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File: 1681587368450.jpg (122.82 KB, 640x960, rk.jpg)

No. 289713

Weird shows edition. (Pic-related)

#6 - > >>>/m/258355

No. 289718

why did you even make the thread if you can't link the old ops reeee

anyway shilling the rec chart: https://anony.link/https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xljp3EEEoj1gUCnbAsdH1f3S8rHWbAi64mWt1g_C0SA/edit?usp=sharing

No. 289727

No trannies or tranny anime allowed edition.

No. 289728

yes, no posting characters like oscar or utena either. those are cross-dressers so they're troons. oscar especially since she mentions wanting to be a man multiple times

No. 289731

File: 1681588881787.jpg (85.98 KB, 1280x720, i see.jpg)


No. 289732

No. 289734

Fuck off already tranny. Nobody cares.

No. 289737

File: 1681589769738.jpg (161.84 KB, 1421x1066, dhy.jpg)

No. 289738

you don't own the site, i can get annoyed at hypocrisy if i wish. also
>nobody cares
>you still bring an argument from last thread into a new one

No. 289739

Trapshit made to pander to coomoids and androgynous guys that crossdress in female oriented media media are different and made with different intentions, you goddamn strawmanning retard.

No. 289740

File: 1681590659314.jpg (30.44 KB, 352x338, the time has come.jpg)

No. 289743

the og disagreement was that traps = trannies. if this is true, then reverse traps are also trannies. you don't know what 'strawmanning' means, retard.

plus the sole intent behind these characters is that they aren't the sex they appear to be, not to encourage people to troon out. that is a western view. i won't even get into the fact that you can find traps in female orientated media, and reverse-traps in male-orientated media, so it's not like liking one automatically determines if you're male/female

No. 289746

Bifauxnen/reverse traps are 90% of the time made for women so that rarely applies to the inverse. How can you be a self-proclaimed anime "expert" when you don't even know basic shit about how the target demographic affects the content? That's why stuff on pixiv is tagged "for fujos", "for yumes", etc. instead of "gay" or "straight" like on western websites, and content on stores like DLsite is separated into male and female oriented. Moids usually draw male traps like hentai female characters, like Astolfo, and trannies/coomers love it; women draw male traps in a more neutral way and significantly less sexualized, like Kuranosuke from Kuragehime.

No. 289755

File: 1681594434410.jpg (127.58 KB, 1920x1080, [AkihitoSubs] Blend S - 08 [10…)

demographic tags don't always (or even usually!) map out to the main consumers of a work tho. adults watch precure and pokemon, fujoshi love shonen manga, women enjoy moeshit, kids watch toonami/late night anime, etc.
>Bifauxnen/reverse traps are 90% of the time made for women
this isn't true at all. why don't you try googling reverse traps in harem anime/hetero reverse trap manga and get back to me.
>women draw male traps in a more neutral way and significantly less sexualized
i know of several female mangaka who draw very sexualized traps. like picrel, nakayami miyuki, who is also a fujoshi. once again: you don't know wtf you're talking about. i'm right, you're wrong, end of discussion.

No. 289764

Mods-chan pls ban the annoying tranny who won't stop arguing with other people about his fetish.

No. 289781

File: 1681605175074.png (18.99 KB, 736x386, FUyMmeAaMAEJA81.png)

Alright, if you're too dumb to understand, I'll just explain why everything you said is bullshit.

>why don't you try googling reverse traps in harem anime/hetero reverse trap manga

Those "reverse traps", which aren't even that common, rarely look androgynous because moids don't actually like masculine women. Most of them are pretty feminine except they have short hair, OR wear pants, while their feminine features are very emphasized; they cannot possibly be mistaken for men or even bishounen, they're still bishoujo. Same with male traps that look just like girls, moids don't wanna fuck a guy who's androgynous enough to be mistaken for a masculine woman, they want a boy with the exact body and face and clothes of a pubescent girl.

The most famous and convincing reverse traps in anime usually come either from female oriented stuff like OHSHC, Nozaki-kun, Sailor Moon or Rose of Versailles, or from serious works devoid of fanservice like Kino no Tabi. Reverse traps or bifauxnen in female Japanese media have a specific origin in real life cross-dressing actresses in all-female theatre Takarazuka Revue, which is notorious for being an exclusively female interest. This firmly sets reverse traps in media for girls/women apart from those in media for males.
So in short, on average:
>male and female traps drawn for men = look like underage girls, coombrained
>male and female traps drawn for women/not meant to be attractive to males = actually androgynous, sometimes leaning a bit towards their actual sex, less sexualized

>i know of several female mangaka who draw very sexualized traps. like picrel, nakayami miyuki, who is also a fujoshi

There's plenty of female artists who are fujos or yumes, and draw moidpandering or pedopandering content on the side (or vice versa… or they just have unconventional tastes due to being exposed to too much hentai). Just because a woman drew it, doesn't mean it's not made for trap fetishists and potential MtF trannies. For example, the character you just posted.
A lot of degenerate hentai is made by women, does that mean their target demographic is female? Hell no. These women KNOW what men like and that's what they draw. Either they're doing it for the moidbux or they're pickmes. Sometimes they'll include elements that may be attractive to female readers starved for decent smut, but the more fucked up and scrotey a manga is (since it's not either "all women like it" or "no women like it"), the less female readers it'll attract.

Example of the demographic affecting the content: >>221022
The author of the Ototsuku manga is aware that bishoujo-looking traps are for males, and drew this femboy/otokonoko protagonist like that intentionally to attract a male audience, while the work being BL attracts a female audience. This is how most artists who design trap characters think, it's deliberate.

>demographic tags don't always (or even usually!) map out to the main consumers of a work tho. adults watch precure and pokemon, fujoshi love shonen manga, women enjoy moeshit, kids watch toonami/late night anime, etc.

You don't seem to have an understanding of what makes a piece of media attract an audience outside of its target demographic. The fact that there are many adults who are into Pokemon (because of nostalgia, the monster designs, the competitive scene, wanting to fuck the characters which are starting to be designed with this adult audience in mind, and so on); that there are adult male otaku who are lolifags and want to fuck the characters in PreCure (brilliant argument you got there); that there are kids who watch violent cartoons on TV because it's cool but forbidden and they want to feel like adults; that a lot of fujos like shounen because the male characters are unintentionally cute to women and have homoerotic friendships (in recent times, sometimes intentionally, which is another example of what I mean by targeting a specific group through character design); that a lot of autistic males liked MLP because of the less stereotypically girly take on the franchise, because they formed an infamous community around it after initially watching it as a joke, and because they're degenerates who enjoy defiling innocent things; or that some women like CGDCT moeshit because the absence of blatant fetish shit or overt sexualization makes it more tolerable, easier to overlook moe being rooted in male pedophilia, and to focus on the cuteness and humor instead… None of that contradicts the fact that otokonoko are designed specifically for moids and that it works as intended.

Even if otokonoko are canonically not actual trannies who think they're female, it's still coomer shit for men who want to fuck feminized boys, and real life AGPs are attracted to such traps because they think they, too, can look like an anime loli, plus it's all about the fetish of their skirt going spinny for them. Trannies get hard when they see a girly male wear a skirt and striped socks, therefore they're part of the target audience, and they don't care much about a trap's gender identity because they'll just headcanon him as trans. The femboyfags and the trannies overlap a lot and both of them think a guy being feminine is degrading therefore hot. Otokonoko in anime media is primarily a porn genre as seen in the sheer amount of doujin manga and eroge with that as a theme (often overlapping with shotacon).

No one cares if you like Astolfo and Hideri but don't lie and act like it's not a pornbrained genre that's different from other depictions of crossdressers, it makes you sound like a clueless lost tranny. I didn't think I'd have to spell it all out for you, but you're welcome.

No. 289784

This thread sucks. Shit op image, doesn’t link all the old threads, and is full of trannies from either /a/ or reddit. I think we should abort this thread and try again.

No. 289788

File: 1681608577737.jpg (76.07 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

kek 100 words or less sis i'm not reading all that

No. 289790

No. 289791

That's ok just don't be surprised when people tell you to stop posting about your trap fetish and call you a troon

No. 289792

ok cool. and you don't be surprised when i call anyone who posts any slightly gnc character a tranny supporter

No. 289799

Except one is drawing a girl and calling it a boy to pander to scrotes fetish and the others are woman wearing pants. Don't see draw a boy call it a girl being shilled by woman. Scrotes truly are retarded and will absolutely shit themselves over not enabling their fetish and degeneracy.

No. 289801

They aren't gnc, you're coping. It's not a man with long hair, it's literally a girl with female proportions wearing a skirt with a female VA. You're coping over your fetish and YWNBA as well as YWNBAW kek.

Look no further than this thread to witness scrotes retardation and coping, with a moid trying to claim that a woman wearing pants is the same as drawing a girl and calling it a boy because it makes tranime incels hard since they can't compete with or attract real women and need to imagine a fantasy scenario where a woman is male, and therefore less a catch so easier for them to achieve. Mega kek indeed.

No. 289804

>still at it
I don't care for either side: Why does it even matter? IF you hate it that much then scroll past it, no need to have a long fight over what is basically a matter of taste and opinion. I didn't even see any fetish images in the last thread. Women don't interact with media in the same way men do.

No. 289806

I think this is the same faggot posting Astolfo porn in the husbando thread. Probably the same person who posted a couple of pedo pictures in the same thread and got banned for it. That pretty much would confirm it's a scrote.

Nonny if you care to read the posts you'll see that it's an actual problem because we may be dealing with a tranny here. This time it's not a matter of overpolicing what other women like.

No. 289807

>This time it's not a matter of overpolicing what other women like.
>Automatically assuming a poster is a tranny because she likes traps.
Okay nonny. I reviewed the posts and all I see is two sides unable to agree…it all started here >>289598. The original post looks neutral to me, outside of the vaguely arrogant assumption they know more about anime than anyone else. But that doesn't warrant tranny accusations or this extensive in-fighting. Regardless, I'm not engaging in this any further. You all have fun.

No. 289808

It would've been fine if the trapfag hadn't brought that topic to this thread at the beginning, but no. So obviously trying to incite an infight.

No. 289810

Well no, this was the post that restarted the argument. >>289727
Can we move here though >>289809. Something tells me mods are going to lock or delete this thread, the OP isn't even correct.

No. 289824

Extremely based and knowledgeable post, the fact that the trap lover doesn't have the brain capacity to read or understand it just proves how retarded she is.

No. 289829

File: 1681626643131.jpg (92.64 KB, 1113x614, lina HATES fishe.jpg)

I downloaded OP after I read a book of Rampo's short stories. This is a sign. Once I finish Slayers Evolution-R, I'll watch it.

No. 289832

No. Stop throwing a tantrum and just ignore them. They'll get tired eventually.

No. 289833

File: 1681628796167.jpg (109.02 KB, 900x830, 1589895624821.jpg)

I never finished Evolution R, I was so disappointed with Revolution.

No. 289834

File: 1681629446839.jpg (101.05 KB, 1048x622, fish fun.jpg)

So far, it's all monster of the week episodes that are pretty good. But I know the Rezo-Pokota plotline is coming, plus the intro has all the demon dudes from Try, which I'm not looking forward to. But there was a whole episode of fish people, so I'm thankful for that.>>289833

No. 289838

I wish male crossing in anime wasn’t such a moid thing nowadays . Cute boys who look like girls are fun. I mean putting boys in cute dresses is pretty common in BL/fujoshit so clearly their appeal isn’t man exclusive. I think moids don’t understand what makes male crossdressing appealing, a boy in girls clothes isn’t appealing cause it’s a “chick with a dick,” it’s appealing cause it’s a cute male character in an unusual yet pretty outfit that he’d be embarrassed to wear. The fun is in the fact that he’s still a man, not any tranny bullshit.

No. 289840

shut the fuck up already

No. 289841

No. 289844

No. 289845

File: 1681631997856.jpg (101.33 KB, 1221x904, ex.jpg)

I don't 'feel' these reboot seasons.

No. 289847

stop bumping this shit thread retard

No. 289849

Fuck off, attention whore. Stop being butthurt and just ignore the spergs.

No. 289850

File: 1681633034741.jpg (366.61 KB, 1920x1080, Dead Mount Death Play.jpg)

Finally an anime for me. I've been craving for a show about necromancy since Founder of Diabolism.

No. 289885

File: 1681645207144.jpg (245.72 KB, 847x1166, 1177.jpg)

Which harem anime are not-cringe wankfests? I can only think of Saber Marionette J. That one was surprisingly wholesome, with an interesting world.

No. 289921

File: 1681660000512.png (2.25 MB, 1064x1596, 8e27162780855b0f43c1f5ab9c97cc…)

Just came back from cinema. 9/10 only because they don't kiss in their human form.

I wholeheartedly recommend.

No. 289925

File: 1681660334129.jpg (129.87 KB, 640x909, a043ff0ad03f9f51a33f3dd3224aad…)

Out of the anime based on Edogawa Ranpo's stories, Ranpo Kitan is definitely the better one. Unlike Trickster, which is just so bland and uninspired throughout despite having an interesting premise.

No. 289930

File: 1681661584017.jpg (676.85 KB, 2152x3044, fh1vjut53et91.jpg)

So Oshi no Ko just released their first 90-minutes episode and it seems pretty good so far. The only thing i'm iffy about is the main guy being into lolicon, or at least implied to be into it, unless I misinterpreted it. It also didn't felt as dark as everyone made it out to be but then again it's only the first episode

Has anyone else watched it yet?

No. 289931

File: 1681661654329.jpg (103.88 KB, 1280x720, idol.jpg)

The artstyle looks neat, but I can't stand idolshit, so I'm probably gonna skip this one.

No. 289942

File: 1681663431011.jpg (71.04 KB, 750x1024, iWalj7D.jpg)

Show has a trap in it

No. 289959

why is everyone hyping this show? i read a few chapters of the manga and it seemed just as coomerish and stupid as boys abyss.

No. 289963

File: 1681666989090.png (266.85 KB, 800x1341, 8793754.png)

I think it's okay, the 90 min episode was a bit overwhelming for me considering everything that went on in it. I'm in love with the director kek I'm a sideM fag I think he looks sm like jiro I saw the lolicon thing more as a misunderstanding at the start, I think he genuinely cared for the dying girl and the marriage line was a teasing and bc of her love for Ai, he put that love after her death into Ai too. But some of the lines are pushing it but when reincarnated as her daughter he's respectful, which makes me think he's not a lolicon bc in most shows a guy will jump at the chance

No. 289976

Can't remember ever seeing two young people kissing on the mouth in a mainstream anime movie, unless they're two men like in Promare

>coomerish and stupid
That's enough to explain the hype
Plus there's nothing else going on right now, and some people are rating it 10/10 on MAL to troll FMA:B fans

No. 289990

File: 1681668920122.jpg (319.54 KB, 1091x1568, kaguya-sama-movie_poster.jpg)

That was CPR.

>Can't remember ever seeing two young people kissing on the mouth in a mainstream anime movie

I guess Kaguya-sama is not mainstream enough.

No. 290013

File: 1681671086054.jpg (96.72 KB, 740x600, Furuya.Chihiro.full.1047254.jp…)

What are the best catboy designs in anime?

No. 290021

File: 1681671818084.jpg (33.59 KB, 700x394, Tsukiyomi.Ikuto.full.32430.jpg)

What I felt like every other 13 year old weebs crush back in 2010.

I feel like I should read the Sankarea manga someday. I watched the anime and remember finding it just okay, simply watching it because I loved Chihiro. Does anyone know how far the anime got story wise?

No. 290029

File: 1681672310073.jpg (84.39 KB, 680x860, top_img.jpg)

I think the anime only covered 9-10 chapters of the 59-chapter long manga (according to MAL).

No. 290032

Looks like coomershit for scrotes. You a tranny?

No. 290038

Why are you posting half-naked pictures of underaged girls? ARe you a tranny?

No. 290039

File: 1681672619938.jpg (40.34 KB, 293x450, 103347l.jpg)

Takes you 4 seconds to input 'Tsukiyomi Ikuto' into MAL and find that Shugo Chara! is a series for little girls that ran in Nakayoshi.

No. 290077

Fuck off

No. 290078

Nta but go back

No. 290079

Did he scratch her

No. 290084

NTA and I think you have a valid point but I did like Sankarea when I saw it in my early 20s… she eat the flowers. Flower zombie.

No. 290088

File: 1681679692870.jpg (116.09 KB, 1280x720, noooo.jpg)

Nope. Daddy abuse made Homura into a zombie.

No. 290161

I'd watch that if you say it's alright but I'm so allergic to this man's art style, it's like 2001 Beyblade on steroids

No. 290196

i'm tired of oshi no ko already man

No. 290506

File: 1681798683796.jpg (28.66 KB, 640x480, cherry2.jpg)

They don't look as exaggerated in the actual show.

No. 290525

Same, weebs are acting like it's the best piece of media ever made kek

No. 290671

feels like the demon slayer of drama anime
total nufag bait

No. 290714

At least Kimetsu has good fights. Are there any good songs in OnK?

No. 290715

Tranny please try to fit in and write like everybody else. Recognizing your posts everywhere is annoying.

No. 290717

Half this thread is just him samefagging and thinking he's slick, just ignore him.

No. 290756

Well ignoring him clearly isn't working seeing how he's still samefagging in the other anime thread and the fujo thread. Either mods are gone or nobody is reporting too.

No. 290765

i'm (probably) not watching onk to find out kek. but from what i've seen of gifs and snippets on twitter, the animation is high class.

that's all nufags really need i guess

No. 290788

File: 1681923807945.jpg (80.3 KB, 1280x720, ms.jpg)

Anybody watching Marginal Service? Tell me if it's worth watching or not as I'm still hesitating.

No. 291468

File: 1682195943506.jpg (255.22 KB, 1920x1080, silver ball.jpg)

The ending of Gintama was disappointing, but the anime staff doesn't disappoint with the anime-original content. They truly loved the series.

No. 291492

File: 1682199720223.jpg (134.41 KB, 695x1000, Strange.Dawn.full.775373.jpg)

A proto Made in Abyss?

No. 291592

3 episode rule.

No. 291781

File: 1682320074340.jpg (234.15 KB, 1238x2048, Tumblr_l_40493631346425.jpg)

I feel like I just can't share a fandom with scrotes. Back in the days I used to like sweet pastel female-oriented animes/media in general so it was never a problem. Now I want to watch something more edgy and the fandoms of such animes are full of retarded coomer shit and therefore braindead moid fans with their vomit inducing coomer "arts".
I always thought evangelion was shit because of all the scrote tier fan content, but have found out it also has a female audience and it's nice but. The scrotes are just getting on my nerves.
Cool edgy and non coomer art of Asuka (kreuzkat)

No. 291858

That's why old-fashioned forums were superior for discussing anime - coomers either got ignored or told.

No. 291883

Locking thread as there's duplicates.

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