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Brazilian Snowflakes new thread!

Previous thread:

The cover is Fegalvao_ and Danievedo

No. 293790

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>> >>>/w/265870
>> >>>/w/265886
That's an interesting story about Danielle Vedovelli…
Nobody know anything else about it?

No. 294324

File: 1682481026424.jpg (3.18 MB, 4016x6016, @Danievedo&@Fegalvao_.jpg)

No. 295488

Anyone know anything about talude at 2019/2018 -2013?(sage your shit)

No. 295489


No. 295490

Some close friends said she was drunk s fuck at this photoshoot(sage your shit)

No. 295513

No. 295522

Meh, at least we have a new thread. I was gonna make a new one with a proper summary months ago, but the milk on the last one was so old it didn't feel like the effort or scraping it off was worth it.

The amount of BRs who even know about this site is dismal.

No. 295576

It's just one thot they always bring up. Could've just been put in costhot.

No. 295710

Who was drunk? Dani or Feh? Or both?
Did your friends tell you anything else about it?

Indeed, at least there's a new thread.
And if you doesn't like the subjects covered in the topic, you can just ignore it and don't comment at all.

Its true that few BRs know about this site and that's kinda boring.
How could we improve the reach of this thread, perhaps posting on reddit about it?(do not promote on Reddit )

No. 295718

File: 1683397208849.jpg (2.21 MB, 3648x5472, 0_marizaascheid.jpg)

Another streamer, cosplayer and e-thot that is commented about sometimes is Mariza Scheid.

She used to sell cosplay-themed lingerie shoots on Patreon for a while. However, she had no commitment to delivery deadlines.
Afterwards, she only posted pictures of her ass on Instagram, but she became much calmer in the posts after starting to work as a gamer host/presenter.
Rumor has it that she had to fuck the directors to get the job, but I don't know if that's true.(Sage)

No. 295723

Some pictures of her (remove the blanks):
htt ps: //gofile. io/d/ENBFCM(sage)

No. 295729

Fuck off, scrote.

No. 295757

Reddit is heavily male-dominated so uh no don't do that.

No. 295793

U guys know anything about Thayse Kloppel and all the Raluca milk ?

No. 295862

feh of course, and thats why they never did anything thogether again after that.(sage)

No. 295864

some contacts said tome kinechan didnt make 1 milion on privacy plataform. She recived 10000 to promote the plataform to dumb young girls who belive her. and she have some kind of agency, ig @assessoria_kine to help shout out some newbies in alt model world. Some of the models said she basicaly asked for money, like 300-500 to post stories tagging theyr profiles and 1000-3000 to record a tiktok video with them. Most of models say this "agencie" is basicaly scam and kinechan do lots of promisses but dont wanna pay or tag the other girls.
She use to do some stuff with @muniz_heart and they got into internal fights, then "yumi"(@muniz_hearth) start to take pics and do some videos with @lunawolfy_ and luna supposedly is kinechan cousin, with kinechan used to do p0rn videos at the begining of her career. Supposedly she is that girl who kinechan expelled from her house, because they recorded a p0rn with kinechan boyfrind at the tim(now ex) and they got tons of comments on the video saying kinechan's cousin was way more beautiful then her. at the time her boyfriend kept asking to do more treesome videos with her cousin and she get jealous. At the time she started to do videos with followers who paid the higher on of and her boyfiend get done with this shit.
getting back to the point, yume started to work with luna after the problems with kinechan(same shit kinechan is jealus because yume gain more attention then her) and deleted all kinechan pictures from her ig. 2 months ago they start to work together again and yumi deleted almost all pics with luna letting just one.
my point is how this bitches sell their values and souls just for a little more exposure. They come back to work with scammers who they already know arent nice persons, and some time latter they will come again on social medias crying and saing "how evil person x is" in this infinite cycle. i respect sexworkers jobs, and some are really serious persons, but most are just bitches with hunger for attention. to me the most impressive is know there is adult male with 35 or more years who actualy follow all this bullshit.(Sage)

No. 295882

None of these posts qualify as milk, so you should have put sage in the email field to avoid bumping the thread. Do not promote this website on Reddit. Your thread is slow because it has no interesting content or milk. Posting unsaged in this thread when not delivering milk will now result in longer bans as it is disrupting /w/ being constantly bumped for no reason.

Don’t censor words here (p0rn) this isn’t tiktok. This is also needs to be saged because “x said this” and “supposedly this happened” is not milk. Bring screenshots or proof or gtfo. This thread is on thin ice.

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