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No. 285708

Previous thread: >>>/w/273177
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Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers




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Kelly Morita

>Sharla joined her friend Sol >>>/w/273798 for an OnlyFans photoshoot to celebrate International Women's Day >>>/w/285187
>Sharla made an OnlyFans, but no posts yet, says she isn't sure if she will post >>>/w/285426
>Sharla and Chris had a Q&A, nothing really interesting happened, no new milk from it [please stop arguing about the dating timeline and if cheating happened] >>>/w/285426
>Micaela is delusional in thinking she could be mistaken for a hafu, says Japan is mean unless she's wearing a mask and blames her race >>>/w/285370
>Chris and Sharla announced their engagement >>>/w/281925 >>>/w/281800
>Felix/PewDiePie and his wife are also expecting a baby >>>/w/280244
>Sharla showed off her large snake tattoo on her back >>>/w/278931

No. 285710

I don't want to delete the thread and repost, so I'll fix the link here

Chris and Sharla's other engagement post

No. 285715

File: 1678683233623.jpg (170.66 KB, 1174x1154, aBroadFantasy.jpg)


No. 285728

I can't believe we've had so many threads and mostly about Chris and Sharla being drama queens. Even Norm barely comes up. Thank god for Chris and Sharla.
Let's be real he's never going to show his sister especially not near Sharla on his channel. He knows they look like twins and he's not going to put himself in the situation where he'll look like a weirdo. Same reason why he won't promote Sharlas big OF collab.

No. 285732

The Norm in this stock photo made me ROFL

No. 285739

File: 1678720504459.png (143.49 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20230313-150633.png)

Gotta post about the shitty comments you get from cunts instead of just ignoring them and not giving them the reaction that they want because you gotta get the "you're so wonderful, we all love you" comments from your fans.

No. 285740

They both just look like white girls.

No. 285741

File: 1678721059992.jpeg (312.3 KB, 1170x2386, 0B651F8A-3BD1-4077-B5D7-E36715…)

Yeah, she’s trying to seem unbothered but she obviously is letting it get to her. I do think she’s switching up her online persona, for better or worse. I don’t know if a foul-tempered cat mom who poses in lingerie is super marketable, but whatever. I get the feeling she is going through some shit about aging, or her thyroid, and that’s why she is doing out of character things on her social media. I feel bad for her, the comment was pretty shitty (sounds a lot like one of the Chris simps in this thread tbh) but she needs to rise above the shit. And not start an OF, obviously. Regardless I think she’s going to get milkier and milkier if she continues down this path.

No. 285742

Unless some drama comes of it, her OF probably won't be that milky.

No. 285747

The body language and face just go together so well lol glad you like it, I know it's pretty low budget for an edit, but all I have is ms paint.

No. 285748

come on, are you serious with "her OF probably won't be that milky" ?
It's not just her OF nonnie try to see the big picture, the OF is a symptom

No. 285749

that shitty comment Sharla got sounds like it came from a scrote who either posts or lurks here tbh

it's sad she feels the need to react to it, she clearly took it to heart on some level

her reactions to criticism are definitely milky imho

No. 285750

I'm talking about if it's just photos and not much really happening. It's milky she has an OF which is why we are discussing it but if nothing gets posted or if whats posted is boring, that's what I mean. No one wants the thread to devolve into just nitpicking what she looks like, give me some actual substance like what she writes on the captions or something.

No. 285751

I was thinking that. It sounds like one of our unhinged anons, especially "baron cat lady", "midlife crisis", and and being so mad about cat toys which I've never seen commentors complain about except anons here. She should call it out, I'm embarrassed for the poster. I think you're right, anon

No. 285752

>baron cat lady
kek good name for Sharla. Definitely stinks of Chris simp, fawning over him being a great dad as if any of us know. Probably the same person who constantly posts here about how in shape Chris is now and how Sharla better catch up.

No. 285753

What video is this even under? Is this about their Q and A? In that video they both said that they are fine without having kids and Sharla even added on top that its not entirely off the table, but I feel she said that out of guilt because people do perpetuate the whole marriage to kids thing and create a pressure behind it. They both definitely don't want them. I hope Sharla never caves because it would be a regret for her for sure. No woman says no for years, has the kid, then goes 360 with loving it.

No. 285754

to be fair they did spell barren correctly, not "baron"

No. 285755

yeah I mean try and have some patience ffs, it's all just starting

No. 285761

As another woman who does not want children, I can understand why she would be upset seeing comments like this.
It’s clearly not about getting validation from ‘we love you’ comments at all, that person just writes baseless criticism with absolutely 0 evidence (and they sound exactly like someone here). It’s a bit different than just writing a comment like ‘you’re a fat cow’ and her reacting, isn’t it?
On a similar note, I genuinely don’t know why she gets so much hate (in terms of her not actually fitting the typical snowflake type) Is it just people from Reddit/YouTube comments/here?
I’m coming to terms with the fact I’m an oldfag and newfags think everyone is a milkworthy snowflake tbh so maybe it’s me lol

No. 285763

It's also extremely gross how they think Chris is entitled to children.

No. 285765

"accomplishing his biological goal as a human" made my skin crawl and has such creepy incel manosphere vibes I hope Sharla blocked that person

No. 285769

I hate this narrative that you can't call people out when you have a public presence. The person is probably just going to make another profile anyway if they get blocked.

No. 285771

what "narrative" wtf are you talking about kek

No. 285772

PremierTwo confirmed that Chris used to live in Morioka not Sendai. At around 1:50:00 in his latest Twitch stream, he mentioned that he went to visit Chris there two years ago, but he had to keep it secret. (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1763918963)
He's also mentioned before that it was really hard having to lie and act like he didn't know Chris and Sharla were a couple.(this is an imageboard)

No. 285779

Anon come on.. it’s not a narrative specific to just Sharla.
However in this case there is a difference between airing your laundry for attenshuns, and calling out someone for writing a nasty incel comment.
I’m not sure anyone deserves to read that they are stopping their other half accomplish his goal as a man by not having children, that’s just gross.

No. 285780

As someone who's been on YouTube for over ten years, and especially as a woman, she likely gets comments like that a lot. The only reason why you would post about it is so your fans can insult them and ass kiss you otherwise why give them attention at all?
She gets hate for the shitty things she has done >>>/w/284827


>The hate she gets is always superficial
True. I don't condone any of the nitpicking mean girl shit just saying that anons have reasons to dislike her and yeah that commenter is a cunt.

No. 285781

I get what you are putting down, anon, like complaining about owning Pokemon and being too old to show off her body. Mods mentioned moving on from nitpicking things like this, so hopefully the actual milk that happens comes around. Don't dwell on it too much and you can go to >>>/ot/1265906 if you want to go talk about it.

No. 285791

That seems pretty milky because it confirms that Chris made video after video and answered numerous questions for years claiming he was living in Sendai, essentially living a total fabrication or if you like, "lying." To be fair, he did have an apartment there, but yeah he was not "living" there properly.

No. 285792

>being too old to show off her body
This is super toxic thinking and more an example of your own unfortunate psychology than anything else.

No. 285794

Anons keep saying she's nearly 40. Pay attention as to why I said that. Its sarcasm.

No. 285795

To be fair, it wasn't the usual body-shaming comment. It was clearly coming from a Chris superfan (who sounds a lot like our resident simp who always waxes on about Chris' looks and "fitness" and how he's always "winning"). But I do think it'd been better for Sharla to just block that person and have Chris carefully and privately address them instead to get them to back off. They sound deranged enough that blasting them in public might set them off further.

No. 285797

>have Chris carefully and privately address them
kek what
why would he bother? just block and ignore like a normal person would do

No. 285798

40 is the new 25

No. 285800

>why would he bother? just block and ignore like a normal person would do
For the average troll that would work, but I don't think that'll work with this person. I think they'll just make new accounts and continue to harass Sharla, but if their idol gives them a warning, they might back off.

No. 285801

It was just someone shitposting and saying what they can to bother her the most. I do not think that comment was a serious simp, it's clear its just to ruffle her feathers. It doesn't matter who wrote it. Its a shitty comment.

No. 285802

Whoever that was they went to a lot of effort to try to say things they thought would be the most hurtful.

No. 285803

I am surprised nobody noticed or commented here that the gift Chris gave Sharla is a set of running/workout earbuds kek
Like, hint hint Shar kek

No. 285806

It's nice that it's targeted at an Andrew Tate/Bald and Bankrupt sexist scrotr type instead of raging on a random teenage girl this time. I don't think either of them are up for/into parenthood. As well despite Chris looking a lot better lately I wouldn't call him a "high value male" at least to Sharla who's in the YouTube space.
Sharla loves drama and validation. Some of the message isn't wrong just that it's mean. I can feel her going into an open constant drama route at this rate if she's going to publicly meltdown over negative comments. But if she wants to actually feel better about herself and stop with the drama and bizarre actions like opening an OF a week after engagement or feeling like she's competing with Chris, Emma, or Lily for Pete's sake she should actually sit down with PewDiePie and learn how to take a more stoic attitude and leave the drama behind. PewDiePie surprisingly has become such a mature and intelligent man despite acting like an edgy toddler not too long ago. Sharla could learn from him to get out of her arrested development.
I mean all influencers get hate but it's not normal for someone to make four posts over four hours while at a romantic ryokan having dinner over one bad comment and plaster it all over instagram. It definitely is still eating her mind and making her miserable. That's part of why I really hope she doesn't read these threads.
It's well documented in those dozens of threads why she gets hate. Emma is someone who is similar to Sharla in a lot of ways but doesn't inspire hate because she isn't constantly seeking/creating drama.
Common with new fitness people. They want their partner to join their journey and Sharla has been going in the other direction. For all the rant about cats and children and barren I think this would be the bigger rift than dumb shit like that. Getting in shape and being regularly fit changes your mentality and becomes a part of your life. I've seen it happen regardless of gender they'll grow a seperation if the other doesn't get on board. Though Sharla is a bit lucky that Chris still eats terribly despite the exercise. I think if she worked out with Chris it'd be good for the relationship and she'd feel better in general.

No. 285807

Or could be internal buds hurt her ears. I have a pair of 90s wrap-arounds for that reason. These aren't insert which would make longer wear more comfortable. They are marketed are as sports headphones because they won't fly off your head. Good for biking which still being able to listen to roads too which could mean cycling, but someone would have to watch the cats again if she travels with Chris this summer.

No. 285811

File: 1678771818637.jpeg (207.04 KB, 1284x1710, 58182C18-5F73-4DC7-8E3C-1EC1ED…)

They are talking about how terrible that new friend of Sharla is. The one that she is doing the awkward OF with.
She is a clout goblin and all her post is about Sharla.
In a years time that thot friend is going to ruin Sharla and Chris relationship. She is giving me men stealing vibes
She is following Sharla to Tokyo and is going to work for her.

No. 285812

File: 1678772128290.jpeg (129.53 KB, 1031x1004, 3AF837CF-0947-4549-A7F5-B590DF…)

I love this Sharla in Japan only fan’s pictures!
Chris and Sharla engagement pictures!(stop reposting images, we get it.)

No. 285813

File: 1678772185925.jpeg (179.15 KB, 1170x2036, 15687F8A-477E-4744-A81C-5BBD46…)

Yeah, that thing about ‘working for Sharla’ seems sus, given Sharla barely does anything kek. Is she going to help pack the dozen packages of stationery a month, or what? The answer she gave here about why she started an OF is hair raising too, Sharla should be mindful of weird friends who get too intensely connected too fast. It’s like they’re trying tk intertwine into your life ASAP. The cat bed thing is funny though.

No. 285814

Lol, Sharla meets her and all of the sudden wants to do only fans. What’s the story on this girl she has barely known Sharla for a year is is coming on so strong!
What dirt can we find on this crazy bitch

No. 285821

I like that this person really said men are only on the earth to coom and die like how is your only purpose in life to breed? Muh deny this "high value" man children!!1
Would love to see what this commenter looks like. They're right about the midlife crisis though.

No. 285822

Someone with mental health and money issues doing prostitution "saved her life" like there are no other ways to make spare cash than showing strange men your bootyhole. Also what kind of shit friends suggest you do OF? Was one of these friends Sharla?

No. 285823

File: 1678776489736.jpg (299.23 KB, 1079x1980, Solseer.jpg)

Definitely doubt Sharla suggested it. She was probably interested to begin with with how many underwear, boob, thirst trap photos she has on her instagram.

No. 285824

Batshit crazy girl wants to be an influencer, somehow makes friends with a well know influencer and start to milk the shit out of the friendship.
She has posted more of Sharla’s apartment in the past week than Sharla has in the past 2 years. This girl is kanadajin 2.0

No. 285825

I wonder if she's able to use working for her for her visa.

No. 285826

Ladies and gentlemen the reason why Sharla is ruining her career and potentially her relationship. This photoshop queen sola or whatever her name is

No. 285827

No she talked about getting her 5 year visa less than a year ago.

No. 285828

She tattooed her pussy herself! Omg omg red flag red flags

No. 285829

How long had she been working with Sharla if it's been less than a year for that too?

No. 285832

She just announced today that she will start working for Sharla. She worked as a graphic designer per her IG

No. 285846

Surprisingly Sharla was the one who told her to stard doing OF at least according to her
I do agree that she seems very leech like. Does anyone know how she got into Japan to begin with? I don't think they do OF visas.
She seems a little unstable…
I actually kind of feel bad for Sharla. Never thought that would happen. She has a toxic friend that's obviously just mooching off her and especially pushing terrible career decisions but doesn't see it. Also like nonnie said it can't be good for her relationship with Chris and his family that she's taking this drastic turn. Chris must be pretty aware that if Sharla goes hardcore on OF then it'll actually damage his career like it did IDubbz.

No. 285848

File: 1678790985287.png (174.29 KB, 1080x2135, Screenshot_20230314-102243.png)

Wtf was up with the anon who lied about her being a french speaker and being friends with Lily? >>>/w/235838 >>>/w/273798

No. 285849

File: 1678792017691.png (175.83 KB, 1080x2144, Screenshot_20230314-101940.png)

Wow she did it twice.

No. 285856

No one ever said she was a French speaker

No. 285857

Sharla didn’t tell her to start OF

No. 285858

I noticed she uses the black heart emoji a lot - Sharla's new OF page has a black heart in the sig, and I've never seen Sharla use a black heart before, I thought it seemed super out of character.

Now you see how many black hearts this clout vampire uses - is it possible she set up the OF account "for" Sharla? This is like a Fatal Attraction friend that is going to be fun for us to watch but probably terrifying for Abroad San

No. 285860

File: 1678798384105.png (251.88 KB, 1080x2135, 1672597906718.png)

At the very least she claims Sharla told her to start an OF. I'm sure Sharla would be upset if she was telling lies like that but instead Sharla is making OF collabs with her and paying her to help in Tokyo with them.

No. 285861

File: 1678798534894.jpg (31.13 KB, 1080x520, sharlaOF.jpg)

This has been posted already but wanted it in this thread near the images of the clout vampire's use of the black heart. Isn't it pretty clear she set up Sharla's OF as a way to lure people to hers? I don't think there's any chance Sharla is actually going to maintain an OF account. I'm prepared to believe this crazy psycho is straight up using Sharla's persona to lure weeb moids to her page.(stop reposting images jfc)

No. 285862

When was the first appearance of Sola Clout Vampire in the Abroadiverse? My first awareness of her was with that "International Women's Day" (kek) post on IG that was reposted here.

No. 285863

Sharla has appeared in a couple pictures woth her for the OF and promoted it on jer own Instagram. As crazy as this Sola girl seems I don’t think she photoshopped Sharla into her OF pics kek

No. 285864

This anon said that she was "one of the few French speaking gaijins" >>>/w/235838

No. 285865

Didn't she just moved to Sendai to be near Sharla and now she is following Sharla to Tokyo. She is sticking to Sharla and Chris like a piece gum. Is she going to move to the UK too?(sage your shit)

No. 285866

Nobody said she "photoshopped Sharla into her OF pics" nonnie, are you high? Reading comprehension is low with you. Nonna suggested Sola set up that Sharla OF page (the blank one you see in the post) to bait and lure people to her own page.

No. 285867

How does this Sola person get a visa for being in Japan for 10 years starting at age 19? Hostess bar with a connected "daddy" or something? It seems extremely unlikely she could get any legitimate visa. Hungarian girl who wound up in Tokyo at age 19? That has sex trafficking written all over it tbh.

No. 285868

It was hyperbole anon. although thinking about it this may be Sola’s first job for Sharla, setting up the OF…since she is a ‘graphic designer’ kek. Either way Sharla definitely knows about/approves of the OF page, whether she made it or not.

No. 285870

that's not how hyperbole works anon

No. 285876

File: 1678803639949.jpg (224.13 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_Twitter.jpg)

Yeah she sorta screams cluster-B.

No. 285877

Ok this is pretty tinfoil but I wonder if there's any chance that Sharla's visit to the USA was to get a prescription for Wegovy/Ozempic? And she's thinking her body is going to be show-ready soon for OF? Taking off my tinfoil hat now.

No. 285879

File: 1678803761435.jpg (25.59 KB, 1080x291, Screenshot_Twitter2.jpg)

It was "official" that she was moving to Sendai a month and a half ago…

No. 285880

This girl is a walking red flag

No. 285881

File: 1678804146883.jpg (150.54 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_Twitter3.jpg)

Right below the moving announcement, she mentions turning 28, making her basically 9 years younger than Sharla (Sharla turns 37 in April). I find it a little doubtful that she, even as a non-native English speaker, could not have heard of Sharla before moving to Japan if she moved to Japan at 19.

No. 285882

No. 285883

I didn't realize Sharla is born in April so I checked and she's April 23 which makes her Aries/Taurus cuspy and that explains so much(astrology derailing retardation)

No. 285886

What she's her age have to do with anything though?

Yeah but considering Sharla doesn't do OF, the girl mustve mentioned interest. She said convinced, but that doesn't mean it was her idea to begin with. This girl has a long list of shots showing off her body, Sharla really doesn't in the way >>285823 she posts. The idea came from Sol, Sharla encouraged.

No. 285889

I used to follow Sharla 10 years ago when jvlogging was an actual thing. Other than the drama with Miranda (well over 10 years ago) and the archaeological stuff, what has she done that seeks drama and is worthy of hate?
I’m not asking to be spoonfed here, nor am I wking her, but if you follow someone that closely you’re gonna find something that’s shitty, especially when you’ve got people in here that throw shit and eventually something sticks.
Her hiding the relationship although milky isn’t shady behaviour.
I am just dumbfounded why everyone here is so obsessed with her, she is so unbelievably average!

No. 285890

No. 285894

She's young enough that Sharla and other jvloggers may have been an inspiration in her move or interest in Japan. In the case of other jvloggers who were inspired by Sharla and became friends/collabs with her, they have their own shit going on or became more popular. In the case of clout goblin, it doesn't seem like it.

No. 285897

The bitch moved to send it one month ago to be near Sharla and now she’s moving again because she found out Sharla is moving to Tokyo. CRAZY

No. 285900

is she just using sharla as a way to get to chris? With that many red flags she's hardly trustworthy, Chris's relationship with Sharla started while he was still with Lily so he isn't trustable either. This will end in tears, mark my words.

No. 285903

Honestly I think that might be the reason Chris didn't put his foot down yet. Most people would have asked their partner to avoid the clout stalker type person who is trying to force you to make porn. Chris knows all what's happening so either he's too enamoured by Sharla to ask her to stop or he's cheating again possibly with Sola. If Chris could or wanted to stop it he would have already. But it's a dead end from what we see.
Either way I think Sharlas friends need to have an intervention for her. She's been extremely off the rails lately and is going down a dark path. Hopefully someone with the maturity and stature like PewDiePie, Meilyne, or Ryotaro can set Sharla straight before she tanks her career making terrible decisions.

No. 285905

She took lewd photos with her friend, she didn't make porn and back up the cheating thing at all, that's a lot to assume based on barely anything.

No. 285907

>What has she done that seeks drama and is worthy of hate?

Lie about racism in a YouTube vid and let her friend take the fall and never apologize for it. A very fucked up and unhinged thing to do.

No. 285908

I don't think it's this deep anon, I think Sharla made a new friend like a year ago or something, they've had an intense friendship that seems pretty creepy honestly - but Chris probably is either unaware of how weird it is because he's just some moid, or he thinks it's kinda fun and zesty to have a "crazy girl" as a friend of his considerably more buttoned up seeming girlfriend. Do I think it's all going to bite them in the ass because Sola seems weird and cluster B? Yes. Do I think Chris is planning on cheating on Sharla with this girl, nah. Could happen sure but I don't think the conspiracy runs that deep. All that being said this Sola woman is absolutely insane. She tattooed her own pussy twice? What the fuck? As another anon said, a Hungarian in Japan from age 19 definitely sounds like a sex worker.

No. 285909

I think he just doesn't care tbh. She does her thing and he's always out of the apartment filming.

No. 285910

All the BPDs I've met have tattooed/pierced their own pussies, have super intense friendships, thrive on hypersexuality, get overprotective of their new intense friends (see her response to Lily's tweets last year), and have a weirdly overformed pseudo sense of self. The only thing Esther's missing is washed out blue/green hair.

All that to say that it will be fun when the splitting happens and she starts spreading everything that Sharla's ever told her in confidence all over the internet to get back at her. In any event, Blackship Realty (Chris's gaijin realtor friend) is probably happy for all the extra business all of her moving around probably brings him.(not your personal blog)

No. 285912

I'll be honest. I'm super worried about Sharla and I think the people around her are taking advantage. Regardless of how you feel about her she was this relatable nice cat lady in her late 20s - mid 30s making comfy vlogs in Japan and Korea. I'm sure a lot of us can relate or envy some of that. Then she got a sexy charming British boyfriend and we were all happy even though there was probably some cheating involved on Chris' end. But lately it seems there's more drama and milk with her constantly. She's in a vulnerable spot because of her health problems and not getting the support from her doctor. But then you see Sola following her around the country and putting her in porn which damages her hard built respected brand and now Sharla is starting her own. I'm sure Sola is a nice enough person but it seems like she's a bad influence of Sharla and Chris is too caught up in whatever he's doing to put a stop to it. Idk if Sharla has anyone to sit down and talk her issues with in a way that helps her which is why the best bet seems to be PewDiePie who knows how to handle that kind of people and move away from drama.

No. 285915

I'll be honest too. This post is just so unhinged as to be hilarious.

No. 285916

It's good that we are getting both ends of the retardation spectrum here.

No. 285918

My favorite part was when anon declared that Sharla is "starting her own" porn. kek

No. 285921

More confirmation that some people are so desperate to bring down Lily's reputation in order to protect Chris and/or Sharla that they will lie and deliberately spread misinformation in this thread.
Most likely came on a student or working holiday visa, but what she did to stay after is a mystery.
Sharla is an adult in her late 30s and are we forgetting her history of befriending unhinged, drama-filled people? Sola fits right in with Mira and Norm. >>>/w/285122 >>>/w/285135
Unlike that time with Mira though, Sharla's less likely to end up unscathed when things blow up.

No. 285923

File: 1678823771584.png (126.32 KB, 1359x872, Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 12.5…)

>working holiday visa
Hungary does in fact have a working holiday visa arrangement with Japan. But it didn't start until 2017, and only is good for one year, so that option is out if her timeline is to be believed.
She doesn't strike me as having been a student either unless an anon wants to go find evidence.
I'm going with sex worker until proven wrong.

No. 285925

It’s not good for people with thyroid and certain cancers to do what? Start an OF, wear headphones, make friends with BPDchans? What tinfoil are you talking about?

No. 285927

She's already proven she doesn't listen to medical professionals and does whatever she wants to anyway so the tinfoil isn't totally off base.

No. 285930

Samefag and I'm sure it's a coincidence and has nothing do with Sharla's falling for a Hungarian but it's not tinfoil to say that alt-right moid douchebags have chubby bones for Hungary rn because it's basically tipping into fascism.

No. 285931

Just to be clear, it's not good for people with certain thyroid disorders and cancers. It's been studied. Stop tinfoiling.

No. 285934

Sharla is a sick woman who has been in a horrible rough patch for the past five years at least. She's constantly attacked in a way that nobody ever was before often by Lily who is very intelligent and dangerous and doesn't seem to bave real healthy friendships. Closest would be her wannabe player fiance Chris who is focused on becoming some kind of bodybuilder and global celebrity lately.
People like Norm, Mira, Sola are always circling the elite influencers like Sharla and Sharla is vulnerable enough and nice enough to fall for it. It's sad. Eventually Sola will force Sharla to bare it all out on OF and she can never go back to her old image. It's already spreading that she's doing porno/gravure photoshoots with Sola. To Sola who probably came to Japan in dubious industries she has nothing to lose and gains a lot of clout from sticking to Sharla. Chris is probably enjoying it all as a Tokyo Vice fan.

No. 285935

If she came to Japan on a student visa, she could have extended her time with a holiday visa after graduation since she moved to Japan in 2014. But as I said, even if she did, it's still a mystery what she did to stay after her student and working holiday visa would have run out. Many people who come to Japan on student visas aren't serious students and merely using school as a means to get a visa to live in Japan, including some of our jvloggers in the past. Some schools aren't even real and just visa factories.
Sharla has Hungarian relatives which could be one of the reasons why she's connected with Sola.

No. 285937

Anon mentioned graphic design, so probably worked doing that. She also didn't mention what she's doing as far as working for Sharla goes. It might be she's a camerawoman for all we know and not working at the stationary store at all, but then it would make sense if she moved to Tokyo.

No. 285939

kek I'm starting to like this unhinged tinfoil rando nonny

No. 285940

that's not how the hungary/Japan working holiday visa works

No. 285943

Don't know what you're referring to since you've offered no explanation, but you can get a working holiday visa even if you've lived on a student visa in Japan before if you apply from your home country and are still under 30.

No. 285944

kek "graphic designer" is one of the most common "professions" that ex-porn or ex-sex workers claim, it's a definite red flag kek

No. 285945

I'm referring to this:

For a national of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Czech, Lithuania or Uruguay, an applicant must be currently residing in his or her country of nationality

source: https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/w_holiday/index.html

No. 285951

That's what "if you apply from your home country" refers to. If you're a Hungarian citizen, you are a resident of Hungary according to Hungarian law. You only need to live in Hungary for a min number of days to be considered a resident if you're a non-citizen. A lot of people get working holiday visas to prolong their stay in Japan after they've used up their student visa and vice versa. We've have jvloggers and other cows in /w/ do that. I think even Sharla has stayed in Japan through working holiday and student visas before in addition to a regular work visa.
Does Sharla still have her stationary shop? Did we ever figure out how large her business is?

No. 285954

>Does Sharla still have her stationary shop?
Yes you can order all the cat themed garbage you want right here https://www.nekonekopost.com/about

No. 285958

The working holiday visa says the applicant "must be currently residing in his or her country of nationality" not just a citizen of that country. Anyway your theory only applies if she was indeed a student and nobody has posted any evidence of that so its weird your WK'ing for a walking red flag OnlyFans Sharla-obsessed BPDchan

No. 285968

That crazy bitch has been living in Japan for nine years her visa has nothing to do with Sharla.she came to Japan when she was 19 she’s work other job and she is now working for Japanese company as a graphic designer as a freelance >>285958

No. 285977

It got deleted?

No. 285978

This is so odd of Sharla to make friends with a mentally ill woman and convince her to start OF (and Youtube, a dying platform except for established users, if she's new she should go to tiktok)

And then make collab porn as this girl moves to live closer to them. The drama has only just begun with this, it will definitely not be happy ever after with Chris and Sharla if this is anything to go by.

No. 285980

File: 1678836034183.jpeg (35.94 KB, 338x500, 51HA66JyjlL.jpeg)

If I was reading between the lines, I'd say that Esther was thinking of starting an OnlyFans, and Sharla was the one to say "yeah, do it" more than Sharla pushed her to start one in the first place. Same with Youtube, she probably was saying how much she'd love to be a youtuber too and Sharla said try it out. Sharla was probably just being supportive, I doubt she was really pushing OF on this girl, she wanted to start one and was waiting to get 'approval' from her new very best friend forever. I agree that it's not going to end well though, this Esther seems like a double barrel of crazy. I mean, her name is the same…

No. 285982

oh nonnie bless your heart

No. 285983

That Orphan image is a mirrored face which makes it seem even more robotic and psycho

No. 285984

To be fair Sharla is almost 40. She's not going to be able to say anything relevant about tiktok or twitch.
I think the weirdest part of it is this is all happening so soon after the engagement announcement. Sharla is getting in fights with trolls, posting her nutjob friends rant about how whoever reported their IG violation hates themselves, and staring in OF and porn herself. I've never heard of a fiance doing this. Usually that's the most lovey dovey happy time.
Chris was mentioning on the podcast that Tokyo is extremely more expensive than Sendai. The move is also supposedly his idea. There might be some pressure from Chris for Sharla to make more money and she decided becoming a pornstar is the best option for that. This is the only thing that lines up. Which makes me worry for Sharla and be glad Lily escaped before she was pressured to go down that route.

No. 285985

jfc Sharla is not "starring in porn" take your meds

No. 285986

you're unhinged holy lolcow

No. 285987

>There might be some pressure from Chris for Sharla to make more money and she decided becoming a pornstar is the best option for that.

What the fuck are you talking about, you fucking pylon
Maybe Sharla just wanted to give it a try and see how doing "sexier" photos feels, until she talks about it, it's going to be a bunch of tinfoiling that doesn't advance any conversation

No. 285988

As a nearly 40yr old myself , I would not be hanging out with anyone 35 or under, especially half butt fuck neked.

The only ppl who would are those who aren’t able to relate to humans their own age and specially immature . She’s lived a fantasy abroad since forever and not accomplished what most other close to 40 yr olds have. Her clothing/deco style is also a great indicator of someone 20-25.

No. 285989


This has got to be the same looney bin anon

No. 285992

You're nearly 40 and spending time on this board and yet you wouldn't hang out with someone who is 35 kek

sounds weird

No. 285993

kek anon, this must be bait. But it does remind me of a funny moment in jvlogger thread history where Chris said love was "expensive". >>>/w/215738 This was shortly after Sharla's AirBNB purchase, btw. Funny rewind in that thread to when people swore up and down they were not a couple. Anyway, of course Chris isn't going to be pressuring Sharla to do OF to make money. No doubt she wants to do it herself and it's likely to just feel better about her body by getting simp comments. Seems like a pretty shitty dopamine hit to me but what do I know.

No. 285994

Yeah, that doesn't look like a big operation and googling doesn't bring up much beyond their website either. The airbnb must be her and Ushka's main business outside anything youtube-related now. If Sola was just doing some graphic design work for Sharla, she wouldn't need to move to and from Tokyo.
She did get Norm into vlogging, although OF is something entirely different.
Not WKing at all. It's illegal for foreigners to work in the water trade unless they have a spousal visa and western women who work in that industry first move to Japan on student, working holiday and work visas (eg teaching foreign language) and work at kyabas and soaps on the side. Even if she's a sex worker, she's not on a "sex worker" visa, obviously.

No. 285999

No one said she was going to do graphic design work for Sharla. That dumb crazy bitch is probably going to be Sharla’s go for, aka her assistant.

No. 286000

She did not say Sharla convinced her to start OF. She said friends did

No. 286003

People try bungie jumping or salsa lessons. They don't try to become pornstars after having a lucrative family friendly brand for like fifteen years. There's more to this story that we need to figure out. Maybe Sola is just that persuasive? But Sharla is clearly going through something and in a vulnerable state. I think people are taking advantage of her delicate soul.

No. 286006

Can people please settle down about Sharla being a "porn star" jfc people
She's not doing porn or anything close to porn. Maybe you don't know what porn actually is? Are you a Saudi or something?

No. 286007

Are you that guy named Christian who always tweets at her and simps about how beautiful she is?

No. 286008

Sola over photoshop crazy porn star is A bloodsucking leash every single one of her posts has been Sharla this, Sharla that. None of Sharla’s other friends are this far up her ass.

No. 286009

bloodsucking leash kek

No. 286010

let's at least wait for more OF pics to see how far up her ass she goes

No. 286011

I know im like days late or whatever but the fact she used a emoji in a vent post kinda sets me off. Like "Oh im venting better press this button to pull p these emoticons to find out which one best suits my current mood :3" or some shit like that

No. 286014

That's what I said, anon, agreed. Sharla didn't manipulate her. This thot already wanted to do all this.

Shut up about her being close to 40 already. Her age isn't an issue. You're so obsessed with it.

Most likely. Their long winded retarded takes are very telling.

No. 286015

Anon this is in this very thread jfc please lurk >>285860

No. 286016

File: 1678844300651.jpg (803.56 KB, 2971x1920, LilyEstTresJolie.jpg)

Uhmm in non Sharla/Sola meltdown OF "porn star" news it seems Lily is doing quite well lately. Her posts about Japan are going viral in France and she's in a romantic mood lately. It seems like she's finally in a good place.

No. 286017

She was never in a bad place to begin with. Her issue is that she's needy and begging people publicly to work with you made her look crazy and clout-chasing. Not only that, the fact she was an obsessed fan who was intent on dating Chris and publicly humiliating him in front of peers was probably a reason why Chris dipped. Lily has her own issues, but it's not like she never had issues. At least post some milk instead of pretending to be a stan to bait anons.

No. 286018

Lily's photo was retweeted by a government weather twitter account, yeah so viral kek

No. 286019

those posts are funny if you imagine them in Donald trump's voice

No. 286021

Lily's excited about that when Sharla and Chris get commissioned to do videos regularly from the gov. and Chris just posted one today actually about Ibaraki prefecture.

No. 286026

Viral! lily is so famous now!

No. 286027

Evidently they are planning on doing this joint government funded videos! Per Chris comment under his video comment

No. 286028

Sharla is going to come home early from a trip and find that thot sola in be bed with Chris

No. 286029

More likely Chris comes home early from a trip and finds Sharla in bed with Sola but whatever

No. 286032

Nta she definitely wanted attention but so do the rest of them. She's not anymore of a clout chaser than the others. At least she never liked Norm or Elon musk.
While she was a fangirl, Chris was the one who went after her >>>/w/244464

He shouldn't have taken advantage of a fan, that was shitty of him. He's not innocent in that situation, you don't date your fans.
Anons come out to defend Chris against the anons saying that the way he interacts with his friends makes him a bully/ jerk by saying that it's just British humour/banter. But then say that Lily's french humour/banter was her "publicly humiliating him".
Biased much?
How the hell is a post saying that Lily's doing well bait? Funny how you don't say that to the anon in this thread stanning for Sharla.

No. 286033

In the poopy

No. 286035

It's never a good idea to date a fan regardless, but unless there's a huge age gap or other power imbalance it's not really "taking advantage" when someone agrees to date a fan or fellow content creator. Is Lily a child or an adult woman who can make her own decisions? Anons say he's the one who pursued her but haven't offered any solid proof to back it up. You call everyone simps for "defending" Sharla/Chris and making reaches when you do the exact same thing yourself in regards to the opposite.

No. 286036

It's never a good idea to date a fan regardless, but unless there's a huge age gap or other power imbalance it's not really "taking advantage" when someone agrees to date a fan or fellow content creator. Is Lily a child or an adult woman who can make her own decisions? Anons say he's the one who pursued her but haven't offered any solid proof to back it up. You call everyone simps for "defending" Sharla/Chris and making reaches when you do the exact same thing yourself in regards to the opposite.

No. 286037

Yes calling you boyfriend fat on social is humiliating. Especially if your crazy ass have no job and really on him to pay all your bills.

No. 286039

Lily was crazy, stop defending her.

No. 286041

Actually you should correct that …..Lilly IS still crazy. LOL.

No. 286042

I always found that whole back and forth between Lily and Sharla fans to be comical. It's fairly obvious that both are crazy in their own way. Chris has a thing for crazy girls. Lily, Sharla, and possibly now Sola. It's just his preference. Only his Japanese gf and UK gf seemed well adjusted. Lily will stalk him and insult him online and Sharla will fuel a bunch of drama and start an OF in the middle of wedding planning probably spicing up the usual in laws drama. It's just what he seems to be drawn to.

No. 286043

How do you know what the in-laws what her in-laws think?

No. 286044

do you newfags not understand how to delete your braindead duplicate posts?

No. 286050

Chris was already a well known jvlogger back in 2016 and Lily was still a nobody so yes there was an imbalance.
In the post I linked it said that he had an interest in her that she didn't know about so he was the one who set things in motion. This is not a reach. What solid proof do you have of her being intent on dating him?
Anons are accused of being Lily simps/WKs or even Lily herself by the Lily spergs.

>Calling you boyfriend fat on social is humiliating
Yeah if it's said seriously. Which is not what she did.
How do you know that she didn't have part time or side jobs while she was with Chris?

No. 286066

>lily is crazy
>no evidence except for her being upset about being sexually assaulted, and being upset about her dad dying
>arguably she would be crazy if she wasn't upset about that
>Sharla doing OF shortly after revealing her 3-year relationship and new engagement, and having her OF buddy move near to her to work with her is completely normal and sane behaviour
Sharla stans be like

No. 286068

so much poopy

No. 286069


No. 286072

We are still waiting for the fake link that Chris was interested in lily first

No. 286074

Good lord why does Lily keep coming up in this thread, she's irrelevant

No. 286079

>3 year relationship
Almost five year relationship.
There are a few schizo Sharla fans here.

No. 286080

File: 1678891442313.png (82.8 KB, 827x938, Screenshot_20230315-143904.png)

Here's the screenshot.

No. 286084

File: 1678893003623.jpeg (30.19 KB, 955x1303, D2639818-AFE5-4B98-9CAE-FBF074…)

From Sola’s instagram story :/ maybe she is bad for Sharla and potentially going to cause drama

No. 286085

Lily acted like Lori towards Chris the way Lori treats Kevin publicly. If Chris is a bully for his shit, Lily publicly trying to humilate him repeatedly is the same shitty behavior he has in vlogs that anons are so concerned about. Either its okay to do that or it isn't. She did this on more than 1 occasion.

No. 286086

Kek yeah this sort of “us against the world” mentality is a classic hallmark of BPD girl friendships. Like who exactly is hating and copying kek, it’s just to further enmesh Sharla. Definitely going to end explosively.

No. 286087

just stop

No. 286088

What is this even supposed to mean? Sharla's doomed.

No. 286090

Just giving the proof that was asked for.

No. 286092

I wonder if she'll learn to use a finsta after this.

No. 286093

File: 1678897031094.jpg (151.24 KB, 1216x613, thisisfine.jpg)

No. 286098

Wait so your screenshot is of someone asking a random question and not even Chris answering the question. How does that prove that he pursued her?

No. 286099

File: 1678899752362.jpeg (134.25 KB, 1168x1846, 291B3EA2-98B2-4CA3-8AD6-444853…)

There’s more

No. 286103

Sola is the gift that doesn't stop giving

No. 286106

I would hope that anyone in their thirties or above would be cringing at a friend talking about "haters" and being so fixated on them. This is around the time in new friendships when the BPD starts showing and one starts backing away slowly and ghosting.

Knew a couple who dated for a decade, got engaged after years of the guy saying he didn't believe in marriage. She immediately befriended a BPD-chan attack dog like this, also added her to the relationship, and within six months, all three were broken up with each other. Watch this space!

No. 286110

File: 1678902058200.png (547.33 KB, 961x1720, Screenshot_1117.png)

Sola's posted these stories/tweets because it seems that Lily is doing a lingerie shoot

No. 286111

So that video was edited by David Parish, who also helped Chris edit his walking across Tokyo vlog on the Abroad channel. Paul Ballard edited the previous one >>>/w/285568 on that Chris Broad channel and has edited all of the most recent vlogs on the Abroad channel. Apparently, the anon who insisted that Chris does all of his own editing was wrong.

No. 286112

if she's talking about this, sola is really unhinged. it must have been planned in advance, a professional photographer doesn't just turn on a dime and decide with Lily to "copy" their OF based on one released promo shot.

No. 286113

Chris didn't reply to them. But from their tweet you can clearly gather that Chris mentioned having an interest in her that she wasn't aware of so he was the one who initiated them meeting up and going on a date in the aokigahara forest. Not sure what's so hard to understand.

No. 286115

File: 1678902769048.png (48.45 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20230315-175046.png)

This was planned weeks before they did their photoshoot. She's fucking crazy.

No. 286116

It's also creepy that she continues to check up her friend's boyfriend's ex's twitter.
For all we know, Sola is the one copying and stalking Lily.

No. 286117

I get weird "throuple" vibes from sola. She's suddenly completely enmeshed in this whole thing, vilifying Chris's ex and implying she's a stalker. It all feels like a false flag and I wouldn't be surprised if she is involved in shitting up this thread too (but that is probably going too far with it).

No. 286118

Kek wow, I truly thought this thread would be bereft of milk after Chris & Sharla revealed their relationship…but this is hilarious. Poor Sharla must have never had a crazy ass friend like this, so she’s missing these huge red flags. Like what brand new friend is this invested in dissing your fiance’s ex and causing drama? Sharla has been married before, surely she knows it is normal for someone to have a relationship history and no need to get so angry at just some ex. But her goofy friend is going to rage on her behalf just to make sure Sharla feels indebted to her kekkk man this is going to flame out

No. 286124

I don't think she completely missed the red flags. Sola doesn't hide her craziness. I think Sharla just assumed it'd never backfire on her. I think this is karma for all the times she relied on her friends to produce drama and fight on her behalf. There's Mira being encouraged to harass Ashiya. Micaela coming here to defend their comments about Ashiya. Kim making the fake racism video after her claims. Biibii and Toph harassing Mimei when they weren't even involved and didn't even know what the beef was about. Then Sola shading and obsessing over Lily last year, which is more than enough of a sign that she shouldn't be hired or associated with. At best, Norm has only harassed, threatened and use sockpuppets against critics, non-critics and fellow jvloggers, and Sharla supported him all of this time. Norm and Sola are pretty similar.

No. 286128

.It's not even backfiring. You talk like she's losing sponsorships or something when nothing has actually happened

No. 286129

Wow, what a fucking reach.

No. 286131

In the aokigahara vid it was clear that he had planned their date, except for them ending up in the forest. That vid has been privated now though.

No. 286132

Do you think that Chris' upper class conservative parents are ecstatic that their future daughter in law decided to start making porn shortly after the engagement? Especially when Sharla looks almost exactly like their actual daughter? As well Sharla has a history of picking fights with her previous in laws. I don't see it going well if they ever find out.

No. 286137

No1currs about his parents. Stop tinfoiling and trying to rope in family and tinfoil about their feefees
>obsessing over Lily
>when Lily tried to start shit
>made 1 post the same way Lily made 1 post

That's not obsession.

No. 286138

you just made up a story in your head. But you have not proven it with anything.
She only joined twitter after moving to japan and was already living with Chris lol lol. So what r you talking about?

No. 286139

Wait? Who told you that Chris parents were upper class and conservative? You are making up things on your own mind to make a non point

No. 286140

So because he planned the date, you decided that he pursued her?! Lol lol

No. 286141


No. 286142

I was referring to this person's tweet >>286080

No. 286144

Wait so show the interactions then..

No. 286145

Chris has said many times he’s left leaning, doesn’t like the Tory party (conservatives) and he is from a working class British family. Source - the podcast

No. 286146

Listen to the podcast. It's pretty obvious. Iirc Chris grew up doing things like fencing and his dad had money to build a fancy robot as a hobby that led to Robot wars. His family definitely has some money.

No. 286147

File: 1678914054120.png (312.34 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20230315-205631.png)

I can't show their interactions because the vid is privated.

No. 286150

>She immediately befriended a BPD-chan attack dog like this, also added her to the relationship, and within six months, all three were broken up with each other.
Anons are so frequently right in this predictions in this thread, plus it seems so damn obvious this is what will happen.
Sola really thought she invented thot photoshoots

No. 286154

How do you know that her post had anything to do with this?
From the caps I’ve seen here she seems to post a lot of shit, it’s such a reach

No. 286157

So you are showing proof that he did a video and went on a date with her. But not proof that he pursued her. You know why, cause you made it up

No. 286159

>You talk like she's losing sponsorships or something when nothing has actually happened
How are you getting sponsorships when no one's referenced anything like that? It's only been a couple of days since the OF was shared and her friend is acting like a paranoid lunatic, repeatedly posting about haters, copycats and stalkers. She's working for Sharla and following her to Tokyo, so Sharla can't just cut her out or ignore her like she could with the others in the past. That's how it's backfiring.
One post is too many for a 28-year old adult and not comparable to Lily because it's something that didn't involve her. She tagged Sharla ffs and was talking about her wedding when Sharla wasn't even engaged yet just to piss on Lily. No sane person fixates over the ex of their friend's fiance like that or at all. Unlike Sharla, most people would've distanced themselves from their friend after something like that. Sola's subsequent behavior just confirms that she is an obsessive nut and if she's doing this online, what do you think she's saying to Sharla about Lily in person? This woman constantly gives updates on her various mental illnesses and panic attacks on instagram and twitter.

No. 286167

Kek right, the sharla chris wks have been trying to drag lily down to hell for ONE fucking tweet the may have been or seems to be true. And someone who's been living a normie life for years.
But finally now there's new unhinged friend Sola with an online agenda to stir up shit kekk. And these newfag nonnies crying they feel sorry for Sharla, the queen bee bitch with shitty friends and loves to talk about others behind their backs. She's not stupid, she loves hanging with these types of people, she hasn't changed at all. And I'm excited for mid life crisis OnlyFans Sharla kekkk

No. 286169

That's why I said it. Anons are acting like she's losing stuff left and right when nothing has happened at all and everyone's just tinfoiling that Sharla's gonna be losing stuff for some reason somehow. The tinfoiling sucks.

No. 286170

I can't believe that people argue that Lily cannot be talked about when this soul girl has barely been around just as long and we have just as little info about her. Lily will always be on topic.

No. 286174

File: 1678923097727.png (80.96 KB, 1079x1757, Screenshot_20230315-231241.png)

Here is a comment from an early 2016 vid. She was not interested in him romantically and was just a fan. He's the one who had the interest >>286080 and it was clear by their interactions in the aokigahara vid that he was on a date with someone that he had asked to go on a date.

No. 286176

What's hard to understand? Sola posting and raging about her OF shoot with Sharla - relevant. Lily tweeting a new outfit - irrelevant. Sola works for Sharla and takes intimate photos with her. Lily once dated Chris, but is no longer in his life.

No. 286177

Omg how old are you!? At this point in the video they were already dating, it wasn’t their first date! Lol lol lily was a super fan and would comment on all his videos. People started to think they were dating and started to ask her, and she would lie and say no, but at the point of that screen shots they were already a couple you ding bat!

No. 286179

Lily and Chris persued each other. Stop being this retarded and derailing about sone fake storyline you came up with.

No. 286182

Y'know it's an interesting question. Lily has obviously moved on to bigger and better things but Sharla and Sola are almost obsessed with her. It's like in Animal Farm where Napoleon kept telling the other animals that Snowball (the exiled rival pig) was trying to come back and sabotaging everything. I just hope Lily stays safe from Sola. Sharla loves drama but Sola is unhinged. If I were Lily I would consider getting a restraining order.

No. 286184

Chris has had an editor for a couple years, he's talked about it plenty, it's not milk

No. 286185

who cares this is old af

No. 286187

For the last time, Sharla is NOT making porn jfc you crackpipe suckers

No. 286190

>And I'm excited for mid life crisis OnlyFans Sharla kekkk

I'm so here for it too nonnie

No. 286192

Samefag - mostly I'm just glad there's actually new weird milky shit happening in their world. All the Wks who constantly defend S&C for being boring normies with nothing to entertain us with are going to be eating a huge pile of their words, a pile huger than all the Famichiki Chris eats in a year

No. 286196

That comment is from a vid posted in January. They weren't dating until late April.

Anons wouldn't care about Lily being talked about if there was anything worth discussing. No1currs about her new dress or job interview or whatever other mundane shit.

I hope she doesn't accidently end up in the same area of Tokyo as Lily when she moves back.

No. 286198

File: 1678930334881.jpg (193.25 KB, 1598x1056, sharlaverse.jpg)

thought the top image needed a reboot.

you know, this is really becoming an interesting anime

No. 286202

No but anons complained about talking about her in general.

No. 286204

Kek imagine Norm and Sola becoming an item. Never did figure out if he was divorced or not, but…probably.

No. 286205

So because his parents have some money and build robots with him and Chris used to fence (which btw is a sport taught in many public schools), that has to mean they are conservative?

Sounds logical.

No. 286206

They live in a conservative area, are upper middle class, and let's be real the vast majority of people conservative or liberal would not be happy with their daughter in law suddenly becoming a porn star right after their son gets engaged to her. Sharlas decision making is very impaired lately to think getting naked with her friend in Chris' studio and plastering it all over the internet was a smart decision. Nor was posting teenager drama meltdown stories because instagram didn't approve of her OF promotion post. Idk what Sola is doing to her (blackmail?) but Sharla turning Chris' carefully built dream studio into a poorly done porno photoshoot location is a good metaphor for what these poor decisions could do to their brands if it goes further. I actually like Sharla too but she seems very off the rails lately.

No. 286207

>not proof that he pursued her. You know why, cause you made it up
Man pursuing a woman, never before seen event. They were together for 3 years, she's a cute woman as his prior exes also are/were, it's not unbelievable to think one half of a couple, or both halves, pursued each other because that's how relationships work. Men categorically do not date women who solely pursue them (aka "bunny boilers" as they used to be called) and it's just Sharla and her insecure troop of friends who choose to believe Lily somehow strongarmed a man into dating and living with her for 3 years. This is not how male psychology works in the slightest.

What's more interesting is Sola's incorrect reference to "haters" implies Sharla talks about Lily and is stalking her too. There's a clear implication of a prior discussion and watching Lily's socials, and complete fanfiction that Lily is a "hater" with no evidence.

Meanwhile the poor girl probably has no idea this one sided war is even happening kek

No. 286208

I have to agree. It really is impressive what Lily managed to do. She's learned three languages to fluency, studied programming hard enough to become proficient and be pursued by recruiters, is well liked on French social media, is going to model, met an amazing man in the US, and she moved on after Chris cheated on her and Sharla/Sola tried to (are trying to) destroy her life. Success really is the best revenge.

No. 286209

Shut up about his parents already.

No. 286210

You are an idiot. You decided that his parents are conservative upper class. Based on your own fantasies and not reality, no facts. Chris mom was a receptionist, and Chris dad worked as Aircraft Interior Fitter. Not even close to upper class, just working class folks. And by way of more FYI to break your little made up fantasy Maidstone UK a working class town. Cheap, economical, solidly lower to middle class town, and not at all wealthy!

No. 286211

Drop it about his parents they don't matter and don't care what Sharla is shaking her ass for

No. 286212


You seriously need to take your meds

No. 286213

Bitch you decided they were dating in your little made up world. I have news for you! Prior to that video april 2016 they were already dating. Anyway it’s boring and old news. The only thing we know for sure is that Lily was a super fan and Chris was the idiot that dated a fan. Next topic

No. 286214

Interesting that you seem to know such specific details… Not going to ask how you know. But listen to the podcast. Either Chris is lying about a lot of things or he grew up fairly well off. Nothing wrong with being a rich kid and he's certainly made his own way at this point. We all just got to admit where we came from and the advantages/privileges we have and the people that helped us along the way.
Don't be so hard on her. We don't know how popular that photoset was but she definitely starred in it. A pornstar isn't just the biggest names in the industry you know? So even Sharla just starting off can be considered one. At the end of the day if Sharla wants to move from Japan content to being an adult entertainer that's her decision. I guess the opposite of what Shibuya from trash taste did. She's old enough to decide what she wants to do with her life and live with those consequences.

No. 286219

nonnies need to simply ignore this psycho bait

No. 286224

stop with the bait you psycho

No. 286225

Sharla/Chris Q+A Bonus questions from the Patreon

Haven't watched the whole thing yet, but mentioned that they were dating (celebrating birthday together for first time) around April 2019

No. 286226

Google is free my dear . Maidstone Uk is where Chris grew up, in his wiki page and also per him. Chris dad was on tv and his name and job are publicly known and a quick google will tell you, his job and title. Chris mom has a public facing Facebook where she references her job, when she retired. It’s not a debate. They are just cold hard facts. They are very much a working class family.
Not made up fantasy that your broke ass decided.
Also Chris has said many times on his very podcast how Neighboring schools wouldeave him feeling badly when they went to great trips and his school didn’t cause they were the poor school.

No. 286227

We been know this

No. 286229

no idea how that happened with all the posts, lolcow is drunk

No. 286232

No. 286237

As someone from the UK, Chris is absolutely not working class. The job titles, location and other info posted recently is all middle class imo. No they are not upper class but you are choosing to skip a whole class group (working class<middle class<upper class) for your "working class" narrative which is bullshit.

No. 286238

nta but there was nothing psycho about anon's post. Whichever posts are most accurate always attract some WKs appearing to screech "crazy!! psycho!" to try and shut down the conversation.

No. 286239

Sure you are right… they are middle class. But not the upper class conservative that person want us to believe

No. 286240

Kek , model? Her body type is far from it and so is her face

No. 286241

Upper class means something different in Britain to what it does in the rest of the world. Upper class in Britain means landed aristocracy. JK Rowling for example is a literal billionaire, and while she's upper class by American or Australian standards, she's only considered to be upper middle class here.(sage your shit)

No. 286249

Uk anon here and this is correct. Your everyday average people in the UK are considered working class/lower middle class regardless of what jobs they have. You can be a ceo of your own company but still be lower middle class.
Working class doesn’t mean literal poverty like it does in other countries.
Please can we stop tinfoiling now?

No. 286251

File: 1678970681624.jpeg (742 KB, 2887x3458, 6459F5B4-23AA-4607-BE45-7EF31D…)

Anyway that girl is now using the abroad in Japan studio name to push her only fans .

No. 286252

File: 1678970716644.jpeg (566.19 KB, 2878x2109, 1D1103B8-6ABC-46B8-8A30-A9B0B9…)

Sharla in Japan only fans

No. 286253

Doesn't it feel odd to get the engagement announcement followed by sola advertising her OF with Sharla in Chris's studio? why are Sharla and Chris letting this woman overshadow their own stuff with smut? Do you think there is some implication that Sola has a role in their relationship, because the fact that she is moving to follow Sharla is also insanity imho

No. 286254

don't know this sola girl at all but she is definitely grifting them>>286253(sage your shit newfag)

No. 286255

did you even read the post? it's obvious bait. I'm not a C/S WK. it was just psycho - written with the built-in assumption that Sharla is already some PornHub megastar ffs

No. 286256

Well Sola is absolutely right - this is most definitely not epic shit and Sharla is as basic as they come. Also that "set" looks like one of those casting couch porns so good job girls, keep it classy.

No. 286257

If I was producing a film and needed an actress to play "Psycho Bipolar Predator" female antagonist I'd 100% give my casting director pictures of Sola and tell her to find me someone like this with this exact vibe

No. 286258

Parasitic throuple vibes for sure

No. 286259

File: 1678974314269.png (17.98 KB, 344x618, Untitled3.png)

Is she comparing Sharla to Hailey Bieber? No wonder she is so entertained. She is living for the drama.

No. 286260

She just met Sharla last year… what role can she have on a 4 year old relationship

No. 286261

kek are you that naive?

No. 286263

So does that mean Lily is Selena Gomez? And Chris Broad is Justin? ffs

No. 286264

she sounds obsessive and delusional kekkkkkk
give us more sola

No. 286265

Kek my god this is really worse with every post. To think if Sharla wouldn’t have tried some dumb “female empowerment” (which lingerie never will be) this thread would still be full of stupid tinfoil and infighting over whether or not they cheated. That was impossible for anons to know but Sola here puts her crazy ass out on front street for us all to definitely know. Fwiw I don’t get throuple vibes, just a BPD headcase enmeshing herself in a new friend’s life so she can more effectively blow it the fuck up later.

No. 286266

I think the throuple vibes come from the fact that Chris's studio is in many ways an extension and reflection of himself, his work, his success. So to see this vampy woman whipping her tits out inside his studio obviously implies consent and obviously Sharla is also on that level too - like you can see maaaaaybe Chris being okay with Sharla and her taking pics together but to see her doing solo shots does imply a certain level of intimacy with Chris (seeing as how Chris's studio is so intertwined with his own identity)

No. 286267

samefag but also it just re-confirms the Andrew Tate-ification of Chris, that's obv the direction he wants to head with his persona

No. 286269

I'd give anything to hear UK Pete's take on Sola's solo photos in Chris's studio

No. 286272

It's just a studio.

No. 286273

Does Sharla know this is going to be on the internet forever or does she not care? They both look so trashy. Now Chris is going to be have soft core porn/OF whores attached to his studio in Japan.

No. 286274

File: 1678979604732.jpg (117.21 KB, 781x1389, WTFSharla.jpg)

Looks like Sola has released more Sharla OF porn content.
I really can't comprehend this whole situation. I too was expecting this thread to die after the reveals and people getting tired of speculating about cheating. Family friendly successful YouTube channel with an audience of young women -> small business owner -> happily engaged to someone she has obvious chemistry with -> hanging out with BPD nobody who has convinced her to make softcore porn on OF for lonely scrotes.
You think she'd understand this but this whole turn is so out of the blue.
I honestly doubt this is Chris' doing or they are a throuple. Sola is more Sharlas friend and Chris' audience isn't Andrew Tate types. I think he even denounced him with the whole Bald drama. Chris likes Bald for his content and doesn't care about the issues but he isn't active in that camp. His audience seemed genuinely happy he had a wholesome relationship and there's a reason why he isn't advertising his gfs big OF collab. Either he doesn't like it or he knows his audience won't.

No. 286275

File: 1678980526968.jpeg (168.05 KB, 1170x2289, 29044DB1-A0D8-41B2-835D-E8F89F…)

The world’s scariest friendship continues.

No. 286276

No, Naive-chan, it's not "just a studio" it was Chris's attempt to prove he'd "made it" and he only built it after he got jealous of Trash Taste's new studio.

No. 286277

A basic well-lit room with furniture and a neon wall AIJ wall sign and maybe some bookshelves would be "just a studio" - If you think Chris's studio is "just a studio" you haven't been paying attention.

No. 286278

completely unhinged situation happening between them, where is this all coming from

No. 286279

her tatt just says nihon aka "japan" kek
basic white girl got the most basic kanji tattoo kekkk

No. 286280

Imagine a Japanese girl living in the US for a few years getting a tattoo that says USA kek

No. 286281

File: 1678981175725.png (139.78 KB, 380x336, Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 8.39…)

didn't she already have that tattoo?

No. 286282

Chris and Sharla are both uninteresting people who've built careers on exploiting the culture of an interesting place. At least this new development is interesting on some level where the spectacle is generated by them and not the place that people find intriguing with or without them.(sage your shit)

No. 286283

Sharla isn't even showing anything.

No. 286285

Exactly that's why people saying she's a "porn star" are off their meds

But this is how it starts usually

No. 286286

Anons are shitposting and baiting. Report them. When farmhands come on, it'll probably be redded out like last thread.

No. 286287

Is Sharla having a mid life crisis even though she's only 36? She's hanging out with someone younger than her and going through a weird tattoo phase now.

No. 286288

She has other tattoos, so I think she's just one of those idiots who likes random shit tatt'd on their body.

No. 286289

Sharla has always been into tattoos and hung out with unsavory types. I mean she practically created Norm. The only difference now is that Sharla actively engaging in something that she probably shouldn't. If I had to guess I think she just wants to change her brand and get easy validation from perverts after her thyroid and weight issues. But most people would say she looks fine and should just ignore the trolls.

No. 286290

She's definitely acting out on some weird level - it could be that she feels trapped in the engagement now, and/or she knows they're planning to leave Japan in the next year or so, and just wants to make a mess and go out with a bang

No. 286291

Sharla turns 37 in a month just fyi

No. 286295

I think that's the nail on the head, honestly. Sharla is likely feeling self-conscious about her weight gain, and sees this as an easy way to get a quick dopamine hit. Her audience is definitely mostly women, I'd assume - when she used to do opening fan mail or whatever it was usually girls or couples. So it seems pretty jarring to suddenly be courting simpy male attention online, like she's gone 10+ years on social media without doing thirst trap shit? What changed? Well, she gained weight and made a new, skankier friend. What's weird to me though is that she is engaged to someone, which tbh, should be pretty good validation for a person that they're still desirable and attractive. Sharla really comes off as pitiable and a bit pathetic with this OF stuff, and her friend definitely comes off as a clout chaser with some real major personality defects.

No. 286297

Included some milk about studio and moving:
>Got a new camera
>Shows Sol in the video, says she works from home, so they hang out
>One of Sharla's cats like Sol's dog, but Maro doesn't
>Chris, Sharla, and Sol go out to dinner for sushi
>Sol is getting the Japan tattoo covered and Sharla says she was asked to design something to cover it up
>it will be a snake winding around the forearm and around the wrist, not drawn out yet
>most likely going to just bring idea to artist and they will do the rest, Sharla seems like the idea person only
>going to practice Hungarian with a language teacher through Italki [yes it is an AD]
>The cat and dog really like each other, it's pretty cute
>Excited new camera works well at night, that's probably going to be important when they move to Tokyo
>Chris didn't clean out his fridge before Chrismas and Sharla drank and expired apple juice in his studio
>Chris confirms studio will be torn down and moved
>says will cost 1/3 of the construction to move
>plans to expand it and make it bigger
>wants to be able to film in the candy lined streets area he had built
>plans on adding a games arcade
>Sharla suggests film set so that Chris's suggestion of multiple sketch work with multiple cameras could work
>they go through and make note of expired Japanese snacks from the boxes in the studio
>saying they just moved to Sendai and they are disappointed they won't be able to spend much time there any longer
>Sharla says they will come back
>Chris says they still have a few months before they move

No. 286302

this is what life with "fuck you" money looks like, kids. they simply don't care about money anymore because they don't have to. probably Felix influence.

everything is downhill from here.

No. 286303

Sola "works from home" kek
It would not surprise me at all to discover she's a cam girl

No. 286305

The irony in a supposed "graphic designer" asking someone with virtually zero art/design skills to design something for her that will be on her body for the rest of her life…. is rich. Not as rich as Chris but still pretty rich.

No. 286308

>saying they just moved to Sendai and they are disappointed they won't be able to spend much time there any longer

Chris lying about living in Morioka, confirmed

No. 286313

There is a beautiful phrase I heard once. "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
I can't imagine the amount of undue stress Chris and Sharla put themselves under keeping all their lies in order.

No. 286315

7:50 in that video, Sharla saying that Chris has taught her to be more tolerant of people because he's often "too nice" even "to his own detriment" and she's "the opposite" for all the Sharla is an angel comments that have been flying around lately.

No. 286321

Sharla plays a character on her channel, and it's a pathetic one for her boring subs. If they knew what she was really like then she wouldn't have so many subs.

No. 286330

No one says Sharla is an angel, she’s just boring. She’s done a few things that literally no one cares about apart from the few of you here.
How is her new friendship unhinged or disturbing in any way? She’s just different, it doesn’t mean Sharla is like her, and Sharla is definitely not a porn star. It’s fine to say that it’s unconventional, cos it totally is but all of you are over reacting and need to calm down.

No. 286331

SharlastanWK enters the chat

No. 286335

>it will be a snake winding around the forearm and around the wrist, not drawn out yet

So Sol's next tattoo will match the one on Sharla's arse. She's starting to make her own skin into a Sharla suit - Buffalo Bill would be proud!

No. 286341

Most of the babychan nonnies won't get that but I get it kek
Sola defo gives me 80s/90s psychological horror/thriller character vibes

No. 286343

>How is her new friendship unhinged or disturbing in any way?
Yes everything is totally normal and fine, certainly all parties involved are completely sane, nothing to see here folks, move along move along

No. 286344

So you think Sharla is unhinged for being friends with her?

No. 286346

Are you slow?

No. 286348

Can I ask, what about it is unhinged? Do you understand what that word means??

No. 286349

Make your posts make sense. She is or isn't a porn star, anon.

No. 286353

This thread is finally delivering, keep it up Sola kek

No. 286357

>Sola defo gives me 80s/90s psychological horror/thriller character vibes
I think people are so used to seeing unhinged people online (because crazy = views) they don't realise how obviously nuts this girl is. They barely know each other yet now they are living in each other's pockets, getting matching tattoos, and making porn together, all immediately after announcing a LTR and engagement with Chris. Let's just say I'm praying for Sharla.

No. 286359

poly couple confirmed Chris is so lucky!

No. 286360

I know this anon is being contrary and knows the below already, but assuming you somehow don't know all this already:
>99% of men will consider you a porn star if you appear in content on Onlyfans, a website famous for hosting amateur porn.
>99% of men also know every girl who says she's only posting lewds and cosplay will be doing full nude, insertion, bj before long, etc since they have simps in their inbox offering money and harassing them to reveal more.
>Women who do OF are insecure, impulsive, and easily influenced, and thus every cow who has ever opened or appeared on an OF has escalated to hardcore porn within a year.

No. 286363

File: 1679008833408.png (704.21 KB, 1600x1384, Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 7.17…)

Oof, those filters Sola uses before posting to Instagram were working overtime, if she paid for those filters, she definitely got her moneys worth
Seeing her here in Sharla's video is unflattering, just a night and day difference

And any idea what camera and lens Sharla was using, the picture quality in this video was great

No. 286364

These 2 posts are not the same person anon

No. 286366

Literally nobody called Sharla unhinged, that's something you said. jfc

No. 286367

You can just see the crazy in her eyes, what is wrong with Sharla kek

No. 286368

kek jesus she could be in a public service ad: Faces of BPD. She’s gonna Hand that Rocks the Cradle Sharla, Chris, and their cats. Bad timing to make an insane friend right beforw your marriage!

No. 286369

kek I'm going to assume you're the same anon who made the other early 90s thriller reference and if so I wanna say I'm here for it, nice work nonnie

No. 286371

No I said what about sharla being friends with her was unhinged. I’m intrigued that’s all.

No. 286373

Because it's all just nitpicking and vendetta posting. This post explains why anons complain. >>>/meta/52937

They were referring to the photoshoot >>286110 not actual modeling kek.

No. 286374

Sola is going to gaslight Sharla into making her think her sister is against her and somehow get Sharla to make Sola her maid of honor. Watch this space.

No. 286379

File: 1679014650857.jpg (465.77 KB, 2878x1820, castingcouch.jpg)

No. 286406

File: 1679023759115.png (108.68 KB, 2234x1190, AIJ Sub.png)

So looks like Chris is starting to get more vocal about being annoyed by the negative comments in the AIJ subreddit, in this thread specifically due to him constantly mentioning release dates that he never keeps up with
And in response to Chris' comment, there are a load of people who are just blowing smoke up his ass. It's amazing to see all those people in that thread, and other threads in that sub, shoot down any and all criticism towards Chris, even if it's constructive criticism.

Specific post here - https://www.reddit.com/r/ABroadInJapan/comments/11o8oti/this_sort_of_rinse_repeat_chris_makes_a_promise/

No. 286407

But he releases frequently. Just sounds like idiots nitpicking.

No. 286411

looks like its been removed already

No. 286416

This needs to come with a warning. My eyes . She looks nothing like her Insta here and with another 15kg on top of that

No. 286417

Very thin-skinned, he’s probably nervous about the massive dip in paying subscribers and sponsors he will have once he leaves Japan. Wales doesn’t shell out the big yen like Northern Japan does. He is preemptively lashing out at the community he assumes is not going to follow him later anyway.

No. 286418


No. 286419

I thought Chris doesn't have sponsors. (Not counting the govt agencies he promotes tourism for)

No. 286422

I would count them as sponsors in so many words, and the UK government isn’t going to pay some Youtuber to promote tourism in, for example, Wales. Certainly not to the extent the Japanese government is willing to pay. I really think that’s why Chris is so angry about relatively benign or minor criticisms.

No. 286427

There's zero actual evidence they have any concrete plans to move to the UK let alone out of Japan at all.

No. 286428

File: 1679028912733.jpg (5.61 KB, 320x240, Killertron.jpg)

Is this anons casually dropping info or making shit up?
Chris is from Kent, why would he move to Wales?
Also mighty kek if he does because I've read several articles about how Welsh residents hate blowins who move in to take advantage of the cheap house prices, and take homes away from Welsh people. You can get amazing property there for cheap, beautiful mansions, but it's not for you unless you're Welsh imo

Just had to check wikipedia to ensure I have not missed something and yup, he's definitely from Kent. Also to "working class" anons I promise no working class people are making battle robots in their free time, so funny his family are responsible for this infamous robot (britbongs will remember it, it appeared many times in the show)(not your personal blog)

No. 286429

Connor is Welsh? Other than that idk why that anon brought up Wales, it seemed kind of random.

No. 286430

this is what I assume is on sharla's mind 24-7

No. 286431

Hey blogpost, I meant the Welsh government as an example isn’t going to pay for him to film there and promote it, unlike Japanese prefectures. Fill in any other UK location instead, its not about where he will literally live. Its that no one but Japan will a) pay for his shit, and b) bring in an audience.

No. 286432

In case anon has been asleep while consuming Chris's content for the last ten years, Chris wants one thing and one thing only: to be a BBC presenter like his idol James May. That's the angle he'd go for, not continuing to be a YTer. He's always had a chip on his shoulder about being a YTer and I promise you he thinks that's his destiny, not moving back to the UK to continue YT. He's better than YT and he's going to prove it to everyone, just you wait.

No. 286433

Ah yea also, someone can correct me if wrong, but I swear Chris said on trash taste like 2ish years ago that he wanted to make a documentary before leaving Japan too. That's his final goal before leaving. But pretty sure that's not happening now right? And plus he says every 3 years he's going to leave Japan in 3 years kekk

No. 286434

the man can't handle the lightest criticism, even had a rant to PremierTwos chat about the criticism he got for his shitty okinawa JAJ videos.
Chris thinks that he's such an amazing film maker (lol) that he's above criticism from any source. He's surrounded himself with ass kissing clout chasers and ass kissing fans and uses every collaboration as a chance to put down the other guest in his videos as some kind of pathetic power play.
His new style of editing is becoming similar to connors since he's had other editors handle the work and is a real departure from his prior more documentary style work. Chris wants the respect and admiration of a real film maker without doing any of the work needed to earn that title.
Chris has interviewed and collaborated with real film makers and the difference in their work quality is stark compared to his.

No. 286437

"But I'm tired of reading negative shit. So please stop posting stuff like this. Everyday I read something like this I take a step closer to having this reddit deleted, closing down Patreon and switching to an entirely sponsored video model."
I like Chris' work but he really needs to get thicker skin and grow up. It's sad he's still upset about legitimate Okinawa criticism. Especially since it's mostly from real fans rather than trolling. I'm not sure if it's that their initial audiences were niched and unique but Chris and Sharla are really bad at handling the internet for e-celebs. In almost any other space they'd have gotten into it with trolls by now eventually escalating into nurturing up a hate mob. I think dspgaming or boogie2988 are good examples of that.
I think Chris should talk with Connor more. He's actually very adept and handling his internet persona and from what I've seen he takes criticism very well.

No. 286451

File: 1679057059586.jpg (67.78 KB, 787x1397, pSychOLA.jpg)

So apparently Sola who's real name is Ester is going to legally changer her name to Sola which is a name she was assigned in some kind of streaming contest. Apparently Sharla is also encouraging her to engage with her (Sharla's) audience and videos more. Sola has definitely got her class in Sharla. She'll be on her youtube more and Sharla will probably be on OF making more porn with her.

No. 286452

He also has expressed multiple times that he wants to make a "real movie" whatever that means. He's got a major inferiority complex about being a YouTuber. That one clip "Are you Youtubeeeer?" haunts him

No. 286457

Changing names… another classic symptom for borderline personality destructive disorder. This girl is going to destroy sharla and Chris relationship.(And another classic example of armchairing)

No. 286458

So having a dream and high goals is a crime?

No. 286459

>Chris has interviewed and collaborated with real film makers and the difference in their work quality is stark compared to his.
This. Chris wants so desperately to be perceived as a "real filmmaker" but he gets the most attention being a budget internet version of James May in Japan, so that's where he will always direct his focus. Being a "real filmmaker" requires a lot more sacrifice and dedication than Chris could ever understand. His life has been easy - not to say it's easy to build a successful YouTube channel, but he became a JET basically right out of college after barely working professionally, which is a structured life that is handed to you where you don't have to do much of your own thinking and planning, and then he did Youtube on the side while being taken care of by JET - Youtube is also a structured system that handles all distribution and payment structures (once you're at that level). Sure it's difficult to build a financially lucrative channel, but trust me it's a hell of a lot easier than finding the same success in the actual film world of producers, distributors, production companies, deals, studios, etc. Add to this the fact he's been able to milk a subject like Japan that has weebs all over the world as a captive audience, and Chris has had his career essentially handed to him on a silver platter. He has no clue what a "real filmmaker" goes through to get their work in the world.

No. 286460

Did someone accuse someone of a crime?

No. 286462

new name new me

No. 286469

Photoshop is a hell of a drug

No. 286473

Wouldn't surprise if Sharla new bestie lures Chris.

No. 286474

She's doing stuff Sharla doesn't do. Maybe relax with comparing them. She's not taking after her.

No. 286476

File: 1679066544819.png (419.82 KB, 1001x561, Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 8.20…)

Sharla knows she's starting to bore ppl so she brought in a new character, like when a sitcom is losing energy and they bring in a new character. The Simpsons did a spoof on that idea in the famous episode with "Poochie" - the edgy hip dog who was supposed to bring life back to Itchy and Scratchy but then became a recurring character meant to poke fun at failing sitcoms.

Sola is Poochie for the Sharlaverse.

No. 286477

She sure will try.she is a Home wrecker type

No. 286488

Sharla has already started taking after her and is paying her for the privilege. A graphic designer that can't design a tattoo. Sharla is starring beside her on OF, suddenly learning her language, and making her a key part of her vlogs. You will see more of Sola in Sharlas videos as well as in Sharla.
The funniest thing is he gets offended if he called a Jvlogger. I do think he could ascend to something more if he tried but after every crossroads he chooses the youtuber quick monetization path. Fewer to no more documentaries, removing videos based on the algorithm, making content for the trash taste quick jvlog style over his original style, constant clickbait. The Okinawa vlogs were the culmination of it. Okinawa could have been his best work but instead we just got a bunch of youtube styled vids bragging about his vast wealth at a generic Villa that could have been anywhere. Ironically lately I've been seeing other YouTubers of comparable size take an opposite route. Mike Boyd recently said he no longer cares about sponsors or the algorithm and will make the best content in his style and his Patreon can be a tip jar. Not that I expect Chris to go that far but Chris isn't in a position where he needs to cater so much especially if he wants to be seen as a great artist and filmmaker. As of now he's a top tier Jvlogger and there's nothing wrong with that but it isn't what he wants to be.

No. 286489

I agree with everything you said about Chris's approach to his content anon. My bf got me into videos by Van Neistat (who is Casey's brother) and I love his style so much, it's cinematic and well-planned out even as vlogs, without being obnoxious editing and you call it "trash taste quick jvlog style" - he has more integrity in his pinky than Chris has in his whole body. There's definitely a way to do Youtube with focus and artistic integrity. Van Neistat's videos are something Chris might have aspired to, (only obv about Japan) but he's always opted for the cheeseball jokey quick fast route to getting liked by simps, and even more so recently. Honestly I think the real issue is that Chris just isn't that smart or creative. He falls back on the "formula" which is a tried and true path for Youtube, so his work will never really be original or meaningful, just popcorn for simps and basics.

No. 286490

Samefag but whenever he did make "documentaries" as he called them, like going to Fukushima and interviewing celebrities like Hyde, he still tries to make it about himself and everything just comes off surface level at best and patronizing at worst.

No. 286493

File: 1679076107642.jpeg (146.63 KB, 1017x1753, EDF288E3-87FD-45FF-9476-C22F14…)

Some more studio advertising

No. 286494

It's unbelievable Chris is cool with this. I wonder if this is something Sharla was waiting to do until after the engagement so that he would feel obligated (aka trapped) into it

No. 286495

>everything just comes off surface level at best
That's Chris summed up one one sentence. You can see it in his video's, he'll find places on google maps, read through a quick wikipedia article on it, then sprinkle in this surface level knowledge into his videos. That's the youtuber way, quick and easy. A documentary film maker researches, interviews people and makes an effort to get the information needed then constructs a narrative around what's there. The filming then reflects the narrative and it's never about the film maker, all focus is on the topic / subject.
And Chris still has the nerve to call himself a film maker.

No. 286497

Chris is pretentious

No. 286498

Kek the anon saying it was ‘just a studio’, then why is she making such a fuss of it being the Abroad in Japan studio specifically? Sharla and Chris both seem savvy enough not to be okay with this for their non-sleazy brand, you would think they wouldn’t want her to push the fact that the photos were done there at the very least. Its like she’s leading with the setting/location rather than her own ass…that should strike them as odd. Its like if she said “see Sharla’s friend from the vlog like you never saw her before!” kekk

No. 286499

At this rate it's pretty much going to be Solas studio. I'm honestly shocked Chris who is so brand/algorithm focused decided to turn his dream studio into a place for his fiance's friend to make low quality porn that sometimes features his fiance. Does anyone know how Sola and Sharla met? It makes no sense for her to suddenly run their lives. I do think Chris is more so passive about it than being an active participant. He has a cat allergy he ignores to stay with Sharla so him indulging her bpd friend isn't much more extreme.

No. 286500

>Kek the anon saying it was ‘just a studio’, then why is she making such a fuss of it being the Abroad in Japan studio specifically?

Super good point anon

No. 286501

he's a man. he probably likes it.

No. 286502

Because his name brings clicks. It is still just a studio though, especially since they will be moving it.

No. 286505

The JAJ Okinawa criticism and criticism about release dates is extremely mild compared to what other vloggers get. His subreddit defended him when it came to the Bald stuff when other youtubers would've been immediately canceled by many of their own fans. He's always had trouble with release dates. Remember the Natsuki movie? He should've stopped giving dates he'd never be able to keep a long time ago. I'm also skeptical about the "we deliver more behind the scenes content more than any other creator I know."
His videos are not dissimilar to the kind of Japanese TV that he complains about. Wacky stunts, overreactions, straight-man and funny-man or sourpuss and happy man dynamics, superficial. I think he's capable of better, but really too desperate right now trying to become a presenter. I know he likes James May, but he seems more Jeremy Clarkson with his sensitive and grumpy attitude as of late.

No. 286507

File: 1679081140162.jpg (365.52 KB, 2000x1322, studioshot.jpg)

Breaking news, new pic released from AIJ studio

No. 286547

What does moving it have to do with anything? It's not "just a studio" it's Chris's manifestation of his cyberpunk fever dream where he thinks he lives in Blade Runner. He's always acted like Blade Runner was set in Tokyo. It was set in LA. He also always refers to it as an "80s movie" which it only came out in 1981, it was designed and mostly produced in the 70s and represents the 70s aesthetic of realism and grit, especially in Sci-fi. The 80s aesthetic is different. Chris being "surface level" again kek

No. 286548

Blade Runner came out in 82 but all above still applies, it was designed in the late 70s and very early 80s, doesn't count as an "80s movie" in terms of its aesthetic

No. 286551

Sola is a part of Sharla's brand now. She's already been introduced and promoted by Sharla in her new vlogs and a chunk of her audience now knows that Sharla and Sola are making porn in Chris' dream studio. I think a part of it is to be a soft introduction of OF to her audience. Think about it Sharla directs them to Solas IG where Sola has dozens of stories promoting her and Sharlas OF pics with it labelled as The Abroad in Japan studio. Eventually she'll probably promote it directly more and make more and more content in Chris' studios. Sola is a part of their brand now. Chris himself is likely the photographer of all these sets. Though he isn't really promoting it at all. I honestly doubt he's ecstatic to have his recent fiance be involved in all this. But he also has been very lenient with Sharla's antics throughout their relationship. Almost feel bad for him even if he is a tool. But at this rate he's more likely to be pressured by Sharla/Sola to be in some OF porn with them than he is to tell them that he's uncomfortable.
On a side not it's really amazing how Chris and Sharla who are seen as boring mature jvloggers managed to generate more posts in about a week than all trash taste three edgy guys who celebrate about hentaii could in 9 months.

No. 286553

Sharla new porn star friend is going to ruin her relationship and then her career

No. 286554

Chris is doing a 9 day livestream with Connor. If you donate 20, it will activate text to speech. Who will be the first to ask Chris about Sharla new career choice as a porn star(cowtipping)

No. 286559

20 what?

No. 286560

We already established that she's part of the Sharlaverse, she's Poochie, try to keep up

No. 286563


No. 286576

Oh wow she's even using his brandname in her advertising? Doesn't he make quite a big income when you combine patreon, youtube, sponsors etc? I find this so suspicous but I assume he approves. Having your brand you've worked hard on for many years suddenly associated with prostitution is a nightmare.
I wonder if she really is a third/unicorn and he's thinking with his dick.

No. 286580

It's so odd how out of sudden Sola gets this amount of help from S.

No. 286588

It really is, which is why anons are agog

"prostitution" is tinfoil. there's no prostitution going on that anyone is aware of. the situation as it exists is enough without you adding on tinfoil to it.

No. 286600

Needing a moids approval for anything you do as a woman is outstandingly retarded. She's not fucking anyone, anon. Stop making up dumb tinfoils.

No. 286602

True, no reason to tinfoil out explanations other than the fact Sharla is getting taken for a ride by some nutcase, who is basically guaranteed to (at least try to) torpedo their careers. The funniest thing to me is as some other anon said, Sharla and Chris both seem boring as fuck but throw Sola in the mix and it just gets interesting. For example >>286451 not enough people are acknowledging this bitch is going to legally change her name based off of a "streaming contest", whatever the fuck that means. She is crazy as a shithouse cat and it's going to be funny to see this all play out. No need to tinfoil on anything crazier than this, tbh. Sola is giving us enough.

No. 286604

Sola is a miracle, like we have a full-time milkmaid on salary, just squeezing and squeezing the milk out of the cow in an endless cycle

No. 286617

Of course she needs his approval it's his brand and studio. He could easily kick her out or sue her if he wanted to. Chris approves of this on some level. Whether it's just a part of putting up with Sharla/her nutty friends or because he actively supports it is up for debate though.

No. 286627

>not enough people are acknowledging this bitch is going to legally change her name based off of a "streaming contest", whatever the fuck that means.

If she wants to change her name to something she likes, what's the big deal on that? Her changing her name isn't something wild and outlandish
Her becoming friends with Sharla and getting her to join her in an OF photo shoot and posting weird shit on Instagram, all within a year, however, is something wild and outlandish

No. 286629

Totally, I didn't understand where that anon was pulling that from, her ass? I mean in general yes women shouldn't have to ask permission from men to do things related to their career, but ffs we don't get to just use people's property and brand without their approval. Of course Chris is on board.

No. 286630

Ladies and gentlewomen, our first Sola WK

No. 286631

He might not have realized how far she was going to go and doesn't want fans to know it's caused tension between him and Sharla since they just recently announced their engagement, not to mention, Sola is unpredictable and could reveal something about him that he doesn't want the public to know, or cause serious trouble that would involve the police. He must be stressed doing his livestream with Connor while not being able to control what's going on at home with Sola while he's away. Also weird seeing him go on another fitness-related challenge (diet still very poor) while Sharla's at home drinking Starbucks and eating cake as usual when she's been complaining her weight. Has she revealed what her American doctor told her?

No. 286633

Her American doctor wrote her a script for Ozempic and off she went, all she needs now is two effective drugs: Ozempic and Photoshop. Sorted.(tinfoil)

No. 286635

kek nona, it's hilarious and crazy that someone would change their legal name based off of a streaming competition. Obviously she is within her rights to change it, but it's still funny and retarded to change it because of that. is it cool and not at all weird if someone changed their name to Sephiroth or some shit too? it's funny & stupid, end of.

No. 286636

I thought that was just tinfoiling. Isn't Ozempic the diabetes drug that's trending among American celebs right now for weight loss? Did Sharla go to a Hollywood doctor? If she was morbidly obese, I could understand why a doctor would prescribe it, but she doesn't seem like she's at the point where she needs it before changing her diet and exercising, and there's a shortage due to people using it for weight loss when diabetics seriously need it.

No. 286639

Fuck off. No they didn't.

No. 286640

It is tinfoil. Anons are just shitposting because mods are keeping up with bans and they think its funny because Sharla isn't a stick and theres a shortage on the fucking drug anyway and it doesn't prevent weight gain. Report the tinfoilers.

No. 286642

>needs approval
>regarding sharla taking off her clothes, not bc using studio.

No. 286643

For what it's worth a lot of gym guys are like Chris. They eat trash but work out a lot so they don't become blobs. Even someone like The Rock is known for over the top cheat days. Chris' attitude towards fitness at this point is fairly normal. He's never going to eat healthy but at least he'll work out a lot. Sharla isn't doing either even though it could easily be a couples thing.
If you listen to her complaints it was fairly obvious that she was essentially just going to doctor to doctor waiting for one to tell her what she wants and bad mouthing the Japanese doctors that didn't sugar coat it for her. Japanese doctors aren't as used to patient non compliance or refusal to take their advice as it is in America or Canada. It's even so bad in America many doctors have given up on mentioning weight being a huge factor in a lot of conditions.

No. 286644

File: 1679168669256.png (92.79 KB, 3114x1166, Sharla Feb 17.png)

Don't know if she went and saw a doctor or not, but when she went to LA again in February, it was apparently for a friends wedding, maybe she added a doctor trip, but no mention of it here

She did a Q+A vid after returning that was filmed/streamed February 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoHS7LHQv7w, I'm not going to watch through it, but if someone else wants to summarize it, go for it. Maybe she mentions a doctor visit in it, but I don't know, I'm not watching it

And if you want, here's a New Year's livestream from January 2 in England - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKnPuJ9ZOTM, again I didn't watch it so I have no summary notes. For what it's worth this was the text included with the link "We chatted about our England travel adventure plans for January, good movies I've watched recently, the new tattoo I'm getting soon and possible plans to move to a new location in Japan! Lots happening!"(emoji)

No. 286652

Right Sharla's gonna mention going to a doc for Ozempic script kek

No. 286653

There's no shortage of it and it's being produced under multiple names now, and specifically prescribed for weight loss. Your info is old. There's literally clinics in LA you can go to for a 15 min "evaluation" and if you have the money then poof you have Ozempic or Wegovy or any of them.

No. 286654

Samefag but here's just one of many many places you too can buy super expensive diabetes medicine to lose weight without working out:

No. 286655

I admit to tin foiling the above about weight loss drugs, so I'll cop a ban and accept it. But I'm just saying, the circumstantial evidence is kind of all over the place.

I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that Chris is taking some kind of PED or even just Testosterone, though doing so in Japan is a massive no-no. He was also in LA for the Chess boxing and he's been buddy buddy with Nick Pettas who I would absoutely not put past for a second talking Chris into the benefits of using PEDs.

<bows head, ducks out, door closes, accepts ban>(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 286682

File: 1679182986470.jpg (227.45 KB, 1440x2260, CakeBoss.jpg)

Is it just me or is Sharla just constantly getting in fights with people online now? The first I really recall is when she attacked that teenage girl who was a fan but now it's just constantly fighting. This one is about cake which supposedly she doesn't eat much of because she's trying everything on her diet but her doctors are just so mean…

No. 286685

She must be really agitated about something in her life to clap back at one of the most common follower complaints most big influencers might see on any given day. Wow.

And the cake. If I could post the eye roll emoji it would go right….. here.

No. 286707

Why is this loser even nitpicking though? I like creators calling out retarded comments. Idk about other anons, but commentors deserve this. Sharla isn't even wrong here.

No. 286728

Looks like he unfollowed kek Scrotes just aren't funny

No. 286734

which one of you is going to pay the $9 to sub to Sola's OF so we can see the pics?

No. 286738

>Needing a moids approval for anything you do as a woman
Needing approval from a business owner to use their established brand name in your advertising while also using their commercial space. Your attempt at deflection is weak kek
Showing your holes through a screen vs showing your holes in person, the difference is semantics. Onlyfans is sex work which is prostitution.
>Of course she needs his approval it's his brand and studio.
Got it in one, people sue over shit like this if it's without consent. So we can assume it is, which begs more questions as to why a soon-to-be happily married man is suddenly overseeing his soon-to-be wife and her friend's side gig in sex work using his IP and premises.

No. 286741

Common legal definition of prostitution (and what most normal sane adults understand) requires physical contact. Sexual physical contact. For money. It's not fucking rocket science, naive-chan.

Are you Mormon or something? Or just 12?

No. 286742

Prostitution is sex work.
Sex work is not necessarily prostitution.

No. 286748

They aren't committing prostitution. You need to be 18+ to post here.

No. 286749

Watching the cycling stream and I have to say Connor brings out a lot of the best in Chris. Despite all the drama or bullying I think Chris' friends keep him from melting down. Natsuki's humour, Ryotaro's hospitality, Joey's ingenuity, Connor's positivity, Pete's empathy, Pete's openness, Felix's stoicism, and Nick's discipline all help Chris in some area. Even when Chris was at his worst such as when he tried to ruin Connors bday by forcing him to bungie jump their positive traits overcome it and melts Chris' icy heart a little bit. Connor embraced the bungie jump and encouraged Chris when he was scared stiff and on the verge of tears. No doubt Chris grew a little after events like that.
I don't think Sharla really has that at this point and is filling that void with Sola who is insane but is also the closest thing she has to a friend. It's important who you surround yourself with. So I actually don't think Chris will be dragged down by Sola because he has a great support system. I would even say he's nicer than he used to be and is improving himself in a lot of ways (not just physical). Sharla unfortunately is falling apart in a lot of ways with the constant drama on and offline and these random extreme actions/decisions. Especially since she won't work out with Chris and Sola is telling her to be more destructive I think it'll cause issues down the road. I hope Sharla finds the positivity and a good support system one day.

No. 286751

It's because it's a dynamic. Chris isn't a bully and they all joke around and be jerky to each other here and there. It's not really a milky point to discuss.
>Connor embraced the bungie jump and encouraged Chris when he was scared stiff and on the verge of tears. No doubt Chris grew a little after events like that.
This shit is preplanned, anon. You book stuff like jumping like that. You sound stupid trying to make it into some heroism story with any sort of overcoming.

No. 286772

So semantics, like I said. Onlyfans association is as damaging as a phone sex line, an escort, or any other kind of prostitution since most people view it under the same umbrella. The point is he is torpedoing his brand for ?reasons? which hopefully we'll find out kek(Derailing)

No. 286781

Nope. Chris booked it in advance of course but to surprise Connor. He wanted to mess with him. Chris does have bully tendencies and there have been numerous occasions where his friends call him out. I don't think he's just a malicious jerk I just think he's an awkward guy who is a little bit insecure and takes that out on others.
he's torpedoing his brand for love. Sharla has let a toxic grifter into her life because she is going through some things and Sola is now Sharlas dominant influence. Chris loves Sharla and has no option but to either put up with it or leave.

No. 286784

I can't imagine being this prudish. Are you typing this from your nunnery? Phone sex is not prostitution. There are numerous sex workers who are not prozzies ffs. Prostitution is physical sexual contact with another person for money - it's not fucking "semantics" you prude.(derailing)

No. 286785

But all those ppl kiss his ass nevertheless, you really think any of those dudes are gonna be honest with him about Sola's influence?

No. 286786

Here we go with the "Chris isn't actually a bully, it's just a UK "dynamic" anons again ffs

No. 286788

I doubt they know that much to be telling Chris. Chris has some good people around him who will lift him up. Where as Sharla only has Sola who is dragging her career and probably relationship down. It's just so obvious that they are on different trajectories now. Fitness, careers, relationships etc.

No. 286791

Where is this narrative that Sharla has no friends other than Sola coming from? I don't have the impression that she's some aggressively introverted friendless hag….

No. 286794

Sola has no friends besides Sharla (and Sharla’s friends, by extension) and that is the far more alarming situation. Like, what was her life before Sharla befriended her? The sort of question she should be asking herself before getting so intwined.

No. 286797

How do you even know that though? All we've seen is her relationship to Sharla but nobody knows shit about her life otherwise. It's pure tinfoil to claim otherwise.

No. 286799

Look at her social media and find any instance of another friend. I won’t hold your hand through it.

No. 286801

File: 1679235519217.jpg (205.96 KB, 1440x1182, LilyMagnifique.jpg)

It's worth noting that Lily is in Tokyo too where Sharla and Sola are now roaming around. It's only a matter of time until there is an encounter. I hope Lily stays safe because Sola seems unstable and will probably verbally attack her for real or imagined slights done to Sharla. Lily probably has no idea what's happening as she's focused on better things like modelling, coding, and her music so she doesn't realize the sharks swimming in the water with her now.

No. 286810

Right, I mean I post all my friend interactions on social media too nonnie, of course.

No. 286811

It's nice to see Lily growing and developing in real measurable ways.

No. 286812

Meanwhile Sharla is devolving into pettiness and smut.(samefag)

No. 286813

What is everyone arguing over? No milky has even happened in days.

No. 286814

File: 1679236786698.jpeg (94.32 KB, 1041x1854, 4042218E-7ADD-4820-9C71-3F4036…)

Another shoot in progress

No. 286822

I mean Sola posts a ridiculous amount of things on IG so you'd think she'd post about her friends too.
Sharla is definitely gearing it up more and more. Sola probably told her to just try it and is going to keep inching down Sharlas boundaries until everything is out in the open. OF not even once.

No. 286824

Untrue. Sola posted more pics to OF - it's just that nobody here is willing to take one for the team and pay the $9 to get them.

No. 286825

So trashy. Wow Sharla you're really dead set on tanking your brand hun

No. 286826

Note the matching outfits.
This is becoming increasingly similar to the plot of 2011's horror movie "The Roommate"

No. 286828

They honestly look good

No. 286829

Then how do you know more is even posted

No. 286831

You're even able to tell with the photos being so fucking underexposed and poorly contrasted? But Sola's a "graphic designer" so I'm sure she knows all about lighting.

No. 286832

File: 1679239276220.jpeg (103.63 KB, 1170x2072, 365F731F-D4D4-4E09-8CE3-6C83C0…)

Kek “back at the studio” this looks like it’s Abroad in Japan’s backdrop again. Sola is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 286833

is that a crotch tattoo peaking out of the bottom bikini? kek

everyone looks good or better with blurry shit quality photos

No. 286834

None of her actual OF pics have been posted here

No. 286835

kek this

yeah remember she gave herself multiple tats on her (cat emoji)

No. 286838

looks like she's purposely using a filter called "low expo" kek

No. 286841

> it's just that nobody here is willing to take one for the team and pay the $9 to get them.

Why don't you do it then?

No. 286842

Just, wow.
The difference between being in Sharla's recent video and using filters on her photos. It's amazing how different she can make herself look.

No. 286843

Would you say that Chris is a "man of high value"?
Tokyo is many times larger than Sendai and it's very easy not to run into people you know, as long as you don't hang out at the same exact haunts all of the time. The only problem is that Sola seems like the type of person to stalk Lily's social media, if she isn't doing it already and the copycat comments suggest she is, to seek her out in person, so Lily needs to be extra careful about what she reveals on twitter.
Sharla suddenly has a new nose and jaw.

No. 286844

Are you new to social media?

No. 286845

That swimsuit just makes Sharla look even fatter.

No. 286848

>Would you say that Chris is a "man of high value"?
Love him or hate him, he's got an enviable net worth by most people's standards regardless of your country of origin or social class, so yes.

>Sharla suddenly has a new nose and jaw.

Photoshop is a hell of a drug

No. 286849

Tbh, her shape looks nicer than Sola's because she has hips/thigh shaping going on giving a better curve. Sola is a little bit boyish before the tits.

No. 286850

It's very obvious that Sharla's waist (and more) has been photoshopped. Look at her left arm.

No. 286852

She was photoshopped a better shape then. Tbh, Sol does look worse on camera in vlogs than Sharla too. Something about trailer trash chain smoker coming from her.

No. 286855

So this board is going to devolve into body-shaming and nitpicking because of course it is

No. 286857

That’s not true… all the OF Pics are here

No. 286859

She has a more narrow bottom-half. Don't be so sensitive.

No. 286861

>Love him or hate him, he's got an enviable net worth by most people's standards regardless of your country of origin or social class, so yes.
jfc, quoting for future reference.
That guy appears to be another Chris fan and the creepy comment >>285739
she received before also sounded like it came from a Chris simp resentful that Sharla is bringing down Chris' "brand" rather than your usual shitposting troll. I wonder how much Sharla's behavior with Sola is affecting the Abroad fanbase and if we're going to see a rift between the ones who support him and Sharla, and those who don't want her around, especially in his vlogs and podcast. I hope Sola is invited to the wedding and can't wait to see what she'll wear. That sakura cake is from Starbucks, btw.

No. 286864

It sounds like absolute satire considering no comments like that have been posted before like this before that's so Chris worshipping, you'd think these alt-right dude-bros, like anons keep hoping Chris is, would've been commenting and acting like this from the get-go or even existing. These sound like anons ITT who bait by posting OTT reddit takes and then interacting with the cows.

No. 286866

>That’s not true… all the OF Pics are here

kek nope

No. 286867

delete and sage your filthy mess, newfag

No. 286870

>would've been commenting and acting like this from the get-go or even existing
Chris and Sharla only announced recently announced their engagement and that, as well as the OF, which is extreme even for Sharla, may have been triggering.
>anons ITT who bait by posting OTT reddit takes and then interacting with the cows
Our resident simp has been posting their long odes to Chris for over a year now. That's some dedication for a troll and Chris has extreme fans. Our thread was also posted and discussed in that subreddit, so his genuine simps have been lurking in our thread at the very least.

No. 286871

There's more than one person in this thread you know. One comment is about Chris being a jerk who has good friends that help him level out and the other is a Chris stan. I can't imagine anyone stanning Chris or Sharla. They're perfect for eachother because they're both sensitive and toxic. As well I'm not sure how some random complaining about influencers spamming food has anything to do with Chris. I don't think Chris' fanbase for the most part is toxic. Chris and Sharla have family friendly tame fanbases which is why their constant drama behind the scenes is so interesting.
Tokyo is big but these influencer type expats usually just stay around the same areas. Sola and Sharla are also fairly obsessed with Lily so who knows what could happen.
Iirc Lily's fiance is a musician. So they probably mesh well with that shared interest.(derailing)

No. 286872

Lily is engaged?

No. 286874

>I don't think Chris' fanbase for the most part is toxic.
Go on the AiJ subreddit and give some constructive criticism about his videos and you'll have that sub come at you with comments like "if you don't like it, then don't watch" or "Chris puts everything into his videos and if you don't think it's good enough, film your own stuff and put it online"
The subreddit is basically an echo chamber of toxic positivity that doesn't allow any criticisms and definitely strokes Chris' ego

No. 286881

>The subreddit is basically an echo chamber of toxic positivity that doesn't allow any criticisms and definitely strokes Chris' ego

And when someone does post anything with serious criticism Chris loses his shit, throws a temper tantrum in a comment and threatens to deactivate the sub, end the Patreon, and start taking sponsors to pay the bills kek
He'd be a terrible father tbh so it's good Sharla is more interested in softcore erotica than being a mother

No. 286883

>They're perfect for eachother because they're both sensitive and toxic
>I don't think Chris' fanbase for the most part is toxic.
You think Chris and Sharla are toxic, but not their fans?
>Chris and Sharla have family friendly tame fanbases
I don't think family friendly fanbases are the type to shout down critics who think Chris should avoid meeting Andrew Tate worshippers. You don't need to leave our thread to find toxic fans, or do you really believe that all of the Lily posts have come from baiters?
>"if you don't like it, then don't watch" or "Chris puts everything into his videos and if you don't think it's good enough, film your own stuff and put it online"
And we've had these same types of comments appear in this thread when Chris' vlogs have been criticized.

No. 286884

File: 1679252070134.jpeg (590 KB, 2878x2379, B2E38447-B42E-4968-B02A-FE900E…)

I love how dumb you are . All you have to do is scroll up and see all the pics >>286866

No. 286885

For all we know they shot the OF content before the announcement

No. 286886

Take your meds anon, that's literally ONE pic she posted a portfolio of more pics of just her in the AIJ studio ffs

No. 286887

I think you are reaching to try to make Chris some some of monster. Overly sensitive yes, but you r so over the top with the constant. Red to make him a terrible person.

No. 286889

Take your meds nonnie that's literally a single picture, Sola's OF has a set of pics of her solo in AIJ studio ffs

No. 286890

File: 1679252557253.jpeg (94.02 KB, 1009x1367, 765F5896-C701-44CD-9060-272C2F…)

Here in another, that’s already posted on here from OF, not on IG. Met accept you apology in advance.(reposting/spoonfeeding)

No. 286891

Hey everyone just pause for a second and imagine if someone had told you in this thread this time last year that within the year Sharla would be doing softcore porn on OnlyFans. kek…….

Just dwell on that for a sec. And realize how fucking crazy it is. Things get normalized so fast now.

No. 286892

Your retardation is off the charts nonnie. Her OF has way more. Just stop and go outside and touch grass.

No. 286894

Might want to delete and try again. Didn't say anything about Chris, only his fanbase. You probably meant to respond to >>286881 although nothing they said characterized him as a monster.

No. 286895

There isn’t dumb ass… she has 3 pics of Sharla only. And all of them have already been a posted on here. There isn’t a lot of pics, this is her attempt to cash in by teasing the Sharla name to gain more traffic to her boring ass OF page.

No. 286896

kek at the frowny little cartoon looking straight at her. Looks like Chris reacting to having his precious studio defiled by ethottery. Obviously it would be one thing if it was just Sharla and this was something she really wanted to do, but having her new friend be hoeing it up in a studio he made multiple videos about, that he was clearly so proud of, it is funny. It makes Chris seem like a doormat or a pervert, and neither is a good look.

No. 286897

File: 1679253158673.jpeg (144.79 KB, 1284x1703, 123C95EF-BF90-4C82-9B97-80D305…)

Dumb ass

No. 286900

It's funny 'cause Chris made such a big deal of covering the escort ads or any "lewd" images he found in the studio before.

No. 286901

How do you know, do you have access to her OF?
Also >>286893 looks like it's actually her account so wtf is going on

No. 286902


No. 286903

Because he would get demonetize on YouTube if it shows up on his video

No. 286904

What the fuck are you talking about? Clearly if someone is posting pics from her OF page they paid to have access and posted it here. It’s not rocket science.

No. 286905

Why are you so nasty anon

No. 286906

There's too many moids in here, this sucks

No. 286907

Is Sola in here???? I think so anon

No. 286908

That's what happens when a cow goes OF, big influx of moids sniffing around for free content. lolcow isn't a leak site, go somewhere else for that shit. This thread has always had a slight ball-sweat smell to it though, with the big Chris simping and arguing how about Baldie whatever was ackshully misunderstood. Now that Sharla is doing lingerie shoots with Sola, it will get stinkier and stinkier.

No. 286909

No it's just anons shitposting. Scrotes aren't in here.

No. 286910

weird tinfoil to insist that moids couldn't possibly be in this thread. There are a lot of posts talking about how good Sharla (and Sola) look, some of them are shitposts I'm sure but is it really beyond the realm of possibility some moids are in here? We don't need to treat this thread like a discord chat and respond to each and every post so I'm not going to continue an argument about whether or not moids are ITT but it strikes me as very odd to insist they're not.

No. 286912

Good I am glad that sola is in here posting 5am in the morning Japan time.
If so she is confirming how insane she is!
We know for sure Sharla comes in here… so Sharla how long till sola ruins your relationship?
You will see her making comments about Chris soon, or that you and Chris will argue about her involvement in your life and his studio soon.
Hope you can cash in on that ring Sharla cause you ain’t getting married, if you stay friends with that girl! Lol >>286907(hi cow)

No. 286913

Sola sleeps during the day like a vampire, so she's just winding down

No. 286915

File: 1679257563036.png (40.71 KB, 1080x415, Screenshot_20230319-202039.png)

He hates being called a jvlogger because of the negative reputation of jvloggers.

No. 286916

but he's a Jvlogger

No. 286918

Do you really think of Chris as a Jvlogger? I think of him more as a documentarian and presenter. A film-maker, if you will.

No. 286926

File: 1679264766308.png (2.39 MB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20230319-222207.png)

Yeah she seems to have let go of her bitterness and fully moved on.

No. 286929

She looks great too, you can see her contentedness and self-assurance on her face. Good for Lily.

No. 286930

Was she in LA at the same time as Sharla? That's weird.

No. 286931

Agreed. Though I wouldn't call her bitter she had a reasonable reaction to her bf cheating on her and the woman that he cheated with trying to ruin her career/life. She took it pretty well. Sharla wouldn't have been able to handle it given how often she attacks fans for mild criticism.

No. 286932

I think she's so much prettier than Sharla honestly, especially now that Sharla is getting into trashy trash

No. 286940

Chris openly gaslights his audience like with the Bald and Bankrupt situation. Whereas Sharla it two faced. In videos it's just a nice cat lady but behind the scenes she's constantly caught in drama and attacking people, breaking laws, or pushing boundaries. That's why their audiences in general aren't as bad as they are.
Lily seems like a cool person and she isn't living in stress or rage like Sharla is by constantly creating or escalating drama. I think most people are or can be pretty but who they are and how they live has a great effect. Sharla looks like a normal person no need to judge her for how she actually looks but her behaviour is very disappointing a lot of the time. That said it's not too late for Sharla to turn this around before she ruins everything she's built both her career and with Chris.

No. 286941

I don't think so.

No. 286942

Why is Sharla sinking to the depths of Sola's BS, doesn't she seem better than that?

No. 286952

Because she is a dumb ass. She gained weight felt bad about herself and is letting a mentally damaged wanna b ruin her life. It’s the classic case of a girl who has a destructive insecurity

No. 286953

No. 286960

What recent drama? Shut up if you can't give examples or recent milk. I dgaf about shit thats over months old that we've already discussed in several threads. OF isn't drama, its milky. Sola is drama with her vague Lily posts, but that's not Sharla. Nothing has happened at all lately thats drama

No. 286966

I wonder if this side of S was always there or if it was Sola presence a factor.
I know she's young still for this but it legit feels lik a mid life crisis.

No. 286967

Who do you think is encouraging crazy sola to post about lily? Of course it’s Sharla!

No. 286969

Maybe Chris is letting Sola defile his studio because he's not actually moving the parts she's touching

No. 286970

He's moving everything and expanding

No. 286971

It’s definitely weird. She never was thirst trappy or anything on her social media. It was always pretty PG and wholesome. She is marrying a man she seems to really love, and is relatively successful. It seems odd she would have such a crisis of personality at her age. She’s not that old, and she’s not doing badly. Thyroid issues suck but she’s put on like, 10 kg max. She could take it off again, with a little effort. Nothing seems to be happening (outside of this new Sola friend) that would initiate such a change of persona.

No. 286973

The thing is with that new crazy friend is obvious using Sharla to gain more followers. No one in Sharla or Chris life uses their name like this crazy thot does. Every one of her posts is about Sharla, the cat or the studio. She has nothing else going for her. I have never seen such over photoshopped pictures in my life! That thot is bad news

No. 286975

Chris and Sharla love her though. Let them be a throuple erotica production team, it literally doesn't hurt you at all now does it? Let them live their lives ffs.(tinfoiling)

No. 286976

She is evolving to her final form.

No. 286978

How the hell do you know what Chris and Sharla feels about that Thot? I am sure chris is just being a supportive fiancé and Sharla is an insecure chubby girl.

No. 286979

Wait what happened to that false claiM that crazy Lily is engaged?

No. 286993

I have to say regardless of whether or not you support Sharlas OF porn arc you have to admit she's going about it all wrong. Especially with Chris around and at least supposedly on board you'd expect these pictures to be better quality. But we have poorly shot, poorly lit, bad angles, shot on a potato. All while there being obvious and sloppy Photoshop for the images. If Sharla really wants to find success on OF for some bizarre reason then she should find a better partner than Sola who doesn't seem very good at it. All I'm seeing now is Sola trying to milk Sharla's and Chris' brands to get attention from the lonelinest group of sad men. At least if you're going to shift your family friendly brand to porn you could at least do a good job at it.

No. 286995

This is a very good take and I agree. I've watched many people I follow jump on the sinking ship of OF over the years, Sharla is quite late to the whole trend since it really kicked off in 2020 and the new thing among zoomers (aka most content creators and trendmakers) is tradlife, cottagecore, natural/low makeup and sex negativity (which millennials are complaining about and looking like huge groomers in the process)
Glam, ethottery/egirls and OF are all out of trend now (if you want proof, just look at Belle Delphine's multiple flopped comebacks)
This is all to say if you are gonna be three years late to a trend which opposes your established brands, at least do it well and blow us away. Seeing these darkly lit, badly shooped photos with Sola and Sharla looking glum, I don't see the point honestly. If you wanna take shit photos of yourself for "body positivity" (also like 8 years late to that trend) just leave them on your cameraroll.

No. 286997

>an insecure chubby girl.

ITT one minute she's a middle-aged hag having a midlife crisis, the next she's an insecure chubby girl… ffs make up your minds

No. 286999

Gee it's almost like 37 year old middle age women don't follow zoomer trends? It's just a thot. I mean a thought, oops.

No. 287001

File: 1679318837050.jpeg (111.87 KB, 1284x1334, 81AAA1D9-7548-4CC3-A482-DBA18F…)

To clarify further what these people visits Thais website. As soon as this picture of lily was posted on here, she privated her IG!

No. 287003

You are reading into it incorrectly. If it makes you feel better. Chubby woman in a midlife crisis. Making soft porn with her mentally unstable friend.

No. 287004

Lily confirmed lurking

No. 287021

I’m not surprised, if I read all these tinfoil stories about being a crazy ex stalker I would private my account too.

No. 287025

Hopefully she finally stop holding on to Chris and deletes those photos she's held on to

No. 287027

You mean like the ones that everyone has at a point in time in their feeds?
I still have photos of an ex, it’s not weird, no one looks at those.
Maybe it’s a millennial thing, hi zoomer.

No. 287028

Considering she was begging people to work with her after the split, anything remotely still ging back to Chris would look good for her and people would think working with her would be a good idea. Yeah, that didn't work out, did it?

No. 287031

I like that the fools still going on about Lily are incoherent at this point. Happy, healthy, life going well, learning new hobbies but you keep reaching for absolutely anything to try and keep mentioning her, even though you are obviously the deranged, obsessed ones talking about a random photo of the back of someone's head and the most brief nothing tweet tags from half a decade ago like they matter or are even slightly unusual.
After seeing how large Sola and Sharla are in their OF photos I'm starting to understand the seething jealousy might be coming from 40 inch waist-chans who can't put down the pies for 5 seconds. Girl is just existing and living rent-free in you saddos minds because she dated Chris half a decade ago. It's giving creepshowart obsession at this point. Move on.

No. 287033

Like how would you even notice she privated her account, which she hasn't posted on for two years per your own screenshot and last posted a week ago >>286926 again per your own screenshot -
Unless you are sitting there refreshing her page like tbe deranged stalker you are? Literally repeatedly checking the page of someone who hasn't posted for 2 years several times a day. Yet we are to believe she is the crazy stalker and not you.(ok, whiteknight)

No. 287034

You can get off your high horse my dear, we are all on an obscure gossip site, talking random jvloggers. We all here for the shit storm. So Relax

No. 287041

NTA but lily isn’t a jvlogger, we’ve been through 100 times.
There are a couple of people here who seem to think she’s a crazy stalker who is obsessed with her ex when it clearly isn’t true

No. 287043

I applaud this post

No. 287044

Sharla still has tweets up of her ex husband that aren't related to her channel or other work, and hired someone who she knows has an unhealthy fixation on Lily.
It wouldn't be surprising if she was lurking here, but she might also have people telling her to private her accounts after Sola's crazy stories were shared.

No. 287061

Serious question for farmhands. If Lily is lurking here and we speak directly to her, does that count as a "hi cow" even though there's a difference of opinion on if she's a cow or not? I don't think she is. I think she's a nice girl who got caught up in Jvlogger BS and is just trying to live her life.

Hi Lily, you were smart to private your IG. Watch out for Sola, she's not playing with a full dick.(if you want to relay a message, post on her socials)

No. 287068

Yes Lily that sola bitch is crazy(hi cow)

No. 287071

Neither is Sol. She's connected to this just as much as Lily is. So minimodding.

No. 287074

huh? what are you even saying? it's just gobbledygook

No. 287077

Not the same anon.

Nta unlike sola, Lily is not involved with any of the jvloggers and hasn't been for over 4 years.

No. 287078

Correction to be more specific: Lily is not thotting out with any of the Jvloggers whipping out her tits all over a famous Youtube Jvlogger studio

No. 287091

She's marrying a man she seems to love (about right after she got divorced and at the age where being alone scares women)(sage your shit)

No. 287093

Usually influencers do onlyfans when struggling for money. So yea, the midlife crisis and her history of catty friends (she being one herself kek) is probably it. Let's face it, does she have any life fulfilling interests or hobbies? A worthy or fulfilling career? She's just a mediocre youtuber that became successful because she was in japan at the right time. Even her vlogs are pretty dull, mostly just shopping and eating and follows Chris when he travels. Plus with her insecurity about her body; I bet she herself or shrek smile Sola convinced her that doing onlyfans will boost her confidence. If she'd find some sort of physical hobby I bet she'd feel a million times better and would have better positive results.

No. 287102

Yet her relationship, physically fucking a cow, is more intimate than Sola. She isn't dating a cow or dated one of them. Stop nitpicking shit. Unlike Sola, Lily did vlog, then realized no one likes her content and no one wanted to collab. She deleted/privated all her videos and gave up.

No. 287105

If you want to be pedantic Sola actually tried to vlog too, but deleted it all when she didn’t do well either. It was in her Q&A from a few days ago on Instagram, but I didn’t screenshot it. Fwiw I think Lily and Sola are both fair game to discuss if they do something milky. Debatable whether or not general life updates from Lily should count, but all sola’s meltdowns and OF shit with Sharla is def milky. Her getting a new kitten isn’t milky so no one has bothered to share it.

No. 287107

Sola has a YouTube channel too. She said that Sharla convinced her to start doing YouTube >>285860

No. 287108

Sola got a kitten? kek of course she did. Next she's going to start a stationery subscription box.

No. 287109

File: 1679361911137.png (264.16 KB, 1080x2143, Screenshot_20230314-101851.png)

Remembered I still had this screenshot.

I think it was a Scottish fold kitten too. The same breed as maro.

No. 287110

It's cool that it's so easy to just up and move to Japan when you're 19 to start a new life and never look back

No. 287114

File: 1679365897407.png (178.65 KB, 1414x831, lol.png)

All timelines and universes are merging, algorithms are linking them now. Taking bets, sharla performing sex acts on of by the end of the year. lol, lmao even.

No. 287116

I don't see how the instagram algo recommending abroad in Japan (when she's linked to him multiple times) translates to sharla performing sex acts "on of" by the end of the year.

No. 287117

As a podcast listener I'll say this though. The abroadinjapan book is coming out soon and he went over what he talks about. It's mostly going to be his first couple years. A little unclear if he meant in Japan overall or when his first three on yt though I think there's a huge overlap there. Natsuki is mentioned in the book, Sharla briefly, Pete and Connor are not because he didn't meet them yet. He also reads the audiobook. While not as exciting I think most of us liked his older videos when he was more real and less of a youtuber.
This got me thinking of what is likely why Sharla is doing OF.
Chris: Fitness, Constant Live Events, Charity Cycles, Book
Sharla: OF
I think Sharla feels a bit left out because Chris is doing new and exciting new things. It might not be insecurity or desperation (of a kind) but her just wanting a shift and new challenges like he is doing. Chris was famously depressed until he shifted last year. She should just join Chris with things like his fitness challenges. They would make so much money as a travel/fitness power couple. The best JAJ episodes were either when she was cycling or Pete was. Which is why the newer series being more youtubery with Joey don't hit the same but I am grateful Connor is doing annual charity streams with Chris now because it's more like the original JAJ rather than the last couple (especially the "look at how rich I am, who cares about Okinawa anyways?" abomination that was the most recent).

No. 287119

There's nothing new here. You might as well have been logged in to take a screenshot. No shit Chris follows her. It doesn't matter either.

No. 287122

Listening to Chris talk about himself reading a book about himself that he wrote about himself sounds like a circle of hell I'd rather not enter

No. 287124

File: 1679371053353.jpg (228.95 KB, 1440x1395, WhichOneIsSharla.jpg)

Looks like Chris' sister is going all in on the JVlogs. She was recently at Sharla's cat airBNB and Sharla promoted it. Btw that's Chris' sister in the thumbnail not Sharla. I didn't know the channel and thought so too until a posh English accent came out.
A lot of the comments on the video just talk about how she looks exactly like Sharla too. It must be pretty awkward for Chris to read that.

No. 287131

Lighten up you dumb cunts, this is hilarious. I can't wait to see how it all implodes.

No. 287133

It doesn't look like Sharla anyway. People trying to make this weird with their "fucking a girlfriend who looks like your sister" thing are out of line and that's what those comments allude to. They are just white girls with blonde hair. Idk about Chris, but Sharla is Hungarian.

No. 287136

kek "it" looks just like sharla. same eyes, eyebrows, face shape, haircut, everything. also sharla is not Chris's girlfriend

No. 287137

for all the anons reeeeeing about Sola trying to ride Sharla's coat-tails (and maybe ride more than that) ——–what about Chris's sister trying to cash in on all her brother's hard work for ten years, just like show up poof in Japan and clean up his youtube crumbs? kek what a little nepo baby

No. 287138

Does Chris's sister have a deformed hand? Is she a fetal alcohol syndrome nepo baby?

No. 287145

Haven't you ever noticed Chris' deformed hand? They've both got fucked up hands from their mums alcoholism. She's not long out of rehab.(Unsaged bait)

No. 287146

Chris sister hasn’t mentioned Chris once on her channel, or any of her social. she has not tagged him. so I’m not sure how she’s using Chris. Sharla is the one that has retweeted her. Anyway they are in japan for 3 months, and plan to travel to other countries. Anyway, that slut Sola has verbs posting shit pics taken abroad in Japan studio tagging sharla for every post

No. 287147

Anon discovers the meaning of autobiography

No. 287171

Chris's life isn't worth writing about let alone listening to him talk about for hours

No. 287173

how the hell does a kid her age have the money to travel to Japan for three months and then on to other countries? more evidence that Chris's family is well off.

No. 287174

How old do you think she is?(sage your shit)

No. 287177

I know, right? lmao, crazy

No. 287191

Eh she's the sister is ok.
Sola on the other hand …

No. 287201

Then dont read or listen

No. 287204

She’s not a kid she’s a married woman and they both work remotely. look at their channel or IG they’re scraping pennies to make things work. You’re an idiot.

No. 287207

File: 1679416852172.jpg (516.91 KB, 1440x2889, ChrissyPie.jpg)

Looks like Chris' relationship with PewDiePie is getting attention now. The subreddit wasn't having it though. Shades of the bald drama thing. On the podcast I remember Pete would always be critical of PewDiePie due to his controversial stage and racist comments/actions but Chris would clam up and get awkward trying to hastily shift the topic. Though these days Pete doesn't criticize Felix anymore due to Chris always bragging about hanging out with him. Personally I think Felix has grown but it seems like Chris doesn't even understand why people were adverse to him to begin with.

No. 287210

Chris is so daft. Even Pete realizes there's a certain limit to the range of Chris's perception and intelligence. Poor Pete, I think he wishes he never got dragged into Chris's orbit. Chris simply isn't on Pete's level when it comes to critical thinking.

No. 287211

1. Someone criticizes Chris in any way
2. His cult followers lose their shit and flip out and defend him

Rinse, repeat

No. 287214

Don't worry I won't, but you should go back to his subreddit where you can hang out with the other WKs

No. 287215

This is just scrotes infighting with each other and tinfoiling.

No. 287219

it's weird to even imagine Sharla being "sexy" - her personality and body are about as sexy as a bag of flour

No. 287220

Sure she's "scraping pennies" with a multi-millionaire for a brother ok nonnie enjoy life on your magical fictional planet

No. 287221

To Chris that's hot stuff, the carb-loving boy he is

No. 287237

it requires a lot of flour to make all that familymart fried chicken so I get it

No. 287242

Sola and Lily are fair game when what's shared is actually related to our jvloggers. So far, everything about Sola has been connected to Sharla in some way, including her questionable work and visa history, since Sharla has hired her and doing OF with her, in Chris' studio ffs. Sola's reputation does also affect Sharla's because they've both been promoting each other on social media, including on Sharla's channel. Lily is not dating, working for or even hanging out with any jvlogging cows, so she's only relevant so far in the context of her past relationship with Chris, which includes Sharla's bestie stalking her. Lily's life updates, which aren't even milky, outside that context are completely off topic as they have nothing to do with jvlogging and jvloggers. It's really not that hard to get and you have to wonder why some anons are having such a hard time understanding that.
The fan complaining about PewDiePie should've already dropped Chris when Bald came up. Chris didn't advertise his relationship with Bald after helping him in Japan (which is just more proof that he knew about Bald's history and how bad it looks meeting with him), but hanging out with Bald is a million times worse than hanging out with Pewds, and Pewds is even less toxic than Chris himself these days. I could see him eventually distancing himself from Chris if he starts to feel he's being used for views and clout. With Sola hovering around these days, that could happen sooner than expected.
>Someone criticizes Chris in any way
>His cult followers lose their shit and flip out and defend him
>Then come to lolcow to do the exact same
>Rinse, repeat

No. 287251

imagine if Sola got super famous because of some random inclusion in a video with Felix. I mean that's obviously what she's going for kekk


No. 287252

Chris didn't trick some kids into announcing all Jews should die. PDP will always be a douchebag. You're comparing the wrong people. Felix has way more in common with Bald than Chris does. This is some dumb derailing just to tinfoil about cows.

No. 287253

kek everyone knows chris is just doing to Felix what Sola is doing to Sharla. Cuddling up for clout. Chris doesn't give a shit what bad things Felix might have done or not done. He's too self absorbed into getting that sweet sweet clout.

No. 287254

The comparison was more between Bald and Felix, not to mention
>hanging out with Bald is a million times worse than hanging out with Pewds
>Pewds is even less toxic than Chris himself these days
>these days

No. 287272

KEK at your use of "it". Yes Shartla fucking does look like Chris' sister. Blonde hair? Get outta here.

No. 287284

she looks enough like Chris too that it's very weird. She could be their adult daughter. Which leads me to believe that at some point in the future, time travel will finally be perfected. Chris and Sharla, some time in the next couple years, probably will have a daughter, who grows up and travels back in time to our present reality where she poses as Chris's "sister" in order to become famous on YouTube

No. 287288

Chris has been hanging out with Felix for a year now and has not put him in a video yet. the Sola whore has been hanging out with Sharla for 1 month and all her post is about Sharla. So I am not sure how they are the same

No. 287290

That subreddit is absolutely atrocious when it comes to defending Chris on everything. It's unbelievably pathetic to be able to excuse anything he does.

No. 287291

File: 1679440297356.png (136.62 KB, 1208x1138, Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 4.11…)

He doesn't have to make a literal youtube video with PDP in it to flex clout, naive nonnie. (p.s. this was a video posted to twitter, genius)

No. 287307

Chris Broad is incredibly vain. For all his self-deprecation deflecting (which is always a sign of a big ego) he always posts pics of himself pulling "hero" faces where he tries to accentuate his jawline and make it look like he actually has cheekbones. He squints his eyes like he's trying to be in a Marvel movie poster. It's laughable, because his actual persona is such a scaredy-cat whingeing baby. I'll never forget his incessant complaining bout having to ride a horse, which he made right bags of because he's uncoordinated - it was like a petulant child throwing a temper tantrum when trying something for the first time they're not immediately good at. He's a tosser and the fact any woman finds him the least bit attractive makes me want to gag.

No. 287312

There’s something Mr. Bean-esque about Chris’ persona when he tries to be funny (like in his Okinawa videos), which I didn’t totally hate. But the gigachan arc is so gross and unexpected. Everyone here talking about Sharlas midlife crisis, but Chris is right there with her

No. 287314

Wait so I said he hasn’t put Felix on his channel and you showed me a tweet!?! Lol he doesn’t make money off twitter or IG. If he really wanted to cash in he would make a video with him for his YouTube channel baby girl!

No. 287317

So they are not allowed to disagree with a criticism? If someone defends him they are a simp? All criticism is correct? Lol you sound like a jealous bitter ex girlfriend

No. 287319

clout is clout baby girl. sola doesn't make money off IG either but your'e claiming she's using shartla there so what's the difference ffs

No. 287324

This daffy anon is serious? Chris doesn't have to "cash in" to be obviously a clout chaser when it comes to Felix kek
Are you simple?

No. 287345

Bitch she is trying to get followers for her lame ass onlyfans via IG. All her post tagging Sharla brings Sharla’s audience to her IG and that is where she advertises her OF. She is very much a clout gobbler using Sharla’s name! Before Sharla no one knew who she was, Sharla had given her a platform and the association with Sharla has allowed her to gain followers and open an OF.
Chris was a relatively successful YouTuber making shit ton of money before he started to hang out with pewdiepie. His audience has not grown significantly since knowing PewDiePie, nor has PewDiePie given him a platform. Use your brain sweetie.
Chris has tweeted a handful of time about pewdiepie, in the last year. This week alone every single post of crazy sola has been about Sharla, with Sharla or tagging Sharla!

No. 287352

It’s a balance that anyone who hangs out with a larger creator has to strike. Sure knowing them, Tweeting about about them, hanging out with them brings clout. But if you are discreet and not a user you don’t make your whole existence about them. It’s undeniable that sola is doing too much! If everyone’s of Chris IG post alluded to Felix, or tagged Felix everyone would say the same about him.

No. 287353

Then every single person that knows Felix is a clout chaser. Joey, Garnt, Conner, Emma Tokidoki traveler, Aki, jack septaguy, etc

No. 287356

I can't believe an anon can be as dumb as you. No wait yes I can.

No. 287361

>His audience has not grown significantly since knowing PewDiePie,

Incorrect nonnie, he has gained over 1M subs since knowing PDP, I'll accept your apology now

No. 287373

If you mean Chris' fitness he only started because his doctors told him if he didn't get it together he'd be on medication for the rest of his life and it'd lower his life expectancy. He goes over it in the podcast and his health exam video. I don't fault him for starting to try to get healthier (albeit failing entirely at diet) now that he isn't so young anymore. Plus at least in my opinion the fitness challenges are better content than a lot of what he was doing lately (like that terrible Okinawa series). Sharla on the other hand had a similar health scare and lecture from her doctor but refused to take action and instead keeps blasting her doctors publicly and looking for second opinions. Her new muse isn't something that's at least healthy like the fitness stuff but instead teaming up with a crazy person to make softcore porn on OF after over a decade of being family friendly. It's very easy to mock that.
That's the secret. All major jvloggers are clout chasers. Some are at least positive about it like Connor and Emma. But they all collab and seek collabs to grow their brand. They're all very happy that PewDiePie decided to retire in Japan. Though I think Joey and him are genuinely friends. Joey is well connected in general.
The collab people trying to grow their brand is relatively an acceptable level. I would say Sola is worse. She's like in that movie Alien. A parasitic relationship with Sharla. Depending on her to get the "nutrients" and altering her behaviour until eventually she will burst out and Sharla (and Chris probably too) will be left with the fallout. I genuinely feel worried about Chris and Sharla due to Sola and even Lily as well because Sola seems to be stalking her.

No. 287375

File: 1679454244234.jpeg (306.8 KB, 1284x1752, B5DD89A6-1C44-4C8E-8224-BEE8E8…)

Wrong! Chris hit 2 million subs in Jan 2021 and today be stands at 2.8 million subs. Pewdiepie moved to Japan in and about April of 2022 and only started to hang out with Chris august 2022. So NO he did not gain 1 million sub since hanging out Felix, not even close!
So yes you are 100 percent wrong and I shall wait for your apology

No. 287376

kek you actually went and found that ffs

No. 287377

nonnie chris and Felix hung out and knew each other before Felix moved to Japan full-time, ya daft bird, back to Essex with you

No. 287378

Absolutely because unlike you, I didn’t make shit up to make my point, I speak from facts baby girl!
So next time you come on here asking for apologies for lies you made up,receipts will be used to shut your up quickly, now fuck off!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 287380

see above nonnie, your "receipts" mean jack

No. 287382

You are an idiot! Chris met pewdiepie for the first time in Japan last summer.
Anyway here is pdp saying it himself 7:10

No. 287385

File: 1679455680113.jpeg (33.49 KB, 373x327, scrotedetectd.jpeg)

>facts baby girl!
reeks of middle aged moid

No. 287387

Here is Chris confirming he met him last summer

No. 287388

They all know each other. It doesn't even matter.

No. 287389

>everyone is a clout chaser
You sure figured that out fast.

No. 287391

Here is pewdide saying it was nice meeting chris for the first time in Japan. The receipts are all there. Lol but you just lie and call name.. it’s fun
https://youtu.be/64rGB3gOcdc(embed your youtube videos newfags)

No. 287414

kek everyone got banned
bless your hearts

No. 287444

Someone who speaks the truth lol.
Seriously though, can you all please keep your infighting on Reddit/Chris’s YouTube comments????

No. 287458

File: 1679485947790.jpg (273.49 KB, 1276x2277, Solamind.jpg)

A lot of you were speculating/theorizing about Solas mental state so here it is straight from her. She seems to have some pretty severe issues more than people here even suspected. As recently as two months ago she was institutionalized and as recenly as one month ago she had dark thoughts. Seems like a lot of underlying paranoia as well. While it's very important to get the help you need it's still surprising that this is the person Sharla has essentially put in charge of her life and her brand. I don't see things going well if Sola ever thinks Sharla or Chris aren't 100% with her.

No. 287460

This isn't medfagging but my reaction is based on countless stories I heard from my sister who I was living with when she was getting her MD doing residency (she's a shrink) - she was working in a women's clinic as the psychiatric eval intern (or something like that) and like 99% of them were victims of childhood sexual abuse so I heard a lot of stories (she wasn't actually their shrink so she wasn't bound by any confidentiality, but she told the stories in vague terms)
Anyway - Sola throws up all the red flags. Abused, abuser, volatile, lots of trauma early on that she's trying to re-create on some level. It's good she's in some kind of treatment and honestly I hope she sorts herself out eventually.

But Sharla (and by extension, Chris) are in for a wild ass ride. Sharla never struck me as being very savvy when it comes to these things, having street smarts, or being able to assess threats.(no1curr)

No. 287470

I highly doubt any doctor would prescribe her Ozempic given her history with thyroid tumors.

She was probably looking for non-synthroid alternatives like desiccated thyroid or something that includes T3 or a dietician for a thyroid healthy diet. It's a waste of time but she has to come to that conclusion herself and she has the $ to burn on it.

No. 287477

They won't.

No. 287494

Oh dang I thought that was sharla, there is a slight resemblance. I doubt Chris was scouting out someone that could be mistaken for his sister though, it just a coincidence.

No. 287495

100% she can’t have it with her thyroid condition.

No. 287506

She wants people to be sympathetic and understanding of people like herself with mental illness, yet was attacking and accusing Lily of being mentally ill and making fun of her. If she's just now living alone for the first time, who was she living with until then? Sharla clearly didn't hire her for her worth ethic or dependability, so why did she hire her? For her drama? I can't imagine Sharla's business partner Ushka wanting to associate with her, either.

No. 287514

File: 1679509115794.jpg (50.37 KB, 1382x720, Gag.jpg)

Can't tell if they're sleeping together or if Sharla is being "supportive"

No. 287515

Your tinfoil sucks, jfc.

No. 287520

Yeah, Sola really doesn't add up with what we know of Sharla's other friends. Like Ushka, Nadine, Mark, Taylor R, Kim Dao, that guy who did the hiking videos with a weird name, and anyone else featured in her vlogs (obviously she may have other friends, only going by her social media, but going back years here) are very gentle seeming people. Like little to no cursing, old ladyish attitudes, just basic cat loving normies. Now she's taking OF pictures of/with some girl who was admitted into a mental hospital months ago? It just feels like a huge tonal shift. and yeah it's like, what is the catalyst for this persona change? It is just bizarre to me that a thyroid condition which resulted in some all things considered unsubstantial weight gain & getting engaged would lead someone to do something so seemingly out of character and share it with her audience. Like obviously if someone dug up this shit about Sharla's friend and the OF pictures, and she wasn't advertising it, it would be a different story. Whatever, she is trying something new in her own private life or keeping it separate from her family friendly business. Cool, no big deal. But instead it's all getting really entwined as if it isn't that different then what she normally presents. It feels like a personality crisis.

No. 287526

I don't think you guys get it. ozempic is a drug that literally anyone can get and you don't even have to disclose your medical history, which is why she went to a totally new doctor. the "evaluation" is a cursory check-up and an honor system basically of form-filling. they don't do a background check ffs. if she wanted ozempic and she went to a clinic and forked over the money, she'd have it, simple as that. another anon posted a link to one of those clinics. you all are acting like you have to have a referral from your primary care physician or something. that's simply not how it works.(derailing)

No. 287527

are people supposed to be able to see something in this image?

No. 287532

I guess when she says "Dark Aesthetic" in her insta bio she really means it kek

No. 287535

I don’t think you get it, with her medical condition she could go into thyroid storm and die, doing something stupid like that. I don’t think she cares much about her weight gain, because even with her thyroid condition she could lose the weight, it’s just tougher then someone without it.

No. 287536

File: 1679515668061.jpg (125.54 KB, 1183x2173, SolaSansSharla.jpg)

Looks like Sola is getting frustrated with Sharla or at least her "fans". Can't really fault people for expecting Sharla when you keep spamming the association.

No. 287538

Yeah, she kinda baited people into her OF using Sharla, then posted like two pictures of her. I can see why people would get annoyed. The lack of Sharla content on her page makes me wonder is Sharla had second thoughts about participating in Sola’s page, or maybe just didn’t shoot much with her.

No. 287539

Shut up about ozempic. If you want it so bad, go do it yourself.

Duo girl sets sell. She was probably cohersed into by Sola.

She's just like any other girl who complains about her weight.She's not going to go out of her way to go to another country to get medication.This tinfoiling about ozempic is ridiculous. Anons hear a buzzword now every fat cow is apparently getting it. She's not even in the US or even mentioned interest in it.

No. 287540

I don't think you get how Sharla views expert medical advice - in other words, she doesn't take it seriously. So why would you expect her to dismiss taking a medication that easily allows weight loss just because it "might" make something worse with her thyroid. Her doctors have told her how to adjust her diet and lifestyle and she thinks it's BS. So explain to me why exactly she suddenly starts to listen to actual medical advice?

Nah, Sola isn't reactionary, sensitive and unbalanced whatsoever. Perfectly normal reaction.

No. 287541

Sharla just got back from Los Angeles where 99% of the clinics giving out prescriptions for these drugs are. Look up the thread, anons posted about it.

No. 287545

I honestly didn't think the Sola freakouts would start this soon but there you have it and this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

This is approaching Norm-level shitty rude subscriber interaction. Sharla sure does know how to pick em huh.

No. 287546

kek at her ending her tirade temper tantrum with "peace"

No. 287559

Lmao I'm 99% sure this was because of me. She refunded and blocked my subscription because I had the audacity to ask her to just make a full set ppv of her set with Sharla because I didn't want to wait for a drop feed.(cowtipping and unsaged)

No. 287565

way to go anon kek

No. 287566

She is such a hack. She is using. Sharla to gain followers and then get mad when those followers want to see Sharla

No. 287570

>that guy who did the hiking videos with a weird name
Quinlan isn't gentle at all. He was an arrogant racist twat who threw a fit when he get called out for the illegal archaeological stuff with Sharla. She's been friends with Norm far longer than most, if not all of the people you named, and are you not familiar with her ex bf Mira? Mira is just as destructive as Sola. It's not clear if she encouraged it, but her other jvlogger friends harassed Mimei on her behalf when they had a falling out, too. She's always had drama-seeking friends. It's just that this time, instead of distancing herself or pretending she's not involved, she's a full participant and stupidly publicly encouraging it to some extent.
>She was probably cohersed into by Sola.
Sharla is almost 10 years older than this girl and in a much more stable financial position. She's her boss ffs. The girl doesn't hide what kind of person she is. It's obvious she's unstable from one look at her IG, but Sharla chose not only to get closer to her despite her outbursts, but hired her, is doing OF with her and having her move to Tokyo with her. She's just too foolish to realize Sola can take her down with her.

No. 287571

way to go anon kek

No. 287572

Sharla is almost 10 years older than this girl and in a much more stable financial position. She's her boss ffs. The girl doesn't hide what kind of person she is. It's obvious she's unstable from one look at her IG, but Sharla chose not only to get closer to her despite her outbursts, but hired her, is doing OF with her and having her move to Tokyo with her. She's just too foolish to realize Sola can take her down with her.

It seems highly likely there is more to this friendship than just boss-employee "friendship" like I'm pretty sure there is some kind of power play sex stuff going on.

No. 287573

People are quick to attack Sola but like you say Sharla is over a decade older and she is also the one who told Sola that she needed to start making porn. Sharla is also her boss and in control of her situation. There's a good chance that their relationship is less so Sola manipulating Sharla and more so that Sharla has been grooming an impoverished mentally unwell woman who is a decade or so younger than her. Especially if Sola is expected to be Sharlas attack dog from now on.

No. 287574

Stop defending cows. Sola is a leech, clearly. Same way Lily was hoping for collabs when she was and wasn't with Chris.

No. 287578

Anon could've just waited. She's not a hack for not dropping a set willy-nilly for requests. If it's not a PPV then anon shouldn't be asking. Sounds obviously like he was trying to scam them. Scrotes don't belong here.

No. 287592


How was i trying to "scam" I can't screen shot my message because it deleted after she blocked me but I said something along the lines of "Hey can you please just make the set you did with sharla into a PPV? i don't want to have to wait to be drip fed the photos and would rather just pay to see them all right away. I understand wanting to space them out so you can get people to sub to you for longer but If you make them into a PPV and price them accordingly you can still get your moneys worth anyways."(ban evasion)

No. 287593

Scrote, begone. You're not special.

No. 287605

I call bs, you dont know what youre talking about, and there is no point explaining it to you. you dont just "diet" to fix this issue.

No. 287606

So you haven't followed any of Sharla's explanations of what she's been over with her doctors? Okay. I never said you "just diet to fix this issue" you dingbat. Do you suffer from low reading comprehension? Back to elementary school with you, hun.

No. 287609

ozempic doesnt even fucking work with her thyriod issues retard. I understand your frustrated no one is hoping on your tinfoil. But I shouldnt have to explain how her condition works and how thyroids work. I made that post less then 2 mins ago, so thx for the quick reply. goodluck with your theory.

No. 287611

I'm assuming your just baiting with the porn talk, but while I said Sharla has a history of associating with people like Sola and in a more powerful position than Sola which makes it very doubtful that she's being coerced, that doesn't mean that Sola is completely innocent and just a puppet of Sharla's, either.

No. 287613

lurn 2 spel, scrote

No. 287616

wow you really know how to win a argument. your points make so much sense.

No. 287617

Is "Thyriod" a character from Game of Thrones?(Infighting)

No. 287620

File: 1679536447628.jpg (30.88 KB, 550x413, britsola.jpg)

No. 287623

File: 1679537060509.jpg (254.8 KB, 1079x1666, Screenshot_20230322_190409_You…)

For anyone wondering, chris isn't at home right now, he's been biking with connor.

No. 287627

being a grammar nazi doesnt make you right all of a sudden. ever heard of esl?(Infighting)

No. 287632

kek remember when Chris rode a mountain bike wearing street clothes and a tiny child's helmet

No. 287635

While the Chris is away, the Sola will play

Maybe she's giving Shartla's kitty a stick-and-poke as we speak

No. 287692

>posts incessantly about Sharla to try and leech her followers
>People sub and follow to see Sharla
>Sola: get the fuck out! Why are you here when you want to see Sharla!
The cow that keeps on giving

No. 287706

What happens when Sola discovers this lovely image board

No. 287723

Don't cowtip.

No. 287760

It’s mutually beneficial, Sola gets attention she’s clearly craving and Sharla gets a softcore porn-style last hoorah before tying the knot. I’m hoping for a “My BFF does OnlyFans and all I got was this lousy thyroid” merch collab before the friendship implodes

No. 287764

I didn't cowtip, retard, I asked a question. that other anon directly contacting sola about pics of sharla was cowtipping

No. 287827

We already suspected she might be in the thread since last year.
In any case, she seems like the type to google herself constantly. If she hasn't already discovered the thread, which is doubtful, and comes across it, we'll surely find out through numerous stories about jealous lolcow haters, etc. Meanwhile, our cowtipper seems to be a newfag since they don't know what sagging or cowtipping is, which makes me worried that we're going to get another influx of newcomers via googling Sola. The past Chris and Sharla simps were bad enough.

No. 287858

A man was here all summer. You don't think these reddit retards and the instagram scrote aren't going to stick around? Obviously they are. Stop infighting over it though. It's derailing. Let them out themselves. The constant discussions of whos lurking is just as bad as we can't prove anything. Might as well be hi cowing. We know when they are ban evading too.

No. 287919

>A man was here all summer.

wtf kek maybe a boy

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