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File: 1682877356090.png (73.44 KB, 700x700, 1650964817920.png)

No. 1563535

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1548948

>adhere to site and board rules

>do not respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

No. 1563540

File: 1682877599559.jpg (27.72 KB, 400x356, 1631289584797.jpg)

Who is making these threads with these images

No. 1563541

I dislike the other threadpic, so this one should stay.

No. 1563558

What's wrong with this one?

No. 1563567

>Nvm the sex offenders and rapists, drawings are the real child abuse!
Literal darvo and misdirection lmao

No. 1563597

some of us have been tolerating cringe imageboard shit like this for literally decades and are sick of it

No. 1563604

??? then just don't go to imageboards ???

No. 1563606

or better just make the next thread yourself and use a non anime pic

No. 1563610

Autistic black and white thinking kek you just can't grasp that people can dislike more than one thing at a time huh?

No. 1563615

>go on imageboard
>"reee i hate cringy imageboard shit"

No. 1563618

sis just leave

No. 1563620

you're clearly more pressed by one than the other, sperg-chan

No. 1563621

I think calling normies who hate drawn child porn makes you sound suspicious as fuck. Wouldn't surprise me to find out you're child porn spamming tranny.

No. 1563624

It reminds me that I want to kill myself

No. 1563626

>child rapists
Only the pedotroon would say this and accuse others of being him at the same time

No. 1563632

You're a schizo that gets wet looking at little 2D boys getting anally raped. If anyone's closer to a child rapist it's you. I have a adult human male boyfriend and we have normal sex kek.

No. 1563635

You're literally posting graphic fantasies now, and you didn't even deny being the troon. Please seek help or just 41% already.

No. 1563638

Kek nice bait and deflection. You don't even deny masturbating to 2D children getting raped. 41% and die pedotroon.

No. 1563640

>pedotroon malding because I ignored his nasty ERP attempt and said to seek help
If you are a woman (doubtful), you definitely have moid brain worms to be posting shit like this. A moid who commits violence will always be worse than some retarded animu drawing, seethe.

No. 1563647

And a serial rapist and cold-blooded killer will always be "worse" than a man who verbally abuses his wife but they're both still bad, retard. You get off to depictions of children getting raped, you are no better than a basement dwelling man who does the same because it's just "MUH FANTASY I DON'T ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE CHILDREN GETTING RAPED!… but I will jack off to this 2D 4 year old getting raped because it's anime". You are all filth. Thankfully you're obviously an autistic NEET that will never leave your parent's home to inflict real harm onto real children.

No. 1563652

Even an inanimate object or the fucking air is better than a moid. You'll forever try to justify this shit, no one cares. A man alone with "normal" interests still has a higher rate of rape, violence, abuse, criminality than any woman who's in love with drawings or husbando cartoon or ceiling fans. It's already been shown in the previous threads that "anti" moids, just like male feminists, are creeps and rapists, but you will defend them to the end and screech at the women looking at drawings because you are a whiteknight for dick (probably because you own one). Women will leave you behind for anything and everything that doesn't cause harm as your violent nature becomes even more apparent than it already is, all you can do is rope.

No. 1563653

lol stop trying to pretend you're being attacked for looking at drawings. you're a fucking pedophile.

No. 1563655

Why don't you spend time volunteering at a women's shelter instead of masturbating to anime children getting raped? If you're such a feminist? Or is feminism just "let the autistic NEET women masturbate to 2D children" to you? Does your feminism include anything other than dying on the "jacking it to 2D child rape is okay" hill? Very interesting.

No. 1563658

File: 1682885298796.png (190.2 KB, 467x338, 9o8ej7buia451.png)

No. 1563659

If you're defending actual child rapists, you are the pedophile.

No. 1563660

Berserk's art isn't that special

No. 1563661

Anon thinks it's very feminist girlboss girlpower to get off to cartoon children getting raped and she's calling people who think it's weird trannies and males kek.

No. 1563664

Again with the projection because you have no response, tranny. Only you would think an argument on Lolcow dictates someone's whole life because that's your entire existence lmao. Injecting estrogen won't cure your autism and shitting up women's sites to cape for rapist moids is not a job.

No. 1563666

No, it's just you because you're posting about wet pussies, anal rape and insisting child rapist moids are "just normies who hate muh drawings", kek.

No. 1563667

oh yeah, i forgot that being against simulated child rape is the same thing as being for actual child rape lmao please kill yourself already

No. 1563669

And you weren't the one dictating what I personally believe when you implied I support child rapists because I think getting off to 2D children getting raped is weird? You are literally using the oldest and most tired lolcow gotcha in the books: calling another anon a tranny because you disagree. Sorry but you already lost the argument weirdo. Go volunteer at a women's shelter if you're such a based blackpill… oh wait… that would require leaving your NEET dungeon and interacting with IRL women and for you to stop getting off to depictions of child rape!

No. 1563671

Complete non sequitur because it was pointed out that anti moids are creeps lol. Again, if you defend them, you should die.

No. 1563672

Anon is having a schizo episode lmao.

No. 1563673

I ain't reading all that. Pedo trannies and moids commit suicide challenge, women will keep ignoring you

No. 1563674

>women will keep ignoring you.
I'm not a tranny but you seem keen to keep interacting. Sounds like you're not a woman after all.

No. 1563675

You can volunteer at a women's shelter and also not care about drawings. Just saying.

No. 1563676

Nta, but the discussion was started because of someone posting about shota and lolicon. How is anon more pressed about that when that was literally what the OP was about?

No. 1563680

You could also stop being pornsick.

No. 1563683

you could go to therapy yet here we are.

No. 1563684

typical pedophile redirection.

No. 1563687

I don't watch porn, and I'm also not in your autist slapfight. I just only get angry about erotica that actually exploits/harms women and children. Fujo shit is cringe IMO, but the yaoi mouth-foaming is pathetic. You are all weirdos.

No. 1563688

Who was even talking about yaoi or fujos

No. 1563692

Isn't most shota fujo shit? >>1563632 was talking about anorectal violence on 2D boys. Doesn't matter either way, though.

No. 1563694

>I'm also not in your autist slapfight.
you just flew in here with windmill arms though, fucking retard

No. 1563696

Idk what you guys are even arguing about at this point, but tbh I will always judge someone who posts about shotacon or lolicon on here. No farmers or weebs will convince me otherwise.

No. 1563697

Holy fuck the dissonance and projection coming from the shotacon anon is kind of maddening, like she's in full gaslight mode and it's almost hilarious it's so absurd, if it wasn't also disgusting me. Nonnie, I think it's pretty universal that people hate child predators of all types whether they offend or get off to depictions, regardless of gender.

No. 1563698

This is an imageboard. Go trade Discord tags or emails if you're going to sperg out whenever other people comment.

No. 1563699

I am eagerly awaiting her response to this calling you a malding tranny pedophile topkek.

No. 1563700

The original post in the last thread was about it being healthier to like shota than real life moids, and that anti moids are often rapists. Anon got angry about shota rather than the actual predators who pretend to be so morally upright that drawings are too bad for them.

No. 1563701

Here's the thing;


No. 1563703

lol so then what do you call jumping into an argument about simulated child rape to defend fujos and yaoi?

No. 1563704

>anons got angry about shota
Because drawn child porn is weird and gross and that anon was defending it. She said it was "healthier" to get off to drawn child porn top kek so terminally online.

No. 1563706

File: 1682886560772.gif (1.81 MB, 640x480, 1082532.gif)

No. 1563707

They're nowhere near the same level, whether you like it or not.

No. 1563709

>"Every single male is a rapist, that's why I only get off to drawn depictions of rape."

No. 1563710

being a pedophile is worse than being a heterosexual woman, agreed.

No. 1563713

KEK don't forget it's child rape they're getting off to.

No. 1563714

I would still kill a rapist over a woman who was into fujoomer drawings. Literal pedotroons and pickmes can rage over that but it's the truth.

No. 1563716

You're a piece of shit, whether you like it or not. Do you use this same excuse to defend moids who whack it to depictions of female children being raped? Or is that also not the same because you're a woman? You're fucked. You ARE a pedophile. You are ALSO a pedophile, you don't become less of a pedophile because they are drawings and you haven't diddled a real little boy. Delusion.

No. 1563717

Nobody asked. Go schlick to some drawn children getting raped.

No. 1563719

kill yourself, then. it's only a matter of time before you rape a child.

No. 1563722

>t. will have "normal sex" with a man they can't trust alone with a child
You can keep projecting your moid mindset, but it won't change shit.

No. 1563724

why do you only get off to drawings of child rape? why can't you use drawings of adults? like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1563725

Calling every male on earth a pedophile rapist doesn't erase your disgusting behaviour.

No. 1563726

Post your favorite child rape drawings and see if the jannies will let them stay up and won't ban you! Go on! See if the jannies agree that they're totally cool and normal.

No. 1563727

Why are you asking me to post child rape drawings? That's very suspicious.

No. 1563730

If you call yourself an anti and are male, you're just talking about yourself.

No. 1563731

I think about her sometimes. I don't even remember her user though what was it? I wonder what she's up to these days.

No. 1563732

no one here is male.

No. 1563733

Oh but I thought they were just drawings to you? You say they cause no harm and aren't weird at all, if that's the case then you shouldn't feel weird about posting them since they're just drawings. The fact that you aren't posting them proves you know you're a pedo freak. You know there are anime adult males you can get off to instead of getting off to little boy rape, right?

No. 1563734

So you're saying it's child rape, but you want it to be posted? What's wrong with you?

No. 1563735

thank you for infighting so we can get rid of this ugly thread pic more quickly

No. 1563736

She tried to lump husbando anons in with her shotacon shit!! She's trying to piggy back off my appreciate for idealized adult male bodies. She's a freak!

No. 1563737

And you're saying it's healthier and more normal to get off to child rape drawings than experience real intimacy? What is wrong with you?

No. 1563738

You're not even trying anymore, goofy weirdo

No. 1563739

No. 1563740

Just report and move on. Why are you guys arguing with a self admitted PEDO!

No. 1563741

You're legitimately not making sense. You think it's the same as CP, but you want it to be posted for the sake of your argument. Do you treat actual CP like that? That's actually pedophilic and fucked up.

No. 1563742

so that she knows she has no support here and never fucking brings it up again

No. 1563744

Because moids actually harm people.

You are the self-admitted pedo if you think drawings and rape are the same.

No. 1563745

And you're saying it's not CP at all, and yet you don't post it because you know it's weird and pedophilic and that you're a pedophile.

No. 1563746

I'm not that anon, retard. Depictions of child rape still makes you a pedophile, whether you are exploiting real child abuse or not, you get off to the idea of children being raped. You are a pedophile. The end.

No. 1563747

You've got a point but that poster getting banned and ignored would be better, it's obviously doing this for attention.

No. 1563749

Why would I post porn of any type? This is why I called you the pedotroon. And are you agreeing that it's not CP since you want it to be posted?

No. 1563751

I'll say it again while you keep screeching bullshit: Women who like cartoons are in a safer position than they would be with any moid.

No. 1563752

You're admitting you're a weird pedophile by not posting these "normal" "healthy" drawings because you know it's literally child porn.

No. 1563753

You're being dense on purpose, are you trolling or are you actually this delusional? She's making the point that you can't post your disgusting CP drawing fetish because it will be removed and you will be banned, she's challenging you because you keep saying it's healthy to get off to drawings of children being raped.

No. 1563754

i think she honestly believes the cope she's spewing like >>1563744
most pedophiles have some kind of justification for it, like "i was robbed of a childhood" or "i'm retarded and get along with kids better" or "i just really like kids media." "all real men are rapists" is probably the shittiest excuse i've ever heard of but here it is.

No. 1563755

Even if it were "normal", I wouldn't post it because I'm not a 4chan scrote on a porn site. If you can't relate, that's a you problem.

No. 1563756

No one is even denying that you absolute piece of filth, we are saying that you ARE STILL A PEDOPHILE. And you are not SUPERIOR to a male who touches kids just because you are getting off to drawings. You ARE still producing harm because your consumption of the depiction of child rape contributes to the demand for that sickening content, and that sort of behaviour can and WILL escalate and for many of you sickos will lead to consumption of real CP or offending. You are on a slippery slope. You have not currently caused any physical harm. You are NOT innocent and you are NOT better than a moid who consumes lolicon because you are a woman and you are NOT better than other pedophiles because you consume shota. YOU GET OFF TO THE THOUGHT OF CHILD RAPE.

No. 1563757

the cartoons we're talking about are SPECIFICALLY of children being raped. no one cares about a pedophile's safety.

No. 1563758

Any porn would result in a ban, retard. If you actually see it as the same as CP, you wouldn't want it to be posted. The "challenge" doesn't work unless you're being dishonest about either the rules of the site or your own logic.

No. 1563760

Kill yourself. Your mind games aren't working.

No. 1563762

Where are the female shotacon rapists and sex offenders?

No. 1563763

This reply was meant to tag >>1563751

No. 1563764

>Any porn would result in a ban
This is straight up not true kek. People post porn and NSFW artwork (especially on /g/, /m/, and /snow/) all the time.

No. 1563765

Kill yourself.

No. 1563766

desperate to change the subject lol

No. 1563768

It's amazing how you can type all these retarded pedo posts with only one hand.

No. 1563770

Literally only a retard would respond with "kys" when their shitty self-contradicting logic is called out.

How is it changing the subject? Read both posts.

No. 1563771

Those are naked drawings at worst, not actual porn. or hard NSFW content.

No. 1563776

>anti moids

No. 1563777

Well then put me on the short bus, because you need the rope

No. 1563778

All those words just to say that you're a pedophile that gets off to drawn child porn.

No. 1563779

File: 1682888316750.jpg (111.07 KB, 750x896, 1682887669846.jpg)

No. 1563780

Okay then post your healthy, tastefully naked child drawings on /g/…. oh wait… you'd be banned for posting child porn….

No. 1563781

"Pedophile" because I said child rapists (ie actual pedophiles) are worse than women who look at drawings lol.

No. 1563783

You should report yourself for requesting child porn.

No. 1563784

Pedophile because you get off to the thought and depictions of children being raped.

No. 1563786

Holy jeez

No. 1563788

File: 1682888474513.png (Spoiler Image, 508.86 KB, 2522x3272, husbando.png)

Someone literally posted this in the husbando thread yesterday, and have you forgotten how many camgirl threads we have where their porn gets posted? Have you ever seen the type of porn that get's posted in the bad art thread? Perhaps you're just new, but I'm not sure why you're lying like this. Porn, drawn or real, has never been against the rules except under certain circumstances.

No. 1563789

File: 1682888483337.jpg (42.23 KB, 622x622, 7d4b866e3017dbf878d26c0c427d94…)

Nevermind. You're right, it's him again. Also lol at him seething in cursives again and samefagging within seconds.
I sure am glad staff is so hesitant on banning him, so that he keeps shitting up threads like this.

No. 1563793

Why was this deleted? Isn't it meant to be allowed?

No. 1563794

You should report yourself for defending your habit of getting off to child porn.

No. 1563796

I like how you have to accuse me of things to avoid addressing the actual thing I said.

No. 1563797

You said it's healthy and normal to get off to drawn depictions of child rape.

No. 1563798

No. 1563799

Healthier than being with your average moid.

No. 1563801

You already are atp

No. 1563802

Look two posts above.

No. 1563803

Those two things are literally what the same "anti" rapists who were linked earlier say, but go off

No. 1563805

>"Okay, LC hates men, right? How can I use that in my apologia for shota-loli?"

No. 1563806

Only a moid would tack on loli because he can't fathom a world where he's not defended in some way.

No. 1563807

Low IQ tranny is trying some ultra retarded mindgames, he's saying moid haters are akschually the pedophiles and not him.

No. 1563808

KEK so true. I think it's better for fictional drawings to be exploited rather than real women lol.

No. 1563809

ikr, he's so fucking retarded kek

No. 1563811

You either have no reading comp. or you're actually pulling mindgames. Anti moids = Moids who call themselves "antis" and obsess over drawings to "prove" they're no creepy

No. 1563815

Literally just a psyop to try and make anons say they think drawn child porn is okay.

No. 1563819

This. I don't know whether it's so they can screen cap it and share it other places or if they just want someone to excuse their sickness for real, but it's suspicious and it's gross.

No. 1563827

This is literally the unpopular opinions thread. How is it a psyop? We're supposed to say any take we have here that isn't common or popular, and others can agree, diagree or ignore.

No. 1563829


No. 1563833

Don't flatter him. It's literally just him trying to deflect from his xy damage while thinking he's a super slick 4D chess player "blending in".

No. 1563834

Kill. Yourself.

No. 1563838

No. 1563840

No. 1563842


No. 1563843

Is a male looking at violent porn depicting 18 year olds who look like they could be underage less bad than some woman looking at drawn CP? Cause I bet your moid has gotten off to actual living breathing teenagers in actual dangerous sexual situations like extreme anal or facefucking or double penetration. My question is in good faith btw, I think both are bad but I think a moid getting off to an actual 18 year being violently fucked is likely more risky than a woman getting off to cartoon boys fucking. I think all porn is disgusting for the record and don’t consume any of it.

No. 1563846

You'll get what's coming to you pedo. Karma is an efficient goddess.

No. 1563848

Is a monkey getting ritualistically tortured worse than a horse getting fucked by a degenerate furry moid? What is with these retarded "which is worse" questions? Both can be bad.

No. 1563849

No one denied that. No one denied that. No one denied that. How many times do you want me to say it? No one denied that. Actual offenders are of course worse and more dangerous than someone who gets off the drawings. Both are pedophiles. Both contribute to the demand for explicit child abuse material whether it be real or depicted, both contribute to the mind rot and escalation of pedophilic behaviours. Obviously actual rapists are worse, they're still both pedophiles.

No. 1563851

Pointing fingers at randoms won't redirect your own fate, or those you defend under the banner of normalcy.

No. 1563852

But which of those is worse than throwing trash in the ocean?

No. 1563853

Tell that to the billionaire pedo men who never get prosecuted.

No. 1563854

I don't know what you mean or why you're directing this as me.

No. 1563855

Oh yeah, you love them, don't you? Shut up, faggot. Redirect your shitty energy.

No. 1563857

You didn’t answer me though. I asked what’s worse, a moid watching barely legal 3D porn (which is most 3D porn, if a mood is watching porn they’re basically consuming borderline CP) or a woman looking at cartoon kids being explicit? I think the former is clearly way worse but you don’t see people crapping their pants about what 90% of men look at every night.

No. 1563858

I literally answered you twice you insufferable retard.

No. 1563859

>you don’t see people crapping their pants about what 90% of men look at every night.
Very politely, do you know what website you are on you massive retard?

No. 1563860

This site is vehemently against any real life porn, many weeb anons consume hentai of their husbandos, but those are adult depictions, not child bodies. You're not asking in good faith, you're asking because you have brain damage.

No. 1563861

we should bully kids off the internet. I am tired of the internet having to accomodate for retarded vermins without adult supervision. Fandom isnt for children either it should be default 18+ yeah i just finished watching that video about that retard calling the sign item in tf2 problematic because of children

No. 1563862

I am retarded but I was asking in good faith thanks for the answer that makes sense to my tard brain kek

No. 1563863

In what was is TF2 explicitly for adults?

No. 1563868

Once I stopped listening to opinions posted by males and certain straight women, my entire view of this changed. They'll argue tooth and nail that videos of women being raped are better than chinese drawings, and that women who like the latter are on the same level as themselves, who actually go on to rape and abuse with or without said drawings. I just don't care because everything I've read says the opposite.

No. 1563869

Sorry for being aggressive nonnie

No. 1563870

Agreed, even fandoms for kids media should be 18+ kids literally do not belong on the internet for any reason and I’m tired of having to pussyfoot around because THINK OF THE CHILDREN when the internet is not for them and any good parent wouldn’t let their kid online

No. 1563871

its rated M

No. 1563873

You know we're talking about shotacon and loli, right? Not just any sexual drawing. That sort of content directly contributes to the escalation of pedophilic tenancies and to the demand for actual child abuse material.

No. 1563875

Both can be bad. One is obviously worse. One contributes to the consumption of the other. One is obviously worse because its real people. Obviously. Both can be bad. I'm talking to you like a fucking baby right now because you are that dense.

No. 1563876

NTA but I think it only really increases the risk of offending or craving actual CSA material for dumb people and moids, I think women are better able to differentiate fantasy and reality. I think most scrotes are incapable of differentiating the two.

No. 1563877

Yeah, perhaps, I don't see how this makes it less bad that a person regardless of their gender is sexually aroused by the depiction of child rape. Both are still bad, both are still evil. One is causing direct harm to people, one is contributing to the demand. One is worse, obviously, that fact does not erase the other. Both are true at the same time.

No. 1563878

It's not a competition or official ranking of who is the most sick, they're both pedophiles.

No. 1563880

File: 1682891501522.jpg (102.67 KB, 640x853, z9fy37f24sb71.jpg)

>You either have no reading comp. or you're actually pulling mindgames. Anti moids = Moids who call themselves "antis" and obsess over drawings to "prove" they're no creepy

No. 1563881

You have quite the shitty energy yourself nonita. I suggest maybe redirecting that to drinking some water.

No. 1563884

Molly Soda

No. 1563886

he is so fucking ugly

No. 1563887

This is true for men, not women. Everyone seems to want men and women to be equal so badly, but they just aren't and they will show you repeatedly. I don't give a fuck anymore.

No. 1563888

Spoiler this hideous shit if you're going to spam the thread with it, I beg.

No. 1563889

Spoiler this hideous shit if you're going to spam the thread with it, I beg.

No. 1563890

Spoiler this hideous shit if you're going to spam the thread with it, I beg.

No. 1563891

It's almost comical, the ugly ass makeup on top of his ogre face cracks me up everytime I see it.

No. 1563892

Glad I'm not the only one who notices he's been active recently. he's been on /meta/. Just been reporting his posts though. Also keep in mind we also have more than one troon that keep coming back

No. 1563906

She literally looks at porn of little boys being raped, that's sick whether it's a drawing or not and by consuming it she is directly contributing to the demand for more of that content. Even if she personally does not escalate, the content is still dangerous and she is still a pedophile. Is she as dangerous as a man? No. Is she as likely to offend? No. Is she still a pedophile? Yes. Is she worse than a male pedophile? Probably not. Is she still a pedophile? Yes. Is she as bad as an actual offender? Definitely not. Is she still a pedophile? Yes. Yes. Yes. It doesn't matter than its a woman, you're defending the creation of explicit material depicting the abuse of children, you're not going to be on the winning side of this no matter how many and, ifs or buts you throw at it. There are female pedophiles. Are they as prolific and harmful as males? No, not by a long shot. Do they exist? Yes. These statement all are true at the same time and none of them cancel each other out with some kind of logic math, they all exist at once and are all true.

No. 1563907

You are fighting with shadows. I'm not going to ignore reality or treat it all the same just because it's easier and more convenient.

No. 1563909

So pedo anons are just defending shota but is loli okay too? Are drawn depictions of little girls getting raped okay? There are women who get off to loli too, look in the bad art thread. Is getting off to a drawn depiction of a little girl getting raped really that much healthier? Like couldn't there be an even healthier third option? Like maybe gettinf off to fictional adults instead and avoid contact with males at the same time?

No. 1563911

I can't believe the mind games you will play with your own self to defend any sort of pedophilia because it's a woman consuming it and because men are obviously worse. You're so fucking stupid it's astounding.

No. 1563912


>pedo anons
literally one tranny

No. 1563913

I can't confirm identities because I'm not an all seeing eye like you, so thanks for your useful input. It's great to see posts like yours.

No. 1563914

Everything you disagree with must be "mind games" just because it's not within your view of "all le same". Shit is exhausting, I'm saying I don't care anymore because real life doesn't subscribe. This will be my last response to you.

No. 1563916


No. 1563917

I've been doing the same for months but it doesn't seem to lead to anything, so if he gets to shit up thread after thread, I might as well laugh at his hideous pathetic existence.

No. 1563918

No. 1563919

I don't know how many times someone has to say "obviously one is worse" for you to realize they aren't saying it's the same. They are still both pedophiles regardless, it's about being attracted to minors, not about their likelihood to offend. Obviously you consume this material and feel some kind of shame or guilt because the thought of the sexual abuse of a minor makes you aroused, just go talk to a therapist.

No. 1563920

Notice how the vast majority of them are male, and the few women either sound like they had serious issues other than being pedos (man, who even knows if they're all women and not just trannies), or just acted in dumb ways such as not properly censoring CSAM or questioning people about it in insensitive ways (irresponsibly handling the CSAM that they found unwillingly).
A couple of those tweets are about a company that censored pedoshit or went after pedos (PlayStation, CNN) and one of their male executives was outed as one. How is that proof that everyone who finds loli and shota disgusting is a secret pedo?
Several of those moids also seemed to like loli and shota or virtue-signal about 14 year olds being totally ok while hating on the pedos that like younger kids, it's typical degenerate scrote infighting about who's the most morally correct degenerate and what form of pedophilia is more correct. Pedo moids virtue-signalling to hide their actual degeneracy is common, yes, just like "male feminists" who are rapists. But how does that make women pedophiles when they think loli and shota is pedophilia? Moid-tier argument. You know moids are more tolerant to pedoshit in anime than women, why aren't there nearly as many female hypocrites as male ones?
And also, this list of hypocrite virtue signaling pedos doesn't make loli/shotafags pure and innocent angels either, plenty of pedos like both real and drawn CSAM. Tons of artists who draw it use real life children as reference. I remember one time many years ago I went on gelbooru (before pedoshit was filtered for non-users) and one of the recently uploaded pics that showed up in the first page was lolicon with disturbingly realistic and detailed anatomy. A few minutes later, it was gone from the first page. That's how I found out that they have a rule against highly realistic pedoshit drawings. Now imagine all such art that you don't see because it's quickly censored for being too close to real children. Pixiv doesn't seem to censor it because I've accidentally gotten some of those results sometimes when looking through random tags with the R-18 filter off.

That's how I know you're either a scrote or have spent too much time around channer scrotes. We all hate Reddit for several reasons but that's a post about something real that's actually going on on Pixiv (I'm not even any of those other anons, just so you don't think it's something one person made up). It being reddit doesn't make us "automatically lose the argument", I could say the same thing about you posting Twitter threads as proof that hypocritical anti-loli pedos exist. And just because we've had enough of your shotafaggotry doesn't mean we love and respect lolifaggot scrotes either, but you already know this, yet you keep using it as an argument because you have nothing else.

No. 1563921

Because one is normalized, a lot of anons won't say it here as they know it's wrong, but they really will defend the real life abusive porn over the other and pretend not to see their scrotes get into it. That's just life, men decide what's accepted in the broader culture, and it's contradicting but whatever.

No. 1563924

Anons on this site talk about how horrible porn is all the time, are you lost?

No. 1563925

>a lot of anons won't say it here because they know it's wrong

No. 1563928

>a lot of anons won't say it here as they know it's wrong, but they really will defend the real life abusive porn over the other and pretend not to see their scrotes get into it
You are such a stupid bitch, not sorry for the harsh language. I'm so sick of the elitism on this site from the anons who think every other anon who isn't them is some cum guzzling moid worshipping whore. Get over yourself. This isn't a conversation about women's responsibility in regards to whether or not males they know consume porn you fucking retard, it's about the consumption of shotacon by females and how they are still pedophiles regardless of which one is fucking worse. I don't even care that all of this vitriol isn't really aimed at you or your fault, you're a stupid fucking bitch for insinuating it's any woman's responsibility to monitor if "their scrote" is watching porn or not or saying that they would at all defend that behaviour because of this internalized misogyny you have where every woman has less integrity than you do. Fuck off. Fuck right off. Fuck porn, fuck shotacon, fuck you.

No. 1563930

Are most antis women? Repeatedly, I've talked about male antis being hypocritical groomers. And obviously hyperrealistic shit should be disallowed, but even that seems to only be a thing with lolifags. If a real child is traced or their photos are used in AI, that's not "just a drawing", that's literally just traced CP. How are you this dense?

No. 1563933

Are all the HomuMado nonnies lolicons? That’s a pretty popular ship and technically it would be loli since they’re 14.

No. 1563935

If they draw them fucking, it kind of answers itself.

No. 1563937

NTA anon but if you sleep with a man who consumes pornography you are basically condoning it so I get her point

No. 1563938

If they get off to porn of them then yes they're fucking weirdos. They could literally just think of IRL naked adult women.

No. 1563942

What the fuck is this twitterfag language lmao
The fact is that women are more likely than men to find pedophilia and "hebephilia" disgusting in fiction, yet you don't hear about female pedophiles as often as men. And why the fuck are you talking about hypocrite scrotes to prove that women who hate shotafags are in the wrong?
>If a real child is traced or their photos are used in AI, that's not "just a drawing", that's literally just traced CP. How are you this dense?
If your pedo drawings are not tied to real pedophilia just because they're more stylized than the photorealistic shit, why are they children? Why do you get off to representations of children at all? Child voice, young age, "innocence", extreme neoteny, it all screams pedophile to me and anyone with a normal brain. Stop making excuses

No. 1563943

>a lot of anons won't say it here as they know it's wrong, but they really will defend the real life abusive porn
What does this even mean? Are you saying that farmers are defending irl porn in other sites/irl?

No. 1563944

You can type these retarded essays to every anon who calls out hypocritical het women, but won't say shit to your Nigels, brothers, fathers, or male friends. Every female separatist and lesbian is right to talk about this sort of shit, and no one would be saying it if it wasn't true. Thank you for further reminding me of the problems we face.

No. 1563945

If you give money to any corporation at all owned by a man you're basically condoning the patriarchy.

No. 1563946

Okay, but holding hands and hugging is okay? I don’t like super lewd stuff but I have some handholding/hugging HomuMado pics saved and I wanna know if that makes me a pedo. I don’t masturbate to them I just think they’re cute..

No. 1563947

Anons here tell any anon who has a bf or husband that their partner consumes porn regardless of how certain that anon is that their partner does not. It's not a good faith arguement and completely unrelated to the topic of the actual conversation, it's deflection to once again blame other women for male behaviour while not taking responsibility for the actual issue that women who consume shota are still pedophiles regardless of how extreme their fetish is, which is what the conversation is actually about.

No. 1563948

Complaining that I called out Reddit, but mad and calling ">twitter" because I said "antis" (who aren't just normal people, by the way, but an entire community of obsessives and hypocrites). The rest of your post is probably full of dumb shit and ignoring the obvious, too.

No. 1563950

This discussion has gone into so many bad faith illogical tangents (I guess it was a bad faith illogical tangent to start with) that I'm expecting a post saying "if you think there is something weird about women who like shotacon, you are supporting trannies" anytime now.

No. 1563951

I think that's fine, that's just normal wholesome interaction. There's nothing wrong with thinking a relationship between two minor characters is cute and makes you happy, just don't sexualize it, because that's sketchy and weird. Enjoying the ship because you like the characters and their dynamic is not creepy to me.

No. 1563953

Nta but you seem to avoid reading the posts that make the best points and you stick to the weaker arguments because then you can bait harder. Curious!

No. 1563954

Nta but I don't think there's anything wrong with cute couples who happen to be underage as long as you don't want to fuck them or see them like that. That's different from being obsessed with drawings of little kids and saying it's fine because you're not molesting real kids. An underage character isn't automatically loli or shota because of the age, it has to be sexualized, made for the pedo gaze.

No. 1563955

NTA. You don't need to sleep with men like you need to buy groceries.

No. 1563956

But I thought women were responsible for every man's evil.

No. 1563957

Stop shaming other women for having a sexuality, it's none of your business how many sexual partners another woman has.

No. 1563958

He already tried that right at the beginning kek.

No. 1563959

What posts with strong arguments? All I've seen is variations of the same shit that I've already replied to and pedo accusations.

No. 1563960

This one pedo >>1563920.

No. 1563961

You started the conversation by saying it's healthier to consume depictions of little boys being anally raped than to sleep with a real life adult man.

No. 1563962

You're clearly blind and probably the projecting tranny/pedo I called out ages ago.

No. 1563963

Women should not be sucking dick. That is something men should do together, in their own time without women present. Anal should completely be off the table, too. Men always treat anal as a punishment. Even if women want it, the man is trying to hurt you, even if subconsciously.

No. 1563964

I didn't ask.

No. 1563965

They're going to yell at you for slut shaming them, kek.

No. 1563966

Anal is legitimately dangerous

No. 1563967

Any woman is better off with drawings than moids.

No. 1563968

Oh ok, I guess I missed it my bad, so what about something like "you criticize women who like shotacon but won't say anything to politicians restricting access to abortion"?

No. 1563969

She's advocating for women to not allow themselves to be abused, she's not saying women can't have a normal healthy sexuality that prioritizes their pleasure. Fuck face.

No. 1563970

No offense but how many moids did you bone for this to become such a triggering topic? Oof

No. 1563971

I'm just glad I have a life and friends and a job and that I don't masturbate to little boys getting raped as a hobby. I'm glad you're around to boost my ego pedo anon.

No. 1563973

I just don't carry as much internalized misogyny as you, didn't realize defending another woman's right to have sexual partners was me being triggered. You are really embarrassing.

No. 1563975

If you masturbate to any child porn at all you should be euthanized. Get an adult husbando like a normal non-pedo NEET weeb.

No. 1563976

Amen, bless, holy post

No. 1563977

File: 1682895748320.png (160.27 KB, 459x459, 1658806704224.png)

>but what about xxx ??
>checkmate antis, y-you are now the pedo troons, n-not me!!

No. 1563979

Pedos always get so angry and love to fantasize when they're called out after trying to "no u", kek. Hope you achieve those things in real life one day.

No. 1563980

Soon the "logical arguments" will be reduced to pointing out typos in the posts of "antis", (s)he already tried arguing about semantics

No. 1563981

And I hope you finally get off to fictional adults one day instead of schlicking it to child porn! Cheers.

No. 1563982

I won't cyber with you, no matter how much you beg and post your disgusting selfies.

No. 1563983

I assume any woman who fucks moids to the extent of getting pissed at the mere mention of bodycounts is inherently mentally ill

No. 1563985

Why do fictional adult males repulse you more than fictional naked children.

No. 1563986

Everything is about sex with you, you have gotta to have a Y in there somewhere

No. 1563987

These posts back to back is making me kek

No. 1563988

I really don't see how I'm pissed? My posts were really tame. Maybe stop reading every post with an angry voice and looking for reasons to shame other women. You aren't better than anyone.

No. 1563991

It always comes down to projecting their own guilt and insisting everyone play blind so they'll feel better.

No. 1563994

What does this mean? Women who sleep with men are inherently evil? You sound insane.

No. 1563996

This is the most bad faith response possible, I won't even engage.

No. 1563997

Who the fuck said that?

No. 1563998

I'm glad the numbers in the movie room have gone down cause most of you are totally insane, please keep not coming.

No. 1563999

Nta but seriously what does it mean exactly. What guilt? Have they done something sinful?

No. 1564001

An anorexic hating an obese person is like an anorexic hating a bulimic. You all have an eating disorder.

No. 1564005

Maybe they just feel bad their mental instability pushed them to fuck way too many scrotes

No. 1564006

Yeah I hate that it’s just expected to be a normal part of the het sex menu to some scrotes these days.

No. 1564007

Woman hater.

No. 1564010

Are you for real?

No. 1564011

This is true, but a lot of anorexics also hate bulimics and feel "superior" to them. It's a mental issue, those generally don't make sense.

No. 1564012

Yes, I am. You are overflowing with misogyny that the mere fact of a woman having sex is deplorable to you. I've only slept with one man in my entire life, before you start calling me a whore.

No. 1564013

Nta but it's true that some people become hypersexual because of trauma

No. 1564015

??? Then this is not about you, hell, is not even about women with regular counts, but the ones with high counts that get insecure about it because they know the implications of fucking scrotes to that degree are sad at best

No. 1564025

i agree with the anon that called you a woman hater

No. 1564029

And because we're often pressured into it and told it's our liberation. I don't agree with hating women for having sex, and I'm also tired of libfems telling us we need it and that there are no repercussions to having a high number of male partners.

No. 1564041

Anon who called the one spitting vitriol a woman hater and I 100% agree with this post.

No. 1564049

We get it, stop being so dramatic

No. 1564052

I'm really not being dramatic, I don't understand you trying to paint me as unhinged. Is it the misogyny? Am I being a hysterical female anon kek

No. 1564054

You're right and I don't understand why anyone would call you a woman hater for it.

No. 1564059

No she isn't, re-evaluate, retard.

No. 1564062

All of your posts have this disgusting, actually misogynistic energy. Direct that elsewhere.

No. 1564076

Yeah I'm disgusting for saying women shouldn't have to feel shame for having sex, even if they regret it later. I'm a real vile piece of shit.

No. 1564084

It's almost as though women with "high body counts" have been indoctrinated and groomed their entire lives. Oh well, though, good thing you aren't stupid enough to sleep with a man, right? Wow, these women really set us all back. Especially the ones who actually choose to have sex with men. Absolutely disgusting. And they are so defensive about it, too, at least own up to your self degradation, am I right?

No. 1564089

Great job assuming every woman who doesn't think like you do must not know what it's like to be groomed, indoctrinated or taken advantage of. Very clever.

No. 1564091

Great job making women who have sex feel like shit for no reason. Very girl boss.

No. 1564095

Me when I blatantly make up shit.

No. 1564097

I guess you can't read, put on your glasses, retard.

No. 1564099

I already dealt with you.

No. 1564102

KEK, okay, sure you did

No. 1564104

Scroll up and quit crying already.

No. 1564107

Will you shut the fuck up, your superiority complex isn't going to change my mind, I'm not going to come to the conclusion suddenly that it's perfectly good and fine to shame women for their "body count". Build a bridge and get over it you stupid fuck.

No. 1564108

No. 1564109

No. 1564110

>A-Attention please? A crumb of attention??

No. 1564111

God just stfu already

No. 1564112

Go jerk it to shota, shit for brains

No. 1564113

Are you psychotic?

No. 1564114

Wow, you really just cannot get enough

No. 1564115

No. 1564116

So it's a yes. Re-evaluate your life.

No. 1564117

I don't consent, nonnie will add herself to my body count

No. 1564118

No. 1564120

And what about it?

No. 1564121

You tell me

No. 1564123

Don't be shy, post some more.

No. 1564126

If you say so

No. 1564128

I did.

No. 1564129

Yeah, you would say that, wouldn't you??

No. 1564131

I would.

No. 1564132

I fucking knew it

No. 1564133

I'll say it again.

No. 1564134

I dare you to

No. 1564136

Don't be shy.

No. 1564137


No. 1564138

Level up.

No. 1564140

File: 1682903830067.png (52.71 KB, 424x317, nice.png)

No. 1564142

why does it feel like the remainder of this conversation is just one anon responding to herself

No. 1564144

File: 1682903986201.jpg (84.1 KB, 1200x844, hA1zEfi.jpg)

No. 1564145

Surprisingly it isn't, I think both of us have some stuff to think about tonight though(shitting up the thread)

No. 1564147

A bit of infighting once in a while keeps the blood pumping, no hard feelings. Other anons are also just fun to argue with and troll, you can literally say anything.(shitting up the thread)

No. 1564158

The 24 hour day is fake and gay and lame. There should be 25 hours in a day.

No. 1564232

What would you do with that extra hour nonna

No. 1564282

This was inspired by the anon asking about septum piercings in the stupid questions thread, but I think septum piercings are cute and I especially find them very alluring for some reason on people (both men and women) who have little to no other "alternative" elements to their appearance. My roommate's cousin is a very normie-looking buff gymrat with normie interests but he has a septum piercing and a belly button piercing. No other piercings, tats, etc. I had to avoid him the one time I saw him at a pool party kek I was so attracted. Same with a coworker I had who just looked like a stereotypical pretty normie nursing student but she had a septum piercing and it somehow made her seem way hotter.

No. 1564336

Women are more conformist than men.

No. 1564362

Once you’re within kissing distance you can smell the septum too…wonderful stuff anon…(and no it doesn’t matter how frequently or well they wash the septum piercing/area)

No. 1564366

I probably wouldn’t be half as annoyed with the “all gay men are predators waah!” Spergs if not for the fact that they insinuate straight men somehow have exceptions and that the fuck homos stance seems to come from a “wont someone think of the young men getting fondled!” standpoint, it’s very NLOG and comes across as a morphed “not all men” but instead its “all fags, but not all straight men”, doesn’t help for every story a nonna tries to pull up to show their confirmation bias about the homopedos there are plenty worse stories about what (very much straight) men have done to girls/women. Nobody said you can’t call out fags, but the tirades are LSA tier skewed towards blaming the homosexuality aspect for the degeneracy rather than them being male and how they are no different from straight men.

No. 1564393

I think everyone you’ve met with a septum ring is probably allergic to their jewelry because I’ve never witnessed that problem.

No. 1564613

white woman who only repost/like pictures of asian woman are mad fucking weird and a little racist deep down. I can't find the words to explain, but they are.

No. 1564619

well women are better an socialisation and conforming is a part of creating a society

No. 1564625

why specifically white women

No. 1564628

File: 1682961978084.jpeg (27.2 KB, 475x240, 9A137E0C-DC5E-426C-B7B5-0C2B3C…)

I’ve never encountered this myself but I immediately thought:

No. 1564648

because I've only ever seen it occur with white woman.
it's extremely prevalent in the k-pop community (not that I'm apart of it)

No. 1564685

I don’t know how adult lesbians fall for AND pursue straight women. I’m a febfem and even I’m turned off by the idea of a woman having been with men or wanting to be with them. Like how as a lesbian who has zero attraction to men don’t you get an ick when you realize the woman you’re crushing on is straight it’s such a mystery to me. But being a lesbian is a completely different experience so I guess it’s something I personally will never be able to understand.

No. 1564688

Some same sex attracted women actually don't care about moids and are attracted to women because women are attractive to them.

No. 1564690

Your idea of attraction is bizarre.

No. 1564691

I'm attracted to a woman, not whoever that woman is attracted to kek.

No. 1564701

Is this bait? the idea of a lesbian relativising everything in function of moids is kinda depressing, even more depressing than osa women relativising everything in function of moids.

No. 1564704

This sounds like you trying so, so hard to be True and Valid and not like those other disgusting bihetties!!1

No. 1564708

I kinda get it. I would also be grossed out if a guy I was into suddenly told me he regularly takes it up the ass and chokes on dicks.

No. 1564716

kinda sad how everything just ultimately revolves back around moids, you couldn't just be happy with a nice lesbian woman and chill huh

No. 1564721

Nta but very weird jumping to conclusions there.

No. 1564727

That's a really strange reason to be turned off, but power to you honestly. It's better not to feel attracted to women who wouldn't date you regardless of the reason.

No. 1564729

She's not like the other bisexuals, you guys

No. 1564734

megan fox moment

No. 1564745

I’m >>1564685 and i didn’t expect so many of these replies shitting on me lol. i thought it was a relatively benign post but apparently not. I have never dated or been with a man otherwise so the replies saying i center men are kinda unnecessary. I feel like shit now and I’m sorry that I seemingly offended you guys. It wasn’t my intention. I wasn’t making fun of anyone liking straight girls I just said I don’t get it. I even made that clear at the end. #
Time to take a break from this hell site again

No. 1564751

No. 1564759

Don't take it personally, nonna. There are some weird aggro people haunting this thread at the moment.

No. 1564773

tbh these threads are always aggro magnets since the beginning, i'm surprised it still keeps getting made

No. 1564776

No one was even being aggro, people just disagreed

No. 1564811

Insinuating that disagreeing with me isn't a hate crime.

No. 1564818

The only thing good about casual sex for women is it makes sex meaningless to you and you’re less likely to become attached from sex and romance and can discard scrotes with little feeling behind it. It’s a nice symptom of the trauma I received from casual sex when I engaged in hook up culture. A lot of women just tolerate shitty behavior because they think once they fuck a man they have to put up with him.

No. 1564824

This is unfortunately true but also women get a lot more hate for being non-conforming compared to men (both historically and in modern times). I've seen moids shit on women for being more conformist but I don't think it's an inherent trait in women, there are higher stakes for us and it has costed lives (see: the witch hunts, which primarily affected women).

No. 1564838

True, I have been told (multiple once) that i would have looked way better if i was way more feminine acting, dressing, presenting as a whole. I'm still kinda trying to look presentable as a woman, but i aways have thought that being comfortable >>> being fashionable/feminine

No. 1564951

File: 1682979841205.jpg (17.71 KB, 474x294, .jpg)

Its a popular lifehack these days.

No. 1565144

File: 1682985505269.jpg (33.32 KB, 638x620, 54864.jpg)

I'm one of those "pickmes" that compliments women with her bf (I'm bisexual and he's not, it doesn't really happen the other way around). We don't sexually harass women in public or whatever but when a new song by our favorite shared artist drops we both say stuff like "I love her so much she's mine" etc., talk about actresses being hot, comments like that. I think it's because my bf and I started out as friends for a long time and I didn't like him romantically for a while – I wanted my ex from the moment I saw him and I was raving with jealousy when he so much as looked at another woman. I think the dynamic is just a little different when you have a history of platonic banter. And also I think the experience of being jealous and worried all the time in my last relationship changed me a little. My ex was so respectful, he never flirted with other women and treated them with respect, but I felt stressed all the same and he ended up cheating on me. If my current boyfriend is making me feel so at ease, there's probably a reason for that.

That being said I would never shame other women for having boundaries kek it makes me cringe when a woman goes out of her way to let everyone in the comment section know that she is very cool and oh so liberated. Women are allowed to have literally whatever boundary they want, they don't need some weirdo with an ulterior motive telling them to "lighten up".

No. 1565194

The age of consent should be raised to 25, because that's when the brain stops developing.
>wah wah wah that's bad
Fuck off pedos. If you're below 25 yourself, your opinion is invalid.

No. 1565208

But scrotes are at their prime at 21-23. I want to fuck them before they start balding and getting fat.

No. 1565236

Well I wasn't saying men should have the right to revoke consent

No. 1565341

This is really only unpopular in a niche sphere but like I agree with a good portion of female dating strategy tier advice but the ones who want their moids to propose super early on or that living together before marriage will kill the relationship. I want to get married and would have loved to be with someone I could do that with by now but I also cannot fathom getting married to someone I haven’t been dating for at least 5 years. I do not want to get trapped like I was in my parent’s marriage and I feel like waiting awhile as well as actually living together will help show me who they truly are. I just can’t think of any other way besides doing a ton of vetting.

No. 1565356

We got a female Leonardo DiCaprio here

No. 1565391

i agree
make it only for women. Scrotes are hideous past 25

No. 1565399

Speak for yourself I need pronounced 11 lines looking at me from under some salt and pepper hair to cum.

No. 1565400

Are you yourself even attractive enough to pull them. If so why are you here whining about it.

No. 1565404

I agree, it’s really sad and gross that literal teens are in gruesome pornography and it’s entirely legal

No. 1565408

I’ve always been attracted to guy my age +/- 3 or so years and that has never changed. Guys more than a few years younger are especially icky to me even if they’re cute it’s not like they’re cute in a “I’d fuck him” way but more of an “aww cutie” way

No. 1565423

Leo deonardo

No. 1565429

Probably not but if the opportunity presents itself I want to be able to proceed without going to prison. I wouldn’t mind the age of consent being 20 but 25 is too damn old. 20 is reasonable. And scrotes are already childish and self absorbed as is, imagine if they were forced to grow up even later in life. It just wouldn’t work.

No. 1565432

good for you, go share your moldy scrote with all of the other low self steem pickmes.
babifying moids is the most pathetic thing i have ever heard of. I understand not liking 20yo men but seeing them as babys is so retarded, i will never understand that mindset.

No. 1565435

>We don't sexually harass women in public or whatever but when a new song by our favorite shared artist drops we both say stuff like "I love her so much she's mine" etc

please tell me this isn't about phoebe bridgers kek i admit i've done similar with male friends too though

No. 1565436

It’s funny when they look at young men like little cute babies. This man literally has the strength to rape you and bash your brain in if he wanted to and probably watches the most degenerate porn you can think of.

No. 1565446

At least you're in the right thread to express your bad taste in men.

No. 1565479

yeah, in my opinion it comes from wanting to be perceived '''not as bad as men'', meanwhile her octogenarian boyfriend she's dating because ''shes into mature men'' is probably looking at the 15yo girl next door without shame. Its really pathetic. But also this is the same site that considers liking Leo Dicaprio in Titanic makes you a pedo despite him being 20 in the movie.

No. 1565508

It's because they act like kids still. A 20 year old acts very clearly like he did at 16, 17 mostly with very little change. They're old enough to sleep with whoever they want but anons who bang on about them being perfect are generally annoying. The reason they like them is because they are insecure and easy to toy with, not necessarily because they are "attractive".

No. 1565512

Nta but it’s silly when women go on and on about how young scrotes act like kids when their old scrotes acts the same way or you date men 5+ years older. You’re never concerned with your scrote thinking you act like a kid when he’s older than you.

No. 1565517

I'm not talking about being generally immature. I mean they still sound like they did at 17, make the same decisions, are still really underdeveloped. They are often more inexperienced and whenever I hear an anon talk about how much they want to squee control them and watch them squirm it really does just read like female pedophilia. Idgaf. Why clutch it so hard.

No. 1565523

Unpopular opinion but I honestly don’t think young men are as easily manipulated as young women. I think I woman really has to be highly manipulative to be able to pull that off. I’ve seen older women try to control their younger fuck buddy and it usually turns humiliating for her because a young man just will not listen most of the time kek

No. 1565528

It's pedos all the way down

No. 1565529

I'm not really referring to them not caring, I'm just highlighting that anons who never stfu about how virile and gorgous 19 and 20 year old boys are are losers

No. 1565531

A young man in his early 20s will just tell a older woman that she’s an old bitch and to fuck off if she’s getting to overbearing. I can’t imagine a normal woman being able to tell a young man what to do.

No. 1565532

Unpop opinion: y’all shitted this thread up arguing about Loli for the 400th time so that this thread can end fast so the thread pic can stop being cringe and ugly

No. 1565534

I like the thread pic

No. 1565536

>liking 19-20yo MEN
why are nursing home robbers this retarded? not everyone is into disgusting flobby scrotes with beer guts and bald spots

No. 1565543

A late 20s woman whinging about how perfect and sexy guys are when they're barely legal is lame. It isnt subversive or Stacy. They use the number 20 even though 20 looks the same as 18 and 19 for the same reason men do. You aren't a pedophile but once you yourself are pushing 30+ and feel the need to assert that you consider that male peak you are definitely a loser and probably an epheb

No. 1565546

My unpopular opinion is that the male wall is barely relevant cause most of them never had a wall to hit anyway.

No. 1565552

Most women are in relationships with men right now who watch porn with women in the same age group and think nothing of it. You think most scrotes just stop jerking it to 20 year old porn stars once they hit 30? Your nigel probably has porn on his phone with women the same age right now and you wouldn’t leave if ya found out.

No. 1565553

I wish everyone could take a break from revolving every single topic around trying to be edgy about men and just act like normal or something sometimes

No. 1565555

And that is creepy too. Two things can be true at once, crazy I know. Thank God I don't live in the angry blackpill bubble you do though

No. 1565560

File: 1683002912582.jpeg (103.86 KB, 666x1015, 6EA41117-DD3F-43F4-B027-631E3E…)

So you’re telling me if I find this man attractive I’m a pedophile?hes 20 here. Such a small innocent child.

No. 1565562

And I wish men would stop being ugly but here we are.

No. 1565565

But he doesnt look 20. The features associated with being 20 are not here. What the fuck is this retarded strawman? Also how stupid do you have to be to pretend Brad Pitt at any age has any bearing on the looks of average 20 year Olds. You sound like the scrotes you hate.

No. 1565570

File: 1683003273827.jpeg (49.54 KB, 500x658, C5421690-986A-4FB0-8AF1-B3CA11…)

You’re not going to gas light me into thinking being attracted to adult men is pedophilia

No. 1565572

Nta but 20 year olds don't have childlike features. I'm someone who's actually interested in men with youthful characteristics to the point most men I like look 18 but I'm not going to commit crimes or anything. Quit acting like not liking ancient people makes everyone a pedo. I'm also 22 and look much younger while I know 22 year old guys who literally got mistaken as professors in my class. Not everyone looks the same at the same age. Don't obsess over this stuff.

No. 1565573

Oh my fucking God you sound like a granny pulling up pics of actors known specifically for being above average in terms of looks until their 40s.

No. 1565576

Clearly I am not the one obsessing over it. I feel like I'm watching 45 year old women in a closed facebook group whenever I constantly see the sentiment peddled in ot when literally no one asked.

No. 1565577

File: 1683003466349.jpeg (57.75 KB, 736x968, 2FCE6094-F55D-47DD-BF78-919CA0…)

If you’d turn down a very attractive man because he’s in his early 20s you’re just stupid.

No. 1565578

We seriously raging at mid-late 20's women finding 20 year old males attractive? Kek.

No. 1565579

You are a raggedy old bitch lmao the difference is "in spite of being 20" not "because of being 20"

No. 1565582

This was only sparked after weeks of some anon sperging about males peaking at 20 and sharing the same 10 pictures of males that are busted 55 year old alcoholics now. Same spergs that avatarfag with Bjorn I swear.

No. 1565583

Do you want her to pull pics of bellow avarage actors?

No. 1565585

I haven't seen those anon's posts?

No. 1565588

You’re going to be 50 one day too and by your logic you’re a pedophile of at 50 you find their younger faces more attractive

No. 1565601


No. 1565710

British cuisine is great comfort food.

No. 1565787

Unpopular opinion: Some people on this board are very upset that 20+ year old women aren't attracted to 40-50 year old men, and it is both pathetic and suspicious.

No. 1565789

I think they're either men or delulu women with older online bfs, lmao. They literally call you a pedo if you're a 20 yo woman attracted to 20 yo men.

No. 1565803

Anon you’re a retarded misogynist. A 22 year old woman finding her male peers attractive makes you feel like you’re reading about 45 year olds? That’s both delusional and hypocritical considering your literal fetish for old men. Stop trying to push some degenerate worldview onto the rest of us.

Men who created the law disagree with your opinion of their own cognitive development. Men who follow/study athletics disagree with your opinion on their physical peak. 20-23 year old men are not secretly 16, any random man will tell you that of his own experiences. You are spouting actual pedo propaganda.

>anonymous poster doesn’t mind dating an undeniably adult 20 year old man
>”raggedy old bitch”
alright, you’re projecting something rank.

No. 1565804

Anon you’re a retarded misogynist. A 22 year old woman finding her male peers attractive makes you feel like you’re reading about 45 year olds? That’s both delusional and hypocritical considering your literal fetish for old men. Stop trying to push some degenerate worldview onto the rest of us.

Men who created the law disagree with your opinion of their own cognitive development. Men who follow/study athletics disagree with your opinion on their physical peak. 20-23 year old men are not secretly 16, any random man will tell you that of his own experiences. You are spouting actual pedo propaganda.

>anonymous poster doesn’t mind dating an undeniably adult 20 year old man
>”raggedy old bitch”
alright, you’re projecting something rank.

No. 1565806

Anon you’re a retarded misogynist. A 22 year old woman finding her male peers attractive makes you feel like you’re reading about 45 year olds? That’s both delusional and hypocritical considering your literal fetish for old men. Stop trying to push some degenerate worldview onto the rest of us.

Men who created the law disagree with your opinion of their own cognitive development. Men who follow/study athletics disagree with your opinion on their physical peak. 20-23 year old men are not secretly 16, any random man will tell you that of his own experiences. You are spouting actual pedo propaganda.

>anonymous poster doesn’t mind dating an undeniably adult 20 year old man
>”raggedy old bitch”
alright, you’re projecting something.

No. 1565826

the normal and average is that you find peers around your age attractive, calling people who are in their 20s and find other 20s pedophiles while you claim to like old men is not the flex you think it is. you either have deep seated daddy issues or you realize older men will give you things in exchange of your youth. either way, don't try to convince anyone your degeneracy should be the average or normal, while trying to shame people for being normal. you're disappointing, honestly.

No. 1565828

20 something old men are the hottest, if that makes me a pedo at 25 well then put me on the sex offender registry, geriatrics aren't for me

No. 1565832

File: 1683024212492.jpg (13.63 KB, 258x322, 1459070153262.jpg)

So many single, 30+ people in anime communities I have met are insufferable maladjusted manchildren/womanchildren. I don't judge everyone, but lately I had the unpleasant experience of meeting
>woman A - massive pick-me, plays loli VNs to seem retro and cool, secretly talks shit about others but pretends to be an uwu smol bean
>woman B - all she does all day on twitter is complain, complains about her job, complains about her super rare fibro-tier illness, complains about her favorite idol in a boy group getting less attention, complains about younger female fans

Nothing wrong with being single for life, but I don't know how to specifically name that group or reduce them to a single trait. They are immature adults yearning for attention and to fit in.

No. 1565834

I'm 22 and I can see the fugliness progress in real time with guys from college I know. Most men just get ugly when they near their mid 20's and it's mostly because they don't give enough of a fuck to look nice.

No. 1565835

seems inoffensive compared to what sexless 30yo terminally online males do.

No. 1565836

Maybe, but I get insntaly turned off when they talk about league of legends or some video game

No. 1565837

It is inoffensive, but I still find them insufferable on their own. Being better than men is a low, low bar.

No. 1565838

File: 1683024474056.jpeg (52.7 KB, 638x705, AE35F939-14D6-4A51-AC29-6EA184…)

I’m Gonna disagree with you slightly. the male wall is truly irrelevant not for what you said but because women by in large have made it so by hyping up the ugliest of men and continuously giving them the time of day/benefit of the doubt. That’s the true reason why the wall will never exist for men no matter how much they curdle by 25 nowadays. There will always be a woman gassing up a mid/unattractive man. To make himFeel uwu special and not Hurt his fragile little ego. Let’s be honest we all know a girl like that right now.

Straight Women give men too much power that is literally never reciprocated and then cry about it while continuing to coddle these same gremlins because you fucked them, you birthed them, you’re related to them, they acted good in a movie in 1982 once. The reasons are endless and all equally a depressing cope.
I would say about 55% of women are pick mes. Honestly it’s closer to 65-70% if we are being truthful. It’s really bleak I’m starting to notice. It’s so bleak now that you can’t even say you hate men anymore without a non binary girl correcting you. We are in hell. The males won and will continue to win because by in large women continue to give all their empathy to men and sage their contempt for other women. I hate it here. Please stop being empathetic to men I’m begging

No. 1565840

Most self-identified weeaboos and people who have anime as a primary hobby are genuinely subhuman. Their whole identity is “cool, edgy, totally for adults” cartoons that are mostly just shallow run of the mill predictable shock value shit and coomerbait and cocomelon flashy colors and movement, collecting ugly mostly oversexualized plastic statues of the cartoons, and jerking off to said cartoons. No wonder they’re all socially maladjusted overgrown children who might as well be sucking their thumbs and drooling.
The worst is passing by them in Asian stores and markets and catching a whiff of their absolute reek. Weeaboos smell like literal garbage and they’re also ugly.

No. 1565844

>single for life
I get that they suck but that's a really rude assumption, are you equating single at a certain age with single for life

No. 1565846

it sounds misogynistic on the level of calling a woman christmas cake

No. 1565847

Because the women in question said they don't want a 3D relationship

No. 1565848

I never see people like that (or I just haven't paid attention because they seem irrelevant), have you thought you attract these kind of people to your social medias because you are one of them?

No. 1565850

Go to any MMO discord, you'll find plenty

No. 1565852

As someone who was a self proclaimed weeb for years and naturally fell off due to age and the community getting younger and more Insufferable I agree with what you said. Not the stinky and ugly part because I never knew those words even at peak weeb but the anime
Community is one of the worst communities I’ve ever had the displeasure of being a part of. They have the worst takes, the worst tastes and they are extremely ducking racist and misogynistic. I have no idea what it is about anime fans consuming content of literal underdogs being discriminated against for things they can’t change internalizing none of it and then come out a white supremacist. It blows my mind the older I get. But it also proves my theory that 99% of anime fans don’t even truly watch the anime they consume. They literally turn their brains off and just drool in front of a tv. They take 0 away from it aside from misogyny.

No. 1565853

File: 1683025501479.jpeg (36.6 KB, 637x478, 325E4FCA-CDEB-4C0F-A5D7-F8BD4F…)

LMAO nonnie said the call is coming from inside the house

No. 1565854

Seems like you got called out, nonita

No. 1565856

As a weeb, there is one type of weeb community that gatekeeps zoomers through money and the amount of information you need to get into it, but as one would expect, it's also very slow because most people are adults.

No. 1565900

File: 1683030031286.png (356.12 KB, 644x461, 222.png)

not only women with masculine features have jawlines, most women do unless you're fat as shit. Seeing progress pics is always funny to me because when they lose weight they don't have a round face anymore. I never see skinny women without a jawline unless they have a crazy recessed chin.

No. 1565902

>I never see skinny women without a jawline unless they have a crazy recessed chin.
wait till you meet me.
t. has a double chin look even at 90 pounds

No. 1565904

then post a similar face cause I barely see it irl

No. 1565926

I love weight loss transformation pics, I'd love to have a motivation thread as a big lardass but I don't think it would be good for the anachans

No. 1565933

Same here. 90 lbs and 5’6 but still got that super round chubby face.

No. 1565997

Pop off Eugenia

No. 1565998

Nah you have mental illness

No. 1566014


No. 1566018

my face/head shape is so round with a really soft jawline and i'm 38 kilos ( granted i'm kind of short ) kek but tbf i have a slight overbite though never been a mouth breather. it helps that i have a flat face cause azn so it looks like i have cheeks when really i look like a russian sleep experiment victim once i turn to 3/4th view kek what a blessing. the same goes for my family/parents. i feel like with a jawline i would look even more androgynous/masculine than i already am and i'm not into that for myself, i would look like a miniature skeletor

No. 1566027

You look scary because you're a skelly. That kind of weight can't look normally unless you're like 140cm which i doubt you are. Please get help.

No. 1566030

Anon, go to therapy

No. 1566033

eat a fucking sandwich

No. 1566035

god damn anon I haven't been 38 kg since I was a child. Unless your "I'm kind of short" means you're an adult dwarf, that can't be healthy. Seek help.

No. 1566089

nonnies, i'm only saying this on the small off-chance that you aren't anachans: go to a doctor and get your blood/hormones/etc checked out.

No. 1566119

Kek I was 38 kilos too at some point but my face still looked normal and even chubby. Some people are like that unfortunately, it has to do with your bone structure and fat pads placement. It's very unfortunate, I looked like any other normal woman in the face only at around 34 kilos.

No. 1566183

African, Arabic Muslim, indian and Pakistani men need to be culled out of existence. They bring nothing of value to humanity. They need to be killed off, all 4 billion of them, and don't allow the women to have male babies, abort or get rid of them at birth. 99% of society's problems will disappear. (I'm etnhic myself so don't come at me for being raciss )(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1566196

>my face was chubby when I was 38kg
It's because anorexics get bloated and bulimics usually have their faces fucked up as well. You probably weren't chubby but just had bloating from the lack of protein.

No. 1566219

Lack of protein, fucked up lymph, not enough trace minerals/electrolytes. Anorexia literally sucks you so dry and makes you so ugly it is insane

No. 1566220

File: 1683049263010.jpg (219.22 KB, 1209x1441, femskull.jpg)

Wow women have jawlines i will not recover

No. 1566222

But I look chubbier at a healthy weight too, so it doesn't have anything to do with ED behaviours (at least in my case). And I'm not imagining it because my mother comments on it specifically, my cheeks and face are just very round and chubby-looking.

No. 1566242

I'm the anon you're replying to, then you just have a cute nice youthful face, anon. I'm sure it looks cute, please don't obsess over it, writing this as a past anachan.

No. 1566247

bitch you don't get the point

No. 1566248

They're so fucking annoying holy shit, I can't believe there are anons that seriously think a 20 something woman being attracted to an early 20s man is pedophilia. Like it's pretty obvious that the anons who say early 20s men are most attractive are pretty young themselves (not saying that to be snarky, this applies to me as well as sane young women in general who don't have daddy issues). Most women are attracted to men around their own age, yet these retards think young women should be salivating over old men. Gross.

No. 1566253

How short are you? Because if you're short in a normal way that's not a good weight.

No. 1566261

literally where. one time i was complaining about noncery on here and someone was like ermmmmm am i a pedo for liking 18-23 year old guys in my late 20s? i just think that SOMETIMES they CAN BE hot that's all do you think i'm a pedo uwu like do you want to be called one? relax. no one said that, i didn't imply that in my post and 0 people opposed her in her reply either. like where is this even coming from i swear i've never seen the anger or hate towards these people

No. 1566263

inb4 someone accuses me of agreeing with what she's insinuating no she's obviously not a pedophile for liking someone of age unfortunately she's only retarted

No. 1566316

i'm in a country where the age of consent is 15 so the thought of those bitter handmaidens losing their minds over older women wanting to fuck 18-20 year olds is crazy and foreign to me.

No. 1566345

Scroll up in the thread and calm down lol

No. 1566349

woman B is based, twitter is only to write vent posts and like cute anime pictures

No. 1566415

ah, i stand corrected kek my bad.

No. 1566422

Why are you saying that like its a flex

No. 1566453

being a film student only makes it very obvious that you probably don't know shit about films. saying you're a film student in a conversation about films means nearly nothing

No. 1566481

Goth music is really boring so I get why people wanna dress in the style without listening to the music, the style is cool

No. 1566483

I feel an urge to a log

No. 1566500

What do you listen to

No. 1566710

Wanna know something sad nonnies
I'm late 20s and when doing online dating with people 25-30 range, if I go on their social media and see older pics of them from their early 20s they look so much hotter. Their hair is fuller, their body is fit, their skin looks nice, their style was better etc.
It happens 99% of the time. Even my last ex who was 30, I dated him in part because he was a gorgeous model in his early 20s but then became overweight and thinning hair by the time he had met me– of course during his prime hotness he was just pumping and dumping girls and not interested in settling down. I currently know a guy in his early 20s who is really hot but has mild acne, other than that he's like perfect aesthetically, jet black (still thick) hair, pretty yellow-blue eyes, obviously fit
But he left his gf whos in her early 30s bc he wasn't ready to settle down lol
By the time he's ready he's going to be ugly, its pretty rough

No. 1566799

All the men who felt they were to good for me as a teenager or young adult I could 100% get them now that they have hit the wall but there’s no point now because they aren’t the men I want anymore

No. 1566800

Pretty much everything. I like a lot of darker heavy music and music derived from goth, black metal, death metal, industrial, doom, darkwave, dark ambient etc. But goth music is just too dull for me.

No. 1566808

I always wondered how goth became music + fashion. What came first, the music or the fashion? And why does the fashion look like THAT? Like punk music and punk fashion I get, metal music and metal fashion too but why does goth fashion look like that? Probably makes no sense what I'm asking.

No. 1566811

Not having dated as a teen/in my early 20s and at least once having got a cute chad makes me so sad.
Of course there are still some moids my age who are still attractive but their peak definitely happened earlier and you know that each passing year people just get worse and worse…

No. 1566826

File: 1683123960295.png (1.49 MB, 1461x2048, CH11P19-1461x2048.png)

After seeing so many panels and pages posted here, I finally read leasebound, and in my opinion, it's just not good. Aside from some off-topic pages, the actual relationship depicted is kind of cringe and boring, and And I don't wanna come across as a wokeoid or anything, but the way the black characters were portrayed felt a bit weird to me. I don't think the writer is racist or anything, but it feels like they're a fetishizing white liberal(the #thankablackwoman kind). For instance, the black and Samoan female characters are all strong and buff and easily beat men, and there's even a 10-year-old black girl who beats up a kid, which just felt strange and off-putting. some parts drag on for too long. Plus, I personally don't find the art style appealing. Just my two cents though, and it's possible that other people might have a different opinion on it.

No. 1566832

>but it feels like they're a fetishizing white liberal
Kek yeah I like how she shits on feminine bisexuals only if they're white kek.

No. 1566834

Why is a certain kind of "progressive" person always obsessed with the "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" stereotype? Don't they realize that was made up by American black men to justify abusing their women and demanding they do all the parental, financial, etc labor? Lol

No. 1566836

The fashion looks like that because it's a subculture of people who have halloween sound effects playing in all rooms of their residence.

No. 1566837

I sometimes think that then remember I didn't even know anyone good looking back then either.

No. 1566838

agreed, it's really tryhard and unfunny. the antagonists are all ridiculous stawman caricatures that aren't even comical bc they're too forced. the protags are all pure smol beans. and of course all the protags are woc and the bad guys are anglo; shalme that a lesbian terf comic has he same issue as your average bloby-tier sjw comic

No. 1566840

I respect the love she has for her ocs, if anything.
Well most AGPs are "anglo" but it'd be interesting if she included a catty black HSTS kek. The art style may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is better than blobby. This comic definitely can be a bit on the nose like Blobby though, just look at those books in the background. Some Guy, Het Story, and Het Erotica. I like that she's picking out The Happy Potter though lawl

No. 1566851

People who listen to actual goth music and people who cover their rooms in ugly killstar and nightmare before christmas shit are like two completely different subsets of people. Disney adults but fake edgy

No. 1566853

>I'm not a retarded fake goff that like spiderwebs and bats I'm a REAL goff that likes spiderwebs and bats

No. 1566857

No. 1566979

File: 1683135464590.jpg (1.17 MB, 3024x4032, 7AMJBRH.jpg)


No. 1566997

File: 1683135998855.jpeg (123.15 KB, 990x1226, IMG_0992.jpeg)

Moids that are unattractive and not useful to society should be forced into labor camps. Instead of child laborers in foreign sweatshops we should have incel sweatshops in every country.

No. 1567008

How is an unpopular opinion, well, at least here. I do have a genuine belief that a whole lot of crimes and other sexual and violent crimes would go down marginally if the male population was halved.

No. 1567013

This is exactly how anon sounds to adults who actually grew up.

No. 1567014

(cont.) This will benefit society on a number of levels. Production costs will go down, women children in third world countries will be freed from slavery, and most importantly the incels will be too overworked to shoot up schools and malls or shit up the internet.

No. 1567017

File: 1683136491113.jpg (93.54 KB, 1280x720, MV5BNzExNDJjYmQtNzY5MS00NjgxLT…)

t. picrel

No. 1567018

It’s not an unpopular opinion here, I’m just bumping the male retardation down the front page.

No. 1567019

Kek looks like you touched an incel's nerve.

No. 1567023

Men are unironically the true nymphomaniacs.

No. 1567030

Like clockwork.

No. 1567035


No. 1567040

As the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. If men were doing something useful, they wouldn't have time to have the highest crime rates. I'll go even further and say all males should be controlled by a matriarchal state. They're not trustworthy to be out there alone. They should also be banned from higher education in order to keep them out of positions of authority.

No. 1567055

I can't get immersed in big movies or TV shows anymore because it's all the same actors everywhere and so many of them lack the talent to be anyone but themselves on camera. I wanted to enjoy the Dune movies, but my problem with the last one and what is definitely going to be a problem with the second is that there's so many actors who I've seen in a hundred other types of media by now that I just see them and not the character they're portraying. I hate that the hype for new stuff coming out is all about what actor is portraying who. I hate how same-faced everyone is and how the acting style never differs from the norm. If they at least tried to vary their roles a little bit and make an effort it would be better, but I can't see that happening anytime soon with how lazy they are.

The problem is becoming even worse now when so many video games hire actors using their real faces rather than just their voices.

If I have to sit through anything where I know the only comment I'm going to hear is "yo, he was in Game of Thrones", I'm gonna skip it.

No. 1567067

idk, sometimes if they vary their roles then there's complaints about how they're not suited for it and how they should stick to x archetype

No. 1567144

>Why is a certain kind of "progressive" person always obsessed with the "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" stereotype? Don't they realize that was made up by American black men to justify abusing their women and demanding they do all the parental, financial, etc labor? Lol
I believe that sometimes, some western feminists believing that their own brand of feminism is inferior or not getting things done. So they compare their own efforts to those of minorities who they perceive as following the 'correct' version of feminism. Recently, a Korean feminist named terfjin discussed how Western radfems tend to support Korean feminism without fully understanding the various divisions within the movement, such as Christian and Buddhist feminist organizations and individuals. Rather than seeking to understand these differences, some radfems prefer to create an idealized image of feminism in Korea.

No. 1567154

>named terfjin

No. 1567161

I also think that would solve a lot of issues with moods.

No. 1567184

>it’s a shame a comic doesn’t have white protagonists.
What a waste of critique.

No. 1567192

File: 1683150899985.jpg (79.65 KB, 500x387, cXPJ8klb579hglg9FGzktvuk_500.p…)

Whomp's Fortress > Big Boo's Haunt > Cool, Cool Mountain > Tall, Tall Mountain > Bob-omb Battlefield >>> Tick Tock Clock >> Wet-Dry World >>>> Jolly Roger Bay > Snowman's Land > Rainbow Ride > Lethal Lava Land >>> Hazy Maze Cave > Dire, Dire Docks > Shifting Sand Land >>>>>>>>>> Tiny-Huge Island – generally speaking, the lower level levels are the worst, with the exception of Tiny-Huge Island which sucks ass, and Big Boo's Haunt, which is a honorary-ground floor level. The concept of the high level levels is the most fun, but sometimes they lack something in execution, which the ground levels do just right. This is also true for the Bowser levels, which is to say that the first Bowser stage is the most fun, the second one is the worst, and the third is just okay. Tiny-Huge Island sucks.

No. 1567209

he deserves Peach more than B*wser and that fat manlet with a turd on his face

No. 1567263

In America, the right treats blacks like pests where as the left treats blacks like pets.

No. 1567271

File: 1683158799038.jpg (62.98 KB, 720x710, Screenshot_20230503-200711_Duc…)

No. 1567294

Nickelback is mediocre but just as much as basically every radio-rock band from that time. It's just cool to hate on them because it's the thing to do. They're not good but they're not as bad as people say.

No. 1567295

I feel spiritually cleansed by the image.

No. 1567296

Aw you don't like Dire Dire Docks? I know I sound like I'm blinded by nostalgia but the vibes and music alone make it for me. Does it have to do with it being a water level? lol

No. 1567309

i wanna hang him from my flip phone

No. 1567327

Men saying women use their youth getting tons of attention and using people for money etc then settling down when they are old and ugly is them projecting because that’s what they do when are attractive

No. 1567333

Man has anime character hair irl

No. 1567334

No. 1567335

Internet woman discovers men and women aren’t that different after all

No. 1567627

Peoples personalities do not change with age. With age you get more mature and understand your feelings more but you, at your core will be the same at 10 at 35. If you’re killing animals, bullying people etc that’s not going to change with maturity. This is why bullies always pull the “omg I was 13 when I did that!” card instead of showing remorse because deep down they know they haven’t really changed, they probably are at work bullying coworkers or at home bullying their kids or partners. Age matures you but it doesn’t change your core personality.

No. 1567637

Many "progressives" are really sheltered and ignorant and see the words "strong" and "independent" so they immediately assume it must be a positive trope without looking further into the implications of it. And there are also others do feign such ignorance to have an excuse to use black women as mules because they "just don't know better".

No. 1567640

>so many video games hire actors using their real faces rather than just their voices
English-language voice acting has always had this problem of the same few actors being every-fucking-where.

No. 1567642

no it's the "all the poc agree with my opinions that I'm very obviously pushing through my comics and everyone who disagrees with them is white" strawman that is reminiscent of typical gendie "sjw" comics

No. 1567656

Yeah I noticed that as well.

No. 1567677

When someone replies misreading a post that is completely clear and easy to understand, anons should just "I didn't say that" and nothing else, instead of arguing back or being gracious enough to try to explain their point. Most of the time the person replying just wants to argue anyway. Anons with poor reading comprehension are the one thing that actually pisses me off on this site.

No. 1567696

This wasn’t much of a problem a decade ago. I think Gen z just has a difficult time with reading and comprehension anyway so they will just see a sentence in a post that seems offensive but they can’t really comprehend it so they end up trying to argue about shit that wasn’t even said.

No. 1567700

I think another way women can gain more respect and power in the USA is we need to stop being so controlled by materialistic shit and money. There’s all these songs etc about getting the bag from a man and getting a man’s money but I think what men really need to see is women being willing to to be poor as fuck even if they are super hot to survive on their own. Men think no matter what they look and act like that they can do whatever they want as long as they have the funds and that women have no self respect and are lazy.

No. 1567702

>mentions mainstream songs
Preaching to the wrong choir.

No. 1567709

those songs are written by men, nona

No. 1567717

> what men really need to see is women being willing to to be poor as fuck even if they are super hot to survive on their own
Being super hot usually requires money. If I understand you correctly, in this scenario women are contributing to their own poverty by aspiring to be super hot and for what, just as a fuck you to men? What we really need to do is stop buying into the fashion/beauty/skincare whatever industry. That way we would have more money, time, one less thing to worry about etc.

No. 1567823

You're right, Dire, Dire Docks is okay, I'd actually put it above Lethal Lava Land. My only issue is that it's pretty forgettable to me, I only remember the first mission with the bigass submarine, and for some reason I hated it. But other than that, looking through the remaining missions again, it's pretty okay.
And while I'm already here again: Enemies to Lovers sucks too.

No. 1567829

these female rappers are former sexworkers and strippers what do you expect, their way of earning a living is through pleasing and entertaining men. i have nothing against women in the sex industry but that's just the truth. women in the sex industry and in general who date abusive males for money are being abused and cannot survive on their own or have a drug addiction, or worse have kids they need to worry about.

No. 1568030

File: 1683237313406.jpeg (42.74 KB, 549x536, IMG_3809.jpeg)

Most short people look deformed, the shorter they are the more deformed they look also.

No. 1568036

This is how I feel about tall people funnily enough, especially the ones over 6 feet.

No. 1568042

I feel like that about very tall guys but not about tall women. Some guys are so tall that they already look goofy and it's even worse if they gained that terrible posture out of habit that many tall people have.

No. 1568053

>gain respect
>willing to be poor
I get your point nona but in your scenario these women would still be disrespected, just for a different reasob (being poor). Idk what the solution is for them.

No. 1568067

The solution for them would be to not pop out babies they can’t afford and to learn how to budget.

No. 1568069


I have a theory that short people who look deformed/ill proportioned were not "supposed" to be that short, but for various reasons were stunted during development.

No. 1568151

File: 1683247679419.gif (504.85 KB, 498x498, pikachu-pusheen.gif)

i love all the "pretentious snarky elitist academic enlightened pseudointellectual" (and so on) radfems on here! they motivate me to get back into reading feminist and socialist theory. people who complain about them are either moids, pakichan herself, or girls with huge complexes just like her.

No. 1568161

Case in point i love this song though

No. 1568168

File: 1683251674935.jpg (28.93 KB, 550x545, b63db978b9db19dcad7e94226ff78d…)

This is very Michiko Malandro, except she wouldn't let a man tell her what to say lol

No. 1568223

Poofesure was a funny youtuber at first but now he legit gives off woman beater vibes, how it became so normalized for an adult man to break wii remotes while playing the simplest games ever. It became less funny once you know he's a fat retarded adult who gets angry at Mario kart Wii and makes videos screaming.

No. 1568225

I haven't really watched many of his videos but his voice sounds like Ethan from H3H3 to me.

No. 1568310

File: 1683274067542.png (38.06 KB, 566x840, Screenshot 5.png)

someone commented on her portrayal of bw and this was her response.

No. 1568321

>"Also, what kind of logic is this? Women shouldn't be strong and independent from men in media…Because men will use it to justify abusing women in real life?"
She's trying so hard to defend her fetish for this very specific, damaging stereotype hypermasculising black women/little girls that was created by those same men. Like no shit men will use anything, but why is this made up shit what you choose tto operate from? Are there any normal or even femme black women in what you make, or are they all just tough and almost "inherently butch", even as children?
By her logic, someone might as well draw comics about tradwives sucking dicks being "empowering", and argue that since men will use anything to justify abuse, there's nothing questionable about it.

No. 1568370

aussie accent > british accent

No. 1568389

That makes it funnier to me, that he likely isn't playing it up. Cow material

No. 1568394

men don't disrespect women because of whatever women do, men disrespect women because they're trash.

No. 1568400

File: 1683292016613.png (100.9 KB, 646x1034, Screenshot 3.png)

As an older sister taking care of my pre-teen brother I actually agree with this take, I'd 100% rather have boys and young men be listening to two minutes of "Joshua Graham/Batman gives you anger management advice" than 5 hours of Tate telling them rape is a fake crime or Vassh/Hasan Stream telling them that porn addiction is a rightwing conspiracy.

No. 1568403

if there was an equivalent of this for teen girls it'd get DESTROYED by the internet just because it's for teen girls.

No. 1568424

yeah, but boys get memed into being psychopaths by the alternatives so I don’t care. At least when girls get made fun of they just develop EDs or cut themselves and then get over it by 23.

No. 1568449

Women and girls don't need this kind of content because female socialization accomplishes the same thing. The most dysfunctional NEET woman looks like a normal person if you put her next to an average young man.

No. 1568462

I think it's stupid to hold up that homeless guy who got strangled on public transport as the next Trayvon Martin or whatever, if you act like an aggressive psycho in public guess what someone might get aggressive back, it's not the same as murdering a innocent in cold blood. The marine is also probably a piece of shit to be fair but I'm sick of having to pretend that a grown man acting crazy and aggressive in public is a uwu smol unhoused bean and we're all big mean Karens for not wanting to get stabbed on the way to work. Maybe if deranged homeless men were afraid of being attacked by even more deranged ex-military men they'd stop starting shit!

No. 1568464

Surely tho if one is strong enough to hold other man down he could just hold him down instead killing? I can't imagine going home and being like, yeah i killed a man today

No. 1568466

I am not sure most of the views are by teenagers tho.

No. 1568472

These are my thoughts, too. He could've just incapacitated him, I doubt he "accidentally" killed him. In the first place, the man that died belonged in a psych ward or some other kind of home, not roaming around in public. I don't know why some people are sidestepping that issue. Should all mentally ill poor/homeless people be killed?

No. 1568475

>all mentally ill homeless people
No, just the men.

No. 1568476

>Should all mentally ill poor/homeless people be killed?
No, just violent men who chimp out.

No. 1568480

If he killed a man just for being annoying he could kill a woman too for whatever reason. They're both freaks idc.

No. 1568481

File: 1683299680401.png (45.03 KB, 859x780, Screenshot_20230505_101517.png)

if they are consistently violent and aggro, absolutely.
there is no place for this behavior in society and the fact it is accepted and encouraged is why women are attacked and harassed daily across the country

No. 1568483

Yeah probably. I'm not saying the marine is innocent either, I just don't care and I'm really not looking forward to aggressive homeless dudes being the next Woke Saints. In my area police catch and release even violent offenders because the jails are full and being 'tough on crime' is currently controversial. This is the logical end point of letting the homeless do whatever the fuck they want to the public, vigilantism is going to increase. It's not right for the marine to go overboard but ffs it's also not okay that we all need to just be fine with getting stabbed or raped on the way to work because 'duhhhh they can't help it though! mental health! if you're scared of a grown man threatening you in a confined space maybe you're a bigot!'.

No. 1568492

Then it's a shame that men who like to kill the homeless don't agree. The anon who said he could kill a woman for being annoying was right, he's probably a domestic abuser too.

No. 1568498

>Should all mentally ill poor/homeless people be killed
No, anon, they need mental health care obviously. Meaning long term mental health facilities and assisted living communities. And perhaps eliminating the systems that perpetuates homelessness and poverty in the first place. And taking child abuse and neglect seriously.

No. 1568580

The brain never stops developing you retarded 24-year-old "minor." The 25 year-old thing is a meme perpetuated by dumbasses who refuse to grow up and haven't learned how to read a scientific paper

No. 1568665

>Should all homeless people be killed?
Yes. Most of them are violent drug addicted males anyway. Idk why people suddenly see them as poor victims when they become homeless. They did this to themselves.

No. 1568807

i agree to a certain extent, i think they only thing that can change a person's personality is specific life experiences (both positive and negative). I work with some women in their 40's and you can tell they acted the same way when they were in high school

No. 1568813

Why do you think the blonde guy is in the wrong? It's absolutely possible to accidentally strangle someone or crush their throat if they're on drugs and struggling and you don't really know how to old someone like that. The fact that nobody complained and two people calmly helped him restrain the guy suggests to me that it was indeed a kind of self defense, and calling it vigilantism is idiotic.

I'm going to go forward and say the Marine did the public a service by doing his best to restrain an unhinged violent criminal who has assaulted and harassed countless people before and I feel deep pity for him having lies ruined by retards spreading lies about him on social media and kangaroo court he will face. His life is ruined no matter what thanks to social media conmen, same as Rittenhouse.

No. 1568814

I'm sorry for all the spelling mistakes, my brain doesn't work well today.

No. 1568821

I have friends' whose lives were ruined long term by diagnosed male schizos because of how violent they get, and in December I saw a homeless drugged out schizo trying to stab another guy unprompted in the subway on my way home from work. Thank god he failed and the guy pepper sprayed him in the eyes and kicked him out of the subway car but having pepper spray in my country is illegal so that was a miracle and the subway in my city isn't nearly as trashy as the one in NY seems to be. I have no pity for the guy who got killed, it was pre-emptive self-defence from the info we have. The only mentally ill homeless guy I ever slightly trusted was in my previous neighborhood, very nice to everyone, pretty chill, we always had completely normal small talk for years and he got brutally murdered by another homeless guy a few years ago, so fuck them.

>Should all mentally ill poor/homeless people be killed?
The men, yes absolutely if they're homeless because they're mentally ill. If they're traumatized by poverty and homelessness they can receive help. I actually think some of the crazy women also should, a little girl in my country got murdered, mutilated, raped and stuffed in a suitcase by a schizo young woman not that long ago so they're clearly not all harmless.

No. 1568824

When I see very stick-thin, malnourished women on twitter post selfies or their OOTD it sort of makes me laugh because they look so pathetic and weak and they'll be like "going out to the club!" it just makes me kek heartily because I know they'll be shivering like a chihuahua on speed in there.

No. 1568827

Samefag by this I mean very obviously anorexic women, not healthy thin women.

No. 1568852

Michiko e Hatchin was written by a man, so everything she says technically came from a man?

No. 1568895

I agree. He attempted to kidnap a 7 year old and punched a 62 year old woman in the face, fracturing her orbital bone.
I feel like there's a difference between being homeless, and being a homeless, feral vagrant.

No. 1568896

Thank you!

No. 1568916

At least it was directed by Sayo Yamamoto, a woman

No. 1568918

Really? In the video of the ordeal everyone seemed weirdly calm and communicative, there was a bystander suppressing awkward laughter. It didn’t even look like a dramatic struggle just a slow choke. It was really weird. I’ve been on the train with crazies many times and what was happening with this guy wasn’t normal.

No. 1568920

Didn't he choke him out for 15 minutes? That wasn't an accident, he could've incapacitated him instead. This wasn't a "public service". The scrote just wanted to kill, and he did it. Could've been someone helpless and innocent easily. He is feral and disgusting too.

The marine didn't know about either of those things.

No. 1568921

Go back to leftypol.

No. 1568922

You definitely left out mentally ill because you would be included, kek.

No. 1568924

Unlike you, I'm not a retarded scrote or pickme simp for men, so I don't hang out on male boards. Fuck off and kys /pol/tard, you will never radicalize this board into braindead tradthots.

No. 1568925

It doesn't need to be a massive thing, a choke hold can easily kill someone by accident. The fact that the feral psychotic didn't pass out after twenty seconds shows that the white guy didn't know how to apply it, meaning he didn't really know what he was doing and improvised. People were relaxed because someone was securing the violent homeless person.

The racism angle in particular is idiotic, any time a white man lay hands on a black one it's automatically a hate crime no matter what, ignoring that most violence against black men is perpetrated by other black men. How do the people who think this was a hate crime cope with the black man helping the white guy secure the homeless person? Was he acting on internalised racism? It's so retarded and the people pushing the lies about this situation should be investigated for inciting violence, because there is no other explanation for their actions. They try to rile up a hate mob with insane lies, simple as.

> he could've incapacitated him instead
That's exactly what he was doing, he didn't kneel on his chest with his hands around his throat, he was awkwardly lying on the ground underneath him with an arm around his neck. Do you want me to dig up videos or statements about homeless people assaulting random women? I wonder how you'd feel of the guy in the video tried to push you on the rails. Maybe you'd wish someone would hold him down.

Lol ok you are severely mentally ill, never mind.

No. 1568928

It wasn't an accident, that's the point. I don't know if you've ever restrained someone or been in a fight, but you don't "mistakenly" chokehold someone for 15 minutes. It's pathetic to try and baby a man this hard, get over it.
>Lol ok you are severely mentally ill, never mind.
If your first thought upon reading an opinion you don't like is "They must be from a male board with a political leaning I disagree with" while on a woman's board, it is projection. If this observation triggers you, you need to leave kek.

No. 1568940

>The marine didn't know about either of those things.
he didn't need to. he was acting crazy on a train. that was enough

No. 1568942

>WA WA i want homeless drugged up crazy men to rape me in public or stab me to death because -_~`•they deserve a free life•`~_-(~_- infighting)

No. 1568943

He killed a man. Stop.

No. 1568944

Yeah, that is such a retarded twitter talking point.
We do not know what made the marine intervene, but we do know that the guy has been arrested more than 40 times and several of those were for violent assaults, and he probably did a whole lot more he wasn't arrested for.
We also know that nobody objected to him being held and other passengers helped.
So it's reasonable to conclude that he probably tried to attack someone again and was stopped.

Or maybe this was the KKK car and the blonde guy decided to randomly kill a homeless person for no reason by lying underneath him and hugging him (imagine how disgusting that must have been) and several people spontaneously decided to help him and the rest watched with approval, probably sieg heiling each other in the meanwhile.

Yeah the second is totally what must have happened.

No. 1568946

>I see an unruly homeless person?? KILL KILL KILL KILL
Stop trying to guilt me with threats of rape, faggot. This is not a women's issue. This is a mentally ill man killing another mentally ill man wih excessive force. Whether or not you like it, he is going to jail for murder where he will probably face the same fate and/or ACTUALLY be raped, and then you can cry tears for him.

No. 1568947

You don't respond to craziness with murder.

No. 1568949

Three grown men can subdue a man without killing him. Enough of these redditspaced sperg posts, murder is murder.

No. 1568950

Obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be able to write your retarded posts in here.

No. 1568951

>common sense is "retarded" now
Great mindset, you'll probably get arrested soon too.

No. 1568958

File: 1683339705709.png (37.45 KB, 573x843, Article-35-NY-Penal-Law-Defens…)

See provisions 1 and 2. A choke hold is not a "hug" (kek). Murder is a crime, open and shut case. Anyone making heroes, martyrs and/or racebaiting out of this is retarded.

No. 1568960

I have no sympathy for homeless men. My mom and I had rape threats hurled at us by a psychotic homeless man and I had a lot of verbal abuse directed my way due to my race. Where I live, there’s been an increase in crime because of them. Fuck them.

No. 1568964

A weird guy hanging out in my neighborhood for a few weeks called me a pink monkey bitch and fake-out punched at me but I just stared at him like a normal fucking person looking at a crazy man and let him yell at me because who fucking cares. Then one night I was a little drunk and crawled on the ground hissing at him until he backed away and he never bothered me again. I didn’t have to choke him to death. Imagine that. We are all crazy out here.

No. 1568969

In today's world, yes you do.

No. 1568971

you've become mentally ill

No. 1568972

Yeah, your blanket statement about genociding the homeless is totally going to apply to only that and it totes won't be moids deciding they can do it to whoever they please or deem a threat in public based on their own bias because people are uplifting it instead of calling it what it is.

No. 1568975

This, holy shit.

No. 1568980

Nta but good for you? My friend was sexually assaulted by a homeless man. You're very lucky.

No. 1568981

>Then one night I was a little drunk and crawled on the ground hissing at him

No. 1568982

That’s extremely unfortunate and terrible. I’m sorry for your friend.

No. 1569017

Yeah, I don't get what nona's point is here. We shouldn't be afraid of unpredictable strange men who make rape threats?

No. 1569035

Same nona. Back when I was in the ghetto, homeless guys with bike chains broke into our apartment mailboxes and parking structure nightly. My dad came up with "homeless hunting" while drunk and learned wielding a fire axe and having a knife holster visible, even when empty, scared off this particular gaggle of hobos.
They have also threatened, watched, and stalked my family and I beforehand.
Homeless men, and some homeless women, are the worst human beings I've had the displeasure of coming across.
I feel like hobos are usually criminal creeps because they're trying to get a place to sleep at night, even if it's a cot in federal prison. But maybe I'm optimistic.

No. 1569042

All of this to justify and praise murder in a public space? You think approval of this won't create a domino effect? Men already think they're vigilante heros

No. 1569048

I did not do that anywhere, I was just recalling something that happened years ago. Nobody got hurt, but nothing got stolen for awhile, either.
I don't think it was smart nor moral, but it worked

No. 1569063

Same retard who's been shitting up the thread calling a choke out a "huggg uwu" kek, shut the fuck up and quit lying. Your obnoxious newfag posting style gives you away every time.

No. 1569146

It's a miracle you didn't get murdered for it you know? You're the exception to the rule.

No. 1569153

File: 1683359447653.jpg (14.83 KB, 300x225, 69fa9ac3e5f49beb1dafd70830a881…)

Brits are more annoying than Americans

No. 1569165

>Didn't he choke him out for 15 minutes?
no, 4 minutes. They initially said 15 but it has since changed to 4.

No. 1569166

As an eurofag (not brit though) I agree

No. 1569185

If she was an exception to the rule way more people would be dead by now considering how large the homeless population is, but keep pearlclutching paranoid chan so you can absolve a marine of another murder the same way he probably was absolved by his fellow males of rape/murder and torture while serving.

No. 1569189

I can’t stand how everyone on the internet is now obsessed with scolding people for not being 'socially conscious' enough and not having 100% socially sanctioned opinions and not bowing to every victimized group du jour. Sorry I only care about issues that affect me and my loved ones personally.

No. 1569196

I saw some guy nearly getting stabbed in the subway a few months ago and he only failed because the victim illegally carried pepper spray. A normal homeless guy in my previous neighborhood was murdered by another crackhead homeless guy. I was followed or threatened several times by guys like this in the middle of the day, same with my sisters. It's not paranoia if the fear that things like this could happen actually happens. I don't care about that marine, I just say that homeless men are dangerous because they're often mentally ill and/or on drugs and especially target women because they have nothing to lose. I even remember a few years ago an anon saying a homeless guy climbed several floors of their building's walls and tried to go in her and her sister's apartment through the window and they panicked and pushed him through the window. I don't care about the marine, he fucked up but don't expect me to think homeless bums are harmless.

No. 1569205

I left it out because not all mentally ill people are homeless. If you're homeless and mentally ill you're also better off dead.

No. 1569210

And then everyone clapped

No. 1569215

Nta but kek you didn't deny you're mentally ill

No. 1569303

Not everyone is confronting homeless people recklessly like nona did. Most normal people avoid them.
Same. It comes off as moral grandstanding.

No. 1569356

ppl will type out the most insanely misogynistic shit, put "white" in front of "women", and get 100k likes from self-proclaimed leftists.

No. 1569377

not everyone is smart enough to see the bigger picture and that's ok

No. 1569394

Mentally ill people aren't worth befriending. Like having some retard have a meltdown on me because they don't feel "validated" enough is so fucking annoying and they always use their mental illness as excuses for their shit behavior.

No. 1569398

I agree. My friends don't have meltdowns or anything, they're just depressed and projecting their issues on everyone and I regret ever meeting them.

No. 1569407

I have the exact same experience. People constantly badgering you about their depression and anxiety. A complete waste of time and exhausting emotional labour. Unless they are actively in the process of getting better and it's a rare occurrence, I refuse to do it. If your baseline requires people to talk to you about the same retarded shit every day then either pay me or I will not talk to you anymore.

No. 1569413

Every time an anon confuses me for someone I'm not I get the insatiable urge to break anonymity against all logic
I never do, but fuck, it bothers me.

No. 1569415

So just because we are not policing our thoughts obsessively and championing for 6 different minority groups at the same time we are "stupid" and "not seeing the big picture"?

No. 1569419

Lol. I've been accused of being a self-poster a few times bc every once in a while I'll say something nice about a cow

No. 1569422

Honewreckers dont exist. Outside of extremely contrived circumstances, a man cant be forced to cheat on his partner. Even if the woman is super persistent and sexually forward, its up to the man to say no.

No. 1569435

I used to fall for that a lot when I was younger and luckily I’ve learned to spot the red flags since then. I don’t know if it’s a certain personality type that attracts them or what but I keep seeing that kind of weird leecherous friendship even now, happening to people around me. I always warn people not to get involved with those types but sometimes I feel like I lack the vocabulary to explain how draining those people are. I dont even think its simply mental illness because most people nowadays struggle with mental health, it’s like a very specific type of using other people

No. 1569446

Kaito and Miku should fuck more

No. 1569457

Try not to let shitters like that get to you. It annoys me too especially when they put words in my mouth that I didn't even say. However, anyone with good sense will read those types of posts and see those posters as just deliberate thread shitters.

No. 1569460

AYRT, this is specifically about >>1569063
The irony is that that wasn't me, and I have no idea who she's talking about, because I was banned for a month due to self posting about how horrible I am, etc etc when I was having a panic attack kek. A deserved ban, but I've been here since 2021 and type in semi-proper English to preserve my identity, although before my month ban I was accused of being a personfag, which I cannot deny but I sure as hell am not that personalityfag
Partially agree, although my personal favorite Vocaloid ship is Miki x whoever the hell her voice works with.

No. 1569461

Sorry for the double post, but thank you! That's why I removed the bit at the end that accidentally revoked my anonymity. And why I'll probably be more obsessive about saging in OT and avoiding infighting

No. 1569465

I hate how the fault is almost always on a woman, it’s always “guess he wasn’t getting enough at home” or “she went after him, it wasn’t his fault!” like it’s either on the mean shrill wife for not putting out enough or the vixen for seducing him. Hate it.

No. 1569466

I think it's both immoral to hit on someone in a relationship and to cheat on your partner. I wouldn't be friends with someone who does either.

No. 1569476

You're still going on about this? I really do not care if you were banned a month ago. I was referring to this >>1568944 and other weirdly spaced posts. Derail some more about being a virgin lesbian(???) like in the first reply you gave and then deleted, I just said to stop putting racebait garbage here.

No. 1569497

Oh, alright. Well, that wasn't me. I'm just a tumblr user and former KF user (and ex-thread haver), and if I don't segment into paragraphs I have a lot of trouble reading what I wrote due to my eyes skipping like I'm dyslexic, but I think it's just Astigmatism. Anyways, I'm not racechan, and I'll work on reducing the number of paragraphs I use to not get confused for her. I'm so sorry that I was accusatory without recognizing what you were talking about something wholly different.

No. 1569512

>I was referring to this >>1568944 and other weirdly spaced posts
Not at all shocking that someone with opinions as retarded as yours also thinks everyone who disagrees is the same person and is baffled by the concept of paragraphs and line breaks.

No. 1569520

My bad for being harsh, anon. A bunch of posts with similar unique spacing all appearing around the same time looked off to me, it set off my scrotedar.

No. 1569524

You are painfully new if you think leddit-tier, janky spacing is "just paragraph breaks", and clearly have a single digit IQ otherwise. Go seethe elsewhere that everyone laughed your shit takes out of the thread, no one gives a fuck.

No. 1569528

Fair enough, ironically when I had a thread the writer was schizotroon and he fucking admitted it both in /meta/ and the thread itself so it died very fast. So I don't blame you for being wary between him and the /pol/ spammers.

No. 1569531

Why aren't you collecting violently psychotic drug addicted homeless people to house them in your apartment instead of smaefagging shit takes on lolcow if your heart bleeds that much for them?

No. 1569534

Actual schizo post. Seek help before you're the psychotic homeless druggie, or worse.

No. 1569543

Men having affairs
> I'm practially already single, me and 'x' are dead, we just haven't made the break up official, we live together still for practical reasons. I might as well be single already. Its not reeally cheating because you see muh special circumstances
> My gf/wife is such a terror, she's made my life a misery, she's so angry and manipulative and you can't talk to her and I wish I could get away from her but I need time.. did I mention she's a bitch??
I think both women are lied to most of the time. Men make sure that they demonize the gf/wife so much that the other woman feels less remorse and never actually fact checks because all they know is "oh but she's such a psycho, don't go near her"

I've only ever been on the end of things where I was the one getting cheated on but men who lie their asses off to you about where they're going and what they're doing sure as hell aren't being honest with the mistress either. They compartmentalize. Feed different lies to each of you and in the end everyone just loses time from getting involved with a guy like that.

No. 1569596

In my case they're not using me as a personal therapist and I was always supportive but sometimes their comments make me want to hurl. I've seen shit like friends being utterly shocked and disgusted that I wanted to read old manga I loved as a teenager because they assume I'm like them and do it because I'm too depressed to try anything new and want the comfort of something I already know. Like no dumbass, it's because I liked the manga a lot and read them at the library long ago so I forgot half of the story and characters. Or when a severely depressed friend of mine seemed to have progressively gotten her shit together thanks to antidepressants she stopped eating fastfood everyday and walked more to avoid paying for the bus for very short trips and she was glad it made her lose weight and my now morbidly obese friends projected their insecurity on her and thought she was lying to herself and had this sudden feeling of getting her shit together because she'll probably kill herself (and they were wrong). All because one of them had suicide ideation right before starting paying a gym subscription and she thought everyone had to be like her. I'm sick of that shit, I hang out with them way less often because they're really stressful and I feel a lot better.

I honestly would be ready to not befriend anyone anymore if my current friends decided to drop me. As a child I attracted bullies and as a teenagers I made nice, friendly normies flee because I was still acting weird from the bullying and from my religious helicopter parents actively preventing me to have a social life just so I'd stay a virgin. Not sure how people can sometimes notice these things, I guess it's pure instinct, I can guess that too but it's hard to explain. I attract these people way less now that I'm a grown adult.

No. 1569600

I hate how the internet has seeped into real life. Normies should have never had access to mini computers aka smartphones because they cannot control themselves and cannot handle internet usage. The memes, the porn, the politics, all of it. And it's all taken to the extreme. Every single aspect of the internet and social media seeping into real life and the way people talk (and the way they are colder and talk less) just makes me feel like the world is a giant fucking looney bin now and everyone is the same. People are so weird now.

Can you imagine if imageboards were as mainstream as social media? Normies probably couldn't stop themselves from saying kek and mongolian fluteboard memes out loud.

No. 1569649

The creativity, fun and passion left the internet when everyone started using it. I know that these things still exist, but the weight is shifted more towards brainless normie media and sites. Ads everywhere, stupid fights about celebrities and aesthetic of the week. Content content content. This would get too long if I shared every thought about this but much like gaming, things went downhill when it became easy and accessible to everyone.

No. 1569726

File: 1683418125549.png (709.8 KB, 1200x838, Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 8.07.…)

This is so beyond retarded. They want another Floyd or Martin so bad. Cops are doing jack shit

No. 1569729

There's never riots like this for women. Not even when it happens to black women.

No. 1569730

Elections next year, summers starting. Gonna be a fun summer next year! :)

No. 1569733

Almost anyone can learn something if they practice everyday, like for example art or languages or music, but also some things have to start young and many will still never excel at. And I think one of those things is figure skating. True you need to practice a lot but I've never seen someone starting late really master it,and I mean about 16 and up, I think it's one of those things, they fear the ice and never get used to the right feel. The best chance is hockey players, they are fearless and know the ice but just on different skates, but even gymnasts struggle and their sport is imo scarier, I have never done a backflip and never will most likely.

I started at two because my parents bought me skates and threw me onto a frozen lake every winter, I tried to walk and kept falling but the love for the ice was born. It's just not as far down when you are small. I see a lot of learners and mastering edges, body positioning and motions so unnatural, tension in the right places is hard.

No. 1569736

Idk what happened but taking a guess someone was pushed again? But they have done jack shit about the people pushing, which are repeat offenders with criminal backgrounds in the 20s and up, and they are often mentally unstable. Never done shit about it. I saw two police come up the platform
laughing and what awaited me at the bottom was a schizo yelling in my face and following me, I walked way down to get away and he harassed everyone, and nearly everyone was against the wall to avoid getting pushed. The cops laughed and walked away. Jack fucking shit.

If that isn't the situation then this is just a rant I guess, every time I am in nyc some shit happens.

No. 1569739

so true, I hate when I see women join in these protests/riots for male deaths because scrotes don't give a fuck when we die

No. 1569763

god anon please dont remind me. i cant do this fucking bullshit again

No. 1569781

Is this opinion necessarily unpopular? No because nobody is talking about this shit. But Eddie Murphy is THEE doctor dolittle for real. I cannot believe anyone has tried to best him.

No. 1569835

Nta but I think it’s been remarkably chill this cycle, all things considered. Im probably gonna totally tune out next year though lol

No. 1569839

I never liked love is war or welcome to the black parade in terms of songs

No. 1569849


No. 1569879

I view women who talk about tumblr IRL the same way as men who talk about 4chan IRL. just cringe and probably a weirdo.

just one seems to be more eager to bring it up in conversation though, to my dismay

No. 1569886

Arguably their worst song

No. 1569916

Agreed, its so weird that it's one of their most famous songs, it sounds like shit. The musical style changes in the song so often that it just sounds choppy and stilted and the lyrics are just fucking cheesy. Also, Disenchanted should never have been on the album at all, fuck Mikey.

No. 1569926

I dont think I ever actively listened to disenchanted. That shit was on skip any time I was within reach of that joe boxer radio

No. 1569962

What are their good songs?

No. 1569964

Maybe but things like athletics and figure skating are probably in the 5% of the most useless skills to have kek. What is it good for? Unless you're making a huge bank which most of figure skaters aren't and even those still have to retire at like 25.
It's only useful to have it as a hobby to relax and exercise and for that you can start at 45 and it doesn't really matter.

No. 1569972

From Black Parade I think Mama, Sleep and This Is How I Disappear are stand outs.

No. 1569977

No, a homeless crazy guy with an insane criminal record got killed by a passenger who was putting him on a chokehold, probably just to try to make him less of a threat until the next stop. These people are protesting because they don't like that this homeless schizo who tried to kidnap a 7yo girl and who assaulted many people, including an old lady recently, died.

No. 1569984

woah disenchanted was my favorite from that album when i was in middle school but i had to stop listening to it because everytime i did something really bad happened to me kek. the same with alone again naturally by that ginger irish guy i forgot the name of. gilbert o'sullivan. except a hundred times worse luck like deaths level

No. 1570021

Yeah it's just one of those things that's easier to learn the smaller you are. I remember doing off ice rotations with a bunch of kids at a lower level than me and while I was struggling awkwardly, they just spin like a fucking top. Not very skilled on the ice, but just could pull off effortless rotation because of basic physics.

I skated a kid for a while and did a fair bit of ballet so when I started again as an adult I was never awkward or nervous on ice, but there was a hard limit when it came to jumps. I barely managed an axel and lost it super quickly, it's very demotivating… but skating is still fun regardless.

No. 1570063

File: 1683458407375.jpg (87.93 KB, 640x480, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

Whose Love is War? Mikus?

No. 1570085

File: 1683463019388.jpg (11.6 KB, 198x275, 1676673740311.jpg)

I think Jordan Peterson is funny

No. 1570093

Non-american here, you guys have been spamming about this situation nonstop, and as I deducted, there could be only one reason why so many americans are rioting for a criminal, let me guess…

No. 1570101

I've been following this case right from the start and the way they change the narrative and try to paint him as a massive victim is so disturbing.
The guy who choked him for that long is wrong but the media went from calling him homeless, to calling him a Michael Jackson imitator/dancer who brought joy to all travelers (i even read something about him being a pastor???) and it's the same for the pics, at first it was his bearded dirty bum-self and now lots of pics when he was a young and happy kid while for the choker they use pics of him being shirtless and super muscular. How can people fall for that? And where were all those caring people when he was still alive, why did nobody help him back then?

No. 1570117

I would be defending the murderer more if he actually knew he was dealing with a violent criminal, but he just wanted to either a) kill someone b) show off his marine skills c) actually apply a chokehold but for 15 minutes???. I wouldn't doubt he is violent towards women too so I am unable to defend him fully.

No. 1570122

Him having been arrested for over 40 times already shows that he very likely was behaving violently before getting choked too, plus more people than the ufc fighter were holding him down, meaning they also considered him a danger.

No. 1570125

did anyone involved in this actually had knowledge of his previous crimes?

No. 1570133

That doesn't matter anon. The reason people mention his criminal record is because there still is no video of what happened before the choking. But judging by his previous behavior, it's very likely that the people holding him down were really acting in self defense

No. 1570145

NTA, but it does matter. The behavior of everyone involved showed low fear, like it had already been handled. There was no reason to kill when the other two men were here holding him down.

No. 1570146

>Standing that close to the third rail
Fucking retards

No. 1570158

Has anyone ever protested in honor of the people who get murdered by the homeless? Does anyone have anything to say about random women getting pushed onto the tracks? The marine probably killed him on purpose but why does anyone care? Honestly why does it suddenly matter when a marine kills homeless man in cold blood but when homeless man kills innocent commuter in cold blood it's fucking crickets? I hate these protesters so much. They don't care about human life. They just love being contrarian, that's why they only martyr criminals when there are plenty of genuinely innocent people being murdered they could martyr instead. How many black people do you think have been assaulted on NYC subways, just minding their own business trying to get to work? But no let's ignore them and focus on some black guy who beats up elderly women and attacks 7-year old girls. If Neely had killed someone nobody would give a shit, it would maybe be a headline for one day and then immediately forgotten about.

No. 1570165

I don't like Calvin & Hobbes, I don't think it's really charming or enjoyable. As a kid it felt forced and hokey, as an adult it felt soulless. Cool that a lot of people have fond memories of it and want to be Calvin's dad or learned to appreciate their childhood more for it, that's nice. Nice that the creator didn't sell out on merchandising. Overall though I did not get the same impression from it. No problem. Except this opinion has consistently, since the mid 2000s, upset online people more than my opinions on like abortion and eugenics and war and gun rights and immigration. I'd say it's my ultimate troll card but it's not even a troll people just get really passionate about comics to the point they tell me to die and shit lmao

No. 1570190

This is what bugs me about the whole thing the most too. Too many innocent women have been killed by mentally ill bums with track records and they still got weirdo slacktivists simping for them. I don't get it and I also don't get when these slacktivists get mad that others are sick to death of these drugged out, unpredictable homeless men committing crime over and over with little consequences. I'm not going to celebrate this guy's death but it should be a massive wake up call for the useless politicians who are too spineless to do something about the problem.

No. 1570193

Why are you caping so hard for a man who murdered another man in public while being filmed? If they don't make an example out of him, men are really going to think its okay to do this to whoever they deem a threat and they will think they will be considered a hero for it

No. 1570228

Please point to where I was caping for the marine. I agree he probably killed him on purpose, I just don't care because homeless dudes kill people on purpose all the time and nobody gives a shit.
>men are really going to think its okay to do this to whoever they deem a threat
This is already the case lmao. Neely assaulted two old people and a little girl and was still running around free to assault more people. Fact is that if Neely had choked the marine to death these exact same protesters would consider it cruel and unusual punishment to lock up the sweet mentally ill baby.

No. 1570230

was this guy not a threat? a potential kidnapper and violator of women for 10 years dead, zzzz good riddance

No. 1570248

sounds like most of your opinions are formed based on what you think will offend others most, which is honestly even more pathetic than forming all your opinions to agree with whatever is popular.

No. 1570250

>The guy who choked him for that long is wrong
Actually new information was released. He held him for 4 minutes total and released him about 50 seconds after he stopped struggling.

Absolutely nothing about this situation suggests that it was murder. It's disturbing to see the media at work with even people who don't believe it having compromise opinions like "the marine probably tried to kill him" even though those are contradicted by the evidence and supported by nothing at all.

No. 1570257

I mean he still did die from being choked out by the guy. The courts will decide but it’s manslaughter at least, maybe self defense I dunno I’m not a lawyer.

No. 1570258

assuming a marine murdered someone on purpose is a very safe bet. only the most deranged pieces of shit make it to the point of actually being called a marine.

No. 1570265

I’m kinda surprised he fully became a marine and basically retired from it by age 24, for some reason I thought it took longer

No. 1570267

no, one of the things I like about here opposed to other sites is my opinions aren't outrageous and I don't have to defend them constantly. I can just say something about abortion or the dating scene or motherhood and not have to worry about men digging through my entire profile history trying to geolocate me and my workplace. the comic book thing is about the most aggro thing i could share here. it's nice.

No. 1570269

The marine choked out the guy for 20 minutes. That's crazy. People do not value life at all that because he was homeless he deserves to get executed. I think protesting down in the underground is retarded though

No. 1570270

You really think he walked into the subway, saw a random bum and decided to choke him to death while other random strangers assisted him by holding that random bum down…?
Americans really think every cop, nurse or soldier or whatever must be a sociopath huh?

No. 1570272

It's on video. You can restrain someone without cutting off their air supply.

No. 1570278

He didn't value the life of thr many other passengers he harassed and threatened over years and years. If you neuter public servants' ability to handle or remove a public menace from the subway, people are going to have to step do it themselves.

No. 1570280

On video are several people holding one man down, that's it, you can't see that he wanted to murder him.
If he wasn't a black and if this wasn't the us everybody would rightfully simply assume he must have been a threat to passengers. This is so ridiculous.

No. 1570281

Exactly. There are a lot of people keeping him on the ground with the marine very visibly on him with his arm around the man's neck. The man was restrained he wasn't going anywhere he wasn't that threatening that a crowd formed to watch and be bystanders to his murder. They're all so brave to be so near the immediate danger!!

No. 1570284

The threat was secured, that is why they were comfortable watching. How is that not obvious?

No. 1570285

He deserves to be killed because he was a crimal drug addict. He's barely human, probably wouldn't think twice about raping you if he had the chance. His life had no value.

No. 1570287

So you agree he was restrained? There was no reports he assaulted anyone just being loud. There was no cause for that marine to choke that man for 20 minutes.

No. 1570288

You can neutralize a threat without killing someone, especially when you have help.

No. 1570291

same goes for the marine tbh.

No. 1570292

Yeah, the coroner ruled it homicide, meaning the death was caused by a human being, now the courts have to figure out whether it was self defense or manslaughter.
I hope they go for murder charges due to the public pressure, because that will be thrown out by any jury. With manslaughter the demented justice system might spin some horseshit about how civilians aren't allowed to protect each other by restraining violent criminals because that's vigilantism or something.

No. 1570293

If he was such a public nuisance and there were charges against him then that's on the authorities for letting the public down, however, there's a fucking reason murder is illegal. Citizens do not have the right to be jury and executioner.

No. 1570294

every cop and soldier is a sociopathic murderer, yes. that's why they specifically chose careers where they get to commit rape and murder with no consequences. idk why you included nurses lol.

No. 1570295

I hope you get attacked by a psychotic homeless person and everyone around you just watches because "Citizens do not have the right to be jury and executioner."

No. 1570297

So because I don't agree someone should be murdered when they can be lawfully restrained and left for the authorities to deal with I should be physically beaten? OK anon, let me listen to more of your takes

No. 1570298

You really don't get it?
Multiple people holding him proves that he must have been very, very aggressive and crazy and dangerous prior to being restrained, meaning holding him down is self defense, not murder. All these other civilians wouldn't have helped the marine if they wouldn't have considered the bum a threat too.
Holding his neck too strongly and too long was a mistake, but putting violent crazies into a chokehold has been done many times by civilians and they were all labeled heroes.

No. 1570299

I cannot believe you are all defending this like kneeing his body weight onto his neck was just the only possibly way to restrain him whatsoever. It was on camera. If this gets praised like you retards are there's going to be an entire wave of men playing Batman. Thanks.

No. 1570300

I want you to face the reality of such situations, so you can re-evaluate your retarded terminally-online-never-stepped-outside-suburbia opinions.

No. 1570301

Oh please, as if you'd also just stand there when some homeless lunatic comes at you…

No. 1570302

I hope you don't act psychotic irl like you are doing right now otherwise you might get the choking treatment too.

No. 1570303

You are truly a retard

No. 1570304

Lmao. The justice system and laws aren't perfect, they're obviously going to fail sometimes. He was a jobless drug addict who committed crimes and assaulted people. Sure, murder isn't legal, but I don't give a fuck if some other moid killed him. Good riddance, one less aggressive moid on the streets.

Yeah, he's probably another aggressive moid with anger issues. Now he'll go to jail and it's 2 aggressive moids out of the streets. A win for everybody, can't believe some retards are complaining.

No. 1570305

Herd mentality, that marine did the work of suffocating the man until he became compliant that npc faggots joined in. Should every viral video of a "Karen" end with her losing her life because she was harassing people, no.

No. 1570306

When a drunk man sat down next to me and leaned into my lap while muttering in a foreign language I got up and sat down next to a normal man, which was luckily sufficient deterrent.

No. 1570307

Why is everyone fighting over 2 moids like who cares? I don’t have the energy to care about men dying.

No. 1570309

Are you at the subway rn?

No. 1570310

Literal grug with no understanding of self defense, just "kill emmmm"

No. 1570311

>one less aggressive moid on the street
except another aggressive moid got him and if he doesn't get charged with murder, other aggressive moids will think it's okay to kill for whatever reason they come up with. it's called setting a precedent.

No. 1570312

I've been attacked by a man before had my nose broken. You seem fragile af. I do not think there was legal cause for that man to be choked for so unnecessarily long.

No. 1570313

Damn, you got beat so hard you turned retarded, sucks for you.

No. 1570314

why did you get your nose broken, you could just have killed him?

No. 1570316

Don't care either way. They can keep killing each other. He's marked for life now too.

No. 1570318

Middle aged women having meltdowns isn't comparable to homeless crazy and everybody knows that.
And arguing that moids get away with killing other moids is what causes violence against women to spike…come on

No. 1570320

he is unironically walking and moving on with his life to cause more harm (to women, too) and face no consequences.

No. 1570321

no restraints are safe, it's why group homes and care facilities have so little tools to handle the patients now and it's a real moral issue. what is "less lethal" goes out the window if the person is on drugs or alcohol. adrenaline is a bitch. this guy should have been helped or removed long ago instead of being allowed to exist as "haha epic quickly local homeless man!" and people stepping in should not have had to happen in the first place. this is only catching attention because Americans love to prop up homeless and Black people right now.

No. 1570323

Yeah I don't use social media, but tell guys that I used to have tumblr like 10 years ago if I want them to know I'm a lit bit freaky

No. 1570324

>Should every viral video of a "Karen" end with her losing her life because she was harassing people, no.
Just wait, they'll probably say yes. I don't even know if there are women on both sides of this anymore. Just seems like everyone with common sense vs reprobates who want to kill randoms for free.

No. 1570325

I hate black and white thinking and how none of you think critically about anything at all. This is the kind of grandeur that caused the death of George Floyd and began the protests. You have to make an example out of these people because if you don't, the domino effect could truly be damaging. What's going to stop some retard who finds this admirable from doing the same to a minor? When he says a teenager looks threatening? This at the same time as all of the gun violence right now. None of you care about other people.

No. 1570326

Yeah, this must be a troll. There's plenty twitter retards who might buy the "marine was out to kill" angle, but nobody can be demented enough to connect that to violence against women. Especially since the homeless guy had a long track record of assaulting women and he is the one who is now off the streets for good.

No. 1570327

You americans are so brainwashed by muh all black moids innocent victims vs all cops evil. During the hours you weren't awake nobody was having these meltdowns on behalf of a random violent crazy and/or druggie stranger.

No. 1570328

a Karen isn't going to walk up to me because I made eye contact accidentally and ejaculate or grope me. If I tell her we don't take expired Hormel coupons anymore she will just call corporate and storm out.

No. 1570329

This is catching attention because it was public murder

No. 1570330

you can't even restrain violent retards. my bff worked as a teacher in a special needs school and the violent retards just get put to sit on a different room even though they punch themselves, the teachers and all the objects around them. the nurses are not allowed to restrain them, just hold them and dump them on the other room when they have melties. mind you, these are not children, they're grown ass men.

No. 1570331

He's literally a marine. Causing harm to women is already something he's predisposed to do. If anything this incident will hurt his image if he ever puts his hands on a woman.

Then he goes to jail.

No. 1570332

It's the evening in UK and Europe retard

No. 1570333

now why is this getting so much attention as opposed to the many many other murders that happen in America, publicly, daily?

No. 1570334

I love that his family or whatever cam out to say he was an innocent boy, an angel, he didn't do nothing. Then why was he out in the subway assaulting women and not sleeping on your couch looking for jobs? I guess he wasn't a good enough boy for you to feel safe around him, huh?

No. 1570335

Actually it can. I think you underestimate how retarded violent men really are and how they can be radicalized by literally anything. There's already been a spike in gun violence, men are murdering multiple people in succession in their neighborhoods and in public places. If you think it perpetuates only violence toward men and not just the entitled act of violence without consequence itself then you put too much faith in the average violent man.

No. 1570336

Because it was filmed up close. Moron.

No. 1570337

I'm sure telling moids they can get away with murder even more if they gaslight the public into believing the victims were bad people is a great thing, nonna.

No. 1570338

This was a non gang related cold blooded murder between commuters.

No. 1570339

this happens every fucking day, but why is this one getting so much attention? why is this one causing protests? think big instead of throwing insults.

No. 1570341

I'm sorry but what is the point you're trying to grasp? Since other murders aren't highlighted this should be brushed under the rug? Let's all deign to live in anons wonderful utopia

No. 1570342

what does his race have to do with the severity of the crime? just say you think it's being propped up as black vs white already

No. 1570343

"Ah well, see, I simply would have shot him in the knees with my rubber bullets"-tier takes on this situation

No. 1570344

Sorry, but racebait won't let you escape the basic truth of the law: You cannot kill homeless people on public transport!

No. 1570345

3 men can hold someone down without murdering him, kek. Enough grandstanding, monkey.

No. 1570346

my bad, he's a marine, he gets free pass to murder people, I didn't remember that, move along.

No. 1570347

you're right, I'm not sure why anons replying are caping for military moids. Don't get me wrong that homeless guy sounds like a huge piece of shit but I don't think the marine guy did it for a good reason (like to save people or anything). Scrotes in the military cannot be counted on to be good people and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional (this goes for all soldiers regardless of country btw).
kek why are you lumping nurses in with cops and soldiers?

No. 1570348

But homeless men are allowed to kill whoever they want because muh mento illness! muh inequality!

No. 1570349

literally nobody said and society failed this man by letting him out instead of a mental institution or prison.

No. 1570352

No, they also belong in jail, or in homes for the mentally ill if they are determined to not be in control of their actions. Read the law to cure your confusion and derangement. Note: 4chan is not the law.

No. 1570355

That doesn't really mean anything though, have you ever heard of the bystander effect?

No. 1570358

>in homes for the mentally ill
Ii know this whole conversation started with an American murder case so I need to ask, are there even enough places like this? I've been told most of them were shut down decades ago because new ones were supposed to be built but the new ones never opened. In my country there are psychiatrist hospitals for people like this but even then there aren't enough so the US must be even worse. I thought there were enough beds for this type of patients because I live in a big city but a friend of mine from somewhere else was stalked, robbed and traumatized for years as a kid and then teenager by her schizo neighbor because he couldn't be held anywhere, there wasn't any hospital room or bed left for him. That shit's scary.

No. 1570360

they got shut down because the patients were being raped, abused, murdered, deliberately infected with diseases like hepatitis, etc. it's obvious that institutionalization is the only good solution but unfortunately our (US) govt is so corrupt that something like this can never be implemented with the necessary regulation and oversight. the industry of keeping the severely disabled housed and cared for will immediately be given to parasites who will commit mass murder for profit.

No. 1570362

Let me guess, you're dating a cop or soldier.

No. 1570367

>Neely […] had begun shouting at passengers that he was hungry, thirsty, and had little to live for before Penny forced him to the floor in a chokehold until he stopped breathing.
>A witness told CNN although Neely was acting erratically, he did not harm anyone nor did they see him armed with a weapon.

>As soon as Neely got on the train, he started yelling about being “fed up and hungry” and “tired of having nothing,” Vazquez told CNN.

>Before he was killed, Neely said, “I don’t care if I die. I don’t care if I go to jail. I don’t have any food … I’m done,” according to Vazquez.

>As the yelling continued, many passengers became visibly uncomfortable and moved to other parts of the train car. Neely did not appear to be armed or looking to attack anyone, Vazquez told CNN.

>Then a rider – later identified as Penny – came behind Neely and put him in a chokehold, with the two eventually falling to the floor, Vazquez said. Neely did not interact with that passenger at all prior to the attack, Vazquez continued.

No. 1570368

Yeah didn't he hit an 60 something year old woman?

No. 1570372

does anyone in this thread smoke weed?

No. 1570380

No but I wish I did, I ate some editable once and thought horrible Simpson was going to fuck me

No. 1570381

Who is Horrible Simpson

No. 1570382

Homer Simon a

No. 1570383

Yes, she never fully recovered either.

No. 1570388

NTA. Even she agreed it was a murder and blamed NYC for not institutionalizing himself.

No. 1570390

How the fuck would she know? Good on her for wanting to keep a violent junkie on the street to assault more elderly women I guess?

No. 1570391

You have no reading comprehension.

No. 1570403

I'm honestly surprised anyone interfered with a crazy homeless guy. When I lived in a big city and had to take the light rail and bus to work it was pure insanity every day. It was not uncommon to be stuck in the same car as a loon smoking meth or fully just pissing in the corner. The meth ones were usually terrifying and would walk up and down the aisle screaming or miming that they were going to punch someone. But I never once saw anyone do anything even though everyone was annoyed and sometimes scared as shit. I never really saw transit police so people were free to do as they pleased no matter how unpleasant. It really fucking sucks though when the crazy person directs their craziness onto you. I had the displeasure of having a clearly methed-up homeless guy scream at me and demand that I let him use my phone to call someone. When I tried just ignoring him he spit on me and tried yanking my tote bag out of my lap before stomping down the aisle to another car. Of course, no one around me did anything to help they just went into NPC mode and acted like nothing was happening.

No. 1570410

I agree with her it is murder but i don't care about anyone involved, especially a man who harmed a woman. Also didn't Jordan's mother get killed? I think it was fucked up but…you won't catch my black ads marching or causing a fuss.

No. 1570441

Only Americans would get into a massive infight about such a unremarkable situation: dangerous guy with 40 felonies got killed because he was threatening people, wow, such injustice

Fucking retards, only reason this is relevant is because of race, you look like fools in front of the world

No. 1570448

You didn't read anything about this

No. 1570454

Its literally everywhere, of course I did. The situation still sounds massively inflated and it would be unremarkable had not been a black and a white guy involved, regardless of any details you try to bring up to justify the shitfest caused by it, don't play stupid

No. 1570455

Who's justifying the shitfest lol? The guy who choked another guy out for being loud should go to jail, simple as that. No need for fanfare.

No. 1570468

He was not just some random guy yelling, he was threatening people, they restrained him on self-defense, he was a confirmed menace with 40 felonies, how the fuck I'm supposed to think this was unjustified? It was a relief for the people in the train, he could've harmed anyone as he already did in the past

And yeah, your argument justifies the idiots running protests to get the other dude arrested, when in every other part of the world nobody wouldn't even bat an eye about someone killing a criminal if the authorities failed to contain the situation, you guys only give a shit because of the races involved

No. 1570469

If you commute on a train in any major US city the idea of choking some guy to death because he’s acting scary and crazy just doesn’t fly. It’s like and everyday occurrence. That’s my unpopular opinion I guess.

No. 1570472

File: 1683494913248.gif (3.29 MB, 498x452, mizuki-akiyama-dead-inside.gif)

Maybe not unpopular, but somewhere i can't share anywhere else. Fat men are inherently disgusting and should be sent to labor camps until they're fit or at least skinny. I'm not attracted to fat women either but at least they're fine to look at unless they're morbidly obese. And the way society downright accepts if not celebrates men being overweight (see: the whole dadbod shit) is even worse. The amount of skinny women i see with overweight moids who would treat her even worse if she was a pound overweight is so disgusting. We need to start shitting on fat scrotes even more than we do regular ones

No. 1570473

Read an article. Witnesses say he was not threatening people, he was yelling that he was hungry, thirsty and wanted to die. Stop trying to justify murder by DARVOing and projecting your pathetic race obsession, lmao. Not everywhere is some barbaric place like fucking Eastern Europe or the ME where you can kill people for being annoying and no one gives a fuck. It would still be wrong if they were the same race, the races were switched or if one of them was from Timbuktu, get a grip.

No. 1570475

That’s what Reagan said when he shut them down but my mom worked at one and unless she was secretly a psychopath she just did normal nurse shit in there and took care of people. it was just a normal mental hospital, no rampant abuse, just a place for people to get meds, some were inpatient some were outpatient (not sure if they used those terms then but same idea). Then the funding was cut and it closed and for the rest of my life I watched her regular patients turn into what some might describe as streetwalking crazies because they had no access to medical care anymore. Guy would be having a freak out on a random sidewalk and she’d be like “there’s Joe.” and make a grim face and we would keep walking. He used to be a normal guy in the neighborhood when he had his antipsychotic meds. Fucked up.

No. 1570480

There's no reason for scrotes to be fat. Fat men are the biggest bullies and act as if they are not fat. Even had the displeasure of listening to Kiwifarms owner? He's fat. But he's constantly shitting on fat men/women as of he's not a fatty and always on diets.
In my life fat men have been the most randomly cruel, colorist and just shitty towards me and other women for no reason. Them and very ugly men.
I remember some ugly scrote in hs. Was with a girl, he tried to impress her by going, "dumb bitch move away from the printer" to me. The amount of scrotes I've met who legit think shitting on random womam impresses the woman is crazy, oh and he and abnormally ugly. Everyone hates fat women. Men and women, but nobody hates fat men enough.

No. 1570483

Also, I'm also a fatty myself. Every time conversation about people hating fat people focuses on women in the end. Not the fat ass scrotes who bodies can't do half of ehat ours can do. They have zero reasons to be fat.

No. 1570490

He wasn’t even active duty. calling him a public servant is a bit much even if he was a model soldier before. He was just a “civilian” and he was basically a baby at 24, I’m like really surprised he killed the guy, it’s wild.

No. 1570519

Ayrt and 100% agreed. They've always been particularly cruel to me about my body as well, and don't even get me started on fat trannies.

While i'm still generally fatphobic i'm trying not to be fatphobic toward women anymore because they're already shit on enough and they're ultimately sisters too, regardless of what i think. Meanwhile fat moids can get fit easily, they just don't becauise they're lazy as shit.

No. 1570529

why are ''dad bobs'' acceptable when women are the ones actually going through gestation, birth and everything that ensues

No. 1570539

People (let's be real, women) who say they "hate Taylor Swift" are just jealous of white women lol(racebaiting)

No. 1570542

What if you're white and think Taylor is annoying af

No. 1570546


No. 1570568

Then you're a seething basic becky lmao.

No. 1570574

Moid-coded posts. Or she's just an annoying overcoddled billionaire who gets butthurt over everything and that's why people dislike her lmao? And her music just isn't good

No. 1570577

>Moid-coded posts
Yeah, calling people jealous Beckies for not liking Tailor Swift is the manliest thing in the universe.

No. 1570578

i’m not a white woman. i just hate Taylor Swift because she’s annoying and makes basic ass music

No. 1570579

samefagging to say why should i be jealous of white women?

No. 1570580

She won multiple grammies for a reason, stay mad kpop stan

No. 1570581

scrotes will sperg about "evolution" and "muh biology" in every single area they can find a way to be beneficial in their narratives and yet they somehow actually think it's women who are horrible and disgusting when even a bit overweight but oh ofc fat men are fine in their book. Women are biologically disposed to carry more fat by default, carry our fat in significantly healthier ways than men, and biologically have a more difficult time burning calories. Objectively fat women are even more attractive than fat men since fat on moids seems to always turn into a hard disgusting beer belly, while fat women can at least cope with bigger boobs. Scrotes do not get pregnant, they can burn calories faster and put on muscle more easily, they have 0 excuses to be fat and yet they think fat women are the biggest problem

No. 1570583

Popular doesn't equal good.

No. 1570585

Don't even listen to kpop and what >>1570583 said

No matter how hard you dickride this white woman, she'll never eat you out.

No. 1570587

Orr maybe it's because her fans are super obnoxious

No. 1570590

don't use taylor in your retarded bait, she gets enough shit on here as it is. i love her myself but you're only proving that she has some of the most annoying fans

No. 1570592

File: 1683505987649.png (63.63 KB, 362x467, 1618179134190.png)

the only people that accept dad bods are ugly/fat themselves. Also maybe this is unpopular but scrotes very much do shit on fat and skelly men too. Even gay scrotes are especially cruel to fat fags.

No. 1570594

Just report the swift/jealousy post as racebait and move on. it’s so obviously bait.

No. 1570597

Your assumption that Taylor Swift is the peak, ideal white woman in the first place tells me you're a baiting moid or otherwise, a very bored stan who thinks a little too highly of herself for being white despite being generally bland and unremarkable. Hope this brings you the attention you're so desperately craving since you don't get it elsewhere.

No. 1570614

My opinion is very unpopular: fat women are inherently hot, and while I'm not attracted to scrotes, them having any muscle, and on occasion visible bone, is extremely repulsive to me. Straight women have some of the worst taste I've ever seen.

No. 1570642

>no muscle
>also no visible bone
what do you mean, are you pro fat scrote?

No. 1570663

It's very normal for you to be attracted to different kinds of woman as a lesbian and also very normal for you to not be attracted to different kinds of men as a lesbian.

No. 1570689

i agree with you, nonna. fat women are hot. they’re also very easy to talk to, most of the time

No. 1570702

File: 1683511185008.jpeg (17.93 KB, 275x239, 1672240718183.jpeg)

I agree anon. A lot of fat women are just blessed with really good fat distribution too, I can't ignore it when they still have a pretty face and a hot body despite it all. No hate to skinny women of course, everyone is valid.

No. 1570711

File: 1683511504637.png (27.83 KB, 1268x446, lame.png)

i hate this type of post, even if it's only the second one i think
will this be the next lolcor joke? like when anons call lc a "basket weaving forum" and change it up? i know it didn't start here. We're just gonna have some retard chime in random threads to write a cringe description of how totes epic they are and how much dick they get compared to other stupid silly bitches and then other anons are going to respond with "omg!!! kekekekekek nonna ur such a stacy!! sooo stacy pilled nonna!" terrible joke, i hate it
Sage for not being fun at parties kek

No. 1570728

Yes because the chance of them being able to hurt me is low if they're unable to run and have no muscle. Also, being around them usually doesn't scare me like being around a muscular or skelly scrote.
But fat women are some of the nicest I've met.

No. 1570748

wish obsessive husbandoposting was confined to /g/ im tired of seeing ugly ass moids

No. 1570752

But they can squish you if they roll or topple over.

No. 1570766

it makes /ot/ livelier at least, it's been a while since we had that. i unironically find it hilarious and i'm not even into anime kek

No. 1570845

Theyre manifesting

No. 1570848

Fat women are really rude, annoying, and can never stfu about peoples' bodies. I've met some nice ones but majority in the office have been really mean, insufferable, miserable and insecure bitches.

No. 1570881

my experience as well including with family members who are allowed to comment on your body (weight or not) but if you say one thing about their appearance its all crocodile tears.

No. 1570888

Honestly I had forgotten by the time I finished reading the full post for the first time that it had the part about getting dick. Admittedly that's a bit cringe. The funny part is definitely the "I will defeat you in this list of sports" not the "I get more dick than you" part. I think this probably also got a based and stacypilled reaction from nonas because this is an imageboard full of weebs and those familiar with weebs and I imagine both types have met exactly the sort of "heehee I'm so tiny and only 5ft tall" weeb girl the post was shitting on

No. 1571033

>Not everywhere is some barbaric place like fucking Eastern Europe
Fuck off retard we might be miserable but we have lower crime rates than most of the world, and that includes the US

No. 1571049

Lesbians seethe about bisexual women than bisexual women ever think about lesbians. It's like bi women live rent free in their heads.

No. 1571055

Shut the fuck up and address your local abusive scrotes and child abuse issues instead of seething at the world for noticing, fuckface(infighting)

No. 1571056

Bc bisexual women are active blights to lesbians and not vice versa

No. 1571059

I find it idiotic to always criticize someone for “Reddit spacing”. I’m aware that can be misused and unnecessary in some cases but in other cases it can make text easier to read. A big long wall of text doesn’t always looks good. And any nonas screeching only about the Reddit spacing if that’s the only issue of any post make themselves look no better than 4chan neckbeards who think they’re superior to everyone else just because someone wanted to make a readable post kek

No. 1571062

Seethe in jealousy

No. 1571067

Nta but take your pills, schizo

No. 1571089

Yeah, fuck statistics, right? You take yours, coping retard.

No. 1571099

This makes me want to claim myself as lesbian even though I fully know myself to be bi.

No. 1571107

The us is still worse at both than the europoor country I live in. Either way it's disgusting to turn this into a dick measuring contest, but I guess a civilized person such as yourself doesn't need to hear that.

No. 1571110

People (mainly antinatalist/childfree redditors) have no right to blame women capable of being loving and attentive parents for primarily wanting their own kids instead of adopting them. "There are billions of people overcrowding the planet and hundreds of children in the shitty foster care system, and all you want is another kid who just looks like you?" When its a bit more than just wanting that. People have an innate desire to have "their own" kids that look like them and will have a similar personality to them. It's easier to raise and honestly just easier to love a kid who looks like you. Even the best stepparent will obviously prefer their own kids to the ones they didnt make.
Raising a child of a person you dont know is actually a very commendable act, and you can even compare it to charity, but fuck off if you want every woman to raise kids that come from a culture where the women will still be making children against their own will, because if we all agree to raise kids from overpopulated countries, the only thing that will change is that the responsibility will shift to people in developed countries and not the shitmoid culture of the original country (which is the root of the problem).
Besides, not everyone is ready to go through the adoption process and anyways, you should be focusing more on your own country ever since Roe v Wade has been overturned just to make more crackbabies to be raised as cheap labour.

No. 1571115

>People have an innate desire to have "their own" kids that look like them… It's easier to raise and honestly just easier to love a kid who looks like you.
I guess you're not a fan of interracial families then
But those families prove you're full of shit

No. 1571155

Kids in foster care usually have mental illness and neurological damage from their shit upbringing and prenatal environment, and many people want a normal, sane, healthy child and not some burden that will probably never live a normal life, and that desire is completely valid.

No. 1571157

Mixed kids still look like their parents. I wasn't talking about just skin color. Personality is also inherited to a degree.

No. 1571160

Isn't this a copy pasta?
Antinatalists should adopt. Aren't they only child free because they're against bringing new kids to life? So they should actually want to support family-less children if their beliefs are genuine.

No. 1571163

of course kids in foster care deserves to be loved but you have to be aware that those kids has trauma and you might not be equipped to deal with that. Adoption has it's own issues, it's a long process and some countries will only let you adopt if you are married, straight and part of a certain religion. Not to mention adaption is kinda dubious from an ethical point of view and it has received some criticism in the recent years. You could always adopt from your own country but at least in the country where I live, if you chose to do that the biological parents can claim their kid back at any point even if you where the one raising the child
>Personality is also inherited to a degree.
it isn't. The reason people start acting like their parents is because they copy their behaviour

No. 1571165

Nta but personality traits and mental disorders are very much inheritable. Quit coping.

No. 1571167

Erin the vegan from the jubilee video did absolutely nothing wrong, she was just playing the game how it's meant to be played. I will die on this hill

No. 1571168

I wanna see the tall nonna and the short nonna making out.

No. 1571170

Yeah, I find myself a rare breed in the childfree community because of my opinions. One, you truly should need a license to have a child. And I don't think it's eugenics to says that. If you can't answer simple true or false questions like "It is okay to shake to shake my infant to make her stop crying." then you don't get a child, end of story. And if you try to get around this by secretly getting pregnant, then forced abortion. We have gone beyond the point of just letting children happen to whoever can have unprotected sex, all children deserve to be born into a loving home where they won't be abused.
But two, it is also okay to want your own biological children over the children of some failure who couldn't do something that even chickens manage to figure out. Plus, epigeneics and pre-natal care are so vitally important to the success of your child, and that's if you're lucky enough to get a "healthy" newborn. Studies are showing that if the father smokes weed during his teenage years, that actually affects the child's development, let alone if the father was actively drinking when the child was conceived. And if you don't get a newborn? God help you. Many of these children can go on to become functioning members of society, but many cannot. You have until a girl is three or a boy is 18 months to get them out of an abusive home where they witness violence, after that, the majority of them will continue to repeat their parent's patterns and will never reach their full potential.
So while people who adopt are morally superior, I don't blame people who can look at themselves and realize that they can't handle a child who is so messed up.

>Personality isn't inherited
It boggles my mind that some people actually think this. For example, you can easily look at dog breeds and how we've known for hundreds of years that personality is inheritable and that's why certain breeds will act in specific patterns even when nursed and raised by a different breed's mother, and we recognize this pattern across hundreds of mammals yet somehow think humans are uniquely different. I think it's a reminent from a strong religious background where they believe that people are not risen apes, but instead are fallen angels untainted by the animal world.

No. 1571180

What dick-measuring contest? I made a simple statement and you lost your shit after going "reeee how dare americans care about a murder in their country?!?! don't they know that's a good thing??? that can ONLY be about race!" and you didn't even know shit about the case. You, specifically, are uncivilized for that reaction. Give it up already.

No. 1571186

yet higher domestic abuse rates

No. 1571188

Some aspects of your personality are definitely inherited. Especially mental illness. If your dad was a tard you're more likely to have his tard genetics, even if you weren't raised around him, for example.

No. 1571196

People who have kids should be killed. This species should go extinct.

No. 1571198

Nta. Do you hate your parents?

No. 1571200

Humans aren't really like dog breeds. If we were all just like our parents, the world would be a much more predictable place, don't you think?

No. 1571201

Nah, they're ok, but like all humans they live in an inescapable hell.

No. 1571203

Humans have been bred for mindless violence like pitbulls. We are all descended from the most violent rapist moids in history.

No. 1571204

Wholeheartedly agreed. I also think hysterectomies should be just as, if not more common than vasectomies. Firstly, in case of rape, a woman cannot get pregnant if there's no uterus. Second, less kids. Third, it should be done by force to women who fail the test, and for men, a vasectomy, or an oriechtomy. As well as felons.

No. 1571206

Her vagina will fall out. We should just take the balls of all men at birth. Women shouldn't have to suffer for this.

No. 1571210

Sorry but I can't stand when people call eastern euros barbaric. Also I wasn't the anon you were talking to initially, I agree with the rest of your post.

No. 1571213

Yeah but I don't want a uterus or ovaries, or any risk of having kids and I will go to any length to 100% guarantee sterilization. If I ever got pregnant, I would kill the embryo and then myself. If I was forced through, I'd kill the child after birth and then myself. If I couldn't and I couldn't put it up for adoption, I'd be horrifically abusive, be it due to psychosis/mania, depression, or pure anger from the horrible noise and bodily waste. I hate children. I find heterosexual sex a horrific act because it creates children. I avoid children very obsessively until they're about 8 and I no longer get urges to get them to shut up in any way possible. I'm scared of the germs they produce and their bodily waste. I'd rather die than have the permanent body changes. I cannot tolerate noise any louder than a modern A/C on most days. I can't leave the house because I can't tolerate the noise outside it. I enjoy parties because at least then most people there are fully developed mentally and physically. And while yes, mass-neutering males would fix a lot of that, it doesn't stop period cramps so intense I have to lie in bed for a week or more once every 35-50 days because the pain is so severe I'm practically immobilized.

No. 1571216

Radfem has become synonymous with being vaguely gender critical and/or mildy misandrist both on twitter aswell as here and it's stupid.

No. 1571217

Sort of vague posting but sometimes I look at opinions framed as feminist here and think to myself "I'm not terminally online enough for this".

No. 1571224

Ok. Do you want to engage in mindless violence? Is it only people who engage in mindless violence who get to breed in these modern ages?

No. 1571240

I'm not a breeder, so the fact that I'm not particularly violent only proves my point. My father and grandfather were rapists, though, and my more violent siblings have all already had kids.

No. 1571254

Now hold a minute, it might be swift herself. When you have a pr team you have people paid to find gossip about you and turn it in your favor.

No. 1571260

Many, many people who aren't violent or rapists choose to have kids, anon.

No. 1571270

over the long run, the rapists outbreed the nonrapists. like half of all asians are descended from gengis khan alone.

No. 1571275

Then, is rape genetic?

No. 1571277

some of you really need to go outside and touch grass.

>If I ever got pregnant, I would kill the embryo and then myself. If I was forced through, I'd kill the child after birth and then myself.

Psychotic. Just get an abortion and then have your tubes tied like a normal person.

No. 1571290

Being male is genetic yes

No. 1571292

That retarded autist isn't going to kill herself for becoming pregnant because she will never become pregnant in the first place, you have to actually go outside and live in the real world first before getting pregnant.

No. 1571310

>If we were all just like our parents
You're thinking about inherited traits as too pattern card of a behavior. While genes will still breed true, the results are also affected by society and culture. So while a male may have his grandfather's temper and violence, he doesn't beat his wife in public like he did, because that will get him sent to jail. So he beats her, but just in private. And if he ever does get caught, he'll go to jail, but that's unlikely to happen until after he's reproduced and passed on his aggressive genes.
The uterus is a vital part of the human body. It keeps other organs in place while helping regulate and produces hormones. Taking it out without a dire medical need is very bad. If anything, you would only want a salpingectomy if you wanted mass sterilization. But I don't think there's a need to perform surgery on everyone, literally only on people who insist on keeping a baby when they think that raising it in a crack house is okay. People claim it's a slippery slope, but do people think that requiring driver licenses is a slippery slope? Because while the government has overreached itself in many other aspects, I don't requiring learning to drive before driving was one of them.

No. 1571311

Get help.

And if hetero sex repulses you, don't have it. Problem avoided. If you do have sex get on some fucking birth control. Used correctly, chances are virtually nil. Add a condom (also used correctly, every time) and you'll be fine. If you're still paranoid, add some nfp charting and don't have sex at fertile times. Bc may also help with cramps etc.

Or, get everything yanked in a likely unnecessary operation involving general anesthesia, and enjoy your hrt.

No. 1571320

Geriatrics should be deprioritized in healthcare settings. In an ideal world we'd have enough resources for everyone but that clearly isn't happening in my country anytime soon so the adult workforce should be prioritized because it's the lesser of two evils. Not okay for the current workforce to be stuck on a cot in the hallway (at best) or turned away because all the beds are taken up by 90+ year olds. Especially when they're just hogging a bed because they refuse to be transferred to a care home.

I get that it's sociopathic to kick Grandma out of the hospital but frankly it's even more sociopathic for working age adults to die preventable, extremely premature deaths due to lack of resources.

No. 1571323

I have a lot of sympathy and patience for autists until they start talking about how much they hate eating fruits and vegetables because of LE TEXTURE and how much they NEED their chicken nuggies and mac n cheese then I momentarily become a eugenicist.

No. 1571348

I have chronic health issues because no doctor ever had time to do anything while I was acutely sick and just kicked me out with "you're young, you'll be fine" because there were always 50 geriatrics waiting to waste their time. Where I can vote you into office?

No. 1571473

Husbandofags with boyfriends are not real husbandofags.

No. 1571476

Tbh you have a point. It is cruel to leave grandma and grandpa suffering from growing old but when you've got 20 somethings dropping dead/rendered unable to function due to medical neglect (because the old people are taking up all the resources) something needs to be done. Society wasn't equipped for people to reach 80 and 90 like they are nowadays tbh. Back in day, the old would die off before they got to that age. or lead into suicide forests to die

No. 1571481

Nearest place offering abortions is over 3 hours away and they offer hysterectomies, not anything else here except for birth control and that doesn't play well with my severe emotional and mental instability. Getting any medical care whatsoever takes months as well, and funnily enough, I ran out of my antipsychotics on Friday and will have them either tonight or tomorrow night if all goes well.
When I was on birth control I had a psychotic episode and lunged at my dad with a ritual daggar at 16. I was taken off that shit and me acting on said thoughts dropped off dramatically, only being turned towards myself. And I'd glady take the hysterectomy and HRT over literally everything else because I've got actual, severe problems for my uterus and qualify for a mostly covered hysterectomy at 21 due to that. I also have no moral qualms with taking medication the rest of my life, as I've been on heavy psychiatric medication since I was 9.

No. 1571485

Well as long as you never have sex and continue to not touch grass you probably don't need to worry about ever getting pregnant. I personally don't care if you wanna cut your uterus out yourself, but don't cry when shit hits the fan.

No. 1571489

Also, you're acting like taking the day off and having to travel far is more unheard of and unrealistic than killing yourself? Yeah… You've got big problems and you really don't have any business having kids. So it's good you don't want any.

No. 1571493

>>1571485 Thank you nonita. It's such a severe fear that I seldom leave the house unless I absolutely have to, because I'm scared of getting raped and getting pregnant. I already feel like my body is not my own so that sounds like hell, and I'd rather never leave the house and never risk it as a result. Sorry about the sudden vent, but it's a relief some of you are of the "I don't care what you do to your body" variety instead of larping as Regina George like in the confessions thread.
>>1571489 I'm legally incapable of driving or ever getting a license due to brain and eye problems, and the only people I know who are capable of doing so where I am are vehemently pro life and would sooner have me thrown into a ditch than get an abortion, so like I said, I refuse to risk it.

No. 1571501

You don't have to take HRT if you get a simple hysterectomy (removing the uterus but leaving the ovaries).

No. 1571507

You should get the surgery because any complication that may arise seems trivial compared to how mentally distressed you are

No. 1571689

File: 1683603183225.jpg (70.69 KB, 736x1145, 1674609403363.jpg)

real thrift girlies do NOT shop threadUP. IMAGINE paying more than $20 for a single clothing item! i refuse. give me savers/goodwill or give me death

No. 1571710

calling women who suck cock 'cocksuckers' isn't misogynistic, it's just stating a fact. also males can suck other males off so it isn't even a female specific insult like insisting vagina smells of fish or whatever. if you being called a "cocksucker" for sucking off your nigel triggers you, then maybe you should reassess your own actions instead of crying

No. 1571720

Ok cocksucker

No. 1571733

reread my post slowly
>women who suck cock
that's not me (based)

No. 1571739

it's an insult anon, no matter how many mental gymnastics you tack onto it

No. 1571745

we don't know that for sure, cocksucker. food-eater. poop-maker. fart-doer. air-breather. you really have to be obsessed with cocks to describe other women in relation to them as opposed to the myriad of things they do in their daily lives. at least own up to the fact that it's supposed to be an insult.

No. 1571746

They have to make up for the costs of being an online company some how nonnie, but i agree with you. At least don't shop there without having access to good discount codes and the intent to do a haul.

No. 1571748

It is an insult though. Performing oral sex on a man is something worth shaming someone for, let's be real.

No. 1571755

I wish we had the pack mentality that men have with each other. Who has the time to care about women sucking dick.

No. 1571762

That’s like dudes trying to convince another dude that eating pussy is demeaning.

No. 1571765

i never said it wasn't an insult, it is. i've used it as an insult before. i said it wasn't misogynistic

women on this site have admitted to enjoying sucking cock. i was thinking of how complaining about lc cocksuckers gets you called a misogynist, especially in the black pill thread

No. 1571777

Oh so you can call a cocksucker a cocksucker but I can't call a misogynist a misogynist?

No. 1571783

fair enough but imo it's still misogynistic because insults related to having sex are predominantly used against women. also, let's not pretend that women get called cocksuckers in the blackpill thread only if they claim to love sucking dick, it's for any het women who isn't bp basically so it's not just "stating a fact". honestly it's even weird that they bring up the dick sucking so often, like, much more than random het women discussing their relationships

No. 1571788

Autistic hands typed this

No. 1571806

nona there are unfortunately many men who refuse to give women oral, were you not around for people all around the internet memeing on DJ Khaled because he said he refused to eat his wife's pussy

No. 1571812

Calling a woman a bitch is not actually a big deal because it just means female dog, and dogs are cute! What's so bad about it?
Stop being retarded

No. 1571861

nta but i think that was the point. these men are considered ridiculous & meme material.

No. 1571867

Australian accent is ugly

No. 1571877

The idea that having sex with a man is inherently demeaning is rooted in misogyny, and by perpetuating it you are perpetuating misogyny against osa women in particular but also women in general beacuse that's seen as our default role in society. But I'm sure you know this already and don't care so kill yourself.

No. 1571892

File: 1683625331241.jpg (259.35 KB, 1200x1200, groundhog-day.jpg)

How many times is this going to get reposted in the same thread, just slightly reworded every time? Its cocksucker groundhog day. Get a new special interest.

No. 1571902

American accents range from boring to downright ugly.

No. 1571909

Not the same. I'd say it's demeaning for women specifically because of how sexual dynamics between women and men typically are. How many women actually get reciprocated oral? How many women have their male partners focus on their body and not just jackhammering? How many of them actually orgasm? So many women will be completely unsatisfied in the bedroom and still give oral.

No. 1571913

You sound psychotic

No. 1571915

Nta but I mean, sex with a man as a woman is inherently demeaning, and men see it this way too. A woman can enjoy doing oral and getting fucked and she'll somehow believe that she's getting all the pleasure and she's being loved (don't know how you can think that while a moid jackhammers your throat and suffocates you but still) but the man Will always think that he's "dominating" and demeaning her. Unfortunately men use sex as a way to subjugate and humiliate women and you can see it in how the average male doesn't want to pleasure a woman at all and how their most common fetishes revolve around causing pain and distress to women. So a woman who knows that a moid thinks of her as a thing to hurt and humiliate through sex but still chooses to engage in several sexual acts with said moid is demeaning herself.
On the other hand women don't see sex as a way to hurt others so things like eating pussy aren't considered demeaning. I'm ESL so I don't know if this makes sense.

No. 1571935

No. 1571939

But what if the sex is gentle, loving, and sentimental, and he goes at her own pace instead of being rough? Is it still demeaning then?

No. 1571958

Aren't you a virgin living in some third world country? What do you know about men in civilized places?

No. 1571974

You are deeply unhealthy.

No. 1571985

>But I'm sure you know this already and don't care so kill yourself.
Lmao, I started reading your post wo dering why the fuck you were bothering with giving an actual argument. I also wonder what this anon would say about TRAs referring to women as "womb havers" or "people who have periods", hey, it's true!

No. 1572012

Everyone is always angry in this thread

No. 1572015

People who use the "for you" pages on social media and then complain about it are dumb, why would you subject yourself to content you never asked for in the first place?

No. 1572019

most autists tolerate smoothies, you're just ableist nonna

No. 1572034

Husbandofags = waifufags
They're both bottom of the barrel autists that think masturbating to cartoons is more fulfilling than human interaction because of their mental disorders.

No. 1572036

Not me I'm quite happy, but I also don't engage with others arguing, it's like telling a bird to stop chirping or a fish to stop swimming

No. 1572038

Now, that's just bait.

No. 1572039

Husbandofags are only on the same level of waifufags if you mean the lesbian ones.
Moid waifufags are often into underage loli shit, female ones aren't.

No. 1572041

you need to reassess your understanding of the word "inherently". you are right about many men but many women do genuinely find relationships in which they can have non-demeaning sex with men that doesn't revolve around domination or constant jackhammering. you're just perpetuating the idea that women shouldn't ever be allowed to get their rocks off with a man lest they become impure and filthy and used.

No. 1572042

Roman Bridger is hotter than Billy Loomis.

No. 1572057

Actual unpopular opinion here: radical feminism (including the self-described "blackpilled" ones) is woke idpol bullshit and and as cult-like as troonism, and is basically the equivalent of garveyism/NOI but in the feminist context. Also, most of the radfems I have interacted with were extremely NLOGs, competitive and misogynists, much worse than TIFs, who at least live in a hugbox when they are not arguing about truscum x tucute bullshit.

They non-ironically believe that misogyny and even violence directed at women who are in relationships with men and/or are libfem or conservative is deserved. "It's your fault, after all you relate to men". I've seen tards say they don't understand why Roe vs Wade overturn is a problem, afterall "just be a separatist". I’ve seen a psychopath say to a libfem on Twitter that she should be raped in a bathroom for defending troons. They don't really care about women, they are just edgytards who grab the "radfem" label because being libfem/TIF is trendy nowadays and being trad is too basic and outdated, so it's the perfect way to be a NLOG ("i'm not like these pick-me cocksuckers bimbos i'm speshul and based").

No. 1572066

You take that back rn!!

No. 1572067

File: 1683641594898.png (33.9 KB, 487x723, sex without risk.png)

NTA, but nonnie, that's basic feminist theory under the patriarchy. Men conceptualize fucking as something you do to someone, not something you share with someone. That's why cultures that allow male homosexuality forbid men from being the receiver but not the giver.

No. 1572070

I had to learn this the hard way but don’t have sex with men that other women consider losers. Just because you think he’s cute and interesting, if other women won’t fuck him, you shouldn’t either. He’s not going to be used to getting pussy so he’s going to start treating you like shit because he feels your desperate enough to do it…even if you genuinely are attracted to him he’s going to see you as a loser and hate you for it. That long haired shy cutie who is a virgin? Don’t fuck him or give him any attention. Ignore him just as much as stacy does.

No. 1572073

Just because someone wrote something down and called it theory doesn't make it true

No. 1572075

>radical feminism is woke idpol bullshit
That's certainly unpopular here, but then again so is flat earth theory.

No. 1572077

It’s the whole concept of
>don’t feed stray dogs
If he’s avoided by everyone else there’s a reason. Despite what the media pushes.

No. 1572078

Go back to /r9k/, femcel-chan.
Omg this is so true. Any cute virgin guy I pitied turned out to be literal psychos.

No. 1572079

Which part exactly are you saying is untrue?

No. 1572082

You're acting as if anons here didn't defend shota hardcore and have hours length infight because they think it's based to flick it to depictions of child rape. Admin literally made a poll because of it and they're still continuing in the fujo thread.

No. 1572083

women are not as vapid as scrotes so if a moid is not getting sex it's because he's a sociopath and has a garbage personality 99% of the time. definitely to be avoided no matter how alluring he looks.

No. 1572084

Does it apply to women too? Romantically speaking I'm basically invisible, is that the reason?

No. 1572087

You're sadly right, at least when it comes to the current state of radical feminism on here. On LC I feel like I went from reading about female solidarity and actually radical feminist takes in 2019, which made me stop, think and reconsider things and ultimately even led me to join a great server with likeminded women which I'm still a part of today. Most of those women stopped using lc. In the meantime LC turned into this weird twitter brained black/white version of radical feminism and it came up to this point where I'm reading about women being slut cocksucker whores that deserve to burn in hell for wanting to be in a straight relationship.

It seems like no matter where you go, brainlets get easily identity poisoned and start to revolve their whole lives around an ideology, but online. They forget that the real world doesn't work the way they envisioned it to in their mind and that starts to reflect in more and more ridiculous takes.

No. 1572088

Nta but any woman can get sex and it's simply because a man doesn't actively put himself in danger to sleep with a woman.
OP's theory about loser men is true because women usually avoid mentally ill men because we're scared they'll hurt us. The other way around doesn't really work because men can and do overpower and rape/kill women.

No. 1572089

Nta but I don’t think it’s the same. Women who don’t get a lot of attention and love are appreciative when someone they are attracted to wants them and takes interest in them. Men aren’t like this, what they are going to be thinking is “what’s wrong with this bitch that she’s desperate enough to fuck me? Why can’t have have any of the normal women?”. If men hate themselves they are going to hate you for loving them.

No. 1572094

Is there an actual personality here called femcel-chan and you've mistaken me for her, or is that just something you made up? Either way, accepting the basic reality of how men view sex doesn't preclude you from having it with them, it just gives a deeper look into how the sexes interact and how consent is manufactured and given through cultural forces.

No. 1572098

Do you think most men respect the women that they have sex with

No. 1572100

Are you actively doing the things to attract a man? Unfortunately, if you're plain to ugly, if you don't perform any of the attraction rituals, men will assume you're uninterested and won't pursue.

No. 1572103

This >>1572067 nonnie literally posted a TUMBLR screenshot problematizing straight sex, but sure as hell this isn't LibLeft woketardism. Want to talk about how drag shows are "cultural appropriation/womanface"?

No. 1572104

Nta but do you think women respect the random dudes they fuck? The random men that chase us on the daily? Kek. You really are trying your best to market women as some product that's ruined once used. Keep your misogynistic shit out of it, people don't respect people they sleep around with.

No. 1572108

Dating and sexual relationships with men can only work for women who are narcissistic or sociopathic because they are pretty much on the same level as the average man mentally. Women who are normal and good hearted are just going to end up getting abused etc. the average woman isn’t going to get the perks of having romantic relationships with men.

No. 1572111

Dragshows are subhuman.
Go back to /r9k/.

No. 1572112

>You really are trying your best to market women as some product that's ruined once used.
No, I’m acknowledging that men overall objectify the women they have sex with. That doesn’t mean I agree with men doing it, or women are innately objects, just that women are viewed as objects by men.

No. 1572114

>problematizing straight sex, but sure as hell this isn't LibLeft woketardism
I don't understand what this means. Can you rephrase it?
What do you think cultural appropriation is? Do you consider it a harmful problem?

No. 1572115

As a lurker you all are making me want to kms lol

No. 1572119

Exactly. Being an object is not something a woman inherently is, it's something that we are currently (and for a very long time have been) viewed as.

I'm sorry to hear that. You should go walk in a forest. It's much healthier than in here.

No. 1572121

I also objectif men, do you think women fall in deep love with one night stands? That women are stupid enough to not know it's just sex? That women get ruined each time they're intimate with someone? You're pushing misogynistic values by assuming women stupidly fall in love and easily let men use us when that's far from the truth, only the hottest dudes can get casual sex and trust me, a woman willingly fucking a hot guy shes sexually attracted to isn't humiliating for her.

No. 1572122

Lolcow makes me want to neck myself every time I come on it. I swear some nonas are really stupid. The most vocal nonas tend to be insanely stupid and just keep on yapping on to continually disagree, not attempt to see from the others perspective or be empathic.

No. 1572125

>a website filled with unloved mentally ill women isn't beaming with optimism

No. 1572127

It’s the truth though. The kind of women you would think men would hate are the ones they always fall in love with.

No. 1572128

Jesus lol

No. 1572129

>only the hottest dudes can get casual sex and trust me

This is very very very untrue

No. 1572130

You seething about not being loved by men is better fitted in /r9k/ is what im saying. If you went there and saw the autistic girls who seethe hardcore, you'd understand.

No. 1572132

Stip fucking ugly men.

No. 1572134

Almost all women date ugly men though. Men can definitely get casual sex, with pretty and intelligent women at that.

No. 1572141

>That women get ruined each time they're intimate with someone?
No one but you is saying this. How many or how few people a woman has sex with doesn't affect her worth at all, but it is a fact that a woman having causal sex puts herself at greater risk than a man having causal sex in the same situation.

No. 1572149

I used to be a casual sex girlie(my body count is over 20 so I’d know)but let’s be real it’s only because I had low self esteem. I highly doubt any woman engaging in casual sex doesn’t have some kind of mental illness.

No. 1572150

You're neither pretty nor smart if you sleep with unattractive men willingly. I have pretty friends and average friends, none of my friends date loser ugly men because they have self worth. The only girls I know who willingly sleep with ugly men are mentally ill or ugly themselves.
Being put in higher risk during casual sex isn't equal to every consenting heterosexual activity being derogatory for a woman which is what anon is arguing.

No. 1572155

If most women actually only dated and fucked men who are attractive and successful 98% of the female population would be single virgins kek

No. 1572166

Every woman should date someone her league so a man with similar economic situation and views. You can't expect to find a very successful man as an average woman but you can find a good looking guy who earns as well as you, most anons here literally e-date discord mods or fuck around with bottom of the barrel men, that's the mentally ill ones.
It's so weird to be entitled to the best men when you're average, same logic as average incels being entitled to top %2 of women.

No. 1572171

Men can be unattractive and successful and there are plenty of attractive women in relationships with hideous men. There just aren’t that many attractive men in general so it’s either fuck uglies or be single for most women. Let’s not pretend we live in Lalala land where most women will only fuck men who are super hot and rich….We live in real life lol

No. 1572172

>which is what anon is arguing.
I don't think it, she's kinda all over the place but the reoccurring theme is that seems to have shifted only towards being shamed for causal sex.
But I also disagree with you because under our current culture, with the way people view sex and women, there can't be true consent because we have been fed propaganda about the expectations of our sex since before we were born. Of course there are miles between consenting heterosexual activity and sexual assault, but ultimately they both fall under the umbrella of "what is informed sexual consent."

No. 1572179

Femcels saying most men are ugly = incels saying most women are ugly
Both groups are ugly people who too high expectations about their partners caused by porn addictions. And don't say you femcels don't have porn addictions, the husbandothread is literally ss deranged as the average pornsick males mind. You have anons who eat yogurt and pretend it's their husbandos cum.

No. 1572185

It wouldn’t be hard to find women who look like the porn stars incels want in real life it’s just those women don’t want them. Attractive men rarely exist and not even attractive women are dating them.

No. 1572187

This is clearly a baiting retard, probably a lurking kiwifag scrote, just report and ignore them

No. 1572192

>Being put in higher risk during casual sex isn't equal to every consenting heterosexual activity being derogatory for a woman which is what anon is arguing.
I agree with you on that part of the discussion, but imo it would be more accurate to say that only attractive men (both in appearance and personality) have the luxury to be picky about their dates, rather than say that only attractive men can get laid. Women aren't as superficial as men, even for casual sex they'll pick the average or below average guy who's respectful and funny over some very good looking guy with bad/weird "vibes", and the opposite would be dumb.

No. 1572219

>You have anons who eat yogurt and pretend it's their husbandos cum
Kek no way.

No. 1572220

My point is that there is no intrinsic problem in straight relationships, just as there is no intrinsic problem in being male, “”cis””, white, able-bodied, neurotypical, etc. Also, I don't see a problem with people using/adapting/etc things from cultures they don't belong to if it's not intentionally offensive, depends on the context.

They are, but it’s because they’re degen sex pests, not because they’re men “appropriating tools of female oppression" (makeup, high heels, etc) or whatever shit.

No. 1572238

>They are, but it’s because they’re degen sex pests, not because they’re men “appropriating tools of female oppression" (makeup, high heels, etc) or whatever shit.
it's both for me. i don't even wear makeup/heels/etc but i still feel mocked by drag.

No. 1572334

>there is no intrinsic problem in being male
Lol, no. Despite being 49% of the population, they commit 98% of all rapes and 78% of all murders. You'd have to be delusional to ignore per capita numbers like that. I would label you scrote, but I suspect you're just a tradfem.

No. 1572360

erotic fanfics, otome games, regular videogames and romance manga are porn now?

No. 1572372

only women can have wombs or have periods though. as i said in my original post, men can also suck cock, it is a sex-neutral insult.

>The idea that having sex with a man is inherently demeaning
go look at what the feminist movement in sk is accomplishing and get back to me
your desperation to keep sucking cock is pathetic i'm afraid

No. 1572410

Hm idk anon, I'm not sure how to explain it well. The point is that men see women as lesser than then no matter what, even the good ones, and sex is the thing they use to "manifest" this feeling. Like another anon said, in their head it's always something they're doing to you, not with you, and to some extent they all see themselves as "dominant" while having sex because that's what the act of penetrating (violating, ruining from their pov, potentially hurting, and pleasuring for them) means to them. So, is it really different if he does it slowly instead of fast and rough? In his head you're still his submissive "thing" he gets to dominate and put in danger if he pleases. He has the power during the act, he knows he does, and that's what he thinks of while he does it.
The problem here isn't what the woman feels like. She can enjoy it, she can have sex as much as she likes with whoever she likes, but the problem is what men will always think of when having sex with (or to, in their eyes) women. They will always think they're dominating you and they'll always see you being the receiver as being submissive, which in their minds means you're weak and lesser than them, the "thing" they can be nice to IF they feel like it. So women can definitely think stuff like blowjobs feel nice, that's not a problem. The issue is that the man you're doing it to is getting off to the thought that he's humiliating you because that's what "servicing" someone and being the receiver (of dick) means in his language.
This is simply what I think as a straight woman (volcel you could say) after spending a lot of time among men and in male spaces where they freely express what sex means to them. The sex that often uses the act of sex for subjugation (and is wired to use it that way) will never be able to see sex as a loving act you share with your partner. Knowing that, how can a woman have a healthy relationship with any man?

No. 1572413

Samefag, this wall of text is embarassing, I'm sorry

No. 1572416

>The point is that men see women as lesser than then no matter what, even the good ones, and sex is the thing they use to "manifest" this feeling.
What is this based on? Any studies, or just wild theorizing?

No. 1572419

I'm so fucking tired. I go on here so I can relate to other women and talk with other women without wokeshit and trannies, but they always call my fantasies "moidish/scroteish" and "misogynistic." I just want to be submissive, get pregnant and be a nice trad wife for my husband. But if I say this I get screeched at. Look I'm sorry if a man diddled you, stop lashing out at me for basic female instincts because of it. It's so frustrating and unironically misogynistic, saying women "can't have" certain fantasies because it's "problematic" or some other bullshit. How is acting more like a man female empowerment? It's to the point where I actually have to hang around male spaces because they're more accepting of me as a person than women have ever been. Why is there no space for women that's not either full of trannies or radically feminist? It hurts. If I sound mad it's because I am.

No. 1572422

File: 1683663632374.jpg (150.42 KB, 640x640, 16442100.jpg)

No. 1572425

10/10 bait, very well written.

No. 1572434

That's my theory I guess, but I'm sure there are some women who think the same. You can link this to pretty much every male behaviour, from how they have treated women through history, to how they make porn, to troonism, to how differently they interact to each other as opposed to women, to how they view sex and how their sexuality works, even how they perceive certain things and create roles in society. The misogynist shit saying that a woman is "ruined" once she has sex or becomes pregnant stems from that too, they see the receivers of their dicks as people who are hurt and below them. It's A LOT to explain but it makes sense the more you get into it. Maybe I should write a document kek.

No. 1572438

you know there's a tradwife safe space on Twitter for you, right?

No. 1572441

>It's bait because I disagree
There we go again.
No, because I'm a trad for a damn anime character in fantasies, not a real man. I also can't mesh with normal people.

No. 1572443

NTA but it's pretty obvious when you interact with most men as a woman. They'll always bring the conversation back to a sexual place, they'll make sex "jokes" and they love to mansplain and "debate" you if you dare have an opinion on anything. It's obvious with the way they consume media, even media meant for children. They can't enjoy it without sexualizing some aspect of it (unless that media already sexualized itself for them). It's why so many of them get mad when women say they don't want to be married or have kids. It's why they go ape mode over abortion and it's why they hate whores (I'm not referring to FSSW, I'm referring to women who have casual sex). They view women as objects, like cars. Lots of men don't like women, they just like our bodies and the fact we can carry their kids (muh lineage) into a new generation.

No. 1572445

There's a safe space for that too, you just have to understand moon rune language and use the yumejoshi (sp?) Tag

No. 1572454

File: 1683665751865.jpg (94.68 KB, 2632x1542, msbait.jpg)

>Look I'm sorry if a man diddled you,
>basic female instincts
>How is acting more like a man female empowerment?

No. 1572495

I unfortunately don't. Which is why I'm frustrated. It just feels like there's no place for me to share my interests without being attacked.

No. 1572501

probably replying to bait but it's inherently misogynistic to assume that wanting to be a housewife is a biological thing. good for you if you want it but do you really need to tell everyone you want the most basic shit ever? it's like advocating furiously for eating white bread with butter. you can do it but don't get mad if people say it's bad for you.

No. 1572577

Not the anon, but yes? I just don't think one is called "femcel-chan" exactly, at least I wasn't. I'm usually just called by my online handle or some variant of it followed by "-chan" (on occasion "-kun" as a sarcastic joke, as I'm female) and one of those handles has people who twist the last word into "femcel," most referenced in the Tumblr thread, I believe?
Probably replying to bait, but there are a lot of TIFs and trads alike on here, we just don't announce ourselves unless it's inherently relevant to the conversation, and we don't shame women for disagreeing with us. I used to be actively anti radfem and well known for constantly shitting on and going after them on every site I used, someone mentioned it in Stupid Questions, but I warmed up to the others here, and found out we agree on a lot. I can see why you get shat on.

No. 1572582

>No, because I'm a trad for a damn anime character in fantasies, not a real man

who is he anon

No. 1572585

> “Despite being X% of the population, they commit Y% of Z crimes”
Literally the exact same kind of rhetoric white supremacists scrotes use to be racist, LMAO. I don't know if you are trolling/baiting, but if you really believe that men are innately/biologically predisposed rape apes, you must agree with >>1572419 nonna “basic female instincts” bullshit.

No. 1572586

Be amongst your kind anon, learn Japanese, embrace monke

No. 1572592

>and we don't shame women for disagreeing with us
That doesn't sound at all like tifs or anyone insane enough to call themselves trad

No. 1572600

AYRT, I am a TIF, and I'm surprised by how much I agree with everyone here and the amount of help I've gotten with female-only problems truly cannot be thanked enough

No. 1572603

Try r/redpillwives or women or whatever it’s called. You’ll be at home with other LARPers and males posting fantasies.

No. 1572614

File: 1683673695261.png (444.78 KB, 500x500, 1646360735394.png)

nta but the statistics on men are based on proven evidence, racism isnt.

No. 1572643

I find it helpful to remember that almost everyone who finds this site is unlikely to be very well adjusted, including myself

No. 1572652

File: 1683676869616.png (60.37 KB, 566x681, right wing women.png)

I do feel for you. Through your own lived experiences, you have come to a life view that you believe will lead you into a life you consider ideal. Except, as women more fiercely take sides over events that affect our lives, if you strongly hold ideas from both sides, it can feel like you're politically and ideologically homeless and you're getting harassed by both sides.
I know that it will be hard to read, because she's writing it from a radical feminist perspective, but I do encourage you to look more into Dworkin's Right Wing Women. In it, she lays out how women are not stupid, that we weigh up the pros and cons of joining ourselves to conservatives or liberals, and from there act according to our morals and ethics and self interests.

But what you are describing are not basic female instincts. Most women do long to have a partner and children, and for their children to grow up safe and protected, and for their partner to love them. But we do not long to be subjugated, to not be allowed to own the land our children grow on, or have a voice in how our country is run. That is the result of thousands of years of men's rule and it benefits them to continue it. If submission was natural, you wouldn't have women who demand to vote or who dress as men to join the military because they are forbidden to fight, they would just naturally obey men.

>unironically misogynistic

Just because someone does something as a woman, doesn't mean the action is automatically not misogynistic. It is a known phenomena that a woman will use men's rules to pull down another woman in order to raise her own place within the hierarchy. You see this all the time in female news talking heads who call to repeal suffrage or say women shouldn't be allowed to have jobs, while holding high paying jobs themselves.

>How is acting more like a man female empowerment?

What do you consider manly? There are several things that you do that were once only allowed to men. You wear pants, and have a bank account, are able to work a job or own a credit card, but all of those used to be illegal for women, and were "manly." And all of those actions empower you. But acting manly in other ways can dis-empower you because of the physically differences between men and women.

You might actually be happier on twitter than on here. The tradfem movement is much stronger on there, as well as there are also discord servers. If you should decide to be a SAHM, I strongly encourage you to keep a stash of cash hidden away from your husband. Our grandmas did it, and many women in loving relationships have found themselves having to pull from it years into an otherwise happy relationship.

No. 1572658

>If you believe scientifically collected statistics, then you must also believe in religious teachings passed off as natural inclinations
That's not how it works, lol. Also, I love how people like you always try to play the race card as a gotcha.
>If you believe men are more likely to rape than women, you must also believe that black men are more likely to rape!
Why yes, yes I do nona. That's why I don't walk alone in a neighborhood at night where there are white men or black men.

No. 1572692

preach anon, fuck buffalo exchange too

No. 1572696

Being "trad" is the trendiest thing of all these days. And I mean being declaratively, performatively so.

No. 1572699

That's true. I am mentally not well-adjusted however recently I've been getting my life together and I have found that as I've been getting my life together I am not on this stupid site as much and the nonas that I've been arguing with WILL still be on this site rotting alone and still rigidly stupid on their stupid cunt opinions, whereas the nonas who have finally matured will go on to leave this site or not be on it as much lmao!

No. 1572705

nta but scientifically collected statistics also exist regarding race. and no, it's not about "black men [being] more likely to rape", literally no one said that, the point is that if you believe that sex is inherently demeaning for women based on crime stats, you could draw other conclusions with these stats, whether they make sense or not. yes most men are shit but the idea that sex is degrading for women, even if her partner is respectful and gets her off, stems from misogyny - that was the initial argument.

No. 1572706

If you can't handle debate, then don't give an opinion. And I'm suspecting you don't have a long or lot of experience with men.

No. 1572707

>stupid cunt opinions

No. 1572711

Well it's true. They were! Kek

No. 1572713

Nta but I've had a similar experience to hers as well. Just because you personally didn't doesn't mean it couldn't happen.

No. 1572714

You sound like a faggot

No. 1572721

You’re that 19 year old TIF aren’t you

No. 1572725

You mean the fat TIf from Kiwifarms who hates it here but always comes back?

No. 1572734

you mean the one and only coolIce who wished for our downfall and still comes here to shit up our threads? no hecken way!

No. 1572754

Yes; however I learned I love it here, and I love the women here. Most of you are very kind people and I've learned to blend, but if it's relevant I'll hint at who I am, but is it just me, or are you samefagging?
As I said in >>1572600 , I'm surprised by how much I agree with everyone here and the amount of help I've gotten with female-only problems truly cannot be thanked enough. In fact, the women here have helped me with both my female health and coping with my GID when HRT was not an option. I have no ill will towards radical feminism now, between both that and finding out how much I agree with some parts of your views on women. On troons, we agree on some things, like female only spaces. However, I do not see eye to eye with female seperatists who think males should be culled, but they should be allowed to make areas where no males are permitted.

No. 1572758

I'm a radical feminist and I fucking hate being here. Lmao. I don't blame you for it. Some of the cunts on here are incredibly fucking dumb.

No. 1572763

your only here because Kiwifarms is having issues/on tor/maybe hard for you to use.
or were you banned? I can't remember but you don't blend in. Caping for men constantly doesn't make you blend in. Telling women in a female space they can't say whatever about men isn't fitting in here. Do you tell scrotes not to talk shit about women? or white girls like they want?
Do you police their voices when they go in their 5 paragraph rants about women, or compare WOC to animals? Or other shit?
I seriously doubt it.
So don't come on here whining about it to us. We don't care, it's interesting a lot of nona's use Kiwifarms but rarely do any of us go over there telling scrotes what they can or cannot say in their shithole, even if it's mixxed gender.
but scrotes , kiwimaidens cannot seem to respect that here. They always stick out.

No. 1572773

You couldn't be more wrong kek. I quit Kiwi for two reasons; one, I was told by multiple people I had to for them to stay, and two, I promised the one who originally brought it up while he tried to guide me to not be a cow and get my threads killed. Which worked, may I add? It's simple, not sperging out has benefits.
Two, I came here primarily to watch my thread like a hawk out of paranoia (before it died) and stayed to get advice and vent.
Furthermore, I have never said that shit, nor have I defended it, and in fact I tried to kill my neighbor for saying that shit about women but was stopped by my dad. I still fantasize about his diabetes and heart issues catching up to him because he thinks keto cured him lmao. I've talked about this a lot. Another funny thing, is that schizotroon got my address wrong and sperged out because he didn't know sideblogs on Tumblr can be password-locked. I hope he reads this and spergs out again, since I know he's ITT, I don't think he's you, but I'd laugh if he was.

No. 1572776

Oh well wish you the best I guess. Maybe I was a little too mean, but you really should try to blend in more, you seem to be someone who runs her mouth whenever she gets the chance. Just try to chill out

No. 1572781

No hard feelings, and thank you. I've learned "scrote" and "moid" helps, but I should learn not to speak in proper English mixed with slang and things like "kek"

No. 1572783

Fucking autist KEK

No. 1572785

Idk what this discussion is about and for some reason this post is making me giggle so hard

No. 1572788

jtfc I hope you’re permabanned from here for your own good.

No. 1572812

The reason why there are so many shootings in the recent times is because white male psychopath behavior is no longer rewarded. Back in the old days they could get this aggression out by going to kill off tribes and rape and kill but now doing that kind of shit has no benefits so they have this side of them that they can’t express. In the past extreme cruelty could be beneficial to help your tribe grow but now there’s no place for that and the young white boys who would’ve been slave traders or some shit 300 years ago are just becoming mass shooters today.

No. 1572814

>and the males

No. 1572816

I don't give a shit about celebrities getting paid less than their male co-workers. They're still getting paid enough to be rich.

No. 1572817

I don't give a shit about celebrities getting paid less than their male co-workers. They're still getting paid enough to be rich.

No. 1572819

I don't give a shit about celebrities getting paid less than their male co-workers. They're still getting paid enough to be rich.

No. 1572826

if the rich bitches you don't care about can't advocate for equal pay, what do you think that means for regular women? use your brain.

No. 1572832

I don’t really care about women as whole because I know women are just as shitty as men. I’m a feminist because I think women should have equal rights and should be in charge in their own bodies. Idk why to be a feminist I need to think women shit daisies and are actually good people.

No. 1572837

File: 1683693282863.jpeg (14.95 KB, 678x452, images (4).jpeg)

Cannelloni is better than lasagna.

No. 1572859

Nta as well but I agree with what that nona said. Men do not think of women as human and it’s obvious the older you get. They really treat all women similar to Chris Chan in his Love Quest where he wasn’t interested in talking to a girl unless there was a prospect of sex or “dating” (and then sex).

No. 1572868

>judging your views on men based on a man who literally raped his mother
go outside. Stop interacting with autistic men on 4chan, stop following rapist men. If you think everyone is acts the same way as a man who raped his mother, there's something seriously wrong with you.
Uneducated men respecting women less is true but in my case I don't actively get disrespected as a woman because I'm in a good major in college and on to have a good career. I also don't interact with men like chrischan irl because I'm not a mentally ill autist.

No. 1572873

>I know women are just as shitty as men
Except they aren't and there are a host of statistics that aid this. When women start raping and violently killing people regularly then I will believe this. As of now, the amount of femicide directly contradicts this belief.

No. 1572878

Remove consequences for their behaviour and any man will act like that. Look at how men behave during times of war.

No. 1572894

ntayrt but even 'educated' men i knew personally like family members ended up siding with abusers and rapists. idk why you think it's just an online thing.

No. 1572920

I'm in medicine and these highly educated men are sexist as shit. I envy that you live in your high fantasy world though.

No. 1572928

File: 1683702795903.jpg (127.66 KB, 1170x666, FuIuL8nXoAEbS.jpg)

Nta but the writings of the great fatsoc(who would have supported troons) are not worth anyone's time.

No. 1572930

ntayrt but KEK it's you again! you really are a hilarious broken record. The same phrases every time, even. I hereby dub thee fatsoc-chan.

No. 1572976

(nta) it's not the first time on lc that i see anons acting like education doesn't change anything, idgi. education obviously reduces retarded religious beliefs and violence on a societal scale. of course it doesn't eradicate sexism and rape but pretending that educated people and uneducated people behave/think the same is dishonest at best. it's not about studying a field seen as difficult like medicine though, it's about what people are taught since their childhood.

No. 1572990

Stop trying to start a race baiting thread. You know we're not allowed to talk about anything openly because everyone is autistic and the lurking males will start sperging. Examine and evaluate data or don't, it's your choice.

No. 1572991

Ha! That's a perfect name for her. She just starts raging and shaking whenever Dworkin is mentioned. Don't worry Fatsoc-nona, Dworkin is a dead feminist, you don't actually have to ever encounter her.

No. 1572998

Obese people shouldn't receive accommodations unless it's for the bare minimum. Why the fuck do I keep seeing fat whales online complaining about restaurants' furniture being too narrow for them now? I had one of my best friend once complaining that her coworkers would always close the windows whenever she opened them because she felt too hot as if they were in the wrong. They were cold because it was in the middle of winter dumbass. You were feeling hot despite wearing a tshirt because you're 300lbs.

No. 1573015

> religious teachings passed off as natural inclinations
Are you one of those retards who believe that "huh duh ebil abrahamics killed the Goddess and the matriarchy" bullshit? Gender roles exist in all races and religions, obviously there are diferences between them but they are always there.
Most women in the world dates/marries/have sex with men and are/want to be mothers, even in woke developed countries like the nordics. Separatism/polilez rhetoric is extremely unpopular while libfems and handmaidens are in the majority. "But, but radfems are the majority in country X": when in fact they are the majority of FEMINISTS in these country, but the majority of women in there are actually trads.
The nonnas on the “Blackpilled” thread may be crazy af, but at least they recognize that if the issue is biology/human nature, it's means that it goes both ways: moids are sadists, women are masochists. Can’t cherry pick only the parts that are palatable to you.

No. 1573018

A friend who works in a cinema was venting about this lately. They have spots for people in wheelchairs. There's enough demand for them especially during the week when they do cheap daytime tickets and people who are living on disability payments can avail of a pretty good rate on top of that. They have regulars who're in motorised wheelchairs where they have very limited movement or limbs that never fully developed.

Now they're suddenly getting calls from superobese people wanting to book the wheelchair spaces and asking that a special wide chair also be provided for them and placed in the space. Some tiktoker is spreading the word that stealing wheelchair spots is a cool life hack for fat folks and that you should threaten legal action if its not provided.

No. 1573025

NTA but regarding religious beliefs, I'm going by the people I knew personally so idk if they represent the majority, but the ones I knew still retained those beliefs after college and become Q-anon schizos on top of that. Maybe they're just the exception I dunno.

No. 1573036

Polilezzies are disgusting. Imagine a group of super misogynistic women who call other women cockwhores while sexually harassing bi/lesbian women into relationships knowing full well they can't feel anything for a woman and will be imagining them as a man.

No. 1573051

Even the 300lbs friend I talked about never had issues with theater seats and we're in Europe wtf, how huge are these obese people?

No. 1573062

it feels like at least twice per week you're ranting about your landwhale "friend", just leave her, girl…

No. 1573072

I think the average person is emotionally crippled or that the average person has very low emotional intelligence. For example, I come from a really rough life situation and currently I am struggling. I have been abused horribly. I have no social status…pretty much nothing in my life and I've always wanted to be an artist. Actually make art or be an entertainer. Most people are allowed to pursue their dreams and are encouraged to do it. Now, because I am mentally fucking unwell due to all of the abuse I've been through I cannot properly present myself in public but I have nothing to lose.

It is insane how 99% of people have had no empathy towards me and now I have concluded that my entire life I've been held to a different standard and that I have been blamed even for the abuse others have inflicted onto me.

Literally, I have been harassed for being poor and mentally unwell and told that I am lying or making it up. I'm also convinced that lolcow or just people in general are incredibly unaware about mental health and abuse.

Also, people are so egocentric and insane that they will lose any empathy for you if you disagree with them on a certain topic. Like their empathy is literally conditioned by you being completely alligned with whatever they think and once you slightly disagree with them they just…leave. Literally I have been on the verge of suicide and I don't really have the power to argue and people just approach me to argue.

People on the internet have told me that I am lying about my situation and I have been blamed for the abuse that has been inflicted onto me.

Most women on lolcow suffer from sociopathy but it isn't lolcow, it is most of the internet.

Once you are actually disadvantaged, you will become undesirable and cranky or agressive and people will reject you. There are literal handful of trannies or privileged westerners on Twitter that live with their parents and have good living conditions and ask for hundreds of dollars for stupid shit and they get it with no work….and they are not even in need.

I was looking at Venus Angelic and have realized that literally people on the internet have no actual real consideration towards her and that nobody is trying to help her and even if she would ask for help nobody would help her. A couple of days ago she said that she would need money for rehab and that if she made a Gofundme nobody would help her.

Then I think of the hundreds of thousands of trannies that request huge chunks of money on Twitter, that are not even fucking working and they get that money.

While nobody would even try to help a woman that has actually been abused and is unwell. Venus has had narcissistic abuse inflicted onto her by her insane mom, she is also from a poor Hungarian background it seems like she has a lot of generational trauma. Her family in Europe is unstable. She's been abused to the point where she seems like she is too unwell to function, she was brought up being dependent on her mom, brought up being an entertainer. After she left her abusive mom she ended up in Japan with that autist Manaki got hooked to alcohol because she couldn't keep up with the expectations of being a YouTuber and also it is expected for someone that has been through abuse to end up being hooked to alcohol. This guy Ken seems to have gotten her into sex work which is just a pretty common occurrence for someone that has been through abuse. Now, she seems incapable of earning money. She seems broke as fuck and she is too unwell to produce content on YouTube. She is not earning money from OF.

People are telling her to get a job but she seems too mentally unwell for that plus working in Japan is hard. In Europe she doesn't have much going on for her.

There are countless of YouTubers milking her situation for money on YT.

The women on lolcow blame her. People in the comments offer her stupid advice or make unempathetic remarks.

Convinced 99% of people are emotionally crippled

No. 1573090

>Also, people are so egocentric and insane that they will lose any empathy for you if you disagree with them on a certain topic. Like their empathy is literally conditioned by you being completely alligned with whatever they think and once you slightly disagree with them they just…leave. Literally I have been on the verge of suicide and I don't really have the power to argue and people just approach me to argue.
This is so fucking true ams prevalent on lolcow
>Most women on lolcow suffer from sociopathy but it isn't lolcow, it is most of the internet.
I wouldn't say sociopathy but it very well could be! Perhaps willful dissonance.

No. 1573093

>10 paragraphs
>complaining about normies
I ain't reading that shit. Go vent in the autistic thread instead.

No. 1573096

If you weren't gonna read you wouldn't of had needed to reply lol.

No. 1573098

As usual you aren't entirely wrong, R-chan, but but you somehow manage to melt your correct points with lunatic takes into something virtually nobody can agree with.

Somewhat OT, but do you stream to discord? You seem to talk to people but I rarely see anyone in chat.

No. 1573103

in this case what are all of those lunatic takes?

No. 1573104

Who is R-chan? I swear to god I can't keep up with all the personalityfags.

No. 1573106


No. 1573107

Go outside, no one's gonna read an autistics ramblings.

No. 1573113

what kind of projection is this? i'm not the one who freaked out and immediately brought up black men and rape upon seeing the word "race" in another comment, i just pointed out that the argument about stats was disingenuous and actually tried to go back to the actual topic.

No. 1573245

>Are you one of those retards who believe that "huh duh ebil abrahamics killed the Goddess and the matriarchy" bullshit?
No. I have no strong feelings on early paleolithic religion or cults. But it seems like you believe in God, that he's male, and that he made all women inherently submissive. Which is retarded. But go on.

No. 1573262

Paki, is that you? You're chubby as well, kek.

No. 1573337

>I was looking at Venus Angelic and have realized that literally people on the internet have no actual real consideration towards her and that nobody is trying to help her

They bitch and complain that she's doing nothing with her life and just leeching, and when she tries to do something to get her shit together like online therapy, or talks about going to school of some sort, they switch their tune to "what good is that?? It's a waste on her". The hypocrisy is frustrating, but looking at their profiles, a lot of them are projecting and are just as much busted cow-material as she is. They're very easy to clock on lolcow because they're the type that can't help cowtipping in her insta comments and have the same terminally online, functionally illiterate typing style. Seeing that, their takes mean nothing anymore. I do agree that most people in her insta comments are giving her blind encouragement but no constructive advice, which isn't very helpful either.

No. 1573438

File: 1683755915779.gif (3.2 MB, 640x640, awkward-side-eye.gif)

3 years ago or so, i got absolutely trashed for this opinion, i tried to change my mind on it, but something just felt wrong about it.

After watching this movie again, i still think Will, the guy from Me before you, is a very bad character: being mentally ill/disabled doesn't give you rights to abuse people, specially women. He negged the MC to hell and back and seriously disrespected her 24/7, treating her like shit, he should just have let her alone instead of keeping her around to unleash his misery on her, it was not her fault he was in that situation. I'm not even going to mention the way he mocked a seizure just to disturb her, i'm sorry, that just didn't sit right with me.

Watching this movie while being aware men statistically leave women to rot if they get disabled/ diagnosed with terminal illness makes it worse, knowing the opposite situation simply doesn't happen, that the same endless empathy women have towards men in the face of illness is not even reciprocated, its baffling. I don't know if I'm going to get my ass beat for this again, but yeah

No. 1573445

I'm not reading all that shit.

No. 1573452

Wb Romanianon

No. 1573514

Most nonnas, if not all, are losers (not excluding myself). Whenever someone posts an IG/twitter screenshot on here but forgets to crop out their username/pfp, I always go to their page and they're a fucking faildaughter.

No. 1573553

biased results from that metric: only the losers who have an instagram or twitter in the first place are able to be clocked.

No. 1573601

There are only five people on this site at a time

No. 1573606

>But it seems like you believe in God, that he's male, and that he made all women inherently submissive.
Are you autistic, illiterate or deliberately distorting what I said? My entire point is precisely that biological determinism is retarded.
I'm just pointing out double standards: you can’t believe masculinity (being violent, hypersexual, etc) is intrinsic to men and they are programmed to be rape apes by their defective XY chromosomes and testosterone poisoning (i.e nature) but at same time believe that women are tabula rasa (which is just as stupid as strict determinism) and tradwife/libfem retardism are just a matter of socialization/religion brainwashing that can be deconstructed by embracing radfeminism™ (i.e nurture).(infighting)

No. 1573629

i wish trumpchan was in threads other than celebricows, as i have no interest in 60 year old scrotes being terrible, but her schizoposts are so fucking funny