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File: 1663055231859.png (3.62 MB, 2000x1600, notebook.png)

No. 1337722

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1132888

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan highly appreciated.

>How it works

Every doodle board has a theme to encourage creativity. There are currently 4 boards that are cycled through, and when the current board is almost full a poll will be posted for users to vote on the next theme. When a board is full, a picture of the completed board and the new theme name will be posted. Every one can request new themes to be used on the board. Occasional reminders will be posted with the link and theme of the current board. Themes are merely a suggestion, you can draw whatever you like on the board.
Click the spreadsheet link below to view all of the requested themes and also to see all of the board links under the "Admin Schedule" tab, OPEN IN INCOGNITO.

If you make a new layer and then leave the board you may not be able to access that layer a again due to restrictions put on the boards to protect against raids and defacing. In this case, feel free to ask in this thread for your layer back and an admin will assist you.

>Doodle Game Nights

Occasionally on Sundays there will be a game night. In the past most game nights have been held on Gartic.io, a Pictionary style game. There is currently no set schedule for game nights but announcements for them are usually posted at the start of the week, so keep your eye out!


1. No namefagging
2. No scrotes/general site rules apply
3. Artistic nudity is fine but no coomer tier nsfw drawings
4. Post screenshots, have collaborations! Have fun doodling whatever with other anons, but please exercise common courtesy (don't deface other anon's doodles, don't take up too much space, etc)
5. Try to merge your layers after you're done drawing as there is a layer limit.
6. Themes are suggestions, and not compulsory. Refrain from bitching about themes you don't like/off-theme doodles.

Basic shortcuts for non-artfags:
B - brush
E - eraser
hold Z to zoom
hold spacebar to pan
Enter to access chat

Come draw!

No. 1337724

File: 1663055553351.png (41.27 KB, 377x210, cute.PNG)

Theme is female utopia
And here is the side board, come draw a spoiler image.

No. 1337731

Board janny here, shitposts are welcome on the board. Like I said in an earlier post, there was suspicion because that drawing seemed like it was mocking women plus the fact that there was a male posting in the thread at the same time your drawing was made.
I'll let the doodle stay up because I just can't verify who anyone here is. We're in a new thread now, so let's let that be the end of that.

No. 1337735

I mean, it's obviously a male trolling you all, down to the incel "humor" and grotesque art style, but we follow what the jannies say. I just hope there won't be other males joining in.

No. 1337781

File: 1663063133253.png (93.32 KB, 436x462, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

please everynonny come and make a good spioler image pleae

No. 1337859

>down to the incel "humor"
You fail to realise that the "scrote-jokes" reasoning fails in the context of the art.
>grotesque art style
The artstyle nitpicking is just straight tinfoiling too. How is an anon supposed to draw that speaks to people as "womenly"?
Everyone that complained clearly only did so just because they failed to actually look at the art.
I find the events that took place to be incredibly unfair and the assumptions some anons made themselves read as misogynistic if where gonna go the incel behaviour route.

No. 1337867

don’t you know anon? everywoman likes to draw pretty princesses, ponies, fairies and barbie dolls and love pink and always draw in cursive! the nitpicking is ridiculous they are seething and jealous don’t reply and ignore them, they keep dragging on the same fucking point when they can simply just hide the thread and not participate

No. 1337875

Ik anon it just sucks cause if we let this behaviour succeed now then it'll just make things less fun later but yeah youre right.
I hope the nonnie who made the art comes back to draw again she is so based!

No. 1337883

No. 1337884

let what behavior succeed? no such issue has really ever happened on these threads, this is pretty unique because at best, this is a woman with an aimless, completely unrelatable sense of humor (but seems pretty clearly male to me). what's more damaging is allowing "art" from men to be on our boards. tf.

No. 1337894

Bait smelling extra fishy this fine morning

No. 1337898

are you calling my post bait, or the post i responded to? multiple anons, including the drawboard jannies are saying the drawings are sus, because they are. me reiterating that it's sus and saying that it's more harmful to have moids getting away with posting on our drawboard than it is harmful for anons to be rightfully suspicious, is not bait.

No. 1337910

This, plus there seems to be some bizarre samefagging going on. I just hope jannies won't let more on-the-head scrote shit pass. I mean he already admitted that it doesn't have some kind of hidden commentary about our struggle and he just likes to make fun of women with that incel tier view. The overuse of nonnie and nona, calling itself a girl over and over again and completely ignoring the valid criticism and doubt to make some rage filled comic about pearl clutching - minutes before cp was posted here once again - also remind me of the troon.

No. 1337913

File: 1663076921919.png (40.77 KB, 156x291, 1660705075961.png)

Please just draw you guys

No. 1337988

File: 1663083511811.png (144.63 KB, 781x877, spoiler.png)

The second board where you can draw the new spoiler image:
And the main board, theme is female world utopia:

No. 1338021

I also think he's just replying to himself to make himself look like a ~wholesome~ nonnie with a ~different~ sense of humor uwu. Women driving while texting and being vain stupid bimbos is funny to incel moids, not women.

No. 1338038

arent dumb bitch memes super popular among normie women? I mean you definetly cant say its only funny for incel moids when Trisha Paytas is mostly followed by women

No. 1338064

Those drawings are nothing like dumb bitch memes.

No. 1338089

Dumb bitch memes are usually relatable, lighthearted and have a vibe of just acting silly.

No. 1338090

Original gate anon here, thank you for putting my drawing back up. I was bummed it got wiped in the process. This isn't the first time tinfoiling or nitpicking has broken out here (I can think of parappa bulge as an example) and it makes me a bit nervous to draw. Like my handwriting sucks and I'm afraid I'll get accused of being a scrote one day because of all this.
Anyway enough of that and I hope we can move on.

No. 1338107


Holy fuck anon shut the ever living fuck up already. There are real life women who actually play into the bimbo LARP not realizing it was created by men in the first

No. 1338117

>I just hope jannies won't let more on-the-head scrote shit pass
We (board jannies) can't know for sure who's drawing on the board unless it's the same defacing that the moid who raids the board usually does. If it's an obvious male then we will delete it, but it's hard to be sure with that drawing. The only ones who can know are the actual moderators of this site.
Please understand that it's a weird place to be in. If we let the drawing stay up and they are a man, then it might encourage other men to use the board. If we delete it and it's a woman, it might discourage actual users of the board.

No. 1338119

File: 1663091986418.jpeg (161.02 KB, 475x594, 680B72F9-6A31-42EB-950C-180587…)

This also has to be drawn by a moid. Drawing a woman with exposed cleavage looking cool and being a legend when she could have drawn a suit seems a bit scrotey.

No. 1338125

Kek anon the lineart was clearly drawn by a moid it doesnt even resemble the graceful cursive handwriting that every nona has

(Jk jk oh artist ur really good)

No. 1338134

I'm genuinely confused at this point if samefagging is going on now but thanks I think? I know my art isn't great and I have chicken scratch writing but I wanted to kick off something silly on the board and I just feel bad that the rest of it happened soon after and I got lumped into the suspicious stuff as a result

No. 1338138

Oh my fucking god, the issue was the retarded moid tier jokes, not the style. You have to be braindead not to get why other anons are upset.

No. 1338140

It didn't show how stupid the stereotypes are, in contrary, they posted it on a women's utopia board.
Also if you're not a man you desperately have to stop hanging out on their imageboards.

No. 1338142

Please don't be bummed, literally no one was referring to your gate, that was a nice idea.

I fully get it, it's a really tough spot to be in.

No. 1338162

File: 1663093803008.gif (16.21 KB, 323x32, PICK A THEME.gif)

TAKE THE POLL so we can move on from this board, ffs.

Theme is female utopia, there's still space left.
And the side board, spoiler image

No. 1338211

It was the style and the jokes you didn’t like. Actually contribute and draw or gtfo stop adding more unnecessary work for the jannies

No. 1338260

Jfc you're all so dramatic. Oh my god the obviously scrotey picture got backlash because it mocked women on a board about female utopia, now I'm scared that my completely unrelated and unproblematic cute drawing will be deleted too!!
You really don't have to defend that shit you know.

No. 1338392

Omg I adore this artstyle, take my vote

No. 1338398

Kay sooo like once upon a time there was like this totally adorable and cute group of little farmers they called themselves the nonnies and they like lives in this really pretty like land full farming happily and like raising these super adorable cows for their sweet tasting milk which the Nonnies loved ever so much as tasted like totally super good ya know?
BUT then OMG there came like these super gross and big and hairy ugo bunch of monsters which the nonnies called like the Moids. The Moids were like super duper meanies and stuffs and tried to steal the Nonnies cute cows and there milk and stuff all the time, cause the Moids were like super duper greedy and selfish and wanted to like have all the yummy milk for themselves and not to share with the nonnies at all which is like totally totally mean!
It was like way super hard and stuffs but the nonnies like totally made like this super awesome ship and stuffs. This ship was super big! It could hold all the cows and their yummy milk and also all the nonnies also soo like they were super excited that they were gonna totally be like away from those mean nasty moids and stuff!
Sooo like that very night under the light of the bright and happy stars in the sky and sweet glowing glow of the moon goddess the little nonnies totally got all the cows and themselves on board the ship and sailed away to a new land where there would be like no more meanie moids EVER to try and be mean and like steal their milk and stuffs.
Onward they sailed through the night, following the dancing light of the brightest of stars and watched over by the moon goddess. But back on shore the meanie moids like totally found out the nonnies and their cows were super like gone and stuff! So they got out their clubs and lumbered down to the water hooting and a yowling something terrible when they saw the nonnies sailing away to safety!
Some like totally tried to chase after the nonnies but strong and ugly as they were they knew they could not reach the distant ship and were like super mad but had to come back to shore or else drown and stuff. Others tried to chase the nonnies in great and scary warships but the smart nonnies had secretly drilled many little holes in the planks of these vessels so that they sank leaving sputtering angry wet moids to swim back to shore empty handed.
And like so it was that the sweet nonnies and their cute cows totally escaped from the gross ugly moids and came to a new land, a land of like sunshine and beautiful open fields for good farming and cattle raising. And here the nonnies and their precious cows lived happily for many a long year, safe and free of the moids and having many a happy and peaceful evening full of songs and laughter and of course like super sweet yummy milk and stuff!
Now this is like totally the end of the story but even though the nonnies and their cute precious cows did live happily ever after, there was still like some of the mean gross moids whom had managed to build ships strong enough to reach the land of the nonnies on occasion. Big and brutish as they were they were still no match for the clever nonnies especially not in such small numbers. But like some of them tried to play a trick on the nonnies with the help of their evil wizards. Some would come magically disguised as nonnies themselves, and try to steal the cows and their precious milk. But the super smart nonnies totally weren't fooled oh no they weren't and like totally totally figured out which of them weren't really nonnies and sent those ugly mean moids running even the cows joined in sometimes and nipped at their heels as they ran away.
Of course, like some of the moids still try to sneak past the nonnies and still the precious cows and their milk even to like this day! So like the nonnies made special nonnies which they called mod nonnies to help watch over them and their cows, and like an extra special one they called an admin nonnie! It is said that whenever the nonnies are having their milk or cows stolen from them and not even the brave mod nonnies can catch the mean old moids, that the mighty admin will appear to be a guiding light in our most super duper time where bad stuffs is happening and whatever! And she will save every true hearted nonnie and every precious cow and there will be no more moids then… only laughter and happiness and sweet sweet milk for ever after! Yay!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1338408

Question; is it possible for the spoiler image to be more than one? So each time you see the spoiler, it can be a different elsie?

Just see a few cute or promising (unfinished) ones.

No. 1338411

You have to ask in /meta/ anon

No. 1338421

File: 1663104235575.jpeg (172.57 KB, 735x893, FA5636AA-6F02-4271-9D4F-B239D4…)

Your idea has my vote

No. 1338458

thank you! I was the original idiot that randomly said the spoiler image was too coomery and now I wanna see different Elsies.

No. 1338595

File: 1663110893422.png (25.83 KB, 301x384, art.PNG)

No. 1339010

Actual moid defacing in the boards
Anons actually manifested one thanks to the tinfoiling

No. 1339018

>see? this is what you get for reminding me of my y chromoso- I mean for tinfoiling, this is all your fault, you made me do this
kindly kys

No. 1339032

Sigh. Maybe we should go back to the permission enabling for a bit after all this

No. 1339062

File: 1663134288122.png (11.78 KB, 264x94, layer.PNG)

The defacing is gone. If I deleted anything of yours by mistake then I apologize.
If the moid comes back on the board and no one is up to delete it, please remember that you can hide layers for yourself by holding the shift key and pressing the eye button.
I don't think it's likely we will bring it back. We jannies all have lives and to do permission enabling we would have to stick around on the board all day. As long as trolls can't take over anyone's layers, for now it should be alright.

No. 1339182

Even if a moid raids or whatever it could easily just get deleted since they just have to make a new layer and can’t take anyone else’s right?

No. 1339224

From the threadpic
>Mandela pikachu
What's this about?

No. 1339226

File: 1663147558615.png (593.6 KB, 2000x1000, gh-mandela-effect-template-pik…)

I'm happy you ask because I drew that! Basically a mandela effect that makes people remember pikachu with a black tip tail instead of his actual design.

No. 1339232

No. 1339258

Unrelated, but the mandala effect makes me chuckle because it's like, "Am I remembering this wrong? No; it's an alternate universe!"

No. 1339267

I often see children draw the Mandela pikachu

No. 1339280

What makes this different from simply misremembering on an individual level is that large numbers of people have the same but wrong memory

No. 1339390

Cope troonfag

No. 1339397

I also bet youre the one who defaced the controversial drawing in the utopia board aren't you? Because it started there on that specific piece before it got progressively worse so I wonder who the real scrote here is?

No. 1339416

File: 1663166173274.jpg (57.18 KB, 604x340, shitto.jpg)

No. 1339434

Exactly Just draw pls guys…

No. 1339466

That makes no sense, I called out the shitty falseflag shit in your comment. I see you also can't help to make your samefagging less obvious.

No. 1339578

Never tried to hide it if you need everything spelled out for you why pretend to act like youre not a degen on an imageboard
Stay salty ego faggot

No. 1339603

I would like to see a image like this, to become the new spoiler.

No. 1339612

File: 1663176730817.png (38.62 KB, 337x354, spoiler.PNG)

I love this one so much

No. 1339616

File: 1663176965154.png (173.73 KB, 483x436, uncharted pastures.png)

The female world utopia board will be closing soon, make sure to leave a drawing if you were planning to:
Second board for drawing the new spoiler image remains open indefinitely:

Vote (in incognito) for the next theme here:

No. 1339993

Kek I only now realized the old one is behind her. Top vote.

No. 1340012

i love it its perfect

No. 1340232

I love this one, we just need a higher resolution version

No. 1340250

I think it's supposed to be pixelated. That's the style.

No. 1340333

Yes I know I'm not retarded. But I still think it would look nicer if someone was to vectorize it.

No. 1340469

File: 1663221789954.png (36.76 KB, 298x272, ban.PNG)

The board will be cleared sometime tomorrow, draw something small.
And draw a spoiler image

No. 1340551

File: 1663232604673.png (1.9 MB, 5000x5000, spoilerrrrr.png)

I tried (it's transparent too)

No. 1340558

File: 1663234343254.jpeg (51.64 KB, 400x400, 96AC9DC4-81B3-4A4D-9F80-BA250B…)

one suggestion i offer is to have bold text that says "spoiler" like the original image and picrelated as an example as well as the original

No. 1340572

I like this idea, maybe someone can draw it with elsie?

No. 1340589

That looks nice

No. 1340590

I love these two, they are amazing! I think elsie ver of the pony would look nice. I weirdly enough can draw MLP characters if no one minds a MLP version of Elsie.

No. 1340607

File: 1663240327162.jpeg (209.24 KB, 1209x884, 979F812A-680C-43A6-B4AC-15B485…)

would the talented nonna that drew this please make it available as a sticker or print somewhere? it’s gorgeous!

oh and did the zine mentioned in a previous thread ever come to fruition?

No. 1340608

i sure dont ! i would love a pony elsie !! go for it nonnerton i would really like to see that !

No. 1340625

Over my dead body will some brony shit become an official spoiler image

No. 1340630

Yes this, ponies are fine but please let's just use the normal version of elsie

No. 1340633

Has anyone drawn Elsie and 2x as animal crossing villagers?

No. 1340637

omg I need this

No. 1340656

im the first anon you're replying to and i know it shouldnt but i was moreso suggesting the style of that image/the use of the word spoiler in bold.
again i agree with no ponies for official things anywhere but i just want to say that bronies have long stopped being a moid thing from what ive seen its mostly girls and tifs (redundant) who grew up watching the show like myself now rather than old pervert moids.
that's all and no more pony discussion i'm sorry i brought it up in the first place i couldnt find a better example sorry

No. 1340681

File: 1663244218531.png (153.29 KB, 600x304, elsie.png)

left or right? please be honest, I want feedback

No. 1340684

Right is cute!

No. 1340692

I like the more vibrant one, with two eyes

No. 1340716

right catches the eye better and i like the extra pixelation on pixie

No. 1340737

I love the left one!

No. 1340746

Right overall but I like the smaller pupil in the left

No. 1340756

Right elsie looks less crazed in the face, and it expresses the "frantically covering picture" theme better

No. 1340782

My vote goes to the left one but really both are great!

No. 1340813

Hmmm I like them both so much, I think right but I agree with >>1340746 about the smaller pupil

No. 1341005

I'm sorry but you might not be able to buy it thru conventional means and might have to just order it through one of those sites that prints out anything.

No. 1341046

I really love this one.

No. 1341096

File: 1663270351300.png (1.66 MB, 2000x1600, utopia.png)

New theme time. This board was female utopia world. Overall, this board is really fun and cute! Some of my personal favorites are the scientist Elsie, the beach scene and the cool ladies near the bottom right of the board.

The new theme is Horror movie/anime/movie characters/final girl. Draw some horror scenes from your favorite movies or anime, or draw some horror characters (anything horror related, really). Flowers from your state/country came in second. Have fun!

Our side board for a spoiler image is still open!

No. 1341111

Kek victorian will never win

No. 1341124

File: 1663272379013.jpg (74.59 KB, 436x462, 1663272414109.jpg)

Please give this one a chance by coloring it, /pt/ would fit right inside the frame

No. 1341128

The pt spoiler pic I mean

No. 1341143

Spoiler pic idea - Elsie & 2X dressed as FBI escorting PT spoiler pic

No. 1341146

Holy shit yes please

No. 1341150

PBI (pastural bureau of investigation)

No. 1341173

2x and elsie as mulder and skully

No. 1341237

File: 1663280518954.png (166.55 KB, 432x466, LCF.png)

Tried my best nonnie! I had to put a boarder since OP wasn't transparent, if anyone knows how to soften it without having to painfully do it by hand let me know kek

No. 1341249

This looks so good!

No. 1341258

I freaking love this and I like it way more than the others, please be sure to post it on /meta/. I vote for this one

No. 1341283

File: 1663283106187.png (18.11 KB, 516x548, Capture.PNG)

Ngl I like this one, I know it doesn't have elsie but it feels less cluttered, more thematic and to the point (and it's cute)

No. 1341289

I like it too

No. 1341290

Elsie is cute and all but this actually looks like a spoiler and not random fanart

No. 1341291

Reminds me of furry shit but it also makes me laugh

No. 1341301

I would vote for this or this >>1339612

No. 1341303

I love this

No. 1341304

This one gets my attention and the text isn’t made for ants

No. 1341309

File: 1663284233561.png (23.21 KB, 283x295, spoiler.PNG)

Theme is Horror movie/anime/movie characters/final girl
The spoiler image side board

No. 1341346

i vote for this one plus it goes with the regular lolcow theme colors nicely

No. 1341348

File: 1663287065642.png (925.95 KB, 3000x3000, pixel.png)

pixel version from meta

No. 1341352

Kek I love this one. I think the other ones are super cute too but I agree it looks too much like random fan art.

No. 1341356

Idk, doesn't this one (or the vectors) need something saying spoiler on it?

No. 1341362

anon in meta requested them not to have text but I can make a version that says spoiler

No. 1341365

Omg these are great, I would love a new spoiler image since the one we have looks scrotish at a glance

No. 1341368

It might be better to talk about which spoiler image you want in /meta/ nonnas

No. 1341369

oooh, didn't see that. I'd be ok without a spoiler text. At first I was like "wouldn't that be awkward cuz people don't know what it is?" but then I realized that it isn't like we need to cater towards randoms.

No. 1341372

Samefag but just to be clear I don't mean to not talk about it here, but you should also post suggestions and pictures in /meta/ too.

No. 1341476

File: 1663300755072.png (2.07 MB, 5000x5000, 1663232604673_spoiler.png)

No. 1341481

File: 1663300903365.png (1.3 MB, 3000x3000, vector_spoiler.png)

No. 1341484

File: 1663301048637.png (893.82 KB, 3000x3000, pixel_spoiler.png)

No. 1341488

This one is genius to me, I like the pixel vibe better tbh
Also love this one, but might be confusing for some people at first glance

No. 1341535

File: 1663303700163.png (2.72 MB, 20834x20834, Untitled-1-01.png)

did this for fun

No. 1341537

samefag I'm still not sure about this one but figured out I wanted to see how it would look vectorized

No. 1341541

funny and creative idea, anon. idk if the drawing style fits the rest of the site and i think the lines are a little thick given site, maybe the font or bg color or something is givien that impression instead but i think it's really, really nice and a great idea. excellent work!

No. 1341542

kek I love the censored udders, 11/10

No. 1341543

I think this one could work really well with a different color palette? I love the concept as a whole

No. 1341611

File: 1663308388526.png (97.23 KB, 438x539, art.PNG)

Theme is Horror movie/anime/movie characters/final girl
Spoiler image side board

No. 1341635

File: 1663310921190.png (463.7 KB, 3000x3000, Untitled-1-01_recolor.png)

Just a recolor/edit idea

No. 1341640

i like this a lot better, nice tweaking

No. 1341684

I couldn't tell what this was until I saw the original

No. 1341688

the leg looks wayyyy better but i kinda like the other colors better

No. 1341806

these are amazing and i want them on the site

No. 1341894

I do think these look really, really nice, but I feel like the vector images are almost too clean and polished for a site like lolcow I don't know how to say that without sounding rude, I'm sorry

No. 1341931

File: 1663346496370.png (97.29 KB, 359x499, art.PNG)

Theme is Horror movie/anime/movie characters/final girl
Spoiler Image side board

No. 1342192

both perf, i vote for this one

No. 1342322

File: 1663561146501.png (72.69 KB, 3000x3000, spoiler_template.png)

Crossposting from /meta/, this might be useful
>come edit another pixy pic if you'd like! Plopping a template for the og here

No. 1342377

Not my tired ass clicking the spoiler image and staring at it for a good 3 minutes kek

No. 1342448

File: 1663565548857.png (39.76 KB, 327x168, lolcow.PNG)

Now that we're back, you should come draw! The theme is Horror movie/anime/movie characters/final girl
The spoiler image side board is still open

No. 1342795

Can the next lolcow doodle board theme be "lolcow reunion"? like we are all together again rejoicing after the many obstacles we've faced, like when ot was down and now this… we've had a busy year filled with migrations, spam, attacks, server fails, fears of lolcow being shut down due to a lack of moderation and funding..!

No. 1342802

I agree with this

No. 1342822

No. 1342885


No. 1343121

cute idea!

No. 1343203

Maybe we can have a “draw your pets” day!

No. 1343212

I was meaning to ask how comfortable are anons with themes like these? Another anon before also requested a Draw yourself as a sims with stats or something along the lines of that (it's been added to the spreadsheet). This is an anonymous board first and foremost so I'd like to hear your thoughts!

No. 1343252

I think draw ourself as a sim would be cute but I’d like to keep the anonymous aspect

No. 1343253

Samefag drawing our pets would be fine imo

No. 1343502

File: 1663613843769.png (91.94 KB, 339x281, elsie.png)

Okay then! Both themes will stay up.
Draw your pets has been added to the sheet.
Yes! Lolcow reunion will be the next theme so no poll this time.

Come draw, there's still room to draw some horror movie/anime characters:

The new spoiler image thread is also open:
Check the shaymin thread in /meta/ for some ideas!

No. 1343531

I think drawing your fursona/screen character would be cool and more anonymous, did anyone else have one of these? Like your fictional representation of yourself. It was popular on dA back in the day. Mine was a cat named Jinxs lol.

No. 1343537

this image is genius, love your work nonny

No. 1343939

Omfg what if someone recognized your curso a from when you were 10. I would freak out kek

No. 1343940


No. 1343991

Why furry degens pls leave or at least dont use "fursona"

No. 1343996

File: 1663642265077.png (171.18 KB, 521x395, kitty.png)

it was a cute thing when we were little kek take it easy

No. 1344044

But they are not hurting anyone, also female furries are wayy different than male ones.

No. 1344062

Female degenerates still exist and them being in that community shows that they too uphold the beastiality tones furries that furries are inclined to

No. 1344079

nayrt, you have never met a female furry. The only exception might be warrior cat kids and such, but they're literal children and attract degens like flies. Idc if you have a fursona but let's not center a theme around it.

No. 1344094

Vandalism in spoiler board!

No. 1344100

Thanks for catching it, it's gone now.

No. 1344159

Why did I get blocked? I'm the one who pointed it out

No. 1344176

You might have been blocked on accident, you should be able to come back in now.

No. 1344185

Ah thank you!

No. 1344189

Permission is set to approve as a counter measure for now. I won't be able to stay in the room all day to give approves though. If I'm in the room just ask for it in chat!

No. 1344460

Is the horror/anime sheet done? I went to add a new layer and couldn't.

No. 1344544

Nonna baby read the message right above yours

No. 1344753

I was talking about screen characters/names, not literal fursonas

No. 1344764

File: 1663690272670.gif (5.23 MB, 640x640, 33872CB2-4BB3-4A33-A907-A3F90E…)

I want to apologize to the aggie mods for posting the link when this site was down. I wanted to recapture the same magic of the /g/ bunker threads, guess I didn’t read to not post it anywhere else, you guys don’t deserve the vandalism and I feel really guilty I had no malicious intent whatsoever. Apologies nonnas

No. 1344884

File: 1663695249103.png (112.23 KB, 342x326, spoil.PNG)

Theme is horror movie/anime/final girl
Spoiler image side board

No. 1345116

Wow you're a real big retard!

No. 1345134

Did your mother drop you on your head?

No. 1345162

File: 1663704004583.jpg (152.39 KB, 768x768, peace and love.jpg)

We forgive you, don't sweat it.

No. 1345499

Kek exactly what i was thinking

No. 1345505

File: 1663711478703.jpeg (302.45 KB, 660x652, D914C8DF-8037-4686-B2C8-69C39E…)

No. 1345523

It's alright, we only had one moid draw on the board during that time. No harm done.

No. 1346275

board is currently vandalised

No. 1347000

File: 1663805018684.png (107.08 KB, 374x453, elsiewise.PNG)

Board will be cleared soon, squeeze in some last drawings if you'd like
Spoiler Board is open

You need approval to draw so if you want it now would be the time. Just ask in the chat.

No. 1347416

I feel like this place has an incredible concentration of artfags. Is it because it’s a women’s board? Stunning piece btw

No. 1347577

very talented ones, at that. pretty amazing tbh.

No. 1347582

File: 1663859761850.jpeg (308.15 KB, 534x646, 59924B0A-2929-4962-891A-937EC1…)

KEKKKKKKKK I love you nonnas

No. 1347604

I feel like we're all from the creative age of the internet that died when corporations took over

No. 1347718

this is so fucking hilarious kek

No. 1347784

File: 1663869475902.png (2.71 MB, 2000x1600, Horror movie-anime-movie chara…)

This board's theme was Horror movie/anime/movie characters/final girl, and it looks amazing! Pixielocks as Split made me audibly kek. The Midsommar one is so beautiful and I just love both Elsie as the cow butcher and IT.

Because of this post in >>>/meta/45080 we decided to abstain from the reunion theme. Rather, we will have that theme either after this downtime or once the new website is up, sorry nonnas.

New theme is in the rain! Get your rubber boots on and go wild!

No. 1347848

Amazing board! I love Elsie Myers so much.

No. 1347976

Spoiler board is still open as well

No. 1348058

can we play garticphone together some day? i rlly wish to have fun and see your talents nonnies !

No. 1348062

We cannot play gartic phone because there is no chatbox AFAIK. It would require microphones.

No. 1348073

nayrt, Gartic phone never required mics for me? It's all drawing based, could be fun!

No. 1348075

Well it doesn't require mics, but there's no other way to communicate and I think chatting is a big part of the fun for a lot of anons. I'm not opposed to it though. if you all would like I can make a poll to see what the general consensus is.

No. 1348098

oh yeah true i didnt rlly think of it, maybe skribbl would do the job? and hoping for a future chatbox for gartic

No. 1348196

i'm okay with using microphones tbh, it seems fun. Unless you have a very recognizable vocal quirk I can't see why not.

No. 1348524

Same! But if others are opposed to that I wouldn’t mind

No. 1348713

The Suspiria one is sooo good

No. 1348903

same plus it would help me practice more english and we can kick troons easily

No. 1348928

I love the Sidney one ahaha

No. 1349268

I forgot to say this but please also keep in mind that there's no built-in voice chat or anything. A discord would have to be made. I could try to figure something out if you all really want it.

No. 1349499

File: 1663966516372.png (182.89 KB, 450x477, a very charming, and a little …)

Theme is in the rain
Spoiler image board

No. 1349585

i love these always help me with art block

No. 1350025

You need approval to draw in both boards right now. If you would like to have approval and no admins are on the board, just ask in this thread.

No. 1350061

this elsie is so hot wow

No. 1351015

File: 1664047654391.png (9.67 KB, 205x213, elsie.PNG)

Theme is in the rain, come draw!
The spoiler image side board is still open

No. 1354021

File: 1664263813918.gif (17.92 KB, 302x36, pick a theme.gif)

The board is almost full, please take some time to vote for the next theme!

Open link in incognito

No. 1354200

goddammit I like all of them nonny

No. 1354217

What is kitchen gijinkas supposed to be exactly btw? Like cute anthropomorphic kitchen appliance/gadgets/items? Original anon didn't say much beyond the theme name. If anons like that theme maybe we can do it as a reoccurring theme like the characters in specific colors one, and do a different concept each time.

No. 1354239

File: 1664285500495.png (38.2 KB, 346x392, pancake.png)

>Like cute anthropomorphic kitchen appliance/gadgets/items?
Not the original anon that came up with the idea but I guess yeah, though I was thinking something more similar to this (food gijinka? cakes or breakfast and hamburgers or what not). Makes me excited for a milk gijinka!

No. 1354441

Can we do any kind of cute anthropomorphic item, not specific to kitchens?

No. 1354476

can you add ''animals from your country/region'' for the next poll? i am dying for a excuse to draw a carpincho

No. 1354490

File: 1664298517316.png (149.13 KB, 419x363, cozy elsie.png)

I've added it to the sheet but whether it will be in the next poll is the luck of the draw. Two themes are random and one theme is added from the previous poll-the runner up.
Of course- themes are suggestions, they're not compulsory. Hold your horses though, that theme hasn't won yet kek

That said vote for the next theme here:

The main board still has some free spaces here and there, theme is in the rain:

No. 1354494

File: 1664298726328.jpg (105.96 KB, 1136x984, rats hug.jpg)

>I've added it to the sheet
thank you ily

No. 1354564

File: 1664302043555.png (158.28 KB, 288x241, led.png)

Elsie Myers plz stalk me on halloween night

No. 1354579

Hey Vivi

No. 1354614

No. 1354753

How is everyone so talented

No. 1355212

File: 1664342731112.png (123.16 KB, 369x355, lolwhoops.png)

So, um, I kinda fucked up and realized Brave doesn't support pressure sensitivity, but Edge does, so I ended up using 4 layers for this. Could a mod please collapse 'em all down into one for me? (Next time I will just use Edge lol, my bad)

No. 1355748

File: 1664382040164.png (1.1 MB, 2000x1600, New Spoiler Image.png)

Here's the New Spoiler Image board! Officially closing it as there hasn't been much activity/interest lately. We have a lot of fun and creative ideas here and I love that the community had a lot to say and got really engaged in the discussion. Whether the spoiler image is ever changed or not I'm happy we all got to see your creative solutions!

Main board remains open one more day, theme is in the rain:

And please vote for the next theme here:

No. 1356076

oh my goodness nonnas, all of your doodles are so cute, I wish I could have some of these as stickers

No. 1356627

I've never had issues with pressure sensitivity on Brave nonnie

No. 1356804

Well I did all the settings and it still wouldn't work. It's fine, I can just use Edge for doodling.

No. 1357297

File: 1664470379011.png (1.82 MB, 2000x1600, LC Drawing Room -In the rain.p…)

What a lovely board I must say, though I may be partial to this theme which was - In the rain! From the splishy-splashy cute drawings, the sad ones hitting me right in the feels and the deep serious ones hello replicant elsie! - I love them all.

New theme is Kitchen Gijinkas! If you're not sure what that's all about check this post out: >>1354239 Food gijinkas, kitchen gijinkas, or if that doesn't inspire you make your own concept up - I'm not gonna stop you. Have fun!

No. 1357748

borzoi anon always comes through for us

No. 1358501

I love borzoi anon so much, I wish I could have them all on a calendar.

No. 1358828

File: 1664568351109.png (36.32 KB, 750x843, xd.png)

a deep modern art piece i call "the female experience". feel free to overanalyze.

No. 1358832


No. 1358835

This isn't really the thread for posting art you've made outside of the art board(s). There are threads better suited for that on /m/.

No. 1358862

Why do I feel like it's a male

No. 1358944

Take this here instead >>>/m/187240

No. 1358970

is "lymph drainage" a legitimate thing or pseudo-science stuff?

No. 1359067

Anon this is the Doodle Board thread, not WebMD.

No. 1359113

File: 1664592222186.png (39.45 KB, 327x464, toaster.PNG)

Come draw some kitchen gijinkas!

No. 1359292

File: 1664606148964.png (12.6 KB, 309x98, 16644709011.png)

ooo what's this about

No. 1359319

Go to /meta/ there's two other cases it happened to me too but my appeal worked

No. 1359909

I have a theme idea, no idea if the jannies are gonna read but can we have a themed board where we draw stylized versions of what we think namefag chans are? like anime versions of the namefag chans on here, pakichan, boyegachan, etc.

No. 1360154

File: 1664659554332.png (148.9 KB, 472x391, kitchen.PNG)

Come draw some kitchen gijinkas! Refer to this if you need any direction >>1354239

No. 1360209

What a cool theme

No. 1360794

Idkat because as soon as someone wants to make unflattering ones anons will start rioting

No. 1361008

Maybe a more general ”lolcow posters”? Both archetypes (like husbandofag, schitzochan, celeb thread stacy etc) and specific posters.

No. 1361068

You’re right I think anon’s >>1361008 idea is way more fun, lolcow poster gijinkas/OCs?

No. 1361144

File: 1664724965107.png (47.07 KB, 363x538, napkin.png)

>Lolcow poster/thread gijinkas/OCs
Added to the sheet!

Come draw! Theme is kitchen gijinkas

No. 1361844

Are these fork, spoon, and knife?

No. 1362777

I was trying to figure out what they might be, and I think you're right!

No. 1362793

File: 1664837115547.png (336.88 KB, 570x829, dishwasher.PNG)

These are all so cute lmao I love this idea

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