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File: 1655759543252.jpeg (117.4 KB, 790x500, himeahri.jpeg)

No. 221835

Previous thread >>188016
Skyleigh Quick Arzoomanian or Himeahri is a 25 year old jobless cosplayer who has been desperately trying to get people to believe that she is half or part Japanese for almost a decade now. Her uwu Japanese larp began when she started cosplaying as Ahri from League of Legends as a young teenager and since then she’s been wearing animal ears and photoshopping herself to appear as an Asian caricature.
>sells backpacks and clothes with 2005 deviantart fanart of Ahri and says it’s her
>Has gotten procedures to “slant” her eyes up
>Her ex friends came out with statements saying she was a pathological liar, slept with their boyfriend(s) and was lying about being Japanese (aka shit she has been known for since the beginning of time)
>Depression and suicide baiting over the call outs
>Skyleigh makes 2 statements sperging about how she is Japanese by presenting 23 and me results with allegedly photoshopped Japanese results from her new step father who is 20% Japanese
>Claiming to only photoshop “a little”
>Trans girls and girls saying they want to look like her
>Crying about her ex friends and how they were the uwu bad lying ones
>Sperging more about not wanting to be friends or around people who do not blinding defend/wk for her on call
>Claims past GoFundMe Korea Plastic surgery page was just a “joke” despite screen caps saying she really did not like her appearance hence why she started begging for money
>Asking her fans if they would be interested in subbing if she made an Onlyfans
>majority says no
>Posting camgirl like content despite talking mad shit about sex workers saying it’s not dignified work
Atm Skyleigh still posts her CGI rendered photoshoppu pics on top of claiming she’s really Asian yall! And everyone uwu bullied her for many years for being ~Asian~ and she’s not uwu going to take it anymore.
Previous usernames:

No. 221852

File: 1655761266128.jpeg (132.77 KB, 828x867, 857A2BE7-2AA2-495C-95AE-9806A3…)

Her new “asian” tab drop

No. 221853

File: 1655761307869.jpeg (635.24 KB, 828x1484, 8B741E01-8EF6-48EA-93DB-9F1664…)

No. 221854

File: 1655761329856.jpeg (720.12 KB, 828x1483, BBC10908-48E9-40FF-B30D-91DC71…)

No. 221855

File: 1655761359489.jpeg (170.64 KB, 828x1473, 1DFE7355-D956-4DDB-B61C-C54F31…)

No. 221857

File: 1655761392288.jpeg (258.53 KB, 828x1480, AEC47E96-9903-4673-AA22-DCCD2B…)

No. 221858

File: 1655761429119.jpeg (1008.66 KB, 828x1471, F4A88CA8-1F40-434F-950B-E26CD2…)

No. 221859

File: 1655761454372.jpeg (752.86 KB, 828x1473, 32823A8D-CC28-4E7F-A126-6C219B…)

No. 221860

File: 1655761490989.jpeg (865.21 KB, 828x1470, 69944D89-1334-4D24-95A0-261DF9…)

No. 221861

File: 1655761531137.jpeg (775.66 KB, 828x1473, 6AAF1DC5-BEDD-469F-9B7E-818FC7…)

No. 221911

lol she just looks like a pale Mexican. Her siblings and parents look Mexican too.

No. 221916

Does Skyleigh not know that Ahri is not a Japanese name? It’s also painfully obvious she got it from LOL
She saw how Joey (the anime man) looked as a half Japanese person and thought she could get away with it kek. And she’s really delusional to think she looks like an asian baby >>221859

No. 221923

File: 1655777067909.jpeg (349.36 KB, 1080x1916, 9AEA717C-5DFC-49F4-BEAF-5B0DB0…)

Just sadge

No. 221925

File: 1655777220454.jpeg (318.98 KB, 1080x1914, B3351C7E-BCDD-4453-9706-4A8AD1…)

>Ofc I look white, I’m half white
>what do you want? A blood sample?
Sky would take it to that level if she could get her grimy hands on a part Japanese person’s blood.

No. 221927

File: 1655777458304.jpeg (461.28 KB, 1080x1914, 77CEBC4A-D1EB-4A7C-ADC4-7802D8…)

What does this even prove? If anything it showcases her photoshopping even more considering she has different eyes, nose, chin and jaw in all 3 pics lmao. The only thing that is consistent are her ass lips

No. 221928

ok but she isn’t white she might have african ancestry even because those are some black eyes lol

No. 221929

she looks like a pale latino.. race larpers are hilarious I swear

blogging but I am Mexican and Japanese and she looks like she could be one of my fully Mexican cousins. Those are indigenous features, not Asian IMO

No. 221931

Those features are likely from her Arab side

No. 221937

Yeah she looks like every other Mexican cosplayer, shops like them too.

No. 221959

Her voice is nasaly and clearly trying to sound uwu kawaii to fake her Japanese heritage too. Just another skinny fat Latina girl train wreck.

No. 221996

File: 1655817570680.jpeg (100.79 KB, 1078x1920, 07732D7E-44B1-4C6B-B3F4-A9EF88…)

No one would question it if she was larping as a Mexican but too bad they aren’t uwu anime and kpop

No. 222029

>basic latina without eyebrows
>mextache and manface
>lowres inconsistent shoops

Asianfishing cows are always so funny because they can't keep their lies straight and are obvious in their fetishizing.

They always fake a 23andme result because IRL proof will never exist, it's like they're all working off the same handbook.

No. 222048

is she retarded? She's STILL using snow to photoshop the shit out of her face. Her chin literally blurs into her neck! Your skin is also smoothed out just lightly to show some texture, and you also made your lips larger + added some slight colour, and you made your eyes slightly bigger too. Why continue to lie so obviously, it's 2022 anyone can tell when you're lying about this because NO ONE would have a camera that's that blurry. It's the biggest red flag. If you're trying to make a real point, you'd go out of your way and take a good, high res photo. But she can't, because she continues to use snow so the quality is 2007 stickam webcam stream.

No. 222069

Kek right? Google Hispanic/Mexican babies and its a spitting image of her as a baby. Do the same with Asian babies, and it looks nothing like her. There is 0% Japanese in this larping loser. Honestly the baby and family pics are the biggest mistake she could have made with this lie.

No. 222077

I'm willing to bet the woman in the first picture with the lighter hair is her aunt or something. The one below that where she has the bottle is her mom. Dark BROWN hair and all. "Basically black" my ass. It's a normal dark brown and old photos.

No. 222107

File: 1655843366783.jpeg (681.81 KB, 828x1453, ACBCFB5E-F7CD-4BDA-8E9C-7F66E3…)

I wonder if she photoshopped her eyelid crease, she always had a thick crease. And It looks like she’s due more PDO thread cuz her eye corners dropped down kek

No. 222149

File: 1655849088835.jpeg (244.22 KB, 1280x960, E7887C85-7799-4A98-BC6D-9F526F…)

No comment

No. 222154

Isn’t she proving the commenter’s point?

No. 222190

File: 1655856115053.jpeg (732.16 KB, 828x1039, 7AE18D94-2B4F-4F2B-89DD-DF3DEC…)

From her statement that was posted in the last thread.
She says that Ahri is not a Korean name so she’s not trying to be Korean (pretending her Ahri Seo days didn’t happen) but she does basically admits to larping as Ahri. Didn’t see deny this years ago? Also how does pretending to be a character from a video game relieve trauma and ptsd?

No. 222191

that wiki is incorrect too the "a" in ahri is sometimes romanized as "ah" because it's a long "a" and korean doesn't have universal romanization rules so it makes it double stupid.

No. 222260

File: 1655901172417.jpeg (185.15 KB, 828x1372, C0E3EC80-C115-4AD2-9B37-F132E6…)

she’s constantly shuffling in a new friend group, I wonder how long it will take for them to realize she’s a crazy liar.

No. 222267

File: 1655903544884.png (3.16 MB, 1440x2604, Screenshot_20220620-230254~2(1…)

She got exposed on Tiktok in January, that's why she came out with the doctored DNA results and made her dumb ass "statements" denying everything

No. 222380

File: 1655940529729.jpeg (89.63 KB, 275x244, 06C8BF66-6FFD-47D3-A2B6-B4C992…)

“Armenian/Japanese” so she’s American/middle eastern. Girl just because your dad has 20% Japanese in him doesn’t make him Japanese. I know it doesn’t fit your anime larp but come on

No. 222388

>bio father abused me
>he along with my brother treated me like shit and caused me trauma and extreme ptsd
>keeps mentioning her father
>shows pictures of her him and brothers
>posts about him and claims his lineage
As an abuse victim, wouldn’t sky want nothing to do with him? Sounds like BS to me

No. 222403

File: 1655950111403.png (2.47 MB, 1440x2527, Screenshot_20220622-215632~2.p…)

She sure sounds like she hates her dad /s

No. 222414

Imagine if everyone did this there'd be people running around pizza in hand doing a poor Mario impersonation because their grandparent, raised in America, was half/a quarter Italian. Although it sounds insane it's essentially the same Skye does, just not as fashionable.

No. 222417

The faked results said 12.5 % Japanese. She’s just white and arab

No. 222419

Neither of the posts you tagged disparaged that idea. I'm not sure why you think we need the stats posted just up thread reiterated, especially when I was speaking hypothetically, but thanks kek.

No. 222431

Kek so a less fat Momokun?

No. 222443

people are allowed to care about their heritage, as small as it may be, but she doesn't even have that heritage.

No. 222444

maybe don't act like a crazed sjw then. lying about your race is cringy at best, and only harms the person doing it. that's not to say it's not extremely milky but there are too many anons itt who aren't here for milk and legitimately hate her, which isn't the point of these threads.

No. 222488

>anons itt who aren't here for milk and legitimately hate her
Newfagging so hard rn

No. 222558

File: 1656008212800.jpeg (637.65 KB, 828x1470, EA09FFA4-2522-4E97-970F-2AEF5B…)

She’s starting to look like annedere rofl

No. 222898

File: 1656118766583.jpeg (331.88 KB, 825x1455, 98974B6F-FE92-4EEE-BB2E-B4197C…)

Skyleigh acting like her opinions matter

No. 222934

She's right though.

No. 222958

you're part of the problem. go cancel her on twitter or something.

No. 222962

Imo it's really annoying seeing people who aren't activists bitch about what's happening in the world, she's not going to go protest about it so why even bother

No. 222986

Integrate or fuck off newfag

No. 222998

Even if she doesn't protest, voicing your opinion about something as damaging as banning abortion in the US of course is important. This isn't milky imo. She's a woman, of course she's going to be mortified and voice her opinion

No. 223021

the only newfag here is you. get off your high horse and take your cancel culture shit to twitter. cow threads are for milk. her lying about her race is milky, but it's cringe for anons to get negatively invested in cows like you are.

No. 223038

Who’s actually following her for her opinions? She’s a soft core porn model.

No. 223090

File: 1656208321301.jpeg (189.37 KB, 828x1467, F33B27B6-96E2-4058-BA2B-611986…)

She looks like a man in drag kek. Seems like she’s getting lazy with her shops

No. 223114

It's funny because I agree with you and you've just read way too much into an offhand hyperbole. Sjws piss me off too, just don't let them live rent free in your head.

No. 223124

the hyperbole is retarded though and the assertion you made with it is a sjw take.

No. 223223

File: 1656265771247.jpeg (93.47 KB, 824x960, C9AC8CED-E597-4319-8077-ACB90A…)

She was slightly likeable when she was doing light photoshop (jaw and nose) and wasn't saying she's Japanese or Asian too bad this phase didn't last long

No. 223298

File: 1656284152517.jpeg (110.98 KB, 828x1467, F01FA8D4-C47B-4817-8480-947DF5…)

Pretty gross how she tries to manipulate people into buying her photos on knockoff OF 1/4

No. 223299

File: 1656284198936.jpeg (142.66 KB, 828x1477, 7CA67789-616E-46D0-9105-5C2B35…)

No. 223300

File: 1656284313793.jpeg (201.67 KB, 828x1466, 69F58A3F-9006-4A7A-9660-F3777F…)

No. 223301

File: 1656284394604.jpeg (253.37 KB, 828x1496, 26575865-D6B4-43B7-9B6D-DACD48…)

4/4 why did she censor Fansly?

No. 223309

because insta shadowbans you.

No. 223385

You've complained about this already several times, do you have any actual new milk on her? This is exactly what all onlyfans and fansly thots do? You think begging is her only? Bring something new.

No. 223398

File: 1656312565213.png (428.82 KB, 864x1728, Screenshot_20220621-093124~2.p…)

total bullshit. She wanted her stepmom and dad at her wedding

No. 223400

File: 1656313964025.png (571.13 KB, 560x1502, Screenshot_20220627-100417.png)

Skyleigh doesn't like "hoe's with there stuff hanging out"

No. 223402

File: 1656314030598.png (588.17 KB, 529x1540, Screenshot_20220627-100635.png)

Skyleigh's dad helped her fund her con visits.

No. 223403

File: 1656314079606.png (535.72 KB, 510x1200, Screenshot_20220627-100743.png)

Her life is just amazing!

No. 223404

File: 1656314122881.png (474.05 KB, 514x1153, Screenshot_20220627-100810.png)

definitely sounds like an "abusive household" right?

No. 223406

File: 1656314209336.png (548.25 KB, 513x1038, Screenshot_20220627-100900.png)

just a funny story from a vewwwy twaumatic household

No. 223413

File: 1656319617353.jpeg (485.73 KB, 1170x1533, F9F5FE1C-81C2-4EBB-8970-988581…)

People didn’t like her story and after apologising she is now ‘not going to talk’ because she can’t do anything without hurting anyone and she feels she doesn’t belong.
Instead of just apologising and moving on she’s making it about her yet again.
It may not be particularly milky but it’s evidence of her continued snowflake behaviour. And there’s caps this time.

No. 223435

Only Skyleigh is retarded enough to think manipulating people into buying her crappy pics was a good idea. She's like 25 and she still acts like a literal child, even 13 year olds are more mature than her.

No. 223459

Dunno this cow but looking back at her candids from 5 years ago, she shouldn’t have gotten lip filler, it makes her philtrum look too long which makes her look older, plus anime characters don’t often have thick lips, especially the uwu girls

No. 223485

File: 1656350983800.jpeg (251.25 KB, 828x1423, E8F732E8-8165-4358-AD27-EFF530…)

Additional caps to her story
It's hilarious how she always pisses off her followers when she opens her brain dead mouth. How many times has she had to back track whenever she spews shit?

No. 223487

File: 1656351085191.jpeg (611.75 KB, 828x1440, C9F47111-C4A9-40BB-8425-36524D…)

I'm starting to think she's writing herself all these uwu encouraging comments

No. 223488

It sounds like people were being snowflakes and can't tell satire apart from reality

No. 223491

Yup manipulating people into buying near nudes is satire

No. 223600

>uwu depression mental illness sob story
>Buy my nudes btw!
>The people calling her out are snowflakes!

No. 223619

File: 1656376302287.jpeg (776.55 KB, 2048x2048, 904E2C6C-18DB-4DFB-9701-58F015…)

A big giveaway that she's not actually asian is how she tries her damnest to look like a racist depiction of an asian person.

No. 223634

It's kind of wild because it's still so unconvincing. She just looks like one of those white cosplayers who tapes their eyes.

No. 223643

File: 1656383370335.jpeg (776.31 KB, 828x1226, 1A85BB42-86D6-4079-AF0F-DBC55F…)

A candid

No. 223662

File: 1656386892707.jpeg (788.52 KB, 828x1471, 164C4078-D131-4022-82BE-DFE8F4…)

She's hiding and hoping that everyone forgets about her manipulation bullshit

No. 223775

File: 1656432178447.png (91.86 KB, 281x500, tard.png)

>Ahri is a made up name for a character
but in this cap she says "my name has changed to Ahri because it's a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning".
Did Skyleigh forgot she said this? kek
She thinks saying "it's a made up name" will get rid of the fact she's trying to use an asian name for her asian role play

No. 224050

File: 1656491773876.jpeg (677.74 KB, 828x1348, 928C5801-CA9E-4404-B4FD-E9C9DD…)

I’m noticing a trend with Sky.

she’ll either depression/suicide bait or starts drama with someone or say some stupid shit>supposedly pisses off her followers>makes stories saying she’s uwu sorry>posts the same copy and paste comments:

She’s either doing this on purpose because she knows she’ll get attention or she’s giving herself ass pats under the guise of receiving it from followers.

From the last thread:
Starts drama
Praise comments

No. 224051

That is 100% what she is doing. She can’t just let anything go, or just say oops, that was a bit insensitive soz my bad.
After apologising she has to get people to feel sorry for her, every single time. It’s so embarrassing.

No. 224170

Do her scrotes even recognize her irl?

No. 224194

File: 1656523292794.jpeg (255.17 KB, 1672x1556, 2E105EED-4F27-4BDD-81D5-7CB314…)

Skyleigh be looking like a sleep paralysis demon kek

No. 224229

Her face and body looks like an average latina, no wonder she had to larp online for attention.

The clown lips in every pic compared to this candid proves she's just overlining them inconsistently.

No. 224234

File: 1656528491646.jpeg (646.29 KB, 828x1443, 3BD0165A-51E5-4145-9608-6BE94E…)

She already had lip filler in those pics, she's since gone bigger + over draws her lips

No. 224347

File: 1656551276911.png (233.55 KB, 491x637, 221DAFF4-8D8A-42FF-84CC-FE2601…)

Let’s say Skyleigh’s dna test wasn’t edited and she really was 12% Japanese, it’s still pretty ridiculous for her to say ~us azns~ when she’s mostly not that race. Like someone who is 10% black isn't going to be like US BLACKS!1!

No. 224399

File: 1656575656103.jpg (370.77 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20220630-035225_Ins…)

No. 224403

She actually wears those ears in public? Jesus christ.

No. 224406

blog but i know half japanese people who look white otherwise, but still have small features that make it obvious they really aren’t white.

usually with mixed race asian people, you still see some asian bone structure or traits shining through, eg. epicanthic folds, the eye sockets and brow bone. she has NONE of that, and i truly don’t understand why she continues to larp as japanese.

No. 224467

>truly don’t understand why she continues to larp as japanese.
1. Attention
2. She's an ugly white girl and she believes she's beautiful when she pretends to be Asian because Asians beauty standards view big eyes and tall noses as attractive.

Ever since her fake DNA test reveal she's been acting like she's queen of the internet. Japanese heritage is like royal blood to Skyleigh

No. 224476

File: 1656598103611.jpeg (635.03 KB, 2048x2048, 603AB5C9-9404-4190-8AA5-33CAE5…)

It looks like she was the only person wearing a mask, she obviously had it on so her scrotes won't ask why she looks so different or walk right past her

No. 224512

File: 1656606085820.jpeg (767.56 KB, 828x1381, CC97DD81-AB6F-44E8-BD3A-9DC57F…)

>wOw sO kAwAiI dEsU nE
You can tell her face is huge under that face mask.

I'm still laughing at how sky thought getting the slant eye lift thing would suddenly make her asian.

She's been wearing that daily for the past 10 years cuz she wants be the irl Ahri to treat her ~ptsd~

No. 224562

>wearing circle lenses and eyeliner then calling it a day

She's an absolute butterface with massive chin and long philtrum that ages her by at least 10 years with the ducklip fillers.

Even after all the filtering she uses for streaming, she doesn't look uwu 10% asian because she can't edit her midface length or hide the sagging cheeks with wigs or her hands all the time.

No. 224596

File: 1656628977508.jpeg (95.7 KB, 640x806, 5E5E8A43-77A6-4803-AABA-7B3799…)

Apparently the photo in the op was shopped her makeup is so bad on top of her looking like a man in a wig.

No. 224619

File: 1656633102152.png (2.32 MB, 1418x2514, 6DD52072-F1E3-4C2C-8655-6439BC…)

In the last thread anons were wondering why she was dming her scrotes, voice chatting with them and giving them so much attention. It’s cuz she dates them lmao.

No. 224771

tbh i don't think she will ever change and finally accept who she really is. Rachel dolezal is her future

No. 225367

File: 1656818360701.jpeg (921.73 KB, 1742x1228, D6819BE4-CBB3-44C7-B4BF-870E4A…)

Did LieLeigh's Chinese Photoshop app get removed from the app store? Her shops have been so shit kek

No. 226612

File: 1657160959153.jpeg (2.77 MB, 2169x3540, D2C640C7-FE77-43F4-8A05-74869F…)

>I look the same as my photos! Here’s proof that I look the same on stream!1! Don’t believe what ppl say about me online!!1!1!
>video beauty filter + addition photoshop on the cap
We all know what you really look like sis.

No. 226639

It's literal insanity for anyone to genuinely believe they or anyone else naturally looks like the smudge on the left

No. 226699

File: 1657194347138.png (539.48 KB, 821x477, mj.PNG)

She looks like Scary Movie 3 Micheal Jackson and like you could peel her face clean off

No. 226711

She doesn’t have an upper eyelid crease in her left pics then magically come back in the right

No. 226915

File: 1657237775335.jpeg (905.34 KB, 828x1030, B2644F1C-72DA-476A-86F0-7E9C44…)

Skyleigh had someone do an art commission of her and of course she had him draw an imperial Japanese flag in the back #muhracistjapaneseheritage

No. 226933

From my understanding, they're only banning abortion 6+ months, so late term pregnancy, which according to statistics, 90% of American women are getting abortions at 14 weeks or earlier with 79% of those 8 weeks or earlier. Most states make exceptions for rape and health complications too. I think Alabama doesn't though. The ban is for 24 weeks onward when the baby can survive outside the womb. I don't see what the big issue is and people like Skye who view it as "a clump of cells" all throughout development are morons. Some science states that a fetus can feel pain or even have some consciousness as early as 6-8 weeks, most seem to agree with 14-15 weeks though. I understand we should have rights to our bodies, but fetuses also deserve rights and the argument that "they might go to an orphanage and live a hard life" is so stupid. By that logic, people who have hard lives should just kill themselves. Most of those people still want to exist, hard life or not. Abortions should be made cheap and accessible, and there'd be no excuse for anyone getting late term abortions. But the law, to my knowledge is not straight up banning abortions and exceptions are still allowed in most states. She is dumb.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226938

This is so disgusting an tone deaf. I can't believe someone could be so retarded and money hungry to post something like this, using depression as a selling point for her obvious self-interest and greed. Wtf is wrong with her?

No. 226946

They also don't have small slanted eyes, but she's not really trying to look like an anime character, we all know this. I think it's okay to do your makeup in an Asian style if you don't like other styles or even wear circle lenses or dye your hair dark, but drawing your eyes slanted and possibly getting work done to make them appear more slanted whilst also pretending to be east Asian is another thing. And the fillers look really bad on her. It looks like she had cheek fillers too to me because she has that "pillowy" overfilled look on her face now. She looked better with her jowls and small lips.

No. 226956

File: 1657243822251.jpeg (254.61 KB, 1574x1329, 906DF7C4-8260-4C83-8C79-6CC922…)

Stream dump
What she advertised:

No. 226957

File: 1657243878695.jpeg (207.73 KB, 757x930, C460B424-4D8A-41FC-B560-56D668…)

On stream:

She looks like a cross between Michael Jackson, Edward Scissor hands and the guy from my chemical romance

No. 226958

File: 1657243987121.jpeg (67.65 KB, 771x316, FC2A1A04-606D-458E-A1B1-F114BD…)

The beauty filters she was using were fighting with her real face, it kept glitching every time she slightly moved. Look at the edge of her jaw

No. 226986

I honestly prefer the stream screenshots, she's getting into Japanese yaoi cosplayer territory with the head shape in everything she posts

No. 227011

You are ignorant and need to inform yourself before speaking on this subject. Many states are banning abortion after the detection of heartbeat activity (5 weeks after last period) or at the 6 week mark. A 10yo girl had to travel out of state because her clump of cells is 6w 3d.

6w = missing your period by 2 weeks. Most women barely know they are pregnant. A number of states have no exceptions for rape or incest. A 10yo cannot consent. That is by definition statutory rape. Ohio refused to allow an abortion.

Because everything is in constant change, here is a link that isn't paywalled. Read about what is happening before speaking so ignorantly: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2022/jun/28/tracking-where-abortion-laws-stand-in-every-state

No. 227026

Tbf anon that's just where her hair cuts off, I don't doubt the streams might have some editing though, but probably not much because it looks super different from her posts
She doesn't even look bad though compared to other female streamers, girls like pokimane fall in the slightly above average but not stunningly beautiful category, as does skyleigh, but she shoots herself in the foot by posting pics that are edited to look like an anime character, which I don't think pokimane sweetanita and those other girls do as much, so the expectations are tempered

No. 227028

Sage for blog and nitpick but if she's reading here I think she should lighten her hair back to her natural dark brown color instead of the jet black

Jet black honestly only looks good on Asian girls, black girls, or other women with soft features like they have, or tan skin since it doesn't create a stark contrast.
Even megan fox as beautiful as she is looks better with very dark hair rather than blue-black.

For pale girls with stereotypically caucasian features like she has, it makes every line look sharper and harsher, folds look deeper etc. just ages you. I know from experience used to dye my hair black since its dark brown naturally i figured why not, makes your hair look shiny and pretty but I realized it makes the outline of my face look harsh as fuck and deepens all my shadows, never again.

I doubt she will lighten it though since she wants to look asian, but if she cant give up larping and being a weeb, she should just try to go for hapa look, lot of half asians have brown hair instead of jet black

No. 227105

Her filter wasn’t working well here >>226957
It was kind of working in the post you tagged. She wants everyone to think she has an uwu natural small V shaped face.

No. 227114

Completely agree, I couldn't pinpoint why she looks so much older and harsher and it's because the shadows across her face look so much heavier. She's too busy pretending to be a dated caricature that she thinks she's doing something with the black dye and circle lenses. Wonder what would happen if she actually knew or met any Asians IRL.

No. 227154

Post caps, this is an imageboard

No. 227452

File: 1657333097455.jpeg (513.55 KB, 828x1278, B28EA909-C22A-421D-8E4E-7C021F…)

Now she does different variations of this look and denies photoshopping herself and getting procedures done to appear asian because she’s ~10% Japanese~

No. 227453

I can’t imagine why anyone, even in their worst most insane mind, would want to be asian

No. 227460

>she should go for the hapa look
She alternates between trying to look half and full asian. It seems like she paused her totemo 100% asian shops for now after she got called out on Tiktok

No. 227480

I'm just counting our blessings her hair isn't that really blue-based black you see girls with red or blonde natural hair walking around with

No. 227489

File: 1657343930925.jpeg (31.48 KB, 800x450, 33EF898D-F24F-4EEE-B78C-6E15C8…)


No. 227521

A totally normal thing that several friends who will never be named totally say all the time.

Skinwalker cows really have nothing to stand on when they double down on lies.

No. 227545

File: 1657373306949.jpeg (62.53 KB, 502x500, F5A612DE-04DE-484D-9928-7E05E3…)

It doesn’t seem like she was ever friends with actual asian people, I think she sticks to non asian friend groups so they believe her lies more. Asians can tell she’s not one of them. The only asian she ever had contact with was some Vietnamese guy who rped as a Korean for her and she would call him oppa and shit. During this time she cheated on her bf by going out on dates with the Viet guy and fucking him all weekend. To top it off she was making soft core porn tapes with him in bed and posting it on IG.

No. 227578

Stop reposting old shit

No. 227594

It’s saged and relevant to the discussion.

No. 227627

I love that she mainly only posts pictures with fatties to make herself look smol. She's truly your typical attention whore who only hangs out with people she deems uglier than herself.

When she posted about him it gave me second-hand embarrassment. She literally flew out to sleep with him and then vague posted/bragged about it on her IG at the time. She desperately tried to sell it as some love story… Was even funnier when PUlltrads found him and asked about it and he pretended to not even know her.

I don't know how she can frown upon E-thots when her exes and ex-friends had outed her in the past for using her body/ granting favours for far less like free photoshoots at cons. SMH ( albeit it was an ex/ex-friends statement, does make you wonder with all the sleazy-looking dudes she talks to and has pictures with…)

No. 227654

File: 1657393334769.jpeg (204.04 KB, 1440x1795, 3A1F965A-4646-49EE-88FD-6BF0A7…)

when she is with skinnier people she wears something that covers her big ass gut. You won’t catch her wearing an oversized top or jacket when she’s around heavier people/fatty chans

No. 227711

Nothing that anyone is wearing makes any type of sense, what am I looking at rn?

No. 227776

Weeb fashion kek

No. 228045

File: 1657472021148.jpeg (197.09 KB, 1080x1920, 5544CFBF-F5C9-44D6-84BC-91CA7E…)

We all know being white + arab makes Skyleigh EXTREMELY mixed race!

No. 228065

This was posted so long ago, again, anon. Is that why you keep hiding the full screenshots of everything you keep taking? This wasn't recent. Do you have anything actually new and milky to post?

No. 228098

Post the content you want to see or hide the thread

No. 228194

You're the one posting incomplete images and hiding the fact its old milk. Pretty sure you know that though.

No. 228199

>incomplete images
I don’t see how cropping out her legs or text of her saying xoxoxoiloveuscrotes is missing context kek and most of the pics posted are the full image.
>hiding the fact that it’s old milk
No one is doing that? It’s all saged and her old shit It’s being brought up because it’s still relevant. It’s very clear why the “old milk” is such a pressing issue to you. You’re malding over people talking about your kween~ and you just want everything to be buried, ain’t going to happen.

No. 228360


well it looks like karrigan is here to fan the flames of old milk and try to pass it off as saged and relevant kek. nothing like bumping your ichiban enemiru's thread. hey girly!(hi cow)

No. 228510

File: 1657637781945.jpeg (348.64 KB, 2048x1536, 1ECFFFE8-B4A0-4381-8C6F-5FC6E6…)

Sky’s wk squad is here to protecc their kawaii queen

No. 228694

>anons had no opinion about Karrigan and only mentioned her once when she made her statement about Skyleigh

>it’s fucking karrigan!1!
It’s pretty obvious you’re in Skyleigh’s circle.

No. 228732

File: 1657675344133.jpg (377.48 KB, 828x1035, 1431.jpg)

Nice to see Sky turning her fattychan friend into another Ahri role player. Watch her say EVERYONE IS COPYING ME AND TRYING TO BE ME like >>202110 in a couple months

No. 228838

Ofc Skyleigh doesn’t shop her friend she has to be the skinnier and better looking one~

No. 228848

they're both shoop'd. her shoop is just filters from beautycam her friend probably picked the ones she wanted.

No. 228869

She had her friend on level 2 for her photoshop app and had the bar dragged up to level 10 for herself lol.

No. 228958

100% skyleigh’s circle. no one has even brought up karrigan unless it was to share her statement she made against azn cosplayer sky months ago… this sounds an awful lot like one of skyleighs friends trying to start things up again bc i bet sky is still mad and talking about karrigan to everyone irl for exposing all her lies kek

No. 228977

>Fixes her skin tone, blurs the lines on her face, makes her her all features smaller and makes her eyes bigger
>Does the bare minimum shop for the friend
she put more effort shopping her chest lol!
It's pretty obvious that Sky is just using her friend to make herself look good. I swear EVERY cow and flake has their own fattychan bff to make themselves look better. I bet 20 buck their friendship is going to crumble in the next month or so.

No. 228991

Who’s the ugly ass Mexican she always hangs around with

No. 229004

It's either her bf or her FWB. She's been hanging around him ever since she was underaged

No. 229011

File: 1657763155279.jpeg (526.15 KB, 828x1037, 457D09F8-CDC4-49DF-9DB8-D0FE43…)

Her friend really does make Sky look like she's not a chubby fatso

No. 229016

File: 1657763782687.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1035, 72DE52F5-A9D7-4376-BF8D-1BC595…)

I wonder what her friends think, do they turn a blind eye to all this and pretend like it doesn't bother them or do they not care at all?

No. 229018

This nitpick is so damn retarded lol, only in the eyes of anachans would she be fat, this is one thing I can't stand about lc is women perpetuating insane body ideals by putting down women with totally normal bodies
You have other shit to hate on her for, why would you do yourself and other women a disservice by pretending this is what fat looks like

No. 229019

Skyleigh is chubby irl and it's a known fact that she shops her weight down-that's why anons call her fat. I doubt her waist, arms and stomach are actually that small.

No. 229029

File: 1657768500849.jpeg (559.21 KB, 828x1235, 769AF121-9112-4A47-9BC8-1ADC2F…)

>i accidentally set my uwu azn bead friendship bracelet on fire and it broke lmao!!!


No. 229089

>claims she got PDO threads to fix asymmetry as one side was higher than the other.

I previously worked at a med spa and in my 3 years I've never seen anyone get one pdo thread put in, it's either you get two or get none.

Absolutely no one naturally has one side of their face yanked up and the other half is normal. If you do, you need to go to the hospital asap because that's a sign of a stroke.

>changes in her appearance were due to weight loss, retinol and collagen supplements

>claims she got fillers on several parts of her face but they all got absorbed or dissolved after 3 months

It's really obvious she has filler in and she gets it regularly. Med spas and plastic surgeon offices would be out of business if retinol and collagen vitamins were able to give you filler like results.

No. 229110

>skirt pattern bending into another dimension

No. 229139

Pretty sure a majority of her "friends" are either men she's using ( >>228510 ) or fat cows who are equalling using her to elevate their own social standing ( >>222260 ). One of those fat cows is in the background of that picture wearing ears. I wonder if she makes it mandatory to wear ears while out with her.

It's funny to see her editing herself thin now after pushing the whole curvy girl image. That waist editing has got me howling though. How do none of these girls ever actually improve and get better at photoshopping?

No. 229189

File: 1657834952103.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2191, DC6D4C7E-DEB7-4279-B356-91E30D…)

Tbh Sky deserves it. She lies to her followers about having a curvy body naturally~ On top of being fake humble about it (pic)
and more recently she claimed to work out for her body >>195566 she acts like her bod is ~perfect~ when it's 20% padding and 80% photo shop/filters. We all know homegirl has not picked up a weight in her life.

No. 229199

File: 1657837524798.jpeg (240 KB, 824x1025, FA7AD2B8-3F26-4D27-AF1D-7D2317…)

Her nose contour is horrid, she can compete against Nicole for the worst nose contour makeup.

No. 229200

File: 1657837568698.jpeg (587.81 KB, 828x1036, 72E376CC-5A3F-4C7C-A0C4-B51E99…)

No. 229209

Exactly, and in >>229016 I know she's sitting on a thin cushion, but it still looks kind of warped and edited around her thighs and waist to me, like she edited it. But maybe it's just from sitting on a cushion.

No. 229212

I don't lighten/photoshop my skin tone
She photoshops her skin tone so much that she's fucking GRAY.

No. 229215

All the pics she posts are desaturated. She's usually indoors so there should be a lot more yellow from the lighting and her skintone is the type that looks easy to tan. Candids show she's got an olive tone that she hates, even on her own shoops her face doesn't match her neck or hands and legs.

No. 229217

No one looks at that photo and goes like "that's an asian!"

No. 229219

It's definitely edited. She tends to do more dramatic shops to photos taken far away, maybe because it's easier to shop or looks more believable. She has a big waist and it doesn't make sense for it to be THAT small from afar.

No. 229230

Doesn't look asian. Anons need to understand makeup isn't asianphishing.

No. 229235

this thread is full of sjws who want to cancel her because they think being a lying weeb is racist rather than hilarious.

No. 229264

File: 1657886952984.jpeg (3.15 MB, 4447x1564, EBA873DC-E38B-410D-B472-F01E6C…)

>This isn’t Asian fishing you all are SJWS!

>For the past 10 years+ she's been lying about being Japanese

>Continues to roleplay as a Japanese person
>Had a fake Korean alias
>Uses a fake Asian name
>Has begged for money to get plastic surgery in Korea to look asian or half
>Uses Google translate Japanese
>Always eats sushi and ramen in front of her scrotes
>Acts like a walking Asian stereotype
>dyes her hair black, wears black lenses, red lipstick, heavy eye makeup and uses apps and makeup to lighten her skin to look like a stereotype of an asian
>Regularly gets pdo threads to slant her eyes along with using Photoshop to make the slant effect stronger
>Fakes a dna test so she can convince everyone she's japanese

Hmm this sure sounds like the behavior of someone who’s not trying to be another race /s

No. 229288

File: 1657902328586.jpeg (154.07 KB, 828x556, 7DD2CD89-5825-4ECA-9CF7-186BEB…)

She has a Japanese flag on her ig bio when she’s not even Japanese, lol.

No. 229317

asian fishing isn't real. she's being a cringy weeb. get over it.

No. 229318

Wearing asian trendy makeup, lenses or dying your hair dark isn't necessarily asian fishing, but getting surgery to have more pulled almond shaped eyes, intentionally blurring out your eyelid to make a monolid, lying about being japanese and initially saying your mother was fully japanese and then it's your father, changing your name to an asian one, faking dna results, getting plastic surgery and funding a charity to get said surgery, taking pics of herself regularly using chopstick and eating japanese food to curate a stereotypical image of an asian sure is. She's done waaaay more than this when it comes to racebaiting.

No. 229321

Race baiting is a real thing. Look at oli london for example.

No. 229324

it's really not. and what she's doing is not harmful in the way you think it is. it's cringy and laughable at best.

No. 229327

Sounds like the same wk fag(s) in the last thread who kept saying Whiteleigh was not trying to look asian, doesn't look asian so it's ok and not asianfishing, Asian fishing and yellow face is not real and everyone should go back to Twitter kek.

No. 229328

not a wk, i just think the moralfagging itt has gotten out of hand. racebaiting isn't real. sjws are ruining the site and don't belong here. laughing at her for being a crazed pathological liar is totally fine, but when you start moralfagging and being outraged about race, it's pathetic. no one did this about other cows like PT and koots lying about being part japanese because it's not some horrible thing you sjws make it out to be.(derailing)

No. 229337

You got triggered from a comment saying Lieleigh doesn't look Asian. Just cause you say I'm not wking~ doesn't mean you're not

No. 229339

sjws are too stupid to understand nuance i guess. yellow face and race baiting aren't real. gb2 twitter.

No. 229340

samefag but claiming to be asian is milky because it's funny not because it's offensive or yellow facing or something. you're ruining the thread.

No. 229342

Anon, we are talking about her makeup and making fun of the fact that people think she's Asian when it's just her makeup drawn that way for the most part. But it's also extremely autistic to have people call out certain styles of makeup as only allowed for certain races at the same time because it's just eyeliner. Equating makeup to race is ridiculous. Complaints go in meta.

No. 229343

No one cares about what you think. Stop sperging and mini modding.

No. 229345

it's not "minimodding". your sjw rhetoric doesn't belong here.
this. it's not a deep race thing.

No. 229410

Just ignore, it's some wk who has been trying to derail the thread by samefagging with their irrelevant opinions nobody asked for.

They can't integrate and are easy to spot because they post like an aged moid trying to fit in and failing.

No. 229414

racebait isn't real.

No. 229426

race baiting is literally people trying to pass themselves off as another race when they aren't that race. It is a thing. Most Asians who see Sky probably just laugh or shake their heads in embarrassment rather than somehow being intensely harmed by it, but it doesn't change the fact that she alters her real appearance to perpetuate a stereotype. It can be offensive to some Asians, like they're a prop to be mimicked or something.

No. 229428

In the third picture, she's actually pulling her face back, similarly to how some people used to pull their eyes back and laugh at asian people when I was in school. It's pathetic she does it. And has been doing it for years now.

No. 229431

stop using twitter terms. this thread is attracting sjws who keep using buzzwords like asianfishing and yellowface. we need to stop encouraging them because they're going to take over the thread. this thread is about her delusions and cringy photoshop, not her being harmful to asians. we need to keep sjw rhetoric in check or they will come in here and baww about racism like they've been doing.

No. 229472

What's weird about this whole thing is asian dudes (who I'm assuming is her main type) would actually be attracted to her in those pics on the left… she's doing all this for what? Maybe she actually likes white weeb males with yellow fever, otherwise larping as asian is counterintuitive, I used to date mostly asian guys and their standards are fucking abysmal for white women (as are yellow fever weeb women's standards for asian men lol) skyleighs unshopped version definitely looks like something they'd think is "cute and innocent" looking. They prefer cutesy to sexy anyway, why is she trying to look like a mature blow up doll lmfao

No. 229473

Tbf this is just the thing to do for ig models now, as well as using lifting tape. I think it's insane but it's become not a weeb-only thing to want to make your eyes look slanted upwards. I even considered the pdo threads myself because it gives you a modelesque look, ultimately not going to do it tho, seems too much like trying to race bend and appropriate features your race doesnt naturally have

No. 229499

File: 1657974687716.jpeg (931.42 KB, 828x1477, F706A5A7-08FC-4552-8F7B-D789D7…)

We all know the reason why Whiteleigh got the threads in. And she knew exactly what she was doing when she was tugging her eyes back.

Basically she's targeting non-asians who has never seen an asian before or the ones who believe in anything. She's not going for actual Asians because they can easily tell she's white.

No. 229538

This. Asian guys love blonde haired white girls and most of the Asian guys in the US only date white women…. Why is she trying so hard to be something they wouldn’t even like

No. 229545

File: 1657983731451.jpeg (684.9 KB, 828x1399, B5018BDD-38B5-4F58-82CE-0D1066…)

What's hilarious is how she's convinced she looks like a half Asian baby and how she still has her baby pics all over ig.
She looks like she could either be arab or mexican/south american
I would not be surprised if she edited her baby pics to fit her totemo Japanese narrative considering how Sayafox uploads shopped baby pics all the time to prove she's "never gotten any plastic surgery in her life".
If I had to guess she probably edited her nose, eyes and made her eyes and hair black. Conveniently all the baby pics of her with light brown hair are gone.

No. 229549

Her mistake was posting her edited self with her unedited family who easily look full on south american or arab with their features and undertone >>201079 Older pics like >>227447 show she naturally has the same nose, mexstache and wide buttchin as the men.

The baby pictures are edited to have lighter skin and darker hair. Safe to say that anything she posts had been edited though.

No. 229553

I know she isn't actually Asian at all, but honestly why are we trying to clock the race of a baby? It's just odd to stereotype what mixed races are supposed to look like, something she's also doing. Speculating that kind of stuff is weird, so I don't think we should do it ITT. Calling her out for shoop and lying is different than saying mixed races have to look a specific way. That said, shitty kpop shoop makes no sense, especially when she's only claiming less than 1/4th. She wouldn't look anything like that even if it were true. You don't retain features equally, even if you're haffu.

No. 229558

File: 1657986482556.jpeg (30.65 KB, 500x500, 3936F129-EB0F-4103-8DCF-883760…)

Allegedly those people are her new step family, this is her bio brother

No. 229585

File: 1657992016718.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1998x1418, 68F1A308-C45E-4EFB-93B2-DCB13A…)

she can't explain why her jaw, chin, eyes, cheeks, lips and nose looks so drastically different. Retinol + collagen + aging doesn't make you look like a different person. It's easier to say it's fillers/pdo threads and I changed my photoshopping style than coming up with dumb explanations that make 0 sense

No. 229595

She's going for people who are not asian with yellow fever/asian fetish

No. 229603

File: 1657995694906.jpeg (159.12 KB, 828x1458, 2C28756B-9BC9-4603-AD77-B0CD02…)

Another one of Skyleigh's piss poor attempts to prove to everyone she ~naturally~ looks good(nitpicking)

No. 229604

File: 1657995746763.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3348x1496, 413E5183-3565-456C-B6D8-C61051…)

It looks like she has the lip filler migration moustash

No. 229606

Don't be autistic and give her personal little petnames. It's fucking weird and cringey as hell.

No. 229626

File: 1658008085747.jpeg (2.7 MB, 1284x2306, 4C52EF86-20DC-4D67-9B5A-69385B…)

Wait, I understand who Skyleigh is skinwalking now. It’s Nintendo.grl. It all makes sense. My guess is she’s going to start calling herself “Wasian”.

No. 229692

File: 1658030109121.jpeg (830.14 KB, 828x1474, B61FE0E0-CC38-429B-AB80-2B663C…)

Story drop

No. 229693

File: 1658030165805.jpeg (173.7 KB, 828x1451, 5FB4BA40-64B4-4009-9F63-6B5FD3…)

Her eyelids are gone again

No. 229694

File: 1658030358056.jpeg (715.18 KB, 828x1508, 52813CFF-D635-4B68-A95B-612D30…)

I get second hand embarrassment looking at this. Imagine being a grown adult thinking it's social acceptable to wear a cat tail and ears out in public

No. 229698

File: 1658032082442.jpeg (381.5 KB, 828x1172, B2B5953E-6489-4240-B406-46F4C0…)

she always has a mask on for these events cuz she can't photoshop real life

No. 229712

I totally agree with the sentiment, mixed people cop enough shit, but I think you're in the wrong thread if you're seriously asking that question. No one would be trying to analyse her race if it wasn't the main producer of milk.

No. 229811

File: 1658068531804.jpeg (712.78 KB, 828x1477, B080C150-05D4-4BFE-88DA-77DCFD…)

I looked up her friend and she seems like another Skyleigh.
>Has many flags to indicate she's mixed
>Claims she's really mixed
>Has a Korean flag at the end
>Uses a Korean name
>Draws 2005 deviantart tier art
>Does Ahri cosplays
>Deleted her ig account and deleted her posts and pics on twitter after getting cancelled

No. 229852

imagine faking a dna test just so you can japanese flag emoji on your instagram profile

No. 229860

File: 1658072584745.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2495x1482, 78E8214C-C4C1-4856-94E0-7DC8AA…)

Sky's Armenian IG story drop.
She's back to trying to convince everyone that being half Armenian makes her asian.

No. 229863

File: 1658072666714.jpeg (296.74 KB, 828x1482, 59040AC0-9557-4648-A91A-961B3F…)

From her IG moments
Her great grandmother would be so proud to see how skyleigh turned out

No. 229865

File: 1658072765716.jpeg (600.26 KB, 2048x2048, 04CC9023-ECA4-41CF-B10F-95CB94…)

Ig moments 2
You only see koreaboos and weebs say arabs are asian. She's trying so hard with the hafu azn thing by posting this crap since she couldn't find 50% Japanese results to edit onto her 23 and me.
SayatheFox did the exact same thing years ago, she said she was half asian because she's turkish. I've never come across an armenian who said they're asian. armenians either identify as arab or white

No. 230038

No1currs about this random bitch

No. 230047

They both use weeb trash names, she goes by Aeri Rae and Skyleigh calls herself Ahri Rose kek

No. 230091


>They both use weeb trash names

>Aeri Rae

Shut up, stop derailing and stop sperging over some irrelevant nobody with no milk. Go make a thread of her if you're that bored kek.

No. 230246

File: 1658157529574.jpeg (172.76 KB, 828x1618, 026EB4A5-A191-4224-A6E2-CF0BE1…)


Her eyelids are magically back in her friend's story

No. 230357

Literally no one thinks arabians are asians, what a try hard.

No. 230392

File: 1658185065094.jpg (670.51 KB, 828x1376, white hoe.jpg)

How are her eyes not dry as fuck? She's constantly wearing those ridiculous black lenses that are a couple mm away from being scleral lenses.

No. 230411

She’s soooooo proud of her heritage that she literally erases and edits everything about her face to morph into an East Asian caricature. You go Skyleigh!!!

No. 230444

Sky's mom never abused her and she claims her father was an evil monster who caused her severe ptsd and depression, yet she never mentions her mom's heritage or wants anything to do with her side. It's clear she has never been exposed to Armenian culture or knows anything about it. I doubt she's even been around her father's side of the family or knows any of them and she's all like #armenian #proud because she thinks it will get her imaginary internet points and attention.

No. 230456

File: 1658199052182.jpeg (625.41 KB, 828x1039, FFAA827C-3D36-40D6-8BC0-7D999A…)

She looks like a blurry mess and wtf is going on with her arm? It looks like she has a flabby midget arm

No. 230572

File: 1658237322154.jpeg (275.91 KB, 828x1571, 66869C3C-B7EA-4982-B625-10F6C2…)

Aww she's posting about her japanese roots too! /s

No. 230577

Pete Burns

No. 230660

File: 1658257716484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,692.37 KB, 1927x4170, 79436B2A-E796-41A1-A198-ECDFF7…)

OF wannabe

No. 231281

She has a fansly. Was this supposed to be some kind of insult lol You basically posted free promo for her because you can't help but make everyone a collage.

No. 231338

nta but free promo? lmao on lolcow? on a barely active thread about her and how fake she is? You're actually dumb or probably her, who knows.

No. 231348

>so!? She’s on fansly!!
Lol Fansly is discount Onlyfans.

She’s on Fansly cause her own scrotes don’t want to pay for her blurry pudgy looking ass photoshopped nudes and she looks like a nasty prostithot

No. 231409

>free promo
You’re right! I suddenly feel an urge to buy This fat cow’s crusty ass near nudes!

No. 231420

File: 1658448804035.jpeg (402.63 KB, 828x1643, B2088BE9-C054-4E79-852C-40C0FC…)

Q&a dump

>What’s ur bucket list? To get mentally stable

She can start right away by dropping her I’m really asian!!1!! Act and accept that she’s white.

No. 231421

File: 1658448857736.jpeg (362.5 KB, 828x1629, 49DEA955-5402-4DD8-B115-743BF2…)

>what do you do for a living? I quit my waitressing job to do cosplay and stream for a living
LOL the Panera job she did as a 16 year old and quit after a week doesn’t count

No. 231422

File: 1658448979855.jpeg (395.76 KB, 828x1639, 6558B032-A11E-4D1A-90F5-B78968…)

>what’s your 5 year plan? 2. New merch
You mean more stolen content from Riot games?
>6. get my family a house
With what money? She’s doesn’t even that get many donations, it makes sense for Belle or Pokimane to say that but some z tier streamer who makes $50 on a good week? Not a chance.

No. 231425

File: 1658449114480.jpeg (133.07 KB, 828x1277, 8D0C19E5-A900-437B-90BE-DB8D55…)

She’s the best Michael Jackson cosplayer(nitpicking)

No. 231437

Sage your nitpicking garbage.

No. 231446

Your kween is michael jackson

No. 231485

She's on fansly because she made it during the whole issues with onlyfans.

No. 231525

Kek. You would know and care because you’re in her circle.

No. 231562

Sky lurks 100%. She didn’t post the ass pat oMg uR sO pRetTy hOw??!?! Questions/comments which she posts for every single q and a after she got called out for it.

No. 231570

Shitty bait, anon.

No. 231616

It’s always the sky anons getting offended over saging and what’s being posted. Sky is a gross whore, she’s not asian and she will never be.

No. 231842

>copypasta from an article on how to take care of hair
>drops random brand name
>says she has a hairstylist

When she's not wearing a wig on candids her hair looks like a frizzy, limp, greasy mess that happens when using drugstore products. Her hairline and hairtype alone gives away that she's not asian.

Looking at the attempt at a weeaboo hime cut and uneven blunt ends, my guess is she cuts her own hair. The one-tone of all black haircolor shows she dyes her hair herself using stuff from a box. A real hairstylist would never let her walk out looking like this shit.

No. 231863

File: 1658582398764.jpeg (746.97 KB, 828x1032, 05C9B9CC-A771-45E4-AB6F-821AD8…)

You’re right about her lying about having a hairstylist, her bangs look so bad and choppy.
Her real hair color is brown but she insists her hair is naturally black and she doesn’t dye it cuz she thinks having black hair proves she’s asian kek

No. 231920

how does this bitch make enough money to sit around all day playing video games?

No. 231943

File: 1658598059885.jpg (602.4 KB, 828x1436, cap1.jpg)

Sky eventually posted a ur so pretty comment.
Spoiler: she doesn’t. Sky acts like she works for everything when she's financially dependent on her parents.

No. 231964

File: 1658601547034.png (6.83 MB, 1125x2436, 7F62971C-76CC-4855-A7D0-B4A8AA…)

She posted this gem a couple years ago and never mentioned it ever again

No. 231967

This is old AF. Not interesting or relevant

No. 231997

I disagree, she's still larping as japanese. Relevant.

No. 232023

She's always gonna be doing that what a bad excuse.

No. 232036

File: 1658613822790.jpg (1.62 MB, 3955x2370, proof.jpg)

Do you even know the purpose of this site? She's always going to be called out for her past and present bullshit. Get over it.
Skyleigh will never be able to produce this kind of proof, if she really was asian she would have posted her asian family a long time ago.(stop posting old milk)

No. 232043

The post has been posted before anon. You don't need to post every instance she's pretended to be Japanese every time something new about it comes up. It's not that hard.

No. 232047

Nta why do you care so much to the point you need to police everything? It’s pretty cringe.

No. 232085

She’s been begging her scrotes to buy her latest camgirl set on Fansly. That should give you an idea on how her finances are doing

No. 232123

File: 1658636484266.jpeg (490.19 KB, 828x1473, 26130C7C-030E-47E2-9713-D2C377…)

>sry guys gotta cancel the stream i’m soo sick rn!
>has cat ears on
>has a full face of makeup
>films a vid, poses for the camera and tries to make sexy facial expressions
>photoshops vid
She seems super sick /s

No. 232139

Wtf does that ex friend of Venus have to do with Skyleigh? Am I missing something wtf is this post achieving even?

No. 232150

the thread is full of newfags. this thread has been going downhill for a while now

No. 232254

I just wish there was something new to talk about because all they're doing is talking about shit from other threads. This isn't PULL. Jfc.

No. 232258

Do you blame them? They’re going in circles cause Sky is going in circles. She’s been doing the same shit for years, she didn’t grow up nor learned. Idk why you’re expecting new « milk » when there is none. Tbh she’s the kind of person people should forget and move on, stop giving her attention cause that’s what she craves and will always. She’s a lost cause and a very boring lost cause at that.

No. 232265

that's not an excuse for posting random shit. if it's dying, let it. the only thing that's different now is the amount of filters she can choose.

No. 232269

So let it be dry until something new happens. It's not a crime to let the cow go into obscurity for a month or two. Anons are just desperate.

No. 232506

The milk has been a mixture of new and old. It’s cringe and sad how she’s 25 and she still has the mentally and brain function of a 13 year old. As >>232258 mentioned she
never changed and her transracial shit got worse. She’s willing to take shit to the next level to upkeep her lie of being japanese, it’s been like 12-13 years now isn’t it time for Sky to do something better with her life?

No. 232624

I feel really bad for her. She is convinced that Armenian = East Asian. I am pretty new here, but she is holding onto geography for dear life. It is really rare for anyone to consider Middle Easterns as Asian. Period. People of Middle Eastern/Arab background are considered White, pretty much everywhere. Does she not see that on things like hospital records or the census group Middle Easterns as White? I have never seen someone who wants to be Asian so badly.(unsaged namefagging)

No. 232642

Colleges and universities consider arabs as white too

No. 232673

tsuruko is only 1/4 chinese and shoops herself to look waaay more asian too (and completely different to her irl self). In her old less/unedited photos she looked 100% caucasian. But at least she is part east asian unlike sky who is clearly 0% east asian/japanese.

No. 232674

Okay not her thread. No one cares about old shit.

No. 232675

clearly you care enough to reply anytime some one calls out her bullshit.

No. 232720

Skye is the most useless "gamer" and e-ho I've come across. Yes, worse than Lori, worse than many of them. She's boring, a 3 at best, and larping as Asian. I can't believe anyone gives her money

No. 232725

I posted that. >>232036
My point is she can edit her dna results and say she’s japanese all she wants but she’ll never have family proof ala the “family” she claims to have in Japan. The half/part asian e-personalties I follow always have pictures (picrel) of them and their family proving that they are truly what they say they are.

No. 232803

No1currs. Being NEW milk.

No. 232888

The anon I responded to did.
Learn to read you illiterate retard.

No. 233051

Not really. There are a bunch of different races in the Middle East, and people don’t consider dark Arabs (North Africans) white. There are a lot of Middle Eastern people with North East Asian blood like Hazaras in Afghanistan. but this chick is not one of them. I don’t know any ME people that think of themselves as white.

No. 233199

File: 1658958861373.jpeg (351.1 KB, 828x599, 607A7220-29F3-4801-A4DB-678500…)

Basically skyleigh minus the highschool part

No. 233252

File: 1658975202832.jpeg (734.06 KB, 828x1467, 63A5EFBC-B1F8-42F2-9C43-99BEF4…)

Her hair is so shit that’s why she always has clips in her hair.

No. 233254

File: 1658975247535.jpeg (530.3 KB, 828x1183, 507DBB7B-D260-479C-879D-5E5220…)

No. 233256

File: 1658975423839.jpeg (539.51 KB, 828x1180, 4B7D0044-B0F4-49B8-A324-7538E9…)

Looks like she takes hair advice from Venus(nitpicking)

No. 233261

Awkward not wanting bangs anymore phase.

No. 233270

File: 1658979483944.jpeg (763.65 KB, 828x1474, D8D7119E-0B16-45E7-A312-68436E…)

She be lurking she posted this within the hour of these posts

No. 233271

Literally only within the hour, meaning it barely rolled over if anything and might turn into 2hr like the other post in a few minutes. Anons need to stop cropping out timestamps when they are clearly

No. 233274

>anons need to stop cropping out the time stamps
It’s literally right on the photo. You need to start reading and actually look at shit before you start typing. I swear it’s always the same tard. And no >>233270 was not a simultaneous post with the other 3, she did post it an hour later. She lurks and I wouldn’t be surprised if she posts too

No. 233280

The top 3 have no timestamps. I just checked and these are barely an hour apart lol

No. 233362

File: 1659009361682.jpeg (450.57 KB, 2048x2048, FB39B07B-862E-4E7F-8F2F-67F13C…)

I checked again, I don’t think so. And why so you want to prove she’s not lurking so bad? Kek

No. 233384

Barely an hour between. Stfu already anon. Do something else besides nitpick and.

No. 233541

File: 1659046665844.gif (1.71 MB, 353x498, F56A873C-7D39-4547-90E9-697391…)

Skyanon trying to convince everyone that Sky doesn’t lurk her own thread

No. 233574

Take your meds, Belle-fag.

No. 233763

Cope harder.

No. 233855

Based mod

No. 233901

File: 1659194001094.jpeg (866.57 KB, 1657x1696, 04FD5A20-FDD1-4AE0-BD32-EFD105…)

Does her scrotes even find this attractive? She tries so hard to come off as sexy. She didn’t even bother cleaning that nasty scarf.

No. 233908

File: 1659194710711.jpg (24.29 KB, 340x497, bvnmghvd.jpg)

The final form

No. 233917

Nothing milky about this. Random nitpicking photos are useless. Come back with drama, not a 354th photo of her editing.

No. 233930

>No milk
That’s why it’s saged. You’re so desperate for people to stop talking about Skyleigh

No. 233945

So just shitposting, nitpick, and samefag. Got it.

No. 234626

Bitch has 0 work experience so she lies about it pathetic.

No. 234782

File: 1659397908505.jpg (196.44 KB, 828x2923, img_236.jpg)

>has her middle finger up for 10 seconds
Sis is 25 and she still thinks this is cute and her scrotes look exactly as you'd expect(unsaged nitpick)

No. 234816

File: 1659402514873.jpg (649.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220801-180834_Ins…)

Completely not posting the part where she peace signed and yhen flipped it. Nitpick harder.

No. 234832

I bet she looks like the crimson chin under all that shop

No. 235032

My point still stands, she's an adult acting like a cringey child.

No. 235042

This thread is basically 2 anons infifighting about nitpicking or whether or not something is milky

No. 235049

Someone is just desperate for lolcow to stop talking about the weebs they like. Skye will never not be milky to me. Her PULL thread was greatly entertaining and I was shocked to see she is still larping and grifting. If pointing out these things and loling is "nitpicking," then come at me bro, Skyleigh has plenty of content.

No. 235059

The wk gets triggered whenever someone brings up her IG stories kek

No. 235111

Of course they got banned again. How is not nitpicking this difficult. Anons don't have any idea what milk is to be posting here.

No. 235593

File: 1659542669316.jpeg (708.15 KB, 828x1469, 312B410B-A5FC-446E-BE05-1398D3…)

Why is Skyleigh reading her manga in English?? Isn't she fluent in Japanese because of her 25% Japanese heritage!? /s

No. 236121

English is her native language. What a nitpick.

No. 236134

Skyleigh has said she could speak japanese kek. If she can speak it why is she not utilizing it?? Try harder.

No. 236476

So she isn't allowed to read english books because of it? This logic

No. 236587

she lies about being bilingual period.
I bet you're another wannabe asian weeb hence why you keep coming back to this thread to whiteknight.

No. 236706

Your WKing is pretty obvious, it’s clear you follow sky. You’ve admitted to keeping tabs on when she posts her ig stories down to the minute. >>233271
Unfortunately for you no one believes any of your rebuttals. It’s hilarious how you have nothing to say about her big lies but got a lot to say when it comes to anons pointing out and making fun of her badly photoshopped instagram stories.

No. 236838

ironically enough it's cheaper to import japanese manga than it is to buy it in english, so she really has no excuse

No. 236845

Cafes have translations.

No. 236978

What does that have to do with Sky lying about being able to speak Japanese?

No. 236980

How is it lying? Please explain how this makes her a liar? Is a Japanese person in America a liar that they know English if they aren't reading English mangas? It's her native language. It's not that deep and doesn't prove she is lying. It's probably true she is a liar about it, but just reading English mangas doesn't make it so especially in your native country where she is. She's in America. Why the fuck would she buy Japanese versions to read?

No. 236991

File: 1659760648693.jpeg (618.79 KB, 828x1480, 6997E667-F896-48D2-BDB3-2B5E6C…)

Is this you malding on the complaints thread?

No. 237431

I think you’re reading too much into it.. the original post was sarcasm

No. 237499

It was obvious sarcasm poking fun at all the times Sky has lied about being Japanese, but this retard white knight is too dumb to get it. Anons are just making fun of Sky's continual larping of being Japanese. No, she doesn't need to read manga in Japanese. Not like she could anyway. I wish the posts about her mom being the Japanese one were archived and someone called her out on it. She would not be able to lie her way out of that one.

No. 237560

So a shitpost.

No. 237575

File: 1659884850474.jpeg (810.14 KB, 828x1444, DEF74780-AE5A-4DE5-9DA0-9D1064…)

She seems strapped on cash, she was spam begging her scrotes to buy her last camgirl set and now she’s begging them to buy her expensive customs sets so she can “recover” from her “bad” time.

No. 237577

File: 1659884915643.jpeg (242.21 KB, 828x1462, 6C3307D1-0397-4A44-872B-A289DB…)

>give me $10 and I will sing, do a dare or tell a story!
Kek. Maybe her ebegging tactic would work if she said $1, her scrotes are cheap.

No. 237586

Do you call commission artists beggers?

No. 237608

Do you believe that Skyleigh really loves you whenever she says xoxo i love u scrotes?

No. 237673

Wk always quick to answer as ever!
Come on anon, think about it:
Her content is crappy, she only does it for her simps - she’s got no interest in doing it professionally.
She’s a cringeworthy weeb, she wears those cat ears in public while not in cosplay, plus Asian fishing to the extreme. I mean you’ve got to be deluded if you’re gonna fake dna test results.
So yeah, calling Sky a commission artist is absolutely laughable.

No. 237674

>commission artist

Fucking kek, what a false analogy.

No. 237695

huh? When did selling skimpy selfies taken on your phone become a commissioned art?

I know her lesser than a dozen scrotes said no to only fans, but at this point, I'm surprised she isn't jumping at it. Her low-quality selfies aren't cutting it anymore, and you know she's just going to send those who order the "customized" set the same set as the other custom orders.

I also personally don't blame her fans for not spending money on her sets, seeing as they're the same five poses in the same bedroom. For someone who claims to love art, she sure lacks creativity.

No. 237774

>lumping hard working artists together with an e-thot
The wk’s brain is working overdrive on this one kek.
I like how sky does everything in her power to not get a job.

No. 237889

File: 1659923064225.jpeg (822.86 KB, 1326x2516, 6C56102A-AD69-43E2-A580-44D02B…)

Her sets are pretty pricey. $40 for blurry photoshopped soft core porn photos? What she’s offering isn’t even that good either.
It’s hilarious how she’s like I’LL SUE U IF U SHARE MY PICS! THAT’S STEALING!1! and her scrotes still do it anyways lol

No. 237898

Inb4 the wk breaks down and has an anal gland explosion, no the text is not slanted on her website. The cap saved that way from the program I used

No. 237947

Sage your shit

No. 237976

They're the same retard sperging in /meta/ about autosaging the thread too, kek.

No. 238018

I don’t get why she doesn’t go full nude sex worker on onlyfans. She’s not funny, charismatic or charming. The streamer shit ain’t gonna work out so if she’s still hellbent on becoming famous idoru who gets money for just existing becoming an onlyfans thot is the only way to go.

No. 238043

File: 1659960842992.jpeg (202.85 KB, 828x1466, 582595A2-0AC7-42C6-AA86-0ED19C…)

>donation bench mark at $50
I doubt she hits her donation benchmarks most of the time. Whenever I see her stream there is rarely any interaction and donations, all she does is do a fake anime voice and tries to do cute facial expressions that really aren’t cute.
Sky has no cash cow scrotes but she likes to act like she does with how much she charges and the expectations she has for her scroties to donate and buy.

No. 238051

>Armenian larp
>Puts Armenian/Genociders next to cultural pictures
I'm actually triggered. Why this of all ethnicities? She doesn't even look 1% Armenian.

No. 238053

Belle has a loyal fanbase and they all share her OF pics, why does Sky think she should be exempt from this? As long as you cater to scroties and do OF/Fansly/ETC you will have reposters.
Give it a couple months to a year. Atm she thinks she’s too good for that.
Sky is white and armenian, she larps as Japanese. She knows nothing about Armenian history and culture. She pulls out the i Am aRmEnIaN card when she wants to feel special or when she wants to say she’s half azn cause we all know armenians are definiely in the same catagory as east asians kek

No. 238054

File: 1659965356010.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.3 KB, 672x456, images (14).jpeg)

Nothing screams East Asian like former Soviet republic kek

No. 238110

>larping as Japanese
No anon, she doesn’t say she’s half or full japanese anymore. She’s only larping as a 12% japanese person because she couldn’t get her fat hands on 50-100% japanese DNA. idk how someone goes about larping 12% of a race tho

No. 238262

File: 1659997368938.png (1.17 MB, 940x700, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 6.13…)

>I don't get why she doesn't go full nude sex worker on onlyfans.
Maybe she has an ugly taco. Scrotes and even some gals here are pretty harsh on the meaty-bit girls. I can't imagine the suicide baiting she'll do if one was to tell her she has an Arby's #1 looking vagina.

No. 238269

You can already tell she does by her previous message photos. No amount of photoshop is going to convince anyone. She could just embrace it and ignore the comments but she won’t.

No. 238297

File: 1660002318702.jpeg (647.93 KB, 828x1140, 8FE30A7D-2D7B-4131-B31D-86C695…)

Even with heavy photoshop and filters she still looks like a butter face. I can’t begin to imagine what she really looks like without all that. You actually have to look good and be fit if you want to capitalize off your looks.

No. 238347

File: 1660013268391.jpeg (125.67 KB, 828x443, F45B5A14-563E-44C7-8CF8-EFEBBC…)

Her nose is practically gone thanks to the 200 filters she uses lmao

No. 238351

File: 1660013753385.jpeg (133.4 KB, 828x468, 4A08203A-F6DD-4846-AB3E-90AD1A…)

No. 238440

too bad the chinese photoshop apps she uses doesn't edit vaginas

No. 238527

Saged for asking dumb shit out of curiosity.
Until now I thought she only used the snow app to edit her photos and videos (the dorito chin was a dead giveaway). But apparently, she uses a live filter that can emulate snow's filters perfectly during her streams? How is this possible?

No. 238645

Kooters did it all the way back in 2011. The technology's been there for ages it's just less well known. Susu and other streamers look doughy for the same reason.

No. 238655

Just look up Snapchat Lenses or Filters for Twitch, similar to using those filters on Zoom.

Kooter used After Effects and redesigned her face differently from video to video. Back then it was a lot more work, plus filters easily dropped and she could barely move beyond her lips.

No. 238693

I'm guessing she's switched to a better chinese filter (the ones chinese streamers use) or she's using the same filter and moving less so it doesn't glitch.
She usually looks like a ghoul or edward scissorhands on stream >>226612 >>226957 >>226958

No. 238892

File: 1660182633482.jpeg (474.37 KB, 2048x2048, 35C11C9C-BAA0-48FC-8C5A-F8E14E…)

It looks like the jaw botox and fillers are wearing off and her filters and beauty cams can’t hide it as well

No. 239100

File: 1660249715310.jpeg (426.56 KB, 1861x718, 7A81ECCC-5F12-40C0-B617-C59BE5…)

I went on sky’s site >>237889
and it’s basically a big ol ass pat. She describes herself to be bigger than what she is.
I never knew playing violin at your high school music class counts as being a musician and drawing 2007 deviantart tier fan art means you’re an artist

No. 239102

File: 1660249810846.jpeg (64.03 KB, 702x566, BEDE859B-56ED-48AC-B6B6-03ABEA…)

She always mentions her violin and shit because she thinks it makes her come off as interesting

No. 239108

File: 1660250056398.jpeg (299.63 KB, 1654x881, A5F4D7CF-7BFA-4AED-ADEC-A6D539…)

>there are many ways to support her, money or not!
Her whole website sounds like it’s written by a kid. Her support me section sounds like a 11 year old thinking they are clever with their words so they can convince their mom to give them more allowance money kek

No. 239171

Belle-Fag found.

No. 239180

The wk has nothing to say so he’s back to accusing people of being the belle anon, nice!

No. 239183

You are so obsessed with "Belle anon". You need to get a life. Stop sperging about it all over /w/ and meta. No one cares about your autistic detective work and fictional people you create on /w/.

No. 239187


Kek, oddly similar to this post >>237586 Other than squinting her eyes, she literally has no talent.

No. 239254

>criticizes sky's shitty website and how she misrepresents herself
Can you stop being a dumb fucker for once in your life?

No. 239257

File: 1660274590517.jpeg (279.71 KB, 1723x1380, 8E2B550F-C106-445B-BBB0-2C422E…)

>posted a tiktok of a girl ranting about white passing shit and how despite being mixed she’s still native and she’s proud of her ethnic background.
Good for that lady! But you are not “white passing” Skyleigh, you’re just a white person.

No. 239351

File: 1660316420833.jpeg (923.1 KB, 2048x2048, 7FDD8D6D-9BF0-409E-A67A-78AF29…)

Absolutely no one says that shit. Lol @ sky’s attempt to give herself uwu so smol ass pats.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 239360

Zero personality whatsoever, this is all she has to talk about. Also anyone who says shit like “I want to be a mommy dommy” is a braindead coomer.

No. 239370

Wheres the milk? Sage your shit.

No. 239377

The milk is Skyleigh’s retarded behavior and how you keep coming back to say the same shit over and over.

No. 239380

Uh.. your thread is bumped. You don't think anons will come here? Get your head out of your ass and sage your vendetta.

No. 239392

kek this is not vendetta. Anon brought screenshots and Sky's retarded claims about looking young when she looks her age. Skyleigh is such a cow.

No. 239395

Yeah, sage that stupid shit. Especially if you're going to edit over it.

No. 239397

File: 1660326206236.jpg (164.65 KB, 1232x819, hoe.jpg)

I never noticed how badly she photoshopped her thighs, it looks like some IMVU shit
I was thinking the same thing
>other anons are here because it’s bumped
That’s believable if there wasn’t a wk camping this thread. Also, other threads get bumped for dumber shit and no one says anything? And the shit she does is pretty lulzy, why bother posting to complain if you don't even go on this thread? lol

No. 239400

It’s the wk again. They have a track record of pretending to be an anon, the fact they’re still here arguing after claiming to come from the front page really says a lot. Just ignore and report

No. 239486

I wonder if she realises she's one of the few white people who are correctly referred to as Caucasian being from the Caucasus.

No. 239695

NTA. Get your head checked.

No. 239737

Sure Jan, go take your meds.

No. 239764

Don't need to samefag that hard lol

No. 247678

looks like sky has moved out of her old apartment and back to her mom's house.(this is an imageboard. post proof or sage your post)

No. 247763

That’s hilarious if true, she always lied to her scrotes and made it seem like she was making a good amount of money through streaming and her shit tier softcore porn pics.

No. 247791

This is an imageboard

No. 247913

File: 1662989842858.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x2208, 71482843-CB78-4FCB-9066-FA894A…)

No. 247951

No context?

No. 247975

Aka - I need a real job. About fucking time she learns some life skills

No. 248044

She has to take off her retarded Ahri rp cat ears when she works kek

No. 248203

one month ago:
>i play video games and cosplay for a living
>moving back to mom’s and has to get a real job

No. 248524

This, to me, just screams bitterness that she isn't making top dollar on her bargain bin tier shoots. She was really hoping to be another sayathefox.

I also love how she subtly suggests it is her viewer/follower's fault for her mental health.

No. 248646

>I honestly prefer my life without social media
Bullshit, no she doesn't lol. She's demonstrated before that she cannot live without the internet attention she gets from lying about being asian and the neckbeards lusting over her photoshopped thot pics as she came back 4-6 months later after vowing to leave the internet forever (claimed it was for mental health kek) when she got exposed for her lies. It's just a rinse and repeat cycle for her.
She's just uwu depressed because most people don't believe she's japanese and her scrotes refuse to fund her anime idoru life.
>suggests it's her scrotes fault for her mental health
reminds me of Nikocado blaming his viewers for his weight gain and spiraling health issues kek.

No. 248678

File: 1663123917887.jpeg (509.89 KB, 828x940, C5A71143-F500-43FA-9C90-724C35…)

Is Sky really has short as she claims to be? She looks about average height

No. 248874

wtf is she even wearing? And yes, she is short, which isn't anything special as a fuck load of women are a 5'0-5'3 range… Never understand why some brag about that as it isn't unique or rare.

I think I just realized what I don't like about her face. She looks like Blair White in some pics.

No. 248961

File: 1663200664092.jpeg (83.17 KB, 535x711, CB1369F2-6B53-4DA4-B218-79EB63…)

She can’t let go of the gYaRu thing

No. 249011

Exactly. Sky likes to show off her height and pretend being short is a rarity and something amazing because she thinks it plays into her demented ~I’m asian~ fantasy. I bet she goes around telling people she's short because she's ~asian~.

No. 249325

File: 1663280458581.jpeg (809.52 KB, 828x1449, CFDA7B67-4F95-4A6E-999D-9DAA19…)

So did she move back to her mom’s?

No. 249372

yes, in her stream back after yet another hiatus, she announced she moved back to her family's home (mom's) and is in debt. she then set up a "moving recovery goal" on her twitch stream.

No. 249373

A common trope on lolcow that always makes me laugh is the obsession with proving a cow isn’t actually short. If you are an adult woman under 5 feet tall you’re basically midget tier, that is not what most normal people consider to be “short”, so yes 5’0-5’3 is considered short and average sized/tall girls really need to get over their bizarre insecurities that cause them to froth at the mouth when a short bitch calls herself a short bitch. “b-b- but 5’2” is average height!! Unless you’re literally a hobbit you’re not really short, you’re not special REEEE”

No. 249379

>she’s in debt
I’m not surprised at all, she’s a failed camgirl and she was living like she wasn’t

No. 249515

File: 1663336093525.jpeg (563.85 KB, 828x1016, 0C74FC9D-AAD5-4512-9D59-3A8AB5…)

Sky’s new shop face

No. 249516

File: 1663336156982.jpeg (806.68 KB, 828x1012, 621C18BC-7633-4F17-BA8B-2E1620…)

No. 249722

File: 1663592231037.jpeg (218.85 KB, 828x1469, 1F95A95D-EF20-468B-A112-DDDE98…)

>i want to travel to my motherland
>I’m alive today because my great grandmother escaped
>brings up great grandmother all the time
>not in contact with armenian father side of the family
It’s that time of the month again where Sky pretends to care about Armenia and being Armenian because she thinks it makes her come off as interesting and cultured.

No. 249749

Why'd you crop her handle out?? This doesn't look like it's from her when you do that, especially because it's some random bitch on the cap.

No. 249760

Handles on stories disappear now if you hold on the story, not sure why but it's IG doing that

No. 249762

File: 1663605542161.jpeg (608.79 KB, 828x1476, 6D51EB98-C552-45B4-BEFD-BF4C72…)

>where are the timestamps and her user name??
>could be from a random bitch
Here’s the cap just for you Proofchan.
Who else would post this crap? Are there any other Armenian cows out there as desperate as her to prove they’re so ethnic? Plus she has a history of posting this kind of crap.

No. 249764

Anon, archive properly. This isn't about proof, but it sure as hell looks out of content and not about her without her handle added in. This isn't a hard concept, learn2post.

No. 249855

File: 1663629934411.jpg (663.31 KB, 828x1308, img_378.jpg)

>Barely anyone donates to her
>I made a new kofi acc yall!
>I can’t work properly:(
>It’s gonna take me longer to have a net comeback
>Plz donate
Sis is really trying her hardest to delay working a job lol

No. 249862

Every cow acts like working will kill them

No. 249879

I really feel like she looks like she’s taping her eyes. She always has hair perfectly placed on the sides of her face to cover where the tape would be.

I haven’t looked at her thread in a while, someone should dig up the posts she made a while back admitting she was Middle Eastern but since it was in Asia, it made her part Asian. (I can’t remember exactly how long ago this was, I want to say a year or more, if anyone remembers.)

No. 249892

>>249515 her lips must look ridiculous in side view, what even is that

No. 249900

I'll spoonfeed for the oldie
She's trying her hardest to convince everyone that armenians are asian >>229860
Now claims to be half asian and calls herself half white >>221925 because armenians are totemo azn + her faked japanese 23 and me results >>201081

No. 249907

Sky doesn’t want to work because:
-no one gives a shit if you’re asian or not in the real world, hence no attention
-can’t photoshop irl
-can’t roleplay as Ahri
-she’s lazy

She’s praying for a miracle donation kek. When is she going to learn that her scrotes have no money or don’t care?

No. 249970

File: 1663672663060.jpeg (255.16 KB, 828x1397, 218DE88B-3815-4AA0-9CA3-ED7778…)

This time she didn’t even bother photoshopping her fattychan friend lmao!
>my bff is so pretty!
It’s so obvious sky has her around to feel prettier.

No. 250176

Thanks I appreciate you, I kind of skimmed through everything and I was thinking “this bitch has to be taping her eyes” especially since in her recent cosplay candids her eyes didn’t look so… pulled back? Probably because she was worried people IRL would see the tape on her face.
Idk I’m pretty convinced, if she ever posts a photo with her hair not framing the sides of her face I’ll be shocked.

No. 250192

You can tell when someone is using tape, but she's just smoothing out her face, so there's no texture at all, and then overdrawing her eyes. Her extends the wing out pretty far and dips it low enough to make her eyes look more sultry. It's mostly eyeliner.

No. 250207

File: 1663724449965.jpeg (625.28 KB, 1434x859, 32066E29-E487-4C81-AECD-CE02C5…)

She gets pdo thread treatments + uses photoshop to make an exaggerated slant. I do think she’s probably taping now that she’s broke as shit and can’t maintain her botox/thread/fillers.
It’s wtf how everyone went at Knitemaya’s throat for eye taping to look like characters while no one bats an eye when Skyleigh does much worse for her transracial crap.
>it’s just eyeliner
Yep, eyeliner can completely change the angle of your eyes and make very downward droopy eyes look super slanted.

No. 250212

Bitches like this really upset me. I hope she understands her doing this makes this more difficult for actual white passing mixed people, people already don’t believe us or dismiss us if we’re mixed with an “undesirable” Asian ethnicity instead of Japanese or Korean. She fetishizes our real lives and experiences.

No. 250214

Yeah, it can. Imagine not understanding makeup and being mad you can't do eyeliner to change your eyeshape. You can tell easily when someone is using tape. Had nothing to do with her bangs covering the sides, you can literally tell.
>She gets pdo thread treatments + uses photoshop to make an exaggerated slant. I do think she’s probably taping now that she’s broke as shit and can’t maintain her botox/thread/fillers.
You just sound so mad.

No. 250217

>two completely different eye shapes and angle
>you’re mad you can’t do makeup that good!
Lol go crawl back to the hole where you came from.

No. 250238

So do you actually have anything new and milky or is it just the same tinfoil about tape with no leads or proof and just assuming and then being mad about makeup and photoshop? We don't need constant updates on your opinions about her makeup that hasn't changed in years.

No. 250250

Welcome back skyanon

No. 250298

NTA but she's not even as skilled as cosplayers who consistently tape and hide it with a wig or hair styling on the sides.

She's constantly using cheap hairpins and clips to keep hair in place, to poorly hide inconsistent taping.

Until she regularly wears her hair pulled back like a normalfag and isn't hiding under dozens of filters, it's pretty obvious what she's trying to achieve. This has nothing to do with her low tier drugstore makeup application and outdated circle lenses.

No. 250306

>hide taping
Again, you can tell when someone is taping, her actual corners of her eyes aren't being pulled at all. You can see where the liner and the eye stops. it's more likely it's photoshop, but even then, the curve and shape of the eyeliner does most of the work. This isn't milky. We already know she tries biologically and cosmetically look Asian. Nitpicking every time she does makeup is such a waste of time.

No. 250332

It's so funny. There are so many things actually wrong with Ahri, but you are all so focused on shit that doesn't matter or that has been blown up to not crazy levels. The tea I could give on her is beyond what you could comprehend. Your brains would explode.

No. 250338

How to summon sky’s wk
>mention her pdo eye procedure
>say she tapes her eyes back
>talk about her pretending to be asian
>talk about her track record
>say her photoshop is garbage
Ok? If you got shit, spill the tea.

No. 250366

Sounds like it’s the same mexican scrote from the comment section of Sky’s Tiktok expose vids saying he has a lot of tea on her and never delivers

No. 250394

Mexican scrote? Who the fuck…. and yeah no I'm not them. I've been thinking about doing my own twitlonger about her but idk if it's worth it. Since we all know she will never change, everyone has seen the hit she has taken in the past year. Her life has taken a turn for the worst. And sadly she can only blame herself.

No. 250403


No. 250453

File: 1663804986746.jpeg (634.54 KB, 828x1488, 305A34C7-EF57-48A4-BAC4-DA455D…)


Are you serious? It’s really obvious she’s taping her eyes, if you photoshop off her eyeliner it’s very obvious she’s stretched her eyes back somehow to make them more narrow and pulled up. How to do it free with no downtime for healing? Tape. Why are you whiteknighting so hard, you sound like a complete moron.

No. 250458

she's using an app, retard.

No. 250459

It’s skyanon, they’re skyleigh’s dedicated wk. they camp the thread when it’s active and they check up on the thread every now and then when it’s not active. They were gone when thread wasn’t updated for 1-2 months, they’re back now that people are talking again.

No. 250461

File: 1663809857242.jpeg (601.79 KB, 828x1039, 7B632E0E-501B-4438-85F7-288EF0…)

It’s pdo threads and photoshop but you can keep denying it

No. 250464

File: 1663810140374.png (817.96 KB, 720x1280, 31F276DF-8637-4B18-A82F-4459DA…)

No. 250472

Spill the milk of fuck off. This isn't your personal blog.

No. 250722

Dead thread, only nitpicking here.

No. 250878

Are you new to /w/? It’s all nitpicking here.
Sky is an Asian fishing snowflake, expect discussion of eye taping

No. 250903

>claims to have plenty of milk
>does not deliver

No. 250924

What happened to mods giving bans for posts like these?

No. 250966

>You just sound so mad.
Dumbest thing I've seen an anon write, especially since the cow even admitted to getting these procedures. Plus it's obvious when you look at her, she has/had a face full of fillers, work on her eyes, lips and nose done. If she's truly broke, then yes, she's taping/editing/using makeup now, or she still gets the treatment but has the audacity to ebeg.

No. 250967

You can't tell if she edits it out and then smooths the area. Her whole face is blurred and smoothed to hell, so who knows how she's doing it. It could be tape or just editing or a mix or treatments still.

No. 250968

She looks so ridiculous now compared to this photo. Slanted eyes/lip filler look ridiculous on her. Same with her edited face shape. And she actually looks better with jowls.

No. 250988

File: 1663992275088.jpeg (518.23 KB, 828x1137, 3B7DB6BD-55CA-41AA-8A87-9ADF1B…)

She literally looks like a post op tranny thanks to all the procedures and shit she got done but sis insists that it's just aging, retinol and collagen kek.

No. 251036

Sky has been a photoshop cow for 12 years now and her shops still suck. All she does is drag the bars for all of the settings to max and calls it a day. I wonder if she's still using the same chinese apps

No. 251197

File: 1664118357150.jpeg (746.25 KB, 828x1425, CB9BEACE-3D53-4AB2-95F5-9077A1…)

>Free figure
>You have a high chance of winning!
That's cuz no one watches her stream.
Why is she giving it away when she's broke and in debt? Wouldn't it be better for her to sell it?

No. 251199

That's how you get veiwers. Giveaways aren't a new crowd attraction.

No. 251206

She's been doing figure giveaways for awhile now and her viewer count has remained the same lol. I think she's giving out fake figures and that's why she can part with them so easily without getting much gain/return.

No. 251211

It doesn't negate that it's a tactic used by streamers to get more viewers.

No. 251667

Her makeup is literally one of the worst I seen on a girl. It’s like a carnival mask, if anything she looks like a tranny and pretty much a big turn off. Her face is simply the one you wanna punch hard.

No. 251670

This looks like a prize figure, so it's worth about 10-15 bucks, not a huge loss

No. 251680

File: 1664286727724.jpeg (560.56 KB, 828x1177, 6F68B2EB-F78F-4DB9-9493-09FF1F…)

Sky thinks she’s so hot and sexy when she’s ugly and plain irl. It’s hilarious how she says she wants to leave the net and hates it yet she can’t stand her real self.

No. 251691

Sage your shit

No. 251737

Sure cow

No. 251825

WTF is this shit? Her nose doesn’t even look like a real human nose with all the photoshop. She even erased her cupid’s bow lmao.

No. 251839


The top makes her boobs look long and maybe saggy kek, which i'll wager to guess is because she did a little shooping with the warp tool or something. It just looks off.

No. 251877

Be careful when saying sag or sagging, that’s a trigger word for many anons kek

No. 252000

File: 1664408679637.jpeg (523.34 KB, 828x827, 6A4B2C9A-9DB0-43B3-B640-F3D1C5…)

She’s getting so lazy with her shops, the texture from her legs, stomach and thighs are are completely different compared to her face and chest and she wants people to pay for her pics?

No. 252014

Who cares at this point? Post milk for once. This is boring as fuck to chronical every single photoshop she does. Everything she posts has photoshop, no shit.

No. 252026

File: 1664420398180.jpeg (71.76 KB, 1000x788, 841EA2C1-3B58-4C7B-9B71-F96ECA…)

>complaining about people commenting on shops in a photoshop cow thread

No. 252045

One can only imagine how her face with these brows looks without make up and photoshop. seeing past candids her nose is pretty huge+ this far ass brow, do the math.

No. 252062

Looks like when someone's mom discovers an app and maxes out the sliders. RIP the eyebrows, even photoshop can't save that.

No. 252075

File: 1664454612982.png (581.46 KB, 828x1459, IMG_4257.png)

>focus on what makes you happy
Skyleigh has been saying this or “do what makes you happy” since she started being transracial asian. That is not an excuse to fake your race.
>start loving your flaws
How is Skyleigh gonna preach that shit when she’s always photoshopping herself to look like 10 different people? Not to mention she’s roleplaying as a goddamn video game character for fucks sake.

No. 252097

Thats a different thread, anon.

No. 252123

I’m not talking about a different thread, Skyleigh is a photoshop cow. I forgot to add the ‘s.

No. 252191

File: 1664491489350.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1976, 6D2CA0F0-134F-4B46-82B8-8505C7…)

posts about how much she wants girlfriends meanwhile has lost all of hers by stabbing them in the back and/or sleeping with their boyfriends ok sky

No. 252207

File: 1664495231690.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1699x1345, EC53521B-65AB-46B4-A24E-D743CF…)

It looks like she got more lip filler, her lips are looking like hemoroid ass lips.

No. 252252

File: 1664505930343.jpeg (27.9 KB, 390x292, EB8C2758-67C4-406E-971C-376CE1…)

lookin ass

No. 252303

Typical case of women who get obsessed with injections and don’t know when to stop. Every time I check on this clown, her lips are closer to look like a monkey ass

No. 252314

That is a filter ma’am

No. 252319

A filter can make your lips into ass lips?? If she’s using a so called filter, why is the name of the filter not displayed in the reel?

No. 252326

>he doesn't know what snow is

No. 252329

File: 1664543072353.png (430.83 KB, 828x1433, IMG_4284.png)

>It's a filter
Lol Sky and her wk are so pressed on convincing everyone her overly shopped and injected face is ~just~ a filter. She looks like a fucking freak.

No. 252354

Not everyone is an ugly fat bitch that relies on shop apps and filters like you and Skyleigh kek

No. 252362

You need serious mental help

No. 252395

File: 1664556403347.jpeg (210.03 KB, 828x444, 5E9139A4-0188-4F95-9127-7F4D36…)

>anon is so upset they go to meta to cry to mom
Imagine being this triggered over anons talking about bad photoshop.. I’m sorry this thread makes you so upset(derailing)

No. 252496

Why do you keep derailing the thread with shit other anons do in a thread it goes in? Maybe you do need help.

No. 252557

Actually yea it can, many of the filters now give you ass lips. I’ve also seen girls using filters without the filter being shown on the post, not sure how they do that, maybe by downloading it and then reposting

No. 252558

Translation: I’m so ugly that even filters can’t fix my fucked up mug so I don’t even bother
All the pretty girls on IG and shit use filters anon lmfao not saying it’s good or bad but it’s the way it is

No. 252580

I'm not sure how you got that translation from that anons post. If anything you sound personally upset some people don't have to alter their entire faces to post a photo on the internet. Literally who else would care enough to sperg about how all the pretty girls totally use face altering filters like Skye?

No. 252618

They do though. Pretty much everyone uses filters and if they aren't caught, it's because they know how to crop out the filter watermark or save the video and reupload without the marking in the corners saying what filter. I think they only place you can't hide filter usage is TikTok unless you're uploading a video you took off the app.

No. 252628

Not everyone uses a goddamn beauty filter lol.

No. 252664

Some places you don't have a choice. Even removing the one on TikTok still adds face slimming.

No. 252988

Not necessarily beauty filters but FaceApp and the like. I promise you the amount of influencers celebs models or anyone considered attractive online who upload pics without tweaking at least one thing is incredible slim sage for obvious ot

No. 253052

Anon must follow some GOOP women if they think most don't use filters.

No. 254050

File: 1664848878188.jpg (243.48 KB, 1074x1909, Screenshot_20221003-205238_Ins…)

Honestly I'm surprised she posted this

No. 254051

She never doesn't have that thick ass eyeliner lol

No. 254080

Sage your nitpicking shit, retard

No. 254117

She’s still using a filter

No. 254215

Job hunting arc? Kek also sis does not look half or part asian but you know in her delusional mind she thinks she does

No. 254458

Surprised about what? You actually think she looks like this irl? Sky looks like a man in drag without the photoshop, filters, makeup, and lenses.

No. 254715

File: 1665009455910.jpeg (544.43 KB, 828x1449, C2D9E71A-2BAB-41D5-B597-E51382…)

>Going to Cali
Isn’t she broke as a mf?

No. 254750


> claims to be "broke as fuck"

> goes to cali

Bro what the actual fuck lol

No. 254836

>moves back to mom’s house
>in debt
>has to get a job
>starts ebegging more
>flies to california

She’s either dumb as fuck or got flown out by one of her scrotes for sex

No. 254991

This whore literally cries she has to live with her mommy and now this(sage your shit)

No. 255461

Whats with her fingers?

No. 255506

The filter couldn’t hide her fatchan hands

No. 255746

Report the tranny

No. 256177

File: 1665165579287.jpeg (297.64 KB, 828x1469, C5A4882A-B987-4F45-8390-62723A…)

A scrote did fly her out yuck.

No. 256179

File: 1665165770110.jpeg (152.47 KB, 828x1466, 2EFDA010-DD27-4BA0-A47D-F836EB…)

And her proportions are whack, her hand is literally bigger than her jaw and chin. Sis needs to chill on the shop.

No. 256195

Damn, looks like a glamorous time hanging out in a going out of business FYE in a dead mall!

No. 256205

Awwwwww she's got a geek sugar daddy.

No. 256231

More like a neckbeard splenda daddy kek.

No. 256375

>splenda scrote
Kek that poster called it.

Nubs for fingernails.

No. 256414

File: 1665192466222.jpeg (240.76 KB, 1464x828, 55B09EE8-6CC0-4596-AC3F-8F46F3…)

>I want girl friends so bad
>always surrounds herself with nasty neckbeard scrotes

No. 256478

Her hand is bigger than her whole head kek

No. 256567

>every post is complaining about photoshop
>no new milk in years
Why did this exist again?

No. 256862

It's /w/ are you new? There's a hide thread function. Alternatively you can sperg in /meta/ about how this thread shouldn't exist without shitting it up futher by reiterating your opinion every few days like it has any effect.

No. 256913

File: 1665321830017.jpeg (155.39 KB, 828x1485, D1427671-C47A-475D-899A-ADEB54…)

Her scroties don’t care that she looks completely different irl, it’s free pussy after all kek.

No. 257048

Wonder if the scrotes took candids.

No. 257079

She can’t take far away shots without a scrote helping her, so I’m pretty sure one of them is her photographer. It’s crazy how hard they play along with her delusions but pussy is pussy I guess.

No. 257370

she wants to pass as asian so bad that she thinks squinting will work. she's warped.(sage your shit)

No. 257380

>she wants to pass as asian
It’s not passing when she’s not even asian to begin with.

No. 257519

File: 1665495215307.jpg (149.88 KB, 828x1465, snose.jpg)

>toucan sam nose
>double chin
>wide face
Lmaoo! A bit of her real face is peaking through the filter.

No. 257731

File: 1665539196923.jpg (236.97 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20221010-224015_Ins…)

No. 257736

She has the same pillow face as Kylie Jenner and I don’t mean this as a compliment.

No. 257764

Even this is pure filtered. You can imagine how bloated she looks irl

No. 257788

>I’m trying to sleep
>has circle lenses, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow liner, concealer and foundation on

No. 257789

all of her features look huge. like huge eyes, nose, lips! her editing is so bad she looks like a cartoon character it freaks me out… like she has no space on her face

No. 257790

File: 1665581232842.jpeg (598.11 KB, 828x1467, 6D884150-A3D5-4986-8756-D39A64…)

>some of you asked for my autograph at twitchcon
Skyleigh likes to pretend she’s a super star and successful, when she’s the opposite of that.

No. 257791

kek it would have just been 3 incels

No. 257794

I refuse to believe anyone could even recognise her.

No. 257795

for real. she must be so embarrassed deep down. imagine your whole online presence is about your looks/cosplay/face and that isnt even how you look. if i was her i would be too ashamed to show up to any public events lmao

No. 257797

Skyleigh has no shame because she truly believes she looks exactly like her shooped cgi pics irl.

No. 257820

Yeah those were her own imaginary fans living in her head, that dumbfuck thinks she is important

No. 257845

File: 1665596984815.jpeg (167.66 KB, 828x1472, 4409A14C-8831-4FA5-AD30-6E19B2…)

Lol she actually added this video to her ~asian pr00f~ story highlight. Sis really thinks an edited video of her with light makeup on proves she’s 50% asian.
Saged for 12 week old milk.

No. 257886

pale + dark hair and dark eyes = asian! not even the filter makes her look asian kek

No. 257896

File: 1665614670220.jpg (35.21 KB, 600x600, 78e36c8c096aeb13b46a3b41cd934c…)

Can one of her whiteknights who periodically checks this thread let her know that she’s not Yaya Han or JNig?

I think she does have some awareness that she is far from her IG pics. She always has a face mask on in public and only takes it off when her scrotographer takes a pic for her. I imagine she quickly pops her mask back on when she gets her phone back and starts adding the shoops.

>Delusional ass thinks she looks Asian
You have 0 asian blood, you are white and look the part.

No. 257930

File: 1665623899978.jpeg (796.38 KB, 1657x1473, 41BB12F8-C54C-46EE-BA49-9878EF…)

She’s thinking of making a YT vid calling out companies and people for giving her bad experiences as an “influencer”. she says she won’t actually name anyone because of the possibility of getting blackmailed.
Who else thinks the “blackmail” shit is just a convenient lie so no one can verify if it really happened and it plays into her fantasy of being a big star/influencer/idol?

And lol at Sky calling herself an “influencer”. She’s more of a failed streamer, costhot and sexworker.

No. 257943

She was hidden under a mask so how would anyone even know who it was.

Even if she was well known enough to have an autograph asked for, she looks like a random fat white chick fan amongst the sea of thots at the con, not the uwu smol azn influencer she claims to be.

No. 257978

But your own giveaway with a alibaba trash figure, your constant asian fishing shouldn’t get called out? Maybe start calling out your own shit first shitleigh

No. 257983

File: 1665650521864.jpg (1016.73 KB, 4096x3072, Totally not European guiz.jpg)

Wow I literally had no idea she created a 20 slide story highlight with random tiktoks, a map of the continents, various explanations as to why she looks different from her old photos, that weird statement she made, and a few collages of the most EA looking Armenian people she could find. I googled Armenian/Turkic people (kek Kim K came up) and for the most part I got Eastern European/Mediterranean/"Middle Eastern" looking images so she must have done some digging to validate her fetish. Someone needs to explain to her that a population of people can reside on the continent of Asia without being majority Asian decent. The mental gymnastics involved in this are insane so here's some reading material she wouldn't approve of with sources



No. 257984

File: 1665650687050.png (535.57 KB, 739x415, Armenians.png)

Picrel, just some Armenians living in the moment

No. 258003

armenians are not asians, skyleigh is so desperate for people to believe her shit so she gets the half asian card. It’s also insane how she photoshopped 15% Japanese in her dna test.

All these transracial asians like skyleigh want to be asian so bad but are no where to be found when it comes to real issues like racism and hate crimes against asians. She was spamming BLM but was no where to be found for Stop Asian Hate.

No. 258009

I like the part where even the EU considers them culturally fellow eurofags. It's convenient they'll virtue signal due to social pressures, but never mention a topic that should be close to their hearts.

No. 258016

i always find it funny when iNfLuEnCeRs say that somebody or a company needs to be called out but then they wont say the name. like your not calling anyone out then your just telling a storytime… shes probably doing this to seem so “kind” like she gives a shit about non existent trashy companies.

No. 258021

File: 1665665725886.jpeg (897.15 KB, 828x1473, 64A97432-12A7-4F8E-9554-F307A0…)

She’s back to Youtube after abandoning her account for a couple years. Lol I doubt she can shop her videos like Kootz but I guess she has 3 whole days to figure that out. Keep delaying the job hunting process Sky, it will eventually happen.

No. 258026

She literally doesn't know anyone asian and has no ties to the culture beyond weeb shit and fetish shit, that's how she outs herself constantly.

No. 258054

you can do it with phone apps now

No. 258061

>has no ties to asians and asian culture
B-but anon! Skychan says she has family in Japan!! >>231964
Kek. I think she’s crazy enough to hire random asians to be her japanese family so she can say “SEE GUYS I DO HAVE JAPANESE FAMILY! I TOLD YOU!1! I’M REALLY JAPANESE!!!”

No. 258174

File: 1665707556009.jpeg (739.65 KB, 1656x1474, 90F44EEA-94AB-4A59-88A6-6EE5D8…)

Dumping Sky’s uggo edits incase anyone from Tiktok wants use it for their expose vids

No. 258175

File: 1665707584747.jpeg (796.47 KB, 1662x1483, B355D002-7CFD-4420-B31C-E30233…)


No. 258181

File: 1665708707603.png (364.63 KB, 459x490, just_filters_guis.PNG)

personally, I also like my buildings warped and tucking towards my jawline area.

No. 258185

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that even through she's tied her hair back she insists on trying to slim her face with those random bits of hair that don't even frame it properly? Looking at her photos is starting to make me think they're glued on kek. Is it because editing is easier with those hairs? Or is she trying to hide something, because they're literally suctioned to her face in every photo?

Kek you may have just answered my question.

No. 258213

>she insists on trying to slim her face
She’s super insecure about her big face, she’s literally the crimson chin irl. Half a decade ago she was ebegging for people to pay for her plastic surgeries in Korea to make her look like an asian person and to shave down that big ass face.

No. 258226

No. 258240

File: 1665716362114.jpeg (673.65 KB, 828x1481, 54B63DDF-F328-4229-8472-B803B2…)

Sky backtracking real fast kek. She’s been lurking.

No. 258308

File: 1665761925935.jpeg (202.38 KB, 828x1464, 012405EE-7D4A-43FB-9391-AD408B…)

Doing another fake figure giveaway

No. 258310

File: 1665762131583.jpeg (334.76 KB, 828x1470, D0B87CD4-9E82-4CDB-ABB7-003875…)

>made new kofi acc
>posting more
>streaming more
>doing giveaways
>doing YT again
At this point she’s just throwing a bunch of shit at the wall and hoping something sticks

No. 258313

lol I think I've posted like twice in this entire thread, good try though. Pointing out cow shooping behavior when they say things like 'it's just filters!' is important for evidence whenever she states she doesn't shoop herself. So chill the fuck out.
And whoever posted those screenshots saged too so who cares.

No. 258318

And you can tell it's fake figure how?l from a stock photo or you mean the giveaway is fake? Has someone said they were knock offs before?

No. 258323

>how do you know it’s fake?
>Skyleigh is broke and in debt
>giving out figures like it’s candy
>barely gets new followers and new donations from the giveaways
It’s not hard to put two and two together.

No. 258324

You didn't answer the question. Had she been called or for fake figures before or they turn out to be Amazon knock-offs?

No. 258335

it's not fake, it's a prize fig. they cost $20-$40. even less if they're recently released. this is just some cheap gacha prize.

No. 258338

samefag but you can get this from tokyo otaku mode for $10 right now. prize figures are not real figures. they're lower quality than the expensive ones, some collectors still collect them though if they're poor or really hardcore fans of the character/series.

No. 258347

They are real figures though, anon, they aren't knock-off casted. They are just cheaper, accessible figures for people who want to own figures, but the high cast resin ones are too pricey for them or the limited run made it so they couldn't get maybe 1 of 2 versions made. They are made by legit companies too. These aren't like the figures Amazon gets away with sellers selling knock-offs.

No. 258373

Filler does that to you. She's clearly not broke if she can still get filler and travel around

No. 258374

and lip tint

No. 258375

If anyone thinks she genuinely will give away figures worth 200$/300$, you have to be dumb as her(sage your nonmilk)

No. 258379

If the fake amazon ones are cheaper, then she probably did get those. Obviously, she would get the cheapest ones she can if she really is just giving them away.

No. 258392

How do we know these giveaways are even real? Not talking about the legitimacy of the figurines, but it would not surprise me if she just faked a giveaway. She could even make an alt account that "won" the figure and shows it off. Would not put it past her.

No. 258398

>>258392 yeah tbh has anyone seen who won any of the giveaways? ive seen her post about the giveaways but then afterwards i havent seen her announcing who won. even if it was just for her twitch stream, which is sub only to view vods btw. idk seems really fishy maybe she chooses a random simp to win and then “sends” it and it gets “lost in the mail” or something lmao sorry for speculating

No. 258457

I mean, she’s trying to raise her viewership. Who the fuck does a giveaway for low value shit? She expects an increase in viewers while doing fuck all, her failure is well deserved.

No. 258460

If you have some kind of proof, can you post it? Have other people complained or has she shown boxes so we can prove they are real or fake? A licensed/branded regardless of price figure, is legit. Fake dye-castes are fakes. Choose one, anon. You just sound salty and keep conflicting the two types of figures for each other based on price alone.

No. 258461

No one is dumb enough to brag online for winning a giveaway [if lots of people entered] in fear of harassment or some kind of vendetta with the excuse somewhere of favoritism or they knew the winner somehow, also getting doxed possibly. On top of that, giveaways shouldn't announce who won and should only reach out to the person who won. This is pretty common now considering the lengths people have gone to to track down winners of giveaways before [not involving Ahri].

No. 258467

Lol. People literally congratulate the winner by using their username. No one reveals the real name of the winner. Many giveaways announce the winners to prove it’s real, all the fake ones never reveal the winner
Can Skyleigh’s fellow transracial friends and scroties fuck off?

No. 258470

File: 1665800235440.jpeg (836.23 KB, 828x1349, 561CEF29-EAA9-462D-A651-22C766…)

Skyleigh’s cosplays are so boring and bad. She can keep trying to avoid finding a real job, eventually her mom will make it happen when she misses rent for the 7th time

No. 258471

Anons are asking for proof of false advertising for these though, so does anyone have any? Or proof of the figures being fake castes?

No. 258475

uhhh im not sure what your talking about. its in no way dangerous for sky to just quickly post congrats @username you won! on her story just for people to know the giveaways over and to announce the winner. its not like shes saying their full name. and i dont think people are going to harass someone for winning a 20 dollar figure… even if they did they can just block the people lmao since there would only be like 5 others who even entered. you kind of sound like a white knight rn. besides it would just prove someone did win but i havent seen anything like that.

No. 258477

Nta but it's speculation anon, stop getting your knickers in a twist over the ethot equivalent of Oli London

No. 258488

she thinks she looks hot? HAHA

No. 258489

no you don't get it. these are japanese made, they are just cheap normally. they're made to sell in crane game machines. they're called prize figures because you win them as a prize. tokyo otaku mode is a legitimate importer and doesn't sell fakes. they are just cheaply made to begin with. the ones she's been giving away are real but only cost $20 or so to begin with because they're for crane games. you're talking about scale figs which are more expensive not because of material, but because of a variety of reasons. but the figures she's buying are prize figures. please read this to learn the difference.

No. 258491

I mean, it’s a typical Chinese factory cosplay, which is what most cosplayers wear these days unless they are more focused on crafting cosplays. They don’t cost much, and depending on how many followers she has, she might get them for free as advertising for the brand or at a heavy discount. I’ve seen lots of costhots who have codes for costume factories now.
In either case, I don’t think she’s serious about cosplay, but if she gets it for free or cheap she puts it on and takes pics.

No. 258493

I think she enjoys dressing up, but I think she focusing more on how she can monetize it, so the enjoyment gets lost.

No. 258495

File: 1665812240775.jpeg (699.89 KB, 828x1030, A803CD8F-DBB7-4F7A-98A8-551782…)

>she’s not serious about it
Sis has been trying to make cosplay her career for the past ten years now. The only “gig” she gets is the cosplay car show event which is a handout from that mexican scrote she’s always hanging with

No. 258504

lmao she looks like a sofa. Every part of her padded

No. 258524

And she has the balls to claim she’s “all natural” and her “curves” are not from photoshop or anything else kek.

No. 258538

If she's not making porn or nudes, is she even a sex worker?

No. 258539

Sky calls herself an influencer but who is she influencing exactly?
>0 brand deals or collabs
>no convention or company has paid her to show up
>nonexistent fan base
It took her about 10 years to get 200k followers on instagram, I’ve seen many people build that amount of followers in 1-2 years from doing real influencer shit (brand deals/collabs) and they don’t even take off their clothes off like Sky. She doesn’t want to admit that she’s not an influencer, she’s just a costhot sexworker.

No. 258540

She does softcore porn

No. 258544

Standing there and not being nude isn't really softcore either.

No. 258555

File: 1665846712192.jpeg (201.44 KB, 828x1154, 3D6B7AFB-CDF9-401B-AEC7-319441…)

What she does on fansly totally isn't softcore >>230660
She makes 18+ content and is on sex sites.
You're always here trying to make it seem like she's not as bad, nice try.

No. 258559

No one has posted porn from these sites though, so how can we say she does nudity or not? You'd think anons would've posted that kind of milk already. You have celebs who use OF and stuff and don't do nudity.

No. 258612

Late, but I believe 100% she is taping her eyes back to appear Asian and hiding the tape with her hair. She never posts pictures without hair framing the side of her face, it probably slims her face as well.

No. 258629

Whether her fake azn~ slant eyes are from taping, shoop, or pdo threads/Botox we can all agree it looks stupid and fake

No. 258674

No1currs. Move on to real milk.

No. 258768

File: 1665932023480.jpg (87.23 KB, 800x450, becky.jpg)

She must be out of her mind to think she looks 50/50 white japanese mix. Especially with how giant her lips are, and her skin tone isnt even the right color+eye shape+face shape.

and I hope someone tells her Ahri isn't even a japanese name. It's not even a legitimate korean name either, its just a LoL created name.

No. 258787

haffu people don't look a specific way, anon. not all haffus get the same traits. sky not being haffu doesn't change the fact that stereotyping people who are actually haffu is messed up.

No. 258791

Racist much?

No. 258817

>Giant lips
She gets lip filler
>Ahri is not a Japanese name
She's role playing as the Ahri but Japanese from league kek.
Because of how diverse half Asians can look ala Joey the anime man, Sky along with the other transracial weebs thinks their lies are believable.

No. 258925

File: 1665965206022.jpg (516.71 KB, 828x822, hoe.jpg)

Skyleigh can have a dildo up her asshole and her white knights will still say it's not porn. She's still selling her body in a sexual manner, yes her clothes are still on but that's exactly what soft core porn is.
Sky doesn't care about japanese culture, history and the language. She only loves the stereotypes.

No. 258939

What dildo, wtf even is this photo where it's not on topic to what you are talking about? Can you actually post relevant shit?

No. 258946

>What dildo
Not literally dumbass, you sound like the same smartie here >>236980
You clearly don't understand sarcasm.
Picrel was to show what she does is soft core porn.
it's either you don't read or simply don't understand, everything goes swoosh over that pee brain head of yours. Skyleigh certainly does not send her best lol.

No. 258954

I remember her thread on pull. She always wanted to do lewds and nude stuff, she was literally counting down the days until she was of legal age. From there it's not unreasonable to think that after years of lackluster lewds, she would follow Belle Delphine and her other idols into porny stuff. She patterned herself after Belle partially. So idk why her WKs are so pressed. So your photoshop princess porns it up. She was dumb enough to think she'd make a living from that. Sky should get off the internet and get an education.

No. 258967

>Sky should get off the internet and get an education
She wants to live her life as HimeAhri not skyleigh renee arzoomanian. Living as Skyleigh means no more attention from neckbeard scrotes with yellow fever and trans girls saying they want to look like her shoops. I honestly don't think she wants to live a life without online attention and validation, because to her, attention is more important than self development. She would instantly stop being a cow if she left the net + drops her transracial shit and does something with herself.

No. 258972

So no porn at all lol

No. 258974

Ntayrt but you know we can tell when you're being intentionally obtuse? You're not ESL enough to unironically misrepresent what that anon just said, so stfu or contribute something of value.

No. 259012

NTA, but you realize that if anons can't produce milk, then there's no reason to keep bringing up porn when there isn't any. This is such a waste of time.

No. 259041

Sure Jan. You're literally the only person here denying what she does is not soft core porn, she's not a sex worker and spamming no milk.

No. 259046

>New vid
>Kootz V2
>Splenda scrote cameo
>25 year old grown adult trying to sound like a snot nose kid asking if you got games on your phone

No. 259083

Can you do everyone a favor and actually break down with greentext and not joke about it?

No. 259100

>Plane footage of her showing off complementary snacks/drink and her shooped/snow face
>Annoying key rattling for some reason
>Scrote and her make shitty jokes about self harm
>Scrote bites and cuddles up with her
>Boring footage of her and her scrote that we have seen from her IG stories
>More boring footage of her walking around twitch con and jumping into a ball pit (2:13)
>Another scrote joins their walk around the con(4:21), I have no idea what is going on through this portion. Its just footage of twitchcon clumped together with no explanation of what they're doing
>Her and her scrotes enjoy some beers, nachos, and sandwiches together
>Later she gets ramen because she's so Japanese!
>At the end for maybe 10 seconds of the video she says "a lyft driver tried to kill us" and main scrote goes off on a rant about how he's scared of crack heads and didn't want to walk on the streets.

Click bait title for sure. Boring video. But she looks like she had fun.

No. 259109

Thank you

No. 259151

All I'm saying is that she would logically get the cheapest figurine. Literally anyone who is "broke" would do so, if giving it away for free. No idea if that would be an illegitimate one, or just a cheap legit one, but she definitely wouldn't give away a decent quality one.

No. 259154

Godbless you anon for doing the lord’s work.

No. 259165

the funniest part of her new youtube video is the jump between clips where she films on the general iphone camera to the clips where she uses the korean filter app that she always abuses (Snow). and it's quite painful to sit through. she is boring, tries so hard to be funny, and when she is on camera, she just poses and fixes her hair. how is that entertaining?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 259167

File: 1666046188102.jpeg (258.46 KB, 828x1469, C6024C8D-3D59-43E0-B95C-77CB37…)

>gets extremely tired from streaming and editing a youtube video
She won’t survive working a real job.(sage this nonmilk)

No. 259179

File: 1666050880643.jpeg (216.88 KB, 828x1467, 744724B9-1388-42DB-8C63-2B35CE…)

Sky says she’s been so stressed and has a lot of trauma and is on the verge of suing for mental damage

No. 259180

File: 1666050913704.jpeg (170.6 KB, 828x1480, 910F196E-EE8A-465F-BEE6-CB3DA0…)

And the obligatory I have no makeup on post when she has makeup on(ban evasion)

No. 259456

Wow her voice is nearly as fake as lilfuncakez and that's saying something kek.

No. 259515

I really wish that unsaged newfaggot would not give skyanon fuel, I mean we all know she’s a scrotepleasing idiot but we’re not blind, we don’t need nitpicks.
It gives me second hand embarrassment, she will regret that when she finally grows up

No. 259698

Tinfoil but honestly half of /w/ is like this, particularly in the threads where anons try to shut down discussion. Makes me think cows read the rules and then intentionally use them to make their threads look more retarded than they have to be. Then again the zoomers we have running rampant here are pretty retarded.

No. 259770

Don’t need makeup when your filters in snow do the job

No. 259791

I think snowflakes from /w/ are more invested in what people say about them, they pretend to be farmers to wk for themselves cause their egos are hurt. That’s why the wks are so hellbent on refuting everything

No. 259877

she needs a thread tbh she’s also a race faker, pretends to be asian but she’s just an ex-fatty white girl who got a shitload of surgery to be a twitch thot. her name is kayla servi, she was an actress who was in several flop movies and she realized being a whore on Twitter was more lucrative fucking kek. and she’s dating an ex LoL pro like all the twitch girls did 8 years ago, bit late on the sucking an ugly dudes chode for clout train tbh

No. 259949

Lol none of these race fakers/transracial asians are convincing at all. They either shoop the fuck of themselves or has dark eyes + dark hair + paper white skin + blood red lipstick + heavy eye makeup or a combo of both.

No. 259974

File: 1666308761171.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1032, E18C6BDD-7297-49C9-B168-323D08…)

New alien shops. It looks especially bad when you zoom in

No. 260017

The proportions in this pic are so out of whack.

No. 260123

I wonder what her dad thinks of her calling him a horrible abuser and terrible person.

No. 260163

Who cares?

No. 260232

>no photos with the dad when she was a child
I have an armenian/japanese relative and he's noticeably got strong features of both, that lardass is very clearly neither. He looks mexican, turkish, or pakistani if you're being generous, but he's definitely not japanese or armenian and neither are his kids, nor is she. She also mysteriously never talks about the situation with turkey right now despite being political in just about every other facet and it being a major part of armenian history and current events. So is she skinwalking Kim K for uwu special points or does she just really like SOAD? Her entire racial skinwalking persona seems to come from her hobbies/interests so I wouldn't be surprised.
And again, not a drop of armenian or japanese physiognomy to be found.
>Jewish/Nazi BTW! ~heartemoji!!~

No. 260236

in her old blog, she wanted her bio parents and step-parents at her wedding. Seemed to like them both. No trauma about either.

No. 260239

>>Jewish/Nazi BTW! ~heartemoji!!~
Wtf is this even supposed to mean?

No. 260256

File: 1666375243283.jpeg (21.57 KB, 551x556, C3FFDBBF-BA44-46D3-A1BB-D642F9…)

>skyanon pretending to be dense again

No. 260279

File: 1666378849465.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1170x1476, E8B14694-921A-46D9-8582-ACA234…)

Her edits remind of the trend in Korea that even Koreans made fun of. Can’t remember what they were called, but she looks nothing like it in reality. Must be hard for her when she doesn’t have one redeeming feature that’s unique or eye catching. She needs to accept that she’s just a regular/normal looking white girl.

No. 260335

She removed these from her asian proof highlight.
Wasn’t she so eager to prove to everyone’s she’s Japanese? Or did she realize what she was saying was a load of baloney?

No. 260366

File: 1666396683247.jpeg (57.73 KB, 549x960, 9223D95D-CEB7-44F2-8D33-E23759…)

She’s been saying she’s Japanese since she was 12-13.

No. 260382

File: 1666401119817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,15.23 KB, 600x338, 2794372848595.jpeg)

She looks so much better here. The way she shops she looks like a smudge on the screen. Pic rel.

No. 260403

I agree. too bad she’s addicted to shopping herself to look like an asian caricature.

No. 260421

File: 1666412001068.jpeg (349.55 KB, 828x1485, B36C7C06-226A-40E2-AB2C-CD9A13…)

>mentioning how making vids make her super tired and sick again
We get it. Lifting a finger to do something is a lot of work for Skyleigh

No. 260629

and she has a love affair with filler and surgery. A whole face of filler, ridiculous clown lips, new nose, slanted eyes and gross ass black circle lenses that make her look possessed on top of shooping her imo nice face shape into a monstrosity. Her parents should have forced her into extended psychotherapy sessions the moment she started this "I'm Japanese" larp bullshit.

No. 260671

File: 1666534877503.jpg (385.59 KB, 1080x2075, Screenshot_20221023-073132_Ins…)

No. 260687

Not trying to wk. Can you post context for once?

No. 260690

Gun idiots will always be idiots. Wtf is she doing wrong in calling out his comment? Sage your shit if you can't produce milk. His comment was 100% unnecessary, especially because fake gun lol

No. 260697

Calm down skyanon

No. 260768

“Go touch grass”

Way to admit you lurk here Sky.

No. 260824

>gO tOuCh gRaSs
Says the bitch who literally spends every waking second online kek.

No. 260831

Context is guy left an asinine comment because he thinks he's witty and Sky told him to touch grass. Nothing else really happened, anons just think this makes her look bad somehow compared to everything else she does.

No. 260837

>anon thinks that comment makes her look bad somehow
It does make her look bad. She created an image that she’s an uwu sweet innocent nicesu anime girl when she’s the opposite. Her posts and how she responds to people shows the cracks of her fake persona breaking.

No. 260838

She's calling out a dude being an asshole, anon. It's not that deep.

No. 260937

That went from 0 to 100 real quick kek. Who gets insecure about some dumb scrotes offhand comment about your fake gun accuracy?

No. 260961

He’s probably one of her scrotes who can’t afford to donate anymore so she’s upset uwu.
It’s true though, idk why anyone would react like that, but then again she is from trumpville.

No. 260974

Skyleigh is a bitch, got it.

No. 260976

File: 1666614324904.jpg (631.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221024-231619.jpg)

>I totally get asked out all the time when I look my absolute worst and they always make sure to ask my age because I sound and look so uwu I couldn't possibly be in my mid 20s but it keeps happening everywhere I go I feel so uncomfortable I have to escape asap and write about it on social media because I'm sick of people literally begging to take me out uwu
Reddit is for fags but this belongs on r/thathappened or r/humblebrag.

No. 260983

She also makes up stories about people verbally attacking her irl for being so uwu ~smol~. Sky is desperate for people to see her as special when she’s really a dime in a dozen.

No. 260984

Her regular outings are probably no different then what she showed in her YouTube video. Nobody noticing her and her and her retard friends saying “ penis” and looking around to see if they got any attention for it.

No. 260998

I see thots do this all the time though, including calling out DMs. Has no one ITT ever seen that? Twitter is notorious for callout posts. I remember Moo dragging someone who did this too and commentors piled on the guy for being a nitpicking prick. How's this different?

No. 261102

Anon, that doesn't mean we can't find the fact she got so deeply triggered about some random moid's offhand comment about gun accuracy (that is totally irrelevant to her fake cosplay prop) entertaining. Yes I've seen twitterfags trying to cancel people for dumb shit idk how that's relevant? Both look like speds in the exchange, and I'm sure the situation was the same for Moo.

No. 261109

"working all day"
lmfao good one, skye

No. 261171

His comment was retarded to begin with. Why are you defending a scrote so hard? Idgaf about this cow, but acting like his comment wasn't just there to be a doucebag publicly is crazy. I'm glad she called him out over a prop. She really doesn't look bad here.

No. 261210

File: 1666697626931.jpeg (156.4 KB, 750x683, 7D82BF93-9F71-4D7E-9E4D-7C19BF…)

She has a history of going 0-100 with her scrotes. A couple years ago a scrote wished her well and she had a random tmi freak out while saying thanks kek.
No one is defending a scrote, we’re just laughing at her reaction. She could’ve deleted the comment or said something else instead of having a retard meltdown.

No. 261215

Unclench your pearls no one is defending a scrote I said they both look retarded. Just because other strangers on the internet find humour in the situation doesn't mean you have to get defensive about it.

Kek, that's the epitome of no one asked I love it. I hope she keeps the comments rolling.

No. 261230

Nah, she did good. Absolutely not in the wrong here. Don't care about your petty post.

No. 261231

File: 1666709877580.png (6.23 MB, 1170x2532, DCB3489D-FC4A-4ADC-A3B8-0F5C41…)

Why does she make every trivial thing she does sound like it’s something grand or life changing. But glad she’s finally attempting to do something about her flabbiness.

No. 261238

my god, I understand halloween is REALLY close but if you rattle any harder you'll crumble

No. 261241

She doesn't look flabby, but I do think it's a whole other mental issue when you go to the gym because you aren't happy with yourself, then photoshopping a gym photo on top of it. There's zero point because the issue is your body dysmorphia and going to the gym won't fix that when she keeps just editing even after gym photos.

Also is the thing she did that she's proud of wearing ears to the gym or something?

No. 261245

>skyleigh has a retard meltdown
>she did good
>she did nothing wrong
>don’t care about ur petty comment
Whatever you say Skyanon.

>working out gaiz!
>wears cat ears to the gym becoz irl ahri
>preaching about taking care of yourself
>woe is me, i went through sooo much shit
>fake positivity humbleness
Anyone want to bet she’s not actually working out? She’s always lied about working out and how she gets “fit” when it’s all padding and photoshop. Plus I can’t imagine her actually putting in any level of work considering 5 minutes of work is traumatizing for her kek. And who the fuck wears autistic cat ears to the gym??

No. 261247

They don't let people into the lockerrooms without having a membership, so why spend money just to go take a photo? There are free YMCAs for that.

No. 261254

>just went to the gym for a photo
I am not surprised if this is true. Has she ever spoken the truth about anything? She lies about everything even down to shit like her name, genetics, lineage and her own damn father. I’m guessing her gym lie is for people to think her body isn’t created with photoshop.

No. 261261

I don't know, seems like a lot just to walk in to a YMCA, when you still have to sign in and stuff, even though it's free, just to do this. Maybe it's a family account. She isn't super fat, just skinny, no definition. Wouldn't surprise me if she does go to the gym, but basically just treadmills.

No. 261292

Not all gyms require memberships. Some of my local gyms have a “ pay as you go” feature. But I agree with anon above that it’s likely a family account as Sky is broke. This gym thing won’t last long though, especially with how lazy she is. I figure she’ll only pull out the gym card when she wants ass pats and praise for lifting a 10 pound weight a few times.

No. 261386

File: 1666792207117.jpeg (396.45 KB, 828x1629, 4E35E128-78A5-40F3-897A-38DF07…)

How long do you guys think she’s going to keep this workout uwu so fit image for?

No. 261395

She's probably been going already and she's only now taking photos

No. 261492

Isn't she broke? But she can afford the gym? She also sounds like a narc, especially when she says that "she works sooo hard to make others happy she ripped herself apart" KEK. No, she focuses solely on herself. It's so evident in the way she always goes on and on about herself.

No. 261501

Did you miss the entire conversation of anons discussing its probably a family membership? Learn2read the thread.

No. 261540

File: 1666826338233.jpeg (2.41 MB, 2889x1167, 66032E0F-F60B-4C27-8C59-0A89AB…)

It’s off putting seeing her around kids considering her uwu I want 2 piss on kids posts from back in the day.

No. 261552

Can't believe you took that too heart.

No. 261575

And when someone on twitter tells another twitter user they’re going to curbstomp them for putting pineapple on pizza, do you believe them?

No. 261583

I can’t believe you’re still wking. Who the fuck “jokes” about urinating on children? You have to be clinically insane to type that shit out and post it.

No. 261597

You literally responded to 2 different anons. I'm >>261552 and yes, you sound stupid to take that seriously just like >>261575 says.

No. 261612

File: 1666847727776.jpg (Spoiler Image,369.65 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20221027-160707__01…)

I agree it wouldn't surprise me either. You're right about the skinny with no definition as well, I think a lot of women are built like that. Honestly she looks fine to me body wise the only issues that arise are from her wearing clothing a size too small to work with her smol Asian larp. This outfit was fine when she stood up but not when sitting imo. Nearly everyone's stomach does this when you sit down it's just most people buy a size a skirt size to allocate for it. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the insecurity gym posting stems from the fact she places too much importance on numbers and not whether it fits nicely.

No. 261666

>has handcuffs on in the pic with the baby
Of course Skyleigh's wks are mad, they're brain damaged just like their kween.
The eye lift and the photoshoop on her eyes looks ridiculous, she looks really stupid kek.

No. 261713

She looks fine to me too, but anons gotta nitpick something. Reminds me of when they call cows like Lori obese too lol Maybe if they looked like Jillian.

No. 261727

I don't believe you're actually two different people but hey, you could be a parasitic twin head attached to Skyanon's scrote body for all we know.

No. 261734

anons only call lori obese because she reads her thread and they're trying to troll her back into being ana.

No. 261798

Loony is an absolute unit that insults cosplayers half her age and size by calling them fat while shooping herself thin for years.

The only similarity between these cows is that both are wearing cheap clothes they can't fit into.

No. 261874

File: 1666894818995.png (799.86 KB, 896x516, Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.06…)

Although I know going to the gym and working on your health are good things… I can't shake this feeling she's priming up for a new photoshop style that she'll credit going to the gym just like other cows have. ( Like moo did with her lipo and photoshopping )

I suspect she'll BS post on/off for a couple weeks before coming out with her fake results.

No. 261957

Old photos aren't a great example and that suit is baggy on her too

No. 261977

Kek, it's definitely not the normal 2edgey5me humour is it? What a weird thing to joke about for scrote approval.

No. 262003

When R kelly was being meme'd as fuck for his comments, yeah it was lol

No. 262010

File: 1666923701442.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, FE408A21-85C3-408B-AF05-9FFF62…)

Can you stop already? You're not going to convince anyone that pedo "jokes" are funny.

No. 262119

R Kelly raped and humiliated childen anon, idk what circles you hang out in but this isn't the kind of joke you post to social media and not expect raised eyebrows. Between close friends sure, you do you, but in the public eye it's fair game.

No. 262130

No one said it was funny, you're taking it way too seriously and this was how many years ago? Lol

No. 262131

>No one said it's funny
Lol the whole time u and the "other" wk was defending Sky's post like it's a completely normal thing to say and it's a joke cuz of memes. Just stop.

No. 262193

Do you take everything seriously? I guess that there was also more than this post so what was before this one and after it when she made that comment. If anons have this photo there's no way they don't have the other photos. I want to know what the entire context is because to me it sounds like she was just joking around and this is just a nitpick to have something to post even though its old AF, to try and make false accusations that she might harm children. Deluded as hell. All the other anons are right, no milk so you make up fake milk to try to stir outrage. Fuck off, anon. You're killing the legitimacy of things she actually does. Not misconstring a joke and going full in because you're autistic.

The fact that someone posted real children and their whole bodies to lolcow should be your main concern. Those children aren't safe because their eyes are crossed out. It's not even their whole face. That means a farmer has these photos of children on their phone. Should I be more concerned over a joke or the fact that someone has these on their phone? Should not have been posted to begin with just to try and make fake milk.

No. 262234

She used to live with her ex boyfriend, and now I think she’s dating one of her fans, levi, who was in YouTube video. Maybe her ex kicked her out.

No. 262270

Samefag, but I was just thinking, whats the source of that image anyway? I tried to find it and the only place that I can is >>>/snow/277436

So is there any at all with a timestamp or not zoomed in and what looks like could be someone edited this on to it? What's the legitimacy of this because now I'm thinking this was all just a bullshit vendetta post from /snow/ from the get-go from a different anon and someone took the bait lol

No. 262306

File: 1667000846225.png (6.2 MB, 1170x2532, DE5C8536-1B20-4A65-AC9C-DE8A15…)

This is a pic from this year and tbh she’s not fat but just has a wide frame that makes her look chubby at times. So many cows on snow seem to have boxy frames and have obsessions with appearing small.

No. 262310

I'm not the anon who posted it and you defended it by claiming it was a normal thing to post at the time so I gave my opinion. This doesn't inherently mean she's a pedophile, it means I think she makes horrible jokes at the expense of others which is fair game for comment.

No. 262359

She’s still no stranger to joking about horrible things under others expense. In her recent video about twitch con her and her fan bf were making fun of self harmers calling her emo because she has scratch marks on her arm. Not very classy, Sky.

No. 262363

It's funny considering the sickly sweet persona she puts on for her audience. If she acted edgy, didn't put on the fake voice and could take criticism it wouldn't be so jarring to see her joking about that shit.

No. 262424

Skyanon hard believes that skyleigh can do no wrong, her shops are real, she’s an artist and what she does isn’t soft core porn.

No. 262433

It’s from PULL. I recall before she shut down her previous account she openly stated it was only suppose to be a joke between friends. I can’t remember exactly how it came to be public whether she posted it or someone in her private circle did. Tbh her ex bf and ex friends were aiding PULL in exposing her. They had PULL accounts.

I don’t like Sky but something’s done to expose her have come from questionable means. Like the picture I recall being posted here and on expose accounts of her in a pink wig and her bra and undies. Gotta admit she’s really good at making people hate her.

No. 262464

How convenient, of course no one has a source so it's clear someone, not her, probably edited it and then pasted it to PULL. The only other places according to Google are meme drop pages about momokun.
No legitimacy to the post as usual.

No. 262717

oh stfu, you know it's not edited. I do think it was just a dumb joke and nothing meant seriously.

No. 262755

File: 1667167558790.jpeg (412.42 KB, 828x828, C39219C1-4143-410E-9E23-7A9C2D…)

Sky’s not a fattychan but she’s def not as skinny as she shoops herself to be.

No. 262800

You can't even see anything in that photo except her leg and camera at a lower than her angle.

No. 262810

File: 1667182764293.png (3.98 MB, 1165x1835, E4066ABD-E282-4B7F-B74B-E2CEDF…)

I lightened it up. I’d def say she’s not fat but certainly chubby. I feel like her weight fluctuates a lot. If she’s so unhappy with her shape/weight she should start with changing her diet rather than going to the gym.(nitpicky photoshop)

No. 262825

She looks fine? What's the point of posting this again and its still a terrible example.

No. 262939

She’s chubs.

No. 263066

File: 1667272139244.jpg (555.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221101-100119.jpg)

No point in lightening it anon we could see her just fine, she's just not as skinny as she shops. Now the weirdo who sits in this thread got to get another anon redtexted for nitpicking.

If she's actually committed to it good on her for going to the gym. But I genuinely have no idea where she finds the confidence to wear cat ears and a full face of makeup on the treadmill. It must be strange being a patron of her gym.

No. 263073

>she’s fine!
>how is she so confident going to the gym with those cat ears and full face of makeup!?
That’s not confidence, that’s autism.
>she’s fine x2, just not as skinny as her shops!
She’s still chubby fat. Don’t get too excited, no one is complimenting her. Keep trying to convince everyone she’s not a fat chubster tho kek.
>nitpicking weirdo gets banned after lightening the pic!
did you also run to Meta after mass reporting?

No. 263074

The gym selfies are just like moo, part of the skinwalk of pretending to be skinny and smol. The hair and ears etc would be full of sweat and dirt if she actually did anything.


There's a lot of disproportionate wk activity in this thread, at least people have noticed that the wk runs to meta and cries everytime nobody agrees.

No. 263088

Stop being so oppositional. You're acting like a newfag making up tinfoil in your head pertaining to who you think I am. I'm literally this anon here >>260976 and have stated multiple times in this thread we have the right to discuss Skyleigh. I was being facetious when referring to her gym attire otherwise I wouldn't have posted it for us to gawk at kek. Just because I didn't call her a obese retard (and want to dissuade anons from giving skyanon any more fuel for redtexts) doesn't mean I'm stopping you. Btw, you look legitimately unhinged deleting your post 15 minutes later to add accusations I'm actually the sperg who cries in /meta/, good job. Here's what I've actually said in response to that anon

No. 263096

File: 1667277737617.jpeg (487.13 KB, 1747x1274, 8AAF79AF-5480-4EDF-AF18-7B33A7…)

>you act like you know who I am!
Maybe it’s cause you give it away by always saying the same shit while being super defensive and try really hard prove that you’re a farmer? + lowkey fan posting? But who knows, maybe there are other retards that think exactly the same as you.
>you deleted your post to add accusations!
You literally have this thread on your tabs huh?
>this is what I said in meta!
>first post links to 2 posts
>second post links to 1 post
It sure seems like you’re pretending to be multiple people now kek.
>why are you so oppositional?
We’re not here to praise Skyleigh and say she’s so confident for going to the gym with those dumb ass cat ears on. You should leave this site if you do not like people’s opinion on Skyleigh(nonstop sperging)

No. 263099

NTA,but just stop. You can easily ignore comments that don't agree with you. Anons are allowed to say how they feel about milk posts, but arguing over their opinion makes you look absolutely batshit, especially when you do things like this.

No. 263105

lol nice one Jan.
>you look batshit quotes 3 of my posts
Deleted first time because I quoted the post you deleted, deleted a 2nd time to add “saying”. Lol @ your attempt to make it seem like I’m drastically changing my posts.
And it’s really convenient how someone wks right after I post defending the poster I was replying to.

No. 263112

File: 1667281785971.jpg (Spoiler Image,330.12 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20221101-144419__01…)

I'm on my phone and I didn't close the tab when I reopened the web browser your post was there? When I was trying to respond it deleted what I wrote out while I was copying the links from /meta/ kek, I had to rewrite the whole thing and I'll admit that I have nothing to hide. I didn't do it to add new weird accusations like you did and I don't even want to infight. Are you intentionally making us look bad by sperging this hard to get this thread locked? I'll go get the second post you literal schizo I just decided it ultimately wasn't important and didn't convey the point I was trying to make but it's here >>>/meta/46815 I also removed the screenshot I took of you deleting shit 15 minutes later because I didn't want to seem like I was derailing which I can add back if you really want. I have stated on multiple occasions I think people should be able to say what they want about her. She looks nothing like she shoops, she larps as Asian and she's chubby but be me not thinking she's obese, or wanting her to lose weight the right way (even though I realise it's likely just larp) is no grounds for this level of sperging vendetta-chan. I said idk where she gets the confidence because her gym attire was legitimately funny, I even stated how weird it must be to be another patron at her gym seeing her. I shouldn't have to modify my language to appease you and the level of spite you deem necessary to post here. Please, do us all a favour and go touch some grass.

Btw this isn't me you retard >>263099

No. 263167

Go to meta already

No. 263994

Can you guys ignore that accident sperm on this thread trying to derail? Thanks

No. 264160

File: 1667592811122.jpeg (937.36 KB, 3464x3464, E8F9B2B2-C8D1-4336-B5D9-6A5684…)

Here are some shots from Skyleigh on her Discord. She admits she's "very White passing".. which is obvious, as she's White. But, explains why she hates her real appearance so much and edits her photos and videos to hell and back to appear another race.

Anywho, she's still feeding into her fantasy world of having family in Japan and being fluent in Japanese. She grew up with no one who could speak Japanese and I doubt she has the motivation to take any language courses.

In addition, how would her father know anyone in Japan? He wouldn't, especially not her fictional family there. He is Middle Eastern. Why not try focusing on reconnecting with your Middle Eastern side over a part of her that she over-exaggerates.

No. 264162

Those Discord screenshots were from today btw

No. 264195

No. 264223

File: 1667601834547.jpg (384.12 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20221102-111842__01…)

So you bump the thread with
>Accident sperm

I still can't believe she has the Japanese flag in her bio of her backup account. Funnily enough she's probably too scared to add it to her main account even if she wanted to. Ot but I know someone who's grandmother is Japanese, and she's not delusional enough to make that her personality or claim it as predominant aspect of her heritage kek.

No. 264229

>I’m whitepassing
>when she’s literally just a white person lol

No. 264319

>tfw my grandmother is japanese and even raised me for 10 years and i still don't make a huge deal about it
this is why people like her piss me off. my grandmother is just my grandma to me, the only big deal was that she got me sick jp phones when i was young. she's using my heritage for efame.

No. 264335

>I'm very white passing
>I speak Japanese
>I have family there

My sides! She's a typical lonely undesirable white girl who thinks pretending to be part asian will make her special and desirable to scrotes. It almost makes me miss Tsundebolt's antics.

No. 264361

>I’m so disconnected with my Japanese family.
She’s not even connected with her actual Armenian family but I guess made up Japanese families are more important. I think she’s working on her next ~I’m totally asian posts~ since she posted and is talking about her totally real nipponjin family.

No. 264399

File: 1667676365734.png (6 MB, 1170x2532, 0CF119FD-D18F-449B-AFE4-71CCA5…)

Didn’t her dna test only say 12% Japanese. How accurate are these test anyways.? Is it stating probabilities or genuine results.

Anyways, here she is with her white af family.

No. 264410

Allegedly she photoshopped Japanese on her dna test.
What happened to blurring out her father’s face to “protect” his privacy? >>221859 kek.
And I love how her face is blurred to oblivion.

No. 264473

it did but she is claiming more in posts and stories.

No. 264480

File: 1667709418293.jpg (220.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221106-153512.jpg)

Do anons think she's been reading here? I pointed out up thread how shocked I was her Asian story highlight was legit 20 pages long and now the majority of it is gone?

No. 264500

They both photoshopped their test results to fit thir lies. They also photoshop their faces the same way, into grotesque and borderline racist caricatures of what they think asians look like.

No. 264507

She didn't look asian though. A caricature would be something from Mad TV.

No. 264523

100% she lurks. Where do you think the wks come from? It’s also interesting how she deletes, changes the thumbnails to her posts and further explains or adds to her mental gymnastics/antics whenever she’s questioned here or when anons point out her shit.

No. 264532

She's really tryna gaslight people into thinking the man in that photo is asian huh?(sage your shit)

No. 264588

I'm not the anon who posted it but it certainly looks like she shopped the Japanese part of the image. The previous thread has her DNA test if anyone wants to check out the original, but here's the anon who accused her of altering the results >>208090

No. 264686

File: 1667829568197.jpeg (599.45 KB, 828x995, C9819D51-DF65-4C1F-A71D-5548CF…)

I thought of Skyleigh when I saw this kek

No. 264984

It's almost click bait, she spots sykkuno walking by and doesn't say anything to him. Just gets footage of the side of his face and back of his head while he walks away.

>Video starts with Sky and her favorite moid making those cringy Valorant tiktoks/reels. She makes sure to add in annoying bass boom sound effects which makes this harder to watch.

>The footage for this part is greasy and low quality for some reason. Like her other moid got his hand grease all over the camera.
>Her cuck moid stands there for 3 minutes filming them flirt until it cuts to the next scene
>Same moids in this scene, this time they are arguing about how she should hold a knife and making the other tiktok(3:15)
>Shows finished tiktok and her face mask-less, which was filmed with her phone. (4:15)
>Gets her picture taken with a bunch of Asian Valorant cosplayers, keeping her mask on (4:28) Shows face at (4:54)
>She poses by Vtuber cars and acts annoying (6:21)
>Walks around, spewing old vine memes, and get cafeteria food with her fav moid. Once again very annoying and insufferable part to sit through. They're just eating food and flirting while she slaps bass boom sound effects and reaction images. Eventually cuddles up with her fav. (6:30) - (9:51) Cuck moid sitting by them as they flirt @(9:30)
>Walking around the Con and shows 1 second zoomed in footage of sykkuno walking past her (10:06)
>They're in a lyft, probably because fav moid is scared of walking past crackheads on the streets (11:05)
>They see Meg the Stallion, this was the most fun part of the video to watch (11:26)
>Very low frame rate footage of her face and more footage of her and fav flirting in front of cuck (14:19)
>Gets sushi to honor her 12% Japanese heritage! (15:20) Shows filtered face (15:36)
>More con footage, I have no idea what the hell they're watching. Just watching people pour water into a cup. I'm not sure why she just said she watched it for an hour and no other explanation of why this event is happening (16:23)
>Gets sushi again. Ends video with plane back home footage. (17:24)

This video must of been so tiring for her to edit, putting in bass boom sound effects and shitty memes on the video must of been so hard! I have also noticed she tries hard to use the same sound effects in her tiktoks that Chinese/Korean tiktokkers use.

No. 264994

Greentext is insufferable. I recommend anons watch the video themselves since you can't be bothered to just give info and not add extra vendetta posting.

>They're in a lyft, probably because fav moid is scared of walking past crackheads on the streets

Wtf does this even mean? You'd take a Lyft too.

No. 264995

File: 1668096805685.jpg (527.88 KB, 2316x1080, Screenshot_20221110-081135_You…)

I'm more concerned that everyone in the hotel room is fine with the gun not having an obvious signs of being fake, like an orange tip. Thats required by conventions and legally so cops know it's not real. Those stickers don't do anything and no one would see them. A peace bond wouldn't matter either in the convention prop check-in.

No. 264996

File: 1668097135014.jpg (368.18 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20221110_081734.jpg)

Which it does not. San Diego doesn't have different laws regarding the marking of prop guns. Its pretty standard across all Cali cons. And these idiots brought a fake, unmarked gun to the con that they weren't even allowed to leave the room with.

No. 265020

Thanks for summarizing the vid anon!
>i recommend anons watch the vid
So everyone can give views to skyleigh? No thanks.

No. 265078

File: 1668118918603.jpeg (170.5 KB, 828x715, 8D3C694A-6932-4BBD-BB1F-4967C6…)

Sky has added the flag emojis to Twitter now.

No. 265110

She needs to give up on YouTube as a whole. I thought about posting this video when she released it, but it just had no notable milk or tolerable content. She’s got the humour and maturity of a 9th grader and is 25 yrs old. Yikes. Her first video was 50% her and her friends squealing “ penis” and this one is her pretending to “ teabag” them.

She’s had no growth personally or in her content. No wonder her shit isn’t selling well. I wonder if she’ll start concealing her age or lying about it to avoid being frowned at from others.

No. 265133

Post milk, you retard. Stop bumping this thread with useless shit.

No. 265147

It’s not milk if you believe she’s Japanese lol

No. 265188

>Green text is insufferable
And so is reddit spacing newfag

No. 265197

That's not reddit spacing. That's normal to break up greentext.

No. 265209

Idk what imageboards you've been on but it's definitely not the norm anon.

No. 265216

it's reddit spacing.

No. 265785

File: 1668424308901.jpeg (136.96 KB, 1284x452, 09A1BA11-D84C-4A78-8BA4-09C1EF…)

Came across this comment about Skyleigh. The fact that her old classmates are seeing her pull this shit is hilarious.

No. 265871

And we should believe this random person who can't prove anything why?

No. 265878

Nta but we don't have to take their word as fact when the overwhelming evidence in this thread exists. Maybe they didn't go to school with her? Still doesn't make Skyleigh Asian kek.

No. 265884

Imagine being such a massive bitch over a comment. What does anyone have to gain lying about information that is easily available as proof online? Get a grip.

No. 265893

>normalfag posts something that's verifiable and true
>don't believe their lies!

Must suck to suck when even school friends are calling out the asian fishing for what it is.

No. 265896

Its not verifiable though. Most people know her real name lol

No. 265911

File: 1668490239716.jpeg (995.02 KB, 1170x1319, F63E779A-C114-4069-8A6A-CC7F49…)

I looked into her account a little bit and found a video of her talking about a local dental office. I googled this place and it’s only in Orlando Florida. If I recall correctly that’s where Skyleigh is from. She seems verifiable to me.

No. 265912

Sage your shit, you guys keep bumping this thread and its not even interesting or the cow directly.

No. 265950

Skyanon please. It’s not as if this is the first instance of someone saying she’s not Asian. Why are you getting your panties in a twist over some random comment?
Sky is delusional, she is a massive weeb who acts like a caricature of what she thinks a Japanese person is, it is cringeworthy and I’m quite shocked the internet police haven’t cancelled her, or how she has managed to come back from all the shit she did when she was Ahripop. Guess she just isn’t that relevant.
Pretty sure skyanon is actually Sky herself.

No. 265955

>skyanon is skyleigh
I think so too, who the hell would be sitting in this thread 24/7 defending her? I don’t even think her mexi scrote would do that kek

No. 265958

idk there is a weird anon making the rounds of /w and trying to get everyone in certain threads to stop posting.

No. 265974

You tagged different anons, anon.

No. 266030

Nice find. Had no doubt the person was legit because she had nothing to gain as a normie by pointing it out. Also nice that this will make skyanon wk even harder.

If she didn't wk herself, the thread wouldn't be so active and getting noticed by people new to the cow.

No. 266166

All snowflakes can’t seem to fathom that!

No. 266208

File: 1668619296840.jpeg (460.77 KB, 1562x1170, 98FA3DFD-E7E5-411E-9C89-DE6ACC…)

Sniff sniff I smell a Ana-chan larping stage coming again. What a great message to send her followers “ I’m too thick and want to lose weight- also post a photoshopped image of her looking petite”

No. 266225

I wouldn't be surprised if you were right lol. Anyone who knows her knows she always talks about how she "forgets to eat" 24/7 and talks about it on stream all the time too.(learn2sage)

No. 266232

>Debuts a new shoop face
We're at face #268. She's trying to make her shoops look more real kek.

No. 266247

>forgets to eat
Sooo her diet is probably a starvation diet destined to fail like all other starvation dieters. I wonder when we should expect the ana-chan shoops to make an appearance. Followed by the "mental health/ hospitalization post because of online bullies."

I mean it's kinda hard to keep the same face in every pic when she changes every single detail about her appearance.

No. 266248

That's a reach. People with autism and ADHD forget to eat all the time, anon. Stop forcing EDs on cowsm

No. 266255


>Doesn't have ADHD or autism

> Has a past history of larping as a ana-chan
>Humble bragged about being 80-ish pounds back then
>Constantly brags about forgetting to eat
>Claimed to be hospitalized for low weight and stress from online drama back then
>Had a fat friend lose her shit on PULL about how delicate Sky was and how underweight she was
>Shoops herself skinny/petite and whines about wanting to be thinner

Yupp, totally a reach to think that she would attempt a starvation diet or at least larp that she is.

No. 266274

Moralfag somewhere else anon, no1curr.

No. 266278

The way she always fucking humblebrags is so infuriating. Like she cannot go without mentioning “uwu im so thicc or I’m so mentally ill u guyzzz always ask me how do I possibly do it but I can’t I’m a smoll babie who can’t function”

No. 266282

No one is moralfagging. It's literally shit people do. Don't be an autist.

No. 266283

>Autistic and people with ADHD forget to eat!
Ah Sky is autistic? No wonder she acts like a tard, thanks for explaining!

No. 266302

People who forget to eat because of their ADHD/autism usually don't go around going out of their way to tell everyone about how "oh em gee guiizzz i havnt eaten alllllll dayyyyy can you believ that??" Every single day, like, I really doubt that's the reasoning lol.

No. 266305

You must not follow a lot of people

No. 266308

I must not follow a lot of people? Lol! people who go out of their way to tell everyone about how they are not eating and practically starving themselves that entire day when they are fully able and capable of getting up and eating something is weird, no matter who it is? plain and simple, but okay!

No. 266313

That doesn't mean people care to hear about muh mental illnesses that aren't related to the cow. Still no1currs.

No. 266318

Instead tinfoil about an anorexia

No. 266319

Sounds like you're chronically online kek, you can fuck off now wk.

No. 266321

How about no retarded tinfoils?

No. 266358

Typically oh geee look im so sexy thick in my thighs, outta sakimi chan drawings totes I hate it. (Photoshops her thighs anyway to exactly look like that)
Sure Jan like you don’t wanna hype your legs to your ape audience.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 266403

File: 1668702059709.jpeg (303.27 KB, 1170x1490, F163F4B8-ACC6-49A8-9507-B85797…)

I’m the anon that made the speculation that she might try a starvation diet. I didn’t say anything about her having or developing anorexia. She has never had a ED and has only ever larped that she has. It’s not wild to think that Sky would try a fad diet ( low cal diet or fasting ) since she’s too lazy to lose weight the proper way. Also, trying some fad diet doesn’t mean you have a ED. Sky is no where near as skinny as she edits herself to be, and certainly isn’t Ana level of skinny either. Pic is slightly old but doubt she has changed much since she’s lazy and eats a lot of crappy food.

No. 266415

She's a tubster, no wonder she's always surrounding herself with obese people
>Hand and sleeves are conveniently covering her stomach
Kek. She's always hiding her body or face whenever she's not in control of the photo while acting like she's hot shit when she has her phone shoop filters on.

No. 266464

It's just the terminally online weirdo who sits in this thread trying to deflect any and all discussion about Skyleigh. My bad anon, didn't realise they were just making shit up again.

No. 266574

Um, anon, I think they are saying anorexia is basically a starvation diet if thats the logic of >>266208 So its kinda tinfoil.

No. 266590

No, its called twisting/stretching someone's words when you don't have a proper argument/comment to add in to the conversation. Anon needs to stop throwing in diagnosable disorders to defend Skyleigh (ADHD/Autism/Anorexia). A fad diet is a temporary diet that people try in an attempt to have quick weight loss. Millions of women worldwide try bs fad diets, but it doesn't mean they have or will develop anorexia. A fad diet is a fad diet, and anorexia is a mental disorder/condition, two different things. It's like saying a tree and a bush are the exact same thing, they're similar but not the same thing.

No. 266598

So she is or isn't an ana-chan then?

No. 266601

Not a single person said she is an ana-chan or even becoming one. It was suggested that she might LARP (pretend) as one. Learn to read.

No. 266615

Like clockwork with the derail

No. 266668

What a dumbass thing to even post about then.

No. 266708

Her body looks good actually and is very attractive to straight moids, not sure if rattler, tranny, or an insecure skinny girl who can't gain weight

No. 266710

File: 1668852360979.jpg (427.62 KB, 1080x2105, Screenshot_20221118-211800_Ins…)

"u gUizz kEeP AsKInG" if that was the case, how come she didn't post the question boxes that asked her, like she did with allllll the other questions lol! Oh please skyleigh, we all know that no one is asking that shit, we all know you're a midget. Literally 90% of things that come out of her mouth is just "uwu i so smol oh emm gee and thicc oh nu!1@ I am guizzz ughh I HaTe iT" and any form of penis "joke" like dude grow the fuck up you're like 26

"tHe w0RLd iSn't MadE fOr mE"
Yes skyleigh the world doesn't fucking revolve around you, get over it. Why is she trying to make it seem like being short/5'0 is like an actual fucking STRUGGLE LOL

No. 266714

lmao! Sky's not like the other girls! someone should let her know that short athletes exist and use the big people machines just fine.

No. 266728

Is she blind or just stupid. Almost all gym equipment is adjustable for all heights. 5’0 ft isn’t such a rare height that things wouldn’t fit or adjust to it.

No. 266757

>typing like this

No. 266765

This, people who are 4ft tall can work out with the same equipment. She is just making excuses bc she doesn't work out at all. Another large cow larping as smol.

No. 266783

Zoom in on her face, sis be rocking the handsome Squidward look lmao!
She always makes a big deal outta her height cause ~being uwu short proves she's totemo azn desu~. Sky's whole personality is based on ethnicity, how she's a victim and how short she is, what a snooze fest.

No. 266807

the real cringe is her wearing her fucking cat ears to A GYM WHILE YOU'RE WORKING OUT.

Also, nice phone warping, slightly sinking into her face on the middle.

No. 266847

they are part of her, anon. She doesn't feel complete without her ears.

No. 266875

>Her body looks good actually and is very attractive to straight moids
Go back. No1currs what moids think about women's bodies. And as far as I could tell the point isn't that anyone thinks she looks objectively bad, it's the fact she's significantly larger than her shoops would indicate. I was surprised to see the difference. Although that cheaply bought AliExpress cosplay could've done with a little more length in the skirt and boots imo.

No. 266878

NTA, but she isn't that much larger.

No. 266880

That's fair, then we have a difference of opinion. But it doesn't make anon a tranny or anachan for using the word tubster because it personally offended someone… Especially when that anon thinks a female imageboard gives a fuck what moids think of cow's bodies. It's like the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 266883

File: 1668911900020.gif (555.51 KB, 220x293, 9AD02127-8088-440C-8699-6D778B…)

>The ears are apart of her anon! She's not complete without her retard ears!
No they're not. She just woke up one day and decided to RP as Ahri, she won't fall over and die if she doesn't have those dumb cat ears on.

No. 266886

It was probably a fat moid who couldn't integrate properly. They really can't help themselves in thinking their opinions matter to women.

No. 266904

ntayrt but they were ironically quoting ahripop. This is something shes said many times
and this isnt twitter, stop with the office reaction gifs

No. 266911

Straight women care what men think of their bodies, and skyleigh (as well of the majority of women using this imageboard) are straight, so… A statement that would make more sense is "women don't care what other women think of their bodies because it's inconsequential, women make money off of the taste of moids, therefore no amount of Anya Taylor Joy/Lily Rose Depp worshipping anon opinions about an e-girl's body shape will ever matter"

No. 266912

She does this because many men (not all) like short women. So she brings attention to her desirable features. That's pretty basic common sense, especially considering she makes OF content for men. You care because??? Just go find men who like taller women and get over it lmao damn I gotta stop coming to w and snow, anons are absolutely unhinged with the psychotic nitpicks, no wonder as women we have such difficulty forming lasting friendships with each other when this is how some of us operate out of seething anger that someone dare be short and enjoy being short because men find it cute.

No. 266922

>Just go find men who like taller women and get over it

> operate out of seething anger that someone dare be short and enjoy being short because men find it cute.

Oh my god, this made me laugh from how much everything went over your head lol! Like, what..? Is this skyleigh? One of her whiteknights? Can you read? Where the fuck does it say anything about me wanting to appeal to moids? or specifically me being upset about moids liking shorter girls? LOL. Let me spell it out for you since you can't read. I don't give a single fuck what they think about what I look like, I don't give a single fuck if men prefer shorter women. This has nothing to do with me you weirdo, lmfao! I was simply pointing out how much she WHINES and whines about the same thing over and over again for pity compliments from degenerate men, it's so fucking pathetic.

>enjoying being short

you really can't read, can you? IF you would just read the post from her story, you would clearly see how much she's trying to sell the idea of how much she "haaaateesss" it. She constantly complains about it non fucking stop. You really don't know what you're talking about and can't seem to even have basic reading comprehension. Take your own advice and stop coming around here lol.

No. 266928

You clearly don’t know anything about this cow, stay in snow.

No. 266940

NTA, but being short is usually prioritized. Men usually have height insecurities. You all need to calm down.

No. 266954

Is she really 5'0 or is this like Kenna's 4'11 bs

No. 266955

I mean she did look short in her vlogs, add in taking the heels off from things like >>264984 it does seem like she's 5 or 5'2" max. Not under 5 though.

No. 266966

>> no wonder as women we have such difficulty forming lasting friendships with each other

Nonnie, this isn't the place to cry about your lack of friends or inability to make any. And maybe follow that advice of yours, and stop coming here. m/ OT/ and g/ are probably more for you.

Yes, she's short which once again really isn't anything unique or special. She'll also be attending a con soon so we'll probably finally get proper pic comparisons that aren't 1-2 years old. She was pleading in her story about wanting fellow female cosplayers to collab with her. should be interesting.

No. 266970

fuck off pathetic handmaiden

No. 266980

Kek, are you the wk in meta crying because everyone here disagrees with your projecting?

The cow is slightly short but she's also fat, so that cancels out any benefit she would have had from being short. She's below average in every way, that even with racebending she can't land a splenda or scrotes to pay for her life. So your theory of desirability doesn't hold.

No. 266992

The wk always runs to meta kek whenever their feelers are hurt or someone says something mean about their kween. It’s pretty pathetic.

No. 267004

thanks, nonna! yeah, I was quoting her.

No. 267031

This is the newfaggist shit I've ever read. Who cares about what moids think when discussing cows except for anons who aren't ingratiated in the board culture, or moids themselves.
t. a straight woman

No. 267113

Go to meta already with this shit or report it. Just keep derailing because you don't like what other anons say. If you're already discussing this in meta just stay there. You ruin this thread constantly.

No. 267122

Wasn't me
Are you really that shocked that not everyone agrees with your anachan shit?

No. 267125

Anon thinks there's only 1 anon in here who thinks these posts aren't milky.

No. 267315

Are there any images of her standing next to someone who has disclosed their height? She looks a bit shorter to me too, but given that she's a racefaker and lied so much, it wouldn't surprise me if she was just slightly below average for a caucasian maybe about 5'3 and just lied that she was 5'0 for uwu smol asian girl points.

No. 267368

Really this pressed over 3 inches?

No. 267410

They seem curious, stop being so transparent and trying to pick fights.

No. 267445

So, yes.

No. 267448

File: 1669172541815.jpg (1.06 MB, 1079x1869, Screenshot_20221122_190102_Ins…)

Can she not do this in the middle of a walking traffic area? Even Kelly Eden was courteous enough to do her group HP shit in one of the side "alleys".

No. 267519

Lmaoooo! But but anon then she wouldn't be the

> uwu ooh eem gee how embarrassinnn guizzz i cant believe u all r watching me!1!1

center of attention LOL

She doesn't give a fuck about being courteous, she just wants all eyes on her. Why else would she stand in literally the most congested area of that HP park? There's millions of nice spots for backgrounds there so the fact she chose there out of the entire park says it all

No. 267521

File: 1669218381694.jpg (775.2 KB, 1564x1564, 1669218159772.jpg)

Have you guys seen her newest post lol

No. 267664

I'm the anon that posted that and she didn't come off like that? Its just super discouraging to see someone not as CM, taking up that space for dancing and tiktok.

No. 267697

If you don't see that, thats fine

But I said before, she doesn't care about being courteous, I'm sure that's the last thing on her mind. But I agree, I don't think anyone should be standing in the middle of a high traffic walking area period, let alone to do a fucking tiktok dance.

No. 267760

Ah yes, the attention hoe in their natural habitat I see.
Kek I'm dying, she looks like a cheap sex doll.

No. 267915

Whats with those fuckly lips? Does she really think that looks good?

No. 267924

She probably got the idea from whole "kpop in public" trend which easily racks up millions of views on youtube, but that's only really relevant when it's a group of people doing it and even then it can be pretty ballsy. Just doing it as one person in a crowded area?? Like 20x more cringe…usually people who do it solo do it somewhere much quieter like a park or tucked away part of campus

No. 267942

>>267448 I mean yea it's a bit annoying and I wouldn't like to end up being filmed in a tiktok like that walking by. But it's not like there is a crown and she is blocking people, just gotta walk slightly around here. Couldn't have stayed there more than a few minutes?

No. 267975

This shit was genuinely embarrassing I have no idea why she would subject herself and others to this.

No. 267983

Because attention, she’s like a fish out of water without it

No. 267998

There was. You can go watch the video. People were going around her. She's in the middle and goes back and forth, arms swinging based on moves. Go to a side decorated alley.

No. 268075

lmao I am convinced that's the cow herself. Why on earth would anyone else so fervently lurk this thread and nitpick/strawman everything anons post? 3 inches is not that big of a deal, but given that Sky even lied about her mom being full Japanese then backpeddled, it just wouldn't surprise me if she lied about her height and she's trying to appear as "smol" as she can possibly get away with, since she already lied about so many insignificant things.

No. 268076

Anon trying to strawman this as "being pressed" is pathetic.

No. 268100

File: 1669419288395.jpg (702.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221126-100641.jpg)

I wouldn't put it past her anon. Here's a message from our multicultural queen kek

No. 268199

Not the cow and I posted this >>267448 which no one seems to have a problem with and yes, 3 inches is stupid to complain about. Ya'll need help with your vendetta.

No. 268232

I don't think you're getting it. It's not that we're JUST "complaining about 3 inches", it's the fact that she's using that height (along with other things) to push her 1!uwu azn smol girl 11!1 narrative. THAT'S why it's being brought up, because it's something along with the several other things she USES to look/seem like what she thinks is 'looking Asian'. Like circle lenses, the hime cut, etc.. it's not being pressed over 3 inches, it's just calling out yet another thing of hers. If you're gonna defend her why are you even here?

No. 268245

I think the 2 can be seperate obsessions

No. 268265

You can 'think' whatever you want, doesn't mean you're right. lol.

No. 268267

>Ignoring the laundry list of snowflakery the cow does.
I wonder why you always come back to this thread to argue, you must have issues.

No. 268286

I will never get over the fact that she really does wear these ridiculous cat ears everywhere. It has to be a hardcore humiliation kink atp. There's no way someone would fuck themselves up like this on purpose. Imagine what this bitch really looks like with these pumped up sausage lips, pink skin, and those raggedy funky cat ears on in person.

No. 268289

OT but seriously who the fuck wears cat ears to the gym???
Imagine at 25 years old; skinwalking a video game character with a cringy fake uwu voice.
Unless you actually want to marry a neckbeard, don’t you want to grow up even just a little bit, Sky? I’m not even sure McDonald’s would hire you..

No. 268300

>no one seems to have a problem with cow disrupting others' enjoyment
>3 inches fixation
>thread observing a cow equates to vendetta

Maybe if the cow wasn't such a huge asianfish being retarded in public, you wouldn't need to wk everything.

No. 268304

Every time I come in here, anons are just going straight to stereotypical Asian traits and comparing Sky to them. The average Japanese woman is 5'2". It's not that big of a deal. Can't believe there's infighting over something no one can measure aside from assume from photos.

No. 268318

File: 1669508174874.webm (11.15 MB, 721x1160, YouCut_20221126_103027161.webm)

Go back to twitter
Anyways here's the reels everyone couldn't be fucked recording converting to webm. My favourite part is at 25 seconds where the guy with the mobility scooter pops up.

No. 268320

File: 1669508518779.webm (2 MB, 720x1158, YouCut_20221126_103230376.webm)


Because she larps as Asian so naturally her thread is going to contain comparisons. No one cared that much until you or whoever it was started strawmaning/nitpicking another anon's post. This thread consistently moves the fastest everytime that happens like clockwork so it's just counterintuitive. If you don't like what another anon has said report it but don't shit up the thread with worthless arguments when you personally disagree with someone.

No. 268322

Lol! Her dancing is so bad and cringey. I got second hand embarrassment watching that, so much cringe.

No. 268364

she's just wiggling around and flapping her arms kek.

No. 268375

idk you guys this might be her best cosplay yet.
She's cosplaying Oli London right? The lips are spot on

No. 268391

Tbh, replying that you don't agree with someone shits it up too.

No. 268426

>Contributes webms because anons are too lazy to record the content they're discussing
>No u
Honestly do you ever stop?

No. 268433

Try harder skyanon. You’ve got to be autistic if you don’t understand why people talk about it.

No. 268468

>Fuck you haturz!
>She says while hiding behind 10 layers of photoshop

No. 268475

File: 1669563756348.jpeg (517.65 KB, 1170x2411, 03C6D91A-3607-4242-9B3D-D81B3A…)

Skyleigh got her hair done and her stylist caption took me out.
>my shy guest, you would never know it looking at her IG
She’s always covering her face in photos she can’t control the editing on. I looked at the rest of the hair stylist’s ig and everyone but skyleigh is showing their face. There is even another post with her covering her face up with a mask.

No. 268480

you can tell from how hard she attempts to hit certain moves that she's trying SO fucking hard LOL she looks soo cringe

No. 268481

She's so broke she can travel to twitch con, join a gym and even get her hair done! Sooo broke. Unless she got this done for free in exchange for them using her photo?

No. 268482

This. She's always complaining about how BROKE she is yet she is always caught spending LOADS of money on bullshit she doesn't even fcking need. Just wants neckbeards to pull out their wallets on command so she can spend it on some more uwu smol azn larp shit lol or whatever other cringe shit she likes

No. 268484

>Hiding big ass snose and horse face
You can also kind of see her pizza pocket stomach kek
She's "shy" when she can't Photoshop the fuck out of herself while walking around like she's the hottest model in town when she can shoop herself. I'm sure the stylist could tell why she was hiding after looking at her IG and being able to compare it to her real face.

No. 268487

File: 1669567119686.jpg (94.27 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20221125-160149_Gal…)

Pizza pocket stomach LOL

No. 268488

Whats that even from?

No. 268497



This post zoomed in

No. 268530

File: 1669575370803.png (7.83 MB, 1170x2532, F5B2F237-27B0-4A0B-9905-608352…)

She’s whining that she doesn’t get respected enough for her art …. Like what does she expect from a group of people who intentionally purchase pictures of her legs spread. No one else looks at her content as an art form except her. She’s so offended when people suggest she should just do porn when her content really isn’t that far from it. Isn’t it basically soft core porn she’s doing ?

No. 268541

She does soft core porn but her wk wants everyone to think she’s not

No. 268589

File: 1669590469372.jpg (719.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221128-100348.jpg)

She's also crying about muh anxiety despite being capable of dancing in public, multiple times, in the middle of a theme park while being filmed. I can get behind challenging yourself, but you're obviously not very severe if you managed to do it in the first place kek.

No. 268594

Lmfao. She's crying about it like she's sooo severely antisocial/anxious yet she had free will to move to a different spot of the park that's lets populated to film it at amy given time. Or hell, to not film it even? She is really trying so hard to be offended by what that person said to her lol.

No. 268600

She cries about everything. Totes the world isn’t made for her. The cringe part isn’t her cosplays or cat ears but her whole personality(sage your shit)

No. 268603

I met her in person once and got an extreme off vibe from her. Little did I know the entire MESS that is her backstory.
No idea what gym she's going to, but I can confidently say that she isn't doing shit there. Seriously? A full face of makeup, pictures of random equipment, and a couple videos of failed basketball shot attempts aren't cutting it sweetie.

No. 268628

she's not shaking at all in the video. does she think we're blind?

No. 268629

i don't understand why, if she's trying to LARP as asian, she got those stereotypical LA filler lips. it's such a dead giveaway she's some white american, and it makes her look like Blaire White

No. 268630

No. 268632

It’s because she wants to switch ethnicities and beauty standards whenever she pleases. That’s why one second she’s all like muh motherland armenian roots like the kardashians then american influencer then uwu smol azn desu

No. 268651

Sage your shit

No. 269022

She pretends to have anxiety and panic attacks. That way people wont ask about her wearing a face mask or asking for candids. She'll start having a fake panic attack. But 5 seconds later she'll post on her social, titts out for attention.

She left social for years because people didn't buy the asain larp. She's too old to do this shit again when people get tired of her again.

No. 269066

I genuinely wonder if her dumb Asian statement highlight and fake results is enough to keep the cancel culture zoomers off her back this time, or if she'll end up getting cancelled again?

No. 269110

Some people on Tiktok don’t believe her after she presented her dna results that’s why she was sperging and said dO yOu wAnT a bLoOd tEsT?!?!1!1 >>221925
I remember she was triggered years ago when people said Russia is in Asia but Russians are not asian when she was saying she’s asian becoz Armenia is in Asia.

My theory is her 3rd dna result was Mexican or pacific islander and she had it edited to Japanese.

No. 269236

It's odd that she would specifically score 12% Japanese (along with the glitchy trace editing anon from last thread pointed out on her test) wouldn't you think since we know she lied about her parents being full Japanese, that the mixture of Asian resembling genetics would be from indigenous communities that actually exist in her general vicinity and not from a tiny island that's nowhere near Armenia kek? I mean considering her dad is Armenian what's her story even in regards to his "Japanese" decent? Like who the fuck is the Japanese genetic doner because I don't expect the amount of Japanese people is particularly high in Armenia?

No. 269253

I’m guessing Sky purchased the results from someone. She knows 0 Japanese people and no asian wants to associate with her. Even if she did have a Japanese friend, they would not agree to have their dna results used to support her lies.

No. 269295

File: 1669867346347.png (49.64 KB, 420x294, BD15477C-9728-4A8F-A60F-629FC3…)

>the mixture of Asian resembling genetics would be from indigenous communities that actually exist in her general vicinity and not from a tiny island that's nowhere near Armenia kek?
I was going to say something similar to this, her having Japanese in her Armenian side doesn’t really make sense. Like you said, Japan is not close to Armenia and there is absolutely no history between those countries. She basically said that her Japanese heritage existed before WW2 so she can’t say muh great grandfather was drafted to Japan in WW2, married a Japanese woman and brought her back to America.

Based on what she has said and posted:
Some lad from Hiroshima, Japan moved to Armenia during the 1900s or before that, had a hafu Armenian daughter who escaped to the US(the Armenian genocide started in 1915) without the Japanese father (no mention or proof of this relative in America) on top of maintaining enough contact for the future generation to know who the pure Japanese side is while still having a link for them to connect in case they move to Japan? That sounds too good to be true if you ask me.

And what kind of Japanese person would live in Armenia during the late 1800s to early 1900s? A Japanese person living in America, Brazil, China, Korea and other nearby asian countries during that time period is way more likely than random ass Armenia, kek.

Also, her dna test said Japanese & Korean
She has said here >>188662
that she is not Korean, lied about it, doesn’t want to be Korean and is part Japanese >>188663
She also mentioned “American Indian” but her test didn’t say that.
>if I ever displayed any part of me trying to be Korean cause I’m not and I don’t want to be
How would she not know her own heritage?
For example, The Anime Man (Joey) said his mother is pure Japanese and his dna results came back as such (no Korean, Chinese, Filipino, etc).
>I used to say I was half Jap
Why would she call herself a Japanese derogatory term? I’ve never heard of a Japanese person calling themselves a Jap. She can’t even claim ignorance for being white because she says she’s (a) white passing (asian)
That can speak some Japanese
So how would she not know?

Shit doesn’t seem to add up at all but who knows? Maybe in a world with a blue moon she did win the weeb lottery and is some how Japanese.

I would love to see the mental gymnastics she spews to explain all of this.

No. 269375

You realize that Joey's percentage would not have been 100%, right? That's not how that works lol

No. 269388

Obviously. I meant Joey said his mom is 100% Japanese and his results came back as such aka 50% Japanese, not 40% Japanese and 10% Korean for example.

No. 269413

I can't believe you actually felt the need to "inform" anons of this.

No. 269427

Kek thank you. She's an average amerifat weeb who got caught in their own web of asian skinwalk lies, only to graduate into cow status while living with their parents and dancing in public. A PT in the making, almost.

Slow down and read it again.

No. 269443

File: 1669949272948.png (3.17 MB, 4096x2304, Adventures of cat with the kin…)

This is some of the most attention seeking shit I've read in a while.
>Oh noez my tripod broke and I can't afford a replacement
>Luckily I fixed it I was going to have to go outside in my full kitty bondage gear to buy another one even though I get sexually harassed everytime I walk into a store or enter a drive-thru!!! >>260976
>Btw ty for donating teehee
You gotta admit anyone willing to post like this has to be committed to the grift kek

No. 269445

File: 1669949541057.jpg (402.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221202-135201.jpg)

No. 269455

>I took it down but you guys were asking!
I doubt anyone was asking to give her money. She’s always like woe is me! Something bad happened to me! Plz donate! thank you minna san! UwU
go get a job you lazy ass.

No. 269463

Ah yes, because kinky clothes can't be change d into something else if you need to go to the store real quick

No. 269464

even if she was too lazy to remove her bondage gear nothing is stopping her from wearing an oversized sweater and baggy pants to hide her kinky outfit.
But she has to dress like a DDGL kitten wherever she goes

No. 269481

File: 1669956646965.jpeg (509.36 KB, 1052x649, C58244EB-68E6-4431-A793-031212…)

Soo she can afford those god awful fillers in her lips but not a 25$ tripod … why can’t she just get a job to afford her trashy attention seeking hobby. Can’t imagine being 25 and having absolutely no job experience, and having to beg for 25$ worth of gear. It’s starting to make sense why she clings to her 40 year old scrote friend. He takes pics and videos for her and probably pays for her food, travel and entry into parks. I wonder if he’s the same dude her ex said she cheated on him for free shit since he described the dude as “ old”.

No. 269532

File: 1669987426977.png (34.34 KB, 160x160, A62CFDFC-DF8B-4226-999A-3019A2…)

Clown lookin ass

No. 269570

gross who the fuck is that

No. 269589

The only friend she's maintained since her teen years. I'm surprised anons haven't pointed out how weird the friendship is. The age gap alone is fucking weird. He is the one she said comforted her during her anxiety/panic attacks while filming at Universal. He is also seen in almost all of her gym videos, con related videos/post and every outing to Disney/Universal/fairs. What exactly does a 40 yr old get out of a friendship with an immature broke 25 yr old? Like is he a Splenda daddy ?

No. 269681

File: 1670031098691.jpeg (518.76 KB, 828x1040, D7FA79C3-9E2B-49A2-B746-80C658…)

She also has this uggo mexiscrote who gives her modeling gig handouts for his anime car shows. He’s a part of her ugly scrote orbit army. Did she start hanging out with these nasty old scrotes when she was a teenager?

No. 269682

File: 1670031888737.jpg (Spoiler Image,456.36 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20221203-085327__01…)

I wish I knew cause the fact she has an army of gross older scrotes bankrolling her is interesting as fuck. Also here's the cat BDSM outfit she was pretending she was going to be forced to go out in the other day. Clearly she would've had to put something on kek, so just trying to sound sexy for the grift.

No. 269686

her azn eye edits are getting worse. She did her usual upwards eye corner yank and dragged her tear ducts down. Unfortunately for Sky she just looks like a Mexican MTF tranny lmao

No. 269707

I think he’s been taking her picture at cons for a while. Like since she was 16/17. I think he use to have old candids of her at a con on some site of his. I remember pulltards got their candid shots partly from there. I’ll see if I can find it if it’s still up.

No. 269711

File: 1670039832702.jpeg (340.31 KB, 1169x1799, D95AB19E-8ADD-4673-A59C-A5BFB3…)

Sorry to double post. I found this on his IG and it’s from 2014. So yea they’ve know each other for quite some time. I believe she was 17 here.

No. 269722

Why was she hanging out with 30 somethings as a teen? Ew. She seems to love the attention from these ugly old scroties since she sticks to them like glue.

No. 269727

How old is he though? Might have known each other from cons or high school too or job.

No. 269787

File: 1670080367798.png (156.28 KB, 243x428, 351CE716-A899-4799-B43D-D9C872…)

The only job Skyleigh ever worked was part time at Panera bread for a week when she was 16 or something. It hilarious how she wants her followers to think she was working as a waitress this whole time before she found “success” as a streamer. >>231421
All the scroties she’s hung out with when she was younger and they all looked older. I worked retail jobs when I was in college and I never wanted to hangout with the coworkers in HS, let alone be friends with them. The scrotes look too old to be in her HS too.
Scrotie drop

No. 269788

File: 1670080432155.jpeg (1.82 MB, 3122x961, 93055AA2-8BAD-4532-ACCF-9C223B…)

No. 269811

I dont think anyone thinks she's been working regularly. Just asked if they might be work friends. Nice random tangent though. Completely ignored the question about his age.

No. 269898

Not sure if just unattractive or too old to be hanging around teens

No. 269961

Why are you so mad?

No. 269986

How's that being mad to point out anon didn't answer a single question asked? Stop shitting up the thread if you can't contribute.

No. 270121

They for the most part eliminated the possibility she met them at a job, and mentioned they think the scrotes are too old to have been at her HS at the same time too leaving just cons. So you didn't like where they went with the questions, that's fine, but it doesn't mean they didn't touch on them nor does it constitute as a non-contribution.

No. 270171

Thanks for explaining anon, some people just don’t like to read or are just dumb

No. 270178

So what are these then >>269788
because he looks younger. No one has an age? He might even be only 2 years older than her. He's with a group outside of her, but with her, too. Sure wish anons would stop cutting out post dates. The last one with just him and her especially makes him look her age. Anons need to backup the creep tinfoil.

No. 270214

If you want an age so desperately why don't you find it and post it yourself instead of asking anons and then getting aggressive when their answers aren't to your liking?

No. 270247

Anon brought it up. Either post caps or stfu.

No. 270336


The scrote ENTERED college in 1998.

He is a fucking creep who has been a casual predator around the cow for years. I canot post ss because LinkedIn doesnot allow it but a simple Google search of his posted name on his Instagram shows this information.

So yes, he is a FUCKING nasty casual predator.

No. 270341

I’m confused, how is she half Japanese if her dad is Armenian and Japanese? That would still make her a quarter, not half. And despite all these claims there’s no photos of anyone in her family looking remotely Asian?

No. 270383

File: 1670287679685.jpg (1.51 MB, 4096x2304, _pt2022_12_06_11_46_39.jpg)

You know the same logic applies to your incessant sperging right?

Here you go anon, I made a collage of his LinkedIn. He did indeed go to college in 1998.

No. 270384

File: 1670287811587.jpg (365.07 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20221206-114910__01…)

No. 270385

You 100% sure ? That would make him like 50 and hanging out around cons taking low quality pictures of young peeps in cosplay. He was like 40 when he met 16 yr old Sky and was taking her pictures for her … how disgusting.

So seriously, what exactly is this guy getting out of a friendship with a 25 yr old?

No. 270390

>director of operations for holiday matsuri
I think she hangs around him because he can take pics for her and also give her freebies for HolMat. It seems like she’s only around certain scrotes the most if they can give her something like this guy and the mexiscrote who does the cosplay car show.

No. 270399

That’s what she gets out of it, but what does HE get out of it. He literally drives her around , films, takes pictures and probably pays for her entry to Disney/ universal and random fairs since she can’t even afford a 25$ tripod. Creeps don’t just become some girls doormat without some sort of compensation.

No. 270400

> Creeps don’t just become some girls doormat without some sort of compensation.
sorry, have you met any moids?

No. 270408

File: 1670294283255.jpeg (565.81 KB, 828x1035, 7A4C0826-01D8-4198-B104-007F0A…)

Imagine going to your hotel’s pool area during your vacation and you are greeted with the sight of a chubby below average weeb in a bikini hogging the hot tub for a photoshoot like she’s Kim K with a grandpa scrote photographer kek

No. 270421

This was taken at her gym but yeah same shit applies. Imagine waking up and putting on a full fucking face of makeup and cat ears just to go to the gym let alone a HOT TUB. LOL. Let alone having a bikini photoshoot there. Yet she claims up and fucking down she's "sooo shy" and "sooo anxious" and "doesn't crave attention" lol

No. 270442

Lurk more. It's been discussed to death.

Yeah he doesn't look 50 and some photos anon posted he looked like 17. Considering they've known each other for a long time, could've met through cosplay. I've never seen him creep really, so pretending he's a pedo and stuff makes no sense.

No. 270469

going to college in 98 makes him more like mid 40s. Still a huge creep given when he started hanging out with Sky. lmao you never saw him creep therefore he isn't a pedo? wtf anon, are you a scrote?

No. 270470

samefag on mobile but what does it matter how he appears, his age is mid-40s! you're sick.

No. 270472

Nta I don't think he's a pedo, but the age gap is certainly inappropriate when you consider when they met and in typical scrote fashion his motives are obviously suspect. I just think she has an army of old scrotes bankrolling half the shit she does so her financial priorities can be on shitty pdo treatments and filler.
>I've never seen him creep really, so pretending he's a pedo and stuff makes no sense
What does this even mean kek do you know him or something?

No. 270475

I didn't say it wasn't inappropriate. I'm just wondering how they met because based on that it might not be as weird. Context would help, but anons are just tinfoiling.
>What does this even mean kek do you know him or something?
No one has posted anything creepy that he's done, so wondering if anyone has milk on anything besides just the age gap friend thing. It's not that deep.

No. 270487

I mean posting a mid 40s man hanging out and photographing with a 25 year old who he met when she was underage is enough to prompt anons to be hyperbolic. Honestly I was just interested maybe you were in their circle or had seen them at cons, all good anon.

No. 270496

File: 1670321359072.jpg (45.42 KB, 622x559, EgW8qaYXgAIKHu7.jpg)

This photo

No. 270501

Everything is warping everywhere, even the water is warping into her.

No. 270502

File: 1670323455161.jpg (662.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221206-213405.jpg)

>it's honestly hard to continue being friends with people who're mindless about these things
Then why virtue signal on Instagram about how you're such a thoughtful, good person? Let them know why it's wrong instead of being a coward and writing backhanded stories designed to shame them because of something they're probably not aware of?

No. 270503

she'd rather be judgemental in a public post dissing her so called 'friends' instead of just educating them. Probably because at the end of the day she doesn't actually care about it, it's all just performative, why else would she never even take the time to educate her them on something they might even be aware of? What a nut case.

No. 270511

She's in the right here, I'm so confused about your take. If her friends are monetizing it or passing it off as "real art", I agree. AI-Bros are just grifters the same as BitBros. If they are just messing around with it, not claiming they made it, then that's fine. Depends on what her friends are doing with it, but fuck AI art overall.

No. 270513

None of her friends are monetizing off of AI art. There's been a trend recently where you put selfies of yourself into the AI art program and see what your face or stuff look like in different artstyles, and people would made collages and post them. I would post the pictures of her friends shes refering to but I'm sure you guys can find it if you care enough to dig.

No. 270520

You know she heavily photoshops her body and face right? She doesn’t actually look like that in real life lol. She’s chubs and uggz irl.

No. 270524

It's literally people just following a trend of uploading their selfies to an AI and getting the animu version of themselves spat out then posting it to IG. I'm sure they've got no idea about the art theft. My take wasn't that it's right, it's that the kind thing to do is educate your friends not shame them and pretend to totally be a better person to your following for already being aware it's dodgy.

No. 270540

Sky is always making jabs at her friends like she’s morally better than them. She’s so desperate for her followers to think she’s an uwu saint, when does she ever do the right thing? Her friends don’t call her out for her azn rp and when she ebegs and scams for money or when she makes up stories for pity points.

No. 270546

Watch her do her usual backpedaling

No. 270547

File: 1670339221647.webm (4.1 MB, 720x1280, 1929478322774.webm)

Speaking of ebegging this video is absolutely terrifying especially with sound on. She looked infinitely better before she hard committed to the Asian LARP with a bunch of procedures and photoshop this uncanny. Her meitu/beautycam settings must be at the extreme ends of the sliders at this point.(nitpicking)

No. 270553

Yawn.. Anything that isn't nitpicking her photoshop skills?

No. 270567

File: 1670343010354.png (554.74 KB, 471x684, B1CF7CCD-C5FC-45A6-8775-0F60CC…)


No. 270598

>As an artist
>Hurting people like me and them
Just fucking curious why people who take skimpy selfies in their bedroom and draw low-quality anime consider themselves "artist". Notice how she put "me" before "them" in her statement; it really tells a lot about her. This is only her begging for attention by inserting herself into some cause/problem and making it about herself. The whole thing about her friend makes me wonder if they had a falling out, and she's now trying to villainize them incase they attempt to expose her.

It's weird no matter how you look at it anon. The only thing they share in common is Holiday Matsuri as he's stated he's a director there. He roams around taking shit-tier photographs of random 20 year olds and their friends and calls it "photography". She goes everywhere with this guy, the gym, cons, disney, small road trips, dinners … it's weird. People walking past her at Universal probably think it's some weird father-daughter due, and not two besties on a day trip. The thought of some mid 40s yr old man taking bikini shots of her in a hot tub while she casually asks him "does it look seggsy enough" is gotta be the oddest thing to witness.

No. 270608

>It's weird no matter how you look at it


It's much weirder for an anon to specifically defend him multiple times to say he isn't old and isn't a creep when that's literally what he is.

No. 270640

Why do all these photos make everyone look like they are in high school? The last one looks like sophmores lol

No. 270642

>2 different anons asked about him
And how do you know that?

No. 270652

File: 1670369946429.jpg (213.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221207-101619.jpg)

This person has got to be fucking with her and she took it as a legitimate compliment and posted it because her obviously fake voice is only a little more bearable than lilfuncakez, and that's saying something. It's what makes the previous video so terrifying.

No. 270666

Put together some clips of her most recent e-begging/scam bs. She really doesn't hear how desperate, pathetic, and tone deaf she sounds. I had to speed up the clips so much because she talks so fucking slow and takes years to get to any fucking point ever. I genuinely don't know how her scrotes can sit there and listen to her spew bullshit over and over let alone at the rate of a literal sloth. On top of it all they give her money too and enable her more. It's all so fucking pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 270668

same fag but I forgot to mention also that she used to do her k pop dance streams for pretty much/ close to fucking free. Now she's charging 600 fucking dollars for it 'just because it's been a while'? Oh my god.

No. 270669

>himeahri is so pretty and sounds like an angel!
LMAO that’s hilarious! Skyleigh’s fake voice makes Lilypichu’s sound good.
Thanks for making this nonnie, Skyleigh works over time trying to manipulate people into donating to her when she could just find a damn job.

No. 270680


The funniest part is she genuinely believes what she's doing is actually hard work, lmfao!

No. 270692

File: 1670383139759.jpeg (279.31 KB, 828x622, CC862AB0-89DD-4266-A042-E16E64…)

Pic from the vid. I’ve never seen this pic before. Sky always claims that she doesn’t shoop her eyes when her eyes look different in every single pic. I hope she gets cancelled for her racist asian eye slant shoops + procedures.

No. 270695

You honestly could barely tell it's sped up because her voice is usually this chipmunk spec anyways kek. This girl as absolutely no self awareness it's crazy.

No. 270727

File: 1670396107022.jpeg (101.86 KB, 803x1024, B7879076-9059-46BB-8BEB-BACA4C…)

She crazy if she thinks this looks good. She looks like a middle age woman who had a fresh facelift done. Yikes. She should stop trying to erase every line on her face in the sad attempt to look Asian.

No. 270768

What a waste of time, sage your self posting shit.

No. 270791

File: 1670436718575.jpeg (355.28 KB, 828x1470, 2FE2311B-0493-425A-8433-D94E5A…)

Sky is back on Cameo, she’s seems confident that her scroties would pay for this when they barely buy her soft core porn prints and donate to her stream.

No. 270792

She probably does sexual services for him in return for his help/money. Have you ever heard of a sugar daddy?

No. 270794

Grifting and ebegging and using scrotes, anything to avoid getting a real, stable job.

Agreed. The term "artist" has really been brought down. It's just like when people make shitty bedroom lofi or cloud rap or can't sing and just edits their vocals during the sound production phase to sound good and then label themselves as "musicians." Labelling themselves as such when they have next to no skill is just an ego thing, to make them feel better about themselves and like they're contributing something of value to the craft.

No. 270795

It's probably the sky anon, the one who fervently white knights and asks for receipts and strawmans everything

No. 270804

business advice

No. 270821

Back this up. Prostitution is not even hinted. Fix yourself.

No. 270823

Cher was autotuning since the 80s. Its not new.

No. 270833

>doesn’t make sense
Maybe it because she’s lying
That’s why they said PROBABLY. Stay mad wk.

No. 270874

>What a waste sage your selfposting shit
>Posts useless comment
>Doesn't know what selfposting even means

No. 270896

she's a female Oli London

No. 270904

File: 1670457546676.jpeg (603.78 KB, 828x827, A5DC2D74-4D43-4AF6-9608-F9B370…)

Obligatory lulzy shoop post.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the grandpa scrote is her splenda daddy