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File: 1632713638311.jpg (43.06 KB, 500x500, cow-ambush-7.jpg)

No. 924393

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disprupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread:>>>/ot/847115

No. 924397

i really hate this threadpic

No. 924399

This fucking scared me

No. 924401

sorry, thought it was funny

No. 924402

File: 1632714288042.jpg (120.16 KB, 1500x1299, Cows.jpg)

Same. Can we have another thread?

No. 924403

make one and i'll delete mine i guess

No. 924405

I thought it was funny too but Idk

No. 924407

This is just how I feel in general, but sometimes I feel like there are way too many “cows” on here that don’t… really do anything? Like the most they do is just tweet “woke” stuff or shoop their pics, and I feel like people obsessively nitpicking over them and still making new threads for them is just kinda odd. Like it’s one thing if they’re active cows that are on their bullshit with huge shit every week, but it’s another if they’re massively dormant and do the bare minimum

I wouldn’t actually comment this on those threads because I know Ppl would think I’m white knighting or that I am that cow, but idk, I’d rather read the actual juicy scandals that cows are doing than watching people dogpile over some broad doing the bare minimum

Same thing with people freaking out over cows changing their mind on things over the years and act like they are always in one mindset. I know I’m far from a normie, but sometimes I feel like anons can be like… a bit much and then they believe their speculations on a cow’s personality are factual. It makes me curious about the anons more than the cows at that point

No. 924408

Sameposting, forgot to sage oops

No. 924426

And I just opened the thread meaning to comment how adorable that "cow" dalmatian is.
Man you bitches are sour. And self-absorbed. Me no like, delete, reeee

No. 924444

I liked this threadpic

No. 924456

I made one of the posts earlier, and that's because it genuinely scared me for a second when I first saw it! Anyway the dog is cute and it's our current thread now so who cares

No. 924462

tbh i get what you mean - most of the cows here don't do much harm.
but i come here to let out my petty bitch side. so sometimes it's fun to just talk shit, even if it's about small things like a cow's latest dumbass take or disastrous outfit.
i don't pretend there's a moral justification for it lol

No. 924471

the corpse husband girls doxxing him is top lolcow moment for me now, above anytime a cows been exposed for self posting

No. 924498

It annoys me when the focus shifts from a cow to people they talked to once, they are harmless nobodies and it's crazy for them to shamed for following the wrong person, basically.
>inb4 they don't have to be bad to deserve to be posted
I disagree, and this is not up for debate, it's just my opinion.

No. 924518

can’t decide who is more fucking annoying, the shayna anons or the proana anons… there are defo some calves on those threads

No. 924519

I fucking hate how the MTF thread has some weird sleeper cells of bigots popping up every time they can just to spew homophobic bullshit and derailing the thread. We get it, you only hate trannies because you hate homosexuals and clump them all in the same "sexual deviancy" category. The same goes for all the /pol/faggots and tradthot larpers who try to pass right-wing, white supremacist anti-abortion nuts as "based" only because they shat on troons. The prison gay femboy thread is just homophobia general at this point too, I want to call out moids for being misogynistic coomers no matter what sexuality but you all really need to spam some "all gay people are pedos" memes over and over again just because you can't contain your conservatard views for a hot second. And I don't care about your "akcshually I just really hate them faggots because they're… uhh.. misogynistic!", you're not fooling anyone. A spade's a spade. The same goes for the fakeboi thread, there's a ton of lesbophobia afoot there but nobody but self-hating /tttt/ refugees browse there anyway.

No. 924523

Ikr, I wish there would be bans for this kind of derailing. I fucking hate agendafags trying to shill their shit, it’s always so forced and obvious. Have seen this shit too often over the years on various platforms to not notice it anymore.

No. 924533

yeah all three threads are hell tbh. the mtf one is worst though i think. if it’s not like you said, with rampant ‘based’ homophobia, it’s some obvious moid absolutely seething about how much he hates women despite the thread being about scrotes. they all suck and need constant moderation at this point, which obviously isn’t going to happen, so they’ll just continue to suck i guess

No. 924539

Those threads are just gc sperging containment zones.
They don't follow lolcow thread rules at all, every time I scroll by them there's blogposting galore. Someone I know did yadda yadda, this just happened to me yadda yadda

No. 924543

previous thread not linking properly

No. 924545

I wish it was blogposting gc general but there are obviously people who think they're "gendercrit" only because they hate trannies. There's some strange anon who looks for any opportunity to complain about lesbians, then you got a sudden influx of people shoehorning bitching about FTMs in every discussion for some reason even when it's a MTF thread, pure /pol/ spergs and "radfem" tradthots bringing up Da Joos, globohomo conspiracies and fanficcing about muh sodomites raping children. The original GC threads were what originally peaked me because the anons there were so convincing and always very composed. I miss Manifesto-chan serving a hot dish of basedness, the informative articles about the trans cult and analyzing the horrorcows and their handmaidens. Not this "actually we should side with right-wingers my fellow girls, they would totally accept us with open arms!" astroturfing.

No. 924586

The agendaposters aren't limited to those threads, they're always showing up in tradthot threads too. I still think there is some crossover between the political derailers in there and in the mtf thread because they always show up on the same days.

No. 924590

I just scroll by the tradthot thread too. But I mean, what do you expect. These are all ideologically charged threads (which is why I avoid them).
Lolcow doesn't (and hopefully never will) cater to anyone's agenda. You're asking for double standards. I hope you don't get them.

But come all to the townhall and let's discuss it. I personally want lolcow to remain an oasis of petty lulz, among the entire rest of the politically charged and polarized Internet. I think a lot of others would miss such a place too.

No. 924593


are you guys toddlers or something? you're fine. the big scary cow dog isn't real, he won't get you.

No. 924595

Venus looks very cute in her new video

No. 924596

god if i have to see another screencap of shayna's payscrote womack…

we get it, you think he's pathetic, but the thread isn't ABOUT him.

No. 924603

That whole thread is a shit show, tbh

No. 924609

I miss the fit vegan ginger

No. 924614

lesbophobia is a meme

No. 924620

No. 924665

KF keeps up with her

No. 924694

I know but kf is such a cesspool, i get no pleasure reading threads there.
She'd make a good /snow/ cow imho

No. 924709

Despite enjoying petty laughs at our broke-ass "luxury" findom, she's getting kind of stale. Hope she branches out and is stupid in a different way soon.

No. 924745

ayrt and am not hoping for or asking for double standards personally. If someone derails a thread with twitterfag or other politics it is just as bad as if they do so with some spergout about conservatism. I'm confused, because you say that you want this site to not be politically charged but my entire issue was the political shills in the first place. I think you and I want the same outcome, anon. If your suggestion is to just crack down harder on all types of agendaposting then I would gladly second you on it in /meta/.

No. 924959

Why is Amberlynn only doing livestreams now? And they're not even entertaining like Chantal's. I miss her old videos.

No. 924996

I think she's still with wifey and I don't see how we'll ever return to vlogs while she's hiding a whole live-in partner there. She's sharing less and less every stream, soon she'll be making small about the weather and all other topics will be strictly off limits.

No. 925177

Has the new CH thread not been created yet? DeFranco made a video talking about the doxx

No. 925194

lucinda belinda is so cute. i want to protect her and keep her safe

No. 925200

agreed!!! there's a girl at my school who looks like a (healthy) version of her and it makes me kinda sad

No. 925204

It doesn't look like it. I've been waiting for a new one too.

No. 925206

I feel this way about the Lori/Kevin threads. It's hilarious to see Kevin's constant sperg meltdowns, but I have to scroll through a million of the same comments whenever Lori posts a filtered/shooped pic. Like yes, okay, she very obviously filters every pic she posts and doesn't look like that irl, it's not that interesting.

No. 925300

Keemstar makes me want to a-log so fucking bad

No. 925334

I don't think Shayna is that fat or ugly. She's no 10/10 and she could definitely stand to get a fucking gym membership but anons exaggerate her weight so much that before I actually checked out her thread I thought she was legitimately obese based off the descriptions I'd heard in /ot/.

No. 925337

agree with this, yes she is chubby but they act like she's a morbidly obese hamplanet with how they talk about her. I do hate shay for the pedo pandering though.

No. 925341

Oh yeah, from skim reading a couple of her threads Shayna's personality doesn't do her any favours and I'm certainly not defending her actions but I was so shocked to see that she's just a chubster. Fucking bone rattlers.

No. 925344

She's definitely overweight and that can creep up to obesity much less obviously than you might expect. But imo weight gain is much more milky than simply being fat. If she was always that big, who would care? There are 600lb monstrosities out there, a chubby girl is not special or interesting. But seeing a skinny girl completely let herself go and eat herself into such a sad state is entertaining in a train wreck kind of way, and it makes people more horrified of her weight than they otherwise would be.

No. 925367

I agree.
What's impressive is how much she's ballooned up in a shirt time though, if you look at pics from 18 months ago it's pretty incredible.
The anons acting like she's 500lbs are being ridiculous, but she should get there in a few years at this rate.

No. 925375

To farmers everyone is either obese or an anachan kek.

No. 925391

the majority of shayna farmers are anachans. i've followed her since her first few threads (right after the first removal when her family was posted) and they've been calling her fat ever since then.

weight spergs and vag spergs in shay's threads are actual trash.

No. 925475

File: 1632841187343.jpg (41.8 KB, 448x368, nug.jpg)

Sucks that Trisha/H3 thread has devolved into a safe space for H3 subreddit spergs to vent their wrongthink while insisting the H3 family has any redeemable qualities.
I've wanted a Trisha thread here for years. She is way more interesting than Fester and his broomstick wife.
I really enjoy Trisha's semi-self aware brand of crazy, but she puts out hours and hours of content weekly so I literally don't have the time to keep up with her. I just want a fun thread with highlights of her bullshit without constant blog posts about why she's literally Hitler. The only other place that follows her closely is guru gossip and there is some schizo level boomerism over there,you'd think she stole all their Nigels lol.

No. 925483

>broomstick wife

Tbh a Teisha thread would not have done well here. That is to say, she would never work as a standalone cow, because she inspires so much hate in anons that the thread would be constantly full of infighting and derailing. Annoying because I would have loved a thread on her, possibly debunking some of her claims along the way and all, but there is no way it wouldn't erupt into murder every 5 minutes

No. 925485

File: 1632842276826.jpeg (120.29 KB, 500x500, 30019755-5EED-4A64-9B33-73CEED…)

>possibly debunking some of her claims along the way and all, but there is no way it wouldn't erupt into murder every 5 minutes

No. 925487

syd isn't fat or unattractive

No. 925489

Vagina spergs are fucking wild. Shayna seems to have a problem with feminine hygiene and sometimes posts her red irritated genitals, ok that's fair game, but across any thread where there is even a hint of vagina they crawl out of the shadows to mock normal looking vaginas. Not everyone has the same vagina and "neat/tidy" looking just isn't a realistic standard for anyone. I'd understand if like one labia was an elephant ear and the other labia was wasnt there but fucking hell

No. 925500

Is the terry hall guy in /w/ really is a cow? Other than him just being creepy at his age cosplaying characters half his age. Some cows just aint worth it and farmers really need to calm down at times.

No. 925502

What's with the people in this thread denying what fat means

No. 925503

She definitely isn't fat, she's really average looking for her height. I think the only reason her weight surprises people in her full body pics is because she spent so long going on about being such a smol tiny little bean previously. If she didn't try to portray herself as a pocket sized tiny little egirl nothing about her looks would be notable, she's totally normal looking.

No. 925504

Her porn is cringey to me but she's a very attractive woman. Had she gone any other route like beauty or fashion influencer, she'd be one of the people that others would seethe with envy over.
In the back of my mind I always hope such disparaging comments about her appearance are just coming from a place of frustration out of contempt that she's squandering her looks by degrading herself. Like seriously I hope people calling her fat, ugly, and pretending she's got a radioactive-tier infected vulva are just getting a little carried away and aren't that serious…

No. 925510

>she's a very attractive woman. Had she gone any other route like beauty or fashion influencer, she'd be one of the people that others would seethe with envy over.
Are you, by chance, bisexual or lesbian, anon?

No. 925515

any anon calling shayna’s cooch smelly and infected are alogging and projecting, it’s pretty obvious since they are very detailed about what a “nasty” vagina should be

No. 925524

anachan thread is in /snow/, anon.

No. 925531

I didn't want to ask this, but are you guys American?

No. 925534

are you retarded? back to your containment thread, this isn't the place for this.

No. 925544

She's not interested in fashion or beauty, she's always been lazy, Shayna isn't very attractive and has never been very attractive IMO, but thats just me. She was once average though, now since she's given up on even doing the little she once did…yeah.
Either way, she has no personality, no drive, no fashion sense and even if she DID attempt to do that, I'm sure nobody would "Seethe" with envy over Shayna, I mean seriously? She's average girl, in any city when she's dressed decently.

No. 925554

I'd do Corpse Husband but my standards are admittedly rock bottom.

No. 925561

i don’t find corpse husband ugly. he looks exactly like my dead father who passed away before i was born. makes me sad to see him. i think he’s handsome in a…attainable way. but definitely no model-esque emo boy

No. 925565

what if he’s actually sexy now and I’m not saying this as a coping stan because I’ve never cared about that man in my entire life but what if he actually had a miraculous glow-up

No. 925569

>i think he’s handsome in a…attainable way.
love yourself. and why would anyone be attracted to a man who reminds them of their dad
that wouldn't make him any less annoying/cringe

No. 925601

lucinda isn't ugly, she needs to gain some weight and get a better haircut. let the brows grow again and have a shower

No. 925603

>he looks exactly like my dead father
>i think he’s handsome
very freudian…

No. 925607

>he looks exactly like my dead father
>i think he’s handsome in a…attainable way
What the hell

No. 925615

Right. I think people are fascinated not just becahse she's chubby but the rate at which she ballooned up and that her whole world revolves around showing every unflattering inch of her body. It's rare that someone spiraling so hard gleefully records all of it like Shay. The body sperging is annoying but the vagina spergin when she had whatever STD she used to have was way worse.

No. 925618

And stop doing that shit makeup and editing.

No. 925620

i can't look at the femboy thread cuz after my ex sexually assaulted me and left me he he started simping on twitter for cafebeef lol

No. 925657

You can say someone is handsome without wanting to fuck them/fantasizing about them. Although it is a little weird anon mentioned her dead dad out of the blue for this comparison…

No. 925682

Wth, Grimes is so dumb. As in genuinely low IQ. I never heard her talk before reading that thread, and I followed the thread mostly for shitting on Elon. But damn. I'm so taken aback by it, I guess I'm used to celebrities having a PR team reign in their stupidity.

Also, Shayna is fat.

No. 925726

At least you dodged a gay bullet.

No. 925807

File: 1632869372165.jpg (63.04 KB, 720x900, DBHoxVaXkAAnh9H.jpg)

Surprised this complete lolcow doesn't have a thread

No. 925890

>I never heard her talk before reading that thread
Same, and I was similarly shocked by how stupid she is. She sounds like someone that doesn't know how to read.

No. 925947

is he one of those black right-wingers

No. 925958

Idk, I think so. He's a 40 year old guy who likes young girls, does cringey as hell cosplay and only eats chicken fingers. Threads have been made about women for much less. I think he will pull a chrischan soon and come out as a trans/enby "lesbian" to make it easier to creep on girls.

I don't think most of us would disagree that she's fat, it's just that anons seem overly focused on her weight and act like she is a Tess level hamplanet.

No. 925984

Gossip is usually in-group, and because lolcow is female only we tend to make threads about other women or males in very specific social niches that anons are part of like the cosplay community.

No. 926058

Nta but that was so polite and informative

No. 926074

File: 1632922511762.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x400, disgustang.jpg)

>she's a very attractive woman. Had she gone any other route like beauty or fashion influencer, she'd be one of the people that others would seethe with envy over.
She's just barely average looking and she would have never had a chance as a beauty/fashion influencer because she's tacky and trashy.

No. 926229

She is truly one of my new favorite cows. Nothing will fill the void in my heart since Feebs wised up and left, but little miss dumb dumb over here is good enough.

No. 926451

i pretty much don't think any of the girls farmers call ugly are ugly. katherine mcmahon has an average face and that goth dressup girl just wears the opposite styles for her body type.
but the screeching about grimes, arrow de wilde, anya taylor-joy, selena gomez, shayna and other internet ppl is so dumb to me. these girls look fine and some of them are far above average attractiveness. they're shitty people, sure, but i really haven't seen any hideous women on here.

No. 926478

yeah wtf are anons on about saying anyone would be jealous of shayna in any alternate reality? ladies, please raise your standards. christ.

No. 926608

nayrt but I assume ayrt isn't like, lusting after the guy, he just seems familiar to her and reminds her of someone who she was comfortable with, which seems like a normal enough thing to base an affinity on

No. 926612

>katherine mcmahon has an average face
for a forty year old

No. 926651

File: 1632980275603.jpeg (31.02 KB, 295x295, 00F0774B-3254-467C-8667-F1CD73…)

I want to know where that anon lives. If this is the face of the average 24 year old there…. yikes

No. 926656

not OP and not familiar with this cow, but the only problem i see in this pic is her makeup, not her features alone

No. 926658

Not a particular cow but if I have to read the word “Abrahamic” in the MtF thread one more time

No. 926662

File: 1632981258210.png (9.32 MB, 1242x2208, FA2C2D00-489D-43A5-AB57-33C1F4…)

Kek k nonita

No. 926663

Any decency you see in her face would be instantly taken away if you got familiar with this narc cow

No. 926777

The anon in shayna’s thread that is accusing another anon of deleting a post and switching the words around has absolutely no business calling them retarded and cringe kek anons like that are why Shayna’s threads are wreck because no where else does someone care about someone rewording a post

No. 926782

there are so many anons that make me want to a-log in shayna's thread. i just want to watch her make a fucking fool of myself and i have to read through reams of infighting!!! there are so many unreasonably aggressive anons and so many that try and be funny and it pisses me off… why can't you just watch the dumpster fire you stupid bastards.

No. 926785

The one is still going off even though someone tried to explain whatever the original point was. It’s funny sometimes when they’re just being retarded and not aggressive but yeah, having the wade past hoardes of hostile aggressiveness just for one or two dumb posts from Shayna is a lot.

No. 926787

>accusing another anon of deleting a post and switching the words around
…. that’s a new low even for Shay’s thread lol Who the fuck cares even if you saw it happen randomly?

No. 926796

Its funnier to think that the anon just has dyslexia

No. 926799

not defending them but i think the anon who was calling them out for deleting and reposting was pointing it out for the "sped dog" comment. there's someone in there who randomly starts to call her dog a retard and sped for some reason and they know it'll cause infighting.

No. 926803

There’s multiple anons that do it, not just one but the point still stands; why derail when someone changed retard to sped? That’s some serious autism to even take notice lol

No. 926808

i don't care about shayna but why randomly insult a dog

No. 926811

It’s an ongoing thing. It’s even in the op. Not like the dog knows kek

No. 926821

I don't have a strong opinion either way but I think other anons see it as being unfair to the dog when Shat has never attempted to train it. The dog doesn't even get a daily walk. It's shut in an apartment left to chew the plasticizers out Shat's crusty amazon dildos. Dogs are only as retarded as their owners.

No. 926825

it's not the insult that pisses people off, it's the way it always immediately makes the thread unreadable because it gets clogged up with whining and complaining because it's ANNOYING AS ALL HELL because IT DOESN'T MATTER and distracts from the actual ridiculousness. the shay posters are some of the unfunniest fucks on the whole farm. i just want to have a bitchy little laugh at her egotistical delusions why is that so hard?

No. 926827

>Dogs are only as retarded as their owners
Right, so it’s retarded

No. 926829

this. the doghate anon in her thread will make MULTIPLE COMMENTS about shay's "retarded dog" until someone mentions it, too. then they start the "why do you care about a DOG" shit.

we care about you shitting up an already spergy thread. we have to deal with vag-nitpickers, why do we have to tolerate a random dog hater who never even contributes anything, just has to mention "hurr durr dog retarded" ten times a thread.

No. 926830

So more proof that doghate anons are psychotic? Unsurprising.

No. 927052

I think leftcows might be the ultimate downfall of /snow/. all these dsa adjacent bitchy people found it and it seems like they've almost entirely displaced the original /cgl/ core now that we have nonnies making threads about vaguely left SNL cast members. it's like they've colonized lolcow.

No. 927066

Maybe all the barking and steaming turds everywhere made us that way.

No. 927071

Dogs aren't cows

No. 927154

The dog is probably stoned as fuck most of the time since all it does is sit in her stuffy bedroom while she smokes copious amounts of weed

No. 927177

File: 1633027453781.png (251.07 KB, 500x500, imagen_2021-09-30_134420.png)

but anon…

No. 927204

trans cows and cow-kin are real cows

No. 927237

It doesn't know. You don't have to defend it.

No. 927243

KT thread is very depressing and I always found her obsession unnerving I genuinely hope she gets help.

No. 927262

Waiting around like vultures to mock 16 year olds on their birthday is some seriously pathetic, low vibrational shit.

No. 927284

what thread is this happening in?

No. 927299

There's a lot to criticize about Grimes but honestly I don't think "dates rich man and doesn't get pocket money" is one of them.

No. 927314

Dating a billionaire and getting nothing out of it except a kid he doesn't want is grounds for clowning

No. 927428

She'd be better off marrying elon
or something? Ffs that's bleak.

No. 927447

She would have been better off not getting with him to begin with knowing his history.

No. 927475

Get therapy, we're not here to read your mentally ill scribblings.

No. 927609

I actually feel bad for corpsey, and no I’m not even remotely a fan much less stan

No. 927612

why? it's the most tangible expression of her retardation

No. 927614

And has a child with him before he proceeds to dissolve the relationship like all the others.
It's pretty bleak.

No. 927620

choosing to believe it's only other stupid teens doing that bc that's gross otherwise

the shayna thread pic is so disturbing to look at whoever drew it needs to get off this site for a while, her anons are weird

No. 927633

to be fair, she commissioned that monstrosity. the current thread pic is an anon edit to make it fatter. still terrifying regardless

No. 927675

Maybe it's cause I'm not American and barely use twitter but those people feel more like literal whos than cosplay thots or sex workers posted here

No. 927684

File: 1633099455450.jpeg (121.4 KB, 1200x1181, 0565CA29-5AE2-4063-8C46-B2025C…)

she's so gorgeous. I wish we could be friends, too bad she'd call me a fat dyke when she gets mad at me. her spiritualism is interesting to me and I fantasize about us sitting together on a round fluffy rug with crystals surrounding us and we're sperging about shit at 53141mph.

No. 927693

dOnT tRuSt AnYoNe wHo DoEsNt LiKe DoGsZzZzzZ no one who hates dogs could possibly be good persun in any waayyy durrr

No. 927698

Based on the way you "people" act, that much is pretty obvious. All animal haters are typically defective, shitty people.

No. 927702

You all should just post all of your social media so we can have a nice animal haters’ thread in /snow/.

No. 927704

it's not the same thing to be indifferent/averse to dogs, and outright actively hating them and seething about them even when there's none present. the latter definitely makes me wary.

No. 927706

I have a massive soft spot for keeks as someone who grew up during the scene era. I want her to succeed at something, even getting a modest wage slave job, but the reality is that she's always going to be an extremely mentally ill new-ager with nothing behind her eyes I just have to accept that.

No. 927708

okay well the latter would be a problem if it was about any animal. like those people who buy guns in case a cat comes into their yard. or those people who buy guns in case a squirrel touches their bird feeder.
"i don't want to pet your dog and please hold its collar so it doesn't drool and get fur on my clothes while jumping all fucking over me when i walk through your door minding my own business" is equated to "this person is worse than hitler and paul bernardo combined and is a hideous freak of nature, what a piece of shit."
fun fact, hitler loved dogs like crazy.

No. 927718

Seething dog haters funny because they actually act rabid are retarded and not even worth responding to. Everyone, including themselves, knows they're retarded so there's no need to explain why to them. Just gives them more to go on. They should be banned on threads they're derailing tho.

No. 927724

File: 1633103797474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.86 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20211001-105141.jpg)

I can't even comfortably walk around my neighborhood because of the amount of people who dump their dogs in the wooded dead end near my house. Fuck dogs, Fuck dog worship culture, fuck the massive industry profiting off of it too. I can hate them just as much as you can hate spiders.

Pic related, more babies were killed by dogs in one year than COVID ever could

I'll take my ban with my middle finger up and my pussy poppin

No. 927727

Why would you hate the dogs and not the owners lmao you're straight up retarded

No. 927738

File: 1633104743911.png (600.34 KB, 770x1192, murderjaydenhenderson.png)

That's like giving her shit for hating guns and not the gun owners. Dangerous dogs are dangerous doesn't matter the circumstances. Also funny how if it's "the owner not the breed" but the bad owners can keep getting dogs. No checks and balances. Chaos and sadness

No. 927742

Certain breeds are dangerous, I agree with you there, but to be conflating dog hate to spider hate is lol levels of retarded since no one owns them, and the anon I responded to was complaining about dogs being dumped on her road. That's an issue to take up with the owner, not to blame on the dogs themselves

No. 927759

This, how many days have they been derailing the thread?

No. 927771

Giving them a containment thread really didn't do shit besides make them think they're welcome.
It's even grosser because they act like just being averse to dogs is the same as the insane shit they post and say. They're dishonest about it because they know they're unhinged, and they're rightfully ashamed, but not enough to spare us their mental illness. I wish they'd just fuck off.

No. 927790

This is all hilarious because they always go from calling a random cow’s dog, who doesn’t even go out of the cow’s house, at all, retarded; to sperging about dogs killing babies and dogs being dumped.
Like, at least tell us why you think the cow’s dog is retarded and ugly and evil, don’t go derailing your own sperg with some news’ articles and personal experiences that No1Currs about.

No. 927800

even when her styling doesn't suit her she's always had a very pretty face. anons saying she has an ugly profile and witch nose will never make sense to me, she's a thousand times more naturally pretty than cows who've gotten terrible ps

No. 927806

ok so shouldn't you realize that "rabid dog haters" aren't objectively hating dogs or calling for extermination–they know it's the owner's fault, but the thing that causes the problems is still the shittily-trained dog.
and the problem dog haters are complaining about is that near 100% of dog owners do not properly train their dog. it's so common that it can be espressed as hating dogs.

No. 927825

I honestly wonder what happened in these anons childhoods that gave them such extreme phobias of dogs, it's not normal to have such a visceral reaction to any animal that they act the way they do when dogs are brought up in any capacity. Idk where these people live that they are constantly being terrorized by aggressive dogs and forced by dog owners to pet their dogs kek, autism at its finest

No. 927846

What are you talking about? I see "Fuck dogs" not "fuck dog owners"

No. 927852

Nikocado and Moist Critikal (charlie) are going back and forth, and it's dumb. Nik knows what he's doing, why he's doing it and it's all entertainment, YES he is harming himself. He's harming HIMSELF though, I wish people would stop this fake concern about his weight. You don't care, Nik is a lolcow, he's disgusting, he's a easy way for commentary channels to get clicks.
He's low hanging fat, I hate when people make it seem like they are concerned or, "OMG he's killing himself" You don't care.
Also, Nik had some points in his clap back video. It's just dumb.

No. 927856

north america, probably.

No. 927859

yes i know, i was saying that they are aware that the reason the dogs suck is the owners, but the visible problem aka the thing that comes over and bothers you, is the dog itself.

No. 927866

must be nice living in a middle class neighborhood

No. 927867

then maybe they should say that instead of coming off like spastic dipshits who can't identify the root of an issue

No. 927869

animal control exists in low income areas too

No. 927881

But anon! it’s completely normal to be mad at people with dogs when they scared you as a child, totally not insane to keep a grudge on an animal that’s probably already dead, to the point of actually sperging about it on the internet as much as possible.
What do you want anon to do? Grow up? Kek, don’t be silly.

No. 927895

critikal is youtube's whore now. Both are gluttons of differing excess.

No. 927922

why. he brought all this drama onto himself. plus he's just so obnoxious, I'm honestly getting close to a-logging him

No. 927932

Yeah but no one gives a fuck about it or follows any rules regarding it. I have no idea what >>927881 is sperging about but if you live in a shit neighborhood, a good amount of people raise (or, rather lack of doing that) their, often already aggressive by nature, dogs to be awful, untrained, unleashed shitstains while the owners act like their dog owns the world and can do no wrong, even when it starts jumping and attacking not only dogs but also people several times. I don't even dislike dogs but sometimes it's really hard not to when you live in those places.

No. 927934

animal control is who you call when animals are running the street, causing a nuisance, or not being cared for. If that doesn't work, call the cops. Everyone isn't a victim, if you're too lazy to call someone about some aggressive animals around you, you're part of the problem. Idgaf if someone hates dogs, but if someone hates dogs "Because dogs are aggressive and I can't do anything about it", nah. Being in a shitty area doesn't mean you're powerless.

No. 927936

Dogs don’t even have to be aggressive to hurt people. My neighbors dog has jumped on me out of excitement, knocking me down, bruising and cutting me and stepping on my ribs. If I was a child, it could have easily been a more severe injury or the kids reaction could have escalated things.

Not to mention there’s always at least one asshole in the apartment or neighborhood whose dog yaps every morning at 5am and won’t stfu

No. 927940

There's a dog hate thread for a reason, shut the fuck up and go there instead.

No. 927946

civil war on the farm with sonic anons, dog hate anons, and everyone annoyed with them

No. 927950

File: 1633120063623.png (136.15 KB, 870x398, ohno.png)

I deserved the ban. I knew what I was doing. Sorry for getting you banned nonnie but I did laugh pretty hard about it.

No. 927969

Absolutely lmao, I'm seriously a bit jelly about how naive you are. Again, no one fucking cares. Not the owners, not anim control, not the cops. I'm practically begging you to visit any park in your city's low incone neighborhood and try to call the cops when they jump you, snap at you or attack other dogs. My mom who has a small dog already tried that trick 2 times with cops and countless times with the local veterinary office. They say they registered it but they never do anything and if you aren't already mauled, cops won't care. Seriously, get out of your bubble more.

No. 927972

File: 1633122936664.jpg (63.55 KB, 440x550, jpeg_e4b61626-af85-4939-aab9-e…)

Snow is going to get a pretty light sentence imo, there are plenty of witnessess that it was an accident and she doesn't have a previous criminal record and seems to "just" be an edgelord NEET, I don't think her tik toks matter that much or her lack of remorse (which is explained by her bajillion mental illness diagnoses, legally speaking) since there were other people present in the event.
They also did everything by the book, contacted law enforcement, didn't hide anything from the police etc.

No. 927980

I don't even understand why the second person was banned

No. 927983

shut the fuck up and take it to the doghate thread

No. 927988

still doesnt make it make sense to hate the dogs instead of the owners lmaooo. "animal control doesn't care" yea ok. cops don't care about people hanging out in the park with dogs attacking people, surrrre. something tells me you aren't personally experiencing this but wtf do i do. my advice if this is your situation, get tf up on out of there. or sit on the internat hating dogs. whatever girl, you got this!

No. 928000

Oh my god shut the fuck about dogs you retards. Shayna anons are the fucking worst and are as deranged as she is

No. 928006

I literally just told you my personal experience in both replies from living in a shit neighborhood for almost a decade, where everyone needs a dog for some reason despite having minimal living room and money. Cops and authorities ONLY care when they maul people. Not when they snap at people, not when they bite other dogs, not when dangerous dogs aren't leashed, not when the ones who are required to wear muzzles run around without it, not when they piss and shit absolutely everywhere including property, stairwells and elevators with the owners not cleaning it up, not when people that absolutely are not equipped for it breed races that need a lot of care, not when little kids walk naturally aggressive dogs they can barely hold and not when people hold dogs that are almost as tall as standing humans if prop up on your shoulder in 1 room apartments. Those are the other ones I remember at the top of my head.
>get tf up on out of there
working on it

No. 928010

anon I hate certain dogs as much as the next sociopathic monster but you're sperging in the wrong thread.

No. 928041

I don't hate dogs and I only made 3 posts.

No. 928090

kek the cops really don't care if dogs are bothering you. because everyone "lives dogs" and anyone complaining is insane.

No. 928127

If that sperg in the Alt Cows thread isn't Ruadhán's creative writing exercise, (s)he needs to find out who that is and stay the hell away from them.

No. 928148

Okay, but why are you lot calling Shayna’s dog retarded while derailing her already boring thread? It’s kind of the theme of this thread, so what’s your reasoning?
I’m not talking about dogs in general, i really want to know why is Noodle retarded.

No. 928157

I don't mean this to start anything I just really want to know why? it's not like we swatted him which is what happens to most twitch people when they get doxxed

No. 928158

It’s so weird when a cow has your same first name, I always feel a pang of worry when I read my name, then I check the thread and it’s just some random cow, then I remember that my life is boring as fuck and that I have little to no social media presence, and that’s when I relax.

No. 928181

File: 1633149054633.jpeg (11.61 KB, 200x200, 7DBCAFEB-9DC2-46CC-BD30-C16CAB…)

Honestly? I would like to send Joshy boy a handwritten love note along with a lock of hair I gathered from a homeless man.

No. 928183

No one is stopping you

No. 928189

I unironically want to bully the shit out of him. He looks like a tiny manlet

No. 928294

I actually think he's kind of cute. Shame about the personality. Cave dweller.

No. 928349

Not the same anon, but I also feel kind of bad for him. I'm not a fan either. I don't really give a shit about his content or him so I don't really want to start anything either.
Honestly most of his fans are unhinged teenagers and other weirdos so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them will try to show up where he lives and ask him to choke them or something else equally insane.
I also feel bad because some people found his family memebers, who have nothing to do with his online persona.
And I also get why he'd want to hide his face. Many other artists don't like showing their faces and rather use an avatar and that seems perfectly fair to me.

No. 928367

The reason people think Noodle is a retard is because she probably wouldn't protect Shaynus from a murderer.

No. 928369

File: 1633182042090.jpeg (14.39 KB, 217x232, 4A372B3E-CF84-4CED-8F9E-A86D80…)

No. 928371

No. 928377

you don't want him to dump his genetic load into you? god why ever not?

No. 928385

File: 1633184015560.jpg (602.83 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20211002-161241_Bra…)

He could be quite cute if he wasn't a fatty, tbh.

No. 928388

shut the fuck up about the dog and learn to sage. anons like you are part of why people hate anons who follow shayna's thread. you're literally just as bad as the vagina nitpickers.

No. 928389

null is fat and i would not have sex with him

No. 928391

Nta but he's the one who wanted to pander to those type of fans. As it was said before, he brought all this drama upon himself.
Lmao even if he was thin and not retarded he still looks like a baby with downs syndrome. Love yourselves.

No. 928393

holy shit he's a tubby fucker….. how tall is he? not like it matters when you're 300lbs and never leave the pc

No. 928425

Tbh even if he was 6' he's still clinically obese at 300 pounds. And we all know that ain't muscle weight.

Null is fat and I would not have sex with him.

Speaking of fatties, does anyone else think that the majority of Kiwis like Null are actually flabbies and fatties themselves and that's why they obsess over fat women particularly more over there?

No. 928493

Most likely, people who follow cows have some similarities to them cause otherwise they wouldn't even know about their existence. It's like how this place is full of weebs

No. 928510

what the FUCK. 124kg is unthinkable where i live. even the white people here aren't that fucking fat. my mom was the fattest white person i knew in the 90s and she never got above 85 ot so. just what. how is he talking about this like it's normal conversation???

No. 928511

god i know. /m/ is completely useless, it's just a weeb hub.

No. 928613

I had some anon say like 3 threads later they wanted to set me on fire for a joke I made that they wouldn't let go of. The threads are teeming with humorless weirdos and exposed nerves. I just want to laugh at a oversharing, washed up sw not deal with anons' unchecked neuroses.

No. 928826

are you the >worst anon

No. 928832

Nope, but the overreaction from some anons is equally dumb. A misspelling or lame joke should not trigger homicidal rage

No. 928841

i've followed the shay thread for years and i hate it. she's my favorite cow but the anons suck

No. 929440

The nail sperging in the Shay thread is worse than the vag sperging. I have never seen anyone get so worked up over various kinds of hooker nails. Like tell me you're a sex worker without telling me you're a sex worker.

No. 929547

Ive given up on Shay. Gaining weight quickly isn’t as milky as anons want to believe and she’s just been tweeting the same dumb shit the entire 4 years that she’s had threads here. The most milk potential she ever had was with the Dogfucker but ruined it by being annoying. Honestly though I think that was for the best as Dawn seemed like a groomer to me. Buying Shay an insane amount of things in such a short time isn’t altruistic it’s manipulative, and Shay being pissed that Dawn never told her she had a live-in boyfriend was reasonable. It really seemed to me like she was looking for a vulnerable girl to turn into a sex slave for her gross boyfriend when she’s too busy sitting on dog dildos.

No. 929556

I just checked the Kathy thread and saw her shilling her wishlist with the same bathroom mat and towel basket I have. And then an anon roasted her on her trash taste kek. Slightly self conscious about my bathroom now.

No. 929758

people like you are why the thread is shitty

No. 930015


No. 930086

Thank you–Dawn was a fucking freak and you can really feel the "sexworker" energy in the thread when anons thought Dawn would encourage her and "turn her career around." Honestly the only sensible thing Shay ever did was get the hell away from that dog dildo nightmare house.
Please get bent, the people who shit up the threads are the nail/weight/vag-spergs, ASPCAnons, and Fupa-obsessed not those who make a joke once.

No. 930807

what, making a joke that’s bound to kick off several posts of sperging and infighting deliberately and spoiling the thread even more? you think there’s nothing wrong with that?

No. 930865

I miss soren. Truly no ones gonna do it like him ever again. Also still don’t fully believe he’s actually dead

No. 930926

Don't forget the sped-dog anons who respond to every post about Noodle with "retard dog"
Or the Womack posters who, when he isn't even mentioned in a few threads, feel the need to bring him up with his full name as if it's some sort of 'inside joke'.

No. 930942

File: 1633440554276.png (178.74 KB, 1238x708, Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 9.28…)

seriously, stop trying to make womack a 'thing', it isn't funny in the slightest

No. 931114

Same, people say she's not actually dead and I hope it's true. There's only a sliver of evidence she died for real. I would prefer she got off the internet and got help and deleted her profiles in shame than that she actually an heroed…

No. 931123

File: 1633456392101.png (1 MB, 1174x639, ana chans at it again.PNG)

The bone rattling in Lori's thread is unbelievable. Every time I open /w/ this thread has been bumped back up with ridiculous anachan reaching.

No. 931141

I've been saying this site is crawling with anachans and they're making this site lame as fuck with their unfunny, non contributing ana nitpickings

No. 931154

>telling people to sage in ot

No. 931217

I don't get Lori anachans because there are so many real and funny things to laugh at Lori and especially Kevin for, that making up some weird fake cope about her being fat instead seems so useless. Nobody needs to try to go out of their way to trigger them when the lurk to get milk, those two will always sperg and fight unprompted eventually and show the internet.

No. 931285

Yeah celebricows has become rife with them too. I know it's been said before but I'm just so tired of the sperging. As a former anachan I know an ED is a mental illness that never fully leaves you, and body dysmorphia is a giant hurdle, but I hate bone rattlers so fucking much. If Gigi Hadid is a landwhale to you then you probably need glasses and a psych exam, I don't make the rules. Even Lana del Rey, despite gaining weight, looks fine to me. Shouldn't it be refreshing that there's more people who aren't bone skinny in entertainment? As much as I love 90s and 00s entertainment that was one of my greatest problems with the culture back then. Healthier young celebs were pressured into becoming bone skinny and it influenced thousands of young girls in part including myself to want to starve and purge to achieve that figure. Why bone rattlers want to repeat that dark time in history and lampoon every woman who weighs over 120 lbs is beyond me

No. 931318

I think the majority of them are underaged and/or they came from EDtwt. You can tell when they bring twt speak here. Even when they try to hide it you can still smell it. They're tainted.

No. 931342

File: 1633471452950.jpg (87.4 KB, 1066x542, bh.jpg)

Wow. Luna's thread is actually dead, lol.

No. 931346

edtwt is such a sickening and gross place so it makes sense why they'd annoy the shit of me

sometimes during my downtime I like to troll that side of twt and report them all into oblivion, I used to occasionally do the same thing with self harm accounts

No. 931358

>Why bone rattlers want to repeat that dark time in history and lampoon every woman who weighs over 120 lbs is beyond me
It's not even just that, they apparently have to nitpick what actual skinny anorexics eat in the pro ana scumbags thread. There was one ana chan picking on Gamer for eating 2 bagels, some eggs and salmon because apparently that's way too much food for a barely recovered anorexic trying to build muscle. This girl isn't a fat larper, she was deathly skinny and is still clearly underweight, imagine having the fucking audacity to suggest she should eat less.

Anorexics are truly the worst kind of mentally ill people, the combination of vanity and competitiveness makes them genuinely mean. Their entire life revolves around validation and they often get it from putting others down.

No. 931375

sometimes I think maybe my old diagnosis was incorrect and i'm more ednos, I don't have an obsessive compulsive bone in my body to nitpick the way the schizo anachans do. even when I was an anachan I never gauged my food by calories or anything crazy measured, just went by reduced portion size and factored in my over exercise. there are people with eating disorders who aren't malignant and cruel narcissists who don't drag others down with them, right? I guess they're just not the ones who speak the loudest. it's legitimately a miserable thing to live with but even back when I was an anachan teen I don't remember things being as malicious as gen z acts now. fucking social media corrupted the life out of some of these zoomers. if you're not an unattainable fantasy you might as well not be alive. nothing can please them. pretty sure these are the same people who are highly lookist about fine lines, nose sizes, every minor flaw in existence. Im a mentally ill malignant fuck, but I just can't live my life understanding why people have such a sickening obsession with vanity of such insignificant proportion commentating on the smallest thing when there's better to fuss over. if someone has bad makeup or an ugly outfit it's one thing, but fine lines, how do you even fucking notice those? people aren't twitterfags for saying their jealousy and annoyance is palpable, it's all about self projection and a lot of these anachans can't stand that a "fatty" like Lana or Billie is more famous than they ever will be (ironically look where Lana's body was ten years ago)

No. 931403

Is seems to me that the only celebs the celebricow anons see are Billie, Lana, Ariana, Grimes, and throw in some more odd ones for variety. It's strange and anons in that thread are OBSESSED with those women. With Lana Del Rey it's either her weight or her "glamorizing pedophilia". Which she hasn't done in a decade. Anons are really stuck on her in that thread, I can't figure out the psychology behind it but it's annoying when I just wanna read the thread. And look back at old pics of Lana. She was never even skinny, always healthy and sometimes bordering on chubby. She doesn't even look vastly different now, I can't see what those anons are even seeing and why they rage so much about Lana when she hasn't been milky since last year. All it takes is a candid and they lose their minds. The only thing common theme on that thread I agree with is that Ariana's plastic surgery is scary.

No. 931423

it very much feels like they hold contempt towards them for a select few things predominantly based in appearance. even the recent sperging about how diana was plain or ugly. not sure if you're the anon who said there is more to women than their appearance, but that post was on the nose. For as much lookism that goes on any sperging about people's actions feels buried. Again, in the context of silly outfits at the met gala it makes sense to sperg out, that's the point of the event, but the same points about these same celebrity women being wrung dry is ridiculous. This kind of shit is exactly what drives the infectious and incurable disease that is the current plastic surgery and diet machine, and women are spurring it on ourselves. Maybe I'm just at the age where I'm tired, but in my mid twenties now I don't have the desire to care about nesolabial folds, eye wrinkles, lines on my face or anyone else's. the only thing I miss about previous eras of celebrity is how people werent relying on quickie surgery procedures to look like clones, how people were at least differently lookist, it still occurred, but at least people were more distinctive, I guess? It feels like everything has been stripped. the fun and amusement of celebrity culture has been bleached dry. influencers like the kardashians pushing the trends they have has become a poisonous injectable if you will for young girls egos and psyches, universalized a boring and samey look like dead eyed and lifeless sex dolls. so now everytime someone comes along who doesn't fit that mold, people are far more critical than they've been, pushing for "unique" celebs to fall for those trends themselves. does it fare well for them in the end? not necessarily, looking at how a lot of these plastic surgery procedures have aged. I'm not confident in myself at all, body or face, but I can't help but feel like I need to be above the surgery culture that's arisen from this era of celebrity. it makes me sad to see women who I'd never thought fall for it change themselves into featureless and indistinct blowup dolls to appease the vanity industry. there was even an article awhile back about plastic surgeons who primarily do small work, often for older celebs, who said themselves that this kind of look and culture is harmful. ps wasnt something reserved for the younger, prettier person in the first place, it was targeted at older demographics prior to the influencer boom. it was meant to "enhance", not entirely change the face, and be done in tasteful and barely noticeable amounts. now you got dermatologists and non board certified med spas suggesting their twenty some year olds get fish sized anus lip fillers. I'm tired of this shit.

No. 931429

>bringing up a post from 5 days ago for nothing relevant

No. 931443

You're in ot no one cares

No. 931686

They're PULL refugees who think reposting and hyper-analyzing Lori's shoops is prime milk.

No. 932105

File: 1633542849072.png (31.89 KB, 606x262, imagen_2021-10-06_125200.png)

This can't be fucking right. Steven is the one enabling Jillian retardedness and he's probably doing it on purpose to keep her under his control, probably laughs at it too.

Also what the fuck, she has become a full on munchie. She now talks to herself on twitter and just spent 1000 on an unnecesary brain scan, frivolous spending gone wrong. Imagine paying for something a cancer patient could be needing instead, just because you want to show the internet how (fake) mentally ill you are.

No. 932114

File: 1633543648949.jpeg (867.89 KB, 1500x981, 8_Progression_Louis_Wain_Illus…)

Pixie is weird, it really feels like we're watching a woman tiktok herself into a genuine break from reality. And her clownish style reminds me more and more of Louis Wain's distorted cats.

No. 932162

Does Steve piss sitting down? Because that's what I took away from the way she worded this

No. 932187

luna's spending habits literally boggle my mind, i seriously cant wrap my head around it. every. single. day. she has a new shipment of cheap trinkets coming in and its somehow never enough

No. 932346

Steven is a faggot

No. 932357

Samantha Prater posting again is like the second coming of Jesus Christ

No. 932359

You could have easily written this about me and I still can't tell you the reason why
A deep seated unhappiness with my life that can't be filled because it comes from within myself? An addiction to novelty? Lack of self control owing to an upbringing in poverty?
Shopping addictions are a common issue these days, who can say what really causes it

No. 932360


No. 932364

No. 932365

I'll be real with you your post was too long for me to read it all but I think I got the jist
Are you surprised? This is the same site where anons still post in the venus and Dakota threads about things that haven't been relevant in over a decade

No. 932437

they're incredibly, infuriatingly annoying outside of their containment thread but weirdly fascinating within it. especially the ancient bonelords you can tell have been at it for a long time.
her thread has been a variation of 'luna takes drugs and is dirty' with short bursts of drama for most of its lifespan. the fact that she has a ''''job'''''''''' now at least means that things could get briefly interesting again.

No. 932673

I remember browsing one anacow's thread just to see what it was all about, I had to physically leave when she was in the process of gaining weight and recovering from being deathskinny anons started calling her fat and pointing out her "belly rolls" or whatever. Despite her still obviously being underweight at that point, just not a ghastly sack of bones anymore. It's sick beyond belief. I don't even know if it's fat larpers trying to cope with being overweight or do actual anachans really concern themselves with others' looks that much?

Whichever the case they ruin all threads in /snow/ with their obsessive weight sperging, every cow they ever come across is fat to them and they can't shut up about it. Fat fat fat. Every post has to be zooming in to any skin fold they might have to write a spergy post about how she's such a fat fuck who should stop stuffing her face and preferably cease to exist altogether. I can't imagine being that obsessed with weight unless you had huge issues with it yourself.

No. 932676

Nta, but I think it's actual anachans. It's so weird to me, you would think people with eating disorders wouldn't want to say stuff like that to people who have eating disorders, or stuff that could cause someone to develop an eating disorder.

No. 932683

because anachans don't care anon. They don't care about their health or anyone else's. They just want to bone rattle and make others feel shitty about completely normal things because they have no control of their life and need that superiority over something so shitty as "who's the sickest/thinnest". Their mind is distorted that way, they have convinced themselves this is the only thing that matters. A lot of anachans stop doing what they loved most to focus on their eating behaivors. They have nothing else in their mind but "be skinny, others are fat, you are fat, stop eating".

No. 932684

Any anachan who is """"nice"""" on the internet is probably lying. They do not care, they aren't nice behind walls.

No. 932685

File: 1633588618440.png (56.02 KB, 275x183, imagen_2021-10-07_013657.png)

I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face
I want to punch pixielocks in the face(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 932708

might as well say the same thing about the kiki thread too, the old cows are running on fumes

No. 932719

"my life was stolen from me"
What a fucking retard, this fuels me with rage.

No. 932724

You took the ban to say what we were all thinking

No. 932743

thank you for your sacrifice

No. 932750


No. 932752

Can someone explain it me what her abuser did and why people want to punch her in the face? I never followed her thread and don't feel like digging

No. 932754

She never was abused and never had any abuser. She's blaming her mental illness bullshit on Uma, her deviantart ex that only lasted a few weeks when she was 13.

No. 932756

What's the story with the ex? Do we know more?

No. 932804

File: 1633605410618.jpeg (444.92 KB, 1170x945, CBE22A7E-1D33-400D-A726-8E4671…)

At first I felt that anons were projecting when they claimed Pixie is jealous of the teacher’s victims and that she wishes she had some of her own deep-seated trauma were projecting, but then I remembered I used to be friends with a girl that would have this weird longing look on her face or straight up almost giddy whenever she heard about someone’s trauma and had a ton of roleplay characters she was obsessed with that were all rape victims that all were male prostitutes and/or drug addicts (cut her off when we were in our early 20s and she would more often bring any and all subjects back to her totes original characters do not steal). Girl came from a pretty comfortable background similar to Jill and had on record announced that she wished she wasn’t so ordinary, and have of course trooned out last I heard of her. So Jill wishing she had a more… “colourful” past is pretty believable with her mental illness shopping. They are both the same breed of insufferable

No. 932825

File: 1633609156425.jpeg (93.15 KB, 828x822, BA09BB3A-2236-46DF-BBD4-9862EB…)

despite her atrocious hobbit physique, she kind of looks nice in this, maybe my standards for how humans should appear in public is extremely low but meh

No. 932839

I agree. She does look nice from time to time (make-up, nice clothes and not showing the teeth all help), anons are too harsh. Just cause it's Lillee doesn't mean that you have to call her an ugly goblin all the time.

No. 932845


This the overly harsh comments and non stop swearing to prove a point when calling her fat and then tantrum throwing when someone says something okay about her are embarrassing.

No. 932875

she has great skin imo.

No. 932879

File: 1633616354087.jpeg (324.65 KB, 744x737, 7AAC7250-9B65-4E08-97E9-198A94…)

She really does look pretty cute in this, if only she wasn’t ultra delusional and stopped larping as a brit with her bad teeth and all

No. 932892

I think she's pretty but has such a crazy person energy that it gets distorted.

No. 932922

>>932839 here, the only thing I don't like are the red spots that make it look like her panties and bra are visible through the dress (which I assume isn't what's happening, based on >>932879). I wish it was shooped away

No. 933015

I usually don't care about the age of farmers browsing, but anons talking about being in their 30s in the ana thread is a little much. If you're in your 30s and reliving the glory days of being 70lbs by calling freshly 16 yr olds fat I genuinely think there's something wrong with you

No. 933020

No. 933021

File: 1633629615369.gif (366.25 KB, 400x267, giphy (3).gif)

No. 933073

Lillee wouldn't be awful looking if she just fixed her teeth and accented her features better, maybe lost some weight.

No. 933464

I'll probably be accused of being Loony Lori, but the anons in her thread are fucking retarded.

There's this constant talk about how embarrassing it is that she tries to pass for a teen, yet they'll mock the chest cavity issue (which isn't her fault, she's a shit person, but that's something someone is born with and its beyond her control), her feet size (also beyond her control), and her weight gain (.. uh, isn't this.. a GOOD thing?). If people want this bitch to quit pedo pandering and to start acting and dressing her age, screeching about her looking how someone would likely look at 36 isn't going to help that. They act like she's the fucking crypt keeper and that her skin is melting right off the bone. I swear, the same anons who frequent June's thread must also visit Loony's because it's the exact same type of comments.

Neither of them are melting. They have shit makeup, shit diets, and shit skin care routines. Change those and things would be a little better.

No. 933466

File: 1633658110329.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.85 KB, 1201x1525, meat.jpeg)

Oh, I was talking about this Luna.

No. 933655

There are entire cope threads on MPA regarding how former teenage skinny legends cope with age, and whether or not they "dress their age". It should go without saying that anachans, who are defined by their mental illness, have something wrong with them

No. 933710

I agree that there's no point in picking at things she can't change, there's way too much nitpicking wrt to her in every thread when their lunacy is the real milk. However, Kevin does kind of look like he's melting, but that could largely just be due to how fast he let his mental health and hygiene deteriorate. If it came out that he dabbled in meth or something I wouldn't be shocked, he has that look these days. And I think the June thread is a different but similar case, anons point out her age and Lori's just because they know that's their sore spot and want them to get triggered by lurking. I sincerely doubt anyone in June's thread thinks she looks old, she doesn't. But they know that she thinks she's expired based on her own ideology, so they hope to press her buttons. It's annoying for sure tho when it fills the majority of a thread.

No. 935439

so hard to resist nailsperging in shatna's thread cuz they really are so atrocious and its not just nitpicking on something she can't help like her unfortunate genital situation. she keeps repeatedly getting these stupid fucking hotdog nails coming straight out from her fingers at an upward angle

No. 935655

can i talk about lite cows who's been in drama and brought up only a few times with no dedicated threads?

No. 935701

It's probably me being a helpless dyke, but I think Lori has a beautiful body, and her features (when not shooped into an anime toddler from hell) are very beautiful too, from the "candids" we've seen. Too bad about… Literally everything about her, though.

No. 935710

I think she's super pretty but that pic is oddly unflattering? She looks like a younger Martina

No. 935733

If corpse ends up being cute I would absolutely want to fuck him and spam him the unconventional attraction thread because of his atrocious voice.

No. 936075

>spam him the unconventional attraction thread
someone already beat you to it

No. 936469

/w is full of wannabe cow’s & failed Japanophiles:
The escort/SB tinfoil on Dakota thread
People who underestimate how hard it is to detach oneself from the trauma cause by an abusive parent and think Venus is a master manipulator
Visa tinfoil on Mikan thread, people who lose their shit when you suggest she looks okay
That one PNG anon who is obsessed with hoes on Kabukihoes thread, probably failed SW herself
Nitpicking on Lori threads

No. 936474

and then there's pixielocks, a legit retard

No. 936526

>people who lose their shit when you suggest she looks okay
That happens all the fucking time in snow kek you can't say "I think she looks ok here" without some deranged anon screeching at you "REEE ANON WHAT THE FUCK WITH WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND? I DON'T COME HERE TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE"

No. 936555

I can’t even stare at ana threads for more than a few seconds

No. 936557

Yeah kek her behavior is petty but I don’t see the point of constant sperging about Lori’s feet and nose. Seriously it looks like a pair of normal human female feet. I don’t see what makes them abnormally large. Same for her nose.

No. 936578

I hate the word "nona", it's so cringe and retarded

No. 936601

The Venus anons are bigger cows than Venus is, at this point. Venus is just depressing and disheartening to witness noe. The a-logging about how evil Venus is and how her mom is actually the victim in this situation is a fresh crockpot of insanity.

I remember this one anon a-logging that her childhood couldn't have possibly been that bad, because she had the opportunity to go to Japan and received some nice gifts, as so many children want to do. It confirmed to me that a substantial amount of the sperging on her thread must be coming from people who are bizarrely jealous of her fucked up childhood.

I honestly just feel bad for Venus. There's no entertainment in her as a cow, just watching a traumatized person downward spiral with little to no panache.

No. 936621

Yeah I haven’t checked her threads or Youtube in a while, and recently I saw her stream where she drifts off in the midst of eating a hamburger. I think she overtly emphasizes her mental health issues to attract attention from whatever fan base she has left, but it’s clear as day that she’s struggling. It was bizarre to watch her mouth slowly open and close while she hold a burger in one hand, half asleep. She might be doing it on purpose but she still looks miserable and in pain.

No. 936628

Suck it up, nona.

No. 936635

ok nonnie

No. 936647

shayna isn’t that milky compared to the average camwhore but she’s fun to gawk at sometimes

No. 936651

When I saw that anon call her thighs cottage cheese I immediately just knew I should stop reading her thread, absolutely no milk just full of alogging

No. 936655

she's not doing so bad right now because there's still novelty. give it a while and she'll spiral in a completely new way that will most likely captivate us again

No. 936657

Every time I wander to /w/ I'm amazed it's even part of the same site as the rest of lolcow, there's such a weird PULL energy there. Wonder how much I'd have to donate to Admin-sama for her to nuke it on her last day.

No. 936730

Creep show art and corpse husband have the exact same phenotype

No. 936731

File: 1634056746019.png (218.95 KB, 536x258, B103F9B9-6EA0-4042-89AC-6B4244…)

they look exactly the same

No. 936740

File: 1634057255392.jpg (207.44 KB, 638x960, 1352923346517.jpg)

Respect your roots.


No. 936745

Why is /w/ even around? Wasn't it voted out at a townhall like two years ago?

No. 936794

Pixielocks thread is full of medfagging. I'm like, please don't give her any ideas, it's lending legitimacy to her endless litany of self-dxs. Usually that stuff gets squashed on lolcow real quick.

No. 937100

File: 1634079436907.jpg (88.97 KB, 980x661, hbz-queen-elizabeth-ap-9307150…)

i'm sad the royal drama thread died. they're all cows

No. 937108

I didn't realize there was one. I'd participate if it was active.

No. 937151

i iwsh it were still active too, i wanna talk shit about meghan and andrew

No. 937210

I'm convinced most of the posters in there are young 20 something autists, munchies that have the same rainbow vomit style she has, or are/were lolitafags. The amount of people a-logging her for being a fat munchie, the anachans who'd call her a hulking hambeast before she really got fat, or blogposting about "as a sufferer from x, it really pisses me off that she [insert whatever mental illness she has this week]" is ridiculous. Her threads feel like they're filled with twitter tourists rather than PULLfags.

No. 937433

I think the reason the Leftcows threads never get old to me is that it's just too funny to watch people who built their entire careers on talking shit about others have nuclear crybaby tantrums when someone talks shit about them. Never seen it to that scale before.

No. 938018

shayna's one of those cows that's not all that milky or one who i want to keep up with very consistently, but like a nice, reliable comfort meal you go back to every time you don't want to put too much effort in. i can pop in practically every time and not have to backread to catch up on anything especially milky and know that everything will be going down as predictably as usual.

No. 938061

ngl, after spending years ignoring her thread, I'm now hooked and participating because flamboyant munchies are my fav and the thread is FAR less "as a sufferer from x" than the average discussion about a given munchie and as such is tolerable. Plus her sharp decline and what seems to be influence from an unethical counselor add a layer of intrigue.

No. 939307

File: 1634306120538.png (16.69 KB, 1253x206, 8lj.png)

Effina is just some 4chan pickme who got picked by an ugly white scrote. I feel like she should be interesting in theory, but she's quite boring. It's crazy IMHO that her thread is always on the first page of /snow/. The PS on all her pics is ridiculous, yeah, but it's overhyped at this point
Also, I always see posters in that thread complain that she's racist and misogynistic, but they're also both of those things themselves. Like, they say she needs to stop hating herself for not being white, but at the same time, her skin naturally getting darker from pregnancy is "vomit-inducing"? And they called another girl a "spoiled whore" for escaping abuse/honor killing in an Islamic country? They remind me of Brittany Venti or something. They're probably just like her worst aspects, except they didn't get impregnated by the MDE moid so they're mad

No. 939309

Same. I don't hate Shayna or even participate in the thread it's more like reading a trashy tabloid you didn't pay for to pass the time than anything else

No. 939378

There's this normie belief that if someone buys you things, they can't possibly treat you bad, ever, and I think that's where this behavior comes from. I have a theory that some of them were abused in a similar way but they don't recognize it.

No. 939413

I hope Shayna keeps going to LA and/or traveling and doing collabs. The only thing interesting about her these days is the mini-cows she surrounds herself with, and it’s mostly because inevitably we know it’ll go south and it’s fun to see how people react to coming to terms with just how much of a piece of shit Shay is when you get close to her.
Shay reminds me of Chris Chan - they’re both pathetic, delusional and self-serving yet self-destructive at the same time.
I’m glad people don’t troll Shay like they did with Chris, it’s much more fun to just watch Shay’s life constantly implode based on her own retarded, absurd choices.

No. 939419

Abrahamic-chan is back just for you, nona.

No. 939441

The only actually funny post I saw in her thread before I gave up reading it was the anon who said she looked like a Michael Jackson hologram. All the sperging is impossible to scroll through.

No. 939562

File: 1634323860567.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 935x613, Capture.PNG)

Same happens with Lori, yeah. I said she had a mature face with a strong jaw and there's one yeast infection ridden anon who won't let it go. I never said that Lori was the spitting image of Usagi Tsukino, but like a few others have pointed out her face does suit mature aesthetics such as renn faire and witch or even Marvel/DC cosplays better than this weeb shit she's been on. Some anons there really do act like she looks like picrel and sorry but no matter how much you hate her that's simply not the case. Even without filters and shoop she looks her age, but god forbid you say that and a million anons suddenly pour in with how they know a geriatric who looks younger than Loony.

No. 939565

File: 1634324040283.png (144.21 KB, 275x275, imagen_2021-10-15_135228.png)

Pixielocks is creeping me out so much and I don't even read her caps anymore and just focus on what other anons say because she's both infuriating and slowly becoming an horrorcow.

This is a picrew image of someone literally LARPING a new "DID persona" based on her and she was like "AMAZING SWEETIE I SUPPORT -emoji-" and I'm just like. Oof. What the fuck is going on.

No. 939598

File: 1634326112930.jpg (15.79 KB, 450x222, inch.jpg)

Inch the beanie baby doesn't deserve to be involved in this degeneracy

No. 939602

I left Jill's threads for about 2 years and came back to all of this. And like, holy shit she is spiralling so hard. She has like no boundaries with her "fans." Someone itt said she was beginning to turn into a member of her old Confetti Club fandom with the mento illness, gender confusion, and woke fishing and I 100% see it.

No. 939679

i like her mini cows too but her thread has so many spergs who chimp the fuck out whenever someone tries to talk about them that it drains some of the fun out of it for me

No. 939710

Huge agree, I get not wanting Fupa brought up anymore since he is old news, but as soon as Soy Salvatire started to be funny someone was sperging about him being irrelevant. They have zero patience for milk, I would rather laugh at that guy than read 25 posts about the shape of Shay's vagina or titsperging.

No. 939715

Right, like the one anon who keeps returning to argue that sol and his wife aren't allowed to be posted and then backpedaled to make it about his dick. No ones saying to keep posting his dick, but it was posted like one time on it's own (the tranny pic doesn't count, his awful body was the focal point of that one) and nonita's been watching the thread like a hawk ever since. And the only reason why his dick got posted was because his wife and shat kept talking this mfer up like he was a Greek God. It was piss taking pure and simple. They're more relevant than Fupa is and I'm glad people have shut up about him.

No. 939719

This. Fuck that retarded anon.

No. 939764

I liked her thread too (skinwalkers and failed sex workers are my favourite brand of cows, and she was both lol) but it was heavily suspected that she was bumping her own thread so that people would keep giving her attention. Ignoring her is the only real way to piss her off

No. 940621

I miss when the gimpgirl thread was more active

No. 940625

No. 941008

It seems like that one anon has shut up and realizes that the introduction of Sol and his wife gave us a bit of milk. Even cowtipper anon gave us some because otherwise the thread would've been the same usual sperging about her vag and her gross kinks and Ellen. Anons whine about groundhog day but something comes along to mix it up and then they get triggered.

No. 941049

even then though, most of them won't stop crying about cowtipper anon as though that within itself wasn't genuinely funny. you can tell which retards are the ones constantly bringing up the fact that she looks like a pig/that her vagina is gross/that her tits are floppy, because they're the exact same ones who go apeshit as soon as somebody attempts to contribute something that isn't exactly those things.

No. 941192

if the thread is so dry that you’re relying on cowtippers and people adjacent to her for milk then maybe farmers should just put their energy elsewhere kek

No. 941274

File: 1634495227729.png (37.6 KB, 200x284, thumb_eye-bleach-29955612.png)

I was one of the frequent posters and was considering getting back into it, but now that that other anon posted her prolapsed uterus porn I don't think I can do it. Uterine prolapse has been my biggest fear forever. It makes me want to hang upside down for the rest of my life so the fucking thing can't fall out like that. Mary, why?

No. 941687

How is this supposed to be an insult? Are you that salty that people have had fun? Lmao.

No. 942024

who said it was an insult? sorry you took it that way.

No. 942038

File: 1634570750429.png (13.76 KB, 582x131, 1409006319311.png)

Does anyone else get amused/annoyed by the anons speculating about whether or not the cow visits the farm on like every thread when outside of the celebricows:
>the vast majority of cows are literal nobodies outside of their tiny niche and don't have a team to shield them from criticism
>for the e-celeb cows, their livelihood depends on knowing what their audience thinks of their content
>they're people, and people get distressed when others are gossiping about them
>a large proportion are pathological attention-seekers and lolcow = attention
>there have been numerous cases of e-celebs and even real celebs getting caught on gossip sites
like no shit they've read the thread, there's a good chance that they're reading your dumbass comment at this very moment. Do farmers really think that internet people with a few thousand or even a few million followers are above watching people fling shit at them, or even flinging shit themselves?

No. 942055

There's a part of me that thinks Soren is still alive. I hope she is anyway. Legit one of the most interesting, horrifying people I've ever rubbernecked on.

No. 942520

File: 1634606123978.jpg (41.04 KB, 730x743, e1bbe89d70ce7225a3b7c54877b9da…)

I'm beating a dead horse with this, but I've gotten the time to waste while thinking about this along side with other old stuff, so here it is, I guess.

Mr. Enter is a person I'm very conflicted with. I believe he can say and create good stuff is he tries to, but at the same time I understand why many people used to and still consider him a cow. Everytime I see people making fun of him, I think that people are being too harsh on him and that he doesn't deserve to be treated like that, but then I watch one of his videos and then I began to remember why people dislike him so much. Similar thing with Growing Around; when I see all of the youtubers making fun of his proyect, I began to feel that they are being pretty cruel with someone's passion proyect, but then I read the actual scrips, look at the marketing or even the way Enter keeps talking about other people's works and then I don't know anymore if it's actual cruelness or just karma.

As much as I don't like Daftpina, I think that Enter should take his advice and just work on something other than growing around, or just start with something more simple than a 20 minutes episode show. Honestly, my biggest issue with Growing around is that it feels more like if was created for other animation critics on Youtube instead of children; like, Enter is trying so hard to pressent it as some form of uber-subversive piece that it might feel very boring and tryhard for an actual kid; and it seems like if he knows it because most of the time he tries to shoehorne stuff like ponies and rainbows into his works thinking that it would make it more appealing to a kid, but it just makes the presentation feel corny and out of touch.

I also want to create my own proyect one day, and I'd like to go full indie with it, but seen Enter's situation with GA, I've decided to do a better planning with my own stuff before jumping into the water.

No. 943740

Jillian is less annoying than the armchair autist anons in her thread.

I went to check new milk, if she finally officially became a DID LARPER and was instead greeted by walls of text discussing her psyche that sound like they were written by high schoolers and discussion about tiktok social contagination.

No. 943882

The yumi thread is full of really annoying people but I guess that can’t be helped since she was always pretty harmless. I feel bad for her since she got married

No. 943924

I used to skip the Yumi thread because it make me physically ill, like I almost puked in my mouth when I saw that crusty old man with dead eyes next to a childish looking asian girl. It was almost as disturbing as the anachan threads for me. I can now read the milk without having to see his unfortunate old face. She’s still a bit lost and naive but I’m glad the man is out of the picture now.

No. 943928

The “Yumi is as faulty as splenda” sperg is annoying af. She periodically spergs out on that thread. Like do we wk old men who are into barely legal girls on lolcow now?

No. 944079

/w/ as a whole is shit tbh.

No. 944465

I feel bad for the anon that is currently being dogpiled because another anon took her comment out of context in the celeb thread. She was right about all teen celebs getting hyper-sexualized the moment they turn eighteen and that they are focusing on Billie’s breasts to the point of obsession only because she has them.

That’s one of the worst, if not the worst, threads here because everyone just wants to infight about women’s bodies constantly. It’s kind of depressing.

No. 944932

So I started following Mina after reading the dasha threads, and it has become very noticeable how her skinwalker stalking has an impact on her to this day, she’s apparently at a point where being on social media gives her severe anxiety. Dasha hasn’t stopped, as of recent she dyed her hair bright red just a month after Mina did. It’s very sad to see this shit still going on, I wonder if dasha ever will let go.

No. 944942

I ignored her for ages until the divorce but god, I'd forgotten how fucking OLD splenda looks. He's ugly and nerdy to begin with but looking like her jowly balding caucasian dad makes it so much worse, idk how she tolerated him long enough to get preggo. The divorce is a blessing in disguise, maybe she can get a young and normal looking guy but even if not being single >>>

No. 944982

Heather's thread is no longer fun, just plain sad

No. 945027

I always wonder about the skinwalker in cases like this. It's one thing to be jealous in secret and lack the creativity or confidence to do their own shit, but when they know literally everyone knows that they're copying, including the victim, why still do it? Do they get a thrill out of making the other person feel like they can't have anything? Is it just stubbornness? Don't they feel ashamed?

No. 945152

Mikan thread is full of tinfoil about her bf’s recent driving school trip kek. People don’t know how things work in Japan, it’s a totally normal thing to spend two weeks at an intense course at a driving school and they tinfoil about him cheating.

No. 945371

90% of her thread is either retarded tinfoil or nose sperging. I tried reading through it and I don't understand why Mikan even has a thread, she's a spoiled rich girl in Japan just like a million others. Guess the PULL weebs jumped from Kenna to her.

No. 945413

Agreed She's vaguely annoying and I don't get good vibes from her, but just scrolling past I saw one comment tinfoiling about how she must secretly be jealous of a girl because she laughed in a fake way, and a post criticizing her parents for calling her a 'weird' (foreign) name. That's supposed to be milk?

Skinny, (debatably) pretty girls in Japan attract seething pulltards like flies and they grasp at any tiny straw to keep their bitter little party going.

No. 947684

i hate how off the rails the shayna thread has gone over the years. during the fupa mansion era it was one of the funniest threads. now it’s just pure autism and blogposting.

No. 947874

I used to think Shayna would eventually get out of this lifestyle. Go home, maybe even shack up with a scrote, have a baby and just live the same but offline.
Now i just think she'll end up like Ellen. Except she's still going to keep chasing this dream of fame, chasing scrotes she meets through sex work and not taking care of herself.
Shayna moves like she grew up in a crackhouse with terrible parents, like she was never shown love or affection. Like she suffered some horrible tragedy.
Except she didn't. She could find any lonely scrote to date, her standards aren't high. She dates losers anyway.
There's so many easy ways she could fix her life, not be miserable, not using porn to have basic interactions with people, not depend on twitter likes/attention to validate herself.
But I feel one day I'll stop checking, come back and she'll be 35 still doing porn, still calling herself a bimbo. Probably "ThiccBarbiebimbo", still pedo-pandering and maybe she'll be stuck on another fucked in the brain scrote.

No. 947886

I'm tapping out of Shayna's thread, the urge to a-log is too strong. The pedo shit combined with her girlfriend or whatever actually working with children is too disgusting for me. Someone let me know when she ends up on an fbi watchlist, thanks

No. 947907

I hope corpse husband is hot now, if Hasan can do it then corpse burpy can

No. 948037

that guy who goes to brothels? he's ugly. idg why so many anons find him attractive

No. 948054

it's the worst it's ever been right now. it's just constant infighting and moralfagging retards being like 'OMG I WANT TO ALOG SOOOO BAD RIGHT NOW!!11!' or pissing themselves over a fat whore with a ballsack doing stupid shit. there's not one thing that can be posted without the thread devolving into a complete circlejerk of 'shayna bad!!!' as though that isn't why we're all here, or as though anyone is disagreeing.

No. 948057

What lmao. At least CH's doesn't have a comically disproportionate body, so he's already in a different level

No. 948062

I don't even find Shayna that ugly kek. One anon said she looked average, or the type of girl who would peak in high school. Immediate dogpiling. If you imply she's anything above a -10/10 it goes off the rails. Calm down, there are uglier women who exist. The moralfagging over fetishes for more than half the thread is retarded too

No. 948090

>the type of girl who would peak in high school
tbf if we're talking about the same post, that anon said that men in a small town would be "fighting each other over her" which was pretty ott kek

No. 948091

>it's just constant infighting and moralfagging retards being like 'OMG I WANT TO ALOG SOOOO BAD RIGHT NOW!!11!'
kek this anon must be a contributor to that epidemic >>947886

No. 948123

The 'i-i can't take moar uwu' and anons sperging about the furryposter that one time (their post was stupid, but so was the grandiose reaction) are all retarded. You can tell who is new because imagine getting so shitter shattered in a shat thread. She's done this nasty pedopandering shit before, it isn't anything new, and sure that doesn't mean its acceptable but we don't need a million posts with the same response. Imagine worrying about delicate sensibilities on lc in a shayna thread. Fucking wild.

At the same time, I wouldn't bat an eye at anons who want to cowtip on either shat or ellen because they're both disgusting and ellen shouldn't be near kids. Call it moralfagging if you want but its revolting.

No. 948160

anons encouraging cowtipping are arguably just as bad or worse than everything else you described

No. 948173

I'm glad Sharla is ok

No. 948176

lucinda's thread makes me sad but i can't keep myself away from it sometimes. i really do hope she gets better

No. 948189

I already hate the Neuralblender thread

No. 948191

But why?

No. 948194

I know she’s cowy or whatever, but i think her poetry is pretty and she seems sweet. Her way of articulating herself is so endearing to me too. I really hope she can get to a better place in life.

No. 948202

I wish people would acknowledge she's at least somewhat of a munchie

No. 948222

The pictures just make me really uncomfortable. I've always disliked pics like that, they make my skin crawl.

No. 948288

File: 1635053577158.png (244.41 KB, 828x1056, imagen_2021-10-24_003246.png)

Jillian Pixielocks is larping as if she was a villian that everyone is jealous of.

No. 948309

File: 1635059759705.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 619.64 KB, 1458x2592, 46E8CC63-2506-49F7-B01E-95E69F…)

This is harrowing, I skimmed through the thread but holy shit I feel sick.

No. 948414

This makes me wanna go read her thread just to find out where the fuck are her parents

No. 948701

>Do they get a thrill out of making the other person feel like they can't have anything?
I think that Emmalee thread on /w/ is a really good example of how some skinwalkers do it for exactly this reason, that's how she treated Katie. Recommend that thread for insight into how some people like that think, I still think about it from time to time.

No. 948722

>cowtipping is worse than pedopandering sex workers working with children offline

Sure, nonita.

No. 948782

how did you even get that from that post? cowtipping is just against the rules, full stop.

No. 948783

Samefag, I love the neuralblender thread now. Best new thread on /m/.

No. 948851

I like reading Effina's thread for how absolutely unhinged her anons are. I don't find her particularly interesting as a cow, as she's just a run of the mill photoshopper flavored lightly with tradwife, but the people who post in her thread are soil munching psychos. There's clearly a handful of them who only come on this site to a-log about Effina and don't use it otherwise, plus some very obvious people with ballsacks. Not to mention the racebait that seeps in. The fact she spends an inordinate time lurking on her own thread and alludes to it through some of her posts only adds to the experience.

I mainly just pity Effina herself, as I do with most of the tradwife adjacent cows.

No. 948879

i have no idea why people care about that lilboweeb person. every once in a while, i see her ugly shooped mug on the front page and it’s always the same 15 yrs old stans or comments about her lies.

No. 948943

Basically agree anon, I think she's a pitiable cow and that thread had some potential (to me her connection to Charls elevates her beyond just a photoshopper) but is full of scrotes and insane vendettas. Now that she's pregnant I just feel bad for her being stuck with a shitty, weird man as the father of her children.

No. 948980

Unfortunately any thread for a cow even semi-associated with MDE is going to be shit up by MDE fanboys, who are quite possibly the most annoying and contemptable group of losers online.

No. 949019

I still don't understand the OF anons in the Momokun thread who only share certain things then act high and mighty when people ask for full videos like no, we just want to watch that shit for the trainwreck horrorcow milk, not because we're coomers about to jerk it. Sure, there might be coomers lurking around too, but fuck. I'm not searching sketchy porn sites for uploads, sure I want to see that shit to revel in how low she's sunk, but I'm not that desperate for a laugh/vomit. Idk it's just weird to me.

No. 949360

File: 1635184456032.png (6.04 MB, 1728x3464, ewww.png)

The anon who thinks this thing is a real human being and not a sex doll in the lori thread creeps me out. It's like this anon is defending their oh-so glorious "petite looking asian girls", like imagine thinking that comparing asian women to disgusting sex dolls is a good thing

No. 949366

this is honestly why I feel sorry for her. those guys are truly scum. she was young and dumb enough not to know better and those guys love to prey on just that type. whenever I see her thread I feel sick and have to scroll a little quicker just so I'm not reminded that those people exist

No. 949374

why are some anons mentioning /m/ threads in a thread for discussing cows (although one deleted her post but still)

No. 949375

That makes me so uncomfortable. What's happening there? Oh my god.

No. 949380

A lot of aliexpress lingerie stock photos use dolls or mannequins, I don't understand why that anon took it as a personal attack or someone wking Lori. Lori isn't fat, she's just awful, they really need to stop bone rattling.

No. 949405

unnatural armpits, skin, shoulders, fingers… and not even a hint of a ribcage. Whoever thinks this is real is a delusional male

No. 949441

I guess this is generally regarded as a place to talk about other vents without it being a complaint for admin and farmhand, like just commenting on things

No. 949442

I'm kind of torn. On one hand, she is one of those guys. On the other hand, her life has been truly and unironically FUBAR, and essentially when it had just begun. Most of these MDE fagets are going to grow out of it once they finish puberty and spend a few years getting tempered by reality. Effina is bound to a miserable, unemployable schizo until he nosedives off this mortal coil and has extreme BDD to boot. SAD!

No. 949446

Yeah and then this anon was like "if you think this is a sex doll YOU ARE A RACIST AND A PEDO FREAK" like… no, that's not how it works. Then again why the hell do you have an aliexpress link to that shit. Why defend this so hard? they also said "edited pictures of asian women are still women" and I'm like… you must not be around many women if you think this is how real women look like lol

No. 949448

It was probably a twitterfag on the loose judging by the way they speak

No. 949462

Yeah, between the random racebaiting and the way she was telling people to seethe for not being uwu petite it gave me edtwitter/edtwt or whatever they call it now vibes

No. 949465

and you'd never know who did it because lc doesn't hold dominion over the rest of the internet. its retarded to not expect people to do it, just look at some of the anons who post here.

No. 949516

Dw anon, Luncinda deliberately makes herself look worse with editing programs like shmegeh used to. She's not actually that scary looking.

No. 949581

not to be a retard but what's MDE? google isn't giving me what seems to be relevant results.

No. 950729

i can't believe that people like pnp's 'art'. they must either be people who don't draw or people with the same skill level as her, that stuff is bad.

No. 950803

I feel so guilty for finding Elaine so entertaining. She's clearly suffering from some sort of serious mental health issue but it's hard to look away.
Million Dollar Extreme, a far-right '''comedy''''''''' group.

No. 950815

who is pnp?

No. 950865

Plastic n Proud, or Ariana

No. 951203

I don't care about cows being racist lol

No. 951222

an EDGY pedophile misogynic groomer group

No. 951223

oh not to mention SCHIZOPHRENIC

No. 951227

Me either. It's not really milk. Especially if they were, like, making a joke in 2011 that could now be interpreted as racist. Like, who cares? Feels like the same people who come here from Twitter to "cancel" some micro-celebrity only they care about.

No. 951228

I know what it stands for but I've always read it "medium dick energy" and always will

No. 951234

>gasp, they must be people who can't even draw!
I like that this is framed as some wild reach, 99% of the offline population would blush if you asked them to draw a stick figure

No. 952629

Are there any cows you think don't deserve their threads? I want all the farmers who get banned for WKing to defend themselves and explain why.

No. 952633

Did your fav get a thread made about them, nonita?

No. 952637

No I'm just genuinely curious

No. 952642

I haven't wk her as I see no point but some minor cows like Myah Alannah or however you spell it just can't sustain a thread on their own. The anon or anons that update her thread just post her ugly selfies one after the other nitpicking her for being ugly. I think she just belongs in the ethot general. I do get the sense that she was massively cringey at one time, but every time I see her face pop up and check her thread it's just anon nitpicking a boring selfie that's no different from the sea of boring selfies on social media. It seems like she's literally got nothing going on in her life so nothing funny ever happens. A similar cow for comparison might be PNP/Ariana, she's just basic trailer trash but her thread works imo because she still says cringe shit on her socials all the time. If there's some good Myah cringe to be had I wish anons would post it. Myah isn't the only one this applies to but she's the most recent nobody I can think of off the top of my head that I've seen have her thread bumped with a whole lotta nothing.

No. 952649

My bad, lol. They get b& for a reason though. This isn't PULL and some anons take it so deeply and personally when a cow gets a thread and that leads to them shitting up the place because they secretly relate to the cow. I'll concede that some things just aren't milky, like I personally don't get why shoeonhead still has a thread because all she does now is thirst for Vaush and she hasn't been particularly interesting since her engagement ended. She's a washed up pick-me and a grifter who used to run this site with a scrote in order to find out who talked shit on her. Lori's threads are also stale because all she does now are make stupid faces and have seizures and shoop her photos while her manslave makes an appearance here and there. Moo is also pretty boring nowadays, even with the studio business venture she's trying to pull. She's just botched and a bitch, but you can find a million of those on IG. Not saying that none of them deserved threads in the first place, because they did, but they haven't been terribly interesting for a long time now.

Semi related, but a lot of anons who seem newer don't seem to understand the difference between a cow and a snowflake so you'll see people aping when their favs get posted.

No. 952714

File: 1635457145767.jpg (47.47 KB, 448x456, enough.jpg)

I recently dove into Natchan/yukapon's past threads and drama, I have to say that it's probably one of the most depressing stories I've read on here. She was basically shipped off to be lolibait and pay back money for her innocent dreams as a tween. Reading about the scrotes that chased her and the men that groomed her just made me feel overwhelming sadness. After reading about her and lolicomplex; how it evolved from him stalking her and saving her CP into into her being obsessed with him and latching onto the loli thing, I had to take a two day break from here. It really messed with me thinking about what it would be like had I been in her shoes. I shared the same cringe dreams and interests as her, she lived my 12 year old dream and it fucked me up to see how it was really just a lace doily covering up the fact she was chucked into the pedo grinder and psychologically scarred for life by it. You can tell she's dead inside from it despite doing her best to ride her music career and channel out. I know a lot of anons feel negatively about her. Maybe it's cause my dates are mixed up or I'm missing information, but it seemed like the whole piss thing and what people hated her for was all stuff she had done in the peak of that fucked up time as a tween/teen. I felt physically ill watching her Nico Nico streams that had been archived. It felt illegal and dark. Like someone was off camera watching her and guiding her or that she had been instructed by fans and viewers to spread her legs and shit. Gives me the chills even now. The entire situation is so depraved and depressing. Truly, a microcosm of pedophila within idol culture and weeb circles. Reading old posts shredding her and perpetuating the things said by her scorned pedo simps was just too much. I don't feel an attachment enough to defend her, but from what I've looked at it just looks fucked. Is that WKing? I need a whiskey, girls.

No. 952717

A part of me feels similarly about Venus. Its true that she's an adult and people have expected her for years to "know better", but I do question how much she's supposed to know when she was pimped out by Margo for much of her life. I pity her and hope her life will change, but it seems like she's been in a downward spiral for some time now. I don't see her getting better. Whenever I see her thread and Dakota's now, in retrospect, it feels like they're both full of oldfags who are bitter that they never got to go to Japan.

No. 952720

I don't mind her having threads and have never WK'ed her, but I kind of don't understand how Mickey has sustained threads for so long. She's definitely a one trick pony, and unlike other repetitive cows (i.e. Vicky, Shayna, Miranda) she doesn't go on any big occasional spergouts or have notable falling outs with others to keep her interesting. If you've seen one of her shoops you've pretty much seen them all and the novelty of how bad they are wears off fast.

No. 952773

>You can tell she's dead inside from it despite doing her best to ride her music career and channel out.
I don't get this impression at all tbh she seems well adjusted these days. Living in America, not starving herself, hanging out with friends etc, she looks happy and healthy as far as I can tell. I'm sure she's got trauma and mental health issues but dead inside…?

No. 953424

Anons in Shayna's thread keep saying that she isn't actually into all the atrocious pedo and incest fantasies but I believe she is; it just comes across inauthentic because she hates doing sex work and sex in general. She tweets out pretty disgustingly detailed fantasies that involve the same shit multiple times a day in different ways and given that she's not a decent writer or good at faking things, it's pretty believable she's into what she tweets out. She's been doing this for 5-6 years. You'd also be hard pressed to find a woman that would willingly do diaper porn without being an inkling into it. She's doing it all for male attention though, that everyone agrees on.

No. 953437

I think it's hard to figure out where the male attention part of it starts and ends is the only thing. a lot of people see it as a kind of 'she does it for male attention, so she's into it for male attention, which means she's not really into it herself' situation, I think.

on the topic of shayna - I've been cringing at all of her weird tweets lately, but I've never really felt as disgusted as I have by the one she posted today about the birthday cupcake. it's hardly different to her others so I have no idea why this one is so vile to me, but eugh

No. 953471

what drug is so powerful that you can knock a 200lb bitch out with one bite? the absurdity.

No. 953839

File: 1635535289514.gif (2.39 MB, 498x270, please-say-sike-eric-andre.gif)

I really hate that farmers constantly doubt Shayna's sexuality. Like sure she's a pickme, misogynistic whore but that doesn't mean she isn't legitimately bisexual. The bitch literally has been in multiple relationships with women and fucks women. I don't mean to sperg about "bi erasure" but I just feel like it's such a retarded hill to die on.

No. 953846

agreed, anon. straight women and fake bi’s are “totez attracted to women but would never date one!!1!1!!!”
seriously annoying as hell how many “bisexual” women say they would never date or have sex with a woman, like??? how are you bi then??

No. 953854

It's a weird thing people here have where they can't admit that genuinely bisexual and lesbian women can be annoying and pickmes. There's shit people everywhere regardless of their sexuality.

No. 953859

I don't participate in her threads because they just make me sick, but isn't easier to doubt her because of her porn star delusion? I imagine many het female starlets fuck other women for the paycheck. If Shayna has been in relationships not for show, than I agree it's different

No. 953917

>isn't easier to doubt her because of her porn star delusion?
I think that's a big part of how the talk of her being "fake" bi started in the thread, that and how she has always been the type to do anything for attention. I think anons are so used to her lying about things to try and go viral that they just assume everything she expresses has to be untrue. I agree that if this were a lie though she would be carrying it exceptionally far, it's more likely that she either actually likes women to some degree or memed herself into thinking she does via over-consumption of porn for so long.

No. 953926

i think there's a chance she could be bi for real but i'm hesitant to believe it because whenever she's been shown with other women she's been visibly disgusted. that could be because she's never fucked anyone who's actually good looking though

No. 953949

Shat seems repulsed by sex. For someone who claims to be "anal barbie" and "a kink queen" she has a very little sex with other people. The focus of her sexuality is stuffing crusty dildos into her holes for male attention.

No. 953989

i hope so too. i only found the soren thread this year and was so shocked because we used to be friends on tumblr. i remember even back then thinking there's no way any of this is true and being suprised no one ever called soren out. weird as hell to come on here 5 years later and find out shes dead

No. 954015

Shay is borderline asexual in my opinion. Sex to her is a neutral task like working out or getting the mail at this point. I've never been able to find it again but there's an ancient (5 years old? 6?) Shay quote somewhere where she says she literally doesn't like or care about kinks or sex but only loves attention and that "no matter how badly I hurt myself I come back for more because attention is more important than sex to me." It was honestly disturbing as fuck.

No. 954038

I agree, she doesn’t enjoy sex but it gets her what she needs, and her actual relationships are a mean to get someone be her caretaker and provider, regardless of gender. She doesn’t want a partner, she wants someone to do everything for her so it doesn’t matter if she’s attracted to them or not. She will fuck them to keep them around though

No. 954044

I think that's a very accurate read on her, when she talks about her ideal relationship it always comes down to wanting someone else to handle all her adult responsibilities for her so she can put all her energy into her substance abuse

No. 954050

Do gay men try to impress women?

No. 954059

sometimes, yes
when I say pickme it doesn't always mean pickme for men, plenty of lesbian who make themselves desperate for women

I also believe gay men cater a lot to women for attention but don't necessarily want to be in relationships or have sex with them. Just look at how many gay men put extreme efforts into their appearance and use steroids, attention whore online, work as male strippers, etc. Most of them know what they're doing

No. 954064

Do you have any milk or info on your experience with Soren that you would be okay with sharing?
>I also believe gay men cater a lot to women for attention but don't necessarily want to be in relationships or have sex with them. Just look at how many gay men put extreme efforts into their appearance and use steroids, attention whore online, work as male strippers, etc. Most of them know what they're doing

No. 954141

When lesbians post lingerie pics, nudes, and are sex workers they're accused of not actually being a lesbian and looking for male attention (rightfully so unless they're posting on an app/forum/whatever exclusively to lesbians) why shouldn't we do the same for men?

No. 954151

oh no, not the lesbian sex workers

No. 954153

Plenty of sex workers that cater to the opposite sex are LGBT no?

No. 954195

I don't feel bad for Mina. Like at all.

No. 954521

No. 954633

Anon, you sound like you need help or are projecting in some way. Someone can have had relationships with women for the image and airs, which is what Shay does. Shay neglects Ellen and doesn't at all behave the same way with women which she does with men. If you're looking for a case of bi erasure to sperg about, this isn't it. The retarded hill to die on is defending someone like Shayna Clifford. How long have you been here?

No. 954640

I admit I am sperging a bit about bi erasure hence coming to the retarded real opinions on cows thread on /ot/. But I'm not defending Shayna by saying I think she's actually bisexual. Being bi doesn't make you superior or some kind of good person actually. She's still gross.

No. 955023

I feel like some of the pedo fantasties Shay has been posting have been coming from Ellen. If you compare Ellen’s Fetlife that some anon posted to Shay’s Seeking Arrangement + some of the shit she’s been posting recently it reeks of Ellen writing it for her + influencing her, especially with the whole “mumma” thing — I honestly feel like Ellen is worse and grosser than Shay & is such a nasty influence. She’s not as innocent as she seems.

No. 955029

Same anon just adding - Ellen is 100% into diaper shit & pedo shit & is probably encouraging Shay in that direction. She started off “helping” Shay get her career up and taking ugly pics of her outside, she just gives me groomer vibes.

No. 955278

It makes me so sick that Ellen was/possibly still is a nanny and she is definitely worse for that reason alone. I try not to take muh moral stance on cows since I had a bad habit of moralizing in the past, but I draw the line at someone acting like such a freak and then interacting with someone's real live children. It's way too horrifying and risky.

No. 956317

File: 1635768909614.png (388.19 KB, 1224x350, Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 7.13…)


No. 956345

I don’t think ask a mortician deserves a thread. Everything I’ve read in is sounds nitpicky for a fucking mortician kek

No. 956361

File: 1635773910700.jpeg (922.49 KB, 1084x1262, BE630E91-412D-4713-8D5C-DDD55C…)

Shayna’s retarded dog is so cute and I love her. Shay really doesn’t deserve such a sweet dog. I wish I could adopt Noodle.

No. 956366

Noodle looks a lot like my current dog… I wish I could take her so they could be twins (and release her from the hell where she currently exists)

No. 956394

Ugh delete or spoiler this, it's disgusting

No. 956396

I think the retarded dog meme in her thread is so fucking funny and idk why it makes some anons so mad. Noodle really is adorable.

No. 956397

Amanda bret gives me so much secondhand embarrassment from trying to larp as part of an "in" group it's insane. How the fuck does she sleep at night without cringing herself to death

No. 956398

Rampant mental illness and benders keep her blissfully unaware

No. 956423

I am so happy for Taylor R, I used to watch her in her kawaii doll days kek. I have really enjoyed watching her fertility journey videos. I stopped watching her for a while but since the pregnancy videos, I am regularly watching her again. I watch her with my mum lol. She went through for much. I actually choked up at some bits!! She deserves to be a mother and happy. However I still think she could have done much better in terms of her husband, he is the definition of punching above his weight.

No. 956461

Exactly, who says retarded and adorable have to be mutually exclusive? I love this dog and her cute little tard faces

No. 956518

lol anon please look up the term "parasocial relationship".

No. 956519

I know what it means anon? I’m just saying.

No. 956539

We get it. You're asshurt your fav got posted.

No. 956572

She just seems kinda dry, there might be things to criticize her as a professional and yeah she seems like a bit of a bitch, but from what I saw in her thread, before getting bored of it, it was just old stuff? Like her bullying another woman in the mortician business is shitty and lolcowish but there's not much about it and again, it's old.

No. 956595

The leftcow thread has gone downhill fast since the succession season premiere. I don’t watch the show so I have no personal opinion on dasha’s acting but every time a new episode drops it’s filled with nonnies posting nondescript screenshots of her saying she looks like a retarded diseased freak that subsequently get whiteknighted to death by stans

No. 956610

Heather's the first cow that's actually made me mad. idc about scrotes but her posting their DMs and making fun of them, and then whining every day about how single and lonely she is, is maddening.

No. 956618

>real opinions on cows thread
Chill I’m not one of the people shitting up her thread, nor is she a “fave.” I was literally just surprised to see she has a thread here. Check your hate boner for her if it’s raging for more than 4 hours, though.

No. 956645

File: 1635795467895.png (41.47 KB, 855x397, rt.png)

She fits the criteria. The thread is allowed to be there. /pt/, /w/, and /snow/ all have different standards.

No. 956655

Jill makes me want to a-log so bad. Is 'mental health influencer' the new 'wellness influencer'? Uneducated people should be banned from sharing health ''''information'''''' or '''''''''''advice'''''''''''''''''''''. No, going to your shitty YASSSSSSS QUEEN! counselor does not qualify you to act like an authority on mental health conditions, let alone extremely controversial conditions like DID. Ugh!

No. 956702

I think she's just painfully boring and weirdly reclusive now because of it. She used to be the only thing to get excited about in /w/

No. 956732

imo she's gotten way more interesting because of this downward spiral, just interesting in the most infuriating way possible.

No. 956764

Sage 'cause she's not really a cow but I'm so happy Yumi King divorced Splenda and is kind of normal now. She seems like a sweet mother and thank god that creep isn't going to be around her kid

No. 956795

Some people will defend the most wicked and disgusting cows, can't tell if they got sucked into a cult or if they just relate to the cows that much.

No. 956796

Which cows?

No. 956805

>>932879 "Pretty cute"? hell no. Those elephant legs aren't cute. The way she tries so hard to look cute makes he hideos.
Farmers simping to Lillee probably look like her. rip

No. 956862


She's ugly as fuck I'm sorry. There's literally no redeeming features on her, her looks rival Shayna's and Luna. And they both beat her.

No. 956867

Looks like a hooker on the night out. Not from the clothes alone but something about the overall vibe, second pic looks like she's about to flash someone lol

No. 956916

I am incredibly relieved that little boy isn't going to be raised by Splenda at all, he is such a freak toward women and definitely would have turned his son into one as well

No. 957084

Most cows are average or semi attractive with some talent at cosplay or sewing, but farmers just nitpick for no reason or sperg if you imply they look ok. But auress is objectively ugly and unskilled and she's the only cow I have fun watching because she's an actual trainwreck of a person

No. 957279

Just once I wish the tradthot thread could get bumped by something that isn't unsaged or that redpilled scrote trying to promote his videos. He's the cow I want to give my opinion on here rn. He tried to play it slick last time by being all "I just hatewatch his videos and have never used an imageboard before but he is totes a hot successful male pornstar Chad type!" That's at least the second time he has posted one of his retarded egg carton meme videos to try to get attention on here, he did the same thing when Brittany Pettibone got pregnant. If there's ever a general MRA thread or something he would fit in there, why bother to keep posting on a board for women if he can't accept that nobody will believe he is an "attractive misogynist Chad" etc? He mentioned hating his mother, maybe he wants lolcow to be his mommy? It's a mystery.

No. 957597

Not about a specific cow but a thread I follow, the main one I follow, which has been virtually milkless since I started following it almost 3 years ago but still follow it nonetheless. I guess because I used to unironically like the cows in that thread (even supported one of them on patreon at one point). Have since changed my opinion on them but the anons in that thread are kind of ridiculous. It is so full of nitpicking, people will post a picture of a cow doing something unremarkable or mundane and a bunch of anons will reply saying how terrible she looks, calling her fat/ugly/huge, insulting her makeup and fashion, saying other mean things etc. when she doesn't even look that bad at all and is just like.. enjoying life I guess? Like someone posted a picture of her recently at a pumpkin patch with her friends. That's it. And several anons were just roasting her for no reason. There's no reason to just post pointless screenshots of cows doing mundane milkless things, it is borderline obsessive.

No. 957605

Tell us the thread already

No. 957687

Lol. It's alt cows.

No. 957779

File: 1635900296242.jpg (18.98 KB, 344x306, EV12D0eWoAAQ_cE[1].jpg)

God, why does the proshipping/anti drama comes out so often and cause infighting? Both sides are filled with cows, but when an anon brings up one of them, it always end up being boring. Specially for the obvious twitterfags not being able to integrate. Now it's not only the art salt thread, a few of them have tried to bring their stuff to other boards. Luckyly they get called out when they try to bring they twitterfaggotry, but Jesus Christ is this all that's happening on the art/fandom comunity anymore? Just racebait and muh shipping? So boring…

No. 957781

I never understood shipping in the first place, and I can't comprehend someone being so rattled by it that they declare themselves anti-shipping but then again I'm mentally sane

No. 957782

but anon, if i see a stranger online i’ve never interacted with before imagining that fake character one and fake character two from generic anime game are in a relationship, i will LITERALLY kill myself!

No. 958003

I haven't seen it here, thank god. I always hide the art salt thread because of how obnoxious it can get sometimes. Anyway, that shit and tranny headcanons made me give up on fandoms altogether.

No. 958004

Since you're referring to altcows, I've suspected one retarded anon has a vendetta against Angela because she's never belonged in there yet one person will always post her. She isn't a nasty attention whore and she is a seasoned goth who just misses what the scene used to be like compared to what it is now. I'm glad that when that same anon tried to accuse her of promoting her past ED, theh were promptly shut down by other anons who had to explain the actual meaning of her video for those who obviously weren't going to watch it. It was ridiculous.

No. 958005

No. 958094

I've been subscribed to Angela for over 2 years now. I agree she isn't a cow and there is probably at least one anon who has a vendetta against her (although I think the same is true of a lot of "cows" that get posted here). There was also an anon who tried to say that Angela was never goth and was making up all of her 90's and early 2000's goth story time videos purely for attention, even though she has posted several photos from that era of her looking goth and seems to have a pretty extensive knowledge of goth music. Not to mention most people who are "goth" for attention aren't even aware that it's a music based subculture and think it just means wearing black and being spooky or whatever.

All that said, I think that in her video about her ED mentioning specific numbers was a mistake. She found proana forums sharing her video and were using it to lose weight so she made a follow up video saying all the reasons why you shouldn't do what she did, like how it gave her permanent acid reflux. I think if she was that concerned she should have edited into her original video and reuploaded so that it was all one video or just taken her video down altogether. I definitely don't think she was trying to promote an ED though, that assertion is honestly ridiculous and she wouldn't have anything to gain from that.

No. 958177

File: 1635938980889.jpeg (99.52 KB, 1242x369, E02791DD-39DF-4C05-BE40-01A790…)

They’re underage and/or autistic NEETs, either side. It’s that simple kek

No. 958202

>I never understood shipping in the first place
Thank god, another sane person.

No. 958440

Lol, I know both of the posts you're talking about. The most recent time I didn't even think it was a self post at first, but when they started being like "oh he is a Chad and very good looking, has a successful pornhub account and everything he just hates women" I became suspicious.

No. 958522

Ayrt I've also been subbed to her for a while. She told the story of how she became goth and how it was actually a family member who introduced her to the music and the clubs, so I don't understand why that one anon would claim that she faked anything. She's literally shown video footage of she and her friends at parties from the 90s. She's genuinely enthusiastic about her style and even went through a period of not dressing goth or listening to the music when she was in an abusive relationship. So, not only did she rediscover herself, but she did this in the midst of something terrible. The woman is in her 40s, she is old enough to remember the actual scene from NYC and when goths could be seen wearing blue denim with their blacks. I do think that whoever keeps posting her is salty as fuck that she got to experience a time which they haven't and she's aged gracefully. She also isn't terminally internet poisoned like the other alt cows because she barely uploads and has a life offline.

No. 958803

File: 1635976895089.png (1.38 MB, 1123x2384, imagen_2021-11-03_160113.png)

Jillian Pixielocks is trying to befriend Drew Monson (Shane Dawson goon) and it's fucking cringe

No. 959020

I wouldn't have clocked it the second time so fast if the first video of his hadn't been posted, but yeah, once the wking about his looks and him hating his mom started I knew it was him and that anons replying to his cringe video hit a nerve

No. 959318

He's replied to her a few times, maybe pinned a comment. But for an influencer herself, the parasocial obsession is so cringe, she should know better.

No. 959371

i wish the anons in shayna's threads that waste their time making facetune edits of her or photoshopping her hair on random people would make something actaully funny

No. 959724

Been real silent, huh?

No. 960066

I think Taylor Nicole Dean is super pretty, I don't follow her threads but any time I see a pic of her on the front page or catalog I'm like "damn she's cute"

No. 960071

Genuinely curious how you get past the lips. I don’t think the rest of her is that bad but they’re so… bulbous.

No. 960081

Goddamn Elaine is so funny, I'm just now reading her thread. Why was I sleeping on her for so long?

No. 960102

She's also gorgeous and incredibly intelligent.

No. 960107

that anna campbell person from the natalia taylor thread kind of freaks me out. she's a straight up predator. it's not funny to me anymore

No. 960111

Her repertoire is so admirable that she makes me feel insecure about myself. I… I must bully her! I can't help it, I'm only a jealous lesbian who cannot stand to see a woman who is better than me!

On a side note I miss that one chick who was obsessed with her bus driver. She was pretty disturbing because of the way she was constantly posting about some innocent middle aged guy just trying to do his job, but she was hilarious

No. 960114

not really related but shmegeh is a pedo and that makes her not funny to me anymore

No. 960127

the elaine girl is just 18?

No. 960131

Can someone give me like a very condensed idea of what Elaine is?

No. 960162

File: 1636090254444.gif (891.89 KB, 237x200, 1437673811003.gif)

I still can't believe this bitch actually became a crazy islamaboo for fucking dick. I was going through older threads and from the first thread she was eyefucking the guy.
I thought her uwu muslima san phase would last 1 year tops, but this inbred shit is so damn prideful and mentally ill that she actually kept the act until she realized she could be a nasty bitch to others in the name of her religion. I am still not entirely sure if she actually drank the Kool aid or if she's just larping still, but either way it's boring and depressing.
She threw literally everything she had (which wasn't much, already) for dick, and when the dick rejected her, for pride. She's so fucking stupid.
I am secretly hoping for the return of hakujin nihonjin3, but everyday it grows more unlikely. I hope she regrets her stupid dead end life everyday.

No. 960163

Autistic young "adult" that got into everyone's radar by getting involved with Lillee Jean. Pretended to be rich, tried being e-famous and failed. Currently pretending to be a hacker.
Stupid, pathological liar, thirsts for male attention and so, ends up attracting low IQ scrotes to her orbit. Has been repeatedly told to stop being retarded online and get help. She refuses doing so and continues being retarded. As of now, she's stopped schizoposting about Admin on /meta/ and has stopped spamming gore on /ot/ and /snow/ whenever anons trigger her because KF scrotes are giving her attention in her thread over there.

No. 960171

Muslimajin is my favorite lolcow because she proves truth is stranger than fiction

No. 960174

No fucking way, it IS the same girl?! I don’t read her thread so I always assumed she was just a lookalike to the japanophile youtuber I used to see videos of as a tween. How does this even happen? My god.

No. 960185

File: 1636093377197.jpeg (41.15 KB, 525x584, 4738939292.jpeg)

Yes, it's her.
She had a crush on this hapa guy for literal years, even when she was married, I reckon - and the guy is a haafu and I don't remember what the other half was, but he was from an islamic country and was a low-key muslim. Mira tried many times to be with him and he kept rejecting her advances, and I am not entirely sure on this but I think he said something like he'd prefer dating a muslim girl? Or something? Which was totally a soft way to tell her he's not interested in her, but mush brain Mira then became a total masurimu desu but not because of him, obviously! It was just because she read the Quran and realized how beautiful and based it was!
Rodi still rejected her. I think he lost her shit and didn't give up the Muslim shit because it would've been too obvious how desperate and stupid she was.

No. 960205

If she stayed in Japan and dropped it, nobody would've cared.

No. 960232

she looks like blaire white to me

No. 960264

This is a complete tinfoil but I think Elaine posts cp to here and other places that talk about her. I envision her being arrested and charged in the near future. I have little to no evidence to support this and don’t even read her threads, but she has these psychotic vibes about her. She seems like exactly the type of dull bitch that gets arrested for cp, not bc she’s an actual pedo but just because she’s morally bankrupt

No. 960279

I think the same thing, anon. Elaine wasn't even that much of an interesting cow before she came here and started acting like a retard. She would definitely do anything to get her way and has some sort of mental illness or maybe just plain ol' low IQ working against her.

No. 960330

What it comes down to is people who spiral hard when they're made to feel bad about themselves in any way.
On the one side you've got edgelord coomers, the most insecure and simultaneously the most self-serious demographic on the planet, for whom a single anon saying their fetish is weird is justification for yards upon yards of sperging on any social media they're not banned from.
On the other side you've got twitter moralfags, who need to believe their cows are the most evil people on the planet so they won't risk feeling bad for making fun of them on the internet (this is why people who enjoy making fun of terfs online have to try and convince everyone the ideology is secretly rooted in Nazism, incidentally).
So whenever any of these people see someone disagree with them, they freak out and start vomiting out unsaged paragraphs until the other person concedes or they get banned.

No. 960339

NTA, but it sounds like you're the one who's projecting and maybe has issues wrt thinking bi women are doing it for attention. I know sometimes people fuck other people for clout, but it's far more common to just fuck someone because you want to. Especially when the clout in question is some nebulous 'cool bisexual' image which could just as easily be gained by calling yourself bi and continuing to fuck men exclusively. I've never read the Shay thread so I could be missing some context, but a cow being cold to their partner could just be because they're an asshole and not because they find their partner's entire sex unattractive.

No. 960381

Agreed 100%. She seems like that level of unhinged.

My lolcow opinion is, as a csa survivor, I kind of wish the pedo-panderers and abdl cows like shayna would die slow, painful deaths, tbh. Thank admin for the option to hide threads.

No. 960398

I don't think elaine's the cp spammer tbh. The thing to remember is that despite all her elite haxxor posturing, she's basically an internet illiterate normie. All of the cp posts include a btc address, which is already more than she's capable of. Like other anons have said, the spam seems to be coming from a bot or something that targets imageboards.

Now the person spamming non-gore gore (weird photomanips and haunted house props)? Definitely elaine kek

No. 960403

I was totally under the impression it was her, but you make a good point about
>All of the cp posts include a btc address, which is already more than she's capable of
It's not that I don't think she's detached enough to do something so vile, but it's true that this would probably be beyond her capabilities unless someone else was helping her

No. 960422

Agreed. The "gore" she's been spamming is milder than anything you'd find by passively browsing /b/ at any given moment. Ethereal vegan kween Kiki had better spamming chops than Elaine (not that it's anything to be proud of); I don't think she has the ability to even find CP if she can't find real gore. And thank God for that.

No. 960540

>I've never read the Shay thread so I could be missing some context
nta but then yeah you have no idea lmao

No. 960617

File: 1636141430804.png (9.35 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8962.PNG)

Didn't want to derail Shayna's thread with this but several anons have brought up how for a self-proclaimed bimbo, the men she gets with are gross but uhhh picrel is Alicia Amira's "daddy". The bar doesn't exist for the men bimbos get with whether they're real ones or fake ones like Shayna kek

No. 960674

Wealthy and respectable men want women like Amal Clooney or Kate Middleton, at least publicly. If they’re going to date a moron it’ll be the 18 year old coke-thin highfalutin model types. Only a literal Joe Dirt knockoff would think it’s enviable to be associated with such an obvious train wreck.

No. 960754

Anon, I'm bi? And I've been in Shat's threads since #4. You just admitted you've never read her threads, so you have no room to comment, and there are girls like her who fuck it up for the rest of us and how we end up perceived by society and even other women. Maybe actually take a look through her history before replying to my near week old comment, which was to someone else and not you, and then look at how bi women are portrayed in media to either be indecisive, ultimately straight, or wishy washy whores who cheat.

No. 960798

thank you for posting this guys. She makes me want to A-log so bad, I contemplated posting here. Also, she still has many fans, mainly Muslims from places like Indonesia and Malaysia who still idolize her, I just hate how uneducated Muslims look up to white converts, yikes. Also I think her best milk era was any interactions with Rodi, but she's completely unhinged now, it's not that funny anymore.

I really miss her old content tho. RIP

No. 960819

File: 1636156200804.png (1.22 MB, 729x826, billieschizo.png)

This is one of the most schizo ass posts I've read on this site. The anons insisting on Billie Eilish actually being a 30something year old woman need to get therapy for their obsession with youth, it doesn't even serve any purpose to tinfoil about it. She looks exactly like a 13-year old in the 2014 picture and a 14-year old in the 2015 one, how warped does your perception of human features have to be in order to call her an adult looking at them? Seriously, what the fuck. Billie Eilish-anon who keeps zooming in and sperging about her "fine lines around her eyes", please seek help.

No. 960820

Unrelated but she looked so cute in the blue hair. Should have kept silver or blue, the green black was gross

No. 960826

idk how long she was wearing a green/black wig but the blue and silver were causing her hair to fall out big time.

No. 960881

The Shayna thread is annoying. How are you constantly updating about a ham pig? It’s never dead. At this point I think they just fawn over the little piglette because that thread isn’t interesting whatsoever. You can only look at so much porn faces without being a scrote.

No. 960884

The Lillee Jean thread spends too much time talking about her mom's samey Twitter rants and how they're both compulsive liars. No fucking doi, ladies. I think the more interesting situation about LJ is that her mother definitely seems to have, let's say, impure thoughts about her. All the creepy photo captions, the fact that she happily takes these type of sexual photos of her daughter. >>932879

Also, that LJ was once seemingly a LOT more normal, and lived in a normal house. At some point her lifestyle took a huge nosedive, and I do wonder why. I really feel bad for her because something super fucked up likely happened to her. I hate when anons think they're owning her or something by saying she isn't really a CEO or running her own business. I think she is an abused young person and was an abused child under the care of a complete headcase.

No. 960913

File: 1636168832736.jpg (315.02 KB, 1080x1811, 1636134666615.jpg)

Lunas been looking kind of cute since she brushed her hair, she almost looks like a scene girl here and I think she should try to be a shein scene queen

No. 960915

I thought so too nonna! She looks like she showered and dare I say cute? I think getting a "job" (even though she doesn't do anything lol) has done her good, at least she gets out of the house now

No. 960924

I love how you can't compare one cow to another without the whole thread aping out.

No. 960950

all the posting of her o-faces whenever she releases a new vid is gross and bizarre. why do people care? and most ppls o-faces look dumb af anyway. i hate her threads

No. 960953

I agree it's a cute photo and that Luna has a lot of potential, but isn't the picture looking good because of beauty filters? Difficult to judge how good she really looks atm

No. 960967

File: 1636175239399.jpeg (19.45 KB, 300x225, A50D3DB5-6DB9-497C-8194-C14637…)

>most ppls o-faces look dumb af anyway
true. but there was this time I let a guy fuck me a long time ago anyway he made a face that looked like a japanese hyattoko mask and every time I see it I cringe, literally, and I wonder if I'll ever be able to forget.

No. 961015

My tinfoil about boring e-whore threads like Shayna and Moo is that the core farmers are genuinely fapping to the cow's content but they are so self hating BPD that they justify it by saying
>I'm not actually into this mess, I just give her money for mastutbation videos so I can share funny caps with my friends on lolcow
Or they have humiliation fetishes and get off to how pathetic and gross the cow is. Either way it makes for extremely low quality, creepy unfunny threads

No. 961243

Idk anon, their vids are literally so gross they make me want to lose my lunch. I think thicker girls can be very hot, but those two come off as particularly unhygenic. I don't think any self-respecting woman could get off to the sheer amount of grease and ass boils featured in either of their content. Men, though? Oh, certainly.

No. 961277

That would make some sense. Especially the level of unnecessary vitriol that spews from some anons if you say one thing they don't like. I compared Moo to Yaya Han the other day and got aped on and of course, they defended Yaya, who is literally no better and had a large role in turning the modern cosplay scene into what it is today when it comes to boob jobs, buying likes (which she's done), and passing off subpar costumes as quality.

The point of my comparison was that they were both women who started off looking normal and even ruined their body with tons of surgeries they didn't need, then developed massive egos for no good reason. I forgot that you can't make a coherent point on lc and even when you clarify that point, at least two people will chimp out at you and one will go even further to samefag and pretend to be several more people just to alienate you from the thread.

No. 961287

This post is 100% based, thank you anonette. I haven't been able to look at Momo's thread for years due to the sheer amount of retardation and bad faith acting anons practice there.

No. 961312

I've seen scrotes out themselves there, so I don't doubt that her threads have long since been comprised of those and newfags who haven't been in the cosplay community and their idea of the "community" is posting on tiktok in costume. The reaction which I received was very reminiscent of the time when Nigri ditched her fans to go to the aquarium and people in Moo's thread took to defending her, while comparing the two of them as if Nigri has ever had any redeeming qualities and wasn't largely hated and known to self post over on old /cgl/. Not to mention all the other stuff she's done. Suddenly, the pioneers responsible for churning out Moo and others like her were redeemable because insert arbitrary reason here.

No. 961550

Shayna’s thread is 90% fellow e-whores it’s so obvious kek

No. 961629

Agreed, sometimes I don't understand why it moves so fast but then I remember this kek. I just like to laugh at how retarded she is but sharing all of her videos and nudes and zooming in to find shit flakes is just…gross, idk.

No. 962159

I don't even understand the psychology behind caping for another costhot who's just as bad or worse as Momo. Jessica Nigri exploited her and her boyfriend's connections and selfposted aggressively to gain notoriety, denied her breasts being surgically enhanced, lied about sponsorship deals being gifts from fans to go around the sponsorship disclosure rule, advertised bogus products fully knowing that they are such (such as Fit Tea), sold prints without the consent of the photographer, was overall a self-centered thot that along with Yaya Han turned cosplay into the subcategory of porn that it is today. And not to mention the pushing of Swimsuit Succubus in Momo's threads being the Mother Mary of cosplay when she was literally no better and faked a lesbian relationship just for scrote bucks. Momo was just doing what she saw the predecessors do before her but added her own retarded "bad bitch" spin to it.

But I guess it's like you said, newfags who haven't been around long enough to really remember what happened before Momo and even the current residents in her thread seem to know her only from the explosive "sexual harassment" drama that was, in my opinion, a conducted psyop by other thots to drive her out once and for all. You just know during that time her thread was full of her equally snake friends dishing out, further proven by the fact that Sabrina and others were outed as selfposting. There is no such thing as a virtuous costhot, they are all narcissistic opportunists constantly sharpening their back stabbing knives.

No. 962172

File: 1636284910159.png (99.25 KB, 275x213, 1617778147452 (2).png)

momo is not even that bad and a lot of threads that were made back in the day were 100% made by vendetta chans within the field of the cow. Susu lurks in here and used to post herself praising her own cosplay and how real she is and how Momo sexually harassed her lmao what a fucking cow Susu is. It's very funny to me since most cost thots are bigger cows than momo and the only reason momo is targeted is because she is not extremely manipulative and by that I mean being super fake like most influencers are now and she doesn't care about being cringy or appearing as bad. Susu is a huge fucking cow, liar and manipulator, but the only reason she's not discussed as Momo is it's because she's manipulative enough to keep a clean image. She constantly deletes her tweets. She's a full blown cow. She used to post on lolcow, still obsessively checks for her name to see if she's being posted and gets her friends to white knight her. All her pictures are edited and she's even uglier than moo used to be. She got big pandering to the woke crowd and saying she's "le sex worker" when she's never even done sex work. Pretending to be a lesbian and dropping the act once she got married. The only reason people like Moo become cows is that they are sincere and not narcissistic enough or manipulative enough to keep a "clean" image. Basically a requirement of being an influencer or celebrity is being a manipulative sociopath that only cares about their image. Susu is even jealous of her ex best friend Bunny because she has a natural following and a bigger fan base. Bunny got a following without endlessly pandering to the woke crowd. Susu is the epitome of the grifter that becomes famous from pandering to the leftist woke crowd with no talent. She deletes her Tweets non stop because she's so scared they're gonna cancel her. She even hopped on Hasan's dick and posted a video about him and he made her take it down lmao. The girl is more pathetic than Moo and if you see how hard she tries and how little she gets back it's incredibly funny. She's literal worse than Moo. At least moo is honest about being a sex worker cow and doesn't do the streamer grift.
It really shows the true colors of lolcow that people like her don't have threads. Lolcow is built upon mysoginy and hatred for ugly or mentally ill women. If you're manipulative enough to keep a "clean" image no matter how big of a cow you are you won't get posted.

Lolcow is fucking shit and it only targets mentally ill people instead of targeting the actual manipulative and sociopathic cows which are literally considered normal citizens. Like hahah Venus Angelic was abused her entire life or Shayna suffers from extreme mental illness or Lucinda has schizophrenia. What huge fucking cows they are. Meanwhile people in media that are considered "normal" are on the level of sociopathic narcissists with the fake images they build and strings they pull

No. 962233

>Lolcow is fucking shit and it only targets mentally ill people instead of targeting the actual manipulative and sociopathic cows which are literally considered normal citizens. Like hahah Venus Angelic was abused her entire life or Shayna suffers from extreme mental illness or Lucinda has schizophrenia. What huge fucking cows they are. Meanwhile people in media that are considered "normal" are on the level of sociopathic narcissists with the fake images they build and strings they pull

exactly my opinion. the anons bullying and finding happiness in those "cows" suffering must be at rock bottom. pointing out and criticizing hypocrisy, immoral and shit behaviors should be what this site is used for, not making laughing stock out of mental illnesses and disabilities. this is why i only use /ot and /g. one example i remember when mckenna was called out for stealing art and lying about her originality despite her best attempts at deleting posts and changing her username. i still don't think these are that bad and anons jealousy definitely plays a part but the fact she was caught in 4k shows these sneaky cover ups.
the corpse husband thread was good when they revealed his lies about le edgy past but the fact they doxxed someone who tried hiding his face from fear people will think it's ugly and then went on bullying his appearance is just fucked up.

No. 962247

>pointing out and criticizing hypocrisy, immoral and shit behaviors should be what this site is used for
It's a gossip board though, what you're describing is basically the equivalent to a twitter callout post. Threads would be so boring if they were all just 24/7 moralfagging, especially because what is "immoral" varies a lot from person to person. It's funny to catch a hypocrite in the act though, I'll give you that.

No. 962257

Thank you anon. Ayrt is extremely lost.

No. 962276

I don't understand the mindset of anyone who comes on lolcow thinking like that, if they want to call out people for ~problematic~ behavior or give takes on disability/mental health then that can fly on any mainstream social media website and doesn't need to be done here. This website is for entertainment, it's just not that serious.

No. 962290

> the only reason momo is targeted is because she is not extremely manipulative and by that I mean being super fake like most influencers are now and she doesn't care about being cringy or appearing as bad.
I gotta give it to your nonnie, you hit the nail on the head with this take. Momo has a special place in my heart for keeping it "real", despite being a full on bipolar basketcase for the better part of her early 20s and currently a husk of a human being with a severe body dysmorphic disorder and plastic surgery addiction, she always gave sincere vibes. She was openly autistic about anime and her husbandos and most of her drama was just her being too stupid for her own good, someone like Susu or Jessica Nigri would've gotten away with lying about plastic surgery (as they did) or stealing costume designs from some random French costumer but Momo was simply too much of a "nice" to manipulate her following into taking her side. The only "manipulation" she practiced was throwing money at her friends to stay by her side and even with that you need to take into consideration if it was actually her friends using her for her money instead the other way around.

I also agree about the mental illness vs maliciousness, I get that dissecting someone exhibiting mental illness is interesting and I do it too like any other autistic armchairer but there's a line to being an a-log to someone who doesn't fully comprehend her own situation and someone who's just being a borderline sociopath. I think what Venus is going through is fascinating from a cautionary tale point of view but I can't stand anons who willingly choose to ignore the amount of abuse and exploiting she has had to go through since childhood and accuse her of being a cartoon villain manipulating her mother and husband when she can barely take care of herself for a day.

No. 962291

I think it's Twitter and Tumblr migrants who are scared to be mean on main so come here to talk about their problematic faves.
Weak bitches who anonymously call their mutuals fat untalented retards but think they have the moral high ground because they respect pronouns kek

No. 962305

>the corpse husband thread was good when they revealed his lies about le edgy past but the fact they doxxed someone who tried hiding his face from fear people will think it's ugly and then went on bullying his appearance is just fucked up.
Bullying men is based, fuck off.

No. 962325

Why protect a scrote though? And an already popular one, it’s dumb. If he wasn’t fucking ugly, he would surely act like an ass to any girl who happened to cross him, so it’s no use being kind to any of them, specially if they already have a big following.

No. 962390

Don't forget the rigging of the Lollipop Chainsaw contest. She was not at all in the top in terms of votes, someone else was though the name escapes me at the moment, and then Nigri got people to spam votes for her.

No. 962424

He’s not going to fuck you.

No. 962434

>Weak bitches who anonymously call their mutuals fat untalented retards but think they have the moral high ground because they respect pronouns kek

I've had trouble articulating exactly how these people act and this is the most concise explanation. I'm going to use this, thank you anon.

No. 962441

>sold prints without the consent of the photographer

Said photographer also had their watermark removed by Nigri and when he contacted her about it, she sent her fans after him to the point where he gave up. Like I said in >>961277 when I brought up the comparison between Moo and Yaya, some people in that thread went apeshit a few days ago and defended the latter just because they hate Moo that much. Yaya Han is no better and has her own checkered past, there is no "w-well at least she didn't do xyz!1!1" This Game of Thots shit is annoying because they all suck and are all equally responsible for the hobby turning into what it currently is today.

>newfags who haven't been around long enough to really remember what happened before Momo


No. 962488

kek the most unintentionally funny thing is when obvious twitfags come here to talk mad shit about someone they have a vendetta against yet still use their ~preferred pronouns~ and act smug about doing so. You see it happening constantly in the artist salt thread.

No. 962518

that soyboy shayna filmed a video with is a bigger cow than she is at this point

No. 962550

Agreed. I didn't expect to see him posted itt again when I checked today, but holy fucking shit this mess. Shay has been on her usual groundhog day shit for a while now and redoing things she did years ago, so its gotten pretty stale to see the same ill-fitting outfits, blown out asshole shots, and her typing like a 14 year old using T9 in y2k. We know Ellen is her girlfriend, we know Womack still gives her money, we know she values doordash giftcards above an actual income. Nothing new.

No. 962573

Yeah, he really just puts his foot in his mouth over and over and is easily more disgusting than her to boot. If he were smart he would just delete his accounts, but thankfully he's too much of a drama queen to do that.

No. 962645

it was an example based on the latest cow thread i read. i wouldn't want to go near corpulent in real life. his lyrics show what a piece of shit man he would be in relation to women.
>twitter sperging
and i hate twitter for being woke the point of blindness. horseshoe theory. everyone is a victim. liking the wrong cartoon ship gets you doxxed. letting the whole world see your nudes for $3 a month is empowering. not reblogging obese selfharming tranny art makes you a bigot.

No. 962657

"Hey I'm a douche for gossipping but at least I'm not an actual monster who misgenders cows like some people!!!11!one1"

No. 962680

File: 1636327696726.jpg (144.88 KB, 1080x1081, EF092N7SAK.jpg)

i had a schizo moment where i read a gossip that venus was not swiss-german but from hungary instead, and pretended to not be from there because it is a shit country compared to fancy switzerland. her father was hungarian and mother polish so she could be either of those culturally unless they only spoke to her in swiss-german and english. this was after i watched the horror movie greta and read the tinfoil that she was some kind of master manipulator of her mother. in reality i think she is actually cool and i want her to get better.

No. 962681

I’ve always had a soft spot for Venus

No. 962757

It's the only way for them to feel superior because they're no different than her. When an anon starts talking about her shitty angles or acting, it's a dead giveaway for a SW. Or when they say "men don't like xyz" Seriously? Men will coom to anything. They need to understand that and worry about real milk. No one cares that men don't like her whining on her SW twitter about feeling sad. They probably use it as a way to slide in her DMs. Get a grip.

No. 962978

File: 1636356680963.jpeg (57.65 KB, 699x960, 8C0B34F4-8C28-4CBB-B762-D738B7…)

I need to know who this guy is. I’ve felt uneasy since I saw his pictures in the mtf thread, and I need to figure out his deal once so I can exorcise him from my life.

No. 963082

Anon, that's obviously Pennywise the clown

No. 963089

Is everything in ask a mortician thread from like 2016? Ok, she's a cow but what she's been doing in the last 5 years?
Really let himself go

No. 963114

if he was wearing a mask he does serve a very specific brand of 80s woman but it's a look extremely out of time which adds to the uncanniness of it all

No. 963115

I'm obviously ignoring his body type and basically everything, don't come for me. I see his vision is what I should say

No. 963145

The people in Yumi King’s thread acting like it’s shady that she doesn’t reveal her baby’s face are weird as fuck. She doesn’t have to show his face and there are several influencers/content creators - big and small - that choose to keep their baby’s/kids face hidden for whatever reason they choose and that is completely fine. Some normal people decide to keep their kids faces offline too until the kid is a bit older.
Out of all the things to criticise or tinfoil about when it comes to her this is the most retarded one imo

No. 963150

You were told several times throughout the thread that if you didn't like it then to hide it. Threads discuss the history of cows and you'd see some things are recent, but you don't care to because you'd rather stan this hard like an autist.

No. 963162

There's literally posts from a few days ago itt and her lying about a scholarship opportunity for black students but way to show your ass.

No. 963182

File: 1636385622843.jpg (85.7 KB, 1300x970, fresh-soft-ripened-cheese-part…)

>You were told several times throughout the thread
lmao, you paranoid freak, why don't you hide this thread yourself?

No. 963201

She's not going to fuck you or give you a shoutout, anon. Get over it.

No. 963243

>Lolcow is fucking shit and it only targets mentally ill people
Insofar as most cows are probably cluster B, sure. Venus' thread is exceptionally cruel and doesn't represent lolcow at large, and Lucinda is a munchie who happened to find an unusual aesthetic niche so neither of them are great illustrations of your point. Regardless, at the end of the day participating on any gossip site will never be morally righteous and the sooner you embrace the fact that you're doing something wrong instead of trying to dress it up in 'so-and-so is a bad person so it's okay to bully her', the sooner you will make peace with your dirty gossip habit.

No. 963266

Now I want cheese and crackers, thanks anon

No. 963740

File: 1636424950067.png (753.79 KB, 1079x720, imagen_2021-11-08_202310.png)

Belle Delphine makes me sad. Whatever she has done wrong, I really don't care, I feel some empathy for her and I'm no one to judge. I think she could had been a great influencer, tiktoker, or youtuber, she had it all: quirky personality, recognizable persona, she's cute (I'm sorry, I find her very cute specially in some old pictures -also creepy because of the gross shit she does but that's besides the point-) and I liked some parts of her room tour. I think she had everything going for her.

It was when she started getting pimped out by her boyfriend that shit hit the fan. Instead of real sucking dick videos she should had just made more youtube videos and tiktoks, kinda how that one tiktoker Bella Poarch does, maybe even launch a music career? Idk. I feel like Bella Poarch is the continuation of Belle Delphine but with less bait and switch for scrotaloids

No. 963754

she's shown signs of mental illness, she's very young too I recall. Only 21 years old. She seems burnt out from her career too and like she didn't actually enjoy it, in her interviews she comes off as really soft spoken and like an abuse victim with low self esteem. She had some questionable videos uploaded to her Youtube channel where she'd make jabs at being dead inside and broken from not having a dad in her life. There's something clearly wrong with her. She is beautiful and creative imo but does come off as someone with a lot of self hatred. It must hurt a lot to see other uglier girls literally skin walk her and make huge amounts of money on Onlyfans, with basically her fucking persona. We also don't know how much money her boyfriend has taken from her, it seems she's a grooming victim since she's really young too. Even their house seems to be on her boyfriend's name.

No. 963755

She looks like a rat

No. 963775

The Taylor R thread feels like it’s grasping at straws, it’s not that milky besides her pedo husband, which has been discussed before.
Her, Kotakoti, Venus etc all have the weirdest orbiters who honestly can’t get over that these girls lived the weeaboo dream.
Not so much an opinion but it’s just odd to see when a cow has been in your area, seeing the Sabrina Nellie thread, she was at a local Japanese grocery store.

No. 963849

>The Taylor R thread feels like it’s grasping at straws
that thread's been on it's last limb for at least the last 2 years

No. 963869

It’s so annoying. I feel like the Dasha/Red Scare sperging has gotten increasingly bad the past handful of threads even without accounting for Succession- who cares about them besides the obvious reddit posters?

No. 963870

Nobody will never convince me that it was not his older john of a scrote who drove her into porn and groomed her into an e-thot behind the scenes. It's all laid out in plain sight but people still choose to ignore it.

No. 963874

I think it’s so funny how shay is approaching 100 threads with at least one thread dedicated to her calves (two if you count pedopanderers) and she probably will never graduate to pt.

No. 963882

>she had it all: quirky personality, recognizable persona, she's cute
She actually has some talent in an artsy-crafts kind of way. When she did her bedroom tour she showed a few dresses she made.

When she was on the Cold Ones podcast she gave the two scrote hosts handmade gifts. She's actually really creative. I feel like she went the porn route just out of pure laziness or wanting to cash in too quickly, but mostly to please her bf. Maybe she's still using her creative talents tho, who knows.

No. 963899

i wish sharla wasn't too pretentious for canada because where she's originally from is so beautiful and i would have loved to see her post a bit of content from when she was home.

No. 963916

it'd genuinely be neat if she comes back and rebrands as a diy youtuber or something along those lines. she's done some gross things but i'm willing to bet most or possibly all of it was orchestrated by her scrote

No. 963928

The thing about Belle Delphine that worked was that she got the classic formula right: "Always leave them wanting more". But then she baited her fan base by signing up with an adult site then made silly non-explicit videos which pissed them off. The resulting backlash was bad enough for her to start doing actual SW. "The lesson here is simple: Be careful what you pretend to be, because in the end you are what you pretend to be."

No. 963978

File: 1636457363722.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.04 KB, 480x480, Belle-Delphine-3-480x480.jpg)

Tbh she doesn't have the personality you think she has, she's sadly always been her boyfriend's puppet and it's just his dumb meme humor. Also she wore this shirt and I hate her, I don't care if she's "owning the scrotes" (she's not) for their money she's fucking gross. Stop falling for scrote projects and calling them empowering

No. 963990

Her dumb room was a prop, like her whole fake personality, come on. She's not even a weeb in real life, just money hungry and lazy. Don't fall for this stupid shit anons, you all kinda sound like one of her coomy fanboys who comments on her "rich talent" and "she's so cute and intelligent what a queen" just to WK her and make her appear like "not like other thots". She doesn't need actual women cheering on the pathetic coomer-pandering antics too. I hate freaking out and sperging in threads and I'm sorry, but you probably need to read more into her before you defend. Just my opinion..

No. 963997

Would it be even possible for those cows that got their faces and real names plastered everywhere to redeem themselves?
I honestly think that some of them would need to get some plastic surgery done to be able to go back to the real world as normal people.

No. 964003

Calm your sperg, nobody's calling Belle the amazing weeb business genius scrotes are painting her as because it was absolutely the handiwork of her pimp, but she obviously was pretty crafty and had a really good eye for aesthetics. Compare to all the dollar store Belle replicas who look dumpy or outright horrifying compared to her because they can't work angles, colours, settings, emoting, styling, staging or makeup like she could. If she didn't know how to look appealing and marketable, she would've been lost in the sea of other thots. People are simply saying that she should've channeled what talent she had into something that wasn't literally larping as a little girl being kidnapped and raped in the woods.

No. 964022

Unfortunately there's a lot of real and cautionary shit to discuss regarding Belle, but it's impossible to have a constructive conversation about her anywhere on this site because there are so many whiteknight farmers AND mods who will defend to the end for some unknown reason
(kinda pathetic for a site like this to be honest)
I can't even take this comment seriously after reading
>Compare to all the dollar store Belle replicas who look dumpy or outright horrifying compared to her because they can't work angles, colours, settings, emoting, styling, staging or makeup like she could.

No. 964054

>Not thinking Belle is the devil incarnate but also somehow dumb as a nail and untalented to boot despite making hundreds of thousands of pounds per year with her hustle is "whiteknighting"
Whatever, go back to your containment thread.

No. 964060

lmao, that part was embarrassing to read. She always irked me in a way I couldn't quite explain other than the photoshop and me just being way out of her target demographic, I say irked not exactly her person but I always feel like I'm looking at something wrong

No. 964084

Why does this feel weirdly like bait? Someone also posted this pic very recently in the dreaded Belle thread.
Who feels bad for Belle Delphine? Everything she's done was literally a choice.

No. 964085

nta but no one knows her income, she never showed the sub count so whatever her income is, is just theoretical, and also, she has no money without subs (she most likely doesn't have many now, isn't her only fans gone anyway). The anons who fawn over her "girlboss" income (which, in actuality, is unknown and her boyfriend may even control her finances anyway) are especially white-knighty, kek

No. 964090

I feel like she's pretty horrifying at times but until she is consistently milky it's just never gonna happen. I remember when it happened for Luna it was literally because she couldn't stop oversharing online during her "homeless" era and we watched it all come apart real-time. Shay is surprisingly a "glass-half-full" person so I never think she'll let us in on how dark her daily life really is. So she stays in snow!

No. 964097

NTA but Belle delphine isn’t a fucking genius for hacking into simpleton male sexuality which has no subtlety or sensuality to it

No. 964098

They have nothing to redeem themselves from, they're not criminals on trial. They're just getting laughed at for doing stupid shit more often than most of us and broadcasting it. If they stop, we find new amusement and forget about it.
You sound relatively new here, with that moralfagging mindset. We don't "cancel" people here. We just point and laugh. Nobody important takes us seriously, we're just some fringe gossip imageboard.

I really wonder what kind of person you are newcomer, when you'd be totally ok with someone having to resort to serious surgery to get away from you. There is a very good reason all cowtipping is banned. Someone like you might take things too seriously. You're taking this all too seriously. You think this place and others like it gives you power to ruin people's lives. The really concerning thing is how readily you took that power to abuse.

No. 964107

What was that sperg for?
I’m just saying that cows like Onision, Shane Dawson, the SW cows who post about wanting to be abused little girls, and such are kind of crazy and that if workplaces do try to do background checks, they would look at all the crazy shit they post with their real names and pictures attached.
You’re moralfagging quite a lot for something hypothetical, you sound mad as well, did you get posted in here?

No. 964125

Oh I'm mad alright, I'm sick of Twitter culture invading my imageboard culture.
I detest them/you looking for what cows did "wrong" instead of what they did funny. I come here to be entertained, not outraged. I can get outrage on literally every other website.
Go ask your question on Twitter, you'll get answers more to your liking.

No. 964140

Nta but I think you're reading too much into it

No. 964155

>I'm sick of Twitter culture invading imageboard culture

No. 964156

How long have either of you been here? We've always had threads on cows that were legitimately shitty people, not solely funny. This site's initial OG farmers came from /cgl/ when vendetta posting was banned and staminarose.

No. 964176

>legitimately shitty people
Ah, yes, Pixyteri the terrorist
And who can forget the atrocious cosplay creations of Asherbee? Those were crimes I say, crimes against fabric!
Fuck right off, the only legitimately shitty person in this story is you.

No. 964194

You know Pixy and Poop Broach are not the cows in that scenario but don't let this stop you.

No. 964203

I don't know why you cherry-picked those two, but you damn well that the cosplay community was up in arms about Nigri, Bellechere, Yaya, Ai-Honey, Ivy Doomkitty, and other coswhores ruining the hobby. There were posts nearly everyday about how halls of cons were getting full of washed up, blatant porn stars masquerading as cosplayers/nerds and beginning their grift, helping to turn cons into the shitshows they are now. People stopped being able to discuss that on /cgl/ because the costhots who also aggressively tripfagged knew the jannies and would materialize whenever something was said about them and they deemed it as vendetta posting and banned it. The same ended up happening with j-fashion drama, even when it was legitimate criticism. You're acting like this is some new twitter phenom and I get that the place is shit, but don't sit here and lie to everybody when I've been here since 2015 and remember what it was like to stop being able to talk about shit. Even the 8chan board for cows had similar comments about cow behavior. Were you even here for the original HAES threads and the initial pushback for quirkyloverosee to get a thread of her own? What about WannaBlaze?

No. 964224

People like doe deere and traci hines have threads here and are on a lolcow banner and nothing either of them ever did was funny. They were posted here because one was a shitty scammer and the other is an attention whore who'd make children's birthdays and deformities about herself all the while pitching tantrums about fireflypath making a costume for somebody else so hers wasn't special enough anymore.

No. 964228

That's all hobby drama, the discussion of which this website was created to cater to.
It was not created for you or that anon or anyone to play moral police.
>You're acting like this is some new twitter phenom
It is. It's very new and very annoying.

Look, what do you want? To turn lolcow into yet another witch-hunting social media? No thank you. We have enough of those.
To prove to yourself you're a moral person? You're fucking not.

No. 964234

File: 1636478924873.jpeg (141.73 KB, 1242x700, D4A74533-412E-4EE1-8CBF-DEE852…)

I think you need to relax, anon.

No. 964235

>scammers, attention whores, and non-funny cows were never posted here before twitter

Whatever helps you sleep at night, anon. Learn to sage your shit, alleged wise one.

No. 964253

You know what? I'm going back to USENET. I don't believe kids are the future of the Internet anymore.

No. 964269

>hobby drama


No. 964275

It's just a typical point and laugh case.
I hope none of you are genuinely outraged some person that is not you is being fat and stupid.

No. 964278

Anon, if you hate it so much here then leave. Nobody's asking you to stay. You keep bumping for no reason.

No. 964282

Don't tell me what to do, random retard(infighting)

No. 964325

Anybody figure out why Ember Whann wasn't allowed to be posted? Was it because she self-posted a lot? I tuned into her drama back inthe day for a while and then her threads kinda disappeared and everyobe2 insisted you weren't suppoaed2 to speak of her anymore. Well, I found her out in the wild on Twitter like 2 years ago and if I remember correctly she was doing OF now and looked godawful.

No. 964352

Because she was selfposting a fuck ton, Emily too. They liked the attention.

>doing OF

Oh god
>looked godawful
Yea that's kind of standard since forever

No. 964446

I wish there was a word like “glowie” for obvious sEx WoRkEr posts because there is one current post in both Katherine McMahon and Shayna’s threads that are so obviously posted by fellow e-whores that they’re glowing kek

No. 964455

I'm lame and could only think of 'obviwhore'.

No. 964516

I don't think there's anything wrong with having threads about cows who are shitty people, that can be and often is part of what makes them cows and is even sometimes funny in itself even if they are scammers or whatever (Vicky comes to mind.) But I don't like the unintegrated twitterfag posts that seem to crop up lately or cows whose only milk is being "problematic." There should be something interesting about them beyond just someone thinking they should be cancelled. I have been here for over five years so not a super oldfag or anything, but have noticed a lot more moralfagging in the last year. Cows like Creepshow and Corpse Husband have obviously attracted a lot of twitter users to the site recently too. I don't agree with all the other anon's points on what is/isn't being a twitterfag, but you can't deny there are some around and that they don't bother to integrate.

No. 964524

NLOW (Not Like Other Whores).

No. 964530

rambling a little here but the shayna thread is starting to make me really sad, she’s my favorite cow and i have been watching her since the beginning and i don’t think shes a great person or anything but i really feel for the mental illness issues shes going through at the moment and im pretty sure shes not faking it like she sometimes did for fupa attention. although my life is significantly different than hers, i know how shes feeling and i am also going through a really rough time in my life so i guess it makes me feel more for it. she really needs to take time off twitter at least because clearly it’s a major culprit, i don’t think she is really gets offended much by lolcow anymore but these gross twitter whores are clearly getting to her head and it is clearly overwhelming. if she really wants to continue sex work like she thinks she does she really just needs to do pro shoots and not use social media anymore or something, but i don’t think that would really work out well with her not so great looks unfortunately.. something would have to change like taking care of herself better physically and mentally and working out.

maybe im slightly bias in feeling bad for her also because i think twitter is the worst cesspool on the internet, just repulsive, worse than tumblr ever was

No. 964572

PnP is terrifying in general but her skinwalking is a real horror. As someone who has had a BPD cow label me as their 'fp' and then try to become me for the next 6 months … Not that I feel bad for that stripper she's imitating rn, but it is just so goddamn creepy to watch. No no no.

No. 964926

We always say stripper-chan in the PnP thread but idk if that applies here

No. 965055

Shayna's camgirl nemeses definitely aren't strippers but I still really like that term kek

No. 965095

No. 965295

I don't post them but i genuinely think the Jason R Womack jokes are funny. forgive me father for i have sinned

No. 965529

Same. He’s like a retarded little mascot for Shayna’s threads.

No. 965665

I agree, but they are better in moderation. A lot of Womackposting gets redundant, but a little pop of him saying something retarded to Shayna every now and again or his mug lurking in the corner of a threadpic is like a nice wine to compliment a meal.

No. 965909

File: 1636664323346.png (19.93 KB, 599x229, aaaaaaaa.png)

i agree with you, plus she's such an annoying pickme. she'll never have a thread though

No. 965925

Is this tweet supposed to show that she's a pickme?

No. 965936

yes? it's one of her frequent "i watch porn i'm one of the guys" tweets to appeal to scrotes?

No. 965940

File: 1636666186452.png (14.49 KB, 586x137, stupidcunt.png)

she constantly browses lolcow and spergs the fuck out when someone calls her out on here she also constantly deletes her tweets she's literally worse than Moo and I'm not even whiteknighting for Moo but I really don't get why Susu isn't discussed just because she is liked by twitter fags. Can someone that terrible picture where she's not photoshopped where she looks like an orphan indian child?

No. 965974

ayrt and I don't like them either. Just report their shit and don't take the bait. If you want, remind them with a screenie that this isn't the place to post their pwoblemwatic uwu favs.

No. 966718

Posting social media =/= doxxing.
Some anons make their twitterfaggotry apparent.

No. 966783

File: 1636750362039.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.66 KB, 500x500, rip.jpg)

Picrel is how catching up the the Jillian thread is making me feel and yet I am simultaneously laughing my ass off. I thought she was going to vaguepost forever but instead she announced DID with a fucking rainbow sprinkle cake and is creating detailed OC bios for her "coconcious" alternate selves coded via emojis, this shit is going to get so good but I am still in utter disbelief. It's also just still wild to me because DID is such a disputed illness in the first place, and in the one landmark case where even skeptics tend to think it might have occurred (and I agree this seems like the only "proven" case to hit the media) it was a young girl who was physically restrained and abused by a male family member incessantly from the time she was a baby with no normal care or input, so it basically emerged from a severe detachment disorder. I can't even imagine what kind of backstory someone like Jillian whose cushy spoiled islander girl life has been extensively documented will try to craft to make her mental state comparable to someone who was raped and tortured daily as a toddler to he point where the brain shut down to preserve itself.

No. 966791

At this point I'm mostly just amazed that TND is still alive and not dead in a ditch or living in a junkie squat.

I check the threads three, four times a year, now, and all it does is make me sad for all the potential that girl pissed away. It's stopped being funny ages ago.

No. 966803

I'm tired of still hearing about how Momokun's "sexual assault" was an unforgivable scandal nearly five years later. No scrote on earth is traumatized by an autistic woman touching his butt. Whoever said this was an op by competing costhots was spot on

No. 966816

I agree, same with shayna and the trump video/whatever the nazi comment was. the same people who complain about cancel culture are all too happy to dredge up old edgy/inappropriate behavior and exaggerate how bad it was when a cow is involved

No. 966832

Thots capitalize on any chance to kick the competition and farmers egg it on for the chance to witness cow being thrown into chaos. meanwhile this is proving that petty bitch tactics work and can be used on us at any time. the only people who are winning are the even nastier bitches who aren't as dumb as our cows and can keep an act up

No. 966917

File: 1636760460634.png (550.5 KB, 768x1024, imagen_2021-11-12_174046.png)

I'm sorry but I can't go on. This is so infuriating. I'm quitting lolcow beacause of this

No. 966918

the pit in my stomach, god, I just can't

No. 966919

I hate her and I hate that whole group of twitter freaks who act like it's cute to suffer from mental illness. The only thing mentally wrong with these people besides stupidity is the pure fucking narcissism.

No. 966929

seriously cannot believe she has fallen so far. What's worse is that we know this isn't rock bottom

No. 966990

What case are you referring to?

No. 966997

Her "sexual assault" scandal was purposefully played up like she was a serial rapist and the people calling her out were making details muddier and muddier so that people wouldn't be able to figure out what was going on. In conclusion she was a sped who grabbed a guy's ass as a joke and got too touchy with other costhots she thought she was close enough not to make them uncomfortable, it's not acceptable but it's far from being as bad as the anons in her thread keep pretending it was. And let's be real, I would absolutely feel violated if a scrote suddenly touched my buttocks but if an autistic woman in her early 20s did that due to being unable to contain her sperg I would be insulted but in no way would I feel legitimately threatened. It was used to cry wolf when her other drama (stealing designs and charity money, lying about lipo, bullying other cosplayers) didn't make enough waves and it was a dirty tactic I couldn't condone then and can't condone now. She deserved a callout but this wasn't it.

No. 967006

File: 1636767129868.jpg (23.72 KB, 540x540, 1614820261355.jpg)

i can't believ e she found a quack willing to diagnose her woth did and ptsd. i can't believe there's an entire subset of a generation that thinks these diagnoses are something to flex on twitter. fucking clown world

No. 967019


I wish I could hire a hitman to kill pixielocks
I won't but yeah(a-log)

No. 967036

File: 1636769862914.jpeg (144.19 KB, 750x700, 6A929E9D-9B62-4FD2-8FE4-7DA03D…)

She’s so happy about it too, bet she’s loving that influx of attention and validation from internet weirdos

No. 967040

File: 1636770897958.png (39.86 KB, 275x271, 0CDDE183-DC8D-4E12-AD3D-A812B3…)

The LARP characters are also so obviously just different phases of her life, this whole mento Illness of her is just a LARPed scrapbook of memories and things that she wishes/wished she could/ve done in her privileged, boring ass life.
I’m curious about the “35 years old” character though, I wonder if it’s going to be some sort of “when I grow up, I want to be like this” kind of thing, or if it’s going to be some sort of “lol girlboss hot milf” caricature.

No. 967047

I mean weren't some costhots like suzu caught with their profiles

No. 967076

N2F isn’t a cow anymore. In fact, I don’t see how she was ever one.

She’s a loon, a little mentally ill, and overshares. But she doesn’t appear malicious, manipulative, or have the same streak that ANY cow has.

I feel genuinely sad when I see her posted, because it feels like exploiting someone who genuinely doesn’t know any better.

No. 967195

File: 1636794959122.png (1.26 MB, 1407x700, unknown-2.png)

I've been waiting a month for this milk.

No. 967213

File: 1636798455577.png (2.39 MB, 2894x4093, 433.png)

Somewhat irrelevant right now but for years I've been certain that Alex Mahan (yandere dev) has both ADD and assburgers. It's not just the homeschooling isolation thing that made him this way. Unable to get meaningful shit done yet feeling overwhelmed with work, inflexibility, can't delegate tasks to others properly, gets stuck on insignificant bs, can't filter out irrelevant or useless information/ideas, the online melties, always spending excessive amounts of energy to explain stupid shit in detail… One could just keep going on. Being kept in a cellar all his youth made him an out of touch with the world twat but the rest of this train wreck really looks like the result of an unaddressed disability.

No. 967224

I've said it before and I'll say it again, autistic people need to kept far away from Internet, males autists especially but women can also devolve in similar ways

No. 967233

> can be used on us at any time
> nastier bitches who aren't as dumb…can keep an act up

Way to expose yourself nonita

No. 967234

idk how anyone can follow her thread, same with the troon one. it just makes me mad lol.

No. 967254

Wouldn't be surprised if he had a touch of psychosis as well-it's 3 times as likely in autists as the rest of the population.

No. 967259

Wish that anon who keeps trying to convince people that Cecil McFly is MtF would get banned already. She's a bit mannish so I'm not saying it's impossible, but she just looks like any other non-obese kiwifarms/ imageboard type pickme to me. If anything she's probably a woman who went on T for a while and then detransed, she has that kind of look/ voice. And more to the point, who even cares that much. There's a glut of confirmed trannies/ femboys to laugh at.

No. 967317

I only heard about it briefly on a podcast so I was having a hard time remembering, but I just found it again and it's the Jeni Haynes case from Australia.

No. 967333

Cecil is very obviously a girl, she doesn't look "manish" at all. The people on this site think anyone who isn't conventionally attractive is a troon and if you don't think they're a troon then you're probably one too, or ugly, or fat. Childish.

No. 967409

File: 1636825015086.jpg (146.63 KB, 728x455, anime-nekopara-vanilla-nekopar…)

This is autistic but I think Lori should try to skinwalk vanilla from Nekopara, it would work with her hair and outfits. Though honestly I just miss her skinwalking days.

No. 967420

Is the 35 year old gonna be her "erotic side"? Lord. And no doubt the 6 year old is the part of her that just enjoys Precure. I'm tired… She's finding a mental illness for every aspect of her personality.

No. 967431

Someone posted a cap of her "alter" replying to her diagnosis just minutes after posting, because apparently she can just switch between personalities at will. Or even more ridiculous, they are active at the same time but somehow don't clash with each other or cause her any confusion or frustration.

No. 967490

File: 1636831831490.jpg (60.94 KB, 600x800, 137593505136.jpg)

I hope Jillian fucking suffers. I hope she fucking dies in a fire.
I have dissociation (not straight-up DID, but a dissociative disorder of some kind) and mine came from being fucking raped as a kid and getting beat up to a pulp and starving for most of my childhood to the point where I wanted to kill myself before I was even out of the kindergarten.
But of course DID diagnosis you paid for is grounds for a happy smily celebration and a cake!
I hope you choke on the cake and fucking die, because Stebiepoo doesn't know how to do Heimlich (and because his faggot noodle arms are to weak to lug his hambeast of a sugar momma around)
Sorry for a-logging, but this bitch doesn't know what trauma is, and certainly haven't experienced it in the way that would cause a dissociative disorder.
I hope she rots.(calm down spaz)

No. 967504

I think in Cecil's case it's got to be a vendetta (maybe a fan of one of the people she's talked about?), since it's been brought up more than once despite anons mostly being uninterested/ unconvinced and Cecil not being that well known in the first place.

No. 967505

It's a well deserved a-log anon, you don't need to be sorry. Fuck Jillian.

No. 967523

Neglected? yes. Abused? No

No. 967524

Farmhands go fuck yourselves, her vent was completely understandable

No. 967529

Right? That really made me sour…

No. 967532

Thank you for this

No. 967548

>Unable to get meaningful shit done yet feeling overwhelmed with work, inflexibility, can't delegate tasks to others properly, gets stuck on insignificant bs, can't filter out irrelevant or useless information/ideas, (…) always spending excessive amounts of energy to explain stupid shit in detail
I've just been diagnosed with ADD and those describe me and have for a long time (maybe the last one to a small degree). This is concerning.

No. 967564

File: 1636837868918.png (630.44 KB, 1076x682, imagen_2021-11-13_151114.png)

In hindsight this is so gross and makes me want to fly all the way to PEI and hit her so hard

No. 967577

Diagnoses as accessories/identities. This is fucking sad

No. 967583

The way she's smiling and staring away from the camera like she's so bashful… This whole setup and photoshoot is too much. Peak munchie.

No. 967589

I don't blame you for a-logging tbh. Lately I've been contemplating sewerslide over a chronic health condition and the flippancy with which she treated a diagnosis that would (if DID is real lol) imply a lifetime of disability really set me off. I don't remember the last time I was so angry over internet bullshit.

No. 967626

File: 1636843902893.png (53.35 KB, 1877x442, 11-13.png)

Why do anons in shayna's thread look for reasons to cause infighting? Holy shit.

No. 967650

So now that we know the emojis represent her "alters" (aside from the eyes which she is obviously using to punctuate her tweet) it seems like she had six as recently as twoish weeks ago and then decided to drop one before her announcement? Did she get rid of one to save herself the trouble of making an extra one of those introduction youtube videos she is planning lmao

No. 967663

I agree, but I also kinda wish her next diagnosis is DOA. No cow makes my piss boil like she does. The milk is full fat (like her) but also makes me want to vomit.

No. 967673

A good munchie cow vs Jill's slow mo all-expenses-paid waddling toward a new internet identity might be the issue.
In any case, it's only a matter of anons getting bored before she does, and she tends to get bored quickly.

No. 967688

the way anons are talking about her, i thought she did some isabella janke level shit, but she's just a typical cringe twitter user unless there's something else i'm missing

No. 967690

It's incredibly milky/hilarious and will provide tons of longterm entertainment in a thread that was otherwise dying, but child abuse is a pretty difficult and touchy topic so I can see why people get riled about her making it up as part of her kweer rainby mental illness identity.

No. 967695

Have you never heard of hatewatching? I thought part of the fun of lolcow was in trash talking unlikeable e-celebs.
She's infuriating in the same way that your most annoying coworker is infuriating. She's not hurting anyone but herself, but her faux cheerful persona + munching makes her easy to hate. Plus as >>967690 mentioned, her munchie saga hits close to home for some people.

No. 967700

Yukapon/Natalia's music is cringy garbage and she can't rap for shit, but I somewhat admire her for going all in and sticking to it and constantly producing content she seems to really enjoy making. Reminds me of being a teenager making random art/videos while not giving a shit if it was cringy or not, being too self aware as an adult can feel suffocating.

No. 967720

Shoe and Shayna are weird pick me's. Shoe has obvious Simps who'd love to date her, Shayna's standards are so low that she could find someone on her same level or loser to date, who'd honestly be what she wants.
I just don't get why they pander, especially Shayna, at least Shoe gets a lot of attention for it. Shayna barely gets attention and it's very clear she just wants a scrote. She doesn't want a rich scrote,successful scrote or even attractive scrote.
Just a scrote who'd like her, like what she likes and who'll do boyfriend things. Take her out sometimes, buy her snacks and cheap shit. Though if given the choice I think if she could choose the man of her dreams but no twitter/sex work or going viral once and becoming somewhat known she'd choose that.
There's no reason for these two women to be as miserable as they are. Lonely, depressed and thirsty. If you break it all down, all Shayna wants is someone to care about her, but thats not enough. She can't have a normal offline life with offline friends/lovers. She needs everyone to KNOW someone cares about her. Whoever told Shayna she was "Special" needs to be slapped. Most people aren't special to anyone but the PEOPLE who love them. It's like a sick joke, Shayna got the attention she wanted but from the wrong people (lolcow or hypocritical angry jealous sex workers).
Shayna depresses me, bores me and disgusts me but I can't look away, because I am rooting for her. She does disgusting shit but it's very clear WHY she does them. Thats what pisses me off the most, she panders to the most disgusting people on Twitter, for a pinch of attention.

No. 967729

Same Anon- Maybe "rooting" for her is the wrong thing to say because thinking about it, she's been unapologetically disgusting and more so lately. However, I'd say that I would like to see her do better because it'd be so EASY for her to do better. She is mentally ill and depressed, I honestly liked her better when she was with Fupaul because she seemed slightly less deranged. Now all she does is pedo-pander and go on dates with dudes pretending they are her "Sugar Daddy".
Ellen is also disgusting and at LEAST I felt like Fupa somewhat cared about Shayna and was sexually attracted to her. Ellen creeps me out in how she HAS to beat or do weird shit to Shayna everytime they have sex, she's only doing it because Shayna's not a scrote and the only way she knows how to interact with a woman who ALSO is barely into women, is some fake BDSM that NEITHER really like, but do just because.

No. 967849

not one of those anons but I can sort of see why. it's difficult enough getting treatment for actual mental health issues and here comes a fat retard flashing cash to get her fake tumblr diagnosis validated. everyone has a story about a lazy doctor so when a munchie gets a "win" it feels personal

No. 967908

Fuck why can't we have a thread for her. Momo has been dry for so long now and what she did was bad but she's not a molesting predator ffs.

No. 968397

File: 1636936894933.png (1010.51 KB, 1021x755, 1578098787190.png)

Sage 4 no1curr but I've been reading Tuna's old threads and her art is so adorable. It's not good on a technical level but weirdly endearing, picrel is esp. nice imo

No. 968736

Posting this video an anon made because it deserves to be seen.

No. 968808

be the change you want to see

No. 969028

I find it endearing too, but it also makes me sad because it's the same thing over and over and she never improves.

No. 969616

File: 1637060538640.png (359.2 KB, 828x1013, imagen_2021-11-16_050224.png)

>Oof ouch looking very narcissistic here cringe

The audacity of this bitch, can't believe she's saying this to her own fans

No. 969630

I like her chest of drawers

No. 969633

im so ready for this

No. 969660

After reading more about DID I'm honestly convinced that her therapist caused this and now Jill believes it. Apparently DID is iatrogenic in a lot of cases (as in, therapists keep dropping different cues and convincing the patient that they have DID, and then send them to psychiatrist, this is especially prelevant if the patient has BPD). I'm gonna blame that sleazy therapists for this.

No. 969663

You should share this on the thread too, I've never heard about this term before

No. 969665

Pewdipie stream happening right now, he thinks saying that stepping on a lego is the same pain as menstruation = owning the women. He also thinks childbirth can't be possibly as painful as a kick on the balls, and he doesn't think a kick on the balls isn't as painful anyways.

No. 969670

she got too bold imo i could see the larping working if that was the pixie from 2 years ago but she’s just too gross looking and bitter now. she really played herself kek. i can’t wait for the milky downfall. her fanbase was probably waiting for it, they all cannibalize themselves in the end.

No. 969672

Don't wanna tinfoil or armchair tbh, iatrogenic just means that lots of patients diagnosed with DID tend to be heavily infulenced by their therapists in particular (as in, therapists "create" mental illness to explain away different symptoms), they refer to different moods as "alters" and explain dissociation as "switching" etc. It's especially prelevent among patients who have BPD, as they tend to be easily infulenced and struggle with dissociation. It makes sense in Jill's case, it's almost textbook case of iatrogenic DID.

No. 969673

I don't think that's armchair if everyone pretty much knows this diagnosis of hers is fake. I've seen multiple posters argue about the credibility of her therapist too, so I don't see how saying "her therapist implanted shit on her" is in any way an armchair. I'd say more people need to know about this

No. 969803

File: 1637081403403.png (582.08 KB, 1170x1384, imagen_2021-11-16_105020.png)


No. 969809

Yes, (false) memory recovery therapy has definitely never been used for shady purposes before, especially not in the 80's to traumatize hundreds of innocent people with memories they "didn't know they had." This shit is hilarious and all but it's also dark that it's still happening.

No. 969817

Marzia must be dumb as fuck or REALLY attached to that sweet billionaire money because there's no fucking way a woman would be willing to stay with this manchild that's a redditor and used to roam 4chan. He reads all those philosophy books but none of them can fix how full of himself and out of touch he is. He thinks like a toddler moid.

No. 969818

He’s not a billionaire is he? I highly doubt that. I know he’s a low level millionaire but I thought hat was it…

No. 969819

>Marzia must be dumb as fuck or REALLY attached to that sweet billionaire money because there's no fucking way a woman would be willing to stay with this manchild that's a redditor and used to roam 4chan. He reads all those philosophy books but none of them can fix how full of himself and out of touch he is. He thinks like a toddler moid.

Her family is already wealthy, so I think she actually loves him instead of just his money. It could be a status thing too, she's the girl the most popular youtuber chose. But the rest of your post is completely right.

No. 969825


Laur reminds me of a more desperate, dumber and co-dependant version of my mom, which sometimes makes me feel bad for her. All of the clingy that comes with a helicopter parent but none of it's benefits. My mom would have never let me walk around with teeth and outfits as fucked as Lillie's. How can they think she's so amazing when's she's ugly, short and dumb? And she's only ugly because of how she chooses to style herself so that makes it even worse.

No. 969829

What's especially insane about all of this is she's basically implicating one of her close family members is responsible for horrific child abuse that totally happened but she "doesn't remember". Imagine being her mom and trying so hard to be understanding and involved in your child's life, and she turns out to basically accuse you of sever abuse.

No. 969834

I think he was joking anon.. don’t take it too seriously

No. 969845

Oh my fucking god Jillian's aunt is so fucking funny please listen to this fucking song, cow behaivor runs in the family

No. 969857

she is like that picture that says: I AM CRINGE BUT I AM FREE. except thats her entire personality and shes been like this for at least the past 14 years.
its kinda crazy how thats jills ""personality"" too but shes not goot at it. shes like rainbow and positivity shtick but shes too passive aggressive and always complaining about something. with her aunt i can actually believe she is this fucking unhinged and happy all the time and no haters can stop her.

No. 969877

She's not implying it kek, one of the basis for diagnosis is disorganized attachment to primary caregiver. That usually means getting food from the person who keeps abusing the child to the point of breaking over an extended period of time. And who is her main caregiver? Her mom. Let's wait until her mom realizes what her daughter is accusing her of.

No. 969879

I hate pewdipie but I hate his editor the most.

No. 969883

Skip to 37 seconds to skip goofy ad. I've posted this here before but it's especially relevant to her dumb tweet.

No. 969905

I don't really give a fuck about anything Pixielocks is doing, but why'd she have to name herself Jerrick. That's so ugly.

No. 969907

It sounds like the name of the bully in a kid's cartoon

No. 969909

I'm totally out of the loop with pixie, I think I tapped out when she started gaining weight and taking close up double chin pics to make some sort of statement.. Is this woman still in a relationship? Like with all her alters and shit going on?

No. 969918

She's still in a relationship, but she has quickly declined overall since covid started / her last semesters of school

No. 969975

God, I know her mom really spoiled and enabled her, but it makes me furious to see how she had a loving and supportive family that so many people would kill for, and decides to deny all of that just for internet pity points. I actually feel bad for her mom when she realizes this.

No. 970001

Yes, and he is totally encouraging her in this shit by congratulating her on it with his social media/seems happy about it. He is also an enby now and seems to be close to fully trooning out if you ask me, since on Halloween he dressed as "a hotter version of himself" and basically just cosplayed as a tiktok egirl.

I was thinking about this earlier today, all I can picture is Louise sitting in her designer cat patio crying over every time she ever burnt Jill's tendies or forgot to buy some limited edition Peeps, wondering if that was the straw that broke the camel's back

No. 970029

File: 1637101275412.png (37.21 KB, 614x214, Screenshot_20211116-131826~2.p…)

The tradthots thread has devolved into such a shit show. Full of derailing, essays, bait and obvious males. I can't even be mad because I contributed to the derailing at one point but now I'm just sick of it.

No. 970041

I'm confused, is this person trying to say that misogyny is better, or that racism is better? Both are dumb takes, and anyone who tries to compare the two and decide which is "worse" is retarded, but still.

No. 970050

>obvious males
It feels like at least one of those is the main poster by volume in the tinfoil thread. Trying to LARP but can't figure out how anatomy works, getting off on trying to cause panic. You can tell it's a sad dude who's made the imageboard rounds and doesn't fit in anywhere.

No. 970058

They're trying to say that misogyny is better than racism because at least different races and cultures can bond over misogyny. Hands down one of the worst takes I've ever seen on lolcow, and that's saying something. I genuinely can't tell if this is a troll or not.

I don't usually follow the tinfoil thread, but you're probably right.

No. 970114

Yeah, I hate the obvious moids and newfags who refuse to sage or even try to learn how who have taken over the thread. All we can do is report, although like you I have definitely gotten taken in by the arguing before. I feel like there are more tradthot cows online than ever but instead we have to endlessly read those few posters screech about "tradthots are over!" and "you just hate any woman who wants children and will die alone overworked by your corporate jobs reee trads are happier than you!!" A lot of current tradhots are Varg followers so maybe we are better off just watching the calves in his thread flourish for tradthot content. That super diehard homebirth girl is kind of interesting, she was even willing to fight her senpai Marie. Speaking of Varg, too, he seems to be gaining audience pretty rapidly in the last year. Even a couple formerly average people I knew became fans of his and think they're some kind of vikings now, I find his growth over the pandemic interesting but also annoying.

No. 970147

Newest Varg followers only acknowledge his carefully curated twitter persona – the traditional man "fighting" for trve evropean values, not the 50yo criminal turned into NEET who's just another leech on French welfare, living on his in-laws land and doing nothing but shitpost… while Marie takes care of the kids and slaves away on their farm (when she's not placentaposting). He can't go full neonazi because he will get suspended, so he tones down his narc sperging and settles with blind worship coming from mentally ill pagan tradthots/pickmes and incels. Mind you, an audience he can't berate for not being as TRVE as he is (read: pale skin, blond, blue eyed) like he used to do on his YT channel, otherwise he will lose them.
In the end, everyone gets what they want: attention and a sense of community.

No. 970176

File: 1637119852225.png (182.53 KB, 259x309, screenshit1.PNG)

I don't know who this is or why she's a cow, all I know is I saw her as a Thread picture on snow, but I think she's cute.

No. 970180

File: 1637120491195.jpg (24.7 KB, 500x500, 1636185778326.jpg)

Does it make anyone else mad that in the case of Lucinda, Chris-Chan, etc the psychologists never step in to cut their internet access? I'm not sure if Chris was ever under supervision but Lucinda sure is and her doc doesn't even try. Severely mentally ill people should not be on the internet with the ability to harm themselves. Lucinda's thread is legit doomfuel but I can't stop looking.

No. 970217

Late to this so my apologies but I'm really tired of all the billie sperging taking up the celeb cow thread. It's been said before but honestly all the comments being made aren't even milky, just commenting on her body that she's clearly self-conscious about and it does nothing to just go back and forth about her appearance which she's still figuring out. I remember going through multiple styles around her age, still coming to terms with my body and how to dress for it, but she's doing it in the public eye.
Although it seems to be the norm that when threads start to get dry the infighting starts.

Just even looking at some of the threads in /snow/ that have devolved to infighting and racebaiting.

No. 970220

I don't read that thread and I'm sure she's an asshole who doesn't deserve our compliments (why else would she be a cow) but I thought she looked cute in Succession tbh

No. 970221

>I'm really tired of all the billie sperging taking up the celeb cow thread.
How new are you? the best proven way to get anons to stop sperging about things you don't want to hear is to drop and ignore it yet you dig up an 11 day old post? Sounds like you're just trying to continue the conversation

as for her looks go, from what I've seen it's just people tinfoiling about how she's a lot older than her claimed age which is valid considering it's a common thing in hollywood

No. 970243

same. I was crushing on her in Succession and then realized she looked familiar and I've seen her in a thread pic here hah

No. 970388

Jillian is a pt worthy cow, hands down. I refuse to believe she's even real she's so fucking milky.

No. 970417

I honestly did/do think she can be pretty cute but she's so rotten and hates other women so much that following the threads has made me see her as ugly on the outside too. No matter how much anyone on here would be willing to compliment her she would just sperg and call us all fat losers anyway, so the compliments are truly wasted.

No. 970454

I'm sick of the FAS meme. Not every person with a baby nose has alcoholic mother brain damage.

No. 970543

she's /pt/ tier for sure but considering how dead that board is, moving her thread might not be a good idea

No. 970593

I just realized the top marker says "dumb slut", sometimes our memes really are scrote tier

No. 970941

I actually like Amberlynn, I'm not sure why. She just seems surprisingly eloquent and like she might be a sweet friend. I want her to get to a healthy weight and stop being a serial co-dependent monogamist so everyone will stop ragging on her in her youtube comments.

No. 970970

kek nonnie I'm posting about it in this thread because I'm one of the few anons that doesn't bother engaging with it on the celeb cow thread. I stay out of the weight sperging in general because it's boring imo.

No. 970980

she reminds me of my retarded aunt who went through so much unimaginable childhood trauma she's just permanently stupid and a cunt. i hate them both but i'm still rooting for them both too

No. 970988

I don't have anything against Amberlynn either, the only reason she gets hated on is because she's a deathfat.

No. 970990

Eloquent? Really?

No. 971005

I agree about internet needing to be cut off/being confused as to why it isn’t but god damn does she creep me out, I don’t like her at all and find it hard to feel bad for her even though she’s clearly ill

No. 971088

File: 1637215804102.jpeg (306.87 KB, 1080x1792, D1BEE673-E4F9-4B07-BFEB-828D08…)

I know she’s a shitty person and an alcoholic but to me she’s honestly really pretty, I probably just think this because she looks a lot like a close friend of mine

No. 971179

i noticed that many posts on shay's threads have an issues with her kinks for being fake more than being disgusting which only leads me to believe that all these posts are made by gatekeepy ewhores who think shy isn't a real hardcore bdsm-er like them, truth is shay is probably as into these stuff as them.
I haven't seen any proof that she is faking it more than other whores because majority of these women are damaged mentally and want attention from being uwu extreme uwu and.

No. 971219

File: 1637237639377.gif (6.72 MB, 240x426, ezgif-2-15da43dd69ae.gif)

I don't think you gals understand it I find her very attractive, I thought it was a meme at first but I don't know anymore

No. 971241

Are you new to her threads? She’s literally said she doesn’t enjoy sex and does she shit for attention. There’s no way that’s changed. Her “kinks” are disgusting but she’s also a pathetic liar about it, not that men care. No one cares to gatekeep larping as a pedophile or punching bag

No. 971249

I adore her, I'm gonna chuck Jill off the Confederation bridge and that lady is going to be my aunt.

No. 971255

I don't really know shit about kinks and ewhores but every pic or vid I've seen of her 'in action' screams that she's just going through the motions and doing a poor job hiding that.

No. 971335

I love her too, I support you in this

No. 971419

My hate on for Jillian is just through the roof. It's stronger every day. I'm going to super saiyan. The fact that she's liking tweets about how trauma has an impact on your everyday life when her "trauma" was some fucking deviantart shit. Bitch, you don't seem to have a hard time getting on the computer every day and interacting with strangers. How bad could it have been? You've even had several relationships since then with nice people, so it obviously hasn't effected your personal relationships. My parents are both fucking crazy drunk people and the way I grew up has fucked me, I am constantly in fight or flight and it feels like shit. It's not fucking cute or fun and I would give anything to just feel calm and to not be clenching my jaw all the time. I would love to not have a panic attack every time the fucking huge family next door pounds on the walls or the kids scream. She has no fucking idea what that tweet was even talking about. She doesn't have fucking PTSD! Her liking those tweets and doing this shit is such a huge insult to her parents. Her mother fucking worships her. Mine choked me out once for leaving a dish cloth in the sink. I hate your fat ugly face you hideous clown.

No. 971443

eloquent might be an exaggeration; I just mean she isn't as r-worded as say shoe or phoebe tickner

No. 971479

File: 1637261663028.jpg (68.35 KB, 720x720, 1478435733676.jpg)

I like to believe that in an alternate timeline, Jill still dresses like this (or more cohesively) and went to Japan on a student visa for language school or/and Bunka and works part-time at 6% dokidoki, often gets street snapped on her way back to her dorm.
No DID larping sexy clown bullshit, that was all a dream

No. 971507


Jill makes me want to make a Twitter just to a-log her all day long. I've never felt this much hatred for a cow, and I lurk pedo enabler Shayna threads.

No. 971515

I agree but she'd probably tard rage and start hurting herself even more if someone took her phone away. Her caretakers prolly can't be assed to make sure she stays offline.

No. 971525

Samefag, but the thing that makes me hate her the most is that she has one of the most supportive lolcow mom's (most supportive goes to Shayna's mom imo because I'm sure even most of us here don't have parents that would support such an ungrateful degenerate sexworking slob). Louise would never let Jill walk around with fucked up teeth like Laur, she'd never put Jill to work and basically pimp her out like Margo did to Venus. She wasn't a sexworker like Ariana's mom, not a druggie in recovery like Luna's, the list goes on.

Most of these cows have reasons as to why they're the way they are, Jill and Shayna however, don't imo. Outside of being too coddled ofc

No. 972032

That ellen chick is screwed for life. All bc she got involved with a cow. Dykenonnas remember that you can’t save any of these women. They will drag you down.

No. 972034

You can say retard here, retard

No. 972035

Ellen is a predator as far as I'm concerned and as long as Shayna continues to interact with her, she's just as disgusting.
The only reason people even looked back into Ellen's job is because Shayna reminded us she's a "caregiver" and tried to sexualize it.
Even if Ellen is lying,she's still disgusting and should'nt be trusted around kids.

No. 972048

I’m the anon who found Ellen’s babysitting profile, and then went digging into her tumblr. Finding that, looking through here posts and then finally that post about the baby pacifier literally made me sick. My nerves are still all over the place. I need some wine.

No. 972058

File: 1637300179099.png (62.36 KB, 767x401, gj.png)

Good job anon. /snow/ is now appearing as the top result for "ellen dresel nanny" for some search engines.

No. 972061

i cant fucking believe jill tries to claim having trich makes her neurodivergent. how the fuck does having a mental disorder that makes you compulsively pluck your hair have anything to do with an inborn difference in the function of your brain that affects how it processes life experiences including trauma. fucking hair plucking is not a loophole for not meeting the DID diagnosis criteria

No. 972071

lol anon because the people use obscure search engines are the onea who would search for ellen dresel nanny right?

No. 972092

That’s not the point; search engines typically share data and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches google which it most definitely will.

No. 972110

File: 1637310607531.jpg (667.54 KB, 2209x2177, norm.jpg)

Barely cows I guess but I was watching a Norm and Chris video and paused on this frame before getting up.

No. 972140

he looks like a corpse with its mouth stuffed with stones they're bulging in his throat

No. 972248

All of the people in pixies threads Dead set on her boyfriend being the reason she’s like this now Drive me up the wall

No. 972258


Happy milkmas girls. I can't wait for the shit show that Shayna's thread is going to turn into once a random family finds out about Ellen and blows her cover. Hope her parents kick her out.

No. 972357

I don't think she's like this because of him at all, but I think having a bf who enables her and never calls her out on her bs has probably resulted in her spiraling out of control quicker. If you live with someone who is constantly reinforcing your negative actions 24/7 you're going to get worse a lot faster than you would on your own.

No. 972466

File: 1637337705926.png (1.31 MB, 1296x636, ttt.png)

I thought micky moon had grown up and not been a noteworthy cow anymore because she's boring as fuck but she's back posting loli shit on her tumblr blog

No. 972565

Nothing is going to happen to Ellen from Shayna’s thread. She hasn’t been active on her care profile in almost a year and only one family booked her through them according to their records and didn’t even give enough of a fuck to leave a review. Right now it seems she is only a caregiver for her parents. As much as people want Shayna and Co. to be punished for their disturbing and disgusting actions, it’s not going to happen. Nothing ever does. What happend with the air bnb? Nothing.

No. 972572

the fact that shay's new girlfriend is an actual nanny makes me so disgusted i want to throw up

No. 972596

I agree, but it’s still sick and her and Shayna should be reminded that it’s out there forever and easily findable. They deserve to live paranoid if they have to live at all

No. 972626

There have been lots of newfags coming to shat's thread lately, one upthread in here said that anons are meanies for calling shat out for being a fake bisexual and in the same post they admit to not having read her past threads.

No. 972663

File: 1637348945737.png (406.21 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20211119-140748.png)

this could just be influenced by my browser history but it's pretty high up there on google too

No. 972745

I bet anything that she just scratches her head when stressed or something completely normal and claims she has trich. That, or her head is itchy from being bleached all of the time. There's no bald or sparse spots and no one's noticed her unintentionally plucking in videos, there's no way she even meets the minimum for trich.

No. 972878

really dead. the grave is real, under her legal name and documented in the cemetery records. I've been there to see it. the grass was still regrowing over top the new dirt from the start of the year.
looks like the memory is alive though.

No. 972899

And you didn't bring any proof? I know it's tactless to photograph the grave, but this is the farms and you went there anyway to see it. At least a photo of the cemetery registry would be nice… IDK how to look into that and if it's even possible from someone outside of the USA

No. 972921

I didn't visit for lolcow. soren's lazy parents haven't decided on a design for the tombstone and I hypothesize they never will out of shame. so there is nothing there but a coffin-sized patch of growing grass. not the photographic feat you're looking for, sorry anon.
really dead but believe what you want.

No. 972966

Why did you visit then?

No. 972984

personal connection from years ago! I went to mourn a death. it's a strange to care so much for terrible people, isn't it?

No. 973017

File: 1637371428617.jpeg (188.03 KB, 472x593, 20CDDCDB-E5F7-4349-AF77-02CC8E…)

>almost a year
I don’t understand the Ellen whiteknight trying to downplay any piece of evidence against her. Probably the same anon that said the venmo payments from 2020 were from 3 years ago therefore irrelevant

No. 973033


Sorry for your loss bud

No. 973044

File: 1637374310982.png (4.32 KB, 568x210, 39C5107D-7352-41C6-B8FA-780323…)

…. you’re actually retarded. That is the greater than sign meaning she’s been inactive for more than 1 month.

No. 973047

The description before she deleted also hadn’t been updated in at least 6 months

No. 973060

File: 1637375153311.jpeg (510.83 KB, 1242x1932, C812A6F7-15F8-4D77-806D-FE2417…)

Who do you think reported her to care.com? That’s the most that is going to happen at the moment; her account getting deleted. And it did. Nothing more is going to happen unless you have definitive proof she’s currently working with children and can get the attention of the hypothetical children’s parents. It sucks but that’s how it works. Ask me how I know.

Ban me for cow tipping, I don’t give a shit but I’m not going to be accused of whiteknighting a paedophile.(cowtipping)

No. 973077

I hope you don’t get banned though you probably are but thank you for reporting her anon. They talk a lot of game in Shayna’s thread but hardly know what they’re actually talking about. Nothing in your original reply was whiteknighting or downplaying what’s going on. You were being realistic about the situation. If something comes out about current nannying and not just caregiving, which she’s doing for her parents, then hopefully something more can be done.

And to the retard anon, further down on her profile it said she hadn’t been on there in over 6 months and was not currently taking on jobs. Saying that she hasn’t been active isn’t being a whiteknight. Go back to zooming in on Shayna’s shit flakes.

No. 973096

Lucinda needs to go offline for a while, touch some grass, take a shower.

No. 973750

this would barely even affect shayna's situation. she's probably looking for an out on their fake relationship anyway.

No. 973894

If you're not going to post proof don't even bother saying anything.

No. 973899

So there is no tombstone or anything? That's sad, especially since they blew so much money on her when she was alive… It's like they gave up or it was too painful, IDK.
Sorry for your loss. It must have sucked to see Soren spiral out of control (assuming you knew her when she was normal)

No. 973952

NTA but I'm the original anon who said anons are retarded for calling her a fake bisexual and I've read every single Shayna thread available. This isn't really a sick own or anything tbh, I'm autistic and need help.

No. 973986

Yeah, Shayna has great luck so far.

No. 974176

There was nothing wrong with pixielocks before 2020 besides the whole “queer baby!!” shit. I really like her old content. Im sad when I see how far shes declined. She used to be so much happier too

No. 974182

Pixie was cute and had a really sweet smile. I honestly think gaining weights, shitty scrotes and drinking too much woke-aid, makes cows go extra off the rails.

No. 974184

File: 1637469505977.jpg (200.61 KB, 922x594, 1489006861024.jpg)

I used to think she was cringy af (baby talk, being spoiled, wanting to be ~kweer~ while trying to hide her 3 month girlfriend but spotlighting all of her scrotes, pretending to know shit she didn't know like japanese, french or how to sew, general attention whoreness, etc) but she was never super cowish, I'd check her threads now and again cause it was usually the same old stuff. But now she really got milky.
I still wish she followed through her dream with living in Japan, it would be fun to see her as a jvlogger interacting with Sharla, and I believe it would be way better for her mental health. It would probably be even less milky and anons would just keep tabs on her out of habit, most likely.

No. 974191

oh dear that picture brings back so many memories. i thought she was so cute during her japan trip era

No. 974439

Anon, please have more confidence in yourself. I'm the anon who said I hadn't read her threads but none of the stuff mentioned ITT seemed like a reason to assume someone was lying about their sexuality. All you said was that women who willingly have lesbian relationships are generally not straight, and that it's possible to be a shitty person who also happens to be bisexual, and anon said you needed help. The things you said were completely normal, the thing she said was weird. You shouldn't so quickly jump to self-depreciation.

Also I never checked the replies after writing my original comment, lol at the anon going I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU and saying that some random bi chick being a whore is the reason people are prejudiced against bisexuals as though making it so absolutely no bisexuals play into negative stereotypes is A) possible, and B) would stop people from being prejudiced anyway.

No. 974490

Also also, the portrayal of bisexuals in media is the way that it is because the majority of mainstream media is produced by men, and men's understanding of bisexual women is filtered through porn (also mainly produced by men) and their obsession with cucking, finding the idea of being left by their romantic partner in favour of a woman particularly humiliating/ emasculating.

No. 974814

Yeah. She was your basic attention whoring kawaii uwu type girl but she really wasn’t milky, she had SO MUCH potential and opportunities that she just threw away. I wonder how she feels now knowing she’s never going to recover from the damage she’s done to her reputation and has thrown everything that was given to her down the drain, all of her former friends look to her with embarrassment.. sad!

No. 974859

Why the heck does shayna not get bikini waxing done? Her labia always looks so irritated from constant shaving, all covered in ingrowns and razor burn. It legitimately looks painful. She loves getting her brows and nails done as part of her bimbo larp so we know she’s capable of making an appointment, and she’s always getting beaten by her old man friends so she’s not afraid of pain. Idgi

No. 974895

Why doesn't she put lipchap on? why doesn't she do her hair in cute styles or have someone do it for her? Why doesn't she attempt to dress sexy instead of in 2 sizes too small clothes? Why Doesn't she wear a bra to make her breast difference look better? Why doesn't she cut back on food and take a few walks to tone up/lose weight? Why doesn't she get a tan? Why doesn't she save up to get a car? Why does she constantly hang with ugly old men/women? Why doesn't she make men pay her more or at all for her time? Why doesn't she try to create a life outside of sex work?Have friends who aren't connected to it? Why doesn't she just do feeder porn? Why does she think the issue is everyone else except for herself?
We ask all day WHY shayna doesn't do this or does do that, the question is very simple Nonnie. She doesn't give a shit, she's depressed, mentally ill and self-destructive.

No. 974946

doesn't she always make posts about getting waxed? also waxxing doesn't cure bumps/burn, if anything it makes it worse and takes your skin forever to get use to as well as ages skin from stretching and ripping + causes microtears in the skin. The best option is either laser hair removal or old fashioned shaving if you use the proper techniques.
lol this. the least of shaynas problems is her damn cooch irritation

No. 975515

File: 1637610283080.png (13.65 KB, 634x160, please leave.png)

What the fuck are people like this doing on lolcow

No. 975528

Probably a they/them CH Stan or just someone who decided to stick around when screenshots of his thread got posted on Twitter

No. 975533

I love how they share what amounts to years of twitter and tumblr shitpost lore as if it's authoritative information. Just kidding it's annoying as fuck; hopefully these twitterfags get bullied into integrating and grow the fuck up.

No. 975569

What thread is this in? I wanna bully them kek

No. 975592

And you're still a complete retard. Shayna Clifford hates women and always has. She isn't bisexual.

No. 975611

File: 1637616894649.jpeg (217.21 KB, 1240x494, 1637616785554.jpeg)

well since you insist you dont read the threads… for example, she does diaper shit. has done it many times throughout the years. but she also on tumblr admitted she doesnt enjoy it. but she still does diaper stuff every few months when shes desperate for coomer interaction. shes known for this type of thing. she lies for attention and to seem "kinky" because she thinks sex is a personality trait. all the tweets from her """""gf""""" make it clear shay is distant to her and shay only mentions her for scrote attention never in a romantic way. she has faked being into a lot of stuff for attention. she is a sex worker after all, anon. this has been known for years. no, we shouldnt put it past her to lie and milk that """relationship""".

if it was a different cow, and you had read the threads, yeah sure maybe who knows. but faking shit like this is literally what makes shay a cow in the first place. this is a girl who lies and fakes shit for coomer attention and has absolutely zero limits, this is not a good hill to die on and thats why other anons called you out. like jesus anon out of all bisexual women to defend fucking fighting about sexism and homophobia against shay the pedo pander

No. 975648

I can't stand all the moralfaggy sanctimonious anons. They seem to have a serious obsession with how cows care for their pets and children and they go around the threads with a magnifying glass nitpicking for whatever they can find to cry 'abuse and neglect'.

They have an obsession with social justice and COVID 19 and will find a way to bring it up anywhere and everywhere.

If you are really such a 'good person' living a sacred life you wouldn't be on these threads trashing online figures.

We are all here for the drama and nothing else.

No. 975651

>>Doesn't get a spray tan and chooses to have pale skin = mentally ill.

I agree with some of these points but some of the nitpicking over Shayna on all these threads is ridiculous.

No. 975657

Aw the junkie girl on snow has a gojira shirt, I like her now

No. 975689

The same anons would be clowning on her if she did. The nitpick so badly to feel better about their appearances.

No. 975702

I agree 100%

No. 975725

jillybean our dear rainbie monster is the hugest downgrade from 'cringe but tolerable' to 'horrifyingly cringe'. hate that i used to actually like her cuz this is like a slow motion car crash sometimes

No. 975751

You know it's some retard from twitter who thinks they're above others because even when they trash somebody they'll use the pwefewwed pwonouwns. Who the actual fuck comes here to defend shayna and insist this hardcore that she's legitimately bisexual and stupidly admits to never having read her threads either? Crackhead energy.

No. 975820

In Kathy’s thread, Emily Shepard is absolutely self-posting. It wouldn’t be a problem so much if she was actually bringing something new to the discussion but it’s just “my - I mean Emily’s - pasties are made by ____ and here’s the cover of a magazine I - sorry, Emily - was on.” No one cares you’re all unoriginal hoes kek

No. 975856

I feel like ~some~ celebrities come here and CC and possibly Reddit and 4chan? to praise themselves and defend themselves. This is especially true for the celebricow thread who freaks out anytime Billie eilish is mentioned and that cringe-tier sperging about how "you're all just mad she's a Stacy and you're insecure because she had a glow up!". Literally anytime someone talks about her at all.

No. 975862

I've immediately hidden the new thread of the creepy ASMR kissing cousins, but it still makes me sad there is an active group of anons who are desperate to discuss some gross incestuous couple who abuse/neglect their kid to the point that CPS is involved as if it's omg lulzy milk. I feel the same with the Jonny and Syd thread, and the Onion threads when they were active, especially when it was revealed Onion's daughter had a traumatic head injury and some anons were gleeful at the news because Onion bad.
I know autism is a prerequisite for posting here but idk, maybe I'm lucky to have had a relatively normal childhood but when I see those stories it's just heartbreaking and I don't want to think about it being real. The fact that so many anons are numb to child abuse/neglect to the point that it's hot gossip makes me assume they're either sociopaths or been through that themselves. Humanity is so broken, I wish we could love and protect every child, instead we make their inescapable pain our gladiator ring entertainment. Call me a bleeding heart moralfag who's a hypocrite for reading the Vicky, TND and Ana scumbags threads because they're also humans in pain trapped by addiction and mental illness. Like I said autism is a prerequisite for being here,and probably cognitive dissonance too.

No. 975877

You really think it’s more likely that Billie Eilish herself is coming to lolcow every time someone mentions her to defend herself then just spergy fans? Do you realize how much criticism a celebrity faces on all these huge social media platforms online, why would they come to this little obscure forum?

No. 975880


didnt this website like almost fucking died cause the userbase was so dead? you think a super young zoomer like billie be lurking? cc is even more obscure than here, i swear its like 20 people. i promise doja cat aint reading our shit.

No. 975886

the way most hold true to themselves is brave and stunning

No. 975901

>Young girls don't lurk lolcow

I get it's crazy but surely some celebrities research boards about themselves? It would be Billie if anything since she's undeniably the most insecure celebrity

No. 975992

KEK I love the idea of celebrities coming here but I doubt they'd waste their time or are aware of us. the sperg in the celebricows thread who claimed to be a celebrity was hilarious though.

No. 976008

speak for yourself oldfag

No. 976046

Doja Cat is one of the very few people I could see sperging here. The other one is Azealia Banks but even then I'm sure she's most likely to be a former tumblrina who migrated to LSA.

No. 976143

Celebrities I can imagine coming here
>Dorian Electra
>Azealia Banks
>Doja Cat
>Hunter Schaefer (troon from Euphoria, probably shitposts in the MtF thread)
>Princess Nokia
>Bella Thorne
>Angelina Jolie

No. 976217

Which one? Idk it's believable, surely if you're a lower end celebrity don't you think some would be curious at all and look up things about themselves? Especially during COVID times when they're not as busy. And plus it's even easier on a public anonymous forum so you can post whatever and people will just say that you're crazy if you suggest a famous person is here

No. 976650

>Angelina Jolie
kek but why?

No. 976848

>dorian electra
tell me why I have had the same theory since seeing that they’ve followed SydSoPsycho (Jonny Craig’s baby mama) for months

No. 976926

doja used to use imageboards right? so it would not surprise me if she minimally knew of this places existence, same with grimes and azealia, they're crazy and online enough can see them being aware of lc

No. 976974

File: 1637736537715.jpeg (391.05 KB, 1440x1800, 9911FF7B-D2E3-4B67-A514-DFB770…)

this is super random because she’s only a minor cow but dasha’s friend Maddie annoys me so much every time I see her face. She actually annoys me way more than Dasha or Anna. I don’t even know much about her because I don’t follow her because her face and vibe annoy me so much even through pictures. I dislike her because she reminds me of Dopey the Dwarf. She could be the most amazing person in the world and I wouldn’t care because she looks like Dopey took too much Xanax and watched New Girl and tried to skinwalk Zooey and then watched an arca video and tried to skinwalk him too. Imagine constantly looking like you’re about to say “…who, me…?” in some soppy tone. Why she is considered cool in NYC is a mystery to me.

No. 977134

I've always found Belle Kirschner to be a cute girl, before and after her surgeries. I don't think she looks pretty in her snapchat pictures though, because she barely looks human in them.

No. 977143

File: 1637768535002.jpeg (38.09 KB, 640x357, 60620F9D-4197-401D-BB2C-3DD04B…)

No. 977403

I’m only one thread in to the whole Soren drama from 5 years ago but I checked some of his accounts and he’s still active on YouTube. A playlist with videos on that were only added to YT 8 months ago. I saw the most recent thread got closed down. But I wonder… is this person still alive?

No. 977408

Seriously though? Weird, I would’ve expected her to roll with the death allegations to run away from the internet forever.

No. 977420

Belle is cute and she has a nice body. Sucks about her personality but at the same time scrotes are the one who cause a demand for it

No. 977695

Yeah I don’t get it. I mean I’ll need to read all the threads but there’s an etsy with like, last years Xmas wish list and then a bunch of videos saved on YT. All the stuff soren was into and the videos are only 8 months old. Why wouldn’t you just change your username ffs

No. 977711

I wonder what that anon who supposedly saw Soren's grave and came to post about it has to say on the topic. Could they be Soren or her friends/family? The genital situation looked pretty grim tbh

No. 977732

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. I know admin said that the family wouldn’t fake the obituary but like, maybe that was their last resort.

No. 977733

Would also like to state that I am only in thread two hahahahaha so I don’t know the whole situation with the obituary yet so I should really stfu

No. 977762

shifting my reality into a timeline where she became an adored online aesthetics icon instead of a tired scrote-trodden e-whore

No. 978041

Its pretty retarded that anons in shay threads are allowed to start fights or nitpick and don't get banned yet you point out their nitpicking and somehow its you who gets handed the ban on top of like two or three of the same people dogpiling you afterward, who all conveniently type the same, insisting that YOU'RE the problem and not them. What the fuck.

No. 978290

File: 1637906307233.jpeg (274.95 KB, 1080x1466, 1637885083582.jpeg)

i dont care about mickey threads i dont find her enterteining. but i scrolled through /w/ and saw this and i think its really cute! her digital artwork is kinda ugly to me. but this traditional thing looks cutesy. i like it. he made the ugly guy look nice and his dog turned out cute as well. i would follow for her art even.
inb4 it looks like shit. luna ALWAYS gets one faggot to say "her art is nice ASKHSUALLY she just needs to…-" when her art is legit middle school tier and all looks the exact same. i have no idea why anons die on that hill every two months. but i will die on the hill that micky whatever the fuck can draw shit id buy.

No. 978333

Petty thing to complain about but I'm getting really tired of that one anon in the tradthots thread who wants to refer to any kind of trad man or any man who goes on rants about women's eggs and such as being a MGTOW. It's not that I care about any of these men, I don't, but MGTOWs are a specific brand of male autist who aren't even trad/conservative half of the time, just retards who think men are oppressed because they have to pay child support. There's literally no reason to label every conservative/misogynistic man a MGTOW, it makes you look like you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 978527

I'm tired of the MGTOW discussion, at this point they should just make MGTOW thread instead of derailing that one if they want to discuss it so badly

No. 978592

True, they keep trying to drag "MGTOWs" into the discussion when it's not even relevant.

No. 979127

File: 1638026008580.jpg (43.13 KB, 708x531, 1626976735892.jpg)

And now this fucking hours-long argument about eye area shapes which morphs back into talking about MGTOWs

No. 979783

im having a hard time keeping up with recent shayna thread because she is just very boring and embarrassing right now.
it's weird because with the seattle move there was suddenly so much new milk and content but at the same time she became so much more annoying, the pickmeism and narc tendencies have gone through the roof. i really cannot stomach her daily naked drunk pink tracksuit selfies anymore, like honestly i just want her to take a break from the internet because watching her make a mess of a life so publicly is just embarrassing. yes she is actually doing stuff now unlike when she was in oklahoma but every person she interacts with is some kind of weird fetish person/coomer/random old man, wtf is she doing with her life that she is willingly spending time with these people?

No. 979804

What board is the incest asmr people on? Also congrats on being week adjusted

No. 980564

File: 1638161956950.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 148.77 KB, 750x1190, 1638156137610.jpeg)

I gagged when I saw this picture, it brings flashbacks of Shayna eating what looks like white discharge on a spoon, saying it was cum.
Either this is the thickest " Yeasty Cum" a woman even created, or this idiot used fake cum. Regardless, the whole picture just smells like Mayo. People always say "Shayna looks melted" and I was sick of it, then I saw the pictures in the field she took, I finally saw what they were saying. She does look melted. She has no muscle tone. It makes sense. Maybe she literally produces butter. This is retarded and I know I sound like a idiot.
I don't know why this is getting to me as it is but..yuck. Just yuck. I honestly think her face is more disgusting than the glue looking "cum". She looks sweaty and stank.
I've been trying to not go in on Shayna or any woman on here that hard, but this picture just drug it out of me.
The picture alone with the caption comes off like a joke. I don't know whats sadder, her using fake cum and thinking, "Well female and male cum is the same"
Or her thinking this is normal. Like, "Wow, I'm so wet, look at all this creamy white cum!" It's not normal.

No. 980985

File: 1638205979369.gif (Spoiler Image, 5 MB, 600x338, 1638086894354.gif)

Not an OF hoe, just genuinely think Shay's weird tit is an implant and it fascinates me. Try and tell me pic related is a normal thing and they're "just 2 different sizes." I have small tits and they still move. It's just frozen in place like a block of cheese, no idea why some Shaynons assert that this is normal kek.

No. 981020

Shay used to regularly wax and then claim she was "turned on" in the salon from the pain. It was a really gross era.

No. 981066

I don’t know why it’s so wild to think she might have had an implant put in as a teen due to some deformity. Sometimes one breast doesn’t grow in right during puberty and putting in a implant to fix that isn’t insane. That tit has always been implant like even when she was thin. They were the same size but one jiggled and the other didn’t, now that she’s fat though it’s getting more obvious. I think when anons hear implant they assume it to be some cosmetic thing like a boob job rather then a medical thing. It’s always “they wouldn’t give an underage person a boob job shut up”

No. 981087

Honestly, it's the shape of the breast that makes me think it's abnormal. It looks stiff hard and like a tiny implant. She even has some weird "Under tit fat".
Buttt more then likely it's just..unfortunate. I don't think she has a implant, I think she just has a weird stiff boob.

No. 981091

File: 1638213941531.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.86 KB, 750x656, CAE298D8-4BAD-4A83-BB63-18BB75…)

sa- This smaller breast looks odd here, implant like, though I don't think it is. So I can see why some anons think somethings up. Though it's probably just how she's built.

No. 981109

File: 1638215070257.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.31 KB, 720x720, FFC3EBB4-8602-4CF0-BA62-91954B…)

She had a small scar too on that tit that showed up a lot more when she was younger, now that her tits sag they cover any remaining scar there might be unless it faded

No. 981133

Idk I think if she really had an implant she'd be talking about it or bragging or whatever considering she calls herself a bimbo and has talked a few times about wanting surgery

No. 981139

A medical implant is nothing to brag about, she would have got it when she was a teenager and having a underdeveloped breast was embarrassing for her and that carried over to adult hood

No. 982136

In no way am I defending Lori and her insane drama but I have to admire her for being her age yet rocking the weeb outfits, she unironically looks good despite being a thot. I wish there were people like her who weren't insane sociopaths.

No. 982143

I don't hate Lori or Luna. I just feel bad for them. I couldn't hate them even if I tried, they're pitiful and not funny, just mentally ill and depressing ):():)

No. 982158

she's not a sociopath. She has mental issues but if she were a sociopath she'd be successful because she'd know how to manipulate.

No. 982203

Despite her autism and constant pathetic attention seeking, I think lucinda isn't that bad of a person. She just has issues and parents that spoiled her a but too much.

No. 982224

Her filtered selfies are horrifying, but I actually think she looks great for her age.

No. 982409

Dasha Nekrasova from Red Scare looks like an inbred Carrie Mulligan.

No. 982531

File: 1638338779939.jpg (64.99 KB, 521x680, e51d12f868fb1a2f6e83735957af00…)

Spanish speaking cow (Kind of? I don't know how most of the farms feel about him but he has a kiwi thread)

I believe that Doomentio is a very ambitious person; making a comic editorial and his experience with media is something I respect, I even got to know new pieces of animation and writing advice thanks to him; it's also interesting that he is some of the few semi-well-known people who are critical of the transgender ideals, but I'm legit tired of his political ramblings. He can say interesting stuff, but these past few years have been pretty /pol/like, and it's genuine annoying, even as a cow. His entire Twitter is filled with edgy accounts sperging about jewish people, how we are all doomed to hell, that women (And JUST women) aren't "pretty" anymore due to some weird jewish race mixing conspiracy or something. I remember his early videos and he wasn't this extreme, the /pol/sperging is consuming most of his online prensence now, and it's making me feel very tired. I don't understand how someone can keep up with such negativity after a while, let along years. I just feel that my mental health would be better if I forget about him at all, he just isn't funny or interesting anymore.

No. 982534

he is one of the few semi-well-known people*
I'm sorry

No. 982566

I don't know how girls like Shayna do it, I made a comment about twitch thots and it really hit me.Like imagine doing what Shayna has been doing for years. You don't have a car, nothing designer, just nothing.
Then you go on twitch or even Instagram and see fully dressed girls, dancing, playing games or just in bikini's, having men simp on them.
There's so much free porn, so many sex workers willing to do whatever for that $500, yet they'd rather give it to a fully dressed twitch thot, who wouldn't even piss on them if on fire.
All this for scrote attention, but the women doing less gets it.

No. 982570

I like Lucinda but she needs to delete. Lolcow wasn't that bad bc she could just avoid her thread, but now the middle aged narc tranny's simps are attacking her on twitter. She needs to get off the internet ASAP.

No. 982571

File: 1638343719336.jpeg (353.92 KB, 941x935, 1F291E4D-490C-4DF1-8BC1-0D46AA…)

The idea that we would refer affectionately to each other as "precious cow" gave me a good laugh. What a milky day.

No. 982575

they legitimately misread someones entire point and sperg out like it's WW3, i've given up. things are twisted and manipulated so often, i even see these psychotic tards (likely shay's fellow SW enemies) run to this very thread to leave out a million details, leave out all context to try to get ass pats whilst they try to call out the non infighting non aggressive poster as the huge big dumb autist lol. it's batshit insane.

No. 982582

I don't remember who it was, but one time when I was scrolling through /snow/ there was a cow who would shove things up her urethra for some kind of fetish porn. I wish I could forget it because I randomly think of it sometimes and it makes me cringe so damn hard like how could you do that to yourself.

No. 982587

omg that's so cute. We should start calling each other precious cow.

No. 982606

I love you my precious cows

No. 982610

File: 1638348156728.gif (55.27 KB, 236x233, bear-kiss-bear-kisses.gif)

I love you too precious cow

No. 982630

Imagine if the next admin is one of those psychos…

No. 982709

File: 1638368272755.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_20211201_150704.jpg)

>tfw found out this girl that used to have a thread here is now having bitchfights with Lucinda
Once a cow, always a cow. Don't have anywhere to post this since I don't want to derail threads so I'll dump it here, kek.

No. 982735

the milk flow in lucinda's thread right now is incredible, somehow everyone else involved is a bigger cow than she is

No. 982774

File: 1638376474812.png (193.64 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211201-1…)

This fake positivity is cringe when everyone was telling OP that they did a bad job. Glad mods saw and agreed on closing the thread

No. 982789

File: 1638377506228.jpg (160.68 KB, 960x691, q3q98c36vtw41.jpg)

Luna looks like Aiko Punpun, especially when she smiles

No. 982828

waiting for jared or holly to do something stupid again is making me think they learned their lesson which is honestly super disappointing because their spergouts were so entertaining. keeping up with those threads during the height of the cheating/divorce thing and how holly just kept digging herself deeper into a hole was fun. i long for that stupidity again

No. 982832

compare anything or anyone to this piece of shit manga again and i'm coming for you.

No. 982869

My favorite part of this board is seeing the foaming rage whenever this manga is brought up lol

No. 982899

File: 1638384718556.png (40.95 KB, 800x1045, 1637714328381.png)

I love it! edtwt and zoomers delivering the milk directly into the thread. The lolcowfarms reviews are flourishing
This and Jill getting that DID diagnosis are early christmas presents.

No. 982904

File: 1638384952637.jpg (27.13 KB, 190x364, Tuna_if_she_wasnt_a_fatass.jpg)

you tard rage just like Papa Punpun lol

No. 982911

I swear to god those threads are now filled with dweebs from the edtwt circle trying to push dirt on each other. At least those who have an IQ higher than 90 and probably that idoldecay girl "please stop posting her". But I'd get accused of tinfoiling or banned for posting "hi cow".

No. 982946

I don't blame you for thinking that way. I think Lucinda's internet should have been cut off a long time ago so that she could stop fucking hurting herself. I guess in a way, it's fun to watch? I know Shayna's thread is infested with ewhores and lucinda's thread with edtwt and ana chan rejects but the chaos is entertaining. Kind of like how the art salt thread gets furry selfposts sometimes.

No. 983031

Nta but it's constantly overrated, fake-deep shit and the author/fans are insufferable.

No. 983282

I know the lucinda and ambrose threads are filled with twitterfags and anachans but i have not laughed this hard in a long time. God speed retards

No. 983286

Same, anon, same. Never had this fun with a cow before.

No. 983325

mickey deer making an OF should not be surprising but it’s so disturbing to see all these cows turning into porn. i just can’t find any fun in seeing these trainwrecks, have not checked the venus thread since she started hers.

No. 983490

i honestly find the ambrose pile-on kind of disturbing like yeah they’ve been fucking annoying and have a horrible attitude but the hatred is kind of hard to swallow, it just seems like a massive vendetta

No. 983627

you can leave at any time

No. 983660

i feel a little bad (still some of the best milk we've had in a while, though) but this is the kind of thing that happens when you build an entire persona on being an unlikeable edgelord and go too long unchecked

No. 983868

File: 1638477077778.png (520.09 KB, 1066x1044, imagen_2021-12-02_142942.png)

I'm actually angry.
I have an uncomfortable relationship with loud sounds because my dad actually shot a gun towards my mom once.

She's saying she has trauma out of nowhere. I fucking despise you, Jill.

No. 983888

I had a friend years ago whose parents coddled the hell out of her. She never really grew up and she got diagnosed with bpd as an adult. I initially thought bpd required trauma too but I guess a certain type of coddling can sometimes cause it too. Jill reminds me so much of that girl.

I really think she just has boring ole bpd and not much more than that. The type where she just makes shit up and starts to believe her own crap after a while.

No. 983946

coddling is a form of trauma inflicted by narc parents on their children to keep them tied to their parents for eternity. The result of the trauma is that the adult cannot deal with life by himself.

No. 984079

Coddling and infantilization is a thing in Jill's life, but also, Jillian is just a fucking spoiled brat

No. 984195

Agreed, I think she’s a pretty woman who also happens to be retarded and very mean. TBH the way she treats her bf seems funny to me and I don’t care about whatever weird cosplay drama she had in her past. But damn she makes some offputting porn.

No. 984283

I don’t follow her threads because she’s the kind of pretty girl I can’t make fun of and the threads are full of weird noobs but if it’s whatever this is &the fakeboi vs lucinda i might have to finally dive in

She’s so cute. Obviously an annoying person but idk she’s got a charm despite it

No. 984552

Coming on here because the Jill thread just made me wanna A-log. My unpopular opinion is I do think DID is a legitimate mental illness, just that Jill doesn't have it. I've seen homeless people do things like have conversations with themselves as two personalities. Bottom line, DID is nothing glamorous and idk why people want it so bad, end of my dumb take kek

No. 984620

The last couple of days has been great but I think I've had enough of Ambrose's thread, at least until she does something completely retarded. I just get too annoyed at stuff being posted without context and people misunderstanding stuff seemingly on purpose.

No. 984632

i've always thought she as kind of adorable in a tim burton-esque kind of way (not the underweight stuff or the self harm, just her face) and seeing her be so positive was really lovely

No. 984726

I feel like Lucinda is the new Abby Brown - as in, she definitely has problems, she does some damaging things but mostly towards herself and even lolcow can't really hate them.

No. 984747

File: 1638571032673.png (215.44 KB, 354x368, imagen_2021-12-03_163705.png)

hey jill shayna clifford called she wants her face back

No. 984767

I have very severe mental illness and I've been abused my entire childhood from beatings, to emotional abuse, to being thrown from care taker to another to rape, to poverty, to emotional abuse. My mental illness is pretty bad, it used to be worse but it has improved a bit now. I'm just tired of how mental illness is being appropriated into a quirk or aesthetic by people on the internet. I'm also pretty upset that my entire life I've given empathy and understanding to others, but others didn't reciprocate and when you talk about your abuse to others you sort of become objectified. Like I have to be nice and not express my opinions because others gave me empathy so now it means I must be very nice and innocent abused girl. Fuck you, if you gave me empathy it doesn't mean I cannot express my opinions and if your empathy is conditioned, then it is not real.

No. 984768

i'm also quite poor and that's the worst thing. Most people that talk about mental illness on the internet are upper middle class and they can afford to keep on going and going about their issues

No. 984776

I want to thank Shayna for becoming my inspo for drinking more water and finally cutting all sugary drinks off my diet. I really want to avoid having my skin looking like a zen garden.

No. 984778

I think that poorfags should drink bleach(bait )

No. 984785

i think you should kill yourself stupid ass and ugly bitch nobody will ever like you stinky cunt. You're legitimately ugly, unlikeable and starving yourself won't fix your horrible personality stupid cunt

No. 984790

dumb bitch

No. 984801

You're not my precious cow

No. 984811


No. 984814

I don’t think Luci actually attempted suicide and she was just baiting. Still think she’s a precious cow tho just weird how everyone instantly bought it

No. 984821

Face the wall, richfag.

No. 984843

This. She's pretty much harmless imo but all the ~Yass Unicorn Queen~ going on in her thread rn is super cringe.
(Also there were suspicions of her self-posting a lot since thread 1 and I'd like to see a Munchinda post reveal)

No. 985295

File: 1638633736437.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, giphy.gif)

>Natalie is asleep
>anyone wanna make a thread about this larping bitch?
>Natalie wakes up
>oh my god stop discussing her, this is her selfposting, I am reporting everyone, she doesn't deserve a thread she's boring
I never wanted to "hi cow" so hard in my life, but I have to be civil.

No. 985304

did someone shoop shay's face onto her or did jill upload this herself? i never realized how similar their faces are jfc

No. 985314

nope, that's really jill >>>/w/185560
we're heading towards lolcow singularity

No. 985317

Shayna is just another personality. I can't believe you all been doubting her diagnosis

No. 985447

File: 1638643177128.png (59.39 KB, 1011x529, image.png)

Luncinda's stans were always obnoxious but now her thread is virtually impossible to follow because they're so far up her ass. I've never seen so many people take the words of an obvious chronic liar at face value before. She must be having the time of her life

No. 985700

The self-proclaimed burlesque anon is Katherine McMahon’s thread is without a doubt another cow herself lol getting that heated over a farmer saying colored glass from a certain brand is overpriced in craft stores and to be careful who you buy in bulk online from is cow behavior.

No. 985705

I don't have anything against Lucinda and I haven't been following the recent stuff that closely, but the anons fans in her thread are being very cringy. Sometimes /snow/ feels like a completely different board.

No. 985712

The “I took classes” paragraph sent me. Like how can you write that and not realize you’re just as bad as Katherine only in a different way?

No. 985726

That thread has been underage twitterfag central after the second thread was made. Her munchie antics have also been transparent as fuck since the start, including her obviously lurking and posting in her own thread wking herself and probably making some of the cringy stan posts too.

No. 985755

Not to mention the very blatant samefagging they're doing

No. 985775

tried to post this in celibricows but it got closed. it's crazy to me hearing that emilie autumn and veronica varlow have ended their friendship according to an anon in that thread. i couldve sworn just the other day, (when I saw VV's new book at barnes and noble and was contemplating buying it) I checked both hers and EA's ig and they were following each other. now it shows only EA follows VV but not vice versa, kek. wonder what happened. i grew up with EA and missed out seeing her live (I was 13 when she did a show in my city) but I have criticized her A LOT over the years. I remember following the wayward confessions tumblr and who could forget the absolute drama that were her forums before they shut down. she'd fight with fans all the damn time on there. i ordered the first copy of her book around 2010 and never got any newer versions so idek what they're like. however, I bought her oracle deck and it was the biggest disappointment ever.
sad that she's way too boring now. I still love her music and old style. I really liked the red, black and white victorian aesthetic with the stripes, rats, and tea. but as I grew up I realized she stole everything from American mcgee's Alice as well as the yellow wallpaper, etc, etc.
Funny ass shit how she claimed her whole family died in a fire just like the video game when her mom's a seasmstress for ice skaters and was active on IG iirc.
She even claimed her real last name to have been "Liddel" like the girl Lewis Carroll's based his famous book off of. KEK she has always been just a larper.
And now she's larping as a broadway musical screenwriter/producer ig. lmao go off unhinged queen.
Sage for Emilie Autumn sperging. She truly is my first lolcow.

No. 985823

I just bought Veva's book even though I'm not into magick (kek). It's very nice visually and you can learn from it how to market yourself (by following Veva's example). It's also nice to have a book by her for old time's sake. Feels like she made it, publishing a book with Gaiman's quote on it (I know that apparently they were friends for a long time even though I forgot it lol). Her witch business is booming (I assume – sidenote, but funny how it seems inspired by the Love Witch movie). She was such a big part of Emilie's shows and world, it's really sad to see her go. Weird that there will be plenty of people who only know her as a Love Witch and not Veronica the flirty crumpet. Of course good for Veva that she built her own brand and that she isn't just orbiting Emilie… but it's like another door closed.
EA also was my first lolcow, or a celebricow at the very least. WVC used to be my protololcow kek. BTW, the new book version cut out the best parts of TAFWVG aka cutting diary, drug diary etc.

No. 985966

No. 985976

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that her thread is mainly her WK-ing herself and underaged anachan rattling their bones (and now she even wants LC to participe in her little feuds with other twittards. (Huh…not your personal army, anyone?)
And every obvious bs she spouts are being taken at face value:
>I'm a True & Honest schizo, here's my diploma!
>Me typing like a retard is real and valid
>My brother is taking my pics
>I didn't eat anything for 6 months
>I tried to kms yesterday but I'm fine now lol
>I'm a real unicorn and certainly not a sped playing dress-up
>I'm retweeting shitty edits made by farmers but I'm not lurking my thread, I swear!

And the thread is like : Yass Queen! So true! You're so valid and beautiful!

(Also, it might be me being a grumpy oldfag but I hate the fact that they're comparing her to PT.)

No. 985994

I don't follow Momo's threads and never have, I've only really picked up details about her secondhand from other threads (i.e. Lori and Kevin's,) but I find it interesting how a lot of the /ot/ anons who've posted about quitting visiting the cow boards over the last year or so mention her threads seeming like unfair criticism. It makes me want to know more about Mariah to understand why she's so commonly sympathized with.

No. 986231

Can the idiots sperging about fags in the MtF thread shut up already.

No. 986361

i don't have anywhere else to post this but onision's thread has been dead for like a month. on one hand i think that's a good sign that it's died down, but on the other i know he's probably still the same piece of shit abusive scrote to his family even when he's offline. i found him so entertaining i used to spend literal hours sperging to friends irl about his threads.

i hope he comes back with fresh milk. at least i hope lainey finally packs up the kids and leaves him for good.

No. 986400

All I want is for Lainey to attempt a redemption arc by leaving Gurg and coming back to social media & milking every bit of attention & $$$ by telling all on every dirty detail with receipts.

No. 986500

It's funny watching anons continue posting normally while she has cocaine psychosis all over the thread. Like a bunch of people in a mall food court quietly walking around a retarded child having a meltdown.

Are the GC containment threads even moderated?

No. 986608

File: 1638780477749.jpg (118.43 KB, 1200x674, FFx3aI7aUAEx8xe.jpg)

I don't care for Chris and Sharla speculation sperging but I really enjoyed their dynamic in Sharla's newest video. It was fun and felt natural, kinda reminded me of hanging out with my brother kek.

No. 986654

Kek that analogy is spot on. At least now we know she's having coke induced rampages and that's why her fag bashing posts are so spergy and foaming at the mouth. I'm tinfoiling that she became a polilez once her Nigel was cucked away from her by a HSTS because there's literally no other reason for her to be projecting so hard and continuously calling other anons fag hag handmaidens for saying that AGPs are more dangerous than HSTSs despite both being misogynistic.

>Are the GC containment threads even moderated?

I don't even know anymore, it's so weird that anons who forget to sage are banned instantly but the schizo fag-chan gets to throw a tantrum for hours despite being reported.

No. 986660

i think shayna is pretty… not when she's naked but she has a nice face

No. 986675

kek you're probably ugly as fuck

No. 986680

yeah, i am

No. 987142

File: 1638824729093.jpg (55.68 KB, 853x1280, calf-with-heart-in-mouth-bigpl…)

I'm late, but ily all my precious cows

No. 987168

File: 1638825819935.jpeg (193.03 KB, 2000x2000, wow wow wow wow.jpeg)

I…I need that doll. Or I won't survive.

No. 987174

Thanks for the idea, twitterfags.

No. 987269

You know what else is cow behavior? The fact that this shit same shit happens in /ot/, Moo's, Lori's, Shay's, and even in the tradthot thread. I don't give a fuck if you or retards like this >>985755 think that its samefagging. Its not. I'm sick of tired of how threads will always devolve into infighting just because one sperg chooses to reply to another anon which they could have ignored but refrained from doing so and then when they get told to shut the fuck up, they samefag while accusing others of doing so or backpedal with a 'no1curr'. If no one cared, there wouldn't be a fucking chimp out in the first place. The burlesque retard could have easily been ignored and this is in the rules. God forbid someone tells anyone else to shut the fuck up though. You both sound like newfucks who desperately try to integrate and fail at it.

Both of you know that it wasn't about stupid beads or whatever. It was about either your or someone else's inability to ignore something you didn't agree with, because god forbid you don't have the last word.

No. 987285

File: 1638833412562.jpeg (35.35 KB, 400x405, tumblr_31d9d5a451b6261064701af…)

this is the right ending but we are not getting it. lainey has been doubling down on this shit relationship since day one. even during the time she was being literally cucked by greg with billie while she was fucking pregnant and greg (according to the harem) yelled and insulted lainey all the time. even then she didnt divorce him. she is not leaving. i agree though, that would be the best way to go. but theyve hated each other since the first year married they are just going to continue hating each other till death do apart.

>BTW, the new book version cut out the best parts of TAFWVG aka cutting diary, drug diary etc.
anon, my beloved, please help me. my best friend loves EA and i dont know shit about her. i got her that book for her birthday but i didnt know there were different versions. when did they change the cutting/drug stuff? she loves edgy shit like that, she is a fan of EA after all. do you know which version/year censored it? im retarded and i cant find it. i need to get her the real deal i feel so stupid now please help…

No. 987345

File: 1638837134274.jpg (25.12 KB, 345x403, tumblr_bc48e371c6a92e0e7672eb9…)

Sure! I hope your friend treasures you, cause it's clear you love her a lot. If you have the book with black cover with legs on it, it's the changed/censored one (picrel is original). The original one had a (supposedly) true story consisting of EA's diaries about a stay in a psych ward, taking different medication, self-harm… They are quite visceral. Also interesting because she alludes to her abusive exes in a rather straightforward manner. The other part of the book is a fictional story about a victorian girl called Emily that ends up in an asylum that resembles an concentration camp more than a psychiatric hospital. The two parts come together at the end. The biggest difference between the editions is that the new one tries to show EA's story as fiction too and removes as much of the harsh content as possible. Bits and pieces of the original diaries made it to the new edition, in an appendix called "Proof of madness"(or something like that). The quotes from EA's original diaries are pasted there with a fictional doctor's comments, making it feel cheap. On the other hand the new version trades hints of a heterosexual romance for a relatively full-blown lesbian one (don't expect sex though, a kiss is as far as it goes).
Here's the post about the entire history of the book(s):
There were two versions of the original one, but they only contained small changes (fixed cut off line, a photo and name of EA's exfriend changed to a random Asian one — she's a character in the fictional story).
Due to relative scarcity and the fact that it was already expensive as hell when it came out($50), the original version is quite pricey (starting at 70$, but I usually saw it being sold for ~100). I was lucky to buy it for cheap after a BLM drama when fans were turning on Emilie and her content (https://shefightslikeagirl.tumblr.com/instagramincident if you want to know more about it). IDK how much time do you have though — deals require patience. Oh, and in case you would consider getting the audiobook — it's even more butchered (EA is suddenly 17 years old in it vs 27, because she tried to go mainstream and her editor suggested selling the novel as a YA story).

No. 987351

I feel kind of surprised that their friendship is over, but also not really. I stopped following EA like at least 6 years ago, but I remember her having nasty fallouts with so many of her friends, like those women who would tour with her. I can't remember which ones specifically but I know there was at least one she had a really nasty falling out with. It's clear to me that EA has some type of cluster B personality disorder that makes her not be able to maintain friendships. She also seems like she might be ana. I really thought she was doing better now because I started following her on IG and she seems really mellow, I thought she had maybe mellowed out finally but I guess not. Her friendship with VeVa lasted surprisingly long though. Also, the other day I was just randomly wondering what happened to fLee, and Lady Jee-Hoo. And all the others for that matter.

No. 987361

File: 1638838724445.jpeg (49.66 KB, 567x521, B7163C1F-E5C6-4A83-B95B-F93D4E…)

No. 987372

I think that the Lucinda thread is really fucked and that anons are basically encouraging her further to self destroy

No. 987383

You're on a real opinions thread. I'm not sure what you expect if you're triggered by someone disagreeing.

No. 987386

The Lucinda worship is so cringe I don't get the obsession with her Dobby looking ass. I think she attracts wannarexics but also bleeding heart types (like poor little Venus)

No. 987389

How bad were you itching to re-post this here during your derailment ban?

No. 987395

You sound like anons who bitch in /meta/ about people using the designated threads for complaints. Go touch snow, its the holidays you miserable bitch.

No. 987405

>says the one who wrote two whole paragraphs bitching about something someone called them out days ago for
Anonette stop kek

No. 987442

File: 1638845884895.webm (13.84 MB, 1280x720, READ DESCRIPTION IMPORTANT- I …)

I wish Samantha Prater threads didn't get deleted. I find her very… entertaining. I know she breaks rules with her autistic self selfposting, but I enjoy it, goddammit. Anyway, here is her latest vid, letting the world know she is not transphobic (sadly).

No. 987544

nonnie you're both kinda fucking retarded

No. 987547

And now you’re part of the retardation congrats

No. 987791

I don't care either and honestly I kind of don't understand what is with that one/those few anons who go on and on sperging about it? It's not like they're idols and we've found out they're dating, they're just cringey people with a camera. Anons in the thread who go bonkers over speculating their relationship are bigger cows than Chris and Sharla kek.

No. 987914

She is kind of like PT though, isn’t she? Or more like Abby Brown, who was like PT. They’re all genuinely retarded. I think anons that touch the poop nowadays are different than poop-touchers of yesteryear, but it all comes from the same place: they see a well-intentioned retard who with only marginally less retardation (I.e. some gentle guidance from anons) would be a functioning member of society. The same used to be true of KF and Chris Chan.

Lucinda is a little more mean-spirited than Sarah, though. She’s also (un?)intentionally hilarious, which makes me think she’s a lot smarter than she lets on.

No. 987971

Shut the fuck up newfag

No. 988109

You know that word means something right? Guess you weren’t around for PT’s prime.

No. 988668

Luna Slater has gotten so boring

No. 988753

Out of all the threads I’ve gone back to, Taylor R’s thread is filled to the brim with obvious PULLfags. It’s awful

No. 988786

Why does Shayna have so many threads? She isn't even milky at this point. Every post is a reach. Her sex worker twitter haters are much more entertaining

No. 989023

I actually think shaynas hair looks good these days.

No. 989028

compared to her old crunchy slim shady look yeah but she needs to learn to shower regularly

No. 989031

Jillian is so self obsessed, it disgusts me

No. 989067

The e-girls thread is probably the worst imo

No. 989320

Lucinda’s “bf” being a fatphobic troon after the whole thing with that fatphobic troon is the funniest plot twist ever. Maybe those farmers will stop acting like she’s gods gift to earth now

No. 989324

i was one of the farmers hyping her up, it was pretty funny and ironic or whatever but dating an 18 year old and telling them not to eat when they're in a psychiatric ward is too far.

No. 989360

File: 1639030649276.jpg (34.61 KB, 636x308, killing-stalking-01-636x308[1]…)

The cast is slowly getting together.
I don't really follow Lucinda's thread, she actually scares me a little bit, and like some anon above said, I dislike how they compare her with PT, it feels like a newfaggy selfpost, but her whole presence on the farms is fascinating to me. One day she suddendly got a thread and then a lot of anons fell creepily in love with her, even just casually reading her thread when it gets bumped feels like being in a different place other than Lolcow.

No. 989643

although it was fun to laugh at the richard ramirez wannabe and the edtwt circles that exploded bc of her thread, it’s attracted a lot of ana larping newfags to the rest of snow and it’s not subtle. like Shayna’s thread has become absolutely unreadable as every single post has just become either “pig” or “fatspo” with no variation. obviously her threads are always dumpster fires and newfags are always going to be annoying but present but it’s also apparent in other threads. obvious newfags post shit like “omg I found this profile isn’t this girl fat/photoshopping/etc?” and randomly inserting comments about cow’s weight without trying to integrate. im used to this weird hostile vibe over on the pro ana threads but the general bone rattling has leaked into other threads.
tl;dr Ambrose’s thread drew in more edtwt newfags and their not so subtle bone rattling is getting annoying on other threads

No. 989689

Lucinda's new partner:
>drug addict

>exactly the same