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File: 1508374649649.png (3.22 MB, 1440x1777, 1503694123574.png)

No. 452611

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean

newest milk:
not much has happened. still.
>supposedly cut contact with her piggy bank..i mean awful no good mean father
>has been pretty absent and low-key on the internet
>trying to sell her art in fb groups
>no real news on roger aside from a photo of his arm purple while he's lying on a mattress on the floor. luna asks fb what could be wrong instead of getting him to a hospital
>increasing obsession with the yankees to have something in common with lurch aside from addiction

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eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017

No. 452613

oops forgot to link previous thread

thirteen: >>428358

No. 452614

File: 1508374762300.png (2.27 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-18-16-30-50…)

reposting pics

No. 452625

File: 1508376043775.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-18-19-42-21…)

No. 452626

File: 1508376066601.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-18-19-42-34…)

No. 452628

File: 1508376088521.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-18-19-43-01…)

No. 452636

File: 1508376524382.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-18-20-26-28…)

No. 452639

God it’s like both of her titties are mad and don’t want to speak to each other. Why are they so far apart?

No. 452640

>Please buy me masks and makeup cause I hate myself and I want to die uwu
What a leech.

No. 452641

>I'm gonna tell you guys the price and where to get them so you can get them for me. I can love myself through your wallet!

Is this bitch for real? Oh wait, of course she is.

No. 452643

They're divorced and want to sue their owner for pain and suffering.

No. 452644

If she's so serious why would she wear that pin? She's def not certified and probably has been only on the receiving end of narcan

She's so infuriating and straight up dumb as hell
Sage for athe known fact/rage

No. 452647

Tbh my tiddies look similar but i would never in a million yrs post a pic like tbis on instagram for thousands of people to see…

No. 452649

File: 1508377458909.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-18-20-26-37…)

One of the many things she blew her inheritance on

No. 452650

File: 1508377463454.png (406.3 KB, 499x739, slater.png)

not sure if this is milk since i don't follow luna actively, but she's trying to participate in this facebook group i'm in that's about making fun of ~body positive~ blogger jessica torres.

No. 452651

I just noticed the self harm cuts on her thigh in the bottom right. Ugh I’ve never seen someone so starved for attention

No. 452653

Lol can you image all you do all day is change in and out of dirty clothes from a pile to show off on instagram.

No. 452656

File: 1508378327431.png (423.86 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-18-20-57-51…)

No. 452657

tubular titty syndrome

No. 452658

so she literally fell for the first guy that gave her attention (at least in her pity party story)?
why does that not surprise me?

No. 452662


attention……or heroin?

You decide

No. 452668

He changed your life alright, but healthiest relationship? Hell nah.

No. 452686

kek he saved her life by getting her addicted to smack

No. 452691

File: 1508381563477.png (30.46 KB, 512x507, luluuuuuuuuuuuna.png)

luna pls

No. 452704

lulu is a funny nickname though, can we make that a habbit as with kaka and koots?

No. 452724


ahahaha honestly it was a mistake on my part because my computer lags but i dig lulu more than tuna tbh.

No. 452735

People have been calling her Tuna and Loony already (not that I'd be against Lulu, just pointing it out)

No. 452738

>always just one of the guys


No. 452741

Bitch you yo-yo worse than anybody else i know, that's not weight loss. She gains and loses weight ALL the time why the fuck does she make such a big deal about it?

We all know she gets skinnier when she's too poor for food, or on a crack binge. Its hard to be fat when you're literally not eating, or taking appetite suppressants. Then she binges whenever she gets money/heroin again. Being too much of a junkie to have a healthy relationship with food =/= EDNOS. If she was off drugs she'd be fucking huge

No. 452745

god this is so embarrassing, she's acting like he's rescued her from a terrible life! he took her into his home where she met his wonderful cats and the greatest father in law she could ever ask for!

also lol this is the first mention we've heard of roger since he had to go to the hospital

No. 452748

sage goes in the email field and please don't samefag

No. 452753

fuck dude my tits look just like hers and i feel the same way about them too so i can’t really judge her on that. she rly needs to clean her fuckin lip piercing tho. shit is crusty and nasty

No. 452757

Like the anon above you said, sage goes in the email field. No one cares about your tits. Agree with her needing to clean her lip piercing though, it's fucking gross.

No. 452760

File: 1508388088141.png (Spoiler Image,279.78 KB, 752x412, nips.png)

Is that her nipple? I cant tell for sure but holy shitttt if it is then they're bigger than pepperoni nipples

No. 452764

Well, sea creature doesn't call them "big areolas" for nothin'

No. 452765

File: 1508388587973.png (Spoiler Image,228.14 KB, 321x463, 1476842807767.png)

Sorry was catching up with both this thread and the old one while a little tipsy, I didn't realise samefagging was that much of an issue when people complain about longposts on here.

I still find it incredibly weird that she's like 'my tits are gross and I hate them! LOOK AT THEM!' I'm self conscious about certain parts of my body, but I don't randomly photograph them, and put up pics on insta focusing on my flaws? Also just noticed her self harm chicken scratches on her leg. Surprised she didn't outright mention them in the description.

Pic related.

No. 452773

god i fucking love that picture

No. 452780

She's lucky they're nearly the same colour as her skin, it could be so much worse.

No. 452783

File: 1508391386664.jpeg (228.54 KB, 750x1162, F8B9CEEE-F1C1-4ACE-AA57-2053FA…)

This picture makes me so, so sad. Maybe it’s because she looks like one of my best friends (who is having a great time in life and is super independent) but this picture of Luna looks so normal and hopeful. She just looks like a regular teenager. Makes me depressed to think about what Luna has become.

No. 452839

She looks so much better with darker hair. It's like she does everything within her power to be unfortunate and unfortunate-looking.

No. 452845

And he still won't marry your slob-ass, Luna. What's that say about your guy that he'd sooner sext girls on FB than marry you?

No. 452855

does she actually have no clue that he flirts with other girls on facebook? it's sad that Lurch seems to be such an important part of her life and he doesn't really give a shit about her.

No. 452858

>this picture of Luna looks so normal and hopeful
same anon same
she looks so pretty and cute there

No. 452867

she knew about tessa. she is just delusionally idealizing him

No. 452880

Bologna Barb.

Yes! She's posting for the attention, "Oh no! YouR boobz look GREAT!"

No. 452927

He changed your life alright. Does she honestly think they’re getting married? What was her excuse again? Something about him not being able to sign for a marriage license.

No. 452934

he has no ID

No. 452936

she never shows her huge ass in pictures tho her arms and face make her look a lot smaller

No. 453016

Her eyes are so wrong in OP pic. Whatever drug she's on in this one is making her look sloppy as hell. Her eyes are going in two different directions.

No. 453090

File: 1508445546120.jpeg (179.72 KB, 640x521, 5D96631C-292D-493F-A196-5F4DC3…)

No. 453121

How did he go to court with no ID? Get admitted to the hospital?

Oh shut the hell up Tuna, you're the last person who should tell anyone to shut up.

No. 453125

>middle schooler was an asshole to me wahh

No. 453130

She's not wrong. I know consider the source, but she isn't wrong.
I used to hate how girls always got questioned whenever they wore band or other kinds of branded shirts like a fucking quiz yet boys always got a pass because everyone always assumes males don't lie about their interests for attention.

No. 453142

Truly the most haunting op pic yet
>haven't been able to order online much
You mean you can't use your "evil" dad's credit card to go on amazon shopping sprees since he cut you off, nice try tuna

No. 453199

I’m not sure about court, but you absolutely do not need an ID to get admitted or seek medical help.

No. 453224

My point was how has he gotten this far without an ID but I wasn't clear about that. I didn't know that you didn't need an ID to get admitted, thanks anon.

No. 453250

you don't need an ID for court either.

No. 453257

The whole "we can't get married because he doesn't have an ID" thing is obviously just an excuse. If she was important enough to him and he Actually wanted to marry her, he'd go get an ID. There was some other excuse she used before the ID one. They'll never get legally married.

No. 453276


Absolutely. A State ID is what…$18 at most?

I wonder if he's in some serious sort of trouble with the law or has warrants or something, so he doesn't want to chance going to a government building…

No. 453305

My state ID fee was 35$ which is insane. Either way it’s not like he couldn’t get one if he didn’t want to. He probably just wants to use the money and time to get drugs.

No. 453312

I live in New York and mine was under $20. Between $9-$18 if I recall. They have enough money to spend on drugs but not an ID. He doesn't want to marry her haha.

No. 453323

File: 1508471250614.png (3.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-19-22-46-25…)

No. 453324

File: 1508471272406.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-19-22-46-31…)

No. 453325

File: 1508471290374.png (2.13 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-19-22-46-46…)

No. 453356


why do i have to share a birthday with tunas' cat

No. 453374

Those two cats and roger are the purest things on that trash nest. Be glad you don’t share lurch or lunas b-day.

You disgust us too. Maybe you should take a shower you grimey bitch.

No. 453379

is it bad i like this? it appeals to my shitty edgy depressed self.

wow. i didn’t realize she was so normal at one point. her hair is so healthy here.

No. 453472

I was thinking the same thing, anon. If it were anyone else, I'd consider buying it.

No. 453473

If he had warrants out, they would have picked him up at one of his previous court appearances.

He just doesn't wanna marry tuna! Lol.

No. 453486

>>Those two cats and roger are the purest things on that trash nest. Be glad you don’t share lurch or lunas b-day.

This. Cats are awesome. You should be celebrating anon. Also, Happy Bday!

No. 453496

File: 1508515923556.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-20-11-10-44…)

No. 453498

That mattress looks like it's growing fungus! Roger would be so much better off in a home! Seriously, forgo heroin for ONE DAY Luna, you could buy him a new/decent second hand mattress! This is so sad

No. 453504

I think it is the best thing she has done in awhile, so you are not alone. Unlike others here, I do tend to like her artwork, but I have to agree she's gotten pretty lazy in recent months. She's put some effort into this one, at least, and I like the colors if not the self-indulgence.

No. 453510

Shame she's going to ruin all that nice stuff with her general grossness and uncleanliness.

No. 453514

Roger's friend probably bought that stuff for ROGER. Luna is such a greedy selfish fuck.

No. 453531


I know right? God dammit! Let roger love you gross cunt. He doesn’t deserve this.

No. 453560

this shits gonna beige before the day ends. remember when her friend or whatever bought her that white and black pig plush and how BROWN it was from her just rubbing her face up against it?

No. 453561

So.. "Rogers friend" was inside the drug den?

No. 453564

gonna be beige*

No. 453585

File: 1508526870550.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, 4BCEE838-F4FC-4423-913C-D38997…)

No. 453586

File: 1508526915491.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, 37BB4B2D-25D1-46DB-A04E-2AB27B…)

>my family died in the holocaust!!!!

No. 453616

>Roger's friend

So Tuna is just taking all this shit for her own and giving Roger the castoffs. Typical. She can't even wash his damn blankets to keep him from dying on the mattress on the floor.

No. 453639

File: 1508531104303.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-20-15-24-36…)

No. 453640

File: 1508531152394.png (2.83 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-20-15-24-41…)

i hope they gave roger SOMETHING at least

No. 453641


Jesus fucking Christ, she has reached a new low. Luna, get a fucking grip. The friend obviously saw decrepid conditions in which Roger is forced to live and tried to help him without making Roger feel like a charity case. Let the old man have his gifts, he has so little to live for anyway

No. 453647

IT WASN'T FOR YOU, LUNA. I just want to shake her. She didn't even care enough to use these gifts for Roger to set up a nice living space for him. How hard would it have been to make up a bed for him with all of this? How hard would it be to buy him a sheet set?

I'm also angry because that's a vintage pillow case and I collect them. Luna is going to get her grime all over it and ruin it.

No. 453649

for some reason this shit is pissing me off in a worse way than everything else she does like i want to kind of just throw her out of ROGER'S HOUSE and like get the man a fucking nurse and a maid GOD I HATE HER SHE IS SUCH AN INGRATE

No. 453650

OT but luna liked a post i made today on facebook and i audibly said "GOD, FUCK YOU" when i saw the notification

No. 453670

how did you manage to get her to friend you on facebook? maybe my profile is too normal for her

No. 453673

i know her irl. vaguely. we used to be closer

No. 453706

>it's about make up, my family died in the holocaust, why can't we talk about me?
I know I don't have context but wtf

No. 453707

Tell us more!! But sage goes in the email field.

No. 453716


sage but my ID was $66 and my license was $160


No. 453760

What was all this about, I can't quite make out the blue section. It vaguely looks like WW II info (what I can make out)? What do Luna's stupid comments have to do with that?

No. 453778

actually it's not improbable for her to be certified. in New York the class is readily available and usually free. I personally got certified at a homeless youth center in NYC for free when I was 21 or 22. I was a homeless junkie at the time but 100% certified by the State of New York, still am. even have a card I carry in my wallet. been sober almost a year and I still carry it. I've saved 5 people and most of the time I didn't even have narcan. anyway my point is it's not impossible but for some reason, knowing Tuna, I doubt she actually is certified because she loves to lie/boast about dumb shit

sage for kinda blogpost

No. 453779

when I said "I still carry it" I meant the card and narcan

No. 453796

She’s complaining that some group doesn’t care about racist beauty gurus (jeffree star, etc) or something like that.. they banned her and deleted her comments so i can’t go in and check.

No. 453806

File: 1508548969931.jpg (96.66 KB, 1080x505, stop lying.jpg)

why ur lips so crusty then

No. 453814

If this is true, girls got SERIOUS kidney problems.

No. 453834

This make me livid because this person obviously gave these because Roger lives in SQUALOR in his own home being held captive by these sick fucks.
I wish she hand delivered them to him or checks up to see if he received them because I know Tuna probably said she’d give them to him but just kept them for herself because she’s too lazy to wash hers.
Luna if you read this your a sick ducking bitch to do this to an old man. Give him the fucking sheets.

No. 453870

Weird cuz heroin is like impossible to pee on

No. 453902

File: 1508569205185.gif (38.64 KB, 382x182, meh.gif)


But seriously, at the very least she should have made Roger a bed and put several layers of sheets over that awful mattress from the picture. Leave it to Luna to take pictures of all the new "toys" and not think about the sick and possibly dying old man sleeping in the living room

No. 453918

She fell for him before he gave her any heroin though

No. 453925

The fact that she has to acknowledge new fluffy pillows

No. 453927

right. so I’m thinking either she means “has” to pee that many times(but doesn’t actually) or possibly…..tinfoiling right now, she’s more into crack right now than heroin

No. 453932


I'm starting to wonder if "Roger's friend" exists at all. If I had a friend going through obvious elder abuse, I'd be doing all I could to get them out of that situation and into a better place. ESPECIALLY if I was "rly rich".

The town where my Mom lives has an opioid problem and it's not unheard of for junkies to steal shit left unattended when people are moving into or out of a house… Just saying.

No. 453933


fucking this. i'd imagine that if any of rogers friends saw the squalor those junkies left him in they'd be horrified. but fuck roger, right? he can just rot to pieces on his filthy, moldering bare mattress. tuna needs fifty pillows.

No. 453934


probability: sky high

No. 454040

I’m kinda feeling like there’s a 50/50 chance that either
A. She stole this stuff because linens from thrift stores have that old/ vintagey look to them
B. Roger has a older friend who decided to donate her older linens and Luna took them promising to give them to her because I doubt she let her into the house.

No. 454044

I so wanna ask this bitch what Rodger got out of the stuff that "his friend" gave him.

No. 454047

I wish I could just as “How’s roger doing? His mattress looked a little bare last I saw?

No. 454064

Do it. Poor Roger deserves a lot better than what he's getting.

No. 454100


But no really if is friend does exist I hope she helps. I mean she stole pillows and sheets from him. Imagine how much food the fat fuck steals from him?

No. 454110

>right now, she’s more into crack right now than heroin
Legit, anon. I agree 100% purely due to her weight, and the previous threads OP pic.

Whenever she loses weight, its because she's doing crack and its impossible to have an appetite. Whenever she brings up an eating disorder, i cant help but think using crack as a diet pill isnt the same as an eating disorder.

The previous thread OP had a pic of her doing 'crackhead T Rex arms' - dunno how else to describe it, but she's contorting her arms in a way I've only ever see crackheads do. This weird flappy thing, totally anecdotal tho.

I'm fairly confident she's still doing heroin irregularly tho, her hands still have a LOT of injection sites and you don't usually inject crack do you? She's still injecting something.

No. 454115

Man I'm so sad that this is roger stuff is continuing. I'm not suggesting WE call APS (I'm out of US so I'm definitely not doing it - nvm the cowtipping rule) but I wish SOMEONE more involved irl would intervene and do it.

I was tinfoiling over Tuna's absence last week, thought maybe she was 'lying low' after someone reported that infamous picture of Roger's arm to APS or some other organisation, but evidently not.

I've bummed myself out tbh. I assumed ONE of Tuna's friends would have the decency to report it, but its just escalating to the point where she's literally taking his stuff. Roger lives on a bare mattress on the floor, Luna literally has a pile of clothing reaching the ceiling. LET THE MAN HAVE SOME SMALL COMFORTS, YOUVE GOT ENOUGH. That donated bedding is the only clean thing in that apt, and Luna took it so she could bleed all over it, sweat all over it, then throw it into her filth pile. Goddamn just let the old man have one thing.

No. 454127

How much do you want to bet he’s chained to a radiator?
I remember her saying her neighbors were crack addicts and shaming them because her veins are only good enough for heroin but then like months later she said they got her addicted or something because they let her try it and she was out of her regular favorites. Idk

No. 454146

Her friends don't have the decency to call her out, why would they care about Roger.

No. 454153

You can inject crack if you mix it with vinegar first. But if you're doing that regularly I'd assume you'd just buy coke to inject.
Maybe she's speedballing.

And yeah, its easy af to lose weight when going crack.. And Tuna is too lazy to lose weight any other way. She's gotta be on uppers of some sort.

No. 454158

File: 1508621449704.jpeg (314.27 KB, 640x1049, 8F0AF3D1-F3BF-48A7-A5BA-512309…)

No. 454159

File: 1508621466642.jpeg (230.94 KB, 359x901, DD675B2E-1F87-454A-B6DC-0FAB71…)

No. 454161

File: 1508621642984.jpeg (512.21 KB, 640x1049, FF3D0590-FA27-4E41-823C-7500AA…)

No. 454162

File: 1508621659743.jpeg (506.31 KB, 640x1053, F9C97672-FA34-4A03-AB9F-8FC717…)

No. 454164

File: 1508621729201.jpeg (339.79 KB, 640x790, 9386CA2B-3F49-4091-BA2F-5FF58E…)

>constantly praises kurt cobain who molested a disabled girl

No. 454165

File: 1508622511527.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-21-16-47-22…)

cried over the yankees? is that a normal thing to do over sports

No. 454167

Is that guy a confetti club member?

No. 454168

>New plates for Roger
>He'll never get to use them

No. 454169

it's normal. sadly
my neighbors scream so loud about baseball you'd think someone was being brutally murdered

No. 454170

sage 4 double post, but also if u go to sports bars, the dudes will be into the game, and the gfs will be watching their man on how to react, and then they react accordingly. so i can see lurch getting upset about the game and that being the sign to luna to start bawling.

No. 454173

Ew at that giant mug of flat soda.

No. 454176

Yeah and didn't she have a true crime tumblr? C'mon now.

No. 454181

>something has definitely been going around
Hahaha bitch you dont go anywhere to catch anything wtf!? Its from the crack or the dopesickness lol.

And is that an antique plate that she's eating nasty burnt bread off of?

No. 454188

eating a frozen pizza on fuckin’ china that is meant for roger? my god she’s dumb. someone needs to knock her out.

No. 454253


That's actually such a beautiful plate. Ugh this whole Roger thing ever since that photo of his horrible hematoma I just get fuckin chills when I read about the neglect he's subject to. Rotting away on a mattress with drug addicts while they steal his stuff. I sincerely think the only way out for him is if their house gets raided or if Luna and Lurch get busted together to possession and both go to jail (obvs Luna would get bailed by her dad whatev) but then Roger would be seen by authorities and placed in care with absence of his relatives. Like that is it. Or he'll just quietly die there one day and nobody will realise until the cats have chewed out his eyes and tongue and Luna sees him and uses his death as her ptsd story for the rest of her life for benzo scipts.

Yeah sorry that was dark

No. 454261

He probably will die there. I mean think about it Luna and lurch don’t take care of him and actively steal his money and items. I feel like if he has a heart problems they won’t call him help because they could get jailed for the drug use.
His friend must not exist or maybe she was fooled by Luna because like someone else said wouldn’t she have asked him if he was okay or needed something. Unless roger is a junky too I wonder why he’s never said anything like to hospital staff.

No. 454285

>semi new cvs
Does she go to a different CVS every time? I'm not an Amerifag so I'm not too sure what a CVS is, pharmacy right? Why does she chop and change what pharmacy she goes to?

No. 454295


>>one disgusting person shouldn't ruin a fundamental right for millions

that would be a good argument if it were only one disgusting person and not a frightening amount of disgusting people

also how about the rights of the BILLIONS of your own sex, tuna? or is safety in female spaces only afforded to men in dresses?

fuck that and fuck you

No. 454317

'Murican here. CVS is a pharmacy and store for personal care, over the counter medications, and some groceries. Similar to a Walgreens or Rite Aid if you've heard of those.

I don't doubt she pharmacy shops and goes to a different one to fill her prescriptions on a regular basis. By "new" it's possible though that she means a recently opened location. There's a finite number of locations her cotton-eyed Joe knee can take her but I'm sure she'll mosey on over to a Walgreens or Walmart when the people at CVS start recognizing her.

No. 454484

she's still doing dope, probably regularly. you don't just stop doing dope like that, even if you get into crack more heavily. she prob does both every day or as often as she can.

re: the roger stuff. this really pisses me off. I'm debating risking getting blocked or removed by saying something to her about it. I feel really bad for him, he seems like a harmless, sweet guy - we all know if he were an asshole Luna would be whining about it, not constantly singing his praises to instagram. if he's the best father in law ever, don't you think he deserves a nice living area, Luna? ugh. poor guy.

No. 454487

"my trans friends"
k tuna

No. 454489

I really do feel bad for Roger too. That apartment probably gets cold as fuck during the winter (also,remember how the window is open next to the air conditioner that she just has a stuffed animal shoved into?). Those donated blankets would have helped him, Tuna doesn't need them. She has a bunch of nasty quilts and blubber to keep her warm.

No. 454504

One of the things that gives her money/commissions her art is trans. I don't remember its name/gender, but it had green hair, whined a lot, and commented on Tuna's pity parties on both fb and tumblr.

No. 454523

I remember her posting a bunch of face mask and beauty products that are cvs brand. An awful lot of product for someone who’s so poor. Tinfoil hat says she’s probably stolen from them a little too often and now has to go to another one.

Maybe just ask how he’s doing to gague it? Ask if he needs anything donated and see how she reacts?

No. 454534

yes- yankees fans are little bitches.
do you think Chief is even cognizant enough to be upset over anything? he seems like a semi-vegetable

No. 454538

File: 1508685863346.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-22-10-23-36…)

more shit roger doesn't get to use

No. 454539

File: 1508685901845.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-22-10-23-41…)

>cotton-eyed joe

No. 454540

Am I right in thinking that therapeutic pillow is another one of the gifts for roger that she's taken? That could have benefitted him a lot. She's disgusting.

No. 454545

ive been staring at her leg (?) trying to figure out how she posed it like that. i cant even tell which part it's meant to be

No. 454550

haha same i cant tell what is pillow and what is leg

No. 454575

File: 1508694715254.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-22-12-50-43…)

No. 454580

File: 1508695171602.png (175.65 KB, 810x1100, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.57…)


No. 454581

File: 1508695215187.png (143.69 KB, 1032x780, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.57…)


No. 454582

File: 1508695244022.png (53.87 KB, 1098x318, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.57…)

No. 454584

File: 1508695283989.png (24.81 KB, 1082x164, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.58…)

No. 454585

File: 1508695331486.png (45.75 KB, 1100x282, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.56…)

No. 454586

File: 1508695356675.png (30.76 KB, 1120x246, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.56…)

No. 454587

File: 1508695410790.png (93.07 KB, 1072x402, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 1.57…)

last one, she's been really active on tumblr lately

No. 454592

She shoplifted from one place and freaked out when she had to go there to pick up a prescription so odds are she's shoplifting from others as well and needs to go to a new one to avoid getting caught.

No. 454597

im so triggered by those images. pretty sure she gave roger none.

No. 454605

if any kind of official would actually care, APS wouldve been informed after Roger's last hospital stay. The paramedics saw his living conditions and his physical state/hygiene gives it away too.

No. 454608

That broom next to the litterbox….that plate used as a food bowl…Knowing that Roger has to shimmy around all of the random shit on the floor… While Tuna just stands there and take photos…This bitch needs a wake up call.

I really hope that she doesn't make him take these photos. This is the living room, right?

No. 454609

>kurt cobain molested a disabled girl
what the fuck?

No. 454611

Isn't this bitch always going on and on and on about marrying the love of her life and spending all eternity with him.

No. 454613

>antique plate
>eating fast food from china
can you guys chill your autism?
first off thats italian dinnerware and secondly can you stop sperging over the most generic shit? thanks

No. 454615

Idk tbh.

No. 454618

omfg im getting a fucking stroke. thats a pillow thats helping with circulation. and this fucking bitch just takes it.

No. 454619

pretty sure he didn't.

No. 454620

>matthew the love of muh life
>i text muh ex

No. 454624

I think those posts just confirm that she's willing to be with anyone rather than be single. If someone came along who gave her more attention/drugs/whatever than lurch she'd leave him.

No. 454625

shutup anon

No. 454627

Actually, he did. He and some of his friends would go to the house of a young mentally disabled girl their age after school because she would let them into her dad's liquor cabinet.

Kurt decided he was going to commit suicide but didn't want to die a virgin. He decided to have sex with the mentally disabled girl and got very close to penetration when his friends began to mock him. People at his high school mocked him too, calling him a "retard fucker" and similar.

It's all in the movie "Montage of Heck." IIRC, there's even a recording of him relating the event. He definitely tried to take advantage of a mentally slow girl when he was in high school.

No. 454632

I've seen the film, that's not really what is alleged to have happened but whatever, I think we all know that Luna's a hypocrite anyway.

No. 454636

It's accounted in his published diaries too

No. 454647

Aside from Lurch, is there any reason why Luna iives in Mamaroneck? You'd think she'd move to NYC- it's close, rent in some places is about the same, and it'd contribute significantly to the image she's trying to cultivate

No. 454655

She's from there she lived with her mom like walking distance away before she moved in with lurch I remember cuz she actually walked all her belongings over there.

What was weird is before she moved she was never allowed up in his apartment and never explained why.

No. 454660

It's insane how much Luna romanticizes her OD and her old junkie boyfriend. She can say she hates them all she wants, but you know she thinks they make her cool

No. 454667

I remember when I really wanted to go to Pratt and now after reading that garbage and knowing that she got in now problem…it’s lowered my standards

No. 454684

Pretty sure she only got with lurch as a rebound from her ex, which I think she was actually in love with. I think she was heartbroken and got with the first person who came along so she could forget him but then she got addicted to heroin and just stuck with lurch. I highly doubt she's genuinely in love with lurch, she's probably only with him because she can't be alone/needs him for drugs. If she could be with her ex without the long distance she probably would dumb lurch in a heartbeat.

No. 454748

>one use needles used 10x times

No. 454761

>I want lips
Why the fuck does she paint over them with foundation then? When she DOES colour them with lipstick, she under draws her fucking cupids bow anyway?? Why you do these things if you want lips?

>What was weird is before she moved she was never allowed up in his apartment and never explained why
$10 on 'Roger didn't want underage girls doing drugs that could kill them in his fucking house' plz. First time I've heard of this but it screams 'not in my house' imo

No. 454933

guys i think everyone is over reacting… how is Luna commiting elder abuse? it's not a crime to sleep on a gross mattress with no sheets. you guys are seriously overreacting on this one! what grounds do you think you can report luna for elder abuse on exactly?? plenty of old people live in shitty, poor conditions, this is sadly pretty normal….

No. 454954


You are a very unempathetic person. Her and Lurch have resources that they doesn’t need and they choose not to share them. They choose to prolong Roger’s discomfort and sickness. They choose to not keep him clean and warm. He has bed sores, ffs!

Just because plenty of elderly people suffer in lacking conditions doesn’t mean that Roger doesn’t suffer too.

No. 454957

Neglect and financial abuse both are elder abuse. We've seen his bed sores and he does look underweight, possibly malnourished.

Also, what >>454954 said.

No. 454958

It wrong of them but not illegal (not the same anon)

You can report it here in the US all you want but fact is many are worse off don't get anything done for them. Here, you'd better make plans for your old age because there isn't much that will be done for you.

Seriously it's laughable to think calling the authorities is going to do anything. Grow up. He's an adult and for all we know he prefers his dirty floor to goingbto some sub standard home. Unless they are physically abusing him, nothing will be done.

No. 454959


she's making a half-dead octogenarian with congestive heart failure sleep on a bare, rotting mattress on the floor while she steals stuff given TO HIM, and you can't see the problem? jfc

No. 454964

oh god. she's going to be talking about her OD forever. she thinks she's such a cool hardcore junkie bc she overdose. newsflash Luna: you're a spoiled upper middle class brat like the ones you always complain about, except you live in squalor - not because of poverty but because of laziness and being a filthy slob. stop trying to gain "junkie points"… you have waaay more opportunity and support, both emotionally and financially, than most junkies do. ugh

No. 454966


I don’t know why you’re assuming I have called or tried to call Adult Protective Services on them? I realize that he’s probably not going to get help. The paramedics saw his living condition and nothing has been done. But you’re a pretty disgusting person for telling me to “grow up” because I’m concerned about a man being abused.

No. 454970

I'm sure she'd rather live in the city. closer to her dope, more of an ~artsy~ vibe in some areas, etc. but Luna can't really choose where she lives bc it all depends on where the current person she's mooching off of lives. I'm sure if she met a guy from the city who was willing to take her scummy ass in and support her habits, she'd jump on the opportunity.

No. 455045


I didn't assume, I'm just letting you know sadly there isn't anything to be done for him.

No. 455047

Samefag my grow up comment is you thinking those who are giving you the plain cold hard facts are monsters, it's the sad way it is. None of us like it but there is very little that can be done.

People aren't awful or mean for giving you facts of life you don't want to hear. So yeah, grow up. Life isn't fair and by watching Luna's story play out you also get to see her abuse and use an elder. It isn't right but there it is.

No. 455060

File: 1508734129726.jpeg (166.15 KB, 750x1197, CEC68C1C-0D70-4C7A-B5E8-5A1698…)

you’re a sad person. I’m sorry that your heart is so cold. Hopefully one day you will realize that caring about other human being besides yourself isn’t immature. Maybe you need to do some growing up yourself.

No. 455064

File: 1508734239235.jpeg (288.21 KB, 750x1208, 0EE11850-55CE-4499-A35A-6DE324…)

Luna still doesn’t realize that her ‘BPD’ symptoms are worsened or even completely due to her drug addiction, more news at 11.

No. 455094

File: 1508738914333.jpeg (393.45 KB, 640x1030, 34A72E60-5B33-4036-BDBE-C59798…)

No. 455096

File: 1508738954624.jpeg (150.17 KB, 640x444, 6EF4A36B-2FB8-4A92-90EB-401463…)

No. 455097

File: 1508738969013.jpeg (191.01 KB, 640x620, 1E519929-6B61-411C-A0B5-50F08C…)

No. 455098

File: 1508738984319.jpeg (278.51 KB, 413x1049, E9C386C5-6DDB-4754-9236-E44356…)

No. 455099

File: 1508739011658.jpeg (468.97 KB, 640x916, 9637D68E-EEDD-4137-8B53-FEE09F…)

No. 455100

File: 1508739032673.jpeg (574.53 KB, 636x1046, F6907B42-74C9-40C6-8D5E-FE113B…)

No. 455101

File: 1508739049764.jpeg (103.33 KB, 633x380, 439D4075-A796-442C-A26D-2A4A49…)

No. 455104

Good, you dumb cunt. Stay in pain for a long time and you just might know how Roger feels.

No. 455116

Even when her posts include other people as the supposed topic point, their existences are used to paint a picture of how ~unique and bleak~ her life is. It's no different from her shelf full of tacky porcelain angels or hand mirrors. There's no sentimentality held towards any of it, it's all just there to paint over the blank slate that is Tuna's personality.

sage for 3am dumbfuckery

No. 455143

>”i brush my teeth lots”

uh huh…..

No. 455146

"nutrition doesn't matter when you're starving" i just got brain damage from this statement how is she so stupid. she wilfully stays hungry so she can throw a pity party instead of buying actual food. 10lb bag of rice is 8 bucks, cans of beans and vegetables are a dollar at the dollar tree. and it's way more filling than fuckin top ramen

sage for food sperging

No. 455160


it's chemical irritation from smoking crack. all those toxic vaporized chemicals coat the back of your throat on the inhale and kinda just stay there.

it can get pretty painful, especially where the roof of the mouth meets the soft palate. sometimes it can swell up and even blister.

No. 455164

File: 1508766747250.png (335.06 KB, 497x712, Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 12.5…)

what the fuck tuna? you've got some NERVE to talk!

No. 455173


that and/or candida from judging the amount of tartar she has on her teeth…

No. 455205

No anon, don’t you remember she’s ~skinny~ now! She’s all about fat hate because she lost so much weight abusing crack and eating junk food!

No. 455222

File: 1508781866673.png (252.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2046.PNG)


No. 455224

File: 1508781896234.png (262.16 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2047.PNG)


No. 455226

File: 1508781912231.png (250.02 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2048.PNG)


No. 455227

File: 1508781949656.png (59.49 KB, 747x420, IMG_2049.PNG)

No. 455229

File: 1508782019285.png (460.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2050.PNG)

also she reblogged this and tagged it "my ex". she's talking about him a LOT recently, what's the deal with that.

No. 455245

Didn't she say he has a new boyfriend? She's probably jealous and/or still not over him even though it's been like 4 years and they never really properly dated

No. 455276

didnt she break up with him when he went to jail ~far away~?
this story only brushed slightly into the thread though, dont remember exactly about her ex. any other anon?

No. 455279

she sucks on those grimy filthy things plastered with dirt, cat feces and foundation? fucking eww

No. 455280

chief probably did something to piss her off and now she's on a delusional high of "what if" with her ex

No. 455286

realtalk tho that infographic is absolute nonsense and completely ridiculous. it's from "dr." mercola, an ~*~alternative medicine~*~ shill

No. 455311

File: 1508794714295.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-23-16-38-10…)

No. 455312

>>455100 Lol she made some poor fuck gift her a shower curtain for her broken shower. Fucking leech

>>455222 Also her writing sucks so hard. Whenever it gets posted I read it out loud to myself because its even funnier. I wonder though since she got into Pratt for creative writing if she used to be good and just got lazy like with her art.

>>455425 I’m feeling like she either reads these threads (how could she not when you google her name it’s just a record of her poor life) and has really realized how sad her life is. I think she has to lie to herself about how “horrible” her ex was and remind herself how “in love” she is with lurch so she doesn’t feel bad.

No. 455323

File: 1508796208478.png (3.79 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-23-17-02-28…)

No. 455329

Is that lurches hands in the background preparing a shot?

Sage for tinfoiling!

No. 455335

>pushed their mouths in my face licked me
>ripped my tights near the crotch

Here we have it folks– Tunas ~*~traumatizing~*~ sexual abuse. Or whatever she claims.

No. 455350

File: 1508798061730.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-23-17-33-35…)

No. 455351

File: 1508798083888.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-23-17-33-43…)

No. 455394

It's definitely someone's hands. Good eye, anon. I figured she used a self timer for most of her full body shots but I can't believe she'd pose for a picture with lurch in the room without including him intentionally.

No. 455410

sounds like he's in jail (again?) or something so she's excited to capitalize on the edginess

No. 455432

Wow, her waist and hip area actually looks really thin. So crack it is, yeah?

BTW do you think she gets off on being discussed in here?

No. 455438


No. 455476

She can't post about body positivity and eating disorder recovery, and then a day later post something blatantly fat shaming like this. What a garbage personality she has.

No. 455510

>it's just rambling with line breaks

I could've told you that.

No. 455511

File: 1508807751204.jpeg (389.79 KB, 750x1014, 0A3E32EA-3FDC-499D-9CCA-1390F7…)

No. 455522

Her shower has been fixed for quite some time. I'm sure it's in old threads, she started posting more photos of her in the tub after that.

No. 455525

She only took baths at her dads. He documents every time she bathes cuz it's such a rare occassion

No. 455532

>i'm truly sorry for existing.

Yeah right, Luna. That's why you constantly post pictures of yourself, call yourself cute, congratulate yourself on your weight loss, demand people to pay attention to your shitty artwork, live off the donations of others and spend all your time doing crack with stolen money. You do sound real sorry.

No. 455533

I'm confused, is the mirror actually clean?

No. 455642

to be fair, it fucking sucks that she went through that. i would be disgusted and probably angry about it too if it were me. however, most people don’t posture about their sexual assaults or bad encounters all over the internet every time they get the chance. luna seems to want to be a part of a group of victimized individuals because it gives her another excuse to shoot up and remain in squalor.

No. 455650

kek thanks, in all of the rubble in the background I actually didnt see that.

No. 455669

why does she put on makeup everyday?
how often does she leave the house?
if she's staying in then there's no reason to put it on
my skin would never be able to handle piling on makeup everyday.
I'm sure her lips wouldn't be so cracked if she didn't put on matte lipstick everyday

No. 455674

congratulations on your special snowflake skin, if you make a irrelevant post please use sage.

No. 455677

Am I seeing what I want to see, or does that really look like powder on a sheet of foil or something balanced on Lurchs knee? Did we actually catch a picture of them rigging up?

No. 455679

No that sadly isn’t on his knee, if you look a bit closer you can see it’s like an object on the floor looking like there’s those sun rays you get from ajar windows

No. 455682

When did I miss that? Last I checked she said she took “cat baths” in the sink and only bathed and showered at her dads because she’d make a huge deal out of it.

No. 455683

It looks like a lot late of food to me. That would explains the foil/wrapping

No. 455691

That isn’t a screenshot of a conversation with her ex….

No. 455699

It didn't happen imo.

Its written like a teenagers sexual fantasy, rather than something that happened. The language is off, when I've heard people mention assaults before its focused on how they felt or their hands all over them. Not 'omg silly boys ruined my tights but i got away teehee'

If two dudes were ripping off her clothing i don't see how she just 'ran away' and then called Peter INSTEAD OF THE COPS BECAUSE SHES STILL IN PUBLIC AND SHE HAS A COTTON EYE JOE KNEE. How did she even outrun two dudes with her constantly dislocating knees lmao?

This is the first time she's ever mentioned this sexual assault right? You'd think she'd lead with the '2 dudes tore off my clothing' assault more often. The 'a guy touched my butt at a concert' story is weak AF in comparison.

No. 455708

I agree with plate anon, i think its roger eating a meal behind her. Might be Lurch but those arms are very skinny. The contents of the plate looks too lumpy to be heroin, looks like shitty food to me.

Its clean because she's on crack ATM and Tuna's struggling to find other ways to expend her crack energy. She's probably been moving the furniture around again too.

No. 455733

This is exactly what I thought. I remember her posting something in a group on Facebook about her assault and she said it was some guys touching her ass at a concert. I mean if it happened that’s still fucked up, but I would probably lead with a story about guys licking my face and tearing at my tights.
Also not to down play it but who hasn’t gotten their ass touched at a concert especially when your all in the general area and packed together it happens on accident some times.
Yeah it looks like shitty takeout. The picture is grainy but it look like the white stuff is rice and the brown stuff is like some shitty Chinese food chicken or something.

No. 455734

Actually you know what there is something in his hand but in the background that like a plate of cat food probably.

No. 455742

lol I want to look cute too, Luna. But I fail and that is why I dont put myself online…

Where did she get her self confidence from? Or is her sight that blurry from the drugs?

No. 455793

you haven't come across the term 'crack confidence' before?

No. 455800

do you think she's just altering the story of the guys touching her ass at a concert? bc the story she's telling now is 2 guys at a concert which is basically the same premise as her other story.

i think she's just making shit up to add to her story to get sympathy points tbh.

No. 455806

She already gets off on living a dirty-but-cute aesthetic so I imagine the confirmation of how messy everything is encourages her, especially when anyone mentions Courtney Love.

Putting on makeup acts as some people's coping skill for depression & makes them feel accomplished for doing something and feeling pretty. Her mood probably tanks if she goes a day without makeup, plus she always needs to take a million selfies everyday.

No. 455830

she may have lost some weight, but her deranged face is truly alarming. i still cant believe what's been becoming of her lately (not that she was much better in the past lol)

No. 455831

>i think she's just making shit up to add to her story to get sympathy points tbh.
same. she never told that story and she likes to earn pity points, so why is it different all of a sudden?
also who in their right mind would lick a girls face let alone HER face

No. 455857


She’s totally making that up or embellishing the hell out of it. I know some people have sick and sad lives sometimes to no fault of their own, but Luna just wants to win the grand prize of being a “tortured and fucked up bby grl” in the starving artist category.
She’s got PCOS,BPD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Eating Disorder, and constantly battling the grip of poverty and homelessness as well as men on the streets and her “abusive” parents oh no!! Poor Luna! Did you know she was “born in the steps of a methadone clinic”! Please buy her artwork so she can eat even thought she’s “destined to die young”;(

No. 455979


>who in their right mind would lick a girls face let alone HER face

This is men we're talking about. Men will fuck decapitated pig heads and corpses and rape women who are ugly, elderly, obese, disabled, or any combination thereof. I believe it.

No. 455989


OT but rape is not a sex thing, it's a power thing. it doesn't matter how you look, who you are or even WHAT you are. men are frequently caught with their dicks in objects.

No. 456002

still it is tuna were talking about.

No. 456023

I’m with you. I don’t believe it happened. That story makes no sense. She didn’t run? No one saw this go down either? If it’s traumatizing then why talk about it and romantize it the way she does?

No. 456028

I do think that there are people capable of doing that to her I just don't believe it happened to her, at least not in the way she said. She can't walk around the block yet she managed to outrun to men? Also if she was at a concert wouldn't she be with her friends who i would assume would have tried to help her. I don't doubt that she was in some way sexually harassed,just that she embellished the story to make her more of a victim.

No. 456043

I don't wanna derail this thread with SJW stuff but this was an interesting article i read regarding the whole 'rape is power' thing http://quillette.com/2016/01/02/to-rape-is-to-want-sex-not-power/

I mean your original point still stands, dudes will put their dicks in everything, it just ~triggers me when someone uses that phrase.

She's still not trying very hard on the like work and coloring of these. Looks kinda wonky and rushed.

No. 456055

feel free to disbelieve me (this is the acid anon from the previous thread) and my memory might be totally wrong but im fairly sure i was at this concert w luna but left early, i was young at the time and still had a curfew but i remember her posting abt this incident on tumblr the day after. tbf that concert was full of grimy assholes, i remember being slightly annoyed abt the curfew but also halfway thankful because the dudes there were particularly pushy, moreso than at other bk concerts

No. 456099

>I don't wanna derail this thread
then dont do it

>I saw luna at the concert

No. 456102

i would post the pic i posted on insta of us that night but my whole face is in it, so

No. 456104

Cover your face duh

No. 456105

i suppose i could , brb

No. 456108

File: 1508956352175.jpg (99.91 KB, 642x1154, IMG_6176.JPG)

now full disclosure this may not have been the night in question, i do remember her talking about it not long /after/ this night though. my memory's fucked, if someone wants to try and figure out if the dates match up they can go right ahead but i did my day's work finding this pic

No. 456132

are you the anon that rambles every other luna thread how you know her since hipsville?

No. 456137

y'know theres like at least 5 people here that know her from back then? i think like half the readership of this thread is people that used to like her

No. 456140

it was just weird because every time some anon wrote that it sounds exactly the same.

No. 456143

if you think about it people who run in the same internet social circles are much more likely to type similarly

No. 456144

asking the real questions: did tuna always have an asslip?

No. 456162

yeah there's no real reason to dislike her this genuinely if you've only known her as a crackhead. it's watching the progression from loveable edgy girl with lots of friends to lonely crackhead who manipulates people and steals money.

No. 456163

>tfw this makes you go back in the threads
>tfw you go on tuna's ex-gf's tumblr again
>tfw you realize her ex-gf morphed into a anorexic narcisstic munchie transgender

No. 456198

fucking kek. nothing worse than ex fatties who project their everlasting embarrassment onto other fat people. all because she lost some upper body weight so from the right angles she looks relatively thin. i guess she wants people to think she has a sooper tragic ED warping her mind and turning her into a body shamer or something.

No. 456202

More importantly was she the designated girl at school that smelled like fucking cat piss?

Also what band was at the concert because if was like some shitty alternative/hardcore band I can see guys there being scummy

No. 456335

Thee Oh Sees I believe

No. 456340

File: 1508988159853.jpeg (248.72 KB, 1586x1084, fullsizeoutput_de.jpeg)

I hate how she calls this a "nice little surprise". She most likely specifically asked/begged her friend for these lol but it goes to show how used she is to people spoiling her. Most people are excited to get gifts Tuna just expects them.

No. 456359

Where are all these "friends" she speaks of?!?

She never goes out and hangs out with anyone…

No. 456398

…this bitch has copics? I've not seen her blend ONCE. she uses them like a 6 year old…

No. 456477

File: 1509015393099.jpg (217.88 KB, 704x1308, Clipboard01i.jpg)

yeah, shes a fucking hypocrite

No. 456478

rlyblonde and her mom pat probably.
or she stole them.

No. 456584

File: 1509045876679.jpg (15.6 KB, 299x293, CadT8xJW8AIW9Uq.jpg)

this fucking hair

No. 456589

File: 1509049388106.png (650.46 KB, 924x1086, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.2…)


No. 456592

god i wish someone would drag this girl

No. 456596

It really baffles me that she actually hasn't been called out yet. She's fb friends with a lot of PS bloggers. What is her problem with Jessica Torres anyway?

No. 456622


bit rich coming from you, luna, your tits look like fried eggs stapled to a blancmange

No. 456623

Pot fucking kettle lads I'm dead

Also fuck her I'm so gentle and sad depressed mentally ill girl uwu persona projection when she's well able to talk about other women this way

No. 456633

lmao this fucking girl

Luna you realize you have tremendously tits and lack the shame to conceal them, right? I realize everyone else has said this already, but it’s really rich that she makes fun of overweight women when she has the body of a fridge. She takes out her own insecurities on others. She knows she’s fat and has a gross body, so she gets a rush from making fun of others who are worse than her. It’s sick.

I keep saying this but Luna gets more despicable every day.

No. 456636

oh come the fuck on, she's not fat. sure her body isn't very good, but she's not fat. not skinny, but not fat.
i agree she shouldn't be shitting on other people when she's no better, but damn, chill out she's not fat. for fucks sake. maybe chubby, but not fat.

No. 456641

nah shes fat

No. 456642

Chill fatty, she has a fupa and cottage cheese all over her body. That makes her fat. She wears stripes to try and hide it. How many times can one person say the word fat in one reply.

No. 456645

oh good, we're back to this shit.
anyway …
>your tits look like fried eggs stapled to a blancmange
fucking kek

No. 456646

anon you replied to and yes, she’s fat. I wasn’t attacking your flubbery body, just hers.

The only shameful thing about her being fat is that she makes fun of others for being the same thing.

No. 456658

Chill ana chan, don’t you have some food to go vomit?

No. 456666


No. 456668

i don't like jessica torres any more than the next person but GOD, luna is really just projecting her own self hate onto someone else in the public eye. no wonder she has no friends IRL.

No. 456671

actually stripes make you look fatter, so it wouldn’t make sense to say that she wears stripes to try to hide her fatness.

she’s such a dumb bitch. talks about her finally accepting her body and being super body posi! and then does this shit? why has she suddenly shifted gears on her whole body posi shtick?

No. 456685

Shes the skinniest she's ever been ATM, probably. Still flabby and skinny fat, but the crack has given her a lot of self confidence.

No. 456698

Nice try fatty chan. You're both fat

No. 456714


Lol first she was shaming that parent for letting the kids hair dread up and not washing it, and now she’s shaming people for being fat.
Can’t wait for her to start shaming people who do drugs, wasting money,or keeping a messy home. That way we can drive the fuckery full circle.

No. 456733

File: 1509079544951.jpeg (389.5 KB, 640x1017, 6F769C32-7D90-4A0B-9F4D-A427A3…)

No. 456780

Ah, yes. Because everyone gets addicted to heroin by begging their mom's friend to inject them, right?

No. 456811

File: 1509098723974.jpg (49.24 KB, 476x699, Clipboard01h.jpg)

No. 456812

File: 1509098846291.jpg (77.09 KB, 540x794, tumblr_oe15e932ZC1vgit5fo1_540…)

>not fat
she probably has just bigger bones. kek

No. 456813

File: 1509098959793.jpg (75.8 KB, 500x625, tumblr_oe14wrztNN1vgit5fo1_500…)

bitch gotta be talking

No. 456817

ehhh I hate Luna but she's actually not wrong re: Trump's ridiculous comments on the opioid epidemic

No. 456818

she's so annoying. why should your dad pay for your outpatient after you proved you're not trying to stop using, you're using the outpatient as a summer camp to ~hang out with new friends and eat frozen pizza~……

in rehab (outpatient OR inpatient) if you have medicaid (or anything less than amazing insurance, really) they end coverage on the rehab if you are showing no signs of improvement, not trying, not interested in trying. so Luna, if you were truly as poor and disadvantaged as you pretend to be, without a caring father with deep pockets, Medicaid would have stopped paying the bill for the outpatient program too.

I feel like he stopped paying the $ for the program, allowed her to keep his debit/card card info and kept visiting w/ her, pampering her, listening to her bullshit and lies. then as weeks and months went by and she didn't get into a new program, didn't show any initiative to do anything about her addiction, he cut her off.

he is a recovered(?) addict. a lot of the time they know the deal. he knows the whole "enabling" spiel (which is true, btw) and finally cut her off in hopes it would shake her ass awake.

I feel like whenever an addict is comfortable, the less likely they are to get help or try to change. so if you're paying your junkie loved one's Amazon bills, letting her come to laundry at your house instead of making her scramble for change to go to the Laundromat, giving her free weed and xanax bc she's "sewwww anxious" and paying for her programs when she's not taking them seriously- that's making her life more comfortable.

every time I said yes to a program, rehab, and then eventually methadone, I was homeless and broke, tired of running. if I were cuddled up at home with all my expenses taken care of for me, I'd have less reason to get clean!

her dad's not evil he's sick of her shit and trying to get her to see the light and save her own life. she's such a pitiful bitch, I'd say she'll look back on this in 10 years and see her dad was just trying to help BUT I doubt it. she's the type who will be self pitying and always making herself the victim, probably for the rest of her life

No. 456831

Oh my god, and if someone roasted her on her gross aunt jemima flapjack titties we'd never hear the end of it.
>Inb4 not everyone has perfect tits!!1
I get that, but if someone's going in on someone else's looks while looking equally or moreso like garbage, then it's open season.

No. 456852

Off topic, but I wish anons would stop taking stuff personally in this thread. Just because we're mocking Tuna for something doesn't mean we're mocking you, if you've got the same flaws. As long as you're not going around acting like hot shit, nobody cares.

I swear she does this on purpose, WHY the fuck does she insist on looking the worst she possibly can? Low cut top + saggy tits + no bra? How did she not notice how bad that looked? JUST WEAR A BRA AND ITD LOOK 20x BETTER. I s2g she actually WANTS to look like an old washed up prostitute.

Post is days old and im a little high but its just occurred to me, how come Luna never draws her tattoos? Thats clearly a self portrait, like most of her work. Tattoos too much effort? Id say she regrets them but she did that shitty stick n poke not that long ago

No. 456856

>never draws her tattoos
>dislikes them
nah, more probably
>too much effort

No. 456871

Lol that’s not what big boned means. Yeah you can have a larger frame, but fat is distributed around soft tissue, organs, under the skin and the like so bones really don’t add much. The bitch is just fat no excuses. We’ve all seen her cottage cheese thighs and the fact that seen admits to eating cool whip from the can.

No. 456872

She’s got the body of a grandma who also had 4 kids.

No. 456875

> I s2g she actually wants to look like a washed up prostitute

I mean.. her idol is Courtney love…

No. 456876

Anon's reply came off as a joke.

The saddest titties to ever see the light of day.

No. 456887

lol beat me to it. ~aesthetic~

No. 456911

Out of context, I would think this body belongs to someone's grandmother

No. 456921

she probably doesn't draw them because she wants to pass her paintings off as not being self portraits (even though they clearly always are). it's why she changes up the hair colors too.
i'm fairly certain she's done "real" self portraits in which her tattoos were present. (if anyone has examples readily available that would be awesome!)

No. 456932

I genuinely think Courtney Love is cuter than her, even now

No. 457002

Oh yeah, by a long shot. Sad how someone more than three(?) decades her junior can manage to look substantially more haggard.

No. 457022

Oh man. I remember a very long post from her back in her Hipsville days about how non-perky breasts should be normalized (and I agree!) But now she's literally going around making fun of other women for their sagging breasts? What a mean spiteful person. I hope she enjoys being lonely.

No. 457068

anon, calm down. I was obviously being sarcastic.

No. 457169

File: 1509175398534.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 8823C4A4-419F-42FC-A1CC-A183BB…)

While looking for an actual self portrait I came across this. Soz if posted before but it’s times like these (and OP pic and previous OP pic etc etc) that I really question her lack of basic self awareness. her fucking hand. What is it doing and why is it on ig

No. 457173

File: 1509175577631.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 37619B09-EF68-4114-AA5F-8A2CDA…)

I’ve gone back a year so far and this is the closest I could find. But she very regularly does the same heart with a banner tattoo that she has except it says different things each time

No. 457178

File: 1509176382334.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 3DB3555A-C028-4715-B730-B3ACB9…)

Samefag, done after this but LOL

No. 457202

File: 1509186923392.jpeg (61.65 KB, 640x354, 2E349A6E-EE13-44A3-9AD4-12763C…)

Sage for possible old info but was lurking linked accounts and saw this. She’s apparently taking an anti-psychotic, I was prescribed Seroquel for bipolar.

No. 457209

SHE OWNS A BRA THAT ALMOST FITS! Hallelujah why don't we see it more often

That sweater is fucking dire. It looks so fucking dirty holy shit.

Ty for the image dump anon

No. 457215

anti-psychotics are the fucking worst. mainly for weight gain. i had to literally stop taking mine because i couldn't afford to buy new clothes for myself. i gained 20 lbs in the first 2 weeks without diet change.
which really makes me wonder if she's been using crack regularly because she seems to be going the opposite direction.

No. 457220

Sorry it’s hard to tell when every so often people come out the wood works to defend her and her grossness

No. 457221

She looks like she has typhoid.

No. 457222

The seroquel is to knock her out when she's withdrawing from heroin, she's not trying to live life on it. I doubt she takes it unless she wants to sleep/stop feeling like she's dying.

Heroin withdrawal is scary shit, she probably just wants to sleep through it, but can't sleep due to the insomnia that comes with withdrawal. So she takes seroquel to knock her out.

But she's defo on crack. She's been a lot more awake and also thinner, that has to be the crack.

No. 457223

File: 1509194579431.jpeg (244.8 KB, 640x906, D144EB58-AC00-4908-A5FD-CC6A10…)

Has this been posted before? It’s from that Luna drama blog witchycrankpoo.
Who hasn’t luna scammed at this point. It’s depressing that she just using up everyone in her life and isolated herself from the people who managed to get better.

No. 457237

Don't rejoice so soon, I think that might just be one of those nightie slips that she always wears, and the fact that she's on lying on her back and sorta smooshing her boobs together with her arms is making them look better than they are.

No. 457239

Seroquel is also scary shit, it’s not something to fuck about with. The first time I took it I literally lost control of my body and couldn’t speak, and withdrawing from it was horrible. She must be desperate if she’s gone for that over something like Valium. Also lost loads of weight on it, but that was more to do with stress/no appetite than the meds themselves. I think it’s pretty difficult to gauge individual reactions to pharms, easier to judge when it’s crack/heroin.

Sage for slightly relevant but blogpost

No. 457305

>kind of
>kind of
>kind of
So were you or were you not? Make up your mind!

Sage for pointless rage at word choices.

No. 457307

She thinks she can trick people into thinking she has huge, full tits

No. 457322

I never had any terrible side effects aside from drowsiness and an increase in appetite. It's prescribed PRN in smaller doses for some people as a sleep aid and also apparently helps with opioid withdrawal. Also she takes fistfuls of Xanax (or at least she did when she had access to her dad's prescription) already. Tuna is always going through like 20 different withdrawals at once and blaming it on her anxiety or insomnia or BPD or whatever.

No. 457493

I've read the last three threads, however I still have a question that remains unanswered. Please forgive me for my ignorance, and I promise that I am not just heing lazy (I have studied up quite a bit on her, I really have) but does any kind anon have insight as to why Luna has two teeth tattooed on her body? What is the significance? I admittedly am an oldfag, but do teeth have some newfangled meaning to the younger generation?

Sage for not understanding kids these days.

No. 457500

File: 1509257879958.jpeg (168.39 KB, 640x1002, 7852359E-1270-4479-865C-F977F3…)

old tuna post

No. 457502

What was her internet bfs name again? The one with the ED page?

No. 457506

Peter Callan

No. 457507


No. 457534

I think it's just a lame 'aesthetic' thing.

No. 457547

At least she didn't look as contagious here

No. 457549

Dude this reminds me of a revelation I had the other day going through the first Luna thread. She's aged about 20 years in 2.

She still looked terrible at the time, but holy shit comparing pics from thread #1 with this one is literally the most depressing shit, she honestly looks like a corpse. Sage for rambling.

Also why does she flip flop between being a hardcore badass tough guy, and a triggered tumbrlite? The combination makes literally no sense. She cries at every random event at home, cried at acid anon because she couldn't get drugs. If that really happened, she probably just started crying over the ~mean misogynistic boys.

No. 457553

TBH it’s hard for me to tell if she skin-wise/aesthetically got worse because she was into making her makeup make her look worse (concealer lips, burnout eyeshadow, cakey foundation), the drugs, or both. She got into that weird grunge I-wanna-look-like-I-do-heroine-in-the-Walmart-bathroom look

No. 457576

if i'm not mistaken, she just likes the way they look and she's always (or at least since her hipsville days) had a thing for teeth. why she has two nearly identical teeth i can't say for sure. she was getting tattoos on the cheap for a while because she knew the artist. but that friendship seems to have fallen out because she no longer is getting any tattoos.
that being said, at least the tattoos she has are good. that's probably the only good thing about her i can think of. i've got loads of traditional work and am a huge tattoo enthusiast (sorry for mini blogpost yikes) and i genuinely like several of her pieces.
except her stick and pokes. FUCK those. how they didn't get infected ill never know. and the fact that she gave herself a stick and poke AFTER getting legit, clean traditional work is laughable.
she truly does not care about anything except her aesthetic.

No. 457577

File: 1509291384379.jpg (138.72 KB, 540x674, 1466026129407.jpg)

She's been doing the same makeup style for ages, pic related from the first thread. Her eye makeup isn't so heavy so she doesn't look like she has downs syndrome, but the foundation lips are there and imo the makeup looks similar.

Her face is melting. That pic is from 15/06/16, a year and a half ago, she looked so much better back then. Not great, but compared to OP pic she looks so much healthier

No. 457584

it's wisdom teeth, for wisdom.

No. 458064

File: 1509398266615.png (2.92 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-16-16-46…)

No. 458082

File: 1509401111790.png (3.85 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-17-03-56…)

No. 458086

File: 1509401342913.gif (67.38 KB, 500x370, anigif_enhanced-25359-14254141…)


All I can see

No. 458096

how does someone get worse at art

>oh yeah luna id love this how much? $5?

>no, no..its $45

No. 458134

She's sleeping on a dorito lmao, she put effort into this and its still fucked

No. 458135

Tinfoiling hard over the fact she drew her tattoos this time, but that's probably just me.

No. 458138

File: 1509409481913.png (3.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-19-23-41…)

No. 458145

File: 1509409988623.png (2.71 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-19-23-53…)

No. 458150

I like this, even though it's quite sloppily drawn… I wish I had Luna's drawing confidence.
I love drawing but I'm always disappointing how shit everything looks in comparison to how I imagine it and I end up being frustrated and angry at myself and never finish anything.
I'm genuinely envious of how Luna does not seem to care much about how her drawings measure to other artists (and even her old art).

Taking fashion advice from the love of her life I see

No. 458164

Ugh I was just about to post this, everything she owns is so unbelievably grimey.

No. 458188

File: 1509413539809.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-20-30-28…)

lmfao god. a gutter? they're so gross

No. 458189

File: 1509413564523.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-20-30-33…)

No. 458198


No. 458216

Omg why does his forehead look so odd lmao

No. 458238

File: 1509416562901.jpg (63.56 KB, 1024x576, IMG_2926.JPG)

im screaming lurch pictures have truly been my favorite ever since we started calling him chief (aerola)

Also saging anyway but does anyone think he looks like pic related sometimes?

No. 458264

That comes with practice and learning from life, anon. Take it from someone who was once in the same line of thinking and got out of it with the help of Loomis and life drawing.

That hoodie looks nasty as hell. Someone fucking wash this man's clothes.

He looks like he's bald. Where the hell did his hairline go.

No. 458271

Wow that crack is doing wonders for her weight.
I wish she would post about the horrible crack paranoia im sure she has tho! It'd be so funny.

No. 458278

In only the first image and not the second btw lol. Also it’s hard to tell if she’s drawing HERS or just making it look like hers. There’s a lot of her art where she’ll but a heart with a banner just like hers, but it says something different. The fact that these are blank makes me think she’s trying to make it seem like it’s not a self portrait/more relatable to the “average buyer”

No. 458285

SO DIRTY Holy Shit. This is a good sign of how mentally ill she is, even aside from
The drug use. When I’m deeply depressed I don’t even notice how dirty things are (ex my car) until I have this sudden moment of clarity. I feel like that’s going on with her. cause It seems like instead of not caring, she just doesn’t even realize or think it’s a thing

No. 458287

File: 1509421940821.png (931.44 KB, 750x1334, 0166C502-7F36-4EF9-8D3B-06F514…)

they’re not even new in this pic and the difference is astonishing

No. 458291

File: 1509422039642.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-30-22-52-11…)

ugh. thanks for unfortunately reminding me this pic exists luna

No. 458298

She's making a face like she was dared to kiss him lmao

No. 458303

RIP my sides
Barf. They both look especially ghoulish here. As far as I know, Luna's never really been one to edit her photos (correct me if I'm wrong though), but she somehow manages to look startling different in like all of her pictures and it always weirds me out.

No. 458310

There was a time where she never edited but I feel like somewhat recently, maybe in the last month, she's started playing with face filters? Not positive though.

No. 458322

Its got a filter over it, and its a very old photo. Luna's probably 18 or 19 there

No. 458365

anon, you should have realized by now that ~found it~ always means shoplifted or stolen…

No. 458366

and eww at his dirty finger nails

No. 458372

Those stretchmarks/shrinkmarks on her stomach. The downside of the crack diet.

No. 458470

File: 1509470249950.png (2.67 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-31-12-10-46…)

i know, but couldn't she have made up a less disgusting lie? the gutter, really? how about a nice patch of flowers in a park

No. 458493

File: 1509474796564.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-31-13-32-08…)

No. 458494

File: 1509474820839.png (2.81 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-31-13-32-16…)

No. 458495

>I’d enjoy outpatient if I could go

What does she mean by this? She’s choosing not to go.

No. 458498

That one line fucking made me rage. She's not going because she doesn't get enough free food and her friends aren't there. Her transport and therapy was fucking covered.

No. 458499

samefagging sorry but I just noticed the letter underneath the one she's writing, mostly obscured. She's written Matthew Schumacker for some reason, I wonder if she was bitching about him.

No. 458504


It's kind of frustrating that she hasn't put any coping mechanism, even for showing off on Instagram. This won't help much of anything if you don't actually come up with a healthy way of dealing with it and instead just write down that you feel bad and then post it online in a pic next to an unopened DBT book.

No. 458509

At this point that unused dbt workbook has to be the cleanest thing she owns

No. 458552

That dbt book is garbage
Marsha Linehan or go home

No. 458581


BPD anon here, it's an okay book when used with therapy but on its own it's very shallow.

Luna is the type of person who thinks her disorder is her free pass to be a piece of shit for life. BPD can be treated successfully if the person wants it, but that requires the person taking responsibility for their actions and growing the fuck up. I empathise with most other BPD folks, but people like Luna make me hope they just crawl into a hole and stay there.

Sage for BPD sperg.

No. 458656

File: 1509489161269.jpg (139.57 KB, 500x667, 1480023019934.jpg)

a masterpiece from an earlier thread

No. 458706

Why does he have so many veins on his forehead.

No. 458707

i was thinking this too. the center of her face is oddly smoother than anything else in this picture >>458064 not like putting a smoothing filter on your pictures is the end of the world, but that paired with her sudden dislike of body positive things, i wonder if she’s more insecure about herself lately than she has been. probably not, i’m just speculating.

No. 458708

Those are his back up veins for when all the others are blown out or infected.

No. 458719

File: 1509497416624.jpg (44.64 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)

>back up veins

Sage for not saging.

No. 458752

File: 1509504194579.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-10-31-21-42-51…)

No. 458763

stay strong pepper

No. 458767

Jesus Christ I hadn’t seen anything about Luna for a few months and I can’t get over how haggard she looks.

No. 458768

File: 1509508431889.png (22.72 KB, 717x284, Screenshot_2017-10-31-22-50-29…)

No. 458785

Those so look like rat droppings…

No. 458800

File: 1509522473795.jpeg (141.55 KB, 384x777, 53A477DA-7C11-4E80-85A6-A6E0E6…)

No. 458801

File: 1509522488675.jpeg (233.88 KB, 474x1019, DD7CACFF-51B6-4452-8865-304D92…)

No. 458802

She acts like happiness is some sort of mythical accident of fate. No. Most people must make good choices and WORK hard to create happiness. Sorry to sound trite but QUIT THE DRUGS and your life will "magically" improve. She's proving too lazy to do this, and would rather just cry about her unfortunate "luck".


No. 458803

Although doing drugs adds a lot to get miserable state

No. 458806

It's not that easy, anon. For MONTHS after quitting opiates you will feel like SHIT. All of your happiness chemicals are imbalanced, your brain hasn't made a normal amount of dopamine for years and it has to adjust. Most junkies cannot make it past these months because you feel suicidal every day, and nothing makes it better, you can't just take drugs and feel happy again because you promised you wouldn't. And then you do and you're magically happy again, at least for the time you're high. That's why I can't get off opiates.

No. 458812

You’re describing pretty much what every addict goes through. Apparently taking the drugs is making her feel suicidal every day, so why not feel (temporarily) suicidal on the path to a better life instead? Clearly it isn’t bad enough to make her want to quit, so…

No. 458814

tbh I think she only starts moaning when she can't get her hands on drugs.

No. 458839

this. when she has drugs, it's derpy photos and all loved up. when she doesn't, it's time to cry a river

No. 458844

Like the time when she threw a tantrum because of bad acid.

No. 458853

Fuck her. She's bitched about this before, about how its soo bad food banks don't give you junk food, and the cereal they gave her was ~soggy~.

HOWS ABOUT YOU BUY YOUR OWN FUCKING FOOD IF YOURE SO PICKY? Oh wait, youd rather spend your money on drugs, then complain about the FREE HANDOUT you're getting. Bitch doesn't even fucking deserve all this help and she does nothing but complain.

Wew lad, if she ever gets really hungry she'll be in for a shock. Nobody cares about this shit when you're actually starving, youll eat anything available, not just junk food like pizzas and candy.

No. 458857


Sage because reply to old Post and not relevant but this gives me Jenny from Forrest Gump vibes.

No. 458876

That’s fair. As an ex-addict I remember that “life is only shit when I’m out” feel, but I also remember the “life is actually shit all the time whether I’m high or not” feel too… then I got clean. Hope for her sake she gets to the latter soon.

Sage for noncon/blogpost

No. 458878

>>Spooky Bitch
>>so fucking empty
>>baby I could be good

Ugh, you can tell she wrote this just to be edgy and not because she actually is trying to improve herself.

No. 458880

She gets food stamps and supposedly uses food drives, yet is always starving?

Even people who spend their own money on their food don't always get what they want. Not to mention, what does Luna even consider "yucky" food?

If she really went 3 days straight starving like she sometimes claims, then I can't imagine being so picky.

No. 458886

This is so enraging. Luna is just the most selfish, greedy person. She steals from stores, takes people's belongings for herself, manipulates the vulnerable into buying and giving her things, uses food banks so she can save all her money for crack and heroin, and still has the audacity to complain about what she's given. As other people have said if she was actually starving or even just hungry, she wouldn't turn up her nose at what she gets from the food bank. How the fuck are the people donating supposed to know what she subjectively finds 'yummy' anyway? Does she realise junk food is more expensive and doesn't last as long as canned goods and rice and that's why people don't donate it? Beggars can't be choosers, Tuna. Why not take what you're given and use your fucking food stamps to buy the stuff you like.

No. 458888

imo she also only made this to make a picture from it. always when she does stuff like this theres only like 1 or 2 entrys. pretty sure she never keeps up with this stuff.
and im also raging at "i want to be outpatient" bitch you were outpatient and threw the treatment under the bus.
she wants to be all ~girl interrupted style~. she doesnt actually want to be in treatment.

No. 458896

in that pic with pepper the cat theres a mcdonalds bag in the background i mean they never clean up so it could be old but either way, did she get a big mac from food stamps or the food drive??

No. 458906

good catch
she throws big piles of trash out once in a while so idk but to me it looks recently bought.
can you actually buy fast food with food stamps?

No. 458910

Agreed. The moment I read the word baby I was like 'oh, this is just part of her aesthetic'

tbh the only reason she's being emo is because she isn't partying on Halloween like literally everybody else.

No. 458956

I used to be a SNAP eligibility specialist. You cannot buy hot (as in temperature) foods with foodstamps, except in some very, very few areas. So no, you cannot buy fast food with foodstamps. Please refrain from coming back at me with,"Well in MY little hamlet you can buy fast food with foodstamps." No sgit. Like I said, there's a few enclaves where this is possible, but it's extremely rare and usually part of an experimental program. It's been discussed to death.


No. 458963


This is fucking disgusting.
Enjoying it isn't important. It's for sustenance, not because you think you deserve free shit.
People donate food to these programs to stop people from starving to death, not because they feel like buying you a lunch of your choice, you spoiled bitch.

No. 458969

on top of that all it takes is like a base level of creativity to make some amazing, tasty food out of canned garbage. knowing tuna she probably eats beans out of the can………

No. 459028

This bitch is literally the kind of person who convince the right-wing psychos to cut all "hand outs". She is abusing them and could easily change her life in order to support herself, but chooses not to. Because of people like her, people who NEED those things won't be getting them. FUCK HER.

No. 459038

Anon, please. For the love of Christ, don't compare Lurch to poor Kaiji.

No. 459044

it's the same level as complaining about the mini-pizza they gave her for lunch when she only was at the treatment center until what ? early afternoon. Did she only go there because she expected a full buffet she could steal everything off and literally never paying money for food again?

No. 459097

File: 1509580194690.png (2.8 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-01-18-49-00…)

No. 459112

>remember me for the things I created
What, half-assed, doped out, shallow, meaningless doodles?

No. 459137

File: 1509583878728.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-01-19-50-46…)

No. 459138


lmao it's so sad, she wants to be a troubled, tortured artist but for that to apply you actually need to be an artist.

No. 459156

>probably because I have no friends
>look at what my friend gave me uwu!

Uh, okay Tuna. Whatever you say.

No. 459160

how many goddamn clothes does she have? im always seeing dresses i havent seen before

uh thats not how it works

No. 459162

One eye on the camera, one eye going down the street looking at a dog or something

No. 459168

File: 1509587695264.jpeg (85.66 KB, 640x309, 65819763-DFC0-4E92-BD21-903705…)

No. 459169

File: 1509587761224.jpeg (334.63 KB, 503x992, 68593D59-B593-4B6F-8C9B-732A77…)

No. 459170

File: 1509587828282.jpeg (264.14 KB, 640x887, D79F6A86-61E2-4824-9C83-6A3125…)

No. 459171

File: 1509587908814.jpeg (186.26 KB, 640x865, 8900C21D-4569-4BF4-83A6-0CD823…)

No. 459172

File: 1509587921597.jpeg (211.96 KB, 640x729, 3DE5450C-8839-45D2-B723-B75DF4…)

No. 459184

Haha holy shit, it was totally an anti-Trump thing. I've seen people slap "pro" stickers on Stop signs as a way to protest. Lmao bet she just realized that too and feels dumb as hell. Goddammit Luna

No. 459196

File: 1509592932415.png (267.43 KB, 1080x1490, plato.png)

Remember her for her beautiful tear inducing poetry anon

No. 459201

>soft breasts
>big areola
>nevar 4get

No. 459213

that was fucking shit wtf dude

No. 459214

>imblying anyone from stranger things would want to look at her big areolas

No. 459218

I'm sure Steve Harrington would rather get eaten by demigorgans.

>i love ur big areola
Just one, not the other.

No. 459232

Dang and here I thought the whole "big areola" thing was just a joke someone made up.

No. 459366

So at 5pm Luna complains about not being donated 'yummy food' and coincidentally four hours later a minister buys her a bucket of fried chicken..? This girl has no shame. I wonder if she drops hints and tells sob stories, or if she outright asks people to get her the things that she wants.

No. 459370

Haha legit though has she ever actually been hungry. It sucks. You start cooking expired canned vegetables in dollar store spray oil to feel like you've got a hot meal. Any filling nutritious food is a fucking blessing. Sage for whiny blogfaggotry I'm just fucking hungry

No. 459396

>tearing stickers of a stop sign
does she not get the "STOP trump" joke?

No. 459397

>cant masturbate without u here need ur fingers
projectile vomitting.gif

No. 459430

Most people with bpd are self diagnosed. It's not real. It's just another trending way for people to feel special and sorry for themselves

No. 459433

File: 1509624803108.jpg (121.37 KB, 1920x1080, b48.jpg)

No. 459467

Taking the bait but if there's one thing we know for certain, its that she's BPD. Luna is textbook and she's had a diagnosis

No. 459476

I think the fact that it's trendy lends credence to its existence. Only someone with BPD would want to have a mental illness. Like if you self-dx BPD then that's as good as a real dx as far as I'm concerned.

No. 459481

Does she really have a diagnosis though? Personality Disorders generally won't be diagnosed until you're 21. I know she's a bit older than that but on the last two years she's mostly just been doing heroin and crack. Addiction makes most people seem as if they have BPD so if she disclosed her drug habit to a doctor since turning 21 I doubt they'd diagnose her with BPD right away. She lies about most things and saying she's got BPD makes her feel justified in her shitty behaviour.

No. 459487

I thought she only got her period once every 3 years

No. 459498

File: 1509641000608.jpg (134.4 KB, 1039x1390, traffic-stop-sign-with-a-trump…)


Here's a stock photo to illustrate the example but holy fuck, how could this have flown over her head?

No. 459514

>She lies about most things and saying she's got BPD makes her feel justified in her shitty behaviour.

I mean that's what people with BPD do too. Her mood problems and self-loathing are from withdrawals right now but of course she uses the opportunity to milk mental illness. But even without drugs, she's still a self-victimizing attention whore with no sense of identity. You have to assume most cows on here are somewhere in cluster c.

No. 459519

Of course she records herself crying Haha.
Im sure shes crying though because she's dopesick (and got her period back?).

No. 459524

>Personality Disorders generally won't be diagnosed until you're 21.
generally thats the standard yes. but then there is psych-professional folks that throw BPD at everyone who slightly resembles it.
Wasnt the outpatient treatment center she went to for BPD people?
but i still agree with >>459481
for any valid diagnosis she first would have to come out of any addiction to see whats left when she isnt constantly on drugs.
also she's always like ~muh BPD~
makes me even more sure that this is only another thing she wants to add to the list of excuses why she is so lazy, sloppy and overall a failure.
im just saying ~cotton eye joe knee~

No. 459527

did she only post a screenshot of that video?
im sad i dont get to see tuna cry on video.

No. 459538

File: 1509644652867.jpg (151.09 KB, 1194x485, Clipboard02a.jpg)

>does she really have a diagnosis though
time to bring up old threads.
in the first thread an anon copied the text of her tumblr - about me page from back then.
I imagine they mustve diagnosed her in the psych ward after she dropped out of college. the description of herself is horrific.

No. 459546

Nowhere does she mention an official diagnosis in that. You're not disproving anon's self-diagnosis speculation.

>my biological dad hates me and my read dad was a homeless alcoholic and he died and they never found his body

Who's her "real dad"? I guess I must have missed it, but I've never seen her mention this guy.

No. 459550

Kek she deleted the comment from some girl saying she has the same thing and she can relate to it

No. 459557


>someone throws hat away

>still most clean thing in the picture

Sure Luna!

No. 459572

Huh why would she delete that? Genuinely confused.

No. 459581

Probably because she wants to be the only victim / only one receiving sympathy

No. 459582

Her “real dad” is her mom’s on and off boyfriend from what I gathered, he died a couple years ago and they never found his body which is actually kind of sad.

No. 459614

File: 1509655651913.jpeg (319.53 KB, 370x823, 02C12D74-028D-4BBF-AC6E-449166…)

this is her second time posting this.

No. 459618


>i havent had new clothes in a long time

KEK she’s got more clothes than anyone i’ve ever met/seen/followed online holyshit shes the one who hoardes the clothes from thrift stores not the “trendy hipsters”

No. 459620

lmaooo TBT to when she'd exaggerate the shit out of lurch's dick size

No. 459623

Didn't her friend's mom recently get her clothes at Target? I think it was the last time Roger went to the hospital.
I shudder to think of what that Hello Kitty bodysuit must look like now…

No. 459624

nonononono anon she means
new NEW clothes.
top kek
new clothes that are actually never worn.

No. 459625

true, it was around 2 months ago >>424517

No. 459632

I am familiar with the pic of Lurch and the "BIG AREOLA!" but did he ever actually say that? I feel like I vaguely remember the origin of the phrase being some retarded Luna poem, but I'm not sure.

No. 459637


>Thrift stores are only for poor people

Bitch, if hipsters are "taking all the good stuff" (because it's not like poor people want nice clothes too or anything) then go there more often and beat them to the punch.
Anyone who buys from a charity shop is contributing to a good cause, it's selfish as fuck to deter people from that.

No. 459641

it first emerged in a poem. since it is luna.. idk. but knowing how lurch talks when he is horny from "tessa" i can imagine him actually say something like that

No. 459642

meant to link the poem too

No. 459655

File: 1509662057033.jpg (42.4 KB, 895x627, 1478732185528.jpg)

Not even a god damn demogorgon would want her

No. 459669

>>"Pretend that it's normal"

Acting like they were stating that outfits from thrift stores are abnormal

>>Couple were clearly referring to picking out goofy outfits for each other.

No. 459686

she always gets mad at the wrong things like how does she know they're rich indie hipsters? (a RIH) the joke was they bought something ugly and had to pretend it was normal not "haha we wear the clothes of The Poor and laugh whilst drinking a $10000 bottle of champagne"

No. 459688

are you the one anon who seems to have a fetish with the idea of Luna doing crack and her "crack paranoia" or is there a few of you?

No. 459691

she said in her recent poem about her dad that he stopped paying for her outpatient

No. 459707

Ummm Luna has mentioned doing crack before so I'm not sure why you think it's a fetish or an idea. And I'm not one of the anons who mentions the crack thing, but your comment seems out of place.

No. 459723

She's fucking talked about smoking crack.

No. 459733

whoops didnt catch that! even so she’s got pat taking her to target n shes orderign those godawful grandma nightgowns off amazon w her dads card lol

No. 459739

Which seems like BS because her insurance would cover it.

Maybe she means 'my Dad wouldn't believe im instantly recovered and wouldn't give me heroin money even though i did what he said'

No. 459742

There are deffo some weird persistent anons who would keep saying stuff like "Hey Luna, post videos of you smoking crack!" "I'll pay you to post crack pictures!" Like, multiple posts.
imo she can smoke or otherwise injest whatever she wants I just want her to do some laundry like Luna if you're gonna do uppers
Luna I'll pay you to post laundry pics

No. 459745

Lets be honest. Tuna posting crack vids/pics would be 100x milkier than anything she's posted in ages.
Who cares if anons are trying to egg her on to do so.
She's very boring since she deleted her drug blog.

No. 459763

She still has one. We probably just haven’t found it yet. It’s obvious she craves that kind of community. It’s sad cause she could have had that in outpatient, but wanted to bitch about the food, fiends, blah blah blah.
She’s so entitled to other people’s money. Telling people what that can and can’t buy, can and can’t donate, should and shouldn’t buy for her hoarder pile. It’s crazy.

No. 459765


guess what luna you fucking asshole, people can spend their money on whatever the fuck they want. it's not fucking illegal, unlike fucking HEROIN.

people don't just buy that shit because they're poor, either. off the rack clothing is generally ugly, poorly made, overpriced, and ill-fitting - let alone the fact that most of it is made by fucking CHILDREN in SLAVE LABOUR and some of us bitches don't like to support that.

but you're too fucking self-absorbed and myopic to even think about anything else other than "A-BLOO-BLOO-BLOO I DESERVE IT MORE THAN YOUUUU DOOOO WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEE?"

/sage for disgust

No. 459773

File: 1509677170818.jpeg (136.86 KB, 640x446, 9B3FD26D-E7FC-44F0-8498-C300B0…)

No. 459774

File: 1509677181107.jpeg (55.46 KB, 640x292, 8500FF5D-B1C4-40EA-976A-997989…)

No. 459775

File: 1509677191476.jpeg (114.93 KB, 640x750, 69577551-A9F8-4764-A16B-98875F…)

No. 459788

File: 1509678658430.jpeg (339.74 KB, 1550x1078, fullsizeoutput_e0.jpeg)

only the finest for a princess…

No. 459792

as sad as i feel that this poor cat sitting on a pair of crusty lurch undies, it makes me laugh that oblivious luna took a photo of her cat sitting on a pair of crusty lurch undies and posted it

No. 459797


is it's just a ""silly word"" then my non-existent trans and non-binary friends can get the fuck over it then? dumb bitch

No. 459809

A pic of your cat laying on a pair of crusty, dirty Walmart underwear that are just thrown on the floor.
~*~so aesthetic~*~

No. 459820

i'm mostly surprised to see a vacuum in their lair. luna pls use it

No. 459853

>thank you Trev
lol Trev's the genderspecial dangerhair that buys her artwork and probably bought her those pens.

So that's why she's not publicly begging very much, Luna's found a new hussle.

No. 459928

File: 1509722633827.jpg (56.17 KB, 500x625, IMG_7016.JPG)

can someone photoshop this so that mac is luna's dad, and dennis is luna? i would but i'm on my phone and also dumb.

No. 459976

>11 inches


No. 459987

There's no way it's 11 inches from what I remember of that hideous picture of Lurch's dong from years agp

No. 460029

File: 1509737655190.jpeg (473 KB, 640x1010, 33B0BA42-1814-46E5-B98A-B6BB66…)

No. 460049

it's amazing how much healthier she looks here, regardless of weight.

No. 460056

we dont have an image of the face from luna's dad iirc

No. 460057

holy shit, she looks like a normal person here

No. 460058

more like around 5-6 inches

No. 460066

It's so sad how healthy and full of life she looks here, so fresh

No. 460092

There's a pic of Luna sucking Lurchs dick in the first thread under a spoiler, if you really want to see. Its a pencil dick. It could easily be 7 inches long but its not a desirable dick.

No. 460119

i thought you were referring to the pic of her and lurchs dick for a moment haha

No. 460200

IASIP screenshot anon here - you're totally right. i definitely didn't even think that through. even a circle that says "luna's dad" would be LOL worthy

No. 460201

it looks like it would just annoyingly poke the back of your cervix a bunch of times without any feeling of girth whatsoever GROSS

No. 460237


… thanks for the mental image anon /vomits

No. 460284

wtf anon

No. 460301

File: 1509769932650.jpg (40.22 KB, 639x424, C7S0ouqVAAANACj.jpg)

Oh no the terf bangs

No. 460303

File: 1509770219993.jpg (85.07 KB, 736x981, 437561e78dff1d833c441b1f414947…)

No. 460305

Hehe. Dem bangs make me think of yolandi.

No. 460360

as if luna could ever have yolandi's body

No. 460384

Luna does not have model body but I don't see anything desirable about having a 12 y/o girl body.

No. 460426

File: 1509800986289.png (111.91 KB, 750x1011, IMG_7024.PNG)

>bpd life
>this is literally something everyone can relate to

No. 460429

sorry anon, you've got bpd

No. 460433

>>implying anyone on this site doesn't have bpd

No. 460436

File: 1509804114454.jpg (64.6 KB, 445x750, d8d668e7e589ca5baaede92beb3d97…)

what 12 year old looks like this

No. 460580

what is sarcasm

No. 460584

>anon implying that people here have bpd
do you know how few people actually have bpd?
you dont have bpd youre just a piece of shit, just as tuna.
stop derailing

No. 460588

That was literally my first time posting in a luna thread calm the fuck down

No. 460704

It’s still a real disorder, but maybe it’s the new ADHD and is getting overly diagnosed but hear it’s pretty common.

Either way I hate how Luna flaunts it regardless of if she had it or not. Shit is just lame.

No. 460728

File: 1509835637546.png (2.57 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-04-17-46-16…)

No. 460737

>McFlurry cardboard holders on TV stand
>Newspapers all over the kitchen
Ew. Also so much for ~starving.

No. 460779

KEK anon,
those are drink holders, not for mcflurries only

No. 460921

The real question is, what is this demented turn she is doing? Her belly button is terrifying me

No. 460929

This "trying to love my body" bullshit wears thin. Luna is a drug addict who eats garbage and cares so little about her body that she won't clean it regularly, put clean clothes on it, or let it sleep in clean sheets. How the hell can she ever love her body when she treats it so shabbily.

No. 460930

California isn't a little hamlet as yeah you can use food stamps for fast food here.

Luna even takes hers moms food stamps. She eats.

No. 460972

Thats her belly button?! I thought it was an indent caused by having hidden drugs in her waistband.

No. 460998

idk it looks like a stone under her waistband or something lol

No. 461028

That's not her belly button. her torso is way too long for her belly button to be that high up. There's clearly a bulge in her waistband right there, could just be elastic wearing away.
/artist who mostly draws human anatomy shit

Anyway, what's her whole kitchen floor situation? Why are there random towels and bowls on the floor? is that really how they care for their cats???

No. 461035

I believe it has been established that those newspapers basically serve as places for the cats to shit/ pee. You can see their food bowl nestled in there too.

No. 461050

Is been well established now that they don’t really take care of their pets. Remember the poisonous house plant situation lol.

But seriously they don’t take care of themselves why would they take care of their cats.

No. 461056

File: 1509992463766.jpg (142.57 KB, 1048x587, Screenshot_20171106-131558.jpg)

I don't follow this chick at all, but have seen her thread. Hilarious when she shows up in a group I'm in on Facebook.

No. 461058

She’s been talking a lot about her ex lately. Trouble in paradise, Tuna?

No. 461071

jfc all she does is project.

No. 461155

File: 1510004659948.jpeg (78.78 KB, 640x300, 12D28DAE-8C44-4077-A263-69EAD4…)

No. 461156

File: 1510004677747.jpeg (89.56 KB, 640x780, 1004BD33-D03C-4056-9E9B-A96141…)

No. 461157

File: 1510004702217.jpeg (90.63 KB, 640x375, 757A75D3-F9B4-40F2-9737-321811…)

No. 461159

what sort of group is it?

No. 461218

based on someone telling luna she's pretty, I'd guess it's a creative writing group

No. 461223

File: 1510013471260.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171105-192053.png)

Pic dump from downtime

No. 461224

File: 1510013492536.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171105-192059.png)

No. 461225

File: 1510013509807.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171105-234955.png)

No. 461226

File: 1510013525905.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171106-000702.png)

No. 461229

File: 1510013563718.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171107-010847.png)

From 1 hour ago
Disgusting ahead

No. 461230

File: 1510013608383.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171107-010854.png)

>he saved me
>Let me post his crotch area publicly

No. 461231

File: 1510013630107.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171107-010902.png)

No. 461239

what the everloving fuck is going on here????

No. 461241

i think she's trying to allude to her and lurch having sex, i could be wrong but that's what it looks like. i think that last picture is maybe her in handcuffs? like those shitty fake leather ~*~trying to spice up the bedroom~*~ pink handcuffs y'know

seems like the crack has magically cured lunas "sex repulsion"

No. 461244

do you guys see two corpses kissing or him inhaling her life essence

No. 461245

goddamn this is hideous i guess shes talkin about smoking crack

No. 461248

File: 1510014735526.png (158.76 KB, 569x250, vom.png)


oh that is just fucking revolting

No. 461250

Is she talking about an orgasm? Another overdose and sex on narc-high? I don't get it

No. 461253

File: 1510015400093.png (2.34 MB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20171107-014020~2.p…)

No. 461254

File: 1510015419020.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171107-014024.png)

No. 461256

File: 1510015446743.png (2.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171107-014028.png)

Anyone knows what those are?

No. 461258

M Z2 (Zolpidem 10 mg)
This pill with imprint "M Z2" is Purple, Round and has been identified as Zolpidem tartrate 10 mg. It is supplied by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc..

Zolpidem is used in the treatment of insomnia and belongs to the drug class miscellaneous anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics. Risk cannot be ruled out during pregnancy. Zolpidem 10 mg is classified as a Schedule 4 controlled substance under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

No. 461260

File: 1510015746101.gif (1.25 MB, 320x180, tenor-3.gif)

Just like this?

No. 461265

it's ambien
Don't think this is the reason she chips out like this

No. 461266

File: 1510015938128.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20171107-014032~2.p…)

No. 461271

File: 1510016160248.gif (891.65 KB, 500x281, 4f27c7e0-6ac7-0133-0b93-0e76e5…)

I thought she was a dead in that pic.

No. 461272

Those long black scraggly hairs…
It’s generic Ambien.

No. 461282

File: 1510016442964.jpg (118.97 KB, 634x932, 3BC372AC00000578-4080356-image…)

I wouldn't put it past lurch to take a pic of her dead.

No. 461286

File: 1510016596249.png (975.94 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20171107-020020~2.p…)

she's alive and got a new plushie to put filth on

No. 461287

How romantic! sarcasm

No. 461290

File: 1510016731277.png (88.67 KB, 340x424, Screenshot_20171107-020020~3.p…)

wait what the fuck is that

No. 461293

Stilnox, sleeping pills

No. 461295

…she must've been so high that she didn't notice that in the pic

this girl's gonna die

No. 461297

Is he wearing a hospital bracelet? If so, anyone know why?

Also, that picture of their kiss was one of the most disturbing and unerotic and… disgusting things I have ever seen. Jesus

No. 461300

File: 1510017285703.gif (498.98 KB, 500x213, 1f0789b4c88df8d6d5c111552e1979…)

It didn't look much like a kiss. I've never seen a "kiss" like that.

No. 461304

maybe he tried covering up his bleeding track marks? Looks like a piece of gauze kept in place by a few rounds of cheap bandage. you also can see a for of blood on them

No. 461308

ugh the last few hours of this thread have been so gross

No. 461309

holy shit luna is really sperging the fuck out rn, i would say i'm concerned but rly i'm just hoping something dramatic happens

kinda OT but i feel like i used to root for her for a while but i have hit a point where i just kinda want terrible shit to happen to her for our amusement bc she is so vile, so basically what i'm saying is i'm glad she seems to be falling apart atm bc she sux

No. 461311

The fact that her own father is talking about her upcoming death.. speaks volumes. She said that she died and was revived a couple months ago or less. We're all just watching a slow suicide. Anyone want to sign her up for A&E's intervention show?

No. 461319

File: 1510019206740.jpg (64.52 KB, 1264x711, interventiondaasd.jpg)

"How do I submit somebody to be possibly featured on Intervention?

A+E Networks Support August 07, 2017 10:35

If someone you know is suffering from an addiction, and you would like him or her to be considered for participation on Intervention, please go to https://www.submityourlovedone.com/ get casting information" - https://aetn.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/216777867-How-do-I-submit-somebody-to-be-possibly-featured-on-Intervention-?mobile_site=true

No. 461327

File: 1510020711076.png (29.51 KB, 709x143, Capture _2017-11-06-20-10-06.p…)


Yeah right Tuna. That's obviously not a cut. Looks to me like she has an infected spot from shooting up and picked the scab.

No. 461328

She's young tho and hasn't been using for long and still shoots up in her arms. No one shoots in their legs unless their arms, hands, & feet are used up and they're desperate. She probably got it from nodding out though, falling all over into a messy ass house with shit everywhere, I've seen cigarette holes in her clothes and skin which occurs frequently when nodding out. She's too much of a pussy to shoot in her leg.

No. 461329

Staph can show up else where on the body than a point of injection

No. 461334

She recently told everyone in this group I am in that she has been trying to get clean off h and is a recovering addict

No. 461335

this is an image board, anon. please post screenshots

No. 461336


uh… caps?

No. 461337

File: 1510022140045.png (224.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171106-183412.png)

No. 461338

File: 1510022158185.png (427.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171106-183417.png)

No. 461339

Sorry I suck n00b here sucks cuz its not really a validaion group but whatev

No. 461355

Damn, this pic is so fucking disturbing.
… The way his chin is jutting out, how he doesn't appear to have a forehead above his eyebrows..

She must have eaten all the ambien to think it was a good idea to post that.

No. 461361


She never fails to disgust, doesn't she
Drank some stale piss lately too, Luna?

No. 461368

File: 1510028303461.jpeg (70.34 KB, 640x309, 2162C400-0F64-4888-ADFE-66E18F…)

No. 461378


No. 461379

She's trying, all right. sarcasm

No. 461387

>recovering heroin addict
I fucking knew it, there's just been something about her selfies since Lurch got arrested/she OD'd that make her look less vacant. Bitch is still on a cocktail of illegal drugs, but I thought I noticed something different.

She could just be lying to the group tho. She could be lying to the group about being in recovery so someone pities her and sends their prescript of seroquel.

No. 461390

thinspo? shes like motivation to go further into an eating disorder, jfc

No. 461394

lol seriously, why would anybody use Luna as thinspo? She's an extreme example of what happens if you lose weight too quickly, I didn't know anas wanted sagging skin and tits, and stretch marks all over.

No. 461396

I think she was just looking at a thinspo blog

No. 461398

That's what I assumed too, that she was browsing some random thinspo blog rather than getting posted somewhere. If Luna was snooping around the internet for pictures of herself or something, she'd probably have found this place by now, too.

No. 461403

oh shit my bad, my reading comprehension is apparently terrible lol

No. 461406

Underrated 5 day old comment

No. 461433

Interesting that she hasn't just run out of seroquel but has lost her prescription. Did the penny drop with her doctor or pharmacy that she's just a junkie? Or did she always take the seroquel from her dad's? Hard to keep track of the couple drugs she can take legally and what she steals or buys in the street.

Anyway I'm guessing Lurch couldn't put up with her whining and went out and copped her some ambien. Which always makes Luna loopy, hence her recent posts.

No. 461460

whatever it is, it doesnt look like self harm cuts.
looks rather like a MRSA infection. maybe lurch's bacteria from his abscess spread to her. fucking ew.

No. 461470

File: 1510054968115.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.92 KB, 590x393, blood-sugar.jpg)

imo it looks a little like when someone with beetus pricks their finger, pic related. Maybe it's an injection site, where she shot up and then just left it for hours so the blood coagulated in a circle like that? It's fucking gross looking, but it looks like a blob of old blood on top of her leg.

No. 461472

but the redish swollen-looking area around it? it looks like an abscess that someone tried to squeeze out.

No. 461474

I know I'm late to the pill party but yeah, it's Ambien. Took them once, woke up to a complete buffet out on the floor in front of the TV. That'll just add fuel to her OD cocktail. Good luck Luna.

No. 461476

samefagging but this looks like a nasty bed sore to me.

No. 461487

All it is is an irritated injection site probably from using a dull/old needle and fishing around for a vein

No. 461512

Is that her leg or arm? It looks like a popped boil…so gross why don’t people tell her how gross this is…

No. 461515

Leg like upper thigh

No. 461519

BPD Group anon here,
yes she was lying about getting clean. She just likes compliments, and that post got quite a bit of traffic through it. I slammed H for 5 years, shes not clean or trying. That picture with the stuffy, is her trying to slam in her upper thigh with dull needles. I've honestly never seen someone so fucking messy with how they do it. Legs are usually a no-no because of how hard it can be to hit a vein, shed honestly probably have better luck just snorting it at this point because her veins are f u c k e d

No. 461524

She must have just woken up from all those ambien from last night.
She deleted this photo.
She should have also deleted that disgusting one of her and lurch. And his too-tight underwear. Vomit.

No. 461528

File: 1510074850552.png (538.29 KB, 720x1020, Capture _2017-11-07-11-11-16.p…)

She reposted A different version of it now. She's "soooo fill of love" again. She must have got her moms food stamps refilled, sold it for cash and got some dope.

No. 461533

File: 1510076589446.gif (557.21 KB, 500x213, GIF-Gurl-You-Girl-Oh-girl-Guuu…)

"Found this place." Uh she loves attention. I am pretty damn sure she lurks and posts here regularly. >implying that she doesn't make these circle jerk threads about herself.

No. 461542

Nah she would lose it if she kept up with these threads she'd probably kill herself

No. 461550

Damn I'm actually kinda sad that she's lying about trying to get clean. As shit as she is, I'd honestly still like to see her kick the habit, but I guess that was too much to expect from Luna.

No. 461551

File: 1510080561816.jpg (158.07 KB, 550x550, dc944fd9ce65fe0679b36c8422efd7…)

No. 461552

File: 1510081489635.jpg (50.24 KB, 477x693, gross.jpg)

>My fiancé has gorgeous hair i wanna lick him up with my pink fuzzy handcuffs


No. 461559

shes so high lol

lurch has like 3 hairs tuna cmon

No. 461568


also eurghhh this thread the past day. now i'm sex repulsed

No. 461610

File: 1510091687628.jpeg (197.5 KB, 640x1050, 699972CB-2CD3-4141-BE8C-855B5B…)

No. 461613

File: 1510092159240.jpeg (66.69 KB, 640x300, 2EA841F1-DE6C-47E0-91B9-8EF0EC…)

No. 461614

File: 1510092173109.jpeg (42.16 KB, 640x245, AC15B15B-E9FD-43D3-9608-F0DA9D…)

No. 461615

File: 1510092186099.jpeg (49.12 KB, 640x252, 8EFC5917-10E0-4705-BA94-EECE51…)

No. 461616

File: 1510092199880.jpeg (70.73 KB, 640x335, 2B55539B-0980-4127-BB16-8006AE…)

No. 461617

File: 1510092221540.jpeg (41.77 KB, 640x227, B257ABDB-F51D-4089-A48B-9B4BF9…)

No. 461618

Lol she always post the lyrics from dirt

No. 461619

>I wAnt to lick him up with my fuzzy pink handcuffs

Ugh I bet sex with her is so awkward not to mention gross(the filthy mold pussy crevasse) I'm sure he doesn't look at her during

Also do cheap handcuffs even count as a sex toy? I bet she just handcuffs herself to him so he can't get away

No. 461620

>get clothes from target

The shirt in >>461223 IS from Target. I know because I was just there a couple weeks ago and my sister bought this exact shirt. It was around $20.

I know she probably (read: definitely) just stole it, but come the fuck on.

No. 461627

omfg can she stop acting like this. we get it, you had sex. now move on.

No. 461655

Well those are definitely her pastel pink padded cuffs he's wearing.. and he's got hickeys in another one. Looks like they had some generic 'kinky' sex before she goes back to being sex repulsed.

That looks infected as all fuck. She's going to end up like Lurch's abscess.

No. 461734

lol I find it hilarious tbh. She was never sex repulsed, it's just that Lurch's dick didn't work because of all the heroin they were on. Now they've started doing more varied drugs, his libidos come back.

She's such a fucking bullshitter, even about the most random things. She can't admit there's a problem in her relationship so she just said that she ~~doesn't even want sex anyway~~ which is pathetic.

No. 461776


Is this her?

No. 461777

No its not Luna.

No. 461790

I am a little surprised they've never had a legitimate pregnancy scare before. You know they probably aren't using contraceptive. Though with the combination of her poor eating habits and extreme drug use, it's very unlikely she'd be able to conceive anyway.

No. 461793

File: 1510151770933.png (1.01 MB, 1600x1185, contraception-chart@2x.png)

Maybe her birth control is covered by planned parenthood.

No. 461798

I don't think she's on birth control is she? I feel like she'd be flaunting it among her many other pills and in all the years i've followed her, i don't remember her ever getting an injection. That being said, i do remember her mentioning they're careless with it (if anyone has that screen shot please toss it in!)
Also not sure why that graph was necessary to this convo… Planned parenthood is awesome and we probably all know about different contraceptive methods…

No. 461799

idk lurch also refuses to marry her so hes probably keeping it wrapped

No. 461800

Gross but I remember her making a post a long time ago (I think not long after she moved in with Lurch) where she said basically "yay I'm on birth control now so Lurch can ttly cum inside me~~~" or something to that effect. I don't have caps but I swear I'm not making this up lol.

No. 461810

I'm pretty sure she wrote a poem about being careless. But even if she is or was on birth control, do you really trust her to keep track of it? Girl can't even take care of their cats or feed herself properly.
Plus, (correct me if i'm wrong - i don't know much about drugs..) but wouldn't a bunch of the drugs she's taking affect the birth control anyway?
I mean in the long run it doesn't really matter because her body is fucked way beyond repair and wouldn't be able to carry a child

No. 461811

She doesn't have to be on the pill. For example, she could have a copper iud and not have to worry about a thing for 10-12 years.

No. 461814

That is true. However it would have to be paid for by her father. But it's a possibility definitely.

No. 461815

Can confirm that it’s possible to be a long-term hard drug addict and get pregnant.

No. 461824

File: 1510164842123.png (46.75 KB, 300x300, ACA-birth-control-300x300.png)

Nope. Planned parenthood will cover the cost of contraception and medical stuff like testing and shots ect., if a person qualifies. Her father wouldn't have to be involved at all.

No. 461830

I've done it too. I didn't have to pay for my BC and medical testing at all when I was living my abusive mother. They're truly life savers. /Sorry for blogpost.
What I meant is that I can't imagine Luna getting herself to a clinic and keeping up with that stuff in her current state. A year ago maybe. But hey! Maybe she is responsible with contraceptives. I have no idea and as far as I know nothing has been said about it… shrugs

No. 461831

Doesn't she have pcos which would make it difficult to get pregnant?

No. 461832

File: 1510167365454.jpg (39.48 KB, 800x496, wecanagree.png__800x600_q75_su…)

Yep! PP is wonderful! <3

No. 461837

P sure Luna's not on birth control, but PCOS and low libido are natures bc. She wont get pregnant.

No. 461838

File: 1510169408794.jpeg (129.94 KB, 640x370, 83475CF6-903D-4A3E-936A-34696B…)

No. 461839

Lmao bitch is high as hell.

No. 461840

Same fagging but didn't they have another cat, other than smokey?

She's not spoken about it in a long time? Did the peace lily kill her other cat or something?

No. 461849

They only love each other when they're on something. How sad. They couldn't have a more unhealthy dynamic.

No. 461850

Another one named pepper, she mentioned him about 8 days ago in this post >>458752

No. 461856

Peace lilies are definitely toxic for cats
Hopefully she got rid of it after people called her out for having one

No. 461877

Holy shit, she's high as a kite.

No. 461895

cant wait for lurch to kick her to the curb and she finally realises how disgusting he is

No. 461908

File: 1510183867678.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-30-43…)

No. 461910

File: 1510183896322.png (2.82 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-30-02…)

No. 461917

can't even keep a straight face while she claims to care about baseball

No. 461919

Is that the hat she found in the gutter a few days ago? how the hell is it even dirtier now?

No. 461924

Pharmacy student here. Can confirm that oral contraceptives interact with certain HIV treatments, anti-epileptics, some antidepressants, and St. John's Wort. Copper IUD's interact with the least amount of medications/medical conditions and would definitely be the best choice. You know if she had any method of birth control she'd find a way to talk about it on a regular basis. Even with my knowledge of the drugs and what I tell patients picking up their prescriptions, I still have a hard time taking mine within that 3 hour time period.

Sage for pharm blogging.

No. 461942

Wonder if they know sharing prescriptions is illegal as fuck. (like anything they do is legal lmao)

No. 461961

its prob not even her prescription, seemed like she was low key begging for some >>461337 on fb a couple days ago so someone probably sent her some. There are caps in the last thread of her straight up posting on fb asking for someone to mail her some so its not like she hasn't done that before.

No. 461968

File: 1510195994270.png (243.25 KB, 540x380, ebdddc16-3298-4228-bf03-a7fd5b…)

I don't even know what this is but it reminded me of lurch

No. 461973

lmao where is this from?

No. 462012

Oh hell yeah, it's Zeke Teenweed!
It's Monster Factory on youtube. Good stuff.

No. 462035

tuna isnt on bc she used to be like 2 years ago for her 'pcos' but couldnt afford it anymore after like 1 month because she didnt even need it and rather use her dads money for heroin. she thought the doctor was gonna give her pain med script for it but they gave her bc pills. soo

drug users/ eating disorders/ pcos can get pregnant you uneducated fucks. stop speculating and contribute.

No. 462056

Maybe I’m imagining it but does the letter “Y” in the logo on the hat have blood on it at the bottom?
Why does everything they own have their blood splatter on it.

No. 462081

kinda looks too pink to be blood but I see it anon.

Looks like smeared-on makeup. I've known skanky-ass hoes who constantly ruined clothes with over-application of makeup, it gets on EVERYTHING by transfer.

No. 462082

samefagging to say, look at the front bill of the hat. Compare to >>458188 from one week ago.

There's foundation aaaallll over that thing, fucking disgusting. Everything Tuna touches turns to shit.

No. 462113

She's said before that her and Lurch share and reuse needles. When you're shooting heroin you'll usually draw a bit of blood into the syringe before shooting. The blood stays in the syringe after you've slammed the heroin, so users will press the plunger and squirt out the blood to empty it.

No. 462148

File: 1510253934024.jpeg (153 KB, 636x482, E10BAA7F-9927-4131-BCF7-DE8C8C…)

No. 462149

File: 1510253953016.jpeg (177.26 KB, 640x669, E2459C81-7F1C-4B84-B8ED-C63D70…)

No. 462150

File: 1510253974654.jpeg (315.63 KB, 640x802, C8045EB6-5460-494F-ACA3-A3A355…)

No. 462166

They probably deny you because you aren’t actually fucking poor you sewer rat.

That’s so gross. What’s the purpose of filling it with your own blood first?

No. 462170

google is your friend. but it's to make sure you hit a vein so you don't waste the shot.

No. 462173

Classic Tuna.
I wish they would give her nothing and just tell her ass to find employment and a narcan center.

No. 462181

Honestly this message sounds sooo fucking much like tuna. Not what you're saying but your way of wording stuff

No. 462182

I doubt shes even tried because foodstamps are often determined by household and if someone in your household already has them (lurch) its assumed youre benefiting. Wouldnt she just say that?

No. 462187

File: 1510262484139.png (2.67 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-09-15-20-16…)

No. 462188

File: 1510262615645.png (3.12 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-09-15-20-23…)

uhh, lmao. not creepy at all

No. 462192

Calm down edgelord lmfao people were only saying it's more difficult to carry a child or conceive in an unhealthy womb. No one said it's impossible.

No. 462195

She has so much free time.

No. 462199

Tuna, im pretty sure it isn't legal to share foodstamps with your boyfriend/girlfriend/swamp monster. Maybe keep that shit on the down low, dumb bitch.

No. 462221

File: 1510270910766.png (60.17 KB, 620x358, basic shit.png)


This is a good point. Lurch, Roger, Luna—that's three people in one household with little to no income. And yes, Luna, they do count cohabiting couples as "family". If for whatever reason Lurch applied without either of them (by claiming they don't share food costs), all he has to do is contact the office and update with this info.

The fact that this hasn't been done yet is actually sketchy af. Pic related; not New York totals, but just basic reference shit for non-poorfags

No. 462233

Nightmare fuel

No. 462243

This bitch. I am getting so triggered - not with how she's working the system but how blatantly she's advertising it. If there's a flaw in the system people will obviously take advantage of it but she's acting like it's the government's fault that she's not living 100% off their dime. Also, if those stamps are actually Lurch's, isn't it pretty insensitive of him to NOT share them with Tuna? The way she's wording it makes it seem that he spends $200 (or whatever) on food for himself each month and just watches her starve (obviously not the case but just pointing out that she puts this corpse on a pedestal and then contradicts herself when she fabricates stories like this).

Sage for rage and potential detailing.

No. 462247

Tuna has said in the past that the food stamps that she gets on the 7th are her moms.
Now she's saying theyre Lurches ?

And im sure they sell them at a loss for cash so they can get their drugs.
And then just go get free food at the food pantry or tuna pouts until Pat takes her grocery shopping.

No. 462272

File: 1510281430310.jpg (18.51 KB, 300x470, stock-photo-human-alopecia-or-…)

How this shit always looks like from the back

No. 462302

100% agree. She's lying about food stamps on purpose. She changes her story too often.

She's trying to scam money out of her Facebook friends. She thinks because she's skinnier ATM, claiming she's got no food is more believable. 'Boohoo im literally starving because of the big bag government' seems to work for other losers on the internet, but we know shes lying.

I guess ever since her dad stopped giving her money, she's had to be more clever with the ebegging

No. 462472

Tinfoil, but that sounds like she's suspicious of Matthew. Trouble in paradise, Tuna?

No. 462487

Who knows maybe he doesn’t share them with her. Maybe he trades them for drugs and uses the rest for himself. That makes no sense though because why bother to do that and then share your drugs that you traded food for.
To me it seems more likely that since they share drugs that they agree to pool together their resources for drugs and then go beg for money for food or go to churches/pantries. That’s not even factoring is what they might steal from Roger, her dad, or her mom. Because first she claimed the food stamps were her mom’s and now they’re lurches.

What even is this pose? Her entire torso is like shifted and she looks like a deer in headlights.

No. 462545

File: 1510339738709.png (2.69 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-12-46-42…)

No. 462546

File: 1510339769322.png (2.66 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-12-46-49…)

No. 462555

that actually sounds pretty likely to me… she probably suspects he's going somewhere to shoot up without her or something.

No. 462556

one of those squish cats are $20 at Walgreens how tf can she just throw money away on stupid shit

No. 462557

it was "gifted" to tuna. but remember when she posted about shoplifting makeup in walgreens because she had a ~bpd breakdown~ and was too nervous to return to that location

No. 462558

File: 1510344363517.jpeg (201.21 KB, 640x752, 49582338-039D-4DE3-A6B2-299E9D…)

No. 462559

File: 1510344379055.jpeg (108.14 KB, 640x480, EE43FE32-3CF3-4B47-94FF-254ADA…)

No. 462561

I don't even need to use food stamps and other government benefit program but I do feel for disabled people, or people who fell on harsh times due to shit luck being compared to frauds like Luna.
She doesn't even have the excuse of having had a major surgery followed by an addiction to opiates. Her only excuses are "muh mental illnesses" and "Parents did drugs" when people with both can cope without having to rely on drugs and never working a day in their life.

It's just so infuriating to see how much of a ressource drain this girl and Lurch can be just so they can selfishly do drugs on the back of society. And yet I'll still support to death programs helping poor people, despite seeing how much she misuses them.

No. 462567

File: 1510346841462.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-14-46-33…)

No. 462572

this is funny considering Luna has said how she likes musicians that are on heroin because of some bullshit about it making them deeper or something. I mean, it was a huge reason she even got on dope to begin with. What a hypocritical idiot. This bitch makes me angrier than any other cow ever could.

No. 462574

>stop protecting sexual predators
didnt matthew start going after her when she was 17? lmfao

No. 462592

Mmm~ fresh hypocrisy. Remember her post about her feeling the drugs give her art a uniqueness and an edge over sober artists.
Also no Lurch wasn’t being a predator because he saved her life and loves her.

No. 462593


every time tuna posts a pic in that room i spend more time checking out the shit in the background than i do her

so much weird filth

No. 462602


In her eyes it doesn't count because she went after him because he could give her this sad druggie life she wanted so badly because it'll make her a realll artist.

So despite the fact that an adult man fucked around with someone underage, it's not the same because Luna was down with it.

She's a hop and a skip away from doing the "wow stop being mean to the pedophile community!" once this shit keeps getting called out.

No. 462608

Straight up I think she’s a hoarder. Especially if there’s any truth to her scavenging things out of the trash.

No. 462610

File: 1510354656160.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-16-56-14…)

No. 462611

File: 1510354742961.png (3.08 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-16-56-18…)

No. 462633

File: 1510379494933.png (3.19 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-18-30-42…)

No. 462634

File: 1510379543963.png (2.82 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-10-18-30-47…)

No. 462638

Nice potato phone camera that junkie has… not.

No. 462639

I've heard showers can help with that. Don't take my word for it, though.

No. 462650

Well less fortunate people tend to cling onto and have higher value in material things. I knew a girl like this, she would pick up random things off the ground like birdfeathers or a single skateboard wheel.

No. 462653

But here’s the thing though…she’s not unfortunate. She had money gifted to her. She has a well off father who attempted to help her. She has friends and support willing to help her again and again. She has opportunities to not live like that.
I know hoarding is a mental issue that can be caused by trauma and abuse, but like…she perpetuates her own trauma daily for internet points and to be seen as some sort of special unique “tragic bby grl”

It’s crazy b/c if she was really tragic and down on be flick you’d see her begging for actual shit impoverished people need like nutritious food and toiletries. Not art supplies and clothes from Etsy.

No. 462681

I think part of it comes with the territory of being a junkie and part of it is the poor thing. I mean, we know she wasn't 'real' poor and she racks heaps of shit, but the only things she actually seems to spend money on are drugs and fast food.

No. 462687

Them blank walls. Do some dang decorating! She wants to support the arts and sell her own art and yet she never spends a dime to support anyone else's art.

No. 462693

THRIFTY FOOD PLAN. If you don't want to be hungry, that's what you do, and you can make good food too, been there and the money lasts. You don't just buy shit and eat like pigs, OR trade shit for drugs. Stop complaining Tuna. You only do it to yourself.

No. 462707

>barely has food money
>bought overpriced cereal
>I eat this a lot

How can anyone feel bad for her after she admits she spends what could probably buy a 5lb thing of rice+veg on a single box of cereal?

No. 462717

Well don't crop out half the letters dumbass it looks like shit

No. 462731


I fucking hate that shes got this whole im starving bullshit, she shouldnt even have to go to a food pantry, she gets food stamps and has access to a dollar tree, where everything is one dollar and they do not tax on food, i know because i see her with things that ive seen in every dollar tree i go to, such as the stickers she has on her mirror and that cheap looking glass baby angel (i have literally the same one) she has no excuse not to eat. 20 at dollar tree will do a poor person good. But no, im very sure she uses her food stamps to buy things for other people in exchange for their physical cash, of course for her drugs, ive seen a lot of people do it over here where i live, and even ask me.
I live in New York too, but not in her cushy ass neighborhood, which she thinks is bad, I live in one of the worst part of the Bronx, where her and chief come to pick their shit up cause its more accessible.
I would LOVE to see how she likes it out here where theres addicts and homeless people strewn about literally everywhere, and where she wouldnt be able to have the benefits she has now so easily because people have it much worse and they're priority.
Shes a fucking joke, i hate her.

No. 462743

Ikr that’s what kills me about her. Dollar tree is a life saver when you’re poor because you can buy pretty much bare necessities and extras there for literally a dollar. She could buy bare essentials for her, Mathew, and roger but just doesn’t and sits around and complains. I wish her Facebook/Instagram people would call her out.

It’s crazy people don’t call her out to me or ever question her for the shit she posts. I’m still surprised sail people don’t unfollow her or question her about the filth in her photos.
She has no real friends just these enablers because they can’t possible tell me they don’t think she’s cracked the fuck out in her photos.

No. 462744

But her art is the only art she cares about, anon

No. 462771

File: 1510440040626.png (466.2 KB, 720x1187, Capture _2017-11-11-16-39-58.p…)

Check out who i stumbled upon on leftbook

No. 462773

i thought you rarely got your period because of PCOS luna

No. 462774

Well at least she admits it.

No. 462775

File: 1510442316204.jpg (159.54 KB, 720x1092, PicsArt_11-11-04.13.07.jpg)

No. 462776

File: 1510442334581.jpg (220.34 KB, 720x1092, PicsArt_11-11-04.13.53.jpg)

No. 462777

File: 1510442437911.jpg (151.33 KB, 720x1062, PicsArt_11-11-04.14.26.jpg)

No. 462778

File: 1510442454909.jpg (191.11 KB, 720x1047, PicsArt_11-11-04.14.56.jpg)

No. 462779

File: 1510442518916.jpg (142.36 KB, 720x1039, PicsArt_11-11-04.15.28.jpg)

No. 462780

she literally always says this


No. 462785

>still owns a tablet
She's so hungry and broke, you guys.

How has none of her retarded fans questioned that?

No. 462789

I wasn't sure which word to use, yeah she gets loads of stupid handouts and squanders money but she definitely isn't rich by any means.

No. 462796

ugh this phrasing pisses me off like… just so everyone knows it wasn't ~just~ drug use, it was ~extremely heavy~ drug use. just so you guys know i use drugs. i'm gonna keep reminding u guys k?

she's so competitive about everything it's so annoying, she's going around trying purposefully trigger other peoples EDs/addictions to let everyone know she's ~ttly the sickest~

No. 462811

Yeah she wasn’t rich but she was well off. She had a nice inheritance. She’s still well off. Like someone just said she has a tablet and an iPhone. She’s not starving.

No. 462839

so is fat_lil_fever back or is someone else posting the boring shit from her insta?

No. 462852

Nice try, but there was never a break from her insta being posted here

No. 462888

idk who that is, i was the one posting screenshots. i'm pretty new to posting here and i thought image board = post images but lol i can stop if it's unnecessary

No. 462889

Not anon you're replying to, but I appreciate you posting even the "boring" things from her IG. This thread gets crazy when it doesn't have any content.

No. 462892

nice try what? usually it's more interesting, this is just photos of her cat. that's not milk.

No. 462901

If the stuff posted to this thread isn't milky, it means that Tuna's not being milky. It's not like posting that stuff is distracting us from anything important happening, she's just being boring af regardless. Her life is so empty the only things she can post are her outfits, her cats and her uggo boyfriend.

I'm just happy it's actually about Luna. Instead of anons getting bored because there's no content and blogposting about their own drug use / mental illnesses.

No. 462937

File: 1510509078729.jpeg (230.49 KB, 640x992, 39159666-2124-40B0-B79D-FDBCDD…)

No. 462938

File: 1510509108459.jpeg (76.45 KB, 640x315, B9FBC715-9E16-461B-BC33-933254…)

No. 462940

Someone PLEASE call her out on the foodstamps she just got renewed on the 7th of this month. Omg.

No. 462941

Please don’t be retarded, there’s multiple anons here with access to her instagram

No. 462943

She's just lazy. I know too many selfish bitches like this who are too lazy to cook or go out to the store. It's not about the money, it's about having free food service.

No. 462978

occassionally I post images too (though not in the past few days) though usually I post any but those boring ones (only showing her night stand or only showing her cat) from her IG since it's private

No. 462985

So is there just one person who needs to bring up that old not even milk garbage at least one a thread or what?

No. 462991

File: 1510522553205.gif (318.24 KB, 330x182, 1474347862373.gif)

>I'm so hungry

>Barely have any food money and I got a box of overpriced cereal


No. 463026

File: 1510525372189.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-12-16-21-27…)

No. 463028

File: 1510525432025.png (2.07 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-12-16-21-32…)

No. 463033

? Is she devastated because no one brought her a KFC 5 piece fried chicken meal?

No. 463049

It’s gonna be really amusing when areola boy leaves her and she really hits rock bottom. Maybe I’m a bitch but I want her to know what actual hunger is she realizes how ungrateful she is.

No. 463057

why is she posting old photos of her ex on instagram? she's been talking a lot about her exes lately actually, i wonder what that's about.

No. 463067

Don’t her exes low key hate her or something?

No. 463068

iirc this one is still kinda chill with her, but she's also now pretty much a bpd anachan munchie. i think quite a few threads ago someone posted screenshots of her saying that she thinks it's fucked up that people talk so much shit about tuna here.

No. 463106


Won't happen. Even if he dipped or threw her out, she'd just have all the people who randomly buy her shit or pay her for fuck all to feed her, clothe her and take care of her. She'll never know what it is like to have nothing.

No. 463124

File: 1510541776619.png (49.72 KB, 497x384, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.22…)

oof :/

No. 463129

Why did she post this in a shitposting group?

And is it true..?
Didnt she only have one ex-gf? I cant remember her name.

No. 463130


it's a group for people with BPD, a lot of people use it to rant/vent

No. 463131

>been sobbing all day

>someone bring me food uwu!

No. 463134

yeah, the only girl she dated was talia and that's the girl in the photo. tbh, as shitty as both her and luna were/are, it's quite a shame. kinda feel bad for luna.

No. 463137

Why? Tuna used her suicide to talk about herself. "I've been sobbing all day", "I'm a fucking mess". I can almost promise that she's going to use it to beg for money, as well. "I'd like to get her a nice goodbye gift. Not a cheap one, please only send $20 or more."

No. 463141

Is that crpl-punk or something on Tumblr?

I thought tuna said she isn't close to anyone/has no friends. So I doubt they were as close as she says.
Addicts only keep people around who they can use/benefit from.

No. 463146

I think it's in a group cuz her tumblr post says "I can't believe I can't talk about it"
Anyone have proof about tal?

No. 463152

Cute how she misgendered her dead friend lol

No. 463160

File: 1510546689503.png (41.05 KB, 720x317, Capture _2017-11-12-22-15-43.p…)


Why wouldn't she be able to "talk about it publicly"?

No. 463163

I have an iPhone- it's paid for in my plan, $60 a month
I also have an ipad that was a gift for my birthday (my family all pooled a little bit of money each to pay for it)
I am living around the poverty line, having a few electronic devices in a Western country isn't indicative of wealth. Shit, you can buy a used tablet or phone from the pawn shop ffs, swap drugs for things… there's plenty of ways to obtain these items without needing to be rich or even vaguely well off(Nice blog )

No. 463170


Anyone find an obituary?

No. 463173

fuck sorry, forgot to sage

No. 463181

no1curr and you need to prioritize better, baby Tuna.

The point is if she was so broke, she could have easily pawned those things or sold them on ebay for money.

No. 463188

And please let it be something yummy, I haven't had anything yummy in ten years.

No. 463189

Blah blah but poor people deserve nice things too hurr did I mention I haven't eaten in days pls give me money I deserve to eat now please excuse me I have to eat this McFlurry I found on the street before it gets stale

No. 463203

Dude, when I got fired from my last job the first thing I sold was my stupid Ipad. Get a grip

No. 463226

Re: ex girlfriend, either she's dead or playing dead on tumblr.

I don't know her legal name but she's not updated her tumblr since the 4th and she seemed pretty regular on there.


No. 463230

off-topic as shit, but yeah.

If you're legitimately complaining about starving on a weekly basis, and had BOTH a smartphone and an iPad, you'd sell the iPad for food. I've sold things to keep the lights/heating on, and food on the table. Normal people don't just sit there and whine until somebody else maybe gives it to them, I'd have sold that thing the moment I was legit hungry.

Hell it amazes me she's not sold it for drug money, I guess she values her selfies over drugs?

No. 463239

I'd guess that's when it happened and the info just took time to reach luna since they're not close anymore

No. 463240

tinfoiling but maybe she is not allowed to talk about how it was suicide? that still stigmatizing for a family even.
her ex-gf had mental issues and a pain disorder (or something). someone posted about it here >>456163
>anorexic narcisstic munchie transgender
maybe she is not even dead and it's only attention-whoring

No. 463253

More like when Roger is freed from his worldly prison, Chief dies of infection, and Tuna's daddy refuses to take her back.

No. 463289

i tried to find talia's other social media through luna's facebook and instagram. she's not friends/following anyone named talia or tyler (trans name). also tried to look up an obituary but came up empty

No. 463295

No. 463299

tai trewhella

No. 463304

File: 1510595814285.jpg (88.33 KB, 826x604, Clipboard01dad.jpg)

>posting link instead of image on an IMAGEboard
what a pity. i thought pre-trans she was pretty hot.

No. 463306

File: 1510596164891.jpg (54.87 KB, 551x591, Clipboard01k.jpg)

her facebook profile is fucking ironic in everyway
>i used to be dead but now Im gay
>kill all artists

No. 463317

File: 1510599803699.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171113-140119.png)

Apparently she went missing at 14, ran away from boarding school.

This was the only thing I could find when searching her name. No obituary or news.

No. 463319

I don't think that's her?
>how can I grieve without yelling about it on the internet for people to take pity on me?

No. 463322

File: 1510600685631.png (2.99 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-13-13-17-19…)

No. 463323

Such mourning

No. 463324

her top lip looks like a crispy fried wonton skin

No. 463327

it's definitely her

No. 463330

File: 1510602216433.png (1.44 MB, 1273x687, crispyb.png)

Crispy bacon. Damn.

No. 463334

i don't follow this cow but just dropping in to say every time i scroll past one of her pics i lose my appetite and start to feel nauseous

No. 463336

File: 1510602992640.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-13-13-55-53…)

No. 463340

Same here, anon. I can't look at Luna if I plan on eating or after I have.

For good reason Luna, you look dumb and your buns are lopsided and mimicking your eyes by going in two different directions.

I wonder if Lurch ever gets jealous of Luna's mustache.

No. 463352

>I'M not allowed to talk about my friend's death publicly
I'm sorry, but this just sounds so grimey (no pun intended). It's not about you Luna, jesus christ.

No. 463375

Yeah tons of people live below the poverty line and have nice things, but people who claim to be starving and relying on food banks and churches and literally selling their artwork because they need to make money for rent, food, and medicine don’t hold on to non-essentials like iPads and laptops.

I hope she has better tack than that. One time she begged for money to have a second funeral for her already dead for years grandmother.

No. 463377

to use her phone, tablet and laptop she must have to pay for internet too right? and also the normal price for a phone on monthly

No. 463390

Yeah all to fuel the argument that she’s a bullshitter and she’s not actually poor. She just likes to pretend to be while simultaneously making fun and chastising people for doing the same things she does.

No. 463481

File: 1510621526488.jpeg (312.14 KB, 640x673, 288E2FB4-1E41-4F9D-A7D1-4EA2F9…)

No. 463506

Only Luna would ask for a care package of makeup instead of food while "starving".

No. 463514

Oh lord those bangs. Doesn't she know that tape works for cutting bangs when you're in a pinch? It almost looks like she let a grazing animal munch on her hair.

No. 463518

This is the dumb shot I’m talking about who the fuck is poor and considers makeup a care package. Didn’t realize you could eat eyeliner tuna.

No. 463519

File: 1510622877227.jpeg (2.56 MB, 3264x2448, 568A1E80-7D65-4E0E-A30A-5868BC…)

I took an antihistamine and drew Luna. I bet she’s like it.

No. 463527

I dunno what a antihistamine is, but I like it.

No. 463538


place looks clean

No. 463542

Looking good. I agree however that the background looks too clean. Needs some shit and blood stains, piles of clothes, and a couple of used syringes.

No. 463559

File: 1510626363130.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-13-20-25-44…)

No. 463563

>there are farmers here who think Luna is attractive

All this photo made me think, she looks so fucking horrible. Like, she goes out of her way to look bad. How does she manage to even score seroquel?

It is a notoriously used for heroin withdrawals. I call bullshit on her using it for sleep, it is the number #1 drug for withdrawals due to it's sedating and anti-histamine effect. The cow is scoring seroquel because she wants to drug herself up during periods she can not score in. Some poor kid out there is really considering sending in their anti-psychotics, thinking Tuna can not sleep, while in reality she is just using it not to have withdrawals. Even if she has bipolar or a psychotic disorder, let's not kid ourselves and pretend she's not using it for druggie reasons.

Reading up on Tuna makes me WHY on the inside every time.

No. 463572

read the actual threads… she had a prescription (talked about it and there were pics from her insta with the bottles in the background clearly showing the label) and also screenshots of her begging for it on facebook so ostensibly people mail it to her as well.

No. 463573

I have, she has it prescribed and she absolutely misuses it. A heroin addict using a medicine they are prescribed as a heroin withdrawal drug?

UNHEARD OF! That is what you are implying. I am saying, I bet Luna takes it not because of it being prescribed and her concern for her mental condition, but because she can avoid withdrawals by taking it. Yes, insomnia is a side effect of quitting seroqul.

No. 463576

>let a grazing animal munch on her hair

No. 463579

Like you said, the fact she suddenly no longer has a prescription
a) her doctor caught that she's using it for withdrawals and refuses to write more
b) she has taken it all and shared with Lurch, which means she can not cop any until her prescription renews.

This supports this too, she is trying to pretend she is not using it for withdrawals, she acknowledges this way that this is how smack users actually use it. Since we know she is not in recovery, she is claiming to be in recovery because people would otherwise not give her any.

I bet she is sharing it with Lurch, which is why she conveniently "lost" it. This means she doesn't have to explain how she can get it with a script again in a week or two.

They share the seroquel for withdrawals.
See, if she really got the Ambien with Lurches prescription, it means he has insomnia. Insomnia most likely from the Luna's Seroquel that they use for withdrawals together.

Has she begged for Seroquel earlier? If she has been abusing speed/crack like people have thought, she would definitely need Seroquel to sleep.

sage for late tinfoil autism.

No. 463688


damn, tyler deleted luna's entire tag on tumblr. i know for sure it used to be up because i posted pictures for this thread recently. that's super sad

No. 463752

youre probably high on something because everything is still right here
ongoing through "next page" not previous page anon

No. 463756

File: 1510668022071.jpg (143.98 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_mlvv93vDGU1qgq30qo3_128…)

ah man, back when luna looked cute and normal

No. 463760

it's her. she looked broader pre-anorexia. the "other" talia trewhella that can be found on facebook is just her old account and you can see the resemblance.

No. 463776

how does that work over in the states, when someone dies from suicide - is there a police investigation always? is it maybe thatswhy?

No. 463779

Yes but that doesn't mean you can't talk about a deceased loved one.

Sage blog but I lost a lot of friends to suicide recently and there were no laws put in place about talking about it?
Besides you know, reverence? Like not going around saying "he blew his brains out" cuz that's incredibly insensitive
But she wouldn't know anything about being reverent or sensitive to anything but herself..

Also as a funeral director, there are no laws against this

No. 463782

Is it today that Lurch is due back in court?

No. 463802

I actually think she looks better now…she could look much better if she took better care of herself, granted, but still….

No. 463804

i really feel for her, experiencing loss is terrible, but why couldn't she just talk about it privately? why does it have to be public? why not make a tumblr/facebook post saying "i really need to talk to someone privately about losing someone i loved"?

No. 463825


im sorry for your loss anon.

No. 463827

right, cus she wants the attention you get from being upset, not to say she isnt genuinely upset by it but yeah she could just talk to lurch lol but she wants to make a bunch of garbled facebook/insta posts about how SHE feels

No. 463892

I'd love to see her FB feed now I bet it's filled with like constipated calls for attention I'm sure she's DYING to beg about it

No. 463920

I still dont understand why she cant talk about the death of her friend. She talks about her grandma who died however long ago practically biweekly. What about her friends death prevents her from being able to complain about it? I doubt anything like sympathy towards the family would deter her from the "i luna, me suffering" shit she pulls.

No. 463924

my guess is someone specifically reached out to her to tell her not to mention their death yet, probably a family member.

No. 463941

i second this, i don't think it's ILLEGAL for luna to mention talia's death but she probably was asked not to, maybe there is an investigation going on, maybe they're not for sure it was suicide. i'm sure luna's still going to find a way to exploit her death, or maybe this will be a good thing and it'll be a wake up call for her. i wasnt around when she was dating talia but i looked at talia's tuluna tag, it seemed like they really cared about each other.

No. 463942

samefag & saged for pill talk but i was prescribed seroquel for a long period of time, i would nod off in class and fight to stay awake and that would make me hallucinate. fuckin horrible. anyway, i mentioned to one of my friends i was on it and she kept trying to buy it off of me to give to her bf who was a heroin addict. (either he was trying to get clean or wanted seroquel for when he couldnt get H) strange shit. i had seroquel for schizoaffective, i'm guessing luna got it perscribed for bipolar or bpd or whatever.(Blogging)

No. 463994

She might get free stuff out of pity

No. 464014

As much as I hate Luna for her actions I do feel bad for her. I think her ex girlfriend dying might make her rethink her life ( I hope). This is an assumption, but I think she only thinks about her exes when she’s really down, like in moments of clarity thinking back on her life when she was healthier and in a better place. I don’t think she has any real friends. Just enablers and sycophants. I think she needs someone to really straight up tell her to get her life together. I hope she doesn’t romanticize this persons death and make it a tragic life accessory. You only get one life and being some tragic background story isn’t a good way to spend it.

No. 464015

agree. it's the one thing i've felt bad for luna about. luna and talia were together back when luna had tons of friends, had a booming social life, was tumblr famous, was featured in internet zines, etc… i specifically remember being so shocked when they separated. they genuinely cared for one another. she met her heroin junkie jailbird ex peter after that and everything went downhill.
if she starts adding "my ex lover killer herself/theirself" to all her sob story "i was conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic" bullshit poems i'm 100% going to lose it.
talia cared for luna more than lurch ever has.

No. 464016

You guys are placing way too much faith in Tuna.

This is what I think as well.

No. 464021

Yeah I know she won’t but I’m pretty sure she reads these from time to time. I mean but who’s to say she won’t get her life together after this. I guess rock bottom looks different to everyone.

No. 464024

I don’t really know that much about talia tbh. I remember someone dug up an old video of Luna playing guitar and singing to her and someone commented that Luna looked like she was more into talia than Talia was into her.
I didn’t really follow anything about her other than that so I only know that she apparently started the “cripple punk” movement on tumblr.
Luna’s life is tragic and not in the way she wants it to be. It’s tragic because she’s the master of her own downfall.

No. 464035

i remember that. and maybe luna WAS more into her than she was into luna. but talia didn't get luna addicted to heroin & crack, and move her into a roach/mold infested cat turd & used syringe covered drug den.
and yes, luna did consent to all of that stuff so she is also to blame. but you don't do that to someone you "love". and that goes both ways.
however, during the taluna days, she had friends who supported her and made her feel loved.
now she just has a babbling easter island head to take care of.

No. 464036

If you look back on Talia's tumblr posts about Luna, you can tell they were both super into each other. Talia was the one who pursued Luna initially.
There's a huge difference between Lurch and Talia, from what I can see. Lurch just seems to accept Luna, whereas Talia seemed obsessed with her.

No. 464071

File: 1510714129616.png (65.05 KB, 720x385, ScreenCrop_2017-11-14-20-23.pn…)

From tunas old "friend" Scatology on Tumblr

No. 464110

File: 1510718507777.jpeg (353.65 KB, 640x769, 6909DAD1-CF3A-45F1-B9BA-726827…)

Wow. How depressing. I finally went through the tag and that’s just depressing. What an absolute regression. She looks happy and healthy in every photo and like she’s having fun. You were right talia was obsessed with her and did appear like she cared about her deeply.
It’s crazy to me because when you find people who love you deeply everything you had before kinda pales in comparison. Maybe that why she has to profess everyday how much lurch “loves her” and “saved her life” because she need to convince herself so badly and wants it so badly to be true.

This is the first time I’ve ever looked at Luna with absolute pity for her poor life choices.

No. 464122

wow when you think about it like that it is really depressing…i feel sad for luna and i dont like it lol

No. 464156

I know I never thought it possible. But it does kind of make sense.

No. 464210


Sage for tinfoil/blog but recently I lost someone and we assumed it was an accidental overdose from Meds mixing with too much alcohol but we found out several months later, his parents reached out to us who were closest and revealed there was fentanyl and meth in his system

But they asked us not to go posting it on the internet, obv.

Soooo maybe that's it? She wants to brag about her friends overdose and make it about her addiction..

No. 464263

I think talia’s friends and family who are probably familiar with lunas antics told her not to because obviously it’s distasteful to post about on Facebook. Whoever reached out and informed her probably told her not too. I think that’s the most obvious answer at least to me.

No. 464275

did you notice how many people used to draw her too? she had the perfect set up to make her art popular on tumblr and she threw it all away for…lurch and drugs. they should show lunas story in school as some kind of warning

No. 464310

You guys seem to sometimes forget that this is exactly what she wanted. She's always romanticized heroin and idolized people like Cobain and Love, even though I doubt she knows the full story. Just the "Ohhhh those crazy junkies in love!" parts. I pity her wasted potential but I will never pity her. She's not trapped. She's had and has plenty of opportunities to get clean but she won't do it because she would lose her junkhead aesthetic which is all she has now. And unfortunately the longer she's a part of the lifestyle, the more people are going to start dropping like flies around her. I'm guessing Tyler didn't OD, but she needs to get used to suicides as well since heroin addicts love to an hero.

No. 464334

File: 1510780016928.jpeg (233.08 KB, 640x1100, 100E74C2-919F-4050-B8F2-E8EA33…)

Is the "you can't bring her back" bits about Luna?

No. 464335

File: 1510780031985.jpeg (236.94 KB, 640x1099, CF136EAA-F26A-4ACE-AA95-F0DFAA…)

No. 464339

Nah I mean I know that but if you really look at all of this objectively she made some stupid choices as an immature teenager thinking she wanted something, and I don’t think she does anymore. I mean I still hate her it’s just it’s apparent to me that she’s romanticizing it even harder to make herself feel better.

Like you know how when you make a stupid fucking mistake but you dig you heels in harder and tell yourself it’s great and it’s what you wanted so you don’t get remorse? That’s like this, but on a bigger life altering level. Plus factoring in that she is on some level a victim of an older man manipulating her who should have known better. This really isn’t exactly what she wanted because like I know people who idolize couples like Cobain and Love and I can see the appeal of it. I mean no one really saw the bad parts of their relationship the true grimey druggie poverty parts. Without that intimate knowledge as a dumb teen you’d idolize them, but you’d grow up.

Luna’s main problem imo is that she didn’t grow up. She dug her heels in and doesn’t want to face that she made very poor life choices for wanting this life style. She doesn’t want to get better because that means admitting this wasn’t as fun as she thought it was. That all involves a candid reflection on her life and seeing how poor it is. I know somewhere inside her there’s a girl who knows she lives in filth and squalor and wants to get better. I know that because she’ll post things about how she hates people who “romanticize addictions” and people who “pretend to be poor”. She’s talking about herself. She on some level hates herself and probably thinks she can’t do any better so she’s tolerating her own pathetic existence.

Sage for not contributing/blogpost

No. 464356

Damn, right in the feels. I hope its not about Luna, the last thing that bitch needs is someone fawning over her. Luna's fucking trash and clearly didn't deserve her friends.

Nothing to do with Luna, but I've never heard of a girl developing an eating disorder to make her body less feminine before, that's super tragic. This is what real pain is, not Tunas bullshit manufactured whining. Seems like they had REAL problems, and didn't have to resort to piggybacking on other peoples tragedy unlike Luna.

>my grandma basically killed herself, my moms an addict, my almost-father-in-law is dying, and my ex killed herself :c :c my life is so tragic my PayPal is ____ BTW did i mention i have BPD

No. 464357

no it's about their friend that either died or killed herself. tai has mentioned her in other posts on tumblr. i wouldn't try to relate a lot of the current things on tais blog to luna tbh. within the past year or so luna would post/reblog throwbacks of them together in a way that seemed like luna was the obsessive one/desperate to interact w tai again, not the other way around. also i believe their breakup was fairly amicable, iirc.

No. 464359

why did luna and tal break up? who dumped who?

inb4 lurk more, i’ve read every thread, i just either forgot or it wasn’t really said. i mean, yhe threads started after she was already w lurch

No. 464362

It was actually mutual and she didn't yell about it on the internet. Was she more mature in high school?

No. 464368

Eh, keep that armchair shit to yourself. Luna is a spoiled little brat who treat people like they're disposable but want what's in their wallets. This is the same girl that is waiting impatiently for her father, the same one who paid her bills and ignored her stealing, to die. Why? So she can have his apartment and money. Let's not forget how Roger is nothing more than an object in her life.

None of that has anything to do with her digging her heels into anything, it has to do with her being spoiled.

No. 464375

If the heroin doesn't kill her the eventual septicemia will.

No. 464392


>I've never heard of a girl developing an eating disorder to make her body less feminine before

it's probably because there's less fat that would redistribute into a female pattern. more importantly your period may stop if you have anorexia.

No. 464393

File: 1510787851353.jpeg (350.33 KB, 640x972, 1EB292FD-B3C9-4875-BE8B-3911BE…)

No. 464394

File: 1510787862053.jpeg (100.73 KB, 640x340, D18DCB64-33C4-4212-BFAA-8D0BF2…)

No. 464403

yeah it makes your body kinda neutral i guess, you just become v thin and kinda inhuman in that sense

No. 464406

File: 1510789529472.jpeg (316.38 KB, 1242x2208, B495D489-D8F6-4B85-9ECD-453962…)

Look who I found in my anti-mlm group.

No. 464407

File: 1510789579096.jpeg (119.1 KB, 720x902, B2ABB7F9-80BB-43FC-B192-C2ED8A…)

This was the shade btw

No. 464409

shes just so upset isnt she

No. 464411

Luna if you buy this and wear it you're going to look even more like a white walker than you already do

No. 464414

Does she really need to brag about EVERY SINGLE TIME someone buys her food?

Also its hilarious that this is the highlight of her week. A fucking diner waffle.

No. 464419

yeah sage for ot but fiona apple starved herself so she wouldnt look feminine, it is a thing

No. 464446


It's one of the most prevalent reasons people get eating disorders. Makes you feel less sexually desirable, and in Luna's ex's case, an unhealthy way of coping with gender dysphoria by minimizing secondary sex characteristics.

However it's not relevant to the thread in the slightest so let's remember to stay on topic.

No. 464448

File: 1510796881106.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-15-19-46-40…)

No. 464450

Her cats look destitute and dusty. Yikes.

No. 464451

File: 1510797123052.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-15-19-46-57…)

ick, the cat plush she just got already looks like it has a layer of grime.

No. 464453

>it's a complete lie
You know that from experience, Luna? It's gotta be desperate times up in there since Lurch is facing charges.

No. 464457

File: 1510797888896.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>the crusty stained bedsheets as curtains
>Lurch's only pair of underwear on the bed

No. 464459

File: 1510798080134.jpg (58.05 KB, 402x500, 1470725011442.jpg)

Bleuch, Lurch's underwear.

That poor toy already looks disgusting. Kek at that prepaid phone. Wonder what that's used for.

No. 464462


What it looks like on drugs

No. 464463

It’s yellow…did she piss on it? I feel like if you walked into their drug den your eyes would burn from the ammonia.

No. 464469

She's goin nuts on tumblr she deleted the post about Tyler but posted a bunch of old photos of them

No. 464470

File: 1510800151548.jpeg (106.34 KB, 640x313, 363308D5-77AF-47F2-BD68-F01C7C…)

No. 464471

File: 1510800224338.jpeg (230.68 KB, 640x825, 22280AF2-06CA-43A7-807E-F90785…)

No. 464472

File: 1510800246670.jpeg (328.18 KB, 640x1055, 6A621255-C55A-4198-8D0D-235F99…)

No. 464473

File: 1510800271695.jpeg (197.23 KB, 640x677, 3D373E28-1BCE-40A5-8950-E860B8…)

No. 464474

File: 1510800301424.jpeg (180.59 KB, 640x782, B46D90CF-A0BB-4B57-91F9-0708BC…)

No. 464475

File: 1510800324660.jpeg (341.38 KB, 564x1045, EDD9CE46-D4B9-48ED-9CAC-2E18F1…)

No. 464476

File: 1510800374264.jpeg (89.1 KB, 640x293, 9DC2AFC2-2004-44ED-9D97-A271FF…)

i thought it was because your dad showed up to your graduation high on heroin?

No. 464477

File: 1510800393621.jpeg (172.98 KB, 640x549, D955987E-E390-4D69-882D-ABA0AC…)

No. 464478

Stop acting like you're the one who died Loony

No. 464479

File: 1510800889139.png (3.61 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-15-20-54-06…)

No. 464480

File: 1510800933631.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-15-20-53-57…)

No. 464482

File: 1510801038467.jpeg (88.75 KB, 640x365, D403C727-7F8D-4B57-8CB0-5E5D24…)

No. 464485

It's like she's jealous that she didn't die when she OD'd.

No. 464487



No. 464490

I wouldn't put it past her. Tumblr junkies are always trying to out-edge each other. ODing is edge golden snitch, you win instantly. It's like that black metal guy who killed himself because what's more kvlt than dying?

To be honest I'm surprised she didn't go to the hospital when she OD'd. It would have been the perfect place for a pity point photo op.

No. 464491

is her blanket on the wall? or is that a whole mattress propped yp against the wall? i cant even tell

No. 464492

File: 1510803729101.gif (165.93 KB, 275x206, 1510802510976.gif)

Stealing this gif from the Raven thread because I'm pretty sure Luna has this exact same outfit. Saggy tits, gray hair, and all.

No. 464496

Oof. The sight of this made me go "oh my god." Like audibly. Look at the fucking Korilakkuma, man. That shits fucking done for. I'm genuinely baffled as to how something can even procure that much filth and grime just from being inside. It's like she tied all of her stuffed animals to the bumper of a car and dragged them up and down an unpaved road. That can't possibly all just be from her own body filth?

No. 464499



oh and send me money, makeup, clothing, your prescription pharmaceuticals and food

because the suicide of an ex i haven't interacted with in years is directly responsible for my lack of money, makeup, clothing, your prescription pharmaceuticals and food

No. 464503

are there any obits for Talia?

I dunno I dont know if I believe this.

No. 464504

This doesn't look clean to anyone. Because it's not fucking clean, Tuna.

No. 464520

Has anyone checked Lurch’s fake Facebook page?

No. 464529

It should never take a person 2+ hours to clean their room, wtf.

I bet no one even messaged her ass. "I can't speak about it that's why I'm speaking about it."

No. 464531

>But on meth it is.
>Meth, not even once.

No. 464535

I fucking cry every time I see her plush. Look at that HK in the right corner. You'd think it started life tan, but no, it was white at one point in it's poor life

Korilakkuma is destined to look like regular rilakkuma by the time she's done

Sage for plush sadness

No. 464545

As filthy as everything is, just look at their bed with the pillows piled high and blankets as well as the duvet. Then think of Roger's mattress on the floor with no sheets or linens, and a huge haematoma in his arm. The man who let's her live in his home, a man who she says is kinder to her than he town father. This is the kind of girl Luna is.

No. 464564

Sage for ana-chan blogpost but that’s exactly why I developed my ED, just not because of gender dysphoria. It’s more common than you’d think.

No. 464594

i wonder if lil peep's od death will resonate with luna at all, apparently he had the same mentality that she does in that "it won't happen to me"

No. 464632

still wondering how many pillows roger got.

No. 464634

>using wrong pronouns
what a good friend kek

No. 464635

No. 464637

>but I've never heard of a girl developing an eating disorder to make her body less feminine before
not for girls, but for nonbinary transgender that is a very common thing.
jude karda e.g. to only name one

No. 464649

File: 1510842959507.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20171116-083148.png)

I wonder what she'll have to say about this. No doubt it was an OD.

No. 464661

whine about it and sob about how she has always been a super big fan of his since she was in kindergarten and that she is totally devastated and can someone please bring her food for her griefing because she is starving and too sad to go to the store

No. 464662

girls can do it as a reaction to being sexually abused. less feminine = less attractive.

No. 464663

yes, the general consensus is an opiate overdose. Apparently was captured on IG story, if you check out the TooPoor thread there's caps.

No. 464686

File: 1510849779259.png (496.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171116-172638.png)


I'm pretty sure she just started following his instagram

No. 464692

I like how she tried to make it sound like she DOESN'T do drugs.

No. 464696

"be careful"? She shares and reuses dirty needles, cops off the street, steals drugs not meant for her, abuses and mixes prescriptions, had a gaping abscess in the crook of her arm for months, OD'd and was revived by the Easter Island Head she calls her boyfriend, and has blown most the veins in her arms already. She's just heard of someone dying using far less dangerous cocktails of drugs than she does. But yeah, be careful.

No. 464701

>be careful..
or maybe dont abuse drugs?

No. 464716

Sssshh… That couldnt possibly be the solution… Its crazy talk.

No. 464726

Someone needs to bring her to McDonalds so she can brag in a post about how she got nuggets off the dollar menu

No. 464731


jfc you talk about that fucking korilakuma in every thread, we all see it’s dirty as fuck, no need to mention dIrTy KoRilAkUmA in every tuna thread

sage cuz nobody cares lol

No. 464766

File: 1510871357471.jpg (48.95 KB, 800x531, IMG_7203.JPG)

it's past someone's nap time! here's a warm ba-ba and a blankie for you.

back to tuna and lurch:
according to her instagram they got burritos and ice cream today.

No. 464767

File: 1510871491332.png (293.93 KB, 749x1014, IMG_7204.PNG)

She's been looking oddly thin lately…

No. 464771

>it was from a vet
Bitch you can't even afford a KFC meal, how do you expect anyone to believe you afforded a vet visit?

No. 464772

File: 1510871691411.jpeg (590.69 KB, 640x986, 3F617AE7-4C7B-4383-85CB-B56988…)

No. 464773

just imagine all those areas the cat shit on that have not been properly clean or desinfected…
just burn this place down.

No. 464778

the hair bleaching job here irritates me to no end

No. 464779

>skinny girl pose

But you're right. Her face is going to start looking gaunt soon and it looks like she's getting sores around her mouth.

No. 464781

File: 1510873398006.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-16-17-02-10…)

No. 464782

File: 1510873433202.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-16-17-02-16…)

No. 464783

File: 1510873467475.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-16-17-02-20…)

No. 464784

File: 1510873503405.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-16-17-02-30…)

No. 464787

Ugh when she lines her whole eye like that it makes them look so much smaller than they already are

No. 464788

File: 1510873670206.png (2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-16-17-02-34…)

No. 464800

still no obituary of her ex, but idk not everyone makes this public in the web, right?

some other thing I though about: Tai was native indian, werent they? They are on an article back from the pipeline protesting. Does it maybe have to do with their beliefs? I dont know shit about native indians. This might be a stupidly autistic thought. idk.

No. 464815

File: 1510877023202.jpeg (134.58 KB, 640x490, A1CF27A4-F237-4A76-82C2-CD408F…)

No. 464816

File: 1510877042278.jpeg (72.05 KB, 640x360, A9B5979E-8F6E-4DEC-B0E9-4B273A…)

No. 464820

File: 1510877109597.jpeg (200.05 KB, 640x873, F0B73BD3-D5DA-4C34-9E85-310755…)

No. 464821

File: 1510877153889.jpeg (38.51 KB, 614x287, CA0EA531-255A-4DD3-B82C-6CB9D3…)

No. 464822

File: 1510877169529.jpeg (198.4 KB, 379x979, 5E0D9EB9-0730-4EEB-B0F9-7DBBF4…)

No. 464823

File: 1510877200079.jpeg (250.28 KB, 640x786, 2F2D7104-9C19-4269-A08E-F14724…)

No. 464824

File: 1510877222991.jpeg (91.12 KB, 640x405, 3D4C37DB-7096-4699-8B65-FB1840…)

No. 464826

File: 1510877239364.jpeg (136.05 KB, 640x445, 47BEBA32-A54B-4144-9383-63C016…)

No. 464829

She looks so dead. Just absolutely dead like a freaking vegetable.

No. 464831

>If you can't give me money, food, and all your pity/attention when I'm addicted then you don't deserve me if the very small possibility I get sober for 5 minutes!!!

No. 464833

I have to agree with her here. He was clearly dead in the first video of him that got circulated. In another video he's in the same position but it's still light outside. The other one is at night. It's sick and disturbing to see.

No. 464834

OMG this is word for word exactly what she does

No. 464836

…Get a job…?

No. 464840

Anon I want to know exactly what kind of job you think Luna could get where she would be able to afford four years of college tuition. But. Couldn't she have taken out loans? She wouldn't have even had to pay them back right away. Deferment is a thing that exists.

No. 464841

You're right. I guess I should've said "at least make some attempt that you want better for yourself as opposed to just posting about how crappy your life is on social media." Getting a job with things the way they are for her now definitely wouldn't not be enough to cover college without some sort of financial assistance. But still, in doing so, it would at show that she's fighting to get herself out of the situation she's in.

No. 464843

yeah dont know why she couldnt just get a student loan like everyone else, not that theyre a good thing but she obviously dropped out cus she couldnt be bothered

No. 464846

from what i remember she got into the writing program but actually wanted to do visual art instead so she didnt even go to pratt at all and ended up going to brooklyn college and her roommate was mean to her or something so she left after 3 months. maybe not even that long

No. 464855

This is complete horseshit. I know someone more poor than Luna could ever hope to be and he was still able to go to a private university in NYC.

You don't get any pity points Loony

sage for blog

No. 464860

File: 1510881347866.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-16-19-14-08…)

No. 464863

I bet she posted this because people were saying that she looks like she's lost a lot of weight recently. Hi Tuna.

No. 464864

how did people see her art? wouldn't they be packaged if she's mailing them out? lol or is she trying to remind people she sells art

No. 464865

To be honest she probably just packaged them at the post office. I don't really see her as the type to have shipping supplies laying around. But who really knows with her hoard kek

No. 464871

It looks like Lurch is holding some envelopes here >>464772 but yeah I doubt they have packing tape, a printer to print labels, or even a pen. I see people putting packages together at the post office all the time as well.

Sage for post office blog

No. 464872

My bad, I didn't see those. I try not to look at Lurch for too long.

It is funny to me that the she thinks it's even believable that the post office lady would even be interested in her art when half the time it looks like it was painted with the pea soup Linda Blair threw up in the Exorcist.

No. 464875

dropping out is like, the only life choice she's made i can't really judge her for. mini blog post warning i had to drop out because i couldn't afford it as well. fafsa never gave me much of anything, a few bucks per semester and no book advance. i am still paying insane amounts just from the few years i went to community college.
what makes that situation different from luna however is that i worked my ass off at a few jobs and moved up.
if luna had dropped out of college and continued to work and try and improve her situation, i'd say it was justified. but that's not the situation at all.
but dropping out alone is something i don't think is really justified in judging. college is fucking expensive and sometimes loans and grants aren't enough.
it is, however, the rest of luna's life that needs evaluating.(Blogging)

No. 464877

File: 1510885110515.jpg (66.22 KB, 624x624, IMG_8353.JPG)

sage for ot but look at this lurch twin

No. 464882


It's common knowledge that if your parents aren't dripping in money, you have shitty credit, or not smart/talented enough to get a lot of scholarships, you go to community college for the first two years and then transfer to a 4-year. And if you're deemed poor enough, it's basically free.

But instead of going this route and making the effort to plan that far ahead, Luna just gave up on college completely and chose Lurch and heroin.

No. 464912

File: 1510891393961.png (39.82 KB, 989x248, kl.png)

She's in one of my groups too.

No. 464918


starting to feel bad for my American farmers. where I live you only pay your uni loan back when you start making 50+k a year.

sage for unimportant empathy about uni costs

No. 464920

God so much cringe it was hard to read through that like nails on a chalkboard

No. 464925

she's so self centered. every comment is about herself.

No. 464930


Heh, Pratt has been emailing me too. If she's as broke as she says she is but really wants to go, I'm sure there's a lot of scholarships for someone who had druggie parents, scholarship officials love a good sob story, too bad tuna is retarded. student loans are an option as well

No. 465003

>my ex died and I'm too upset to message people back
>I look naturally pretty, I should take a million selfies

Well she got over that fast, damn.

No. 465006

she's mad, you'd think she'd care just a little bit more? I mean she was supposed to be madly in love with her.

No. 465010

She's far, far too self-centered to love anyone more than herself. Most of the time when she mentions other people it's about what they did or could do for her.

With that said, I'm a little bit surprised that she didn't pretend to mourn a little longer.

No. 465011

Same here, I thought for sure that she would milk it as long as she could. I'm surprised I haven't seen any posts asking for donations in her 'time of mourning'.

No. 465032

wow she starts to look actually thin.
is crack worth losing weight? asking for a friend kek

No. 465034

>im a recovering addict
uh what?

>as someone with anxiety disorder and borderline disorder disorder

>as a recovering addict
>im a recovering addict
>as a recovering addict with a personality disorder
that she think this is some kind of cool or special thing that she has to mention it in every fucking comment?

No. 465058

diet and exercise my friend. luna's body is just as lumpy and malformed as ever under those clothes.

No. 465076

In Tuna's defense, she wouldn't qualify for financial aid, even for a community college. She's under the age of independence so they'd factor in her parent's income and Daddy Tuna has to make more money than the threshold if he's living where he is and able to spoil her with new Apple products.

No. 465094

Lol, if you don't mind losing teeth, finding out that the government is DEFINITELY after you, searching your room at 3am for hidden cameras, and compulsively checking out the windows every minute, then the Crack Diet is for you!!

No. 465138

Didn't she supposedly have a huge inheritance….?

No. 465140

We have like 8% interest on our student loans so…it's a bit different from Europe/UK.

No. 465211

It's not worth it. Wouldn't you feel more proud of getting healthy by putting effort in? Losing that much weight at once is unhealthy and will age your face, just take a look at Moomoo. And then there's all the shitty side effects of doing crack in the first place.
Talk to a doctor about steps you can take to lose weight at a healthy pace and earn it. It'll pay off and your future self will be grateful.

No. 465222

File: 1510939849007.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-17-11-27-39…)

No. 465228

She could have asked him to help pay for her tuition since he did everything else for her. At least before she ruined it all by being a spoiled little bitch.

Everything is so dirty that it took me a moment to even find out what that bowl was.

No. 465280

As an ex-addict (kek) I can confirm that you would need to stay on crack forever to stay slim. Once you stop, you put fat on very quickly and in the weirdest places. Diet and exercise will sort you out anon.

No. 465370

File: 1510957280417.jpg (93 KB, 943x607, Clipboard01sss.jpg)

No. 465371

File: 1510957491832.jpg (289.95 KB, 928x1364, Untitled.jpg)

No. 465401

Reckon she'll sell it for drug munnies?

No. 465419

File: 1510965566699.png (2.56 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-17-18-38-16…)

No. 465421

File: 1510965660651.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-17-18-38-29…)

No. 465427

It's not worth shit.

I don't know too much about baseball cards, but despite the fact she's tagging the player, she 's never met him and that's a mass-produced piece of memorabilia.

The signature is legit, but the guy sat down and signed 75 of these at once (number on the left is how many exist, her's is 6th created). Here's a similar one selling on eBay for like $5, https://www.ebay.com/itm/-/282053283554?roken=cUgayN

Her one looks more shiny than the one on eBay, but it probably still isn't worth anything. This is the sort of crap they pump out every year for dumb fans.

No. 465430

samefagging, just to correct - it's worth about $25-40 for being ~gold~, looking at eBay. I don't know dick about baseball cards tho so this is an educated guess. Topps branded gold cards seem to be pretty fucking common tbh.

No. 465479

ohh okay, baseball isn't a big thing in my country so I had no idea what its worth would be.

No. 465505


Wow she might just be sober cause these are better than her last few and all the others before

Not great but better

No. 465506

Samefag but the hands are almost good

No. 465511

they are definitely less sloppy, but could just be because she is on different drugs

No. 465520

The way she abuses those poor copic markers..

No. 465565

I didn't think it was possible but her art has gotten even worse than before. I think it's how she's getting so lazy with doing faces and just going for those generic Animal Crossing ones.

No. 465597

lol not even al ost look at the one if the left and the last 2 fingers. Anatomy is not her thing.

No. 465648

File: 1511033228632.png (2.62 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-18-13-25-59…)

No. 465651

She looks like a meaty, ratty Olsen twin.

No. 465652

So I get that it's supposed to be her 'style' of shading, but it makes that character look like she has a Hitler stache and a soul patch. Kek.

No. 465660

My eyes are burning, she's completely delusional. I wish she would get some decent shampoo.

No. 465661

File: 1511037808822.png (2.74 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-18-14-42-26…)

No. 465686

ehh i think she looks kind of cute here? greasy ass bangs aside. she always looks way better when she doesn’t wear that crusty grey lipstick. the pink suits her.

No. 465687

I wish she would clean her damn house, even just straightening that mirror… It frustrates me so much.

No. 465690

i cant believe i felt bad for her when tyler/talia died like she seems back to normal now

No. 465693

Just goes to show how selfish she is. She doesn't care about anything but herself and her drugs.

No. 465733

File: 1511046508000.png (2.43 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-18-17-07-07…)

No. 465743


let's play "spot the blood stain!"

No. 465789

File: 1511055838583.png (2.52 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-11-18-19-43-01…)

No. 465802

Hellboy…lol bet shes jealous of all the attention hes getting as a dead artist

No. 465863

Man, she just does not understand how to use markers. That uneven, streaky application is making my skin crawl honestly
sage for anal art bs

No. 465886

File: 1511084505347.jpg (125.57 KB, 440x350, steig.jpg)

Her pictures look like she's trying to imitate William Steig (pic related) and failing miserably lol.

I suspect she also leaves her markers uncapped pretty regularly, seeing as how she can't be bothered to take care of anything else in her house. Those poor poor Copics…

No. 465921

For one brief, horrified, moment I saw the sheets to the left of her and thought it was a giant patch of mold.

I mean it probably is but it just looks like the entire area behind her was nothing but a sewage spill.

No. 465938

she posts this exact story coupled with this exact picture like 4 times a year jfc

No. 465939

I almost feel like I can HEAR how hard Luna colors with these markers by looking at it.

No. 465943

File: 1511113705339.png (113.97 KB, 1080x866, IMG_2752.PNG)