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File: 1632713638311.jpg (43.06 KB, 500x500, cow-ambush-7.jpg)

No. 924393

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread:>>>/ot/847115

No. 924397

i really hate this threadpic

No. 924399

This fucking scared me

No. 924401

sorry, thought it was funny

No. 924402

File: 1632714288042.jpg (120.16 KB, 1500x1299, Cows.jpg)

Same. Can we have another thread?

No. 924403

make one and i'll delete mine i guess

No. 924405

I thought it was funny too but Idk

No. 924407

This is just how I feel in general, but sometimes I feel like there are way too many “cows” on here that don’t… really do anything? Like the most they do is just tweet “woke” stuff or shoop their pics, and I feel like people obsessively nitpicking over them and still making new threads for them is just kinda odd. Like it’s one thing if they’re active cows that are on their bullshit with huge shit every week, but it’s another if they’re massively dormant and do the bare minimum

I wouldn’t actually comment this on those threads because I know Ppl would think I’m white knighting or that I am that cow, but idk, I’d rather read the actual juicy scandals that cows are doing than watching people dogpile over some broad doing the bare minimum

Same thing with people freaking out over cows changing their mind on things over the years and act like they are always in one mindset. I know I’m far from a normie, but sometimes I feel like anons can be like… a bit much and then they believe their speculations on a cow’s personality are factual. It makes me curious about the anons more than the cows at that point

No. 924408

Sameposting, forgot to sage oops

No. 924426

And I just opened the thread meaning to comment how adorable that "cow" dalmatian is.
Man you bitches are sour. And self-absorbed. Me no like, delete, reeee

No. 924444

I liked this threadpic

No. 924456

I made one of the posts earlier, and that's because it genuinely scared me for a second when I first saw it! Anyway the dog is cute and it's our current thread now so who cares

No. 924462

tbh i get what you mean - most of the cows here don't do much harm.
but i come here to let out my petty bitch side. so sometimes it's fun to just talk shit, even if it's about small things like a cow's latest dumbass take or disastrous outfit.
i don't pretend there's a moral justification for it lol

No. 924471

the corpse husband girls doxxing him is top lolcow moment for me now, above anytime a cows been exposed for self posting

No. 924498

It annoys me when the focus shifts from a cow to people they talked to once, they are harmless nobodies and it's crazy for them to shamed for following the wrong person, basically.
>inb4 they don't have to be bad to deserve to be posted
I disagree, and this is not up for debate, it's just my opinion.

No. 924518

can’t decide who is more fucking annoying, the shayna anons or the proana anons… there are defo some calves on those threads

No. 924519

I fucking hate how the MTF thread has some weird sleeper cells of bigots popping up every time they can just to spew homophobic bullshit and derailing the thread. We get it, you only hate trannies because you hate homosexuals and clump them all in the same "sexual deviancy" category. The same goes for all the /pol/faggots and tradthot larpers who try to pass right-wing, white supremacist anti-abortion nuts as "based" only because they shat on troons. The prison gay femboy thread is just homophobia general at this point too, I want to call out moids for being misogynistic coomers no matter what sexuality but you all really need to spam some "all gay people are pedos" memes over and over again just because you can't contain your conservatard views for a hot second. And I don't care about your "akcshually I just really hate them faggots because they're… uhh.. misogynistic!", you're not fooling anyone. A spade's a spade. The same goes for the fakeboi thread, there's a ton of lesbophobia afoot there but nobody but self-hating /tttt/ refugees browse there anyway.

No. 924523

Ikr, I wish there would be bans for this kind of derailing. I fucking hate agendafags trying to shill their shit, it’s always so forced and obvious. Have seen this shit too often over the years on various platforms to not notice it anymore.

No. 924533

yeah all three threads are hell tbh. the mtf one is worst though i think. if it’s not like you said, with rampant ‘based’ homophobia, it’s some obvious moid absolutely seething about how much he hates women despite the thread being about scrotes. they all suck and need constant moderation at this point, which obviously isn’t going to happen, so they’ll just continue to suck i guess

No. 924539

Those threads are just gc sperging containment zones.
They don't follow lolcow thread rules at all, every time I scroll by them there's blogposting galore. Someone I know did yadda yadda, this just happened to me yadda yadda

No. 924543

previous thread not linking properly

No. 924545

I wish it was blogposting gc general but there are obviously people who think they're "gendercrit" only because they hate trannies. There's some strange anon who looks for any opportunity to complain about lesbians, then you got a sudden influx of people shoehorning bitching about FTMs in every discussion for some reason even when it's a MTF thread, pure /pol/ spergs and "radfem" tradthots bringing up Da Joos, globohomo conspiracies and fanficcing about muh sodomites raping children. The original GC threads were what originally peaked me because the anons there were so convincing and always very composed. I miss Manifesto-chan serving a hot dish of basedness, the informative articles about the trans cult and analyzing the horrorcows and their handmaidens. Not this "actually we should side with right-wingers my fellow girls, they would totally accept us with open arms!" astroturfing.

No. 924586

The agendaposters aren't limited to those threads, they're always showing up in tradthot threads too. I still think there is some crossover between the political derailers in there and in the mtf thread because they always show up on the same days.

No. 924590

I just scroll by the tradthot thread too. But I mean, what do you expect. These are all ideologically charged threads (which is why I avoid them).
Lolcow doesn't (and hopefully never will) cater to anyone's agenda. You're asking for double standards. I hope you don't get them.

But come all to the townhall and let's discuss it. I personally want lolcow to remain an oasis of petty lulz, among the entire rest of the politically charged and polarized Internet. I think a lot of others would miss such a place too.

No. 924593


are you guys toddlers or something? you're fine. the big scary cow dog isn't real, he won't get you.

No. 924595

Venus looks very cute in her new video

No. 924596

god if i have to see another screencap of shayna's payscrote womack…

we get it, you think he's pathetic, but the thread isn't ABOUT him.

No. 924603

That whole thread is a shit show, tbh

No. 924609

I miss the fit vegan ginger

No. 924614

lesbophobia is a meme

No. 924620

No. 924665

KF keeps up with her

No. 924694

I know but kf is such a cesspool, i get no pleasure reading threads there.
She'd make a good /snow/ cow imho

No. 924709

Despite enjoying petty laughs at our broke-ass "luxury" findom, she's getting kind of stale. Hope she branches out and is stupid in a different way soon.

No. 924745

ayrt and am not hoping for or asking for double standards personally. If someone derails a thread with twitterfag or other politics it is just as bad as if they do so with some spergout about conservatism. I'm confused, because you say that you want this site to not be politically charged but my entire issue was the political shills in the first place. I think you and I want the same outcome, anon. If your suggestion is to just crack down harder on all types of agendaposting then I would gladly second you on it in /meta/.

No. 924959

Why is Amberlynn only doing livestreams now? And they're not even entertaining like Chantal's. I miss her old videos.

No. 924996

I think she's still with wifey and I don't see how we'll ever return to vlogs while she's hiding a whole live-in partner there. She's sharing less and less every stream, soon she'll be making small about the weather and all other topics will be strictly off limits.

No. 925177

Has the new CH thread not been created yet? DeFranco made a video talking about the doxx

No. 925194

lucinda belinda is so cute. i want to protect her and keep her safe

No. 925200

agreed!!! there's a girl at my school who looks like a (healthy) version of her and it makes me kinda sad

No. 925204

It doesn't look like it. I've been waiting for a new one too.

No. 925206

I feel this way about the Lori/Kevin threads. It's hilarious to see Kevin's constant sperg meltdowns, but I have to scroll through a million of the same comments whenever Lori posts a filtered/shooped pic. Like yes, okay, she very obviously filters every pic she posts and doesn't look like that irl, it's not that interesting.

No. 925300

Keemstar makes me want to a-log so fucking bad

No. 925334

I don't think Shayna is that fat or ugly. She's no 10/10 and she could definitely stand to get a fucking gym membership but anons exaggerate her weight so much that before I actually checked out her thread I thought she was legitimately obese based off the descriptions I'd heard in /ot/.

No. 925337

agree with this, yes she is chubby but they act like she's a morbidly obese hamplanet with how they talk about her. I do hate shay for the pedo pandering though.

No. 925341

Oh yeah, from skim reading a couple of her threads Shayna's personality doesn't do her any favours and I'm certainly not defending her actions but I was so shocked to see that she's just a chubster. Fucking bone rattlers.

No. 925344

She's definitely overweight and that can creep up to obesity much less obviously than you might expect. But imo weight gain is much more milky than simply being fat. If she was always that big, who would care? There are 600lb monstrosities out there, a chubby girl is not special or interesting. But seeing a skinny girl completely let herself go and eat herself into such a sad state is entertaining in a train wreck kind of way, and it makes people more horrified of her weight than they otherwise would be.

No. 925367

I agree.
What's impressive is how much she's ballooned up in a shirt time though, if you look at pics from 18 months ago it's pretty incredible.
The anons acting like she's 500lbs are being ridiculous, but she should get there in a few years at this rate.

No. 925375

To farmers everyone is either obese or an anachan kek.

No. 925391

the majority of shayna farmers are anachans. i've followed her since her first few threads (right after the first removal when her family was posted) and they've been calling her fat ever since then.

weight spergs and vag spergs in shay's threads are actual trash.

No. 925475

File: 1632841187343.jpg (41.8 KB, 448x368, nug.jpg)

Sucks that Trisha/H3 thread has devolved into a safe space for H3 subreddit spergs to vent their wrongthink while insisting the H3 family has any redeemable qualities.
I've wanted a Trisha thread here for years. She is way more interesting than Fester and his broomstick wife.
I really enjoy Trisha's semi-self aware brand of crazy, but she puts out hours and hours of content weekly so I literally don't have the time to keep up with her. I just want a fun thread with highlights of her bullshit without constant blog posts about why she's literally Hitler. The only other place that follows her closely is guru gossip and there is some schizo level boomerism over there,you'd think she stole all their Nigels lol.

No. 925483

>broomstick wife

Tbh a Teisha thread would not have done well here. That is to say, she would never work as a standalone cow, because she inspires so much hate in anons that the thread would be constantly full of infighting and derailing. Annoying because I would have loved a thread on her, possibly debunking some of her claims along the way and all, but there is no way it wouldn't erupt into murder every 5 minutes

No. 925485

File: 1632842276826.jpeg (120.29 KB, 500x500, 30019755-5EED-4A64-9B33-73CEED…)

>possibly debunking some of her claims along the way and all, but there is no way it wouldn't erupt into murder every 5 minutes

No. 925487

syd isn't fat or unattractive

No. 925489

Vagina spergs are fucking wild. Shayna seems to have a problem with feminine hygiene and sometimes posts her red irritated genitals, ok that's fair game, but across any thread where there is even a hint of vagina they crawl out of the shadows to mock normal looking vaginas. Not everyone has the same vagina and "neat/tidy" looking just isn't a realistic standard for anyone. I'd understand if like one labia was an elephant ear and the other labia was wasnt there but fucking hell

No. 925500

Is the terry hall guy in /w/ really is a cow? Other than him just being creepy at his age cosplaying characters half his age. Some cows just aint worth it and farmers really need to calm down at times.

No. 925502

What's with the people in this thread denying what fat means

No. 925503

She definitely isn't fat, she's really average looking for her height. I think the only reason her weight surprises people in her full body pics is because she spent so long going on about being such a smol tiny little bean previously. If she didn't try to portray herself as a pocket sized tiny little egirl nothing about her looks would be notable, she's totally normal looking.

No. 925504

Her porn is cringey to me but she's a very attractive woman. Had she gone any other route like beauty or fashion influencer, she'd be one of the people that others would seethe with envy over.
In the back of my mind I always hope such disparaging comments about her appearance are just coming from a place of frustration out of contempt that she's squandering her looks by degrading herself. Like seriously I hope people calling her fat, ugly, and pretending she's got a radioactive-tier infected vulva are just getting a little carried away and aren't that serious…

No. 925510

>she's a very attractive woman. Had she gone any other route like beauty or fashion influencer, she'd be one of the people that others would seethe with envy over.
Are you, by chance, bisexual or lesbian, anon?

No. 925515

any anon calling shayna’s cooch smelly and infected are alogging and projecting, it’s pretty obvious since they are very detailed about what a “nasty” vagina should be

No. 925524

anachan thread is in /snow/, anon.

No. 925531

I didn't want to ask this, but are you guys American?

No. 925534

are you retarded? back to your containment thread, this isn't the place for this.

No. 925544

She's not interested in fashion or beauty, she's always been lazy, Shayna isn't very attractive and has never been very attractive IMO, but thats just me. She was once average though, now since she's given up on even doing the little she once did…yeah.
Either way, she has no personality, no drive, no fashion sense and even if she DID attempt to do that, I'm sure nobody would "Seethe" with envy over Shayna, I mean seriously? She's average girl, in any city when she's dressed decently.

No. 925554

I'd do Corpse Husband but my standards are admittedly rock bottom.

No. 925561

i don’t find corpse husband ugly. he looks exactly like my dead father who passed away before i was born. makes me sad to see him. i think he’s handsome in a…attainable way. but definitely no model-esque emo boy

No. 925565

what if he’s actually sexy now and I’m not saying this as a coping stan because I’ve never cared about that man in my entire life but what if he actually had a miraculous glow-up

No. 925569

>i think he’s handsome in a…attainable way.
love yourself. and why would anyone be attracted to a man who reminds them of their dad
that wouldn't make him any less annoying/cringe

No. 925601

lucinda isn't ugly, she needs to gain some weight and get a better haircut. let the brows grow again and have a shower

No. 925603

>he looks exactly like my dead father
>i think he’s handsome
very freudian…

No. 925607

>he looks exactly like my dead father
>i think he’s handsome in a…attainable way
What the hell

No. 925615

Right. I think people are fascinated not just becahse she's chubby but the rate at which she ballooned up and that her whole world revolves around showing every unflattering inch of her body. It's rare that someone spiraling so hard gleefully records all of it like Shay. The body sperging is annoying but the vagina spergin when she had whatever STD she used to have was way worse.

No. 925618

And stop doing that shit makeup and editing.

No. 925620

i can't look at the femboy thread cuz after my ex sexually assaulted me and left me he he started simping on twitter for cafebeef lol

No. 925657

You can say someone is handsome without wanting to fuck them/fantasizing about them. Although it is a little weird anon mentioned her dead dad out of the blue for this comparison…

No. 925682

Wth, Grimes is so dumb. As in genuinely low IQ. I never heard her talk before reading that thread, and I followed the thread mostly for shitting on Elon. But damn. I'm so taken aback by it, I guess I'm used to celebrities having a PR team reign in their stupidity.

Also, Shayna is fat.

No. 925726

At least you dodged a gay bullet.

No. 925807

File: 1632869372165.jpg (63.04 KB, 720x900, DBHoxVaXkAAnh9H.jpg)

Surprised this complete lolcow doesn't have a thread

No. 925890

>I never heard her talk before reading that thread
Same, and I was similarly shocked by how stupid she is. She sounds like someone that doesn't know how to read.

No. 925947

is he one of those black right-wingers

No. 925958

Idk, I think so. He's a 40 year old guy who likes young girls, does cringey as hell cosplay and only eats chicken fingers. Threads have been made about women for much less. I think he will pull a chrischan soon and come out as a trans/enby "lesbian" to make it easier to creep on girls.

I don't think most of us would disagree that she's fat, it's just that anons seem overly focused on her weight and act like she is a Tess level hamplanet.

No. 925984

Gossip is usually in-group, and because lolcow is female only we tend to make threads about other women or males in very specific social niches that anons are part of like the cosplay community.

No. 926058

Nta but that was so polite and informative

No. 926074

File: 1632922511762.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x400, disgustang.jpg)

>she's a very attractive woman. Had she gone any other route like beauty or fashion influencer, she'd be one of the people that others would seethe with envy over.
She's just barely average looking and she would have never had a chance as a beauty/fashion influencer because she's tacky and trashy.

No. 926224

I love Katharine McMahon. The juxtaposition of her tweeting about her luxurious and sought-after she is while not getting any response from horny twitter guys (usually the easiest audience to rope in) is so funny to me

No. 926229

She is truly one of my new favorite cows. Nothing will fill the void in my heart since Feebs wised up and left, but little miss dumb dumb over here is good enough.

No. 926451

i pretty much don't think any of the girls farmers call ugly are ugly. katherine mcmahon has an average face and that goth dressup girl just wears the opposite styles for her body type.
but the screeching about grimes, arrow de wilde, anya taylor-joy, selena gomez, shayna and other internet ppl is so dumb to me. these girls look fine and some of them are far above average attractiveness. they're shitty people, sure, but i really haven't seen any hideous women on here.

No. 926478

yeah wtf are anons on about saying anyone would be jealous of shayna in any alternate reality? ladies, please raise your standards. christ.

No. 926608

nayrt but I assume ayrt isn't like, lusting after the guy, he just seems familiar to her and reminds her of someone who she was comfortable with, which seems like a normal enough thing to base an affinity on

No. 926612

>katherine mcmahon has an average face
for a forty year old

No. 926651

File: 1632980275603.jpeg (31.02 KB, 295x295, 00F0774B-3254-467C-8667-F1CD73…)

I want to know where that anon lives. If this is the face of the average 24 year old there…. yikes

No. 926656

not OP and not familiar with this cow, but the only problem i see in this pic is her makeup, not her features alone

No. 926658

Not a particular cow but if I have to read the word “Abrahamic” in the MtF thread one more time

No. 926662

File: 1632981258210.png (9.32 MB, 1242x2208, FA2C2D00-489D-43A5-AB57-33C1F4…)

Kek k nonita

No. 926663

Any decency you see in her face would be instantly taken away if you got familiar with this narc cow

No. 926777

The anon in shayna’s thread that is accusing another anon of deleting a post and switching the words around has absolutely no business calling them retarded and cringe kek anons like that are why Shayna’s threads are wreck because no where else does someone care about someone rewording a post

No. 926782

there are so many anons that make me want to a-log in shayna's thread. i just want to watch her make a fucking fool of myself and i have to read through reams of infighting!!! there are so many unreasonably aggressive anons and so many that try and be funny and it pisses me off… why can't you just watch the dumpster fire you stupid bastards.

No. 926785

The one is still going off even though someone tried to explain whatever the original point was. It’s funny sometimes when they’re just being retarded and not aggressive but yeah, having the wade past hoardes of hostile aggressiveness just for one or two dumb posts from Shayna is a lot.

No. 926787

>accusing another anon of deleting a post and switching the words around
…. that’s a new low even for Shay’s thread lol Who the fuck cares even if you saw it happen randomly?

No. 926796

Its funnier to think that the anon just has dyslexia

No. 926799

not defending them but i think the anon who was calling them out for deleting and reposting was pointing it out for the "sped dog" comment. there's someone in there who randomly starts to call her dog a retard and sped for some reason and they know it'll cause infighting.

No. 926803

There’s multiple anons that do it, not just one but the point still stands; why derail when someone changed retard to sped? That’s some serious autism to even take notice lol

No. 926808

i don't care about shayna but why randomly insult a dog

No. 926811

It’s an ongoing thing. It’s even in the op. Not like the dog knows kek

No. 926821

I don't have a strong opinion either way but I think other anons see it as being unfair to the dog when Shat has never attempted to train it. The dog doesn't even get a daily walk. It's shut in an apartment left to chew the plasticizers out Shat's crusty amazon dildos. Dogs are only as retarded as their owners.

No. 926825

it's not the insult that pisses people off, it's the way it always immediately makes the thread unreadable because it gets clogged up with whining and complaining because it's ANNOYING AS ALL HELL because IT DOESN'T MATTER and distracts from the actual ridiculousness. the shay posters are some of the unfunniest fucks on the whole farm. i just want to have a bitchy little laugh at her egotistical delusions why is that so hard?

No. 926827

>Dogs are only as retarded as their owners
Right, so it’s retarded

No. 926829

this. the doghate anon in her thread will make MULTIPLE COMMENTS about shay's "retarded dog" until someone mentions it, too. then they start the "why do you care about a DOG" shit.

we care about you shitting up an already spergy thread. we have to deal with vag-nitpickers, why do we have to tolerate a random dog hater who never even contributes anything, just has to mention "hurr durr dog retarded" ten times a thread.

No. 926830

So more proof that doghate anons are psychotic? Unsurprising.

No. 927052

I think leftcows might be the ultimate downfall of /snow/. all these dsa adjacent bitchy people found it and it seems like they've almost entirely displaced the original /cgl/ core now that we have nonnies making threads about vaguely left SNL cast members. it's like they've colonized lolcow.

No. 927066

Maybe all the barking and steaming turds everywhere made us that way.

No. 927071

Dogs aren't cows

No. 927154

The dog is probably stoned as fuck most of the time since all it does is sit in her stuffy bedroom while she smokes copious amounts of weed

No. 927177

File: 1633027453781.png (251.07 KB, 500x500, imagen_2021-09-30_134420.png)

but anon…

No. 927204

trans cows and cow-kin are real cows

No. 927237

It doesn't know. You don't have to defend it.

No. 927243

KT thread is very depressing and I always found her obsession unnerving I genuinely hope she gets help.

No. 927262

Waiting around like vultures to mock 16 year olds on their birthday is some seriously pathetic, low vibrational shit.

No. 927284

what thread is this happening in?

No. 927299

There's a lot to criticize about Grimes but honestly I don't think "dates rich man and doesn't get pocket money" is one of them.

No. 927314

Dating a billionaire and getting nothing out of it except a kid he doesn't want is grounds for clowning

No. 927428

She'd be better off marrying elon
or something? Ffs that's bleak.

No. 927447

She would have been better off not getting with him to begin with knowing his history.

No. 927475

Get therapy, we're not here to read your mentally ill scribblings.

No. 927609

I actually feel bad for corpsey, and no I’m not even remotely a fan much less stan

No. 927612

why? it's the most tangible expression of her retardation

No. 927614

And has a child with him before he proceeds to dissolve the relationship like all the others.
It's pretty bleak.

No. 927620

choosing to believe it's only other stupid teens doing that bc that's gross otherwise

the shayna thread pic is so disturbing to look at whoever drew it needs to get off this site for a while, her anons are weird

No. 927633

to be fair, she commissioned that monstrosity. the current thread pic is an anon edit to make it fatter. still terrifying regardless

No. 927675

Maybe it's cause I'm not American and barely use twitter but those people feel more like literal whos than cosplay thots or sex workers posted here

No. 927684

File: 1633099455450.jpeg (121.4 KB, 1200x1181, 0565CA29-5AE2-4063-8C46-B2025C…)

she's so gorgeous. I wish we could be friends, too bad she'd call me a fat dyke when she gets mad at me. her spiritualism is interesting to me and I fantasize about us sitting together on a round fluffy rug with crystals surrounding us and we're sperging about shit at 53141mph.

No. 927693

dOnT tRuSt AnYoNe wHo DoEsNt LiKe DoGsZzZzzZ no one who hates dogs could possibly be good persun in any waayyy durrr

No. 927698

Based on the way you "people" act, that much is pretty obvious. All animal haters are typically defective, shitty people.

No. 927702

You all should just post all of your social media so we can have a nice animal haters’ thread in /snow/.

No. 927704

it's not the same thing to be indifferent/averse to dogs, and outright actively hating them and seething about them even when there's none present. the latter definitely makes me wary.

No. 927706

I have a massive soft spot for keeks as someone who grew up during the scene era. I want her to succeed at something, even getting a modest wage slave job, but the reality is that she's always going to be an extremely mentally ill new-ager with nothing behind her eyes I just have to accept that.

No. 927708

okay well the latter would be a problem if it was about any animal. like those people who buy guns in case a cat comes into their yard. or those people who buy guns in case a squirrel touches their bird feeder.
"i don't want to pet your dog and please hold its collar so it doesn't drool and get fur on my clothes while jumping all fucking over me when i walk through your door minding my own business" is equated to "this person is worse than hitler and paul bernardo combined and is a hideous freak of nature, what a piece of shit."
fun fact, hitler loved dogs like crazy.

No. 927718

Seething dog haters funny because they actually act rabid are retarded and not even worth responding to. Everyone, including themselves, knows they're retarded so there's no need to explain why to them. Just gives them more to go on. They should be banned on threads they're derailing tho.

No. 927724

File: 1633103797474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.86 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20211001-105141.jpg)

I can't even comfortably walk around my neighborhood because of the amount of people who dump their dogs in the wooded dead end near my house. Fuck dogs, Fuck dog worship culture, fuck the massive industry profiting off of it too. I can hate them just as much as you can hate spiders.

Pic related, more babies were killed by dogs in one year than COVID ever could

I'll take my ban with my middle finger up and my pussy poppin

No. 927727

Why would you hate the dogs and not the owners lmao you're straight up retarded

No. 927738

File: 1633104743911.png (600.34 KB, 770x1192, murderjaydenhenderson.png)

That's like giving her shit for hating guns and not the gun owners. Dangerous dogs are dangerous doesn't matter the circumstances. Also funny how if it's "the owner not the breed" but the bad owners can keep getting dogs. No checks and balances. Chaos and sadness

No. 927742

Certain breeds are dangerous, I agree with you there, but to be conflating dog hate to spider hate is lol levels of retarded since no one owns them, and the anon I responded to was complaining about dogs being dumped on her road. That's an issue to take up with the owner, not to blame on the dogs themselves

No. 927759

This, how many days have they been derailing the thread?

No. 927771

Giving them a containment thread really didn't do shit besides make them think they're welcome.
It's even grosser because they act like just being averse to dogs is the same as the insane shit they post and say. They're dishonest about it because they know they're unhinged, and they're rightfully ashamed, but not enough to spare us their mental illness. I wish they'd just fuck off.

No. 927790

This is all hilarious because they always go from calling a random cow’s dog, who doesn’t even go out of the cow’s house, at all, retarded; to sperging about dogs killing babies and dogs being dumped.
Like, at least tell us why you think the cow’s dog is retarded and ugly and evil, don’t go derailing your own sperg with some news’ articles and personal experiences that No1Currs about.

No. 927800

even when her styling doesn't suit her she's always had a very pretty face. anons saying she has an ugly profile and witch nose will never make sense to me, she's a thousand times more naturally pretty than cows who've gotten terrible ps

No. 927806

ok so shouldn't you realize that "rabid dog haters" aren't objectively hating dogs or calling for extermination–they know it's the owner's fault, but the thing that causes the problems is still the shittily-trained dog.
and the problem dog haters are complaining about is that near 100% of dog owners do not properly train their dog. it's so common that it can be espressed as hating dogs.

No. 927825

I honestly wonder what happened in these anons childhoods that gave them such extreme phobias of dogs, it's not normal to have such a visceral reaction to any animal that they act the way they do when dogs are brought up in any capacity. Idk where these people live that they are constantly being terrorized by aggressive dogs and forced by dog owners to pet their dogs kek, autism at its finest

No. 927846

What are you talking about? I see "Fuck dogs" not "fuck dog owners"

No. 927852

Nikocado and Moist Critikal (charlie) are going back and forth, and it's dumb. Nik knows what he's doing, why he's doing it and it's all entertainment, YES he is harming himself. He's harming HIMSELF though, I wish people would stop this fake concern about his weight. You don't care, Nik is a lolcow, he's disgusting, he's a easy way for commentary channels to get clicks.
He's low hanging fat, I hate when people make it seem like they are concerned or, "OMG he's killing himself" You don't care.
Also, Nik had some points in his clap back video. It's just dumb.

No. 927856

north america, probably.

No. 927859

yes i know, i was saying that they are aware that the reason the dogs suck is the owners, but the visible problem aka the thing that comes over and bothers you, is the dog itself.

No. 927866

must be nice living in a middle class neighborhood

No. 927867

then maybe they should say that instead of coming off like spastic dipshits who can't identify the root of an issue

No. 927869

animal control exists in low income areas too

No. 927881

But anon! it’s completely normal to be mad at people with dogs when they scared you as a child, totally not insane to keep a grudge on an animal that’s probably already dead, to the point of actually sperging about it on the internet as much as possible.
What do you want anon to do? Grow up? Kek, don’t be silly.

No. 927895

critikal is youtube's whore now. Both are gluttons of differing excess.

No. 927922

why. he brought all this drama onto himself. plus he's just so obnoxious, I'm honestly getting close to a-logging him

No. 927932

Yeah but no one gives a fuck about it or follows any rules regarding it. I have no idea what >>927881 is sperging about but if you live in a shit neighborhood, a good amount of people raise (or, rather lack of doing that) their, often already aggressive by nature, dogs to be awful, untrained, unleashed shitstains while the owners act like their dog owns the world and can do no wrong, even when it starts jumping and attacking not only dogs but also people several times. I don't even dislike dogs but sometimes it's really hard not to when you live in those places.

No. 927934

animal control is who you call when animals are running the street, causing a nuisance, or not being cared for. If that doesn't work, call the cops. Everyone isn't a victim, if you're too lazy to call someone about some aggressive animals around you, you're part of the problem. Idgaf if someone hates dogs, but if someone hates dogs "Because dogs are aggressive and I can't do anything about it", nah. Being in a shitty area doesn't mean you're powerless.

No. 927936

Dogs don’t even have to be aggressive to hurt people. My neighbors dog has jumped on me out of excitement, knocking me down, bruising and cutting me and stepping on my ribs. If I was a child, it could have easily been a more severe injury or the kids reaction could have escalated things.

Not to mention there’s always at least one asshole in the apartment or neighborhood whose dog yaps every morning at 5am and won’t stfu

No. 927940

There's a dog hate thread for a reason, shut the fuck up and go there instead.

No. 927946

civil war on the farm with sonic anons, dog hate anons, and everyone annoyed with them

No. 927950

File: 1633120063623.png (136.15 KB, 870x398, ohno.png)

I deserved the ban. I knew what I was doing. Sorry for getting you banned nonnie but I did laugh pretty hard about it.

No. 927969

Absolutely lmao, I'm seriously a bit jelly about how naive you are. Again, no one fucking cares. Not the owners, not anim control, not the cops. I'm practically begging you to visit any park in your city's low incone neighborhood and try to call the cops when they jump you, snap at you or attack other dogs. My mom who has a small dog already tried that trick 2 times with cops and countless times with the local veterinary office. They say they registered it but they never do anything and if you aren't already mauled, cops won't care. Seriously, get out of your bubble more.

No. 927972

File: 1633122936664.jpg (63.55 KB, 440x550, jpeg_e4b61626-af85-4939-aab9-e…)

Snow is going to get a pretty light sentence imo, there are plenty of witnessess that it was an accident and she doesn't have a previous criminal record and seems to "just" be an edgelord NEET, I don't think her tik toks matter that much or her lack of remorse (which is explained by her bajillion mental illness diagnoses, legally speaking) since there were other people present in the event.
They also did everything by the book, contacted law enforcement, didn't hide anything from the police etc.

No. 927980

I don't even understand why the second person was banned

No. 927983

shut the fuck up and take it to the doghate thread

No. 927988

still doesnt make it make sense to hate the dogs instead of the owners lmaooo. "animal control doesn't care" yea ok. cops don't care about people hanging out in the park with dogs attacking people, surrrre. something tells me you aren't personally experiencing this but wtf do i do. my advice if this is your situation, get tf up on out of there. or sit on the internat hating dogs. whatever girl, you got this!

No. 928000

Oh my god shut the fuck about dogs you retards. Shayna anons are the fucking worst and are as deranged as she is

No. 928006

I literally just told you my personal experience in both replies from living in a shit neighborhood for almost a decade, where everyone needs a dog for some reason despite having minimal living room and money. Cops and authorities ONLY care when they maul people. Not when they snap at people, not when they bite other dogs, not when dangerous dogs aren't leashed, not when the ones who are required to wear muzzles run around without it, not when they piss and shit absolutely everywhere including property, stairwells and elevators with the owners not cleaning it up, not when people that absolutely are not equipped for it breed races that need a lot of care, not when little kids walk naturally aggressive dogs they can barely hold and not when people hold dogs that are almost as tall as standing humans if prop up on your shoulder in 1 room apartments. Those are the other ones I remember at the top of my head.
>get tf up on out of there
working on it

No. 928010

anon I hate certain dogs as much as the next sociopathic monster but you're sperging in the wrong thread.

No. 928041

I don't hate dogs and I only made 3 posts.

No. 928090

kek the cops really don't care if dogs are bothering you. because everyone "lives dogs" and anyone complaining is insane.

No. 928127

If that sperg in the Alt Cows thread isn't Ruadhán's creative writing exercise, (s)he needs to find out who that is and stay the hell away from them.

No. 928148

Okay, but why are you lot calling Shayna’s dog retarded while derailing her already boring thread? It’s kind of the theme of this thread, so what’s your reasoning?
I’m not talking about dogs in general, i really want to know why is Noodle retarded.

No. 928157

I don't mean this to start anything I just really want to know why? it's not like we swatted him which is what happens to most twitch people when they get doxxed

No. 928158

It’s so weird when a cow has your same first name, I always feel a pang of worry when I read my name, then I check the thread and it’s just some random cow, then I remember that my life is boring as fuck and that I have little to no social media presence, and that’s when I relax.

No. 928181

File: 1633149054633.jpeg (11.61 KB, 200x200, 7DBCAFEB-9DC2-46CC-BD30-C16CAB…)

Honestly? I would like to send Joshy boy a handwritten love note along with a lock of hair I gathered from a homeless man.

No. 928183

No one is stopping you

No. 928189

I unironically want to bully the shit out of him. He looks like a tiny manlet

No. 928294

I actually think he's kind of cute. Shame about the personality. Cave dweller.

No. 928349

Not the same anon, but I also feel kind of bad for him. I'm not a fan either. I don't really give a shit about his content or him so I don't really want to start anything either.
Honestly most of his fans are unhinged teenagers and other weirdos so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them will try to show up where he lives and ask him to choke them or something else equally insane.
I also feel bad because some people found his family memebers, who have nothing to do with his online persona.
And I also get why he'd want to hide his face. Many other artists don't like showing their faces and rather use an avatar and that seems perfectly fair to me.

No. 928367

The reason people think Noodle is a retard is because she probably wouldn't protect Shaynus from a murderer.

No. 928369

File: 1633182042090.jpeg (14.39 KB, 217x232, 4A372B3E-CF84-4CED-8F9E-A86D80…)

No. 928371

No. 928377

you don't want him to dump his genetic load into you? god why ever not?

No. 928385

File: 1633184015560.jpg (602.83 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20211002-161241_Bra…)

He could be quite cute if he wasn't a fatty, tbh.

No. 928388

shut the fuck up about the dog and learn to sage. anons like you are part of why people hate anons who follow shayna's thread. you're literally just as bad as the vagina nitpickers.

No. 928389

null is fat and i would not have sex with him

No. 928391

Nta but he's the one who wanted to pander to those type of fans. As it was said before, he brought all this drama upon himself.
Lmao even if he was thin and not retarded he still looks like a baby with downs syndrome. Love yourselves.

No. 928393

holy shit he's a tubby fucker….. how tall is he? not like it matters when you're 300lbs and never leave the pc

No. 928425

Tbh even if he was 6' he's still clinically obese at 300 pounds. And we all know that ain't muscle weight.

Null is fat and I would not have sex with him.

Speaking of fatties, does anyone else think that the majority of Kiwis like Null are actually flabbies and fatties themselves and that's why they obsess over fat women particularly more over there?

No. 928493

Most likely, people who follow cows have some similarities to them cause otherwise they wouldn't even know about their existence. It's like how this place is full of weebs

No. 928510

what the FUCK. 124kg is unthinkable where i live. even the white people here aren't that fucking fat. my mom was the fattest white person i knew in the 90s and she never got above 85 ot so. just what. how is he talking about this like it's normal conversation???

No. 928511

god i know. /m/ is completely useless, it's just a weeb hub.

No. 928613

I had some anon say like 3 threads later they wanted to set me on fire for a joke I made that they wouldn't let go of. The threads are teeming with humorless weirdos and exposed nerves. I just want to laugh at a oversharing, washed up sw not deal with anons' unchecked neuroses.

No. 928826

are you the >worst anon

No. 928832

Nope, but the overreaction from some anons is equally dumb. A misspelling or lame joke should not trigger homicidal rage

No. 928841

i've followed the shay thread for years and i hate it. she's my favorite cow but the anons suck

No. 929440

The nail sperging in the Shay thread is worse than the vag sperging. I have never seen anyone get so worked up over various kinds of hooker nails. Like tell me you're a sex worker without telling me you're a sex worker.

No. 929547

Ive given up on Shay. Gaining weight quickly isn’t as milky as anons want to believe and she’s just been tweeting the same dumb shit the entire 4 years that she’s had threads here. The most milk potential she ever had was with the Dogfucker but ruined it by being annoying. Honestly though I think that was for the best as Dawn seemed like a groomer to me. Buying Shay an insane amount of things in such a short time isn’t altruistic it’s manipulative, and Shay being pissed that Dawn never told her she had a live-in boyfriend was reasonable. It really seemed to me like she was looking for a vulnerable girl to turn into a sex slave for her gross boyfriend when she’s too busy sitting on dog dildos.

No. 929556

I just checked the Kathy thread and saw her shilling her wishlist with the same bathroom mat and towel basket I have. And then an anon roasted her on her trash taste kek. Slightly self conscious about my bathroom now.

No. 929758

people like you are why the thread is shitty

No. 930015


No. 930086

Thank you–Dawn was a fucking freak and you can really feel the "sexworker" energy in the thread when anons thought Dawn would encourage her and "turn her career around." Honestly the only sensible thing Shay ever did was get the hell away from that dog dildo nightmare house.
Please get bent, the people who shit up the threads are the nail/weight/vag-spergs, ASPCAnons, and Fupa-obsessed not those who make a joke once.

No. 930807

what, making a joke that’s bound to kick off several posts of sperging and infighting deliberately and spoiling the thread even more? you think there’s nothing wrong with that?

No. 930865

I miss soren. Truly no ones gonna do it like him ever again. Also still don’t fully believe he’s actually dead

No. 930926

Don't forget the sped-dog anons who respond to every post about Noodle with "retard dog"
Or the Womack posters who, when he isn't even mentioned in a few threads, feel the need to bring him up with his full name as if it's some sort of 'inside joke'.

No. 930942

File: 1633440554276.png (178.74 KB, 1238x708, Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 9.28…)

seriously, stop trying to make womack a 'thing', it isn't funny in the slightest

No. 931114

Same, people say she's not actually dead and I hope it's true. There's only a sliver of evidence she died for real. I would prefer she got off the internet and got help and deleted her profiles in shame than that she actually an heroed…

No. 931123

File: 1633456392101.png (1 MB, 1174x639, ana chans at it again.PNG)

The bone rattling in Lori's thread is unbelievable. Every time I open /w/ this thread has been bumped back up with ridiculous anachan reaching.

No. 931141

I've been saying this site is crawling with anachans and they're making this site lame as fuck with their unfunny, non contributing ana nitpickings

No. 931154

>telling people to sage in ot

No. 931217

I don't get Lori anachans because there are so many real and funny things to laugh at Lori and especially Kevin for, that making up some weird fake cope about her being fat instead seems so useless. Nobody needs to try to go out of their way to trigger them when the lurk to get milk, those two will always sperg and fight unprompted eventually and show the internet.

No. 931285

Yeah celebricows has become rife with them too. I know it's been said before but I'm just so tired of the sperging. As a former anachan I know an ED is a mental illness that never fully leaves you, and body dysmorphia is a giant hurdle, but I hate bone rattlers so fucking much. If Gigi Hadid is a landwhale to you then you probably need glasses and a psych exam, I don't make the rules. Even Lana del Rey, despite gaining weight, looks fine to me. Shouldn't it be refreshing that there's more people who aren't bone skinny in entertainment? As much as I love 90s and 00s entertainment that was one of my greatest problems with the culture back then. Healthier young celebs were pressured into becoming bone skinny and it influenced thousands of young girls in part including myself to want to starve and purge to achieve that figure. Why bone rattlers want to repeat that dark time in history and lampoon every woman who weighs over 120 lbs is beyond me

No. 931318

I think the majority of them are underaged and/or they came from EDtwt. You can tell when they bring twt speak here. Even when they try to hide it you can still smell it. They're tainted.

No. 931342

File: 1633471452950.jpg (87.4 KB, 1066x542, bh.jpg)

Wow. Luna's thread is actually dead, lol.

No. 931346

edtwt is such a sickening and gross place so it makes sense why they'd annoy the shit of me

sometimes during my downtime I like to troll that side of twt and report them all into oblivion, I used to occasionally do the same thing with self harm accounts

No. 931358

>Why bone rattlers want to repeat that dark time in history and lampoon every woman who weighs over 120 lbs is beyond me
It's not even just that, they apparently have to nitpick what actual skinny anorexics eat in the pro ana scumbags thread. There was one ana chan picking on Gamer for eating 2 bagels, some eggs and salmon because apparently that's way too much food for a barely recovered anorexic trying to build muscle. This girl isn't a fat larper, she was deathly skinny and is still clearly underweight, imagine having the fucking audacity to suggest she should eat less.

Anorexics are truly the worst kind of mentally ill people, the combination of vanity and competitiveness makes them genuinely mean. Their entire life revolves around validation and they often get it from putting others down.

No. 931375

sometimes I think maybe my old diagnosis was incorrect and i'm more ednos, I don't have an obsessive compulsive bone in my body to nitpick the way the schizo anachans do. even when I was an anachan I never gauged my food by calories or anything crazy measured, just went by reduced portion size and factored in my over exercise. there are people with eating disorders who aren't malignant and cruel narcissists who don't drag others down with them, right? I guess they're just not the ones who speak the loudest. it's legitimately a miserable thing to live with but even back when I was an anachan teen I don't remember things being as malicious as gen z acts now. fucking social media corrupted the life out of some of these zoomers. if you're not an unattainable fantasy you might as well not be alive. nothing can please them. pretty sure these are the same people who are highly lookist about fine lines, nose sizes, every minor flaw in existence. Im a mentally ill malignant fuck, but I just can't live my life understanding why people have such a sickening obsession with vanity of such insignificant proportion commentating on the smallest thing when there's better to fuss over. if someone has bad makeup or an ugly outfit it's one thing, but fine lines, how do you even fucking notice those? people aren't twitterfags for saying their jealousy and annoyance is palpable, it's all about self projection and a lot of these anachans can't stand that a "fatty" like Lana or Billie is more famous than they ever will be (ironically look where Lana's body was ten years ago)

No. 931403

Is seems to me that the only celebs the celebricow anons see are Billie, Lana, Ariana, Grimes, and throw in some more odd ones for variety. It's strange and anons in that thread are OBSESSED with those women. With Lana Del Rey it's either her weight or her "glamorizing pedophilia". Which she hasn't done in a decade. Anons are really stuck on her in that thread, I can't figure out the psychology behind it but it's annoying when I just wanna read the thread. And look back at old pics of Lana. She was never even skinny, always healthy and sometimes bordering on chubby. She doesn't even look vastly different now, I can't see what those anons are even seeing and why they rage so much about Lana when she hasn't been milky since last year. All it takes is a candid and they lose their minds. The only thing common theme on that thread I agree with is that Ariana's plastic surgery is scary.

No. 931423

it very much feels like they hold contempt towards them for a select few things predominantly based in appearance. even the recent sperging about how diana was plain or ugly. not sure if you're the anon who said there is more to women than their appearance, but that post was on the nose. For as much lookism that goes on any sperging about people's actions feels buried. Again, in the context of silly outfits at the met gala it makes sense to sperg out, that's the point of the event, but the same points about these same celebrity women being wrung dry is ridiculous. This kind of shit is exactly what drives the infectious and incurable disease that is the current plastic surgery and diet machine, and women are spurring it on ourselves. Maybe I'm just at the age where I'm tired, but in my mid twenties now I don't have the desire to care about nesolabial folds, eye wrinkles, lines on my face or anyone else's. the only thing I miss about previous eras of celebrity is how people werent relying on quickie surgery procedures to look like clones, how people were at least differently lookist, it still occurred, but at least people were more distinctive, I guess? It feels like everything has been stripped. the fun and amusement of celebrity culture has been bleached dry. influencers like the kardashians pushing the trends they have has become a poisonous injectable if you will for young girls egos and psyches, universalized a boring and samey look like dead eyed and lifeless sex dolls. so now everytime someone comes along who doesn't fit that mold, people are far more critical than they've been, pushing for "unique" celebs to fall for those trends themselves. does it fare well for them in the end? not necessarily, looking at how a lot of these plastic surgery procedures have aged. I'm not confident in myself at all, body or face, but I can't help but feel like I need to be above the surgery culture that's arisen from this era of celebrity. it makes me sad to see women who I'd never thought fall for it change themselves into featureless and indistinct blowup dolls to appease the vanity industry. there was even an article awhile back about plastic surgeons who primarily do small work, often for older celebs, who said themselves that this kind of look and culture is harmful. ps wasnt something reserved for the younger, prettier person in the first place, it was targeted at older demographics prior to the influencer boom. it was meant to "enhance", not entirely change the face, and be done in tasteful and barely noticeable amounts. now you got dermatologists and non board certified med spas suggesting their twenty some year olds get fish sized anus lip fillers. I'm tired of this shit.

No. 931429

>bringing up a post from 5 days ago for nothing relevant

No. 931443

You're in ot no one cares

No. 931686

They're PULL refugees who think reposting and hyper-analyzing Lori's shoops is prime milk.

No. 932105

File: 1633542849072.png (31.89 KB, 606x262, imagen_2021-10-06_125200.png)

This can't be fucking right. Steven is the one enabling Jillian retardedness and he's probably doing it on purpose to keep her under his control, probably laughs at it too.

Also what the fuck, she has become a full on munchie. She now talks to herself on twitter and just spent 1000 on an unnecesary brain scan, frivolous spending gone wrong. Imagine paying for something a cancer patient could be needing instead, just because you want to show the internet how (fake) mentally ill you are.

No. 932114

File: 1633543648949.jpeg (867.89 KB, 1500x981, 8_Progression_Louis_Wain_Illus…)

Pixie is weird, it really feels like we're watching a woman tiktok herself into a genuine break from reality. And her clownish style reminds me more and more of Louis Wain's distorted cats.

No. 932162

Does Steve piss sitting down? Because that's what I took away from the way she worded this

No. 932187

luna's spending habits literally boggle my mind, i seriously cant wrap my head around it. every. single. day. she has a new shipment of cheap trinkets coming in and its somehow never enough

No. 932346

Steven is a faggot

No. 932357

Samantha Prater posting again is like the second coming of Jesus Christ

No. 932359

You could have easily written this about me and I still can't tell you the reason why
A deep seated unhappiness with my life that can't be filled because it comes from within myself? An addiction to novelty? Lack of self control owing to an upbringing in poverty?
Shopping addictions are a common issue these days, who can say what really causes it

No. 932360


No. 932364

No. 932365

I'll be real with you your post was too long for me to read it all but I think I got the jist
Are you surprised? This is the same site where anons still post in the venus and Dakota threads about things that haven't been relevant in over a decade

No. 932437

they're incredibly, infuriatingly annoying outside of their containment thread but weirdly fascinating within it. especially the ancient bonelords you can tell have been at it for a long time.
her thread has been a variation of 'luna takes drugs and is dirty' with short bursts of drama for most of its lifespan. the fact that she has a ''''job'''''''''' now at least means that things could get briefly interesting again.

No. 932673

I remember browsing one anacow's thread just to see what it was all about, I had to physically leave when she was in the process of gaining weight and recovering from being deathskinny anons started calling her fat and pointing out her "belly rolls" or whatever. Despite her still obviously being underweight at that point, just not a ghastly sack of bones anymore. It's sick beyond belief. I don't even know if it's fat larpers trying to cope with being overweight or do actual anachans really concern themselves with others' looks that much?

Whichever the case they ruin all threads in /snow/ with their obsessive weight sperging, every cow they ever come across is fat to them and they can't shut up about it. Fat fat fat. Every post has to be zooming in to any skin fold they might have to write a spergy post about how she's such a fat fuck who should stop stuffing her face and preferably cease to exist altogether. I can't imagine being that obsessed with weight unless you had huge issues with it yourself.

No. 932676

Nta, but I think it's actual anachans. It's so weird to me, you would think people with eating disorders wouldn't want to say stuff like that to people who have eating disorders, or stuff that could cause someone to develop an eating disorder.

No. 932683

because anachans don't care anon. They don't care about their health or anyone else's. They just want to bone rattle and make others feel shitty about completely normal things because they have no control of their life and need that superiority over something so shitty as "who's the sickest/thinnest". Their mind is distorted that way, they have convinced themselves this is the only thing that matters. A lot of anachans stop doing what they loved most to focus on their eating behaivors. They have nothing else in their mind but "be skinny, others are fat, you are fat, stop eating".

No. 932684

Any anachan who is """"nice"""" on the internet is probably lying. They do not care, they aren't nice behind walls.

No. 932685

File: 1633588618440.png (56.02 KB, 275x183, imagen_2021-10-07_013657.png)

I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 932708

might as well say the same thing about the kiki thread too, the old cows are running on fumes

No. 932719

"my life was stolen from me"
What a fucking retard, this fuels me with rage.

No. 932724

You took the ban to say what we were all thinking

No. 932743

thank you for your sacrifice

No. 932750


No. 932752

Can someone explain it me what her abuser did and why people want to punch her in the face? I never followed her thread and don't feel like digging

No. 932754

She never was abused and never had any abuser. She's blaming her mental illness bullshit on Uma, her deviantart ex that only lasted a few weeks when she was 13.

No. 932756

What's the story with the ex? Do we know more?

No. 932804

File: 1633605410618.jpeg (444.92 KB, 1170x945, CBE22A7E-1D33-400D-A726-8E4671…)

At first I felt that anons were projecting when they claimed Pixie is jealous of the teacher’s victims and that she wishes she had some of her own deep-seated trauma were projecting, but then I remembered I used to be friends with a girl that would have this weird longing look on her face or straight up almost giddy whenever she heard about someone’s trauma and had a ton of roleplay characters she was obsessed with that were all rape victims that all were male prostitutes and/or drug addicts (cut her off when we were in our early 20s and she would more often bring any and all subjects back to her totes original characters do not steal). Girl came from a pretty comfortable background similar to Jill and had on record announced that she wished she wasn’t so ordinary, and have of course trooned out last I heard of her. So Jill wishing she had a more… “colourful” past is pretty believable with her mental illness shopping. They are both the same breed of insufferable

No. 932825

File: 1633609156425.jpeg (93.15 KB, 828x822, BA09BB3A-2236-46DF-BBD4-9862EB…)

despite her atrocious hobbit physique, she kind of looks nice in this, maybe my standards for how humans should appear in public is extremely low but meh

No. 932839

I agree. She does look nice from time to time (make-up, nice clothes and not showing the teeth all help), anons are too harsh. Just cause it's Lillee doesn't mean that you have to call her an ugly goblin all the time.

No. 932845


This the overly harsh comments and non stop swearing to prove a point when calling her fat and then tantrum throwing when someone says something okay about her are embarrassing.

No. 932875

she has great skin imo.

No. 932879

File: 1633616354087.jpeg (324.65 KB, 744x737, 7AAC7250-9B65-4E08-97E9-198A94…)

She really does look pretty cute in this, if only she wasn’t ultra delusional and stopped larping as a brit with her bad teeth and all

No. 932892

I think she's pretty but has such a crazy person energy that it gets distorted.

No. 932922

>>932839 here, the only thing I don't like are the red spots that make it look like her panties and bra are visible through the dress (which I assume isn't what's happening, based on >>932879). I wish it was shooped away

No. 933015

I usually don't care about the age of farmers browsing, but anons talking about being in their 30s in the ana thread is a little much. If you're in your 30s and reliving the glory days of being 70lbs by calling freshly 16 yr olds fat I genuinely think there's something wrong with you

No. 933020

No. 933021

File: 1633629615369.gif (366.25 KB, 400x267, giphy (3).gif)

No. 933073

Lillee wouldn't be awful looking if she just fixed her teeth and accented her features better, maybe lost some weight.

No. 933464

I'll probably be accused of being Loony Lori, but the anons in her thread are fucking retarded.

There's this constant talk about how embarrassing it is that she tries to pass for a teen, yet they'll mock the chest cavity issue (which isn't her fault, she's a shit person, but that's something someone is born with and its beyond her control), her feet size (also beyond her control), and her weight gain (.. uh, isn't this.. a GOOD thing?). If people want this bitch to quit pedo pandering and to start acting and dressing her age, screeching about her looking how someone would likely look at 36 isn't going to help that. They act like she's the fucking crypt keeper and that her skin is melting right off the bone. I swear, the same anons who frequent June's thread must also visit Loony's because it's the exact same type of comments.

Neither of them are melting. They have shit makeup, shit diets, and shit skin care routines. Change those and things would be a little better.

No. 933466

File: 1633658110329.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.85 KB, 1201x1525, meat.jpeg)

Oh, I was talking about this Luna.

No. 933655

There are entire cope threads on MPA regarding how former teenage skinny legends cope with age, and whether or not they "dress their age". It should go without saying that anachans, who are defined by their mental illness, have something wrong with them

No. 933710

I agree that there's no point in picking at things she can't change, there's way too much nitpicking wrt to her in every thread when their lunacy is the real milk. However, Kevin does kind of look like he's melting, but that could largely just be due to how fast he let his mental health and hygiene deteriorate. If it came out that he dabbled in meth or something I wouldn't be shocked, he has that look these days. And I think the June thread is a different but similar case, anons point out her age and Lori's just because they know that's their sore spot and want them to get triggered by lurking. I sincerely doubt anyone in June's thread thinks she looks old, she doesn't. But they know that she thinks she's expired based on her own ideology, so they hope to press her buttons. It's annoying for sure tho when it fills the majority of a thread.

No. 935439

so hard to resist nailsperging in shatna's thread cuz they really are so atrocious and its not just nitpicking on something she can't help like her unfortunate genital situation. she keeps repeatedly getting these stupid fucking hotdog nails coming straight out from her fingers at an upward angle

No. 935655

can i talk about lite cows who's been in drama and brought up only a few times with no dedicated threads?

No. 935701

It's probably me being a helpless dyke, but I think Lori has a beautiful body, and her features (when not shooped into an anime toddler from hell) are very beautiful too, from the "candids" we've seen. Too bad about… Literally everything about her, though.

No. 935710

I think she's super pretty but that pic is oddly unflattering? She looks like a younger Martina

No. 935733

If corpse ends up being cute I would absolutely want to fuck him and spam him the unconventional attraction thread because of his atrocious voice.

No. 936075

>spam him the unconventional attraction thread
someone already beat you to it

No. 936469

/w is full of wannabe cow’s & failed Japanophiles:
The escort/SB tinfoil on Dakota thread
People who underestimate how hard it is to detach oneself from the trauma cause by an abusive parent and think Venus is a master manipulator
Visa tinfoil on Mikan thread, people who lose their shit when you suggest she looks okay
That one PNG anon who is obsessed with hoes on Kabukihoes thread, probably failed SW herself
Nitpicking on Lori threads

No. 936474

and then there's pixielocks, a legit retard

No. 936526

>people who lose their shit when you suggest she looks okay
That happens all the fucking time in snow kek you can't say "I think she looks ok here" without some deranged anon screeching at you "REEE ANON WHAT THE FUCK WITH WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND? I DON'T COME HERE TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE"

No. 936555

I can’t even stare at ana threads for more than a few seconds

No. 936557

Yeah kek her behavior is petty but I don’t see the point of constant sperging about Lori’s feet and nose. Seriously it looks like a pair of normal human female feet. I don’t see what makes them abnormally large. Same for her nose.

No. 936578

I hate the word "nona", it's so cringe and retarded

No. 936601

The Venus anons are bigger cows than Venus is, at this point. Venus is just depressing and disheartening to witness noe. The a-logging about how evil Venus is and how her mom is actually the victim in this situation is a fresh crockpot of insanity.

I remember this one anon a-logging that her childhood couldn't have possibly been that bad, because she had the opportunity to go to Japan and received some nice gifts, as so many children want to do. It confirmed to me that a substantial amount of the sperging on her thread must be coming from people who are bizarrely jealous of her fucked up childhood.

I honestly just feel bad for Venus. There's no entertainment in her as a cow, just watching a traumatized person downward spiral with little to no panache.

No. 936621

Yeah I haven’t checked her threads or Youtube in a while, and recently I saw her stream where she drifts off in the midst of eating a hamburger. I think she overtly emphasizes her mental health issues to attract attention from whatever fan base she has left, but it’s clear as day that she’s struggling. It was bizarre to watch her mouth slowly open and close while she hold a burger in one hand, half asleep. She might be doing it on purpose but she still looks miserable and in pain.

No. 936628

Suck it up, nona.

No. 936635

ok nonnie

No. 936647

shayna isn’t that milky compared to the average camwhore but she’s fun to gawk at sometimes

No. 936651

When I saw that anon call her thighs cottage cheese I immediately just knew I should stop reading her thread, absolutely no milk just full of alogging

No. 936655

she's not doing so bad right now because there's still novelty. give it a while and she'll spiral in a completely new way that will most likely captivate us again

No. 936657

Every time I wander to /w/ I'm amazed it's even part of the same site as the rest of lolcow, there's such a weird PULL energy there. Wonder how much I'd have to donate to Admin-sama for her to nuke it on her last day.

No. 936730

Creep show art and corpse husband have the exact same phenotype

No. 936731

File: 1634056746019.png (218.95 KB, 536x258, B103F9B9-6EA0-4042-89AC-6B4244…)

they look exactly the same

No. 936740

File: 1634057255392.jpg (207.44 KB, 638x960, 1352923346517.jpg)

Respect your roots.


No. 936745

Why is /w/ even around? Wasn't it voted out at a townhall like two years ago?

No. 936794

Pixielocks thread is full of medfagging. I'm like, please don't give her any ideas, it's lending legitimacy to her endless litany of self-dxs. Usually that stuff gets squashed on lolcow real quick.

No. 937100

File: 1634079436907.jpg (88.97 KB, 980x661, hbz-queen-elizabeth-ap-9307150…)

i'm sad the royal drama thread died. they're all cows

No. 937108

I didn't realize there was one. I'd participate if it was active.

No. 937151

i iwsh it were still active too, i wanna talk shit about meghan and andrew

No. 937210

I'm convinced most of the posters in there are young 20 something autists, munchies that have the same rainbow vomit style she has, or are/were lolitafags. The amount of people a-logging her for being a fat munchie, the anachans who'd call her a hulking hambeast before she really got fat, or blogposting about "as a sufferer from x, it really pisses me off that she [insert whatever mental illness she has this week]" is ridiculous. Her threads feel like they're filled with twitter tourists rather than PULLfags.

No. 937433

I think the reason the Leftcows threads never get old to me is that it's just too funny to watch people who built their entire careers on talking shit about others have nuclear crybaby tantrums when someone talks shit about them. Never seen it to that scale before.

No. 938018

shayna's one of those cows that's not all that milky or one who i want to keep up with very consistently, but like a nice, reliable comfort meal you go back to every time you don't want to put too much effort in. i can pop in practically every time and not have to backread to catch up on anything especially milky and know that everything will be going down as predictably as usual.

No. 938061

ngl, after spending years ignoring her thread, I'm now hooked and participating because flamboyant munchies are my fav and the thread is FAR less "as a sufferer from x" than the average discussion about a given munchie and as such is tolerable. Plus her sharp decline and what seems to be influence from an unethical counselor add a layer of intrigue.

No. 939307

File: 1634306120538.png (16.69 KB, 1253x206, 8lj.png)

Effina is just some 4chan pickme who got picked by an ugly white scrote. I feel like she should be interesting in theory, but she's quite boring. It's crazy IMHO that her thread is always on the first page of /snow/. The PS on all her pics is ridiculous, yeah, but it's overhyped at this point
Also, I always see posters in that thread complain that she's racist and misogynistic, but they're also both of those things themselves. Like, they say she needs to stop hating herself for not being white, but at the same time, her skin naturally getting darker from pregnancy is "vomit-inducing"? And they called another girl a "spoiled whore" for escaping abuse/honor killing in an Islamic country? They remind me of Brittany Venti or something. They're probably just like her worst aspects, except they didn't get impregnated by the MDE moid so they're mad

No. 939309

Same. I don't hate Shayna or even participate in the thread it's more like reading a trashy tabloid you didn't pay for to pass the time than anything else

No. 939378

There's this normie belief that if someone buys you things, they can't possibly treat you bad, ever, and I think that's where this behavior comes from. I have a theory that some of them were abused in a similar way but they don't recognize it.

No. 939413

I hope Shayna keeps going to LA and/or traveling and doing collabs. The only thing interesting about her these days is the mini-cows she surrounds herself with, and it’s mostly because inevitably we know it’ll go south and it’s fun to see how people react to coming to terms with just how much of a piece of shit Shay is when you get close to her.
Shay reminds me of Chris Chan - they’re both pathetic, delusional and self-serving yet self-destructive at the same time.
I’m glad people don’t troll Shay like they did with Chris, it’s much more fun to just watch Shay’s life constantly implode based on her own retarded, absurd choices.

No. 939419

Abrahamic-chan is back just for you, nona.

No. 939441

The only actually funny post I saw in her thread before I gave up reading it was the anon who said she looked like a Michael Jackson hologram. All the sperging is impossible to scroll through.

No. 939562

File: 1634323860567.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 935x613, Capture.PNG)

Same happens with Lori, yeah. I said she had a mature face with a strong jaw and there's one yeast infection ridden anon who won't let it go. I never said that Lori was the spitting image of Usagi Tsukino, but like a few others have pointed out her face does suit mature aesthetics such as renn faire and witch or even Marvel/DC cosplays better than this weeb shit she's been on. Some anons there really do act like she looks like picrel and sorry but no matter how much you hate her that's simply not the case. Even without filters and shoop she looks her age, but god forbid you say that and a million anons suddenly pour in with how they know a geriatric who looks younger than Loony.

No. 939565

File: 1634324040283.png (144.21 KB, 275x275, imagen_2021-10-15_135228.png)

Pixielocks is creeping me out so much and I don't even read her caps anymore and just focus on what other anons say because she's both infuriating and slowly becoming an horrorcow.

This is a picrew image of someone literally LARPING a new "DID persona" based on her and she was like "AMAZING SWEETIE I SUPPORT -emoji-" and I'm just like. Oof. What the fuck is going on.

No. 939598

File: 1634326112930.jpg (15.79 KB, 450x222, inch.jpg)

Inch the beanie baby doesn't deserve to be involved in this degeneracy

No. 939602

I left Jill's threads for about 2 years and came back to all of this. And like, holy shit she is spiralling so hard. She has like no boundaries with her "fans." Someone itt said she was beginning to turn into a member of her old Confetti Club fandom with the mento illness, gender confusion, and woke fishing and I 100% see it.

No. 939679

i like her mini cows too but her thread has so many spergs who chimp the fuck out whenever someone tries to talk about them that it drains some of the fun out of it for me

No. 939710

Huge agree, I get not wanting Fupa brought up anymore since he is old news, but as soon as Soy Salvatire started to be funny someone was sperging about him being irrelevant. They have zero patience for milk, I would rather laugh at that guy than read 25 posts about the shape of Shay's vagina or titsperging.

No. 939715

Right, like the one anon who keeps returning to argue that sol and his wife aren't allowed to be posted and then backpedaled to make it about his dick. No ones saying to keep posting his dick, but it was posted like one time on it's own (the tranny pic doesn't count, his awful body was the focal point of that one) and nonita's been watching the thread like a hawk ever since. And the only reason why his dick got posted was because his wife and shat kept talking this mfer up like he was a Greek God. It was piss taking pure and simple. They're more relevant than Fupa is and I'm glad people have shut up about him.

No. 939719

This. Fuck that retarded anon.

No. 939764

I liked her thread too (skinwalkers and failed sex workers are my favourite brand of cows, and she was both lol) but it was heavily suspected that she was bumping her own thread so that people would keep giving her attention. Ignoring her is the only real way to piss her off

No. 940621

I miss when the gimpgirl thread was more active

No. 940625

No. 941008

It seems like that one anon has shut up and realizes that the introduction of Sol and his wife gave us a bit of milk. Even cowtipper anon gave us some because otherwise the thread would've been the same usual sperging about her vag and her gross kinks and Ellen. Anons whine about groundhog day but something comes along to mix it up and then they get triggered.

No. 941049

even then though, most of them won't stop crying about cowtipper anon as though that within itself wasn't genuinely funny. you can tell which retards are the ones constantly bringing up the fact that she looks like a pig/that her vagina is gross/that her tits are floppy, because they're the exact same ones who go apeshit as soon as somebody attempts to contribute something that isn't exactly those things.

No. 941192

if the thread is so dry that you’re relying on cowtippers and people adjacent to her for milk then maybe farmers should just put their energy elsewhere kek

No. 941274

File: 1634495227729.png (37.6 KB, 200x284, thumb_eye-bleach-29955612.png)

I was one of the frequent posters and was considering getting back into it, but now that that other anon posted her prolapsed uterus porn I don't think I can do it. Uterine prolapse has been my biggest fear forever. It makes me want to hang upside down for the rest of my life so the fucking thing can't fall out like that. Mary, why?

No. 941687

How is this supposed to be an insult? Are you that salty that people have had fun? Lmao.

No. 942024

who said it was an insult? sorry you took it that way.

No. 942038

File: 1634570750429.png (13.76 KB, 582x131, 1409006319311.png)

Does anyone else get amused/annoyed by the anons speculating about whether or not the cow visits the farm on like every thread when outside of the celebricows:
>the vast majority of cows are literal nobodies outside of their tiny niche and don't have a team to shield them from criticism
>for the e-celeb cows, their livelihood depends on knowing what their audience thinks of their content
>they're people, and people get distressed when others are gossiping about them
>a large proportion are pathological attention-seekers and lolcow = attention
>there have been numerous cases of e-celebs and even real celebs getting caught on gossip sites
like no shit they've read the thread, there's a good chance that they're reading your dumbass comment at this very moment. Do farmers really think that internet people with a few thousand or even a few million followers are above watching people fling shit at them, or even flinging shit themselves?

No. 942055

There's a part of me that thinks Soren is still alive. I hope she is anyway. Legit one of the most interesting, horrifying people I've ever rubbernecked on.

No. 942520

File: 1634606123978.jpg (41.04 KB, 730x743, e1bbe89d70ce7225a3b7c54877b9da…)

I'm beating a dead horse with this, but I've gotten the time to waste while thinking about this along side with other old stuff, so here it is, I guess.

Mr. Enter is a person I'm very conflicted with. I believe he can say and create good stuff is he tries to, but at the same time I understand why many people used to and still consider him a cow. Everytime I see people making fun of him, I think that people are being too harsh on him and that he doesn't deserve to be treated like that, but then I watch one of his videos and then I began to remember why people dislike him so much. Similar thing with Growing Around; when I see all of the youtubers making fun of his proyect, I began to feel that they are being pretty cruel with someone's passion proyect, but then I read the actual scrips, look at the marketing or even the way Enter keeps talking about other people's works and then I don't know anymore if it's actual cruelness or just karma.

As much as I don't like Daftpina, I think that Enter should take his advice and just work on something other than growing around, or just start with something more simple than a 20 minutes episode show. Honestly, my biggest issue with Growing around is that it feels more like if was created for other animation critics on Youtube instead of children; like, Enter is trying so hard to pressent it as some form of uber-subversive piece that it might feel very boring and tryhard for an actual kid; and it seems like if he knows it because most of the time he tries to shoehorne stuff like ponies and rainbows into his works thinking that it would make it more appealing to a kid, but it just makes the presentation feel corny and out of touch.

I also want to create my own proyect one day, and I'd like to go full indie with it, but seen Enter's situation with GA, I've decided to do a better planning with my own stuff before jumping into the water.

No. 943740

Jillian is less annoying than the armchair autist anons in her thread.

I went to check new milk, if she finally officially became a DID LARPER and was instead greeted by walls of text discussing her psyche that sound like they were written by high schoolers and discussion about tiktok social contagination.

No. 943882

The yumi thread is full of really annoying people but I guess that can’t be helped since she was always pretty harmless. I feel bad for her since she got married

No. 943924

I used to skip the Yumi thread because it make me physically ill, like I almost puked in my mouth when I saw that crusty old man with dead eyes next to a childish looking asian girl. It was almost as disturbing as the anachan threads for me. I can now read the milk without having to see his unfortunate old face. She’s still a bit lost and naive but I’m glad the man is out of the picture now.

No. 943928

The “Yumi is as faulty as splenda” sperg is annoying af. She periodically spergs out on that thread. Like do we wk old men who are into barely legal girls on lolcow now?

No. 944079

/w/ as a whole is shit tbh.

No. 944465

I feel bad for the anon that is currently being dogpiled because another anon took her comment out of context in the celeb thread. She was right about all teen celebs getting hyper-sexualized the moment they turn eighteen and that they are focusing on Billie’s breasts to the point of obsession only because she has them.

That’s one of the worst, if not the worst, threads here because everyone just wants to infight about women’s bodies constantly. It’s kind of depressing.

No. 944932

So I started following Mina after reading the dasha threads, and it has become very noticeable how her skinwalker stalking has an impact on her to this day, she’s apparently at a point where being on social media gives her severe anxiety. Dasha hasn’t stopped, as of recent she dyed her hair bright red just a month after Mina did. It’s very sad to see this shit still going on, I wonder if dasha ever will let go.

No. 944942

I ignored her for ages until the divorce but god, I'd forgotten how fucking OLD splenda looks. He's ugly and nerdy to begin with but looking like her jowly balding caucasian dad makes it so much worse, idk how she tolerated him long enough to get preggo. The divorce is a blessing in disguise, maybe she can get a young and normal looking guy but even if not being single >>>

No. 944982

Heather's thread is no longer fun, just plain sad

No. 945027

I always wonder about the skinwalker in cases like this. It's one thing to be jealous in secret and lack the creativity or confidence to do their own shit, but when they know literally everyone knows that they're copying, including the victim, why still do it? Do they get a thrill out of making the other person feel like they can't have anything? Is it just stubbornness? Don't they feel ashamed?

No. 945152

Mikan thread is full of tinfoil about her bf’s recent driving school trip kek. People don’t know how things work in Japan, it’s a totally normal thing to spend two weeks at an intense course at a driving school and they tinfoil about him cheating.

No. 945371

90% of her thread is either retarded tinfoil or nose sperging. I tried reading through it and I don't understand why Mikan even has a thread, she's a spoiled rich girl in Japan just like a million others. Guess the PULL weebs jumped from Kenna to her.

No. 945413

Agreed She's vaguely annoying and I don't get good vibes from her, but just scrolling past I saw one comment tinfoiling about how she must secretly be jealous of a girl because she laughed in a fake way, and a post criticizing her parents for calling her a 'weird' (foreign) name. That's supposed to be milk?

Skinny, (debatably) pretty girls in Japan attract seething pulltards like flies and they grasp at any tiny straw to keep their bitter little party going.

No. 947684

i hate how off the rails the shayna thread has gone over the years. during the fupa mansion era it was one of the funniest threads. now it’s just pure autism and blogposting.

No. 947874

I used to think Shayna would eventually get out of this lifestyle. Go home, maybe even shack up with a scrote, have a baby and just live the same but offline.
Now i just think she'll end up like Ellen. Except she's still going to keep chasing this dream of fame, chasing scrotes she meets through sex work and not taking care of herself.
Shayna moves like she grew up in a crackhouse with terrible parents, like she was never shown love or affection. Like she suffered some horrible tragedy.
Except she didn't. She could find any lonely scrote to date, her standards aren't high. She dates losers anyway.
There's so many easy ways she could fix her life, not be miserable, not using porn to have basic interactions with people, not depend on twitter likes/attention to validate herself.
But I feel one day I'll stop checking, come back and she'll be 35 still doing porn, still calling herself a bimbo. Probably "ThiccBarbiebimbo", still pedo-pandering and maybe she'll be stuck on another fucked in the brain scrote.

No. 947886

I'm tapping out of Shayna's thread, the urge to a-log is too strong. The pedo shit combined with her girlfriend or whatever actually working with children is too disgusting for me. Someone let me know when she ends up on an fbi watchlist, thanks

No. 947907

I hope corpse husband is hot now, if Hasan can do it then corpse burpy can

No. 948037

that guy who goes to brothels? he's ugly. idg why so many anons find him attractive

No. 948054

it's the worst it's ever been right now. it's just constant infighting and moralfagging retards being like 'OMG I WANT TO ALOG SOOOO BAD RIGHT NOW!!11!' or pissing themselves over a fat whore with a ballsack doing stupid shit. there's not one thing that can be posted without the thread devolving into a complete circlejerk of 'shayna bad!!!' as though that isn't why we're all here, or as though anyone is disagreeing.

No. 948057

What lmao. At least CH's doesn't have a comically disproportionate body, so he's already in a different level

No. 948062

I don't even find Shayna that ugly kek. One anon said she looked average, or the type of girl who would peak in high school. Immediate dogpiling. If you imply she's anything above a -10/10 it goes off the rails. Calm down, there are uglier women who exist. The moralfagging over fetishes for more than half the thread is retarded too

No. 948090

>the type of girl who would peak in high school
tbf if we're talking about the same post, that anon said that men in a small town would be "fighting each other over her" which was pretty ott kek

No. 948091

>it's just constant infighting and moralfagging retards being like 'OMG I WANT TO ALOG SOOOO BAD RIGHT NOW!!11!'
kek this anon must be a contributor to that epidemic >>947886

No. 948123

The 'i-i can't take moar uwu' and anons sperging about the furryposter that one time (their post was stupid, but so was the grandiose reaction) are all retarded. You can tell who is new because imagine getting so shitter shattered in a shat thread. She's done this nasty pedopandering shit before, it isn't anything new, and sure that doesn't mean its acceptable but we don't need a million posts with the same response. Imagine worrying about delicate sensibilities on lc in a shayna thread. Fucking wild.

At the same time, I wouldn't bat an eye at anons who want to cowtip on either shat or ellen because they're both disgusting and ellen shouldn't be near kids. Call it moralfagging if you want but its revolting.

No. 948160

anons encouraging cowtipping are arguably just as bad or worse than everything else you described

No. 948173

I'm glad Sharla is ok

No. 948176

lucinda's thread makes me sad but i can't keep myself away from it sometimes. i really do hope she gets better

No. 948189

I already hate the Neuralblender thread

No. 948191

But why?

No. 948194

I know she’s cowy or whatever, but i think her poetry is pretty and she seems sweet. Her way of articulating herself is so endearing to me too. I really hope she can get to a better place in life.

No. 948202

I wish people would acknowledge she's at least somewhat of a munchie

No. 948222

The pictures just make me really uncomfortable. I've always disliked pics like that, they make my skin crawl.

No. 948288

File: 1635053577158.png (244.41 KB, 828x1056, imagen_2021-10-24_003246.png)

Jillian Pixielocks is larping as if she was a villian that everyone is jealous of.

No. 948309

File: 1635059759705.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 619.64 KB, 1458x2592, 46E8CC63-2506-49F7-B01E-95E69F…)

This is harrowing, I skimmed through the thread but holy shit I feel sick.

No. 948414

This makes me wanna go read her thread just to find out where the fuck are her parents

No. 948701

>Do they get a thrill out of making the other person feel like they can't have anything?
I think that Emmalee thread on /w/ is a really good example of how some skinwalkers do it for exactly this reason, that's how she treated Katie. Recommend that thread for insight into how some people like that think, I still think about it from time to time.

No. 948722

>cowtipping is worse than pedopandering sex workers working with children offline

Sure, nonita.

No. 948782

how did you even get that from that post? cowtipping is just against the rules, full stop.

No. 948783

Samefag, I love the neuralblender thread now. Best new thread on /m/.

No. 948851

I like reading Effina's thread for how absolutely unhinged her anons are. I don't find her particularly interesting as a cow, as she's just a run of the mill photoshopper flavored lightly with tradwife, but the people who post in her thread are soil munching psychos. There's clearly a handful of them who only come on this site to a-log about Effina and don't use it otherwise, plus some very obvious people with ballsacks. Not to mention the racebait that seeps in. The fact she spends an inordinate time lurking on her own thread and alludes to it through some of her posts only adds to the experience.

I mainly just pity Effina herself, as I do with most of the tradwife adjacent cows.

No. 948879

i have no idea why people care about that lilboweeb person. every once in a while, i see her ugly shooped mug on the front page and it’s always the same 15 yrs old stans or comments about her lies.

No. 948943

Basically agree anon, I think she's a pitiable cow and that thread had some potential (to me her connection to Charls elevates her beyond just a photoshopper) but is full of scrotes and insane vendettas. Now that she's pregnant I just feel bad for her being stuck with a shitty, weird man as the father of her children.

No. 948980

Unfortunately any thread for a cow even semi-associated with MDE is going to be shit up by MDE fanboys, who are quite possibly the most annoying and contemptable group of losers online.

No. 949019

I still don't understand the OF anons in the Momokun thread who only share certain things then act high and mighty when people ask for full videos like no, we just want to watch that shit for the trainwreck horrorcow milk, not because we're coomers about to jerk it. Sure, there might be coomers lurking around too, but fuck. I'm not searching sketchy porn sites for uploads, sure I want to see that shit to revel in how low she's sunk, but I'm not that desperate for a laugh/vomit. Idk it's just weird to me.

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