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File: 1687556582524.png (3.55 MB, 1682x2048, IMG_9354.png)

No. 1851929

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No. 1851935

File: 1687556917362.jpeg (113.49 KB, 828x881, IMG_7955.jpeg)

No. 1851939

File: 1687557426577.jpeg (735.66 KB, 2048x3244, IMG_9362.jpeg)

i can’t get over how hideous hari nef is, he has that typical inbred agp face. can you believe he used to be a model? i think this is another case of a grown man in a dress getting treated like a child with special needs and given opportunities he hasn’t earned because people feel woke and righteous for tolerating his mediocrity.

No. 1851942

trannies are repulsive tho.

No. 1851946

>pretty eyes
>smell nice
>a tranny having any of these qualities
Kek, come on. They always look dead behind their eyes, they’re either fat or skeletons, they smell like shit, specially if they have rot pockets.

No. 1851953

can they just shut up? I'm bi, I don't want girldick, I don't want rotpocket and I don't want uncircumcised dicks After all it's still my choice, I don't own anyone sex or love. A scrote can smell nice, with pretty eyes and softness, but he is a man and I can only imagine how repulsive it has to be for a lesbian to deal with male genitals.

No. 1851956

Wow. it's always the ones you least expect

No. 1851969


i feel like the porn ends up giving the game away. you only really see TIM on woman if the porn is targeted at men. the whole genitalia argument is also kinda dumb because it seems like nobody actually gets off to post-op anything.

No. 1851972

Even if they were all those things and lesbians could look past the physical, TIMs never stop acting like men and that alone is a huge turn-off. They’re always still overly sexual and mansplainy and arrogant, and these threads have proven hundreds of times that they truly do not understand how women actually feel or act.

No. 1851973

I guess 2023 is the year of ashton kutcher on xanax

No. 1851994

Men can’t have pretty eyes and smell nice?

No. 1851998

The weeaboo-to-troon pipeline is a real phenomenon.

No. 1852004

I dont get it, hes an average looking moid with or without long hair, like for sure there are better looking troons out there?

No. 1852012


It's nepo baby stuff. He's the son of an advertising executive.

No. 1852016

makes sense, ty for the info

No. 1852047

File: 1687571071886.jpg (1.32 MB, 2850x2850, Fy_4Z7qXwAQaU4e.jpg)

It's >current year and trannies are still pretending Lesbians actually want them.

No. 1852054

File: 1687571617785.png (499.18 KB, 748x950, Twitter.png)

This account posts the most fucked up shit

No. 1852057

File: 1687571723761.png (Spoiler Image,67.51 KB, 594x636, FzSD-7-XwAMpUCR.png)

No. 1852061

What the fuck… I’m actually at a loss for words

No. 1852063

No. 1852064

File: 1687572369868.jpg (161.77 KB, 1076x1474, FzTZDooXsAAhxEQ.jpg)

How much photoshop?

No. 1852065

File: 1687572419393.jpg (60.14 KB, 749x1120, FzP-qKhWIAAs-dS.jpg)

No. 1852074

this one is like seven feet tall and has the biggest skull and broadest shoulders I've seen on anyone outside of philosophytroon. it's like the ones who have the least hope do the thot larp the hardest

No. 1852076

So size eleven shoes, shovel hands, and so much Photoshop the image might as well be a painting? Hokay lol.

No. 1852078

Even with Photoshop he looks like those college guys who dress in drag for charity events.

No. 1852080

Women who fuck MtFs are straight or bisexual. Lesbians who support troons pay lip service but would never actually fuck one. It's the classic, "TRA in the streets, TERF in the sheets." Lesbians are female homoSEXuals, not homogenderals. They're exclusively attracted to members of their own biological sex, because that's how gay people work.

No. 1852082

Fake, blood is darker and has yellow undertones when mixed with water because of the plasma. That's just a red rubber dildo that they poured some kool-aid on or something.

No. 1852168

As a lab tech, agreed. That is the the color of frozen kool-aide, not blood. If you’re going to be an embarrassing, cringy, disgusting freak, at least have some sense of authenticity.

No. 1852193

File: 1687593625992.jpg (371.7 KB, 810x3893, Screenshot_20230624-015317_Chr…)

TIMs shitting up r/TheGirlSurvivalGuide with their physiologic AGP:

No. 1852194

File: 1687593652481.jpg (247.12 KB, 810x1799, Screenshot_20230624-035031_Chr…)

Then whining on their subs about being called out on it:

No. 1852198

Showed this to my therapist and she's letting me kms ♥

No. 1852200

their insistence of mansplaining periods despite knowing nothing of menstruation nor female anatomy - even after women inform them they need a uterus for periods/pms symptoms - is so fucking annoying and peak male arrogance. no sir you are not pmsing and you don't get a period, your male body is simply having bad reactions to the horse piss hormones you're poisoning it with.

No. 1852213

>cis women who dont have uterus say they get period cramps
I've literally seen the exact opposite. A lot of women who have their uteruses removed do that specifically BECAUSE IT STOPS THE PAIN, particularly women with endo. fibroids, pcos.

No. 1852214

File: 1687601530270.png (1.21 MB, 1440x5721, AndyGoodw1n.png)

Incel tier shit:

No. 1852229

this guy is obsessive and deranged, but at least he admits he is a disgusting freak invading womens spaces and his obsession is over how male he looks.
>I look like such a hon compared to taylor swift
made me kek, yeah dude because you are male and she is a woman

No. 1852266

>reads about periods in a wikipedia and is suddenly an expert
Where was he when this was taught in school?

No. 1852270

Oh I just realized its the same poster. Kek he's worried about being asked if he has periods when he still looks very male.

No. 1852285

File: 1687612482487.jpg (104.3 KB, 1080x1954, 356333233_1191988148136734_637…)

Almost like your parents love the person you are, not your fetish larp

No. 1852298

Anyone have that pic of his hulking manly frame towering over an actual woman?

No. 1852301

atleast the parents can accept their feminine son as is instead of going along with his delusions

No. 1852305

Imagine looking AI generated

No. 1852320

File: 1687616800134.webm (17.63 MB, 1280x716, Stacy Cay Speaks at Missouri h…)

Meanwhile, irl

No. 1852333

>I guess only “real women” are allowed to have period cramps, and we don’t count.
Jesus Christ they’re like children. It’s not a fucking competition, you’re either born with a uterus or you’re not. You either menstruate or you don’t. It’s not some club you just get to join because you’re a failed male and take HRT that is fucking with your body in ways it was never meant to. All these assholes do is speak over women and our experiences. But dude thinks he’s a genius and has more room to speak on processes we actually experience because he read about periods on Wikipedia. It’s fucking asinine.

No. 1852335

I wonder if it'd make any impact to call them out on the basis that by tying menstruation to womanhood and placing so much value on their imaginary periods as proof that they're real women, they're invalidating trans men

No. 1852344

of course not, TIFs are women and no one cares abotu women

No. 1852348

>atleast the parents can accept their feminine son
Based parents. This is how this all should have gone. We've gone on this huge U-turn where we were just about to push through acceptance for being GNC and dressing to your comfort to "correcting" people with drugs and surgery. People of gender and trads push the same shit. This is why you need to force fetishists out of your movements, else you have to watch all the work be undone.

No. 1852369

Is it just me who gets trannies recommended by YouTube or have they just infested the entirety of the platform?

No. 1852384

File: 1687625293152.jpg (32.12 KB, 1196x344, 2mCFjLO.jpg)

They are seriously all so mentally unwell; like I used to cry if my dinosaur shaped cookies were broken, kids cry over dumb shit all the time, it didn't mean I was actually a dinosaur or whatever.

No. 1852387

Ive had it happen recently too. Mine started after I interacted with a lot of gc/radfem videos so it may be something you watched or liked recently.

No. 1852388

sage for samefag but the responses are just so fucking retarded too; people complaining about being forced to perform gender while performing gender to fit a different stereotype, women can have short hair, men can have long hair, wtf is wrong with these people?


No. 1852393

The last second of this video gut-punched me. Can't stop the coom for even one day to go whine and mald in a government building.

No. 1852402

File: 1687627110760.jpg (122.51 KB, 828x782, FzZyH4KacAAbgQN.jpg)

Get therapy instead of thinking youre gonna become a woman and that will magically solve your issues

No. 1852411

left at london pisses me off so much. stupid hamplanet tranny. shut the fuck up and go back to making cringe music…

No. 1852434

Children will cry about hair cuts because they are scared of the scissors. Also why are they emotional? Because muh feminine tresses? Trannies lie about their childhood all the time to "prove" they were always trans. They are the most unreliable narrator for their own lived experience.

No. 1852436

File: 1687630741930.jpg (191.39 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20230624_142021_rif…)

They're doing that thing they never do again!

No. 1852477

File: 1687634073596.png (106.36 KB, 466x500, lindsay-groves-booking-photo-0…)

Articles are either not mentioning the trans stat or focusing on this Troon, but I'm having a harder time finding info on Lindsay Groves (the one who took the photos). Is it another tranny or is this nonce just a fat gender blob?

No. 1852481

why would someone ask a man about his period? trannies are so delusional about passing. some of them think they’re stealth because people walk on eggshells around them and try to humor them.

No. 1852482

this is pretty offensive to women who had all their hair cut or shaved off as punishment as children. boys didn't get bullied for having short hair, but girls did.

No. 1852487

one of the comments says something along the lines of “why do people think periods and menstruation are the same?” first of all, idiot, period is an euphemism for menstruation. second of all, excuse me, but are you telling us there’s a word related to femaleness that doesn’t apply to trannies? as if they’d let us have that.

No. 1852491

This is psychotic and this man needs to be locked up.

No. 1852496

> I feel like that just bi existing that i'm making a mockery of womanhood. that I'm a disgusting freak invading women's spaces
you’re correct. so stop.

No. 1852527

>I read about women's reproductive system through reading Wikipedia. That tells me everything. You're 30s, balding and you spend most of your free time in little girls skirts jacking off. A virgin that has only talked to female members of his family, and the mother's of his younger female relatives keep them at bay from him.

No. 1852562

File: 1687646298709.webm (6.53 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 724310497755031479…)

No. 1852567

Look at those soulless eyes. If that's not a moid I'll eat my hat.

No. 1852577

I looked at vindicta the other day after a long time and was disappointed to see this tranny posting there. The post was already locked and downvoted when I saw it. I thought for some reason that the mods there would be less handmaideny but they were deleting comments and flagging everything as hate speech. One of them stickied a post telling the troon that there's nothing wrong with his post but that it was just sWaRmeD by haters. Whining about terfs all over the comments. What does terf mean to these ugly men and stupid women anymore? They just throw the acronym around for everyone. Not everyone's a radical feminist. Women from all walks of life just aren't delusional about this topic.

How can you be SO STUPID to not realize that your own userbase doesn't want this man there? They're not downvoting any women like this. They can't say it because mods apparently love coddling men and punishing women, so they fucking vote no and mods are still out there virtue signaling and won't shut the fuck up. It's crazy that mods go against their own community just because male feels are so important. They told you no, what the fuck else do you want? You don't have the subreddit without these women you trample on. How hard does someone have to tell them no before they're listened to, for fucks sake.

No. 1852581

File: 1687648303926.webm (820.43 KB, 576x1024, Download (23).webm)

is this supposed to be attractive?

No. 1852583

The news say it's a WoMaN from Hudson, New Hampshire who is 38 years old. But Lindsay Groves is a man, of course.

If you look up the ogre on one of those sites that have addresses and basic data for people, they will tell you that "Lindsay Rae Groves is a 38 year old male who lives in Hudson, New Hampshire. He was born on February 1985."

No. 1852586

Isn’t Vindicta for femcels who are trying to be more attractive? That community will be totally ruined if they let troons take over, imagine the flood of incel Reddit males whinging and malding.

No. 1852587

If he wants to get taken seriously why is he wearing such a short skirt?

No. 1852588

File: 1687650346362.png (1.68 MB, 1238x1238, • Instagram photos and videos.…)

Monty needs to learn to do his eyebrows, the blocky looking ones aren't a good look for his moid face.

No. 1852589

File: 1687650407245.jpg (80.37 KB, 828x787, FzVZx5UaQAAgGtl.jpg)

the definition of trying too hard

No. 1852590

No, not femcels specifically. Just for any women who want to maximize their looks potential and don't want to be coddled or lied to about the fact that being pretty helps you get ahead. It's not for everyone obviously. But it's true that the community is dead if they let troons fester. Some places are just so explicitly female and with an unspoken mutual understanding of certain things that they cannot support anything that's an other. The shift is immediately felt. The other never gets it.

No. 1852603

why is Weird Al in lingerie?

No. 1852620

File: 1687655952606.jpg (648.3 KB, 2400x1800, cOy4Hoo.jpg)

when you look like you should be on a bbc historical drama from the neck up and you're amazed by how hot you are… honestly, congratulations on the self esteem

No. 1852621

nona my sides

No. 1852625

This type of shit makes me legitimately jealous of men and their limitless egos. No woman with a face like this would ever have the audacity to believe she was hot. Even if she tried, the world wouldn’t let her.

No. 1852657

I know right? One of the many ways to show that troons dont have "woman brain" is that they have male egos and male confidence and were socialized to not be self critical or self conscious like women always are. Even a truly hot woman would never say something like this.

No. 1852676

This is some Buffalo Bill shit

No. 1852690

File: 1687676151140.jpeg (475.04 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_3203.jpeg)

Bro transitioned into irl Bobby hill.

No. 1852699

File: 1687678459061.jpg (165.09 KB, 724x1011, Frankhd.jpg)

Frankenfurter has a twitter now?

No. 1852710

>i c-could have a uterus, i just haven't checked yet!!!

yeah and i could be the lost daughter of elon musk and be entitled to a million dollars in child support, i just haven't taken a DNA test yet

No. 1852722

Fascinated and terrified by the way he doesn't blink for the whole video until the very end, clearly staring at himself while recording. Definitely Buffalo Bill shit.

No. 1852760

File: 1687688385864.webm (14.12 MB, 576x1024, avamirage02_1.webm)

>chasers dehumanize us
>many chasers are closeted transwomen
So what does that say about transwomen kek

No. 1852799

Even actual pretty women aren't allowed to compliment themselves over it, that's why you have the most beautiful women go "omg I'm soo ugly" because somehow fishing for compliments is more socially acceptable then a beautiful woman saying she is indeed attractive.

No. 1852801

why is he talking like that? he has such a retarded cadence

No. 1852834

why are they all autistic? he's obsessed with all of these miniscule details when attractiveness is about a harmonious whole.

No. 1852842

File: 1687700549859.png (396.73 KB, 748x625, on Twitter.png)

>that happened

No. 1852850

If it did happen why isnt he pissed that he was recognized at trans immediately kek like clearly trying sooo hard to look female and failing the flight attendent took pity and wrote a note? Kek

No. 1852851

File: 1687701106667.gif (1.67 MB, 640x480, andtheneverybodyclapped.gif)

Seen that so often, woman says that she looks "nice today" and somewhere someone else will ask if she is sure about it and it's mostly women acting like that. Men don't care how we look, as long as we are fuckable in their eyes. The most horrible comments I encountered were among women, as if we are raised to bring each other down to get the attention of a moid. In the end it's a thing that we can change, we can compliment other women for the most basics things and hopefully it will make her feel amazing.

sry, have to use that gif again, I'm so tired of troons, most people hate or ignore them, but sure, he gets a card from a flight attendant that has the time for doing something like that

No. 1852858

File: 1687701670154.jpg (28.98 KB, 364x444, 123901-11.jpg)

So apparently there's a Some Like it Hot Musical by Matthew López and Amber Ruffin, it changes quite a few things but the biggest one is now Kip(played by Christian Borle) story is changed into a trans acceptance story and he actually marries Osgood in the end.

No. 1852869

I've seen better "sent myself a love note" attempts in primary school

No. 1852891

tbh, that's what first peaked me. I'm in STEM and a lot of women in STEM fields try their best to assimilate and tone down anything feminine just to be taken seriously. I would be going into job fairs dressed in a business suit and loafers and just wearing concealer for my acne and I'd see these troons in skirts that were way too short, makeup caked on, and teetering heels. The last straw was seeing handmaidens fawn over these moids in their disgusting outfits while bashing other female students who wore crop tops on a hot day or too much makeup. Yeah I get the whole "you have to be professional" thing, but come on. One's tacky but the other is straight up fetishism

No. 1852897

Kip always ends up with Osgood in the end. Have you seen the movie? He seems to start enjoying Osgoods affection and doesn't straight up say "I'm a straight man" at the end but Osgood implies that he's cool with that.

No. 1852898

File: 1687705865932.png (384.58 KB, 743x791, kate commonsense on Twitter.pn…)

smart doctor doesn't want to touch troons stinky rot pocket.

No. 1852903

File: 1687705999713.png (329.53 KB, 748x500, (troonytoons) _ Twitter.png)

No. 1852906

File: 1687706054680.jpg (118.31 KB, 1080x1433, FzFYNBLWAAEsgOc.jpg)

No. 1852910

File: 1687706369476.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.24 KB, 399x599, hewitt_article_gendercriticalw…)

IDK if it's been posted before but this waste of oxygen is so disgusting. He peaked my anti abortion mother into becoming prochoice. Conservative troons like this are morbidly fascinating bc the left and the right usually don't want to touch them and they're usually 100% pure AGP

No. 1852925

File: 1687707813432.jpeg (50.27 KB, 403x800, 8e8a708d-d798-514e-b877-ffef2d…)

was looking at lipstick reviews and the only photo reviews are from gross troons. Think I'll stick to Besame.

No. 1852928

File: 1687707874073.jpeg (38.4 KB, 538x800, 35c9c20d-b37f-5b40-b414-4da0f6…)

No. 1852929

File: 1687707979583.jpeg (45.99 KB, 450x800, e9e2b38d-1706-5351-a09b-6c243d…)

No. 1852932

File: 1687708111232.jpg (1.37 MB, 3072x2048, MV5BNTM2MTQxNDA0MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

come on anon, that one is clearly a screengrab from White Chicks

No. 1852934

File: 1687708144690.jpg (1.54 MB, 1200x900, meBDjTM.jpg)

No. 1852935

So fucking vile how men fetishize pregnancy as being something degrading and humiliating.

No. 1852938

Kind of understandable though; I'd feel degraded and vile if I gave birth to a troon scrote

No. 1852950

File: 1687709615766.jpeg (132.99 KB, 1111x928, 09FD01EA-ED7F-44C0-814B-D69172…)

troon and coom logic

No. 1852954

It's almost like women who wear suits don't sexualize themself while wearing the suit, while men in dressed are almost always doing it for sexual reasons.

No. 1852965

The automatic male response to opposition with violence should be so obvious to people. For how feminists are supposed to be evil krill all men, I can't recall seeing so many calls to violence at women's marches like you see troons wave around. If any, ever.

No. 1852980

Remember how mad scrotes got over those male tears mugs that were all the rage a while back? Meanwhile nowadays trannies out there describing how they want to torture and murder women who don't agree with them in graphic detail. The fragile male ego is real.

No. 1852983

Trust me I've tried

No. 1852991

That makes me think that idek if I’ve ever seen a sign at a woman’s march that called for violence against men.

No. 1853001

File: 1687715855216.jpg (285.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230625-135020_Red…)

His skin looks like a baked potato

No. 1853019

File: 1687718443918.jpg (185.11 KB, 810x1696, Screenshot_20230625-141112_Chr…)

Totally not transvestic fetishism!:

No. 1853026

File: 1687719900913.jpg (186.18 KB, 1908x1146, FzE3rRZXsAA1AXi.jpg)

looks like a future serial killer.

No. 1853027

File: 1687719922599.jpg (63.92 KB, 1280x720, FzE3rrbXgAMXfgn.jpg)

No. 1853031

No, the movie ends with Osgood taking off his wig and declaring himself a man to which kip is ok with. Osgood doesn't say he's a woman with a dick, he's a man and kip is ok with a man. It's a story about a bisexual dude ok with a sudden man (it would make more sense for this to be a pansexual woke bit of "I wouldn't care if it was a crocodile" like the memes go).
I don't understand why serial killers/rapists are let out. They can sit and wait for years before starting again and it's an addiction they're either too fucked up to realise is wrong or totally understand the evil behind it which is why they do it. Serial killers see their victims cry and enjoy it, no amount of time in a box will teach them anything new or to care

No. 1853053

File: 1687724822052.jpg (370.53 KB, 1536x2048, FySMN_4XgAAMH4w.jpg)

he needs to post the unfiltered photo lol

No. 1853056

File: 1687725364500.jpg (92.5 KB, 967x512, yosha1.jpg)

>transwoman in chess
>participates in French Blitz Championship
>the tournament gives out pity prizes (best french woman, best senior player…)
>Yosha's result: 46th place
>"best french woman" subcategory prize goes to someone else
>starts complaining, wants more prizes
>calls herself "vice champion" (she finished 46th)
>there was another woman who played better than her but she's not french so she ignores her
>claims she played badly due to transphobia

No. 1853065

File: 1687726580313.png (127.54 KB, 770x765, nyancrimew.png)

I ran across this troon's tumblr and reddit and he claims to be a hacktivist and have programmer and cybersecurity knowledge. Makes shitty soundcloud music and was arrested for leaking a federal no fly list.

>His bio:hacktivist indicted by the doj, mentally ill queer polyam bi lesbian anarchist kitten, 23 years old, social justice insurrectionist

No. 1853068

File: 1687727115640.png (51.53 KB, 767x753, reddit tranny.png)

He was suspended for this tweet lmao

No. 1853073

ugh, i remember this ugly bastard. everyone on tumblr was circlejerking over him for like a month, and whenever anyone mentioned how stupid the "bi lesbian" thing was there were hordes of handmaidens ready to defend him because he leaked the no-fly list. i thought the leak was funny and always enjoy seeing US govt scrotes get fucked over, but people genuinely acted like he was on par with lenin himself in terms of "left-wing" activism. the bar is unbelievably low for trannies, people will praise them for anything and white knight like their lives depend on it.

No. 1853074

why are you referring to him as "she"? he's a male.

No. 1853083

with that outfit you can tell he imagines himself as a cool animu e-girl hacker chick when everyone with a brain can just see a shlubby autist dude

No. 1853084

why do troons always insist that because periods are the result of a hormone cycle and not strictly a uterus alone they therefore can have periods? don't they take the same pills every day? what could possibly be "cycling" in their bodies? the delusion kek

No. 1853091

File: 1687729874677.jpeg (155.69 KB, 750x1209, IMG_9401.jpeg)

> butch faggotdyke
a phrase only a straight moid could write.

No. 1853097

They hated Jesus, because he told them the truth


No. 1853102

Osgood is the rich guy.

Jerry : Oh no you don't! Osgood, I'm gonna level with you. We can't get married at all.

Osgood : Why not?

Jerry : Well, in the first place, I'm not a natural blonde.

Osgood : Doesn't matter.

Jerry : I smoke! I smoke all the time!

Osgood : I don't care.

Jerry : Well, I have a terrible past. For three years now, I've been living with a saxophone player.

Osgood : I forgive you.

Jerry : [tragically] I can never have children!

Osgood : We can adopt some.

Jerry : But you don't understand, Osgood! Ohh…

[Jerry finally gives up and pulls off his wig]

Jerry : [normal voice] I'm a man!

Osgood : [shrugs] Well, nobody's perfect!

[Jerry looks on with disbelief as Osgood continues smiling with indifference. Fade out]

Osgood would've taken anyone. Jerry (kip) isn't saying no because he doesnt want to. He's just saying no because he's not actually a woman. I've always thought they were both into it.

No. 1853117

File: 1687732230160.jpeg (51.24 KB, 636x413, FFDDD9EA-F72B-4218-A25C-7DE927…)

for non-chess nonas, this guy is actually quite well known in chess circles for being an absolute retard who badly analyses games and accuses ppl of cheating based off of it (if you remember the scandal last year, he massively helped fuel that + the guy accused has been all but proven to have never cheated outside of online chess games which most titled chess players have cheated in at some point)

picrel charlie clymer at a women’s tournament

No. 1853120

File: 1687732382461.png (137.48 KB, 1776x843, sneedhon.png)

TIM draws themself as a hon, other TIMs are angry that he did, handmaidens and OP TIM are upset that people aren't referring to him as his it/goreself pronouns. Sage for dumb twitter drama but all the tweets about it are so fucking stupid and hilarious https://twitter.com/freakyworms/status/1673040664794202117?s=20

No. 1853122

why does no one find this as absolutely hilarious/depressing as it really is? holy shit, no one I know is talking about this lmao. absolutely every stereotype about these people is true.

No. 1853125

Hang on that twitter user is a goldmine. Apparently he’s asian, black, indigenous, jewish, intersex, trans, a DID system, autistic, physically disabled, and there’s a note on his bio to not shorten his name specifically if you are white. How are there real people out here like this thanks for the kek nonna

No. 1853128

Cannot stand this. Straight men who have never experienced misogyny or homophobia in their life change their discord avatar and suddenly it's bimbo this dyke that. Is there any way of shutting down these kind of people without making yourself the bad guy?

No. 1853129

>it/goreself pronouns
at this point I'm convinced some of these neopronoun tards are trolls doing it to make troons look even more insane than they already do.

No. 1853148

i have no idea why "butch transfems" are so prevalent on tumblr. there's a big one, formerly butchflirt and currently radiofreederry, who's a personal cow of mine and loses his shit whenever anyone even compares him in personality, style, ANYTHING to a male character/actor. completely normal behavior kek. he's also tried to start up a streaming career and writes shitty fiction, so a typical moid with an untouchable ego

No. 1853149

There's no need to engage. People like that are legitimately unwell and will implode when left to their own devices, particularly if they spend a lot of time online. IRL is different– TRAs have to be confronted when they make incursions.

No. 1853159

Attack helicopter gender started as a joke, but then became reality. Does it matter if the OP is a troll when the handmaidens are so sincere?

No. 1853162

the different reactions between TiFs who potray themselves like any other woman vs TiMs who show themselves as hons is insane

No. 1853167

File: 1687738147821.png (38.05 KB, 945x514, 2023-06-25 20-00-20.png)

From a CBC article on Pride. I've noticed an emphasis on "trans kids" in the coverage this year, usually as a direct quote from activists/organizers. No doubt this will continue to peak normies.

>I'm waiting everyday for a headline of somebody being assaulted


No. 1853171

Yeah, I'm real sorry for gay kids who grow up being told they are sexual deviants and genital fetishists by those damn conservatives.. oh wait.

No. 1853172

Samefag for clarity: I'm merely pointing out the activist's double entendre, not hoping or encouraging violence myself.

No. 1853173

God, the pronoun soup made me confused and I had to re-read. I hate trannies

No. 1853223

is this “2S”LGBT thing solely in Canuckistan? every time i see that acronym, it’s always related to Canada in some way

No. 1853238

Probably, because our whiney native peoples enjoy playing every victim card they can muster(global rule #7)

No. 1853240

of course men who are just trying to have sex won't be picky or rude to the woman's face but when they're talking among each other or online about women, they can get "horrible" too real fast. a lot of them also ruin their gfs' confidence and get delusional after watching egirl tiktoks with 5 filters on for hours. but yeah it's even sadder when it comes from other women, though it usually stems from insecurity.

bruh it's insane how far some women will go for trannies. hoping this was from a fellow troon/fag bc who even carries a card like this with them at work. i know it's "pride month" or whatever but still

No. 1853283

File: 1687753483460.jpg (177.84 KB, 839x1800, wrhstbsrvdavadbaf.jpg)

something similar was posted in the TiF thread but I was right with how the reactions are different when TiFs are drawn as not passing compared to TIMs

No. 1853285

KEK I hope the TIMs are dragging her stupid ass.

No. 1853292

Cryptoterf queen

No. 1853299

kek at the celeste shirt

No. 1853300

Because the non passing tif was a typical cute girl while the non passing tim looks like a fucking neckbeard.

No. 1853303

99% of them look like the one on the right anyways even on hormones. even if she drew them as pretty kpop boys the TiMs would still be angry kek. they're always gonna be obsessed with "passing" as some giga stacy or barbie doll

No. 1853310

most tifs don't actually want to pass because getting attention is the whole point for them. tims want to pass because their fetish is being seen as women.

No. 1853324

>Transwomen don't owe you femininity! Women can have dicks, transwomen are female, stop the transmisogyny and slurs!
>Why did you draw a hon??? Transphobe!
OK trannies. Failed the contradict yourself less than 5 times a day challenge again

No. 1853342

based on this and looking at their profile and art, I'm convinced op is a tif larping as a tim. I cant keep up with this

No. 1853353

UK Ministry of Justice data on inmates from March / April 2019 showed these 3 rates for sex offenders:

125 sex offenders out of 3812 women in prison = 3.3% of women prisoners
13234 sex offenders out of 78781 men in prison = 16.8% of male prisoners
76 sex offenders out of 129 transwomen in prison = 58.9% of TIM prisoners

76 of the 129 male-born prisoners identifying as transgender(not counting any with GRCs) have at least 1 conviction of sexual offense. This includes 36 convictions for rape and 10 for attempted rape.

Wow I can not believe we are sending TIMs to women's prisons. I hope the women go class action and sue the states that allow this when they are inevitably sexually assaulted.

source: https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/

No. 1853363

Munchasens syndrome at its finest.

No. 1853370

He definitely nailed that early 20s but looking 40 male autist look. Can't believe he's only 22 in this pic. What an ugly fat useless scrote kek.

No. 1853383

File: 1687764985647.png (23.79 KB, 768x768, IMG_2084.png)

The first one

No. 1853386

>is this “2S”LGBT thing solely in Canuckistan?
Yes, you'll only see the Canadian government and NGOs based out of Canada using the "2S" in the LGBT abbreviation. Canadians have to out woke everyone else. I've notice the abbreviation can be different from country to country. In Australia they use LGBTI, with the "I" being for intersex.

No. 1853393

things like this reminds me that the trans movement was always doomed to fail, they can not agree on a single thing even internally within the movement

No. 1853408

Already did, if only there was a way to not smell their stench.

No. 1853413

File: 1687772333040.jpg (68.92 KB, 638x933, FzgS90MakAAVMtb.jpg)

Imagine posting a pic of yourself with this kinda mess in the background

No. 1853415

File: 1687773444714.jpg (143.19 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20230626-054856_Chr…)

The feminine urge to masturbate like a transvestic fetishist:
Is that a disability cane in the background? Probably another LARP.

No. 1853416

they're all so filthy I immediately associate the trans flag with hot dog water every time I see it now

No. 1853427

File: 1687776359394.jpg (197.38 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20230626-063034_Chr…)


No. 1853432

maybe the man was blind and deaf

No. 1853433

his username translates to "smelly/stinky dog", this information is useless, but thought you all deserve to know it.

No. 1853439

I for one believe him, some middle aged chaser trying to pick up a troon prostitute sounds plausible

No. 1853440

Why it is always the fucking Germans?

No. 1853441

If it did happen, the man was a chaser.
No woman would be flattered by anyone driving up to them on the street and having the driver saying they've been watching them as they walk. The one time a man was driving alongside me as I was walking I was terrified that I was about to be kidnapped.

No. 1853442

german moids always have psychosexual issues. it has to be inherent.

No. 1853445

if anyone hypothetically HYPOTHETICALLY wanted to say something to Jamie Lee Curtis' gross troon son and you knew someone that could hypothetically make your thoughts seen, what would you say?
hypothetically, of course.(hypothetically cowtipping)

No. 1853458

I don't know, I've met a lot of moids that are nice and normal, but the ones that are horrible and creepy are the loudest on the internet (and everywhere else). Must have something to do with the fact that many things are just legal in Germany, we are after all one of the few countries were prostitution is completely legal. If you nonnas could/can read German, we have whole internet communities that "rate" prostitutes and what you read there makes you wish to be a lesbian. There is this website that collects quotes from those communities and if you want, have fun reading some of them https://dieunsichtbarenmaenner.wordpress.com/menu/

Michael Myers wasn't as much of a nightmare as he is and I wonder when the next horror movie will be released where his mother has to survive and escape her horrible son

No. 1853459

ayrt nice writing that one down, that will hurt
not trying to hurt him just peak the people around him

No. 1853464

File: 1687781905659.png (180.58 KB, 828x766, Screenshot 2023-06-26 142008.p…)

This is what he looks like btw

No. 1853467

of course the one time some self-admittedly dirty tranny gets complimented by a stranger, the compliment happens to be about how the tranny is totes a woman. yeah it didn't happen, look at that face kek

No. 1853473

Not racebaiting, but he looks like one of those caricatures of "untermensch" they had in Germany during nazism kek

No. 1853477

dude, shut the fuck up(infighting)

No. 1853481

If you don't want to see us discussing the pics your own boyfriend posted, you can leave(took the bait)

No. 1853482

kek, he looks like the guy that lives in the flat below me or like that guy that always hangs out the window, staring into other people's flats. I need to move to another country where not every moid looks the same.

No. 1853483

And men claim they aren't delusional.

No. 1853487

This makes me so angry. No woman would ever do this. Ywnbaw

No. 1853497

nta it's some kind of bondage post (you can see the cuffs at the top). The whole couch is covered with sex toys and fetish gear. Disgusting.

No. 1853498

Even if I knew someone who knew him, I still wouldn't touch the poop.

No. 1853508

File: 1687787714541.png (10.45 KB, 651x329, Screenshot_71.png)

The Dutch National women's team(one of best women's football team in the world) won a friendly match against a high ranked semi-pro under-18 boys' team(2-1), and of course TRAs and libfems are using this as evidence that sports should not be segregated by sex, and that troons should be allowed in women's sports. Like I swear to god these Idiots are out of touch with reality.

No. 1853519

Imagine defending such disgusting AGP moids, lmao couldn't be me
Are you a handmaiden or a troon?(took the bait)

No. 1853533

I see they already memory holed the tif team that got absolutely demolished.

No. 1853545

Why would this flight attendant have a rainbow card on hand and why would she know who Erin Reed is? He isn't famous or anything. Fake and gay

No. 1853549

I'm just not a fan of nazi ideology, no matter the context. Is that hard for you to understand?

No. 1853561

No one is touting the ideology, she is referencing historical propaganda art you loon.

No. 1853592

Can his minders (wife, etc) PLEASE convince him to get some proper styling? Cosplay and skinwalking his furry OC out in public 24/7 is extremely embarrassing and is only making him and his family look awful. It isn't fun or cute and it clocks him faster than his AGP serial killer smirk.

No. 1853594

File: 1687799073367.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.34 KB, 828x921, FzWta_ZacAA8pZ2.jpg)

a TIM gives a TIF his testicles as a present

No. 1853595

You'd think with the amount of money they could have gotten better higher quality custom made cosplays done. Even for bigger sizes, it's not too hard to find costumers make high quality custom cosplays. It's just annoying to see someone have all of the resources and then not use any of them properly.

No. 1853607

File: 1687800664996.png (91.88 KB, 1168x1332, CAPTURE.png)

Okay so this might be the most disturbing thing I've come across, I was arguing with some troon on twitter and his pfp looked like a underage boy in sexualized clothing and so I Image searched just to be sure and the first result was this blog about "female domination" at first glance it might just look like another fetish blog, but it contains hundreds of photos of very young boys dressed as girls, a few were photoshopped but the vast majority were actual young boys in drag (in various contexts) and "sissy" captions on them , about force feminizing, some pics are borderline CP, is there a way to report because it's beyond fucked up?

No. 1853622

Does your country have a cyber crime division? In some countries they have a cyber division with a website you can send tips to. If not I'd say go for the American one since this is probably an American site https://report.cybertip.org/. This is also a possible option I found, some activist group that compiles info and then sends it off. Never heard of them before though so grain of salt https://theinquiry.github.io/

No. 1853626

Sorry I don't know where you can report it, but I want to add that it's disurbing that they pretend that this is about "female domination/empowerment" when it's actually about moids fetishizing femininity and pedophilia.

No. 1853632

Their fetish alone is bad enough but why do they always use kids for it?

No. 1853642

ew spoiler this please!

No. 1853647

>why do they always use kids for it?
they're literally pedos

No. 1853664

> Middleage man comes onto another middle aged faggot so the only conclusion is that the latter must be a woman…
Do these retards not realize gay men exist?

No. 1853695

>middle aged man hits on troon
>middle aged german man
yep sounds about right lmao

No. 1853699

God, they are so fucking deranged. It really must be true that the bizarre shit they do peaks the normies more than the mean TERFs speaking sense.

No. 1853705

File: 1687810156548.jpeg (500.19 KB, 1536x2048, E8CFFCA4-0164-4EA2-983C-CCEF08…)

Does… does it look like his skin is photoshopped? Am I crazy? The dark skin and light skin do not mesh at all, and dark skinned peoples finger tips are lightly colored, like their palms.


No. 1853722

That thumb doesn't even look real. Is tranracialism about to be a thing in 2023/2024? I'm excited for the milk but fearful for reality

No. 1853736

I would say its a spray tan with how orange it looks and how the fingers have a solid line of pigment.

No. 1853747

Looks like the Beautify filter on Android phones jacked up to the max. It's one of the worst filters you could use, and normally it does this to your face with over correction on color and smoothing, but it will try to correct anything skinish color like a hand or brown dog.

No. 1853748

Omfg it absolutely is. And poorly. What the fuck.

No. 1853796

A year or two ago there was a TiF who posted a pic of herself with her uterus in a jar. How are these trannys allowed to keep their removed organs? I thought federal law required all organs once removed from a body to be dispose of and couldn't be given to the patient.

No. 1853812

This is who comes up at the address on that site. 1-4 Langley Ct, London WC2E 9JY, United Kingdom…. Also Terry Threadwill's website is the same exact format as that new age lifestyle web.

If I had to guess the two are related- they have same address and website.

No. 1853822

File: 1687819780622.jpeg (112.93 KB, 1170x1039, IMG_5581.jpeg)

Saging because this isn’t milky, I just want to complain about trannies being every-fucking-where on the internet

No. 1853826

Ew gross, they're just going to have their junk flopping about in the wind now?

No. 1853879

File: 1687826895018.png (565.81 KB, 892x825, life is weird.png)

Shadman got out of prison and trooned out, but is using porn models for catfishing?

No. 1853888

I think thats probably a joke

No. 1853894

>older women playing against under 18's
I mean obviously they would? They're playing against literal children.

No. 1853903

File: 1687829649471.jpg (69.26 KB, 1114x750, records.jpg)

i don't know about football but in athletics, male children outperform female athletes too https://boysvswomen.com/#/world-record

No. 1853905

Women are only worse at sports due to socialization

No. 1853913

sick bait.

No. 1853914

please don't tell me you're falling for the bait nona

No. 1853916

hilarious if true

No. 1853938

that's some weirdo woman cosplaying as him. of course people on Twitter take everything at face value and assume this to be true. they'll even defend him being "misgendered"

No. 1853943

I almost gagged.
And what the fuck is going on in the background? A mildewed and rotting basement with heavy duty rings on the wall? Troons and their nastiness and depravity, I swear to God.

No. 1853991

and why do the Records of Eastern belt athletes who were trained since birth, regularly get broken by teenage boys?

No. 1854004

>And what the fuck is going on in the background?
Kek ikr it looks straight out of a horror film.

No. 1854064

That boy ain’t right

No. 1854088

File: 1687859698476.jpg (760.33 KB, 1800x4000, RDT_20230627_05563213539521172…)

I'm a little late but lmao anon you failed to include the funnier of the two pictures he posted

No. 1854091

literally standing on the chords like it's nothing

No. 1854093

File: 1687860917566.jpg (190.02 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20230627_055513_Red…)

reddit is so scary

No. 1854095

No. 1854098

Uwu how girly to sleep in a cage and show all of those bondage sticks and dildos and other depraved sex shit for the whole world to see.

No. 1854103

They look so awkward in photos, like they don't know how to pose

No. 1854133

File: 1687869112831.jpg (57.56 KB, 750x591, Tumblr_l_2505141824756521.jpg)

I know it's stale milk and an obvious bait, it just makes me wonder if there are any women left in popular lesbian spaces these days. Feels like it all straight men and spicy straight women only. Almost like making LGB thing popular among normies didn't actually lead to anything good.

No. 1854153

every "lesbian" subreddit is 75% agps and 15% handmaidens. i'm surprised that it doesn't turn the troons off. how can they convince themselves they're true and honest lesbian women when they're surrounded by other men?

No. 1854163

Because handmaidens who want to pretend to be gay for oppression points will have "lesbian sex" with them.

No. 1854185

File: 1687874606381.png (216.27 KB, 810x2386, disagreebro.png)

I wonder why people might disagree, bro

No. 1854189

File: 1687875369778.webm (6.59 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cide3qbc77ualb0q8k…)

Remember that one troon, a couple of threads ago, who said he'd leave the bathroom when a Muslim woman was taking off her hijab and was being praised for doing the bare minimum? Who, unsurprisingly, was also acting misogynistic and making up a scenario with a TikTok audio to mock a fictional woman’s miscarriage. I got a video of his on my fyp and checked his page, he’s claiming it’s wrong for someone to label a man gay for being attracted to a faggot like him. Male voice even croaked out for a second kek.

No. 1854197

File: 1687876752488.jpeg (218.71 KB, 1080x1412, IMG_1329.jpeg)

Lmao I wish I was this delusional DAMN

No. 1854218

Kek there he is trying so hard to maintain that woman-face voice only for it to crack whenever he relaxes a bit.

No. 1854266

File: 1687883825506.jpg (26.8 KB, 562x562, FO0nyp4XIAMplrB.jpg)

same vibes

No. 1854272

File: 1687884072948.jpeg (81.96 KB, 887x1024, E6219D4E-3034-4A4A-94C2-766EAA…)

No. 1854286

File: 1687885060472.jpg (43.95 KB, 736x1086, ice_age_sid_by_julle74_defuzwh…)

No. 1854422

Imagine being a scrote who looks ugly as either gender and gets rejected whatever he larps as kek.

No. 1854442

okay, so what’s your excuse?

No. 1854481

File: 1687900042818.jpg (33.02 KB, 450x500, artworks-000110864221-lbuhrd-t…)

Someone needs to tell this MF his attempt at blue steel just aint it, leave it to the professionals and sit your whole manass down son.

No. 1854507

File: 1687902496650.png (196.58 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20230627-144837.png)

This is wrapped in several layers of cope.

No. 1854510

Have any of you experienced cotton ceiling (Being forced to fuck trannies if you're lesbian)? And if you did, could you share your experiences? I was on the lgbt sub and they seem pretty adamant about genital preference being "totes valid!"

No. 1854511

you might get better results in 2x.

No. 1854532

File: 1687904410317.png (5.82 MB, 2000x2200, tifmtf.png)

Troon couples are really something kek

No. 1854534

File: 1687904630961.png (208.22 KB, 1022x818, KEKKK.png)

I love it when mangas do this and troons seethe

No. 1854544

kek we need more of this

No. 1854554

Trannies lurk here and
1. This happens
2. No one should write that experience out in this thread because trannies are lurking and will coom to it

No. 1854558

I can't tell if this is bait, or just sarcasm. If it's sarcasm I'm sorry you've probably been reported like twelve times for baiting lmao.

No. 1854560

File: 1687906763716.jpg (52.57 KB, 664x894, brainlet-shapes-game-wrong.jpg)

>Adults won a match against children, therefore there are no athletic performance differences between the sexes

No. 1854562

The redtext kek

No. 1854569

Trutrans TiFs are ripping into this artist for "validating" the "transtrenders" while TiMs are crying because she drew them accurately in her post about how non-passing TiMs are uwu valid. Imagine trying to virtue signal and then getting shit on from all sides because they political ideology you're kowtowing to is so incoherent that different interpretations of it actively contradict others. Wack.

No. 1854571

Lurk moar. This was posted a couple of threads ago.

No. 1854580

File: 1687908681296.jpeg (274.53 KB, 1210x1640, AA3EF386-7C79-4D2B-8E3D-F3BD23…)

No. 1854582

The fact that he drew this means he's coping hard.

oot but what's the manga called?

No. 1854584

File: 1687909036087.webm (4.78 MB, 320x568, troonytoons_status_16736314513…)

This guy looks like he's in his late 40's

No. 1854613

kek you can see how full of polyester that fabric is. at that point just wear a plastic bag. what is it with troons and buying so many shitty dropshipped amazon clothes?

No. 1854621

Gross. Of course he has to "go spinny". This dude would have been well into his 20s and too old to be aware of what emo teenagers were wearing in the early aughts.

No. 1854622

File: 1687915852320.png (345.04 KB, 1330x1006, 3644748389292847.png)

His giant fucking neck.. To those in this thread in the know of the Kevin Gibes Inflated Universe, Wedge is still doing T4T porn and his blown out asshole is healed (allegedly).
What stage of troonism is "sex work"? They all seem to attempt it eventually. Not just posting nudes and selfies with dildos in the background, but it's always just a matter of time before these guys start shilling their onlyfans.

No. 1854626

>woman cosplaying as man who draws kiddie porn of real kids
Least mentally ill pickme

No. 1854629

At first I thought it was a dog kennel, then I realized how long it was. What the fuck.

No. 1854633

>I wouldn't personally date a cis woman because I only like girl cock
Good, leave us the hell alone. For the love of Christ, go suck each other's flaccid cocks and never speak to a woman again.

No. 1854634

I think this is a troll. The underwear thing reads like bait, and so does his other post about how he stopped being conservative because he began an internet relationship with a woman in Kenya. Also his avatar isn't dressed like an uwu girl the way trannies' avatars usually are.

No. 1854638

Once again, the Adult Human Female speaks a fact, and the troon responds like a mentally ill reprobate. It's all so predictable.

No. 1854650

Kuro Gal ni Natta kara Shin`yuu to Shite Mita
it's a BL manga with gender bent, futa, etc. exactly the degenerate shit a tranny would read.

No. 1854659

File: 1687922155182.png (15.33 KB, 638x134, specimen.png)

found this one in the wild just a second ago

No. 1854669

File: 1687923566055.png (71.65 KB, 317x533, Screenshot 2023-06-27 11.40.47…)

this is a grown ass man….

No. 1854676

it must suck to be the stylist that has to give the troon the hime cut

No. 1854691

File: 1687929311983.jpg (106.21 KB, 958x1277, RDT_20230627_23284059356280511…)

it's so easy to clock him. he truly ruined my enthusiasm with barbie but that won't stop me from watching it anyways. it'd be fun to watch him try to 'pass' as a barbie when he's nothing but a failed attempt.

No. 1854692

File: 1687929353725.jpg (58.04 KB, 958x718, RDT_20230627_23284971106732369…)

No. 1854693

File: 1687929387864.jpg (49.41 KB, 958x718, RDT_20230627_23285462955218156…)

kek his neck

No. 1854696


Those hands yikes

No. 1854706

It's when their parents finally tell their adult able-bodied sons to move out and those autistic trannies don't want to work. They think prostitution is easy money (because of porn brain rot and also libfems promoting it as "empowering business").

No. 1854711

File: 1687933638714.jpg (84.9 KB, 827x602, court.jpg)

No. 1854719

this mf gonna have to sue himself too since he really thinks hes a woman

No. 1854722

>is being sued for rape by deception
>I'm a woman by the way (mtf)

No. 1854723


I like how the stylist put them all in broad shouldered blazers to try and make the difference less obvious kek

No. 1854724

didn't notice that but your right.

No. 1854727

I hope the man does sue him kek

No. 1854732

Sorry this is slightly bloggy, but I'm an autist so I'm not always the best at reading people or clocking troons, decided to see how well my instincts work and I just immediately spotted him. I can't even tell how or why, because on one hand a female "could" in theory look something like that but I could still only see a male the second I saw his face. It's kinda trippy.

No. 1854734

>imagine having a biological advantage and STILL be ugly
Bro that's just all men in general kek
does he not realize he's roasting himself?

No. 1854745

File: 1687942009057.png (545 KB, 700x634, terf-shiba-food.png)

Sorry if this is derailing, but 2X has created a bunch of terf shiba memes and I hope it catches on and shibas become the new terf symbol, half of troons are weebs and it would make them seethe so bad to have the anime dog against them

No. 1854747

Troids never have anything smart to say, all they do is screech about how ugly muh terfs are but can never make any good points against them. And of course he’s the ugliest man you’d ever see. Literal moid moment.

No. 1854749

you can see how they put him in the back to try and made it less obvious, but look at the size of his head in comparison to the women's heads (despite being in the back) and how much bigger of a block the woman in the back on the right is standing on compared to how small of a block they needed for him. imagine if they were all standing side by side in a line lol

No. 1854759

Genuine question but how many ftms are featured alongside other men or are on covers of magazines?

No. 1854760

No. 1854761

no one gives a shit about tifs because they're women. the fawning over tims is proof that not even their allies believe that they are women. no group of women would get this level of unconditional support.

No. 1854764

honestly, if I would be standing there, I would need the same size of block he is standing on as I'm nearly as tall as he is, same as Issa Rae. Being tall as a woman has nothing to do with being a man. Sure, his head is bigger, but in the end you can clock him because of his face, especially in this picture >>1854692 he can't deny that he is a man.

No. 1854765

kek I vote next threadpic

No. 1854766

fags have this very real fantasy of sleeping with straight moids and being the "woman of the relationship" basically meaning being submissive (how is this not misogyny?) and that's exactly what the troid epidemic is. if they only realised how repulsed scrotes are of them. there also other troids that are just straight men who want to have lesbian sex and aren't content with just watching porn.(sage your shit)

No. 1854779


No. 1854786

In their defense, male high school athletes regularly break the records of even the best adult female professional athletes, so the Dutch win bucked the trend. Of course, the athletic performance of an adolescent male is markedly different from a fully grown, post-pubescent male.

No. 1854792

tinfoil but i have a theory this is a teenage girl or a TIF pretending to be a TIM hence the “intersex” title, and i’m gonna sound a little crazy here but that spesific art style of depicting yourself as an ugly, hairy person is more common in theyfabs and tifs

No. 1854807

File: 1687954654335.png (104.09 KB, 712x2894, JK Trans.png)

The Troosn and TRAs are now insinuating JK is repressed transman, cause she has male protagonists in her books.

No. 1854817

This. Teenage males are apes on steroids, they often beat professional adult males and women in sports. Yeah, we need separate categories for women and men of the same age because on average women tend to be physically weaker or posess other capabilities men don't have (like flexibility, endurance and technique). At the same time I hate people (even some anons here) looking at a case breaking the trend and immediately remind everyone that women are inferior to teenage boys (and men) in an obvious gotcha way.

No. 1854818

i was thinking this, too. that person has a very feminine art style

No. 1854825

tumblr has done irreparable damage to liberals’ view of lesbians. I despise the idea that lesbians are all uwu soft cottagecore lace flowery asexual femmes.

We dont just tolerate vaginas we WANT to have sex with them. Why is women having sexual desires so difficult for these troons to imagine?? (We already know the answer is misogyny)

No. 1854827

These people are pathetic. JKR lives rent free in their heads, their only purpose in life seems to be hating her, I guess that distracts them from their own misery.
>waaaah we are the most opressed minority group
The entitlement, the delusion…

No. 1854831

File: 1687958785480.jpeg (102.9 KB, 891x741, 73E4BB5B-CC5C-45F9-8884-0854E2…)

Calling it now, D’angelo Wallace is next to troon out

No. 1854834

he's at the very least going to come out as a he/they or they/them

No. 1854845

"Harry Potter was her obsession and purpose" how dare a woman who created the most popular and defining fantasy series of 90-10s be genuinely invested in her work and proud of it. Obviously you wouldn’t hear the same about moid writers. These people are utterly pathetic.

No. 1854853

File: 1687962930770.jpg (111.42 KB, 731x951, Fzr4t5taMAAndyi.jpg)

What "range"

No. 1854855

The contrast between his pfp and selfie kek
What a cope

No. 1854857

File: 1687963705930.jpg (39.09 KB, 360x360, 20230628_074938.jpg)

>Obviously you wouldn’t hear the same about moid writers
They do, and do go beyond that. You might have seen troons say something like how they knew they were trans because they always played female characters in video games. Or, they always watched media with a female lead (I have yet to see one say Xena was their transbian awakening, but I know he's out there). It's a cult of misery loves company, so if they're not telling you that your transphobia is cope for being trans then you are definitely trans for acknowledging the other sex exists at all or just simply not confirming to expectations of expression. Eggcrackers are as predatory as they are autistic. Picrel

No. 1854860

>my female student is loud-mouthed and wear hoodies, how can I groom her into hating herself and getting her breasts cut off?
Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1854862

File: 1687964484692.webm (Spoiler Image,4.17 MB, 1280x720, ofcourseitssmash.webm)

definitely not beating the sex offender allegations

No. 1854863

>What stage of troonism is "sex work"? They all seem to attempt it eventually.
AGPs who are too deep into the coom. They think doing porn will make them feel like the 'slutty women' they have fetishizing. Or they have been watching too much porn, get bored with it, and escalate to doing porn. Or transitioning and sleeping around didn't result in the coom they had thought it would and so escalate to being literal whores.

No. 1854868

How the fuck is this NOT grooming? The teacher doesn't know anything about this student except that she's GNC, and is looking for ways to convince her she's a troon.

No. 1854873

NTA but I don't get why tall girls always take these comments personally. He's a man. We're not gonna pretend size difference isn't one of the (many) ways moids are clockable despite the visual tricks they use to pass. And that observation has nothing to do with tall women, because you're women. This conversation isn't about you so go sit down on your tiny block and relax lol

No. 1854876

How do they not see this as super regressive, weird and grooming? If I was the student I'd be pissed that my weird art teacher thinks I'm trans because I wear cargos and hoodies. The regressive left fr

No. 1854877

Are we supposed to know who this is?

No. 1854878

Men think sex work is easy money and a lot don't understand why more women won't just whore themselves out, so the troons, believing they are women, set out to live the very male fantasy of "being paid to have sex". And then after they get used up like trash they realize why the average woman doesn't want to be a whore. (Or they love being degraded "just like a real woman")

No. 1854883

Back when I was a libfem, I used to believe the handmaiden talking point that the poor oppressed troons are all sex workers because regular jobs won't hire them. Then I started paying attention to troons and how much they fetishize sex work and female oppression in general. Then I started working in the corporate world and saw how desperate many employers are for diversity hires, and how much they'd love to hire a troon for DEI points. Those jobs just don't let you sit at home gaming & tweeting rape threats at TERFs all day, or come to work in thigh-high fishnets and anime loli outfits. But hey, sex work does!

No. 1854886

this is bait from rdrama. i don't doubt there could be real examples, but this ain't it.

No. 1854891

File: 1687968055828.png (37.29 KB, 1080x595, 474758589382.png)

I'll do better, nonna. By that I mean hit recent instead of top, kek.

No. 1854894

>Those jobs just don't let you sit at home gaming & tweeting rape threats at TERFs all day
They do, particularly with remote and/or public sector work.

No. 1854896

>the "nonthreatening softboi" look
He's going enby for sure

No. 1854897

I mean, they obviously would not have read any of her Cormoran Strike novels which are all 600+ pages long (the newest ones even around 1k) but despite the series title being the name of the main guy, they are written both from his and Robin's perspective. And people have been saying she is allegedly Rowling's "self insert" and Cormoran is her husbando fantasy, but no idea whether any of this is actually true.

No. 1854902

The audacity of using Daria as his pfp. She wouldn't put up with tranny delusions in a million years.

No. 1854903

Bizarre cope. This bad logic might work on impressionable fifteen-year-old yaoi fangirls, but Rowling is a stable, married, middle-aged woman with children. You can't manipulate her into joining your cult just because she writes for male MCs.

No. 1854904

File: 1687970465806.jpg (53.02 KB, 540x699, 20230628_114238.jpg)

"See, I experience the same things as you ladies! Accept me!!"

No. 1854905

Omg and the foot size!! Look at his giant foot next to Margot Robbie’s it’s gigantic

No. 1854906

Sheebs are an appropriate choice, because they're famously very proud dogs, and they aren't as suggestible as other breeds. They're independent, alert, and intelligent.

No. 1854909

Ugh god why do they always look so greasy and stinky. Every single one looks like they smell like cat pee and old socks if you touched them they’d be sticky.

No. 1854910

Idk why but seeing this ugly scrote next to all these women triggers some kind of instinctive animal rage in me. You are not a woman. You are not a Barbie, you're a factory defect Ken doll.

No. 1854911

File: 1687971239328.jpg (Spoiler Image,985.42 KB, 3640x2140, QGU82cJJLUcd-MitQ2VpZ-HEqm9W-A…)

troid's room truly giving this vibe kek

No. 1854912

I guess since they experience the entire world solely through their lens of mental illness+coom they think everyone else must be the same way. Same thing when they think being misgendered is going to somehow hurt normal people’s feelings, kek

No. 1854914

A tall, flat-chested, square-jawed natal woman is still easily distinguishable from a troon. Her voice, body language, social etiquette, hips, leg shape, etc would all make it clear that she's female. Tall women have nothing to worry about– don't believe the trannies trying to psyop you into thinking twansphobia could affect you.

No. 1854915

I love that pic so much, but it reminds me how troons made playing FFXIV intolerable. They're all over that fucking game.

No. 1854916

Any of you nonnies remember some girl-only FF14 guild or discord being trashed, because they didn't want troons to join?

No. 1854921

Here's what actually happened
>Troons tells doctor he's on his uwu period
>Doctor immediately starts trying to figure out what's actually wrong, because he would have access to the patient's history and know that he's a male who can't menstruate
>Tranny thinks it's twansphobia that the doctor is trying to diagnose his actual problem
How many times do trannies need to be told that you can't get a period from taking a level dose of HRT drugs? Periods are the result of hormones fluctuating, which is why women on certain types of hormonal birth control don't have them.

No. 1854923

File: 1687972039807.png (123.21 KB, 1080x1564, IMG_9184.png)

Sage for skim but I did have a chuckle (there are a lot more tweets I can post if this is considered milk)

No. 1854924

I thought the girls only FC was a troll or honeypot like Gayorzea.
There are a few terf enclave fcs and discords, but troons are so entrenched in the community that it puts off a lot of women. Penumbra is a disease, and while I love my texture mods I would love to see what would happen to the tranny community on FFXIV if you could no longer have sex mods.
Because yes, those exist, can be seen by linked friends with Mare, and 90% of them are "futa".

No. 1854944

I'm gonna sperg for a second kek
They really fucked themselves by not thinking through what they were pushing. TRAs have been VERY vocal that "assigned gender at birth" is NOT "sex observed at birth" like the evil terfs have been saying.
So if for example an intersex female (which according to trans people's usual way of counting includes ANY dsd, so someone born with 1 ovary in instead of 2 is intersex and not a woman to them) is therefor AFAB, but also a transwoman because to trans people having a dsd means they're "not a biological woman" and are automatically placed in a "non-binary" category. DSDs are literally the whole reason why they were able to argue that "sex is not binary" so they're unable to backtrack on their stance that DSD isn't ever cis.
And as TRAs have been telling us all along - you can't tell what's in someone's pants or what chromosomes they have just from looking at them so they have no right to deny any female who calls themself an AFAB transwoman their gender identity.

Furthermore I do not belive in gender ideology nor do I identify as cis. According to them I was assigned the cis female gender at birth, and since that doesn't align with my own gender identity (because I would have to have been assigned "agender", not having a gender at all because it doesn't exist for it to match my gender identity) that means I am in fact "not cis" by their definitions - which means I am a form of trans. But I am a woman, who also "identifies" as a woman. So there is no reason to deny me the label of AFAB transwoman. So give me all your surgery money bigots, it will save my life.

No. 1854946

not really milky but it is funny to see their own logic against them. if TWAW and being a woman is simply anyone who identifes as one, than why can't a woman identify as a trans woman? they're pretty much admitting only men can be trans women kek

No. 1854948

Sorry for blogposting, but since you mentioned women being put off by that game: Months ago I joined the voicechat of a FC I joined at that time and immediately pissed off some falsetto sounding moid for addressing him as a "he". Some other morons, who we were in the voice channel as well, passive aggressively corrected me on the spot and awkwardly ignored me for the rest evening. Made me unsubscribe on the spot, which is a shame, because I really liked the story.

No. 1854950

where do they come up with the conclusion that any moid that willingly dates them is also a closet troon? also "egg" should count as a slur for grooming implications me thinks

No. 1854974

I know that most of the times it is possible to tell that a troon is a troon, but it's still annoying that some traits are attributed only to men at the moment. Being a tall woman (and I'm not that tall in my country), with large feet and a rather big skull is annoying when it comes to troons. I couldn't even buy cute shoes when I was younger and now my feet are connected to being a man? It's really normal where I live that women are tall and "bigger boned", but as most troons that are very loud and outspoken are from other countries, some people think that you can clock a troon on his height or feet alone. I in no way look even slightly like a man, but I guess tiny men are just afraid of tall women. And sry for blogpost, it's a drinking night and I've heard so much shit about women being tall.

No. 1854982

File: 1687978834457.webm (4.91 MB, 568x1024, Snaptik.App 721985844585442845…)

>The most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on!

No. 1854986

I hope I don’t get banned for saying it but it would be funny if this became more of a thing. Maybe we start with some psyops but spreading it enough as seemingly legitimate accounts might convince some would-be-Aiden/TIF teenage girls that they’re actually circumgender and then watch the movement implode on itself as violent grown men gang up on teenage girls. We could frame it as circumgenders being even more oppressed and poach some annoying vocal DID fakers by saying that DID is a common misdiagnosis of circumgender. Idk, these are just some ideas!
Kikomi and friends are great btw but everyone knows they’re trolls sadly.

No. 1854996

literally one of the best videos I've seen on this website, ty nonna

No. 1854997

nah he's just gay

No. 1855005

Another great submission into the "only thing that hrt did was make me fat" folder!

No. 1855008

Imagine surviving cancer only to willingly mutilate yourself. That's so depressing.

No. 1855019

File: 1687983554627.gif (477.46 KB, 319x234, giphy.gif)

>TiM upset at his spaces being invaded

No. 1855024

I can easily see it becoming a thing for "feminine" female enbies to call themselves "transfeminine." I mean, by their own logic, enbies are trans, right? So if one of them is feminine, wouldn't she be "transfem?" Let's make this a thing somehow kek

No. 1855040

Anyone who boils down maleness to just one thing (like height or shoe size) is a retard whose opinions you should ignore. Especially because the male attributes that cause societal problems aren't physical at all. The general sense of entitlement, the tendency to respond to conflict with violence, the decreased level of emotional intelligence, the increased incidence of personality disorders, and the overall character of their sexuality are the things that truly represent the "essence" of maleness. Because these traits are a combination of nature and socialization, they are immutable, so no amount of horse piss or sawing their cocks off will change it.

I know it's fun to clock troons, but the "malest" qualities a person can have are things that can't really be captured in a photograph. They're indicated most by the person's actions, beliefs, and rhetoric. Hope all that makes sense, anon. (Edit because I'm phonefagging and made a fuckload of typos.)

No. 1855060

File: 1687989264016.jpg (163.63 KB, 800x1000, Tumblr_l_5665986642472.jpg)

so… nothing? lmao??

No. 1855063

File: 1687990082558.png (Spoiler Image,519.41 KB, 828x1792, CEB3DE05-56EA-4419-8CDE-8B344E…)

I think this one might be the most vile/frightening I’ve seen yet.

No. 1855067

they really do believe E can change the bone structure of their hips. lol. lmao even

No. 1855068

>AFAB transgender woman
woke kikomi

No. 1855069


now that i think about it i don't understand why "egg" isn't a slur from a TRA perspective. it's literally saying someone has a fake gender identity that'll get "corrected" later when they hatch.

No. 1855076

File: 1687991483621.png (227.36 KB, 828x1792, D3712FC0-9886-4C70-A837-140D80…)

Fucking BARF.

No. 1855083

Unspoil only if you want a demon to give you nightmares.

No. 1855094

scary, he looks like an evil apparition

No. 1855102

>Now that the Harry Potter hype isn't quite the way it was at first - she's latched on to this transphobia thing
Kek that's all they could find to attack her when in the same year, an HP video game was released, there's news about an HP series, and HP exhibitions opened in several countries. Love tranny redditors claiming she's bored and obsessed, and that "the truth of her psychology is way more boring" than that of AGPs and Tiffanies, on a sub that's exclusively for discussing her like this.

No. 1855103

File: 1687996420278.png (126.32 KB, 636x515, (why ).png)

why do I see only troons posting ugly photos of themselves in response to some dumb quote tweet?

No. 1855105

File: 1687996513274.jpg (129.5 KB, 1044x828, Fzrxq-RaMAIfJFY.jpg)

No. 1855110

even demons are becoming trannies!!

No. 1855121


(nta) based, so stupid that they ignored you after this though, how are you supposed to guess? calling any man with a weird voice "her" would be offensive too

least pornsick troon

No. 1855126

I know trannies are insane but this has to be a troll…

No. 1855130

D’Angelo used to feel a bit terminally online but could mask it well or idk his vibes were very different from other youtubers. I remember he made a video where he heavily implied that he used to be transphobic and apologizes for it.

No. 1855146

>You're transphobic but in a progressive way actually
They literally do this but with sexism and misogyny. Troons are so fucking retarded they can't see there's nothing progressive about thinking that women are defined by the clothes and makeup they wear

No. 1855148

its the only way they can have a hetero relationship. They have to find someone equally as crazy so they can prop each other up. Its like those tension statues where its only mutual tension on both sides propping the whole thing up.

No. 1855166

Nonnas I'm pretty sure the angry troon in this pic is a TIF ("boy" in the Twitter handle and Alastor as pfp kek)

No. 1855174

Shibas are also very distinct personality wise. They're just eccentric dogs. They have a shitty furniture shark and we have THE ALMIGHTY FUCKING SHIBA. How much Japanese stationary do I have with Shibas and fancy cakes on it. Now that it's Terf related I'm even happier with it.

No. 1855187

he had to have brain damage from cancer to do this to himself.

No. 1855188

Yep, every possible in-game event they always start screeching "Trans Rights" in shout chat, it gets so damn obnoxious. During the Pride parades people put on it gets especially bad.

No. 1855213

File: 1688012629929.jpeg (37.49 KB, 960x266, IMG_6521.jpeg)

why are trannies so deranged? spending all day obsessing about ruining women because they’re so bitter.

No. 1855214

File: 1688012648027.png (257.68 KB, 694x706, Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 12.2…)


Patrick Swayze in Too Wong Foo is that you?

No. 1855220

If only TIMs practiced hygiene and washed any part of their bodies. This would be hilarious.

No. 1855228

nothing says female brain like wanting to hurt other women for no reason

No. 1855229

this is actually tif nonsense. Tgel is testosterone gel

No. 1855230

He's as gay as Harry styles.

No. 1855233

File: 1688018413906.jpg (Spoiler Image,689.72 KB, 2048x1536, FzxJSFNaEAEigxO.jpg)

Fridge body

No. 1855234

File: 1688018532755.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.56 KB, 1413x1009, FzxJSkfakAAKtqS.jpg)

And ofcourse he is a pedo baby ABDL freak

No. 1855235

Another one with a lazy eye. We really need to start taking a tally.

No. 1855236

Still ironic. They point is that they're bitching about invading spaces when that's like 60% of what their retarded movement does.

No. 1855239

Because they want attention. They know that if they posted it on their own TLs, it would get like, two views. By hijacking some rando's post with their nasty selfies, they can get a lot more (unsuspecting) eyeballs on it. It's basically the internet equivalent to trenchcoat flashers.

No. 1855241

File: 1688018905786.jpg (96.07 KB, 828x882, FzwwgI1aQAA6qdM.jpg)

Troon has a meltdown because his son called him dad

No. 1855242

File: 1688019002251.jpg (75.76 KB, 828x818, FzwwgnnaYAAzoR9.jpg)

No. 1855243


No. 1855244

"call me mom or else i'm going to hurt myself and it will be your fault!"

No. 1855245

Disgusting selfish narcissist. Hope your kid cuts you right out of his life immediately.

No. 1855246

Dear god imagine the son finding/seeing this tweet. I feel bad for him, what an awful parent.

No. 1855248

Can't even threaten self-harm without pornifying it. TEE HEE PANTY SHOT

No. 1855252

nona didnt you know? women dont have normal emotions, when we’re sad we do it sexily like the my immortal fanfic

No. 1855258

based son. that kid probably hates his tranny fathermother

No. 1855260

>if i'm not a girl why are all these lesbians sucking on my cock
are those lesbians in the room with us right now?

No. 1855277

Their conclusion comes from their own experience with tranny/femboy porn. It's the gynandromorphophilia to autogynephilia pipeline. The chaser (GAMP) gradually inverts his desire for trannies and becomes a tranny (AGP) himself.

No. 1855281

This moid really trooned out and says he's working hard for everyone else and not himself? Dude you're a selfish narc, everything you do is harming those people to further your own fetishistic ideas of what a woman is. "Well I don't benefit off it much" tells the whole story kek
Imagine being in tears of distress because your child called you, the biological father, "dad". Which is how they've known you their whole lives. He thinks it's a massive insult, absolutely bizarre that he cares more about his fetish than his own son.

No. 1855284

>>1854534 god bless. imagine if taking the piss out of troons became a trope. they'd have to abandon there loli girls they project on to.

>>1854911 kek girls last tour on the tv.

No. 1855285

thought d’angelo was already a TIF?

No. 1855286

File: 1688024995528.png (517.35 KB, 958x1619, troonclocking_oclock.png)

shibas can smell their male pheromones and clock them before they've even entered the room

No. 1855288

samefag, but this is with the troon having had expensive ffs, professional makeup and photography with retouching. We can still tell.

No. 1855290

File: 1688025636564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.59 KB, 1242x1064, IMG_2008.jpeg)

>TRAs: Transwomen are definitely not perverts or sex-obsessed and you should never worry about having them around kids!
>Meanwhile troons be getting this tattooed on their body(sage this shit)

No. 1855291

File: 1688025777035.jpeg (250.26 KB, 1242x1518, IMG_2009.jpeg)

This is him btw, at least he’s t4t. If all troons were strictly t4t I’d like them more

No. 1855308

Troon on 90 day fiance, autistic too so that's typical

No. 1855313

Imagine women claimed they need to be celebrated like this

No. 1855314

File: 1688034068866.jpg (126.56 KB, 828x1018, FzwwgI4acAAU3C6.jpg)

Here is the totally mentally stable "mom"

No. 1855317

Kek, this made me wish for all those Bachelor and Temptation Island shows be filled with tims, I’d love to see the faces of the horny moids.

No. 1855322

he sure is working hard at being a narcissistic embarrassment, too bad for his son that he doesn't put as much effort into being a parent

No. 1855324

kek is he wearing a dnd dice as a necklace? it radiates male autism

No. 1855325

File: 1688036033774.jpeg (145.29 KB, 828x1372, IMG_8183.jpeg)

>totally not a fetish

No. 1855342

Maybe tinfoil but I'm pretty sure they gained a following because they paid all the "news sites" to do stories on them. I hate him so much he is so fucking ugly

No. 1855346

what woman uses hand sanitizer instead of properly washing her hands in the restroom? they know so little about women kek

No. 1855353

Clocked him immediately, kek. I liked the scene where the chaser who is dating him tells his friends about the TiM being a "trans woman" and how that means he is totally not gay and their faces just said everything.

No. 1855355

Super shooped, just look at how his neck changes sizes in the two pics.

No. 1855356

File: 1688044327473.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1347.png)

Caught this on TikTok just now lol

No. 1855357

File: 1688044477605.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1348.png)

And he needed all this shit to recover from his stink ditch surgery . He’s also a straight man who pretends to be a lesbian and is another tranny debate bro.

No. 1855358

no he's just has a uwu softboy style as a guy. he made a whole video exposing Blair white being a liar and mentioned once being a fan of his as one of the more logical trans person to take seriously

No. 1855360

File: 1688045125340.jpg (Spoiler Image,328.84 KB, 1324x1757, FzyxAvBaYAAYUCl.jpg)

Sooooo many trannies are in the baby diaper pedo community writing absolutely far out pedophilic shit like this in public spaces and getting applauded for it

No. 1855363

Troon gooden?

No. 1855366

I wouldn't because they still want to force themselves into women's only spaces and demand legal protection as a "true and honest woman".

fucking disgusting either way but it looks like the two teen boys are licking a deformed penis

No. 1855370

i think prenatal exposure to marijuana first and second hand causes this asperger's type of autism and i think we're going to see a huge rise in more people being born with autism

No. 1855376

Oh god, I thought that’s what the tattoo was at first. Guess it’s intentionally disgusting as fuck.

No. 1855386

>Cheap Maid outfit that doesn't fit
Bro, come on. I've seen better ones on AliExpress!

No. 1855398

File: 1688052669619.webm (744.09 KB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cie7qajc77uejhgnoa…)

This troon is 16 and calling women who aren’t faghags for troons “incubators”. I think he may be autistic too. If you go on the videos where he speaks he genuinely sounds mentally retarded.

No. 1855402

You got some sources for the weed correlation with autism? I don't wanna run into the denialist articles. I'm interested in anything that could explain troons non socially and any way I could avoid ending up with a child who is more prone to being this type of autistic. I don't smoke or do drugs, but I'm sure there's other things that could do the same.

No. 1855405

No. 1855423

How does an adult act like this? Self harm threats are the domain of edgy 15 year olds.

No. 1855424

I don't think he needs a stuffed rabbit and applesauce to recover from having his dick sawed off lmao

No. 1855428

Thank you!

No. 1855444

That son will go no contact as soon as he has the chance and it's the only thing that will save him from his narcissistic father

Would be nice, if that would be true, it's the same with suicide threats. They get through with it and people take them serious if they behave like that, more serious than a teenager. The only right approach encountering a person like him is to hand them a second knife and tell them to just go through with it, they won't, because they only want the attention, the pity and be told, that in fact, you did wrong and they did everything right. grew up with a narcissistic mother that would always threaten suicide if she was confronted with something she did wrong or something didn't go as she wanted it to go, so that's my personal experience with people like that

No. 1855451

File: 1688058802249.png (348.47 KB, 1169x2209, IMG_8338.png)

Porn addict fit

No. 1855454

File: 1688059047982.png (282.94 KB, 858x873, Screenshot (6).png)

Kek is this the American McGee gender dysphoria bunny? Funny that trannies have jumped on this given that the other toys in this series represent mental illnesses

No. 1855455

File: 1688059100549.png (214.81 KB, 1169x1750, IMG_8339.png)

200 years ago male autists used to sperg out about bugs and rocks now they get addicted to porn and troon out

No. 1855456

File: 1688059218275.png (260.02 KB, 1170x1170, IMG_8341.png)

Hilarious subreddit honestly

No. 1855457

It’s so weird that moids will get dysphoria from watching Clueless or SATC or a moeshit anime or something and start to get jealous of us and think womens lives are just these constant carefree carousel rides full of free drinks and dinners and hooking up and buying expensive shoes and clubbing and hot guys. Like they genuinely believe women can’t suffer and that every woman lives on princess mode and they are so convinced of this that they try to larp as us even though moids are supposed to be le rational creatures who know it will never work out. I will never understand trannyism.

No. 1855462

As a real woman with large feet and large facial features this made me pretty self conscious ngl. Unattractive women like myself already have it bad enough without being mistaken for troons all the time. You could at least point to more usual male characteristics like large Adam’s apples, their awful voices or the dick between their legs.

No. 1855468

File: 1688060293801.jpeg (191.17 KB, 1500x1500, 3_40232753-4019-43ff-adb2-e094…)

For anyone wondering American McGee was selling a series of plushies themed around various mental ailment(like picrel is Migraine), and these mental illness plushies included gender dysphoria, its really ironic considering Mcgee's experience with troons.

No. 1855469

men watch tv shows and porn and think it's depicting real events, they never learn how to discern fantasy from reality

No. 1855470

maybe get some thicker skin, you understand that nobody is saying it about women with those features

No. 1855479

Girl, I have wide shoulders but I don't get offended when someone mentions that as a trop feature. Bio women usually look great with some masculine features, that's not the point

No. 1855481

Samefagging but also no woman has feet like that unless it's an unfortunate malformation. I bet the girl next to him has big feet due to how tall she is but they never quite reach moid big

No. 1855484

Laughing at the insecure pout, this person hates themselves kek

No. 1855490

what you write makes absolut sense and I hope that most women will handle identifying a troon like the way you describe in the future. Not breaking it down on appearance, but going more into their behaviour and them being male because of their socialisation and other traits.

totally get where you are coming from and how you feel, but you can't change you foot size and I don't think that you are an ugly woman like you see yourself. We would all be able to tell that you are a woman and not some troon.

just had a look at Issa Rae, the only women nearly as tall as him and according to some sources she wears a size 43, so bigger than most moids I've dated so far, kek. I understand why nonna feels like this, big feet in women are always something that other people comment on and I've encountered so many people telling you that you can't wear XY shoes because your feet look so big, etc and it takes some time to just ignore it and be happy that your feet are healthy and not "wrong" or male.

No. 1855515

Minor aren't allowed here whether they're a troon or not

No. 1855531

This is so evil and abusive. I hope his kids can find some peace away from their sick narcissistic father.

No. 1855535

FUCKING THIS. Men are born with the majority of social advantages to begin with, but think women live soft, fluffy lives on easy mode. Or worse, they transition while salivating over all the sex and multiple orgasms they imagine women have on a daily basis, not realizing that it's biologically impossible for them to shoot anything but pus out of their own rot pockets. It's disgusting how they trivialize our lives and existences, ignorant of the prejudices we face while living in a patriarchal society that caters to them. They can't stand the idea of women having any sort of equity in the face of this man's world, and view it instead as "unfair advantages" which they want a piece of, and decide that they want to run away from responsibility in any shape or form when asked to do the bare minimum, completely ignorant of the fact that they're the creators of their own problems via toxic masculinity that makes gender roles so restrictive and imbalanced in the first place. There needs to be thorough, unbiased psychological evaluations done on these men whom are coping for deeper rooted mental issues that surgery and hormones are only going to exacerbate.

No. 1855538

File: 1688067898596.png (316.46 KB, 750x1334, DDBB4FC8-F9E5-4E2F-A817-53BBA1…)

r/lesbianfashionadvice is increasingly disgusting hons, anyone who speaks on this is banned, they want to eradicate all spaces for women

No. 1855553

>McGee had a number of stepfathers when growing up until his mother finally settled into a relationship with a transgender woman. When McGee was sixteen, he came home from school and found his house empty and abandoned; the only things left were his bed, his books, his clothes and his Commodore 64 computer. His mother had sold the house to pay for two plane tickets and the fee for her girlfriend's sex reassignment surgery, leaving him on his own. He packed up his computer, dropped out of high school and took a variety of odd jobs, finally settling on a Volkswagen repair shop.
Peak pick-me troon behavior.

No. 1855580

Not true. 16 and older is allowed to be posted here.

No. 1855596

File: 1688074486388.jpg (123.65 KB, 827x1075, Fz0db4taUAE2Vgc.jpg)

How are kegel exercises going to help you when your rot pocket doesnt have any muscles?

No. 1855600

I think men can do kegel exercises as well but it's more for fecal incontinence since, y'know, their whole urinary system is very different from women's and I sincerely doubt it would do anything to improve a troon's urinary incontinence since, as you said, they don't have vaginal muscles to begin with

No. 1855614

Nona, I thought the same thing when he posted his first video after his break (incidentally, it was about Chris, MrBeast's troon friend). D'Angelo always had a softboi uwu aesthetic but what made me notice he could possibly be trooning out was his voice in that video. It sounds higher pitched compared to his previous videos. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed, kek, I thought I was tinfoiling. I wouldn't be surprised if he's on HRT and he's waiting for people to notice before he comes out. Like Chris did.

No. 1855621

File: 1688077295972.png (116.23 KB, 730x993, Oli London on Twitter.png)

This is horrid

No. 1855627

>uncontrollably peeing
Trans women's ability to treat whatever terrifying side effect of their butcher surgery as normal and something that can be rectified is unmatched. nobody is meant to mutilate their genitals for any biological purpose, your body will fall apart if it loses a primary organ the same way kidney or any other organ is vital. Troons treating body parts as merely visual aspects to chop and change (literally) is so crazy to me.

No. 1855629

This is the artist turned commentator who went quiet online for a while right? He was GNC and chronically online so it looks like the discord groomers got him, alas

No. 1855630

File: 1688078968497.png (550.8 KB, 1279x808, selloutmcgee.PNG)

Unfortunately this rabbit is also being sold under his "Pride Collection" on his merch site.

No. 1855636

>Gender is a spectrum!
>Destroy the binary!!
>gender dysphoria bunny has pink and blue because woman is pink and man is blue

No. 1855661

File: 1688083588225.jpg (97.98 KB, 1066x1086, FzyTwMoXsAIQATH.jpg)

>bonus hole

No. 1855663

File: 1688084194048.jpeg (15.68 KB, 236x342, 6467DD76-A8F1-4C18-8D31-976F38…)

not to derail but big feet are good. Haven’t you seen all the egl illustrations with the giant feet it looks good for fashion ! Basically anyone will clock a troon irl, and even the most naturally ‘masculine’ featured woman will be obviously recognized as female if she speaks.

No. 1855667

he's been hurt so badly by troons, i don't judge him too much. he's allowed to feel how he feels. either way he's just an unendingly nice person who wants to harbor no hate toward anyone orrrrr he figured out an easy way to scam troons out of a lot of money. good for him. the non-genderspecial plushies are cute

No. 1855673

File: 1688085715154.webm (5.12 MB, 320x570, troonytoons_status_16744035012…)

No. 1855674

File: 1688085797138.jpeg (152.87 KB, 829x915, 6FC0A899-DB0C-4F9B-99F7-48630A…)

It’s even worse when they see something aimed at / made by actual women. This letterboxd review narcissistically shits up the top reviews of movies like it’s his job

No. 1855675

holy fuck the chin on that one

No. 1855676

Every single time!!! And he never actually says anything at all about the movie itself!

No. 1855680

Why do all TiMs have the cadence and speech patterns
of the "i don't care that you broke your elbow" vine

No. 1855683

This literally made me vomit. Granted, I’ve had stomach issues my whole life, but this genuinely sent me over the edge and I just ruined one of my favorite t shirts. Thanks, MAN.

No. 1855685

Kek I don’t think there’s any letterboxd users who don’t hate this guy or takes him seriously. Everyone makes fun of him but still call him she/her. Love the site but it is full of autists and troons who write 30 paragraphs about how random misogyny gore porn movie #30 is a great piece about uwu girlhood.
Translation: I became the women 16 year old me fetishized.

No. 1855686

its just the average autistic male speech pattern but it makes me cringe so hard when the tard is wearing lipstick and a hijab

No. 1855691

File: 1688087924115.png (26.77 KB, 589x681, Untitled.png)

is this supposed to be a flex?

No. 1855692

>did I surprise you?
No. Not even a little bit.

No. 1855694

id bet all these tifs have yeast infections

No. 1855695

Yikes, did he just assume his based (yet unfortunate) offspring’s gender? The audacity! #genocide

No. 1855699

kek, I wanted to have a look at his account, first it was private, now it's gone, guess some people didn't like what he posted

No. 1855700

if non-trans people aren't allowed to make jokes about trans people, will non-blonde people be not allowed to make jokes about blonde people and will be non-women not allowed to make jokes about women? They are so tiresome and boring, if you don't like the comedy of one person just don't watch it, instead of watching it, analysing it and therefore generating viewings.

No. 1855728

kek the fucking lipstick. why do troons pretend to be muslim for the brownie points but still apply the most hideous makeup imaginable?

No. 1855736

Why am I not surprised that none of these retards can figure out they need to buy lace-front wigs if you don't want people to immediately notice that, aside from being an obvious man in a dress, your shitty cheap wig is doing you no favours.

No. 1855739

'Cosplayed' as what, exactly? Shitty generic maid trope?

No. 1855745

What the hell is wrong with its torso? It's so fucking long

No. 1855746

Christ what an ugly kid

No. 1855749

I like how even with a corset, he still has no shape

No. 1855752

Is this bait or real? I swear men are so nasty.

No. 1855768

Whyy is pansexual bunny so cute

No. 1855771

>Source: trust me bro

No. 1855773

>Bonus hole
Right, because a male with fewer holes is the default and women are a deviation from that. How progressive. Maybe next they'll come up with a woke phrase referencing women coming from Adam's rib, since we're apparently so fucking derivative in their book.

No. 1855774

>Guys I cut my dick off and now I can't pee properly?
Darwin award contender

No. 1855777

I swear we get a couple of you insecure BDD spergs every thread. You are not a tranny. Criticisms of trannies do not apply to you. Your slightly large feet are not the same as a troon's clown-shoe-ass feet, get a fucking grip.


No. 1855778

I know it doesn't make it any better but the "bonus hole" is a TIF thing. Some of them call themselves "bonus hole boys".

No. 1855781

I figured. It's crazy to me that they think that we view them trooning out as a "betrayal," when the reality is that the only time they're actually "betraying" women is when they advocate for the use of dehumanizing language because they've narcs and it benefits them personally. I feel bad for most TiFs, but the ones who personally came up with and advocated for shit like "bleeders" and "front hole" deserve whatever side effects they get from T.

No. 1855783

"booty mirror"

No. 1855786

before making bold claims like "we're better at trans jokes" stacy cay should really try to make a funny joke at least once, ever

No. 1855800

File: 1688107013290.png (164.87 KB, 582x888, asfjd;fjlksdf.png)

Utterly terrifying. So many creatures.


No. 1855801

Men will have sex with a fucking corn slurry, what is his point? Why is this a gotcha?

No. 1855805

Very telling that the troon one has sissy hypno eyes

No. 1855811

File: 1688108756639.jpg (280.29 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20230630_000615_Ins…)

Looks almost identical to this hulking tranny that Instagram keeps recommending me, kek

No. 1855812

Shit, forgot to sage

No. 1855834

File: 1688115833761.png (70.62 KB, 582x1461, IMG_8358.png)

marilyn manson if he was born 30 years later kek

No. 1855841

File: 1688118955075.png (75.21 KB, 1170x659, IMG_8360.png)

No. 1855847

I swear all trannies either have the DRIEST hair known to mankind with split ends for days (often died pink or purple), or they have super greasy wet looking flat curls
Men really have zero idea of how to take care of themselves

No. 1855854

File: 1688123936938.png (3.62 MB, 6436x5148, 2244030028.png)

same fag who posted this but in the video description he compares black women and disabled women to crossdressing, white, able-bodied, men like himself. And people in the comment section eating it up are accusing TERF's of being racist, misogynistic, fatphobic, etc. While gassing up a white boy who calls women incubators and black women male. There's more retardation in the actual video comment section.


No. 1855855

File: 1688124027932.png (9.39 KB, 700x130, Screenshot 2023-06-30 7.20.53 …)

and heres the video desc

No. 1855857

>Terfs are just misogynist, they boil women down to ones ability to reproduce and have periods
>Terfs may not be men but the differently act like them
>Why do they reduce womanhood to their genitals and trauma

these retarded children have 0 sense of self awareness. coming from the group who reduce woman down to stereotypes and whether they're deemed fuckable enough to scrotes and thats treated as a complement.

they pay millions of dollars to imitate the female reproductive system and are 100% convinced they can have functioning wombs in the future, but sure we're the ones who reduce women down to reproduction

No. 1855890

File: 1688133902540.png (218.26 KB, 1080x1459, 4688887656.png)

There's something common in the Troon crowd about rules for thee type thinking that is bleak and hilarious in equal measure. "THEY'RE REDUCING WOMEN DOWN TO.." bases entire movement on reducing femaleness to visuals and sex. "TRANSPHOBES ARE OBSESSED WITH GENITALS!" will not shut the fuck up about their dicks (inverted or not).
I find picrel such a hilarious interaction because troons will spam women with porn and rape threats on posts about going out for coffee. It's okay when they do it, but actual genocide when it's an anti tranny Lisa Simpson.

No. 1855892

File: 1688134397015.jpg (533.04 KB, 1080x4538, Screenshot_20230630-090804_Bra…)

Decided to look at 2X today. Man walks in and stabs the professor of a gender issues class and some of her students. The poster briefly mentions the class touched on feminism. I wonder if this was a 'women's studies' course renamed or if it was a new age rainbow hair gender studies happy hour course.

No. 1855895

Gender Studies is renamed Womens Studies in many universities in the US, but iirc it was originally because having women in the name was "repulsive to students" rather than troonery at the time. A lot have made a full conversion to trans studies, but the smooth and rapid transition was made possible from the original rename (and how they made you talk about moid issues). Trans activism benefits directly from patriarchy whodathunk.

No. 1855897


No. 1855898

File: 1688136766354.png (147.27 KB, 589x542, jeanette.1.png)

lmao it looks like a meth fueled vampire the masquerade cosplay

No. 1855915

>sperg on rocks and bugs
I honestly think it's some kind of psyops/eugenics experiment on autists.

No. 1855919

File: 1688140291308.jpg (106.8 KB, 1290x1661, Fz0KDMrWcA4mLyZ.jpg)

The absolute fucking cope of troon fuckers, also "successfuldegenerates" is a fitting name for these two(they work for some onlyfans studio)
picrel is the troon from a forward angle

No. 1855925

This kind of thing happens all the time in North America, she's being overly dramatic. Or maybe she's a first year and she hasn't personally had a student who is being stalked or a student attacked in class by a non-student yet.(bait)

No. 1855927

maybe its for the best moids just go for TiMs and leave women alone.

No. 1855934

oh for sure, have fun with shit on their dicks and developing a new form of AIDs.

No. 1855935

>If you want to have a conversation with sustenance instead of a conversation about the avocado toast she had that morning, get with a transwoman.
Why is everything lifting up TIMs so misogynistic?

No. 1855937

>woman gets stabbed at her job, pupils also get stabbed.
>"she's being overly dramatic"
What the fuck is your problem

No. 1855985

Because men hate women

No. 1855993

>terfs boil women down to their ability to reproduce and have periods
I’ve literally never seen this in my life. There is not a terf on this planet who thinks because a woman is infertile or has had a hysterectomy or doesn’t menstruate it means she isn’t a woman.

No. 1855997

And with the genitalia thing, let’s not forget too that many of them who are on dating apps looking for lesbians are adamant that they want only real women. These people always know what a woman is when it relates to what they sexually desire, yet they lose their shit when any woman has her own sexual interests that don’t include penis.

No. 1856000

Either you're a moid or a full on sociopath.

No. 1856019

Internalized homophobia. The conversion therapy replacement is working as intended! Also imagine making an avocado toast joke post 2016. He exposed himself with that point in that he doesn’t like actual women at all

No. 1856020

File: 1688149341297.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, 1620177884526.jpg)

>later it's revealed that the terf had a bf the whole time

Even then so what? Why are they so threatened and shitting on a straight woman for supporting lesbians?

No. 1856021

in fact, they hate women so much that they'd rather fuck and defend their fellow man as long as they visually look female enough. TiMs only want to be woman for the visuals and chasers only care about the visuals. seems like a match made in heaven there

No. 1856065

File: 1688153346880.jpeg (66.1 KB, 750x622, IMG_4192.jpeg)

No. 1856068

samefag I was wrong, it is about gender issues but it’s through the lens of philosophy. Sounds like it’s more about deconstructing gender rather than spouting the idea that gender is an illusion.

No. 1856069

Chasers for some reason think they are really a great catch and the ones who shit on women, think that women are jealous they rather fuck bedicked "women" over actual women. When I think about it, nobody is jealous or wants these scrores kek. I've never see a woman be jealous over the type of guy that troons pull. I've seen some women be like, "I'm so sad he's gay!" When it comes to two men, but never mourning the loss of a scrote fucking trans. Even TRAs don't pull that cope.
Chasers and their Tim's constantly put out content as if everyone is seething about them fucking. When keeping it honest, even a lot of TRAs just see these men as gay or just off their radar. Plus 99 of Chasers are men who are fucked I the head. I've yet to be wrong in this. I've never seen a normal well adjusted, non abusive, non drug addicted "straight " scrote date a trans.
They always hate women, or have toxic relationships with women who they cheat on with Tim's. It's not great loss, I feel that men think their dicks are so important that women are crying they'd rather stick it in a ass. Vs most thinking they are just gay/bisexual and that's it. Or gross

No. 1856072

Seriously, women don't even want to date bisexual men (for good reason, avoiding STDs alone is worth it) nobody is jealous of trannies getting sodomized by closeted perverts. The only thing they'd all be good for is if they just dated each other (and other incels) and left women alone entirely.

No. 1856126

They know this. They intentionally act obtuse to try and make terfs look stupid. "You say a real woman has a period? Well what about women with menopause huh? Are they men now!?" Someone on here used humans being bipedal as an example. Their moronic argument would be the same as saying humans aren't bipedal bc some people dont have two legs. Only when you say this to someone they would rightfully point out thats moronic. Their logic never holds up, they just use obfuscation to confuse people to win arguments.

No. 1856135

they just beat around wording. that's all it is. hell we can do the same but at least it actually makes logical sense. saying only women can have periods or a uterus is different than saying all women have periods or a uterus.

No. 1856194

File: 1688165301354.jpg (166.65 KB, 1082x1334, dylan bud light backlash.jpg)

>All those "facial feminisation" surgeries to end up looking like a bargin bin drag queen

No. 1856198

his hairline just gets worse and worse every single time I see a photo of him.

No. 1856199

every single reply to this troon is so disgusting, there isn't one "normal" troon in that reply thread.

No. 1856203

By the looks of that outfit, he’s been rolling in piss and shit

No. 1856206

Second agree. Plus blood melts differently then that, as the water/plasma has a higher melting point than the RBCs so the first part of the melt is always much lighter than the original blood.

No. 1856235

What. The. Fuck. That man literally looks like a corpse reanimated by an inhuman spirit. If I saw that thing on the street, I would 180 my ass to a new neighborhood.

No. 1856250

File: 1688172099405.png (26.59 KB, 742x587, disgusting.png)

>ugly moids pushing their thirties wishing death on a hypothetical 19 y/o girl because she'd be against their corrective rape fantasies
why are men so sick

No. 1856262

File: 1688173998212.jpg (181.03 KB, 1768x909, Screenshot_20230630_180947_Fre…)


No. 1856286

"Males come up with a hypothetical that doesn't involve fetishes or violence against women" challenge (impossible)

No. 1856287

How does his hair manage to look dry and greasy at the same time?

No. 1856290

They can't fathom the idea of someone empathizing with and defending a group to which they do not personally belong. It goes against their male socialization.

No. 1856296

Was dylan always this haggard? Looking rough for 40 nevermind his actual age

No. 1856335

File: 1688185066586.png (315.38 KB, 652x625, Screenshot 35.png)

What a massive downgrade.

No. 1856339

why does the pansexual one have zippertit ears

No. 1856355

These are always "got fat and grew my hair out". Do men just have facial blindness as a default setting?

No. 1856363

Troons don't age well in general, but in Dylan's case, there's tinfoil that he has some kind of ED. He's "afraid" of fruit and vegetables (his words) and when he posts food, it's only ever really fatty junk food. He also has no moobs despite allegedly being on estrogen for like a year.

No. 1856365

Can do what? Give up on exercise and become a fatass? Shoop yourself a whole new face and skin color?

No. 1856373

He just looks like a regular, average dude. SO really any man can just troon out on you? Bleak.

No. 1856376

Is he trying to argue black women and disabled women can't have periods or babies? Lol they don't even think. It's like a script to them. "Bring up black women, bring up brown women, bring up lesbians, bring up disabled women, bring up literally any women and try to use them as human shields to defend my white, male/male-worshiping, pampered self" when it never fits. And the other gormless TRA morons nod their heads.

No. 1856377

that first commenter is right, though. for the love of all that is holy, stop comparing black women to men. it’s always racist

No. 1856378

File: 1688192927662.png (803.51 KB, 1920x1280, 1688144729341854.png)

remember assigned male aka sophie labelle aka the diaperfur pedo that traced real babies for his pedo art? well, he was found handing adoctrination grooming material in a country fair, not only claiming joane of arc was trans, but also one weirdly impliying kids can consent(left)

No. 1856379

File: 1688192982308.jpg (87.48 KB, 480x640, 1688143481789621.jpg)

No. 1856383

not trying to defend him, but the joan of arc one doesn't seem to be claiming she was trans at all, and is just giving her as an example of a gnc girl, which is (pleasantly) surprising. If he was transing her he would definitely not be using "she, she, she"
Also, "adoctrination" is not a word, I'm assuming you meant "indoctrination." As far as that goes I don't see much of it, but with the knowledge of the artist's pedo tendencies the mermaid one might be problematic if you squint and consider who wrote it, but is surprisingly inoffensive and i was expecting some horrific shit based on your description.

No. 1856389

Children should be left out of this gendie bullshit, period. Very much indoctrination.

No. 1856390

no I could tell in the first pic, that he was some black nerd who was insecure about his masculinity, got buff but still didn't feel like a "man" on the inside, and that influenced his decisions to troon out.

No. 1856395

Again, not defending him as a person, but telling girls it’s okay to dress how they want even if they like “boy stuff” is not gendie bullshit, and it’s not “indoctrination.” It’s actually a very healthy message. It becomes unhealthy when it’s followed by “therefore, you are not a girl,” which I expected but was surprised not to find in your example. But you seem like a tradfag so I’m sure you’d argue with that point.

No. 1856397

>black nerd
nta but that guy is clearly mestizo anon kek

No. 1856405

I know this is a tragedy but this sounds so fucking retarded.

No. 1856407

Nat, but tho I agree that the message that girls can dress however they want is perfectly good, the drawing to go with it is basically a tif. The ugly art style might be adding to the perception, but I can see how someone would look at it and think Joan is being portrayed as a trannie. The mermaid one is worded kinda weird, too? Like, I agree that it’s a stretch to say it’s outright grooming, but it’s a bit too lengthy, considering half the sentences is “you can decide who can touch your body”.

No. 1856408

Not trying to racebait, but is he also transracial? Like, even if it’s the lighting, he looks whitewashed af

No. 1856414

>the drawing to go with it is basically a tif
It’s just a nondescript cartoon woman wearing men’s clothes. If you think woman who wears men’s fashion = TIF, you’re on the same wavelength as the gendies. Again, I know we’re assuming the worst intentions from this weirdo, and that very well could be, but the fact is that taken alone, there’s actually nothing wrong with the page itself and so attempting to criticize it (because we hate the author) winds up criticizing the wrong things.
Sort of related, I’ve been noticing a trend in “”gc”” spaces where people assume masculine dressing women are TIFs and proceed to mock them, which is basically swinging right back around to trad bullshit. Either it’s okay for women to have masculine fashion, or it’s not. The problem isn’t the look, it’s the gender religion put on top of it.

No. 1856444

File: 1688212859278.jpg (256.62 KB, 1080x1667, degeneracy.jpg)

came up on instagram…this page is full of shit like this plastered over photos of women and TIMs. I instantly knew it was run by an agp moid. they really let their sick fetishes take over their entire lives.

No. 1856449

I think voice, body language and the gait when they walk are better giveaways. But you can't really see those in a photo, I guess.

Nonnas with large feet, hands, shoulders - you still don't look like men, trust me.

No. 1856481

It's definitely a collection of features rather than one or two. There's a reason troons going under for extensive FFS still don't pass. The best they can hope for is to be uncanny, or only perceived through filters.
>The problem isn’t the look, it’s the gender religion put on top of it.
It felt like we were so close to pushing for freedom of expression until TRAs turned the wheel back to "if he wears skirt and a retard then he's a woman obviously." It's already repackaged trad shit, and is why so many troons get pissed to the point of violence over masculine women.

No. 1856493

They fucking LOVE caption shit.

No. 1856517

File: 1688222841226.jpeg (116.32 KB, 2048x1152, 65302443-21DA-444C-940D-0CC187…)

I hate men so much. I’d see these images all over Pinterest too with their sick stories pasted over images of actual women. I wish all these degenerates would neck themselves

No. 1856530

It’s so pathetic. I can’t imagine my life being so ruled by sex or fetishes. Men truly are the weaker half of humanity.

No. 1856534

I feel so awful for the women who unknowingly get used in these.

No. 1856540

Never show pics of yourself or give your real name online if you can help it. Captions are one of the least bad things males will do with images of your face

No. 1856541

and no, I am not blaming the women who have posted their pics online

No. 1856545

I wonder how many TIMs into lolita actually just see it as a sissifaction thing?

No. 1856548


>Cares more about his own feelings than he will ever care about his own son

RIP for the son. I hope he doesn't catch fatherless behavior now
Also why is it always these kind of shit people that seem to become parents?

No. 1856552

File: 1688226526983.jpg (105.12 KB, 828x1074, Fzq92EiaIAAyRnk.jpg)

you see this in the dressing room what do

No. 1856557

Throw dental floss at it. It's either going to use it proper or neck itself, and we can guess the likelihood of either based on those teeth.

No. 1856566

File: 1688228175100.png (158.21 KB, 726x1118, Wildfire Whispers on Twitter.p…)

Rip to the troon

No. 1856569

Mic fucking drop, wow

No. 1856578

since Twitter is totally blocked for people who don't have an account, I'd love if you could share any of the lame ass, stammering "come backs" this troon and any others had to this absolutely perfect and powerful statement. I need a laugh

No. 1856603

Nothing critical so far, but I'm sure they're furiously seething

No. 1856608

I know it's supposed to be poetic but I hate the moon symbolism weakens the argument to old stereotypes and spirituality (the same way you can have a gendered soul)

No. 1856615

File: 1688235025969.png (415.55 KB, 2390x1248, replies.png)

He's not going to reply because he got dunked on so badly. Here's some replies to his tweet instead.

No. 1856618

He really thought he had something there, didn’t he? Lmao at the massive cope

No. 1856622

File: 1688235451007.jpg (247.85 KB, 1079x579, Screenshot_20230701_141930_Chr…)

I've been telling yall that's a wig but I finally got proof. He slapped it on crooked for his IG bud light story.

No. 1856625

The minds of men are very strange. I don’t even think about dilation except when I see them mention it, and then I get happy I don’t have to lay in pain for hours at a time to try and have a poor facsimile of the real thing. Why would anyone be jealous of that? The only people I sympathize with regarding dilation are women with vaginismus or who for some other reason have to do it out of medical necessity. Actual women who have to dilate don’t have to do it out of hubris or misogyny. I have no sympathy for males who have that fate.

No. 1856632

File: 1688236453584.png (Spoiler Image,512.75 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20230620-114006.png)

They're pretty obsessed with dilation to the point it's unclear if it's more sexually exciting for them or if it's just cope. Picrel my favorite cow would wax poetic about dilation before the surgery. Then went back and forth complaining about it and tweeting about how hot it was. Clearly was too uncomfortable to do so because he had two revision surgeries to undo the healing.
They're all like this: absolutely miserable about having to shove plastic in a cavity, but they can't publicly doubt the process so they turn cope up to 100.

No. 1856642

File: 1688238654089.jpg (148.83 KB, 900x611, 5d.jpg)

had to dilate for a minute bc vaginismus, and the equipment and lube for that is definitely not intended for axe wounds, but good fucking luck finding reviews, tutorials, advice, ANYTHING without having to wade through leagues of troons flooding our space with their disgusting exhibitionism and terrible advice. The worst ones are forums bc they speak so matter-of-factly like they know shit at all, using female usernames, and encouraging using fucking dental numbing gel

They deserve a lifetime of dilating their filthy rotpockets

No. 1856661

File: 1688240440405.jpg (69.57 KB, 572x637, jk.jpg)

JK continues to make the troons cope and seethe by merely existing and I love that for her!

No. 1856664

Another Rowling W. Someone give this queen the crown she deserves

No. 1856667

One part of me feel like she shouldn't bother to acknowledge such scum's existance, they're so below her. But on the other hand, by responding and roasting them she highlights what a bunch of misogynistic rapey bastards TRAs are. Peaking material.

No. 1856671

Why are they so obsessed with showing off their 'dilation station'? Have they no shame? And 'course the stuffed plush is 'her'

No. 1856678

File: 1688242128092.jpg (99.24 KB, 598x1304, 01_xl-1.jpg)

I seriously thought this was Mob at first. Also that isn't how men dressed in the middle ages. She wore a tunic and hose, as was typical for men at the time.

No. 1856699

Yeah I hated the mystical moon shit as well as the reference to the myth that your period aligns with women close to you because that's all bullshit… but aside from that she fucking slayed that troon

No. 1856707

File: 1688248278669.jpeg (174.29 KB, 893x1280, Fz-wHDBXwAEcezQ.jpeg)

Screepcap not mine but had to share, even the AI is "twansphobic" lol

No. 1856710

>made of trash
kek, I nearly spilled my beer

No. 1856719

File: 1688250192700.png (443.17 KB, 728x863, biophobia.png)

Casual biphobia….what makes them happy?(y chromosome)

No. 1856722

They don't want to date bisexual women because they'll be paranoid the whole time she views them as a man, so they only want to date lesbians bc it's more 'validating'

No. 1856740

Your username is visible jsyk.

No. 1856741

If I got an AI "illustration" as a Christmas gift, I'd be fucking pissed. It's a fucking slap across the face, especially to artists.

No. 1856747

unfortunately almost all of them are into it either as a sissy fetish or because they're pedos/creeps trying to get close to young girls and women, none of them actually care about the fashion

No. 1856751

and he's a male too.

No. 1856773

I’m sorry nonnie. Hope things are okay now.

No. 1856774

I’ve seen this same user posting something here before.

No. 1856780

wow fred armisen looks different
if it wasnt made by a pedo i wouldnt think anything of it. a common issue with consent and physical boundaries regarding children is them being forced to hug people when they dont want to, which in turn trains them to ignore when someone touching them makes them uncomfortable leaving them more vulnerable to being groomed and molested, and then being convinced that being touched in a way that hurts them or makes them uncomfortable is normal, and that they shouldnt tell anyone or try to stand up for themselves because they might be treated like theyre overreacting like when they tried to express discomfort with hugs.

No. 1856785

Sorry for replying so late but the artist who made that image is a personal cow of mine. Check out his Twitter account, all he does is whine about "theyfabs" and FTMs and generally be misogynistic as fuck

No. 1856793

>Male complains about troons
>While invading a female space
Jersh needs to fix his fucking site already, I'm sick of the Kiwi refugees.

No. 1856796

Kiwifarms is currently on clearnet at sneed.today but how does that have anything to do with the post you are replying to?

No. 1856806

Everyone knew it was a wig. This is not news.

No. 1856810

Yes, I'm not a terf, I'm a gender crit. Women can dress butch for all I care, but fuck right off with dudes in dresses. If that makes me a tradfag, then thanks for noticing.

No. 1856830

>gender crit yet only women can be gnc and not men because… it just is OK!
this mindset that masculinity is the default gender neutrality and femininity is female exclusive is the reason why we're in this TiM nonsense to begin with.

No. 1856831

File: 1688265322461.jpeg (152.03 KB, 750x1129, ECF43A94-AAA9-42B1-850A-D57A6A…)

They are trying to take credit for “shark week”

No. 1856834

what? i thought shark week was a reference to the fact that it can make us irritable like how if a man makes you mad hell be like "heh, must be that time of the month" also obviously the blood. whats next? theyre gonna say they came up with aunt flo too?

No. 1856835

Are terf and GC not the same thing? I thought gc was only come up with so people wouldn't have to say they're terfs

No. 1856836

they are different. for example, you can be GC while accepting of TIFs in your spaces. TERF would exclude TIFs as well.

No. 1856842

what? never heard that before. someone can be gc and be a conservative or male. terfs are all radical feminists and have a bunch of other beliefs in addition to gc stuff.

No. 1856843

samefagging to add its worth mentioning that some women are attempting to reclaim TERF as it was a label thrust upon them, JKR for example

No. 1856845

No actual radfem would call herself a TERF though, not anymore. It's a totally meaningless term also used by both male and female conservatards, gay scrotes who hate troons, etc. these days.

No. 1856850

Mom can we get tradwife?
We have tradwife at home

Tradwife at home:

No. 1856852

you basically just pointed out exactly why they're different. but as >>1856845 said, no actual radfem ive come across is genuinely a TERF as theyre accepting of TIFs. a more appropriate acronym would be MERF (male exclusionary radical feminist).

No. 1856854

Poor Aidens. It's called "shark week" because a shark's brain looks like a uterus.

No. 1856866

Also the whole shark/blood connection. It's not that deep.

No. 1856870

Terfs have always been accepting of TIFs though because we realize they are women lol

No. 1856876

yeah thats why i feel as though TERF is disingenuous in and of itself; to identify as such would mean to exclude any and all trans identifying people, including females. iirc it was coined by a woman speaking out exclusively against TIMs attending michfest (i may be 100% wrong here, my memory is foggy), so TERF isnt really accurate imo. as i said here >>1856852 MERF would be more appropriate, or GC. (also idk if this is derailing at this point so im just going to stop).

No. 1856889

>a more appropriate acronym would be MERF

Which is already funny because actual feminism is male exclusionary and it always was until stupid libfems started making it about "equality" and saying that men can be feminists.

No. 1856914

rolling on the floor keking

No. 1856922

File: 1688282767013.jpg (917.29 KB, 1079x1350, Screenshot_20230701_214208_Ins…)

"there's too much beauty in the world not to be a lesbian" says the cross-eyed, autogynephilic, heterosexual male (left, obviously). these fuckers rile me up and I wish I could mock them to their faces.

No. 1856925

Yeah, I’m definitely reading too much into it cause when a pedo keeps saying that it gives “c’mon, you’re your own person, and I acknowledge it, so let me touch you cause I’m so good” and “kids can consent” vibes

No. 1856927

ntayrt but I'm gonna assume by the file name it's some smash bros moid

No. 1856929

let’s not act like tifs don’t worship men and would rather die than be called feminists. are tradwives included in radical feminism as well?

No. 1856967

Bullshit. Every reply to his pictures lately has been "he fried his hair" "his hair is so greasy". Even in this thread there's discussion about his hair as if it's real.

No. 1856971

File: 1688295352763.jpeg (580.5 KB, 814x933, IMG_8325.jpeg)

sorry for the shit crop but why do people treat trannies like children?

No. 1856972

it just seems like trannies inflating other trannies egos as usual

No. 1856973

File: 1688295626688.jpeg (989.55 KB, 3069x2867, 0B1A84A2-4ED5-4F52-82A0-46C6E8…)

These guys are all perverts and agp.

No. 1856974

I don't usually wish harm on people and just want to laugh at them, but for some reason i want charlie specifically to take it as far as possible and ruin himself just so i can watch

No. 1856975

File: 1688296602374.png (400.4 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20230702-061700.png)

Unless my research on Emily Short is wrong, the top two games in this list are made by males.

No. 1856976

Nothing shows the difference between males and females than seeing the difference in behaviour of transmen and transwomen. I'll just say that.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1856987

when trannies confront the rampant creepy and perverted thoughts and grade school knowledge of gender in their community, then ill not consider it a hotbed of degenerate mentally ill weeb fags

No. 1856990

>I haven't cut my hair in 6 years!
That's so lazy omg(Sage goes in the email field, stop nitpicking)

No. 1857000

File: 1688304604006.webm (1.99 MB, 480x852, bathroomtroon.webm)

>we just want to pee in peace
>erection pokes through skirt

No. 1857004

There are 12 year old girls who beat champion grown ass men at chess and they are now considered grandmasters, so this troon just has a skill issue kek.

No. 1857030

I've been following Emily Short's narrative work for more than a decade and nothing points to her being trans. Can we not throw other women under the bus like this? What kind of research did you do, exactly?

No. 1857036


The best part about trannies taking horse piss is that their dicks stop working

No. 1857039

>why do they treat them like children
I like to pretend most people are 'good', as in they dont actively harm others and generally want others not to suffer. When someone seems so mentally unwell as to not know what sex they are, I think most people just write off the person in question as 'retarded, very retarded, but not the violent type of mentally ill' so in an effort to support said person on that journey of navigating their unfortunate retardation they compliment and uplift. The truth of AGP is so horrifying and perverse someone would need to be perverse themselves in a way to even know it exists and I just dont think thats most people especially women because women tend to not watch porn the way men do. (And by perverse I dont just mean sexually, I think kf, lolcow, and other 'hateboard' lurkers fall into that category a little. I found out about agp from kf. But imo online edgelord stuff is akin to taking more than 1 free sample from the candy jar type of sin and troonism is more like…sodomizing a dead body level of sin.) I think more and more sexual assaults on women via TiMs are inevitable and probably the only way AGP and their related perversions is going to be learned about by normies. Disgusting.

No. 1857042

Tifs also hate when terfs talk about them at all because it infuriates them to be included as women and not seen as men. And yes, tradwives are included in radical feminism, but I think it should be expected that radfems will critique the lifestyle and how aspects of it are not conducive towards women’s liberation.

No. 1857055

She wrote an interactive story named Venus meets Venus in 2014, where a woman gets into a relationship with a troon and it basically revolves around her getting over her "biases" concerning sex.

No. 1857057

kek the filters he's using to mimic looking like a woman.

No. 1857082

>Mtfs a misogyny
>Ftms ALSO a misogyny

there is no fucking parallel.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1857084

Reminds me why dont blaire white get his dick sawed off/inverted? Hes jealous as fuck of a detransitioner who seemingly regretted his transition

No. 1857085

This was south park'd

No. 1857087

File: 1688317127697.png (211.98 KB, 376x366, Screenshot 2023-07-03 010013.p…)

Wtf is wrong with his hairline? Its a fictional picrew and yet they decided to portray themselves just the way they are facepalm

No. 1857088

his male self probably thought that was supposed to be just hair and not a close cut.

No. 1857089

Nonnie a quick google search will tell you she didn't write that game, she only reviewed it. If you're gonna accuse random women of being troons please put more effort in first.

No. 1857097

File: 1688318336943.jpeg (144.19 KB, 750x1296, A87991C9-B9D0-4057-A149-BA5342…)

>they actually think this

No. 1857100

> by brand new you mean the freshest pus-filled wound because you don't let it scab then, by all means you win Kelly
i’m crying

No. 1857105

emily short does a lot of comission work so your point would be moot even if that was her game lol

No. 1857108

File: 1688320030234.png (22.74 KB, 597x741, aaaaaylmao.png)


No. 1857116


Well, statistically speaking…(obvious typing style)

No. 1857119

File: 1688320983806.png (816.17 KB, 749x1296, image.png)

No. 1857120

Looks lke borderline balding. Escapism can only do so much eh?

No. 1857121

Last thing a 7 year old TERF hears (she cried after seeing a gorgeous t-girls untucked shenis)

No. 1857125

Kek thank you for mentioning this nona, that stupid picrew has been driving me insane. True and honest women but don't even know what a female hairline looks like. It's like he has a buzzcut with a mullet in the back.

No. 1857132

File: 1688323047459.png (62.13 KB, 669x544, aaaaaylmao2.png)

tl;rd: We live under constant paranoia, narcissism and you cannot do nothing about it.

No. 1857136

Kek(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1857146

They always depict themselves as small anime girls while beings 300 lbs balding incels in rl lmao.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1857163

File: 1688330038393.png (Spoiler Image,312.37 KB, 506x576, typical abdl fan.PNG)


No. 1857173

File: 1688331861661.png (343.02 KB, 637x508, Blaire White Expectation.png)

My patience is really getting thin with women who claim that the know that men cannot become women yet whenever Blaire White gets mentioned, they give him a pass becuase "hE tRiEs tO lOok lIkE a wOmEn". Like fuck right off with that nonsense, he's just as delusional as the ugly troons he calls out and I just don't think these women realize that by picking and choosing who gets to essentially be consider "true trans" is part of the problem that contributes to the mess we're in. Blaire is not "transwoman", he's just a straight up gay man with issues. Can we please stop pretending like he's anything different than that? Goddamn.

No. 1857179

Some women believe that just because a troon gets tons of surgery, acts like a bimbo and won't rape them (probably) then they deserve to have their delusions validated. They believe that "woman" is magic word that can be granted to men who try hard enough, not realizing that this thinking is exactly like the troons'. "Woman" isn't something you can become if you try hard enough, you either are born a woman or you're not. A man trying his best at his woman-face is still a man. And HSTSs hate you just as much as AGPs.

No. 1857186

Agreed. I'm just getting sick to death with these women acting this way. My sister was saying how much of an "asshole" I am because I use the correct pronouns whenever we talk about this fuck yet she says that she knows that men can't become woman. She really can't stand Dylan Mulvaney and yeah, I understand it because he's a disgusting freakshow but I also pay him no mind because his attention whoring ass thrives on the negative feedback he gets, that's why he flaunts his face whenever he can (I swear it's part of his fetish or some shit).

To me, HSTSs are the ones who receive my ire because of how so many women gas these fuckers up by validating them. They don't see that like you pointed out, HSTS hate women almost as much as AGPs do but they're just more covert about it.

Blaire white has called women "terfs" before and that should tell you all you need to know.

No. 1857197

Clean your room

No. 1857212

This looks like if Lin Manuel Miranda decided to just be Miranda

No. 1857218

Yes, obviously? Every woman deserves to have rights, even ones that are retarded and self-hating. I can hate someone personally without wishing for them to be discriminated against for something they can't control.

No. 1857267

You'd be angry if I said women dressing like dudes is gross, so there's obviously no winning here. The difference is that if you're butch, that's fine, just don't make it your whole personality. That's when you become just as insufferable as any other tranny. And yes, men in women's clothes will never not be disgusting because I hate effeminacy in men. Mainly because it's a fast track to troonism. Ladyboys and drag queens perform womanhood the same as trannies, so why should they be accepted?

No. 1857276

File: 1688347614920.webm (3.31 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-07-03T020241.2…)

so fucking cringe

No. 1857279

I do understand where you're coming from to a degree anon. Seeing men in women's clothes does set off my alarms as well however if they don't refer to themselves as troons, I try to judge based on character. It's also true however that some men who likes to wear womens clothes can still fetishize femininity. Femboys for example, I've looked at some so called femboys and you look at their twitters and a lot of them coom the fuck out of that aesthetic. It's made me weary now when I see guys wearing that style because in the back of my head I feel like they also are getting off to it.

But I'm sure there are some guys who genuinely just like looking feminine without it being a fetish just like how there are some women who prefer to dress butch without having to be some sort of "not like other girls" thing.

No. 1857287

The autism is strong on this one

No. 1857289

this is so dramatic lmao. calm down.

No. 1857294

it’s so funny how they act like everyone is out to get them, but literally nobody is

No. 1857297

>you cannot kill us in a way that matters
that is because you do not live in a way that matters.

No. 1857303

File: 1688353044562.jpg (14.13 KB, 471x277, FvtgmbiXoB4C3ps.jpg)

More recent screengrab of Katy Montgomerie

No. 1857304

Maybe I'm old, but everyone used to know about AGP. We quoted Silence of the Lambs and Little Britain. We knew what a tranny was doing in the women's changing rooms. At some point we un-learnt that it was all a fetish. I blame Eddie Izzard.

No. 1857310

Sometimes I see these sharks in second hand stores and it always crosses my mind to buy them, and then destroy them, releasing their tortured souls.

No. 1857316


US: *Having to deal with much worse stuff from the congress than care about a man in a dress crying because someone called him 'sir'".

No. 1857317

I would buy one and make it wear "I eat trannies", but meh. Too much effort for an overrated plush that can be bought via Aliexpress.

No. 1857328

File: 1688357657326.jpeg (140.88 KB, 828x707, 85C3F629-D684-44D3-8B4D-2FF655…)

This Blaire White wannabe fag has been schizo-posting about TERFs for the last few weeks because he realized conservatives & transphobes won’t accept him no matter how “based” he is KEK

No. 1857331

This is the most male post ever. They project so hard while embodying male entitlement and seething like this.

No. 1857333

This doesn’t even make sense. He’s so mad kek

No. 1857338

>continues to post about terfs all week
I wish people would stop giving the him the attention he so clearly wants.

No. 1857350

I knew that Katy Montgomerie like Blaire White, lives in filters and tries his best to not be seen on camera without it but damn kek. Now if only we can get a frontal view of his face someday.

No. 1857352

then how do you explain that the most troon friendly cities/countries are the ones which were already the most gnc friendly? and yes, femininity fashion-wise will never be the "default gender neutrality" because even women have to follow a lot of rules to be considered feminine, it's not like femininity just means being a woman in your natural state. when women are considered masculine it's because they're not performing femininity enough, not because they're trying to perform masculinity. when men go out of their way to perform femininity and wear clothing that are considered female-exclusive (which vary by country btw), it's always sexual to them or at the very least sexist, so not at all comparable to gnc women.

No. 1857360

>OF link in the bio
Honestly I think this whole account is just a tranny baiting to get more people to his page and onto his Onlyfans. I'd ignore him personally.

No. 1857377

foam adventure(2009) vibes

No. 1857380

File: 1688370071537.png (475.98 KB, 640x360, 4950E146-267A-4DCB-A02E-0402E1…)

not a single woman in sight, yet all go by “she/her”

No. 1857384

File: 1688370444931.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1760, 06F5B3D5-E376-4BAA-973C-F91DD5…)

why do women’s clothing brands think it’s a smart business decision to have trannies promote your clothing?!
do they not realize that trannies don’t spend their money on anything other than teenage girl clothing and gofundme’s for body mutilation?? it just blows my mind how retarded companies are
thankfully a lot of people in the comments are expressing disappointment in this brand and stating that they are unfollowing so that was nice to see… maybe women are finally seeing the light

No. 1857403

kekkk this was my first thought as well, these dudes will never be as iconic as them tho

No. 1857408

He's not a MtF though is he ? No actual tranny sees this guy and feels represented, he's obviously just a cringe fashion fag who likes dresses despite the occasional #genderfluid tag. I definitely don't enjoy the sight of this moid and it's obviously retarded for a brand that attracts a "trad" demographic to promote him but really, the energy spent complaining about this regular ass scrote could have been used to go against actual harmful promotion of tranny shit.

No. 1857413

this just might be the worst pic ever

No. 1857439

File: 1688386004198.jpeg (390.72 KB, 1170x1782, IMG_9351.jpeg)

I wanna see more of this it’s too good

No. 1857442

how does having polycystic ovaries (pcos) or uterine lining growing outside of the uterus (endometriosis) make someone intersex? they're literally disorders that effect the FEMALE reproductive system. trannies are retarded.

No. 1857448

i’m sure it’s supposed to be a gotcha like “you terfs say that women are women because they have a uterus and can give birth but some women don’t have functioning normal reproductive systems. that makes them trans in your eyes!”

No. 1857450

this retard doesn't understand what "outlive" means. yes mentally ill men will always exist but so will everyone else, this shit is meaningless and embarrassing

>No actual tranny sees this guy and feels represented
nta but how do you know that? not all of them shave, and trannies are much more likely to feel represented by him than women in any case. all this recently is part of the same BS, even if this one happens to ID as "genderfluid" instead of tranny

No. 1857457

File: 1688389293354.jpg (477.11 KB, 1800x1800, avdiavdiqbdma.jpg)

not really milk and somewhat off topic and ranty, but why do people dickride to defend TiMs so much more often then TiFs? you go on social media and constantly get "TWAW" repeatedly but you never see whole tags or celebrities, politicians, etc do the most with "TMAM". even TiFs don't even think of themselves as the "most opressed" of troons and do the same to defend TiMs when literlaly none of them would have their backs. yet they're are somehow more oppressed and need more protection from women because??

No. 1857459

Idk but it made me really happy to see the comments ridiculing this tard. Im glad woman are not standing up for this bullshit

No. 1857460

It's a fucking ugly dress anyway

No. 1857461

I'm saying you shouldn't immediately assume the worst. there are many men who dress femininely without being sex pests about it and just treat it like any other form of fashion. the fault of coomers shouldn't derail the fact that femininity shouldn't be seen as female exclusive or a warning sign of trooning out for guys. femininity and masculinity are made up constructs at the end of the day that neither sex owns.

even in progressive friendly cities, men wearing women's clothing normally is still seen as a major taboo and frowned upon.

No. 1857462

Yeah, that's gendie ideology right there.

No. 1857476


This happens so often that I think it's intentional. Outrage campaign.

No. 1857478

Nayrt not really, clothes are clothes. Clothes dont equal woman/man. A man in a dress who does not believe he is a woman after putting it on, is a man in a dress and nothing else. Im wearing knee length basketball shorts from the mens clothing section and I am very much a woman still.

No. 1857479

It's the opposite.

No. 1857484

quite literally the opposite. main reason people are put off by it in the first place is because too many guys cant be normal about it. guys who are, are in the minority, but also because those clothes aren't made to fit male bodies so it looks off putting. they're free to wear whatever they want, it just doesn't magically mean they can claim to be what they're not.

troons don't even like feminine men (or any gnc man in general) because they arent claiming to be woman. that's why they cope and project their insecurities onto them and hope they end up trooning out in the end

No. 1857488

I think more butch women should make it their entire personality tbh. They’re a dying breed and usually really cool people.

No. 1857495

You know why. No one gives a shit about actual females. Men’s rights and feelings will always take precedence, even if women try to take hormones and restructure their lives to try and live as “men”. This is one of the things that peaked me, that and seeing people say TiFs have toxic masculinity or don’t suffer from misogyny. They can have internalized misogyny, but even when they try to actively be misogynistic it doesn’t hit as hard as the misogyny that TiMs fully embody.

No. 1857499

womens clothing is usually made to hug our curves, which is why it looks objectively bad on mens bodies in most cases. They should be allowed to wear what they want, but I hate all the asskissing they get for dresses that highlight their bodies in all the wrong ways. That's also why I hate the "but hurr durr men used to wear stuff that would be considered a dress nowadays!" because it just isn't true. Just because it's not pants doesn't mean it's a dress and way more important: it was made for mens bodies and thus highlighted their features in a good way (usually). There are ways for men to dress more feminine and not look like a monstosity, but not with regular, not baggy, womens clothes.

No. 1857508

I think the issue is more that while yes it's always more taboo for a man to wear a dress compared to a woman wearing men's clothing, you don't see male fashion brands having a butch lesbian represent them. It's always only the other way around.

No. 1857511


Agreed. Even if a majority of troons wear female clothing to get off on a sexual fantasy somehow claiming feminine clothing is only normal on females reinforces the idea that it is natural for women to dress that way. If women were forced by male dominated society to wear nothing but pant suits for 400 years, men would still be turned on by dressing in pantsuits because it 'demeans' them and turns them on to be dressed like the submissive sex. Refusing to let men wear feminine clothing even for fucked purposes still reinforces the idea that things like skirts and dresses are somehow connected to being female. Clothes are clothes. Just do your part by letting men in dresses know that they are nothing more than men in dresses, don't feed the fetish by affirming shit.

No. 1857515

File: 1688401214548.png (199.28 KB, 1396x992, justdontgetraped.png)

>even TiFs don't even think of themselves as the "most opressed" of troons and do the same to defend TiMs when literlaly none of them would have their backs
There's been a lot of posts from TiFs complaining about the way TiMs treat them on r/trans lately and how their problems are ignored or brushed off.
Picrel from one of those threads is a TiM telling a TiF it's her fault if she gets raped for not choosing a better partner, and that he would rather be raped than killed therefore he has it worse than TiFs.
Funny that is an exact argument I've gotten from incels on /r9k/ as to why moids are actually more oppressed than women, because rape is nbd but moid on moid violence is.

No. 1857526

Im sickend. I think I need to put down the phone and take a walk. This twisted up my soul, its so foul.

No. 1857535

File: 1688403813727.jpg (46.58 KB, 666x1000, pete-burns-1d909ecb31242d84750…)

Second AYRT. Again, I totally get it and even if it does make me wary or uncomfortable, as long as they're not calling themselves "women" and are owning the fact that they are men (and living by that fact), I just try my best to pay it no mind. And again, I know that not all feminine men are fetishizing us.

A good celebrity example I like to think about who embodied this is Pete Burns who despite his body/face dysmorphia, he dressed in women's clothing for a huge majority of his life and never came off like a sex pest when doing it and even better, he never gave into seeing himself as a woman. He wasn't a perfect guy but at the very least, he never deluded himself.

No. 1857541

Are only you saying they aren't "sex pests" because most of those men are/were homosexual? Can a straight man dress as a woman and at the same time not be a sex pest?

No. 1857548

File: 1688405446458.png (183.77 KB, 377x327, melody.png)

>He does a video about a boring ass tv show
>the whole country is licking his feet
>went to watch his video
>he does NOTHING to make his voice sounds more feminine. You can even think he's a normal dude talking about a boring ass tv show.

Why are TIMs like that.

OK that made me angry.

No. 1857549

Of course they’d take being raped over being murdered, they can’t get pregnant and being raped is the ultimate female validation for these dehumanizers. Also no woman ever anywhere spends their days worried about being raped and murdered simply for being a women when they step outside, that never happens! Only troons know the true risk of being men in dresses.

No. 1857552

He would be take being raped over death because he knows also that, most of the times, men are the ones that kills them. A "man eat man" situation.

No. 1857555

Imo the fear of rape for women is so entangled with the fear of being murdered because rape and murder often happen at the same time. Of course most women would rather be just raped than murdered - if you're just raped at least you can survive and come away with your life. But the reality is, rape and murder happen so often beside one another that the fear of being murdered often fuels the fear of rape.

No. 1857569

By his own logic he could simply choose to stop dressing up like a tranny and significantly decrease his chances of a violent encounter. What a fucking tard.

No. 1857574

That's honestly a good question. To be honest, I feel like it's very rare for a straight man to dress femininely out of genuine interest and not a fetish. Every gay man I've met who dressed femininely never seemed to have a fetish. I feel like men like Blaire though, the ones who delude themselves into thinking they are women fetishize the experience of being seen as a (fuckable) woman from the outward attention they get frm men while not necessarily getting off from it wearing the clothes like AGPs do.But with the gay men who do know reality, they don't seem to fetishize it in my experience, they just genuinely were bored with mens clothing.

With straight men, the biggest thing that make the fetish aspect so obvious is what they wear. Super short skirts paired with pantyhose and/or high heels and the fake breast forms. Compared to gay men who dress feminine and how the latter seem to have actual outfits (for the most part) in comparison. At least that's the measure I go with anyway.

TL;DR: I'm sure there are some straight men out there who like to dress like women without it being a fetish but it seems to be quite rare.

No. 1857577


It’s so stupid from a marketing perspective too. I doubt there are many non-trans-identified males who are interested in wearing modest, cottagecore linen dresses (or even TIMs, since so many like tacky, skimpy clothing). As a company you want to associate with influencers who speak to your target demographic. You wouldn’t select tall women for a petite clothing line or instathots to sell clothing to middle-aged professionals.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if this brand was popular with women who belong to stricter religious traditions, based on the fact that most of their clothing is quite modest. You think a Mormon or Muslim customer won’t feel alienated by branding that features men in the clothing?

No. 1857580

File: 1688409083483.jpg (209.34 KB, 1080x954, Screenshot_20230703_203257.jpg)

Yeah, seems about right.

No. 1857584

File: 1688409507676.jpg (137.68 KB, 800x533, exhausted-cat.jpg)

You know what really gets me is when your friends who are neutral about the trans ideology (the ones who believe people can truly be trans) try to make you feel like you're a unhinged lunatic for caring about this stuff. I don't know if "gaslit" is the right word to describe this and I feel like the word is so misused these days but I feel like this describes the situation.

I have two friends who while they are critical of the extremes of trans ideology, they still feel like "trutrans" is a thing because they believe in the brain sex argument. And when I tried to explain why the theory is flawed they simply refuse to listen.

And just recently when I shared a video about that was going over a lot of the evenths that have happened with TIMs assaulting women, my one friend said that I'm being obsessive and need to "let people just live and stop cherrypicking". I'm contemplating if I should just cut this friend out of my life. We used to be close back before I peaked but ever since then, our friendship has been rocky and I'm getting tired of dealing with such idiocy. I know it sounds harsh to call your friend an idiot but the only reason I do is because this friend never looks into this stuff. She doesn't actually follow the sites that keep tabs on these incidents ike Reduxxx or WomenArehuman because she thinks it's just cherry-pickings to "make the trans community look bad".

But yet these are the very same people who say that we exaggerate these things happening and that it doesn't really happen. I'm just so fucking sick of handmaidens caping for men who actually don't give a shit about womankind and it's worse when it comes from your friends and family.

The thing is I have noticed I have changed where back then I used to be quite easygoing and go with the flow but ever since I learned the truth about trans and the little regard TIMs have for women (including TIFs), I have become a lot more vocal about my thoughts on this stuff.

Have any of you dealt with something like this? How do you manage holding friends with handmaidens?

No. 1857589

I was like your friend a few years ago before I peaked, she may still come around; whether you want to try to keep communication open with her during that waiting period depends on if you can handle not discussing this topic in depth until she peaks, if she peaks.

No. 1857594

AYRT. I know that it can take some people longer than others but it's been like this for the last 2 years now. Funny enough, I actually don't talk in depth with her about the stuff. The point where I thought it was pointless to bother talking with her about the stuff was when we talked about the brain sex argument. So I don't discuss this stuff with her.

But I still make public posts about my grievances whenever these stories break from time to time and it was just recently when she DM'd me saying what she said. So even when I'm not talking to her about it, she still feels the need to say something to me.

No. 1857597

File: 1688410670026.jpeg (Spoiler Image,266.75 KB, 1169x1831, IMG_2674.jpeg)

No. 1857599

You can't force people to care about things, imagine if it was any other political issue, it would be annoying if someone kept bringing it up and trying to convince you. Even if you're right, most people are stubborn and don't like being told anything, they want to feel like they discovered it themselves. The best way to change someone's mind is to act dumb and ask questions with obvious answers. Let them think think that they're the smart one. You can only really plant seeds, you can't control if the tree grows. Regarding continuing the friendship, do you still enjoy their company when not discussing these issues? It's normal for politics to be uncomfortable and for people to disagree. Maybe try not bringing it up for a while and see how you feel. I know this is off topic and I accept my ban.

No. 1857600

I just avoid talking about trans topics with my friends because I assume they are all libfems, or at the very least they’d never admit to having unwoke thoughts about trannies without having a few drinks in them first. A year ago I made a TERFy post on social media and a bunch of people unfriended me, so I assume that everyone who stayed friends with me after that either secretly agrees with me, or just isn’t terminally online enough to feel strongly one way or the other about trannies. If I’m in a discussion with friends and transgenderism somehow comes up I usually just don’t say anything in response and then change the subject.

No. 1857611

I’m sorry nonna. I actually parted ways from my very best friend of ten years a few months ago because of this. She just wasn’t willing to believe there were NO good troons. We got to a point where she told me she didn’t want me to show her any negative stories about them anymore and that I was out of control and I said ok fine. After that shit just sort of…soured for me. Eventually along with other stuff I decided we were better off not being friends anymore. How could I in good conscience as a mother let someone with those harmful beliefs around my very small kids? I’m sorry you are going through this but having like minded actual feminist friends is so much better. Wishing you luck, nonita

No. 1857614

I understand that it can be annoying if it's brought up a lot, that's why like what I said here >>1857594 I have stopped having discussions about it and only talk about it with people who have an interest in discussing it. But like for example, my friend mentioned Blaire White and gets pissy when I refer to him as "he/him" pronouns.

But yeah as a general rule, I really don't bring it up at all because I know there's no point and thankfully I'm able to talk with people who do see the troonism for what it is in places like here or my one other friend who is "terfy".

>do you still enjoy their company when not discussing these issues?

For the most part yeah things are fine though but because our interest does fall within nerd stuff like video games (JRPGs) and anime and unfortuantel every now and then something gender-tarded has to be brought up but like I mentioned, I just ignore it even if it gives me migraines when my friend goes on about how some headcanons on such and such character is "actually trans" "makes sense".

Thank you anon, it's a struggle for sure and even though I'm not mother, I totally see where you're coming from when you have small impressionable children who can swallow this bullshit up and can easily turn on you because "my parent is transphobic". I don't blame you for cutting ties.

I've known this friend for about 6 years now and like I shared, everything was peachy dory until I peaked and peaked hard. I have stopped talking about the stuff with her but even when I'm just posting into the void, she feels the need to tell me how unhinged I'm being and that is what is annoying me.

No. 1857616

Yeah I do this too. I lost a lot of friends when I spoke out against the Wii Spa incident but the friend of 6 years still stuck around but her criticism of troons mainly does with the extremes like she doesn't think Dylan Mulvaney or Alok are "Trutrans" but she thinks that guys like blaire White, Jessie Gender, Lia Thomas, and Caitlyn Jenner are "trutrans".

No. 1857621

samefag here, never said anything regarding sexuality but it's just assumed that men overall treat it as a sexual thing. femininity is fetishized because of men, now add men being feminine into the mix which is seen as demeaning for them. mix the two together and that's how we end up with sissification and femboy fetishes.

gay/bi scrotes are just more likely to be chill about it because they're often gnc and dont see being feminine as demeaning or lesser than compared to straight ones. However, they're not exempt from being creeps either. that's just a general issue with males rather than a sexuality specific one

No. 1857622

Sorry I wrote my reply before seeing your new post. If she is the one harassing you in DMs over your public opinions then that's a different scenario entirely. In that case she sounds like the one who needs to drop it. If she spergs to you about trans head cannon it sounds like she is in deeper than just "be nice", unfortunately. It's a bit weird though that she does that knowing your beliefs? In any case I'm sorry. There is a thread on 2X for discussing losing friends/family members to the trans cult if you want to vent about it more, you might catch a ban if you keep doing it here.

No. 1857628

>it muddies the water of what that term means and also totally crowds the kind of people that term was originally coined for out of their own identity
word for word what they have done with the word lesbian and lesbian spaces

No. 1857639

File: 1688418070048.jpg (90.66 KB, 1080x1164, Fi38Sf4UcAA20bA.jpg)

>Lia Thomas

No. 1857645

I don't believe sex and gender are different things, like most people who haven't been indoctrinated by modern schools. That's what makes it gendie ideology.

No. 1857646

No problem anon, I understand. Yeah it really is just when she DM's me from time to time about my own, not involving her public posts that annoys me. I think you're right that she may not realize just how deep into the ideology she really is. And I think the reason why she didn't drop me when I came out about my views is because of how long we've been friends and I think that she feels she can convince me that I'm wrong in saying that no one can change sex no matter what. She's a bleeding heart because she also believes in the suicide 41% rate and I'm sure that is also why she refuses to see the troon reality for what it is and not fall for that TRA lie.

But in any case I'll check into this 2X place because this really is a tough thing to go through so thanks for the heads up.

Believe me anon, I don't get it either. According to her Lia is being wrongly persecuted and thinks "she's" just getting unfairly wrapped up in the controversy. I felt like I was gonna pop a vessel when I heard her say that but again, she hardly ever looks into these people so it's not surprising. It was the same with Jessie Gender who she thinks is one of the best who explains how trans is a real thing. I just could not lol.

No. 1857647

We're getting kind of OT, but I think it's fine for males to be GNC so long as they aren't mocking women (drag) or getting off on it (troons). Like if a guy wants to wear makeup or carry a purse for non-gross reasons, I think it's retarded to pearl-clutch about it. That said, it's pretty rare these days for men to be GNC in a non-drag, non-perverse way, so I can kind of understand where you're coming from.

As chauvinistic and cheesey as hair rock was, you kind of have to respect that the femme-y look was for the sake of sticking it to normies, not because guys like Dee Snyder or David Johansen got off on it. It's also the sort of thing that only could have existed before third-wave liberal feminism, when a bunch of college students online suddenly decided that "gender presentation" (stereotypes) took precedence over physical reality.

No. 1857648

I want to agree with you. Straight men view femininity as degrading because they associate it with women. In theory, yes, a man can wear "women's clothing" without being a sexpest but in reality this is usually not the case.

No. 1857656

File: 1688420098610.jpeg (481.12 KB, 750x1918, IMG_9633.jpeg)

pot calling the kettle cringey.

No. 1857664

>Why hasn't this other troon realized that woman is when make-up and hair removal reeee
Neither of you are women anyway, so it's not like it matters. Actual women are recognized as such even when we're hairy, barefaced, and short-haired. The fact that you have to do all these cosmetic routines just to have others acknowledge your delusion kind of just reinforces that it's not self-evident.

No. 1857666

Iirc his Insta also has creepy shit like drawings of TiMs touching each others' cocks. For a """woman""" he sure seems enamoured with having a penis.

No. 1857670

Iirc his Insta also has creepy shit like drawings of TiMs touching each others' cocks. For a """woman""" he sure seems enamoured with having a penis.

No. 1857672

Iirc his Insta also has creepy shit like drawings of TiMs touching each others' cocks. For a """woman""" he sure seems enamoured with having a penis.

No. 1857689

File: 1688423887046.jpeg (402.67 KB, 750x1895, IMG_9636.jpeg)

u/dark_triaded_ho can’t handle rejection from men in any way, shape, or form because he bases the entirety of his self-worth on men validating him with their dicks. it’s so pathetic it’s funny.

No. 1857690

You're essentially trying to involve your friends in a political/ideological conflict that they're not interested in. Activists overstep in a similar fashion, ie "my cause is important to me and therefore should be important to you." Accept that their priorities differ from your own and stop trying to evangelize your friends.

No. 1857691

Iirc his Insta also has creepy shit like drawings of TiMs touching each others' cocks. For a """woman""" he sure seems enamoured with having a penis.

No. 1857695

I mean objectively makes sense, clothes are just pieces of fabric but there is something about men wearing women's clothes that gives me a visceral disgust and I can't even explain what/why.

No. 1857700

because they usually pick cheap childish or skimpy clothes and flash their bulges. and they look disgusting no matter what they wear because men are ugly.

No. 1857714

being paranoid of males due to a lifetime of abuse is not "perverse" what the fuck

No. 1857716

There was a gay dude in Black Mirror's new season wearing a long skirt and clearly still a man. I'd prefer that than seeing a tranny tbh.

No. 1857722

File: 1688427426848.png (1.16 MB, 1505x819, tranny.png)

Of course he does.

No. 1857757

serving facebook dad hard and strong

No. 1857771

File: 1688431811380.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x1800, afrufbdofbwm.jpg)

>>1857695 I mean there are guys who do look good in it if they're fashion sauvy and know how to dress accordingly to their build. I'm a bit biased with picrel cause it's often twinky asian guys who tend to pull it off. the ones who aren't will always look trashy

No. 1857776

no way… I used to watch this guy's youtube back in jr. high. What the fuckkkk. He used to be called CharlieIsSoCoolLike

No. 1857778

So the troon is saying that a guy is a hypocrite because he wanted kids… and married a woman who already had kids? How is that contradictory in any way? Sounds like the guy pretty much got what he wanted.

No. 1857784

because their clothing is baggy/loose in the right places to hide the male body shape. same with mana sama, the cupcake shape of lolita fashion helps every type of body unless you're obese because it makes your shoulders look small. but most men can't pull off women fashion because its their fetish, not intended to look good but to coom.

No. 1857785

Most men are ugly to begin with, and even the decent-looking ones have shit fashion sense. Peaking definitely made me more picky about GNC men, like if the guy's aesthetic is too troonish (idk how to explain it, it's just a certain vibe) it's an immediate turn off because of the psychological associations. Luckily my celebrity crushes are all either dead or too normie to troon out.

No. 1857788

sage for blog post. one of my friends of 4 years trooned out officially today. i had a feeling it was coming, it started with him looking for treatments to fix is hair that is receding at age 25. me and my best friend are very left leaning but terf lite on main, so ig kudos to him for coming out to us knowing how we would take it. He tried to say he's not like THOSE transes but hes unbearable now. i've delt with this before with my ex and it sucks because we hung out with him one time since he came out and it was the worst

He tries to act like one of the girls but has no idea how to, because my friend and i are his only girl friends the rest are other chronically, anime obsessed online moids. his new "voice" is disgusting nasally and whiney, he started hrt by walking into a walk-in doctors office and threating to kill himself then and there and instead of getting admitted to the psych ward or calling the cops he got a prescription for what he wanted same day.

He made a bunch of sexual comments about me (not my friend, he was very regular to her, its evident he thinks he has a chance with my lesbian ass now and is shooting his shot) today when we hung out. saying how beautiful and feminine i am despite wearing modest clothes, that my breasts are a nice size, that guys would grope me and not him bc they dont know hes a woman, that he would die to look like me. Very creepy.

anyways i told him off after all those comments and he just giggled. He was a kind of fun guy with similar hobbies as my friend, little weird ig but fun but clearly brain rot has already set in. we will not be hanging out or talking again. it sucks because ive constantly been losing one friend a year to this shit for the last 7 or so years, they completely go off the rails and become unrecognizable (personality and physically, stop taking care of themselves mostly), creepy and hostile so suddenly.

No. 1857793

he was always a pervy piece of shit, he’s just not bothering hiding it anymore. block him and cut him off from your life. don’t even give him any explanations, just RUN.

No. 1857796

There's a thread for this in /2X/, but yeah, one of my childhood friends trooned out (he's just an "enby" but I know he's going to go full troon eventually) and it's a bummer. He and I went to homecoming as friends years back. Fortunately, he still has an iota of social tact and doesn't talk about anything sexual around me or his sister, but he does often sperg about gender crap now. The fucking audacity of your scrote "friend" to laugh at you after you said his sexual comments were making you uncomfortable. What a prick. I would've straight up said, "No woman talks like this to her friends, ever. You sound like a creepy man."

No. 1857800

Lmao isn't this the soybro who got bullied off of Tumblr by a bunch of fifteen-old-girls? I get the strong impression that he'd be a tranny chaser, tbh.

No. 1857803

That was his brother, John Green. He’s the author who wrote a bunch of mpdg ya romance

No. 1857804

Which one recently came out as bisexual because he kissed a guy at a party once like 20 years ago?

No. 1857805

Is this a tranny or just a gay crossdresser?

No. 1857806

reminds me of vidrel. at least i'm glad posh male pinocchio is getting dragged through the mud on twitter

No. 1857817

Iirc it was hank

No. 1857830

File: 1688437420168.png (30.02 KB, 917x129, disgustingrandystair.PNG)

i saw picrel on a video talking about randy stair and felt disgusted that this person is now claiming to be a woman and acting like stair was some poor guy who just needed estrogen and a friend

No. 1857864

File: 1688441935621.jpeg (78.36 KB, 639x680, IMG_0914.jpeg)

I can’t even laugh at this stuff anymore. It’s all too predictably retarded.

No. 1857866

File: 1688441992570.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.78 KB, 697x1033, 20230703_224024.jpg)

of course the handmaidens and troons are giving asspats all through the thread. that poor baby. trying not to alog

No. 1857870

There's no way this steaming pile of shit hasn't peaked a few normies at the very least. Every cloud has a silver lining or something.

No. 1857882

File: 1688446069304.jpeg (Spoiler Image,462.84 KB, 700x933, D430B9F6-7893-4670-861A-37B697…)

so hawt

No. 1857883

File: 1688446190631.png (1 MB, 948x678, Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.5…)

No. 1857885

That thousand coom stare… So fucking disgusting.

No. 1857886


No. 1857887

>that tattoo on the leg

No. 1857905

What the fuck, I've never seen something so inhuman

No. 1857910

This is like something you see right before you die

No. 1857915

istg they all have that stare

No. 1857920

See if I wasn't peaked already ,this surely would've done it. Whenever infants and children get brought into these sick fucks fetishes, I just cannot because especially in this case with infants, they can't fucking consent to this grossness. I also heard that this dude found out that he might have cancer which only makes it worse.

Why can't these fucks just moobdeed amongst each other? At least they'd be consenting adults.

No. 1857923

>I had to stop because I had a cancer relapse
That's the universe telling you to stop, pal.

>I didn't want to poison my child

Then you wouldn't have forced it to suck your nasty man tit in the first place, pervert. Enjoy chemotherapy, faggot.

No. 1857984

That is some serial killer shit, something you would see in a documentary. Very disturbing
>It puts lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose

No. 1857999

late reply, but a lot of brownish people's skintone changes depending on how much tan their getting, he was probably excercising and going out in the first pic and going out more so his got darker then his natural skin-tone and the second pic he's turned into a fat porn addict who stays at home all day, so his got lighter.

No. 1858008

File: 1688476230994.jpg (224.9 KB, 995x1736, Fzq9bXZXgAAZCnn.jpg)

No. 1858009

>>1857866 a part of me hopes that it's the hormones and drugs cocktail taken for inducing ungodly moob secretion that causes the relapse, that would be poetic

No. 1858010

File: 1688476319255.jpg (128.3 KB, 828x985, F0HXX4cX0AIg0HY.jpg)

No. 1858013

Trying not to alog…this fat pornsick piece of shit is really sitting in a. Seat reserved for disabled people and pregnant women???????,?,,,,?28:9382&/! I’m going to go outside and scream bye nonnas

No. 1858017


The real thing that amazes me is not that scrotes like this abomination exist, but that they manage to reproduce. If this man Is at fault, the woman Who enabled him is worse.

No. 1858018

Why does this happen to them so often, like random women complimenting them in situations where most women feel vulnerable and want to leave as fast as possible. If I would see a man in a changing room for women, taking pictures, I would leave and not come back until he is gone, not compliment his ugly tattoos.

He is mentally disabled, so he is sitting on the right seat. Still, if someone would come along, that would need the seat, he probably wouldn't move, because he belongs to the most suppressed group in the world and a real pregnant woman can stand.

No. 1858024

A lot of them defend him unfortunately.

No. 1858025

>”milk” laced with chemicals and hormones and coming from a man boob is more beneficial than colostrum or natural breast milk from a woman who is probably hyperfocused on anything she consumes in order to keep her baby healthy
Yeah ok dude.

No. 1858052

The anons talking about their friends not getting it… That's what I'm dealing with too. I just don't get it. I've never met a trans that doesn't have a ton of baggage, weird fetishes, and a general inability to communicate properly with other humans. I've never met one, even before peaking, that seemed like a normal person who might be nice to get to know.

I was asked yesterday if I just genuinely loathe all transes because I expressed how irritating it is when transes find something I like and make it trendy, because they poison everything about it. And they do!

Not just online, but there's a TIM at work. Thankfully he works in another department, so I don't have to be reminded that he exists very often. But seeing a 6ft giraffe beanpole in a pleated hot topic skirt on occaison makes me so sick. How can anyone look at that and think it's normal? And just go along with it? I don't understand! All the young women (under 20) who work at the front desk are nonbinary, and I guess I can have better understanding for that. But literally all of them, not being hyperbolic.

Some moids I know are just as bad in the opposite way. They seem to be unable to stand transes at the same rate as me. But then they get started talking about Blaire White and how they'd be fine with transes if they all looked like that balloon lipped plasticine fuckdoll. Then I have to manually remind myself that moids regularly fuck inanimate objects, food, and animals, and they cannot be trusted.

Idk, do I sound just totally paranoid? I can't trust women bc they end up being transoid supporters. I can't trust moids for obvious reasons. I don't understand how people aren't peaking. I don't know how they can think there's normal transes, or that gendie dysphoria is actually real. I can only assume that the people who haven't peaked are the ones who haven't actually been exposed to transes as much as I have.

I'm going to be having a baby soon, and I worry what the world's going to look like. When is this going to end?(blogging)

No. 1858056

The way he goes on about how the swimsuit feels makes my skin crawl. Why the fuck do they feel the need to make those thoughts public? I always imagined that they talked mad shit online but never really went anywhere but the grocery store, but here he is in the fucking changing room, snapping pics. The woman probably complimented the tattoo because she couldn't bear to say something nice about anything else.

No. 1858063

Enduring the same here. I have a close knit group of gamer friends and completely out of nowhere, one of the guys troons out. When I say nowhere, I truly mean nowhere. It started with us having a normal conversation and him abruptly blurting out that something we brought up made him feel dysmorphic. I remember one of the other guys going, "HUH??" really loudly, because it was just such a sudden thing to say with no context at all before or behind it. Then by the next day, he was bringing up his hair. Then the next day, it was outfits. By two weeks, he was posting those fucking cursed makes me wanna gouge my eyes out legs in thigh-high stockings posts. Why do they always do that?!? That annoying obvious uwu pandering selfie of their legs as they lie down which opened the floodgates to him doing a bunch of other uwu poses in his fucking stripped socks/big sweater coomer attire and weird al looking haircut. His personality has since disappeared and none of us bother talking to him anymore. All he talks about now is passing, dysmorphia, and how horny he is. I'm glad I already cut him off. There is no way I would be able to stand it once he inevitably claimed to be a lesbian. I know for sure that will be next.

No. 1858070

File: 1688485845335.png (292.17 KB, 646x1031, Screenshot.png)

This is peak pick-meism, and the sad fact is she isn't the only who thinks like this, many libfems will literally defend a man making a baby suck discharge from his moobs, to make himself feel more like a woman, This is beyond parody.

No. 1858094

Maybe the women are genuinely caught off guard watching him and feel the need to make up something on the spot before he gets weird or irate. Or maybe they legitimately feel the need to virtue signal and look like a good ally. I believe most women have inner alarm bells going off around men like this. Even as a handmaiden, internally I felt extremely uncomfortable around them because they reminded me of the most creepy “normal” men I’d been around. I feel like you just get accustomed to recognizing when something feels off or when it’s obviously sexual for a man, so you do anything you can to either get out of the situation or make certain you won’t be harmed.

No. 1858099

I'm the anon who is dealing with the friend of 6 years who said I'm being "unhinged" for speaking out against TIMs.

I actually worked with a TIM in the past but like your situation, he was in a different department. He had a nasty attitude, very Jeffree Starr like and unlike what he probably thought, didn't "pass" neither and his long ass acrylic nails only emphasized his large man-hands kek. He ended up leaving thankfully and haven't had to work with any sense so far but I've seen a few TIMs come into our store and it's hilarious how they really don't "pass" IRL.

>But seeing a 6ft giraffe beanpole in a pleated hot topic skirt on occaison makes me so sick. How can anyone look at that and think it's normal?

See I normally wouldn't have a problem with a man simply wearing a skirt on it's own but it's the retarded delusion of them thinking they are any kinda woman for it that does it for me.

>All the young women (under 20) who work at the front desk are nonbinary, and I guess I can have better understanding for that.

I haven't worked with any "nonbinary" people yet but every time I see a young woman in our store with short, unnatural hair color, I already assume that 99/100 they are some "enby".

>Some moids I know are just as bad in the opposite way. They seem to be unable to stand transes at the same rate as me. But then they get started talking about Blaire White and how they'd be fine with transes if they all looked like that balloon lipped plasticine fuckdoll.

You didn't mention if you knew these men but if so, have you tried showing them his unfiltered pics? It doesn't always work as I did this with a friend and while he was shocked at such the difference, he still refers to him as "she/her" but still, I'm curious.

>Idk, do I sound just totally paranoid?

No anon, you're not being paranoid. I understand how it can feel that way when dealing with normies who just don't get it but this is the curse of peaking. We are the ones shouting the naked Emperor has no clothes.

>I can only assume that the people who haven't peaked are the ones who haven't actually been exposed to transes as much as I have.

This is the reason. Like I mentioned in my post, my friends who are handmaidens to troons don't actively take a look into these people. My friend didn't know that Caitlyn Jenner was putting on his daughters clothes and parading around in it before he "came out". She didn't know that Lia Thomas was walking around the women's locker room with his dick all out there. Or the Dana Rivers trial. But she then just says I'm cherry-picking and making things worse then it really is but anyway the point is that these people don't take an in depth look like we do because they more than likely don't care.

No. 1858102

>he was posting those fucking cursed makes me wanna gouge my eyes out legs in thigh-high stockings posts. Why do they always do that?!?

That's a really good question because you're so right, MANY OF THEM do this with the thigh high stockings. They've actually ruined that for me to the point I don't wear them anymore because it just makes me think of these creeps.

>That annoying obvious uwu pandering selfie of their legs as they lie down

STAHP KEK. Did he also do the usual pose making his feet look pigeon-toed while leaning in and placing the hand over the mouth? kek

>All he talks about now is passing, dysmorphia, and how horny he is. I'm glad I already cut him off.

Was your group into anime? I feel like anime is one of the biggest pipelines to troonism in the modern day. It used to be porn but nowadays anime is another big factor.(reddit spacing, learn to integrate)

No. 1858179

File: 1688497690883.png (1.21 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_3329.png)


I know kpop is a forbidden topic here but this made me kek. Some troon posted on the twice subreddit about how one of the members was disgusted by him after he attempted to approach her and if you go through his profile it’s self explanatory, he deleted all his original posts though.

No. 1858182

The copium in the comments is hysterical. "They sound sarcastic when they speak english!" "Confused facial expressions can look disgusted sometimes!" No, Koreans just don't like you disgusting troons, which is ironic considering how many TIFs are into kpop kek

No. 1858193

File: 1688498478253.jpg (18.1 KB, 400x374, funnycat.jpg)

Absolutely hilarious.

No. 1858198

based Jihyo

No. 1858229

File: 1688503460501.jpg (161.07 KB, 1242x1528, F0LlrGdacAAnftj.jpg)


No. 1858235

I hope the women defending this junk just think it's a parental bonding thing that any man can do by tweaking his nipples enough, and they just don't know that it's induced by drugs banned in Europe and part of a stupid fetish. I hope…

No. 1858242

>two-parents breastfeeding
Dunno, somehow I imagine the same people that support drugged up trannies force-feeding their nipples wouldn't be that supportive if the non-bio mother whipped out a tit and started shoving it in the newborns face.

No. 1858269

How the shit is that 'inducing lactation'? It's just bottle feeding with extra steps. Troons and their mental gymnastics man

No. 1858270

How the fuck did we reach this point, like as bad things can get I didn't expect the entire medical community just to out-right lie about basic biology.

No. 1858275

File: 1688509186458.png (Spoiler Image,742.05 KB, 785x455, sorrynonnas.PNG)

it's almost like they're perverts who want a nonconsenting infant's mouth on their disgusting man-nipples.
CIA dad in the Meet the Fockers movie had a fake boob that everyone made fun of but it makes more sense than anything these fetishists are doing.

No. 1858278

KEK Jihyo already had to publicly apologise for using Megalia/Korean radfem slang once, it makes perfect sense she'd be grossed out by some troon.

No. 1858294

Nonas I am gonna sage because it is not milk but how likely would be to my friend's nigel troon out? Because he is
>weeb who likes hentai and yuri
>bisexual and flirted with other moids and asked nudes, my friend forgave him, but she still resents him
>has engaged in crossdressing
>gamer and was sort of an incel
I have told my friend that this moid is a tickling time bomb, but she still is with him because she is insecure, has low self esteem, loves him and thinks she can't do better but that is simply not true. I hate this moid so fucking much and she wants to marry and even have a baby with him. I am trying to dissuade her from it, though. I am so lost and want her to peak, but at the same time I don't want her to suffer, even if she is a blind handmaiden, she is my friend for years.
Sorry for the blogpost btw. My friends are normies and I can't vent this with anyone tbh

No. 1858298

Samefag, forgot to add
>likes yuri
>has an open cucking fetish

No. 1858307

Even if he didn't troon out, he seems like a horrible partner, what is wrong with your Friend?

No. 1858336

Sorry, what/where is /2X/ ?

No. 1858344

File: 1688518333357.jpeg (Spoiler Image,837.77 KB, 828x1347, 16DE7D42-D8C6-4EA6-A609-D3A186…)


No. 1858349

File: 1688518767774.jpg (1.75 MB, 2771x3464, disgusting.jpg)

Reason #38,907 why you aren't a woman and never will be one.

No. 1858350

MtMS: Male to Mass Shooter

No. 1858353

One year into their marriage he’s going to say he needs to open up the relationship and be poly with other men and women is my bet.

No. 1858358

Your friend needs to realize that he's a creep on her own. In my experience, telling friends that their boyfriend sucks usually just makes them double down. I think it's because straight women are socialized to think that relationships are "projects" and that dumping a guy represents giving up on "fixing" him. They view people who tell them to dump him as "quitters" who don't understand that he "needs" her. It's happened with so many of my friends and relatives.

No. 1858464

File: 1688538142052.jpeg (487.34 KB, 750x2089, IMG_9685.jpeg)

i can see your chromosomes in the way you type, mr. moid mcscrote.

No. 1858465

Jesus Christ I thought that was Tonetta back from the depths of hell

No. 1858468

Hundreds of gay/bisexual, notorious for promiscuity. No woman would brag about this, lmao.

No. 1858472

are these the same guy? he sounds like an angry lunatic

No. 1858473

It's rare but men can actually have some form of endo due to the presence of undeveloped uterine cells that stay in the body from birth. It's very rare and usually caused by excess estrogen, and the endo cells tend to grow into the bladder and abdominal wall since there's no full uterus to latch onto.

So TIMS can validate themselves with that if they want I guess. There's only 16 cases reported typically due to estrogen therapy involved in treating prostate cancer. Obesity is also considered a factor in the potential to grow endo cells.

No. 1858489

i'm surprised you had to ask

No. 1858490

excellent job directly linking that in the thread that draws the most attention from lurking/ raiding moids and troons. Genius move. You have 15 minutes still to delete, which i'd recommend.

No. 1858494

Because Amazon has plus size womens clothes that men can fit in(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1858521

i didn't realize that it was supposed to stay hidden, my bad i suppose although i found it as easily as googling "lolcow 2x" lol

No. 1858531

I hate this troon so much, sadly hell week doesn't let me tell what I really wish to him.

No. 1858543

File: 1688555336105.png (Spoiler Image,616.93 KB, 1508x828, nota.png)

Front page of the LGBT sub on reddit, totally not a fetish. Also he's the most valid trans, everyone else is a photoshopper.

No. 1858545

Does anyone have the thread screenshot about "laincore" trannies trying to become the gamer gf? Thought I read it in this thread recently but I can't find it.

No. 1858550

File: 1688556871845.png (65.77 KB, 901x511, statistical_anomaly.png)

hmm what a strange occurrence, women don't often commit random violent sexual assaults, and women aren't often 6ft 3 either

No. 1858560

File: 1688558347575.png (1005.89 KB, 1286x881, Dozens rally in support of Van…)

>transphobes will never admit they find our existence gross
Uh yeah we do. Plenty of well adjusted people do.

No. 1858563

File: 1688559488225.png (22.88 KB, 970x602, lolmao.png)

destroyed lmao

No. 1858578

File: 1688562074818.jpg (696.23 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20230705_090320_Gal…)

reddit cyberterrorism event when

No. 1858579

She needs to dump him. Full stop.
This. Not only the female socialization, but women get harassed and ostracized for leaving shit men all the time. Unfortunately we live in a world where our worth is dictated by being in a relationship with a scrote. It's important to be supportive of a friend in this situation, but not to your own detriment.

No. 1858588

I mean he is right that plenty of "straight" men would probably fuck a tranny, but that's because men are animals who care very little about what they put their dick into and they don't care if it's a woman, tranny, ham sandwich, sofa cushions or roadkill. Personally I wouldn't want to be in the room with a sick fuck who would stick his dick in a neovagina because thats some serial killer shit, but I guess troons don't have the same worries about how mentally well adjusted the men they fuck are. As you can see by this tranny fucking around with zero regard like the gay man he is.

No. 1858604

Sorry for spoonfeed but is the Skirt Go Spinny doc hosted elsewhere? It got took down from twitter.

No. 1858624

not a fetish(non-contribution, sage)

No. 1858638

the other "woman" is 5'9 which is also tall (over 90th percentile for women). i find it difficult to believe that two actual women that tall just so happened to know one another and decided to sexually assault a man together.

No. 1858640

>I haven't worked with any "nonbinary" people yet but every time I see a young woman in our store with short, unnatural hair color, I already assume that 99/100 they are some "enby".

I catch myself doing this too. Then I feel guilty because I genuinely do not believe any type of physical appearance (as in clothing/hair choice not genetics) should dictate how I assume someone 'identifies'. Its like the ideology has gotten to me even though I actively speak against it. It does seem that most young women and girls who arent dressed super feminine are actually enbies though even when I tell myself to stop judging ahead of time, bc it really doesnt matter until they converse with me (pronouns…..in a setting where they are customers). Feels bad. I did see one guy dressed in a dress and a grandma helmet style hairdo but he used his man voice and was overall nice, kinda quirky, kinda funny, shopping with his friends. No one called him a her (or him a him/they either kek just name or directed words toward him wo addressing him) and he didnt seem to care. I was afraid to do either prounoun because either hes actually a gnc male or he is trying to be a woman. Or a they? I hate that I both disagree entirely with the gender ideology but also am so aware of it that it shapes my interactions.

No. 1858645

It really has gotten to the point where feelings are consistently valued over facts.

No. 1858648

>No woman would brag about this
Yes. Research has consistently found that males exaggerate the number of sexual partners they've had, while women understate it. Combine the fact that this is Reddit with the troon being male, and you can pretty much guarantee that he's lying about his "body count." He's probably fucked a couple dozen chasers from Grindr. He's right about men being terrible at clocking troons, but unless they're virgins, they can absolutely tell the difference between a stink ditch and a vagina during sex. The increased need for lube, the lack of a cervix, the gigantic scar, and the hair inside of it would give it away. Like other anons have said, these guys just elected not to complain about it because at the end of the day, it's a warm hole and men aren't picky as long as they get off. The approval of males is not what makes someone a woman.

No. 1858649

>No woman would brag about this
Yes. Research has consistently found that males exaggerate the number of sexual partners they've had, while women understate it. Combine the fact that this is Reddit with the troon being male, and you can pretty much guarantee that he's lying about his "body count." He's probably fucked a couple dozen chasers from Grindr. He's right about men being terrible at clocking troons, but unless they're virgins, they can absolutely tell the difference between a stink ditch and a vagina during sex. The increased need for lube, the lack of a cervix, the gigantic scar, and the hair inside of it would give it away. Like other anons have said, these guys just elected not to complain about it because at the end of the day, it's a warm hole and men aren't picky as long as they get off. The approval of males is not what makes someone a woman.

No. 1858651

AYRT. Yeah I hate it to. Back before I peaked and knew about the truth of gender ideology, I used to think it was cool to see people with n dyed unnatural hair colors but since peaking and noticing how many of them dye their hair purple, blue, pink, teal, or green and identify as something from the retarded Tumblr ideology, it's ruined my perception kek Like if it's an older person like some one who looks to be i their late 30s-40s and above, I'm not as suspicious but younger looking ones? Yeah.

I'm glad that the dude in your store was not acting like a creep. Perhaps he hopefully was a GC male and not some "It's MA'AM" dude kek.

No. 1858652

Other than this guy throwing around free fucks to desperate men and thinking that's proof of anything, he doesn't know what phenotype means. Coloring your hair green does not make it your "phenotype".

No. 1858659

I swear every single "mother" troon I've seen has a kink for breastfeeding. It could be because I follow gender critical accounts and just don't see the non-fetish troons but holy shit. How do women see them say shit like "dudeee having a baby suckle my nipples is SO queer and kinda hot :')" and not peak immediately.

No. 1858663

File: 1688573604051.png (539.71 KB, 540x666, FFjcBjjXEAEOYtz.png)

To add insult to injury, they're using the Smith College Girls photoshoot from 2004 as their inspiration. I can't stand AGPs and what they've done to lesbian culture.

No. 1858672

You should work on building up your friends self esteem and taking her around women in decent relationships so she can see how good men act.

No. 1858689

File: 1688575679732.png (1.61 MB, 1831x1213, screen.png)

late, but all this reads to me is another instance of male entitlement concerning a woman he wants the attention of, who doesn't react the way he was anticipating when he goes to bother her uninvited.
also, an article was written about this troon's post kek

No. 1858700

Your friend is going to wind up with AIDs if she stays with this dude. He's going to keep fucking other men while wearing his spinny skirt. He'd rather pretend he's a woman than admit he's gay.

No. 1858718

No one cares about women wearing men clothes because it isn't a fetish for us, show me one man wearing women's clothes that isn't a pervert.

No. 1858722

He's probably waiting until he locks her in either with marriage or pregnancy before he troons out. He's also probably going to cheat the entire time and bring her STDs. Send her videos about self love, idk. Get her to get inspired by other cute girls. Maybe cute vloggers or college girl content where they talk a lot about self growth and stuff.

What she needs to understand is that she's not in love. She's in familiar. She's feeling safe in whats familiar and fearing what else is or isnt out there. It's stupid. She needs to ask herself what love is. Is it this? Is a porn addicted man who looks at others love? What are this mans opinions on women? She realizes that he thinks those things of her too, right? and if they have a daughter, he would be terrible to her too right? She's not in love, and he isnt either. He just wants a warm hole. If she asks him what her favorite things are, does he know them? Does he care about her opinions on things? Get her to reflect and feel inspired to take charge of her life.

No. 1858727

File: 1688579358305.jpg (233.42 KB, 838x1515, sgsksbxksnz.jpg)

sorry not really milk but this logic is precisely how I can't see why anyone takes TRAs seriously. so woman is an identity based on one's proximity to femininity and if a man identifies himself more with femininity than he's free to claim to be a woman….

No. 1858739

File: 1688581184934.jpg (319.64 KB, 1080x1920, 1rwa85arhae.jpg)

straight up admitting it

No. 1858743

Odyssey? Or whatever spelling it uses

No. 1858759

Omg I saw that underboob thing bc I’m subbed to that sub and I was like this doesn’t sound like something a woman would say. Why are they so fucking easy to clock?

No. 1858825

To be honest they aren’t wrong. What other reason would a man wearing a dress have to use the womens facilities other than that he is trans? Of course the English language is very maleable and words can mean multiple things and even change completely! In modern times I think we can all agree that trans means rapist, predator, pedophile, groomer, etc. It’s a very all encompassing word, versatile. Perhaps it is even much like the term terf, in that it is an acronym; total rapist and nonce scrote. Truly a perfect point made by this brave and stunning trans.

No. 1858875

She could also try introducing her friend to a hotter, less troony guy.

No. 1858917

File: 1688594875187.png (129.41 KB, 793x1618, a lot of creative writing.png)

One of the most ridiculous intersex LARPs I've seen in recent memory. To be clear: no intersex condition presents this way. He claims to have only had one descended testicle, which was removed. He claims to have been urinating large amounts of blood and tissue. The symptoms he's describing (tanner I breast development, un-descended uvoteste, germ cell tumors, hematuria) are associated with Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome, which is extremely rare; there are fewer than 300 cases of it documented in all of modern medical literature. In some cases, it's a little like endometriosis in that endometriomas and patches of endometrium occur elsewhere in the abdominal cavity, like on and in the kidneys/bladder. Crucially, the amount of blood passed on urine is semen is relatively small, not comparable to the volume of a woman's period.

In true munchie fashion, this faggot's post reads like he Googled some case studies and then just shat out some creative writing. So, so many MtFs on Leddit claim to have PMDS because it presents as the person being externally male and often isn't discovered/diagnosed until adulthood. It basically reinforces their LARP that they're ~women inside~. But none of them ever seem to take into account how rare the condition is. There are more people on Reddit claiming to have it than there are documented cases of it on Earth. You honestly expect me to believe that every single one of the ~250 patients out of the eight billion people on earth are MtF Redditors?

And of course, the retards in the comments are saying shit like "yay, this means you can get pregnant!" No, it doesn't. No guy with PMDS has ever been able to, because having ovotestes and a peanut-sized chunk of uterus is not the same as having a fully functional female reproductive system. He claims his mom cut contact, which makes sense if you consider that this is all just a crazy LARP. I can't see a woman abandoning her son when he's about to have a surgery to remove some kind of malignant growth in his body, but what I can imagine is a mother deciding to grey-rock her hypochondriac son after he diagnosed himself with some rare shit he learned about from Dr. Google. He also claims that HRT shrank his feet down a size in five months, and that his hip-waist measurements are 39"-27", so that should tell you how reliable this guy is.

No. 1858918

why are like 75% of them munchies?

No. 1858923

Because gendershit is a self-diagnosed "ailment" that instantly earns you pity-clout and that you need expensive, crowd-funded surgery to "treat." It's honestly the perfect condition for a munchie grift if you think about it.

No. 1858925

Who the fuck would believe this? Even if there was a uterus, the shed lining doesn't come out of the urethra, the uterus isn't connected to the urethra in any fucking way. God, I hate men.

No. 1858930

Small amounts of it technically can with this (again, rare) PMDS condition specifically, but even outside of that context, troons are weirdly amenable to the idea that they're having "periods" when they shit or piss blood. No retards, you've got a venereal disease and you need to see a fucking doctor lmao.

No. 1858935

i imagine it's like how women with endometriosis can have blood in their urine. it can infiltrate the bladder.

No. 1858966

histrionic personality

No. 1858968

File: 1688600448970.jpeg (610.05 KB, 750x889, IMG_3287.jpeg)

Only a troon would think 30 is 'middle aged'.

No. 1858970

Probably because he’s a men, and to men women 25 and up are “middle aged” now.

No. 1858975

File: 1688600964946.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2170, Screenshot_20230705_165943_Tum…)

thivus lookin rough post trans

No. 1858983

>>1858968 if that's not a wig already, yes, you'll get bald and whatever happening to Tim Petras

No. 1858989

File: 1688602933420.png (55.78 KB, 655x222, Untitled.png)

so much is wrong with this

No. 1859000

File: 1688604816976.jpg (58.76 KB, 1080x492, 20230706_015504.jpg)

this? Or not

No. 1859002

holy shit, has thivus actually trooned out? i was mutuals with him when he was identifying as a crossdresser and following a bunch of radfems. sad, but this was clearly coming.

No. 1859005

wait, can someone give me a quick rundown on who thivus is? the crossie to troon timeliness is all too common but I'm intrigued to listen

No. 1859008

google searching his name gives me the result he called himself as a nazi at some point and he had a porn side-blog with borderline pedo shit, went by angelculture at some point and he dated some girl who claimed she was a radfem but called herself a lesbian because he crossdresses.

No. 1859017

File: 1688606669148.jpg (188.64 KB, 799x1080, F0TfvM9acAAED9Y.jpg)

name his band

No. 1859023

The all agp rejects

No. 1859024

File: 1688607060417.jpg (180.92 KB, 1289x1414, F0RsiAsXsAEYqKF.jpg)

No. 1859027

The coomer groomers.

No. 1859032

File: 1688608224941.jpg (172.5 KB, 828x1148, F0T8JT9aIAAsrtJ.jpg)

all those replies instead of ignoring/deleting the fugly bastard

No. 1859039

I'd say the wife was based, but she'd be even more based if she dumped his sorry ass.

No. 1859041

The All-Man Brothers

No. 1859045

Anon how could you not show us the replies

No. 1859056

Kek nona. Troons n' Roses.

No. 1859073

that's a pretty good summary. and yeah he's fully trooned out calling himself cassie now (and im sure we could find a poor girl with that name in his history lol). his url before autogynocrat was mcdominatrix.

No. 1859080

he was a male radfem tumblr orbiter who identified as a gay femboy at one point and i think previously grouped himself with the far right. when he orbited radfems he would call himself a crossdresser but talk about taking estrogen just for the aesthetic affects, claiming he still identified as male. i personally unfollowed him because he continuously posted anime pseudo-porn and when he got asked to stop he acted like he had no idea why someone would think a drawing of princess peach or whatever with giant boobs wearing skin-tight spandex was sexual and he just liked the art, guys. he was essentially a normal pornsick tranny, but i remember him because he made a point of still identifying as male and being a not like other trannies-tranny.

No. 1859081

File: 1688613418399.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 1196x1624, eek.png)

it puts the lotion on its skin

No. 1859082

File: 1688613589112.png (2.08 MB, 1196x1590, NO.png)

sorry saged because this isn't milk but he never posted selfies when he was an orbiter and i'm shocked at how scary and ugly he is

No. 1859087

im fucking nauseous bro the grimy towels and his physique is so repulsive this actually made me ill

No. 1859089

Same topic but it's not from an imageboard, it's a longer analytical post from some forum.

No. 1859096

I feel this, recently I was at my local supermarket and I saw someone who was right on the cusp, where I couldn't tell if he was a TIM or just a longhaired alt/metal guy who had incorporated some "feminine" jewelry into his dress style.

Literally thinking to myself
>Please don't be a troon
>Please don't be a troon
But then he opened his mouth and the squeaky fake bimbo voice removed all doubts.

No. 1859099

It's disappointing the collateral damage done by all this. I feel the same ick and suspicion, but when i was a kid I loved the idea of purple hair and not having rules about "boys clothes" or "girls toys". The irony that these people are now the enforcers of gender. We could have enjoyed so much more liberation by now if men didn't have to ruin it all with their pornsickness and gross fetishes.

No. 1859100

File: 1688617658930.png (202.91 KB, 1051x664, Screenshot.png)

From a radfem-adjacent account, I follow I really don't understand academic libfems sometimes, being disgusted by a man with a fetish feeding his diseased "chest milk: to a little baby isn't "tard" or reactionary, it's common sense and I think I do think that the baby needs a real mother and not some degenerate freak

No. 1859103


Nonnies please post links or comments. Especially if it's a facebook post.

No. 1859111

>some of them were even outright misandrist accounts
no way gurl are you for real

No. 1859117

File: 1688622186952.jpeg (104.98 KB, 720x679, IMG_0960.jpeg)

nonnas, am I a bad person for laughing at this? it’s just so funny he had to castrate himself to realize it was all a big gross fetish.

No. 1859118

Fucking Kek underrated

No. 1859120

I mean, that's hilarious, but I'm not understanding why his dick would hurt.

No. 1859125

I hope with every fiber of my being that all TiMs get orchiectomies in droves as soon as possible. It would be so beautiful, especially all at the same time. Imagine the media shitstorm. Men freak out when something gets in the way of them and their coom. It would be the funniest thing ever, and I imagine that it would instantly kill the gender movement. The moment a man is inconvenienced no matter how evil he is, society weeps for him. I just think it's funny that they chase the coom so intensely that they end up losing it forever.

No. 1859126

>she doesn't masturbate
She's either lying or dealing with some kind of psychological issue.

>she's too tight now?

Dipshit misogynist. Enjoy not having balls, moron.

No. 1859130

Coom & The Gang

No. 1859134

I just don't want a man to involve a helpless infant in his fucking fetish. It's not that deep, Joan.

No. 1859136

Why would not masturbating make her tighter? That's not how that works at all. If anything, using pelvic muscles strengthens them.

No. 1859137

File: 1688626832812.jpg (205.4 KB, 640x1799, 51ca34104c96ee5b828d496bcb4afc…)

No. 1859139

Holy shit, Weird seeing this on here! This is my home town in the UK and half of people talking about this are too scared to say that this is two trannies even though we know that it is, its sickening. I cant believe that this has happened on my front door step. I have started carrying a knife and a rape whistle.

No. 1859141

That didn't make sense to me, just because I don't like men or even boys doesn't mean I want to see male children be put in these pedophiliac situations with male troons and pedophiles.

No. 1859152

File: 1688628848501.jpeg (184.35 KB, 938x636, IMG_6688.jpeg)

i honestly have no words

No. 1859154

atrophy can hurt

No. 1859155

imagine being so ugly and masculine even effeminate gay men give you womb envy. Lol

No. 1859158

50 years ago men with this kind of face channeled their autism into composing progressive rock suites.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1859161

Who was said it that said that misogynist despise attractive men second only to their disdain towards women? because they can't the fact that women genuinely find those men attractive

No. 1859179

Why wear clothes meant for young girls?(learn2sage)

No. 1859197

This is it nonna, ty

No. 1859203

Guns n trannies

No. 1859214

I don’t understand the male brain. If you have no sex drive then why do you desire sex and to be horny? Why do you miss gooning to porn if the desire isn’t even there? I have to conclude it’s some issue with the brains. They literally don’t even have to have the actual want to goon…and somehow they still want to goon.

No. 1859216

Because if they can't coom there's nothing left for them. Life has no meaning.

No. 1859222

What did this idiot think would happen lmfaoooo

No. 1859227

Hons and Roses(sage your shit)

No. 1859231

I love it when this happens.

No. 1859233

File: 1688653943713.png (100.98 KB, 1644x422, Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 15.32…)

kek he has a neck tattoo as well. does he not think twice about permanent body changes?

No. 1859234

I agree, if you have no sexual drive then why think about sex? When I was on medication I had zero sexual drive or libido and it felt completely fine, I just didnt have sex and went about my day. Men WANT to coom so badly because its the only time they feel something

No. 1859245

Hons n posers

No. 1859256

I got curious and watched one episode of this anime to see why troons love so much and it seems like more some sort of a psychological horror, and it has a very unsettling, distressing and pretentious tone at the same time, not the kind of uguu moe anime troons love.

No. 1859261

saw this on my timeline, saw the reply and rolled my eyes. sorry for the shitty edit.

No. 1859262

File: 1688660500030.png (1.14 MB, 1546x2951, lmao.png)

forgot image

No. 1859263

File: 1688660580055.png (1.8 MB, 1665x3414, lol.png)

went on his profile. at least he's self aware

No. 1859266

He's a grown ass man acting this way, good grief. Mom probably just looked at him hiding like a retarded child and figured he needed space.

No. 1859272

File: 1688662093238.jpeg (131 KB, 971x1200, EAF71957-CA4D-498D-A2D6-05E79F…)

Because Lain has been morphed by “fans” into being an edgy gamer girl shitposter who posts on 4chan and loves breakcore and degenerate shit. Sorry to break it to troons but she is just a schizo 14 year old Japanese girl.

No. 1859278

I watched Lain before all the internet hype and gamer "girl" stuff and it's unsettling, it's depressing and it has nothing to do with being a cute gamer girl. But most troons (and moids in general) started a fetish around every damn anime or Japanese movie they came by. And I hate that today, as a fan service (at least it seems to me like it's only a fan service) all characters look like children in anime. If you like anime and depressing stuff, watch Lain, but it's nothing like troons would love it to be.

No. 1859293

So it finally happened, fuckwits are now saying that one of the Fairly Odd Parents' best episodes that tackled socially constructed gender roles in a kid-friendly way is now being turned into troon allegory.

I haven't watched the video yet because I'm just not prepared to hear such bullshit right now but I figured I'd share here anyway for anyone who might be interested.

No. 1859305

kek that's great, very wise. Perfect summation of why so many of them try and be alt or goth, or whatever. They knew they never would have a chance with a Stacy, and this all really just rolls right back down to them becoming what they want. This shit has been a part of moid imageboard culture forever, if they can't HAVE the little girl, they'll BE the little girl. Truly fucked up beyond belief. Male sexuality can be manipulated and shaped into almost anything if they're exposed to it long enough. It's the weeb equivalent of 'prison gay'.

No. 1859314

the unfortunate and honest answer is that it’s a porn addiction, not the male desire to coom. i wish it only boiled down to fucked male genes, but alas. the brain wants the same positive chemical release that this guy would get from doing drugs, gambling, or being an alcoholic.
a sad note about this transdemic is that it does ruin just about any young males life catastrophically once the porn addiction has really set in

No. 1859318

I feel bad for the mother, she went into his room to ask if he was ok and then remembered her son is trying to become a woman.

No. 1859321

How does this ugly tranny get so many views on stupid as videos.

No. 1859324

File: 1688671110981.jpg (85.56 KB, 772x635, F0TfvLmaUAET1s6.jpg)

Sorry I got his off the troonytoons twitter account. She posted this today.

No. 1859326

File: 1688671193600.jpg (60.34 KB, 720x849, F0XtS0oaIAMQTyx.jpg)

I love seeing troons waste their money on their 'transformation'

No. 1859330

File: 1688671666905.jpeg (50.7 KB, 419x420, 8E6A27AE-C4C0-4C4D-907D-5B9174…)

What’s the difference? He really just paid someone to pretend to do something to his face.

No. 1859336

what site is this

No. 1859337