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File: 1678525951108.png (817.87 KB, 2048x1747, farmerdumb.png)

No. 1520782

Yea your dum. Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1506105

No. 1520788

did you make this ?

No. 1520792

Nta but I'm assuming she's talking about the anon who types like a facebook boomer, posts weird images, and clogs up the thread with multiple posts in a row/trump-chan. and also the anon calling someone racist for not liking ice spice (regarding twitterfaggotry). actually I remember something similar to that happening several threads ago too where anons called another anon racist for saying that ice spice looked retarded in some photo

No. 1520796

Why is it that eating pickled jalapeno slices doesn't do anything but eating them on a pizza gives me the shits?

No. 1520812

Will I get banned if I make a female character waifu uwu thread on /g/? There is one already but it's for genderbend characters

No. 1520819

I think there's actually 2 waifu threads in /m/, but no you shouldn't get banned if you make one like the hornyposting thread

No. 1520838

File: 1678533595782.jpg (30.9 KB, 567x567, FeZz960XwAc2ddF.jpg)

i only use twitter to check on art but i hate how it's managed
are there some good tools or alternatives i can use to browse all the artists i follow and my likes?
there is too much now, it feels like hell and i don't want to lose track of stuff i loved and i really don't want to save all of that on my pc

No. 1520847

File: 1678535327198.jpg (634.98 KB, 1731x1732, iStock-898200102.jpg)

Natural fermentation (not vinegared) adds nutrition and probiotics to whatever is being pickled, but even vinegar helps too. The unsung hero of reducing stomachaches and IBS

No. 1520850

Facts. I had such horrible gut issues as a late teen/early adult due to multiple surgeries and illness. Docs thought I was celiac and the like. Nothing I did seemed to help, even cutting out gluten, so I eventually got referred to a Korean gastroenterologist. He took one look at my chart then told me to eat a cup of fermented kimchi everyday for a month. I'm not perfect (RA induced IBS) but holy shit (KEK) did it help. Just know you're in for a lot of spicy vinegar farts as things balance out. After a few days of the kimchi therapy (plus prebiotics) I woke up with what felt like a colonic holocaust. Ended up releasing a 60 second megafart into the porcelain bowl and afterwards felt amazing. Pretty sure I woke up the neighborhood but 10/10 worth it.

No. 1520854

File: 1678537350801.png (14.79 KB, 1362x67, 1678298342585.png)

does a history focused nonna know of the poem picrel is mentioning

No. 1520860

What is the best dating app (EU)?

No. 1520904

does anyone have the cute picture drawing of the farmer anime girl?

No. 1520909

aanyone has a picture of that hitchhicker robot that was beaten to death onn philly? i really need it

No. 1520963

Can someone please give me an ELI5 summary of pakichan lore I'm so confused

No. 1520969

>did some shitposting
>triggeered many
>shared a little to much of my life cause I thought I'd either kill my self or leave my country
>economic crisis happened which changed everything

No. 1520975

No one answered my question last thread, but my SIL is obviously skinwalking me and is obsessed. How do I navigate this?

No. 1520982

I'm having literally the same issue anon! Let's call these bitches out on swacking us!

No. 1520986

Samefag >>1520982 but have you brought it up to your husband/wife? I told my Nigel and he agrees it's weird. My SIL dyed her hair my same color, got one of the same facial piercings as me and told me she's planning on getting the other two piercings I already have… So weird!

No. 1520993

Depends on how old she is. If shes a lot younger than you i'd say let it slide and take it as flattery, if shes your age or older, talk to your partner

No. 1520994

My man and I laugh at it but its seriously unnerving. I want to call her out so shes accountable for her bullying and copying.

No. 1521005

Nonnies with big boobs (I'm talking like G and above, for reference I am H), is it basically impossible to find a sports bra where the boobs DONT bounce at all? I know I'm buying the right cup and band size but there's still a fair amount of bouncing and idk if its just an unavoidable result of having boobs this big or if all the brands I find suck.

No. 1521008

In what ways is she a bully?

No. 1521030

File: 1678555407866.png (1.52 KB, 48x52, 081364.png)

can someone give this heart a transparent background? i keep fucking it up

No. 1521052

Where did Romanianon go? I tried to check her Twitter, but it's gone.

No. 1521061

It looks like she deleted it, I wonder why? Her twitch is still up though https://www.twitch.tv/kafkaesqueroach

No. 1521074

File: 1678559657919.png (425 B, 38x43, herz.png)

hope that's good enough

No. 1521077

File: 1678559892214.png (972.03 KB, 1595x2048, Screenshot_20230311-123811.png)

go check bratabase and read reviews from people in the same and close band/cuz size. i like panache but it also depends on your shape and breast density

No. 1521081

File: 1678560041335.jpg (59.62 KB, 636x544, dead-hitchbot-01.jpg)

No. 1521082

>deleted her twitter
good. she's definitely the type of person where the internet makes her crazier. if she can stay off it forever or until she's much older (like at least ten years older) she will be 200% more sane and happy.
she was active online earlier this week. I don't think she's dead or anything.

No. 1521086

Nona… seriously? It might have less to do with the pickled jalapeños and more to do with the cheese (or possibly the gluten) on the pizza. How is this even a question kek

No. 1521087

do you mean board-tan or something else?

No. 1521088


No. 1521092

She posted on lolcow a few days ago, I forget which thread but it might've been in the vent thread

No. 1521093

File: 1678560765145.jpg (54.22 KB, 1280x720, lovearoni.jpg)

thank you nonnerina

No. 1521102

What is the rest of his family like? If this causes a rift with the rest of them, will it be worth it? Can your boyfriend make fun of her about it? What has she copied from you? Can you give a single detail please, like ???

No. 1521140

Thank you nonna this looks very helpful

No. 1521316

nta but in her original posts she said that her SIL makes it abundantly clear that she hates her but then will literally stalk her (driving by her house all the time and making comments that she didnt go out on the weekends) i assume the bullying is negging/backhanded comments.

No. 1521338

Question for Canada anons: If you were to transfer from one university to another, would it be difficult to go back to the old university?
I'm thinking of transferring to another place, but I don't want to be locked in if it turns out it's not for me.

No. 1521348

Does anyone know any reality show like floribama shore where the cast feel like real people but the drama is still good? I miss that dynamic

No. 1521350

sorry to sound like a moid but i'm genuinely curious if a successful phalloplasty has ever been done, or the closest to success anyway, at least aesthetically? everytime i see one i'm shocked at how non penis-like they always look. zero shape at all i'm thinking why did they even have them take those hormones to grow the clitoris (i'm assuming) if they're just going to make a literal third arm/leg completely shapeless. it's so disturbing i'm wondering if there's any instances where it turned out somewhat nicely because no way are tifs looking at that and thinking yep that's what i'll be paying thousands for. even as a tra formerly it made me feel so sick to see

No. 1521359

I don't think there's anything stopping you from transferring back to your old university but it depends on how many courses you've taken. When I did that, they were only able to transfer a maximum of 60 credits (4 semesters of full courseload) that would count towards my degree. The other 60 credits to complete would have to be taken at the other institution. I would definitely recommend talking to a university advisor though from both institutions.

No. 1521361

File: 1678578336258.jpg (65.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1843066.jpg)

i honestly don't think so. I've seen tons of photos over the years and they all look like pic related. you would think the butcher doctors would make them wear a mold over it like they male males dilate for eternity.

No. 1521365

If I want a bf who understands and hates the way men are wired and brought up, would my best bet be finding a tranny to detrans?

No. 1521368

You want to detrans a MtF to boyfriend him? Men aren't transitioning out of hatred for their gender but for their fetish.

No. 1521370

look for a guy who has a history of being in “demiromantic” (lol) relationships only. There genuinely are some men who don’t get hard for women they aren’t romantically interested in —normal human beings basically. They tend to find other males’ behavior towards the opposite sex incomprehensible and gross.
Just an idea, I’m drawing from a pretty small sample pool of personal experience here.

No. 1521383

How long does it take for a dick to get hard? Is it a gradual process (several minutes?) or is it just blink BAM ready to go? Or does it different for every guy?

No. 1521384

This is really helpful, thanks anon. I get scared to talk to advisors. For some reason, I feel like I'm "betraying" the uni I'm currently enrolled in, but they've probably dealt with cases like this many times.

No. 1521388

ive seen it take abt 5 to 30 seconds for a guy to have a boner go full mast. some guys have shit circulation and porndick which makes it take longer

No. 1521396

Do any other anons who have hormonal IUDs still get PMS symptoms? Thankfully I don’t get actual periods but I still seem to PMS every month. It’s really bad this week and my day hasn’t made it any better.

No. 1521407

How did you meet them? It also feels a bit predatory to be in any of these circles solely for dating purposes tbh, kek

No. 1521411

Yeah. I didn’t get them for the first several years but then with the 2nd iud I got I started getting full on PMS symptoms after two years of having the iud but no bleeding. I got a new one and it stopped. Not sure yet if it’s gonna be a regular thing that I need to switch them out every two years now. My obgyn got my insurance to cover it by saying I needed it for menstrual suppression (which I did but it seemed like it could have been an issue if I didn’t say that). She also mentioned she had some patients with endometriosis that switched theirs out every year because it just didn’t suppress their periods for very long.

No. 1521412

find a guy who loves his mom but she cant be a boymom and she has to be a feminist, it is literally the only way. i guess its possible for some men who have had abusive moms to still respect women, but most of the time they end up really misogynistic so i wouldnt even bother personally.

No. 1521425

I’m on my second one as well but a little under a year in. I experienced PMS symptoms during the first one as well but it was every few months. This one stands out to me though cans it’s particularly bad kek.

No. 1521429

Re shit circulation, does it mean it it's harder to get hard g–get it?? if he's cold?

No. 1521437

I started using them when they were only good for 3-4 years but now they're good for like 7-8 years supposedly. Wonder if something changed with the IUDs or if I"m just getting older or if they don't actually work at peak performance that long they just keep you from getting pregnant. No idea… I'm gonna pursue other options when this one is done.

No. 1521452

It takes even longer if he’s really big (8+) too. More blood is needed to “fill” it up

No. 1521491

is being a good singer based on getting lucky and being born with a good singing voice or is it possible to do vocal training and learn to be one over time? also would it be possible to learn to sing opera and other vocally complicated songs using only free resources (youtube tutorials and such)?

No. 1521501

You can also read the transfer policies on the universities' website if you're scared of talking to advisors although I highly recommend doing it if you can. And kek, don't worry about that, universities are happy to extract money out of you whenever they can. Good luck anon!

No. 1521507

I agree with the other anons of looking for men with those qualities. Believe it or not there are men out there who aren't pornsick, misogynist and can recognize toxic masculinity. Very rare but they exist. It's easier to be with a well-adjusted, mentally healthy man than a man with trans issues and other sorts of mental illness. Plus the fact that he trooned out in the first place means he has a sexist view of women which is hard and almost impossible to fix.
>t. used to date an MtF tranner

No. 1521526

>date a ex-troon
Absolutely worst idea. As >>1521368 said, men transition BECAUSE they hate women, not because they hate men. MTF's are 99% sexually motivated, both AGP's and HSTS. Best bet is finding a moid who rarely uses the internet, lives a lowkey life like out in a more suburban or rural area, maybe one who was raised only by his mother and has a good relationship with her, and who doesn't have degen male friends. Trouble is that's hard to find.

No. 1521566

You can train a stronger singing voice and wider range, but opera specifically is the one singing style where an average person might not be able to replicate… I’m not an expert but every opera singer I know only has a very specific range, to project over an orchestra or whatnot. You can still learn to sing arias for your own enjoyment of course. like pop singer Naomi Elizabeth’s opera covers for a more unconventional example. Also you could study / emulate other singers who have loud vibrato esque effects, like Diamanda Galas or some moments by Jun Togawa.

No. 1521601

have you considered that you have a mental illness and that thinking people are copying you is a very common delusion

No. 1521603

complete coincidence. actually I found out the guy I was into was like this after we were already together. I was just thinking with demisexual/romantic being an actual term people use now maybe it could be useful.

Signs he was like this: He was a prude but not in a slut-shaming way, it was always directed at the guy friends he had just calling them gross for having sex with anyone they could. Literally never once did he express any happiness for a guy who had a one night stand, at best he just listened silently and then they stopped telling him about it. When he was in a relationship he spent the majority of his time with her ("joined at the hip") and made plans around her. He expected the same and things would only fail when the woman didn't reciprocate.

–This is all very vague but I think it's probably better stuff to look for than dating a TIM and trying to detrans him which seems like an absolutely insane and cursed path

No. 1521656

when fakebois get a phallo done and they get the weird ball implant that inflates the meatstick how do they then deflate it????

No. 1521707

what is the male thread everyone is talking about i haven't been here for a few days

No. 1521710

stupid scrote thread that got bumped by other scrotes and the newfag nonnies dunking on them, happens every so often

No. 1521722

File: 1678622163596.jpg (42.08 KB, 1439x311, IMG_8013.jpg)

This post is my final fucking straw with all my Tumblr mutuals who've written bout men this week. I can't take this shit anymore. Two of them posting "OMG I think he got me pregnant SHIT OMG!", SHUT UP! Why have sex then if you also wrote about him being shit? Radfem MY ASS. Should I just unfollow all of them? Just no more of this shit? Just unfollow and never have to see a post like " I HATE MEN I love reading my fujo yaoi shit haha… BTW IRL I like this guy who has 11 dildoes"?? What the fuck is wrong with you, ladies?

No. 1521726

I legit was celibate for a long ass time becuz of my fear of coomer men. the thought of dating a guy, learning he likes pegging etc. any coomer shit, and CONTINUE dating him is beyond me. I understand its hard to find men without a porn addiction but dont settle for this degeneracy.

No. 1521739

Was this post written by Kate after prince William cheated?

No. 1521740

there are men like that who exist, but your best bet is to take a normie guy who hates andrew tate bullshit but isnt a full on feminist. like a liberal who isnt aware of extreme sjw, so he wont be defending trannies. then turn him into one because as women we have a lot of proof for our general fear of men.

No. 1521749

File: 1678629687612.jpg (153.09 KB, 1280x959, saaa.jpg)

Has any of you anons ever had a transvaginal ultrasound? I'll have to have one for endometriosis and I'm so nervous with the whole laxative preparations and also people saying the exam takes a whole hour.

No. 1521753

File: 1678630037409.jpg (220.5 KB, 1342x2188, IMG_8015.jpg)

Thank you! But it doesn't seem like just a porn addiction. It's over the top OF whore shit to own 11 dildoes. I can't in good conscience follow a woman who writes this shit and knows it's stupid, but still wants to date like this. Did she ever believe any radfem things she wrote? I don't know, but I see that no or she hates herself to death.
Should I unfollow her and the rest of the women who do this same shit when they're together with men they would theoretically hate too? It drives me up the wall.
KEK if the pick-me energy shoe fits…..

No. 1521754

File: 1678630178260.png (69.08 KB, 398x361, glubb.png)

how do you know if someone is hitting on/flirting with you? I never know until someone tells me after it happened

No. 1521758

I don’t think the tags were saying he has 11 dildos, she was saying he has many sex toys which is weird since he owns so little stuff in general (”11 earthly possessions” joke”). Anyway if they annoy you just unfollow them, why would you follow someone who is annoying?

No. 1521764

I had one a few days ago for the first time. My only preparation was 32 ounces of water, no laxatives or anything and the procedure itself felt like a lubed dildo being inserted in you. It was mostly awkward focusing on not staring at the tech and two moments of dull pain when they press the wand far to the left and right of the canal. That aspect took about twenty minutes iirc.

No. 1521768

Shit, I read it wrong, but the rest of my opinion still stands. I feel like shit for unfollowing because we had a lot in common. I followed initially because I also smoke weed, have radfem views and like old web aesthetics, but her love life shit is the ultimate 'tism. I unfollowed and now I feel like I got a rock off my chest…..

No. 1521780

Well in that case you have to weight the negatives and positives of a person. Not all people are 100% like you and agree and act 100% according to your views, it’s healthy to recognize that. I would even say it would be good to learn to tolerate all kinds of people, but then again it’s just the internet, who cares. If you feel better unfollowing it’s the right choice.

No. 1521810

How do I know if I'm a lesbian? I've started to look at some women in a "she's so cute I want to date her" way but I don't know if it's just "ohh she's so pretty" and my brains are just overthinking it and making dating or kissing the woman in question an intrusive thought.

No. 1521811

I'll add that I can't really see myself being sexual with a woman, but honestly hetero sex disgusts me to a degree as well, I'm still a virgin.

No. 1521812

Do you want to kiss, have sex with and date women, but not men? You are a lesbian.

Do you want to kiss, have sex with and date women, and also men? You are bisexual.

Do you want to kiss, have sex with and date men, but not women? You are heterosexual.

No. 1521813

Adding to this >>1521812, you can be any of those even if you don't want to have sex - that just means you are asexual, sex repulsed or whatever have you in addition to your "base" sexuality

No. 1521815

is 'skinwalking' a term exclusive to lolcow?

No. 1521816

No. 1521844

I have a book that's a collection of Edgar Allan Poe, it looks pretty old by the style of the cover and how worn out it is but it has no pressing date. It is simply called 'The works of EAP', I tried to find it online but couldn't. Is there a way to figure out how old it is?

No. 1521853

I would search for the publisher if you can find any in the book. Then I would follow any breadcrumbs with EAP fan club groups.
Or, even bringing the book to an antique store or emailing a local museum; I am sure these people would be insightful one way or another

No. 1521914

File: 1678642210194.jpg (110.2 KB, 1500x1000, 120222-black-manicure-lead-339…)

REE how do I get black nailpolish off my fingers? I am retarded and got it under my nails and under my cuticles and I can't get it outt

No. 1521944

File: 1678644588729.jpeg (48.42 KB, 640x640, 95708CCE-A22A-4DB6-B1C3-2BBB1C…)

Fun question to nonnies—what kind of dog would you be if you were a dog and why?
Mine is a Borzoi. I know they’re trendy/meme-y but I’m pale as paper and skinny with longer, narrow limbs. Also have a long face and either am elegant looking if not emoting or making weird faces that make meme-y candids like picrel.

No. 1521951

this question is too hard

No. 1521956

No. 1521957

File: 1678645435264.webm (494.63 KB, 304x322, 1677230654238351.webm)

how do i lose weight? is running every other day good enough? i am a fatty

No. 1521959

pug because i am hideous and people like me only because they pity me. Also i cost more than what i am worth and i am going to die in the next 5 years.

No. 1521960

File: 1678645594404.jpeg (336.5 KB, 2000x1333, 54D5AB98-2B3C-4F23-ADA8-EDFA9D…)

Chow-chow, I need lots of exercise or I get bored and temperamental.

No. 1521965

What does it mean if your best friend tells you that if she was a guy, you would be her girlfriend?

No. 1521972

She may be kinda gay, or she just loves you a lot and wants to be affectionate without crossing boundaries

No. 1521978

Doesn't really mean anything. Gay men say the same thing to straight women on occasion, it doesn't imply any sort of sexual interest or fantasy

No. 1521982

I understand anon, it's pretty weird of a question. If someone asked me like 5 years ago this same question I would have no idea, only a few years ago did other people tell me that I "would be a Borzoi" including some guy who used to be a dog trainer and claims he assigns dog breeds to everyone he knows irl.
Ty for your responses, the pictures included make me happy because I'm a retard who squeals at cute animals. Also pug anon please don't be so hard on yourself.

No. 1521986

So it would be okay to hug and hold hands with her more often? I always want to cuddle and such, but yeah, It’s awkward because that somehow is considered romantic even if we’re just friends.

No. 1521990

It's fine if she's open to it

No. 1522002

File: 1678647964356.jpg (420.97 KB, 1512x2016, big_30E9C6D2-66B6-46A6-A52A-C9…)

Husky. I'm a clownish weirdo who loves being outside and in the snow. I love my people and can't focus for shit. I like to yodel. Funny enough we actually have a husky (intended for my nigel) turns out she and I are best friends. Pic rel, she looks just like this but fully grown. I love her.

No. 1522005

Late reply but thanks nonna! It's published by Chatto & Windus, they were founded in 1855 so it might actually be really old. Couldn't find it in the 'published' list but I think I'll ask on a fan forum.

No. 1522009

Sorry for the samefag but it's from 1872 and apparently goes for 240 dollars. I bought it on an auction site for two euros, what a find! I'm so happy

No. 1522011

Aw looks gorgeous anon, I love huskies.

No. 1522029

damn that's not bad, are you gonna sell it?

No. 1522042

I don't think I will, it has my favorite stories and favorite poem in it and I read it relatively often. I think I might if I really need the money sometime but it feels so cool to have something so old still in good condition. It's a gorgeous book, maybe I will sell it some day if I find a book with the same quantity of stories and poems inside. Still feels so cool, like it's a piece of history that I've had for a while and had no idea kek

No. 1522046

File: 1678649979074.jpeg (164.86 KB, 800x800, FF014E5B-F60D-4F1E-8278-655AFB…)

Irish setter.
I am dumb

No. 1522070

If no men ever like me, should I start sexually harassing them? There's one I really like but he's not interested, and I feel a moidish urge to harrass and stalk him.

No. 1522140

Cute anon!! They’re dumb? I did not know that. Honestly lots of dogs are pretty dumb kek.

No. 1522141

File: 1678651932448.jpeg (82.2 KB, 612x568, 36F1BB04-7883-4E00-A841-19C641…)

Is it even possible to burn boiled eggs or am I just fucking stupid

No. 1522147

Not sure if it counts as burning but if you boil them for too long the yolk becomes green and that's when you know you've overboiled them

No. 1522151

File: 1678653172261.png (1.16 MB, 1280x1271, 20191121-02Bwwaof8xPkoRaRYB0y.…)

a chihuahua. small, shaky, esily misunderstood but still capable and deserving of love when given the chance

No. 1522160

File: 1678653659276.jpg (45.31 KB, 537x604, d8f186354e395b8cc82b0d090c3d09…)

Bull Terrier

No. 1522161


No. 1522162

what a cute pic! i love bull terriers. people think they're ugly but i couldn't disagree more

No. 1522164

I really just wanted to learn so I could sing a few phantom of the opera and nightwish covers, I have a not so good singing voice though kek

No. 1522169

How snug are compression gloves supposed to feel? I got new ones and they're just a tiny bit snug around 3 of my fingers, but I'm not sure if that's how they're supposed to be.

No. 1522173

My yolks blackened. I don't know what I did wrong. I should not be allowed to cook

No. 1522179

How do you shake off a lovely sweet cat that's following you without hurting its feelings? One followed me after I gave it a little pet and I was like nononono, I was bone tired because I was carrying heavy stuff and had been travelling for 6 hours, but when it stood in front of my building door I couldn't imagine closing the door behind me and shunning it (it's impossible to take it into my apartment), so I kept walking around the block hoping it'd get distracted. Eventually it did but not so long later I heard it meowing so loudly, i'm sure for me, I almost turned back. It was with a heavy heart I walked onwards.

Those that know cat behaviour what's the best way to handle such a situation? The guilt is eating me alive.

No. 1522180

I'm fairly certain your egg was spoiled.. if you want to test if your egg is still OK to use, you can carefully put it in a cup of water. If it lays flat it's fresh and if it stands up but still touches the bottom it's not as fresh but still good to use, if it floats you need to throw it out.

No. 1522225

File: 1678662098059.jpg (129.79 KB, 1080x3730, Screenshot_20230312_160020.jpg)

Are any of these things crab legs?

No. 1522229

File: 1678662515325.jpg (228.7 KB, 1958x1169, qt-hard-boiled-eggs-011.jpg)

like black-black or more like this (pic)? being a little gray around the edges is normal for hard-boiled egs but if it's actually black throw it out

No. 1522241

Am I stupid if I buy like three grocery items online and do curbside pickup? Feels kinda weird waiting in the car to get one plastic bag of “groceries”

No. 1522245

Recently a lot of my bowls and mugs have been getting a crack on the side then eventually breaking. How do I prevent this

No. 1522251

Hand wash only in cold water. Heat and humidity changes cause these cracks, and the cracks happen faster and more frequently in cheaper dishes.

No. 1522254

No. Most of it is shrimp, if that's any help.

No. 1522339

No anon you're fine. I used to fulfill orders like that and we'd only get pissy if somebody ordered like seven bookshelves and then watched motionless as we tried to fit them all in their subaru outback lmao. People get small grocery orders all the time.

No. 1522376

If you're pregnant for a son, how does one avoid ending up a boymom, teach him how to respect women, and ensure he doesn't troon out from developing weird fetishes?

No. 1522386

hard to say. encourage a healthy amount of self-esteem and limit his internet time.

No. 1522389

have him actually do things and be outside, not be glued to a digital device.

No. 1522402

not becoming a boymom means understanding he's probably not going to be a saint and will hide his most misogynistic behaviors from you and target other women. we live in a sexist society, and you as his mom only have so much influence before his peers and rest of society influence him towards misogynistic beliefs and tendencies. you may be able to raise him to be alright for a man but like how most boys and men watch porn now, you only have so much influence as he grows up. you probably have next to no influence over fetish development, you can limit exposure to weird shit and stick to regular cartoons but if a sexual association of fascination begins that's it and he'll probably have it for rest of his life.

No. 1522423

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522424

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522425

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522426

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522427

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522432

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522439

No. 1522441

lolcow has been lagging for days, not showing posts going through, so you resend and a few minutes later all the posts go through. it's not anons fault

No. 1522442

I think she really wants us to answer her

No. 1522469

Can someone please explain why steve lacey sounds so off in this song? I can't put my finger on it, is he off key? He sounds normal at first but then he just completely throws me off at 0:37

No. 1522555

Does anyone else have a bump on their finger from drawing or writing a lot?

No. 1522556

Probably a callous

No. 1522557

Yeah I know, but I want to see if anyone else here has it

No. 1522558

I don’t know

No. 1522562

not now but I used to. I hear it's pretty common.

No. 1522569

i do. it's not as big as it was when i still drew, but one is on my middle finger.

No. 1522573

why does jake have essentially two active threads about him in the snow catalog (altcows and his self-titled one)?

No. 1522576

Is it cruel for me to play a video of squirrels for my inside cat?

No. 1522595

File: 1678702659653.jpg (25.27 KB, 1049x1074, Screenshot_20230313_111749_Sam…)

Are Mary Janes seen as juvenile? Like if I wear them, will people assume I want to appear younger than I am?

No. 1522596

Juvenile? Do kids ever wear those shoes? I've only ever seen very old grandmas wear those shoes.

No. 1522604

any musicfag nonas think these two look/sound perilously similar? marina was first and the music industry machine might just have some crossed wires but even like, the beat and the lighting etc. seem so same same to me

No. 1522607

File: 1678703699146.png (171.32 KB, 569x859, Moorland Melody Pinafore.PNG)

Me personally, I see them as something a chic French girl would wear with her Miss Patina outfit. Very cute! Maybe it depends on where you live because I could see it being perceived as "juvenile" or "hipster" to some but imo it's still a very cute and fashionable thing to own and wear.

No. 1522608

Oops, meant to add that Mary Janes would go with an outfit like this very easily. There's certainly other styles it goes with too but this is what comes to my mind when I think of what to wear them with.

No. 1522611

File: 1678704067516.jpeg (148.21 KB, 1074x1487, WmPOTUD.jpeg)

Why does tiktok bold glamour filter can make a woman look like a man? It makes me look like an evil androgynous final fantasy character.

No. 1522612

Does anyone else genuinely feel like they don't dress up or wear makeup for men at all? I couldn't give a single shit if men are attracted to me. But I want to dress in a way that makes me slightly less ugly because I'm always worried normal looking women will be disgusted by me and not want to interact with me. Comparing myself to women gives me so much more body dysmorphia than the opinion of any moid.

No. 1522613

File: 1678704350119.jpg (147.07 KB, 1254x836, Road-Trip.jpg)

Do you think road trip alone as a woman is more or less safe / recommended than any other way for a woman to travel alone?

No. 1522615

I feel similar, but there's no denying that even the way women perceive other women is influenced by men because it's a patriarchal society we live in

No. 1522623

I agree with that. I just resent when people say that all women wear makeup and do their hair for men to fuck us. I'm just trying to look slightly less disgusting so I can live somewhat normally

No. 1522627

What's a "wer toerag"?

No. 1522629

Yes, I wear it because I want to look put together and because I look great with eyeliner on

No. 1522632

Nta but men think that way because they assume everything that women do revolves around them

No. 1522642

The thing is, women without makeup aren't disgusting and they can love normally. Thinking that a woman without makeup looks disgusting is a very misogynistic thing and it says a lot about how you perceive other women honestly.

No. 1522647

I need advice!

I currently am employed through a family friend to take care of a 91 year old woman. Have done child care previously, took care of my mom after her stroke, handled food, cleaning services, etc. Recently got the opportunity to take care of someone who only asked for women, and my brain immediately went to "oh I can help another older woman out!" Ended up being a man. We did a few phone interviews and he says the state will pay for me to get certified PCA license. But it all smells fishy to me. He wants to "trade back rubs" and go to Strip shows where women are topless. As a bisexual woman, it's not a big deal but it's how the conversation was presented. As well as texting, he said "send however risque texts or pictures as you want! We're going to have fun!" So now it just doesn't feel like a safe option.
I love taking care of people but not at the cost of safety or compromising morals. Should I back out? I just read a text he sent that "20+ women backed out" but no shit if even at his old age, he's still talking to people like that. I'd rather just have a part time at McDonald's than worry about some old dude trying to feel me up or expect the opposite.

Obviously putting this in the dumb thread because I'm obviously stupid for even entertaining the idea. I would love a solid license, but as mentioned, not if I'm doing any of that gross shit.

No. 1522648

Whuh…. Nonny, no.

No. 1522649

Tbh I see current day’s beauty industry more as a symptom of capitalist society than patriarchy. It’s very consoomerist. We were drawn in by marketing tactics, but have reached the point where it’s now so common for women to wear make-up that you might stand out if you don’t, just for existing in your natural state. It’s the same narrative with plastic surgery. If you criticize it it’s always “what about free will durr”. As if we live in a vacuum. I don’t wear make-up, but that said even I can understand for some it’s a fun and creative hobby. But when you think about the increasing environmental impact from production, transport and waste, that is probably only increasing because of online shopping and social media, not to mention you are caking your face with probably toxic shit, is it really worth it

No. 1522650

If you're prepared and have wits about you, it shouldn't be too bad. Have some defense, don't tell random men (or anyone!) you're on a road trip, and have some necessary supplies in the caravan no matter where you go. Just say you're visiting family, make sure to text anyone important to you when you get to a destination or track it somehow in a log, and please don't party it up to where you might mess up. Depends why you're doing a road trip or if you have people to stay with, as long as they're not strangers.

No. 1522652

uhh you know those online ads that go "me, 50 y/o lonely single man, want to hire woman to help me clean the house once a week wink wink" which are basically coverts prostitution requests? It sounds like that.

No. 1522653

>"20+ women backed out"
lol wonder why he doesn't want a man taking care of him

No. 1522654

run away nonnie, what the hell
>He wants to "trade back rubs"
litteraly what Weinstein what saying to get those poor women to touch him just before getting naked.

No. 1522668

does anyone know what is happening to kf right now? i was reading some threads and found out kf is down when i wanted to read next page of one thread

No. 1522694

Don't do it. You're going to be constantly sexually harassed of not straight up assaulted. Nursing homes will sometimes pay for you to go get your licensing, call major ones in your area and ask them if they offer it as a job benefit.

No. 1522704

No. 1522711

Usually not. It's good enrichment. Occasionally, some cats can get stressed by watching and not being able to touch, if that's the case, have them chase a toy immediately after the video is done and allow them to catch it after a little bit.

No. 1522719

Calm down I meant that I look disgusting without makeup. Acne and acne scarring and everything.

No. 1522760

As a hetero and a 31-year old virgin what’s so good about two women having sex rather than with men?

No. 1522765

As a hetero and a 31-year old virgin what’s so good about two women having sex rather than with men?

No. 1522772

Lesbians are a thing Nonnie.

No. 1522804

File: 1678725592560.jpg (153.76 KB, 891x1870, 20230313_173830.jpg)

Is this a troon or an ana-chan?

No. 1522809

File: 1678725695973.png (1.27 MB, 960x720, moo.png)

No. 1522813

Ma'am i'm just a confused autist

No. 1522817

It's an anachan, looking through the account I see no adam's apple, linebacker shoulders, or man hands. I think she was a higher weight a few years ago and her earlier posts show that she's definitely female. The skelliness just makes her look more masculine

No. 1522828

File: 1678726125393.jpg (179.23 KB, 1080x1074, 318473805_211283651346897_2253…)

lol anon they never answered you huh
toerag is slang for like a unbearable, undesirable person. and wer means man. i don't know if anon meant it in that way or it it was spellcheck changing another word, but yeah

No. 1522830

i was saying the person in the pic was male, not you, sorry
ah i just looked her up and yeah that's a woman. just a weird picture

No. 1522835

File: 1678726598836.png (3.52 MB, 1524x2048, Screenshot_20230313-115112.png)

I'm thinking female anachan too. a lot of the posts looked incredibly manly and the boyfriend looks like a tranny himself, but the more i scrolled the more feminine and less tranny signs. the voice sounds genuine too, unlike trannies.

No. 1522846

What cat ai bots can be transphobic? I'll see people using ai bots to create poetry on trannies but all the ai bot sites I've tried have a copy+paste used for keywords like trans saying they're not allowed to comment? Wtf? I want to laugh at tranny poetry some nonny please help me!!!

No. 1522856

How stupid is it to put college on my resume if I didn't finish my degree due to financial issues (and plan on finishing it later)? Does it show that I can't commit, or is it better than putting nothing?

No. 1522859

File: 1678729000113.jpg (43.02 KB, 600x400, Basset-Hound-standing-in-the-g…)

Basset hound
>Often accidentally spit when I speak
>Gets along with a lot of different sorts of people
>Kinda lazy
>Pronounced turkey neck
I love your reasoning.

No. 1522872

File: 1678729875061.jpeg (35.12 KB, 460x613, 6F5B5CF6-4C3F-4553-A3DA-D26883…)

greyhound. shy, skinny legend, lazy, then zoom gotta go fast

No. 1522882

File: 1678730590227.jpeg (46.08 KB, 600x400, 8F9BA854-63AB-4D6C-A236-3F5662…)

cocker spaniel
>affectionate and well meaning
>also lacks braincells and has short term memory loss, is a fucking idiot
>dissociative space cadet
>lots of hair
>dopey sad sunken dark eyes

No. 1522886

Thanks for the advice, I've just been really desperate for extra work in order to get my savings back, going to follow up with what nonnie here said too (>>1522694) rather than putting myself at risk. Ironically, I got a call this morning for more work days this week so it was a blessing. Y'all are the best!

No. 1522892

This really made me think what I'd do to prevent raising a disappointment. I'd do my best to hold him to high expectations, we'd watch media with nuanced female characters and make sure he has a decent amount of exposure to my cool, smart woman friends so he'd grow up with a rounded view of women. I'd have to google how to make sure a kid grows up with strong self esteem because I sure didn't get it kek, but I think it's important. For becoming a good man I'd hope whoever I procreated with would be a good role model, otherwise I'd steer him towards kind and confident men in films and literature.

No. 1522956

Thank you

No. 1522958

Bless you

No. 1522983

Brown coat border collie.
Smart as heck
If bored become destructive.
Intense stare
I play hard, i work harder though.
Also total basic bitch.

No. 1522999

Where can I watch TV-shows online for free? I want to watch Abbot Elementary but I'll be assed if I ever touch a streaming service.

No. 1523009

File: 1678740912624.jpeg (83.3 KB, 1031x1013, C155475E-6EBF-4BA1-A557-C38C5A…)

I’d be a sheltie (Shetland sheepdog)
>Very loud, shrill, piercing voice that we use utilize often bc we like to chat
>emotionally sensitive, doesn’t respond well to harsh treatment
>looks like a normal size dog/lady in pics but is much smaller in person
>lots of glorious hair, lots of shedding, and lots of work to groom
>despite possessing piercingly loud voices ourselves we are terrified of loud noises, fuck fireworks
>contagious enthusiasm

No. 1523029

File: 1678742587993.gif (468.38 KB, 380x239, 3f725757521cf13885f6b6adb47385…)

>intelligent but playful dumdum
>confident but not unduly aggro
>resting bitch face but is actually a friendly ham

No. 1523081

Help should I poop before washing my face or after?

No. 1523082


No. 1523098

File: 1678776017928.jpeg (19.82 KB, 468x300, image-asset.jpeg)

black lab, but i fear my personality is more like an angry chihuahua. i wish i was a dog so fucking bad, its like furry tier but without the sex stuff. life would just be better in every way if i was dog and not a person.

No. 1523123

A little bit, but Say So sounds like the sister version of Dua Lipa's Don't Start Now. Dua's producer even said Say So is what he wanted the song to sound like.

No. 1523171

Is being an only child uncommon in the US? I see a lot of burger memes, tiktoks and so on from people with siblings complaining about only children and turning it into some sort 'us vs them' thing which I've never seen coming from my country. It's very strange how much people talk about it. The jokes I see are usually about how only children being are spoiled brats and I have never heard anything like that where I live. Although where I'm from it's wealthy people who tend to have a lot of children so it might be a cultural difference.

No. 1523178

idk the answer to the first part but i can tell you poor families having tons of kids (including mine) is very common

No. 1523180

Which country would you rather live in, one with very good weather but bad economic status or one where it rains 24/7 but the economy status is good?

No. 1523183

File: 1678792677071.jpg (116.85 KB, 1000x1500, 1MC1285826U-FI.jpg)

Does this shirt give pyjama vibes?

No. 1523184

Second one, I actually like the rain.

No. 1523186

as I consider rain 24/7 to be very good weather, second one. And now, please tell me which country it is, so I can move there.

No. 1523213

Second one with no hesitation, I like rain as long as there no floods or anything.

No. 1523223

Depends on what you wear with it but in that picture? Yes. Because the skirt or pants the model is wearing has the samd color and fabric.

No. 1523248

Latter that's more or less where I live already so I'm used to the depressing grey autumns and winters

No. 1523422

I'm going to London for the first time next September, any interesting places you can recommend me to visit? I'm going to a music fest9val in Camden, I already planned to go there. I was also thinking of going to Edinburgh for a couple of days.

No. 1523482

how come notable radfem figures in the US never had like.. the cia / fbi go after them.. or stalk them or even attempt to assassinate them?

No. 1523487

because they're not a threat to power.

No. 1523490

File: 1678815605785.jpeg (674.39 KB, 2560x1920, image0-scaled.jpeg)

No. 1523500

How bad is it to isolate yourself? Not because i'm angry or sad with the outside world but because i feel like it's the best choice. Anyone that isolates has any problems that are not about feeling alone, sad etc for having to isolate? Does distracting yourself solves any emotional problem that may surface?

No. 1523518

File: 1678817510620.jpeg (16.61 KB, 184x275, 2E12E71C-DACA-4A2B-BE4A-11D80C…)

My ex finally wore a shirt I gave him that I got him at a convention for my work. It’s not a hobby he’s involved in at all and it would be like wearing a DND shirt when you’re not into DND. Could it be a sign he misses me?

No. 1523519

Cute. Love borzois and skinny tall girlies. Would totally hug and have extensive chats (monologues) with.

Would take care and put to sleep in a little fluffy bed.

Adorable. Would take to walk and squish like a big marshmallow.

Husky baby. Would play in the snow and yodel together when possible. Maybe give crochet gloves just for the laughs.

Dumby dumbo. Would dance with and give treats for being an adorable baby. Deserves the world.

Tiny little ant ant looking baby. Would hold with a single hand and play with as if they were a little plane.

Short, very short baby. This one i would hug everyday and take to walks, even if he was too lazy to. I also spit when i talk so this one would be a bestest friend.

Love the skinny ones. This one would walk through the city with me in his stylish manner.

This one is too cute, would patiently take care and help remembering things, sometimes take care of their adorable hair, of course.

I would play and talk lots with this one, also hairstyles.

No. 1523525

Love the dog reviews anon

No. 1523572

My opinion is from a mentally ill person's perspective but I also believe that the will to isolate is often rooted in some sort of issues in one's life unless you're about to become a hermit living in a cave in order to meditate so… I'm sorry to assume that your reasons to isolate might not be to reach enlightenment.

For me isolation has often caused my day rhythm go absolutely off the rails. Since I won't be going anywhere or seeing anyone I might also let go of my standards for personal hygiene and the state of my apartment. Both of these contributed to the perceived need to isolate, like I can't leave my apartment because I look like a fucking gremlin and I can't let anyone in because my apartment looks like a landfill.

Also if you have a problem in your life, not necessarily a mental health problem per se but like some emotional issues or you're hung up on something that has happened to you it might snowball out of control. Since you spend so much time by yourself surrounded by yourself and your thoughts it might be a bit too easy to lose the big picture, your mind might exaggerate the scope of your issues.

I can distract myself to a certain extent but eventually I can't run away from all the chaos inside and outside of my mind. The longer you isolate yourself the harder it becomes to stop it even for a short while to step outside to get your mail or go to the store. I'd become anxious and even borderline paranoid about leaving the safety of my apartment. Yes, I have been mentally extremely unwell during my worst isolation periods but isolation absolutely made it all worse.

I am an introvert and never have really had that many friends, I can easily go without meeting up with anyone for months so feeling alone usually isn't an issue, but I think at some point almost everyone's mental state starts to crumble if you have zero social interactions. Despite of being really well adjusted to being alone even I would start to feel like my life was so sad and worthless when my only irl social contacts were my mental health nurse and the cashier at the store.

No. 1523587

That's very, very interesting nonna. Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, i'm mentally ill, you are not wrong to assume so. I'm already isolated in some sorts (only talk to my partner and to my father and mother) and my hygiene is, in fact, pretty bad too kek. But what if i choose to isolate, looking after the best experiencing possible while isolating? Planning everythig so i'm able to be healthy (exercises, maybe journaling and even meditating), is there still possibilities that i'm going to get mentally sick from that experience anyways?

No. 1523605

I'm nearly 20. When you (anons of older generations) are talking about zoomers, are you thinking of people in my age range??

No. 1523608

yes nonnie. If you're born after the year 2000 you're definitely a zoomer. It's kind of iffy with people born before 1998 imho

No. 1523612

This is the most zoomer question I have ever seen kek

No. 1523616

You're not even 20, you're definitely a zoomer. People who're mid 20ish now (1995-1998ish) are that sort of transitional blurred line generation who (imo) don't clearly belong to either millenials or zoomers.

No. 1523617

burger anons, do oreos taste different lately? i just got a box after not having them in a while and the creme tastes so strange, saccharine and chemically almost. not how i remember them at all

No. 1523622

I had the privilege of total isolation for 2 weeks (no contact with uni, friends or family) and I think it's a dangerous thing. For me it fucked with my ego in that I thought I was one of the smartest ever and normies are dumb shits, but it made me SO sensitive to any perceived slights, whether it be how the cashier looked at me or seeing something online that disparaged something I like kek.

If you start to ruminate it can really fuck you up. I was definitely mentally ill at the time of isolation and it made me someone much more bitter to how you have to be to function in society. However we're social creatures and can't reject it outright, and need to embrace it if we want to thrive. I don't know your circumstances but I would recommend you go the opposite way and try have a super social set amount of time. I hate being around people, they're very exhausting but when you're fully on your own longish term it's like you cease to exist. Personally during those 2 weeks I had a lot of fun but I wouldn't repeat it because it took a long long time to reintegrate myself even to the subpar social level I was at before.

No. 1523623

Is it weird to wear merch of zodiac signs that aren't yours? I don't believe in astrology at all, but I think a lot of the symbols are cool

No. 1523625

>But what if i choose to isolate, looking after the best experiencing possible while isolating?
Ntayrt but what does the best experience possible while isolating look like to you? I've seen sometimes people can think they are doing this in a healthy and productive way (isolating to dedicate all their time to self-improvement, for example) but it's actually extremely unhealthy (thinking you need to be perfect or achieve some arbitrary goal before you can socialize or be around people).
I think it's possible that isolation for a time could be a healthy thing but I also think that is very rare. And from my experience, if something is telling you that you need to isolate, it's very important to figure out why that is.

No. 1523626

i have stuff with my rising and moon signs. you probably have a lot of the signs somewhere in your chart.

No. 1523632

Thanks nonnies, it really seems like isolating is a pretty bad idea even if well intentioned. It seemed comfy to isolate, but yeah, our human brain can't take it.

No. 1523662

You posted the same thing before, haven't you?

No. 1523679

Does anyone else feels sleepy/sleeps in when ovulating?
It's weird but I've noticed I sleep way more right from the start of ovulation, even though it's more normal for luteal phase.

No. 1523683


No. 1523686

>But what if i choose to isolate, looking after the best experiencing possible while isolating? Planning everythig so i'm able to be healthy (exercises, maybe journaling and even meditating)
Nta but I was isolated in this way for a couple years, I didn't talk to anyone (I went to the grocery store and other necessary things though where I 'interacted' with a cashier) but I was healthy in all other ways, like with exercise and eating well, and I'm also not mentally ill. In my experience the actual isolation was fine, I feel way more stable and relaxed when I'm by myself, but the longer you spend alone the harder it is to integrate back into the social world. Recently I had to start going out again which forced me to break my isolation (I still don't talk to anyone, but I'm around people more often), and I'm finding it an absolutely horrible experience kek. I think having a baseline amount of social interaction like some other anons said is for the best, that way it's less of a shock to your system when you have to be around people.

No. 1523689

Is it normal where you live for people to openly discuss getting plastic surgery and injections and stuff like that? Ever since I moved to nyc I'm shocked how casually people mention getting filler. I always assumed you don't really tell people you're getting procedures done because you want to seem naturally beautiful.

No. 1523694

Do headphones get annoying on top of your head? Wondering if I should get one because I just wrecked another pair of wired buds again. I know there's wireless buds but they don't have long enough battery.

No. 1523704

in my experience wireless headphones weight more (because they need the battery on the headphone) so get a wired one, but maybe if you're clumsy get a wireless one

No. 1523723

is there any armchair psychologist anons who feels like armchair diagnosing me?
>have been feeling a constant sadness for as long as I could remember and rarely felt happy
>I think I'm worthless but at the same time I think I'm better than anyone else
>I am aware than I'm more talentless, ugly, dumb, unpleasant, weird, off-putting than the average person yet I feel like I deserve things just because I think I do
>incapable of connecting and opening up for other people

No. 1523727

I think… uhm… i… let me see… i think you are uhmm… yeah, yeah looking closely at my notebook oh, yeah, you seem to have a serious case of being super beautiful… sorrynonnie…

No. 1523730

Sounds like run of the mill depression. Just focus on building safe environment, physical health, coping skills, keeping your mind stimulated and having some sort of human connection. It’s a waste of time to navel gaze about the fine details of your sadness.

No. 1523740

Older people (as in, 30-40) with very obvious filler or boob jobs will swear up and down they're 100% natural, but other zoomers will get lip filler or botox on their lunch break and laugh about it in a meeting. It's really jarring. I guess it's better to be honest, but I don't like how casually people are jamming shit in their faces tbh. New York seems a very pro-surgery / filler city tho

No. 1523760

i'm so angry lolcow duplicated my post now i feel humiliated

No. 1523782

luv you nonnie♥ this cheered me up
>it’s a waste of time to navel gaze about the fine details of your sadness
you are probably right about this(and the rest of your post) tbh I have never been diagnosed but I do hope it's depression and not something worse. Not that it's easy to live with but I have heard cases of people being able to overcome it though it took lots of hard work. thanks for the advice

No. 1523835

Agree that this sounds like depression. Thinking you're better than others and that you deserve things despite your perceived shortcomings sounds like you're compensating for having fuck all self esteem. Like the equivalent of self-hating fat people making deliberately ugly faces when they're photographed, and the HAES crowd screeching about how they deserve larger plane seats. Maybe work on that before you spiral into Aiden territory.

No. 1523846

I bought a very beautiful elegant sexy just chefs kiss exquisite evening dress. Problem is I don’t have anywhere to go with it. I got it because there was a discount and the brand is expensive. I just couldn’t pass it up, it’s was like drawing me in and stuff. Should I make reservation at some fancy restaurant? I would invite my mom but if she saw it she would freak out thinking I spent a fortune when I really didn’t. Would it be weird to go alone? Any places where I can go alone and it wouldn’t be weird and the dress would be fitting? Fancy restaurant is the only place I could think of. I wanna wear it a lot then sell it. I please help, how can I use this dress?

No. 1523861

File: 1678841300231.png (28.11 KB, 275x247, 1667896621496.png)

Is BTS not that popular anymore? I don't even like bts but I like the little mascots they have and I wanted to get a Chimmy keychain or something. I went to the mall and found like nothing. I see that Sanrio is really popular now though

No. 1523867

File: 1678841873879.jpg (215.36 KB, 1200x800, 05_9ThingsyouneedtoknowaboutAu…)

are there any balls or galas by you? like in Austria during the end of fifth season/carnival there are a lot of balls

No. 1523868

File: 1678841924564.jpeg (133.27 KB, 437x1199, 8F639934-82F2-4A84-85B4-80D5E3…)

How fancy are we talking about? Because I’ve gone to some fancy as fuck places and no one ever wears dresses like pic related unless they’re coming from/ going to some party.
I mean, you can always just go to the fancy restaurant and wear your dress, there’s nothing wrong with it, I’m just saying it’s not really the dress you wear specifically to go to a restaurant no matter how fancy it may be.
Plus you would be eating and it could get dirty with the food or drinks. You can always take it to the dry cleaners though.
I’m honestly having a hard time imagining wearing a dress like pic related to anything other than a party, like a new year’s party, maybe a Christmas party even, weddings, other religious events, graduation parties, fancy birthdays, anniversaries, maybe the opening/success of some business, a very fancy baby shower. But otherwise I just can’t think of an occasion, maybe some other anons have more ideas.

No. 1523872

File: 1678842371433.gif (132.1 KB, 960x480, mang.gif)

i don't think I've ever seen anything of them outside the bt21/line friends store or Riley Rose in person. and knockoffs at shops in chinatowns. but to be fair I've never sought out anything bts so maybe it was more in abundance years ago.

No. 1523880

No balls near me I think. I can search online but I would’ve probably heard something
No, it’s not glittery, it’s solid black, no embellishments or anything else like that. It is long though, but also no leg slit or whatever it’s called. And yes you’re right, plus I’m super socially anxious so I wouldn’t be able to really eat or drink. I’m so sad though, I really wanna wear it before I sell it, it looks really good on me

No. 1523882

am i a schizo or are there wayyy to many moids posting here, especially on /g/? like they're so obviosuly moids with agendas to promote their "group" whether it's nationality, race, ethnicity, etc while shitting on other moid groups.

No. 1523883

OT but if you do go please send pictures

No. 1523884

they havent had a comeback in a while and they have a member in the military so its normal you don hear from them much

No. 1523885

Yes, I think they made some changes to the formula or where they get their raw materials

No. 1523889

you can always just spend a 'night on the town' in it. someone might ask if if you're headed to a party or something and you can tell them you just feel like treating yourself to a nice evening.
several years ago i would never wear anything that made me stand out, i liked to hide. i moved to the city and within a month or two i realized i could wear anything i wanted, outlandish even, walk around downtown and everyone would probably just think I'm going to or coming from something and not give it a second thought. it sounds stupid but it was a real waking up moment for me that led to me being more bold and creative in what i wore.
so just treat yourself to some nice evenings where you feel good and look good in the dress. check out event websites and stuff for things you might be interested in where you could wear it and feel comfortable in.
unfortunately even at operas, where classically people would dress up fancy and formal to attend, are full of people in jeans and gym shoes. so above all else you just gotta wear it because you want to, because you will likely be best dressed wherever you go regardless.

No. 1523891

No, they lurk here and there is a kiwi thread to prove it. Try to report and ignore.

No. 1523896

Oh dang. I’ll keep searching for some of their mascot merch, I think it’s very cute. I’m not into their music tho, a bit too poppy and obnoxious for me

No. 1523927

>tfw first time seeing someone else uses "dang" on lolcor

No. 1523928

>but maybe if you're clumsy get a wireless one
nta but that sounds like a bad idea imo since clumsy people tend to drop things often so the wireless ones might get lost easily

No. 1523936

>before you spiral into Aiden territory
did anything in that post indicate Aidenness?

No. 1523955

I thought I replied but I guess not. I don’t live in a city so it’s tougher to not go unnoticed. There’s a city near me but it’s def not a /big/ city. That sounds like a dream though lucky you, and I also love your attitude so I might just say fuck it and just wear it downtown or something kek

No. 1523973

You’re not crazy, they’re everywhere. You can see them when a nona complains casually about how bad men are at sex and there’s a bunch of angry replies. I genuinely laugh out loud every time.

No. 1523976

soak in acetone/nail polish remover/use a nail brush. the nail brush will help with the under your nails part

No. 1523977

just look up 90% of the outfits chloe sevigny or alexa chung have ever worn lol

No. 1523984

i got my CNA license in 3 months during highschool, going to classes/on hand training three days a week. while also going to highschool all day. you're a grown ass human. if i did that at 16, i think you can figure out a way to get funding to also do it

No. 1524002

Depending on the state it shouldn’t even take that long either or have to spend alot. I “self-taught” through a site that prepped you using questions very similar to the ones in the OG test. Had to pay of course for all the practice Q&A’s but it must’ve been less than 50$ if I remember correctly. Just need to set aside time. I was able to pass first try. Ended up only working for one single day as a CNA, but that’s a whole different story kek

No. 1524031

I always found the posts shitting specifically on white men followed by some postscript about how Asian men are really good and kpop boys are amazing and good for women because they are uwu soft and nice sort of peculiar to be honest. Then again that could just be kboos.

No. 1524042

pretty much any posts about asians there get really weird, especially in the 'not my type' thread and that one argument in the PS thread

No. 1524062

File: 1678874782356.jpg (107.87 KB, 720x714, 1652737262067.jpg)

Is it common for women who end up being 'male order brides' eventually cheat on their husbands in secret? Ik moids marry them because they're 'submissive' and shit, but even 'submissive housewives' of the 50s cheated on their husbands with the milkman

No. 1524065

File: 1678875312949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.13 KB, 634x634, 2F493DBC00000578-3356493-image…)

since when is profiling people normal?
>be me, work in public, minimum wage
>randoms come in to ask about my friends
>ask about my name, or age or location
>ask whether i have a girlfriend or boyfriend
after getting an answer they stop talking
go work at different job since it sucked
>share nearly nothing there unless necessary
>coworkers introduce themselves with gibberish
>they ignore me even though i try being friendly
>they start bullying me for no fucking reason
>they start yelling and asking invasive questions
>give in and answer some to try to relate and ease tension
>they start saying stuff about me from my previous workplace
>one coworker tells me a thing about themselves
>later another coworker asks me about the thing that one told
why are they doing this? why is this being done to me and how do i make it stop?(please spoiler shit like this)

No. 1524095

idk anon, but it seems that most of them don't speak the language of the country they get exported to and are sold to men that live in bumfuck nowhere (I've never seen a man with a mail order bride in a big city at least, usually it's a house in the countryside where the woman stays all day), so I don't think they have many opportunities to be with someone else.

aaah yes this gives me my own stupid question. How come people in these jobs complain about how they are so tired working all the time but still find the time and energy to do this shit ?

No. 1524110

Why did you post a pic like that retard

No. 1524120

File: 1678883299013.png (11.42 KB, 287x170, Screenshot.png)

Wtf happened to this image thumbnail? My file explorer also crashed right before this happened. If I make another copy of the original it turns out fine tho. Windows anti-virus doesn't say anything is wrong, should I still be concerned?

No. 1524123

nbd the file is just corrupted

No. 1524175

any post about race tbh, idk why moids are so obsessed with being racist all the time. they've banned like tons of posters from the fetish thread because they kept talking about nazis in a very scrote manner.

No. 1524192

No, but because you asked this question in the first place I assume you're a deeply insecure person.

No. 1524204

Are there mental illnesses other than BPD that do that extreme idealization and devaluation thing?

No. 1524230

No. 1524283

I just opened LC, why is there a kpop thread?

No. 1524291

Moid schizoposting

No. 1524308

someone forgot to lock the asylum doors

No. 1524352

Some anon trying to make fetch happen. It's just the same one or two anons spamming that thread to make it seem like it's active. For a while now some anons have been trying to bring back those threads while also ignoring the culture of the site and acting like this is CC.
I myself admittedly like K-pop music but tbh those threads shouldn't come back. Anyway it'll get banned.

No. 1524379

Whenever a kpop thread pops up it's extremely obvious the only people posting in it are immigrants from choachan. Their typing style is so unhinged. Kpop should never be unbanned, I hope that thread's gone soon

No. 1524385

and the kpoppies with persecution complexes continue huh. kpopfags wanna be oppressed soooo badly man

No. 1524399

How much of an idiot would I be for buying from a shopify from which the associated instagram hasn't been updated in a year? On one hand that seems incredibly sketchy, but on the other, isn't shopify subscription based? Wouldn't it have been taken down completely if the owner wasn't active to some degree? The stock is really small and just about everything is marked as on sale so I think the owner might have stopped getting new stuff but still wants to get rid of what they have…maybe

No. 1524404

mildly sketchy but I suppose you can issue a chargeback if your order never appears

No. 1524405

can't you message the owner first or is that not possible on shopify?

No. 1524450

they are trying to guilt you into doing their job instead of them.
so i can observe you squirming, little rat.

No. 1524479

In the vent thread yes

No. 1524482

File: 1678904861140.png (70.79 KB, 428x538, 1666377803080205.png)

Have you ever investigated a conspiracy theory for laughs to debunk it only to find out it was true?

No. 1524492

File: 1678905450076.jpg (20.32 KB, 480x355, 1678256659226.jpg)

since no one answered this in the previous thraeds, I'm asking again
what's the appeal of the leftcows threads? it seems very little happens other then someone making a dumb tweet or going to a party or wearing unappealing clothes

No. 1524507

Why do I get dizzy every time I get up from my chair?? My blood pressure is definitely not low, I drank almost 5 cups of coffee today

No. 1524512

is there a thread for music discussion? I know that there are some music threads on /m but they are more dedicated to posting songs rather than discussing the industry and trends and such

No. 1524517

low iron, low zinc, low blood sugar, not consuming enough food

No. 1524519

add too much caffeine to that

No. 1524520

add sitting on a chair to that

No. 1524541

add posting on lolcow to that

No. 1524543

File: 1678911958319.gif (9.26 KB, 200x200, hk.gif)

Thinking of maybe befriending an autistic girl from discord server that I am. How dumb is that gonna be?
We share the same interests (down to even liking the same band) and she does art too. Anyone with an experience, what should i expect and will that be worth it?
I am just a socially awkward shut-in.

No. 1524576

literally what do normies even do all day? take care of their children? how are you filling the hours if you're not walking in the woods looking at moss and weird mushrooms or playing vidya

No. 1524577

Given you're a socially awkward shut-in, you may be on the autism spectrum too; overthinking "should i befriend her or not" points to that as well. Go for it lol

No. 1524584

I've recently become somewhat normie (I have friends and sometimes attend events). My friends all have a hobby or two in their free time (it's visual art for me) and when we're together we discuss world events, life events, thoughts, and feelings.
Normies watch a lot of TV, too.

No. 1524652

Are there any notorious bad ballerinas/ballet dancers? I'm interested in reading about ballerina discourse.

No. 1524732

why do some people online get upset (not even disappointment but like legit pissed or using it as evidence for "why so-and-so is a bad person") if a famous person doesn't want to do a video for a fan or doesn't want to be recorded randomly, if they're not rejecting rudely? like if they said "fuck off" clearly that's different but otherwise it just feels whatever. i get that someone famous will receive attention obviously but i also understand that they probably have shit to do especially if they're right in the middle of walking somewhere. idk maybe it's cause i'm not sociable myself but i don't agree with the idea that someone has to do every little request a fan asks

No. 1524737

My mom doomscrolls facebook and does online jigsaws/other puzzle games. And watching home renovation shows.

No. 1524761

What's the difference between a regular socially awkward person and an autist? Are all socially awkward people autistic by default?

No. 1524775

Normies still go to the woods and play video games they just aren't autistically fixated on those things. When I talk to my most normie friends we usually discuss funny stuff that happened to us at work or when hanging out with friends, the last episode of whatever show we have in common, or we show each other funny pictures and videos.

No. 1524818

File: 1678940921523.jpg (49.02 KB, 640x578, k7p02hyv1bha1.jpg)

How can I relieve subconscious stress? I don't feel any stress and can't point out any, but my body is saying otherwise: 10 days of spotting (I NEVER spot this long. Only right before I start my period and I'm very regulalr), right eye keeps twitching, and my shoulders feel sore. I lift weights and do yoga to relieve stress etc but it doesn't feel like it's enough. Please help.

No. 1524821

Go to work, make meals, hang out with friends, go to social events, attend cultural events or markets/festivals, have hobbies that take up a normal amount of time, shop for things and clean

No. 1524825

My ex works in IT but his hobby was hacking. He moved into his parents place and im still in the apartment looking for a place to move into. He came by a few days ago because he 'forgot something'. To any computer savvy anons, could he have installed anything into the internet router to be able to see what im doing on my pc? I don't want him knowing where im moving into etc.
Sorry if this sounds dumb I really don't know computers well I just know that he knew computers too well.

No. 1524830

yes it is possible he has access to your router or could have installed a keylogger. all you have to do is plug in a usb and install from it pretty quickly and keyloggers can be hidden (either really really hidden or just on the surface hidden). you can scan your computer and see if it identifies one.
you can likely find a service to check if there is unusual traffic on your router as well

No. 1524834

>plug in a usb and install from it
Where should I plug it in? My pc or the router?
And what's the best way to scan my pc and see if there is one?

No. 1524857

actually, if I copy over all my info onto a hard drive, and I reinstalled windows, would that remove anything on my laptop or would anything malicious potentially come back once I reconnect to the wifi again

No. 1524861

Did you leave him alone with your devices?

No. 1524862

download malwarebytes and scan before you do anything else, see if it detects anything

No. 1524863

Nta but anon is saying that installing a keylogger is as easy as plugging in a usb

No. 1524867

no I made sure to take both my laptops when he came here to grab something or other

ill give it a go

Yeah I realized that after I reread it a few times, stress brain turning into mush rn

No. 1524899

File: 1678950916938.jpg (720.87 KB, 3024x4032, 9d03e1b686ea5b71ae2c59511d591b…)

many hate bpd-chans here but it's still stupid to ask but i don't want a diagnosis (=medical death sentence) so i am asking here
any nonnas want to psychoanalyze me?
does this make me bpd:
>buying stuff for new hobbies then not doing them more than once or twice
>hoarding a bunch of shit because of sentimental attachment
>when somebody flakes me i start thinking of why they are annoying and stupid anyways
>constant loneliness yet unwillingness to try harder
>very sensitive to rejection, will think about it for months
>sudden bursts of energy over wanting to reinvent myself
>never do anything extreme though and run out of that energy quickly
>try extreme thinking like wanting to be a femme fatale girlboss bitchcunt
>thinking of how people would react if i killed myself after they disrespected or disregarded me
>thinking nobody will ever befriend me anymore because i am too old to make new friends
>thinking people who are close to becoming my friends are just faking it and want to make fun of or use me
>not feeling like a real person when i am alone because i only veg out on the puter
>keen to dress alt but too scared of conservative citizens to do so
>very moody, so much so that people comment on my rudeness

No. 1524903

How is it possible for a woman to be promiscuous while at the same time having a fear and distrust of men? It does not make sense to me at all.

No. 1524904

samefag I realize I sound like a scrote saying this but it genuinely does not compute for me.

No. 1524923

this all sounds pretty normal

No. 1524926

This sounds like it could be also ADHD, like starting new hobbies and getting bored with them soon, rejection sensitivity (you might want to check out RSD), being moody. I can see a lot of myself in these and I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I could definitely have some undiagnosed issues as well. You do describe some symptoms of bpd as well, I'm not too familiar with the diagnostic criteria but stuff like
>when somebody flakes me i start thinking of why they are annoying and stupid anyways
could be splitting.
Or you could have depression. You could have a lot of things based on this description.

All those things can also coexist, and it is also entirely possible that you do have some issues in your life but not fulfil the diagnostic criteria for any disorder. Everyone has some shit going on in their life and you can definitely work on them without an official diagnosis or even without a self-diagnosis. The thing is that to diagnose any disorder, be it personality or something else, requires a screening by a trained professional and it's very hard to do over the internet by anons just reading a list of issues.

No. 1524931

You're more likely to just be mildly autistic.

You seem to have some difficulties with concentration/execution like people with ADHD do along with depression-esque fatigue and you seem socially/emotionally immature. This looks and tastes like the sperg cocktail to me.

Also who the fuck thinks wanting to dress obnoxiously but being afraid of facing harm from others because of it is a symptom of mental illness ? That's every other person out there.

No. 1524941

It's easy if you hate yourself enough.

No. 1524945

Nonnas which specs are better for Photoshop, animation, light video editing & light gaming (mostly retro stuff)? I usually have a lot of tabs open as well:

>ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 M6500QC - Ryzen 5 5600H, 15.6FULL HD 144Hz, 512 GB, 16GB, Geforce RTX 3050 4GB

>ASUS VivoBook S15 M3502QA OLED - Ryzen 5 5600H, 15.6 120Hz, 512 GB, 24GB, Radeon Graphics

Not sure which is more important, having a GPU or more ram??

No. 1524946

users on tiktok would diagnose you with all flavours of alphabet soup but this is just normal behaviour to me.

No. 1524949

They believe that the famous person owes the fans, because the fans are the reason the person is famous in the first place.

No. 1525009

not in any way an expert, but from my understanding the amount of ram doesn't matter if your gpu is shit. it looks like both computers are fine, even though 512 GB is the bare minimum in my opinion. if you have the option to go for 1 TB or more, i'd say go for one with at least 1 TB. if you have an external hard drive and diligently sort out your files so they don't clog up your hard drive, it should be fine with 512 GB though.

if those are your only two options, i'd go for the 1st option. 16 gb ram should be just fine for modern games but if it's mostly retro stuff you're playing you should be good either way!

No. 1525035

This is probably very retarded and socially inept of me but I really would like some advice/guidance, nonnas.
I matched with this woman on a dating app, we have quite a bit of an agegap (I'm 23, she's 37), but she said she didn't mind me being younger. Anyways, thing is what she wants and what I want are very different, she wants some real commitment, going the extra mile for the relationship while I don't really want that right now, I just want to try dating for the first time. But retard me didn't fucking say that, I did say I was unsure and such but. She also said she's prone to yelling and that's something I can't take at all.
We have a date arranged for tomorrow, I kind of don't want to go but I said I wanted to go, this is so fucking stupid of me, but I am realizing dating and all is just way too much energy-consuming and I don't want it, we've only talked for a week and I'm already exhausted talking to someone everyday outside of work. I don't think I want to be in a relationship, I just want to be alone as I have been for all my life. But how do I say this to her? Or do I just go to the date tomorrow? It would be my first ever date, but it will also be with someone I'm probably not attracted to, she said she is currently obese, which is fine whatever, but I am not into that either, I haven't seen her (she didn't put pics of herself, but she said she isn't good-looking so 'don't expect too much' but I'm very mid-looking too), I've talked to her on call. What do I do nonnas? She asked me if I am looking forward to tomorrow and I was like 'yeah!' but I'm not.

No. 1525036

nonna, this doesn't sound good… if i were you i'd cancel the date. you can make up a reason, idk, family emergency or something. also the fact that there are no pictures and she goes for women way younger… makes me think it's a TIM/transbian.

No. 1525037

No, she is definitely a woman, even if you'd think maybe she just had a very, very convincing female voice, she talked about feeling dysphoric and such as a lesbian in our frankly pretty shitty, religious country.
But I really want to cancel, it's so shitty of me though, because I've pretended I'm up for it but the type of commitment and relationship she wants is not something I can give to her. And that's going to come up sooner or later so I should pull the plug while we aren't so deep. Right?

No. 1525040

Just grow a spine and be honest anon. Simply text them “I’m sorry unfortunately I have to cancel our date, I realized I’m not ready. Best of luck to you!”. Leave it at that. It’s fine that you’re retarded, you don’t have to resign yourself to a lonely fate if you don’t want to. I’m positive you’ll meet someone whom you’re actually attracted to and is attracted to you, as long as you learn to say what you mean and not downplay your own discomfort. Beside, romantic relationship isn’t the only way to achieve human connection.

No. 1525041

Thank you, truly. I WILL do this, I will text her. I need to stop saying yes to things I don't want to do. I don't even want a relationship, not right now. I like being alone way too much for that.
It will be out of absolutely nowhere for her because I was faking things, like a sped puppet, I hope she doesn't feel bad but it's better than giving her false messages.
>learn to say what you mean
I struggle with this in general, especially at the workplace so I take on more than I can handle. Thanks a lot, I'll have to just do this. I need to. I'll prep myself and text her in an hour. I'm dreading it.

No. 1525042

Do as >>1525040 says and be honest. Making up a flimsy excuse is just going to create trouble where she tries to reschedule the date which just leads to more lying and at some point you will have to be honest anyway. So tell her now that you are not ready and avoid any complications and coming off as a jerk

No. 1525043

File: 1678975654474.jpg (97.99 KB, 1170x684, FoFwwSwXgAMJE2Y.jpg)

is it normal for men to have lips this big? It looks freaky(racebaiting)

No. 1525047

File: 1678976148575.jpeg (76.71 KB, 1080x962, received_5784478978347432.jpeg)

How can I stop feeling sadness over always being perceived as weird? Even when I tried to be as normal as possible people said I'm really weird. I don't really care what people think about my interests or appearance(I have very uncommon features that don't help at all) but the fact that I'm a drifting weirdo just hits me sometimes and it makes me feel very sad and isolated. And please don't suggest that I find other weird people to be friends with because I'm already trying to do that, I need to figure out how to come to peace with it myself without relying on a sense of community.

No. 1525048

File: 1678976168693.gif (2.79 KB, 128x128, 5988-pixelbongocat.gif)

Do you remember the name of the actor that was extremely beautiful as a kid (he was a child actor), i think he had blonde, long curly hair and Japanese people were obsessed with him, comparing him to a bishounen/etc. He is white though. I think he was generally called nothing but 'a beautiful boy', but i also remember he made a documentary about his experience as a child actor (on possibly netflix) a few years ago, he is an old man now. I just don't remember his name.

No. 1525055

File: 1678976720262.jpg (79.93 KB, 830x844, MV5BM2IzODkwNWYtNmZhNi00ZjZkLT…)

You're probably thinking of Björn Andrésen, picrel. The documentary is called The Most Beautiful Boy in the World.

No. 1525056

Bjorn Andresen.

No. 1525057

I really feel you, wish I could say anything to help but sometimes you'd be around people and get hit with this sense of not belonging…

No. 1525061

File: 1678977070346.jpg (44.1 KB, 472x649, Björn_at_20.jpg)

and this is what he looked as an adult, the documentary about him mentioned that he had "lost his beauty" at 17. even his Japanese fans were disappointed in how adult and hardy looking he had become and I was just dumbfounded, cause he was objectively attractive as an adult man, he just didn't look like a little boy anymore

No. 1525063

The fuck he looks nearly the same to me kek

No. 1525081

File: 1678980289711.jpg (34.73 KB, 780x438, intro-1658156621.jpg)

damn i looked him up and he was the old man in midsommar who jumped off the cliff???

No. 1525082

He still looks good. Not in a sexual way kek but he looks cool like a wizard.

No. 1525086

I never drank caffeeine in my life but I wanna try it because of heavy sleepyness I feel in the morning. I tried green tea but it didn't do much for me, maybe because it was shit tier supermarket brand tea. Can coffee with milk still be effective? Everyone here drinks italian style esspresos, tiny and super bitter.

No. 1525087

File: 1678980716118.jpeg (58.01 KB, 474x637, d7301494c87c2378fdec486ffb44e1…)

Japan rife with pedophilia as always

No. 1525091

If that was what post-wall man looked like, I'd be so happy.

No. 1525092

Instead all men in their 40s turn into humanoid thumbs. Bald, wide, beer belly.

No. 1525094

He is now an unreleased wizard from lord of the rings, love that for him

No. 1525096

God he still looks so good. Weirdo pedos can die.

No. 1525097

you never had soda? anyways, yeah coffee is coffee even with milk in it, you can try a lighter roast too so it's not as Bitter

No. 1525108

Is there any way to store tights / pantyhose in a way that looks neat? I love wearing them but they're so slippery and they never stay coiled properly

No. 1525135

Okay, I did it, anon. I said what you wrote but a little longer and I did it. She was nice about it and said it's okay. This was so hard, it's such a nothingburger but I actually cried, how embarrassing. At least it's done and over, I deleted my account and I feel very light. Thanks again.

No. 1525136

can someone please post the male crime statistics cat i need it desperately

No. 1525137

File: 1678983629783.jpeg (264 KB, 1600x1600, 2D4EF723-A79B-477D-A0E7-6F558E…)

maybe try a drawer organizer like one of these?

No. 1525140

File: 1678983691971.png (444.78 KB, 500x500, 1646314900215.png)

No. 1525142

What is irony-poisoning? I've seen that term around here and other ibs and I don't get what it quite means.

No. 1525143

the irony in this smh…

No. 1525151

he looked grown up and not like an underage boy, which didn't interest any pedos.

No. 1525160

If you feel like espresso is too bitter for you, other types of brewing aren't as strong, pour over coffe turns much milder. Back when I couldn't stand coffe, I used to drink those pre made cappuccino mixes, it worked against sleepiness because not only it had caffeine, it was also full of sugar, not healthy tho.

No. 1525162

Why don't you delete the extra posts when the site messes up and posts it several times?

No. 1525170

Not sure if it's like that for everyone, but I did that once and it deleted all of the posts.

No. 1525171

some people don't realize it multiposted until it's to late to delete

No. 1525184

I'm dog sitting for my bestie and her bf who are away for a funeral. When I entered their apartment there was a folded piece of paper lying on the entryway bench. I opened it thinking it's some more instructions on how to care for their dog, but it turns out it's a letter friends bf wrote for their dead mate. I only glanced at the first few sentences until it dawned on me what it was. Now I'm scared when they get back they're gonna think I read the whole thing. He probably forgot it there and doesn't remember where he placed it, so I'm wondering if I should hide it somewhere else in their apartment or throw it away. What do

No. 1525185

Thinking about it either of them could have written it cause my friend has atrocious man handwriting

No. 1525186

You can either leave it where you found it or you can come clean and tell them you found it and thought it was instructions to care for their dog but it wasn't and reassure them you didn't read it once you realized what it was.

No. 1525194

File: 1678990165540.jpeg (85.37 KB, 640x800, CE0D6D21-33EC-4C36-8028-4B103E…)

What are some uncontentiously loved i.e. bees

No. 1525196

Thank you idk why i didn't consider coming clean lol, brb need to do some soul searching

No. 1525203

just…refold and leave it on the bench? i don't understand why this is an issue.

No. 1525261

File: 1678995648768.gif (1.05 MB, 498x280, 1647111226881.gif)

Wanted to post this in the advice thread but I don't have the patience for it.
How can I rewire/reprogram/change myself to stop overthinking and being so negative? Or just overcome fear? I feel dead inside but if I had the guts to do crazy shit like jumping out of planes then maybe I'd feel alive again. I can't even approach strangers on the street just to talk because I keep thinking it'd be weird and embarrassing. It's so retarded I hate this uwu anxiety shit, it's pathetic! If I can't be normal let me at least do weird or dangerous shit in return

No. 1525280

is there a new Venus thread? i just see a locked one from two weeks ago

No. 1525296

File: 1678997726514.jpg (30.52 KB, 587x454, 1.jpg)

Retardo question, but burger-chans, do you have houses like picrel in the US? I feel like all I see in movies are either New York skyscrapers or single family home neighborhoods like in Halloween or Malcolm in the Middle.

No. 1525301

developing secondary emotions (shame, annoyance, etc.) at your primary emotions/issues makes things harder to deal with. take it easy and try to change one thing a day and look for workbooks or a therapist to help with your anxiety and think about concrete goals. i

mid-size apartments do exist but are rarer due to zoning laws, it's called "the missing middle". this youtuber talks about it

No. 1525305

there is no easy solution. You HAVE to take that first step and be unapologetically insane until it feels normal and it fucking sucks. I had awful anxiety when I started wearing lolita and other alt fashions out in public, I was a shaking nervous wreck and it sparked lots of conversations with strangers, good and bad. But it feels like getting called a freak by strangers helped my anxiety in a weird way like some sort of exposure therapy. It was my greatest fears come to life but all I could do in the moment was laugh because who the fuck cares, I was on the adrenaline high of doing what made me happy. Not saying you have to go that route of course, but it sounds like there you're missing out on things you want to do because your anxiety and fear of rejection is holding you back. Go to parties, be loud, talk to strangers even when you're scared shitless. Even if you're cringe, do what you love. Just build a tolerance to that rejection and fear, get used to people thinking you're weird or crazy and eventually you don't care anymore and that feeling of power is incredible. I have killed the part of me that cringes and I'm indestructible

No. 1525307

samefag I realized this is the equivalent of saying "just be happy" to a depressed person. But I tried therapy, meds, mindfulness and everything else but the only thing that actually helped my anxiety personally was forcing myself to do the things that made me anxious.

No. 1525328

How do I stop giving off frumpy librarian vibes? I asked a friend how she can attract so many guys and she earnestly answered that it was because she was a ho and she was toxic, and while I don't want to become promiscuous I still want some options other than unattractive nerds.

No. 1525335

Just some basic changes to appearance can go a long way honestly. Find what colors, cuts, and accessories are flattering to your body type/skin tone. Experiment with makeup and find what works for you and your schedule. You don't have to act like a bitch but resist the urge to fawn or look down when you're talking to people. Stuff like that.

No. 1525395

very simply put: find out your body shape, face shape and what season you are, or at least what undertones you have. then dress and do your makeup, if you use any, in a way that flatters you, but I need to add that people often wear cheap looking materials and don't get why they might come off as looking frumpy. Favor less synthetic materials, I don't care if that shirt is cheap and you think it's cute, viscose and polyester feels, looks and acts cheap and gross.

No. 1525418

Ayrt and I should have add that I'm not really frumpy looking either (I already wear clothing that looks good on me and that's not cheap either) I just have that weird girl nerd vibe that's been hovering over me since my early teenage years. I don't want to pretend to be someone I'm not either.
>find out your body shape, face shape and what season you are
I have some weird faceblind autism going on where I'm literally unable to tell what I look like, I can't even figure out that dumb basic body shape (am I a triangle? An hourglass? Who knows!).

No. 1525429

kek i meant like dressing alt is such a bpd thing

No. 1525436

File: 1679005797897.jpeg (116.05 KB, 800x1155, DB289E57-D041-44CF-AB85-6A203F…)

>I have some weird faceblind autism going on where I'm literally unable to tell what I look like
>I can't even figure out that dumb basic body shape (am I a triangle? An hourglass? Who knows!).

Have you ever consulted any of your friends for advice on what they think you are and what your tone is? Maybe ask if any of your female friends, real life or online, would be willing to go shopping with you or help determine your skintone, face shape, body type, etc. don't change yourself entirely and your style and your appearance if you don't want to to fit the trend or what suits your color or tone, just find something you like. Maybe drag someone to go shopping with you, buy a couple products or pieces you like.

The most important thing is to enjoy doing it, don't lose yourself in wanting to be presentable to someone else. By adapting a style and a hair color or makeup style that's completely disingenuous to you and not something you actually like, then it comes across as tryhard. Don't bend to any trends or let anyone talk you into anything you think looks awful on you

No. 1525446

offtopic but i wish so much i had someone to ask me to go shopping with them to help them pick out new clothes/related. i would love to do that, help them find stuff they look great in and love being in

No. 1525448

use colorwise or something for the colors if you don't want to go too deep into it and people have said it helps to Block out your face completely with an editing app or just tracing your selfies outlines to see the mere shape of your face.

No. 1525451

I haven't been to the mall or seen my irls in ages and I want to do this again. I love boosting my friends if they start self deprecating on a shopping trip

No. 1525596

What if I put my hair up in a ponytail and cut it off? I’ve been wanting to have short hair for so long, not because of style but just because I’m so tired of long hair and having to put it in a ponytail or bun so I can look presentable. My mom doesn’t want me to cut my hair; I’m 30 years old.
Like, would it look really bad? I don't care if it’ll look a little bad, I don’t care for my appearance, but to a certain extent you know. I don’t have haircut money and I live rurally and don’t drive so I wanna do it myself.

No. 1525629

Do spergy, excited and cute straight guys exist? I’ve only seen this personality in fake kpop idols or gay men

No. 1525635

Yes, my boyfriend is like this, but it's pretty rare for guys to be bubbly and cute. A lot of men are excitable, but in a negative way.

No. 1525637

Is he physically attractive and how did you meet him? Is he bisexual?

No. 1525655

If you really want to do it yourself, you can definitely find youtubr videos on how to cut your own hair.. I'd look at a few of those first before taking the scissors to your pony tail

No. 1525669

Put it in two pigtails and cut it in front of you if you want it more even, just do it inch by inch if you're not sure about the length.
Who cares what your mom thinks, it's your hair.
I cut my own hair all the time, never been to a salon/barber.

No. 1525762

Thank you nonna!!

No. 1525767

I mean chopping it off without further styling doesn't seem like a good idea. Also, whether it would look good on you depends on a number of things. Is your hair straight, wavy or curly? What's your faceshape?

No. 1525775

File: 1679034841110.gif (12.21 MB, 640x360, ezgif.com-optimize (1).gif)

I know it's a stupid question and that's exactly why I am here, but when nonnas say 'bpd' are they referring to Borderline Personality Disorder or Bi-Polar Disorder or Based Pikachu Dance? I can't figure it out because it's rarely specified (and yes I probably missed all those rare times), I mostly just see the abbreviation.

No. 1525777

Borderline. The abbreviation for bipolar is BP. Dunno where you got the pikachu thing from.

No. 1525780

>Dunno where you got the pikachu thing from
Actually I wasn't being serious with that, I just have a retarded sense of humour.

No. 1525839

File: 1679048089568.jpg (3.92 KB, 564x592, 24ac9b6844141ba281a4ac0fd48234…)

Should I reach out to that one friend who ghosted me all of the sudden 5 years ago?
I've been thinking about her recently, part of me feels like I should respect her choice to drop me (it's tiny bit complicated since we were kinda romantically involved and at the point she ghosted me she moved to another country and started building a new life for herself but it never sounded in our conversations like she has any resentment or whatnot), but I miss how well we got along, I rarely meet people who I have so much in commmon with, I don't miss the romantic part, just the friendship. On one hand, whats the worst that can happen, she will just ignore my message if she doesnt want contact, right? But on the other hand, I'm just so embarassed even though I want to do it at the same time… what would you do anons if you were me

No. 1525843

Honestly you shouldn't. She has her reasons for doing it and if she hasn't tried in five years to get back in contact with you, she's sticking by those reasons. Five years is a long time, the connection you once had probably won't be the same. Learn from my mistakes: you'll most likely wind up hurt whether she replies or not.

No. 1525846

Very good points, I'll listen to you anon, thank you

No. 1525883

File: 1679055091133.jpeg (42.05 KB, 497x617, DF1C6B7B-9A57-4A65-A63D-EEA02E…)

How do I cope with the fact that I’ve fallen in love with a musician who died young 30 years ago and keep myself from being genuinely angry that he’s not a fat old man hanging out with his grandkids and sharing war stories about his time as a rockstar?

No. 1525892

File: 1679056255987.jpg (102.3 KB, 929x623, photo_2023-03-17_14-30-35.jpg)

No. 1525899

File: 1679056607399.jpeg (100.35 KB, 828x1025, 270152E1-73D3-4136-AD0F-5D6A2A…)

No. 1525918

How can I fix or treat my lower jaw sensitivity WITHOUT seeing a dentist? (I don't have the money right now). I don't know how to describe it, it feels extra weak and tingly, and difficult to chew/move, like I have to force extra movement just to bite.

No. 1525922

What came of that whole thing with Gabbie Hannah?

No. 1525942

does being tired all the time mean im deficient in some nutrients?

No. 1525948

Do you have your wisdom teeth? They can grow into the nerves of your jaw. Nighttime tooth grinding can also cause jaw weakness, soreness, and so on, and if it’s that it might be partly treatable by reducing stress and anything that disturbs your sleep, anything that overall improves sleep quality.

No. 1525968

I have most of my wisdom teeth except for two that had to get removed 5 years ago due to causing a lot of pain.

No. 1525971

it could mean that, but you need to get a blood test to be sure.

No. 1526061

Is it worth to try dating apps? People have been suggesting me to use them lately, mostly because I've been lamenting that I feel alone. It would only to meet women.

No. 1526063

Do you guys think rw/tradlarper pickmes would be considered femcels? A lot of them are generally socially maladjusted irl so the only male attention they can really get is online from equally reclusive and autistic since they don’t have much else going on for them.

No. 1526064

Short answer: no

Long answer: nooooooo

No. 1526067

*meant to say individuals after autistic fuck

No. 1526177

I have a round face shape and i guess sort of wavy, curly hair. I got a ton of flyaways/baby hairs that I usually hair spray back.
something about chopping it off from my usual ponytail is so enticing.
I’ll keep this in mind when I get the courage to finally do it!

No. 1526189

File: 1679084862009.jpg (22.17 KB, 680x680, 1511285970875.jpg)

Are there any mods/jannies/admin here who also moderate crystal cafe?

No. 1526253

What is working in a cinema like? I applied to 5 million jobs and this is the only one that responded but now I'm worried how it will be kek it's a popcorn girl job, cleaning is a separate job thank god

No. 1526262

>cleaning is a separate job
lol. it's separate until the cleaning girl calls off (or more likely just isn't scheduled) and your boss tells you to clean
I've never worked in a theatre but that's how all other hospitality jobs are

No. 1526275

Shit lmao. Whatever, I'll see how it goes. I'm a NEET so I don't need it, just want some extra money lol.

No. 1526304

i've turned into a normie and i watch tv, scroll my phone, cook, make sculptures, play video games and cuddle my dog. normies have all sorts of interests they just talk about daily life things such as the weather and their kids, to relate to others. bringing up their hyperfixations won't increase social capital so they avoid that.

No. 1526307

If a meteor was on course to collide with earth, would it be possible to get a nuclear bomb up into space to launch it towards that meteor? Money aside, of course. Would the bomb just be too heavy to get it into space? Would there be negative consequences for us, or do you think it'd be far enough away to not affect us? I'm not talking like a meteor that's imminently about to crash into earth, more like nasa people being like "hm, if we don't do something this meteor will crash into us eventually"

No. 1526329

NASA recently confirmed that they can destroy or divert any asteroid that would collide with us. They wouldn't use a nuclear bomb, they would use a different material. But if they had to, I imagine it wouldn't result in too much radiation because it would be so far away and the solar wind would push a lot of it away.

No. 1526356

Okay so my room and my brother's room are right next to each other and when he is playing games with friends I can hear it pretty clearly in my room. If I were to get soundproof panels would I put them in my room to keep the noise out of my room or in his room to keep the noise in his?

No. 1526395

Has anyone experimented with micro dosing psychedelics for anxiety and depression? I’ve had issues with traditional antidepressants and I’ve been in a super rough place recently.

No. 1526450

Is it immoral to have kids if you have a longstanding history of family illnesses? Both mental and physical. I want children but I don't know if I could ever be a good mother.

No. 1526468

I haven't but doing that can be a very slippery slope.

No. 1526489

okay but why does it stink of underage groomed discord tiktok girls up in here? its not even close to summer why is lolcow filled with literal obvious children?

Back in my day we knew to at least lurk and shut the fuck up, not display our newfaggotry with pride

No. 1526520

what would happen if an eu citizen was in the US for vacation and had to go to the ER but they don't have health insurance? Do they still get billed? And how do they pay for it?

No. 1526525

Unfortunately Eurpoeans are only allowed leech treatments unless they can pay up front. It's pretty outdated but the government heavily subsidizes the leech farms in upper midwest, because without it, most of the rural economy in those areas would collapse. It's sort of a two birds one stone situation where the leech farmers get to stay in business and the EU can't accuse the US of refusing to treat foreigners who can't pay, but yeah it's pretty fucked up. Good luck nonna.

No. 1526527

You would get billed. Then you ignore the bill, just like Americans do. Fuck em.

No. 1526530

File: 1679111923368.jpg (49.63 KB, 735x837, 4cd25c26a5d3e542a215f058fbb38c…)

Don't talk shit about the midwest. We feed your fat bombous ass.

No. 1526537

I'm not criticizing midwesterners, retard. Read my fucking post. It's not their fault the government can't figure out how to modernize dated economic sectors.

No. 1526557

The government knows how they just don’t

No. 1526566

In the USA how can I get on disability ? I have nothing really wrong

No. 1526590

Anyone on the east coast or mid western US ever get a package delivered with lasership? I ordered off ulta and saw they were shipping it, had no clue who they were, looked it up and saw a bunch (like thousands) of awful reviews. I'm worried I wont get my package, I just gotta go in person to buy stuff from now on.

No. 1526607

Tech illiterate here
What is gpt-4? Is it bad?

No. 1526608

File: 1679128184904.gif (2.82 MB, 540x300, 97ED0A83-B834-4CCB-9811-7469E3…)

Why am I deeply missing the moid I dumped nearly a year ago even though I know our relationship would have been a messy dead end? Context:
>be me
>go through a terrible romantic situation Jan-March ‘21
>meet a gorgeous guy on the rebound May ‘21
>he is so sweet, great in bed and makes me feel special, but not special enough that I trust him to not flirt/fool with other girls when I’m not around
>on-off with him until he leaves the country Feb ‘22
>he keeps randomly hitting me up and replying to my story after he’s moved
>by June 22 I’m sick of it and tell him that unless he’s coming back to visit he needs to leave me alone and let me get on with my life
>radio silence since then
>Start missing him deeply about a week ago
What the fuck is wrong with me? How do I kick these feelings?

No. 1526610

Just got to tell your brain it'll go nowhere.

No. 1526642

Yes. Is this bait?

No. 1526646

Ayrt, no it's not bait. I was just a bit drunk. I don't have a boyfriend anyway so it's not like it matters that much at this point kek

No. 1526671

File: 1679142371957.jpg (79.36 KB, 900x1085, Screenshot_20230318_132534_Sam…)

Is this backpack cute or not? It's giving me Lara Croft vibes, which I like but not sure if it is suitable for everday wear

No. 1526676

It's not that cute. You can find similar bags that are more aesthetic than this one

No. 1526679

Curious about the lolcow school of thought on men who are obsessed with women… like, girl-crazy. I know a guy who’s addicted to Tinder and dating — not even necessarily sex, I don’t think — like it’s a drug. Willing to drive hours away for single first dates, obsessed with women celebrities he finds attractive, kinda pornsick (ofc,) overly nice to any women he meets but doesn’t bring the same energy for men. Also tries to keep up to date about libfem feminist thought (kek.)

I know him because he’s a really smart guy in my major and he’s nice to talk to about our field, but his life situation outside of that strikes me as yikes. He also really likes alcohol, so I wonder if it’s the same mental processes?

No. 1526684

I like it but it depends on your style.

No. 1526688

Is there a way to block all images on wikipedia without having an account on there?

No. 1526690

I don't trust such guys. Pornsickness and obsession with famous women is a huge turn-off, plus alcohol… pretending to be a profem guy while being a womanizer gives me predator/manipulator vibes. I've known similar guys and they're the scrotiest scrotes in the world, with a lot of shit hidden behind this "charming and progressive" don juan persona (just make them feel comfortable and ask about previous relationships). They use that parts of libfem thought that are convenient for them, of course (which doesn't mean they'll necessarrily respect your boundaries or won't push their kinks on you). It doesn't even take that much time before they start showing their true colors because they're not that self-aware. But some women surely are naive enough to think they're the good ones.

No. 1526711

Is riana nicole trans

No. 1526720

What makes a person obsessed with you? Really, I don't get it, i am so boring and yet i managed to get a guy obsessed with me, who still tries to contact me regularly, but i have blocked him for a year now, this isn't normal…

No. 1526721

Is it even worth starting a YouTube channel now, nonnies? I guess I think it's a bit oversaturated.

No. 1526723

ty, nona ♥

No. 1526746

there is no class of guys like him, he is more of an outlier. sounds like guys obsessed with the chase of meeting women like it's a game, or is really fucking desperate. is he ugly, average, or actually hot? and what kind of female celebrities, like female actors he wants to fuck or female musicians he fetishizes for whatever reason.

No. 1526748

what do you mean by "worth it"? if you have fun making videos on a specific topic or vlog, you do it for yourself at first. very small chance of getting many followers or making any money from it. big youtubers discuss how it took them years to build a following of even a few thousand subscribers, when they went viral is when they often really grew. smokeyglow's longer deep dives on creators are good if you want to think about it.

No. 1526756

I’ve done a pretty good job making him comfortable in admitting stuff to me. I’m not even interested in him romantically, he’s just an odd case so I’m moreso interested in picking his brain.
He’s average, even after putting quite a bit of effort into his looks. Like no girl would look at him and be like, “oh, he’s hot!” But he’s not necessarily ugly either. He’s mentioned Hayley Williams from Paramore and Zooey Deschanel, and that he’s more into alt and bad girls than other types.

He loves pretty women way more than even the typical guy, which gets combined with his passion for statistics (our major, lel.) so personally I think the Tinder obsession is like him playing a slot machine, the numbers game, in trying to find the “best one.” He struck gold once with an ex who was a super pretty and smart sorority girl, so I wonder if he’s trying to do it again. I lowkey slut shame him and was able to tease him into finding out that he keeps track of every woman he has ever slept with in a list on his phone, which he says is for health reasons, but I think adds to the theory about this being a game for him.

No. 1526761

>He’s mentioned Hayley Williams from Paramore and Zooey Deschanel, and that he’s more into alt and bad girls than other types.
sounds like the type of desperate man with no personality and is boring himself with a hot goth/alt girl fetish.

>I lowkey slut shame him

as you should!
>and was able to tease him into finding out that he keeps track of every woman he has ever slept with in a list on his phone, which he says is for health reasons, but I think adds to the theory about this being a game for him.
yea this is fucking insane, kek. completely sounds like a game to boost his ego. i hope he at least fucks well and gives women a good time, and isn't spreading any diseases.

No. 1526770

He's an ugly man who thinks getting women out of his league will fix his self wroth issues. The list and him being obsessed with the one actual pretty girl he got proves this.
I had this ugly female friend, greasy hair, shitty outfits, very weird attitude and she also had a list of guys that showed her interest on her phone which she once read to us, most were either rich or studying in super prestigious schools but the "interest" in question was like texting her on an anonymous forum once or sending her a dm once on Instagram.
Your friend is I think struggling to with self worth issues just like my friend and that's why he's using those women to fix his ego. He sounds disgusting and I'd never talk to a man like that. Most guys who are obsessed with super pretty girls are redflags, they're %99 super porn addicted with folders filled with the women they're obsessed with and he unfortunately probably also ranks you like he does to other girls. He isn't a cute girlcrazy guy, he's a porn addict who's preying on women that aren't interested in him and keeping a list after he uses them.

No. 1526778

>he unfortunately probably also ranks you like he does to other girls.
Aaah fml, he has told me “you have a great girl next door look!” which I just blew off, but it definitely felt like he was putting me in some kind of porn category in his mind. His obsession with categorizing and, as you said, probably ranking women is so pornsick.

His research is interesting and he’s definitely a smart guy, but even just for a friendship, his messy personal life is hard to overlook. He might move to his ex’s city after graduation (they’re still friends), and if this rich and pretty woman actually takes him back… man, I’d feel so sorry for her. I wonder how much she knows.

No. 1526839

He sounds like an Aella simp.

No. 1526876

File: 1679161746890.jpg (39.09 KB, 400x483, 1445451456779.jpg)

Does anyone know if a kid who suffered from hypopituitary and who received growth hormone injections for years to compensate is supposed to still have symptoms as an adult after the treatment made them taller and helped the kid start puberty? For example is it normal for an adult who received that medical treatment to always be tired and have low blood sugar and low blood pressure even if the treatment to make that patient taller than predicted worked perfectly? Because this week I felt I was going to pass out everyday on my way home after work it's worrying me and endocrinologists never found anything strange when I had a bunch of tests done a few years earlier for the same reason.

No. 1526878

I’m looking for some really strong tasting ginger tea the ones i buy i never strong enough

No. 1526884

More and more people are developing CFS/ME due to covid these days (they’re calling it “long covid” but it’s the same thing as CFS/ME). Have you been sick in the last few months?

No. 1526886

buy actual ginger

No. 1526906

In my case I've been like this since I was a little kid because of that hypopituitary thing, it's just that right now it's a little bit worse than usual. I had random periods when I was way more tired than usual or had much lower blood sugar than usual for no particular reason before covid too. I think I caught covid in april/may 2020 and it took me months to recover, I couldn't even see a doctor to get meds or even just get tested because it was when lockdowns were imposed in a shit ton of countries when shit was nearly unmanageable but after I fully recovered like three months later I was just fine. I think the only noteworthy thing since then is that my sex drive is way lower than before I caught covid but I have no way of knowing if it's the direct cause of that issue. These past few months I've been just fine as well, I keep wearing masks in public transport because people are legit disgusting, but I eat more and more to compensate for how tired I feel these days.

No. 1526975

Should I take Modern American Literature or a basic Linguistics class next semester? Both work with my schedule but I can only pick one. Which one Anons?

No. 1526980

Anons, do you think if the guy is truly interested, he always makes the first move? I have a coworker who supposedly likes me, he does nice things for me, he drives me home, he asked me if I have a boyfriend and talked about me with my friend, but he never invited me anywhere. I'm not very responsive because I'm an autist and I never dated anyone, so I don't know how to behave. But I always remember women telling me that if a guy actually wants you he makes the first move, but what is exactly the first move? Asking out on a date? And if yes, and he hasn't asked me out yet, does it mean he's not truly interested?

No. 1527064

Definates like
>a person into X will always Y
do not apply to everyone as everyone is different.
He may be interested in you but testing the waters to see if you are actually interested back.
If you aren't interested in him put up a firm wall of freindship and ignore his advances and he should back off.
If you are interested in him just initiate a date yourself and remeber dates just mean hanging out but with romantic intentions if you're too confused to plan something out.

No. 1527072

File: 1679169738046.jpg (1.16 MB, 3648x2736, 1659538435400908.jpg)

what are some ways to more emotively show appreciation for ppls posts? stuff like 'wheezing. literally sobbing', 'RATTLING THE BARS OF MY CAGE FOAMING AT THE MOUTH', 'I'm living for this', 'hold on a sec. going feral because of this'

No. 1527117

How do i get over the past? Could be any moment i can't let go because i overthink a lot about everything. I find it hard to forgive myself for anything or not cringe at my past self. Has anybody achieved feeling clean?

No. 1527156

maybe because he's your coworker, if he asks you out and you reject then that makes shit awkward. if you wanna date him ask or tell him. if not then make some distance between you two.

No. 1527238

late reply but having worked in the movie theater before it's not bad at all. Working the food stand is pretty much the same as any food job but it was almost always dead on the weekdays and got a bit boring. There was lots of free time where everyone would go outside to smoke, and we got free popcorn. Also we got to take home the promotional posters and standees once the movie stopped showing so I have several life sized cardboard celebrities kek. I actually preferred the theater cleaning position. Since the theater was usually dead the cleaning was not bad, and on weekdays you could literally just sit and watch whole movies on the clock. It was really one of my favorite jobs I've ever worked. I'd recommend it especially if you're a film buff yourself, you'll meet lots of like-minded coworkers and it's a lot of fun

No. 1527306

Yes. A lot of my Amazon packages will end up being shipped lasership. It's like the ubereats or postmates of package delivery in the sense that it's independent people delivering your packages, so you can get a shitty delivery person. Most times I get my package just fine. There have been one or two off moments where the delivery person left the packages outside my apartment building instead of inside in the lobby.

No. 1527313

My mom is going on a trip in a few months and asked me for money (in a cutesy, sort of joking way). I told her no because she asked for $1k, but I think I can spare that for her so she can have a nice time with her friends. I'm planning to give it to her as a mother's day gift but do nonnies think I should give it to her in $100 bills, or $20s? I personally hate getting big bills because I know they're annoying to break into change, but I also don't want to hand her an overstuffed envelope full of 20s and have her think I'm some high roller kek.

No. 1527323

I haven't even used cash in years, I would just plop that shit in her account

No. 1527332

That's also an option but I wanted to do something nice for once and gift it to her with a bouquet of flowers. I don't think we do enough cheesy gestures like this in my family and it takes away the fun of it.

No. 1527369

Can I disable YouTube shorts on my recommended that aren’t from people I’m subscribed to?

No. 1527382

File: 1679179548733.jpg (48.42 KB, 607x614, grabby clip.jpg)

nonnies what the hell is this kind of hair clip called? it's got two sides that kinda hold hands and you squeeze the handle to open them up and it's like a grabber holding your hair in place?

what are they actually called? i need to buy one but idk what to search for kek

No. 1527386

Claw clip

No. 1527387

Hair claw

No. 1527388

Claw clips! I love them.

No. 1527389

No. 1527392

File: 1679179818758.jpeg (119.09 KB, 1588x1191, 87AFC28D-CF6C-4447-9F67-879C7F…)

I only like the pearly ones though, the rest make me feel like a bag of chips someone was too tired to finish.

No. 1527399

Translparent, bejeweled, or marble designs look best.

Matte pastels look cheap and are often hard to pair with outfits/hair colours.

No. 1527405

File: 1679180213840.jpeg (122.13 KB, 1440x1080, 6A47C038-290E-42EE-B227-DF5AA6…)

>What I mean

I really like the amber ones…

No. 1527629

Y’all should try French pins, it’s the only thing that holds up my super fine slippery hair

No. 1527978

How do you message someone that you need to talk to them without making it sound ominous even though it is ominous because i'm breaking up with him

No. 1527979

which threads have the most amount of selfposting? not a newfag, just dumb n curious

No. 1527982

File: 1679226881871.gif (711.12 KB, 498x494, randal-ivory-ranfren.gif)


I need your help! I'm a poorfag from South America and my uncle gifted me some money to shop in Shein online (he works there now apparently). Shein has this infamy of selling shitty clothes but I've never visited a single shein store so I've no experience at all, do you guys have any tips to avoid buying terrible items online? Any suggestions? Thank you a lot!

No. 1527985

Just read a lot of reviews for each item and pay attention to any flaws they point out (how the fabric feels, how thin the fabric is, stuff like that).

No. 1528025

Is YesStyle okay, or does it have the same amount of lead and cheap quality as Shein?

No. 1528038

the eye thread in /g/

No. 1528039

It's hit or miss, there's some "real" asian brands (they have a flag next to the brand name) and then it's all aliexpress reselling.

For cosmetics it's legit but overpriced.

check the pictures in the reviews so see how the fabric looks in real life.

look for items that aren't made of synthetics. Maybe denim since even cheap denim tends to last longer than other fabrics in the same price range.

My personal tip is to favor loose cuts because you'll put less strain on the seams, you'll sweat less so they won't need to be washed as often, and they can be layered easily if they turn out more transparent than planned or if I want to protect them from the inside with an undershirt. I have one aliexpress blouse I love and wear every season and I managed to make it last 2 years so far even though the fabric is Shein-tier. Though I also made sure to pick a color that would look good with some color fading.

No. 1528048

i've got conflicting answers when i look this up so i'm confused. can you see the specifics of who views your playlist? and i'm not talking about videos a person uploads themselves, just a curated playlist of videos. i know you can see the view count, but i've read that you can - or could at one point - see the country a view comes from like "US view". does anyone have an actual answer? is that true?

No. 1528155

File: 1679245459070.png (210.77 KB, 1234x447, the picrel in question.PNG)

Why picrel

No. 1528175

Idk if this is a legitimate political theory but for every political resistance or revolutionary group, isn't it true that there's two kinds of people within them: the first kind who joined because there is no other alternative, they have nothing to their names and nothing to lose and are actual peasants under a regime and the second kind which are bored and simply decide to latch onto a fringe movement/cause? I don't mean necessarily that these people would get along or be part of the same group but both would identify as an "anarchist" for example. However the first kind would be taken into custody, interrogated/prosecuted, and jailed while the second type of person wouldn't.
For example, the first type is Italian anarchists peasants fleeing a fascist regime and at worst, the Italian anarchists that actually assassinated political figures; the second type is more like those twitter communists and at worst, the antifa losers who come from out of state to start chaos with their pathetic protests.

No. 1528196

Can I request a credit limit increase over the “suggested” amount (<25% of current limit) if my credit limit is way tf under what it ought to be? I make 112k a year with a ~760 credit score and I haven’t gotten an automatic increase yet from the $3,000 starting limit and I always keep under 30% utilization and pay it off monthly for 4 years so I have no idea what gives. My credit card is through my bank so they know what I make. I tried calling my bank and asking what I would or could theoretically be approved for without a hard credit inquiry and they said they won’t advise me on that and I pretty much just need to guess.

No. 1528378

Ok where in the world is the "western" dash on a Japanese keyboard? I swear I've found every single special character in existence, I even found out how to make half-width spaces without having to switch keyboards again (simply press shift while pressing spacebar) but I for the life of mine can't find the damn -. I don't mean the vowel lengthening thingy, I really just mean a dash. Minus. -. Please help.

No. 1528414

File: 1679264113070.jpg (63.81 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

Why does seemingly every DnD game show group devolve into relationship Drama and Affairs, it seems way to fucking common

No. 1528437

Has anyone ever met a man who isn’t a pedophile? I’ve never met one

No. 1528459

is kiwifarms down?

No. 1528481

File: 1679268359742.png (49.53 KB, 2048x830, Screenshot_20230319-182551.png)

looks so

No. 1528505

What are more non-English songs that everyone around the world seems to know? Like Beware of The Boys for India, Gangnam Style for South Korea, Dragostea Din Tei for Romania, Ievan Polkka for Finland and the like.

No. 1528561

Why do so many women seem to make weird faces and poses when taking nude pics or vids? Have I just never been horny enough to make a silly face or do goofy stuff?

No. 1528574

File: 1679272662495.gif (72.72 KB, 128x128, 1661868845971.gif)

should i get the 2 inch platform crocs ($65) or the 2.4 inch ones ($80)
i already own a pair that are 1.6 inch, so im leaning towards the even taller pair

No. 1528576


No. 1528577

I don’t know how popular La Cucaracha is other places but it’s the only Mexican song I know.

No. 1528578


No. 1528580

get the tall ones so you can feel the difference
does vidrel qualify ?

No. 1528581

I vote for the 2.4 inch

No. 1528582


No. 1528599

EMDR therapy. You'll reprocess your memories in a productive way that will allow you to move on.

No. 1528600

nonas quick if I took a screenshot of someone's telegram profile will they receive a notification similar to snapchat?

No. 1528605

not to my knowledge but some users switch settings so you cannot screenshot on phone. in that case logon to it from desktop and screenshot there

No. 1528611

File: 1679278395148.gif (4.65 MB, 480x640, E1F1932D-64C9-494A-B8ED-B75D9A…)

how much do i have to lift to look like this

No. 1528636

File: 1679280414175.webm (328.29 KB, 405x720, fool.webm)


No. 1528638

File: 1679280777741.jpg (16.58 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

you have to lift enough to be able to comfortably chuck a manlet over your shoulder

No. 1528647

File: 1679282306021.jpg (49.5 KB, 612x635, IMG_20230319_231716_802.jpg)

Where the hell are people getting decent fairy/pixie costumes for the reinassance fair??

Etsy is full of ugly, flat pieces (pic related), Amazon has Party City Tinkerbell tier costumes and Moresca stopped selling their fairy bodices. Most of the links on Google are pinterest which lead to 404 or sold out links.

Can someone help? I can't even find them in pieces.

No. 1528652

Will nuclear war happen within the next 2 years?

No. 1528663

God i hope so

No. 1528670

No there are a lot of shared monetary interests between the big nuclear powers that prevent them from doing that kind of damage. Plus most powers want to attack each other to control resources which become hard to seize if they’re radioactive lol, they’ll kill people with normal bombs and drones or starve each other with tariffs and sanctions instead.
Just my opinion I don’t know I guess we could go MAD

No. 1528683

No. 1528689

File: 1679287003363.png (141.22 KB, 500x491, 1634844090775.png)

Is it a good idea to start looking for people to date and hook up with again when I'm in mostly the beginning stages of eating disorder recovery? I've been isolating myself for months and the loneliness is really starting to wear me down but I'm worried people will find my current body unattractive (stopped weighing myself but BMI is about 15). I'm bored with my life but I'm afraid of any rejection setting off my worst ED behaviours again. I'm also a BPDfag and likely have some 'tism just to make things more complicated

No. 1528693

How do I stop having rash under my boobs it’s driving me crazy i’m about to pretend to be a tif and get them chopped off

No. 1528695

start wearing the correct sized bra
and make sure you hand wash your bras with delicate soap, and focus on the band and gore area in particular
you can also apply a skin powder in the area

No. 1528696

Girl…. read your post…. you know the answer…

No. 1528697

I've been having this problem too. Except I have gotten itchy around my boob area mostly under and around my areola not a full blow rash.

No. 1528699

Yes I think you can try dating and if you find the right person they won’t judge you and will be understanding about what you are going through.
That said, I also highly recommend looking into other ways of gaining real life human contact (local hobby clubs, social events at local stores and venues, volunteering, even bumble bff) because placing all your hopes of alleviating loneliness on a potential romantic partner is very dicey. Even if a relationship turns out perfect it’s still not everything to fulfill a full social life, so it’s good to also look into seeing people platonically in person and possibly making more real life friends or even just friendly acquaintances you can spend more time around.

No. 1528713

I think I've heard some women put baby powder on?? But idk if that actually works. My boobs are not of the size where they fold over and cause this (i assume that's what causes it) so I don't have any personal experience advice.

No. 1528716

baby powder is carcinogenic, please do not use it especially on babies

No. 1528719

we're talking about boobies here

No. 1528720

Nta, but baby powder is carcinogenic regardless of where you put it or who you put it on. Cornstarch is a good replacement.

No. 1528833

Do jannies get paid

No. 1528834

No. 1528835

Yeesh almost applied

No. 1528875

Is growing psychedelic mushrooms difficult? Or aquiring the spores (?)

No. 1528882

I would mark it a 6/10 in difficulty. The tricky part is mostly inoculating the grow jars that your mushrooms will spawn out of. You have to make everything bullshit level of sterile so you grow only your spores. After that, they grow really easily. Though fyi, soil flies (they look like fruit flies), will get in an lay eggs on your mushrooms that will destroy your entire crop.

No. 1528883

Anyone else's mom would get angry over random shit and believe the entire universe is against her?

No. 1528888

Do Americans keep their nails long, it seems a lot of vidoes I see both american men and women tend to have uncut nails for some reason.

No. 1528895

Some women will because it’s seen as more feminine, makes your fingers look longer and more elegant, and it’s also status symbol, i.e. you don’t have a manual labor job and can afford the upkeep. Straight men aren’t supposed to. Hygiene and also no straight woman wants to imagine getting their clit clawed off.

No. 1528901

that sounds disgusting tbh, like it physically irks when my nails are too long

No. 1528909

Yes, American women love long nails, painted nails, and will get fake ones to lengthen their nail if their natural nails won’t grow beyond the tip of their finger without breaking. My natural nails are just like 1/2cm past the tip of my finger and other American women compliment me on them constantly and comment a lot that they wish their nails would grow more.

No. 1528914

Also adding on, Americans do NOT like when men don’t cut their nails, it’s seen as lazy and gross instead of elegant, usually because men have dirty yellow nails if they’re not cutting them, rather than actually having nice clean ones. Most American women will react in disgust if men don’t trim their nails.

No. 1528917

Some of us do, there are plenty (like a lot) of women who don't get nail extensions due to things like personal preference and/or work. Whether or not long nails are common depends on where you live too, like in big cities it's like the standard to have acrylics and things like that. I live somewhere small and I get comments on my long nails a lot lol.
The men keep long nails just don't groom themselves tbh kek. Men don't take care of their hands/nails like women do so it's not intentional, they're not grooming and they most likely aren't keeping them clean either. Ladies here know to stay away from long-nailed men (well, most of us anyway).

No. 1528938

Long nail man = doesn't finger = isn't concerned with your pleasure

No. 1528956

How do I have a personality or tastes that arent weebshit?? I never know how to speak to normal people because of this. On the flip side I find most modern pop culture fucking retarded, do I really have to watch trash like Euphoria and pretend I care about Ice Spice?
Please no generic suggestions like “learn to sew/hike” no one in my age group does that and I’m poor

No. 1528957

How annoying are wireless earbuds that have like an advertised battery of 6-8ish hours but 10-20 additional hours when you put them in a charging case? Do you find you run out of battery? Does the battery life deteriorate quickly because they're often stored in the charging case? I'm trying to decide if I should get a pair or go with headphones for a better battery

No. 1528960

I dont know about americans, but people in general who dont cut their nails always look unkempt to me. Shit is unhygienic.

No. 1528990

Basically impossible then. USA is incredibly strict on who is allowed to be on disability and the process is so complex that you will definitely need to hire a lawyer to get through it.

No. 1528995

I'm going to be honest with you, years ago I was just like you and I personally think just keeping up with the news and new trends and celebrity gossip should be enough. I've always been a turbo weeb and the reason why I had a hard time bonding with others when much younger wasn't just because we didn't like the same TV shows, I noticed in hindsight that it's because we barely had anything in common to begin with so my peers from middle school to university just wouldn't see any reason to hang out with or even make small talk with a brown girl like me who's too poor to hang out literally anywhere or have hobbies that can't be accessed without the internet.

Just be yourself, don't act like a sperg, try to know what's trendy or more generally popular with your peers in a general sense (like idk, I had coworkers in my previous job talking about Harry Potter being their childhood and people who didn't know shit about it still participated by asking questions about why it's so appealing or whatever), don't force yourself to get into hobbies just to socialize because it WON'T work at all. And keep in mind that sometimes depending on context, talking to normal people isn't always worth it, and I'm saying this based on how I was trying too hard to seem like a normie in high school and now I barely remember any of classmates' faces or voices or names and it's not affecting me whatsoever, it was a total waste of time and energy and I should have told them all to fuck off like I always wanted to and not eat with me during lunch break just because they mistakenly thought I was all alone and abandoned and sad while I was happily minding my own business and getting some rest from them. You said you're poor, pirating some video games, movies and TV shows you could like that other people like could be a start. Same with manga and novels I guess but that depends on which manga are considered normie-tier in your country and generation.

>do I really have to watch trash like Euphoria and pretend I care about Ice Spice?

Do you really want to have long conversations with people who like that kind of stuff? It's not even sarcasm, it's a real question you should ask yourself. Watching TV shows with several seasons is a timesink, you think it could be worth your time and be fun or not?

No. 1529013

It's not on you to take the brunt of the responsibility for the conversation when it's very much two-sided. If other people can't talk about things other than the trash they consoom, then it's their fault too. You may feel there's something wrong with you, but there really isn't. Most people can't keep conversations going when they aren't interested in the topic.

No. 1529041

File: 1679335069001.png (29.99 KB, 376x401, sheeple.png)

Anon you sound a bit like you think you are a speshul snowflake. Anime is mass produced crap too, just in a different package. Most of the people I know don't only watch Marvel or Euphoria, many have "nerdy" hobbies too like video games, watch obscure films, like weird music, watch anime etc. I think many people have some interesting stuff they are passionate about if you just scratch the surface a bit. Ask what they like and ask what they like about it etc. and you have a conversation going most likely. You can also talk about other shit than media, like the situation you are in (school, work etc), life experiences…

ALSO, hobbies or the media you consume should not be what defines your personality. I think this anon >>1528995 has good points, however I really think even the most turbonormiest of turbonormie can be interesting in some way and you could have some things in common with them. You don't have to like everybody or even get along (god knows I find a lot of ppl annoying) but it makes your life easier if you try to think other people as complete humans with fulfilling lives too.

No. 1529092

If I don’t have coffee in the morning, I get a headache. Is this caffeine addiction

No. 1529094

Yes ma’am it is, from one addict to another.

No. 1529101

File: 1679339083933.jpg (212.74 KB, 1500x2090, catdrinkingcoffee.jpeg.jpg)

Greetings, fellow caffeine addicts.

No. 1529104

If you try and keep up by sinking hours and hours of your time into consuming media you don't like you will just become resentful and frustrated because of how one-sided the investment will be. Because they will never put time in getting to know about the media you like the same way you do for them.

I had no time or energy to watch all the latest anime shit (there's basically social pressure to be a weeb in my country) so what I did was spend a bit of time scrolling on social media reading hot takes about said anime shit and looking at pictures and then mash it all up to form a fake opinion. Then I just got bored/tired of interacting with these people who didn't give a single fuck about me.

Does really nobody like weebshit where you live or is it just not the weebshit you like ?

No. 1529115

File: 1679339830676.png (11.25 KB, 150x162, 1556923183349.png)

I need a new phone, should I go iphone or android? My last iphone was the 6+ and I've used android since then

No. 1529127

Do you have any reason to want to opt out of Android? I've been an Android user as long as I've used a smartphone and I find iPhones very unintuitive and hard to use if you're not familiar with them.

No. 1529131

i've used both and i personally have had the opposite experience. i had a google pixel for years and i still couldn't find apps quickly on the stupid app page. i also hated how i couldn't get rid of the google search bar, i like having a nice empty looking phone rather than being forced to have facebook and google right there no matter what.

No. 1529144

Anyone have extremely delayed gastric emptying/delayed for food to move through the stomach and intestines, right before their period? I can't tell if I'm pregnant or if this is just becoming a thing for me pre period but holy shit it's so uncomfortable

No. 1529153

ayrt, I'd mainly want an iphone for dumb shit like the good camera, more cute cases available, easier to repair, reliability and so my friends will stop bullying me for being the only android user and having green text bubbles kek. I was hoping any iphone-using nonnies could enlighten me to any other apple-exclusive features I may be missing out on. On the other hand I hate the apple closed ecosystem, I've modded my android phones a lot because it's so simple but jailbreaking an iphone just to get stuff like ad-free youtube, custom ui or free spotify premium like I have on my android seems very challenging and risky

No. 1529155

Not an iPhonefag but for all of the reasons you listed last, that's exactly why I have 0 interest in iPhones, plus it's becoming easier to find charging everywhere with C cables and not iPhone's bullshit proprietary crap. I really see no benefit outside of the camera but there are tons of androids with great cameras

No. 1529162

When I first got pregnant it literally feels like extreme amounts of gas you just can't seem to get out or Endo

No. 1529221

File: 1679346588002.jpg (24.56 KB, 474x573, d498bb16eef9002fbdb42c291b1ca0…)

so if you're not supposed to get conditioner on your roots, but you're also supposed to use conditioner every time you wash your hair, what do you do if you have really short hair? do you carefully put it on the very tips of your hair, like you're trying to make a spiky hairstyle? or are there conditioners that are okay to put on your roots, like masks, or do you just skip it?

No. 1529238

I always have gas and reflux/nausea before my period, so I'd say that can be normal

No. 1529278

You can use a normal conditioner and apply it normally. You're supposed to avoid conditioner on your roots because that's the part that gets greasy first, but when your hair is that short it gets greasy faster anyways so it doesn't really matter

No. 1529279

File: 1679352876410.jpg (119.21 KB, 912x1412, 61D3F8wNBsS.jpg)

Does anyone know where I could buy Beano in Europe?

No. 1529284

From what i have read, most people with short hair can pretty much just use the same soap they use on their body anyways and they probably just use some kind of leave in conditioner afterwards.

No. 1529297

anyone know why kf has been down for like 24 hours?

No. 1529298

It's been getting DDOS attacked for a while now, I can't see the telegram but its rss feed is here https://tg.i-c-a.su/rss/kiwifarms

No. 1529299

when I had really short hair I stopped using conditioner. it wasn't necessary, I even had bleached hair but i have an oily head. sometimes I used styling products which were oily.

No. 1529300

The only thing apple is good for is cute cases. That's literally it. I wish it was standard for android companies to at least sell cute cases if 3rd parties refuse to, but some android companies do provide super cute colorways that you wouldn't even want to cover up anyways, although they are always sold out.

No. 1529303

Trannies seething and wasting money on DDOSes as usual. I wonder if that's how they use all the donations retards throw at them when they e-beg.

No. 1529306

Do we know if they're DDOSing because of anything specific?

No. 1529307

Don't listen to your friends, they're retarded consoomers who like wasting money on trendy garbage.

No. 1529328

>over half an hour late to work
>accidentally stay 30 minutes after my time to clock out
Be straight with me nonnies, how likely is it that I'm getting fired. I started this job three weeks ago and I haven't been talked to or written up before. I'm paranoid as fuck.

No. 1529334

Did you do it on accident or on purpose and you’re being cheeky?
It totally depends on your manager and work policy. Sometimes it matters wether you call ahead to say you’re late sometimes it doesn’t. Need way more details.

No. 1529335

It was all a genuine accident. I couldn't call in to work to tell them I was going to be late (I would have lied and said car troubles instead of not hearing my alarm go off lol) because the store wasn't open at the time and so the phones were down.

No. 1529340

Hmm… ok to be honest if I was in your shoes i would have talked to a boss as soon as I came in late because I’m too anxious to wonder if I’m “in trouble” —being in trouble is fake but it stresses me out. But if I got through the day without seeing a boss I probably wouldn’t say shit about it unless someone asked me, more likely just shooting yourself in the foot to bring it up, and I would stop worrying after a few days (fyi a lot of jobs have fine print in the handbook that says they can’t write you up for things that happened more than 72hrs or 3 shifts in the past but you’d have to read your handbook to know)

No. 1529344

Where to watch old Simpsons episode? I want to watch a bunch of old Simpsons episode like right now without having to pay or download… thanks

No. 1529350

File: 1679364257643.png (553.69 KB, 1072x600, scale.png)

If you ground them up enough with a blender or a mortar and pestle, would you get dorito meal or dorito paste?

No. 1529353

My vote's on meal.

No. 1529358

paste. the oil in them. would pasteify it

No. 1529364

Do you guys believe in soul ties? Because I think I made one with a guy I kissed (he was my first kiss)

No. 1529366

How much are you supposed to contribute to a wedding registry? One of my friends from graduate school invited me to her wedding and instead of wedding gifts, you can contribute money to her honeymoon. This is the first time I've been invited to something like this so I'm not sure how much to give. I'd say we've known each other like 2-3 years and we hang out like once every two months. So she's not my best friend or anything, but we hang out to catch up occasionally.

No. 1529367

it’s a meal when paired with a side salad and an appropriate wine

No. 1529375

What is a soul tie?

No. 1529377


No. 1529382

People are kind of like pieces of clay, we get many fingerprints from the people who handle us through our lives. So sure, you have memory and a bond with your first kiss especially if it was a highschool puppy love type situation, but it's not super life altering like a person who you've been in a deep relationship with.

No. 1529383

I think people place to much emphasis on their firsts rather than what’s best for them ngl.

No. 1529389

I miss my ex alot. Why would it be so bad to just say hi?

No. 1529392

I miss my ex a lot too but I think the right thing to do is just respect their wishes especially if they're the ones who broke it off. I know it's hard nonnie.

No. 1529397

tried microdosing shrooms, got psychosis like symptoms, was close to katatonic at one point. fuck that shit.

No. 1529399

File: 1679374349394.jpg (455.5 KB, 2560x1536, A-lonely-girl-looking-out-014-…)

should i try dating and meeting new people?
i am depressed because my job sucks, my room is too crowded from the stuff i hoarded out of loneliness, my boyfriend broke up with me and i have made no close friends since 3 years of moving to this city

No. 1529401

adding to this i am getting easily irritated by people's quirks because subconsciously i feel hopeless and like their rejection would be inevitable

No. 1529424

File: 1679380274060.jpg (50.53 KB, 580x580, m_614e27053cda883a696c8800.jpg)

Would a bright yellow sweater make my teeth look whiter in comparison, or would it bring out the color further?

No. 1529439

I'd imagine bring it out further because usually your top seems to bounce off features and make them better or worse. Blue shirts will make blue, green, hazel eyes pop more and a color that is gray-beige close to your skin tone will wash you out.

No. 1529451

File: 1679382920539.jpeg (15.07 KB, 247x361, 76ED3D12-E58E-40AC-B235-E01FDD…)

No. 1529513

not sure if that's google pixel-specific somehow but android phones in general are very customisable and no one's stuck with anything they don't want on their home screen.

No. 1529518

Tech anons, do you absolutely need a GPU to use Blender? Or is having a lot of RAM enough?

No. 1529523

Unrelated, but where is the stress in the word "customizable"? Is it customIZable or customiZABLe? There's been one too many ocassions where I thought I knew how to pronounce a word and made a buffoon of myself

No. 1529525

No, things will just be more timeconsuming once you start building and rendering more complicated scenes

No. 1529532

Do hard water filters make a noticeable difference with hair/skin?

No. 1529536

Depends, British stress the 'cu', and Americans stress the 'mi'

No. 1529556

Why does my hair get sun bleached really quickly but my friend's hair almost never gets sun bleached even though we spend a lot of time together and she doesn't use any hair sunscreen

No. 1529581

Does anyone know of a complete list somewhere on the Internet of brands that manufacture their products in China?

No. 1529594

File: 1679403405862.jpeg (23.04 KB, 522x522, images.jpeg)

Does anybody know where I can find these things in Europe and not from Amazon/Aliexpress? I'm trying to buy from the internet as less as I can.

No. 1529611

I think it does. My parents house has terribly hard water and I always get zits if I visit them and wash my face. My house has kinda hard water but way less than my parents and I’m a lot clearer. Anytime I go to hotels or cruises my skin clears up really well too despite me eating like garbage and drinking alcohol cause vacation, I attribute that to the soft water.

No. 1529613

Genetics. Now I wanna go sun bathe but cover my whole body is spf protective clothing, just sun bathe my hair kek. My brown hair gets streaks of honey blonde and deep red colors from the sun. I’ve weirdly been mistaken for a red head when standing in direct sunlight after having spent a lot of time outside, but that’s never happened to me indoors, I wonder if the way sunlight specifically refracts off my hair makes it look red??

No. 1529615

nta but same here and what I hear and see is that I just have a fucktonne of red pigment in my medium to dark brown hair, sometimes it gets to what some people would call dirty blonde aka reddish milk tea in the summer. Hair is wild and fun, like what the fuck is she doing

No. 1529624

File: 1679406976475.png (9.21 KB, 473x365, what.png)

It's literally turned on and I restarted my computer five times. What's their fucking problem? Google doesn't tell me shit either other than what I already did, "just enable it and restart", I just fucking did! I tried turning it off then on again too. Nothing

No. 1529625

how do you get hairs off your laundry without a dryer?
i’m an amerifag living in europe currently, so i have to air dry all my clothes now. i try to pick off as many hairs as i can before washing the clothes.
i even cut off most of my hair and there’s still hairs on my clothes when i take them out of the wash!!!

No. 1529628

Do you have a lint roller? It’s like a roll of sticky tape made to pick lint and hair off clothes.

No. 1529629

yes i do! i’ll try lint-rolling before i wash the clothes

No. 1529630

dry your clothes inside out and buy a lint roller, it's also smart to keep an eye on maybe rolling the clothes before they go into the washer. Throwing in a microfiber towel helps with the drying time as well, I studied sewing shit so I also studied some of this shit, has been working well for me.

No. 1529632

thank you for the tips!

No. 1529637

hope it helps, give us an update sometime kek

No. 1529643

If you plan on doing photorealistic renders then yes you need a GPU, cycles(renderer in Blender) takes a toll on a shit GPU or if you try to render with your CPU. If you plan on going for a stylized cartoony style Evee is your game, you can also create photorealism with Evee but it's shitter looking since it's not realtime. If your modelling and rendering for videogames then you shouldn't need a fancy GPU and can stick to Evee, if your modelling for commercial shit then Cycles is necessary so you'd want to invest in a GPU.

Eitherway Cycles or Evee, Blender is better than Autodesk Maya lel.

No. 1529743

Well it’s weird. I broke up with them but then they got angry and were basically like “no actually, I-I’m breaking up with you!”

I wanted to stay friends.

No. 1529752

What do when you argue with your boyfriend, he apologizes for doing wrong and promises he won't do it again but you're still pissed? I don't want to answer him and say I forgive him if I'm still upset but I don't want this fight to drag out. Help anons!!!!!! What tf do I do???

No. 1529753

just say you're still pissed and need to be left on your own for a bit, what's the issue here, you're allowed to still feel pissed

No. 1529818

If you have other apple products it’s really nice other than that idk I wouldn’t get an iPhone
>green text bubble
Americans are so weird.

No. 1529831

I know it sounds so weird but out of all my extended family and friends I don't know anyone else with an android, iphones are really dominant here. Apparently there's a lot of features that can be used only in all-iphone group chats so they genuinely do poke fun at me for "breaking" their chats, and I can't play text message beer pong or whatever

No. 1529866

Is the lonely single men "epidemic" an American thing? I'm in Europe and most guys around me are in long term relationships.

No. 1529892

Just got on a new med, the first day or two was rough physically, after one week I told my doctor that it was making me feel strange in that I felt nothing emotionally, so she lowered the dose. Another week goes by and all I'm thinking about is killing myself and how I could do it easily because I don't feel anything, not even love for my family. Told my doctor about the suicidal thoughts and empty feeling persisting and she wants me to continue taking it since it's "not a complete trial yet" I didn't take it today and I feel much, much better. What do

No. 1529910

You are not just seeing the single men, they definitely exist here too

No. 1529919

All due respect to your doctor but fuck her, can’t believe she told you to keep taking it. Stop taking it (or taper off it as fast as you can if there’s some health risk from going cold turkey)

No. 1529923

Not American, but I thought this was a universal thing. There's data about how Indian and Chinese men are single now because there are more men than women there, Japanese men are called "herbivores" because they're too busy with work, too tired and/or too depressed/hopeless to even want relationships or to maintain them if they want them, here in Europe I wouldn't really know based on my personal observations because I'm avoiding men like the plague but straight women are definitely getting married later in life than before and are enjoying their lives before settling down, which means that we can supposed men are also getting married later than before, I don't know about dating though.

No. 1529926

I'm assuming her logic is that since it's so early in the treatment we can't know for sure if the thoughts are because of the new med, or if the thoughts would subside. IDK it is a bit irritating though, I've been on a lot of meds and I've never experienced something like this. It was a very small dose so I'm going to trust how I'm feeling and stop taking it. Thanks anon

No. 1529932

Is physical asexuality a thing? As in, i can feel ''mentally horny'' but not physically? Is something wrong with me?

No. 1529936

It's not an epidemic here either. Men just act like whores and complain when that behavior doesn't net them a live-in maid.

No. 1530055

Has someone who exploited or abuse you ever died randomly, accident or suicide? Was it cathartic?

No. 1530056

yes they have. no it wasn't.

No. 1530059

Didn't make a single difference, did it?

No. 1530062

Yes. I wouldn’t say cathartic as it was extremely traumatic but it was also a relief as I was genuinely terrified of him. I feel better overall now that he’s dead but all the emotions I had to push down to survive came flooding back and it’s been really overwhelming to deal with.

No. 1530090

I was talking to a French person last night and I totally forgot what the name was but it was like Madeleine and something that started with a p it meant like a feeling you had about something I can’t remember what the feeling was and maybe it was a book I know I sound like an ignorant burger I’m just so curious please help

No. 1530097

not for me, no. I actually had to experience feeling bad he died in a fucked up mysterious way lol, and I resented that very much

No. 1530121

I'm not a frenchfag but are you talking about madeleine de Proust? It's from the book In Search of Lost Time.

No. 1530124

Exactly, thank you so much! I love you and your mind.

No. 1530149

I just ate leftover spaghetti that had been in the fridge for 10 days. It tasted fine, no funny smell, the meat was still brown. How fucked am I?

No. 1530152

Not me, but a moid friend of mine had a (legitimately) abusive stalker ex-girlfriend die in a car accident, and he felt completely relieved afterwards and not guilty about his feelings at all. When he told me about it he said "I'm not trying to say it's a good thing it happened but what goes around comes around". Which imo is true when you are dealing with an actual dangerous crazy person but it's interesting that men will come to this conclusion easily but women will be tormented and feel guilt in a similar situation.

No. 1530154

you might get botulism, pasta is especially susceptible to it.

No. 1530156

You don't know if they are similar situations though. There are all types of abusive people and relationships between people besides abusive stalker ex.

No. 1530158

people who were in abusive situations like that dont behave that way. You are biased because that scrote is your friend.

No. 1530160

Why do we have dozens of threads dedicated to annoying women but only a couple of threads dedicated to some of the worst moids alive?

No. 1530168

That's true, not every situation is the same

Tbf his ex had been an ex for a while, if my abuser died I don't think I'd care because it has been so long and I'm not afraid of him anymore. But you're probably still right, I want to assume the best because he's my friend.

No. 1530170

This is a gossip website, not a court of law. Discussion about annoying women can be funny and light hearted and relevant to our interests since we are also women. Meanwhile it's depressing and soul sucking to focus too much attention on moid behaviour, they are actually evil and criminal most of the time and it just isn't enjoyable to talk about.

No. 1530225

File: 1679466713513.png (15.3 KB, 720x487, Screenshot_20230321-221932.png)

Can someone please explain this, I'm at a loss

No. 1530277

this is not a definite answer but imo the things men post online are always so mundane and dry, it's nowhere near the type of oversharing some of the cows post. although at the same time, a lot of the old cows have become boring, some threads have just become social media archives.

No. 1530341

Do you anons wash newly bought clothes before wearing them?

No. 1530343

Yes. Both new and second hand. New ones might contain chemicals and in both cases, who knows who might have touched them and tried them on. Maybe some sweaty sick person.

No. 1530345

I know I should but I don't

No. 1530348

Yes of course. I've been judged for saying I always wash new clothes, but idc. Millions of hands have touched those clothes before they got to you and those clothes coulda been anywhere. Never hurts to make sure they're clean.

No. 1530353

I always wash new underwear before I wear it, but with other stuff I’m kinda lax

No. 1530358

After working in retail, yes. Typically.
I’ve seen 10 people try on one garment within a single shift before. Thrifted stuff ALWAYS gets a good wash.

No. 1530363

I always wash them, specially stuff like swimsuits and underwear. And after knowing that there’s moids out there trying on clothes for their fetish reasons, I wash them with warm water if possible to make sure it’s clean.

No. 1530368

Is frozen spinach less nutritious than regular spinach?

No. 1530370

Honestly most of the time I don't, as long as the item looks and smells clean. Even with secondhand clothing if it smells like detergent/like it's just been washed when I get it, I don't bother washing it again myself.
I know it's kinda gross but I can't be arsed and don't care that much I guess.

No. 1530371

Iirc, most frozen vegetables and nutritionally better than fresh because they're frozen at peak ripeness.

No. 1530375

outerwear like coats I care less and put it on but everything else gets washed especially any pre owned clothes.

No. 1530388

Is it true that CS majors can earn 100k starting out of university???

No. 1530391

People who were in abusive situations don't all behave the same way. And every abusive situation is different and your relationship to the perpetrator, the nature of the abuse, your history together, their current presence in your life, the danger they pose to you in the present/future is all unique. It's not even clear what you mean by "abusive situations like that" because there is no description of what the abusive situation was besides that she was an ex-girlfriend and a stalker. I haven't experienced it but I think I would definitely feel massive relief if my stalker died suddenly and I don't think I would have any complicated feelings about it at all.

No. 1530392

File: 1679496132999.jpg (459.07 KB, 1536x2048, who the fuck pretends to have …)

Whenever I see posts like picrel I inevitabely see a bunch of comments saying they wished to only pretend to have read The Alchemist. So to those anons who aren't just pretending to have read it, what's so bad about it? I always thought it's a beloved book.

No. 1530393

Yes, of course

No. 1530396

It’s fine, I think it’s just easy to pretend to have read because it’s got a very specific clear message. you could literally convey the message of the book with a short paragraph instead of a whole book (not that it’s very long or anything)

No. 1530401

Can face fat come back? After Covid and a lot of stress and not eating I look gaunt and I hate it.

No. 1530406

What kind of talking down considered as verbal assault? All my life i've been riffing with everyone and one ex did say that i enjoy bullying him but this one fuckface i'm talking with recently is throwing a tantrum and ghosts me for being toxic?? I apologised and askes if i said anything that counts as toxic and he was like its all its all in your personality??

Scrote perspective, he threw his tantrum as well as blocking me in every social media in less than a day. I dont get how he broke down in mere 15 texts to telling me i'm mean and blocked me on social media?

No. 1530411

going to say no because I know one and it's around 25-35/hour for remote work. you need around 50/hour for 100k. You can work up to a 100k or high hourly rate though depending on place and contract.

No. 1530427

I skipped doing it only ONCE. Bought new jeans, wore them immediately, it rained, they let our some colour and stained/ruined my shoes

No. 1530433

Yes I got down to a super low weight in 2021 cause I had a reaction to the second jab. I looked skeletal and old and thought I would need fillers to feel like myself again. I’ve gained 25 lbs since and my face looks better than ever!

No. 1530436

Oh wow so happy for you! And gives me hope too!

No. 1530449

It's a post in the vent thread, but I figure stupid questions is a good place to ask.
What brand/type of yogurt is this anon reffering to? Is it the nasty Greek kind?

No. 1530470

What are some good quality leggings for gym/running? I only know of lululemon but I dont know if fat people can wear those

No. 1530473

Also just looked at those prices and they’re fucking insane, must be great quality
I guess my budget is up to £50

No. 1530500

File: 1679505957087.jpeg (382.1 KB, 2382x1206, 7BCDD334-B339-4FB8-A33C-55CE59…)

Found this on food I bought online. Is that normal. Should I just toss it. So many questions.

No. 1530505

I like the sketchers ones, but tbh i got my pairs for a discount since they are a little pricey new, but not lululemon levels of insanity.

No. 1530509

I would throw it away, what the hell is that?

No. 1530511

I feel like if you have to ask this question you must have already ate some because that is dumb as fuck.

No. 1530514

What the hell is this even supposed to be?

No. 1530518

is it seaweed

No. 1530524

i have a follow-up question: how is someone able to sell something that causes all of that without getting in trouble? why are they even bothering to sell it in the first place

No. 1530533

What food is it? California requires products to have that huge disclaimer if it's even slightly carcinogenic, but lead, arsenic, and cadmium? Idk. Is this some kind of chocolate or seafood?

No. 1530538

It’s miso soup with seaweed

No. 1530546

What’s the best medication for anxiety? Mine is so bad I can’t get myself to talk to a therapist. I’ve made countless appointments and never show up. Due to a mixture of not knowing what to expect, how much I’ll have to talk, etc. Last time I went was as a minor and they were expecting me to open up completely. I don’t wanna have to talk a lot, I just wanna get a prescription and be done with it. Can they do that? It’s just so debilitating I need to do something about it by June. I really don’t wanna go on like this any longer. I know a place where I can get prescriptions without any so I just wanna know which one is best to look up if possible

No. 1530551

That explains it. All of those things are found in seaweed, afaik seaweed absorbs a bunch of shit from the ocean. Some brands of seaweed are higher than others though. Like I said in a post above, California requires anything that is even ever so slightly carcinogenic to have those labels. I can't advise on whether you should eat it or not though.

No. 1530553

File: 1679507657046.png (4.66 KB, 681x100, seaweet.png)

you're good

No. 1530563

Anyone else get cramps in between periods? They’re the fuckin worst

No. 1530568

> “you have a great girl next door look!”
NTA but anon this made my SKIN CRAWL i am so disgusted omfg. This guy has definitely jerked off to the thought of you, I'm so sorry to say it but it's actually common for guys to do it. Him seeing you as a porn category is just confirmation of it.

No. 1530571

Thanks! I will eat it. But like every few weeks or so. But tbh I don’t want to know what kind of shit the food contains I’m eating everyday wew

No. 1530573

>I know a place where I can get prescriptions without any so I just wanna know which one is best to look up if possible

No. 1530574

Usually they prescribe a basic SSRI to start you off. You’d probably need to be diagnosed with a serious panic attack disorder to get anything stronger like Xanax/benzos because they come with a risk of dependency. Beta blockers are also prescribed off-label sometimes.
personally I didn’t like ssris because it made my head spin and I felt unmoored in some weird indescribable way, but they completely took away my social anxiety! So that was nice. (regular dread anxiety remained though lol) I haven’t tried the others, I have an addictive personality and lower-than-average blood pressure.

No. 1530575

There's not a best medication for anxiety, it depends on you. I've been on like every one under the sun and not really one has worked. A lot of people like lexapro. Currently on effexor and would not recommend it as I have horrid night sweats and night terrors where I scream in my sleep. I'm trying to lower the dosage to get rid of the night terrors but the night sweats have been an issue for me since I started it.

No. 1530578

Nona, first I'm sorry you're struggling with anxiety. It sucks. Unfortunately though there is no OTC medicine for anxiety, it has to be prescribed. You will not be able to just walk in to a psych office, say hi, get Rx and leave. You will have to do an intake appointment and then an appointment with a psych to discuss your issues and determine a regimen. My appointments are usually less than 20 minutes. I know it's hard but you have to see the process through - Nobody here can tell you what medication is best because there are many factors involved, such as your health, any comorbidities, interactions with other medications, etc. The office I go to, the therapist is an entirely different person than the psych who handles your Rx. But the psych does need to have an understanding of your issues in order to help determine what medication will work best.

There is a reason you have to go through these hoops, some medications may not agree with you or be right for you. Please don't go to some fly by night pill mill style operation that will just give you whatever you want. I suggest bringing a friend with you or seeing about telehealth where you can be seen from the comfort of your home if you can. Either way you are just going to have to bite the bullet and follow through, you are halfway there by realizing you need help and are seeking it out.

Good luck nonnie, I hope things get better for you.

No. 1530582

There is no "best medication", it's a matter of trial and error. First line medical treatment is an SSRI. Anyway your anxiety is never going to improve if you "just wanna get a prescription and be done with it". Probably what keeps your anxiety going is not dealing with your issues and having this kind of coping mechanism.

No. 1530588

Just to add to this Nona's input, this kind of coping mechanism will absolutely snowball. Avoidant behavior will get worse and it will control your life. Medication is only one part of the equation to treating anxiety, the other part is addressing behaviors and bad habits that become ingrained with it.

No. 1530597

Yeah exactly, and you have to feel anxiety and experience coping with that feeling in order to reduce it. Any pill you could take that will instantly relieve your anxiety, will make your anxiety way worse over time. SSRIs and others are useful for getting to a point where you can work through your issues in therapy or on your own if you're very capable. But I don't think anyone should be on that shit long term unless it's completely necessary.

No. 1530626

How to make an evening super super special cozy?

No. 1530633

It depends nonnie, is it a romantic evening? A get together with friends or family? Or just you?

No. 1530646

Just me!

No. 1530654

in any order of your preference,

eat your favorite comfort meal (homemade or takeout) under dimmed or candle-lit lighting
curl up in the warmest or softest blanket you have to read a cozy & comforting novel or fanfiction or a cozy & comforting video game or set aside some time do your favorite creative activity
drink your favorite tea/coffee/hot chocolate/wine
candlelit bubble bath to a soundtrack of your favorite selection of cozy music

No. 1530655

When did 'straight' start meaning 'heterosexual' instead of 'sober'?

No. 1530663

Whats the likelihood of me getting loose skin and keeping it forever if I lose 25kg through working out?
For reference I am 172cm and 85kg right now and I’m not on a deadline for the weightloss

No. 1530683

how flabby are you? if you're young you'll probably bounce back

No. 1530689

I have a friend who was massive and she lost all the weight very very quick and she looks great. She doesn’t have any stretch marks or flabby skin. So it’s possible that you bounce back completely

No. 1530699

Legs: firm, not flabby but thick obviously
Stomach: sticks out a bit, bottom is starting to sag down. Most of my weight goes here imo
Arms: squishy and like bingo wings
I'm turning 24 this month not sure if thats young enough for good elasticity after weight loss. My boobs are already saggy so I know they're a lost cause, but I'm not as concerned about that compared to my stomach though.

No. 1530710

Can anyone direct me to an online recovery support group/discord for eating disordered adults? I can't go to therapy, or talk to anyone irl. The threads on here are pretty dead.

No. 1530712

I'm not a doctor but I don't think a 24 year old has to worry about having loose skin by going from 29 to 20 BMI.

No. 1530716

I'm not part of any online communities, sorry, but have some free workbooks https://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/Resources/Looking-After-Yourself

No. 1530732

Thanks nona, I'll try the workbook. I just want to connect to other failwomen like me.

No. 1530743

Where does "Nigel" actually come from? I know what it means but not its origin.

No. 1530747

we're right here together with you lol

No. 1530749

someone here said is stands for "nicest guy who ever lived"

is it true that nigel is derogatory Australian slang for a guy who is a loser?

No. 1530750

I mean i know that kek but I'd like to more actively chat and lament I guess. Hear what others are going through, discuss our cringe behaviors and relate.

No. 1530771

File: 1679527464804.jpg (23.89 KB, 522x564, 81oVdhgf60L._AC_SX522_.jpg)

Is there a collection of resources for news reports of trans identifying men attacking women and children? The only links I could find so far were the theysaythisneverhappens tumblr and the facebook page linked at the top of the main MtF thread and I'm wondering if there's a master post somewhere.

No. 1530772

Does anyone have advice for having fun at a concert alone? It's for a band I really love but it's the biggest venue I've ever been to alone and I'm nervous

No. 1530787

I always think I'm not really alone as I'm kinda like with the band you know? I don't need to be focused on anything else really, but make getting ready fun and shit like that, maybe a funky little drink if you drink.

No. 1530788

get there early, before everyone else. it's harder to get yourself into a big crowd that's already there when you're alone.

No. 1530801

Anyone know why I might have noticeable eye bags even though I sleep a good amount every night? My mom and brother both asked me on separate occasions if I've been sleeping enough because they thought my eye bags were really intense, but I try to sleep 7-8 hours every night so I don't get why I have them lol. Is it from stress?

No. 1530804

-drinking too much or too close to bedtime
-not actually getting into a deep sleep for some reason (having an uncomfortable bed or pillow, sleeping too hot or too cold, stress again, new meds, wearing a nicotine patch to bed, sleep paralysis demon, sleep apnea, etc.)
-eating a lot of very high sodium food for dinner (would make your whole face puffy too though)
-sleeping on your stomach / face down into pillow

No. 1530808

NTA, but fuck that. That's too many things, I'm just going to have bags if it's that much work.

No. 1530813

I didn't know sleeping face down could contribute to having eye bags! That's pretty much my go-to sleep position so that could explain things. I also feel like I'm pretty stressed on a consistent basis so I'm sure that's part of it too. Oh well. I guess having eye bags will just have to be part of my brand now.

No. 1530815

kek kinda, we often say 'nigel no friends' to mean loner. It's not that serious though, eg you might call yourself a Nigel if your friends weren't around for some reason.

No. 1530819

File: 1679533196527.gif (2.22 MB, 250x250, 1662547599688.gif)

i wanna get my friend an embroidered sweatshirt for her birthday, i can see she's gained a not insignificant amount of weight since i moved out of state…. should i just ask her what her size is (also gives away the gift) or ask her husband to keep it more secret and avoid potential embarrassment?

No. 1530826

File: 1679534407644.png (111.49 KB, 1386x1066, Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 21.18…)

lmao they're just possible causes, I was guessing reasons! I just thought of a couple more:
-not removing eye makeup properly or at all
-facial product such as lotion causing irritation and inflaming sensitive eye area (you would probably notice this while you're awake but maybe not, product moves around on your face while you sleep)
-anything that negatively affects your upper airway, from your tonsils to your septum to the air quality where you live, smoking, lingering sinus infection, etc.
>I guess having eye bags will just have to be part of my brand now.
that's the spirit

No. 1530827

I'd ask her husband and frame it as: "what size does she prefer to wear in sweatshirts?"

No. 1530830

oo thats a good idea b/c some people prefer oversized. thank you nonny!

No. 1530861

Yeah exactly. God, I see what you have done for others, now please help me

No. 1530875

I'm anonymous, so what the heck.
I want to write erotic fiction about a MtF tranny getting abused by a woman into being a masculine man, like a combo of body horror and reverse sissiffication.
If I post a fanfiction with such a plot on Ao3, am I likely to get banned or reported for daring to post such anti-tranny rhetoric? Is that even a thing on Ao3?
There are a few fandoms I was thinking about using the premise with, I figure it'd go unnoticed in the smaller ones but I fear retaliation from the bigger ones.

No. 1530876

Ao3 allows rape, incest, beastiality, pedophilia, lesbian conversion rape, so I don't see why they'll ban you if they allow other fucked up shit unless they're really pro-troon.

No. 1530881

File: 1679540771357.jpg (12.52 KB, 275x275, 1654699277252.jpg)

Has anyone used an AI chat bot to make money chatting to coomers yet? I mean like an individual person tricking the coomer into thinking he's chatting with a real woman, not a whole company or something.

No. 1530891

I don't use it but I've heard the AI chatbots are programmed to not write pornographic stuff but there might be ways around it if you know the trick (much like tricking them to say slurs or whatever people are doing)

No. 1530894

AO3 is staunchly anti-censorship. You should be okay.

No. 1530899

It's a joke that almost doesn't work so it can be interpreted multiple ways.
My mother said it sounded like a gay joke (a million guys, arousing sucess)
I thought it was about stocks and speculative markets

No. 1530912

A bar with a million people in it who don't buy anything is just as unsuccessful as a bar with nobody in it, because a bar needs people to buy things to be successful. The joke is that people in Silicon Valley don't understand the difference between "buzz" and actual profitability, because so many silicon valley startups are built on "growth" (attracting more investment+expanding business into new markets) even though the business is always operating at a loss.

Ex. many ride share companies, food delivery companies, scooter rental companies, etc

No. 1531050

is it just me or does "girlie" sound weirdly patronizing, i haven't been called it, i've just been seeing it used more recently

No. 1531194

Burger nonnas, could you explain the psychology behind someone being a democrat first and then turning republican? I’m thinking of a man for context

No. 1531203

Being retarded from the get go and getting annoyed with the annoying PC culture/cancel culture/tranny shit and instead of realizing D politicians are still the lesser of two evils, being reactionary and going full right wing tard. Happened to a moid ex friend of mine. Went from Bernie supporter to full blown dumbass trumper.

No. 1531231

Most males only enjoy politics that benefit them individually: social currency with sex positive women, promise of socialist gibs, a sense of superiority over their conservative parents, etc
Then overtime he realizes that leftist sluts still don’t want to fuck him, he hasn’t gotten any free bux but is in fact expected to contribute to his community, he’s being policed over a myriad of leftist dogmas, his sexuality is being attacked by trannies
Naturally he changes his mind, now he wants a non-whore trad wife, he wants to be a capitalist instead of a worker, he wants to say retard and nigga and be sexist freely

No. 1531294

where do people find those chatbots that lets them chat with their husbandos?

No. 1531309

Is it safe to use diy lash dye? It’s labeled for brows and lashes

No. 1531319

Yes it is designed to be safe to use for that, but you do have to be careful to not get it into your eyes.

No. 1531329

Ok! I will do it now. Wish me luck please!

No. 1531330

Good luck! Sadly I tried eyebow dye in the past and my eyebrows didn't take to it at all. Hope it goes better for you!

No. 1531340

Is it dramatic to block my ex on LinkedIn? I don’t have any other social media (which he complained about) but he viewed my LinkedIn profile the other day. Giving exes access to check in on me without reaching out just feels annoying to me. If people want to know how I am doing then they can contact me to ask.

No. 1531342

Is it weird that I don't know meanings behind fetishes and sex acts? Like, I got berated by a fucking """feminist""" MtF trannoid for not knowing that the act of a guy blowing on your face (gross) is supposed to be some kind of degradation thing. To me all moid sex acts are disgusting but this tranny was expecting me to know why guys were into that. Like tf? Why would I think deeper about this?

No. 1531358

why are you associated with him lol

No. 1531361

it's completely fine to block an ex on anything and everything.

No. 1531365

This happened before I peak and I'm not friends with him anymore. I just suddenly remember this and now I'm seething kek. I have a feeling he only knew this because he was a porn addict in his teens like all male teenagers are

No. 1531372

I did it and was easy for my shaky hands and the result is cute. 8/10 would recommend.

No. 1531405

Sometimes I wish we had a 'Fictional Characters You’re Ashamed To Say You’d Fuck' thread. I'm curious of the sins you nonas carry.

No. 1531416

any other somewhat chornic nausea/vomiters here? I fucking hate bomiting but it happens and i hate it hate it. Any tips to stop from this happeneing? I isually vomit if I eat a whole lot, but i hate feeling hungry still after eating a tiny meal. I’ve got gerd so if I try to be on an empty stomach for a longer time it still makes me wanna vomit. Fucking hate this lol

No. 1531485

>you have to get a credit card at 22 years old or no college level job will hire you
I just read this somewhere and it's freaking me out. Is this true?!

No. 1531492

I'm putting together my first Resume, any tips anons?

No. 1531499

This needs to exist. I just know it'll be half "ashamed of wanting to bang skinny edgelord #256 who would be an incel irl" and then people into shit like nonhumanoid monsters

No. 1531533

Does anyone have an incredibly weak immune system here? I’ve had one like this my entire life and it’s really hard to be sick all the time but not have any explanation for why that is. Everyone assumes I’m fucking lying when I say my immune system is terrible. I do everything proactively to not get sick, take a bunch of vitamins and a probiotic, and still get sick super quickly and for much longer than the person ik who got me sick. Every. Damn. Time.
I had a panel done a long time ago that detected nothing wrong with me but my igA count was on the lower end. Are there any anons here who went through similar experiences and have figured out what was wrong?

No. 1531536

Ask your dr for a Zofran disintegrating tablet script

No. 1531558

Do you think it would be a bad idea to make such a thread?

No. 1531562

let chatgpt help you write one

No. 1531570

No. (But also sometimes yes if you have no credit or bad credit and want a certain type of job.)

The idea behind getting the card is so you can build good credit (easiest way to do that is get a credit card and use it occasionally and pay it off immediately for a few years.) Jobs can require you let them run a credit and background check before hiring you. There are jobs that deal with financial information where they want you to have a good credit score because the logic goes that if you have good credit you aren't in debt so you will be less likely to steal from the company or its clients. This is obviously stupid but so it goes. I've heard of companies that stopped running credit checks entirely because it's a useless waste of time and money, plus a lot of new hires had horrible credit from college debt, but plenty still do it. Dunno if you're a burger but it's legal in most states to deny someone any job based on bad credit, only restricted in like a dozen states and they have exceptions that allow it for financial jobs; not sure about other countries.

Hopefully I'm not talking out my ass, this isn't my area of expertise I just heard about it in a job I had hiring people and I googled a couple things just now to refresh my memory.

No. 1531591

So whenever I chat with a guy online, all of them seem to have god awful skills at protecting their real life identity. A lot don’t even have social media. Is it possible they deliberately want me to find it? I was thinking no way. But it gets to a point where it’s just too mind boggling easy and “coincidental”

No. 1531603

I don't understand. it's easy to find their private information even without social media? you sound powerful and scary.

No. 1531621

Do the Sheffields have a Bri'ish accent in the OG dub of The Nanny?

No. 1531628

The dad Mr Sheffield does. The children don't. (Niles x C.C. OTP ♥ forever lol)

No. 1531646

Thanks mate

No. 1531653

Yeah basically. And idk. They drop isolated info on their own spaced out, but I keep track and eventually have a “full profile” I can look up and get back someone that matches. I was wondering if this happens commonly or I just happen to talk to guys who are awful or doing it deliberately. If not then I guess I’m trustworthy as hell lol

No. 1531657

How do you "get back someone that matches" if they don't have social media? I don't fully understand you but I don't doubt you kek.

No. 1531661

File: 1679614763022.jpg (31.7 KB, 264x428, you right now.jpg)

No. 1531662

Someone that matches based on what I know already. Example this last guy I was able to find because I had his first name and he told me he was volunteering for some elections. I looked him up on through his state’s public records of people who were in their payroll. I knew his age and then I had a last name. Then with that I was able to find his college (he graduated during Covid so his graduation was literally just like a pdf?), I knew what his degree was in and went to that section and he was on the list. Then looked him up on the college site and stumbled on his email. Then looked him up with his email and was able to find a resume, which had pretty much everything he’d told me plus his address and phone number

No. 1531666

Tbh this was not a great example bc I did most of it myself but other guys have sent me screenshot of whatever and their last name will be on it. With a first and last name plus dob and state you can find pretty much anyone bc most ppl have a phone number under their name and live somewhere or whatever lol. Sorry to let you guys down but it’s really that simple I’m not using any magic lol :sob

No. 1531667

LMAO nona, that's so much work on your part. I guess I would probably do the same thing if I was online dating (definitely wouldn't tell the dude in case he found it creepy). I doubt they "want" you to find it, they are sharing normal information from what you've said. Normal people don't think about opsec.
Have you ever found out a guy was lying to you? Like he says he went to blah-blah college but you couldn't find him on blah-blah college's website? I'd be more troubled if I couldn't find anything.

No. 1531668

(samefag) oh wait, you said chatting with a guy and I assumed for romantic purposes but you never actually said that. why are you chatting? is it some context where they would want to hide their identity?

No. 1531675

Is it possible to have shallow yet intense emotions? Because I feel very strongly and I wear my emotions on my sleeve, yet when I try to think about how I'm feeling it seems very surface level and that there is nothing underneath. Like oil burning on water. Like there is a level of calculation behind everything that I can't turn off, I can't just feel the moment. Like when I stop to feel what I'm feeling, I feel like I'm scraping of a layer of emotion at the top to reveal a nothingness below. Is that normal?

No. 1531676

All of them were honest or at least everything checked out. And you have a good point, and I think that answers my question. I never intended to give them my info bc what if the guy is crazy? But men don’t have to worry about that I guess. Also lol I literally confessed to the last guy I did it and he didn’t care, which is why I got to thinking about this whole thing again lately.
And just for fun?Idk I couldn’t tell you what I got out of it, it’s been a little while and I’m over that phase. Most went from platonic to romantic though that was not what I think I intended lol

No. 1531725

What does it say about me that when I get compliments from strangers they are usually from children? Both boys and girls, around ten years old, have come up to me and told me I'm pretty while I'm working. Should I be working as a birthday party princess or something?

No. 1531729

little kids are good at blurting out the truth! you're probably just actually pretty and look approachable/friendly nona

No. 1531772

Do you believe TRA shit will eventually mostly blow over and terfs will end up being "on the right side of history"? Or will things never fully go back to how they were before the rise of trans activism in the last decade?

No. 1531781

I want to make a "funny/bizarre fetishes" thread, but I don't know where to put it. It has some overlap with the autism thread in /m/, but not all of it is that autistic. I guess maybe there's not enough content to sustain a thread, but I've been browsing a closed paraphilia forum for the posts by women because they're usually some hilarious shit (the moids are all pedos and necros though so thats nasty to wade through). Am I the only one that finds weird fetishes so funny? It's why nemu was my favorite cow.

No. 1531788

it will be a slow grueling process of professional class psychiatrists and their whole industry evolving the diagnosis of "gender dysphoria" and deciding treatment should change based on [xyz] criteria (boring shit like that). judging from history this will take about 100 years and people will look back and say "wow shrinks were doing some crazy shit huh" and not think about it too hard.

No. 1531789

that makes me feel warm and fuzzy aww. I used to come off as a bitch but I've gotten calmer lately, it makes me happy I'm approachable now.

No. 1531791

will leave mainstream treatment/science but the cult will still exist to some degree because it feeds off of homophobia, misogyny, and fetishism and those aren't going away anytime soon. like how scientology is a laughingstock but still exists and is hurting people.

No. 1531804

The current huge wave of bandwagoner gendies will die out somewhat when it stops being trendy in favor of some other new group identities. Before this the big identities were just being gay and mentally ill (and anorexic) on tumblr which eventually spawned the troon wave, before that it was being scene and before that emo and cutting yourself, before that grunge, before that goth and punk and hippies and beats and so on. Adolescents will always be the same about wanting quirky nicknames and new haircuts and flashy outfits and body mods and self destructive behaviors. Trend cycles are so fast now and teenagers are so sheltered that identities centered around strict fashion rules and music gatherings is less viable, though, so gender and sexuality and mental illness lists are winning out now. I’m guessing gender ID will take a backseat to some new big teenager label eventually but not completely be gone.

No. 1531809

File: 1679636407111.jpeg (211.59 KB, 1437x1080, 449936AC-0FD8-4147-9245-06EED4…)

>>1526975 Modern American Literature.

No. 1531844

I feel like normal people dont view them as true and honest women/men anyway, but they know just to keep quit about it. When I overhear people talk about it to friends they trust, they say they would etc never date a tranny/dont think they belong in the opposite bathroom/are gay men but are scared of being cancelled.

No. 1531868

Yeah. The AGPs are unmasking hard and fast now that talking about how being a toddler girl gives them boners. They've gone from being tragic humans who only want to live their lives to being repulsive to everyone who would have been willing to give them a chance. Detransitioners, and the massive amounts of money to be made from them by the same pharma companies that encouraged them to troon out, will help make troonism unfashionable. The narrative will shift from TRAs being kind and accepting souls to TRAs actively encouraging mentally ill children to mutilate themselves, honestly it's already going in that direction now that everyone is fed up with trannies in women's prisons and women's sports and women's day celebrations.

No. 1531890

question for those who've had IV put into them at hospitals: after leaving, and you get those gauze things put on the area the IV was inserted, how long do you leave the gauzes on? (mine were taped on technically so they could stay in place) and what do you do when one of them is starting to get full?

No. 1531924

I've gone to the hospital to get IV drips A LOT of times and I literally just remove them as soon as I get home. They put them on to stop the bleeding, but the hole in your skin is so small that it stops in a few minutes.

No. 1531941

File: 1679662989770.jpg (84.31 KB, 1080x1085, Screenshot_2023-03-24-13-58-26…)

this tumblr post really confuses me can anyone explain it? This is not racebait I promise. I'm not confused by the white woman part but the setting. Is crying at a super market normal? Cause I don't think I ever have seen anyone cry or fight in a supermarket since it's a place where people mind their own business

No. 1531944

No, it's just random 'white women be like [insert random made up thing]' content

No. 1531945

It’s some “harr harr ebil white woman karen cries at supermarket because she cries on command whenever she wants the worker to do something” “joke”

No. 1531947

imo its more like "white women grow up in a thin-skinned spoiled environment so they're more sensititve" but i could be wrong.

No. 1531974

When I see shit like this I think about how humor on tumblr was still kind of similar in 2011/2012 yet it didn't feel as obnoxious. Is it me whose sense of humor changed or is it that tumblr users over the past decade all started having a stick of their ass? Seriously that post doesn't feel like a funny joke, more like a perfectly manufactured series of sentences meant whose only goal is to make the readers snort for half a second and keep scrolling down at the very best.

No. 1531978

>Seriously that post doesn't feel like a funny joke, more like a perfectly manufactured series of sentences meant whose only goal is to make the readers snort for half a second and keep scrolling down at the very best
i thought all tumblr jokes were like that

No. 1531993

Does vabbing (putting your vagina juices on your neck as perfume) actually work

No. 1531995

Of course it does, that's why everyone is doing it

No. 1532001

define "work"

No. 1532005

W = F ⋅ s

No. 1532006

Ah yes, the good ol’ la vagina perfume. Perfect for attracting any kind of bees you need for a colony.

No. 1532014

Are there any easier ways to swallow huge pills? Almost choked last time…There also aren't any other forms for the type I have to take.

No. 1532017

buy a pill cutter or crush it. if its the powder type you can cut it open.

No. 1532019

if it's a time-release pill don't crush it because that could be very dangerous

No. 1532020

How hard are escape rooms classified with middle level difficulty for someone who's never done it before? For reference, I've watched about 800 episodes of Detective Conan and managed to solve the case before Conan a few times.

No. 1532023

Is amoxicillin one of those?

No. 1532024

It should say on the pack, or you can call your pharmacy and ask them

No. 1532114

well i kinda doubt anyone here will be able to help but i need help identifying an odour. its something I've been able to smell on certain people for years, and it's very strong and hurts my nose to inhale in the same way hair bleach does. it's very unpleasant. i notice that some people i know will occasionally have this smell, like its a chemical emanating from their body, but i only notice it sometimes with them and not always. i remember once someone sat next to me on the bus once and they smelt of this so strongly that i could barely breathe the whole journey.
& no its not weed or something. i have no idea what this smell is and i can't even find the words to describe the specific scent, only that hurts my nose the same way certain chemicals do.
i thought maybe it was ketones but i think that would be a sweeter more acetone-y scent, idk

No. 1532131

No. 1532150

It doesn't really say. There's a part that says CLAV next to the name, the rest is just typical instructions but no mention of time release or any other abbreviated letters.

No. 1532164

File: 1679686200825.png (13.04 KB, 1428x194, Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 15.28…)

I found this info that says you can crush it technically. This is from a 5-year-old PDF on a New Zealand health website and you're getting it though a comment on an anonymous image board so obviously confirm this with a pharmacist or doctor before you crush your pill lol. Maybe you should just ask for the chewable or liquid form.

No. 1532172

is it mostly women or men you can smell this on? Because then it might be a certain perfume or some body spray. Some people are more sensitive to those kinds of smells than others

No. 1532176

take the pill with applesauce if you have a hard time swallowing

No. 1532177

No. 1532178

How bad of an idea would it be to do my own surgery at home to remove a mole/skin tag on the back of my neck? I don't wanna pay the price i got quoted for removal lol, was wondering how much damage I'd cause myself if I tried to make an incision around the circumference of the base of the mole to fully remove it and just leave a scar

No. 1532181

What are the characteristics of the people who you usually smell this on? Gender, weight, fashion style, etc., etc.
Could be artificially like from perfume or biological like from diseases or diet. Hard to say or identify w/o more information.

No. 1532183

Are religious moids better or worse than atheists? I have my personal beliefs (have not found a religion I'm 100 percent convinced to practice) but I don't care much about the beliefs of my spouse as long as he is not actively against it obviously. In my experience they tend to either be extremely hypocritical or way nicer and respectful than atheists so I really don't know. Any experiences or advice?

Oh my god nonna please do not. It might turn out okay but it might be a disaster, there is a reason there are professionals for this

No. 1532184

Why are organic raspberries much less fuzzy than non-organic ones?

No. 1532190

i reduced a bad skin tag with just tying it off with dental floss before, it was a little bloody but it worked out fine. it'll only work if your skin is raised up enough. just dont carve up your skin noni

No. 1532192

It could be speed, Nonna.

No. 1532194

ime worse because modern religious men want you to be conservative when it fits them but also want you to break the religious rules when it fits them. Eg be conservative in terms of traditional gender roles within the household but they also want to have pre-marital sex and watch porn and for you to work 40 hrs a week while taking on all the chores and cooking. Basically worst of both flavours.

t. grew up in a christian community

No. 1532198

would a scar really be better than a mole?

No. 1532204

My Nigel is a religious freak and turned me into one as well. It's fun and atheists are absolutely and massively cringe that need to fuck off back to reddit.

No. 1532210

File: 1679690159554.png (156.14 KB, 1000x667, photo-1611090925566-b1fc31065f…)

The only thing that comes to my mind is the smell I encounter sometimes, it's suffocating to me, especially in hot weather. Unfortunately, I don't know what it is exactly, but it's a chemical they put in some perfumes and deodorants, and it smells kind of like hot iron. Might be a chemical itself or the way it "reacts" with certain people, idk. Two other people besides myself can smell it too, and one of them surprisingly likes it and looks for it in perfumery, and the other one is my mom and it's killing her too lol, genetics.

No. 1532215

I've dated someone religious (and was raised Christian myself) and the issue wasn't so much him but his family. His mother would constantly tell me my skirts were too short and I looked like a whore when I wore lipstick, his dad would tell me working at a hotel wasn't respectable, on and on. The moid I would say acted a bit more polite than most other men I knew and he wasn't quite as extreme as his parents but he believed some pretty fucked up things like all women who get abortions are going to burn in hell and I just couldn't stay with someone like that. Definitely dodged a bullet by not marrying into that family though.
True lolcow is a website for pure women of god only, amen

No. 1532216

It's not that fun ime unless he's the less strict type who doesn't follow all the rules

No. 1532219

Thank you nonna, it is a lot of what I see in my country (religious people openly smoking weed and drinking) so that could definitely happen. Guess I just have to find the right person, religious or not. Though I'm not in a rush, I'm pretty happy single honestly kek.

I'm happy you found love nonna ♥ I love my gods and goddesses very much, I would love to have someone to appreciate it with. All the holidays I celebrate I have to celebrate alone (most of the time even in secrecy because of family judgement), my views on the afterlife affect my way of thinking and living as well. It is hard to explain to people who aren't in the same ballpark. I'm so happy for you you found someone who shares your views, I hope one day I do too.

Sorry you had that experience nonna. In-laws can be either lovely or hell on earth, the fact that his father called you a whore is messed up.

No. 1532223

Moles bleed a lot more then you might expect. I messed with one on my cheek that was a little too raised and it worked out though.

No. 1532227

Is it creepy that I want to look like my mom in my childhood? I'm almost the same age as she was when I was a toddler and I always liked 90s fashion for adult women in general. Honestly I didn't even realize it but I'm just drawn to whatever she would wear back then, including hairstyle (similar to Scully's, color-wise too). Clothes are not really that specific though, I guess I'm more concerned about hair and makeup. Would it be weird?

No. 1532237

File: 1679693093838.jpg (200.64 KB, 1400x1400, dirt-dave-and-gill.0.jpg)

Skully's hair is fantastic so I'm gonna say no, it's not weird, you just have good taste and so does your mom lol

No. 1532243

lc has never had a predominantly religious demographic, women have few places to discuss how religion exploits us without sharing spaces with men that just want to coom without guilt, so discussion of how religion hurts women is commonplace here. though im sure you sleep better at night thinking that the women that are staunchly anti religion are some obese poly redditors when it reality its women that were victims of organized religion and third world women being married off to their relatives, lamenting being treated like chattel. you can try to pretend you've always been accepted but lc has always had women roasting religion and trad retards like you for a reason. seethe and cope if you dont like reality, but that's how its always been.

No. 1532247

Not at all. My mom was super cool in the 80s and 90s I only wish I could look as good as she did! Good taste is good taste even if it’s your mom

No. 1532251

Aside from you making a mess and possibly getting some infection, you should always ask a doctor and do a test when it comes to moles to make sure they're not going to trigger some nasty tumors. They're generally harmless but you should always make sure.

No. 1532260

Definitely just do it at home but get some help. Also get a stiptic pencil to stop the bleeding. It’ll sting like a bitch but it’ll stop the bleeding. Ganbatte nonny chan

No. 1532261

lmao at "even"

No. 1532265

Get it frozen off with nitrous oxide by a professional, it will leave a smaller scar. I accidentally burned a mole off my leg as a kid while cleaning wood floors with vinegar and sitting with my thigh in a small puddle for a little too long and I still have a scar from it. It's not noticeable now, but it took a while to fully heal and I have no idea whether or not it affected my health. I've had to have several moles removed by a dermatologist since though.

No. 1532283

File: 1679697884252.jpg (31.08 KB, 564x541, 5c31d74191802f4d8f800b95052144…)

Thanks nonnies!

No. 1532287

Is there a tactful way to say my classmates did absolutely shit all on our project? Without coming across as a snitch? The professor is weird and I feel like he could be the type to hold it against me. Is it worth it even to rat out someone like that?

No. 1532353

If someone's full time job is supposedly being a YouTuber but they publish less than 1 video per month (or even just 1-2 per year), how much are they actually working? What is it that takes so much time?

No. 1532364

There's not way to say it unfortunately. I was always in this position too and wished I could rat their asses out. But think about it, there's no way to prove it, and they would deny it, and everyone would hate you for stirring shit up. I always coped by imagining my teachers and professors could tell who the powerhouse was from observing my other work and general academic attitude compared to theirs.

No. 1532407

Is a mattifying sunscreen enough as a day cream?

No. 1532414

File: 1679723666923.jpg (158.19 KB, 735x890, 80b9c9c18678b828657342c8dbe8f8…)

is this AI generated or what is this?

No. 1532422

It looks like sandwiches. One has an gray hard boiled egg in the middle, though I'm really not sure how the white became gray. The others have what could perhaps be mushrooms. The circle bread I think is some kind of donut, and the little red dot makes me think it has jam inside.
This image gives me the vibe of when you see a picture of a super depressing European meal. Anyway I'm going to try and find whatever brand is listed on those bottles and card

No. 1532437

They're not working 8 hours a day anon. Sure there's those hour long docu type of videos that require a lot of research, recording and editing but not THAT much. You can bet your ass they're working as little as they can get away with

No. 1532439

File: 1679727145942.png (465.07 KB, 1272x1410, Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 11.5…)

I'm a random nona popping in to say I found it: https://www.facebook.com/byby.kitchen/about

It looks like they're vietnamese. And the sandwich-looking thing looks like it's probably some kind of steamed pork bun called banh bao (I googled "vietnamese bread with egg inside" kek)

No. 1532440

also forgot to add, the one in the AI-looking photo looks more like a sandwich bread or bagel. It's probably a cute twist on the bun made with a different type of dough instead

No. 1532441

You have no spine whatsoever, you did one of the most pathetic things a woman can do: convert religions for a man. Fuck off back to living under your husbands boot.

No. 1532444

Thanks anon! When I was trying to find the restaurant I couldn't properly make out the letters

No. 1532456

I think the egg whites are grey because they have been boiled and stored in the fridge

No. 1532474

looking at a skin care site and they have "pregnancy safe yes/no" on products, what?? what does a face wash have to do with pregnancy?

No. 1532476

They're annoying as fuck. Plus, pathetic because they submit to something that doesn't even exist, and not their girlfriend, who does exist.

No. 1532478

Some face products like retinols can cause birth defects.

No. 1532482

dear god theres so much shit to care about for pregnant women

No. 1532489

You know how some websites detect you're using adblock and make it impossible for you to use the website until you turn adblock off? Is there any extension that gets around that?

No. 1532494

why can't i see who interacts with my pins anymore ? all i could see is "look what x person you're following pinned" but i used to be able who saved from my pins, or "see pins based on this one you saved". what's going on? i even converted to a business account in hopes of seeing that again and i still can't.

No. 1532668

At what point of therapy is it okay to bring up weirdly sexual incidents I had with family members as a child? It's something that's been plaguing my mind for some time, but I don't want her to think I'm some kind of a sick fuck making up childhood incest stories as 1) my memories of the incidents are very muddled and confusing and 2) I have an extensive history of mental health issues since childhood (I'm in my mid 20s now) and sexual abuse has never come up. I've never talked about this and no one ever asked. I'm scared I've retroactively made something out of normal situations and it's just better to not to even speak horrific shit about these family members into the world, when I'm not even sure myself what happened.

No. 1532670

How do you find roommates? I have friends, but none of them are looking for places to live. Rent is impossible alone, and I don't know where to look

No. 1532675

Is it possible to overcome ptsd fully? I can't find it anywhere, when I look it up all I see is coping strategies.

No. 1532679

Yes. I had some fucked up shit happen to me throughout my childhood and early adult life and I was able to overcome it. I don't even think about it anymore. You won't like how I got there though.

No. 1532691

There's no real timeline for such things. It should make you more comfortable to speak about them if you say the exact same things you say in this post: that it's plaguing your mind for a long time and you worry that it will sound fake even though it isn't. The therapist will then find a way together with you how it would be the best to go deeper into the subject.

No. 1532693

OK guys, so I’ve been further brainstorming about possibly good Nigel material candidates.

Ex-muslims? I would say ex-any religion but Islam is on the tippy top of the misogynistic shit pile.
Sons of cult leaders? That have obviously left the cult. Though there’s a possibility of bad genetics like those in that Ohio community due to all the inbreeding. And they seem rarer than ex muslims. Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Concerns? Experiences?

No. 1532695

How? I repressed it for a lot of years but I still have memory loss, the past is all a blur, I can't keep a relationship, fuckin' list goes on. I thought I was over it because I didn't think about it much but I can't have a normal life like this (got fired because of a nervous breakdown, dropped out of college because I couldn't focus or remember).

No. 1532702

I keep getting banned from CC.c and being told to integrate. I read the site rules multiple times. I have been lurking the place for months. WHAT IS IT THAT I AM DOING WRONG NONAS? Can someone pls give me a rundown of how to post there and not get banned? I am old and retarded. thanks!

No. 1532706

What are the perks of being single and why shouldn't i want a boyfriend?

No. 1532709

Can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Bed all to yourself. Apartment always clean and tidy. No need to run ideas/plans by another person. No need to consider anyone elses needs or preferences. Won't get cheated on or heartbroken. Single nonnies keep winning.

No. 1532730

File: 1679767965151.jpg (25.14 KB, 784x340, 5a36a6aa2836f3dcaf0c3e793602ea…)

Why are there so many people that don't get hints when they keep talking about something you aren't interested in?

A friend keeps screenshotting and posting tons of cringy joke discussions from her six instagram roleplay accounts that all talk to each other and badly imitate a bunch of anime characters we like.
I don't want to tell her that it's shit but I cannot fake enjoyment either. It's terribly ooc and unfunny and I never reply to it so you would assume that she understands that I am not into it but she doesn't. She's 32 too which makes the roleplay worse it sounds like something coming from an autistic 12 year old.

I sometimes feel like people know you don't like it and want to force you to admit it but why? I don't want to hurt others or get into heated arguments.

No. 1532760

You're so right nonnie. I'm so happy to be single, and so full of hope and optimism for my future. There's just no place for other person, and I know he would inevitably bring some amount of misery into my life.

No. 1532796

When saying Japan, is non-onlines people first thought still something like sushi, ninja, samurai and geisha or is it completely overtaken by anime now? Does it depend on age?

No. 1532817

Are there any male singers with a big lesbian fanbase like gay men and female pop stars?

No. 1532819

Why do people like Aldi

No. 1532823


No. 1532836

It's cheap and they don't have a Lidl to be able to know and experience that that's the superior German grocery store

No. 1532882

I've seen anons say it has a stepmother vibe and I agree, but it's an acquired taste and once you get used to it it's cozier than Lidl.

No. 1532941

why do some threads, like Moo's or Anachans, not include links to last thread's milk and are just written summaries?

No. 1533068

how is vinyl better than any other audio? i hear people say the sound quality or whatever is better, it's the way its meant to be heard blah blah, but i don't like hearing a crackle in my music every time

No. 1533114

I have both Aldi and Lidl nearby, the latter being a bit further away than the former and I dont see how they're any different when it comes to basic groceries. Lidl is just bigger and there are more things overall.

No. 1533160

Did anyone here get wieght loss surgery at some point? How did the recovery go? Would you say it was worth it? I'm asking for personal opinions, I know I can find more objective data online elsewhere. And I'm asking because a friend of mine will get that surgery in a few weeks now and I'm wondering if she'll be able to handle it or if she'll need some support.

No. 1533162

Two of my family members got 2 different kinds. One got gastric bypass, stayed thin for a year and became fat again. The other never got thin on lap band and had to get it taken out. Also she went bald afterwards

No. 1533186

My friend is about to get a lap band iirc. Do you know why your family member couldn't get thinner this way? If she went bald I'm going to assume she had other health issues on top of being fat. My friend is going to avoid restaurants as much as possible and seems like she's going to stick to a strict diet the first few weeks before and after surgery but I'm worried that won't be enough.

No. 1533187

My aunt got weight loss surgery (I don't know what type exactly) and she's still very obese. She's struggled with crash diets and weird weightloss supplements and things like that as long as I remember. I'm not surprised it didn't work, you can't fix the psychological issues behind overeating with a surgery.

No. 1533188

See this is what I don't understand about weightloss surgeries. If the person in question has the willpower and dedication to stick to a strict diet they wouldn't need an invasive surgery in the first place.

No. 1533192

My aunt got it and lost some weight but was still overweight and eventually gained it back and still struggles with it. My other aunt never got the surgery but recently went on some new miracle weight loss prescription drug that makes you have more energy and better mood and lose a bit of weight and now she’s the thinnest she’s ever been. It seems like mild coke or adderal or something kek she’s so peppy and happy and skinny now, I kind of wish I qualified to go on it too, like man I want free energy and dopamine and weight loss. I think the drug also supposedly makes people slightly hornier according to a doctor friend of mine who was talking about it. I’m kinda jealous.

No. 1533194

My mom had a gastric bypass about 8 years ago, afterwards she rapidly lost a lot of weight and is still thin to this day. She gets nauseous quite easily now though, especially when she eats greasy foods, and she can't hold her alcohol very well anymore to the point where more than 2 wines is too much for her. Otherwise she's fine.

No. 1533195

My friend eats a lot and doesn't seem to realize it. Our mutual friend thinks she eats normal portions which is bullshit, so I guess she wants to have weight loss surgery because she wants fast results. That's why I'm worried, she has bad habits, she recognizes it, but wants to easy way out before having good habits first and seeing she'll keep thsegood habits.

No. 1533235

File: 1679837100947.png (3.56 KB, 755x69, info_1.png)

busterfags, is this true?

No. 1533239

A family friend did it and was thin for about 2 years, then the weight piled back on. She did another weight loss surgery after and now she can't eat a bunch of things and needs to take medication constantly, and guess what, she's now fat again. She genuinely can't get it into her head that she needs to eat less and move more to stay thin.
You need to support your friend to make healthier choices. Go on walks together, offer to cook some meals for her so she doesn't get tempted by Doordash, watch a movie and bring low calorie snacks. Or talk about how much she's saving by not ordering food/eating out. If she doesn't change her lifestyle she won't lose weight.
I suppose it helps the ones who have binge eating issues, if the food can't fit into your stomach then you can't binge. Obviously the stomach stretches over time so that's why so many of them get fat again. A friend of mine has considered everything from lipo to weight loss surgery to hypnotism to anorexia challenge diets, but hasn't even tried anything that'll help her lose weight slowly and steadily, like a normal diet and mild to moderate exercise. She's terrified of never losing the weight so she wants instant results. I suppose it's the same for most people who are willing to go to such extreme lengths when they could have gone for a walk instead.

No. 1533244

My friend will avoid ordering takeouts and going to restaurants for a few months because of money problems and she also sees it as an opportunity to avoid eating crap so there's already that. She moved away from her grandparents who are jewish which means she won't be forced to at like she has an eating disorder anymore just to not have issues with them as well. My other friends and I will find other activities to do that don't cost money and don't involve eating because tbh we like hanging out at coffee shops and restaurants, and now spring is coming so we'll have more opportunities to be outside but I'm not sure she'll be willing to exercise on a regular basis just yet.

No. 1533271

what makes you look at someone and clock them as high achievers? like ive been academically successful but after graduating and getting a job (engineering), i just stopped feeling like i achieve things. i hate my job so i dont care enough about it to improve myself (career-wise). what else, besides being at the top of some hierarchy at a job, makes you think someone is achieving shit? like knowing multiple languages, what is something that you think makes a person "smarter"?

No. 1533272

A girl i know threatened w suicide if she doesnt get it. It didnt change anything in her at all after 2yrs. But she brags how she can "eat less" now so she can pretend to be "smol" online while being in her 30s. She only now realised that she just needs to eat less. But even if she does tries to lose weight, her bones are genuinely wide and big, so theres no point.
Tldr it didnt help at all. Just a waste of money

No. 1533280

Tbh that term evokes a very specific type for me, career-centered and traditional. Like, I wouldn't call PewDiePie a high achiever even though he's a multimillionaire. It's kind of a shit term tbh. You sure you want to spend your life chasing some bad semantics?

No. 1533312

The solution is simple, but not easy. The solution is seeing yourself as greater than all those problems. You're here now, and you've already overcome all that shit. What helped me was thinking that if anyone went through the garbage that I did, they probably would have killed themselves or gotten deep into some addiction. I refuse to let that be me. I refuse to allow things that other people did to me hurt me anymore. I experienced those things, and they've over with now. Nothing has power over me. My parents did a lot of fucked up shit to me, I've been abandoned by other family and friends alike, I've been harassed, stalked, and attacked, and I just don't care anymore. You have to make an internal decision to stop caring. All the messed up things that replay in your head only cause you to suffer because you interpret them as the source of your suffering. You can You can allow them to rule over you, or you say "fuck it, I'm not doing this anymore." You can let go at any time. Like I said, simple, but not easy, because most people identify with being a victim and it feels comfortable to stay there. It's comfortable for blame others for your current suffering because then you don't have to work on yourself.

No. 1533338

File: 1679847705377.png (145.48 KB, 1000x1440, 2066f10d105f4f7ba3d6855157f73c…)

Nonnies what do you think about this hat? I'm just looking for sun protection but I also don't want to look like shit

No. 1533346

I'd think you were going fishing

No. 1533353

my middle aged uncle would wear that while mowing the lawn

there's cute sunhats and visors anon, or even a cute scarf if it's just about hair protection. That reminds me, I have to hunt down a new sut hat too.

No. 1533354

No. 1533360

Personally I love these hats, they look fine if you wear them with casual clothing. If you're scared of looking dorky you could get a bucket hat instead.

No. 1533387

What is your honest opinion of people who constantly post to their social media stories?

No. 1533393

They are bored, boring, assume people care about their life more than they actually do, and likely are trying to get the attention of one or a few people who the poster thinks about constantly but are not confident enough to address directly

No. 1533406

I feel like in 2017 there was a huge shift in trends, politics and just the world in general. Far after the Trump election btw. Is it just me?

Would look cool depending on how you dress, if you wear it with athleisure or something I wouldn't get it but with some baggy pants and a cute top it could look really cute.

Attention seekers kek. Especially if it's personal things, just call a friend if you need to talk about something.

No. 1533423

>I feel like in 2017 there was a huge shift in trends, politics and just the world in general. Far after the Trump election btw. Is it just me?
It was 2015, I'd say
That was the year I suddenly felt out of touch with the world and old as fuck, despite being in my mid 20s. It's been a downward spiral since then. I now believe we're all living in a fucked up simulation

No. 1533429

Question inspired by Picky Eater Test from Unpopular Opinions thread.
What food/drink did you use to hate but now love/don't mind eating/drinking? And vice versa

I couldn't stand prunes at all, but now I actually like them, especially covered in chocolate or in the salads, for example with shredded beets and some walnuts. Could never imagine I'd eat salo/slanina, but I do enjoy it now if it has a little bit of meat, with borscht or other soups. As for falling out of love part, it doesn't really count because it was never my conscious choice, but my mom would feed me goat milk as an infant because she had problems with her own, and I hated it ever since. I could taste and smell it anywhere if it was added to mashed potatoes, pancakes, etc., and refuse to eat it. The smell alone gives me gag reflex.

No. 1533430

No, a lot of people say that about 2015-2016 so it's not just you. I agree actually. Sometimes I wonder if it's because I was a teen back then so for the first time really aware and understandig of stuff broader than myself but it seems to be such a common sentiment so idk.

No. 1533432

I used to love sauerkraut, can't stomach it anymore. I used to fucking hate boiled potatoes, now I can eat them (but still don't love them). I can stomach meat now and even like most of it. If I ever have a child I'll never force it to eat something it doesn't like because it doesn't work.

No. 1533435

Chicken went from being my favourite meat to least favourite by far. At some point I started noticing a specific unpleasant note in the taste.

No. 1533437

Sorry about that nonna, that sucks. I remember all of the sudden in 2017 cloutrap, dressing freaky, 'queer' shit and I'm sure some other things were suddenly cool. I was in high school and over the summer vacation my classmates dropped their old styles and wore way more color, the boys started growing their hair long, just out of nowhere.

Same. I was still pretty young too so maybe it's that it's the first culture shift I ever really noticed. The election of Trump caused an uproar and the lgbtq+ stuff got pretty out of proportion at this point (everyone saying they're bisexual or 'non-binary' kek) so maybe that's why it's a universal thing, even with older people?

No. 1533447

There’s a guy I know, get along with, and really like for the first time ever. I’ve never had a boyfriend before (I’m older than you probably think, this sadly isn’t angsty teen posting), but I feel like this might be the first time!

I was very happy, but there is one thing and it’s destroying me:
I find him quite handsome, so I was afraid he has been a massive manwhore. I know the guy through my brother (they became friends a while back. They’re not super close, but they know each other somewhat well I think), so I asked my brother about the guy’s exes and if he “knows” a lot of girls. My brother said the guy told him he doesn’t like casual sex and takes relationships seriously, but then my brother added “Oh I think [girl] told me she had a thing with him for a short time, not sure what happened there or how serious they were”. [girl] is a girl my brother used to fuck. She’s also someone I really don’t like. The idea of the guy not only having a fuckbuddy but it being the same girl my brother was with has literally made me throw up. Even if they were seriously dating I really don’t like being with a guy who had the same “girlfriend” as my brother. I also don’t like it being her in general.

I don’t know what happened. Neither does my brother. How do I deal with this? Ask the guy? Stop caring? Still care but just leave it uncertain?
I want to scream. I really don’t know if I’m being weird about this. Have any of you been in a similar situation?

No. 1533469

Get to know him better. If he's going to bebyour first boyfriend and he has exes and you don't, you'll need to talk to him about it. Maybe he's still friends with her or talks to her, find out before you fully sink your claws into him.

No. 1533473

Used to hate eggs, especially the yolk, nowadays I eat four to eight a week with the yolk being my favorite. Only if it's a boiled egg though, still can't stand omelet and the like.

No. 1533487

I swear I'm not baiting but I was never familiar with fantasy dog RP or warrior cats fandoms or any of that and I was reading up on sparkledogs in particular and how edgy they were. So if any of you anons did that as a teen and did erotic roleplay like allegedly they tended to do as is the style in many RPG communities, was that like… in an animalistic dog mode or something? I need an answer for this and I'm afraid I'm not mentally prepared for teenagers having fictional dogmode sex with each other.

No. 1533526

Used to hate celery as a kid but everyone around me was always eating it (even without dressing) and kept saying it tasted good, and as a kid it didn't occur to me that I could just… not like certain foods, so I just kept eating some whenever I had the chance until I liked it kek. Actually, like is a strong word, I'd say it's somewhere in between "tolerate" and "like" because I willing go and grab some if it's available to eat, but I would say it's far from something I really like. In adulthood, the same thing has happened with olives. I don't pick them out of my food anymore but I don't mind their taste and what they add to the overall flavor of whatever I'm eating. Would probably not eat them by themselves.

Used to loathe bitter melon as a kid but sometime last year my mom cooked some (as she usually does) and the taste was exactly the same but my brain suddenly liked it. Even with the slight bitter taste, I really liked it. I'd say this is the only food that I've gone from "completely hate" to "completely love."

I don't think there's anything I've loved that I now hate. Usually it's just stuff I overeat in massive amounts and have to avoid for a few years. The taste won't bother me but when I put it in my mouth I'll just want to spit it out (currently it's those danish butter cookies in the blue tin- ate way too many of those fuckers a few years back kek).

No. 1533539

For me the shift was in 2007, despite being only 12 at that time I could feel something was off especially with the change in media (though I was also going through a lot of irl issues at the same time)

No. 1533541

Unironically, how to get rich? Investing? How to get into investing if I know nothing about it and I'm shitty at math? Or something else?

No. 1533629

File: 1679870932927.jpg (48.43 KB, 836x625, 1648328984721.jpg)

Okay I'm trying to make a video but I don't know how to download youtube videos?? I tried installing a firefox extension but they're all trash and VLC is too complicated. Please help

No. 1533630

4K Video Downloader will be your new best friend, nona.

No. 1533634

oh my god nonna thank you i love you mwuah

No. 1533638

Investing is always risky. Don't go into it unless you can 100% afford to lose the money.

No. 1533643

I just finished watching one flew over the cuckoo's nest for the first time. Why is nurse Ratchet considered one of the biggest villians in movie history?
Yea, she's controlling and on a power trip but the way men talk about her like she's ran over babies and puppies. I think Mac is more of an asshole and a piece of shit than she'll ever be, he was in jail for statuary rape of a 15 year old.
I'm on her side, dealing with mentally ill violent males must be exhausting

No. 1533647

What’s something easy to paint besides round things like fruit & onions

No. 1533648

Mushrooms, used to hate them and now I love to eat anything they’re in. I’ve met so many people who still avoid them as adults. When I was a kid I liked lobster and now I can’t stand it, it’s like eating rubber with a touch of saltwater flavor

No. 1533650

Is it possible to travel from Europe to the US (or vice versa) by boat as some kind of vacation?

No. 1533653

roses (though I guess they're kinda round), tree leaves, pine trees, stick figures, beaches

No. 1533654

I think you can do that if you take a cruise. Otherwise, i can't see how that would be possible in any capacity since you would be on the boat for days.

No. 1533730

File: 1679882468189.jpeg (44.43 KB, 746x412, AA125F14-079B-41D2-94A9-BF6AB3…)

What’s your favorite episode

No. 1533755

File: 1679885936749.png (42.38 KB, 427x367, jerry.png)

I'm looking for an episode of Tom and Jerry where the maid sings "No rest for the wicked". The lyrics just before that were something like "Workin', workin', stop that shirkin'…". Please help me with this, it's plaguing my mind

No. 1533772

Is it really that weird to ask other women for spare tampons/pads? I keep seeing anons in the mtf threads saying no woman would ever ask for another woman in the bathroom for a pad but I’ve done it. I have no shame in it, I’d rather go through the embarrassment of asking than bleed through my pants. Is this some secret social taboo I’m too autistic to pick up on or something?

No. 1533775

no woman who isn't a sjw brown-noser validation-seeker would dare ask a tranny is what i'd say

No. 1533778

It’s not that weird tbh, it’s just not common to have someone asking for tampons and such since most women just carry emergency pads and tampons in their own purses. I carry emergency pads because I don’t really know if I could actually find another woman in the bathroom, and because most of the women at my workplace don’t have to deal with periods anymore.
I’ve gotten asked before for a pad or a tampon like once while traveling, but that’s kind of expected tbh, not everyone expects their period while traveling.
What makes anons say so is that there’s no way in hell that a woman would see a hulking tranny and would ask specifically to him for a tampon or a pad because normie women don’t think they would carry around such things since they don’t need them.

No. 1533798

Needing to borrow a pad is just a sign of being disorganised. As a woman/teenage girl you would just have one on hand because of paranoia, but of course there are situations where you are unprepared. It's just rare to ever need to borrow one, it's better to just quietly go buy your own pack.

No. 1533800

I hate that nurse ratchet is forever associated with that one lsa user who is obsessed with her. She did nothing wrong though, she was just doing her job. I don't blame the other men who were actually mentally ill, i blame Randle for everything. I hated him so much, i see it was his fault that the one guy commit suicide.

No. 1533801

Also had to ask when I was broke and lazy
Kek. Yeah this

No. 1533810

How would you feel if someone you complimented reacted negatively?

Today this woman complimented me and I said thank you and half smiled but like I couldn’t get myself to genuinely smile bc I’m not used to it it was unexpected and I was doubtful and I hate attention. I felt bad immediately for my face and I feel sorry for that girl I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Is she even thinking about it as much you think? I would prob never compliment anyone ever again but idk if everyone else is like me.

No. 1533812

Some nonnas in the MtF thread will sometimes start saying stuff just to piss off lurking troons and remind them that they'll NBAW. One example being the tampon/pad situation, it's not weird between actual women, it just happens rarely because most women are always prepared, and at most it'd be awkward to ask. The thing is that trannies will grasp at straws to validate their identity, so even just admitting to doing these things is enough material to fuel their delusion/fetish, so I can understand why nonnas would say that it never happens. What's certainly true is that no woman, not even handmaidens imo (even they got to have common sense in this situation), would ever ask a troon for a tampon or react positively to him asking for one, and irl you can always tell they're males so there's no way it'd happen accidentally, but troons don't get that.

I've personally never had to borrow a pad from a stranger, since I always come prepared in various ways when going out. The most I've done is borrow one from other women in my family. But I don't see a reason to be ashamed of asking a stranger if you really need it.

No. 1533815

Any tech anons can you help me decide on a good monitor for games and occasionally watching movies on my pc? Color is really important to me so I thought OLED was considered the best maybe? right now I got problems with screen tearing in my games and Im tired of this slower 60hz hand me down.

No. 1533822

I don't personally. Don't know anyone who would ask for a pad anyway, cause most women track their cycle or at least can feel when the period is close, so they would be prepared.
Well, I don't track mine, but if I get caught by the period I don't mind bleeding since for the first few hours I would just stain my panties with little to no blood. So what the point of asking for a pad if there is only small amount of blood that wouldn't bleed? Although I never ran out of pads in the middle of my period.

No. 1533833

This was in hs but I remembered I had a friend who needed to borrow a pad so I gave one to her. Thinking back always make me kek because she came back saying it felt like a diaper. I only ever carried the thick, heavy ones in my backpack because I usually start heavy. Since then I always carry extra of every size with me now.

No. 1533837

Uhm, just realized I never answered your question.. My meowlogies. But like another anon said, it's just anons pushing mtfs closer to their doom.

No. 1533841

Not really, it just doesn't happen often. I can count on one hand how many times I've had friends ask for a tampon or pad in over a decade.

Anon stop overthinking, that woman has long forgotten your interaction by now.

No. 1533842

I've had strangers ask for tampons, I've asked strangers for tampons too. Not often, maybe two or three times for each situation in my whole life. It's always a little bit awkward to approach another woman in the restroom for any reason, but it's not weird or taboo. there's no shame in asking for help if you genuinely need it.

No. 1533846

File: 1679901458855.png (10.73 KB, 717x707, A9632-E1903-D75810.png)

How come like half the famous men I see tinfoiled as gay have:
>sexually harassed or assaulted women
>dated/married/had sex with women decades younger than them
>cheated on their wives/gfs with other women
>even when revealed to have secret hidden relationships, secret pap photos or whatever, secret flirting, suspicious friendships, etc all partners turn out to be women
>were capable of impregnating women multiple times
Then the proof of supposed gayness is:
>he dressed silly once
>he looked at this other guy a certain way
Is there something I'm missing here? I honestly have no gaydar detection unless the man does something stereotypically gay which these types don't. Or is it just how fans cope? I don't understand things like "it's just da vibes" reasoning either.

No. 1533849

Maybe musk?

No. 1533850

i've seen so much of this on previous celebricows threads sometimes that i honestly think it's just to derail or distract from their actual issues. it doesn't make sense to me.

No. 1533855

Don’t ask him, you’ll seem creepy.

No. 1533858

What could a painful lump in my inner labia be? I've had a bartholins gland cyst before and it's not that, way higher up just above the uretha, left side. Closest things I'm seing are vulval cancer, but like… really

No. 1533861

Samefag, jasmine notes can also smell like a bitterish scent similar to urine?
Your post reminded me of something, I had a similar experience once with a girl I attended a course with, she had a very strong, bitter, ammonia like smell and I couldn't fathom how people could sit next to her and not suffocate from it. It seemed like it was coming from her body though, didn't seem like a perfume. She was severely underweight, I wonder if there is a connection

No. 1533872

It could still be a cyst, we're not doctors and can't tell you what your lump is nonna

No. 1533873

I was wondering if it could be a cyst at all but I just double checked and it turns out you really can get them anywhere. I was told it's only where you have hair follicles, real dumb hours rn

No. 1533903

File: 1679911891205.jpg (53.77 KB, 727x744, c8f72b626b520de9e3513a139dddce…)

Update: yes it was just a cyst and I worried about nothing

No. 1533943

File: 1679918760855.jpg (549.11 KB, 3464x2309, Picsart_23-03-27_08-34-42-668.…)

Which is better?

No. 1533952

Ii like the hearts more, but I guess it depends on where you plan to wear them

No. 1533956

I guess it depends on what clothes you have. If you have anything similar to a cardigan in pink/another pastel color I'd go for hearts. But a pink cardigan seems way more versatile. I wouldn't be able to choose but if it makes you feel better for getting the hearts, I was torn between a blue cardigan (versatile) and a cow print cardigan (kinda wacky, harder to coord) and I went with the cow cardigan just because it was cuter.

No. 1533965

I’d go with the hearts if you’re going for something to give you a cinched in look for your waist but the pink cardigan is nice to have on hand because it can be used for alot of cute outfit ideas

No. 1533968

Right has a nicer shape imo

No. 1533969

>Ended up releasing a 60 second megafart into the porcelain bowl and afterwards felt amazing
jeez, and i thought i held the world record for longest brap. thanks for the post, i have IBD so fixing the gut microbiome is a big part of my diet. i remember trying kimchi for the first time and eating way too much in one sitting. had to buy a new toilet after that. these days, i just ferment cabbage juice and drink that since it's probably easier than eating it. i do wonder if kimchi is more effective than sauerkraut, and if i should give it a go again

No. 1534011

why do i keep getting diarrhea every few minutes/hours when i barely even ate anything in two days? and yes i'm drinking water, so much to the point where i almost pissed myself in my sleep. i don't have the flu either. i am on my period tho but it's not heavy today nor yesterday (which are usually the only moments i get bad period shits). i want to eat something so bad, but if i try even the blandest, plainest food like toast it comes out liquidity in minutes.

No. 1534018

Sounds like you have some kind of inflammation or infection in your bowels, likely exacerbated by your period. In times like this, I try probiotics and fiber supplements.
I relate to you, sometimes I'll have a phase lasting a week or two where I will have horrific diarrhea. Then, for no real reason, my poops go back to normal.

No. 1534020

Am I the only one who low-key finds wet cat food smell delicious? It's like a meaty stew.

No. 1534031

No, my cat also does

No. 1534040

Why when you hold in the diarrhea it sometimes turns back into the solid poops?

No. 1534061

would it be weird to ask my company to lower my wage? i just started (fresh grad, worked for them for 2 months w really low payment). i feel like i dont contribute enough to get that type of money (getting paid a lot now) and it makes me feel heavy inside. it just feels like injustice. i work my hardest but not much end product, so i wanna ask them to decrease my wage. i just cant tell if it is a weird ass request

No. 1534062

That is an absolutely insane request don't do that. Just give it away to charity or something, this is a horrible idea that you'd regret.

No. 1534064

you fucking retard

No. 1534065

do NOT do that

No. 1534076

samefag. sorry i didnt realize how retarded that was. i just feel such a bad guilt on my chest knowing that poverty is a big problem in my country and i landed a job that pays me well and havent yet managed to put out a product. i do try my hardest at work, but feeling like i dont deserve this much money is a guilt i just cant get rid of. plus like all stem-fields, work is hard as shit.

No. 1534084

Spend less time on Twitter/Tumblr and more time in therapy. What do you think would happen if you did that? You get a big pat on the head and the money you would have wasted will now go to orphans? Get a fucking grip anon. Donate to shelters or help out in a soup kitchen. You'll get better at your job with time, you can't expect to do things perfectly when you're new.

No. 1534086

I stopped taking birth control pills after like 5 years.. will my acne come back? i had a very VERY bad acne and when i took the pills it was managable. Not the best but i didn't look like a zombie. Do you guys think it will come back bad again?

No. 1534091

Doesn't taste as good as it smells

No. 1534096

You probably have imposter syndrome anon. If you got the job, you're obviously qualified. And would a man feel guilt over making "too much" money? No. But if you still feel guilty you can always use your money to commission me, a low income artist kek. Have more confidence in yourself anon.

No. 1534097

I know I sound stupid, but more advice please, I’m so confused

No. 1534101

i guess i'd try dating him if a were you. It's a weird situation but if you end up liking eachother it wont matter anymore, you'll see and well… partners having unpleasant exes you don't like happens to everybody too.

No. 1534105

I think you're overreacting honestly.

No. 1534143

Normie men will get with any woman their pea-brains deem as fuckable and available. Have you seen a man on tinder? They will literally swipe right on any woman as long as she looks somewhat feminine. That's pretty much the nature of normie men.
Your situation sounds stressful because it sounds like you like him, and if you like him yet are thoroughly disgusted with his actions that can definitely cause distress because liking someone isn't like flipping on/off a switch.
If he likes you, and you like him, and you like him enough to keep talking to him and you don't feel bad or shameful after interacting with him, my advice would be to chat with him and make nice conversation (alone, preferably) and then randomly bring up the girl. Like, "hey remember that girl my brother used to date? She was kind of weird lol" (maybe don't say the weird part but like say something that would imply you think she's kind of weird like "maaaan, she was for sure a character lolll" try to feel out the vibes and attitudes in a subtle way. If he reciprocates conversation, then you can lean into something like "she's just not someone I'd choose to hang around, she's just kind of mean". I would say to not talk about how you dislike her right away, keep it light and keep it respectful. You can tell him you dislike her if he seems like he's on the same page (I would advise against outright shit talking her though). Try to coax him into sharing details. Moids loooooooove to infodump personal details to women, especially women they find attractive, you just have to seem like you're interested in hearing it. Then if he starts talking about how she was weird or something you can be like "wtf! damn that's lame!!" You don't even have to be thoughtful about it you can literally say just that kek. Then you can be like "lol that's really lame I can't believe she dis all that please don't tell me you guys still talk!" If he says no, that's good. If he says yes then you can be like "idk…. I just don't really trust her keep your eye out…." then if you guys get even closer or actually start dating you can be honest and tell him you really dislike her and you do not trust her, you do not like the fact that he still talks to her, etc. etc.
You should try to do this if you guys have gotten closer, if he's told you things like he likes talking or hanging out with you, if he is reciprocating the attraction you feel towards him, if you know he likes you, if you guys have "hung out" a few times (do not have sex with this man before you bring the girl up I'm telling you this now) and things have gone well.

No. 1534158

File: 1679939566524.jpg (46.71 KB, 800x800, 643546323.jpg)

Anons, would it be ok to wear this bag with sneakers? specifically plain white ones, not overly sportive or chunky, but just sneakers in general too.

No. 1534162

Post pics of the sneakers!!! Anyway, imo, yes. This bag would look pretty nice styled in a "effortlessly, comfortably chic" sort of way because the purse looks very practical. If it was overly frilly and detailed probably not.

No. 1534164

Go for low white sneakers and maybe shorts or a long skirt with a T-shirt like that

No. 1534166

I think it would look great. Super cute bag, it looks very versatile.

No. 1534217

Am I weird for hating it when the evenings get longer/brighter? Am I just miserable?

No. 1534239

Nope, you're not the only one anon. The sun should not still be out at 9pm. Fuck this time of year.

No. 1534260

I like the longer evenings, but the sun rising so early is rough when you use public transport to work. I don't want anyone to see my grumpy 7am face.

No. 1534342

That tiktok ban people have been talking about, is that a ban for using tiktok on government devices or like a nation wide thing?

No. 1534350

this ban would be nationwide and on regular people, not just govt employees on govt devices

No. 1534355

Nice. What would happen if you got it anyway? When will we know if it’s banned or not?

No. 1534369

how do i stop picking at my acne and my cuticles constantly omg

my little fingies are constantly scabbed and painful and i already have pretty bad hormonal acne but then i pick at it and make it worse and no matter how hard i try to stop myself it inevitably happens, half the time it's just an unconscious thing where i realize halfway through a lecture that my fingers are bleeding

No. 1534384

I haven't figured out the cuticles yet but for acne - pimple patches, my face was always messed up before I started using these. I don't even know if they by themselves work at all, all that matters is that now I'm unable to directly touch anything. Just like you I'd do it all the time without even realizing, and it would take forever to heal, now it's few days and done. Give it a shot!

No. 1534496

your large intestine absorbs water, so keeping it there will make it drier

No. 1534509

Does anyone else get unbelievably painful/tired eyes that also look very fucked up to the point people ask if you're ill (or even make comments about me using drugs–I've never used drugs) even if you got a full night's rest? Has anything helped?

It seems like it happens a lot when I go out while if I lay or sit around it doesn't happen usually? I don't know if it's just some sort of blood flow issue or what considering that once in a rare while I feel fine going out.

No. 1534511

I've been so depressed lately that I can't eat. I'm hungry a lot but the thought of eating makes me want to puke and the not eating makes me feel weak and even sick sometimes, worsens the depression. The only thing that makes me want to eat is weed but I don't like being stoned right now because I feel bad pretty much all the time. Is there any solution for this? I don't want to get too skinny, my skin is looking bad too. I am getting professional help in a few weeks, just not being able to finish half a meal is driving me nuts

I have the same, it's genetic for me. There's no real escaping it but I've found putting some dark brown eyeshadow on your top lash line and a slight inner corner highlight makes you look actually alive kek. I don't know about natural solutions but I've heard putting a spoon in the fridge and putting it on your eyes can make you look more awake. Don't beat yourself up over it nonna, many people have it. Also I don't know about your sleep schedule but mine reduced a lot once I started going to bed and waking up at a certain time every single day, getting 8 hours.

No. 1534525

When I'm like this I have protein smoothies made with my favorite fruits + tasty protein power + milk. (My normal recipe is banana, vanilla whey protein, blueberries and milk). They have a lot of good stuff in them and aren't so difficult for me to get down, I watch something while I'm drinking them which helps distract. For even less effort you could try Ensure or meal replacement shakes. Another thing I like is just eating a lot of fruit. It's tasty and sugary for energy and should keep you going.

No. 1534529

Thank you nonna, I will try it out. Reminds me of porridge in a weird way, I might try to make some with cinnamon tomorrow because it's basically desert except not so unhealthy. Protein shakes are usually at a discount and I'm going to the store tomorrow, might pick one up. My friend used to drink them so she can probably give me tips which ones taste good, thanks again ♥

No. 1534559

No. 1534565

Are there Hassan cock pics. Can I see.

No. 1534568

Lol why would you want to see a porn-addicted probably an STD-ridden dick lmao

No. 1534582

Can I see.

No. 1534629

girl just google it don't ask us

No. 1534676

Who made kikomi and the kikomi comics? I al