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File: 1589317766517.png (598.88 KB, 731x700, oof.png)

No. 92925

The New Queen of Milk, Mariah Mallad aka Momokun Cosplay, has a lot of calves surrounding her, thirsty for those sad, saggy, Patreon bux-laden teats of hers.

Previous thread: >>386826

To prevent further derailing of her many threads, here is a spot to examine all the folks who hang onto her, either by choice or by force. Don't feel sorry for this herd unless it is obvious that Mooriah is browbeating them to keep them in her circle; they generally know what a piece of shit she is even when they claim otherwise, now more than ever after the last year of bucket after bucket of whole, unpasteurized milk from Moomoo. Look forward to this thread's OP becoming completely irrelevant in about, oh, three or four months.

>Please keep non-Moo-related discussion of Onision and Jessica Nigri to his threads over in /pt/, and the uggo costhot threads in /snow/ respectively. MomoAkuma/MomoCastro is a special kind of trash that has her own thread at >>640796 but shit she does for/with Moo can still go here.

People Going Down With L.O.L Mootanic:

-Collette/Vamplette: Mariah's chief bitch, Vamp can be counted on to help Mariah with her shitty costumes and take all the abuse Mariah throws at her. Is known only for being Moo's attack dog on social media, having an unfortunate nose, and her even less-fortunate twerking videos. She is supposedly quitting cosplay forever and ever this Fall, we'll see what comes of that. https://twitter.com/vamplettes

-Matt/Megamarines (and Veronica/Veronicalunalu): A roided up fuccboi who, with his girlfriend Veronica, has been slumming around Moo for clout and party money. Matt is a tripfag from the /cgl/ days of yore and is most likely shitting up this thread (or whining at his girlfriend to do it for him) at this very moment in time. He was a big player during Moo's stint at pretending to go to the gym daily, and Veronica will drag herself to Moo's group shoots when called for. https://twitter.com/Megamarines https://twitter.com/veronicalunalu

-Kevin/Weebking (and Nicolette/Nicoletters/Yirico): Another tripfag and his even more tripfag-y ex-girlfriend, Kevin has been white knighting hard for Moo since Nicolette broke up with him. They both previously mocked Moo until they decided they would be better served leaching from her; Kevin was even an absolute fucking genius and posted screenshots of him shitting on Moo over twitter with his icon showing on lolcow. Nicolette was a very staunch white knight for Moo as well over the past few months before suddenly disappearing, laying low during the recent molestation scandal. https://twitter.com/theweebking https://twitter.com/nicoletters

-Marvin/SquareNoodles (and MisoTokki): A photographer who is the only one that Moo has left to shoot (and shoop) her, he used to openly hate her until his naive babythot girlfriend and Moo's money opened his heart to magic or whatever animu crap Moo is spouting this week. Now he's a compliant little bitch for Mooriah, going to bat for her during the groping scandal amongst the other fuck ups she has caused lately. https://twitter.com/squarenoodles https://twitter.com/TokkiMiso

-Holly/HollyTWolf: Another porn-making costhot, Holly has subbed in as Moo's cosmom ever since Nigri started properly snubbing our cow. At first, she seemed to be outright annoyed by Moo, but time (and money) has changed her tune. Already more-or-less washed up in every way, it isn't hard to see why she's hitched her wagon to Moo, looking to catch some relevance and neckbeards off her new buddy. https://twitter.com/hollytwolf

Keep in mind nearly every single calf and senpai listed in the last thread has since turned on Moo, keep your eyes peeled to see how many bridges Mooriah burns down this year!

NOW INTRODUCING UMBRANWITCH/MADDIE: Her new lapdog who has taken over for Vamplette since her and Moo's falling out. She will do anything Moo says and barks, literally. She's a clown obsessed, socially inept weeb who constantly lets it slip about what Moo says or does in reality and bts and shows us lovely caps of the massive fat cow. She's moved in with Moo and they've become BeSt FriEnDs. She creates Moo's wigs now which look stiff, overly large which makes them comical sans the already fucked up hairlines on everything. Claims that people steal her tricks to wigs when she didnt invent anything new.

No. 92926

File: 1589317811266.jpg (42.49 KB, 234x480, vamp.jpg)

This is why Moo hates the design.

No. 92952

File: 1589325498016.jpg (267.74 KB, 605x748, IjCriRX.jpg)

Could also be because Vamp bought fake tits. the cosplay kind and not needing moo bucks to get cucks with a operation. Her Tsunade is also better which I'm sure stings dear Moo hard

No. 92954

She also bought her own camera and new gear so she's been taking actual good quality shit lately. Moo is probably jelly but she keeps support vamp under her posts. They are sporadic though in likes and comments. Vamps replies seem pretty deadpan compared to Moo's "WOW AMAZING" comments.

No. 92957

I'm betting that Moo gets desperate now and again for Vamp to come back as Maddie is mental and would kill for moo if Moo asked. Moo got what she thought she wanted Vamp to be and has discovered she didn't really want that.

No. 92958

her tsunade is miles better. still looks cheap but at least the hair doesn’t look like she’s just woken up.

No. 92975

No sure vamp is really a calve anymore. She pretty much left moo and distanced herself from her. Doing her on thot thing seems like getting a bit more success too since leaving moo. Must be driving moo nuts

No. 92977

her and Moo, or rather Moo herself, has been trying to interact with Vamp again. It seemed to start when she got sick in March and she's been commenting and replying back to Moo.

No. 92999

Kinda surprised AlyBrazil and Elizabeth Rage weren’t added to the list as well. Moo was leeching off of Aly, Miso and Holly during Lvl Up earlier this year.

No. 93000

File: 1589341411496.jpg (173.02 KB, 800x1200, EXsOEnNU0AAjO2h.jpg)

Without a doubt Moo is slowly trying to ease her way into Vamp's life for multiple reasons, and that includes the fact she's with a cosbro who's her type.

No. 93002

I wonder if Moo's hate for her ex friends is the reason why she still claims she's a cosplayer. Her friends don't have to do full on porn and can still be considered cosplayers. Yet here's Moo on the porn train pretending she's still on the same level while shoving dildos in her orifices to stay relevant.

No. 93006

Someone can tag the post and greentext them in. A new thread has been sitting around for a while needing to be made.

No. 93012

Yeah though Vamp being polite and replying doesnt mean shes back with her. At this point id consider her an ex calve. Miso and Aly are probably fit as a calve more at this point

No. 93014

She will always be known as the girl who defended Moo touching people. Vamp will always be a calve and associated with her in some way or anything. She should always be posted up in here. Might keep reminding Vamp what a pos Moo is by association if she keeps getting posted her anyway.

No. 93028

Ah yes, Matt, tenlied's abusive ex who nicoletters called out took tenlied's side until mysteriously some months later she started sucking up to him and being friendly……

No. 93121

Why would she get fake tits and be like every other thot and not get a nose job instead? These are some weird priorities

No. 93123

Thats a breast plate anon. Its the same shit a lot of none gifted thots get. They edit the seams in post or use outfits and chokers to hide the seams in person when at cons. Its no different from a crossplayer would wear or drag queens.

No. 93133

Oh thank you for letting me know! A breast plate is definitely better options than shitty fake tits, so at least there's that.

No. 93137

Absolutely. The upkeep with fake tits are you skin thins are you get older and they worse the look because you can see the bags is ridiculous. I hope Vamp never gets her tits done. She's lucky to have perky small boobs at her age when some have shittier genetics with skin elasticity and have saggage already even with As and Bs. Moo must be jealous as fuck. Having Maddie around must make her feel good because it's someone who like being ugly.

No. 93183

I mean as OP that's why I called them "the cosplay" kind cause a lot of cosplayers use them

No. 93377

File: 1589488036153.jpg (396.13 KB, 787x836, eZ6svqw.jpg)

Vamp put out pics with the set. I think she's lost weight since leaving Moo's side too.

No. 93381

Vamps isn't some amazing cosplayer/thot but it's jarring how her and Moo worked/live/started together yet Vamps can actually pose her body and face
Meanwhile Moo looks the way she does in her shoots

No. 93383

She also keeps getting sick from the stories she's been posting. Not much milk there, but at least twice and apparently just got over vertigo since shooting this.

No. 93426

vertigo is a condition, anon.

No. 93428

I didn't say it wasn't. I'm letting people know about what she has been through health wise that could be contributing to her weight loss since leaving Moo. Also Moo just eats like shit and gets people to eat with her, so that's also probably why.

No. 93540

I mean the proof is in the pudding. Umbran wasnt even thin or anything but she's doubled in size since moving in with moo and it hasnt even been that long.

No. 93585

TBF Maddie has no self control, Moo could tell her to eat an entire block of cheese covered in lard and she would.

No. 93801

File: 1589648956090.png (383.16 KB, 658x423, stay mad moo jealous fatty.png)


Moo is almost the only person who can't fit into this outfit. I can't wait until she buys it and looks like the massive sausage we know she is.

No. 94976

Wait do they literally live together now? When did that happen.

No. 95132

Before Christmas I think or after Umbran finished her fall schooling. Miso moved out and lives with someone else, I don't think she lives with Aly. I was for sure thinking Cat lived with her, I still think she does because she mails ears out with Moo's addresses on them. I know Kevin lives there. I actually haven't seen her cousin in a while unless he moved back home for the pandemic to be with his parents.

No. 99685

File: 1591811342107.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x2220, Oh.jpg)

Anteras is moving out finally. Probably got sick of Moo after all her blm fake woke posts

No. 99689

I thought Kevin moved to Florida with his girlfriend? It’s really strange she’s okay with him being there all the time.

No. 99742

yeah, Kevin got a gf and moved w/ her to FL but came back DURING A PANDEMIC to visit Moo and let Moo shower him with shit, like a trip to the wolf sanctuary (all while her poor widdle bby kwitty was so sick uwu)
Cat moved out months ago with vague post to her Twitter, its in the previous calf thread. Honestly, probably move in with her parents and just now is getting back on her feet w/ new place, bit that's pure speculation.

No. 99744

sorry to samefag but I don't recall Miso ever living with Moo. I think it was this grand delusion Moo threw out there when Miso and Squarecuck were still dating. But yeah they never went thru w/ it and then Miso and Square broke up

No. 99764

She didn't. She's been sending ear packages from Moo's address. This was talked about in the other thread too.

No. 99765

Rational people don't get jealous over stupid shit that high schoolers get upset over like Moo. Don't read into how his girlfriend feels because it's not even her business who he spends time with.

No. 99872

I would agree BUT Moo's fetish is literally sleeping with taken men to feel superior to other women

No. 100222

File: 1592011579846.jpg (729.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200611-160556_Twi…)

Tinfoil maybe but… Umbran may have moved out of Mariah's house (or is possibly just visiting home)

A cosplayer I follow on Twitter who lives in Ilinois mentions Umbran coming over to style a wig. I think Umbran also lived in the midwest before moving in with Moo

No. 100224

I think she’s visiting because she was also hanging out with inisitu, in her old house and reminiscing about how a year ago she went to Vegas for the first time. I don’t think she’s been home since she moved out tbh so way overdue for a visit

No. 101756

File: 1592721630901.jpeg (27.09 KB, 220x275, EEDF2B5A-D894-4025-8CB0-594B37…)

Matt still a calf?

Because oooof what is this?

No. 101763

he was right to crop out his face

No. 101769

kek must have had his pants pulled down for his roid shot

No. 101863

File: 1592798709421.jpeg (429.47 KB, 1104x2048, A3F23E94-2F0A-4A8A-A225-E8A45D…)

He’s definitely not ugly.

Just annoying.

No. 101870

>definitely not ugly
>posts a pic of dude looking ugly

No. 101871

Sorry to break it to you anon but he's about as average as ugly roid-headed white dudes come.

No. 101878

lol are you so desperate for attention that you’re posting on lolcow?

No. 101886

>wearing shoes indoors
>classic roid head haircut
>no sign of a penis
you look ugly and old, the the fuck off this site scrote

No. 101889

probably, always remember he was an active cgl poster

No. 101910


Body is cut if you like that kind of thing but that is a face only a mother could love

No. 101920

You don’t have to like someone to know they don’t look bad.

No. 101932

Sorry Matt, but you look like someone's 50-year-old uncle
Yeah most old cgl people remember him being just as insufferable as he is now

No. 101952

You can't even learn how to sage scrote kek classic "male here" go back to reddit wallet-kun

No. 101994

Have you met Matt?

I don’t understand this weird hate

No. 101995

File: 1592876854687.jpeg (38.44 KB, 480x360, 517DD81C-97A7-482C-8597-123CC3…)

>Caring about sage
>Kek unironically

I got bad news for you kiddo

No. 101997

Yall real dumb if you think people selfpost here. All “Matt”s image files are saved from twitter. Just backsearch em.

No. 102004

File: 1592880670603.jpg (33.2 KB, 542x554, 1523130088287.jpg)

>not understanding the importance of saging your autistic non-contributing posts.
filthy scrote go back to plebbit.

No. 102024


No. 102030

are you aware what website you're on or…?

No. 102040

>Yall real dumb if you think people selfpost here.
You must be new. People get caught by farmhands for selfposting all the time.

Pathetic. Imagine dropping lewds hoping femanons would hype them only to get dragged for being a complete uggo. kek

No. 102071

File: 1592930867178.jpeg (533.77 KB, 1125x1374, 5C07933F-220D-46E5-8C63-ED110A…)

Matt has a long-standing reputation for self posting on /cgl/ and making fun of himself for attention, saying things like
>thing guy looks like a douchecanoe rate his abs
while spamming the same bad photo for months. He was called out for it a lot but kept doing it for sympathy attention, guess he still doesn’t know how to change file names before posting.

No. 102116

Why do you sound so bitter?

No. 102129

not that anon but how does that remotely sound bitter? they literally stated things as they happened.
sounds pretty cow-ish to be defensive over something so basic tbh

No. 102133

I know nothing about the guy being posted, but the grievances against him come off as very petty and nonsensical. Who cares about selfposting or vanity?

No. 102134

Are you using an eight year old post as a reason to hold a grudge?

No. 102153

It’s consistent proof of a wannabe-cow selfposting negatively for attention just like they are now, learn to read. Just like moo, these calves all believe any attention is good attention because it can always be used somewhere for sympathy compliments.

No. 102158

This seems like a massive and pathetic attempt to compartmentalize people you don’t like.

No. 102180


get the fuck off this thread if you dont like it, you are able to hide threads on this site, do it? This isn't 4chan where you can anon defend some """random""" dude you """dont know""". Go read the rules.

This uggo scrote seems like thread material.

No. 102212

Calm down. “Uggo scrote” isn’t even a good insult.

No. 102281

he used to be, but I think he’s been keeping his nose clean for the past few years. The milkiest thing is probably him hanging out with Moo and just being annoying

No. 102341

What was the last thing he even did? Hang out with moo? He seems more like a generic jock than anything serious

No. 102349

I think the last big thing was cheating on tenleid with his current gf and blowing that whole relationship up. Before that it was mostly cheating on other costhots, lying about making costumes, etc but that’s all old /cgl/ lore

No. 102357

Wasn’t it proved he cheated on TL but not the others? I remember no one having proof and it was all rumors.

Wait wasn’t this all over 4-5 years ago? This cunt is no longer relevant.

No. 102990

Moo's speculated cockboy:

Goes by Mylow____ on most social medias (instagram, Onlyfans, Twitter). Has a Only Fans account and seems to deliver on actual penetration. Is a choreographer, has actually performed as a background dancer in videos with Trisha Paytas, Madonna, etc. so of course Moo loves him. Will post more as needed.

https://twitter.com/itsmylow (not active, old)

No. 110508

File: 1598592654473.png (1.03 MB, 1795x1486, D8EB40A1-2CC0-4417-83A1-5CB704…)

A highlight from the thread anon posted on main. Kevin’s ex, Nicolette, confirming he is pretty much just as lazy as Moo.

No. 117463

File: 1603567661907.png (233.99 KB, 421x705, Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 3.24…)

Then please, for the love of God, stay the fuck away from Moo.

No. 118128

File: 1603775666183.jpg (614.55 KB, 469x891, dV57rRu.jpg)

In the post after this she said she's finally getting a nose job.

Too late they're exes

No. 118448

this is an imageboard, anon.
post caps or leave. this is annoying.

No. 118585

I tried to look where anon found she said she was gonna get a nose job, but all I saw from her Instagram is that vamps has done every cosplay moomoos done before.

No. 118700

What? If you followed her and/or knew her past interactions she's been itching for one? She's mentioned getting a nose job twice this week and the surgeon is in Beverly Hills

No. 119016

File: 1604360514150.jpg (454.86 KB, 464x894, z6dFMxR.jpg)

No. 119117

File: 1604444552274.jpg (303.28 KB, 469x896, NLPrAQx.jpg)

Surprised Moo hasn't said anything but Vamps came out of surgery. Posts incoming.

No. 119118

File: 1604444601385.jpg (899.3 KB, 469x892, yAEqOGw.jpg)

No. 119119

File: 1604444681870.jpg (297.83 KB, 467x891, XCcMz5l.jpg)

For those who don't know she complained about her vertigo earlier this year

No. 119120

File: 1604444845009.jpg (344.8 KB, 468x896, prVt5BH.jpg)

Posted for the sake of legitimacy

No. 119121

File: 1604445352908.jpg (1.06 MB, 1037x736, 52dLLv9.jpg)

Before and after spliced together
Tiktok is https://www.tiktok.com/@dreugenekim
Doctor's IG https://www.instagram.com/dreugenekim/

Moo, Umbran and some other affiliates have commented under his post (IG) about Vamp's nosejob, so Moo knows.

No. 119127

eh, good for her. looks like a sterotypical shape from the side, im curious to see it from the front because that really shows if you cheap out. he doesnt have many noses on his instagram and his boobjobs look hit or miss. wonder what moo is going to get out surgically to make herself feel better the same way she got those clear retainers when vamp did

repost forgot to sage sry

No. 119129

just from these pictures I feel like this nose is going to be way too small for her face but that's expected when you go to a mediocre boob doctor cosplayers flock to for a nose job

No. 119130

It definitely looks too small, but only time will tell.

No. 119143

Maybe I’m missing nose nuance, but I swear every nose this surgeon does ends up looking the exact same. I wish he would have just gave her the nose she usually photoshops it to, because yeah it leaves her looking a little homely, but it suits her. Plus she’s always reminded me a little of Pixyteri and a dime a dozen button nose will ruin that for me.

No. 119149

Her nose is honestly the least of her issues

No. 119162

This… doesn't look good at all. First of all it's got a weird shape, no consistency between bridge and tip, like it was made by a total amateur. The tip is shaped weirdly and hangs low, the columella also hangs lower than it should and the inside of the nostrils looks far too exposed, which is a deformity. It will inevitably droop even lower as it heals. This looks like the type of amateurish nosejob that will require a revision within 2 years. This doctor is terrible.
/end of nosejob sperg

No. 119163

I kind of agree? It just seems weird to shave her nose bridge bump off completely

No. 119170

…a plastic surgeon with a tiktok business account, lmao, 2020, what a time to be alive

No. 119172

It's actually not weird at all (sadly), what better way to get $$$ than making insecure girls on tiktok look at other women getting plastic surgery? It normalizes it.

No. 119182

Only shitty plastic surgeons advertise themselves on tiktok, case on point

No. 119189

Kek love it when ugly people think fixing their nose will make them pretty.

No. 119192

true, kek'd at the thought of vamp really thinking her only setback was her nose……

no amount of surgery can fix the tragically homely.

No. 119204

What I don't get is why she went with such a cheap doctor. She's had issue with her nose for so long you'd think she'd want a decent doctor.

No. 119232

Well when you're not super close friends with Moo Moneybags anymore, it gotta budget.

No. 119233

I don't know much about nose jobs but why wouldn't he just sshave down the bump and make it straight? Why add in that awkward "slope" shape that doesn't look natural? I can only imagine she must have requested this shape

No. 119237

Thanks for the info honestly. That's what bothers me the most. Her nose bridge is too smooth. it looks so odd…and off.

No. 119238

I haven't had one so I don't know but isn't it a fact to NOT make it hang so low since there's a problem with her nostrils anyways? Like it could collapse in some places?

No. 119251

Holy shit you guys. She got a nose job. The nitlicking about it is insane though. Maybe she wanted a copy paste disney nose because of how ugly her snoz was. The retardedness of half the comments about it though are just stupid. The bridge still has a bump and due to her collapsed left nostril and already deviated, severely, septum, the nostril is most likely widened to surgically bridge it up with mesh like how bra implants work.

No. 119256

Lmao you're sperging about this is the moo thread too. Did your nosejob not go well, anon?

No. 119262

It's more than one anon in the Moo thread. You're being so aggressive about the nosejob that still hasnt been fully revealed. You sound retarded.

No. 119271

Keep calling everyone retarded that doesn't change the fact you're acting bitter as shit across several threads you sperg.

Her nose looked busted before and after.

No. 119298

Yeah, surgeons usually make the tip slightly more upturned than it should be, because it drops during the healing process (so it will look normal)

No. 119305

Thank you for the info. I'm curious about her healing. She tends to take more care of herself than Moo cares for herself, so I'm hoping this looks good. The PrettyPastelPlease girl has a bump, not as severe as Vamp, but she had complications with her mesh and tip. Vamp has a severe hit in the face look. I hope the structure holds and its a generic nose if thats what she wanted. She's in her 30s so she's been ugly. I don't even think Moo has a foot in the door money wise here either. Vamp has been hustling hard.

No. 119319

The splints far up her nose probably enhances the nostrils

No. 119438

It seems like Vamps has wanted this for a long time, so I think she'll be happy with the results even if they're not amazing.

Honestly this bothers me way more than anything to do with Vamps. This surgeon is using a platform with a notoriously large teenage population to advertise plastic surgery. That's tacky and slimy as hell.

No. 119868

File: 1604976486676.jpg (614 KB, 464x892, kcfhTjx.jpg)

First splint off tomorrow she says. Also, for those not knowing, that is a rubber band for her invisilign not spit

No. 120608

File: 1605426808034.jpg (483 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201115-015303_Ins…)

New nose. This is probably the first time I've ever seen a front facing selfie

No. 120612

I guess it looks alright I mean she filtered the shit outta it so hard to really tell. Also I think it's hilarious she knows her audience would give less than two shits unless her tits were out

No. 120613

Also your icon is showing

No. 120637

I had my doubts, but so far it doesn't look bad. She definitely has a long middle-face and would benefit from some more flattering hair and makeup. Right now she has the exact wrong hairstyle for her face shape. Another anon already pointed out that the filters make it tricky to judge, so we can't really be certain about the results until there are candids.

No. 120672

It looks great. Good for her

No. 120949

looks shooped but it’s likely still red and swollen at this point so i get it. nose jobs don’t set for at least a year. i think her and the doc picked a good one, she has a long face and some tip-tilted button nose would have looked weird af. good for her. i’m sure it makes moo seethe.

No. 122298

Apparenly Eric changed his personal insta name from "simpdaddie" to "prettypickboy".

No. 124900

File: 1607483855105.jpeg (53.75 KB, 249x275, FD4B2E55-65FC-4E7F-85B6-12C1BE…)

Now that Maddie “retired” her commissions it looks like she can make wigs for her sugar mommy full time, despite stating that she no longer has the passion to create wigs anymore. When does she ever make wigs for others besides cos-famous people anyway? What sad about this is that she rather be working with a well known sexual harasser with a shitty reputation than building her own business as long as money was thrown in her direction. I guess it’s the spoiled rich life she’s used to that made her that way.

No. 124902

must. see. more.

No. 124905


this is Matt

No. 124925

No. 125728

I found Vamplette’s account on Reddit. Saw someone mention her in relevance to Momokun and had to check here(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 132183

File: 1610567539955.png (4.41 MB, 1242x2688, FF9D5302-5CC3-4E77-8FC5-066589…)

Maddie got fillers lmfao

No. 132198

Big lips won't make her long face look proportionate lmao

No. 132203

File: 1610576468487.jpg (785.59 KB, 510x901, 3ZpDY1c.jpg)

new lizards in Moo's house

No. 133038


Idk anon it looks kinda normal on her

No. 133070

I can't believe nobody has ever pointed out this terrible video on her channel.

No. 133191

what in the actual fuck.
why would she post this instead of practicing like 3 more weeks. she looks so unsure about the "choreo".

No. 133196

File: 1610990313255.png (1.3 MB, 1291x868, vamplul.png)

has this always been her backdrop? she mentions moving. the trellis + fake plants makes me think of Momo's house - think she moved back in?

No. 133623

Vamps had moved in with some con friends after leaving Moo. Apparently this pissed Moo off way back when. I was suspicious she moved into Moo's new house as well but then Moo posted instastories of her build-a-bear house and it's still in construction. Plus Moo's place is mostly marbled tile with white cabinets (so far) so no, Vamps isn't moving in.

No. 133751

Vamp just got another place, I think her own. Looks like 2 bedrooms as one she says is for cosplay only. No signs of roommate rooms or seen them in stories since the new move. She's not with moo, that's for sure. This looks like a nice 2-3 bedroom place.

No. 133941

File: 1611340193916.png (3.38 MB, 1125x2436, 8C255B89-E13F-4584-9D90-ADE1EB…)

Antares is now banning people from her shop that don’t credit her in every post that has her ears in it. Too bad she won’t ban Moo

No. 134019

>no idea who this is
>look them up
>nothing but very average furry ears

I can understand being mad if someone outright lied and claimed they made them, but this is totally different imo. It’s so unrealistic and narcissistic to expect someone to credit you in every single post for making such a small part of an overall costume.

And if she’s really checking every customer’s profile regularly, she either doesn’t have that many customers, or she’s a loser with no life and nothing better to do than neurotically check up on a long list of people

No. 134063

She’s a long time friend of moo, they’d cosplay together and she’s done commissions for her time and again.

No. 134075

File: 1611427888569.jpg (621.64 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20210123-105102_Twi…)

Makes sense though. You have some cosplayers go as far as credit some cosplay company that's low quality, but not handmade customized ears you wrestle with claims to own and to use in the cosplay? Seems like one is honestly more important to credit. People credit wig makers, prop makers.. its basically another prop. It's just laziness and wanting to keep where you get your stuff a secret on most of these cosplayers parts. Its a way cosplayers have been skirting by to pretend everything is them like how Moo usual does. She was ranting about this a while ago too.

No. 134076

File: 1611427953987.jpg (530.42 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20210123-105119_Twi…)

She's also made this complaint so many times before.

No. 134077

Imagine if retail stores did this. You post a picture wearing sone dress you bought and suddenly @you why didn't you credit. This dress is the main theme of your photo. Credit me.

Makes the creator of the item look crazy, who wants to be subtweeted and harassed by someone you bought some generic item off?

No. 134078

She does custom work though. Thats the issue and these types of ears are still very niche. These arent normie wear and conventions even rarely have them on display in AA because they take so much time (even though if you're good imo you'd sell out and make more than your money back if do a big lineup). Most people still use pawstar or the crappy fabric ears that come with the kitty cutout bikini the thots wear.

No. 134089

nah, it’s more like if you custom-made an elaborate wedding cake, & then the bride tagged the store where she bought her dress, caterer, flower shop, hair/MUA, on down to the bar staff, but just somehow skipped tagging you on the cake entirely. rude af, legit to make general complaints about if it happens regularly.

No. 134096

The people who do this try to keep their connections or where they got it to themselves even if the stores or person is public. It's just scummy. Especially with ears like these where cosplayers do get asked in comments where stuff is made of not listed, again, especially ears. I see it asked on lingerie and normie ear wearing ooc outfits. Its purposeful on their part not to credit and not just an oversight. The only thing I think happened is they mightve forgot where they got ears if a seller is on something like Instagram and you can't just look up an order like on Etsy. This is a big issue if your whole purpose is just to grab as many listings as possible just to make content.

These people often resell for higher too which is a whole other issue, but imo if you bought it you have every right to sell it for as much as you want. Sellers getting mad that you were able to get more for it are just salty. You own it at that point. Its not the same as crediting.

No. 134131

What backwater ass cons are you going to? Because I’ve seen at least one seller with ears like that at every con I’ve been to for the past 6 years or so

No. 136684

File: 1612546632948.png (3.01 MB, 1536x2048, 51F30222-4DFB-4762-A386-1A0176…)

We know moo has plans so wanted to show the detail vamp put into her version at least with the aging of the dress and all. She even wore her fake boob chest plate thing. I wonder what Moos train wreck will look like.

No. 136827


I just saw it right now and yeah it looks good not gonna lie but let's see how the lazy cow does

No. 136847

Yeah ngl, while her face isn't perfect for this cosplay, this is probably one of the best takes on the dress I've seen? Over all one of the better cosplays I've seen even if I'm still sick of everyone hopping on this bandwagon. kek

I hope we see Mariah pull out the brown upper lip for this one.

No. 138944

File: 1613777988706.jpg (Spoiler Image,363.48 KB, 960x1707, 960x1707_df8b23915f829f82e0c71…)

No. 138959

Spoiler that shit, retard

No. 138986

And vamp's naked body is milk how??

No. 139082


It's yet another example of Vamp following Mariah's lead and completely blowing her out of the water?

No. 139094

nta but wasn't vamps a stripper originally? She's probably very used to being completely naked/doesn't care as much about that… So would that really be considered following her lead?

Also, this comment screams 'scrote'. No one gives a shit about vamps naked body, that's not milk.

No. 139143

No, she cammed. Actual stripping is different abd she never did full nudity before she met Moo and even then Moo did it first like the lost she is.

No. 139251

Vamps has always has a good body, especially after leaving Moo who started fattening her up towards the end of that friendship. This ain't milk.

No. 139306

Iirc Vamps was a stripper before she started cosplaying. This was years before she and Moo did the whole deal with Camversity.

No. 139314

yeah you're wrong. She was a stripper prior to cosplaying with moo, she's said it before in posts that she used to but didn't like it and felt ashamed about it.

No. 140206


I saw that she's looking to have the sixpack and working more on his body …. Meanwhile the lazy cow is only eating like a pig

No. 140215

She wasnt a stripper. Lurk more. She did camming before Moo was in the photo. Theres a difference between the two and She never said she went nude during those days. Im assuming no because we would've seen old pictures floating around like Moo's high school ones.

No. 140216

She even talked about it on stream, the same one where Moo kept insisting Vamps twerk for money. Go rewatch them or something. She did a whole mini sperg about it and Moo teased her as 'veteran'.

No. 140493

you're wrong, she has mentioned it many times before. Go watch the streams idiot.

No. 143209

She's back from hiatus(necro)

No. 143215

Who? You necro'd this for what?

No. 143451

File: 1617320347173.jpg (202.78 KB, 1056x1168, Screenshot_20210401-163825_Ins…)

Leave it to the white girl of the group to not gaf about Moo's racism while her other friends have. Her, Collette, sniper. The only people still making it clear they follow her.

No. 150942

File: 1621550590905.jpg (619.63 KB, 533x937, NKTthE0.jpg)

Just want to record information because the other thread mentioned this scrote idiot:
https://steamcommunity.com/id/ShiNoMegami7 (?, Dead)

"Boyfriend" is pinkydeath826. Shares a poly relationship with her husband included.

Shi_no recently came out with a tiktok saying:
>whatever "happened all those years ago" is over and whether the victims healed or not is none of their concern
>"she didn't digitally rape anybody, she didn't actually rape anybody..all she did was touch people "accidentally"
>according to Shi_no, Moo has apologized, she's gone to therapy, she takes medication
>doesn't understand what other want and deems Moo "harmless"
>speaks as a victim of PTSD

Sounds super autistic.

No. 150944

File: 1621550810151.jpg (457.15 KB, 310x710, HQDMJ1g.jpg)

No. 152744

File: 1621971573749.jpg (36.13 KB, 960x640, 190934775_324270695925838_8673…)

they really posted this and thought it was a good shot. I don't know what type of look Vamplette is trying to go for here, deranged frog?

No. 152782

Because lifting someone's shirt is "accident".. Because forcing someone to slightly bend over so you could slap their ass in public without consent was an "accident".

These dumbasses defend everything about moo.

No. 152884

Didn't she get a nosejob? It looks the same as it did before

No. 152892

The angle isn’t the greatest in this photo but it’s a lot better than it was before >>119121

No. 152910

She didn't like the bump, but for the most part kept the size. She got just a shavedown and they fixed the deviation a bit. Having a big nose isn't a bad thing >>152884 unless you're like the anons complaining about Mikan's nose job too which is the same surgery Vamp got.

No. 153738

File: 1622500422853.jpg (726.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210531-153325_Tik…)

Oh god , Moos been taking her to get her lips done, they are so overfilled and look ridiculous

No. 153751


She looks like pixyteri.

No. 153761

Shit you’re so right

No. 155480

Idk if we saw the same photo but that shit was terrifying..

No. 228324

It’s weird how Maddie tries to have 0 internet presence as if we don’t all know she sucks in Moo’s asshole for a living.

No. 228437

she doesn't, she constantly posts stupid wig shit. she's just a sperg irl and still uses facebook.

No. 228460

Please share her facebook posts. I can only imagine the unhinged rants she writes.

No. 228485

Too busy making wigs.

No. 233045

File: 1658913702124.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x1561, 716D3891-78C4-480D-80DD-C7FC7B…)

This has to be the worst cosplay I have ever seen in my life. Her big ass teeth, her nails, her lips. The dead eyes and lack of lashes. God she’s an eyesore.

No. 239240

File: 1660271441877.jpg (1.55 MB, 1170x1619, sabrinawtf1.jpg)

not sure where to put this since she's technically no longer mariah's calf nor does she do cosplay, but sabrina nichole did a photoshoot for a pin-up magazine with a child??? some of the photos are nude although the kid only shows up in the one's where she has a bathing suit on

No. 239241

File: 1660271596924.jpg (1.45 MB, 1170x1599, sabrinawtf2.jpg)

No. 239242

File: 1660271685329.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1170x1651, sabrinawtf3.jpg)

someone made a comment about it asking her why she would shoot pornographic images with a child on set but it looks like she deleted in

No. 239266

None of the shits are sexual with the kid in the room. A bikini alone isn't really a big deal as long as he wasn't there for actual NSFW shots like >>239242

Its not up to her either.

No. 239276

it's still really fucked up. it's the same shoot, with the same set and costumes.

No. 239278

A bikini alone in the context of being on a beach or a clothing catalog set is fine, but this shoot was obviously deviant with the clown theme and setting. Not a child friendly environment at all but I agree it was likely not her choice.

No. 239280

But the kid might be out of the building.

No. 239291

but the sexual pictures and the ones with the kid are in the same spread. in a pin up mag it has disgusting implications.

No. 239375

?? What are they going to do, force the kid to look at nude photos that they probably weren't in the room/building after the fact? Get therapy.

No. 239378

you need therapy if you think kids posing for fap fodder is acceptable. a photo spread in a pin up mag is for moids to jack off to. kids shouldn't be included period. pin up mags aren't for women.

No. 239386

Honestly this. Who do you guys think pin up shit is for? The kid shouldn't have even been involved in a shoot that was going to be sexual at any point. No one looking at the pictures back to back in the magazine is going to think about what was happening during the shooting. They will just see her and the kid and then nudes of her. That's fucking creepy.

No. 239396

If its so bad, while both clothed in the shoot, why did anon think it was okay to post a child ITT if itll be seen as CP to the scrotes?

No. 239921

i wish sw anons would kill themselves off the site.

No. 266460

File: 1668721871575.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1919, 75368F8E-641B-4BCF-90B5-4FA74A…)

Looks like vamplette managed to snag herself an Asian boy. Mariah is probably fuming

No. 266478

…unsaged for what?

No. 266481

This explains moo pulling out some rando guy to (as always) try to one up vamp. It's like clockwork

No. 266484

because it's a fucking update you retard. this is a calf thread and some people actually care about this. milk isn't necessarily what you personally find funny.

No. 266504

No one said it had to be funny. Calm down.

No. 266599

>fit asian prettyboy cosplayer
Kek. He's exactly Moo's type too. I wonder what he looks like without the faceshoop tho.

No. 266626

At this point it doesn’t matter because we all know moo is seething about this because as you pointed out, he is exactly her type. He could be uggo but he’s not her uggo. And he even publicly acknowledges vamps in his bio

No. 266638

meanwhile moo is stuck with her pudgy clout chaser guy who's probably not even officially dating her

No. 266930

Moo must be livid. Vamplette is living her life. Are they still in touch?

No. 267161

We are sure they are dating? What's with the person above Vamps.

No. 267463

>>267161 …nona that's his dog

No. 267999

Still not answering.

No. 273822

where did 131 go?
why does it keep getting taken down

No. 285127

File: 1678421556993.jpg (97.05 KB, 720x707, Screenshot_20230309_220902_Bea…)

Her post vs Waifu Con Pic

No. 285197

She's not even Moo's friend. Sage your vendetta.

No. 285692

can someone link the current thread here, can’t find it

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