

And speaking of the legend, he's the only shounen author scrote that deserves to breathe.

No. 275010

Started reading this but goddamn I already love it. I love how the mangaka depicted parents as ACTUALLY LOOKING LIKE PARENTS. Not like, anime men and women with two lines drawn under their eyes.

No. 275031

so seems to be a combination of sexism, adapting things to dramas/live action more than anime, and adding in some fujo/yumejo bait to shounen/seinen. I guess the sexism would be really hard to do away with which is sad, it'd be nice to have more new anime that isn't so heavily scrote pandering and more women working in the industry

No. 275038

Some week ago or so a leaker said there were upcoming news. AFAIK he leaked other stuff that was confirmed later and we know that the studio was still working on it a year ago or so, so it's not unthinkable. The director is old so this is probably a love project and they are taking their sweet time.

No. 275039

This. Glad someone agrees. Honestly a lot of unfaithful adaptions from the past turned out to be better than the source in my eyes. Not sure if Tutu's manga was there before the anime, but the anime is 100 times better. I also think that Boogiepop Phantom is better than the new one, hell even Kino no Tabi was much better. I cannot even name any instance in which a remake was actually superior. From what I heard the new Shaman King was also somehow worse.

Also, 2003 FMA had that wonderful Russian song that makes me emotional till this very day.

No. 275042

The only show this season I would recommend if the other person isn't against samurai or somewhat serious stuff.

Now this sounds weird, but I like that it's serious but unspectacular? So many series with plot try to stick out hard these days by forcing in twists, wild genre mixes that fuck up the narrative or shocking scenes. Like I LOVED Fena the Pirate Pricess at first but then the series decided that an adventure is outdated and low IQ and they had to throw in shit that was never hinted before (and get rid of the based pirates) and it went to shit.
This is my issue with the new Trigun too. I love the old series because it took the time to show me their world, the tragic fates of fathers that lost their families, daughters that lost their parents, people that need money and a lot of funny and wacky shit on top of this.

Anyway, what I like about Revenger so far is that it doesn't try to grab people's attention much. It's a silent series that sticks to its idea. The characters are endearing, the story is interesting and fun, no supernatural stuff, just drug conspiracies. And instead of pretending to be deep they throw in idiot action like Doc wrecking his clothes every episode or Kurima's screaming, it's hilarious.
Noein was something I enjoyed a lot. Besides other series that were already mentioned

No. 275043

I feel sad about it but it seems that girly stuff for adult men have replaced girly stuff for girls. I am in dire need of magical girl anime, josei and general shoujo so that I am currently watching a bunch of old anime that I skipped or missed in the 00s.

I also fear that cute girl seinen or modern CGDCT shows, moe shit, whatever you call it is selling well while shoujo doesn't. Not as anime at least. The thing is that the people that buy expensive BDs and merch aren't usual fans that enjoy a series, they need to be more to spend money on this. Those are usually otaku and otaku buy when they are horny for a waifu and shoujo aren't pandering to them. I mean you even see it with women to some degree, hell I love a lot of anime but to be honest if I look at those I spend money on it's the series that have husbandos or pairings that am into.

No idea why they aren't daytime shoujo anime anymore though. Anime that rely on quotes and don't need BD sales. Are children not watching anime anymore? What are girls in Japan watching?

No. 275063

>What are girls in Japan watching?
Their rights spiraling down the toilet.

No. 275081

They're watching shit like spy x family, chainsaw man and demon slayer lol

No. 275085

Ok he hit his legally assigned fiancé or whatever lol
Oh shit I did misremember! I thought it happened offscreen but I just rewatched your clip and he shoves her to the ground and trashes all her shit onscreen. (Shoving versus hitting not a huge difference imo but ok.) He’s textbook abusive. The show treats it lightly and it actually pissed me off. I was triggered I admit it.

No. 275093

I liked the ending of 2003, it was weird but at least it was interesting compared to the usual shonenshit type of ending brotherhood got

No. 275110

Little girls are watching Precure. At least they will always have that. You guys should try some of it, it can be really nice and comfy.

No. 275154

NTA but I started Futari Wa so that I can watch the new season that just started I know you can watch them in any order but my autism tells me I should at least watch the OG first out of respect but anyway my work schedule fucked me over and I never got around to finishing it in time. Its really fun so far though and it reminds me of the days I used to watch nothing but magical girl/shoujo anime when I was younger. So cute.

No. 275155

japanese female fans were fangirling over him but yeah he's textbook abusive

No. 275175

Thank you. I was fine until they started to redeem his character with no attention to his previous actions.
Imagine you’re suletta; could you ever get close to a man who treated your friend like that? I could never. (Do they get together after all? I dropped it.)

No. 275189

I haven't watched the show yet, is that his actual name? KEK

Also, question to the witch from mercury nonnas, I watched the prologue and it didn't feel like anything super special and I was a bit off put by the ammount of technical words/lore thrown at me in so little time.
Do you think the show is better than the prologue or is it about the same? I know the prologue was shown at some sort of gundam event so I was hoping it was made expecting viewers to already know gundam (I never saw any gundam before)

No. 275201

File: 1676150237039.jpeg (262.77 KB, 1179x992, 4A5F925B-CCDA-41BA-ADB6-0E6D59…)

This is his name actually which isn’t much better

No. 275255

File: 1676172143834.gif (695.87 KB, 385x498, utena-tenjou.gif)

what do radfems think of utena? all discussion i've seen of the show has been from gendies (actually in the only utena server i know of, which is absolutely so rife with gender specials that you HAVE to have your pronouns in your display name kek, and they're always like "ummm radical feminists like utena xD? did they miss the point of the show")

No. 275256

I followed Utena fans around 2011/2012. While I don't recall any of them being radfems they did lean more towards radical ideas and analysed the show from that point of view, rather than a gendie point of view. They where all women too.
But that's a decade ago so I don't know how that has changed.personally I have always preferred the manga over the anime but the manga has zero fans

No. 275261

nanami is cute i like her

No. 275270

Ngl that is one UGLY character design.

No. 275316

I find all the designs in this new gundam hideous as fuck tbh its like they’re trying really hard to be unique that it just ends up ugly
Even the uniforms are shit

No. 275326

He’s honestly the reason I dropped the show and not even because he’s an asshole. He’s just too ugly for me to have to look at him the whole time. I did like Suletta’s design, mostly the color scheme, but not her shy uwu personality.

No. 275330

radfem here. Utena rules.

No. 275332

FLCL can be scrotey but overall it's too fun and well-animated to hate

No. 275347

Yeah it’s fun, I wasn’t trying to trash it I was just stating a fact and warning the other nona because she said nothing scrotey

No. 275350

anyone have any recent anime they would recommend? like last ten years

No. 275352

Hamefura is pretty cute imo.

No. 275353

10 years is a long ass time, what exactly are you looking for?

No. 275355

Gatchaman Crowds

No. 275367

- Odd Taxi
- Megalobox/Nomad
- Ousama Ranking
- Girls' Last Journey
- Sagrada Reset
- Shouwa Genroku Rakugo
- Fune wo Amu
- 86 Eighty Six
- SSSS.Gridman
- ID Invaded
- Planet With

No. 275392

No fucking way these shows are that old what the fuck what the fuck, how can time fly so fast.

No. 275438

I liked that one about the magic tanuki family a lot … Uchouten Kazoku: The Eccentric Family
Nice change of pace from the usual anime but still very weeby and had some pretty scenes

No. 275444

File: 1676238922102.jpeg (95.13 KB, 500x445, 1C33F7CD-07B6-410E-8CCA-7C1E75…)

Samefag: also Hozuki's Coolheadedness was good. I rarely like comedy anime but it was funny and even when the humor was a little too Japanese for me the hell lore was really interesting.

No. 275530

anime series are more insufferable year by year, since when is "reincarnated as a 10 yr old surrounded by hot babes" a thing in isekai? i'm glad lolis are dying out but that doesn't mean i wanna see women lust after adult men in the bodies of little boys. and every season there is a new waifu with a dumb gimmick and another turboincel loser protagonist. i feel like japanese moid zoomers are so messed up cause they're the main audience for this because afaik older moids are into shit like bocchi not isekai

No. 275574

the majority of anime have always been scrotey but I too think it's getting worse every season. The only newer shows I can watch are generic shounen like Dr Stone or Tokyo Revengers and I used to not like that genre at all. It's just that everything else is much worse and I'd rather have an anime with very few to zero important female characters than shows where every female char is just designed to be wank material for moids.
I've mostly stopped watching new releases and stick to older shows or rewatch my favourites

No. 275849

Are the monogatari series worth watching? I have no idea what is about and people praise the animation, but it looks very scrotey.

No. 275851

It's literally a harem, it's scrotey af. If you have no tolerance for ecchi don't bother. That said, I watched it when I was younger and less bothered by that stuff, and was impressed. It's extremely stylish and clever, definitely elevated in terms of substance/quality in comparison to other haremshit.

No. 275854

>Asobe Asobase
>No coomer shit
Get some help.

No. 275944

Trailer is out. I can't wait to see my husbando animated.

No. 275945

try the rec chart >>275350

No. 275948

Still no coomershit the joke is here that girls can be jealous of other women.dont be such a prude

No. 275959

File: 1676448907818.jpg (111.17 KB, 1280x720, horriblesubs_nisemonogatari_-_…)

No. It's just pretentious ecchi. Any good plot it might have had is behind a wall of long boring pseudo deep conversations that drag on forever, and it is ridden with fanservice and female sexualization. I never liked the tryhard SHAFT directing style either. Just watch an episode and you'll see if you like it, they're all the same.

No. 275974

nta but they took a cliche animu boob size scene and turned it into an actual hilarious gag with hanako's extreme seething. i agree it has coomer moments but they always have a funny twist or they make it gross somehow lol

No. 275976

the greatest thing about asobi asobase is that it rightfully treats the troon character as predatory

No. 276039

File: 1676493863312.jpg (74.93 KB, 460x649, bx20754-akxAqF4QwYzJ.jpg)

Saw something a while ago saying to go into School-Live! blind so I did just recently and it's pretty good.

No. 276040

highly recommend the manga over the anime nonna

No. 276042

I started reading it when I finished the anime. Enjoying it quite a lot!

No. 276049

File: 1676498581673.jpg (79.18 KB, 1049x581, violet_evergarden.jpg)

Long rant/review for violet evergarden, minor spoilers ahead
I finally watched violet evergarden (only the series not the movie) and first of all, it was a slog to finish it. This should have been an anime that hits the right spot for me cause I love drama but I didn't care about any of the supporting/episodic cast, their tragic backstories came across as incredibly shallow to me and I think they tried too hard to make it emotional with the sad soundtrack and flashy animation when they only had less than 20 minutes of screentime… seriously. I know it's important for violet's character development but it was so forced, especially the episode with leon, like what was even the point of his character. I don't think it makes any sense but it almost feels like they manipulate you into feeling sad instead of feeling sad as a result of the good storytelling? Kinda pointing to you like "look look isn't this so sad and tragic". Also cause I'm the mood to rant, I HATE how overplayed the mom on the deathbed trope is like holy shit please come with something else for the drama please. Apparently everyone cried at that episode while I was rolling my eyes at the very cliche scenario, and the ending was extremely predictable. Not just that moment, a lot of the scenes are predictable like oh yeah this character is gonna compliment violet and blush cause she's pretty. The forced sexual tension between cattleya and benedict was so out of nowhere too, their characters don't even have any relevant arcs, why am I supposed to care about their beef.
Another problem, the worldbuilding. So we are in this fantasy world inspired by early 1900s europe, violet wears an edwardian dress and… the characters are eating yakisoba takeout with chopsticks in one episode?  And literally everything else feels like such a mess, some characters wearing typical period dress meanwhile others like cattleya with some sort of weird coomer tits out modern clothing. And then there's benedict almost dressed like a modern queer with high heels who does drag on the side, even though he's straight. It reminds me of how westerners depict japan with weird sexualized kimonos and exaggerated geisha makeup, that's how tacky this european inspired setting is.
Now the good parts, well as expected the animation was beautiful, kyoani did a good job as always. In fact i think it's the animation itself that makes people believe this series is much better than it seems, cause it almost a case of style over substance. Yes, it's shallow but hey look at how pretty they animated this crying scene, this will make you emotional right? Also I did enjoy violet's character, even though it was ridiculous for a thin frail kid to be stronger than multiple adult soldiers but that's anime power scaling for you. Much to my surprise I actually got invested in her relationship with the mayor and that's where it was obvious the series was written by a woman (who probably liked clamp growing up lol), it definetly had a feminine touch. The age gap is still gross, but I appreciate the fact that the mayor still respected violet and wanted her to be free and from violet's pov, I understand why she'd get so attached. And I really liked the scene with the brooch, it was so romantic. This is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine lmao don't judge me but I kinda like how the mayor is a "lost lenore" to violet in a way. It's more common for women to get fridged for manpain, not the opposite.
So yeah that pretty much concludes my review, for me it's a boring series with some genuinely wholesome scenes and lovely animation but for someone who isn't familiar with cliche drama tropes or someone who is more sensitive it might be a tearjerker. It's not poorly written, I can see they had good intentions (and some meh execution) but it's without a doubt overrated and they could have skipped over unnecessary scenes. Heard the author was inspired the clannad and I kindaaa see it in her overdramatic writing, but imo she didn't quite catch the magic of clannad.

No. 276073

I felt like the child-soldier angle was not appropriately explored or depicted and that's most of what I think about when it comes to violet evergarden. I realize if the show actually got into the nitty gritty of being a child soldier it would completely eclipse everything else but in my head that already happened.
oh that might have been me, I'm glad you like it. I usually read synopsis but I went in blind on that one because I was told to and I definitely enjoyed it more that way.

No. 276078

Ooh thank you for talking about Violet Evergarden. I've been eyeing it for awhile but didn't want to commit to watching it, because it looked like the kind of thing I'd like but then be disappointed by kek. I was right. I might still watch it anyway and go in with lowered expectations.

No. 276081

>they tried too hard to make it emotional with the sad soundtrack
honestly I feel like most drama animes does this. They rely on an over the top melodramatic soundtrack to make you sad and it come off as cheesy. A big reason why I have given up on that genre when it comes to anime

No. 276084

I watched this a few years back and I don't remember a single plot point lmao. It was so forgettable and it's only popular because of the shiny kyoani animation

No. 276091

preferably psychological/emotional/thought-provoking

No. 276094

I think I'm growing out of anime. I tried to watch some stuff from my backlog and it's all so ugly and insufferable. And I used to be a big weeb kek.

No. 276127

I disliked it for the same reasons you mentioned, the weird pseudo european setting was so offputting because it was all over the place and it felt tacky. I think 86 does a similar thing with its setting but its less egregious. Still bad though.

No. 276133

I think sometimes it works because of the build up, but here it's just a sad soundtrack the whole episode. Also for me character depth and development matters a lot, that's why even outside of anime, the beginning of the movie Up didn't do anything for me and I still think it's overrated lol

No. 276176

File: 1676562472835.jpg (38.75 KB, 220x319, Houseki_no_Kuni.jpg)

Nonnies how was houseki no kuni translated in your language? In my language the gem girls are referred to with "she" but then I checked the English version (I should stop assuming that the English translation is better) and it was the gender special "they" that was used.

No. 276183

iirc they are sexless but the japanese manga mostly uses male pronouns like boku, ore, some use female ones like watashi. But when referring to other gems they exclusively use male pronouns like kare and brother with each other. They have no genitals tho, so they really are sexless/genderless.

No. 276184

"They" was used to avoid freakouts about pronouns from what I understand since there's still a lot of bitching about whether the gems should use guy or girl pronouns.
When they turn into Lunarians they all start using female pronouns, wonder how the English translation is gonna handle that.
Also I hate how it ended. Like yeah sure there's a few more chapters but where the hell does the story go from here? Enma got what he wanted, the Lunarians and Gems escaped all consequences for their evil actions. Phos is so depressed she went into a coma for millions of years.

No. 276200

Nonnie I made you a list, here's shows from 2013 to 2023. Idk if by emotional you mean drama? I just chose drama anime that wasn't centered around romance. You can filter by psychological/drama. https://anilist.co/user/balloonshorts/animelist/

No. 276287

File: 1676595444791.png (345.53 KB, 750x422, uxgdixbrvyp91.png)

Welp. How do we feel about whatever the fuck that was

No. 276290

Male pronouns in my language (french) for all of them like in the original, thank god it got released before the tranny wave otherwise we would have probably got some neopronoun shit.

No. 276331

File: 1676602800083.gif (1.45 MB, 540x290, sa.gif)

I'm with you. Nothing I've watched in the past 5 years has that magical feeling to me anymore. I guess I'm finally a jaded oldfag. I just wish I could watch Spirited Away for the first time again.

No. 276339

I only watch real anime

No. 276349

Thank you so much, i want to see what else has stood the test of time.

No. 276350

File: 1676615848705.png (531.01 KB, 960x720, [VCB-Studio] School Rumble [03…)

i started rewatching school rumble

No. 276351

have you watched summer wars or the girl who leapt thru time?
those two movies always rekindle that magical feeling for me…(besides ghibli stuff)

No. 276352

File: 1676616137407.jpg (223.02 KB, 640x960, Uyfowyj.jpg)

aku no hana and shinsekai yori!!!!!!!!

No. 276357

You are so correct. Finally, someone with a good opinion. I’m convinced that everyone who prefers Brotherhood watched them years apart from each other and didn’t have a good frame of reference to compare them fairly.

No. 276362

I stopped watching this after they made Retsuko date the ugly emotionally manipulative hyena. Too bad because I really liked it.

No. 276370

I've never hated a fictional character more than the hyena, it sucks that they date at all. The show got so bloated and corny past season 2. It should've stayed a silly relatable cartoon for office women. Like wtf was with the whole idol thing?

No. 276373

Not everything that fits the themes is super good, you might want to filter by rating as well. But at worst it's average. The best stuff in it is probably Ping Pong for psychological and Rakugo for drama.
Should I update it with shows from 2011/2012? I just remembered 2011 was a big year for anime, but idk if you were still watching by then.

No. 276381

>It should've stayed a silly relatable cartoon for office women. Like wtf was with the whole idol thing?
I feel exactly the same, it was so disappointing to see it become so unrealistic after it was so adorably relatable in the first season. They should have just stopped if there were no good ideas for the relatable story to go forward.

No. 276383

Wait, what happens after season 1? I liked the first season a lot when it got released and never watched the rest because I don't hace Netflix anymore.

No. 276389

Been thinking about doing the same, it's always been one of my favourites.

No. 276390

Same. I watched it with my little bro using our parents on demand, weirdly comcast had a ton of episodes on there. I still love the delinquent type I love Harima

No. 276405

File: 1676649979170.gif (1005.48 KB, 470x308, Dante-dante-fma-42966410-470-3…)

I like both, but the villains (sans Greed) are so much better done in 2003 vs Brotherhood. Father is not an interesting antagonist at all.

No. 276411

I feel like chobits could have been so much more had clamp not tried to pander to moid otaku, it's really ruined by the constant pervert jokes and the shitty harem gimmick. maybe if it was released today, with a modern approach and less fanservice, it could be a gem

No. 276420

To this day I still don't understand what was Father's goal aside from a very generic "become a god". Also was it ever addressed how the dwarf in the flask came to be? It's sentient enough it could be considered a new lifeform, how th3 fuck did Xerxes alchemists created it when it's explicitly stated it's impossible to do so?

No. 276432

It gets progressively unrealistic and more focused on the side characters and melodrama. Season 2 is all about not settling but then Retsuko never makes her own decisions from there on out. She joins a girl pop group, gets assaulted by a stalker, and ends the series married to Haida after a failed political campaign. It's really all over the place. The amount of internet-speak they inject into the english dub is painful. Is all dubbed anime like that now?

No. 276439

File: 1676663133792.jpg (595.75 KB, 1191x1700, 496419.jpg)

It was published in a male-targeted magazine - your criticism is totally off. It's like complaining that a women's TV channel has fashion and diet programmes.

It's actually perfect the way it is, when you look into the subtext. A shy guy moves to a big city and meets women, some of them potentially into him, yet he chooses his robot-girlfriend in the end. This is too funny in a dark way.

>I used to be a big weeb kek
You never were if you think you're
>growing out of anime

Also, watch Gasaraki.

KyoAni choosing style over substance is like saying that water is wet. I never understood the simp following that studio has.

Too many to name. I also believe that asking for recs should be banned. /a/ forbids it and for a good reason.

No. 276445

Not that anon, but I gave up watching Summer Wars halfway through. It was an unpleasant experience.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a bit too cheesy and overdramatic - not my first rec for something Ghibli-like.

No. 276458

chobits is 80% boring old school perverted jokes, yes it could have been better idc that it was made for moids

No. 276461

Fuck off autist. This isn't the hardcore anime thread for terminally online otaku, nor is it 4chan. There is nothing wrong with asking for recs when there's 100s of shows out there. Jesus christ, imagine gatekeeping fucking anime of all things.

No. 276466

File: 1676666480245.jpg (140.34 KB, 1099x826, 1636901867395.jpg)

Once you start asking for recs, rec requests are spammed, all discussions is ruined and people who want to discuss things leave while lazies who can't be bothered to research shows proliferate - it becomes a positive feedback. This is the future you chose, I guess.

>This isn't the hardcore anime thread for terminally online otaku

How ironic, typing such things on an imageboard. You lack self-awareness.

No. 276467

this isn't /a/ and asking for recs serves a purpose unlike on /a/. we're not exactly discussing the anime-of-the-week here most of the time. stop typing like the comicbook guy in the simpsons and get a grip, girl.

No. 276468

None of that shit will happen. This is not a fast paced imageboard with tons of new people coming every day. Nothing is going to happen because 1 person asks for recommendations.
Seriously, go back to 4chan. You clearly don't belong here.

I'm sure it's an autistic 4chan moid.

No. 276469

>I also believe that asking for recs should be banned. /a/ forbids it and for a good reason.
Go back to your overmoderated no-fun-allowed shithole then where everything but coomer threads are banned. You're not going to change any rules here no matter how much you redditspace.

No. 276472

You need to go outside

No. 276474

these posts give the feel they were typed by an obese basement-dwelling neckbeard

No. 276478

>like the comicbook guy in the simpsons
Lmao it's true.
Is this the same guy that was defending male written porn games and fetishes in the fujothread? Sure seems like it.

No. 276480

File: 1676668318299.png (988.72 KB, 940x691, 1673315819424.png)

I'm just this gross on the inside - what the hell have you expected from browsing an imageboard? Who do you think congregates here? TikTokers?

Encouraging leeching behaviour (that's what humouring rec-seekers is) is just like feeding attention-whores attention. You'll learn soon enough where it leads.

No. 276481

Can you just fuck off already? Again this board and thread are not for people like you, nobody else in the thread is a retarded autist like you. Go to 4chan where you belong.

No. 276483

Idk what that anon is being smug about anyway since /a/ has been a shithole for the past 5 years at least. Gone are the days of a half decent board that actually had it's own culture.
In the end this thread is better simply by the virtue of being on a female imageboard, I don't care if nonnies ask to be spoonfed or get reccs since this is one singular thread anyway.

No. 276484

>You'll learn soon enough where it leads
All this has led to is you acting like a fool after spending one day browsing a site that’s had zero problems with discussing recommendations in its entire existence.

No. 276491

I think that's all it was, to become a god. The thing in the flask was some kind of alchemists' creation, but I think that's the extent of how much it's explained.
Dante's goal isn't some revolutionary amazing one but seeking out eternal life and screwing everyone else over for it is coherent and fitting with the brothers' personal goal that started their journey.
Plus, I preferred the idea that you could bring people back, but it only led to misery and torment to do so. Everyone who brought someone back ended up regretting it or causing more pain.

No. 276494

File: 1676671119648.jpg (21.67 KB, 900x554, Screenshot 2023-02-17 225028 (…)

Giving reccs to a nonnie is like giving them to a friend who will then come back to discuss said anime with you. We're a tiny community and don't have to be unwelcoming in order to preserve the "quality" of the thread, because it simply isn't filled with retards (mainly moids).
Anyway nonnies I really recommend Sugar Apple Fairy tale if you want some cute romance. And Shall is so pretty and pleasant to look at.

No. 276518

File: 1676676472819.jpg (941.39 KB, 1500x2125, 7b51830bfd3830e58242b464481894…)

Started season 5 of Aggretsuko and I just don't know whether I can keep going bc I just hate Haida so much. Especially knowing that he and Retsuko end up getting married. Just hate that his creepy obsession with her has been rewarded with a relationship

No. 276530

/a/ moid found lolcor

No. 276534

File: 1676679452629.jpeg (120.56 KB, 583x498, 1638869073315.jpeg)

your brain is rotted from posting on /a/ too much, many such cases

No. 276545

Adding on what other anons said, I don’t know how old any of this is but here we go

Dennou Coil
Star Driver
Mob Psycho
Do It Yourself
Dragon Dentist (movie)

No. 276608

I don’t want to watch the show but I’m slightly interested do her and Haida break up? I’m so tired of him and in the trailer it seems like they are performing together and idols can’t have bfs right?

No. 276615

Aggretsuko isnt an idol, she never was. Shes an office lady who at one point in the show became the face of a group the same way she suddenly became that one programmers bangmaid for a whole season. She isn’t under any strict rules, as a character the only person in her way is herself. Aggretsuko is no longer a character who gets fed up, she just keeps rolling with the punches, taking care of useless dudes and does the heavy metal schtick when the audience is getting too bored with the hypocritical slice of life narrative.

No. 276654

After you. Not your safe space.

Star Driver is kind of crap. The FABULOUS gimmick wears off fast and there is nothing underneath, like a well thought-out plot or memorable characters. The only thing it has going for it is that it lampoons kinda sorta Utena in places.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 276658

File: 1676728967005.gif (1.46 MB, 500x280, convertnow.gif)

I'm late but I just saw Children of the sea and loved it, I'm so mad that I couldn't see this on a big screen. It was so beautifuly animated and scored, a great exeperience ! The story felt quite rushed at some moment so I will try to read the manga next, I would still recommend it of course

No. 276665

File: 1676731075846.jpg (395.2 KB, 1980x2080, 夜明け告げるルーのうた.jpg)

I was disappointed by it. It tried to be ART in the final moments, but it just come off as 'artsy', if not a bit tryhard, and lost the plot in the process. It feels disjointed as a result - the first half being a conventional narrative centering around supernatural/magic realism mystery and SoL, the latter half went full into a 2deep4u SEA THE ORIGIN OF LIFE, look at all the SYMBOLISM!, animation-over-content mode. Borderline pretentious.

I think even Evangelion had more cohesion and more justification in doing so when pulling off something like that.

Anyway, when it comes to sea-related anime, I greatly enjoyed Lu Over the Wall.

No. 276666

File: 1676731963172.jpg (164.88 KB, 638x960, 20230210-061749907.jpg)

Going to see this in cinema. Wish me luck.

No. 276668

Go away gremlin. Nobody wants you here.

No. 276670

>still feeding the paranoia
These imaginary people who threaten to kill you at night are real too.

No. 276685

>After you. Not your safe space.
>says the newfag desperate for attention and respect

No. 276696

No. 276703

Please stop interacting with the /a/non!

I'm sorry I mentally wrote this off earlier but it was legally free in youtube where I'm from so I tried it out. It's not free from obnoxious shoujo tropes but it was actually pretty cute and sweet enough to melt my sardonicism.

No. 276707

I'm super hyped for this as I've read the manga and am a overall fan of naoki but the cgi kinda seems off in this. I'm glad to see something else besides moe shit but hopefully I'm wrong

No. 276723

I'm not sure ignoring will work, I think this is the kind of autist who needs to be bullied off threads like he was bullied in highschool.

No. 276743

oh shit this looks dope as hell. I love the manga and the trailer looks great. happy to see urasawa's works getting adapted, maybe someday we'll get 20th Century Boys

No. 276765

I've heard great things about Pluto but I see "Osamu Tezuka" and I drop it before I pick it up. He is to anime/manga what Sailor Jerry is to tattoos. I'm a hater.

No. 276769

Pot, kettle etc. You're begging for attention yourself with these thread-derailing posts.

No. 276773

Pluto is a storyline from Astro Boy rewritten/redrawn by Urasawa, IMO it feels way more like Tezuka’s characters in an Urasawa story. I haven’t read it in years scalped my manga when moids were paying over $100 a volume hehe but I thought it was fine, it’s pretty melodramatic if you’re into that.

No. 276774

I think this one is crap, like all anime which feature slavery or not!slavery as a plot device (The Rising of the Shield Hero being the most infamous case).

No. 276794

Hey now we can report the autist for ban evading. Thanks mods.

No. 276801

I don't like Tezuka at all either but isn't it entirely written by Urasawa? Should be fine then no?

No. 276805

File: 1676764117181.jpg (709.91 KB, 1266x1772, DWPoL.jpg)

loved it so much as well, it was stunning. i love the manga a lot so i was so amazed with how well the film was able to translate daisuke igarashi's style. i hope more of his works will be animated

No. 276806

File: 1676764254441.png (484.28 KB, 853x480, Astro Boy (2003) E01[00:13:03]…)

what's wrong with tezuka? i just started watching 2003 astro boy and i'm really impressed by it.

No. 276810

yeah I'd probably like it, I literally just snap-judgement filtered it based on the tezuka association
>what's wrong with tezuka?
as I said I'm a hater so I'm sorry for offending any fans itt but I think his style is ugly disney-inspired garbage

No. 276818

Aggretsuko season 1 was great, then it just kept going downhill after that. I really don't care for Haida either.

No. 276827

File: 1676779688683.png (550.61 KB, 1048x1491, ZAHnUOO.png)

i don't really get it, so you simply just don't like his artstyle? i think his art is so cute imo

No. 276831

I think the same, it's clear that anon simply doesn't like Tezuka for whatever reason, and she's free to do so, but it's not real criticism, just personal taste..

No. 276837

Yes. Don’t really like the stories either but they’re for kids so I’m not that critical of them. Don’t really want to read manga with such a strong western influence. I think he’s wrongly credited as the father of manga, I know he’s an OG but it’s not like he invented it and other mangaka were just as influential in shaping the evolution of manga/anime if not more so (most early shoujo authors in terms of art and Go Nagai in terms of stupid tropes for example).
Yeah basically. I have my little gripes but it’s pretty much a personal taste thing.

No. 276839

So for someone who hasn't watched any would it be best to just watch season one and skip the rest?
I liked the idea when I saw the trailer but never ended up watching it.

No. 276850

I think season 2 was fine too. The dumb idol thing happens in season 3 so definitely don't waste your time with that.

No. 276869

Agree. Season 1 and 2 are really fun and deal with everyday life, working in an office, friendships and dating. After that it becomes stupid - the plots in s3-5 are silly and Haida becomes more prominent as a character/love interest

No. 276880

File: 1676818123771.jpg (244.27 KB, 849x1200, Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.jpg)

This is getting an anime. I can't wait! The trailer looks stunning.


No. 276881

File: 1676819402735.jpg (259.17 KB, 848x1200, go.jpg)

Gyakusatsu Kikan just gets creepier on every rewatch by the year. The reality caught up to the fiction and the only way out is escapism.

No. 276906

This. Sometimes I thought I was wearing nostalgiagoggles, since I watched the 2003 version as a kid and Brotherhood many years later, but after a rewatch, FMA really is more interesting. The movie sets a bittersweet but impactful ending.

No. 276965

I've been wanting to watch this lately. I heard it was written by the author of one of the Metal Gear Solid novels

No. 276969

File: 1676854595116.jpeg (302.39 KB, 1434x2048, AFC77A1E-5994-4220-AEF2-A8C856…)

I watched the first episode of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale and I’m surprised that I like it so much, but please tell me the MC becomes an adult before they do romantic couple stuff. The animation is good and fairy man is so cute, it just throws me off that he’s one million years old and she’s a 15 year old child. I’m going to guess they don’t wait since she specifies early in the episode that 15 is an adult in their country. Ick. I don’t care if the male is attractive, it’s gross pedo shit.

No. 276970

This is anime aimed for 15 year old girls. Of course not unfortunately, but I can't confirm for you. I imagine it's one of those shoujos where they don't do any more than princess carrying and kissing. But it pissed me off that she's all like "I'm actually 15, an adult in this country". Girlie, you SHOULDN'T say that…
I imagine they only did that so she can start a business legally but nothing would be lost of she was 20 and just as naive and sheltered.

No. 276972

That's the problem with a lot of romance stories for girls in Japan. I'm not saying it's right, on the contrary, it's disgusting to keep teaching girls that having a romance with much older men is ok just because they're attractive, but unfortunately it's a common fantasy in such female-oriented media where the love interests are adults, or thousand-year-old demons or some shit while the protagonist is young.

No. 276976

It’s not just Japan obviously, but yeah. It sucks that normalizing big age gap relationships to young girls is still allowed and not illegal or something.

No. 276977

File: 1676862913135.jpg (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, uh.jpg)

Episode 2, yikes. This was written by an adult woman (I think.) Obviously, scrotes do so much worse, but it hurts more when it's a woman. I guess I just sadly expect this kind of shit from men at this point. I thought all women hit an age (20s) where they look back and realize this type of thing is fucking gross.

No. 276994


Damn tho that moid really does sound like the simpsons comic book guy KEK

No. 276995

This looks gorgeous, thanks for sharing nonna

No. 277028

I personally don't think this type of writing is actually teaching young girls to date older men, it's just a common fantasy for many women and this is the only safe medium for them. It's not like he looks geriatric, he looks like a supernatural being, none of us will get the chance to date one in the first place

No. 277094

Honestly I don't care because women aren't stupid or predatory like moids, girls reading fiction know it is fiction and read it for that very reason. And he doesn't look old or act old, so I don't think this would give them any ideas about dating older men. Old men don't look like Shall, and Shall doesn't look like an old man.
Many cute love stories have this 100 years age gaps with supernatural beings like Inuyasha, Kamisama Kiss, Natsume Yuujinchou, Hotarubi no Mori. Cute anime boys are not real life moids.

No. 277110

I've read the novel. It does elaborate on the ending more (in the anime it's quite ambiguous what happened). I still don't find it believable that ChatGPT could have some much sway over people's minds. Or perhaps I put too much trust in rationality.

Anime is entertainment and escapism. I do not like how you try to introduce mission creep into a medium that is near and dear to me.

And not to mention books you are forced to read at school as well.

No. 277120

Eh I care about minors getting over-representation in media and unrealistically having the mind of an adult essentially. It's moreso a criticism I have with women being invisible the older they get. Nothing exists in the vacuum. Even if you say girls know better, it doesn'tchange the fact that patriarchy loves women and girls who can't decide for themselves. This is from someone who guilty pleasure reads older male age gap romance stories.

But my bigger issue is how the Anne isn't allowed to be a mean girl, all her mean decisions are made for her so she can still be a good girl at the end of the day.

No. 277138

I mean this is an anime aimed at teenagers. Most anime is, so of course they're going to be over-represented and are not going to act like the dumb kids they actually are.
I think you're expecting it to be something it just isn't. Like why do you want Anne to be mean? She's assertive and stands up for herself, she doesn't need to be "mean". Seems like you are projecting your personal dissatisfaction with life onto it, and then got disappointed because the show doesn't meat your standards?

No. 277262

Nonny. Chill kek. I even posted I liked it lmao.
We can both be critical and enjoy things. I simply don't agree with an anime aimed at teenagers suddenly can't allow themselves on having more depth (on presenting girls expressing more emotions outside of being kind good etc). I'm also referring to the part where a villain essentially has to do the sad melodramatic choice to push shall away. Which just coincidentally fits with her state of mind how she feels unwanted by shall in worry that he still likes his first owner.
Besides, teenagers will consume media even if it's not starring someone explicitly their age. Let's just agree to disagree. It's a fun show, has all the pitfalls of a shoujo tropes whether we like it or not.

No. 277294

he's dubbed the 'father of manga' mainly because of how prolific his career was immediately postwar. go nogai et.al. would not exist without tezuka, since they were still kids who grew up reading his manga in the 1940s/50s.
year 24 group + nagai are apart of that 2nd generation, obviously very influential as well but not the progenitors

No. 277534

I think you guys are forgetting that those fantasies are so common, in part because girls see it everywhere. No one said he looks or acts "geriatric" just that he's an adult with a 15 year old girl, which is enough to be predatory irl.
>But these are fictional men
>There's nothing wrong with girls liking handsome young men
Yeah, but not all girls who like this kind of stuff in fiction manage to keep it separate from real life, and I don't blame them because media can affect us in a lot of ways, especially when you see the same implicit messages everywhere. Ideas can be learned from media too even if you're not aware of it or it's not made explicit. There's a lot of real 20-something moids who take advantage of teen girls who think it's ok to have a handsome adult boyfriend and because they think real moids are as innocent and pure as the men in their fantasies. Obviously not all girls are naive like this and they know better, but a lot of them unfortunately have to learn through experience. Would you say there's nothing suspicious about a manga like >>221238 ?

Like >>277262 said though this isn't an attack on this anime, it looks cute and I actually want to watch it, but I just wanted to clear that up and there's nothing wrong with being critical and honest about the stuff we like. Also I don't see why the love interest can't be the same age (at least physically) as the girl. He is hot tho I'll give you that.

>Anime is entertainment and escapism
Since when does entertainment not have the power to influence people's ideas in real life? Personally, I do not like how you try to imply that the contents in anime cannot be analyzed and criticized even a little bit just because you're too emotionally attached to it. All fictional stories are biased in some way, I don't know what you have against others not wanting to take them at face value.

No. 277567

I started this whole discourse and I think you explained in a way I couldn’t exactly why this anime is bothering me. I want to like it so much, but I’m so sick of seeing young girls with adult men in media. It’s not just anime, it’s everywhere.

No. 277602

I hate your communist China censor mentality.


Some impressionable girls will do drugs, date old men or have unprotected sex, because they saw it in the TV drama? Some lost boys with no proper parental figures will do drugs, do crime and become school shooters because they saw it in vidya? I COULDN'T CARE LESS. Why should I take responsibility for other people's fragile minds and room-temperature IQs? Why should I coddle strangers or act like a homely matron towards teens? I'm not getting paid for that. I'm not a busybody trying to save the universe, I have enough of my own shit to deal with. I'm not going to treat teenagers like mentally-handicapped children either - the law surely doesn't when it sets the age of criminal responsibility at 10-13!
You know how to crack down on grooming? By arresting groomers and serving harsh prison sentences to pedos, not misdirecting the public into thinking that by restricting certain elements in media THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING. They ain't doing shit.

If you wanna petition for a more comprehensive age rating system for books or shows, do that - I'm not against it. It's something that I would even very much welcome when it comes to books, so I don't have to read content I don't like. But appealing to the good old 'think of the children' argument is just manipulation and covert support for censorship on your part.

No. 277697

You know I was gonna reply but
>not saging infighting shit
>reddit spacing
>anime is uncriticizable and if I want to criticize it, I'm watching the wrong show.
In any case I'm neither of those anons but you going to have to reevaluate if you think the nonnies simply just want to make the "problematic" tropes invisible and censored kekkkkk.
I do not, nor do I assume the other nonas, think women who write stories for girls with problematic tropes are the cause of problem but I personally think they can definitely help by telling girls and women if something's harmful.
Heck I'm not even full on leave-your-nigel-separitist but I still see the value of women warning other women about the dangers of moids.
And I also agree with how some girls will pick up bad habits more than others. But the whole education/warning is something I personally want to put forward if I ever create my own story (heck that's what story morals are for). It's a criticism I have for way too many shoujos, from a country where child exploitation, fictional and IRL does happen rampantly.
It's ok to enjoy your fictional age gap Nonny.
Unless you're a scrote then btfo.

No. 277699

Oh, I see. You’re retarded. Nevermind, then.

No. 277735

I think this is all just dumb pearly clutching tbh. Anime is a niche, shoujo manga is a niche within a niche. Most girls don't watch anime, the amount that could be influenced by this is tiny.
These characters don't look like older moids either. They look at most a couple years older. Nobody is looking at characters like Inuyasha while thinking he's an adult. Literally nobody, they all look and act nearly the same age as their female counterparts. Shall feels a couple years older but lookswise they could be the same age, he doesn't look like the actual older characters in the show.
This is all just a really paranoid way to look at things. If you wanna complain about this, there are actual manga that pair up teenage girls with older characters. Characters who look old, act old, have old people problems, etc. It just isn't comparable to magical teenage looking bishonen of 1000 years. When moids are into 1000 year old lolis it's alarming because of how the character looks and acts, not because of the technical age.
If you don't personally like it fine but it's very disingenuous to act like this is grooming girls into dating older moids.

No. 277748

Spy Classroom makes me so mad because it's actually enjoyable but the pacing is literally fucked. All of the comments on 9anime are saying they skipped a ton of source material from the ln and it shows. The weird backtracking is just annoying and confusing

No. 277764

I remember one of my fantasies when I was 14-15 was to date a youthful looking ancient supernatural being like a vampire or a wizard kek I wasn't interested in actual old moids. I think the student-teacher trope is more harmful because I know real cases of girls dating (or attempting to flirt with) teachers

No. 277806

File: 1677169509372.png (538.99 KB, 680x531, 166.png)

Is the anon pearl clutching in the room with us right now.

No. 277810

I just found out about this movie and I'm curious to watch it! I vaguely remember much from the original series but I have been trying to get back into it.

>I think this is all just dumb pearly clutching tbh. Anime is a niche, shoujo manga is a niche within a niche. Most girls don't watch anime, the amount that could be influenced by this is tiny.
And yet all the fakebois trooning out from yaoi.

No. 277815

I will forever associate this anime with the sweetness of kinder chocolate eggs because at the time my country made themed toy surprises and my mom bought them for me frequently. The wrapping was pink and I loved collecting the toys kek

No. 278156

Calling somebody a retard is not an argument, troll.

No. 278162

>And yet all the fakebois trooning out from yaoi.
If you're going to shit on anime and blame it for real-life stuff in an anime thread, go somewhere else. You clearly need to vent, just don't do it here.

And for your information, girls trooning out because of BL manga had not been a thing ever (not even in Japan - where gay manga/anime romances targeted at women originated from and gained enough following to spawn several manga magazines, uncountable number of doujinshi, games, drama CDs, live-action dramas etc.) until the medical establishment started to push it and made a business out of it. You might as well start blaming Disney and the American animation industry for the existence of furries. Why don't you?

No. 278170

File: 1677271462549.jpg (197.06 KB, 1280x720, Ling-Yao-FMA-fullmetal-alchemi…)

This is an old comment but god you are so right. That shit was fire and I'm sick of this dumbass.

No. 278223

so was everyone in the series kekkkk

No. 278408

I feel like it's insanely obvious who is under the age of 27 on this website. Don't worry. One day, you'll all be older and you'll see.

No. 278441

What a dumb and pointless thing to say in the anime thread.

No. 278487

Nier anime is making me fall in love with 9S all over again

No. 278488

Ok boomer

No. 278527

I believe you but I desperately want you to elaborate please. I need to know what you think you're seeing

No. 278528

File: 1677384473979.jpg (89.39 KB, 850x556, 69dbccfe235cb864d00f36324c3a9c…)

Gotta admit, I really liked Tomo-chan back when it was still running. Is the anime worth watching? I don't want to experience another deep, painful disappointment like it was the case with the Horimiya anime.

No. 278591

File: 1677410768178.jpg (1.15 MB, 1150x788, kokkuri.jpg)

I couldn't stand the pedo dog. Otherwise a 8/10 show.

No. 278674

File: 1677440393229.jpg (64.61 KB, 700x234, doremi2.jpg)

No way anon, you just unlocked a memory for me, I can still taste those choco eggs. I had collected all the toy surprises.

No. 278722

File: 1677444018382.jpg (292.47 KB, 1200x675, 02c87e7c487cf93fb429d14e183d66…)

What other official meme dubs are out there, aside from Ghost Stories and Devilman?

No. 278846

Urusei Yatsura

No. 278868

File: 1677483340425.png (482.66 KB, 704x526, [Judgment] Kareshi Kanojo no J…)

can someone rec an anime with strong female friendships? i checked the rec sheet here >>259832 but didn't see anything.
moebait is fine i guess but i'm really wanting something made by a woman & aimed at women. no romance as the focal point, just women/girls behaving as people. and not…women stereotypes either, please no shows where all they do is cook and go shopping for shoes while giggling at a baby's pitch.

No. 278873

seconding this, is the Tomo-chan anime worth watching?

No. 278874

same fag as above, but also seconding this!

No. 278876

Okay. I hope you meant this one?

Sounds like fun.

No. 278879

>Most girls don't watch anime
My nonna in Christ you are on an imageboard

No. 278883

Sadly it's very hard to find anime that is specifically aimed at women, created by women, and focused on female friendships, because a lot of anime/manga with those themes and/or female-made, are technically shounen or seinen, or have no clear target demographic. It doesn't help that good but obscure shoujo/josei manga that's not about romance rarely gets anime adaptations, and even the romance ones are getting more live action than animated adaptations now. So finding a specific anime that meets all your requirements: created by women, specifically for women, with strong focus on friendship between women, and especially without stereotypical female gender role shit, is near-impossible, if not impossible to find.
You may want to check out the female friendship media thread for non-anime as well as anime:

Have you watched Haibane Renmei? Azumanga Daioh?
There's also Michiko to Hacchin which was made by a woman who wanted to create an anime specifically for adult women to watch after work. But I haven't watched it so I don't know how strong the female friendship themes are. There's also Carole and Tuesday which looks pretty good in terms of scroteyness but that's by Shinichiro Watanabe, which you may not like.
Aria the Origination is a series I've seen recommended around here, and even though it's based on a shonen manga, it was created by a woman.
Another beloved anime around here is Hands Off Eizouken, but the fact that the original creator is a pedo scrote might turn you off big time.
Hibike Euphonium, I havent watched either because I don't do moeshit, but apparently a lot of nonnies liked it.
And if you're really desperate and can stand stereotypical girlyness, unironically watch magical girl anime aimed at girls. Most PreCure shows are pretty good and generally don't pander to the adult scrote fans. They also don't tend to have any sort of romantic plots, it's all about the power of friendship. The downside is that it's for little girls and not adult women so you won't get a lot of mature themes from it. There's more anime like this and for older female audiences, but I don't know if you'll like it because it involves stereotypical feminine activities.

btw I don't know if any of these anime are on the rec list, but they should be.

>most girls don't watch anime
You realize a lot of, if not most young girls in Japan watch anime for kids and little girls, and that even teenage girls can watch shoujo stuff on TV unlike us who have to look it up online, right?
>shoujo manga is a niche within a niche
Not in Japan it isn't. Girls in Japan read a lot of manga (although not always shoujo because shoujo magazines' popularity have been in decline and shounen manga is now trying harder to pander to female audiences).

No. 278886

Oh yeah, I forgot Yuru Camp. Pretty comfy.

No. 278897

File: 1677496838509.png (1.13 MB, 1566x825, 099.png)

You're better off reading manga honestly. Tomodachi no Hanashi has a very sweet and strong friendship. If you want them to act like real people, then autobiographical manga is a good idea.
Did you watch Bocchi the Rock from last season? That was realistic and the girls behaved like humans for the most part. MC is an introvert with social anxiety and her behavior was surprisingly accurate.
Girl's Last Tour is nice as well, but the girls are more moebaity.
Tamayura also has a nice group of friends. It's still a bit moebaity but all the characters have goals and passions they want to pursue in life. It's very emotional tho, don't watch it around other people if you cry easily.

No. 278901

seconding what >>278883 said - you're going to have a very hard time finding something that fits all those requests, majority of stuff made by and for women is fujobait like Free!, is heavily focused on romance, or is cutesy magical girl type stuff more targeted towards girls.
kimi ni todoke does have romance as a focal point but also has a huge sideplot going on throughout its entirety about female friendship that I personally really enjoyed. k-on despite being moeblob was also good and focused on female friendship. chances are you've seen it already but madoka magica is decent. I second the other recommendations that you may like girls last tour and hands off eizouken too.

No. 278903

samefag to add asobi asobase if you happen to like comedy - the manga it's based on is also apparently made by a woman.

No. 278932

File: 1677511034642.jpg (3.75 MB, 4096x3072, 1127214.jpg)

idk if it's just the nostalgia talking but late 90s/early 2000s anime and manga had better overall character design. despite all the eroges and fanservice, the girls still had realistic body proportions. even if a character had big breasts it still looked normal on their body (unless she had giant breasts or a large cleavage and they were really selling the seductress angle), while nowadays big breasts and even medium sized breasts tend to be overly detailed and shaded, especially on school girls. i feel like back then the uniforms at least flowed better on their body and not trying to show every curve
the colors used were a bit more muted, the shading was more simple, their expressions looked normal (lot of anime these days include hentai doujins expressions), no nagatoro-san or other waifu of the month abominations. now a lot of anime either lean into the autistic vtuber sparkle dog oc aesthetic or they have weird shiny greasy skin. even if the coomerish aspect hasn't changed through the years, the art itself is going downhill
>pic related
one from aria the animation, normal expression meanwhile the girl from my dress up darling looks gross and has a weird mouth

No. 278933

samefag but don't get me wrong, i know the late 90s and 2000s had their own abominations like obscure yaoi doujins with eldritch hands and kanon's "uguuuu" style but i feel like a lot of mainstream anime like yu yu hakusho, cowboy bebop, fma, inuyasha and early naruto looked very stylish or at least had some charm like clamp, tokyo mew mew and other shoujo series

No. 278940

>another person who only got into anime recently pretending old shit wasn't also plagued with balloon tits and weird melting faces and ugly art

No. 278941

File: 1677517498105.jpg (65.3 KB, 676x380, 10731448eb0f258862_0.jpg)

80s and early 90s is better

No. 278942

i've been an anime fan since 2007 lol i saw it with my own eyes how the medium decayed. i said it myself that a lot of art was still coomerish even back then but the main point wasn't even about fanservice and sexual content, i was talking about character design in general because we are in a vtuber sparkle dog oc era

No. 278948

I've been into anime since 2005~ and I agree with you anon. At the time, I thought ecchi anime like Strawberry 100% and Shuffle was gross and weird. If you compare it to today's style of ecchi, it is very much more coomerish. I think it's because men today have more porn addiction than ever before so ecchi needs to be more exaggerated.

No. 278952

I think it's just your sample bias. What you watched in 2007 was a fraction of all shows from that period (fan translations sometimes took months to finish, not everything that was coming out got licensed). Only the titles which appealed to fans got released fast, the rest was forever confined to obscurity, and your average anime fan wasn't into moeshit at all.
Nowadays, 100% of what airs in Japan is either simulcasted by official platforms or fansubbed within hours (certain Netflix 'originals).

Since it became profitable to stream anime at night-time blocks, pervy stuff was no longer confined to straight-to-video OVAs. Hentai has always existed, it just changed the format (OVA/film -> TV).

No. 278955

It "changed format" because of men's increasing porn addiction

No. 278957

[citation needed]