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File: 1720113502171.jpg (731.02 KB, 1080x1080, wonkybrowsrus.jpg)

No. 937206

Remember to visit https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting; anyone failing to do so will be exiled to The Hovel to think about what they've done. Each miserable, grimy plushie in Luna's pile contains the eternally tormented soul of an anon who forgot to sage.

Previous Thread: >>920554

The Basics:
>Luna is a 28 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”
>Claims to have overdosed 9 times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 45 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Current Saga:
>living in a boarding house with lurch and pumpkin
>has a new friend she goes to the methadone clinic with
>"sober" but still inhales benzos like oxygen
>publicly sharing her "lifting" hauls now
>she vapes now

>is very vague about whats wrong with her, claims an infection in her spine >>932621
>nurse calls her out for being a stinky bitch and not changing >>933045
>lurch replying to ethots while luna wastes away in the hospital, only visiting her a few times total >>933101
>complains about the food, reminiscent of when she didn't like outpatient because they only served her one personal size pizza >>933155
>lurch goes to the bronx daily for the clinic but the hospital in the bronx is "too far away" for him to visit her >>933176
>most antibiotics are done at home, but because luna is junkie has to stay in the hospital until june 14 >>933784
>gets a midline IV because her veins are bad >>933814
>takes her second shower in a month >>934002
>eyes not wonky off the benzos, but just you wait >>934072
>wants to draw with her expensive copics but idiot lurch only brought her shades of blue >>934138
>thank god the awful bridge piercing closed up when she had to take it out >>934205
>ramping up for her future opiate abuse >>934209
>complains about her roommate because she hates any mentally ill person besides herself >>934253
>dad has happily cut her off, good for him >>934254
>lurch caught texting a mystery person about how he's "stuck in the hospital" >>934301, >>934302
>full body shot drops, still looking large as ever >>934317
>needs to use the biggest size blood pressure cuff >>934419
>posts photo where arm is bigger than both of her boobs AND her head >>934548
>gets more of her disgusting sugar >>934626
>another full body shot drops >>934627
>doesn't mind lurch putting his disgusting shoes on her bed because "he has a rod in his leg" >>934662
>ate two packs of creme savers in one day >>934688
>"dainty" hip shelf photo >>934860
>selling "content" while in the hospital >>934897, >>935010
>daily walk around the unit >>934901
>mean physical therapist yells at her >>935088
>could it be your craving my lunanuggies >>935133
>gets referred to weight loss doctor >>935255
>luna says "some weird dude" sits next to her, how DARE a janitor take a rest from his job and sit on a public bench at his place of work >>935596, >>935597
>going home today >>935746
>says fuck you to the hospital that saved her life and nursed her smelly ass the whole time >>935757
>jumpscare lurch >>935773
>doctors deny her the sweet sweet opiates, making her big mad >>935827
>takes a cringe picture in the methadone clinic, exposing a poor nurse to her snapchat >>935874
>goals in life, includes pain management when shes literally already on methadone >>936056
>shows off lurchs singular viagra, ew >>936281
>lurch insults her weight >>936355
>return of the wonky eye, "sober life" >>936411
>hilarious lurch reaction that hits too close to home >>936455
>luna calls birth control "hormone medication", and she lost the bottle >>936519
>wahhhh i got more attention in the hospital >>936544
>begs evil dad to replace/refurbish her phone and whines about "pain management" >>936561
>gonna bleach her hair soon, her mom is suicidal but she only cares about herself, wants to go on disability, and is going to steal more things >>936682
>may have some expensive medical bills to pay, but likely its just that medicare hasn't gone through yet >>936779
>wants to go on ozempic >>936810
>oops, i shaved my eyebrows off >>936812
>a follower lets her know ozempic costs 1000 dollars, no easy fix for you tunes >>936872
>traumacore hospital edition >>36877
>she complains about the boarding house and the "stench" of other people in it like her shit don't stink >>936894
>thin brow era starts >>937138
>starting outpatient for the third (?) time, lurch is going to the same one >>936988
>rehab/clinic friend steals stuff for her and elder lurch, including ensure and diabetic socks >>937146

https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ (inactive)
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

No. 937208

No. 937242

File: 1720136399441.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.01 KB, 827x1236, IMG_8471.jpeg)

What the hell does Lurch mean by this and why is he responding to himself from almost a month ago.

No. 937246

legitimately what is wrong with him!? maybe he was hacked? but i also wouldn't be surprised if he tweeted that and then forgot and replied to himself kek

No. 937247

Tuna found all his comments and he had to pretend he was hacked while she was in the hospital and it DeFinEtLy wasnt him actually posting? lmao

No. 937251

I’m pretty sure Lurch is insulting whoever looks at this porn account or maybe whoever runs the account? Who knows with this brain dead junkie honestly.

No. 937253

wow you speak fluent lurchian. i think this is the answer.

No. 937254

That's how I interpreted it. He's talking about whoever posts the panels.

No. 937261


It looks to me like he's revisited it and agreed with his former comment he made again, proceeding to back himself up with a second comment of "Yeah fuck u mf"

The conclusion I draw from this is he clearly has way too much fucking time on his hands. That's not news I know but boy, does it bring it to light just how much time to do nothing he has (for now)

No. 937263

Is this his way of bookmarking porn, saying stupid aggressive shit, so if luna finds it in his history he can just says he was telling the haters off?

No. 937264

Given his blatant cringe worthy slime creeping on Ethots, I feel he's not quite capable of this kind of sophisticated pre planning, but I like your tinfoil nonnie

No. 937269

its really not that hard to understand. hes saying anyone who jerks off to this shit is a loser faggot
problem is, is fucking commenting in the first place so hes telling on himself lmao

No. 937275

Exactly. He seems to be offended by this kind of porn.

No. 937278

tbh i hate all porn but i’d take this over the disgusting, depressing, grimy “content” he and luna are producing. this is such a weird take for someone who has “porn” of themselves floating around. i truly wish i could bleach theirs out of my brain.

No. 937280

File: 1720199794873.jpeg (926.95 KB, 1226x2844, IMG_1100.jpeg)

No. 937283

Peak trashy behavior buying loosies, probably from another junkie in line at the clinic. And just throwing them into her bag to add tobacco flakes to the grime in there

No. 937285

File: 1720201352340.jpeg (737.22 KB, 828x967, IMG_4484.jpeg)

No. 937286

File: 1720201465184.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1179x1714, IMG_5166.jpeg)

No. 937287

File: 1720201495847.jpeg (871.95 KB, 1179x1607, IMG_5167.jpeg)

No. 937288

>a relaxing day
tuna this is your every day. you don't do anything else ever. every day is a relaxing day when you have no job and no responsibilities and just sit on your fat ass eating cheesecake and smoothies and getting high all day.

No. 937289

I don’t think those Febreeze plug ins are gonna do much to help mask the scent of two unwashed junkies, a dirty cat box and juice cartons filled with piss.

No. 937292

Holy shit, the sheer amount of stuff she has.

No. 937293

Magic dumpster makes a comeback! Kek

No. 937294

File: 1720205700059.jpeg (17.61 KB, 178x259, 1720201465184.jpeg)

No. 937296

File: 1720206814700.jpeg (805.32 KB, 828x1530, IMG_1103.jpeg)

wtf is this

No. 937297

Genuinely thought this was AI generated for a second.

No. 937300

She felt hot while clearly zoinked out of her mind and hauling her tube titties up with an arm

No. 937301

"feelin it" feeling what fucking smacked outta ya head?

No. 937304

File: 1720208859803.jpeg (118.51 KB, 1179x336, IMG_5171.jpeg)

No. 937308

Just came here to post this…new entire Luna face dropped…somehow a more xanned out filter than what she actually looks like

No. 937309

“lookin cute”?? It just looks like a bunch of clutter all piled up. Wtf is with that doll arm. And how hasn’t she been popped for shoplifting? All that skin care junk she has and then those raggedy ass toothbrushes. Why not steal some of those Luna? And you know they haven’t been to a dentist in years and years. Her purse is fucking dirty and nasty looking too. It’s all just gross. Putting stuff on shelves isn’t cleaning. Getting plug ins isn’t cleaning. But then she just gets high as fuck and doesn’t care. She needs to get a grip.

No. 937310

literally jumpscared me when i scrolled by this on instagram. genuinely hard to believe someone (cracked out or not) can look at this and feel hot. she can only fit half of her body into the selfie frame

No. 937311

Cyclops Boob

No. 937312

It's just insane, like what does posting a photo of this do when we and anyone who follows her ig knows what she actually looks like? Absolutely no one believes she has a snatched dorito chin jawline.

No. 937313

Why has she put "lol @ my purse contents", this isn't lol funny, not in a self deprecating way nor in any other way. Is that plushie fucking burnt? And what the hell is that hideous cherub item? At first I thought it was an ash tray but it isn't, I know she's into cherub shit but why cart this junk around? Did she just lift it? Why would you have this stupid thing in your purse, if she sets the bag down too hard it'll smash into bits and just blend in with all the other dirt at the bottom.
This bitch

No. 937314

.. she’s doing skincare with makeup on ??

No. 937315

why is there a random wash cloth behind the dirty keychain plushy?

No. 937316

im 98 percent sure the makeup is a filter but i also wouldn't put it past her to do that

No. 937318

The smashed bristles on both nasty toothbrushes. They're both gonna have receeding gums from the excessive force applied when brushing (among other obvious issues like lack of floss).

No. 937321


that is definitely a filter, if you zoom in the eyeliner and lashes stand out and look different than the rest of the photo.
there's also many many pictures of her in several previous threads of her doing face masks with caked goopy makeup around her hairline and nostrils and corners of her mouth

No. 937329

I was wondering this exact thing. Maybe it’s her sweat hanky

No. 937333

Maybe that's where they keep their crack pipe so it doesn't bang around and break. Lurch has tuna keep it in her belongings so he's not one to ever be busted with paraphernalia

No. 937334

that’s just her excuse to show off the purse contents. the cherub thing is most likely stolen from a grave. the random virgin mary stuff she has is either stolen from graves, or people’s home shrines.

No. 937340

Yeah there's no way Our Lightup Lady >>937010 came from anywhere else but a grave.

No. 937345

Crack pipe? I know she's tried it but she's a heroin addict not a crack head (not WK don't even go there)
There's 0 evidence she's on crack, anon. Maybe she should use a little here and there, she might cry about her weight less. But the pin point pupils floating eye track marks gaping holes in her arms hospital visit and literally everything else say heroin addict. Luna isn't a crack head.
It's common for junkies to use both crack and heroin this is true but with her, where do you get this idea? Maybe 20 threads or so back…. This girl does not have a classic crack cocaine suppressed appetite. Hate when Anons act like crack and smack are the same thing. Come on you're smarter than that.

No. 937346

Definitely dont think smack and crack are the same thing lmao. I dont think anyone here does. And the crack comment was a (half) joke, she's admitted trying crack in the past. Settle down nonny

No. 937347

You're right, I now see your angle, my apologies anon, settling down!

No. 937351

What that plushie dipped in a fucking mud puddle? Fucking ew.

No. 937352

It wouldn't surprise me if this is a dropped child's item, possibly dropped from a stroller in the rain

No. 937354

okay but why does she keep displaying that doll arm like that kek

No. 937355

Can some skincare nona explain what is going on here? Like I can't imagine slathering this much shit on your face (most of it being just hydration stuff?) does much good to your skin. Does she think more product = better skin? She's genuinely lucky as fuck not to get horrible breakouts rotting all day in her filthy sheets eating sweets and applying skincare on with her dirty hands, also while wearing makeup.

No. 937357

If she used all these products regularly it'd be pointless, but I don't think she does. I think she's a klepto and this is the only flex she has. Sure her life sucks in every way, but her fake beauty routine is more complex and expensive than most women, somehow this makes some of her followers on IG jealous. There are a lot of redundant products, leads me to think she's randomly selecting shit from her hoarder shelf and most of it expires before she finishes using it.
She does get constant pimples and breakouts though, she applies thick cakey makeup and filters to hide it. She had sores around her mouth corners for months.

No. 937360

File: 1720266531469.jpg (331.63 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014703.j…)


No. 937361

File: 1720266556440.jpg (317.17 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014706.j…)

No. 937362

File: 1720266590587.jpg (305.26 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014720.j…)

No. 937363

File: 1720266619821.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.45 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014751.j…)

No. 937364

File: 1720266648724.jpg (179.32 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014708.j…)

No. 937365

File: 1720266671783.jpg (240.51 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014757.j…)

No. 937366

File: 1720266694255.jpg (184.59 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014755.j…)

No. 937367

File: 1720266719082.jpg (190.96 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014747.j…)

No. 937368

File: 1720266760801.jpg (191.3 KB, 720x1422, VideoCapture_20240706-014803.j…)

No. 937369

Holy FUCKING SHIT she's going to go over any day now this is the most smacked out I think she's ever been Infront of us at least since her earlier days shooting it. How is she even sober enough to take the picture she looks a state, wow.
She's relapsing so bad.
Where the hell is she getting this kind of money too, heroin is so expensive. Surely the nudes don't pull in that much and as the Ex-Lurches friend anon said in the last thread Lurch doesn't actually deal. Maybe he lifts expensive shit and resells it himself, while she just acts the klepto in the background.

Whatever the case it never ceases to amaze me that they can afford to fritter away money on smack to the extent she gets into this state of being high every time (much less that she then posts it on the internet like there's nothing wrong with it kek)

No. 937370

>thought this was food
Top kek… do you often have random food smeared across your stomach?
This looks like the jumbled shelf at the thrift store of random, gross, half-used products that no one ever buys. And she thinks it's cute?

No. 937372

File: 1720269757976.jpg (92.02 KB, 1080x349, Screenshot_20240706-153836_Chr…)

Some guy called Clive, who has a private account, reposted that image and Lurch replied to that guy.

No. 937374

I feel it's unlikely they are still doing heroin? granted I don't live in New York, but H is becoming rarer and rarer in north america. fentanyl, hydromorphone, and xylazine are all cheaper and easier for IV substance users to access (at least in my city)

No. 937375

That's correct. I live in NYC, and what's still referred to as 'heroin' by some people is more referred to as 'fent,' by actual users of it. It's fentanyl, illicitly produced in Chinese labs and stuff. No one is under the impression that they're using heroin. That's been for the past 9 years or so in NYC.

No. 937381

File: 1720278338015.jpeg (219.86 KB, 820x765, 96C8196A-0057-486E-8804-965AE8…)

>thought this was food or something

No. 937394

Never realized it before but her placement of the eye pads is hilarious. Does she not realize the pads are supposed to follow the contour of her eyes up to the outer corner and not just sit on her cheek bones? Or is she so fucked up she has trouble placing them correctly? It's unfortunate (and weird) that skin care is very much connected to using for her. Think about it when you apply your moisturizer.

No. 937396

Yeah, it's like she's moisturizing the top of her cheeks. It's never occurred to her that they're actually on backwards and the large part is supposed to be on the crow's feet area of her eyes. How has she never realized that? Doesn't even get the parts of the under eye that wrinkle.

No. 937406

she doesn't seem as fucked up in these compared to some of selfies where she seemed close to nodding off in her first thread tbh, as if whatever she's currently taking may not be as strong.. that or she has a much higher tolerance now.
ngl tho, I miss seeing her actual paraphernalia and junkie blog shit. She used to be more interesting. now she legit does absolutely nothing all the time.

No. 937408

To be honest you're right, I think what it is is I've not seen her in this state for a while so it's been throwing me off a bit, after she was looking so much more normal (for her) in the hospital, then she returns to the hovel and proceeds to relapse on account of "Muh chronic pain" "UWU the hospital didn't wean me off of Oxy it's their fault" it's a noticeable contrast.
But she definitely looked more out of it in the earlier years yeah, and she was so milky then, I'm inclined to agree

No. 937409

It's Vicky Shingles patented "sleepy fox eyes"

No. 937459

her skincare selection is.. interesting. she seems to be quite fond of additives. most of the actives in her routine are hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. the HA one is a bit confusing as it's most effective on damp, clean skin and she doesn't quite exemplify personal hygiene on the regular. niacinamide is usually for skin discoloration, think dark spots or redness, so those filters + her makeup application are likely hiding more than we see. i don't understand why she needs both a serum and moisturizer with HA but she does a lot of dumb shit. she overkills it, i couldn't imagine over moisturizing on top of actives, that could very likely irritate the skin further paired with an inactive lifestyle and poor nutrition + hygiene + addiction. she's probably stealing more products in attempt to reverse what is a skin barrier compromise as she overuses ingredients developed to be used minimally. generally her product lineup isn't terrible but it is futile without further changes to her overall health. a 15 step routine also just isn't necessary for healthy skin, she's just too accustomed to overconsumption(sage your shit)

No. 937461

Yeah there's a simple explanation that you've over looked in your desperation to sperg: she's a retard that doesn't have a clue what she's doing or why she's doing it. She steals products she sees other retards sperging about so she feels included. She does 0 research and if you asked her what any of her beloved slimes do for her skin she wouldn't know. She just likes smearing crap on her face because it gives her a sense of control over her rapidly deteriorating youth. Also write "sage" in the email field if you arent bringing any milk and try not to bore us again with your reddit caliber analysis.

No. 937468

KEK two lines into the sperg wall you replied to and I was about to come say the same shit. She has no clue what to use how to use it or how much/why. She just steals stuff to have it and slathers on skin stuff hoping in her terminally softened brain that it will make her hot one day

No. 937469

disregard, that anon doesn’t know what they’re talking about either. hyaluronic acid isn’t an active, it’s a humectant and is often used in products with niacinamide for this reason.

No. 937471

exactly. shes a dirty junkie whose fried her brain to hell and back. it doesnt take a reddit tier analysis to know she doesnt know what shes doing. remember doesnt take a baths nor shower.
but I gotta say this probably one of her grosser habits, its like putting lipstick on a pig lmao…she already smells like satan's armpit, just knowing shes sitting for hours on that filthy bed with her lard ass slathering this shit thinking she looks sexy must make her smell worse.

No. 937472

Just a heads up: drugs don't actually ruin your brain long-term at all. Sure, while you're high, your decision making and perspective is altered, but that's all. Even your opiate tolerance can go back to completely normal. There may be some change in pain perception and reward pathways but can be unchanged, too.

No. 937473

File: 1720355938065.jpg (215.03 KB, 720x1434, VideoCapture_20240706-161108.j…)

No. 937474

File: 1720355973139.jpg (216.47 KB, 720x1442, VideoCapture_20240706-161116.j…)

No. 937475

File: 1720356000799.jpg (204.51 KB, 720x1455, VideoCapture_20240707-023504.j…)

No. 937476

File: 1720356040471.jpg (186.13 KB, 720x1460, VideoCapture_20240707-023523.j…)

No. 937477

File: 1720356126882.jpg (206.02 KB, 720x1452, VideoCapture_20240707-024144.j…)

No. 937478

long-term benzo abuse will absolutely cause brain damage over time

No. 937479

That's true. They used to be prescribed for long-term use, but now the prescribing recc's have changed for them. Many ppl used to get long term prescriptions for them, and I guess those ppl are just brain damaged now. Haven't heard about all the lawsuits from the brain damaged ppl tho.

No. 937480

you better go back to school, anon. that's only true of some drugs. tolerance has nothing to do with brain damage anyway. opioids specifically can cause tbi and permanent neurological changes.

No. 937481

I said you can have some changes to reward pathways and pain perception, but it varies. That's neurological. And they do not cause TBI's! You mean from injury while you're high and/or leading a rough lifestyle?

No. 937482

dumb junkie detected

No. 937485

post proof or shut up. theres a reason why drugs ruin families. and alcohol is a drug. drug addicts can only obtain shit tier jobs because they obliterated higher level thinking required for better jobs. while I bet tuna has always been a shit person, shes objectively gotten worse over the course of years due to drugs.
the human body and brain can do some repairs to itself (and thats really a testament to resilient our bodies are…adapting to things, survivability, tolerance, etc) but that doesnt erase years of damage.

No. 937486

File: 1720365578318.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1179x2116, IMG_0839.jpeg)


here, i googled it for you. enjoy your brain rot denial. hope you’re not lurch.


No. 937495

>she thinks the lack of oxygen from heroin slowing down breathing and blood pressure doesn't cause TBI
druggie wk detected

No. 937502

why are people itt calling hypoxic brain injuries TBIs? they’re both brain injuries obviously but they’re not the same. but anons saying drugs can cause permanent brain damage are otherwise right. it’s hard to have sympathy for luna ruining her own brain though—she literally wanted to get addicted to heroin for the aesthetic.

No. 937511

Idk what's up with Tuna threads that the junkies always come and try to justify their own drug abuse as if anyone here cares kek if you need to tell the world you are better than a cow, you are definitely not better than her

No. 937522

I swear every cow thread has these people. Junkie thread - junkies, weeb thread - weebs, etc.

No. 937530

File: 1720409695789.jpg (202.84 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20240707-173424.j…)

No. 937531


Looks like she found his bloated corpse after one OD too many. What a gross picture.

No. 937532

Ugh, the way the cigarette sits kek. High as hell.
His face is so red. His circulation must be absolutely fucked.

No. 937533

this is why lurch hates her taking pics especially without his consent (she did it to the janitor guy at the hospital too).
like literally tuna what lmao
imagine this happening literally 24/7 while she sits on her fat ass

No. 937537

It's fakeboi. She always does this shit.

No. 937540

Holy HELL, The hoarde pile in the background.
And also, low key thought she was gonna say rip, lurch has passed. Why post such a weird pic lmao.

No. 937541

what a worthless, gross existence.

No. 937543

Every picture I have ever seen of this man has made me burst out laughing. He's like a celebrity to me

No. 937547

everywhere they have lived there is always an enormous pile of their clothes in the background. i wonder if pumpkin has peed on it and they've yet to notice.

No. 937554

You know it reeks in their hovel

No. 937561

One of the biggest mysteries for me is how their laundry gets done because I can't imagine Luna doing laundry. So the pile of clothes doesn't surprise me at all. I just wish I knew if that's dirty laundry to be washed or if they just always wear stuff from that pile without washing it. So many questions. I think that's Lurch's though since I don't see pink, so it seems like they keep their clothes in separate piles.

No. 937563

Oh I can answer that, she doesn't! She wears unwashed clothes untill they fall apart then she gets more via begging or stealing.

No. 937564

File: 1720462282143.jpg (204.27 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20240708-062344.j…)

No. 937565

File: 1720462391985.jpg (234.05 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081214.j…)

No. 937566

is that lurch in the front seat? why does he look like a faceless horror?

No. 937567

inb4 he starts a fire falling asleep with a lit cig like that

No. 937574

I am genuinely worried and frightened for the driver.
He's not in the front seat but he's leaning forward towards the driver. I'll bet he's arguing with her about something and tuna thinks she's hot shit because her "man" likes to raise his voice to people minding their own business, and she's mentally stunted.

No. 937578

Lol is that the Van to the methadone clinic

No. 937579

maybe he's trying to chat/flirt lol

No. 937582

this picture reminds me of my 600lb life when they have to shove the fatty on the floor in the back of a minivan because they cant fit in regular car seats

No. 937586

What is happening toward the back of her hair here? It's like a botched attempt at half-assed back combing. Not to mention those same ol' long ass engorged-tick-in-a-funhouse-mirror titties. For something so perpetually on display they're so pasty white.

No. 937587

The back of her hair is simply a rats nest because she lays in bed all the time and then probably doesn't brush it out regularly. Her boobs are so sloppy. She just let's them flail around off her 300lb frame, it's not giving what she thinks it is.

No. 937588

File: 1720475564466.jpg (Spoiler Image,192.02 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081219.j…)

No. 937589

File: 1720475617347.jpg (200.73 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081225.j…)

No. 937591

File: 1720475686269.jpg (215.97 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081229.j…)

No. 937592

File: 1720475709251.jpg (193.51 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081233.j…)

No. 937593

File: 1720475742241.jpg (221.51 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081241.j…)

No. 937594

File: 1720475777374.jpg (189.95 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081246.j…)

No. 937595

File: 1720475834867.jpg (177.76 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240708-081250.j…)

No. 937597

I dunno, I feel like this bitch is gonna die soon.

No. 937608

And she wears the new clothes unwashed out of the bag or unwashed right from whatever thrift store she stole them from.

No. 937609

I think I made this exact post 20 threads ago

No. 937612

At this point even if she achieved the skinny tumblr 2014 thinspo blog weight of her dreams she would have some of the saddest breasts I’ve ever seen on a young woman. Like her body looks similar to an 89 year old woman I took care of for work.

No. 937613

So has she started that outpatient program yet? It’s just a matter of time until she complains about the “evil” staff that expect her to follow rules and not have her tits and gut out during group therapy

No. 937614

I really don't understand lurch and luna. they obviously dont have sex and its effecting them lmfao

No. 937616

She would have so much loose skin if she lost a significant amount of weight. She's either going to be hugely, uncomfortably fat, or just less fat but saggy. She's let herself get too far gone, she'll never get her old body back.

No. 937626

File: 1720496727090.png (316.75 KB, 1080x1551, 1654954670540.png)

Bringing back this "poem" she wrote about their past sex life

No. 937628

Thanks for the throwback. I'm cackling thru the secondhand embarrassment. It's so bad.

No. 937631

File: 1720497730650.jpeg (70.06 KB, 661x500, 1661419836655.jpeg)

bringing this meme back

No. 937633

she would make a killing on wattpad

No. 937634

Kek, beat me to it anon.

No. 937635

how can she have so many hair products but still have matted, damaged and tangled hair??
girl we heard you the first time no one's buying your sock tit pics

No. 937636

Do you remember when this was posted?

No. 937638

What is that dark spot peeking out under her shirt? A big mole?

No. 937639

are these the big bad self harm relapse cuts she was going on about recently

No. 937640

Weren't there a couple of other chief memes too?
Nta but >>>/snow/149777

No. 937643

At first I couldn' tell if she's lying on her back or side

No. 937644

Go a few posts up nonna it's a bruise. She posted about it saying she didn't know how she got it and thought it was food…. absolutely topkek

No. 937647

File: 1720533048276.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.57 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240709-034932.j…)

No. 937648

File: 1720533083850.jpg (229.55 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240709-034943.j…)

No. 937649

File: 1720533179188.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.35 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240709-034947.j…)

No. 937650

File: 1720533204928.jpg (297.26 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240709-034950.j…)

No. 937651

File: 1720533236295.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.33 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240709-034954.j…)

No. 937652

File: 1720533264792.jpg (Spoiler Image,158.86 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20240709-034958.j…)

No. 937654

File: 1720533406070.jpg (210.32 KB, 720x1415, VideoCapture_20240709-035541.j…)

No. 937655

Anon I can see your profile pic, don't get blocked.
Screenshot in 22s
Screenshot in 1 min

There's been a few other pics recently that had zero reacts/likes/etc but no timestamp. I know she doesn't get a ton of interaction but usually fakeboi or someone will react.
I'm not saying Tuna has the capacity to lurk/self post, but a Tuna obsessed summerfag? Don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious.

No. 937656

kek one of her piece of shit rings turned her finger green

No. 937657

it’s 10 am on a tuesday. get a fucking job, bitch!
this is sus, but it might be a lurker with post alerts turned on?

No. 937658

Would be so funny if tuna would post 90% of the stuff here

No. 937660

I wish we could have a poll about what drugs everyone thinks she's on. In >>937589 her pupils look pinned but in >>937591 they're clearly not. Maybe it really is just benzos, but she's been abusing them forever. Something changed when she got back from the hospital.

No. 937661

thats the filter tuna is using kek

No. 937662

her pupils will always be pinned because she takes methadone

No. 937663

Does she have a cyst or blister near her butt crack, too? Or is it another "bruise"?

No. 937665

i've posted a screenshots seconds after she posted before, only because they happen to pop up when i open my app. not saying she's not self posting but it happens, she posts a lot some days

No. 937666

No, anon. Methadone doesn't make pupils pinned in the same way that heroin/fent does. If you've ever seen that happen then the dose was much too high.

I think it's all of the above. Tuna, in my tinfoil, was using less heroin/fentanyl pre-hospital saga. Maybe she really was making some improvements addiction-wise as fakeboi sperged.
Since getting out of hospital she's now using more street smack/fent again (mostly cause "Muh chronic pain, muh suddenly revoked oxy") as well as a methadone script as well as benzo's.
This mish mash is how she gets so easily high, these drugs all play off of eachother and make the next one effect her more potently, cue "floating eye"

It always baffles me a bit how she, with her existing damage to her veins, and her weight, even finds reliable veins to continue to shoot into. This is the one thing that makes me think she might not be using it all that much as it's got to be hard to find one for her. Then I remember , as I've said before though she could be using a femoral vein, which tends to be easy to continue to hit once correctly located, in which case, DVT saga when?

No. 937670

perhaps she’s swapped over to snorting over injecting. imo the bruises and injection sites look botched as fuck.

No. 937671

Spot on about everything. And my guess is probably skin popping or IMing.

No. 937673

>Not to mention those same ol' long ass engorged-tick-in-a-funhouse-mirror titties.
nonna I can't unsee this kek

No. 937677

The caption is apt, she really does look like the Michelin Man about to meet a pin.
Semi related but I was going through the old thread with the areola poem, and holy fuck she has blown up. She was chubby 8 years ago but her and Lurch looked rail thin compared to now. Going from that thread back to this one feels like looking at autistic inflation porn, like she's going to turn into a balloon or a blueberry next.
I guess this is why she always has random flecks of stuff on her neck and chest, she smears skincare goop all over her face, nods off in the filthy plushie pile before it has a chance to sink in, and the lint that's stuck to her face gets transferred to other parts of her body as she moves around.

No. 937682

File: 1720571353216.png (68.49 KB, 522x204, 1465000169935.png)

Fuuuck. She looked her ROUGHEST in high school? Thats sad…

No. 937684

She looks rougher now, she just didn’t have filters and facetune back then

No. 937686

I'd kill to see a candid picture of her

No. 937688

Imagine seeing her in the wild, like the nonny that spotted lurch that one day. In my head I know she's bigger than a car, but I'd still be shocked to actually see it. And her normal, unposed, unfiltered face. Probably mouth agape, lumbering down the street in boot liners.

No. 937690

File: 1720580146815.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.9 KB, 720x1417, VideoCapture_20240709-062417.j…)

No. 937692

File: 1720580224015.jpg (225.06 KB, 720x1456, VideoCapture_20240709-062411.j…)

No. 937693

File: 1720580422745.jpg (207.36 KB, 720x1427, VideoCapture_20240709-062403.j…)

No. 937694

File: 1720580443242.jpg (321.08 KB, 720x1438, VideoCapture_20240709-062351.j…)

No. 937695

File: 1720580488887.jpg (259.87 KB, 720x1438, VideoCapture_20240709-062348.j…)

No. 937696

File: 1720580534214.jpg (294.76 KB, 720x1428, VideoCapture_20240709-062343.j…)

No. 937697

Tuna. It's not ratio. It's perspective. The ass (that looks like it has a red melanoma spot btw) is closer to the camera than the rest of the body because you're angling it like that to make the upper half look smaller lol. And is her tewwible chronic infection pain gone now since she's doing all these poses? Or will it come back at her convenience?

No. 937698

File: 1720580747221.webm (1.45 MB, 720x1424, XRecorder_09072024_062207.webm)

No. 937699

i really don’t think she has washed her hair since she left the hospital >>934002

No. 937707

I know we hate to say it but I honestly think people buy. This vaping into the camera shit she keeps doing has such suggestive undertones and is such a specific thing to keep making it can only have been some scrote with a smoking fetish originally requested it.
That's just my tinfoil though, but I honestly think people do buy, however infrequently, because other than klepto-hauls and candid shots of The Chief, this shit is all she posts. Surely she's not just posting it into a clientless void again and again with no actual business?

No. 937708

Probably unknowingly sells to farmers or people weirdly obsessed with her, like fakeboi.

No. 937710

Realistically yeah probably. I'd love to know how much it actually brings in. It's obvious the only thing they actually spend any money on (aside the apparent rent, idk though I always wonder if ebil dad still has anything to do with that side, despite the lack of contact I mean he still pays for her fuckin phone at her age) is drugs and takeout (because everything else is lifted) those things alone aren't cheap to buy consistently though and i want to know how much she brings in off of this and if Lurch brings anything whatsoever in.

Maybe some nonna can be a saint and find this shit out at some point.

No. 937712

Say what you will about her looks, but she's always had the kind of face that would start looking good in mid 20s. Lots of baby fat. I think she genuinely could be very pretty if she wasn't an aesthetically handicapped obese junkie. The haircut and eyeliner aren't doing her any favors in this photo either, but she's never had a flattering haircut anyway.

No. 937713

she looked at best okay in the earlier threads, she looks a lot worse now but back then her makeup actually wasn't that bad, imo i think her hair looked nice (rarely) when she styled it and when it didn't look matted. her style at the time wasn't bad either but still average for tumblr, i don't really look at the older threads anymore but the comparison pics from 8 years ago vs now are always so shocking. she must've stolen a lot of sugary shit for her to have gotten to this weight

No. 937715

Yeah she would have, as everyone knows junkies love sugar but methadone in particular is bad for sugar cravings and it slows the metabolism too so that's a recipe for a chunky cow disaster. Not too sure about how benzo's dictate weight gain but I can't imagine taking multiple downers atop opiates while lifting sugary foods helped. She was always gonna get fat, she was pretty big when the threads very first began, although she's at her largest today.

No. 937717

File: 1720609114357.jpeg (31.74 KB, 400x400, 1BDD8CE5-FDA1-4497-A438-C4A750…)

youre not fooling anyone with the filters. this must be crackhead confidence or something because I don't think she understands how cringe this is

No. 937718

She clearly has an eating disorder. No one stays that fat on heroin (back in the day, don't think she's using heroin rn) unless food is another addiction.

No. 937720

Her eating disorder is eating a pound of sugar a day and not moving from her bed.

No. 937723

File: 1720623973185.jpg (1.44 MB, 1800x1800, Collage_2024-07-10_12_05_32.jp…)

IMO she was always okay looking at best and bloated corpse at worst. She was never going to be eye candy and Thats okay it's not a bad thing to be mid kek I think her peak was when she was 21 in 2017 at least she knew how to take better pictures but even then normal pictures showed how she was always flabby and moon faced

No. 937724

File: 1720625252464.jpg (350.39 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20240709_171328_Red…)

No. 937725

File: 1720625584886.jpg (247.26 KB, 720x1395, VideoCapture_20240710-053236.j…)

No. 937729


And thats extremely disordered eating. She's got an ED, but not the cutesy little waif disorder she likes larping.

No. 937730

she's got the type of ED that gets you a show on TLC

No. 937731

Is it an eating disorder or disordered eating?

No. 937732

Luna was an ugly duckling girl imo. She peaked at like 19, before that she was an awkward fat artfag type. She lost her puppy fat around the same time she started taking heroin, but it quickly returned. 18-20 she "peaked" but even at her peak, she was only attractive to lesbians who thought they could fix her, or creepy old dudes who watch addict porn because the girls being so trashy/high is part of the appeal. She had guys sending her money masturbating over the fact she was ruining her own life. Now her life is ruined those guys don't care, there's countless other teenagers at the beginning of their addiction arc they can send money to instead.

If Tumblr didn't encourage people to idolise criminals and degenerates, Luna would not have an inflated sense of beauty and worth. She was making thousands of dollars a month just for existing and showing drugged out thirst traps.

No. 937733

Idk I always found that phase really disgusting looking. Her makeup now is more gloopy, but back then, it looked cracked and more crusty. The clothes she wore all washed her out, too. I always thought it was kind of funny this was her at her "thinnest" too. Even more chubby girls I know simply don't get as big as Luna's "thinnest". I also couldn't stand the way her bangs covered her eyebrows and looked so greasy. I actually think the fact Luna wears dark colors now is a bit of an improvement and at least she looks sweaty instead of dry, dry dry.

No. 937735

possibly. and i’m sure she does get some buyers for whatever reason. but i don’t think this is necessarily proof of that. she used to show off her vapes all the time, and plenty of people post “vape content” who aren’t making money off it. she just thinks it’s cool and aesthetic. who knows though.
>Maybe some nonna can be a saint and find this shit out at some point.
don’t tip the cow.

No. 937736

i feel like she was kind of ok looking at 21.. in her tumblr arthoe phase, she was better with her eye makeup (still shit and cakey tho) and her wandering eye was also not as obvious but her shit personality fucked that up real quick
(or she knew how to pose and edit her pictures back then)

No. 937741

She's beyond disordered eating, she's a whole sugar addict.

No. 937747

File: 1720646338535.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.42 KB, 720x1469, VideoCapture_20240710-111828.j…)

No. 937752

holy fuck i forgot about her concealer lip look, myspace flashbacks. but when she was really high she was more likely to post unflattering selfies but knew to keep it low because she was still scamming people on tumblr. now she has no one to scam so she posts herself smacked out as much as she wants kek
some of her looks in her first thread on /snow/ were nice, almost cute, hate that i'm saying that but it's in comparison to now. she leaned more into the hipster/grunge fashion that suited her. she looked better even though she was living the "junkhead life" as she called it, she was always fat but she's beyond massive now. or engorged tick in a funhouse mirror like that one nona said kek

No. 937757

File: 1720661005172.jpg (213.38 KB, 720x1453, VideoCapture_20240710-152302.j…)

No. 937759

>hiding double chin
>ham hock arms
>lumpy hips and thighs
>stained tank top

No. 937762

Another unflattering body shot?! She HAS to be high as fuck. Pre hospital body shots were a rarity.

No. 937765

Weighing in on the fashion discussion here (i know it's somewhat a reach to call it that but she did look better years ago style wise) it's because she has no style now. She could still adopt a more flattering alternative look at her current weight, but no, because she'd have to go into stores, put effort in and try on clothes and then actually pay for them to find a good look for her current self, and she's too lazy. She clearly has lost all sense of style it's not like she even tries lifting anything cute from the thrift she lifts from. She's gradually giving up on herself I think.

Even that horrific chunky doll necklace she had in the early threads if Anons recall (kek) was better than the tired mom grey look she just posted.

No. 937769

Nona she gave up several years ago.

No. 937777

Yeah, even around thread 30 she still had a somewhat cutesy style, once she dyed her hair brown she started to look so boring clothing wise.

No. 937781

File: 1720708840603.jpg (214.66 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20240711_044015_Sam…)

No. 937783

File: 1720709027713.jpg (353.15 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20240711_044129_Sam…)

No. 937786

Ah Looney, how is it that you’ve been dealing with molds (and living with one!) for years and STILL act bewildered by their most basic behaviors?

No. 937787

it's almost like these moids don't value your time or body and are just looking to get off

No. 937789

If you had a minimum wage job you could buy Chinese knockoff sanrio shit too

No. 937790

why doesn't she just set up an onlyfans if she wants to be a ~sexworker~ so badly. we saw her get a new ID a couple threads ago so thats not an excuse anymore for her. then she could just link whatever serious coomers she has there and she could make money every month off it. even shayna has been smart enough to do that.

No. 937794

it’s amazing! one of the many benefits of having a job. you should try it! you fat useless retarded fucking waste of space.

No. 937797

Because that requires effort…
Which is the same reason she won’t get a job…
Or lose weight…
Or get sober…
Or really do anything with her life

No. 937800

how does this bitch not understand men

No. 937802

I don't think she's given up on her style specifically, I think she's giving it the same low amount of attention as always, it's just harder now. She's alienated the friends and followers who used to buy stuff for her, she doubled in size, she moved so she may not be as close to the stores she likes, and she's probably a known shoplifter in the area. If all of this was at play for her several years ago, she wouldn't have made a bigger effort either

No. 937805

File: 1720751032318.gif (1.32 MB, 245x180, lurch.gif)

I forgot that Lurch was on Shameless.(sage your shit)

No. 937806

File: 1720751883578.jpg (252.67 KB, 720x1425, VideoCapture_20240711-163741.j…)

No. 937807

she has a "lazy day" every day.

No. 937810

Her focus seems to have shifted from shein clothes to general plastic shit. She used to post Shein wish lists or hauls on Tumblr constantly. Almost everything she begged for were clothes that she "really needed". Maybe she's gotten too fat for the cute stuff. Although changing how you dress is definitely a part of growing up.

No. 937811

bc they think you're cheap luna. moids are fucking disgusting and are just looking for someone to get them off, they don't want to pay you and they don't see a point in paying someone who posts free nudes to their story. also how does getting annoying snapchat messages from moids make you hate your body?? sorry they didn't give you the validation you crave, you're pushing 400lbs there's really not much to compliment below the neck kek

No. 937812

I think she meant that she hates her body BUT gets „compliments“ aka million messages because all the boiis think she’s hot-> everyone is thinking she is actually hot and sexy = „uwu so I have body dismorphia bc in reality I am the hottest“. AND that people are exploitative = she’s the victim.

She’s cherry picking and doesn’t understand that catching dick is no flex. Men will fuck literally anything

No. 937821

i think she just doesn't care about her style anymore. in the past she tried to cultivate a certain image by writing poetry, making art, pretending to read popular drug culture books, constantly posting clothes and accessories she wanted, etc. but she rarely does any of that now. she's abandoned all of the interests she once had and hasn't replaced them with anything else because all she cares about is feeding her numerous addictions.

No. 937830

yeah thats also how i interrupted it. "i feel so fat/ugly but everyone thinks im soooo sexy they keep asking me for pictures"

No. 937831

>all she cares about is feeding her numerous addictions.
Imo the cheap clothes and accessories were very much an addiction for her. Maybe she can't afford to shop online anymore?

No. 937842

daddy cut her off and she used to use his debit/credit card for amazon purchases… i remember she made a whole ass side blog for it and then an anon discovered it

No. 937845

File: 1720824126546.jpg (182.4 KB, 720x1467, VideoCapture_20240712-154127.j…)

No. 937855

she posts the same tit pics 10x a day, everyday jfc

No. 937861

Doesn't she ever post stuff for her followers any more? She is so incredibly boring now my word! I used to find checking her thread exciting. Now it's like being in some weird time warp where I can't escape her faceless tit pic-ception and there's just nothing else.

No. 937865

We had a month long hospital saga and then she went completely off the rails and started posting a lot more unflattering pictures of her body than before. If this isn't entertaining to you maybe take a break?

No. 937867

I’ve followed Luna since she was skwisgaarskwigelf on Tumblr and I honestly can’t believe that this is still her life. I have zero experience with drugs and am genuinely wondering, doesn’t she get bored of just eating fistfuls of pills every day? What does she actually do all day? I can’t imagine how bored she must be, no matter how much she tries to deny it. Then again, we’re talking about someone who has literally not been sober for more than 24 hours since she was like, 18. Obviously as an addict, she needs drugs to survive/function and it’s not “fun” anymore but like….when is she going to realise that she has thrown her life away for some Easter Island head swamp monster who doesn’t love her? The level of delusion, far too much.

Even at this point, I think many people would genuinely root for her and be happy to see her get clean. She’s apparently overdosed a buttload of times (the number keeps changing, wasn’t it 9 the last time?) and that isn’t enough to scare her? Even just for a little bit?

She is fundamentally broken. Saged for pointless rant.

No. 937868

Please fuck off with the white knighting. Literally the only people left who haven't recognised that she is a soulless sack of shit is fakeboi, that pink chick and apparently you.
How is it possible to follow this thread at all and be so completely clueless and naive about junkies, jfc.

No. 937870

The hospital saga wasn't enough to scare her wherein she had a significant enough infection in/around her spine of all places serious enough to warrant weeks of IV antibiotics. She doesn't give a shit so nor should you nonnie.

No. 937875

Anon who posted pointless rant here. I’m not stupid enough to think she’ll ever change. But it’s so depressing. I just can’t wrap my head around how boring and unfulfilling her life is.

No. 937878

nta but i didn’t think you were whiteknighting or being weird. luna’s been on my radar for a long time too, and even having dealt with a different set of mental illness and addiction issues myself, knowing the language and having empathy for anyone else who’s suffering, i find her situation to be totally baffling. sometimes infuriating. she’s not suffering at all, she just plays it up for pity. she talks about want want want—shitty amazon plastic trinkets, nice apartment to herself—but she obviously wants to live this life more. she’s had advantages some of us could only dream of, yet she chooses this life at every turn—bitching about it all the while. her eViL dad and daddy government keep her from ever truly hitting rock bottom (despite how much this looks like rock bottom to outsiders—it could be so much worse for her), yet she is the most ungrateful person i’ve ever seen in my life. her thread is currently boring and i’m sick of seeing her flabby, grimy nudes, but i still can’t stop watching this slow-motion trainwreck. it’s equal parts funny and horrifying.

No. 937885

File: 1720895453011.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1179x1507, IMG_5712.jpeg)

No. 937886

>I never had that besides as a kid.
I'm amazed at her lack of self awareness when she writes things like this
>Boohoo my life is so hard, the only time I've had nice things is when I was a child and not expected to look after myself.
Crazy how that works, adults are expected to work to provide for themselves.

The only reason she even had this desk in the first place was because she convinced a trust fund retard to be her ATM for 2 weeks. She doesn't even show any appreciation to Allison(?), who would have continued to give Luna gifts if Luna hadn't decided to demand real payslips from her instead of gift cards and items she couldn't exchange for drugs.

No. 937887

I believe anons can empathise without whiteknighting lol, I'm fascinated by her but ive never considered reaching out or giving her money, unlike Fakeboi whiteknights. I root for the majority of lolcows and hope their lives improve, but I'm not going to help them achieve it nor hold my breath waiting for them to improve.

When she was younger and her brain wasn't fried from benzos, she was better at manipulation and she convinced a lot of people she was seriously vulnerable and in need of help. If you've never known addicts, their tactics, or the learned-helplessness amongst them, it's extremely easy to whiteknight someone like Luna when she was 18
>Young girl born to addicts, doomed from the start
>Groomed by mothers dealer
>Deadbeat dad who won't step in
>Only stable element of her life (grandma) is gone
It's only after years of dealing with addicts do you realise the majority of their stories are bullshit. Basically nothing Luna claims about her life is true. Now she's 28, there are videos out there proving exactly who she is. She's not a scared little girl trying to navigate the world: she's a sociopathic moocher who would stab her own mom in the back if it benefitted her. Her complete lack of empathy for people in similar situations to herself has always been the biggest red flag. Even when she was back at Rogers house rearranging the furniture at 4am, while simultaneously ranting about how her crack head neighbors deserved to be evicted, for being dirty crack heads.

No. 937889

…yeah tuna honey? this pic is depressing as fuck.

No. 937891

>she’s not suffering at all
I see this a lot about cows online. Would you want to live her life? Truly, would you want to hang around your one room shit hole with junkie neighbors, basically only existing to take selfies, eat, do drugs and sleep? Her life seems easy, especially to people struggling with things that Luna takes for granted like having somewhere to live, parents etc. But her life is empty. She has no future, nothing to work towards, no meaningful relationships. Almost everything that makes your life worth living Luna doesn't have. Of course she's depressed, everyone would be in her body and mind. She's fucking miserable and there is very little chance she will ever have the power to amount to anything, no matter how many chances she's gotten or is yet to get.

No. 937893

If this were me, this picture would make me want to cry for entirely different reasons. Looking like an zonked out, overweight grandma who took too much of her anti-anxiety medication with her wine would be an incredibly embarrassing thing to post - especially if I were in my 20s at the time.

No. 937894

File: 1720905212391.jpg (198.08 KB, 720x1485, VideoCapture_20240713-141204.j…)

No. 937895

File: 1720905244241.jpg (203.3 KB, 720x1466, VideoCapture_20240713-141225.j…)

No. 937896

File: 1720905272212.jpg (180.4 KB, 720x1450, VideoCapture_20240713-141212.j…)

No. 937897

File: 1720905301610.jpg (166.43 KB, 720x1446, VideoCapture_20240713-141216.j…)

No. 937898

>Luna hadn't decided to demand real payslips from her instead of gift cards and items she couldn't exchange for drugs.

Is that why their business stopped? I thought Alison just realized selling plantpot socks made literally 0 money and her parents told her to quit it

No. 937901

How high must she be to think she looks god in THAT picture????? We made so much fun of her when she posted that picture, due to tsht being the closest we had for a candid in years. She looked só ginormic

No. 937902

What I can’t wrap my head around is how for someone who is so obsessed with skincare products and blogs about her monthly bath and yearly laundry like they’re luxuries, never ever fucking bathes. Make it make sense.(sage your shit)

No. 937903

Nta but Luna can take a bath, then try to get a job, and an education or training. She has "the power to amount to anything" but she doesn't want to acknowledge it or use it.

No. 937905


Who does she think she's fooling? They will never be that perky tuna kek show people what you actually look like

No. 937906

it fucking kills me that she doesn’t know how to put on under eye patches

No. 937908

How does she expect these things to happen without either of them working? Maybe she’s banking on her dad dying and leaving a good amount of money. Didn’t she say before she will get his condo when he dies? (Not that she would be able to even pay the basic fees)

No. 937910

if his place is rent controlled, she could inherit it i think. we’ve all had this discussion before and i think we came to the conclusion that she’ll prob find a way to fuck it up and lose the place.

No. 937911

She kinda reminds me of Penelope Garcia from criminal minds here, if Garcia was found dead and embalmed in someone's attic after a serious battle with depression…

No. 937912

File: 1720963982507.jpg (92.47 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20240714_063214_Sam…)

No. 937914

Lol Jesus Christ, this is like Chantal saying she's jealous of Amberlynn. The bar is in hell

No. 937917

> Would you want to live her life?
No, I wouldn’t but it’s obvious she does. As >>937878 said, Luna revels in the picture she has painted of herself and the misery she’s “enduring” with her one true love.
> Future
> Career/Goals
> Meaningful relationships
None of the things you’ve mentioned are things she wants, all she wants is for her circumstances to improve a bit so she can continue to do exactly what she does now a bit more comfortable. When has she taken any steps to improve anything about herself? Even when it comes to things she seems to really want and all they require is a quick Google search? Luna will never change or learn, and perhaps all she’ll ever achieve is being a cautionary tale.

No. 937918

Don't do Garcia dirty like that, anon. Garcia has actual life and social skills and attracts beautiful men instead of druggie corpse groomers.

No. 937919

I know Nona, I said she reminded me of Garcia IF Garcia was a literal embalmed corpse but on second thoughts, I think that's much too good a comparison for Tuba and I take it back.

No. 937921

File: 1720983738707.jpg (174.97 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20240714-100215.j…)

No. 937922

File: 1720983800729.jpg (258.8 KB, 715x1454, VideoCapture_20240714-100220.j…)

No. 937923

File: 1720985033676.jpeg (17.02 KB, 218x283, IMG_9105.jpeg)

This is so depressing

No. 937924

I hope that in a silent, seething moment of spite, Luna’s father took her out of his will and left explicit instruction for his apartment to not go to her

No. 937926

doesn’t it just go back into the nyc housing lottery? she doesn’t live there.
her literal only hobby, the only thing she does all day every day besides drugs, thousands of dollars worth of stolen beauty products at this point, and she still looks like this. hahahahahah sucks to suck, ugly!
thanks for understanding what i meant, anon. anyone else would be suffering in her situation (if they let it get that bad to begin with—it would have to be an active choice though), but she revels in it.

No. 937927

He lives in a Mitchell Lama apt. There’s super strict rules for her to be able to get it if he dies, she’d have to have lived there for 2 recent years (and prove it) and also qualify for the apartment income and credit wise. Otherwise it goes back into the pool.

No. 937961

Like wtf is she doing all this skin/hair care and teeth whitening for? She’s not going anywhere or seeing anyone. And she still looks a mess. White strips won’t fix years of not seeing a dentist and brushing with a disgusting, bristle-fucked toothbrush.

No. 937962

Last time she tried white strips she hurt her teeth and had to steal orajel

No. 937964

as if white strips are going to help her dead tooth that's a completely different shade of brown than the rest of her teeth

No. 937965

She needs to shoplift a lint roller

No. 937976

Because she thinks she's a model.

No. 938006

Well besides the fact that she is vain and materialistic,I think it gives her a false sense of accomplishment as well. Her doing her makeup and skincare is probably the most “productive” she is all day.

No. 938042

Tuna gone radio silent again?….

Wonder what the cause is this time.

No. 938052

It's always when she gets access to more drugs than usual

No. 938059

File: 1721154819887.jpg (230.05 KB, 720x1453, VideoCapture_20240716-113241.j…)

No. 938060

File: 1721154842851.jpg (223.44 KB, 720x1462, VideoCapture_20240716-113250.j…)

No. 938066

holy beached whale batman! i don't know why she bothers wearing black clothes, it does nothing for her figure and the cat hair/lint/general filth coating is so jarring against such a dark colour. shoplift some grey clothes tuna jfc

No. 938068

Going to her follow up for a hospitalization from an infection caused by filth looking filthy and unwashed… like she just begs for these things to happen to her. Take a shower Tuba!

No. 938071

File: 1721161549941.jpg (189.28 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20240716-132504.j…)

No. 938072

File: 1721161571741.jpg (218.68 KB, 720x1413, VideoCapture_20240716-132512.j…)

No. 938073

Low-key suggestive ho-ass ho posing in a hospital waiting room, broad daylight, tits akimbo. Only Lunar Slater.

No. 938076

File: 1721167895285.jpeg (557.59 KB, 1290x1234, IMG_6901.jpeg)

No. 938077

We all know what you look like Tuna, and it's not that.
>deadly infection
>some patients come in a month later still in a wheelchair
>pain will come and go in waves for months
Is she setting up for a grift here? It sounds like she's going to fake/play up another hospital visit to beg for cash and pain meds. Tuna on wheels when?

No. 938078

a regular lower lip piercing/labret would look 100x better than this strangely placed vertical labret she has.. wish she'd scrap the ill fitted piercings already, tho they do look like they belong on a junkie which she probably likes

No. 938079

Not to be a pearl clutcher but I can't believe she goes around in public with her tits flopping around like that. Like I get that it's summer and hot as fuck but can't she just wear a normal tank top with a bra?

No. 938081

No, she can’t. Because she thinks her floppy tube sock tits are sexy. Or something.

No. 938083

Maybe she outgrew her bras. She used to wear them more like 50lbs ago

No. 938086

I know there are like 5 filters at work but she looks much better with her nasty hair tied back.

No. 938088

I've made jokes about Tuna on a rascal before but holy shit. Cripplepunk is coming back!

No. 938098

I was thinking the same thing. This woman just went to a follow up appointment after being hospitalized for over a month with a rare spinal infection (most likely caused by using dirty needles - and the doctors know it) with her tits falling out of her shirt and her belly hanging out. How is she not embarrassed. I’m nowhere near being Luna’s size and I would still feel like trailer trash walking in a nice hospital with no bra, tits barely contained by my tank top, and stomach on show. The germs and bacteria she’s bringing in there with her. The litter box is no doubt filthy in their tiny ass room, with the cat all over the bed where they eat. Awful.

No. 938107

File: 1721216779959.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1179x1994, IMG_5803.jpeg)

No. 938108

File: 1721216819428.jpeg (538.96 KB, 1179x1673, IMG_5804.jpeg)

(check the thread before you post)

No. 938109

File: 1721216882267.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1179x1941, IMG_5805.jpeg)

No. 938119

File: 1721229918935.jpg (217.51 KB, 718x1454, VideoCapture_20240717-082452.j…)

No. 938120

the cringe I felt through my body, she does this shit in public?
you fucking stole these Luna.

No. 938121

The fuck is she strapped down for? Did she come in via ambulance?

Also dear God those ham hocks.

No. 938125

You know why she's strapped down. There are only 2 reasons. 1) she's so fat they're scared her limbs will fall off the gurney, or 2) threat of self harm or harm to others.
Both believable,but probably the latter. Because she threatens suicide all the time.

No. 938127

holy even her feet are fat wtf they look swollen, her body must be so uncomfortable to live in.

No. 938128

Holy fuck that was quick, back in hospital already?
Also is it just me or does her left foot/ankle look more purple than her right? It could just be the light, and not to medfag but this could even be that deep vein thrombosis saga I called last thread, they might react this way to the threat of pulmonary embolism at her weight depending how bad it looked.

No. 938132

Did she throw herself down the stairs because muh chronic pain and they won't gimme gimme good pain meds and now look what happen to little old me

No. 938139

10/10 she said she wants to die to her pyschiatrist

No. 938140

I thought it was just old track marks giving it the color

No. 938142

What do we think of the bandage around her leg?

No. 938146

She was just posting and whining about being back in the hospital next to some Hello Kitty tier graphics. She got her wish. Cue complain complain complain about how she's in so much pain and nothing the doctors give her is helping.

No. 938152

Fatty go boom

No. 938158

Is it around her calf??? I thought it was a thigh at first. I'm always shocked how massive she is when she posts a non-posed/filtered/sucked-in pic.

No. 938159

Nah, the entire foot/lower leg appears to have discoloration, not just certain points as would be the case with track mark scarring. The purple-ish hue would hint to a circulation problem, be that deep vein thrombosis or something less serious, I don't doubt her circulation has taken a hit. The discoloration could also be cellulitis related, which is another illness rife amongst junkies. The leg bandage sitting on the seemingly afflicted leg is causing me to tinfoil allover the place too kek.

Feet are incredibly painful to shoot up into, even just the top of the foot and tend to be a strict last resort as a shot location. Not ruling it out completely but it's unlikely she's got track marks around this area (not impossible though, of course)

No. 938163

Whatever happened, imagine lurch calling an ambulance just to guarantee to get rid of her again for a while so he can get addied out in peace and hang out with tunas "bff" again kek

No. 938169

yeah, tuna, plenty of other things could be ruining your life against you own will jfc

No. 938183

File: 1721264527545.jpg (191.73 KB, 720x1471, VideoCapture_20240717-180137.j…)

No. 938185

this filter is legitimately terrifying kek

No. 938186

Thought this was Hamberlynn for a hot second, wow

No. 938187

It is the only filter powerful enough to make her fat moon face appear like it has any dimension of sharpness. It turns her into a blockhead.

No. 938190

love how luna can tell the internet every single time she “buys” a face mask but someone’s like “oh no, what happened?” and she’s like “uh… infection… i guess.” as if that doesn’t scream relapse

No. 938200

Pfp showing

No. 938202

DEADLY infection!!!!!

No. 938204

that’s the filter tuna is using kek

No. 938226

File: 1721322530904.jpg (555.49 KB, 1080x1965, Screenshot_20240718_100752_Sna…)

Thanks babe, but it's the filter name not me

No. 938254

That filter is doing some heavy lifting.

No. 938258

Seatbelt-style straps on a gurney are for safety during transport. She prob came in an ambulance, bc those gurneys are the ones w/ those straps. More secure restraints are used as absolute last resorts, when needed, to prevent self-harm.

No. 938269

shes trying anything for opioids isnt she

No. 938277


I kinda figured they were ambulance straps, but I'm near a level 1 trauma center and they try to get you the hell off the ambulance gurney and onto a hospital gurney/bed with the rails up stat. Just odd she's still strapped up unless the ER was that packed that they can't even roll her beached whaleness onto a hospital one w/rails in the hallway (which if it's Lincoln or Montefiore, well… yeah).

>>938269 She's gotta be. "I'll probably be in pain forever uwu" was definitely her being told by her evil doctor that no, you don't need a scrip for oxycontin/a pony/ozempic/Amazon. And didn't she have a scrip for (I can't remember) that she couldn't fill because she only had cash and the pharmacy told her that wasn't an option? She's spent the past few weeks put of the hospital openly admitting she misses the "likes" and internet attention, more zooted than we've ever seen her on benzos and God knows what else, and Lurch isn't trying to hide what he thinks about her w i d e n e s s. Evil dad barely replaced her phone and we still haven't seen that hair bleach from suicidal eevul mom, now that I think of that. And the hospital has Wi-Fi!

No. 938280

I think most addicts nowadays are well aware that hospitals/docs will not give normal ppl opioid scrips, let alone a documented addict, bc she's on methadone. I still don't believe, really, that she got oxy 5's in the hospital, or that oxy 5's would do anything for her since she's on daily methadone. Also, I don't think Lurch gives a damn, really, whether she's wide or narrow, she provides him w/ a hovel to live in and fawns over him more than anyone else in the world is willing to.
So, you're 'so sick' and really, really sick' now, right Luna? Her lil Sanrio post about 'needing to be so sick right now I need to be sicker! uwu' came true. Celebrate, girl! I bet a bunch of bitching is incoming, bc she's so, so scawed!

No. 938281

To clarify, I think the 'fighting' about her weight was her whining incessantly about needing to lose weight right now, while eating candy and demanding compliments, and him finally telling her to just either do something about it or be quiet. And then she posts it, on purpose, making it look like it might be him insulting her, so that she gets a bunch of pity online and concern.

No. 938285

File: 1721354013029.jpeg (Spoiler Image,668.99 KB, 828x1281, IMG_9363.jpeg)

Luna presumably in the hospital whilst lurch is looking at other women.

No. 938288

She probably doesn’t even care. They can’t possibly actually love each other, hell they aren’t even attracted to each other. Their awkward as fuck, non-sexy video is proof that. Theyre bonded by addiction and the knowledge that they can’t do life on their own.

No. 938300

>I don't think Lurch gives a damn, really, whether she's wide or narrow
Lurch definitely has a type and it's athletic blonde bimbos, he's not sexually attracted to Luna and I'd bet they've not had sex in months. He's a retard who tried to groom an insecure teenager into his version of a perfect woman and failed miserably. Now has to deal with the consequences of being codependent with someone he's not attracted to and has nothing in common with. I don't think he anticipated this outcome 10 years ago when they started dating. But you're right from lurch's perspective there's no reason to dump Luna even if he hates her, hes unlikely to find anyone better and he'd be worse off single. She's also a doormat and he can do whatever he wants.

My speculation is he convinced her that if she's allowed to talk to men online for her 'sex work', he's allowed to talk to other women. If Luna wasn't so extremely autistic she would have found another guy to mooch off by now.

No. 938308

"You don't need a script for Amazon"
Hearty kek, nona

No. 938320

Looks like she's already back home here though? The pillow/plush thing behind her looks like something from the hovel.

No. 938321

I think you're right anon. Looks to me like she had a miscellaneous health scare, got brought in via ambulance, looked at and discharged back to the hovel.
Now just what that miscellaneous health scare is she's not divulging for one of or a combination of the following two reasons:
1: Drug related
2: Embarrassing as fuck

She loves ass pats and it's the only time she doesn't share something these days. I'm dying to know what it is though kek

No. 938322

Bad gas and she thought she was having an appendix attack? Kek

No. 938323

File: 1721395613204.jpg (175.61 KB, 720x1459, VideoCapture_20240719-062601.j…)

No. 938324

File: 1721395640163.jpg (193.35 KB, 720x1487, VideoCapture_20240719-062604.j…)

No. 938326


w i d e l o a d.

the gomez adams upper lip shading is sending me.

No. 938328

File: 1721397269098.jpeg (658.68 KB, 1179x1683, IMG_5961.jpeg)

(random selfies are not milky please sage them)

No. 938335

File: 1721403482231.jpg (208 KB, 719x1422, VideoCapture_20240719-083717.j…)

No. 938336

File: 1721403606400.jpg (239.21 KB, 719x1415, VideoCapture_20240719-083713.j…)

No. 938339

File: 1721405732385.jpeg (10.29 KB, 299x168, IMG_0629.jpeg)

I guess we are all made in the image of God

No. 938341

>My speculation is he convinced her that if she's allowed to talk to men online for her 'sex work', he's allowed to talk to other women.

I'm convinced her sex work foray is a direct response to how much Lurch sucks. He publicly thirsts over other women and privately cheats on her, and she knows he won't stop, but she's too retarded and codependent to dump him, so she brought herself down to his level so she can tell himself he's not REALLY misbehaving. Plus she's so vain and needs constant validation, and he doesn't really hide that he thinks she's fat and he would prefer to fuck other women, so she's coping by telling herself she must be super sexy if men are willing to give her money to see her tube sock tits.

Lurch may have encouraged her to do it, but I don't think she needed much of a push.

It'd be sad if she weren't such a piece of shit.

No. 938346

their relationship is so loveless, lurch stopped caring about her a long time ago. remember tessa? i can't remember if luna ever mentioned/acknowledged it but it showed how lurch would instantly throw himself at any woman that showed interest in him. i can't imagine the arguments they must have, i vaguely remember her posting about one and then silently deleting it
she's been so unspecific about all her health issues so i'm convinced it's a combination of 1 and 2, she's a chronic overshare-r so it's really unusual. how fucking bad could an infection be enough to have permanent chronic pain??? not that i believe her because she lies constantly, but i really think she's just using this as a cover to use drugs to "self medicate" or some shit.

No. 938350

she said the tessa thing was a "joke" and she was there with lurch reading it the whole time but it was definitely a cope

No. 938351


She literally smashed through the half inch of foundation with an eyebrow pencil she was probably holding like a preschooler does a crayon. And again the rings of neck grime good LORD.

No. 938375

I don't want to be cruel, but I think it is a lack of education and basic understanding that prevents her from talking about her condition. A lot of people who have literacy issues are not going to understand medical conditions even if they're explained auditorily. I've seen uneducated members of the public not understand how serious cancer is because to them they're just "sick" and their understanding is so simplistic that it is basically "go to the doctor and he will fix why I'm sick". They also frequently say things like "the doctors don't know what's wrong with me" and that's often a code word for "lifestyle changes are needed and I can't pronounce what I'm diagnosed with". Unfortunately, it's a huge issue that many people simply have no idea how to understand basic medical terminology and no amount of hospital printouts seems to be able to fix that. I am not sure if Tuna can track with the verbiage that is used to explain her condition and even if she could, she has such memory issues she can't remember how to type it in to Google her medical conditions. I don't think she's intelligent enough to withhold information on purpose, I feel like she would plaster her diagnosis everywhere to garner sympathy if she actually knew what it was.

No. 938376

I don't think that's a correct assessment, personally. She's not the brightest in life decisions, and not a genius, but I don't see any illiteracy in her. Her vocab is fine, she doesn't make grammar mistakes or say blatantly uneducated sounding things, IMO. Her life choices leave plenty to be desired, and sometimes that's from lack of knowing better, but often not. She knows the dangers of drugs, but can't or won't resist them. She finished H.S. and went to a semester of college. Many ppl w/ decent literacy end up learning quite a bit about the biology/chemistry of how drugs work when you're in that group, and being among ppl who are frequent fliers at the ER, they also pick up more medical knowledge than you might expect.
I think it's not wanting to outright admit that drugs caused the infection and recent ambulance ride, or something also embarrassing or 'bad' like that, which could decrease pity and the accompanying donations, even of lil things like someone on Instagram commented saying they're gonna send her a care package.

No. 938377

Just wanted to add onto my last post: some ppl are so hostile towards hard drug users, and especially online. I'm sure she's gotten TONS of hate her way about that. If she admits the infection was from drug use, she transforms instantly from 'hero' pushing thru every day doing 'a great job–you got this!' from tons of lil followers online, to a worthless person deserving of her fate, and getting possible hate msgs. That's a blow her ego couldn't take.

No. 938402

File: 1721439210021.jpeg (145.54 KB, 750x1228, 42D89DCA-E53A-4184-B222-76A2C0…)

I noticed this a while ago but life got in the way so I hadn't posted. She follows a lot of (in)famous junkies on instagram and often says things she doesn't think are public, all you gotta do to catch the comments is ruin your own timeline with druggies. I think this just about sums up what caused the spinal infection- and none of us are surprised.

No. 938413

KEK. nonna pls

No. 938414

Very nice catch, anon. Here's our confirmation. I know we suspected this but I have zero doubt she's referring to the hospital saga with this comment.

Of course she's too lazy to go and get fresh needles FFS. Why am I not surprised.

No. 938417

File: 1721453720990.jpeg (491.35 KB, 1290x1624, IMG_6973.jpeg)

No. 938418

omg kek so we were right all along, her health problems are caused by drugs and obesity. she’s been too embarrassed to admit she’s just a fat dirty junkie.

No. 938420

After looking this condition up, I found that they don't generally tend to script painkillers for it, instead favouring physio and maintaining a healthy weight as ways to cope with it. When they DO script painkillers they tend to go with something called Methocarbamol, because it has a particularly low narcotic/sedative effect. Too bad Toonz. But hey at least she's sooper uwu sanrio sick now right?

No. 938421

Anon, she's a longterm junkie. She'll have absorbed more than enough along the way to know exactly what is going on and how it happened. Agree with >>938376 that she needs it to be uwu soft victim almost died to get all the gimmes.

No. 938422

She's proven right here she knows exactly what the diagnosis is and comprehends it all just fine. She just didn't want us to know that she was sticking herself with probably uncapped, blunt, used needles with old dry blood stuck in the bevel that she had just lying around the hovel and that its exactly that gave her the infection that landed her in hospital to begin with.
I too agree with the Nona who suggested she can't garner more uwu points and gimmes if she admits this.
Luckily thanks to the nonna who sacrificed her feed with the junkie collection that lunar follows we now have confirmation of what we believed to be true anyway.

No. 938424

Is this about her latest little hospital stay? She went in an ambulance for this? Kek. So it was about her back… and not her bulging purple legs and feet? Oh my

No. 938439

They are probably related. If she has bulging disc's, I guarentee she has deep vain thrombosis as well as a pinched cns. It makes me wonder if she's on coumadin.(medfagging)

No. 938459

She probably is because any doctor can clearly see how sedentary she is and how shit her veins are. That would make sense being on a blood thinner.

No. 938460

why would a junkie with very noticeable track marks be on blood thinners.

No. 938461

They most definitely do put them on them, from my experience though they generally need to be diagnosed with something potentially life threatening like DVT to warrant the prescription at all, and they bleed even more when they try shoot up afterwards as you can probably imagine. Grim, but the tinfoil is possible.

No. 938470


spinal stenosis and bulging discs? SO MANY woman over 30 who have gone through pregnancies (or obesity) have these issues! your back hurts? you aren't special! join the club!

No. 938471


herniated discs do not equal dvt. factually untrue. she could have both, because she's obese and extremely sedentary, but regardless one does not equal the other.

No. 938475

okay but that doesn’t land you in the hospital for a month?? or cause an infection?? the month long hospital stay and herniated disk are two completely different things.

No. 938490

Sorry you don't understand anatomy and the disease process, but that's not my problem. Read more.(sage your shit)

No. 938529

aw fakeboi is back

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