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File: 1674591035732.png (395.33 KB, 794x448, smilingwomenfarmers.png)

No. 51182

Hello anons, we are the new admin team! We are a team of three taking over for Shaymin.

Our apologies for the delay in introducing ourselves. There were scheduling issues between us and the old admin that made getting access to everything take longer than we wanted, but we are now in a position to work on the site. To begin with, we have removed the raid spam that had been lingering for the past few weeks. As far as introductions go, we are a team of 3 consisting of two devs and a liaison + project manager to keep communication flowing between devs and farmers. We are all farmers with 5+ years on the farms and have volunteered to keep the site up and running. All changes will be announced on the site before they are implemented - currently announcing this via banners is unreliable, so please check this thread for updates.

To clear up some misinformation: we have had access to the admin panel/moderation tools you all know of since the original transfer, and almost all of the old farmhands have stayed on board and have been continuing to moderate during this time. The discord post you have seen screenshots of was poorly worded, and was referring to a lack of access to the site infrastructure (which we now have). The 3-day site outage was due to the server bill not being paid, which should not be a problem in the future. The whole team is actively monitoring for CP to purge as soon as possible. Please continue to report it!

There are many technical issues with lolcow that we have to deal with before we can make progress. This may mean we have to migrate the site to another imageboard platform, in order to ensure the long-term health of the site (and the sanity of the farmhands). If we are going to do this, it will be done some time from now and in collaboration with our users. We will give you a chance to test and feedback on the new platform before we make the change, and it will be done with ample (48 hour minimum) warning.

We are open to any questions you may have. We are looking forward to the future of lolcow, thank you for your patience nonas and may the milk flow. ♥

No. 51183

Thanks for the update! Are there any plans on having a hellweek in the future?

No. 51184

hello new admins!! thank you so much for finally making this post and for taking over the farms! i really hope this will work out well for you guys ♥ i just have one question currently, are anons who respond to bait still getting temporary bans? i think this should continue to be implemented to prevent more bait and spam.

No. 51185

oh my god adminas thank you so much for finally coming on the site and making an announcement. nonnies must be so happy to finally hear from our adminas and janinas. can you explain why you don't delete soyjak spam and only redtext it? and why you only redtext saging bans which were ridiculed for a long time? or why you left the josh spam up for so long in the first place only for it to be deleted after people pointed out that you very much do have access to the mod tools? much appreciated lolcor bebe

No. 51187

Welcome adminonettes! I'm excited to see an admin group, let's go

No. 51190

Yes, we do plan to have a hellweek some time in the future! We'll announce it when the time comes.

Moderation practices are currently they same as they were under the previous admin, but we are planning on making changes (and following them with a hellweek) so stay tuned.

First of all, there were around 12000 spam posts. The way the moderation tools work means that we would have had to delete them one by one (because they were posted in a way that made each one appear to be from a unique user). The way they were removed in the end was by directly interacting with the database, which we could not do until yesterday.

As for the rest, there will be changes to moderation practices in the future but at the moment we have left them as they were under the previous admin. Farmhands are continuing to work using those guidelines.

No. 51191

so everything that was weird about the site is now being blamed on the old admin? convenient but whatever. why the long silence too? other anons have pointed out that you could have just logged into a farmhand account and made a post clearing things up.
i just think it's weird that you were called out on being shady and now all of a sudden you have access to everything and we are all in lala land happy on the farms.

No. 51192

i have some doubts about them too, but shaymin was hiding a bunch of shit. why not wait until they fuck up?

No. 51194

also, just want to confirm no important info will be posted in discord? i think that is a big issue/worry a lot of anons have, especially because the site randomly went down a few times. polite sage.

No. 51195

Nta but they could reveal what shaymin hid so it can end all rumors about it.

No. 51197

because this is a thread to ask questions and the server bill excuse is retarded at best because if shaymin was around to pay the server bills then she could've gotten them access to the site too (which they had, anyways). i'm gonna need more transparency than what they're offering us now

No. 51198

File: 1674593821903.jpg (89.67 KB, 720x480, alll-for-one-one-for-all-barbi…)

Thank you for clearing up what had happened in between the changing of ownership of the site and the days after. Glad to see that there is a team of admins instead of one, as it is a rather heavy burden of being a sole admin of an imageboard and the farms do unfortunately have a history of admins wanting to leave after a short while.
With your plans for the future, I agree on the migration of the site and hope to see a CAPTCHA to dissuade spam, bot posts and similar rubbish that tends to pop up nowadays, and I like the fact that you guys are while to wait for feedback from the user base before permanently migrating the site.
Communication is something that a lot of people forget about when managing something that takes a team effort to make things run smoothly, so don't forget to talk things out between the three of you! I have high hopes that you three stay together for a good while ♥
Eagerly awaited and urgently needed
>12000 spam posts.
A lot more then I anticipated. However glad to see it gone from the catalogue
>changes to moderation practice and general
Can't wait!

No. 51199

Yes, please no more discord updates. And if the site goes down then we need somewhere else to see updates, like how there was the lolcow twitter account although maybe not twitter either since there are people coming from there and tiktok.

No. 51200

time to say goodbye to lolcow. obvious scrote way of typing.

No. 51201

you would notice that, thank you.

No. 51202

i do agree here. i just feel like we should give it a bit since tensions are obviously high because of how bad things have been.

No. 51203

File: 1674594238688.png (160.46 KB, 700x374, 57FD0D88-644B-46FB-A8CA-0ED2B0…)

Welcome new admins! I appreciate the post, you seem to have good things planned, I look forward to seeing you guys in action.

And last farewell to Shaymin, if you are reading! I appreciate you for keeping the site afloat, even if there were bumps on the road. You did your best, and I wish you luck on your next endeavors! ♥

No. 51204

we have been giving it a long fucking bit now. it's been over a year of this fuckery and these retarded >>51198 posts aren't making anyone feel better

No. 51205

Kek what

No. 51206

So what about the Ko-fi? Do we still have to donate? And if so then can it please be moved off of the second page of /meta/.

No. 51207

We are not blaming old admin at all, we just haven't changed anything about the way things are being moderated! It has been less than 10 days since any of us found out we were chosen for this role. Most things we haven't addressed or tackled yet, but we will!

I can confirm we won't make any updates exclusively on Discord in the future. We will always post here first and link it on the Discord.

No. 51208

the sooner the better as if it's clear that shaymin was the source of issues then there wouldn't be any tension.

No. 51209

Welcome adminas, thank you for rescueing lc! I'm looking forward to the new/another imageboard platform, a thread watch feature and possibly better staff tools would be so great.

No. 51210

why are you ignoring the other half of my post and only addressing the first part? you're shady and your weird samefag suck up posts aren't fooling anyone

No. 51211

>hope to see a CAPTCHA to dissuade spam
Yes, this please. Just not a hardly readable one.

No. 51212

great, thank you!

No. 51213

do you adminas have names we can call you by? or should we name you ourselves?

No. 51214

File: 1674594754124.gif (10.04 MB, 498x388, j.gif)

Hi new adminas! Thank you for making an introduction post! I'm glad it looks like we finally have some real communication between farmers and admins.

No. 51215

File: 1674595099824.jpg (51.01 KB, 564x633, c860be8cc21025b623dab3d869ac0b…)

Hello new admins! Thank you for taking on the care of LC. May you take care of her well. Looking forward to technical updates, spam removal and hopefully new banners plus removal of outdated old ones. A thread watcher feature would by handy.

No. 51216

File: 1674595201956.png (227.23 KB, 488x624, 185703.png)

With the new site will there be more options in styles? Like I would like more variations on darker themes with maybe burgandy or just fun ones like keekweek, not jungle though. never that

No. 51217

the samefagging in this thread holy shit lol

No. 51218

File: 1674595359434.jpg (19.46 KB, 306x612, istockphoto-184279150-612x612.…)

Introductory phrase to admin subroutine executed. Insert implement I would like here followed by expressing gratitude. Finalize with expressing hope towards communication.

No. 51219

The Ko-fi link is going to stay up for anyone who wants to help with the server costs, but we will pay the entire balance each month whether donations meet that amount or not!

We do intend to implement a captcha to help with spam! It will take time, but it's definitely on the list of things we want to implement.

We are admins Aimée, Jenny and Sentinel.

No. 51220

File: 1674595718580.png (373.68 KB, 620x318, 1468977108116.png)

>new banners plus removal of outdated old ones.
If you remove Pixyteri banners from rotation, then it's proof that you guys aren't oldfags. Please only add in well made banners and not ms paint quality ones, thank you.

No. 51221

if any of you retards send money to this fat bitch for her weed habit i will personally come to your house and destroy your laptop

No. 51222

Right now our main priorities are updating the infrastructure, implementing better mod tools and implementing better tools against spam/CP etc, followed by quality of life updates and improvements to things like themes. We do want to improve every aspect of the site eventually, so we appreciate all of your suggestions for things like that!

No. 51223

French Canadian Troon name
Troon name
Are you even trying?

No. 51224

please don't remove old banners! i get that some anons don't like the cow boards but there's no reason to remove old banners. i don't respect anons who don't use cow boards anyway.

No. 51225

I liked the policy of not taking down old banners even when they're outdated (like the good luck Manaki and Venus one) because they're a part of site history. I get the disgust at the Mystery porkchop banner, but aside from that it comes off as pearl-clutchy. 50% of cows here have done some form of sex work, having no banners that reflect that would be weird imo. Also encouraging farmers not to browse LC in public is probably a good thing kek.
Anon, where do you think troons get those names?

No. 51226

they sure are not

No. 51227

Anons call them outdated but in my opinion they're part of lolcow history. I think it'd be a bad idea to replace old ones

No. 51228

Omfg stop, we are now calling people trannies just based on names? Didn’t Shaymin say she would verify the new admins being female

No. 51229

sentinel is the other name for the crazy cunt mod that was sandwich who was also shaymin. nothing has changed on this site but you guys will see that eventually

No. 51230

nta but besides they're likely only aliases not their real names but yeah troon names are taken from actual women. i kind of hoped for -min names. or is that our job to do kek

No. 51231

It's bait nonny, don't bother replying

No. 51232

this, thank you. the history of the site is important. it's part of the reason we don't delete threads. legacy, archiving, etc. i bet many anons don't even know who mystery is.

No. 51234


No. 51235

Regardless of history the porkchop one is a bit much imo

No. 51236

like your dumbass knows what bait is or isnt. nonny~~ uwu nya

No. 51237

eh, it's as bad as what you see at the beach.
>inb4 sfw
i hope you guys don't use lolcow at work for many other reasons.

No. 51238

Am I tripping or being a moid is not against the rules anymore? LOL

No. 51239

No I was just asking because it was objectively three silly name choices and sentinel was used by Shaymin as >>51229 pointed out so it was just a culmination of everything.
This is fair.

No. 51240

agreed with this for some reason it's always the one that pops up for me and the pixyteri deepthroat one it's too much and revolting. there are other better ones

No. 51242

i can't see it either….

No. 51243

The rule is still the same it has always been:
>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
Technically, being a moid has never been against the rules.

No. 51244

I agree. There's really no real reason to take down those banners.
>"They're porny!"
Ok..? Some cows literally make porn or post sexual content
>"I don't want anyone else to see them when I'm browsing lolcow!"
Stop browsing lolcow in public, or simply scroll past the banner. It's not that hard.

No. 51245

Saying this got one in a lot of trouble under the old regime.

No. 51246

As a general note, we're not responding to tinfoils ITT or anywhere else. We're volunteers using our spare time to hold this site together, and we'd rather convince users with doubts by handling the site properly instead of wasting our time responding to bait.

We appreciate that the handover of the site has been a bit chaotic, but we hope that you'll all see in time that we have good intentions.

No. 51247

But that’s the way the rule has been for as long as I can remember. I think it should be more explicit, but I just wanted to clarify as anons think males are banned in the rules - they are not, unfortunately.

No. 51248

stop being reasonable and fight us

No. 51249

regardless they still get banned eventually whether or not they explicitly announce it so in other words they're not welcome here

No. 51250

Yeah people are saying its part of lolcow history but we still have the threads of them being submitted so I don’t see why we can’t take down the porny ones. If they’re so adamant about being oldfags then they also have to realize that men frequently posted here and the no moid/dont state you’re male rule was only implemented recently so its likely that men made those banners. It’s better to have less porny banners and just make new ones for the cows they want to pay homage to anyways. We had anons making pt fanart in draw threads before and that was used as a banner for a bit

No. 51251

this is stupid because of what other anons have said about 80% of cow threads being camgirls. just hide the banner element if it bothers you so much.

No. 51252

I agree, those banners also will make scrotes think this is a site aimed at them. They have a long history of shitting up cow threads asking for nudes and what not. We need more banners in current farmer culture style, less moid porn style. A lot of great banner have been made over the last year or so but never implemented.

No. 51253

Any scrote who thinks this site is aimed at him from a banner will immediately be corrected .2 seconds after posting and being banned.

No. 51254

Those banners have literally been here for years, and the only moids we get are moids who know they're not supposed to be here. Think, anon.

No. 51255

That number has definitely changed. Porny banners make moids feel welcomed and all because some man made those banners years ago won’t change either. Rather have new banners made about old cows and just archive the old banners for oldfags to enjoy if you guys want them to be apart of history so bad.

No. 51256

>current farmer style
if you really want that, we'd have more porny banners because there are far more camgirls, costhots, onlyfans girls and porny cows in general. use your brain. we both know that you mean /ot/ and /ot/ isn't most of the site.

No. 51257

yes, those numbers did change it went up. even older cows do porn now do porn. also men's usage and participation in the site isn't as much as you claim, considering maleposting got banned fairly early on. we've never been like kiwifarms.

No. 51258

I agree we do not need those crystal cafe -esque ones but you can make banners of those cows without them being like the porkchop one. The culture of the site has changed a lot and I don’t think that one in particular fits with the vibe of the site anymore. Being such big feminists and all amd then having those banners

No. 51259

>even older cows do porn now do porn.
even older cows who didn't do porn now do porn. (sorry for phoneposting)

No. 51260

This isn't a feminist site.

No. 51261

File: 1674598032588.jpg (70.53 KB, 800x533, photomontage-cow-grazing-mount…)

Shorthand for referring to all three admins should be calling them Cerbmin or something to do with Cerberus. I like to picture them as one admin with three distinct heads rather than just 3 people teaming up.

No. 51262

i disagree the site is feminist. anti-men? yes, but i think that many anons don't care about being feminist, especially with how some of them post about cows…

No. 51263

Oh, but they do. They claim to be radfems and think microanalyzing Shaynas ass boils is a feminist act uwu

No. 51264

File: 1674598309867.jpeg (14.94 KB, 201x251, cerbmin.jpeg)

Will only address the admins as Cerbmin now.

No. 51265

File: 1674598314920.jpg (30.95 KB, 306x423, 31a19e46a9cdcc3499df63039df7db…)

thanks adminas and janinas

No. 51266

File: 1674598442636.jpg (73.38 KB, 1280x960, cerberus_cow__by_mushroomice_d…)

samefag but this is picrel is rather cute

No. 51267

this is cute! admins pic your cow heads.

No. 51268

The e-whores in Shayna's threads do not represent the site as a whole

No. 51269

so glad you finally introduced yourselves adminonettes. cheers to good communication and long live the farms!

No. 51270

this is so cute! i love the name cerbmin

No. 51271

based on the names starting from the left i bet aimee's the first one ( love related name ) jenny is the second ( jenny death reference ) and sentinel is the third

No. 51273

And neither does the recent migration of twitter radfems claiming a literal imageboard for making fun of cows is a feminist site. There's a place for all women here, not everyone wants to be confined by labels on an anonymous imageboard of all places.

No. 51275

kek this post killed me for some reason

No. 51277

I'm an oldfag too and I can live without the porkchop and pt corndog one (there's still the nothing to see here one, so you can't claim history erasure). There are many new banners that are better anyway.
We should make polls for these kind of decisions (and actually follow through with the result).

No. 51278

will photos be loading faster anytime soon? why did lc become super slow, near unbearable to load?

No. 51282

We're currently working on improving the speed of the site! The slow loading speed is due to a number of reasons related to spamming, hand-off of the site, and similar factors. Please bear with us as we deal with it.

No. 51283

Please take care of yourselves admins, that CP is not easy to handle mentally, especially as a volunteer.

No. 51284

File: 1674608854800.gif (782.17 KB, 128x126, 1674247498558.gif)

thank u love u

No. 51289

So are you planning on transferring lc to a new engine like Shaymin tried too, and failed miserably and everyone hated it

No. 51295

Speak for yourself, I thought the possible new features were cool.

No. 51297

Can the old /m/ thread be restored ?

No. 51300

It's well and good to say "just trust us to prove our intentions" but we've been hearing that for years. The number one request for AGES has been transparency / information about what is going on and that's immediately been dumped off by "liaison" admin. Not a great start.

No. 51302


No. 51303

File: 1674623431700.jpg (297.4 KB, 1080x1094, 3.jpg)

Welcome Cerbmin

No. 51304

Welcome cerbmin!! I'm so excited for hellweek kek

No. 51305

seconding this please

No. 51307

File: 1674641154883.jpg (284.54 KB, 1024x572, MTXX_MH20230125210010123.jpg)

Shameless phone edit

No. 51314

Could you also focus on banning users who shit up threads with infighting? It's something that's never been moderated much even in other chans, but it makes discussion impossible. Like any user that starts insulting everybody like crazy, acts hostile, derails the thread into fighting, etc. Please.

No. 51316

File: 1674656615547.jpeg (39.7 KB, 170x300, 61E971B6-F4DD-4E9F-8EB1-5AF534…)

found this photo of our new admin

No. 51325

We are unsure currently. Let us have a more thorough look into the backend and see what we can do!

The purpose of a liaison and project manager admin is to improve transparency and communication. We have all been site users for years and wanted to address this problem in a way that made most sense to us.

Currently we are operating based on past moderation practices. Any changes will be implemented with a hellweek - we will add this to the list!

No. 51334

Finally. Welcome, new admins

No. 51346

Thank you so much new admins for saving the site, thank you, thank you!
I hope moving forward the wk activity will be monitored, there is a lot of blatant and lowkey wking. There have been some wk farmers who try to ruin threads and try their hardest to change the narrative eg down playing snow flake activity, saying the flake isn’t a sexworker (when they are doing soft core and straight porn), purposely misconstrue what is bring said and playing dumb.

No. 51350

Samefag and not to mention spamming not milk on every saged and non saged post

No. 51367

Welcome new admins, this makes me excited for the new era of lolcow.
I agree with this on snow or pt but I don’t think it’s a good idea to over-moderate discussion on other boards. I agree it would be good to give a warning (and only after that ban) when the discussion is really OT or going on for too long but not for a short farmer arguments. It’s hard to say what is discussion and what is infighting sometimes and it might result in a boring squeaky clean twitter-like site where no one can actually say what they think.

No. 51369

the biggest issue is on /w/ and it is becoming so bad that anons can't talk about certain cows at all without getting near-instant backlash from one or two posters. I won't even combine photos into a single pic (collage) anymore since some anon reports any combi photo as "nitpick collage" and this is even sometimes banned. I don't know what's up with that mod but it's not ok.

No. 51371

>What are your favorite Cows? Please say who you are please
>Whats your indiviual throughts on the Shaynatoruim and it's existence, please be kind
>thank you

No. 51372

nta I agree /w/ is a complete shitshow - in one of the threads I freuqent there, someone regularly whiteknights a pedo cow and never gets banned for it, and the cows themselves are posting in the thread and making it super obvious and nothing is done about it. not to mention all the unintegrated twitterfags and tiktoktards, a lot of the threads have become unreadable due to lack of efficient moderation

No. 51373

What timezones are you in? All in one timezone or like one in america, france, etc..?

No. 51375

File: 1674676728662.png (157.81 KB, 641x854, farmhand.png)

I have to ask, under this new ownership will things like picrel (farmhands getting into petty infights with anons, and then exposing their IP or post history) continue to happen?

No. 51376

Yeah, /w/ could use some attention. The moderation standard there is different to the rest of the cow boards and it shows with threads full of in-fighting and WKing. Either /w/ needs to be consistent with /snow/ and /pt/ or it should just not be falling under the umbrella of a cow board and should be its own special shitshow.

No. 51377

I see nothing wrong with it. Samefags are a nuisance and even more so when they're cocky and lie.

No. 51378

you see nothing wrong with exposing the IP of people for dumb shit? No one would post here. This is some newfag shit.

No. 51380

i hope the entire mod team is changed. i got a short ban for not sageing here on /meta/ while CP and spam were up for days. nice priorities.

No. 51381

A: My favourite cows are pixielocks, momokun, venus, kiki, shayna, stefany. Shaynatorium was a good containment board for the deranged shayposters.
J: Shayna, Kat/Stormy/Morgan, Brina and Sandra, I miss fitveganginger and Aly. I support the Shaynatorium, I think the Shayna edits get insane in a fun way and it would be nice to have a place for Shaytards to just be shaytarded.
S: Venus angelic, lori lewd, luna, holly/projared and dasha/julia. Hard for me to choose which from those but back in the day kota was a big one I followed as well outside of pixy. I follow momo and kiki and stef too but they can be kind of slow at times tbf. As for shaynatorium… I kind of agree with Aimee here, it was a good containment channel for the really unhinged posters, but it had the funny moments here and there. I'm always all for containment channels if it helps.

We are all in different timezones but they still allow for us to work together well.

Exposing IP and post history is not a permission granted to farmhands or mods. It shouldn't have happened under the previous admin and we would remove any farmhands who did it while we are admin.


No. 51382

thank admins, I also like the blue color, will you all have different colors? Or was it always blue and I'm retarded

No. 51383

>Exposing IP and post history is not a permission granted to farmhands or mods. It shouldn't have happened under the previous admin and we would remove any farmhands who did it while we are admin.

Thank you, I'm glad to hear this.

No. 51384

I hate how in /W/ you can’t make fun of a cow and laugh at them without a wk screeching NO YOU!!!! NITPICK!!11!!!. I will say making fun of a cow’s baby is not cool but can we have fun again without the fucking wks trying to ruin everything?

No. 51385

Ayrt, I completely forgot about w as I don't frequent it much but I think heavier moderation on cow boards (snow, pt, w) and lighter on the chat boards would be a good balance.

No. 51387

>Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason
>You may revoke your own anonymity only if your identity is essential to the information you're providing. Staff will revoke your anonymity if you attempt to deceive lolcow.farm.

No. 51388

there's a difference between revoking anonymity and posting a whole ass ip address where you only remove the last digit. nobody would disagree with you if they had removed half of the ip but that? was really retarded and never something that was done on the farms so i want to know what "experienced farmhands" shaymin had on her team

No. 51389

She never got rid of the old ones.

No. 51390

Then what do you understand under revoking anonymity? Admins have already said their reasonable opinion, but imo if a person samefags and then has the guts to continue to lie about it and sperg out because they rightfully got redtexted, they fully deserve it.

No. 51391

anons do not deserve to have their ips revealed over samefagging in a thread about fucking cats you loons. you sound just like the farmhand in that thread whiteknighting her poor decisions. just fucking leave already jesus

No. 51392

half of the old ones quit iirc? i remember before shaymin we were already crippled with moderation.

No. 51393

They do if they continue to lie, insult staff and ban evade directly after getting redtexted. And no, not everyone who disagrees with you is a farmhand or shaymin or some other random person kek.

No. 51394

File: 1674689625516.jpeg (219.08 KB, 1600x915, 1670516276644.jpeg)

agreed kek. plus how do they intend on dealing with VPN hoppers? so basically the only people that will ever know who is actually spamming vs someone getting caught up in the spam is Admin?

Can't wait til we see how this plays out in a few months when the admin "team" inevitably stop checking the site and then we get more sorry blogposts from farmhands explaining why they can't stamp out spammers because they can't see post history to decide who is spamming and who just got caught up in it. so as i was saying a while back, the site is dead.

No. 51395

where did you even read that they won't be able to see ips or post histories? the new admins just said that they won't be allowed to reveal them. which is a good thing, not a bad thing. what the previous admins and farmhands did was bonkers no matter how you try to slice it

No. 51396

>i'm not a farmhand
>knows that the anon was ban evading and insulting farmhands
you're bad at this no offense

No. 51397

I looked up the thread in the screenshot and it's there for everyone to see, the banned person doesn't even bother to hide the immediate ban evasion and then samefags even harder kek.

No. 51398

in the admin reply
>post history is not a permission granted to farmhands or mods.
I mean that was my assumption based on reading that. Maybe I misunderstood what they meant but the whole "permission granted" sounded technical to me

No. 51399

i looked at it myself and i don't see any harder samefagging? if you look up the ip it even tells you it's a fucking vpn. how very experienced to use a free vpn ip to prove samefagging. the explanations given in there make complete sense and farmhands being trigger happy because they can't handle being told they're wrong is certainly an issue we keep seeing…

No. 51400

>Exposing IP and post history is not a permission granted to farmhands or mods
That's the full sentence. I do think you are misunderstanding. It is clearly referencing the ability to expose/post them publicly

No. 51401

To be fair the last number of the ip was removed, although I do think that whole situation was unnecessary, could've just redtexted the anon with (samefag) and call it a day

No. 51402

removing the very last number of an ip address means nothing. there's only 0-9 you can insert there. doesn't leave much room for privacy. it was a vpn in that instance anyways but to pretend that that's a reasonable thing to do on an anonymous website (and on the non-cow boards!) is just baffling to me.

No. 51404

Vpn ranges, even free ones, have several different IPs when they're given to the user, not literally one ip for everyone. Like another anon in that thread mentioned, the possibility that they catch the same ip, use the same vpn provider, use the same thread, within the same time, while posting, and responding to eachother is absolutely freaking abysmal. Other than that, no one would sperg out this hard and viciously if they were innocent kek.
And io and behold, it seemingly just turned put to be the tranny later in the thread anyway.

No. 51405

yeah sorry but i'm not believing anything those dumbass farmhands said. they were by far the worst and shittiest farmhand team we have had since i started browsing in 2016. they'll claim any vpn is the samefagging tranny cp spammer kys kys or whatever as if it means anything and as if they are trustworthy. i don't know why you're willing to die on this hill as a random anon when (i assume) we all just want to shitpost safely on here and not feel like any dumb post could trigger the bpd mods to fly off the handle and post all your shit

No. 51407

Because I don't have to fear getting my ip revealed, since I neither samefag nor spasm out when I have been banned.

No. 51408

Do you think spamming and samefagging are the same thing? That anon wasn't spamming, they samefagged their post to make a joke about toxoplasmosis. Not being able to publicly reveal someone's IP address or their post history doesn't mean they can't ban people. I wish some of you would get some reading comprehension or at least bother to look at the full situation before jumping in these conversations.

Anyway, at the end of the day it was extremely dumb for that farmhand to fight with that anon and reveal an IP over something as petty as samefagging to make a stupid joke about cat piss. They could've just been banned and left it at that. At least the last time an anon's post history was revealed it made sense and was reasonable, this was just dumb. I wasn't gonna bring it up but keep in mind that whole debacle was around the same time a farmhand also redtexted an anon for venting about cancer, and another anon for venting about racism.

No. 51409

You're right I failed to read the beginning of your post somehow. It was definitely a weird move kek

No. 51410

You're "spasming" quite hard in here right now though… curious

No. 51411

You're the one who spergs the most, your typing style and timing and penchant for response chaining always gives you away plus well nobody else uses that boogie man anymore.

No. 51412

A lot of the redtexts from the Shaymin era were fucking insane! The cancer post, the constant bitchy redtexts in the vent thread? Because anons were venting? Banning anons for saying some criminal scrote is hot and redtexting it with Hybristophilia as if the entire unconventional attraction thread isn't filled with horrible scrotes. Hell, I remember when one anon posted the guy who flew the plane into the world trade center kek. Really felt like the site was turning into the staffs personal hugbox for a while and I'm glad if they are truly gone.

No. 51413

Where? I just had a normal discussion with you and explained why I think they did nothing wrong and why it's highly unlikely the redtext is unjustified. Just don't samefag, it's not hard.

No. 51414

Welcome!!! Glad to see you here. What are your favourite normie activities?
I don't care about anything to do with the site as long as there's vpn ban evasion and captcha. CP spam is reprehensible

No. 51415

>get some reading comprehension
>completely misunderstands TAYRT by failing to comprehend what was written
cool. are you retarded or did you not pick up on the fact that I was talking about a completely different thing? I'll say it again for you. I was concerned about mods being able to properly mod against spammers, I was not specifically talking about the samefagging incident. But it was already explained to me and I already acknowledged that I misunderstood admin's reply, so your shitty little response was unneeded

No. 51416

Just redtext people as a samefag and move on with your life. It's not hard.

No. 51417

ayrt - I definitely agree with this! light moderation would be best for the other boards

No. 51418

nta and ngl but you seem more tilted about this than they do. that means you are also sperging out.

No. 51419

Nta and kinda of anecdotal but they mislabeled me as a tranny but than apologised (after deleting everything I had posted that day). I wanna have faith in them but it's a little hard from personal experience. I think someone was just trigger happy instead of properly investigating IP/device/cookies ect.

No. 51420

Whoever you think I am you are probably mistaken. Leave the investigating to the detectives. It's perfectly reasonable to vent about the previously shitty moderation, anyways. If you don't like it you can easily ignore it. They've said their piece like 5 times now.

No. 51421

Wish i could, but I have too much self awareness to apply as a farmhand kek.

No. 51422

General you

No. 51423

you're not alone, happened to me when I posted while on phone data pissed me off

No. 51424

this is really petty. why would anyone want to post on the site if they'll get called out for arguing with farmhands… can cerbmin please confirm that there is a new moderation team? why spend weeks looking for a moderation team if they didn't get any new ones…

No. 51425

newfags, see: >>51381

No. 51426

a lot of us got unfairly banned during the whole voldemort saga. it's why i only post using a vpn now because if i'm gonna get accused of being some random scrote anyways then i might as well just protect my post history from the get-go.

No. 51427

The irony of that saga, it had better be over.

No. 51428

I got accused of being crap-chan once, they removed the ban though.

No. 51429

I'm so happy to see that new admins like a few of my niche cows (Stefany, Pixielocks, Aly, Fitveganginger - plus some of the others mentioned too). Kiki's been acting funny recently and maybe we'll get blessed with new milk from her.

Welcome, and please ask for more mod applicants if you need them! I think we all agree that maybe with more help, things could run more smoothly and we can make things fun again here.

No. 51430

Thankfully someone was reasonable in /meta/ when I complained, they also removed the ban and apologised on the ban page. There was some strange moderation happening around that time which makes room for me to believe other anons when they talk about about farmhands abusing their power. I don't know why people think they're infallible, they make mistakes just like the rest of us.

No. 51431

It's the same mods as before so

No. 51432

I don't think it's just random anons who think the farmhands are infallible. The tonal shift towards staff has been severe. Not that I mind, but anons were extremely critical of farmhands and admins for as long as I can remember. Now it's lots of sucking up and defending them. It's odd to say the least but I won't say what I'm thinking kek

No. 51433

The hatred will resume soon enough anon.

No. 51434

Is it finally going to happen?

No. 51435

What are you two oddballs on about? Dare I even ask or will this start another round of spam

No. 51436

Idk how true this is. I've caught another anon's ban message on here before when using a VPN. I can't use VPNs on 4chan (was telling a moid to kms) because every location is banned.

No. 51437

Just how unhinged meta posters are towards site staff throughout all of history.

No. 51438

it's so weird how the wking happens consequently to criticism. the post rates shoot up too or derailing happens.

i've had this happen to me as well.

No. 51439

Like a pack of Chihuahuas.

No. 51440

I agree staff has been unfairly dogpiled a lot on here over the years, yet nobody ever defended them. It was only with this current round of mods/admin that suddenly any dissent or criticism was met with extreme hostility from anons. Even though one might say that the criticism was more warranted than it had ever been before.
I do hope anons can be civil if the current team just does their jobs in an impartial way.

No. 51441

The amount of times people come to /meta/ to whine about a ban that was obviously not meant for them/was a VPN ban disproves this really quickly though. It's probably the number one complaint in every single complaints thread.

No. 51442

Have you have been around over the past 5 years?

No. 51443

I have. I saw the man-hate/gendercrit/2X closure with my own two eyes. I always got the impression that farmhands barely read meta and most threads would derail into infighting between two people arguing who is or isn't a whiteknight rather than a derail over whether or not farmhands are wrong. I got the opposite impression over the last year or so.

No. 51444

2x isn't even an original board so are you new? Lc has never been a feminist site.

No. 51445

I think she means the pinkpill threads

No. 51446

I tinfoil that my phone data ban was just because I was critical of the moderation after cancer redtext. I was polite and reasonable, with an overwhelmingly XX post history going back years, but still copped a 3-year ban and was called a tranny. that day a lot of posters got called tranny. Appealed it, not sure what happened in the end (travel, etc.) but I can post on phone data now.

No. 51447

What? Where did I say it's an original board or in any way imply that? Were you not around for the polling to keep or close 2X? It caused huge drama among the userbase towards the staff. That's all I was referring to. You sound rather new if that was somehow confusing to you, ngl.

No. 51449

File: 1674696348757.jpg (31.99 KB, 612x408, babaygurrl.jpg)

Worse off then I thought, Lost faith in them when one farmhand banned a user for using an kaomoji but then used one herself in the red text as if she was exempt from it. Heartbreaking really. picrel is the mods

>old farmhands have stayed on board and have been continuing to moderate during this time.

No. 51450

The exact same thing happened to me when I appealed a cancer ban so it's not the only time I've noticed an inability from staff to gauge users. Hell, a similar thing happened with oldmin when she was sperging about Elaine years back. I assume the only reason I've been able to post since is because on those multiple occasions someone actually looked at my post history and realised their had been a mistake. That being said I don't remember the redtext being removed so it gave a false impression to whoever saw the ban.

No. 51451

Your IP address has most likely changed since then. Any time you have a power outage or your router goes out for whatever reason you get a new one.
Not denying that the Farmhands were bad at their jobs but this particular complaint is dumb. They've always put the emote into the redtext when banning for it. It was "emote/emoji" or the offending emoticon in the redtext.

No. 51452

Nta but they're not talking about that. It was a /ot/ thread (maybe the shitpost thread) where an anon was like "anon, that's a picture of jannies as a baby" and a farmhand redtexted the post with (yes -_-) or something like that.

No. 51453

Normal people don't samefag, only unhinged trolls do. They deserve to have their IPs exposed for being trolls.

No. 51454

it's been abundantly clear they were bad at guessing who's who and often would use any excuse to steer the conversation away from anything they didn't want to address. Nta.

No. 51455

Oh my bad! I think I saw this mentioned before but without context it just looked like a regular emote ban kek. That's bad though, lead by example!

No. 51456

3/10 please use larger bait next time

No. 51457

Nta but nothing about that is bait. You have to be really pathetic or trolling to samefag, there is no normal reason for it.

No. 51459

Nta, there's no way you're nta. The rest of us all know that particular example was making a clear set up, punch line post structure. Like it or not but comedy is not unhinged and nobody rational would have ever leapt to such a conclusion in good faith.
Just let it go.

No. 51460

File: 1674698000808.png (6.58 KB, 576x107, 05540 (1).png)

Here's the pic. I should used that before but I couldn't find it, turns out I remembered it wrong but yeah this what I meant >>51452

No. 51461

>you're samefagging for hating samefagging
You are borderline incomprehensible, please take your meds.

No. 51462

nta but revoking anonymity would mean to tag posts in some way. it's been done for cows and if anons are too annoying (like many on /ot/ are) that would be a fair way to show who's posting.

No. 51463

Yeah that rule never meant "show every anon's IP address if they lie to us". We have had anons have their post histories revealed after trying to fuck around but never was there ever an IP posted. It's a pretty big faux pas and I'm shocked the previous Admin defended it.

No. 51464

Nothing about her post was incomprehensible. You're just being obtuse for the sake of getting an infight because we are hurting your feelings currently or something.

No. 51466

Yes, it's possible to catch other's bans with dynamic ips, which often happens on 4chan, and vpns, which can happen here. I had it happen myself, but it was bans from years ago. Not with all the factors mentioned in the upper post.

No. 51467

sure, infighting samefag.

No. 51468

I've had random VPN bans from as recent as last week though… and I use a paid VPN not a free one like proton

No. 51469

Thank you, I was hoping that was clear enough for even her but sadly it appears not.

No. 51470

well luckily even if retard anons want to defend it, newmins won't. i wonder if they know who the mod is and if they'll be changing the mod team or if it changed already, since that one would still be in the mix. (unless it really was shaymin hopping onto a mod ID like i tinfoiled kek)

No. 51471

Which one?

No. 51472

You seem really determined to defend that samefag. I won't say it but it's obvious why.

No. 51473

File: 1674699444123.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 51474

They said any janny who does that while under them would be removed, so I think that farmhand is still a part of the team. Imo, it's fine for that janny to stay as long as our new admins won't allow for anything like that to happen again.
I did think it was strange that Shaymin defended that because I remember one of her first posts was her reprimanding an ex-mod for revealing manifesto-chans history.

No. 51475

File: 1674699586212.png (35.75 KB, 800x169, Screenshot_20230126-031900.png)

It's a mystery.

No. 51476

Years back? She STILL spergs about her and likes to keep up to what she’s doing. Why? I don’t know. Why does she keep sperging about elaine for…

No. 51477

Glad to hear from you! Please don't hesitate to update to lynchchan if you think it will imrpove the site. There's no point re-inventing the wheel. Most of the (reasonable) criticism of the change was down to bad communication and the site actually had some pretty cool functionality (that hardly anyone who sperged out noticed).

No. 51478

this. I’m not opposed to this site becoming an archive site like how previous admina intended

No. 51479

Are you accusing posters in here of being some random troll who racebaited about an Ariel movie? Meds, quit your farmhand job, more meds

No. 51480

File: 1674701245258.gif (784.78 KB, 256x320, 1673311221431.gif)


No. 51481

Nta but what the fuck does this post mean

No. 51482

Oldmin posted in the meta thread on the lynxcow that she was in the process of porting over all the cow boards to the new site and asked whether people want her to port the OT boards too. People said yes, so she said she'd do it once the other boards are done.

No. 51483

File: 1674701540816.png (120.98 KB, 1439x479, 1671786014103.png)

No. 51484

Thank you.

No. 51487

Nta and I'm not saying that wasn't a petty and overreactive move on the jannies part but to be fair the user was using a VPN. It's not like her actual IP address was leaked.

No. 51488

>I've caught another anon's ban message on here before when using a VPN
Same lol

No. 51489

It happened sometime 2021 despite me being here since 2016/17. Idk what gave her the impression, I just got a ban and redtext that was lumped in with a bunch of others I assume was actually her.

No. 51490

i've already been sitebanned three times in two days even though i've only sageposted in /ot for the last six years. mostly the cat threads

No. 51491

It’s been going on that long? I remember one of the discord mods would vc with her for hours. I guess cowtipping is a privilege only to granted to them. They loved trolling her. Unfortunate you got shot in the crossfire.

No. 51495

>removal of the outdated banners
I think these banners are a part of lc history. I am always happy to see Dakota and other og cows. I think it would be extremely weird if they were chosen to be deleted. How new are you? Thats just extremely silly.

No. 51498

NTA and I wouldn't mind keeping some iconic cow banners, but the gross porny ones can go. Nonas have made suggestions for much better ones in the banner thread.

No. 51501

I've been called Elaine in redtext before, half the people here have been banned for being the tranny, this means literally nothing.

No. 51502

you can go

No. 51503

File: 1674751902117.png (129.85 KB, 463x659, IMG_5189.png)

Jw y'all got rid of sandwhich right?
Cause I mean gee, who spammed CP someone everyone else gets called or the mod being called out? What a skull scratcher.
Picrel to prove she's been nuts for Elaine for a while now.

No. 51505

File: 1674754828412.png (65.97 KB, 1290x210, IMG_5257.png)

We know everything

No. 51506

what does this mean

No. 51507

It means that the gayop an admin pulled on Elaine did happen, tried to get covered up and now there's spaghetti everywhere. I fucking hate this whole thing, someone else has to go forward for it if anyone wants to know before shit actually hits the fan from this.

No. 51510

Inspect element

No. 51511

aka idk and idc it’s terminally online shit bc Blaine and Elaine be fighting for their lives here every day

No. 51512

why do you type like that

No. 51513

Y do u type like dat

No. 51514

File: 1674756393244.png (19.08 KB, 650x241, hyuck.PNG)

No. 51515

File: 1674756513355.png (341.13 KB, 1290x874, IMG_5259.png)

Too many people know, keep trying to discredit everything.

No. 51516

Where was this defense when any other discord drama has been posted here?

No. 51517

yeah, because dm caps from elaine, the queen of a thousands alts, are very trustworthy

No. 51518

I assume they were swept like most things.

No. 51519

That defense was there, ya tard. Maybe not every instance, but it was there. anyone can change their discord username and pfp at the drop of a hat, you can also inspect and edit element as well. I've seen plenty of people mention that before.

kek, yep. she could have gotten anyone to message her with that username and pfp, she wouldn't even need an alt.

amazing how this screenshot provides such excellent exposition that it includes a means, motive, opportunity and admittance. I'm shocked………………………………………

No. 51520

File: 1674759137852.png (258.47 KB, 1242x2688, blah.png)

I don't know what's going on but I was the one in this group chat. It initially started as a place to follow Elaine's antics. Then they started to get a bit more involved. They were catfishing Elaine. I never looked into that group chat because it got weird real fast. I wish I could have extracted it because there might have been good info in there but my dumbass accidentally hit the call button while investigating. They immediately called me and kept asking me to join. I didn't and left because it spooked me.

I do have an extraction of another group chat they had with some guy Elaine talked to. Willing to share it if needed. I don't think it has much on it though. It does prove that sandwich has some involvement with Elaine though.

No. 51521

Nta but who the fuck is sandwich and why should any of us care?? You people never give context or backstory

No. 51522

So sandwich is a moid? So moids are the root of all the issues then

No. 51523

Nta but anyone who kept track of the swept deleted comments will know. I doubt anyone will care if that person is released from the staff team. Nobody wants to elaborate because they'll be accused of being one of two people if they do and attacked if they come forward with their identity. Idk who Hex is but all she did was call this person out on discord and we can all see the slander attempt pushed on Hex.
Extrapolate information is all I'm saying.

No. 51524

i'm wondering the same lmao what the hell does this have anything to do with the new admins? it just looks like some schizo vendetta kek

No. 51525

>Nta but anyone who kept track of the swept deleted comments will know.
Nonnie, how the fuck am I supposed to do that without keeping an eye on this thread 24/7? Everything happens when I'm sleeping anyway.

No. 51526

it’s always the most terminally online shit that you have to know like 24 layers of gay lore to figure out

No. 51527

No, she's not. She's a discordfag and LCF oldfag.

No. 51528

Exactly why I'm exhausted because there are people like you who want to know and people like >>51524 who clearly know and want to discredit it.
Tl;Dr: Sandwhich is potentially a mood who wiggled his way into staff, he legitimately Catfished Elaine and multiple Nonnas know this, he's chronically starting fights and trying to cover up his shit and frankly everyone involved besides him just wants him to stop and walk away after over a year of this.

No. 51529

one of the discord mods

No. 51530

>>51520 >>51515 >>51514 >>51505 >>51503
this could easily be solved by you retards getting a fucking job

No. 51531

File: 1674760060398.jpeg (75.49 KB, 623x829, 48BA7424-432E-4FF1-B48C-73D763…)

most based nonny

No. 51532

I've only seen the new admin fuck up quotes this way here lol

No. 51533

my bad i've never had to reply to so many fucking neets

No. 51534

you actually sound schizo as fuck take your meds

No. 51535

You two need to get on the same page when you gayop.

No. 51536

literally take your meds

No. 51537

This is the only one I believe

No. 51538

>If I do people will attack me
>Gets attacked
So if she put a sign that said trap here would you have walked into that too or would that suddenly become too obvious?

No. 51539

>guys I am just sooo tired of this drama it’s so weird.. I’m above it I’m so tired of it. (Caping for Elaine) I don’t know about you guys but it’s like so crazy. You guys I’m so smart and chill and relaxed. Let’s just get all along guys because frankly I’M tired of this jeeshhh… Blaine is actually COOL and he’s tired of all this too!! Guys let’s just stop come in guysss
every time

No. 51541

Dozens probably of discord using anons have heard sandwich's female voice. This is some kind of tranny op.

No. 51542

>or gets called one of two people.
Is that nonny a prophet or have you guys done this pattern too often for it to work anymore? Jw.

No. 51543

will Hex ever figure out how to change her timezone to a different one so it's not obvious who's posting these Discord screenshots? tune in next time to find out!

No. 51544

File: 1674760525551.png (39.41 KB, 1270x341, Untitled.png)


Here's proof she's had involvement with the site since early as last year. She also used to go by the name Sentinel. I remember when I first joined the peanut gallery she had that name for a short time.

I think I mentioned this before but I really don't know much else. I am positive she is female. Other people involved won't say anything and all the digging I do leads to dead ends, or I have no interest in speaking to them. Hope this helps people understand how deep this rabbit hole goes.

No. 51545

why does any of this matter to you lmao what is the endgame for any of this

No. 51546

is it obvious? are we supposed to know the timezone?

No. 51547

>let's make an introduction thread guiseee
>thread immediately gets derailed
wish you all the luck in the world admins, you'll need it

No. 51548

No. 51549

okay, and what timezone is that? I don't know what timezone was 6:24am 30 minutes ago

No. 51551

you once again failed to explain why we should care

No. 51552

>Why does any of this matter to you?
It's funny.
>What's your endgame?
Same as this
>Other people involved won't say anything and all the digging I do leads to dead ends, or I have no interest in speaking to them. Hope this helps people understand how deep this rabbit hole goes.
And to say it's really out of my hands at this point because public opinion doesn't matter so there's zero point in covering it up anymore.

No. 51553

ok lame blaine

No. 51554

okay Hex

No. 51555

how can you not even answer the question…there's no timezone that was in that time when that screenshot was posted? how is it obvious? you're not making sense

No. 51556

yes that screenshot was taken at the exact time it was posted there's no way it could have been taken earlier

No. 51557

420 Blaze it

No. 51558

they are going by the little moon at the top left corner (jk i don’t know LMFAO)

No. 51559

whoever sandwich is she’s malding in here. meds please

No. 51560

yeah so how would you know who posted it based on timezone when the time doesn't match anywhere?

No. 51561

Literally what is going on

No. 51562

are you writing a book, detective?

No. 51563

File: 1674761612613.jpeg (47.58 KB, 640x640, BQQzs7T.jpeg)

No. 51564

One of the discord mods has been trying to cover up her tipping on Elaine for over a year. People know but are likely letting her sperg in here so she can't change her defense later. It's all very gay and potentially connected to the CP spam.

No. 51565

Well you seemed confident in your own detectivefagging so I'm trying to figure out why, because your original reason doesn't make any sense

No. 51566

File: 1674761828625.jpeg (61.19 KB, 600x888, bAt3ACN.jpeg)

today's lesson:

No. 51567

That's not really proof though because they could just be lying

No. 51568

Oh that is for damn sure but everyone else involved wants to act like this is a fucking thriller novel when no it's just gay ass power abuse on an autistic website.

No. 51569

I have yet to see the power abuse, though. So far it just looks like discord faggotry and vendetta posting

No. 51570

Death to discord
Return to IRC

No. 51571

ITT: evidence that prolonged exposure to discord fosters Discord Induced Autism (DIA)

No. 51572

Without discord none of this would be happening, you're 100% right that a return to IRC would fix a ton.

No. 51573

IRC is zoomer repellent and every year fewer and fewer people know how to use it. The days of IRC drama are over. A simple IRC channel would serve as a place for admins and farmhands to communicate and the learning curve would likely put off the majority of kiwi speds.

No. 51574

>inb4 the third new discord server gets inevitably deleted

No. 51575

File: 1674762935599.png (847.58 KB, 1242x2362, elaine.png)

i saw elaine post somewhere days ago and screen capped it, it got deleted though.

No. 51576

She's made this harder every step of the way.

No. 51577

lol the rachelfag made a new rachel thread. interesting timing.

No. 51579

Why is all the autism connected? I just want to get off Mr. Bones wild ride that started back in summer of 2021.

No. 51580


No. 51581

Why is there always some derail happening over a rando or random drama on discord that nobody knows or gives a fuck about. This is why a discord for everyone instead of just the site staff was a mistake.

No. 51582

Just got that My little pony song in my head now

No. 51583

Mentally ill samefagging, sigh.

No. 51584

only if you care

No. 51585


No. 51586

That just shits up threads. Stick to posting milk. How's that hard? You can laugh at the milk.

No. 51587

Sure blaine

No. 51588

File: 1674769959253.gif (425.69 KB, 400x300, 30639f4c-5594-4e72-97c1-a11fe2…)

No. 51589

Nta but there's too many anons at this point who have said the same thing, if it were the tranny samefagging one of the jannies would've red texted it or called it out by now. I got banned for being the troon once for months on end until they finally lifted the ban after I appealed.

No. 51590

your non-con fawning over cows shits up threads, but you call it "discussion"

No. 51591

Test post to see if I'm still randomly permabanned?

No. 51592

yes, thank you to farmhands if you saw my report. There was some site error where an ip with no post history would get instantly permabanned if you tried to post anything, not a proxy or vpn, just a normal ip address. Prior to that I also experienced a site error where I couldn't delete something I just posted, I saw someone in the Lori thread experienced the same error.

No. 51594

I'm most likely not the anon you think keeps posting on /w/, so take your tinfoil elsewhere. I'm most likely not the only anon who doesn't want to wade through non-milk. I would say hiding saged posts would help, but no one on lolcow knows how to properly use the sage or unsaged functions right, so that doesn't help either. What's wrong with sticking to milk and laughing at the milk? Also, boards have different posting rules, so some anons asking for the rules to be universal would just complain about other rules extending over to the boards that didn't have those rules, so that's a bad suggestion too.

No. 51595

>the tranny samefagging one of the jannies would've red texted it or called it out by now
Admin said they're not allowed to do that anymore so, no, they wouldn't

No. 51596

sure blaine

No. 51597

Admin, is there going to be a good system in place for the bot spam or is it just vigilance and a captcha [when that's implemented]? I know we can't avoid it and the /meta/ spam. What about the talk regarding banning VPNs?

No. 51598

No. 51599

They can still redtext or delete it if it's the troon, they delete his posts all the time.

Anon why is this the hill you're willing to die on, do you really think the jannies/admins never make mistakes and then fix their fuckups? Are you new? It happens all the time, happened years before blaine arrived too.

No. 51600

Samefag but I wanted to add they can still redtext for samefags and they can see past VPN changes too, if every anon who claimed an inaccurate ban was samefagging their posts would be redtexted

No. 51601

wow golly gee i do wonder why a single anon would be so invested

No. 51602

>We will always post here first and link it on the Discord.
discord shouldn't be used at all IMO. even if you do keep on using it, what's your plan for if the site goes down again for days on end? what about the people who don't have the link to the server or who haven't joined or who aren't discord kittens and don't have a discord account? just find another website to use that doesn't require mobile numbers and accounts and emails. having to rely on discord in any way is tedious and stupid. nobody wants to sit in a server riddled with males twiddling their thumbs until someone finally decides to let us know that the website is down three days after it first stopped working.

also, what's the plan for the CP spamming? how will it be dealt with? is it being reported to the authorities, or is it being investigated? importantly, are you receiving support with dealing with it (the clean-up and the trauma of seeing it), and are you making sure any jannies working with you will be supported too? we really need some communication about this, even if it's only vague, because it is happening on a daily basis at this point and tbh the site feels nigh unusable most of the time because of it.

No. 51604

We're having a back and forth convo, how am I any more "invested" than you are? I could use the same argument and ask you why you're so invested in everyone who says something you don't like being the troon

No. 51606

Nta, don't imagine them as the anon doing that but rather they're saying if you think about what they tried to shut up you'd know why only one person says that kind of shit anymore.

No. 51608

>if you think about what they tried to shut up you'd know why only one person says that kind of shit anymore.
But I don't know, I literally have no idea what's going and it's impossible to follow because everyone seems to have info that's not shared here or anywhere else in meta and the only stuff shared in here is discord messages of people I don't know sharing names that I don't recognize and then half the users say they're fake. This shit is too much I don't even really care all that much and it's way too much tinfoiling and weird ominous posts to follow or make sense of. Lol I'm done trying to follow along this shit is exhausting, I'm going back to snow and ot

No. 51610

No. 51611

ok, my apologies, you're clearly not that person (i think they could not have written your post) and i overreacted. There's a lot of debate about what milk is/isn't. I'm for a broader understanding of milk. Like even if a cow photoshops all the time, it's still funny to see them do it again (was def milk for kota, kiki, and other legacy cows). But in HimeAhri's thread some anon is dictating that asianfishing and photoshopping is "old milk" even if done literally yesterday. That shit's still funny esp since she isn't growing out of it at all.

fwiw imho it should not be permitted on lc to pick apart cows' kids or excessively comment on their appearance (pos or neg), it contributes nothing even if the commentary is positive. It makes me feel uncomfortable to read people praising or shitting on a toddler's behavior or looks

No. 51612

sandwich or whatever is shaymin. she catfished elaine for months as null. allegedly she posted nudes of elaine after obtaining these on her null catfish account. they’ve been friends with a guy called spookybones/regina and also posting on onionfarms. they like to whiteknight themselves on anon on many websites and their brilliant cover up idea for this was blaming some tranny they met on onionfarms. there you go now you know

No. 51613

Guess who found out who the catfish was…

No. 51614

takes one to know one

No. 51615

and what do i personally do with this information

No. 51616

Why did they let a male in the verified discord? Spooky was in there since like end of last year… why did the admins/mods let him in where women were openly talking. I know why they made that verified discord but that part just makes no sense to me.

No. 51617

One of the many issues under
the Shaymin regime that need addressing.

No. 51620

It’s very disgusting when you consider the females there were talking in a place they thought was safe. Why invite some kiwi farmer who was a serial doxxer?? It’s creepy as fuck and inappropriate.

No. 51621

idk maybe cope seethe and dilate

No. 51622

iirc the old discord had a lot of males in it

No. 51623

Extremely and what was brought up a long time ago and ever since anyone saying a peep was labeled as the tranny to hide everything. It reached a terminal point of autism and turns out only one person has been whistle blowing and everyone will hate hearing who.

No. 51624

She's literally just asking what we're supposed to do about this, like how can us random farmers have any impact on who's the admin/jannies and who's let into the discord or not. Take your meds already.

No. 51625

god fuck off blaine you’ve served your use now go sit on a barbed dick

No. 51626

nobody is telling you to do or say anything

No. 51627

kek like what am i supposed to do with this? If shaymin did do this stuff and this isn't retarded terminally online shit then i dont care dont let her be a mod then? its such weird online unhinged schizo shit from all sides if anything is true. Like literally everyone involved needs to get a life and a job and go outside like wtf

No. 51628

Then you should've said that instead of the same tranny accusations that get tossed around when anons like you see a post you don't like, learn how to interact like a human being. She was just asking a question, calm down

No. 51629

Now who's the psycho accusing everyone of being the tranny?

No. 51631

because messing with the head of a girl who is borderline disabled and brain damaged for the “milk” is both against the rules and generally scrotish behaviour so if sentinel is sandwich she needs to fuck off from lolcow already

No. 51632

idek what you’re talking about

No. 51633

ayrt, yeah i agree with you, again if this is true. elaine is annoying and weird but i agree with your points

No. 51634

Nyan,you told her to cope, seethe and dilate. You're too emotional and have served your purpose, I can explain it from here.

No. 51635

wow you sure got me there! nobody cares

No. 51636

Nta but sure seems like you do

No. 51637

nta but your mom

No. 51638

I can verify that this is true. I believe Sandwich is an ex of Josh’s or an insane simp because when she was impersonating Josh describing his type, she literally described herself. Straight after this, she’d go on her regular Sandwich account and rage about Josh and call him a fat incel etc in a way that seemed oddly personal….
Hey Null, know any purple haired white Dutch chicks who hate you and target any simps of yours or anyone who shows an interest?

No. 51639

Oh for fuck sake lol

No. 51640

Tell me about it.
I thought I was the Josh simp but turns out the real Josh simps were the friends we made along the way…

No. 51641

didn't read, see a psychiatrist

No. 51642

Stop making this worse and just stay out of it please, for once.

No. 51643

Considering I was the literal victim of this person surely out of everyone here I’d have the clearest perspective on things, if this stupid whore hadn’t gaslit everyone into thinking I’m crazy when she spent TWO YEARS catfishing me to get back at Null.(time to stop)

No. 51644

I was saying "oh for fuck sake" cause this shit just got more schizo, not because of what you said. There's no real proof of any of what you said, there's no real proof you're even Elaine. I'm not following any of this it's gay and even if it is true there's nothing I can do about it.

No. 51645

based nonny im going to bed now

No. 51646

we live in a society

No. 51647

I don’t know how to prove myself because there are so many insane faggots surrounding me that at this point I wouldn’t blame any of you for questioning shit.

Two years ago I didn’t think some insane ex of Josh’s would catfish me when I had only just turned 18 and her, 27, to the point of sending my threats and making me look insane in front of everyone but here we are I guess.(enough)

No. 51648

Goodnight nona sweet dreams kiss on the noggin

No. 51649

she did catfish you and she probably has a puppy crush on null but that nigga is scared of women he has no exes other than one tranny

No. 51650

Thanks for Redtexting me Steph.
By the way, Sandwich is a literal farmhand and probably one of the three Admins.
Yeah, someone who spent two years manipulating me and sexually harassing me is a “feminist” and definitely has this website’s best interests at heart.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 51652

Elaine all I will say is that eventually you have to learn to trust others.

No. 51653

>ex of Josh’s
you don't seriously believe that josh would date anyone? the chances of her being his ex are less than 0. assuming your info is real (you've given no proof) she's just a josh simp who wishes she was his type.

No. 51654

Random question but I gotta ask since I have the opportunity (if you are Elaine,) is the Aimee admin a Canadian boy mom? I knew a Canadian boy mom farmer named Aimee who was an oldfag who said she quit posting but now I'm scared she's one of the admins, do you know by any chance?

No. 51656

Lol okay thanks for letting me know, I was worried.

No. 51659

well this is where you lose me, cuz I know for a fact that isn't true

No. 51660

Say nta, why do none of you say nta

No. 51661

Stop namefagging
Stick to one thing
Bring screens
Explain it like people don't know it.
If you can't do that then trust that others will eventually Elaine especially if anyone ever finds out that person is still on staff.
I think that for the most part here the staff wants and should be given a new leaf going forward. You have all of the scrotes on onion farms to help you go after Shaymin, why jump in here yourself?
I think it's safe to assume that the staff will prove itself and honestly has a bit by letting us speak about this but think about how many rules you're breaking before claiming you can't offer them the slightest ounce of trust. What happens if they break your trust? Nothing changes. If you break theirs will they help you? No.

No. 51663

because it means nothing and anyone can say it? why the fuck do you guys think nta is some sacred code that nobody dares to misuse

No. 51664

that’s assuming anyone is as dumb as the peanut gallery and would trust elaine or befriend her. getting information in a non creepy way is possible

No. 51665

having an obligation to identify which post you made or didn't make is kind of weird and messes with the purpose of being anonymous. unless clarifying that you're nta or ayrt is relevant to your post it shouldn't be used at all

No. 51666

Hi anons, this thread has really derailed, huh? Speculating about who is Elaine, who is Blaine, and who is the tranny in threads is unproductive and should be ignored and reported. Stop namefagging. Staff who are found to not be female will be removed from staff. We are re-verifiying everyone. Moderators who reveal IP addresses of users will be removed from staff. Our new admin, Sentinel, has no relation to the Sentinel being discussed in this thread. It seems like they unfortunately chose the same name, our Sentinel chose it as a game reference!

We changed the color, we will only be using one color for the three of us. I believe Shaymin’s admin tag was purple.

Favorite normie activities?
A: alcoholism
J: alcoholism
S: alcoholism

Our plan will be to establish a separate web page that lolcow.farm will lead you to when the site is down. This webpage will have updates regarding site maintenance or unexpected downtimes. When downtime is anticipated, we will communicate that at least 48 hours before downtime is scheduled. Our plan for CP spam is to implement relevant features offered by our hosting service. Any information about it has been handed off to the authorities, to our knowledge. As far as support for having to see it, we will do everything we can to have further CP raids seen by the fewest amount of human eyes.
See above response regarding spam. As far as banning VPN IPs, anyone who got their VPN IP banned can appeal it, as chronic spammers rarely reuse VPN IPs. Note that we will check whether or not the IP belongs to a VPN! So don’t use that as an excuse to appeal other bans.

We agree! Keep an eye out for mod applications in the near future.

No. 51667

>why the fuck do you guys think nta is some sacred code that nobody dares to misuse
I didn't say it was, and if it means nothing to you it's probably because you're constantly in infights and assuming everyone is samefagging when they say it. People still say nta and mean it on boards that aren't full of angry schizo tinfoilers, go touch grass.

No. 51668

woah relax with the projection there

No. 51670

Thank you, this post is quite assuring in many ways. Is it safe to assume the name comes from Brawlhala? It seems to be a rather popular game and would be a much more believable connection to me. >>51668
Can you please stop being hostile to others?

No. 51671


No. 51672

Show me where my post wasn't relaxed, why do some of you think everyone but them is raging.

No. 51673

touch grass take meds etc blabla

No. 51674

relax with the projection means you need to project less. it does not mean you’re not relaxed. we go over chapter 4 of reading comprehension next week kiddos

No. 51675

Learn the meaning of projection first

No. 51676

Nonny when is the last time you ate?

No. 51677

It's a universal rule to not WK and minimod, and yet it was never enforced on /w/. It's a weird board that has a different vibe than everywhere else on the site. By the way, what rules are different on /w/ that aren't on /snow/ for example? /w/ is a cow board, with the same rules as the rest of them - it's just meant for weeb cows. so why is it moderated so differently? I am the anon who was saying it should either have the same enforcement of rules as the rest of the boards, or be specifically called out as being it's own weird half-cow, half-fan board.

No. 51678

is this supposed to be some dig at someone because i promise you we don’t know each other

No. 51679

I think someone is a little grumpy and needs a peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwich.

No. 51680

peanut butter? you’re sick

No. 51681

you've gone too far. apologize now, this is crossing the line.

No. 51682

The nonna on /ot/ hath shown me the light and I will spread the word just like I spread peanut butter on my sandwhich now.

No. 51683

I chose it based on a wow reference to a specific unit/pvp grind.

No. 51684

Based, all the best.

No. 51685

well i hope you’re more trustworthy than the last team i really do. nice of you to let us sperg in here btw

No. 51686

Is not saging going to be heavily monitored across all boards? What about what is and isn't milk like >>51677 is mentioning like on /w/ and /pt/.

No. 51688

Definitely would appreciate more moderation on sageing. As for what is and isn’t milk, good lick. It is entirely subjective.

No. 51689

I'm asking admin because if places like /w/, /snow/, and /pt/ are moderated like they've been, honestly its appreciated. The unsaging and spam in the threads is really annoying when you think there's good milk, but it's just anons using the thread to post whatever cows post, even if it's not actually milky. I get it's subjective like you said, but like anons were talking about posting a baby just to laugh at it because this is a gossip board and it should be allowed. One anon said not to do that, but another encouraged it for some reason. That's an extreme example, but updates like those keep ruining multiple threads and I've never seen threads fill up so fast.

No. 51691

It's just really weird how private caps from a unrelated discord server were posted on crystal Cafe from the same vendettachan that was exposed a few weeks ago. Rena, seek help. You admitted your sources are unreliable. Anyone who willingly engages with Elaine is a certified moron.

No. 51692

Weeks ago they admitted to spreading tinfoils and rumors on here to start dissent so just report and ignore it. The new staff is proving themselves as we speak.

No. 51696

File: 1674790300414.jpeg (84.49 KB, 500x587, wtf-am-i-reading-58a2d5e2e8e34…)

>Here and lcf
Meds Elaine. Stop namefagging after being asked not to for so long, your posts are obviously you anyways.

No. 51697

you really believe that rena was in a groupchat or server with your catfish for two years and only told you this out of the goodness of her heart?

learn to fake better screenshots or tell your scrote orbiters to do a better job of it

No. 51698

Why did the admins delete some of Elaines posts? Seems weird to only delete some. Why not just leave them all up for context of what everyone was talking about/replying too

No. 51699

I saw those posts, they were not substantial and I think it was due to ban evasion to try and hammer in the point more.

No. 51700

Is everyone here in the discord? Is that why I have no clue what the fuck is going on lol

No. 51702

Not in discord, I just know all twenty four layers of this gay lore unfortunately, it's most certainly cursed knowledge.

No. 51703

here's a tinfoil:

Blaine isn't real. It's really Elaine and she's using pictures of some retard she got to send her money some time ago. ofc she got him to send her his license pic too. It all makes sense. We've never seen a timestamped photo from him. It's been Elaine this whole time.

They are also never posting here at the same time, sorta like a "you don't see 2 ppl in the same room at the same time" kinda thing.

No. 51705

Where? Some stupid discord? Haven't seen em.

No. 51706

if the guy is a simp she could easily get him to do that for her, as other retarded simps have done worse. like have sex with her.

No. 51708

Those were staged unlike Elaine's weird piss tape.

No. 51709

I kinda wish I knew cause it seems milky, but it honestly seems too layered for me to fully grasp everything especially coming in late to the game

No. 51710

Blaine is most definitely real. His thread on onionfarms (yeah yeah onionfarms) has a lot of good info https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/blaine-gaven-ross.2410/

No. 51712


No. 51713

you fucked a Nazi.

No. 51714

it's a tinfoil, so this is made up information about some rando

No. 51716

okay peegirl

No. 51717

Notice how she did not deny the tinfoil.

No. 51719

So you want us to trust known liars to be truthful about anything? This is convincing me more and more than Blaine isn't real.

No. 51721

Holy shit she avoided it again nonna.

No. 51722

are we revealing personal info now? are you guys sure you wanna play that game kek and no i’m not hex

No. 51727

Tap in!

No. 51729

you guys are so perched and pathetic. lacking any self awareness

No. 51730

This reads like the beginning of a copypasta lol

No. 51731

i can talk about a 3rd person that hasn’t been mentioned yet who is obviously posting here

No. 51734

Do it. Shit or get off the pot, nta.

No. 51736

Okay you guys are just making up names at this point to make me feel even more left out

No. 51737

nta but nta

No. 51738

any updates on whether old /m/ thread can be revived

No. 51739

>Shit or get off the pot
Uhhh I hate to ring the tranny alarm I swear I never do, but Blaine said that a whole lot during his summertime campout in meta last year

No. 51741

File: 1674791454245.gif (480.37 KB, 400x300, 1e007e94-3fe3-4612-95df-a45118…)

No. 51742

All of the above, that's my newest tinfoil, they're all just my multiple personalities that take hold when I black out

No. 51743

You mean Elaine's alter ego.

No. 51744

the best is just randomly joining these schizo shitfests making vague posts that mean nothing and then watch them fall over themselves. who gayops the gayoppers

No. 51745

The tinfoil, which you still have yet to deny, is that Blaine is not real and just a paypig of yours. We don't care about who's balls you tickled.

right? she still hasn't denied it

No. 51746

ikr. i'm doing the same thing KEK
high five

No. 51747

>still messing with a barely legal retarded woman because you’re soooo unbothered
id feel sorry for you if you weren’t so unhinged

No. 51748

i'm legit just a rando tinfoiling kek

No. 51749

nta but me too

No. 51750

So, who's name will Elaine carve into her flesh next?

No. 51752

lowkey, since she is so pressed about this person, maybe sandwich?

No. 51753

whoever the discord faggots yell at her over voice chat to carve in i assume. haha crazy lady is being manipulated into doing crazy shit haha peak comedy i’m not a sociopath btw

No. 51755

what in the hell is the reverse of carving a name in your leg?

No. 51756

File: 1674792079400.gif (509.8 KB, 220x391, cat.gif)

OOO me next! Elaine do anonymous!

No. 51757

carving it into your soul you wretched behemoth

No. 51758

Well I am and she's been caught spamming CP with an actual IP reveal while accusing everyone else of doing it so it is funny to me after all this time to playfully ask.
She clearly can't learn.

No. 51759

kek maybe Scrimshaw, they go back a long way

No. 51760

sounds metal, I like it!

No. 51762

>Elaine calls someone a pedo while quoting a post that says it's exactly what she does.
Shows over.

No. 51763

the insistence that your insane abuse of this CLEARLY insane woman has any sort of moral highground is honestly laughable. you can try and rationalise your freak behaviour all you want you’re still a sociopath messing with someone who is ill. if you actually cared you’d report the cp spamming and then stop antagonising her. just admit you’re doing it for personal entertainment and nothing else. that’d be slightly more respectable

No. 51764

Why is the site slow as fuck? Site used to auto refresh, barely does that anymore.

No. 51766

I just admitted that and have reported the spam.

No. 51767

No. 51768

Reddit spacing.

No. 51770

(she still hasn't denied that Blaine doesn't exist)

No. 51771

sociopath, narc, neet with no friends other than discord whatever it’s all the same

No. 51772

nta but sometimes when you make different points, you need to add a line in between, makes it cleaner and easier for people to read. Gives their eyes a break and allows them to process what they just read so they can move on to the next line.

No. 51773

You kinda don’t though once you hit the drugs babe. it’s not insulting it’s just facts

No. 51774

It all crashes down, she broke her crown and is pointing her finger but no one's around.

No. 51776

You're really not trying to play the feminist card to appeal to lolcow after you spend your days being a pickme for kiwiscrotes all over onionfarms and discord?

No. 51777

Elaine I'm not sandwhich but you have accused me of being the CP spammer before and now you're caught shifting targets.

No. 51779

you’re fat and your only friends are discord trannies

No. 51781

oooh shit. you think I'm rachel??? oh my god. No, no. again, just a rando stirring shit up

No. 51783

you know what? i’m just gonna go ahead and believe you because i hate these other posters so much. justice for elaine! we must clear her name!

No. 51784

nta, but no it's not.

No. 51786

nobody but you and your tranny friends know who rachel is but nice try retard

No. 51787

>justice for elaine who spammed gore and cp and admitted it

No. 51788

LOL shut the fuck up, that genuinely made me kek

No. 51790

So you truly can't track my writing style, so much for your false claims.

No. 51791

File: 1674793132279.png (1.11 MB, 1252x5845, wtf.png)

You can't look at this shit and tell me you aren't pickme.

No. 51792

File: 1674793142043.png (67.66 KB, 1527x861, 3.png)

i just wanted to know why spooky was invited to the verified females only server. when i reached out to the former admin about it she ignored me for months. to be honest i just foolishly dropped it because i didn't really understand. i can't really trust the former admin now because she's done nothing but lie to me.

he was literally one of the first people invited. why??? he was not verified in peanut gallery. at least i don't think he was. can anyone else confirm that?

i bring concern because if these people are still running the site(or not? idk) the same thing could possibly happen again. honestly if you just delete whatever new discord you made, i will drop it. you can't knowingly just bring psychos like that around people who aren't aware. he's a serial doxxer jfc.

No. 51795

The irony, you gave me all this attention.

No. 51796

photos out of 3 huh?
post 1 and 2! wtf though!! why was a male added to the server?

No. 51797

yes and? she’s less annoying than you even if that was true

No. 51798

>Defending pedophilia
Holy shit Elaine's group is openly admitting to this shit now.

No. 51799

boring. what group btw? not everyone is living their lives on groomcord

No. 51801

File: 1674793563464.png (51.87 KB, 1607x697, 2.png)

the reason it was made was because someone was leaking info to elaine from the verified channels of the peanut gallery. which is why they decided to close it all and create a new discord. i think there was an announcement made or something. idk.

No. 51802

Good luck, new mod team and admin.

No. 51803

why come to /meta/ and get this bothered?
idgi. have some fun, lil' nonnie

No. 51804

because i hate you

No. 51806

awwww. I'm getting real tsundere vibes from you tho, it's kinda cute ngl.

No. 51807

Nta, so everyone's a pedophile except you and your friends huh Elaine?

No. 51808

don’t make me ring the alarm

No. 51809

File: 1674793732200.jpg (270.65 KB, 1080x1119, 1661729909800.jpg)

is this the announcement you're thinking of?

No. 51811

Elaine… please….
i'm begging you, please stop saying random names that no one knows

No. 51813

>she still thinks we are elaine’s friends doing gayops on discord
every time you post you reveal something else about yourself

No. 51815

stay outta this, this is between me and my little tsundere nonna

No. 51818

I was one of the anons who got caught in the crossfire a few times. I know it happened from personal experience, but I don't doubt for a second the real spergs or someone looking to bait will jump in anytime an anon talks openly about the mistakes and use it to create chaos.

No. 51819

you’re fat and i would not have sex with you

No. 51821

May Satan finish draining you soon Elaine, your soul has been a pathetic harvest.

No. 51822

File: 1674793976838.jpeg (232.27 KB, 1399x902, 1.jpeg)

but spooky was in there for a very long time. i thought it was weird he was kicked from the server on 12/27. days after the site ownership was said to be transferred. i have dms from the oldmin who told me she transferred ownership on 08/22. how was this info relayed to the new team? there are only 2 mods in that server from the former admin so how did that info get passed? i got kicked from the server too though so i don't really have much ss from there.

no this was done around 04/2022.

also elaine shut up i'm not on your side either. stop being autistic.

No. 51823

i will fight you

i would never want to have sex with you, wtf.


the quote is "abstinence is KEY" oh my god

No. 51824

i’m on her side. i stand alone but i will fight with vigour

No. 51826

who’s being coy now

No. 51828

Well not anymore yes, fool, to you I say three times may your brain and body continue to rot for the filth you have spit upon others.

No. 51829

me still



No. 51830

and i curse your womb barren if you even have one

No. 51831

No, you are the scrote.

No. 51832

No. 51835

go get their asses elaine

No. 51837

Schizo as fuck.

No. 51839

Someone's made you an example of ITT and you didn't notice lol.

No. 51840

You already said this, retard.


ma'am no one there ever gets arrested

No. 51841

based we are all rooting for you elaine

No. 51843

No. You spelled out that you're most likely CP spammer actually. You didn't notice due to a lack of intellect.

No. 51845


No. 51847

Lainey why can't we be friends

No. 51848

if you refer to the yes and post then unfortunately for you that was not elaine and i’ve never spoken to her before this. tragic really

No. 51851

This. Bitch.

No. 51853

don’t act like you won’t immediately add it, pretend to be a fat man for two years and then share the account login with all your tranny friends

No. 51855

Post your address and I will.

No. 51856

No I have this dumb bitch blocked because she hates women.

No. 51858

oh and you’re an upstanding feminist? the delusions are reaching their peak

No. 51860

Don't dox some random person for the billionth time you psychopath.

No. 51862

oh now we care about morals and ethics in shit posting? you started her on this path bitch never forget that

No. 51863

I love you.

No. 51865

wow I hope this isn’t true or that means you’re really that fucking retarded for continuing to look at them and not block them

No. 51866

No. 51867

You still think I'm Sandwhich huh? Quaint.

No. 51868

nta but i think you’re fat

No. 51869

Well my tits are fatter than Elaine's.

No. 51870

Sandwich if you were smart I wouldn’t have caught you lol sperg.

No. 51871

yeah because you’re fat. glad we could finally agree to something

No. 51872

because it's all discordfag drama from a discordfag who was posted about on /ot/

No. 51873

and is this hex in the room with us right now?

No. 51874

Ah, the most galaxy brained idea is to chimp out in a space where both farmhands and admins are watching closely and then cry victim when they finally figure out what's tied to you.

No. 51875

Thinking about how Sandwich started talking to me when I was 17 before I got a thread is just weird now.
I still don’t know how she got that Cp of me but I’m obviously involving the cops.

No. 51876

how would she even know about you before your thread, dumbass? you severely overestimate your influence

No. 51877

Several of us are in that server and are fully aware of who the unhinged ex discord mod shitting up meta and crystal is. Anyone who was active isn't surprised she had issues with everyone in that server including the previous public servers were she larped as a giga stacy. Why she is bringing attention to herself is another question.

No. 51878

Because I was mentioned previously in the Lillee Jean threads.
Lurk moar newfag.

No. 51879

She's snapped due to multiple reasons, most of which involve her gayop blowing up in her face.

No. 51880

i’m not hex you stupid piece of shit stoner

No. 51881

Holy fucking shit dude what is this tranny controlling the narrative against Hex bullshit lol
Hex isn’t here we just hate you. Die

No. 51882

I’ll lurk more when you inevitably rope. The lack of schizo spamming will facilitate the reading

No. 51883

If the lack of schizo posting becomes noticeable, I’ll assume you 41%ed before I had the chance.
You know what they say, Trannies first my darling.

No. 51884

blaine and sandwich are the same person

No. 51885

i can BET my ass hex is the idiot posting some of the discord caps. she should get kicked out of the discord for this tbh

No. 51886

I believe this more than anything Elaine's said today.

No. 51887

I can't find her in the verified discord, I think she was kicked!! KEK

No. 51888

Nigger no one cares about your Hex vendetta

No. 51889

she said she did get kicked if you had bothered to read any of it but that’d require you to take the hands off the keyboard for two seconds so i get the struggle

No. 51890

nobody cares about hex’s vendetta either

No. 51891

i do!

No. 51892

you can read with your hands on the keyboard. shawty, I don't understand this.

nice play on words, love it nonna.

No. 51893

It’s Sandwich & frens on their daily meth speed run online. Give Sandy a few minutes, I’m sure the mania will wear off once she recovers from another ego death.

No. 51894

you care about everything though

No. 51895

So do I!

No. 51896

i wasn’t expecting you to understand. i know i’m talking to someone with special needs and i read you have to be patient with them so i’m doing my best here

No. 51897

what in the fuck is happening in here.

No. 51898

Blaine is more tolerable than Elaine but that's a very slim margin. Elaine always devolves into cp spams when she doesn't get what she wants or some other weird gayops, however Blaine swears up and down he isn't responsible when there's coincidentally always a cp spam that happens in a thread related to a subject or person he just recently began to hyperfixate on at the time the spam drops. But he's still a dude and will never be a real woman.

No. 51899

no you're not being patient, stop lying, liar.

No. 51900

can someone explain to me how the fuck hex is even involved in all this? i get the elaine saga, spooky, sandwich, etc, but where does she come in? wasnt she just a discord mod

No. 51901

i’m trying so hard

No. 51902

I’m not sandwich lol I don’t spam cp when I’m mad.

No. 51903

no ur not!

No. 51904

Elaine stalks him obviously, she's always talking about him. Check her thread.

No. 51905

true it’s the curse of empathy and human emotions you should read up on it as someone who will never experience those

No. 51906

extreme mental illness on display from internet addicted losers

No. 51907

File: 1674797197836.jpg (122.18 KB, 1080x1398, rena.jpg)

she admitted to being kicked on crystal cafe before posting the same exact screenshots mods removed

>my sources aren't very reliable

Does anyone know why she was kicked before this?

No. 51908

Hey sandwich, wanna have a contest to see who can outsociopath the other one? UwU. Why let a good catfish go to waste? Don’t leave now. I was just getting to know you.

No. 51909

You literally got conned into slicing your own legs up for "Josh" and pissed on the floor and instead of taking the L on being conned into something embarrassing, you've crafted a QAnon level of retarded conspiracy to explain it away. I don't trust a word you say.

No. 51911

>"i'm not obsessed"

No. 51912

you’re on an imageboard retard did you expect people to not be online? fuck off back to twitter

No. 51913

this reads like a 2012 edgelord. do you have a fedora on and a pocket knife right now?

No. 51914

>((she)) thinks this is an L for elaine and not just proof people abuse her
the police reports write themselves nowadays

No. 51915

she's sleeping like you should be

No. 51916

There’s no conspiracy theory.
Some pedophile catfished me because she was in love with both me and Josh, then when she didn’t get her own way she took the nudes she did have and edited them to make them look more humiliating.

She also posted child porn of me from when I was 15 for some reason alongside all of the rest of it and I have no clue how she got it lol.

Im gonna obviously press charges for cp.

No. 51917

Why do you have naked pictures at age 15 btw?

No. 51918

do it, then. this isn’t the police station. log off and seek treatment. that’s what every victim does

No. 51919

She should sleep forever and ever.
I know she’s probably dreaming about me and Josh, and probably the other people she’s obsessed with.
I just like to watch her while she sleeps.

No. 51920

it's been literally 3 years why haven't you pressed the charges yet??

No. 51921

I am obsessed. Too obsessed.

No. 51922

Where's the proof that Elaine posts cp though, still not seeing any so it's hard to take nonnies words at face value when so many rumors spread about cows are just tinfoils. Don't sperg at me just show me what thread or site has the proof that Elaine's IP spammed cp.

Moid. Teenagers do dumb things it's not rocket science.

No. 51923

whisper because it probably isn’t real

No. 51924

you have to choose between starting this argument and claiming >>51515 is fake. both won’t work

No. 51925

I can't wait until you go to jail for the CP spam, I don't hate many people but I despise you truly Elaine.

No. 51926

I never posted them, I just had them on my camera roll. Stop sexualising minors. The fact you blame a kid for having pics of their own body on their PRIVATE devices is very sus… anything you wanna admit to Nonnie?

No. 51927

I don't think those screens are fake.

No. 51928

give her time to dox you ok she’s new at this

No. 51929

I only just found out it was her lol
Mainly because she’s the kind of simp that you only realize is responsible for this kind of shit when you think back to all the times you didn’t return their flirty remarks and go “oh damn. This is a spurned lover ordeal okay”

No. 51930

I'm not fucking blaming you I'm asking you insufferably retarded bug.

No. 51931

are we going to be bisexual this time

No. 51932

so you admit you blame children for child porn? you admit it?

No. 51933

>retarded bug
holy shit I love it.

No. 51934

why are you camped out in this thread giving angry replies to every other post? you have nothing better to do with your free time than try and bait people into arguing?

No. 51935

You don't even have to worry about answering that one he's definitely a scrote. We all do regretful shit in our youth, it's moid mentality to blame the teenager for acting like a teenager.

No. 51936

Gonna make a general response to both of these even though one is purportedly Elaine.
Elaine is literally an adult and she can close her damn laptop and touch some grass if she doesn't want to be involved in online drama. Humiliating herself and consenting to do so isn't abuse. She isn't being extorted for those images. If she had enough proof of abuse to make a police report she would have but instead she makes up grand stories to cover for her own incompetence. If the police were to uncover the interaction that led to those videos being made, they would find Elaine had consented to it and not under dubious circumstances either.
Furthermore, Elaine, you have been the one distributing child pornography of yourself. You will be held liable too.

No. 51937

Misdirected. Stephanie is the one you should be talking to about Cp, or should I say Sandwich

No. 51938

you got nothing better to do than to take the bait?

No. 51939

Don’t play dumb faggot.
Your catty ness levels don’t match your IQ and it shows.

No. 51940

I agree. The whole "uwu but i'm a mentally retard BABY" doesn't really work now.

No. 51941

Oh and who am I in your unhinged mind now?

No. 51942

Men. Ew.

No. 51943

uhuh like you didn't fake your passport and how all your nudes are deepfakes but now you're saying they are real

No. 51944

she’s mentally ill and delusional and has trouble understanding sarcasm and jokes but whatever you probably thought janke was hecking based for getting a retard to fuck his mother

No. 51945

As an adult its becomes her responsibility if she holds onto those images especially if she acknowledges they're there and she has admitted to knowing they were there as an adult. If anyone is guilty of hosting cp…

No. 51946

She is 21 and still ruining her life and blaming her actions on everyone else

No. 51947

Why don't you prove Spooky helped Janke do that instead of shitting up this thread.

No. 51948

I didn’t consent because I was coerced into intoxication and I can prove it. Also two of the images were released were child porn and I hadn’t sent this out myself. I am 100% in the clear while my catfish will face 10 years for CSAM

No. 51949

the only reasonable person in here

No. 51950

This never happened. Libel!

No. 51951

i don’t know what you’re talking about schizo

No. 51952

We're not the police elaine

No. 51953

so no answer for this then

No. 51954

Before you make shit up you should at least know that producing is a crime but nobody expected differently.

No. 51955

far from it, ayrt

No. 51956

Janke is just as retarded as Elaine or Rachel. The only difference being Janke is persuasive enough to cause a problem. People like Elaine let their retard tendencies come through prematurely. FWIW I hope Janke gets toxoplasmosis from huffing too many cat farts and they lock her up until her brain has entirely become cat shit soup.

No. 51957

dude, your story keeps expanding by the post kek go to the police or fuck off

No. 51958

I’m not delusional lol.
I understand sarcasm perfectly well I just think it’s faggot levels of humor.
Look, I’m all down for sociopathic trolling but I draw the line at sex pests and pedophiles.

You can bullycide people in ways that don’t entail literally forcing yourself upon them under false pretences and coercion.

Now that I know it’s sandwich any lingering feelings I had completely evaporated only to be replaced with disgust that I even flirted with someone as working class and hard on the eyes as she is.

Sorry for breaking your heart girlie :P

No. 51959

Go send yourself to jail then because that was literally you

No. 51960

I've brought milk on all three of those cows, surely that's a coincidence.

No. 51961

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read lol holy shit where are your parents

No. 51962

Yeah this whole thread has smelt moidier and moidier as the night goes on, I'm going to bed, goodnight faggots.

Elaine is 21? Well shit that's probably why she's cowish. And still no proof of her being a cp spammer, gee I wonder why.

No. 51963

The holy trinity of terminally online women who should have their 2nd X chromosome revoked.

No. 51964

File: 1674798276305.png (636.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230109-231152.png)


For any anons who are willfully obtuse, keep in mind that the cow in question is friends with the tranny spammer. Anyone who engages with either of these two freaks is bad news. I am not the source of the related image but it's proof they're friends and spend a lot of time together.

No. 51965

Literal schizo hours

No. 51966

No context
Literal lowest of gayops

No. 51967

>more discord screenshots of random convos with no context and unrecognizable screen names

No. 51968

It could be argued the two allied at one point to try to take shots at Michael or Spooky or both of them, so that's lukewarm evidence. Both have exhibited that they will team up with someone they hate if they can take shots at a higher profile target.

No. 51969

I know how to pick 'em.

No. 51970

Okay simpy sandwich

No. 51971

File: 1674798492506.png (279.83 KB, 816x665, Screenshot_22.png)

If you want context it's Elaine's discord server where she hangs out with Blaine, who she herself has publicly called a pedophile. Make of what what you will.

No. 51972

Ayo drop the list of accounts in there if you're there then.

No. 51973

I am all, but what am I?

No. 51974

NTA, "erika" is blaine, enkryption is elaine

No. 51975

Samefag but she talks to all those scrotes and a quick google search will enlighten you about the freaks shitting up the site.

No. 51976

File: 1674798583379.jpeg (70.06 KB, 1290x210, 03E9FEFB-1516-4EBF-95BD-FDFBEB…)

Blaine was legit kicked from this and still proves nothing other than people interacting in a public discord server.
Anyway, back to how you all interacted with Sandwich who admitted to posting child porn and blaming it on Blaine.

No. 51977

I am not the source of those images, but how would you know that anon? Interesting.

No. 51978

Yeah but how recent? And are they even friendly or just in the discord together?

Appreciate the info thank you

No. 51979

Yeah that's the actual thing here those spergs let that conversation play out exactly how I wanted it.

No. 51980

Because Elaine told everyone publicly? This is common knowledge anon

No. 51981

I was sent these images on January 9th of this year.

No. 51982

Why are these people diverting the convo back to the tranny when Sandwich legit admitted to being responsible for the cp spams like nigger how long can you bury your head in the sand for before it becomes stuck there

No. 51983

Because then the tranny was always right.

No. 51984

>t. the tranny

No. 51985

Anyone with critical thinking skills can see those are faked and it's really simple to see why.

No. 51986

No one cares about the tranny it’s just sus that we literally have proof of the person responsible taking credit for the cp spams yet everyone just brushes past it each time.

No. 51987

Cope harder.
Stop defending Cp spammers.

No. 51988

Extremely suspicious yes.

No. 51989

Sent by who? And that doesn't confirm the date they could've been taken years ago. I don't know this is gay and it still doesn't prove Elaine posted cp. If she's friendly with these people on a regular basis then yeah fuck her but I'm not going belief it off discord screenshots alone

Also one screenshot of one comment isn't proof, it could be fake or a joke or in reguards to something else entirely. I don't know who Sandwhich but the jannies confirmed blaine was cp posting. They probably both posted cp and tried to blame it on the other person lol

No. 51990

File: 1674799090504.jpeg (351.06 KB, 1290x874, 19E8E3F0-3F41-46CB-A37F-6EF152…)

The jannies are Sandwich though.

No. 51991

Wow it's really weird and strange how the same people pushing those bad fakes use the same lingo and racebait. No matter how many onion scrotes and retarded newfags you lead astray you are still an idiot who couldn't bother to actually make sure the account you were trying to impersonate, actually has the same username of the person you're trying to frame.

No. 51992

She has hundreds of accounts you coping faggot lol. There’s Zenwich, Sangwich, Sandwichesss, Jennifer, 888888, Monsterbash and Undefault

No. 51993

elaine/ blaine are here just straight up faking screenshots. how sad. even sadder than what hex is doing.

No. 51994

shhh let them people can’t see the discrepancies between caps posted here, it’s funnier this way

No. 51995

I don't think she knows what she is doing, she might just want attention.

No. 51996

you can very easily change your name on discord so that's not a good reason

No. 51997

same argument can be used for those caps, moron

No. 51998

Just do better next time you and your scrote buddies try to frame someone?

No. 51999

In all honesty, despite them not being fake, Sandwich was talking to me aged 17 and later posted actual cp of me so I really really doubt that she’s somehow being framed.

No. 52000

that gosh darn hex!

No. 52001

Yeah we aren't retarded everyone knows Hex and Blaine are barely involved in this besides the scapegoating.

No. 52002

im just a random anon, how am I even typing like elaine? come on

No. 52003

>source: the same person making the claims

No. 52004

Okay but even if that is true (which I doubt tbh cause this isn't really "proof" either to someone who has no familiarity with this situation.) But lets say it is, what possible reason would the jannies have to frame blaine for cp? What difference would it make to lc itself? He's still annoying and male and should leave

No. 52005

Because Sandwich’s goal was to discredit me originally by started the rumor that I posted the cp. when josh stopped going along with it, she started blaming Blaine.

To be honest, Sandys given me a lil bit of character depth so there’s always a positive lining. I have a backstory now now that I’ve taken an overdose of blackpills

No. 52006

Exactly anon, none of these excuses make sense. The troon and multiple related cows have openly posted and tried to take down the site for different reasons and motives. This only lines up with new admins coming onboard.

No. 52008

Starting *
The idea was that she’d make me look bad enough to have “deserved” what she did which is just dumb because she posted cp of me so even if I was guilty, which I’m not, she just did it back?

No. 52010

Then why did you call Blaine a pedo Elaine?

No. 52011

I was mistaken.

Look. I’ve been holding this in for a while but I’m pretty sure that Sandwich has somehow Bluespiked Null on top of everything else because it would explain the lore she knew.

Something is really odd about the fact that he used to say he had some friend who kept up to date with my thread that he’d send my emails to instead of reading them & that he knew things I’d only told her.

It was probably her who lied to him and said I spammed cp in the first place and it would make sense that he’d believe it what with her habit of manipulation and self incrimination.

I really believe she was hoping to get two in one, and Josh if you see this, call the police.

No. 52012

Josh was the one who said that Elaine spams the site with CP not staff here

No. 52013

I know, I wasn't expecting Elaine to admit that she's wrong. That's very new.

No. 52014

Sandwich is incredibly lonely and I feel bad for not paying more attention to this while she catfished me because I honestly should have called the mental health team on her behalf due to the threats of suicide. I didn’t realize she was so attached to me and shouldn’t have let it get so far.

Josh said he got it from a farmhand here.

Usually I’m not wrong because having an IQ level above room temperature isn’t overly difficult and most people in this sector are mind blowingly retarded.

No. 52015

So on the record you are saying that you know Blaine didn't spam CP.

No. 52016

I only knew when Sandwich admitted to it. I was convinced of it being Blaine until then but I’d made the same mistake everyone else who first blamed me made and I apologize. I know people here have their issues with Blaine but this is objectively something he wasn’t guilty of and that needs to be made clear. The amount of gaslighting that has gone on here is nothing short of corruption and I’m sorry that that was one of the only times in my life I’ve been fooled by herd mentality.

No. 52017

You say you are not on Elaine's side but you deliberately posted private screenshots from a server that you knew some of her victims were in. You aren't much different from Elaine and I know you haven't asked the other girls how they feel about your actions.

If mods see this please get rid of the discord. It has only ever brought trouble and all the petty catfights aren't worth it.
I'll believe it straight out of his own mouth, not yours.

No. 52018

>believing what josh says

No. 52019

>Josh said he got it from a farmhand here.
Not even once.

No. 52020

To be honest the only person I regularly bullied was Sandwich and it’s kind of not a surprise she catfished me as I am pretty sure the chick was already pretty depressed. But it’s still not an excuse for that degree of sexual abuse and cp.

No. 52021

Elaine you know because you spammed the CP and told the staff it was Blaine, those screen caps are forged and I've only been throwing out gas to get you to make it clear many times just what you did here.

No. 52022

No. 52023

I didn’t spam Cp but neither did Blaine. Both of us are scapegoats regardless of my own views on Blaine.

No. 52024

Yet you said you reported Blaine and accused him multiple times of being a pedophile to multiple people. Your story keeps changing and it isn't surprising but keep going.
Please elaborate!

No. 52025

I retract my accusations against Blaine. I was one of many who were manipulated by farmhands and a herd of jannies manipulated by staff here pointing fingers at someone with no post history expose or any actual receipts and I’m incredibly sorry for that. I dislike unnecessary dishonesty and herd corruption and this was extremely out of character.
Because of this, I’m personally going to be issuing a subpoena on this site and hopefully that should clear things up.

No. 52026

Elaborate on how I've been gassing Elaine up to get to this point or on how I know the sangwhich caps are fake?

No. 52027

You were still accusing Blaine of being a pedophile when you had him in your server. Only now you are retracting your accusations so keep going. I want to see what mental gymnastics you spin up this time.

No. 52028

This all smells like gayops to me. I don't believe anything that comes from Elaine, I don't know enough about Sandwich to judge.

What I do know is Rachel got the cp she had and threatened to post from Elaine and you're telling me Elaine isn't responsible? Lmao

No. 52029

I don't know about Rachel or those losers but it does smell of terrible ops when you consider the sheer amount of scrotes involved.
>What I do know is Rachel got the cp she had and threatened to post from Elaine and you're telling me Elaine isn't responsible? Lmao
I don't really understand anon please make it more simple?

No. 52030

Nigga you always throw around stuff like calling the cops and lawsuits and none of that shit ever happens. Never. By actually opening up any legal doors in regards to your online activity you'd only implicate yourself so you say you will and you never do. This has been the case for months.

No. 52031

>Gassing up Elaine
Read this thread essentially though it's tied to the latter.
>Know they're fake
Elaine sent them to me on discord besides the obvious cutting that nobody would do that wants to prove a screen capture is genuine.
Elaine's trying to shift all the blame on an ex discord janny, I played a long to get her to make things obvious to everyone just what's been going on.

No. 52032

Rachel Leeds-Minkin got caught with cp on her and Elaine was the one who gave it to her. Rachel held onto this because she claimed she was using it as evidence to take down LCF by sending it to the FBI but she 1. Never got rid of the images and 2. Got played by Elaine into her entire schizo narrative regarding LCF all down to the weird anuscabbage shit.

No. 52033

Pretty much

No. 52034

Well when she has been caught posting gore before she also claimed it was only from SAW which also wasn't true so I don't know how anyone can take what she says as fact without actual proof.

No. 52035

Pretty hard to bullshit where she got them when some of those images were specifically of Elaine. Rachel doesn't go looking for that shit or saving that kind of shit on her own. Specifically having those images and being urged to open an FBI case by Elaine sounds like there was a deliberate reason for those images ending up with Rachel.

No. 52036

Yet Elaine is the one person Rachel never accused of being in her thread nor attacked, nta.
Plus Rachel's so dumb she can't think to shift blame like that.

No. 52037


Good catch, I always saw rachel mentioned but never by Elaine despite being inter-connected through circles.

No. 52038

So are you saying Elaine sent produced material of herself to Rachel? And nobody did anything about this?

No. 52039

Blaine did by both alerting the cops and her mom, but as you can see as soon as her mom loosened her grip she's back up to her old tricks.

No. 52040

I see a lot of this shit passively, it's maddening when others can't.
Only one person did anything about it yes.

No. 52042

I think I know who you are but if you're telling the truth please clear your name and expose her because it's gone far enough, especially if she is the one behind it all.

No. 52043

In the Rachel thread whenever anyone brought up the idea of getting police involved they'd get berated and told they were cow tipping. At least Blaine had the balls (lol) to stand up and say something.

No. 52044

File: 1674802976373.jpg (41.74 KB, 972x226, 2023_01_27_01.02.19.jpg)

Elaine forgot to switch pfps this time.
What else should I post on?

No. 52045

No I just stole her pfp because it’s funny lol. Just changed it now. Think it’s gonna be my new thing everywhere.

No. 52046

File: 1674803243181.jpg (447.87 KB, 1080x1937, 2023_01_27_01.06.44.jpg)

Here's Elaine sending me those screens.

No. 52047

The Rachel stuff and how she lied about the cp spam?

No. 52048

you were on call with her for an hour and now she's blocked? kiss and make up already

No. 52049

She thinks she's making a villain speech when in reality she's acting like a massive retard.

No. 52050

File: 1674803653232.png (40.52 KB, 972x190, 1656264635857.png)

The owner of this site can confirm her account has spammed CP. Metokur.us, Rachel was there for a while and thought it would get her thread deleted there.

No. 52051

And completely missed what I was trying to tell her and spent an hour on how she was super sure it was Sandwhich who was the catfish this time.
Stop shipping me with everyone lol

No. 52052

Elaine is just like Rachel in the sense that they both can pick someone they feel is responsible for everything and no longer listen to logic and reason.

No. 52053

No. 52054

Many such a cases, anyways it's clear with shaymin shifting the blame to rachelfags she had no clue who was posting what so I found Elaine's whole story smelly as hell. I figured this was the only way to end this bullshit so the new staff doesn't have to deal with this crap.

No. 52055

how does this prove the screenshots are fake though?

No. 52056

It's over.

No. 52057

Hate to say it but I don't think this nonsense is going away any time soon. Elaine doesn't know when to quit and will continue to tell elaborate stories, we all know Rachel will chimp out if she shows up anywhere outside of her hugbox, trannies will be trannies. I don't think any of this with Elaine will end until she's forced to take responsibility, likely by law enforcement.

No. 52059

oh OK, because you say so. got it

No. 52060

I've tried calling her mom.

No. 52061

I know she won't stop but perhaps the gullible retards taking her word for fact will take their meds.

No. 52064

Tfw Josh is smart enough to know not to engage with El*ine but nonas aren't. I'm disappointed.
This drama is so irrelevant, she banks on concern trolling and everyone is falling for it, stop being retarded please.

No. 52065

To be fair, a massive chunk of this thread is Blaine samefagging and trying to make himself look like anything more than a CP-posting tranny freak. But I totally agree with you.

No. 52066

File: 1674809362934.png (41.63 KB, 715x389, discord.png)

If you hear someone using a female voice modulator why are they not kicked? Wtf

No. 52070

So men are allowed in the discord? Very strange.

No. 52071

Same with the old discord. It's in compliance with the site rules, if you don't announce that you're male you're allowed to post.

No. 52072

factual and based

No. 52074

Yeah, but if you're found out to be a male then you get banned. If admin realized that person was a male then I don't understand why they weren't kicked.

No. 52079

are you actually retarded

No. 52083

it was due to this >>51520

happened minutes to moments after. i was also banned from cc moments after it happened too.

>my sources aren't very reliable

my info is just from my dms from former admin and mods. it's really hard to piece what's going on but the spooky thing is just something that makes my head scratch. i wish there was more info on that. my guess is he might have been internally involved things, not sure.

No. 52085

This entire thing is 95% blaine and elaine trying to compete on who's the biggest schizo, with the tranny having whole conversations with himself. They have been at it for days now, idk why it doesn't just get deleted.

No. 52090

Elaine shouldn’t even be talking to Blaine because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his “ im one of the good trannies!!1!1!!!” Image. I hope she realizes that as annoying and retarded she is

No. 52092

Elaine, Blaine, Rachel, Angry Canadian, etc. Likely all still talk to each other but will snake on each other the moment it suits them, actually probably have but ITT is evidence the bands getting back together.

No. 52094

whatever happened to having a life irl and making fulfilling relationships and living your best life lol wtf I’m glad I’m not schizo and online

No. 52095

>whatever happened to having a life irl
It disappeared with his girlfriend

No. 52096

It isn't and that excuse won't fly anymore.
And which one are you?

No. 52097

You're the one trying to protect Blaine so the better question is who are you? Blaine is a tranny who gets off on invading female spaces. He tried and failed hard to blend in here and once he was told to fuck off decided to invade our spaces with CP which had a way of getting posted when he's angry. It's so obvious and so typical of trannies and what's worse is he (likely you) believes his trying to confuse things now will make people forgive him or give him a second chance at being one of the girls. He also has well documented history of suss behavior with minors, of lying and pretending to be other people, and of using VPNs to harass this site. Anyone trying to obfuscate shit here is probably Blaine. Elaine is involved probably with her vendetta against sangwich. The others just want to see the world burn.

No. 52098

Where in that post did I defend anyone?

No. 52101

Exactly my point, you can't read, you're clearly emotional and you have a vendetta. Read the room as you're clearly deflecting from Elaine who admitted ITT and to the world she was the CP spammer.

No. 52102

so is blaine or elaine or rachel orrr sandwich spamming cp i’m getting mixed messages

No. 52103

is this whole thread just one schizo spazzing or

No. 52105

Spot on

It's two schizos. The cp spamming tranny who probably took too much meth this time but unfortunately not enough to kill himself and Elaine, a cow who has been sperging about our staff ever since she got a thread on here.

No. 52106

you’re the schizo you unaware idiot

No. 52107

>you're the schizo
as if the number one schizo trait is """"enlightenment"""". do you even understand the words that you're saying or have you reached that stage of retardation?

No. 52108

This entire thread was just me samefagging

No. 52109

Elaine and Rachel have both been caught with CP on their devices, the other two haven't.

No. 52110

No she's right you're legitimately the only schizophrenic here, it's super obvious to the rest of us what happened so drop your vendetta.

No. 52111

post proof or gtfo schizo

No. 52112

>Hears male voice and detects a voice modulator
>Doesnt ban on sight
Got me worried tinfoil chans are right.

No. 52113

Proofs in their damn threads, what is this room temp IQ gaslighting?

No. 52114

I'm not even a tinfoil-chan and I was never in the discord but they are right. Spooky Bones/(not that)Regina was in the discord for almost its entire lifespan pretending he was a middle aged woman with two kids when in actuality he's a drug-addicted serial doxer kiwiscrote. The question is, why did shaymin and the discord mods allow him into a discord for women when there's irrefutable evidence everywhere that proves he's a moid playing a character to be accepted in the in-group?

No. 52115

they can stay but I got kicked for no reason? Inactivity maybe? I feel like inactivity is better than being a literal male

No. 52117

Are you sure that's the discord you got kicked out from? Because the old one was deleted and a new one was made like 3 weeks ago.

No. 52118

link to it then

No. 52120

the site transfer just seemed sus to me so i looked into it. for a while i thought the former admin was just larping as the new admin. she lied a lot to me so i can't trust her. don't really know what to think now. i was just detective-fagging for a while until everyone got hostile at me for asking questions (albeit, a bit rude.. my bad lol). don't know why they were still messing with elaine when all you can do is block her and she'll leave you alone.

i wanted to bring to attention spooky's involvement in this because that still raises a lot of questions for me.

if these people are still involved you don't know who they'll let in. so please don't join their new discord. i'm not going to get involved anymore.

No. 52121

kys samefagging pedo tranny

No. 52122

did you know that this is a meme with a lot of posters now because you say it to everyone?

No. 52123

I'm >>52114, the anon accusing everyone of samefagging to stop anons talking about it is so far off the mark. Everyone know who Spooky is now, there's no point trying to shoot down conversation.

No. 52124

Kys lying schizo.

No. 52125

kys samefagging pedo tranny who can't even wait more than 4 minutes between posts in a slow thread

No. 52127

you keep getting this wrong it’s really funny tho keep going

No. 52128

They're shotgunning accusations across the site now, this is pretty funny.

No. 52129

it’s not a meme with me

No. 52132

nta but it is with me

No. 52133

Nta as well, it's always been a meme to me.

No. 52136

Did Sandwich kill herself?

No. 52137

Neither of those anons and I have no dog in this fight cause I still have no idea what's going on, but it was never confirmed that oldmin and shaymin is the same person. It was all just tinfoiling based on them "typing the same way"

No. 52138

if I say yes will you do something productive with your life for a change?

No. 52141

Did you even bother reading her post(s) before making yours because what does this add to hers when she's implying she knew the old admin personally.

No. 52142

>her posts
We're all anonymous
>she's implying she knew the old admin personally
Whoever she is she could be lying, which is why I'm asking for proof. The admin tinfoils from what I've seen started in the bunker thread on cc and even then there was no proof shown beyond speculation.

No. 52143

She replied to your post asking about Hex, talking as if she is Hex. Therefore one can come to the conclusion that she is Hex.

No. 52144

Okay but even if that is true it's not proof, I'm not just going to take some randoms statement as proof lol

No. 52146

Hey if there are any farmhands or people in power here, please purge the Rachel thread of the shit filled diapers she posted. It is relatively on topic, given she's in cahoots with these retards. Thanks.

No. 52147

> i'm not going to get involved anymore
you can't get involved because your ass got kicked out lmao nm that literally no one likes you over there

No. 52148

reported it earlier because i saw it on the front page

No. 52149

I don't think she cares about not being liked in a discord server based on the fact that she has never talked about anyone but the mods and the weird stuff they were up to, yet you keep bringing this up as if it's a really good insult or exposé or something

No. 52150


No. 52151

??? And doing this is somehow less bad than talking about your discord drama on here? Insane. Not great either that someone can share pictures of themselves in a verified channel only for the mods of that server to post it for what? To threaten?

No. 52152

You really don't know when to stop huh? This is really getting pathetic now.

No. 52153

i can provide context as to why i think (idk tbh?) the former admin/sandwich might still be involved in this. it would just take a lot of screen shots and context.. these people change their discord usernames so much i need to post them both for confirmation. also this isn't definitive proof… just some reasons as to why they might want to hide these things.

No. 52154

To the one schizo retard samefagging and pretending to be different people: you're a worthless faggot.

No. 52155

Who are these people?

No. 52157

File: 1674869627096.png (361.67 KB, 467x338, w.png)

No. 52158

File: 1674869719219.png (276.68 KB, 1175x810, lkjhgfdsfghjkl.png)

This makes me nervous ngl but if you look a few spaces to the right of the jenny death nametag there's a very small blue dot, as if someone photoshopped out a previous name and put jenny deaths in it's place. This is why I can't take discord screenshots as proof

No. 52159

lmao what

No. 52160

it's the fucking time you moron it has to be censored lest the mods figure out who posted it and harass you until the end of time

No. 52161

Calm down, I don't use discord how am I supposed to know that? Sorry for asking questions and inquiring about the "proof" people are providing you sperg. Some of you take this shit way too serious, go outside

No. 52162

are you retarded? these people are spamming child porn and now posting real pictures of hex because of some psycho vendetta, its already serious

No. 52163

No proof, of course.

No. 52164

Nta. No there is and you only want to say that as a cope. Stop this.

No. 52165

Yes I'm apparently a moron because I don't use discord, and I am also retarded for not believing a bunch of randoms I don't know talk about other randoms posting cp with no real proof.

No. 52166

Cope with what? The majority of farmers don't know who these people are and don't care as long as the jannies/admins take care of the cp. There needs to be a containment thread for this bullshit it's getting old

No. 52167

>No there is
Alright then post your proof. If you have proof why aren't you posting it? Because throwing around serious accusations of serious crimes isn't something to do lightly.

No. 52168

I agreed with the containment thread completely and I specifically call it a cope as there is a clear dox threat up thread so it's somewhat serious from that alone.

No. 52169

Alright then go do something about it instead of shitting up meta everyday, there's nothing we can do about it

No. 52170

this is the containment thread are you people stupid? go back to /snow/ or whatever

No. 52171

why aren’t the admins doing something? doxing is against the rules and so is posting pictures of former staff even if they are just discord mods

No. 52172

Im not the one throwing around the CP accusations but if nobody else makes a ring for those two parties I guess I could.
Id rather those two just stfu and stop trying to kill each other personally.

No. 52173

>calls everyone stupid
>doesn't know what a containment thread is
Why are you here?

No. 52174

Tbh seems like there's been an exodus of farmhands since rules get broken and it takes hours for anything to happen, where before it would take 2hrs max if the mods were overwhelmed.

No. 52175

it got deleted after i made my post

No. 52176

Refresh the page, the photo is gone and the anon is redtexted >>52150

No. 52177

kek, for real

No. 52179

Can the derailers please just get banned already ffs.

No. 52180

admins thank you so much for the Shaynatourium, please stop by sometimes, It's very funny and effective. I think Nonnies really enjoy it and it's very light hearted, thank you Admins

No. 52181

So before this discord mod changed her sights it was on the previous admin, she went in there and got called her out for posting and spreading another faildox, and even threatening to out an admins socials if she didn't come forward and out herself. It should be in the earlier bunker threads and the server if you saw it go down.

No. 52183

a neocities link isn’t a dox. if that’s a faildox then how do you justify posting her picture? tbh the fact that you guys won’t let anyone speculate and tinfoil in peace without spamming and threatening is what’s the issue. don’t become lolcow mods/admins if you can’t take the heat

No. 52184

File: 1674899404902.png (44.54 KB, 834x370, image.png)

Isn't that what she did?

>don’t become lolcow mods/admins if you can’t take the heat

I'm sorry if photos were posted because it's shitty, but it's time to take responsibility. Maybe if she valued the privacy of people she claimed to be close to, or valued her own privacy she wouldn't have reached out to spookybones or Elaine to advance her vendettas.
Pic related, compare to her previous statements.

No. 52186

Can someone greentext the autism going on in this thread the past few days I can't follow what half the shit in here is supposed to mean. Is it all just gaylore average farmers who aren't discord kittens won't be privy too?

No. 52187

>Is it all just gaylore average farmers who aren't discord kittens won't be privy too?

No. 52188

File: 1674904276354.jpeg (214.16 KB, 1242x2688, E338BB04-F872-416F-BFB6-A3B026…)

I did not reach out to Elaine, she reached out to me. As you can see it’s the same day I left. I didn’t even know it was until I asked. I reached out to spooky to ask why he left the discord. I can post those screen shots too if needed.

I mentioned before that I stopped talking in there after it got weird. I barely knew what was happening in there most of the time. I have never claimed to be close to the former admin. I wouldn’t say catching up every 3/4 months is close.

I don’t get why you want to shut me up so much? I think I know who you are. Why did you let spooky in the discord? Why is that never addressed? If you didn’t ignore me initially and then constantly lie to/about me I wouldn’t be here.

I will try later in the day.

No. 52189

Also please stop diverting from the fact that you all continued to engage and catfish a mentally ill woman years after this group chat was active.

No. 52190

Elaine is a dumb cunt whose op is unraveling before her again. The admins are moronic, the one helping her is useless the only one with a brain is UH, which says a lot. Spooky is still a man.

No. 52191

Fuck off blaine No1curr about you

No. 52192

And take your phlegm sounding “UHHG” with you

No. 52193

I don’t believe I was clear enough. I was stating that Blaine didn’t post Cp on here but I didn’t make it clear that he still was responsible for the cp spam’s elsewhere, as well as admitting to being a pedo on vc call.

I wrote my prior posts on 48 hours no sleep and wasn’t clear enough, sorry for the lack of clarity. The cp spams here were not him but the ones elsewhere were.
Sorry for the lack of clarity.

No. 52194

Stop trying to give yourself a nickname you dumb faggot you'll always be blaine the pedo tranny spammer

No. 52195

There could be multiple cp spammers here though? If he's a ped who spams cp elsewhere I'm sure he's done it here too. The lesson for you should be to stop associating with discord moids

No. 52196

Straight up anyone who thinks the tranny spammed CP go read the Rachel threads. Stop being retarded, it was her larping as him and some of you are so dumb you can't tell.
Shaymin couldn't.
New staff can.

This is just because of them being trans and there's never been any proof against them unlike for others.

Stop derailing.
>Hurrrr where's my proof
All over, spoonfeed your dumb ass selves.

No. 52197

You're fooling nobody Elaine, your lies have caught up to you now.

No. 52198

>Elaine and scrotes infiltrate discord
>Someone blows the whistle
>Rachel is proven to join with Elaine at this time via onion farms.
>The bot CP spam suddenly gets blamed on Blaine
>Shaymin then blames rachelfags
>Shaymin then says it could be anyone
>Shaymin steps down
>Elaine/Rachel and her scrotes try their same routine to new staff.
You are here, it's all that simple.

No. 52199

>Anyone who thinks this degenerate troon spammed cp is stupid, the proof (more screenshots and more degenerates lying and expecting everyone to take it at face value) is in the thread full of moids!
Sure blaine

No. 52200

Elaine it's more proof than you have. You have none.

No. 52201

>Stop being retarded, it was her larping as him and some of you are so dumb you can't tell.
Samefag but if we don't know either of these degens how are we supposed to tell them apart on an anonymous imageboard? You're using words like retard and stupid too liberally for a terminally online faggot

No. 52202

I'm not Elaine and I'm not defending her either, you're all degenerates and I don't trust any of you. You probably all spammed cp

No. 52203

You randomly accuse me, I randomly accuse you. Why the triple post? Seems emotional.

No. 52204

I don't know who you are retard, anonymous imageboard. 3 posts in response to 2 posts, and I announced my samefaggotry is nothing in comparison to how much you have no doubt shat up meta the past few days. Project harder.

No. 52205

Yeah you tried calling someone out, it wasn't them and it blew up in your face. Rachels thread isn't filled with moids, none of them have been as quick tempered as you. You clearly have proof to look through and still play into Elaine's hand so frankly combined with the emotional response and now denying that you tried to call me Blaine just shows you're hardly neutral and want to cover this up.

Won't work this time. The staff isn't a 19 year old this time, it's three adult women.

No. 52206

Samefag I just realized you're the tranny spammer, alright I'm going to bed

No. 52207

Throwing another accusation after claiming you didn't. I can see how this might fool farmers who are no better than lolcows but I can see why this never fooled everyone to begin with.

No. 52208

Can you please just ban and delete the tranny's posts? We're on day 4 or 5 of his schizo samefagging.

No. 52209

I'd say just report him, but I'm not sure if there's anyone looking at the reports.

No. 52210

Theres been plenty of bans issued, extrapolate away.

Either make a containment thread or stop letting Elaine derail this.

No. 52211

No. 52212

You type like a corny villain off supernatural, and I saw your faggy Crowley posts blaine, you make it very obvious it’s you

No. 52213

Then make a thread about it where you fall for shitty ass larps.

No. 52214

Why would I want to encourage more of these shenanigans? The last thing this place needs is more trannies, bpd headcases, and discord fags.

No. 52215

Full and hard agree.

No. 52219

horrible detective skills hand in your badge

No. 52222

hi new admins! hope you can last long enough to implement a hell week, hope shaymin is doing OK.

more importantly, i think the last ~3 days of this thread being discord drama spam from the usual retards is demonstration enough that the discord should just be cut off and no longer implemented into the site. please stop promoting it or affiliating with it. nonas have made off-website friends from /g/ and /meta/ threads just fine before. there is literally no purpose other then to turn lolcow into a social space that functionally it is not

No. 52223

Hey new admins, things seem to be picking up around the farm. Thanks for that. Hang in there, plenty of us are patient for site improvements to be made. Thanks for taking over and not letting lolcor go the way of all things.

No. 52224

ashley jankowski please stop

No. 52226

please ban anons who say lolcor

No. 52227

File: 1674963830551.gif (206.83 KB, 941x173, LOLCOR.gif)

No. 52228

why do the lolcow admins spam other female imageboards with child porn? do they know that’s illegal? has someone told the crystal cafe admin?

No. 52229

File: 1674968997401.jpg (49.19 KB, 597x676, 1664335374806.jpg)

hi elaine. try harder next time.

No. 52230

imagine being so dumb to get arrested for spamming a dead imageboard

No. 52231

It’s because they are all freaks who’s only achievement in life is having ownership to a gossip website. They have to continuously pretend they change ownership because the cows they continue to engage with keep chasing them.

No. 52232

The staff live on discord, do most of their announcements there, etc. And the change you mention is one of the ones they've been wanting anyway.
Wow that put her in her place. She'll definitely stop posting now.

No. 52233

elaine is right about the jannies being freaks, she is just also a freak, and feels the need to shit everything up with her vendetta against them (which, to be fair, the catfishing thing was psycho behaviour so) - these things aren’t mutually exclusive

No. 52234

Elaine has had a vendetta against this site and kf ever since she was convinced Null was admin.

No. 52235

It's beaten to death and into dust and people still won't stop.

No. 52236

Wow. You just discovered what a meme is. Nonny, it's just a fun way to say lolcow, it's not that serious.

No. 52237

It's just a funny/nostalgic way to refer to this site, relax

No. 52239

how is it nostalgic when it's obvious that it's only newfags and twitterfags are saying it

No. 52240

Because it's not obvious that only newfags say it? I've seen plenty of oldfags say it including me. You're annoying and obviously just want to argue about something so I'm not going to entertain your dumb little back and forth. Find a hobby

No. 52241

it's not nostalgic at all it's newfag shit.

No. 52243

Tbh I've felt nonnies cling to spamming LOLCOR because they dont know any other original lc or cgl memes, it does come off as newfaggy or desperately trying to integrate to me.

No. 52244

We're just oldfags who think it's funny, it's not that deep

No. 52245

But how else can I gatekeep memes I don't like?

No. 52246

Gaslight, like everyone else.

No. 52247

Smells like smegma in here

No. 52248

I like arguing on the side I don't want to win and then bailing.

No. 52249

it just sounds funny to say jesus christ. no different from liking "sadge" and jokes like that.

No. 52251

who has ever said sadge here

No. 52252

it's somewhere in one of the screencap threads, i forgot the original thread

No. 52253

Nta but if you search sadge you can see that a bunch of anons say it.

No. 52254

It’s okay nonny it’s the cowboardonly-chans that want No Fun Allowed

No. 52258

The lolcor meme is old at this point. At least one year old. I think 2 years? Anyway it's not a newfag meme.

No. 52259

two years is not old. 3 years or less is newfag shit.

No. 52260

Welcome, Admin team!

No. 52261

Nta but no one cares

No. 52263

clearly everyone arguing does.

No. 52264

I still want answers on this. Why are men being allowed in the discord even though I'm pretty sure the rules state they aren't?

No. 52265

I just saw this! Welcome, new admins! Looking forward to another era of lc

No. 52267

no one cares what one random anon deems too recent to be newfag shit or not

No. 52268

yeah which is retarded for an anonymous site

parasocial trannymins who don’t mind letting their bros have access to women to harass

No. 52269

They get bullied and kicked when found out.

No. 52270

Saying this kind of shit is how you get a whole bunch of cringe ass men who want to be bullied by woman to join that discord you know.

No. 52271

>one anon

No. 52273

2X back on the main site. i love you newmins. i'm hopeful for the future for once.

No. 52274

ackshually shaymin put it there weeks ago

No. 52282

shaymin put it back weeks ago before she resigned

No. 52287

oops got too distracted to notice before i guess. still happy it's there.

No. 52298

As we go through the backend of the site we are looking for ways to recover the purged /m/ threads.

The site auto refreshes on desktop, are you on mobile? As for the speed of the site, it’s just outdated and has been inundated with spam. Please be patient!

The lolcow Discord will be closing in 48 hours due to its public nature and subpar anonymity. We’ve been considering shutting down the Discord for a while as it seems like the overlap between lolcow farm users and Discord users is not substantial, and it seems to have bred unnecessary drama and risk. It's become evident that a general Discord open to anyone who clicks a link on the site opens anons up to bad actors. The discord link onsite will be updated shortly.

Males are not permitted on lolcow.farm. The nature of a public Discord open to anyone who clicks a link will inevitably bring males to the server. Regarding the voice modulator incident, that user was not allowed into locked (female-only) channels.

No. 52299

>Discord will be closing in 48 hours
Fucking thank you admin/cerbmin. I've been saying for ages that the discord isn't populated by normal farmers (evidence of that is in 800+ posts ITT). It was a mistake to make the discord in the first place. I'm so glad we don't have admins involved in gay discord drama anymore.

No. 52300

>Discord will be closing in 48 hours
Thank you.
>I'm so glad we don't have admins involved in gay discord drama anymore.
I cannot echo this sentiment hard enough.

No. 52301

thank you so much for shutting down discord. i agree with all your points and feel that it's a smarter idea to just shut it down rather than expend extra resources to make it safer. i couldn't believe we had one during a time where anons got banned for f.f thread or posting email addresses. it's like anonymity was necessary until they wanted us to join their personal playground.

No. 52302

thank you so much, gone are the days of the fucking loons spamming all of the meta threads with their shit

ive tried to mention several times that the secret hugbox on discord that shaymin made (with good intention) was a fucking disaster and the women there treat themselves like some weird lolcow royalty. especially the one schizo who screams about the kiwi tranny and "blaine" conspiracy shit. i think she never gets banned for infighting because she kisses whoever the new admins asses are to some insane extent. i have no idea why it was allowed to get this far or why anyone on moderation was ok with it

No. 52304

>i have no idea why it was allowed to get this far or why anyone on moderation was ok with it
you said it right in your post. the lack of anonymity on the discord let everyone gas eachother up and it seeped over to the site. like how obvious it was some anons were redtexted for show and not banned because they would just keep posting immediately after. i hope we get all new mods too because i don't trust any mod from shaymin's team after the IP dox, constant radio silence and obvious corruption from the discord.

No. 52306

iirc somewhere up above the newmins mentioned they are keeping the current moderation as-is which i get but is a little disappointing. i also hope down the line they can replace any shitter farmhands once they get the site to a comfortable operational pace
>i don't trust any mod from shaymin's team after the IP dox
the same blaine retard is the one who would brag about being able to dox and how it was easy to grab anyones IP especially after they visited the site. there is no doubt in my mind she is a mod as well since she never gets banned for her obvious spam in any thread that contains the aforementioned characters.
also not to mention the w boards that don't get moderated were all the main boards of the rest of the members in the hugbox

No. 52307

Fuck that Blaine alog, sounds like one bitch ruined a lot of shit in the last year.

No. 52308

/w/ is still fucked. i also don't get why admins would say they don't allow that behavior but still give any of the mods a chance to do it again. some of them are clearly unhinged.

No. 52309

Are I talking about that hex person ?

No. 52310

all i can really offer as guidance is:
watch the typing styles of jillian/venus/jfashion thread frequenters and see who gets banned vs who doesnt and how the thread is moderated! +bonus points if you can find the cglchans from the discord on /g/ somewhere :^)

No. 52312

No. 52313

Maybe we should make a bingo card for this or something.

No. 52314


No. 52324

Discord going to be nuked?! Thank you so much Cerbmin. I don't know why we even had a Discord in the first place, it's totally at odds with the nature of the site and attracts freaks and attention whores.

Again, just to echo PPs, happy to wait and look forward to a new site with better ways to prevent spam.

No. 52326

Yes, I an glad to see the discord go. Discord for whatever reason naturally attracts trannies and moids, and having a female specific discord must have been catnip for craven scrotes desperate for girl attention.

No. 52329

File: 1675138120198.jpeg (212.98 KB, 742x756, 533BC5CE-1A6B-4306-85E0-2AE3A4…)

i love the term cerbmin so much it’s fun to say. I was in the new discord and it was cool chatting with other nonnies but I can see where the security issues arise especially if you want to focus mainly on the site. Do what you have to do cerbmin, take care of LC!

No. 52330

i liked being in the discord but i agree nuking it is sensible for anonymity and troon avoiding purposes. i'm pleasantly surprised by how well things have been going with cerbmin so far. the expectations were in hell after shaymin but so far cerbmins have made sensible decisions and been good about communication, i hope they keep up this positive momentum.

No. 52334

The discord is more trouble than it's worth especially since the actual site has so many problems. Glad you're focusing on what's important! After seeing how you communicate I'm really hopeful for the site. Thank you admins ♥

No. 52337

It was a smart decision to remove the discord. I think the main problem was that it's such a popular platform for underage newfags that they felt too comfortable posting in it while admitting they have just barely lurked lc for a couple of weeks/months. Some of them said the type of stuff that would get them mocked on here for days on end kek
Having just an announcement channel, and later on an announcement web page sounds like a much better course of action, thank you for that admins.

No. 52338

are you going to do anything about the schizophrenic ashley on your staff who has been spamming both lolcow and other places with child porn, gore and scat and spamming meta for months calling everyone tranny? are you going to report her to the proper
authorities? or will you ignore this because smth smth

No. 52339

Nice, thank you for taking this decision Cerbmin, the discord was terrible

>i love the term cerbmin so much it’s fun to say
same, it's weirdly cute!

No. 52340

One of the people posting scat and gore was that weird tranny that got in the new discord (he got kicked out though) named “dawn” because he did exactly the same thing when he was in the discord and gloated about being the one spamming scat and gore and also being swatted or something

No. 52341

Samefag, forgot to mention he got in when a bunch of moids started raiding the discord

No. 52342

I was in the discord and never saw any raids happening. Do you have a screenshot of this?

No. 52343

Nta and I'm not sure what this anon you replied to is talking about but there was a pretty long lasting soyjak raid coupled with a few raids where the lc discord got posted in like /r9k/ discord in the same night. You can search the word "block" and you'll see nonnies mentioning blocking the spammers because the mods weren't active at the moment.

No. 52344

Ah yeah I did see those messages. Nobody mentioned any users though so I’m a bit skeptical on anons in meta trying to blame some new random when there’s pretty solid proof out there of Ashley Jankowski having spammed meta on here as her posts on Kiwifarms/Onionfarms and on here are almost verbatim the same

No. 52346

File: 1675163373342.jpeg (88.91 KB, 800x287, 25EF6118-09A1-433F-A63F-D1A20A…)

The raid was happening I think a few days after the discord was opened? Elaine got in there and so did a lot of whales. I have a lot of the moids in my blocklist, this is the one who was bragging about being the vent thread gay bbc spammer

No. 52347

File: 1675163689775.jpeg (112.61 KB, 828x1372, B653577C-A41D-4869-BBC7-E64E51…)

Sorry males not whales lol* these were some of the moids that joined that day and were raiding. You can go into the discord rn and search “from user” and put their names and you’d find what they were posting. Idk who Ashley is but I was just saying one male / tranny admitted to posting scat spam because after his messages >>52346 he was like “that was me” and spammed stupid shit

No. 52348

Thanks for the screenshots! Good thing the server is getting nuked

No. 52349

that’s a guy called empresa from onionfarms. which really just confirms the suspicions everyone is having about ashley still being on staff

No. 52352

Boolean overflow is Void aka Angry Canadian aka Michael Thurlow aka the tranny who sexually molested his one month old son so yeah.
Ashley's gotta go and staff has to announce who's actually behind this shit.
We all know who spammed it so make an official announcement.

No. 52354

Staff never changed. It was just a coverup to keep whoever is still on staff.

No. 52355

A very easy thing to think unless they start being open and honest with us.

No. 52356

here we go again with the samefagging

No. 52357

>t. Scrote who's angry he got kicked out the discord

No. 52358

Blaine attempting to blame shift for his CP spamming to this Ashley girl who was a pet of the lolcow.org scrotes is really incredibly obvious.

No. 52360

You can just put her posts here and her posts on Kiwifarms and Onionfarms side by side and see for yourself, skeptical anonymous person

No. 52361

This is true. It's always obvious. I wish he would get a life, but at the same time I'd worry for anyone having the misfortune of being stuck around him IRL.

No. 52363

File: 1675184513937.png (44 KB, 1838x342, 37.png)

they haven't been, they change admin accounts/shut down servers when something could get them caught. that's why they will randomly stop verifying or close down discords like so

and pic rel, does anyone actually think they found 3 admins/went through applications when shaymin has been "looking" forever for a replacement?

No. 52364

No I'm sure their big lie will keep working…somehow…?

No. 52365

Can you just do that here since you guys know everything lol

No. 52374

Yup. It's hilarious how he keeps mentioning more randoms and just expects us to know wtf he's talking about. Peak schizo kek.

No. 52376

It's ridiculously obvious that's Elaine doing that and other people have issues simply with clarity. It's also clear she's trying to gin up some crusade about the new management when other simply want to hear that the ones that we know we're incompetent were released. You can be as disengengious as you want but at this point your thesis is simply silly.

No. 52379

it's funny that the tranny was defending elaine and aiding in her "josh raped her!!!!!" thing but now he's ready to point fingers at her lmao this is so retarded

No. 52393

i know this is you sandwich

No. 52395

mmmm, 420 sandwich….

No. 52396

Well if Sandwhich is that witty then all is forgiven, bygones can be bygones and we can stop shitting up this thread with that.
Compile the info on prior staff abuse and make a thread or something, this is purely schizophrenic and everyone who knows can't care enough to be involved as we either have bailed, are waiting to see if cerbmin has shaymin in it, or trust the new staff to not continue down a path of misunderstanding. This has reached critical dumb and it's really not fair to keep dragging this up when it really seems that the majority of posters don't care about starting up yet another witch hunt. Please just take it somewhere else, anyone who reads this whole thread can arrive to whatever conclusion they want but nothing new is being brought and it's just devolving into repeatedly guessing at namefags. Make a containment thread or stop name-dropping, no1curr

No. 52402

The tranny already has 2 threads for his schizo spam and at least one that got so bad it got closed.

No. 52403

Predictable ass mf lmao

No. 52411

Hey new admins
What is your take on bumping threads to hide cp? Shaymin I think, said bumping too much made it to hard for mods to delete the threads & we should just report and move on
While I appreciate the unsaged warnings I inevitably see it when I jump to the catalog to find my desired thread. And in the meantime have to see 20 threads bumped that are typically dead.
Sorry if this is already addressed

No. 52412

I like the bump warnings, they've prevented me from seeing any cp probably dozens of times by now. I always have tabs open and when I see some nona post "bump" I know not to go to the catalog. Maybe we could instead have a rule to only bump active threads?

No. 52413

bumping is stupid.

No. 52414

Suspicious. Why do you want other anons to see child porn?

No. 52415

I haven't seen backend but I imagine it's harder for staff if it's bumped up a thread(5 posts so nobody can see scrolling past)then they have to dig and it gets harder. The other way it's used seems to be a great way to warn others.

No. 52416

I don't understand this since I assume the mods recieve the reported posts somehow, so I figured they just delete from their mod dashboard where the reported posts are. But I am just speaking out my ass rn since I have no clue what the supposed "mod dashboard" actually looks like.

No. 52418

If it was an issue they would have just said something by now. Also after one of the raids a farmhand was in /meta/ telling us to report posts and that they couldn't delete or see it if it wasn't reported (which was probably an issue with the site and whatever their system is, but that's besides the point) which makes me think they do not look at the site to delete.

No. 52419

It's one of the moids/baiters that camps out in this thread, he's just trying to start an argument cause he's got nothing better to do.

No. 52420

Well shucks was Shaymin ever right?

No. 52421

NTA but it's fucking dumb when they just say "bump" and that's it. Like at least comment on the damn thread lmao. I'm not saying they need to provide milk or anything but something useful would be great.

No. 52422

>I'm not saying they need to provide milk or anything but something useful would be great.
The bump warning is useful, you are retarded.

No. 52423

In tinyboard mod.php there's usually the option to view reported posts and recent posts. If the farmhand is viewing the recent posts panel then posting "bump" in random threads would make the CP harder to find. In the reported posts panel, posts are ordered by most reported. The problem could be that there's not enough reports for CP for it to be at the top of the reports panel, so the farmhand would then have to look through the recent posts panel to find the CP so they can ban and delete which would take longer due to having to get past "bump" posts.

I'm not a farmhand, I've just had experience with tinyboard.

No. 52424

It's really not actually. It's a waste. Especially when they add retarded cat pics too. Retard. see, I can use pointless insults too when I want to get my words out.

At the very least, they could make new threads and not bump already existing threads that are meant to be used for cows.

No. 52425

Nta that makes sense since nobody would want to go and report the actual post itself and see anything disturbing (not blaming people who don’t want to of course)

No. 52426

i think she meant useful for the threads she's posting on.

No. 52427

Ayrt, okay, that makes sense, thank you! Maybe a dumb questions but does it help to report the same post more than once? I almost always report sometimes I just leave cause I can't deal with it at that moment but I only do it once. Does reporting from the same IP/device multiple times do anything on the mod's end? Or do those reports just get overridden?

No. 52428

>It's a waste.
What part of "it prevents some anons from seeing cp" do you not understand?
>At the very least, they could make new threads and not bump already existing threads that are meant to be used for cows.
Okay now I know your just baiting. You're worried about one bump post wasting a cow thread but you want them to make entirely new threads to bump? The fact that your prioritizing keeping cow threads bump free over nonas not having to see cp is very suspicious. I hate to pull the tranny accusation card, so if you're not a tranny you sure do type and rationalize like one.

If they don't have anything to post that's useful to the thread then what do you expect them to do? Not give a bump warning in fear of wasting one post? There's hundreds of wasted posts in each thread who cares about one bump post?

No. 52429

nta but the multiple reports from the same ip address will not get overridden.

No. 52432

Okay then do that?? But telling anons not to bump in fear of wasting one post in a cow thread with hundreds of wasted posts already is just retarded. I'm done replying you're one of the moids that camps here and you're really hell bent on anons having to view cp so this back and forth is pointless.

No. 52433

File: 1675364513985.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648851064567.png)

damn i deleted my post to add more context and it didn't recover, lemme try this again.

Like I said, they could make a thread or threads with whatever random shit they want and bump them, so that they are easily deleted later.

You must be a newfag so let me clue you in on some things. A short while ago, so faggot moid was spamming "bump" unsaged on any thread he could find. At this time he was also posting gore and cp while doing that. So when anons would post "bump" to hide his shit, they were also getting banned. I think it's just best to not muddy up threads with cat pics and bump, and to just make a new thread. That's why we have pics like picrel. I feel bad that whoever made it hasn't seen it since it was made but w/e.

I don't even care about "wasted post", but like, they it's annoying esp if they aren't even gonna delete the word "bump".

No. 52434

Shut up blaine

No. 52435

oh yeah i forgot to add… you're open to your opinion, but just because an anon doesn't agree with you doesn't make them a moid or a troll. But I suppose you will believe whatever little retarded fairy tail you've spun in your mind to make you think you've "won" this opinion thingy so whatever. Take your meds, yadayada.

No. 52436

ah so confirmed newfag, got it. the tranny doesn't even talk like this and now openly refers to himself. Just say you don't like my opinion and go KEK

No. 52437

>the tranny doesn't even talk like this
I'm so embarrassed for you if you truly think that

No. 52438

it's stupid without pictures because you can still see it on the mainpage. plus fucking up the board is the goal of the CP.

No. 52439

That image gets used in bumps all the time. Anyway, this "wasted posts" argument doesn't make since because, we're on a digital website. You can't waste posts and if you could then making a thread would also waste posts. Actually, sone anon in /ot/ made a thread to warn against raids and anons like you still complained so it never got used. And a lot of the time it takes over 30 minutes for spam to be deleted so anons can't just delete their bumps posts after it's deleted.

Also, I just have to point out that iirc the whole reason anons started bumping threads is because staff was doing such a bad job of cleaning up. Your issue isn't with an occasional post that you have to take half a second to scroll past, it's with bad moderation and crappy site software.

No. 52440

No. 52441

Can confirm that we used to have a "bump" spammer (for the newfags).

No. 52442

agreed here

No. 52443

Awe I see this pic used sometimes. Of course some nonnies REEEEEEEEE about threads being bumped with these pics during raids(which i kind of get)

No. 52444

What about shadow bumping on the cow boards? What do you think about that method. Doesn't need to be used on non-cow boards of course, as it's nice to get a visible warning, but posting a bump post, and deleting it will get it off the first page of the board, without shitting up the threads.

No. 52445

bump posts do shit without a photo.

No. 52446

I'm talking about bumping the CP threads off the first page of a cow board, not off the front page of the site.

No. 52448

if thread bumping occurs it needs to help all anons equally. shadow bumping doesn't help, neither does bumping without a pic. anons all use the site differently and deserve not to see CP or we don't do it at all. jannies can go through and delete bump posts if admins choose to allow thread bumps like that, so it doesn't matter.

No. 52449

I fully avow the posting of kittens and such during a raid. It is also kind of a protest if the mod team is taking too long. But when/if it seems like there's no longer an unreasonable length of time being taken imo it's probably best to report and move on just like anywhere.

this is a good one too >>52433

No. 52450

I'm one of the cat and bunny posters - I try to post in the dumbass shit or cat pics thread to avoid clogging up the other ones. I just bump with pics in /ot/ to get the cp off the front page so nonnies don't have to see it first thing after opening lolcow. I had no idea it was making it harder for farmhands to delete the cp. Can someone please clarify: so you shouldn't bump threads?

No. 52451

If farmhands can't remove it after it's reported because of a few bumps they're a lost cause. If it takes anons like you standing between us cp spam I'll gladly take anons like you.

No. 52452

It's most likely not making it harder for them at all. Farmhands were posting in /ot/ and /meta/, they could've said if it was causing an issue or they would've banned anons who were bumping to hide spam. The only time they mentioned having a problem deleting spam was when they were having some kind of issue with their side of the site.

No. 52453

Just wanna thank you and any anons who do the cat/bunny photo bump to hide porn or cp, it is very much appreciated especially when farmhands are often not around during a raid (they seem to happen during european hours)

Imo it's like another farmhand or mod service to the users here to protect us, also good as a warning to take a few hours off from checking lolcor.
Anyone who disagrees is probably a spammer tbqh

No. 52454

>Anyone who disagrees is probably a spammer tbqh
That's exactly what I was thinking. I highly doubt a few bumps are going to make farmhands drop their spaghetti when it comes to deleting cp.

No. 52455

Nta but also anons still make regular posts during raids so I doubt the bumps would make seeing posts harder.

No. 52456

Whether or not making bump posts makes it harder to find and delete CP is partially dependent on the state of the site software. More posts could be contributing to increased lag that makes navigating mod.php take significantly longer. In the tinyboard mod.php each panel has a number of pages, it's not possible just to scroll down through all posts, each page of posts must be loaded and having an entire page of "bump" before getting to the CP obviously increases the delay in farmhands being able to delete it. Shaymin claimed that one of the issues with moderating the site is that it's unresponsive. IIRC it's also not possible to delete threads from the catalogue in vanilla tinyboard. LC's site software has been customised so that might not be the case, again I'm not a farmhand.

I'm not criticising anons that do make bump posts. CP is disgusting and no one should be exposed to it.

No. 52457

File: 1675400450097.jpg (70.87 KB, 736x911, 1645407723882.jpg)

>As we go through the backend of the site we are looking for ways to recover the purged /m/ threads.
Thank you so much

No. 52462

already digging you guys. it's been a hellscape and any help and care is welcome. thank you for your work so far.

I'll send this to thread requests but can I start ariasdome again without copping another ban or? we have the shaytorium so I don't want to press our luck but it'll be a slow-moving shitpost thread on /ot/ not hurting anybody.

farm well, farmhands.

No. 52474

Where did the adriasdome come from? I know the Shaynatorium is a containment thread, is the adriasdome also? I thought it was banned because it was just one sperg and other anons didn’t like it or something.

No. 52475

the idea for it came from the bunkers iirc. there was one anon who was a little annoying and spammy talking about making the ariasdome. she tried to make it and got banned, like the shaytourim anon.

No. 52480

File: 1675478553751.gif (129.77 KB, 322x300, AS002558_07.gif)

Cerbmin, please give an estimate when hellweek will appear. Later this month, next month or in late spring? I would like see the newfags perish chastised and a few boards cleansed from idiocy

No. 52488

They're already a vast improvement from previous administration. I'm actually seeing active moderation which was desperately needed.
Me too, but it's been nice seeing obvious newfags and bait posters cop a few bans in the meantime.

No. 52494

I think the fujo cringe thread needs some moderation and a lot of bans
Too much bait, infighting and fujos derailing it to defend themselves for some reason i mean things said in the thread couldnt be directed at them, they're anons, we're all anons

No. 52498

Sorry, but what exactly is hell week?

No. 52499

Nta but a week of very strict moderation. I've been here for like 6 years and I don't think I've ever lived through one so it feels more like a myth to me.

No. 52500

Thank you, that sounds interesting.

No. 52502

I was just coming here to say this it's getting very obnoxious where we can't even have a conversation without someone coming in with hurt feelings to derail the entire thread and post bait

No. 52503

Just close it, more than half of the thread is the same moid-sounding poster. You notice because when (s)he leaves, the thread instantly dies off and sinks into the catalogue. The actual farmers can have that same discussion in the things we hate etc threads.

No. 52504

It's clearly not the same poster anon lol

No. 52505

The derailing and infighting is so bad please mods

No. 52506

Would it be possible to start banning posters that insist on calling other women moids for disagreeing with them? It's extremely obnoxious. If the accusation is wrong the thread is now a derailed flaming dumpster fire of infighting and if it's an actual moid he is receiving the attention that he wants. It's twattard level thought policing and nothing good ever comes from it.

No. 52508

This. Moid/male/scrote's become synonymous with "post I don't like". If banning infighting anons who're just gonna resort to name calling isn't an option, then can we at least get a word filter for it kek.

No. 52520

Please. Someone just mentioned in the complaints thread that anyone who disagrees with them is a scrote because only scrotes would complain about something being brought up constantly that it's beating a dead cow at this point.

No. 52533

Can anyone who tinfoils about pakichan also be banned it's getting out of hand and annoying. If you think what someone said is stupid just say that

No. 52538

The site is anonymous. If youre so worried about what other anons and future readers will think of you on the internet then this name calling dilemma should be the least of your problems

No. 52541

Anon I think the point is it derails discussions

No. 52543

Nobody thinks like you do in the history of ever, please submit yourself to study.

No. 52545

these always cause tinfoils, derails and also users being wrongly banned over stupid accusations

No. 52546

>If the accusation is wrong the thread is now a derailed flaming dumpster fire of infighting
No actual woman would give a shit to infight about this.

No. 52547

>p-please ban calling out moids
Certain lurking trannies would rejoice kek.

>users being wrongly banned
Sure. Maybe they don't just think you're a moid for "disagreeing" then.

No. 52550

Ok this is incredibly stupid.

No. 52553

Yeah troons and other moids would love that. There is often more reason than simple disagreement, why a post seems moidish.

No. 52555

Exactly. Anons also do it just to bait other anons too.

No. 52556

Now I'm always hesitant to sound the alarm but I feel on such a serious matter you being flippant can only mean one thing, Y chromosome.

No. 52557

If you got called a moid for a dumb post them you probably deserved it tbh

No. 52558

Anons who haven't seen how anons call everyone a mood/tranny when there's a infight and think they're just calling out actual moids definitely don't browse /ot/ kek. Just yesterday there was someone in the vent thread calling an anon a moid for venting about being abused. Half of the time anons just call any post they don't like a male.

No. 52559

And that's annoying.

No. 52560

spoiler, they do and they're the ones calling anons that

No. 52561

Mask off kek

No. 52568

>Certain lurking trannies would rejoice kek.
The tranny admitted to starting infights by randomly calling anons moids because he knew what the exact reaction would be.

Moids and troons love coming here and getting female attention. If you suspect that a poster is a moid then report and ignore. If you keep replying to them, men will keep coming back.

No. 52570

File: 1675631108882.jpg (82.88 KB, 1080x408, 1659611903015.jpg)

And a few months ago, there was also the schizo pedo tranny claiming totally innocent anons get called moids for posting about abuse, both ob here and CC, asking for a mass ban for "accusations". And then his posts got mass deleted, kek. What a coincidence.

No. 52571

>there was also the schizo pedo tranny claiming totally innocent anons get called moids for posting about abuse
It's not a claim, you can literally go in the vent thread and see it yourself lmao. Trying to imply that I'm the tranny is proving my point, especially when I didn't even ask for anyone to be banned. Also, if you can't see that the tranny purposefully does and says things like that to cause infighting between actual farmers then idk what to tell you. He namefagged for a reason. It's the same thing as when he or some other moid was bumping threads for no reason to mimic anons who bump to curb raids.

No. 52572

Except he said that as a "guise see I am succeeding, so you should stop calling out moids and let me be here uninterferred". Nevermind it's always noticeable when he pulls a "no U are the moid" because, like many other trash he spouts, it's incomprehensible and makes no sense.
As a reminder, take a look at his first thread spergouts and how fucking much he seethed about being recognized.

No. 52573

How does the screenshot cause infighting? It's just him admitting his true intentions.

No. 52575

I explained it anon. Sometimes scrotes say and do things that actual farmers would do so anons will start infighting and accusing each other of being moids. Idk when that post was made, but a lot of anons have talked about moid accusations and how anons will throw it at any post they don't like for a long time. You think he came up with that on his own?

No. 52576

She does lol

No. 52577

Why does it matter when the post was made and how does what you said apply to the post? He said it with his nametag on, where is the ebin master trolling in straight up whining about us not wanting girldick here with the tranny alias attached?

No. 52578

>Why does it matter when the post was made
Gotdamn anon, do I need to spell every single thing out? I feel like I literally explained this in that sentence. At this point just read it again and if you still don't get it then oh well.

No. 52586

>tfw anons denying that moid is used to randomly insult anons while using the term to randomly insult anons itt

No. 52587

>If you throw around scrote without an explanation you're gonna start a fight.
So how is this a wrong statement again? We can scroll up to see how true it is.

No. 52588

No. 52589

This whole thread is just everyone baiting each other at this point.

No. 52592

Do you think that we're all fucking stupid

No. 52593

Are you being obtuse on purpose?

No. 52597

Quote the posts itt where someone got randomly insulted as moid without an explanation and where the fight starts.

No. 52605

The correct response is still to report and ignore. He kept coming back because anons kept responding to him, calling someone a moid on an anonymous website is not some epic queen slay feminist moment, it's retards making the site worse and more difficult to moderate.

No. 52606

This is why I hate shit like the troon threads. Those anons create an echo chamber that makes it sound like governments around the world are run by trannies and armageddon is imminent. Self-victimsation and learned fragility. Same with 2x.
And pretending we're somehow feminists for being on here has been a problem for a few years. The retcon of "LC was always radfem!" is particularly retarded.
I swear the scrotes started the "everyone I don't like is a moid" thing, too. It derails discussion so fast.

No. 52607

>I swear the scrotes started the "everyone I don't like is a moid" thing
well now you're doing it

No. 52609

No she isn't, cut that out lol

No. 52610

>da scrotes did x no the moids did it no the scrotes did it no the
it's all the same shit

No. 52612

File: 1675662189917.gif (1011.34 KB, 320x240, 2C57AA9B-4A43-4B2F-A565-F402BB…)

i appreciate the fact there’s more than one admin, i recall some nonas wanting more than one in a crystal cafe bunker thread. thank you for scooping up my favourite radfem gossip site and i hope the changes you mention here aren’t bullshit. lolcow means a lot to a lot of women, don’t fuck it up. with that being said, thank you and welcome aboard!

No. 52613

File: 1675662578187.png (29.67 KB, 400x400, CPIggNLWoAAXw3J.png)

No. 52619

The admin who banned the Pinkpill threads was a fucking prophet, I didn't understand it at the time but she was 100% right in predicting them to be a breeding ground for unhinged """radfem""" tinfoilers. I haven't been able to read the MTF thread in years due to the schizoposting it attracts and /ot/ has become an unreadable echo chamber due to anons outright attacking each other instead of having an open, intelligent discussion. However if not feminist Lolcow has always been anti-male at least, now people are just trying to pass obvious bigoted tradshit and conspiracy theories as "feminism".

No. 52621

2X had definitely been infected with tradshit.

No. 52624

This only works if we have enough staff. Just ignoring them leads to them getting comfortable here and prime example of what happens then is Crystal Cafe.

>This is why I hate shit like the troon threads. Those anons create an echo chamber that makes it sound like governments around the world are run by trannies and armageddon is imminent. Self-victimsation and learned fragility. Same with 2x.
Wow I wonder why you get called a moid.

No. 52625

Only a man would post this, you're so clockable in your open temper tantrum childish meltdown.

No. 52627

This makes 0 sense.

No. 52628

Oldmin? That's not why she banned the pinkpill threads kek.

No. 52629

Either did the post it was quoting, settle down and stop posting here moid.

No. 52632

And here we have exactly what I mentioned in >>52572
Cry harder schizo pedo tranny, no amount of falseflagging, whining about radfems, whining about being called out, whining about the threads making fun of the same brand of delusional moids as you or spamming our website for the xth time will make farmers accept you here. You will never be a woman. Not even on the internet, kek.

No. 52633

Hey look randomly calling people scrotes started a fight again. Who could have thought…

No. 52634

It's not random and exactly explained why you stick out.

No. 52635

Youre missing my point as this is exactly how those others who complained about this feel when their points are dismissed.
I'd rather this be a radfem site, keeps people out.

No. 52636

Engaging with men only encourages them. They come here looking to get female attention and shit up the site. Calling them out gives them exactly what they are looking for. Moids are more of a problem than they have been in the past because newfags weren't around for the "don't feed the troll".

No. 52637

99% convinced that all the moid accusations are coming from the newfag twitter/tumblr "radfems" who think derailing a thread is "trolling".

No. 52638

The site is infested with baby radblrfags

No. 52647

This is complete bullshit, lc used to be even more blatantly filled with moids before they got actively pointed out, both by users and staff. You're also completely ignoring the staff part in the previous posts and examples proving your assumption wrong, which makes me believe you're acting in bad faith. Other than the obviously pedo tranny who has this thread open 24/7, other trannies are literally over on 4chan crying about getting clocked here. Nevermind them joining the discord for the same reason. They want to fit in and post here, just like all the other moids invading women's spaces constantly like pests.

No. 52675

this is only partially correct. in the past the main men who visited the site were wks who wk their cows and incels who are angry about women having their own spaces. both of those groups want female attention and reactions, so interacting with them does make those groups visit more. however trannies don't really care either way about interaction because they're angry at the site in general and want to take it down. but there's a reason you get banned for interacting with males. calling anons moids/trannies should be bannable simply for the fact that anons using those insults are assuming they're talking to men, and therefore should be banned for male interaction

No. 52676

In that past, we didn't have off-topic boards yet.
>should be bannable simply for the fact that anons using those insults are assuming they're talking to men
Showing your true colors here, lel.

No. 52677

>but there's a reason you get banned for interacting with males. calling anons moids/trannies should be bannable simply for the fact that anons using those insults are assuming they're talking to men, and therefore should be banned for male interaction
I agree. Ideally things shouldn't be this way but most nonnies are not good at clocking men, and some even use "male" accusations because they want to make people they don't like shut up.

No. 52678

Nta but they're literally right. You're not supposed to respond to males and anons have been banned for doing so.

No. 52679

Site staff calling out moids by using red text when banning them is completely different than a poster throwing around accusations. Mods are able to see post history and use it to decide if a poster is male or not.

No. 52681

we had /ot/ as /b/ for almost as long as the site's been here, in fact the name was changed to /ot/ because /b/ attracted too many incel raids. if you're new, don't pretend you know anything.

No. 52685

Again, only works with more staff and with lesser options to ban evade. That "anon" also subtly says others should be banned "simply for assuming they're talking to men".

I wasn't just talking about red texts.

God you're embarrassingly try hard. G/m/ot were later additions several years in, which is what I was obviously talking about,nevermind b was more like cgl light, hence why 4chan moids still posted freely. Point is, moids used to be much more active here than now. Which is why the claim that they're more now than in the past is utter bullshit.

No. 52689

/b/ was /ot/ they didn't add /ot/ with the other boards, just changed the name.

No. 52690

Nta but
>g/m/ot were later additions several years in,
This is straight up not true kek. Lolcow started in 2014 (which you can see if you go back to the very first post ever made). /g/ was made in 2015. /ot/ came in either 2016 or 2017, and if the other anons are right about it being /b/ then it was around since the start. The only new-ish one is /m/, which was added in 2019. Idk why newfags do this when there are internet archives and anons who remember this stuff, not to mention lolcow doesn't delete threads/posts after a certain amount of time like other sites.

No. 52692

Samefag, I also want to add that lolcow was created in the middle of 2014 so it probably hadn't even been a year when /g/ and /meta/ were added. This is just a weird thing to insist on, anon.
Also also, the first post in /ot/ was 8 years ago, so the anons who said it was /b/ were right.

No. 52695

thank you. i hate when anons try to make shit up.

No. 52696

I remember threads getting switched around from. boards, but either way it's completely irrelevant from the main point.

So several years in, as I said? I have been there too and go off memory, not having to search for the exact threads in archives. Getting anal about dates also changes nothing about the reason it was brought up in the first place, with the "oldfag" anon seriously claiming moids are more prevalent now than in the past.

No. 52699

>So several years in, as I said?
Kek WHAT. Less than a year is several years to you nonny? I'm not even being anal, you're just wrong. You're wrong about when the boards were made and about the site originally not having off topic boards. If you have really been here since lolcows conception then your memory is seriously failing you.

No. 52701

she's just backpedalling now.
it's not irrelevant because you don't even know how long ago men were banned.

No. 52707

That's not what backpedaling is.
>it's not irrelevant because you don't even know how long ago men were banned.
Yes, because knowing (or in anons case, googling) exact dates and years is much more important than remembering actual posts and culture. Moids were much more frequent and open in the past than they are now and everyone who claims otherwise has not actually been around.

No. 52710

I didn't even Google, I just used lolcow itself and wayback machine kek. In case you haven't realized, you can literally go the to first post of every board by editing the url. I feel like you're just too embarrassed to admit that you were wrong but like, it's ok to be wrong.

No. 52717

The first posts of every board are not actually the first posts of that specific board, except for maybe /pt/. Everytime staff created new boards and replaced existing ones, the post numbers got fucked up, threads got moved around but kept their old numbers etc. At some earlier point, it was actually damaging the flow and caused that crossed-out/deleted effect to quoted posts instead of linking to the old board. But again none of that matters to the actual point.

No. 52721

This is only true for boards like /w/, and even on that board the first post/thread was the first ever for that board. The years for when those boards were created is still correct.

No. 52736

that still supports the point that the boards are older than anons are claiming. men posting here was never as bad as newfags are claiming. and they used to get bullied off the site before they were banned. they weren't involved in the site to the degree some of you believe.

No. 52742

>men posting here was never as bad as newfags are claiming
t. newfag or moid who doesn't see the problem in his 4chan trash threads and posts
>they used to get bullied off the site before they were banned
I thought moids are more of a problem now than they have been in the past because anons attempt to bully them off the site now?

No. 52745

File: 1675794447914.png (238.4 KB, 880x2504, LC_rules_15.png)

Moids cause more problems now because of the reaction they get.

Men weren't and still aren't forbidden from posting on LC because banning males is impossible. LC is an anonymous image board that was originally created for the discussion of cows from /cgl/. Becoming a women's only website is something that happened over time. I'm not in anyway complaining about it, I'm just giving an explanation as to why it's worse now than it was then. If a moid came here and acted like a retard he got laughed at, reported and banned then the thread moved on. Now there's a constant paranoid hysteria that anyone with the "wrong opinions" is a moid.

No. 52750

I found the perfect true oldcow® simulator, without all those hysteric paranoid newfag bitches throwing around completely random accusations at fellow true oldfags like us. >>>/ot/1484820

No. 52754

>Now there's a constant paranoid hysteria that anyone with the "wrong opinions" is a moid.
Yeah that is honestly far more annoying than any moid posting.

No. 52756

I'd like to add that I feel like that decreased a lot in the last month and I hope that isn't merely because activity is down massively in general. I did report them when I saw them and they didn't do their thing of starting 8-12h long derailing spergouts, so maybe they're getting put out to pasture.

No. 52758

It decreased because the tranny has finally left lol

No. 52759

This is true, there's no way to accurately police gender on an anonymous imageboard. It was basically "don't announce yourself and try to garner attention as a scrote and you won't get banned". They didn't used to achieve the hours long derails they do nowadays. But that was before either a portion of the userbase adopted radfem ideology, or we had an influx of radfems because women's spaces were being invaded online. (Not sure which one but probably a bit of both). I know personally I'm more open to radfem ideas than I was back in 2016, but that's because I've watched moids garnering undeserved rights at the expense of women and children the past few years. With the polarisation of politics and censorship online the moid problem was naturally going to get worse, especially as this place has become a bit of a haven for some of us. But yes, unsurprisingly all of this has led to farmers becoming more paranoid and treating LC like a kind of collective consciousness, and not a bunch of anonymous users with individual belief systems. I've also noticed a more recent trend of overly aggressive anons who type like they're underage, or from twitter, crying loudly about criticism of cows in literal cow threads… like that's not the original purpose of the site. They frequently throw around moid accusations, or imply you're misogynist for wrong think. I assume they're just new and are under the impression feminism is an requirement for using the boards in general. Personally I think they're just being performative to censor discussions they don't like, much like they would on social media. Ofc this is just my interpretation so other anons might percieve things differently.

No. 52762

If you agree that the moid problem got worse, how is it paranoid to assume that moid-sounding posts and posts with dubious intend are in fact moids? We have almost daily spams too. And I don't know about you but if I get wrongly accused, I just go on with my life and or clear up whatever made anons think I might be one. Not get so mad I derail for hours about it and then go on meta to complain about radfems ruining my lolcow and demanding permabans for anons merely assuming that moids could be posting (not talking you,just a general example).

No. 52763

NTA, because that's all absolutely personal in judgement. Calling random posts as scrotes, when it might not even be, rather than just saying the point has moid-like thinking which makes more acceptable sense IMO, is just a bait tactic to rile up anons, male or not. No amount of sugar coating changes that and that's what's annoying as hell. It's derailing. If you think it's a scrote, then report it as a scrote, but otherwise, people who call other scrotes know they are doing it to try and get a response. Don't pretend they aren't.

No. 52765

it's really obvious the anons defending that are the ones simply using it as an insult. it's the same as hi cowing, we're not allowed to do it for a number of reasons. anons will and should get bans for any male accusations, even if they're true. it's interacting with men, minimodding and most times derailing. report button exists for a reason. men aren't supposed to be on the site and it's not trolling them or pissing them off to point them out, they're here because they know they can't be here. even trannies, they're only here because they know they're not women, they just come here because they want to annoy us, not be part of our space. and all the anons saying only trannies or men get angry when those insults are thrown around are definitely the ones using them, because no one wants to be insulted period, especially in such a scathing way.

No. 52766

No. Just don't fucking respond to someone calling you a man, who the fuck cares, they can't ban you, just ignore them.
Nobody is here to make a hugbox to cater to your feelings, it's an image board, part of what you have to accept into going to any of them is that you don't respond to everything.
Just dismiss them as a moron in your head it's what I do, sure you can do better than I right?

No. 52767

why don't you just ignore anons complaining then?

No. 52768

Because it looked like you're feelings actually got hurt over words on a screen so I wanted to remind you that's all they are.

No. 52769

also, moid accusations are what makes the site a hugbox. notice how no one is calling for anons to stop accusing anons of being pick-mes or handmaidens, you can't report someone for having bad opinions. male accusations on the other encourage other anons to report the poster, it's not just a simple insult, it's disruptive. if someone calls you a moid, other anons who agree will report the poster, causing unnecessary reports.

No. 52770

see >>52769. it's not about feels, though it clearly is for you.

No. 52771

Can you elaborate on how the accusations cause it to be a hugbox? I think this last summer we had a wave of non-native users spamming it around and now since the staff change I haven't seen it used as a way to punish wrong think. Has it continued in places I haven't seen?

No. 52773

well, it's because of the dynamic it creates. it's not about it being an insult, but the implication of the accusation. anons making scrote accusations are doing so to isolate that poster in some way or another and align others against them, which is what hugboxes do. anons often tell others not to engage with anons they think are men, replying to posts directed at the supposed men saying not to respond to them. and those anons sometimes believe the accuser and reply thanking them, which validates their position. it also goes against the idea of being anon, it doesn't matter what the content of the post is, you're trying to assume who the poster is. this kind of dismissive tactic happens in hugbox communities all over the internet. it achieves the same thing as when sjws call everyone they don't agree with nazis on twitter. or how trannies call everyone terfs. it's fine to disagree with opinions, but it gets dangerous to accuse anons of being specific posters, this includes men. calling an anon a pick me or tradthot or something like that, doesn't achieve the same thing because those aren't bannable offenses here, that allows others to think for themselves whether or not to engage, rather than painting the anon as someone not allowed to be on the site that you shouldn't engage with.

No. 52774

So you're saying that others are using it to try and gatekeep the site and turn it into kiwifarms where we have to lick the boots of certain people?
With it laid out like this, you've convinced me.

No. 52775

samefagging, but it happened here >>>/snow/1763255. could that be a thinly veiled moid comment? maybe. but it's pretty innocuous, not sexual or wking and just kind of bland. yet read the replies. in this instance it's just adhom, the anon replying could have said she looks like shit and even insulted the OP without accusing them of being a male who isn't allowed to use the site.

No. 52776

yes, that's what i meant in my original post about it being a scathing insult, it can get you a ban if a mod isn't paying attention or if you have a short post history. if you look at the rules for /ot/ it's against the rules to report differing opinions. i often see people saying that it's not obvious at first what poster is a man or not, and yes, it's not. but that's part of the site being anon, every post is taken at face value because we can't attach it to a specific person. maybe other anons are getting their feels hurt by it, but that's not the important part of it.

No. 52777

It's not random if it is because the posts is moid sounding. On what other bases should anons recognize moid posts? Again, you can literally just go on with your life if you are a woman and it shouldn't make you mad to the point of deraiing threads. Anons shouldn't skirt around pointing out elephants in the room, with calling posts ~moid-like~.

No. 52778

Define "moid sounding" because that's part of the problem - anons can't seem to agree on what a moid post really is.

No. 52779

That was my point. It's all personal as far as to what sounds like a scrote.

No. 52780

No, banning and censoring words is hugbox behavior. Also you shouldn't be worried about getting banned if you're a woman. And if you now claim people get falsely banned for being moids, why are you advertising tolerating moid posts and just reporting them?

No. 52781

anons shouldn't be trying to recognize any posters. if you think you do, that's what reporting is for and mods will use your post history to determine if you're making the report in bad faith. if you want to recognize posters go to reddit or kf. the rules for males posting is that they're not supposed to identify themselves as men. it's not an elephant in the room situation. either men say stupid male shit and get banned or they don't and they don't get banned. all anons are presumed women unless otherwise indicated. even if you think a man is posting that doesn't mean it's a man or even that they will get banned for your report. also read >>52776 we're not supposed to try to suss out men posting, and if you need that kind of security go to a site that has it.

No. 52782

No. 52783

Please tell me what you think calling posters moids actually does. Like what does it achieve? And give actual examples of posts like other anons have done, not just your word.

No. 52784

If you've ever been on 4chan you will know.

You're right, we should just accept the girldick. Relying on reports only works if they are frequently checked and enforced with a lot of staff, which I basically only see on snow. Your whole argument about pointing out moids going against anonymity of imageboards falls apart when you realize that no one wants them here. Unwanted users shouldn't be accepted just because we're anon.

No. 52785

That doesn't answer my question.

To warn other anons. And I will give examples if you explain to me why being called moid hurts you so deeply that you advertise for tolerating men here.

No. 52786

it's not about accepting them, you're making assumptions. i'm not giving my opinion, just telling you how the site factually works. men also lurk the site and can read all the posts. you're asking for a type of security the site cannot offer. stop being so emotionally invested and you'd realize that.

No. 52787

so doing exactly what i outlined >>52773. got it.

No. 52788

i'm done with this conversation, ultimately it's up to admins to decide what's permissible, but trying to identify other anons goes against the point of anonymous imageboards. so users wanting that level of identification shouldn't be here.

No. 52790

Seconding this.

No. 52791

Ignoring them is accepting them. What do you think happens if they aren't told they're unwanted? They immediately shit up the board like they did on crystal cafe and /cgl/, making the actual women leave to find a new refuge. And I'm not asking for anything but that anons shouldn't be banned for recognizing men. If you want an anonymous place full of moids where no one calls them out, you can just go to literally any other imageboard.

No. Is there a reason why you avoid the questions?

No. 52792

>the userbase adopted radfem ideology, or we had an influx of radfems because women's spaces were being invaded online
I think it's unfair to blame the issue on radfems. There's nothing stopping a radfem from reporting and ignoring moids. It's an issue caused by newfags who can't handle anonymous discussion.

>To warn other anons
Why? Anons can't do anything about it which is why reporting and ignoring is what needs to be done. The farmhands are the ones with the power to remove moids. If a poster is an obvious moid he will get reported by multiple anons. All you are doing by acknowledging the moid's presence is giving it the attention it desires and encouraging it to come back. I don't understand why this is a difficult concept. Men come here to cause disruption and get female attention. Derailing a thread into moid accusations does exactly that.

>Ignoring them is accepting them
That's why it's also necessary to report.

>What do you think happens if they aren't told they're unwanted?

Men already know they are unwanted but that is exactly why they come here and by giving them the attention they are looking for you are encouraging them to keep coming back. Moids think it's funny to come here and troll. They enjoy seeing threads get derailed and relish the reaction they get.

No. 52797

I'm not blaming radfems you may have misinterpreted. I was illustrating how this place became more of a target for moids but may not have been very clear. It's societally influenced. Moids have always been incentivised to come here but now /pol/tards come to dunk on the "ebil feminazis" and discord trannies come to stick it to the "terfs". I actually agree with you that anons should just report and move on, that's why I mentioned the days long derails you never used to see here. We've lost the concept of not taking the bait in recent years.

No. 52800

Sorry I did misinterpret your post.

>I was illustrating how this place became more of a target for moids but may not have been very clear.

I would agree with this. Few men care that there's a women's gossip website where women laugh at obscure cows but becoming a feminist space paints a target on the site. It happened to asherah's garden.

No. 52801

They do care that it's an image board for women only, no matter the topic, it pisses them off and/or they try to get attention from the omg females by posting.