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File: 1678245466468.png (1.73 MB, 1024x768, salmon.png)

No. 1517693

prev thread: >>>/ot/1505271

scrotes being scrotes
>>1511467 russell brand hanging out with trump jr
>>1511100 andrew tate loses appeal against custody extension
>>1513703 andrew tate quite possibly has lung cancer
>>1514151 andrew tate without his steroids
>>1514297 tate's manager confirms cancer
>>1511626 tw: sm smth
>>1511050 prince harry - who killed 25 civillians in afghanistan - wants to unpack his trauma on livestream
>>1512226 the weeknd's new show is a rapey mess
>>1512553 the weeknd tries to be sassy
>>1516346 more rapey weeknd tv show stuff
>>1516453 qotsa's josh homme stole brody dalle's kids
>>1514968 matty healy being mean about ice spice
>>1517134 eddie izzard is stealing his dead ex gf's identity
>>1517563 nick cannon has a new tv show where he'll impregnate the winner
>>1515812 chris brown questioned by uk police

new music
>>1505367 chris brown collab'd with chloe bailey
>>1515372 melanie martinez isn't an adult baby any more
>>1516576 melanie martinez teaser music

celeb drama
>>1505386 jim carrey threatens to sue a youtuber
>>1506978 selena gomez getting her fans to call bella hadid uggo
>>1507710 selena vs hailey drama
>>1511944 pique's mum is liking pro-shakira tweets
>>1509962 julia fox defending fashion's fave predator alexander wang
>>1510101 alex wang doesn't even deny it
>>1509738 michael mando is fired from tv show
>>1509997 jeffree star says neopronouns are dumb, white kweers have a breakdown

awards etc
>>1505504 ariana debose opens the baftas with a song
>>1505506 bafta red carpet pics starting here
>>1510566 sag awards pics starting here
>>1512931 billboard women in music pics

relationships etc
>>1505537 ethel cain (tranny) is fucking lana's ex
>>1507846 avril lavigne is fucking tyga
>>1514131 tyga and avril pap pics
>>1509860 emrata isn't like the other girls
>>1510744 sam and aaron taylor johnson talk age gaps
>>1514644 paris hilton has lots of boy embryos on ice
>>1511344 meghan trainor being weird about her baby

misc etc
>>1506475 britney being manic again
>>1506690 matty healy 1975 being gross
>>1508351 nonnie hates those red boots
>>1509629 luna lovegood is a terf
>>1513714 pamela anderson looking cute
>>1513847 gucci ad featuring a gormless ellen page
>>1513930 gigi looking botched on the cover of vogue
>>1516202 gigi looking botched on tv
>>1514693 sam smith looking retarded
>>1515671 victoria's secret fashion show is coming back

No. 1517694

i didn't realise censoring sam smith's name would make it italic kek, sorry everyone

No. 1517697

That was fast! Thanks anon. also kek at you having to use an image from like 5 threads ago because there were no good pics

No. 1517698

kek it was either that or one of sam smith in a corset and i didn't want to force that onto unwilling farmers' eyes

No. 1517805

Thank you queen

No. 1517899

File: 1678261891192.jpg (112.22 KB, 1336x678, 1674814423863.jpg)

can we make a rule that all tate discussion belongs in his own thread, he's a not a celebrity


No. 1517917

What is wrong with Ice Spice… What is it? I want to like her but I hate her.

No. 1517956

this josh homme shit is fucking crazy. always knew he was a lunatic (she's not much better because apparently she's anti-vax) but still the videos of her kids being dragged away made me feel physically sick. i had no idea that was a thing until today.

No. 1517965

She's an ignorant pick me and you're a liiiiittle racist.

No. 1517971

Nta but can we stop calling everything racist? This place is starting to resemble Twitter lately

No. 1517973

this, I've been seeing it everywhere on lolcow recently and it feels like I'm on twitter: the imageboard. Anons calling random people racist as a synonym for 'I don't like them' or calling other anons racist to dismiss their post.

No. 1518087

I noticed too. Also reading comprehension skills seem to have plummeted

No. 1518095

I hate to ring the zoomer alarm but it really is reminiscent of gen z tiktok terfs who hate trannies but still subscribe to the other alt-left (for lack of a better word) rhetoric thrown at their generation. Like not liking an artist who happens to be black is automatically racist.

No. 1518121

God, the fucking almond thing reminds me of my mother: “Eat an almond!” “You’re going to SPLIT this salad with me for dinner.” “You’re not hungry, you’re thirsty. Have a glass of water” (sorry for blogpost)

No. 1518138

File: 1678294199768.jpeg (484.26 KB, 813x1085, 24E9CFBA-DBC4-4660-95F3-B90141…)

the downward spiral continues

>According to the report, a woman told the deputies that Margera kicked her. He was arrested and detained at the Vista Detention Facility on a charge of corporal injury on a current or former spouse, cohabitant, dating parter or fellow parent.

No. 1518160

NTA but racist for not liking ice spice? shes a pick me bitch. Shut the fuck up.

I dunno why i thought this mofo died already. What a useless waste of space.

No. 1518161

>not liking a celeb makes you racist

No. 1518200

ayrt, I thought your reply was kinda funny lol sorry you got yelled at for it.
I think it's because she looks a little awkward in front of the camera (which really clashes with her bimbo styling). her body language is slightly uncomfortable plus she has a mumbly way of rapping so she just gives off a socially awkward vibe to me lol.

No. 1518205

How is she a pick me? What did she do?

No. 1518209

That's just code for any woman anons dislike.

No. 1518211

love the categorization of the previous thread, makes for very easy reading!

No. 1518221

I don't like Ice Spice either but she doesn't seem like a pick me, but I don't know much about her to be fair. The reason I don't like her is because she has faggot energy, she stands like Timmy Thicc with her back bent out at the bottom like she's holding in a shit. And she's always sticking her tongue out and making weird faces at inappropriate times like she thinks she's in a tiktok video. It's very annoying.

No. 1518235

>she stands like Timmy Thicc
LMAO she does

No. 1518256

Nah, she caters to men and would throw women under the bus. All these rap artists are the same. Look at Nicki minaj and Rhiana. All trash.

No. 1518259

File: 1678301379467.webm (10.07 MB, 720x720, egg.webm)

melanie martinez sent out edible eggs filled with goo and a usb with an extended snippet of one of the songs off her new album to a few fans.. it's unique if nothing else. sorry the girls in the vid are kind of irritating, it's the most detailed i could find.

don't really like ice spice just because her rap style is boring and her hair is dumb but how does she cater to men? every moid who's ever spoken on the subject hates her.

No. 1518279

It’s not his estranged wife. Do you guys think it’s a new girlfriend? Or possibly a different ex trying to talk some sense into him?

I used to love watching jackass and viva la bam when I was kid, so it’s been really sad to watch him spiraling over the years. Even more so now that there’s a child involved.

Anyway I predict that if he doesn’t get his act together, he’ll be dead within the next 2 years

No. 1518280

File: 1678302312168.jpg (156.89 KB, 1170x1684, 1678293961157603.jpg)

"Transsexual" is a slur no?

No. 1518284

Nope. It’s the term that was used before transgender became popularized. A lot of older people (and occasionally younger people) in the queer community still use it, but it’s definitely considered outdated by a lot of people

No. 1518289

I feel like this is a problematic question that will cause infights but do you believe in the allegations against Melanie Martinez (the ones made years ago about her)

No. 1518295

File: 1678303050874.gif (2.18 MB, 275x275, 1674589305798.gif)

Thank you for making the new thread! nobody followed the "suggestion" in the previous thread to make a new pic smh.

No. 1518296

i think that's what nonnie means. ariana's gonna get dragged by the very people she's sucking up to just for using slightly wrong language.

No. 1518306

I can see what you mean. I assume the person she shared it from identifies using that terminology, so it’s fine. But I’ve definitely seen a bunch of echo chamber baby gays on tiktok spouting off the dumbest takes I’ve ever heard in my life. Those kids know nothing about queer history and end up making up really weird “rules” and assumptions instead of doing any kind of research. Then they get mad when the real world doesn’t line up with the one they’ve made up in their heads

No. 1518310

she is such a massive handmaiden oh my god

No. 1518311

there was proof that her accuser (i forgot her name) lied and the dates mainly didn't add up

No. 1518316

yet i never saw anyone actually debunking the accuser. People just stopped believing her because they liked Melanies music and no one takes seriously female on female assault.

No. 1518319

when did Willow Smith become a bald punkrock lesbian? She looks great. Good for her. She's my favorite nepo baby.

No. 1518332

i guess i can't say for sure because i wasn't there but to be honest… no i don't. now many of the reasons i'm going to list could be explained by "she was traumatized and got confused/was experiencing the fawn reflex" but altogether it's um, a bit much for me to believe.
>date she said melanie assaulted her melanie was on tour in a different part of the country
>picture she said was from the night she was assaulted shows melanie with a different hair colour than she had at the time
>continued to be friends with melanie for months after she claimed she was raped while repeatedly saying no
>not just continued to be friends with but idolized melanie, including dressing up as her after the alleged assault
>has bpd and only brought up allegations after melanie stopped being friends with her, suggesting she was splitting on melanie
>released music at the same time she accused melanie
>only has any fame or attention because of melanie
>generally has used her proximity to melanie for her benefit either by skinwalking her or (when melanie rejected her) accusing melanie of assault

No. 1518337

Why would you feel bad for this faggot? He was a dumbass and a prick back then and he's even worse now. Good riddance, his demise can't come soon enough. His child will be better off.

No. 1518339

>picture she said was from the night she was assaulted shows melanie with a different hair colour than she had at the time
nta not only that but when she said she couldnt remember the actual date because of poor memory / trauma blocking the memory, people said why not go through her icloud & check which date it says on the photo she used to prove the rape had happened (the one where melanie was weearing the handcuffs) when that was brought up all of a sudden her icloud gallery is "messed up" and she couldn't check the dates.

No. 1518342

No, I believe she regretted sleeping with her, but at the time they were fucking she didn't give Melanie any hint that she wasn't consenting.

No. 1518344

>His child will be better off.
Nta but the mom seems like a trainwreck too tbh and the kid looks like he has FAS, too bad there isn't grandparents or an aunt that could take him.

No. 1518345

When did I ever say I felt bad for him? I don’t think he’s a good person at all. It’s just sad to watch because of my childhood nostalgia for the shows and knowing how traumatizing it is to be a kid with an alcoholic parent

No. 1518350

That’s all you had to say to convince me. The worst person I ever knew had bpd and also made false rape accusations. God is that like the bpd go to??

No. 1518356

Listen anon maybe she did lie but the lists of reasons you gave me are so bad that it would make me take her side.
Literally all of your list except for the first valid two, are shit that people say to SA victims of scrotes ''oh she is lying because she continued being friends with them'' ''oh she is lying because she has bpd'' ''she is jealous of this person'' like what kind of proof is this.

No. 1518363

I feel the same way every time people talk about the allegations. The dates not matching up is actually something but people can't help going straight to nitpicking her behaviour and trashing her character which is the oldest victim blaming trick in the book and just makes me want to take her side lol.

No. 1518365

No, I distinctly remember something about her admitting to lying and I'm pretty sure it was even posted in Melanie's old thread here in /ot/.
>Rap artist
First it was Kelly Rowland being called a rapper now this. Do you anons even know what you're talking about?

No. 1518372

I feel like Melanie seems like the type of sexpest autist to make a move on a friend and not realize how uncomfortable they are with it, especially in her baby dressup fetish ooga googa era. Like most of her fans were 13- and she still had no issue doing weird age regression fetish stuff for her music clips which were always inappropriate. Some even literally about child sexual abuse like the tag you're it which is about a guy chasing after a girl and planning on killing and eating her, the "tag you're it" name clearly makes the girl in this story sound questionably young so it's a pedo song.

No. 1518373

it's that stupid wig

No. 1518374

kek i know, there's no way i can prove it one way or another because i wasn't there. however the fact is it's not just "she was lying because they stayed friends and she was jealous" … it's that in the context of the harder proof that i and >>1518339 brought up. yeah if it was only "she has bpd" it would be nothing, but it's not just that. it's "the time line makes no sense" + "the photo makes no sense" + "she came up with a lame nonsense excuse for why nothing matched up when confronted, when it would be something that would be very easy to verify if she was telling the truth" + all the circumstantial evidence IN ADDITION to that that makes me believe it was a lie. as for >>1518350 i don't think bpd means someone automatically is lying about rape, that's kind of insane. but i will say that i have known exactly two people who have verifiably lied about rape and both had bpd. the borderline in borderline personality disorder literally refers to being on the border of neurotic and psychotic. when someone with bpd splits they start to have delusional beliefs about the morality of the other person, thinking that the person they used to be friends with was evil and trying to hurt them the entire time. it's not stereotyping, it's the defining feature of the disorder that they have delusions about other peoples actions and intentions. i think >>1518342 is probably the most accurate. they had sex, timothy never gave any indication that she withdrew consent at any point leading melanie to reasonably believe everything was fine, melanie stopped being friends with her and timothy decides melanie is an evil manipulative rapist.

i don't think any proof of timothy admitting anything ever came out, some screenshots were faked though. looking on tiktok apparently timothy tried to be friends with melanie again recently but i can't find any proof of that either.

No. 1518379

>Like most of her fans were 13- and she still had no issue doing weird age regression fetish stuff
Well, tbh that was basically her debut/when she got popular so that was the music she was already making. It's not like she purposefully garnered an audience of teenage fans and then put out the Crybaby stuff.

No. 1518386

File: 1678308003810.png (1.91 MB, 1348x1708, Screenshot_20230308-143646.png)

If anyone is interested in trying out a smashable treat sample…


>$5.00 for the product and $5.00 for shipping. It was the most inexpensive product I could find. You're welcome.


No. 1518390

The caption makes it seem like she wants to plucks hers out kek

No. 1518394

File: 1678308454021.png (34.88 KB, 1269x137, Screenshot_20230308-144633~2.p…)


>pic related

No. 1518400

Even if your audience is adults, dressing up as a baby and playing out a kidnap rape scenerio while singing along is creepy, retarded fan. She's a weirdo sexpest and out of all celebrity women, she's probably the most likely to be a rapist as she has multiple songs detailing about rape of girls.

No. 1518401

Rachel Dolezal ass head of hair

No. 1518404

File: 1678308734197.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2107, Screenshot_20230308-145157.png)

No. 1518406

That and one of her album cover's art looked kind of questionable, not quite loli shit but bordering on it.

No. 1518407

Pairing childish thing + dark subject is probably the oldest and most overused edgy trope of all time, I don't think it makes her a pedo. I feel like musicians that do the whole "teehee I'm a sexy schoolgirl" thing for moids are more likely to be actual pedos or at least autopedos.

No. 1518410

File: 1678308896709.png (2.1 MB, 1117x1851, Screenshot_20230308-145427.png)

Ice spice be doing a little orphan Anne cosplay.

No. 1518411

Nta and I hate melanie and agree it's creepy but can you like fix your attitude? Some of you anons post like you have a stick up your ass. We we're all conversing nicely and having a good time and saging (yes I know it's not required) and then you burst in with your anger issues and take a big steamy unsaged dump over the good vibe we had going. You seethy anons are so unlikable even when you make good points.

No. 1518414

File: 1678309008049.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2172, Screenshot_20230308-145634.png)

No. 1518416

Sure, but then why even be like "but her fans were young!"?
>retarded fan
Kek fuck off. You or that anon decided to respond to my post so I respectfully replied with my own opinion. If you can't handle someone even slight disagreements in a discussion then gtfo. And I'm not even a fan.

No. 1518423

File: 1678309529392.jpeg (125.39 KB, 828x585, 90759C2C-818E-4E27-8D8E-B91094…)

No. 1518425

File: 1678309730493.png (516.44 KB, 596x775, cole-sprouse-virginity.png)

Apparently, Cole Sprouse lost his virginity to an older girl at 14.

>Cole Sprouse admits he lost his virginity at 14 in just ‘20 seconds’​
>By Emily Selleck

>Cole Sprouse is sharing the “cringey” way he lost his virginity at 14 years old.

>The former Disney Channel star, now 30, revealed Wednesday that he had xes for the first time on a family vacation — and it lasted just “20 seconds.”

>“This is such a great story. I feel like it says so much about me,” Sprouse told “Call Her Daddy” podcast host Alexandra Cooper.

>“I was 14 when I lost my virginity, so this is still bowl-cut guy,” he went on, setting the scene.

>“I was on a family trip in Florida, and I met this girl who was older, so that’s already dubious. … The first night we kind of made out, the second night — this makes me nervous, it’s so cringey — I, like, knocked on her hotel door.”

>The “Riverdale” star noted that his heart was “beating” as the pair made their way down to a beach.

>“I finally mustered up enough courage to deliver a line that my brother [Dylan Sprouse] has never, ever let down for me. I looked at her, and I was like, ‘So, are you like DTF?’ She goes, ‘What?’ And I go, ‘You know, down to f–k?’ I was 14,” he remembered.

>After the girl replied, “Sure,” Cole texted Dylan and a friend who was on the trip with them.

>“We were all staying in the same hotel room because we were f–king 14. I was like, ‘Dude, you gotta get out of the room, man. I’ve got a girl coming over,'” he continued.

>“We’re walking down the hall. I got my arm around this girl. I see my brother and Charlie. As we pass each other, my brother looks at me and goes, ‘What the f–k are we supposed to do?’ I looked at him, and I said another line that he’s never forgiven me for. I was like, ‘I dunno, go play chess or something.'”

>The “Suite Life of Zack & Cody” alum, who smoked a cigarette throughout the interview, admitted he only “lasted about 20 seconds” and never spoke to the girl again.

>“After that, I became truly a serial monogamist. I went from long-term relationship to long-term relationship,” he said.

>“I ended up regretting that experience a little bit because I hadn’t made it special at all.”

>When asked whether he lost his virginity before his twin, Cole revealed, “I did. … In many ways, he looked at me and was like, ‘I’m not doing that,’ so it was cool. I got to be a guinea pig for him.”

>Cole went on to date his “Riverdale” co-star Lili Reinhart.Getty ImagesHe is now dating model Ari Fournier.WWD via Getty Images

>Cole also addressed his highly publicized past relationship with his “Riverdale” co-star Lili Reinhart during the podcast appearance.

>“It was hard to suspend all the ways we felt about each other, and it didn’t afford us the luxury of distance to really overcome that,” he said of having to work with his ex, 26, on the CW show.

>“I know we both did quite a bit of damage to each other,” the former “Suite Life on Deck” star acknowledged.

>Page Six exclusively reported that the couple had called it quits in May 2020, almost three years after they started dating.

>Cole has since moved on with model Ari Fournier.

No. 1518430

wtf is that even supposed to mean?

No. 1518436

He experienced pre-mature ejaculation. I don't know how he considers that 20secs as losing his v-card or anything but alright lol.

No. 1518443

Fuck off Lizzo.

No. 1518444

…then he revealed his age and she ran away screaming DON'T ARREST ME POLICE! I DIDN'T KNOW!

… and she hitched the first plane outta state, never to seen by him ever again.

No. 1518445

That's not even remotely true. You cant even compare the two. It's actually offensive for anyone who has suffered racism.

No. 1518446

>I dunno, go play chess or something

No. 1518447

I am morbidly obese but I am not black and I am not lizzo.

No. 1518448


No. 1518449

? explain

No. 1518450

Can you post a pic as this is an imageboard??

No. 1518453

Go make a throw away account on twatter. Ask her, report back and keep us posted on that deeply intellectual stimulating convo! Thnx!

No. 1518455

Yeah. Some people don't know how japanese basket weaving forums work.

No. 1518457

File: 1678311371586.jpeg (401.66 KB, 828x1250, F1867F0F-3702-4A79-B462-26DE72…)

ayrt why do western black asians etc think before white people came along the entirety of africa & asia was some sort of homosexual utopia?

No. 1518460

I can't wait for ariana grande to teach is all about being an OPPRESSED transexual black woMAN in today's society! We're all going to get skooled!

No. 1518462

samefag you ask them to post examples of stuff like this and its either;
1. homosexual moids being castrated & forced into a third category because they didnt fit into gender roles (all that third gender & two spirit shit)
2. rich dudes raping little boys being passed off as proof that homosexuality was accepted. ofc despite painting their past as a gay utopia, they never speak of how lesbians were treated.

No. 1518465

gosh sorry girls. I was letting youtube shuffle through things and saw this video when i typed taht, I didn't take a screenshot.
anyway I googled it and she's bi but I'm way behind because she announced it like 3 years ago.

No. 1518467

File: 1678312239197.jpeg (507.55 KB, 828x1223, F1ED4B03-DBE0-462C-860F-0330A4…)

he seems like such a piece of shit, especially after learning he abused his ex wife and harassed and abused a woman on a set last year who ended up taking a payout from him in court, but the details were leaked anyway

hollywood moids continue to be scum and I've always liked lucy liu

>"I felt sad that it happened to other people. It doesn't make me feel validated to hear other people having bad experiences," she says.

>"I don't think it's a great feeling to have to live with that and to feel that you're punishing yourself for something that you had no control over. I feel very grateful that people are able to speak their minds and release that because I don't think it's a positive energy to hold within yourself," adds Liu. "It's valuable to be able to connect to other people and feel like you're not the only one."

No. 1518472

Ayrt, yes. I know that retard. I was referring to the tweet.

No. 1518476

This song gives me Poppy vibes but I don't hate it, and Willow is a lot more likable than Poppy

No. 1518479

Lucy Liu spoke out against Murray when they were filming Charlie's angels and I'll never forget moids calling her sexist and racist names and depending murray. He's always been trash and I'm glad others are speaking up about him. Lucy was brave to speak up about him all those years ago when none else backed her up.

No. 1518488

sorry but this just reminds me of belle delphine sending a bunch or youtubers "care packages" with a bunch of random crap in them and vials of her blood to try and gain relevancy again
thats kind of what i thought, also not to be one of those people but it really sounds like something she would do given how she romanticizes abuse shes never even experienced, but if anyone has anything concrete im open to having my mind changed.
why is he calling it dubious when he initiated it? he also doesnt say how old she was which leads me to believe she was either 17/18 or 1 year older than him.

No. 1518497

if you watch the clip he's really not making it to about to be a big deal and more so just an embarrassing moment

No. 1518504


No. 1518507

It's amazing that we all live in such a different world now.

No. 1518518

>I've always liked lucy liu
sorry to tell you this but lucy liu trafficked a baby, and is therefore a scumbag just like every other pro-surrogacy celeb.

No. 1518520

this post made me curious about what Lucy Liu was up to and when I looked it up, I was seriously disappointed in her

>Liu is a single parent. She has a son, Rockwell, who was born in 2015 via gestational surrogate.[60][61] She has stated that surrogacy was the right option for her because, "I was working and I didn't know when I was going to be able to stop."[62]

No. 1518521

File: 1678316110030.jpg (587.06 KB, 1380x2048, 5a4a6643541ac5e08057961823eb19…)

from a distance these look fine but up close… wow

No. 1518527

who dat

No. 1518529

lea michelle. and that's what you missed on glee!

No. 1518549

File: 1678317563801.jpeg (246.65 KB, 1300x1121, 9F02D43E-D1E0-43C5-A6CB-73BF19…)

His DV allegations from his wife were completely unbeknownst to me until I learned about them through other people when other allegations arose against him. It's fucking sad

Also, the media pitted the Charlie's Angels girls against one another, which was also news to me. I was just a kid when it came out so I didn't know these things but I always seriously adored the the 00s angel's and thought they seemed to get along.

No. 1518550

wtf did she do to her face? she looks like the fish from the shape of water. i know she got buccal fat removal but surely that cant be the only thing making her look like a wax figure

No. 1518556


No. 1518561

I never been on a japanese basket weaving forum, despite all the time I spent on anitwt/anitok. Can you link me one? It sounds really fascinating.

No. 1518563

File: 1678318100084.png (3.39 MB, 1287x364, Screenshot_20230308-172748.png)


No. 1518567

>I've never been to

No. 1518568

what the fuck is anitwt is that anime twitter? please dont admit that here.

No. 1518570

Are you being unironic or baiting right now

No. 1518572

File: 1678318540513.png (1.4 MB, 1247x2089, Screenshot_20230308-173436.png)


No. 1518584

No? This is a celebrity gossip forum.
Yes, it's Anime Twitter. What's wrong with admitting that?
What makes you think I am baiting? Is it something I said?

No. 1518589

>This is a celebrity gossip forum
I'm going to start being mean to newfags.

No. 1518590

I hate how she is discreetly trying to say guilt trip non-white people Let's be real, she means only black women because there are tons of loud and proud black radfems/gender critical women on twitter into supporting troons or else you are a coon. Literally fuck off, just making me hate trannies and tras even more, nice work. She should stick to making funny tiktoks.

No. 1518601

I fucking loved that movie when I was a kid, I hated learning that there was drama behind the scenes.

kek I kinda miss the era of "sassy" t-shirts in the 2000s

No. 1518607

Lately the cool new trend has been ALL about shitting on white WOMEN, specifically. Threatening TERFs with violence (and of course by TERF they only mean the women, not 'male feminists'). Calling every white woman they don't like "Karen" (where's the male equivalent?) etc.

No. 1518611

i mean, i agree with you, but
>and of course by TERF they only mean the women, not 'male feminists
all terfs are women, no man can be a radical feminist. the only radfem thing a man can do is kill himself after taking out as many rapists and porn watchers as he can

No. 1518630

What? I don't get her at all, everything is related to racism against her specifically it seems? Didn't she also say the same thing about fatphobia, implying that skinny black women are a rarity or am I confusing her with someone else?

No. 1518699

That outfit and those poses are terrible, and it looks like she's packing a dick bulge in the last pic. This whole photoset screams "trying too hard."

No. 1518702

Settle down Trump

No. 1518735

it could also be pertaining to demographics of trans people or those who are out being people of the global majority? but she could also just be turnt like in her other tweets you mentioned

No. 1518745

Someone defending a pedo romanticizer who's forcing her aesthetic that revolves around child sexual abuse over her young fans got me mad. So what?I understand you want people to have calm discussions but anon literally victimblaming Melanie's victim while downplaying Melanie's - pseudo-pedophilia about her self inserting to kids in inappropriate situations is upsetting.
So you have no defense for her obvious fetishization of child rape to her 18- fans other than saying me and that other anon replied to your posts so you felt the need to replying back. You're definitely a fan, otherwise you wouldn't have defended a sexpest like her this hard.

No. 1518755

File: 1678337999270.webm (5.7 MB, 640x360, videoplayback.webm)

Disney's the sweet life of Zach and cody -psycho fan women -are dying right now!

That bitch took your mans v-card!




No. 1518760

I wasn't even defending anything, I understand why people don't like her or her music. I never victim-blamed anyone or downplayed anything either, you read into my post way too much. Literally all I said was that it wasn't true that she started putting out the music she was making after getting an audience of teenagers, and you started sperging. It's so annoying when anons are having a normal discussion and sharing opinions, and anons like you come in seething and misconstruing posts. This isn't a debate club.
I'm done now and I apologize for engaging here, but this site really has a collective reading comprehension level of -100 but a combative level of 1000 and it's irritating.

No. 1518769

File: 1678339079713.jpg (227.7 KB, 970x1695, gettyimages-858377.jpg)

I fear for their giant fan base.

Are Adam Sandler's big Daddy's fans going to be okay?

Are their fans going to cut themselves like the #cut4justin movement?

>I'm so scared for their fans.

No. 1518773

I don't like current Spouse twins but that pic feels like weirdly pedophilic, you know with the child abuse that goes on in Hollywood

No. 1518805

Moralfag and soapbox elsewhere, this isn't twitter and you're sperging about shit from like 2014.

No. 1518806

>Are their fans going to cut themselves like the #cut4justin movement?
Are… are you a boomer? It's fine if you are I just wanna know

No. 1518818

ntayrt but why is it wrong to moralfag over Melanie but not other celebs? pedoshit gets criticized all the time here even if it's stuff from decades ago

No. 1518819

Chill out zoomer fag. There’s no one to impress here by pretending you don’t remember certain stupid pop culture moments. You just look stupid nitpicking on a nonna who is like only 4 years older than you

No. 1518853

Who knows, she is a fat positivity warrior after all and many people in the community have spread the rhetoric that black women are all naturally 500lb so they can accuse people of being racist and falsely assume the moral high ground. it's safe to assume she probably thinks that, but at the same time there's something about her that always makes me think she will just lose weight and drop this whole act eventually when she gets closer to her 40s. If she disappears for a couple of years, we know why.

This Kendal Jenner larp is pathetic. She was not a good candidate for this procedure and any good plastic surgery would have told her this and kicked her out.

Honestly, I think your outrage is just because you aren't used to being hated. I don't like it when people i vehemently disagree with use my "identity" i didn't choose to defend their shit lifestyles or beliefs, but at the same time i get amusement from being called a coon for not supporting bitter misogynistic hsts. The most they will either do is seethe that they can't assert moral superiority over you. It's why i avoid social media as much as possible.

If remembering that makes you a boomer in your opinion you are probably too young to be here.

No. 1518859

Lol calm down Gertrude, take your hypertension meds it was a joke because I only ever saw boomers talking about the cut for bieber thing.
>You just look stupid nitpicking on a nonna who is like only 4 years older than you
That's not what nitpicking is, it was a joke, and I'm 27. You can relax and take some deep breaths now, drink an ensure you'll be fine I promise. Maybe try calling the grandkids? lol

I didn't say remembering it makes her a boomer it was just a boomer joke, you guys take everything so seriously sometimes, relax it's not that deep.

No. 1518861

nonna, making fun of old women like that doesn't look as good as you think it does. it makes you look vain and empty.

No. 1518889

Nah I can't see Lizzo losing weight just like that. She seems like she's in denial of the amount of food she eats because at some point I saw her bragging about being on a diet and eating healthy food in small proportions and she still looks like a whale. She strikes me as a jealous insecure girl who tries to hide it by bragging about how fat she is and how there's nothing wrong with it. If she manages to progressively lose weight and stay thin and healthy though, I'd love to see that.

No. 1518892

File: 1678352569414.jpeg (66.53 KB, 575x584, 70465467-589F-4F5F-B2FB-FE6317…)

>still acts like a total retard

No. 1518896

Lizzo once said she was gonna get healthy and work out and lose weight and people online literally called her fatphobic for wanting that. Like it was a thought-crime for her to ever consider the idea of losing weight as a positive. They came for her in the comments. After that she leaned in even harder to her fat body positivity schtick.

It was a real woke-mob moment in my opinion, I felt bad for her at the time. But apparently protecting her brand as an unapologetically fat celebrity is more important than being honest about the fact that morbid obesity is not great for her health.

No. 1518897

File: 1678353290755.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1662, 992B9C57-E208-4A87-8E55-546F47…)

Oooo ho I sure hate all this infighting! Back to our regularly scheduled celebricow gossip: Harry and Meghan, who “stepped away from their royal duties” but never renounced their titles, made sure to give their children Archie and Lilibet the royal titles “Prince” and “Princess”, because of course they did.

No. 1518900

I'm pretty sure they automatically had titles.

No. 1518901

I forgot about that for some reason but yeah that's just really stupid. I wonder how her insecure obese fangirls would have reacted if she dieted in secret like Adele? I've seen something sort of similar with a French youtuber who talks about retro games, he was morbidly ovese in the first videos, became WAY thinner, people got worried and asked him wtf was going on and he answered that he went on an intensice diet because his doctor told me he need to lose weight asap or he would die soon. But people took it well, I wish that were the case more often instead of people taking that shit personally.

No. 1518905

she looks like as if the photographer was holding a gun at her or something

No. 1518910

File: 1678355626798.jpeg (98 KB, 650x500, 9gfqhyach9j91.jpeg)

I have to ask, what is it about lea michelle that makes her more hateable to the the general public then emrata, both are anachans and have similar levels of narcissism, hell the one thing lea michelle does better then emrata is she doesn't have sexualized photos of her and her child, yet for reason the general public seems to dislike lea michelle but worship emrata, what's the deal

No. 1518923

File: 1678356620468.jpeg (420.49 KB, 750x728, 1595456919579.jpeg)

huh. emrata's before face looks like PNP's

No. 1518933

I think it’s Lea Michele’s theater kid diva energy that people find obnoxious. Like that one kid in drama class who won’t stop singing

No. 1518954

I did see multiple videos debubking the allegations with proof at the time. Idk if they're easily searchable on YouTube still but you can try. Iirc the girl that made the claims conveniently also released an album literally right after she made the allegations.

No. 1518964

why hate someone just for being awkward then?

No. 1518965

why do imageboard autists hate female autists who made it? she seems mildly spergy

No. 1518967

Ok do any of you have any actual proof other than "she released music" "she has bpd" "she used Melanie for fame". Everybody says they have seen this big proof….yet no one can find it.

No. 1518968

He says older girl not woman so I'm guessing she was probably 16 or 17 which is weird but not that weird.

Also did anyone remember when Harry (royal family) said he had a sexual encounter with a older woman at a bar and then that woman came out and exposed Harry for lying and said they were the same age,

No. 1518969

the day she said melanie raped her melanie was on the other side of the country, the picture she said was from the night of the rape melanie had a different hair colour and length, when someone suggested she check the dates on her icloud she claimed her icloud glitched and changed the dates so she couldn't, she also changed her story to "we were playing a flirting game" from "melanie raped me while i was falling asleep." at this point if you believe timothy you're a bit dumb, just look her name up on twitter and you'll find multiple threads debunking with proof, whereas all people have to say against the actual proof is "guise #believevictims"

No. 1518997

no, it's the parents' choice whether or not royal kids have titles. princess anne's kids never had titles because she thought it would make them snobby and stop them getting a real job. that's why zara and mike are everyone's fave royal couple - because they're just normies.

because lea michelle actually has talent and could've been the next barbara streisand, but instead became a bully and threatened to shit in a black girl's wig if she sat near her in the glee cafeteria (kek such a specific threat). whereas emrata is like d-list fame at best, and is only talked about on gossipy bitchy forums like here. if emrata ever actually does anything newsworthy, she'll get hate too. but she won't because she's talentless.

No. 1519011

File: 1678368274973.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.26 KB, 640x508, 3b61c98747080d77abcab483730dc8…)

>you know with the child abuse that goes on in Hollywood

No. 1519012

File: 1678368298070.jpg (62.03 KB, 500x702, the-heart-is-deceitful-above-a…)

No. 1519015

>Asia Argento

No. 1519017

File: 1678368639107.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 326x324, 16783685822366564.gif)

No. 1519018

File: 1678368781531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.36 KB, 640x480, a6a93f6cacf18ea92b35838f16d8c6…)

No. 1519032

File: 1678369883627.gif (2.94 MB, 366x241, 16783685822366564 (1).gif)

No. 1519035

No. 1519041

File: 1678370568445.jpg (142.67 KB, 700x612, gettyimages-76177621.jpg)

No. 1519047

no one here wants to see underage boys in drag who were likely being SA behind the scenes, also rule against posting any comprising pics of minors

No. 1519083

There's nothing I can do -about- the posts. I can't go back and edit them-to put up spoilers. That's up to the mod atm to edit/spoiler/ect. I didn't mean to be rude/trigger anyone. Sorry.

No. 1519103

Yeah welcome to lolcow, enjoy your stay.

No. 1519128

nta but why you'd you post the pics then, do you have any common season to realize you should at least spoiler a pic of a 12 year old in lingerie and make up

No. 1519134

Yeah this, how does someone reach adulthood and not have any common sense.
Lurk more

No. 1519140

nta, dont blame yourself, i wouldn't think nonnies would be so sensitive about images that are literally safe for the disney channel

No. 1519148

I don't get the pics posted of Cole Sprouse in drag like it's nefarious when it's not even a revealing outfit and in the plot of the show it was for laughs not earnest crossdressing. He only did it to get close to a girl in the beauty pageant he had a crush on. This was back when you could play a guy in a dress for laughs

No. 1519153

File: 1678381548020.jpg (39.86 KB, 450x321, 2214592971_1.jpg)

What he and Zack looked like at 14 btw. He did say it was "dubious" so ???

No. 1519163

File: 1678382009059.jpg (3.23 MB, 4480x6720, kim-kardashian-seen-dolce-gabb…)

kim k's newest face gives me the heebiejeebies

No. 1519176

One of those pics is from a pedo arthouse film where his character is raped by his mother's boyfriend(played by Marilyn Manson) the other two might seem innocent but we are taking about pedwood here

No. 1519179

Vastly disappointed. Any woman okay with suggorancy are okay with sex trafficking. it's the same thing. She was rich enough to have a baby and great aftercare. To say she didnt want to stop working is a joke. Adopt then!

No. 1519180

She's starting to show her age. She will be botched in 10 years mark my words

No. 1519184

Imagine using another woman's body to give a man a baby when the said man doesn't even want to help you raise it.

No. 1519185

Saying self inserting into a child rape fantasy is wrong isn't moralfagging.

No. 1519187

Drew looks so great here. Her outfit, her makeup. I miss the early 2000s so much.

No. 1519192

>will be

No. 1519193

I’m not commenting on her value as a person, just the image she gives off as a celebrity. When I said “I want to like her but I hate her” it was hyperbole to express my general feeling without writing a whole tl;dr blog about how I’m usually happy to see the newest industry plant put out some shiny new stuff but it’s disappointing this celebrity has no charisma on camera and seems ill suited to the job. Maybe it’s just because she’s young and doesn’t have enough experience which is also kind of sad because it means she was pushed into the spotlight before she was ready. If someone that awkward is getting this much attention it starts to make me feel bad for watching because they look uncomfortable.

No. 1519205

Ntayrt but I think her lack of charisma is exactly because of being an industry plant, they're all like that tbh.

No. 1519211

File: 1678384277840.jpeg (395.79 KB, 1937x3000, 33FCD7F5-0D97-41F1-A6B8-3F901F…)

Drew's fashion has always been iconic, she's had great casual looks since the 90s

No. 1519215

File: 1678384431716.jpeg (7.26 KB, 225x224, Farrah.jpeg)

She looks like Farrah Abraham.

No. 1519216

People are saying that her face hollowed out because of Ozempic so that she had to use fillers. Or like >>1519180 said, that her age is showing. I am not sure if this really is her age showing, it is more like something went wrong with her fillers and the hair is also not really suiting her. She looks like Valentina from White Lotus, mixed with Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town because her chin is so prominent.

No. 1519220

She's ugly from the inside out. kek. It's what she deserves.

No. 1519240

That's just Kris Jenner in a wig

No. 1519244

File: 1678386411813.jpg (57.75 KB, 620x465, Jocelyn-Wildenstein-5176301_1.…)

Kek, true. I mean horrifically botched like Jocelyn Wildenstein etc lmao

No. 1519247

File: 1678386523593.jpg (68.84 KB, 1080x335, Screenshot_20230309-102507_Sam…)

This is exactly what these pedos want you to say and think. How can you not see the irony in what you're saying?

Yep Mary Kate and Ashley apparently chose the Sprouse boys to become their "successors". Very very disappointing.
>Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen want to make Cole and Dylan Sprouse the male versions of their teenage girl merchandising empire, The Wall Street Journal reported.
>"My sister and I started the whole 'tween empire," Ashley Olsen was quoted as saying. "I definitely see the potential for the boys to do that sort of thing."
>With the brand name of D.C. Sprouse, Cole and Dylan will be the face of a boys division that will include DVD movies, CDs and other merchandise for the Olsens' Dualstar Entertainment Group, the newspaper reported Monday.
Also, gross that their acting debut just happened to be on a movie called Big Daddy. Like?

No. 1519255

She's untalented and her whole appeal is her body, looks, being relatable (aka just being nice that's it) colorism (let's be real if ice spice was a monoracial black woman with the same bright orange curly wig, same goofy music and same hypersexual image she'd been called a clown and would go viral and the wrong reasons) and it's very simply another not so great female rapper, who is a trend like Saweetie. She's very overrated and her rise/fans come off very…odd to me. I feel like Cardi opened the door for a certain kind of rapper, but Cardi at least…had some okay songs. Now just being pretty, light enough and having a big booty and nice is all it takes for these girls. You don't don't have to preform well or make unironically good music.

No. 1519263

You do realize that was the actions of the companies that essentially owned the rights to the Olsen twins image and brand behind that decision right? And how old were they in 2005 anyway? As if they had the power to be making major decisions like that.

No. 1519264

You deleted but I'm posting my response anyways retard-chan.
Uhh, yeah, I suppose you're right but what's more concerning is the Olsen twins participating in perpetrating the same exploitative, hellish, undoubtedly pedophilic upbringing that they themselves suffered. They could have ended their cycle of abuse but gotta keep Dual Star raking in millions!

No. 1519272

Yep but in 2005 they were 19 years old. I'm not suggesting it would have been easy for them to have control over such a decision but they certainly could have legally refused. Or raised red flags, or refused to endorse it.

No. 1519273

I was editing it you sperg, are you new?

No. 1519275

It's been 5 whole minutes dumbass

No. 1519278

And? I had to let my cat out, can you fucking relax and not take dumbass shit like this so personal? I reposted before you even posted your little hissy fit.(infighting)

No. 1519282

Are you ok?

No. 1519284

Nice projection

No. 1519285

Also your repost had nothing to do with what you posted and deleted, which was about men not needing endorsements. Please calm down and stop taking this so personally, Projectiononna.

No. 1519293

That's wasn't my post, that was some other anons post that I tagged by mistake so that's why I deleted and reposted. This whole thread is newfag central, can't believe I'm getting bitched at for deleting and reposting the same post verbatim, it's called editing.

No. 1519294

Ok! Have a nice day!

No. 1519295

That* I'd delete and edit and repost but don't want you guys to get triggered again.

No. 1519321

I had the tv on for the first time in years this morning (as in, the news/today show and not just using my console to stream on YouTube), I just looked up and was shocked to see that the “Rachael” preparing food was, in fact, Rachael Ray. I know she’s been on tv for 20 years now, and she’s gained some weight over the years but something about her appearance seems like she’s unwell? She looks so swollen, and sounded tired everytime she spoke, and her hair looks unkempt and kind of thin. She just looks SO different and it doesn’t seem like regular aging. I just googled to see if maybe she’s battling an illness or something and I saw that she recently announced she’s retiring from her show after 20 years. I hope she’s ok

No. 1519323

File: 1678390171028.jpg (77.07 KB, 517x805, k.jpg)

Does Cole resent his brother or something, why is he namedropping him so much lately.

No. 1519329

oh and cole and dylan only went to elementary school (the rest they were homeschooled) so is Cole really out here trying to cancel Dylan for being mean when he was like 9? LMAO

No. 1519330


No. 1519333

I'm like 80% sure how it works is that the king/queen's grandkids are born with automatic titles and it's the parents choice if they want to revoke the titles.

No. 1519334

Kanye is a irl yandere idc.

(too lazy to embed)

No. 1519345

I think in another thread people were talking about her being a long time alcoholic? I know her house burnt down a couple of years ago too

No. 1519346

because Kanye really wants Kim? He's been obsessed with her for years.

No. 1519347

File: 1678391342155.jpg (351.73 KB, 1908x1146, 3AA8B75C00000578-0-image-a-56_…)

Nta but here. Apparently it's menopause? But also she lied about having throat cancer at some point? Probably liver failure from alcoholism if >>1519345 is correct.

No. 1519366

That looks like alcohol bloat. She's been at the bottle a long time.

No. 1519380

>just being pretty, light enough and having a big booty and nice is all it takes for these girls.

swapping utt with some other physical feature, hasn't that literally always been the case?

No. 1519389

File: 1678394460545.png (530.64 KB, 1080x2025, Screenshot_20230309-121958.png)

Lizzo's recent music is drenched in her insecurities about being fat, it's painful listening to the lyrics in "2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)."
She truly wants to lose weight but tries to spin it as being a self esteem issue, she probably will have a breaking point moment in the next couple years and pull an Adele or Mindy and lose weight with a wave of damage control pr to handle the backlash.

No. 1519395

making art about abuse =/= having child rape fantasies you tard

No. 1519400

I'm behind the alcoholic tinfoil. Years ago I went to see a taping of her talk show and she brought up drinking and alcohol about 4 or 5 times when it had nothing to do with the topic at hand. She has alcohol on the brain for sure.
Rachel didn't interact or engage with the audience at all and I've heard she's a nasty person. I believe it so I don't feel bad.

No. 1519415

That person probably still listens to classic rock, knowing most of the musicians are/were real life misogynists, rapists and abusers lol

No. 1519477

Holy shit, she's finally morphed into Kris

No. 1519478

yeah, what other anons were dissing her for are the reasons i think shes cute… whenever i hear her talk it makes her so much cuter to me because she just seems so sweet and nervous all the time. im also not sure if shes an industry plant or if its just the twitter cycle of picking something up to make fun of and accidentally making the person youre making fun of famous.
she cant resist her fate. we all turn into our mothers eventually.
im not trying to fight about melanie because im not a teenager anymore, but you understand how some people who went through csa would be uncomfortable with someone who hasnt building a persona entirely based around it right?

No. 1519481

>sex spelled as xes
>fuck is censored
is this the state of modern journalism?

No. 1519487

in the female rap industry? No, most of the women have always been convientually attractive but we had Missy Elliot, Queen Latifa, Da brat, as well as Lil Kim, Trina,Lauryn Hill,Foxxy brown etc.
All these women made good music first and foremost, would they not have made it if they weren't as attractive? Maybe some would'nt, but they wouldn't be lasting as long as the Latto's, Coi's, Saweetie's and Ice Spices.
I'd even put Cardi B in that section except I do think Cardi has earned her spot when it comes to the social media/stripper/hypersexual pussy rappers. Doja Cat is the only new girl of a certain color and shape who I truly believe is talented and didn't get put on for her looks/body alone.
Now you just have to be biracial/lighter skinned with a big booty or some quirky personality, a tiktok song and you'll have a cult following. I hate NIcki Minaj but at least she made good music and she was very talented.
So being pretty light skinned and nice with a big booty gets you further then most talented monoracial black women with those same things but browner skin.
Look at how Saweete/Ice Spice/Latto are treated by the same community that quickly nitpicked everything MTS did, constantly wanting her to switch up her sound, calling her a man etc. I'm rambling but I hope I may sense. Yes being a pretty lighter skinned/non black woman gets you places in certain industries, but it's never as blatant as it in the rap community.
"Drake" can pretend, look like shit, not make the best music all the time. Scrotes can be ugly ass hell but get by on what people feel is "Good music". Meanwhile all Ice Spice has to do when she preforms wackly is bend over, yet MTS gets called all kinds of shit for being hypersexual. And to be very clear, I think hypersexuality is boring and old.

But I notice how Ice is called adorable and sweet while doing virtually nothing different then anyone else, same colored wigs, same popular body type. If she was brown skinned it'd be totally different

No. 1519490

I really don't get why people here have to like or praise ice spice?? There's plenty of "harmless" spergs who've made it on here that aren't treated this way. This narrative of how cute/nice she is, versus what she actually does as to why people should'nt criticize or dislike her as we do everyone else, for our own reason is odd.
Also she is a pick me, most of the women who make their bodies their personality are pick me's, especially when you hang with "Drake".

No. 1519503

Is that the way it's actually spelled in the article or is the OP paraphrasing from a lipstick alley thread? I know that LSA spells "sex" as esx and various other ways because the site censors the word

No. 1519523

fuck is censored in the article but oddly enough they didn't censor sex

No. 1519529

Honestly women suddenly liking Ice Spice…is so weird to me. Because when Ice Spice first went viral on twitter with her first viral song it was mostly men who were defending her or liked her and now all of a sudden after she dropped that ''she a baddie with her two baddie friends'' song now all of a sudden women want to act like they liked her all this time and were fans lmao im still confused on why she got all of these female fans now because a couple of months ago she only had male scrote fans who would defend her by saying things like ''she lightskinned and got a hot body and you ugly and darkskinned'' how the tides turns lmao.
Now all these women are ice spice fans as if they didnt hate her before.

No. 1519531

i dont think you shouldnt dislike her, i dont even like her music i literally just think shes cute and thats all i said. i didnt know she hangs out with drake though thats gross.

No. 1519534

File: 1678402338195.png (397.22 KB, 1440x1727, Screenshot_20230309-165149.png)

No. 1519538

i've gone through csa and no i just do not agree. her persona is childish but come on, it's not "entirely based on" child molestation, that's a big leap. mixing babyish stuff with dark subject matter is pretty much the most basic edgy thing ever. i think it's pretty clear that it's meant to be shocking or thought-provoking by combining things associated with innocence and childhood with violent themes. i don't think it makes her a pedophile and i don't think it means she's glamorizing pedophilia either. if you think that any art that mentions abuse means that the artist loves abuse and thinks it's great, well, i don't know. that's a pretty silly and shallow way to think about things but i guess it's your prerogative lol. anyway i think plenty of mainstream artists do profit off of pedophiles directly by sexualizing childhood but look at melanies fanbase. it's not pedophiles who like her stuff, it's women and girls. many other fans i've spoken to have also been assaulted as children and relate to her music for that reason. meanwhile other artists who do the whole "tee hee i'm a sexy baby" thing actually DO have tons of pervy old fans. to me, that says everything.

No. 1519545

not to be an unrealsitic radical but child acting + performing arts jobs should literally be made illegal. they shouldn't be allowed to work in entertainment until they're old enough to work at mcdonalds.

No. 1519549

all i said is that it makes me uncomfortable i never said shes a pedophile its just fucking weird to me.

No. 1519563

you're right, I didn't even think of it that way. People are just shallow and really aren't about boosting dark-skinned black women. who do you think is to blame? I honestly don't know but I've noticed even among black people there's a lot of colorism

No. 1519574

File: 1678405368896.png (575.35 KB, 1164x948, Screenshot_20230309-174242.png)

It is child labor. The industry loves kid-twins because children can only work for a certain period of time. With twins..they can switch them out. Twin-kids work crazy hours.


No. 1519577

This is basically what i meant in my rambling, I have no issue with Ice Spice herself, her music sucks and I'm sure she is nice. However the rap industry always has a handful of mixed/biracial light skin women that everyone admits aren't talented, don't improve their music, but get lots of love, support, boosts and oppountities in the beginning of their careers.

It's not a big deal, but it's a theme of "Her music (aka her "talent" and claim to fame) sucks, but I like her as a person so i'll support her, omg she's so cute, omg she's like a meme".
And before I end this rant, what gets me is the very same community that constantly criticizes black women harshly for their body/music/imagine, constantly praise/support/stan women who are those SAME thing but lighter.
All Ice had to do was throw on a orange wig and thats unique and refreshing.If you saw the switch in how meg was treated even before the shooting, it's a totally different standard, she's expected to "Work" for the praise of some people in the very same community that will welcome ice spice/saweetie/coi/latto because how they look, or being nice.
Sorry for the rant nonnies, I just had to get it out.

No. 1519579

Everyone knows that children going into child labor fucks them up. It's a fact. Most children that have to live fast and hard…well, when they become adults things don't go so well.

Everyone knows that most child starts and the like don't usually make it out alive. It's all really twisted.

No. 1519583

nta but i took the anon's comment to mean that the person she was replying to sounds boomer-like, and we have quite a few (if not just one) that seem to hang around in this thread. sometimes it's tolerable when it's on topic or there's a contribution of information but it's just annoying when it clogs up the thread.

No. 1519609

I always thought the twin babies workaround was fucked up because it’s not like one sibling goes home when the other takes over… they’re both on set with the parents just one of them is getting paid. (Unless I’m totally wrong and they have to leave set legally but it’s always been my perception they just aren’t in front of the camera)

No. 1519614

sorry meant to reply to this

No. 1519615

Welp. Cole and Dylan were sold down the river - right after their mom popped them out. It's all pretty sad. I don't imagine they ever really had -a home -to go back to tbqh. Their mom jacked all their cash when they were tweens-typical child stars - authority guardians fucking them over story - from what i'm reading. The exploitation hurts my soul. Something made cole snap. The public wouldn't know if he didn't say anything, no?

>Those poor babies.

No. 1519617

File: 1678411137308.png (78.07 KB, 256x389, I'm_Glad_My_Mom_Died_Cover.png)

like Sam from icarly, her mother was a piece of trash and abused the shit out of her daughter for money. and many of the kids from All That, Zoey 101. I dont know the state of current children's programming or child actors, but YouTube and tiktok and Instagram has built a way for parents to exploit their children for cash with no middleman, and with less rights and protection.

No. 1519619

Welp. I hope everyone can speak their truth, heal and find peace.

No. 1519623

Damn the celebricow thread got real for a second. Quick, someone call Bella Hadid busted.

No. 1519624

No. 1519625

Their mom is so evil.

No. 1519634

The Princess of Nazareth? Never

No. 1519635



No. 1519637

Speaking of Zoey 101, I remember one of the actresses called out Seth MacFarlane for sexually abusing her and then nothing came of it and everyone forgot

No. 1519643

File: 1678414412989.png (442.02 KB, 1140x1274, Screenshot_20230309-201237.png)

Are there legit articles about this?

>the wayback machine and stuff exist


No. 1519646

I see zoey101 and my mind immediately goes to dan-get-in-the-van-schneider

No. 1519648

File: 1678414788041.jpeg (415.95 KB, 1241x1887, DB7F5AA7-193A-4DFA-9CED-9EAA8E…)

>>Julia Fox’s brother, Christopher Fox, was hit with a raft of firearms and drug charges Thursday. Photos from inside his recently-raided Manhattan home revealed a chaotic scene of wires, pots, cords and what appeared to be narcotics.
>>Police arrested Christopher, 30, and his father, Thomas, 65, after they found ghost guns and evidence of narcotics manufacturing in their Upper East Side apartment during the early morning sweep, according to law enforcement sources. But authorities seemed to focus on the son, who had the items in his room, the sources said.
>> Christopher – who was once described by Julia Fox as a “mad scientist recluse” – has been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, manufacture of a machine gun, manufacture of a rapid fire modified device, manufacture of a dangerous instrument, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm and criminal use of drug paraphernalia, according to police.


No. 1519649

I'm a little confused anon, did you reply to the right post?

No. 1519650

Sorry but I love family guy & I'm going to need legit proof - before I feel anything negative towards SM.

I didn't even know SM worked for the zoey101 tv show but I will admit that's kinda SUS!

No. 1519651

No. 1519652

Sorry but I don't immediately jump the gun and assume that everyone is in the know & guilty by association.

No. 1519655

glad he got caught. can't think of any reason for a moid to have ghost guns and explosives unless he was planning a mass shooting. hopefully he gets actual punishment instead of a slap on the wrists.

No. 1519657

Until I have proof - SM is innocent.

No. 1519660

File: 1678415592436.jpg (34.07 KB, 640x521, alexa-nikolas-calls-out-seth-m…)

Uh ok lol. The way back machine part just confused me. If you ctrl + f you can find where we discussed it here.
If you Google their names you can find more places discussing it that might have more receipts than what was posted on LC. I don't have any reason to not believe her tbh, especially when she didn't get anything out of accusing him.

No. 1519661

You’re too old to be responding like that to someone you’re six years older then. All you’re reflecting is projection because you can’t handle your internalized ageism. I hope I don’t end up like that

No. 1519662

Oh. Well this first step down the rabbit-hole ain't looking so good but ummm..


No. 1519663

You’re too old to be responding like that to someone you’re six years older then. All you’re reflecting is projection because you can’t handle your internalized ageism. I hope I don’t end up like that

I meant to respond to you! Sorry to Nonna spice, I totally vouch for her text btw

No. 1519666

File: 1678416105715.gif (1.88 MB, 378x281, 167841610052870569.gif)



She wants fame, right?

No. 1519671

File: 1678416351580.gif (200.64 KB, 348x259, ezgif-3-11f80cbe3b.gif)

Seth is hot. I'd take his job offer.

No. 1519677

well considering she was already on the disney channel and no one knew what anon was referring to before she posted screenshots i dont think that worked out very well for her?

No. 1519678

I wouldn't call being on the Disney channel the peak of fame.

No. 1519679

>no one knew what anon was referring to
In my defense, I think it was just that one anon who didn't know and made like 20 replies about it kek

No. 1519680

I'm going to need something aside from twitter screencaps.

No. 1519681

Anon, I've spoonfed you all the information I have and told you where to look for more. Whether or not you believe it is up to you, it's not my job to convince you of anything. Please stop spamming the thread now.

No. 1519684

Okay. I stand by Seth MacFarlane and his innocence.

Innocent until proven guilty.

No. 1519688

File: 1678417479647.jpeg (96.45 KB, 260x340, 62142E72-3719-4EA1-A5D9-E79765…)

He’s not gonna fuck you but why would you even want him to?

No. 1519689

Innocent until proven guilty.

Deal with it.

No. 1519693

i never want to see you guys complaining about melfags being annoying again

No. 1519694

It sounds like that anon who types like Trump too, which is somewhat disappointing

No. 1519697

You and everyone here- never liked the weirdo- with the communication problems… don't play.

Oh look a cripple with a keyboard…


No. 1519698

gross. please get help
you too

No. 1519699

Birds of a feather bitch.

No. 1519703


No. 1519705

File: 1678419148834.png (169.57 KB, 330x330, 203b6f7a34b9bf0b20cac810e325d1…)

No. 1519708

Didn’t it work this way that if one’s born into the royal family, they are eligible for the titles (as the article is suggesting btw), then the parents decide whether they wish for the child to have the title or not, and if the answer is yes, then the final word is still the monarch’s?

Wasn’t it equally one of the many beefs they had – that Charles is still on the fence about giving them the titles, and hinted that the decision will strongly depend on whatever the heck Harry had chosen to write in his book and how he’s gonna be ‘behaving’?

No. 1519709

File: 1678419469716.png (2.11 MB, 1440x1013, Screenshot_20230309-213735.png)


No. 1519711

I accidentally killed Trevor Moore.

No. 1519718

Tell us more

No. 1519719

I think they were entitled from birth to use the titles, but the wait was to see if Harry and Meghan would use their titles and if Charles would revoke them. I think that's why the article says "eligible". As far as I understand they've never needed permission from Charles or anything to use their titles, but if he didn't want Harry and Meghan's children to have titles then he would've had to say/do something. The statement is to officially say that Meghan and Harry will use their titles, not that Charles gave them permission to do so. Idk this royal shit is confusing.

No. 1519721

File: 1678420275781.jpeg (401.85 KB, 828x1049, D39704BD-4363-47F3-928E-5C9231…)

Well we can rest easy on one thing, the Nick Cannon baby show is fake.

No. 1519742

i thought it was super obvious

No. 1519744

File: 1678423169148.jpeg (111.88 KB, 2048x1152, 62F8C589-1DBB-433F-858B-FDFBCE…)

Any bets on Demi Lovato’s antics in the future? How long until she goes crazy again? Seems like she calmed down for a bit after she got some attention for that song about Wilmer.
My guess is that when her current relationship ends she’ll come back with some cringey confident single era like she has previously.

No. 1519748

she has enough fame and fans that she can keep doing something in entertainment for a living but her mega-career is over. she's not going back ot being a star like she was which is probably for the best.

No. 1519837

Imagine defending some morbidly obese man you don't know because he made cartoons. Hollywood is full of freaks. Bet you'd defend Dan Schneider, too.

No. 1519849

jack daniels kun how could you

No. 1519852

>t. glowie mouthwash

No. 1519856

File: 1678437802496.png (1.91 MB, 1284x2048, Screenshot_20230310-023534.png)

she also started Eat Predators https://instagram.com/eatpredators

No. 1519883

File: 1678443798724.jpeg (70.23 KB, 773x1000, 6A185B2C-316C-41A3-A98A-E41C9E…)

Dear god he’s so fucking hot. What’s up with Leo men being just so goddamn sexy? Only a Leo moid can make smoking a cigarette look sexy. Bo Burnham is my only other celeb crush and he’s also a sexy ass Leo, fuckin smug bastards.

Dylan Sprouse is hot too but he seems a bit less adventurous than Cole.

No. 1519889

lol at you choosing the best possible professionally altered angle-fraud image of him.

Either way he looks like a rat that crawled out of a toilet.

No. 1519890

He will NEVER be a butch lesbian.

No. 1519891

How can such a beautiful woman have hideous male relatives? Genetics is such a mystery to me. Men really are diseased animals.

No. 1519900

File: 1678446078734.jpg (111.72 KB, 1200x800, cole-sprouse-3-4fe86cf1a4004d6…)

Get your eyes fixed he's ugly as fuck with his pimply round face and weak chin.

No. 1519903

File: 1678446324804.jpg (80.9 KB, 750x736, Dylan Sprouse.jpg)

They're both not my taste but you could at least go for the one with the better jawline and the one who's overall more attractive.
Also, how did one end up way significantly more attractive when they're twins? Do you guys think Cole has a complex about it and that's why he acts so annoying?

No. 1519909

>beautiful woman
she has had insane amounts of plastic surgery and still looks like a fugly skelly. please be serious.

No. 1519911

File: 1678448543546.jpeg (504.24 KB, 1080x1919, E61A4F1B-0A41-4A57-AD3C-D6EB18…)

Dylan is the risk taker of the two. He’s got a meadery and starred in a Chinese movie last year.

No. 1519915

You sound bitter and jealous.

No. 1519935

Nonnie I am also a longtime fan of Seth. His shows are among my favorites, but I'm not a zoomer and I know zoomers hate him and his shows. He's my celebrity I know I probably shouldn't support but do anyway. Oh well.

So I was just reading and article and she didn't have more work done, she just edits so much of her pics people can't recognize her real face. which is in this photo you posted. she edits out all signs of aging and skin imperfections on every single photo posted even the action shots (not surprising of course) but it freaks people out to see her actual, aging face.

No. 1519939

Yeah only zoomers hate abusive men and rape jokes of course.

No. 1519942

He actually got some viewers that found him less funny after losing weight kek vid related at 5 min 08

No. 1519944

Kek this is so funny because the boomer jokes are already considered outdated among teenagers and young adults who btw think 27 year olds are old hags

No. 1519946

That's still less stupid than being harrassed by way more strangers online for being the equivalent of a race traitor but for morbid obesity tbh.

No. 1519954

nta but why are you caping for julia

No. 1520072

Agreed. Julia Fox is not the man-owning Stacy you think she is. She says the bare minimum to keep libfems placated and that's it.

No. 1520075

And flat out defending a sexual abuser. It's like some nonnies didn't read the previous thread at all or even the recap.

No. 1520139

Dylan is hotter but i just googled him now and he now has a beard and his face looks gaunt/too skinny.

No. 1520140

File: 1678466353250.jpg (133.12 KB, 2048x1365, Dylan-Sprouse-Barbara-Palvin-3…)


No. 1520145

File: 1678466617559.jpg (120.1 KB, 1141x827, lmao.jpg)

idk why but its funny to me

No. 1520146

That facial hair is awful. What did he tell the barber? Cartoon villain?

No. 1520180

He looks like about 10 different men at my work. I'm calling him generic

No. 1520187

she was so beautiful when she was young, what a fucking waste

No. 1520194

He looks like one of those guys who were lazy losers and only owned 2 shirts in HS but then gets a job at his dads/uncles auto repair shop and tries to act like he's soo grown

No. 1520209

I'm so fucking sick of seeing these two media whores and their retarded potato faces everywhere. I've never even met anyone who gives a shit about them.

No. 1520252

which one are you talking about lmao?

No. 1520282

Kris Jenner is in the new MV of Meghan Trainor. Song is of course absolute garbage.

No. 1520285

File: 1678471047696.jpg (126.96 KB, 1024x1024, pbish.jpg)

She looks like a fish from Shark Tale

No. 1520291

Absolutely painful to watch; like a cheap performance at a local drag brunch.
Its sad- the opportunity to make a great music video was obviously in the budget.

No. 1520296

Meghan Trainor has a really talented voice but she always choses the most boring mediocre songs with a even more boring and bland video.

No. 1520300

lmao makes me wonder if the music video was payed for by kris. Celebs do make a appearance at music video but its mostly like 10 seconds max meanwhile Kris is in almost all of the video lol.

No. 1520306

I've literally never heard of her before this week and have never heard one of her songs and now she's all over my tl for some reason

No. 1520309

what a pitiful attempt at recovering the limelight. yeah, we all know Kris is a mother. she's just a very shitty one.

No. 1520383

yeah. every time i see someone express how they like her in these threads it's baffling. she's definitely a celebricow that thrives on any type or attention much like many of the other people talked about here, like emrata, k/j family, etc.

No. 1520386

We literally have a royal family thread. stop talkig about harry and meaghan in this thread dammit

No. 1520397

The obvious filter they put over kris’s face is working OVERTIME during this whole video lmao, aging isn’t the devil ffs Hollywood let women age!!!

No. 1520408

File: 1678478131488.jpeg (538.4 KB, 828x1153, 5FD4BC88-DC8B-471E-9AC7-B00E3E…)

god I hope not

No. 1520411

>You with your God complex, but you can't even make life, bitch (ultrasound photos)
This was funny though, kek. Troons probably smashing the dislike button the hardest

No. 1520413

Why does she look like a burglar

No. 1520423

Anyway, she'll never top Fergie on this

No. 1520431

Look at his pathetic,fat face. God I wish this ugly mf would just disappear into thin air and never be spoken of again. Or at least get knocked the fuck out and re-scramble his stupid brain and turn him into a vegetable or something, ANYTHING.

No. 1520437

you have the worst taste in men
he looks so french here

No. 1520438

he's fat and fugly and think he's johnny depp

No. 1520443

i mean…have you seen how deep looks like now?

No. 1520452

The bar is subterranean

No. 1520474

I really don't understand why men don't think moisturising is important. They could look better for their age but choose to not do the bare minimum. Especially famous men, they have money. Like what is the deal? Most female celebrities go the extra mile to get treatments, unfortunately plastic surgery as well, in order to look good for their age. Men are so lazy, it's disappointing.

No. 1520517

Sub-scrote tier song, don't get me wrong, but Fergie in this video makes me feel things. I'm so bisexual and weak. It's sad she took out her eyebrow piercing though, those were the days

No. 1520535

you guys have been really fucking retarded lately, like genuinely stupid as fuck. Why do we have so many twitterfags lately?? Integrate! Stop bringing your twitterisms here and trying to turn the celebcow thread into twitter-lite! You stupid bitches could've just stayed on twitter when you act like that

No. 1520554

me too nonnie

No. 1520556

That aint kanye no way, kanye is a midget and she is a model, no way he would be visibly taller than her unless he is wearing stilts. I know tinfoil but there is no way that man is kanye

No. 1520562

File: 1678490503274.jpeg (146.04 KB, 828x570, C4DA7A30-7011-491D-BB2E-46958B…)

she's reportedly only 5'4" and not 5'9"

No. 1520604

File: 1678496385284.jpeg (993.56 KB, 1157x1454, 8D34924A-54FA-43EE-A1A8-40A611…)

>>Grace Van Dien is taking a break from acting after dealing with on-set sexual misconduct from a movie producer.
>>In a Twitch stream on Tuesday, the Stranger Things alum, 26, recounted the incident that took place on "one of the last movies I did," noting that she's "turned down four movies" in recent weeks and prefers streaming.
>>"But when people are like, 'How is streaming better for your mental health?' That's how. I get to stay inside my home and play video games, and I don't have my boss asking me to have sex with him. That's how this is better for my mental health," added Van Dien.

No. 1520605

File: 1678496433644.jpeg (464.82 KB, 1728x1451, 5E71F1E2-2F84-45A8-B144-8C6497…)

No. 1520607

that's disgusting. poor girl, why isn't he being named and shamed? what a sick world we live in where perverts time and time again get away with this shit

No. 1520619

I hate myself for liking this song kek.

No. 1520658

I am secretly disappoint lmao

No. 1520661

Idk, but i always felt like being the funny guy was kind of a way of the male version of fat acceptance. They poke fun at their weight and make people laugh to distract people from their size and pretend to be unbothered about their weight. I've seen a lot of moids use the fact that fat moids make fun of themselves to say that they are somehow better than fat women because they are less whiny, even if their humor is clearly an act of cope.

No. 1520662

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but the only good songs she ever had was when she was in the black eyed peas prior to them going balls to the wall with the crappy edm.

No. 1520682

sethfags are becoming the new ezrafags here i stg

No. 1520689

there cannot possibly be more than one sethfag that would be too depressing

No. 1520717

she looks insanely good in the video. I wish it wasn't for such a dogshit song

No. 1520750

This book was amazing, by the way. Highly recommend, especially for anyone who had a complicated relationship with their parents

No. 1520801

This is random and sage for no contribution but random maybe french JDG nonnie I wish we could be friends, such a random person to see pop up in these threads

No. 1520896

Ntayrt but I would have never expected to see jdg on celebricows either kek. I wish I could be friends with both of you nonnies

I hate that new songs these days are made specifically to get popular on tik tok. Like in this one the fact that they sampled Mr Sandman in this way sounds so egregiously calculated to me

No. 1520937

File: 1678548665391.jpg (71.92 KB, 1189x585, 20230311_162924.jpg)


No. 1520941

I was thinking of making a throwaway email to find french anons with common interests tbh

No. 1520944

its honestly depressing to think there are probably thousands of other actresses who've had to take up these sexual offers otherwise risk their carrers

No. 1520947

File: 1678549745802.jpg (358.34 KB, 2602x1564, w82Lzm2ATgrxmll.jpg)

what's even wilder is the fact rabid fujos harassed her for months over liking a ship(that happened to be straight), Grace Van Dien deserves way better

No. 1521035

>He's my celebrity
What does this even mean, you retard?

No. 1521051


Who, Or WHAT, Is JDG?

No. 1521333

JDG means "joueur du grenier" which could be translated as "gamer from the attic". It's just the name of that fat-turned-skinny french youtuber whose videos are essentially a repackaged kind of Angry video game nerd

Edited to add - be careful if you end up doing it fellow french nonnie, there are many sad stories about the friend finder threads either here or on CC about moids/trannies contacting and harassing unsuspecting anons. Make sure you screen people well!

No. 1521340

File: 1678577124793.jpg (192.46 KB, 1200x900, adele.jpg)

I mean, it's sort of on topic I guess(?), he's a great example of a morbidly obese adult who lost weight and who has been maintaining a reasonable weight for years now. I can't think of anyone else with some kind of fanbase who wasn't heavily criticized for it, I remember thinking Adele looked really good after losing weight and people lost their shit online and my irl best friends were like "oh no she lost so much weight so fast is she ok? I hope she's not sick or doesn't have an eating disorder uwu" even though she obviously looked healthy and pretty in pic related. I think anons here noticed that Doja lost weight because she was probably overworked or something like that but I have a hard time follow what she's doing.

No. 1521371

i thought she got fat because she was pregnant anyway, ive never been an adele fan so im not sure if she was fat before that, either way she looks great.

No. 1521442

File: 1678585969111.png (23.41 KB, 1440x421, Screenshot_20230311-195209.png)

No. 1521443

they look like traitor lesbians who transitioned. Dylan (?) is still kinda pretty but this photo is rough.

No. 1521525

File: 1678592506726.jpg (51.63 KB, 500x500, d0686598b4971a4dee8db28c8557a6…)

comments like this is what TIFs the confidence to think they can pass when they transition, they are still very clearly male looking

No. 1521538

It's so weird to think that those are the little kids from that Adam Sandler film. I feel old lol.

No. 1521770

she was definitely fat before that, not sure she was ever technically "morbidly obese" tho

No. 1521850

File: 1678638164572.png (79.96 KB, 1440x1309, Screenshot_20230312-112233.png)

No. 1521854

File: 1678638495111.png (54.6 KB, 1440x505, Screenshot_20230312-112751.png)

..maybe MF's -new gf- can be BAG's wife and they can all live together harmoniously lol.

No. 1521861

Adele looks great
doja lost a lot of weight in a short period time. I'm wondering how she did it but it looks like she's maintaining it at least

No. 1521862

I'm that anon. I changed my mind a little bit but it's the celebricows thread, I'm allowed to be a critic here.

No. 1521864

File: 1678638840486.jpeg (135.4 KB, 828x1129, CD9B21C7-943F-4B84-ABF7-3B42B0…)

No. 1521879

File: 1678639649827.png (214.72 KB, 1439x2411, Screenshot_20230312-114727.png)

No. 1521887

actor's method acting annoyances is exactly why I like to see them fail

case in point, I'm hoping that austin butler doesn't win anything for elvis after 3 years of grating accent

No. 1521892

Lissa Marie Presley-got to have her father's -metaphorical cock sucked- one last time -before she kicked the bucket.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1521907

File: 1678641619584.png (3.1 MB, 853x2398, Screenshot_20230312-121650.png)

I have a feeling -that- if -kaia gerber and austin butler break it off… he is going to lose it.

Anyone else?

No. 1521909

my nigel has just informed me that Jeremy Irons shops in a Lidl in co Cork which is hilarious because he apparently lives in a castle

No. 1521910

People gottah eat, anon.

No. 1521911

File: 1678641873305.png (1.42 MB, 1440x1781, Screenshot_20230312-122428.png)

No. 1521918

File: 1678642740771.png (317.07 KB, 1186x781, Screenshot_20230312-123804.png)

Can anyone explain why the sprouse boys are obsessed with this red handkerchief?

No. 1521922

I dont listen to her music and ive never been a fan or had interest but I live for what she does because of how badly it pisses off stan Twitter. Those people view artists as their personal barbie dolls and think all women should be rail thin and pump out oonts oonts homo hits for them yet she ignores the constant barrage of insults and continues to be overweight and annoying. I think if she lost like ten pounds and got the long wig back everyone would shut up because she has good genes and is pretty. I actually don't think she's going to do anything extreme but I'll eat my words if she regressed.

I always hope anons who gush over men that look like doughy 13 year old are like 19 because it's kind of weird.

No. 1521926

I dont understand how she has reached this level of recognition and yet her music still sounds like royalty free boutique jingles. Kris Jenner was the most interesting thing about this song and yet she couldn't carry it.

Why bother trying to make a low budget nod to a video this fun and campy. Had Gemma Ward, Devon Aoki, Kim K–she could never

No. 1521928

Megan traitor is an industry plant.

No. 1521932

Girl stop lying. An industry plant does not look or operate like that. She's got a good voice she's just boring and not conventionally attractive to Hollywood's standards. She exists in that liminal space for rue 21 and Claire's.

No. 1521940

Did this actress not understand that MM didn't have a Spanish accent? Did no one tell her?

No. 1521941

File: 1678644017309.png (69.06 KB, 1440x996, Screenshot_20230312-130000.png)

She's an industry plant. Period. End of story.

No. 1521953

I didnt realize there was some sort of implication that she was self made, but to be fair like most people I do not pay attention to her or her music

No. 1521961

frenchanons lets do this, would be crazy to meet some farmers

No. 1521963

She never ever came off self made which makes her industry-plantness radiate even more.

No. 1521967

That pic just reminds me that I am thirsty.

No. 1521976

She is way taller than 5'4 and the new kanye is way taller than 5'8. Idgaf what they say, thats not a 5'4 and a 5'8 couple.

No. 1521979

Dylan's ear is pierced.

Does that mean he's gay?

No. 1521980

Ozempic, just like everyone else.

No. 1521983

Arent all new artists now industry plants? Don't see the point you're trying to make. We aren't getting a Whitney Houston any time soon.

No. 1521984

She lost the weight and has kept it off before that unhealthy drug trend.

I have no reason to believe Adele is using that diabetes drug.

No. 1521987

>Aren't all new artist industry plants

No. 1521991

Not Adele, Doja cat

No. 1521997

I remember when WH had her reality TV show and was talking about how she was so constipated that BB had to pull shit out of her ass and he did it with his bare hands.

I wish that reality tv show never existed. Disgusting.

No. 1522004

"Doja Cat shows her fridge and gives her cat some catnip instgram 9/15/2020 insta live today stream september ig"

…I don't believe DC takes that drug.

No. 1522008

File: 1678648126016.png (36.97 KB, 1440x545, Screenshot_20230312-140823.png)

No. 1522010

File: 1678648241883.png (38.74 KB, 1440x485, Screenshot_20230312-141043.png)

No. 1522013

File: 1678648343210.png (52 KB, 1440x645, Screenshot_20230312-141143.png)

She eats clean and stays active. That's all.

No. 1522016

>150 hours of cardio a week

No. 1522018

File: 1678648724359.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2209, Screenshot_20230312-141709.png)

No. 1522021

150 ÷ 7 = 21min of cardio a a day.

No. 1522032

Anon 150 hours divided by 7 is 21 hours

No. 1522035

150hours divided by 7days a week = 21minutes a day.

No. 1522036

She does coke.

No. 1522037

File: 1678649676263.jpg (109.67 KB, 1200x630, 20210909_pepsi_grease_female_3…)

She's actually more of a pepsi kinda gal.

No. 1522038

File: 1678649739626.jpg (387.77 KB, 1800x1281, Doja-Cat-x-Pepsi-Cola-Soda-Sho…)

No. 1522043

Now that the DC mystery has been solved…

this thread can move forward

No. 1522058

Anon please tell me you are just baiting and you are actually not this retarded

No. 1522090

Y-Yeah, anon. I'm just pretending to be retarded.

No. 1522142

File: 1678652035515.jpg (159.02 KB, 736x1308, 174d383ed50cdb26dd6e57aa416d39…)

21÷7= 3 hours everyday of the week.


No. 1522144

depends on which side of the ear it's on. chris rock has them too.

No. 1522145

No. 1522170

File: 1678655686403.jpg (186.19 KB, 1284x1281, kanye-new-wife-bianca-censori-…)

>She is way taller than 5'4
Girl…have you ever met a normal adult? She looks even more midgety than Kim.

No. 1522177

Clothes kanye is putting her on need to be tailored. Kim doesn’t put anything on that isn’t taken in. That’s why she looks better even if she’s shorter

No. 1522181

Kanye loves his kim k replicas. I wonder how long till he gets bored of this one and grabs a new one.

No. 1522197

We should take this to the French thread here on ot instead of derailing this one

No. 1522233

Because they're gay faggots

No. 1522236

File: 1678663145400.jpg (92.29 KB, 1114x1114, FrDXrLUWAAIx0gm.jpg)

i know it won't happen but i'm rooting for women talking to win best picture tonight at the oscars. the way the scrote-riddled industry snubs films about women that they can't jerk off to makes me want to commit a terror attack. sarah polley really deserved a best director nom.

No. 1522237

that's a good picture to exemplify she very clearly has short legs. she's probably 6ft from the sidewalk and the barricade fence would still come up high on her if you did the math. she's definitely short. other anon is confused.

No. 1522243

File: 1678663872205.png (404.17 KB, 966x1386, cara.png)

it's oscars night! here are some red carpet looks. cara looks great

No. 1522244

File: 1678663989835.png (372.04 KB, 920x1124, florence.png)

florence pugh–not a fan of her red carpet looks lately tbh. they are often duvet-y

No. 1522246

I think I need to go to sleep right now because I read "150 hours of cardio a day"

No. 1522247

File: 1678664070257.jpeg (239.97 KB, 1342x2048, michellew.jpeg)

michelle williams

No. 1522248

File: 1678664175167.jpeg (297.81 KB, 1504x2048, halleb.jpeg)

halle berry. it seems as though everyone is wearing white or cream?

No. 1522252

messy bitch

No. 1522256

Oh. Okay. That explains everything. Thanks, anon!

No. 1522265

File: 1678667167268.jpg (305.69 KB, 1600x1200, malala and fan binbing.jpg)

Some Oscar stuff. Malala Yousafzai, Fan BingBing. Was pleasantly surprised to see them, they both look beautiful.
Also, if these photos look weird or are a little big please excuse it. I was trying to post these earlier and kept having issues with the quality.

No. 1522266

File: 1678667177874.jpg (268.64 KB, 2048x1365, FrDtWIyWYAUZxmv.jpg)

jessie buckley at the oscars. she's so cute.

No. 1522269

File: 1678667442900.jpg (160.21 KB, 1400x1050, lady gaga.jpg)

Lady Gaga and the crypt keeper. I wouldn't like Gaga's look on anyone else but I think it works for her.

No. 1522273

File: 1678667772999.png (885.3 KB, 1500x554, orange gorls.png)

Imaan, Janelle Monae Heidi Klum, Sandra Oh.
I love everyone's looks here but Janelle's. The skirt is cute but the top and choker makes it fall apart imo. And she usually looks amazing! Imaan looks very good though, I think she was taking a hiatus up until recently.

No. 1522275

File: 1678668066408.png (730.97 KB, 1400x522, oscars.png)

Zuri Hall, Salma Hayek, Mindy Kaling, Sofia Carson.
Love Zuri and Sofia, but Mindy and Salma kind of look like a mess to me. Especially Mindy.

No. 1522276

does the champagne colored carpet look cheap to anyone else? oof not a fan

No. 1522277

File: 1678668266939.png (796.71 KB, 1400x515, oscars (1).png)

Cara Delevigne, Stephanie Hsu, Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria.
I really do think Cara must've had an intervention or something. She has been looking great.

No. 1522280

Cara, Halle, Salma and Malala are a feast for the eyes and I'm so happy to see Cara doing so well considering those horrible candids from threads back. She's been great in Carnival Row so it's nice to see her working and doing a good job in the role.
Why tf did they let Sofia Carson sing? She was giving the same vocals from Purple Hearts and she's just not good. She hasn't had it since the Descendants.

No. 1522281

File: 1678668793043.png (701.48 KB, 1400x509, oscars.png)

Angela Bassett, Halle Bailey, Michelle Yeoh, Ariana Debose.
I actually gasped when I saw Angela, I think this is the best thing I've seen her wear in a minute. I don't get why Halle's stylists aren't leaning into the mermaid thing, she could've been in something so much more beautiful and mystical. Also, the background makes it so difficult to see the women who are in white.

No. 1522283

File: 1678669041860.png (308.19 KB, 1400x532, oscars (1).png)

Jenny Slate, Jessie Buckley, Jamie Lee Curtis, Pheobe Waller-Bridge.
I love the drama in Jenny and Jessie's looks, Jenny actually has one of my favorite looks from tonight so far. The boning on Jamie's dress is…

No. 1522284

Thank you fashion, anon! I appreciate you taking your time to upload all these peeps!

No. 1522287

They're trying something different, I guess. I wonder if it's a budget issue or something idk.

No. 1522288

i heard cara's been 4 months sober

No. 1522289

Congrats to her!

No. 1522293

File: 1678669793355.png (234 KB, 1300x488, oscars.png)

Tems, Deepika Padukone, Ana De Armas, Jessica Chastain.
Tems look great (although I'm not really sure why she's there, she's a singer and I don't think I've even seen her at the music events). I was trying to figure out why Ana looks so pale and I think that dress plus this super light background they chose is washing her out.
You're welcome!
She seriously looks like a goddess, I love her. And yes there's a lot light dresses. Really poor choice in carpet color.
Getting a little tired of this silhouette on her.

sorry if you saw me repost this like 5 times

No. 1522294

Almost teared up for the little mermaid trailer. Her voice really almost got me—can't wait for the full soundtrack!

No. 1522296

File: 1678670156143.jpg (106.42 KB, 1300x650, danai vanessa.jpg)

Danai Gurira, Sabrina Elba, Vanessa Hudgens. All of these women look so good to me, I don't even usually like that greenscreen color.

No. 1522297

It's shameless woketard pandering; I would pirate the soundtrack and avoid the film.

No. 1522299

File: 1678670590845.png (308.93 KB, 1400x700, image (1) (1).png)

Lily Singh, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Connelly. I didn't realize Lily is still doing television, I thought her talk show completely flopped.
Same anon! I think Halle is perfect for the songs and I think the cover they released for the movie looks great, I am worried for how the actual movie will come out though.

No. 1522302

File: 1678670732147.png (574.67 KB, 720x509, 225a6469da4870b896f9e565209883…)

No. 1522303

I need the light blue one.

No. 1522305

something about the visuals look cheap imo
you know the 'gives head' only applies to giving towards men anon..

No. 1522309

File: 1678671292817.png (1.32 MB, 1400x700, image (2).png)

Fuck there's more. I'll post just a couple of looks from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
Sarah Paulson, Olivia Wilde, Danielle Deadwyler. This backdrop is so much nicer.

No. 1522314

File: 1678671560539.png (1.29 MB, 1400x700, image (4) (1).png)

Julia Garner, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr. Julia looks amazing.

No. 1522315


Cole & Dylan are telling the world- that they want to fist people and get fisted?

No. 1522316

I was gonna say 'no I want head' but then I realized you mean the pic is for gays kek

No. 1522318

…gay men that 69.

No. 1522320

oh please, she has the face for ariel.

No. 1522321

After this new trailer I'm feeling better about the final production. Remember the first shots and little snippets we got when the water was dark and murky? They've added pink and made it more lively and I hope it carries. Honestly, I don't even want to see the guy. Can't we just get all Ariel? Fingers crossed that the monopoly mouse doesn't fuck this live adaptation up.
Men don't deserve rights.

No. 1522324

please don't give him attention, I didn't kek But, right? She has the petite figure and the face to play fae and mystical characters. She looks like a mermaid princess and I'll never get over her powerful voice.
Jessica looks different.

No. 1522325

The Chrissy chick that like dies in the first or second episode??? Like it wasn't a big role

No. 1522326

File: 1678672634705.png (320.06 KB, 1024x1132, 1064.png)

>Men don't deserve rights.

No. 1522327

File: 1678672700165.jpg (276.34 KB, 1366x1658, avril tyga.jpg)

Tyga and Avril are basically confirmed now, there are finally pics of them kissing. I know no one probably cares about this anymore but I can't get over how random this couple is.

No. 1522330

coal burner(global rule #7)

No. 1522333

File: 1678672843818.webm (1.51 MB, 720x900, tyga.webm)

Them at a fashion show.

No. 1522336

Haha some people who probably didn't like them gave them bunk fashion advice - unless they really are trying to fist/get fisted sexually.

No. 1522337

Anyone wonder if cole sprouse is just a paranoid narcissist with his camera duels?

>I get that some people might recognize him but I picture a dude acting schizo af and making a scene.

No. 1522338

Why are goslingfags browsing this thread on here lmao

No. 1522340

youre right i shouldnt have responded i just dont fucking get why people are so against her playing ariel. it isnt like theyre actually attached to her character, they just want to race bait. its so irritating. anyways what about jessica alba looks different to you? ive never payed much attention to her so she looks the same as i remember.
i dont remember 2016 well but i really do not remember him being as ugly as he is. was it because he always wore sunglasses or did he just age incredibly rapidly?

No. 1522342

I have a feeling it's a /tv/ poster judging by one of the replies about avril above. Saw a few of them here during last year's oscars discussion too.

No. 1522343

Everyone has a phone now and he writes up rude shit.

… like dude you were a baby when you were in that Adam Sandler film and you were on the Disney channel as a kid..

Get therapy and get over yourself.

No. 1522346

Ryan G and Austin B

both butchered there faces

2 a T

>those nose jobs

No. 1522347

File: 1678673986364.png (3.39 MB, 2000x1333, oscars-2023-035-1 (1).png)

Btw, Jamie Lee Curtis best supporting actress for Everything Everywhere All At Once against Stephanie Hsu. I saw people being upset at her winning so many awards for that movie while Stephanie wasn't getting any and I thought they were just being haters, but I do kind of see what they mean now lol. It does seem like Stephanie is being snubbed a little.

No. 1522350

I finally watched the movie the other day and JLC is hardly in it. I’m confused why she would win anything over the daughter or even be nominated tbh

No. 1522355

Yeah, I've heard that the theme for this awards season is giving older actors who were overlooked in the early days of their career their flowers, but I definitely think Stephanie Hsu deserved that Oscar for her performance. I just saw all the nominees for that category and there was also Angela Bassett for Black Panther sequel, Hong Chau for The Whale and Kerry Condon for The Banshees of Inisherin.

No. 1522356

No worries, nona! It can get irritating but it's no use talking to these types. I lived and breathed the Little Mermaid vhs and animated show so seeing a beautiful and talented actress play her is everything to me. Jessica's cute as always but it looks like she used a lot of bronzer? Idk, there's no problem but I didn't recognize her at all from a distance.
Stephanie deserved it and I feel so bad for her. She's a promising young actress and being acknowledged now really matters. it's like jlc gets rewards just for showing up, and I actually liked her.

No. 1522366

wow blake lively is looking bad lately

No. 1522369

It literally looks like a hemmed down duvet. Absolutely washed by fan bingbing >>1522265

Seeing Cate Blanchett referred to as the crypt keeper is so jarring

No. 1522370

lmao don't do Blake lively dirty like that. One's a pedo-admirer-raper-aplogist and the other one is Taylor swift's friend. Big difference!

No. 1522373

Black women always look so beautiful in orange or powder blue, I'm happy to see the colors trending again. >>1522281 If Halle had a matching eye look it would be a cute nod to Brandy as Cinderella. But so pretty overall imo.

What the hell

No. 1522374

So men.

No. 1522378

This year's award show is chill af.

No. 1522380

it's boring just like the other recent years

No. 1522381

Ain't nobody going on stage and slapping anyone in the face tho.

No. 1522384

tbh i kind of wish that became a tradition

No. 1522385


No. 1522387

branden winning was literally the only thing i was looking forward to, now i can finally go to bed

No. 1522388

Thank God BF won.

No. 1522393

Oh boy. Is Harrison Ford okay?

No. 1522398

Austin Butler didn't get anything. I hope that pops his ego bubble.

No. 1522399

CATE BLANCHETT WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBBED!!!! lydia tar was once in life time, generation performance. shame on the academy

No. 1522400


No. 1522401

Robbed? Did Roman Polanski slip his dick into when she wasn't looking?

No. 1522405

The academy did something right for once.

No. 1522408

File: 1678679003954.gif (76.95 KB, 200x200, cheer-up-cheer.gif)

Yayyyy!!!!! Lydia Tar probably sucked and was overhyped, but I wouldn't know.

No. 1522411

As I said before this is punishment for his method acting and 3 years of Elvis Voice. Eat shit

No. 1522413

I used to be a big fan of KB but after finding out her devotional love for RP… I'm done with her.

No. 1522414

Why are you telling me to eat shit? Wth?

No. 1522415

I almost cried too many times during his speech. Michelle Yeoh got her flowers too!
It was p relaxing. The women were beautiful ('cept the cryptkeeper) and everyone was dressed nicely for once. I got to see some gorgeous men that I'd risk it all for, and BF and Michelle Yeoh got some oscars. Idgaf about award shows and they're never a true measurement of talent etc etc, but I'm at peace.

No. 1522417

File: 1678679466273.jpg (248.39 KB, 1365x2048, rihanna.jpg)

Rihanna showed up! I didn't even realize she was gonna be there. She performed Lift Me Up, which I guess is fitting because it's on the Black Panther soundtrack but I wish she did something else. Anyway she looks cute, I like that she embraces the bump

No. 1522418

File: 1678679496195.jpg (317.94 KB, 1524x2048, rihanna (2).jpg)

Her performance costume.

No. 1522419

You're so right about the colors.
Kek, was he even using the Elvis voice on the carpet? I don't know his regular speaking voice but something about his interview voice seemed really forced.

No. 1522421

File: 1678679650926.png (145.17 KB, 752x1080, Screenshot_20230312-225414.png)

KG wasn't his date.

Countdown until they break-up.

No. 1522429

They hated her for speaking the truth

No. 1522430

File: 1678680433125.webm (14.01 MB, 960x540, brendan.webm)

Obligatory Brendan Fraser. As other anons already posted, he won an Oscar. It's his first academy award. He just wore a suit so I'll post his speech instead.

No. 1522431

File: 1678680456202.jpeg (36.14 KB, 1197x471, 399890B6-1554-4DEF-9D66-15E387…)

I can't believe the two most reddit cringe faggot millennials who say things like imposter syndrome and self-esteem issues in their acceptance speech won over all quite and tar

Eeao is a shit movie and the academy is a bullshit institution

No. 1522434

no, we hate her for liking a polanski supporter

No. 1522440

File: 1678680915556.jpeg (80.17 KB, 1098x612, 5FD82DE8-6B27-449A-8516-7E8089…)

>Thank you for not squashing my creativity when I was making really disturbing horror films or really perverted comedy films, or dressing in drag as a kid, which is a threat to nobody.
I love how they look as obnoxious as they already are

No. 1522444

Who's that big lady behind them?

No. 1522445

File: 1678681167763.gif (2.75 MB, 349x259, 167868114946668606.gif)

Anon CB is the polanski supporter.

>gif related is you

No. 1522449

..that's what i said. when i said "her for liking" i'm referring to the poster who likes cate

No. 1522450

Oh. Okay.

No. 1522451

File: 1678681474518.png (4.46 KB, 700x266, 76875F94-1B35-4AD0-BCBD-3B45E8…)

be calm

No. 1522452

File: 1678681524024.jpeg (155.09 KB, 941x1412, 96AB963E-220F-4C92-9D45-56DFC0…)

oh wow ana looks almost unrecognizable she used to be so beautiful but I guess no one is immune to transforming into an IG model if they stay in LA long enough..
same thing happened with margot robbie I don't get why hollywood takes already conventionally beautiful women and transform them into uncanny valley versions of themselves

No. 1522453

File: 1678681600917.jpg (249.51 KB, 1284x1827, rrr.jpg)

Btw, is RRR just a popular movie everywhere outside of the US? I hear about it occasionally and how much of a hit it was, but I never actually see anyone talking about it. It won an award for best soundtrack, I believe.

No. 1522454

Countdown until AB has a nervous breakdown and has to be hospitalized.

No. 1522455

No. 1522457

Cuz that's what's going to happen. I'm psychic.

No. 1522459

He's cringy but doesn't come across as mentally ill

No. 1522461

samefag wait are we talking about Austin or Azealia

No. 1522463

I thought this was talking about Azealia but I now realize you mean Austin

What he is experiencing is essentially what we call depersonalization, which may indicate underlying mental illness was already there. He might want to stay away from intense roles or else he's going to have a full on freakout like Bale, or become an insufferable serial method actor like Leto.

No. 1522465

my mom was obsessed with it so I'd say yeah pretty popular

No. 1522466

BPD-light. KG sure has a type. Pete Davidson has BPD too!

AB has legit autism.

No. 1522467

Why are we abbreviating names all of a sudden?

No. 1522468

It's easier than typing out these megalomaniacs names.

No. 1522471

He's going to wind up in the hospital because he's burned himself out and hasn't taken any breaks.

No. 1522473

Oh. Yeah that is conflicting. I don't want Austin Butler to be mixed up with our queen azealia.

No. 1522474

Nta but it makes things confusing, just use the first or last name alone unless it's super long.

No. 1522475

File: 1678682634371.jpeg (96.15 KB, 1170x853, F4FD823C-C833-4F54-925B-BDD3E7…)

I'm sorry I just can't take these seriously at all. Austin butler is truly an unserious actor I can tell he's trying so earnestly but all I'm seeing is this lanky disney kid playing dress up and failing horribly

No. 1522477

does he live in ur head rent free or something??? weirdo

No. 1522478

I refuse to watch eeao now. there's no fucking way a performance in that movie could have been anything better than cate's in tar

No. 1522479

what brendan fraser movie are you guys watching to celebrate? i will be watching looney tunes back in action and bedazzled after my boyfriend falls asleep tonight.

No. 1522480

my dad loved it. I think its a boomer thing

No. 1522481

Why didn't he try to take Miley Cyrus to pound town? Is he gay?

No. 1522482

I rewatched the mummy recently

No. 1522483

I'm sick atm ..so- I am just knocking back drinks.

No. 1522484

what's weird about pointing out that cate supports him? if anything it's weird that she named her own child after him

No. 1522485

File: 1678682906833.jpg (93.3 KB, 1179x1434, COPE AND SEETHE.jpg)

So we're the weirdos for not liking someone who supported Polanski but she's not the weirdo for not just supporting him but also naming her son after him? Okay. First Seth McFarland now this. You people would defend a rock if it was famous enough.
I'm not a Fraserfag but I've really been wanting to see The Whale.

No. 1522486

My father is also a boomer and loves it. Congrats to Bollywood on finally getting their first Oscar!

No. 1522487

I've never seen bedazzled and have been wanting to, so it's on my watchlist

No. 1522488

best actress went for michelle yeoh and she was the one redeeming quality thing about that shitty movie so it's well-deserved, cate has like 3 oscars she can spare one
eeao winning best picture is criminal though

No. 1522489

It's so good. Elizabeth hurley knocks that movie out of the ballpark!

No. 1522490

honestly I don't know anything about cate at all except for her onscreen persona, and nor do I care about anything outside of it. it was an unreal performance.

do ur little moral jumping jacks though, good for You.

No. 1522492

I'd love to separate the art from the artist but nope-can't do it. I love/loved her body of work but I am disgusted by the Polanski shit. So um can't do it. Nope.

No. 1522494

Nta but if you don't know anything about cate why are you bent over backwards defending her enabling behavior you dweeb? Two things can be true at once. she's a great actress but a horrible person for defending a child rapist

No. 1522496

I just think she deserved best actress, it's not even a competition in my eyes. lydia tar was in a league above the entire field of competition tonight, plain and simple


i don't care in the sense that i know nothing about her polanski shit that the anon brought up. i just watch movies OK?!

No. 1522497

If you didn't care about her as a person you wouldn't even be bothering to defend her. That movie was probably shit and so is the crypt keeper.

No. 1522498

>didn't even watch it
lol ok bye

No. 1522499

i havent seen it since i was a kid but i loved it very dearly, i have a feeling when i watch it im going to be wondering why my mom ever let me watch it but oh well.

No. 1522500

File: 1678683595394.jpg (60.98 KB, 1000x1481, KVZ9FJo.jpg)

anyway this should be lc's movie of the year, just in general
i'm truly surprised more of you haven't seen it.

No. 1522501

File: 1678683657445.jpg (59.31 KB, 443x373, 554.jpg)

>being against rape supporters is "moral jumping jacks"
it's basic decency and empathy for the victims. now i'm gonna post about his other supporters too out of spite

No. 1522502

It's tastefully done, family friendly and PG-13. Enjoy!

No. 1522504

File: 1678683706089.jpg (179.12 KB, 1124x1413, 3.jpg)

there's an even longer list of people but i can't find it now

No. 1522506

ngl i feel nothing for people that aren't my immediate family, does that make me a sociopath?

No. 1522507

They won't revoke his awards but Will Smith was banned for a decade for slapping a guy kek

No. 1522508

that's such a weird thing to say… why

No. 1522511

I'm pretty sure there's been an influx on moids lingering around here and they're not subtle at all

No. 1522513

>how badly it pisses off stan Twitter
i don't hang around there but i've rarely seen this in relation to her, or twitter stans talking negatively about weight in general. there are certainly many people that don't like her but it's more probably just because she's annoying as a person. she still has her own stans unfortunately

No. 1522514

File: 1678684403270.jpg (49.81 KB, 638x450, Halle berry.jpg)

I'm just glad that Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan won something. Everything Everywhere All At Once won best editing and I think it was completely deserved, although Stephanie Hsu also deserved an award.
Was I the only one surprised to not see the Abott Elementary cast though? Even if they weren't nominated I thought they would go.

No. 1522515

The dramatisation-biopic-esk picture was her last self-sucking session. MUH DADDAY WUZ A KANG! YYEEEHHHAAWWW!

No. 1522516

here you go. https://m.imdb.com/list/ls090808434/
it’s 43 people, mostly old male directors. Natalie Portman, Asia Argento, and Xavier Dolan are the only ones who publicly apologized. Emma Thompson only asked for her name to be removed.

No. 1522528

dumb Indian nationalist/power fantasy film, you could watch literally any other film and get the same feel

No. 1522544

File: 1678689517480.jpg (417.37 KB, 1364x2048, megan.jpg)

I won't post anymore pics of the Vanity Fair Oscar party because I would hate to clog the thread, but I just want to post this pic of Megan Thee Stallion.

Since the Tory Lanez case, she has been step back from social media and the public, and this is the first (technically second, actually) time she's been seen in a while. What a nice surprise, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Usually her red carpets looks are a huge miss for me but this is perfection. Hopefully this means she has a new stylist and the start of a new era for her.

No. 1522546

File: 1678689783091.jpg (457.77 KB, 1364x2048, austin.jpg)

You spoke too soon anon lol

No. 1522549

File: 1678689920975.jpeg (91.26 KB, 1170x1399, FrDdf4RWcAA15wb.jpeg)

Deepika looked gorgeous! I'm glad her styling did her justice for once, because usually she's made to wear either the weirdest or blandest outfits by her stylist.

No. 1522560

This is probably the same scrote who was making racebait comments earlier, mad that he got ignored the first time lol

No. 1522574

I watched RRR and it is unironically more engaging and enjoyable than a lot of high budget Hollywood films despite being openly cringe. At one point a guy uses a 1920s motorcycle as a sword during a battle in the Indian wilderness. Hollywood need to start taking notes on how to make "white man bad" media because this is the only time I've seen it done in a way that isn't paper thin badly written crap like She Hulk

No. 1522577

I think it's pretty popular in Japan.

No. 1522585

when the fuck will this trend of greasy frazzled looking hair end it blows my mind this look is intentional

No. 1522589

She legitimately looks braindead,tf are you talking about?

No. 1522636

Ot, but I wanted to like this so bad (big fan of bad women), and Cate played amazingly well, but it just felt very flat. I wish they didn't made the movie about her being unfaithful but more about the competitions between the different conductors. (Also every time they tried to bring the current social and political climate, it felt so fake and weird, like who even says uhaul lesbian irl ?). It's such a shame because the movie could have been so good, that scene where she beats up the other conductor will always be kino though

She looks really good here, good for her!

No. 1522641

Oscars is for films only nonna. You're thinking of the Emmy's for TV shows

No. 1522660

File: 1678711076915.jpg (358.74 KB, 3000x2132, belladownsy.jpg)

sage for no real contribution, but how the fuck is she famous? she looks like she has downs syndrome.

No. 1522664

ugly people can be famous too nonna

No. 1522669

and the award for counting to potato goes to

No. 1522671

Oooh, you're right. Huge brainfart.

No. 1522672

She looks fine, but also I don't know how you didn't realize that I was talking about the entire look and not just her face.

No. 1522674

Anon learns acting roles are more than just being the 204018292th bangmaid for gullible women to look up to.

No. 1522684

If she was blonde, I'm sure some would say she has delicate features and resembles a chubby version of Anya Taylor Joy and Elle Fanning.

No. 1522696

Lyanna mormont, but she is a good actress if the given material is good

No. 1522700

Seething scrote

No. 1522710

Tems did a song for the black panther album. Music artists always show up at the Oscar’s just like how Viola showed up for the Grammys and won one for an audiobook . Oscar’s have musical awards. Hello!? Musicals!!

No. 1522715

I think so too! She is adorable I like that she is “plain” a lot of young white girls look more like her than Anya Taylor joy and that’s the real gag. Crazy how people say hollyweird is toxic for only displaying one type of woman but when they display a more normal woman she is ripped to shreds and told she shouldn’t act because of her face. Despite her being in one of the biggest shows of the year. Gross

No. 1522716

She's ugly but I don't have a problem with ugly people who can act well; however, she annoys the shit out of me in every clip I see of her. Just cannot understand how she got so far. She kind of unnerves me because she has the same soulless stare as a rat.

No. 1522721

Are you a scrote? Only 4chan scrotes seethe about her being ugly.
If you are a woman you are a stupid whore(infighting)

No. 1522726

I felt bad for her since she was getting piled on by moids who are mad she’s not an attractive 14 year old but then she pulled the gender special any pronouns bullshit that completely threw me off
Her acting is average at best

No. 1522729

If she wasn't a they/them I would think she was kind of cute. Her acting is definitely overrated though I don't think she's anything special.

No. 1522732

kek yeah the blonde and light eyes fetishism epidemic is a disease, if she lost weight and had some lip fillers people would be complimenting her, but she's a more natural looking brunette woman with dark eyes in hollywood so of course she's "ugly". how many unspecial or uglier white women have been elevated because they're blonde or have light eyes

there are worse looking actresses, I like her enough as ellie.

No. 1522734

Name some uglier blonde actresses people say are attractive.

No. 1522741

His nose looks so messed up, even moreso in full body shots. This is why people should be careful with nosejobs, you can't go back when they shorten your nose too much and it looks way worse than a nose that's too big. He looks like he's related to Steven King (no shade but he's the king of Whoville noses).

No. 1522750

File: 1678722691825.jpeg (139.88 KB, 1024x1024, EDAC5065-E190-46DA-B737-765AB3…)

Tori spelling lol jk. I think she looks the same facially as a young drew Barrymore if drew Barrymore wasn’t a blue eyed blonde as a child yall would be saying the same thing about her.

No. 1522753

I could see some truth in this, neither of them are ugly to me either

even the "ugliest" woman is probably still going to be less hideous than some of the men in hollywood, people are also pissy that she's young looking and and minimal with her makeup and clothing choices. if she were wearing heavier makeup and dressing more scantly people would probably be less critical. she's literally 19, and she looks younger, why are people so nasty

No. 1522756

nta, but Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton (if you want to consider her as an actress), Sarah Jessica Parker. Just to name a few and that being said, I don't find Bella Ramsey attractive, but nonna is right, different hair colour and style, a little plastic surgery and people would like her. It's just annoying that women have to look a certain way to even be considered a good actress, while men can look like a car accident.

No. 1522761

>She kind of unnerves me because she has the same soulless stare as a rat.

I hate when people say this. just admit you don't like her because she's ugly.

No. 1522764

>She kind of unnerves me because she has the same soulless stare as a rat.

I hate when people say this. just admit you don't like her because she's ugly.

No. 1522771

Those after parties are where they give away all the good shit!

She ain't dumb but that certainly doesn't mean she's with him for the long hall and that this isn't just a shallow publicity relationshit for her.

>She'll dump him just like she dumped Pete Davidson and she'll move on to the next one. She's a nepo-baby social ladder climber. This is just what she does.

Have you ever seen the gift baskets and shit they give away to everyone who attends those after parties?

No. 1522775

I was looking forward to this movie so much but it was so fucking boring I couldn't finish more than an hour of it. I really liked EEAAO even though it was excessive and cringy at times

No. 1522779

File: 1678724469312.jpeg (1022.48 KB, 2880x1921, E8899ACB-D102-4744-9CD1-3EF72B…)

The Oscar winner's gift bag is pretty luxurious

>Featuring over 60 items, the bag this year is filled with several beauty and lifestyle gifts, luxury vacations — including a $40,000 getaway to a Canadian estate called The Lifestyle, and a stay for eight people in a restored Italian lighthouse — and ‘a symbolic souvenir’ of a piece of land in Queensland, Australia

>Those who want to revamp their homes, meanwhile, can use the $25,000 worth project management fees for home restoration from Maison Construction.

>There are also several rejuvenation procedures that are reportedly part of the package, including lipo arm sculpting, hair restoration services, and a facelift.

>While over 50 percent of the products reportedly come from companies that are women and minority-owned, the gifts will be delivered in Havaianas suitcases this year. Inside are skincare products from Miage, a silk pillowcase from Blush Silks, a travel pillow from PETA, and products from Ariadne Athens Skin Wellness, All Better Co., Bored Rebel, Daily Energy Cards, Effecti-cal, Kind Reason Co., KnowingLabs, Maison Construction, NaturGeeks, Rareté Studios, ReFa, Proflexa, Oxygenetix, and The Millions-Billions-Trillions Brand, among others. The least expensive gifts include a pack of Clif Thins priced at $13.56, and an $18 loaf of Japanese milk bread from Ginza Nishikawa.

No. 1522783

File: 1678724860823.jpeg (186.71 KB, 1200x1200, B57C7D4F-D8D1-430F-B086-5F21C8…)

Why was Jennifer Lawrence my first thought but I thought I’d get slandered because hunger games Stan’s are alive and well. I’m sorry but Jennifer has the same doughy features as the other girl she’s again just blonde with blue eyes. Put brown contacts and dye her hair blonde and she looks like anyone. She has a nice body though.

No. 1522785

Is she disabled? It's a real question before anyone starts seething.

No. 1522786


No. 1522788

No she’s just an average white girl lol

No. 1522790

File: 1678725021457.png (1.36 MB, 844x6316, IMG_20230313_172948.png)

This is once again peak Madonna - whore complex. If a woman is on her own, you can do anything to her. But if she's somebody's mother, daughter or wife, the man is allowed to rage about it.
A comedian isn't even allowed to joke about his wife's balding but he's allowed to show fake porn of Margot Robbie to her and their coworkers - while she has to be a "cool girl" and laugh with them…

No. 1522792

The average whitd girl doesn't this deformed though, and I'm not white so it's not even like I'm defending myself kek.

No. 1522794

What is the context maam what happened!?

No. 1522795

Gigi Hadid isn't an actress, but I'll never comprehend how she became an acclaimed top model with the doughy face, jowls, and puffy eyelids. I know nepotism can make a way, but who the hell is Yolanda? It's not like she's a Naomi so how powerful could her connects even be? If Gigi was a brown eyed brunette we wouldn't even know she existed.

No. 1522806

File: 1678725636088.jpeg (56.23 KB, 749x701, 97D1D337-51CE-42BB-A174-6E4658…)

Her jawline is throwing everything off, but if you reduced it and gave her lip makeup and a better stylist she'd sort of resemble Chris Evans' current girlfriend. It's the jaw, but I wouldn't say she looks "deformed"

No. 1522815

None of the women listed are at ALL uglier than this woman >>1522660 the thing about her is that her face is comically small for her giant head, her bone structure is smooth as hell, the depth of her eyes appear more shallow than expected which is part of what gives her that "down syndrome" look, her nasion appears wide and gives it a kind of flat appearance which also adds to the "down syndrome" look, flatter philtrum, big chin and jaw, her fave in general just has a strangely "flat" look. Kind of like the moon emoji with smaller eyes. She genuinely looks like she's got something up with her chromosomes from certain angles. It's uncanny.

No. 1522816

Thinking of blonde women who got too much plastic surgery: Courtney Love and Jenny McCarthy

like Courtney's music but she was no looker starting off, got a ton of surgery to hide her flaws, and McCarthy is just plain retarded and 90% plastic

The fact that basic or ugly blonde women still get lauded more than brunette darker eyed women for breathing is pathetic

No. 1522818

As I wrote: Will Smith had a deep fake video of Margot Robbie on his phone and then showed it to her and their coworkers, thinking of this as hilarious…

No. 1522824

would say it's the same thing that is happening with that one child from Heidi Klum, if her mother wouldn't be a model, her daughter wouldn't be a model. And you can see that in many rich and famous families, it's all about the money and the connections you can buy with said money. And we would know of Gigi Hadid, even with brown eyes and hair, look at the daughters of Steven Tyler, they aren't attractive but still famous and models

Meg Ryan, if we talk about blonde women with too much plastic surgery.

No. 1522825

File: 1678726047828.jpeg (91.2 KB, 900x900, A86ACCD0-6D69-4D7B-8917-61A5CD…)

I don’t think she’s ugly but it literally looks like those memes from a few years ago where people would shrink someone’s facial features on their head.

No. 1522836

>Is she disabled?



Disabled sounds much nicer, anon.

No. 1522837

File: 1678726709658.jpeg (54.16 KB, 640x960, 419B191F-6F52-472C-90EC-512007…)

Bella is still young and playing child characters, she was a child actress, and she doesn't want to sexualize herself. Meanwhile you've got Millie Bobby Brown dressed like she's 40. Women can't have it either way. It's like some people, including other women, want actresses to be a commodity.

No. 1522843

I don't know anything about Heidi Klums's or Steven Tyler's daughters so please don't ruin this for me, nona lol Unfortunately, I just remembered Gordon Ramsey's daughter and Kamala Harris's geeky ass daughter. The nepotism is too obvious that it's embarrassing. No self respecting photog, designer, or magazine should work with them but no one truly truly cares about their craft anymore.
I'll never forgive the adults who ripped 12 year old Millie apart for wearing a loose fitting white dress at a show instead of something more form-fitting. They were actually bothered and discussed how she should've worn something tighter and lamented that her dress didn't conform to her pre-pubescent shape at all. Poor girl never had a chance in this industry.

No. 1522853

if she ever feels pressured to get plastic surgery you'll also shit on her and say she looked so much better before. yawn.

No. 1522854

reminds me of how years ago people would shit on jojo siwa's style for looking too 'childish' even though she was under 18 and her whole job involved performing for kids

No. 1522858

some of you in here are one breath away from having fully sincere spergouts about canthal tilts

No. 1522861

This >>1522815 post is pretty close kek

No. 1522874

People ripping on this disabled woman can fuck-off tbqh!

No. 1522875

This has always happened but suspecting it's the same anons doing it the last few threads

Attractiveness is a subjective thing anyway. I'm more interested in the milk that flows out of scandals or how ugly someone's dress is or how bad their plastic surgery is than sperging about a 19 year old child actress but some idiot anon that's either actually a moid or a really insecure woman has to cause a massive infight about lookism minimum once per thread

No. 1522888

Ntayrt, but I agree with you. The ugly sperging just makes my eyes roll. I think some want to just insult her because of her theythem phase. All this just enforces that woman is when Virginbangmaidmommywhore.

No. 1522895

This also happened with Lana's weight gain and a few other times. This type of nitpicking also tends to come from a certain breed of /snow/ or /w/ user, /w/ loves nitpicking

I think we're all guilty of lookism under anonymity to some degree, I mean I sperg about women who I think are pickmes whose plastic surgery I find hideous, but that's because I think it goes against my ideology and I believe she's acting like an idiot. or calling someone's dress ugly, or calling men ugly, at least those things don't feel cruel. I don't get much thrill out of targeting someone who I feel doesn't deserve it.

No. 1522913

for me it's the same, there are a lot of women and men out there people find attractive and I'm just "no, they are ugly", but it's my own opinion and I'm mostly here for the milk to see which celebrity is the next one to do something stupid.

No. 1522914

lmao now i'm watching it this week, that is a beautiful description

No. 1522917

i thought the movie was beautifully shot, blanchett was superb acting wise, but i understand why it didn't get any awards compared to the other movies that did. if this had come out last year i think it would have done far better

No. 1522918

I'm going to have a BF movie marathon because of you, nona! I haven't watched the Whale yet but think that'll have to be the last on my list because the trailer nearly brought me to tears kek
I imagine Jessica Chastain and Halle Berry are the angels that greet you when you get to the pearly gates. So with you on all points. Michelle and Ke Huy Quan got what they deserved so this year wasn't a complete bust but it's really like Stephanie was snubbed and I hate it.

No. 1522924

Her being Polanski apologist to this day is really awful, but I do agree she gave one in a lifetime performance, people that didn't watch the movie wouldn't know.
I don't have anything Michelle but I didn't like eeaao as a movie, especially the ending felt like some weeb shit nakama power with fast and furious spin on familla above everything.
Some of you are angry Jaime won instead of Stephanie, but to be honest both of them sucked in that damn movie, especially Stephanie. Even as a lifetime Oscar Jaime didn't deserve it when Angela was in the same category.
In short Angela deserved to win with her performance (this is coming from someone who hates capeshit) and lifetime achievement, because she has been snubbed many, many times.

No. 1522929

Sage for no contribution but i did not know thé french thread even existed where is it ??

No. 1522936

Some of the shit being said in this thread reminds me of LSA in the viciousness/targets kek. Anyone whose been there know what I mean, usually lolcow is more "Hey here's a reason why I dislike this person, or this person has horrible surgery!" not just, "This bitch is so ugly why is she famous? This ugly white girl" type of vibe.
I don't know, there's no substance

No. 1522941

Cole Sprouse let me suck your dick.

No. 1522943


CALM DOWN GURL!(samefagging thirst cringe)

No. 1522944

Actually I realized and understood exactly what you're trying to say, but the look is so underwhelming I didn't want to even mention it lol

No. 1522953

File: 1678735268146.jpg (21.97 KB, 600x600, 27b-1736257466.jpg)

The nerve of some weirdos in here shitting on that poor girl while shlicking to Adam Driver at the same time.

No. 1522957

Leave driverfags out of it

No. 1522962

Reading this with their ages included makes it even fucking weirder, these geriatric old farts texting about these women who are 20 years younger than them

No. 1522966

I completely forgot Angela was in that category. In that case, she was robbed 100% because that was such a powerful performance; way beyond what capeshit deserves. Ig I can't even be mad that Angela didn't win because her skill and talent is far beyond what any award could express. sorry if I sound like a stan

No. 1522967

fucking kek, come on now. "eVeRyOnE iN tHe RoOm sTaRtEd CrYiNg WhEn ThEy sAw mE!!!"

and then Marilyn's ghost clapped

No. 1522982

no hes ugly and they deserve to be shamed. i stand with anon!

No. 1522996

File: 1678739896690.png (10.45 KB, 150x287, E3A266FE-AAE5-4B99-814A-AECA4C…)

… did that middle chick seriously cosplay scooby doo to the Oscar’s?

No. 1523003

You must be new to lolcow

No. 1523008

The only good thing that came out of it winning all the awards is my mental image of Feige being in eternal seethe mode. In his mind marvel movies popularized multiverse with people and some a24 movie obliterated their decades of worldbuilding.
Unlike majority of you they don't shit on people's looks, nice deflection tho, just own up to your judgmental susan persona.

No. 1523011

Downs? I was thinking FAS

No. 1523016

File: 1678741392515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.69 KB, 230x341, BellaRamsey.jpg)

Just watch, "you look just like Bella Ramsey!" Is going to be the new backhanded compliment/insult.

No. 1523021

She looks like the Woll Smoth memes of the olden days of the internet. She also has the shrunken dead eyed features of a shark. Poor kid, what a tough industry to be ugly in.

No. 1523026

you are not the lorax of women who are attracted to adam driver

No. 1523027

it's the slicked back hair that makes her look so much worse, she's looks alright when she's got some volume or frizzy baby hairs to soften the blow of that forehead

No. 1523052

File: 1678744434638.jpeg (114.5 KB, 1242x1816, B1ECB110-7616-4C69-99F9-E910F7…)

deuxmoi proving she's got zero braincells again by posting what is apparently an austin butler version of a copypasta

No. 1523126

File: 1678784174183.jpg (114.29 KB, 828x1024, egg.jpg)

nonnies will shit on her for having a small face and weak facial bones then go thirst over this egg-headed greasy mf

No. 1523131

He looks extra gaunt. New role or did the image of him as Fat Elvis give him a complex?

No. 1523142

Meanwhile normalfags die of cancer and pass the debt on to their family

No. 1523144

why does it matter that she is ugly? every single male in hollywood is not only fugly as sin but also talentless

No. 1523177

Of course she would date the pedophile that got with Kylie as a teen.

No. 1523189

File: 1678793230639.jpeg (68.88 KB, 612x774, DFF79394-6A3D-4A10-8594-3272AA…)

I thought Austin was a different actor here at first

No wonder people want to be rich

No. 1523202

>He boomed me
I could only picture him saying it because he's so extremely autistic and can't hide his power level.

… and then he went home made a PB&J sandwich, talked to the ghost of his death mother and lisa…

went into bed

curled into the fetal position

and cried

No. 1523204


it’s fake, deuxmoi admitted it. it’s literally a copypasta from an NBA subreddit about Mark Cuban.

No. 1523207

File: 1678794774342.png (95.29 KB, 1440x1314, Screenshot_20230314-065138.png)

He had to do some unsavory stuff and is probably extremely turned off of food ATM and is stressed to the max.. making eating even more uncomfortable and nauseating.

No. 1523209

File: 1678794960839.png (593.67 KB, 1361x1556, Screenshot_20230314-065544.png)

Okay but that still doesn't negate the fact that austin is speaking autism and nobody wants to listen.

No. 1523210

That anon is trapped alone in the desert.

They just need to go to a hospital and be put on an IV drip.

Ever been so dehydrated that you start vomiting - even though you need to keep fluids down?


No. 1523221

why do anons keep posting this photo? i'm tired of seeing it already

No. 1523224

Austin Butler has autism.

No. 1523225

File: 1678796814649.png (143.08 KB, 1440x1811, Screenshot_20230314-072548.png)


No. 1523227

File: 1678797127680.gif (493.65 KB, 498x455, crypto-bogged.gif)

Some celebs are going down the journey to get bogged.

No. 1523231

File: 1678797428727.jpeg (145.42 KB, 828x1297, 9CEB892E-7DCE-4844-8594-C9917F…)

People are mad at African singer tems for wearing this dress at the Oscar’s and obstructing the view of the poor rich people behind her. Her response to the backlash was a photo set captioned “oops”. Honestly the way people are trying to cancel her over this dress is stupid af. Threatening to beat her up saying she is a disgrace to all of Africa. So dramatic. Tems is not cancelled her voice is too beautiful for that to be the case and not over a damn dress lol. She looks so stunning. I recommend Free Mind. Beautiful song

No. 1523236

nah, people hate her because she's a rightwing christian extremist who used to run a conversion missionary channel online to get kids to become a weirdo christian like her, and then when she moved on from that she jumped immediately into "every other woman loves being a stupid bimbo slut, but not me! i'm a human being with a personality!" nlogism.

i really do not understand why lolcow worships this girl. just because someone is ugly doesn't mean they're a good person. that's not how the world works.

No. 1523240

The Oscar staff could have stepped in but they didn't and there aren't rules/guidelines about wearing crazy shit that obstructs other peoples views.

She's getting a bunch of publicity from this and I didn't even know who she was till she wore the outfit/this controversy happened - SHE'S GETTING FREE PROMOTION AND DOING IT RIGHT!



…if the Oscars want to implement new rules and guidelines THEY ARE WELCOME TO!

No. 1523241

File: 1678798212842.png (208.45 KB, 700x700, Fq3C-kLXsAYNJ9U.png)

oof! plastic surgery… not even once

No. 1523244

She's disabled and that's why she acts retarded because she's legit handicapped.

No. 1523245

Spoiler that shit, please.

No. 1523246

weaponized mental deficiency

No. 1523247

No. 1523249

Someone tell the moids seething at her that corruption, FGM and child marriages sanctioned by the Arab pedophile are the real disgraces to Africa lol.

No. 1523250

File: 1678798532523.png (1.69 MB, 2048x1809, Screenshot_20230314-075513.png)

i thought for sure this was shopped. wtf

No. 1523253

Madonna, Simon Cowell and other Frankensteins need to be spoiler-ed. They hurt my eyes.

No. 1523255

There's so many people there who don't need facelifts.

This is going to be a disaster.

There's always the possibility of people going under the knife and not waking up too.

R.I.P in advance to people who don't need it - their faces and anyone who dies on the table.

No. 1523265

Wait, Bella is a fundie? Fill me more in on this, had no idea

No. 1523271

clearly hardly anyone knew this, but yeah as soon as I look into her eyes that's the information exchange that she did that.

No. 1523276

File: 1678801585713.jpg (96.24 KB, 1600x900, 220326132002-01-great-white-sh…)

You mean shark?

No. 1523277

Seconding this, I get a heart attack every time I see Marge's face. They just don't look human anymore, this is body horror at this point

No. 1523278

File: 1678801752216.jpg (108.91 KB, 1164x687, tems.jpg)

She looked good, and major awards shows like the Oscars are the exact place you should wear stuff like this. Plus, like most celebs she probably partnered with a designer for this gown and I'm sure the designers are given guidelines to follow when picking out dresses.

No. 1523279

okay, I didn't know that and I didn't care for her before, but now I don't like her, ugly or not, the non binary thing was already annoying, but her claiming that Jesus cured her ED, well, I don't need to know anything more about her.

No. 1523280

File: 1678801873174.jpg (294.29 KB, 1280x1920, ladygaga2_v_17feb10_pa_b.jpg)

Samefag but it's not like it's unheard of for people to wear huge, dramatic stuff to awards shows either. It's not like anyone complaining was there anyway.

No. 1523283

Our eyes and brain's are not wired -to enjoy- looking at people -who look mutilated -like- they came out of war zones and had there faces blown off - to be reconstructed by frankenstein-surgons.

It makes my stomach turn.

No. 1523285


No. 1523287

what's with all the dashes

No. 1523288

File: 1678802334007.png (58.96 KB, 1440x841, Screenshot_20230314-085809.png)

No. 1523289

My English bad.

No. 1523291

It's called a run-on sentence, anon.

No. 1523302

She looks breathtakingly beautiful & ethereal!

No. 1523303

File: 1678803837235.png (245.55 KB, 663x431, 1678762934122452.png)

No. 1523305

File: 1678803988641.png (57.63 KB, 1440x2078, Screenshot_20230314-092617.png)

No. 1523310

File: 1678804517429.webm (6.3 MB, 360x640, videoplayback.webm)

No. 1523313

It's just a publicity stunt.

Random people don't just get onto the stage and get to aimlessly walk around.

I don't believe this wasn't preplanned.

In-between this and her going after Tyga..

She sure appears to be thirsty for attention.

What will her&her-team pull next?

No. 1523314

Integrate & stop typing in such a noticeable format

No. 1523316

"woke topless"
stop visiting retarded scrote right wing twitter accounts anon

No. 1523317

There's something very poetically tragic about the state of Simon Cowell('s face). He spent decades belittling, ridiculing and callously telling delusional working-class people that they suck and should abandon their dreams only to, at a later stage of his life, be subjected to the very same dehumanizing treatment, but on a significantly more global level. I can't help but feel bad for him, and I can't imagine how horrible being a public figure must be when your fading or botched looks are being scrutizined by faceless people on the internet. I'd 100 % kill myself

No. 1523318

Are you illiterate?

No. 1523319

>tragically poetic

No. 1523323

naw that's just bad manners
i would feel so uncomfortable if i was her, of course nobody dares to say anything but she must have felt the glares in her back

No. 1523331


No. 1523332

are you okay?

No. 1523334

holier-than-art-thou rich assholes NOT SAYING ANYTHING?!


Sure it was rude what she did by obstructing the view but snobby elitist entitled douchebags can't shut their mouths for no one!

No. 1523340

…how many more times do you plan to post this spergy 3 liner?
Just because she's African doesn't mean she's any less of a rich and entitled egomaniac than the others, so why are you so deep up her ass?

No. 1523341

File: 1678806754872.jpg (53.7 KB, 742x757, gaga.jpg)

another publicity stunt

No. 1523344

It's called editing.

>doesn't mean she's any less of a rich and entitled egomaniac than the others


I love when they eat each other.

No. 1523345

If it was a problem, then anyone (the people in attendance or the people running the show/organizing the event) could've said something or they could have changed the seating to account for her gown and the people behind her. This is so dumb to care about kek. Wearing dramatic and eye-catching looks is what they're supposed to do.

No. 1523346


No. 1523349

Oops, thank you for the correction. On another note, Cole Sprouse has done an interview with called "My narcissistic mum sacrificed my childhood for fame". I haven't watched it yet so I don't know if it's good, but if anyone's interested in what he has to say, it's on the Youtube channel The Diary of a CEO

No. 1523350

File: 1678807325688.jpg (43.68 KB, 530x749, 3z4oklspxmna1.jpg)

>lies about her age

No. 1523351

This is a thread for shitting on shitty richfags, she deserve the criticism.

No. 1523352

Then any of the richfags behind her deserved to have their view blocked.

No. 1523353

People aren't shitting on her to "defend" anybody behind her, they're shitting on her because she perfectly embodies the insufferable god complex of your average "celebrity".

No. 1523354

File: 1678807716039.jpg (67.52 KB, 615x857, lewiscapaldi.jpg)

Another ugly male popstar…
The bar is so low for men it's insulting.

No. 1523356

That image should be spoiler-ed. My eyes. Ugh.

No. 1523357

i feel like the sprouse twins are the only former child stars who cope well with whatever happened in their past

No. 1523359

File: 1678807938846.png (13.92 KB, 500x202, tumblr_inline_pncpaehLFE1uc35p…)

Yes, he is a pseud

No. 1523361

I listened to that last night.

He's a try-hard pretentious

It's extremely cringe.

Cole looks like he's a greasy bloated alcoholic drug addict.

Hopefully he doesn't wind up in a bad place soon.

No. 1523367

his voice is the worst part of him imo. I don't get why people enjoy listening to what sounds like a teenage boy screaming crying lyrics in your ear. his songs are everywhere and it always ruins my day. the fact that he is also painful to look at is just insult to injury.

he would be nowhere if his uncle wasn't Doctor Who, innit

No. 1523370

They were defiantly SA at some point, I would not doubt it

No. 1523371

who is this?

No. 1523373

File: 1678808637733.webm (2.18 MB, 720x1280, Lady Gaga Helps a Photographer…)

>publicity stunt
Doubt it.

No. 1523374

Billy eye-lash.

No. 1523375

Angela Bassett deserves to win an Oscar, but they owe it to her to give it for something better than a Marvel movie. Angela Bassett has been in plenty of actual movies for adults that are able to make more of her acting abilities, reward her for those performances. We don’t reward other great actresses for their performances in Marvel/DC trash, it would feel condescending to Angela Bassett IMO to say that her role in a comic book movie is the peak example of her acting skills. We need to stop incentivizing the moronic capeshit industrial complex.

(Kerry Condon was robbed though)

No. 1523376

Wtf i hate Dr.who now!

No. 1523377

File: 1678808772954.png (1.33 MB, 2362x1977, leather.png)

Emma Watson's life of frying her skin on the beach is starting to catch up with her quick. Only 32 and her skin looks liked dried up leather.

No. 1523382

She looks like an old man

No. 1523383

File: 1678809017572.jpg (100.15 KB, 739x926, capaldi.jpg)

I hate this ugly nepobaby

No. 1523384

File: 1678809067383.jpg (300.79 KB, 1384x2048, FJydBQwXoAQ3jXz.jpg_large.jpg)

If Emma Watson wasn't a giangantic twat, I'd like her but she's a bumbling ungrateful cunt and thick as hell.

No. 1523385

She looks fine

Stop with the retard looksperging
This thread smells like crusty moid

No. 1523386

I don't even think she tanned much, but she seems like the type who thinks that skin care and sunscreen is toxic and therefore mixes her own useless "organic" version

No. 1523388

File: 1678809345637.gif (1.16 MB, 336x260, 167880933997300729.gif)

No. 1523389

File: 1678809367638.jpeg (125.19 KB, 828x1283, 04B20662-B4E0-42A1-A18C-04FD89…)

Emrata is going to be having Diplo on her podcast, the DJ who's known for grooming young women. There were dating rumors about them last year

Guess her feminism really is performative

No. 1523390

She looks her age and fine. Go nitpick one of the many ugly ass moids Hollywood houses thanks.

No. 1523393

>dried up leather
she has great skin wtf are you talking about anon? having a few lines is normal in your 30s, sorry to tell you

No. 1523394

Wasn't she with Eric Andre?

No. 1523395

File: 1678809546374.webm (1000.41 KB, 564x254, tumblr_119c.webm)

I've had enough

No. 1523397

even before the allegations came out, I always knew there was something yuck about him from that picture

No. 1523398

Think the order was
>split from caveman husband
>some random businessman

No. 1523399

even before the allegations came out, I always knew there was something yuck about him from that picture

No. 1523400

Think the order was
>split from caveman husband
>some random businessman

No. 1523401

She is white and British. Therefore, her skin ages faster and is more sensitive to the sun. Not everyone in Hollywood has to be babyfaced.

No. 1523402

She is white and British. Therefore, her skin ages faster and is more sensitive to the sun. Not everyone in Hollywood has to be babyfaced.

No. 1523403

No it's not if you don't tan.

No. 1523404

She gets paid to date people these days.

No. 1523405

>looking this old is normal for white women
not this shit again…

No. 1523408

>How dare this woman not be conventionally attractive in an industry filled with fuggo men!
>How dare this woman wear a dramatic dress!
>How dare this woman have nasolabial folds and texture instead of airbrushed skin!
I know this is lolcow but goddamn can some actual celeb drama happen so anons can stop reaching for retarded things to nitpick about

No. 1523409

>How dare someone point out that tanning ages your skin and looks bad

No. 1523412

can you contribute actual milk instead of using the thread to dunk on women's looks? cant we leave scrotum behavior and petty nitpicks well enough alone?

guess we are back to the days of lana weight sperging

wonder if she got paid to invite him to her podcast too

No. 1523413

Do you think women go from having perfect baby smooth skin to an old granny suddenly in a single day once they turn 45 or something? Like another anon said, having a few lines is normal and fine in your 30s. She's 32, she doesn't have to have perfect 16 year old skin. You're nitpicking.

No. 1523417

File: 1678810504146.png (62.27 KB, 1440x2077, Screenshot_20230314-111449.png)

People have been whispering about him for years, anon.

One example:


No. 1523418

I'm a few years older than her and I don't have wrinkles like that because I don't tan. I have fine lines starting to appear but her ones are pretty deep for her age. She has lots of freckles too showing that she has damaged her skin.

I was shocked when I saw the photo. That's not nitpicking.

No. 1523419

no one knew of that video until the allegations came out and someone dragged it up. there were rumours but mostly among people that were in the film industry. the average joe did not know about it.

No. 1523421

>comparing yourself to celebrity
>"m-muh skin is better"
>"having freckles is bad and automatically indicates damaged skin"
you do realize that freckled people get more freckles even when they wear sunscreen, doesn't mean their skin is damaged. freckles are literally an inherited trait, she's had them since she was a kid

you sound straight up insecure, completely dissociated from what women look like, and handicapped, stop watching tiktoks with smoothing filters and leave your house, assuming you're not a baiting moid

No. 1523426

File: 1678811188094.jpeg (93.86 KB, 828x1126, A5017D22-0F28-49A8-815D-16843B…)

She should've just let him rot

No. 1523427

>shut up you don't know what 32 year old women look like
>shut up about how you are over 32 and know what it looks like
jesus what can I post

Freckles mean that you have been exposed to the sun, which is why they appear darker in summer. It's why she's always had them as she loving frying herself. Exposing yourself to the sun means skin damage. The freckles themselves might not be damage but the fact that they can be seen despite her deep tan means she's fried.

You sound like you are fried and insecure about it lol

No. 1523428

Kek he looks like a pig in a wig with a shirt on

No. 1523431

Billie Eilish is definitely not only 21, and it's creepy how all the press articles obsess over how "young" she is/was.

No. 1523432

>exposing yourself to the sun means skin damage
not if you wear sunscreen and are sparse enough about it, not everyone wants to remain inside or can afford to nor wants to in order to be a pale princess all day, and freckles are going to appear regardless

as someone who has freckles I literally get them in places I don't think the sun even touches and I do wear sunscreen. I still get them and they still darken.

you sound very insecure and are randomly bringing her up even though she's not done anything milky, she's not even relevant right now. now why would you do that

No. 1523433

>I still get them and they still darken
confirmed for fried

No. 1523435

NTA but can you shut up? You just sound like a racist. Some groups of people freckle easily, deal with it.

No. 1523436

triggered kek

No. 1523439

>racism against whites(racebaiting)

No. 1523442

File: 1678812270730.jpeg (99.34 KB, 828x1045, 4BCD577A-C982-4E69-9B0E-FEFF39…)

why would he even agree to an interview in the first place? he seems confused or maybe drug fried


No. 1523444

File: 1678812485938.png (75.32 KB, 1440x1170, Screenshot_20230314-114723.png)

No. 1523446

she's ugly af and she cant act. then she comes out as 'non binary' to avoid criticism.

No. 1523448

go back to twitter

No. 1523451

File: 1678812967857.jpg (49.3 KB, 680x519, Jenny-the-Donkey-Jimmy-Kimmel.…)

I thought that was clever how the oscars had an ass on stage.

No. 1523452

This seems more like a cultural misunderstanding. He's doing the typical upper British class thing of being humble and polite. He doesn't name drop or brag.

No. 1523454

She was great for the short time she was on that shit show. No woman should have to go through this. it makes me angry this is a female exclusive issue. I hope she is better now. men suck so fucking much

No. 1523455

File: 1678813108197.jpg (104.76 KB, 1280x720, FrEmbsfWcAArgDL.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 1523459

File: 1678813327361.webm (2.63 MB, 640x360, malala.webm)

Since we're still talking about the Oscars, I'm surprised no one mentioned the cringy Jimmy Kimmel and Malala moment. Also, her husband is handsome

No. 1523460

>Malala continues to do nothing

No. 1523461

Fan bingbing is so freakin gorgeous. I love the green so much.

No. 1523463

it made me so pissed that they flew a fucking donkey all the way over from ireland so they could "aww" at it. it's cruel and idiotic. as if the donkey knows or cares if it's won an oscar ffs. she just wants to go back to the field with her friends

No. 1523467

It's what he deserves. Good for him.

No. 1523468

not the same donkey lol

No. 1523470

not the same donkey lol

No. 1523471

nta but that anon just doesn't know how to integrate (sorry nonna, i think you have valid points sometimes but you do stand out) i don't see anyone on other threads i use typing that exact way and it's pretty identifiable…

No. 1523474

Saw a headline of him also saying he got his dick sucked by a man but he's not gay, anyone notice how uts not even Troon sexing that's being promoted as "straight " but regular scrotes saying how they can fuck eachtoher and not be gay? I feel like I'm constantly seeing this this it makes me hate being bisexual with a heavy lean towards scrotes. No I don't care if it's hypocritical, lesbians on the dl don't kill people, they also aren't as risky as gay/bi scrotes who will get their dick sucked from some crackhead scrote. Men are always killing because their dicks, gay, straight, bi etc. Anyway bisexual men are just gay to me kek.

No. 1523478

right? this thread is becoming insufferable because no one is posting actual milk anymore, i know there's hardly any and honestly i've tried to find some but anons are just randomly bringing up people to talk shit about their looks or autism. like at least have something instead of sperging about personal opinion

No. 1523480

phew, that's something at least. still hate them dragging a poor donkey onto the stage though but that's for another topic of discussion entirely.

No. 1523489

File: 1678815570560.png (257.04 KB, 1440x1806, Screenshot_20230314-123835.png)

No. 1523498

>Anyway bisexual men are just gay to me kek
but then why would he groom a woman sexually if he's full homo rather than half

No. 1523504

these two are cut from the same cloth, for all their annoying tiktok feminist takes and podcasts, in reality they've cared for other women, the only reason they even give a shit about feminism is cause it personally benefits them, but they don't care about other women

No. 1523505

File: 1678816636423.jpg (95.91 KB, 828x735, billy bragg.jpg)

washed up "leftist" rock star billy bragg is once again being a scrote on twitter. now he's getting his knickers in a twist because a handful of famous lesbians (martina navratilova, julie bindel, kathleen stock, etc) have gotten together to create a lesbian charity for lesbians.

No. 1523512

I wonder why he cares.

No. 1523513


First and foremost I don't know who he is and secondly he should get a life!

No. 1523517

Why do men in drag think that they're biological women and if they chop-off their cocks&balls that suddenly they believe it's a real vagina?

No. 1523524

File: 1678817844090.png (1.81 MB, 1388x1483, Screenshot_20230314-131449.png)

Silly anons upset about that jackass on stage.

One of the oscar after party gifts is a…

PETA "Stop Monkey Imports to Labs" travel pillow


No. 1523527

File: 1678818179331.png (2.97 KB, 956x101, Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 2.22.…)

No. 1523528

File: 1678818325576.png (12.88 KB, 751x198, 16788183021705310.png)

No. 1523532

File: 1678818513988.jpg (81.62 KB, 1320x880, 16786786718197.jpg)

John Travolta had a hard time holding back tears.

No. 1523537

you're right and you should say it. they both give me that same impression along with other celebrities of their tier

No. 1523540

File: 1678818732842.png (264.89 KB, 1440x786, Screenshot_20230314-133204.png)

No. 1523548

File: 1678819743218.jpg (52.28 KB, 817x555, Screenshot 2023-03-14 114800.j…)

Lindsay Lohan is pregnant

No. 1523549

File: 1678819808625.png (98.75 KB, 348x792, imageedit_4_6389598206.png)

Rest easy on the other side, lady!

No. 1523555

File: 1678820293182.gif (1.83 MB, 393x498, 167881954019429065.gif)


>I'm so excited to watch all the seething moids who are going to go on tard-rages. They're the kind of moids who post empty egg carton containers and tell women that they are expired. YYYUUUUSSSS

No. 1523560

She's only 36 nonna.

No. 1523561

not a britfag but what's funny about this

No. 1523562

the comment saying "new movie?" kek

No. 1523564

it's just spam, ignore it

No. 1523565

Well well well, now you're the racist for implying only white people can freckle. Sorry about your sun damaged paper thin skin, pail princess.

No. 1523568

Do you do this every time a woman over 30 gets pregnant?

No. 1523569

File: 1678821025577.jpg (118.04 KB, 1074x1200, EccC9NnWAAAEKLB.jpg)

I've had the misfortune of coming across really abusive basement dwelling neck-beards and the like.

You're lucky if you haven't come across them and I hope you never will!

No. 1523574

File: 1678821367871.jpeg (86.81 KB, 773x790, 63d88db72fede.jpeg)

people from 4chan.org/pol

sure are nice people

No. 1523576

there's no real need to post this in the celebricows thread. we already know how moids feel about pregnant older women

No. 1523577

A traumatized person expressing themselves.

There's no need for that, really?

No. 1523578

Shhhh, kek, I'm able to gloat my house is adorned in champagne carpet now and it's not bc I'm just a poorfag

No. 1523579

shut up, get a therapist

No. 1523580

You're a cunt.

No. 1523582

therapy, now

No. 1523583

ayrt but this genuinely isn't the thread for that

No. 1523584

Okay everyone.

Time to drop the moid/pol/carton back&forth shit and move on.

Everyone got it out of there systems, no?

No. 1523585

File: 1678822301878.jpeg (140.94 KB, 1124x978, 2D06A13E-281F-4712-B150-193427…)

fairly milkless but i’d like to go back to celebrities doing whatever in current time. what a desperate moid

couldn’t agree more.

No. 1523592

the prevalence of botox has really done a number on some of you guys. not everyone is concerned with doing the absolute most to prevent wrinkles.

No. 1523595

kek, based Stacy energy

No. 1523601

Lmfao her butt crack showing

No. 1523606

Shocking, she comes from an entire family of trailer trash junkies. Wonderful

No. 1523633

File: 1678825938463.jpg (32.94 KB, 380x570, tumblr_l15zj66gl81qapplfo1_400…)

rude af. not everyone who attends is rich. imagine traveling internationally because the film you made on a shoe string budget somehow got nominated and you're stuck with this right in your face not being able to see anything. you're never going to get invited again

at least acknowledge you did something wrong and apologise

and not because she's black. tavi got similar flack when she wore that stupid giant ribbon at a dior show

No. 1523641

File: 1678826311671.png (995.89 KB, 1189x2192, Screenshot_20230314-153807.png)

Holy shit! She's all grown up!

No. 1523642

Here's the difference.

Tavi in that picture IS A CHILD!

That woman IS AN ADULT!

No. 1523654

File: 1678827428894.jpg (332.33 KB, 1200x1400, BatBoy_01.jpg)

The whispers were still happening, no less.

Average Joe? As in? Jane the school teacher that watched full house or something?

No. 1523656

All this "fuck those rich assholes she was blocking!" As if shes not rich and also there. I don't think she did it on purpose but that shit was big and was inconsiderate.

No. 1523658

It's funny because it's the only thing in the "PERSONAL LIFE" section of his Wikipedia!! That is ALL he has going for himself! HA HA!

No. 1523660


No. 1523661

No. 1523665

Is your caps lock button broken

No. 1523666

No. 1523674

There's always people who will pull the race card because they're retards with nothing else to give but a strawman. They're trolls at their finest.

It doesn't look like anyone is trying to keep that stronk black woman down..



No. 1523675

File: 1678828428470.jpg (47.36 KB, 780x438, intro-1654079485.jpg)

No. 1523681

Don't do quazi dirty like that, anon.

No. 1523728

why does he have this weird pasty frankenstein look like he's had several skin grafts to his face.. some men are ugly yes granted but this is a unique case

No. 1523733

Do you understand "like a racist"?

No. 1523745

No one even mentioned her being African or Black. Why do anons, especially itt, always need to bring race into everything

No. 1523748

I don't know why you would look closely at that picture. I don't know why you would enlarge it and zoom in on it. I wish it was spoiler-ed. Just thinking about that imagine has me on the verge of vomiting.

That picture is worse than nickacado avocado's asshole.

It's worse than any gore I've ever seen.


No. 1523755

On twitter everybody goes "just because she's black!" "you're tearing a black woman down!" and get's 1000s of likes for it, as if this excuses anything.

No. 1523764

No. 1523774

Imagine what they'd say if just said something mildly terfy lmao, we will see what they really think of black women. She looks beautiful, she could have taken it off, but at the same time it looks like nobody actually gave a shit to tell her to take it off so whatever.

because anons think so little of us that we all care enough about this situation as much as twitter fags do. They don't actually care about defending a black woman, they just want their sjw points. It's pretty fucking obvious.

No. 1523783

So then go tell them and keep your race-obsessed shit over there. All you people ever think and talk about is black and white and black and white and black and white and black and white.

No. 1523786

The first post literally mentioned her being African in the first sentence.

No. 1523788

Nobody in this thread said anything negative about black people? The only “racist“ topic was white people aging badly, that's it. Stop complaining about nothing.

No. 1523790

That was clearly more of a descriptor/context since she's new and not really well known, but I do agree that it wasn't necessary. Anons constantly talking about race all the time is just annoying and I hate that it somehow wriggles it's way into every topic. That's all.

No. 1523797

that anon was only talking about emma then someone sperged about race

half the race sperging on here are people complaining about nonexistant race sperging

No. 1523809

Why was it a big deal that it was mentioned, though? Who even accused anyone in this thread of being racist toward her? Just seems like trumpanon felt attacked after it was mentioned she was African for some reason.

No. 1523844

What the fuck is that hairline on Gag

No. 1524025

Pale nonna. A pail is a bucket.

No. 1524037

File: 1678869555938.jpg (583.38 KB, 2730x2048, HuQm7v0JTgp.jpg)

Billie and Jesse rutherford

No. 1524046

she's an r/muacirclejerk frequenter, i assume.

No. 1524060

Eeeeh, nah, he was clearly doing the opposite, in a way trying to appear above the whole celebrity stuff, in attempts to look more classy he came out being just rude. Like no, actors aren't forced into red-carpet interviews, journalists there are doing their job, asking simple and common questions. I felt so bad for her, she finished that interaction like a champ.

No. 1524061

Eeeeh, nah, he was clearly doing the opposite, in a way trying to appear above the whole celebrity stuff, in attempts to look more classy he came out being just rude. Like no, actors aren't forced into red-carpet interviews, journalists there are doing their job, asking simple and common questions. I felt so bad for her, she finished that interaction like a champ.

No. 1524064

Eeeeh, nah, he was clearly doing the opposite, in a way trying to appear above the whole celebrity stuff, in attempts to look more classy he came out being just rude. Like no, actors aren't forced into red-carpet interviews, journalists there are doing their job, asking simple and common questions. I felt so bad for her, she finished that interaction like a champ.

No. 1524069

Don't worry nonna, Stefan Molyneux is an insane person. OT but isn't it interesting how the men who are the most adamant about women having children early are the least attractive and most psychotic men out there? E.g. Molyneux, Peterson (not a great example but he exudes the same angry incel energy despite his success), etc.. It's almost like their need to convince women to procreate through shame and terror stems from knowing they're genetically inadequate and wouldn't procreate if it weren't for their narcissistic mind games and strongman LARP. Also, Stefan Molyneux is an ugly balding man who looks like he's riddled with about 5 different types of cancer. Hell hath no fury like an ugly, bald man. Know that when you see "your fertility is waning"-posts, you're looking at the coping mechanisms of incredibly broken, abusive, I-hate-mommy men.

No. 1524131

Old men really had young women believing that they’re the peak of masculinity, even now, y’all see that bullshit on Twitter where it’s like “if he’s 21-28, he’s not a real man yet” or smth along those lines, w/ lots of pickmes agreeing (shocker). Like, life is bad enough that there is probably THREE good men on earth that we gotta settle for moids our age, now they finna tell us men in their 20s are broke and will stay broke if we date them so we give them time to mature by dating those over 30. Yea nahhh, no way that’s happening with my full utter sober consent.

No. 1524135

is he a nepo baby lol? i know he’s peter capaldi’s cousin or something, but im a scotfag and a chick i knew mentioned that he went to school with her brother - her family was broke as fuck so i assumed he was also just working class

No. 1524296

nepo =/= rich
nepo = connections behind the scenes, an invisible hand uplifting you and getting you opportunities that someone who isn't nepo would never get without years of extra work

No. 1524435

No. 1524453

We're not allowed to criticize black women, remember anon? That dress is beautiful, but yes, it's blocking at least three people's views.

No. 1524454

Poor Malala. What kind of stupid ass question was that. You could tell she was literally like wtf in how to respond.

No. 1524536

File: 1678911416945.jpeg (211.57 KB, 1162x1158, 0CDC9FC3-B5F9-4080-BD36-A8EF2A…)

I never even realized she was married but congrats to Lindsey.

No. 1524542

I would be so embarrassed if I asked Malala that. I hate twitter stan humor it really does give people a certain form for brainrot

No. 1524544

She looks like Saoirse Ronan.

No. 1524546

File: 1678912602659.png (12.78 KB, 325x332, 5im3ot.png)

No. 1524549

She's an intelligent woman and nobel peace prize winner and THIS is the question he wanted to ask? I hope he dies

No. 1524566

pardon me, but who is this unfortunate lad?

No. 1524582

it looks like she's staying more lowkey these days, good for her.

musician lewis capaldi, apparently second cousin once removed to doctor who actor peter capaldi. which is strange because i never even made the connection that they were related kek.

No. 1524603

They really don't look like each other at all. nta but I was expecting you to say he was related to someone else.

No. 1524624

File: 1678920800640.png (155.83 KB, 1344x1715, Screenshot_20230315-175313.png)

No. 1524625

some people just don't have that much to say, leave us boring people alone!

No. 1524627

File: 1678920952369.png (417.77 KB, 1440x1890, Screenshot_20230315-175552.png)

No. 1524629

File: 1678921122200.png (656.3 KB, 1439x1498, Screenshot_20230315-175756.png)

No. 1524638

File: 1678923076781.png (70.22 KB, 1440x1377, Screenshot_20230315-183100.png)

No. 1524647

I watched his interview and he wasn't rude at all, he just told her that he was in that movie for 3 seconds and that he hasn't much to say about it. In my opinion she was the rude one, saying that she loved the movie but still not knowing how insignificant his screen time was. He also didn't seem on drugs or even drunk, he just was his best british self. Some people just shut up if they don't have much to talk about.

No. 1524864

he looks like he’s trying to cosplay as a 40yr old businessman kek

No. 1524873

File: 1678945827055.png (Spoiler Image, 492.67 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20230315-220052~2.p…)

Noah Cyrus sure is naked a lot lately. I'd understand if she were promoting music or something but no, she just wants to show the world how totally sexually liberated she is. Or maybe craving attention cuz the spotlight is on Miley right now… Either way, those blonde eyebrows she's been rocking for what seems like forever now have got to go. What's up with all these celebrity girlies thinking this is ~ sooo fashionable ~

No. 1524892

I always hated this unfunny two-faced hypocritical faggot, now I finally feel vindicated.

No. 1524916

File: 1678953298117.png (496.93 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20230316-024750~2.p…)

She looks scary, wtf. What's going on with that cheek that's poking out? MF used to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, when she was natural still. Now it seems like she asked her surgeon for the Kardashian skank look. She actually looks like a pornstar to me now, and I mean that in the most disrespectful way possible.

No. 1524920

for a board that likes to tell people to "go back to twitter" you sure seem to know a lot about what is going on there..

No. 1524929

This looks like a sims 4 screenshot full of alpha mods and a reshade filter

No. 1524966

she has looked off for ages now. i remember seeing her when she joined the cast of New Girl and thinking she looked scary - her face looked stretched with a tiny thin nose. she would have only been in her 20s then… why would she touch her face when it was already insanely gorgeous and she's still young? fame is such a disease. and now she has definitely done something more to her cheeks and looks older as a result.

No. 1524992

File: 1678968928956.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2571, Screenshot_20230316-071320.png)

>fame is such a disease
FAME&MONEY but yeah, agreed.

>If she was broke as a joke, she wouldn't have money for surgery so…

No. 1525000

She looks lifeless.

No. 1525004

File: 1678970807230.jpg (45.02 KB, 430x322, 4744563.jpg)

Ayahuasca did her no favors.

No. 1525011

Why white specifically?

No. 1525012

File: 1678971249875.png (405.04 KB, 1440x1323, Screenshot_20230316-075357.png)

No. 1525014

File: 1678971566267.png (535.31 KB, 1440x1211, Screenshot_20230316-075823.png)

R u offended?(derailing)

No. 1525015

lmoa i forgot he even existed, what does he do now ?

No. 1525016

He also called himself a "legend" for having the p*rnhub app on his phone like the bar is in hell for men.

No. 1525018

I don't understand these american memes, explain.

No. 1525019

File: 1678972141605.gif (4.65 MB, 640x584, cat-kinkytwt.gif)

No. 1525027

I don't know who this nobody is but he can thanks MF for the free promo cuz he's still a literal no one.

Screencaps of him calling himself a legend over having a pornhub app on his phone, please. Thnx.

>If you can't screencap it give the link/source and I'll do it for you and repost it here, you're welcome.

>Kudo's for gracing this thread with one of the cutest kitties reaction gifs I've ever seen!


No. 1525034

File: 1678973281290.jpg (69.26 KB, 500x613, 4rwtd8.jpg)

I think you'll get it but if not- too bad.

>Last image I'll be posting.


No. 1525065

File: 1678978144365.jpeg (153.08 KB, 750x1334, 64B01616-C86A-465E-A371-A1284E…)

gerard way at it again

No. 1525072

Ignore the bait anon, obvious male is obvious. I'm sure he'll post a "white girls screw dogs" as the next act in his totally original arsenal.

No. 1525073

she's still pretty she just has limited facial movement (presumably from botox) and can't emote normally so it looks a bit unsettling.
>when she was natural still
she couldn't furrow her brows normally when she was the mean hot girl in Holiday in the Sun, I don't think we've ever seen her natural.

No. 1525076

because crystal meth is stereotyped as a white trash drug, and "magic" crystals are marketed to woman, and that nona thinks posting unrelated Impact-font memes with her posts is funny even though it's just annoying.

No. 1525080

Remembering when anons were freaking out over this and insisting he was going to troon out. They refused to believe he's just ugly, fat and crossdressing kek. Anyway, this is an eyesore.

No. 1525103

File: 1678981548655.jpeg (138.83 KB, 828x1448, DD30C9C0-536E-4717-85E9-13F288…)

the stalker in question is a 61 year old man

No. 1525105


love it when scrotes get scrote'd by another scrote

No. 1525134

Ot but why does his face look like playdough slowly melting off a skeleton

No. 1525144

It’s not that I want anything bad to happen to him, but let’s be real, if something did happen, people will be scrambling to pass new stalking laws

No. 1525163

if he was an underage boy I'd be worried for him, but he's 6'5 200 pound muscular man, I don't think a 61 year old man is a threat physically
like my older brother whose way smaller then jacob beat some old pervert who was creeping on some girls, and he beat the old bastard without any difficulty

No. 1525174

Holy shit that's awful. I felt torn about not getting tickets to see them last year but seeing this nonsense makes me happy I didn't give them money. He looks like he should be giving spankings to Shay at that degenerate spanking house she does work for kek.

No. 1525206

She handled that idiocy gracefully, well done her. Jimmy Kimmel is an ass

No. 1525222

File: 1678992949251.png (92.38 KB, 675x378, Untitled.png)

fuck it's just hit me that this whole 'kardashian's fame is coming to an end!!! they haven't been invited to the met gala!!!' is just a viral PR stunt and they're actually going to abseil Kim in at the last second from a hot air baloon shaped like a giant ass or something

No. 1525245

Hahahahah that was MTE, it’s a PR stunt by the workings of Kris Jenner. This family is so pathetic to me, they have so much money now and could live lavishly but they’re addicted to the attention and fame despite contributing nothing to the world. I guess they have clothing and beauty lines but they really do nothing else so it seems greedy of them to keep prolonging their 15 minutes.
I have to ask, does anyone know of anyone who actually likes the Kardashians? I don’t think I know a single person who does irl.

No. 1525271

B-but I thought Megan Fox totally wanted a girlfriend? Just kidding, her pick me ass would never. She'll be with another basic moid before we know it

No. 1525289

This man is in his 40s. what the fuck

No. 1525314

Maybe this is why they were recently photographed with that Dylan Mulvaney guy, one last grasp at relevancy by trying to use the astroturfed man or something.

No. 1525316

All I have to say is ew

No. 1525317

nta but i think it happened when he was on michael macintyre's big show (bbc1), when they were playing the "send to all" game on lewis' phone. my mum was watching it and i was in the room and i deffo remember looking up and seeing photos of him in his underwear kek

No. 1525318

i like them

No. 1525342

File: 1679001749963.png (195.48 KB, 1368x2048, Screenshot_20230316-162207.png)

No. 1525356

File: 1679002495633.jpg (211.78 KB, 1170x1452, Tumblr_l_2586612194381.jpg)

unrelated but relevant

No. 1525359

Isn't that one of those drugs that pushed by TM or kundalini practices? Or just another brain rotting psychedelic that especially fucks with your head if you're already fragmented by other drugs (like many celebs are)

No. 1525361

many women i know, sadly. i don't understand why.

No. 1525367

File: 1679003085516.jpeg (158.94 KB, 828x1475, 656B7E85-39B8-4C31-8D22-D9371B…)

wonder if pink is going to respond to this or not

are all the 00s girlies rehashing their old feuds to stay relevant or just to reflect? maybe a little of both

No. 1525409

File: 1679004552683.jpg (83.94 KB, 696x875, PRI_85769533_1568971291.jpg)

Megan fox loves crystals, retards.

No. 1525416

File: 1679004891127.png (245.02 KB, 1440x2303, Screenshot_20230316-171440.png)

No. 1525425

this is gross. i hate when men make their whole personality "haha i'm so laddish! isn't that charming?"
he does the same thing with his belly: "haha i'm fat and therefore funny!" being brazen about it doesn't cancel it out, Lewis.

No. 1525444

>He looks like he should be giving spankings to Shay at that degenerate spanking house she does work for kek.
KEK, nonna. I love MCR, but I would die inside if I had to see this irl. Missing the tour doesn't hurt that much anymore.

No. 1525466

He looks like a dweeby highschooler that thinks it’s funny to crossdress during spirit week

No. 1525475

i mean, generally speaking i'm all for men wearing skirts and heels to prove to other men that it doesn't make them women. he looks like shit though kek

No. 1525499

File: 1679008848014.png (1.67 MB, 603x647, Screenshot_20230316-181838.png)

45yrs old

"40 and 60
Experts believe that midlife crises in men occur between the ages of 40 and 60. The timing of one's midlife crisis has much less to do with their age and more to do with their situation–a 38-year-old person who is faced with great challenges is just as likely to enter a midlife crisis as someone who is 63."

No. 1525536

I'm ready for it. Everything is boring and if theyre going to get desperate for attention at least it will be entertaining.

If she wants to rehash that time period so badly why doesn't she also rehash how evil, vile, racist, and horrible she was the majority of her life. Stupid bitch.

No. 1525544

File: 1679012987548.png (1.65 MB, 1439x1676, Screenshot_20230316-192854.png)

No. 1525606

File: 1679017535855.png (46.06 KB, 1178x822, Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 10.44…)

melanie martinez released another snippet from her new album and its a song about getting eaten out on her period. link for those interested: https://twitter.com/i/status/1636083029570453505

No. 1525614

File: 1679017705197.png (48.13 KB, 400x400, 167901765292863956.png)

>for people who don't get the joke
>It looks like ham


it's a joke.

No. 1525632

I don't consider her a celebrity and don't know why she's posted here. She's not famous, not a celebrity…

No. 1525649

File: 1679020728928.jpg (98.63 KB, 720x1221, Screenshot_20230316-223516_Chr…)

Jamie Lee Curtis has lost her damn mind. She gave the Oscar award they/them pronouns and dedicated it to her son larping as a woman. So disappointing


No. 1525651

File: 1679020843782.jpeg (104.11 KB, 681x1259, 0CBDBAE6-86F0-4A71-87EF-861AE7…)

Emrata or dylan mulaveny your guess anons

No. 1525652

File: 1679020904302.png (58.77 KB, 1440x718, Screenshot_20230316-213902.png)

Being a parent is tough. She's obviously worried for her son. My sympathy's to her. She's a wonderful woman.

No. 1525663

She literally is famous and a celebrity.

No. 1525670

I stopped listening to martinez some time back but I remember she was actually creative with her lyrics, this is not even subtle

No. 1525680

the only reason your brain would 'rot' is if you take too much or you can't or won't deal with your internal demons. or it triggers your undiagnosed bipolar or schizophrenia

No. 1525685

mod sun we know that you tried to fuck your way into anyone caring about you from hannah beth to avril lavigne, but it's not going to work and can you get a job you're ugly and your music sucks

No. 1525700

i don't know what it is but seeing this man cry is so satisfying i hope hes sobbing in his mansion

No. 1525713

Lmao Paris of all people complaining about someone mocking her..did she forget what her own schick was

No. 1525742

>Exposing yourself to the sun means skin damage.
Ok, Dracula.
I know, you probably mean that the UV-radiation can cause skin/DNA-damage. But dear Lord, let people have freckles without being shamed.

No. 1525744

Same I hope she gets cancelled like fuck. I don’t know why zoomers love sniffing her farts so much. I grew up with her influence and it was awful. By 10 years old a lot of my peers wanted to be anorexic. Not thin, anorexic. She also released that sex tape on purpose for fame and now she’s using it to gain sympathy. A lot of girls 10 years younger than I am don’t understand, they think she’s a y2k bimbo queen. I hope they fucking drag her. Even anons on here simp for her just because she might be a lesbian, who cares? If she eats box like she eats food then she’s a useless fucking lesbian anyway.

No. 1525746

Anon is writing
In a haiku format kek
She needs to stop it.

No. 1525779

this is just weird. a whole song dedicated to that?

same boat, i fully agree.

this isn't a shitposting thread

No. 1525783

classic scrote behavior. why am i not surprised. thanks for the ss nonna.

No. 1525789

There were so many anons who were simping for her on here and fell for her victim rebrand after her documentary released. If you were actually cognisant in the 2000s you would remember how horrible she was. She actually attempted the rebrand for 10+ years straight with each release of her shitty reality shows so it was astonishing it actually worked on the 20th try. A combo of the 2000s revival and the world finally being woke enough to swallow that level of fake PR.

No. 1525793

I remember the 2000s very well I started highschool in 2002. Why are you so mad at a party girl? Paris wasn't the only celebrity splashed on the tabloids for being anorexic.

No. 1525794

she just recently paid a woman for her baby and is planning to use another surrogate once she gets a female embryo

No. 1525798

the topic of conversation is Paris not Nicole or Lindsay or Tara or anyone else

No. 1525805

>just a poor wittle rich party girl splashed against her will across the tabloids for being anorexic
exhibit A

No. 1525818

Nah, Kim is still one of the most influential women.
>kim works with balenciaga, their sales are record high
>kim works with dolce & gabanna, their sales sky rocket and brand is revived
I don't think any other female celeb hols that much power and influence, assuming that Kardashian domination days are over is silly.

No. 1525827

File: 1679046855757.png (439.86 KB, 2408x1080, Screenshot_20230317-041557.png)

Who is this? Wrong answers only

No. 1525845

Billy Hargrove if he survived

No. 1525848

As if dylan could ever look like a woman, anon please

No. 1525850

File: 1679049038771.jpg (413.75 KB, 1690x1800, kim kangmin.jpg)

steroids really fuck up men

No. 1525872

You have zero reading comprehension, those people explained exactly why they’re ‘mad at her’ you fucking moron.

No. 1525873

My first thought was Kendall Jenner. Can we stop comparing women to trannies? Trannies could never and will never.

No. 1525890

no1curr who you consider celebrities or not

No. 1525894

File: 1679056417425.jpg (50.04 KB, 500x708, the-5-most-jacked-female-bodyb…)

And women.

No. 1525896

File: 1679056475803.jpg (99.53 KB, 660x835, female-bodybuilders16.jpg)

She has… two pairs of breasts? Which pair was there first? I'm not sure what's going on here(derailing)

No. 1525897

File: 1679056532522.png (Spoiler Image, 203.21 KB, 640x629, the-glutes-of-a-female-bodybui…)

Last one I post,

In case you were wondering what their asses look like xx

No. 1525902

can you fucking cut it out this has nothing to do with celebrities

No. 1525903

excuuse me for posting something at least vaguely interesting while the rest of the thread is trumpchan spam and body builders for some fucking reason

No. 1525932

Proof or gtfo.

She doesn't have a page on TMZ and she's a literal NOBODY!

No. 1525946

breasts and pectoral muscles, while connected through various ligaments and other tissues, are two distinct body parts, nonnie

No. 1525952

She needs to stop pushing this pro tranny bullshit. It's like she'd blind to the perils women go through because of men like this.

No. 1525957

File: 1679063968062.jpeg (211 KB, 1170x2017, 835AA5E0-0CC7-4CC8-9E74-9C7969…)

deuxmoi can say shit like this when she stops accepting bribes from brad pitt and other abusers pr teams

also when she shows her face

No. 1525960

File: 1679064171021.jpeg (116.25 KB, 1170x1045, 5A733F9C-664B-4DF5-A403-A651D9…)

Adele is pregnant?

No. 1525961

There is something that happens to women as soon as they birth a moidlet. There needs to be a massive global study on boymoms, immediately.

No. 1525965

Mte. I get the love parents have for their kids is strong and all that, but… her son is such a sex pest and degenerate. You'd think she would at least be ashamed of her son's porn addiction and not draw attention to him like that

Iirc JLC's both children are adopted though, so she hasn't given birth to her troon son

No. 1525974

She adopted her son though. So it's even worse that he trooned out.

No. 1526024

File: 1679070321120.jpg (94.41 KB, 946x2048, liampayne.jpg)

the buccal fat fairy has come for the nonce from 1d

No. 1526032

File: 1679071280526.jpeg (108.88 KB, 1080x1343, 29F6D1FB-00B0-4C90-9947-C5DB95…)

hear me out

No. 1526035

she adopted both her kids you moron

No. 1526037

ok trump-chan

No. 1526039

absolutely not

No. 1526046

Idk why I find this absolutely revolting, it’s more disgusting than many of the specimens in the tim thread.

No. 1526047

File: 1679073162895.jpg (43.78 KB, 383x680, 20230317_181149.jpg)