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File: 1456475199690.png (899.05 KB, 900x900, image.png)

No. 100403

I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about this cow yet.

Tana Mongeau is a 17 year old (the years have not been kind) self-obsessed wannabe famous YouTuber who spends her days making up ridiculous lies for her story time videos. Her dimwitted teenage fan base attacked a nail salon in Henderson, Nevada over allegedly "stealing" $950, basically destroying the business. In her story times, she often lies about everything and can very easily be debunked with the use of a thing called common sense.

She somehow blew up with half a million subscriptions in only about 6 months of being on YouTube by swearing like a sailor. Apparently, her fanbase consisting of teenage girls love her because they see her as "Regina George but nice" and for her "real and edgy" persona. One of her latest videos is of her fake crying over hate comments and hitting half a million subs,

Check out her cringeworthy YouTube videos for yourself.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWD8su9Sk6GzZDwy9zs3_w
Vine: https://vine.co/u/1112626065270280192
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tanamongeau
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanamongeau/

No. 100404

The video where she lies her ass off about a nail salon stealing $950. Why in the fuck would you carry that much cash around with you? She says she was going to deposit it into a bank but her bank is only in Texas. This doesn't make any sense because she lives in Nevada now.

No. 100405

There's a video from the nailsalon. So yeah.

No. 100406

why are dirty liar always ugly as fuck?
She look like a ugly gigi gorgeous.

No. 100407

Funny how she acts like she's a tough bitch in her videos and here she acts meek and timid. Did she seriously say that she wasn't expecting the bill to be so high and that she only has 7 or 8 dollars???

No. 100408

Ok… why would you leave a bunch of cash just sitting in a purse? And why didn't her mom stop the lady from going into her purse and see them take the money out?
Also, she looks late 20's or 30's, not 17. It's probably not helped by her bleached hair and harsh makeup but geez… homegirl is gonna be haggard as fuck

No. 100409

Also, what is she doing that she's getting paid so much in cash? Is she a waitress (in which case why wouldn't you deposit sooner, unless she's in fine dining she wouldn't be making that much in tips and fine dining is probably mostly paid for with card)? That is the only job I can think of where you would get a bunch of money in cash for payment (that would be legal for a 17 year old to do)

No. 100410

She said she had taken the money out to pay a deposit or rent or something for her house. Funny that she doesn't mention it at all in >>100405 though. If she only had 7 or 8 dollars then where did this magical $900 come from?

No. 100411

lmao so the bitch claims someone stole $950 from her and her debit card. but when asked if she could pay with cash she said she has like $8. What happened to the almost $1k she said she had?

Sounds like she lost her card and then tried to blame the nail salon. What a cunt.

I vote we keep her on /pt/

No. 100412

Also some of the comments are saying the $950 was her mom's money which was going towards bills, so Tana didn't even consider to think to use it? What?! If I noticed my debit card was gone and I needed to pay for a service, and I had almost $1k… I would use it to pay the people! Just dip into the "bill funds" and take the hit.

Sounds like she just wanted some free nails~

No. 100413

>22+ minutes of that voice
Nooo thank you.

No. 100414

Exactly what I was thinking. I was very surprised to read that she was 17 and not 27/30.

No. 100415

The facial expressions she makes are so fucking annoying, and why does she have a smoker's voice?

No. 100416

She's 17 but apparently owns her own home? Something doesn't add up here.

No. 100417

File: 1456502624063.png (694.02 KB, 860x582, oh.png)

Wouldn't be surprised if she was lying about being 17, but some of her older selfies on IG really do look like something dumb teenagers do.

No. 100418

I had a classmaterrible who inherited a house when her grandmother died, she was 20 when she got it. Same thing, only she may not have full ownership until she's 18.

No. 100419

I never notice shit like this, but is that a fucking Adam's apple?

No. 100420

Not cow material. Boring.

No. 100421

oh shit I watched this bitch sometimes. She keeps saying things like "back in high school I used to be such a bad kid blah blah blah" but then she says she's 17?

She also goes out a lot of places with her pizza faced bf, which is weird because what kind of parent let's their teen go to raves in California?

she's either lying about her age or doing something on the side.

No. 100422

She thinks it's illegal not to have security cameras in a place of business and she fucking scoffs at the woman when she asks if she has a driver's licence by saying "no, I'm 17." Because it's impossible for a 17 year old to have a driver's licence? Yeah, you really schooled her on that one.

I work retail and and this is totally a classic situation of a person who has the whole "the customer is always right!" memtality, when she's the one who doesn't have any money to pay for the service she received and is blaming the staff of stealing a card that she either forgot or misplaced. Ridiculous.

The man handling the situation is being super professional and level headed when I'm sure all he wanted to do was rip off the nails that she couldn't pay for.

No. 100423

File: 1456522498695.png (32.89 KB, 500x354, tumblr_nfbch1b82D1rg69pbo1_500…)

maybe you didnt think that she may have dropped out or graduated early.
also, a lot of parents dont give a shit what their kids do, i know that mine never did.

she's not a cow, i think she's funny even if she lies. at least she's real as shit unlike a lot of "story time" youtubers.

>inb4 "hi tana"

No. 100424

This bimbo is tacky as hell but she is indeed not a cow. Put this thread on /snow/ together with the Michelle Phan one. Jesus Christ the threads here are getting shittier and shittier

No. 100425

eh i kind of like her since every other female youtuber likes to be seen as an innocent pretty princess. i like someone who doesnt sound tired when they talk and can add in a few swear words like every normal person. but reading the comments about lying about the nail salon.. now i don't know what to believe. i don't care enough tho so it's w/e. will agree that she needs to take better care of her hair and skin tho or else she'll age like nigri

No. 100426

actually I hate her storytime videos the most out of any I've ever seen, and I watch a lot.
She's whiny as fuck and exaggerates to the fucking extreme. Her videos are nothing but clickbait (like that's anything new though).
She's a basic-ass, botoxed, bimbo.
And Tana is not the only one who does the "OMG KEEPIN IT REAL 4 MY HOMIIESSS YAAAAASSS LOL" thing so don't try and act like she's special because of it.

No. 100427


Her skin is already pretty fucking horrible.

No. 100428

If she lies then how can she be considered real?

No. 100429

Apparently there's a thread on GG about her and very little of it is good for her. She claimed a famous YouTuber asked her for nudes out of the blue??? http://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=22820&sid=32ed1752e1bebeb0fa241e7d8a9b7b7b&start=25

No. 100430

Oh her she is crazy and so are her fans.
After she posted her nail video shit hit the fan,her immature fans attacked the salon.
Yes people who have never been to this salon or that state gave it a one star rating the salon in question tried to tell their side only to be told to die,rot in hell and other nasty things from her fans.
The salon now has a deleted Facebook, Yelp will not let you review them and has deleted all comments up to a certain date due to this shit storm.
Also her fans are attacking the supposed instagram of the salon insulting the nails they post as well as attacking a picture of a child posted on there but that's not all they also are attacking salons in other states with the same name as the salon she visited.
saying they should do something about their sister store even though the store was not a chain but independent opened.

No. 100431

How do people get followings like this?

No. 100432

French anon here, just wanted to say the way she mangles her own last name drives me CRAZY.

No. 100433

Not sure how she is fooling anyone with the "Im 17" thing. Even ignoring how she doesnt look 17, nothing about her is like a highschooler. It sounds more like she and her friends are college age, and since she is american then >>100417 is likely her at 19/20 if that comment is truthful. Of course she isnt smart enough to be actually in college but Im sure some of her friends are and she parties with them.

No. 100434

I'm not buying the 17 year old thing either. I mean, she has a video titled, "Why I Rave Naked." That's fucking gross.

No. 100435

i too wanted to punch her, anon.

No. 100436

Same. Not French but I don't get how the fuck she gets "Mojo" from Mongeau. Her family is probably pure trash.

No. 100437

A glimpse into the comments on this fan's video gives you an idea of how dumb they are.

No. 100438

i feel like she would be the type of person to find this thread and mention it in a video.

No. 100439

She reminds me of Courtney Stodden–"famous" for doing nothing. The only difference is that Courtney isn't a giant cunt to everyone.

No. 100440

She's exactly that kind of person. She's "shouted out" to all her GuruGossip bitches or something at least once.

No. 100441


Yea hope the farm isn't in the front google page when you look up her name since that's how she found out about gurugossiper

No. 100442

I heard that she wanted someone to make a thread about her there?

No. 100443


No. 100444

Holy Hell, this proves that she's trashy as fuck.

Well, I won't mind at all if she ever does. I'll find it amusing, and it'll only negatively reflect her.

No. 100445

File: 1456602499695.png (775.99 KB, 597x595, f.png)

She looks like an ugly Jessica Nigri knockoff

No. 100446

that's what I was thinking
she looks so manly, from her nose and downwards reminds me of owen wilson

No. 100447

She could rock an androgynous look but noooo

No. 100448

File: 1456608761700.jpg (158.67 KB, 1600x1043, 4834384.jpg)

Oh God, you're right. Especially with that stupid face she's pulling.

No. 100449

Lmao holy fuck, she really does look like Owen Wilson. She should dress up as Hansel for one of her shitty videos.

No. 100450

rofl omg dead on, anon!

No. 100451

I can't believe she is 17, I thought she was 25 or about.

No. 100452

She's 17? I feel great about myself now.

No. 100453

Jfc her whole look is all the trashy fads that girls think make them look attractive or "bad" but just end up making her look basic as fuck.

No. 100454

File: 1456614852935.jpg (1014.54 KB, 1080x1920, fYLwl0N.jpg)

Not that this site is super accurate but I'm still laughing my ass off

No. 100455

I believe her with the nail salon thing only because she has enough money for everything else, literally no one is going to brag about being dumb enough to lose that much money, there were people that prior to her going public had said they had been stolen from, things like that just don't go missing, and the fact that the employee moved all their bags before allowing the police to search. She also doesn't sound rehearsed, is clearly emotionally distraught, and has none of the mannerisms of someone telling a very lengthly lie. That and I'm assuming it was some nowhere suburban trash nail salon, and tbh those people can be shady.

Extremely stupid of her to not only pay someone to do a service in a place she immediately felt unsafe in but sit through what was apparently a very painful service. She also obviously shouldn't have let anyone touch her shit or take her eyes off of it when she had to move. However if that was me and it was a dumb mistake that everyone makes and I was focused on the service, I would have lost my mind. I understand wanting to empathize with the nail salon bc she comes off a way, but if you feel that way you obviously haven't been stolen from.

She needs to cool it with the dark eyebrows and black makeup if she wants to keep her platinum hair and not look as aged. I don't hate on noses because that's a really tired thing, but she should do her make up/styling smarter to tone down the harshness. Probably used some eyeshadow instead of harsh eyeliner.

But she also seems like someone who actively does not give a fuck about looking less harsh, and I kind of respect that.

No. 100456

So apparently her fans are now accusing another salon of changing their name to hide that they are the ones who supposedly took the money on the sole basis that the pictures this other salon uses looks the same as the one in question.

No. 100457

Yeah a few other people have had similar experiances from long before Tana went there and the video the salon released somewhat adds to me beleiving her just due to the fact they lied about having no cameras and then proceeded to use a camera to record customers without permission.

I personally enjoy tana, though I do think she lies for comedidc value on some of her videos.
I would say she is 17 or so soley based on the ages of her friends who appear in her video.
She's fun but imo more of a snowflake than cow.

No. 100458

File: 1456650748374.jpg (253.02 KB, 1024x768, 1.jpg)

Her friends look around her age if im honest, so I think its more likely she looks older in comparison to lolcows usuk ''uguuu kawayy loli'' makeup style than the chance of her lying about her age.

No. 100459

They both look horrible, why are all teens trying to be Kylie Jenner. It looks horrible outside of photos

No. 100460

File: 1456655185694.jpg (261.3 KB, 597x595, wooow.jpg)

No. 100461

my sides

No. 100462

This is beautiful. Thank you for this.

No. 100463

Such an improvement!

No. 100464

File: 1456727244760.jpg (36.71 KB, 500x444, tana dark hair.jpg)

She's ugly af

No. 100465

File: 1456727287041.jpg (67.58 KB, 768x1024, highschool tana.jpg)

No. 100466

If she's lying about being 17, what's the endgame here? I'm not saying she's not faking it, but I just don't see a purpose. Wouldn't younger girls, like the type she wants for her audience, be more impressed by a somewhat older girl like early to mid 20s?

No. 100467

damn I thought she'd look better with brown hair. but she's straight up ugly af.

No. 100468

This chick just has some really shitty self-esteem and tries to cover it up. She's definitely more of a snowflake than a cow.

She makes self-hating jokes, has a fake personality that sounds like a living Tumblr blog, and has a copied appearance full of trends. It's all just copying different things to make herself seem better.
Honestly, I don't think she's a bad person and just seems confused about who she is like a lot of teens are.

Also, I saw some people asking questions that I remember her mentioning in her older videos:

>She is a teen (I think she's 18 now but could still be 17)

>Graduated from high school early, idk how
>Does online college
>Lives with her boyfriend

No. 100469

Eww. There's just no saving her ugly face.

No. 100470

I mean, she's not a stunner but she's not that fucking bad. Come on now, guys.

No. 100471

this whole thread reeks of self post

No. 100472


she looks better with brown hair.

No. 100473

Shes a pretty girl, this thread reeks of pull and underage

No. 100474

she's not great, but i still wish i could afford platinum blonde hair and all that makeup, at least that part of her looks like effort was put in.

her instagram makes me jelly though why am i such a fucking neet

No. 100475

tana is annoying and her videos seem super exaggerated, but y'all are acting like she's the ugliest person ever. she's a basic looking girl, not ugly or especially pretty. she just wears harsh make up. not a cow. this should be in /snow/ or not on this site at all tbh.

No. 100476

>shit tier taste
Robot gtfo

No. 100477


why is it that anytime people have different tastes than you theyre underage and a pull member?

No. 100478

She's mildly attractive in a basic way.
But she ruins it by bleaching her hair to oblivion, having bad skin and wearing pounds of makeup.
She's no beauty queen by far, but she's not terrible looking. She could be fairly attractive if she wasn't trying to be a "hot beach babe" or whatever.

No. 100479

There a diffrence in "taste" and calling someone outright ugly, shes not ugly.

No. 100480

maybe, but calling her pretty is a stretch.

No. 100481

Agreed – she's attractive in a basic way. Not beautiful, or even pretty, but guys go absolutely nuts for long, bleach-blond hair and boobage so I'm sure she gets all kinds of attention.

Guys are dumb.

No. 100482

It's hilarious because her "long" blonde hair is actually just extensions

No. 100483

I really want to fight her, she comes across as quite punchable.

No. 100484

The funny thing is but in the "why I rave naked" video she claims her croptop is marciano by guess. I cant find any evidence of that top being guess and she claims its covered in swarovski crystals when its clearly not.

I'm being a petty bitch I know, but gurl you look like shit and you lying.

No. 100485

>> omg why do guys like her? Shes so ugly! They have bad taste just look at the way her legs curve!!
sooooooooo insecure haha

No. 100486

so new it burns

No. 100487

its the carmen embelleshed bustier, you might not have been able to look it up if you were looking for a ''crop top''

No. 100488


hi tana

No. 100489

you are cancer.

No. 100490

not her i just got curious as to why shed lie about owning guess given theyre hardly high end

No. 100491

She's so ignorant wtf.
At like 4:02 she literally says "china" instead of Japan. Is she that dumb or is she just acting like she is???

No. 100492

I think she's just that dumb. Some people on the GG forum said she's racist but in this case? She's just plain stupid.

No. 100493

People probably say she's racist because she looks like iggy azalea

No. 100494

her voice sounds like she's been drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes for 20 years

No. 100495

Why is this bitch screaming? It just echos, adding to the cringe.

No. 100496

She screams in all of her videos… the bitch is annoying as fuck. Tana comes off as one of those people that you just wanna punch in the face out of reflex.

No. 100497


oh i fucking knew it had to be extensions. her hair is basic but i can't help but love it.. im a sucker for long straight hair. if i could ever get hired id honestly save up for extensions

No. 100498

why are all the comments girls saying i love you and youre so hot. she is pretty but shes also dumb and obnoxious as fuck

No. 100499

Maybe they hope if they suck up then she'll be friends with them and benefit from her friendship? that's my guess anyway

No. 100500

she also really doesnt seem like a kind or thoughtful person

No. 100501

Probably. She comes off as that popular cunt in high school that everyone hates but secretly wants to be friends with.

No. 101645

Idiots think long, bleach-blond hair (doesn't matter if extensions) + boobage = beauty. Bitch can have a face like the ass end of a cement mixer but if she's blond with reasonably big hooters she'll be called gorgeous.

No. 101685

In other words, the ugly American beauty standard.

No. 101733


She's like a 5/10. Literally all of her "beauty" is in her hair. I feel like her long face, big nose, and beady angry looking eyes just make the hair look that much better by contrast that she basically just becomes her hair.

No. 101784

Her skin is pretty bad under the foundation. She should stop caking for awhile to fix that or at least find some kind of makeup that wont make it worse.

This girl is pretty ugly. She reminds me of a snail. idk.

No. 101805

You made a thread about Tana who has literally no milk but you didn't make one about this cunt instead? Okay..

No. 101808

>editing bruises/blood onto self
>clickbait title that the video probably isn't even about
these cunts mang. Thirsty af

No. 101874

She's such a spoiled brat istg

No. 101908

Every title is "I was attacked!" "I was kidnapped!" "I was in a car accident!" WTF. Her friend "dearalexia" has exactly one video she put up, and it's about "simplynessa" being pregnant.

Maybe someone should make a thread about her…

No. 102042


are the biggest and most annoying offenders.

No. 102067

Okay, I would stuff a toilet brush into this entitled cunt's mouth if I had to listen to her yapping – no wonder her dad hung up on her! She makes a compelling example for legalization of 75th trimester abortions.

No. 102202

This thread is so pointless. You're grasping at straws. There's no milk here.

For real.

No. 102209

Clean your walls!!

No. 102211

> this thread is so pointless

That's why it's in snow

No. 102226

But she's aware that she's spoiled and has first world problems. She addresses that she's like that all the time. Who cares.

No. 102265

i can't even make it through this video because of her voice. she sounds like she always has a dick in her throat

people probably tell this bitch she's pretty but she looks like a kmart version of courtney stodden

No. 102292

File: 1457418379180.png (128.3 KB, 2490x320, Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.27…)

>I'm the farthest thing from spoiled!

No. 102296

You're an idiot.

No. 102300

If you want a thread so bad then make one.

No. 102303

You sound offended.

No. 102308

it's okay to be wrong sometimes anon.

No. 102311

Stop samefagging, you must be a fucking retard.

No. 103846

One cunt did a video for another cunt. Tana Mojo's rabid fan girls in the comments say that she's going to go vegan. In other words, soon she'll be even angrier and bitchier than before. …yay, more screaming banshee videos.

No. 103847

What? You don't even make any sense.

No. 103899

She is 17. I went to the same Elementary school as she did, and I have the yearbook. She looks like a horse and that's probably why she looks so much older.

She also claims to have a stalker that she's had since the 2nd grade, who had gotten arrested recently because he tapped into her phone, car ect.

I'm so curious to know who this guy because I probably know him since I did intact go to the same school.


No. 103901

The stalker is 100% real. It's actually terrifying.

No. 103902

No. 103904

This is really sad.. I feel for her. There is no way she could be lying about this. It's so deep rooted.

No. 103911

>stalker has an Instagram account but no phone

No. 103914

Brand new video.

No. 103916

She keeps stressing that she felt like people would get mad at her and say she's like "every other YouTuber" if she moved houses.
Is this a thing? Do people actually get mad at people on the internet for moving into new homes?
If so, YouTuber fans are fucking ridiculous.

No. 103919

Ah man.. that's so fucked up. I'm glad she's okay.

No. 103928

Half of what she says has nothing to do with her 'stalker', it's just her trying to subtly imply that her house is haunted or shit like that

No. 103959

Or, you know, you could message her with your name and say you went to the same school as her and are curious.

No. 104068

LOL the video about Disneyland came on after this and it is so full of shit.
She claims Disneyland ran out of water because it was so hot and told them to go to a gas station for water, and charged $50 for a spray bottle fan (jacked up the prices because of demand) and then let people play in the fountains.
Um… if Disneyland did indeed run out of bottled water (I doubt it), they have water fountains all over the place, and you can get a cup of water at any restaurant for free. They also don't jack up the price of things in demand for one day, prices are printed on everything and they are so concerned with guests having a good experience that they don't pull shit like that.
Also, there are not really any fountains that you can play in (there's one in Tomorrowland but you can walk on it anytime) so unless Disneyland let people jump into the freaking Rivers of America and the pond by Tomorrowland and the castle moat… ya that didn't happen.
Like, any of this stuff is obvious to anyone who's gone to Disneyland pretty much ever.
(Yes, I'm a local with an annual pass but I wouldn't believe this shit anyway, it's way too nuts)

No. 104069

Didn't Trisha Paytas move recently for the same reason?

No. 104413

File: 1457749367977.jpeg (407.55 KB, 999x1374, image.jpeg)

No. 104443


dat 5head tho

No. 104446

She doesn't look that bad here. Like a normal teenage girl with bad hair, but we all had some stuff we regret.
This looks a thousand times better than her stripper style she has now.

No. 104448

how old is she in this picture?

No. 104470

That was her in the 6th grade

No. 104471

She was born in 1998

No. 104504

It's a lot of backlash for renting a huge home just because you can and it stays half empty, like you're wasting money and trying to show off your wealth.

A lot of celebrities in the 2000s got backlash for it as well (around the height of the reality tv/mtv cribs era) because they'd have these huge mansions but there'd be like, a couch and a table in a huge sitting room and the bedrooms were one big bed and nothing else. It feels impersonal and like the person doesn't actually care/just wants to show off how nice a place they can get but don't plan on actually living there.

No. 104518

Oh my god I never realized how bad her skin actually is…

No. 104525

But, anon! It's all about how "real" she is!

No. 104716

She does not look 11 to me. I'm not saying she's not, but time has not been kind even at this age.

No. 110971

File: 1459017340253.png (259.65 KB, 586x401, pls dont tell me shes wearing …)

this makes me appreciate my skin, sure i have some redness sometimes but holy crap girl needs to get that checked out.. once her hair is out of the way she has nothing going for her

No. 111070

She is such a horse face, oh my god. I don't get the Anons saying that she's pretty. The only beauty she has are her hair extensions.

No. 111150

Did she sleep in her eyelashes or something?

No. 116847

I love how you guys call her fans immature yet y'all are sitting on your holier-than-thou asses and are calling her a cow lmao
Like some of you guys seem to be dedicating a lot of time to talking shit about her

No. 116850

File: 1460225207197.png (330.02 KB, 400x533, image.png)

No. 116856

Since I found her channel, I've always thought that she was just making shit up. And it's not only her that makes videos about shits that never happened, but this girl called simplynessa15, who is kinda popular for her story time video, does the same thing,. Once I took time to look up her videos, I noticed that her stories' time frames just don't add up. lol

No. 116875

>On a board where every post is anonymous and lacking a title
>still puts in a title and an e-mail address

No. 118340

I am honestly sick of her fans attacking innocent salons that are not the luxy in Vegas because they cant read or do research and are harassing any salon on facebook with the name luxy despite it being in Texas and California.

No. 118362

Not gonna read this thread or waste more than five minutes watching this boring bitch (because there are a thousand other youtubers, instagram girls, & social media queens just like her, actual 17-year-olds too) but I just wanna say that the sudden easy access to fame via the internet in the past couple of years is possibly the worst thing to happen to the human race, ever.

If you locked this girl in an auditorium with her 40,000 internet "friends" she's so proud of, she would be begging for you to end it with a bullet to her head within an hour. That's the problem with this whole e-fame thing. She doesn't have to acknowledge that 30k of those "friends" are actually creepy, thirsty men who would have her diving for her rape whistle on sight if she saw them coming up to her IRL. The rest are a mix of clueless teeny boppers who think she's awesome and then who knows fuck else (probably haters, mostly).

Internet fame literally comes down to luck and to how much of a whore you're willing to be for the faceless, thirsty masses. And yet it's a source of pride to girls like this who think they're the shit because of it, and a terrible standard to set for the younger girls who make a role model out of her.

No. 123868

It seriously depresses me that there are actual people that act/talk like this in the world, non-ironically and not as part of a "character" or something. She makes me want to punch myself in the face.

No. 123875

I'm like 356832 years too late but that's the first thing that came into my mind when I saw her. So accurate

No. 123889

omg sorry i have to put in my two cents in because i work at disney (haven't watched her video and i won't because i'll just want to comment useless shit on her video)
disney doesn't just run out of fucking water lmfao in fact on extremely hot days we have FREE WATER STATIONS where we hand out little bottles of ice cold dasani for fucking free and like you said, we have hundreds of water fountains just in one park alone. and also spray bottles are somewhere around ~$30 we don't just magically jack up the price in the middle of the day for demand.

also anon i'm glad you said something about this. i wonder if her video is as bad as the youtuber who said she was verbally harassed by a cm at splash mountain.

sage for massive ot

No. 123958

It probably is. All of Tana's videos are intolerable and she doesn't have a single entertaining one.

No. 124061

do you guys have nothing better to do

No. 124083

Seems like you don't either.

No. 124084

For your sake, I hope thats a throwaway email address.

No. 124085

I just noticed that. LMAO. Tana's fanbase is even dumber than I thought. They probably don't even know what a throwaway email is.

No. 124214

Why do girls blindly defend this ugly ass bitch again…?

No. 126326

File: 1462034045688.png (696.32 KB, 1439x787, tmp_1597-20160430_113233-57239…)

You guys. Holy shit. This bitch is a fucking shape shifter.

No. 126328

Honestly just looks like the same person only with makeup on and her tones different. Unless you were being sarcastic.

No. 126381

you're one of her stans, aren't you?

No. 126387

So that's why she looks thirty something. Uh. Why would anyone use make up to look uglier and older?

No. 126395


Idk, anon, but that makeup definitely ages her at least 10 years. No wonder I see all these young teenage girls roaming around that look 20+. Not blaming Tana specifically, just the YT and instagram make up cultures in general.

No. 126612

I know she can't help it but she has such an unfortunate nose.

No. 126620

why the fuck does she yell in her videos
i literally have my computer volume at one bar and it's STILL too loud
her neighbors are probably like "fuck she's screaming at that camera again…"

No. 130775

File: 1463313541148.jpg (111.07 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

At the start of Tana's latest video. All over her Twitter she's going on about "nose doctors" and NEEDING the surgery for "breathing problems" and "nosebleeds" because she's too ashamed to admit she's getting a nose job for cosmetic reasons. So "real". When she comes back with a tiny, non-Owen Wilson nose we'll know the truth.

No. 130782

I really don't like tana cause she is super annoying to listen to but i'm glad she tore freelee a new one. I would have subscribed just for that but she's not gonna make more videos about that so….no

No. 130792

I'm all for her getting her nose made smaller but it's just dumb to lie when people are going to notice anyway.

No. 130839

I felt like Tana preaching about how Freelee shouldn't bully people was super hypocritical since she encouraged her own minions to destroy the reputation of a local nail salon. Not only did they harass the shit out of that one (Luxy Nail Salon), but they were stupid enough to harass salons by the same name all throughout the country. If Tana wants to talk about how people shouldn't bully, she needs to stop being one herself.

No. 130842

HEY IDIOTS, if you watch the actual video the 950$ she took out FOR RENT TO PAY THAT DAY AND GAVE TO HER MOM SO HER MOM COULD KEEP IT SAFE. If you educate yourself ANOTHER youtuber has a similar story about the SAME nail salon and a few commenters. AND who TF are you guys to tear down a SEVENTEEN year old on her looks??? Like way to bully a child!! Congrats!

No. 130848

Come back in a few years, honey; you're not old enough to post here.

No. 130866

Thanks for the email address, faggot.

No. 130915

Tana fans confirmed for brain dead. But hey, it's perfectly fine to bully salons that aren't even affiliated with the Luxy Nail Salon in Las Vegas even if they didn't have anything to do with the alleged "theft" that occurred, right? But please, kept defending the screaming liar and believe everything she says. Go choke on a cock. It's what the brain damaged variety of teenage girls love to do these days, right?

No. 130919

Only 17 and already looks like a washed up 30yo. I can't wait to see how she looks in her twenties.

No. 130928

I dunno. Courtney does have that unnerving video of her eating cat food and acting all mk ultraed. That's pretty notable at least.

No. 130963


I hate when people call a 17 and a half year old a child and that you shouldn't criticize her. 16 and under? Sure give them a break but 17-18 is pretty much the same thing. Can't wait til she turns 18 and people can bash her without being told she's a child. What will she have to defend herself with then?
(Also no child talks about getting banged with a tooth brush and eating ass, I always roll my eyes when people call a vile teenager and angelic delicate child)

No. 130973

So much fucking this. Her stans are dumb as fuck and will use the, "But she's underage and can do no wrong excuse!" Yes, let's all pitty poor widdle Tana, the self-hypersexualized 17 year old child being "bullied!"

No. 134557

Look at her most recent video…her nose is bigger than before…

No. 139344

I hate her brain dead fans they are being extremely racist to this nail salon and saying they need to go back to their own country.
This is why people hate America and Americas still super racists because they are Asian they aren't from America this is sad this girl is sad and so are her vile fans some of them are teenagers saying this and people who don't know the tana drama they are accusing of being bought by the salon to give a good review.

No. 139364


holy shit, has your 10th grade English class covered run on sentences yet?

No. 139390

Anyone else find it funny she put no clickbait one one of her new videos.

No. 139391

Oops ment on not one

No. 139992

I know i'm straying from the whole nail salon drama, but is anyone else curious about her alleged stalker?

I believe he's since been released from prison and is now stalking other girls.

No. 141495

well if it happens to u, u would probably do the same thing and she didnt expose the nail salon shop in the first place.
also,her stories are true and most are proven with videos.
also,its not really nice of you dumb ass people to judge others look while you yourself probably dont look decent with ur ugly hearted selves. :)

No. 141513

hi tana

No. 141515

cause nobody on YouTube ever staged a scene ever.

No. 146267


She just posted a video using real names. I'm sure this will end well.

No. 146276


No. 146343

>also,her stories are true and most are proven with videos

Because it's totally impossible to stage YouTube videos. No one ever scripts things, no. That never happens, not even in movies!

>well if it happens to u, u would probably do the same thing and she didnt expose the nail salon shop in the first place.

How did she not expose the nail shop? She fucking sent her idiotic fans (such as you) after any salon named Luxy because 13 year old girls are the perfect disposable army that blindly believe anything. And no, I wouldn't handle it the way she did because for one, it's immature as fuck and two, you can get sued for defamation because it results in a loss of revenue. If she were actually telling the truth, she'd file a police report.

No. 146374

She might be fucked if the lady uses YT's new terms of service against harassment on her.

No. 146448

Aaaaand there goes her retarded fanbase, praising her for bullying again. I hope she gets sued. She got lucky that Luxy didn't file a lawsuit against her ass, but if they go onto harass this woman, Tana may not be so fortunate.

No. 146529

Yeah, I mean when I saw the video I googled the lady's name out of curiosity and I didn't see any social media or any info at all really. So hopefully that means her fans can't find a way to harass her.

I still feel like using someone's real name is just beyond shitty though. And completely unnecessary to tell your "story"

No. 162294

um first of all she isn't a cow, second of all she is funny and she deserves each and everyone of her subscribers she has. Not sure why you're giving her all this hate you don't have any proof any of her information isn't real. And clearly she has proof that it is. She is a loyal, Real, Amazing YouTuber so you can just shove all your hate right up your ass like your head! :)

No. 162301

this thread has been dead for a month, go away WK

No. 162326

Hi, Tana! Been googling your name?

No. 162352

I don't know if this being a self post or a legitimate fan of Tana's is sadder lmao

No. 162377

She's real human bean alright.

No. 162460

I love how Tana's fans are stupid enough to use their email addresses in the field lmao. You have to be at least 18 to post here.

Anyway, since a dumb white knight bumped the thread, I talked to someone who works at the Luxy Nail salon. She says that this isn't the first time Tana and her family tried to scam the place and despite what her haters want to believe, the business is thriving. And who in the fuck uploads a video talking about dildos they had when they were 13?! Great role model to the younger generation. But let them worship their con artist horse faced queen.

No. 162462

This truly does not surprise me. That girl just wants to cause drama with businesses so she can go on YouTube and make a story time about being scammed. She is truly the worst and I feel sorry for anyone who has to service her and her white trash family.

No. 162539

Well – I guess you told us. Now run on back to your braying white trash con artist queen and tell her what you did – she might even (gasp!) give you a shout out and validate your pathetic little life.

No. 163510

yall are literally hating on a teenage girl as a pastime oh my god lmfaooooo but thanks for promoting her xx(lmfaoooooo get out xx)

No. 163544

>comes to small fairly obscure imageboard
>"thanks for promoting her"

No. 163605

File: 1470491886906.jpg (10.42 KB, 378x442, FB_IMG_1470435689964.jpg)

No. 163757

This bitch tries to hard to be some Hollywood party girl but looks like a man in a wig

No. 163758

Oh god, you and me both. If I ever saw Tana and her family walk into my salon, I'd let all my co-workers know that the Owen Wilson in drag is a con artist. No one should have to go through the shit like the nail salon did but thankfully they're doing fine.

No. 163858

She's sucking her stomach in and arching her back so her stomach doesn't look like a soft, doughy mess.

No. 164435

You can suck some titty juice cause you're stupid asf it's amazing so just fucking staphhhhhhh it's irritating how ignorant, petty, and just plain stupid you all are. Haven't u realized the reason she has so many followers and fans is because she's cool she awesome asf and she keeps it real. So why don't all you Tana haters just go masturbate because you are obviously missing something in your life since you have all this time to hate on tana. Go can all die u fucking shrubs. Now ima go watch some Youtube Videos.(just ... no.)

No. 164445

No. 164461

I fucking love how much self-awareness her 10 year old fans lack. You idiots don't know you're only proving this thread's point. Topkek

No. 164463

Back to the trailer park ghetto with thee!

No. 164637

File: 1470853117999.jpg (311.73 KB, 597x595, tanaowentopvictim.jpg)

You always hear jokes about how youtubers fans are 10 y/o kids (every comment section on yt reeks of underb8it) but seeing them appear here- so unable to hide their power levels- is kinda entertaining. I haven't seen a thread get infested with this many children elbow deep in a cows asshole before. Can it be argued Tana's a cow because her followers produce relatively potent lulz?

Also does anyone know how they got here? Did Tana name drop us? Googled her, we showed up a relatively far down. But like who stans someone so hard they google them, check all related content regularly like an avid internet user, and still get severely butthurt enough over the mild criticism ITT to bother whiteknighting?

No. 164723

I think if the scamming screaming banshee name dropped us, we'd have even more children flocking to this thread, imo. Don't underestimate the Internet boredom of a 10 year old. When I was 10 I dug deep for hours on Google looking for certain Pokémon stuff. I'm willing to bet that these Tana stans are doing the same. They're just too stupid to conceal their power levels and have way too much time on their hands.

No. 164814

Shit she does look like a hint of Owen Wilson lmao

No. 165330

That's insulting to Owen Wilson

No. 165331

White, ugly, basic, bleach blonde hair extensions, fake tan, annoying, poor

She's the poster girl for girls who wear Micahel Kors

No. 165348

Ha, well she sure isn't poor anymore. These you tubers can't paid obscene amounts for doing borderline nothing.

No. 165421

It's basically the recipe to become YouTube famous right there. Lol

No. 165780

Can we use this thread to find the stalker's real name? Think that'd be more interesting than arguing with a bunch of kids who don't have a mind of their own

No. 166586

I'd be all for it but I have no idea where to start.

Yo, Tana's old schoolmate, you still around?

No. 167388

I don't get why people are sitting in here talking about how much they don't like her or how 'ugly' she is. shaming someone because you don't like the way that they look is never okay. who raised you? this is some crazy person shit in here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 167401

File: 1471799600240.jpg (19.39 KB, 600x336, owxzNDC.jpg)

people call out her lies and then literally offer to find her stalker and all stans see is that we called their lord and savior nasty looking. yall only mention the name calling because you know the rest is true. Clearly you from fucking yt like go back home and try to whiteknight her video comment sections if youre so fucking hot n bothered by comments that dont succ her.

No. 170341

dong get how and why there is so much hate on this page tana is lovely can people please keep there opinions to themselves if you dont like her then thats life move on no need to bash her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173482

Lmao not defending her but you all sound so butthurt

No. 173499

This shit again? In case you haven't noticed this thread is not active at all and now you've bumped it.

No. 178308

umm how tf is tana lying when other people who subscribe to her and other youtubers say the same thing happened to them at the same nail salon. if you guys actually watched the video, she explains why she has that much money on her and how they could've easily stolen it from her. also, one of the workers told tana that they "didn't believe in security cameras" but then told the police officers that they didn't work. how could their cameras not work if they supposedly don't have any? this bullshit post was a waste of time.. pretty pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178813

You really think that people piggybacking off of someone else's drama is new? Since you're obviously 13 years old, I'm going to tell you a little bit about how the real world works. I'm friends with someone who knows the owner of the salon. The police came out, yes, indeed they did. But do you know what happened? When Tana Banana told her story, they fucking laughed at her because her story was so stupid and made no sense.

"They say they don't believe in security cameras!"

That's fucking bullshit. No where did they ever say that in a conversation. But by all means, please keep defending Tana and stupidly bumping her thread when no one said anything here for about a month. Her lies are constantly being exposed and dumb teenagers like you and the rest of her fanbase are gullible enough to believe it. One day you'll look back at all this and say, "Why did I ever defend this girl so much?"

No. 179139

Look, if you don't want to watch Tana's videos, don't. No one is forcing you to. I'm not a regular at her channel, but I have watched quite a few videos. Before I get some 12 year old replying to me and trying to tell me I'm wrong, I think everyone who is hating on her without KNOWING her, should just be quiet.

You people hiding behind your screens, saying she's a cow, saying she looks 30, you guys aren't supermodels. You guys aren't make up artists. You guys aren't bloody Miss Universes. So stop bashing her. It's pathetic and sad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 179141

Stop bumping the thread

No. 179157

you need to kys tana only wants to do what she loves. you're sad making a thread dedicated to her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 179162

this thread shows up on the first page of google….

it's been fun, guys.

No. 179165

It's really hilarious how the only people who have bumped this thread in months are random, 13 year old whitenights who are too retarded to see this chick hasn't been relevant for like a year now.

No. 179389

Does anyone know her stalkers name? New video was up on moday

No. 179393

Campaign to find out Tanas stalkers name

No. 179410

Starting a movement to move Tana thread to /manure/?

I don't see any milk here. She doesn't do anything besides make shit videos.

No. 180019

Agree. She boring as fuck.

No. 180023

Tana is herself. Stop wasting precious time from ur life to bash her. Get a life people and stop obsessing over hers.

No. 180031


I just watched all the videos on this today, honestly I would love to find out who this creepy fucker is. I just found about about this chick so i don't know much about her.

also why is this thread full of people using names and emails? its like the only thread that does this. Spur of the moment thought - think that sicko stalker found this thread? It would make sense since he's clearly obsessed over her.

No. 180032

hi tana. can't stop googling yourself huh?

No. 180033

Who cares? She already tells everything about the situation on YouTube. This thread needs to be moved to manure.

No. 180034

What I want to know most is why this thread is full of Names/Emails/ and straight up bullshit.
I thought the TaylorR and leafy threads were bad. This is the only one i've seen that has got this bad.
Judging by her videos the stalker seems like the kind of guy to be a regular on this thread.
idk i'm most likely reaching.

No. 180317

File: 1475799558019.jpg (150.08 KB, 1366x768, PIEKrmz.jpg)


I'm pretty skeptical on whether or not her stalker exists… If he does, she does embellish a lot. For example, the story that she was emailed in her previous video she changed the details of. It was written by a horror stories writer a few years ago, he even confirmed on twitter that he emailed it to her and a few other people as a Halloween thing.

>Pic related, proof that she changed the colour of her eyes to "blue green" from "blue." The comments are even calling her out on her bullshit.

Also, isn't it strange that her phone is doubled but the police aren't doing anything about it? Considering that the alleged stalker has been jailed, and was allegedly stalking several other girls. Shouldn't he be considered a threat to other people?

And the polaroids that the stalker "took." So the cops found they had no prints… so they gave them back to her? This sounds like a big deal, and someone COULD be charged with breaking and entering and wire tapping.

Does any of her "stans" have a rebuttal for this? Or anyone really. I'm not a fan, although I have enjoyed the few videos I've watched of hers.

No. 180393

I want her to be properly called out for this. There is SO much circular reasoning in the comments of people trying to justify Tana changing the story.

No. 180475

Oh, THIS is the person who keeps popping up in my 'recommended videos' with like 1M views on every video within a day of being posted!

No. 181420

I wish more people would call her out on her bullshit. She changes her story on a lot of things but her stans are so blinded by cognitive dissonance that they gloss over it completely, like with the way she tried scamming that nail salon. Tana, is your stalker even real???

No. 181446

File: 1476081191635.jpg (24.48 KB, 340x234, 12.JPG)

She is lying about the whole stalker story. She is not that pretty and not to mention that she is keeps changing the story to things over time. She sees a guy look at her. Makes a video saying that a guy was sexually harassing her.

No. 181461

In this day and age it's not that easy to break into someone's home without them knowing especially if they're home.

IDK but if I had a stalker to that level I would have not only my front door but also bedroom door locked and unless her stalker ALSO happens to be a master lockpicker (once again easily preventable if you add a latch on the door that wouldnt be able to be picked) People cant pick latches and if he was to kick the door down it would have woken her up/set off alarms.

Also she obviously has on a full face of makeup on in that supposed 'omg the stalker snuck into my place and too pictures' You can tell from >>126326 that her eyelashes/eyebrows aren't that dark naturally and especially with the flash of a shitty polaroid. Also where's the proof? If this is all true wouldn't people know exactly who he is at this point? None of it adds up at all.

No. 181471

I agree. Tana has more than enough money to spend on her appearance, shopping, travel and outings, but somehow she's still a sitting duck with no possible security measures in place against her lifelong stalker?
Shell out for some good locks and latches and spend ten minutes with a power drill putting them in, look into home security cameras, buy a shiny new iPhone so you can factory reset the "bugged" one and throw it in a dumpster. Done. Easy.

I know she doesn't have a whole lot of common sense, but I don't buy that she's totally unable to figure any of this shit out.

No. 181497


in order for him to clone her iPhone, he'd need to have access to her Sim card for an extended period of time, a blank simcard and a spare iPhone to put it in.

And iPhones aren't like android where you can just pop the back open, I'm pretty sure you need special tools to even get to the battery.

even if he had her apple iD and was checking her through that, he wouldn't get all this info.

No. 184038

Do you really have such boring lives that the only thing you can do is be a bitch to people? I came across this page today and it made me think about how fucking ignorant and insecure somebody must be to spend their time and energy talking shit about another person they haven't even met before. I'm not some die-hard fan, but you're all fucking assholes. I bet the majority of you are literally insecure 15 year olds that have nothing better to do with their pathetic little lives. I honestly don't even watch Tana that much, but the fact that you put so much effort into trash talking someone you've see online is ridiculous. Go read a fucking book or something. Do something other than being inconsiderate assholes. You all sound like pathetic idiots. Go fuck yourselves.

No. 184041

And you realize the more you watch her "cringe-worthy" videos, the more money she gets? You're as god damn idiotic as you seem.

No. 184042

>reviving a thread that's been dead for a week

Nice. Also age limit last I checked is 18

No. 184044

Yep, it's a pretty fair deal really. Tanner Moejoe gets more cash for hair extensions and crop tops, and we get content to rabble about on a (largely inconsequential) image board thread. I really don't think anyone here is claiming to have an issue with that.

No. 184046

File: 1476675953336.gif (697.53 KB, 248x186, raw.gif)

No. 191292

Omg all you guys on here are fucking haters ctfu it's soooo funny…. I'm pretty sure she's not liening about the nail salon!!! No one in here right mind would go in someone with no money just to get there nails done and freak out saying people stole your money just to waste your while day just to get free nail ctfu… she a fucking you tuber and if you no anything about you tubers who have alot of subscribers would no you get payed pretty damn good.. and another thing who the fuck k own how she got that 900$ maybe it was givin to her or someone helped her out to pay her bills and she was going to deposit it like she said. She doesn't have to tell everyone sec detail of every fucking thing she does. Also if you see the video she was acting like a ADULT about it even though half of you guys probably don't no how to do hahaha, but like I was saying she didn't make a sense she didn't accuse anyone she was acting like a mature adult asked nicely then called the cops but what I did she is her asking nicely to the lady if she had careers and she didn't wanna answer that question and was giving her aditude so yeah if you have nothing to hide why you gotta act like a bitch for soo yeah I do believe the stole there shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 191294

Wow, glad you brought this dead thread back, seeing Tana's face just reminded me of how old she looks… Gross. I wonder what she did to look like she's in her late 30s

No. 191351

Kid, stay in school, because your grammar is painful to even try to read.

This is something I have noticed with a lot of young kids nowadays, not saying that Tana is a kid, or anything. But, I remember my mother telling me how back in the 80's or 90's, there used to be an issue with young girls, 10-12-year-olds in Chile, who used to develope breasts way before they had hit puverty. In the end, it had been hormones that was put in chicken and other foods. Like that, it could be her diet that is causing her to age so fast.

No. 191352

When all of Tana's fans are 12 year olds

No. 191353

>how fucking ignorant and insecure somebody must be to spend their time and energy talking shit

OT and late but why is this such a common argument? Tons of people allocate their time doing unproductive things on the internet all day anyway, time spent talking shit was their free time to do whatever regardless. Also what about the paradox about how talking shit is a waste of time yet OP feels the need to waste time coming here to tell us to fuck ourselves? Isn't that showing insecurity? And how is typing from the comfort of home on your own free time considered such an energy expending effort? Literally took two minutes to create a dialogue and hit 'new reply.' Is creating a post such a mental gymnastic for some people? Yikes.

Fucking hell this is so pathetic.

No. 191570

No. 191588

Not sure if this was the look she wanted but she looks like a porn actress. In her 30s.

No. 191616

I mean, Tana might be obviously bullshitting but this guy sounds like a supreme autist, holy shit.

No. 191861

I hate Tana but this dude sounds nuts. I just imagine him in a fuckin dark room shouting in his mic about Youtube stars that don't matter lol. As soon as he mentioned making videos "exposing" Sandy Hook, my eyes glazed over a bit.

No. 191887

her mic (and voice?) is trash. how can people watch 20+ minutes of this

No. 192882

This guy's content is just as boring as Tana's videos. I hate Tana's guts as well as her retarded fans, but this guy… this is not how to make a good video.

No. 193097

Cannot be unseen!

No. 193115

She's Trash. You're Trash. We're all Trash.
Check out Trash - the exciting new collab channel fronted by the one and only Queen Tana - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLVksusrDN03CJHwciitnmQ

No. 194606

this guy is a little too nice, but i feel that if this vid gets enough attention she could do an interview with him (like the one he did with piinkscammer).and you just know that she would backtrack and change the story soooo much more.

like did she even watch the video she posted? how didn't she realize how unrealistic and annoying she was being?

No. 197101

can you post a pic of the school yearbook of her grade? we could see all the names then to find the kid

No. 197183

I actually believe her. I think most of her story time shit is made up, but she has a point. She could lie about anything she wanted to get views. Why would she choose this?

Also her hair is falling out? And she keeps crying? I dunno, it seems legitimate to me.

No. 197256


…why? she's a classic liar.

>She could lie about anything she wanted to get views. Why would she choose this?

cause that stalker story she did at first is the only thing that ever gave her attention…that's the point john was trying to get at. she really wouldn't get views if she tried something else. the only successful videos she has are the stalker ones, so of course all this "wacky crazy" stuff is suddenly happening so she can keep making them.

Her hair is falling out cause she's a dumb bitch that bleaches her hair like crazy, trisha paytas style (also bald). she keeps crying because everyone is attacking her on the internet; but the only reason people are calling her out is because she lied, she won't stop with the fucking lies. its frustrating.

i believe the whole "someone made a mean website about me in elementary school and called me :O", but i don't believe any of the dumb shit she pulled out after that vid went big. so yeah, some of it might be true like you say, but that doesn't change the fact she's lied numerous times on the new vids. like.

No. 197474

She's lying. A lot of her explanations aren't making any sense. The principal being able to do an online trace of the MySpace page back to her stalker? What the fuck?

That guy points out all of her bullshit really well.

No. 197521

She doesnt answer any questions that have been asked in that video, honestly just creates more questions.

If she knows who the stalker is, she should have just asked for a restriction order. Its not that hard to get one. Esp not if hes breaking into her house and watching her sleep. Honestly hope he picks the new video apart too because ???

No. 197535

She never "answers questions" or "clears things up" in that video. It's not a "frequently asked questions" video, it's a grab for sympathy so that people will ease up on calling her out. This guy >>194606 even kind of took the bait by saying "Oh I totally believe she has a stalker" in his "reaction" video to this. Her entire story is suspicious as fuck.
>"He screencapped my Snapchats to post on Instagram, but he doesn't have a phone number" (even though you need a phone for both those apps, and a phone number for Instagram)
>"The school traced the MySpace and Facebook accounts" (doesn't go on to explain how they could possibly do that)
And then there was that story about going hiking with her friends, and her "stalker" knowing that she didn't paint one of her toenails, texting her what number she was thinking of after she yelled out her car window "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 500!", the "stalker" drawing a smiley face in the steam of her friend's mirror while she was taking a shower (complete thriller movie bullshit), him driving to her house and taking photos of her home while her mother just "thought it was one of the neighbors" and doing nothing to stop him or even ask what the fuck he was doing.
On top of all this, no screencaps of any sort. In her position, I'd be capping like a crazy person and getting as much proof of his madness as possible. If she doesn't want to give his name out (which is kind of a poor excuse, considering he definitely knows she's been spreading his story, she's admitted to being the "whistleblower" to the police and having him arrested, and openly mocked/insulted him more than once not only in her videos, but to his face with all her friends in that one "group message" she mentioned. If he could possibly be agitated by her actions, she would've had her life threatened and been forced into hiding long ago. If the things she's been saying in these videos are true, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain by exposing him publicly. Even the police already know about him), she could easily just black out or blur photos of him/his usernames and just show the messages, Instagram page(s), Twitter, etc.
But she won't, and it's probably because she's lying and she's somehow not dedicated enough to make fake screencaps or fake accounts.

No. 197706

To add to everything else you guys are pointing out, horse face moved from Texas to Nevada recently. So how in the hell does she still have a stalker?! Bitch is lying


Her fans as we see from not only her YouTube comments but from this thread, are too stupid to use common sense or think that their queen is a liar. Her stalker doesn't even exist.

No. 197762

??? Tana has lived in Nevada all her life, she's from Vegas..?

No. 197816

Then why did she say in her nail scam video that her bank is in Texas? Something doesn't add up here.

No. 197893

She's probably lying about the bank thing lol, she's 100% from Vegas, she mentions it all the time and in one of her earlier videos she talks about being in kindergarten and how the dry weather in Vegas fucked with her nose and made her nose bleed.

No. 198056

That makes sense. That video was full of inconsistency anyway. She's a big liar so that was to be expected.

No. 198060

to be fair it is incredibly easy to get info from social media sites if you have a good enough reason

No. 198097

One more thing I forgot to add: She said he was arrested for "underage pornography". ie child pornography. According to her, he was charged for installing cameras into young girl's rooms and bathrooms and watching them change/shower.
But he just "got out of jail" in a matter of what? Weeks? Months? Less than a month? However long it took for Tana to churn out a new video.
That's not how it works. He'd probably be in jail a lot longer than it'd take for Tana to be able to tell her "story" in YouTube videos and garner a prime amount of views, and he'd be in the sex offenders category, his name available for public access (which, again, makes hiding his identity even more counterproductive and useless).

No. 200664

fake crying is easy as hell. and she bleaches her hair so much it's probably sick of being on her head.

No. 203095

>She's 17
She's 18 lmfao, and so are a lot of people here (or younger).
There goes your "quit harassing a kid".

No. 203099

Younger people shouldn't be on here talking about someone older than them like that. That's disrespectful. And oh my god my bad she's 18 now. It doesn't matter. People shouldn't judge her. She didn't do anything to you so why do you care?

No. 203101

You're pretty disrespectful. Never post here again.

No. 203104

Listen. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm sorry about my post before my last one, that was completely rude and it got way out of hand and I'm sorry. But what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't judge her because of this one video. They could have edited the video and taken stuff out. No one knows the real story so quit jumping to conclusions. Out of everything she could lie about, why this?

No. 203105

>older people are harassing a kid
>younger people are being disrespectful
lmao, you're so bad at this

No. 203106

whoever you are, you obviously don't belong here if you can't ever reply to people properly. You're not even supposed to be on this site if you're under the age of 18. Wherever the fuck you came from, just crawl back because nobody in this thread gives a shit.

No. 203774

In my opinion your page is bullshit! Find something else to do with ur time than rant about teenagers telling stories! Even if she was liying in some of them why do even care pretty dim whitted of u!

No. 203781

>bumping a thread that's been inactive for 2 days
>to tell people to stop posting in it
That makes no sense. What's it gonna be, Olivia Dee?

No. 204402

wait…she's 17 years old? bitch looks 27

No. 204812

you guys are pathetic. leave her alone! lying or not its wrong of you all to just bash her here. so wrong.

No. 204818

who the fuck are you retards and why do you keep bumping a thread you don't want people to post in?

No. 204819

No one cares about this bitch. Ya'll keep bumping a dead thread.

Everyone here has more interesting people to talk about.

No. 207039

Don't act like Disney CMs are saints. I was a CM and as a guest I've been berated by CMs - and I'm respectful and nice af.

I've also been raped by another CM (from Splash, actually) so like, fuck the idea that CMs are all mild tempered angels

No. 207064

0-100 real fast anon

No. 207074

Recently she's pissed on and spat on Shane Dawson… For the views…

No. 207075

No. 208327

She says she got her hair and nails after she and her mom got back from the bank and they stole the cash as well and the 7 or 8 dollars she found in her car

No. 209853

The new one with shane dawson with the spitting is disgustinggggg nasty ass bitches I stg

No. 209854

what the fuck. fuck this page. i love tana & she isnt famous for "doing nothing" she makes youtube videos thats some peoples jobs you know. she has really good story times and is funny & cares about her fans. this page is hysterical bc all you people do it sit around and talk shit about someone you've never even met.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 209858

& tell us how you really feel

No. 209868

I want to know where you idiots are coming from. This is the only thread I've seen so overrun with you underage assholes, putting emails and shit. Please leave because you're seriously making me consider eugenics, and I don't even care about this cow.

No. 209881

File: 1481093753651.png (250.09 KB, 1080x883, 0VyJ1p.png)

I spent like five min searching like two months ago, all I saw was stupid posts like this. I want to know too

No. 209950

None of us are her stalker because stalking implies some level of caring. This thread isn't that popular and neither is Tana. All the tweens posting here need a reality check

No. 216350

I can't believe this girl is only 17, she looks like a 30 something crack addict. And her nose bugs me so much, it's way too skinny for her face.

No. 217654

you mother fuckers lay off(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217662

why the fuck are tana fans so fucking annoying?? She makes shitty ass storytime videos that are so fucking fake and looks like a crack whore. No one currs, go back to the youtube comments 10 year olds

No. 218345

stop. bumping. this. fucking. thread.

No. 218531

I know I am really late, but I find it impossible to find her stalker. Since I watched one video I started looking. I know kinda stalkerish myself but vie looked every where. If her stalker was real I woulve have found it awhile ago. So anyone get anything about her staler.

No. 218546

ikr, I tried to find out if he's real after I've seen her first stalker video when it was still fresh.
I wonder if her bullshit will ever reach Trisha Paytas level. Their audiences are kinda similar.

No. 220085

What the fuck. I don't understand how people are calling her "pure trash" and she's "lying about her age" Luck seriously, you're just jealous and are being a dumb cunt. Does she look like a 30 year old in those pictures that were posted a couple years ago? No. She looks 15. Seriously, c'mon.

No. 220086

Hannah Marie, get off the Internet and do your homework

No. 220087

Thank you hannahmarie3205@gmail.com

No. 227523

im laughing my ass off

No. 228744

for the girl who went to school with her , his name is ashton ryan and his bff is Robert Matthews ( don't know if its true tho just saw it in a vid, i've been trying to find him for so long)

No. 228755

No. 228776

probs should have checked his other vids aswell :D whoooooops

No. 228817

why is this a thread? she doesn't do anything even remotely interesting.

No. 228829

How interesting, a 17 year old who is just as retarded as all other 17 year olds.

No. 238788

Shes basic as fuck ?

No. 238789

Shes probably having a log of sugardaddies

No. 239006

You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post

No. 239687

The links for Tanas Younow broadcast are in the video description. Story starts around the 32min mark. I think there's a time tag in the first comment.

Basically Tana shitting on her ex assistant for like an hour. Ex assistant proves she's lying with screens of their DMs and explains context. People seem to be unsubbing from her now.

No. 240314

tana said she was paying her heaps and it was just fucking 10$/hour.
what the fuck.

how come nobody is talking about that joocy n word drama?

No. 240318

there's plenty of talk about it over on the Anisa thread (in case you didn't come here from there)

No. 240335

just checked it out. it seems way OT though, since the thread is about anisa

No. 240344

File: 1485460602982.png (828.81 KB, 1220x600, 346755643.png)

here are the racist comments, that people have found of her (two are just screenshots of videos).

apparently she was still saying it when she was 16, considering the snapchat on the left, instead of 13 how she keeps claiming.

No. 240377


omg this video.. her ex-assistant seems dumb af. if you're supposed to get paid $30 to do someone's laundry but you literally destroy their clothes by not sorting them, you really shouldn't expect $30 girl……. like, you're lucky she isn't making you replace the shit you ruined?? lol also you shouldn't need to be told to sort yo laundry. it's how laundry works. all this shit over $30 is cracking me up tho ngl lol

&…….tana sounds like a dick (your dog should not be shitting inside, tf). it's like a 100% lose-lose drama rh

No. 240579

No. 240593

She's such a typical Vegas girl it's not even funny

No. 240594

No. 240602

Philly D finally talks about this.

No. 240606

The assistant probably was so over the job at that point. Even a hard worker will stop caring under a crappy boss or work environment. Seen it. Just because Tana was paying her, gives her no right to treat her assistant as a slave or be shitty towards her. If you have a hard worker, give them a nice work environment, they're going to respond by working even harder for you. Treat them shitty will make everything shitty. Tana 18. She doesn't know how to be a boss. And now, she's lying through her teeth. Yes, the clothes things were stupid. But I fully blame Tana for this.

No. 240632

tana's hair was brunette when she was 13-14 ish. she said she used the n word without knowing its meaning back then. there are videos of her being 13-14 ish and he had blonde hair. just going to let that sit there. minor but eh

No. 240634


forgot to add, she said that she was brunette somewhere in her videos. her stans agree because i asked (they didnt even care)

No. 240636

Ian looks like fagtron 5000 in this photo, lord

No. 240686

File: 1485519033320.jpg (67.13 KB, 575x1024, 7564321425.jpg)

here's another one

No. 240695

No. 240784

Yeah 13 year old my ass

No. 241078

Actually, legally speaking that's not how emploent works. Whether or not it should work like that is debatable, but from a legal standpoint, whether she ruined the clothes or not is irrelevant in her entitlement to the money.

Also, the assistant had mentioned that she had done her clothes that way every time without incident in the past and, if you have a decent washer, you shouldn't have to sperarate at all. I have never once in my entire life washed my clothes separately and never has there been an issue as a result, the entire concept of "separates" is so foreign and strange to me. It really is the kind of thing you should be warning about beforehand.

No. 241122

lmao. she really messed up on this one.
i think it was the right move for her to address the n-word situation so quickly.
she opened a whole new can of worms, talking about trump though.
luckily for her, most of her subscribers are kids and don't care about politics (yet).

No. 241141

If you have dog shit on your laundry, why would you pile more on? Legally speaking, Yeah Tana should have paid for it no matter the outcome. Better yet, why is her dog not potty trained?

As for the work environment, I wholesomely agree, first of all pay comes when it's agreed upon. If you miss out on an early pay which was agreed upon to be paid early, you will be in trouble as a boss. Never ever fuck with someones pay. I've quit because a boss paid two weeks late. It's not a good sign. I was employed two weeks later by my now ex-boss who was amazing (I went back to uni /end of blogpost). Tana should learn quick that if something is agreed upon by text messages, it is binding. You can't leave something unpaid because you weren't satisfied with the quality drop, when it's caused by you, you can just not commission again.

No. 241222




She was blonde in some of these which makes her older than 13 right?

No. 241223

File: 1485622626518.gif (2.17 MB, 267x199, 5478639209578.gif)

omg, someone made her slurs into a song:

No. 241228

This one was the cherry on top

No. 241236

i'm dying.

btw, here is the comment she made about idubbbz, that apparently started this whole mess:

also, at 8:34 talking about donald trump was her bf going to say "you are his biggest (supporter)" and she kept shouting "stop"??

No. 241238

Dude you know she legitimatly calls people nigger, I can just tell shes one of those bitches that if she gets slighted by a black person she'd screech NIGGER at them.
10/10 Tana is a closet racist that avoids all blacks so she won't get triggered and sperg NIGGER.

No. 241239

Tbh the first time I saw a vid of hers I thought she was one of the white girls who only dates black guys like was I the only one who got that vibe from her??

No. 241240

she's a basic white bitch drama queen who makes everything about her.
I've seen this 100 times.

No. 241257

I truly don't understand the point of even badmouthing this ex assistant. It's not like this girl is well known. What did Tana get from badmouthing? Personally, I think she just got enjoyment from being the bad bitch. And for Tana's sake, if a future employer calls, she better not lie.
I'm in the middle of lawsuit against my ex boss for breaking the law. Aka, not paying me hours. I know how this works and you're right. Doesn't matter if she destroyed clothes, Tana still needs to pay her. Plus, it's just 30. You can't tell me Tana doesn't have 30 extra laying around.
This girl got proof too. She did her job well, messages and who knows what else.

I'm curious why her dog isn't house trained too… Having a dog poop on your clothes. Gross.
Also, I know Tana mentioned an expensive dress was ruined? Forget how much it was worth, but could remember sitting there and being like, Tana, you're an idiot. Why would you leave an expansive dress on the floor? Better yet, why didn't you take it to be professional cleaned?

As I said before, Tana is 18. Doesn't know how to be a boss. Well Tana, you learn to be one before hiring anymore people. Cause one-day, you might be finding a lawsuit at your doorstep.

No. 241356

its probably because she looks like iggy azalea

No. 241372


Not at all. They way she tries to seem like such a bad bitch and her overall personality gave me that vibe too.

No. 241379


most likely as she had brunette hair when she was 13

No. 242084

>not talking about the great Freelee vs Tana of '16


No. 242160

it's not very relevant anymore, since it's pretty long ago and settled.
tana basically assblasted her so bad, that freelee started to wear make up in her following videos, out of mere insecurity.

also, it got boring quick, after tana called her out on her bullshit, since freelee was/is very obviously in the wrong and really desperate for any kind of attention.

No. 242527

File: 1485848090538.png (115.77 KB, 750x811, IMG_5769.PNG)

Addressing the dog pooping on the clothes laundry ex assistant situation: I'm pretty sure tana knew there was dog poop bc in a text to Alyssa she said "why would you put jeans with dog shit on them in the laundry?" And Alyssa responded saying that she didn't know the jeans had dog poop on them and that she only found out when she took them out of the washer. So, how did tana KNOW that it was the JEANS that had dog poop on them? After everything got ruined in the wash it would have been impossible to tell what item of clothing originally had the shit on it, bc it was all over everything, every item. And Bella in tanas you now stream mentions the jeans too. But Alyssa didn't even know there was dog poop on anything or even which item was the "patient zero". Conclusion: I think tana knew her dog pooped a bit on her jeans and was a lazy bitch and didn't do anything about it and didn't even mention it to Alyssa, and just expected her to know or do something about it and just deal with it. Either she forgot to tell her and then when everything got ruined, she blamed her out of convince. Or she just thought she didn't need to mention it bc she expected her slave to tend to it and psychically know.

But I 100% think tana knew the poop was on her jeans before Alyssa even did the laundry, and is just sticking to her guns and blaming Alyssa bc she has no other choice in fear of looking like an A+ cunt.

Also, I know tanas lying about paying Alyssa, she younow'd with john kuckian and flashed her phone on the cash pay app and it just showed the last payment as $216 and she tried to scroll down more but it kept showing the que circle loading but nothing showing up and the que stopping. I have the same app. When your looking at your payment history, when scrolling down, the que appears for only a sec, then your later payments load, if you try to scroll down, and the que appears, but doesn't load anymore payments. Then that's it, there are no more payments, it's the end of your payment history. $216 was what she paid Alyssa right before she was suppose to pay her the $30. Therefore, $216 was the last payment. Tanas just lying, she even sent a text (ex assistants receipts) saying "I would have paid you…." then after it turns into "I just paid you" then "I already sent your payment, but I'll resend it right now" to "I paid you already!!!! GOD!" Just like the poop laundry, she said a lie, and now that it's permanently on the web, she has to keep denying & insisting she paid her (with no proof) so ppl don't think she lied about it all.
That's like her go to tactic:
>lies about something publicly on internet
>oh shit! They're calling me out on my lie!
>imma just keep lying
>I swear to god I'm telling the truth
>I just don't have proof
>plz let this die out soon it's hard to keep my lies str8

& don't get me started on her "stalker" story. I've gathered lots of evidence if anons care, holla and I'll dump them. It follows the same theory except she keeps lying to back up her lies, & bc those vids got her noticed/views.

I can't wait for idubbz to bust her lying ass on the next content cop, she deserves it after blatantly lying about him to cover up her use of the N word scandals that she's been in.

Pic related of other yt comments pointing this out.

No. 242531

Dump the evidence so we can bathe in the milk! But not if they're covered in dog poop.

No. 242540

File: 1485851871551.jpg (209.25 KB, 1024x701, IMG_5860.JPG)

Gathering evidence now, might take me a few hours to put it together, but I always deliver.
In the meantime enjoy this collage I did in honor of queen tana~
Also I screencapped her younow like crazy where tons of her fans are calling her out on specific lies as she says them, her fans getting upset that they're tipping her over & over with not one thank you, and ppl complaining they paid for VIP meet & greet and it was only 1/4th the promised time (which is what idubbz paid for in the N word video tana did)
I hope y'all have seen the video of what really happened between idubbz & tana & the N word debacle, it makes her video where she claims she was "in fear for her life and safety of everyone" & "assaulted in a neck choke hold" really shitty bc nothing like that happened.

No. 242542

File: 1485852184978.png (40.19 KB, 587x749, IMG_5786.PNG)

"I was in fear for my life"
"I was going to get security and metal detectors bc when he said 'say nigger!' While smiling at the camera I was scared for everyone's safety"
"It felt like every emotion left my body. I felt like a ghost"
"I was terrified, I thought he was going to harm me!"

No. 242637

Did anyone hear Catch 33's podcast? I think they covered this pretty well even though Tommy is still cringe.

No. 242646

God what a fucking pissbaby.

No. 242703

great stuff, anon! please do post about the stalker stories.

No. 242719

Kuckian made his second video on Tana. Haven't watched all of it yet, but he completely debunks the fact her old place had high security or some shit.

No. 242727

She also said:

>He kinda like locks his arm around me, like around my neck like this (gestures)

>It wasn't like a chokehold or anything, it was very like firm and like tight. Like I couldn't have really gotten out if that makes sense.
>He had me like really firmly wrapped around him.
>Arm locked around me! (gestures with arm around neck)

From her description I would have assumed he had a death grip on her and was making at least some contact with her neck.

No. 242896

Any source on the video he shows going into her house?

No. 243003

The voice in the video of them going round her old house sounds exactly like her ex assistants voice

No. 243077

How does this guy have his shit together so well? He's violently respectable.

No. 243184

here's a pretty accurate 21-second summary of the whole thing

ikr? didn't expect that from him, since he seemed really acquiescent in the livestream-interview with her.

No. 243187


Tana is so sheltered it seems to me, like she doesn't go out much except to cons or what have you. I've had weird shit like this happen to me in public and I just would laugh about it cause I mean you're gonna encounter things like this and sometimes from legitimately crazy people. Her reality is wacked.
Where is she even from?

No. 243194

Nah, this is just a ploy to redirect negative attention re: her previous racism onto someone else.

No. 243243

Pretty much this. Tana has a bad habit of blaming other people and playing the victim when she's caught in a lie or conflict.

No. 243640

hell no. she doesn't believe half the shit she's saying (about white privilege etc).
she's trying to be as pc as possible to keep her fanbase as broad as possible.

also what >>243194 said.

No. 243661

Am I the only one that thinks her excuse of "growing up in Vegas everyone just said the n-word all the time, I didn't even know what it meant, they were in rap songs and I just thought it meant like friend or homie" is so ridiculous?
When I saw that I laughed. Not because she blatantly contradicts herself with the old videos of her screeching it in an insulting and hostile manner (I hadn't even seen those at that point), but because WHO THE FUCK doesn't know the offensiveness of the word nigger?! It's common sense that you learn and know as a child, let alone a fucking teenager. Just the same as you know as a kid that swear words are bad and you shouldn't say them.
She must think we're all completely brain-dead retards.

No. 243892

it is her assistant lol tana is so thirsty for drama she keeps brining up the poor assistant and now mentions "she has an amazing new assistant and now actually pays her more"

No. 243904


Lol ofc her assistant is doing her job better if she pays her more

No. 244006

I look younger than her and I'm 21
She cannot be 17 or this bitch busted her face up something fierce

No. 244009

The potato nose and jowls really age the fuck out of her, combined with the lip injections. Without the fake tan and the platinum fried hair she might look more her age but she legit looks mid 20's tbh.

No. 244016

She's 18 now but I had the same thought. I first stumbled across her channel when she was still 16 or just turned 17 and could not believe that she was younger than me, and a fucking teenager at that. It doesn't help that she sounds like she smokes 2 packs a day.

No. 244042


i can't tell if her genes are shit or if her lifestyle is shit. how does she look like that? she legit looks like she's in her mid 20s

where the hell are her parents? why are they letting her ruin her lips, live alone, get drunk/high, hang out with people way older than her, etc at her age? she's going to be busted in no time.

i'm not a prude by any means but god damn, don't do that to your face when you're not even old enough to vote jfc

No. 244075

She looks like Owen Wilson in drag.

No. 244146

She said before that her parents would get mad at her but never stopped her. Also that she gets on better with her parents when they aren't living together which is why she moved out

No. 244160

lol this bitch….
>>243892 is she is actually making her assistant do what assistant should and not the job of a maid???

No. 244161


Can't unsee.

No. 246195

No. 246220

Oh lol, of course she's a BLM supporter, I wasn't paying attention to her until this video dropped. Everything is racist and we have to take it seriously. E-except for when I do it, I-I'm not a wascist you guys, not me~

No. 246272

Maybe this is a better place to discuss this away from the hate boners at the CC thread.

I feel like he could've taken longer with this video but he did say that basically the whole commentary community had already covered on it so there was no point to it. He brings some valid points to the table. And I am glad we were finally able to see full footage of everything that happened.

No. 246285

i agree, a lot of the people in the other thread are shitting heavily on him when i actually think he had a good amount of credibilty without heavily insulting her like he did with leafys chin. of course he still has his flaws but i felt like it was credible and really went to show how much of a hypocrite tana is + video footage.

No. 246289

Its so convenient that her apartment was super secure when talking to John, and then now she's like "WELL ITS NOT SECURE, THATS WHY I MOVED OUT"

She more or less implied that people could be more than happy to check it out themselves. And finding those doors is a no brainer, and would be so easy for murderous stalker to find.

Bitch pls. I think she she's so deluded she just believes in her own lies at this point

No. 246293

I tried going into this with an open mind, but I honestly cringe at the fact he traveled all the way and spent all that money for views. he could have gotten all these points across without being a totally autistic.

But he does bring up good points as to why Tana is totally shit and her content is shit.

No. 246299

I wonder if she's going to pull a Leafy and reply back.

No. 246422

This chick lives in the same area as me. I went through her instagram and figured which high school she attended and many of the places she has been. I hope I run into this bitch irl.

No. 246436

Apparently she's too retarded to come up with a half decent excuse, so she's banking on the fact that almost none of her viewers grew up in Vegas, so they can't know for sure if she's full of shit.

So let me say this as someone who lived in Vegas from the age of 6 to the age of 12: I, and the kids around me, ABSOLUTELY knew "nigger" is racist and offensive as hell.

And even if "nigger" was casually used by everyone in Vegas to mean "friend" (which it isn't), by the time you're a teenager you'd almost certainly have learned that the rest of the country sees it as a slur.

Did she ever express support for BLM before this whole racism fiasco?

No. 246456

she tweeted that she's going to apologize, that or she's trying to buy time to find some sort of excuse

No. 246489

File: 1486472871376.png (325.28 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20170207-205703~2.p…)

She's finally realised that attempting to lie her way out of this isn't going to work and is just getting her into deeper shit.

'Apology' video with added probable crying and guilt-tripping incoming.

No. 246490

Yeah but she always makes "apology" videos when she fucks up. And they never seem sincere, like the kind of 'you are not sorry for what you've done, but you are sorry that you got caught'. But she knows if she cries into the camera and says "I'm sorry" all her teenage fangirls will believe her and praise their queen. She may not be the brightest candle on the cake, but she is smart when it comes to how to manipulate impressionable teenage girls.

No. 246501

That's the funny part though. He was smart predicting exactly how she would react. Without turning up to her show and her reacting with a bunch of fabricated story time videos, his exposure of Tana would have been as worthless as the rest of the Tana exposed videos on youtube. No he said she said, he provided us with cold hard evidence. As for cost, I guess he's easily made that money back. What more can you want?

No. 246660


not at all. it was well worth it.

that way he could without a shadow of a doubt demonstrate objectively (with actual footage) how she is fabricating stories.

also, the whole fallout was just perfect.

No. 246710


He was one dedicated troll to travel and spend all that to prove a point.

That's the beauty of it.

No. 246896

yep . I agree . He could have cured cancer and the CC thread would still bash him for it kek .

No. 247391

File: 1486576805504.png (39.06 KB, 777x489, Tana Mongeau Socialblade.png)

oh my.

she was in the red zone at each hour of the day after the content cop hit, except for 9 pm 2017-02-07.
seems kinda off.
how could she be gaining subs at this point?

i have a feeling, that her network is buying subs for her.

the reason being:
if her subscribers see how many people she's losing, they're more likely to follow suit.
especially considering, that her main demographic consists of young girls at an impressionable age.
so she/her management try to keep up appearances and make the whole situation seem like less of a big deal.

also, she said that ( >>246489)
>i have made a lot of mistakes, and the right thing to do is own up to them, and move on
>own up to them, and move on
>move on

since obviously the best thing for her would be if it blew over quickly and EVERYONE moved on, to minimize losses.

(i might be off about the buying subs thing. if anyone has some insight on that, or how that number could make sense, please share.)

No. 247392

Damn, this is his best Content Cop yet. I love how vividly she exaggerates what happened. So glad he was able to catch it all on tape. How can this basic bitch have so many subs? Where are her parents?

No. 247413

Careful. You might get your head chewed out soon.

No. 247470

I didn't think the content cop was great but yeah like the other anon said, there are some anons who defend tana to no end because she's 18 and/or because of their hateboner for idubbbz. As if the shit she did to the nail salon, her assistant, etc. are just typical shenanigans every teenager does. Everyone seems to conveniently forget that to save face, she claimed that idubbbz assaulted her at the fanmeet. That's just one example of how dangerous her lies can be outside of dumbass story times.

No. 247489

File: 1486588924177.png (22.4 KB, 586x232, hujm.png)

No, she didn't buy subs. I can't remember the reason why but it's some glitch or something with youtube or socialblade. I think it's just a correction or something. Pic related, idubbbztv "lost" ~3k and pewdiepie "lost" nearly 10,000 at the same time.

OT, why the hell has pewdiewpie lost ~20k subs in the last 5 hours? That's definitely not a glitch or a correction.

No. 247492

OT: Might have to do with the new h3h3/pewdiepie collab video and people not getting the joke.

No. 247500

or this
apparently ppl losing subs when people sub
this guy streaming is at -1.5k

No. 247506

File: 1486591143863.png (13.5 KB, 451x203, uhhhh.png)

Oh shit so that's what's up. I came here to post this cause, uh, it seems a little off…

No. 247738

File: 1486609891424.png (12.98 KB, 879x131, tana.png)

Is this really legit? This would have to be a record if it is actually true.

No. 247739

No. It's a glitch on youtube.

No. 247744

No. 248446

i still cant believe she's my age
she looks about 10 years older than me at least, and how do her parents let her do all this stuff??

No. 248480


No. 249068

she's saying someone hacked her e-mail and used it to send bomb threats.

i don't believe that one bit tbh.

No. 250200

File: 1486962499072.jpg (113.85 KB, 619x873, Kim-Zolciak-plastic-surgery-01…)

looks like kim zolciak

No. 250283

File: 1486971563877.png (909.24 KB, 917x593, Zoolander.png)

She looks like the love child of Kim and Owen.

No. 252615

I believe that she is 17 because I live in Las Vegas and most of the girls from her area (new Henderson) get fake tans every week and eventually start losing hair. I know what nail salon that is too. Nothing seemed sketchy the times I've been though. It makes me sad that people think that she is what a typical Vegas girl looks like. It really depends on the area, and her stalker story might be true, I don't know, because I have met at least 5 kids throughout my education that could be clinically insane. Not even joking, there are some crazy kids that live here. They are usually neglected and non social types of kids.
The fact that she tried to say that growing up in Vegas everyone said the n word and no one told her its bad is so funny to me. From a person that spent half of their childhood in her area and the other half in an area a 8 minute drive away, no one ever thought it was okay to say that word with at all, much less -er. The kids in high school now say it with -a referring to any boy of any race(Little sister in high school). I know it's not something that maybe changed from year to year because I have siblings older than me too. Even my mom knew it wasn't okay when she grew up here in the 80s. She sounds stupid. When I first saw one of her videos and she said she grew up in Vegas, I immediately thought she went to either three different schools that all have the same types of girls that drink and tan and go around half naked. I was right she went to one of the three.
Also, anyone who said that people shouldn't make fun of a minor when she was a minor sounds dumb too because she graduated early, she moved out, and was portraying herself in her videos as an adult. I like to say that unless you are some ridiculous age like 15 and under and graduated early , that you graduated and should try to act like an adult. She is going to college, she has/had her own place(I don't know). She needs to grow up a little bit. I graduated at 15 and still went to college at that time and am going to graduate. I am an adult. I'm younger than her, I'm 17. I pay my bills, I have a job. She shouldn't have been out of high school if she wasn't ready to be an adult and she can't be treated like a child when it's convenient.
Act your age!!!

No. 252643

Thanks for your insight, Elleigh Curtiss from Las Vegas of 17 years

No. 252684

invest in a story time channel. that was much interesting. strong 9/11.

No. 253567


Well, she finally made an apology video.

Sounds like a bunch of excuses and it's pretty obvious she's not sorry.

No. 253590

Um… what the fuck is wrong with her lips?

No. 253637

Lip injections is one hell of a drug.

No. 253650

Her response was definitely better than Keem's or Leafy's though.

No. 253831

File: 1487425650022.jpg (49.36 KB, 960x836, PhotoGrid_1487425041674_1.jpg)

Ooh wee.
I wonder how long it took for her to film that.
And still, she keeps saying, that she was 14/15 or a junior in high school when she was racially insensitive, i. e. saying nigger.
How about those racist tweets when you were 16, bitch?

No. 255888


she is trying to avoid it, she mentioned in the video she does that. she hasnt addressed the caci twins, assisstant, the collab channel, freelee etc

No. 255905

Whats the scoop on her and the caci twins

No. 255930

File: 1487767138663.jpg (448.59 KB, 471x3044, tana mongeau insincere moments…)

DESPITE the video being very controlled,
-prepared talking points, maybe a script
-highly edited (heaps of cuts)
-minimal movements
you can still see, that she isn't honest in quite a few points of the video.
pic related is what i've noticed on first viewing.
(higher contrast, so the facial expressions and the text are more visible)
the reason, why some of the things she says seem insincere, could be because her management wanted her to say that.
her management could be involved in the monetization of the video as well.
they want to milk her dry while they still can, instead of banking on her gaining her popularity/channel growth back.

besides all that, she does say some things she actually believes. repetitively so.

tbh, i think she was absolutely in the right regarding the caci twins and freelee.

No. 257794

I was shocked tbh but she is who she is idk…

No. 267456

File: 1489229114552.png (1.43 MB, 720x1037, latest.png)

Everything's for sale, my friend. Everything. If I had a sister, I'd sell her in a second.

No. 267461

hahahahahhaa holy fuck anon, did you make this?
this is golden!

No. 268181

Fucking gold

No. 270603

File: 1489643233940.png (3.39 KB, 198x156, Screenshot_22.png)

tana's uploading on her vlog channel. cant be because of this. you can look for yourself if you want

No. 285280

File: 1491437294394.png (821.63 KB, 1688x712, tammy mangos.png)

did she and somer break up?

No. 285370

How much does she charge An hour?

No. 291520


i think she did actually break up with somer

No. 310140

Anyone want to talk about the supposed arrest? No paparazzi photos have surfaced and all we got is a "mugshot" she shows in the video.

The comments are the best part. People finally seeing through her bullshit.

No. 312544

I was happy to see everyone mostly unimpressed with her.

No. 312555

>"let's discuss this"
>doesn't post link

No. 314244

File: 1494969847373.png (254.34 KB, 1219x1860, IMG_6669.PNG)

She's been commenting on all Justin pics trying to get noticed lmao

No. 343278

TLDW; Tana is unhygienc as fuck and Charles is trying to keep it straight
>tana doesn't wash her hands before putting foundation with them on him
>uses eyeliner on him and tells him its hers, and that she had a pink eye and used it when it had physically cleared(hint, means it prolly will give him pink eye)
>tells him its ok, she has pink eye drops
>tries to use expired concealer on him
>uses a dirty wet beauty blender that was on the floor
>stores her brushes on the floor
>accidentally almost glues his eyes shut
>tries to ruin his wig

No. 343281

>keeps on hurting him here too
>won't stop fucking around, he tells her to stop all the time, once again she just laughs and continues
>she rubs the contour mid makeup off and fucks with the foundatio, thinks its funny to actively ruin the makeup
>fucks with his skin
>she showed up once again on set 3h late(shes notorious, she usually doesn't show up)
>tries to rub her snot on his face

No. 343294

I love when people do this to celebs as if the celeb exclusively runs them and looks over every comment.

No. 343743

lmao charles is even more annoying I love this suffering

No. 343779

Ikr I fucking cant stand charles its amazing to see him by annoyed by somebody else for once

No. 396054

File: 1506896381454.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, builtlikespongebob.png)

No. 421200

oh shit is the singularity starting??

No. 421807

Tana tries rapping. [TW: Bella Thorne]

No. 553215

Tana has been caught driving under the influence.

So much for wanting to be a responsible role model.

No. 553222

let me un-bait your clicks there by pointing out she is not caught by police - it just means filmed in this video supposedly being high. not with enough evidence to get her in trouble anyway

No. 553396

Are you fucking high, this was years ago

No. 553421

She posted about her vidcon experience in a video that's nearly an hour and a half long. I watched it, all of it, and can summarize:

- She really wanted to attend vidcon bc she has the saddest backstory of all time, her childhood was so traumatic, etc
- The first year she went, she wasn't invited, even though she really wanted to attend vidcon AND it was her birthday, guys. but they REFUSED to invite her even though she had a HUGE following and over a MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on her BIRTHDAY!!!
- She showed up to the convention without a pass and created a frenzy of tweens that then shattered a glass window and she was asked to leave… on her BIRTHDAY. had she mentioned that? it was her birthday!!! she was a tiny little 17 year old (she was…19, but somehow she "cant remember" lol)!!!
- The next year she thought she was going to get invited for sure. and then wasn't. because she was on some YT red show, her face was on ads all over the place, which in her mind meant she had a free pass to attend vidcon even though she wasn't invited, and can you BELIEVE they wouldn't let her use the hotel and private hallways for invitees?!??
- Note that other people in that same show weren't invited, either, despite the fact she claims they were? and they also didn't just show up at vidcon? in tana's mind, her REALLY wanting to attend and it being her BIRTHDAY means, somehow, that she's entitled to go. so she did. the exact same chaos from year one ensued
- She HAD to attend a panel for the show she was on (spoiler alert: no, she didn't. not everyone in the show as invited to the vidcon panel, and she wasn't invited either, but she reaaaalllly wanted to go and also… IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY. okay?!?!?)
- She caused a mob at the panel because they didn't have room for her
- Vidcon said "fuck it" and gave her a badge so she'd shut up
- The experience was so horrible and traumatic for her that she refuses to support them ever again. how dare they not be cool with tweens shattering glass windows, trampling people, blocking halls, refusing security detail, refusing a hotel room, etc, etc, etc.

TLDR: vidcon didn't invite her, hadn't ever invited her, and nevertheless she showed up and expected security detail and access to the hotel, and when her fans caused legit property damage, she was kicked out and it was TRAUMATIC. Also, it was her birthday.

Even from her perspective the story makes her look awful.

No. 553435


Omfg I'm so sick of her pushing the 'sad backstory' narrative. She always claims that she grew up 'so fucking poor' and that she had to get a job at 14 (as if that's a big deal?). She grew up in a nice house in the suburbs of Vegas, wore expensive, brand-name clothes and makeup, and constantly went out to events like raves - all BEFORE having a successful Youtube career. She acts like she grew up in a slum or something but it sounds like she had an average middle-class life.

No. 553864

File: 1523575216441.jpg (151.68 KB, 665x665, sameface.jpg)

I couldn't place where I'd seen her face before but she's basically Jake Paul in a wig.

No. 567213

File: 1524848018622.jpg (95.9 KB, 1080x778, celebface_30591635_85233317162…)

No. 572498

>I honest to fucking god can not believe how Tana barely even inhales a joint and shows off about it as if she's just injected some broon right into her fucking eyeball ?! And cunts think she's class for it?!! No sorry I'm not accepting that. See where I'm from, if you actual bragged like that about smoking a totty wee bit of fucking pollen, you'd get fucking ragdolled right across the fucking floor for being a big fucking specky gimp. Everycunt and their fat fucking fish has had a wee puff on zoot in their life (round my bit anyway lol no offence if you haven't). Fuck it sook a bucket, and all that. I genuinely can't believe the nick of anyone thinking it's pure hardcore. it's green…. no spice. Grow up. Actual wee try hard sober virgin behaviour, that is. Especially when the lassie doesn't even know how to fucking inhale. She's fucking at it. I always just feel that if somecunt has to go on and on and fucking on about how drunk or high or whatever they are, that's exactly when my brain starts ticking and gon they're fucking rubber fuck sake. What a load of shite honest to god, give it a by. Also watched that video with Trevor and didn't laugh at one thing that was said, and I'm an easy cxxt to make laugh know what i mean. She made out like it would be so offensive and outrageous the things this wee cxxt was saying and it just…… wasn't. They just come across like pure fucking wannabes. Heavy bland and boring fuckers. The pure fucking cheek of feeling as if you're all THAT fucking hilarious that you need to document it too. What a fucking goon omg. If my pal started doing that to me I'd punch their cxxt in and tell them to get a fucking grip. Fucking gimps, the lot of them. Heavy fucking cheek they wasted my time, also. Big fucking pies man.(no one cares)

No. 572684


This is the most scottish thing I've ever read

No. 574621

File: 1525555543057.jpg (2.6 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180505_142425780.j…)

It's a perfect pasta ready-made from PULL

she literally is not trying at all anymore with hiding the shops.

No. 574676

She's wearing a loose shirt, literally no one would care if she had just left it unshooped because on most people with their arms up in a loose shirt they'd have it hang from their bust line and not cling to their stomach. I don't know if it's sad or not because clearly she cares what people think but not that much because wonky lines. either that or attention and I've just taken her bait.

No. 574767

Legit question– does she need or wear prescription glasses?
Why doesn't she just pay someone to shoop her pics for her?

No. 574779

Because she's lazy and tacky and would rather open an app and just push her stomach and the scenery in with her thumb then hit publish. Takes 2 minutes, no money, no effort and she doesn't care about looking ridiculous.

No. 609853

File: 1528926391370.jpg (365.91 KB, 800x844, 20180613_144659.jpg)


No. 610317

what the fuck is going on with her chest skin? is that just spray tan over acne scars?

No. 619544

sooo…. tanacon…..

No. 619558


how the fuck is she 19 and looks like a busted stripper at 35

No. 619576

No. 619577

it’s called being from Vegas

No. 619578

waiting for some responsible anon to drop the screenshots of everything so we can discuss the milk pls

No. 619598

File: 1529810262295.png (1.74 MB, 2002x1012, tanacon.png)

Here's a few.

>Guests: Bella Thorne, Shane Dawson, Casey Neistat, Miranda Sings, The Gabbie Show, and The Vlog Squad

No. 619609

File: 1529811302113.jpeg (367.57 KB, 1241x1317, 0C64DF0B-229B-406F-8E9B-4D9319…)

I have seen people throw up random numbers to make it sound worse, that 1k number isn’t true.

But it sounds like they sold 5k tickets and she booked rooms that together would be 5k max. That on its own would have been the fuck up as she didn’t account for walk ins. Then 15k more than she thought would be there came leading to the issue of people standing in the sun.

No. 619632

At least 4 people she had scheduled were also scheduled to be at Vidcon at the same times.
Total cluster fuck but who is surprised really?

No. 619673

No. 619730


No, 1k is about correct. The venue only holds about 3200 and the areas she rented only held 1000-1500. The main stage area only holds about 500. there were a lot of walk ins (because she tweeted for everyone to come) but that 15k number is fake. no way that crowd was anywhere close to 20k.

but she oversold by about 4000.

what a disaster

No. 619830

She really is such a dumb bitch. Love that about her! But sometimes you just need to accept your dumb bitch limitations and not attempt things that are clearly so beyond your comprehension and skill level and I don’t even know… just general competence? Sweetie… there’s a reason you’re banned from Vidcon… it’s because you’re entitled and stupid as fuck. Dangerous combo!

I already know she’s going to spin this in some narcissistic fashion, “oh I have 20,000 beautiful wonderful fans all there for ME,” and you fucked every one of them over because you’re a shady, sleezy dumbass.

No. 619831

Samefag but she’s so fucking stupid lol

No. 619870


>"crying" but makeup looks fine and you're covering most of the screen and your face

yeah this bitch is not crying but wants us to believe she is. when you make your whole living out of lies too, that's a dead giveaway.

even if she's really crying, who gives a fuck. what did you expect? did you seriously think you could compete with something as huge as vidcon? do you have any idea how much effort goes into making a convention? are we really supposed to believe this flakey junkie who doesn't wake up till 3 pm could do it? she's fucking retarded and delusional for expecting anything else

No. 619884

she acts and dresses so repulsively and trashy, how does anyone find her attractive at all? I don't understand. She always looks gross

No. 619892

Jesús fuck why does these youtubers work with tana, don’t they realize it will reflect badly upon them? I mean she has a record of being a fuckup at everything she does. Just being 5 hours later to everything shows her lack of character and respect.

No. 619910


Some people according to video dropped $600-800 plus time on travelling to tanacon.

How does anyone watch even one Tana video and decide this is a good thing to drop money on? Or that their kids should be watching? Same as her "tour" which was just her swearing and telling her usual 80% fictional "true stories"

No. 619917

Itslikelymakeup went and did a tanacon ticket giveaway too. What a way to realise a YouTuber I like has no taste. Also, it's hilarious that tana can not even once coordinate something remotely decently

No. 619948

Ugh, that sucks man. I get that she’s not a bad person and she’s just a kid. But when even James Charles thinks she should grow the fuck up maybe it’s time to realize you can’t get away with this shit anymore

No. 620408

File: 1529883122301.jpg (33.23 KB, 749x750, Vi1Pdp3.jpg)

Megathread on everything that went down is here:


This is glorious. I have to post the link because there's like 50 screencaps in there.

> The scene in the video above took place in the main lobby of the Anaheim Marriott Suites hotel, an area that wasn’t supposed to be overtaken by TanaCon attendees. Fans were expected to remain within a small ballroom that could maybe hold a thousand people, uncomfortably. Across the narrow hall was a smaller room that could hold 50 people, with chairs lined up into a few rows directed at a screen. Just behind the rooms was a merch table, selling t-shirts, jackets and sweaters for $150 to $300.


>tfw you dropped 500 bucks to fly in, bought a VIP pass to meet ~shane dawsum~, they don't even give you VIP perks and then they expect you to drop another 200 on an ugly tie-dye sweater

No. 620457

She’s 20 she’s not a fucking kid

No. 620692


she's the same age as james charles, and james charles is an acceptable influencer. he has apologized for his dumb mistakes and never gone back to them. meanwhile tana's constantly taking drugs, making empty promises (to other youtubers AND to fans), telling straight up made up shit and just doing tacky shit in general.

it's not about age, it's about being a dickhead

No. 620808

As much as I think she’s a moron, I was really hoping (unrealistic as it was) that tanacon would be a success because the way she was treated by vidcon, even if she did exaggerate parts of the story from the dramu, was appalling. No one deserves that (except maybe Onision).

No. 620884

Fam, she rolled up with her fans unannounced expecting to get a badge. Then her fans trashed part of the hotel and the floor.
Tell me again how she was treated badly. Even Onision didn't show up at Vidcon expecting to be let in, given a badge last-minute and be able to set up in limited space… at least to my knowledge.

No. 620890

She was treated accordingly at Vidcon for being an unrealistic spoiled brat. She seems to think that she can get whatever she wants. They have strict rules with creators for a reason.

No. 620991

I'm with these anons. How obnoxious and up your own ass do you have to be to go to a place and expect special treatment just because you're popular? Tana getting treated like the spoiled cunt that she is is long overdue.

You would think after getting content copped and having her lies exposed that she would dial it down a few notches but she hasn't.

No. 621042

Even people like Pewdiepie, Markiplier or Shane Dawson wouldn't do that, because they'd understand that a con doesn't have a stall and panel for everyone. You can't just show up and expect a badge, no matter how ~important~ you think you are. If you aren't featured, don't try to bully your way in with your posse of underaged girlfans. It's disrespectful to everyone who worked hard to be a FC.

Then again, they probably invited all three of those. Kek.

No. 621112

Man, Tanacon had meetups with people who didn't even agree to it, they just wanted to say hi to Tana before heading to Vidcon.

No. 621309

File: 1529961285930.jpg (34.33 KB, 419x115, kek.jpg)

Saw that Jeffree changed the title of his video to this and made me chuckle.

No. 621314

Haha, shady bastard.

No. 621383

Did she get a boob job? Her boobs stay perfectly round in like triangle bikini tops without underwire and I feel like her cleavage looks like of unnatural

No. 621430

Plenty of videos going around of the whole mess, I wonder how Tana's going to attempt to squirm out of this situation without legal consequences.
I enjoy this particular video because of the one chick who's representing the average intelligence of a Tana fan:

>I will explain! I love- I feel like Tanacon would be so fun, if it was like organized. You know, we were out there for like ever, you know? But like… I feel like if we met more people I don't know. But it's cool like, I guess. Yeah.

No. 621440

i just want to say, tana is legitimately one of the trashiest, grossest, most old looking for their age people i've ever seen. she physically repulses me. and seeing that selfie of her naked on the toilet made me nearly puke. i wish she would just fuck off

No. 621997

I think PDP made a good video summarizing the mess, even if he was surprisingly sympathetic.

No. 622008

mte anon, I honestly thought he was going to rip her to shreds. This is a really good video imo. I didn't watch the other YTbers reactions, I know Shane ranted on live but that's all

No. 622022

i'm probably preaching to the choir here but i'm CONVINCED she's lying about her age, and here's why.

she has this video called "how i did my makeup in high school" (sorry i can't post caps, on my phone) and she cakes her eyes in mascara and puts concealer on her lips, and she says she wore a juicy tracksuit literally every day.

ummm there's no fucking way she wore that in high school a couple years ago. that kind of style was "in" like ten years ago when my 27 year old sister was in high school. she's so stupid.

No. 622064

She’s just white trash. Something in style 10 years ago means it’s easy enough to find in thrift and consignment stores now.

There’s records of her attending Green Valley High School. She may have been held back a few years because she’s dumb as hell, but your conspiracy theory beyond “Juicy Couture was out of style” doesn’t pile up against the mountain of evidence that she’s as old as she claims.

No. 622299

File: 1530050046237.jpg (116.43 KB, 1200x561, Dgl5VMtVMAEuvyj.jpg)

Tana lied about soooo much

No. 622501

Shane went on live after it and said that he didn’t think there were 15,000 people there. He acknowledged that the venue only held 1000 people, and he believed there were 4000 people left outside (of the 5000 tickets sold) and everyone waiting to get in had tickets. So this confirms that. Tana lied about 15,000 (because her huge ego would think that’s believable) people showing up “without tickets” because she conned 4000 people who did buy them.

Side note but I love Shane. He’s so tactfully shady. He knew full well he was calling her shit out directly but played it off as a “conspiracy.”

No. 622805

Shane’s doing a video series on this, so I guess we are getting more milk. But here’s the upload of the live he did.

No. 623067

As much as I find Shane's videos and "persona" kind of obnoxious, I have so much respect for him as a person, especially after all of this. I feel so bad about how much he's beating himself up over this. I hope he can move post it soon and accept that none of this was his fault.

No. 623091

Jenna and Julien talked about Tanacon on their podcast this week. They interviewed a girl who attended the "event".

No. 623124

What did everyone expect from someone who’s proven to be a dumb bitch time and time again?

No. 623208

It really is partly his fault. He lives in a bubble of yes men but he has to know how unreliable Tana is. She is hours late for any obligation if she bothers to show up at all.
He attached his name to this shit show and people came specifically to see him.

>I know it's not my fault buuuut

>Tana is my friend, I like Tana
>It's really not my fault I know thaaaaat guys

No. 623258

I agree with him, it’s not his fault. He only agreed to show up, which he did. He fulfilled his part of the bargain. Everything else was on Tana and she fucked it all up. Shane obviously feels stupid that he agreed to it, but I’m sure Tana lied out her ass and convinced him everything was organized and taken care of.

No. 623293

I love J&J, and I know they always try to play devil's advocate, but this was way too soft. It's funny that you can tell that Julien really wants to go it, but doesn't. Ppl need to stop treating this grown-ass mess like a child. It's time to put down the crackpipe and grow up.

No. 623295

Same, I don't think it is either. Tana needs to be held 100% accountable here.

I was disappointed. I expected something similar to their podcast on the Paul Boy. Why does everyone let this bitch do whatever she wants without any real consequences?

No. 623296

No. 623298

Guests at cons aren’t responsible, even creators. He wasn’t an organizer. He has no blame.
>james charles is an acceptable influencer
Kek stfu. Charles is a cow too. His whole guru career is based on a lie. He has no skills or talent and he’s annoying as fuck. He’s a liar and fake.

Attached video of someone not totally awful who covered the issues. Im not shocked that Tana would pull this shit but she brands herself as a “messy bitch who can’t do anything and I’m lazy and I’m a druggie with no responsibilities” so the fact that anyone actually thought this wouldn’t be a total fail (with a MONTH of planning) is actually surprising

No. 623346

OT but what do you mean about James Charles' career being a lie? Just curious, I've always found him annoying as fuck too

No. 623361

He got popular by posting a picture of his yearbook photo on Twitter and in it he mentioned how he brought a ring light to make his highlight show up in his pictures but turns out he didn't do that and he just photoshopped his highlight.

No. 623769

File: 1530220605315.jpeg (275 KB, 750x1064, 8EB541AA-679A-4B80-B0DC-1677CB…)

No. 623771

Idk why some random fan had so much screen time in this video.

No. 623774

File: 1530220943508.jpeg (242.85 KB, 750x1305, 8AC9008F-3C23-4DB8-AF94-BD208D…)

The company she worked with legit claims they work for Disney, Nike, MTV, etc etc.

No. 623785

I also see plenty of comments that say the opposite and blame Tana. This is part one of a mini series, of course the first episode is going to be open ended and not take any sides.

No. 623843

somehow i doubt that they work with Nike and Disney

No. 623860

The YouTube Red original drama editing…

No. 623973

That one fan was talking way too much and was getting annoying. Wish the first part in this mini series wasn't focused on one girl sharing her opinions while her friend chilled behind her. I do hope the next parts actually spill some milk, though, because he did say he was going to try getting an interview with Tana and/or the GT guy.

No. 624259

I understand that Shane wants to clear things out and listen to all the parts (the fans, Tana, the company) but I hope the next parts aren't going to be a Tana pity fest because she doesn't deserve Shane to defend her. All she can do is lie and cry and make up stories like when Ian went to see her and then she made a video saying he wanted to assault her and she was in danger. She is the one to blame here. She wanted to do this stupid con, she put her name on it, she didn't check if things were right.

I wonder why Casey Neistat didn't say anything about this. wasn't he in the list of the creators too but he went to vidcon instead?

And I agree about the annoying fan…she talks too much and she sounds so fake "oh you're skinnier in person" "oh the window" yeah yeah yeah stop liking Shane's ass.

No. 624301

I can understand why Shane invited the fan though just to get all sides of the story, and he felt bad that a large part of the crowd had gone to see him and never got to. From the looks of it, the series is already framing Tana as a victim and GT as the villain here. I have such a problem with this because the convention was organized purely out of revenge for Vidcon. Tana should not be given any pity and should own up to her mistake. Acting innocent isn’t saving any face.

No. 624302

I just find it hilarious that this all went to shit. Vidcon wasn’t hurt by this act of spite at all and that’s all Tana wanted to happen from the vibe of her original video

No. 624493

I am living for Shane's videos right now.

No. 624509

Lmao they're shit.
He's gonna push blame onto GoodFace or whoever she partnered with and be like ''Tana wasn't fully responsible'' when she very much was responsible.

No. 624523

The comments are all over the place.

No. 624530

THANK YOU. I went to this thread for this very comment. Why are people surprised that someone that everyone was dragging not too long ago pulled something like this? Why is literally anyone shocked? I don't feel sorry for any of this people they shouldn't have been dumb enough to give someone like her money

No. 624596

Tana doesn't appear until the final three minutes of this, if you were on the fence about watching. Shane is really dragging this shit out.
Once she meets him face to face she switches on the waterworks though. Not saying it's great acting, but Logan Paul could never sell this kind of performance.

No. 624631

I like that Shane is trying to get the whole story for everyone that’s confused right now but why did he take this whole thing upon himself? I feel like nothing is going to come from this unless legal action is taken place.

No. 624649

He knows these will get views.

No. 624657


>tana 3,500,000 subscribers

>shanedawsontv 8,000,000 subscribers
>shane 14,000,000 subscribers

he hasn't gone to vidcon in years cause he gets overwhelmed by it. but he was friends with tana so he accepted tanacon. therefore, a lot of shane's subscribers who wanted to meet him went to tanacon because it was the only meet and greet he has done in a while (aside from booktours). all fans dissapointed. shane feels guilty because he loves tana and all his fans tweeted at him how bad tanacon was, so he's taking everything upon himself and trying to fix things he shouldn't, as shane does. i actually wanted to go to tanacon just to meet shane because he doesn't do vidcon lmao…

also views $$$$$$$

No. 624768

Yeah that’s true I just hate the feeling tho bc I feel like people take advantage of him e.g. bobby burns

No. 624776


Iunno, juicy tracksuits were in style when I was in highschool, and I'm probably a year or two older than tana.


Shane's like the captain save a hoe of YouTube. It's a really smart way to stay relevant tbh.

No. 624818

feels like it would have been a better move to release a documentary lenght vid with the material he got even if it would have taken a few more days… it would be a lot more enjoyable to watch imo

No. 624826

Wow this documentary is turning out to be really interesting. Like Shane said, both Tana and this Good Times guy are way too young and immature for any of this. You can tell both are trying to manipulate him with their tears and suicide claims. The thing that makes this milky is the fact that both parties are extremely over-dramatic and they both seem to be compulsive liars. It's hilarious.

I love what Shane's doing though. He has a very sweet persona and it makes people want to open up to him. All of this "I love you" and hugs and cuddles and "I want to hear your side of the story :)" and yet he's still holding them both accountable by the end of the video by saying they're both scammers, calling them both out on their lies and "We need to stop protecting Tana". He's done what he had to do to get all the juicy info.

Mad respect for Shane for doing this.

No. 624868


Shane knows exactly what he's doing, though. What's this shit about him being some sweet pure bby angel who just wants to defend his ~frens~.

I don't dislike him, but he's absolutely doing this for the views. He's clever and took the opportunity knowing that dramuh gets bux.

No. 624975

I think he genuinely cares for tana. i feel like this will end with good times taking most of the blame (even though tana has definitely shown a pattern of compulsive lying in the past and I’m sure she’s more involved than she’s letting on)

No. 625038

You make a great point about how his persona gets people to open up. It's true. Its how Howard Stern got famous. Shane is like the goofy lovable version of Stern which makes him more effective at investigating. People let their guard down a lot easier when they underestimate you as "nice". In journalism, it's an incredible asset to get people to warm up to you like you're buddies and then start hammering you with hard questions.

At the end of the first video, Shane is telling BOTH of them that they knew the venue couldn't hold 5000 people. The look on his face reminds me of a parent catching their kid trying to lie about stealing cookies. Shane is like "No sweetie, I see the cookie crumbs on your shirt :)" Shane has been in the business for 10 years and he's like 30. It seems like both Tana and Michael, in all their youthful naivete, tried to make wine out of water and it failed. And they are both trying to save face and manipulate out of it but based on the preview, I'm hoping he wont let it slide.

No. 625047

He's talked before about being obsessed with Howard Stern for years and even had a podcast that was pretty much the exact same as Sterns show. It's no coincidence.

I like Shane a lot but he's an extremely good manipulator which is why it's so surprising he got swindled so hard by Bobby Burns

No. 625052

what is this bobby burns thing?? im more curious about that than tana being a typical idiot

No. 625058

It's not that interesting. He had a mini series where he flew out some random hater (Bobby) to LA and "converted" him to being a friend. But the guy got a whiff of money and immediately started gushing about Shane and got a spot on his channel + major career boost. Shane even bought him a car. But Shanes fans hated him so much that he later got fired. It was all pretty dumb

No. 625060

thought shane was more business savvy than that- I would love to one day read an 'honest thoughts' of shane because I swear to god he is faking it with a lot of people he works with

No. 625065

OT but absolutely agree. He's good at what he does, but he seems really fake-nice in a lot of his videos with the whole "angel shane forgiving anyone who backstabbed him" shit.

No. 625130

This was so exhausting to watch lol

No. 625204

OT too but I feel like his most genuine one was his series with his dad.

I also think Shane wants to help people to a certain extent, but he gets WAY up over his head about it. The Bobby Burns videos he made completely went overboard and his close friends seemed weirded out by it. It might stem from his parents probably never being able to buy shit for him as a kid, he tries to live vigorously and give people shit. But I’m armchairing LOL I know shane is really involved right now but this is a Tana thread, not a Shane thread.

No. 625343

>live vigorously
Lol did you mean live vicariously

No. 625403

I watched part 1 and 2 of Shane's videos, part 3 comes out today. anyone feel like for all his "I'm going to hold Tana accountable", he's going to end up letting her off the hook with it? I hope I'm wrong but…

and when she came out of the hotel and was "crying" and hugging Shane and saying "I love you" over and over. such bullshit.

that jackass Michael Weist seems like he's both a) shady as HELL and b) a twit but I totally believe him that Tana wasn't there for meetings and ended up putting no effort or time into it. she was on vacation right up until the night before TanaCon and then went to the afterparty after the first failed night of TanaCon. while Michael and his people were trying to find a new venue at 11pm, she was snorting pills with Elijah Daniel in a club bathroom and getting drunk.

I'm over her. she's a manipulative POS.

No. 625438

File: 1530366994408.jpg (38.27 KB, 582x203, m.jpg)

We got to wait until monday for part 3

No. 625539

No. 625547

>I feel like people take advantage of him e.g. bobby burns

Why do people think Bobby took advantage of him?

Not to mention, isn’t it weird Shane is friends with these 21 year olds but also constantly refers to how they’re children, immature, can’t be responsible, etc. So he considers them friends, actively seeks out their company, and then claims Tana “can’t be responsible for anything.” The youtube intermingling of 30+ originals with the new under 22 year olds (Morgan, Bobby, Tana, etc) is kinda predatory imo. And if he knows Tana is so fucking retarded, why’d he trust her with his name? She might be a little young but Shane is 30. He’s old enough to know better and be like “wow wtf is this.” Not just blindly going along with it and then playing protector, investigator, and judge.

I like Shane and I don’t think he’s to blame for the event but he’s definitely responsible for vouching for the cluster fuck that is Tana. He needs to call her out and then drop her. She’s a shitty manipulator and toxic influence. And he looks like a fucking idiot or predator to be in cahoots with her

No. 625561

I really like his outlook on that. Felix is probably the most grounded youtuber right now despite his edgelord persona and his wealth. And he's also really good at picking Tana's shady shit apart.

Anon, please. He surrounds himself with younger people to make himself look older and wiser. And possibly relevant if he's in with the young crowd, idk. But without going into Onion-levels of tinfoiling, I believe Shane's a smart businessman and he also likes to see people around him make mistakes so he can be the one to "save" them. For video reasons or just so he can feel better. All the more props to him, but he's no uwu angel saint shane.

No. 625568

>He surrounds himself with younger people to make himself look older and wiser.

Is it just me who finds that creepy?

No. 625571

How is it creepy when they’re all over 18? There are people with 20+ age gaps in relationships, Shane isn’t even dating any of them. He’s just doing what Jason Nash is doing, which is be around younger people to keep relevancy, clearly not a pedophile.

No. 625574

He is using the term “friends” lightly. They clearly don’t hang out a ton but youtubers are “friends” with each other all the time for collabs. Don’t be stupid and think too deep into it. Any sane person would say that a 21 year old and a 19 year old are too young to be managing a big event.

Shane was dumb to not research the con and he does even admit it. He also admits he didn’t realize until after how many people came for him vs Tana, but that goes to the not researching part.

No. 625576

I don’t think anyone mentioned him being a pedophile?

I think a much more experienced creator in his thirties hanging around with much younger, stupid creators to act as a savior is really fucking cringe and weird. It’s creepy to know that these people are irresponsible, irrational idiots but to still hit them up, hang out with them, and promote them. Kinda skeevy.

I do think shane is good at what he does. I just wish he didn’t leech on these younger creators who are pieces of shit just to cultivate this “wise daddy Shane” image.

No. 625577

>They clearly don’t hang out a ton but youtubers are “friends”
Do you not watch his videos? He mentions her fairly regularly. And they’ve hung out a fair amount.

No. 625580

>implying he’s predatory
I think he just sees himself in them, and feels bad when they make mistakes and wants to give them a platform. I agree that it’s retarded and cringe and that he doesn’t need to do it but it doesn’t mean he’s creepy. Pointless tinfoiling

No. 625584

It’s not tinfoiling, it’s critquing. Stop white knighting. Regardless of his intentions, it comes across as creepy and predatory to me. That’s my opinion. Chill about it.

If he defends Tana or doesn’t rip her a new one, I’m going to be seriously disappointed. He’s talked about how much his kid fans mean to him. Now it’s time to see if that extends to telling off a friend or if he’ll baby her because she cries and has legions of fans with too much free time.

No. 625586

I don't think its creepy until he's dating someone that young. He's dating Ryland who is 27 and dated Garret who is 28. Shane is 29. Its not like we're talking about onion boy who dated two 17 year olds within 2 years of each other while being in his mid 20s. Having friendships with people in your business isnt weird unless they are literal children.

No. 625590

29 isn’t even that old.. this predatory accusation is such a reach.

No. 625593

i mean i do see where you're coming from but like.. if shane was actually acting like their "equal" it would be far more creepy imo. when you're 10 years older than someone it's kinda normal to have a mentor like relationship with them

No. 625599

You guys are overreacting to my comment. I’m not saying he’s Onision levels (is anyone) and that’s not the bar of behavior by far. You can critique someone without saying they’re the worst.

If I knew someone irl who was thirty and hanging out with 21 year olds, I’d pause. If I then found out those 21 year olds act like 8 year olds on coke, I’d be even more weirded out. If the 30 year old then made a shit ton of money by acting as some kind of wise “daddy” figure, I’d be done. It’s creepy. Sorry your like of him is making you blind to that. I like him too as a creator. He’s pretty funny. But this is weird. And it was a throwaway comment that’s now derailing the thread so whatever. Tana is a mess and I’m going to be suspicious of anyone who associates with her.

And Tana needs to become even more irrelevant and fuck off to rehab to sort her life out. He’s preventing that from happening so there’s that too. Or she can become Trisha 2.0 idc.

No. 625616

Shane is definitely creepy. The consensus is that he's nice and cute, but he even calls himself a big creepy man in the "I'm done" video. He's a big creepy man. He makes a lot of creepy content. He is friends with 21-year-olds and makes passive-aggressive "concerned" videos. He's just like every popular male youtuber; manipulative and predatory specifically for youth audiences, and I guess his audience don't have their radars finely tuned to be able to see it.

There is a Tana video called "peeing on Shane Dawson" where she sits on him laughing and maybe pisses on him, if you needed any more proof that it's a bit depraved.

No. 625634

But Shane has plenty of friends who are close to his age (Trisha, Garrett, Andrew, Jeffree, Bunny, and so on). There's nothing wrong with befriending or networking with people in your industry. You guys are reaching lol. I could see your point if you brought up his dad videos (the ones where he 'adopts' a child). But they never come off as predatory, just cringey. He doesn't know how to interact with children and he treats them like they're his adult friends.

>And Tana needs to become even more irrelevant and fuck off to rehab to sort her life out. He’s preventing that from happening so there’s that too. Or she can become Trisha 2.0 idc.

Do agree with this. I'm tired of everyone in Tana's circle coddling her because she never learns from her mistakes. I don't think she'll learn anything from Tanacon unless she gets into legal troubles. And I hope she does.

No. 625657

I low key think he was in on it… isn’t it weird that he’d make a 3part series on this shit…

No. 625710

Onision accuses Shane of being a predator every chance that he gets. He's the only one I know of who actively thinks that Shane's a predator.

This anon is also right. Shane has a lot of friends of various age groups and hopefully drops a certain 20-something because of her lies, crocodile tears and con drama.

No. 625715

It’s not creepy, predatory maybe but only in a business sense. Much like a baby boomer run corp trying to appeal to young people. It’s all for business.
Why wouldn’t Shane try to be on the good sides of popular youtubers if it brings him views/subs? Regardless of how old they are or how shitty these teenybopper “creators” are, those channels are still a source of view cows: underage, easy to impress, gullible view cows. It’s a self serving business strategy and he’s pulling it off really well by playing the fat gay lovable St. Shane of Yootube. He acts developmentally arrested too, that helps with being totes relatable to the audience he’s after.

No. 625896

>> Onision calling anyone a predator
He calls all his former 'friends' predators lol

No. 625902

If Onion ever found this thread, he'd probably have a micro orgasm.

I agree with the general consensus: he's absolutely not a pedophile. But he enables his younger friends wilfully and I think he partially does it to make himself appear better. So when they fuck up he can swoop in and be like "well you done goofed but I forgive you". Maybe he's a good person. Maybe he's just in the know on how to make himself look good online. Probably it's both.

No. 625932

File: 1530398126986.jpeg (458 KB, 750x1053, 4E06F0D2-C705-43AE-85B4-99CE7B…)

Yeah why are anons giving any fucks about how Onision feels or what he thinks? >>625710
>Onision accuses Shane of being a predator every chance that he gets.
No one cares about Onision. He’s an irrelevant washed up creep. And he’s not relevant to this thread at all.

Considering Tana is tweeting about how absolutely amazing Shane is, I doubt he’s gonna expose her. Wasted drama and opportunity.

No. 625936

Should've known Shane doesn't have it in him to really call out Tana.

Honestly I doubt any of these people are going to get their money back. This thing was a scam from the fucking beginning though. Like can anyone explain to me why there were people that believed that the goodiebag would be worth four times the ticket price when the tickets are literally the only source of income?

No. 625942

Yeah that's really disappointing. I felt sorry for the Michael guy. Tana's a liar and she always will be. She's never had a problem destroying people's lives and careers over her petty bullshit and that's exactly what she's doing to him.

No. 625995

File: 1530405584802.png (21.25 KB, 581x145, lawsuit.png)

Yeah, no one's getting their money back. Michael Weist says he's going to file for bankruptcy (possibly) and Tana's…well, Tana. From the sound of it, Michael hasn't been responding to anyone regarding refunds and Oevo threaten to file a lawsuit against his company.

>can anyone explain to me why there were people that believed that the goodiebag would be worth four times the ticket price

Because Tana is the most honest Youtuber ever. She's even more honest than Onision. She never lies, exaggerates, or breaks any of her promises. And her fans are also very dumb.

I would feel bad for him too if he didn't have so many accusations against him - from the alleged sexual abuse to hijacking another Youtuber's store. And this isn't his first time running a scam either. He was responsible for Digitour too.

No. 626125

File: 1530420666460.jpeg (329.91 KB, 750x827, 03B249F2-3C80-43B4-8DB3-B0789D…)

Make her go away.

No. 626213

I think the reason I dislike her so much is because of how many people I know irl who are just like her. She'll almost definitely get away w little to no actual backlash

No. 626386

Shane is showing more and more how spineless he is and of course people is taking advantage of that. After these tweets from Tana I like him even less. He just made her ego bigger.

And fot the goodiebag thing. Of course the condom is forth four time price of the ticket price…don't forget it was supposed to be free.

No. 627184

File: 1530558563932.png (291.67 KB, 528x357, tana.PNG)


not shane trying to get this lazy cokehead broad get some sympathy.

No. 627188

Shane's part three

No. 627209

TLDR breakdown (because Shane doesn't get to the fucking point until around 38 minutes into the 41 minute video:)
>a bloo bloo Tana thinks contorting her face as ugly as possible is the same as actual crying
>Shane is a garbage mediator and allows Tana to talk over Michael
>They both knew the capacity of the Marriott was 1000 people and chose to ignore it, although Michael signed a contract that only 1000 people would attend the convention
>Michael signed a contract for only a maximum of 25 security guards working at any point in time, paid $60,000
>Over 5,000 $65 VIP tickets were sold while only 200-300 free tickets were sold, meaning they made around $325,000
>Michael signed a contract with a ticket company called VEEPS which had a condition that if anything went wrong with the convention that would warrant a refund, Good Times would be responsible for refunding it
>Good Times is responsible for everything, but Good Times is literally just Michael
>Tana is still a stupid bitch, but if Michael is not a straight-up scammer, he's even dumber than she is

No. 627210

Is it 41 minutes of Shane defending Tana?

No. 627213

Kind of. She repeatedly admits that she's fucking stupid (duh) and he says, "I know you are but I still love you." It's a pretty biased representation. Shane shows footage of Tana "asking questions" the day of the convention(?) in an attempt to make it seem like Tana was involved at all in the 2-month planning process beyond making impossible demands. They also completely ignore that she was drunk at a party afterwards instead of working to fix her mistakes.

He's not so much defending Tana but when it comes to the blame game they're absolutely positing the information to place the fault with Michael and not her. Any "blame" they put on Tana is purely superficial. She's not the one who is going to refund the $325,000, nor is she technically (or legally) responsible for doing so.

No. 627221

That's extremely disappointing but very expected. Everyone pretty much assumed that's what he was going to do and he did.

No. 627223

I think Shane knows very well what he's doing. This is so entertaining.

No. 627227

As expected, but sad nevertheless. I wonder what Ryland and Morgan are thinking about this, since they both seemed convinced that Tana is responsible too and Shane should not cover her, because he likes her…

No. 627243

Maybe I'm just easily influenced but I'm gonna play the devil's advocate.

GoodTimes, which apparently is literally only Michael, is the one that should be held most accountable for this shitshow. I mean he was the eventplanner, he should know how to organize an event when he accepts/suggests to put one together. The security, catering and ticketsales were his responsibility and those were the main reason for this whole thing failing as bad as it did. Not saying it wouldn't have been a shitty event, even if those things were in order, but at least no one would've been sunburnt and dehydrated.

Tana's biggest mistake (aside from making this event out of spite) was to think that GoodTimes could organize a decent convention. Granted if she'd actually listened to everyone telling her GoodTimes was a shit company, and had been present for all meetings even someone as stupid as her could've figured out there was no way this would've worked, but she didn't.

Tana is obviously dumb as shit so I was actually rather surprised by how competent the footage Shane showed made her look. Like she was actually asking questions (I assume in the days before the con took place when they were in the hotel) and Michael was just reassuring her that everything would be fine.

From the beginning Tana just wanted to spite vidcon and Michael saw that as a way to make a profit, eg the documentary he wanted to sell to netflix, overselling tickets when he (and Tana) knew that no more than 1,000 people could fit inside that building, only hiring 25 security people, and ripping off people with the goodiebags.

I'm actually happy that he/GoodTimes is responsible for issuing the refunds, because for him it was always just about getting money.

Despite all that I think Tana definitely did have a role in all this, she obviously also knew that the capacity was 1000 people and I seriously doubt anyone from the Marriott would've told them otherwise. Because honestly what would the Marriott earn from having 4000 people try to get inside without having room for them? Plus no one has ever shown any footage of any of the staff explicitly saying it could fit 5000 people.

So in the end Tana got off way too easy but at least we sort of know what happened and who is responsible for refunding everyone.

No. 627252

Shane always huffs his own farts but opening with a clip of how anticipated part 3 of his Tanacon series is, well… it's a lot.

No. 627280

>Like she was actually asking questions
I hate how that kept being brought up in the third part of the doc. Okay she asked some questions but all of the footage is from one day. Where is the footage of her sitting in during Good Times meetings? Where is the footage of her checking up on the progress leading up to the con? Where is the footage of her checking the goodie bags for the first time? There's none, because she showed up to one meeting with the guy and then took a holiday.

Both of them are trying to look like victims and pretending to be suicidal and I want these two greedy fucks to suffer but I know neither will.

No. 627287

Has anyone done any research about Michael Weist's family? I'm skeptical at best that he will even declare bankruptcy considering his family's background.

No. 627318

Not a fan of Good Times guy but Tana was so annoying this whole video. She sounded so fake and narcissistic.

Both are extremely incompetent though which was the main reason for this shit show imo.

No. 627323

Cursory googling, his mother is Amy Weist and she's a real estate agent in Tennessee. She owns Cottage Realty. His father is obviously Michael Weist II, but I can't find much on him.

Regardless, don't believe a fucking word Tana says. She doesn't know how the world works. She doesn't know how declaring bankruptcy works. Right now he's in a minimum of $380,000 of debt from the ticket sales he needs to refund and the money he paid for the security. He's 20 years old. He's no longer under his parents' wings and there are very few people in this world that can afford to spontaneously pay a third of a million in debt, fewer people still that would do it for their adult child.

(Although she does seem like a very loving mother, so maybe, but the fact that Tana thinks people can and do just do that is so ignorant.)

No. 627333

So basically what we all anticipated: everyone involved were fucking idiots. I don't buy this "you told me everything was okay/you told me you were taking care of everything" excuse. If your name is associated with an event, and you give even the slightest fuck about it, you should be fist deep in everything that goes on.

I just can't believe there wasn't a single logical person who was like "hey, maybe this isn't a good idea?"

No. 627334

it's baffling to me that she pretends like she had no clue it wasn't gonna work yet we have both tana and micheal on video acknowledging that the venue has 1000 people capacity but they sold 5000 tickets… like, tana, you knew, we know you knew.

No. 627352

File: 1530572548256.gif (2.64 MB, 270x202, do not.gif)


shane has worked harder on the tanacon damage control than tana ever worked on tanacon

>tana complains that michael took a plane when tanacon was over but she tana went partying and drinking once tanacon was over…

>the faketears about how she's so sorry to shane
>shane admits he wouldn't have gone anyone else's convention, only tana's because he loves her. as suspected. tana realizes he is as stupid ever.
>when shane preaches her for how petty tanacon was, tana seems like a scolded child merely pretending to listen to her parents.
>says she was working so hard on tanacon but then says she did it all on in two months and went to hawaii vacations while michael broke his back working
>tana telling michael "i trusted you" and putting the blame on him. you're the rich skank who put every single decision on him while you partied constantly!

i can't keep watching her crocodile tears i'm halfway through and this liar is driving me mad. fucking shane is gonna let her get away with all of that because he loves her. she's clearly trying to be seen as a victim because she knows shane is gonna believe her.

No. 627358

What pisses me off is that capacity is a legal term, mandated by actual laws. It's how many people can fit in a space with that space still being safe (because you're all about safety, right Tana?) If capacity is exceeded the fire marshal will be called because it's a safety hazard, which is exactly what happened. The fact that they blatantly ignored that should be a crime in itself, but again it's probably due to the fact that they're just all so fucking stupid.

I mean it is amazing to me how dumb these people are. Why do people give them money?

No. 627363

what's with Shane loving these dumb fucking blonde bimbos? first Trisha, now Tana's busted mug.

No. 627373

It sounded like she didn’t get it, no one in that room brought up that there is a problem in overselling that much. The way she reacted about lines makes me think she couldn’t grasp how bad the line waiting would be, or where everyone would go after the first 1k. Paired with her not realizing the rooms she was shown were too small, she comes off as too dumb to know better. And really it Michaels job to know it is bad and try to get another room. It makes sense that he should get the brunt of it because his job was to plan it, Tana was just the figurehead.

We cannot know his situation but he is for sure getting money from his parents. There is no way to try this kind of event without some capital since most things will ask for a deposit first at least, with some stuff asking for the rest on the day of. So the only way to be 20, have the capital to be your own boss and make an event like this is from being well off. Even the whole wearing Gucci persona screams rich kid. His budget should have accounted for security anyways so he is in the hole the ticket refunds only unless there are other unexplained expenses. There is also no way that he spent all that money from the tickets on the expenses of the event either so he shouldn’t be out the total amount. I cannot imagine he would be actually putting himself into a situation where his life is on the line, he just needs to sell that Gucci for cash.

No. 627387

They're both accountable and she definitely knew about how bad line waiting to be. The way she's always came across is simply not giving a damn about other people, only herself. SHe only had the con because she was pissed at Vidcon. Even after that whole disaster, who in the hell goes partying soon after? People would usually be out of their minds with worry when you literally have a crowd of 4-5000 people screaming refund and complaining. She was more than a simple figurehead.

Both of them seem like two spoiled brats who are trying to throw each other under the bus when they're both responsible for DisasterCon.

No. 627462

Read the summary. He doesn't have access to the ticket sales. It's completely controlled by the ticket company.

No. 627467

so does the ticketing company just keep this massive profit of over 300,000$? that's wild everybody involved seems to have gotten fucked

No. 627478

Is no one else but me wondering what the hell is with those insert shots of Michael portraying “The Bad Guy”? The obviously staged ones?

When were those shot? Did Shane’s team shoot them? Or does Michael just have glamour shots on stand by he could send over for Shane to spice up the editing…?

No. 627480

This is what I don’t get, Tana said all that was made would have been put back into the con. But how would that have ever been possible if the ticket company has 100% of ticket price revenue?

No. 627483

I'm not certain of that. Someone needs to receive a portion of that revenue (minus whatever cut Veeps takes,) but what (Shane claims) is in the contract is that Veeps itself will not be the one to award the refunds and for some reason right now they are holding the funds. I would be interested to see the actual contract and not just what Shane says the contract says.

No. 627493

Good lord I scrunch up my face whenever i see girls that look like that (fake tan,fake hair,fake eyelashes,too much makeup) she's like a walking Stacy cliché.
And lol, 17? She looks almost 30.She should think about slowing down on the makeup and all.
And jesus fuck what a dumb bitch. Regina George but nice kek, that's what she wishes.(Nitpicking)

No. 627494

How can girls like that be so trashy yet found attractive? I guess trash only attracts more trash huh

No. 627521

The footage must have come from what Michael's team filmed for their "documentary." I don't know what could have possessed him to make him think that handing over that footage to Shane would be a good idea.

No. 627599

I agree. Michael is clearly liable but Tana is not without blame either. She was apparently getting drunk in her hotel room when she heard that Tanacon was going to shit, and then she claims to have gone to a network party because she didn't know wtf else to do… like really bitch? On top of that, her pupils were huge in this video and I'm picking up major substance abuse vibes from her.

Also she toured the venue, saw the main room, and toured adjacent rooms. The room that she asked whether it was big enough seemed to be a backstage area, but while watching the footage she acted as though it vindicated her somehow even though that room would probably be off-limits to fans anyway…

Just by looking at the main room, they both had to have known that they would need to rotate people in and out. They both had to have known they were over capacity. Tana even said in their meeting that people should wait in line to build anticipation because "people love to be oppressed". I doubt Michael will actually sue the Marriott, but if he does then they will have a solid countersuit without a doubt because Tana and Michael are dumb af

No. 627641

File: 1530594330380.jpeg (492.69 KB, 750x1071, 643B8072-317C-403B-A606-2547BB…)

No. 627654


shane just fucking drop her she's trash. he'll whiteknight her to death, jesus.

No. 627664

This is the same guy who coddles Blaire White despite her alt-right leanings plus the things in his life that she's super against, and his 'love everyone" ideas and who loves Trisha Paytas for the love of god. Shane's more focused on everyone liking him and getting along than actually calling people out (ironic considering his shit movie + skits)
As for Tana, I put a ton of blame on her. If things had gone well she would have taken all the praise despite not even being at her own damn convention despite her being the selling point. Not to mention she should have been there for quality control. If she wanted the goodie bags to be good she should have made sure they were and checked what was in them before making wild claims about their contents. If she had done everything she could and the con turned out shit cause her organisers fucked her over I'd fault her for naively trusting a random company and not doing enough research into them, but here I fault her equally because even if the organisers were great she'd still have a shit con, or at least one not nearly what was advertised since she hadn't communicated with the organisers and still didn't show up

No. 627668

basically what i'm thinking anon

so this michael guy is just a scammer. having been to many a convention, everything he promised her was so unrealistic. like telling her that her favorite glitter company was gonna be in the giftbags, and then not even having water.. its so obvious that neither of them had any idea what they were doing, but it wasn't tana's job to know how to run a convention, it was good times's.

but tana is dumb as hell for getting played so easily by some kid on an electric scooter.
and everyone who went to tanacon is dumb for trusting tana.

i love it tho, it's like dashcon 2.0, but with more cameras.

No. 627670


oh yeah, he associates with and supports so much trash and it bothers me cause i enjoy his current content so much. but he's crazy about the "please like me" attitude. he fucking tried to launch the career of bobby burns just because he made a video criticising him and shane just HAD to make him like him. and the blaire white shit annoys me too, fucking one step away from shoeonthehead shit. i remember in a video years ago he talked about how in high school he actively tried to be friends with all the outcasts in the school and tried to "fix them". poor bastard hasn't changed and people like tana will play him.

tana is absolutely using shane and his series to her full advantage and trying to make people feel bad for her. but the entire project was stupid, fueled by stupidity, done by stupid people, and did stupidly bad, because tana is fucking d u m b

No. 627701

Shane is an ex fat kid who was bullied mercilessly, he’ll stick with this “please like me, everyone!” act forever. Which is a shame, because fucktards like Tana Monghoe and Blaire White Supremacist already get way too much airtime without his input.

No. 627711

Tbh I think at this point he does it on purpose. People like his forgive, forget, love everyone shtick and he makes good money with it. But I'm tired of people saying "oh god he's just being USED poor baby shane not realizing they're manipulating him!", because girl. He clearly knows what he's doing, he's not dumb.

He's making good traction with the Tana video. Maybe one part of it is him actively wanting to deriddle this whole sitch, but it's definitely about the views and attention drawn to his channel as well. Shane clearly knows how to work a situation to his advantage and that's an useful trait. But he's no uwu innocent saint.

>inb4 hello onion/shane-hater

No. 627716

agree, anon. Shane and his content is of no interest to me (just not my cuppa, y’know?) but I have no reason to dislike him. I think he is definitely aware of what he is doing and it is one fucking hundred per cent calculated with an agenda (i.e. millions of views because everyone loves a bit of dramu) and is by no means an innocent lamb being led to the slaughter. He’s not an asshole, but he is definitely playing the game. And frankly, he’d be stupid not to.

No. 627722

Shane is the same person to interview people he hasnt seen from highschool in years so he could make a "conspiracy" theory about a fellow classmate who murdered his uncle. Thats when I went from finding the dude cringy and just a part of the shitty youtube culture to truly just being any other dirtbag making videos. Then when the Tana situation arrived I see that hes gonna collab with Blaire white and he is constantly defending Tana while saying "im just an observer!!" Cause thats the best way to take zero blame and fencesit until it blows over so he doesnt have to loose face or reject somebody because they were shitty since apparently everyone and their mom can be forgiven no matter what cause god forbid any youtuber upheld any kind of morals that didnt get bent out of fear you would hurt either the other party, your fans or your viewership. Tana being a very great example of him situating himself in the middle trying to "solve" this like he does with his conspiracies and the meeting his hater video. Make bank on the controversy without directly being apart of it has been his schtick since he isn't the one being edgy anymore.

No. 627771

Disappointed in Shane's video, he's too desperate to be liked. Tana and Michael should both be sued for this mess.

Michael reminds me of that weird narcissistic scammer, Anna Delvey. He just blagged that he's rich and knew what he was doing and enough people believed him.

No. 627852

Just my two cents as a business student.

Tana put her name on it, publicly this was her convention. As far as the public should be concerned Tana should have just said “I’m sorry guys I let you down. I hired an incompetent company to run my convention this is my fault.” But Tana is too proud to just take the fall like any other celebrity who puts their name on things. The convention was on her, literally her only job was to hire a company to run the con and she failed. If she cared about her fans in the fucking slightest she would not have hired a company run by someone only a year older than her.

Good times however was the one running the show. They should 100% be the ones financially responsible. That’s what fucking happens when you run a business. Especially if you run it like a shit show. It was HIS JOB to make the decisions when Tana wasn’t there. Tana was there to say “yeah I want this” but he should have said “no that’s not possible” or “hey since you wouldn’t answer my calls I decided to do this.” If he didn’t have enough time to plan shit he should have addressed his concerns to Tana and not give her these unrealistic expectations on what could be done.

At the end of the day Tana looks fuckig stupid and good times lost a lot of money so they both got fucked.

No. 627856

Firstly, what the fuck is up with this bitches lips? She got so much lip injections they look like two puffy slugs ick.

Thank you!
She went and partied it up that night, instead of buckling down with good times and hashing out contingency plans for the snafu.

Only 25 security guards. What a mess. Ugh.

the stupidity of everyone involved, everybody, i mean everybody, is that nobody thought ahead to have water available for people.

Hello? California is sunny ya??!

Every single person at any level, from the fans to Tana, should have discussed and planned to bring water. Having no food sucks yeh, but water, everybody should have had water. That's where good times dropped the ball, thats where the Marriott droped the ball, that's where Tana dropped the ball. Knowing al the possible people coming, and being in the sun for hours, water should have been provided, pallets and pallets of water.

The fans should have also brought water, but waiting for 5-8 hours, I realise their water would be long gone by then.

Water. Umbrella. Sunblock. A light long sleeve. These are things that people living in sunny states should never leave the house without.

But honestly, Tana and Good Times are now directly responsible for any melanomas or new moles and freckles these poor kids might develop. Only takes one bad sunburn to start it, ask any aussie.

No. 627863

This isn’t a Shane thread, can we move on to Tana already?

No. 627865

this bitch has already been arrested before and i'm so sick of seeing her face. can't we just lock her and throw away the key please god

No. 627875

I checked the veeps website faq and terms and it says
> "Veeps charges consumers a 10% service fee for each package purchase sold as well as a 5% commission of gross sales revenue from artists to cover standard processing charges."
So the 10% extra was what people had to pay on top of the 65$ tickets, which is why some people stated they paid 70+$ for their VIP tickets.

>"Artists are able to connect a bank account on the management dashboard and can choose to cash out after each event or at the end of each tour." faq

>"After deduction of our transaction fee and commission, we will remit the remainder of the revenues to you reasonably promptly following the Package event date (assuming that you fulfilled your obligations with respect to the Package)." terms
> "If you fail to provide such experience, you agree to indemnify us and reimburse us for any refunds that we need to issue or damages that we suffer due to your failure." terms

This probably means that Michael and/or Tana had to put in their own money to rent the hotel, security etc. beforehand. But since they failed to deliver the "package" they sold through veeps (the event), Veeps is now withholding the money because Michael signed a contract saying that GoodTimes is responsible for handling/paying refunds if anything goes wrong. I'm not sure if that means that GoodTimes has to pay Veeps the difference (the money needed to refund all people with Veeps keeping their profit from fees) and they will refund it, or that Veeps gets to keep all money and that on top of that GoodTimes will have to fund and handle refunds all by itself.

No. 627953

lmao this image is so relevant right now though

No. 627965

more good coverage from pdp

No. 627967

He seems to be the only big youtuber calling her out. Doing what Shane should have done.

No. 627974

File: 1530642124956.jpeg (170.44 KB, 750x591, 3A57DBE9-DAE7-459B-A624-E1E03B…)

Except Shane is directly related to Tana right now and is releasing videos about her. It’s relevant.

The dumb bitch is already joking about this. I hope she crashes soon.

No. 627991

I thought Lame Charles ended his friendship with her?

No. 627993

I hadn't noticed until watching shane's latest video but her lips are so fucking busted, she looks disgusting.

No. 627995

With everyone white knighting her it's not surprising. I don't think she will ever feel truly responsible for the damage she caused, she will continue on and on about how she wanted to make everything safe for everyone, and how hard she worked. Disgusting.

No. 628153

Yeah, too many important people up her ass for her to care. I'm glad at least Felix is holding her feet to the flame though I doubt she'll actually care of aknowledge his critics of her. Especially since no one else is. She'll probably pull an idubbs thing where just because iddubbs has fucked up and done shit things it means that all criticism he makes of her is automatically totally invalid.
Side note, James was initially making fun of her with the whole sister con thing but now it seems he's changed his tune. What a shame

No. 628206

also Peter Monn thinks Shane went too kind on her

No. 628257

He really did. Claimed he would be 'even' but come on, he's her friend, of course she isn't gonna get the same treatment that Michael did. I'm pretty glad the dude has footage from the planning as Shane just discredited a lot of footage just because Tana told him he didn't have the right context and she wasn't partying when she should have been planning, she was just shown partying and it was really totally a business meeting

No. 628318

Yeah, but he's a sexist, slut-shaming pig so of course he does. Not that he wouldn't be wrong to shame Tana here but this isn't really news that he's against her. At least he has a network of drama channel underlings who will take his lead and will likely start going against her too. One can hope at least. What's good is hftt also did a negative video on her (not a fan but she's rather large), but drama channels calling her out isn't the same as big youtubers doing it. People will assume drama channels are always negative or unfair vs someone like Shane or Felix calling her out

No. 628851

Surprised idubbbz hasn’t jumped in with his two cents.

No. 628859

Been wondering if he would make a content cop deputy actually. But then I think he would have shown up at Tanacon for some meme like he did on the first cc on her. He actually might have missed a good chance here.

No. 628872

Unless he has something in the works, which I sincerely hope he does, because that milk…

No. 628914

I'd hope it actually does something this time if he makes one. And hopefully he focuses more on just her being a hypocrite for not addressing her racist past (or potentially not past) yet calling others out in such an extreme way for it

No. 628919

There is so much untapped milk there, his last cc on her was just the tip of the iceberg. Bitch is shady as fuck, Shane might not have done a great job in exposing her with his three part narrative but there is still a lot of incriminating footage in his unnecessarily long videos.

No. 629271

wtf happened to her face she looks like trisha paytas now

she def had a lot of work done

No. 629273

File: 1530782652677.jpg (45.03 KB, 945x757, U4zIVyB.jpg)

No. 629289

Ticket company has announced they're refunding the money so Michael only has to pay the $60k security fee and whatever else staffing costs, probably will only be like $100k. But he strolls around on segways wearing gucci so I have zero sympathy. This will probably cost Tana nothing despite it being hugely her fault also. What a shitshow. She should suffer financially

No. 629360

File: 1530798181028.png (77.93 KB, 1261x239, Untitled.png)

I just went to check her socialblade and saw her description. I just can't with this bitch. She's not an influencer on youtube, she's a storytime youtuber. Also someone who can blow the kind of money she can isn't struggling. Not to mention the fact that if her videos didn't include things like her watching her friends have sex, she wouldn't be demonetized. She chose the path she went down and she's being rewarded anyways by stupid fans and brands. She can't complain about living the high life just because youtube isn't giving her as much money as she wished on top of all that
Here's to hoping he put it in the contract that Tana has to pay either half or the full amount herself. Sure she'll make the money back quick but at least she cares about money so it might still hurt her if she does have to pay

No. 629449

I realize this is just petty but she such prominent nasolabial folds for a woman at 20; I compared her recent live about her con (double entendre intended) V her live when she discussed her “near harrowing assault” by Idubzzz kek and just one year has been horrendous to her and I don’t say that to be mean. She needs to stop the constant tugging from the excessive makeup, stop the drinking and the drugs, quit smoking, stop tanning, and drink some damn water ffs or she’ll look close to 40 this time next year. She looks old AF… and has had a lot of work done.

Sage for being annoyed

No. 629556

Her body literally cannot produce good skin while her immune system is constantly overwhelmed fighting off the drugs. She needs to never touch alcohol or pills again if she wants any chance at regaining her body's youth and vitality. That shit literally tears up your DNA.

That being said even the healthiest of young women can have prominent nasolabial folds. A lot of people are born with and have them throughout their childhood, nothing to do with diet or skincare. It's just face structure.

She is starting to look like Lindsay Lohan when she first went off the rails though. Hopefully she can save herself.

No. 629561

I guess this hasn't been posted yet.

What do you guys think of Paige's theory on the offshore/tax evading company scenario?

No. 629746

I hate this cow I hate seeing her everywhere. I guess she was on a video with smosh. She is a liar who still has fans harrasing that nail salon I really see her fans just forgiveing their "queen " for her shit show of a con.

No. 631175

File: 1531003900932.png (532.58 KB, 800x533, tana.png)

I know this thread is 2 years old, but just imagine thinking Tana Mongeau ISN'T a cow. Just funny to see those comments now after the Tanacon nightmare.

No. 634549

>StrUGgLiNg DeMoNetIzEd InFlueNCer

Oh, give me a fucking break. Nobody with a car that nice, a big phone and brand clothes is struggling. This bitch, I swear.

No. 772066

File: 1548518662875.jpg (349.6 KB, 266x1600, AirBrush_20190126080001.jpg)

Necroing this thread bc she is legit getting fat. Also did anyone see her recent video tour of her room at the Versace mansion? I almost died when she banged the heavy toilet roll holder against the door frame.

Pics lightened and contrast upped for detail.

No. 772069

Here's the Versace video. 8:53 is the toilet roll part. Honestly she's pretty funny imo but wow what a mess. I'm wondering where she'll be even a year from now. I wonder how many times she's been pregnant kek


No. 772108

Jesus fuck

No. 772136

And she has her leg popped to look thinner. Yiiiikes
I wonder what kinda drugs she does and how often. Would love to be a fly on the wall during a drunken night of hers. I can't imagine it's pretty.

No. 772139

File: 1548531399739.jpg (2.89 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20190126_113527167.j…)

Better pics. I think I actually made it harder to tell by brightening the other pics.

No. 772149

i love seeing annoying bitches get fat and ugly, especially if they get fucked up a lot and lose friends in the process. knock-knees looking bitch

No. 776937

I can't believe she's only 20 years old. I thought she was mid twenties to early 30s.

No. 828231

She's "engaged" to Jake Paul. All for views I am sure.(necro)

No. 849455

looks like she got married to jake paul(Necro)

No. 849470

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